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nw ' 1 0 1 if we MT? bhmx wh, Hmm? bb DL HQ in E-f?A'ff5 'Wi w by J. YfLlW?',Q4,,D2ffcXf'Agh Q' bb QW giwhiigd MMM fx E H M ,Q bf' G5 5334! ' SJW? 339 H3553 9 ,, N 7,113 37? 'q"2,j'f0 N D 701011040 ' ' -y ,:y..,:, ,i. A5 A 4 . f gr- 1f.,rf,-r I - h ' 1 Z., E V v L v 1 Jr J, , I , I 'asf Q t -va X Q . 3 I A 3' r 1 A t I5 ,Q . Q X ,1 W 9 .,ff..,, s N . " ' WA ' - 'fi V " fffp "Rf-8 '- ,' 'N 42 .gm A 1-qw' .aiu ' . ' 1, 4 ' -3'-'Ffa "A' J. wx . D. , V -w V ' ' - ' - . f"14.i.. Z -.171 - . . P ...eq , . . - H Q' I . .- .g l .. ,V 1- E ,. v Hx' 'Il i' :- A M J I II n' : 'fi .H. .4 . ' QQ! , . , .I h V Nf . f ,--- "1 . A gm: li: ' . 2.1 Q . Q FY U: - ' ffqiff - 5 , . fx., . .V , 4 ' , ,X ,. . ZX, ,.- , . V . , - . Y 'Tiki .I '. W i W ' Y ' I V . a , V , , K - h L , , . c .V t g ' I X 5:1-E! ,Rf -f l: - . ' , ff 2955 f , ' 4? :V " 'i SKI W 1 hm- . ' . ny Lk ' - L-iv . . LZ. 7 .W vfl' fn" V H ' -gm -Y ' -, 'J jf - ' ,. ' qv "L ' :H 'Q . H rf" xjirl. -HW x--. 1 ' ,fi 5 '. , :1 wa5w:.'?f, ' ' ' I y " 7 I1 Q- Isirgf qi ' ,w . F. . 1, -1,-,,-P . I z' lf ' M-.51 'f'J" f -. 1 -. 4 :sw , V' ,H ' .", T'P ' 'Qu' L., . x 7 V 1' ,Qi Ht' , V ' Y 2 X 5 li... ,. o V9 A I L , -"1 , N .,q..' ' I rl W J' L! F -m Nj L ' -. ' iff 55 vgnig . + ' J '?1f:wf.,.. -f: ' . ' .A ,x. Wi' I r X I .JI .V X Y. .IPP .sl-Lf. V .. f. A ,lllv ' 3 ' ' ' ' ' 7 .Q ' ' ' if f?ffi'I, , ii . I , ,l N. "WALT -' ' : . fy ' ,Q ,..- 3f,'1', . I , ' V 'ln ' Y.,rg4:,w ,Eyes 5 'L 1 . , ' , . i- , 'fain fm-ff V A, 1 I f i, gay.. 1 , I ,. K '- L, '14-.f QV. . V ,V -u QV.. . 1 Y . J. ,,. 1.1 V: W! I , .'v IL xg 'E I ' r I I , '. J V' W J.. -,J lm- Y' A.' 1 ' 'P-:-m7-fm-H, Ap vgylfiva-"Y 'fix -s':'n3"!9W3":1u f -55. ,T'- ' " ' 'i'"I51":-+':'45i.E'-0-.,:1r--E,,.g-55,25 M, - ' f.w...n-I- '..-,-: 'Z 'tiki' 4 T, ,fq,.5, A y ., heel' 5 ' 3? 3. .V f 5 -4 vnu V :elf-?h'fLl,. iii? F,T9i5f7 - 'Vfff' ,. 33 . .nf .ur W?" .,... V-gh 11,-5! s. ,I .ill . ' V HR J5'a?fiiQ'f 2 'ifffi " r, .V 'JI I' xv '-ah ,,,- 'ii F-1, , .L- fw' X P 1 ., H h .-1, , :w.'Ew'x: ,sm IFES' ' - mfr, ,Lf I .M -eww-','f'E " M1 4 V 1 H 645 . ,. ii, V 12,4-,1 , ,, .1.. i PM - , .-gay. ..v,. ,mg 41: -u in-gy: wk, 3, 31, - .ag 55 v. I.. In 4.-Aw -L..',A Esquire 1 "' 1 t ,, ffgiiwtf-,A ,sZgg'f.5.i1?."qff ' mgu-'f-A-' - :egg K- f . .rg-,. uh 'riska The Senior Class Griskansy Central chool Griskany, New York. Presente cl CE ALMA MATER I .. iVl1'Hf laifif-QQ il'1"ln11-iik-QIB.ALl.4l4141l41A-S 'AMO-Q.Xl--l:-H'--ul-Q' H KV!-3.474-'.lfi' -Kvuflflllfni Ly 1' 0 c 3 1 Q C heal' 'l'l'le. lull of O rss ka ht, lxexe ourfove-gcfllmers Alma Maler, will slancl 'far 'llmee Line. almn-ner a-l' L K l ii!!-qv A l 1 1 ouq!'l' cmd cllzclbnle llave ! v le-rl'llw.'c weuiqlllellloillq of s cmcls un-ful-led,Whe,re wSve enleredlb worn and learn A X Rgfralwn . :'."1:::::."::::::::::::.::.::.:a ony cm-ces-'l'ral PW32.l1Jllenl'l1g su self on Anil wall qo fovllw lb Servefllwe. wovlel- hlqh szlxool ays I K x X , 1 1 mi H 11 -- A . A , X-.-:Xi-: jllli.---L-i--.di--jjigx lv'-'I'-'lfm---I: Ecxclw lnrl-'l'le. some vlc-'l'o-rg won. emusl' mm lflqll N. ' -V'-'I'--l"'-'I--i . sl m all our was-gs Ancl Be prouclwllenour work ls clone.- Dedication S E23 3 4-Mx t cr, i F ,, fd f 1 3 1 To you, Mr, Story, this yearbook we dedicate, Thirteen years together to commemorate, We, the O.C, S. Senior Class of 1959, do dedicate this annual to Mr, George O, Story, our principal, With him we began, persevered in, and are now com- pleting an association which has continued for thirteen years. We thank you, Mr. Story, for the amity and cooperation which has characterized our years at O.C, S, In Appreciation MISS GLADYS KLUG MISS IRENE CASSIDY We would like to express our heart- Though you have chosen to retire fglt gratitude to you, Miss Klug, who and we H0 10Ilg6I have you 35 an advl guided us through junior high and senior ser, we shall remember your guidance high school. Our devotion to you and for the past four years Miss Cassidy our friendship with you will not be dimmed by time. MR. RUDOLPH LANTELME Our last year of high school has been especially memorable for your wise counselling and guidance, Mr, Lan- telme. It has been a. privilege for us to know you. dministration Principafs M gage Dear 59'ers: I am pleased to have a small part in this wonderful book. Itake this opportunity to congratulate you. You have distinguished yourselves both in the academic classroom and on the athletic field. Although it is true that to profit from good advice requires more wisdom than to give it, remember the words of Theodore Roosevelt, who said, "Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing," I shall miss you next year. Your friend and principal, George O. Story Board Qf Education FIRST ROW: E. Shoemaker, Superintendent of Schoolsg N, Walbran, Vice Presidentg W. Nellenbach, Presidentg W. Ecker, Clerkg R, Williams. SECOND ROW: T. Roberts, M. Acker, P. Piersma, P. F61'IiS, SI. Office Staff Qu-af' ': V, Davis, R. Heeley. iff Faculty FIRST ROW: R, Betler, H. Story, V. James, F. Cirillo, M. FitzPatrick, A. Nelson, M Cassidy, G. Klug, R. Ielfield. SECOND ROW: R. Lantelme, C. Strong, M, Esposito, L. Hughes, M. Stickel, J, Roblin, K. Davis, FIRST ROW: J. Roblin, L, Yates, J. Keville, E. Herthum, I. Vierthaler, E. Merry, E. 7 ff y Carpenter, H, DeSeve, N. Ouimette. SECOND ROW: A, Huss, B, McLyman, E, Tel- !!! ford, P, Capanna, H. Kenyon, K. Gadbow, D, Carrese, E. Mitchell. f f 'ff' ., f f I , 1-, 4 X L' f 9 ff'.m Cafeteria Staff M. Roberts, T. VanDyke, M. Vollmer. Bus Drivers and Custodians R, Whyte, A. Pulizzi, C, Carroll, F, Salisbury, B. Gubbins, C, Van Shufflin, C. Yoxall. Yearbook Stay? Editor - - Assistant Editor - - Literary Editor - - Treasurer - - Circulation Managers Photography Editor - Advertising Managers BLANCHE FIRSCHING - - -MARY SMITH MARY ANN SCHULTZ - - -ELIZABETH MADEI - SUZANNE PIERSMA JOAN WILSON GEORGE SCI-IUMAKER -KENNETH SIEGFRIED WILLIAM VAN SHUFFLIN RO NA LD VO LLMER eniors JAMES R, BAILEY "A mind equal to any undertaking he puts it alongside of. " National Honor Society 2, 3, 4g Class Vice Pres. 2, Junior Play 3, Junior Prom Com. 3, Manlius Math Tournament 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta Lead 3, 4, Boys' Quartet 3, 4. NORMA ARLENE BRADLEY "A happy disposition reflects its own sunshine. " Junior Play Com. 3g Junior Prom Com. 3, GAA 3.4. ROBERT A. BENEDICT "He will have music wherever he goes, " Junior Play 3, Junior Play Com. 3g Junior Prom Com, 3, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4g Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta Lead 3, 4g Football 3g Basket- ball 2, 3, 4g Boys' Quartet 3, 4, WALTER E, BYCH JOSEPH A, CAPANNA "I agree with no man's opinions, I have a few of my "Men of few words are the best men. " own." Junior Play 35 FFA 1, 2,3, 4, Sentinel 3, FFA Convention Student Council Alternate 25 Junior Play 35 Junior Play Com. 35 FFA 1, Football 3. familar Himsa W illwramiirmux JOHN H. COPPERWHEAT "Earnest endeavor deserves a just reward." Junior Play Com, 3, Junior Prom Com. 3. DIANE MARIE CZYSCON "Charm strikes the sight, and merit wins the soul." Junior Play Com, 3, Junior Prom Com, 3, FTA 3, 4, Pres. 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4. v JOANNE A. DEPPMEYER "It's nice to be natural, When you're naturally nice. " Junior Play Com. 3, Junior Prom Com. 3, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Com BLANCI-IE LOUISE FIRSCHING DAVID FAY "Such a golden voice would charm the angels in heaven. " uGem1eUeSS proclaims 21 Soul CXCll1iSiIS. " Class Pres. 1, Junior Play Com. 3, Junior Prom Com. 3, Yearbook EdiI0l' 4: Class PICS. 2. 3: Junior Play Com. 3 Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, Jurli0r PIOFH Com. 3: FTA 3. 4, Sec. -TfCHS- 3: FHA 3.4 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta Lead 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 1- 2. 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1. 2. 3 4- Track 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3.4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, 4: OFCJICSIIH 1. 2. 3. 4: OPCIBIIH 1. 2. 3, 4: Cheerleading A 2 3 4' GAC 4 Quartet 1, 2,3,4, Boys' State 3. JV 1, 2, Captain 2, Varsity 3, 4, GA 1, , , , LESLIE HUMISTON "To eat, to drink, and to be mer- ry." Junior Play Com. 3, Junior Prom Com. 3, Football 2, 3, 4, Class Sec. -Treas, 1. SHARON KATHLEEN INGERSOLL "She walks in beauty like the night. Junior Play 3, Junior Play Com. 3, Junior Prom Com. 3, Oriska 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4, Press Con- ference 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 1, GAA 1, 2,3,4, Science Club 2. BRENDA SUE JAMES "Light-hearted and worry-free. " Junior Play Com. 3, Junior Prom Com. 3, FHA 4, Cheerleading JV 1, 2, Varsity 3, Bowling 1, 2, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Art Club 2. KATHRYN JO ANN KNUDSEN "I love solitude, if someone is with me. " Junior Play Com. 3, Junior Prom Com. 3, FHA 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, JANE MARIE KIRK 4, Cheerleading JV 1, 2, Co-Captain 2, Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4, "A girl with silent ways, Who believes that silence pays." Junior Bowlers' Association 2, 3.4, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Nation- FHA 3, 4, GAA 2, 4. al Referee Rating 2. CAROL ADRIANNE PETTINELLI "Simplicity and serenity crown her many charms. " Junior Play Com. 35 Junior Prom Com. 35 FHA 45 Band 1, 2, 3,45 Cheerleading JV Sub. 1, 25 Bowling 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Bowlers Association 2, 3, 45 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4. pling hair," MARY ANN SCHULTZ "The secret of success is constancy to purpose. SUZANNE HARRHET PIERSMA "A maiden's crown of glory is her rip- National Honor Society 45Yearbook staff 5 45 Class Sec. 15 Junior Play 35 Junior Play Com. 35 Junior Prom Com. 35 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta Lead 3, 45 Cheerleading JV 15 Varsity 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Bowling 1, 25 Majorette 1, 2, 3,45 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres, 35 Pres. 45 GAC 3, 4. GARY L. SCHMELZLE "To worry little, to study 1ess5 Is my idea of happiness. " Junior Play 35 Junior Play Com. 3 Junior Prom Com. 3. National Honor Society 2, 3,4, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 45 GEORGE E, SCHUMAKER Student Council 15 Yearbook Literary Editor 45 Class "A flair for words and P01iIiCS. " Vice Pres. 35 Junior Play 35 Junior Play Com. 35 Junior Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 1, SCC. 2. Vice Pres. Prom Com. 35 Manlius Math Tournament 2, 3, 45 Oriska 3, Pres. 45 Debate Club 3, 45 Yearbook Photography Edi- 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3, 45 Press Conference 2, 3, 45 IOI 4: Junior Play 35 Junior Play COITI- 3: Junior Prom Girls' Chorus 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta l, 2, Com. 3: Band 1: F00Iba11 2: Pep Com. 2: New York 3, 45 GAA 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' State 3. State Association of Student Councils Dist. 47 Treas. 3. -. - 5- ,. .. d' W' , 4 JARED S. SCRIPTURE "The difficult he does at once, the impossible takes a little longer. " National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Junior Play Com. 3, Junior Prom Com. 3, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Manlius Math Tournament 2, 3, 4, Boys' Ensem- ble 2, 3, 4. CAROLYN JUDITH SIMON "A true friend is a prize possession, " unior Play 3, Junior Play Com. 3, Junior Prom Com. 3, :TA 3, 4, GAA 3, 4, GAC 4, KENNETH W. SIEGFRIED "The man worth while is the man who can smile. Yearbook Staff 4, Junior Play Com. 3, Junior Prom Com, 3. RONALD C, SIEGFRIED "Actions speak louder than words That's why he's seldom heard." Junior Play Com. 3, Junior Prom etta 1, 2. MARY L. SMITH "A sound mind in a sound body." National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres, 4, Yearbook Assistant Editor 4, Class Treas. 1, Class Sec. 2, Junior Play 3, Junior Play Corn. 3, Junior Prom Com. 3, Man- lius Math Tournament 2, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Operetta 1, 2, 3, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, GAC 3, 4, National Referee Rating 2, 3. Com. 3, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, Oper- JACQULYN M. SPEARS "Vim, vigor, and vitality, With pep and personality." Class Vice Pres.4,Junior Play 3, Junior Play Com.3, Junior Prom Com. 3, FTA 4, Girls' Chorus 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4,0peretta Lead 4, Cheerleading JV 3, Varsity 4, Bowl- ing 3, 4,Junior Bowlers'Assn. 3, 4, Pres, 3 , GAA 2, 3, 4, Pres,3, GAC 3, 4, Natl. Referee Rating 3, 4, Debate LINDA LEE THOMAS "The only way to have a friend is to be one. " Class Sec. 4, Junior Play Com. 3, Junior Prom Com. 3, FHA 3, 4, Oriska 1, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading IV 1, 2, Var- sity 3, 4, Bowling 1,3, 4, Junior Bowlers' Assn. 3, 4, Majorette 1, 2, 3,4, GAA 1, 2,3,4, GAC 3,4, Club 4, Science Club 2, Art Club 2, Cafeteria 2, 3. Modern Dance 1, - ,. 27 VICTOR A. TRINO "Laugh, and the world laughs with you, but seldom the teacher, " Junior Play 3, Junior Play Com, 3, Junior Prom Com. 3, Football 1, 3, Wrestling 1. 6 BARBARA MARIE SWAYZE . Student Council 2, Student Council Con- , vention 2, Class Treas. 3, Junior Play Com. 3, Junior Prom Com. 3, Girls' chorus 1, 2, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3,4, ' Operetta 1, 2, 4, Bowling 3, 4, Junior Bowlers' Assn. 4, GAA 4. "A merry heart maketh a merry counte- 1 nance. " ' WILLIAM C. VAN SHUFFLIN "Youth comes but once in a lifetime. " Class Pres, 4, Treas. 2, Football 1, 2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 4, Diamond Club Vice Pres. 4, FTA 3.4, Vice Pres. 4, Cafeteria 2,3, Year- book Staff 4, Junior Play 3, Junior Play Corn. 3, Junior Prom Com. 3. - , V, . -f ' ss:sS Ts:m :sxQ.,r2,,1,rrs, r:1:,..,.r,:,w,..:r.l, 5 5 Q 3 E rf J' E DONALD WHITE "Studies never interfere with his education." Football 1, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 3, 4, Track 1, 3, Junior Play Com, 3, Junior Prom Com. 3 Operetta 1, 3, 4, Operetta Lead 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 1, 3, 4, Boys' Quartet 1, 3, 4, Dia- mond Club Treas. 4. . P 4 'NNW' Class Twelve years ago eighteen of our present number entered Oriskany Central School. We worked and played . - hard in grammar school. R 'J --' fr' - --L' 1 ,Z r.. "Tempus fugit, " and we suddenly found ourselves upstairs and in Miss James' seventh grade homeroom. We thoroughly investigated the attractions of the Farmers' Museum in Cooperstown on our class trip, and we also survived the rigors of the "Gum Patch." +' Mf.5.S Javvpgs an We then moved on to the eighth grade and were fortunate to have Miss Klug and Miss Irene Cassidy as our homeroom teachers and advisors. That year we had the fun of building our first Halloween float and winning. As freshmen we joined the ranks of upperclassmen and began to carry on class functions. Our officers were: President, David Fay: Vice President, Keith Olin: Secretary, Suzanne Piersmag Treasurer, Mary Smith. In our sophomore year we actually began to believe that our graduation goal was in Sigm- Our class affairs were directed by: President: BLANCHE FIRSCHING Vice President: JAMES BAILEY Secretary: MARY SMITH Treasurer: WILLIAM VAN SHUFFLIN History As juniors we proudly displayed our class rings. Mr. Ielfield directed our Junior Play, "Junior Miss. .N ----f After much hard work I I :ran 1 , Q-if 3 P slmzif-.Ar - N,-fr r me 'rezzffisgi " 1 JUDY Dub HIC YOGA and with great trepidation we presented this very successful play in one performance for the Eastern Star and two public performances. Our Junior Prom theme was "Under the Rainbow" with music by Freddie Lawrence and his Band. Our class officers were: President: BLANCHE FIRSCHING If Vice President: MARY ANN SCHULTZ ' , Secretary: BETTY MADEJ 'cf Treasurer: BARBARA SWAYZE With a full strength of 3 9 we have finally taken the title of "Seniors. " Our class officers are: President: WILLIAM VAN SHUFFLIN Vice President: IACQULYN SPEARS Secretary: LINDA THOMAS Treasurer: PATIENCE WEIGANDT We have been fortlmate to have the opportunity for an education. As we go through life we shall have other opportunities. America promises that we can forge ahead if we have the wisdom to use the opportunities. LQ, J 44 fi W the O. C. S. Class of l959, being of sound mind fast will ani! Ufvstztmvnl and in a very munificent frame of mind, d b q th to the Class of l96O the following valuable possessions: 6,1f6M,,Q.,g 1, - zf7f,! " f' - - - ' W f4c4L4Z2Qvurl4vii54fie5lf4J I . .1 A,-i..xa,n,.a-Z ix? aww, W Q . .4,Mc,-1 ff ff9L6Cf6+1.wE,-J-3 ,Jaflvuld may f0LHQ.4f if L! - , . -ybw S t 35MZIfZ?j wAW!A7Zl ,J WWW . Wuniwse- - Jfsuwwywwu! I K dMwQo - l .J!fZAL'i'IfLfPMf,-45-,C4J'l' Af' -' 7wQ,mu f liL4iTZQgLz1p4KZE?7a4vuj7o444j WMA? f 'i 9 'grf 9f14: 0' jf ,2"' K? ' WM! sy! , - n, f- . 'Z ., Qw7Jyifa- ' ' ' 0JChXuq'4MM . 'fzf' ' 'J-2,45 ,,:, fly W ' b . ,.. , - l . '6jLZ " ' GQ WkJ ' AMA! ff 540.0 ' --,4,1, ZM4-,a4,Ja.Jaf - ' MmW 25WQ Lmpw--PmWci'7d,gy fzyzcigkfjfw 2 M-fd 21220 9, LQZWLM Mfg QZZUQMWQMZ ,wfiwai Mdiifzfz ...uf Wg Junior Play 1958 Hany Graves - - Joe ------ Grace Graves - Hilda ----- Lois Graves - - Judy Graves - - - Fuffy Adams - - J. B. Curtis - - Ellen Curtis - - - Willis Reynolds - - Barlow Adams ---- Western Union Girl Merrill Feurbach - Sterling Brown - - Albert Kunody - - - Tommy Arbuckle - - - Charles ------ Henry -.... - - Haskell Cummings "IUNIOR MlSS" ---------- - - JAMES BAILEY - JOSEPH CAPANNA MARY ANN SCHULTZ - - CAROLYN SIMON - SHARON INGERSOLL - - -JACQULYN SPEARS - - - - MARY SMITH GEORGE SCHUMA KER - SUZA NNE PIERSMA -' IARED SCRIPTURE - -GARY SCHMELZLE - - - JOAN WILSON - - KEITH OLIN - - - VICTOR TRINO - - - - - RONALD VOLLMER - WILLIAM VAN SHUFFLIN KENNETH MCBURNEY - - - -WALTER BYCH - - - - - ROBERT BENEDICT lasses Class of 1960 FIRST ROW: E. Myers, M. Carletta, M. Dowd, M. Piersma, M, Cramer, L. Augus- tine, G. Yaworski. SECOND ROW: M. Smith, K. Nelson, C. Ryan, B. Kraeger, Miss Cassidy, M, Whitman, C. Jones, V. Lawrence, C. Reid. THIRD ROW: K. Bullen, M. Vallee, S. Ingersoll, M. Yoxall, C, Frederick, C. Schultz. FOURTH ROW: L. Bolton, D, LaRock, V. Cady. FIRST ROW: J, Destito, R. Bonanza, W. Langdon, D. Lawrence, D. Burth. SECOND ROW: B. Shorey, R. White, W. Corwin, C. Gruby, G. Abel. THIRD ROW: M. Scrip- ture, A, Grant, Class of 1961 FIRST ROW: K. Sweet, C. Schumaker, M. Henry, D, Delahunt, D, Abbe, S. Murphy D. Schultz. SECOND ROW: S. Leuenberger, J. Saladin, J, Phelps, Mrs. Cirillo, S. Roberts, G. Phillips, D. Smith. THIRD ROW: M. Ottaway, M. Lazzata, J, Carey, C. Dowd, H. Klocek, L. Humphrey, M. Kozma. FOURTH ROW: J. Sciortino, E. Smith, L. Towne, E, White, E. Heeley. ' FIRST ROW:W. Bolton, J. Starer, W. Benedict, W, Dumka, J, Williams, G. Brown, P. Mathey. SECOND ROW: W. Vale, M, Kochon, K. Kulmus, Mr. Ielfield, K. Van Etten, B. Coss, E. Mantor, W. McDonald. THIRD ROW: B. Cook, D. Schmidt, D. Schieble, G. Enos, W. Abel, R, Brooks, G. Phillips. FOURTH ROW: R. Armstrong, J. Dombroski, B, Weigandt, R. Larsen, J. Burth, E. Van Dyke. Class of 1962 FIRST ROW: S. Wooding, B. Jones, A. de Barkoczy, B. Bradley, C. Lawrence, S. Acker, C. McBumey, N. Jones, D. Smith. SECOND ROW: K. Wooding, L. Parsons, V. Kern, A. Kane, Miss FitzPatrick, T. Destito, B. Beeman, N. Hurlbut, A. Bueh- ler. THIRD ROW: E, Vine, C. Schieble, G. Meyers, F, Cascarella, K. Croniser, C. Koba, L, Stacy, K. La.Duke. FOURTH ROW: V. Wilson, D. Fay, K. Amberg. FIRST ROW: J. Thrasher, S. Miglin, A. Thomas, S, Pulizzi, M. Olin, J. Knudsen, J Smith, R, Benedict, D. Pugh. SECOND ROW: C, White, G. Silverman, D. Brooks, L Cook, Mr, Strong, W. Deppmeyer, J. Bzura, J, Grunenwald, D, Moulton. THIRD ROW: P, Towne, B. Hutchinson, R. Blum, S. Bych, E, Bielby, R, Smith, E. Klocek. FOURTH ROW: W. Nellenbach, J. Hayes, W. Grant, G. Austin, H. Dennison, J. Schultz, J. Grant. Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: M. Shorey, P. Gruby, J. Patterson, J. Young, C. Murphy, P. Piersma, M. Moulton. SECOND ROW: M. Stellato, M. Trino, D, Egan, Mrs, Hughes, L, Major K, Abbe, C. Haight, THIRD ROW: S. Fay, B. Bone, S. Mayer. FIRST ROW: E. Dengler, D. Burth, D, Smith, Mr. Roblin, M. Liebing, D. Carey, R, Schultz. SECOND ROW: N. Hutchinson, W. Frederick, L, Fournier, W. Graham, B. Reid, A. Johnson, R, Myers, THIRD ROW: W. Mitchell, E. Miller, T, Delahunt, D, Tomasi, R, Schultz. FOURTH ROW: B, Starer, G. Kraeger, J. Ferris, Seventh Grade FIRST ROW: N. Seufert, J. Carey, J. James, J. Reilly, L. Schultz, L. Leonard, P. Daniels, L. Scoville, J. Hanicker. SECOND ROW: B. Abel, J. Huggins, P, Dowd, A. Major, Miss James, A, Huggins, D. Cook, B. Brooks, G. Merry. THIRD ROW: L. Grems, M, Rathbun, A. Moon, J. Ashworth, C. Copperwheat, N. Fay, V, Gunn, B. Hitchens. FOURTH ROW: K, Clark, M. Parsons, S, Gunn, S. Humphrey, S, Kaufman. FIRST ROW: R, Whitman, P, Kochon, J. Meade, D. Nemeyer, R, Van Dyke, B, Dumka, F. Stewart, M. Mangino, W. Tomasi. SECOND ROW: L. Delahunt, K. Lieber M. Christman, L, Smith, J. Cady, Mrs, Story, W. James, R, Smith, R. Barber, L, Story, A, Goppert. THIRD ROW: V. Lisowenko, D. Dennison, B. Altier, R. Huther, E. Wilkes, D. Roberts, T. Yoxall, R. Leonard, C. Story, R. Maurer. FOURTH ROW: J. Koba, M. Lawrence, D. Wolanin, P, Weigandt, J. Sharkey, J, Giliberti, D. Hood. Sixth Grade FIRST ROW: E. Bzura, G. Kelsey, A. Martin, J. Thomas, R. Wilson, S. Parsons, D. Bryfonski, F. Davis. SECOND ROW: B. Dumka, E. Benson, E. Kupiec, S. Trinkaus, Miss Keville, R. Roman, R. Meyers, M. Nellenback, K. Kirk. Tl-HRD ROW: D. Mayo, G. Smith, D. Mayer, C. Cady, B. Thayer, P. Wilkes, R. Murphy. FOURTH ROW: D. Richardson, R. Sharkey, A. Misiaszek, G. Paquette, H. Amberg, E. Johnson. FIRST ROW: G. Marolf, R. Phillips, D. Giannotti, T. Kingsbury, F. Thrasher, K. Rice, D. Ellinger. SECOND ROW: C. Armstrong, D. Schmidt, D. Conney, Mr. Carrese, S. Weiss, S. Tuzzolino, R. Kernan. THIRD ROW: D. Bielby, N. Mitchell, W. Slocum, B. Siegfried, A. Kulmus, C. Sweet. FOURTH ROW: D. Doyle, A. Hood, A. Jessup, P. Burhyte, M. Schultz, L. Eppler, B. Tomasi.. Sixth Grade FIRST ROW: J. Paquette, L. Mayers, R. Massa, S. Ferguson, D. Seufert, J. Amphlett, S. O'Connor. SECOND ROW: I. Whaley, I. Murrow, E. Gioia, Mrs. Vierthaler, R. Larsen, J. Young, B. Siedsma. THIRD ROW: G. Roberts, E. Phillips, R. Thrasher. R. Cramer, P. Feli- ceangili. ABSENT: I. Marshall. F Wh Grade FIRST ROW: B. Roman, A. Ciotti, V. Ciotti, P. Dombroski, N. Wilbur. SECOND ROW: D. Siegfried, I. Fay, C. Gruby, R. Johnson, P. Pettinelli, I. Kapinos. THIRD ROW: P. Lenio, L Linck, D. Taubert, T. Moon, L. Oyer, I. Kane. FOURTH ROW: D. Richardson, R. Rider, A. Carey, R. Ellinger, L. Lira, Mrs. De Seve. ABSENT: G. Ellinger. Ffh Grade FIRST ROW: L. Elsenbeck, M. Andrews, E. Kresa, E. Jacobsen, L. Stephenson, I. Kern, C. Ballinger, E. Christman. SECOND ROW: J. Tuzzolino, D. Amphlett, D. Swanson, M. Peek, Mrs. Merry, J, Kozdra, G. Shorey, D. Davis, S. McCal1ops. THIRD ROW: K. Whaley, M. McDonald, G. Heim, A. Hemming, W. Croniser, L. Smith, D. Kolhepp, D. Thaler. FOURTH ROW: P. Silverman, S. Wharram, I. Teuscher, W. Stewart, N. Bender, A. Doss, M. Falinski. FIRST ROW: S. Lee, R. Briggs, I. Ryan, K, Virgilio, G. Elsenbeck, J. Trino, A. Snyder, L. Wall, F. Abbe. SECOND ROW: R. Andrews, R. Ferris, K. Lieber, Mrs. Mitchell, S. Maurer, E. Smith, A. Buehler, G. Nelson. THIRD ROW: N. Burkhart, P. Smith, S. Cravis, B. Schle- ble, T. Hemming, L. Meus, A. Larney, R. Humphrey. FOURTH ROW: H. Campbell, R. Smith, S. Major, J. Young, R. Croniser, P. Jones, D. Radell, G. Clark. Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: I. Bailey, M. Martin, R. Peek, M. Leonard, R. Tuzzolino, L. Schultz, G. Mig- lin, D. Gordon. SECOND ROW: I. Davis, T. Bowers, S. Acker, W. Rice, Mrs. Roblin, M. Pulizzi, L. Sreca, T. Hughes. THIRD ROW: T. Thornton, D. Eldridge, S. Findlay, T. Mc- Callops, D. Wolanin, J. Davis. FOURTH ROW: K. Swayze, S. Scripture, D. Piersma, C. Bych, K. Burkhart. FIRST ROW: N. Bielby, B. Eppler, I. Kenefick, J. Mitchell, V. Sojda. SECOND ROW: M. Burkhart, D. Fortnam, L. Lewis, L. Ortis, F. Slocum. THIRD ROW: K. Armstrong, K. Car- rese, G. Gross, I. Jacobsen, M. Roblin, C. Teuscher. FOURTH ROW: R. Cravis, D. Gunn, J. Miller, F. Schultz, S. Vanderwood. FIFTH ROW: L. DeSeve, A. Humphrey, M. Misiaszek, I. Sciortino, B. Van Etten, Mrs. Yates. Third Grade FIRST ROW: E. Elsenbeck, C. Miglin, M. Cheney, S. Thayer, V. Enquist, E. Story, G. Payne. SECOND ROW: T. Humiston, A. Roblin, B. Smith, Mrs. Ouimette, C. Clark, B. Beeman, L. Smith. THIRD ROW: S. Swayze, L. Lawrence, P. Findlay, D. Gauthier, C. Rappahahn, H. LaRock. FOURTH ROW: A. Mantor, R. Meus, G. Lichtenberger, L. Sojda. ABSENT: B. Mur- phy, C. Hebbard. FIRST ROW: M. Diehl, S. Conney, B. Siedsma, D. Kingsbury, G. Koniewicz, D, Carletra, K, Cheney. SECOND ROW: B. Thaler, J. Lieber, R. Mitchell, V. Christman, E. Kernan, R. I-leeley, W. Chilton, M, Hall, THIRD ROW: B. Ashworth, E, O'Connor, D, Doss, Miss Her- thum, D, Enos, P. Gioia, K, Elsenbeck. FOURTH ROW: D, Mayo, R. Thomas, Second Grade FIRST ROW: D. Shapiro, P. Trinkaus, L. Sheppard, J, Carrese, B. Tomasi, D. Mitchell, R. Payne, R. Ryan, W. Elsenbeck, M. Egan. SECOND ROW: J. McCa1lops, A. Hughes, D. Abbe,.. Mrs. Carpenter, I. Mantor, R. Bender, J. Thrasher. THIRD ROW: P. Swanson, M. Kernan, P. Falinski, R. Ellis, M. Lewis, P. Dunn, D. Gross, E. Kelsey. FOURTH ROW: T. Rappahahn, D. Vanderwood, R. Emmerick, D. Giliberti, I. Dowd, T. Smith, W. Haggas. ABSENT: K. Burk. FIRST ROW: D. Rice, I. Singleton, P. Smith, P. I-leim, D. Merry, P. Smith, D. Kingsbury, P. Schultz. SECOND ROW: R. Dust, G. Suits, L. Stellato, C. O'Connor, Miss Huss, C. Lieb- er, K. Burkhart, R. Maurer, R. Proper. THIRD ROW: R. Burth, M. Larney, C. Briggs, I. Hemming, A. Fortnam, J. Rolling. FOURTH ROW: E. Jury, D. Kirk, D. Reynolds, T. Tyson, L. Saddler, G. Koniewicz, P. Barber. First Grade FIRST ROW: S. Bailey, C. Slocum, 1. Lieber, B. Andrews, G. Smith. SECOND ROW: D. De- Seve, H. Kochon, C. Tuzzolino, S. Emmerick, S. Rice. THIRD ROW: J. Elsenbeck, G. Bel- lair, A. Cooney, W. Sojda. FOURTH ROW: W. Eppler, V. Haggas, F. Pulizzi, C. Whaley, C. Clute. FIFTH ROW: N. Teuscher, S. White, F. Pianella, D. Snyder, P. Smith, C. Dust, W. Thayer, L. Jones, J. Virgilio, Mrs. Telford. ABSENT: C. Hebbard. FIRST ROW: S. Major, D. O'Connor, D. Weaver, J. Falinski, D. Larney, L. Miller, R. Gunn, D. Chilton. SECOND ROW: D. Thornton, P, Andrews, D. Fischer, G. Armstrong, Mrs. Mc- Lyman, S. Johnson, M. Magnusson, B. Kolhepp, E. Mitchell. THIRD ROW: D. Sutkowski, D. Siedsma, R. Schmidt, S. Indermill, G. Thaler, D. McCallops, C. Lennon. FOURTH ROW: J. Hartman, L. Swald, L. Jacobsen, T. Bullen, M. Palmiter. Kindergarten TABLE ONE: D. Kernan, B. Barber, S. Chilluffo,D. Gordon. D. Reynolds. TABLE TWO: J. Clark, F. Schultz, C. Gunn, P. Gauthier, Miss Capanna, R. Fay. TABLE THREE: I. Phillips, L. Burk, C. Blum, D. Sutkowski, C. Misiaszek, C. Fortnam. TABLE FOUR: T. Cramer, D, Saladin, R. Bender, C. Hughes, B. O'Connor. ABSENT: B. Fahy, T. Weaver, D. Panetta, B. Suits, R. Ellis, T. Sharkey, D. Burth, R. Lee. TABLE ONE: L. Koba, R. Story, S. Hiem, S. Chilton, W. Wharram, B. Kraeger, T. Mazur, I. Davis, G. Buehler. TABLE TWO: J. Sojda, D. Zawisza, K. Doss, S. Liebing, G. Curcio, M. Tuzzolino, R. Damuth, B. Hemming, Miss Capanna. TABLE THREE: M. Neri. I. Abbe, F. Cardinal, R. Paquette, R. Armstrong, R. Proper, J. Teuscher. TABLE FOUR: R. Armstrong M. Kuchera, D. Keefe, D. Hilts, K. Leuthauser, L. Fischer, L. Thornton, T. Cheney. AB- SENT: G. Burkhart, G. Emmerick. Stanwix , ,, Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: D. Rueger, E. Smith, K. Benedict, W. Bordiuk. SECOND ROW: A. Seymour, P. Dority, M. Massa, C. Benedict, R. Grems, J. Moon. THIRD ROW: M. Croniser, J. Christian, D. Christian, R. Roman, R. Reilly, E. Staple, C. Fabrizio. FOURTH ROW: S. Kane, R. Beach, R. Roman, C. Ellinger, M. Gruby, R. Ingalls, Mrs. Dowsland. Second and Third Grades FIRST ROW: G. Ellinger, D. Klaisle, R. Uvanni, R. Leffert, P. Meyers. SECOND ROW: V. Oyer, D. Stromei, L. Ciotti, N. Nellenbach, R. Croniser, K. Seymour. Tl-IIRD ROW: D. Ro- man, R. Bowers, B. Simon, R. Mangino, C. Mayers, L. Jessup, C. Weller. FOURTH ROW: W. Smith, N. Scoville. I. Brockett, G. Johnson, M. Feliceangeli, B. Whitman. FIFTH ROW: D. Schaller, A. D'Amore, Mrs. Leahy, D. Taubert, C. Ciotti. First and Second Grades FIRST ROW: C. Leffert, E. Giannotti, H. Bowers, R. Kimberly, D. Kryczkowski. SECOND ROW: D. Cramiser, F. Smith, B. France, S. Rueger, H. Hazzard, E. Smith. THIRD ROW: R. Varano, S. Siegfried, L. Drawbough, N. Finch, J. Dority, J. Schieble, T. Varano. FOURTH ROW: D. Grems, P. Barbato, D. Feiner, S. Fabrizio, D. Johnson, M. Mayer. BACK I. Hood, M. Mayer, J. Schieble, J. Simon, C. Burdick, J. Uvanni, C. Croniser, T. Powers, E. Roglinske, Mrs. Smith. Kindergarten FIRST ROW: M. Roman, K. Ciotti, M. Suplee, S. Suttle, J. Yaworski, J. Kapinos, R. Bzura, D. Reader, T. Seymour. SECOND ROW: W. Lenio, M. Grems, J. Kosma, J. Schaller, L. Jessup, J. Mayer, W. Dority, K. DeGeorgio, S. Schaller. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Smith, B. Le- Gasse, I. Drawbough, T. Varano, R. Roman, L. Seymour, C. Jones, E. Uvanni. ctiuities W, W My WMM Wwfww National Honor Society X N Z 4x FIRST ROW: Miss Cassidy, Miss Klug, M. Smith, M. Schultz, C. Frederick, Mr. Lantelme. SECOND ROW: E. Smith, M. Ottaway, G. Yaworski, E. Madej, M. Whitman. THIRD ROW: M. Kochon, I. Bailey, M. Dowd, S. Piersma, M. Scripture. I. Scripture. Student Council SEATED: W. Vale, D. Lawrence, Mr. Davis, I. Wilson, D. Burth, E. Smith, D. Fay, G. Ya worski. STANDING: A. Moon, I. Gawarecki, G. Schumaker, M. Stellato, C. White. Oriska Staff K? 'Ki' Eiifyg .4-.S rhlii E '1 vii T301 3733 Iii vm L. Q FIRST ROW: S. Ingersoll, M. Smith. SECOND ROW: M. Schultz, M. Piersma, Mrs. Hughes, S. Ingersoll, M. Dowd, C. Frederick, M. Kochon. Debate Club FIRST ROW: S. Roberts, E. Heeley, Mr. Strong, E. White. SECOND ROW: G. Schumaker, E. Smith, C. Dowd, S. Bych, R. Blum, M. Lazzara, J. Schultz. Future Homemakers of America FIRST ROW: A. Moon, N. Seufert, G. Merry, N. Hurlbut. SECOND ROW: M. Smith, I. Kirk N. Moulton, V. Lawrence, L. Parsons, A. de Barkoczy, T. Destito. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Wood D. La Rock, L. Bolton, E. Myers, L. Thomas, D. Smith, B. Jones, I. James. Future Farmers of America FIRST ROW: E. Bielby, R. Seelman, A. Carmen, I. Capanna, D. Linder, O. Burger, R. Lal- lier, L. Yager, E. Keim, V. Linder, W. Lallier. SECOND ROW: Mr. DeAn1esy, B. Hutchin- son, R. Thomas, D. Smith, R. Jones, W. Jones, A. Foote, B. Humphreys. J. Adiklis, J. Pat- terson, W. Fehr, G. Reeder, H. Murren, F. Victor, W. Grant, Mr. Waldrop. Future Teachers of America SEATED: V. Cady, E. Smith. STANDING: W, Vale, I. Spears, G. Yaworski, M. Piersma, H Klocek. Miss Keville, C. Dowd, M, Whitman, T. Destito, B. Firsching, D. Czyscon. Girls ' Chorus FIRST ROW, E. Heeley, B. Firsching, V. Wilson, D. Fay, V. Kern, M. Trino, N. Hurlbut, K. Nelson, L. Parsons, B. Beeman, Mrs. Nelson. SECOND ROW: E. Madej, B. Swayze, M, Ot- taway, M. Kozma, B. Jones, E. Smith, M. Lazzara, E. White, M. Stellato, C. Koba. THIRD ROW: S. Fay, C. Lawrence, C. McBurney, S. Wooding, K. Wooding, G. Phillips, J. Phelps, M. Smith, S. Roberts. FOURTH ROW: C. Frederick, A. de Barkoczy, C. Dowd, K. Bullen, L Augustine, S. Piersma, M. Piersma, D. Delahunt, S, Ingersoll, M. Dowd, V. Cady, I. Spears P. Weigandt. Mixed Chorus 7 Y FIRST ROW: N. Moulton, B. Firsching, B. Swayze, S. Roberts, I. Phelps, M. Kozma, M. Ot- taway, M. Vallee, C. Dowd, M. Lazzara, E. White, M. Smith, M. Yoxall, E. Heeley, K. Nelson. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Nelson, E. Smith, C. Frederick, I. Spears, V. Cady, M. Dowd, S. Piersma, M. Piersma, D. Delahunt, L. Thomas, L. Augustine, S. Ingersoll, I. Knudsen, E. Madej, M. Schultz, S. Ingersoll. THIRD ROW: G. Silverman, D. White, R. White, M. Scrip- ture, R. Benedict, D. Fay, D. Lawrence. I. Scripture, W. Corwin, J. Bailey, H. Dennison, I. Schultz, W. Vale, S. Bych. Boys' Chorus FIRST ROW: Mrs. Nelson, W. McDonald, J. Bzura, R. Smith, S. Bych, B. Cook, A. Thomas, L. Cook, E. Smith. SECOND ROW: I. Williams, I. Schultz, R. White, M. Scripture, W. Benedict, E. Mantor, J. Hayes, H. Dennison, W. Vale, G. Silverman. THIRD ROW: R. Four nier, J. Bailey, J. Knudsen, W. Corwin, J. Starer, I. Burth, D. Lawrence, J. Scripture, D. Fay, R. Benedict, D. White. Urchestra FIRST ROW: Mrs. Nelson, M. Dowd, G. Merry, E. Gioia, C. Frederick, Mr. Hahn. SECOND ROW: B. Firsching, K. Virgilio, C. Dowd, E. Heeley, J. Huggins. THIRD ROW: R. Benedict, C. Sweet, S. Bych, M. Piersma. FOURTH ROW: I. Schultz, A. Thomas, J. Bailey, W. Mc- Donald. Band FRONT: I. Thomas, B. Tomasi. FIRST ROW: L. Thomas, H. Klocek, R. Massa, R. Hemming. B. Snow, F. Davis, D. Richardson, R. Meyers, S. Parsons, N. Jones, S. Piersma. SECOND ROW: M. Stellato, S. Weiss, K. Virgilio, J. Huggins, M. Trino, K. Carrese, M. Roblin, D. Mayo. S. White. THIRD ROW: Mr. Schueler, A. Hemming, M. Trinkaus, L. Fournier, I. Schultz, J. Bailey, A. Thomas, R. Blum, S. Bych, R. Kernan, C. Sweet, A. Misiaszek. FOURTH ROW: C. Dowd, B. Firsching, M. Lazzara, M. Moulton. P. Piersma, B. Bone, C. Pettinelli, D. Abbe, E. Heeley, M. Piersma, A. De Seve. FIFTH ROW: M. Nellenbach, J. Bzura, R. Benedict, G. Silverman, W. McDonald. W. Benedict, R. Roman, R. Murphy, E. Smith. l ...W L.. Girls' Leadership League FIRST ROW: I. Sciortino, K. Nelson, E. Heeley, B. Firsching. SECOND ROW: J. Wilson, J. Phelps, Miss McMahon, E. Madej, M. Whitman, B. Kraeger. THIRD ROW: C. Ryan, C. Si- mon, M. Ottaway, V. Lawrence. FOURTH ROW: L. Humphrey, H. Klocek, C. Frederick, M. Dowd. FIFTH ROW: P. Weigandt, I. Spears, C. Jones, V. Cady. SIXTH ROW: M. Smith, S. Piersma, M. Piersma, G. Yaworski. Girls, Athletic Association The G.A.A. is composed of girls in grades '7-12. Officers are S. Piersma, president, M. Car- letta, vice president, M. Dowd, secretary, G. Yaworski, treasurer. The girls assist the teacher in gym classes by being squad leaders, taking care of equipment, checking locker rooms, and helping with bulletin boards. Football The O,C.S. football team distinguished its Alma Mater by ending this season in a three- way tie for first place with West Canada and Westmoreland. To achieve this honor, the team won six out of seven games during the fall period with the coaching of Mr. Carrese and Mr. Kenyon, FIRST ROW: D. Conney, P. Oyer, D. White, D. Fay, W. Van Shufflin, K. Olin, V. Trino, W. Bych, A. Martin. SECOND ROW: P. Wilkes, W. Benedict, B. Weigandt, G. Phillips, R Fournier, D. Lawrence, W. Bolton, S. Pulizzi, M. Olin, N. Mitchell. THIRD ROW: Mr. Carrese, P. Towne, B. Cook, G. Silverman, D. Pugh, R. Smith, R. Blum, Mr. Kenyon. Varsity Basketball FIRST ROW: P. Oyer, R. Fournier, D. White, W. Van Shufflin, G. Clark. SECOND ROW: Mr. Kenyon, D. Lawrence, W. Bolton, R. Vollmer. I. Scripture, D. Fay, R. Benedict, N. Mitchell, R. Brooks. Junior Varsity Basketball FIRST ROW: Mr. Strong, D. Pugh, G. Silverman, D. Moulton, J. Conney, B. Cook, L. Cook, C. Armstrong, A. Martin. SECOND ROW: M. Olin, E. Van Dyke, B. Weigandt, R. Armstrong I. Knudsen, G. Phillips, G. Enos, W. Benedict, B. Hutchinson, D. Conney, G. Smith. B. FIRSCHING, J. SPEARS, L. THOMAS, S. PIERSMA, M. OTTAWAY, C. RYAN. FAY NELSON DOWD KOZMA M. LAZZARA C. JONES C. FREDERICK Track NIS KAR? FIRST ROW: W. Story, D. Fay, R. Enos, C. Carletta, I. Carey. SECOND ROW: Mr. Story, W. Van Shuffiirl, J. Olin, W. Langdon, P. Piersrna, K. Olin, R. Fournier. Baseball WSWQ. Bisuliy. : 853544, Sliding into base: D. Fay. FIRST ROW: Mr. Kenyon, D. Carey, C. Carletta, K. Van Etten, L. Cook, W. Benedict, G. Phillips, G. Enos, W. Ryan, L. Gubbins. SECOND ROW: S. Nellenbach, W. Van Shufflin, D White, W. Bolton, J. Carey, P. Piersrna, I. Scripture, D. Lawrence, R. Enos, R. White. I W' iq" Q . 3 'ig gn? . '- ? I ' by t4 'tm I a M .if l ,. . ' it In V' - Q 'Nm I N 3.25 if 9 9 Y ,fr 5:1 Fm ll! 2 L 3 T ,. E ,iv ,, Q A 4 ,A 5, 151' ..,-AM R ui" 1 va, .l' x:1' I-7'-fy Wvnluell - Nv duertisers Best Wishes 5KlO BEN FRANKLIN sam WH ITE STOVVN SHOPPING PLAZA Congratulations to Compliments of 0 A, Class of '59 ALBERT c. PHELPS yi , DOG-ON FERRIS .GOUDSERWEE RADIO 8: TV Oriskany Blvd. Whitesboro, N. Y. Ph. RE 6-1928 ANTHONY FERRIS, Prop. Septic Tank and Cesspool Cleaning - Prompt - Dependable Service - Installation Mounted Route River Road, R.D. 4 Phone Ex. 4300 Rome 2660-J1 Piper Aircraft Sales - Service Learn to Fly UTICA AIRCRAFT, INC. Utica Municipal Airport Marcy, New York Charter Service Flight Instruction HARRY G. SMITH, Mgr. JOHN PIERSMA, Sec. - Treas. Phone Utica RE 6- 1971 SUPERIOR COACH SALES CO. Distributor in Oswego, Oneida Herkimer, Onondaga, Madison Otsego, Cortland, Chenango Broome Counties MEAD HEDGLON 439 Broad Street A Oneida, New York T Phone Oneida 2178 I l'suW'Eil"' ' 1 554251 School Bus Bodies - Transit Coaches - Sales and Service Best Wishes Class of '59 H. WATERBURY AND SONS C0. Oriskany, N. Y. mio WATERBURY FELTS TOBIASZ LUMBER co. "Finest in Lurn.ber" 5-A Truck Route Whitesboro, N. Y. Phone RE 6-1729 STANLEY E. MITCHELL GENERAL INSURANCE 1101 Utica Street Oriskany, N. Y. Phone RE 6- 2.004 ARLOTT DUPLICATOR 8: SUPPLY CO. Exclusive Agency for: Gestetner Stencil Rex-O-Graph Fluid Duplicators GENESEE SUPPLY CO. , INC. 405 Washington St. Utica, N. Y. Outfitters and suppliers to Vocational Schools Copease , l Business Machines Sold, Rented De ta Sho? Equlpnilent , Industrial Supplies and Repaired W ld, E , t d S 1, S 820 Charlotte st., Utica, N. Y. e mg Pililgnfrfallljn upp le Phone RE 3-9537 Congratulations to the Class of '59 From MOHAWK VALLEY WHOLESALE GROCERS, INC. "A Complete Institutional Line" 105 E. Front St. P. O. Box 669 Rome, New York Phone 1582 Starli hts Band 9 CONGRATULATIONS Specializing in From ACCORDION MUSIC We Play for All Events FRANK AND MARY ANN Ph. RE 6-6610 RE 6-2927 cllnrcffamilarrxfwltflwofs csmsn of LEE BATES WELL DRILLING CONTRACTOR Rome, N. Y. i Phone Rome 5991 Best Wishes Class of 1959 ORISKANY MALLEABLE IRON CO. , INC. Oriskany, N, Y, Quality Malleable Castings BEST w1sHEs AND CONGRATULATIONS JONES' COKE BAR WALTER SIEGFRIED M44 ffm Mold and Rodaman! PLUMBING, HEATING 19 Units and Apartments AND E E L CTRIC CONTRACTOR TV - Air Conditioned Oriskany Road Swimming Pool R k ome' New Yor R.F.D. 2, Rt. 69, Rome, N Phone Rome 132 Phone 8010 Compliments of BAR-B-Q SUMMIT PARK PLAYLAND, INC. Stanwix, N. Y. OWEN AND VELMA Oriskany' N' Y' J 8. A DINER Featuring Delicious ITALIAN AND AMERICAN FOOD Rt. 365 New Floyd Road SUNRISE BEAUTY SALON MARIE KOCHANOWSKI, Prop Oriskany, N. Y. ww ggzm WW Hair Cutting -1.1. . ..'. ,. .-1-:4444-I . ,. .5::52:j,', .2:5::"vj Y' ' 2551551 Q- ., , IHS?" - .'Zi?::1ffZ?551 5:5:15"' ..5-:'Zi''.3:'.,.',9b3-:-82225:21732355 3 rw' ' ' ,,,::..g11'f,g-Q. ,- .. ...H .,,, , , , ' warm E. .4 H 3 "f'?:Q., A -1, 1- 1. '35--. '551525E5225E5i3E2E5EfEQE2EfEf1iEfE51522Erzfifiiagifil D 21- IEEESESEIZM:"gif ' "f2?2i?lE1if'if1" ,'53:i512'ig:42QQsk:5E2i15f. If . ' 121211551,rfrn:-:::::f.'.-.-.:r:f - I--:I i . - f:f:f:f:Q:Q:y 1 ftft':-:':i:Q'Q:f:1:-:Q:!:3:14 Z:f:f.gi5 Q13 QQEQEQEf.Q'E?:v:QI,E,E,.EQ:QE5EfEQ1QSFf-' :Eff a Spwalfv IJE E. .,,l Iii. Egg. ww .av PETTINELLI USED CARS i,L'1',. QMr1r.Pr11fW" ,.., Rome, N. Y. Phone Rome 4-650 PARRY-FOX FUELS, INC. Eve 1' ything in He ating Sinc e 1 8 5 7 145 East Whitesboro Street Rome, New York Compliments of BLUE VALLEY INN River Road Marcy, N. Y. For the Best of Home Cooking Phone Utica RE 6- 1042 Phone 4900 GECRGE'S UTICA INN SPORTING Goons co. Stanwix Road Stanwix, N. Y. Phone Rome 3317 Wholesale and Retail Distributors of Athletic Equipment Z Devereux St. Utica, N. Y. Telephone RE 5-3248 O Args 4 at Qs Oneida Square, Utica, N. Y. "Hamburgers Famous Throughout the Land" HOLLAND FARMS DAIRY BAR Home Bakery and Ice Cream Now Serving You at the Triangle Yorkville, N. Y. Call Your Order Phone RE 6- 6044 MMM 42.6.0 Grocer's Specialties 1669 Dudley Ave. Utica, N. Y. Phone RE 3-4016 B8.F MILK CENTER 36 Roosevelt Drive Whitesboro, N. Y. Cash and Carry LARRY BRITT AND CHET FEDOR STANWIX HEIGHTS DAIRY 4' ' 'fb .. ..... .. .... .. X- sd "lx:-' a. .Y Stanwix, N. Y. Compliments of JIM'S GULF SERVICE Compliments of PHILLIPS' FOUNTAIN Oriskany, N. Y. Phone RE 6-9857 Compliments of i i P 125 W. Front Street I S Rome, New York Feed, Seed, Farm Supplies L' S d' S ' Telephone 1754 Phofg? Fgigna 51525. iniifzi PONTIAC G. M. TRUCKS Feed Store - 685 Compliments Compliments of of C MMI! Nucl-loLAs A. Busl-I FURNITURE SHOP FUNERAL HOME Clinton, N. Y. Rome, New York Compliments of the BHAMBERLIN COMPANY 912 South Street, Utica, N. Y. Bus.: RE 2-7036 - Res.: RE 6-4085 SIDNEY R. SWAYZE Office Sales Manager "CHAMCO" Weather Strip - Calking - Insulation Storm, Windows and Doors - Screens - Jalousies and Awnings Complete Graduation Service Class Rings - Graduation Announcements - Yearbooks Caps and Gowns HODGKINS OF BALFOUR P. O. Box 9 Schenectady, N. Y. Phone Ex-3-5374 ORISKANY SUNOCO SERVICE Job Printing PLAZA INN O MIKE PROITE, Prop. 621 Utica St. Oriskany Green St. Rt. Phone CHARLES S' MERRIMAN Dinner and Pizza to Take Prop' Out - Fish Fry on Friday 1 ELS'EM""L"'N'S EES DAIRY N I 1 1 A r A AB LIQUOR STORE 1 - X 'Q--4 -ff rf. Wines - Liquor , -, -X Cordials y A 'iz +- Imported and y - Domestic 5' Milk and Cream Gift Wrapping for All Occasions Erie.B1vd. Rt. 69 R. D. 2, Stanwix Heights, N. Y. Oriskany, N. Y. Phone 2664-M1 Plurnbing Hardware LEACH BROS. 808 Oriskany Blvd. Yorkville, N. Y. Phone RE 6-4221 He ating Applianc 6 S Compliments TRINKAUS MANOR C omplime nts of SGW? CONFECTIONERY Cigars - News - Sickroom Supplies Compliments of SHERMAN AND ALLEN SHERMAN'S FLOWER SHOP Keep Memories Fresh With Flowers 6 Lafayette St. Utica, N. Y. Phone RE 3-4644 SERVICE, INC. "If it's Audio Visual We Have It" Special Representative for BELL at HOWELL CO. Products New Berlin, N. Y. Albany 7, N. Y. PETTINELLI MOTORS INC. .qpe Soto 0 .cplymouilz Fiat and International Trucks Car and Truck Rental Telephone Utica RE 2-3736 Martin Street Rome, New York FABULOUS FIAT 600 SEDAN 4 ryl. 0.H.V. rear engine. Seats four comfortably. Heater, windshield wiper and direction lights standard equipment. Three other models available. from From S1398 Compliments of "J'lM" F- I ' 4- YORKVILLE N Y Phone RE 6-4662 CONDE'S MOTEL AND RESTAURANT Free Morning Coffee to Guests Air Conditioned Rooms - Charcoal Steaks - Free Television Family Rooms - Phone Rome 1242 Route 365 Floyd-Holland Patent Rd. Recom,mended by Duncan Hines ? TAMER'S OPEN AIR SUPER MARKET Phone RE 6- 6382 Oriskany Blvd. Whitesboro, New York Motorola Radios and TV Kelvinator Refrigerators P 8: H SALES 8: SERVICE Cor. Flagg and Oriskany Blvd. Whitesboro, N. Y. Phone RE 6-2338 Roper Ranges Whirlpool Washers Compliment s of YORKVILLE BRAKE SERVICE Truck Route Yorkville, N. Y. LYNCH LUMBER CO. Whitesboro and Vernon, N. Your Lurnber Nunibers Utica RE 6-5236 Vernon 3-2105 Compliments of GILT EDGE UNITED EASTERN Food COAL SALES CORP. Legal Beverages GEORGE PEEK, Prop. Oriskany, N. Y. 1008 Erie St. Utica, N. Y. BENNY'S RESTAURANT BENNY F. KARAS, Prop. All Legal Beverages Good Food "Always a Good Time!" Phone RE 6-9866 125 River Street Oriskany, N. Y. WORDEN MOTORS Guaranteed Used Cars Yorkville, N. Y. Phone RE 6-9337 "Famous for Fairness" HARTMAN FLOWERS E, V, MORGAN S Ph. RE 6-5214 0 - K We Telegraph " 1234+ Esso SERVICE qv. Flowers it 'E ' Gas and Oil V' egsv ' -' fe, - Oriskany Blvd' 1 ' I. lv. Tires and Batteries Whitesboro, N. Y. X ff I Opposite Whitesboro Central Oriskany, N. Y School FS TIC 1 9 ifi f i S ENGINl'IERS.FOUNDERSAYIJMACIIINISTS Established 1831 OFFICE AND WORKS 726 806 VVHITESBORO ST Y I 9 A OYQ Incorporated 1896 Compliments of ROCCO FIORE Compliments of E LOUIS MILANI FOODS, FOOD STOR ROCK INC' I Groceries BONANZA'S ,Mm Vege table s , -I B ' Meats - Fruits A. mr? and R. '35 Frozen Foods B Makers of I 1 R lI1890ll French Dressing Phone RE 6-9793 SHOP Plants: Oriskany, N. Y. Chicago - Los Angeles Marcy, N. Y. See us in July when Compliments DEL VECCHIO'S A MARKET Our New Dining F- N Groceries, Beer 1- 1 K' and Mobilgas Room, Coffee Shop, fl 1 Q of A Y . and Bar will be open RQ-Ql gwg Y A .f 1 f I for your pleasure. my ly K FLIGHT DECK, INC. A We A555 ONEIDA MN 2 COUNTY X ,- A J Lower E. Dominick St A1Rp0RT FRIEND 9 W' Rome, New York We Give S :Q H Green Stamps Wil IL IL IIAXM IE.. JFIIMMDN SEPTIC TANK SERVICE Cleaning and Installations Telephone 81 or Res. 4ZO0W-2 R. F.D. 4, River Road Rome , New York KRIEWCJCID MCITEL Breakfast Available Meals - Television Open A11 Year Route 365, North Phone Rome 6950 Rome, New York SCHIEBLE'S ESSO SERVICE GARAGE Com.p1ete ESSO Products General Auto Repair Official Inspection Station LEO A. SCHIEBLE, Prop. Phone 6300 River Road Rome, N. Y Best Wishes to the Class of '59 MURRAY-RAMSDALE 156 Main sr. COMPLIMENTS OF WHITESBORO PHARMACY INC. 115 Main Street Whitesboro, N. Y. whitesboro, N. Y. +RELIABLEf l Meats - Groceries Vegetables - Frozen Foods PRESCWTIONS MILLER'S GROCERY Sinclair Gas and Oil Groceries Quantity - Quality - Variety Grower of Evergreens Flowering Shrubs .f6"n':, ,, cf . Broadleaved Opgwcold Meats RLQE? Evergreens . Hardy 06,0 I Vines'- Distributor of WW 5 , rp, IUNIUS PEA'rMoss YS! 6 VIL I H 4 OF THE 5-W --ff . but 0017 YOUf?f5fZF Mo unted Route 546166 J6'fWP70ff 252.3 .-, You 3.qv NuRSERv MAN E! . Mlsm ,"""" River Rd. Route 49, Rome, N. Y. NV ROAD nomsmv. uncn STATE HARDWARE co. Three Stores North Utica Whitestowfl Oriskany Ph. RE3-5296 Ph. RE6-4740 Shopping Plaza I I Shopping Plaza l I Ph. RE6-2530 Hardware - Housewares - Appliances - Paints - Plumbing Supplies Electrical Supplies and Fixtures - Sporting Goods - Toys Cornplirnents of DIMBLEBY COOK'S TEXACO SERVICE Truck Route at Gardner St. Phone RE6- 5832 Whitesboro, N. Y. A General Repairing FUNERAL HOME f TE C0 t Lubrication J I Batteries Main and Brainard .mn -2- 1 N. Y.S. Insp. Sta. Whitesboro, N. Y. Washing WESTERNVILLE HOTEL All Legal Beverages Package License HACK AND GEN COLEMAN Phone 2062 We sternville, N. Y. DALLA'S GARAGE SELF SERVICE Gas, Oil, and Used Parts Route 69 Oriskany, N. Y. MIKE DALLA, Prop. squnooov agreqg au1ooI:-QM aM sA'e1m2Ae"I - 924517-933 Bong 'qd VZV"IcI DNIdcIOHS NMOLSCILIHM Arima 9121113 Sm 101 Suv-moto 12135501 YZVICI , ,T NZZW sag ptre auxog All Aqepoadg .1110 'ezzid spew ar.uoH .LNVHHVL S:-In S.Ill:lON HENRY L. MYERS OIL AND HEATING CO. , INC. Fuels and Range Oil Burners and Heating System Sales - Service Complete Texaco Auto Service 421 North James St. Rome, New York Phone Rome 329 Guaranteed TELEVISION SERVICING All Work Done Personally by RUDY KULMUS Utica RE 6-2078 If No Answer RE 3-0108 Holder of First Class Radio - Telephone and Radio - Telegraph Licenses Repairs on All Types of Electronic Equipment Home Entertainment fRecorders - AM- FM Radio Hi-Fil Communications Equipment Medical Electronics GENERAL ELECTRONICS AND TELEVISION SERVICE Westmoreland Rd. Whitesboro COMPLIMENTS OF THE FUNERAL DIRECTORS OF ROME Luigi J. Bottini Nicholas J. Bush Thomas Cox Theodore J. Dombrowski Griffin and Aldridge Martin J. Nunn Waldo Wiggins Prince Mae F. Strong Howard P. Teller COLEMAN LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR Lawn Building a Specialty Top Soil - Fill Dirt - Grading Back Run Gravel Box 13 Phone 2385 Rome, N. Y. QOQXQWTCS OF Q9 WILLIAM HURLBUT 1' ,W VIII l ' 'V iff: wr 5 4 V' ""3gAyE, Jfdficf Mixes' ' ' 9 . Q U 'Z 'fi N 'lg' by - A 'x 'Vin mx ,M , - , -4 ' 32' " .5 ,r A .', I ,Q . wx . 5 .. 1, Y .. , ... u w ww- .. :'zM: " 1, , , In -15,11 '.S,.j. -1, ' 'FN' Lf,-' I . ' ZA , I H, -N - ff .1 Wx.: J t 3f"1.1j1..L 'L ' ' 'Qui "n:f11g3'iV K uffg h.,,',Qi7i' 1.. ., ,. .". 1- 1 7 :' 'EM - ..,-jg-34 , .1 1 X ' 1 kwin- Vi, , 1-5 L 1' -. qi :Vw-.v'. . 3, W 545.3 .. "' .df , 3 .r"-'.- .. :'1 . ' , ' 1' 'y . L' Qu ' 1 f ,-Eifxii' -11 -' PQ... Q- wiki "7"'v - 1'- ' uk: ..fx1flTQ' ""3 -'Amr ctw ' .: r , yy. . . 'Z F 151, .V WI- 'ig .. ' . 4 71' Hjf .5545 V 1753 L. cf - HU. f .irq V' 1 11' 1 111, . ' ' 1 . Q J '11 n -'F ' ,V fu .,', . 'xg ' - ' ,giih 31, ,, i- 1 ' V1 9 ' .' 'Vlaa if-C1117 " ".A".11 1f - 1 nm, ff 15:-,. ,5 .1 ,af , + V in - f ww 1. . . .fnsw-11'9f?a. Yrfgw.. ' - ' 1 ff " M' :.1b'r,-'tjsa MQ M .HL n31'.,., if . f..g1,.,1 ' Q1 1. ' 1,411-. 5,5 " ., .4531 L1 2- ..t,5'.fl,f. j ,. .f. J, ff'. 1-,,'aff,'3iP"'VfM1.31 :i,'i'f1 ,Mal-FE 1 . 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