Oriskany High School - Oriska Yearbook (Oriskany, NY)

 - Class of 1958

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Oriskany High School - Oriska Yearbook (Oriskany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1958 volume:

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Q 1 Dvd mlmu Because they have done more than anyone else to make our hrgh school years the most memorable days of our lives, we, the Class of 1958, dedicate our yearbook to our parents It has been our mothers and fathers who have never failed us rn therr sympathy devotion, encour- agement, protection, and guidance Through these, our growing up years, our ambitions, dreams, and aspiranons have become the hopes and the prayers that f111 our parents' hearts As we go forth into the world, we can think of no greater wlsh for you, our mothers and fathers, than that someday we will be able to make you as proud of us as we have always been of you 3.3..2113-,'f:-:-11:.:-:f.5'-:':g'g.g'.-.'zIf1. 51.72,-1-5:25-'gr-:2.?'i.' iff:-'Xi-5:51.15-12:11. g.'Qg.,'-7'.'.-','.g.:fgf 1-1-3 ,.-.-,'.g.g.,1',51g.g.- :- -,g., Q- .- 3 9.-if fQ,'.-.313 5.5,-:-1-t :-g.-.-.-.- ,. ' 14.5.- .- 5.3-.:.g.gQ'.-.'.'.-, 1.1-53'-,,,3.-.QA-,Q .-.-,- .' 'Q . ' .- ,.:.:-.f .5 -1'-.':-74:21-:-'. iff-.-'Ir-:szszfg , ez-117. 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Qy, -.,Q,.g. .-. ,,Q .g. Q,f,- 4 '.. ' -:.rf,,., sf. g.g.3.,.' ,,,. Q,-, '-Q ,-sg..-1, , .1 .Q- v,:,.,n..s-.5.,.,' ..:,:,x,': .,:.3,R,!,p,.g. .L::.5!,u 54, . xx.. 3. p.5,-.'.1f.r.+'-1-.- .1 . . Q. c,- . -. 4... 'v s,-'-11.3.7-:-:',-.6"'. . . ., ' Q 's,'.-.' -Z' Q'-' 1.-.'. 0 - lf. .-P:'7'J:f1 A 's:'1?:fi-. "1'f"'f""'-'5 ' Q' "1-.s"F1'7'.':" ',-.'.'.Jf:'.-5-,'. .'Q'-:QM-.-. pug ' , 4-3'-. -.-,--'.-.Q -I-1. .-.sg I'J-Z.1:-I-1-:-7523111.12-445512 'Q '5f"31.' 3" .7:4:1'f'Q 3-:fr1.I'. :l:':3-2'14155:-:-:-1-1-z-ig...:-1. '+g.1-32.44. . 4'-.5 -19123232 ':': '-'- 2-:-val: .:1:s2Q 4221.1-'-2-:Qu .-2-2-1-:-.-ffb:. wav fyfmzz-,aa Jwfmm mm, fmwu Zofqgxws QMMM7 07,5 mm 74tif15?fZcf5 Hwwmm Ju Appreciafiau we, the Class of 1958, wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to each one of the teachers we have known since we first entered the door of OCS and had our beginning as a class twelve years ago. We are thanking you, our teachers, not so much for the tricks of numbers and the shaping of letters that you so dutifully taught. We thank you for the extra moments you shared with us - not as our teach- ers but as our friends. Your patience, kindness, guiding words of re- proof and praise - and, above all, your fine example have given us what no books could ever teach. Perhaps one doesn't need to thank another for being his friend. But when that other person can be a teacher and also have the time to do the things onlya friend can do - no words of appreciation are enough to offer in return. You, our dear teachers, have shared our growing-up years with us. Our yesterday was inspired by your unfaltering friendships. Our to- morrow will be the richer for it, Q To our class advisors, Mrs. Bunch and Mr. Lantelme, goes an especially deep thank you. The part you have played as our advisors and your efforts in our behalf have made friendship 's ties just a bit more binding between us. x S 2 i is Mia 4 K Q 4,3 39 3, V 1 Q if .. Q, X 'f X f - Y X ' HA fa5f1.s2fvfi2?X W 4 5, ? v -2 5 bm. 1 . .-16431 , ,,,, fu - Q: K-W, Q -LX,,,lL..a. 1 me im k,,,v? 1 . Lg N Q 41 I Primiualiv Massage . buf: 4 .1 , -'.r, . . f . . .-..".":'f 'sq-1" '4' -s+"?fEf's-a.ff'f'?d-1'4sL4as65"2s,',F'rf? " Q, . 5563: A,..:Z?f3Eggtfffg::5 .1 'UTOTFN u :fbi-4 .f!Ql,du .sixflggqggsgh lm- :eq-SG .-Z"2?2e-.14f1'. 2 ,- 333. we ?i'1'Yi51'f'51Qi'53t svaiifdfw .z do r' ' 'li -? .5-"' ""'Gng 31 'lgetis 5 " if - Dear Seniors, I have put off writing this message like one puts off saying "good- bye" to an old friend. You know we were really first-graders together. You were in Mrs. Te1ford's first grade when I became principal in Oriskany twelve years ago. We have shared some wonderful years - with their victories and defeats. Maybe for this reason Ifeel a bit closer to you. It is my sincere hope that in times to come you will remember the lessons you have leamed - in the classrooms where you have had the finest teachers and outside the classrooms where you have worked and played together. A trophy case has been tilledl May your suc- cesses continue! With kindest regards, Your friend flzyh Salma! Qaculfy First row: M. Cassidy, A. Nelson, G. Klug, I. Cassidy, V. James, S. Burtch, E. Hug gins, R. Wood. Second row: H. Schueler, H. Kenyon, R. Lantelme, H. Story, L. Hughes, M. Esposito, I. Roblin, R. Ielfield, K. Davis. ffleufzelfmry Zzculty First row: M. Stickel, E. Stone, E. Herthum, E. Carpenter, L. Yates, J. Keville, N Ouimette. Second row: K. Gadbow, P. Capanna, E. Telford, E. Mitchell, D. Car- rese, A. Huss, M. Wilson, J. Roblin. Hafctcrizz Staff M. Roberts, M. Austin, T. Van Dyke. 13115 Drivers and Kusfvdiaus Whyte, C. Van Shufflin, M. Fiore, B. Gubbins, F. Salisb y yearbook Staff Editor-in-Chief - - - Assistant Editors - - Photography Editors - Circulation Managers Treasurer - - - - Advertising Managers - EILEEN OTTAWAY - - - DIANE BURTH IAMES CAREY PATRICIA SCHULTZ DONALD BECKWITH - ELAINE HUGGINS ROSE MARY GRUNENWALXD - - JOHN OLIN " ' ' JOAN PUGH SANDRA TOMASI BENJAMIN KARAS X X v Xl' QQ JFf'M'qf Qxzw xii hw . V J , 2 ' - Vw. Q ,. 1 fg-51 sy Q , 5 . f Y .-1: 1 wubzs if DONALD C. BECKWITH "There are more men ennobled by study than by nature. " Yearbook Staff 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior Play Committee 33 Boys' Chorus 13 Football 23 Science Club 3. MARIAN MARIE BEEMAN "She lives for those who love her, for those who know her true, for the heaven so blue above her and the good that she can do. " Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior Play Com- mittee 33 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Cho- rus 1, 2, 3, 43 GAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Library Club 3, 4. M2152 5533415 KATHERINE RUTH BONE "Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace. " Class Secretary 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior Play Committee 33 Library Club 43 Girls' Athletic Council Recorder 4. DIANE LYNN BURTH "The world belongs to the energetic. " National Honor Society 2, 3, 43 Debate Club 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Junior Prom Com- mittee 33 Junior Play Committee 33 Junior Playg Oswego Con. 23 Future Teachers As- sociation 43 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 33 Orchestra 1, 2, 33 GAA 1, 2, 3, 43 National Referee Rating 33 Girls' Athletic Council 4. QW , JW i i' MW My , ,J A WJ' ff 01 JAMES R. CAREY "wisely and slow - they stumble that, run fast." National Honor Society 3, 43 Student Coun- cil 1, 3, 43 Oriska 33 Yearbook Staff 43 Radio Club 3: Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior Play Committee 3: Junior P1ay3 Student Council Con. 33 Oswego Con. 23 Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES R. CARLETTA "O, mischief, thou art swift to enter the thoughts of man. " Class Secretary-Treasurer 1, Vice President 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Junior Play Committee 33 Football 33 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Track 2, 33 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. .. N . .. X X Q - . ..,k,, ,.. X X X.. . .E . M f-.E-f x Q- MA., X, A .,Q,-, , f - sLw..s,,YY, , , .Mm , .iT:EE59iQaQ f waz- .mswiges - 7: Qs :wifi 'Q' if f izsfimff- f isis? . mmm A .55 .4 ig , - Q w i X N X x 'L if f ! YQ, -M 62: ,. , 'ikzawwf K , fig.. sq . wwf-gi 'Y QW fix' K fu xii , V' 'uf a Q iii? S all ,. ,,,5Q:w Lxgnf' we wi. gsm- :sew fam W- 5afm.f- gmwznu PM 41, iv fggs4i,,. by QC iss, sw ew , , . ,- w5ggf5,,,XM.w4w:.L iw ' gpg:- Qlgzgg- . , , -ff www Q, w:5vse:i2 ' fl W isyg,-2-ifmfy.. :WI ff ff X. . swmx z7ffeQa1l's-ffm 1Raffimfffafalk-Mm. Jgm- -. i . 1 X wwf" wif X- W - - Xfww S, i q- Q aw 'K Vwfxs ff.1.w?:.w+'w-xi-iagsfl. mmm-:,'..f r Y "' ' -il- , 7 l f East mill :mb Uesinmenf Donald Beckwith, will my rolled up shirt collars to Walter Bych and Gary Schmelzle. Marian Beeman, leave my seat right next to the homeroom door for next year's seniors to fight over. Katherine Bone, leave my love of "Seventeen" fashions to Suzanne Piersma. Diane Burth, will my overabundance of free time to Mary Ann Schultz. James Carey, leave my chance at the wheel in Driver's Ed to Linda Thomas. Charles Carletta, will my wild, red-striped shirt to Wm. Van Shufilin. Thomas Delahunt, will my honor of being Junior Prom King to any junior who deserves it Daniel Duncan, will my curly locks to James Bailey. Elizabeth Emery, leave my Saturday nights at the Highland Rink to Mary Smith. Ronald Enos, will my argumentative ways to Diane Czyscon. Dian Firsching, leave my love of dancing to Joan Wilson. John Fournier, leave one pamphlet "The Art of Sleeping in Study Hall" to Donald White and Leslie Humiston. James Graham, leave my latest jitterbug step to Keith Olin and Joseph Capanna. Jennie May Graham, will my interest in the Air Force to Sue James. Rose Mary Grunenwald, leave my position on the Oriska staff to Sharon Ingersoll. Douglas Gubbins, leave to Miss Klug one box of aspirin. Dennis Hemming, leave all my aches and pains to David Fay. Janice Henry, will my dimples, one each, to the Seigfried Brothers. Elaine Huggins, will my ability to appear angelic to Ronald Vollmer. Virginia Humphrey, leave my ability to "keep 'em laughing" to Blanche Firsching. Benjamin Karas, add my teacher tantalizing tactics to Jared Scriptures's collection. David Kraeger, leave my study hall paper wads to anyone who has better luck at appearing innocent. Paul Kraeger, leave my red hair and freckles to George Schumaker. Gail Leonard, leave my gay talkative ways to Joanne Deppmeyer, Joan Myers, will my knack of giving the opposite sex the cold shoulder to Barbara Swayze John Olin, will my concentration in class to JoAnn Knudsen. Eileen Ottaway, will the Coke Bar phone to Arlene Bradley. Paul Piersma, leave my ability to almost touch the basket to Paul Oyer. Joan Pugh, leave my gym squad to Carol Simon. Bernard Reid, will my interest in the alumnae of '57 to Ronald Coleman. Herman Rugbart, leave my Valley Road walk to any energetic junior. Brian Schrider, leave my ability to never worry or take life very seriously to Miss I. Cassidy Patricia Schultz, will my way with Mr. Van Shufflin to Carol Pettinelli. Harry Silverman, will my dull razor to Robert Benedict. Carol Smith, will my horrors of speech making to next year's Public Speaking Class. Deanna Smith, will my interest in chemistry to Patience Weigandt. Edward Smith, leave my nickname "Bucko" to anyone who can take the treatment I did. William Story, will my questions to Jacqulyn Spears. Ross Tuzzolino leave my srdeburns to Kenneth McBurney Judith Wallace, will my ability to "laugh 'til l cry" to Betty Madej. Sandra Tomasi, will the use of Aunt Elsie's car to my cousin, Nancy Moulton. l James Wilsey, will my love of cars to Jack Copperwheat. We, the Yearbook Staff of 1958, leave all our trials and tribulations to next year's staff members. S- -fa f ' - -' fl--4 .. ...f' K -W N K '- m junivr Play I 95 7 "MAUDIE AND THE OPPOSITE SEX" Mrs. Mason ---------------- EILEEN OTTAWAY Mr. Mason - - - ---- JAMES CAREY Maudie - - - - -SANDRA TOMASI Sylvia - - - - - JOAN PUGH Lynn - - - - -DIANE BURTI-I Davy ----- BENJAMIN KARAS Mr. Endrcott - - - THOMAS DELAHUNT Marge ------- - - PATRICIA SCHULTZ Bev - - - - - - ELAINE HUGGINS Sandy - - - - ELIZABETH EMERY Terry ----- GAIL LEONARD Pat ---- IANICE HENRY First Lifeguard - - - PAUL PIERSMA Second Lifeguard - - - DOUGLAS GUBBINS juuivr Pram I 9 7 Glistening stars against a background of blue, clouds of pink fluff, and heart-capturing angels transformed the O.C,S. gym into "My Blue Heaven' on May 10, 1957 - the night of the Junior Prom, The Queen and King, Jennie May Graham and Tom Dela- hunt, were crowned atop a pastel cloud as Lawrence Luizzl's orchestra played the theme music, which appeared in glittering pink notes above the cloud throne. 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Benedict, K, Siegfried, G, Schu- maker, Third row: R. Siegfried, W, Bych, P, Oyer, G, Schmelzle, Y Srfplzrfwzm' Glass First row: L, Augustine, P, Terwllliger, L, Bolton, Miss M, Cassidy, E, Myers, D. Lakock, G. Quackenbush, Second row: C. Reid, M, Smith, M. Yoxall, V. Lawrence, C, Ryan, K, Nelson, M, Vallee, C, Jones. Third row: C. Frederick, B, Kraeger, S, Ingersoll, K, Bullen, V, Cady, M, Carletta, M, Dowd, M, Cramer, Fourth row: J. Kirk, M, Piersma, C, Schultz, G, Yaworski, First row: R, White, D, Burth, R, Bonanza, Mr. Kenyon, D. Abel, K Fournier, G. Tuzzolino Second row: B, Shorey, G, Abel, W, Langdon, W, Daniels, D, Lawrence, C, Gruby, P, Gub- bins. Third row: M. Scripture, W. Corwin, F, Burkhart, J. Destito. Qreshmau 611155 First row: H, Klocek, L, Humphrey, D, Abbe, Mrs, Burtch, E, Burkhart, E, Smith, C, Hazzard, Second row: C, Schumaker, M, Kozma, M, Ottaway, E, Heeley, M, Lazzara, E. White, C, Dowd, J, Sciortino. Third row: B. Zawisza, C, Smith, M, Henry, S, Murphy,'D, Schultz, S, Leuenberger, J, Saladin, G, Phillips, D, Smith. Fourth row: K. Sweet. I. Carey, C, Epp- ler, S, Roberts, D. Delahunt, E. Phillips, J, Phelps, L, Towne, First row: L, Cook, R, Larsen, J, Dombroski, Mr, Ielfield, I, Conney, W, Benedict, M, Koch- anowski, Second row: W, Ryan, B, Weigandt, L, Gubbins, W, Vale, E, Mantor, B, Cook, J, Williams, K, Kulmus, Third row: J, Thrasher, M, Kochon, J, Starer, G, Phillips, W, Phillips, G, Brown, W, Abel, Fourth row: R, Armstrong, W, Bolton, E, Van Dyke, P, Mathey, J, Burth, R, Miglin, G, Finch, .sfyffm Grade First row: S, Acker, A, de Barkoczy, I, Young, Mrs, Hughes, M, Urban, D, Smith, B, Brad- ley, Second row: L, Parsons, D, Fay, A, Kane, N, Hurlbut, K, Wooding, B, Beerrian, V, Wilson, F, Cascarella, Third row: L, Stacy, C, Koba, E, Vine, K, Amberg, B, Jones, S, Wooding, T, Destito, Fourth row: C, Lawrence, C, McBurney, N, Jones, C, Schieble, I. Gubbins, K, LaDuke, A. Buehler, First row: G, Austin, E. Klocek, M, Olin, Mr. Roblin, D, White, S, Pulizzi, J. Knudsen, Second row: D. Warren, W, Deppmeyer, G, Silverman, P, Towne, E, Bielby, W, Grant, S. Bych, J. Grunenwald, D. Moulton. Third row: S. Nellenbach, R, Benedict, J, Schultz, B, Hutchinson, C, White, R, Smith, S, Miglin. J. Grant, Fourth row: D, Pugh, A, Thomas, H, Dennison, J. Hayes, R Blum, J, Bzura, , ,414 , YW Y, ,, ,, 1, , ,W ,W 7 Seventh Grade p pp p First row: R, Myers, P, Piersma, P, Gruby, Mis. Story. I. Patterson, B. Bone, S. Fay. Second row: B, Reid, N, Hutchinson, W, Frederick, W, Mitchell, D, Tomasi, D, Carey, G, Kraeger, D, Smith, Third row: R, Schultz, E, Dengler, J. Meade, M, Liebing, First row: L, Major, T, Darrah, J. Wall, Miss James, C, Murphy, D, Egan, E, Phillips, Second row: T, Phillips, C, Haight, M, Moulton, M, Shorey, K, Abbe, L, Fournier, Third row: D, Burth, B, Starer, D, Rocker, Pc Schultz, W, Graham, E. Miller, R Delahunt, ffwwfff Siiffh Grade y M First row: K, Clark, M, Lawrence, B, St, Amant, I, Ashworth, Second row: B. Abel, A, De- Seve, L, Smith, C, Copperwheat, L, Schultz, Third row: B, Gubbins, I. Gawarecki, Y, Smith, D, Cook, Fourth row: L, Delahunt, R Barber, R, Smith, S, Raymond, C, Story, L, Leonard, Miss Keville, S, Gunn, Across back: J, Cady, B, Altier, J, Sharkey, P, Weigandt, J, Huggins, IL Leonard, W, James, P, Kochon, A, Major, P, Dowd, R, Huther, N, Seufert, First row: J, Reilly, L, Scoville, K, Lieber, Second row: S, Kaufman. J. James, J, Giliberri, A, Huggins, W, Tomasi, Thjrd row: I, Hanicker, D, Roberts, L, Grimes, A, Goppert, V, Lisowenko, Fourth row: M, Parsons, P, Daniels, M, Christman, D, Callahan, D, Bielby, Across back: L, Story, J, Koba, B, Hitchens, A, Moon, G, Merry, R, Maurer, E, Wilkes, D, Wolanin, Mr, Carrese, D, Dennison y Zfflz Grade First row: R, Pianella, M. Trinkaus, W, Slocum, A, Martin, D, Seufert, G, Clark, H, Amberg, Mrs, Mitchell, Second row: S, Tuzzolino, M, Schultz, F, Davis, N, Mitchell, J, Whaley, R Larsen, A, Misiaszek, Third row: T, Kingsbury, P, Wilkes, R, Phillips, E, Kupiec, D, Bryfonski. J. Thomas, Fourth row: D. Conney, B. Thayer, C, Cady, F, Thrasher, S, Ferguson, B, Siedsma, E, Gioia, Seated: R, Kernan, R, Thrasher, G, Smith, J, Church, K, Whaley, E, Phillips, R, Sharkey, A, Kulmus, D, Mayo, R, Murphy, R, Cramer, Standing: C, Sweet, B, Tomasi, E. Benson, L, Eppler, C, Armstrong, P, Burhyte, J, Harvey, V, Hobin, R, Wilson, R, Pianella, K, Kirk, J, Paquetre, K, Rice, S, Trinkaus, S, Weiss, Miss Wilson, Zfilz Grade First row: G, Roberts, J, Marshall, E, Johnson, D, Gianotti, G, Marolf, M, Nellenbach, J, St Amant, Second row: B, Siegfried, P, Feliceangelo, D, Richardson, R, Roman, D, Doyle, Third row: D, Ellinger, E, Bzura, S, Parsons, R, Meyers, Mrs, DeSeve, B, Schieble, A, Jessup, R, Massa, D, Smith, L, Mayers, K, Whitman, J, Young, gifllfffl Grade - Sfanwaf Front: J. Kapinos, First row: C, Gruby, P, Lenio, B, Roman, D, Siegfried, L, Linck, N, Wilbur, R, Keanneally, D, Richardson, J, Fay, V, Ciotti, T, Moon, Second row: G, Ellinger J, Kane, P, Pettinelli, L, Liar, K, Bubela, A, Carey, R, Ellinger, R, Johnson, Third row: A, Ciotti, D, Taubert, R, Rider, Mrs, Dowsland, L, Oyer, P, Dombroski, Sirurlh Grad: Left row: D, Thaler, G, Nelson, T. Wheeler, A, Snyder, J, Kozdra, H. Campbell, K, Burk- hart, P, Smith, D, Radell, A. Doss, K, Phillips, E, Jacobsen, M. Peek. Right row: H, Wil- liams, E, Kresa, N, Bender, D, Swanson, M, Falinski, P, Silverman, R, Andrews, S. Maurer, L, Smith, S, Major, C, Ballinger, K, Virgilio, T, Hemming, S, Wharram, P, Jones, Mrs, Yates. Left to right in groups of 3: D, Kolhepp, R, Crandall, J. Tuzzolino, R, Smith, B. Van Etten, J, Tuescher, G. Shorey, F, Abbe, R, Humphrey, L, Meus, J, Ryan, W, Moulton, L, Wall, A, Buehler, G, Elsenbeck, B, Jones, S, Lee, E, Smith, S, Cravis, E, Christman, L, Stephen- son, B, Snow, L, Elsenbeck, S, White, B, Stacy, C, Williams, J, Young, N, Burkhart, K, Lieber, G, Heim, Mrs, Roblim? J 7 geya A ' 7 I Kizzf-fLt'T-fl 'XA' C .f ' Um Grade First row: R, Cravis, J, Mitchell, I, Sciortino, D, Gordon, W, Rice, D, Gunn, L, Sreca, J, Bailey, D, Piersma, R, Tuzzolino, Second row: V, Sodja, L, Schultz, C, Bych, N, Bielby, T. Bowers, K, Carrese, D, Williams, K Nemeyer, Miss Herthum, M, Pulizzi, C, Teuscher, M, Leonard, D, Wolanin, M, Roblin, M, Burkhart. I. Miller, On slide: A, Humphrey, J, Keman, J, Davis, B, Miller, G, Miglin, F, Schultz, L, Ortis, J, Jacobsen, R, Peek, In foreground: W, Trinkaus, S, Scripture, On swings: L, Lewis, K, Arm- strong, G, Gross, S, Findlay, M, Misiaszek, T, Hughes, M, Martin, S, Vanderwood, B, Eppler K, Swayze, S, Acker, D, Fortnarn, J. Davis, F, Slocum, Mrs. Ouimette, Second Qrzzde Left to right: L, Lawrence, A, Roblin, T, Humiston, L, Smith, Miss Huss, B, Siedsma, V, Christman, P, Gioia, D, Enos, G, Lichtenberger, D, Schneible, S. Raymond, J, Hance, E, Keman, B, Ashworth, E, Story, D, Gauthier, B, Thaler, H, La Rock, G, Payne, S, Thayer, D, Doss, D, Urban, B, Smith, M, Cheney, M, Hall, S, Conney, First row: J. Lieber, D, Kingsbury, B, Murphy, C, Miglin, Second row: S, Swayze, E, O' Connor, R, Thomas, R, Meus, G, Koniewicz, Third row: K, Elsenbeck, K, Cheney, D, Carletta, V, Enquist, R, Heeley, Fourth row: B, Beeman, P, Williams, D, Mayo, C, Clark E, Elsenbeck,M1S. Carpenter. Fifth row: W, Chilton, P, Findlay, C, Rappahahn, L, Sojda, S, Schreppel. Hrs! Grade W A First row: J. Mantor, J, Rolling, P, Swanson, J, Singleton, S, Hughes, R, Maurer, Second row: R, Miglin, R, Ellis, T, Thayer, T, Rappahahn, R, Burth, R, Proper, R, Emmerick, G, Suits, M, Keman, Third row: W, Haggas, I, Nemeyer, D, Kirk, Mrs, Telford, C, O'Connor, K, Burk, D, Reynolds, P, Smith, J, Thrasher, J, Carrese, B, Tomasi, P, Trinkaus, J, Hemming, P, Schultz, S, Major, l First row: K, Burkhart, R, Payne, D, Gross, P, Heim, R, Dust, P, Dunn, Mrs, Stone, Second row: D, Rice, R, Ryan, M, Lewis, D, Giliberti, P, Barber, D, Abbe, Third row: W, Elsen- beck, B, Van Etten, M, Egan, D, Merry, K, Elsenbeck, C, Lieber, T, Smith, Fourth row: D, Midlam, P, Falinski, G, Konewicz, I. Dowd, D, Kingsbury, D. Vanderwood, P. Smith, A, Fortnam. Kindergar cn f Standing: N, Williams, L, Miller, B, Andrews, D, O'Connor, S, Rice, P, Smith, M, Smith, P, Andrews, C, Lloyd, M, King, J, Thaler, Miss Capanna, Seated: B, Kolhepp, D, Butten- schon, B, Thayer, M, Magnusson, T, Carroll, M, Gubbins, L, Jacobsen, L, Swald, R, Gunn, D, Sutkowski, T, Saladin, J, Hartman, J, Virgilio, S, Whyte, D, Weaver, First row, D, Snyder, C, Clute, Second row: Miss Capanna, I, Elsenbeck, C, Whaley, D, DeSeve, I, Falinski, D, Fischer, J, Cooney, Third row: B, Sojda, S, Emmerick, N, Teuscher Fourth row: S. Indermill, J, Lieber, D, Kochanowski, F, Pulizzi, G, Armstrong, V, Haggas, M, Palmiter, H, Kochon, Fifth row: F, Pianella, C, Slocum, D, Siedsma, C, Tuzzolino, B, Rapphahn, L, Jones, C, Dust, Sixth row: T, Bullen, B, Eppler, Uzird Grade - flll1WI3V E, Smith, D, Rueger, R, Reilly, R, Beach, C, Ellinger, L, St, Amant, J, Moon, A, Seymour, M, Gruby, S, Kane, R, Ingalls, R, Marshall, C, Fabrizio, S, Darrah, K, Lenio, C, Benedict, K, Benedict, R, Roman, P, Dority, L, Ottavio, M, Massa, E, Staple, M.rs, Leahy, W, Bordiuk E, Kohl, R Roman, R, Grems, Sammi Grade , Seated:lMrs, Leahy, K, Seymour, C, Mayers, W, Smith, D, Taubert, R, Recor, J, Bubela, D, Schaller, Standing: Mrs, H, Smith, Mrs, F, Smith, L, Jessup, M, Feliceangel, M, Fay, L, Smith, E, Pratt, N, Scoville, C, Weller, B, Whitman, C. Ciotti, J, Bzura, J, Brockett, Hrs! Grade' First row: Mrs, H, Smith, B, Nasci, J, Dority, L, Ciotti, R, Leffert, I, Recor, B, Smith, Second row: R, Roman, R, Uvanni, G, Ellinger, D. Stromei, N. Nellenbach, J. Moon, D. Grems, Third row: N, Buffa, D, St, Amant, D, Klaisle, B, Simon, R, Bowers, P, Meyers, R Dority, K, Beach, S, Siegfried, Kiudergarlm is "". Wi? ' 'WJ' V' f PM - ', V I K V A , , A ,R ,ma rdi , bi? hui First row: J. Schieble, E, Smith, J. Uvanni, S, Rueger, H, Hazzard, Second row: F, Smith, L, Drawbrough, S, Frabrizio, R, Owens, C, Leffert, N, Finch, D, Feiner, J, Schieble, E, Giannotti, T, Varano, Third row: E, Rolingski, R, Kimberly, Mrs, F. Smith, P, Barbato, D, Kryczkowski, D, Johnson, H, Bowers, J. Simon, C, Burdick, L, Kohl, B, France, gf will Q 7, lil 1 A-ii '11 MW" x' , X X uf: 3i',,'Mx' L' , W W W xl W f 'WkWiYfsQW01QW' 'X'dVxwQ'MQ" QW X, wdmyv ,gww QQWXWWN ,. W X 1 WA w ww: ,M MS? x RQ if' N QV , . . Q if ff! f - X WX NN W XX W w N N Y X XXX. ,M M .wx w,mW.m wxyx X S ' WQAW Uriska Staff Seated: M, Kozma, R, Grunenwald, M, Smith, M, Dowd, S. Ingersoll, Standing: M, Kochon, M, Schultz, S, Ingersoll, Mrs. Hughes, C, Frederick, Debate 611111 Seated: R, Enos, D, Gubbi.ns, D, Burth, K, Sweet, Standing: B, Karas, G, Schumaker, B, Beeman, W. Story, tudcuf Kauncil Seated: Miss Stickel, M. Scripture, G. Schumaker, J. Carey, J. Wilson, G. Yaworski, D. Burth, P. Schultz. Standing: E. Heeley, S. Fay, Mr. Davis, C. Lawrence, S. Bych W. Ryan. Natianal flauor Socicty Seated: D. Gubbins, M. Smith, J. Carey, Miss Klug, Mr. Lantelme, Miss M. Cassidy Standing: J. Bailey, W. Story, P. Schultz, E. Ottaway, M. Schultz, J. Scripture, D. Burth, J. Olin. l5'0yS ' Cfhorus First row: L. Gubbins, D. White, D. Hemming, J. Graham, D. Fay, J. Williams. Second row: R. Blum, S. Bych, J. Bych, J. Scripture, M. Scripture, E. Mantor, L. Cook. Third row: J. Bzura, D. Kraeger, R. Benedict, J. Starer, R. White, G. Austin, I. Schultz, B. Cook. Fourth row: W. Benedict, G. Gubbins, J. Bailey, D. Lawrence, P. Piersma, W. Corwin, J. Fournier, W. Vale. Girls' Hhvrus First row: C. Frederick, L. Augustine, S. Piersma, E. Huggins, D. Burth. J. Pugh, M. Vallee. Second row: M. Beeman, E. White, J. Wilson, M. Dowd, C. Dowd, S. Roberts, M. Lazzara, M. Yoxall, M. Smith. Third row: D. Firsching, K. Nelson, J. Phelps, G. Phillips, S. Ingersoll, D. Delahunt, J. Wallace, J. Knudsen, S. Tomasi, E. Heeley, E. Srnith. Fourth row: M. Kozma, R. Grunenwald, V. Cady, L. Thomas M. Piersma, K. Bullen, B. Kraeger, E. Emery, N. Moulton. ,Mimi Cfharus First row: J. Wallace, J. Knudsen, S. Ingersoll, L. Thomas, J. Pugh, E. Huggins, L. Augustine. Second row: B. Firsching, M. Dowd, M. Piersma, D. Burth, J. Graham, S. Tomasi, M. Smith, B. Swayze. Third row: D. Firsching, K. Nelson, R. Benedict, J. Scripture, D. Fay, D. Hemming, D. White, M. Scripture, E. Madej, J. Henry. Fourth row: S. Ingersoll, K. Bullen, G. Gubbins, J. Bailey, D. Lawrence, P. Piersma W. Corwin, R. White, W. Vale, R. Grunenwald. Fifth row: E. Smith, E. Emery, P. Schultz, M. Vallee, V. Cady, N. Moulton, M. Yoxall. Operctfa ,Y -l , Y , lf Wg Seated: M. Dowd, W. Vale, P. Piersma, J. Pugh, D. Hemming, D. White. Standing E. Emery, D. Firsching, J. Fournier, S. Piersma, R. Benedict, M. Piersma, D. Fay S. Tomasi, D. Burth, E. Heeley, J. Bailey, E. Huggins. Orchcsfra First row: S. Tomasi, M. Dowd, C. Frederick, G. Merry, D. Burth. Second tow: J. Schultz, J. Fournier, D. Firsching, M. Lazzara, E. Emery, D. Abbe, E. Heeley, A. Thomas. Third row: R. Benedict, B. Firsching. Front: J. Thomas, B. Tomasi. First row: W. Benedict, M. Piersma, R. Benedict, M. Kochanowski. Second row: L. Thomas, J. Pugh, S. Weiss, A. Hemming, T. Hemm- ing, E. Heeley, C. Pettinelli, J. Graham, T. Darrah, P. Piersma, M. Moulton, J. Huggins, C. Haight, Mr. Schueler, S. Tomasi, S. Piersma. Third row: D. Abbe, M Lazzara, B. Firsching, L. Fournier, B. Bone, J. Fournier, J. Bailey, J. Schultz, A. Thomas, D. Firscbing. Fourth row: W. Story, R. Blum, S. Bych, E. Emery, G. Sil- verman, J. Bzura, R. Murphy, E. Smith, E. Huggins. Girls ' Aihlcfif Association First row: P. Schultz, V. Humphrey, D. Firsching, J. Henry, J. Graham, S. Tomasi, J. Pugh, R. Grunenwald, Miss McMahon, J. Spears, S. Piersma, E. Huggins, D. Burth, D. Smith, J. Myers, C. Smith. Second row: J. Knudsen, J. Wallace, C. Pet- tinelli, S. James, E. Madej, D. Abbe, M. Henry, D. Delahunt, C. Jones, C. Ryan, V. Cady, M. Vallee, K. Nelson, M. Dowd, L. Augustine, H. Klocek. Third row: G Leonard, M. Beeman, M. Smith, E. Burkhart, G. Yaworski, S. Roberts, E. Heeley, L. Humphrey, M. Kozma, M. Schultz, S. Ingersoll, J. Deppmeyer, C. Simon, C. Frederick. Fourth row: C. Dowd, M. Piersma, M. Whitman, E. Eppler, J. Phelps, J. Sciortino, L. Towne, D. Czyscon, S. Leuenberger, E. Smith, C. Schumaker, K. Bullen, B. Kraeger. Fifth row: N. Moulton, B. Firsching, L. Thomas, P. Weigandt, J. Wilson, M. Cramer, E. White, J. Carey, D. Schultz, C. Hazzard, D. La Rock. 5'uturv Qarmcrs of ,America First row: J. Capanna, P. Piersma, Mr. Waldrop, J. Fournier, C. Gruby. Second row M. Kochon, R. Miglin, W. Phillips, D. Schieble, G. Finch. Varsity Eheerlcadcrs . iersma, L. Thomas, S. T B- F' bins' C- RY J If Hlzeerleaders K N lon, H. Klocek, M. K C J J. Spears, D. Abbe, M. Do ""'-s juniar Varsity W. Ryan, P. Oyer, W. Benedict, J. Conney, G. Phillips, G. Gubbins, R. Benedict, D. Abel, J. Starer, J. Burth, B.. Weigandt, R. Armstrong, W. Bolton, W. Daniels, W. Langdon, E. Van Dyke. Qoafball First row: R. Enos, D. White, D. Fay, J. Carey, D. Gubbins, P. Piersma, R. Tuzzolino L. Humiston, G. Tuzzolino, G. Gubbins, Second row: L. Story, Mr. Kenyon, D. Law- rence, R. Armstrong, R. Benedict, R. Fournier, W. Langdon, W. Daniels, K. McBur- ney, W. Bych, W. Bolton, Mr. Carrese. Third row: R. Smith, G. Phillips, B. Cook, P. Oyer, W. Ryan, W. Benedict, L. Gubbins, K. Olin, D. Carey, L. Cook, W. Van Shuffiin. Baseball First row: C. White, R. Blum. Second row: B. Reid, J. Garcia, R. Booth, W. Bolton, D. Clark, R. Kindler, W. Van Shuffiin. Third row: Mr. Kenyon, D. Fay, I. Graham P. Piersma, T. Delahunt, J. Carey, C. Carletta. Fourth row: J. Halliwell, R. Enos, D. Lawrence, J. Scripture, I. Fournier, D. Abel. Crack First row: M. Olin, D. Gubbins, W. Story, D. Clark, R. White, J. Parsons, B. Reid, P. Gubbins, K. Olin. Second row: D. Fay, W. Langdon, P. Piersrna, D. Smith, J. Olin, W. Towne, D. Hemming, R. Tuzzolino, J. Garcia, W. Ecker, R. Kindler, Mr Story. N 1 s N 9 W Best Wishes Class of '58 I-I. VVATETQEUTQY A ND SONS CCD. Oriskany, N. Y. min WATWERBURY FELTS Compliments of YO12 K V I I. LE BRAKE SERVICE Truck Route Yorkville, N. Y. COOK'S TEXACO SERVICE Truck Route at Gardner Street Phone 6-5832 Whitesboro, N. E co General Repairing iWa.tches c10c1 34 ADDISON WOOD Shopping Center X Rome, N. Y. Y. BILL AND JOE'S GULF SERVICE Yorkville Truck Route Near the Traffic Light Phone 6-9915 ' 1 Lubrication Washing .X Batteries Gulflex - Hn Tires put on Lubrication mm . f W h' XJ as mg Triple s Blue stamps H Compliments of TIQI N KALJS NAANOQ ELSIE MOULTON'S LIQUOR STORE H A JJ:M's GULF SERVICE N f Q 2 . Wines - Liquor Q A Route 69 Oriskany, N. Y Cordials K:--ff' A Imported ,, p Phone 6-9918 and Domestic 6 X,-ex 1.1 BX K Gift Wrapping for All Oc sions Erie Blvd. Rt, 69 XE Oriskanv- N' Y- S 8: H Green Stamps GENESEE SUPPLY CO. , INC. 405 Washington St. ' ' Utica, N. Y. N Fjg- I Outfitters and Suppliers to ,E 'fi W5 Vocational schema ff " few ESS0 SERVQCE Delta shop Equipment 5 I, G33 Gas and 011 Industria.1 Supplies fi" Tires and Welding Equipment and Supplies xk EE Batteries Hand Tools Oriskany, N. Y. h STANWIX HEIGHTS DAIRY "' . ,.':A-In:-.. 'Rh Jw, ' -' 1 - . --ir- Affxi A :.-.. ,J X- -' 5 Stanwix, N. Y. Distributors of SCHOOL BUS TRANSPORTATION Conventional Buses Transit Buses Engine Both Front and Rear COACH at EQUIPMENT SA LES CORPORATION Penn Yan, N, Y. 6550: wad' SERVICE, INC. "If It's Audio Visual, SLJNIQISE BEAUTY SALON MARIE KOCHANOWSKI, Prop. fi We Have It" S-VQX: Special Representative for fb! Oriskany, N. Y. BELL a. HOWELL co. cv PRODUCTS Q US, Hair cutting New Berlin, N. Y. U 'H a Specialty Albany 7, N. Y. GEOQGES INN Stanwix Road Stanwix, N. Y. Phone 3317 COLEMAN LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR Lawn Building a Specialty Top Soil - Fill Dirt - Grading Back Run Gravel Box 13 Phone 2385 Rome, N. Y. i PLA ZA INN ABB!-ES DAIRY 'S MIKE PROITE, Prop. jx XXX 621 Utica St. 'Z-71 -IL." Ph2:ls1gigg67 Milk and Cream Dinner and Pizza to Take Out R. D. 2 Stanwix Heights, N. Y Fish Fry on Friday Phone 2.664-Ml BRAYTON 8: CO. , INC. Complete Cafeteria and Restaurant Equipment and Supplies .91 - ' F 1,53 :Jr l37-l39 Hotel St. Utica, N. Y. Phone 2-0112 Congratulations to Class of '58 F EEE I S RADIO 8: TV Oriskany Blvd, Whitesboro, N. Y. Ph. 6-1928 ANTHONY FERRIS, Prop HARTMAN FLOWERS Phone 6-5214 We Telegraph Flowers Oriskany Blvd. Whitesboro, N. Y. Opposite Whitesboro Central School Compliments of ELI SS ALLEYS Whitesboro, N. Y. Compliments of WERTHMAN'S PHARMACY Whitesboro, N. Y. TOE IASZ LUMBER CO, "Finest in Lumber" 5-A Truck Route Whitesboro, N. Y. Phone Utica 6-1729 MOHAWK TRADING POST at sPoRTmc Goons co. , INC. Bda! R044 MGM v Boats - Motors MJ R041-Mudd Trailers - Marine Supplies Complete Line of Sporting Goods Ph0n6 3010 Seneca Turnpike New Hartford, N. Y. Phone Utica 3-5621 RON, HILL - LOU BRYFONSKI Route 69 Stanwix. N. Y Props. it TORCHIA smzu. SERVICE Compliments 5 lx Route 5A Henderson sc of New York Mme, N. Y. Hip General Auto Repairing - Engine Tune-Up . I Mufflers Towing lil if! Compliments of 3 FRIEND New York Mills N HOLLAND F-A12 IVIES DAIRY BAR Home Bakery and Ice Cream Now Serving You at the Triangle Yorkville, N. Y. Call Your Order Phone 6-6044 Complete Graduation Service Class Rings Commencement Announcements Caps and Gowns Taylor-Made Yearbooks L, G, BALFOUR CO. BENTLEY 8: SIMON, INC. TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. Your Representative HODGKINS OF BALFOUR GUS HODGKINS BOB GRAY T. K. HYMERS BOB ECKERT P. O. Box 9 Schenectady, New York Phone Express 3-5374 Best Wishes Class of 1958 OQISKANY NAALLEAELE IRON CO. , INC. Oriskany, N. Y. Quality Malleable Castings 'EAST I AN 31205 CO. Rochester, N. Y. Designers and Producers of Exclusive High School Jewelry Engraved Commencement Announcements and Name Cards MR, JAMES L, MASON 55 W. Barney St. Gouverneur, N, Y. Compliments of BLLJE VALLEY I N N River Road Marcy, N. Y. For the Best of Home Cooking Ph. Utica 6-1042 O12 I SKA NY SU NOCO SERVICE Green St. Rt, 69 CHARLES S. MERRIMAN Prop. Compliments of LJN ITED EASTEIQN COAL SALES CORP. 1008 Erie St. Utica, N. Y, Makmey Zzacmb Grocer's Specialties 1669 Dudley Ave. Utica 3, N. Y. Phone 3-4016 Wg ,Zia OIL AND HEATING CO. , INC. Fuels and Range Oil Burners and Heating System Sales - Service Complete Texaco Auto Service 421 North James St. Rome, New York Phone Rome 329 Congratulations to the Class of '58 From MOHAWK VALLEY WHOLESALE GROCERS, INC. "A Complete Institutional Line" 105 E. Front St. P. O. Box 669 Rome, New York Phone 1582 Compliments of .. Compliments of . Compliments ROCK CINE I DA BONANZA'S COUNTY of B AIRPORT a AR RESTAURANT B HANK POTTER FRIEND ER PNP- SHOP Marcy, N. Y. SAM,S Rocco FIORE Compliments of BARBER FOOD STORE SHOP LOUIS MILANI FOODS Groceries , Vegetables Oriskany Meats fy p N- Y- Fruits , , and Open Every D a 91:07 Closed Monda Y Y Frozen Foods Phone 6-9793 Oriskany, N. Y. 1 0 ass, ,fm 'fu , Q jl eu Makers of Milani's ll1890ll French Dres sing OTTAWAY E3 co KE BA12 The Friendships of 5 Your School Years em emb 9' Wherever You Go Whatever You Do - Our Best Wishes Go With You - Class of '58 LEO MANNING MOTORS New and Used Cars 533 Court St. Cor. of Fay Utica, N. Y. Phone 5-5583 VICKS LITHOGRAPH 8: PRINTING CORPORATION Yorkville, New York Telephone Utica 6-4124 GURLEY MUSIC COMPANY INC. 709 Charlotte Street Utica 2, New York Telephone Utica 3-5244 JP A Complete School Music Service Instruments - Music Acc es sories Free Parking Next to Our Store DALLA ESSO SERVICE Gas 26.9, Oil, Repairs and Green Stamps Route 69 Oriskany, N. Y, MIKE DALLA, Prop. Plumbing Hardware LE AC I-I BROS. 808 Oriskany Blvd. Yorkville, N, Y, Phone 6-4221 Heating Appliance s Commercial Legal QA NL-.513 I-I ATE' LOTTO PHOTOGRAPHS Phone 4-3753 145 Pleasant St. Utica, N. Y. L.Y N C I-I LUMBER CO. Whitesboro and Vernon, N. Y, Your Lumber Numbers Utica 6-5236 Vernon 3-2105 EEF MILK CENTER 36 Roosevelt Drive Whitesboro, N, Y. Cash and Carry LARRY BRITT AND CHET FEDOR Compliments of ,Mfg FUNERA L HOME Main and Brainard Whitesboro, N, Y. LAURA'S VARIETY SHOP 161 Main Street Whitesboro, N, Y. Phone 6-1824 , '7lvur ' - u Motorola Kelvinator ' I Vzzxd xx Radios and TV Refrigerators I A ' P Sz H SA LES 8: SERVICE aag pu'e aulog All Cor. Flagg and Oriskany Blvd. Aqeioadg .Ing 'ezzid apew au1oH Whitesboro, N. Y. Phone 6-2338 Roper Ranges Whirlpool Washers .LNVHDVLSHH sg mzfom INC 1904 Oriskany St., West Utica, N. Y. Distributors of u'ruc:A- MACK Trucks - Buses - Fire Apparatus Sales - Service - Parts Best Wishes ARI-'CTT DUPLICATOR 8: SUPPLY CO. Exclusive Agency for Gestetner Stencil A. v n T LJ l.l.O, I , and Rex-O-Graph Fluid Rental Formal Wear for All Occasions 17 Hopper St. Utica, N Phone Utica 4-5831 Duplicators Business Machines Sold Rented and Repaired 820 Charlotte St. Phone 3-9537 Compliments of Qgaiikeh' NACTOES STAIEI 1.1-sv M u'rc:l-iEL.n. GENERA L INSURANCE 1101 Utica Street Oriskany, N. Y. Phone 6-2004 Success to the Graduating Class SHEQMANS From FLOWER SHOP THE DAVIS BROTHERS Keep Memories Fresh With Flowers BUILDERS 6 Lafayette St. Suburban Park Utica, N. Y. 3-4644 Oriskany, N. Y. 1 , I l Q' STATE X HARDWARE CO. .J Three Stores North Utica Whitestown Oriskany Shopping Plaza Shopping Plaza Ph. 3-5296 Ph, 6-4740 Ph. 6-2530 Hardware - Housewares - Appliances - Paints - Plumbing Supplies Electrical Supplies and Fixtures - Sporting Goods - Toys PAQRY-Fox ZZZIZQZ' FUELS, INC. USED CARS Everything in Heating u i tfm Since 1857 .N 145 East Whitesboro Street Gmflffffflmfw I Rome, New York W A' Phone 4900 Rome, N. Y. Phone Rome 4-65 DQUMMEQ of BOY 'FDALJ I. BAR B. Q. COUSI N'S , WOODWORK SHOP Stanwix, N. Y. Stanwix, N. Y. OWEN AND VELMA Phone Rome 2797-J1 Compliments of CHAPLIN'S SERVICE STATION Complete Texaco Products Let Us Marfak Your Car ICE CREAM S 8: H Green Stamps Wurz Ave. UUC-2, N- Y- Carys Corners Marcy, N. Y Phflne 5'4444 Phone 6-9978 1 1 iliH5Ef'1 and f 'rms QZHBH 911115 ENGINEERS.FOITNDERSANDMACIIINISTS OFFICE AND WORKS 726'BO6 WHITESBORO ST v Y V I 'PICA . IN .X . Established 1831 5 Incorporated 1896 'i , ' 6 l:lXlU1-2l:'i3 L 6 CYCLE STORE f Motorcycles - Bicycles Q 0 Lionel Trains 4 'V' 5- Scott Atwater Outboard Motors . ' Sales and Service 41 Genesee St. Utica, N. Y. Phone 2.-4443 FRANK J. BOLAN SALES, INC. 4 Sales - Service Cars - Trucks Tractors - Equipment 60 Main Street Oneida. Square, Uti.C3., N. Y. New York Mills, N' Y. "Hamburgers Famous Throughout Telephone 6-9036 the Land" I'-I. J. ALLEN EST Clinton, N. Y. Hardware, Heating, and Plumbing "Busy Since 1884" Phone UL 3-5593 BEST WISHES 5810 BEN FRANKLIN 5510 WH ITE STOVVN SHOPPING PLAZA --1. nf Whole sal e Retail 106-08-10 W. Liberty St. Opposite Y. M. C. A. Rome, N. Y. Telephone 2085 Pi Ai Sales per Service rc raft Learn to Fly UTICA AIRCRAFT, INC. Utica Municipal Airport Marcy, New York Charter Service Flight Instruction HARRY G. SMITH, Mgr. JOHN PIERSMA, Sec. -Treas Phone Utica 6-1971 COOKING is sfill tops-of 555115 HILL INN WHITISIOIO Delicious German Dish Served Piping Hot With Heavenly N 5 1 .1 . , .Mr ye ni jg I , J xf' "J'lM" I ' 4' I v uouonsrone Sauerkraut - as Only HART S -' ,lf ' HILL Can Prepare It. Make Your Reservation Now can Utica 6-2719 A fseisglar Phone 6-4662. 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