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g W WA 1 f XX SSX lbaelroe was an re Presenting the 1940 nEcholH In which we are attempting an outline and pictorial review for you of the activities of school life. Not only does this include the studious part of the school curriculum, but it also shows you the outside activities which aid a great deal in bringing the students and teachers closer together. We wish to take this opportunity to thank the members of the faculty, Miss E. Smith, Miss Maw, Mr. Funnell and Mr. Drews for their cooperation and support in helping us to bring you the eighteenth edition of this yearbook. We hope you will enjoy the "Echo," and that it will bring you happy memo- ries of your own school days. --..-1 ..xv--P-Q-1 - waz.-'..--1.--.7 ..--2.,.-q.- 1- ... -- .. ,cv ,- .1"'..f.... ' 'E-Q 'Ni-"9 l - rf..6M'i" .,, , M- f..--f '? 42" 1 ---N-.-.. WN.. 71'-v-"lhl"' 'A' if "FV 'V "":"' " vu-pg '--'-mln... """'0"Ulnn-Q,-. ' .. g ...-mi' " . ..4,u,g...-. ""'- - --We -'-M Y -Y Hupquili' if?" i -Ad iliuhahn-L-4 ""7L-jZi:::1.ls:..mwEtQe41? il ffffffxI::::QIL1:jj:f21m"1:u,Yun,hgfil' Af- --- I e X., .:, ,fi-,,Q..r-" 4- - ,.,, ... ,, -uuq--- -- ' "" ' f Y --f ' . j.:::.:::"I 'i ,,....-, ---Z'-Z. W - .J-,,,,,- - gf A its Q ..----f ,,f,-if X' ,.... .... .STA --"' " 3 ' Q 4... .,.. .., -s n,NMgmv"' ,ff:NM,m Jg::an.-, f -I --Q-,..l1 ,,h. Awv- . Y -- , .ammh 2 Miss Pottingeg For sympathetic perception: For efficient judgmentg For faithful guidanceg I and '1 4 3 -P ? FU Alln FD 1 2 1 FU A 10 1 CD GFS. 'Q .A--3 U5 1-0309 I' Miss Smith For patience and tactg For time and effortg For loyal cooperation and supportg To each we dedicate this yearbook. 3 is -Wausau Panera- h e c i C 5 ter. . ' M ll A w. Risley. Frank Vanterwa 68. 6 2 0 U 3 The Board of,Educat1on does a great deal for ourJ bufldings'and grounds are kept in repair and that the Y times. They choose and hire the teacher u s and see that at all times. Mr. Floyd L. Risley is the President of Mr. Arthur W. Risley acts as clerk, Mr. Carl B. Mepham and Mr. Raymond Fisher is the Attendance Office Monday of every month. r. The The members of the Board make up different committ school. Merton Vandewalle, F. L Risley and Fra k school. They see that the are neat and tidy at all everything runs smoothly this gfeat organization. takes care of the money, Board meets on the second ees for the upkeep of the . , n Vandewater are on the Tea- chers' Committee. The Buildings and Grounds Committee is made up of Lloyd Williams, Peter Moll, Glen Spink, and Merton Vandewalle. John Baart and Frank Vandewater make u th P p e urchasing Com ittee. The members of the Auditing Com- mittee are M ' erton Vandewalle and Frank Vandewater. The Board members do a great deal of work, and we, want them to know that we a the faculty and students ppreciate all they have done for us. 4 lbcvanrdl D eedluu cami: o 0 xxxvil Illlilm mn lb. dl lroemv' It seems only yesterday that I entered the Senior homeroom for the first time and made Wseveral announcements.n Yes, time does certainly fly. Now we are getting ready to say good-bye and I hardly know what to say to a class which has heard so many usermonsn on fair play and the like. However, as the late Principal E. A. Lewis used working, a crank is necessary to start Seriously, I have and as individuals. Your achievements to say, nWhen the self starter isn't the car.' enjoyed every minute with you as a class have been many while your problems have challenged us to strive to solve them in the best possible way. I have tried to give you experiences in nbeing able to take itn which have often gone against the popular trend, which, by the way, is not always the right trend. Such ex- periences should stand you in good stead out in life. A story of an Italian lumberman best illustrates the point. An American traveler was watching him pull certain logs out of a swift mountain stream. 'Why do you pick out those few?H, the traveler asked. NThey all look alike.n WBut they are not alike, seignior. The logs I let go by have grown on the side of a mountain where they have been protected all their lives. Their grain is coarseg they are good only for lumber. But these logs, seignior, grow on the top of the mountain. From early seedlings they have been lashed by the storms, and so they grow strong with fine grain. We save them for choice workg they are not nlumber , se1gn1or.u Good-bye, Class of 1940, and the best of luck to all of you! TWO AT A FIRESIDE I built a chimney for a comrade old, I did the service not for hope or hire- And then I traveled on in w1nter's cold, Yet all the day I glowed before the fire. CHFDXG fb.1:sne --Edwin Markham 5 ,.......-nl Qnnmuurw-v-" "' "' ' I h L McGowan, J..p0tt1nger, L. Snlt , E C E I' S H. Maw V. Pinson, 0 ' . D 1 E. Smith C' Funnoll' J' Dinan, P Draies M. Lasalle' E' Crooks, g. Mgiyiend, R. Colburn M, Calk1nS, J' Brow ' A' Cpgss H. Drews, U. McLym0n , G. Martiny. M' Thape' " ' William H. Drews, B. S. PrIncTpaI Charles R. Funnell, B. Q. VIce FrincIpaI, Commerce Pauline M. Drake Secretary, Glrls' Physical Education Jean Pottin er B. A. EngIIsE, Kierfoan History Librarian, Dramatics Elizabeth M. Smith, B. A. French, EngIIsH, Journalism Mar erite E. Thane, B. A. a ematfcs, Business Training Economic Geography Vir inia T. Pinson, B. Q. - Home Economics Anita F. Cross, B. A. IEtIn, Ancient Hfstory Geor e R. Martin B. S. Scfence, Soclal Science L10 d McGowan, Q. S. XgrIcuIEure Hug? Robertson, B. M. nstrumenfal Music Helen B. Maw, B. Q. Art Lucille A. Smith Music Robert D. Colburn, B. PHysTcaI Education Stella McL ,ond Grade Eight Marie C. Calkins Grade Seven Eleanor Crooks Grade SIX Urlla McL ond Grade Egve' Jeannette Qinse Grad5'Four Jennie E.,Brown Grade Three Gertrude Do le Grade Two Marianne LaSalle Urade One 6 ilntreellllilggeelolr' ian H. ROb6I't SOI! Q. D xcvqx HQ. v NS ff' I ggi WMM pr-u Jmiak wal Er' WINCH J nv ALLEN ALBRIGHT-- Basketball 2, 5, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 5, 43 F. F. A. 53 High- lights 5, 43 Echo 5, 43 Vice President 23 Secretary 53 Assembly Committee 43 Dance Club 43 Intramural Sports 1, 2,3 5, 43 Latin Testimonial 53 Senior Ball Chairman. GRACE CATALANO-- A-Z Club 2, 5, 43 Dramatics Club 23 Highlights 5, 43 Echo 43 Glee Club 1, 43 Dance Club 43 Interclass 1, 2, 5, 43 Senior Play 4. DONALD ANDERSON--Echo 43 Dance Club 43 Basketball 43 Baseball Manager 4. LOREN CORNELIUS-- Basketball 2, 5, 43 Baseball 5, 43 Band 1, 2, 5, 43 Safety Patrol 13 Echo 43 Dance Club 43 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 5, 4. BETTY BEL--Band 1, 2, 5, 43 Orchestra 5, 43 A-Z Club 2, 5, 43 Hiking Club 2, 53 Dramatics Club 23 Glee Club 13 Junior Prom Chairman 53 Senior Play 43 Echo 5, 43 Highlights 5, 43 Interclass 1, 2, 5, 4. JANIS COVEY-- Band 2, 5, 43 A-Z Club 2, 5, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 5: Senior Play 43 Highlights 43 Echo 43 Dramatics Club 23 Orchestra 5, 43 Hiking Club 2, 53 Dance Club 43 President 13 Drum Award 53 Interclass 1, 2, 5, 4. GERARD CANTIN-- Basketball 1, 2, 5, 43 Basketball Captain 43 Baseball 1, 2, 5, 43 Echo 5, 43 Band l, 2, 5, 43 High- lights 5, 43 Senior Play 43 President 23 Dance Club 43 Camera Club 4. MARIE DAVIS-- Band 1, 2, 5, 43 A-Z Club 2, 5. 43 Treasurer 53 Interclass 1, 2, 5, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 53 Dramatics Club 2- 3 C In S I' U 8 F I C 41' I ' C K f MARJORIE DEGROOT--Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 43 Hiking Club 2, 53 Dramatic Club 23 A-Z Club 2, 5, 43 Echo 43 Vice President 43 Interclass 2, 5, 4. MABEL FLATT- Glee Club 1, 43 A-z Club 2, 5, 43 High- lights 5, 43 Echo 4. JOE DIROSE--Band 1, 2, 5, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 53 French Club 53 Highlights 43 Echo 43 Dance Club 43 Baseball 43 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 5, 4. JOE GRUTTADAURIO-- Basketball 2, 5, 43 Baseball 2, 5, 43 Highlights 5, 43 Secretary 43 Treasurer 23 Echo 43 Senior Play 43 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 5, 43 Safety Patrol 13 Dance Club 4. EUGENE DIXON--Band 1, 2, 5, 43 Safety Patrol 1, 23 Highlights 5, 43 Dramatic Club 23 Dance Club 43 Puppet Club 2, 53 Intramural Sports 1, 43 F. F. A. 4. VIRGINIA HART-- Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 43 Hiking Club 53 A-Z Club 5, 43 Personality Club l3 Singing Contest 4. EMORY FAULKS--Band 1, 2, 5, 43 Orches- tra 5, 43 Senior Play 43 Dance Club 43 Puppet Club 23 Safety Patrol 13 High- lights l, 5, 43 Echo 43 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 5, 43 Class President 4. LEOLA HUBRIGHT-- A-Z Club 2, 5, 43 'Glee Club 53 Hiking Club 2, 53 Echo 4. EVELYN JENNETT--Glee Club 13 Dramatics Club 23 A-Z Club 2, 5, 43 Echo 5, 43 Hiking Club 2, 53 Senior Play 43 Inter- class 1, 2, 5, 43 Cheer Leader 5, 43 Athletic Award 53 Basketball 1. GERALDINE MERHOFF-- Band l, 2, 5, 43 Orchestra 5, 43 A-Z Club 2, 5, 43 Hiking Club 23 Glee Club l, 2, 5, 43 Senior Play 43 French Club 53 Highlights 5, 43 Echo 43 Dramatics Club 23 Interclass l, 2, 5, 43 Saluta- torian. VIRGINIA JOHNS-- Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 43 A-Z Club 2, 5, 43 Hiking Club 2, 53 French Club 53 Dramatics Club 23 Echo 5, 43 Latin Testimonial 53 Highlights 5, 4. BETTY PORREY-- Band l, 2, 5, 43 Orchestra 5, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 43 Class Secretary 23 Class Treasurer 43 Hiking Club 2, 53 A-Z Club 2, 5, 43 Senior Play 43 High- lights 5, 43 Latin Testimonial 53 Interclass 1, 2, 53 Valedictorian. ELEANOR MAGUIRE-- Glee Club l, 2, 5, 43 A-Z Club 2, 5, 43 Hiking Club 2, 53 French Club 53 Dramatics Club 23 Echo 5, 43 Latin Testimonial 53 Highlights 5, 4. DOROTHY RUFFELL-- Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 43 A-Z Club 2, 5, 43 Highlights 5, 43 Echo 43 Dance Club 43 Interclass l, 2, 5, 4. NORMAN MCGOWAN-- Basketball l, 2, 5, 43 Baseball l, 2, 5, 43 Baseball Captain 43 Echo 5, 43 Highlights 5, 43 Safety Patrol 1: Band 5, 43 Class Vice- President 13 French Club 53 Dance Club 43 Dramatics Club 23 Camera Club 4. ELMER scHIMERHoaN-- Baseball 1. 2, 5, 43 Echo 43 Highlights 43 F. F. A. 2, 5, 4. 4535 4' 903 CPM' HERBERT SPINK--Band 1, 2, 5,,4S Orches- tra 1, 2, 5, 43 Echo 43 Puppet Club 23 Basketball Manager 2, 5, 43 Senior Play I' 43 Class Vice-President 53 Dance,Club 43 Safety Patrol 13 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 5, 43 Camera Club 4. ERNESTINE WEMES-- A-Z Club 2, 53 Glee Club 13 Echo 43 Dance Club 43 Interclass 2, 5, 4. ELLSWORTH THOMPSON--Orchestra 43 Dance Club 43 F. F. A. 2, 5, 43 Intramural Sports 5, 43 Safety Patrol 2. DAVID WOOSTER-- F. F. A. 2, 5, 43 Class Treasurer 13 Dance Club 43 Intramural Sports 5, 4. HAROLD VANUPDORP--Echo 2, 5f 43 High- lights 43 French Club 53 Orchestra 5, 43 Basketball 53 Baseball 5, 43 Senior Play 4. MISS POTTINGER-- English 5 and 43 Libraryg History C3 Senior Adviser. ELAINE VERDOW--Glee Club 1, 2, 53 A-Z Club 2, 5, 43 Hiking Club 2, 53 Class President 53 Class Secretary 13 Echo 5, 43 Highlights 43 Dramatics Club 2. CLASS OFFICERS-- President Emory Faulksg Vice-Presi- dent Allen Albrightg Secretary Joe Gruttadaurio3 Treasurer Betty Porrey ll 'iv- 48" r elbows b Father Time: Well I've caught up with you at last. I've waited a long time for 't'Els'7?ioment when you'd be graduating. '- Senior Class: Yes, you've caught up with us, but we've got our twelve years 't'5Er?tEer to look back upon. Some of us are glad to get out into the cold, cruel world but most of us regret it very much. Father Time: Have you enjoyed these twelve years together? Senlor Class: Yes, Father Time, we have. We started in 1929. Miss Howk was our TIrsE'teacHer. Our other teachers for the second through the eighth grades respectively were Miss McLymond, Mrs. Brown, Miss Derrenbacker, Mrs. Wiedrich, Mrs. Suter, Mrs. Calkins, and Miss S. Mclymond. Father Time: Have you all been together the whole twelve years? Senlor Class: No, some have joined our merry group at different intervals dur- lng the twelve years right up to the last: and of course, some have quit or moved away. 'At present our class boasts of having thirty members. Father Time: When did you start having organized class meetings? Senlor Class: We started in the sixth grade but didn't keep it up. We organized In seventh grade and had an enjoyable year. In the eighth grade we had even more fun. Vivian VerCrouse was valedictorlan and Betty Porrey was salutatorian. Father Time: How about your colors, flowers, and motto? Senlor Class: We chose them in eighth grade. Since we are very ambitious we have to represent our class with the motto, nUse today, tomorrow may never come.u Our class flower is the red rose and maroon and ivory are our colors. Father Time: Was your freshman year a success? Senlor Class: Oh yes, Father Time, we started off right by electing our officers THey'were: President, Janis Covey: Vice President, Norman McC-owang Secretary, Elaineverdowg Treasurer, David Wooster: and our Class Adviser, Miss Cross. Then we had a get-together at the Community Hall. 4 Father Time: How about your sophomore year? Senlgr Class: Well, Father Time, we d1dn't do much at all. We elected our offlcers who were: President, Gerard Canting Vice-President, Allen Albright: Secretary, Betty Porrey: Treasurer, Joe Gruttadauriog and Miss Cross again looked after us as our Class Adviser. Father Time: I'm sure you did a great deal more in your junior year didn't you? Senlor Class: We'll say we did! We started things rolling by electing the following officers: President, Elaineverdowg Vice-President, Herbert Spinkg Secretary, Allen Albright: Treasurer, Marie Davis: and that year Mr. Martiny held us together, acting as Class Adviser. We started something new by having a corn roast early in the fall. Next we got our Junior rings, which seem much nicer than all the others. Then we look back on our colorful Junior Prom, which was a huge success. Some of us enjoyed a trip to Cobourg as an end to our Junior year. Father Time: And now tell me about your last and final year in high school. Senlor Class: Gladly, Father Time. We started off by electing Emory Faulks as our leader: Marge DeGroot assisted him as Vice-President. Joe Gruttadaurio kept the books and Betty Porrey handled our money. Miss Pottinger has been an excel- lent Class Adviser giving us well needed advice. In the fall we had a Senior Square Dance. This was a huge success.and everyone had a swell time. In Novem- ber we put on our Senior Play. Miss Pottinger directed this. Father Time: How did the play turn out? 'Sfenfci Class: Of course this is our opinion, but we thought it was good. Emory, as Bo5by, a typical American boy, stole the show, and Janis played the part of a little girl to perfection. Father Time: What has happened since then? Senior Class: Nine members of our class went to Washington at Easter. Two of our glrls were candidates for Apple Blossom Queen: Janis Covey is a National Drum Champion. Then we worked hard on our Senior Ball scheduled for Class Night. It was as big a success as all the other things we have undertaken. Father Time: Have you any last thing you want to say before I cut you off? Senlor Class: We would like to thank all our teachers for cooperating with us and for putting up with us. We owe a great deal to President Emory Faulks and to our Treasurer, Betty Porrey, for all the hard work they have done for us dur- ing the year. We would like to say good-by to all our'friends in school and wish them as much fun as we've had. 12 W , KP ws V868 im irlbce ondnrdls M W' at 2, O Q ?f,wL,a- 4.d.n,,.M. ay! 1 ,M My Bylbu-il . A fqaowmgwq, ag! 481' YQ fffllf I "'fz .5 ' 7309 D ' ' ' SW 'f' WW fmmww ima? C1412 - mu 5' i eww 33 Q. aww Tum' NW, ,www 'fo ala ' W CWM: U W ,, B a VM is ,f 'W' N , . . b fc. M"5'9fP'yqfyW fy. 'A 20-JM -'11, Em NQXLDG, Afyjyfo wqffiffzif wiagw., fl QQ- Nizggxix 'limb Ja W- CQ. "1 vvwabah CC 'wa C'-'L wwf 6-e""-1-1.-,BL ,WV www' w-mu Of-fJ"W MMM T 0 o AAU U, P ' S 6 tb-bay 'Lv . . I op- ' V -S-lit gif .awww S 5"veQfii?f 4 -. ad . "Q, ' . ' I A 1 ' 13 ff 9 9 gi'Q',Q""u,,,,,,,,Ma..,.n,.,, cllinvxvgv - IU p East 'Diff anb Cesfament. WE, the SENIOR CLASS of the Ontario High School of Ontario in the County of Wayne and State of New York, being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this our last RM! anb Gestamcnt. in manner following, that is to say: Tfkgh- We direct that all our just debts and funeral expenses be paid. Swann- We bequeath to the following: Underclassmenz Mr. Drew's slogan, HA word to the wise is sufficient.W Junior Class: The Seniors' lost water guns, balloons, straight Jobs, tacks, and similar toys. Mr. Robertson: A band like the presentg of course it will take time! Miss Thape: Another Sir Galahad. Miss Smith: Some new pins so the class will get the point. Miss Cross: A Senior Class like the present, toys and all. Freshman Class: The right to get out of the dog house. Oakley Porray: A saucer to go with his Ag. cup. Harold Lebbert: A punching bag so he doesn't have to use humans, the dragon. Gerald Harris: The right to have Jerry Mae Merf as-his "precious." Squeaky Ebert: A couch in study hall. Walter Cone: More young ladies. Antoinette Cantin: Another Tom Grierson and SON program. Howard DeGroot and Donald Risleyz The demonstration business formally owned by Faulks and Spink. Ernest Lutzkin: A contract to be manager of a floor show in the O. H. S. Study Hall. Jean King: A pad to write notes on, a large one. Harold and Uppie: A revolver for their holdups. Ellen Mepham and fans: A windowless house. Walter Leary: A car he can have at night. Margaret Mepham: Someone to get her at noon hours. There's at least one senior who is appreciated. I Dorothy Huxley: Betty Bel's dog house. We hope it won't be used as much from now on. Jerry Waterman: The right to act like Henry Aldrich. Janet Porrey: The right to be different. Physics Class from Betty B91 and Janet Porrey: The right to have the temperature 0 degrees'C. 14 S To all students: A reserved seat when- the "doubled features" made by the History C students are shown. Norman Harris: The praise due to a good boy? Basketball Team: A fake banner just in case--- Junior Class: A candy key for each student. Elizabeth DeDee: Tommy Doyle's red hair. Don Crane: Gracefulness when posing as a woman. Adam Beinschroth: An introduction to some of the other drum majors. For infor- mation about drum majoring only! ' Nina Mae Heckman: Something to keep her busy. Dickie Cuvelier: A brush cut and striped necktie to match his personality. Elsie Hollebrand: Betty Porrey's apples. 'lasdg We hereby appoint Miss Pottinger and Miss Thape executrixes of this, our last Will and Testament: hereby revoking all former wills by us made. 'Zn' witnws wbgfggf, We have hereunto subscribed our name the 27th day of June.in the year One thousand nine hundred and forty. We, whose names are hereto subscribed,1Do CenHy.that.on the 27th day of June 1940 the SENIOR CLASS,,the testator, subscribed its name to this ihstrument in our presence and in the presence of each of us, and at the same time, in our presence and hearing, declared the same to be its last Will and Testament, and requested us, to sign our names thereto as witnesses to the execution thereof, which we hereby do in the presence of the testator and of each other, on the said date, and write opposite our names our respective places of residence. a I r residing at M Ov ,W d,"4:"LM- residing at 7-6 9 B residing at 15 N 4 16 ,,1...., H rris 1 1 Prederes, InGPaham' Crane' a k 4 ' C 0 I tr rpe Leary: Fothiringer' Cord ng Y, H ham DeBaene, Suter, DeGroot, O 1 xo , ' ', Me ham M. HSP I H kman Venn, Porray Grabb, Bgrigardger, Leinart, Beinschre52AHgute,PDeDge, Cantiny Piigeenmaiiteloa, Doyle Norton, Llzomondo, A1-Dorn' E' Gardng:orreV Miss Thapev Walker' Ba Y' Hospefsf Maguire, Fillmore, -' Eaton. Hulley' ' ' Sedate: Hello, Jolly, are you ready to take our place next year, when we leave? Jolly: We're doing our best under the leadership of Donald DeBaene. Joanne Pierce is our Vice-President, and we cannot forget Miss Thape, our.Class Adviser, who de- serves a lot of credit for keeping our meetings in order Sedate: Adam Beinschroth is your Secretary, and Dorothy Huxley is your Treasurer, aren't they? You see, we have .been keeping our eyes on you this past year, but we seem to have forgotten some of your other class officers and class advisers that served during the preceding years. Joll : Well, in our freshman year we were led by Jessie Hammano, Presidentg Robert Ingraham, Vice-Presidentg Virginia Hilleger, Secretary: Thomas Doyle, Treasurer: Marjorie Perrin, Class Reporterg Miss Fichtel, Class Adviser. Last year we' elected William Bassage, Presidentg Thomas Doyle Vice Presid t W , - en 5 alter Leary, Secretaryg Oakley Porray, Treasurerg Hr. Akley, Class Adviser. When William Bassage left school, Thomas Doyle became President, and Dorothy Fillmore was elected Vice-President. Sedate: Thanks for refreshing our memory, and didn't you have a party last fall? Joll : Yes, we all had such a good time. We also had our Junior Prom in the sprIng. Sedate: We know about that, for we all enjoyed it very much. Well, we must be runnlng along now. Goodby, Jolly. Jolly: Goodby, Sedate, we shall all miss you next year. enlk-11 5' ol? 11194111 17 Pisle Lutzkin Slocum . VanWorwav, . Y: '1 DeGroot Franks' Izarfisgoliatgxgrgggi Hart, Hoilebrandi Kigginmnaabzf-1: gottgg, Dgigsn Coilier, DiRose, SchaZiir,Cu2g11er,nBendschneider, Mogray ,Qgp S , 3 , vf 1114 11111 Cornelius, Pruchniah, Cass, nr. ' 1 Soph I: Do you remember when we first entered high school as the green freshmen? Soph II: Oh, yes, we chose Gerald Harris to lead us rouEE our first year assisted by Elsie Hollebrand, Vice- Presidentg Gerald Waterman, Secretaryg Shirley Hart, Treas- urer and Miss Cross as Class Adviser. Sonh I: In November we held a party in the gymnasium and tHe rest f t o he year passed too swiftly for any entertain- ments. sw V 1 f'-'Si'-I 2 . m .gil Sonh Il: Now we are gay, young sophomores headed by Robert Mg,N"m' j WW! Qgffni Mason, Presidentg Donald Risley, Secretaryg Betty Cass, 'p-..,. " Vice-Presidentg Elberta Davis, Treasurer, and Mr. Funnell, Class Adviser. Sonh I: Our festivities consisted of a Hol1owe'en Part and th y a eater party in farch, which we.e enjoyed by all. Sooh II: During our sophomore year many budding romances burst into full bloom. Sonh I: Next year we shall be able to t ll t e he alumni much more about the work, romances and entertainment of the class of 1942. 18 cars' ol? lumix 19 N llllldl' ' Jolly: Hello, Greenie Freshman? IND-4l3r Greenie: Why Jolly Junior! How is it you happened to call? Jolly: I called to ask you about your first year in high school. Did you enjoy . Greenies Oh, it wasn't bad and guess whom we elected for our President--Walter COI16 Q Jolly: Yeh, and I heard you elected Betty Moll a ey as your Treasurer and Bill Coyle as your here when we had Anita Cross, and were our guests. Greenies You should have been I959. Our Class Adviser, Miss Smith and Mr. Charles Funnell, dance music and various games. Jgllyg say good-by. G? for Vice-President, with Gladys Secretary. our first get-together in October two other teachers, Miss Lucille Our funmakers provided us with We had cider and doughnuts for refreshments. Well, our three minutes are about up, so I'd Greenie: Before you hang up, I want to tell you we had another party in June. Well, good-by for a little while. by Petrina Agnello R busto Wollocv, Cone Moll woodhams, Galvin' Coyle' lo ' Lc1ve1ier Mepham Brewer Pittg' Lomonggergaiieylbigiz?'cTh822i?nir1Qb1e, Lf cook, ignello, Norton 5' Pu5f1:y'rQabb yw ,Pufsleyy Miss Cross, Covey' Pierce' Raymor r e e 'J I e e S dw' n Kothiriniler' DeLass Luke, wemesr DiRoSe' Goo rg ,Hart B eway 2 X t 1 inger Powe ' - Eogue' igftus, McCarty: Grabb' Yi h goto DO71ea Triou' whili Place Ialker' P QQBT Perkins, Trimb S, 1 L' ond Klapp, Ruffe a vaguoigayilagkenburg, Abbott, Miss S. lc Fm Q x0 GP ! 5 Doug: Hello, Jerry, how about telling me the class ' s ory you wrote? ' Jerry: Sure thing! Our class history is very indefinite L up o the seventh grade except for many happy reminis- cences of work and play under Miss Manning, Miss Urlla McLymond, Mrs. Brown, Miss Derrenbacker, Mrs. Porrey, and Mrs. Suter. Doug: What about the seventh and eighth grades? erry: In the seventh grade under Mrs. Calkins we orcan- ze our Class Club with Gerald McCarty as President Margaret Bogue, Vice Presidentg Gerald Becker, Secretary and Treasurer. This year under Miss McLymond, William Loftus is President with Mary Beneway, Lenora Luke, and Douglas Doyle as Secretary, Vice-President, and Treasurer,1 respectively. We held the first meeting in September followed by monthly meet ings. The success of tomorrow depends upon the preparation of todayu was chosen as class motto- the red rose the 1 fl , , c ass owerg purple and gold as class colors. Dou : Did you have any new ideas or parties this year? Berry: Yes, this graduating class is the first to have a Reading Club. Each pup reading ten approved books this year received a blue seal. All but one read the ten books. Anyone who had read fifty approved books earned a Reading Testimonial from Superintendent Clark. The big social event of the year was the class party held at the school in April. All reported a fine time. Then we have Robert Place as valedictorian and Mary Beneway, salutatorian. This year the race was close. William Loftus, Gerald McCarty, and Herbert Hart all came within two points of the highest mark. Graduation is the happy climax to eight years of hard work. Doug: That's what I think too, Jerry. 20 ccllau 5 off 11194141 21 clam' ' lIl94lZ5 . o you know about the class of 1945? 2252 Man: I know considerable about that 1 c ass. What do you want to know? t le Boy. How many started with you in first grade? Wise Han: Six. One came in fro R I m ochester in the middle of the year. ffttle Boy: What year was that? WIse Nan' 1955 with His L . . , - s aSalle as teacher. I Ilttlfe-gy: How many started in 1952? wlse Man: Six: Then Miss Manning taught at Ontario. LIttl5'E2y: How many came in from other schools? Wlse Man: Seventeen during our six years in school. In that time nineteen of us Havfhad to repeat different grades. Little 522: Now 1et's talk about the year 1959-1940. Tell me about it. WIse'Man: A11 right. In September, 1959, we entered the seventh grade with 't7Y1'i"ty3Eix pupils, the largest grade in school. Our ages varied fr-om eleven to sixteen. Our number is now thirty-oneg four left for other schools and one girl quit. We organized in September and also in January. Our class is now led by Betty Bassage as Presidentg Marion Biviano, Vice-Presidentg Bruce Guvelier as Secretaryg and Gerald Brockman as Treasurer. Our home room teacher, Mrs. Calkins, is our Class Adviser. Our school work keeps us so bu t sy hat we don't spend much time for outside activities. We feel proud because we won the Attendance Banner two winter months in succession--January and February. Five of us have had perfect attendance for the year. We're happy in junior high and are looking forward to entering senior high school in two yearsk by James McCrae: Wise Man Marion Bivianoa Little Boy B save Lewis De'eYn Sargent' S Zicari . -J . ' . 1 1 Barnhart P' mtchelhccggxgosieazif. ?.'Abbott: C'?mPi5i' T' Moline' J Z far ' Brockman, ' ' M 1 6 11 Cuvelier Gabriel, Waringa, Aqnina, D. Mitcnell, H. Abbott, agu r Biviano CHPG 0 ' . 11 Tack Allen li' Carr ,Adams, Mrs. Calkins, Bogue' F' Aitche ' ' H, Mo no, ' ' C I' nr TN' -1 .-s I ig 3 n l yt- 1 wa. '--.---- r 0 U c i 0 n Huxley, Porrey 'J fe wemes Walker, DGBHWS' mgranw' Www' Eultiimnkiss E' smith, Pierce, DGroo ik Anderson a : ' e M1 'flaw J hns Ruffell Beinsohro 1 H ' 8 B I Editor Advertisin Art VIrg1nia Johns Assistant Editor Margaret Mepiam Feature Betty Bel Gerard Cantin Emory Faulks Marie Davis Literar Eleanor Maguire Dorothy Huxley Betty VanHoute Humor Elaine VerDow Joanne Pierce Advisers Mlss E0 Smith Miss Maw Mr. Funnell 24 ve yn ennett Norman McGowan Janis Covey Joanne Pierce Antoinette Cantin Joe Gruttadaurio T in Elgar Schimerhorn Grace Catalano Evelyn Cook Joe DiRose Dorothy Ruffell Warren Boris Joe Gruttadaurio Leola Hubright Athletics IIIen Albright Geraldine Merhoff Antoinette Cantin Adam Beinschroth ae an lb an lHaro ld VanUpdorp , Annette Pruchniak Donald Risley Kenneth Frank Jelaine Walker Betty Bailey Harold Grabb Robert Ingraham Alumni Hirjorie DeGroot Sna shots Herman McGowan Geraldine Merhoff Janet Porrey Walter Leary Herbert Spink cn-euiaeien M5561 Flatt Donald DSBBSDB Business Donald Anderson Bruce Mothorpe lbigglhlligglhlf' Editor Betty Porrey Assistant Editor Dorothy Huxley Mana in Editor Geragdine Merhoff Assistant Managing Editor Donald DeBaene A Feature Editor Norman McGowan Feature Staff KIIen AI5right Elaine VerDow Marie Davis Circulation Manager Betty Bel Circulation Staff Dorothy Ruffell Janis Covey Eleanor Maguire Mabel Flatt Alumni Editor , VIrgInIa Johns Business Mana er Evelyn Uennett Assistant Business Manager Antoinette Cantin A Headline Editor DonaId HIsIey Assistant Headline Editor Borden Slocum Qygists orothy Ruffell Grace Catalano Gerard Cantin Joe DiRose Elmer Schimerhorn Harold VanUpdorp Joe Gruttadaurio Eugene Dixon Re orters Eleanor Maguire Bruce Pollock Annette Pruchniak Joyce Trimble Adam Beinschroth Exchange Editor A e y VanHoute Risley, DiRose, Pruchniak, DeBaene, Pollock, Bel, Porrey, Merhoff Cantin, Davis, VerDow, Ruffell, Pierce, Dixon, Cantin, Schimerhorn, Beinschroth aVanHoute, Flatt, Catalano, Johns, Maguire, Jennett, Trimble, Covey .HcGowan, Cook, Grutt, Miss E. Smith, Slocum, Albright, Huxley, VanUpdorp l X X N ' , i-,si Q , 1 0 0 ia. 'ian Flutes V Janet Porrey Clarinets Betty Porrey Ellen Mepham Donald Risley Shirley Hart Elsie Hollebrand Joyce Trimble Eleanor Maguire Betty Moll Lorraine Cook Carline Cook Peggy Bogue Dorothy Cantin Angelina Cappello Sexes Betty Bel U Antoinette Cantin Carl Klapp Beryle Thompson Evelyn Cook Baritones MarIe Davis Bruce Dickinson Basses Gerard Cantin Eugene Dixon Drums , Janis Covey Robert Palmer Margaret Mepham Robert Bogus Norman McGowan David Pierce Drum Major ' Kdam einschroth lbcmodl Horns Dorothy Alborn Dorothy Mepham Elberta Davis Elizabeth DeDee Catherine Bushwood Cornets P Eiory Faulks Herbert Spink Loren Cornelius Joe D1Rose Robert Suter Howard DeGroot Norma Collier Dorothy Fillmore Gerald Waterman Herbert Hart Trombones Geraldine Merhoff Betty VanBoute Jean King Harold Lebbert C C C I' S Robert Ingraham Charles Waringa C I' S 4 4 S 1 .. r ails, Riu., L is Pos ers Drums, Janis Covey - Trumpets, ORCHESTRA: Piano, Beryle Thompson, o 1 p - Herbert Spink, Emory Faulks - Trombonesg Geraldine Merhoff, Betty VanHoute - Violins, Carl Klapp, Mildred Brewer, Catherine Norton, Louis Kothiringer, Albert Grubb - Guitars, Ellsworth Thompson, Harold VanUpdorp, Dorothy Huxley, Walter Leary, Evelyn DeGroot - Clarinetsg Betty Porrey, Ellen Mepham - Sax- ophone, Betty Bel - Flute, Janet Porrey - Horns, Dorothy Mepham, Elberta Davis - Director' Miss L. Smith Mandolin, Loretta Maguire - Cellog Louise Kothirlnger - - , Huxle DeGroot Walker, E Cook, Pruchniak, Mepham, President OP-35151 SDITSDIF' d'O'1TIlJ DQUD1 I-"U ':'3m'? O 'ow 055.1511 in WUI 590039-3 I'-"O"O I-"1 'CS 3025: Cf' D933 l"SCf' 14?-'- CU I3 OD'- Cfll '4 C1'Q.4t'1s 3,45 uoVj"S CD55 SDH QCD!-U "3'i5SD U55 O0 5 "'J"5"U Pb I-H QLQO +1103 DEQ 'imb 'Sb CD 41 WWW u I-2-:jo Om QCDO SDSDC Y-'Qld' 4930 P' v ISI vom? E05 I-'25 M CD UKOCY' r'x..d' u 'C' 'F' O3 I-" SOO' P'O"5 FVOS7 L7'PT"S ssl'-5 m UJZ5 'Q 52:3 T15 C SDI-"FJ ".f'1"5 C7'CDCD sul-' I-J v SCU! GH 10 GH Woodhams, Pitts. 27 28 Qgwi HOMEMAKING:.Topg Bel, Cook fPresident B4A-Zi, Porrey CSecretary and Treasurer B4A-ZJ, Walker, DeGroot, Fillmore, Huxley, Hubright - Row 53 M. Mepham, VanHou Johns, DeDee fVice President B4A-Zi, Biesada, Davis, VerDow CSecretary and Treasurer A-ZJ, Flatt - Row 25 Covey, Maguire, Alborn, Gardner, Jennett, Cata- lano, Ruffell, Maguire - Bottom, Cantin, Merhoff CPresident A-ZJ, Pierce, Miss Pinson, B. Porrey, Hart CVice President AJZJ, E. Mepham. FUTURE FARMERS: Top, Harris, Treasurer Wooster, Kothiringer, Doyle, Boris, Suter, Grabb, News Reporter Frederes, Watch Dog Crane L Row 33 Mason, Ebert, Thompson, Norton, Dickinson, Mothorpe, Mogray - Row 23 Yotter, Cuvelier, Abbott, Porray, Everdyke, L. Pugsley - Bottomg Covey, H. Grabb, President Schimerhorn, Mr. McGowan, Vice President Lebbert, W. Pugsley, Eaton. te 8 5 6 U 5 SENIOR PLAY CAST AND ORGANIZATION: Around, Spink, Miss Pottinger, Miss E, Smith, Cantin, Grutt, VanUpdorp, Dixon, Catalano, Jennett, Covey, Johns, Ruffell - Row 23 Merhoff, Bel, Biesada, Porrey - Bottamg Flatt, Faulks, Hubright, Maguire, DeGroot, Hart. J , The Ontario High School Camera rapidly. The club started with ten The members include Norman McGowan, Donald Grabb, Herbert Spink, Gerard Janet Porrey. Club had a late start, but is progressing charter members and Miss Thape as'our advisen Walter Leary, Gerald Harris, Norman Harris, Cantin, David Pierce, Margaret Mepham and At our first meeting we elected Norman McGowan President and Walter Leary as his understudy to hold the Vice Presidency. Gerard Cantin is Secretary, while Margaret-Mepham has charge of At our next meeting we drew up the financial affairs. our constitution. We decided on a name for our club. At each meeting we have one topic to be discussed and each member has to take pictures on that subject. So far we have discussed animal and spring s. picture To become a member, one has to show interest in photography. His or her name then has to be brought up by a member of the club and the candidate is then voted upon. If a quorum votes for the person, he automatically becomes a member. Donald Risley and Robert Mason are new members. Meetings are held every Monday at 3:45. We put on an exhibit for Parents' Day and some of the members have experi- mented with a pinhole camera. One meeting was held at Norman McGowan's where he showed us how to develop and print pictures in his dark room. We hope to accomplish great things in the future, especially trick photography and under- standing the principles of the camera. lloeln' lficelndl 29 ,......4..n11 E I' U 5 K J 'f DANCE CLUB: Topg Albright, Crane, Porrey, D. Grabb Leary, Pierce, H. Grabb, DeBaene - Row 73 Dixon, Anderson, Mothorpe, Pollock, Lutzkin, Cass, Woodhams, King, DeGroot, Secretary Hart - Row 63 Cantin, Merhoff, Mepham, Brewer, Agnello, DeDee,, Catalano, Maguire, Smith, Abbott - Row 52 McGowan, Fillmore, Manktelow, L. Cook, Miss Pinson, Buys, DiRose, VanUpdorp - Row 43 Faulks, Harris, Grutt, Slocu , President Risley, Walker, Spink, Raymor, D1Rose - Row 53 Waterman, Wemes, Robusto, E, Cook, Lebbert, Belnschroth, Cone, Mogray, B. Cuvelier, Galvin - Row 23 Holle- brand, Coyle, Biesada, Pitts, Ruffell, Thompson, Vice President Bailey, Moll, Lomondo - Bottomg Schaefer, L. Maguire, Heckman, Alborn, S. Lomondo, Miss L, Smith, Trimble, R. Cuvelier, Everdyke. The Puppet Club organized last fall with very few members. Miss Maw, a new teacher, took over the duties of guiding it. Donald Risley was elected President, Jelaine Walker, Vice President, Howard DeGroot3 Secretary, Eleanor Maguire, Treasurer, and Annette Pruchniak, News Reporter. Lorraine Cook is the only other member. The first puppet show of the club, since it was started several years ago, was presented on the evening of Parents' Day. Everyone enjoyed it, including a dance done by the puppets after the play. Since the club is so small very few meetings have been held. We hope that next year more pupils will show interest in the club and will join it. 50 dlenllll Ibcnlbin e' W I X ah Gardner Leary , SP ink iiQ?1fSitIng:an2m'Grunt c8rne11us, McGowan. Cantin. MP- C01buI'n1 Lebbert . y I ' PLAYER AND INDIVIDUAL POINTS Norm McGowan, C 122 Joe Grutt, LF 110 Loren Cornelius, RF 95 Allen'Albright, RG 39 Gerard Cantin, Capt., LG 50 Don Crane, C 12 Bob Ingraham, F 4 Ken Franks, G 2 Harold Lebbert, G O Walt Leary, F O Coach, Robert D. Colburn Managers, Herbert Spink Herbert Gardner Games Won--10 Games Lost--4 1 OPPONENT I Walworth 9 Ben. Franklin 20 Palmyra 12 Scottsville 15 Manchester 21 Wolcott 10 Sodus 24 Williamson 28 Lyons 27 Wolcott 23 Sodus 31 Williamson 50 Ben. Franklin 50 Scottsville 35 Totals 315 6 501' :QB OHS 20 23 25 21 20 31 35 25 26 46 57 21 43 41 412 rormerly the second team players, who have worked as hard and faithfully, but maybe not quite as successfully as the first team, have had no recognition in the nEcho.n Therefore we include their names here and have placed a snap shot of them with the other snapshots. The players are: Ed Cordingly, Capt , Pat Robusto, Ken Covey, Dave Pierce, Tom Doyle, Adam Beinschroth, Fred Venn, Don Anderson, Gerald Harris, Ernest Lutzkin. 52 bm- lk elrlbaallll bamcelbmli I Pmmmf SMEWE 5' ?2?f'iFE?55"aEf5S3'S'8'5"5"?SE-F U Eddggoeoddo dvd m mv oxmo mod 'S '49-'moods-' '-:BQ '13'-H4 1+ O Un'?fgggp'ajp'0E:,d'b4 U o og o4aoonzHHw - b M Quwmgomgnonda Q H'-sms--'sch Ut! Sbomfs E? m "'I1"2,"' -S' 3332398 ow H ago? Q SHGD gf '10 U' ob o S265 crm CP S Hd H ww- H H5 m u o ffm g 0 ca so .5 Q S SS S :js ' 0 '52 bu db no 413 5,2 P' 5' G35 25 Z ,Q DU' I-'Sb If 5.0 ood :azz cu mg '1'4:- UCI: L11 uvd oo m Q o- ww m QQ NNHH - um mmwqmou U 0 00 QE wQO G5 go wwH U m ovd o o SSE wx :Ea Q55 1 DU 4 mbg 4 aw :m ...UO- 060 1 H Sig'-0 C2 with D50 0 Skit? QW! d zmsimii - m E ooowoon H SQHHQHH H D- U2 IDSSOI-'d0l-' 53 w 8 2239239 2 sa :Ei 5 5- S S E "3 22: wk Q C1 m H O: D o H :cog :w3w McGowan. Franks' an p ' a GIRLS' ATHLETICS The girls have continued this year to hold their own in comparison with the boys in the athletic limelight. The point system which Miss Drake initi- ated several years ago, awarding neat letters or numerals to the girls who receive a sufficient number of points, may have served to stimulate interest in that field. Several members of the girls' gym classes put on an exhibition of Indian club ,swinging as their part in the "Know Your School Day" entertainment. Some of the activities engaged in this year are listed below with the leaders of the winning teams. Activity Winner Runner-ug Basketball Pebeconians Teels Captain Dorothy Huxley Captain Evelyn Jennett Manager Virginia Hart Manager Ernestine Wemes Soccer Blue Red Dorothy Huxley Jelaine Walker Table Tennis Doubles Beryle Thompson Evelyn Jennett Table Tennis Singles Beryle Thompson Betty Bailey Foul Shooting Dorothy Ruffell Evelyn Jennett BOYS' INTRAMURAIS This year the interclass sports consisted of soccer and basketball. In the spring a tumbling team was started. Instead of having each class enter a team in the basketball tournament, the classes were divided up into teams with college names and each team was coached by one of the varsity players. Cornell under the able guidance of Coach Loren Cornelius won the tournament. 54 HIDITIFCIICIIIVMU mulls 5' cemm Iblliae' This year a great deal of professional talent has been brought in to une students of the high school as well.as in the grades, in the form of entertain- ment, educational movies, and other programs of educational nature. With this idea and the idea of promoting the talent within the school, Mr. Drews and Miss Smith have given some fine programs to the student body. ' ' The assembly committee from the faculty consisted of Miss Lucille Smith, Miss Helen Maw, Mrs. Marie Calkins and Miss Stella McLymond, with Miss Smith as chairman. The student committee consisted of Allen Albright, Walter Leary, Francis Flowers, Betty Moll, Gerald McCarty, and Janet Carr, with Allen Albright as Chairman. Mr. Drews was the presiding officer of both co mittees. One of the first assemblies of the year was a demonstration on television. Dean Morgan, a young scientist and television enthusiast from Rochester, ex- plained the function of the television apparatus and the possibilities of tele- vision.. Later, several movies were brought in. Mr. Hilflicker, from the Rochester Museum, showed a movie on wild life and nature. Gordon Lunger, from the School of Commerce, showed another movie. On Lincoln's birthday the students were shown the Life of Lincoln. All of these movies were enjoyed very much, but nThe Middleton Family At The World's Fairn was enjoyed the most by the students. The local 4H Club put on two plays. These plays were under the direction of Miss Ethel Lebbert. Of all the assemblies, the Parent's Day Program proved to be the most amusing and outstanding. During this program the speaking con-. test and the selection of the Apple Blossom Queen were-held. Donald DeBaene and Arethea Manktelow, who gave the winning orations, and Joanne Pierce, who was selected to be the Apple Blossom Queen, went on and gained more honors for them- selves. ' V Other programs which contained school talent were the Thanksgiving Program entitled HProgress of American by the seventh and eighth grade girls, a Christ- mas program entitled UChristmas in Merrie England,n by the seventh and eighth grade boys and girls, and an Easter Program by the Homemaking girls and the Glee Club. ' A The assembly com ittees and the heads of the other departments who assisted should be highly complimented for their efforts in making each assembly a success. 55 1897 Bertha H. Sabin Cvyverbergl Dr. R. C. Harris Wellington C. Mepham Dr. Floyd C. Thompson 1898 Martha G. Craven McCart 4 yi Hattie Smith fJeffersonJ4 Hattie Atwood CMephamJ William Titus Fred C. Peer Ernest J. Hooker 1899 Mabel Fewster fJohns7 Gertrude Treats CNashJ Louis J. Bailey 1900 Zella Clark CAlbright7 Mabel Schnetzer KFaasJ Mary Craven CPalmer7 William Johns Ivy Parker CHeamsJ Wilbur Palmer 1901 Mabel Cass fMcGavernJ Dr. George M. Brandt 1902 . Sena Clark Mary Connor CNashJ Myta Dadswell CFilkinsJ Norton Waterman 1903 Jennie Thomas CBrandtJ Anna Colwell CCannD Eldred Brandt Charles Eatonw Dr. William Brandt Raymond Eddy . Carrie Truax CSm1thJ Edith Brandt lBurrowsJ 1904 Elsie Rogers lHelmsD Mabel Willlts CDadswe11J Edith Root Kwardl James E. Kelly Clifford Brown H. Ray Nash Homer Osborne Alice Eatonk 1905 Elizabeth Connor Katherine Connor Addie Stanford Alice Adams Eva Pease fLawrenceJ Leah Pratt Floyd Risley Arthur Brandt Cornelia VanDerWeel lvarneyl Neva Barker fR1sleyJ Katherine Ameele KCourtevillel Walter Palmer 1906 No Class 56 dnlllu flTlIl0iI 1907 Flossie Barker CKeymelJ Myrtle Keymel Margaret Connor Willard Brandt 1908 Maud Vanlngen fRis1eyJ Nora Barker CPeerJ Grace Truax Agnes Foley Arthur Mepham Matie Ameele CD1kemanD 1909 Charles Russell May Gates CSheldonJ Nora Connor lDuffyJ Anna Connor CTay1orD 1910 ' Minnie Thomas KMerzJ Nina Dudley CMasonJ Mattie Kelley CLansonJ Stella 0'Nei1 1911 Alma Rouch Bertha Hospers CBrownJ Anna Tum onds lMephamJ Floyd Mepham Ada Belle Cone 1SuterJ Dre Ce Stuart Nash Freeman Allena Leon Roland Lucy Murphy Grace Middleton CBrownJ Faith Page CTrimbleJ 1912 Mae Tu monds CPiferJ Irma Huxley CGriff1thJ Isabella Nash CMagieJ Marie Huston'KVerDowJ Grace Woodhams CNewtonJ Ruth Smouten CBorisJ Julia Root KMorthorpeJ Murray Ransley 1913 Anna Ameele !HospersJ Clara Foley CRomerJ Mildred Huxley Fanny Eaton Cweeksl Edna Young CRans1eyJ 1914 Millard Brandt Mary Adams Marie Stone 1915 Magdaline Murphy Marion Vanlngen CPayneJ Earl Hall A Bertha Pintler Clarence Flowers Violet VanLare CPorreyJ 1916 Pauline Fitzgerald KVanHallJ Grace Ransley lStel1J Maude Middleton fSchuttJ Wilbur Plntler Susie Leenhoutsw 1917 Marvin Bushart Irving Hodges 1918 ' Harold Burden Mabel H111 1919 Irene Pratt . Ethel Slocum fSn1tze1J Frances Church CRuffellJ 1920 Avis Pratt CPlaceJ Dorothy Brewer Clrwinl Ida Allen CMcChesneyJ Lawrence Schnetzer 1921 Mildred Augustine lFotchJ Gladys Brandt fPrattJ Frances Fisher KRisleyJ Ethel VanLare f0sterhoutJa Arthur Schimerhorn Karl Raup 1922 Hazel Porrey KChrys1erJ Harold Smiths Ruth Church KBushwoodJ Cora Ameele fMichielsonJ Ethel York lSchaapJ Etheleen Mlchielson Elvena Weeks lDeRightD 1923 Myrtle Allen CDeMayD Beulah Brandt fBoss7 Violetta Finkle CRichmondJ Gladys Herbert fCone7 Maurice Maher Norman Beach Pearle Leenhouts Cloise Swearingen 1924 Carlton Cone Ethel Young fHargraveJ Coralie Covell CLynchD Orian Stevens KBeachJ Louise Cann CAmesJ Doris Huxley Elsie Brown lPerk1neJ Louise Verdine lHartnagelJ Lelah Rouch fCranel Glenna Porrey Arretha Verdine CFosd1ckJ Mary LeFrois Genevieve Foley fForrestJ Lelia Hise lMasonJ Donald Fewster Harold Fewster Mason Stevens Raymond Middleton Melville Sheahen Smith Pratt 1925 Esther Dickinson lMcCaggJ Hermia Hallauer fRa1t1ngJ Clifton Esley Clara Lebbert lBender7 4Deoeased 1925 Arline Rlsley CSheahenJ Doris Thompson KLukeJ Beatrice Palmer CPeerJ Carolyn Fuller Ernestine Fuller Kverburgl Oleta Conrow KMiddletonJ Doris Bel CRaupJ Dorothea McCarty fKingJ 1927 Rexford Ransley Myron Leenhouts Anna Mogue Gordon Allen Homer Barnhart Ethel Leenhouts CHopkinsl Ruth Schimerhorn KAmee1el Max VerDow Neva Wemes Lester Ameele 1928 Marjorie Williams CChapmanJ Stephen Sheppard Clarence Becker Argetha Henderson CStarkJ Eunice Lansont David Craven Lorenzo Palmer Isabel Fewster fHurlbutJ Sofia Roderiquez Marjorie Millard 1929 Gladys Sheahen lBurdgeJ Roberta Robertson Raymond Peer Roswell Pratt Lois Palmer CCassl Alice Lovette CVanNorwayJ William Johns Viola Treese fParsonsJ Fern Huxley CPalmerD Edith Draves KAllenJ Meredith Dadswell CRusaellJ Thelma Carr CDeLassJ Leah Brockman Floyd Ameele Arthur Alborn 1930 Ruth Allen Florence Baart CMephamJ Irene Hennessey lDoyleJ Marie Leenhouts CBeachJ Osmond Hamlin Rockwell Hatch Earl Robertson Donald Tobin Scott Cass James Eaton Darwin Tummonds 1931 Dorothy Thompson CR1s1eyJ Geraldine DeMall1e fHilll Leigh H111 Kenneth Cass Ruth Draves Mildred Koch Earl Watson Wilbur Kirkland Floyd Keymel Norton Waterman Yfnn DI -1 -- 1932 Frances Beach CRiker7 Kenneth Boekhout Carolyn Brundrige CHaskinsD Fern Brundrige Harold Bruzee Joseph Cass Anna Cornelius Alice Elmhurst CValonel Ruth Faas Leon Grandin Winifred Hayden CKurtzJ Norman Hulbert Marjorie Johns Ethel Lebbert Hendrine Leenhouts fStevensJ Helen Mason QEsleyJ M rna Pelton CWurtzJ Esther Perrin KBeachJ Marjorie Porray Maylon Riker Carlton Slocum Beatrice Smith fCroucherJ Helen Spink CHutchingsJ Eleanor Vandewater fLeatyD Katheryn Waterman CMu1rheadJ Ernest Wiedrich Howard Tallie Garth VerDow Floyd Norton Marguerite Smith 1953 Eunice Alborn CMarshall7 Milton Ameele Gladys Buys Cwhitcombl Lena Cimino Pauline Davis llsraell Pearl.Eaton lKeisengerJ' Floyd Foley Theodore Gardner Bernard Porray Alan Gates Lenora Hayden fMcMahon7 Ruth Hayden George Hulbert Howard Hurley Dorothy Johns Dorothy Kiphut fDoyleJ Elton Lake Robert Mattison Madeline McCarty John Ritico Mildred Treese KTall1eJ Gertrude Truax Eileen Vandewater CFoleyJ Mildred Welch fwheelerl 1954 Thomas Agnello Bernadette Albright fHermanceJ Lillian Barker Stella Biesada CGeddesJ Robert Beach Thelma Campbell CTw1tteyJ Ernest Carpenter Everet Dadswellw Smith DeCoster Roger Keymel Judson Mason Julia Mattison Katherine Mattison CH1ncherD John lolahon Viola Molner CKnorrD Engartha-Gardner KPorrayJ Hugh Risley Marjorie Trimble Cwassdorfl Anna DeRight CKeeleyJ v Cornelia DeRoo Ruth Gates Doris Grandin Mary Hollebrand KDeLavol Ava'Keymel Marjorie Rouch Charles Schaefer Ruth Thompson KBumgartnerJ Pearl Treese CSoudanD Walter Priestly Mildred Vandewatera Robert Waterman 1935 Durwood Allen Stanley Baart Frederick Cantin Frank Cass Ruth Cass Arlene Davis fMinsterJ 0l1verlDavis Raymond DeGroot June Eisentrager Norton Engleson Wilson Fosdlck Lawrence Keeley Beryl Hamlin, Elsie King fSouthwe1lJ Ralph Lanson Charles McCarty Edward Merkel Paul Millard Robert Rugg Lauretta Sheahen Shirley Thompson CPr1nsenD Lorraine Todd 1936 Andrew Beinschroth Virginia Bushwood Viola Buys Norton Eaton Helen Gates George Hill Chester Lake Reindert Lammes Isabel Lanson Willard Lee Betty Maher Howard Mattison Virginia Page Cventural Louise Palen Evelyn Perrin KBaileyJ Virginia Porrey Margaret Schaefer Leo Smith Luella Tack fVerDow7 Leighton Thomas Jean VerCrouse Wilma Wemes CRogalskiJ Harwin Wood Neal Waringa 1937 John Agnello Jmmes Beneway Jean Brown Carroll Campbell Paul Davis Richard Davis Elizabeth DeGroot Irene DeGroot Evelyn Ebert Eleanore Emerlck Marion Esley CGatesJ Mildred Foley Levina Hamelink CMcKayD Mary Elizabeth Hickey Gordon Hulbert Leo Kelley Luther Keymel Walter Link Jack McCarty Arthur Merkel Lucille Porray Pauline Rogalski Betty Rooney Helen Schaefer Gwendolyn VerDow Jack Waterman 1938 Fay Arnold Onnalee Bel Evelyn Burnett Olive Eaton CCaryJ , Gordon Ebert ' Lorraine Faas Grace Galvin Brayton Gardner Betty Johns Leila King Raymond Link Ruth Loftus Frances Lomondo Anna Maguire Donald Merhoff Cornelius O'Kay Julia Palmer Josephine Pitts Robert Porrey Virginia Rugg John Schumacher Frank Updaw Geraldine Vandewater Florence'VanPutten Eleanor Wooster 1939 Gage Albright' Rita Albright Jean Bailey Hazel Barker Ellen Beneway Paul Carr Herbert Corkish Warren Davis Jane DeGroot Mabel DeGroot Kenneth Eaton Howard Fisher Elizabeth Foley Herbert Furber Wilma Harris Reta Hart Leon Johnson Bernice Keeley Robert Latt Jane Loftus Leona Manktelow Grace Mason Helen Mattison Robert McGowan Elizabeth Mepham Marjorie Perrin CLansberryJ Mary Elizabeth Pierce Darlene Porray George Rueger Durwood Stevens D Mildred Taber Bruce Thompson Arline Triou Ruth Vandewalle Louise VanHu1le Phyllis Verdine William Waringa Esther Wemes Lawrence Wemes Robert Whitbourne Gerald Wooster new maegi-ro comq +0 ffowvfh .ij gf' 'i ff" 'fax f- I G9 wx? 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BEL Electrical Contractor Dial 3971 Ontario Center, N. Y. Compliments of BAART'S MARKET Highest Quality Meats I. G. A. Groceries Dial 3791 Dial 25 Compliments of EDITH M. PRATT and ROSWELL E. PRATT All Types of Old Line Insurance 41 Ontario , N Compliments of VENISHEL'S HARDWARE Ontario Center, N. Y. Compliments of JOHN E. FOLEY Compliments oi ONTARIO GOLF CLUB The Ideal Spot For Golfing We Cater to Dinner Parties Compliments of ONTARIO M LL W. VINCENT MURPHY Compliments of HELEN'S BEAUTY SHOPPE HELEN CROMBACH Dial 2301 Ontario, N. Y. Compliments of H. J. FURBER AND SON Ontario Center, New York Compliments of PLEASANT VIEW DAIRY Milk 3 Cream T. B. k Blood Tested Herds ALBERT W. BLYTHE Dial 2144 Ontario Center, New York HART'S RESTAURANT Opposite the School Home Made Ice Cream Gas - Lunches - Refreshments 24 Hour Service Compliments of VICTOR PRESERVING CO Compliments of H.E.AHEN Watchmaker and Jeweler Work Guaranteed Draves Block 25 Years Experience Ontario, N. Y. Compliments of C. H. M HRHOF, M. D. Compliments of J. F. CANTIN SERVICE STATION Ontario Center, N. Y. Compliments of H. M. LOFTUS Plymouth De Soto Sales Service HAAG'S GENERAL STORE Groceries Ice Cream Candy Tobacco Compliments of WATERMAN AND SONS, INC. Compliments of the ONTARIO FIVE TO A DOLLAR STORE W. C. HIRT, PROPRIETOR Compliments of HIEBER'S TOURIST HOME Compliments of BUGO'S BARBER SHOP Sanitary Service Compliments of WEBACO OIL COMPANY and WEBSTER BASKET COMPANY Webster, New York RELY ON RELIN For Complete Band a Orchestra Equipment WEBSTER DRUG STORE SCHOOL SERVICE SPECIALISTS Quality with a Smile 47 Gibbs Street Rochester, New York ' Dial Stone 4192 Opposite Eastman School of Music 4 Compliments of HOOL OF COMM RCE ADVERTISERS M. B. CAMERON PATRONIZE OUR SC Rochester, N. Y. 49 Compliments of CAMPBELL AND MENZNER Slingerland Drums Regent Instruments Selmer Instruments King Instruments Compliments of FLOYD CAGE MARKET BASKET STORE Compliments of FRANK K. LUCAS THE REXALL DRUG STORE The Store of Service Webster, N. Y. Compliments of PIETERS ' DRY CLEANERS Phone Webster 70 Webster, N. Y. A. SCHAER 'Webster Florist Flowers For A11 Occasions Webster, New York Compliments of JAMES VANHOUTE Dealer in Meats and Groceries PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments of the TOWN BOARD Floyd C. Thompson, Supervisor John E. Foley, Town Clerk Frank B. Clayton, Justice Monroe J. Cass, Justice Walter L. Cone, Justice Kenneth Vande, Councilman J. J. PITTS Local and Long Distance Hauling Dependable Refrigeration Transportation Insured Carrier Coal Delivery Ontario, New York T. H. SHEAH N k SONS Growers and Wholesale Shippers Fancy Fruits and Vegetables Celery, Carrots, and Seeds a Specialty Ontario, New York FRANK CUVELIER Acetylene and Arc Welding Machine Repair Work Ontario, New York PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments of RUSSEL B. MASON CO. Webster, N. Y. 51 Bowl For Recreation And Health at GOETZMAIUS BOWLING HALL Ontario, New York 'Bowl Your Cares Away" Six Sanctioned Alleys In A Row Will Open September 1, 1940 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS From Anywhere To Everywhere W. F. SCHREIBER Local and Long Distance Hauling Refrigerated Trucks - Insured Carriers Dial 3571 Ontario Center Compliments of G. E. DEVILLE Postmaster Compliments of F. L. RISLEY Compliments of PAULINE VAN HALL Ontario, N. Y. Compliments of ONTARIO GARAGE Pontiac Sales and Service International Trucks Dial 5961 Compliments of HEGEDORN'S DAIRY Pure Milk, Cream, Ice Cream, Etc. Ridge Road Webster, New York LEARY k MEPHAM Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables Ontario, New York Compliments of SMART SHOES For The Occasion You can't have fun if your feet hurt H. M. BRUSH Expert Arch k Shoe Fitters Williamson, New York G. E. HODGES CO. Williamson, N. Y. Compliments of BIAKE'S PHARMACY PATRONIZE OUR THE REXALL STORE ADVERTISERS Williamson, N. Y. Compliments of Compliments of C. M. SPINK IRENE DEGROOT New and Used Trailers BEAUTY SHOPPE Pack Up And Go In Tra-Velo Phone Palmyra 25F5--Walworth, N. Y. Compliments of SUNOCO PRODUCTS Gene 'Just MERZ ral Auto Maintenance West Ot The Village GARAGE AND SERVICE Webster GULF SERVICE STATION J. J. ALEXANDER, PROPRIETOR Phone 196 Webster, N. Y. 24 Hour Service Try That New Gul-Fix Lubrication Compliments of ONTARIO RESTAURANT Light Lunches and Regular Meals Borden Ice Cream in Bulk Compliments of J. P. KOHLMAN Compliments of MISS IRMA'S BEAUTY SALON Specialization in Permanent Waving 41 Main Street Ontario, N. Y. Dial 2014 HUXLEY CH VROLET Chevrolet, Oldsmobile G. M. C. Trucks Sales and Service Compliments of BOARD OF EDUCATION Floyd Risley, President Lloyd Williams 1 Frank Vandewater Peter Moll Glen Spink John Baart Merton Vandewalle Carl B. Mepham, Treasurer A. W. Risley, Clerk Raymond Fisher, Attendance Officer Compliments of PORREY BROTH RS I. G. A. STORE Compliments of DR. GARDNER DENTIST Ontario, New York Compliments of FLOYD DELASS Compliments of Flowers For All Occasions FRED KIPHUT Dial 2733 Ontario, N. Y. Compliments of ' PETER H. Mom. Produce G. L. F. Service John Deere Farm Equipment Frozen Cherries Dial 3931 Ontario, N. Y. Compliments of WILLIAMS 8a ALLEN MINK RANCH Compliments of HAROLD L. BRANDT AGENCY Compliments of H. L. PINKLEY, AGENT 53 Furnace Street Dial 2151 WILLIAMSON THEATER AND STAFF General Insurance TH BEACH AND MAHER CO. Lumber and Builders' Supplies Feed Coal Fertilizer Dial 2221 Ontario, New York STATE BANK of ONTARIO Ontario, New York Member of Federal Reserve System Safe Deposit Boxes For Rent Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 4 11' ,. up

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