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( v fr 9 : WHI , Si ■ spllly III! H 1 Ij THE SENIOR CLASS OF ONANCOCK HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTS The 1960 Beacon ONANCOCK, VIRGINIA v fid nir IS IwTifr Sejs io- s Xi a N )or$ Sop how F-r e 6 k Wc y e$ ijSfivi I S p ° v is i e 5 fj J v- e r ' Ti S£ Pld JV S O. H. S. ROUSER For the Onancock High School Has come true. To teach you what to know And what to do. For it is ever as The days of yore. The best school on The Eastern Shore- The Eastern Shore. A ' ll honor glory To the O. H. S. There ' s nothing coming To you but success. For the Onancock High School ' s got the pep. Yes you bet! O. H. S. VICTORY SONG Cheer, cheer for O. H. S. Wake up the echos Cheering your best. Send a volley cheer on high Shake down the thunder From the sky. What though the odds Be great or small O.H. S. will win over all. While our loyal sons Are marching onward to victory. ONANCOCK GOIN ' SHINE Onancock Goin ' shine tonight, Onancock goin ' shine; Onancock goin ' shine tonight All down the line, Onancock goin ' shine tonight, Onancock goin ' shine; When the sun goes down. And the moon comes up Onancock goin ' shine! Dedication To a man who in a short time has endeared himself to each of us through his understanding, innumerable capabilities, sincerity and interest in the individual, we, the Senior class of Onancock High School do proudly dedicate this 1960 Beacon to you, Mr. Arthur King Fisher. ADMINISTRATION Our Principal As Principal, Mr. Earl G. Hoppes has helped to enrich life at O.H.S. through his understanding, sense of fair play, loyalty, courage-, unswerving counsel and friendship for all. May we be ever mindful of the example which he has set for us. DORIS BYRD Secretary i rrrr nil ii ill I ill it iitiiiiiiiirmTnTri CLINTON MURRAY Industrial Arts DOROTHY C. WATSON Second Grade MILDRED C. TWYFORD Sixth Grade THOMAS R. PARKS Physical Education MARGARET B. BULL Home Economics NANCY R. SENN Commercial LILLIAN D. DERBY First and Second Grades AILEEN B. PHILLIPS Librarian GEORGIA C. BORUM Music MARY E. MARTIN Third and Fourth Grades KATHRYN WARREN Fifth Grade VELMA W. PENNEWELL Fourth Grade HENRIETTA F. JACOB First Grade LOTTA S. BOOTH Mathematics MRS. DIANE CUSTIS Business History English WINIFRED P. BELOTE Eighth Grade a vfrt ' j ■», ■• . ' j • i.,K,y ULVA P. HICKMAN Fifth and Sixth Grades MRS. MARIE PENNEWELL Social Studies Guidance MRS. HELEN MACDONALD Science MARY K. WOOD Languages Physical Education English HELEN M. PHILLIPS History Seventh Grade j I t MRS. ANN NOCK Science Languages 1 nTiTi ' Hnmmiiimimiii iii • ri ' iTi ' i ' iiiiinmimimimimii ? r - —fljfl— A m -•. ' ■ ' -■- iV.-. i - • .1 - ' .’J Z 1 1 :».. :i. S JONICA CLARE JONES F.H.A. 1,2,4; Basketball 1,3; Junior Chorus; Assistant Director Senior Play; Senior Chorus. GEORGE WASHINGTON CHERRIX Football 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain 3,4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Co-Captain 3; Baseball 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3; Varsity Club 4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Keep Vir¬ ginia Green Crew 2,3,4; Junior Chorus; Senior Play and Chorus; Annual Society Editor 4. NANCY ETTA HARMON F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Softball 1; Junior Chorus; Senior Play and Chorus; Music Club 3. WILLIAM BROOKS MEARS, JR. Football 4; Co-Captain 4; Track 1,2,3,41 Keep Virginia Green Crew 1,2,3; Glee Club 1; Junior and Senior Plays and Choruses. EMILY RUTH PRUITT F.H.A. 1,2,3; Junior and Senior Choruses; Glee Club 1,2; Library Club 1. FULTON WAYNE SMULLIN Keep Virginia Green Crew 2,3; Li¬ brary Club 4; Junior and Senior Choruses. A- ' t- ■—■ai£aL.i A .1 1 ij. -x.s jify.l UOHH B GLORIA FAYE LAYNE Glee Club 1,3,4; F.H.A. 1,3,4; Junior and Senior Choruses; Cheering Squad 4. THOMAS PARKER KELLAM Football 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; Basket¬ ball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Track 1, 2,4; Varsity Club 4; Keep Virginia Green Crew 2,3,4; Junior Play and Chorus; Senior Play and Chorus. CAROLYN RAE COURNTEY Class Secretary 1; Class Vice- President 3; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; E.S. Fed. Parliamentarian 3; F.H.A. President 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Glee Club 2,3; Newspaper Staff 4; Junior and Senior Choruses. ■■■:: yrmm WILLIAM THOMAS WALLACE Football 2,3,4; Co-Captain 4; Keep Virginia Green Crew 2,3,4; Senior and Junior Choruses. EMILY EDWARDS BYRON F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. Chaplain Junior and Senior Choruses. JAMES SHERRILL LASSITER Football 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; Track 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Class President 1; Annual Staff 4; Varsity Club 4; Keep Virginia Green Crew 3,4; Glee Club 3; Newspaper Staff 3; Junior Play and Chorus; Senior Play and Chorus. V ■ Ti r - . yr -— ■ - J. ,— .■», K .: Jj. » kjhIII MARY ASHER SHRIEVES F.H.A. 1,2,4; Glee Club 1,4; Junior and Senior Choruses. JAMES WILLIAM CUSTIS Football Manager 3; Basketball Manager 3; Keep Virginia Green Crew 2,3,4; Junior and Senior Plays and Choruses. JANE WATSON TWYFORD Cheerleader 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; F.H.A. 1,2; Softball 1; Model General Assembly 3,4; American Association of Cheer¬ leaders 4; Senior Play; Junior and Senior Choruses. WILLIAM T. DREWER, JR. Football Manager 2; Basketball 2,3; Baseball 1,2; Keep Virginia Green Crew 1,2,3,4; Junior and Senior Choruses. SYLVIA DEAN SCOTT F.H.A. 3,4; Junior and Senior Choruses. MARTIN PAGE READE Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,4; Football Manager 1; Football 4; Co-Captain 4; Keep Vir¬ ginia Green Crew 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Junior Play; Junior and Senior Choruses; Varsity Club 4. ii-itk. —f?. ' AI aUL AMIEE BRIAN SAVAGE Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1; F.H.A. 1,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Junior Play and Chorus; Senior Chorus; News¬ paper Staff 3; Annual Staff Typist 4; Glee club 1; Cheering Squad 4. JOSEPH WALTER KAMPS Football 3; Junior Play; Keep Virginia Green Crew 2,3,4; Junior and Senior Choruses. VERA LEE NICOLLS Softball 1,2,3,4; Softball Co-Captain 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. Vice-Presi¬ dent 4; E.S. Fed. Vice-President 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Chaplain 3; News¬ paper Staff 3; Annual Staff ; Junior and Senior Choruses. SET-. THOMAS AMOS BARBER Football 3,4; Track 3, 4; Class Vice- President 4; Keep Virginia Green Crew 2,3,4; 4-H Short Course Dele¬ gate 2; 4-H Honor Club 2,3; Senior Play; Junior and Senior Choruses. LINDA AGNES ROBBINS F.H.A. 1,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,4; Annual Staff 4; Newspaper Staff 3; Softball 1; Basketball 3,4; Junior and Senior Choruses. LARRY VAN PRUITT Track 2,3,4; Football 1; Junior and Senior Choruses. DOTTIE KAY SMITH F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Library Club 1; Glee Club 1,2; Junior and Senior Chor¬ uses. DICKIE LEE WILLIAMS Junior and Senior Choruses. LINDA LEE SWEITZER Glee Club 1,3,4; F.H.A. 1,3,4; Junior Play and Chorus 3; Senior Play and Chorus 4; Class Treasurer 3,4; Cheering Squad 4. UPSHUR THOMAS MEARS Football 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Varsity Club 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Class President 2,3; Annual Staff 4; Keep Virginia Green Crew 4; Newspaper Staff 3; Glee Club 1,2; Junior and Senior Choruses. JO ANNE GUNTER Class Secretary 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; F.H.A. 1,4; Junior Chorus 3; Senior Chorus 4. CECIL AMOS BENNETT Keep Virginia Green Crew 1; Glee Club 1,2; Junior and Senior Chor¬ uses. .1 .-Uimt . f. ' w «Om-«f ' l ■.._. JH lfih ' v ,,.gfiimV • .... Uii-a ' ■ r- - . . ,W j. v ' _ „ . V iUh Crrr- ii SANDRA OLLIE WILLIAMS F.H.A. 1,2,3; Senior Play; Glee Club 1,2; Library Club 1; Junior and Senior Choruses. MACK ROLAND LAZENBY Class Treasurer 1,2; Band 1,2; Keep Virginia Green Crew 3,4; Football 2; Annual Staff 4; Junior and Senior Plays and Choruses. KENDAL KNIGHT EAST Cheerleader 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Junior and Senior Plays and Choruses; Class Vice-President 2; Annual Staff 4; Model General Assembly 3; F.H.A. 1, 2; Newspaper Staff 3; Softball 1; American Association of Cheer¬ leaders 4. PAULINE ANN ISDELL F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Glee Club 1,2,3; Junior and Senior Chor¬ uses. DONNA EVE PHILLIPS Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y Secretary 4; F.H.A. 1,3,4; Pianist 4; Junior Play 3; Class Secretary 3; Annual Staff 4; Cheering Squad 4; Junior and Senior Choruses; Newspaper Staff 3. MARY UPSHUR BOGGS F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1; Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 3; F.H.A. Reporter 3; Eastern Shore F.H.A. Treasurer 4; Cheering Squad 4; Junior and Senior Choruses. 1 ■ ' V ,|||— iklilth MbU.- .- fJ. A —■ 1 ■ ■ ' - f ' ■ I BARBARA LANE MILES Cheerleader 2,3,4; Co-Captain 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain 4; Softball 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Reporter 4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Chaplain 4; E.S. Fed. Secretary 2; Annual Staff 4; Class President 4; Junior and Senior Plays and Choruses. MARTHA LEE HARTMAN Class Vice-President 1; Glee Club 1; F.H.A. 1,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Sec¬ retary 3; Editor of Annual 4; Good Neighbor Day Representative; Newspaper Staff; Junior Play;Junior and Senior Choruses; Cheering Squad 4. ROBIN JACKSON MASON F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. Secretary- Treasurer 2; F.H.A. Fed. Song Leader 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Glee Club 1,2,4; Junior and Senior Choruses. ' -liL . i ,4 , v , w-H IDA LYNNE HARMON Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain 4; American Association of Cheer¬ leaders 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Co- Captain 4; Softball 1; F.H.A. 1,2,3, 4; Pianist 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Presi¬ dent 4; Model General Assembly 3; Annual Staff 4; Newspaper Staff 3; Class Secretary 2; Junior and Senior Plays and Choruses. BARBARA ANN COBB Glee Club 1; F.H.A. 2,3,4; Tri-Hi- Y 2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 3; Annual Staff Typist 3; Junior and Senior Choruses. Little Rascals A A S tt.J-i fjyy r ' r f i ■ ipifnwi mmmmm Mmgmm ksvr PlfiRThn O $ r A e » J[ sit i iftHW IV " m W w Jf « 4 ' rar c rv° « ' .i % : . Ain-. nv i « • stet Who’s Most loyal girl . Most loyal boy. Girls most in love .... Boy most in love. Girls most likely to succeed Boys most likely to succeed Best natured girl. Best natured boy. Biggest girl flirt. Biggest boy flirt. Most mischievous girl Most mischievous boy . . Girl with most personality . Boy with most personality . Most independent girls . . Most independent boys. . . Quietest girl. Quietest boy. Most popular girl. Most popular boy. Most original boys .... Most original girl .... Most sophisticated girl . . Most sophisticated boy Most musical girl .... Most musical boy .... Prettiest girls. Most handsome boys . . . Best all around girls . . . Ida Lynne Harmon George Cherrix . . Robin Mason Rosalie Scott . . Larry Pruitt . Linda Sweitzer Jo Ann Gunter . . . Joe Kamps Tom Barber Nancy Harmon . . Bill Wallace Wayne Smullin Martha Hartman . Tommy Kellam Amiee Savage . . Tom Barber . . Barbie Miles Jimmy Lassiter Jo Ann Gunter Sandra Williams . . Billy Drewer Cecil Bennett . . Sylvia Scott Dickie Williams . . Barbie Miles Jimmy Lassiter . Mack Lazemby Martin Reade Carolyn Courtney . . Kendal East . Tommy Mears . . Faye Layne Mack Lazenby . . Emily Pruitt Jane Twyford Tommy Mears Jimmy Xassiter . . Barbie Miles Donna Phillips Who Best all around boys Best dressed girls . Best dressed boy . . Most athletic girl Most athletic boy . . Wittiest girl . . . . Wittiest boy . . . . Most talented girl Most talented boy Cutest girls . . . . Cutest boy . . . . Best girl dancer . . Best boy dancer . . Neatest girls . . . . Neatest boys . . . . Most studious girl . Most studious boy Noisiest girl . . . . Noisiest boys . . . Friendliest girls . . Friendliest boys . . Most courteous girl Most courteous boys Most attractive girls Most attractive boys Most ambitious girl Most ambitious boy . . . Jimmy Lassiter George Cherrix Bill Wallace , Mary Upshur Boggs Barbara Ann Cobb . . . . . Joe Kamps , . . . Vera Nicolls , . George Cherrix . . Sandra Williams , . . . Tom Barber , . . . Jonica Jones , . . Brooks Mears , . . Donna Phillips Linda Robbins . . . Brooks Mears , . . . Jonica Jones , . . . Jimmy Custis Barbara Ann Cobb Mary Upsher Boggs . . . George Cherrix Brooks Mears , . . Jo Ann Gunter .Joe Kamps Mary Asher Shrieves , . . . Tom Barber Billy Drewer , . . . Rosalie Scott Pauline Isdell . . . Wayne Smullin George Cherrix , . Dottie Kay Smith . . . George Cherrix Cecil Bennett . . . Pauline Isdell Emily Edwards . . . Tommy Mears Jimmy Lassiter George Cherrix , . . Linda Sweitzer .Joe Kamps Class History It’s 1960, and soon our class of 1960, O.H.S.’ beloved seniors, will be saying their fond good-byes to the Old Alma Mater. Just for fun let’s glance back through the pages of time and see how these mature, august scholars looked, say four years ago. In the fall of 1956 Onancock High School opened its arms to receive one of the rowdiest, most talkative classes in it’s history. We were then divided into two groups, one having as a home room teacher Nancy Ashby, the other having Yvonne Richardson. Among the first duties we had to perform as a class was the election of class officers. They were: President, Jimmy Lassiter; Vice President, Martha Hartman; Secretary, Ida Lynn Harmon; and Treasurer, Mack Lazenby. After these preliminaries we placed our shoulders under the load of a full schedule with different classes and teachers than those we had known before. It was swim or sink and we swam, conquering the obstacles of half and full year exams, six-weeks tests and report cards. We passed into the 10th grade almost as a body, some 60 pupils strong. Come fall of 19 57 Father Time found us again entering the Ivy Halls of our citadel of learning. Yvonne Richardson and Nancy Senn take over the chore of handling this unruly bunch of “wise fools’’, and at many times our behavior is truly Sophomoric. We were sorry to lose Harold Glick, Mildred Mapp, and Bobby Brashears. Harold and Bobby left us for Randolph Macon and Mildred went to St. Katherine’s. Our sophomore officers were: Tommy Mears, President; Kendal East, Vice President; Secretary, Carolyn Courtney; and Treasurer, Mack Lazenby. Somewhere along the line it dawned on us that we must have money to pay for our prom and other projects that might arise. With our Treasurer, Mack Lazenby as whip, we held a monumental series of bakes and dances at the end of the year our class coffers were considerably richer. A select few of our classmates this year attended the Athletic Ball and prom. When the month of September again rolls inexorably around we find ourselves Juniors. This year will be very full for us with class rings, the Junior play, and the prom. This year found the destiny of our class placed in the hands of Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Wood. When the time rolled around for our play with the tryouts, practices, and the other jobs which always go with a play, confusion sometime seemed to be the general goal. However the play. Bolts and Nuts, was very well accepted and enjoyed by all. With half-year exams over it was prom time. After severalheated discussions over the theme, colors and deco¬ rations which threatened to make the class a house divided, we decided to make “May Day’’ our theme and have Mark Hilburn’s orchestra. The big night finally rolled around and we all, I’m sure, had a wonderful time and we also enjoyed the party at Jane Harrris’ house after the prom. During this year we chose the following officers to help guide our destiny: President, Tommy Mears; Vice President, Carolyn Courtney; Secretary, Donna Phillips; and Treasurer, Linda Sweitzer. Another memorable achievement of the class of ’60 was the founding of “Voice of the Campus’’, Onancock High’s own newspaper. Mrs. Richardson who had been our friend and counselor for three years left us and the role of English teacher was ably taken up by Arthur K. Fisher. Father Time by this time finds many new faces in the class and finds that the size has dropped from 60 odd to 48 students. Of all our good times we will never forget our Junior year. It seems such a short time from that day 3 years ago when we were Freshmen, but here we are Seniors. To our principal, Mr. Hoppes, our home room teachers, Mrs. Marie Pennewell and Mr. Fisher and all our other teachers of this and past years we wish to con¬ vey our sincere appreciation for their patience and understanding in helping us regardless of the fact that it added to the already heavy load of their regular duties. We elected the following officers: President, Barbie Miles; Vice President, Tom Barber; Treasurer, Linda Sweitzer; and Secretary, Jo Anne Gunter. The treasury, emptied by our Senior play, had to be refilled for our class trip to New York. We presented our Senior play “Grandad Goes Wild” in December and I hear that it was very well received. With name cards, thank-you notes and invitations, we begin to realize, what being a Senior means. Many of us are applying for colleges and prep schools with an eye to the future. With the ordering of caps and gowns, every day brings us closer to the realization of our goal, graduation. All of these little trials and tribulations added to the memories we will always treasure from our Senior days at O.H.S. Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime. And departing leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time. Footprints that perhaps another Sailing o’er life ' s solemn main A forlorn and shipwrecked brother Seeing shall take heart again. Let us then be up and doing With a heart for any fate Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait. Whatever walks of life we may follow, let’s all try to recall these immortal words from Longfellow ' s “Psalm of Life” and try to make our “footprints” in the sands of time clear and deep so that they will mark the path for others. 3 r [i d 1 e s Jt if WJl f ' si A? iJJV! v — ■ ' r - . . »v» . -A -L - i i 2 1 V ! Class Prophecy The class of 1960 held their class reunion in the sacred halls of Onancock High School. Talking over current affairs and reminiscing over old times was enjoyed by all. Tom Barber who always had a way with words is now the star of “Keep Laughing.’ Cecil Bennett, the gas pump of the class, is now the president of the Ethyltone Gas Co. Mary Upshur- Boggs, our expert in Home Economics, has now printed her own cook book “Cooking With Mary.” Barbara Ann Cobb could not attend our reunion be csfuse she is secretary to the Gover¬ nor at the state General Assembly. George Cherrix and Tommy Kellam, who once played football too- ther for O.H.S., whose teams are now beating it out for the World Championship. .Carolyn Courtney has written us saying a talent scout spotted her while car hopping in Hollywood and we wish her lots of luck. Jimmy Custis, the red-head of our class is now chairman of the board of Vitalis and Co- Billy Drewer is now working for the Ford Motor Company and just drove up in their latest model. Kendal East, who has just completed decorating the Rockefeller Mansion, won an award for being one of the top ten decorators in the country. Emily Edwards, Pauline Isdell, Rosalie Scott, and Robin Mason who are happily mar¬ ried brought their families which kept us active through the whole reunion. The children were certainly cute. Jo Anne Gunter, who was always quiet, now writes the jokes for Red Skelton. Ida Lynn Harmon and Barbie Miles are now running an exclusive dress shop in Paris. Nancy Harmon, who received so much fan mail, is now post mistress of the Melfa Post Office. Martha Hartman, who loved those football boys is now following the Washington Red¬ skins . Jonica Jones, who danced in all the Follies, is now dancing with the Rockettes. Joe Kamps has just received honors from the government for flying a modified A 3D non- stop to the moon. Congratulations. Linda Sweitzer, who always wanted to be a. nurse, is now working at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Faye Layne, who was the singer of the class, is now singing with the Metropolitan Opera. Jimmy Lassiter, who is the life of the party, has been telling us how he made one million toothpicks from one Lassiter Co. log. Brooks Mears, the poet of the class, has just published his new book “Poems to Fish by.” Tommy Mears, who starred in all high school sports, is now teaching the Africans to play baseball. Vera Nicolls, whose interests always centered around horses, had Wayne Smullin ride one of her horses to the finish at Churchill Downs. Donna Phillips we are sorry to say could not attend, for she is attending an art con¬ vention with Linda Robbins. Emily Pruitt and Sandra Williams, who were always good friends, are co- editors of “Consumers Guide.” Larry Pruitt, who got married our Senior year, has just celeb rated his Tenth Anni¬ versary. We all extended him many more happy ones. Martin Reade, a confirmed bachelor, is now Justice of the Peace and is marrying everybody. Amiee Savage, who was our best French pupil, is now an interpreter for the United Nations. Dottie Kay Smith and Mary Asher Shrieves, who always made such good candy for the class bakes, are working for Whitman’s Sampler. Bill Wallace, who was the strongest one in our class, is now weight lifting for Charles Atlas. Sylvia Scott, last but not least, has made great success in writing nursery rhymes. Now that our reunion has come to a close we wonder what the next ten years will bring. Jane Twyford Mack Lazenby Junior Snapshots d rtM if 1 1 f f i m i f f 1 1 m 111 11111111111. i. i JACKIE HARRIS DIXIE SMITH KITTY RHODES GREY DAVID KING JACKIE WATSON DALE MILLINER — r.. ; ' ■ ■?, ' 11 .. . ■■ ■ " - .. . . . — mmmt ' 4vi ;. V »•- fin ,1 BETTY GAYE EVANS BOBBY COARD LINDA WATKINSON 4 Jji rfWr JERRY LILLISTON BILLIE LANG KENNETH ENNIS j e )D JP Jx if „ DAVID JOH NSON MARY FRANCES MEARS JERRY KAPPES LOUISE OBERSHAIN ALICE FORMYDUVAL SHIRLEY WINDSOR RILEY BULL 11II11(III 111 111111111111111111111. SANDY GUY DAVID PARKER SCOTTIE MEARS EUNICE SAY AGE VAUGHAN DAVIS BEVERLY MELSON jOHRHMHMilRHHHB ■ 4- ' Si M ' -ttl 1 .a£ V ' ; L l . ' •. Y-i v MAC CHANDLER JOYE PRIER COLES MARSH wmwmwwm BONNIE KELL AM JOE CHRISTMAN GERALD KILMON KAY DRUMMOND Last year the Seniors, trying to think of a way of making money, came up with the idea of having a high school newspaper. Their bi-weekly edition of the " Voice of the Campus " became something eagerly anticipated by every¬ one. Finding themselves to busy this year, the Seniors decided to make the paper a part of the heritage of each Junior Class. This fall we found ourselves in¬ experienced and confused, but soon our paper became a center of interest. As the school session comes to an end we would like to pass it down to the Juniors of 1960-61. Our gratitude is extended to the Seniors for giving us the paper, and also to our loyal students who have supported it. Co-Editors, Kay Drummond Riley Bull Co-Editors .... Sports Editors . . Roving Reporter Proof Reader . . . Gossip Columnists Art Editor .... Senior Reporter . . Junior Reporter . . Sophomore Reporter Freshman Reporter 8A Reporter . . . 8B Reporter . . . F. H. A. Reporter . Typists. . Kay Drummond Riley Bull . . . Billie Lang Dale Milliner . . Jerry Kappes Jackie Watson . . . Joye Prier Jerry Lilliston Norris Barnes Carolyn Courtney Linda Watkinson . . . Carol Wray . Dianne Killmon . . Karen Knopf . . Danny Payne . . . Sandy Guy . . . Kitty Grey Louise Obenshain Mac Chandler Janet DoScotch Ji ■: L v 4 r If; V Sophorr On The 5 1 ? ' HP S , v ts-y rrtil A ' kV Ar;.. ' Jirfi-’ 1 , i " r 1 r SSlES Frankie Ayres Margaret Ann Boggs David Belote Bobby Cherrix Katherine Chandler Edward Colonna Margaret Eliott Clarence Courtney Faye Ann Gibian Ruthann Johnson Ellen Johnson Johnnie Kellam Judy Mears Brooks Harrison Mary Ann Kilmon Kenneth Hayden Karen Padgett Otha Lewis Veronica Lewis Dannie McCloud Arlene Root Barry Mears Suzanne Scott Billy Lilliston Cherry Scott 1111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 u 1 1 ■ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ■ 1 1 1 ■ i ■ ■ Robert Murdock Kay Williams Albert Parker Johnny Selby Stella Taylor Norman Selby UWIWI ' IM PXM ' J Linda Barnes Penny Byrd Max Eller Darlene Harmon Shirley Lewis Linda Kilmon Dianne Killmon Curtis Badger Butch Harmon Lou Ann Fick Peggy Crockett Bobby Collins Frankie Smullin Joanne Crockett Barbara Fitchett Jackie Ross Wi. , Itl ift W „j .‘ J. ■ l j m-r r-T r r -r t tt : • ' . ' • f ■ r.JJ I r- .. . ' L rJ Brooks Allen Jo Ann Evans Dickie Hines Clara Jacob Kitty Nock Claudia Nottingham Billy Phillips Linda Custis Margaret Mapp Lois Mears Faye Campbell Dotty June Tyndall Betty Hargis Marion King Alice Carpenter Norma Scott Paige Spence Asher Shrieves Val East Richard Dix Jackie Custis Jerry Long Bobby Taylor Bobby Swain mm ffMWjnp.. warm HWilW V Joe Wescott Nicky Kellam Johnny Justice Paul White A Caroll Pruitt James A. Rue Johnny Rogers Bi 11 Harmon Henry Custis Clifton Dize Michael Hendrickson Norman Bundick Norman Justice Scottie Custis Richard Hart Steve Sayers Billy Guy Bonnie Isdell Billy Chance ■v. - .. X. • ,V v ' .. V. -s ' ' : ' um. mmm- mmm E I G H T H G R A D E BACK ROW: Joyce Ann Barnes, Judy Richardson, Sylvia Johnson, Tress Euglar, Hal Lassiter, Connie Williams, Mrs, Belote, Joanne Van Kesteren, Karen Knopf, Rudy Smith, Bill Valentine, Larry Williams, Albert Barber, Terry Walsh, Tom Williams. SECOND ROW: Audrey Wessells, Brenda Byrd, Karen Martin, Linda Justis, Robin Milliner, Barry Rew, Betty Elliott, Rosalie Drewer, Keith Miles, Edward Lavelle, Sonny Shrieves, Jno. Lavelle, Barry Courtney. FIRST ROW: Veronica Justice, Larry R Mason, Carolyn Williams, Jean Lavelle, James Christman, Damon Evans, Eugene Morgan, Arnold Obershain, Preston Mears. ABSENT: Lucille Bundick, Odin Davis, Leroy Ewell. BACK ROW: Donna Harmon, Mary Scott, Peggy Savage, Margaret Wat- kinson, Gary Marsh, Donna Morgan, Jo Ann Edwards, Carol Ann Twy- ford, Maxine Turlington, John R. Williams, Brooks Pruitt. SECOND ROW: Linda Justis, Glenda Custis, Libby Jo Sterling, Joyce Metclf, John Wimbrow, Danny Payne, Robert Moore, George Parker, Thomas Belote, Kirby Custis, Jack Phillips, Ronnie Justis, Edward Belote, William Shrieves. FIRST ROW: Georgia Borum, Sharon Reade, Connie Chase, Nancy Ayres, Frances Beasley, Judy Boggett, Dorothy Johnson, Ray Williams, Gary Ewell, Betty Jean Nottingham. ABSENT: John King, Robert Shrieves. BACK ROW: Miss Helen Phillips, Doris Mae Elliott, Pauline Lilliston, Cora Sue Scott, Bonnie Williams, Tommy Custis, George Boggs, Bobby Cobb, Stevie VanKestern, David Williams, Ricky Savage. SECOND ROW: Linda Jean Johnson, Jo Ann Milliner, Kay Wescott, Joan Twyford, Mary Catherine Taylor, Marguerite Formyduval, Dianne Lilliston, Gayle Harrison, Susanne Johnson, Meg Steele, Joy Milliner, Francis Hart, Tommy Duncan. FRONT ROW: Darlene Nock, Trudy Davis, Alfred Shrieves, Sharon Weaver, Brian Corbin, Gloria Jean Johnson, Jenny Custis, Joyce Custis, Charlotte West, Stephen Lawson, Donnie Killmon, Kitty James, Janice Prier. ABSENT: Gloria Sue Schaper. S E V E N T H G R A D E S I X T H G R A D E BACK ROW: Becky Robbins, Ann Brooks Ballard, Linda Bagwell, Mike Murphy, Paul Long, Brooks Ayres, Douglas Twyford. SECOND ROW: Sherry Carmine, Ann Belote, Clare Byrd, Terry Nicolls, Lila Jacob, Charles Barrell, Johnny Johnson, Fred Michell, Mrs. Twyford. FRONT ROW: Roberta Hampton, Carol Miles, Betsy Watson, Billy James, Elsworth Hopkins, Jackie Watkinson, Ned Perry. ABSENT: Jonne Ruth Watkinson, Van Marsh. s I X T H G R A D E wj BACK ROW: Frances Dale Marsh, Charles Guy, Veronica Williams, Joan Edwards, Linda Joyce Davis, Hilda Marie Marsh, Marilyn Davis, Ulva Hickman. SECOND ROW: Linda Kay Shreeves, Carolyn Horsley, Linda Jean Lilliston, Barry Johnson, Margaret Russell, Charle ' s Edward Killmon, John Edward Nock, Bobby Marsh Ayres. FIRST ROW: Phillys Lewis, Linda Guy, Larry West, Rebeca Campbell, Sharon Parks, Judith Williams, Joyce Williams. I BACK ROW: Brooks Johnston, Gloria Bradford, Sharon Williams, Sheila Walsh, Beverly Savage, Lynn Long, Jeff Davis, Vaugh Pruitt, R. E. Watkinson. SECOND ROW: Lee Roy Smith, Linda Ewell, Billy Custis, Gregory Lassiter, G. L. Smith, Bill Bagwell, Larry Harrison, Judy Hayden, Sharon Hayden, Patricia Custis, Pat Thornton, Miss Warren, FIRST ROW: Debbie Dull, Kaydell Edwards, Trudy James, Phyllis Williams, Ernest Killmon, William Duer. t w ■ - ! ' Uf lklM If ijfmm F I F T H G R A D E BACK ROW: Curtis Kellam, Linda Courtney, Wanda Smith, Debbie Mears, Tommy Hines, Barry Wessells, Thomas Pruitt. SECOND ROW: Irene Drewer, Edward Justice, Nancy Davis, George Davis, Bill Egelhoff, Wanda Lilliston, Linda Sturgis, Mary Stuart Barrell. FRONT ROW: John Justice, Gail Evans, Gwenda Custis, Betty Johnson, Charlie Russell, Preston Ewell. F O U R T H A N D F I F T H G R A D E S F O U R T H G R A D E I B. I El 1 Hl BACK ROW: Janet Custis, Mrs. Pennewell, Tony Smith, Mark Pruitt, Mike Gibian, Debbie Shrieves, Michael Pruitt, Jimmy Hart, James Guy, John Gibbons. SECOND ROW: Donna Williams, Eddie Custis, Linda Laird, Barbara Kilmon, Bill Chandler, Ned Finney, E. R. Custis, Laura Fincen, Mary E. Williams, Newman Scott, Denise Elliott, Barbara Parrish. FIRST ROW: Fred Walker, David Russell Lee John¬ son, Linda Carmine, Pete Smith, Burley Williams, Betsy Egelhoff, Betty Marshall, Bleecker Fritz. s E C O N D G R A D E 1 jtliii ' a ' Jr-J ' i L j) iiJr jts BACK ROW: Richard Parker, Tommie Johnson, Diana Parks, Dee D ragon, Larry Scott, Patricia Long, Mary Murphy, Barbara Belote, Bruce Kellam. SECOND ROW: Gary Gibian, Sandra Williams, Sharon Killmon, Randy Chesser, Catherine Killmon, Jo Fincen, Gayle Johnson, Penny Rogers, Donna Johnson, Carol Johnstone, Robert Young. FIRST ROW: Aldren Adkins, Steven Clark, Joe Morgan, Marcie Harmon, Neil Justice, Dickie Morgan, Shirley Sturgis, Ruth Lewis, Bill Harrison, Brenda Williams, Terry Gibb. BACK ROW: Tim Robbins, Keith Abrams, Jimmy Marsh, Wilma Spence, Emily Grey, Betsy Byrd, Peter Graham, Charlotte Davis, Starr Boggs, Henry Crockett, Frank Wray, Kevin Harmon, Vernon Belote. FIRST ROW: Anita Johnson, John Taylor, Jimmy Parish, Bobby Mapp, Bonnie Davis, Kristy Shreeves, Jimmy Williams, A. C. Bloxom, Jack Chandler, Richie Murray, Trudy Ward, Kate Hampton, Bishop Leatherburg, Louise Wind¬ sor, Stewart Buckle. —— BACK ROW: Nancy Smith, Linda Hundley, Teresa Michell, Vickie Johnston, Scott Chandler, Hayward Bennett, Dianne Lassiter, Billy Ayres, Beverley Garland, Keith Thomas. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Derby, Larry Adkins, Peggy Harrison, Cheryl Nicolls, Danny Williams, Jimmy Belote, Pamela Johnson, Lynn Chesser, Tripp Ransone, Rogers Harrison, Edward Fleming. ' jj-Vr-prO: F I R S T A N D S E C 0 N D G R A D E S BACK ROW: Martha Pruitt, Dell Boggs, Tony Edwards, Timmy Pruitt, Chip Chandler, Stewart Scott, Denise Nelson, Billy Fritz, Martha Jane Johnson, Rich Hall, Gaye Savage, Libby Williams, Vic Long, Miss Jacob. FRONT ROW: Dennis Parrish, Ann Nicholson, Bavney Russell, Susan Parker, Joe West, Dean Budd, Gail Davis, Sonny Lewis, David Michell, B. W. James, Mallory Davis, Robert Windsor. Group III Champions Accomack County Co-Champions Coach Thomas Ray Parks ONANCOCK OPPONENTS 45 Atlantic 7 26 Parksley 0 13 Chincoteague 6 0 Central 38 31 Parksley 7 0 Atlantic 20 19 Chincoteague 13 14 Cape Charles 0 26 Central 0 174 91 Captain Tommy Kellam i ' Ai ‘ i t ' v.-r 1 v H f v ■ . . .r .V—i.i . -.it irfi Baseball Team Softball Team Cheerleaders Jane Twyford Kendal East Billie Lang Kitty Rhodes Grey Penny Byrd Ruthann Bell Barbie Miles--Co-Captain J°ye Prier Ida Lynn Harmon--Co-Captain Karen Paggett Mary Farnces Mears Val East King Tommy Queen Barbie _ L turt Girls’ Basketball Team Opponents Onancock Central 37 11 Chincoteague 17 33 Atlantic 20 32 Cape Charles 19 43 Chine oteague 6 37 Atlantic 29 42 Cape Charles 18 50 Parksley 39 20 ■ i V y.i , i ' ' l l v - V , y, Boys’ Basketball Team Bygones of I960 Track Team Senior Football Players and Cheerleaders T Senior Class Poem Martha Hartman who can swing and sway; look out football captains going her way. Tom Barber with his witty tongue delights both the old and young. Cecil Bennett is the hardworker of our class; his diligence is not easily surpassed. George Cherrix has a wonderful personality; it ' s unusual to find someone like him in reality. Jimmy Custis didn ' t like government, but did well in lover-her-ment. Billy Drewer is our independent young man; he ' ll do anything for you if he can. Joe Kamps with his serious face has a brain no one could ever replace. Tommy Kellam, captain of our football team, always kept those champs on the beam. Jimmy Lassiter loved a football game without him O.H.S. won ' t be the same. Mack Lazenby, who liked to fly high, will be on cloud nine if you want to see him go by. Tommy Mears is our handsome lad; it ' s no wonder the girls went mad. Larry Pruitt is the Senior who married and over the threshold Donna he carried. The friendly senior is Martin Reade; he is always ready to help a friend in need. Wayne Smullin, better known as " feet " , is the kind of fellow one likes to meet. The biggest boy of our class is Bill Wallace, He ' s not only the widest but the tallest. Dickie Williams is the quietest of us rarely do you hear him fuss. Mary Upshur Boggs is always so neat from the top of her head to the toes on her feet. Barbara Cobb is a senior who types so well every three seconds you hear her bell. Carolyn Courtney, Flirt of them all, likes them big, fat or tall. Pauline Isdell is far from shy, she will surely land her guy. Faye La yne is the senior with the lovely voice; to listen to her is everyone ' s choice. Robin Mason is the dreamer so she tells; next she will be hearing wedding bells. Barbie Miles with a smilp and looking very neat; Is the kind of girl we all like to meet. V.era Nicolls to us better known as Pickles, didn ' t give one boy those cold " icicles " . Donna Phillips waits for the week day to go by. So she can see her friend from Chinco High. Emily Pruitt the girl with the lovely hair; It is easy to tell she handles it with care. Linda Robbins is the talented artist of our class; Someday we will buy paintings by this lass. Amiee Savage is the red head of our class; She is very cute and is a charming lass. Some say she is married, some say she is not. You know who we mean it ' s Rosalie Scott. The quiet girl of our class is Sylvia Scott You hardly know whether she is in the room or not. The girl who is most pleasing to talk with is none other than our own Dottie Kay Smith. To us it seems Mary Asher talks a lot. Once she is started she is hard to stop. Linda Sweitzer has a fragle head, that she is careful not to let the boys tear apart. Jane Twyford is one pretty girl who leaves all the boys in a. whirl. Kendal East, the girl who has style, will make you stop and look for a while. Sandra Williams likes the ranch type of life. She will make some fellow a cheerful wife. Emily Edwards has her diamond ring; it ' s those love songs we hear her sing. Louise Croston is the new girl in Onancock High but she will be leaving with us JoAnne Gunter, whose mischievous ways we know, bye and bye. although she is careful not to let them show. Last and least is the two of us; Ida Lynne Harmon is a talented girl; I can ' t we hope the Seniors will not fuss, think of anything she can ' t give a whirl. Nancy Harmon with that ever roving eye; I haven ' t seen the boy she would let go by. Jonica and Brooks ART EDITOR Linda Robbins Annual Staff EDITOR Martha Hartman . , ' 4 ASSISTANT EDITOR Kitty Grey SPORTS EDITORS PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS Vera Nicolls and Jimmy Lassiter Mack Lazenby and Kendal East BUSINESS MANAGERS SOCIETY EDITORS Tommy Mears and Barbie Miles Ida Lynn Harmon and George Cherrix TYPISTS-Donna Phillips, Barbara Cobb, and Amiee Savage •- ' jjB fJiL.t ' •fe-.uftfeSwa F. H. A. OFFICERS President.Beverly Nelson Vice President.Vera Nicolls Secretary.Alice Formyduval Treasurer.Joye Prier Chaplain .Barbie Miles Reporter . Sandy Guy Historian.Margaret Ann Boggs Song Leader .Faye Layne Pianist.. . Donna Phillips TRI -HI-Y OFFICERS President . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Chaplain . . . Reporter . . . Ida Lynn Harmon . •. . Billie Lang Donna Phillips . . . Joye Prier Linda Sue Cobb . . Barbie Miles TRI-HI-Y Senior Class Foolin Around GRADUATION Graduation time will soon be here. It ' ll bring happiness for some and for others a tear. When we look down these halls of ivy. And think of the times we ' ve spent. We suddenly stop to realize just how fast they went. Yes, soon we ' ll be leaving this ole place. And I think if you ' ll look closely There ' ll be a tear on every face. Yes, there have been times that we shall never forget. Times that none of .us will ever regret. Sure, there have been times of sorrow, too. Times when you felt oh so blue. No, it won ' t be easy to leave Onancock High, And don ' t feel ashamed if you have to cry. It ' ll just show the goodness in your heart. Of how you loved her in the past. And memories of the place we love will forever last. And when you walk out the door, you ' ll give a little sigh. And you ' ll turn to look and say, Onancock High, goodbye W. B. Mears, Jr. IHHfSNPiVMSIlHHPHHKMR Our Junior Play " Bolts and Nuts” Grandad Goes Wild Our Senior Play ' V! ’fJjy.JkJl . ■ rtt l r , V ■ ,• I Lu ij t±r J . . : i. LLAll .. iHHffl Efm9 Athletic Ball " Imran May Day ■rmigmrm Jjr 9 k v jyvg ' ’ir r wsMi •• " tT-y ' iijUte - xi v aaausi iaxii k ..ift, .iJi ' -J. V - ■- » » w ' ' -tZ— • ' v xCmi.) «t ' I ' 1 ] . I L ' " ' J We, the Senior Class of Onancock High School of 1960, do hereby make, publish, and declare this instrument of writing to be our Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking and making void any other former Wills and or Codicils by us heretofore made. Section I Article I. Article II. Article III. Article I. Article II. Article III. Article IV. Article V. Article VI. Article VII. Article VIII. Article IX. Article X. Article XI. Article XII. Article XIII. Article XIV. Article XV. Article XVI. Article XVII. Article XVIII. Article XIX. Article XX. Article XXI. Article XXII. Article XXIII. Article XXIV. Article XXV. Article XXVI. Article XXVII. Article XXVIII. Article XXIX. Article XXX. Article XXXI. Article XXXII. Article XXXIII. Article XXXIV. Article XXXV. Article XXXVI. To our principal, Mr. Hoppes, we will our admiration and deepest respect. To our faculty we will our sincerest thanks for helping us through many despairing moments. To the Juniors we will our ability to antagonize the teachers and to mis¬ behave whenever they have the opportunity. Section II. Tom Barber wills his cute sarcastic remarks to Tommy Hopkins and Jerry Kappes in case they run out of them. Mary Upsher Boggs wills her “Woolworth ' s Originals " to Kitty Rhoades Grey. Cecil Bennett wills his ability to skip school to J. D. Small and Coles Marsh. Barbara Ann Cobb wills her speedy Nash to Shirley Windsor in case she gets tired feet. Carolyn Courtney and Dottie Kay Smith will their many hair rinses to Kay Drummond. George Cherrix wills himself to Sandy Guy providing they fuss only once a day. Kendal East wills her sophistication to JoAnne Bundick. Emily Edwards, Robin Mason, and Pauline Isdell will their diamond rings to Berdine Hargis providing she only wears one at a time. Jimmy Custis wills his busy body manner to Mac Chandler and David King. JoAnne Gunter and Sulvia Scott will their quiet ways to Janet DoScotch who should take extreme care of them. Billy Drewer wills his ability to " tame those wild ponies " to Norris Barnes. Ida Lynn Harmon wills her eye-catching figure to Eunice Savage providing s ' he distributes it proportionately. Joe Kamps wills his studious ways to Jackie Harris and Kenneth Ennis. Nancy Harmon wills her seat in English Class to Linda Sue Cobb so she can become teacher’s pet. Martha Hartman wills her favorite book HOW TO CATCH A FOOTBALL CAPTAIN to Beverley Melson. Tommy Kellam wills his " Big 96 " to Scotty Mears. Jonica Jones wills her agreeable ways to Linda Watkinson. Barbie Miles wills her tongue (one you can touch a nose with) to Mary Frances Mears. Jimmy Lassiter wills his athletic ability to Gerald Kilmon and David Paker. Faye Layne wills her singing voice to Louise Obenshain. Vera Nicolls wills her athletic ability to Jackie Watson providing she uses it to play ping-pong. Mack Lazenby wills his parking space at Wise ' s to Vaughan Davis and Bobby Coard. Emily Pruitt and Sandra Williams will their winning smiles to Alice For- myduval if she promises to give it a rest when eating. Brooks Mears wills his extra inches in height to Billy Anderson. Linda Robbins wills all her ex-boyfriends to Bonnie Kellam. Tommy Mears wills his " love lines " to Fred Harmon and Joe Christman. Amiee Savage wills her talking ability limited to 300 words a minute to Billie Lang. Larry Pruitt wills that sleepy-eyed look to David Johnson. Martin Reade wills his weight-lifters and Veronica Lewis to Tommy Jacob. Donna Phillips wills her wrecked telephone at Chincoteague to Betty Gaye Evans. Rosalie Scott wills her excess weight to Dix ie Smith. Wayne Smullin wills his technique with girls to Tommy Miles and Jerry Lilliston. Dickie Williams wills all his extra A’s to John Lambdin. Linda Sweitzer and Mary Asher Shrieves will their acting ability to Bon¬ nie Shreeves. Bill Wallace wills his trim physique to Riley Bull and Dale Milliner. Jane Twyford wills her ugly stick to Joye Prior. Amiee Savage and Donna Phillips -v- n f ' lSi r G- W Yr V - - .-■r.tt.J.V. t.0 7: o g: Ut Jt « " » . v, ' ? r V y?7es d (2 r£ £-4 C ILjJuj ( t n rujL -$L 3x c _ Buy With Confidence Where Ion See The Above Symbol Displayed Salisbury places ol businesss showing the above symbol have pledged themselves to high ethical standards. They have pledged to honor your pa¬ tronage with full understanding of your needs, and assure you fairness and value in all your business with them. You can buy with confidence where you see the above symbol displayed in Salisbury. Your happy Shopping City. .X - i-l .ils. s -irfL.- 1YY ir ' . n . , 1 J . J . , j t . 4 J-» J. M. WATSON CO., INC. Qua 1ity Furniture and Floor Coverings General Electric Appliances Phone SU 7-2636 Onancock, Vriginia Congratulations to the sweetest girls and the finest boys Fresh, Delicious, Taste thrillers - Tasty and Nutritious Cake and Tasty Pies Y. i t A Vi ' t-, 1 4 -y if w LASSITER LUMBER CORPORATION Short Leaf Yellow Pines Planing Mill and Office Greenbush, Virginia SU 7-3800 METOMPKIN BANK S TRUST CO. Comp 1 iments of Parks ley Bloxom, Va. LEWIS BROTHERS Members of Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. tvs . i • v ( S ' I. - -- . .: r . nk . wA a rtAMyif.r , ' f- A TtZj 4fc{ 2 FARMERS EXCHANGE, INCORPORATED C. R. Bull, Pres. R. P. Richardson, Vice-Pres. W. C. Kellam, Sec.-Treas, Phone SU 7“1000 Onley, Va. PAUL M. JONES Piling and Lumber Telephones Residence 275 Office 56 Snow Hill Ma ry1 and SHOP IN P0C0M0KE CITY where yoy wi 1 1 find QUALITY VARIETY SERVICE POCOMOKE BUSINESS MEN’S ASSOCIATION AUTO PARTS KELLAM DISTRIBUTING COMPANY, INC. Atlantic Petroleum Products and Automotive Distributors Belle Haven, Virginia G 1 2-5811 ‘4 --— ■■■■■■■■mm Comp1 iments of D. E. SCOTT Sr SON Michael Gifts Onancock, Vriginia Fine China-Crysta1 - Lamps Printing Engraving Comp 1 iments of ONLEY BEAUTY SHOPPE Bessie D. Oustis V. A. CHANDLER SONS INC. Complete Insurance Service Market St. Onancock, Va. Phone: SUnset 7 - 3303 Comp 1 iments of FROSTEE-FREEZE Scott and Gladys Marsh Tas1ey , Va. Compliments of the EASTERN SHORE PUBLIC SERVICE CO. Comp 1 iments of FARMERS MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK On 1ey , Va. Comp 1iments of FORKS GRILL Onancock , Virginia Cong ratu1 ations to the Graduating Class of I960 Comp 1 iments of HARVEY SAVAGE HOME IMPROVEMENTS ONANCOCK HIGH SCHOOL PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION Pa rks1ey Virgin i a Compliments of NELSON FARMS MIIK-CRfAM . J I r krt. . ir, ' ..Jj.y •j r ' Comp 1iments of FRANK J. HARTMAN Sand-G ravel-Fill For A11 Needs Cement Work, Drives, Etc. Onancock Virginia CLARK BROTHERS RICHARDSON ' S FURNITURE STORE Hall Richardson SU 7-3737 Onancock Virginia Hot Point Admiral Appliances Siegler Heaters Rugs - Draperies - Gifts Comp 1iments of TRUMAN T. LEWIS GENERAL MERCHANDISE Comp 1iments of J. J. NEWBERRY AND COMPANY G reenbush Vi P0C0M0KE MARBLE AND GRANITE WORKS rg i n i a EICHELBERGER 1 S Modern Memorials in Marble and Granite Rock of Ages Memorials Two Stores Now Offering Everything For The Home And Family Pomocoke City Ma ry1 and Exmore £• Keller -- »nn i» : nr±s? ' Z ..,.., ■ S-Jr. Comp 1iments of H. C. WATSON CORPORATION Distributor of Texaco Petroleum Products On 1ey Virgin i a " Our Forty-Sixth Year Wi th Texaco " Comp 1 iments of HIGHWAY SERVICE STATION Oak Hall THE OLIVER CORPORATION Virginia illll p« ISDELL BROTHERS WHOLESALE Why order-Buy Direct From Our Trucks! Meats P rovisions Comp 1 iments of THE ADKINS CO. OF POCOMOKE Everything Needed for BuI 1ding " Pocomoke City Maryland Phone 135 EDWARDS FURNITURE COMPANY Telephone SUnset 7 3162 Onancock Virginia Complete Home Furnishings BILL PAYNE Specia 1 iz i ng In Outboard and Air Cooled Motors Briggs-Stratton-C1 inton Agency For Buccaneer All Kinds Fishing Equipment Phone SUnset 7-2371 JOHNSON CHEVROLET SALES Direct Dea1ers In Cars Trucks 01dsmobi1e Onancock VIrgin i a ORIOLE STORE EQUIPMENT CO. Store Designing Specialists Complete Food Store Equipment 821-825 West Main St. Salisbu ry Md Phone: PI 9-6181 I ' if fu F ' ✓ Y. ■ ■ --- ■■■■ . iVV- ,• ; BAKER ' S BEN FRANKLIN COMPANY TOWN AND COUNTRY DRESS SHOP Onancock Pa rks1ey Onancock and Parksley Virgin i a CHARLES F. ROGERS, Virgin i a JR. Comp 1iments of Plumbing - Heating A. T. HICKMAN LUMBER CO. Hardware -- Building Material Me 1 fa VIrgin i a Painter, Virginia OUTTEN BROS., INC. Furniture and Appliances " We cover the Delmarva Peninsula " Located one mile south of Pocomoke Open Daily till 9 P. M. Phone 800 Pocomoke Md. Cong ratu1 ations To The Graduating Class COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. Exmore, VirginI a C. D. MARSH, JEWELER W. T. MILES-FORD Blue, White, and Perfect Phone SU 7-3333 Pocomoke City Onancock, Virginia Mary 1 and BARNES WELDING SERVICE Electrie-Acetylene ' When you can ' t get to us we come to you. " Comp 1iments of PENINSULA ENTERPRISE Accomac, Virginia Phone: Tas1ey SU 7-3185 Vi rgin i a SU 7-3500 SU 7-2300 NI COLLS BROTHERS " Farm Machinery for Every Occasion " Comp 1iments of BL0X0M AUTO SUPPLY Automotive Wholesale Dist ributors Mappsvi11e Vi rgin i a Comp 1iments of MARVIN LEWIS LANCE J. ELLER Tas1ey, Va. G rading AsphaIt Su rfacing and Excavating Phone: SU 7-3212 Me 1 fa Virgin i a Comp 1iments of C. J. PRETTYMAN SONS Real Estate Businesses Broad Street Exmo re Virginia BURNETT WALTON Seiber1ing Tires Recapping Exmore, Virginia -V J ■ ' ■ .«. A ‘Jj,. +j ' ,j f j| t . ' T 1 y 7 ‘ r 1 jlLjJJ.:x ' ' ■ iftMMnMHSBBSdKii I Meet Me- At WISE ' S DRUG STORE P resc riptions Soda Fountain Cosmetics T W BLOCK COMPANY Manufacturers of All Types of Masonry Blocks Onley Virginia POWELL ' S SERVICE STATION E. J. Powel1, Mgr. Atlantic Gas and 0i1 JOYNES BUILDING SUPPLIES, INC. I Building Materia 1s Brick, Block 5- Cement Aluminum Storm Windows and Doors Tas1ey Virginia Comp 1iments of GLICKS SONS Onancock and Exmore Vi rgin i a Comp 1iments of PASTRY SHOP " Home of Better Baking " Onancock Exmore THE A. GREENBERG CO. " The Store of Better Values " Eastern Shore of Virginia ' s Shopping Center Onancock Virginia W. R. MARSHALL S- SON Car Dealers Truck Brokers Onancock Vrlginia Telephone: SU 7 _ 2525 71 - a . ' V ' ■ ’•» ' ”V‘ fl. ' a -«w5 F -u‘ aji a U» iwtf Fs ■Tjk jr s mgmrnmmmmimm G. C. MARSH Paint Hardware Groceries Phone SU 7-1160 Accomac Virginia BROWN ' S T.V. SERVICE H. B rown French Coleburn Accomac, Va. 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R.C.A. - Motorola Onancock VIrginia TIP-TOP FOOD STORE Self Service Meat and Grocery Phone SU 7-2161 Onancock Virginia HAROLD F. GLADDING Flat ■ Refrigerated Trucks Pure Oil Products Tasley Phone Virginia Day SU 7-1418, SU 7-2448 Night SU 7-3865 J. T. KELLAM AUTO PARTS J. T. Kel1 am, Jr. Anything Automotive-Wholesale Phone SU 7-3211 S. K. C0L0NNA Fancy Meats and Groceries Mel fa Virgin i a CARMINE CLEANERS DYERS A Modern Dry Cleaning Plant " You Can ' t Be Well Dressed If Your Suit Is Not Pressed " SEARCY ' S FUN SPOT ( JL j [ Says Hello THE EASTERN SHORE NEWS Printing ; Onancock Virginia Comp 1Iments of CHANDLER ' S FURNITURE STORE Onancock VIrginI a HARRY TAYLOR Drugs, Sundries, Cosmetics Soda, Lunch Onencock Vriginia Comp 1iments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Onancock Virginia Comp 1iments of THE FABRIC SHOPPE Mrs. J. W. Budd Onancock Virginia Comp 1 i merits of CLYDE LOTSPEICH, JR. Fisher ' s Corner, Va. Comp 1iments of TONI ' S CORNER Phone SU 7-2650 Tas1ey Virginia Comp 1iments of ONLEY HARDWARE CO. Onley, Va. TIP TOP GROCERY Manager - Walter Lewis Onley, Virginia Comp 1iments of WHITE BROS. Onley, Va. PR 1ER ' S Onancock-Onley Road K. E. Prier, Mgr. PEARSON ' S GROCERY Comp 1iments of BARNES RADIO HOSPITAL Radio, Television Supplies Onancock, Virginia J. A. REW Onley Esso Phone SU 7 _ 9678 Onley Virginia MODERN BEAUTY SHOPPE Roxie Scott Evelyn Scott Onley Virginia Compliments of ONLEY GRAIN CO. Onley, Va. Comp 1im ents of MATTHEWS CLEANERS Tasley, Va. Comp 1iments of SNYDER ' S GULF SERVICE STATION Phone SU 7 _ 3155 Accomac Virginia H. M. JAMES " House of Fabrics " Nassawadox Virginia CARMINE-HARDWARE J. H. Carmine Anything in Hardware Onancock, Virginia f Compliments of J CURTIS RECORD SHOP W Exmore, Virginia Mm • ' ' ' T ' !rr ' y ' ■.« » PWI " ■ . ._,.. 1 .. . ... ..... A ., ■ . ..... . iLiV- l . J Kresky Superflame Dealer Comp 1 1 merits of MURDOCK HEATING On 1ey , V1rgin1 a Comp 1 iments of LEE BOOTH Onancock Virginia Comp 1 iments of FASHION DESIGNERS Onancock, Va. BELL DRUG COMPANY Phone SU 7-1722 Accomac Virginia Comp 1Iments of RUSSELL MOTOR CO. Dodge Exmore, Va. Simca Comp 1 iments of ; WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATION STORE Onancock Virginia TULL KELLY CHICKS Pocomoke City, Md. Phone Poco. 711 or 710 G. DEWEY LEWIS VARIETIES Shoes and Clothes for the Fami1y SU 7-3834 Tasley, Vriginia lfl1VV«l.l J W. E. WEST Ford Tractor " Ford Farming Means Less Work " Tas1ey, Virgin1 a J. R. EWELL LUNCH Complete Line of Fishing Tackle MO 5-7285 Parksley, Virginia Compliments of HEARNE-BALLARD INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Phone SU 7-2140 Onancock Virginia THE HAT SALON For Distinctive Styles Phone SU 7-3071 Onancock VirgInia Comp 1iments of W E S R RADIO STATION Comp 1iments of PENINSULA GAS CO. Onancock, Va. R. C. EVANS SON WHOLESALE Candy, Drugs Tobaccos, Cigarettes On ley Virginia ONLEY DRUG STORE Onley , Virginia Manager - Thomas Young f +i i j ] mmm INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers — Manufacturers Yearbooks — Yearbook Covers Diplomas — Graduation Announcements Factory — Home Office Kansas City, Mo. U.S.A. .

Suggestions in the Onancock High School - Trident / Beacon Yearbook (Onancock, VA) collection:

Onancock High School - Trident / Beacon Yearbook (Onancock, VA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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