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5 . I .1, . ' . ? vt s fi . ' Hi i i - • " • I - - Sfpbi flfe ' • . " iv V MK wm ■ r ... MUMn Mil.? ' -•% ) 1961 YAMACRAW OGLETHORPE UNIVERSITY Atlanta, Georgia Paula Hotmann, Edito r Eric ScharfF, Business Manager Charlotte Morris, Business Manager Mr. Leo Bilancio, Faculty Advisor Pat Griffin, Assistant Editor CONTENTS INTRODUCTION FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES SPORTS HONORS ADVERTISING STUDENT DIRECTORY :4P SE X A. X 7 Oft .:SM M mmmmm sps it! 1 lit ■ ' . tfifc ' .Vi ■ L. Z fl i V p - F ' • .• 1 • ' • ' ■ ' • ' . ' • ' • ' • ' ; ' .•■ ' ■ ' •••. ' . V 7 v n v K6$Xn5JM v FOREWORD These pictures tell our story — Variations on an ideal. The ideal — that of achieving the true worth from our education, ot em- bodying the Oglethorpe spirit and allowing it to motivate us as we strive and seek for those things most valued. The variations — Sequence, Spirit, and Synthesis. Sequence as shown in the transmitting of knowledge from professor to student. Spirit derived from active participation in all school events and activities. Synthesis as depicted by the culmination of spirit and knowledge — the necessary con- stituents of the ideal. The editor and her staff submit this book as a pictorial representation of the Oglethorpe ideal. PROGRES Those symbols incarnate of man Variations on themes of reality Ideals progressed in dreams SEQUENCE SPI VARIATIONS AN 3IONS - trough perceptions, motivations ynthesise to form life. —joe soldati {IT SYNTHESIS ON IDEAL ■-■- . !» ■ M 5 .V- ■ r f o: i The most that we have, our thoughts, our experiences, our hopes, and our dreams are symbolized by this book which we, the 1961 Tamacraw staff, dedicate to MR. LEO BILANCIO who we believe to be one ot the most inspiring faculty members at Oglethorpe. His friendliness and profound interest in his students and their progress tend to promote and encourage individual initiative and also to emphasize his own imaginative character. And, to quote Whitehead, " imagination, which is necessary to carry out the proper function of a university — the imaginative acquisition of knowledge, can only be communicated by a faculty whose members themselves wear their learning with imagination. " Because this so aptly describes Mr. Bilancio ' s personality and character, and because he is always thought of with feelings of gratitude, respect, and deepest affection, we think he epitomizes those qualities which con- stitute the Ideal which we ourselves are ever striving to achieve. 10 More than 2,000 years ago the ancients sym- bolized learning by a torch passing from hand to hand down the generations. That lighted torch is the symbol of imagination — the imagi- native acquistion of k nowledge. — Whitehead 11 THE PRESIDENT SPEAKS,., The theme ot the 1961 Tamacraw, " Progressions — Variations on an Ideal, " together with the organization of this book, suggests a musical development. A college experience is like an important movement in a large musical composition which could be described as a more or less pat- terned or organized life. This movement or progression involves the rela- tionships of the climactic synthesis or awareness of interrelatedness. In a sense, this is the ideal of the university. The importance of this progression lies in the fact that no subsequent movements in the whole living composition will be the same, because of the influence of the " progression and variation " in the college movement. A senior once told me that in his senior year his courses, his intellectual experience, his reading, his relationships to other students, and his un- derstanding of himself seemed to fall into place in a sort of stable structure or synthesis. That is to say, the college experience seemed to form out of its disparate parts a meaningful pattern. It would be naive to assume that, in this dynamic society, a pattern derived out of college would be permanent. New movements, new themes, will be introduced in unpredictable variation. But it the college experience has been highly significant, it will at times appear, as in the case of a fugue, to overlie the structure of subsequent experience. To each the movement of college experience is rubato. To some it has moved its culmination in a quiet adagio movement. To others it has been allegro con spirito. It is our hope that for each student the movement may have had direction in meaning. In a world that appears fragmented, diverse, and at times chaotic, the intellectual and emotional experience in college may demonstrate the possi- bility of resolution of discords, of stability of motive, and constructive form. Recognition of this form sometimes does not appear during college experi- ence but as a result of post-graduation perspective. At Oglethorpe this should involve ways ot looking at oneself, at man, at governments, at re- ligion, at science and art in such a way that these separate elements may, with the help of books, teachers, and our fellow students fall into a pattern that may be described as " progressions — variations on an ideal. " 12 Donald C. Agnew, President A.B. (Park College) M.A., Ph.D. I Duke University) George C. Seward, Dean B.A. (Amherst) Ph.D. (Tuebingen) 13 AND lis ™ 1 BBb J»f m v ¥ ■li A 1 w ' 1 tSrl -T W i 15 DIVISION OF LUCILLE Q. AGNEW B.A. ( Furman) M.A. (Du e) WENDELL H. BROWN B.S. t Puget Sound) MA. (Columbia) BERTRAM H. FLANDERS A.B., MA. (Emory); Ph.D (Du e) WILLIAM H. COHEN B.A., M.A. (University of Florida) 16 iUMAN UNDERSTANDING ARTHUR REILER B.A. iHeiv Tor University) M.A. ( Mi ddlebury ) Docteur de I ' Universite (Pans) HARRY DORSON Institute Musical Arts, JSj. T. Study. Berlin, Fontameblcu, London STANLEY M. DAUGERT B.A , K4.A., Ph.D. (Columbia) INGE MANSKI LUNDEEN Study at Indiana University and Curtiss Institute Metropolitan Opera Company 17 HUMAN UNDERSTANDING GEORGE C. SEWARD B.A. (Amherst) Ph.D. (Tuebmgen j RAYMOND TOUBMAN B.Miis., M.A. (Boston U.) M.S. in L.S. (Simmons College) DIVISION OF BUSINESS JAMES R. MILES B.A., B.S. (Alabama) M.B.A. (Ohio State) WILLIAM A. EGERTON ( University of AJort i Carolina) (University of Tennessee Law School) 19 DIVISION OF LEO RILANCIO B.A. (Knox College) M.A. (University of J orth Carolina) A CHEEVER CRESSY, JR. B.A. i Tufts) M.A., Ph.D. (Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy ) WILLIAM A CARROLL A.B. (Brown University) M.A. (Georgetown University I 2 r . 20 CITIZENSHIP RIC HARD H. HAUNTON B.A., M.A. i Indiana) W. A. L. COULBORN B.Sc, M.B.E. (University of London) 21 DIVISION BERNICE HILLIARD B.A., M.Ed. ( Oglethorpe) ARTHUR L. COHEN B.A. ( Stanford) M.A., Ph.D. (Harvard) ROY N. GOSLIN B.A. (Hebrask.ci Wesleyan) M.A. (Wyoming) 22 DF SCIENCE LOIS WILLIAMSON 3.A.. M.A. (Oglethorpe) GEORGE F. WHEELER B.A. i Ohio State) M.S. (California Institute of Technology ) J. KENNEDY HODGES B.A. tXK ' off-ord) M.A. (Du e) Ph.D. (J orth Carolina) 23 L. " POP " CROW B.A. (Hebras a) Mil " ! D I V I s I o N o F BARBARA S. UEHLING B.A. University of Wichita) M.A., Ph.D. (J urthwestern University) ELGIN MacCONNELL B.A. I Allegheny ) M.A. (}{ew Tor University) 24 EDITHGENE R. SPARKS B.S. in Ed. (Oglethorpe) M.Ed. (Emory) c o M M U N I T Y S E R V I c E RICHARD M. RESER B.A. (King) M.A. (Peabody) Ph.D. iHorth Carolina) GARLAND PINHOLSTER B.S. (]s[urth Georgia College J M.A. f Peabody) 25 Daniel Uffner Assistant to the President Norman B. Thompson Director of Development H ' ' v5fr JT ' " -J2J» ; 4TJ Bt " Mg T. Michael Murphey Field Representative A D M I N I S T R A T I V E Carole George Receptionist Carol Tucker Bursar Richard Brusehke Comptroller Raymond Touhmaii Librarian Ruth Lovell Manager of the Bookstore and Post Office Bill Malone Superintendent of Maintenance 26 s T A F F Majorie MacConnel Registrar Elgin MacConnell Resident Counselor for Men ■ — —4 — my ' " - . Bernice Hilliard Resident Counselor for Women Jeanne Cressy Secretarv to t ie President Jennine Murphey Secretary to the Dean Ruth Locklin Secretary to the Assistant to the President 2r Lenora Baldwin College N ' trse Sewell Edwards Campus Policeman Glenda B.ilowski Secretary to the Registrar Louis Nash Cajetena Manager 27 ,,: 2 " 3«W ; ' „;% " " SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President - - - Penny Jones Vice-President Pat Griffin Secretary Martha Laird Treasurer David Chesnut Parliamentarian — - - — - Dana Lou Howe 30 " ON THE ISLAND " Of our four years spent on these premises, the following is a slight record of those years that now become Madras memories fading into the con- glomeration of life. In one short year Wc survived orientation, Rat week, a cold hayride, our first final examinations; We looked forward to basketball games (in those days we became good losers), caring for Budda, Christmas vacation. We dreaded low grades, Mondays, financing our Black and White formal. We learned logic, what friendship could be, the value oi a dollar; We became Sophomores. We were hated by the Freshmen, loved by ourselves, tolerated by the faculty; We participated in projects, athletics, publications, clubs and committees; We sweated Economics exemption. Greek notebooks, our sloppy tennis game; We became Juniors. We grew academically, mentally, and in stature; We got sick, drunk, ambitious, serious; We spent nights with Ogg and Ray, dancing, talking, tailing in and out of love; We waited for Dr. Reser ' s test grades, kite dates, the long, hot summer of ' 60 to pass- We were Seniors. We had set our goals, had one more chance to prove ourselves, had come of age; We now know the value of the previous years; We said goodby to cafeteria lines, bull sessions, our last Oglethorpe spring; We shall hope we show our thanks to Dr. Agnew, Dr. Seward, and the whole gauntlet of faculty by what we do " on the mainland; " We have left things done and undone, our own special mark, maybe; We have begun other years somewhere else — joe soldati 31 Barbara Ann Baughman Bachelor of Arts Atlanta, Georgia Class Officer-1,2; Secretary- 1,2; Modern Dance Group-1,2,3,4; N.E.A. President-2; Secretary of A.F.F.-2; Cheerleader- 2,3,4;, Westminster Fellowship- 1; Social Committee- 1 ; Yamacraw Staff - 2,?, 4; Homecoming Court-3,4; Duchess Club-3,4; Secretary- Treasurer-4. Belle Turner Bennett Bachelor of Arts Atlanta, Georgia Transfer, Mt. Vernon Junior College; Spanish Cluh-1,2; French Cluh-1.2; Pres.-2; Bell Cote Staff-1; Vice-President Merri- weather House-2; House Council-2; AA. Degree-2 ;Dean ' s List-.V William Louis Blair Bachelor of Arts Smyrna, Georgia Blue Key-4; Bur ' s He.id-4. 32 Frances Pasley Buttolph Bachelor of Arts Atlanta, Georgia John David Chesnut Bachelor of Arts Decatur, Georgia Transfer: Erskine College; Epsilon Alpha Sigma Fraternity- 1 ,2; Players- 1,2; Erskie Awartl-2; Student Government- 1,2; Pep Band-4; Co-Chairman of Assembly Committee-4; Treasurer of Senior Class. Murphey Roger Couch Bachelor of Arts Decatur, Georgia Transfer: University of Georgia; Basketball- 1 ; Phi Delta Theta- 1; Basketball-2-3-4; Baseball-2,3,4; Varsity Club-3-4; Secretary- 3; Blue Key-3,4; Parliamentarian-4; Yamacraw Staff-3,4; Bowl- ing League-4. 33 Nona Elizabeth Davis Bachelor of Science Atlanta, Georgia Transfer: Georgia Tech; Society of Women Engineers, Women Students Association, Gamma Psi, Ga. Tech UMCA Executive Board, " T " Book Staff. Franklin Wayne Dobbs Bachelor of Arts Smyrna, Georgia Basketball- 1,2,3,4; Tenms-1; Baseball-1,2,3,4; Class Offieer-2,3; Treas.-2; Vice-President- 3; Varsity Club- 1 ,2,3,4; President-3; Boar ' s Head-3,4; Vice-President-4; Blue Key-3,4; Yamacraw Staff-3; Vice-President Student Council-4; " B " 1 team basketball coach-4; Chairman, Interactivity Committee-4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Sheila Louise Donohue Bachelor of Arts Transfer: Immaculata Junior College; Swimming team- 1,2; Bas- ketball-1; Secretary of Student Council-2; Honor Committee-4; Duchess Club-4; Newman Club-3. 34 Lawrence Edward Goodwin Bachelor of Arts Silver Grove, Kentucky Transfer: Brutan-Parker; Basketball-2,3,4; Baseball-2,3,4; Blue Key-4; Boar ' s Head-4. Patricia Delia Griffin Bachelor of Arts Tuc er, Georgia Modern Dance Group- 1,2,3: Yamacraw Staff- 1,2, 3 -4; Editor-3; Assistant Editor-4; N.E.A.-1.2; Cheerleader-2,3,4; Captain-4; Social Committee-2; Class Offieer-3,4; Parliamentarian- 3; Vice- President-4; Duchess Club-?, 4; Secretary and Treasurer-?; Presi- dent ; Chapel Committee-?; Interactivity Committee- 3,4; Sec- retary-4; Dorm Council-3,4; President-4; Homecoming Court-.?; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Joseph Marshall Harb Bachelor of Science Atlanta, Georgia Players- 1,2; Tennis- 1; Class Parliamentarian- 1,2 ; Rat Court-2; Biology Lab Assistant- 2, 3; Zoology Lab Assistant- 2,4; Botany Lab Assistant-2,4; Research Assistant-?. 4; LeConte Society-?, 4; President-4; Pep Squad-4; Treasurer-4. 35 George H. Harper, Jr. Bachelor of Arts Atlanta, Georgia David N. Harvey Bachelor of Science Atlanta, Georgia Transfer: Georgia Tech; Circulation Manager for Techmque- 1,2; Circulation Manager for Air Force paper 1,2; Chemistry Lah Assistant-2,3,4; Boar ' s Head-3,4; Vice-President-4; Blue Key-3,4; Sec. -4: LeConte-3,4; Treas.-4; Student Council-3,4; Parliamcntarian-4. James Callaway Harvey Bachelor of Arts Atlanta, Georgia Westminster Fellowship! ; Humanics Association- 1 ,2,3,4; Social Committee-1,2,3,4; Saints- 1, 2, .V, Players-1,2; Chorus- 1,2, 3,4; Alpha Phi Omega-2,3; Viee-Pres.-2. Dana Lou Howe Bachelor of Arts Atlanta, Georgia Westminster Fellowship- 1 ; Modern Dance Group- 1,2; All Faith ' s Fellowship-2,3; President ; Yamacraw Staff-2,3,4; As- sistant Editor-3; Social Committee-2,.V, N.EA.-2; Cheerleader- 2,3,4; Chapel Committee-2,3; Chairman-3; Interactivities Com- mittee-3; Duchess Cluh-4; Senior Class Parliamentarian-4. k Felix Harvey Hudson Bachelor of Arts Atlanta, Georgia Phillip Leighton Howell Bachelor of Arts Con lev, Georgia Humanics Association-2,3,4; Alpha Phi Omega-2,3,4; Executive Committee- 3, 4. 37 Sammy Gower Hudgins Bachelor of Arts Chamblee, Georgia Basketball-2,3,4; Baseball- 1,2. Janie Marie Hunt Bachelor of Science Jonesboro, Georgia Transfer: Montreat- Anderson Junior College; Basketball, Hiking Club; Spanish Club; Honor Court-4; Dorm Vice-President-4; Yamacraw Staff-3; Gun Club-3,4; Public Relations-3,4. Giovanni Ianniello Bachelor of Arts Atlanta, Georgia Newman Club-4. 38 Edloe Pendleton Jones Bachelor of Arts Manning, South Carolina Honor Court-3,4; Chairman-4; Toastmasters- 1 ; Treas.-l; Hu- manics Association-2 ; Sec. ' 2; Alpha Phi Omega-2; Prcsident-2; Yamacraw Staff-3; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities-4; Dorm Couneil-4; President of Senior Class; Assembly Committee-4. Ronald Richard Knopf Bachelor of Arts St. Petersburg, Florida Humamcs-1 ,2.3,4; Second Vice-President- 3; First Vice-Presi- dent 4; Class Officer; Vice-President- 1 ; President-3; Alpha Phi Omega- 1,2; Secretary-1; Public Relations Committee- 1; Players- 1,2,3,4; President-3; Saints-2,3,4; Stormy Petrel Staff-3,4,5; Yamacraw Staff-3, 4. Duchc Club Martha Elizabeth Laird Bachelor of Arts Atlanta, Georgia Award-1; F.T.A.-l; Vice-President- Chcer- leader-1,2; Captain-2; Westminster Fellowship- 1 ,2; Dean ' s List- 1,2,3; Modern Dance Club-1,2,3,4; Players-1; Social Committee- 1,2; Honor Court-2; Yamaeraw-2,3 ; Duchess Club-3,4; Secre- tary of Senior Class. 39 Wilfred Joseph LeBlanc Bachelor of Arts Salem Depot, J{ew Hampshire Humanics Foundation-1,2,3,4; Players- 1,2, 3, 4; President-4; Al- pha Phi Omega; Yamacraw Staff " - 1 ; Treasurer of Junior Class; Goodman Hall Dorm Council; President-4. Edward Almond Leonard Bachelor of Arts Atlanta, Georgia James William Mann Bachelor of Science Conyers, Georgia Yamacraw Staff-4; Boar ' s Head Fratermty-4; Blue K.ey-4; Le- Conte Honorary Society-4. 40 L. Silas Moore Bachelor of Arts Atlanta, Georgia Players-3; Stormy Petrel Staff-4. Barbara Helen Olsen Bachelor of Arts Atlanta, Georgia Transfer: Carson-Newman College; Homecoming Court- 1,2; Calliopean Literary Society- 1,2; Radio Work Shop DJ-I; Har- vest Festival Beauty Court-1; B.TU.-2; Science Honor Fra- ternity-2; German Cluh-2; Swimming Cluh-2; Gun Club-3,4; Interactivities Committee- 3; Chorus- 3,4; Players- 3,4; Intermural Representative-3. Woon Churl Paik Bachelor of Arts Seoul, Korea 41 James Anthony Paredes Bachelor of Arts Atlanta, Georgia Players-2,3; Honor Court-2,3,4; Chairman-4; Alpha Phi Omega ' 2,3; President-3; Toastmasters-2; Literary Magazine-4; Stormy Petrel Staff-3; Blue Key-3,4; Rat Court-?. James Harry Peagler, III Bachelor of Arts Atlanta, Georgia Ellen Sculley Russell Bachelor of Arts Savannah, Georgia 42 Frederick Asher Schatzman Bachelor of Science Highland Par}{, J [ew jersey Le Conte Society-4; Honor Committee-4; Stormy Petrel StarF-4; Photo Editor-4. Joe A. Soldati Bachelor of Arts Charlotte, J orth Carolina President Freshman Class; Student Council- 1; Humanics Asso- ciation-!, 2: Alpha Phi Omcga-1,2,3,4; Chairman-4; Stormy Petrel Staff ' 1,2, 3, 4; Chorus- 1; Interactivities Committee-1; Lit- erary Magazine-2,3,4; Editor-?, 4; Honor Committee-4; Chair- m. in-4; Dormitory Bonrd-4; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. Ainslee Jackson Stull Bachelor of Arts Forest Par , Georgia 43 Robert Bruce Tanner Bachelor of Arts Atlanta, Georgia Margaret P. Thrasher Bachelor of Arts Atlanta, Georgia Marc Stephen Weinberg Bachelor of Arts T ew Tor City, A[eu Tor Tenms-1; Parker Law Award; Class Vice-President-2; Gun Club-2,3,4; President-2,3 ; Boar ' s Head Fraternity , 3, 4; Treas- urer , 3; Blue Key-2,3,4; Treasurer ' 3, 4; Rat Court-2,3; Players- 2,3,4; Honor Court-?; Varsity Club-3; Student Government-4; President-4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties; Joint Committee of Faculty and Students-4; Chairman-4. 44 Robert Alexander Wynn Bachelor of Science Hazlehnrst, Georgia Honor Committee- 1,3; Honor Court-4; Junior Toastmasters-1,3; Class President-2 ; Le Conte-2,3,4; Boar ' s Head Fraternity-3,4; President-4; Blue Key- 3,4; President-4; Stormy Petrel Staff-4. t . Emily Anne Edwards Bachelor of Arts Wales a, Georgia -Teacher In Service - SPIRIT SEQUENCE SYNTHESIS Seniors ] [ot Pictured Allen Lee Ault— BA. Anna Lillian Crowder — BA. Sarah Isabel Katz — BA. Olivia S. Toubman — BA. Gary N. Wenger — BA. - .. CLASS OF 1961 o JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President.. Dernl Gay Vice-President Charlotte Morris Secretary Joyce Gravel Treasurer Gail Walker Parliamentarian Jay Rowland 46 Jean Abbott Carolyn Alexander Margaret Blank Anita Buck " . Nancy Burdick Norman Burgin Peter Butchart Patricia Cooper Benjamin Crawford Susan Dalton Barbara Dexter Mildred Effrain 1 Nancy English William Flammer Becky Floyd Derril Gay Bobby Gore Joyce Gravel John Guthrie Thomas Hewlett Paula Hofmann John Jay Janet Kennedy John Kuiken Ethel Law William Lawler Eleanor McGurn Robert Mallis SPIRIT SEQUENCE SYNTHESIS CLASS OF 1962 Rosie Meller Patricia Miller 48 Charlotte Morris Hilda Morris Douglas Mote Gary Mullins Thomas Norwood Hernando Pantigoso David Peterson Martha Pool Jay Rowland Aviva Shwinger Charles Teachey Juniors A[ot Pictured Christine Boone Rose Bud Kent m James Borom Helen Larsen m «r 4» Mary Bourn Carolyn Levy te .•■ Betsy Cording Benjamin Mathews B Gene Eidson James Millard Russell Eisenman Alfred Richardson pw w Marian Flynn Bobby Shumake 4 - Joe Gable Rita Weisiger ' ■ im Howard Goodwin Ibk. Paul Teachey Gail Walker John Warren 49 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Eric Scharff Vice-President Terry Ingerson Secretary Mary Lou Anderson Treasurer Kay Kilpatnck Parliamentarian Johnny Griggs Wanda Crow Juliana Dorsey Lynn Drury 51 Travis Hames Judith Harvey Susan Harris Leighton Hiselgrove Mareia Hartrick Harvey Hisaw Martha Hoss Larry Hunter 52 Terry [ngerson Kay Kilpatrick Anne Latimer Jane Kinney Bert Levy Stuart Lynn Myrna McDonald Miriam McGlothlin i Patricia McMichen Steven McMullen Corwin Metcalf Elaine Mitcham Morris Mitche 53 Charles Moore Madge Mosteller Bobby Nance LeAnn Payne Thomas Phillips Richard Robinson Eric Scharff Rosemary Scraggs m Elaine Shiflett Judith Skiles Sophomores AJot Pictured Jean Arsenault Layman Kelley Sammuel Braswell Allen Long Harry Carson Wayne McCormack Sung Soo Chun William McDonough Donna Donaldson David Melancon James Egerton Eleanor Milner Edward Feldman Barbara Mouchet Veronique Foti David Platkin John Griggs William Simonton James Guler Robert Strom Alice Hamilton Jimmy Vaughn Billie Hamm Stephen White Norma Hodges Mary Bob Smith 54 Sara Mac Smith Jack Turpin r Lynn Sprague William Vajk Elizabeth Stafford Joanne Vanderbyl Alice Turner Yvonne Vickery Albert Wallace Thomas Warters Lynn White Thomas Winn SEQUENCE CLASS OF 1963 55 JfiWir- i w . I " S J " " - " . ♦ ' f f j FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President Jim Bundy Vice-President Bob McMains Secretary Jayne Archer Treasurer Dennis Kerr Parliamentarian Hoyt Wagner 56 Andrew Akers Jayne Archer Peter Bacon Barry Bennett Michele Bernard Carol Ann Blair Mary Jane Bowman Jill Boydston Virginia Bremer Arlene Brilliant Jacqulyn Brown Wayne Browning Brenda Buice James Bundy Joan Burdick Gloria Clark Susan Coats Paula Coker 57 Daniel Cowart • ms S Nancy Dempsey Sue Damianos -3fr M Kenneth Davis 1 Paul Donald Glory Early Larry Davis Sue Engle Ronald Estes s David Euhanks Nancy Fields Edward DeGross Stephen Figler Martha Gilreath June Goldsmith Jan Goodson Gary Grude Fatma Gulluoglu 58 William Hagan 1 - - " ? H j - •» f 4 t ' i Gayle Hutson |w w Jenlyn Hamhy Peggy Hartis Phyllis Hynes Richard Hammon « £» L Vf • ■ » «•«• J iL. if ' Beatrice Hasty Betty Jo Johnson V George Handley Gary Haug Diane Jones Larry Harhin Anita Hoi Iowa y Dennis Kerr Roger Kitchens Diane Leonard Frances Leverettc Jane Lincoln 59 John Lipham Robert McMains Carol McTeer A ,f It-- ) t Franklin Mahaffey saw sjj» Jeff Lockett Carolyn Loughborough Brad McFadden Peggy McGill Oreon Mann W?z Linda Marable James Melton Mary Miles Howard Mitchell ..- Thomas Mitchum Jacqueline Murphy George Osborne 60 Lynda Papini John Parker Kathleen Payne Linda Robertson Jo Payne Carol Pound Conan Rudd James Pcndland Barry Percival Margaret Pridgen Katherine Radcliffe Betty Jane Rutland Sarah Ann Sanders Robert Pittard Jean Rivers Laurie Sayward Nancy Schreibman Fred Scott Benjamin Sellers Robert Sexton 61 Scarlett Shenk Barry Silver Mildred Sloan Charlotte Smith Brenda Starling Orlan Swennes Joyce Tebeau Edna Thollander Judy Townsend Jose Trias " r zrf iiH Hoyt Wagner Charles Vance John Wac hsteter Freshmen ?S(ot Pictured Richard Bullard Perry Cash Grace Clark Frank Conway Theodore Currier Harriet Davis John Davis William Deal Everette Eisenberg Joan Fisher Robert Fried Howard Hale Bonnie Howard Renee Huie Patricia Knousc Julie Moreland Ira Morris Dan Neilson John Pryor Jack Tebeau Elizabeth Tomlin Elinor Willingham John Wolford 62 Mary Walker Rebecca Whatley Stephen White Donna Williams Peter Williams Dean Willis Patricia Wilson Sandra Wolsey Joan Womack William Wyatt Gerald Yates Janet Yose SPIRIT SYNTHESIS CLASS OF 1964 63 64 65 PfoFl THURSDAY LDWRY April u } mi •. - - .rz-mmaiK mj mBm ' . - ikW ' i m ' t ' ■ m ?w w- ' w 67 STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS Marc Weinberg, President The Student Government consists of five Executive Officers elected by the Student Body and the four class Presidents. It is the guiding and governing organization of the Oglethorpe Student Body. Wayne Dobbs, Vice-President 68 Lynn Drury, Treasurer w — ■ ■ __ f Sara Mac Smith, Secretary Dave Harvey, Parliamentarian 69 HONOR COURT " Penny " Jones, Chairman Mr. Leo Bilancio, Adviser MEMBERS: Robin Wynn Larry Davis Marie Hunt Janet Kennedy Ben Crawford Ken Davis Glenda Balowsky Ken Borden SEATED, left to right: Ken Borden, Glenda Balowsky, Janet Kennedy, Marie Hunt, Robin Wynn, Mr. Bilancio. STANDING, left to right: Larry Davis, Ben Crawford, Ken Davis, Penny Jones. 70 MEMBERS: Joe Soldati, Chairman Fred SehaUman, Senior Class Paula Hofmann, Junior Class Carole George, Sophomore Class Mieey Metcalf, Freshman Class SEATED, left to right: Paula Hofmann, Carole George. STAND- ING, left to right: Joe Soldati, Fred ShaUman, Mickey Metcalf. NOT PICTURED: Shelia Donohue (Senior). HONOR COMMITTEE CHORUS FRONT ROW, left to right: Nancy English, Martha Gilreath, Carol Ann Blair, Jo Payne, Patti Wilson, Linda Robertson, Gloria Early. SECOND ROW, left to right: Betty-Jane Rutland, Gail Walker, Mrs. Touhman, Anne Latimer, Martha Pool, " Misty " Tebeau, Anita Buck, Sara Ann Sanders. THIRD ROW, left to right: Conan Rudd, Ed Moore, Ken Davis, Jack Stull, Jim Harvey, Mr. Toubman, Director. 72 NEWMAN CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Paula Hofman, Secretary; Mr. Carroll, Advisor; Bonnie McGern, Presi- dent. SECOND ROW, left to TOP TO BOTTOM: Tom Wynn, Margueritte Wcisiger, Dianne Leonard, Mary Jane Boman, Paula Hofmann, Kathleen Payne. ight: Ed DeGross, Program Chair- man; Joyce Gravel, Vice-President; Tom Wynn, T reasurer. TOP TO BOTTOM: Joyce Gravel, Andy Akers, Jack Warren, Ed DeGross, Bonnie McGern, Nancy Fields. 73 ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity, composed of college and university men who are or have been previously affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. Left to right: Jack Turpin, Vice-President; Jack Warren, Sergeant-at-Arms; Lyn White, Secretary; Cabot Gupton, President. 5S ■ MM I FIRST ROW: Donney Donaldson, Jack Warren, " Butch " Handley, Conan Rudd, Lynn White, Jim Bundy, Barry Persival, Ben Osborne, Jack Turpin. SECOND ROW: Derril Gay, Ben Crawford, Frank MaHaffey, Pete Butchart, Don Waters, Charlie Vance, Cabot Gupton, Joe Soldati, Dennis Kerr, Andy Akers, Larry Davis. 74 Left to right: Anne Latimer, Jo Payne, Joyce Gravel, " Penny " Jones, Patti Wilson. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Left to right: Dr. Reser, Advisor; Dave Chesnut and " Penny " Jones, Co-Chairmen. LITERARY MAGAZINE The purpose of this organization is to give students, faculty and alumni an oppor- tunity to display their literary talents in the fields of poetry, short-story writing, and essay-writing. ?aret Bk nk ,d ' « Left to right: Steve McMullen, Margaret Blank, Anne Crowder. 76 FIRST ROW, SEATED, left to right: Kay Radcliff, Conan Rudd, John Wachstetor, Kay Kilpatrick, Madge Mosteller. SECOND ROW, SEATED, left to right: Benny Mathews, Wanda Crow, Anne Latimer, Sara Mac Smith, Beth Walker, Terry Ingerson, Sam Braswell. THIRD ROW, STAND- ING, left to right Lynda Papini, Gwenda Cannon, Barry Persival, Anita Buck, Larry Davis, Lyn Alexander, Dan Cowart, Mary Lou Anderson, Bert Levy. THE OGLETHORPE PLAYERS This group is organized to promote an interest among the students in the theatre arts and to provide opportunities lor all to develop their talents. The group stages three plays yearly. Anita Buck, Business Manager; Mrs. Uffner, Direc- tor; Bert Levy, President; Lyn Alexander, Secretary. — FRONT ROW, left to right Wilma Beggs, Bonnie McGurn, Jo Payne, Patti Wilson. SECOND ROW, left to right Joyce Gravel, Ann Latimer, Wanda Crowe, " Penny " Jones. ALL FAITHS FELLOWSHIP Left to right: Gerald Yates, Field Executive; Joyce Gravel, Vice-Presi- dent; Bobby Dexter, President; Wan- da Crowe, Treasurer; Cabot Gupton, Secretary. NOT PICTURED: " Chief " Edwards, Advisor. YAMACRAW GUN CLUB SE ATED, left to right: Ed DeGross, Bobby Dexter, Pete Butchart, Joyce Gravel, Anne Latimer, Sara Mac Smith, Cabot Gupton, Virginia Bremer, Gerald Yates, Wanda Crow, Beth Walker. STANDING, left to right: Charlie Vance, Dan Cowart, Patti Wilson, Elizabeth Staford. 79 Wayne Dobbs, Chairman The Inter-activity Committee is a body set up to coordinate the activities of all the organizations on campus. It is composed of representatives of all the campus organizations. ■rtkf Mar ' Left to ngW, Gravel- 3i " Flam- { ,SfeabcthSu w0 asto dv Bobbie Uex 80 FIRST ROW, left to right: Jack Warren, Penny Jones, Ed Moore, Jack Turpin, Ronnie Knopf, Whitey LeBlanc, " Pop " Crow. SECOND ROW, left to right: Arnold Baker, Howard Goodman, Steve McMullen, Lynn White, Ken Davis, Andy Akers, Jim Harvey, Cabot Gupton. THIRD ROW, left to right: Jackie Murphy, Scarlett Shenk, Bobbie Dexter, Janet Yose, Jeri Hamhy, Jane Lincoln, Gloria Early, Patti Wilson, Wilma Beggs. HUMANICS STUDENT ASSOCIATION " Pop " Crow, Advisor; Joe Gable, Treasurer; Jack Warren, President; Ben Crawford, Vice-President; Bobbie Dexter, Secretary. 81 2fe iitettw Jfetrel Dcrril Gay Editor ' iri ' Chief Terry Ingerson Managing Editor The Official Newspaper of Oglethorpe University Lynn Drury Associate Editor i w ■ ««» . -■-» bH y T«i «» y» 1 ' JL 4 jfe m ■ 1 ■■ ' Jack Warren Business Manager BUSINESS DEPARTMENT, STANDING, left to right: Bar- ry Persival, Advertising Manager; Robin Wynn, Circulation Manager; Bill Flammcr, Advertisement; Kay Kilpatrick, Ex- change Editor. SEATED, left to right: Jack Warren, Business Manager; Mary Lou Andersen, Secretary. NOT PICTURED: Circulation Advertisement Manager, Ben Crawford. JOURNALISM EDITORS: Janet Kennedy, News; Joyce Gravel, Features; Russell Eisenman, Sports; Lynn Drury, Associate Editor; Carole George, Society. Art Editor, Ronald Knopf and Photography Editor, Fred Schatzman. 82 As the student 1. taper of Oglethorpe Univer- sity, the Stormy Petrei seeks to report and interpret campus and non-campus news and provide an outlet for expression for both faculty and students. It expresses a liberal outlook on life constantly striving to stimulate thought on the campus. LAYOUT: Assistant Editor, Ken Davis; Managing Editor, Terry Ingerson; Editor, Dernl Gay. COPY STAFF: Sue Damianos, Lyn Alexan- der, Peggy Hartis; Copy Editor, Dianne Leon- ard. STAFF WRITERS: Gary Mullins, Silas Moore, Russell Eisenman, Larry Da vis, Ann Latimer. Not pictured: Margaret Blank, Joe Soldati, John Kuiken, Ann Crowder. , m S fr Mr. Uffner, Mane Hunt, Joyce Gravel, Ann Latimer. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE The Public Relations Committee works in conjunction with the Publicity Director of the University. 84 BOWLING LEAGUE The Bowling League, a newcomer this year, was designed for those who enjoy bowling for fun. SEATED: Mary Lou Andersen, Secretary; Kay Kil- patrick, Vice-President. STANDING: Bill Flammer, Treasurer, Terry Ingerson, President. KNEELING, left to right: Jackie Brown, Nancy Fields, Beth Walker, Kay Kilpatrick, Janet Yose, Gwenda Cannon. STANDING, FIRST ROW, left to right: Grant Mc- Donald, Joan Womack, Ed Moore, Phyllis Hynes, Anita Holloway, Mary Lou Ander- sen, Marte Pridgen, Bob Mallis. SECOND ROW: Terry Ingerson, Joe Harb, Bill Flammer, John Jay, Gerald Yates, Pete Bacon. YAMACRAW EXECUTIVE STAFF Paula Hofmann, Editor-in-Chief; Mr. Bilancio, Advisor Pat Griffin, Assistant Editor. ORGANIZATIONS CO-EDITORS : Mary Lou Andersen and James Mann, FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION CO-EDITORS: Carole George and Margaret Blank. CLASSES EDITOR: Virginia Bremer ' " ■-. A . 86 [ RUS1NESS SECTION Seated, left to right: Arlene Brilliant, Charlotte Morris, Eric ScharfF. Striding, left to right Peggy Harris, Donna Williams. («-f?« Le t to right Rog SPOR T S ,ndlo ' anWo m acV cr Couch ana J ACTIVITIES Left to right: Sandra Wolsey, Tom Phillips, and Barbara Baughman. HONORS Left to right. Linda Marable and Anne Latimer. 4H P O 87 LIBERTARIAN SOCIETY FIRST ROW, left to right: Conan Rudd, Wanda Crow, Patti Wilson, Elizabeth Stafford. SECOND ROW, left to right: Jo Payne, Beth Walker, Anne Latimer, Butch Handley, Oreon Mann. This Society is composed of students who wish to discuss controversial issues facing us today. 88 SOCIAL COMMITTEE The purpose of the Social Commit- tee is to provide for the student body activities which will broaden the student ' s life. Jim Harvey, Chairman Jimmy Riley Yamacraiv Photographer 89 jUjaBL 91 OGLETHORPE UNIVERSITY . . . 92 93 A candid glimpse of her students and what they do 94 $» RAT WEEK 96 the climax of Freshman orientation and the height of upper classmen ' s " as- sistance. " The icy glare of the Rat Court, a maze of rat hats, and the off- key choruses of the Alma Mater— all of this served to forge the O. U. spirit. i 97 The heights of ndieulousness the lowliness of Freshmen " rats ' 98 1 ' -TOH 99 COSTUME PARTY Unique attire amid a Hal- loween motif set the scene for a costume party spon- sored by the Newman Club. 100 s T U D E N T W E E K E N D Prospective students become quiiinted with life on the Og thorpe campus during a weeke of specially oriented activities. MY " My Three Angels, " a story of three highly unangelic conviets ' cavorting with a store-owner ' s family on Devil ' s Island, was the Oglethorpe Players ' first production of the season. Madge Mosteller, Jim Edgerton, and Larry D.ivis portray the parents and fiance of de- mure Carole George. 102 3 A N Kay Radclirf, as the arrogant brandy-buying client. The three devilish angels " , Sam Braswell, Bub Strum and Ben Mathews, release pet snake - - the result, an " accidental " death. Homecoming Queen of 1 9 6 1 Miss Mary Lou Anderson HOMECOMING The first basketball game to be played in the new Oglethorpe University Field House was held in December, ' 60. This event was highlighted by Homecoming festivities. In the game Oglethorpe was victorious over Piedmont College, while Mary Lou Anderson reigned as Homecoming Queen of 1961. with her court composed of Kay Kilpatrick, Paula Coker, Judy Townsend, and Barbara Baughman. 105 Her reign begins . . . Joyce Gravel, Homecoming Queen " 60 crowns Mary Lou. 106 CHRISTMAS FORMAL Oglethorpe students enjoying themselves at the Standard Club — scene of the annual Christmas Ball. 107 BOAR ' S HEAD CEREMONY The Yuletide season and the warm atmosphere of the Great Hall provided the setting for the annual Boar ' s He, id Ceremony. Induction of new members, and the strains of Christmas music, followed by a candlelight reception provided the evening ' s activities. 109 LORD AND LADY OGLETHORPE BALL A traditional ball, reminiscent of the heritage of our founder ' s name COURT MEMBERS— Arlene Brilliant, Sheila Donohue, Joe Soldati, Pat Griffin, Marc Weinberg, Lord Wayne Dobbs, Lady Barbara Baughman, Jane Lincoln, Jim Harvey, Sara Mac Smith, Penny Jones, Gloria Early, Nona Davis, Dave Harvey, Jeri Hamby. 110 ■• 112 fl A I ' ) w Faculty and students alike practice the " art " of socializing. r 114 BLACK AND WHITE FORMAL Sponsored by the Freshman class, the " Black and White " was held at Robinson ' s Tropical Gardens this year. It initiated, according to precedent, the first social event of the Spring quarter. 115 — C " B 1 -J . 1 . ; ! J ' ! j ' , , i— I 1 1 1 1 1 ■ | ! 1 1 n i - ■ |_ " mini _| hi- i r L " u — j— 1 ! ■ 1 , ,j j ■■ $ttz -■ m w Ml SB " S I 1 117 BASKETBALL 1960-61 THE STORMY PETRELS THE CONCENTRATION THE HANDS, THE WILL 120 THE WHEEL BUDDY GOODWIN Forward TOMMY NORWOOD Guard A SEASON TO REMEMBER etrels Opponents 83 Piedmont College 41 60 Georgia Southern 48 97 Shorter College 45 79 Valdosta State 56 68 Berry 34 63 St. Bernard 51 74 West Georgia 27 68 Georgia Southern 70 62 LaGrange 43 82 West Georgia 46 73 Berry 38 71 University of Chattanooga 59 83 Shorter 45 53 LaGrange 29 J 9 Stetson 44 56 University of Chattanooga 63 69 Pembroke 49 77 Valdosta State 48 77 Piedmont 54 The FIRST ANNUAL OGLETHORPE INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT 89 Birmingham Southern 54 60 University of the Sol th 39 DISTRICT 25 N ATA. TOURNAMENT 82 University of Tampa 65 81 Stetson 68 122 JAY ROWLAND Guard Statisticians: Ken Borden, Tom Wynn, Steve McMullen, and Eric ScharrF MORRIS MITCHELL Center BOB NANCE Forward ROGER COUCH Forward 123 SAM HUDGINS Center WAYNE DO BBS Guard 124 JOHNNY GUTHRIE Guard BOBBY SEXTON Forward THE COACH Garland F. Pinholster THE POWER BEHIND THE PETRELS MOMENTS OE VICTORY MOMENTS OF LIGHTHEARTEDNESS MOMENTS OF CONCENTRATION 125 VICTORIOUS PETRELS PETREL POTENTIAL PUZZLING? How good were the 1960-61 Oglethorpe basketball Petrels? This is a question which will never be answered. After con- vincing victories over the University of Tampa and Stetson University in the 25th District NAIA playoffs, the road to fame was suddenly blocked by unheralded Peru State College of Nebraska. Morris Mitchell and associates gallantly went down to defeat in the first round of the national small college tourna- ment in Kansas City, Missouri. Most observers felt that the Petrels, who had won twenty-one ball games and lost only three up until this point, suffered a servere ease of tournament nerves which resulted in their ry, " wait til next year " . As usual the Petrels were anchored by a stingy defense, but the revised " wheel offense " also gave the fans something about which to cheer. With Coach Garland Pinholster again sweeping Coach of the Year honors in Georgia the Petrels simply out classed many of their opponents although their performance in the national tournament was not indicative of their strength during the regular season. The 1960-61 Petrels will never know if they warranted the number four position that tournament officials seeded them; however, the cry, " wait til next year " , combined wih the " Stormy Petrel Spirit " will be a basis on which the hopes rest for another trip to Kansas City. The Petrels and their supporters are anxious to show just how good Oglethorpe basketball is. Good luck next year! by Wayne Dobbs Petrel rebounding was impressive throughout the season. Tommy Norwood drihhles by opponent Pardon me, hut this hall is mine. Wateh those elbows! 127 Roger Couch scrambles for th Tommy Norwood and Morns Mitchell were on the All 25th District NAIA Tournament Team NAIA Trophy Accepted Kansas City here we come! Action was fast and furious at Kansas City. 120 131 VARSITY y PAT GRIFFIN Captain 132 DANA LOU HOWE BARBARA BAUGHMAN CHEERLEADERS MARGARET BLANK DONNA WILLIAMS JACKIE MURPHY PEGGY HARTIS PAULA COKER SANDY WOLSEY PEP SQUAD I Front row: Patty Wilson, Con.tn Rudd. Ann Latimer, and Mary Lou Andersen. Second row: Charolette Smith, Carol George, Jo Payne, and Diane Leonard. Third row Beth Walker, Dennis Kerr, and Wanda Crow. THE SPIRIT BEHIND THE PETRELS THE SAINTS JACK WARREN B R V 136 ED MOORE FRANKIE MAHAFFEY JOHN WACHSTETER CABOT G UPTON 137 JIM FINLAND LYNN DRURY 138 TLEA " TEACHY B TEAM While the Varsity was preparing for a trip to Kansas City, B-Team basketball got its start this year as Oglethorpe continued to develop its athletic program into one of which students, faculty, and alumni can be proud. Under the direction of student coach Wayne Dobbs, the " Baby Petrels " completed the season with seven wins and eight losses. Although the record was not particularly impressive the " Baby Petrels " displayed an enthusiastic approach which has long characterized athletic teams of Oglethorpe. Accompanied by its own cheerleaders and a surprising amount of student support, the team went into every game to play defense and outscore the opponents with the same ardor and courage that their " bigger brothers " did. However, they found that spirit and courage alone do not insure victory. Nevertheless, these lads are to be commended for their part in making this an outstanding athletic year on the Oglethorpe campus. COACH DOBBS , sjft 4 i v ' " ! KEN BORDEN GARY HAUG LYNN WHITE STEVE FIGLER KEN DAVIS TRAVIS HAMES m WVQi ERIC SCHARFF 140 JACK TEBEAU TOM WYNN B TEAM CHEERLEADERS Lej ' t to Right Phyllis Hines, Martha Gilwreath, Anita Holloway, Gloria Early, Jerry Hamby, Jane Lincoln, and Jane Archer. Captain. JACK TURPIN, Manager 141 TENNIS COACH WILLIAM A. COHEN AND HIS TEAM BOB NANCE !ts :-4i " ™ i m ii if GARY MULLINS HERNANDO PANTIGOSO 142 DANIEL COWART BOB MALLIS RUSSELL EISENMAN m W ; RBd was « « os 99 or ; -.- at " " ;?.?!: II II Pfi 8 jWBSSPSp -AJ ' 4!;? It ■ " W - ,. , t ■( f 1 1 1 1 • ■■ ■ f T ' HI ! . HH ■■ TOMMY NORWOOD, Pitchej BUDDY GOODWIN, Catcher i BOBBY DAGLIESH, Pitcher BASI MORRIS MITCHELL, Infield -- " V 1 t . ■ JAY ROWLAND, Infield KEN BORDEN, Infield 3ALL TRAVIS HAMES, Outfield • ' • ' • ' ' I ' -y r ' -jVj _ ■ ; . BUDDY PITTARD, Catcher ROGER COUCH, Outfield n WAYNE DOBBS, Infield BILL FLAMMER, Outfield STEVE FIGLER, Outfield i 3jj2 flMj£ ' ZJ J j 146 1960 SCHEDULE William Jewell College William Jewell College Piedmont College Piedmont College Berry College Piedmont College Jacksonville State Shorter College Shorter College Berry College Jacksonville State Shorter College Shorter College The Citadel The Citadel Piedmont College 148 m WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 151 Wayne Dobbs WHO ' S WHO This honor is in recognition of the merit and accomplishment of the student who is officially recommended by the Student Government and the Faculty Council, and who meets the requirements of the publication. Joe Soldati 152 3? S 3 i £ " fe- S; S£ fe ! j i iS ' --. - Pat Griffin mer ; ' ■■• ' -- ' l-m: : % M Marc Weinberg Penny Jones 153 LE CONTE HONOR SCIENCE SOCIETY FOR SOPHOMORES, JUNIORS, SENIORS ADVISOR: George F. Wheeler MEMBERS : left to right, James Mann Lynn Drury Dave Harvey Bonnie MeGurn Robin Wynn Joe Harb 154 BLUE KEY NATIONAL HONOR SERVICE FRATERNITY MEMBERS: back, row, left to right: Robin Wynn Dave Harvey Buddy Goodwin Roger Couch Marc Weinberg front row, left to right: Wayne Dobbs Russell Eisenman William Blair James Mann 155 DUCHESS CLUB HONOR SOCIETY FOR JUNIOR AND SENIOR WOMEN ADVISOR: Mrs. Wendell Brown MEMBERS: (Bac , left to right), Martha Pool, Gail Walker, Bonnie McGurn, Mrs. Brown, Bar- bara Baughman, Dana Lou Howe. (Front), Pat Griffin, Shelia Donohue, Martha Laird. OFFICERS ADVISOR : Mrs. Brown PRESIDENT: Pat Griffin VICE-PRESIDENT: Barh; SECRETARY: Marth ara Baughman la Laird 156 BOAR ' S HEAD HONOR FRATERNITY FOR JUNIOR AND SENIOR MEN ADVISOR: Mr. Coulborn MEMBERS: (Left to right J, Russell Eisenman, James Mann, Lawrence Goodwin, Robin Wynn, Mr. Coulborn, Marc Weinberg, Dave Harvey, Wayne Dobbs, William Blair. OFFICERS: Marc Weinberg Wayne Dobbs Dave Harvey Robin Wynn 157 PLAYERS AWARDS SENIOR WHO HAS DONE THE MOST FOR PLAYERS: Whitey LeBlanc BEST ACTOR: Ben Mathews BEST ACTRESS: Kay Radcliffe BROWN AWARD FOR THE FACULTY MEMBER WHO HAS BEEN THE MOST HELPFUL: Dr. Stanley Daugert CHEMICAL RUBBER PUBLISHING CO. AWARD FOR FRESHMEN SHOWING THE MOST OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN: PHYSICS: Ronald Gurin CHEMISTRY: John Lipham MATHEMATICS: Dennis Kerr 158 -. ■-__...? ■ ;-;f-: . - ' ' -- ■; -■ ,■ ' ; ' ■ ; -;,.- A ;S . ' ■ ■ ' .% " ■ ?■. : v.. ' ! " ' . ■ PETER WILLIAMS BEN PARKER LAW AWARD This award is given to the student who exhibits the most promise in the field of law. WAYNE DOBBS DAVID HESS AWARD The qualifications for the David Hess Award are the winning of a letter in an intercollegiate sport in the year in which the award is given, and the promotion of the athletic ideals of Oglethorpe through participation and assistance in the overall athletic program. The recipient of the award must have the ability to face failure as well as success and must be a gracious winner as well as a gracious loser. 159 RONNIE KNOPF MacCONNELL AWARD The Charles M. MacConnell Award is given by the Sophomore Class to the Senior who that class feels has par- ticipated cooperatively in many phases of campus life without having received full recognition. GEORGE H. HARPER, JR. THE FACULTY SCHOLARSHIP AWARD This award is given to the Senior man who has achieved the highest scholastic average of any man in the graduating class. The award is given annually by the Faculty. 160 PEGGY HARTIS The Duchess Club Award The Duchess Club, Women ' s Honor Society, honors with this award, the Freshman girl who best exemplifies the ideal of an Oglethorpe student in scholarship and in campus ac- tivities. • • ' ' ' . • N KEN DAVIS Boar ' s Head Award The Boar ' s Head Honorary Fraternity presents this award to the Freshman boy who they feel deserves recognition for his scholastic achievements and for his participation in ac- tivities. 161 J ' WAYNE DOBBS OGLETHORPE CUP The James Edward Oglethorpe Award for merit given by the Faculty to the man who has best realized the ideals of an Oglethorpe education. Lrj MARTHA LAIRD OGLETHORPE CUP The Oglethorpe Cup is a merit award given by the Faculty to the woman who has best realized the ideals of an Oglethorpe education. 162 MARTHA LAIRD Sally Hull Weltner Award for Scholarship The Sally Hull Weltner Award is presented eaeh year by the Oglethorpe University Women ' s Club to the Senior woman who has attended the University for two years and who has aehieved the highest average of any woman in the graduating elass. This year the award goes to two women with equally high averages. BELLE TURNER BENNETT Sally Hull Weltner Award for Scholarship 163 June 4 — GRADUATION DAY — What Does It Symbolize? Each student receiving his diploma is doing so because of his initiative and desire for the acquisition of knowledge, of a knowledge which was sought to enlighten him about himself and the world in which he lives. Both have found their expression in long, tedious hours of hard work and study. All may not be recognized publicly. But as time passes each will recognize within himself his accomplishments and how he, too, has achieved something th.it is his alone and which will prove to be his most valuable asset as he faces the future. To the Senior Class of 1961 we express our congratulations and sincere best wishes for a happy and prosperous life. The Yamacraw Staff 164 A MESSAGE TO THE CLASS OF 1961 Now that you have earned the grand achievement of an Oglethorpe University degree, you have only a moment to bask in its glory. The life you have chosen awaits you - impatiently. It is natural to look with some trepidation upon the unknowable future, hut we who have preceded you can assure you that your Oglethorpe education has prepared you well for what lies ahead. We welcome you into the ranks of the National Alumni Association which comprises many distinguished alumni in nearly all fields of human effort. We know that, in time, you will add to its stature. Our congratulations and best wishes go with you. The National Alumni Association of Oglethorpe University III 111 VOGUE CLEANERS " Home of your dirty clothes ' 24 Hour Service 748 Morosgo Dr., N.E. Good luck to the graduating seniors from ALEX HAIR STYLIST Alex dresses your hair in style. 2025 Peachtree Road Student Directory ZESTO OF BUCKHEAD Foot long hot dogs our specialty — Remember— Wednesday — 6 hamburgers for $1.00 Tuesday— 6 hot dogs for $1.00 Two bargain nights a week 3119 Roswell Rd., N. CE. 7-4260 Abbott, Jean 47 Abbott, John 5 1 Akers, Andy 57,74,83 Alexander, Lyn 47,77 Andersen, Mary Lou 50,51,82, 85,77,86,104,105,106,135 Archer, Jayne 56,57,141 Bacon, Peter 57,85 Baker, Arnold, 51 Balowsky, Glenda 57,70 Baughman, Barbara 32,105, 110,111,132 Bennett, Barry 57 Bennett, Belle 32 Bernard, Michele 57 Blair, Carole Ann 57,72 Blair, William 30 Blank, Margaret 47,80,76, 86,133 Borden, Ken 51,70,123,140 Bowman, Mary Jane 57,73 Boydston, Jill 57 Braswell, Sam 77,103 Bremer, Virginia 57,79,86 Brilliant, Arlene 57,110 Brown, Jackie 57,85 Brown, Karin 51 Browning, David 5 1 Browning, Wayne 57 Buck, Anita 47,72,77 Bundy, Jim 56,57,74,80 Burdick, Joan 57 Burgin, Norman 47 Butchart, Peter 47,74,79 Buttolph, Frances 33 Cannon, Gwenda 51,85,77 Cantrell, Ellen 5 1 Chesnut, Dave 30,33,75,137 Clark, Gloria 57 Coats, Susan 57 Coker, Paula 57,105,134 Cooper, Pat 47 Couch, Roger 33,123,128 Cowart, Dan 58,77,79,143 Crawford, Ben 47,70,74,82 Crea, Joe 5 1 Crow, Wanda 51,77,79,88 Crowder, Anne 76 Damianos, Sue 58 Dalton, Susan 47 Davis, Ken 58,70,72,140 Davis, Larry 58,70,74,77,1 Davis, Nona 34,1 10 DeGross, Ed 58,73,79 Dempsey, Nancy 58 Dexter, Bobbi 47,80,79 Dobbs, Wayne 36,68,80,110, 111,124,139,152 Donald, Donnie 58,74 Donohue, Sheila 34,110 Dorsey, Penelope 51 Drury, Lynn 51,69,82,138 Early, Gloria 58,72,110,111 Edwards, Emily 45 135 02 What is Success 7 It ' s struggling on with the will to win, but taking loss with a cheerful grin; it ' s shar- ing sorrow and work and mirth, and making better this good old earth; it ' s serving, striv- ing through strain and stress; it ' s doing your noblest. That ' s success. Best Wishes from L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Office: 3330 Peachtree Rd., N. E. Atlanta 5, Georgia Representatives: Thad Wilkens Ed Jones Hollis Britt Come in and shop at BELK GALLANT 255 E. Paces Ferry Rd., N.E. Located in BUCKHEAD You get the advantages of both a national company and a local store when you shop with us. CE 3-8066 CHEROKEE PLUMBING AND HEATING 2945 Pcachtree Road, N. E. Atlanta, Georgia CE. 3-8893 Located conveniently in Buckhead ATLANTA BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY Lumber, Paint and Building Supplies 1700 Monroe Drive, Northeast Atlanta 9, Georgia Telephone: TR 5-7575 Student Directory (Continued) Effrain, Mildred 47 Hamby, Jerri 59,110,141 Egerton, Jim 102 Hames, Travis 52,140 Eisenman, Russell 82,143 Hammon, Richard 59 Engle, Sue 58 Handley, " Butch " 59,74,88 English, Nancy 47 Harb, Joe 35,85,80 Estes, Ronald 58 Harbin, Larrin 59 Euganks, Lee 58 Harper, George 37 Falik, Buria 52 Harris, Susan 52 Fields, Nancy 58,85,73 Hartis, Peggy 59,134 Figler, Steve 58,140 Hartrick, Marcia 52 Flammer, Bill 47,80,82,85 Harvey, Dave 36,69,80,110 Floyd, Becky 47 Harvey, Jim 36,72,110 Gay, Dernl 46,47,74,82 Harvey, Judy 52 George, Carole 52,82,86, Hasty, Bea 59 102,135 Hazelgrove, Leighton 52 Gilreath, Martha 58,72,141 Haug, Gary 59,140 Goldsmith, June 58 Hewlett, Thorn 48 Goodson, Jan 58 Hisaw, Harvey 52 Goodwin, Buddy 35,122 Hofmann, Paula 48,73,80,86 Gore, Bobby 48 Holloway, Anita 59,85,141 Gravel, Joyce 46,48,73,75, Hoss, Martha 52 79,80,82,106 Howe, Dana Lou 30,37,132 Gresham, Effie 52 Howell, Phillip 36 Griffin, Pat 30,35,80,86, Hudgins, Sam 38,124 110,132,153 Hudson, Felix 37 Griggs, John 50 Hunt, Marie 38,70 Grude, Gary 58 Hunt, Mane 38,70 Gullwoglu, Fatma 58 Hunter, Larry 52 GuptorC Cabot 52,74,79,80,137 Hutson, Gayle 59 Gurin, Ronald 52 Hynes, Phyllis 59,141 Guthrie, John 48,124 Ianniello, Giovanni 38 Hagan, William 59 Ingerson, Terry 59,53,77,82,85 OGLETHORPE PHARMACY " For all your medical and drug supplies . . Serving North Atlanta with EXPERT PRESCRIPTION SERVICE AND FREE DELIVERY Take-Out Service Table Service CE. 3-5064 Come In and Enjoy Pizza and Other Italian Dishes at PIZZA BY GIGI 2421 Piedmont Rd., N.E. Opposite the Piedmont Drive-In Open daily from 8:30 A.M. Until 10:30 P.M. 2150 Johnson Ferry Road GL. 7-4436 167 Student Directory (Continued) Compliments of MONTAG ' S Jay, John 48,85 McGurn, Bonnie 48,73,80 Johnson, Betty Jo 59 McMains, Bob 56,60 Jones, " Penny " 30,39,70 McMichen, Pat 53 75,110,153 McMullens, Steve 53,76,123 PEACHTREE ROAD Kennedy, Janet 48,70,82 Kerr, Dennis 56,59,74,135 McTeer, Carol 60 Mahaffey, Frankie 60,74,136 PHARMACY Kilpatrick, Kay 50,53,77, 82,85,105 Mallis, Robert 48,85,143 Mann, James 40,86 World ' s Finest Kinney, Jane 53 Mann, Oreon 60,88 Steel Die Engraved Kitchens, Roger 59 Marable, Linda 60 Collegiate Knopf, Ronnie 39,82,85,137 Mathews, Ben 77,103 Prescription Druggists Kuiken, John 48 Laird, Martha 30,39 Meller, Rosie 48 Melton, Mike 60 Stationery and Latimer, Anne 53,72,75,77, Metcalf, Mickey 53 79,88,135 Miles, Mary 60 Fashionable Law, Ethel 48 Lawler, William 48 Miller, Pat 48 Mitcham, Elaine 53 Writing Papers LeBlanc, " Whitey " 40 Mitchell, Howard 60 4062 Peachtree Road, N.E. Leonard, Diane 59,73,135 Leonard, Ed 40 Mitchell, Morris 53,123,128 Moore. Ed 54,72,85 Leverette, Fran 59 Moore, Silas 4 1 N. Atlanta 19. Ga. Levy, Bert 53,77 Morris, Charolette 46,49 Lincoln, Jane 59,110,141 Mosteller, Madge 54,77,102 MONTAG ' S Lipham, John 60 Mote, Doug 49 Lockett, Jeff 60 Mullins, Gary 49,142 ATLANTA. Loughborough, Carolyn 60 Murphy, Jackie 60,133 GEORGIA Lynn, Stuart 53 Nance, Bob 54,12 3,142 McDonald, Grant 85 Norwood, Tommy 49,122, CE. 7-6466 McDonald, Myrna 53 127,128 245 N. Highland Ave. McFadden, Brad 60 Olsen, Barbara 4 1 McGill, Peggy 60 Osborne, Ben 60,74 McGlothlin, Mimi 53 Paik, Woon Churl 41 FOREMOST DAIRIES, INC. CRYSTAL UNIFORM RENTAL SERVICE MILK ICE CREAM 7] 1 Piedmont Road, N.E. Pants - Shirts - Coveralls - Dresses 304 Angier Ave., N.E. ATLANTA 12, GA TRinity 2-4751 CHARLIE BRUMBY, JR. CEdar 3-9431 Compliments of W. Peachtree St. TR. 5-4541 Student Directory (Continued) " Pay Less - Get More " Pantigoso, Hernando 49,141 Scharff, Eric 50,54,80, Paredes, Tony 42 123,140 at your Papini, Lynda 60,77 Sehatzman, Freddie 43,82 Parker, John 60 Schreibman, Nancy 61 Payne, Jo 61,72,75,88,1 35 Scott, Fred 61 HI-OCTANE Payne, Kathleen 61,73 Scraggs, Rosemary 54 Payne, LeAnn 54 Sellers, Woody 61 Peagler, James 42 Sexton, Bobby 61,124 Pendland, Jim 61,138 Shenk, Scarlett 62 SERVICE Percival, Barry, 63,74,77,82 Shiflet, Elaine 54 Peterson, Dave 49 Shwinger, Aviva 49 Phillips, Thomas 54 Silver, Barry 62 STATIONS Pittard, " Buddy " 61 Pool, Martha 49,72 Skiles, Judy 54 Sloan, Mildred 62 Pound, Carol 61 Smith, Charlotte 62,135 Pridgen, Marty 61,85 Smith, Sara Mac 55,69,77, Radcliffe, Kay 61,77,103 79,110 Rivers, Sandra 61 Soldati, Joe 43,74,76, Robertson, Linda 61,72 110,152 141 Peachtree Rd., N.E. Robinson, Dick 54 Sprague, Lynn 55 Rowland, Jay 46,49,122 Stafford, Elizabeth 55, Rudd, Conan 61,72,74,77, 79,80,88 90,137 Starling, Brenda 62 Russell, Ellen 42 Strom, Bob 103 Rutland, Betty-Jane Stull, Jack 43,72 Sanders, Sarah Ann 61,72 Swennes, Roger 62 Say ward, Laurie 61 Tanner, Bruce 44 Teachey, " Flea " 49,138 CE 7-5432 Best Wishes From MATTHEWS SUPER MARKET, INC. DIXIE SEAL AND STAMP CO., INC. Manufacturers of Marking Devices For Over 60 Years P. O. Box 972 Atlanta STEVE SCHMIDT DRAIN TROUBLE? CALL ROTO-ROOTER OF ATLANTA SEWER SERVICE No Unnecessary Digging Only ROTO-ROOTER " Razor Kleens " 24 Hour Emergency Service No Extra Charge THE ONLY NATIONAL SEWER SERVICE AVAILABLE LOCALLY DIAL 373-1262 Compliments of UNDERWOOD ' S TEXACO SERVICE 4406 Peachtree Road, N.E. Atlanta 19. Georgia CE. 3-6651 MAX UNDERWOOD 169 Compliments of and Best Wishes from LOVABLE BRASSIERE COMPANY 2400 Piedmont Road, N. E. at Garson Drive Atlanta 5, Georgia Phone: CE. 7-1671 DEKALB SPORTING GOODS 1237 Clairmont Road DR. 8-7588 Sporting Goods and Equipment of All Types is Our Specialty — PETREL UNIFORM DESIGNERS — Call on us for your sporting goods needs. Let us serve you as we serve Oglethorpe. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY THE ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 864 SPRING STREET, N. W., ATLANTA 8. GEORGIA 170 Compliments of NORTH ATLANTA PHILLIPS " 66 " 4200 Peachtree Road In Brookhaven Next to V.A. Hospital W. H. Christian Proprietor Sunday-Thursday 4:30 P.M. -12:30 A.M. Friday and Saturday 11 A.M. -2 A.M. THE PIZZA HUT 3101 Peachtree Road, N.E. Buckhead ' s Finest Featuring 24 Varieties of Pizza 3 Sizes; Small, Medium and Jumbo — Prices 65c up And other Italian dishes For take out orders: You ring and We Bring CE. 3-3505 We also have your choice of beer in both glass and pitcher Teachey, " Stumpy " 49 Tcbeau, Jack 140 Tebeau. Joyce 62, 72 Thollander, Edna 62 Thrasher, Margaret 44 Toubman, Olivia 72 Townsend, Judy 62, 105 Trias, Jose 62 Turner. Alice 55 Turpin, Jack 5 5, 74, 141 Vajk, Bill 55 Vance, Charles 62, 74, 79 Vander Byl, Joanne 55 Vickery, Yvonne 55 Wachstetcr, John 62, 77, 137 Wagner, Hoyt 56, 62 Walker, Gail 46. 49, 72 Walker, Beth 63, 85, 77, 79, 88, 135 Wallace, Albert 55 Warters. Thomas 55, 74 Warren, Jack 49, 73, 74, SO, 82, 136 Weinberg, Marc 41, 68, 110, 153 Weisiger, Margueritte 73 Whatley, Rebecca 63 White, Lynn 55, 74 White, Steve 63, 140 Williams, Donna 63, 133 Williams, Peter 63 Willis, Carroll 63 Wilson, Patti 63, 72, 75, 79, 88, 135 Winn, Tom 55, 73, 123, 140 Wolsey, Sandy 63, 134 Womack, Joan 63, 85 Wyatt, Bill 63 Wynn, Robin 45, 70, 82 Yates, Gerald 63, 79, 85 Yose, Janet 63, 85 Come In And See Us at THE FIVE PACES INN Buckhead Compliments of H. W. LAY COMPANY, INC. 4950 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard CHAMBLEE, GEORGIA 1-1 VAN ' S Cleaners - Laundry 247 Buckhead Ave. CE. 3-2133 1954 Howell Mill Rd. TR. 4-7224 3625 Peachtree Rd. CE. 7-3882 Briarcliff-Lavista ME. 4-7515 4208 Peach+ree Rd. CE. 7-6636 BOTTLING COMPANY OF ATLANTA Compliments of BROOKHAVEN PHARMACY 4005 Peachtree Road Serving all North Atlanta with Excellent Service and Fine Goc DEKALB NATIONAL BANK OF BROOKHAVEN Member of the Trust Company of Georgia Group and the F. D. I. C. 4021 Peachtree Road, N. E. Atlanta 19, Georgia THRIFT IS A CARDINAL VIRTUE — SAVE A LITTLE RE GULARLY WITH US BE BUSINESSLIKE— KEEP ACCURATE RECORDS OF YOUR SPENDING MAIL A PERSONAL CHECK FOR ALL YOUR BILL PAYMENTS OPEN A CHECKING ACCOUNT AND A STEADI-SAVE ACCOUNT NOW 172 1WHI PUBLISHERS, INC. L ATLANTA GEORGIA ;-•;?:. 9 4 y v ; - " 4P H m W % , . mi ■ m tCS % -.:-. N ■ ' • ft£ « fr v »■ » ' •(WW ' : - t ■■ 4 ' • •» ». •0 I) - A- -0 " : m ■$

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