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1 1 :AV I X hivslwlf .X A lmmwmnmmmlll Am----gumhwanmmmwu N ll'lluuluuml--lml'1l'Yn'd' Al I !1!!i.'l:--Il 'riizl-4 U J xl'-:Ill 1 X mlm U X 11 :I 1 I ' I in'-I:-.'-.--E I 1 1 a 4 i 1 ,i s i i 1 ! I 1 1 1 5 I i 1 We, the senior cl ss of 3941, dedic te this annual, the NMAHOGNH, the N?rofW P. L. Lowman, whose wise council and fetherly nd- vice brought us through three successful years of former high school educ.tion. , .., - ., -if No. l 1-Song o the Lark Breton H827-19067 :::. -1:. 2 . - -gg .',. 1, . -f",'.'f:Jl'i:":' ' '5' Art Inst Chicago French Schoom iff' r .... ... 1 ,iq I T 'D 4 I, 1.3 N 0 FACULTY John I. Haye-Principal ' Graduate of Carthage College, A. B. University of Illinois, M. A. Teaches Mathematics and Physics John E. Waldrip Graduate of Eastern Illinois State Teacher's College, B. of Ed. Teaches Social Science and Biology. Coach of the Ogden Bulldogs Advisor of Sophomore Chss Fern L. Railsback Graduate of Indiana University, A. B. University of Illinois, M. A. Teaches English and Latin Advisor of Senior Class. Margaret A. Furst Graduate of the Bradley Polytechnic Institute, B. S. Teaches Home Economics and Commerce Advisor of Junior Class. Earl Bantz ' Graduate of University of Illinois, B. S Teaches Agriculture and General Science. Advisor of Freshman Class. Benita A. Goad ' Graduate of University of Illinois, B. S. of M. E. University of Wisconsin Teaches Boys and Girls Glee Club and Orchestra. J A Furst John H 'ly 1. , fa Eful C. Bam-C5 Bgyfilfa. Goad John VV-Lldvap 9 4- 1 A L Qgdqn Sc bool Board rl UPG- Fern L R-ills back The Angelus I. F. Millet, 1314-1875, French ' S-"iii, url. ,5l'ffNN:31 if iff' ':-gy.: rfff, - U K' ..., gi 'gif f. 4- . .1 ' ---f - 1 2 ' FU-N -:fy "fr w '21-1. E "-- :Q l 1 l MAX HARRY DURCH JORDAN . RAYMOND 7409555 ROBERT BRITT MARIANNA HARPER PAUL MILLER I RALPH DENHART CLIFFORD BEHREH5 WILLIAM H. RICHARDS, JR. LEON BAXTER MARY JANE BERKLEY CHARLC5 CURTIS WAYNE DENHART f 0 if HISTORY One balmy September morning in 1936 thirteen green freshman walked into the Ogden Community High School. 'They wereg Leon Baxter, Clifford Behrens, Mary Jane Berkely, Jane Boyd, Charles Curtis, Ralph Denhart, Marianna Harper, Max Harry, Ray- mond Hodges, Buren Jordan, Stanley Wallace and Catherine Wright. These freshman put on a show for a few weeks with their dumb- ness in not knowing where to go or what to do after they got there. Other than that, everything proceeded smoothly during that year. At the beginning of the Sophomore year Stanley Wallace come up missing and 1 along came Lowell Calolasure to take his place. Soon after that Paul the class. Since there were Miller joined not many girls to take foods that year, some of the boys also took foods to make a full class. Catherine Wright finished the Sophomore year, but before she could get back the Junior year someone offered her a marriage licenseg she and Leland Mitchell were mar- ried that summer. At the beginning of the Junior year Robert Britt joined our ranks. Everything went smoothly during that year, with the class play and also with the Junior-Senior Banquet. We had an enjoyable time. At the beginning of the Senior year Junior Richards joined us from Urbana. Our Senior Year, in many ways the best of the four, has served merely as a step- ping-stone to another phase of education. ,,,-L.g,, -:A X Uk, X , ., X . i e No. 20-Dancing in a Ring Priv. Col. Thema 11839-1324! German School ln S' fvi- h 5 f..1'.i :gif 555 " ., .. , ' . ..', "- E : Q? I. '.-a.: L,-2-: Aj- si JUNIOR CLASS Front Row, Left to Right: Lawrence Meese, Lester Mapes, Robert McGee, Bennie Bradley and Eldon Price. ' Second Row: June Baker, Bonnie Wilfong, Donald Peters, Harriet Agnew and Miss Furst, adviser. ' ' Third Row: Lowell Anderson, Dorothy Meade, John McMahon, Juanita Denhart, James Benayl and Helena Freese. SDPHOMOHE GIASS Front Row, Left to Right: La Verne Bensyl, Richard Baxter, Robert Meier, Louie Karlau and Harry Rice. ' Second Row: Eddie Hawkins, James Hiser, Harold Poindexter, Robert Bradley, Robert Scott, Arthur clerk and Mr. Weldrip, advisor. ' Third Rows Wanda Boyd, Ruth Wilson, Robert Ingalls, Gladys Taylor, Nora Sllkey, and Marion Agnew,, '- Fourth Row: Betty Yeazel, Dorothy Putnam, Bonita Hiser, Richard Freeman, Helen Denhart, Mary Fry and Mary Ella Mapes. 'I .-'. 'MEHHSHMANLELASS Fr . ' Front Row, Left to Right: Robert Osterbur, Annette Duitmman,'Robert Wallace, Hazel Price, Carl Lewis, Lorene Aden and Frank Britt. Second Rowz' June Wilfong, Jim Fry, Joanna ' Fiscus, Berneice Frericka, Alvin Bluhm, and Irma Mae Helton. ' ' Third Row: Donald Freeman, Shirley'Miller, Frank Jordan, Raymond Oaterbur, Char- lotte Sohorff, Wilbur Buhr, Agnes Anderson, Lillian Steffey, Donald Harry and Mr. Bantz, advisor. -1- .wl .wi -.r Q4 -v-, X 1' wr '7 on 2-S -v- K - 4. No.l43-The Singing Boys Kassel Gallery Frans Hals1l5B0-16661 Dutch School Artext Juuiur Art Extenuiuu Soeisty NnwYvrk-Wentuort, Gunn. x -1 W l GIRLS GLEE CLUB Front row, left to rights. Helena Freese, Lorene Aden, Hazel Price, Juanita Den- hart, and Annetta.Duftsman. ' Second row: Mary Fry, Dorothy Mead, Harriet Agnew, Nora Silkey, and Miss Benita Goad. Third row: Marianna Harper, Wanda Boyd, Erma May Helton, Berneioe Frerichs, Marion Agnew, and Joanna Fiscus. ' Fourth row: Mary Ella Mapes, Agnes Anderson, Charlotte Sohlorff, Lillian Steffey, Helen Denhart, Shirley Miller, and Betty Ruth Yeazel. BAND Seated, left to rightg Lorene Aden, John ' McMahon, Betty Hall, Charlotte Wallace, Arthur Clark, Joanna Fiscus, Max Harry, Harry Rice, Don Harry, Robert Scott, Helena'Freeae, Robert Ingalls, Richard Baxter, and Juanita.Denhart. Standingg- Miss Benita Goad,.Lillian Steffey, ' .Marlon Agnew, Harriet Agnew, Nora Silkey, A Jane Boyd, Erma May Helton, Annetta Duitsman, Ruth Wilson, and Paul Miller. , BOYS GLEE CLUB Front row, left to right: Richard Baxter, Robert McGee, Ben Bradley, and Max Harry. ' ' ' ' Second row: Paul Miller, Lester Mapes, Jr. Miss Benita Goad, Bob Bradley, and Arthur Clark. ' , Q Third row: Don Harry, Raymond Osterbur, John McMahon, Robert Osterbur, and., Wilbur Buhr. John Duhr was not pre- 'sent for the picture, y , 'W ! BOYS AND GIRLS GLEE CLUB , Officers President ------------- -------- Paul Miller Vice President --------------- Robert McGee Secretary and Treasurer---Robert Csterbur Librarians --------- Max Harry-John McMahon President ----------------- Marianna Harper Vice President -------------- Helena Freese Secretary ------------------- Helen Denhart Librarians ------ Joanna Fiscus-June Baker Band Officers President , ' Max Harry Vice President John McMahon Secretary Robert Scott Librarians-- ---- Joanna Fiscus-Paul Miller Musical Events of the Year. WILL ---------------------- Radio Broadcast WDWS ---------------------- Radio Broadcast Hallowe'en Festival --------------- '---Band Christmas Cantatta ---- ---Girls"G1ee Club Basketball Games --------------------- Band Assembly Program ---------- M ---------- Band County Music Festival ---------- Glee Clubs Central Illinois Solo Contest ------------ -H---Lester Mapes ----Harriet Agnew --Nary Ella Mapes St. Patrick's Day Program-Boys' Glee Club East Central Illinois District Contest--- --Girls"Glee Club Mary Ella Mapes and Harriet Agnew both placed in the B class in the Central Illinois Solo Contest. Harriet placed in the B class in her piano solo. Lester Mapes placed in the A class in the tenor group solo and so went to the Sectional Contest held at Peoria. Q ii' 470- I -1 'v vt T X ..x' v 1' Q- SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY LADIES AND GENTLEHRH. This is your UOgden Televised News reporter, Buren Jordan, talking to you from thefgreat Ogden air terminal'on the southledge of Ogden, Illinois. This June day in the year 1961 will be a memorable day in the'lives of fourteen seniors of the class of 1941 and their class advisor, Miss Railsbnck. The world's greatest airway excursion trip will be underway in just a few minutes. This trip is for the purpose of finding out the location of the class members. Some of these will not be hard to find. Paul Hiller, the great physicist, is going on this trip to test his new Photo- Phone, which he invented in 1948, just two years after he was graduated from the U. of I in 1946. Charles Curtis is the pilot of the stratoliner which is to take us on this trip. That lovely stewardess who is qiving so much attention to the comforts of the passengers on board the plane is none other than harianna Harper. all the boys in school thought that she was pretty dssszzyn when she was a senior in school. The ship is now taking off toward the U. of I. where Kiss Railsback is teaching English to those who will he teaching our children in high school. Over in the west section of the town of Champaign is a very modern building which' is the beauty school operated by Jane Boyd. We understand that she is doing a very Q profitable business1at hor life calling. As we travel westward we see a large campus of buildings which looks like a college but is the'County Hospital for un-' fortunate children. Mary Jane Berkley is doing very well at playing head nurse in this great hospital. We are now getting into the western part of the U. S. Here are mrny ranches which supply the cities of our nation. That large ranch just below us is the Richards-Britt ranch for raising hogs. So great is the extent of their ranch that one can stand in the middle of the ranch and not be able to see any of its boundaries. As we cross the Rocky mountains, we see the mountain beacon for guiding the night planes through the mountains. This particular beacon is tended by Raymond Hodges He is living in the station with his wife and family. His wife is the former Joanna Fiscus, who was his schoolday sweetheart. This beacon takes the place of the railroad signals that Raymond used to tend. As we near the city of Denver, we see a tall tower which is now considered a landmark for pilots It is nothing more than a tower which marks the nightclub owned and operated by Max Harry Even in high school he had experience in handing out drinks over a bar. Now,we near the city of San Francisco. Over to one side we see a blaze of lights. As we swoop lower we see a boxing match in progress. It is Clifford Behrens fighting for the middlcweight crown. He always did like to fight as a record of his high school days will show. We circle back from the west and fly over the salt flats of the Great Salt Lake of Utah. What is that tiny speck moving at such a great speed on the beach? It is Wayne Denhart testing his racer He hopes to go at least 450 miles per hour and maybe faster. If he does so, he will break the world's record. He races as a side line. His real work is testing cars for the General Motors Company. It seems that we have notnaccounted for all the members of the class of 1941. There is Leon Baxter yet to locate. Perhaps we can find him in the eastern part of thc country. In about two hours we shall reach Maine. I have rumors that he was operating one of the largest farms in the New England States. Time flys so fast on the trip that it seems no time at all, until we have reached Leon's farm. Sure enough there is Leon down there in a control room from which he operates his farm machinerys -He always was one to find some way of making work easier. But our time is about up and we must return to Ogden. It seems that it has been a very successful trip for all who were concerned. But wait! We are about to forget our classmate, Ralph Donhart. You remember that he was the captain of our basketball team both his Junior and Senior years. At present he is managing thc Chicago Bruin's professional basketball team. He seems to be doing well, too, as his team won the National Professional title this year. And now that we have accounted for everyone, it is time for me to get back to the office and get this to the press. Hi- Rlul N 'I- Helen D Buren V M'-F 11a Hn rpcr' Hen Bradley .M A L, -- ,-.. W- X Q' i T nf a- n 'S 3,3 20 CD33 Dfnflxrl' C ou..s'i'ns O Bal: Meier on, J-army BMJ O C H Jnntof . - Tfy Wayne Nl DVI Dny rs! R131-'kick Hiss Gnd Ella -0 JZ Arm-1 No. 115-Sir Galahad Wattsx 1817-1904 'h wsfv m "U . l " Q lib' s 1 5 '1 gh' 1? n Eton Collecle English School 1 4? "Jr -,Ay U -2--1 ' . . had ,yi 1 U ' BASKETBALL TEAM Front row, left to right: Jr. Richards, John McMahon, Lester Mapes, Ralph Denhart, Robert McGee, and Raymond Hodges. Second row! Coach John E. Waldrip, Lowell Anderson, James Bensyl, Bob Meier, Eldon Price, Louie Karlau, Buren Jordan, Bob -Bradley, and Principal John I. Hay. CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Max Harry, Marianna Harper, Paul Miller. KITTENBALL TEAM Front row, left to right: Buren Jordan, John McMahon, Lester Mapes, Bob McGee, Bob Meier, Ralph Denhart, and Leon Baxter. Second row: 'Bob Scott, James Hiser, Wayne Denhart, Louie Karlau, Coach John E.' Waldrip, Richard Baxter, Bob Bradley, and Charles Curtis. 3' 0 mga S335 f T NEASKETBALLO' 1 o -4 1 , - I Philo 12m4e Ogden 21164 Homer Foosland 46-2 Ogden QS-BO Sadorus Fairmount '25.i'sa L-gdew ::U.-'?.l5 Philo Fisher l6n4O Ogden C2-?Y Longview Telono QQMBL Ogden 35 T5 St. Joseph Pesotum 54UE Ogden QEWSA Homer Sadorus 52e5 Ogden SF 58 Longview Foosland 25-4' QSQSH QZVQS Seymour Uni High QLMBQ Ogden Qimfl St. Joseph Sidney 18f4O Ogden 25-LO Tndianola Seymour 25-5 Ogden OAKWOOD lNVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT Ogden 41a-H ---- nmOakwood 24 Ogden 42---N-uSt- Joseph 28 COUNTY TOURNAMENT Ogden Eden- ,--uMehomef 21 28 Ogden E51NN----mSadorus DISTRICT TOURNAMENT . Ogden Edu- ---- uMensfie1d 24 N Ogden elvunqm----S ymour 26 Ogden EONN ---- -u-- Homer 45 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Ogden 23u-wuvMonticello- 22 Ogden 18nw- --N-Urbana 22 ' SOFTBALL Homer 5-O Ogden 14-5 Homer Tolono 2-lO Ogden 7-5 Tolono Uni High l-10 Ogden The Ogden Basketball team of 1940-41 will be remembered by the people and stub dents as a team which Went out to win each game. The boys fought hard and by looking at the score it can be seen that they lost- only eight games and won twenty-two, a re- cord that is exceedingly good considering the fact that the tallest man on the barely touches the six foot mark.'. - The team played in four tournaments and did exceptionly well in all of them. In the Oakwood Invitational Tournamentl ' they defeated Oakwood-and St, Joseph to win the tournament axd a beautiful trophy, In the County Tournament Ogden suf- ferred a little tough luck and was beaten in the second game by Sadcrus. Things went a little better however in the District Tournament. -The team was beaten by Homer in the finals of that tournament. However by winning second place they advanced on into the Regional. ln this tournament they were eliminated by Urbana in a close victory. A -T ' Urbana went on toptake second place in the State. The fact that Urbana beat Ogden by only four points makes the Ogden team lookIpretty good, doesn't it? The Ogden Scftballers enjoyed an al- most perfect season this year, winning four and losing only one game.l The team played brilliant ball and displayed exce- lent sportsmanship and teamwork. We're hoping that they can keep up the good work and win many more for nDear Old OGHS.np Don't fail us,4boysF',.p' 522222222 . Gang way Ogden here we come. School opened with 77 enrolling. Oh, Mant what relief. The teachers get to school instedd of the pupils. Co. teachers Institute was held at Un of Ia Kitten Dall season opened. Host to Homer in close game. We journied over to Tolono for another victory. What a crowd! Uni, High visited Ogden in another soft ball game. Hold on, Freshman. Initiation Night. October Homer journeed to Ogden. We reversed the previous decision. ' Class officers and Mr. Hay drew up' a schedule of assembly programs for the year. Tolono defeated by Ogden in smft ball at Ogden. Another break for the students. Teachers attended E. C. D. Meeting at U. of I. S' ' Worjldpllisetory Classwlth Don Harry master of cermcnies, presented the first assembly program. -' At last it has arrlved. Juior Clam Play-"-Grandpafs. Twin Sister. . 1 ' November P f A Back again-- Basket ball! .Won first game at Philo. - ' Second Team defeated Foosland.- Miss Furst had charge of a round table discussion of manners. We beat a strong Eairmount quintet. More basketeball and more wins. Defeated Fisher at Fisher. Thanksgiving program was given by the Freshman.. Ogden was pleased to win from Tolono. Oh Boy! A basket-ball game with an overtime which Ogden won. Qeeember Mr. Bantz and the An. Husbandry class gave an assembly program on School Manners. What a ball-game! Saderus here. Ogden won by a last minute basket. Ogden seconds defeated Foosland at Ogden. Mix 'em welll' Well we did. Won over Uni. High, then enjoyed a mixing party. Sidney, wdth.part of them on the sidelines, was defeated by Ogden. Girls Glee Club gave a Christmas pro- gram before the assembly. Invitational Tournament at Oakwood with Ogden taking the trophy away from St. Joe, Oakwood, and Catlin. Qanuary Santy good to you too? School rep- pens. Defeated Seymour there. Ogden played Homer at Oakwood. Estimated 1200 people attended game. Double overtime at'Sadorus. Mapes out with an injury. ' County tourney at Fisher. Ogden played with Mahomet and won, then lost to Sadorus. ' Defeated Longview in a hard fought game. . s Defeated St. Joseph in their gymnash iumo V -- - February Returned Homervs visit. We lost again. Just basket-ball again. Longview turned the tables on us at Longview. 15 18 21 28 5-7 5 17 1 E 24 25 28 6 9 12 15 16 19 25 27 29 Seymourrdefeated at Ogden. We invited St. Joseph to a Mixer after their game here. Assembly program on Washington's birthday by Future Farmers of America. Also ball nole at Indianola. District Tournament We placed second to Regional Tournament game with India- at Mansfield. Homer. at Monticello. nMemor1es of e Hitch hiker and a Brush srxesmenn by Mr. Hay before the esoerolyq Bo ls Clee Club wave several Irish . P Numbers before tae assembly. 959.151 April Fool.Program by Freshmen Class. Senior Class Play--How to Get Married Baseball game at Sidney. Urbana Relays. Duel Track Meet at Rantoul. PiuKr .....-.lL- Baseball nt Homer. Dist. Track mee: at Monticello. Bneenqll at Cekweod, EmsgF1ll at Ogdrn with Sidney. Tvxrev Senior Banquet, Cher nigh Co. Trdok Meet at Rantoul. Bdeawluureate at CHristian Cnurch. Cfmwonfement---Dr. L. H, Howe. Vice President of Olivet College, Speaker. U- Sonool ,Len1e. , ' 5 x. vb . ti . ,N , 5 it I 1' f is . 3. '1. s N IA , -"An b We fhrac - Sfaglaturs Ac- HcNahn. - Mlztfyfut Put Sevvurr Relgy Ram ,.. v , Q , A , - ...Q Dfwhay-I - 4540 1 s xg! ' ' .V 'utr' . . ,.,. cnlvrs Wlrnmn! Track RIM - 1741 J-u'n1or5 1 .,' rl1f ' ' ' nf HVJZ eg- file Vault Hut hi 'wuwd Karlfw- !00v120 Hurdler: in Acflbw L-U"T""5l Negra. ' YYO'f Ducui 1741 WTFR-CLASS TFA CK PICTURES 1771 HOVQS ' Gulrd c.Fr l,,70p,,hgrl-F'vWanl Jovdgn Gum rd +-., ,.-.,..Y Y l.. ,, SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the members of the class of nine- teen hundredkforty-one, having completed four years in Ogden High Sohool'and being very brilliant, do make, crdain, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. Of our worldly possese1ons we leave to the Junior Class our ability to find excuses for getting oht of school, to cooperate in getting our lessons, and to talk the teachers out of other lessons. We, the Senior Class hereby appoint Miss Fern Railsback as executrix of our last will and testament, in consideration of her faithfulness and patience with us for the last two years. . I, Paul Miller, hereby bequeath my ability to get into mischief and out of it again to Harriet Agnew. A I, Max Harry, hereby bequeath my waistline to Shorty-Messe so he won't be mistaken for a steam pipe around school anymore. To Juanita Denharty, I, Jane soya, bequeath my ability to tell jokes. I, Ralph Denhart, leave my speed to Ben Bradley in the hope that he will be able to play basketball next year. To John HRomeoN McMahon, I, Leon Baxter, leave my one and only ability, that of dat- ing good looking girls. I, Robert Britt, leave my ability to play checkers to the one and only NGabbyn Price. I, Raymond Hodges, bequeath my ability to be suspended from school and thus get an extra vacation to all boys in the Junior Class. 4 I, Marianna Harper, leave my ability C0 dance and jitterbug to Bonnie Wilfong. To my friend, June Baker, I, Mary Jane Berkley, leave my best ability to sass the teachers. I, Charles Curtis, leave my ability to at- tract the women to Lowell Anderson. AAs he seems to be doing pretty well.lately, maybe he won't need itg so he may pass it on to anyone who does. I, Junior Richards, leave my ability to foul out of basketball games to James Bensyl. I, Wayne Denhart, leave my ability to cuss and discuss various things to Donald Peters. I, Buren Jordan, bequeath my ability to stand up and make myself known to bashful Helena Freese. - I, Clifford1Behrens, leave my outstanding talent at getting into fights and having automobile wrecks to Irish Mapes. We, the senior Class of 1941 do set our hand and seal to this document on this day, the 27 day of the month of May in the year of our Lord one thousand, nine hun- dred and forty-one. ' Witnesses: . ' I John Doe Yehudi Q ' J J The Little Man Who Wasn't There 3 ?A,--'J' E NTE R TAIIVE I? 5 SECOND TEAM N THE JEAT JOE BLO K W WHO? Joh FYQJ 71+ ab' E0 apes A Foy-mfdyd Base Age of Innocence Reynolds, 1728 E l h ' I j A,,, 5. A,,.: --X, lx t U if xl L, U J U 47 W 1 M HOME EC. CLUB Front row, left to right: Erma'Hay Helton, Ruth Wilson, Helena Freese, Jane Boyd, Marianna Harper, and Joanna Fiscus. Second row: Mary Fry, Charlotte Schlorff, Harriet Agnew, Gladys Taylor, Nora Silkey, Bonita Hiser, and Miss Furst. Third row: 'Betty Ruth Yeazel, Shirley ' Miller, Helen Denhart, Marion Agnew, A June Baker, Lillian Steffey, Agnes Anderson, and Mary Ella Mapes. ANNUAL STAFF Seated at table, left to right: ,Charles Curtis, Robert, Britt, Paul miller, Marianna Harper, and Miss Railsback. Standing: Leon Baxter, Ralph Donhart, ' Raymond Hodges, Max Harry, Buren Jordan, Jr. Richards, Wayne Denhart, and Jane BOyda X .tv FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Ogden Chapter of the F.F.A. was Q first organized last September at a meet- ing called by Mr. Bantzu 'The-following officers were chosen. President ------------ ----- Leon Baxter Vice President ---------------- John McMahon Secretary -------------------- Ralph Denhart Treasurer----- ---- ------- Robert Britt Reporter----Q ---------------- Wayne Denhart On September 2O-21 the president and' secretary attended an officers' training school at Springfield. A corn husking con- test was held October 16, Leon Baxter tak- ing first place with an average of thirteen bushels for forty-minutes. Leon then com- peted in the District Contest at Catlin. ' Fourteen students attended the International Livestock show at Chicago in December. ' February 24 a sectional ping-pong and checker tournament was held for section thirteen, at Ogden. Robert Britt placed - second in the checker tournamentg Junior- Richards and Ben Bradley took first in the doubles of ping-pong. ' ' 4 ' A father-and-son banquet was held the latter part of April. .Mr. Bantz has taken the boys on a number of field trips this. year and is planning a number more of in- terest for next year. He hopes to have an increase in the enrollment of agriculture next year. Happy Farming Boys!! -di- MODERN HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Officers President ------ L4-4-L------.-4---Jane Boyd Vice President ------------ ----Lorena Aden Secretary---- ---- - ------ --Katherine Wagner Treasurer -------- 4-4 ---- --- ----- June Baker Reponter----A------ ----------- Marion Agnew Com ittees and Special Duties A Social ' ' Marianna Harper Program ' Mary Ella Mapes Publicity ' -Marion Agnew Scrapbook' I Helena Freese News Gathering ' Harriet Agnew Finance Helen Denhart Invitation Ruth Wilson ' The Home Economics Club had the honor of sending Helen Denhart and Joanna Fiscus to the Home Ec State Convention in Spring- field. They were the two representatives from our Ogden High School. There were ap- proximately five-hundred girls at this con- vention. ' Seventeen girls from Ogden High were present at the District III Home Ee Rally day meet at Atwood. There was registration in the morning and a speech by the state club sponsor, com unity singing, two skits about Home Economics, discussion groups, a talk., "Globe-trotting," by a guest speaker, and a quizz program. There were five-hun- dred and fifty present. HOME ECONOMICS DEFARTKENT'S MOTHER'S DAY TEA The Home Economic's Department gave a style show and tea Wednesday, May 7 for the mothers of all the high school students in honor of Motherfs Day. A garden scene was the stage setting for the clothing girls who modeled their dresses in the fashion show. The same spring theme was carried out in pink and green table decorations with a miniature garden for the centerpiece. Several girls from the music depart- ment furnished music for the program. Mary Ella Mapes and Marion Agnew each sangg Erma May Helton played a flute solo and Wanda Boyd played a piano solon 0 I .,. . ,wh H N.. -,H :::j.j::.-,-. .. . .- , r- 1' 3 .1 WALLPAPER C3 SS ,..,,...- -....,.., A L., X -, Z ,f"' . Sffm' Re bpm PAINT AND WALLPAPER COMPANY Julian L. Wallace, Proprietor Q 521 N. Neil Chanvaign, Illinois "' l!f1l?i1fZl 151 'HH""'f".'f,f'i"l".fnil'7l''ffm3:fff.'.'..'.'.' 'L-,Uv I ,f JJ.-4- '4,. '. .4 "1 w.1v45!'i""'il I I' THEMES' ' NPQTIQN A L BANK GGHSHH Banking Member' Federal Deposit Insur-ance Corp -an-s--s Qrwassms Gmxm CO M PA NY RUYAL ILLINQIS :CLASS oF1Q41 DRRQ Y E if Q N Q OSWJPMQ-+16 Pr-wsgsciafm '-- A fx L Jmwbw Mfgygl so RD ME RQuRY L :NC ULN-ZEPHYR S M 52 5 fam s EP.vaCE X 5UQQ LPH I LL 'NDIS W L C ISIC PLANT LOCKER SE RV ICE CUSTOM KILLING AND CURINQ n 5 o 9, fjuur,'n.g1lTs Ami vc-n.e'f-q,5Se5j1v:' wmmf sr f 1- , ,H-I3.IEEIRm:imIrvgIu:miIEaIQ.f2Ig7 assw Ulf 'nw-.-.1 --:R -.'4:Ah '1'+::wfvf:1fff1-'11f-+1 f WgA. DUICES I RUCS I AND MONEY EXCI-IANC A TGILET ARTICLES ICE CREAM IEANDY I ,PGP . .I-ug:.'f"Iv!14'-pwI,uIIg,1I:1!uIwnvnmu-mf211ZIfxtnililjliqlfl-13.11R511ref5--u1v3'g1f'Hlf1,fIQ, H ,, 4 1 . V I: 4,74 I V ' , GH Fo ufq, Nj- N , t I Q AST-I A1055 PFI I 'RL,a.',NQI5I.IIIS,,R aid,.ZI.1LlIl1.IZ..I...I...I..'.Z'!a'n'-LITIIIIJ:1Z5211.12...I.ZlI.LI'..','.I'...lI1.-.L1nII1IIII.l1.. 1...Il1Il'ffA.'w"' , CIRITTEN HARDWARE co. McCormick Deering Farm HLlCl'.11I.11C:1"y' . I-IQMEAREEIANEESE IEITI-RAN ILLINOIS I ,E,,1,11,,,,,, ,,,,,,:,,R ,, i,,. , , 2 1,1R,, ,,, R : 1 ,,,RL,,, ,. ,.RR,,,i?,,iR,,, SERVICE STATIGN ' OCDEN ILLINOIS CAS LUNCHV OIL C ANDY-CICA RS-'CICARETTES SOFT DRINKS ,ICE CREAM I If, EIIE., , H4 E mill.HHHll'S!lllNNHIIIHH-4Html:Illlalllwlrulltl'Hmil"1lI Nwlma: HW K- '-alum'nm!!l"5Imu!i sn.III'-HllHll'IlmlIlI FMJNTERMWLLWWBER CQM-CKD REBLMLD ' REPAIR ' REMCDEL OCDEN H- RQYAI. v mwmwsmwH 5:4 E tm ,A b l, Q XJ . Pos PERFECT cost-was IT'S THE TODEJRN SFEL1?-AS vwf os ssar sw11:.A1.-1--Mix NG v v IQLYOUMANS s ST3f05fEPl'l No guess jwork, no oven npeo!-':'inrr", no worrying atout results--Skolsas' thermostat controlled ovens end all that! Why' you can leave the house' foie Q hours and some tadk to find a complete oven meal-umoat, vegetables, dessert and alla-everythinv perfectly done and you weren't even there! Thats'modernH Skelgas cooking--and best of all-you' save money tool 4, WHIIIIIY:NIIUINIHIHHHHIHH'"lIlllHEfIll'2Uf "l"4IlHI""'IlHl' " "'l"' " " 0' ' ill Il Ill I"'II'"lff'il'5"I'!II:IIlIIII'I' :wirl:'1:g.I,.,..,....I-.wr.-,munp''pymmgsrmllirfiwilI''1nI.w.,uf-n1awr.e.:.vfr,1 4 7 I TELLII'-I'1'W'N ---rw-ff-f'nerv-vvffgmf E ,.-SYM' M ...Qi ': "' gg.: IH' 'ht .I-1 I' In. - .,.f,-,Mm 1" 'IW I ff? E Small I f RCWYI31. I, GARAGE In ' Moen, Q55 GI L S ERVIQE RQYAI.-CEIQQI A PIM R Q... iQElL I- I 1 -- NIA I' E S I3 RGS SCI-ICJOIKN EQUIPMENT ES I CD EIDE II II.I.I PEHEQENE4- If- - - 1 29.3 AI: RITE LIJIXICI-I -- I RO M AND O EQUNIAIN SERVICE xVVI-IIERE EEIEND5 MEET . I J , STELL A EEWA ED: IDRC P A I , .msznmnIr-.1I.I1m1s1,-I-.I.'. '.f..',1it!f'II'LI:Ia .naltrIf1-.mania'--:ide2waz?:2!If1f,:e',"sIIn2,'i.tffvfnffffI'NIIii'1II-1ffIfI'fIIIHWIIIIII11 NWIIQIIIIIIWNWN!illllm''NWN'HIINWNNIUWWNIIIIINIIINIINIWmlllliN1llNlNllllllll'UlNl''UUIIWUICIIIIIIII i QOGDEN ILM-,:n,zz:R MILL- sf FEED STORE GRINDING M MIXING Iowoulth Hybrid Seed Corn Murphy-Gonkey-Swisher Feeds Mobil Oil 0 fi CC LIES ROBERT SHORT Kay you novo? bo ashamed to look in a mirror, and no act of yours bring u blush of shamo to those who have loved you and sacrificed for you. It's up to You. Your well wished Dr. T. Loo Agnow LAW NQNCE ' B!XRi3ER Joris-Tonlo ' ?,.T1 . .i.., ,, '4. HARRY 5HoP Joris-Shampoo o LLIQWJ-mRl-Cluufllq EVERY-DAY Q .. .Q . - g RY! Lf ERWIN NACK DE NK 13? DR. PASTER HOMER PHONE wmkhkimmf "1s2v v -I'!I la --':-Kl' Igmimm 1 o -QQDULHL FM. CONKEY D E NTTST 1 --. '-fnennessf-rcuuuavmnsk4152-ww-allelnmmm:ellnflag.-M111 1 ' '. DESOTO PLYMOUTH PLYMOUT H ,T RUCK S DEl3ENDf-XBLE USED CARS ,, 'rs-+5 Pfxuafvxgnag ELEVNVQR CQ IQQYAL HILL CVSCGTT MCRA, .,.. ..., ,... .,.. ........, ,..4 .... .,., V 1.,,..,,.,...- ...I........-....,...,....r. .H-..,....u.....,., elfzrmzf.IT?f.T1.v1.T:T.T...:AZ:-Tsf 'eh'u:.f.Th-THTT1:TT.T..TQni.1IlmHl.i!1.s'!jili!i.Trilfligg lfilfffniffffljfx.'j',HilfPQ.n'fi!:Vllf,1fl!'fNW'IWW I ' 'Q I . . M' ' ' . 'VV H E N Y O 'J RT ST'O1""K'ISR ' FAT AMDEHTC Eg-fgCALE TB. HE wuu, PAY THE RRTCE. RULES EGR RENT. T JE. PHILLIPS PHONE RES. 3662 'STQJOE. BUSS,7-36-63 URBANA T 'm......vm-T-:-umlpT..-1umfy,-:rv'r:Tmg'ryr:rm---fwyx-'grfrrzwuqv- --nn-:-v"If'""'H5II""lIgu"'f'l"!'II"""ii1 - -A -- .,. T QUNCJPAT AT' 'NIC , w. - . - 1 I J TO THE CLASS GF1941 COL. FRUHLLNC-AUCTIOEIEER OF LIVEmSTC74CK AND PEJBLIC SALES-FDR BEST: S REBLJLTS SEE ME THE MAN K THAT GETS THEM UNDER THE A, 1:f1-iTazn:T'T.li:.iiliIe:.'IH'TH.rzhlliri1.'bluffs-iT!rw'Tf:fI:PHTIT1hillTinnia:..2fIni?!HlH'lIm-mmx-nl "'- f'-nmu--:uumzmnqm E HERTT.JQHE52CO,. A Designers and-hgnufacturefs ' Q of W-' J f':: I School and Qollegb jgwelpy, graduation announzements, T- I medals, Qqps, and trophies. Jewelers no Athens High School INDIQAHA?Kj2L iS. , -UNLDSU T E.H. fiali---J?-Saibsman' num-'-sQuu5:.lT!5em'T.u.n. 'wimpiialilTIr'u1T::mnxnlnl'linmlf-:TTD..TifrH'v"1f-"'f1IJmli""v'111H''rr' VH HI L' . - T- 'T 1 T f.l4.1ll.1.n-. . IHL1 T ' ' .. I - -' ' . " . , E ,' ' . "Colf'ki.ng Gooql' :amd '5?iPJ.ng Hot" I That Describes the Feed at S ' Jacx Cork H ' RosTE,u1':an': :mit "'Rumpu3 Rownl f I W at 50 N, Vermillqn-l 5 . Q . Gomfs in and let. Serum You-. ' Booths isr Ladies ' V' - -- . ., ,Danville Illinois , ,,,.,,.,,.,,.,....,......,,,,.,,,.,.,,,..,.,.,..,,,,..,.,,.,,..,,..,,.,,,. , .....,,, ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , il i --.-1-.un2-mmlilmllfi-:mm-I13lIl1ll'rIll1lm'mu-gmmulq'Igm-4Hmmm'-1uwsu-I'v-vun-m'v-e-v-v---------v-'mf-v--vw --HH HARSHBARQER E IMPLEMENT CO. ALMS LHALMERS fwAQHnNERY SEE Us BEFGRE E YQU ew YQURQ E .FARM EQUIPMENT YOUR PATRONACE Wm BE APFRECIATED SALESANDSERV ICE 306 S. BRC ADW!-XY, ST, Pi-H3053 U ' li '- ' l L L D '1"'55l'lm:'m"5W51!lHi'I'W'"!'l1lYfl!iIiU!''UIIHH'llllnllffflfl'!U1'i!!UHl H!HHH'HZlm!!'WfllllhlllnmlU!"'1Ilmf ,I If I I I I CETGLIR FACTS AINID EECU ,... , xl I , , 1 r. ., - - I - I- ' I ' I I, , SEE US EOR INSLIIIIWICE IBEECRE I3'Ul2CI-IFXSIINIC' A U TCD - I3 ROPE RT YFEM I3 LIDYERS I.IAI3ILITIES'-'ACC I EDEINII' A NEW LI EE IDOLICY IS HERE- I.E. APIDL ACEIXIT-ST JQESIDI-I ILL. 'EII II QQIIQ IMIEIIIIEAT IQIIS TQ IHE C.I.fxSI53'DIf I'-MI I H. LDETI, HHN CI N E IAN E. IA- EIN fx. E ROY L- I -I I.- L- . ED I-I AIRLDE N M MERCU RY NIQTQR EXALES I'I.W I-I I T ER- II,'I,"xNACQEI2 FIFIII :Ms -- III., RES Hfffiiifff'-','69'f.'.'f,'.'1'.'.2'.'uH1''Ei':lH':?f'?il?i!If'ffl IH' II'?I'f1'IIflfiI!3F.'..di"-'l.'.!lf"'Cf.II,'.'."T. PLACELL ,2 QCD E N BETTE R Cr-mini'-CG FEEDS, FIELD AND GARDEN SEEDS OCDEN' LPE'TERS,.MCfZRL ll!1ZQT1ZEZ5'.'.X '.'. i2LLl'.ii'..5.'.W.lllZiilklllli21!Wl'J.1.'AJHl1IJ..ff!f!llHJIiNH!i?Iml.'':-i.:ls5ZifEia5:iI-El! aA.v..: 5mIu9f.:i5mIIEZrl!.lf5".'!f f C' H Q qi? 7,,,,,f L .,... U ' A 10 + L QmNTCr-1oCo1,AT12 Sem SENIORS ATTENTIQN WE WILL SERVE A GIANT SODA TO EACH OF YOU-+CONE AND GET IT HQMER :LL ED KENNEYS DRUG STQRE A , . ., , 1,11',,. . ..v- .I -vm'-v . 3,...--- -Vg. '-,-- .-- .-1-U1 ' 1 1: 1ff:iJ..'ff.'.QfHH.'.'.'J.r.'.'.-!-'uh4..'r.1'-'f.'..'.'.'l'1'l'n:..s.'.r'r'-..MW1'v'-1.1,-m :.3!.m ,MM-1 'H' A31 '-' '5' W 'H' Wulf' x!"'H"H1' H "':---:rf 'X 1. -"""'"msn--:1-'1vm1wan411:I'to1:r'mrx'Iw"l"s'I'1""'w:""mv,.--m....,.... , CONCR ATULATION S WO ' THE CLAS S 0551941 J. C.P l El. DI N CL QRLXiN CQ. CQDEN M1 XSTU DT: B A lx tg lx E L .Zemwfmi R m3lO KR E M' AR :-m T ' ATLAS V S i11fw:f rHER lE3 I CG N g ATU! Q N S h l R.xtR-,AMX I -- ' --A T , C R,QiC,Eff'if'i.1 f E 555gH5aM'E AT 5 GG-DiElN V5 l7L'L 'moss . 1 - -ru:1vml'm---mmm'-1'uni mms: If ffmwzfs-1.i1 -1Iflsifuxlz''"1'-lvwleuanrslwu. --., - Q -. ... . ... .- -..n. ..-.. ,1.. .-. ... .1 'mum '.'1f:'.?T.'?5I11'1'L:7'f'r?l:.1rIIfI:.':.'.'.'.'.'.'.:'.','.mm:mzxzsmmmumm-uf...muE.....ml.H.-.......m.....y..b...,1..u. nu... . To THE CLASS OF 1041 Q SIDNLY L TEXICO SERVICE CAS-OIL-POP-ICE CREAM PETER E1SEMME N C E R PPg Qb P, COMRL1ME MTS RENNER'S CALRACE LQE, FIRST ST. PHONE 37K FORD W MERCURY S A LES S E RV I CE HOMER fLLuMQuS " THE CLASS OF IQEH LUBBY OSTERBUR CRQCERY ROYAL ILLINCDISC CROCERI ES ' Abd R M.-.1-9'QIFFIYTFZY.3'l'Y22RW!i1lGFFw2'9551-"'3i"""""'f"l'F""f'"""H" ""'f"'v .sv-M1'-:'Na:M-p,fy,:agnnuuyggzi:-.np flggyyf-Hn C O R D 1 'Sa' S CROCERIESWQMEATS vv HERE FRIENDS MEETS Pi-ICDNE 66 OCDEN ILL FRED CORDEN PROP. 'il' 1v'h:hnlnlM1!9il3Ill5IIlln1NHHllhllvlmzilmnls.himImlllba-Li-'fll..:'rr'E-ai:mi-Suu.wzzm:umul!emum PATRONHS----'PA CE Bailey A Himes ' V Champaign, Illinois Fred Osterbur ' Royal, Illinois Henry Osterbur ' Royal, Illinois Dr. Gayle Laymon ' ' St. Joseph, Illinois Homer Theatre ' Logan Hedrick, Mgr. M. D. Hanger Meat Market Homer, Illinois Edna's Beauty Shop Homer, Illinois E. L. Rudicil Garage' St. Joseph, Illinois Edward Keys--Blacksmith. 1 , ,R0ya1, Illinois Henry Karlau--Blacksmith I Ogden, Illinois This space is given over to the Ogden Community High School track team of nineteen hundred forty one for the splendid work they have done this year. I 1::a::g:z it .. I 1 fi If ' :MET YB T ' U T 5 E ED EO RN CHAS, AT APPLE ST, JCE. iLL .T.1..ms.mlm-.n-rluuwallul1nm.....u1mu.Ialumnus,Tul::nn3-1-!Tu..-T....T,.m..H.1.Tl.mvmlfllmmllnllnmllilnu-llllalor,.T CGMPLEM E NTS ' HOMER IMPLIMETXIT CO. EMM. F. WIESE-SALESMAN-H LCDRENZ BLUHNN '.3:Q..:.fTfnai.5ZiffrlI1ii!illrf.'!lf.'-'ivr.'v-hifi?-KM,SM-fuiazrliini:TQ.ls4fl1!,','n.'5:,'.',,,W,w,',T 'gi-'.g:,,,,mm, qgmnggxgww lli 'GOLDEN RU LE N A5 H" GUSTDM TAILCDRIINC T Q PRICES START AT524z2 HUNDREDS HAVEN BDLJQHT THEM rm CJCDENT Ac. FORD ,W-LADCRQVEE TW'-'TNO'D,T5TT.' M EI'5 R DTE T T NATIGNAEL REFINSNC CDPRDD FIRESTONE TIRES EXIDE BATTERIES ROYAL MLINOIS fztw,..:.-...T:m1n.,w.:.m5uimmsbin ' ' ' " "'i:f.2a -vnu:'fifuulfillql.mi.,g,,.1Tf..:q3zE'.i" T I' :1mav 'I JJ" 11'-Q: W 'W - ' ' PREESE SERWQE FUNERAL 1AND AMBULANCE Ps-:ONE .,,A.., .,.1i.. A.,.,.,, ,J... W Y5 QLD rvxmqgfas f41m h-fffgww MCC , ml Jfiegibjmaj Qijfbdl ,M .. .., .:. .. ,.. ., ff? 2M if ,vt rwg V, D' ffiymg Qwiizifwlqfwfff

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