Oceanside High School - Spindrift Yearbook (Oceanside, NY)

 - Class of 1972

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Oceanside High School - Spindrift Yearbook (Oceanside, NY) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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"' 'NYW' ' rf. ' 5 K x ww- . A -. , . -.fa .wp 5:4 X .fig sativa R an an E xy,,i-wi? Q W Q 6 K X' fi E .gy 'nxt' K A W 4 s-Xi A3 X mb VR 'EYRALLQQY 'N x 'Q x 'W ' ffm i Q w ,awk ' Q rw Q Shmyqgg 391, Q l,,,i:' Q, wi Nix Q up an wh N. get Ewing' RUP! x 'tv X E "535if EN K QV' I M N '3 'IL x ,QL ik 7 qw. fvpmf, Kg N NN 'Ui in Sw'-2? 9 ff rxs-, Q-,Ni . "M 'Q , . Jw X x :'-if-i REE -f Hx he it Q Iv ,,x3:?h:i Y yi- ad' 'Vp fm A ik' 'QF' X X E X9 xv. MQ 1, 2. . 33,-J. n 'i-51 lf wg!!-U-an-1 siliiv- -'-' A --'A' K if ,,... wiv' 0 keep a place apart Within your heart, For little dreams to go Q HL I, 5, Peflodlc Table of lhe Elememg y.1 H 51111221 -45, ! A f, tm d H Me 2 u ' aa' ,... Y' 1 ' H f if , A N QF, z,,N.gsAo, ,Ne .SNAP f .. ..,k 54? 1Pv .Km x ,np ,sr ,IS ,Rh ,Pu .Ag Oda 1n' 'g,,1f'g 1aQ - fy -Q4- li' P. 13 Us sa w Hf Ta ,Pt TIM Q, fff, N' EIU ,PH U 5.NP '3,.Pu' 0011.354 inf yrs H,ArmXmd Quo Xswl j Eg 1f 1sf?'udA i'ismQ'jsayany a.. g f4, 1 5yW 'e 1? w W- 431 ,,-1-I-"" N'-xxx v 1 , ' D75 uf , , Q P1 Fueulty - , The Oceanside Board of Education holds regular meetings the third Tuesday of every month. During the 1971-72 school year, the Board held a meeting' in each of the district's schools and scheduled a program or topic of discussion of interest to the community. Mrs. Georgiann B. Paruch President .IQQ-G Mrs. Greta Mr. Thomas Hutchinson DiD0minica District Clerk Treasurer Martin Mrs. Gwen Mones Bernstein, Esq. Secretary Counsel W N""i"TIJP" Mr. William Hauser Mr. Salvatore L. Vice President Di Giovanna 'K..,w' .,,,,1f Mr. Howard Groveman Mr. John E. Vandermosten OCEANSIDE BOARD OF EDUCATION The Oceanside Board of Education is the elected legislature and policy-making body of the Union Free School District No. 11, Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau, a subdivision of the State government. It derives its authority from and is subject to the control of: 1. The state constitution 2. Legislative enactments 3. The state Board of Regents and the Commis- sioner of Education 4. Decisions of the courts 5. School district voters Members of the Board receive no salary or financial compensation for their services. They pay school taxes at the regular rate. One member is elected each year to serve a- five-year term. 'Vw' OCEANSIDE DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION IW, 4'?'f":'r A"""'--R 'Q-. Dr, William F, Tucker Mr. Victor A. Leccese Dr. Elliot Landon Superintendent of Schools Assistant Superintendent Assistant to the of Schools Superintendent Mr Chester L. Tuthill Mr. Boris Hirschhorn School Business Director of Pupil Administrator Personnel Services The Superintendent of Schools is ap- pointed by the Board of Education and serves as its chief executive officer. I-Ie carries out the Board's decisions and implements its policies through district administrators and school principals. As the professional expert on education, the Superintendent also informs, advises and recommends to the Board on all educational matters. for Personnel 'H it Mr. Stephen Poleshuk 1 El PRINCIPALQS MESSAGE "Dare to be right! Dare to be true! Other men's failures can never save you!" I am quite certain most of you have never heard those lines. I am not able to recall the author yet I know regard- less of their age, these words must be heard by you, the Class of '72. It seems incredible that you must be dared to be right and true. Yet you, your parents, and I know you must be daring because it will be easier "to go along and not make waves." It will be easier to excuse your lack of contribution or accomplishment because of the failure of the system, the other generation of your superior. However, you the Class of '72, are going forth from Oceanside High School as a result of other generations. You are probably one of the healthiest, most widely traveled and most expensive educated groups to be graduated. Noth- ing that the older generation could supply has been spared. You are ready now, theoretically. The first phase of your formal education has ended. It's your chance to show what you have learned. "Dare to be right! Dare to be true l" These are hallmarks of a well-educated adult. Both challenges must be taken up by you because I did not quote the lines from the last stanza. All generations past, yours and future de- pend upon your acceptance and success. "Dare to be right! Dare to be true! You have 0. job that no other can do!" 172 'Q ' ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS Mr. Murdock R. Mr. Henry Puff Cunningham I I I I I 14 . lb- " v e 1,4-ago YQ Miss Rosemary Sutman Mr, Harry Waldron GI Ol Tl Mr. Frank Dapolito Mr. Albert Murphy Mr. Daniel Bashner Mr. Joseph DelGiorno Miss Elaine Rapp fx AN Mrs. Eileen Bolton Miss Susan Braca Mr. Henry Feldman Mr. James Mulvey Mr. Louis Rittmaster Mr. George Smalling MT- MOI"C011 Mrs. Mildred Smitten, Schwartzstein, Nurse Psychologist STUDENT SERVICES 15 Mr. Thomas Barden Mrs. Rose Anne Careri fl? Mrs. Lillian Fine ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mrs. Helene Bell Mr. John Brunetti Miss Mary Clisham Mr. Milton Fajans Mrs. Michele Giannusa Miss Virginia Hubert ll: II I iil i' ,. 1- 4 v ' ' k A Qmuu LGMQGQQN-, QSM 45 0-if Wm? N69 50 5+ QF? -WQQPGJ 15 of vw fx wwf agp ,gfycrb GJQXCOWC 409004 CTXCLGY QA 263 'x W 65 Og mv Cgjwqf OJ Ov C fxxp GEC-164 jf 5 Exo I Ox AW X57 XBDX A04 4 V X XO OJ C9 QC fjV'x"X KW XA C7 X , V I j . X 'xo fu 5? ,KO ,H ,D-ff C90 xfv Af A N95 V 'jx GN X CO Nix HF ' Q5 fs f xlib X X - XX vo J O0 OJ 46 . 0 go 4 CD4 Y? Aga MDC A550 X X D30 ff? Wg X' CX gf gy 44 'Vx Jig! J KVXCY ' Km Ogfx Y ,N 5 FXKOX Cu W , Q , ff X UQ A VJ Q 0 46 A Cf XF' EXX Qcp -1 41 guflviff' t.......L.. , ,,,, ,'-ff-- . , , . v4,.,:,".,g,,,,,,,,W, f Q a ,, E x L ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mr. Barry Kaplan Mr. John Kelleher Mr. Richard Korn 1,0 qw ll, Mr. Larry Langman Mr. Alan Lupi Mr. Joseph Marino M,-M' Miss Marion Musante Mr. Jeremy Palmer Mrs. Madelyn Pressman l I' ,1 ,, .M.,,,.a,-1 , . nzwwyri 9337.-,wf25'::.,--lg" V, - U Z ' W 4"'1,,Qy 4 .143-.1 fl Wy' f .- , Amy, K", 'nf- f r, 5?'f ' ' Wg- i 'fic . , ., ,gg ,V 15 ,Eff H T ' , ' , if flqgliz " ,,,, if - P . f' it ' . z AVA" 31 . ' 6 if 2, ' I ,f,, V 4 ' ,, ' " L 1 5 f ff 1 Z, H T .A gy ' Miss Doris Price ,A ff, Mrs. Desly Schwartz Mr. Philip Scott Mr. Henry Smith Mrs. Margery Stillman Miss Dorothy Sullivan, Miss Rita Kaikow Miss Marguerite Chairman fLibrarianJ Brennan CLibrarianJ 2 I I ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Q' T " : f I I' I ll ll 1 8 . Mrs. Kay Fuehrer Mr. Ira Gibel HEALTH DEPARTMENT , lfay i Mr. Richard Landry Mr. Michael Limmer SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT , ..... , 5 Mrs. Concettina Andrews Mr. Theodor Ehrman www N--I Mrs. Angeline Beach Mrs. Susan Epstein R t VJ-3 v,,1, ..g' , , IJ: ll t x fa , 3, 4 VI 4 ,,-,, f fi ' 2, j -QW' 1" 7 L Lfg' Iv V I .sn, Mrs. Eunice Dombroff WW, ,.,,,,,.,, , a...., ,n.,, . ..in,,. ,MM yi Mr. Harold Hanson asqogugoqllhnoo, e o o SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT 5 f 'fig' 'N x Mrs. Vivian Krohn Mr. Stephen Lane Mr. Thomas Montefenise iw i Mr. Donald Murray Mrs. Arlene 0'Leary Mrs. Marjorie Pascale SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Mr. Victor Pascale Mr. ,Raymond Sobel, Chairman C9 Q O Mr. Stanley Rubenstein A 5 S 1 G 2 Q -X 'La I L x X E l Mr. Nicholas Voulangas 0 5 .. 'NESS . be Mr. Robert Sullivan ,116 MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT 'Q Mr. Paul Arms, Mr. Robert DeGeorge Chairman Mrs. Marilyn Devine Mr. Sheldon Dietz Miss Susan Doll if l Mr. Carmine Ferraro Miss Mary Alice Mrs. Marie Heinze Mr. Alan Hulsaver Fitzgerald MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT iii' 1 Mr. Howard Kalmus Mr. Alan Ross Mr. Marfln RL1d01Ph 'Q Mrs. Frances Scerbo Mrs. Stine Schaffmeyer Mrs. Mar1on Small Mr. Gharapet Simidian ,X 9 X Mrs. Ruth Weinreb LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Devora Ballet Mrs. Margaret Geiszler 3 Mr. Robert Higgins we Q., 4518. Mrs. Heidi Campbell, Mr. Lawrence Cascio Chairman W1 1 vp Mr. David Goldstein Mrs, Claire Graugf LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Miss Janice Kaplan Mrs. Florence Leavy Miss Evelyn Marx Dr. Marta Salas Mr. Louis Savage Miss Jane Wolheim Mr. Frank Young SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Mark Dudick Mr. John Ellis A 23" X X X X Mr. Russell Falzone Mr. Thomas Fetherston Mr. Richard Graffigino Mr. Martin Halpern Mr. Donald Hammer Mr. Morton Horowitz ,. ,R tv J, PI' Fr' 'KA' i4 1. 4.,,, , ,F r U ' 1 v r 31 4 Q 1 1 I' W f -ul gy L ,FM if-F is 3. an li ' vb xdrim .W G " x ,- P 1 A .L 1 'v IJ' ul Q 52,114 .gn , 3 u. M M Q-V' wx -, c X X SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Roy Mackie Mr. John Odulak Mr, Walter Pearsall, Chairman Mr. Phillip Rowe Mr. Robert Saia Mr. Paul Spinelli Mr. John Stile Miss Joanne Traynor S X ii than BUSINESS DEPARTMENT 'NN ,N S M s QIX I 'Klan Mr Alan Diamond i Miss Mary Gover ,Dv Mr. Leo Leibow 41-f? Mr. Vincent Nawrocki, Chairman -413,22 Mrs. Blanche Present Mr. Angelo Storti Mr. Jerry Tucker SECRETARIES AND CLERKS f Q . 91' I Y ,, Y , .'.',',' 1. :V , 4 Mrs. Betty Mrs. Florence Dunwoody Esrig Mrs. Helen Mrs. Ginger Frank Gockel Mrs. Marilyn Feinberg Mrs. Ellen Hughes Mrs. Margaret Pepe Mrs. Gloria Mrs. Estelle Feldhusen Forman Mrs. Selma Levine 117' - szefzffs. V' .- ,.. . f. ,If x 1-4, 'v-.- v - Mrs. Arlene Mrs. Marie Reeves Wolcott BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Mrs. Trudy Fox . 1, f. . , ' x fa If ! 1 if E jg' ' I I1 I f Mrs. Margaret Pender Mrs. Vivian Wulbern PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT as-J fkpr p ', , .AJ , L f i l i i ' , N- "A'- i P, F 4 Miss Georgine Burkle Mrs. Evelyn Cherry Mrs. Carol Gallof 495 Q04 1, Mr. John Hay Mr. Frank J anuszewski Mr. Roy Kessenich Mrs. Grace Saacke Mr. Andrew Scerbo Mr, Richard Vercruysse, Director Mr. Howard Raymond A 4 1 DRIVER EDUCATION 'AJR' Mr. William Reid Mr. Robert Sodemann Mr. Samuel Torgan Q 1 A PRACTICAL ARTS Q-W9 Mr. Raymond Imbro Mr. Stanley Smitten Mr. John Thomassian ef'1 Mr. William Wallace K f f life Miss Jeanette Bohdal Mr. Paul Olivia M!! Mr. Frank Catalano FINE ARTS A-dm JJ i W Mr. Alfonse Parise Miss Rochelle Winkler U f Director , QW ,f tw, Xfxijli 'Q-K t V xp 5 o bs Ov ,F .uv A U 'f x 52 QLXB H John Race Mr. Alan Segal, Director HOME - faife a- ' M ECONOMICS O Q57 'nay' Mrs. Gloria Faine Mrs. Ruth Lockwood ii CUSTODIAL STAFF W. Cooke, A. Fischetti, O. Lucarelli, A. Biamonte QHead Custodianj K Breslin, A. King, R. Burnie, R. Piccolo, J. Bosco 9 f .f Ni.. D. Neustad, S. Topp, L. Minutole, M. Sherman, T. Gower, Y. Fiorb, A. Musante llllln 1. Li KKK JV' 'W A man is no greater than his dream, his ideal, his hope, and his plan. Man dreams the dream - and ful- filling it, it's the dream that makes the man. i 41 A M 'IH 5Ahora . . . vamos a cocinar! Back off, Jack! Mr. Mackie captures the girls' attention. Sing! Don't be a fuddy-duddy! 5' "fH,7. fx. 1: .M W :ir if If fix I 'QQ - 'ff' WJ I L 'J W 3 .4-.,a,ng,':v1q 1 , f:i,,'m1r-1,5 1 '- .,f, , V I ,, 1223? ' T' ..-'fb ', 71' ' A f i ' ,. H ' mvih L: . 'Ti .A V ' Odu1ak's First Law of Pronunciation: "grit the teeth." Oh Shucks! Wish I had a cigarette in my hand. ' - -f' -1 '11 f Q , 1: '--E::r:f:1-11.4-f: f' ' A . - " -lg C- ' -f-3--5,1-x. -,f:':, .zzvyz -1 g-,LM.-kg-- qggff , - . -.3 -' Ti' 43 --Q-'vw' 1- h .g.7-ff'g,Qqaafg-:'5,H :Q - - . - :Q -- 5 5. " :"e.+4g ,:--Mfr - SPIND RIF e gift t Volume 38 Presented by the Students Uf , M , t Ueeanside High t ee Seheel e , mb "Apathy is a disease, those who Watch it will be isolated permanently, or until cured." This is a coffee break? XVII' And thls moocow commg down the road met anicens X, ,W 4' 19 ,f, ' ffm 1 1 , I-A4 w hike ! Here in the Bio lab we make moonshine. Oh my goodness!! It's Howdie-Doodie time! You don't mean that Seniors .xt 413.4111 zzz.: rx :num ' .uv-..-1-fp, . , ..-gum-nn. I 50" Qty!" morris abolafia todd abraham michelle abramowitz diana ackerman We-Q - xf deborah addeo karen akst jeffrey albert timothy albert y ,.,ii 1' christine albi marc altman myra altschuler james amann ii! 'il 591: -f-4 adele amico roy anderson jeffrey annis james anselmo T227 W Q-f florence app lawrence ascione mary bagley . charles baker 7:3 vw 'CT' robert balistreri erik ballan barbara balser balzano QD I W' .psi , WUW' H :kr , l michael bandes randee barr debra barry mindy baruch ,N 34, 'Q 19 joyce baseley james bassalay brian batzer kevin bauer .43 tx karen baum gary baumann lance baumann leslie baumann K W robert bazarewski robert belkin sharon bell sheryl beller YN 4-.X maria bellitti arlene bender thomas bennett gary berch sharon berkowitz dena berlin lisa berlin edward berman 'TJ "hrs-.., lisa bernstein matthew bernstein alberto bertuccio bruce blumenthal 413 Mr' steve bogart joan bogin philip bordeaux edmund boucher ,,d49"' catherine boudreau john boyle denise braggiotti susan brecher .W V ,, ,, patti breitman ellen brennan peggy brennan bonnie brockett 45 :Qi Hd' uv 'TWXW ff! -ff ""' melissa bromberg linda bromberger joan brown debra brueckmann NJN- N94 'Q--V 1,,,,, george brush amy buckstone raymond buksbaum kim bunnell ,,',, TT'- patricia burban joseph butt patricia cacioppo patricia cadenas 'lx 3 'IF 'ZX ii christina caesar rosemary camilleri arthur campbell mary campbell 46 Q fig 0, aw' my ,Q-4" Fil., ' . n i!'1'j1iv wr ff A 1,91 ox M4 , IQ 49 t iff roloyue We grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers. They see things in the soft haze of a spring day or in thered fire of a long winter's evening. Someof us. let these great dreams die, but others nourish and protect themg nursethem through .bade days till they bring them to the sun- shine fand light whieh comes always to those who sincerely hope that their dreams 'come true. ' Q--- ,. . 5- . -4,.1.,.. -,. - l . " - -e -i3,i55E.z1, . , ,g -f -.: 411. g ' ,' - : --3,.g,g,-g -:ffl-' -Y " ' "A ' ' ' ' 3 M jk- -'Ll exft' 'il' 481, ted campbell deborah capo susan capone caroline-capozzi ibn Jhfvvi. 'NU' emilio carattini richard cardinal william carley susan carlsen N F3753 W V Swv J patricia carpenter joseph 4-,,,.. Vilflflellt CZIFUSO SUS3.l1 CHPVGI' R carole casale maria casapini robin cassel linda catania 47 l Mft? 135, fm' frank cavoli ralph cerny robert cesiro janet cetrino 'Nm '!""'W -K edward Chadwick jeffrey charles rachael charnin mitchell cherne debra chernock mitchell chesler alfred chimenti warren churgin , 'IS' X 5-av kathleen cino donna Ci1'ill0 pamela citron jeffrey clifford 'K-'uwf Ov' -N we-Q--f-'Y' john coffey jean coglievina andrew cohen debra cohen il" fi. I a W janice cohen karen cohen lloyd cohen lori cohn "lf,',,"2lv' """+'r 'bww colello carol collins lorraine collins paul collins 'TS'-I combs linda combs robert combs robin combs V, L F V 'US Qu N-' S Xu S. michele cone loretta connaughton catherine connell susan cooney 5 4:-.., judi cooperman amy coopersmith brian corcoran alexander corpuz M-. -an f-Q' gary corvino stephanie costabile lawrence costello susan cotte Na, 'wx Ex g gs --1 ' stewart crawford kathleen crimmins digna cruz kathy cunningham HW .afagff IR N-sn 1'-'5 'nz'-nv pa-144' 'QIf""D linda d'ambra jill danis wendy danon mary darmetko " X1-,f,,, ,. A V 'f 1, ,,y, ,, fivdr' 6 M .Af james darragh anthony dasaro reuben david brian davis 'WY Wm scott davis wendy davison robert dawson pamela debaun john debrita I N ,Sm philip deitch sharon dekovnick nancy delson linda demartino judith dempsey pamela depaul john diaconis john dicroce carol dillon debra dinowitz eileen dipinto V55 1-""' yvonne distefano joseph ditizio mary louise dolan bradley donenfeld ""'Q 5 V 'f"""D"x H-ff' " dawn donohoe kevin doris michael driks douglas drobbin patricia dunlap joan dunn deborah edgette frank edwards steven eilenberg marla epstein barbara ernst burton esrig Nw V' W robert fae john falkenberg david farbman elaine farinaro uyff victor fasciani kenneth favata dennis fedele edward feigeles ff. J? , -Q-4-nv - ,I ' ' susan fcingersch mindy feinstein lydia feldman inalxfenster 'T' joe fernandez richard ferraro ferris todd feurman 'U ' fe nw'- fan- 'iii' William feyh steven fidelman steven fieman michael flh1cLr2i"jV fJ7Jdl" KW ,,- .' 1 1 wr-J VV :L 16" stephen fine alicia fingerhut geri finkelstein barbara fischettcj . N Q 54 X N- , lm N. fr, jf, fxl J 1 -A N '54 QQ? X vl- iis bigh' william flaherty susan flammer patricia forster richard francone lbs. f' 'QB mark frank richard frank brian frantzen mark freedman fl "'-v douglas freeman thomas freiberg randi friedland jay friedman A XYZ, --Q richard friedman sandra friedman steven friedman kathryn fritzman Www is , P FU .7 Aju rv' J 'we' 'fr UMJ 'as robert fruin mary gallant laurie gam mitchell garfield MK steven gazes helena geberer michael gelbaum alfred gengler, jr J 50' 'JW -f 'svn- richard genovese robert gent judith gentile douglas gerard H'-ug, iq? Nu S' 'gd daniel gerrity leonard gershater jeffrey gershon scott gilbert 56 Table ef Contents Faculty .... .... 8 Seniors ......... .... 4 0 Underelnsses .......... 98 Sehool Life ........... 110 Business ..... ..... I 96 'ffm-v thomas giusto lois gladstein robert glasser susan glugover QU audrey gold jason gold jeffrey gold ronald goldman fxgg -av N-MW? rhonda goldschmidt lynne goldstein rhoni goldstein paula goldwater New jack goodman stuart gorman stephen gower james graham A91 joseph graham esther grant patricia grasing stuart grauer frank graziano jody greenberg peter greene amy groger drug, james gross sabrina grossman susan grossman brian gruber - A 'w k K '-s XT fr: - x 'H' ' N ronald gruber thomas gudel david guminick kathleen gunnarson christine gunther james gustus arlene haas bonny hadley nanette halperin laura hancock sherylhandelsman russell hankin WWW? phyllis hanley patricia hanlon terence harrington karen harvey all 4-'nav W eileen hassett john hassum mason hauser john hay 'haf 2 mark hecht mark heller michelle heller cheryl herman -:RK X-?,"'y, sharon herschlag bonnie herskovitz marie herzich brian hirsch W, X1 audrey hirschfeld syndihirschhorn marc hochhauser bonnie hoffnung mary holborow alice hohnblad alan holtz steven holzman 60 Www f if K 'sw' Xa? 'wr'-'df 458 , if Q 2? candy hornick jordan horowitz james howard cathleen huerta 'Ginny 'vw-nr V956 p--..,,, 'hav' james hughes harl hurtzig eric huttner gail huttner -415 Xlvh 'f""-- william hutton carol jachmann kathleen jarzabkowski janice jensen elizabeth jochimson linda johnson 'W-vfzr' joel josephs james julia uxds- Za-as geraldine kalogris harvey kampton maureen kane robert kanowitz Nd -'Qi faith kaplan jonathan kaplan allan karp terri kasman X-Q4 '-1041 fn 'Cf' mitchell kasper richard kasper carmi kasten bruce katz as he debra kaufman karen kayel alyane kazin elizabeth keane 62 gretchen keller joseph kelly louise kenny jay kerner vv-51,1 s-f katherine kingsley francis kirsner gary kissin daniel kittay fr' alan klein karen klein neal klein steven klein -1-..,, """"" carol kleinman jeffrey kline anne klotz karl klotz 'H , ,mr 'tl' 'H-:I luciann knox holly kogan carol kohn joel kornspan 'sz' QT beth kraemer harold kramer robert kreisner caryn krellen mv? limp , , jo-anne kristiansen steven krumenaker harold kuehne sande kurland gn. 'Y sexi 'FW william kurtz mark kuskin steven kutner janice lampel 64 ,--r beverly lancaster steven landman ellen larris jocelyn launer jane leavy phyllis leder mitchell lefkowitz joan leiman mark leiner gary leiter diane lenti gary leonhard 'Q'-gp diane leslie judith leventhal mark levin mordecai levin .-118 'W 5 ,V 'O' x My '-" ff-,-fi ' if ilflfii , , . A , W' ,:r ' M ' L f alan levine erica levine lita levine patricia levine AG A-.. .-A5 '33 'swf joan levitan susan levitan joanne levy laura lewin ,if was uw N...-W ""'-N '--..,, 'hw justine librizzi nancy lieberman steven lifschin julie light , a"' W 'QW Q-Ev' 'M' --n susan limiti theresa lindner louise link george lipkowitz S S S Z X K M5 DREAMS Z S Z Hold fast your dreams! Within your heart X'J1".. Simi. . jay lipman glenn lippman donna lipsius richard lituchy ru.. '-x patricia lo balbo brent lockwood john lo dolce lisa logan had '!""'Q'y kenneth lohr roger lohr laura loughney jonathan louie fi daniel lucarelli kenneth lucas lesley mac murray patricia magee . L, yyxz' A 1-f . -Sf , 'lib' Q37 Nuo? giorgio maglia robin mahler gail Janette maiforth I , 1 1, 4 . , . -, A , w .5242 - '. ,Q K 'W '17 'kfx my paul malamet ellen mandel kim mangieri david mann leslie mann michael marcari ronald marciano jonathan marcus 'sf . V-ft! F71 NJ robin margolis janet marino marguerita maul james marshall 68 peter maslin laura mattera an wendy maurer james maxwell -MW steven mayer marci mazal anthony mazur francis mazur J ' ellen mc cahon paul mc cain loretta mc dermott peter mc mahon arrrer e 5 gary mc cann carol mc cormick sherry melker edward meltzer 'Wh "NIV sw-+-uv 49? 49 arf '-LN .4l"' donna meola linda metelski robin metzger margaret meyer 1:97 vga- -ITT! steve meyerowitz jeffrey meyers roni meyerson michael mllano 'Q' "f"f7 fi TLC? 'AK regina milano lloyd miller marilyn mills bruce milman ,fx 'iw' 7.5 'Nir- eileen milmoe jeffrey mines vincent minicci diane miucclo Q. 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A, ,J V of margaret regan marshall reminick anthony reyes penelope riccio 76 Umm! ll J A Keep one still, secret spot Where dreams may go, l""'5 fn-nv' ivan richman elizabeth rifkin john ringhauser rachel ringler f::.T:: anthony rizzi andrew robins deborah robinson frank robustello ani: Ei wr' lwwfri jacqueline rodier lazaro rodriguez rosemary roschilla sandie roseman K-P-4'?b N15-1 barbara rosenberg debra rosenberg joan rosenberg robin rosenberg 'egg sm... har ,J stewart rosenblatt linda rosinsky gail rosman paul ross elliot rossein debra rothenberg neil rotman steven rotwein i' '.,Q X115-'nv if alan rubeck louis ruggieri alfred runolfsson cynthia russell K 'Q' -5- "' '21 N., angela russo michael sabin steven sack richard sala 78 xj JV MX so-2' wi W Q? f salerni neil salters carol samberg WM barry Sandberg nd ,...-as steven sapperstein mary saragnese Sanders teresa santamaria william santangelo 'qv-wi? deborah sarnoff beth saslosi? ks. 'CPI' cliff saslow carol sauerbach kenneth savik donna savitz 'B'p-f VW up-f-'y' xg, alex schaap mark schadecker john schadecker bruce Schaefer sheldon schaikowitz barry schapira ronald scharf stuart scharf ellen Schatz susan schawelson eugene schirmacher barbara schlamp ,iq fit' V steven schlosberg barbara schmauder susan schmidt robert schneid z wr " -g -J -A Sy! xx , ff w ,J Os? 61939- www- richard Schneider drew Schreiber meryl Schreilier?Qff-alan Schulman fiagah-5 "'1n,. caren Schulman diane Schulman Sheryl Schwam helene Schwartz WM roberta Schwartz Sandra Schwartzberg nurit Schwartzblat dorothy Scialo 064 donna Sciulla alan Scott lisa scott margaret Scott W 'l"1.""" ,g.v'7"""' " ' ' Bt?-T' barbara Seaman robin Seaman Shawn seener bradford Seid 461 K api or 5 'Magi' anlr Shelly Seiderman william Seiffert wa- ,.,c:' , H 1 Hagar russell Selman dane Seltzer charles Serhan nancy Seufer joseph Sgroi Wh i wfix V' W fi marci Sheck lawrence Sheehan cindy Sherman robert Shirley '44 Suzanne Shulman Vic Shustak alan siege henry slgal Sharon Siller nancy Sills Stephanie Silon jack Silver egg..- bf?-q ann Silvergilt eric Silverman melody Silverman marc Silvert IQ 38 it-.J .W charles Simons gloria Sita philip Sivilli mary Skoran YQ-mf, i QV X ,' fran skrilow jan sloan cheryl slotkoff edward slott 'Z ww randi small edward smith neal smith jeffrey smolen ,SFX 1'-9 Q-f""P william snow regina sofio carol sokolow ellen sorrentino 2 i. , -sl 4-.-'.'!I,5' f roberta sotland patricia southern mark spanier barton sparagon A'-L 1 ,. . Q J V Lu .LIU ' ,Lili 5 david spigel susan spinner arthur Spiro lawrence Sporn marc Steinberg 'inf inf 'T""7 susan Steinberg lawrence Stern linda Stetson uw 'W 'fab' pamela stewart kevin stone susan strassman james Strauss ng Yi' elizabeth strembel robin Sukernek richard Sullivan michael susco 86 'X up -43 55-4. bonnie sutherland craig swick janet Switzer ricky syken ,.,, .,,,...,,. ,, , ..,,,,,,, . ,,,.,,,, c,,,,.,,,,,VZ . SIZZZV barbra tamarkin richard tanella joan tanton jinny tauss ', andrea taylor judith tessler frederick thornley linda tirado . ll! 'CN GDM 4-df af' fxwx J" J john tomaso thomas tormey joseph tornello joan torffergjif 5' . 1' XJ5' ' ' 4 J ,XJ , Lf ,Jr 'J we .N J fx yy -4 M Jjv 'Q 1 UTM' A HT' IN AY? And sheltered so, May thrive and grow, Where doubt and fear are not r JU L J Q gf? W"X X1-ft!" ,np -un' maureen townsend martha trapani stephen trapani donna traver Q4 N--AY wr-WY v1ck1 tuchman Jerry tucker , theresa uddo larry unger I uf , , 7, fw 7 U steven unger john van houten jane van sant frank varisco -3'-'ff S, robert Verity susan Verity kathleen Wahl larry waitz 3' X V L TEFWW WW im, ,411 qv-Q1 7-II5"" carol Walker meryl Wallach john Walsh louise Walsh carol Ward carrie Warner david Warshawsky christopher Wass larry Watson Vicki Webster jerry Weiner Sheryl Weinstein jean Weisinger kenneth Weisman janet Weissemeier anita Weitzman I, J' 'w , XL, ,fx, of ,Q , , x X ,f - 1 J ,,., -'N X, X --. ,., 4, wx . - i , w leonard Wengler jeffrey Whitney maureen Wigand frederick Wilkes l 1 1 V", V A Q ,.,, joann Williams steven Wilson robin Winter joan Wirtanen WCS? sharon Witt William Wolfrom jay Wolfson eric Worth 1.4-v xx, ., neal yarm marsha young bruce zaslowsky donald zebe 8 '64 'l'T""' sandra zeeman arlene zehngut richard ziesig sharon zimklnd 1 jean Zimmerman vincent zito jane zukaitis eric zwelgel E. a Salvatore Panzarella IN MEMORIUM Friendship between mortals can be con- tracted on no other terms than that one must some time mourn for the other's death. THE CLASS OF 1972 A x:Zr ,r V X - yes? "i :qi , l l Q Q f ll 2 m.,.,, l 11 I 1 ' 4 " 1 ff I, 5 . , X R . mr W A fr ' - ' ' i ,ll "To deal in the abstract and l lllQY0I:5!llMZi.w5, . V W, x , l give shape to the amorphous to fi transform unreal dreams into 1 e ffl ,F fi 'Fm V f F fxfjia l - 5 F 0 . ' l l F 1 . QII WIHQWWW 1 f i ngmziemg 1 ' 1 ,, Q l 'fil",, , fx V liQw7ig9'.! ll lIllllnl. f I ' S pleasing realities." THE OFFICERS Richard Friedman, Steven Krumenaker, Donald Montwill, Michell Michael Ba d Alan Schulman, Mr. Fethers o rs. aac e a i, e 3 e Abramowitz, viso t M S k Cd rsj. The yentes and the gents entertain. You can make your dreams come true providing: You do not give upg you think of your dream every dayg you do something every day to make your dreams come trueg you still try harder, though the dreams recede farther off in the distanceg you plan to make yourself do bigger thingsg you keep the dream secret and don't talk about it, for the silent man is the strongest Where personal success is concerned g you dream to give hap- piness to someone else also. V 1 GM., y i af-1,25 . 4 1- , ,, R, ' 1- ix, iv ' 'l 'J y lf' jg!! ,Q X! 7 1 a ,.. .P is me Pam and Florence tap their phones - on the dance floor, Mothers and daughters sing along with that is. Mary- 92 gl ln, ll L.-101 5 F Ili' li? 'J J M' W ' Wig? ffl El' Wai" 2 - f' lf,-Q fl ' V ry 5 y., gr" fw' , W 1 4 4 H 1 vAV Q Q3 3, if 3 4- 1 'f-.. , I.. M 4 H , .-rx 'Uh "Us Cheese . . . stop eating and smile. OUR DING-A-LING WAITERS Sitting: M. Bernstein, S. Wilson, J. Julie, T. Abraham, C. Simons, J. Weiner, S. Fidelman. Kneeling: B. Blumenthal, P. Greene, B. Poleshuk, R. Scharf, C. Baker, S. Krumenaker, R. Friedman, E. Zweigel, D. Montwill. Standing: S. Craw- ford, B. Batzer, G. Petrich, S. Sack, V. Minisse, F. Thornley, A. Campbell, J. Kaplan, S. Klein, B. Sandberg, R. Frank, E. Rossein. 93 Oooh . . . that looks good! 'fo in ,Q Where would we be without you, Alex? Z "I'll sleep and dream for a While . . . THE SENIOR CLASS PRESENTS "This is thy son, America." At first glance, Camino Real is a dream, the dream of all men struggling to discover the meaning of life. Initially, the dream aspect of the play may unhinge some members of the audience. But this is a dream! And in most dreams images fly. From both a directorial and an acting standpoint, this play's structure encourages a creativity not bound by convention. The actors have the opportunity of being part of a visual orgy or at least part of an insightful, exciting feast of the senses. CAMINO REAL "And so, they called me Camille." and my dream will be a pageant, a masque in , . ge I "I've b low . . 96 I I M UM' MVA "Don't hit him with your cane een looking for you high and . mostly low." "The name of the camino is not unreal." gg fl ii-1 'Q 4 Ho I "The Patsy just lights his nose." which old meanings will be remembered and possibly new ones discovered." C A M I N O R E A L By TENNESSEE WILLIAMS Directed by MR. BARRY H. KAPLAN Stage Manager - MITCHELL LINDENBERGF Assistant Stage Manager - LINDA JOHNSON Amanuensis - MICHELLE PUGLISI "It's the Streetcleanersf' Choreography by FLORENCE APP and PAM DE PAUL Flute - CHERYL PEARLMAN Business Manager - GWEN SEITMAN Scenic Advisor - MISS ROCHELLE WINKLER Set Construction - MR. JOE MACCHIA Costume Coordinator - LISA LOGAN+ it Denotes Thespian Membership. CAST JAQUES CASANOVA .,......................,,...,., LADY MULLIGAN ...........,..,,.. ,,,..... ESMERALDA ,,,.........,........... "Make voyages attempt them Theres nothin , elseu - - - NURSIE ,............,...,,...,....,..,........,..,.,,..,...... g - ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR ...............,..,,.. STREETPEOPLE if Denotes Thespian Membership. KILROY ,,..............................,.,,.,.,,. .s....,...... THE BUM ...,.,....s....... ..., ...,.,..,.,,.....,.. ,,..,. AQRATTXTHE INSTRUCTOR ...,..s.... .. LOAN SHARKXLORD MULLIGAN ,...,,.. BARON DE CHARUS .......... ..., i..,.,,..., . , . LOBOXPILOT ..............,...,.......,....,...,.. MARGUERITE GAUTIER ..,..... ....... WAITRESS ...,,...,.,..., HUNCHBACK ,,.........,. TRAVEL AGENT ..,... ,..... GYPSY .,,,,.....,............ ...,,. In Order of Appearance DON QUIXOTEXLORD BYRON ,,.......,, ,,,,,....... P HIL DEITCHI SANCHO PANZAXABDULLAH ,,...,.. RICHARD FRIEDMAN MR. GUTMAN ,..,.,........,....,......,....,. ......,...,,.. D AVID PAYMER PRUDENCE DUVERNOY ...,.... ...., R ACHEL RINGLER OLYMPEXEVA .,,,,...,....,...,.....s. ..... , , ,,.. PAM DE PAUL THE SURVIVOR ....,............. .......... D ON RAPPAPORT ROSITA ...........,......,., ,...... D ENISE BRAGGIOTTI FIRST OFFICER ........,.. ........ B ARRY SANDBERG SECOND OFFICER ..,,., .,.... L ARRY COSTELLO THIRD OFFICER ...... ........... .....,..,., N E IL ROTMAN LA MADRECITA ..,,...,..,...... .........., ...., H E LENA GEBERERIG HER DAUGHTER .,.,.. , .,.,........., MICHELLE ABRAMOWITZ FIRST STREETCLEANER ,.....,................,.... MARC ALTMAN SECOND STREETCLEANER ...,.... RHONDA GOLDSCHMIDT RICHARD KASNPAR DAN GERRITYX DEBBIE PASVOLLI TOM GIUSTOI JERRY WEINER ,. DON MONTWILLM BILL MOISSONI ROBIN CASSEL JOCELYN LAUNER FLORENCE APP PETER GREENE SUE BRECHER SANDRA ZEEMANK PAM STEWART GERI KALOGRISIQ ALAN SEIGE 97 Ululerclasses -gl.. Q-., ,Y.-.m. -a.,. - HOMEROOMS 1, 2, 3 THE CLASS OF 1973 HOMEROOMS 4, 5, 6 '95 Q' :ff n JIU-j HOMEROOMS 7, 8, 9 Man dreams whatever he be, And his own dream no man knows, HOMEROOMS 10, 11, 12 EV? Ill - uq- 25 ffl 51 s BQ 555' 1. HOMEROOMS 13, 14, 15 And I too dream and behold, I dream and I am bound with chains, HOMEROOMS 16, 17, 18 , , X And I dreamed that these present pains, Were fortunate ways of old. f X W J QW HOMEROOMS 19, 20, 21 HOMEROOMS 22, 23, 24 HOMEROOMS 1, 2, 3 THE CLASS OF 1974 HOMEROOMS 4, 5, 6 fi 1 What is a life? a tale that is toldg HOMEROOMS 7, 8, 9 HOMEROOMS 10, 11, 12 In Ae Q57 QQQJFSP + F13 f fgvgi Na+ Y-nes., LJL G,3Q6LP'S5l ,L fzrfg o 5 KST CJK! X WWW: Q6 . Qu aio IN Olaf WXQ SQ? 60 L, Q chica l XC r-C pf pls HOMEROOMS 13, 14, 15 HOMEROOMS 16, 17, 18 What is a life? a frenzy extreme, f-fb W M".9f4M.2 64' if Af A HOMEROOMS 19, 20, 21 A shadow of things that seemg And the greatest good is but small, HOMEROOMS 22, 23,24 F I T!-IME ss or 1973 Z 127 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Mitch Lindenberg - President Cmissingl, Russ Nassof - Vice President fmissingl , Jay Lieberman - Treasurer, Barry Kramer - Secretary, Peter Feffer - Court Justice, Mr. Levy - Advisor. That all life is a dream to all, And that dreams themselves are a dream. Pedro Calderon de la Barca THE CLASS OF 197 4 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Mrs. Scerbo CAdvisorJ, I. Levine CTreas.J, K. Reeves fSec.J, J. Menoff fV.P.J, J. Lemler CStudent Court Justicej, B. McMahon CPres.J Z giffyk ",' 7 1424, ZZUYQ CLASS CANDIDS X, fi' 7 'I f ff r MK f f W 'li XO CQLXLQL' ligfwlwlfyf fubfvpi K9 jwjgt 92695 IXQQLJMQUV M bf ' , J X UL!!! Mc QOJWQL, 'vmfbg -'ar -, i W ,,.. .-,,, , I ,sm 21 W Q ,ff ff? 'ifi f -. TX 2 , L Q X , , A.., i V. AZ IA , Q ,fl,jm,,fL JKQJJQ gg! yy., R51 Lyn "iq EQ .,., 31 f ' JI! J? V .J K' W- -" ' 'w 1-5-4 Q1 4 Z q,'. , LJ ' , A 9. V A q ,i R :,,, :,,, W WCW X Wy, "q' ' A' 'A ' Ngfw-L-' X' J 109 ,fdubda 0 ww Q Wfl'w.,,b5 ' M' ", f , M, .A y y .3-Q I I1-45,1 Q H 5 , V. tif 73' 'Gi md HU!!! f..1.5i"r" umu- School Life I dream'd in a dream I saw a city invincible to the attacks of the whole of the rest of the earth, ,f-'-'tif 'N lei f' 411 g -BQ. X, V ww , 4 ,., QE. I ff L., :nv ,, , Q ' 1 ,a ffmff, Q., Q ,s 500' 2 I 4' WW I dream'd that was the new city of Friends, ' D 115 Nothing was greater there than the quality of robust love, ' 5-1 116 ff 'L YZ? 0 O v", Q. fx v9tg ,Q 4, 2, . 4 x, n 4 K 5 f Le . .I , 4 L 3 ,,.g1f ftf-' Urs, 04'f'E 'x - 1 q' 6, X .AU 1 4,7 ,- , ,, ,L -, . -- Q -U ai vi - iv ' , , Q . 1-' ., J' 'M 4 ,. ' 'LW' .,'!vlgQgzq2 f. Q if 4gfeSfw,? 'x .- . "f':4.,,.x . Q' , , fi ,. .nw , .iv wg, 4' . ., Sf wo is , -2 Y wa -I vegas.. :J it led the rest, I 5 , L' L I . 1 X? XTX ff 'Rf 4 fu- ' 'V 1 ' . 4 N ' 1 H f xi V " """"'5u ..-A 1 f--L I A Rf 5 . 2-,WQ 'vw , ,1 ' ev-aff Q, kk., It was seen every hour in the actions of the men of that city, e L4-4465 T4 N. ' e 'H pi A' 7 -1 my v 1 5' I I: 9. nirme .lull - 1 X M 'Q , 5 W F fluuvgp! lQWYll. Pm rn And in all their looks and words. . fi , N fx I . ,X " J' N f' , '5 ff' f , , m, H - V! 1, ff, aj ' J I 5' ., f- ., t t-Lin 1, Z' -U'-' 'J wr I W Aff" 'f.-.M A gf . f ff 'H ' , f in 1 ' ,f , Q," 'ily lx f,f-xfyfjx ,,,, ' f' V, 5 ' J' -Q, ' 1 N.fy" A X Aff, , J A' Q' lj' A will W' 1 ,,,, .1 , , V J, ,. . ' 4 f f., ,ff , tl A or ,N V'4 U ,J A dream unfolds the secret wishes of an individual's heart. A A dream denotes a parable symbolic of the ,oWner's thoughts. A dream can be compared with the rehearsal of a play- disorganized in action and unpolished in character. Where there is a dream, there is a tomorrow. A A Z M QM 4 THE GENERAL ORGANIZATION G.O. Officers: Mr. S. Poleshuk CAdvisorJ, M. Macari CPres.J, S. Fidelman CV. Pres.J, T. Abraham fTreas.J, L. Levin fSec.J. lt Don Montwill at Work in the G.O. Store. This year the General Organization has Worked unusually hard. President Mike Macari has done his utmost to encourage student in- volvement by scheduling meetings both during school .hours and after classes. His efforts have been rewarded by excellent turnouts and spirited discussions. Many issues have been re- solved this year. Another venture by the G.O. has been the operation of the highly successful Sailor Shop. Open almost every period, it carrier a full selec- tion of school supplies, candies, and odds and ends. The officers, council members, and repre- sentatives have worked to make 1971-1972 a productive year at O.H.S. 121 c if 3 -' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row - R. Friedland, M. Neidick, M. Kuskin, B. Rosenberg, A. Zehn- gut, R. Cassel. Second Row - L. Gladstein, J. Rodier, K. Kayel, K. Akst, R. Schwartz, D. Sarnoff, H. Schwartz. Thiwl Row - J. Levy, F. App, J. Levitan, P. Breitman, M. Mazal, Miss Braca CAdvisorJ, C. Kohn, G. Seit- man. Fourth Row - J. Weiner, M. Frank, B. Sandberg, J. Kaplan, D. Paget, M. Herzich, R. Friedman. MEDUCATION IS THE KNOWLEDGE OF Students with high academic standing make up the National Honor Society. They must possess qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, and good character. Among other activities, members sponsor a voluntary tutoring program. Y Tutoring and studying take place in the Guidance Library. SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY First Row - S. Nahmias, C. Lasky, C. Bruder, D. Sherman. Second Row - S. Pugatch, I. Sobel, R. Friedland, M. Mazal, D. Sarnoff, M. Conti. Third Row - Mr. Golstein fAdvisorJ , M. Neidick, B. Sandberg, J. Levitan, D. Schulman, H. Schwartz, Miss Wolheim. Don Quixote, our chapter of the Spanish Honor Society, hopes to further the understanding and enjoyment of the Spanish language and culture through speech, dance, songs, games, and fiestas. HOW TO USE THE WHOLE OF ONESELFW The members of French Honor Society are students with a strong interest in the French language and culture. The French Honor Society sponsors the International Christmas Party, various trips, a tutoring service, and a French newspaper. FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY First Row - D. Paget, Secretary 5 S. Beller, V. Presidentg J. Tessler, President, D. Melnick. Second Row - A. Rosten, I. Plevka, P. Phillips, S. Handelsman, C. Berger, D. Moses. Third Row - E. Golden, L. Harris, J. Kaplan, B. Negrin, M. Hurwitz, P. Lutzky, B. Warner, L. Schwartz, A. Werbel. 4- f ' 3+ +3 f 4 1 , ' + 4+ k L - W. . 5 n- I Roberta Schwartz, Michael S. Bandes fAssociate Editorsj. Susan Brecher CEditor-in-Chiefj. PI DRIFT Bonnie Hoffnung, Steve Krumenaker CSpo1'tS Editorsj. 124 Mr. Barden CAdvisorJ XS, Marcie Sheck fBusiness Editorj Gwen Young CSophomore Editorj Debby Sarnoff CEditor-in-Chiefb - "Debs" , Joan Levitan, Jackie Rodier, Marsha Young CSen1or Editorsj 'fb Laurie Stone CJunior Editorl Carol Samberg, Sheryl Beller, Judi Tessler, Joan Wirtanen CAd- Vertising Editorsj Editors-in-Chief - Advertising Editors - Junior Editor - SUSBJI Brechef, Debby SaI'H0ff Sheryl Beller, Carol Samberg, Laurie Stone . . Judi Tessler, Joan Wirtanen Associate Editors - , Michael Bandes, . . Sophomore Editor '- Roberta Schwartz Business Editor - Gwen Young Marcie Sheck :Senior Editors -k Art Editors oan Levitan, Jac ie Rodier, - - - . . . Marsha Young gfggfgsgan Arlene Bender, Michelle Puglisi Sports Editors - , I Bonnie Hoffnung, Ph0f0971flP722J Editor - Advisor - Mr. Barden Steve Krumenaker Stew Ellellbefg Gwen Seitman, Debra Paget, Helene Schwartz, .loan Wirtanen, Mindy Feinstein, Judi Tessler, Sheryl Handelsman CTyp1ng Editorj - Michelle Puglisi CArt Editorj, Jon Louie, Arlene Bender fArt EditorJ, fmissing: Lori Cohen, Peggy Meyerj Steven Eilenberg Q Photography EditorJ The 1972 SPINDRIFT is the history of forty weeks of accomplishments and failuresg it is a lasting chronicle of the events that shaped our lives at OHS. With the aid of its faculty advisor, Mr. Thomas Barden, the Spindrift editors and staff have tried to capture the true spirit of our school and to show how the academic world, activities, and athletics each played a part in our lives. This year's edition represents Amy Fleischner, Felice Kempler, Debra the joint efforts of business, typing, layout, and literary Paget, Mary Woods, Louise Link staffs. SIDER PRESS First Row - M. Sabin, Mr. Kelleher fAdvisorD, D. Moses, E. Diamond K. Krellen, J. Lemler, L. Scheyer, H. Gold, N. Sills, P. Deitch, W. Forte C. Seville, B. Esrig, M. Collman. Second Row - A. Scott, E. Wexler, J Louie, B. Leicher, W. Churgin, M. Altman, B. Blumenthal, K. Nachbar, G. Phillips, A. Rossner, D. Melnick. Third Row - S. Adler, M. Lindenberg. The Sider Press is a chronicle of events of school life. It reviews social, athletic, and scholastic events as well as offering opinions on important political events. There are 126 ten issues annually. The advisor is Mr. Kelleher. xl 'rf EDITORS gggflellffgolg S. rggler, H. Gold, M. Sabin, N. Sins, P. peitch, o umen al. Second Row - E. W 1 , J, L Q man, W. Churgin, A. Scott, M. Lindenberg. ex er owe, M' Alt e Q5 l 5... Editors-in-chief . . . Managing Editor . . . Feature Editors . . . Editor at Large .... Typing Editor ..... Sports Editor ....... Photography Editors Established 1933 . . . Nancy Siils,Michael Sabin ...............,Phi1Deitch . . . .Steve Adler,Mitch Lindenberg ...............HankG0ld . . . . . .Warren Churgin ..........NanciVo1in . . . .... Jon Sabin, Alan Scott Advertising Manager . . . .........., Carl Seville Art Editors ........ .... J on Louie, Ed Wexler Circulation ...... ..... B ruce Blumenthal Advisor ..... .... M r. John Kelleher Editors-in-Chief N. Sills, M. Sabin. ,ll Y. W, VARIETY EDITORS First Row - D. Moses, B. Blumenthal, M. Casapini. Second Row -- R. Kavall, D. Salman, C. Seville, J. Ringhauser, V. Webster. Editor-In-Cliief - Bruce Blumenthal Associate Editor - Diane Moses Managing Editor- William Santangelo Club Editors - Louise Link, Robin Kavall Art Editors - Sharon Berkowitz Leslie Baumann "Variety" is the new OHS entertainment news- Typing Editor- David Salman paper that not only includes pertinent information Production Editors - Carl Seville but tries to appeal to a variety of student interests. Hank Gold Published six times a year, "Variety" proved to be Advisor - Mrs. Caren a paper that catered to the students' needs. xg. VARIETY STAFF Kneeling - D. Moses, B. Blumenthal. Second Row - P. Karlin, L. Scheyer, T. Dooney, M. Altman, R. Kavall, B. Leisher, D. Pass, M. Casapini, V. Webster, C. Wahl. Third Row - M. Binder, A. Rossner, E. Curreri, P. Deitch, M. Feinstein, T. Giusto, R. Waxman, S. Kivel, E. Wexler, M. Lin- denberg, C. Caesar, J. Ringhauser, D. Salman. MEDIA AS A FORM OF COMMUNICATION V .CW 7 A -,... rs. f -swans 1 -..ff-ef--' . MOVIE CLUB First Row - N. Rotman, C. Porter, K. Lohr. Second Row - D. Rosenberg, S. Feltheimer, B. Abramson, M. Kanel. Third Row - M. Perlmutter, B Lippman, J. Cucchissi, G. Lippman. MOVIE CLUB The Oceanside Movie Club provides Week- end entertainment for the student body at a reduced rate. It has shown such flicks as: "The Coconuts" Cwith the Marx Brothersb, "Wait Until Dark", "Hell in the Pacific', "Kelly's Heroes", and "Picture Mommy Dead". The "Lens" is a literary, creative outlet for tal- ented students. It is an expression in the form of short stories, poems, and drawings. The "Lens" is published in the spring of every school year. LENS B. Blumenthal, D. Rappaport, M. Tuchman, E. Diamond fSr. EditorJ, M. Altman. STUDENTS EMULATE MOTTO, KEYETTES Seated - J. Tessler, L. Donoso, B. Hoffnung fSec.J, K. Akst CPres.J, D Sarnoff KV. Pres.J, J. Levitan fTreas.J, R. Schwartz fSgt.-at-Armsb. Second Row -- F. Gordon, J. Levy, D. Paget, S. Beller, L. Link, M. Young. Thwd Row - A. Charyton, F. Glazer, J. Albert, D. Schulman, H. Schwartz As the girls' auxiliary to Key Club, Keyettes par- ticipate in many of their functions. They served at the boys' inductions and collected books for South Nassau Communities Hospital. Key Club is one of our most valuable organiza- tions. Each year the members sponsor the Scholar- ship Bowl and the ever popular Marathon Softball Game. They also sell refreshments at home sporting events. As a service club they have in the past and Will continue to contribute their efforts and funds to the school and commuinty. KEY CLUB Seated - A. Hulsaver CAdvisorJ, R. Scharf, K. Perschetz, B. Sandberg, S. Wilson CSgt.-at-Armsl J. Weiner CSecretaryJ , M. Kuskin CPresidentJ , sf Krumenaker fVice Presidentl, A. Levine CTreas- urerj, R. Friedman, H. Levinson, S. Torgan CAd- visorj. Second Row - D. Kaye, J. Kerner, S. Klein, G. Kissen, M. Frank, M. Schwartz, R. Frank, D. Paymer, S. Sack, E. Zweigel, S. Fidel- man, J. Saferstein. Third Row - S. Blau, J. . I , I - - 1 ' ' i 1 Cucchisi, N. Bornstein, D. Dunier, S. Baumgarten, B. Goldman, S. Chenenko, B. Blumenthal, M. Min- nisohn, K. Shore, P. Heller. Fourth Row - B Alexander, M. Wilen, L. Sporn, R. Selman, J. Cachianes, T. Dolan, S. Solaman, M. Cohen, L. . ' , . .. .,....- 4 ' .JLJ ' l 1..- ,. ' " 'f ' 7 Roth, M. Malkin. Fifth Row - M. Kaylin, S. Zweifack, A. Richman, B. Seid, P. Greene, S. Fie- man, A. Rossner, M. Binder. Standing - S. Eilen- berg, J. Kaplan. V . ,W .,.,, .. ,,., ..,, , .,.,,.,,,,,,,,,.?,,,.,..,. .,, ' ' . , 'AV i avg.. U-.. -.-fe: A3 V -3 a , 1 5 , SERVICE ABOVE SELF" INTERACT First Row - S. Scharff fSenior Boardj, J. Behr CSoph. Boardb, C. Warner CSec.J, B. Saslow CPres.J, C. Schulman QV. Presb, S. Herschlag fTreas.J Second Row - C. Walker, M. Elefante, S. Neiland, R. Williams, L. Walker, J. Reiss, J. Becker, R. Herman, J. Winzelberg, A. Carter. Third Row - V. Aronson, A. Alter, B. Dahotna, A. Rosten, C. Bergman, E. Messite, C. Berer, B. Mandel, L. Petersen, S. Edelman, L. Marcus. Fourth Row - P. Ziegler, B. Rush, S. Briar, C. Bey, R. Schneid, M. Hifsham, F. Litwalk, P. Chimiklis, C. Reider, K. Devlin, I. Poolat. Every Wednesday afternoon S139 is filled to capacity while the Interacters plan new projects. They collect money for the many dreaded diseases and other worthy causes. Each year they give a Christmas party for welfare children. In all, they devote themselves to aiding others. The Leo Club's enthusiasm can be overwhelming, especially when it's directed toward community service. This year members collected funds for south Nassau Communities Hospital and entertained at the Cerebral Palsy Center. Their reward for all of their unselfishness has been in seeing the happiness they've brought to others. 1 V.--c LEO SERVICE CLUB First Row - J. Meyers, R. Friedland, P. Lutsky, L. Fleishman, R. Bernstein. Second Row - S Fidelman, B. Esrig, J. Rosenshein, C. Lasky, A Donenfeld, S. Stark, A. Friedman, T. Chasworth H. Landy. Third Row - J. Levy, B. Warner, M. Feinstein, C. Bruder, L. Link, K. Brown, W. Sil- I verman, S. Abolafia, P. Sieff, D. Rosenberg, G. Seitman. Fourth Row - L. Schwartz, M. Gilas, H. Gershon, G. Weiner, B. Scher, A. Gilbert, B. Fried, M. Abolafia, S. Rothstein D. Benloff. Fifth Row - B. Abramson, M. Konel, M. Weiss, H. Brown, J. Tatelman, K. Weisman. SERVICE AND RESPONSIBILITY OFFER SATISFACTION Sitting - S. Brecher CPres.J, D. Sarnoff fSec.D, S. Silon CV. Pres.J, F. Wallace fTreas.J, M. Woods CSec.J First Row - M. Feinstein, K. Verity, M. Benkov, G. Bergman, S. Bakal, S. Greene, L. Greene, B. Rosenblum, J. Reiss. Second Row - M. Mazal, L. Blitzer, W. Gerber, K. Green, K. Fried- land, D. Rubin, S. Perlow, C. Farrely, P. Yasenchak, J. Platt. Go-Getters is the school spirit organization. The Go-Getters are the noisiest girls in the stands, bursting with enthusiasm. Making posters and selling shakers keep them busy, in addition to boosting the players' morales by baking cupcakes for them. Library Aides - These volunteers are an integral part of the library. Under the supervision of Miss R. Kaikow, they aid the processing and circulation of library materials. T B00kS i .,f'H"' J Library Aids - H. Schwartz, F. Abbey, A. Rossner, G. Seitman, M. Hirschhorn. MATHEMATICS OFFERS A CHALLENGE MATHLETES Front - S. Clements, G. Seitman, J. Rodier. Back - R. Kavall, Miss Doll, J. Rubin, D. Kaplan, M. Altman, N. Braunstein, M. Collman, L. Sporn, R. Selman, B. Esrig, M. Semigran, D. Dilorio, D. Salman, D. Dunier. The Mathletes is a group of mathematically- oriented students who compete with other schools in Nassau County in six monthly competitions consist- ing of five mathematics problems per meet. The Math Club offers its members the oppor- tunity to compete in games requiring the use of logic, reasoning and mathematical knowledge. No special ability is necessary. l 'T' First Row - K. Shore, Mr. lx-IaLl5sF:Ee1gLgg?ond Row - M Siller S Cle- ments, P. Heller, I. Schoolsky. ' ' ' 153 STUDENTS EXPLORE ,g JETS First Row - G. Lippman, H. Schwartz, M Perlmutter. Second Row - D. Sherman, L. Gladstein, P. Phillips, I. Plevka, S. Clements. Third Row - if F1i1JI'st,kD. Kelly, P. Kurtz, B. Lippman, A. Shore, G. Seitman, D. Melnick, r. ac 1e. The Junior Engineering Technical Society is a nationwide organization for high school students with a scientific aptitude and interest. The Society gives its members the opportunity to experiment in different phases of engineering. The O.H.S. chapter of the Distributive Education Clubs of America has developed respect for education in marketing and distribution and has contributed to vocational competence. The DECA emblem, itself, stands for vocational understanding, civic consciousness, social intelligence, and lead- ership development. DECA First Row - M. Newbarth, E. Schatz, K. Ranucci, Joanne, J. McWilliams, P. Reasen, P. Caccipo, L. D'ambra, A. Haas, C. Calderone, L. Novegrad. Second Row - T. Harrington, P. Dunlap, M. Norotsky, L. Charney, C. Swick, D. Waldman, B. Spud, N. Klein, B. Beck, S. Taylor, M. Gropper, A. Holmblad, E. Brennan, K. Linblad, B. Phillips, M. Kalins. FUTURE PROFESSIONS Sitting - Miss M. Gover CAdvisorJ, D. Paget fTreas.J, Bonnie Hoffnung fPres.J, J. Levy CV. Pres.J , S. Roseman fSec.J, R. Garvey. Kneeling - E. g Curreri, R. Lieberman, L. Citarelli, R. Rugolo, C. Viola. . kjbql QE CKCCDX 2509 'Yiwu Liqioi GLN fxlmdvxkyb L XR Cfywi 'xff-5 3-Ce' Future Teachers of America CF.T.A.J is an organization devised to give . students an insight into some of the aspects of the teaching profession. iEk"i'J'5h SGGC Members assist teachers with clerical Work. Contributions to the com-X Q K- Xu Xxivkn munity involve donations to the Christmas fund for needy families. U ' Wir 1 Nm OXQQXAQSS CANAL Kathleen Jarzabkowski receives her cap as a symbol. of success after completing one year of the Medical Assisting program at BOCES Occupational Center in Freeport. UNXLLXIX 'QAQYQL i XQQQQ Msn Xcxgg LCM X5 C-6.-m9va,Ycs saw QM Ewen wk X o QQ Q X QQXKAXL-Q1 135 'W . , fl l An informal group of mx! ,X students interested in a ' challenging game of dupli- cate bridge. BRIDGE CLUB Seated - S. Eilenberg, Miss Marx CAdv.J, H. Segal CPres.J, M. Altman. Standing - G. Seitman, M. Bandes, B. Esrig. CLUBS OF FUN The Ski Club was organized this year as a club for students interested in skiing. Throughout the year the 1 Ski Club showed movies, had discus- sions, and best of all . . . Went skiing. They held some very successful day and Weekend trips. SKI CLUB First Row - J. Lemler fPres.J, B. Kramer, C. Krellen fSec.J, M. Altman. Second Row - B. Leicher QV. Presb, B. Blumenthal, H. Gershon. Oceanside High School , Chess Club is comprised of fe' a group of students inter- ested in developing their abilities in the game of chess. Chess Club holds matches between students of Oceanside High School and students from other high schools. This year the club has entered one of the national chess tourna- ments. CHESS CLUB Seated -- R. Kavall CCaptainJ, B. Blumenthal CPres.J, G. Seitman fSec.J, G. Lippman CV. Presb Second Row - J. Wirtanen, C. Berger, N. Rotman, 136 R. Evans, S. Clemet. Third Row - S. Bogart, C. Seville, D. Melnick. . PHYSICS CLUB First Row - M. Gross, K. Strauss. Back Row - Mr. Falzone, A. van der Helde, N. Braunstein, G. Lippman, B. Lippman R. Furst. AND LEARNING Students To End Pollution is an organiza- tion founded to help clean up Oceanside and the surrounding communities. The members have organized many drives to recycle old news- papers, cans, and bottles. STEP has the incen- tive and stamine to achieve its goal. Mr. Falzone, the faculty ad- visor for the OHS Physics Club, has succeeded in forming a club based on the interests of science- oriented students. They have performed numerous experi- ments individually as well as in groups. Their main purpose is to familiarize themselves with the many aspects of physics. First Row - L. Levin, K. Zimmerman. Second Row - J. Louie, L. Scheyer, B. Leicher, W. Forte, B. Leicher, Third Row - M. Lecesse, M. Lindenberg, M. Weiss, T. Corman. LEO ASTRONOMY First Row - S. Clements, D. Sherman, R. Furst. Second Row - B. Gannon, B. Abraham, C. Berger, D. Kelly. Third Row - J, Pesti D. Levine, P. Kurtz, K. Lohr, B. Lippman, G. Lippman, , The League of Empyrean Observers is primarily a space, science, and astron- omy club. Leo's Astronomy Club has participated in many activities includ- ing: building a radio telescope, showing new astronomical films, and presenting five guest lecturers. 137 WORLD INTEREST ,Q-uv 1 I D.S.C. First Row - M. Altman, C. Krellen, J. Lemler, B. Leicher. Second Row - L. Scheyer, W. Churgin, E. Wexler, B. Blumenthal, A. Levien. The Democratic Student Coalition is the O.H.S. political study group. They are interested in the politics that play such an impor- tant role in our modern world. The Debate Club -- The main purpose of the Debate Club is to master the art of debate in all forms. Someday they would like to act as an impartial forum in the school. Congressman Lent Visits the School - .l'M.. M53 DEBATE CLUB First Row - W. Forte CSec.D, A. Levien fPres.J, B. Leicher, T. Corman. Second Row - J. Lemler, M. Altman, L. Scheyer, B. Esrig, A. Rossner, P. Karlin. Third Row - J. Esmail, R. Kavall, M. Lindenberg, D. Levine, M. 138 Weiss, G. Kunkel, Mr. Montifenesse CAdvisorD. OUR FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD -anna ,Ak ., OPEN DOOR CLUB D. Paget CTreas.J, M. Tuchman, L. Donoso fexchange student from Chileb, D. Sarnoff CPres.J me The Open Door Club of Oceanside promotes learning through a cultural exchange program. Sending Debra Paget to Brazil, Karen Akst to Chile, and Debby Sarnoff to Argentina for ten Weeks this past summer as O.H.S., as well as U.S.A. representatives proved to be extremely beneficial. Oceanside High School students learned much through the experiences of these three girls. The international weekend held in Oceanside for thirty foreign students was arranged by the members of the Open Door Club along with their advisor, Mr. Paul Arms. In addition, Debra Paget hosted Rosa Contreras from Guatemala and Debby Sarnoff hosted Loreto Donoso from Chile for ten weeks during the winter. The girls were both wonderful representatives of their countries and We indeed enjoyed having them. Rosa smiles for the camera. 139 W Q' RLY, X 'l 0 if polls 5712 K F klflai 'U ij-OVW? SPANISH CLUB First Row - C. Lasky, B. Blumenthal, J. Rosenshein, P. Karlin. Second Row - J. Esmail, S. Stark, C. Bruder, L. Citarelli, E. Alexander, C. Bus- V . C lic? cemi, A. Donenfeld. Third Row - L. Sheyer. D. Salman, M. Conti, H. WWC ,ji Schartz, F. Abbey, T. Corman, Dr. Salas. NWS LANGUAGE PROMOTES SPANISH NEWSPAPER WEL MARINEROHJ Front - S. Johnston, M. Collman, Back - Mr. Young fAdvisorJ, L. Donoso, D. Sarnoff, H. Schartz, J. Levitan. The Spanish Club meets on Monday afternoons to learn about various Span- ish-speaking cultures and to have a good time while doing so. They have pro- duced a completely original film, a taped radio show, and studied Latin-Ameri- can protest songs. They have also taken trips to New York City to places of special interest. Some of the members have also published a Spanish news- paper, "El Marinero". The editor, Mitch Collman, col- lects jokes, crossword puz- zles, cartoons, and articles froma ny students who Wish to contribute. 'NJ www 'ITV GERMAN CLUB Seated - J. Safirstein, R. Waxman, L. Weingarten, D. Ross. Standing - P. Herr, G. Bernstein, G. Terry, T. Giusto. A BETTER UNDERSTANDING The language depart- ment sponsors both the Latin and German Clubs. Traditionally, the Latin Club holds a funeral pro- cession on the Ides of March. The members sing ancient songs at language festivals and hold pizza sales. Every year, German Club sponsors the "Okto- berfest"! Students take field trips and contribute food and entertainment for the language depart- ment parties. Together, these clubs broaden the students' understanding of other cultures and peoples. - LATIN CLUB Kneeling - Patricia, Laura, Lucia, Carlotta. First Row - Naevia, Apollo, Paulas, Gaius, Judita, Domine. Second Row - Patricia, Fidia, Debora, Jovianus, Debora. e 141 GIRL'S ENSEMBLE First Row - P. Phillips Caccompanistj, I. Poolat, L. Bernhardt, V. Whis- ton, K. Weinstein, G. Vanella, G. Kalogris, B. Brillon, E. Alexander, R. Caride, S. Abolafia, K. Reeves, Mr. Race. Second Row - L. Johnson fPresidentJ, T. Lindner, B. Brunjes, S. Goebel, D. Carrigan, L. Gladstein, R. Goldfarb, R. Goldschmidt fSecretaryD, L. Logan, B. Thompson. Third Row - R. Caine, L. Verity, M. Noble, S. Nulty, L. Combs, S. Pitlock. Under the direction of Mr. J. Race, the Girl's Ensemble learns many singing fundamentals. They also give many successful performances at the seasonal concerts and at various places in the community. MMUSICAL SERVICE TO OUR SCHOOL The Concert Choir participates in the spring and Winter concerts. Singing a variety of musical selections, they perform to delight audiences. Conducted by Mr. J. Race, these performers enjoy their recitals as much as their avid listeners. CONCERT CHOIR First Row - Mr. Race, P. Phillips Caccompanistl, D. Meola, M. Saragnese B. McMahon, R. Goldfarb, A. Rosten, D. Paymer, T. Dolan, P. Deitch, D Williams, D. Oppenheimer, K. Cottrell, L. Schnipper, K. Nigro, L. Johnson K. Soluski, L. Berlin, S. Handelsman. Second Row - B. Fried, E. Dawson C. Collins, M. Feinsteinf Treasurerj, H. Geberer, N. Rotman, J. Menoff M. Cohen, H. Strauss, P. Greene, J. Marino, G. Lampner, J. Shevins, L Belsky, D. Rubin. Third Row - D. Braggiotti, P. Meyers, L. Smith, P Stewart, J. Launer, L. Geraci, L. Weingarten fVice Presb, B. Moisson, R. Kasper, R. Waxman fSecretaryJ, L. Costello, P. Sandman, W. Danon, S. Teasdale, B. Kitzen, A. Harris, B. Negrin, D. Pasvoll. Last Row - D Monahan, J. Tegelman, I. Cassel, L. Combs, R. Lustig, D. Montwill, S. Minor, K. Van Sant, T. Giusto fPresidentJ, C. Serhan, J. Kaplan, G. Terry, G. Weinstein, M. Woods, H. Gliboff, V. Smith, D. De Pasquale. 7 - ,. 3 9 . NYSSMA CNeW York State School Music Assoc., All-State Sectional Festivalj First Row - N. Rotman, P. Phillips, J. Shevins, B. Fried, L. Geraci, M. Saragnese, Mr. Race. Second Row - T. Giusto, L. Weingarten, R. Waxman, P. Greene. Missing - D. Goldfarb, S. Sack. All of the performing groups have been extremely active this year with concerts in school and numerous appearances in the com- inunity. One of the highlights: the June 4th concert with the Ocean- side Symphonic Society. The students selected for N YSSMA appeared in a concert at C. W. Post College on February 20th. CONCERT EMSEMBLE First Row - Mr. Race, P. Philips, A. Rosten, D. Paymer, P. Deitch, L. Belsky, G. Lampner, M. Saragnese. Second Row - D. Rubin, H. Geberer, N. Rotman, P. Sandman, P. Greene, J. Shevins, B. Fried. Third Row - L. Johnson, L. Geraci, L. Weingarten, K. Van Sant, R. Waxman, K. Schnip- per, J. Kaplan, D. Pasvoll. Fourth Row - J. Tegelman, R. Lustig, I. Cassel S. Minor, D. Montwill, T. Giusto. , 143 WE ARE THE MUSIC-MAKERS5 THE DREAMERS OF DREAMS. ,,,,,,......----s- ORCHESTRA W. Goodman, J. Kowal, J. Martin, E. McCahon, P. Meyers, M. Ostrofsky, E. Peterson, F. Pickus, D. Sarnoff, R. Schwartz, G. Seitman, J. Weiner, F. Catalano QDirectorJ. The orchestra performs in both the winter and spring concerts and a tri-school concert in conjunc- tion with the junior high schools every year. Or- chestra members all worked very hard this year under the direction of Mr. Frank Catalano to provide the background music for the production of Fiddler On the Roof. The band is perhaps the most active organization at Oceanside High School. Members are continually involved in fund-raising activities such as car-wash- ing and selling band boosters and candy. Half-time shows, concerts, and interstate exchange trips mark Just a small part of a hectic, but rewarding ex- perience. BAND Front and CSeatedD Mr. Catalano. First Row CSeatedD R. Horwitz, G. Bernstein, A. Groger, J. Cucchissi, P. Herr, B. Kallman, S. Segal C. Bergman, J. Crawford, F. Kaplan C. Pearlman. Second Row: M Halio, A. Weinstein, J. Rosenshein, L. Tripler, C. .Sokolow, N. Horwitz, J. Dembo, A. Spiro, A. Buckstone, D. Pasqualino, S. Geller, Stark K Brani an L Lou hne E Messtie S Drake M Card S- ' 1 - g r ' g yr - r - 1 ' I L. Stetson. Third Row 3A: K. Steidl, J. Conti, M. Gropper, J. Car- pineto, N. Braunstein, M. Susco, J. Casabona. Third Row 3: R Friedman, L. Fleishman, H. Lanoy, F. Reich, M. Conti, M. Sandberg 4 M. Asmolik,-A. Fenichel, J. Spiegal, R. Genovese, S. Grauer, J. Peters, D. Litwak, F. Lanzo, P. Schwartz, L. Miller, F. Thornley, T. Saitta, J. Dames, V. Aronson D. Bisogni, G. Oatman, F. Scote- guazza, C. Sgroi, T. Tormey, T. Campbell. Back Row: J. Giordano, N. Lupolie, L. Tober, C. Wilson. Standing: C. DeBlaze, N. Gutharth R. Tanella, K. Hurrell, T. Saitta, D. Levine, D. Ross, B. Meade, D- Halio, F. Wagner, J. Tornello, M. Bernstein, E. Gutman, M. Semi- gran, S. Seener, J. Schwartz. MUSIC IS LOVE IN SEARCH OF A WORD M S gx, W .44 Thespian Troupe No. 132 is the Oceanside Senior High School exten- sion of the International Thespians Society, an association committed to the promotion of drama and the theater arts in secondary schools. THESPIANS First Row - D. Braggiotti, M. Altman, S. Spitz, B. Moisson, B. Sandberg. Second Row - P. Stewart, M. Feinstein, D. Paymer, H. Geberer, P. Deitch, G. Kalogris, B. Blumenthal, R. Friedman, P. De Paul, R. Goldschmidt. Third Row - J. Darow, N. Rotman, S. Minor, T. Giusto, B. Waxman, M. Woods, L. Weingarten. Fourth. Row - D. Montwill fSec.J, L. Logan CPres.J, D. Pasvoll CV. Pres.J, Mr. Kaplan CAdvisorJ. 'E' II I III1IH'ILi DIRECTED AND CHORECGRAPHED BY ,,,, H, MR, BARRY H, KAIDLAN MUSICAL DIRECTOR ,,,,. ORCHESTRAI. DIRECTOR ,,,,A,, C A S T IIn FIDDLER ,,...,...., ......... TEVYE, A DAIFIYMAN 4,,,, GOLDE, HIS WIFE, .,........, . TZEITEL HODEL CHAVA HIS DAUGHTERS, SHPFIINTZE EIELKE YENTE, THE MATCHMAKER . ,. MOTEL KAMZOIL, THE TAILORII AVRAM ..........,,...,...,.., MORDCHA, THE INNKEEPER A , MENDEL, THE RABBVS SON , , , PERCHIK, A STUDENT , ,,..,., FYEDKA, A RUSSIAN A , ,, ,, , , , THE CONSTAEILE . .......... . . THE RABE1 ......,.............. GRANDMOTHER TZEITEI. ,.... FRUMA SARAH , ,... . ....... . , . , order or nppearancel ... . .MFL JOHN RACE R. FRANK CATALANO . . . . , JERRY WEINERA LARRY WEINGARTEN' LIZ EELSKY SANDRA ZEEIVIAN' HELENA GEBERER' PAM DeRAUL' LISA CAPPFIIOTTI SUSAN COHEN , . . . ILENE CASSEL HU DAVID PAYMEH' ...STEVEN SOLOMAN U , , , ,STEVEN SACK ROE WAXIVIAN' LAZAR WOLF. THE BUTCHEFI H .SCOTT LEE MINOR' ,,,,.,,,TOM GIUSTO' .....DON MONTWILL' HFIICHAFID KASPEFI ..... . NEIL ROTMAN' PARIS PHILLIPS , , A ROBIN CASSEL THE RUSSIANS ...., .... J IM I:IAFIn'AUE3'H5.'STEVEAEEIIIIIAN, BILL IvIoIssoN- THE PAPAS - Bruce BlurnenlhaI'. Mike Cohen, Jim Darraugh', Phil DeIIch', Burton Esrig, Chuck Glicksman, Peier Greene, Jon Korn, Steve Perman, Steve Sack, Barry Sandberg' THE MAMAS - Denise E!raggioIe', Susan Breaker, Debbie Goidiarb, Rhonda GcIdschmIdI'. Beth Kitzen, Lisa I.ogan', Rhona Lusiig, Paula Luszky, Debbie F'asvoII', Jeanne Tegelrnan THE SONS - Kevin Calrell, Torn Dolan, Mark Frank, Rich FrIedman', David Kaplan, Dan Litwak, WiIIIam Moisson', David Oppenheumer, Paul Sandman, Carl Seville, Alan Siege' THE DAUGHTERS - Barbara Brillon, Robin Cassel, Wendy Danon, Robin Den- sen, Bonnie Fried, LInda Johnson, Julie Kaplan, Glenna Larnpner, Diane Monahan, Paris PhiIIIps, Donna Rubin, JodI Shevms, Lomse Mary Smith, Andrea Shrag "If I Were a Rich Man "Sunrise, Sunset" "Matchmaker" "L'Chaim" F IDDLER ON THE ROOF The Wedding The Dream 1- pk. ,I i Q . A 15.4 ,3- Chava and Fyedka -ff, 'Aj LA' ,"' gif iff vw ' ff f ZH ei .gf J ygy , ff' ,-gil' ,ffl-X11 1 1 1 The Russians Now I Have Everything" "Miracles of Miracles" wgwzv w "Not every woman in the world is a yentaI" 149 v . A-,KZ 1 ,ffff VN' yi XL' L fffi A DAY IN OCEANSIDE HIGH XZK Learning is the heart of life. i Ii e ,fr Sure you can smile, yozdre not late! e . . . and Where are you supposed to be? Last minute studying. , rf' Smilel The food isn't that bad! 'Y s,i'," H 2 ' g G1 What a way to start the morning. Maybe a round of Reville would help! iii V Cramming! Cramming! I should have stayed . U home! lil What's your hurry ? We're seniors! KKK space DDD space EEE space Is today an A-1 Day or a B-3 Day? V ...fun-',., ? lil: .,,,pr-, Let's see . . . the deadline is Thursday . . . today's Friday . . . "I've go X f' Q if 5' 5 l u d d 1 Q T Ifsias ff d d tlt' This is a dress? Lunch is for meeting with friends. Beware! Animal ball in progress l 1 . iff gl" l sa 37 f ' I .tl . -emgf l .,. W f Q e ' Ml I If Kepler could see us now! I V , ' Thls volleyball defies the laws of physics! ,iprd 'r l 'L "' f -7113- . - 5 V 'fr n 'V - If , W. N 5, , Q' 1- ., " .V 1 V 5, , ,Q ,f -' 'x Q" uf , . , ' 371' '- -,, ' 7 ' f' ' ' . ' 1 K ' V V 4 XX fx' . 4 av' h X mf f .R L A I - ' D ' N h . sf- J V -sif ase f " J' L .Q D 'qu .ie-H"1f4f." . 'if It 1Diet talfleof W 1 I Wonder if Picasso started like this '? This projector is over my head! 1 E SURE fx, 'J I think We have to crank the engine Is this a jail or a zoo? 158j5.?:? 1 bA 152: E:?g:,Jg fi Yi i 1 a pinch of that. Q Hx .f L' ' ' ff x in 5 A fn sl""" How far we've come since 2nd grade! l -ff:-, 22 5' . V gi ',,4.4u Friends say goodbye .... 1 'v ,fr ,I Life is a series of ups and downs . XX And so ends another day at OHS. W2 2 2 S S Z 3 Ol SPORTS MZNW I.. KM .t ,VI 4 me 4 i' f 12555 -1 - Xp ,A .- il , 3911 BOYS ' Q Lg, j fm SPORTS li -.f 3 wg f i f VARSITY CLUB First Row-S. Crawford, C. Simons CSec.J, B. Batzer fPres.D, T. Abraham fV.P.D, A. Campbell. Second Row-Mr. Landry, F. Thornley, T, Polesky, D. DePasquale, S. Carleen, F. Reich, S. Johnston, J , Boyle. The Oceanside High School Varsity Club is open to any athlete holding a varsity letter. They sponsor several fund raising events for the support of athletic awards and incentives for outstanding performances of teams and individuals. 16 .f SAILOR BOUTMEN ww? .fp My fi' '1Cgiff4:x . -,f,.4',L Y: Q N 4 A ef'M Fliawlff H... " f VARSITY SOCCER CLeft to Rightjz P. Siegel, J. Lo Dolce, R. Atanasio, K. Savik fcaptj, T. Abraham, G. Maglia fcaptj, R. Levine, G. McCann, A. Helfand. Kneeling: B, Davis, K. Hurzig, K. Railey, G. Williams, D. Seltzer, M. Leiner, J. Dia- Conis, T. OlB1'ien, P. Gaines, C. Baker, J. Cracolici. Standing: A. Wright Ccoachj, T. Sheridan, W. Seiffert, L. Gershater, H. Jacobs, L, Stern, D. Mann, D. Menz, J. Jaugrnan, D. Klein, D. Cohen, E. Rossein ,Q , I . h . , ' 'S -':'Q,,f, . ' twin. H - A . ' 'fwfiz 7" .. .r H gs., if ff' , f . .' "if ,4-' N' UH31-fS43 61 D0 IT AGAIN F Fa i .5 'ffl , 1" -" , 11' ,-:gg ..... ., rm, ., V - 1 L L? - 4442 ll-avflvil E NN , ,,,, , 4 ,.... : ., 1. V E' -.'f'-"NTD - fr W J Ei 7-552: g- Q ,.", , , 4 .. :SJ f V-'QTL ' -57 -3 5 , ,- .,,, -1 av.: ' ,H " , - ' .,,,,..,. U "" ' , - V A .i2.5:t,- .5537-1 , . A A Q, 5 L. .. .A . . . . A 1 Q I ,VAL 4. V, 4 ,HY ,,A,. an 4 - 1 'V A in E, if ' - ' ' A -yr 1 I K '- .. A . VAVQAA 65, .V .l Q, X- .,4,., ..-. 1 g.:g1,.,,5v1f.g.-1 ' R I X .K I. , "" ' x k o . o . ,l 'Him-I 1. .:.gfj. ,.. . . .,,, . , ., , A, W. .. ........,wf-.....L.L....-S..-. ,f..- : , 4 3 ,kg A N- A :ij,,.,M......-...4 ..f-W'-'V'--g,11"'ij.,f.L.fq7--.. 5.55315 fx. gm,,g.3 A . . .... . . . - X. . - A " 2" fr: ii1L4,g,2..--x47:., -N.. -'Av V51 X A, :,T'.,'f.j,,:,g.:. -,ga 'w'.': '-.L .' -.ve - Ms.-3--9. ' . . tv..-F-b wg! t .,. -. N ,,i??,.vQ,,G .. 515m by It ,NVNEL . -RJ: in S9 .' A ,: Q x X ,-. .. -,gn ,. 3 J-254, H . 'V . -A WH f . Y' -- 4 S: .' if In a: - Q f -Zgwm .- 545 . H T A- ,..- xl' S J -. V A XE ' . Qi.. F' 'o fii .rj " -- -"- ' f J.V. Kneeling: CLeft to Rightb R. Paul, J. Kessler, M. Zarro, C. Oliveri, A. Lang, C. Manning, L. Chatzinoff, S. Cahn, J. Abraham Ceo-capt.J, D. Collins, G. Frank, W. Silverman, J. Louise, M. Rosenberg, B. Bresim. SOCCER Standing: B. Seiffert, T. Kirshhein, B. Zuckerman Ceo-captj, M. McMannus, A. Goldwater, J. McWil liams, B. Varney, S. Levine, A. Fine, J. Cohen, M Manoff, M. Unger, G. Volpe, G. Freed, Coach Jan 1 FOUR IN A ROW Giorgio: All County That was close Todd: 8 shutouts! nail!! ,A f-1 wif 7' , -5 .nv i' A Keven Railey W , " ' ,.,,, 4., , f Andy Helfand COUNTY CHAMPS Dave Mann Ronnie Antanasio-4 goals in one game. Bob Levine The thrill of victory . . . A And the agony of defeat -,C -x.1,5i V , 2 Fl' f-'lx C-.fi lf! .' fb f J ,ff '.,fX. ,Jx,,,X,j , X v f-1 I' - . .f - I -J .M fig N ,PJ ., A X' . j ' ' ,J fi X ,V fi' . 'gf ,f f. , 'f .N 1 ,-.M I J- U 1 H, .X f ff ft U 4 f FOOTBALL ,co ,jf ., ,f-V Q , ,ix " s x.5 4' ff' 1- DJ' .fi l , VARSITY FOOTBALL fLeft to Rightb, First Row: Coach Scerbo, T. De- Watson, T. Tierney, A. Schulman, Coach McCabe. Sanctis, J. Barry, M. Zimmerman, B. Rothman, L. Last Row: S. Wilson, R. Durand, A. Campbell, T. Ruggieri, P. Russo, J. Julia, K. Lucas, J. Anselo, L. Castorina, L. Warshaw, D. Lagudi, F. Thornley, J. Unger, B. Marx, L. Maurino, A. Derovira, R. Horch- Hassum, G. Dinowitz, G. Petrich, R. Levine, L. ler. Second Row: Coach Torgan, M. Ebert, J. Peters, Miller, J. Asmolik, M. McCarthy, A. Less, Coach T. Wagner, B. Poleshuk, R. Bunnell, I. Moss, K. Kessenich. Slattery, D. Croucher, L. Ascione, L. Watson, T. J.V. FOOTBALL Bottom Row: R. Lewis, J. Feit, J. Telford, B. Olsen, F. Goosk, E. Hennen- ger, J. Jones, G. Blementhal, C. Connors, R. Pomerantz, M. Watson, T. Nastri. Top Row: Coach Marsh, S. Kozin, C. Lutz, F. Wagner, B. Hough- ton, K. Kelly, A. Logobardy, M. Hudak, F. Steiner, S. Turtz, P. Lee, S. Parrillo, R. Nelson, J. Rhodes, B. Simmons, K. McManns, J. Grimm, 166 Coach Moltisanti. 23 ...45... HIKE! I X I 1 SAILORS SHINE Q fi if ar 5 1, ,,- 9, 5 gf AT HALFTIME VARSITY BASKETBALL fLeft to Rightl : E. Zweigel, A. Schaap, B. Kanowitz, B. Qkin, Dosedlo, L. Chatzinoff, K. Matlick, B. Hersch, L. Rodriquez, G. Grlmanelis, Dia- mond, R. Levine, S. Landman, R. Lewis, Coach McMullan. Kneelzngz E. Meltzer, J. Albert. Although there was a change in coaching this season, the Sailors did not lose their winning ways. Led by Co-captains J. Albert and E. Meltzer, the Sailors finished third. They gained a playoff spot in the toughest divi- sion in Nassau County. Their fellow starters: B. Kanowitz, B. Hirsch, and sophomore L. Chatzinoff, also did a fine job in their supporting roles. Even though we did not fair well in the playoffs, it was a successful season for all. qi i ia Qggfx.-gg, JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Kneeling: S. Cahn, A. Fine, T. Sheridan, T. Murphy, R. Kuskin, J. Abra- ham. Standing: Mr. Schwartz, R. Gross, T. Johnson, D. Schriber, L. Prin- cipe, T. Seigel, E. Statter. SCORE! Mx BIRDIE I SMILE I SAILORS AIM TO PLEASE SHOOT . WERE PSYCHED "'k"' A VARSITY WRESTLING CStandingJ: Coach Hay, J. Sackowlwitz, L. Warshaw, B. Seiffert, P. Russo, L. Stern, L. Watson, J. Julia fCapt.J, T. Wagner, R. Dykstra fManagerJ. fKneeZingJ: J. Dicks, D. Sweeney, B. Donenfeld, C. Saslow, S. Golden, A. Haberman QCO-Captain, , J. Hay. J.V. WRESTLING fFi'rst Rowj : S. Pritzer, W. Gerneth, R. Seiffert, D. Collins, R. Tefel, R. Marx, W. Walten. CSecond Rowlz K. McCormick, D. Halio, J. Bense, W. Silverman, T. Tripodi, A. Baxt, M. Dupler, A. DeRovira, M. Volk, P. Spa- dora, Coach Kessenich. l11.. l 1 -K A.,--i 1 .1 - 1 173 Cliff Saslow Bill Seiffert WRESTLERS K a , ,l Bob Farb Larry Watson 174 John Hay Jim Julia Jeff Kwartler Bill Mensching W'-'1 VARSITY GYMNASTS CStandingJ: B. Farb, B. Donenfeld, S. Golden, S. Farb Ccapt.J, J. Kwartler, A. Baxt, A. Seaman, B. Mensching, R, Landry CAsst. Coachj, R. Vercryusse CCoachJ. CKneelingD: L. Epstein, J. Principato, R. Danis, P. D'Cunto, M. Matty, D. Dugnan, G. Fried, not pictured: J. Gionis. GYMNASTS PERF ORM TRICKY MANEUVERS The OHS Gymnastic Team presented their K , Y coach, Mr. Richard Vercrysse, with the divi- , WE sion tournament championship trophy this Baldwin ----" '------- 5 9'05 year. The team's record of seven wins and Mel-'ham ----4------4------------ 79'9 three losses attained third place in the coun- Long Befflch ---------------A-- 81-90 ty meet. Responsible for the team's success South S1de'C0mP- ------ 112-2 were Bobby Farb, the current county all- Farmingdale ---------------- 71-60 around champ: captain Scott Farb, and letter- South S1de'0Pt- ------A--- 76-9 men Glodin, Gionis, Danis, Principato, Donen- M3-Ssapeqqa ---------------- 81-45 field, Mensching. and Kwartler. Assistant Garden City ----- ------- 8 7-05 Coach Landry will take over as Coach next year and is expecting another fine season. fl. fl' 1 1 Q 5 J -, -- " 1 A ff' 4-nP"" X75 ,I V Vigil If i i - K , r X J X X V X X ,, X .i N 5 THEY 103.9 56.35 64.5 100.9 72.40 62.45 82.15 79.20 If. 175 f""""- , V , j 2, Z- 'f ik. , jg A X X ' BOWLING First Row, Left to Right: A. Gengler, S. Frisone, S. Lane, D. Kaye, Mr. Imbro fCoachJ. Second Row: J. Grahm, A. Kuralt, S. Gower, C. Pezzella. ACCURACY STRIKES! J RIFLE First Row, Left to Right: T. Kircheim, P. Gage, J. Oatman, L. Batser, G Andoos, M. Mazer. Second Row: M. Ullmeyer, F. Mazur, D. Trueson, J 76 DeBrita CCapt.J, T. Fasitore, T. Mazur, S. Miller. CROSS COUNTRY Stew Crawford Doug Gerard CROSS COUNTRY First Row, Left to Right: M. Kasper, D. Gerard, S. Johnston, G. Schmidt, R. Stauber, A. VanDerI-Ieide, M. Shaboshov CManagerJ. Second Row: Coach Hay, J. Boyle, T. Paleski, B. Batzer CCapt.J, S. Crawford, M Gropper. fMissingJ: S. Epstein. ,.. .-.Q v1 Brian Batzer Mitch Kasper 177 TRACK First Row Cleft to rightj: D. DePasquale, G. Terry, B. Batzer M. Gropper, W. Albert. Fourth Row: M. Rosenberg, G. Schmidt fcap'tJ, T. Abraham Ccap'tl, S. Carlson, L. Emilio. Second Row: J. Askinasi, M. Felgeles, M. Stauber, M. Pinslcy, S. Bedell, P Coach Valenti, F. Thornly, M. Rich, A. Campbell, S. Crawford, Jacovelli, G. Dinowitz. Fifth Row: K. Berg, J. Siegel, G. Blumen L. Baumann, E. Feigeles, J. Hassum, C. Simons, D. Petrich, thal, C. Olivera, 'T. Dolan, J. Boyle, T. Paleski, M. Hudak. Sixth Coach Hendler. Third Row: L. Stokar, D. Moss, S. Epstein, S. Row: M. Jacovelli, D' O'C0m1eu- Hirshinson, P. Herr, D. Cohen, F. Reich, S. Johnson, R. Nassof, WINTER When the OHS winter track season came to a close this year the following were among the team's honors: South Shore Champs, second place in Nassau County, and third in the New York Games. The team sent 6 men to the state meet at Cornell, and came home with 7 medals including first in the mile relay CT. Abraham, B. Batzer, S. Crawford, and G. Schmidtl, the intersectional relay CL. Baumannl, 4th in the shot put CE. Feigelesj, and 3rd in the 600 yd. run CB. Batzerj. ANS N51 af ea swf? QF-M1290 F nf 5,- izynfy ,HAMP9 Winning mile relay team: Batzer, Crawford, Abraham, and Schmidt. 178 WINTER SCHEDULE Nassau Coach Track Meet Bishop Loughlin Games Seton Hall Relays Herricks SSAL-Winter Relays Bethpage Cardinal Hayes Games Chaminade St. Francis Games South Side N.Y.U. Games SSAL Championships Nassau County Championships N.Y.S. Championship at Cornell and K v,gS'Pxf' 'eff mul?" First Row Cleft to ri ht D DePaS uale S Carlson L Bau J. Dinowitz, D. Moss, S. Bcdell, M. Pinsky, S. Epstein, E. Gut- g J: - q 1 ' a ' ' mann, E- Feigeles. A- Campbell, G- Terry, L- Emilio. 50001111 man, F. Reich, Coach Landry. Fourth Row: J. Boyle, M. Stauber ROW! S- Johnston, M- Rich. L- Unger, C- Sin10nS, B- B21tZ9r, S- W. Weidemeire, M. Rosenberg, G. Bloomenthal, M. Feigeles, J Crawford, T- Abraham. F- Th0rn19Y, D- C0hen, G- P0triCh. J- Gilbert, M. Levitin, J. Askinasi, G. Schmidt, T. Paleski, D. For- Hassum. Third Row: Coach Hendler, M. Gropper, W. Albert, P. tin, M, Hudak, Siegel, J. Gionis, L. Stokar, J. Gilbert, P. Jacovelli, J. Asmolik, - Spring - o. " .. , L .4 I ' . 1. , N .. .4 ' . M . , .W pf-4. .1,L..,. Feigeles Shoots the Shot with a Smile. 180 f Z 5 ei ggi 15", -I a "'- f . ' 1'-...A ,VL '. 'QT t C ! L .I First Row Cleft to rightjz H. Levinson, S. Fine, B. Nicoll, S. Klein, M Shapiro, S. Landman, D. Malamed, B. Maller. Second Row: O. Farbman G. Phillips, R. Sharf, P. Spidora, M. Bernstein, H. Friedman, A. Stern Missing: I. Axelband, D. Bunler, R. Kreisner. The OHS Tennis Team is looking forward to another winning season, led by returning seniors Paul Collins, Steve Landman, and George Hezlek. Competition this year appears to be stiffer than last year but the team is stronger and has more depth. Coach Sullivan is optimistic about the team's chances for the Nassau County Championship. TENNIS - GOLF Coach Thomassian's netmen came to a 4th place finish this year but lost to the first two teams by only one set each. For the first time, the team was coed as Ilene Axelband broke, the sex barrier. Captain Steve Landman and returning starters S. Klein and S. Fine led the team to a 7-5 record. First Row fleft to rightbz M. Kuskin, D. Bryman, K. McCormack, V. Es- posito. Second Row: M. Levy, D. Sweet, G. Hezlek, J. Ryan, S. Bryman, M. Zarro, J. Ryan, Coach Hanson. Not Shown: Coach Sullivan, S. Landman, P. Collins, V. Fascianni. . lug fnl . - - u u 1.s..nuf1.,i-f .1 gmgq ln' - .. BASEBALL First Row: Coach Scerbo, C. Baker, C. Ravalli, A. Levine, J. Boyle, J. Albert, L. Stern, K. Bunnell. Second Row: G. Williams, M. Zimmerman, M. Ebert, B. Krauss, R. Imbriano, M. McCarthy. Third Row: D. Newton, T. MacMurray, G. Grumanelis, T. Wagner, K. Slattery. ULENSUE First Row: T. Kircheim, G. Frank, C. Hutcheon, Abraham. Second Row: C. Oliveri, W. Silverman, Pomerantz, J. Woodward. Third Row: D. Downing, R. Simmons, T. Tripodi, J. Valenzio. Fr" S. Hawkins, A. Lang, J. R. Bunnell, S. Kozinn, R. T. Clarke, J. J agemann, f , If socuw ' 1. wgw' ,w y 'ev 51 ,N 44' ilxx , gm -my ,ir un----V 'T' ws., . Q Left to Right: L. Maurino, G. Leonhard, T. Sheridan, P. Russo, J. Julia C5460 ' LK CCapt.D, R. Horchler, J. Barry, K. Hurtzig CCapt.J, B. Marx. Second Row: LU 559. Coach Dapilito, F. Goosk, L. Warshaw, J., Jelinek, T. Tierney, K. Lucas C4000 6605025 CCapt.J, B. Poleshuk, C. Mann, A. DeRovira. X51 NAB Ujidf 'I' q lf 0009 D V' YQ A6 P' c, YWYX VJ 'TQ YO lf! Q' First Row: D. Sweene, P. O'Neil, B. Rothman, J. Hirsch, S. Golden, G. Miles, R. Herny, B. Bresin, D. Collins. Second Row: D. Garneth, J. Cohen, T. Nastri, J. Jones, K. Giglio, F. Steiner, T. Dolan. Third Row: Coach Molti- 184 santi, K. McManus, CQCELQX, C. Wright, B. Houghton, T. Sussingham. 1 QDZILAXC ffqu ,f7 "'-1-JV! 'f7lQ IZIVK- X GL 'S t, 69141444 ,krv 0:14 r9f7'6fL Cir C2-4-5,60 6 Z-JUL 723 4 Goa -we-,gy-4 - -3 ,I xgx' ' J -1 Q, " '47 v' ,JJ W fQA5,fXN N Q 2.1 LQX 5' 0 X 'x K! . 1 , X NJ uw ,JVXX X. . xqw X QT 41 '91 .Aly-1 V X F ' , ,CJAV N FN A"'N ,, 'X , , 95" 'J J ,K LY RW f. Nxlf V 'Nz X .. MLN? KNQ5- 0 . -f Xygi 1 .. ml x ,fp 'i-1 L AQ-...1 O 4-fix .X f- ,fx - X, 3,Xm+-1 fx f . ,LN l , ,7.fJ.f A -fx R fx i5X Vfif 24 ,N ,'? xfxx'-ZX ' ,NA if .XIX ,X 5 C 'A xrxjfrz ,A avg., AQ 5 X. In W QA-lrfy-f'Fbu3-X! J r J , ,X -g , Q V- bu, Q ,R H x,kf1" i3Xf3'QX' 5 17 W' f. N , h Am fs. 1 -V i xy XX 'Q' lifw A KW Sk 'ln :X ,-sw" sy m, u my , ,QQ 1 EJ, lf I I ff 7 4 Gary Leonard L..-- f rf H, 15 1 G ? 4 1 -f - , 7 xdws V :RM xd 1 1 n-X J 1 ' V' an XJ I, ' ' 'f 1 4 f AIU! J! 0 N Q I jx LN lb M ,fr X .MJ 5 TR HW uw U 6 1 ww ,N ,lr af! WVR :YU U u XJU V5 Af xqqj, R VN NX gi f Xb J ,N J f4f-X Ls KU' M , r 1 A . 1 51 B ff Y 9 L K Y fl Hx f 4 W fn 44 R I glut fy' QNX XX RLACRQSSE X ni x 3 A 1 J ,ffx X 164- J 1m J uha Karl Hurtzig ' 185 GIRLS SPORTS A-ei ,gi A. A LEADER CORPS CLeft to Rightlz C. Bergman CSO. Board Mem.J, P. Weiner CJr. Board Mem.J, K. Akst fSr. Board Mem- berj, R. Milano fSec.J, P. Breitman fPres.J, B. Ro senberg CV. Pres.J, S. Capone CTreas.J, J. Levy CSr. Board Mem.J, H. Pasichow CJr. Board Mem.J, L. L. Alvarez QSO. Board Mem.J. fSecond Rowbz D Kayle, A. Flaum, S. Bakal, M. Benkoff, A. Cooper- smith, A. Durso, S. Meyers, S. Rabinowitz, J. Drusin, M. Rago, B. Hoffnung fSr. Board Mem.D. CThird Row?: J. Norton, D. Hausman, A. Werbel, B. Katz, C. Citron, S. Miles, C. Levine, L. Solaric, J. Shevins, A. Zehngut, J. Rodier, B. Poleshuk, S. Most. fFourth Rowjz S. Worth, P. Chimiklis, W. Gerber, V. Giunta, P. Meyers, H. Vercruysse, B. Thompson, L. Tripler, F. App, F. Wallace, C. Geraci. e The purpose of the Girl's Leader Corps is to develop leaders and to utilize their energies in a beneficial manner. Leader Corps helps annually at the Adelphi Special Olympics for handicapped children, serves at sports banquets, sells lollipops and carnations at OHS, and assists in gym classes. 186 x 'lx '3 V. CHEERLEADERS CSeatedJ 1 P. Debaun Qcap tainb, S. Levitin fCo-captj fKneeZingD: K. Trenz, K pern, S. Most, D. Cohen, B Poleshuk. THAT'S THE SPIRIT l f. ,f' 3X. V15 J Q A A , ,. ,.. .- Q . fl 1 .SQ ei , '.,,,: ,L 11 L- ,M ,M ff Eifl':v'l 'JE' I fl-ll . '1-Fil lil ..-'Sz f4Q'9f As. ' A . - ' f . 4 f , . A ,r ,V Z J.V. CHEERLEADERS CSittingJ: L. Solaric, E. Rifkin CCO-capt.J, N. Mahoney, F. Wal lace, W. Chapman. fKneelingJ : D. Arnold, J. Blaymore fCo-capt.J A. Flaum. CStandingJ : M. Levine CCapt.J, J. Norton CCapt.J. 187 Geller, E. Milmoe, B. Had- ley. CStandingJ z N. Hal- ' ees- ... ' .... Q -iff . Massage. . ' 4,7 f A -THA" X . A , af: 'effjvgl l:5:'3f'.1'ft?z'q'--'-M. 'VY' Q?:??gw!?5'a.fr?l U2 . .fill ,, 3, ' ilzgm' fig lf' if ur ! 'gzfllli . L." v ' HIWQIQJIQ L. Cohen, S. Verrity, M. Pombuno, J. Switzer, L. Pitiger, E. Schatz, P. DeBaun, B. Poleshuk, E. Mandel, M. Rago, A. Kazin, M. Kane, S. Carlsen, M. Horlborow. Second Row: K. Kane, J. Casevona, B. Helm, B. Thompson, S. Nulty, J. Winkowski, K. Reeves, A. Hoovler, Miss Burkle. Kneeling: R. Small, H. Sills, D. Eichenbaum, B. Hoffnung, A. Flaum. Standing: K. Kayel, M. Abramowitz, P. Weiner, L. Pitiger, J. Levy, S. Most, H. Pasichow, J. Tanton. W 'll P X J , J ' ?,Q'T,XxZ?,,f QL-Y' J , V . ' Q J f ' X' ,l in - ...ff 'A A f , SPORTNITE PRESENTS . Q , 1 Heidi Pasichow fJ1'. capt.J Betsy Poleshuk Ceo-Capt J Balfa SC11 em inirno CSoph Capt J Sue Capone fcapt J BLUEMING OF AMERICA ii P Q gm aalafyf .-KV 2 Jackie Norton fJ r. capt.J - Regina Milano Ceo-capt.J Leslie Pitiger Ccapt.D Diane Springer CSoph. capt.J BARN YARD LIFE OF WHITE 189 Step in time 97 ' f v7, fy .fx -v'::f , A Leader Corps' HSCOTTIE Heads or Tails? J' FN 1.91 f e f I, . . 6 " ...,. L Hi- '-'1' v " " - . .-'1 - may ee - . f H - Q . , --' 'F 5. '-K5-t .4 ' . 'iw ' !' L ' qua' fo 55, 1' G 1, i. .,. -J ,Z . K, I. LW Vi 555 Sing' everyone sing . . All together now! fgje , e GIRL'S GYMNASTTICS CTop Barb : E. Farinaro, P. Hanlon, K. Boudreau. CBottom Barb : B. Schmauder, J. Leavy. fKneeZingJ 1 Miss Burkle, R. Blasetta, N. Mahoney, J. Blaymore B. Helm, N. Kelley, A. Zimmerman, G. Helsinger, K. Barnett. fS1IttingJ : H. Vercruysse, D. Gallo, A. Hurtzig, D. Kayel. THEY FLY THROUGH THE AIR WITH THE GREATEST OF EASE 1 ffe- X 4' yf 192 Jane Leavy Barbara Schmauder xx X sf 3 i 1 2 Mamanne Rago ,--is -ix x -0. R 3 5 -,.,.-.,. .,..,,,,x- Patty Hanlon -1 x 1 I NSR--N .,., M WAV fl Sue Verity Z' X1 yay. Lw,.Z,,zu., Kathy Boudreau Elaine Farinaro fFirst Rowjz J. Winkowski, J. Zimmermann, F. E. McCaha, D. Rich, K. Reeves, L. Kaplan, K. Sule- App, F. Wallace, R. Milanoe, J. Gucwa. fSecond ski, R. Caridi. CFou1'th Rowl: D. Sea, L. Shepard Rowlz M. Ciamello, D. Buzen, M. Carr, L. Rotten- P, Boyle, L. Loughney, Mrs. Cherry fadv.J, G befg, L- GiHHPiCC0l0, R- WiHiHTY1S- fTM?'d Row? I K- Sontag, K. Nigro, J. Marino, L. Harris, B. Brunjes Barnett, A. Coopersmith, C. Calderone, S. Rugolo, MODERN DANCE -COLOR GUARD Girls in M0d9I'11 Dance, lllldel' the diI'0C13i011 of Color Guard's flash adds color to the field. MPS- CIIBITY, CXPTCSS their feelings and ideas Their performances at home football games through their dancing. Their year climaxes in light up the halftime shows. - the performance at Sportnite. COLOR GUARD fLeft to Rightbz D. Regan fCo-capt.D, G. Terry, S. Fel theimer, K. Verity, S. Bor- deaux, K. Barnett, K. Rogers, B. Brunges, D. Gregorio, R. Finkel, E. Cacace, B. Dan- tona, P. Ross, J. Bassalin, D. Roelli, A. Shalk CCapt.J. DRILL TEAM Pri A X . R F11 fFirst Rowb : E. Grass, B. Brickmeyer, D. Kayel, A. Donenfeld, M. Woods QCO-captainb, S. Carlson CCaptainJ, S. Spizz, A. Coopersmith. fSecond Rowj : A. Friedman, L. Schnipper, E. Golden, S. Abolafia, S. Garfield, D. Goldstein, B. Brillon, L. Bates, J. Wall, L. Tatarro, L. Alvarez. CTMMZ Rowlz Mrs. Saacke Cadvisorj, K. Nigro, C. Strom, F. Kempler, M. Ber- kowsky, R. Caridy, P. Boyle, D. Leonard, H. Vercruysse, P. Myers, J. Hirsch. The Drill Team girls perform at halftime shows at all the home foot- ball games. They sell school pins and a team magazine at each game. This for the first time the marching unit journed to Pompton Lakes New Jersey 5 555 sw, year the Drill Team competed in "NeWsday's" Hofstra Band Festival, and ' J and performed in the tri-state competition. y 5 Q . . pa y . X VOLLEYBALL Fig? A ,Y CSeatedJ: B. Schmauder, C. Capozzi, E. Lynch, P. Debaun. CKneelingJ: A. Durso, C. Citron, H. Pasichow, S. Capone, I. Schoolsky, N. Werssman. fThird Rowj : B. Warner, L.Tripler, A. Werbel, A. Kazin. CFou1'th Rowbz B. Thompson, Mrs. Saacke fadvisorj, L. Pitiger fCapt.J. 153.35 .sf 'Km mmvkf J-gkllj-925 ' OX ygfgffwy ff! J A kk! fnfz7J, f W H ,' fx may Business ALL GLORY COMES FROM DARING TO BEGIN GOOD LUCK FRIENDS mike marcari todd abraham lon levin steve fidelman There are places I'll remember All my life though some have changed. Some forever not for better Some have gone and some remain. All these places had their moments With lovers and friends I still recall. Some are dead and some are living, r In my life I've loved them all. To the Class of 972 John Lennon Sz Paul McCartney HAPPINESS ALWAYS don, michael, michelle, steve, rich, 8z alan on behalf of the 'senior class. . . . You give hut little when you give of your possessions. lt is when you give of yourselves that you truly give . . . Best wishes to the Class of '72 The Key Club fflQff cf :ff .5 b 'ff' 5 ' X Q X Q35 X F134 A vygwa - '51 WW 4- xy fff V f X, , if , J f- . ---W , , , , , R gg, YQ., ' VJ 1 : p,, -, 5 M' ,""'42'jYH 'X W. X Q N. 1, - , H V. Q, .,.. uf' K W, L x1 A .,f,, X 'X' I A f --..', , ,pifhiff N CLg 'f42g.S1,4 N F. wi 1 03 M f ' 'ff Q1 '4 5 9 . I QQPKNQA 152 XD Vxc??gl?L M .K Q XXX, C15 :Eh . zu Good Luck CAROL STUDIOS, INC. Official Yearbook Photographers All negatives kept on file for future orders 80 Atlantic Avenue I-yHbF00k, N.Y LY 9-H50 QW? 4 ' ff .lgftiv yi And let today embace the past with remembrance and the future with longing Kahlil Gibran Congratulations-Girls' Leader love is sweet and the earth turns and men change every day and rivers run and flowers smell good and people want to be better. best of luck to th-e Class of '72 mitch russ barry iay p t F85- eel' p v.p. secy. treas. court. From to the Class of '73 Eungraisiloliuns C E'2f3"""e-w.,,, is '- - S oo Senior Elass 6 POT!! i Ehzss Dub i 13 Bmcvpl?lu'r3:rll1al' ISI I1 Erlllnra Lippman' V. pf'25l'd2T1+ Erwzn Ezrfmon- 51U"lI.'lETy RUl3ir1 Kevali- +r'sZe5ur'Qr' 3 Congratulations to the Class of '72 Especially Our Senior Cheerleaders: Pam DeBaun Su Levitin Debbie Cohen Sue Most B ' H dl y Betsy Polesh k HLZQCA 2 'bo the s s g Z S AARIETY 3 fha, OHS E ntzrtdinmom 9 a gifs q F L41 Sociefc' E l Aomorajre19arQUlSC Qouhaiie la bonne chance E1 fa dasse de 72. l If - m .Ly-, V , , L ,-, 4 'V , rm j' U ..,. -' .- ,, M A .. I-lul.sAvER - ' I I fi fi' ,F fi Q Q ff is 2 f ' !I3'fU'J'1 If it rains, then we'Il buy grapes. ' . ff ' L"" f 'E ' 1 -flfw' Compliments of CONGRATULATIONS Blossom Heath Florist T0 THE 3025 Long Beach Rd., Oceanside cl.Ass or 1972 R0 M000 ff- MX C- 'xfff Good Luck 't il cl.Ass o ' ' 4 I F '72 love zs. .. 'f - From Ocean Chemists . mm 205 VARSITY CLUB Football Tennis Soccer Cross Country 2 o 0 C 2 Brian Batzer-President 3 U3 Ut C 1 E Todd Abraham--Vice President o m Charles Simons-Secretary ou a Charles Baker-Treasurer LL 4- lh -ll E Mr. Landry-Advisor E P- 0 pl:-:gg wg opml lloqasng SSSOJDD1 Maggy GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '72 To our INTERACT advisors, Mr. Bashner and Mr. Seldes: pid and Krum Arrived Thank you for helping us this year. in ,72 Best Wishes Always, Beth Saslow, Caren Schulman, Carrie Warner Sharon Herschlag You are our friends We are yours It's nice to find Good friends in fours To: The Class of '72 "SUCCESS" From: O.H.S. Library Staff Alan and Susan, Martin and Caroline Every person has two educations, one which he receives from others, and one, more important, which he gives himself. -Gibbon Our Best Wishes! FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA eff 97:2f:'V7L W 4 OWL 4 mf 4 K A 0 19 LUG ffl fi 5th Period Math Class Paid S1015 to say Best of Luck to Seniors' .f-will . Q 0, A lv L95 .Q ffl hi? W I 6 B +4 - 206 , ,- if RO 6-2288 Free Delivery LEVHWS Oceanside Pharmacy Famous for Prescriptions Large Selection of High School College Review Books 2796 LONG BEACH ROAD OCEANSIDE, N. Y. an 1 nf' I. Z' l OR 8-1 356 O O Glannl Neapolitan Cuisine SEA FOOD, STEAKS 8. CHOPS 30 Atlantic Avenue fGt. Lincoln Shopping Centerj Oceanside, N. Y. RO 4-6692 FAUST 81 MARTIN TV Stereo-Television-Radio 2865 Long Beach Road, Oceanside Good luck to the graduating class 4-0763 SOUTH SHORE FABRICS, INC. Yard goods - patterns - notions slip covers made to order 381 Long Beach Road, Oceanside, N. Y Best of Luck LINCOLN APPETIZERS Congratulations from .lACK'S CORRECT-A-FIT Oceanside, N. Y. Tel. 516 - 536-7799 brrr boutique 2943 LONG BEACH ROAD OCEANSIDE, N. Y. 11572 THE LEVINES 8JJ,00'zl:0'0 is vgppotnm-660 MIUJUVU C0796 C1921 cam OHS 63 who ff WWW? T.G.I.A.O. !!! A - HAPPY BIRTHDAY if Best of luck from JIVTQ gb I JOHN the Brechers, Q H Sarnoffs, and ' A L0 DOLCE Bandeses 1 9 5 , ALL IN THE FAMILY Good Luck TO THE CLASS OF '72 from the -editors of Spindrift 208 NWC '0MW,,.W 'mffffyfgs MKANDMHSESRIG 2 ' iimigr fQfPexE?Q1wgg :WS vomRo,THELMA, nmslmo Aw! umm - F ff? NA'gWS5QwPavw,rnr N ciand 5743 E W' WSE ANDNIRS. J. UBRlzZp MUm97q7,5feh 5 ' 7710- wuz fir S . 5 055, Ma.ANn MPS. H.7'cauN5 QQ A on We 43, ' . 'Ps 'WW fm ' 'Im.fuw,fmM, f,,,M,,,- NVSWXCEAEHEX NWA ' ' ffffff-wo Amis- P5567 Pfw-Erma F14-MILY ETHNLEY AND ROSE. BENDER LQQPQXYX W , 060 Nxv-Hmmom xii? - mmm Wm 413. 4,15 M Z mmm 'Q "WML mweff Mm M faq, 484"H4f4 A444 , 0 Qnn SW ' Qt fW5-AvYfxXXxaYN Xewnn 7: 'v4fF,y7- 'mm amd, mvw. .dvuinq Oiufuiwlman P. m I ,, g . . if: 7ii?f'g. ' Q - 5,1-,c ,AL A ' . f 45 A Q sf , Adi' Auw XYW' id! E IOR DIRECTORY ABOLAFIA, MORRIS Leo Club, Scholarship Fund Drive, Track Team ABRAHAM, TODD Varsity Soccer, Varsity Track, Varsity Club fTreasurer, Vice-Presidentl, G.O. Treasurer, National Honor Society, G.O. Congressman, Key Club, Club X, Spin- drift ABRAMOWITZ, MICHELLE Varsity and J.V. Tennis, Sen- ior Class Secretary, Spanish Honor Society, G.O. Congress- man ACKERMAN, DIANA ADDEO, DEBORAH Sportnight, Drill Team, Badminton, Volleyball AKST, KAREN Prom Chairman, Leader Corps Senior Board Member, Keyettes fPresidentl, Open Door Exchange Stu- dent, Spindrift, French Honor Society, National Honor So- ciety, Narcotics Council ALBERT, JEFFREY Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball ALBERT, TIMOTHY Concert Choir, Once Upon A Mat- tress, Mame ALBI, CHRISTINE ALTMAN, MARC S. Sider Press Editor, Mathletes, French Honor Society, Model U.N. Club, Math Club, G.O. Representa- tive, National Merit Semi-Finalist ALTSCHULER, MYRA AMANN, JAMES AMICO, ADELE Volleyball, Sportnight, Archery, Go-Getters ANDERSON, ROY Soccer Team, Track Team ANNIS, JEFRREY ANSELMO, JAMES APP, FLORENCE Sportnight Cheerleader, Leader Corps, National Honor Society, Varsity Hockey, Camino Real, Gym- nastics, Modern Dance, G.O. Congressman ASCIONE, LARRY Varsity Football BAGLEY, MARY D. Badminton BAKER, CHARLES ,Varsity Soccer, Varsity Baseball, J.V. Soccer and Baseball, Key Club, Varsity Club Treasurer BALISTRERI, ROBERT BALLAN, ERIK National Honor Society BALSER, BARBARA Go-Getters, Spanish Club Secretary, Volleyball, Scholarship Fund Drive, G.O. Representative, Spindrift, Mother-Daughter Dinner, Sportnight BALZANO, BARBARA G.O. Representative BANDES, MICHAEL Senior Class Vice-President, J.V. Bas- ketball, Spanish Honor Society, Tennis, Bridge Club, Spin- drift, Softball, Mathletes, Math Club, Lens, Sider Press, Fencing Team Captain, Bridge Team BARR, RANDEE BARRY, DEBRA Sportnight, Volleyball BARUCH, MINDY Volleyball, Gymnastics BASELEY, JOYCE BASSALAY, JIM BATZER, BRIAN Varsity Track, Varsity Indoor Track, -Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Club fSecretary, Presidentj BAUER, KEVIN Cross Country, Indoor Track BAUM, KAREN Sportnight BAUMANN, GARY J.V. Football, J.V. Basketball, Track, Varsity Basketball BAUMANN,- LANCE Varsity Gymnastics, Varsity Indoor Track, Varsity Outdoor Track, Track Team Captain, New York State Champ, Varsity Football BAUMANN, LESLIE Spindrift, Scholarship Fund Drive, G.O. Representative BAZAREWSKI, ROBERT BELKIN, ROBERT Forum, Chess Club BELL, SHARON Chorus, Rifle Team BELLER, SHERYL Go-Getters, French Honor Society, La- tin Club, Keyettes, Scholarship Fund Drive, Narcotics Coun- cil, Spmdrift, Volleyball BELLES, ROBERT BELLITTI, MARIA BENDER, ARLENE Camino Real, Once Upon A Mattress, Mame, Spindrift, G.O. Congressman BENNETT, THOMAS GERARD BERCH, GARY BERKOWITZ, SHARON Variety BERLIN, DENA Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, G.O. Rep- resentative BERLIN, LISA Variety EFRMAN, EDDIE Kenny Kunken Fund, DSC, Debating u BERNSTEIN, LISA G.O. Representative, Sportnight Cheer- leader, Scholarship Fund Drive, Volleyball, Tennis, DECA BERNSTEIN, MATTHEW Leo Service Club Vice-President BERTUCCIO, ALBERTO BLUMENTHAL, BRUCE Club President, Spindrift, Sider Press, Thespians, G.O. Rep- resentative, Stage Crew, Service Club, Scholarship Fund Drive, Kenny Kunken Fund, Rudy Lamonica Fund, Mame, Pajama Game Variety Editor, Key Club, Chess BOGART, STEVE Track Team, G.O. Alternate, Chess Club, Cross-Country, Mathletes BOGIN, JOAN Track Manager, Gymnastics BORDEAUX, PHIL BOUCHER, EDMUND BOUDREAU, CATHERINE Leader Corps, Gymnastics, Badminton, Sportnight BOYLE, JOHN BRAGGIOTTI, DENISE Sportnight, School Plays, Softball BRECHER, SUSAN Go-Getters KPresidentJ, Spindrift fSoph,, Junior, Senior Editorj, G.O. Senate, Camino Real, Volleyball, Sportnight, Bridge Club BREITMAN, PATTI Empire Girls' State Representative, Sophomore Class Secretary, Leader Corps fPresident, Vice- Presidentl, Sportnight fSoph., Junior Captainj, Volleyball, Tennis, Bowling, Drill Team, Narcotics Council, National Honor Society, Latin Club, J.V. Softball, Scholarship Fund Drive, Spindrift BRENNAN, ELLEN Volleyball, Sportnight, Softball, D.E.C.A., V.F.T. BRENNAN, PEGGY Sportnight BROCKETT, BONNIE Sportnight BROMBERG, MELISSA Sportnight, Volleyball, Softball BROMBERGER, LINDA BROWN, JOANIE Gymnastics, Sportnight BRUECKMANN, DEBRA BRUSH, GEORGE Soccer Team, Wrestling BRZEZINSKI, MICHAEL BUCKSTONE, AMY Marching Band, Concert Band, Orches- tra, Mame, Tennis BUKSBAUM, RAY BUNNELL, KIM Varsity Baseball, Varsity Club BURBAN, PATRICIA Badminton, Service Squad, Scholar- ship Fund Drive, Rudy Lamonica Fund BUTT, JOSEPH CACIOPPO, PATRICIA CADENAS, PAT CAESAR, CHRISTINE CAMILLERI, ROSEMARY Hockey, Volleyball, D.E.C.A., Sportnight, Spanish Honor Society, Varsity Softball, Kenny Kunken Fund CAMPBELL, ARTHUR Varsity Football, Varsity Track, J,V. Basketball, Varsity Club CAMPBELL, MARY E. D,E.C,A., Sportnight CAMPBELL, TED Band, Wind Ensemble, Marching Unit, Dance Band, Once Upon A Mattress, Mame CAPO, DEBORAH Sportnight, Volleyball, Softball, Rudy Lamonica Fund CAPONE, SUSAN Leaders Corps fJunior Honor Board Representative, Treasurerj, Volleyball, J.V. Softball, Bowl- ing, Go-Getters, Sportnight fJunior Captainl, Rudy Lamonica Fund CAPOZZI, CAROLINE Drill Team, Sportnight fDance Cap- taini, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Rudy Lamonica Fund, Kenny Kun en Fund, Softball CARATTINI, EMILIO CARDINAL, RICHARD CARLEY, WILLIAM CARLSEN, SUSAN Drill Team fCaptainJ, Gymnastics, Softball, J.V., Varsity Hockey, Volleyball Honor Team, Track Manager, Rudy Lamonica Fund CARPENTER, PATRICIA CARPINETO, JOSEPH National Honor Society, Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Baseball, Football, German Honor ociety CARVER, SUSAN Sportnight, Archery, Twirler, Gym- nastics CARUSO, VINCENT CASALE, CAROLE CASAPINI, MARIA Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Span- ish Honor Society, Variety, Biology Club, S.T,E.P. gaaii?nELG a1i1Ii2,BVIglle5c3l?:l li: NSpc1iiriEi1llglitIaf Clliqe2g1'l 313225, Silinizaficglfi Club, Hockey, Softball, Leader Corps CATANIA, LINDA J.V. Hockey CAVOLI, FRANK CERNY, RALPH Track CERVASIO, MICHAEL CESIRO, ROBERT CETRINO, JANET CHADWICK, EDWARD Track, G.O. Congressman, Movie Club, Scholarship Fund Drive, Volleyball CHARLES, JEFFREY Bowling, Lacrosse, Cross-Country CHARNIN, RACHAEL CHERNE, MITCHELL Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball CHERNOCK, DEBI Leader Corps, J.V. Cheerleader, Gym- nastics, Sportnight Cheerleader. CHESLER, MITCHELL Sider Press, Forum CHIMENTI, AL CHURGIN, WARREN Sider Press-typing Editor, Key Club, Gymnastics CINO, KATHY Drill Team, Sportnight, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton CIRILLO, DONNA CITRON, PAM Sportnight, Volleyball, Forum, G.O. Con- gress CLIFFORD, JEFF J.V. Lacrosse, J.V. Wrestling, Softball COAN, CHARLES SOFAFEY, JOHN National Honor Society, Forum-editor an COGLIEVINA, JEAN Sportnight, Softball, Volleyball COHEN, ANDREW Youth Narcotics Council 211 SENIOR DIRECTORY COHEN, DEBBIE Cheerleader, .I.V. and Varsity, Sport- night-captain, Volleyball, Hockey, Badminton, Gymnastics, Kenny Kunken Fund Drive, G.O. Congress COI'IEN,JANICE Sportnight COHEN, KAREN Leo Club, Interact, Badminton, Sport- night, Spindrift COHEN, LLOYD COHN, LORI Sportnight, Hockey, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Mame, Spindrift COLELLO, JOHN Gymnastics-Varsity, Varsity Club COLJLINS, CAROL Concert Choir, Concert Ensemble, Vol- ley all COLLINS, LORRAINE Girl's Ensemble, Rifle Team-Varsity COLLINS, PAUL Soccer-J.V., Math Club, Golf-J.V. and Var- sity, Key Club COMBS, .IANICE Scholarship Fund Drive, Sportnight, Vol- leyball, Mother-Daughter Dinner COMBS, LINDA Concert Choir, Girl's Ensemblc, Open Door Club, Open Door Exchange Student COMBS, ROBERT COMES, ROBIN Sportnigbt, Softball, Volleyball CONE, MICHELE French Honor Society CONNAUGI-ITON, LORETTA Softball CONNELL, CATHERINE COONEY, SUSAN Leader Corps, Volleyball, Sportnight, Softball, Gymnastics, Mother-Daughter Dinner COOPERMAN,.IUDI Sportnight COOPERSMITH, AMY G.O. Congress, Drill Team. H.R. Rep., Go-Getters, Spanish Club, Sportnight, Spindrift, Vol- leyball, Tennis, Dance, Kenny Kunken Fund Drive CORCORAN, BRIAN CORPUZ, ALEXANDER CORVINO, GARY COSTABILE, STEPHANIE Sportnight COSTELLO, LAWRENCE Thespians, Camino Real, Concert Choir COTTE, SUSAN CRAWFORD, STEWART Varsity Cross-Country, Varsity Track, Varsity Club, German Club, National Honor Society CRIMMINS, KATHLEEN CRUZ, DIGNA CUNNINGHAM, KATHY Sportnight, Volleyball, Softball D'AMBRA, LINDA Sportnight DANIS, JILL Thespians, Leader Corps, French Honor So- ciety, Sportnight, Volleyball, Tennis, Scholarship Drive DANON, WENDY Sportnight, Volleyball, Scholarship Drive, Badminton DARMETKO, MARY H.R. Rep. DARRAGH, JIM Sider Press, Leo Service Club, Finian's Rainbow, Camino Real, Mame DASARO, ANTHONY DAVID, REUBEN DAVIS, BRIAN DAVIS, SCOTT National Honor Society, Key Club, Basket- ball DAVISON, WENDY DAWSON. ROBERT DEBAUN, PAMELA Go-Getters, Volleyball, Cheerleader- captain, Hockey, Sportnight, Softball DEBRITA, JOHN Band, Rifle Team Captain, Mame 2 1 2 DEITCH, PHILIP Cross-Country, Track, Wrestling, Sider Press 1Business and Managing Editorj, Thespians, G.O. Con- gress, Concert Choir, Debating Club, Service Squad, Finian's Rainbow, Mame, Camino Real, Come Blow Your Horn, Pa- jama Game DEKOVNICK, SHARON Scholarship Fund Drive, Go-Get- ters, Volleyball, Hockey, G.O. Rep., Spindrift Staff, Mother- Daughter Dinner, Sportnight, Badminton, H.R. Rep. DELSON, NANCY Hockey, Softball DEMARTINO, LINDA DEMPSEY, JUDITH ANN DEPAUL, PAMELA DESANO, JAMES DIACONIS, JOHN J.V. and Varsity Soccer, Varsity Club DICROCE, JOHN DILLON, CAROL DINOWITZ, DEBRA National Honor Society, Movie Club, S.T.E.P., Scholarship Fund Drive DIPINTO, EILEEN DISTEFANO, YVONNE Volleyball, Student Council, G.O. Rep. DITIZIO, JOE DOLAN, MARY LOUISE Sportnight, Varsity Softball, Vol- leyball, Gymnastics, DECA, Go-Getters DONENFELD, BRADLEY Varsity Wrestling and Gymnas- tics, J.V. Wrestling and Gymnastics and Track, Scholarship Fund Drive, Spinclrift DONOHOE, DAWN Leader Corps, J.V. Softball, Volleyball, Badminton DORFMAN, MARK DORIS, KEVIN Band DRIKS, MICHAEL National Honor Societyg Student Senate, Key Club DROBBIN, DOUGLAS DUNLAP, PATTI Gymnastics, Sportnight, Cheerleader, Volleyball, Hockey, Track Manager, Dance, Magazine Drive DUNN, JOAN D.E.C.A., spindrifr, spmnight DVORAK, THOMAS EDGETTE, DEBI Volleyball, Sportnight, Gymnastics, Soft- ball EDWARDS, FRANK EILENBERG, STEVE Key Club, Jets, Bridge Club, Tennis, Photography Club EPSTEIN, MARLA ERNST, BARBARA Hockey, Gymnastics, Sportnight, D.E.C.A., Volleyball, Softball ESRIG, BURTON Debating Club-Parliamentarian, French Honor Society, Mathletes, Scholarship Fund Drive, Leo Club, Pajama Game, Math Club, Service Squad, Kenny Kunken Drive, Bridge Club, H.R. Rep., G.O. Rep. FAE, ROBERT FALKENBERG, JOHN Scholarship Fund Drive FARBMAN, DAVID Bridge Club-President, Tennis, Kenny Kunken Fund, Rudy Lamonica Drive, Scholarship Fund Drive, Mathletes, Jets, Chess Club, Debating Club, G.O. Congress FARINARO, ELAINE Varsity Gymnastics, Sportnight, Volleyball, Dance FASCIANI, VICTOR Golf Team, National Honor Society, Key Club, Rudy Lamonica Fund, Kenny Kunken Drive, G.O. Congress, Scholarship Fund Drive FAVATA, KENNETH National Honor Society, G.O. Con- gress FEDELE, DENNIS Wrestling, Softball, Rudy Lamonica Drive, Kenny Kunken Drive FEIGELES, EDWARD Varsity Track, J.V. and Varsity Football, J.V. Baseball FEINGERSCH, SUSAN FEINSTEIN, MINDY Go-Getters, Thespians, Concert Choir Treasurer, Interact, Leo Service Club, Spindrift Staff, G.O. Rep., Scholarship Fund Drive, Mame, Halful Of Rain, Ca- mino Real, Finian's Rainbow, H.R. Rep., Come Blow Your Horn, Mother-Daughter Dinner Chairman, Senior Prom Committee FELDMAN, LYDIA Interact, Kenny Kunken Drive FENSTER, INA Leader Corps, Volleyball, Sportnight, Spindrift FERNANDEZ, JOE FERRARO, RICHARD FERRIS, WILLIAM FEURMAN, TOD Band, Wind Ensemble FEYH, BILL FIDELMAN, STEVEN G.O. Vice-President, Sider Press News Editor, G.O. Congress, DSC, S.T,E.P., Debating Club, St-Fac Ad Senate, Scholarship Fund Drive, Kenny Kunken Fund, Key Club, Leo Service Club, Rudy Lamonica Fund FIEMAN, STEVEN Key Club, Youth Narcotics Council, Kenny Kunken Fund FINE, MIKE Football, Golf, Basketball FINE, STEPHEN Key Club, Tennis, Scholarship Fund Drive FINGERHUT, ALICIA Interact, Kenny Kunken Fund, Vol- leyball FINKELSTEIN, GERI FISCHETTO, BARBARA FLAHERTY, WILLIAM FLAMMER, SUSAN D.E.C.A. Senior Rep., Sportnight, Vol- leyball, Softball FLAPAN, MICHAEL FORSTE R, PATRICIA FRANCONE, RICHARD ERQNK, MARK Tennis, Key Club, Honor Society, Bridge U FRANK, RICHARD Key Club, G.O. Rep., Bowling, Youth Narcotics Counei FRANTZEN, BRIAN FREEDMAN, MARK Key Club, Concert Band, Baseball, Basketball FREEMAN, DOUGLAS FREIBERG, THOMAS FRIEDLAND, RANDI Leo Service Club, Youth Narcotics Council, Spanish Honor Society fPresidentJ, National Honor Society. Keyettes, Sportnight, Spindrift, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton FRIEDMAN, JAY Football, Baseball FRIEDMAN, RICHARD Key Club lSenior Boardl, Chief Justice of Student Ct., Youth Narcotics Council fCl1airmanJ, Band, Orchestra, Marching Unit, Honor Society, Camino Real, G.O. Congress, FPA FRIEDMAN, SANDY Volleyball FRIEDMAN, STEVEN Track FRITZMAN, KATHY Volleyball, Softball, Sportnight FRUIN, ROBERT GALGANO, LOUIS GALLANT, MARY GAM, LAURIE Volleyball fJ.V.l, 0.H.S. Scholarship Fund GAMSIN, HOLLY GARFIELD, MITCHELL Sider Press, G.O, Congress, 0.I-I.S. Scholarship Drive GAZES, STEVEN Football, Lacrosse SENIOR DIRECTORY GEBERER, HELENA Thospian Society, Spindrift, Once Upon A Mattress, I7illian's Rainbow, Manic, Pajama Game, Camino Real GELBAUM, MIKE O,H.S. Scholarship Drivc, Interact fVice Presidentl G.O. Congress, Sider Press GENGLER, AL Track, Bowling GENOVESE, RICHARD GENT, ROBERT GENTILE, JUDY Riflery GERARD, DOUGLAS Forum CCo-Editorl, Cross-Country, Wrestling GERRITY, DANIEL Thespiall Society, Once Upon A Mat- tress, Come Blow Your Horn, Mame, Pajama Game. Camino Real, Concert Choir, Prom Chairman GERSHATER, LEONARD Varsity Club, Baseball, Soccer GERSHON, JEFF Key Club, Math Club, Soccer KJ.V.l, Concert Band GIBBONS, ROBERT GILBERT, SCOTT DSC, STEP, Sider Press, West Spring- field Model Congress GIUSTO, THOMAS Concert Choir CPresidentl, Once Upon A Mattress, Mame, Camino Real, Thespian Society GLADSTEIN, LOIS National Honor Soicety, Leo Service Club, French Honor Society, Youth Narcotics Council, Jets, Girl's Ensemble GLASSER, ROBERT GLUGOVER, SUE Sportnight, Volleyball, Softball GOLD, AUDREY S.T.E.P., Leo Service Club, Spindrift, DSC GOLD, JASON GOLD, JEFF GOLDMAN, RONALD soccer q.I.v.y, Basketball, Softball GOLDSCHMIDT, RHONDA Concert Choir, Thespian Socie- ty, Mame, Camino Real, Volleyball, Tennis, Gymnastics GOLDSTEIN, LYNNE Sportnight, Softball, Volleyball GOLDSTEIN, RHONI French Honor Society, Volleyball, S.T.E.P. GOLDWATER, PAULA French Honor Society, O.H.S. Scholarship Drive, DSC GOODMAN, JACK GORMAN, STUART GOWER, STEPHEN Bowling GRAHAM, JIM Bowling fVarsityJ GRAHAM, JOSEPH GRANT, ESTHER Volleyball, Drill Team, Sportnight, Soft- ball, G.O. Rep. GRASING, PATRICIA GRAUER, STEWART National Honor Society, Key Club, West Springfield Model Congress, Concert Band, Orchestra, Mame GRAZIANO, FRANK GREENBERG, JODY Track, Bowling GREENE, PETER Tennis CJ.V.l, Key Club, French Honor Society, Thespian Society, Youth Narcotics Council, Prom Committee, Mame, Finian's Rainbow GROGER, AMY GROSS, JAMES GROSSMAN, SABRINA Sportnight GROSSMAN, SUSAN Sportnight, O.H.S. Scholarship Drive, Rudy Lamonica Drive, Kenny Kunken Fund Drive, Vo leyball, Hockey, Spindrift GRUBER, BRIAN O.H.S. Schoalrship Drive, G.O. Congress- man GRUBER, RONALD Varsity Club, Track, Gymnastics GUDEL, THOMAS GUMINICK, DAVID GUNNARSON, KATHLEEN Sportnight GUNTHER, CHRISTINE Sportlligllt, Tennis, Camino Real, Kenny Kunken Fund Drive GUSTUS, JAMES HAAS, ARLENE Leader Corps, Sportnight, Spanish Club, Volleyball, Tennis HADLEY, BONNY Cheerleader fJ.V., Varsityl, Sportnight, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Kenny Kunken Fund Drive HALPERIN, NANETTE Cheerleader, Sportnight, Hockey, Volleyball, Tennis HANCOCK, LAURA Sportnight, Softball, Volleyball HANDELSMAN, SHERYL Spindrift, French Honor Socie- ty, Thesplan Society, Concert Choir, Volleyball, Mame, Camino Real, O.H.S. Scholarship Drive HANKIN, RUSSELL HANLEY, PHYLLIS HANLON, PATRICIA I-Iockcy fVal-sityj, Gymnastics fVar- sltyj, Softball IJ.V,J, Volleyball, Badminton, Sportnight HARRINGTON, TERENCE HARVEY, KAREN Sportnight fSongleaderb, Glcc Club, Tennis HASSETT, EILEEN Sportnight, Tennis, Volleyball HASSUM, JOHN Baseball, Wrestling, Football HAUSER, MASON HAY, JOHN Wrestling HECHT, MARK HELLER, MARK HELLER, MICHELLE G.O. Rep., Volleyball, Sportnight, Spindrift I-IERMAN, CHERYL Gymnastics fVarSityl, Hockey fJ.V.l, Volleyball, Leader Corps, Softball, Sportnight HERSCHLAG, SHARON Interact fTrc:1surerJ, G.O. Con- gressman, O.H.S. Scholarship Drive HERSKOVITZ, BONNIE Girl's Ensemble, Interact, S.T.E.P., Camino Real, Sportnight HERZICH, MARIE National Honor Society, Volleyball, Leo Service Club HIRSCH, BRIAN Basketball fVarsityj HIRSCHFELD, AUDREY National Honor Society, Volley- ball iJ.V.J, Tennis, Sportnight CCheerleaderl HIRSCHHORN, SYNDI Band, Volleyball, Hockey, Tennis HOCHHAUSER, MARC Sider Press, Leo Service Club, O.H.S. Scholarship Drive, Kenny Kunken Fund Drive, Rudy Lamonica Fund Drive, G.O. Rep. HOFENUNG, BONNIE Leader Corps, Youth Narcotics Council, Tennis, FTA lPresidentJ, Keyettes CSecretaryj, Spindrift HOLBOROW, MARY Sportnight, Track, Volleyball, Hockey fJ.V., Varsityj HOLMBLAD, ALICE HOLTZ, AL Baseball, Track EOLZMAN, STEVE S.T.E.P., DSC, O.H.S. Scholarship Fund rlve HORNICK, CANDY Badminton HOROWITZ, JORDAN Key Club HOWARD, JAMES HUIERTA, CATHLEEN Gymnastics, Modern Dance, Sport- nlg HUGHES, JAMES HURTZIG, KARL Lacrosse CJ.V., Varsityl, Soccer tJ.V., V8ISltyJy Wrestling fVarsityj, Varsity Club, Indoor Track HUTTNER, ERIC Orchestra, Track, Debating Club I-IUTTNER, GAIL O.H.S. Scholarship Drive, Sportnight, Volleyball HUTTON, BILL Track JACHMANN, CAROL Midsummer NighL's Dream, Once Upon A Mattress, Volleyball JARZABKOWSKI, KATHY Sportnight, Concert Choir JENSEN, JANICE Volleyball, Sportnight JOCHIMSON, ELIZABETH Hockey, Sportnight fSonglezid- er, Dance Captainj, Volleyball, Softball, Gymnastics JOHNSON, LINDA Concert Choir, Girl's Ensemble, Tennis, Camino Real JOHNSTON, RICHARD JONES, WILLIAM JOSEPHS, JOEL Leo Astonomy Club, Rifle JULIA, JAMES Football fVarSiCyl, Wrestling 1Varsityj, gimclrosse fVaI-sityl, Spanish Honor Society, Varsity Club, Key u KAHN, KENNETH KALOGRIS, GERALDINE Latin Club, Thespian Society, Forum Editor, Sider Press Editor, Tllespus Editor, Camino Real, Once Upon A Mattress, Mame, Fiddler On the Roof, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Come Blow Your Horn, Chess Club, Girl's Ensemble, Tennis, Badminton KAMPTON, HARVEY S.T.E.P., DSC, Student Congress KANE, MAUREEN Flower Girl, Hockey, Sportnigllt, Kenny Kullkell Fund Drive, Rudy Lanlonica Fulld Drive, Volleyball KANOWITZ, BOBBY Varsity Basketball, J.V. Soccer, Sider Press, Sports Editor, Interact, Vice-President KAPLAN, FAITH Marching Band, Mama, Volleyball, Sport- nigllt, Sider Press KAPLAN, JONATHAN National Honor Society, Key Club, Varsity Tennis, Oceanside Scholarship Drive KARP, ALLAN German Club, German Honor Society, Math- letes, Bridge Club, G.O. Congress, St.-Fac. Ad. Senate, DSC, Scholarship Bowl KASMAN, TERRI National Honor Society, S.T.E.P., DSC, Sportnight KASPER, MITCHELL Key Club, Cross-Coulltry, Track KASPER, RICHARD Key Club, Senior Board Member, Fo- Ezm Editorial Board, Camino Real, Filmmaking Club Presi- KASTEN, CARMI KATZ, BRUCE A.V. Squad President, Wrestling Manager KAUFMAN, DEBRA spol-might KAYEL, KAREN National Honor Society, J.V. Tennis, Vol- leyball Intramurals KAZIN, ALAYNE Color Guard, Varsity Softball, Hockey, J.V. Volleyball, Sportnight KEANE, ELIZABETH KELLER, GRETCHEN DSC, S.T.E.P. KELLY, JOSEPH Football KENNEY, JOHN KENNY, LOUISE Sportnight, Color Guard, Drill Team, Sider Press, Spanish Honor Society, Intramural Volleyball KERNER, JAY National Honor Society, Key Club, Jr. Engn, Tech. Soc. KINGSLEY, KATHERINE KIRSNER, FRANK J.V. Baseball, G.O. congress KISSIAN, GARY Key Club, Latin Club, Youth Narcotics Councll, Baseball, G.O. Representative KITTAY, DANIEL KLEIN, ALAN KLEIN, KAREN 213 SENIOR DIRECTORY KLEIN, NEAL Track and Field, Cross-Country, Varsity Club, D.E.C.A. KLEIN, STEVEN Key Club, Tennis, Track, National Honor Society KLEINMAN, CAROL DSC, S.T.E.P., Volleyball, Sportnight KLINE, JEFFREY Key Club KLOTZ, ANNE KLOTZ, KARL Rifle Team, German Club KNOX, LUCIANN Volleyball, Softball, Sportnight, G.O. Rep. KOGAN, HOLLY KOHN, CAROL National Honor Society KORNSPAN, JOEL Interact KRAMER, HAROLD Sider Press KREISNER, ROBERT KRELLEN, CARYN Spanish Club, Sider Press, Gymnastics, Archery KRISTIANSEN, JO-ANN KRUMENAKER, STEVE Key Club Vice-President, Jr. Board Member, Senior Class Treasurer, Jr. Student Court Justice, Captain, Jr. and Soph. Scholarshi Bowl, Mathletes, Youth Narcotics Council, National Honor Sjociety, Spindrift KUEHNE, HAROLD J.V. Soccer, J.V. Basketball, J.V. La- crosse KURLAND, SANDE Key Club, G.O. Congress KURTZ, BILLY D.E.C.A., Oceanside Scholarship Drive KUSKIN, MARK Key Club President, Soph,, Jr. Board Di- rector, Sider Press, Sports Editor, Associate Editor, Club X, National Honor Society, Student Court, Golf Team, Bridge Club KUTNER, STEVEN G.O. Representative, Leo Club, Chess Club LAMANDO. LESTER LAMPEL, JANICE Drill Team, Go-Getters Secretary, Sport- night, Oceanside Scholarship Drive, Rudy Lamonica Fund Drive, Volleyball LANCASTER, BEVERLY LANDMAN, STEVEN Varsity Basketball, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Golf, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Soccer LARRIS, ELLEN LAUNER, JOCELYN Sportnight, Dance Captain, Sider Press, Feature Editor, Volleyball, Tennis, Camino Real LEAVY, JANE Sportnight, Cheerleader, Gymnastics, Vol- leyball, Tennis, Go-Getters, G.O. Representative, Talent Show LEDER, PHYLLIS Interact, Tennis LEE. CHERYL LEFKOWITZ, MITCHELL LEIMAN, JOAN Go-Getters, Oceanside Scholarship Drive, Volleyball, Spindrift LEINER, MARK Varsity Soccer LEITER, GARY Softball, Basketball, Oceanside Scholarship Drive, G.O, Representative, Badminton LENTI. DIANE LEONHARD, GARY Varsity Lacrosse, Marching Band, German Cub LESLIE, DIANE Tennis, Volleyball LEVENTHAL, JUDY Latin Club LEVIN, MARK Hockey LEVIN, MORDECAI LEVINE, ALAN Key Club Treasurer, Baseball, J.V. and Varsity, Varsity Club, Youth Narcotics Council LEVINE, ERICA Volleyball, Oceanside Scholarship Drive, Tennis, Softball, Kenny Kunken Fund Drive 214 LEVINE, LITA G.O. Representative LEVINE, PATRICIA Sophomore Class President, Leader Corps, National Honor Society, Sportnight, Cheerleader, Drill Team, Prom Committee Chairman, Tennis, Volleyball LEVITAN, JOAN Drill Team, Talent Show, Art Committee, Volleyball, Oceanside Scholarship Drive, Scholarship Bowl, Spanish Club, Badminton, Flower Girl, Spindrift, G.O. Repre- sentative, Spanish Honor Society, National Honor Society, Keyettes, Treasurer LEVITIN, SUE Sportnight, Cheerleader, J.V. Co-Captain, Varsity Co-Captain, Volleyball, Badminton, G.O, Representa- tive LEVY, JOANNE Leader Corps, Honor Board Rep. Soph., Senior, National Honor Society, F.T.A, Vice-President, Leo Club, Flower Girl, Sportnight, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Keyettes, Spindrift LEWIN, LAURA Volleyball, Tennis, S,T.E.P., Latin Club, DSC, Oceanside Scholarship Fund LIBRIZZI, JUSTINE National Honor Society, Volleyball, Badminton, Sportnight, Youth Narcotics Council, Co-Chair- man, Spanish Club, Prom Committee, Spindrift LIEBERMAN, NANCY LIFSCI-IIN, STEVEN LIGHT, JULIE Spindrift, Oceanside Scholarship Drive, S.T.E.P., G.O, Congress, Sportnight ILIIYIITI, SUSAN Sportnight, Volleyball, Badminton, Soft- al LINDNER, THERESA Sportnight, Volleyball, Softball LINK, LOUISE Variety, Club Editor, Color Guard, Go- Getters, Spindrift, Leo Club, Keyettes LIPKOWITZ, GEORGE National Honor Society, Key Club, Bridge Club LIPMAN, JAY Key Club, Track, Oceanside Scholarship Drive LIPPMAN, GLENN Leo's Astronomy Club President, Jets, Vice-President, Chess Club Vice-President LIPSIUS, DONNA Badminton, Spindrift LITUCHY, RICHARD Golf Team, Bowling Team, Spanish Honor Society LOBALBO, PATRICIA spmnight LOCKWOOD, BRENT LODOLCE, JOHN Soccer fVarsity, J.V.J, A.V. Squad LOGAN, LISA Thespian Society President, Mame, A Hat- ful Of Rain, National Honor Society, Leo Club, Rifle Team, Girl's Ensemble, Oceanside Scholarship Drive LOHR, KENNETH Movie Club, Jets, Leo Astronomy Club LOHR, ROGER J.V. Soccer LOUGHNEY, LAURA Sportnight, Modern Dance LOUIE, JONATHAN Varsity Tennis, S.T.E.P., Sider Press Editor, Spindrift, Stage Crew LUCARELLI, DANIEL LUCAS, KENNETH Football, Lacrosse MacMURRAY, LESLEY Volleyball, Tennis, Softball MAGEE, JONES MAGEE, PAT MAGLIA, GIORGIO National Honor Society, Varsity Soc- cer Captain, G.O. Representative MAHLER, ROBYN Go-Getters, Volleyball, Drill Team, Sportnight MAIFORTH, JANETTE Sportnight, Volleyball, Softball, Hockey MAIER, GAIL FTA, Spanish Club MAISANO, SALVATORE MALAMET, PAUL MALAMUD, IRA MALONEY, RICHARD MANDEL, ELLEN Hockey, Volleyball Intramurals, Tennis, Sportnight, Kenny Kunken Hind Drive MANGIERI, KIM MANN, CHRISTOPER MANN, DAVID Soccer, J.V. and Varsity, G.O. Congress MANN, LESLIE Varsity Rifle Team MARCARI, MICHAEL G.O. President MARCIANO, RONALD MARCUS, JONATHAN Marching Band, Cc-President D.S.C., G.O. Congress, Audio-Visual Squad MARGOLIS, ROBIN MARINO, JANET MARSHALL, JAMES G.O. Congress, Jets MASLIN, PETER MATTERA, LAURA French Honor Society, Interact, F.T.A., Badminton, Archery, D.S.C. MAUL, MARGUERITA MAURER, WENDY MAXWELL, JAMES Audio Visual Squad MAY, DAVID MAYER, STEVE MAZAL, MARCI Go-Getters, National Honor Society, Span- ish Honor Society, Keyettes, Spindrift, Sider Press, O.H.S. Scholarship Fund, Sportnight, Volleyball, Interact, Variety, Camino Real MAZUR, ANTHONY J.V. Football, J.V. Baseball, J.V. Track, Varsity Riflery MAZUR, FRANCIS J.V. Baseball, Track, Football, Riflery MAZZA, EUGENE MCCAHON, ELLEN Drill Team, Modern Dance, Sportnight, Tennis, Once Upon A Mattress, Mame, Fiddler on the Roof McCAIN, PAUL McCANN, GARY Varsity Soccer, G.O. Representative McCORMICK, CAROL McDERMOTT, LORETTA Softball, Sportnight, Volleyball, Hockey McMAHON, PETER French Honor Society, Riflery MELKER, SHERRY Volleyball, S.T.E.P., Sportnight, Key- ettes, O.H.S. Scholarship Fund, Kenny Kunken Drive MELTZER, EDWARD Basketball MENICCI, VINNIE MEOLA, DONNA Chorus METELSKI, LINDA METZGER, ROBIN IQIIEIYER, PEGGY National Honor Society, D.S.C., German LI MEYEROWITZ, STEVE MEYERS, JEFFREY President Leo Service Club, Secretary I5pobServ1ce Club, National Honor Society, Sider Press, Latin u MEYERSON, RONI Interact, Keyettes, S.T.E.P., Volleyball MILANO, MICHAEL MILANO, REGINA Secretary Leader Corps, Sportnight Dance Captain, Modern Dance, Volleyball, Drill Team, Bowl- ing Tennis, H.R. Representative MILLER, LLOYD Varsity Football, Band Marching Band MILLS, MARILYN National Honor Society, Sportnight MILMAN, BRUCE E IOR DIRECTORY MILMOE, EILEEN J.V. and Varsity Cheerleader, Varsity Hockey, Gymnastics, Sportnight Tumbling Captain, G.O. Con- gress, O.H.S. Scholarship Fund, Rudy Lamonica Fund MINES, JEFF Audio-Visual Squad, Movie Club, Photogra- phy Club MIRANDA, HARRIET MINICCI, VINCENT MIUCCIO, DIANE MODELL, GARY Leo Service Club MOISSON, ROBYN Sportnight, Volleyball, Tennis, Hockey, Stage Crew MOISSON, WILLIAM Thespian Society, Once Upon A Mattress, Finian's Rainbow, Mame, Pajama Game, Camino Real, Sider Press, Backstage Crew MONGIARDO, MARIE MONT, SHARON MONTWILL, DON Concert Band, Dance Band, Marching Band, Stage Crew, Mame, Pajama Game, Camino Real, Thes- pian Society Secretary, Senior Class President, Concert Choir, G.O. Congress MOORE, DIANE MOORE, DON MORISANO, JUDITH MORRIELLO, HENRY National Honor Society MORSE, MARTIANN Volleyball, Sportnight MOST, SUSAN Leaders Corps, J.V. and Varsity Cheerlead- er, G.O. Congress, Student Faculty Senate, Sportnight, Vol- leyball, Tennis, O.H.S. Scholarship Drive MULLADY, DEBORAH MULLINS, THEODORE J.V. Football, J.V. soccer, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Baseball, Rudy Lamonica Fund MURO, BARBARA Sportnight, Volleyball, Badminton, Drill Team MURPHY, EDWARD MURPHY, ELIZABETH Volleyball MURPHY, RAY MURRAY, DAVE Movie Club MURRAY, DONNA Sportnight, Volleyball, Softball MURRAY, MAUREEN Sportnight, Volleyball MUSCHERA, NANCIE Volleyball, Sportnight NADELL, JEFFREY Latin Club, DSC NAHMIAS, SHARON Sider Press, Spindrift, Spanish Hon- or Society, Future Physicians of America NASTRO, LAURA O.H.S. Scholarship Fund, Sportnight, Volleyball, Badminton, G.O. Representative NEIDICK, MICHELE S.T.E.P., Keyettes, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Interact, Volleyball, Tennis NESSENSON, MARK O.H.S. Scholarship Fund, Key Club, Spanish Club, National Honor Society NEUBECK, BRUCE Wrestling, Lacrosse, G.O. Representa- tive, Softball, Volleyball NEULS, DAVID Band NEWTON, DENNIS Baseball, Basketball, Football, G.O. Representative NEZLEK, GEORGE DSC, Golf Team, German Club, Chess Club NICOLICCHIA, JOHN EOBLE, MARION Lens, Sportnight, F.T.A., S.T.E.P., Soft- all NOROTSKY, MARC D.E.C.A., Wrestling Team, G.O. Rep- resentative NORTHRIDGE, RICHARD NOTOVITZ, .TUDITH Spindrift, Drill Team, Badminton, Na- NOVEGROD, LINDA Service Squad, Debating Club NOVET, GINA Editor Forum, Sider Press NOVOTNY, DOLORES O'BRIEN, KIERAN O'BRIEN, THOMAS J.V. Soccer, Varsity Soccer, G.O. Rep- resentative, Basketball, Softball, Rudy Lamonica Fund Drive O'CALLAGHAN, JOHN OJASTE, ELLEN Softball, Volleyball, Tennis O'KEEFE, NANCY Volleyball OLSEN, PATRICIA D.E.C.A. Parliamentarian, Sportnight OMUNDSEN, AMY Volleyball, Gymnastics, Softball OUSTERMAN, SUSAN Go-Getters, Sportnight, O.H.S. Scholarship Drive PAGE, JOANNE DSC, Sider Press, National Honor Society PAGET, DEBRA Open Door Exchange Student, Open Door Exchange Club Treasurer, F.T.A. Treasurer, French Honor Society Secretary, Keyettes, Spinclrift, Club X, Latin Club, National Honor Society, Kenny Kunken Drive, O.H.S. Schol- arship Fund, G.O. Representative PASQUALINO, DIANE Sportnight, Marching Band, Tennis, Hockey PASVOLL, DEBRA Concert Choir, Vice President Thes- pians, Once Upon A Mattress, Mame, Concert Ensemble, Camino Real, French Honor Society, Homeroom Representa- tive PATTAY, RICHARD PAUL, SU SAN PAYMER, DAVID National Honor Society, Once Upon A Mattress, Mame, Camino Real, Pajama Game, Thespian So- ciety, Key Club, Concert Choir, French Honor Society, Pres- ident Movie Making Club, Concert Ensemble Graduation, Us Scliolai'ship Fund Drive - ' PEACOCK, STEVEN Stage Band, Oceanside Music Schol- arship PELLIGRINO, ANTHONY PELLERITO, DOTTIE Sportnight, D.E.C.A,, Softball. PENFOLD, KAREN Tennis, Lens, Sportnight PERLMUTTER, MARK JETS Treasurer, Spanish Club, Math Club, Interact, Movie Club, Kenny Kunken Fund PERRILL, SUSAN sporenighf PESTI, SUSAN PETdERS, JEFF J.V. and Varsity Football, Marching Band, Ban PETERSON, ELANE Marching Band, Mame, Volleyball, Sportnight, Rudy Lamonica Drive, O.H.S. Scholarship Fund PETRICH, GARY Varsity Football, Track PETRIS, SUSAN PFIRMANN, ROBIN Pajama Game, Mame, Gymnastics, Modern Dance PHILLIPS, BARBARA D,E.C.A,, Gymnastics, Sportnight, Softball, Volleyball, Modern Dance, G.O. Representative, O.H.S. Scholarship Fund PIELOCH, DEBBIE PIGNATO, DIANE Youth Narcotics Council, Sportnight PINTO, DONNA Tennis, Bowling, Dance PITIGER, LESLIE Keyettes-Sr. Board Member, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Softball, Varsity Field Hockey, Spindrift, Narcotics Council, F.T.A., Bowling, Sport- night Game Captain, Collected for Kenny Kunken Medical Fund Spanish Club, Open Door Exchange Student Program, Prom Committee, G.O. Homeroom Representative PITTORINO, CAMILLE PLAKS, ANDREW Wrestling, D.E.C.A. POGGI, PETER Radio Club POLESHUK, BETSY Cheerleader-.I.V. Captain, Leader Corps, Jr. Class Secretary, Sportnight, Hockey, Badminton, Gymnastics, Softball POLESHUK, BRETT Football, Lacrosse POLLAK, ROY POLLIZZOTTO, CAROL POLLIZZOTTO, DEBRA POMBONYO, MARIANNE F.N.A., Hockey, Softball, Sport- night, Tennis POPKO, DIANE .I.V. and Varsity-Softball, Volleyball, and Hockey, Sportnight, Badminton, Mother-Daughter Dinner Committee, Archery PORTER, CRAIG Movie Club-President, JETS, Leo Astron- omy Club POWSNER, ILENE Volleyball PROCHILLO, JOANNE Sportnight, Cheerleader-Varsity, Hockey, Volleyball, Track-llianager PUGATCH, BETH G.O. Congressman, Volleyball and Hockey Intramurals, Sportnight PUGLISLMICHELE Sportnight, Stage Crew, Painting Crewhead, Thespians-Treasurer, Come Blow Your Horn, Mame, Spindrift QUAST, NANCY QUINN, DARRYL RABINOWITZ, HOYVARD Movie Club, JETS, Interact, Col- lected for Kenny Kunken Medical Fund RABINOWITZ, STEFFIE RADACK, ELLEN Spanish Club-Vice President, Spanish Honor Society, Mathletes, Tennis, Photography Club, Leo Service Club RAGO, MARY ANN Leader Corps, Hockey, Volleyball, Soft- ball, Gymnastics, Go-Gcttcrs, Sportnight, Archery, Scholar- Ship Fund RAIFFE, LANCE G.O. Student Council, Collected for Schol- arship Fund Drive, J.V. Soccer RAILEY, KEVIN Varsity Soccer, Varsity Basketball, Na- tional Honor Society, Collected for Fund Drives RAPPAPORT, DONALD National Honor Society, LENS, Sider Press, Camino Real, Spanish Honor Society, Softball RASCIONATO, EMILIO RASKIN, ROBIN Leader Corps, DSC, Latin Club, Collected for the Kenny Kunken Medical Fund, Scholarship Fund Drive, G.O. Congressman RAVALLI, CHARLES J.V. and Varsity Baseball, G.O. Con- gressman, Marching Band REGAN, MARGARET D.E,C.A., Volleyball, Softball EEMINICK, MARSHALL Marching Band, Scholarship Fund rive REYES, ANTHONY RICCIO, PENELOPE Sportnight, Intramural Softball, Vol- leyball, Tennis RICHMAN, IVAN RIFKIN, ELIZABETH Volleyball, Scholarship Fund Drive, Go-Getters, Sportnight, G.O. Representative RINGHAUSER, JOHN Interact, Key Club, Variety-Business Editor, Chess Club, Pajama Game, Mamc-Ticket and Publicity Crews, Library Aide, Scholarship Fund Drive, Kenny Kunken Medical Fund Drive, Concert Choir RINGLER, RACHEL National Honor Society, French Honor Society, -Soph. G.O. Representative, Spinclrift, Scholarship Fund Drive, Intramural Volleyball, Camino Real RIZZI, ANTHONY ROBBINS, ANDREW G.O. Congressman, Scholarship Fund Drive, Homeroom Representative, Youth Narcotics Council ROBINSON, DEBORAH Tennis, Archery, Sportnight ROBUSTELLO, FRANK J.V. Soccer 215 RODIER, JACKIE Leader Corps, Mathletes, Intramural Sports, National Honor Society, Scholarship Fund Drive RODRIGUEZ, LAZARO J.V. Basketball, Spanish Club ROSCHILLA, ROSEMARY Sportnight ROSEMAN, SANDIE Sportnight, F.T.A.-Secretary, Library Aide, Teacher Aide ROSENBERG, BARBARA National Honor Society, French Honor Society, Leader Corps-Vice President and Honor Board Representative, Vice President of Soph. Class, Sportnight- Song Leader, Drill Team-Squad Leader, Youth Narcotics Council, Volleyball, Bowling, Scholarship Fund Drive ROSENBERG, DEBBIE Leo Service Club, Softball, Scholar- ship Fund Drive, Variety-Business Staff, Sportnight ROSENBERG, JOAN Drill Team, Spindrift, Volleyball, G.O. Representative, Sportnight, Scholarship Fund Drive ROSENBERG, ROBIN Dance, Sportnight, Scholarship Fund Drive ROSENBLATT, STEWART Movie Club, JETS, Interact, Leo Service Club, G.O. Representative ROSINSKY, LINDA G.O. Representative, Youth Narcotics Council, Spindrift, Spanish Club, Volleyball, Service Squad, Scholarship Fund Drive, G.O. Congressman ROSMAN, GAIL Spanish Honor Society, Scholarship Fund Drive, Leo Service Club, Tennis, Dance ROSS, PAUL Stage Crows, Math Club, Sider Press, JETS, Intramural Basketball and Softball ROSSEIN, ELLIOT National Honor Society, Varsity Soccer, Key Club, G.O. Representative ROTHENBERG, DEBBIE Ssortnight, Volleyball, Latin Club, Archery, Scholarship Fun Drive ROTMAN, NEIL Movie Club-President, Camino Real, Mame, Pajama Game, Concert Choir, Intramural Softball, Concert Ensemble ROTWEIN, STEVE Gymnastics, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Var- sity Club RUBECK, ALAN Chess Club RUGGIERI, LOU Football-J.V. and Varsity, Wrestling, Baseball RUSSELL, CYNTHIA RUSSO, ANGELA Spanish Honor Society, Sportnight, Vol- leyball, Gymnastics, Leader Corps, Tennis RUSSO, RAYMOND SABETY, LANE SABIN, MICHAEL Sider Press-Editor-in-Chief, Key Club, National Honor Society SACCARECCIA, WALTER SACK, STEVEN Concert Choir, Concert Ensemble, Once Upon A Mattress, Mame, Key Club, Spanish Club, J.V. Base- ball SALA, RICHARD Wrestling, G.O. Representative, Lacrosse SALATO, JOAN Sportnight, G.O. Representative, Volley- ball-Captain, Gymnastics, Dance SALERNI, JOANN Volleyball, Softball, Scholarship Fund Drive SALTERS, NEIL JETS, J.V. Football SAMBERG, CAROL Spindrift, G.O, Congressman, Interact, Scholarshi Fund Drive, Rudy Lamonica Drive, Pajama Game-Pubiicity, Homeroom Representative, Prom Committee SANDBERG, BARRY Key Club-Board of Directors, Nation- al Honor Society, G.O. Representative, Spanish Honor Socie- ty, Mame, Pajama Game, Camino Real, Scholarship Fund Drive SANDERS, JUDY SANTAMARIA, TERESA SANTANGELO, WILLIAM National Honor Society, Varie- ty-Managing Editor, Chess Club, Spanish Club SAPPERSTEIN, STEVEN 216 E IOR DIRECTORY SARAGNESE, MARY Concert Choir, Concert Ensemble, Volleyball, F.T.A., S.T.E.P., Once Upon A Mattress SARNOFF, DEBORAH Spindrift-Jr. Editor and Editor-in- Chief, Keyettes-Vice President, Go-Getters-Secretary, Span- ish Honor Society, National Honor Society, Foreign Ex- change Student, Marching Unit, Volleyball, Badminton, Once Upon A Mattress-Orchestra, Mame-Orchestra, Flower Girl, Scholarship Fund Drive, Club X, Open Door Club-President SASLOW, BETH Interact-President, Scholarship Fund Drive, G.O. Representative, Kenny Kunken Medical Fund Drive, Rudy Lamonica Fund Drive SASLOW, CLIFF Varsity Wrestling SAUERBACH, CAROL Youth Narcotics Council, Scholar- ship Fund Drive SAVIK, KENNETH J.V. and Varsity Soccer SAVITZ, DONNA National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Interact SCHAAP, ALEX SCHADECKER, JOHN SCHADECKER, MARK SCHAEFER, THOMAS SCHAEFER, BRUCE SCHAIER, TODD SCHAIKOWITZ, SHELDON Interact German Club SCHAPIRA, BARRY SCHARF, RONALD Key Club, Tennis, Wrestling SCHARF, STUART Come Blow Your Horn, Mame, Pajama Siam? Camino Real-Sound Crewhead, Interact-Senior Board em er SCHATZ, ELLEN G.O. Representative, Sportnight-Game Captain, Scholarship Fund Drive, Volleyball, Hockey, Soft- ball, National Honor Society SCHAWELSON, SUSAN DSC SCHIMACHER, EUGENE J.V. Basketball SCHLAMP, BARBARA Varsity Softball, Varsity Volleyball, Go-Getters, Sportnight, Cheerleader, Gymnastics, G.O. Rep- resentative SCHLOSBERG, STEVE Wrestling, Basketball Intramurals, Forum, Interact, G.O. Representative, Football SCHMAUDER, BARBARA Softball, Gymnastics, Volley- ball, Sportnight, Archery SCHMIDT, SUSAN G.O. Representative, Sportnight-Tum- bling Captain, Volleyball, Dance, Gymnastics SCHNEID, ROBERT Interact SCHNEIDER, RICHARD Lacrosse, Football SCHREIBER, DREW SCHREIBER, MERYL Painting Crewhead for School Plays, Sportnight, F.T.A., Movie Club, Rudy Lamonica Fund Drive SCHULMAN, ALAN J.V. Football, Varsity Football, Senior Class Court Justice, Scholarship Fund Drive, G.O. Congress- man SCHULMAN, CAREN Interact-Vice President, Scholarship Fund Drive, Mother-Daughter Dinner-Co-Chairman, Kenny Kunken Medical Fund SCHULMAN, DIANE Spanish Honor Society, Spindrift, Sportnight, Volleyball, Keyettes-Senior Board, Scholarship Fund Drive SCHWAM, SHERYL Hockey, Tennis, Sportnight, Library Aide, Volleyball Intramurals, Spindrift SCHWARTZ, HELENE National Honor Society, JETS- President, Spanish Club, Leo Service Club, Library Aide, Lab Assistant, Teacher's Aide, Spindrift, Scholarship Fund Drive, Keyettes, Youth Narcotics Council, Flower Girl SCHWARTZ, ROBERTA National Honor Society, Marching Band, Keyettes-Sergeants of Arms, Spindrift SCHWARTZBERG, SANDRA Sophomore Class Treasurer, Junior Class Treasurer, G,O. Representative, J.V. Volleyball, Spanish Club-Secretary, Sportnight-Song Leader, Concert Choir. Once Ilonn A Mattress SCHWARTZBLAT, NURIT National Honor Society, DSC SCIALO, DOROTHY SCIULLA, DONNA Tennis, O.H.S. Scholarship Drive, In- teract, Kenny Kunken Fund Raising, Mother-Daughter Dinner SCOTT, ALAN Sider Press, Photography Editor SCOTT, LISA Sportnight, Volleyball, French Honor Socie- ty, Drill Team, Go-Getters, Youth Narcotics Council, Mother- Daughter Dinner SCOTT, MARGARET Sportnight, Volleyball, Mother- Daughter, D.E.C.A. SEAMAN, BARBARA Tennis, Keyettes, Volleyball SEAMAN, ROBIN Go-Getters, G.O. Rep., Badminton, Vol- leyball, Keyettes, Youth Narcotics Council SEENER, SHAWN DSC, Sider Press SEID, BRAD Key Club, Baseball, Basketball, O.H.S. Schol- arship Drive SEIDERMAN, SHELLY Spindrift, Keyettes, Volleyball, Sportnight, Tennis, Hockey, G.O. Representative SEIFFERT, WILLIAM Soccer, Wrestling, G.O. Rep., O.H.S. Scholarship Drive SEITMAN, GWEN Mathletes-Captain, Inter-Nation Simula- tion Game-Computer Director, National Honor Society, French Honor Society, Chess Club-Vice-President, Interact, Leo Service Club, Orchestra, Spindrift-Typing Staff, Jr. Engin. Tech. Soc., Library Aide, Chemistry Laboratory As- sistant Once Upon A Mattress, Mame, Camino Real-Business Manager, G.O. Rep., O.H.S. Scholarship Drive, Flower Girl, Bridge Club SELLERS, ROY SELMAN, RUSSELL Mathletes-Co-Captain, Key Club, Debating Club-Vice-President, Jr. Engin. Tech. Soc., French Honor Society, Library Aide, Attendance Office, Sider Press, Club X, O.H.S. Scholarship Drive, Math Club SELTZER, DANE Soccer, Varsity Club, Math Club, Basket- ball, Softball, Kenny Kunken Fund Raising, Track and Field, Rudy Lamonica Scholarship Drive SERHAN, CHARLIE SEUFER, NANCY German Club, German Honor Society SGROI, JOSEPH SHECK, MARCIE Keyettes, Volleyball, Spindrift, Dance, O.H.S. Scholarship Drive, G.O. Rep., Badminton, Mother- Daughter Dinner SHERMAN, CINDY Sportnight, Kenny Kunken Fund Rais- ing, Spindrift, Volleyball SHIRLEY, ROBERT Chess Club SHULMAN, SUZANNE Sportnight, Volleyball SHUSTAK, VIC Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Rudy La- monica Scholarship Drive SIEGE, ALAN Thespians, Once Upon A Mattress, Mame, Paiama Game, Concert Choir, Concert Ensemble, Debating Club, Photography Club, O.H.S. Scholarship Drive, French Honor Society, Cross-Country, DSC, G.O. Rep. SIGAL, HENRY National Honor Society, Brid e Club- President, Photography Club-Vice-President, Key Clusim SILLER, SHARON O.H.S. Scholarship Drive, Volleyball, Sportmght, Spindrift, Kenny Kunken Fund Raising SILLS, NANCY ROSE Sider Press-Editor-in-Chief, Nation- al Honor Society, French Honor Society, Latin Club SILON, STEPHANIE G.O. Rep., S.T.E.P., O.H.S, Scholar- ship Drive, Spindrift-Sophomore Editor, Prom Chairman, Go- Getters-Vice-President, Volleyball, Tennis, Drill Team SILVER, JACK DSC, Forum, Sider Press SILVERGLIT, ANN SILVERMAN, ERIC Track and Field, Kenny Kunken Fund Raising, DSC SILVERMAN. MELODY G.O. Rep. SILVERT, MARC G.O. Rep. SIVILLI, PHILIP Football SIMONS, CHARLES Varsity Club-Secretary, Cross-Coun- try, Track and Field SITA, GLORIA Sportnight, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball SKORAN, MARY SKRILOW,FRAN Cheerleaders SLOAN, JAN Soccer, Kenny Kunken Fund Raising SLOTKOFF, CHERYL Concert Choir, G.O. Rep. SLOTT, ED ifhfuotri251332I5515?SliHb'eflS'iG152,??fSs,iS3?lEf, IELEXQ Kunken Fund Raising SMITH, EDWARD SMITH, NEAL National Honor Society, Kenny Kunken Fund Raising SMOLEN, JEFFREY SNOW, WILLIAM SOFIO, REGINA Sportnight, Hockey, Volleyball SOKOLOW, CAROL O.H.S. Scholarship Drive, Concert Band, Marching Band SORRENTINO, ELLEN Volleyball, spmnighe, 0.H.s. Scholarship Drive SOTLAND, ROBERTA Gymnastics, Sportnight, Rudy La- monica Scholarship Drive SOUTHERN, PATRICE S,T.E.P., Youth Narcotics Council, Sportnight SPANIER, MARK Key Club, Tennis SPARAGON, BARTON Key Club, Baseball, National Honor Society, Sider Press, Basketball, Softball, Interact-Sergeant At-Arms, Bridge Club, O.H.S. Scholarship Drive, G.O. Rep. SPIGEL, DAVID Chess Club SPINNER, SUSAN Sportnight, Girl's Leader Corps, Volley- ball, Spindrift SPIRO, ARTHUR Baseball, Sider Press, Stage Band, Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Basketball, Baseball 550325,ti-A351521152Eiiiitialviiitiigsiiiiiils1-'ielsiiilix ball, Spanish Honor Society STEINBERG, MARC Basketball, Softball STEINBERG, SUSAN STERN, LARRY Soccer, Wrestling, Baseball, Varsity Club STETSON, LINDA Marching Band, Badminton STEWART, PAMELA STONE, KEVIN Wrestling, Softball STONITSCH, RICHARD STRASSMAN, SUSAN Sportnight, Movie Club, Go-Getters, Rudy Lamonica Scholarship Drive STRAUSS, JAMES O.H.S. Scholarship Drive, G.O. Rep. STREMBEL, LIZ SUKERNEK, ROBIN SULLIVAN, RICHARD Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Youth Narcotics Council, S.T.E.P. SUSCO, MICHAEL Concert Band, Football SUTHERLAND, BONNIE Sportnight, Volleyball, Softball, Gymnastics, Badminton SWICK, CRAIG SWITZER, JANET Hockey, Softball SYKEN, RICKY Volleyball, O.H.S. Scholarship Drive E IOR DIRECTORY TAMARKIN, BARBARA Go-Getters, Spindrift, Volleyball, Archery, Mother-Daughter Dinner, Art Show, Sportnight, Homeroom Representative, Drill Team, Kenny Kunken Fund Drive TANELLA, RICHARD Concert Band, Wind Ensemble TANTON, JOAN Sportnight, Softball, Kenny Kunken Fund Drive TAUSS, JINNY Sportnight, Narcotics Council TAYLOR, ANDREA Volleyball, Softball TESSLER, JUDITH National Thespian Society, Publicity Crewhead Clilameb, Finian's Rainbow, Come Blow Your Horn fticket salesj, French Honor Society fPres.J Narcotics Coun- cil, Spindrift, Keyettes THEOBALD, SUSAN Volleyball KVarsityJ, Softball fVar- sityj, Sportnight, Tennis, Math Assistant THORNLEY, FREDERICK Varsity Football, Varsity Track and Field, Varsity Club, Concert Band, Key Club TIRADO, LINDA THUNELIUS, PATRICIA TOMASO, JOHN .I.V. Wrestling, Varsity Wrestling, Kenny Kunken Fund Drive, Rudy Lamonica Fund Drive, Softball TORMEY, THOMAS Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Stage Band, Once Upon A Mattress, Mame, Soccer, School Paper, Marching Band TORNELLO, JOSEPH Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Stage Band, Once Upon A Mattress, Mame, John Phillip Sousa Band Award TOWERS, JOAN Badminton, Sportnight, Gymnastics TOWNSEND, MAUREEN TRAPANI, MARTHA TRAPANI, STEPHEN D.E.C.A., S.T.E.P., Photography Club TRAVER, DONNA Volleyball, Hockey, Spoidznight TUCHMAN, VICKI Scholarship Fund Drive, Go-Getters, Drill Team, Kenny Kunken Fund Drive, Volleyball, Homeroom Representative, Sportnight - TUCKER, JERRY UDDO, THERESA Volleyball, S.T.E.P., Scholarship Fund Drive, Spanish Club, Sportnight UNGER, LARRY Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Movie Club, Midsummer Night's Dream, Once Upon A Mattress, Mame, G.O. Congress, Indoor Track, Varsity Club, Camino Real UNGER, STEVEN Tennis VAN HOUTEN, JOHN VEITH, DONALD VERITY, ROBERT VERITY, SUSAN Cheerleader, Leader Corps, Gymnastics, Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Hockey, Softball, Badminton, Rudy Lamonica Fund Drive WAHL, KATHY Leo Service Club, Interact, Chess Club, Volleyball, Variety Staff, Forum Staff, Ticket Crew, Camino Real, G.O. Congress, Softball, Ticket Crew Pajama Game, Library Aide, Mame Publicity Crew, Glee Club WAITZ, LARRY Band, Gymnastics, Sider Press, Track, Vol- leyball WALKER, CAROL Interact, Scholarship Fund Drive WALLACH, MERYL DSC, Hockey, Volleyball, Softball, Sportnight, Gymnastics, Tennis, G.O. Representative WALSH DORICE Drill Team, Modern Dance WALSH, JOHN Indoor and Outdoor Track WALSH, LOUISE S. WARD, CAROL Drill Team fCaptainJ, Sportnight, Volleye ball, Archery, Kenny Kunken Fund Drive, Gymnastics WARNER, CARRIE Interact fSecretaryJ, Scholarship Fund Drive, Kenny Kunken Fund Drive, Rudy Lamonica Fund Drive, F.T.A., F.N.A., Service Squad WARSHAWSKY, DAVID VVASS, CHRISTOPHER E. Interact, Astronomy Club, Bowl- mg WATSON, LARRY Varsity Football, Varsity XVrestling, Baseball, Varsity Club WEBSTER, VIKI Variety Business Editor, Leo Service Club, Publicity Crew Pajama Game, Scholarship Fund Drive, Anchor Volunteer, Sportnight, Interact, Chess Club WEINER, JERRY Key Club KSecretaryJ, Honor-Society, 3'33iflt3liifeii2i1i2'3ii5iZiiffpfilama Game' Camm Real' WEINSTEIN, SHERYL Bowling, Badminton, Sportnight WEISINGER, JEAN Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Hockey WEISMAN, KEN Leo Service Club 1Sr. Board Memberj WEISSEMEIER, JANET WEITZMAN, ANITA WELLS, KEN WELSCH, JOHN WENGLER, LEONARD WHITNEY, JEFF JETS WIGAND, MARIANNE WILKES, FRED WILLIAMS, JOANN spmnighr, varsity Hockey, Softball, Narcotics Council, Volleyball WILSON, STEVEN J. Varsity Football fHead Mgr.J, Key Club fSgt.-at-Armsj, Varsity Club, National Honor Society, JETS, German Honor Society, Merit Semifinalist, Narcotics Council, Triple S night, Marathon Softball Chairman WINTER, ROBIN Sportnight, Volleyball, Work Experience WIRTANEN, JOAN Interact iSoph. Representativej, Leo Service Club, S.T.E.P., Spindrift Staff, Volleyball, Medical Explorer's Post, Go-Getters, Scholarship Fund Drive WITT, SHARON WOLFROM, WILLIAM Lacrosse, Cross-Country Team WORTH, ERIC WULFSON, JAY Leo Astronomy Club YARM, NEAL Sider Press, JETS, Math Club, Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Football, Wrestling YO SKOVITZ, FRED YOUNG, MARSHA Keyettes, Scholarship Fund Drive, In- tramurals, Leader Corps ZASLOWSKY, BRUCE Football, Riflery ZEBE, DON ZEEMAN, SANDRA Thespian Society, Concert Choir, Once Upon A Mattress, Mame, Prop Crew Head for Senior Play, G.O. Congress ZEHNGUT, ARLENE Girls' Leader Corps, National Honor Society, Service Squad, Volleyball, Badminton ZIESIG, RICHARD Basketball, Softball ZIMKIND, SHARON Go-Getters, Scholarship Fund Drive, Volleyball, Tennis ZIMMERMAN, JEAN Cheerleader, Junior Class President, Sportnight, Songleader, Hockey, Gymnastics, Competative Dance, Senior Play Crew, Scholarship Fund Drive ZITO, VINCENT Baseball, Basketball ZUKAITIS, JANIE Sportnight, Volleyball, G.O. Represen- tative, Scholarship Fund Drive ZWEIGEL, ERIC National Honor Society, Basketball QMan- agerj, Scholarship Fund Drive, Key Club fRefreshment Chairmanj, Homeroom Representative, Bridge Club 217 JU IOR JUNIOR 1 Mitchell Aaron, Frederick Abbey, Sandra Abernethy, Bennett Abramson, Phyllis Adler, Stephen Adler, Steven Agins, Maria Albanese, Nicholas Albano, Julie Albert, Warren Albert, Brad Alexander, Joseph Allegro, Candace Allenson, Andrew Allgeier, Andrea Alter, Francis Ambrosio, Allan Anderson, James Arkins, Howard Aronoff, Stephanie Aronow, Sherry Aronowitz, Valerie Aronson, John Asmolik, Catherine Aull, Ilene Axelband, Laurence Bachmann, Stacy Bakal, Kathleen Barnett, Judith Barone, Randee Barr, John Barry, Leslie satis, Thomas Bauer, Karen Baum, Andrew Baxt, Barry ec JUNIOR 2 Edward Bedell, Stephen Bedell, Michael Bednarik, Clare Behan, Elizabeth Belsky, David Ben Ami, Linda Bendix, David Benioff, Valerie Benton, Judy Berenson, Neal Berg, Edward Berge1', Majorie Berkowitz, Joan Marie Bernard, Lois Ann Bernhardt, Ellyn Bernstein, Gary Bernstein, Lewis Bernstein, Arthur Best, Cynthia Bey, Robert Bialek, Daniel Biamonte, Victor Bianco, Jill Birnbaum, Arlene Bischoff, Douglas Biscogni, Laura Bitsky, Richard Black, Jason Blaine, Edward Blaney, Rosemary Blascetta, Stuart Blau, Jo-Ann Blaymore, Michele Blum, Susan Bologna, William Bonilla, Sally Ann Bordeaux, Monica Boucher, Tracy Boutwell JUNIOR 3 Patricia Boyle, Allen Brandt, Sandra Braunschweig, Gary Bresin, Fran Bressack, Barbara Brickmeier, Joel Brier, Scott Brier, Barbara Ann Brillon, Lynn Broder, Gary Brook- meyer, Ellen Ann Brown, Harvey Brown, Kenneth Brown, Frank Browning, Celia Bruder, Beverly Ann Brunjes, Donald Brush, Daniel Bryman, Joseph Buckheit, Amy Buckstone, Deborah Burgess, Kathryn Burns, Dana Buzen, Sean Byrne, Gloria Cabrero, Ellen Cacace, Catherine Calderone, Donald Calderone, Debra Ann Campbell, John Campbell, Richard A. Campbell, Sari Cannataro, Barbara Cannon, Guilta Caputo, Margarita Carattini JUNIOR 4 Mary Elizabeth Card, Maryjane Carey, Patricia Ann Carfagna, Maria Carnovale, Catherine Carr, Deirdre Carrigan, Margaret Cartusciello, Jan Marie Casabona, Jon Louis Casabona, Lisa Castagna, Michele Castagna, Tawne Castorina, Stephen Cavanagh, Charles Cerny, Wendy Chapman, Lois Charney, Ann Charytan, Wendy Chayet, Michael Chuisano, Martha Ciamillo, John Cirino, Linda Citarelli, Stephen Clements, Edward Coffey, Cindy Cohan, Daniel Cohen, Jan Cohen, Jeffrey Cohen, Margarita Cokinos, Cecilia Colletti, Mitchell Collman, Arlene Combs, Arthur Combs, Frank Castanio JUNIOR 5 Debra Combs, Donna Combs, James Comstock, Laurie Cona, Joseph Conforti, Carlo Conners, Sharon Conrad, Stephanie Conrad, Joann Conte, Mary Conti, Carol Cornell, Debra Cornell, Salvatore Costa, John Cracolici, Herschel Craven, Dean Croucher, Patrick Crowley, Virgilio Cuevas, Ellen Curreri, Paul D'Acunto, Jeffrey Daniels, Wendy Danon, Bar- bara Dantona, Brian Davis, Lon Davison, Robin Davison, Christine De Brita, Marguerite Del Bene, Grace Delibero, Michael Della Rocca, John Cirino, Jeffrey Dembo, Robin Densen, Diane De Pasquale, Linda De Pasquale JUNIOR 6 Patricia De Rosa, Alan De Rovira, Thomas De Sanctis, John De Sano, Ronald Desiderio, Ellen Diamond, Gregory Diamond, Harvey Diamond, James Dicks, Diane Di Iorio, Mary Dillon, Gary Dinowitz, Susan Di Stefano, Jeffrey Dobbs, Dennis Dodson, Harley Doles, Robin Dolsky, Barry Dorobkowski, Richard Dosedlo, Stephanie Drake, Julie Drusin, Teresa Duarte, Robert Duncan, Michael Dupler, Carlos Duran, Rich- ard Durand, Andrea Durso, David Dvorak, Richard Dykstra, Robert Earnest, Mark Ebert, Debra Ehrlich, Dale Eichen- baum, Marc Eisenbaum, Lorraine Emilio, John English, Vic- toria Enoch JUNIOR 7 Sanford Epstein, Ralph Esposito, Robert Evans, Mary Jayne Faller, Mary Ellen Fallon, Gary Fam, Scott Farb, Barbara Farndell, Cynthia Farrelly, Eileen Farrish, Laurie Fay, Peter Feffer, Holger Fehlberg, Jill Feinberg, Adam Feldman, Joyce Feldstein, Jose Fernandez, Damian Ficarra, George Fink, Robin Finkel, Alan Firman, Loretta Flaherty, Andrea Flaum, Amy Fleischner, Linda Fleishman, Lynn Flugman, Janet Folb, Bruce Forster, E. Gerard Forster, Wendy Forte, Judith Foy, Susan Frank, Dominick Freda, Karen Friedland, Beth griendlander, Steven Frisone, Roy Furst, Paul Gaines, Mark a JUNIOR 8 Oreanthi Galakis, Ronald Galen, Daniel Gallagher, Judith Gallagher, Richard Ganden, Joseph Garofola, Susanna Garra, Veronica Garvey, Esther Gelband, Kathi Geller, Helayne Gershon, Michael Gershowitz, Stewart Gerson, Paul Giama- polo, Bessie Gianakouros, Barbara Gibbs, Andrea Gilbert, Jonathan Gilbert, David Gillies, Patrick Gilmore, Susan Gimmi, John Gionis, Michael Giuliani, Victoria Giunta, Paul Glatter, Faye Glazer, Jerrold Glick, Charles Glicksman, Henry Gold, Douglas Goldberg, Rachel Goldberg, Scott Golden, Barry Goldenberg, Barbara Goldin, Joel Goldin, Leslie Goldin JUNIOR 9 Dena Goldstein, Michele Gomer, William Goodman, Felice Gordon, David Gould, Richard Grable, Charles Graham, Karen Graham, Donald Grasing, Patricia Grauer, John Greco, Kath- ryn Green, Marilyn Greenberg, Mitchell Greenberg, Susan Greene, Leslie Greenhut, Gary Greenwald, Deborah Gregorio, Gregory Grimanelis, Susan Groll, Jeffrey Groob, Marilyn Gropper, Martin Gropper, Marcia Grossinger, Randy Gross- man, Lillian Gucciardi, Patricia Guccione, Janice Gucwa, Thomas Guerin, Norman Guthartz, Edward Gutmann, Pamela Haber, Arthur Haberman, Michon Halio, Michael Hammer, Robert Hansen JUNIOR 10 Michael Harrison, Lois Heide, Barbara Helm, Gale Helsinger, Carl Hendel, James Henderson, Michael Herold, Philip Herr, Jan Hersh, Stuart Hershinson, Dennis Heuer, Charles Hirsch- berg, Shari Hochberg, Barbara Hoffman, Gerard Hoffman, Melanie Hoffman, Nancy Holman, Ellen Holmes, Andrea Hoovler, Richard Horchler, Andrew Hornung, Michael Hor- nung, Nancy Horwitz, Robin Horwitz, Gerard Howard, Scott Howard, Claudia Hughes, Alan Humes, Keith Hurrell, Ralph Imbriano, Neil Iovino, Howard Jacobs, Philip Jacovelli, Chris Jankow, Thomas Janotti JUNIOR 11 John Jelinek, Carol Jesionkowski, Diane Johnson, Jere Roger Johnson, Warren Johnson, David Johnston, James Johnston, Robin Kahn, Michael Kalins, Catherie Reminski, Francis Kaminski, Linda Kamisher, Maureen Kampton, Kathleen Kane, Daniel Kaplan, James Kapler, Paul Karlin, Robin Kavall, Mary Kellaher, Douglas Kelly, Katherine Kelly, Kevin Kelly, Noreen Kelly, Felice Kempler, Donald Kennedy, Stephanie Kevatos, Richard Kielb, David Klein, Ilene Klein, John Klein, Thomas Knag, Mary Ann Knapp, William Knowles, Marie Koehle, Michael Konel, Rosemary Kapps JUNIOR 12 Robin Sue Koplan, Jonathan Korn, Michael Kornspan, Elvira Koszelowskyj, Richard Koszelowskyj, Jonathan Kotcher, Christina Kozel, Barry Kramer, Scott Krate, Robert Krauss, Ellyn Kraut, Linda Kreuzberg, Bruce Krieg, Erica Kronen- berg, Stephanie Kruger, Frank Krulish, Marilyn Kulesza, George Kunkel, Peter Mark Kurtz, Peter Michael Kurtz, Dominic Lagudi, Beth Landman, Steven Lane, Edward Langlois, Anna Lanzillotta, Frank Lanzo, Candice Lasky, Irene B. Latham, Gloria Ann Lavelle, Michael Leccese, Helene Lederer, Marcelle Lefeber, Bruce Leicher, Loretta Leoni, Jody Lopold, Allan Less 218 JUNIOR 13 Farrel Lester, Andrew Levien, Lon Levin, Erica Levine, Jill Levine, Joyce Levine, Madeline Levine, Martin Levine, Randy Levine, Robert Levine, Laurie Levinson, Jacqueline Levin- thal, Andrew Levy, Richard Lewis, Sally Ann L'Hommedieu, Jay Liberman, Rae Liebman, Lori Light, Mitchell Linden- berg, Marie Lipari, Daniel Litwak, Robin Litwalk, Steven Loguercio, David Lourie, Mark Luban, Margy Lucas, Peter Lucido, Laura Luckman, Nicholas Lupoli, Marie Lussoro, Rhona Lustig, Paula Lutsky, Eileen Lynch, Linda Linden, Peter Lordi JUNIOR 14 Thomas MacMurry, Gary Maffei, Theresa Maher, Nancy Mahoney, John Maier, Faye Mailman, David Malamed, Mi- chael Malkin, Bonnie Mandel, Marie Manfredi, Carolyn Marandola, Bonnie Marco, Patricia Mari, Scott Markert, An- drea Markowitz, Judith Marren, Deborah Marryatt, Monica Marshall, Janice Martin, Richard Martucci, Robert Marx, Mary Ann Mastroianni, Kenneth Matlick, Raymond Matyi, Marc Maurer, Marian Maxwell, Carol Mayer, Kathleen Mayo, Alison Mayron, Michael McCarthy, Mary McCartney, Donald McDevitt, Ruth McDevitt, Kathleen McMahon, Wilfredo Maldonado JUNIOR 15 Joan McWilliams, Robert Meade, Karl Melders, Daniel Mel- nick, Rino Menniti, William Mensching, Donald Menz, Linda Merryman, Gina Messina, Sherri Meyers, Janet Meyerson, Darlene Migliore, Susan Miles, Kathy Miller, Michael Minin- sohn, Scott Minor, Jacob Mirayes, Michelle Mishkin, Frank Molinaro, Edith Moller, Sean Molloy, Sheilagh Molloy, Robert Moore, Dan Morse, Diana Moses, Ian Moss, Mary Mullady, Paul Mumford, Linda Murer, Deborah Murphy, Dorothy Murphy, Patricia Murray, Laurie Myers, Nancy Nassen, John Mirando, James Murray, Marilyn Naiman JUNIOR 16 Russell Nassof, Mindy Nathan, Wendy Ann Navestad, Cheryl Ann Neel, Michael Neubarth, Terri Nevins, Neal Newman, Gary Newtoh, Lorraine Nicholetti, Karen Nikunin, Christo- pher Nolan, John Nolan, Patricia Nolan Jacqueline Norton, Matthew Novet, Susan Nulty, Kenneth Nyquist, Keith O'Brien, Robert Okin, Arthur O'Neill, Scott Osias, Mary O'Toole, Joseph Pagano, James Page, Glenn Pagliarello, Mary Pallene, Michael Pantiel, Guy Parras, Heidi Pasichow, Frank Paterno, Alan Paz, Cheryl Pearlman, Ellen Pearlman, De- borah Pearsall, Roseann Pallegrino JUNIOR 17 Theresa Pepitone, Rona Perlman, Sydney Perlow, Mary Perry, Kenneth Perschetz, Dominick Perzi, John Petrilli, Regina Petris, Carol Ann Pettit, Carmine Pezzella, Gary Phillips, Mitchell Pinsky, Susan Pittluck, Marilyn Placet, Jodi Platt, Paula Podias, Barry Pollack, Kathryn Pollard, Benjamin Pontrello, Louise Popecki, Arthur Popick, Bradley Popick, Michael Popovitch, Douglas Postl, William Powers, Steven Powsner, Raymond Poz, Debra Price, Gwendy Price, Marie Price, Barbara Proctor, Carmela Proetta, Jill Pruden, Sheri Ptak, Susan Pugatch JUNIOR 18 Madelene Quinn, Judith Rakofsky, Karen Ranucci, Edward Ray, William Reeves, Dorothy Regan, Frederick Reich, Denise Reid, Peter Reinharz, Anthony Reyes, Christina Ricaputo, Doreen Rich,'Lori Rich, Mark Rich, Patricia Richter, Ellen Rifkin, Nancy Ring, Renee Rivera, Lorraine Rizzo, Clinton Robin, Caridod Rodriguez, Theodore Rohrs, Leona Romalew- ski, Stephen Romeo, Irene Rosen, Sylvia Rosenberg, Daniel Rosenthal, Daniel Ross, Karen Ross, Stephanie Ross, James Rossiter, Barry Rothman, Joan Rothman, Steven Rothstein, Lisa Rottenberg JUNIOR 19 Eileen Rousak, Audrey Rubenstein, Donna Rubin, Jeffrey Rubin, Heidi Rubinstein, Margaret Rugolo, Alfred Runolfsson, Bonnie Rush, Barbara Russo, Paul Russo, Jude Ryan, Nancy Ryder, Janet Sabatino, Jonathan Sabin, Jeffrey Sacklowitz, Jeffrey Safirstein, David Saft, Anthony Saitta, Barbara Salerno, David Salman, Carol Saloman, Marilyn Samberg, Leslie Sandler, Philip Sandos, Marianne Santamaria, John Santillo, Mark Santos, Bruce Sargente, Joanne Scanlon, Susan Schaefer, Barbara Scher, Lawrence Scheyer, Ronnie Schindler, Susan Schneider JUNIOR 20 Betty Schneiderman, Illona Schoolsky, Craig Schub, Donna Schwartz, Jack Schwartz, Linda Schwartz, Paul Schwartz, Robin Schwartz, Lillyn Sciulla, John Scotto, Gabrie Scudiero, Arthur Seaman, Eileen Selden, Daniel Serota, Carlo Sgori, Beth Shabashov, Mark Shabashov, Kathleen Shaddock, Nancy- lee Shanlin, Margo Shapiro, Michael Shapiro, Gary Share, Donald Shea, Vicki Shemin, Leslie Shepard, Linda Shepard, Suzanne Sheshene, Daniel Shirkey, Kenneth Shore, Lorraine Short, Peter Siegal, Roberta Siegal, Deborah Signoretti, Jay Silbar, Linda Silberg, Mitchell Siller, Stuart Siller, Cindy Simon, Leonard Sinnott JUNIOR 21 Doree Sitterly, Thomas Skoran, Kevin Slattery, Jean Smith, Louise Smith, Adrienne Sobel, Karen Sobel, Lillian Solaric, Robin Solidar, Kathleen Soluski, Edward Sommer, Gale Son- tag, Diane Soren, Donna Sorowitz, Chris Soussanin, Thomas Spadafora, Kathi Spadanuta, Floyd Spanier, John Spata, Michael Spergal, Susan Spizz, Sharon Springer, Russell Spur- lock, Andrea Sragg, Barbara Steff, Jonathan Stein, Sharon Stein, Linda Steinberg, Paul Steiner, Seth Steinman, Alvin Stern, Robert Stern, Warren Stern, Vicki Stoff, Lawrence Stokar, Lori Stone JUNIOR 22 Glenn Stonebridge, Kenneth Strauss, Richard Strauss, Peter Sulitzer, Jamie Suna, Robert Sutton, Donald Sweeney, Jaime Sue Swift, Harris Taback, Jeffrey Tatelman, Ilene Taub, Steven Taylor, Robert Tefel, Jean Tegelman, Ronnie Teitler, Gerard Telford, Gloria Terry, Maria Terzo, Edward Tessey- man, Susan Thaler, Susan Theobald, Blinda Thompson, Ellen 'Thurm, Thomas Tierney, Ross Tiktin, Michael Timberman, Linda Todaro, Meryl Topper, Lynne Torbinsky, Patricia Torell, Evan Torgan, Arnold Tran, Ronda Treff, Kathleen grenz, Jody Trigg, Lisa Tripler, Jamen Tripptree, Steven roiano JUNIOR 23 Donald Trueson, Kevin Truland, Philip Tsana, Charles Tsang, Marlene Tuchman, Matthew Tuckruskye, Ana Trujillo, Steven Turtz, Michael Ullmeyer, Linda Ungerland, Sim Urivetsky, Allen Usher, Roger Uva, Mark Uzick, Theresa Van Coutren, Mary Vandewater, Dennis Vanella, Geraldine Vanella, Kris- tina Van Houten, Keith Van Sant, James Vaughan, Evelyn Verity, Christine Giola, Nancy Volin, Yvonne Vukas, Neal Wach, John Wagner, Timothy Wagner, Raymond Waldinger, Clifford Walker, Jolene Wall, F1'an Wallace, Dorice Walsh, Fritz Warmhold, Beverly Warner, Lawrence Warshaw, Mi- chael Watson, Robert Waxman, Gail Weiner JUNIOR 24 Patricia Weiner, Larry Weingarten, Jeffrey Weiss, Mark Weiss, Sanford Weiss, Nita Weissman, Eve Wenger, Eliza- beth West, Wendy Weston, Edward Wexler, Margaret White, Daniel Whittaker, Elliott Widrich, Barbara Widrow, Lynn Wiesanthal, Sherri Wigdore, Mitchell Wilen, Guy Williams, Debra Wills, Glenn Winston, Jaie Witoff, Linda Wohl, Nancy Wolfin, Robin Wolinsky, Mary Woods, Barbara Wyman, Pa- tricia Yasenchak, Thomas Yasitis, Ellen Younghans, Pamela Zieler, Dana Ziermann, Arlene Zimmerman, John Zimmer- man, Keith Zimmerman, Michael Zimmerman, Jane Zoeller, Ralph Zorroli, Peter Zucker, Veronica Zee 219 OPHOMORE SOPHOMORE 1 James Abel, Rachelle Abolafia, Jay Abraham, Susan Abra- hams, Jeryl Abramowitz, Jack Adler, Dominick Albanese, Elizabeth Alexander, Andy Alfanador, Deborah Allen, Alan Allgeier, Linda Alvarez, Robert Amann, Judy Anderson, Mary Anderson, Glenn Andoos, Kris Andoos, Jean Armbrus- ter, Amy Arnold, Dorothy Arnold, Jeffrey Arnold, Steven Aronds, Brian Arrandale, Steven Artino, Shari Askenazy, Joseph Askinasi, Michael Asmolik, Bonnie Atanasio, Ronald Atanasio, Annette Attoinese, Mark Austein, Paul Aversa, Leslie Baer, Thomas Bain, Brian Bakal, Debra Balder, Veronica Barry, Karen Baruch, Sharon Baseley, Joan Bassa- lin, Lori Batzer, Barbara Bauer, Jeffrey Babich SOPHOMORE 2 Michael Bauer, Steven Baumgarten, Craig Baylis, William Baylis, Janet Becker, Anne Behan, Jill Behr, Merrill Benkov, James Bense, Kenneth Berg, Carole Berger, Debra Berger, Kenneth Berger, Richard Berger, Reid Berglind, Cindy Berg- man, Lawrence Berkowitz, Michelle Berkowsky, Mark Bern- stein, Robert Bernstein, George Besser, Marc Bickler, Mary Biazzo, Mark Binder, Jennifer Bischoff, Deborah Blanche, Gloria Blitzstein, Lori Blitzer, Vincent Blomquist, Cindy Bloom, Jayne Bloom, Neil Blumenfeld, Gary Blumenthal, Donald Boening, Gary Boetticher, David Boggiano, Margaret Bologna, Kenneth Bonifer, Robert Bottone, Joseph Boyle, Gregory Bradfield SOPHOMORE 3 James Brady, Kathleen Branigan, Ned Braunstein, Miriam Breier, Jonathan Breiter, James Brennan, Judith Brennan, Keith Brenner, Barry Bresin, Kevin Breslin, Gary Brier, Lynn Brockett, Rhonnie Broder, Lorna Brody, Janet Broidis, Sharon Bromberg, Joy Bromberger, Sharon Brommer, Gary Brown, Sharon Bruce, Jean Brush, Steven Bryman, William Buckheit, Randy Bunnell, William Burban, Kenneth Burgess, Norman Buckhart, Cynthia Buscemi, George Cachianes, Louis Caciop- po, Steven Cahn, Ria Caine, Nicholas Calderazzo, Richard Cal- derazzo, Wayne Cannon, Stephanie Cantrell, Francis Capo, Neil Carfagna, Rosemarie Caridi, Ann Marie Carillo, Jan Teresa Carpineto, Mary Carr, Mark Carroll, Andrea Carter SOPHOMORE 4 Ronald Casella, Ilene Cassel, George Cavooris, Diane Cazer, Ross Cerami, Craig Cestari, Lawrence Chaback, Tobi Chas- worth, Lawrence Chatzinoff, Steven Chenenko, Joy Chim- erine, Procopia Chimiklis, Robert Chin, Steven Citarella, Carol Citron, Thomas Clarke, Allan Cohen, Betsy Cohen, David Cohen, Francine Cohen, Michael Cohen, Sanford Cohen, Joseph Colello, Daniel Collins, David Collins SOPHOMORE 5 Susan Collins, Daniel Comer, Peter Connell, John Conti, Mi- chael Conti, Warren Cook, John Cooke, Nancy Cooney, Scott Cooper, Amy Coopersmith, Frank Coppola, Helen Corbett, Thomas Cormen, Kevin Cottrell, Carolyn Count, Margaret Coyle, Lillian Crawford, Michelle Crew, John Cucchissi, Ever Cuevas, Joseph Cullen, Joseph Cutajar, Joseph Cutillo, Alan Cuttito, Anthony Daddio, Guy Daniello, Roy Danis SOPHOMORE 6 Jodi Danow, Debra Dara, Kevin Davis, Laurie Davis, Philip Davis, Elaine Dawson, Francine Dean, Anthony DeAngelo, Charles DeAugustino, Gregory DeBlase, Josephine DeMaio, Catherine DeSantis, Diane DeSeve, Anthony DeSimone, Karen Devlin, Donna DiBari, Gary DiBenedetto, Carol Dickstein, Gloria DiCroce, Thomas Dionsio, Regina Ditizio, Cathy Dobs, Thomas Edward Dolan, Thomas Patrick Dolan, Jeffrey Donadio, Allison Donenfield, Curtis Donohoe, Thomas Dooney, Lorraine Doran, Wayne Doran, Judith Dore, Douglas Down- ing, Joseph Doyle, Judy Drexler, John Duffy, David Duignan, David Dunier, Charles Dupler, Pamela Durand, Shelli Edel- man, Susan Edelman, Kathleen Edwards, Daniel Ehrick, Frederick Einhorn SOPHOMORE 7 Daniel Elefante, Marie Elefante, Lawrence Epstein, Michael Epstein, Janan Esmail, William Evelly, Elizabeth Fahy, Dorothy Faller, Marguerite Faller, Mary Fallon, Dino Fanti, 220 Marsha Fanwick, Robert Farb, Lewis Farber, Michael Fei- geles, Holly Feinman, Gerald Feit, Cheri Feldman, Deborah Feldman, Susan Feltheimer, Abbott Fenichel, Philip Ferrall, Lisa Ferraro, Marie Ferraro, James Ferris, Holli Fielder, Charles Figgs, Andrew Fine, Patricia Fine, Rebecca Finkel- stein SOPHOMORE 8 Beth Fishkin, Joseph Flammer, Dorothy Flanary, Sandra Fleischer, Barbara Flynn, Daniel Foley, Caren Folz, Jeffrey Forman, Michele Forster, Ralph Forte, Brian Fox, Louanne Fox, Donna Francone, Harry Frank, Jeffrey Frankel, Robert Franzino, Anthony Frascatore, Gary Freed, Bonnie Fried, Gordon Fried, Alice Friedman, Harlan Friedman, Ira Fried- man, Ivy Funess, Carrie Furst, Howard Gabriel, Peter Gage, Ira Gair, Deborah Gallo, Mindy Gallop, Annette Ganga SOPHOMORE 9 William Gannon, Russ Garber, Susan Garfield, Barbara Garo- fola, Debbie Garone, Richard Garson, Robert Garson, John Gause, Anne Gedon, Cindy Geise, Sondra Geller, Jonathan Gellert, Lorri Geraci, Wendy Gerber, Bruce Gerdes, Daniel Gerneth, Cheryl Gerrity, Alan Getreu, Deborah Geyer, Thomas Giacalone, Linda Giampiccolo, Kenneth Giglio, Peter Gilbert, James Giordano, Edward Glassberg, Leslie Glassberg, Evelyn Glen, Helene Gliboff, Susan Goebel, Richard Gogarty, Leslie Gold, Martin Gold, Lisa Goldberg, Ellen Golden, Edith Goldenhar, Debra Goldfarb, Randi Goldfarb, Beth Goldklang, Barry Goldman, Laurie Goldsmith SOPHOMORE 10 Gary Goldstein, Lawrence Goldstein, Maurene Goldstein, Susan Goldstone, Andrew Goldwater, Carmen Gonzalez, Susan Goodfriend, Caren Goodman, Frederick Goosk, Jeanne Gor- don, Larry Gordon, Valerie Gott, Susan Gottlieb, Mary Ann Graham, Leslie Grant, Kevin Grasing, Ellen Grass, Ronda Grazian, Anthony Greco, Debbie Greenberg, Morris Green- berg, Leslie Greene, Stacie Greene, James Grim, Robert Grit- man, Lesley Gross, Marc Gross, Roy Gross, Jacqueline Guan- do, Janet Guari, Emily Gutt, Bonnie Gutterman, Wayne Hach, Alexander Hagler, David Halio, Susan Hamill, Debra Hanley SOPHOMORE 11 Suzanne Hardis, Lewis Harrington, Laurie Harris, Mark Harris, Frederic Hartmann, Debbie Hausman, James Hays, Clifford Hecht, Andrew Heffner, Wayne Heinser, Laurie Heintz, Windy Held, Andrew Helfand, Peter Heller, Ellen Henderson, Howard Henick, Edward Henninger, Bruce Her- man, Ronnie Herman, Richard Herny, Catherine Herzich, Joel Hirsch, Michael Hirschhorn, Wayne Hochberg, Debra Hoch- hauser, Lawrence Hollman, Steven Holtz, Clarice Honigs- berg, Robert Horowitz, Susan Horowitz, William Houghton, Jack Howarth, Mark Hudack, Frank Huerta, Linda Huffman, Allison Hurtzig, Glenn Hurtzig, Marcia Hurwitz, Charles Hutcheson, Richard Iannello, Donald Isaksen, Lorraine Jacino, Lisa Jacobs, James Jagemann SOPHOMORE 12 Susan Jamison, David Janow, Timothy Johnson, Daniel Jones, James Jones, Joanne Jorglewich, Donna Josiah, Isabelle Ka- chadoorian, Jeffrey Kaiserman, Brandon Kallman, Michael Kanzer, Anne Kaplan, Gary Kaplan, Julie Kaplan, Robert Karp, Barbara Katz, Joanne Katz, Michael Katz, Caryn Kaye, David Kaye, Donna Kayel, Mark Kaylin, Barrett Kayne, Kevin Keane, Nancy Keeling, Carol Kemp, Trina Kerland, Barry Kessler, Jonathan Kessler, Timothy Kircheim, Walter Kirch- er, Jeffrey Kirtman, Debbi Kissin, Beth Kitzen, Austin Kla- van, Jeffrey Klein, Mara Klein, Karen Klodzinski, Sheryl Knab, Diane Knapp, Patricia Knowles, Richard Kobbe SOPHOMORE 13 Janis Koffler, Susan Kofsky, David Konstantin, Elizabeth Kopfman, Andrew Kornblum, Mark Kornspan, Janet Kowal, Stuart Kozinn, Marie Kraft, Kathleen Kramer, Linda Kraus, Richard Kreisner, Michael Krescanko, Jean Krickman, Robert Krickman, Deborah Krumenacker, Anthony Krummenacker, Ruth Kukoff, Lucille Kulesza, Robert Kuskin, Jeffrey Kwart- ler, Ronald LaBrie, Stephen Lachs, Glenna Lampner, Nancy Landau, Helein Landy, Andrew Lang, Laura Langdon, George Laskaris, Albert Laufer, Janet Laurencell, Wendy Lederer, Martin Lee, Peter Lee, Jeffrey Lemler, Debra Leonard, Stephen Leonard, Charles Leone, Michael Leone, Mindy Les- ter, David Levin, Nancy Levin, Scott Levin, Cynthia Levine SOPHOMORE 14 Donald Levine, Eileen Levine, Harry Levinson, Elaine Levin- stein, Mitchell Levitin, Lance Levy, Michael Librizzi, Kim Lindblad, Bonnie Link, Andrew Liotta, Brent Lippman, How- ard Lippman, Susan Lipshay, Faye Litwalk Stephen Lobrutto, Laurene Lockwood, Anthony Longo, Arthur Longo, Andrew Longobardi, Lynn Loughney, Sue-Ling Louie, Alan Lowy, Joseph Luise, Charles Lutz, Donna Macchia, Kenneth Maffei, Anthony Maggio, George Maiforth, Steven Mailman, Teresa Mallamace, Brant Maller, Luanne Maniscer, Christopher Man- ning, Mark Manoff, Michael Manteiga, Barbara Mapes, Bonnie Marchon, Lori Marcus, Janine Marino, Glen Mar- teney, Lori Masin, Alfred Matano, Michael Matty, Louis Maurino, Christopher May SOPHOMORE 15 Catherine Maynard, Christopher Maynard, Michael Mazur, Albert Mazzadri, Scott McCabe, Daniel McCahon, Thomas McCarthy, Kevin McCormac, Anne McDermott, Moira Mc- Kenna, Elizabeth McMahon, Kevin McManus, Michael Mc- Manus, James McWilliams, Joan Meers, Jeffrey Menoff, Ellen Messite, Catherine Meyer, James Milano, Gary Miles, Mary Miley, Patricia Miley, Daniel Milkman, Kenneth Miller, Luisa Miller, Scott Miller, Robin Milman, Louis Milone, Maria Minei, Howard Mines, Michele Mintern, Brad Mintz, Thomas Mirayes, Annemarie Misitano, Jill Mittman, Karen Moehring, Robin Moisson, Diane Monahan, Charlotte Moore, Elise Morgenstern, Robert Morse, Denise Mosier Marlene Moskowitz SOPHOMORE 16 Richard Moyer, Robert Moyer, Sherry Mulholland, Gary Muller, Thomas Mundinger, Steven Murer, Grace Murphy, Terrence Murphy, Harry Murray, Patricia Myers, Kenneth Nachbar, Stephen Nagelberg, Stephen Napoli, Thomas Nas- tri, Beth Negrin, Sharon Neilland, Donald Neimeth, Richard Nelson, Valerie Nessenson, Lee Neuls, Cathy Newman, Joan Newman, Mark Newman, Walter Newman, Robert Nicoll, Beth Niedenthal, Kathleen Nigro, James Nolan, Michael Nolan, Mary Noon, Jody Norman, Richard Noss, Carol Notovitz, Steven Novegrod, Geoffrey Oatman, Debra O'Brien, Joanne O'Callaghan, Wayne O'Connor, James O'Grady, Linda Ojaste, Carlos Oliveri, Kenneth Olsen, Madalena Oliva, William Olsen, David Oppenheimer, Sharon O'Rourke SOPHOMORE 17 Madalyn Ostrofsky, Patricia O'Toole, Frank Pagano, Kenneth Page, Theodore Palesky, Donald Panzarella, Janie Parker, Diane Parpan, Andrea Parras, Stephen Parrillo, Diane Pass, Kaetana Patakakis, Ronald Paul, Jeffrey Pearl, Charles Pedian, Paula Pellegrino, Andrea Pellerito, Ann Perlman, Mark Perlmutter, Steven Perman, Kathleen Pernelli, Louis Perrone, Geralyn Perry, Linda Petersen, Peter Petrella, Valerie Pettas, Paris Phillips, Robert Piccolo, Frank Pickus, Martin Pietroforte, Gayle Pignato, Margaret Pinola, William Pinola, Debra Pinto, Grace Pittorino, Ingrid Plevka, Paul glilskin, Danny Podell, Erik Podszus, James Poggi, Barbara oirier SOPHOMORE 18 Donald Pollicino, Richard Pomerantz, Irene Poolat, Marc Popek, George Porter, David Post, Sherryl Post, Susan Po- tosniak, Stacy Prince, John Principato, Louis Principe, Stan- ley Pritzker, Fregus Quinn, Phillip Rabenbauer, Vincent Ragone, Robert Raynor, Ellen Redo, Kathleen Reeves, Jeffrey Rehne, Carolyn Reider, Wendy Reilly, Lori Reiner, Joanne Reiss, Steven Resnick, John Rhodes, Ronald Rhodes, Mary Ellen Ricca, James Richards, Alan Richman, Evan Rickman, Lida Rickman, Frank Riedl, Margery Rifkin, Denise Rizzo, Paul Rizzo, Jeanne Roberti, Jeffrey Robinson, Collette Roeder, Diane Roeill, Joseph Rogers, Kathleen Rogers, Timothy Rohan, Amy Rose, Megan Rose, Gail Rosen, Mitchell Rosen- berg, David Rogow SOPHOMORE 19 Lori Rosenblatt, Barbara Rosenblum, David Rosenblum, Jodi Rosenstein, Patricia Ross, Andrew Rossner, Alicia Rosten, Kathleen Roth, Larry Roth, Melinda Roth, Roy Roth, Howard Rothschild, Douglas Rowe, Lori Rozinger, Craig Rubacha, Mitchell Rubenstein, Merle Rubin, Marc Rubinfeld, Ira Rubin- son, Lee Rubinstein, Brian Rubow, Catherine Rudolph, Susan Rugolo, James Ryan, Gregory Sabatino, Thomas Saitta, Diana Sanders, Paul Sandman, Donna Saporita, Leonard Saragnese, Glenn Schafer, Jill Schaffer, Debra Schaier, Lewis Scharf- berg, Mary Schening, Nancy Schenker, Andrew Schimacher, Gary Schmidt, Thomas Schmotzer, Marilyn Schneck, Ray- mond Schneider, Lori Schnipper, Dawn Schober, Darryl Schreiber, David Schreiber, Thomas Schumtzer SOPHOMORE 20 Debra Schrieber, Brian Schulman, Matthew Schwach, Andrew Schwartz, Marc Schwartz, Elaine Scialo, Gondalfa Sciremam- mano, Nancy Scorcia, Thomas Scorcia, Francis Scouteguazza, Arlene Sczelrbaty, Gary Sears, Steven Seener, Susan Segal, Mitchell Seidman, Robert Seiffert, Helene Seinfeld, Cindy Seldes, Mike Semigron, Shelley Setloff, Howard Seufer, Carl SCVIHG, Mary Lou Shea, Timothy Sheridan, Debra Sherman, Jody Shevins, Richard Shulman, Leslie Sieb, Madeline Sieff, Justin Siegel, Todd Siegel, Debra Silverman, Eric Silverman, Wayne S1lverman,- Peter Silvert, Melvin Simon, Robert D. 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Ulip, Michael Unger, Lori Untermeyer, Mark Urdang, Lewis Urivetzky, Michael Urovich, Paul Valenti, Janice Valentine, James Valenzio, Alain Van Der Heide, Bruce Varney, Angela Vasaturo, Carol A. Veith, John Ventimiglia, Heide E. Vercruysse, Robert Verdonik, Kathleen Verity, Linda Verity, Patricia Vignola, Richard Voels, Robert Vogel, Bonnie Voges, Mitchel Volk, Gregory Volpe, Elizabeth Wag- ner, Frederick Wagner, Richard Wagner, David Waldman, Laura Jean Walker, Timothy Walsh, William Walton, Diana Wantoch, David M. Ward, Charles Warish, Mary Washer, Gregg Wasser SOPHOMORE 23 Maureen Webb, Sherri Wedeen, Mishalle Weiner, Amy Weinstein, Bruce Weinstein, Geri Weinstein, Karen Weinstein, Sharyon Weinstein, Sharon Weintraub, Linda Weisinger, Michael Weissman, Andrea Werbel, Barbara Werner, Wesley Weston, Robert Whaley, Victoria Whiston, Vincent White, Wayne Whitney, Jonathan Widell, William Wiedemeier, Tim- othy Wigand, David Williams, Lori Williams, Renee Williams, Steven Wills, Corey Wilson, Patricia Wimmer, Jennifer Win- kowski, Jan Winters, Julie Winzelberg, Andrew Wohl, John Woodward, Tochelle Worth, Charles Wright, Gwen Young, William Younghans, Russell Zarcone, Michael Zarro, Stuart Zausner, Katherine Zeisler, Barbara Ziesig, Mindy Zimmer, Faye Zimmerman, Kenneth Zimmerman, Barry Zucker, Steven Zweifach SOPHOMORE 30 Barbara Nordstrom, Joseph Orefice, William Peterson 221 We would like to thank all the students and faculty members who spent so many hours helping to make our yearbook. Special thanks to the Spindrift staff, Mr. Waldron, and Mr. Barden. We truly enioyed combining our ideas and efforts in the creation of this book, Spindrift '72. Debby and Susan ' un' lx wk yljbl . . 5 F h ' AWP wif D I Y 1+ s There is the happiness which comes from creative effort. The ioy of dreaming, creating, building, whether in painting a picture, writing an epic, singing a song, com- posing a symphony, devising a new invention, creating a yearbook. Work is the great redeemer. It has thera- peutic value. It brings happiness. n, N-'aj -' 5 xi K AQ I .X ff---N . Q-,hz -X, ,xtjrlx RH .-Arfkis l .1 : N - F -7?'jjm.f--r-Egf ', ,:q1i:Hfef-fl' f.-. ,JY 9 f SQ uwdxxifgf- - I ,. 1? - 'sri "' - f - 1 :+A -.. x 'm4"""W "fi--SF - -+13 -tw,-' '- -- Ns Nifrggf sf R JW ' ffm i A -' h 'N , -"spiWr. . " 'Lf ' " Xww- fSg,yX QR. ,,f:-. - m?. mr ' " Qi . ,mn 'Q' Q.. - , 4 1, r.,vbfg,xn 71.3 'f-:P X L I 7 ' wg-f - .r - Q53 M F , hh. ,-.,,, ' , -.,,f .l:. U Y.. ov Qsumvl. -v mi, in 'MQ "L -. .- wzafsgfw xv . -'-,.,g,Q3g ffgk. N-' .v 1'-33 X .. ,, zz. S291 ?',f'iiWEI-1-2-:IQEQQAQQWQ ,ff Q:. x"f N 1 .. Ze. 1, 555' ' '5 Q4 ff- .f 1 Q0-1' A-W Y 'wa A ' ' if X -4 - f' ' -6' - "J, l. .gb , , W 'K-, . 4 + 4 M-.. t ,grkiipg ff r ' ,ag - . A . . A - ,:--. , .4 1. - --'f ' 1 ., Zfayx, "-gtg' P 1 , x im 'VSISGQISX "ff: , 4- " , -- Z. '- , f: Q V, , .Yi E, r V " f f -N '-. ' " -- Q' f,f1ff'v-f 7, 'g -V . . -, 'Q- -fi 7 .1 -, ., ' . k " , px , ." X. .-,Q A lv .Q 1, 5 ,xiii , 3? P., , if 4 , 7,51 N44 3 u uf ' -2' ' - af. MN T - 'P "-wi" ,ali " K' . "1i"'Egh'.F4S ' A' - ' N 7 2' ':".4::. N ,N ,Pye ff, 4-f -'ffm ,Li ,V ,QQ 'g-sfw fl ,igyp IQQ LQ M W' Y' wf?S?,2:v,-'-q,f- g if ft. N i., ' '- lg 'AS' gkg 1, X I P fu gsnlsfil,-5 V- xx 5 ,'. , .' . .X GRN "' :fl lk ' - VA ' K, Av'-X V ZA' , 'Q I ,gb -.R ,L : E Wx' JX k L ' V ,Q i , I ink,-jf. , .,,.o Q. .54 f vs" 1 1 7 fl 1 . 4 - 5 s Xa QV W " 'Ii' v- ' -'Q X, ' - - ug ' r- . 'Q I P '-e-..- ' XX , '- k -fs. "V . 'Q' .A F . .z " . . ,3 JJ ,. 'cz zz! 1f' V I z- iw I F P' -.ML l-4.-ff "' ,I-' . J.. V'-" . , , f I7 bn- 'if X 1 x ,V v 5, fi... . . -A-4 mm ' nv-'ev ' ,,,.. , ,, Mm , uf . - W-,fe

Suggestions in the Oceanside High School - Spindrift Yearbook (Oceanside, NY) collection:

Oceanside High School - Spindrift Yearbook (Oceanside, NY) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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Oceanside High School - Spindrift Yearbook (Oceanside, NY) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Oceanside High School - Spindrift Yearbook (Oceanside, NY) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 136

1972, pg 136

Oceanside High School - Spindrift Yearbook (Oceanside, NY) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 184

1972, pg 184

Oceanside High School - Spindrift Yearbook (Oceanside, NY) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 118

1972, pg 118

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