Oakmont High School - Yearbook (Oakmont, PA)

 - Class of 1948

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Oakmont High School - Yearbook (Oakmont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 15 of 92
Page 15 of 92

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Page 15 text:

Threads of Hugh School Life r x I r N-n Nc- cI X 5 I X INC If fr um If er xxmff mn IUPUI! x 1 ff n I 1 ff u arc I n il 1 1 up lomorf- Room 4 mr I r Un ll I I I If r 1 1 I xxr 0 x mm H ll 1 Jruffr un I0 Ill! c f vggr llll 1-xfculcc I IP Io If xupf-rms s er r I0 I I u L s I um N 4 I erucope 1 F N SSIIIII SN lf N1 I my ll IN lN?N f U x I' IN I I N I' X I DUI' N N x rx sl en - I o I 1 r H c u 4 DI Nl 4 mr xc urrxrru NNI I Jr x ll! x uc smur s F1 HI 1 x I N r IIC x X g M rjonel Ewing B S ne B BalerI B Bekiy Jane McLaughlin B S D 5 EGL, Helen R SI1eIIaby B E nog apwy I JI on VI U org I I I Ill I' Iffl NI Qox Mrs Boyle Librarian Mrs Mccrerght Asst Lubrarlan Mrs McCoy Assi Llbrarran ll age, LIr.vr.n W , L. I II IIN- prrNJI UI IIN- plNInIinQ ix in IIN- Q-IIIINQ. N, Ifdif-rI must IN- cl CIUIICI-' ook. .IIIFI Io0I4 nl IINDI- -IIIIIPS UI IOIIPIIIIT I on IIN- It s J I., I anNI NINQ NIlI.illl,.,IIIIll. 5lllIl ml I ' In II is IN: XXOI ,I IINII NIiNs ' ,Ia C - 'zI I.in' uncI Tyrin, I cIufff-5 I1u1 riLInl z1Ifn,. FIIIII' MQ z In -5 me-In cI 5 I IUT IQ .In NNI-nl Inn UI anII Ny If. -- I u .IQ I1-.II spo Nur. 'II 's rlINU 4-ll n iofng NIrs. I5..'1I', cooIf'ng. 'I-Ill' QIQNIG-Iy-IIINIX 6 Tugfg It I I Jsfyzcg' .giffgn :II Iyg 4- III-rx I IIox N IN-r MII tIuy II ll,,Il. If--IN C""h"3i Li" H' In lu IN- Iyg -II, IJQIQ I1-NIII-I In IN- IllIlIlf'0Lfl'1llJIl1'KI. If - ' Ir H: I ard II I , I Q EIIIII um u 'IIIPIIIS I0 IN- I '," N-QI a I " ' -' QNNI I fDuI4 I.f-NI I - I . "Je-cI I-- IINIIIJ In cIuy. fyn p II suc'Ix in sc' N-LI Iv, NIisf NICI.illlQIlIIlI, prmIucI oI our own O. H. S., sIiII Iin IIIH' lo IN-Ip IIN- INL' as lllillIil,f0I'N UI' IIN' J V. fir IIN' juI9 Irnininu Fully IIHHIIIN juxt IINII lu NIIS.I .I , ..-XI I a NI IN-r J -nior nge Sl- 4- QripI,' in all ils pINg J IJ-mol f-J ax preN'IN'.1I pI -e fur- Im' IIN- Iuilrf- if-1 1-Inric-s VIII IN-r in IIN-ir Iirxl I-INDNNH. IIAIIPIIIUS, INNJIQ rm-3 I, rIIlCI mIanaN, .III ,pc-II "III: ru Io IIN- 3 NQI 1I: QI' flnkrn ml ScI1 oIs. jr In, zz IIN' ye-ur PHIKIIIHIIX 1-vr-ry 5llIlIl'l'I se-nIw S zi- SOII. I:I'rllIIiIf' I:roJI or .I-rry ,Iun' J J Sta 'D ' aod'II- QIU ' IN- IIiII Io IIN- xirN- lUNI'l'l'KI ur-' MSI TI, Izcvptl JSC Ed :jaw IN1II.u Sl - '- S - ' imm-sIig,f live- 'A IIN-NN-s xv IN- INNIQIII vi I mul IIN' IN- III' IN-Ip UI' . IRQ. IICJY in NI IN-r xxiIIinQ rusial- ' Q Is. s. NIUCH-',,II INNI XIIN. . 4' '.

Page 14 text:

J Raymond Darr B A n a Om e en B Hengg1 A B Joyce I GIIIESPIZ A P ane Gcomnctvy U S H15 y sn O Donald M McCann B S M E o :I I-Istoy P O SS I aI COGCW ur L Glenn B S M G1da IIU L ,XI I11sI U11I111111I I'IiQI1 Ima il r1-11I :XI11111 NI11I1-1' - I1' o1ur 1 'I11I . .-XRI 'I I sI 'g,I' ,. 1,,1I1-1 i1111I lllld rem xx'iII Im ' 1 ll-' '-s 1 I11-1 r'11,, II 9 1 1I I 11I MIII II11- I1iII: I I 1 ,-1-I'11111.1. 11I , I - .XII ,I ,-.' "l4I1111I11, , I . 1 I11r g i11I 1 I MII11-I1111H ' Ii xx'iII1 II11- 11r1'I -:I11 - . - . ns xx'1-II ns II11' I111111I. Ba d nd 1 'cate XV-I11 Il I11-I1 1 U. . . .I. Z. IUGI. X Y XV' II1i11I1 I1iq 's x' ,' 1 j I I ,,. IX I :1-I -I ,I' -1I "I n ,- II I " 5 .I ,-1: 1-I 1:I ' ' fi : I , 1III' "I 1 , I-I 1 ' I1 '-T - 1 p I -11I 1 I1--Ip ' 1 1. I p I11r all 3 : zII,' ' 1 ' S.---...I 1 1 ' . TI 1 ' II19 I1111'I1 fi ,I I 1 "ou," I .IIS-' I . .Efl I, 11 ' ' p ' IIY' ' 1 '.'.' i ' 11 I111':2I1 u I ' 1 ,-.P 1 1 I 5 It 5 I9z1 'I1 : is II11- I1i,!I1 Ii ' I ' I2 S I11x'e xx'1 -' 1 ' I11' H1 's M' I S . Cill 5 'I il II1- 3 i115 Ii ' I 1 ns ry' ,, s1Ix'9 xx'1-I FI1 x' 1 193 '11 If i1 1.' 11I HI.. .' ',.B. 1 1 ,. . . IO1 ' Er1gI,. ll and III P. .D. 0 0' . .. I11,-'I ,II ,. .. WAI M P59151 ' HD' I1111I Hilllv' Iri9111I: 111 CJ. H. S. 'II11 I1i111 I1'II II19 I1l,Ii 11I V01 1I1i11Q II19 I1111'I1Ii9I1I 11I I 1I 1 I AYIII . , . ., . E. , ,, Bczkkgcpmg I I5I111I1. 511 ' J 11I N1 1- I 1 II 1sf 'III I his Dvds' I-I. 3 1111 1'l1rr1'11I is.119s II111I '1 119 IFJ Ili: I .III , 1'I11 59 nw xx'1'II 11s Ilii 1.!1'1111i111- a1I1iIiIy 11I II11- sI111Ii11g ' If. -- I':.11I1 11111r11i11Q II11- I1111iIi11r ' Is, "XIII IIIIZNX II.1-II i11 IXIa1r1I1I s11-11I1- i Q," 1ll'0 I1 11rI II1r1111gI1 II11- I111IIs 11I O. II. S. 11s 1111 :j11i1I1111 1- 1Iir-1I11r s1-111Is 1111l 1 1 ' '11I 11x'- II19 IJ. fx. ,'5.II'lII. O1 1 I111 -ly I111 1 ' ,., 1I11ss 11111I SI111 -11I cilllll il .1r1-111I1I111I 11 I11- I Iics 'A 11I II111 x'11111Ii111111I ,Q11i1I1- 11111I Qllill'CIIilIl 11I II 1 ' I9r- 1111 1i111Ii1111 S-'5Il'lll. fl' IlIl'll- Have Been Untanglecl And The 1 1 I 1111 I 1 11-xx 1111 I9111r NIR D Q xx IO 10111110 91 IIIIN 11 11r11111s sonff FIIIIITP Ur ll u 1I1 9 11 1 1 x9 1111 x l110l110l'If 0 1 ll fr 1 If 91 so Jlllllk x Ollff I If 911 1911x 1 X r IJ 1rr x1111r 9r11I 1111 xx 11r 11 1 1 1 119 DI I1 II S NIRS I'II"X 1 I 1 1 x I19r9 xou re 1IIx JP 111111 s 111 11I1h 1II1 XXIII 11111I11 Ifollf PC XNIIII g1911n19I1x '1911r9111s IN xx1 I 11 111II1 11111111rs 1111I 11111 111111or9s 1 1Cl91I XXIII I:111fI1s1 xx11rr19s 9911 II19 I 9111 111111s11r ll 1 ONPI' 1 1 s Ill xx11rI1 Hvr PIII 1us11s111 s1111rIs IN r91 x 111nI11.!11111s Slfllx u11I 19 1111111I9 111 Ill 191r x cus X S C III SIF I II19 11111111rs XNIIG r9a x xxou IIIQ I11 111111 II111x9 1111110rI11I Is 1 11 I I191r LOIIHIFX r110I II11I I19 IN IIIC 19st OI IINIOTX 1 9rs 1 11 119 19r 11111I9sI1nI '1 Jll x91r x Ill I 1 ll I HINIOTX C,1111I9sIs X us 1 9s1111 111 If NPII rx 11x9 ICINX 1111111110 I lllff Io 1 2, I ll xI1 IN 111r11 1111 11111111r11x I xx lNll I 11110 19 11r9 111 xx1111119r NIR NI1Q 'XX 1 x N Q ll I19 R9 1111 11111r1 xx1 x 1x1 r1111111111r 11 1 11 ll 11I9s 1 1 ll IDI s , D N N N r111 1 xx11r1 1 ll 11 1 1 r 1 1 III 1111111111111-1111 1r 1 X ll ll 1 1 911111111 I1 II I I 1 Il ll 111 Nllllll N

Page 16 text:

Amy Yorke D Lewls Shuker BS ME V F3 on Jun or I-IQI1 91-1 Have Been Woven 1I1 fu 1 11I NIR SIII 1-111 I111 Imff FC I1r1111 1 11 1111111r Iffll I 111 or crI1 IIIFIIOI' 1 1sI11011 Ijespllv I1e1r mlm 1I0 pro 1 P111Q 11 1 I I1 ll c 1111 nl secrc 111 AXIS 1ORIxI grul 1ll1111I1 1 1orcI11 SIYIII 1 ll 1 KN r1 1 1 Pnl11111I I 1 I orc ers X VI Xqfyx 1 sI1f- Il? 11-r r up 11 11I wr 11111 0 Imsn s11 111111 551111 1 1111 1'1II1 1 11 o 1 1 EP 1er Lf 1 1 11 11111111 111r1I1111g1 111 N 1 111 ll I s I11 I 11 11g!1 IN IILIQII 1 II 1 I I11 NIISS BAR Flrmly Together Info r1en1 I1 I1e-Ip cIe1rs 1111n1 11111111 11111111 111l1 Imer 111 pu e1 DTOIDIPITIQ 1 s11 ont QIOOI 1111l1 1011 Q1-P II16 NN 11I 0 t1e1r 9168 ' e1sIw NIRS CfJ'X'I ES 1 sI11 1111 I1er pup1IQ f-ni uG11QI1111I 1 9 NP 111Io II11' IISIOTX OI! mr lmeslors .Iump 11o1r 1ourn1ag11 11rpet 111 oII1er11or s 10111 NIR VFXNIXIAXQ ffe0gr1pI11 1I1u1w 1111 I1 e 1ou Io far off p aces 101119 1I1111s OIIUP Io See NIR ROSS 1111 IIN 1011 I11'IcIf- I1e1ItI1 DFOIJIEITIS 1n II11- Q1me 11r1 IUIIITIQ QPIFIIC N81 IIIII 1 1111 I I me 011 1111 Q11 Iron H11 sIr1111111111 111111 es 1-11 eflpl 1 1 sporl- Virginia Stevenson B.S. Leirugh Coaies 8,S. John Ross A.B ,yn '1 ECI11,f1 O11 I'I1.fO' IyS. -dn I-4.1 Mary Barber A.B. Carl Newman, 8.5. 'n- S 1' 1 Gmgfaphy P111 lu-1'll'f'

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