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J ix 5" -4 .E ? ST . V 2 if 31 v .rf kg AL -Fr 5 . . miami, I5 A 1 A J i-' W' -- - QT ..',.-,..-'-2-9 .. . " 3.1f!aEE1 ' - if i f iii. aj 2 17" g . -- -..n 46,4113 I ' - .43 L ! -, wr- -,- f N - - t,-rf.-...R - V J ' x ff-4 -'L -.- 1 I' T1 -1. ,, y Q " 1 x, ' Wm -'11 HJQFQ,-.min . 59.-'-21' " - ff ' , 'ji ' !.:' - A: UEJ. - .f ' 1 - -,-- ,ff n r' -44 N 1 g w w viz, ,I 1 -'LTI wmv. '4 - -' . I I N . ' 3.1 , . , . ' 1 . W .. - X 2 ' . "' - -. . 'E-' , A -531 , I Y - 1 , I-..,.:A' 1- 1, '-jw- :A 2 iv. '. N S 1, 15,7 -1- ' ' ' 1 1' Q- ' " . X 'N K ,-Y . . 1 A- 1 Q -- ' ' 1 1-- :- 1- , - LJ R 1 I--:E - . , ., , ., -.L,--g'i'f'gs- - -.- ' -- '11 1. .L -' f .74':g.g:Ev - ' ,W 'LT-',.' ' ,. -1"-' 'W ,fl , 3 . 7 .Y . -.4 , ' V, 1 , ,. . - F. I . I n-.21 if' 1.. " 'T Y Jfi fei A . .- y .4 H-X-3. 1 S-V , 1- , . N I w 1 -- .n, - ,. . , '- K J ' LA. I-'T . 4.,-X 5-A rp- x ' w X N . ,. , , ,. , - 5 . i . A .lvl . M-4 . i . ,A L wh rw Q f' M- .- , ti- 3 .", W iffw '-haf-M 'L ' H-sl ' 4' we-'U'-H Q -1 w. - 5 . . .- ,. " . . 1 -1 . . . . . in Q i . i i, L, . -V iv . lb ,. , 1 .1-1, I ' ..: -A li , 1- V - . ,A ' , , 4 - - - - , - 4 Q. . A ,l .V V , N- 1 U -. ' , -- -- 1' - A - - 1 5 - - - - - - - ' ,, - up 3 f , J- 1 - W-if . 5 'if l g. V , 1 . ' 'F . V f ,U :-- , Q I, 'F " . " K' ' 1. ., ' . 4' w .. '. , ' If.-'fl . ' ' a" :'.2:Uf':x.-,' 'l ,' -': ,- J. , ' ' - W -31.15 -. -' , In. . J,-'51,-A-. ,g , ' .4 41- 2-3-... jg- ' . if 1-.Y ' -' A . .. -1 ' 9' 2' - .UI-:f.s.':.-.'.f.. Q ' - F .5-1 Q Ay- ' f,,'1---, -1-r H' - .1 - , T - - - V- - - .- -. -,T - , fr - 1---,-. , '- '- -ff - -.- .. - - "If ' w I5 ffl . V -- ' - ' -f 1 f .- 1'-15-ff A5-.digg -A ,:.y,,-55. 'g'i1H--'15?k' . 4 . - . -1 .- , . , . I , -24.4. ,. 1, , Q1 .,. 7. -J,-3, v -1,1 1- . , - ' f ' I 'fu -1-.. ' w..'w .--'.2:f. 4' ' '-, -. .. 1 . 'Jug x if V ' VC J '33 af-.-'J"-1'--. 1 - f-'ij' ' -.5 TE- '.:EiI..'.-- :'i5'.?2g-Tk'-s . f' .g"'gf'l. ,Ap . , . - -' , n -5 f.,,- ' .gg f -'lfm-fx -7:15 L' :.-5 P f jg: Lyra -3.-163,-Q 4- Ff 'af 15'-"I:-n' 1- 3.1.3 ,mg...: -S 'J' "-1 . ', 'ANY F- .5 ' fr, , -3 .ffm -'11zj3g1'.:l,. I-11-gli 1311, . "-af'-fy.-4' H-' NE ia- -- 55, :' 'ixtilf--V H' ' 13- . - 1 - L X - -1, . -,-Twfi ,. " 1' Q -"V.5n --1' Q ,.-1i'1i 1-JL .fnfl-.-K1-I '.-: QQ g. ' XB Y.-'V'--:gli --7 .-f-"iv , N - K 1 Y- .1 1- . --3:9--,ig-V.-. r-1 .lp-,.!M.. wg, 11+ OL .Wm--4, . 1 . -1 .Q -a-,K-. -5.111-- ': -A-4 'Tc'-4 Ia. -1.1.5 ,- - -1.-.- - f--. my V 4-- -5, . . if -.H ' - VA ,-if '-'.' -, - '- 'X ,IL , , 'gl W . V, V . -i , ,-V- W... -. .-3 , -. I , , JL,-.i .- ' 5'-x . ,, -f' Q 'LE3iQ'3f :- ptr 'LI '1 r u. ' '-: ' 15441 11:11--2' 3, 9 'L -.'.:.- v U . 'E' , 51", fl r,"5.-. - . -rg - -- r 'Jug .,,' . . . P: 1 , , ,, r. ' .sf-' Q! 1-4'-5 ,,.,1f,, , 2- Q-41. I , gig, Sf ' Q17 57 .' 31,51 , L ,g milf .if W- --W b ' ,.2'ft:.f: 1. Jw MEMORIES I 966 NOTRE DAME HIGH SCHOOL SOI NORTH EIGHTH OUINCY. ILLINOIS VOLUME XIX DAME of Our Lady. we live through years of here that we how to learn, to live, to laugh, and how to love. are happy years, and excitementg we hardly realize ourselves. For it that we enter as girls as women-- ready, willing and future. study of that -class of '66 the climaxg other classes is but a beginning. LEARNING seekmg knqwlddge, needing guidanc e, finding love, lovmg God -- ND seen through its faculty. leaxning that is not powe:.' Emerson ' he X , ' E X LE 1 Y , ,ik My ,. . W. , 4 33 VS? sua 15 W Q .x A, W gf - 31 Q Q ii 35 'A-, gb QQ , :Sf ,, iii? E My .wwf Ulf ,ww .ws 35 I HF w ,bi A H S wr K Q M. it 'F A Ni ,xx Hz xx Q "Wat : ,H . .dk-rw .W 4 A ...wkffl 'f-'UW 7' W ,gs fw- Jspigill-HY" ,N . x A, 5' --si-K Q-an aiu lawl- van wg.. E, A m . ,f X Wir , f-me M4 . This past year N.D. opened its doors to a new member of her faculty--Sister M. Catherine. Exemplifying the true spirit of our school, its principal has worked in a spirit of self- sacrifice and genuine concern for each in- . dividual student. Courteous class attention is shown in the attitude of this group of ND Freshmen Mrs. J. Dieker guides her students down the path of knowledge toward an understanding and apprecia- tion of English The endless stream of long term assignments, in teresting class discussions, and well-informed students can be traced to the insights of Sister Mary Antone. The answers to questions about English are readily available from Sister Mary Eda. Correct and effective speaking is the goal toward which Mrs. C Christy directs her students. Virgil, Cicero, and Homer come alive through the efforts of Sister Mary Hope in Latin class. Sister M. Rosaire calls upon the dimensions of sight and sound to aid her students in the knowledge of Spanish. Sister Mary A1fred's watchful eye guides the hand of each of her apprentice artists. Art class becomes a scene of creativity as students dabble in paint. 9 Under the guidance of our Sister Mary Arthen, the music depart- ment has risen to new heights of perfection. Here a chorus class practices for an up-and-coming event--the Spring Concert 1 I0 NJ Sister Joellen Marie walks the "beat" of the typing room, surveying the efforts of her students Office practice and bookkeeping headaches are eased by Sister Mary Victor. Il F Sister M. Gustava lends a helping hand and individual attention to each of her future semstresses. K' .lil Material, thread, and needles go into the making of attractive apparel in the clothing room. g 1 ,,.. ,, , ' ' , is i 41 in B. : i. IQ 3 Sister Miriam Catherine takes her students on a historical study of the world. 12 Mrs. R, Mohrman strives to keep each ND stu- dent's education well-rounded by helping them stay that way. Miss Judy Geise gives fresh insights into the history of our country. 13 The miracle of life in all its forms is explained by Sister Marie Patrick. 4-, 1, The puzzle of chemical equations is solved by the scientific Sister M. Consolette. I4 'H hmm Every angle of Math can be learned in the interesting classes of Sister M. Arlene. The challenging problems of the world of mathematics are exhibited by Mrs. C. Pellman. l The correct spelling of a word can easily be found under the guidance of ND's librarian, Sister M. Olga. Sister M. Fidesta prepares her students for their future work in her general business class. 16 A quiet place with an atmosphere for independent study can be found at ND's library. Waving a farewell to her memories of ND is our very own Sister Marie Agnese. Mass confusion is exemplified by this group of typical students as they depart after a long, hard day. Problems to be solved? Mrs. E. Happekotte has the answers and a warm greeting for each student at ND. I8 'I SE ii X ig s fs ,.,--f' ..,, EHS , , Hamburgers anyone? Everyone's favorite period begins as Sister M. Odilo starts serv ing the cafeteria line. Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Aschernan lend an expert hand in preparing a tasty dessert. Q- Mrs. Burgess competently keeps our school clean L- and bright. 5? K 1 E Sister Maria Amalia gives us the energy to last through a long day with her nutritous hot lunches. Mr. Dietrich and Mr. Grawe quickly respond to the needs of ND. 2l 1 xt, x s GP' I ,U - 5' was ag .s I 'as Q, N , reaches the shelter of a shore passenger sets foot upon an un- The parental sea of guidance them and it reverently laps where they have stepped. Each passenger, each Senior, make her way alone until she her destmatlon 22 hopes and enjoyments of this world, makes for another." Anonymous . ,Q 6 Q, ' Q 1 51,631-I L ,ggi gif' 5 ...Q J.. .. ,. fiih 3:0 jg is 1:1 "K 'iw' 35 . la if 'Y . 'v 'lx '5 Senior class officers, l. to r. vice-president, Donna Thomasg secretary, Ruth Marting president, Ann Zwickg treasurer, Donna Ludwig discuss a coming event. Sandy Altrogge Maureen Andrews Patsy Anderson Mary Jane Bauer Anna Baugher Joann Bergman Kathy Bonness Sue Boyle 24 ?F,?fLl ' Janet Bozarth Terry Browne: Kay Euke Donna Carroll Cleaning lockers--a never ending Pam Buckman Jane Casburn task' Linda Cassidy Mary Beth Cox 25 Carol Cullivan Sally Curran Peggy DeSut:ter Martha Disseler Seniors look back at "buggy days" when life seemed so uncomplicated. Mary Downing Amy Duesterhaus Sherri Duesterhaus Sharon Duesterhaus 26 Ni A l 'i H Nancy Dunker Susie Einhaus Joyce Emerick Pam Feld Pam Fischer ' W5 15217 . V: ,e., , "Well Professor, do you think it will work?" Marsha Fortner Tf f ff 21 fr , 55? N X 2 ,. 1 1 Q e . L5 'iliig k 1 TIIGIBSH Freiburg Rose Ann Frericks Sharon Frericks Connie Frese .4 - mf. .. ,rbi , M Q .A n an , Julie Fxese Connie Genenbacher Judi G00ding Maureen Graham r .-'.kLk A V Q . . . of the silvery moon . . . Seniors enjoy hayrack ride after a hectic evening of selling Bazaar tickets. Ann Grussenmeyer Mary Kay Gustison Kay Guthrie Nancy Harig Sue Harvey J 3116! Hermann " --N rg- - :,-:ev iz X A ,, , ,, Meir A- ,Vg f voff"w1f'1vr- nn- g Cheryl Hickey Joyce I-Iilgenbrink Pat Hodges Theresa Hoelscher Becky Hoener Paula Holtschlag Janet Hutm acher Karen Jansen Sue Job ' Wayfarers play for a Senior "hymn-nanny" in courtyaxd. Maxy Jane Jochem ri? Shari Jochem Tish Kalmer Anne Keith Linda Kenny Becky Klingele Barb Kroeger Nancy Kroner Sue Kroner Cathy Krummel 109's morning study group shown in their daily habitat. Ann Kuhlman 30 Rosemary Kuznik ga Tish Langan Seniors enjoy "night out with the gir1s" during their class party Debbie Lay r 'M x Jane Lehnen Barb Link Pauline Lohman Donna Ludwig Ruth Martin Jeanette Mast Mary Middendorf Sue Middendorf V A .fig ,.., , Shari Miller linda Myers Ceil Nebe Rita Nebe Linda Niehaus Judy Neikamp -,Tex - Q , Senior float brings "West Side Story" to Quincy in Homecoming BeCkY Nonhcfaft Parade. Umm Margie Ohnemus Joyce Ostermiller Cindy Peters Judy Peters Nancy Reno , i Suzie Richmiller Pat Rischar Mary Nelle Rokita Diane Rossmiller E E How to spend a profitable noon hour: looking for a palm tree for "Deb Delights." Judy Schenk Judy Scheufele new M3-1' Y SChliPm3H Shirley Schmitt Pat Schrand Sue Schuering Donna Schulte Cindy Schutte Sherry Schwartz 1' M, mb, f -. -yiiglxf.-:W ,K Seniors prepare to depart for their annual retreat at King's House in Belleville. Joyce Tegler Donna Thomas Mary Ann Thomas Toni Shade iw- 1 Eileen Sibbing Suellen Streiker Connie Thompson Q! Mary Alice Tracy Mary Lou Triplett Marsha Wand -Rink ll K- '5'Z.3:::l3,E: Y gif ,ljfiiiil s J .. - . . w fgzv-.gqsgq -fa M- - -7'-ew ,,-- .Ny v - ..,Jf--,.:.. . -- ww: V f, --as w-W: ,Nssi , sms f ..:. .: N55 - "-' sg gi' . , ' Um Mary Jane Wastler it V X Diane Waterman Janet Wavering Joyce Wellman ER Carol Wheeler The Senior Class Picnic at Thousand Hills State Park is the last fling for the Class of '66 . . . hiking, swimming, and eating left "battle scars" and sunbums. 36 Maggie Wiegman Kathy Willer Aff gr' Four years of effort behind four lovely Mission queens, Sue Harvey, '633 Ann Zwick, '645 Kathy Willer, '65 and Carol Cullivan, '66. Linda Winfield Rosanne Wing Sharon Wittler Cheryl Wolf Joan Wolf Sheila Wolverton Mary Zanger Ann Zwick Pat Zwick - GHING laughter and charm to every girl, at N.D. and elsewhere. serenmty and joy of 11fe as each student mto an her patronness, Our Lady. knowledge of friendship Notre Dame girls know walk alone--they are by the shadow smxle. 38 delightful sounds of the earth --De Quincey Y 39 The Seniors imitate the determined efforts of their "Little Sisters" in trying to beat the bell. "The Girls from A.U.N.T." join forces to make the publications drive a direct hit. 40 No priority today! "Big and Little Sisters" join in together at the barbecue. Charlie Brown and com pany beg for support dur- ing the publications drive. Broadcaster co-editors Renee LeSeure and Anne Lechtenberg aid editor Sue Harvey in reporting the school news. Editor Sherry Schwartz okays a layout done by Yearbook Staff Jan Schroeder, Ruth Martin, Rosanne Wing, Jo- ann Bergman and Cathy Knunmel not shown in picture. 42 ,,,,,, ,Y ,,1,7 A OCTOBER An atmosphere of peace and solitude settles over the Senior Retreat at King's House, Belleville, I11. Prayer and meditation prevail during free moments. Another day of Retreat comes to a close with Benediction. HOMECOMING I 965-66 Homecoming Royalty: Queen Ann Zwick, King Bob Ortba13 MIDDLE 1. to r.: 2nd Sr. Atts. Larry Jansen and Becky I-Ioenerg 1st Sr. Atts. Donna Thomas and Tom Meyerg BOTTOM: 3rd Jr. Att. Mary Lou Wernethg lst Jr. Att. Linda Geexsg 2nd Jr. Att. Cindy Terwelp. Queen Ann and King Bob" Scenes from "Gigi", "Music Man", "Three Coins in a Fountain" transform CB gym into a Hollywood spectacular. And of course the even- ing isn't complete without Oscars. CHEERLEADERS CB Cheerleaders are 1. to r. Marsha Former, Ann Hafner, Donna Nuessen, Debbie Clark, and Tisk Kalmer. Cheerleaders--Chuck Fitch, Larry Jansen, and Rich Higgins 46 ll... N ND-CB Band entertains the Raider fans during halftime at one of the many football games. Much practicing and a lot of hard work go into the making of these performances which are enjoyed by all. ND-CB BAND The "Pink Panther" rides the ND-CB Band float. W.- . A - , Shari Miller l. 47 E l ND 's Bazaar brings much happiness and fun to little girls and big girls toog in fact, everyone N has fun. The main event of the day is always the delicious spaghetti dinner. 5 4 W i Under the direction of Sr. Mary Arthen, the ND Special Chorus entertains at the Christmas Concert. 1 E :z :1 : E E a 5 I M I lu l I4 I u I u i 4 fi y 5 L i 5 1 Q 1 Depicting 19th Century carolers, the "Senior Nine" brings the holidy spirit to the audience. Dance couples enjoy the music of Randy and the Ramb lers at the Christmas Dance. L Q 49 JANUARY Memories are relived for Dads as the pages of a life-size Scrap Book come alive at Dad-daughter night. Couples dance to the music of the Runaways. Corsages composed of everything imaginable are pinned on girls' escorts. The evening comes to a climax as Tish Kalmer crowns Mike Heitland King--another Twirp comes to a close. While enjoying Mission Day youngsters exhaust their big sisters. MISSION DAY EEK., Senior Carol Cullivan is crowned Mission Queen of 1966 as her runners-up look on. L. to r. Donna Frese, Fr.3 Kathy Peters, Soph.3 returning Queen Kathy Willerg and Krisann Haughey, Jr. and their escorts. 7 P 1 555555 3-H Queen Carol and her escort Roger Genebacher. weft ai- ww are-,sz fr, rw- W " fv- gicgtwxfm-," ,1-22211 my L4',, 4,11 X ii, .11 www 1 M A The Notre Dame Orchestra provides the background music for "Deb De1ights." ,, ' X e N-QQ, T r ' .2 ,ai V . , P W 4e.,.,Q .. ,Q i,, f,-Ke.3? i ,K . 2 NT D W Q if 2 2, X "I'd do anything for you . . " Teens enjoy their favorite pastime as part of "Deb Delights." -295555 Kathy Fiechtl and Pat Hodges tell Mel Koch and Tom Baker that "we 've got elegance." Linda Geers portrays Maria from the "Sound of Music" as she sings "Do Re Mi" to her eager listeners 55 APRIL The annual Spring Fashion show again was a highlight of Mother-daughter night. At left Donette Lenane models her Easter outfit. Above Mrs. Mohrman de- scribes the creations of the home-ec students. 56 Miles and miles and miles of blue cheese cloth, twirled crepe paper and colorful flats all went into the making of another traditional event--ND's annual Theme Dance. 57 1 I I 111 f if 435.55-5. .1 !.'!' .,. - 1 w W ,, , Z Y 1965-1966 Student Council president Rosanne Wing congratulates president-elect Jan Frageman as the other officers look on. Retiring officers are fSTANDINGj Sharon Duesterhaus, secretaryg JoAnne Frese, vice- presidentg Shari Miller, treasurer. Officers elect QSEATEDQ Cinda Awerkamp, Mary Bordewick and Rita Burton. Q3 .. - Waiting with intense anticipation are the 1966- 1967 Student Council nominees and their campaign managers. 58 "Patty Rabbit" visits Future Teachers' Easter party for handicapped children. , e f , I.. 1 4. .I A Latin American market scene comes to life as two Spanish students dance on Pan American Day. Junior Folk group sings everybody's favorite "Maria" at ND's 1966 Spring Concert W n - 'L . n " 1 A g. "Green BS1'et"-- "If I loved you"-- "Deep Purp1e"-- Sammy Werneth D. Deters- -D. Fischer Janet Schlepphorst 60 The blessing of Our Lord is given through His servant Bishop William A. O'Connor. The Bishop blesses the graduating Seniors of Notre Dame and Christian Brothers at their Baccalaureate Mass. 61 PROM I 966 Glowing faces . . . Elegant gowns . . . Handsome men . . . Delicious food . . . Fun-filled parties . . . These are the memories of Prom 1966 62 Becky Northcraft crowns Mary Queen of May. MAY CROWNING Seniors carry a symbolic offering of each phase of the school year while each class and homeroom presents a banner depicting a virtue or title of Mary Later, graduates end "May Day Crowning" in front of the grotto by singing the Alma Mater. 64 M .115 'fbi 3 65 'CW I Graduating members of the National Honor Society take part in the candle lighting induction ceremony at Honors Convocation. "5 I "" A 1 3 l , 7, W , , The Senior Banquet is highlighted by a talk on "A Woman's Place in the Wor1d" given by Sr. Anita Marie OFM. 66 N ,ii The diploma--four years of hard work--is finally received from Rt. Rev. Mgsr. Peter F. Masterson aided by Mrs. Edgar Happekotte. Linda Niehaus, Valedictorian of her class, receives her award from Rev. J. Philip Johnson. 67 1 1 68 x F5 B A ORGANIZATIONS ld in time and space . . . they join . there is union. Such are the organizations at Notre Dame. Dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, these clubs have but one goal in view-- The willing hearts and hands of each improvement of oneself separate group extend in charity towards allg when joined with others, they form a chain of Christian love which can never be broken. our happiness of another." -Leibnitz and of others vo, I 0 5 .Q I Q ,L Q . W I -K A, ,Q - Tw' in f.,-2.1 rf ,, 'Q fi 03: . ' fag K 'W X, i 4 I ll , 4 wf gi Sim ' K 4 I . ..,A S ff- X 1 r - K if -,I 'f R K , Q . . W . 1 - H'-E ::, .,E.,: 1 ,ff Q jk Q " 1 if . 'lax-.5 'K I Q -S L, X use L L - '31 - ,IV w 1 ' LVVLL K - - ffmftmfw Jef lx wif? k ' S x' fi f " Qkn wfk V 9 i ii - 'ffl N ' .. fx U an ,mm If X X sw x -. Q5 .. xx- X .vt xxx ,r W, SODALITY LEGION OF MARY Pictured on the previous page are the three Sodality Prefects. L. to r. are Becky North- craft, Bobette Zehnle, and Kay Stegeman. Members of the Sodality are seen busily engaged in one of their many projects-- the creation of Advent wreaths. Sodalists 1. to r. Sharon Grawe, Janie Carroll, Sue Cruessenmeyer, Bobette Zehnle, Donna Holtschlag, and Kathy O'Brien. V . ' 3 'Q fi. ef: ,. , f. 'f , ' I Reciting the rosary is an important part of the Legionaires' life--both at meetings and at home. Shown here are the four presidents of N.D.'s Legions of Mary, 1. to r.: Sherri Duesterhaus, Linda Niehaus, Rosemary Kuznick, and Mary Downing. 72 Xa, C.9.M.C. Planning activities for the year are the CSMC officers, 1. to r. Tere Pinkleman, secretaryg Patty Padavic, vice-president Judy Schenk, presidentg and Linda Stein kamp, treasurer. STUDENT COUNCIL Upperclassmen representatives faithfully carry the ideas o'f their hom erooms to the Student Council meetings and report the results. L. to r. Ann Messick, 2015 Jan Frageman, 1105 Ann Kuhlman, 103 Mary Alice Tracy, 1025 and Donna Carroll, 109. Missing from picture is Rita Kemner, 204. 5 Each homeroom at N.D. has a per- sonal voice in the workings of the Student Council--its representative Underclassmen representatives and their homerooms are l. to r. Donna Wendling, 2093 Sue Kuhlmeier, 45 Susie Wand, 2033 Terri Tappe, 2025 Diane Deters, 3053 Joeine Smith, 2083 and Charlann Winking, 207. I-in - ,.,...., 1 F 5 ! , a? g. .33 E Q K E. 3 3 . ,i 1 Y -1 i .3 is . if ,3- Stuaent Council officers, Shari Miller, treasurerg JoAnn Frese, vice-presidentg and Sharon Duesterhaus, sec retaryg total results from magazine drive. "Behind-the-scene" organizers for various school activi- ties are personified in Notre Dame's Student Council. They perform such varied activities as counting money, decorating for numerous dances, and planning assem- blies. This is the organization that holds our student body together. Rosanne Wing shown performing one of her "more diffi- cult duties" as Student Council President. FUTURE TEACHERS T Future Teachers' Club officers listen attentively as ' Sister outlines plans for the year. L. to r. are: Rita Burton, Treasurerg Cinda Awerkamp, Vice-Presidentg Kay Guthrie, Secretaryg Donna Thomas, President. F U T N U U R R E S E Q ia! Sue Scheuring, secretaryg Mary Alice Tracy, vice-presidentg Sherry Sch- wartz, presidentg and Sue Welchert, treasurerg officers of the Future Nurses Club, talk with head nurse of Pediatrics. 76 HONOR SOCIETY Honor Society officers are shown preparing for "Sunday Night at the Movies." Officers are fleft to right, Amy Duesterhaus, treasurerg Cheryl Wolf, secretaryg Mary Beth Cox, presi- dentg and Pat Rischar, vice-president. "Par1e vous Francais?" "Habla Usted Espanol?" "Dicisne Latinae?" For- eign languages are plentiful at N.D. shown here are the presidents of the four language clubs: Jeanne Deters, French Club Junior Branchg Ann Pfeiffer, Spanish Clubg Pat Rischar, French Clubg and Cheryl Wolf, Junior Classical League fLatin Clubj. L A N G U A G E C L U B S SPECIAL CHORUS 'JA Surrounded by members of the Special Chorus are its four offi- cers: President Karen Jansen Qsecond from leftj, and her staff of capable secretaries, Cindy Terwelp, Sue Scheuring, and Connie Koch. ORCHESTRA Orchestra members, the "Unsung Heroes" of many hours of practice, are represented by their officers. L. to r. Mary Beth Cox, presidentg Pat Rischar, Amy Duesterhaus, Marcia Wand and Mary Downing. DRAMA CLUB Lights . . . camera . . . action--familiar words to all Drama Club members. Shown at rehearsal are 1. to r. officers Judy Schenk, Treasurerg Mary Lou Werneth, Vice-Presidentg Sherri Duesterhaus, Secretaryg and Joan Wolf, President. 78 5i""?Eff 1': Plu m. - if' ' X ' F-V msF""s "ix K- 5 H1 ' ..,,,:- . A ms sf , Q, A My R .. 'f" 'K"'aeu 5. Q Saga 1 g -f 25? Q.. -. 6 , ,..: 1 i ,, Ef: fa -, -45: , 4 AM, .V , . 1 ,..,- . .,,.,. H I-A g I ?.. ...Ewa ,. i ggi 4 13 .ia ua r-Mews: 2-: 1 z ,eg- 1:"i -fa: , . 5 ,, K rn Eff ia. fl. .9 fig.. Z, of gf Q2 fi 21 5 "T'Ewf:Qw Q E J 352 ek is if 354 2 Y- Q 2253? gk-9 Lk 'X 1235 S wi 15, 3 ,Em il IM wzifg' 'H .. 9 W g an ESE? +405 -3371 621 E3 g i M Q 2 g i 7, 5 5 45 ' 5 f F 3 i isis? 'E in ,,:,,f.,:. - 5 ,QQ ax, E f's.A:':: E 5 4' sf. V W M ' if 5 -L Q H gg : '22 1 3 a ,, .-.2- ..... .x - - PL., . . : Q gs:-: ,. , -- E nf .r- S 7 A 139' ,- E :E in -- -fil' ,-L::,Ei: "aw: lx ,4. fx -we : :gsm- Q.e1..: 1 ' ZS T z .1 1 "' 1 -w UNDERCLAQSMEN 9 . K' .um 3 ? j 5 X 2 5 ge ff a Q 1 i f - , 5. E E5 QE EFQ Eg 2 5 f Q5 Vs X i y Y f fa EE 5 EIS! as xi ' if 3 . , ij Q :gs LEE L it BS E 2 i ggi! :E ix Fig 5 Q ' ' 2 QQ 125 lg 2554 fx 2 , 53522 32 sig 229 Z . if-1 M1 5 'ffzsse'-1: ww 'rs Q,f'LQ'i 125 an 'fl :ms ,L .WJ xet pool reflect the 1m age of the underclassmen Touched by the branch of learning, they now wlth ever-wxdenmg honzons--hor1zons f1l1ed E ams and ambitions. Q A gg, Q + i gif 22 if f A 5 2 Eg aff ' Q ' Eff QR 5 E 5 gi ig L 2 xg g gig, S3 933 5 Q Egg? ga 15 Eg xii 5 333 QE iii ggi x g .5555 gs :Mig E 5 ggi 5 gig . 5 :EL 1322323 Qs' Q as af? Tfiaig ws u!! 5 ? Q E3 3 5-QM Eg! TH' 554 P 355355325 S iqsflg' we EZ. , ff 25 Q55 gig 2 1255 Q .igsim g T 1 5" : H,,, , ,.- E g if 2 if i 55 Q Si :f: 5 is gi H 22 2 gf! B 5 E " 32335 gas X E Q Ex: 5 ii S 5222 H 52? 4 .IUNIORS 5 T --' i i a Q Y Q ett F A gt 5 1' 1 E Z B 1- K A, A-X w ., w junior class officers, l. to r.: Rita Burton, vice presidentg Beth Ehrhart, treasurer and Cindy Terxxelp secretaryg listen attentively as Linda Geers, president outlines class activities for the coming year . t ee ,BAR vi' ' , te 'wif 4 5 2 es f :fe '- ,wf J , 80 Sue Alison Cinda Awerkamp Sue Bauner Cindy Belker Bonnie Bennet Terry Blaesing Darlene Blickhan Becky Bockenfeld Pat Bockhold Ruth Bockhold Anita Bonne ss Marcia Bonness Mary Kay Brink janet Bruemmer Annette Buckman Rita Burton Kathy Burke Debbie Clarke Pam Deege Phyllis DeSutter Jeanne Deters Jeanine Dinkheller Cindy Disseler Diane Druffel Beth Ehrhart Linda Geers Lucy Gerding Marcia Goerlich Kathy Graham Carolyn Gramke Sharon Gramke Donna Grawe Sharon Gustafson Carol Ehrhardt Kathye Ehrhardt Paula Ennis Pam Flaiz jan Frageman Barb Freiburg Janice Frericks Debbie Frese Betty Frese JoAnne Frese Last minute study is essential for homework that didn't get finished Ann Hafner Teri Hagar Krisann Haughey Ronnie Haxwel Mary Ann Heck Cathy Hessing Nancy Hildebrand jenny Hoener Patt: Huner Marcia Jansen Gaile job Cathy Johnson Mary Ann Kalhotka Rita Kemner Ruth Ann Kistner Marcia Klauser Mary Lou Klauser Janice Kuhlman Cheryl Laytham Anne Lechtenherg Donette Lenane Renee LeSeure Joyce Liesen Carol Lubbring Bobbie Martin Enjoying a delicious lunch in the cafeteria are 1. to 1' . Barb Volrath, Kitty Callahan, and Shirley Schwartz, 353 'El s Linda Mast Ann Messick Sue Middendorf Millie Meissen Charlotte Monckton Marie Neuman Patty Padavic Kathy Peter Diane Peters Mary Peters .iz L Vm" LA .L L 1 af 1 nga! in. "' 9' ,-1 Al -, '53 1 Li i :Z-3.2 aj RK N -,.l:1:Q,,. ' .Nbr H f an A . S 4 5 f fwfr ,gi . ei Pam Schreake jan Schroeder Pam Schuering Paula Schulte jean Schulze Mary Kay Schutte jane Soebbing Shirley Schutte Trudy Spilker Diane Stauffer Ann Pfeiffer Diana Phillips Paula Pieper Tere Pinkelman Mary Jo Queen Carol Ragar Mary Kay Rees Carhy Ridder Kitsy Rodemich Shelly Rokita Pattie Ruff Nancy Scheufele Mary Schneider Carol Schralla Barb Schrand A familiar afternoon scene at Notre Dame juniors illustrate talents by winning first place in float competition 2 . qe.. . B4 Judy Steinkarnp Laverne Steinkamp Maryln Steinkamp Cindy Terwelp Carlene Wand Mary Lou Waterkotte Cindy Wavering Sue Welchert Mary Lou Werneth Lawana Willer Sue Willer Cathy Wilson Mary Winston Mary Wismann Mary Zehnle Mary Anne Zellerman f 3 Q I z A , - w alk 5: ' if 34' Linda Altrogge Barb Asche mann judy Augustin Danya Badamo Mary Lynn Barnes Diana Bennett Helen Benz Terry Bergman Becky Bernzen Joan Bertogilo QOPHOMORES Sophomore class officers, BOTTOM, Donna Bickhaus, presidentg Ann Dittmer, treas urerg TOP, Linda Hunter, vice -president and Mary Kiselis, secretary. f e B in 12, N ,Q ii-1' - Q55 'i 3' lu n L Donna Bickhaus Cathy Bickhaus Kathy Bordewick Mary Bordewick Georgia Boudreau Shari Brinkman Monica Brueggeman Karen Bruemmer Cindy Bruening Diane Bruening Cathy Burwinkel Sue Chaplin Mary Ann Coens Diana Dade Chris Davis ,ci-N: ., 4, fi - X WX R f T 4 N, .5 . Q. .4 4 A? Q fa. l 1 X wig 86 Mary Davis Ellen Deters Janice Deters Suzie Dieker Jean Dietrich Ann Dittmer Barb Doellman Martha Doellman Maggie Drier Sandy Dunker Sophomores enjoy an early morning chat before school Susie Ehrhardt Pat Ernst Julie Fichter Kathy Fiechtl Mary Fischer Kathy Frericks Cele Frese Mary Garrett Dianne Genenbacher Lucille Grawe f Carol Havermale Pat Havermale Cherie Hoebing Kathy Hoener Ann Holtschlag ME if i' , is-H -- ll 5 1.1 11 Bonnie LeSeure Jane Ludwig Sue Messick Sandy Mitchell Susie Mock Bonnie Musick Kathy McClain Connie Holtschlag Marie Huber Martha Huber Linda Hunter Linda James Judy Johannes Terry Johnson Kathy Kinney Kathy Kircher Mary Kiselis Pat Kistner Donna Klauser Florence Klauser Kattie Klingele Esther Klinner Connie Koch Judy Kroeger Mary Ann Kroner Mary Ellen Krone Barb Krummel 1' Susie Kuhlmeier On her long journey from the Biology Lab Martha Rossmiller leaves a little early to make it to her next class . ' ' ,if ' 8 Sophomores bid for first place in float competition. 88 Judy Nichols jane Niekamp Ann Niewohner Joni Northcraft Sharon Orf Barb Ostermiller Ann Ott Mary jo Otte janet Peter Connie Peters Kathy Peters Cathy Prior Debbie Ragar Mary Rapp Sherri Reno Marty Rupp Linda Schreacke Beverly Schwartz Margie Schwartz Linda Seibert Debbie Shaw Shirley Sinnock Susie Shackleton joeine Smith Ann Stegeman Mary Zimmerman Chris Zwick Kay Stegeman Linda Steinkamp i Mary Tanner Donna Tegeler Ann Terwelp Sue Thomas Cecilia Thorpe jane Treston Meg Treston Lynn Tully Rita Veile Mary jo Venvertloth Zella Vinson Cheryl Walker Judy Wand Becky Wardlow Vicky Wellman Donna Wendling Leanna Wiemelt Marilyn Willer Vicky Willer Tish Wiewel Linda Winget Diana Wolf Mary Wolf Deep concentration is shown on getting the ball during the Senior Sophomore Championship basketball game. FRESHME N Freshman dancers practice a ballet for "Deb Delights , ' 4f-' 'ii T ' fryggz . .Q- 1 !l Sm a 2 A N if it le 2 r.. v 3' My X in f ,H . si-B M N V Xi'-ai X w, f if Xi , K' ' 90 We 1 I u . Sharon Adler Pat Altrogge Karen Andrews Sue Awerkamp Mary Ann Bachamann Kay Baker Sally Bange Sue Bange JoAnn Bauer Diane Belker Connie Bernhardt Mary Kay Bonness Janie Brink Linda Brink Rita Brinkman Janie Carroll Linda Chaplin Anna Lee Cox Ann Deters Diane Deters , -gil l Q 0 if sl i 2 'wfl g - Aiv' as a ' . ,152 .- AWE? . Q- 33 Ae I A julie Frericks Connie Fries Cathy Geers Regina Devlin Cindy Dietrich Dianne Downing Margie Eickelshulte Anna Elsenpeter Kay Eising Mary Ann Ellison Carol Farwell Susan Fleck Connie Fortner Maureen Freels Donna Frese Barbara Frese Jane Frese Rose Ann Freiburg lf. Freshmen officers are 1. to r. Connie Fries, pres .3 . K- Karen Andrews, vice -pres .1 Anna Lee Cox, sec .3 and Jane Frese, treas. 91 Diane Genebacher Donna Genebacher Debbie Glas Dianne Graw Rita Graw Sharon Graw Kris Griep Sue Grussenmeyer Marlene I-lalfpap Carol Hart Preparing "Spoofer" to mascot a Fresh- man basketball game are Karen Davis and Rita Winston. Susan Heckenkamp joy Ann Hessling Marsha Helmedag Carol Hilgenbrinck Dianne Hoffman Connie Hollon Dolores Holtschlag Donna Holtschlag jona Holtschlag Bernice Huber Marcia Jansen Connie job Debbie johnson Nancy juette Connie Kasparie Rosie Kemner Kathy Ketchum Pam King Diane Lay Mary Lavery janet Lehnen Lorrie Lentz Marcia Lohman Lynda Lyter Jane Maas Ann Mast Judy Meyer Patty Meyer Barbara Middendorf Diane Mitchell Pam Morris Diane Obert Linda Obert Lois Obert Kathy O'Brien Cathy O'Donne1l Rita Ohnemus Barbie Olps Baby contests were among the activities used to raise money for the missions. :sei 9' 01k 93 Margie Ott Pattie Parker Susie Peters Linda Price Patty Probst Phyllis Raymond Janet Rees Barbara Rossmiller Mary Lynne Rubison Corliss Rupp Mary Kay Rupp Terry Sass janet Schlepphorst Ann Scholz Patty Schmits is -L .Q ite ' SE ' A Prudy Schmitt Loretta Schneider Rita Schneider Carol Schnier Debbie Schutte Diane Schutte Phyllis Schutte Pam Shelts Cathy Siefker Phyllis Smith Doris Sohn Diane Steinkamp Freshmen show their enthusiasm at Big Sister --Little Sister party Becky Stephens Debbie Stupasky Terry Tappe Janice Terwelp Linda Thompson Ana Villoch Judy Vonder Haar Rose Voss v i :ff LQ' v .P Y M , bhiu ,mfg if E E 'K f yds 2 . - ,.,, , x -. aziifz -'lg x N3 'SQ5'-2 Q 'rl , i 3 1 L . Q -N Q .av all' H Q t I U i , V 'Q' in t s 3 fab 4 fg Qs. H Margaret Wagy Barb Walz Barb Wand Sue Wand Susie Wardlow Anne Waterkotte Janice Welchert Kathy Wellman Barb Wiechert Cheryl Wiemelt Donna Willer Karen Williams Cindy Wilper Bonnie Winfield Char lann Winking Rita Winston Patty Wolf Paula Wolkitt Bobette Zehnle "Mary Poppins" strides atop the Freshmen float entry in the Homecoming Parade . 'ilk l l I l E I l I I l I SANDY ALTROGGE, St. Peter5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary 3,45 Honor Society 45 SAA-Letter 15 Future Teachers 3,45 ND Bowl 152,35 Basketball 2. MAUREEN ANDREWS, St Francis5 CSMC, Rep. 35 Sodaliry 1,2,3,45 Legion of Mary l,2,3,4, treasurer 45 Safety Ass'n 152,35 ND Bowl 1,2,35 Special Chorus 3,45 Science fair award, district 35 Speech wards, dlstrict 1,3--sectional 4. PATSY ANDERSON, Sr. John5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary 1,25 Student Councll Rep. 45 Honor Society 45 SAA Letter 25 Future Nurses 3,45 Safety Ass'n 25 ND Bowl 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Poster contest award 1,35 GAA Letter 25 Drama Club 45 Homemaker of Tomorrow 4. ANNA BAUGHER, St. Ant.hony5 CSMC. MARY JANE BAUER, St. Francls5 CSMC5 Sodality 1,2,3,45 Future Teachers 3,45 Safety Ass'n 35 Orchestra l.,2,il,45 Band 1,2,3,45 A Cappella choir 3,45 Special chorus 2,3,45 Music award 2. JOANN BERGMAN, St. Mary5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary 1,25 SAA Letter 15 Future Nurses 35 Yearbook staH45 ND Bowl l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Orchestra 45 Band 1,2,3,4, officer 25 Speclal chonrs 25 Music contest award 25 Latin Club5 Civil War Fssay winner 3. KATHY BONNESS, St- Boniface5 CSMC5 Basketball 152. SIE BOYLE, St. Francis5 CSMC5 Fumre Nurses 35 Orchutra 1,25 A Cappella cholr 3,45 Special chorus 3,45 GAA Letter Z. JANET BOZARTH, St. Francis5 CSMC5 Sodality 25 Legion of Mary 15 Basketball 1,2,35 Spanish Club 2. TERRY BROWNER, St. Mary5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary 1,25 Future Teachers 3,45 ND Bowl 35 lntramural Cheerleader 35 Science fair award, district 3, state 35 Drama Club 4. PAM BUCKMAN, St. frlncisg CSMC5 Legion of Mary 1,25 Future Nurses 2,3,45 ND Bowl 35 Basketball 2,35 Intramural Cheerleader 15 Special chorus 1,2,3,4, KAYE BURKE, St. Francis5 CSMC5 Sodality 1,25 Legion of Mary l,2,3,45 Future Nurses 3,45 Future Teachers 35 Basketball 15 Drama Club 4. DONNA CARROLL, sr. Mary5 CSMC, Sodallty 1,2,Zl,45 officer 25 Student Council Rep. 3,45 SAA Letter 1,2,3,45 ND Bowl 1,2,8,45 Basketball 35 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 CAA Letter 25 French Club 4. JANE CASBURN, St. Peter5 CSMC5 Sodality 1,25 Legion of Mary 3,45 Student Councll Rep. 25 SAA Letter 35 Fu- ture Nurses 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Drama Club 4. LINDA CASSIDY, St. John5 CSMC5 Future Nurses 35 In- tramural Cheerleader 15 Band 2,3,45 Special chorus 2,35 GAA Letter 1. MARY BETH COX, St. Francis5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary 152,35 Honor Society 3,4, president 45 SAA Letter l,2,3,45 ND Bowl 1,z,a,45 Basketball z,a,-15 orchestra 1,2,3,4, president 45 A Cappella choir 3,45 String ensemble l,2, 3,45 Special chorus 3,45 Music contest awards 1,2,3, state l,2,35 GAA Letter 2, Math Award 35 French Club 4. CAROL CUI.LIVAN, St. Mary5 CSMC5 Future Nurses 3,45 Intramural Cheerleader 1,2,35 Orchestra 35 Band l,2,3,4, vice-pres. 45 A Cappella Choir 3,45 Special chorus 1,2, 3,45 Music contest award, district lst5 Mission Oueen 4. SALLY CURRAN, St. Boniface5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary 15 Basketball l,2,35 Special chonrs 35 Poster contest award 2. PEGGY DeSUTTER, St. John5 CSMC5 Qtr-ansferj. MARTHA DISSELER, St. Mary5 CSMC5 Sodallty 25 Legion ofMary 1,2,3,4, treasurer 45 Future Teachers 3,45 ND Bowl 3. SENIOR DIRECTORY MARY DOWNING, St. Bonlface5 CSMC5 Rep. 1,2,3,45 Legion of Mary 1,Z,3,4, President 45 Future Nurses 35 Safety Ass'n 1,2,3,45 Basketball 45 Intramural Cheerleader 35 Orchestra 1,2,3,4, officer 35 Harmonettes 45 A Cappella choir 2,3,45 String ensemble 3,45 Special chorus 2,3,45 Muslc contest award 2,3. AMY DUESTERHAUS, St. Francls5 CSMC5 Sodality 45 Honor Society 4, treasurer 45 SAA Letter 1,2,3,45 Future Teachers 3,45 ND Bowl 1,2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Orches- tra Z,3,4, vice-pres. 45 Band 1,2,S,45 Senior Nine 45 A Cappella choir 3,45 Special chorus 253,45 Music contest award state 25354. SHERRI A. DUESTERHAUS, St. Francls5 CSMC5 Sodality 1, secretary 15 Leglon of Mary 2,3 ,4, pres. 3,45 Future Nurses 35 Basketball 1,2,3,4. NANCY DUNKER, St. Francis5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary 45 Future Nurses 5,4. SHARON C. DUESTERHAUS, St. Francis5 CSMC5 Rep. 1,25 Sodality 25 Legion of Mary 15 Student Council Sec- retary 45 Future Nurses 3,45 Student Librarian 35 Broad- caster 25 ND Bowl 25 Basketball 1,Z,3,45 Band 1,25 A Cappella Choir 3,45 Special chorus 2,3,45 GAA Letter 1,25 Drama Club 4. SUE EINHAUS, St. John5 CSMC5 Sodallty 15 Broadcaster photographer 1,2,3,45 ND Bowl 1,35 Basketball l,2,3,45 Poster contest award 25 all-star Basketball 4. JOYCE EMERICK, St. John5 CSMC. PAM FELD, St. Mary5 Legion of Mary 1,25 Future Nurses 35 Special chorus 4. PAM FISCHER, St. FYancis5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary 1,35 SAA Letter 25 Future Nurses 3,45 ND Bowl 35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Special chorus 2,3,4. MARSHA FORTNER, St. Francisg CSMC5 Rep. 15 Legion of Mary 1,25 SAA Letter 25 Basketball 1,2,35 Raider Cheerleader 2,3,4. THERESA FREIBURG, Sr. Mary5 CSMC5 Sodality 15 Future Nurses 3,45 Basketball 1,25 Science fair award, district lst, state 1st5 Drama Club 4. ROSE ANN FRERICKS, St. Francis5 CSMC5 Future Nurses 3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Special chorus 2,35 45 Music contest awards, state lst, 2nd, SHARON FRER1CKS, St. Francis5 CSMC5 Future Nurses 35 Special Chorus 2,3. CONNIE FRESE, St. Francls, CSMC5 Basketball 15 GAA Letter 1. JULIE FRESE, St. John5 CSMC, CONNIE CENEBACHER, Sr. Joseph5 CSMC5 Student Coun- cil Rep. 15 SAA Letter 35 ND Bowl 35 Basketball 1,2,3,4. JUDY COODING, St. John, CSMC5 Future Nurses 3,45 Basketball I,2,3,45 Band 1,2535 GAA Letter 1. MAUREEN GRAHAM, St. Francis5 CSMC5 Qtransferj. ANN CRUSSENMEYER, sr, Peter5 csMc5 Legion of Mary 2,35 Future Teachers 3,4, MARY KAY GUSTISON, St. Rose5 CSMC, KAY CUTHRIE, St. Mary5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary 35 SAA Letter 25 Future Teachers 3,4, officer 45 Broadcaster 45 ND Bowl 35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Special chonrs 2,3,4. NANCY HARIG, St. Francis5 CSMC5 Sodality 15 Legion of Mary 1,45 Future Nurses 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3. SUE HARVEY, St. Peter5 CSMC5 Sodallty 1,25 Legion of Mary 1,2,35 Student Council Rep, 2, Vice-pres. 35 Honor Society 2,3,45 SAA Letter 25 Broadcaster 1,2,3,4, Editor 3,45 ND Bowl 1,2,3,45 Intramural Cheerleader 15 Senior Nlne 45 A Cappella choir 3,45 Special chorus 2,3,45 Speech 96 award district lst, 2nd, section 1st5 Mlmlon Queen 1. JANET HERMANN, St. John5 CSMC5 Honor Society 3,45 SAA Letter 15Z,3,45 Future Nurses 3,45 Safety Ass'n officer l5 ND Bowl 1,2,3,45 Drama Club 4. Cl-IERYL HICKEY, St. Boniface5 CSMC5 Safety As'n 35 Student Librarian 35 Drama Club 45 Special chorus 2,3. JOYCE HILGENBRINK, St. Rose5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary 35 Future Nurses 3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 French Club 4. PAT HODGES, St. Boniface5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary 1,25 Future Teachers 35 ND Bowl 3545 Basketball l,2,3,4, all- star 45 Senior Nine 45 A Cappella choir45 Special chorus z,a,4. TERESA H01-1SCI-IER, St. James Lutheran5 CSMC, Rep. 25 Future Nrrrses 35 ND Bowl 35 Student Librarian 2. BECKY HOENER, St. Francls5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary 1,25 Basketball l,2,35 Special chorus 2,3,45 Homecoming at- tendant 3,4. PAULA HOLTSCHLAG, St. John5 CSMC5 Honor Society 45 SAA Letter 1,2,3,45 Future T achers 3,45 Broadcaster 4, fashion edltor5 Yearbook 35 ND Bowl 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Band 2,3,45 A Cappella cholr 45 Special chorus 2,3,45 GAA Letter 15 Muslc contest award, district 4. JANET HUTMACHER, St. John5 CSMC. KAREN JANSEN5 St. Mary5 CSMC5 Sodallty 1,2, treasurer 15 Legion of Mary 2,35 SAA Letter 35 Future Nurses 3,45 Broadcaster 2,35 ND Bowl 1,2,35 Basketball 1,Z,3,45 Specla chorus 2,3,4, pres. 45 Manager Deb Delights 4. SUE JOB, St. .Iol-m5 CSMC5 Rep. 35 Legion of Mary 15 In- tramural Cheerleader 3545A Cappella choir 3,45 Special chorus 15Z,3,4. MARY JANE JOCHEM, St. Peter5 CSMC5 Sodality 1,25 Legion of Mary 2,3,45 Future Nurses 3,45 Basketball 1,2,35 Special choms 1,2,3. SHAR1 .IOC-Il-WI, St. Peter5 CSMC5 Sodallty 2,3,45 Student Councll 15 Honor Society 3,45 SAA Letter 1,2,3,45 Future Nurses 3,45 ND Bowl 1,2,8,45 Basketball 15 French Club 45 Class Chairman 3. TISHA KALMER, St. Peter5 CSMC5 Sodality 15 Legion of Mary 1,25 SAA Letter 25 Future Nurses 3,45 ND Bowl 2,35 Basketball l,2,3,45 Raider Cheerleader 2,3,45 Special chorus,Z,3,45 All-star Basketball 4. ANN KEITH, St. Mary5 CSMC5 Basketball 1,3. LINDA KENNY, St. Peter-5 CSMC5 Sodality 1,2,3,4, treas- urer 45 Honor Society 3,45 Future Teachers 3,45 ND Bowl 35 Orchestra 3,45 A Cappella choir 3,45 Special chorus 3,45 Poster contest awards Z5 French club officer 4. BECKY KLINGI-1E, St. John5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary 15 Basketball 2,3. BARB KROEGER, St. Francls5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary 152, 3,4, vice-pres. 45 Future Nurses 3,45 ND Bowl 1,35 Intra- mural Cheerleader 1,45 Special chorus 2,3,4. NANCY KRONER, sx. Rose5 csMc5 Basketball 1,35 or- c.hest:ra 1,2545Band l,2,3,4. SUSAN KRONER, St. Francls5 CSMC. CATHY KRUMMEL, St. Fr-ancis5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary 253, Secretary 45 Honor Society 45 SAA letter 25 Future Teachers 3,45 Nat. Math Test5 lst 25 Yearbook 3, Ass't Editor 45 ND Bowl 1,2,3,45 A Cappella choir 45 Special charm 3,4. ANN KUHILMAN, St. Francls5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary 152, Officer 3,45 Student Councll 45 Honor Society 3,45 ND Bow 2,35 Intramural Cheerleader 1,2,45 Special Chorus 2,3,45 Drama Club 4. I ROSDAARY KUDIIK, St. Peter5 CSMC5 Leglon of Mary 2,3, Prelect 45 Future Teachers 3,45 Intramural Cheerleader Z5 Speclal Chorus 3,4. TISH LANGAN, St. Mary5 CSMC5 Leglon ol' Mary l,2,3,4. DEBBIE LAY, sr. Peter, c:sMc, so.-Irlrry I,2,:I, secretary 4, Student Councll 45 Honor Society 3,45 SAA letter 2,3,45 Broadcaster 2,3,45 ND Bowl 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 3,45 A Cappella choir 2,3,45 Special Chorus 2,3,45 French Club 4. JANE LEHNEN, St. John5 CSMC5 Legron ol Mary I5 Intra- mural Cheerleader 2,3,4. BARBARA LINK, sr. Jnrrrr, csMc5 Sodallty 1,25 Legion of Mary 2, officer 35 SAA letter l5 Intramural Cheerleader 3. PAULINE LOHMAN, St. Mary5 CSMC5 SAA letter 35 Future Teachers 3,45 ND Bowl l,2,3,45 Orchestra 3,45 Band 3,4. DONNA LUDWIG, St. John5 CSMC5 Future Nurses 35 Basketball 2,3,45 Class Treasurer 45 Band 2,3,4. RUTH MARTIN, St. Mary5 CSMC5 Sodallty I5 Future Teachen 3,45 Student Librarian 35 Yearbook 45 ND Bowl 35 Basketball 1,3,45 Class Secretary 4. JeANs'rrE MAs1', st. Joseph, CSMC5 soarmy 3,45 Future Teachers 45 ND Bowl 35 Drama Club 45 Spanish Club 4. MARY MIDDENDORF, sz. Franco, csMc5 soarmy I,2,35 Future Teachers 3,45 ND Bowl 85 Basketball 25 Intramural Cheerleader 3. SUE MIDDENDORF, St. John5 CSMC5 Intramural Cheer- leader 2,3. SHARI Mll.LER, St. Mary5 CSMC5 Leglon of Mary I,2,3,45 Student Councll Trearurer 45 Honor Society 4 5 SAA Letter l,2,3,45 Future Nurses 3,4, Treasurer 35 ND Bowl l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Band I,2,3,4, Officer 3,45A Cappella choir 3,45 Speclal Chorus 2,3 ,45 Music Contest5 dlsu-ict s,4. LINDA MYERS, St. Francls5 CSMC5 Speclal Chorus 3,4. CIEL NEBE, St. Mary5 CSMC5 Student Llbrarlan I,2. RITA NEBE, St. Mary5 CSMC5 Future Nurses 35 Student Llbrarlan I. LINDA NIEHAUS, St. FrancIs5 CSMC5 S-odallty l,2,3,4, 0fBcer 25 Legion of Mary I,2, Officer 3,45 Honor Soclety 3,45 SAA letter l,2,3,45 Future Teacher-r 3,45 Safety Ass'n l,2,35 Broadcaster I,2, Publlclty Manager 3,45 ND Bowl l,2,3,45 A Cappella cholr 5,45 Speclal Chorus 2,3,45 Speech Award5 dlsmct 45 French Club 45 Nat. Mt. Test5 lst 35 Nat. Merlt Flnallst. JUDITH NIEKAMP, St. I-'raneis5 CSMC, Oillcer 35 Future Nurses 3,45 French Club Officer 4. seem' NORTHCRAFT, st. Fr-nerr, csmc, offrw zr, Sodallty 2,3, Prefect 45 Leglon of Mary I,2, Offlcer 3,45 Honor Society 3,45 Future Teachers 3,45 Safety Ass'n 3,45 Student Librarian 25 Broadcaster l,2,3,45 ND Bowl 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 1,Z,35 A Cappella choir 3,45 Music Contest5 District 35 UN awart'l5 Dittrlct 3. DONNA NUESSEN, St. Fra.ncls5 CSMC5 Leglon of Mary l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Raider Cheerleader 2,3,45 Speclal Chorus 2 ,3,4. MARJORIE OI-INDAUS, sr. Boniface, csmc, Legion of Mary 15 Orchestra 1,2,8,45 Band l,2,3,45 Muslc Conten5 state I,2,3,4. Jovcs OSTERMILLFJ4, sr. Jam, csMc, sodtmy 15Leglon of Mary I,25 Future Teachers 35 Intramural Cheerleader I,z,a,45 French crab 4. CINDY PETERS, St. Mary, CSMC5 Sorlallty 1,25 Broad- caster l,2,35 ND Bowl 3,45 Basketball 15 Speclal Chonrs 2. JUDY PETERS, St. Mary5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary l,2,B5 Intramural Cheerleader 2,35 Drama Club 45 Spanlsh Club 4. NANCY RDIO, St. Francls5 CSMC5 Basketball 2,3,4. SUE RICHMILLER, St. Mary5 CSMC5 ND Bowl 25 Basketball 35 Intramural Cheerleader 4. MARYNELLE ROKITA, St. BonIfIIce5 Basketball 15 Orches- tra I,2,3,45 Special Chonrs. PATRICIA RISCHAR, St. Peter5 CSMC5 Sodality I,2,3,4, Secretary 25 Student Councll 2,3,45 Honor Society 3,4, Vlce-President 45 SAA Letter5 Future Teachers 3,45 ND Bowl I,2,3,45 Orchestra l,2,3,45 String Ensemble 2,3,45 Muslc Contest5 state 2,35 Poster Cortest Award I5 Spanish Club, Secretary 2, Vlce-President 35 French Club, Presl- dent 45 Co-ordlnator of Student Council Sub-Dlstrlct 35 DAR Good Cltlaen Award. DIANE ROSSMILLER, St. Mary5 CSMC5 Sodallty I,2,35 Legion of Mary l,2,35 Future Teachers 35 Basketball 2,35 Band 2,35 Speclal 2,35 Drama Club 4. JUDY C. SCHENK, St. Brlgld5 CSMC, President 45 Sodallty 3,45 Legion of Mary 45 Student Council 45 Future Teachers 3,45 Broadcaster 45 Intramural Cheerleader 45 Drama Club, Vlce-Prerlderrt 45 Amerlcan Essay Award 35 Transfer Su- dent. JUDY SCHEUFELE, St. John5 CSMC5 Future Teachers 3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Special Chorus 2,3,4. MARY SG-ILIPMANN, St. Peter5 CSMC5 Legion ol Mary 25 ND Bowl I5 Intramural Cheerleader 25 Special Chorus Z. SHIRLEY SCHMITT, St. BonIlace5 CSMC5 Basketball 1,25 Poster Contest Award 2. PAT SCI-IRAND, St. John5 CSMC5 Sodallty 25 SAA Letter l,2,3,45 Future Teachers 3,45 ND Bowl 1,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 GAA 1,2. SUE SCHUERINC, St. FrancIs5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary I,2, Secretary 3,45 SAA Letter 45 Future Nurses 3, Secretary 45 Broadcaster 3,45 ND Bowl I,2,3,45 Basketball I,2,3,45 Special Chorus 2,3,45 All Star Basketball Team 4. DONNA SCHULTE, St. Mary5 CSMC5 Sodallty 1. CINDY SCI-lU'I'I'E, St. John5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary I5 Inn-amural Cheerleader 1. Sl-IERRY SCHWAR11, St. Franclr5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary I,2,3,45 Student Council Z5 I-'uurre Nurses 3, Presldent 45 Yearbook 3, Eslltor 45 ND Bowl 35 A Cappella choir 45 Speclal Chonrs 2,3 ,45 Potter Contest Award 25 Class Chairman 3. TONI SHADE, St. John5 CSMC5 Sodallty 35 Leglon of Mary 25 SAA Letter 1,2,35 Future Teachers 3,45 Safety Asx'n 25 ND Bowl 2,35 Intramural Cheerleader 35 Orchestra 1,2,S,45 Band I,2, Ofllcer 3,45 Music Conten5 state 2,3,4. IIILEEN SIBBING, St. Mary5 CSMC. SUELLEN STRIEKER, St. Rose5 CSMC. JOYCE ANN TEGELER, St. Peter5 CSMC5 Sodallty I,2,3,45 Future Nurses 35 ND Bowl I,2,35 Basketball l,3,45 Senior Nine 45 A Cappella choir 3,45 Speclal Chorus 2,3,45 Music Contest5 state 35 GAA 2. DONNA tl. THOMAS, St. Mary5 CSMC5 Student Councll 45 Honor Soclety 3,45 SAA Letter 2,3,45 Future Teachers Treasurer 3, Presldent 45 Basketball 2,35 ND Bowl 1,2,3,45 97 L Y Intramural Cheerleader I5 Band l,2,3,45 Special Chorus 25 Muslc Contest5 state l,2,3,45 Homecoming Attendant 3,45 GAA 25 French Club 4. MARY ANN THOMAS, St. Francls5 CSMC5 Honor Soclety 3,45 SAA Letter I5 ND Bowl I,z,:r,4. CONNIE THOMPSON, sr. Mar-y5 csmc, sodrlny 2,45 Safety Assn. l5 S'-:dent Llbrarlan I,2, wmv Lou rrurrsrr, St.,Rnse5 csMc5 Basketball r,z,a,4. MARY ALICE TRACY, sr. Peter5 csmc, asp. 35 Legion of Mary l,2,3,45 Future Nurses 3,4, vlce-pres. 45 Future Teachers 3,45 Safety Asr'n 25 ND Bowl 2,35 lnuamural Cheerleader 2,35 Senlor Nlne5 A Cappella choir 3,45 Special chorus 2,3,45 French Club 4. MARCIA WAND, St. Anthony5 CSMC5 Rep. 25 Legion of Mary 3,4, ofllcer 45 Future Teachers 35 ND Bowl 1,25 Basketball I,2,3,45 Orchestra 1,2,3,4, ofllcer 45 REA Er- say Award 35 Latln Club 4. MARY JANE WASTLER, St. Roseg CSMC5 Sodallty I5 Basketball 35 Speclal chorus 2,3. DIANE WATERMAN, St. Mary5 CSMC. JANET wAvEIrINc, sr, smart, csMc5 soarxrty 1,45 Leglon of Mary 2,3,4, vice-pres. 45 Broadcaster 3,45 A Cappella chnlr 35 Speclal chorus 2,3,4. JOYCE WELLMAN, St. Boniiace5 CSMC. CAROL WHEELER, St. I-rancls5 CSMC5 Basketball l,2. MAGGIE WIEGMANN, sr. John5 CSMC5 Basketball I,z,a,4, all-star basketball 4. KATHY WILLER, St. FrancIs5 CSMC5 Student Council Rep. 35 ND Bowl 2,35 Basketball l,2,3,45 Mlsslon Queen 3. LINDA wINI-'If1o, sr. Mary, csrsc. ROSANNE WING, sz. Mary5 csMc5 sndrrrry I5 student Council Rep. I, President 45 Future Teachers 3,4, Secre- tary 35 Yearbook 3,45 ND Bowl I,2,3,45 Basketball I,2, 3,45 A Cappella Cholr 3,45 Special chorus 2,3,4. SHARON WITTLER, St. Mary5 CSMC5 Leglon of Mary I5 Basketball 15 Intramural Cheerleader Z5 Speclsl chorus 2,3. CHERYL WOLF, St. Anthony5 CSMC5 Leglon of Mary I,2, 3, secretary 2, vice-pres. 35 SAA Letter 1,2,3,45 Honor Society 3,4, secretary 45 Future Teachers 35 Safety Aas'n 3,4, secretary 3, president 45 ND Bowl l,2,3,45 Basketball l5 Serrlor NII-re5 A Cappella choir 3,45 Special chorus 2,3,45 Poster contest award I--4th. JOAN WOLF, st. I-'rancls5 csMc5 sodaury I,2, ner-mr-y 25 Legion of Mary 1,25 ND Bowl 25 Speech awards, dlstrlct l,Z,3,4, sectional l,2,3,45 CAA Letter 2, Drama Club president. SHEILA WOLVERTON, St. I-'ranclx5 CSMC5 Legion of Mary 25 Future Nurses 2,35 Safety Ass'n I5 ND Bowl 15 Intra- mural Cheerleader 25 Poster contest award I, 2nd5 French Club 45 Drama Club 45 Spanish Club 2.3. MARY ZANGER, sr. John, csMc5 Future Nurses 3,45 ND Bowl 35 Basketball 4. ANN ZWICK, St. Peter5 CSMC5 Sodallty I,2, officer 15 Student Council rep. 45 SAA Letter 35 ND Bowl 35 Basket- ball 1,2,3,45 Senior NIne5 A Cappella choir 3,45 Special chnnrs 2,3,45 Class Clralrman 35 President ol Senior Class 45 Mlsslon Queen 25 Homecoming attendant 3, Home- corrrlng Queen 4. PAT ZWICK, St. Francis, CSMC5 Sodallty 85 Future Teach- ers 3,45 Safety AI'n 25 ND Bowl 25 Basketball I,2,3,45 GAA Letter. 3 I I Y 4 I I r I ART W. KUHLMAN BUILDING CONTRACTOR 621 N. I-4th QUINCY, ILLINOIS r I I RIVERSIDE 21 SPONSORS COAL AND OII- PALMERS FABRICS CO- I BROWN DRUG COMPANY oo N. 1211. HUGO'S PIZZARIA LANSING BROS. SHELL STATION MR. 5. MRS. A. J. MIDDENDORF PARK BOWL FRANCES SHELTERED CARE HOME DR. GMRS. R. H. DOWNING AWERKAMP MACHINE COMPANY MR. 8. MRS. JAMES L. FINIGAN MR. PAUL T. MIDDENDORF I Compliments of PALM GARDENS MR. 8. MRS. CLARENCE J. FRESE DURS'I"S SUNSHINE DAIRY I I 1 1 Butterlqrust M.R.S. BEVERAGES O'DONNEL TERMITE 8. PEST CONTROL MAYOR WES OLSEN LIB. LAY--REALTOR HERMANN JEWELERS BUETER'S Your Daily Bread HOLTSCHLAG FLORIST DU X Welre Quality + Quantity + FUNERAL HOME Class with Sister Marie Patrick I 823 Broadway HOPE. Homemom 4 222-IOII Home of the Underdogs L Compliments of Illinois State Bank Quincy, Illinois Leadership Through Personal Service Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 6th and Hampshire Street THE RU NAWAYS 203 Pat Altrogge Mary Ann Bachmann Sally Bange Joann Bauer Janie Carroll Regina Devlin Cindi Dietrich Mary Ann Ellison Anna Elsenpeter Carol Farwell Connie Fortner Donna Frese Janie Frese Donna Genenbacher Diane Genenbacher Dianne Grawe Susan Heckenkamp Joy Hessling Donna Holtschlag Nancy Juette Kathy Ketchem Diane Mitchell Pam Morris Patti Parker Lois Obert Cathy O'DonneIl Margie Ott Phyllis Raymond Terry Sass Diane Steinkampr Janice Terwelp Linda Thompson Rose Voss Susie Wand Anne Waterkotte Bobette Zehnle GEM CITY PIZZARIA 27th 8K Broadway Compliments of CHICAGO MOTOR CLUB 222- ISI 8 SOP HOMORE HOMEROOM 209 HENRY G. GARRELT AND SONS 815 State Phone 222-1446 Compliments of Paints and Wallpapers - I Photographs in Memories Courtesy of Mercantile Trust VINCENT PRICE stumos and Savings Bunk Activity Pictures Taken by MAXWELL PHOTOGRAPHY Quincy's Most Convenient Bank A Special Thanks to Them! SENIORS '66 Flower: Daisy Colors: Yellow and White Motto: Scatter the flowers as yo go, for you will not pass this way again. 11 BEAN HOBBY 8K TOY SHOP Hobby Toy Craft Headquarters HO No. 5th St. I I ILLAGE ' RESYAURANT gt B EAREL 8, Buss STATE STREET BANK LOUNGE DRUGS Shopping Center i 12th 8' Br00dW'3Y Quincyls Oldest Bank Phone 3-8928 . ANSI? Packing Organized 1890 e :ver Home of les Corner of Eighth 8. State Broasted Chicken 223-2672 v ' 0 Y' 5 S Q 5 0 nl ri 1' Ph O 0 i V M, , in fb 3 ! Ax fri , f, Q! f gp lAJe'r-Q 'Tko.Qlass of '07 ll 0 80 Class of I Compliments of the . GRMT FRESHMAN HOMEROOM 3 305 nowit-5 Pe ' Best Wishes - 5 - to PEPSI CQ!-A fortlmse who tlunkyoung the Graduating Class of '66 u Quincy, Illinois frgm DAVIS-CLEAVER DUeSfefh0US PRODUCE COMPANY 235 N. 4 223-0322 Farm Supply Front 8g Oak 223-5442 - W! ""', M " V 805 State Street Quincy, lillinois wi at ' .E-2 if 7 W X W X I N X X X 1 X w 1 N X r Y PATRCJNS John C. Albright Mr. and Mrs. Robert Aschemann A8:W Mrs. August J. Badamo Mr. John A. Badamo Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bergman George Boudreau Mr. and Mrs. James P. Burton Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Carl Eling Mr. and Mrs. Moke Carder . Frank W. Coens . Thomas Patrick Daly Roger Ehrhardt Archie Ellerman Mrs. Anna Finigan Miss Nettie Finigan Flamingo Room Restaurant Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. . J. A. Fredricks Sam Genenbacher . Tom Gott E. E. Gribler Jack Griefer Donald Heckenkamp Mary Lynn Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoebing Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Jansen Kathi Kircher Bill Knuffman Mr. and Mrs. Laytham Bill Lemon l Liesen's Market Mr. J. Fred Lincoln Mr. and Mrs. Elmo McClain George Mock Mr. and Mrs. Earl Morris Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris Mrs. Ruth Morris Mr. and Mrs. John A. Neuman Judy Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Merle F. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. E. J. O'Donne1l Mr. and Mrs. R. E. O'Don.nell Mr. J. R. Ohnemus Mrs. Andrew J. Peters Ralph's Market Mrs. Caroline C. Schenk William Schlottman Robert Schmit George Schullian . and Mrs. Larry Schwartz . and Mrs. James Seibert . Joe Seibert . and Mrs. A. L. Shackleton 555555555555 . and Mrs. James Smith . and Mrs. Joseph Smith . and Mrs. Russell Spilker . and Mrs. Melvin Tappe . and Mrs. John Treston Marvin Wolverton "Our Memories behind us, we look forward to the future." x Y 'own' T' 'Www' . and Mrs. F. C. Sinnock Sr. .m ,Ve-' 'ff l, . 1 5' ,il 4 we QMM

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Notre Dame High School - En Dee Cue Yearbook (Quincy, IL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 101

1966, pg 101

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