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e£N 3 1833 02215 9831 Gc 977.202 F77hot 19713 NoRTHwooD Middle School., NoRTHVJODD Cardinal CARDINAL IS7Z 73 Coun V pubWc uwan 2270 tobN Cardinal Published by the Northwood Junior High School Yearbook Staff at 1201 East Washington Center Road Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825 Editor: Jill Hedglin Assistant Editor: Richard F. Hambrock Sports Editor: Sara Keirns Assistant Sports Editor: Liz Wise Photographers: Richard F. Hambrock, Andy Harvey Senior Staff: Janet Alexander, Pat Kennedy, Sue Gatke Assistant: IVIatt Anderson, IVIichelle Cox, Alice Heiman. Cindy Kilmer, Susan Tuebner Business Manager: Karen Gaines ' 0 I ' lHSff ad . : 9 TABLE OF CONTENTS Faculty Page 4 Activities Page 10 Sports Page 26 Freshmen Page 38 Underclassmen Page 47 MffJ fi ' ' ■ • 1 Northwood ' s Administration Dr. E. Warde Kelly is completing his fourteenth year as principal of Northwood Junior High School. Dr. Kelly received his Bachelor of Sci- ence Degree from State Teachers College at Troy, Alabama: his Master of Arts and Doctor of Education Degrees were granted him by In- diana University. Through Dr. Kelly ' s efforts to establish a pro- gram which conforms to very strict rules and his ability to get a staff to work continuously on professional growth, Northwood was grant- ed a special First Class Commission. (Only two other junior high had ever been awarded such a rating prior to Northwood.) Dr. Kelly and his wife, Jeanne, have two sons. He enjoys playing golf when time permits and likes to watch football and basketball. He spent five years as an air force test pilot, but has not had time to fly recently. Dr. E. Warde Kelly Mr. James Davis Mr. James Davis is completing his first year as assistant principal of Northwood Junior High School. Prior to his coming to Northwood he taught English at Oakwood and Paulding, Ohio. He was also assistant football coach at Pauling. He has been with the Fort Wayne system for three years with previous guidance work at Weis- ser Park and Miami Junior Highs. He received his Bachelor Degree from Ohio State University and his Master Degree is from St. Francis in Fort Wayne. He also has graduate work at Ball State and Purdue Universities. Our Underpaid, Overworked Teachers TOP LEFT: Mr. Brown, Mrs. Marker, Mr. Beebe, Mr. Rothhaar. TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Barkey, Mrs. Hodell, Mrs. Stroh. FAR LEFT: Miss. Perego, Mrs. HartzeL LEFT: FRONT: Mrs. Albright, Mr. Gehl. REAR: Mrs. Reader, Mr. Massie, Mrs. Ludlum. Mr. Miller, Mr. Hart. Mr. Sevier, Mr. Livengood, Mrs. Groves. Mr. Uim, Mr. Windmiller, Mrs. Andros, Mr. Stults, Mr. Lew. Mrs. Stout. Mrs. Kirkham, Mr. Ruddick, Mr. Huffman. Educate Us Mr. White, Mr. Fries. Mr. Allen, and Mr. Dew. Mrs. Matthew, Mrs. Deardorff, and Mr. Coyle. Mr. Egley, Mrs. Russell, and Mrs. Etz- ler. Anne Albright; B.A., M.S.; Guidance, Counseling; Knitting Club, Bible Rap; McPherson College, St. Francis, Indiana. James R. Allen; A.B., M.Ed.; Social Studies, Music; Latin Club, Music Ensemble; U. of Kentucky, Indiana, U. of Louisville. Purdue. Lois Andros; A.B.; Math; Math Club; Marion College, Purdue, Ball State. Brenda Kay Barkey; B.S., M.S.; Language Arts, Reading; Cheerblock, Cheerleaders; Indiana, St. Francis. Eric Beebe; B.S., M.S.; Language Arts; Speech and Drama; Purdue. Indiana. Joseph F. Brown; B.S., M.S.; Typing, General Business; Student Affairs Council; Indiana, Purdue, Illinois. Robert E. Coyle; B.S., M.S.; Vocal Music; Boys Choir, Girls Choir, Cadet Choir; Jordan College of Music, Manchester, Butler. Indiana, Gunnison. June Deardorff; B.S., M.S.; Art; Art Club; Manchester, Ball State, Indiana. David C. Dew; B.S.; Social Studies; Table Games, Football, Track; Ball State, Indiana. Donald Egley; B.S.. M.S.; Physical Education; Football, Basketball. Intramurals; Manchester. St. Francis. Diane Etzler. B.S.; Physical Education; Gymnastics. Intramurals, Bowling, Volleyball, Basketball, Track; Indiana, St. Francis. V.C. Fries; B.S.. M.S.; Social Studies; Audio-Visual; Indiana, Manchester, St. Francis. Van T. Gehl; B.A., M.S.; Guidance, Counseling; School Patrols, Vocational Club; Vincinnes, Indiana State, Ball State, Indiana, St. Francis. Marilyn Groves; A.B.. M.S.; Science. Health; Teen Discussion; Manchester, Indiana. Purdue. St. Francis. Sue Hartzel; B.S.: Developmental Reading; Reading Club; St. Francis. Indiana Central. Indiana. Janice Marker; B.S.. M.S.; Language Arts. Social Studies; Speech and Drama; Southern Illinois, Purdue, Indiana. Lorene Hodell; B.A., M.S.; Language Arts; Future Teachers. Student Affairs; Indiana Business, Hanover. Purdue, St. Francis. Vern Huffman; B.S., M.A.; Electricity, Drafting; Ball State, Indiana. Purdue, Indiana Tech. Irvin M. Hart, Jr.; B.A., M.S.; Science; Science Club; Purdue, North Central College, Northern Illinois, U. of Missouri. Sibyl Kirkham; B.S., M.A.; Home Economics; Sewing Club; Appalachian State. College of William and Mary, St. Francis. Don Livengood; A.B., M.S.; Science; Electrical Club; Manchester. Indiana State, Indiana, Western Reserve. Jane Ludlum; B.S., M.L.S.; Librarian; Library Assistants; Ball State. Gerald Massie; B.S. M.S.; E.M.R. Jr. High; Eighth Grade Football; Ohio State. Indiana. Sonia L. Matthew; B.M.E.. M.A.; Instrumental Music; Oberlin College. Indiana. U. of Wisconsin. Joe Miller; B.S.. M.S.; Science; Ninth Grade Football. Eighth Grade Basketball; Ball State. Jean E. Perego; B.A.; French. Spanish; Ball State. Indiana. Robert Lew; B.S.. M.S.; Math; Toledo, St. Francis, Purdue. J.R. Rothhaar; A.B., M.A.; Language Arts; Cardinal, Northwind; Ohio State, Ball State, U. of Colorado, Indiana, U. of Kentucky, St. Francis. U. of Illinois. David L. Ruddick; B.S.; Industrial Arts; Ball State. Indiana, Purdue. Walter N. Sevier; B.S., M.S.; Drivers Ed. Science, Health and Safety; Boys ' Intramurals; Indiana State, Indiana. Elizabeth Stroh; B.A., M.S.; Language Arts; Cheerleaders; O hio Wesleyan, Indiana. Edith Stout; B.S., M.S.; Home Economics; Sewing Club; Purdue, Manchester, St. Francis. William E. Stults; B.A., M.S.; Math; Math Club; Indiana, Purdue, Ohio Wesleyan, St. Francis Steve F. Ulm; B.S.; Math; Body Building, Cross Country, Track; Taylor, Indiana. Edwin White; B.S., M.S.; Social Studies; Chess; Indiana, Purdue. Larry A. Windmiller; B.S.; Math; Golf; St. Francis. The Busy Hands Behind Northwood !lf 1 I I iiVMi Ush TOP LEFT; Evelyn Forst, Matron, Burl Mutter, Engineer TOP RIGHT: Burniece Polsey, Cook; Ruth Slagle, Cook; Am- ber Wyatt, Cook; Gwen Mains, Cafeteria Manager. CEN- TER; Ceroid Lhamon, Head Custodian. Joinn Ewald, Cus- todian. LOWER LEFT; Amber Wyatt. LOWER RIGHT; Jim Yaney, Custodian, Georld LInamon. 1 s — f ' Cards Keep Lunchroom Lively One of the main events in a Cardinal ' s day Is the lunch period. Approximately 700 students are served in three 25 minute lunch periods. UPPER LEFT: Pictured here Is an example of one of Northwood ' s delicious lunches. CENTER: This is a typi- cal view of the lunchroom. LOWER LEFT: Minor disasters such as this milk spill make unch exciting. LOWER RIGHT: Shown here are some cooks and cafeteria workers who make our lunches possible. A C T I V I T I E S fr ' •■ W JIiMiik ' ' g Hk ' ' B Northwind Staff Keeps You Informed UPPER LEFT: Deb Fawcett and Stephanie Schwizer work on story. UPPER RIGHT: Lori Boley and Liz Wise work on layout. CENTER RIGHT: Randy Buechner, Mike Wilhelm and Tara Allen work on Captain Goodguy. LO- WER LEFT: Julie Eisenach and Debbie Wright check stories. LOWER RIGHT: Liz Wise reads copy of Northwind . Yearbook Commemorates ' 73 The staff worked many hours to get the book you now are holding finished. They were in on Satur- days and after school and even worked some on Sunday. Those pictured here are not the only ones who worked. See page 2 to see the com- plete list of workers. When Alice Heiman moved away, she laughed to keep Richard Hambrock and Andy Harvey took our pic- from crying tures Sara Keirns was the faithful sports editor; Liz Wise helped her, but she wasn ' t around at picture taking time. Pat Kennedy and Sue Gatke were a couple of our Saturday girls. Northwood ' s Music Department 13 The Band and Orchestra Band Members LEFT TO RIGHT: Nick Moisica, Lisa Arnold, Rhoda Helm, Donna Klemke, Doug Baker. Bob Bunner, Cathie Eckman. Betsy Neher, Neil Petrie, Liz Scalf, Eunice Wadewitz. 2nd. ROW: Debbie Wright. Sherrie McCollum. Sandra Murphy, Terri Ries. Mike Baker, Scott Gerber, Curt Staller, Sam Thompson, Gloria Moore, Roni Gilford, Barney Blilie, Greg Sexton, Tom Brenner, Dave Rose, Dave Billings, 3rd. ROW: John Berry, Brian Ault, Larry Bryan, Larry Budzon, Mike Spilner, John Lehman, Max Trager, Matt Anderson, David Aldred. 4th ROW: Darrel Thompson, Mark Timis, James Cauvey, Jay Rigdon Orchestra Members LEFT TO RIGHT: Darryl Togashi, Cindi Cutter, Donna Hayes. Audrie Waldron, Jill Hedglin, Jenny Lehman, Chet Chambers. Karen Wallenstein, Richard F. Hambrock, Joe DeCamp. 2nd. ROW: Stan Cooper, Julie Campbell, Shawn Lehman, Holly DeCamp, Sandra Cooper, David Rose, David Billings, Cathie Eckman, Nick Moisica, Lisa Arnold, Neil Petrie, Liz Scalf, Betsy Neher, Eunice Wadewitz. 3rd. ROW: Mrs. Matthew, Jeff Sandy, Mark Timis, Jay Rigdon, John Lehman, John Berry, Brian Ault, Matt Andersen, David Aldred. The Concert Choir ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT; Susan Michaels, Sheri Eisenach, Karen Gaines, Shelly Sumney, Bill Fallon, Stanley Cooper, Mr. R. Coyle, Dave Southern. Steve Shank, Patrice Kennedy, Janet Alexander, lliz Scalt. Piano: Eunice Wadewitz. ROW 2: Barba Franks. Sara Haas, Cindi Tielker, Julie Simpson, Eric Riddle, Darrell Williams, Dallas Kalb, Kevin Keller, Darryl Togashi, Joe DeCamp, Laura Kokosa, Lori Schmitz, Sharon Kessens, Kim Norwald, Bridgette Root, Carol Wright. ROW 3: Colleen Rines, Tara Allen, Cindi Cutter, Michele Cox, Joe Peipenbrink, Rosy Junk, Mane Augenbagh, Ruth Kammer, Susan Springer, Susan Tuebner, Laura Johnson, ROW 4: Jackie Mason, Lauri VanGilder, Debbie Gregg, Vicki Johnson, Debbie Edwards, Jerry Buuck, Tim Mesing, Scott Pepple, Richard F. Hambrock, Grahm Houser, Mark Armstrong, Maria Stanton, Robin Elmer, Liz Weis, Deb Fawcett, Stef, Sweitzer. ROW 1 LEFT TO RIGHT: Matt Nightingale, Kelly Thomas, Kathy Schomer, Kelly Ellas, Kim Renz. Helen Solers, Laura Ausderan, Rae Ann Hickoff, Sue Van Gorder. ROW 2: Dwight Kinter, Bob Zbacnik, Jane Kroener, Patty Whitchey, Brid- gette, Rosse, Tim Christoffe, Tim Pressley, Brian Fallon, Dan Ulrich, Hugh Campbell, Steven Billings. STANDING: Mrs. Matthew, Jeff Sandy, Bruce Robinson, Tom Tigler, Gary Faxon, Brad Pepple. ROW 1, L to R: Sandra Cooper, Staria Fancil, Scott Bailey, Jim Arm- strong, Doug Wiicox, Elaine Chevington, Na- nette Fry. ROW 2: Jill Simpson, Diana Wilkin- ing, Susan Haneline, Anne Steckbeck, Joni Strubble, Tonya Flood. ROW 3: Lonnie Kibinger, Lee Timmerman, Jack- ie Hartwig, Tammy Pfei- fer, Chris Parker, Angela Hoot, Kathy Ertle, Pat Hefner. 15 Northwood ' s TOP RIGHT; Boys Large Ensemble LEFT: Laura Aus- deran, Sue Van Gorder BOTTOM: Matt Nightingale, Kelly Thomas, Kathy Schommer, Kelly Elias LEFT: Matt Anderson, David Aldred. Barney BIlie, David Billings, Joe DeCamp Special Musicians TOP RIGHT: Girls Large Vocal semble BOTTOM RIGHT: Chet Chambers, He en Solero, Eunice Wadewitz, Neil Pet rie, Darryl Togashi RIGHT: Nick Moisica, Lisa Arnold, Don na Klemke, Kim Gach 17 v Patrols, Electrical Club, and A.V UPPER LEFT: Shown here are the patrols that keep order in the halls. UPPER RIGHT: Electrical Club is shown here during one of their experi- ments. MIDDLE RIGHT: Some A.V. enthusiates are caught playing with V.T.R. MIDDLE LEFT: Shown here is the Senior A.V. Club. LOWER LEFT: Shown here is the Junior A.V. Club. LOWER RIGHT: Andy Har- vey is seen Video taping an Eighth Grade Basketball game. Library, Office, and GuidanceWorkers r 1 UPPER LEFT: Dave Southern, Darryl Togashi, and Ed Kneller; Librarians. UPPER RIGHT: Mon- Ique Vorderman, and Sharon Grimes; Library workers. MIDDLE LEFT: Eighth Grade Librarians. MIDDLE RIGHT: Ninth Grade Librarians. LEFT: Karen Gaines, and Debbie Wright; Guidance Workers. LOWER LEFT: Robin Sumney and Bon- nie Collins, and LOWER RIGHT: Steve Barring- ton; Office workers. Cardinals Play, Teach and Read Mr. White instructs chess club mem- bers. Future Teachers prepare artwork for bulletin under the direction of Mrs. Hodell. Sewing Club Masters New Skills Pictured here is the sewing club under the direction of Mrs. Stout. These girls learned many new sewing skills and created many items of wearing apparel. Northwood ' s After School Athletes Working toward a higher de- gree of athletic ability. North- wood students participate in intramurals. To attain that degree, the young athletes are involved in indoor sports, pri- marily. They are directed by members of the Physical Edu- cation staff. Northwood Students at Work TOP: Two students examine home- work. MIDDLE LEFT: A Ninth Grade English class working with A.V. equip- ment. MIDDLE RIGHT: Some Eighth Grade Shop students being instruct- ed in the use of a metal lathe by Mr. Ruddick. LOWER LEFT: Ninth Grade Biology students with their ani- mals. LOWER RIGHT: A Seventh Grade Developmental Reading class in ses- sion. 23 Cardinals Are Involved in Annual Acitivities TOP: Northwood ' s Semi-Annual Book- fare. CENTER AND LOWER LEFT: Presendential Nominee, Rick Glover, and Vice-Presidential Nominee Pam Hawkins, defeated their opponents, Tim Burke and Mike Baker, in North- wood ' s mock presidential election. CENTER RIGHT: Pictured here is Northwood ' s own rock group. The Ever Rising Sun. They played at our spring dance. The Student Life Scene LEFT: A Northwood Pep Session. CENTER LEFT: Some Ninth Graders in an assembly. CENTER RIGHT: Some Eighth Grade girls practice tumb- ling. LOWER LEFT: Students react to report cards. LOWER RIGHT: Eighth Grade girls pre- pare for gym show. • • • • Round Bailers Have Great 9-5 Seasoi ■I Mike 56 Baker 49 g JI 63 47 ' ■ 3b 52 50 1 ,1 41 63 li i 40 BrmClli ' 54 ■vRH HI 58 B9H|H 45 ■fm 37 H H 44 Ralph Brooks The Northwood Varsity basketball team SCORES THEY Miami 54 Portage 34 - ; Kekionga 49 .- Concordia 31 . - ' ffS ' wtia Franklin 67 . , piai ' -.v Jefferson 57 - JiM JU Shawnee ::::.:.:. . : : If l f%. AJMrn ML y J Blackhawk 51 ) If. . ' JUBiWmWtBki ' Fairfield 47 f f j .llP ' ™ ' ' - Dwenger 47 ' ' ip ' % Geyer 41 Lakeside 39 » : Tournament Lakeside 35 ; Jefferson 50 v Larry Craig gets the tipoff J. Mike Wareing Matt Brown Manager Keith Scott Dennis Salter Jim Grant Much Improved Varsity Has The Varsity football team of 1972-73 j» ic;jiiif- Pre-Game Huddle SCORES WE Jefferson 8 Blackhawk 16 Lakeside 8 Lane 6 Shawnee 8 Ben Geyer Jamboree Shawnee Lane 6 THEY 36 6 20 Cards on defense at Jamboree The walking wounded Managers Houser and Campbell Coaches Miller and Egley 28 Five — Two — One Football Record Defensive ends are Greg Morrow, Mike Gaines, Lance Long, and Matt Brown. -tV i W Tackles are (BACK) Tom Diaz, Dave Swam, Joe Hofrichter, Terry Brendle. (FRONT) Dennis Salter, Ken Terlosky, Ron Allen, Hardie Danbys, and Jim Middle- ton. Offensive ends are Brian Alut, Marvin Perkins, Tim Burke, Ralph Brooks, and Jim Grant. Fullbacks are Dennis Salter and Mike Gaines. Halfbacks are Marvin Perkins, Larry Craig, Dave Cole, and Matt Brown. Quarterbacks are Tim Mossburg and Kerry Kline. Guards are Mark Timmis and Ron Allen. Linebackers are Dennis Salter, Larry Craig, Dale Thompson, Hardie Danby, Dave Cole, Matt Brown, and Ralph Brooks. Safety men are Matt Brown, Bill Adkins, Rick Rogers, Tim Mossburg, Marvin Perkins, Mike Patton, and Ron Lester. Reserves Combined a 4-1-1 Record SCORES WE THEY 12 Jefferson 6 Lakeside 38 Blackhawk 8 Lane Shawnee CHAMPIONSHIP Portage 8 mi. m . ' . % ' jm. -A 30 33 I s31 The 8th grade football team had a 4-1-1 record. They are (BACK) Mr. Massie. Dan Budzon, Gary Harp, Brad Blackator, Barry Becker, Larry Sutton, Rick Henderson, Mike Gadson, (SE- COND) Jeff Laymon, Jim Cawey, Steve Gill, Eric Riddle, Dale Ramsey. Greg Wiley, Mike Jennings. Jerome Gaines, Randy Long, Darryl Williams, (THIRD) Dave Hedricks, Larry Bienz, Gary Swenson, Tim Beer, Joe Powell, Dana Blackhurst, Dennis Gatke, Bob Spangler, Mike Spillner, Phil Knepper, (FRONT) Mark Armstrong. Tim Mesing, Tim Mungovan, Brian Leach, Ernie Strong, Steve Bulter, Steve Riley, Bill Hicov, Matt Anderson, and John Hartnip. SCORES WE Shawnee Jefferson 6 Blackhawk 26 The 7th grade football team had a 0-3 mark and hope for improvement next year. They are (BACK) Mr. Dew, Bruce Robinson, Jim Pressley. Terry Bradson. Calvas Brooks, Carl Stephens, Jeff Right. (THIRD) Carl Richardson, Randy Barrett, John Hogan, Scott Wiemer, Jerry Wood. Hugh Campbell. Ross Smith. Dean Stephens, Ray Mills (SECOND) Mike Fallon, Dan Smith, Eric Clemmer, Steve Just, Mitch Kurtz. Dan Robinson, Brian Mounsey, Bob Didomenico, (FRONT) Scott Scheele, Bret Brase. Dan Ivy. Mark Seimer, Bret Wise, Tim Nichols. Scott Magraw. Tim Christofell. and Ron Sexton. Reserve Basketball Does Well SCORES WE THEY Miami 31 36 Portage 20 48 Kekionga 50 39 Franklin 30 60 Jefferson 38 56 Lane 37 44 Shawnee 34 20 Blackhawk 32 47 Lakeside 29 26 Ben Geyer 41 66 Fairfield 49 45 TOURNAMENT WE THEY Ben Geyer 42 66 The 8th grade basketball team had a 4-8 record and hope for improvement next year. They are (BACK) Mr. Miller, Bob Spangler, Jerry Buuck, Tim Mungovan, Tim Mesing, Steve Riley. Barry Becker. (SECOND) Tim Beer. Larry Bienz, Doug Baker. Bill Hicovy. Joe Powell, Mike Spillner, Brian Leach. (FRONT) Dale Ramsey. Bob Bunner. John Bender, Gary Swenson, Matt Popplewell. Mike Jennings, and Dallas Kalb. WE THEY Portage 40 43 Lakeside 37 48 Blackhawk 46 17 Jefferson 41 35 Lane W L Shawnee 27 45 The 7th grade basketball team obtained a 4-2 record. They are (BACK) Scott Riley. Dan Robinson. Jeff Linville. Craig McKinney, and Eric Clemmer, (THIRD) Dennis Caskey. Jim Pressley. Charlie Kensil, Dan Ivy. (SECOND). Mitch Kurtz. Jim Alspaugh. Mark Seimer. Bret Wise. Dane Miller. (FRONT) Mr. Miller, Dave Armstrong, Scott Scheele. Brad Peeble. Calvas Brooks, and Mr. Egley. 31 CC Team Takes Third in City DonCahlll Randy and Ron Ruich The 1972-73 Varsity Cross Country team Joe Piepenbnnk Waitingfor the gun 32 John Berry Wrestlers Take Fourth in City Pictured above is the Reserve Cross Country. They are: (TOP ROW) Mr. Ulm, Dave Armstrong, Brad Pepple, (BOTTOM ROW) John Bender, Brad Robinson, and Charles Kensil. The Varsity Wrestling team consists of: (BACK ROW) Mr. Ruddick, Ron Gaines, Calvin Tyler, Bill Savio, Dave Cole, (FRONT ROW) Dave Southren, Randy Ruich, Dave Haptonstall, Tim Harter, Ron Ruich, and Rick Rogers. Rick Rogers 33 Track Team Runs Good Season 8th Grade Track Team 7th Grade Track Team Girls Get in the Act The 9th grade girls basketball team had a fine 2-3 season. They are (BACK) Jean Cahill. Debbie Wright, Pam Hawkins, (MIDDLE) Julie Eisenach. Liz Wise. Deb Fawcett, Sara Keirns, (FRONT) Diane Spillner, Coleen Aughenbaugh, Mic- helle Bundy, and Karen Gaines. i • oG .» SCORES WE THEY 19 Franklin 29 9 Lakeside 38 17 Jefferson 15 11 Shawnee 28 12 Lane 18 35 Cheerleaders Back Our Teams The Varsity cheerleaders back our boys. Vicky Wolffe was not there Jean Cahill Julie Eisenach 36 Cheerblock Moves School Spirit m m AT LEFT: The Reserve Cheerleaders help the Varsity cheerleaders obtain school spirit. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Laura Kokosa, Cathy Warner. Karen Wallenstein, Rosy Junk, (captain), Sa- brina Patrick, and Kim Montooth. AT TOP: The cheerleaders do their thing. The cheerblock has been a great help to the cheerleaders this year 37 FRESHMEN 38 Freshmen Take Tara Allan Ron Allan Bill Adkins David Aid red Brad Ash Coleen Aughenbaugh Brain Ault Mike Baker Steven Barrington Patty Batalona Keith Brundage Randy Buechner Michelle Bundy Tim Burke DonCahill 39 Giant step in Their JeanCahill Ron Cahill Gregg Campbell Julie Campbell Kevin Campbel Gene Gage Karen Gaines Mike Gaines Ron Gaines GlonaGill Educational Trip Rick Glover James Grant Ralph Goshorn Debra Gregg Sharon Grimes Carol Kensill James Kessens Delia Kinter Dan Klein Kerry Kline Exploring Opportunities MikeKlotz Edward Kneller Jane Kortenber Debra Lawson Janelle Lawson 42 Experiencing New Awareness MikePatton BillPatton Ruby Pender Marvin Perkins Dan Peters Roger Sarasien Bill Savio Debi Scheele Phyllis Schnieb Stef Schweizer Preparing for the Future Keith Scott Greg Sexton Kim Shenfeld Sandy Simmons Terri Smedal Anne Tellman Kathy Terlosky Ken Terlosky Dale Thompson Dave Thompson Steve Thompson Mark Timmis Darryl TogashI Kelvin Tyler Rick Vance i.i.i.;uif.,k i And Confronting Tomorrow MoniqueVorderman Eunice Wadewitz Michelle Walker Bob Ward Mike Wareing KIrkMcElroy Tom Schofield RickVasquez Doug Happel Richard Hambrock UNDERCLASSMEN 8th Moves Ahead Janet Alexander Matt Andersen Mark Armstrong Lisa Arnold David Ash Marie Aughenbaugh Gary Ausderan Doug Baker Linda Baughman Barry Becker Dana Blackhurstt Cynthia Blackmon Barney Blilie Tom Brenner Cheryl Brinemann Kelley Broome Sharon Brown Larry Bryan Daniel Budzon Robert Bunner kJFi V . Larry Burkhalter Kim Burns Cheri Burry Steve Butler Jerry Buuck James Cawvey DougClausman JodiCole Tamara Cole Nancy Cooley 4 1 V : ,v • .- r f ■4 Pursuing Ambitions : . i Jerome Gaines Becky Gard Dennis Gatke SueGatke Scott Gerber Varonica Gilford Steve Gill John Goeglein Donna Goshorn Ben Grace Reaching Their Goals Kathleen Grunewald Sara Haas Karen Hanzel Gary Harp Debbie Harris Denise Harris Janice Harter SInella Harter John Hartnup Tamela Hartwig Ruth Kammer Kevin Keller Patrice Kennedy Sharon Kessens Cynthia Kilmer Meeting New Challenges Jean King Donna Klemke Phil Knepper Laura Kokosa Sue Kortenber Sandy Mull Tim Mungovan Kim Nahrwold Betsy Neher Nancy Neuman Expanding Knowledges Pam Noehren Charlsse Orendorff Dominic Orsini Ken Oswald Greg Papagiannis Sabrina Patrick Julie Pender Scott Pepple Neil Petrie Kevin Polley Sue Sanders Karen Savio Liz Scalf Lori Schmitz Rick Schwable 52 Increasing Skills Robin Schofield Dave Schweigel Sandy Scribner Celia Shaffer Cindy SInaffer SueTeubner Steve Thompson Cinda Tielker Max Trager Jill Trowbridge Coming Together Lori VanGilder TerrI VanZandy Cindy Verhest Todd Volrol DeLaine Wagner To Live and to Learn 7th Adventure Jim Alspaugh Dave Armstrong Jim Armstrong Lou Aughenbaugh Laura Ausderan Mike Bundy Carolyn Cahill Hugh Campbel Patty Campbell Becky Cashdolla 56 In a New Environment irw ;¥ Dennis Caskey Chris Centlivre ChetCii ambers Elaine Chivington TimChristoffel Jim Claymiller Eric Clemmer Stan Collar Sandy Cooper JillCritchfield Brenda Crowell Sharon Current Jim Curry Gary Cutler Donnette Daub Kelly Davis Holly DeCamp LisaDeVille Bob Didomenico Anne Dolan Paul Drummond Monique Edwards Mike Elias Ken Ellenwood Vicky Ellis Kathy Ertel Brian Fallon Star Fancil Gary Faxon Carolyn Ferraro Bob Fields Glenda Fike LeanBirgh Fitts Tonya Flood Tern Freeland Encountering New Ideas Curt Jones Donna Jones Kay Jones Maria Jones Tina Junk : )i. rt ., 58 Making New Friends Steve Just Charles Kensill Lonnie Kibiger Lorl Kierein Carrie Kilmer Teresa Mason Scott McGraw Craig McKinney Bonnie Mesing Robin Mettler Seeking Own Excellence Dane Miller Ray Mills Catherine Moebs Julie Moisica Diana Moore f Kimberly Renz Carl Richeson Rae Rickoff Scott Riley Brad Robinson And Finding Fullf illment Sondra Scott Phillip Sells Kym Seslar Brian Sexton Rondel Sexton Bruce Robinson Daniel Robinson Brigitte Rosse Karen Roth Lori Rowley Sanra Ruich Kevin Salter Jeffery Sandy Scott Scheele Kathryn Schommer f MarkSiemer Jill Simpson Catherine Smedal Dnell Smith Dan Smith Anne Steckbeck Dean Stephen Carl Stephens Barbara Stidham Kerry Stringfellow 61 in Their School Jeff Struble Joni Struble Micfiael Sullivan Rebecca Sutton Lisa Swartz Scott Swing Jeff Taner Kelly Tfiomas Robert Thorne Lee TImmerman Joyce Wildey Diana Wilkening Pamla Williamson Bret Wise Patty Witchey Gerald Wood Thomas Woodward Ann Wormbly Mechelle Wyatt Connie York Sue Vangorder David Vorderman Audree Walborn Amy Walker James Wampler Michael Wappes Sherri Weeks Scott Weimer David White Douglas Wilcock And in Themselves r LA Jayne Young Joe Bercot Barbara Bncker Susan Bncker Autographs HECKMAN BINDERY INC. , SEP 93

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