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1323. CiUpOWW The 1979 Potpourri Northwestern State University Natchitoches, Louisiana From the Editor ' s Desk When I was named editor of the Pot- pourri last spring. I was excited about the prospects for the 1979 book The 1978 staff had produced an award-winning book and I felt we had the experience to do it again The 1978 staff was fortunate to have a sizeable kitty left from 1977 for publication expenses It enabled the 78 staff to try many technical innovations that had never been used in the Potpourri before To continue that progress. I knew we needed more money for 1 979 Due to con- tinua lly soaring publication costs, the $10 fee .vas no longer sufficient I approached the SGA about a fee increase during the spring of 1978 and the response was extremely favorable The group passed a bill to allow a student vote on the proposi- tion Not being a politician, I guess I didn ' t work hard enough to win such an election When I learned the increase failed by an unbelievably close six votes, I knew it was indeed my fault And because of that mis- take. I felt the 1979 book would suffer terri- bly Don t get me wrong 1 This is not an apol- ogy or an excuse The staff of 1 979 did an outstanding job Yes, we had to cut cor- ners, but I think we produced a book that is technically sound This book is interesting and pleasing to leaf through I am so very proud of the people on the staff They all spent many, many hours developing new ideas that wouldn ' t destroy our budget I am grateful to these people for their dedi- cation, interest, and loyalty. Now we are looking forward to 1980 The fee increase that was passed m the fall of 1 978 will take effect in the upcoming fall semester It will allow the new staff to take many liberties I hope they take full advan- tage of the many opportunities available to them I wish them the best In the meantime, I ' d like to thank North- western for the opportunity to work in such a fine school community. I would also like to thank everyone involved in the produc- tion of this book for their time and efforts I think the general student public will agree that the 1979 Potpourri is the product of much time and hard work Personally, I beUeve this book is a fine way to close another decade. I hope you enjoy looking through it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. It was indeed a pleasurable task Sincerely. Michael W. Gallien The 1 979 Potpourri staff would like to recognize the following persons for their contributions to the book Photography Color Don Sepulvado Dr Tommy Johnson John Young Debbie Gwm Black and White John Young NSU Photo Lab — Don Sepulvado Donnell Spurgeon Phil Milan Jim Smith Jerry Jones Rusty Bretthauer Danny McCowen Stan Tyler Major Lytton Tim Westmoreland James Erie Webb Dennis Kimble Joe Matheny Delma Studios Philip Timothy Inez Brew Carolyn Evans - aiiuii . fierce- Services Opening Director of Informational Jim Randy " Johnson — Assistant News Bureau Director Dan McDonald — Sports Information Director Dr Frederick Bosarge — Dean of Students Current Sauce Ezra Adams — Professor of Journalism Chuck Fowler — Taylor Representative Mrs Jimmye G Taylor — Coordinator of Personnel Organizational contacts Helping Hands Kim Cole Vicki Gallien Lynn Thomas Toni Metoyer Jim McKellar Tammy Smgletary Lena Guest Stanley Rhodes Mr and Mrs Dan Manuel Mr and Mrs Granvel Metoyer Debbie Gwm Donna Bray Vicky Ledet Ezra Adams John McKellar Debbie Page Jamie Sanders Doug Ireland Phyllis Folse Anna Kaye Berry Acknowledgements Chuck Fowler The 1 979 Potpourri Staff Adviser: Ezra Adams Editor-in-Chief Michael W. Gallien Managing Editor: Tina Beaham Section Editors: Frankie Smgletary Karlette Metoyer Candace Boyd Photographer: John Young Apprentices Kristy Towry Bob McKellar Section Breakdown: Opening — Michael W. Gallien Administration — Candace Boyd The Distinguished — Tina Beaham (ed ) Kristy Towry Bob McKellar Sports — Michael W. Gallien (ed ) Tina Beaham Kristy Towry Greeks — Karlette Metoyer Groups — Frankie Smgletary (ed.) Kristy Towry Bob McKellar Opinions — Bob McKellar Kristy Towry People — Karlette Metoyer Cover — Michael W. Gallien Division Pages — Michael W Gallien Closing Page — the Potpourri staff Contents " --Mi . Changes . . . ft Opening 7 JEt WVLf.! ' W ■r 1 HIS iv mm2f J W ' i mm 1 New Experiences ■x? 1 Wl 9a |- - --...•: P.ri:r V ' " ' -JM Ptr «Cftt C| Bfc " % " -• ml j New Directions A New Year A New NSU! Opcnir-3 Administration A owvw Louisiana Board of Regents Robert Bodet Richard D ' Aquin W J Defence Albert Dent Ewell Eagan Parletta Holmes Thomas James Mrs Claude Kirkpalrlck George Luffey R. M. Prestidge Robert Pugh Joe D. Smith, Jr. John Thistlewaite D. S. Young Board of Trustees for State Colleges and Universities Eleanor Brown Dewey H Carrier, Jr Joseph Davies, Jr F. L. Eagan. Jr Gordon Flory J . Y. Foreman Rev Herbert Gordon Eugene Gouaux Harvey Peltier. Jr Mrs Dawson Johns Curtis Joubert Carrie McHenry Charles Miller, Sr Dr June Moore Enoch Nix David O ' Bryan W E Whetstone N J Stafford. Jr [JOEjn Administration Administration President Bienvenu Completes First Year in Office Northwestern has undergone many changes under the leadership of its new President, Dr. Rene J Bienvenu. President Bienvenu, working with the Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. T P. Southerland, initiated a plan to improve academic standards at the university. Dr. Bienvenu was a faculty member at NSU for twenty-seven years before serving a short term as assistant dean of the School of Allied Health at the LSU Medical Center in Shreveport. President Bienvenu served as assist- ant professor at NSU from 1950 to 1958, and was associate professor from 1958 to 1962. From 1962 until July of 1977, Dr. Bienvenu was a pro- fessor of microbiology. Dr. Bienvenu was then named the dean of Science and Technology and he served the university in that capacity until he accepted the position at LSU Medical School in Shreveport. President Bienvenu holds a B.S. degree in zoology-chemistry and obtained a M.S. degree in bacteriology from LSU. Dr. Bienvenu acquired his Ph.D. in microbiology from the Univer- sity of Texas. President Bienvenu, considered a student-oriented president, showed true concern for the NSU students and spent much of his time talking with stu- dents trying to discover and meet their needs. At the end of President Bien- venu ' s first year in office, he has already achieved many of his goals. Top Right President and Mrs Rene Bienvenu. Bottom Right: President Bienvenu and an NSU student help support the Demons at the State Fair Game Administration Left: Being President of NSU involves many pres- sures and responsibilities, as he reflects here. Bottom Left: President Bienvenu greets and talks with alumni and parents of students at a reception given in their honor. Bottom Right: President Bienvenu, " helping to build a better NSU. " Administration 21 New Presidential Regime Brings About Under the new Presidential regime, major changes were made concerning the vice-presidential positions. The num- ber of vice-presidents was cut trom four to two, the Vice-President of Academic Affairs and the Vice-President of Univer- sity Affairs. Vice-President of Academic Affairs Dr. T. P. Southerland Dr. Tom Paul Southerland, former Dean of the Graduate school, began serving the university as Vice-President of Academic Affairs on July 1, 1978. Dr. Southerland ' s main goal throughout this year was to improve and develop the aca- demic quality at NSU, thereby improving its public image. Vice- President Southerland also was responsible for working with aca- demic deans, and supervising poli- cies on tenure, leave, and promo- tion. Top: Vice President Southerland is aided in his work by his secretary. Bottom: Dr Tom Paul Southerland, Vice President of Academic Affairs. Administration Reorganization of Vice-Presidents Vice-President of University Affairs Dr. Bennie Barron Vice President of University Affairs, Dr. Bennie Barron com- pleted his first year in office. Dr. Barron began serving the university as Vice President of University Affairs on July 1 , 1978. Prior to his appointment as vice president, Dr. Barron was the department head of General Studies. Vice President Barron was responsible for super- vising student services and activi- ties at NSU. Top: Dr. Bennie Barron, Vice President of University Affairs. Bottom: Vice President Barron reviews his first year in office. Administration 23 University Administration Undergoes Big Changes Under the leadership of our newly appointed President, Dr. Rene Bien- venu, NSU has made some much needed cha nges and has taken on a new " look. " One of the big changes President Bienvenu has made since taking office is to reor- ganize university administration. One of the changes made was a cut-back in the number of adminis- trative positions. Many of the posi- tions were renamed for a clearer understanding of their responsibili- ties. A number of new faces, along with the many familiar faces, were working hard to follow through with Dr. Bienvenu ' s plan toward higher academic standards at NSU. Right: Cecil Knotts. Director of Student Ser- vices Far Right Dr Otis Cox, Director of Bureau of Research. Bottom Bob Wilson. Director of Student Activities 24 Administration Top Left Dr. Hoyl Reed, Director ol Continu- ing Education. Top Right: Danny Seymour Director of High School Relations Above: Jimmye Taylor, Coordinator of Uni- versity Personnel Bottom: Frederick Bos i . dents. Administration 25 University Administrators Right Dr Benny Barndge. Director ol Research Far Right Donald MacKenzie. Direc- tor ot Library Bottom Lett Chief James Lee, Univer- sity Police Supervisor Bottom Right Jerry Pierce. Director of Informational Services 26 Administration Top Left: Edwin Freeman. Coordina- tor of University Activities Top Right: Jim Johnson. Assistant Director of Informational Services Bottom Left: Dr Austin Temple. Direc- tor of Admissions. Bottom Right: Ann McNeely. Director of Student Financial Aid Administration 27 University Administrators and Personnel Paoe28: Top: University Police Supervisors. Middle NSU Bookstore Staff. Bottom Left: Ted Wright, Supervisor of Uni- versity Facilities. Bottom Center: Harrell Haile, Business Man- ager of Athletics. Bottom Right: Barney Kyzar, Research. Page 29: Top Left: Loran Lindsay, Director of Facility Development. Top Right: Nurse Gimbert administers to stu- dent. Middle: NSU Computing Center Staff Bottom Left: Ray Carney, Director of Exter- nal Affairs. Bottom Right: NSU Post Office Staff. UNIVERSiTTi f- . ? | « 5iH Ai ■ ' ' ■ .■ 28 Administration Administration 29 College of Business In Dean David Townsend ' s absence, Dr Roger Best served as the acting Dean of Business. As the interest in business by students increased, Dean Best and faculty members strove to provide proper instruction to prepare business students for active and responsible roles in the ownership, management, and regulation of busi- ness organizations. The College of Business offered cur- riculum choices in two main fields of study: Business Administration and Business Education. Accounting, Dis- tributive Education, and Office Admin- istration curriculums were also offered. The College of Business provided several workshops and short courses for those students and area residents who wished to increase their knowl- edge in that field of study. Top Left Dr Roger Best. Dean of the College of Business Top Right The Business Administration building provides classroom facilities and offices for fac- ulty members Bottom Left Business teacher. Willia Sewell, demonstrates the uses of the machine to stu- dents Bottom Right: Many business courses require time and effort, and students sometimes require a little help 1 Administration ft y % Top: Students practice working problems on the adding machine Far Left: Typing is a " must " tor all business stu- dents. Middle: Students receive special instruction on difficult problems Bottom Computer courses are available in the business curriculum. Administration 31 College of Education As Dean of the College of Educa- tion, it was the responsibility of Dean Robert Alost to see that the College recognized and met the needs of the students and the public. In the past the College has been one of the largest colleges on campus and this year was no exception. The College of Educa- tion continued to live up to high stand- ards as it offered curriculum choices in the fields of Behavioral Sciences, Ele- mentary Education, Health, P.E. and Recreation, Home Economics, Sec- ondary Education, and Special Educa- tion. Also included in the curriculum was the Laboratory School. Throughout the year, the College of Education continued to offer additional learning experiences through work- shops and special classes. Activities of this nature in conjunction with regular classes provided education students excellent opportunities for learning. Top Lett Dr Robert Alost. Dean of the College of Education Top Right Special Education student runs tests on fellow student Bottom Left Dr Raymond Gilbert instructs a stu- dent on the mechanics of running a film projec- tor Bottom Right Observation and student teaching for education students provides practical work experience. mmk K N d- 0 ' f w W m WP Administration Top Left Student participates in the first univer- sity-sponsored infant lab in the state, at NSU Top Right: Home Economics students ' presenta- tion gives handy hints on packing a suitcase properly Middle: Behavioral scie nce students observe rat behavior in an experiment Above: P.E students experiment with body changes in relation to physical exertion. Bottom Left: Students give help and encourage- ment to the beginning swimmer Administration College of Nursing Northwestern ' s College of Nursing was located in Shreveport Classroom facilities and student housing were located at Kings Highway and War- rington Place campuses. The College of Nursing, under the direction of Dean Peggy Ledbetter, provided excellent learning opportuni- ties. Associate degrees, Bachelor ' s degrees, and Master ' s degrees were offered to students. Besides the classroom learning experiences, many nursing students had the opportunity to receive practi- cal, on the job training by working in several hospitals in the Shreveport area M » II » » Top Right NSU School of Nursing building pro- vides classroom facilities Bottom Left Dr Peggy Ledbetter, Dean of the College of Nursing Bottom Right Nursing students, using techni- ques learned in class, practice on a " dummy " Administration Top Left: Nursing student, Juli Scott, receives mail from home. Top Right: Students pay close attention to instruction of the nurses. Bottom Left: Student nurses look on as the teacher demonstrates on a " dummy. " Bottom Center: Student receives an award at the Senior assembly. Bottom Right: Nursing students spend their free time making decorations for Christmas. Administration 35 College of Liberal Arts The College of Liberal Arts, under Dean George Stokes, sought to pro- vide students with a liberal education by encouraging more the development of the mind, talents, and personality than technical skills. The wide variety of curnculums oflered in Liberal Arts was an effort to reach the interest of a large number of students. The College of Liberal Arts offered curriculum choices in the areas of Art, Lan- guages, Military Science, Music, Social Science, Sociology and Social Work, and Speech and Journalism. The College of Liberal Arts was an active one throughout the year, pro- viding both vocal and instrumental stu- dent recitals, plays such as " God- spell, " and " The Me Nobody Knows, " workshops, and many other such activities. Top Left: Dr George Stokes, Dean of the Col- lege ot Liberal Arts. Top Right: Dr Rawson lectures to his history class Bottom Left: Dr Thorn, professor of art, gives hints to a student on the correct way to shade objects Bottom Right: Dr Millard Bienvenu held a work- shop dealing with communication skills. Administration Top: Black Knights per form during half-time at a NSU basketball game. Bottom Left: Music student participates in a con- cert. Bottom Right: Musical drama, " Godspell " was a big success. Administration ... 37 College of Science and Technology Under the new direction of Dean Russell Whittington, the College of Sci- ence and Technology continued to achieve many new goals and maintain its high standards. The College of Sci- ence and Technology worked to pro- vide its students with a knowledge of the technical world and of the humani- ties so that they might in some way benefit mankind. The College of Science and Tech- nology was a well qualified college. Northwestern was recognized for its excellence in the pre-professional pro- grams of medicine, and others as well. Choices of curnculums include the departments of Agricultural and Geo- logical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Physics, Industrial Edu- cation and Technology, Mathematics, and Microbiology and Biochemistry. The College of Science and Tech- nology, besides providing classroom instruction, also conducted research programs in the various scientific fields. Top Students carry on experiments using the electron microscope Middle Not all classes have to take place indoors Bottom Left Dr Russell Whittington, Dean ot Science and Technology Bottom Center Equine Science is a popular cur- riculum at NSU Bottom Right Aviation Science is a new addition to the Science and Technology curriculum. Administration Top: IE T student receives on the job training Bottom Left: Student examines the parts of a " model brain " Bottom Right: Biology 101 lab receives their first taste of lab work Administration 39 Graduate School One of the major changes in the Graduate School was the appointment of Dr. Edward Graham as the new dean The Graduate School, under Dean Graham ' s leadership, offered students the opportunity to engage in advanced study and specialization in their chosen field of study Qualifications for becoming Gradu- ate students were a bachelor ' s degree from an accredited college and at least a 2.0 grade point average earned per semester as an undergraduate. NSU offered graduate degrees in various areas, the Master of Arts, Mas- ter of Arts in Education, Master of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling, Master of Arts in Special Education, Master of Business Administration, Master of Education, Master of Music Education, Master of Music, Master of Science, Master of Science in Education, Mas- ter of Science in Nursing, Specialists in Education degree in elementary edu- cation, health, and physical education, and secondary education, and the Doctor of Philosophy in Education degree. James Allen — Clinton David Atkins — Natchitoches Gwendolyn Bailey — Natchitoches Betty Barber — Natchitoches Herbert Bennerfield — Gretna Kaye Berry — Boyce Danny Nideko Cage — Jonesboro Joseph Doughty — Holden Charlotte Fomby — Alexandria William Goodger — Bentley ' IP1 Dana Hakes - Angela Hebert — Jennings Lawanda Holloway — Natchitoches J Patrick Kesslack — Natchitoches Mary King — Alexandria Susan Laborde — Natchitoches Warren Nalley — Alexandria Cheryl Purcell — Marrero Diane Villard — Alexandria Deborah White — Pineville I Administration University College The University College, under the direction of Dean Richard Galloway, completed its first year at NSU. Univer- sity College was designed for those students who had no major or were uncertain as to what curriculum they wanted to pursue. The University Col- lege tried to acquaint and expose stu- dents to the various curriculums NSU had to offer. The university offered several special orientation courses designed to help students decide upon a field of study to pursue, as well as a bachelor ' s degree program in General Studies. Top Left: Students enrolled in University College are encouraged to pursue their areas of interest Top Right: Dr. Richard Galloway, Dean of Uni- versity College. Bottom: Students spend much of their time in the library. Administration Northwestern ;H Margaret Ackel. Home Economics Ezra Adams; Journalism Arlene Airhart; Nursing Dr Arthur Allen, Biological Sciences Or Jerry Allen, Microbio and Biochem. Mane Allen; Nursing Robert Allen; Librarian Or Ed Anders, Mathematics Jolene Anders; Business Jerry Arledge; Health, P E., and Rec. Michael Atkins; Speech Mildred Bailey; Education Dr. Ray Baumgardner; Biological Sci. Dr I R Bearden; Education Jimmy Berry; Laboratory School Dr Roger Best; Business Dr. Millard Bienvenu; Sociology Oscar Billingsley; Counseling Dr Robert Black; Speech Dr Allen Bonnette, Health, P.E., and Rec. Judy Boone; Business Dr. Thomas Boone; Mathematics Clyde Bostick; Librarian Bertrand Boyd; Mathematics Malcolm Braudaway; Sociology Henry Breitkreutz; Business Norma Brewer; Education Paul Brignac, Chemistry and Physics Dr Raymond Broderman; Spanish Beatrice Brooks; Nursing Phyllis Brown; Librarian Dr Richard Brown; History Dr Billy Bryant; Art Lester Burleson; Nursing Dr Burton Buckley, Biological Sci Dr Thomas Burns; Biological Sci. Sara Burroughs; English Geraldine Bush, Nursing Dr. Dan Carr, Education Dr. Stan Chaddick; Mathematics Rong Chen; Political Sciences Rebecca Cherry; Nursing Katherine Crawford; Nursing Fern Christensen; Education Raymond Christensen; Industrial Ed. Dr. Thomas Clinton; Education Chartes Coke; Art Dr Gordon Coker; Health, P E , and Rec Faculty PUP Edith Cole; Speech Thomas Covington; Mathematics John Cucka; Business Dr. Kim Curry; Social Sciences Robert Daspit, Biological Sci. Celia Decker; Home Economics Pat Dennis; Education Dr. Ronald Dennis; Education Kirby Detraz; Education Barbara Dickerson; Nursing David Dobbins; Geology Dr. Ronald Dubois; Education Dr. Derwood Duke; Health, P.E , and Rec. Jerry Dyes; Health, P.E., and Rec. Charlene Ellison; Nursing Dr. Thomas Eppler; Industrial Ed. Anne Fambrough, Nursing Andrew Ferguson; Business Anita Fields; Nursing Mona Fletcher; Nursing Sharon Gahagan; Laboratory School Clarice Garner; Nursing Clara Gates; Nursing Dr. Donald Gates; Education Ann Gauthier; Nursing Dr. Roy Gentry; Health, P E., and Rec. Fred Gianforte; Laboratory School Dwayne Gilbert; Industrial Ed. Dr. Raymond Gilbert; Education Barbara Gillis; University College Dr H. F. Gregory; Social Sciences Dr. Thomas Griffith; Microbio. and Biochem Dr. Wayne Guin; Chemistry and Physics Dr. Hurst Hall, Special Education Mary Hardebeck; Nursing Dr. Grady Harper, Art Dr. Donald Hatley; English Charles Harrington; Librarian Ltc. Walter Harris; Military Science Beth Hayes; Nursing Kay Hennigan; Laboratory School Dr. Thomas Hennigan; E : Northwestern Sheila Holman, Nursing Ernest Howell, Health. P.E., and Bee. Sally Hunt; Home Economics Lucille Ingram; Nursing Ehse James, Business Bichard Jennings; Music Elizabeth Johnson; Laboratory School Maxine Johnson; Nursing Dr. Tommy Johnson; Business Dixie Jones; Nursing Bosie Jones; Nursing Dr Nadya Kellar; Microbio. and Biochem. Dr Curt Kinard; Special Education Gene Knecht; Health, P.E., and Bee. Kenneth Knotts; Social Sciences Dwayne Kruse; Biological Sci. Colleen Lancaster; Health, P.E., and Bee. Leroy Landon; Librarian Dr. Marietta LeBrelon; History Joon Lee; Chemistry and Physics Dr Bobert Lee; Education Edwina Lewis; Laboratory School Dr. James Lin; Biological Sci. Dr. Bob Lumkins; Education Susan Mandeville; Nursing Mary Martin; Nursing Andrew Marusak; Laboratory School Fannie May; Nursing Dr De Ann McCorkle; Speech Dr. James McCorkle; History Dorcas McCormick; Nursing Carol McCoy; Business Dr. Maureen McHale; Education Joan McKee; Nursing Dr. Cecile Mielenz; Home Economics Stephen Miller; Nursing Sam Misuraca; Agricultural Sci. Charles Monoghan; Chemistry and Physics Dr. Dean Moore; Sociology Janet Moss; Nursing Dr. Patricia MoxJey; Nursing Rivers Murphy; Art Dorothy Nickey; Education Ann Oberle. Nursing Dr Bobert Palmatier. Education Dr Delores Payne; Education Charlotte Pennigton, Nursing Walter Pine, Mathematics Dr Roland Pippen, Sociology Dudley Pitt; Math-- Dr. William Poe; Social Sciences Mary Posey; Education Franklin Presson, Journalism John Price, History Dr. Donald Rawson; History Vera Rawson; Mathematics Lois Rector; Laboratory School Robert Rector; Art Carrie Redding; Nursing Jewell Richie; Health, P E., and Rec. Dr. Mary Roberts; Art Dr. Robert Roger; Chemistry and Physics Lorene Romby; Nursing Richard Rose; Music Joseph Rubino; Librarian Janell Rue; Business Dr. Keith Runion; Counseling Rachal Ruth; Nursing Dr. Donald Ryan; Mathematics Glennie Scarborough; Laboratory School Olin Seely; Business Willia Sewell; Business Fraser Snowden; Social Sciences Dick Stalling; Biological Sci. James Stothart; Biological Sci. Dr. Earl Thames; Business Sadie Thomas; Home Economics James Thorn; Art Dr. Paul Torgrimson; Music H. N Towry; Business Claudia Triche; Sociology Dr. Gary Tubb; Education Larry Varnado; Aviation Science Claudette Varrice; Nursing Charles Viers; Biological Sci Cherne Webster Thomas Whiteht- Eugene J Northwestern State University — Fort Polk Northwestern extended its bounda- ries beyond the regular Natchitoches campus. Throughout the continuing education program, NSU provided educational opportunities for enlisted men and civilians at Fort Polk and the surrounding area. The NSU-Fort Polk program, under the direction of (retired) Colonel George Reid, has steadily increased in enrollment over the past few years. The program has appeared to be a popular one and NSU also provided continuing educa- tion programs of this type in Shreve- port, Louisiana College, and England Air Force Base. To p Lett Oscar Billingsley gives counseling Fori Polk student Top Right: Colonel (retired) George Reid serves as the coordinator of the NSU-Fort Polk pro- gram Bottom Left: The NSU-Fort Polk campus has experienced a steady increase in enrollment. Bottom Right: Fort Polk student hard at work. •«dminislration Top: Northwestern has its own educational facil- ity at Fort Polk. Center: Civilians as well as enlisted men are enrolled in classes at NSU-Fort Polk. Bottom Left: NSU Fort Polk is equipped with its own bookstore. Bottom Right: No sleeping in class 19 Administration 47 Mr. NSU— JohnMcKellar John McKellar was a senior business major from Shreve- port who served three years as a member of the Student Government Association and served in the capacity of Sena- tor-at-Large and Treasurer He was then elected President of the SGA and represented Northwestern as a member of Louisiana ' s Student Advisory Council. Mr. McKellar was a member and past treasurer of Kappa Sigma fraternity and was chosen as a member of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities in 1977. Mr. McKellar was also a member of Beta Gamma Psi, a club for superior students in accounting. 50 The Distinguished Miss NSU — Mary Lyn Bartek Mary Lyn Barlek, a senior elementary education major from Shreveport, served as a NSU cheerleader, a member of a urple Jackets and President of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority. vlary Lyn was elected as the 1 976 State Fair Queen, and was a member of the 1977 Homecoming and 1978 State Fair ourts. Miss Bartek was also chosen for two years as a member of Kappa Sigma ' s dream court, and was first runner- up in the 1976 Lady of the Bracelet pageant. Among Miss Bartek ' s other achievements, she was chosen as a member of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities for 1978. The Distinguished Mr. and Miss NSU John McKellar and Mary Lyn Bartek were chosen as Mr. and Miss NSU in a campus-wide election conducted November 29. Nominations tor the honor were made by campus organizations and dormitory residents on the basis of service to the community, leadership, scholar- ship, and character. This was the highest honor bestowed upon students at the university. Mr. and Miss NSU were elected by vote of the student body, and represented what the student body of Northwestern considered to be the two most ideal students. The winners were traditionally announced at the Christmas lights concert on December 2. The Distinguished The 1978 Homecoming Court The Homecoming Court included: Cindy Brown, Helen Hubley, Rhonda Baham, Velma Vela, Queen Donna Bray, Shelia Credeur, Victoria Williams, Lisa Breaz- eale, and Dana Roth Miss Donna Marie Bray of Lakewood, Calif., was elected to reign as queen over the 94th annual Homecoming celebration at Northwestern. Miss Bray served as president of the university ' s Shreveport-Warrington Place nursing campus council, which was a branch of the Student Government Association. She also was a member of Delta Zeta national sorority and was presented the sorority ' s outstanding temporary alumnus award. Northwestern ' s Homecoming Queen and her eight-member court were presented during ceremonies at halftime of the NSU- McNeese State University football game in Turpin Stadium. Other members of NSU ' s Homecoming court were Rhonda Baham, senior speech pathology and primary education major from Baton Rouge; Cindy Brown, junior, secretarial administration, Opelousas; Lisa Breazeale, senior, secretarial administra- tion, Natchitoches; Shelia Credeur, junior, health and physical education, Scott; Helen Hubley, senior, journalism, Shreveport; Dana Roth, senior, general home economics, Port Allen; Velma Vela, sophomore, primary-elementary, Houston, Tex.; and Vic- i toria Williams, senior, primary-elementary education, Rayville. As Homecoming queen, Miss Bray participated in numerous activities, including the downtown banner parade, pep rally and street dance which officially opened the Homecoming celebration. The Distinguished 1978 Homecoming Queen . . . Donna Bray S4 The Distinguished The Distinguished .55 [ Cindy Brown : 56 The Distinguished Victoria Williams 1 The Distinguished ... 57 58 The Distinguished A New NSU for You Homecoming 1978 The 1978 Homecoming was an overwhelming success. The enthusi- asm, spirit, and cooperation were a true asset to the events surrounding homecoming. Donna Bray was elected Homecom- ing Queen, Kappa Alpha Fraternity won the banner contest, and the Northwestern Demons defeated the McNeese Cowboys. Also, the first old- timers marching band and alumni cheerleader squad were featured at the 94th annual Homecoming celebra- tion. One of the main events of the week was the annual Homecoming parade which featured the Northwestern State University Marching Band and an appearance by President and Mrs. Bienvenu. Cheerleaders boost spirit at pep rally. Queen Donna Bray being crowned by President Bienvenu The Cane River Belles march in the parade The Distinguished . The 1978 State Fair Court Diane McKellar of Bossier City was elected the 1978 State Fair Queen. Miss McKellar was in her third year as a member of the Wesley Foundation and the NSU Bat Girls. She served on the spirit committee and the traffic and safety committee of the SGA and was a first-year member of the Purple Jackets women ' s honorary service organiza- tion Miss McKellar reigned over a week of activities lead- ing up to the football meeting between Northwestern and Louisiana Tech. Other members of the court included Vicki Williams, junior. English education, Shreveport; Julie Thibodeaux, junior, art education, Opelousas; Mary Lyn Bartek, senior, upper elementary education, Bossier City; Helen Crump, senior, vocational home economics education, Mansfield; Katie Leslie, senior, nursing, Shreveport; Laurie Jenkins, senior, vocational home economics, Oberlin; Monica Smith, junior, business education, Shreveport; and Tanya Allen, senior botany major from Natchitoches. Diane McKellar being congratulated by President Bienvenu. 60 The Distinguished 1978 State Fair Queen . Diane McKellar The Distinguished ... 61 State Fair Court Mary Lyn Bartek Escorted by Walter Horton VickiA. Williams Escorted by James Mitchell 62 The Distinguished Monica Smith Escorted by Leon Potter Laura Jenkins Escorted by Terry McCarty The Distinguished 63 Helen Crump Escorted by George Papillion Julie Thibodeaux Escorted by Jeff Lyons 64 The Distinguished Tanya Allen Escorted by Ronald McClinton Katie Leslie Escorted by Neil Jaber The Distinguished 65 1 979 Lady of the Bracelet Donna Sebren performing at pageant Barbie Jenkins performs Dr Bienvenu presents flowers to Barbi Jenkins as Venetia Lee looks on 66 The Distinguished Zina Curlee — Talent Award Debbie Nichols — Swimsuit Award Kim Haddon — Congeniality The Distinguished .67 Barbie Jenkins . . . Lady of the Bracelet 68 The Distinguished Donna Sebren First Runner-Up Zina Curlee Second Runner-Up The Distinguished 69 Debbie Nichols Third Runner-Up Pam Stevens Fourth Runner-Up 70 The Distinguished Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Fifty-three students from Northwestern State University were named to the 1978-79 edition of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. These outstanding men and women were nominated by campus organizations and residence halls. The 53 NSU students, considered to be among the country ' s most outstanding campus leaders, were selected on the basis of academic achieve- ment, service to the community, and leadership in extracurricular activities. The Distinguished Rhonda Gail Baham Mary Pat Baldridge ■I Mary Lyn Bartek Thomas G. Barton Rosemarie Basco Lorraine Billeaudeau 72 The Distinguished Kathleen Forte Tommy Gauthier Bryant George Denise Gueringer Cynthia Hall Hurst Hall Jr. 74 The Distinguished w ' Julie Hall George S. Harville John Hennigan Margaret Hennigan Helen Hubley Laura Jenkins W The Distinguished ... 75 ■ ' u r I TM 1 -9 p Jennifer Karr Kathleen Kelly Brett O. Knecht Teri Wilson Lamon Marchbanks WJ Shelly Lafleur 76 The Distinguished Pamela Neck Debra Page Robert L. Pittard Charles Preston Charles Reed Maria Rodriguez The Distinguished ... 77 Hedi Russell Dale Sibley Rachel Smith Julio Cesar Toro Randall Wiggins Thomas Williams 78 The Distinguished Victoria Williams Grace Wilson James Barke Andrea Kippels Neal Jaber Not Shown: David Humphrey Debra Rodriguez Valerie Scarbro The Distinguished ... 79 Natchitoches Christmas Offers Something for Everyone The Natchitoches Christmas Festival was one ot the oldest and most spectacular holiday events in the nation. The festival day was Saturday, December 2, and featured a parade, riverbank stage entertain- ment, and the traditional fireworks and lighting dis- play Events began on Friday, December 1, at 7 p.m. with the Natchitoches-Northwestern Symphony Orchestra in the Fine Arts Building, followed at 8:30 p.m. by the " Battle of the Bands, " which featured the internationally acclaimed Grambling Tiger Marching Band and Southern University ' s " March- ing Band from Jaguar Land " at Turpin Stadium. A new addition to the festival was the Creole Cui- sine Food Festival on December 2, in which the top chefs from New Orleans ' best restaurants and hotels prepared their famous Creole specialities. Following the fireworks and lighting display was the LeRoux concert, sponsored by the S.U.G.B. Dur- ing the concert, the winners of the Student Union window decorating contest and Mr. and Miss N.S.U. — John McKellar and Mary Lyn Bartek — were announced. All of the activities, combined with the excitement and anticipation of Christmas, made the 52nd Annual Christmas Festival an overwhelming success. The Distinguished The Distinguished .81 82 The Distinguished Le Roux December 2, 1978 The Distinguished 83 Crimson Tide December 2, 1978 Due to technical difficulties pictures of Starbuck were not available 84 The Distinguished F. Lee Bailey F. Lee Bailey, who has earned a reputation as one of the most flamboyant criminal lawyers in the nation, spoke before the stu- dents and faculty of N.S.U. in February. The prominent defense attorney from Boston has handled such widely-publicized cases as those involving Albert Desca- livo, known as the Boston strangler, Dr. Sam Sheppard, Dr. Carl Coppolino and Capt. Ernest Medina. Mr. Bailey was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in 1960, to the Federal Bar in 1 961 and to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1 964. Mr. Bailey also serves as co-chairman of the Foundation for the Advancement of Inmate Rehabilitation and Recreation. He has been chairman of the Penal Reform Committee for the Associa- tion of Trial Lawyers of America and co-chairman of the Associ- ation of Trial Lawyers America ' s criminal law section. The N.S.U. lecturer is the author of two best-selling books, " The Defense Never Rests " and " For the Defense " . He is also the author of a new book entitled " Cleared For The Approach, " which was released in 1 977. Distinguished Lecture Series Stephen Friedman Nuclear physicist Stephen T. Friedman, who has spent nearly twenty years investigating UFO sightings addressed Northwest- ern students on February 21 . He lectured on the reality of flying saucers and their existence on our planet. Friedman is the only space scientist in the United States known to be devoting full time to UFOs. The space scientist recently wrote that, after many years of investigation, he is " convinced that the evidence is overwhelming that planet Earth is being visited by intelligently-controlled extraterrestrial space- crafts. " The nuclear physicist wrote in the article, entitled " UFOs: An Overview " , that there is evidence to support his claim of a cov- erup by the United States government which is keeping secret " many of the best cases involving data obtained by military per- sonnel, radar and instrumentation not submitted to the old Pro- ject Blue Book. " The noted speaker has discussed UFO sightings with " more than 80 former military persons who had exciting stories to recite. " The Distinguished Kenneth Cooper Dr. Kenneth Cooper, known as " the man who started Amer- ica running " , addressed the students and faculty ot NSU on September 30, 1978. Cooper is the author of the best selling books, " Aerobics " and " The New Aerobics " , which describe his new exercise pro- gram which has been featured in numerous magazines. His out- look on physical fitness has become the basis for the condition- ing programs for many professional and college football teams. His program has been described as the world ' s most successful total fitness program of the day. Cooper, the nationally-known advocate on physical fitness, opened the Distinguished Lecture series for the fall by discuss- ing his views and opinions on exercise, America ' s newest pas- sion. Distinguished Lecture Series Burton White Dr. Burton White, one of the nation ' s leading authorities on the education of the preschool child, addressed the students and faculty on October 26, 1978. White, who recently retired from a long career at Harvard University, is now the director of the center for Parent Education in Cambridge, Mass. The NSU guest speaker has conducted extensive research in the area of educating the preschool child and has received funding for his research from numerous agencies, including the National Institute of Mental Health, the Federal Office of Educa- tion, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation. White, who has a bachelor ' s and master ' s degree in psychol- ogy from Boston University, and a Ph.D. degree in psychology from Brandeis University is the author of numerous publica- tions. Among the speaker ' s many honors is a nomination for the Pulitzer Prize for " The First Three Years of Life, " which was published in 1975 86 The Distinguished Carl Stokes Highlighting the tall schedule was Carl Stokes, who was the tirst black to be elected mayor of a major American City. In addition to his daily commentary assignment, he also produces a commentary on urban and political issues for NBC-TV in New York. The mini-documentary analyzes urban problems in metro- politan New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. In handing the racial crisis of his city, Stokes told of his attempts to improve the standings of the blacks in Cleveland. " Every city contract has to have some minority representa- tion, blacks gained appointments to city government posts, and banks extended loans to black businessmen at my urgings, " said Stokes. Stokes commented that dealing with the problems of a major city was exhausting. He had to combat with the concerns of the black, the eastern-European, and the Anglo communities of the city. Distinguished Lecture Series f i J. Bennett Johnston The Distinguished Lecture Series at Northwestern sponsored an address by Johnston during his campaign for reelection to the U.S. Senate. The Shreveport senator currently serves on the energy and natural resources, appropriations and budget com- mittees in the U.S. Senate. He is now second-ranking under the seniority system on the energy and natural resources commit- tee. First elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972, Johnston is also in line to be the next chairman of the full committee and presently holds the chairmanship of the subcommittee on energy con- servation and regulation, which has jurisdiction over oil and gas legislation. He also serves as chairman of the public works appropriations subcommittee that oversees flood control, hurri- cane protection and navigation project expenditures. Senator Johnston defeated State Rep. Woody Jenkins in the September 1 6 open primary, receiving 60% of the vote. The Distinguished . . 87 NSU Theatre Presents ' Godspell ' " Godspell " , a highly-successful play, was presented by the University Players and the Department of Speech and Journal- ism during the Spring semester. Veteran stage director Ray Schexnider directed the first rock musical to be staged at North- western. The musical direction was under Dr. William Hunt, associate professor of music. " Godspell " is a passion play sub- titled " The Gospel According to St. Matthew. " Stephen Schwartz updated the book from the Bible to modern New York, where the disciples and their clown-like leader wander all over New York unfolding the parables and the proverbs of the New Testament. Jamie Sanders of Shreveport was cast into the lead role of Stephen, the Christ figure in the play. Other cast members included: Rudy Bertrand, Terri Rudd, Richard Rudd, Leigh Wood, Ferrel Marr, Flo Cran, Paul Shelton, Debbie Minturn, and Diane Snell. The chorus included Kevin Broussard, Shaun McLaughlin, Keith Thompson, Susan Gallagher, Pamela San- ders, and Martha Guilliams. Musicians were Stephanie Berner, David Breazeale, Don Hall, and Randy Walker. The musical production was dedicated to Dr. Rene Bienvenu and his staff in anticipation of his commitment to a rebirth of academic excellence at N.S.U. Stephen (Jamie Sanders) explains a parable to Peggy (Leigh Wood) and Jetlery (Paul Shelton). The Distinguished A Fall Theatre Production of ' Happy Days ' Deborah Gray Minturn portraying Winnie in Samuel Beckett ' s play, " Happy Day; Northwestern presented Samuel Beckett ' s, " Happy Days " , which fea- tured Deborah Gray Minturn of Natchi- toches as Winnie and Charlie Grau of Shreveport as Willie. Beckett ' s play, a full-length drama that continues the author ' s search for the meaning of existence, is being directed by Dr. Robert Black. Northwestern ' s presentation of " Happy Days " was entered in the Louisiana College Theatre Festival in Baton Rouge. This is Northwestern ' s seventh year to participate in the state festival, and NSU has had one play chosen for regional competition and four others as alternate selections The Distinguished NSU Fall Theatre Closes With The Me Nobody Knows ' Above: A quiet moment in " The Me Nobody Knows " " The Me Nobody Knows " , a drama, comedy and musical by Herb Schapero, was produced on the Northwestern stage on November 1-4 to close the performance schedule for the Fall semester. The stage produc- tion was directed by Ray Schexnider. Appearing in the play were Terry Rudd, Myrna Schexnider, Rudy Ber- trand, Sherri Smith, Tommy Stewart, Stephanie Berner, Linda Cooksey, Ron Gentry, Ronnie Williams, Lance Key, Jeff Cameron and Jocelyn Wil- liams A group scene in " The Me Nobody Knows ' 90 The Distinguished The 1 978-79 NSU Cheerleaders Dana Rene Laurk Tina Ed Becky ■ my The NSU Cheerleaders Promote Spirit fi f . Becky and Laurie get ready for Homecoming Ed Spurlock shakes his caboose 92 The Distinguished The Demon Mascot A Delightful Addition Hi S| 7jr am The NSU cheering squad was assisted this year by a new and colorful addition — the Demon mascot. The unidentified person who attended every home football game, clad in his brightly colored costume, delighted the fans, especially the children. The identity of the demon was kept a secret, yet at the last football game of the season an unidentified person stole the demon ' s head. The demon ' s face was seen by some of the crowd, but the head was recovered and the identity of the demon is still a secret to most Northwestern students. The Distinguished ... 93 The 1978-79 Demon Marching Band Under the Direction of Mr. Wayne Blackwell The Northwestern State University Demon Marching Band got a new look when their uniforms arrived for the fall football season. The marching band presented pre-game and halftime shows five times in the fall in Harry " Rags " Turpin Stadium at North- western. The band also performed at the NSU-Louisiana Tech game in Shreveport ' s State Fair Stadium and in Arlington, Texas, during the game between Northwestern and the Univer- sity of Texas-Arlington. The Demon band, after many hard hours of practice, accom- plished success in each show in which they performed. Their stylish uniforms, combined with their innovative marching tech- niques, added a new dimension to their performances. Members of the band included John Banks. Regena Barnes. Terry Bickley. James Bowie. Joey Bradshaw, Mark Brouillette, Kevin Broussard. Delores Brown, Bobby Butler, Gary Butler, Cheryl Car- penter, Cindy Chatelain, Eddy Clement. Gary Conlay, Jackie Coon, Cheryl Cockran. Doug Corley, Troy Corley, John Doolittle, Denise Dervall, Melanie Eppler, Carla Evans, John Gardner, Johnnie Glas- scock, Tonia Gregory, Paul Griffith, Jeff Harris, Tommy Hennigan, John Houston, James Hubbard, John Jackson, Barbara Jarzabek. Hal Jennings. Darrell Jones, Bruce Keels, Jerre Kinard, Melvin LaCour, Kristie Lovelady, Carol Lunsford, Tina Manry, Diana Mar- shall. Linda Miquez, Denise McCain, Bill McFadden, George McGrew, Tony Miller, Suzanne Myers. Daniel Nance, Jeff Nolan, Dan O ' Leary, James Perry, Cathy Picard, Mike Poche. Russell Rogers, Rose Scarlato, Deborah Shepherd. Kevin Smith, Don VanSpeybroek, Russell Steadman, Fred Tanner, Cecil Thompson, Kim Todd, Tim Tolar, Bill Trusty. Christolyn Turner, Gary Wardworth. Mike Williams, Russell Wingfield, Priscilla Wolf. 94 The Distinguished Band Keeps Students in High Spirits The Demon band performing at a football game . ■ ' " jV v i is ■pi ■ i ■VP w ■ IB Cindy Chatelam performs in band rally The Distinguished 95 Dan O ' Leary and Mark Brouillerte clown aro und. Two members of the band enjoy performing. And the Beat Goes On! 96 The Distinguished The1978NSUEntertai ners Under the Direction of Dr. William Hunt Gloria Afford Rick Mason Julee Bowden Mac McFarland Vicki Corley Richard Rudd ZinaCurlee Jamie Sanders Alan Evans Paul Shelton Venetia Lee Randy Walker Leigh Wood The N.S.U. Entertainers completed their fifth season by presenting nearly one hundred shows during the year for a variety of audiences across the Ark- La-Tex. The group of thirteen students combined their talents to make up the well-known Entertainers. Other than providing shows for Northwestern stu- dents and faculty, they played an important role in the recruitment of high school students to the university. The Entertainers were a unique group which sang and played songs from the " Top 40 " listings plus some of their own material. They were under the direction of Dr. William Hunt, a member of the N.S.U. music depart- ment faculty. The talented group performed at several football games and highlighted the year with their performance at the 52nd Annual Christmas festival. The group also performed at high schools, conferences, conventions, and pag- eants to spread the spirit of Northwest- ern. The Distinguished 9; The Entertainers .sr Above: Mairus McFarland 98 The Distinguished Upper Left: Richard Rudd Upper Center: Julee Bowden Upper Right: Zina Curlee Lower Left: Gloria Offord Lower Center: Alan Evans Lower Right: Rick Mason Not Shown: Venetia Lee and Randy Walker. Accompanying the Demon Marching Band . . . The NSU Twirlers Twirlers for the 1978-79 year were: Row 1 : Debbie Carney, Debbie DeWitt, Melinda Palmore, head twirler, Barbi Jenkins, Valerie Jenkins. Row 2: Jackie Giesey, Dana Clark, and Lisa Wright. - m A 1 4 ' ft e» V 1 M fcfe--» ; ' I4j 1 W f Btt ' )M r » n y H xf« L m. « f ' £i i " BOCW ,L A Jk 1 ;. = tWBri ,» kT fl Jr 3 3 v ' -J he:- P.:? " 4 wi i £ jbF i ' - at p)i+ Jr $ r »l Bn Hi id 1 1 fcN Debbie Carney perlorms at a pep rally Jackie Giesey performs at a football game. 1 00 The Distinguished The NSU Rifle Corps . . Real Show Stoppers ' PauTa rfaffer 6 inClUded: Kneelin 9 : Pamela McComic, Ann Walsh, captain. Standing: Elizabeth Monk, Karlette Metoyer, Linda Griffis, Sue Ebert, and Karlette Metoyer practicing before game time. Pam McComic and Liz Monk performing a routine The Distinguished . . .101 The Cane River Belles Members of the Cane River Belles included at right: Row 1: Paula Webb, Karen Smith, Alice Ahten, Peggy Jo Mid- dleton and Kim Cole. Row 2: Rhonda Baham, Leslie Richardson, Jodi Tarver, Lisa Dixon, Becky Boswell, Donna McHalffy, Becky Duke, and Kelly Crowell. Row 3: Kim Alston, Susan Wilcox, Susie Wilcox, Susie McShane, Kathy Jones, Debbie Nichols, Pam Stevens, Cheryl Van Dine, Elaine Archield, and Connie Davis. The Distinguished The NSU Flag Corps Members of the Standard Flag Bearers included: Row 1: Paula Murphy, Rhonda Martin, Elizabeth Owens, Debbie McCrory, Kim Brown, Artheda Robinson, Ricky Bedgood, Gayle Nichols. Row 2: Joan Cammon, Tamara Smith, Sherrie Mattson, Kim Calhoun, and Earl Bond. Twirling Flag Corps Members of the NSU Twirling Flag Corps included: Kathi Brown, Mary Webb, Jackie Perry, Patricia Knight, and Mary Harkey. The Distinguished . . 1 03 Natchitoches and Northwestern 104 The Distinguished Combine Musical Talents i 22« i 9 ? ' fe The Distinguished 105 Music . . . Music Music . . . Music Natchitoches — Northwestern Symphony Orchestra r irst Violins •Robert Price — Concertmaster Claire Nixon Mary Webb Kay Reichel Jo Bradford Hair Lane Allen Marion oelicb L aura Crawford Al Pagnato igton ■ jno J Violins ■ Shows — Principal Colleen DiGiulian Grace Patterson Jim Lee Joe Cooper Lisa Jones Manam Mitchell Shirley Jennings Vietquan Pham llace Mears Violas Joe Hix — Principal ancy Price Charles Hott Puth Caldwell Roge DiGiulian Cassandra Brown Cynthia Echenhofer Cellos Richard Rose — Principal Archie Jones Daniel Pankratz Kevin Pearce Connie Bernet Carlene Stober Basses Russell Wingfield — Principal Lawrence Coutee Terry Pruitt Eugene Steinquest Ingnd Benson Marje Strickland I A Flutes — Piccolo JareeSherrer Rose Scarlato Melanie Eppler Mary Harkey Oboes — English Horn Tony Smith Mike Poche Clarinets 4 Troy Corley Clayton Clark Bassoons Barbara Jarzabek Sylvia Kushner French Horns Eddy Clement Diana Marshall Elizabeth Monk Richard Jennings Trumpets Mike Williams Deborah Shepherd Carol Lunsford Terry Bickley Trombones mas Hennigan oan Glascock William Trusty Tuba Joey Bradshaw Percussion Michael Houston James Hubbard Jerry Kmard D Banks Harp Shirley Jennings Piano — Celesta Jaree Sherrer Jerry Kmard Kevin Broussard Organ Wayne Crowder r Vf Music Music . . . Music Music Northwestern State University Presents: SPECIAL INTEREST EVENTS Liona Boyd Performs for Dessert Theater The Northwestern State Uni- versity Artist Series joined forces with the fine arts committee of the Student Union Governing Board to sponsor two perform- ances by Liona Boyd on June 13 1978 Billed Canada ' s fore- most guitarist, Miss Boyd enter- tained at the S.U.G.B. Dessert Theatre She also performed in John S. Keyser Hall in a concert open to the public. Miss Boyd gained international acclaim through her tour of major United States cities with Gordon Light- foot. She has performed at Car- negie Hall in New York and at the Amphitheater in Los Angeles, as well as in several European countries. Among the accom- plishments of Liona Boyd is a nomination for a Juno award as Best Instrumentalist of the Year. " Right Liona Boyd exhibits her musical ability W f | Ifli V i i k ' » ■ K£l 1 ' , ' 1 M W W ' -m IP T r he Distinguished S.U.G.B. Sponsors Unusual Performances The Northwestern State University Stu- dent Union Governing Board provided entertainment for students through its sponsorship of two unusual perform- ances by Kolish and Tim Settimi. On Sep- tember 5, 1978 " The Amazing Kolish " performed in an exhibition of ESP. and hypnosis. On November. 8. 1978 Tim Settimi presented a mime performance in which he appeared as a parade, a child tnck-or-treating. a burglar, a skier, and a sorcerer ' s apprentice. Top Left Kolish exercises his h pnotic powers Top Right Tim Settimi performs for N SU students Bottom Kolish gives students a preview of his performance in Iberville Dining Hall The Distinguished Leonard Rose Opens Artist Series The Northwestern State Uni- versity Artist Series opened its 1978-79 season on Sunday, November 5, 1978 with a con- cert by Leonard Rose, cellist. Mr. Rose, an artist of national fame, has performed with all major orchestras in the United States, and has been associated with Isacc Stern, violinist and Eugene Istomm, pianist. His contributions to the Stern-lstomin-Rose Trio have helped elevate the trio to a highly respected position. For his program at Northwestern, Mr. Rose chose works by Francouer, Debussy, Beethoven, Bach. Schumann, and Chopin. Other performers in the N.S.U. Artist Series were the Robert Hale- Dean Wilder Duo and the New York Brass Quintet. Right Leonard Rose performs for N S.U. students 110 The Distinguished Graduation A Time of Change Fall graduation ceremonies were held December 1 5 in Prather Coliseum. President Bienvenu and top honor graduate — Roxanne Robinson. President Bienvenu and top honor graduates. The Distinguished . . .111 Sports owvw Williams Closes First Year as Athletic Director Head football coach A. L Williams was named to the dual role of coach and athletic director at Northwestern in the summer of 1 978 upon the retirement of George Doherty Williams became a part of the NSU coaching staff in 1974 and was named head coach in 1975 After suffering through a dismal 1-10 season that year, he has led the Demons to seasons of 5-5 in 1 976. 6-5 in 1 977. and 5-6 in 1 978 against a tough schedule. The 6-5 record in 1977 was the Demons first winning season in four years A 1 957 graduate of Louisiana Tech, Williams has spent the year coordinating efforts to complete the expansion of the Northwestern athletic facilities, including the structure of a new field house, tennis courts, and work on Stroud Field. Coach Williams and President Bienvenu The Williams family Kay, A L . Sarah, and Amy 14 Sports Nolen Named Director of Women ' s Athletics Pat Nolen was named director of women ' s athletics and head basketball coach in the summer of 1 978. Nolen, a 1 977 honor graduate of NSU, was a four-year letterman on the Lady Demon basketball team. Upon her graduation, Nolen returned to her alma mater, Pitkin High School, to take over girl ' s coaching duties. Dur- ing her brief stay there, she led the Lady Tigers all the way to the state championship game, before losing to a powerful Lacassine squad. During her first year at Northwestern, Nolen ' s Lady Demon basketball team was battling for a winning season. Nolen was also responsible for the establishment of NSU ' s women ' s fast-pitch softball team. SID Provides Potpourri With Sports Info Dan McDonald was named sports information director at NSU in August, 1976. Since that time, McDonald has handled all informational releases for the athletic department. He has also handled publicity, prepared brochures, kept statistical informa- tion, and has even done live radio broadcasts of Lady Demon basketball and Demon baseball games. McDonald has been a constant source of sports information for the Potpourri, supplying news releases and photos for use in the book. His help was invaluable to the Potpourri staff. McDonald is pictured at left and below in action at a basketball game with his aides Roger Rolon, Doug Ireland, and Philip Timothy. - " T ■I m • AtL . mM 1b £ sT. -«- »«-- iWv i • ' . ' ■ ' • ' ■ " Ail IvJi It. Sports Gridders Fall Below .500 The Northwestern Demons finished the season below .500 with a 5-6 record, after having gone 6-5 in 1977. The Demons played perhaps their toughest schedule ever, taking the field against nine major college opponents, including the University of Louis ville. It was a Jekyll-Hyde season for the Demons. NSU opened the season with three straight wins, a feat they hadn ' t accomplished since 1973. The undefeated mark was good enough to earn the Demons a No. 7 ranking in the NCAA Division l-AA poll. The glory was short-lived, though, as they met a then-undefeated Northeast Louisiana University team in Monroe and were soundly routed by an emotional Indian squad. That game was the first of four straight road games for the Demons and the first of four losses in a row. The Demons bounced back the following week largely because of the efforts of tailback Joe Delaney and fullback Brett Knecht. The squad then lost two of the last three games of the season, including a last second heart-breaker to the Uni- versity of Southwestern Louisiana. The Demons closed the season with a road record of 1-5 to continue their recent problems on the road. Since 1974, Northwestern has won only six games on the road. The Northwestern home record is much more impressive. The Demons won four of five games in Turpin Stadium for the third straight year to bring their overall record on the turf to 12-3, a winning percentage of .800. It ' s too bad we can ' t play them all at home. Right NSU Coaching Staff — Row 1 head coach A. L. Williams. Row 2: defensive line coach Jerry Arledge. wide receiver coach Herbie Smith, defensive coordinator and defensive backfield coach Gene Knecht, offen- sive backfield coach Don Guidry, graduate assistant coach Tommy Cannon, offensive line coach Joe Raymond Peace, and defensive end and linebacker coach AJ Miller Statistical Leaders — 1 978 Scoring — Joe Delaney — 60 pts. (10 TD ' s) Rushing — Joe Delaney — 945 yds. (1 70 carries and 9 TD ' s) Passing — Kenny Philibert — 1 65-85-1 for 982 yds. and 2 TD ' s. Receiving — Mike Almond — 27 catches for 483 yds. and 3 TD ' s. Punting — Dennis Pendergraft — 63 punts for 37.8 yd. avg. Punt Returns — James Bennett — 1 for 57 yds. K.O. Returns — Joe Delaney — 1 4 for 277 yds. Total Offense — Joe Delaney — 1008 yds. (945 rushing, 63 passing) All Purpose — Joe Delaney — 1 399 yds. (945 rushing, 1 35 receiving, 319 returns) Tackles — Willie Washington — 95 Sacks — Willie Washington — 1 Interceptions — Mark Discon — 4 Fumble Recoveries — Willie Washington — 3 Blocked Kicks — Darrell Toussaint — 2 Caused Fumbles — Robert Brown — 3 The Demons Row 1 Mistretta. Galloway. Discon, Procell. Dunbar, Philibert, Lytton, Guidry, Louis. Delaney, Hatcher, Neal, Plunkett, Causey. Poe. Dillon. Shop- taugh Row 2 Carroll, Thomas. Roeten. Robins. Hannon, Clayton, Fmister. Ford. Wright. Brown, Bickham, Johnson. Knecht. Hines. Craighead. Mays, Waddell, Serpas Row 3 Jenkins. Liles, Waters, Almond, Pendergraft. Broom. Lee. Kinley. Griffith, Ford. Pistorius. Rose, Fmister. Bnttain. Loper, Procell. Lilley. Lancas- ter. Rubin. Spence Row 4 Bennett. Lane, Blackwell, Holder. Perot. Washington, Hyams, Manning, Grappe. McCreary, Kyzar, Toms. Maggiore. Skinner, Col- lins. Matthews. Hebert. Spruce. Marchefski. Henderson. Kelly Not Shown Snodgrass and Pickens Sports Sept. 9 — Northwestern 21 , Lamar 1 7 Top: Schroeder splashes for yardage Bottom: Pendergrafl kicks under pressure Top: Touchdown!!! Bottom: Philibert calls the signals. A rain-drenched crowd of 9800 watched the Demons open the season with an exciting 21-17 victory over the revitalized Lamar Cardinals in Turpin Stadium. The Demons had massacred the Cards 43-0 during the 1 977 season. The Demons led throughout the contest but Lamar battled to keep the game close. The victory was the Demons second straight season-opening win. Junior QB Kenny Philibert paced the Demon attack passing for 162 yards and one touchdown. He completed 12 of 18 passes with one interception. Sophomore tailback Joe Delaney scored two TD ' s for the Demons on a two yard run and a 27 yard pass reception. Defensive tackle Willie Washington, linebacker U.L. Finister, and nose guard Art Lancaster led the Demon defense with 1 1 tackles each. Washington and Lancaster each recovered a fumble and linebacker Ben Loper picked off a Cardinal pass. Demons Cards 6 8 10 7 = 21 7 = 17 Scoring: NSU — Schroeder 5 yd. run (PAT missed) NSU — Delaney 2 yd. run (Philibert pass to Schroeder) LU — Roberson recovers Pendergraft fumble in end zone (Marlow kick) LU — Marlow 30 yd. FG NSU — Delaney 27 yd. pass from Philibert (Pendergraft kick) LU — White 23 yd. pass from Haynes (Marlow kick) Sports Sept. 1 6 — Northwestern 21 , Stephen F. Austin 1 4 Top Wright recovers an SFA fumble Bottom Philibert fires a pass Top The Demon defense stacks a Jack Bottom Delaney is snowed under Demons Jacks = 21 0=14 Scoring NSU — Knecht 3 yd run (Pendergraft kick) SFA — Mitchell 34 yd. run (PAT failed) SFA — Roberson 74 yd pass from Baker (Baker pass to Mitchell) NSU — Delaney 73 yd. run (Pendergraft kick) NSU — Delaney 9 yd. run (Pendergraft kick) The Demons journeyed to Nacogdoches. Texas to meet the Lumberjacks of Stephen F. Austin and returned with Chief Caddo for the tenth time in thirteen years. The 21-14 Demon win was the third consecutive victory over the Jacks. Tailback Joe Delaney turned in his second two-touchdown performance of the season as he ripped the Jacks for 123 yards on only 1 3 carries Delaney dazzled the crowd of 6700 with a beautiful 73 yard scoring jaunt late in the third period Senior linebacker U L Finister was tops on defense with 10 tackles. The Demon defense forced eight Lumberjack turnovers with sophomore defensive back Mark Discon pick- ing up two of the miscues. Sports Sept. 23 — Northwestern 1 0, McNeese 7 op Delaney finds a hole iottom Almond lights for the reception Above Schroeder struggles for yardage Top " I caught it 1 " Bottom Robert Brown pressures McNeese QB Johnny Spears A record Turpin Stadium crowd of 1 2,400 was on hand for the third straight )emon victory of the season as NSU picked up a 1 0-7 homecoming win over he McNeese Cowboys. The unblemished Demon record was the best since 973 The game opened with a bang as McNeese tailback Theron McClendon wept right end for 55 yards and a touchdown on the Cowboys ' first offensive ilay The Demons ' " Tasmanian Devil " defense stiffened and kept McNeese rustrated for the remainder of the game as three Cowboy drives were halted y missed field goals. Tailback Mark Schroeder and wide receiver James Bennett were the offen- ive standouts for NSU Schroeder picked up 92 yards on 17 carries while tennett grabbed five passes for 62 yards. U.L. Finister was again the leading )emon defender with 1 4 tackles Demons 3 Pokes 7 0=10 0= 7 Scoring: McN — McClendon 55 yd. run (Stump kick) NSU — Pendergraft 33 yd. FG NSU — Knecht 3 yd. run (Pendergraft kick) Sports 119 Sept. 30 — Northeast 46, Northwestern Left Waters on the receiving end Below Schroeder breaks into the secondary Above An Indian is swamped Right Sonny Louis airlifts the Indian QB Demons Indians 17 0= 7 13 = 46 Scoring NLU — Floyd 79 yd. pass from Arceneaux (Weimer kick) NLU — Weimer 41 yd FG NLU — Johnson 40 yd. run (Weimer kick) NLU — Floyd 38 yd. pass from Arceneaux (PAT blocked) NLU — Weimer 41 yd FG NLU — Johnson 38 yd. run (Weimer kick) NLU — Mills 7 yd. run (run failed) NLU — Hurd 1 5 yd. return of blocked punt (Weimer kick) The highly publicized " Battle of the Undefeated " never got off the ground as the sky-high Indians of Northeast completely destroyed the Demons 46-0. The 46 point spread was the largest in the history of the series and only seven times in Demon football history has NSU suffered greater defeats. Northeast ripped the Demon defense for 548 total yards (258 rushing, 290 passing). Indian wide receiver John Floyd was unstoppable, grabbing seven passes for an unbelievable 182 yards and two TD ' s. Northeast tailback Nathan Johnson sped for 1 05 yards and two TD ' s on only 1 2 carries. Joe Delaney was the top ground gainer for the Demons with 82 yards on 1 7 carries. Art Lancaster made 1 1 stops on defense. Sports Oct. 7 — Arkansas State 23, Northwestern 14 Below: Loper and Kelly zero-in on the Indian QB Top: Schroeder cut s through the line. Bottom: Waddell and Loper catch an Indian receiver Left: Knecht dives for extra yardage Arkansas State ' s backfield tandem of Greg Griffin and Larry Lawrence accounted for almost 300 yards in total offense and two touchdowns in the 23-14 Indian win over NSU in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Griffin carried for 154 yards on 13 carries and one TD while Lawrence accounted for 300 yards in total offense and two TD ' s gave the Indians a lead the Demons could never overcome. Demon fullback Brett Knecht carried 19 times for 119 yards, a career best. Junior linebacker James Lilley turned in an outstand- ing performance by making a team season-high 18 tackles and a fumble recovery. Demons Indians 7=14 = 23 Scoring: ASU — Griffin 33 yd. run (PAT failed) ASU — Lawrence 1 7 yd. run (Taylor pass to Gilbow) NSU — Schroeder 1 yd. run (Pendergraft kick) ASU — Dobbs 23 yd. FG ASU — Dyson 3 yd. pass from Taylor (PAT failed) NSU — Delaney 5 yd. run (Pendergraft kick) Sports Oct. 14 — Louisville 51 , Northwestern 7 Below Schroeder stretches for another yard Below Almond adds to his record-setting performance Above: Bennett is shoved out-of-bounds Above: Rubin slices through a hole Demons Cards 16 7= 7 14 7 = 51 Scoring: LOU — Poole 3 yd. run (Mager kick) LOU — Nord 8 yd. pass from Stram (Mager kick) LOU — Safety (Blocked punt out of end zone) LOU — Poole 29 yd. run (Mager kick) LOU — Robinson 1 4 yd. run (Mager kick) LOU — Poole 39 yd. run (Mager kick) LOU — Poole 20 yd. run (Mager kick) LOU — Craft 1 yd. run (Mager kick) NSU — Rubin 2 yd. run (Pendergraft kick) The Demons flew to Louisville, Kentucky for their third straight road game and third consecutive defeat. The powerful Cardinals burned the Demons 51-7 before 1 3,372 fans. The Cards accumulated 451 yards with fullback Nathan Poole leading the way. Poole jogged through the Demon defense 1 1 times for 1 32 yards and four touchdowns. Senior wide receiver Mike Almond set a new NSU record by catching 10 Demon aerials for 145 yards. Transfer QB Rex Hen- derson completed 11 of 23 passes for 1 73 yards in the contest. U.L. Finister paced the defense with eight tackles and two fumble recoveries. 1 22 Sports Oct. 21 — Louisiana Tech 45, Northwestern 20 Top: Henderson scrambles under pressure. Bottom: Schroeder is wrapped-up at the line. Top: The Demons crunch a Dog. Right: Quentin Kelly in hot pursuit. Bottom: Delaney seems to be looking tor help. Northwestern ' s 43rd State Fair trip to meet the Bulldogs of Loui- siana Tech again proved futile as the Dogs handed the Demons a crushing 45-20 defeat before 21,000 fans. The Demon loss extended Tech ' s winning streak in the fair game to eight. It was the i fourth straight loss of the season for Northwestern, all on the road. The Demons were never really in the ballgame as Tech breezed to an overwhelming 45-0 lead by the end of the third period. Tech ' s offensive stats were not that impressive as the Dogs man- aged only 253 yards against the Demon defense. The highly touted Tech defense did most of the damage, holding NSU to only 1 35 total yards, forcing five turnovers, and blocking a punt. Rex Henderson picked up two Demon TD ' s after two Tech turn- overs deep in their own territory. Safety Darrell Toussaint was responsible for 1 5 tackles. Demons Dogs 3 21 20 = 20 21 = 45 Scoring: Tech — Swilley 20 yd. FG Tech — McHale recovered blocked punt in end zone (Swilley kick) Tech — Yates 2 yd. run (Swilley kick) Tech — Yates 1 6 yd. run (Swilley kick) Tech — James 1 9 yd. interception return (Swilley kick) Tech — Willis 1 1 yd. pass from Barkley (Swilley kick) Tech — Giordano 62 yd. pass from Barkley (Swilley kick) NSU — Henderson 1 yd. run (Pass failed) NSU — Henderson 1 yd. run (Run failed) NSU — Almond 38 yd. pass from Waters (Collins pass from Henderson) Sports 123 Oct. 28 — Northwestern 28, Nicholls 1 8 Right An aerial view of Delaney (44) in action Below Henderson drops with Knecht protecting The Nicholls view Willie and company make the stop Delaney scores. Demons Colonels 14 = 28 6=18 Scoring: NSU — Delaney 87 yd. run (Pendergraft kick) Nich —Walker 52 yd. run (PAT failed) Nich — Davis 29 yd. pass from Bailey (PAT failed) NSU — Delaney 1 yd. run (Pendergraft kick) NSU — Delaney 71 yd. run (Pendergraff kick) NSU — Delaney 21 yd. run (Pendergraft kick) Nich — Davis 8 yd. pass from Bailey (Run failed) After four weeks on the road the Demons returned to Turpin Sta- dium unleashing a devastating ground attack, led by sophomore Joe Delaney, in a thrilling 28-18 win over the Nicholls State Colo- nels. Delaney broke school and state records by rushing for an extraordinary 299 yards and four touchdowns on 28 carries. Dela- ney electrified the hometown crowd of 8100 with scoring runs of 87, 1 , 71 , and 21 yards, all in the second half. Almost overshadowed was a fine performance by Demon full- back Brett Knecht as he topped his previous career best by gain- ing 146 yards on 23 carries as Northwestern tore through the Colonels for 443 yards rushing. On defense, Willie Washington made 12 stops and U.L. Finister was credited with 1 1 , while Mark Discon picked off two passes. Sports Nov. 4 — Texas-Arlington 30, Northwestern 7 Far Left: Almond is surrounded. Left: A long night. Below: A Maverick back is greeted by a host of Demons. ? yw Loper puts the clamps on a Mav. James Bennett and a questionable tackle. The Demons travelled to Arlington, Texas tor their titth loss ot the season on the road as the Mavericks rolled over the Demons 30-7. The game closed Northwestern ' s road record at 1 -5. The Movin ' Mavs were led by backs Phillip Jessie and Tony Felder. Jessie carried 1 2 times for 1 63 yards and a TD while Felder totaled 1 1 6 yards and two TD ' s on 21 carries as UTA piled up 581 total yards. The Maverick defensive backfield picked off six errant Demon passes to shut down the Demon offense. Joe Delaney was again the leading ground man carrying 21 times for 99 yards. Kenny Philibert ' s 47 yard pass to Mike Almond tyed the score at seven just before halftime. Willie Washington had his best game of the season as he had a hand in on sixteen tackles. Demons Mavs 7 7 0= 7 14 9 = 30 Scoring: UTA — McClesky 29 yd. run (Skoruppa kick) NSU — Almond 47 yd. pass from Philibert (Pendergraft kick) UTA — Felder 1 6 yd. run ( Skoruppa kick) UTA — Jessie 8 yd. run (Skoruppa kick) UTA — Skoruppa 30 yd. FG UTA — Felder 1 yd. run (kick failed) Sports Nov. 1 1 — Southwestern 1 9, Northwestern 1 7 The end The beginning Holder grabs a Cajun back Phihbert throws the bomb Demons 10 Cajuns 3 10 7 = 17 3 3 = 19 Scoring USL — Roveto49yd. FG NSU — Almond 63 yd. pass from Delaney (Pendergraft kick) NSU — Pendergraft 29 yd FG USL — Daigle 1 8 yd pass from Guidry (Roveto kick) USL — Roveto 37 yd FG USL — Roveto 52 yd FG NSU — Delaney 9 yd run (Pendergraft kick) USL — Roveto 24 yd FG The talented toe of USL ' s John Roveto was responsible for 1 3 of the Cajuns ' 19 points as Southwestern beat the Demons on a last second field goal (see photo above) 19-17. Roveto kicked an extra point and field goals of 49, 37, 52. and 24 yards in the only Demon loss of the season on the turf of Turpln Stadium The Demons outgained the Cajuns, compiling 428 yards to only 252 for USL Kenny Phihbert hit 10 of 15 passes for 170 yards while Joe Delaney again topped the century mark picking up 124 yards on 27 carries. Delaney also passed 63 yards to Mike Almond for a touchdown. Art Lancaster was in on twelve tackles and James Lilley followed with eleven. Rodney Procell blocked one of Roveto ' s two fourth quarter field goal attempts Nov. 1 8 — Northwestern 13, Southeastern 1 2 Philibert picks up a first down The Demons closed the 1 978 season with their fourth vic- tory in tive outings in the friendly confines of Harry " Rags " Turpin Stadium picking up a come-from-behind 13-12 win over Southeastern Louisiana University After spotting the Lions a twelve point first half lead, the Demons scored two second half touchdowns to defeat SLU for the first time since 1974. Kenny Philibert scored the win- ning TD on a one yard keeper to top off a fourteen play, 93 yard fourth quarter drive. Philibert finished the night complet- ing 1 1 of 1 9 passes for 1 02 yards Mark Schroeder gained 81 yards on 15 carries Darrell Toussaint led the defense with eight tackles. A Lion back is t eam-tackled Demons 7 6=13 Lions 6 6 0=12 Scoring: SLU — Jackson 33 yd. pass from Wells (PAT failed) SLU — Londono 29 yd. FG SLU — Londono32yd. FG NSU — C. Finister 4 yd run (Pendergraft kick) NSU — Philibert 1 yd run (Pass failed) Sports Eugene Christmas: Always a Smile Eugene " Smiley ' Christmas was named head athletic trainer at NSU in July of 1964. Since that time, Mr. Chrsitmas has built a reputation throughout the state for his outstand- ing work m physical therapy. Mr Christmas not only serves the athletic department but also the uni- versity and the community as well. He is always willing to help students, non- students, friends, and strangers. And there is always one common element in all of his therapy . . .a smile. Right Mr Christmas works on Willie Washing- ton s ankle Dr. Joe Thomas: Always There Dr Joe Thomas has served the university as school doctor for over a decade He attends all Northwestern home games and many on the road. Besides working with athletes, he also sees many Northwestern students in his office in Natchitoches. He is a friend of the university who always remains loyal. Personal Note It should be noted that Dr Thomas delivered this year- book editor over twenty-two years ago Thanks. Doc ' Right Dr Thomas works with Demon defensive back Mark Discon Below Dr Joseph A Thomas watches the game Jfl k 1 1 St A m 1 Wyamond E. Waters April 16, 1957-November26, 1978 On November 18, 1978 wide receiver Wyamond Waters and bas- ketball center Frederick Piper were involved in a tragic one-car acci- dent, the same day on which Wya- mond was to play his last football game in a Northwestern uniform. Wyamond died eight days later in an Alexandria, Louisiana hospital of injuries sustained in that accident. The accident cut short a brilliant career of a fine football player and a fine man. Wyamond ' s career statis- tics were indeed impressive He fin- ished third on N.S.U s all-time pass receiver ' s list with 79 catches and second all-time in yardage receiv- ing by gaining 1.538 yards in four seasons Wyamond s record for best average gam per catch (26.8 yds. catch) that he set as a fresh- man still stands. On the night of November 18, the Demons took the field against Southeastern Louisi- ana, determined to win the game for Wyamond. After falling behind 12-0 by halftime, the Demon defense came on strong in the second half to contain the Lions, while the offense scored 13 points to win the game. After the game, the football team unanimously voted the then hospitalized Wyamond the game ball He deserved it. He deserved many honors, many accolades, and much praise. Words are not enough, though. He deserved our respect . . . our thoughts . . . Wya- mond Waters . . . No. 80 on the field. . . No. 1 in our hearts. Basketball 78-79 NSU 81 61 65 62 66 43 63 71 81 63 80 Centenary McNeese Northeast La. College South Alabama Toledo Cleveland State Grambling Nicholls State Southeastern Centenar a. Tech cNeese ttK st i jj SlThmons tf. Austin ell College Demons Struggle Through Long Season The 1978-79 Demon roundballers seemed destined for a second consecu- tive losing season with a 5-12 record in late January. A youthful squad took the court as the Demons lost two seniors from the 1978 team as well as junior center Frederick Piper, who was injured in a car accident. Sophomore back-up center Earnest Reli- ford was also lost for the season after breaking a hand in practice Returning starters Jerry Lewis and Jim Hoops led the Demons in scoring, aver- aging 15.8 and 14.2 points per game, respectively. JC transfer Andre Bailey topped the rebounding department aver- aging almost seven caroms a game, while sophomore guard Mike Brey led in assists (7.1 p g). Another JC transfer, Guy Charles, was the team leader in field goal percentage (522) and free throw percentage (.774). Top Head Coach Tynes Hildebrand. Assistant Coach Dr Durwood Duke. Graduate Assistant Bill Chamberlain, and Graduate Assistant Jim Miller Bottom Row 1 Mike Brey. Mike Fyler. Jerry Lynch. Jerry Lewis. Larry Holmes. Anthony Robertson, and Mike Greene Row 2 Roger Nolan. Mike Hoops Robert Lively Frederick Piper. Guy Charles, Ben|amin Dunn. Andre Bailey, and Jim Hoops Sports Sports Left: Jim Hoops going back up against Toledo Below: Jerry Lewis fires a driving jump shot 1 i Ej ! m j ■rf r | Br MT UW The Starters Jerry Lewis Jim Hoops Andre Bailey Mike Brey Guy Charles Sports 133 Coach Bill Chamberlain Mike Fyler Jerry Lynch Robert Lively Anthony Robertson Sports Top Left: Andre Bailey tries to find the handle Top Right; Charles tries to block a Grambling shot Left Lewis sneaks in to steal the ball Above Hoops does a reverse layup Sports 135 Andre Bailey loses control The thrill of victory 1 The Many Faces of Tynes Hildebrand 36 Sports Top Left: Jump ball 1 Top Right: Lewis hits the floor. Left: Lynch drives goalward Above Hoops goes over the back for a rebound r t Sports 137 Right Bailey tries to block a Techster ' s shot Below Lively battles for a rebound against Tech Right Bailey and Hoops are alter a loose ball Sports Sports 139 Lady Demons Battle Back After Tough Start ftH fl ( m mm w . v The 1978-79 Lady Demons Row 1 Renetta Judice. Helen Dennis. Marilyn Gates. Cindy Wigley. and Karen Bnggs Row 2 student assistant Belinda Morse. Bettv Ruth Perkins. Linda Jones Joan Darbonne. Carlm Bendo. Helen LeFevre. Lisa Thompson. Debbie Lambnght. and trainer Sheila " Kelly. Row 3: graduate assistant coach Pam Carey. Dianna Cary, Diane Davis. Mary Humphrey. Rachel Spencer, Brenda Stiles. Darlene Hawthorne, Karla Thomas. Theresa Long and head coach Pat Nolen The 1978-79 Lady Demons, under first-year head coach Pat Nolen had battled to a 7-9 record by press time. The squad dropped seven ot their first eight contests but battled back to take six of eight games midway through the season. Coach Nolens charges faced an uphill struggle from the start as they had to replace the two top guns from the 1978 team, guards Lisa Brewer and Becky Guidry. Brewer trans- ferred her twenty-five point scoring average to L.S.U. for her senior year while Guidry opted for marriage Sophomore Joan Darbonne took up the slack on offense averaging over twenty points a game Center Marilyn Gates pulled down almost ten rebounds a game and was second in scoring with a 13 6 point average. Linda Jones led the club m free throw percentage ( 81 3) and assists (4.1 p g) Head Coach Pat Nolen ' •A Lady Demon Basketball 1978-79 ulane U of Ne ■, Jrleans McNeese Northeast La. Louis:a i iJbollege La. Tech Grambling I icholls 3t7 NichollsSt. rkansas-Little Rock fiormRret La Southeastern Southwestern La Southwestern LI Southeastern Lai - . » Opponent 66 55 77 77 59 104 70 75 64- 52 82 70 63 59 100 r Wt 5l The Starters Joan Darbonne Dianna Cary Marilyn Gates Theresa Long Linda Jones Above A shout of encouragement Right Darbonne lays it up 142 Sports Left: Theresa Long attempts a shot over a Lady Lion Below Linda Jones takes a short jumper JPjjIr Y. Left: Dianna Cary presses a Southeastern guard r Sports 143 Right Another Darbonne layup Below Debbie Lambnght gets crammed Bottom Cary seems panic-stricken on the bench 144 Sports Left Thehuddli On the Bench i ,1, m m Brenda Stiles Rachel Spencer Helen LeFevre Mary Humphrey Debbie Lambright Carlin Bendo Lisa Thompson Betty Perkins Karla Thomas Darlene Hawthorne S f E? ' WT • iH j • m iVK w mf. ■Lii Diane Davis Karen Briggs Helen Dennis Renetta Judice Cindy Wigley Sports 145 Right The Lady Demons surround a Southeastern Lady Lion Frustration! Sports 147 Right Darbonne lakes a shot against La College Below Lambnghl and Darbonne pin a Lady Tiger in the cor 1 48 Sports mi |||p ' ' s gm ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' f|jji Demon Baseball 1978 NSU £ Opponent 6- 6 Southern 5-9 0- 1 Southwestern La. 7- 5 5- 4 Northeast La. 1- 3 4- 5 Grambling m 1- 8 5- 2 Central Missouri 1-5 1- 1 Central Missouri 4- 2 6- 1 East Texas Baptist 5- 4- 9 Grambling 11-3 5- 5 Louisiana College 1- 7 7- 5 McNeese 2- 8 23- 3 Carroll College 1- 2 11-12 Carroll College 0- 1 13- 5 Nebraska 2- 3 5 Southern Arkansas 4 9 Centenary 2 Carroll College 4 3 Louisiana College 7 5- 7 Southern 4- 4-12 Louisiana College 1- 7 3- 7 Northeast La. 4- 4 3-9 Southwestern La. 13-4 3- 5 Centenary 5- 1 10- 1 East Texas Baptist 5-10 6- 4 La. Tech 1- 5 0- Lamar 2- 8 4- 5 Northeast La. 7- 7 1- 7 Lamar 10-27 4- 3 La. Tech 2- 4 5- 5 Northeast La. 4- 2 1- 6 McNeese 8- 7 0- 1 LSU 3- 2 3- 9 Centenary 4- 3 Demons Win Thirty Games in 1978 The 1 978 Demon baseballers finished the spring season with an impressive 30-29 record, including eight double header sweeps. One of the sweeps came against the University of Nebraska of the powerful Big Eight Conference. The 1979 squad faced a fifty-nine game schedule in the spring, including thirty-five home games. The Demons faced the University of Houston, L.S.U., Central Missouri, and the Uni- versity of Missoun-St. Louis. The Northwestern club also partici- pated in the Centenary Easter Tournament. 1978 Statistical Leaders Batting — Ted Reeves — 321 Hits — Curtis Ardoin — 56 Doubles — Curtis Ardoin — 1 3 Triples — Curtis Ardoin — 5 Home Runs — Curtis Dorsey — 1 1 RBI ' s — Curtis Dorsey — 36 Total Bases — Curtis Ardoin — 91 Stolen Bases — Curtis Ardoin — 23 Slugging Pet. — Curtis Dorsey — .586 Innings Pitched — Scott Stagner — 82.2 Wins — Terry Ruddell — 8 Losses — Richard Justinn. Kenny Stelly — 6 Complete Games — Scott Stagner — 5 ERA — Scott Stagner — 2.50 Strikeouts — Scott Stagner — 50 Walks — Kenny Stelly — 61 Winning Pet. — Terry Ruddell — .889 (rec. 8-1 ) Upper Left: Head Coach Herbie Smith Left: Graduate Assistant Barry Hebert Sports Below It ' s a bunt 1 M - 1979 Demons Robert Almond Stacey Bryce Frank Cicero Curtis Dorsey Tommy Dorsey Steve Fry Danny Goode m ■ WM n , 1 Above The fans on the hill Right It ' s a bird 1 152 Sports DougGuelde David Holloawy Steve Holloway Sam Johnson Kerry Keowen Bill Land Gerry Larsen Chris Marshall Above: Scott Stagner smokes it homeward. Left: The NSU Demon Batgirls — Row 1: Scotti Dawson and Melinda McDonald. Row 2: Donna Sebren, Barbie Jenkins, Diane McKellar, Dana Roth, and Tina Morell. Not Shown: Shelly Spohn. Sports . . 1 53 1979 Demons Donnie Mosley Dean Napoli Danny Radasinovich f 1 f J m m f2L M wt A. ' , M ■ , •»■ ■ 1 ■ ' , 1 1 v p I HL A ■v- J Ted Reeves Dean Riviere Jeff Russell Keith Russell Right An Indian takes a lead Bottom Right High and tight Below A Northeast pick-otf attempt 1 54 Sports Kenny Stelly David Thrash MikeVienne Terry Whatley Sports 155 i la NSU 7 9 6 9 8 8 5 51 4 9 3 5 5 i Demon Tennis 1978 Grambling Centenary Stephen F. Austin Hamline University GustavusAdolphus McNeese Oklahoma Tuls Oklahoma State Wichita State ortheast Missouri Louisianatfeol ' P Arkansas Jttle Rock Centenary Oklahoma City Tulsa SW Baptist, Mo. Louisiana Tech Northeast La. Northeast La. Opponent 2 1 J 1 1 4 3 6 2 1 2 4 4 Lady Demon Tennis 1978 NSU Opponent 9 8 LSU-Alexandria Centenary Wt 1 9 6 Southern Arkansas Southwestern Louisiana 3 7 North Texas State 2 1 Houston 8 Ole Miss 9 8 McNeese 1 8 Southeastern Louisiana 1 1 Tulane 8 9 La. Tech 4 Tulane 5 Northeast Louisiana " fmM 9 8 Centenary 1 9 McNeese t 8 9 Centenary McNeese 1 2 LSU k 7 Northeast Louisiana 9 9 LSU-Alexandria 2 Northeast Louisiana I 7 Sports Tennis Team Continues Supremacy Two seniors, Ricardo Acuna and Juan Lopez, along with four freshmen were responsible for continuing NSU ' s tennis supremacy this spring. They played matches against such schools as Oklahoma, Arkansas, Wisconsin, and Tulsa The Demons also defended their title in the prestigious Big Gold Tourna- ment in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and hosted a round-robin with Stephen F. Austin and Southeastern Louisiana entered. The 1978 squad finished the previous spring season with another sparkling record (I6-2, see page 156) to raise the Demon tennis record over the past six seasons to 113-15. NSU ' s men ' s tennis program is by far and away the most suc- cessful athletic program at NSU in recent history. Things looked even brighter for the Demons this spring as they moved into the new NSU Tennis Complex that featured covered seating for 500 fans, restrooms, and practice areas, as well as eight lighted courts. Singles Records — 1978 Won Lost Juan Lopez 23 4 Ricardo Acuha 24 5 Jose Ayala 21 8 Luis Varela 20 8 Jose deCamino 21 9 Gregg Manning 19 9 Doubles Records — 1 978 Won Lost Lopez-Ayala 6 1 Acufia-Manning 21 6 Varela-deCamino 5 2 Varela-Lopez 12 7 deCamino-Ayala 11 8 NSU Tennis Coach Johnnie Emmons. Demon Tennis Team: student assistant coach Luis Varela, Greg DeFreitas, Juan Lopez, Ricardo Acuna. Alejandro Linares, and Jean-Guy Cossette Not shown is Alfredo Trullenque Sports ft A Stu. Asst. Luis Varela Ricardo Acufla Juan Lopez fc] 4fc fc ' I Jean-Guy Cossette Greg DeFreitas Alejandro Linares Alfredo Trullenque Ricardo Acuna: Perhaps The Best Demon Ever Senior Ricardo Acuna, a native of Sanfiago, Chile, closed out his career at Northwestern this spring. Acuna, playing in the number one position since midway through his freshman year, had compiled some of the most impressive records in Northwestern tennis history. With one season to go (Spring, 1979), Acuna had won seventy-five of ninety singles matches and his doubles record stood at 72-15. His winning percentage has been well over eighty per cent. During his career, he has led the Demons to a three year record of 62-4 and has helped continue a streak of 41 straight home court wins and 47 consecutive wins over Loui- siana opponents. Among his other accomplishments, Acuna qualified for the NCAA National Championships by reaching the finals of the Intercollegiate Tennis Coaches Association National Indoor Championships in January, 1979. Acuna has also competed in the U.S. Open as an amateur and he won a tournament on the American Express Tour last Summer. Acuna was named NSU ' s outstanding athlete for 1977-78 by the Demon Booster Club. Sports Lady Demons Face Tough Spring Season Above Lady Demon Tennis — Lainey McNabb. Nannette Beasley, Babette Cramer Shirley Echaiz. Marie-Jeanne Huyben, Suzette Prieto. graduate assist- ant coach Mary LaTour. and head coach Johnnie Emmons Right Graduate Assistant Coach Mary LaTour The 1979 Lady Demon tennis team faced a tough spring schedule against such teams as LSU, Tulane, and Southern Mississippi in match play and Houston, Purdue, and Vanderbilt in tournament play The youthful squad was comprised of five freshmen and one junior, two-year letterman Babette Cramer, who won seventeen of her twenty six singles matches last sea- son The 1978 team compiled one of the best records in Lady Demon tennis history, finishing the season with a 10-4 record (see page 157). Diane Raybon led the squad by winning 20 of 27 singles matches and 1 8 of 25 doubles matches. Sports Suzette Prieto Nannette Beasley Babette Cramer Shirley Echaiz Lainey McNabb Marie-Jeanne Huyben Singles Results — 1978 Won Lost Diane Raybon 20 7 Babette Cramer 17 9 Julie Hancock 16 10 Gretchen Pirow 15 10 Wendy Johnson 16 11 Peggi Ates 10 14 Doubles Results — 1978 Won Lost Hancock-Raybon 1 Cramer-Johnson 1 Raybon-Johnson 17 7 Pirow-Ates 7 3 Cramer-Ates 9 6 Hancock-Pirow 7 7 Hancock-Cramer 4 5 Sports Track Team Faces Tough Schedule The 1979 Demon track team faced an ambitious 17 meet schedule during the spring The cindermen participated in the Pepsi-Cola International Track Festival, the Texas Relays, and the Drake Relays, among others including four home meets The 1978 squad returned home for the first home meets In several years after the completion of the new NSU track. The Demons turned in some thrilling performances, winning two of the four meets and finishing second in a third. The 78 team broke three school records. The 800 meter relay team of Dunn, Duper, Swacker, and DiGrazia clocked a swift 1:24.7 while the two-mile relay team of Carter, Robin- son, Stewart, and Bonner set a new standard with a time of 742 9 The third record was set by weightman Jeff Kent as he hurled the discus an amazing 1 69 ' 3 " . Best Performances — 1 978 1 00 Meter Dash — Mark Duper — 1 2 1 1 Meter Hurdles — Paul Day — 1 4.5 200 Meter Dash — Mark Duper — 20 9 400 Meter Dash — Tommy Swacker — 46.65 400 Meter Hurdles — Paul Day — 55.6 800 Meter Run — Windell Bonner — 1:51 .39 1 500 Meter Run — Billy Green — 3:55.2 3000 Meter Steeplechase — Ricky Crutcher — 9:30.3 5000 Meter Run — Billy Green — 1 5:31 4 400 Meter Relay — 40.4 (Delaney, Swacker. DiGrazia. Duper) 800 Meter Relay — 1 :24.7 (Dunn, Duper. Swacker, DiGrazia) 1 600 Meter Relay — 31 1 .89 (Bonner. Carter. DiGrazia. Swacker) 4x800 Meter Relay — 7:40.3 (Carter, Robinson, Stewart, Bonner) Long Jump — Jarrott Handy — 25 ' 1 Vi " Triple Jump — Jarrott Handy — 50 ' 1 % " Pole Vault — Nicky Choate — 1 5 ' High Jump — Jerry Richardson — 6 ' 9 " Shot Put — Jeff Kent 51 ' 9 " Discus — Jeff Kent — 1 69 ' 3 " Javelin — Charles Meyers — 21 7 ' 4 " Demon Track Team — Row 1 Victor Oatis and Kelvin Fee Row 2 Keith Kemp, Charles Tucker. Keith Carter. Randy Robinson. Vince Williams. Keith Epps Johr Barrier and Keith Shepard Row 3 Jeff Baker. Albert Faulkmberry. Gary Lee. Ricky Crutcher. Windell Bonner. Jarrott Handy. Tim Magee. Jeff Kent. Tommy Swacker Row 4 David Fuller. Billy Green, Vic Bradford. Nicky Choate. Kelvin Stewart, and Mark Duper Not shown are Doug Burch Mike Fyler. and Coach Jerry Dyes Spons Left Paul Day makes the handoff on a relay John Barrier Keith Carter Randy Robinson Wendell Bonner Tim Magee Sports 163 1 ' J4kU Right Tommy Swacker lakes the 400 meter dash Below A Demon long-|umper caught in mid-air Gary Lee Nicky Choate Jarrott Handy Mark Duper Keith Epps Vince Williams Billy Green Jeff Baker Charles Tucker 1 64 Sports Left: A Demon high |umper clears the bar. Vic Bradford Keith Kemp Victor Oatis J» M HIk fHl jBfc i ?V » Kelvin Fee Keith Shepard Albert Faulkinberry Jeff Kent Doug Burch Mike Fyler Below: It ' s up and over Sports. .165 Cross Country Team Finishes 1 1 th in NCAA Meet Above NSU Cross Country team — Row 1 : Coach Jerry Dyes, Grad Asst Martin Poole. Randy Hale Row 2 Vic Bradford, Billy Green, Ricky Crutcher. Albert Faulkinberry. Randy Robinson, Doug Burch, Jeff Baker, and Kelvin Stewart Right Randy Robinson in action The Northwestern cross country team closed a successful season by finishing eleventh in the NCAA District VI Champi- onships after having won three of their previous seven meets during the fall season The Demon harriers picked up two invitational meet wins as they took the Northeast Louisiana Invitational and the Northwestern Invitational, as well as a dual meet win over Centenary College. The team added two second place fin- ishes in the Southwestern and Louisiana Tech Invitational meets Leading the way for the Demons was second-year man Billy Green Green was the top NSU finisher in all but one of the eight meets and was the overall winner three times. Sports 02- ' ■ ' 1 Left Billy Green has a slight lead over a Stephen F. Austin runner at the Natchitoches course Randy Robinson Kelvin Stewart Ricky Crutcher Wendell Bonner Sports 167 Golfers on the Comeback Trail 1978 proved to be a tough year for the Northwestern golf team as they could manage to finish no better than sixth in tour- nament play The sixth place finish came in the Holiday in Dixie Festival Tournament in Shreveport, Louisiana. The 1979 team faced a tough seven tournament schedule in the spring, including the Moe O ' Brien Invitational in Lake Charles. Louisiana and the A.C.U. Invitational in Jasper, Texas. Tom Brassell 168 Spo rls Left Doyle Anderson, Paul Day, Derek Anderson, Doug Sargent. Tom Brassell, Dave Thompson. Greg Vesey. and Dr Durwood Duke, coach David Thompson Greg Vesey 1978 Averages Doug Sargent Bob Morrow Dave Thompson Tom Brassell Derek Anderson Gary West Bruce Eichler David Goldstein 80 7 81 81 4 81 5 826 83 7 83 8 84 Paul Day Charles Ingalls Doyle Anderson Sports 169 Softball Team Begins First Season NSU fielded a women ' s fast pitch softball team for the first time in 1978- 79. Prospects were bright in the team ' s first year of existence. The team was coached by graduate assistant Pam Carey with the assistance of NSU Sports Information Director Dan McDonald The squad, which consisted mainly of freshmen and sophomores, played a 28-game schedule, which included games with teams from throughout Louisiana and Texas. When at home, the team played at Highland Park in Natchitoches. Rita Pender — OF Regena Barnes — IF Karen Bnggs — P Tammy Curry — C Lynn Martin — OF Kathy Maggio — IF-OF Mary Sonnier — OF Michelle Hoggett - 3B 1 70 Sports Nanette Hawthorne — SS- Jill Hyatt — 1 B 3B Helen Dennis — 2B Barbara Johnson — OF Kathy Benning — P Lorraine Johnson — IF Sandy Mitchell — 1B Theresa Redanauer — C Sharon Miles — IF Kathy Kees — IF Sports 171 NSU Hosts " Red " Thomas Tournament Northwestern State University was host of the fourth annual " Red " Thomas Open and NSU. IntercoJIegiate Badminton Tournament on October 14. 1978 Northwestern was repre- sented well in both men ' s and women ' s events, as Don Ryan and Gwen Holt won top honors in the tournament Dr Ryan, an N.S U faculty member and coach of the women ' s badminton squad, won the men ' s singles and the veterans singles, and was awarded the Charles " Red " Thomas Cup. Gwen Holt defeated teammate Mary Lyn Bartek in the finals of the wom- en ' s singles. In the women ' s doubles, Holt and Bartek teamed up to defeat Karen Gay of N.S.U. and Robin Roethke of S.M.U. Holt defeated Gay to win the " B " flight in the open women ' s singles competition. Mary Lyn Bartek Gwen Holt Sports ir ||BfiB| k v. » B 1(1 e liiii L k I AM 11 mm J 1 pj K Left: Members of the 1978-79 Badminton Team were: Dr. Don Ryan (Coach), Mona Martin (Assistant Coach), Sandy Spohn, Karen Gay, Gwen Holt, and Mary Lyn Bartek Karen Gay Shelly Spohn Sports . 1 73 Intramurals — Something for Everyone Intramurals provide fun, recreation, and exercise for hundreds of North- western State University students. It offers a variety of activities where stu- dents have the opportunity to partici- pate in their favorite athletic event. In the spring, the Miller Brewing Company added an extra dimension to the intramural program by offering a two hundred dollar scholarship to the best one-on-one non-varsity basket- ball player on campus. At press time the tournament for the scholarship was still underway. Kappa Sigma — Intramural football champions Goldstein shoots over Ivory Joe Green Sports Top Left: Runner-up of mens intramural football — Conders Center Runner-up of womens intramural football — VIP s Bottom Left: Mens finalists in the Miller one-on-one contest — Row 1 John Wartelle, Anthony Butler, and Bill Land. Row 2 Jody Blackwell, Robin Lewis, David Evans, and David Goldstein, Bottom Right: Women ' s finalists in the Miller one-on-one contest — Wendy Cox, Shirley Clark, Katnna Myers, and Regma Barnes Below: " It ' s really the pits if you lose. " ®) • Greeks cnpowvw II to! Juanita Bogan Karen Brisco — Treasurer Shyrl Caldwell Helen Crump Emma Davis — Reporter Sandra Helton — President Charlene Miller Carolyn Phillips Doretha Price Patricia Sanders — Asst. D.P. Monica Smith Maxine Summers — Secretary Linda Walker — Parliamentarian Cassie White — Vice- President Victoria Williams — Dean of Redoes Linda Wright 1 78 Greeks Row 1 : Maxine Summers, Linda Walker (sitting), Linda Wright, Victoria Williams, Sandra Helton (kneeling), Helen Crump, Juanita Bogan, Char- lene Miller, Emma Davis (sitting), Karen Brisco. Row 2: Dorothy Young, Monica Smith, Cassie White, Patricia Sanders. The Eta Chi chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority had been established for five years on North- western ' s campus. They have con- tributed to the community through fund drives, visiting nursing homes, making holiday donations, and many other services. They have worked hard to live up to their motto " by merit and by culture " . Ivy Leaf Pledge Club for fall 1978: Evelyn Ashley, Cynthia Lewis, Karlette Metoyer, Shelia Thompson, Diane Murray, Lenita Quarles, Christi Prince, Kathy Miller, and Zina Curlee. Greeks . 179 Row 1: Jeanne Melancon, Peggy Gillham, Judith Reeves. Row 2: Cathie Edmunds, Claudia Blanchard, Jamie Jett. Mary Beth Nicholle. Row 3: Debbie Price, Beth Wright, Lorna Bryant. Jamie Prince. Row 4: Jeri Bagley, Shannon Cole, Deborah Scott. Cathie Edmunds. Claudia Blanchard, Mary Beth Nicholle, Mandy Tuttle, and Trudy Melancon take part in the Sigma Kappa tashion show. One hundred four years ago on the campus of Colby of sincere friendship for fhe development of character college in Waterville, Maine, the mystic bond of Sigma and the promotion of social and intellectual culture, to Kappa began. Sigma Kappa promoted activities that support the program of college, to strive for high benefitted people locally, nationally, and internation- achievement, and to make a constructive contribution ally. Their purpose was to unite its members in a bond to the community. 1 80 Greeks iM- ' fXWA % § $ Becky Adcock Lana Anderson Jeri Bagley Claudia Blanchard Donna Brumley Loma Bryant Shannon Cole Cathie Edmunds Beverly Fawcett Peggy Gillham Joy Harris Nanette Hawthorne Brenda Hottpauir Yogi Holt Jamie Jett Jennifer Jones Julie Luttrell Jeanne Melancon • i i WTMf TjlflWnM Judith Reeves Debbie Rodriquez Val Scarbo Virginia Schaftner Nancy Schwer Deborah Scott Gwen Teekell Mandy Tuttle MaryVann Melanie Van Barbara Williamson Becky Wood Beth Wright Michael Versher Man ot the Year Greeks. .181 Jeffrey Albrecht Gregory Bailho Raymond Beaudoin Leonel Casarez George Celles C. John Delphen, Jr Thomas Hardman Jerry Hale Scott Harville Thomas Hennigan Samuel Huffman Steven Hyde Jfclrf i David LaVere Scott Morrow Woody Osborn Charles Parks Marion Price Mark Rachal Joseph Scott S Dean Smith. Jr. Richard Williamson James Webb Walter Walker Neil Cameron — Advisor Sigma Tau Gamma promotes social, cultural, scholastic, recreational, and benevolent, traternal accomplish- ments, along with the highest ideals of manhood, brotherhood, and citizen- ship The colors are blue and white, and the flower is the white rose. When Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. was founded in 1913 at Howard Uni- versity, the founders envisioned an organization of college women pledged to serious endeavor and community services. Today Delta Sigma Theta is a pub- lic service sorority emphasizing scholarship and character dedicated to a pro- gram of sharing membership interest skills and organization services in the public interest. There are over 85,000 members in 562 chapters grouped in seven regions. =tow 1: Deborah Moss, Wilma Rhines, Lorraine Billeaudeau, Tanya Allen, Robbie Lee, Gisele Proby, Betty Ford. Row 2: Rene Crosby, Denise Rhonw, Renee A ooding, Vickie Williams, Judy Williams, Isloe Waters, Shirley Stewart, Angela Cogens. Row 3: Cassandra Brown, Demetria Francois, Christolyn Turner, Lyn- ette Stephenson, Elisa Conant, Gwendolyn Ford, Gwendolyn Lavalis. Tanya Allen — Pres. Lorraine Billeaudeau Jacqueline Brown Betty Ford — Vice Pres. Robbie Lee Deborah Moss — Sec.-Treas. Gisele Proby — Sergeant-at-Arms Jenifer Walker Johnson Edwina Lewis — Advisor Choyce. Eric — Dean ol Pledges Davis. Claude J — Treasurer Jackson. Don Martin. Albert — Vice-President ££ £ Rhodes. Stanley — Secretary Taylor, Otis — President Stobalt. Donna — Miss Phi Beta Sigma Boss. Marilyn — Miss Zeta lota 1 84 Greeks MM Kneeling: Andre Spivey, Gerald Gant, Gregory Colson. Row 2: Gregory Porche, Donald Jackson, Claude Davis, Otis Taylor, Eric Choyce, Albert Martin, Sheik Bacchus — Advisor, Stanley Rhodes, Michael Landry. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity was organized on NSU campus in 1 973. Since then the brothers of Phi Beta Sigma have strived to be an asset to NSU and to the surrounding com- munity. As stated in their motto, " Culture for service and service for Humanity " , they were constantly working to uphold these standards by rendering their services to man- kind as a whole. The Fraternity was involved in a Stomp Show during the week pre- ceding Tec h Weekend, conducted charity drives for Muscular Distro- phy and Sickle Cell Anemia, and contributed their support to various other community activities. The Fra- ternity also established a memorial scholarship fund in memory of Brother Johnny Sowell Jr. Sigmas — The best stompers on the yard. Greeks Above Row 1 : Ricky Taylor, Michael Houston. Row 2: Ronnie Evans, Kenneth Metoyer, Elton Wade, Kenneth Cox Kappa Alpha Psi of Northwestern empha- sizes honorable achievement in every field of human endeavor. Fund raising activities for the fall spring include record hops and raffles. . « Row 1 : Paul Guillory, Perry Neal, Stanley Jones, Robert Jackson. Row 2: Melvin Lacour, Andre Bai ley, Anthony Robertson, James Bennett 1 86 Greeks Row 1 : Karl Broussard, Johnny Murray, Gary Pennington, John Hennigan. Row 2: Walter Fairbanks, Mike Bell, Sjmak Moaveni, Randy Rabalais, Donnis Voss, Ricky Salley, Beverly Pennington, Margaret Hennigan. Row 3: John Law, Scot Bird, Jeff Nolan, Kenneth Bird, Gary Pennington accepts the President ' s cup for Pi Kappa Phi at the homecoming game. Scott Bird Mike Bell Karl Broussard Buddy Durham Walter Fairbanks Johnny Harrison JohnGennigan Dean Laffittee Paul Laughlin John Law Sjmak Moaveni Johnny Murray Terry McManus Tim Parker Gary Pennington Randy Rabalais Ricky Salley Kenneth Stevens Becky Batten Margaret Hennigan Beverly Pennington Dr Wayne Guin — Chapter Advisor Phi Kappa Phi is a national social fraternity whose way of life is scholarship, leadership, personality development, social life, and loyal brotherhood. I 87 . i James Bowie — Pres George Dixon Gregory Hooper James Bowie — President 1 88 Greeks 5fi tow 1 : Kenneth Stringfellow, James Bowie, James Perry, Billy Culbert. Row 2: Larry Butler, Herbert Murphy, George Dixon, Leslie Thompson, Gregory Hooper, aary Butler. Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, Inc. was founded by the " Seven Jewels of Alpha " on December 4, 1906, at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. The fraterni- ty ' s colors are black and old gold. The Theta Chi chapter of Northwestern is proud to be a part of the oldest black fraternity. Alpha Phi Alpha encourages black people to contribute to society. Ipha Phi Alpha Pledges for Fall 1978: Dennis Kimble, Jarrot Handy, Melvin Bradley, Leon otter, Gary Sanders. Greeks . . . 1 89 i Julie Anthony o ii f 1 4 i a £ A A Sharon Arthur — 1stVP Candi Bagley r 1 LI V T3 J v-I ti Patti Ballard M I i m ™ ik 1 r w » v JanBateman — Hist - ' I 1 WIT y J L v H — Dawn Boudreaux I Melanie Bourg ' I Ii - 1 l Julee Bowden Donna Bray Kim Calhoun Sandra Carnahan Pitty Cathey Deyna Clark Vanassa Davis — Pan Debbie Dewitt Charlotte Gary Jacki Giesey Kelly Haddon Kim Haddon Kathy Haynes Anne Herndon Claire Hogsett Helen Hubley — Pres. Barbie Jenkins Donna Johnson Angela Jurgens Jennifer Karr Dianna Kemp Teresa Kile — Treas. Molly Knight Clara Lafont Susan Larrowe Katie Leslie Cathy Lotkowski Anne Manson Susan Marchand Melinda Martin Melissa Miller Sharon Miller Suzyl Debbie Page Melinda Palmore Edie Plumb Julie Renken Sheila Richardson Donna Roth Terri Scott June Sellers Mary Slusher v m Row 1 : Claire Hogsett, Cathy Haynes; Susan Larrowe, Shelia Richardson, Dana Roth, Debbie DeWitt, Kim Calhoun. Row 2: Molly Knight, Melanie Bourg, Terri Scott, Edith Plumb, Gina Williams, Debbie Page, Dianna Kemp, Jackie Giesey, Jan Batsman. Row 3: Kelly Haddon, Patti Ballard, Suzy Miller, Donna Terrell, Helen Hubley, Katie Leslie, Julie Renken, Susan Marchand, Mary Kay Slusher. Row 4: Dawn Boudreau, Deyna Clark, Teresa Kile, Melissa Miller. Row 5: Lynn Thomas, Lisa Wright, Kim Haddon. Delta Zeta was the oldest social soror- ity on campus, and sought to develop all cultural, educational, and social aspects of its members lives. The distinct Roman Lamp, Killaney Rose, and glittering dia- mond shine before the world as a symbol of love and sisterhood. The Epsilon Beta chapter of Northwestern enjoyed a busy calendar this year, bringing its members closer to one another and developing lasting bonds of friendship. Delta Zeta takes part in the Homecoming activities L Kate Adam Kim Alston Renee Bose Amanda Boy Karen Boudreaux Jennifer Bnggs Denise Brown Vickie Carbo Karen Carr Lynn Clary Jeslynn Cox Wendy Cox Kim Crawlord Lydia Dale Becky Duke Suzanne Dyer Denise Elter Jody Foster Ginger Gates Tammy Gauthier Gretchen Gnftin Cindy Hall Janice Hargis Candi Hart Maggie Horton Ana Mana Huffstettler Connne Jackson Janey Kight Linda Leger Pam Lucky h A $ £ Shen Shaw. Jeslynn Cox. Rene Bose Mr and Mrs Neck with Pam Palmer 192 Greeks Pam Mangham Chari Marchard Melanie McDonald Melinda McDonald Cheryl Miller Shelly Mil Karen Murphy Pam Neck — Corr. Sec. Debbie Nichols Becky Nuttall Budda Odum Pam Palmer Vickie Smith — Vice-Pres. Lisa Teekell Alice Thibodeaux Julie Thibodeaux Patricia Vandenboon Lee Ware UEE LV fiBflfltfDiy .;Piifl ■ ■■■ 3BP, UCGIDE 3 tfDUfli BPCUDSOL ' jp ] Phi Mu is the second oldest national sorority. It was founded in Macon, Georgia, on March 4, 1852. The colors for the sorority are rose and white. The flower is the rose carnation. The ideal of noble womanhood has developed a true bond of sisterhood in Phi Mu. Above: Kathy Kelly, Lydia Dale, Janis Hargis, Pam Neck, Kim Crawford, and Melody Smith. Greeks. .193 Aubrey Alexander III Robed Alexander Richard Anderson Larry Ayres William Bankston Barry Beanton Dicky Berry Jimmy Berry Brenl Bonner Tommy Bourgeois Charley Brittain Richard Calvert Lawrence Carnahan Kevin Chatelain Samuel Christman Mark Colton Bill Cowy Kerry Friedman Steve Frye William Gardner Gary Gibson Jamie Gibron Richard Gill Charles Guy Windsor Hetcherwick William Jackson Thomas Killeen Jefrey Lyon David Mathis Daniel Montgomery Sam Nelken Charlie Perrault Randy Richard, Treas. Bo Roberts Clifford Rowzee, V.P Bill Scott David Seal Richard Stelly Jesse Teekell Dennis Vandine James Vercher Dru Wills Thomas Wells, Corres. Sec. William Wiseman, Rec Sec Jowell Woods Harlon Wright Randal Wyatt David Yarbrough Tim Zagar $©$$©$§ 9©0$© ©§ 99 © 3 Janice Hargis, Sweetheart Thomas Whitehead. Advisor t Kappa Alpha Order, founded at Washington and Lee University on December 21 , 1865, was unique in that it was a Southern fraternity. Southern traditions were exemplified in the activities of KA, including the annual Old South Ball. Kappa Alpha ' s Gamma Psi chapter was chartered at Northwestern in March of 1 963. Greeks Delores Brown — Parliamentarian Kay Davis — President Ruthie Malone — Sec.-Treas. Terrilyn Nelson — Dean of Pledges Corine Perry — Reporter Ann Scott — Dean of Probate Karen Watkins Linda Weatherford Eunice Wilkinson Kay Davis — President Zeta Phi Beta was a social sorority which encouraged high academic standings and sponsors social activities. The sorority was founded in 1 920 as a result of the encourage- ment of two brothers, Charles Robert Taylor and Langston Taylor. The purpose of Zeta Phi Beta was to strengthen an understanding of the meaning of services. Some of the goals of Zeta Phi Beta were finer womanhood, scholarship, service to humanity, and sisterhood. Row 1 : Ann Scott, Karen Watkins. Row 2: Corine Perry, Terrilyn Nelson. Top: Kay Davis. Greeks. .195 Russell Adams Richard Alvardo Max Ates Bob Balhon Allen Barnes Kevin Bartholomew Thomas Barton Mike Barton Mark Boddie Randy Bonnette Mark Boydston Trey Bradeley Richard Bridgeman Jack Brittain Jasper Brock Alton Burkhalter Monty Chicola Chip Cole Mark Conley Mark Cottrell Steve Crews Claude Dance Jim Haacker Richard Harvil Tony Hernandez Joe Holley Tim Hopson Green Horton m CS {% (S Kappa Sigma was a national social fraternity whose bond of brotherhood was strengthened through working together, developing leadership and social activities. They have been involved in organizations around campus such as the SGA, and many others. Kappa Sigma has contributed greatly to Northwestern. The Fall pledges made great contributions to the Theta Mu Chapter and will keep the bonds of brother- hood strong in the years to come. 1 96 Greeks wm " A f J § 1 m l 1 (■Wk7fvaTTW £5Ps Ill nil In 31B3B Kappa Si jmas and the dream court. MfftJLi §99 © 9 Q 9 ill T A ' I, 4 - W 5 David Martin Mark Mathews Blane Mayard Jeff McCall Dodd McCarty Terry McCarty Danny McCowan John McKellar Bob McKellar Steve Milam Mark Milner Lames Mitchell Randy Mondello Dervick Morgan Lane Pittard Ricky Ray Roger Reynolds Spunky Ruble Mike Sewel Dan Smith Lanny Spence Steve Stroud Roger Sullivan Steve Sweeney Russel Timer John Wartelle PatWartelle Benny Welch Randy Wiggins Tom Williams Daniel Wilson John Worely James Villard Cindy Hall, Dream Girl Bill Hochstetter, Advisor i A car wash at the Kappa Sigma house. Greeks. . .197 Debbie Arledge Rhonda Baham Mary Bartek Cathy Bostick Becky Boswell Lisa Breazeale Missy Dark Cammie DeBlieux Gma Dobson Barbara Driscoll Pat Duprey Teresa Elkins Lori Forestall Kim Garcia Violet Garcia Ruthie George Diane Hebert Renee Hebert Catherine Holland Sissy James Michelle Jeanmard Becky Johnson Melanie Jones Tina Rauffman fMbjn W L dM J3Lv3 Tracy Loyd Mary McClung Beth McRae Stephanie Middleton Ginger Miller Beth Morrow Melaney Mydland Nuni Naumann Lauri Osterhof Beverly Procell Ruth Rentrop Valerie Robertson mr . Row 1 : Nuni Naumann, Missy Dark, Cheryl VanDine, Ruthie George, Kelly Stainback, Monty Chicola (Man of the year), Karen Snow. Row 2: Valerie Robertson, Gloria Stringer, Beverly Procell, Gina Dobson, Teresa Elkins, Sissy James, Stephanie Middleton, Amie Clifford, Pat Dupuy, Sadie Scott. Row 3: Teresa Lewis, Diane Hebert, Kathy Bostick, Linda Watson, Paula Webb, Debbie Arledge, Rhonda Baham, Lori Forristall, Cammie DeBlieux, Beth McRae, Laurie Osterhof . Beth Morrow, Pam Knecht, Ann Walsh, Mary Kay McClung, Debbie Carney. Row 4: Cindy Sheets, Tina Kauffman, Gwen Smith, Nancy Woodward, Melanie Jones, Mary Lyn Bartek, Lisa Breazeale, Becky Sullivan, Becky Boswell, Sandra Serio, Melaney Mydland, Paula Soileau, Ginger Miller, Renee Hebert. i I Row 1 : Robert Chauvin, Faith Honald, Julie DeLucky, Joanie Glasscock, Dan O ' Leary, Ross Newman. Row 2: Lance Key, Billie Daniel, Vicki Ger- son, Weshe Powell, Mary Holley, Bennie Ward, Carla Lee, Jay Ham. ■i n The Theta Chi fraternity house stands on Greek Hill of Northwestern Theta Chi is proud ot its Greek symbols which hang in front of the fraternity house 200 Greeks Mark Brouillette — Librari; Robert Chauvin Jim Gibson Paul Griffith — Secretary Jay Ham Jerry Kollman Ross Newman David O ' Leary — Vice Pres. Weslie Powell • Tim Scott Benny Ward John Young Shirley Acy Billie Daniel Julie DeLucky Vicki Gerson Joanie Glasscock Faith Honold Billie Daniel Allen F. Carter Treasurer Theta Chi Fraternity was founded on April 29, 1864 at Reneselar Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. Theta Chi has continued to carry on the national tradi- tions of unity and brotherhood. This fra- ternity offered its brothers a well diversi- fied social life. Theta Chi has become one of the largest and most respected national fraternities. J AK rdson, Reginald Jones, Tyrone Johnson Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was founded November 17, 1911, at How- ard University, Washington, DC. The founders were Oscar Cooper, Ernest E. Just, Edgar A. Love, and Frank Coleman. The fraternity was founded on the principles of manhood, scholar- ship perseverance, and uplift. 202 Greeks Mac Everett Charles Green Donald Johnson Reginald Jones — treasurer Willie Lee — secretary Roscoe Lewis — Dean ot Edward Milligan — reporter Jerry Richardson A DELL OMEGA. PS " KNIT | p Above: Display for Omega Psi Phi tall rush party. Greeks. . .203 Tau Kappa Epsilon was one of the world ' s largest fraternities with over 310 chapters in the United States and Canada TKE was founded January 10. 1899 at Illinois Wesleyan Univer- sity in Bloomington, Illinois. TKE ' s pri- mary symbol was the equalateral trian- gle which represents the first three chapters of the fraternity. The TKE motto was simple yet complete Tau Kappa Epsilon; the fraternity for Men, the fraternity for life. ' ' TKE takes over at the Homecoming pep rally Or Btenvenu presents TKE with an award from Danny Thomas ' St Jude Children ' s hospital accepted by Charles Preston — President TKE wins intramural championship Greeks J? ; f M in f ,. B Linda Bailey Pam Ballitine Karen Bartlette Mitzi Beebe Paula Behrnes Chuck Bennett Kenny Black Rhonda Box Barbara Cannon Randy Clark JohnConnely LaDonna Crawlord John Creel Dawn DeJean Mario Denys Garland Ebanks Carol Eddy Mark Foster Dean Gulley Keith Hinckley Walter Hogan De ' Ette Hughes Michelle Ivansvich Debbie LeBlanc Joe Mathinie Mary Mettvin Danny McKenny Rene McWaters Gayle Nichols John Page Susan Parker Charles Preston Sonny Rambin Ray Royalty Ernie Rutledge Winn Simonton Tim Sinor Curtis Shelton Karen Smith Mike Terry Mike Waguespack Steve Walker Greeks .205 Greek Gods and Goddesses Hi Greeks m 9hP Groups owvw Potpourri Encounters Severe Financial Problems The POTPOURRI staff encountered difficulties from the very beginning. In the spring of 1 978 a POTPOURRI referen- dum was voted on for a $2.50 fee increase. This would have been the second fee increase in thirty years. The referendum failed by six votes. In the fall, the publishing company ' s costs increased, while the enrollment of NSU students decreased. These factors, each great setbacks to the POTPOURRI budget, meant " Something had to go! " After several hours of discussing the problem, a solution was found — cut pages, cut index, and cut the number of books printed. Even though the POTPOURRI ' S financial outlook was grim, the staff worked with enthusiasm. At the usual " registration madhouse " staff members began making appointments for class pictures. The staff attended the Associated Collegiate Press Con- vention in Houston, Texas. Colleges and universities from all over the nation attended the ACP Convention. The staff learned of the newest journalistic yearbook techniques. The 1977-78 POTPOURRI received a second class rating by the National Scholastic Press Association. Left: Michael Gallien — POTPOURRI Editor. Below: Mr. Ezra Adams — Adviser Groups. . .2 11 ■■r lll Above Section Editors: Candace Boyd, Administration, Frankie Singletary, Organizations; Karlette Metoyer, Greeks and Classes. Tina Beaham. Managing Editor and the Distinguished Right John Young, Photographer; Kristy Towry and Bob McKellar, Apprentices. Groups Groups 213 Current Sauce: The Student Voice of Northwestern ' The CURRENT SAUCE is the official publication of the student body of Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana. The newspaper is entered as second class matter at the Natchitoches Post Office under an act of March 3, 1 879. CURRENT SAUCE is published every Tuesday during the fall and spring semesters with the exception of holidays and testing periods and bi- weekly during the summer semesters. It is printed at the Natchitoches Times, Highway 1 , Natchitoches, Louisiana. Above Tom Barton — Business Manager Above Steve Crews — Advertising Opposite Page Sitting Donna Schonfeld. Karen Carr. Debbie Page. Linda LaRoux. Karen Sandifer Standing Mr Presson. Charles Reed, Steve Crews. Tom Barton. Doug Ireland Groups 215 Editor-in-Chief: Debbie Page Business Manager Tom Barton Advertising: Steve Crews News Editors: Karen Carr Linda LaRoux Karen Sanditer Donna Schonfeld Sports Editor: Doug Ireland Cartoonist: Jamie Sanders Photography: Tim Hopson Sharon Miller Faculty Advser Mr. Presson Above Right: Donna reading over article Above: Karen receiving a news letter Right: Doug writing sports information Groups News Bureau Aids Potpourri The News Bureau provided the POTPOURRI with news releases about the events happening on campus. Also, it supplied the staft with informa- tion to aid in writing copy tor the year- book. Top: Jim Johnson — Assistant Director of Divi- sion of Informational Services. Bottom: Jerry Pierce — Director of Informational Services. Groups. 217 NSU Photo Lab Rusty Bretthauer, Phil Milan, Don Sepulvado, Donnell Spurgeon, Danny McCowen 218 Groups Photo Lab Covers University The photography lab supplies all the departments on cam- pus, the news bureau, and the POTPOURRI with an endless supply of pictures. The photographers attend all school func- tions to take pictures for the university. Left: NSU Head Photographer — Don Sepulvado. Center Left: Rusty Bretthauer. Center Right: Danny McCowen. Groups .219 Demon 91— KNWD-FM KNWD-FM selected a new slogan, Demon 91 — KNWD-FM. A new for- mat was also adopted in the fall, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., playing mainly Top 40 music and the disc jockey had the option to play music of his choice. In late spring of 1978, KNWD spon- sored a radiothon for the St. Jude ' s Children ' s Hospital in Memphis, Ten- nessee. The radiothon lasted 48 hours and KNWD ended the campaign at the Town House Disco in Natchitoches. The final tally was $3522.52. During the fall of 1 978, KNWD spon- sored a 36 hour Muscular Distrophy Radiothon. They closed the MD drive at Cane River Company with the total of $1000. KNWD broadcasted remote at the NSU Vocational Exploration Day to attract high school students to North- western. KNWD began live action coverage on campus activities such as, the Kappa Alpha Boxing Tournament, the Kappa Sigma Charity Bowl, and vari- ous Intramural sports. Above Seated Don Van Speybroeck. Stephanie Betner, B J, Brown. Kathy Willis. Cathy Gres- ham, Becky Nutall. Don Cooper Kneeling: Larry Wiley. Anthony Butler, Eddie Milhgan Standing: Clifton Bolgiano, Lisa Kimball, Tim Sinor. Wade Hampton. Kelly Grandy. Dave LaVere, Tina La Caze. Dan Nance. Richard Fillet Groups Above: Tim Sinor — Music Director, Dan Nance — General Manager, Clifton Bolgiano tor, Richard Fillet — Business Manager Not Shown Will Shingleton — Chief Engineer. Program Direc- Groups . . 221 Above Row 1 : Cindy Totten, Cecil Burns. Jackie Dees. Sonya Rozeman Row 2 Dr Christine Pickering, Jerry VanHoosen. Allen Ford. Kathy Brown. Sheila Womack, Sally Vaught Row 3 Sandra Serio. Becky Sullivan, Billy Ray Gingles. Jack Buker. Kelly Gandy Students Support Argus In the spring of 1978 N.S.U. students showed their support of Argus by passing a referendum that gave Argus the finan- cial support necessary to produce a high-quality multi-media magazine. Editor Allen Ford and the Argus staff produced a magazine which included photography, music, art, poetry, and prose submitted by N.S.U. students. All students were given the opportunity to contribute to the magazine, and stu- dents were often successful in the Southern Literary Festival. Staff members and contributors to prior editions of Argus who were award-winners included Richard N. Fletcher, Edith M. Harris, and Robert Fontenot. Editor of the 1978 edition, Allen Ford, received a second place rating at the Louisiana College Writers ' Conference for his contributions to Argus. 222 Groups The SGA broke all former bill passing records during 1 978. They presented more bills than any other Northwestern SGA in NSU history. All executive powers of the SGA are vested in the Execu- tive Committee which was composed of elected officers. SGA, the basic campus organization, was invested with the responsibility of speaking for the entire student body. The SGA supervised and coordinated student activities and sought to provide the proper collegiate academic and social medium. Most importantly, it served as a link between the students and the administration. i Above Terry McCarry — Commissioner of Elections, John McKellar — President, Shirley LeDuff — Public Relations, Vicki A. Williams — Secretary, Alton Burkhalter — Treasurer, Lorie Boley — Assistant Secretary, Jamie Sanders — Vice-President. Groups . Above: Row 1 : Donna Bray, Trey Bradley, Kelly Crowell Row 2: Green Horton, Tom Barton, Mark Foster, Lane Pittard Row 3: Danny Boy- ette, Jeft Lyons, Aubrey Alexander. Right SG A senators discuss university prob- lems 224 Groups Left: Leon Potter talks to high school students at Vocational Exploration Day. Above: " I don ' t believe it! " Left: Debbie Page, Leon Potter, and James Mitc- hell concentrate on S.G.A. business. Groups . . 225 WCC Forms During the Spring of 1 978 The Warrington Campus Council of Shreveport, was formed during the spring of 1 978. WCC was organized to represent the student body concern- ing non-academic affairs of Warring- ton Campus. Above Pam Beavers — Commissioner of Elections. Suasan Barker — Vice-President, Donna Bray — President, Patty Akins — Secretary, Nell Jaber — Trea- surer 226 Groups Top: Row 1 : Helene Blankenbaker, Katie Holmes, Vicky Ledet. Row 2: Pitty Cathey, Cyndi Stewart, Donna Bray, Neal Jaber. Row 3: Pamela Beavers, Susan Mandeville, Gary Smith, Ginger Slack, Andrea Kipples, Katie Leslie, Sandy Barke, Patty Adkins, Catherine Crawtord, Cynthia Brasselle, Debbie Gwin. Left: Katherine Crawford, Susan Mandeville, Clara Gates — Faculty Advisors. Above Right: Dr. R. Galloway speaking at WCC meeting. Groups SUGB Contributes toNSU The Student Union Governing Board is the governing body of the NSU Union. The SUGB contributed to the social, recreational, cultural, and edu- cational development of the students, faculty, and alumni through programs and services conducted by the mem- bers and the committees. Above Representatives Row 1 Donna Brumley. Melinda Palmore. Maxine Harrison. Julie Thibodeaux Row 2: Jim Godwin. Rick Dubois. Alan Smith. 228 Groups The Big Name Entertainment Com- mittee sponsored the Con-Funk-Shun concert. The Christmas testival con- cluded with Louisiana ' s LaRoux, and featured Starbuck and Crimson Tide. The Cinema Focus provided movies of various types, " Gone With the Wind " , " Smokey and the Bandit, " " A Star Is Born, " " The Silver Streak, " and " Which Way Is Up. " The Lagniappe Committee offered free disco lessons. Top: Committee Chairmen: Christolyn Turner — Social Activities, Ron Thomas — Big Name Entertainment, Kathy Greshen — Public Rela- tions and Administration, Chuck Reed — Cin- ema Focus, Cammie DeBlieux — Decorations Left: Executive Committee: Row 1 : Maggie Hor- ton — Secretary, Dana Roth — Treasurer, Cammie DeBlieux — Program Editor Row 2: Ron Thomas — Vice-President, Mike Alost — President, Mr Wilson — Advisor, Dale Sibley — Vice-President of Programs Above Right Wesley Thomas, Jr award tor Out- standing Service to SUGB Groups Above: Row 1 : Jerry Adams, Robert Chauvin, Weslie Powell, Bennie Ward, Kenny Cox. Row 2: Stanley Rhodes, Greg Balllo, Mike Waguespack, John Connally, Elton Wade, Reginald Jones, Scott Harville, James Perry, Gary Pennington, John Law. Row 3: Chuck Preston, Randal Wyatt, Kevin Chatelain, Jerry Richardson, Otis Taylor, Jeffrey Thomas, James Bowie, Sam Hoffman, Mark Rachal, Albert Morton. IFC Sponsors Bus Caravan The Interfraternity Council sponsored a bus caravan to the NSU-Northeast game at Monroe. The IFC chartered 3 buses, with the tickets selling for $1 0. Above: Row 1 : Jo Kay Adams, Vickie Kitchin, Vanessa Davis, Cindy Hall, Peggy Gillham, Julie Johnson, Mr. Robert Wilson. Row 2: Jackie Phillips, Mary Lyn Bartek. Rene Bose, Claudia Blanchard, Kathy Thompson. Row 3: Candi Bagley, Becky Wood. Michelle Jeanmard, Helen Hubley Panhellenic Council Presents Dean ' s Award The Panhellenic Council presented the Phi Mu sorority with The Panhellenic Council serves in conjunction with the Pan- the Dean ' s Award for the Outstanding sorority. Pi Mu was also Hellenic Council and the Interfraternity Council to encourage presented the Panhellenic Award for the highest scholastic communication and cooperation among all Greeks, average. Groups . . 231 Blue Key Reaches Out for NSU Above: Row 1: Landy Hall, Ted Duggan, Mike Fyler, Gary Conlay. Tom Williams. Lisa Breaz- Sweethearl, Dale Sibley. John Wartelle, Tom Barton. Billy " C " Culbert. Fred Bosarge Row 2 Mike Alost. Leslie Thompson, David Waskom. Dee Lloid, Jerry Lewallen, Charles Reed, Alan Lilley. Thomas Killeen Blue Key National Honor Fraternity serves NSU by hosting many NSU tunctions. One ot their many services to NSU students is year-round tutor- ing. Blue Key works to better North- western as a whole. They work to serve the college and their fellow students. To become a member, one must be a member and officer in at least two campus organi- zations, an over-all 2.6 academic aver- age, a junior standing and 90% affirm- ative vote of the chapter. Above Officers: Charles E. Reed, Correspondence Secretary; Lisa Breazeale, Blue Key Sweetheart; John Wartelle. Secretary-Treasurer; Jerry Lewallen, President; Fred Bosarge, Advisor. 232 Groups Purple Jackets Serve NSU The Purple Jackets, the women ' s honorary service organization, pur- pose was to develop strong character, high ideals and constructive purpose by cooperative service in group organ- ization, and to meet every responsibil- ity and assignment placed with the group by the college administration, faculty and student body. Above: Row 1: Tammy Gauthier, Claudia Blanchard, Debbie Rodriguez, Laura Jenkins, Lisa Breazeale, Beth Morrow, Rhonda Baham, Tonya Allen, Jennifer Carr, Kathy Farr, Dana Roth, Cindy Hall. Row 2: Beverly Smith, Kathy Schatfer, Diane McKellar, Mary Lyn Bartek, Juli Breazeale, Linda Schaffer, Charlene Miller, Joan Johnson, Victoria Kitchen, Becky Wood, Angela Garris, Helen Hubley, Jane Ray, Diane Sweasy, Betty Ford, Danelle Dupree, Susan Davis, Rose Marie Sliman, Cindy Smith. . Groups Phi Eta Sigma Honors Outstanding Men Phi Eta Sigma, the honorary academic organization for men, promoted superior scholastic performance in N.S.U. students. Members were required to maintain 3.5 scholastic grade point averages. Members of the 78-79 chapter of Phi Eta Sigma were: Row 1 : James Mitchell, Grady Cook, Donnie Harrison. Row 2: Tommy Plunkett, Charles Bennett, Benny Barridge (Sponsor), Charles Reed. f m ' -± | I 1 m A. Campus Leaders Join Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta honored female students at N.S.U. who maintained 3.5 grade point averages. The officers elected in May were June Sellers (Presi- dent), Mary Slusher (Vice-President), Debra John- son (Treasurer), and Terri Hughes (Historian). Mem- bers of Alpha Lambda Delta were: Row 1 : Jamie Prince, Terri Hughes, Amie Clifford, Julie Parker, Debra Johnson, June Sellers, Beth Nicolle, Sadie Scott. Row 2: Beth Wright, Debra Nolley, Emelda Gongre, Melinda Posey, Cammie DeBlieux, Pam Knecht, Renee Bose, Velma Vela Hines. Row 3: Bar- bara Gillis (Sponsor), Becky Adcock, Gretchen Grif- fin, Germaine Jackson. 234 Groups Pi Omega Pi Prepares Business Students Pi Omega Pi, the national honorary fraternity for business students, was open to students who maintained a 3.0 grade point average in all business subjects and a 2.0 grade point aver- age in all other subject areas. The purpose of this organization was to maintain the ideals of scholarship, progress, service, and high ethi- cal standards in business and professional life. Club members were: Above: Row 1 : Sarah Wil- liams (Sponsor), Amy Hyams, Carmen Harris, Barbara Harris. Row 2: Jackie Giesey, Lester Clemmens, Margaret Hennigan, Clara Ray. Officers were: Left: Carmen Harris (Publicity Chairman), Amy Hyams (Vice-President), Mar- garet Hennigan (President), Clara Ray (Trea- surer). Groups . Mu Alpha Theta Provides Free Tutoring Mu Alpha Theta, Northwestern ' s organization for students majoring in mathematics and related fields, provided free tutoring services for students having difficulties in math classes. Members included: Diedra Baldwin, Karen May- eaux, Mary Giddens, Rosiland Peterson, Vicki Gallien, Gwen Peterson, Hal Jennings, Kathleen Burk (Sponsor). Sigma Alpha lota Promotes Music Sigma Alpha lota, the honorary frater- nity for musicians, strived to promote music in America and in foreign coun- tries Members held at least fifteen aca- demic hours in music and maintained a 3.0 grade point average in all music courses. Members were: Carol Lunsford, Deborah Shepherd, Brenda Lowe, Rosey Scarlato, Vickie Corley. Groups Kappa Delta Pi Hears Lecture Kappa Delta Pi, a national honor fraternity tor students majoring in Education, encouraged high profes- sional, intellectual, and per- sonal standards in Education. Members were initiated at the invitation of the department. At left: Dr. Millard Bienvenu spoke to Kappa Delta P i mem- bers on " OK-ness in Teach- ing. " Psi Chi Sets High Standards Psi Chi, the national honor society in the field of Psychol- ogy, strived to promote Psy- chology and encouraged excellence in its members. Members were: Row 1 : Terry Brooks, Beverly Morgan, Maurice Lesser, Randy Ste- phens. Row 2: Donald Gates (Sponsor), Dennis O ' Leary, Joseph Doughty. Row 3: Hurst Hall (Sponsor), Doug Cole, Robert Breckenridge, Scuddy Fontenelle. Groups . . . 237 238 Groups Sigma Delta Chi Hosts Banquet Northwestern State University ' s chapter ot the Society ot Pro- fessional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi, was open for member- ship to journalism majors in their junior or senior year. The pur- pose of Sigma Delta Chi was to promote journalism as a career and maintain the high standards of journalism. Sigma Delta Chi sponsored the annual " Meet the Press " banquet on November 9, with Mrs. Jean Otto as the featured speaker. Elected the first woman president-elect of the National Society of Professional Journalists, Mrs. Otto served as editor of the Op Ed Page of the Milwaukee Journal. Membership, Spring 1978-Spring 1979, included the follow- ing students: Charlene Blume, James Calhoun, Linda Chechar, Colleen Cook, Jan Daiy, Jackie Dees, Marty Duncan, Phyllis Folse (president, Fall 78), Angela Garris, Judith Green, Cathy Harrington, Edith Harris, Helen Hubley, Ken Landry, Shirley LeDuff, Peggy Lewis, Sharon Miller, Colette Oldmixon (presi- dent, Spring 78), Debra Page, Dale Richmond, Karen Sandifer, Donna Schonfeld, Ron Thomas, Bruce Watkins, and Barbara Williams. Professor Ezra Adams was chapter adviser. Far Left: Members of Sigma Delta Chi: Phyllis Folse, Helen Hubley, Jan Daiy, Jackie Dees, Angie Garris, Shirley LeDuff, Ron Thomas. Left: Mrs. Jean Otto, speaker at the " Meet the Press " banquet. Below: Denise Lewis, center, was named Outstanding Journalism graduate at N.S.U. She is shown with Dr. Richard Galloway, V-P of Student Affairs, and Colette Oldmixon, SDX president in the spring, 1 978. Groups ... 239 Foreign Language Students Join Alpha Mu Gamma Alpha Mu Gamma was formed for students of foreign Lan- guages. Members maintained 3.0 grade point averages in all courses of foreign language. Members were:. Above: Row 1: Rosemarie Basco, Shirley LeDuff, Sonya Bozeman, Tammy Gauthier. Row 2: Agatha Newitt (Sponsor), Hedi Russell, Dr. Schroeder (Sponsor), Amie Clif- ford Row 3: Kim Todd, Kevin Broussard, Stephanie Borner, J. D. Banks, Walter Fairbanks. Offi- cers were: Right: Kevin Brous- sard (Secretary), Dr. Schroeder (Sponsor), Rosemarie Bascoe (Vice-President), Walter Fair- banks (President). 240 Groups University Players Present ' Happy Days Above: Members of The University Players were: Row 1: Kevin Broussard, Tina Manry, Rudy Bertrand, Debbie Minturn, Cynda Simmons, Buddy Durham. Row 2: Leigh Wood, Jamie Sanders, Angela Bacca, Richard Rudd, Ric Mason, Sally Levasseur, Deah Gulley, Cindy Totten, Tina LaCaze, David Whetnal, Bruce Wat- kins. Row 3: Ronnie Williams, Paul Shelton, Ray Schexneider, Keith Thompson, Mike Atkins. Left: Debbie Minturn performs in The University Players ' presenta- tion of " Happy Days. " Groups . Delta Psi Kappa Initiates New Members Delta Psi Kappa was an honor- ary society for female students majoring in Physical Education, Health Education, and Recrea- tion Members of the ' 78-79 Chapter were: Above: Row 1 : Sheila Creudeur, Rachael Spencer, Linda Jones, Kay Mat- thews. Row 2: Jannan Courtney, Michelle Perron, Mary Sonnier, Danielle Dupree, Brenda Stiles, Belinda Morris, Diana Cary, Col- leen Lancaster (Sponsor), Kath- erine Kees. Initiates were: RighLRow 1: Michelle Perron, Linda Jones, Mary Sonnier. Row 2: Danielle Dupree, Rachael Spencer, Sheila Creudeur, Kay Matthews. Groups Tri Beta — A Biological Society Members of Tri Beta, the honor society for students interested in biology and Perkins, Ricky Brown, Grady Cook, Charlie Viers (Sponsor), Mary Cook. Row related fields, were: Row 1 : Eunice Cook, Tracy Miller, Angela Wetherington, 4: John Worley, Charles Reed, Frankie McClendon, Jim Smith, Ron Kolodziej. Karen Murphy, Candace Boyd Row 2: Karl Kruse, Dwayne Kruse (Sponsor), Susan Laborde. Becky Johnson, Jeannine Angle, Marjorie Bull. Row 3: Chris Phi Epsilon Kappa Promotes Recreation Members of Phi Epsilon Kappa, the honor society for male stu- ley, Randy Bonnette, Terry Kellum, David Parish. Row 2: Ronnie dents majoring in Physical Education, Health Education, and Ware, Frank Rule, Ricci Hicks, Glenn Carlson, John Melone, Recreation, were: Row 1 : Jerry Warren, Kim Johnson, Ace Hur- Roy Gentry (Sponsor). Groups . . . 243 Home Economists Join KOO Kappa Omicron Phi was Northwestern ' s honorary professional organization for home economists. Members of the 78-79 chapter were: Above Row 1 Grace Wilson, Pam Davis Row 2: Diane Thompson. Donna Wemberly, Kathy Breedlove. Mary Cook, Deborah Martin, Anna Rawlins, Carolyn Evans. Kappa Omicron Phi officers were: Right: Row 1 Debo- rah Martin, Laura Jenkins, Grace Wilson. Row 2: Kathy Breedlove, Lone Boley Row 3 Carolyn Evans Beta Gamma Psi Honors Accounting Students Beta Gamma Psi was an honorary profes- sional society for students majoring in accounting. Its purposes were to encourage and develop high moral and professional standards, to propagate a sense of respon- sibility and service in its members, to encourage and recognize scholastic achievement in the collegiate study of accounting, and to encourage and develop leadership ability in its members. Member- ship was limited to accounting majors who had finished or duly enrolled in advanced accounting, whose average grade in accounting was 3.0, and whose over-all average was not less than 2.5. Members of the 78-79 chapter were: Row 1: Carol Gordy, Soma Brossett, Denese Byram, Steve Moran, Will James, Earl Thames (Sponsor). Row 2: Cynthia Spears, David Waskom, Gary Conlay, Audrey Simpson. Alpha Beta Alpha Recruits Students The purpose of Alpha Beta Alpha was to further the professional knowledge of its members, to promote fellowship, to provide wholesome recreation and to serve as a recruiting agency for librarianship. Members of the national coeducational undergradu- ate Library Science Fraternity were: Row 1 : Carol McClaugherty, Cindy Marcott. Row 2: Cindy Zulick, Kay Matthews, Marcie Obsit- nick. Groups . . . 245 BSU Hosts After-Game Fellowships The Baptist Student Union, located on Col- lege Avenue, provided many activities for N.S.U. students, including after-game fellow- ships, a spaghetti dinner, and a haunted house. Above Members of the executive council were: Row 1 : Sharon Spencer, Lon Cournoyer, Linda Miguez, Delaine Brown, Dana English. Stephanie Shaw Row 2: Kim John- son. Gerald Dyess. Kathy Breedlove, Jackie Hawkins, Tim Tolar, Liz Hooper, Bill Goodger. Larry Wiley. Right: Members of the freshman council were: Row 1 : Mike Strange. Melissa Wiegand. Stephanie Scroggins. Row 2: Janet Soar. Toni Middleton. Marlene Quattlebaum, Lynda Rice 246 Groups Wesley — An Extension of the Methodist Church The Methodist Church became a part of the N.S.U. campus through the Wesley Foundation. Through its facilities on College Avenue, stu- dents were able to meet each other. The fellowship that students experi- enced helped the Wesley Founda- tion to fulfill its purpose, fostering the spiritual, religious, educational, and social needs of students. Above Left: Wesley Foundation Officers: Bob Townsend, Shirley Acey, Robert Nugent, Janice Rogers, Becky Wood, and Mary Rog- ers. Above Right: Campus Minister Bob Town- send. Left: Students enjoy Christian fellowship at the Wesley Foundation Groups NSU Home Economic Assn. Attend National Meeting Nine members from the NSU Home Economics Association attended the 1 978 national meeting that was held in New Orleans. Louisiana in the sum- mer The convention was one week long Over 200 sponsors, such as Johnson and Johnson and General Electric had displays Right Officers Standing Deborah Martin, President Seated Row 1 Laura Jenkins, 1st Vice President, Grace Wilson. Secretary Row 2: Kathy Breedlove, Parliamentarian, Carolyn Evans. 2nd Vice President, Liz Hooper, Historian Row 3 Lone Boley. Reporter; Marie Camors, Treasurer Above Row 1 : Kathy Breedlove, Debbie Martin, G3yle Jones. Laura Jenkins, Liz Hooper, Marie Lemoine, Trudy Melancon, Maren Picard, Linda Williams. Row 2 Anita Weaver, Grace Wilson. Carrie Harris, Marie Comors, Angela Jergens. Lorie Boley. Barbara Venson. Row 3: Mrs. Margaret Ackel, Scotti Daw- son, Suzanne Pantahon, Tanya Fair. Trudie Oubre, Kathy McMillian, Janice Hargis, Candi Hart, Carolyn Evans, Deborah Martin. Groups Left: Laura studying at Home Management House. Below Left: Girls entertaining guest. Below Right: Members attending meeting at a workshop. Groups . . . 249 Above Row 1 Sujuan Boutte, Linda Shaffer, Judy Long, Victoria Williams, Valine Sledge. Row 2: Mrs. Sadie Thomas, Grace Wilson, Delane Brown, Kathy Scheffer. Kathy Breedlove. Row 3: Mandy LaCroix, Susanne Pantalion, Parti Wooley, Deborah Martin, Sandra Maricle, Julie Dellucky, Carolyn Evans ACUS — Begins First Year . . . The Association for Children Under Six was formed to teach members how to deal with pre-school children. Above Row 1 Connie Bennett, Ann Thompson. Martha Wallace, Debbie Jackson Row 2: Hattie Turner, Janice Fields, Pam Bellot, Leona Whittaker. Row 3 Gma A Dobson. Cindy Brown, Carol McCoy, sponsor, Marsha Graham, Catherine Fowler. Row 4: Felicia Mills, Denise Sweasy, Janell Kue, Spon- sor. Thelma J Wilson, Regena Barne Row 5: Shyrl Caldwill, Bessie Jenkins, Bessie Hamilton, Lisa Wright, Becky Batter. NCAS Promotes Professional Growth The purpose of the National Collegiate Association for ment of young women who are planning to enter the busi- secretanes is to promote professional growth and develop- ness world for a career. ?50 Groups SLAE Stresses Teaching Ethics Student Louisiana Association of Educators, formerly Student Louisiana Teachers ' Association, encouraged a professional attitude on the part of the members, and acquainted them with the ethics of the teaching profession. Left: Officers: Sitting: Mrs. Posey, Diane Floyd, Shelly LeFleur, Mrs. Christensen. Standing: Marie Lemoine, Marjorie Bull, Roger Adams, Dodie Williams, Abby Bordelon. Above: Row 1: Mrs. Fern Christensen — Advisor, Tracey Miller, Dodie Williams, Candi Bagley, Victoria Williams, Terry Green, Susan Parker, Mrs. Mary Lee Posey — Advisor. Row 2: Faith Honald, Mandy LaCroix, Susanne Pantaloin, Vera Robertson, Martha Henderson, Laura Jenkins, Diana Floyd, Kay Matthews. Barbara Crow. Row 3: Marilyn Mitchell, Becky Ruddell, Linda Shaffer, Jill Hyatt, Abby Bordelon, Marlene Quattlebaum, Robert Garrett, Marie Lamome, Julie Dellucky, Roger Adams, Kathy Scheffer, Valine Sledge, Jana Lincecum, Alison Little, Janet Zappone, Helen Crump, Peggy Gilham, Ginger Robertson, Shelly LeFleur, Carolyn Silman, Barbara Matthews, Susan Adnon, Marjorie Bull, Jane Brown, Sharon Harris, Becky Wood, Gwen Peterson, Barbara Jones. Groups .251 The Association for Computing machinery promotes an increased knowledge of the science, design, development, construction, lan- guages, and application of modern machinery. Above Row 1 Linda Venson. Cindy Antee. Carta Lee. Deborah Nolley. Adam Umar Row 2: Mary Giddens. Clara Harris. Amy Giaco. Clara Ray. Amir Ettefagh, Terry Smith. John Palmer, David Hammon Right Officers Clara Ray — Public Relations. Cindy Antee — Vice-President, Terry Smith — President. Dr Umar — Sponsor, Amy Giaco — Secretary-Treasurer Groups SAM Stresses Art and Science of Management The Society for Advancement of Management stressed the art and sci- ence of management for those per- sons interested. SAM was a national honorary society which strived to pro- vide a bridge between the classroom and the actual world of business in order to give its members a better understanding of tasks to come. Above: Row 1 : Linda Jones, Maxine Summers, Henrietta Brown, Carol Gordy, Debbie Johnson, Shirley Acy. Row 2: Terri Hughes, Larry Hani- see, Steve Hudson, John Inzer, Sonia Brossett. Abby Bordelon. Row 3: Bill Humpreys, Susan Poimboeut, Agnes Wolfe, Mary Gallien, Audrey Simpson. Row 4: Ernest Reeves, Kathy Miller, Jeffrey Totten, Richard McGowan, Angel Rig- gens, James Miller, Asif Masood, Mrs Anders. Row 5: Roger Adams, Anual Jackson, Lane Pit- tard, John Jordan, Jim Hoops Row 6: Fred Jackson, Maurice Hall, Bob Shillcut, Mike Fyler Above: Officers: Debbie Johnson, Larry Hanisee. Mike Fyler, Steve Hudson Groups . .253 NAACP . . . ' Building a Stronger Foundation ' The National Association for the Advancement of Colorea People works toward " Building a Stronger Foundation. " The colors are red, black, and green, symbolizing the blood, the people and the land The symbol is the balance which sym- bolizes equality The NAACP was founded in 1909 Its purpose is to help the citizens of the community and to try to improve the condi- tions under which people are forced to work, to live, and to obtain an education Chairmen Committee Ann Derry, Social Activities; Linda Pittman, Cafeteria, Stanley Rhodes. Housing; Emma Davis, Membership Research; Otis Taylor, Pub- licity Decoration, Patricia Sanders, Fraternity Sorority; Robbie Lee, Grievance Committee. Row 1 Karlette Metoyer. Linda Pittman. Asalee Jones. Belinda Turner, Thelma Lah ' r, Vannester Taylor. Shirley Stewart. Penny Marshall. Cassandra Brown. Jewell Crow Row 2 Marsha Graham. Rosaylyn Adams. Henrietta Brown. Susan Bowers. Junear Leshay. Emma Davis. Linda Walker. Juanita Bogan. Gisele Proby. Gwen Arthur, Linda Wright Row 3 Sheila Thompson, Sepora Prelow. Anne Derry. Mary Jackson. Phyllis Jones. Evelyn Ashley, Patricia Sanders, Isloe Waters, Robbie Lee. Diane Murray Row 4 Ronald Gordon, Otis Taylor, Stanley Rhodes. Robert Gordon 254 Groups IE Club Promotes Interest in Their Field The Industrial Education Club worked to unite students majoring or minoring in Industrial Arts. The IE Club sought to develop an active interest among the members in industrial life and methods of production and dis- tribution. The development of Indus- trial Arts Education in Louisiana was one of the many purposes of the IE Club. Above: Row 1: Henry Troquille, David Whetnall, Vivian Dean, Dr. Tom Eppler. Row 2: Eugene Tsai, James Cates III, Danny McCowen, Howard Liao. Row 3: Michael Bergeran, Dennis Tyler, Huey Robertson. Above: Henry Troquille, President; Dennis Tyler, Secretary-Treasurer; David Whetnall, Vice-President Groups 255 ROTC Ranks in Nationwide Competition The Reserve Officers Training Corps at NSU received awards at the Third ROTC Region Advanced Summer Camp in Fort Riley. Kansas During the 1978 summer, the Northwestern ROTC unit ranked 18th among the 120 colleges and universities which were rated for overall military performance. Right Color Guard Chuck Bennett, Pam Bellot. June Sellers, Jay Breyer Below Hand-to-hand combat Bottom Junior Class Training 256 Groups Groups . . 257 Black Knights Kneeling Donald Jackson. Tim Self. Weslie Powell. John Young Standing Arthur Smalley — Commander. Willie Lee. Patrick Crowder, Billy Evans. Joesph Roque. Alton Daniels, Tyon Sparks. Matthew Brooks 258 Groups Groups . . . 259 SPA Open to Student Personnel Service Majors The Student Personnel Association had the dual aims of promoting the professional growth of students major- ing in Student Personnel Services at NSU. and of seeking to maintain close rapport and good relations between these students, their instructors, and the practicing NSU student personnel workers with whom the students were associated. Right Charles Britain. Bonnie Outlaw, Doug Norns. Flo Cran. W Scott Nalley. Becky Brown, Joyce Deason. Cammille Hawlhorne SNA Prepares Nursing Majors for Career The purpose of Student Nurses Association is to aid in the preparation of student nurses for the assumption of their profes- sional responsibilities. Above Seated Francis Roberts. Pam Palmer — Secretary. Melmda Posey — Treasurer. Martha Williams — President. Wendy Cox — Vice-President. Donna Sebren — Publicity Chairman Standing Debra LaBlanc. Valerie Miller. Marlene Mosely. Becky Nuttall. Manette Miller, Sherrie Talley 260 Groups Ag Club Hosts FFA Day The Future Farmers of America Day was hosted by the Ag. Club. The FFA Day attracted high school FFA Clubs trom all over the state. The FFA mem- bers participated in several contests, such as soil judging, parliamentary procedure, and cow judging. The annual rodeo, hosted by the NSU Agriculture Club drew both NSU students and people trom the commu- nity. The NSU Ag. Club is a national fra- ternity to promote interest and pride in Agriculture as a profession. Above: Row 1 : Sam Misuraca, Ronnie Dunn, Pam Blake, Linda Coco, Linda Guffis, Sue Ebert Row 2: James Braxton, Richard Farley, Casey Fradella, Ronnie Powell, Greg Howell, John Parker Row 3: Jack Pace. Groups 261 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Develops Spirit Pi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, a national fra- ternity, worked to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members. Pi Mu Alpha worked to advance the cause of music in America, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, and to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. Above Row 1 : John Jackson, Kevin Broussard. Hal Jennings, Mike Williams, Eddy Clement. Row 2: William A. Trusty, Archie Jones, Jr., Keith Thompson, John Doolitlle Row 3 Troy Corley, Robert Nugent, James Swett 262 Groups bove Row 1 : Raymond L. Christensen — Sponsor; Al Carr, Rodney Sowalskie. Row 2: Randy Walker, Malcolm Hollinsworth, Eugene Edwards. Row 3: Chris Hunte, Finley Jones, Jim Easley — Vice-Chalrman, Will Shingleton — Chairman. IEEE — Affiliate of National Institute of Electrical Engineers The NSU IEEE Student Branch, an affiliate of the National cal engineering, electronics, radio and allied branches of engi- nstitute of Electrical Engineers, organized for the purpose of neering, and for disseminating the knowledge and practice of advancing professional development of the students of electri- these fields of endeavor. ASA Exchange Art Ideas The Association of Student Artists exchanged art ideas and exposed the inside stories of the art. The ASA presented film presenta- tions of different aspects of art-related fields, button sales, and car washes. Left: David Whetnall — Treasurer, Marie Hebert — President, Gwen Snyder — Secretary, Al Lavalais — Vice-President. Groups 263 0BA Stimulates Interest in Business Phi Beta Lambda was organized to develop competent, aggressive busi- ness leadership, and create more interest and understanding in the intel- ligent choice of business occupations. Right Abby Bordelon — Reporter, Debbie Johnson — Secretary, Cindy Chatelain — Trea- surer, Lester Clements — President, James Wesley — Vice-President Above Row 1 Felicia Mills, Cindy Chatelain, Debbie Johnson, Amy Hyams, Mrs Elise James Row 2 Fay Thomas. Angel Riggens, Denise Rhone. Gina Dob- ton. Margaret Hinnigan, Abby Bordelon, Connie Bennett, Becky Cannon Row 3 Lester Clements, James Wesley 264 Groups Society of Physics Students Promotes Physical Sciences The Society of Physics Students dedicated time and effort to the advancement of the physical sciences. Physics majors and minors were eli- gible for membership. Above: Gwen Peterson, Tim Tolar, Dennis Boyd Rosalind Peterson, Dr. R. E. Miller, Roger Long Dr. Robert Roger. Left Officers Rosalind Peterson. Dennis Boyd. Groups . . 265 Angels Support Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Alpha Angels promote the growth of Alpha Phi Alpha Fra- ternity as they put forth time and effort to serve the commu- nity This organization was enlarged when thirty-two girls pledged during the Spring 1 978. I Xm JLq Row 1 Linda Walker. LeWanda Stmson. Linda Tolliver, Juanita Bogan. Hazel Guidry. Rosalyn Adams, Barbara Chew. Diane Adams Row 2: Asalee Jones. Gmetta Williams, Patricia Sanders. Linda Cooksey, Lorraine Johnson, Gail Williams. Phyllis Jones, Victoria Williams Pearls Work to Better Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Omega Psi Phi Pearls unite to support the Omega Psi Phi Frater- nity. Much time is devoted by the young women to promote this fra- ternity. Row 1 Tonnette Sabbath, Mattie Whitley, Barbara Eldndge. Linda Jones Row 2 Debra Holden. Gwen Lava- lais, Felicia Mills Row 3 Linda Pitre. Thelma Wilson, Mary Jackson 266 Groups Vomen ' s FCA — First Year in Existence The Women ' s Fellowship of Christian Athletes was tormed i the Fall of 1 978. The purpose was to confront athletes and oaches with the challenge and adventure of accepting 9sus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The members were: ow 1 : Lynn Martin, Becky Brown, Renetta Judice, Karen Briggs. Row 2: Cindy Wigely, Helen LeFevre, Coach Pam Carey, Coach Belinda Morse, Mary Sonmier, Betty Perkins, Lisa Thompson, Row 3: Babette Cramer, Carla Bendo, Dianna Cary, Mary Humphrey, Linda Jones, Karla Thomas, Teresa Long, Jill Hyatt. CA Challenges Athletes and Coaches The Men ' s Fellowship of Christian Athletes had the same urpose as the women ' s organization. The members were: ow 1 : Kelvin Fee, Major Lytton, Mike Brey. Row 2: Coach im Miller, Lanny Spence, David Causey, Randy Wagley, Ray anglois, Chris Craighead, Fred Galloway, JackSerpas. Row : Jerry Lewallen, Ben Loper, Jack Brittain, Bruce Bickham, Robert Brown, Gregg Waddell, Keith Roeten, Tony Fakess, Ted Martin, Allen Kinley. Row 4: Coach Tommy Cannon, Moose Lane, Mike Fyler, Mike Hoops, Jody Blackwell, Bobby Hebert, David Evans, Johnny Skinner, Jim Hoops, Jeff Mar- chefski, Coach Durwood Duke. Groups. • .267 ACS Instills Professional Pride The American Chemical Society fos- tered a protessional spirit among its members and instilled a professional pride m chemistry The ACS gave the NSU chemistry students an opportu- nity to become better acquainted. Right ACS members at a parly Below I did not know that had anything to do with chemistry 1 " Row 1 Dr Thomas Griffith. Dr Paul Bngnac. Patli Wooley. Laura Jenkins. Sheryl White. Suzanne Tarver. Carolyn Dean Row 2 Kenneth Stevens. Dr Wayne Gum — Advisor. Ricky Brown. Portia Spivey. Chuck Reed. Tammy Roque. Maxine Harrison, Suzanne McLain 268 Groups Psychology Club Attracts Students Members of the Psychology Club were: Row 1: Tommy Alio, Carrol Marr, Beverly Morgan, Alex Herrero, David Shade, Mark Middlebrooks, Liza Nascarella, Clara Harris, Aragon Pilar, Herb Bennerfield. Row 2: Valerie Cook, Donald Gates, Terry Brooks, Jo Kay Adams, Joseph Doughty, Maurice Lesser. Row 3: Randy Stephens, Hurst Hall, David Atkins, John Boyle, Scuddy Fontenelle, Stephen Rynick, Pat Kesslak, Randy Logan, Robert Breckenridge, Dennis O ' Leary, Doug Cole, Jim Allen, Tim Werhnalen, Eugemio Lopez-Oirs, Loren Ford. Geological Society Uniting Students and Faculty The purpose of the Geological Society was to exchange ideas among members, faculty and visiting scientists and to sponsor social events. Membership was open to all graduate and undergraduate geology majors and minors and all persons interested in geology. Members were: Row 1 : Jim Roberts, Celeste Lane, Simon Lee. Row 2: Tim McKee, Dr. David Dobbins, Roger Adams, Butch Lee. Groups . . . 269 SNA Sponsors Screening Drives m Hi -T r - ' , • i 2. — j if r iHWltk h ■ i!; r , IE Above Row 1 Andrea Kipples — Treasurer, Allison Barke Row 2: Carol Green, Rebecca Cherry — Faculty Advisor, Katie Holmes, Ann Grosze — President Debra Pl unkett, Denise Foster, Mary Alice Clifton. Row 3: Neal Jaber, Michelle Deaver — Faculty Advisor, Sandy Barke, Mary Mincey — First Vice-President Michael Moore, Cynthia Brasselle — Second Vice-President, Maxine Williams — Recording Secretary, Helene Blankenbaker, Becky Smith The Student Nurses Association at Warrington Campus in Shreveport sponsored screening drives for hypertension, dia- betes and other illnesses. The SNA worked with the Shreveport community to promote optimum health care. The SNA, a preprofessional nurses organization held activi- ties in nursing homes and hospitals. Anthropology Club Sponsors ' Basket Day ' The Anthropology Club at North- western participated in the Natchi- toches Christmas festival when it sponsored " Basket Day " . Basket Day was held in order to give the area Indian tribes a chance to sell hand- made articles to the public. Among the tribes participating were the Coushatta Indians. Right Pam Ferperman. Dr Hiram Gregory, Can- dace Boyd. Melissa Green, Thea Levenhagen, James Matthews, Jon Cox 270 Groups These pictures were not available due to technical prob- lems. Associate Degree Organization of Students Senator arolyn Langford — Senator Senator Swnaton — Senator jaret Gregory — Secretary Hips — President Vice-President Vice-President of Student Affairs Treasurer Groups The Warrington Baptist Student Union sponsored a lunch- eon every Monday. The money raised from these luncheons went to local and international missions. The WBSU held Bible study groups to promote religious participation on Warrington Campus. The WBSU also attended the BSU Convention and went on field trips. Due to late arrival of pictures, the WBSU was not included in the Religious Section. Above Row 1 Ruth Cnder, Carol Green, Pam Beavers, Marilyn Quinney. Row 2 Nelda Sipes, Cleatice Sipes. Denise Foster, Mary Alice Clifton, Mary Mmcey, Nancy Darland. Crystal Moncneffe Not Shown: Renee Witherwax, Mary Ann Turner, Billy Vaughn, Debra Mitchell Above: Directors Nelda Sipes and Cleatice Sipes OpUnUmS In an attempt to hear the opinions of the students of Northwestern, the Potpourri Staff made a random inquiry about their views on these controversial issues: Bob Carries — " I don ' t think they are effective at this moment because I don ' t hear enough from them ' Rima Sellers — " It gives the President a chance to see what the students do and don ' t like. I think it ' s good that the students have a voice. " Do you feel that the SG A is effective in representing the NSU student body? Opinions What improvements, if any, could be made in the area of food service? John Law — " They could clean the utensils better and put more pride in what they do. " Christolyn Turner — " The kind of food that is served and the service in which it is served. " Spunky Ruble — " I think that they should ask the students what they want. They serve the same things, and sometimes they run out of that, which doesn ' t make the students happy ' Delia Sweazie — " Take a poll and see what the students really like instead of serving hamburger all the time. It ' s time for a change. " Melvin Bradley — " There should be improvements, more high- quality foods, and the hours should be different. Students have to eat too early in the evening, and they get hungry again before the night ' s over. " 1 Opinions 275 What is your favorite annual event that takes place at NSU? Why? Vicki Callien — " State Fair. All week long there are so many things to do. The Fair is so exciting. " Camille Hawthorn — " The Christmas Festival. Everybody gets involved and invites friends and families down to see. I like the good concerts. " Kim Haddon — " State Fair! Everybody gets involved and has a good time. " Flo Cran — " Christmas Lights. It celebrates around the birth of Jesus Christ, and it is a nice, peaceful family holiday. It ' s a neat activity. " T V ML Opinions . . . 277 » ' Paul Offerd — " I feel he ' s done a good job. He has shown a genuine interest in the students ' Sheila Smith — " Well, so far it seems like everything is going well. " Opinions 279 1 People owvw 282 Abels, Linda. Goldonna Adams, Roger, Trout Adkms. Carmen. Natchitoches Akin. Jim. Shrevepod Akin, Rosanne. Bellaire. TX Akins, Patricia, Bossier Aldredge. Willie. Many Allen. Bonnie, Circleville, NY Alio. Tommy, Natchitoches Anderson, Shelia, Minden Antee, Cindy. Alexandria Apanowick. Gerry, Pittsburg, PA Ardoin, Curtis. Opelousas Ates. Peggi, Natchitoches Baham. Rhonda, Natchitoches Bailey, Joseph, Natchitoches Baker. LeuLeana, Natchitoches Balthazar. Catherine, Natchez Bamburg, Vicky, Coushatta Barke, James. Shrevepod Barker, Susan. Shrevepod Barnette, Kim, Fernday Barnum, Beverly; Natchitoches Basco, Rosemane; Pineville Bastedo, Elaine; Leesville Battle. Judy; Shrevepod Beaham, Tina; Natchitoches Beal.Shern; Hodge Beavers, Pamela; Shrevepod Beck, Roxie; Natchitoches Bennett, Bobbie; Natchitoches Bennett. Connie; Simpson Bennett. Margaret; Natchitoches Bennett. Rhonda, Baton Rouge Bernard. Donna; Natchitoches Billeadeau, Vivian, Opelousas Bird. Derwin, Shrevepod Birdwell. Charlotte, Natchitoches Birkhead, Glenda, Spring, TX Bivans, Barbara, Glen Burnie, MD Black, Cynthia. Natchitoches Blankenbaker. Helen, Pineville Blume. Charlene; Natchitoches Bogan. Juanita, Alexandria Boley, Lone; Natchitoches Bordelon. Abby; Natchitoches Bose. Debbi. Bossier Brasselle, Cynthia; Metarie Braxton, Charles; Natchitoches Bray. Donna; Shrevepod Breedlove. Marlene, Natchitoches Breedlove, Mary. Shrevepod Bnster, Dawna, Provencal Brittain, Jack; Natchitoches Brossett. Lawrence; Natchitoches Brossett. Soma. Cloutierville Brown, Desiree. Keithville Brown. Jane. Natchitoches Brown, Julia. Natchitoches Brown, Robed. Natchitoches Brumley, Donna. Baker Brunmg. Joyce. Natchitoches Bryant, Lisa, Shrevepod Bryant. Rober. Natchitoches Buddel, Terry. Natchitoches Bull. Maione. Natchitoches Burnett. Jan, Shrevepod Burwell, Roscoe. Natchitoches Busby. Morris. Minden Butler, Gary, Alexandria Classes Graduating Seniors G hew s e a Graduating Seniors 2220220® " ,20 KSHffSE Bynum, Wanda; Shreveport Byram, Denese; Shreveport Camors, Marie; Jeanerette Carries, Jessie; DeRidder Carr, Mark; Leesville Carter, Lourenia; Shreveport Casarez, Leonel; Leesville Cason, Barbara; Bossier Chamberlain, Loma; Rambin Chamberlain, Ronny; Natchitoches Chance, Teresa; Natchitoches Chenevert, Cindy; Bunkie Christina, Diane; Leesville Christina, Louis; Leesville Clark, Danny; Elizabeth Clark, Kenneth; Elizabeth Clark, Sarah; Alexandria Clifford, Amie; Houma Clifton, Mary; DeQuincy Coats, Barbara; Natchitoches Cobb, Kathy; Natchitoches Cole, Bryan; Melrose Cole, Shannon; Shreveport Cole, Sharon; Alexandria Coleman, Debra; Shreveport Coleman, Derrick; Shreveport Cook, Colleen; Natchitoches Cook, Mary; Natchitoches Cook, Valerie; Westlake Cooper, Bratley; Natchitoches Cooper, Lisa; Coushatta Corley, Troy; Natchitoches Cran, Florence; Natchitoches Crider, Ruth, Roanoke Critton, Altheas; Taylor Crosby, Shelia; Natchitoches Crow, Barbara; Hall Summit Curry, Nancy; Winnfield Daiy, Jan; Alexandria Damico, Darleen; Alexandria Darland, Nancy; Shreveport Davidson, Gary; Natchitoches Davis, Emma; Alexandria Davis, Rosemary; New Orleans Davis, Vanessa; Natchitoches Deare, Linda; Pineville Dees, Jackie; Many DeLatin, Lane; Natchitoches Desadier, Janet; Natchitoches Diefendort, Nan, Baton Rouge Dixon, George; Natchitoches Dolph, Geneva; Shreveport Doskey, Peter; Shreveport Douget, Barbara; Gilliam Douglas, Raymond; Natchitoches Driskell, Janice; Shreveport DuBois, Ricardo; Houma Dumrung, Pornrat; Natchitoches Dupree, Linda; Haughton Durden, Nancy; Natchitoches Dyer, Elizabeth; Baton Rouge Easley, William; Baton Rouge Eli, Eileen; Alexandria Ellis, Jane; Natchitoches English, Stephen; Natchitoches Everett, MacArthur; Leesville Evans, Ronnie; Natchitoches Fairbanks, Walter; Leesville Farmer, Ruth; Natchitoches Fertitta, Sam; Natchitoches Classes . Graduating Seniors Fields. Janice. Pineville Fleck. Dorns. Shreveporl Fletcher. Susan. Montgomery Flores, Theresa. Natchitoches Floyd. Diana. Robelme Folse. Phyllis. Baton Rouge Fontenelle. Scuddy. Natchitoches Fontenot, Ronnie. Leesville Ford. Allen. Natchitoches Ford. Betty. Marksville Ford. Gwendolyn. Hodge Ford. Peggy. Leesville Foster. Jacquelyn. Lafayette Fowler. Catherine. Natchitoches Fowler. Don. Natchitoches Fredieu. Ella, Clarence Fulton. Sam, Natchitoches Flyer, Mike. Scott City, KS Gallagher. Joan. Baton Rouge Galhon, Mary. Melrose Garcia, Suzanne, Shreveport Gams. Angela, Natchitoches Gary, Diana; Houma Gauthier, Tammy; Cottonport Gillham. Peggy. Shreveport Gingles. Bill; Logansport Gladney. Camille; Homer Glover. Gail; Natchitoches Goff, Jeffrey; Shreveport Gordy. Carol; Simpson Grant, Ramona, Leesville Green. Carroll. Natchitoches Green, Melissa, Lafayette Green, Terry; DeRidder Gresham, Kathy; Natchitoches Griffin. Sammy, Opelousas Grosze. R Ann; Lake Charles Guest, Lena, Castor Guice. Penny, Natchitoches Gutierrez, Mattie. Natchitoches Hall, Donald; Simpson Hall. James; Minden Hamilton. Bessie. Natchitoches Hamilton. Dian, Winfield Hanissee. William. Natchitoches Hanson. Teresa. Natchitoches Hardin, Kathryn, Shreveporl Harris, Clara; Natchitoches Harris, Edith Baton Rouge Han, Candi, Shreveporl Harty, Judy; Bossier Harvey. Patricia, Natchitoches Hatten, Vanetta, Alexandria Hawkins. Jackie. Natchitoches Hawkins. Michael. Natchitoches Hawthorne. Camille; Natchitoches Hay. Linda. Bienville Hayford. Debbie. Bossier Haynes. Bea. Shreveporl Helpenstell. Donna. Leesville Henderson. Martha. Zwolle Henmgan, John. Natchitoches Henmgan. Margaret. Natchitoches Herman, Jeane. Haughton Hicks. Ricci. Robelme Hill. Martha. Hornbeck Hill. Shirley. Fort Polk Hines. Rudy. Natchitoches Holley. Mary. Coushatta Holmes. Katie. Monroe MSKm Graduating Seniors Hood, Frank; Natchitoches Hooper, Elizabeth; Elizabeth Hooper, Gregory; Natchitoches Hooter, Ciron; Natchitoches Houston, Geneva; Alexandria Hubley, Helen; Shreveport Huffman, Samuel; Alexandria Huggs, Laranne; Shreveport Hughes, Terry; Minden Humphreys, Patty; Baton Rouge Hunter, Chris; Natchitoches Hurley, Ace; Natchitoches Hyams, Amy; Natchitoches Hyatt, Jill; Natchitoches Inzer, Billy; Campti Jaber, Neal; Many Jackson, Mary; Powhatan James, Will; Natchitoches Jenkins, Dessie; Benton Jenkins; Gale; Shreveport Jenkins, Laura; Natchitoches Jennings, Bridget; Shreveport Johnson, Brenda; Natchitoches Johnson, Deidre; Jonesville Johnson, Debra; Shreveport Johnson, Joan; Oakdale Johnson, Pauline; Shreveport Jones, James; Lake Charles Jones, Linda; Opelousas Jones, Melanie; Natchitoches Karr, Jennifer; Shreveport Kelley, Crowell; Shreveport Kelley, Shela; Winnfield Kennedy, Kathryn; Monroe Kennedy, William; Bossier Keppinger, Matthew; Boyce Keys, Didaciane; Shreveport Killeen, Thomas; Natchitoches Kimble, Dennis; Pineville Kippels, Andrea; Shreveport Komal, Moussa; Rasht, Iran Kruse, Kathy; Natchitoches Laborde, Denise; Shreveport LaCaze, Debbie; Natchitoches LaCaze, Tina; Natchitoches LaFleur, Shelly; Jennings LaFont, Clara; Weswego Lambert, Julie; Natchitoches Landrum, Debra; Dry Prong Lane, Celest; Bogalusa Langham, Kathy; Shreveport Lavespere, Rebecca; Montgomery LeDuff, Shirley; Baton Rouge Lee, Venetia; Shreveport Leggett, Linda; Natchitoches Lehr, Phyllis; Shreveport Leslie, Katie; Shreveport Levine; Mary Ann; Shreveport Lewallen, Jerry; Natchitoches Lewallen, Sandra; Natchitoches Lewis, Debra; Natchitoches Lewis, Edmond; Natchitoches Lewis, Stephen; Natchitoches Liverman, Lynda; Vivian Lubom, Jo; Shreveport Maggio, Rhonda; Natchitoches Malone, William; Shreveport Mana, Michael; Bossier Marcotte, Cindy Maricle, Sandra; Elizabeth Graduating Seniors Martin, Cecelia, Calvin Martin, Cheryl. Shreveport Martin, Deana. Shreveport Martin. Melinda, Wmnfield Mason, Richard, Natchitoches Massey. Martha; Natchitoches Mathis, James, Natchitoches Matthews, Barbara; Many Matthews, Bertha, Many Matthews, Kay. Ringgold Maxie, Mary, Florien McCarty, Robert; Natchitoches McClendon, Frankie McClure, Karen; Shreveport McCowan. Danny; Natchitoches McCullough, Julie, Natchitoches McDaniel, Jan; Shreveport McElroy. Michael, Natchitoches McFerren, Teresa; Marthaville McKay. Cathenne; Shreveport McKee, Donna; Shreveport McKee, Michael, Shreveport McKey, Michael, Alexandria McKnight. Anna, Natchitoches Melancon, Jeanne; Natchitoches Melder, Brenda; Natchitoches Menard, Mark; Natchitoches Meshell, Mary; Many Metoyer, Jacqueline; Cloutierville Metoyer, Mary; Cloutierville Middleton, Albert; Natchitoches Miles, Eva P.; Shreveport Miller, Debbie; Natchitoches Mills, Felicia; Baton Rouge Mincey, Mary; Lafayette Mitchell. Debra; Natchitoches Mitchell, James; Shreveport Mitchell, Marilyn; Robeline Moncneffe, Crystal; Baton Rouge Montgomery, David, Natchitoches Moore, James; Natchitoches Moore, Michael; Peterson Moran, Steve; Natchitoches Moreau, Debbie, Natchitoches Morgan, Benita, Shreveport Neck, Pamela; Mansura Neely, Greg, Natchitoches Nerman, Lisa; Natchitoches Newman, Ed; Natchitoches Nichols, Debbie, Many Nipp, John. Natchitoches Nolley. Deborah, Natchitoches Nugent, Robert; Pineville O ' Leary, Dennis, Natchitoches Oliver, Susanne. Natchitoches Olsberg, Michelle, New Iberia Owens, Robert, Shreveport Page. Debra. Natchitoches Page. Laura. Coushatta Parish, David. Natchitoches Patrick, Christy. Pleasant Hill Patterson, Debra. Greenwood Pearce, Mark; Zwolle Pennington, Gary. Natchitoches Perkins. Christen, Alexandria Perkins, Leigh. Natchitoches Perkins. Linda. Natchitoches Perry. James, Alexandria Persons. David. Bossier Peterson, Joan Minden ATfi vmsm aEfz Classes Graduating Seniors 2 fl«X£ Phillips, Carolyn; Natchitoches Phillips, Michael; Bossier Pierce, Nancy; Natchitoches Pittman, Susan; Alexandria Plunkett, Debra; Alexandria Porter, Iris; Deville Porterlield, Paul; Shreveport Pourcian, Amanda; Baton Rouge Preston, Charles; Natchitoches Proby, Gisele; Shreveport Procell. Elizabeth; Noble Procell, Mattie; Natchitoches Quave, Carolyn; Natchitoches Quinney, Marilyn; Alexandria Ramirez, Frances; Doyline Ray, Clara; Opelousas Reed, Newlyn; Alexandria Reese, Curtis; Elizabeth Renken, Julie; Shreveport Roberson, Huey; Natchitoches Roberson, Mickey; Gray Roberts, Debra; Natchitoches Robertson, Ginger; Dodson Robertson, Vera; Dodson Robin, Denise; Natchitoches Robinson, Lana; Cottonport Robinson, Pricilla; Provencal Robinson, Roxanne, DeQuincy Robison, Larry; Logansport Rodriguez, Debbie; Luling Rodriguez, Maria; Natchitoches Roe, Claire; Natchitoches Morse, Belinda; Ponchatoula Rose, Helen; Natchitoches Rot h, Diana; Port Allen Roush, Bonnie; Bossier Rozeman, Sonya; Natchitoches Ruddell, Becky; Natchitoches Runge, Daniel; Natchitoches Rutledge, Beth; Natchitoches Raulins, Anna; Natchitoches Sanditer, Karen; Metairie Scarborough, Robert Scarborough, Valerie Schontield, Donna; Alexandria Scott, Deborah; Jonesville Scott, Harville; Natchitoches Scott, Juliana; Natchitoches Scott, Veronica; Natchitoches See, Karl; Natchitoches Sehon, Jane; Natchitoches Selt, Dan; Natchitoches Serenton, Melvin; Natchitoches Serpas, Jack; Natchitoches Shaver, Marydale; Shreveport Shelton, Carol Sherrer, Jaree; Mena, AK Shingleton, Williams; Crowley Shirley, Janet, Natchitoches Silman, Carolyn; Montgomery Sims, Terri; Shreveport Sisco, Amy; Natchitoches Slack, Ginger; Shreveport Sliman, Rose; Shreveport Smalley, Arthur; Natchitoches Smith, Cory; Gretna Smith, Gary; Shreveport Smith, Linda; Natchitoches Smith, Rachel; Sulphur Smith, Vickie; Jonesville 287 ScxJen. Kitty. Alexandria Sonnier, Charles. Kinder Sowalskie. Rodney. Creston Sparks. Joyce. Bossier Spurlock. Laura. Baton Rouge St ephens. Sandra. Shrevepori Stevens. Sharon; Lena Stewart Pamela. Natchitoches Stovall. Alice. Shrevepori Strange, Lugene. Center Point Stutes. Richard. Natchitoches Sullivan. Renee. Shrevepori Summers. Maxine. New Orleans Swann. Kathryn, Choudrant Swanton, Martha. Shrevepori Sweazy. Denise; Bossier Sylvester. Jean. Natchitoches Tanner. Julia. Cheneyville Taylor, Patricia, Natchitoches Taylor. Vicki; Elm Grove Thellen. Michael; Iowa Thoman, Pern. Natchitoches Thomas, Kathy, Natchitoches Thompson, Diane; Natchitoches Thompson. Jewell. Shrevepori Thompson, Timothy; Natchitoches Tilley. Cheryl; Natchitoches Todd, Dave; Shrevepori Totlen, Jeffrey; Basile Townsend. Bill; Natchitoches Traylor, Nancy; Port Barre Troquille. Henry; Gorum Turner. Mary, Baton Rouge Tyree. Virginia; Natchitoches Ubesie. Kanayo; Enugu. Nigeria Van. Melanie; Plain Dealing VanHoozer, Janet; Lake Charles Vaughn, Billie; Amite Hall, Cindy; Bastrop Walker, Kevin; Natchitoches Walker, Linda. Longleaf Ware, Kay; Egan Ware. Lee; Natchitoches Watts, Lilly; Heflin Weaver, Karen; Haughton Weaver. Vicki; Many Wells. Betty. Natchitoches Wells. Clyde; Natchitoches Whetnall. David; Many Wilkerson, Eunice; Shrevepori Wilkerson. Kerry; Natchitoches Williams, Dodie; Alexandria Williams, Donna, Leesville Williams. Karoll; Lake Charles Williams. Maxine. Hineston Willman, Martha, Natchitoches Wilson, Grace; Marion Wilson, Margaret. Shrevepori Wilson. Susan, Columbia Winkler, Janet Bossier Wiseman. William, Natchitoches Wolle, Agnes. Clarence Womack, Kathy, Shrevepori Womack. Terne, Jonesboro Wright, Karen. Natchitoches Wright. Paula; Texarkana. AK Woodward. Nancy. Alexandria Woolndge, Steve. Alexandria Youngblood. Ray; Shrevepori Zappone. Janet, Hollywood. FL Graduating Seniors ' m Undergraduates ISM ?.. Aaron, Beverly; Zwolle Abraham, Jacqueline; Shreveporl Ackel, John; Natchitoches Acufia, Ricardo; Chile Acy, Shirley; Houma Adams, Diane; Alexandria Adams, Gayla; Natchitoches Adams, Kate; Hodge Adams, Ro salyn; Mansfield Adcock, Rebecca; Baton Rouge Adrion, Susan; Pineville Albrecht, Jeffrey; Natchitoches Alexander, Shelia; Shreveport Allen, Guinevere; Joyce Alost, Michael; Natchitoches Alston, Kim; Franklinton Anderson, Archie; Ashland Anderson, Doyle; Wake Forest, NC Anderson, Lana; Lake Charles Anderson, Loretta; Moreauville Anthony, Julie; Shreveport Anthony, Wanda; Natchitoches Archield, Elaine; DeRidder Archield, Sylvia; DeRidder Arie, Cindy; Denton, TX Arledge, Debbie; Vivian Arrington, Kelley; Shreveport Ashley, Evelyn; Shreveport Ates, Allen; Natchitoches Bachrack, Ruth; Lake Charles Badeaux, Lea; Shreveport Bagley, Jeri; Carthage, TX Bagwell, Edwina; Natchitoches Bailey, Elizabeth; Bossier Bailey, Linda; Metarie Baker, Ramona; Natchitoches Baker, Rose; Natchitoches Balantine, Pam; Bossier Baldwin, Kelley; Shreveport Ballard, Patricia; Humble, TX Banks, John; Bossier Bankston, William; Baton Rouge Barber, R. D.; Natchitoches Barnes, Hope; New Orleans Barnes, Regina; Olla Barrett, Gretchen; Many Barrett, Gwendolyn; Georgetown Barrios, Michael; Natchitoches Barron, Sean; Natchitoches Bartlette, Karen; Leesville Barten, Michael; Natchitoches Bates, Judith; Bossier Bates, Martha; Winnfield Batt, Lewis; Natchitoches Batten, Becky; Natchez Beasley, Gary; Natchitoches Bebee, Jacque; Mansfield Becknell, Glenna; Zwolle Bedgood, Ricky; Goldonna Beebe, Mitzi; Alexandria Undergraduates Beedle. Debbie. Lafayette Behrnes. Paula, Zachary Belezaire, Mary, New Roads Bellot, Pamela. Baton Rouge Bennett, Charles; Benton Bennett, Lee. Great Meadows. NJ Bennett. Robert. Natchitoches Berry. Warren; Boyce Berryman, Beverly, Natchitoches Berlhelot. Chet; Shreveport Bertrand, Rudy; Crowley Bienvenu, Millard; Natchitoches Bienvenu, Rowena; Natchitoches Binning, Kathryn; Mansfield Black. Kenneth; Natchitoches Blake. Carl; Natchitoches Blanchard, Claudia; Washigton Blanchard, Jo; Jonesboro Judy Blansett. Minden Blocker, Howard; Natchitoches Boatman, Kay; Many Bobo, Beverly; Natchitoches Bohachevsky, Christine; Leesville Bolden, Roy; Natchitoches Bolgiano. Clifton; Leesville Bond, David; Boyce Bonner, Laurie; Natchitoches Bonner, Windell, Minden Bonnette, Jamie; Leesville Bordelon, Julie; Shreveport Bose. Renee; Bossier Bose, Elizabeth; Shreveport Boss, Marilyn, Alexandria Boswell, Brenda; Natchitoches Boswell, Becky; Natchitoches Boudreaux, ponna; Harvey Boulhon. Robert; Shreveport Bourg, Melanie; Houma Bowden, Julee; Natchitoches Bowers, Susie; Frierson Bowie, James; Colfax Bowman. Evelyn; Alexandria Boyd, Ardine; Boutte Boyd. Candace; Natchitoches Box. Rhonda; Coushatta Bradford. Victor, Winnfield Brasher. Mel. Luline Bray, Bryan. Shreveport Breedlove. Kathy. Coushatta Bretthauer, Russell, Natchitoches Brewton. Don, Goldonna Breyer, Jay. Hightstown. NJ Bridges. Renee. Vivian Bridges. Tammy; Bogalusa Bnggs, Jennifer, Opelousas Briggs. Karen; Shreveport P r oadwater, Adrienne, Nafchitoches Brock. Jasper, Baton Rouge Ck, Dorothy, Natchitoches Brossett. Angela, Natchitoches Undergraduates © " IT Mm ww Brossette, Janice; Colfax Brouillette, Mark; Marksville Brown, Beth; Shreveport Brown, Cassandra; Shreveport Brown, Catherine, Shreveport Brown, Cindy; Opelousas Brown, Delanie; Coushatta Brown, Delores; Lake Charles Brown, Dennis, Alexandria Brown, Henrietta; DeRidder Brown, Kaye; Shreveport Brown, Kim; Baton Rouge Brown, Rickey; Natchitoches Brown, Vance; Leesville Brunger, Michele; Shreveport Bryant, Ken; Austin, TX Bryant, Morna; Shreveport Bueton, Betty; Vivian Bullard, Nenth; Zwolle Bullock, Christy; Bossier Burtord, Susan; Natchitoches Burke, Cynthia; Leesville Burkhalter, Alton; Natchitoches Burnette, Nancy; Natchitoches Burrows, Cheryl; Bossier Burton, Gregory; Natchitoches Bush, Martha; Shreveport Bush, Michael; Alexandria Byone, Steve; Cloutierville Caldwell, Shyrl; Shreveport Calhoun, Kimberlie, Colfax Calhoun, Patty; DeRidder Cammon, Joan; New Orleans Camp, Laurie; Euless, TX Campbell, James; Provencal Campbell, Terinda; Alexandria Canik, Melissa; Bossier Cannon, Barbara; Pineville Cannon, Debra; Cloutierville Cannon, Delbert; Cloutierville Cannon, Rebecca; Coushatta Carbo, Beverly; Alexandria Carney, Debbie; Natchitoches Carney, Sue; Coushatta Carpenter, Cheryl; Alexandria Carr, Karen; Natchitoches Carrasquillo, Vivian; Leesville Carter, Helen; Mansfield Carter, Myra; Natchitoches Carter, Randy; Flora Carter, Susan; Friendswood, TX Cason, Katie; Mooringsport Cates, Ava; Natchitoches Cates, James, Natchitoches Cassidy, Anita; Baton Rouge Cathey, Pitty; Natchitoches Causey, David; Haughton Cavanaugh, Tina; Leesville Celles, George; Natchitoches Chamberlin, Nancy; Pelican Undergraduates Cheney, Cynthia. Shreveport Chatelain, Cindy, Mansura Chaumanot. Evelyn; DeRidder Cheatwood. Anna B . Saline Chenault. Cynthia, Cloutierville Chew. Barbara, Alexandria Chnstman, Samuel. New Orleans Churchman, Kathryn; Coltax Clark. Betty, Robeline Clark, Deyna; Bossier Clark, Henry; Leesville Clark, Margaret, Shreveport Clark, Randy; Robeline Clark, Shirley; Castor Clayton, Keith; Sidney. OH Clifford, Sue; Houma Clifton. Denise. DeQuincy Clouser. Patricia; Lake Charles Cochran, Dan; Anacoco Cockerham, Mable; Castor Coco, Linda; Alexandria Cochran, Felicia; Romeoville, IL Cole, Chip; Bossier Cole, Kim; Bossier Conant, Kenneth; Natchez Connelly, John; LeCamp Cook, Eunice; Natchitoches Cook, Grady; Natchitoches Cooksey, Linda; DeRidder Cooley, Pamela; Lena Cooper, Doris; Leesville Cooper. Valerie; Westlake Corkran, Cheryl, Bossier Corry, Bill; Natchitoches County. Russe); New Orleans Cournoyer. Lori; Shreveport Cox, Fletter; Coushatta Cox, Jeslynn, Natchitoches Cox, Wendy; Logansport Craft, Sam; Anacoco Craig, Joan; Alexandria Craighead, Chris; Farmerville Crain, Harleen; Natchitoches Crawford, Donna; Shreveport Crawford, Kimberhe Harnsburg Credeur. Shelia; Scott Creel, John; Winnfield Crosby, Rene; Gretna Crow, Jewel; Cotton Valley Culbert. Billy C. Alexandria Cunningham, Alice. Winnfield Curlee. Zma; Alexandria Dale. Lydia. Hammond Daniel, Billie, St Francisville Daniels. Gerald. Cutoff Davis. Annell. Bossier Davis, Claude Julius. Alexandria Davis, Connie, Clarence Davis. Debra. Shreveport Davis. Dennis. Bienville $ ' $CI?f ' Undergraduates m { WtiF i u % 4?M Davis, Margaret; Alexandria Davis, Pamela; Provencal Davis, Richard; Keithville Deapo, Mary; Shreveport Deason, Debra; Provencal Dean, Jane; Colfax DeBlieux, Cammie; Natchitoches Decker, Beth; Shreveport Deen, Yvonne; Montgomery Dees, Linda; Oakdale DeJean, Patricia; Opelousas DeJean, Rhodes; Pineville Delahoussaye, Cyndi; New Iberia Dellucky, Julie; Gretna Demery, Theresa; Natchitoches Denning, Janet; Natchitoches Dennis, Helen; Shreveport Denys, Mario; El Savador DeWitt, Debbie; Many Dillard, Bobby; Arcadia Dobbins, Heidi; Bossier Dobson, Gina; Baton Rouge Dogens, Angela; Minden Doucet, Marlene; Oakdale Doughty, Nancy; Bossier Douglass, Andrae; Natchitoches Doss, S.; Natchitoches Dowden, Carey; Provencal Dowden, Phyllis; Provencal Duggan, Ted; Alexandria Duke, Rebecca; Natchitoches Dunham, Pam; Natchitoches Dunn, Benjamin; Ruston Durham, Pinkney; Natchitoches Dyer, Suzanne; Baton Rouge Dyess, Gerald; Pleasant Hill Early, Janace; Alexandria Ebanks, Garlon; New Orleans Ebert, Susan; Williamsport, IN Eddy, Carol; Metarie Edmonson, Cynthia; Merryville Edwards, Diane; Natchitoches Edwards, Shirley; Natchez Eldridge, Barbara; DeRidder Elter, Denise; Opelousas English, Dana; Mansfield English, Lisa; Rosepine Enterkin, Cindy; Many Epps, Marjorie; Alexandria Epps, Keith T. D.; Alexandria Evans, Billy; Natchitoches Evans, Carla; Crowley Evans, Reginald; Zwolle Ezell, Jean; Gilbert Fandal, Marie; Shreveport Faulkinberry, Albert Fee, Kelvin; DeRidder Ferrell, Arlys; Leesville Ficklin, Annette; Natchitoches Fillet, Richard; Shreveport Undergraduates Eicher. Patsy. Dry Creek Flelhcher. Carol. Leesville Floyd. Phyllis. Robelme Ford. Kent. Leesville Ford. Sharon. DeRidder Foster. Brenda. DeRidder Foster. Sherry. DeRidder Foster, Eric, Castor Francois. Demetna. Simmesport Frazier. Reitha. Arcadia Frazier. Titia; Gibsland Friday. Lame, Coushatta Frith, Allison, Natchitoches Fruge, Sharon, Eunice Fry, Steven; Fairmont Fuller. Lola; Dayline Fylerm. Melinda; Scott City, KS Gaddis, Angela, Pleasant Hill Gahagan, John. Coushatta Gaines, Linda; Alexandria Gallien, Cheryl; Cloutierville Gallien, Mary Ann. Bossier Gallien. Michael, Dry Creek Gallien, Vicki; Dry Creek Gallion, Clyde, Natchez Gandy, Kelhe, Natchitoches Garret. Robert. Campti Gray, Charlotte Garzia. Janet; Robeline Gaskin. Pamela; Shreveporl Gates. Ginger, Natchitoches Gatti, Lucille, Natchitoches Gaye, Patsy. Natchitoches Gentry. Robin; Many George. Margaret; Leesville Gerson, Vicki. Monroe Gibson, Jim; Natchitoches Giesey. Jacki, Natchitoches Gilliard, Sandra, Natchitoches Gilmore. Karen. Natchitoches Glass. Zelda; Natchitoches Glasscock. Joanie; Pineville Goins. Donna. Mora Goms, Mark. DeRidder Goodrich, Tammy, Benton Goodwin, James. Shreveport Gordon, Robert. Pineville Grappe. David, Haughton Gray. Edward. Natchez Grant. Nancy. Leesville Green. Ann. Monroe Green, Barbara, Winnfield Green, Cheryl, Shreveporl Green. Ivory BoJo; Shreveport Gregory, Tonia. Jena Gremilhon, Laura. Hessmer Gross. Barbara, Natchitoches Grovenburg. Celeste, Erath Gnttis, Linda. Danville, IL Gnllith. Paul, Baton Rouge «fct ' $J$ FMMm Undergraduates 1TOH Griffith, Tammy; Lena Guest, Gail; Coushatta Guidry, Hazel; Alexandria Guillams, Martha; Campti Guide, James; Trout Gulley, Deah; Minden Gwin, Debbie; Shreveport Guy, Charles; Lena Haddon, Kim; Baton Rouge Hale, Kim; New Iberia Hale, Randy; Stockton, CA Hall, Ada; Winnfield Hall, Edward; Natchitoches Hall, Emma; Leesville Hall, Jimmy; Shreveport Hall, Larry; Shreveport Hall, Maurice; Shreveport Hall, Ronald; Shreveport Hall, Shannon; St Francisville Ham, Jay; Shreveport Hamilton, Lori; Shreveport Handy, Jarrot; Baton Rouge Hanna, Peggy; Pitkin Hannon, John; Monroe Harbison, Michael; Dry Creek Hargis. Janice; Natchitoches Harlan, Falu; Haughton Harris, Carolyn; Natchitoches Harris, Chanda; Minden Harris, Joy; Bunkie Harris, Robert; Natchitoches Harris, Sharon; Natchitoches Harris, Vanessa; Moreauville Harrison, Connie; Shreveport Harrison, Donny; Montgomery Harrison, Jennifer; Montgomery Harrison, Maxine; Saline Hartt, Linda; Pineville Harville, Richard; Bossier Hayden, Annie; Shreveport Hayes, Lori; Blanchard Hayes. Kathryn; Logansport Haynes, Alicia; Shongaloo Haywood, Jeannie; Shreveport Heable, Nelwyn; Shreveport Hebert, Brenda; Opelousas Hebert, Diane; Jennings Hebert, Michael; St Martinville Hebert, Theresa; Jennings Heinsohn, Mary Ann; Shreveport Helms, Barbara; Bossier Helton, Sandra; New Orleans Henderson, Fred; Shreveport Henning, Stephanie; Sulphur Henslee, Carlene; Kelly Hernandez, Cathy; New Iberia Herndon, Ann; Metarie Herring, Brenda; Shreveport Hesser, Samuel, Pelican Hickenbotam, Cynthia; Shreveport Classes 295 I Undergraduates Hicks. Becky. Leesville Hills. Belinda. Baton Rouge Hippler, John. Many Hilton. Jerry. Natchitoches Hoeting. Brenda. DeRidder Hogan. Walter. Zwolle Hollingsworlh. Johnetta. Shreveport Hollingsworth. Malcolm, St Maurice Holloway, David. Shreveport Holloway. Douglas. Leesville Holloway. Steven. Shreveport Holmes. Aaron, Winnsboro Hoops. James. Deshler, Ohio Hora. Randy. Conway. AR Horner, Catherine. Minden Hotalmy. LeRoy; Keithville Hough, Kay; Shreveport Houston, Davelyn. Eunice Howard. Bilhe, Lake Providence Howard, Deborah, Alexandria Hubbard. James; Zwolle Huber. Debbie. Bossier Huckaby. Diana, Shreveport Hudson, Marilyn; Shreveport Hughes, DeEtte; Livingston Hunte. Maria. Barbados, West Indies Ireland, Douglas; Jonesboro Isgitt, Vicki, Many Ivanovich. Michele; Wilder, VT Jackson. Annual. Moreauville Jackson. Connne; Cottonport Jackson. Debbie. Campti Jackson. Donald; Shreveport Jackson. Fred, Mansfield Jackson, Germaine, Thibodaix Jackson, Robert; Shreveport Jacobs, Rene; Lake Charles James. Debbie; DeRidder James, Kathryn, Boyce Jeane. Joyce; Leesville Jenkins. Barbie. Lafayette Jenkins, Samuel; Lake Charles Jett, Jamie. Bossier Johnson, Barbara; DeRidder Johnson. Becky, Natchitoches Johnson. Brelin. Pineville Johnson. Bobby. Rosepine Johnson, David. New Orleans Johnson, Donald. Leesville Johnson. Donna. Bossier City Johnson. Kathy, Oakdale Johnson. Loraine; Alexandria Johnson. Patricia. Shreveport Johnson. Russell. Oakdale Johnson. .Vendy; South Africa Jones. Asalee. Coushatla ones. Fmley. DeRidder jnes. Francis. Winnfield ' ones. Patricia. Leesville Jones. Kathy. Leesville f®£LCm p ■ itl? mum MVW F Undergraduates jftf 9 .©IF J . Jones, Lynette, Natchitoches Jones, Phyllis; Coushatta Jones, Stanley; Alexandria Jones, Steve M., Winnfield Jones, Valarie; Alexandria Jones, Velma, Mansfield Joseph, Vivian; Alexandria Jurgens, Angela; Bossier City Kahler, Anett; New Llano Kauflman, Tina; Shreveport Kelly, Judy K.; Natchitoches Kelly, Wanda; Monroe Kemp, Dianna; Haughton Kennedy, Cynthia; Shreveport Kennedy, Geraldine; Natchitoches Key, Lance; Alexandria Kight, Janey; Monroe Kijek, Helen; Shreveport Kimble, Gregory; Pineville Kitchin, Victoria A.; Natchitoches Knight, Patricia; Many Knippers, Micah; Many Kopfinger, Adrienne; Many Krasher, Lynn; Shreveport Kruise, Robert W.; Haughton Kuplis, Sandra; Shreveport Kurtz, Bruce; Washington, Pa. LaCaze, Brenda; Natchitoches LaCaze, Debbie; Natchitoches Lackey, Debbie; Shreveport LaCour, Cecile; Natchitoches LaCour, Sherri A.; Melrose LaCroix, Mandy; Trout Lafitte, Emetta; Shreveport Laird, Patricia; Shreveport Lambright, Debra; Pitkin Lambright, Mary M ; Pitkin Lamb, Walter; Shreveport Langford, Carolyn; Carthage, TX Langford, Vinette; Carthage, TX LaRoux, Linda; Slidell LaRoux, Thomas; Robeline Larsen, Gerry; Texarkana, TX Latin, Linda; Gloster Latin, Thelma; Gloster Lavalais, Gwendolyn; Goudeau Levenhagen, Dorthea; Metarie LaVere, David L; Shreveport Lavo, Karen; Many Law, JohnS.; Florien Layfield, Jay H.; Coushatta Leach, Melanie A.; Natchitoches LeBlanc, Debra B.; Lake Charles LeDoux, Cindy; Rosepine Lee, Brenda; Natchitoches Lee, Carla; Provencal Lee, Deborah; Moreauville Lee, Gary; Shreveport Lee, Janice; Monroe Lee, Juliet; Opelousas Undergraduates Lehr. Constance, Shreveport Lehr. Dean, Zwolle Lehr, Gary, Zwolle Lemome. Cynthia. Many Lemome, Mane. Simmesport Leonard. Diane, Sinnsboro Leshay. Junear, Grand Cane Lewis, Bait, Natchitoches Lewis. Cynthia, Minden Lewis. Robert. Alexandria Lewis, Sue, Coushatta Lewis, Sonya; Minden Lewis. Tina; Coushatta Lilley. Timothy; Natchitoches Lindsay, Debbie, Shreveport Little, Alison. Monterey Littleton, Harriet. Zwolle Litton. Renee; Pleasant Hill Long, Judy, Coushatta Long, Theresa; Olla Lopez, Cliff, Shreveport Lopez, Juan; Sentiago, Chile Lott, Luther, Natchitoches Lotkowski, Cathy; Luttrell. Julie, Baton Rouge Lyle, Tracy; Shreveport Lynch. Jerry; Leesville Magee. Timothy; New Orleans Maggio. Kathy; Natchitoches Maggio. Ken; Natchitoches Mahoney. Donna; Parma Hts., OH Mallory. John, Natchitoches Manasco. Carol; Florein Mallard. Heniretta; Many Malone, Ruthie; Quitman Mann, Delons; Noble Manning, Shirley; Pickering Manson, Anne; Baton Rouge Maples. Man Ann; Bossier Marchand, Susan; Greenwell Springs Mancelh. Joseph; Merryville Marks, Monette; Opelousas Marshall. Diana; Winnfield Marshall, Karen; Winnfield Martin, Albert, New Orleans Martin, Annie; Alexandria Martin, Clemy, Bossier Martin. David. Baton Rouge Martin. Debbie, Montgomery Martin, Debbra. Leesville Martin. Deborah, Provencal Martin. Denise, Chopin Martin. Lynne, Goldonna Martin. Sharon. Anacoco Matis. Stephen, Natchitoches Mathews. Alfred, Alexandria Mathews. Karen, Shreveport Mathison, Kathy, Shreveport Matlox, Terry, Anacoco Undergraduates mm wmem w ww ( Mattson, Sherri; Bourg Mauchefski, Jeff; Monroe Mayeaux, Karen; Cotlonporl Mays, Walter; Bossier McArthur, Deborah; Shreveport McCall, James; Leesville McCarty, Mary; Haughton McCarty, Terry; Tullos McClaugherty, Carol; Leesville McClendon, Walter; Natchitoches McCloud, Carolyn; Leesville McClung, Phillip; Natchitoches McComic, Pamela; Zwolle McCowen, Richard; Coushatta McCray, John; Coushatta McCrory, Deborah; Jena McDonald, Jeff; Converse McDonald, JoAnn; Boyce McDonald, Steve; Leesville McFadden, William; Shreveport McFarland, Marius; Many McGuffe, Deborah; Natchitoches McHaney, Debra; Alexandria McKellar, Diane; Shreveport McKellar, Robert; Bossier McKenney, Daniel; New Orleans McManus, Carmen; Pickering McManus, Terry; Montgomery McMilla n, Kathy; Natchitoches McNamara, Melanie; Pineville McPherson, Kara; Shreveport McRae, Elizabeth; LaPorte McShane, Susie; Leesville McWaters, Rene; Shreveport Meador, Mary; Venice Meeks, Angela; Alexandria Melancon, Elizabeth; Natchitoches Melancon, Trudy; Harvey Menard, Mitzi; Lafayette Methvin, Mary; Alexandria Metoyer, Karlette Renise; Alexandria Meyer, Myra; Baton Rouge Middleton, Antoinette; Gretna Middleton, Peggy; Tioga Miguez, Linda; Shreveport Miller, Anthony; Alexandria Miller, Betty; Shreveport Miller, Carol; Baton Rouge Miller, Jeri; Shreveport Miller, Kathy; Mansfield Miller, Margaret; Leesville Miller, Sharon; Baton Rouge Miller, Suzy; Shreveport Miller, Tracey; Shongaloo Miller, Valerie; Lake Charles Milligan. Edward; Leesville Mills, Jefferia; Winnfield Miska, Teresa; Chapel Hill, NC Mitchell, Angela; Natchitoches Mitchell, Mark; Natchitoches 299 Undergraduates Mitchell. Sandra. Mansfield Monette. Cathy. Derry Mongram. Lisa, Hollywood, FL Moore. Debra. Natchitoches Moore. Gary. Shreveport Moore, Kirby. Minden Moore, Roland, Natchitoches Moreau. Rosemary, Shreveport Morell, Tina; Shreveport Morgan, Fran; Natchitoches Moses. Bertha A . Natchez. MS Mosley. Donnie; Shreveport Moses. Jo Ann, Belchev Mort, Dora; Lake Charles Mourad. Kim S . Minden Murphy, Gwendolyn; Fort Polk Murphy. Karen. Natchitoches Murphy, Paula M.; Arcadia Murry, Bill; Oakdale Murray. Diane; Leesville Mydland. Melaney; Zachary Myers. Katrina. Shreveport Napoh, Dean; Natchitoches Nash. Penny; Bienville Nelson, Ternlyn; New Roads Nevels, Christy; Haughton Newman, Ross; Joyce Nicolas, Anthony J; Campti Nicholas, Tanya; Bossier City Nichols, Terry, Bossier City Nicolle. Mary; Baton Rouge Nolley. Patricia, Natchitoches Norman, Danny. Natchitoches Norns. Clara; Lena Obistnik, Marcilla; Leesville Offord. Gloria, Alexandria O ' Hara. Paul; Alexandria Osterhof, Laurie; Suiter Pace, Theresa A.; Pollock Page, Johnny; Baton Rouge Page, Karen. Castor Page, Karen, Coushatta Palmer, Pam; Mansfield Palmore. Melinda; Naples Pantalion, Susanne; Shreveport Pardue, Penny; Ferriday Parker. Curtis; Simpson Parker, Julleanae; Baton Rouge Parker. Onie; Natchitoches Parker. Susan, Vivian Parker. Wilford A Simpson Parson. Marva. Many Patrick. Scott, Wmnfield Patten, Tnna, Bossier City Patterson, Rosaline, Shreveport Paylon, Rose, Natchitoches Payton. Stephen, Leesville Perkins. Betty; Pitkin Perkins, Gail. Leesville Perkins. Lisa; Pitkin V, PI!$ ffl5 300 Undergraduates W » trnvn Perkins, Mike, Natchitoches Perron, Michelle; Mamou Perry, Deborah, Rosepme Perry, Jackie; Natchitoches Perry, Sharon; Alexandria Peters. Parthonia; Natchitoches Peterson, Gwendolyn; Goldonna Peterson, Rosalind; Goldonna Petit, Marty; Jesup Phan, Ngoc Anh; Garland, TX Phillips, Mary; Mansfield Pierce, Stacy; Winnfield Pitre, Linda; Morrow Pittman, Linda; Baton Rouge Pitts, Gene; Natchitoches Player, Debbie; Benton Plumb, Edith; Shreveport Plunkett, Tommy, Natchitoches Poimboef, Susan; Pleasant Hill Poole, Beverly; Shreveport Posey, Melinda; Mansfield Posey, Pam; Mansfield Potter, Leon; Shreveport Powell, Weslie; DeRidder Preedom, Thomas; Shreveport Price, Debbie, Carthage, TX Price, Dennis; Pineville Price, Doretha; Shreveport Prince: Christy; Leesville Prince, Jami; Baton Rouge Proby, Janice; Keithville Procell, Naomi; Noble Prudhomme, Lenn; Natchitoches Pugh, Lorene; Benton Pullen, Jeff; Shreveport Pye, Julie; Belle Chasse Quarles, Lenita; Minden Quattlebaum, Marlene; Alexandria Quinney, Marilyn; Alexandria Rabalais, Randy; Alexandria ' Rachal, Ann; Forum Rachal, Teresa; Natchez Rachel, Gwen; Flora Radasinovich, Daniel; Durant, OK Rainge, Peggy; Shreveport Raleigh, Sheri; Lake Charles Rascoe, Nancy; Powhatan Rash, Liz; Las Vegas Ray, Barbara; Pitkin Ray, Richard; Bossier Raymond, Janice, Natchitoches Raymond, Nebrenda; Preston, MS Read, Patricia; Cottonport Reason, Brian; Leesville Redanaver, Theresa: Bossier Reed, Charles; Mittie Reed, Madelyn; Opelousas Reed. Neverlyn; Shreveport Reeves, Terry; Rosepine Classes .301 Renfrow, Scott. Bossier Rentrop. Ruth. Lake Charles Rhmes, Wilma Jean. Logansport Rhodes. Don; Sulphur Rhodes. Stanley Colomba. Arcadia Rhone. Denise; Shreveport Rice. Lynda. Leesville Richard. Donna. Jennings Richardson. Belinda, Elizabeth Richardson. Elizabeth Richardson. James; Joyce Richardson. Leslie; Sulphur Richardson, Marvin, Boyce Richardson. Sandra; Alexandria Riggins. Angel; Vinton Rigmaiden, Vickie; Westlake Rister, Roger; Natchitoches Rivers, Kern; Shreveport Rivers. Linda; Many Rivers, Larry; Zwolle Riviere. Dean; Port Allen Roberson. Robena; Shreveport Robert, Carol; Bunkie Roberts, Florence; Church Point Roberts. Frances, Shreveport Roberts, Nancy; Baton Rouge Robertson, Valerie; Mesquite, TX Robinson, Alfreda; Alexandria Roddy, Rodney, Jonesville Rodney. Elain; Jonesville Roe, Janet; Elizabeth Rogan, Garry; Natchitoches Rogers, Janice; Houma Rogers. Mary; Houma Rolon, Roger; Leesville Roque. Joseph; Shreveport Roque. Tammy; Natchez Roque, Terry; Natchez Rosier, Lon; Natchitoches Rougeau, Gregory, Leesville Royalty, Arlen; Leesville Ruble, Robert; Bossier Ruflin, Terry, Many Rutkm, Vickie; Shreveport Russell. David; Shreveport Rutledge. Mary, Shreveport Ryan, Renee, Odessa. MO Saar. Janet. Pineville Samuels Barbara; Natchitoches Sartchez, Renay. Shreveport Sanders. Barbara; Bienville Sanders. Douglas; Bienville Sanders. Mary. Leesville Sandifer. Tommy; Jena Sapp, Cynthia. Leesville Savoie. Lake Charles Scales. Sammy, Bossier Scallan. Mona; Mansurra Scarborough. Amanda. Natchitoches Schafler. Virginia. Lulmg Undergraduates k i Wjwl 302 Undergraduates Scheffer, Kathryn. Shreveport Schlessman, Jodie, West Monroe Schwer, Nancy; Metaine Scott, Bill, New Roads Scott. Donna; Natchitoches ocott, Joseph; Natchitoches Scott, Sadie; Natchitoches Scott, Tern; Natchitoches Scroggms, Stan, Gretna Scroggms, Stephanie; Gretna Seal, David; Covington Sebren, Donna; Mansfield Self, Dan; Bossier Selvage, Eva; Baton Rouge Seno, Sandra; New Orleans fa nore, Beverly; Natchitoches bnaffer, Linda; Shreveport Sharp, Susan; Fort Necessity Shaw, Pamela; Shreveport Shaw, Stephanie; Bossier Shep, Willie; Sibley Sheets, Cindy; Amant Shelton, Curtis; Shreveport Shepard, Keith; Lufkin, TX Shillcut, Bob; Shreveport Shirley, Kevin; Winnfield Sibley, Albert; Many Sibley. Dale; Leesville Sibley, Monica; Leesville Simpton, Audrey; Natchitoches Singletary, Frankie; Pitkin Singleton, Beverly; Jonesboro Sisson, Wilanne; Mansfield Sledge, Valine; Natchitoches Small, Birdie; Shreveport Small, Delphine; Shreveport Smith, Alan; Shreveport Smith, Alice; Goldonna Smith, Becky; Metaine Smith, Dean; Natchitoches Smith, Gwendolyn; Houma Smith, Lloyd; Castor Smith, Monica; Shreveport Smith, Shelia; Leesville Smith, Sherry; Zwolle Smith, Tamra; Jena Smith, Teresa; Jena Smith, Terry; Metairie Smith, Vallie; Shreveport Snell, Margaret; Florien Snow, Karen; Natchitoches Snyder, Gwen; Hackberry Sodner, John; Natchitoches Soileau, Chris; Opeolusas Solieau, Paul; Port Barre Solieau. Sandra; Bossier Solieau, Steven; Bossier Sparks, Tyrone; Bossier Spence, Larry; Monroe Spencer, Rachel; Morrison, III. Classes 303 Undergraduates Spencer, Ronald. Natchitoches Spencer, Sharon, Lake Charles Spivey. Portia; DeRidder Spruce, Pat; Camden, AK Spurgeon, Donnell, Chopin Spurlock, Edward, Baker Squyres. Merlin, Jena Staniback, Kelley; Oakdale Stapleton, Wanda; Oakdale Stanford, Terry; DeRidder St Aubyn, Ron, Malaga. NJ Steinmetz, Karen; Opelousas Stelly, Richard; Natchitoches Stephens. Randy; Natchitoches Stevens. Williams; Natchitoches Stewart, Cynthia; River Ridge Stewart, Patricia; Vivian Stewart, Shirley; Arcadia Stewart, Susan; Vivian Stinson, Lewanda; Leesville Stone. Deborrah; Shreveport Stovall. Donna, Monroe Stout, Randel; Natchitoches Strange, John; Shreveport Stringer, Gloria; Leesville Stroud, Joy; Atlanta Stupic, Janis; Manstield Sullivan. Kathy; Natchitoches Sullivan, Rebecca; Cousharta Sullivan, Roger; Natchitoches Swacker, Thomas; Crowley Swain, Marilyn; Benton Sweazy, Delia; Alexandria Sweeney. Jill; Campti Taitano, Rosa; Natchitoches Talley. Shern, Shreveport Tarver, Penny; Winnfield Tate, Lori; Natchitoches Tate. Marion; Montpelier Tate, Teryn, Shreveport Taylor, Dorothy; Robelme Taylor, Otis; Stonewall Taylor, Vannester; Frierson Teekell. Lisa; Alexandria Terrell, Donna; Natchitoches Terrell, Kenneth; Pleasant Hill Tharpe, Tammie; Natchitoches Thaxton, Gwenda; Florien Theriot. Carla; Iowa Thibodeaux, Julie. Natchitoches Opelousas Thiels. Cynthia; Boyce Thigpen. Foster; Mansfield Thomas. Belinda; Kelly Thomas, Brian; Natchitoches Thomas, Faye; Greenwood Thomas. Lynn; Shreveport Thomas. Vanessa; Boyce Thomisee. Cynthia, Deville Thomisee. Ralph. Deville Thompson. Alice; Natchitoches I n . Undergraduates B£.j K a WSwTSSl Thompson, Keith, Bossier Thompson, Leslie; Jonesboro Thompson, Shelia; Jonesboro Thorne, James; Natchitoches Thrash, David, Natchitoches Thurman, Karen; Shreveport Tietje, Linda; Roanoke Tinsley. Kathy; Leesville Tolar, Timothy; Natchitoches Tolliver, Linda; Alexandria Tolliver, Vanessa; Monroe Tomme, Lorlie; Sulphur Towry, Knsty; Natchitoches Totten, Cynthia; Raslie Toussamt, Darrel, Opelousas Tuminello, Kay; Baton Rouge Turner, Christolyn; Grand Cane Turner, James; Leesville Twilbeck, William; Metaine Tyler, Dennis; New Orleans Tyler, Janet; Jonesboro Ubesie, Comfort; Enugu, Nigeria Van Den Broom, Patricia; Shreveport Vandersypen, Rodney; Alexandria VanDine, Cheryl, Natchitoches VanHoosen, Jerry; Natchitoches Vaughn, Deborah; Provencal Vela, Pamela; Houston, TX Vela, Velma, Houston, TX Venson, Barbara; Boyce Venson, Irma; Boyce Venson, Linda; Boyce Venson, Wilma; Boyce Vidrine, Vickie; Lake Charles Vizena. Charlotte; Oberlin Voss, Donnis; Boyce Wagley, Randy, Opelousas Waguespack, Michael; Bossier Walker, Barbara; Benton Walker, Charles; Dry Prong Walker, Debra; Montgomery Walker, Ronnie, Dry Prong Walker, Scott, Dry Prong Walker, Stephen; Shreveport Walker, Tina; Minden Walker, Virniel. Leesville Walker, Walter; Dry Prong Wallace, Connie, Robeline Wallace, Linda; Robeline Wallace, Martha. Natchitoches Walls, Mary; Bunkie Walters, Wanda; Ringgold Wardle, Debbie; DeRidder Ware, Maxine; Shreveport Wartelle, John; Opelousas Wartelle, Patrick; Opelousas Washington, Bonnita; Mansfield Waters, Isloe, Sibley Watkins, Bruce; Minden Watkins. Karen, Shreveport Classes h Watson Debbie. Natchitoches Watson, Linda. Hefhn Weaver. Anita. Trout Webb. Donald. Natchitoches Webb. James, Natchitoches Weeks. Randy. Tioga Weigand. Melissa. Jennings Wells. Ins. Greensburg Wentzel. Homer. Leesville Wess. Angelnella. Alexandria West. Cloteal. Jonesboro Wethenngton. Angela. Natchitoches Wiggens. Nereida; Pineville White. Troy. Pineville Whitley. Mattie. Wmnfield Wilcox. Susan, Leesville Wilhelm. Shen; Fort Polk Wilkerson. Clint. Natchitoches Williams. Darlene. Cheneyville Williams. Amy. Winntield Williams. Andrea, Natchitoches Williams. Curtis; Natchitoches Williams. Daryl; Alexandria Williams. Edward; Alexandria Williams. Gail. Shreveport Williams. Gma; Barnwell Williams. Gmetta; Shreveport Williams. Janet, Leesville Williams, Jerry; Leesville Williams. John; Shreveport Williams. Linda. Keithville Williams. Lorl; Shreveport Williams. Martha; Pineville Williams. Rene; Winntield Williams. Robert; Many Williams. Stephen; DeRidder Williams. Vickie A.; Shreveport Williams, Vincent; Natchitoches Willis. Cathy; Shreveport Wilson. Ralph; Natchitoches Wilson. Shelia; Mansfield Wilson. Thelma; Campti Wilson. Vivian; Alexandria Wise. Judy; Houma Witherwax. Renee; Eunice Wolt. Arester. Many Wolf. Pricilla. Many Womack, Shela; Baton Rouge Wood, Becky; Haughton Wooding. Kathryn; Alexand ria Woollen. Mark. Shreveport Wooley. Patti; Zwolle Worley. Hayes; Shreveport Wren. Theresa; Boyce Wright, Beth, Bossier Wright. Linda Faye; Simmesport Wright, Lisa, Many Wyatt. Cindy; Shreveport Wyatt. Malinda. Martmville Yates. Richard. Shreveport Young, John. Shreveport Young. Maria; Lake Charles Zavalydnga. Michael. Haughton Undergraduates A Look at NSU This is the University. This is the place where many friendships have been made, the place where many great lessons have been learned, the place where students encountered new experiences and a new way of life. And so it was. This is the place where we leave a part of our lives that can never be recaptured except in thought, a place of involvement and learning; of trials and tribulations; of happiness and success. And so it is. This is the place where the roots of Northwestern State University hold firmly to carry on symbols of intellect and culture, making NSU students proud that Northwestern has become a part of their lives. And so it will be. The University Pep rallies at NSU were an exciting part of the football season. Many groups got involved in the activities, the band played to liven up the spirit, and the greeks ran around waving their flags and cheering. ' - TUT I The University . . . 31 1 In Memoriam Life Is eternal, Love is immortal and Death is only a horizon, and A horizon is only the limit of our sight. — Unknown a Faculty and Staff: Students: Roy F. Barnhill Barry Pardue Earnest Harris Dewayne Wages Dr. William Philp Edwin Teal Dr. Roderick Outland Michael Timpa Selma Mahfouz Wyamond Waters Thomas Sickmiller Mike Hoops Patrice Pannell ft I ■

Suggestions in the Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) collection:

Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


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