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m NORTHWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA POTPOURRI Volume No. 69 Natchitoches, Louisiana 1976-77 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 2 The University 32 Greeks 130 The Select 162 Athletics 198 Organizations 258 2 Write on your hearts that every day is the best day of the year. Ralph Waldo Emerson X Inlnxiuil Introduction ... 5 r f liilroi liii Imn Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor William Cowper Introduction ... 7 8 . . . Inlrodurtion Introduction . . .9 10 . . . Inlnxlui lion ijBP All the world ' s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. William Shakespeare Introduction ... II A beautiful day ' s a mixture of work and play and joy and love. Introduction ... 13 Introduction ... 15 16 . . . Intrwiurti For everything you have missed you have gained something else, Ralph Waldo Emerson Introduction ... 17 L H i PTr " i m 1 feMKN J T %■ M J " ' 1 •fc. ? T ■ II A 1 j S M ' ■ | vV v . v jS i V - ' - SI iiM 9b 1 i i ■ i -■ ll ' m fit 1H lnlr...l,i. Hon Introduction ... 19 - -v» . ' (I liitnnliiitiiHi Give me the splendid, silent J sun with all his beams full dazzling. Walt Whitman ■ - ' v Ml ■ Ilttrodlll I Yesterday is already a dream, ant but today, well lived, makes every happiness, and every vision a hop 2 1 Inlrodui lion ! morrow is only a vision; sterday a dream of Sanskrit Introduction ... 25 26 . . Intnxliji lion Introduction. . .27 Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower; We will grieve not — Rather find strength in what remains behind. Wordsworth Introduction ... 29 in Inlrodurlion Introduction ... 31 T H E U N I V E R S I T Y Th.-Uniwn.iU . . . 33 President Arnold R. Kilpatrick Ten Years of Leadership ■Ml •i-l Th«- 1 niversit) NORTHWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA Office of the President Natchitoches, LA 71457 Greetings from the President: It is a privilege to extend greetings via the Potpourri. When you thumb through the pages of this book and reflect upon the hours spent at NSU, may you be reminded and be proud of the rich heritage you possess as a student here, the 92 years of service NSU has provided, the academic excellence, the opportunity to learn, to contribute, to participate, and to en- rich your life through the total college experience. It has been my pleasure to be associated with you this year. Sincerely, Arnold R. Kilpatrick HU l|j %% I 4 IB The University Tin- i- the University. These arc the faces and the places that we grew to know and to love. This is the place where we came and encountered new people, new experiences, and a new wa of life. This was the place of involvement and of learning; the time of trials and tribulations, and of happiness and success. This was the time when we learned how to meet the demands of each new day, the times when we were forced to meet tomorrow with calmness and understanding. This is the place that has enriched our lives, the place where we grew stronger — physically, emotionally, academi- cally and professionally. Vs we turn the pages of this yearbook, ma we all feel proud that Northwestern State University has become a part of our lives. This is the University. : i UN ( V KftS IT. Y i w - ' i , s ! % 38 . . . Th - 1 niveroit) The University ... 39 U Tin I niverait) Thr University . . . 43 Louisiana State Board of Regents First Rou Mr Robert J. Bodet, Mr Richard D ' Aquin, Mr. W.J. DeFelice.and Dr. Albert W. Denl V,„„, W..» Mr Ewell Eagan, Major Fred C. Frey, Mr. J. K Haynes,and Mr-. Parletta Holmes. Third Hmi Mr Thomu lames, Mr George Luffey, Judge Rogers M Prestridge, and Mr. Robert I ' u h . Fourth Rou Mr JoeD Smith, Jr., Mr. John Thistlethwaite, Mr D.S Young, and Dr. William Arceneaux, Coi • I nivrraity Higher F.ilui ation. Louisiana State Board of Trustees Y« AH. First Row: Mrs. Eleanor Brown, Mr. Charles Colbert, Mr. Joseph J. Davies, Jr., and Mr. F. L. " Rick " Eagan, Jr. | Second Row: Mr. Gordon Flory, Mr. J. Y. Foreman, Rev. Herbert M. Gordon, and Mrs. Dawson Johns. Third Row: Mr. J. Curtis Joubert, Mrs. Claude Kirkpatrick, Ms. Carrie W. McHenry, and Mr. Charles M. Miller. I Fourth Row: Mr. Enoch T. Nix, Stale Sen. Harvey Peltier, Jr., Mr. N. J. Stafford. Jr., and Dr. Boyd M. Woodard. The University ... 45 Vice-Presidents TOPLEFl Di Charles F. Thomas, Vice-President of Academii Mfairs. BOTTOM LEFT: Dr Frank U Martin, Vice-President of Research, Development, Planning, and Federal Programs. TOP RIGHT: Dr. Richard Galloway, Vice-Presidenl of Student Affairs. BOTTOM RIGHT: Ms. E. Lonetta Graves, Vice-President of Financial and Adminis trative Affairs. ■U Th Universit) Administrators TOP LEFT: Dr. C. B. " Lum " Ellis, Assistant to the President. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Walter Ledet, Registrar. TOP RIGHT: Ms. Laura B. Lavespere, Controller. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Robert Horneman, Coordinator of Education in Nursing. The University ... 47 Administrators TOP] EFl Mr Frederick Bosarge, Dean of Student Personnel. BOTTOM LEFT: Ms. Barbara Gillis. Director of Housing. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Cecil Knolts. Director of Student Services. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Robert Wilson, Director of the Student Ur 48 ■ ■ Tht Univerait) Administrators TOP LEFT: Ms. Ann Mo Neely, Director of Student Financial Aid. BOTTOM LEFT: Dr. Edward B. Anders, Budget Officer. TOP RIGHT: Mr. John Sarpy, Supervisor of Loans and Grants. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Henry Tauzin, Supervisor of Loan Repayments. TheUniversilN ... 49 Administrators TOP LEFT: Mr. Sylvan Sibley. Purchasing Agent BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. D. Loran Lindsey. Property Manager and Building Program Coordinator. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Ted Wright. Supervisor of University Facilities. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Edwin A. Freeman. Coordinator of University Activitii 50. . .The Unr Administrators • jA ... ... i.;« jm» v :.::a " ■••••:■••• ••• ' •• .•v. » « »• ' ••• •:. ••.•••:. V.VA TOP LEFT: Ms. Hazel Batiste, Coordinator of Counseling Services. BOTTOM LEFT: Dr. Hoyt J. Reed, Director of Continuing Education. TOP RIGHT: Ms. Agatha Newitt, Director of Placement and International Offices. BOTTOM RIGHT: Ms. Mamie Trunzler, Coordinator of Orientation and Organiza- tions. The University . . .51 Administrators TOP LEFT: Chid [«n«K Lee. Supervisor of Univereit) Police. I ' . ' I H ' M LEFT: Mr. Donahl Ma. Kenzie, Librarian. TOP RIGHT: Dr. Otis Cox. Director of the Bureau of Research. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Jerry Pierce. Director of Informational Servil . Administrators TOP LEFT: Mr. Harrel Haile, Business Manager of Athletics. BOTTOM LEFT: Col. (Ret.) George Reed, Coordinator of Continuing Education of Fort Polk. TOP RIGHT: Mr. George Doherty, Director of Athletics. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Steve Gunn, Veterans Administ ration Representative. The University ... 53 Administrative Staffs Staff of Housing: Ms. Merry Smith. Ms. Marie Camors. Mr. Leslie Palmer. Ms. Linda Winningham and Ms. Barbara Gillis. Director. Staff of th. NSl Bookstore: Front Kmi M- Selma Mahfouz, Din, tor. Ms. Luvenia Friday, Ms. Dorothy Ma Vernelli Cox, Mi Marj Mice Harper, and Ms. Amarylis Cedars. Ms. Dariene Radial. Back Ron Ms. Louise Rutledge. Ms. 54 Th. Administrative Staffs Staff of the NSU Post Office: Ms. Lucille Thibodeaux, Mr. David Christopher, and Mrs. Lee Irma Hawkins. Staff of Eugene P. Watson Library: Mr. John Price, Ms. Eleanor Hollis, Mr. Donald MacKenzie, Head, Ms. Phyllis Brown, Mr. Clyde Bostic, Ms. Clara Greene, Ms. Carol Wells, Ms. Lola Lofton, Mr. Robert Allen, and Mr. Joseph Rubino. The University ... 55 College of Business The College of Business was divided into the two fields of business administration and business education. The curriculum of business administration provided preparation for careers in business, the military, and civic or institutional management. The field of business education provided preparation for teaching business at the secondary level and for gain- ing secretarial positions. The College of Business, with its enrollment of 734 students, proposed to establish a sense of high moral and ethical standards for those who intend to engage in busi- ness activities. RIGHT: Dr. David Townsend. Dean of the College of Business ,U I h 1 nivenil) i: " Wi 1 NESS Economics ■US The Univereit) . . .57 College of Education The College of Education was the largesl college on cam- pus ha inj: an enrollment of 1.155. The college had three areas in which to base their purposes; these were beliefs, general objectives, and professional objectives. Willi the belief that a child ' s mind is verj important and special, the College of Education stressed the devel- opment of critical thinking and initiative. The department of General Studies was also included in the College of Education, with an enrollment of 1,342. RICHT: Dr. Robert Most, I). M II,. The University . . .59 College of Liberal Arts The College of Liberal Arts, with its enrollment of 405, was dedicated to extending and broadening the education of students beyond the limits of their chosen careers. It was also concerned with providing services to the com- munit} outside the walls of the classroom. All degree programs were fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The department of Music was accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. RIGHT: Dr. G „w Stokes, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. ■ I The University ... 61 College of Nursing The faculty of the College of Nursing believed that the essence of professional nursing was a commitment to serve humanity. With an enrollment of 1,093, the pro- gram of studies was set up to allow prospective nurses to pursue their freshman and sophomore studies on the Natchitoches campus and to complete their junior and senior studies on the Shreveport campus. 62 . The Univenit} I The l niversm . . . 63 College of Science and Technology The College of Science and Technology had an enroll- ment of 585. Its primary purpose was the provision of scientific and technological programs allowing students an opportunity to pursue degree programs in the pure and applied sciences. Seventy percent of the faculty holds doctorate degrees. Northwestern annually hosts the Region Four and State Fairs as a contribution to scien- tific development in the state of Louisiana. RIGHT: Dr. Rene J. Bienvenu. Dean of the College of Science and Technology Wp m . The University The University . . .65 Graduate School The Graduate School at Northwestern is one of the oldest among the universities under the State Board of Trustees for Colleges and Universities. Over the years, through creative and innovative plan- ning, it has expanded its offerings to meet the needs of its clientele. Quality has been the essential ingredient among those that are responsible for the fact that the Graduate School ' s enrollment, which totals 1,125, is among the largest of those in the state. RIGHT: Dr. Tom Paul Southerland. Dean of the Graduate School. The University . . .67 Faculty Mr Manjanri KcMi Hem Enmomia Mr r raj KiUmsiJcmnuJum Ma MarKJr.l lkin.. Vu.u 1- Mm M Whan. W,, , Mr rthur Ml. ... W-.o I. rr I Ml. ... tfanttrliaian and B..«Arm.. r» M- I.. 1. 1. ' Indcre: Barium Aan and £. »n..min I). Inn.- Bartholomew; i ' cuujiuyni llr Rav In. r, flr. , „ :,, .1 .V ..«, r. Mr I R ,1.,,u«m Mr Bertram! Boyd; rVaitauoua M, 1,ll.„.l I H,ni . ■!..!.. S,. i.J, ) rl in. .Si»m( Mr 1 l,.,rl.- Bi — .11: Chrm.vr, andPhyua II, K.R..I«r.Bla.k.. , «•,-, , Mr- Jud W Boon. . flu.rnru — Wr« R u. Ui«n Mr Rob. rl Bm k. nr, if) ; Hrhm i„ral ScUnOI -nr R. Br.iikr.-iii ; Buuieai -Mm and Ecanomia Mr l.u.l J Bri,!.id. .QumiMT) .in. f .. CS f £?| Ms. Sara Burn,,, !,.; Eazlnh Ma. Helen A Bush: Wining Mr. N.-al Cameron; Enefo Mr Girru-N; Crnrral Studir Mr.SunChadfck;Ma« Mr Ron Chen; Social Science! itu men; rt. uwrW Ed and Technology Mr F.rn B. Chrisl.-ns.-n; Kdui nlion , F. Cokcn Hrallh. r F. and Hr, nation Mr. Thoma- Govinglon; Malhematia Mr ... 1 Daughlrey; Earth Scicnca .lr J..I111 1). ' , k.-r: Continuing Edu c ation M- Patricia H Drnnis; Behavioral Scicnca Ma Marie DiVinrrnli: Yuning Mr lla.,.1 Dobbins: Earth Scicnca Mr. KenDooley: »fu... Mr R..„ Dubois: Education -. Health. I ' ll and Recreation Mr II,... K|.|.l. r. Industrial r.V .,.,, l..h„.,l., M, La-roll EvTnull:Srxw.Srw Ha Mm I ■ 1- F ngi Social Scirucn M. Donald Gales: Ptychology Mr K„. ZcMty: Health. PE and Recreation M, I)....,,. ( (.,11.. n f i CS rt C v £ Mr. N„h,-K Brudrrmann; V " " ' Mr Ramon Brrrd.-rmann. Spanish Mr B.IK J,..Br,an ( ; n | " 3L VL £ . Mr Rm Bui U.- : Biological Scienca Mr- Kathleen Burke; Math Mr T...r. Burn-;B.,. ««ira .Srirarrj V lallf ' , ' 1 A ' f Q Faculty all AU i v 4ttf 4 Mr. Raymond Cilbe Dr. Thomas Criffith; Microbiology and Biochemistry Mr. William J Cuiee; Educational Psychology Dr. Grady Harper: Art Mr. William A. Hunt; Music M Lin ille Ingram; English Ms. Elsie James; Business — Dist Education Mr. Ru hard Jennings; Music Ms. Belty V. Johnson; Home Economics Mr. Joe Johnson; English Mr. Joseph Johnson; Business — Distributive Education Dr Tommv Johnson; Business — Mr. Charles Keenan, Sim tology ti ml Social Work Mr William Knipine er. Social Sciences Mr. Kenneth Knolls; Social Sciences Mr. Dwayne Kruse; Biological Sciences Mr. Barney Kyzar; Education Ms. Luella Lewis; Health. P E and Recreation ; Behavioral Sciences Mr. Dii Mr. Bob Lumpkins; Education Mr. Samuel Masson; Continuing I Ms. Dorothy Maziarz; Nursing Ms. Joan MeKee; Nursing Ms. Doris C. M. Swain; Nursing Mr. Melvin Mil, hel; English Ms. Barbara Moffelt; Nursing Mr. Murphy Rivers; Art Ms. Karen W. Oliver; Education Dr. Roderick Oulland; Biological Sciences Ms. Charlotte Pennington; Nursing Mr Waller Pine; Mathematics Mr. Dudley R. Pill; Mathematics Mr. Franklin I. Presson; Journalism Mr. Robert B Priee: Music Mr. Robert Roger; Chemistry and Physics M- Nimlra Roquemore; Health. PE and Rev Mr Ric hjr.l Rose. Il.ii, e Rue; Business Administration Runion; Behavioral Sciences Smith; Languages ■ Snowden; Socio. Sciences Mr. Melvin Stevens; Earth Silences Mr. H. N. Town. Business Adm and Economies Mr. David Wells. Continuing Education Mr. Werllaers; French Mr. Thomas Whitehead; Journalism Mr Robert S Winn; Education The University . Graduate Students UJday, Mkhwt; Kjk. r, Chuiac fTniMir ffirj Ban.h. Mirk. Spnngrull Balisle. La»rrn r. Yufinlpdha Braxrll. Gary: VoirAtforAri Burton. Jam,--. W ufc-Ae, Burton. Karri,. Mm nibxAri Cannon. Rebecca; Coushaua Carpenter. Robert. alrhiioeties Chung, Ohen Hua. .VajrAtiorAej Cloud. John: WmnfieU Cole. Terry; Nalrhuoches Complon. Su an: Wmnsboro Colton. Joseph; Dodson Deeymg. Prayong; Thailand Dfjp, Nun . Hamsburg. PA Ford. E»el»n: OHa Hakes. Dana; Bossier CUy Hinrs, Kenny: Alexandria Jackson. Dehra; Sauhitoehes Kern. Ronnie; lie Bidder LaCour. Debra: Clotuienille Lambert. Laurenee; win Maspero. Georgr: Kroner Melntosh. Bobby: LeentUe Miears. Bill: Bossier City Mom, Janet. Shrrieport Muffolecio. F. E.;£u i« N,x.Be,kv;f ne.i, i-.C Presson. Je«ell Mrs ; Satrhuoches Qmndl. 5»mlr. HmtwUriUr, AH Smith. Samuel. Wol Spnngs. AH Thornhill. Anna. PtnetiUe Semirsuke. Luamt: Bangkok. Thailand Strong. A aine. Monroe Tanh. Dolors shme .n Thomas. VI rsle, . Lrutell. GA Tod.1. Bert. Magnolui. AH ,.tn„, Prnty. VdlePtaW Vug, Jerry: Taipei. Taiuan VaMer.Jodjn ai Au Ae, VojddawlM, Pal. Shreiefnin 70. . .Tin Graduating Seniors Ackel, Mary; Natchitoches Adams, Donna; Shrvi rptirt Adams, Mary; Alexandria Adams, Ronald; Alexandria Aldrich, Toby; Ottawa Lake, Ml Allen, Rhonda; Baton Rouge nd, Claire; Haynesvtlle ■ws, Valerie; Gonzales ies, Joanne; Many Armstrong, Fay; Natchitoches Armstrong, Susan; KeithviUe Arnold, Jeanne; Shreveport Arnold. Shem; Alexandria Austin, Alice; Shreveport Ayers, Norita; Many Babin. Harry; Lake Charles Bailey, Lettia; Leesville Baillio, Lydia; PineviUe Baker. Charles; Caro, Ml Balint, Millie; New Orleans Ballard, Kathy; Oakdale Bandy, Denise; Crowley Bandy, Steve; Sunset Bearden, Bradley; Natchitoches Beasley, Roland; Alexandria Beeson, Julia; Elizabeth Behan, Evelyn; Simpson Bell. William; Opelausas Bengtson. Sharon; Vtdalta Bennett. Deborah; Flora The University . . .71 Graduating Seniors ■ .„. hit... kfl M...I.I.. Dart to , ( h,„l.. f nniifif? R. p. « illiam M . H.,i..n Rm r Bourgroift. (.I nn: Laramp Bow if. Uura: namOr Hr i.l. „ Rhonda; MatrMlorAn Bran II. Riu. feft-MioWkn ..„.ii. ii. . i). -i.i. y «.- Oorin Brown. Drbra: Boui r. ' n. Brown. Gary: £a«r Brown. MirhiriiSftrmpM H„fk,„.J.,n,.-. . .:.,M i H.Mik. i. M I) . t,i.hih-hr Riim.uf.h-. David; Mindm Burroufrhn. Sprnrrr; H.,,1.. IK Ru-h. Mjr. u. . -i, (Mra« Bullrr. Virginia; Valrhilochti R ,,.. :. tt illiam: Tioga Byrne. Fran; Pmrilh Cap -. Danm . J,.nr ht,m Calhoun. Linda: ZMtuti rr i ,11. ,,. Chrislinr; VnmiUf fctwisa ar.i®£fiA AUfifiSii Graduating Seniors Cani aro, Sandra; Shrrveporl Cariere, Andrea; Shreveport Carlyon, Pal; Alexandria Carnea, Robert; PinevilU Carpenter, Diane; Shrei eport Carpenter. Dianna; Naichitoch Carr. James; Alexandria Carroll. Brenda; Pitkin Carson, Cecilia; Ringgold Carter. Randolph; Bossier City Cason. Flora; Coushalia Champion, Amy; Lultng Chatelain. Cynthia; Mansura Chevallier, Glynn; Alexandria Cladwell, Susan, Shreveport Clark. Barbara; Shreveport Clark. Shirley; Shrrveporl Cloud. Lynda; Houma Cloud. Spring; Ashland Coleman, Kathenne; Shmcporl Collins, Rose; PinevilU Conley, Betlie; Natchitoches Cooke. Joseph; Natchitoches Cotton. Jeff, Dodson Coulee, Beulah; Campti Cox, Cynthia; Sulphur Cox. Vicki Lynn; Leesville Crawford, Elaine; Ringgold Creel, Karen; Oakdale Creighton. Randy; Natchez Crowell, Debbie; LeesvUle Curry, Martha; Spnnghtll Curry, William; Spnnghill Curry, William Jr.; Many Curtis, Melonie; Alexandria Dale. Mary; Natchitoches D ' Angelo, Patricia; Alexandria Davenport. Denise; Eunice Davis. Clinlon; Natchitoches Davis, Dorothy; Natchez Davis. Evelyn; Denham Springs Delai erda, Frances; Shreveport Delaune, Jeffrey; Bossier City Delery. Peggy; Neu Orleans Desanlis. Dede; Shreveport Devillier, Regina; Morrow DeWeese, Bridget; Sibley Dewitl, Rob. Douglas, Lisa; Pineville Dreher. Kevin; St. FrancisvilU Dupont, Lonnie; Simmesport Ebersole, Sandra; Shreveport Erhenhofer. Cynthia; Beaumo Eldridge, Elzie; RobeUne England, Deborah; Shreveport Everell. Mae; Leesville Federiek, Barbara; Natchitoches Feilden, Anne; Metatnr Fenceroy, John; Natchitoches Fisher, Bernice; Shreveport The University Graduating Seniors ri.ll.l. 1 ..,.,„. .UaviUt Fontenol. keilh. fiuucff Fonlenol. Ro»(er. ShinefH.n Fontenol. Timnlht. Eunice Ford. R,.k. .er.i.Hr FoKatCT.MaiwSuUl Fonakdl, Hill. Mbidkiioces FoMer. Harry; Couthaua Frintom. Bem. 1 ' nnrnial Frazrr. Catherine; Pinr fllu Fnrker. Ste e; Hamilton. Canada Fnese. Kalh . Shrrxr n Floyd, Rulh; Bolster City Fundi. VikkbAKntfa Gallagher. Sue; Baton Auuitf (iarna. J Michael; Afi ufcvi Garland. Grey: ,r RayviUe Carlinpon, Pally ; Bonu-r CUy Curat, Rebecca; Wmnfrld Gaspard. Kim; Alexandria Gate . Ellen; Wi.Ue Gallin. Sherry ; Wutte Gain. Cwen; Shreiepart Gauthier. Ann; Monsura Gehl. Rachel; Skmepon Gibson. Linda; Shreiepart Gill. Owen; Opelausas Godfrey. John. Shrei ept,rt Gordon. James; Cut Off Cray. Deborah; Hefltn Gra . MiU hell. Ls rtin f on Greer. Darlene; B igaUtw Greer. Donna; Battier City Cro», Cynlhia; .Ven Orfearu Guue. Paniy; Salchuarhrt Hadden. Thereva. Shrei efx t n Imim. Oonne, take Providence Hut, er„niea: Couthaua Harville. Chery I; Bonier City Halhorn. Donna; Chestnut Hay.Kalhr. aaHaiowa Hi. mill, Zanilra. Isrsttllr Heary.linda Vu (Mean, Heilri. k. Ha el. Vortfrrey Hedn.k.Melony; Port Bo nr ider, i hrieaii . DonoUionmllt Hemphill. Pe(u . Winnftrltt Hendn.k-. Paulni, hifasettc Herring, Chrialine; AUxandna Mill. K.rrv J,„ks.,„ Hill. Mel, ml., I. .11,,, Hill. Martha. Mansfield Graduating Seniors Mfflflfl Hortman, Rhonda; Gonzales Hough, Tony: Snftne Hubbard. Dorothy; MaeAito Hudgens, Sherry; Sfagfc Huffman, Dal.-; Pine, die Hunt. Patricia; Shreveport Huntington. Anita; Harahan Jackson. Bryce; fn s ,e Jackson. Debra; Natehitorhes Jackson. Uvcme; teeswfle Jeter. Gary; Natehitorhes Jetton, Paula; Sprm rkill Johnson. Clara; DeRtdder Johnson, Dolores; Pitkin Johnson, Suzanne; Bossier City Jones. Brenda; Mansfield Jones. Lisa; Lake Charles Jones. Robert; DeRidder Juneau. Cathy; Bunkie Kalbacher. Michelle; New Orleans Kaylor. Linda; Cotton Valley Kelly. Lynn; CoUionna kendn. k. Shjrlj. Shreieport Kerr. Kelvin; Shreieport Keys. Deborah; Lake Charles King, Donna; Alexandria Kirchoff, Robert; NatehUmhes Kwr. Martha. Mtnden Kunz, Diane; Bossier City 1-aC.i c, (ilcmla. hf.i die . Carole; Melairie Landis. Linda; Shreveporl Landry, Deborah; Triarkarui. TX Landry. Ken; Resene Landry. Micheal: Zwolle Langston. Laura; Natchitoches Laurent, Marlenc; Baton Rouge The University ... 75 Graduating Seniors I.. Mi liny Haemai , ,i. ha., he, Ij-ioi.ii I I .•«!.. Jeffrey; NaJrhilccha fee; SatHtn Limy. Billie. Kanillt Van . Hr. Batata Grj LovrbvJ I udh v Gregory; Crumbling l.ullr. II. ifm.Shmrimn Ma. k. Sharon; Stmmeipfirt iwn Bobbii Ka . R„hel,n, Men anl.l. Karrn: Kinder Mailn.-. P.-l.-r: Bonalusa lr. Ceorgi ».«.W. U .,V|- Mjv.-n.. Karen; Van h,t »he v,nd : tu McCaleb, Susan; B ' inn knr» M.-Cin. «a M. (...tin. II. MariKn; Alexandria M. ' . .11 T. rn. M ' liirinfrtport M.Omn.ll. Vern; (Wma M.( rocklin.Jack; laukiucka McFarland, Fram es; Main MeahelUennelle; Vauhiucka M.i I.r. Mar. Alice: SkrmpoH Middfeton. Bobby; Nalekilacka Mill. r. I .in. Jrnntnz rhrll. Marfan I: Buniiir . Ri. hard: Lake Chattel. Moon ( harktli . W,™ ™ M.H.f. Randy; Shntrtpon Moreno Joaeph; B» r Morning, Vemelda; Mtrulen M.irn . Marv. Shreie nrrt Bossier Ct] Murph . I ' am- .n. i«.« r. Ill , hlUH. Virginia. Sr rrtef irt S n,.J„d . Tultr,, Niehobon. William; Qowlt) Nrpp, Rhonda Lemur Nipp, « 111. Ue„,llr I Id..,,, I Pminentle l „ I ' Palmer. Gary; Vw Hm-nn Pamplin, Sandria; shre, r ,.,n Deborah; he. ftfi BS Graduating Seniors PJJSflfil Paul, Jacqueline; Denlle Payadue, Wanda; Marrero Payton, Linda; Natchitoches Pearce, Laterri; Zwolie Pennington, Gary; Flonen Penny, Cheryl; Alexandria Percy. Harriet; Lake Charles Perrine, Albert; Alexandria Perry. Irving; Bossier City Perry, Jeanie; Shreveport Perry. Pam; Shrrveport Peterman, Mary; Alexandria Phillips Hapi; Pleasant Hill Pickett, Judy; Coushatta Pierce, Ada; Pineville Pierce, James; PineviUe Pierson, Katherine; Natchitoches Pierson, Susan; Natchitoches Pipes, Evelyn; Bossier City Poole, Carolyn; Houghton Postles, Thomas; Natchitoches Powell, Brenda; Natchitoches Powell. Rosalyn; Shreveport Price, Debbie; Shreveport Primm, Jeanette; Natchitoches Prothro, Jim; Bossier City Prothro, LaRayne; Natchitoches Purcell, Cheryl; Marrero Rabalais. Aimee; Powhatan Rabal; Racha). i; Coushatta ; Alexandria e M.; New Orleans Ramsey, Kathy; Many Rayford, Yolanda; Bastrop Reed. Charlotte; Rosepine Reeves, Rusty; Berwick Rice, Margaret; Baton Rouge Richardson. Betty; Baton Roug Richmond, Marilyn; Oakdale Riggs, Dana; Bossier City Roberson, Ruby; Provencal Rodgers, Peggy; Shreveport •Rodriguez. Eleno; Leesvitie Rogers, James; Alexandria Rome, Francene; Shreveport Rone, Judy; Alexandria Rosenkrans, Marsha; Shrevep ort The University . Graduating Seniors R .thai. Mar J.un. ilamdria h. .»,.,« ,11,4m. ; -...;t K.,--. II, Jan. LagMajM Salley.Rii k . VaiufitU Sana Sherry; ling Samlrrv HtU-t . .1. I ' t ' uthiUHi Sandifer. Beverly; BossvrCl} Slpp, Aii.ln . faaavSBjf Sapp, Ponlri-.; Shmrinirt Sjr|. . I harlotl. ' . Ilrtnmlna Scaly. Butoiuffouu •v jr. tju„. MaidUlacAai P.nnitU S. v.. II. An «-M,.n. Carol l ShieUa. Rc.vj. Ata kxnei Sible) Caasie; Shrnrport Simmons. Ann. Shrrtrporl Simon. Beryl: em; VtreenuiHtd Singleton,; NatrJulocha .■I. Shretrport Shige. Terrell; G mna«o Smith. Cetrece; Lreuillr Smilh. Chri-lm.-; Sklrvtporl Smilh. Jam.--; f? .™ Smith. Lin. la; Sueeepoit Smith. Maria; Flunrn Smilh. Stewart; DrRulArr S.Ml.r-Irom. J.; Shrnrptirt Sp,n, er. Donna; iajte Charles MaKK. Maria. Ktruirr Stanley. Juanila; ««ijW Stark. Dt-borah. V.i . n, ,« V Surkrj. Ruth; Mindrn Stephana, Ran.U; LmulU Stewart, Norman; RoMinr Stringfleld. Robrn: Bum. Strong. Ja. queline; nV jrr (My - hi. Anp-la;i -riii j Til.iml.j-, Pain. la. Alrxarulna T.--ta. John. Alexandria Theuna, Beverly; ■ (Meow Totten. Jeffrey; flumV Tramrl. Julie; Afon Tra..r-. Roy; Mill aim art Trn h.l. Robert; GoUonum Trialer, J»nru ilU lurll f ( if, I | -ha . M..r . Mitulrn Ufd Snrrtr KHI Veimt, Hilton: fnuU ui ulor. Lynn; Drliumbrr aril. Palnlla. rto.n Win W .Ik. r. |iriy;Sbm T«M «.i Ma... Paula. 7...,ra Vibwortk. Robby; Caa pa . BouierGt) Belly; Coatw ftfik£EE£ nfifl I III I lll iT ll Graduating Seniors Waters, Virkie; Nauhilotnes Walley. Vickie; Shrrieport Walson. Monica: Natchuwhes Webber. Charles; Morgan Cay Weiner. Alyee; Thibodaux Welborn. Deborah; Prliran White, Lisa; Giuonport Wilbanks. Renee; Shrnvpon Wiley, Fred; Quilman Wilkerson, Lou; Shreteport Wilkinson. Bill; Shrneport Wilkinson. Tern; Bossu-r Cily Williams. Beverly; Norco Willis. Susan; Sika Willson. William; AUxandna Wimberly. Tonia; Shreivport Wimberly. Virginia; SpnnghiU Wise, Rodney; Una fisa Wood, Kenneth; Ccmpti Wright. Elaine; Shreveport Wright, Stuart; Natchitoches Yeoman, Karen; Kirkwood Young, Jo; New Orleans Young, John; Ptatn Dealing Young, Roy; Sikes The University . Undergraduates Odun .Akinnnadc. Olusoji Abel.. MM AIk-I-. I..n Ab-hirr. kalhv. ilesandna Uahire, Man. Qa«iri V . .. I nlhia. Flanen A. kcl. Martha. KmoWh A " tt-Kinj. . «n yuan. A«-n« fiwo una. Hi. ard... Non iuaro. I »i- Adams. Ro)(rr. Frou! Adams. Tina. SatrnUoches Adcrhold. Kathi. Alesamtna Mget, Bill; Hosston Anger. Main, r. .SAmenort A.ikin.. Our,-. Mansfield Akin. James. .SAreieporf hrlunu Ui. .Viarerw Alexander. Donna: Shreteport l.xandrr. Hurlcne; MandeiiUe Allrn. H..,i,i,. CirelcilUe AlU-n. Martha; Melaine Allen. Rodney; floutrr C«y Allrn. Tanya; MauhUocnes Alo»l. Mike; MauhllocKes Alosl. Thomas; .SMrU Anderson. Derek: Wake Forest. N.C AnderMin. Sherry; Shmeport Anderson. Susan; Pleasant HUt Apanowicz. Gerry: Ptusburtr, PA Arguela. Roberto; Pegucigalpa. Honduras Armstrong. Willie; Naunuoches Arnold. Dollv:SArnepor Ashley. Evelyn; SA rer wrl Austin. Jack. Shrefeport Aviles. Juliu; Fort Polk Babeork.Cheryl:Suie( Baeka. Phyllis; Bossier Cay Baer. Jeanne: Baton Rouge Bailey. Elizabeth: Bossier City Baillio. Ronald: Alexandria Baker. Shalyon; Shreveport Baldwin. Diedra; Cousnaua Banks. Joseph: Cousnaua Banks. Wvvorma; Vomer Bankston. AliLa; Zaehari Barnetle. Kim: frrncjVzv Barnelt. Leesa; SaUniioehes Barnum. Beverly: Campti Barnum. Diane; Winnfirld Barnwell. Lorraine; Shmeport Barrios. Michael; .VoacAuorAej Barton, Karen; Atlanta Barton. Tom: Bossier City Bass. Abbv. Won Blu ff . Mm Batten. Barbara; ,VoicA« Batten. Becky; Sauna Baylor. Debora: SAreieporl Beaham. Tina; Halt tutor lies Beal. Shern. H,»Ure Bearden. Thomas: Pouhalan Bcaslcv . Charles; Alexandria Bca-lrv. U,„ Bca.lev.Me Beavers. Pamela. .SAroeoon Beck.Carolvn. Slime Kin Beck. Rovie. lUiMki Betcwrc Marx. Vru Roads [h ll nil! barren. Yen rt.wwit Belk. Pewtv. V.uv A,J,« Ar. Iv. II.. I. Pamela. Baum Rou re Bcn«.c. Mark. » .nn .rld Benujmin. Linda. Shreieporl Bennett. Comic: Smmm Bennrll. Rhonda. Bolon Route l.uu, liter. PA Benolt. Msry.lteRutder v I I I sSfchV. J ' s ose p Thr Univrreily Undergraduates h tt0« ' 0tr f B.IW.n. M.irir. f),„. .., K. rl ll.mKlif Brwrlcy. Willanne; ft)) Biilard, Ellen; Mindai Billcaudeau, Lorrainne; O trtin f £ ( Bolton. Rebecca; Bonier C Bond. David; Boyce Bond. Donna: Bonier C.7. Bond. John; Boyce Bonner. Windell; M.niien Bnnnrllc. l-iiulr . .Sim Bnnnrllr. Tirrn.lli , il hit h Bum.i-11. Kathleen: LeririTi Boudreaux. Karen; ZuolU Boullion.Rubert;AiHier Bound-. Phylli.: Hiorsum Buwcn.. Elaim-. Skrrnfmt BoKie.Jai ;CW u The Univerehj HI Undergraduates Bmd. Unf acnary Bo rl. Craig; Poncnaloula Boybtam, Lie .Vo -AitocAej Bozcman. Annabel; Winnfield Bradford. Xiajcsla; Couonport Bradley. N jurii. . iline Bradley. Robert. Plneiille Bradley. Susan; Bonier Cur Bradlry . Thurman; Saline Branrh. Ham V ; fan Brandon. Mikr. Man Brannon. Trma; Shrevepon Brasscllr. Cindy; Melaine Braswrll. Rachel; Ruiatotd Bray, Donna; Shretepon Brrazralc. Julie; Saufutochet redlove. Mary; Natchitoches Brew. Inez; Boycr Brew. Irene; Winnfield Brew. Josephine; Colfax Bngnar. Karen; LaPlace Bnmcr. Regina; Tiofia Brisco. Karrn; Alexandria Brister. John; Natchitoches Blister. Robbie E.; Provencal Britlain. Jack; Natchitoches Brook;.. Gwendolyn C; Shrevepon Brooks. Thomas A.; CUnmora Brossetl. Dwaynr; Qoutienille Brossetl. Soma; CluuUeniUe Brouillcttc. Barbara; Alexandria Broussard. Ke in; Alexandria Brown. Brenda; Robelme Brown. Cheryl; Shretepon Brown, Cindy; Opelousas Brown, Desiree; KeUhvitte Brown. Gwen; LeesvtUe Brown. Henrietta; DeRidder Brown. Jackie; Keithville Brown, Jane; Mansfield Brown, Robert; Sibley. MS Bruce. James; Natchitoches Bruit. Ronnie; Wildsvillc Brumlcy. Donna; Baker Brunson. Mark; Natchitoches Brunston. Russell; Provencal Bryant. Henry L.; Bossier City Buckhanan. Vickie J.; Arcadia Bulk, n. Ray; Pleasant Hill Bullard. Nenth; ZwoUe Bulmer. Suaan K.; Marrero liter. Anthony; Natchitoches Bumftardnrr. Donna R ; Dubberly Bureau. Barbara; Single Burkhaller. Alton. Salcnuocnes Burks. Mitchell; Colfax flm-..A «rfl . The University Undergraduates ntaf ooo Burrows. Cheryl; BlythevilU. AR Busby. Morris H.; Minden Bush. Larry; Natchitoches Butler. Gary; Alexandria Butler, 0. C. Ill; Natchitoches Butler, Susan; Turkey Creek Buxton, Pam; Saint Amant Bynum. Wanda; Shreveport Byram, Debra; Shreveport Byrd, Melonie; Shreveport Byrne, Janice E.; Greenville, OH Caldwell, Shyrl; Natchitoches Calhoun. Janice; Robeline Calvert. Richard; Pineville Cambre, Elaine; Baton Rouge Camerata. Ron S.. Pineville Camors, Lolo; Jeanerette Camors. Marie; Jeanerette Canik, Melissa; Bossier City Cannon, Lennie; Jena Caples. Rebecca; Zwolle Carnahan, Susan; Alexandria Carnes, Cathy; Alexandria Carroll. Susan; Pitkin Carter, Celeste; Natchitoches Carter, Diane; Shreveport Carter, Jerry; Alexandria Carter. Randy; Bossier City Cary, Dianna M.; Lacassine Casarez, Leo; LeesviUe Cason, Julie; Coushatia Cason, Robert; Terrebonne Cathey, Pitty; Shreveport Causey. Brenda; Leesville Causey, Louise; Leesville Cavanaugh, Brenda; Leesville Chamberlin, Lorn a; Pelican Chance. Brent A.; Hornbeck Chauvin, Robert; Gretna Che Chicola, Monty; Alexandria Chin, Kue-Pay; Taipei. Taiwc Christina, Diane; Leesville Christopher. Ricky; Natchez Chr I ol a Churchman. Win; Col ax Claiborne. Classie; Shreveport Claiborne, Flora; Shreveport Clapp. Jane I) . Baton Rouge Clark. Betty; Robeline Clark, Frances S.; Alexandria Clark, Kenny; Elizabeth Clarke, Cindy A.; Shreveport Clay. Dorelha; Shreveport Clifford. Amie; Natchitoches Clifton. Mary Alice; DeOuincy Cobbs. Monique; Leesvt Cockerham, Cynthia; Cockerham, Mike; Pineville Cofield. Lydia; Alexandria Colbert, Bertha R.; Mansfield Cole. Alliece; Shreveport Cole. Kim; Bossier City Cole. Sharon; Alexandria Coleman, Kirk; Shreveport Coleman, Melinda; Shreveport Coleman, Nelda; Shreveport Coleman, Zaveola; Baton Rouge Collins. Addie R.; Shreveport Collins. Lisa; Natchitoches Collins. Patsy; Paradis Collins. Wendell; Ndichitoches Coltharp, Linda; Natchitoches Conant. Chris E.; Natchez Conant, Kenneth; Natchitoches Connelly, John; Lacamp Cook. Cindy; Natchitoches Cook, Darlinda; Shreveport Cook, Eunice; Natchitoches Cook. Grady; Natchitoches The University ... 83 Undergraduates Coolr). Pamela, irna Cornill. I ir.,lj. f„nt »mm Coriey, Fmncm; Vi .-w, v» i.u A . Want Cofwy.Tbo) A , ikmmdnm Corirr.VkUelUBM-crCb} Cormier, Alter; Croutry Corr .Bill; Dallas. TX Cortcllo. Clfn. AUxaruirui Cottonham, Brrnadiin . Janr%btm Coulrr. BcvrrK; Stmmrs orl Cox. Dinirl. Shm-rfHifl Cox. Drbonh. Shrnrparl Cox. Krnn Ray ( -• , uj ;-i Cox. Mrl; Loganiport Craft. Shrryl; Anacoco iwford. Elainr; Coushatta Cred;5atf Cnlton.Allhra ; Tov or Crocketl. Diana; Trout r.K.kv Jan. Tuia io Crosby. Shrila; Boyre nr, Barbara. HaU Summit wimps® Crovvrll. Krll . ' M-. Kalbrvn; Sinrro Srarn. ft Crump. Hrlrn R.; Manafirld CuIIxti. Billir R . Alrxandna . Calhy: Cbuon Vailry Cupil. Am : BoyiirrCuy D ' av . Jrannr; Oprlouuis bon. Jrrone; .Yru Orlran Dailv.Jai Dillon. Paula. Vim r x, Dinirl. Drbbip K .: Si fiaacuriSe Danirls. Cassandra; .Wi v Danirls. Pain. .a. SbcnqpaM D-imi Is. iu; Shmrport Dar. .■ . Jud . Br t Clone Dasko. Jani-I. Alrxandna Dlvis. Debra R.; Shrnrport Dlvis. Drnm.; BirmilU Davis. Edna; JonririUr Davis. Emma; Alrxandna D.v,s.CI«-ndiF.;Murn« Divis.Jc frGHWH Davis. Pamrla. Proirncal Dlvis. VlMM D . Bonier Ctfv Dav ill. Slrphamr; Shmrport Day. Karrn. Shrrtrpttrt Dav. Rick; Minora Dl). Sandra I Vurnuwnrj Dran. Ctrniyn; Jrna Dr Camino. Jos -. Santiago. Chtlr Drrrc. Trrru-. Wv.n Drrs. Linda; Oakdalr Drf-ving. Kinla. w ha fta Drjran. Jubr B .. ( ,«■ ,„,.,,« Drlalm. Urn B ..S mr », T Drlphin. Mj.k Vodka Drlnr. Suzannr. Alrxandna Drmrnt. Wan.lj. BotMtt C TJ Drmrrv, Jackir I . ,u, ha, hr Drnn,.. Rulh. Mm Mull rpolillr. Jraninr I) , u hiu Kr, Drramuv Moall . I ' ak,n Drrbonnr. Anhur. Alrxandna It.,,,. I Pi I If [Vrrv. Ann,. I G,„,4.IU7, IV-«iirni«-jiiv. Tannin . nl " n DtoviKcr. N ' U. Eirrgrrrn nCmk Rid Stitw mn Dillinfham. Barbara. «.,.„., , ,„ Dbaa,C«o«R Nu Ai »Vt v K iii w vmm 84 The 1 niverait) Undergraduates Dobbins, Heidi; Natchitoches Doherty, Shawn: Aoirfo, Mi Doherty, Vicki: Voatgomen W.iShnvep, a S.: C, ,,, m Dowdell, Aimce C.; Mor iin 1,1 Doyle, Randy; Elizabeth Drake, Trina I..; Ptneeitle Drawhorn, Beatrice: Natchitoches Dri kill. Janice; Shreveport Dubley, Greg; Shreveport Dubois. Ricardo; Houma Duggan. Ted E II; Alexandria Duke. Mike W.; Gray Dukes. Adrian; New Road, Dunbar, Scot; Port Bam Dunran. Larry D.; KeilhviUe Dunean, Richard; Alexandria Durrell. Dwighl; Hombeck Dye. Linda A.; Tampa. FL Dyer. Elizabeth; Baton Rou rr- Dyer. Gloria; Natchitoches Dyess. Gerald; Pleasant Hill Dykes. Mike; Balim Rouge Early. Janare; Alexandria Easley, Jim; Baton fou«e Eh . Leah; Monroe Edwards. Denise; tlexandria Edwards. Diane; Mmden Edwards. Larry; TulUts Ehrke, Lori: Natchitoches 1 1. hler, Brui e; Vatchitot hes Eli. Eileen; Alexandria Elmore, Mil ll. II.-; Alexandria Emmell. Sharon L.; Galdtmnti E,.,.s. K. 1 , Esneaull, Daryl; Port Alien Etheridge, Charley; Grayson Etheridge. Cynthia; FrankUnton Evans. Carolyn: Frimon Evans, Ronnie L.i Pelican Everett. Doris; Manx Everett. Karen; DeRuldcr Fain. Mari S.; Ooulien ill, Fairbanks, Walter; Leesville Fainguy. Linda; Natchitoches Faulkinberry, Charles; Bossier Cil) Fay. Jerone D-. Pinci ill,- Ferrara. Darlene; Shre,e„„rt Fields, Jam. PineviUe Fields. Sheila •..,,, F,-her. l„ . , ,,,,,,, r,,, . Debbie; R,„t, Undergraduates Fobe. Phyllis M «., .. .«..«, r ,.r ! Bn Mb I . { - , ,«!» Fottl I Kjlh, J . I r„ Mr lonlrnol. Konmt-. IxrntlU l,.M.,, Bebn B .BsnurGr, Ford (... idol) a: safer lord. I... « ., Fwd.PaayJ UtmlU Forte. Kathleen; Hoewauaf FoUer.Betl Foster. Debra;AolrJluadWii Foster, Deniae; lM n rtir Frrrman. Karrn D ; MankavdU- rn k r, Shonj. HamiUitn. Canailii I r. Stew; Keaoao, If PifgMU Fulffhum. Daniel J.; Shmr »,n Fuller. Mar-hj L: WmfieU Gjd.h-. An ,,-: Ptraianl Hill Caffurd. Carolyn; SfcfanBport Gahaaan. John. GwthtiUH Gallajchi-r. John. AUiaruina Callien. Mil hael » ; On f rr Gallion. Mary: JVatraw Gallion. Su an; Shmr mn Gal ran. Daud: Kmnfirld Gar. u. Suzanne I ' : raatcttodsa Garnrr. Ja« qui-lint-; fUinrn Gar . Charlitllr L; Hi-amu Gaudin. jrannrllr: Winnfldd Gouthier, Lorraine A . Yea R muL Goulhier. Timm) J : Cottonport Gaulhri-aux. Ra C; Aiexnruina Ga . LfTo ; Hanna C-nova.Ton, M.AUianJna Gentry. Ronald: ion ! iru. TA ' George, Bryant; Vu Ortran. Gibson. Cynthia; G to i l ' a r r,.. Goldonna GilUn. Teresa: Gsfrin Gillham.Pcfay.S«At jwrl Gingles. BilK: Lsujojispori Gip on. Judv. fthfrAtftirnn Gipsun. Marva; Leavillt He, G drn h. Tamms ; BrrUon Gordon. Patrii ia. Omn t n Gordon. Ronald: Pinrttttr GonJy, Carol; Sttnpum Graham. Daw,,. HoirOSViiU Granl. Paul; Brllr Chaw Gra . Jam- - Ih , f f - . | Gray. Jefferson, Jr . Vj » his h, ■ Gri . Kar. n " v. ( . i kult,i Grrrn. Carroll, fefj A, .- n- Grrrn.Charl. - SAir QMHl l.r..,, Jmlilh. lAi.Urt On n, Mar] W»w— A - i ,., . r. I. rr . DeRuiHrr Wyaetmi Nalduiocha Grr.r. Mnu.VU.A,. Gregory, lb nne; Cemenm V N J «.r. BHry, )• .in; ftr.iuml Hill Grrmilltm. . Alrxatuirui k.if,. mmjm ra Gr.,fnh. Paul. aSofc.n Rougr Grafay, Cfflil) D.; WA. .- A - ■ i Cimrfartfti -■■. Alexandria lay; ShmrfH.n - Vw-A. .h v t Irv. Brrky: Wrm - u«ia Guillory. Julau ; CAunA fWal Guillory. Paul (, . (Aunh rVial ■K..Si i(»ir» M in 4 -II. Mf; tVnrr- ?stM.?e " Undergraduates r ' V m. A f flf) Af B?A£flf?f Gunler, Eddie Jean; Lecompte Cunler. Peggy; Nauhitoches Hale, Leslie; Greenville. SC Hall. Barbara; Shreveport Hall, Cindy; Natchitoches Hall. Doris; Winnfield Hall, Emma; LeesviUe Hall. Hurst Jr.; Natchitoches HamilK HamilK HamilK HamilK HamilK l, Bessie; Natchitoches I, Clarire; Shrevepon I, Dianne; Winnfield l, Eddie; Shrevepon , Evelyn; Natchez id, Peggy; Pineville Hancock. Don; MiWen Hand. Julie; Lultng Handy, Jarrol; Baton too e Hanks, Charlotte; Ki uon Hanson, Teresa; Bossier City Hardamon, Gary; Natchitoches Hardeman, Hollie; New Orlean Hardin, Lee; Bossier City Hardy. Donna; Palmetto Hardman. Thomas; LeesviUe Hargrove, Judith; Minden Harlan, Debbie; Baton Rouge Harper, Paula; Berwick Harris, Edith; Baton Rouge Harris. Judy; Shret ' eport Harris, Larry; Houston. TX Harris, Sharon; Natchitoches Harris, Terolyn; Natchitoches Harrison, Johnny; Montgomery Harrison, Lynette; Benton Harrison, Maxine; Saline Han, Sybil; Calvin Harvey, Patty; Gretna Harville, Scott; Baton Rouge Hatch, Tina; Natchitoches Hauser, Cecil; New Iberia Hawkins, Micheal; Bastrop Hawthorne. Nanette; Natchitoches Hayen, Sherrie; Alexandria Hearn, Debra; Natchitoches Hebert, Angela; Jennings Hebert, Marie; Opelousas Heben, Theresa; Jennings Hendrickson, W.; Elm Grove Henkel, Carol; Springfield Hennigan, Cynthia; Winnfield Henning, Stephanie; Sulphur Henry, Brenda; Shreveport Hernandez, Cathy; New Iberia Hesser, Lou; Montgomery Hice. Vicky; Morgan City Hickman. Betty; LeesviUe Hicks, Ricci; Robeline Hidalg o, Gwen; Opelousas Higdon, Teresa; Houston. TX Hilgen,on, Brenda; Baton Rouge Hilton, Jerry; Natchitoches Hines, Fred; Hoffpauir, Kent; LeesviUe Hogeboom, Barbara; McMesler. Holcomb, Marian; Bossier City Holder, Stacy; Shreveport Holland, John; Shreveport Holley. Mary; Coushatta Holloway, Tenealha; Shrevepon Holman, Sheila; Shre pon Holmes. Carolyn; Pleasant HiU Holmes, Melody; Natchitoches Honold, Faith; Gretna Hooper, Carla; Natchitoches Hooper. Elizabeth; Elizabeth Hooper. Gregory; Natchitoches Hooper. Ivory; Pelican Hopson, Tim; Natchitoches The University ... 87 Undergraduates H.„.«h Inn J . W. Howell. Debn I . uli.nur II,,.. II. Dunn HaMudm Hubbutj !■- Huber.DcUm Hul,I...H.I.n . V,rr,r,»,n H u|th . Lind Humphrey, ftevid. Sahnr Hull hi on. F.Iok. . Y,i W u- Mm. hi.on. Rhiimlj. fl... r Of) Hutto.Lynn-.Ahi O ™ Hyum , Iiiij. Inifinilmfciii In all-. Joan. Lake CharUi l . Ja.queline; Shrrt-eport JahT. A. -.Many Ja. bun. Betty: Amur Gt) Ja. ksnn. Diann; Arcadia rk on. FrcHri, k; WtnnfirUt Ja, kson. Gail; Lrrudlr Jackson, John: Alexandria Ja k on. Mar : Pnuhalan Jacob . Stephen; Convrne Jran. . Arte; r.n«r Jendrey. Kalhy; Carwnsbur r. PA Jenkin«. Cynlhia; Natrhiloches Jenkin.. Debbie S.; flm.ier Ctf Jr-nkin . Gale; ArcnrLa Jenkins. Rila: alr hitrtrhrt Jenkins, biura E : OVrdn J.-nning . Bridget; Shrrrrport Ji-rnigan. Jam.--; Sulphur Jeter, K. nri,-lh: Alexandria Jimmerson. Cind . Jt nr bvru Johnson. B.-».-rl : rmn ieW Johnson. Brrrhn: PinrtilLr JtihnMtn. Charl, . Ptnrt tile Johnwn. Cheryl: NllfMloraej John-on. Dan. (rr.i ).,hn-..n. Debbie; t ' i« W™ • ..nalrf: LraviUt John- m. Donna: B» uer Cu J„hn»on. Ha«l; ntur iiJorAej John-.n. Joan: OakdaU Johnson. Kalh J . Dahlalr JohttSOn. Lmd.i SftimapOfll Johnton. Rub) beaoUli Skimqwi in-»n. Tvnin.-: Shm rf»,n ftirhfeSbnteaafl Jnn.--. DnVld; Alrxnrutna , . Helen J v. . Liu v. LnieOnrtVi Jon... I || i. O efauu 0WK!»« n A WW . Undergraduates r " IS? Jones. Steve; U ' mn icM Jones. aleri. . Uexandria Jordan, I mher: Alexandria }u m.}o; Lake Charles Jutze. Roy; Frienon Karamalcs. Dcnise; LresviUe Karr. Jennifer; SAnrrport Kces, Lynn: Alexandria Kennedy. LaWanda; Winnfield Kcoun. Grace; G o r Kilpatrick. Young. Natchitoches Kllll. . Allen: i ' Ar, 0 Kllipj.IT-. Ml. jh. V ,, ,J Krante. Steve; BossierGty Kress. Jill; findrn Kubic, Craig; Alexandria LaBorde. Gerard; llexandria LaCaze, Mariene: GW ' n Uehney, Kinl; Af« «-,7 V Laehney, Tammy; Pinevitle Lai key, Debra; Shretvport LaCour, Linda: Plaucherilte LaCour, Linda C; P ' trwville LaCour, Mar ; Natchitathei UCour, Slevie; Uexandria LaCroix, Mandy; 7VouJ LaFleur, Shelley: ra« ' w Lambert. Julie; •fatchiloches Lam I,i-. Deani. . ., , ■ „„ , Landry. Dusty; ftu Landry, Glcnda; tee iUr Landry. James: Ah, »■„„ Lane. Robert; flunAie Langford. Vinellr: fauna Langley. Peggy: Jrjuii ' nxs Ulour. ljr . Opelousas r .Gary; „„, sack. De ight; V Hraw M. 7 Benm : fWrn Undergraduates I " . Pamela; Cmmi l... Bnttte Annlfa Leger. Lindi. Opelousas Lrmtrtt. Ijnil . Noi W. Vi Lehr.Cary.ZuwuV Lejeunr. Kirm. .Vn Aii VuM Lrmoinr. Charles. Uu. u nh Lronr. Sandy; ZwoUe Leslie. Kali -. SA rnrporf Leslie. Laurie; Shrexeport Levine, Miry; Shrrveport Letus. Ball; Natchez Lewis. Drlxm LewiE.Deni Lewis, Julian; Natchitoches Lewie, Micheal; Winn teld Lewis. Patnria; Houghton Lewis, Rulh; Alexandria Lewis, Sur; :VaXrAiXw-V.i Lewis. Tina. VrtflftlWIWl L.Irs. M.rhael; W G v Lites. Randall; (WO Linac re, David; Shrrveport Lindsay. Shirley; AeiiAiifle Liner. Barbara; ?U5ton Li n scorn b. Jackie; Wnlon Lionbenzer. Chuck; Alexandria Lifttarh. Nora j. Ill; Natchitoches Ullon.Renee. Pleasant HU1 Llorens.Thelma; Natchitoches Lloyd, Frances; Shrrveport Locke, Pam; MarthaitUe Lonadier. Linda; Montgomery Long. S.; Shrrteport Long, Theresa; I ranu Lopez. Perry; Shrrfeport Louis, Jacquelyn; Ventrrss Louis. Mary: Neu ?oa fc Love, Alene; Watchitocka In..!- Barbara; Lena Lucky. Pam; Natchitoches Lupion. David; KdlkmOt Lynch. Pam; Alexandria Lyon. Lisa. Welsh Lyons. Donna. Leentlie LvtlOO, Robert; Empire Mil Kensie, David; . Madden. Bn .Mmr w i Malone. Rulhie; Quitman Malry. Corwunce; Skfaspofl Mtns,Mkh ;A»swrGQ Mann.Ssllv. 0eai» i Manning. Carmen; aicA £x Vi Manning. Gregg; Richardson, TX Mansha. k. Barbara. Z«„tfr Manivon. Pa I mi j, UewUU Mercantcl. Paul. Kinder Marrhbank., Lamon. Baker Man otti 1 indy; KaNsan . ' ..Ira; Elizabeth Markham. Bernn .. SlfWSWjrl Mark ham. Maun, r; Shm-rport 1 4 stea " eoa B9fi sns I b. I nivi n-ii% Undergraduates O Oi ' S f Marks, Monelte; Opelousas Marshall. Karen; Winnfield Marshall, Tina; Sulphur Martin, Beverly; Tallulah Martin, Denise; Skreveport Martin, Melinda; Winnfield Martin, Pamela; Goldonna Martin, Rulh; Mansfield Martin, Vanieca; Ruston Mason, Richard; Natchitoches Massey, Aline; Shreveport Malhews, Ljnn; Alexandria Malhis, Sherry; Natchitoches Matkin, Roger; Natchitoches Matthews, Al; Alexandria Matthews, Barbara; Many Matthews, V. Kay; Ringgold Maxie, Mary; Flonen Mayaze, Rhonda; Hall Summit Mayberry, Shelly; Galliano McCall,JohnT.; W;i e McCann, Ramona; Shreveport McCarty, Terry; Tullos McClellan, Lisa; Shreveport MrClellan. Nancy; Plain Dealing McClure, Karen; Shreveport McCowen, Danny; Minden McDonald. Joann; Boyce McDonald, tfobin; Jonesboro McElroy, Michael; Ringgold McFarland, Thelma; Dodson McFerren, Teresa, Marthavilie McGaskey, Robin; Robeline McHalffey, Debra; Shreveport Mcintosh. Sylvia; Benuce McKellar. Bill; Bossier City McKellar, Diane, Bossier City McKellar. John; Bossier Cay McKey, Michael; Alexandria McKinney. Mickel; Westlake M Knight, Anna, Natchitoches McLaughlin, John; Lif ord, Ireland McLaurin. Marian; Pineville McLeod, Steven; New Orleans McManus, Sharon; Montgomery McNamara, Melanie; PinevUIe McQueary, Danny; DeRidder McVicker, Beverly; Flonen Meadors, Bellye; Natchitoches Medlow, Annie; Natchitoches Meek, Mattie; Bossier City Melancon, Janice; Natchitoches Melancon. Jeanne; Natchitoches Meshell, Mary; Many Metoyer, Arthur, Natchitoches Metoyer, Jacqueline; Melrose Metoyer. Kenneth; Natchitoches Meyer, Patricia; Bossier City Meyers. Frank; Metaine The University , Undergraduates -u l.„», N) M„i,ii.i.„,.p n g r ,. w... v Mi !..-.. John; 1m, , MiJUr . Linda. Shreiepurt M,ll...( harlrnc. Melaine M.llrr. kalhv. W..W.W. Miller. Palnrta. ' o 01 e H.n- Millnrr. Tjmm . Skmmpmt Mill.. Fell, ia. Bojv,,, Rouarr Mill-. Margie; Conor Mimy.Mvr.Ltfaymt Hit. hell. Dehra. %„ . ,,„. V. Mitchell. Jam . Rnhclinc Mitchell, Jame.. R,„ucr I u, irilyn: R.,M,nc Mitchell. Marv;.s,7ime on- oaveni, Siamak; Pehran, Iran Moflell. Susan: Mansfield rneffe. Crystal: AgJM ft..;. . Moore. Clifford: Opelousas re, Herschel; Texarkana. TX Moore. Michael: Patterson Moorr. Pam; Shrriepnn Moore. Phylis.; Alexandria Moran. Steve: Natchitoches Morgan. Mania: Campti Morgan. Suzanne; Natchitoches Morning. Andrew; 1irulm Morris, Cinda; Morgan t Morria, Donald; Dcrn Mor..-. Belinda; Ponchatouta Morion. Debbie; Kinder Moses. Evelyn; Natchitoches M. HeniCtU; Natchitoches M....... Wanda; Natchitoches Moslcv. Florida: Shmrpnr, Mo.lcy. Marlene; Vinton tn Murphy. Gwendolyn; LeestiUe Murphy. Herbert; Alexandria Mvdland. Melaney: Zachary Myers. Gail; Shrei eport Myers, Mary; Castor Nalley. Billie; Man, Nance. Dain.-I. latmlk N W M,. Steve; Alexandria Nash. Anita: Alexandria aumann. Darlene: Pineiille Neal. Charles; Alexandria N.-al. Unora. Pleasant Hill Neal. Marilyn; Benton Neck. Pamrla; Mansura Nelms. Neda: Homheck Nelson. Del.ra; rlanen S. l-.m. T.rnly n: Neu Roads Newman. Albert; Shrecepon Newman. Ed; Benton Newman. Reliccra; Sulphur Newsom. Charles; Tullos Newlon. Viola; Bossier City Nicolle. Julie; Baton Rouge Nietle. Tonia. Vi A. » hci Noble.. Connie: .Si Maunce Nolan. Jeff. Benton V.ll. .. Teresa; Saline Nonrord. Ceonjanne; Trier. TX Nugent. Rolierl: Pine, i lie I rDonni II, John, (.ueedore. Ireland OT-rarv. Dan; Coitrunon O ' Uuinn. Bruce; fovea " .i Eddie GaasAooa - I ' ltn. ,.i ShmefH.rt Odum.. Jov.. . Rohrlinc Offord, Gloria. Alexandria CMdraiaon.ColaUe-.SBdeU QfPTi SE I he I Inivenit) Undergraduates Oleake, MicheahSr. Lanrfry Olsberg. Michell; V « Men« Ortega, Tammy; Hamburg Outlaw, Bonnie; Bossier City Packard. Michelle; Natchitoches Page, Donna; Madisonvtlle Page, Florence; Shreveport Page, Warren; Natchitoches Palmer, Anita; Many Palmer, Brad; Veu ' 6en« Palmer, Joel; Many Panlalion, Susanne; Shreveport Parker, Geneva; New Orleans Parish, David; Robeline Parrish. Linda; Natchitoches Parsons. Lissa; Moss Bluff Patrick. Christy; Pleasant Mill Patterson. Debra; Greenwood Patterson. Kathy; Shreveport Pearce, Mark; Zwolle Pearrie. Annie; Natchitoches Pearson, Matthew; Shreveport Peeler. Cindy; Baton Rouge Pegross, Mary; Bastrop Pender, Rita; Montgomery Pendergraft. Dennis; ChalmeUe Pennywell, Saundra; Stonewall Perkins. Bonila; LeesviUe Perkins, Chris; Alexandria Perkins, Edith; Pitkin Perkins, Leigh; Natchitoches Perkins, Linda; Natchitoches Perot, Sandra; Natchitoches Perrin, Martha; Ponchatoula Perry. James; Alexandria Perry. Micheal; Alexandria Perry. Shelia; New Orleans Peterson. Mary; Zwolle Phillips, Carolyn; Natchitoches Phillips. Sue; Provencal Phillips. Thomas; Winnfield Phillips, Vivian; Clarence Phoenix, Cathy; Mansfield Pierson. David; Bossier City Pillman, Larry; Houghton Pinckard. Vera; Campti Pitta Pittman, Julia; Dubberly Plauche, Annette; Natchitoches Pledger, Ruth; Natchitoches Plunkett, Debra; Alexandria Poe, Jody; Natchitoches Poleman, Terri; Natchitoches Porche. Gregory; New Orleans Porea, Rita; New Orlean Porter, Eula; Shreveport Porter. Iris; Larto Posey. Elizabeth; Alexandria Posey. P ' am; Mansfield Posey. Sheila; Natchitoches The University . . .93 Undergraduates l ' ..i,r. ian, n.411dj. Rtltxn Houer P., . II. luhn. GmvtfnM m, . Tanim . Cuesilan I ' r. ..ii K,. t.jr.t Nurtwr. MS Prio Man. .n. Natchitoches Pnrr. Ronald; Baker Price, Sherry. VoiT uto. u-i Prince. Chnsn. Isrnille Proby.Giselc;Ae.Mii i- Proeell. Edgar. Noblr Proeell. Elinbelh; JVoWf Prudhomme. Kalhy; Natchitoches ml. Tammir; DrRtdder Pugh. Charlie; Flonrn Pugh. Ella; Fhrien Pugh. Shrrron; uW Punch. Lester; Bunkie Quale. Carolyn; Albany Quinines. Wanda; ieese.Ue Quinney. Marilyn; Alexandria Rachal. Cathy J.; r.nn ieW Rachal. Merl J.;. Vru CMeanj Radford. Gail; Winnfield Ragan. Garry; Many Ragsdale. Sammie; Bossier City Ramos. Brenda; Melrose Ramse . TOOK Winnfield Randolph. Nellie; Natchitoches Rash. Bob; Bossier City Raulins. Anna; Natchitoches Rax, Sandria; Alexandria Ray. Barbara; Pilkw Ray. Clara; Opelousas Ray . Jane; Opelousas Ray. Peggy S.Jena Ray I. Rachel; Bossier City Reed. Bessie; JrjW™ Reed. Charles; Mittie Reed. Judy .Opelousas Reed. Kalhy; Reed. Kalhi; .Nal, Alloc Be. Reed. Nell; Opelousas Reeves. Ted; Jonesboro Rembert. Nan; Vu Orleans Renken, Julie; Shreveport Reynolds. Mary; Natchitoches Rhone. Denise; Shteveport Rh. me-. Cindy; Winnfield Rfayi irg.nia; Winnfield h j|. Ribaul. Stephen; Gretna Rich. Demel. Natchitoches Richard. Donna; Jennings H,. I, ir.l-.n. Da id;5tu«nier Richardson. Deloris Shmeport Richard«on. E . Stimxport Riggin.. Angel; Vtnlan Rigmaiden. Vi.k, 9 culake Riley. Carte i:,n sulphu, R,le».W..«lr.,».ye-u J Rivers. AIhc. Chestnut M.Qt )$ The 1 nivertit) Undergraduates £ W)nAQ Robertson, Ginger; Dodson Robertson, Larry; Pinaiille Robertson, Loretta; Ri l»lmc in. Donisc; Opelousas inson. Alfreda; Alexandria inson, Cynthia; Jlfimfai inson, Priacilla; Provencal inson, Roxanne; DcQuin, s .Chire;Natchilo,he . Janet Lee; Elizabeth Rogers, Kalhryn;S ire.e,, Rogers, Mary; Houma Rogers., Ronalil; Busier ( Roque. Emille; Natchez Roque. Tammy; Natchez Roque, Terry; Natchez Rose. Robin; Shreveport Rose, Sli.irini.ii. Not, hit, " Rowzee. Clifford; Leesulle Rowzee, Jean; I«rei7fc Roy. Robert; Natchitoches Roy.Toni; Natchitoches Rozcman, Sonja; Shreieport Rupert, Susan; Shreveport Baton Bo, . Dim Ryan, Renee; Odessa. Mi Ryder. Bob; Alexaniiria Sabbath. Helen; 5 .reiepc Salley, Palti; Shreveport Sjinaroo. Manohar; Leesi Sanchez. Renay; Shreveport Sanders. Douglas; Bienville Sanders, Gary; Alexandria Sanders. Jamie; Shreveport Sralfano, Susan; Alexandria Srheffer. Kathryn; Shreveport Schlessman. Jodie; West Monroe Sehofield. Yvonne; Bossier Gtr Scott. Elizabeth; Seolt. John; Natchitoches Seott. Judy; Coushatla Seott. Julie; Natchitoches Scranton. Melvin; St. Mauru Self, Mildred; Florien Selvage. Eva; Baton Rouge Sepulvado. Victor; Noble Serpass. Jack; Spring. TX Sessions. Aliene; Coushatla Sessions, Elaine; Gmshalta Shaddinger, Shasta; Gonzales Shaffer. Linda; Shreveport Shaver. Robin; Mansfield Shaw. Sandy; Nat, hit, „ hes Sheets. Cindy; St. Amaru Shelton. Carol; Bossier Cly Shelton, Paul; Longview, T) Sherrer. Jaree; Mena. AR Shirey. George; Bernice Shirley. Janet; Natchitoches Shows. Kim; Winnfield Shue. William; Coushatla Sililcv. Albert; Mans Sibley, Dale; UaviUt Silman.Caroly Silver, Monroe; Polio, , Simmons. Linda; Shrci Sims. Eva; Mansfield Singleton. Beverly; Jonesbort, The University . Undergraduates HmmmaMi Snwlll nlu.i KruhtilU ■ Slllilh. ( lit " ) . Shrriri» n nilh i. .11,.,. v«, h,„. .r, Sn Ik.l. . .. .« A Smith. Don f) f) f» r ■ tia: faneabc Undergraduates Spohn. Sandy; Bonier Cl v Spoor, Theresa; Bonier City Spruall, Karen; Alexandria Stafford. Twila J; ZirAarj Subk, Carla; Kinder Slagner. Kevin; Lonpvieu. TX Slagner. Seott; Longvieu: TX Slamha.k. Mike; Oakdale Starks, Cherie; Grand tile Sterha. Mirhele; Bonier Cit) Steerh, John; Roseptne Slelly. Kenneth; Rayne Stephens, Debbie; Bonier Cay Stephenson, Susan; Ritilon Stevens, Davis; Bonier City Stevens, Sharon; Lena Stewart, Cynthia; Riser Rid Stewart, Deborah; Leesxtlle Stewart, Dorothy; Robehne Stewart. Karen; Campl, Slewarl, Peggy L.; Leesville Sliles, Brenda; Baker Stiles. Rhonda; Campti Storm. Rochelle; Cot ax Strang -, Lugene; Crater Point Stroud, Sue; Alexandria Sullivan, Barry; Coushatta Sullivan, Dennis; Coushatta Sullivan, Fred; Coushaua Sullivan. Stephen; Benton Summers. Maxine; New Orleans Swain. Sharon; Alexandria Sweasy, Denise; Bossier City Sweasy, Diane; Bossier City Sweat, Del; Rosepine Sylvester. Jean: onest, He Tannehill. Janet; Urania Tanner. Julia; CheneyviUe Tarver, Jeannie; Aimuell Taylor. Buford; Campft Taylor. Eva; Shreteport Taylor. Homer. Mrs.; Taylor. Kathy; Goldonna Taylor. Linda; Lake Charles Taylor. Otis; DeSoto Taylor. Patricia; Natchitoches Taylor, Susan; Natchitoches Taylor. VwVv, Elm Grove Telsee. Henry; Campti Terry. Dennis; New Orleans Terry. Pamela; Kilgore. TX Thellen, Micheal; Iowa Thiels. Cynthia; Boyce Thomas, Charles; Shreteport Thomas, Fabienne; Natchitoches Thomas, Fay; Greenwood Thomas. Jettye; Springfield Thomas. Johnny; Gibsland Thomas. Michael; Natchitoches Thomas. Ron; Natchitoches Thomisee. Ralph; DeVtlU Thompson. Debra; Natchitoches ine; Natchitoches Thompson, Gail; Bossier City Thompson. Jane; Campti Thompson. Keith; Bossier City Thompson. Susie; Opelousas Thompson. Tim; Shreveport Thorhill, Robert; PineviUe Thurmon, Karen; Jennings Tielje, Tina; Elton Tingle. Donna; Shn ,h Tolten.Cindv; Bastle Townsend. Melodv; Shreteport Townsend, Ponya; Natchitoches Tra lor. Nanc ; Port Bane The University . Undergraduates 1 M..i. v. iUiai lit. L r, t baviaa; lu. k.-r.t lad Turnrr. Ohri.loKn. Grand Cane Turnrr. i ' W Turnrr. Man. Bourn Rouer Turnrr. Pain. i . uollr Tuuutur. Ijron. Opeloutas TuUUlur. " Mirrtlr. OprUfUsas Tulllr. Mand».W, u»UJ T lrr. Stanley; Co. a» Valentine. Rhunm. Mansfield alv.m. Lunr. leike Charles in. Mrlani ' r. Hum Orating Vandrrlick. Carmen: Boyrr andrp.siirn. Margaret. Alrx.iiuirui Vandinr. Debbie: LeesilUe Vanhoof. Susir; Alexandria art-la. Luiv Santiago. ChiU Vaughn. Billir; Amur Vaughn. Donna: Alexandria V«.Win»lonlII Vu Orleans Veal. Dene; Shretepon Wis. Pamela: Natchitoches Venson. Linda; Boycr Venson. Wilma; Salrhaocnrs Venzanl, Danny; Blent tile Vercher. Drbbir; Natchitoches Vercher. Tern; Satenaoehei Vrwh. Suzannr; Bastrop Vrulrman, Mary; Pleasant Hill icknair. Mar ; Alexandria icrnl. Donald: Alexandria Vincent. Rirky; Gretna Viiena. Charlotte; Oberlui Vou. Donnis; Boycr Wade. Elton; Frmday I aggoncr. Nan; Shreveport Waldrup. Bobb ; Campti Wales. Robrrl: Natchitoches Walker. Charles; Shreveport Walker. Cayla: Montgomery Walker. Hermine: Baton Roup Walker. Kalhern; Natchitoches Walker. Sroll; Alexandria Wall. Linda; Tioga Wallace. Janie; Lake Charles Wallace. Martha; Natchitoches Wallace. Patricia; Natchitoches Waller. Lynn: Zachary Walmiley. Mary ; Natchitoches Warren. Laura: Campti Warren. Mickey: Wartrllr. John; Opelousas Wa.h.ngton. Bornila. Mansfield Waahington. Kalhy: Couyhaua Waahington. Row; .VurAtlornrj Bm. . . Minden ralhrrlord. Linda: Natchitoches Wralhrr.. Patnt la. BoXi.n Route Weaker. Vi ki. Uan 98 . . . TV University Undergraduates wFrn. Webb, James; Bonder City Weeks, Karen; Culdonrm Welch, Mildred; Minden Welch, Sharon; Alexarulnu Welles, Julie; Natchitoches Wells, Richard; Mansfield Wells, Steve; Skreveport West, doteal; Jonesville Weslbrook. Karen; Baton Rouge Wester, Lucy; Provencal Wesler. Pam; Provencal Wester, Suzanne; Provencal Whatley, Frances; Skreveport White. Alton; Colfax White, Catoie; Simsboro White, Naaija; Plain Dealing Whitte, Mary Ann; Skreveport Whittington, Connie; Skreveport Wiggins, Nereida; Pineville Wiley. Ricky; Quitman , Barbara; Oakdale , Barbara; FarmervilU , Carol; Lake Charles , Curtis; LeesviUe , Debbie; Skreveport , Dodie; Alexandria , Ethel; Alexandria , Linda G.; Downsvil , Lori; Alexandria , Maxine; Hineslon . Natalie; Tkibodaux , Pam; Leesville , Randy; Vidatia . Tern; Skreveport . Thomas; PinevtUe . Vicki; Skreveport Williams. Victoria; RayvtUe Williams. Vivian; DeRidder Williamson. Betty; Hineston Willis. Cathy; Skreveport Willis. Delisa; Skreveport Willis, Sally; Boyce Wilson. Grace; Marion Wilson, Susan; Columbia Winn, Rita; Wise. Andy; Baton Rouge Wise. Fran; Minden Wolfe. Agnes; Clarence Womack. Kenneth; Skreveport Wood, Becky; Campti Wood. Sandra; Natchitoches Woodard, Linda; Skreveport Woods. Dennis; Oakman, AL Woods. Regina; Natchitoches Wooley. Pattie; ZwoUe Woolridge, Steve; Alexandria Wright, Faye; Simmesport Wright, Nancy; Baton Rouge Wyatt, Cindy; Skreieport Wyatt, Ricky; Skreveport Wyeoff. Eugenia; Alexandria Wy singer. Edna; Many Yarbrough. David; Natchitoches Young. Dorothy; Natchitoches Young, Jackie; Bossier City Young, Richard; Elizabeth Youngblood, Randall; Bethany Youngblood, Ray; Skreveport Zager, Zonnie; New Ibena Zavaiydriga. Mike; Houghton The University ... 99 E N T E R T A I N M E N T Entertainment . . . 101 The Entertainers Row 1: Scotty Dawson, Waynon Temple, John Wakefield, Jean Gregory, Sonya Tolar, Gloria Alford, Ricky Jackson. Row 2: Suzanne Johnson, Richard Rudd, Farron Raburn. .nlcrlainmrnl Entertainment . . . 103 Singing on the riverfront were Jean Gregory, Gloria Alford, Suzanne Johnson, and Sonya Tolar. H h nirrtainmenl Entertainment . . . 105 NSU Theatre Productions Who ' s Happy Now October 1976 Cast Bill Adger Sally Levasseur Bob Gilmore Kay Baumgartner Ginni Lelong Rick Barnickle 106 . . . Entertainment Entertainment . . . 107 T h e E y e A I o n e . J Thr E - Alone: A readers " theatre presentation included: Row 1: Mar Wallace. Marvin Fletcher, L dia Colfield. Marie Parham, Rand) Carter. Olu Akinrinde. Alecia Alexander. Rou 2: Ka e Berr). Marvin Horton. Jackie Herbert, Christy Callens. Roland Beasley. Hollie Hardiman. Richard Fletcher. m Cindy Morris. Row 3: Michael Thomas, William Curry, Joe Davis, Grayson Harper. Row 3: Michael Thomas, William Curry, Joe Davis, Grayson Harper, Shannon Rose. TerriLynn Stroud. Jamie San- . S ' ol Shown: Annie Lee. N o V e m b e r 1 9 7 6 Entertainment . . . 109 Northwestern State Marching Band Members of the Northwestern State Marching Band were: James Akin, Valerie Andrews, Charles Beasley, Melvin Beasley, Roland Beasley, Marie Berlin, Donna Bond, James Bowie, Kevin Broussard, Pamela Burnett, Gary Butler, David Carpenter, Robert Chadoir, Eddy Clement, James Cockerham, Donald Cook, John Coon, Troy Corley, Vickie Corley. William Dees, Barbara Dillingham, John Doolittle, Oddis Dunbar, Timothy Evans, Jerone Fay, Charles Fletcher, Pamela Golden, Paul Griffith, Leslie Hale, Teresa Higdon, Terrenre Hop- kins, Michael Houston, John Hubbard, John Jackson, Hal Jennings, Susan Kelly, Gary Lawrence, Charles Lionberger, Linda McKnight, Beverly McVicker, Linda Miguez, Clifford Moore, Jay Mueller, Daniel Nance, Charles Neal, Jeff Nolan, Robert Nugent, Daniel O ' Leary, James Perry, Michael Poche, John Rhoad, Woodrow Riley, Wendell Robinson, Debbie Shepherd, James Smash, Lugene Strange, Randall Sweeney, Buford Taylor, Ricky Taylor, Cecil Thompson, Gail Thompson, Nancy Traylor, William Trusty, Christolyn Turner, Gary Wardworth, Michael Williams, Regina Woods, Richard Woodward and Eugenia Wycoff. Drum major of the Demon Band is Dwaine Hubbard. I u J. v -Vfc ? i - The NSU Marching Band was under the direction of Dr. Jerry Payne. Entertainment. . .111 NSU Majorettes The l majorettes were: Julie S. R - Searlato, Darlinda Cook, Soma Pullin, U.ira MrKnight. Sherri Anderson — Head Twirler, Donna Vaughn. Deborah King. R..I.I Rose. Man Pal;.-. an.l Teresa Higdon. I I J r nl Tl.iiiiiiiri NSU Flags Ee NSU Flag Girls are: Row 1: Jaree Sherren — Co-captain, Edna Wysinger, and Linda Dees — Co-captain. Row 2: Ruth Dennis, Beverly Alford, Peggy Middleton, and Kathy shire. Entertainment . . . 113 NSU Rifles The NSU Rifles were: Co-Captains: Beckey Caples, and Nancy Woodward. Debbie Villard and Susie Vanhoof are other members of the Rifle squad. 114. . . EnlcrUmim-nl The University Chorale ft JLA « JLft J The University Chorale was under the direction of Mr. Ken Dooley. Soprano I: Kay Baumgartner, Shyrl Caldwell, Dorothy Chenevert, Eunice Cook, Linnye Lester, Mary Rogers, Sandy Shaw, Cynda Simmons, Diane Snell, Christolyn Turner, Connie Whittington. Soprano II: Nettie Chenevert, Jean Gregory, Gloria Offord, Roxanne Robinson, Terri Rudd, Glynda Sanders, Karen Steinmetz, Jettie Thomas. Alto I: Francis Allen, Willianne Beverly, Virginia Butler, Rebecca Cannon, Julia Hand, Karolyn King, Linda Williams. Alto II: jShaylon Baker, Sara Ballenger, Lora Cheatham, Mary Cook, Scotti Dawson, Brenda Lowe, Wendy Mau, Wilma Vinson. Tenor I: Harold Ashcraft, John Boswell, Eddy Chance, Larry Robertson. Tenor II: Layne Alexander, Ben Carter, Ronald Gentry, Mike Hawkins, Ricky Jackson. Bass I: Jerone Fay, Steve Fletcher, Faren Raborn, Richard Rudd, Paul Shelton, lames Smith, Keith Thompson, Allen Townsend, John Wakefield. Bass II: Gary Butler, Gregory Hooper, Bob Lane, Jeff Nolan, John Oswalt, and Scott Woodward. Entertainment . Natchitoches- Northwestern Symphony Orchestra The Natrhitoches-Northwestern State Symphony Orchestra was under the direction of Dr. J. Robert Smith, head of the Music Department at NSU. Personnel: First Violins — Robert Price, Claire Nixon, Roger DiGiulian, Jimmy Lee, Leonard Kacenjar. Art Catruvo, Ilace Harris, Johnette Parker, Nancy Worthington, Al Pagnato. Second Violins — Mary Webb, Tonia Wimberly. Shirley Jennings, Colleen DiGiulian, Lisa Jones, Grace Patterson, Joe Cooper, Elaine Shaws, Nancy Morey. Violas — Cynthia Echenhofer, Nancy Whit- field. Ruth Caughey. Ruth Caldwell, Lane Allen. Cellos — Richard Rose, Verna de Matovsky, Archie Jones, John Doolittle, Connie Beret, Daniel Pankratz. Basses — Russel Wingfield, Eugene Steinquest, Marje Strickland, Andy Isca, Walter Caughey, Ingrid Benson. Flutes — Susan Kelly, Jaree Sherrer, Rose Scarlato. Oboes — Sally Bennet, Leslie Hale. Clarinets — Laura McKnight, Vickie Corley. Bass Clarinet — Troy Corley, William Kushner. Bassoons — Sylvia Kushner, Michael Shelley. French Horns — Sherri Ander- son, Eddy Clement, Mai Payne, Terry Gould, Edward Thompson, Peggy Hammond. Trumpets — Michael Williams, Randy Sweeney, Deborah Sheppard, Donald Coon. Trombones — Terry Hopkins, Charles Lionberger, Dwayne Hubbard. Tuba — Karl Carpenter. Percussion — Lee Dunbar, Michael Houston, Jennifer Karr, Ken McDougal, John Raush. Harp — Shirley Jennings, Piano — Jaree Sherrer. Librarians — Vickie Corley, Donna Bond, Pamela Golden. Publicity Director and Program Notes — J. Wayne Crowder. The Chamber Choir Personnel: Sopranos — Nettie Chenevert, Cynda Simmons, Diane Snell. Altos — Mary Alice Clifton, Sharon Cole, Karolyn King, Wendy Mau. Keyboard — Judith Robertson. Tenors — John Boswell, Joe Cotton, Ron Gentry. Basses — Greg Hooper, John Oswalt, Richard Rudd, James Smith. Entertainment . . . 117 Distinguished George Gallup Sept. 9, 1976 Dr. Joseph Fletcher Oct. 8, 1976 118 . . . Enlrrtainmenl Sen. Edward Brooke Oct. 14, 1976 Entertainment . . .119 Dr. Hook in Concert ]J » EnlcrUinmri menl. . . 121 Black Smoke 122 Enirrtaii Entertainment . . . 123 H o m e c o m i n g B r o u g h Justin Wilson Entertainment . . . 125 . . Walker D Y N O M I T E t 126 . . . Entcrtainmrnl Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Dennison Entertainment . . . 127 Hamilton. Joe Frank, and Denr Natchitoches. ison along with J. J. Walker, performed during the 50th Annual Christmas Festival in 2H hfiDTlainmi-i Entertainment . . . 129 G R E E K S Gnvks. . .131 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sue Phillips Patricia Sanders Linda Smith Victoria Williams 132. . Giwk» Zeta Phi Beta SK f5 Veronica Hart, President Jackie Louis, Parliamentarian Lanetia Spivey, Vice-President Debra Jackson, Secretary Myrtle Scott, Treasurer Hurlene Alexander, Dean of Probate Evelyn Moses Greeks . . . 133 Alpha Phi Alpha 1.14. . .Greek Ferdinand Bowie Anthony Butler Gary Butler, Chaplain Larry Butler Danny Cage Kenneth Conant William Curry George Dixon Gregory Dudley Nora Listach III Ronald Price Harry Smith, President Donald Vincent Bobby Waldrup Ricky Wiley Hampdyn Williams, Advisor Elisa Conant, Sphinxman Sweetheart Charlene Miller, Alpha Phi j Sweetheart Greeks. . .135 Delta Zeta 136. . .Cirrki M9MM Anderson, Sherry Candice Bagley Cleta Bice LeeAnn Blaufuss Donna Bray Susan Bulmer Helen Bureh Lucy Burr Pitty Calhey Nancy Chaumont Lora Cheatham Sunshine Cloud Patsy Collins Deborah Cosand Sheila Crosby Amy Cupit Vanessa Davis Barbara Dillingham Heidi Dobbins Aimee Dowdell Trina Drake Sarah Edwards Charlotte Gary Gwen Gatti Beverly Henley Barbara Hogeboom Patrice Hogsett Mary Howell Helen Hubley Donna Johnson Debra Lackey Mandy LaCroix Karen Lejeune Laurie Leslie Mary Leslie Ann Manson Melinda Martin Wendy Mau Marian McLaurin Judith Morgan, Vice Pres. Debra Page Jackie Phillips Amanda Pourciau Julie Renken Joani Rosenthal Patti Salley Betty Jo Shoun Pam Simpson Louise Smith, President Rachel Smith Karen Steinmetz Deborah Stevens Cynthia Stewart Maria Strahan Patricia Talambas Suzette Tujague Katherine Ware Constance Whittington Debbie Willie Sarah Wise Carrie Yore Mrs. Sue Dearman, Advisor Kip Mourad, Man of the Year Delta Sigma Theta Desiree Brown Lorraine Gauthier Judith Green Janice Harleaux, Parliamentarian Jacqueline Ivy Jennifer Johnson Denise Lewis, Secretary Treasurer Peggy Delery Listach $m Crystal Mon rielfe Vernelda Morning CaroKn Norman Wanda Payadue S,niii(lr.i Pennywell Nadine Rachal, President Valerie Simon Ethel Williams Kappa Alpha Psi Greeks. . .139 140. . .Greek )a j Aft AAAA i li , Ken Aaron Rory Alexander Tim Alford Bob Anglin Dickey Berry Bill Bossier Robert Bradley Buster Brady Barry Branton Charlie Brittain Tommy Bourgeois Ronnie Bruitt Eddy Childers Tommy Childers Bill Corry Jim Crumpton Chris Creighton Earl Dixon Charles Dowden, Parliamentarian Keith Foster Raymond Gardner Curtis Gentz Gary Gibson Owen Gill David Greer Press Hartt, Recording Sec. Mike Harville Tommy Heatherwick Walter Heatherwick Earl Hebert, President Fair Hyams Bill Jackson Robert Jackson, Sgt. at Arms Aaron Johnson, Treasurer Tommy Killeen Ted Ledet Mr. Joe Lewis, Advisor Jeff Lyons Luke Manfre Eddie Martien, Cbrr. Sec. Steve Mathies Richard McCrory Steve Moore Allen Murdock Keith Norsworthy Bubba Philen Frank Piccolo, Chaplain Mike Rabalais, Historian Randy Richard Bo Roberts Steve Ross Clifford Rowzee Eric Schmutz Billy Shue Ted Souter Bubba Sexton Kenny Simpson Chuck Smith Greg Spallino Mark Taylor Dennis Terry Robin Thomas Johnny Torian Clay Trammel Leon Tujaque Barney Walker Tom Whitehead, Faculty Advisor Pat Williams Ted Wing Scott Wise Dru Wells, Vice President Scott Wells Tom Wells Richard Wyatt David Yarbrough Vicki Downing, Rose Kappa Sigma Deborah Patterson. Dream Girl Austin Temple. Faiulh Aitt iwr Lee Posey, Advisor m 2 . Gneki mzmmikm it mum $ " Si Jack Britlain Alton Burkhalter Monty Chicola Frank Cicero Mark Cottrell Clinton Davis Tim Davis Tern Downs Louis Fehl William Freelaml James Gandy Jay Garcia Stan Gates Jeffrey Goff Henry Grabener Michael Guillams Hurst Hall Stan Haynes Joseph Henry Tim Hopson Eric Johnson ' 1 S tlfSf James Mayeaux Dodd McCarty Kevin McClellan Roger McCoy Gary McElwee Andrew McGlathery John McKellar David McKinney Stephen Milam Randy Mondello SteveNasello Doug Norris Raymond Nugent Layne Pittard Don Raines Ray Ranger John Russell. President Jamie Sanders Emmett Scott Bill Stewart Michael Sullivan Roger Sullivan Stephen Sullivan Steve Sweeney Russell Timmer A. Hay Town Stan Tyler James Villard David Walker. Treasurer James Wheat Fred Wiggins Randy Wiggins Thomas Williams John Worley Phi Beta Sigma At f Shiek Bacchus, Advisor Spencer Burroughs, Parliamentarian Gregor) ' Colson, Treasurer I Daryl Daniels Leon Fuller, Chaplain I Shal Hartwell, President James Hollingsworth Gregory Porche Johnny Sowells Andre Spivey, Vice-President r-v A Kenneth Toussaint, Secretary Greeks. . .145 ■ Dddie Evans Jerri Fix Jan.- Fleti ber Charlotte Fomb) Jod Foster Tallinn Cauthier PhiMu Toni Genova Cindy Hall Cammie Hargis Janice Hargis Judy Hargrove Candi Hart Julie Hatch Marie Hebert Gwen Hidalgo Beth Hill Maggie Horton Carol Johnson Margaret Killeen Susan Kirklighter Linda Leger Pam Lucky Robin McDonald Pam Neck Mary Alice Nicholson Cindy Poole Joscelyn Pousson Mary Reynolds Rhonda Riddle Robin Rose Vickie Smith Carla Stagg Maria Stagg Lisa Teekell Julie Thibodeaux Kay Tuminello Pat Vandenboom Jarja Wells Cindy West Cindy White Lorie Williams Teri Wilson Linda Winningham Ann Wommack Ellen Wommack Sandra Wood John Russell, Man of the Year . Pi Kappa Phi 148 . Greeks Randy Doyle Mark Greene Johnny Harrison Gary Pennington, President Gary Reese, Treasurer Thomas Urena Connie Smith, Rose Wanda Dan Barbra Batten Catherine Carnes Debra Hammett I £ Greeks ... 149 150. p H fa s r 3 r s IMH§ lljiAlJi $. Debbie Baker Anne Bates Barbra Ballen Julia Beeson Rhonda Bennett Claudia Blaneharcl Julie Brazeale Donna Brumley Laurie Butler Melissa Canik Mir hele Champagne, 2nd V. Pres. Dona Charpentier Darleen Damiro Noonie D ' Angelo Janet Dasko Denise Davenport Donelle Dupree Mary Fisher Debbie Fitch Peggy Gillham Dawn Graham Brenda Greer Judy Gremillion Patty Harvey, Corr. Sec. Nanette Hawthorne Zandra Haymon, Rush Chmn. Maggie Hebert Cathy Hernandez Brenda Hoffpauir Yogi Holt Rhonda Hutchison Lisa Jones, Treasurer Donna King, President Deanie Lanclos Beverly Lewis, Registrar Pam Lynch Sally Mann Katie Moore Michelle Olsberg Debra Plunkett Barbara Ray Debbie Rodriguez Mary Rogers Maria Russo Val Scarbro Debra Scott, Rec. Sec. Susan Stephenson Gwen Teekell MandyTuttle Vicki Vines Lee Williams Betty Williamson, 1st V. Pres. Becky Wood Amy Yarbrough Zonnie Zaggar Jamie Sanders, Man of Year Sigma Sigma Sigma MMMM »pa%waasB ' hF Br " ' ■BBB BbI ■ jL1« BB B- -JBb ■ «J 1 B«l Bit. t 1 1» fYr fcrl b£k V b I AbP i HeB»«. B « tt Bl A B Bv- " )BBt B! Ml Bt Us; f v;5jRiJi -- Hjjfe 152 . Grwks ® m Nancy Woodward Timothy Alford, Man of the Year Mary Ackel, President Marylyn Barlek Charlene Blume Fran Bordelon Kathy Bostik Lisa Breazeale Marlene Breedlove Pamela Buxton Kim Cole Edna Davis Kathy Gresham Angela Hebert Theresa Hebert Melanie Hedrick Susan Heintz Catherine Holland Nita Hughens Melanie Jones Debra Kilman, Vice-President Vicki Kitchin Jean Lee Tracy Loyd Rhonda Maggio Susan Maggio Debra McHalffey Phyllis Morgan Patricia Morrow Melaney Mydland Rosalyn Powell Tammy Premeaux Debra Rogers Cindy Sheets Gwendolyn Smith Terrylyn Stroud Doris Thomas, Tt Karen Thurmon Elizabeth Trudel Deborah Villard Dee Villard Loretta Waller Cindy Ward Vickie Waters Nancy Wenner Merle Wilkinson Sigma Tau Gamma k 1p " 1 mS f m m MM MM Steve Adams Joe Bananno, Secretary Kenneth Banlin, Vice-President Mark Barton Raymond Beaudoin Rick Bergeron, Chaplain Landry Bonnette Tim Cain, 7 Ron Camereta Cary Collins Raymond Dees Jim Dennis Willie Deon, Pledge Trainer Mike Duke Bob Gilmore William Gordy Clay Guess Dale Guidry Jerry Hale Terry Judice Ronnie Kern, President Bill Land Joe Maddox Mike Maher, Rose Advisor Mike Mana Steve Miller Danny Parks Buddy Price Jeff Staples Ben Trowbridge Randy Walker James Webb Sunshine Cloud, White Rose Carol Barnidge Laura Baronne Gloria Dyer Tammy Goodrich Lynette Harrison Susan Heintz Barbara Judice Jennifer Karr Vicky Kitchen Ann Manson Robin McDonald Mary Alice Nicholson Jackie Phillips Denise Robin Cindy Sheets Gwen Smith Nancy Smith Brenda Stanley Patty Talambas Linda Taylor Brenda Terry Tau Kappa Epsilon $ ? a ■ Michael Anyan Bob Barnett, Sergeant-at-Ar, Charles Bennett Jim Bruce, Chaplain Mark Foster, Historian Michael Gore, Vice-President Wilfrid Gregoire, Treasurer Jeff Gurtner David Hammon, Pledge Trainer Charles Preston, Secretary 1 £ y Steve Preston Thomas Preston A Robert Shaver fl 1 Steve Sloan M Michael Terry, President WS 71 Jackie Hebert, Sweetheart Denese Byram Sharon Cole Tammy Ortego Peggy Stewart Greeks. . .157 Theta Chi Robert Mexander Lee Bennetl Robert Cham in Kenneth Clark ' 158. . .Greeki Lee Ann Blaufu- Judy Dan e Karen Everelte Marlene Fogleman Faith Honald Barbara Ra Maria Strahan SuzetteTujaque Greeks.. . .159 Greeks in Action w . KAPPA ALPHA ORDER " ROSE 160 Greoks ... 161 162 . Thr Srlrrt T H E S E L E C T The Scleci ... 163 Miss NSU — Donna King Mr. NSU — Stan Haynes Stan Haynes, distributive education major, was a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity and served as Vice-President of Men on the Student Body Association. He served as a NSU cheerleader for two years and lettered two years as an athletic football trainer for Northwestern. Stan served as a senator-at-large in the SBA and was a member of the universi- ty ' s Interracial Committee. He was also elected to Who ' s Who Among College Students. The Select ... 165 Mr. and Miss NSU Mr. and Miss NSU elections began in 1956. This was the highest honor which can be awarded to a student at this uni- versity. Donna and Stan were chosen by a campus-wide election. They were chosen on the basis of service to the univer- sity and community, on leadership, scholarship, and character. 166. . ThrSrlr.t State Fair Court Members of the State Fair Court were: Cammie Hargis, Debbie Page, Donna King, Sandra Wells, Mary Lyn Bartek — Queen, Lorriane Billeaudeau, Liz Posey, Jane Thompsor, Chen I Purrell. The Seleci ... 167 State Fair Queen — Mary Lyn Bartek . Mary L n Bartek was nominated Queen of the State Fair Court for North- western. She was a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority and was an ele- mental education major from Bossier City . and Her Court gP 1K U onna -J Lng Qxmz, Jkonzfi6xin J2iz i o±sy GznzCs. c?raxcjLi The Select ... 169 State Fair Court cSanJra WdL . M rf i h 0yV ■1 1 k s r U j 4l Um. v%fis-. dUxyC UxaJX £ dki Pc State Fair Court Th.- Select ... 171 . Being Escorted rhe Select r?iRW| J ■ Wt A Homecoming Court Queen — Sandy Spohn TheSele.1 ... 173 Homecoming Queen, 1976 — Sandy Spohn . . Sandy Spohn was elected to reign over the 92nd Annual Homecoming celebra- tion. She was a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority and was a primary ' education major from Bossier City. 174 . ThcSflrrt and Her Court . Janua cTfLLzn The Select. . .375 J-lia. Jdizclzzclls. JSxznda Gauizu The Select. . .177 cJj-zLzn dxumfi (2axoL A [a%tin The Select . . .179 ( Wandci PayaAus, 180. . . Thr S.I.-.1 JVdC zU The Select ... 181 gaxja We£L Homecoming Homecoming Queen of 1975 — Elisa Cooper escorted by Dr. Arnold Kilpartick. The Select ... 183 Court and Their Escorts M I Lady of the Bracelet — Denise Gueringer Denise Gueringer won the covet 0 " K and dance routine to the hi of Miss Northwestern at the annual Lad of the Bracelet beaut) pageant. She was also Miss Congeniality at the pageant. Denise presented i ' I Want to Be Happy " from the musical " No No Nanette " for her talent presentation. She was a nursing major from Alexandria. The Select . . . 18. r Miss Gueringer in Action 186. I Lady of the Bracelet Court Members of Lady of the Bracelet Court were: LeeAnn Blaufuss — third runner-up was also the winner of the talent award, Mary Lynn Bartek — first runner-up, Dennise Guer- inger. Miss Northwestern, Rhonda Henson — second runner-up, and Suzanne Johnson — fourth runner-up in the pageant. The Select ... 187 Who ' s Who Among American Mary Margaret Ackel Rory Scott Alexander Sherry Lynn Anderson Julia Ann Beeson 188 . . I Colleges and Universities Louise Ann Bodin Frances Matilda Byrne Spring Cloud William Emanuel Curry, Jr. Who ' s Who Tern a ne Downs I. Jolene Ford Veronica Kaye Hart hlrVlr, I John Stanley Haynes The Select. . .191 Donna Marie King Laura Jane Langston 192. . ThcSrlrct Sharon Lynn Mack r Wvt alr lHJL ' t: M B» Kg s « m aL :; M Vernelda Lewis Morning TheSelert ... 193 Who ' s Who. . . Patricia Lounette Nolan Colette A. Oldmixon Shelia Anne Posey Cheryl Ann Purcell 194. . ThrSrlerl Michael Thomas Rabalais James Michael Rachal Marvin Gerald Roque Mary Joan Rosenthal The Select ... 195 Who ' s Who . - Barton James Sealy Diana Louise Villard Frederick Jerome Wiley Not Shown: Clarence Davis Vicki Kay Downing Christine Herring William McKellar Vickie Procell Lenda Robinson George Smith Jarja Wells The Select ... 197 A T H L E T I C S Athletics . . . IW GEORGE DOHERTY Athletic Director Coach Dohert) was elevated to full time athletic director at Northwestern on November 23. 1974. after having served as NSU ' s head football coach for three seasons. This year he was co-ordinating plans for the completion of NSU ' s new. modern athletic complex, as well as serving as head of the athletic department. This was Coach Doherty ' s tenth year at Northwestern. 200 iiii.n. RECAP Lamar University tephen F. Aiist Delta State ansas State holls State isiana ortheast Louisiana jjjjjZVeese State diversity of Southwestern Louisiana Southeastern Louisiana I Demon Football ' 76 Coach . L Williams, in only his second season as head coach, led the Demons to their first break-even season in three years. Coach Williams ' assist- ant coaches for 1976 were Gene Knecht — Defensive Coordinator, Joe R. Pea e Offensive Line Coach, Jerry Arledge — Defensive Line Coach, Al Miller — Defensive Ends-Linebacker Coach, Herbie Smith — Wide Receivers Coach, with Larry Rambin serving as graduate assistant, and Eugene Christ- mas, in hi thirteenth ear as NSU ' s Head Athletic Trainer. The Demons finished the 1976 season at 5-5 with four victories coming in the partially completed Harry " Rags " Turpin Stadium (formerly Demon Sta- dium). The stadium, when completed, was to seat 15,000-plus fans and was to be reads for the 1977 season. The much improved Demons were led in their 1976 comeback by Honora- ble Mention All-American and First Team All-Louisiana running back Sidney " Thundering Bull " Thornton, First Team All-Louisiana offensive tackle Stan Foster, First Team All-Louisiana defensive back Mike Maggio, Honorable Mention All-Louisiana linebacker Roscoe Lewis, and Honorable Mention All- Louisiana defensive back Willie B. Mosley. H ) Y. Head Athletic Trainer Eugene Chriatmaa. TOP RIGHT: Graduate Aaaiatanl I.arr Rambin. ABOVE: NSU Coaching Staff: Row . A. L. Williams. Rom 2: Herbie Smith. G.n»- Knecht, Joe Ra mond Peace. Al Millrr. and Jrrr Arledge. TOP LEFT: Coach Arledge and Coach Miller on the sidelines. TOP RIGHT: NSU Student Athletic Trainers: Bob Rash, Mike Lambert, Chris Ferguson, and Rickey Brown. Not shown is Sam Fulton. BOTTOM LEFT: Head Coach A. L. Willi; BOTTOM RIGHT: Head Athletic Trainer Eugene Christmas and assistants carry Sidney Thornton off the field. Athletics ... 203 Lamar — 1 7, NSU—6 Th« son ■ L976 sea againsl tin Demons opened tl in Beaumont, Texai Lamar Cardinals. The Demons seemed to have had a li« ' on them though a penalties, turnovers, and an inabilit) to j rt into the endzone when in scoring position proved to b« NSl ' s downfall. The Demons whipped the Cards in every facel of the game except scoring. Sidney " Thundering Bull " Thornton l -d the Demons with 127 yards n 28 carries and scored NSl ' s only touchdown late in the ballgame. Sidney Thornton and il- In Washington were the players d the week. POP I n»h QB Kronj Philibrrt nrrambln iround n lil mil. liHl ' liAl Di-monn warm up. i SBOVE: Chi.f Caddo — symbol of supremacy. I PPER RIGHT: P.rr Neal skirts ri hl end. RIGHT: Kicker Donnis Pendergraft adds the PAT. NSU — 47, Stephen F. Austin — Northwestern ' s Demons broke a nine-game losing streak by virtually destroy- ing the outmanned Lumberjaeks. It was NSU ' s first home game in two sea- sons. In the eleventh battle for Chief Caddo, a IV2 foot wooden Indian, Stephen F. was never in the game. Northwestern exploded for 40 first-half points, and then coasted to a surprisingly easy victory. It was the widest margin of victory in the history of the thirty-three game series. The entire Demon defense and NSU ' s stellar running back, Sidney Thorn- ton, turned in sparkling performances. The Demon defense shut the Lumber- jacks down completely and Thornton scored four TD ' s on only ten carries. Players of the week were Mike Boogaerts and Willie B. Mosley. Vthletics. . .205 NSU —17, Delta State — 7 The Demon defense continued to | la steadily and freshman Mark Schroeder came off the bench to suppl) the needed offensive punch (15 carries for 73 yards) as Northwestern defeated the Statesmen from Cleveland, Mississippi. Senior QB Stuart righl also had a good nighl a he passed for one touch- down and ran for another. It was NSU ' s second trai dit win on the carpet of 11 arr " Rags " Turpin Stadium. Mark Schroeder and U. L. Finister were the players of the week. FAR RIGHT: Thr Demon defense Ho - its job. NEAR RIGHT: Mark Schroeder evades a Statesman. BELOW : Smart Wright . all the pnals. . ' I . Xllll.lM- Arkansas — 44, NSU — 24 Northwestern traveled to Jonesboro, Arkansas to meet the powerful Indi- ans of Arkansas State for the second road game of the season. It proved to be a disaster as ASU rolled up 30 quick first-half points before the Demons could get untracked. It wasn ' t all bad, though, as the Demons set a new school record for passing yardage — 334 yards. Stuart Wright had the best game of his career in completing 16 of 35 passes for 307 yards and three touchdowns. Wide Receiver Wya- mond Waters grabbed 5 of the tosses for a near record 178 yards and 2 touchdowns. Willie Washing- ton led the defense with 17 tackles. Washington and Wright were the players of the week. NSU — 20, Nicholls — 8 ' There ' s no place like home " and the Demons proved that with their third straight victory on the " turf. " This was only the fourth meeting between the two schools and the Colonels had taken the previous three. The Demons broke that streak with a consistent offense and a stingy defense paced by Wyamond Waters, Sidney Thornton, Petey Perot, Gerald Savoie, and Donnie Pistorius. The players of the week were Wyamond Waters and Gerald Savoie. TOP: Mark Schroeder sprints wide around right end. MIDDLE LEFT: Head Athletic Trainer Eugene Christ- mas and trainer Bob Rash assist Sidney Thornton off field. MIDDLE RIGHT: Waiting on the sidelines. BOTTOM: Stuart Wright releases with protection courtesy of Petey Perot. 206 .. . Athletics Louisiana Tech — 35, NSU — 6 In the 41st Annual State Fair Classic, the Demons played almost dead-even with the hated Bulldogs in the first, third, and fourth periods. However, key mistakes in a crucial seven-minute span of the second quarter gave the Tech- sters four quick scores and a 35-0 lead as they coasted to their sixth consecu- tive State Fair triumph. Sidney Thornton scored NSU ' s only TD as he picked up 125 yards on 19 carries. The " Thundering Bull " and Roscoe Lewis were the players of the week. TOP LEFT: Head Coach A. L. Williams. MIDDLE LEFT: Senior QB Butch Ballard looks for way out against Tech. FAR RIGHT: Demon Fans. BOTTOM LEFT: Demon defense pressures Tech QB. BOTTOM CENTER: QB Butch Ballard. NSU—21, Northeast — 9 Sidney " Thundering Bull " Thorn- ton became Northwestern ' s all-time leading rusher with his outstanding performance against the Indians. Thornton picked up 192 yards on 34 carries and scored all three Demon TD ' s while eclipsing Donald Johnson ' s career rushing record of 2.253 yards. The Demon defense returned to its Mingy ways allowing only nine points and forcing nine Indian turn- overs. Senior safety Mike Maggio led the defense with two intercep- tion- and a fumble recovery. Maggio and Bill Hughes were the players of the week. rOP NSU ' e all-time leading ruaber — Sidne) Thorn- MIDDLE LEFT: Srnior nowguard Bobby Kir. hoff p tin Indian QB. MIDDLE RIGHT: Staying dry. KK.HT: Unidentified Demon rambtei for arrlag«-. 1 kf - JBH M i ■ v " 1 4 . ' ' McNeese — 24, NSU—15 Northwestern closed out its road schedule with the Cowboys of McNeese. The Demons played an excellent ballgame against the highly regarded Pokes, but turn- overs plagued the Demons and killed all hopes of victory. The Demons fumbled three times and threw four interceptions. Despite the turnovers, the tough Demon defense held NSU close until McNeese scored with just sec- onds to go. The loss gave Northwest- ern a final record of 1-4 on the road. Pat Collins and Pat Douget were the players of the week. LEFT: The Demon defense surrounds a Cowboy. BOTTOM LEFT: Willie B. Mosley takes off. BOTTOM RIGHT: Sidney Thornton rambles against McNeese. NSU — 7, USL —3 Homecoming proved to be a chill- ing. a well as exciting, experience as the undefeated and untied Ragin ' Cajuns tame to Harr " Rags " Tur- pin Stadium 22-point favorites and left with their first defeat of the sea- on. In Sl " s finest performance in years, the Demons won their fourth consecutive game on the turf. In the wind and rain. Stuart Wright hit wide receiver Mike Almond with a 32 yard scoring strike in the first period. It proved to be all the Demons needed as NSU held USL, one of the top offensive teams in the nation, to only 163 total yards. Players of the week were Stuart Wright and Mike Maggio. TOPI EF1 Thecowrheslookon. TOP RIGHT side line conference. RIGHT Maii Schroeder slaaha left Southeastern La. — 34, NSU — 27 Northwestern suffered its first defeat at home against the tough Southeastern Lions. The see-saw battle saw NSU eome from 13 points behind to tie it up late in the game only to lose it in the final minutes. It was the close of NSU ' s first .500 season in three years as the Demons finished 4-1 at home. Players of the week were Wyamond Waters and U. L. Finister. » V, LEFT: QB Stuart Wright releases. BOTTOM LEFT: The " Thundering Bull. MIDDLE RIGHT Linebacker U. L. Fini. BOTTOM RIGHT Wright to Knecht. in on the Lion OB. Athletics . . 213 NSU Demons 1976 Mmond.Mikr WR Soph Ballard. Bull h OB s Hi. Hum. Bru.. WR Soph. Bonnetlr. Rand) DE Fr. BooaacrU. Mike OG Soph. Braden.Tommir i B Jr BritlairUarfc WR Jr. Broom. 4 ad DE Jr. Brawn. Robm DE Soph. Burroughs. Spem er M, Sr Carroll. Mark S Fr. Clayton. Keith s Fr. Collins, Pat TE Soph. Dorsey, -11 rt i TE Fr. DlHIgel. I ' jl DE Si Dunbar, Donnie CB Fr. Dunbar. J. P. S Fr. Edwarda.Jern DT Sr. Flniater, I 1. LB Soph Fouler, Stan OT Jr. Ga pard. Kim OG Sr. Guillory.Hal LB Fr. Hardsell. Robert WR Soph. Hanng. Frank TB Sr. Halrher, Connie TB Fr. Hines. Ruih WR Soph. Holder. Sucej OG Fr. Hughe . Bill C Sr. Johnson, Bill C Soph. Kelly. Quentin NG Fr. Kirrhoff. Bobb DT Sr. Kneeht. Br. tt TB Fr. Kyzar. Van DT Soph. Lancaster, Art DT Jr. Lee.Slanle) CB Jr. Lewis, Roscqe LB Jr. Liles. Ran.K WR Fr. l.ill - . James LB Fr. Loper. Ben LB Fr. Luton. Major WR Fr. Maano. Mike S Sr. Maggiore. Mikr OG Soph. MeCollister. B i WR Jr. Meeka, k.nn WR Jr. Melancon. Ri. k FB Fr. Moaley. Willie B. CB Jr. Neal. Pern TB Fr. Pendergrafl. Dennis K Soph. Perot. Pete) OT Soph. Philiberl. Kennv OB Fr. Piatoriua, Donnie S Soph. Procell, John LB Soph. Rho.i.-. Mark OB Soph. Rope, Ruaaeil OT Fr. Savoie, (ierald DE Sr. Srhaff, Tomm DE Fr. Srhroeder, Mark TB Fr. Si " it. Mliaon OG Soph. Si rpaa, Jaek DE Soph. Skinner, Johnn C Fr. Smith. Don DE Fr. Smith. Johnn) Rj CB Fr. |.radlmg, Rjiidv OT Jr. Thornton. Sidne) FB Sr. Tom, Emen OT Soph. WaddeiLGrega CB Soph. Waahirajton. Willie DT Soph. W .( ' . t-. W amond WR Soph. Wright. David OB Fr. Wnahl. Stuart OB Sr. Scholastic Award Senior QB Stuart Wright won the Scholastic Award for the 1976 sea- son with a 3.79 GPA in Business Administration. Stuart finished his first season as NSU ' s starting QB by hitting 67 of 176 passes for 984 yards and seven TD s. Stuart fin- ished his career with 1.874 yards, good enough for fifth position on NSU ' s all-time passing list. Permanent Team Captains Mike Maggio, senior safety from Vinton, and Sidney " Thundering Bull " Thornton, senior fullback from Baton Rouge, won the Perma- nent Team Captain awards for the 1976 season. Maggio, a tough open-field tack- ier, paced the Demon defense with six interceptions, two of which came in the Northwestern upset of USL. Maggio closed out his career with eleven steals for 121 yards. Thornton finished the 1976 sea- son with 901 yards and 12 touch- downs. The " Thundering Bull " fin- ished his tenure at NSU as the Demons ' all-time leading rusher. Sidney Thornton — All-American The 1976 season was the culmination of a brilliant career for Sidney " Thun- dering Bull " Thornton. Thornton virtually destroyed the rushing and scoring record books at NSU. His 901 yards in nine games in 1976 gave him a four year total of 2,662 yards on 573 carries, which were Northwestern records. He scored 25 TD ' s in his career, which was also a new NSU standard. Thornton received numerous awards, including Honorable Mention All-American, First Team All-Louisiana, and NSU ' s Permanent Offensive Team Captain Award. Thornton was also selected to play in the Blue-Gray Game, which was a post- season all-star game held in Montgomery, Alabama. The " Thundering Bull " turned in a stellar performance as he picked up 151 yards on 19 carries and scored one touchdown against some of the nation ' s finest players. For his record-setting effort Thornton was chosen the Gray ' s Outstanding Offensive Player. Sidney is shown at left signing autographs after that game. WL HE SCOREBOARD McNeese State Lamar University Centenary College uisiana hoi Is St eese sttJi Texas — Arlington Nomfieast Louis i LMisiana College Arkansas State LA University Georgii Arkansa South Alah Centenary College Texas WMrlitigto Geor m Slat nth BL JH North Texas astho n Bapti Sou the rn Mississi Southeastern Louisir Opponeni 86 97 67 Ti 81 67 85 76 Coach Tynes Hildebrand Demon Basketball The Demon roundballers, under head coach Tynes Hildebrand, compiled a 15-8 record by the middle of February. The Demons picked up ten of the fif- teen wins in the friendly confines of Prather Coliseum, while losing six on the road. The Demons battled early in the season to stay around the .500 mark. Early losses to Lamar and McNeese didn ' t dampen the Demon spirit and by the time February rolled around NSU was riding a four-game winning streak. Led by Northwestern ' s new all-time leading scorer Billy " The Kid " Rey- nolds, the Demons were working on an impressive debut into major college basketball. Reynolds surpassed the record of Demon great, James Wyatt, for most career points. Reynolds broke Wyatt ' s record of 1,874 points against the University of Southern Mississippi and stood a good chance to become the first man in Northwestern history to score 2,000 points in a career. Other Demon standouts during the 1976-77 season were senior guard Dan Bell who led the Demons in free-throw shooting; junior guard Lester Davis was the team leader in assists; and junior forward Lester Elie and freshman center Frederick Piper led NSU in rebounding, along with senior forward Billy Reynolds. Row 1: Lester Das is. Bill McKellar, Dan Bell. John Green. Edward Tuohy, Dei Dunnavant, Billy Reynolds, Neil Simmons, Robert Lively, Frederiek Piper, Le Tynes Hildebrand — Head Coach. Woods, John Ridings — Student Trainer. Row 2: Dr. Derwood Duke Elie. Lee Arthur Smith. Tom Edens, Michael Maurice. Ralph Pirn - — Assistant Coach. Dale Graduate Assistant, and JIH il,l. i IDPRIGHT Rcwmlil r. - .. .,,r»-l Mi-Nii-m BOTTOM RICH! Eli. l.uiwTivh iiha l«.«k Guard T0P:Elirp1 |hrli,i. ABOVE: Drmon roundhall.-rs board piano for an out-of-town pan Athli-tio . . .219 Lester El 20 il.l.-h. • , BELOW LEFT: Bell picks up two against the G ' ' BELOW RIGHT: Reynolds fights for a hasket. CcJ ' r 8 ! H r AH Roderick Piper Center Bill MeKellar Guard Lee Arthur Smith Forward Athletics. . .221 22 . Athl.n. . Dennis Woods Guard Ed Touhy Guard 9 1 ■( ill Fl U .Jfflr . . v VV| t r. 1 Bl8$@ Bfc H 1 kv ' " llk i . - ABOVE: Billy the Kid shoots over the Cowboys. Athletics. . .223 224 ihl.-n. ■. Athletics. . .225 Uhlrtim TOP RIGHT: Piper fires againsl Arkansas Stat VBOVE: Robert Lively shoots. BOTTOM RIGHT: Edward Touh) drives. THE SCOREBOARD Lady Derm o h eese State Tech ,«,, ,ir University Lamisn College V 4 oJ State :Nees tate IwesterAj iat iA Lamar I Ju Opponent 69 (OT) Lady Demon Basketball Row 1: Pat Nolen. Row 2: Charlotte Corley — Head Coaeh. Jan Nichols — Graduate A Theresa Long, Diana Cary, Belinda Morse, Lisa Brewer, Carolyn Quave. and Tammy Pniitt. Louise Bonin. Beeky Guidry. Diane Pittman, Tammy Pr Plagued with injuries throughout the season, the Lady Demons battled to an 11-10 worksheet in quest of their third conseeutive winning season. At times during the season Coach Charlotte Corley had only three substitutes on the bench with her. This, combined with a tough schedule, left many with an unsure outlook for the 1976-77 season, but the Lady Demons performed admirably and skillfully. Pacing the NSU five were sophomore guard Lisa Brewer, senior forward Diane Pittman, and freshman center Lillie Scott. Brewer led the team in scor- ing and assists. Pittman was second in scoring and rebounding, while Scott led the rebounding department and was third in scoring. Coach Charlotte Corley RIGHT: Lisa Brewer lakes a long jumper. BELOW: Berki Guidn shoots over a crowd 30 ihl.-n. ■ iWh RIGHT: Lillie 5coM batllei f r the rebound Athletics . . .233 Belinda Morse Forward Theresa Long Forward BELOW: Diane Pittman fires for " two. " BEU V RIGHT: Pittman takes a jumper inside lhl.|„ iPP: Louiw Botlin follows through. ABO E LEFT: Lisa Brrwcrguns in two moi ABOVE RIGHT: NSU Ch.vrlra.h-rs Stan Ha :s and Kath) Kelly. llllrli. . . .2.T, Baseball Coach Herbie Smith Grad. Asst. Newton Wilkes NS1 - 1 ( 77 baseball team faced a rugged 52 game schedule during the spring. The schedule consisted of twenty-five twin hills and two single games. The Demon.- were coming off a 13-24-1 record in 1976. The 1977 Demon squad was young and inexperienced with only eight returning lettermen. Experience was especially lacking in the pitching department, as no Demon pitcher had ever thrown a baseball in senior college competition. Top Demon players included jun- ior outfielder Curtis Ardoin, who led the 1976 club with a .422 batting average, junior shortstop Nora Lis- tach, and senior outfielder Mike Railey. Chr i Ferguson lanager NSU Balgirls: Rou 1: Lisa Brrazrali-. Sandy Spohn, Vick) Tu krr. and Lynn Waller. Ron 2 Bonnie Outlaw. Dian. McKellar, Mary Lyn Bartek. and Scotti Dawson. Mike Railey OF Mike Liles P Terry Ruddell P Bill Land OF Cary Colli 2B James Dennis OF Athletics . . . 237 Ted Reeves OF Kurt Felton Keith Russell C Richard Justinn P Kevin Stagner IB — OF Ithlrtiia Kerry Keowen P Curtis Dorsey IB Pat Stanley P Chris Soileau P Kenny Stelly Sieve Fry P Fred Wiggins 2B Scott Stagner Athletics. . .239 Track h J« Dyes The Demon cindermen, who fin- ished second in the 1976 national NA1A Outdoor Championships and also placed in the top ten in the NCAA Division II championships, competed in their first season of Division 1 (major college) competi- tion during the 1977 season. The Demon track schedule included sev- enteen meets. Two of the seventeen were to be NSU ' s first home meets in two seats. Northwestern ' s new Tartan track was scheduled for com- pletion in April. Standouts included sophomore sprinter Robert Hardvvell, who com- peted in the 1976 Olympic Trials in Eugene. Oregon, freshman long jumper Jarrott Handy, and fresh- man 440-man Tommy Swacker. Grad. Asst. David Swacki Ron Homer Clark, Shaun McLaughlin, Lair) Dun. an, Winded Bonner, Andrew Morning, KmK Hines, Chris DiCrazia, John Barrier, and Tommie Mitchell. R " u 2: Grad) La J. If Kent. Sean O ' DonnelL Can Richard, Jarroll Handy. Robert Hardwell, Albert Faulkinberry, Jerr) Lewallen, Charles Tu( ker, Larr) Harris, and David Swacker — Gradual toiatant Coai h. K,„, I Jerr) Dyes HeadCoai h, Herw hel Moore, Lero) Gay, Jerr) Rii hardson, Connie Hatcher, and Tomm.) Swacker. [cff Knit Shot — Discus Gradv Lee Gary Richard Hurdles Andrew Morning Sprints Chris DiGrazia 440 — MR I Alhert Faulkinberrv 440 John Barrier . . . PV — HJ — Jav. Jerry Richardson HJ Ythleti.s. . . _ ' ll Larr Harris 440 Homer Clark Distant |crr Lewallen 440 Robert Harduell Sprints Herschel M( 440 T I.ePON (, Distance Tommie Mileh Hurdle s Y,n lell Bom 880 RihIv H I ! Shaun McLaughlin Distance Jarrott Handy LJ — TJ SeanO ' Donnel Distai Connie Hatcher Sprints Tommy Swacker 440 — MR Charles Tucker LJ — TJ Athletics. . .243 Gymnastics I In NSl Gymnastica team was a coeducational organization sponsored by the Department of Health, Physical Educa- tion, and Recreation. The purposes of the Gymnastic team were competition, to provide service through clinics and exhibitions, and to promote gymnastics in Louisiana. Gymnastics meets for 1976-77 included the New Orleans YMCA Open and dual meets against Nicholls State, New Orleans YMCA, and Tulane University. Outstanding team members for l ( )76-77 include Mike Dykes, Lee Williams, Ricky Christopher — Team Captain, Kathy Kelly, David Webber, and Greg Myers. The Gymnastics team was coached by David Bedard. Row 1: Dee Lloyd, Albert Middleton, Charles Webber, Mike Dykes, Greg Myers, Ricky Christopher — Team Captain. Tony Hamilton. Henry Bryant, and Michael Gray. Rou 2: Marie Hebert, Lee Williams, Ann Hinkle. Lisa Breazeale, Kathy Kelly, and Coach David Bedard. Ricky Christopher Marie Hebert Mike Dykes Athletics . . . 245 ABOVE: Charles BELOW: Michael Gra 21 ti.i. Lisa Breazeal Grrg Myers Ann Hinkle Athlrtirs . . 217 JoseDeCa Gregg Manning Luis arela - ; . ... , " . ' )- ) luan Lope p.V Steve Frick. Ricardo Vcuna Men ' s Tennis Coat h Johnnie Emmons, Sieve Frick.-r. Rm, 2. Luis Varela, Jose DeCamino, Ricardo Ac Coach Johnnie Emmons " charges had an outstanding outlook for the 1977 spring season. The Demon netters finished an abbre- viated fall schedule with a record of five wins and one loss. The only loss came against a powerful LSU team. The Demons were in their first season as a Division I team. Their schedule for the 1977 season included such major powers as Oklahoma State. Michigan State, University of Arkansas, and North Texas State, as well as in- state rivals Northeast Louisiana. McNeese. Grambling, and Louisi- ana Tech. Northwestern ' s tennis team came off a 24-1 1976 record and consisted of two sophomores. three juniors, and a senior. Athletics. . .249 Women ' s Tennis Ron I: Coach l.arr Lambert, Balirlti- Cramrr. Viviannc Zarhi. Alicia Fernandez, Fran Wise, Prggi Ate , and Janie Wallace The young Lady Demon netters faced a tough spring schedule in 1977. Coach Larry Lambert ' s team finished a short fall sea- son with a record of two wins and two losses. The spring bouts included LSU, USL, Tulane, Northeast, and Louisiana Tech. The Lady Demon tennis team consisted of freshmen Babette Cramer, Vivianne Zarhi, Alicia Fernandez, and Fran Wise and juniors Peggi Ates and Janie Wallace. Babette Cramer Janie Wallace Fran Wise ■£ k:Tl V | W A . El 11 iTff . ; t - fW w V ' ' kJt - M F . S . V . . : . • •- ' •- . •:•, ' Y ' v r y|Pl pr 3 »i %» llHlii x iT P ; - ' : c : : ' SgmSSSxM ' - k " ' •,•.,. -■• » TV pBfjfe. i MBF ..vJr.%v. - - ■ .- ' ' $ . ' j _ Vivianne Zarhi Peggi Ates Alicia Fernandez Athletics ... 251 Golf Coached l Dr. Durvvood Duke, the Northwestern State Uni- ersit Golf learn took part in three tournaments and five dual matches during the 1977 spring season. The tournaments in which the team competed, included the Southwestern Louisi- ana Mardi Gras Tournament, the Louisiana Intercollegiate Championships, and the Holiday in Dixie Tournament. With four freshmen on the team, the Demon golf ers exhibited a great deal of potential during the fall season, with experience being the only needed ingredient. H..„ I Bohh) Carmi( hari.Jay Willetl.and Brad Locke. K,m 2: Dr. Durwood Duke — Coach. RhonnieVi . IVr.-k AikI.tmmi. H li M(. , and Bruce Eichler. Cross Country The Demon Cross Country team, consisting of four freshmen and a sophomore, finished 1-1 in dual meets this season. The Demons also placed individuals in the top five in two larger meets during the abbreviated 1976 season. Row I: Leroy Gay, Shaun McLaughlin, Windell Bonner. Row 2: Glenn Cortella, Homer Clark, Sean O ' Donnell, and Randv Moore — Undergraduate Assistant. Not Shown: Co Jerry Dyes. Athletics . . . 253 Lady Demon Volleyball Coarh Charlotte Corley ' s Lady Demon Volleyball team finished the 1976 season with an 18-13 match record. Their rugged schedule included the prestigious Houston Invitational Tournament and the LAIAW State Tournament, as well as three others. Leading the scoring and percentage departments were Jill Hyatt and Mary Sonnier. H, u I [ ni Schofield, Cheryl Dorr. Dcbhir JenkilM. Rou 2 Jan Nichols — Graduate Assistant. Gail Brown, Pam Mc Sonnirr, Gmn TYrkrll. Carol n Quaw. and Tammy Pruill. Not Shown: Diana Car) and Coarh Charlotte Corley, Courtney, Jill H att. Sheila Crede Badminton Row 1: Mona Davidson, Rhonda Bennett, Dr. Don Ryan — Coach, Yogi Holt, Christy Callens. Athletic - . 25 INTRAMURALS Men Kappa Sigma Couyan 8 Kappa Sigma Omega Psi Phi Kappa Alpha Bows NONE Sigma Tau Gamma Bows Sigma Tau Gamma Kappa Alpha Phi Epsilon Kappa Bows Events Punt, Pass, and Kick Flag Football Tug 0 ' War Pool Singles Pool — Doubles Volleyball Coed Volleyball Paddleball Rifle Shoot Bowling Weightlifting Cross Country Run Basketball Freethrow Women Sigma Sigma Sigma Phi Beta Sigma Shadows Hot Dogs Sigma Kappa BSU Hot Dogs Phi Mu Delta Zeta Phi Mu Sigma Kappa NONE Sigma Kappa Sigma Sigma Sigma Overall Team Winners 1. Kappa Sigma 1. Sigma Kappa 2. Kappa Alpha 2. Sigma Sigma Sigma 3. Sigma Tau Gamma 3. Phi Mu 1 1 k t R G A N I Z A T I N S Organizations . . . 259 POTPOURRI The POTPOl RRI, the university yearbook, was edited and published bj students at NSU. The staff for the 1976-77 year was made up of nine students who worked independently a- well as cooperatively. Vfter being appointed l the Stu- dent Publications Committee, the yearbook editor names tlie other members of the staff. These staff members were not required to be journalism majors but must have had some previous experience in yearbook work. Mr. Ezra Adams — Adviser Nadine Rachal — Assistant Editor, The University; Classes Jo Ford — Organizati Organizations . . . 201 is Folsr — Honor-. Enlertainme I k nn i lii umli ) rrecks Cind Wyatt — Apprentii Ruth Dennis — Assistant Class Editor Organizations . . . 263 CURRENT SAUCE The CURRENT SAUCE staff was responsible for publishing NSU ' s weeklj newspaper. This staff, estab- lished in 1911. was open to an member of the student body with an interest and talent in journalism. Colette Oldmixon — Editor. Mr. Franklin Presson — Ad Ron Olii Assistant Newi Editor, Bill Bonier Sports Editor Km, 2: Ronnie Buzzetta Vssistanl News Editor, Bob Ryder — Managing Editor Mark Smith s— Advertising Manager, Mark Bandy — Business Manager, Rodney Wise — Ci rculation Man- ager Organizations . . . 265 Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Delta Chi sought to promote the high ideals of journalism a a career. It also helped the members to maintain the high standards of the profession. Membership was open to any broadcast or news edito- rial major who is a junior or senior and who had maintained a 2.0 aver- age. Member! of Si ma Delia Chi inrlurlii) Sljn Tyler, Barlura Williams, I-aTrrri Pi William Cum. Mr. K ra Ailam- — Adviser. Treasurer. Denise l. -wi . Wamla H ar . Linda Chechar, Glynn Chevallier — Vice-President, Debate Squad The NSU Debate Squad participated in intercollegiate debate competition seasonally . The squad pro ided opportunities for students to participate in competitive forensic activities at NSU and in tournaments at other universities. This organ- ization was open to anyone who had a sincere interest in debate. Dale Sililiy. Hoi I it- Hardeman. Rand) Carter. Kaye Berry. Mike Dorian, Charlene Miller. Man in Horton. Pi Omega Pi Pi Omega Pi. an honorary national business education organization, promotes scholarship and high ethical standards in the profession. Members must maintain a B average, and must be enrolled in the business education curriculum. The Alpha Nu chapter was involved in the National Convention in Philadelphia this year, and, earlier had been ranked as one of the top ten chapters in the nation. nmaBiiB ; fei p " nm Row 1: Jimmy Pender, Marilyn Richmond — President, Ellie Borrero — Vice-President, Juanita Bogan — Secretary, Danny Ross — Treasurer, Glenda LaCaze — Publicity, Sarah Williams — Sponsor. Row 2: Helen Pratte, Cheri Smith, Veronica Hart, Linda Williams, Brenda Carroll, Helen LaCour, Judy Boone — Sponsor. Row 3: Patsy Black, Debbie Organizations . . . 269 Society for the Advancement of Management This organization prm ided a bridge between the theoretical training of the university and the practical world of business and management ! bringing together executives in business and students preparing to io into the field. Members must be business majors or minors, with a B average and a sophomore standing. I R.nt I Timoth) Bonnetle Publicity, David Harding — Treasurer, Steve Hudson Membership, Carl Riche President, Joe Lang - Program Director. Row 2: Scott Harvillai Thomas J Phillips II. I lin T Scott, ( harles Dowden, Keith Fontenoi •■. retary. Hen I Dr. Marie Burkhead Sponsor, Lynn Viator, Monroe Silver, l-am Patrick. Frederic! Wiley, Rosa Shields. Phi Beta Lambda This national organization was established to develop more competent and aggressive business leaders and to develop more interest in and the understanding of American business enterprise. Requirements for admission included that of being a business major or minor. Rou 1: Elsie James — Sponsor, 0. C. Butler III — Vice-President, Juanita Bogan — Secretary, Ronda Stiles — Treasurer, Kent Lachney — President, Jeffrey Totten — Publ Rou 2: Priscilla Robinson. Robin McGaskev, Sandra Williams, Denise Rhone, Angel Riggins. Row 3: Carmen Harris, Kenneth Gobert, Ronald Price. Organizations . . . 271 National Collegiate Association for Secretaries. The main purposes of the National Collegiate Association for Secretar- ies were to help promote the growth and development of young women planning to enter a career in the lm ine world and to promote the secretarial career. Membership was open to all interested students who had maintained at least a 2.0 aver- age. " " " l: Mi Carol Mi I oj Sponsor, Kami Ma cr — President, Terri Bordektn — Vice-President, Debbie Patterson — Secretary, Cereece Smith — Historian. J. Rue — Sponsor. Km, 2 Mice Dun-. Breads Hilgerson, Yvonne Hammond. Kathj Pnidhomme, Vanieca Martin. Debbie Van Dine. Ruth Ann Martin. Sandra Williams. Rou 3: Debbie Blaisdell, Bess Wimberly, fan) Hyams. Shirlej Landerum, Debbie Crowell, tnita McGee, Debra Jackson. International Student Club The International Student Club was a new organization formed in 1976 on the NSU campus. It gave the foreign students a chance to meet others who were faced with the same difficulties as they were . . . adapting to a new environment. To be a voting member one must be a foreign student registered at NSU. Non-voting membership is open to all others. A regular Fall activity of the International Student Club was a soccer game every Friday at the back of the library. Row 1: John McLaughlin, Hector Giron, Luang Semiesuke, Siu Man Fung. Row 2: Jorge Mondragon — Vice-President, Olusoji Akinrinade — President, Tak Lok Cheung — Treasurer, Anu Kakonen — Secretary. Row 3: Roberto Argueta, Peggy Carpenter, A ' dulazis Alshali. Luis Pineda, Damrong Assavasoppe, Dr. Hanna Schroeder — Sponsor, Chen Hua Chung, Sean O ' Donnell, Tai Juh Wang, Siamak Maoveni. Organizations . 273 Sigma Delta Pi n organization composed of Spanish majors and minors. Sigma Delta Fi sought to make known Hispanio contributions lo modern culture. Ii also honored excellence in scholarship in Spanish. Members were required to have at least 18 hour- in Spanish and a B average. Kmi I Wanda H . Denise Lewis, Pegg) Carpenter. Row2: Dr. R. Brodermann — Sponsor. Cosmopolitan Club Promoting the Spanish language and culture was the purpose of the Cosmopolitan Club. It provided students interested in Spanish an opportunity to get together in a Latin American atmosphere. Row 1: Denise Lewis — Vice-President, Wanda Heary — Secretary, Maria Brodermann — President. Row 2: Helen Hubley — Treasurer, Dr. Brodc Wilkinson. — Advisor, Cathy Organizations . . . 275 Alpha Mu Gamma Alpha Mu Gamma was organized to recognize students in foreign languages who have had a 3.5 overall academic aver- age. Two ears of foreign language and an overall 3.5 average were the requirements for admission. Ri ' ti I Dr. Hanna Shroeder — Advisor, Agatha Newctt. Shirley LcDuff, Frankie Muffoletto. Row 2: John Langford, Bob Smith. James Sudbury, Michael Shapiro. Richard FN i hir. Kevin Dreher, Walt Fairbanks — Secretary. Phi Eta Sigma A national honorary society for freshman males, Phi Eta Sigma was restricted to any male who maintained a 3.5 aca- demic average during his first semester or year of enrollment. The purpose of the society was to promote a higher stand- ard of learning and to encourage high scholastic attainment. Row 1: Bryce Jackson — President, Jeffrey Totten — Vice-President, Tim Fontenot — Treasurer, Jim Rachal — Senior Advisor. Row 2: Robert Nugent, Dennis Sullivan, Vii Bailey, Jerry Morris. Row 3: Roger Adams, Dr. B. D. Barridge. Organizations . . . 277 Alpha Phi Omega H.n, i Roland Beagle) UvisorJ huck Gallowa) Scouting Vdvisor, Bob Breckenridge Vdvisor. Km, 2. Kenneth Gobert, Julius Guilloy, Kennj C . Paul Cuillory, Lei K.n. Jrffrej Totten, Tamm) Gibson, Arthur Vllen. Km 1 Charles Thomas, Ellon Wade, Ivor) Hooper, Dale Sil l«- . Roger Rister, Da id Lupton. Omega Pearls Organizations . . . 279 Blue Key Blue Key is a national honor fraternity for upperclass male students. It is a service organization thai serves as official student hosts oi NSl . Members must have maintained an overall 2.6 average, must be a junior in good standing with the university, must have membership in at least two campus organizations and officership in one of these, and must be accepted In a 90 percent affirmative vote by the chapter. One way in which Bine Key served the university wa- l providing tutoring sen ices year-round. They also visited the Masonic Children ' s Home each year as an activity. ■ Greg Dudley Corresponding Secretary. Jeffrey Tollen Secretory, Hilton Verrell Vice-President. Rodne) Wise President, Frederick Bosargc Rou I: Dennis Sullivan. Rodney Wise — President, Craig Kubic, Greg Dudley — Corresponding Secretary. Fred Wiley. Spring Cloud — Sweetheart, Jeff Totten — Scerel Lane Johnson, Richard Mooney, Jeff DeLaune, Dean Frederick Bosarge — Advisor. Row 2: William Jernigan, Nolan Fulton. William Curry. Ricky Wiley, Harry South. Ro Priee, Tommy Mitchell. Gregg Manning. Bert Todd — Graduate Adv isor. Hilton Verrett — Vice-President. Organizations. . . 281 Associated Women Students The Associated Women Students was concerned with representing all young women who reside in the NSl dormitories. Ml female dorm residents are members of the WYS. Residents elect representatives and officers who served as their dorm council and legislative branch of the VWS. R,.u I 1 1. rigur Social. Pi-wt Gillham Tri-amim Bn-iula Gmi Pmridi ' M. Deborah Snrtl Virr-Prrsidrnl. Darlrcn Damic-a - Soph. Rrp.. Row Ma 11.. Rhonda Bcmiill [Wording Sec .Jidi Halth IAWS. Valeric Srarlrru Pulilirit . Spring Cloud Sen. Rrp.. Stephanie Davill — Jr. Rep. Associated Men Students The Associated Men Students was involved with promoting the general welfare of all male students at NSU, but specifically the welfare of men living in the dormitories on campus. All male undergraduates who were dormitory residents were members of the AMS. Students elected l the dorm residents formed the AMS orm council which represented their legislative council within each dormitorv. Top: Can Br.mii — President, Sieve McLeod — Vice-President, Walt Fairbanks — Se Row 2: David Linaere, Bill Ra Gingles, Daniel O ' leary, Richard Prescotl. Julio Toro — Tr 3oitom: Rot, 1. Julio Toro, Steve MeLeod. Walt Fairbanks Organizati National Association for the Advancement of Colored People The principal object of the N VCP was in insure the political, educa- tional, social, and economic equalit) of minority group citizens. ther objectives of the organization in. hided that of achieving equality of rights and eliminating race preju- di e among the citizens of the United States; to remove all barriers of racial discrimination through democratic process; and to seek enactment and enforcement of Fed- eral, state and municipal laws. Top H ,„ I Clarr-me Cullx-rl Vici-Prwidpnl. Edilh Harri — Pn-sidi-nl. Mirhi-al L CamicWhilr. Mirhrllr Elmon- SWntary R„„ 2 Rh kn Taylor. Cr slal n Turner. i« U Bu khanan — Cha| Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi was a national honorary society open to second semester juniors, seniors, and graduate students who had excelled scholastically. The organization ' s primary objective was to emphasize scholarship and character in college stu- dents. University Players The University Players was a grqup of students who exhibited a genuine interesl in the acting and staging of plays. Members wire required to earn points through work done in or on dramatic presentations In NSU. The were also required to be enrolled as a regular student at the university and to possess an overall average not lower than C. The organization was formed to develop talent in dramatic work and to cultivate a taste for the best in drama. «.... I Ginni Lclong. kn I!, lanrtZap .«■ T. Mnilh, lr, i, ,- Mexander Vice-Prcsidr Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia A national fraternity, the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia was open for mem- bership to any student, faculty, or officer of the university who showed an interest in music. This fraternity worked to advance the cause of music in America and to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of music students. Rim 1: Michael Houston, Lee Dunbar, John Doolittle, Kevin Broussard, Miehael Williams. Charles Neat. Troy Corley — Historian. R„„ 2. Karl Carp. Dwaine Hubbard — Treasurer, James Swett — A K isor, Robert Nugenl — Secretarj . Terrence Hopkins — President, Duane Lionberger — Vice-President. Warden. John Organizations . . . 287 Sigma Alpha lata Composed of music majors or minors. Sigma Alpha Iota was an organization whose members had acquired fifteen aca- demic hour- and a 3.0 in their music courses. To uphold and further their aims and to promote music in America as well as in foreign countries was the goals of the members of Sigma Alpha Iota. ' . ... Rn i irlatn I im Shi m .. Pm.idpnl.Ka5 Baumgartnii Pn iiti MrKnighl. K,„, 2 Shalww Bahi-r - Chaplain. Susie Thi Tn.,M,nr. J.lh.TIv Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council was made up of three representatives from each of the ten social fraterni- ties on the campus. The IFC strove to strengthen the interrelations between the social fraternities at NSU; to foster and maintain high scholastic, moral, social and per- sonal standards for the fraternities; and to govern the overall fraternity system at Northwestern. 1 i »; 1 Tup: Ron 1 John Marino — Seeretan . Mike Terr — Vice-President. Ron 2: Jern Hale — President for 1977. Lam Hollowa) — President for 1976. Dean Bossarge — Sponsor. Sam Smith— A.Kisor. Organizatii Student Body Association The Student Bod) Association of NSI was the representative bod) of all students on campus. Ii pnn ided a link between the students and the administration. Meetings held ever) Monday night determined business concerning campus conflicts and involved means of how to resolve them. The SBA was composed of senators at large and class senators elected in a campus-w ide election. R.n, I Executive Council l .m,l Walker. Debbie H.i»k. ebbie Page, Boh Rwl.r. Ron Price. Rm, 2 Sun Haynes, Terr) Down-. I— J ri Top. Freshman and Sophomore Senators. Bottom: Row 1: Senator ' s at Lar$;e — Debbie Pap-. Vanessa Da is. Suzanne Johnson, Jane Thompson. Ron 2: Damn Dycss, Pain Lynch John McKeller, Lane Pittarrl, Boh R ler. Ron 3: Robert Nugent, Boh Lane. Organizations . . ._ " )! Student Union Governing Board As the governing body of the NSU Union, the Student Union Governing Board contributed to the social, recreational, cultural, and educational development of the students, faculty, and alumni. The SUGB was composed of several commit- tees each of which had specific independent responsibilities. Each committee was led by a committee chairman. In order to have become a committee chairman one must have been an active member of a Union committee for at least one semester, must have possessed an overall 2.0 average, and must have been a full-time student in good standing. ■ I ' r Hnu 2 B«ii Williamson. Liz Posey, Earl Herbert, Sammie Ragsda ' lc, Zandra Ha) .. n Damiro, lulia Beeson.Juch Gremillion. ft.m Mr. Wilson— Advisor. Cmd Leigh Perkins. Ron 3: Glenda LaCazc, Colette Ol.lmi ..n. Del imons, Jol,„ l, KeJIer. Mike Most, I ' .im Lynch. Orpaniz; is. . .293 Hoepitalit) Committee: Rou 1: Julia Beeson — Chair- man. Rou 2: Lisa BoBo. Darleen Damiro. Marilyn CmConni ' ll. Rou 3. Jo Ford, Debbie Rodriguez, Susan Scalfano, Barlura R.n . . V. Ba Name Entertainnu nt Committee: R»u I Jama Hollingsworth, Mike AIIHay — Graduate Advisor. Jill Kress. Johnny Harrison. Kathy Gresham, Marva While. Dennis Terry, Mike Alost, Aubrey Alexander, " » 2 Dale Sibley, Robert Ryder, Elizabeth Richardson, Muffed Richardson, Ronald Price. Leigh Perkins. Sammie Ragsdale — Chairman. Student Union Governing Board Committees UM Social Activities Committee: Row 1: Gwen Brown, Lisa Conant, Glenda LaCaze — Chairman, Jo Ford. Aubrey Alexander. Row 2: Marva White, Lorraine Billedeaux, Marilyn McConnel. Row 3: James Hollingsworth, Ronald Price, Ron Thomas, Monique Cobbs, John Nipp, Pam Buxton, Wilma Venson, Mike Alost, Mike Allday — Advisor. Organizations . . . 295 Cheerleaders The Cheerleaders of NSl sought to inspire spirit among the student bod) for all athletic functions, pep rallies, and practice sessions by out- wardly supporting the Demons. Cheerleader tryouts were judged by the National Cheerleader Associa- tion. They must maintain a 2.0 aca- demic average and be willing to work for their school. I -J- j v Cheryl Bat k Co-Caplain, Stan Haynes. Marylyn Bartek, ■ 5 indefS. Outlaw. Ronda Henson — Co-Captain, Mike Dykes, Fonda Henson. Kathy Kelly. Not Organizations . . . 297 Ron I P - i Alo. Mona Martin, Carolyn Quavc, Louise " Do " Bonin, Diane Pittmann, Christi Callens, Liz Posey. Row 2: Mrs. Rocqumere, Judith Morgan, Ann Willis, Melba Lee, u-jn nn ( ' .arret, Brenda Fontenot, Grace Hewlett, Brenda Causey, Pamela Bagwell, Desiree Brown. Row 3: Dr. Colleen Monk, Rhonda Bennett, Brenda Collins, Sonja Pixley, Kt ' lindj Morse, Janan Courtney, " Tootie " Can , Nancy Knitmeyer, Lisa Brewer. Delta Psi Kappa The Beta Chi Chapter of Delta Psi Kappa was part of a national honor fraternity for women majoring or minoring in any curriculum in the department of health, physical edu- cation, and recreation. Members must maintain a 2.0 academic aver- age and a 3.0 overall average in HPER courses. Delta Psi Kappa ' s purpose was to recognize worth- while achievements of individuals in physical education, to develop inter- est therein, and to promote greater fellowship among individuals in this field of activity. Row 1: Brenda Fontenot, Judith Morgan, Brenda Causey, Desiree Brown, Pamela Bagwell. Row 2: Grace Hewlett, Belinda Morse, Janan Courtney, " Tootie " Cary, Nancy Knit- meyer, Lisa Brewer. Organizations. . .299 Phi Epsilon Kappa Phi Epsilon Kappa is a national fra- ternity for male students majoring m health, physical education, and recreation. Ii purpose was to pro- mote m li idual leadership in physi- cal education. PEK also strove to evaluate the standards, ideals, and ethics of professionally trained men engaged in or preparing to teach physical education, health, or recre- ation. Members must have attained an overall 2.0 academic average. Initiation was a highlight in the Fall lor members. New members were initiated by old members in a tradi- tional test of stamina and resistance to embarrassment. ■■ . 14 . = " _J ptlci it i A 1 ,.,, Don Jones, Rand) Davig, Ed Newman, . e Hurley, Rand) Bonnetle, Mike Most, Rick) Christopher. Rom 2. Dr. Ro Gentrj — Advisor. Stan Ncwsorm-, Rolicri Bnsi.r. Mr Bedand, Rog r Willis, Mike DouCet, Budd) Oilman. Bert Todd, David Parrish, Ricci Hi. k-. R,m 3: Ri. hard Duncan, Bol. Rash. Buuba Collins. Kim Gaspard. ■ i .n Fulton, Larr) Bivens. ■- — - ' ■- ' QsnaLic Don Jones — Sgt.-at-Arms, Randy Davis — Intramural Director, Ed Newman — Historian, Ace Hurley — President, Randy Bonnette — Vice-President, Mike AJost — Treasurer, Ricky Christopher — Secretary. Organizations . . . 301 Fellowship of Christian Athletes The Fellowship of Christian Athletes provided a spiritual bond between athletes of all sports. The organization strove to have athletes and coaehes recognize the importance of accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, not only in ath- letics but also in their daily lives: Row I Dan Bell — Secretary, Jack Serpass — Vice-President, Jerry Lewallen — President, Sam Johnson — Program Chairman. Row 2: Allen Kinley, Davis Stevens, Rudy Hines, Jeff PhiUijM, Bob Rash, CnnK Manning, Rickey Brown, Mike Maggio. Row 3: Roscoe Lewis, Tommy Braden, Greg Waddell, Robert Brown, Neil Simmons, Stacy Holder, John Brian Butler. Rhonny Valentine. Karate Club During the 1976 semester the Karate Club became a new organization on campus. This group of dedicated students met once a week to learn and perform different stunts in karate. Any and all interested persons were eligible to membership. Row 1: Sherry Smith, Lee Sanders, Betty Issac. Row 2: Cloteal West, Joann McDonald, Ramona Grand. Row 3: Ivory Irvin — Instructor, Clarence Culbert, Charles Johnson, Harry Smith, Alfred Gay. Organizations . . . 303 Agriculture Club Promoting interest and pride in Agriculture as a profession was the goal of this national fraternity. Membership require- ments included at least l ) semester hours of which 3 shall be agricultural credits; a major or minor in agriculture; and an overall ! average. Hi ' " I Bai Hamilton. Gail Thompson Historian, Heide Hughetl — Parliamentarian, Sam Misuraca — Adv r, MikeSiblej Martha Rimkua, Janet Thompson, Willie Poynter, Ron St tubyn. R»u i Bruc Icson, Mel n . Braunii e I-i ombe, Renee Ryan, Lane DeLatin, Lisa Lyon. ior. Row 2: Joey Wiggins. Deborah Landry. Emily Lazarus, Charlie Sonnier. Ron 4: Nelte Plaurhe. Organizations . . . 305 Psi Chi Psi Chi promoted the science and study of psychology at NSU. For full membership, one must be a psychology major and have completed three or more semester hours in psychology with a 2.5 minimum grade average. All psychology minors who had completed 6 semester hours with a 2.5 average were also eligible. Hiru I Ru er Ostrem, Susan Rensberger, Buddy Valentine, Jo Ford, Mary Alice Candalaro. Row 2: Jerry Haram, Ann Peters, Zach Sanders, Doug Thompson, Dr. Brerkenridge, Vil Trent. Row 3: Dennis O ' Leary, Dr. Hall — Advisor. Jeff DeLaune, Mel Brown. Psychology Club The Psychology Club was organized to promote the science and study of psychology, particularly at NSU, to promote scholarship and, through worthwhile programs, better communication among all those disciplines under the heading of " behavioral science. " Eligible for full membership were psychology majors who had completed three or more semester hours in psychology with a 2.5 minimum grade average; all psychology minors who had completed six semester hours with a 2.5 average. Organizations . . . 307 Sociology Club The Sociology Club was organized to promote the science of Sociology, Social Work, Law Enforcement, and Rehabilita- tion by providing lectures and projects by visiting guest. For admission to the club, one must have been a Sociology, Social Work, Law Enforcement, or Rehabilitation major. Rint I Mali nlm Braudaway — Sponsor. Ka Armstrong — Vice-President, Sherry Gatlin — Secretary. John Miques — President, John McCall — Treasurer, Kim Rushing — Publicity, 1 ' • ' ■ k.- Warren, Rou 2: Mari Fain, Regina Acosta, Mac Everett, Janice La Cour. Doris Thomas, Willie Hamilton. Frankie McClendon, Lori Lee Hudson. tedo. Geological Society The Geological Society served to create interest in the field of geology through activities such as field trips and lectures. This organization ' s purpose was to exchange ideas among members, faculty and visiting scientists, and to sponsor social events. To become a member of the Geological Society one was required to be a NSU student with a sincere interest in geology. Row 1: Thomas Bearden, Waynon Temple, Peggy Vidrine, Gary Brown, Phillip Smith. Row 2: Kevin Dreher, Butch Lee, Don Webb, Wayne Searcy, David Dobbins — Ad Organi Velvet Knights Drill Team The Velvet Knights were organized to teach military bearing and leader- ship in performing military preci- sion drill. The young ladies com- peted in drill competition and parades, and upheld the standards of military tradition at NSU. Any full-time female student u itli an interest in military precision was encouraged t join the Velvel Knights. I 5SGK ithryn Ni| i . Annette Bartons, [Catherine Bigler Vm.iV Smith. SonyaS. Davison, Tricia Miller. McDonald, Wyezeta Green. Cath) Jo Rachal. H„u 3 Beverl) R. Johnson, She Demon Rifle Team fire , a rifli 7 The Demon Rifle Team was for any student who had the ability to fire a rifle accurately. The Rifle Team inducted those students who had time to spend in practice handling and shooting a rifle. Row 1: SSG Turner. Row 2: Joe Teekell, Mike Maria, Ronnie Evans, Parker Wiggins. Roiv 3: James B. Lovelady — Team Captain, James Bufkin. Tyrone Washington. Organizations . . 31 1 American Chemical Society This organization was introduced to students of Chemistrj at NSU to become better acquainted, to secure intellectual stimulation, to secure experience in preparing and presenting technical material, to foster a professional spirit among members, and to instill a professional pride in chemistry. Membership consisted of student affiliates of the American Chemical Society who received two-thirds vote of all full members of the club. H„u I R. k I) Ford, Barbara Mansha.k. Ronnie Kern, David Burroughs, Mike Mana. Peggj Gunter, Bryce Jackson. Tanya Allen. Larry Butlrr. Jim Pralle. R,m 2: Suzanni- Kan fruae, Paul Savarcae, Louiae Smith, Mike Robinson, Tina Devillier, Bill) Gernigan, Yolanda Rayford. Row 3: Dr. Guin. Randy Crcighton, Laura Rodnej Wise, Spring Cloud. Society of Physics Students The NSU Chapter of Society of Physics Students strove to promote activities for all students interested in physics, and to encourage and assist students in developing the knowledge, competence, enthusiasm, and social responsibility essential to the advancement of physics. Membership was open to anyone interested in physics. Within S.P.S., a nationally recog- nized honor society, Sigma Pi Sigma, elected members on the basis of outstanding academic achievement. Membership was limited to individuals who had completed at least one course beyond general physics, and who was in the upper one-third of their class in general scholarship. Row 1: Greg Garland, Carol Ann Henkel — President, Kara Kruse, Dusty Landry. Row 2: Dr. Robert P. Roger — Advisor, David Webber — Secretary-Treasurer, Avaine Strong, Dennis Boyd. Organizations Pre-Medical Society r ■ -::::is:;::::::X " =:: " I nter, HrM e J. , „ R „, 2 Rand, Richard. Ted Ledet Ro- 3: Spring Cloud. Fred Sullivan. Jin, Raoha. President. R m 4: Yolanda Rayford. Alpha Beta Alpha A fraternity whose purpose was to advance interest in the profession of Library Science, membership in Alpha Beta Alpha was open to any student taking Library Science courses. The organization also acted as a recruiting agency for the Library Science program. Row 1: Craig Kubic — President, Monica Watson — 1st Vice-President. Row 2: Mar man — 2nd Vice-President. Row 3: Sherry Anderson, Aliene Sessions, Dorothy Nicky - lyn McConnell — Treasurer, Stephanie Davitt — Corresponding Secretary, Annakel Boze- - Sponsor. Row 4: Kathryn McLeod, LaTerri Pearce — Reporter, Joush Banks. Organizali Association of Student Artists i . Association of Student Artists was organized to create a l «tt r awareness and knowledge of art for themselves as well as others throughout the community. Membership was open to all who showed an interest in art. ' E Uee. Gayle O ' Connor. Pam Locke. Rou 2: Cheryl Purcell. Amy Yarbrough, Paula Harper, Michael Thellen, Waller Nichols. Row 3: Janell Scroggs. Bill Br ant. Jennifer Caldwell. Kathy Grcsham. Blaine Murphy. Rivers Murphy. Adrienne Bordelon. Rou 4: Robert Rector. Randy Rector, Billy Ray Gingles Paul rl Daviwn. Fair Hyams, Ralph Cooper. Harry Hillier. Janes Pickets. Eddy Chance. Billie Nalley. r I 1 Organizations . . . 31 1 Student Nurses Association The Student Nurses Association was an organization that aided in the preparation of student nurses for the assumption of professional responsibilities. Membership was open to all nursing majors. Sam bee, Deniae Porter, Audi.- Kippels, Melanie McNamara, Marlene Motley. Ron 2 .-CloteaJ West, Susanne Pantalion, Rosemar) Davis. Nancy Curr . is, Cynthia Braaselle, Diane Sweasy, Teresa S|» r. Associate Degree Organization of Students A.D.O.S. served the interests of nursing students enrolled in the two-year Associate Degree program. Row 1: Alan Weatherford — President, Jill Clothier — Vice-President, Kim Hall, Gwen Riser — Tr Venable, Lowell Price, Fred Lord, Gwen Burton, Hu Debo, Susan Emerson. Row 2: Peggy Smith, Charlotte Reed, Evelyn Pipes. Row 3: Riley Organizations . . . 319 Student Nurses Association Student Nurses Association was an organization in which nursing tu- dents could share their views and ideas about nursing and lis future with one another. It provided a • fiance for these students to activate llicir ideas on the local, state, a nd national levels. Requirement for admission was that a student be enrolled in a nursing curriculum. Hi ' v I Bill Wilkmwn. Debbie England — Recording Secretary, Cath) Frazer — Vice-President. Kalhy Ballard — President. Bom 2: Chrissie Heider. Jarkie Lohman. Dean Gun it. Maggie Mowr. (.ay Citwiii. (.lurl.iti.- S.irp . Rou 3: Neal Jaber — Treasurer. Mrs. Bitowski — Advisor. Linda Slack. UNIVERSITY Organizations. . .321 Sigma Theta Tau Sigma Theta Tau was organized to recognize superior achievement within the nursing profession and to foster high pro- fessional standards in the nursing profession. Phyllm Graves — Counselor, Arlene Airhart — Counselor, Virginia Reynolds — Treasurer, Elizabeth Saunders — Secretary, Maxine Johnson — Vice-President, Mattie Caldwell deal Student Louisiana Teachers Association S.L.T.A. was an organization that encouraged a professional attitude on the part of the members, to acquaint them with the ethics of the teaching profession, and to promote interest in the parent organization. Louisiana Teachers ' Association. Membership was open to all stu- dents pursuing a curriculum that qualified them for a teacher ' s certifi- cate. Row 1: Karen Creel — Secretary, Chris Herring — President, Paula Wallace — Vice-President, Freddie Bolton — Treasurer. Row 2: Candi Bagley Lafleur — Reporter, Michelle Packard — Parliamentarian, Jackie Paul — Publicity. Social Chair., Shelley Organizations . . . 323 Student Council for Exceptional Children The purpose of ihi societ) was to involve students in the welfare and education of exceptional children and youth, to improve facilities for students in Special Education and to unify the department for these causes. I Combe Rou)2 Ellen Gates, Paula Wallace, Jackie Paul. Canterbury Club The Episcopal Canterbury Association was an association of Episcopal students, faculty, staff, and interested friends who met for discussion, fellowship and worship. It was through this organization that the Episcopal Church ministered to the academic community. Row 1: Nancy Eastwood, Tonia Winberly, Denise Bandy. Row 2: Michael Neklutin, James Eastwood. Organizations . . . 325 Kappa Omicron Phi kappa ( ►micron I ' hi was the national honor society for Home Economics students. The Gamma Phi Chapter of 1976-77. founded by Ms. Esther Roberson, was the founding " roup for the Northwestern State Demons. Eligibility for member- ship va- based on scholarship, leadership potential, and personality . •• Nell Reed, Frmn IU rne, Mi. belle I ' .i. I ' .u, Talunbus. Ro„ 2 Dr Mieleia, Mrv Thomas, Mr- Idcd, Mm Johnson. American Home Economics Association The American Home Economies Association was organized to promote professional spirit and cooperation, scholarship. and develop leadership. Membership was open to all students in the Home Economics department and interested stu- dents. Row 1: Hazel Johnson, Brenda Melder, Cindy Black. Nancy Chaumont, Marie Camors, Patti Talambus. Jackie Phillips. Row 2: Dr. Meleinz, Karen Weeks, Dianne White, Michelle Packard, Fran Byrne, Anita Huntington, Susanne Morgan, Trina Drake, Patricia Descant, Elizabeth Hooper, Miss Johnson, Vivian Phillips. Row 3: Julia Beeson, Mrs. Ackel. Laura Jenkins, Grace Wilson, Mary Ackel, Carolyn Evans, Susan Davis, Miss March. Organizations . . . 327 SWD-FM i KW DIM was to n i i- .1 link between NSl and ihe . it) ol Natchito hcs through the radio medium. k I) informed ii- listeners « l u hat was happening around them, on rampus and oil. .in.l acted .1- .i source ol alternative entertainment for Natchitoches and the surrounding area. Some special radio treats, such as " The Shadow ' 1 and .i treasure hunt, were verj suc- . essful in creating student interest. Beginning in L977, KNWD played the Vmerican Top " 10 " with ( asn Kasem. P ' N« " Rimbert. Dan Nancr Rm, 2 U ri Brauxis, Rand Carter. William Curry. Charles Thomas, Brad Palmer. Ron 3 Chuck Ca ' illman. Shannon Row H,.„ I Poll) Arnold. Jim Easly. DalrNielson Organizations . . . 329 Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers I • NSl Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers student branch was organized for the purpose of promoting profes- sionalism, leadership, organizational ability, and interest in the engineering profession. Membership was open to both graduate and undergraduate students who were enrolled in an engineering curriculum. George I ' r.m.-. Raymond I. Quistenten Advisor. Row 2: Wilfrid Gr.-goir.-. Rotx-rt Triehel, Jim Easlty. Gary Wordworth. I i bl im . ii n.r . pulvado, Edmund tntie. Industrial Education and Technology The Industrial Club sought to develop and activate interest among members in the industrial life and methods of pro- duction and distribution. Any student at NSU who was majoring or minoring in Industrial Arts or Industrial Arts Edu- cation was eligible for membership. Row 1: Grady Lee, Dr. Tommy Dunagan — Advisor, Steve Gibbens. Row 2: Mark Bandy, Susan Compton. Row 3: Marvin Roque, Charles Baker, David Lupton, Richard Voight. Organizations . . . 331 Iota Lambda Si igma Iota Lambda s !um.i was a national honorary fraternit) which was formed to promote the profession of industrial educa- tion through a holasti( ai hievemenl and growth. Membership a open to Industrial Arts majors who had an over-all l.o average and who dad maintained a 3.0 average in the major courses. Runcll Gilmorc W»» J Mark Warner, Richard Von NORTHWESTERN RADIO AMATEURS ' ASSN. c-o Dept. of Industrial Educ. and Tech. NORTHWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY Natchitoches, LA 71457 WB5RHX Ed Domangue, trustee - 357-6796 - Russell Hall Conf. QSO with Radio Date-Time Freq Emission. Control Op. Ur RST 73 ' s PseQSLTnx Radio Amateurs Association Northwestern Radio Amateurs Asso- ciation was affiliated with the Amer- ican Radio Relax League, Inc. Its purpose was to promote amateur radio on campus, provide educa- tional opportunities in electronics, and to perform public services via the radio medium. Row 1. Mark Warner — Treasurer. Row 2: George Pralte. Riek Bergeron — WB5QZV — President, Cecil Hauser — WB.iOtt k. Re Ed Domangue — Sponsor — K5FMM. Row 4: Richard Calvert. Gerald Krause — WB5TPR — Vice-President, Charley, Etheridee. dI.afille.RieU Wile . Dan O ' Lears Organ,. Black Knights Drill Team The Bla k Knights Drill Timid was a pari ol the Reserve Officers Training Corps. This precision marching team was organized i | r ide leadership and training, and to foster the development of discipline. To ! • eligible for membership, a studenl musl have Inch ,i member ol NSl -H T .. In Memoriam . Miss Julianne Lightfoot, a 2-2 Psychology major from Mansfield died on October 26, 1976. Julie, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Light- foot, was born on June 22, 1957, and was graduated from Logansport High School in 1975. While attending Northwestern State University, Miss Lightfoot was assistant editor to a university publication, Argus, in which she wrote the following poem: RESURRECTION I remember when we would spend our n On fjas for trips on April Sundays, And these times were simple and right. For I recall the vivid scenes and sights Of flowers peeking out and in And birds singing as if they ' d been Inspired b) a waking land. And we would stand Gazing on its beauty. But now, I must attend my duties. And the essence of such times Fade with each sunset and sunrise Until the past is but one picture — Producing a far more complex nature That Life, our friend, will honor when we di Acknowledgements - a B isini !SS I ' .lllH .itHUI major . 1 have earned thai il c major g alof ducatu ii is change .This is ul the L976-77 Potpourri staff and 1 Ik - tried to accomplish ii this yearboi k. We hop • you as . Ml iwes tern State Univers it students agree with thes« changes. Tl ank you staff, for the long h ours spe ul working in Room 227, Arts and So ences, and on our own to h l| make possible these ihanges. Now we mus t all mow on to make the changes that arc IK • ssarj toll elp better oui unive rsit an the world in which wo Patsj L. ive. Black 1976-77 Potpourri Ed tor The 1976-77 Potpourri staff would like to offer special acknowledgements to the fol- lowing persons for their greatlj appreciated assistance throughout tli« ' year: Mi. Ezra Vdams Mr. Dan McDonald Mr.Jern Pierce V-P Richard Galloway Taj lor Publishing Company As t has b ■on said, " pi ' hires make a yearbook " and with the help of John Haag and tht • various members of h is photography staff, t .e 1976- 77 Potpourri staff has used these pictures to their fi llest degree. Another person that greatly assisted the Pot- pourri through the use of his photographic ability is Dr. Tommy Johnson. To both Dr. Johns n and the photograph) lab — " Than ou. " K.-im.-lh W.: 14] aroii. Slan Rav AbeL«. Debbie L.: 80 M,,k Lynda Lou Weeks: f Abraham. RaMii.ui.l Lester Alwhire. Kalh Maric:80. •M.shirc. M.irv V .8(1 IK-; 80. 248. 249 . Charles W. . Donna Lore .Edward Del ID.M ,lam-. San.lrca 1.. Fv.rel Warns. Sieve A.: 155 Mams. Tina: 80 Wain . Vieki: 153 I.-.m-1 linmiv Frank Addison. Benin Douglas ■ ilerhold. Kathleen: 80 Adger. Bill: 80. 106 Adger. James Herndonjr Adkins. Kayron ■ (lkin . Thoma JrflVn Woue. Donald J. Mrlkcr. Gay le Mario Ulrhrmm. Annette R. Akin. James B.: 80. 110 Akin. Rosanne :80. Allen. Fran,.-; 115 Allen. Martha Jane: 80. 153 Allen. Unci lift Ml™. Man, Geneva Ulrn. Rhonda Sue Locke: 71 Allen. Rodney Wayne — 80 Allen. Tama R.: 80. 173.175 rVltf. Unik Tallinn Mlhrillon. Nathan Anders. Elizabeth ( ' .ami Anderson. Derek; 80 Anderson. Harold Glenn .Nancy Phipps . Ri, hard Derek: 252 .Sherry Lvnn:80.112. Aiulres. Karen Sue Andrew. Brenda K. tydrcws. Elizabeth Ar Miiln-vvs. Valerie Jul ar Amine-. Jo Anne: 71 Andries, Louis L. indries. William Haro Angers. Man Calhenn Anglin. Bob Terrell: 1 ! Anlee. Cindi M. Anlee. Dorothy FayeP Ardoin, Curlis James; 237 Argucta, Roberto Emilia; 80 Armstrong, Fay C; 71 Armstrong. Susan Lee; 71 Armstrong. Willie R.; 80 Arnold. Carolyn Lynn Arnold. Dolly; 80 Arnold. Elizabeth Darlene Arnold, Freda Elaine Arnold, Jeanne Lee Coker; 71 Arnold. Julia Arnold. Shern; 71 Asherafl. Harold G.; 1 15 Ashley, Evelyn Denise; 80 Ashton. Betty Rulh Ashton, Lucy M. Ashlon. Martha Marie Assavasopee, Damning Ales. Peggi Sue; 250.251 Allaway. Del.ra Ann Hudson Allawai. Patricia Megan Moreli Austin, Alice Evelyn Carroll; 71 Austin, Jack ' ; 80 Averelt, Kim Delay no Aviles.JulitaC.Cru : 80 Ayers. Norila Ann Millal; 71 Avrcs. Keith Azlin, Janet L. Babe. •k.Ch ryl Ann: 80 Han, 1 Michael; 7 Ba ka Pin II v love: 80 Badgl v.Lar v Dale Baer. •■Mill Elizabeth: 8 Bagle .Can. re; 137 Bagwi 11. Pat ela Anne Bagw. II. Rie ar.l W. Baham. Rh,. .la i 153 Bailey El iza .111 Mm: 80 Bailey Fra i i III Bailcv C.Vi Bailey Guvi ' II Bailey Jos ' ei , Coin nil, ii Bake . Ml.erl J Bake . Charles Bake .Charles Bake . Dehra R Bake .John D. Bake . Karen 1 Bake . Martha Baldwin. 111. -.Ira: 80 Balint. Mildred Agnes: 71 Ball. Charles Mr( own Ball. Wanda M Kutsavage: Ballard. Buteh: 209. 214 Ballard. Gary Bernard Ballard. Kal In: 71 Ballard. Wanda Sue, I. Clark; Bamberg! Judith Marilinu ■Bamberg, Robert Earl jr. Banann.i. Joseph Milhonv: nks. Mil Barberousse, Douglas Eugene Bardin. Kenneth Dwayne: 155 Barker. Rosemary Kirk Barker. Sammie Jo Digilormo Barker. Susan R. Barnett, Burgess Oliver: 137 Barnickle. Ri k:106 Barnidge, Carol: 155 Barnum. Bc rly Fay; 80 Barnum. Dia c Louise: 80 Barnwell. Lo raine l . 80 Ban, n in-. Lai rail. 155 Barr. Cauda, L. Barrett. Civ, 1 Lee Ir. Barrier. John lav: 240. 241 Barnos. Mid aei Vincent: 80 Barron. Letnla G. Barrons. M„ •lie C Barlek. Man I. w,. 167. 168. 187.23ft 153 Bartlell. Han ej Deuanc Barton. Kan i V.80 Barton. Mark Wavne: 155 as Gerard: 80, 1 k ' i Bj-. „. Sham Fran, i - Poissol Baseo. Smith Sharon Elizabeth Basel. Ug.-n iia M Bass. Able, D,an„e;80 Bass. II. Reginald Ira Basl, lo. F.I ine Marie; 80 Baler nan. Jj n Barbara; 80 Bate- Ann. Elizabeth; 151 Bates Ill,,- Mane Pierce Bates Marl iaC.;80 Batis e. Lav. renee Jr.: 70 Bait. ii, Bar ara.80. 149, 151 Ball. n. Be. ty A.; 80 Battl l.De orah Ann Baun pari ii r, Kay Hall; 106, 115 Bail. r. Del in S.; 80 Beahl.n.T, ia Marie; 80 Beal. M.,,1, ,.■ Louise Beal. Sherr Marie; 80 Bear en.T onus; 80 Bear en. W tyland Bradley; 71 Beas iy, Allen Eugene Beas ■y.Ch dries; 80. 1 10 Berk, Carol J. Beek, Carolyn; 80 B, Ik. Peggy Jean Camp B.-.son. Julia Ann; 71, 188. 151 Behan, Evelyn Ruth Lord; 71 Belezaire, Mary K.; 80 Belk, Peggy; 80 Bell. Daniel Duncan Jr.; 217. 218, 22] 225 Bell. Lv nda Carol Bell.ShirlaRamona Bell, William Eugene Jr.; 71 Bell. il, Pamela Gail; 80 Bellzaire, Warren Anthony; 80 Below, Carol Ann; 80 Bell in, HallieUne;80 Benge. Mark Brantlei; 80 Bengslon, Sharon Diane; 71 Benjamin, Linda Joyce: 80 Bennett. Charles H.; 157 Bennett, Connie; 80 Bennett, Deborah Ann Gallien; 71 Bennett, Lee Martin Bennett. Rhonda Lee; 80. 255. 151 Bennett, Sally; 116 Bennett. Steven Patrick; 80 Benson. Mane F. ; 81 Benson, lngrid; 116 Beret. Connie; 116 Bergeron. David Wayne Bergeron, James P.; 143 Bergeron. Ricky D.; 155 Berlin, Mane Elizabeth; 81, 110 Bernard. Don Starling Berry. Anna Kaye; 81, 108 Berry, Caroline Cloudt Bern, Richard Warren; 141 Bern, Theodora Elaine Berry man. John Mark; 72 Berlheanil. Roxanne Hand) Berlhelol. Charles Aulden Jr. Berlhelol. Chuck; 81 Berthold. Craig Juile Bertram!. Bert; 81 Berlrand, Clarence John Jr. Berlrand, David Leo III Berlrand. Marlenc Louise; 81 Beshires. Charlotte E. Beverley, Willannc Yvonne; 81. 115 Bice,ClelaComiel;81.137 Biee. Robert Bickham, Bruce Kevin; 214 Bierden. Janet C. Priest Bigler. Katherine Matilda Billard. Ellen Marie; 81 .Rho •Lyon Bird. Dcrwin Scot; 81 Birdwell. James Charlie Birdwell. Naomi Rcnea: 81 Birkhead, Glenda; 81 Bison. Ronald Lane Bissell, Mary E. Terracina Bivens. Urn; 81 Black. Cynthia Gail: 81 Rial,,, k. Fran, ,s Michael; 81 Blanchard. Claudia A.; 81. 151 Blankenship, Mark Gregory Bla.iln-s. lac Ann; 187. 137. 1.39 Blcvins. AlelaMier Blocker, Howard Julian Blocker. Kim; 81 Blow. Dess,cL;81 Blue, l.orelljY Blume.CharleneKay:153 Blunt. Canfield Boatman, Terry Dean Boalman. Velma L. Walker B„l.„, I.,s.i;81 Bo.l.lic Dan B. Boddie. Darlene Marie; 72 BihI.Ih ' . Tamela Denisr Bodin. Barbara Ellen; 72 Bogan,Juanila;81,132 Boggs. Sammy Kelly: 143 Bidden. Ann l.Tlirisl„ll. 7: Bolden. Tern Bolcy.LorieR. It„lt„, II, I, „ k •d.lic Mac Martin Bolton. Jesse A Bolton, Rebecca G.; 81 Bond. David K. 81 Bond. Donna I. ; 81, 110, 116 Bond, John Perry; 81 Bond. Velda Danelle; 72 Bonin. Do; 232 Bonm, Louise Ann; 189. 229. 235 Bonin. Wanda Mario Bonner, Windell R.; 81. 240. 242. 253 Bonnelte. Allen R.: 214. 143 Bonnelle. Andre Paul Bonnette, Landry Paul; 81, 155 Bonnelle. Paula Maurine Bonnetle. Timothy L.; 81 Boogacrls. F. Rodgers Boogaerts. Michael Rae; 214 Book, Gary F; 81 Booker. Carroll Jean; 81 Booker. Nancy C; 81 Booker, Stacey; 81 Booker. Stephen Page Bourgeois. Thomas D. Boozman, John Carroll Bordelon. Abigail; 81 Bordelon, Adrienne Michelle; 81 Bordelon, Celeste Catherine: 72 Bordelon, Douglas Eugene Bordelon. Fabian Elton Bordelon, Gregory Anthony Bordelon. Marv Frances; 153 Bordelon. Phil Kenneth Bordelon, R. Mark Bordelon, Shane Hayden Bordelon, Sharon Ann: 81 Bordelon, Terri Linn; 72 Bordelon. Terri; 81 Bordelon. Vicki Gayle Borrero, Ellielle;8i Bose, Debbi Bossier. William Mick; 72, 264. 141 Bosli.k. David Wayne Bosii.k. Kaihv L.; 153 Boswell, John Robert; 81, 115. 117 Boswcll, Kathleen,; 81 Buudrcaux. Karen E.: 81 B„,i ,,. Robert; 81 Bounds, Myron Douglas Bounds. Phyllis; 81 Bourgeois. Glenn Ford; 72. 141 Bowers ' . VersiaE.; 81 Bowie, James; 81, 110, 135 Bowie. Uura Mae: 72 Bowie. YolandaM. Box. Sally Ann Boy, I. Dennis Boyd. Joseph Conklin Jr.; 82 Boyct. Kevin Craig; 82 Bovcll. DonmcLvnn Boy kin, Craig Edwin Boylston. Liz, 82 Boylston, Mary E. Boytcr.Merte Karen Boiler. Patricia Loins, Krousc Bozcman, Annabel Bertie; 82 ccv. Bra.lcn. Rhonda Merl Davis; 72 Braden. Tommy Rav:214 Bradford. Majesta Rene; 82 Bradford. Margaret Ann Bradley. Marlenc Bradley. Nannie Jo; 82 Bradley. Robert G.; 82, 141 Bradley. Susan; 82 Bradley, Thurman; 82 Brady, Dillon Rudolph Jr.; 141 Brainis.Sara Ann Branch. Harry V.; 82 Branch, James Michael,, I Earl Brazze), Timothy Roycc Brazzell, Ronald Michael Breaux, Evelyn Gail Breaux, Linda II Breazeale. Julie: 82. 151 Breazeale, Lisa E.; 153, 173, 176. 236. 244. 247 Breed. Carol Renee Br.cll.ive. John D. Brecllovc Favc; 153 Breedlbve, Mary Alice; 82 Breland, John Curtis; 143 Brew, Josephine Vcrncll; 82 Brew. Inez Sewell: 82 Brew. Irene; 82 Brew. Peggy Ann Brewer, Lisa Elizabeth; 229. 2.30. 235 Bret lames Michael Brewton.TedDelaney Brewton, Vicki Sharron Dunn Bridgeman. Richard H.; 143 Bridges, Mona B. Chambcrlin Bnggs. Jennifer M. Brightwcll. MarkS. Brignac, Karen Ann; 82 Briley. George Raborn Brimer. Sandra R.; 82 Brinson, William Douglas Briseo. Karen Denis.-. 82 Brislrr. Dawna S. Brister. John Franklin; 82 Blister, Robert Elton; 82 Brill, Leslie Ann Britlain. Charles Roy; 141 Britlain. Jack Oliver Jr.: 82. 214. 143 Brock. Mabel Katherine Broderick, Karen Anne Brodermann. Maria Cristina Br,,,,kiiig, Gregory Cecil Brooks. Gwendolyn C; 82 Brooks. Kalhy Ann Kir.lcmt.ill Brooks, Thomas A.; 82 Brooks, Zack R. Jr. Broom. Carl Edward; 214, Belli Yvonne; 72 Brossell.JohnL. Brossell. Lawrence Dwayne; 82 Brossetl,SoniaM.;82 Brosselte, Barbara L. Levasseur Brouillelle, Barbara A.; 82 Brouilletle. Debra M.; 72 Brouillelle, Emily Kay Brouillelle. Luke E. Broussard. Carol Paul Broussard. James George Broussard, Kevin Dav id; 82. 1 10 Brown. Anita T. Brown. Brenda Joann; 82 Brown. Cheryl Denise; 82 Brown. Cindy Jean; 82 Brown, Cynthia Jane Brown. Deborah Kay; 72 Brown, Desiree Norma; 82, 138 , F.tliel Ma, .C.ail Man ;254 Brown, Jane; 82 Brown. Julia Ann Brown. Kevin Dale Brown. Mellon Leona Brown. Micheal Char Brown. Rebecra Ann Brown. Rickey D: 20 Brue • Orion: 82. 157 Bruce, Kim Alicia Bruce, Norma Lee Griffey Bruil.RonnieJ.;82, 141 Brumley. Donna Lynn: 82. 262. 151 Brumlev.Paul Darry! Bruning, Janvce Lvnnetlc Brunson. Dav id Mark; 82 Brunslon. Russell G; 82 Bruza, Johnny Dennis lirv, Will., 133 Buekabee. Gilbert Waller Buckhanan. Vickie Jean; 82 Biilkin. James Edward: 72 Biifkin. Ravbiirn Armstrong Jr.: Bullard, Nenth M.; 82 Bullock. Leslie Adene Buhner. Susan K : 82. 137 Bumgardner, Donna R.: 82 Biiingar.lner. Ricky Glenn Bunker. Delia Marv Friday; 72 Buranasing, Vtj, liar,-, Burch. Helen Penny: 137 Bureau. Barhara A.; 82 Burge. Kalhrvn Ann F.rne-t Burgoyne. Barhara Ann Womacl Burk. Charles Wesley Jr. Burkhaltcr. Alton C.: 82. 143 Burk-. Dehra Favc Burks. Mitchell L.; 82 337 - rillll IVrth.R .83 ...1. ur.Mi.ilaM.I.,. HI 254 IVes. Linda Denise;84. 113 1 taW 83 Cok. Ml..,rl.j,ne..83 ... k Nora Dee . Nancy Iv. ' ...ihia 1) Coh, Br.rrl) Ann Rinrh.rt perl. Karrn 1 Dees. William Edward 1 artr. ! ' | CokBryul reightonj l.n-. Ill Dees. William Raymond; 110. 155 I.,,., Don,,. -or Bagwell t .lr. J.mir Hailir ■ Randall; 73 Deeying. Kanla Ransibrahmanakul; 84 1 arte. Jrrn lasr. 83 kimE. 81.153 Waym Deeying, Prayons; 70 ' M.,.1, .81.117. 157 m Ms Dejean. Julie Benedl. 1.84 ifest, 73 t.ilr.T., Il-W.ll. (Ul.J,,,, Deki . .r.JulieA. Carter R, la.ll.eld. l- dia. 108 n.wrll. kathrvn Eilrrtl IVIa.erda. Fran. -Nell (.allien; 73 .i.iD.,.,1 1 ..Ir.iuii. lodjj Ral .1.1. ... I.I.I. 1) Delaney. Ladonn. Kaye (artrr. William Waller Jr ( ilrman. IVbra K mi..,, Milt, .i, l(. !-,,,. 84 IVIalin. Lane Blair; 84 rV.r! «.„„, r Ik,... v a 229.233 (j.lrman. K.lhrnnr larrnine; 73 Delaune. Jeanine Amy: 84 Ui Belinda ( Kirk « 81 ,..k.ri. Donna (.,,..1 l..,..,,l Delaune. Jeffrey; 73. 190 fknu. loan ■ l...nrl.83 (ailem.n. M. Inula Si elle. 83 1 nii.Kl Delay, Li.. A; 84 ' ■ la.k.r.H.tahrlhM ( j|em.n. NrldaFa.r.83 roolu 1D.8I Delery.P,-ggv.7.1 lUraKav Durham O.lrman. a.r,,la. 83 roab) - .rtl. 1.17 Dellucky. Julie Ann; 84 il m la-.n 1 MlT) Melmda nm. Barbara knn:84 Delp. Nan. .7(1 rlvo-h M.rl..M.r IVrgandr (a-.n. Julie A 81 Collier. Deborah Ann Bn«.k. i In Wayru. 116 Delphin, Mark Anthony; 84 ,.►. 1-rr, M I j .n Rnls-rt h.rlrs. 83 Collin.. Addle Rulh; 83 bbi, 1 ...ii .71 Is I,,. K ,1b , Suzanne: 84 Bo !. M.n . I an • Khunda Juanita Campbell Collin.. Brend j row. II. K.IK .BI Ru i -smb..,.. 82. us (alhr,. J., Mm (...llinv Dannie Warren , . Kathrvn I.miii.KI I ment. Wanda Gail •: M Bullrr. Rnan M . ..,!,., M,„lr Palm ,..83. 137 Collin.. Drborah D ianr Gomel] rump. Helen Rulh; 84. 173, 178. 1 12 Demery. Jacqueline Lavera; 84 h ,ile, 1..., I....IU II " . Ilfl IV. ( alru. " . n. 1 lb Collin.. Cry C; 237. 155 rump. Ten Demon!. Dorolhy Ann Chason Bullet. Kenneth R (aught. Ruth. 116 Collin.. HueyOararJr. .runiph.n. Jam.- I.lovd. 14] IVmopulo.. Harriel Holler. Urn D 1 H laugh,. Wallrr. 116 Collin.. John Edw.rd j-umpton 1 Denham. Cheryl Denise Roller Uurwjrnr. ISI (a..--.. Brenda Gail. 81. 173. 177 Collin.. Ltaw 83 nil-Mil K ;84, 11. ' , Dcnmon. Melba J Rigdon RsilH-r la-tha Mk lause,. Liuisc Shaw. 83 Collin.. Palm k[). 214 1 Dennis. Edith Ruth: 84. 1 13. 263 M«.Owl hi (a.anaugh. Brenda G. 83 ( ,ll,n.. Pat.y Y»onne;83. 137 r.Rhi Den,.. James Sylva: 237. 155 Bullrr. Stash) Bradford 1 ..I.e. II. in, H... Collin.. Rov. Mar. 73 Dron. Willie Elmer Jr.; 155 Bulle, .W (.nl.n. Terr, Nell Slcadman Collin.. Shrrian Drlyar • Ith) -„, r 1.81 Dcpohllc. Jeanine D.; 84 Bo.U-r. Virginia. 72. MS Joseph Edwin Collin.. Wendell Fraaer Jr.; 83 unniruth.m. Beverly Coa Deramus. Monte Alan: 84 Bu.i..n. iwi. s M 1.1 1 hahm. J.wr M.nurl Colquitt. Susan Elizabeth aipil.Am Danellr;84. 137 Derbonne. Arthur Emmet Jr.: 84 Buunu. Ro„.ld . KM Dumbrriin. Lorn. Li 83 Colwn, ' .,.. ' ..., Paul; 145 urn Nann K Dernck. Palsy F. Wis, 84 R.n.w. lilliam Br. in. 7] Chamhlrt.DchraSur Collharp. l.mda.83 um Martha lane: 73 Deny. Annie C; 84 B.i.»m.lii U Tr.ll. 83 Chamblcy. Robert Lynn Colvin. Sunley Carroll urn William David: 73. K B Desantis. Derna Jay e; 73 H,r.m. DrbraL.83 Champagne. C. nthia Rcncttc Compton, Susan Jane; 70 lurry. William Emi 1 Jr.: 73. 189 IVs, ant. Patricia A. B.r.m I ' ll-.. uD. 1S7 Champagne. Michclc Ri. hard: 151 Conanl. Christopher Edward. 83 1 .1. " , IVsormeaux. Tammy M.; 84 B.rrl. ,ul ,,lu ■ s.myj.:73 Conant. Elis. A.; 135 ni Elizabeth: 73 Devillier.JuaniuR.;84 Mrlon.c Janr. 8.1 ( hamnmn. Rn»lncv Waldcn Conant. Kenneth J. 83. 135 „.!,. .11,,,,, Drvillirr. Regina Louise; 73 H.rnr Fen. - Mai, Ida. 72. 189 ... Brrnl Allen; 83 Conanl. Maria Elizabeth; 132 Deweese, Br.dgel Annelle;73 B.rnc. Jan-, r HI i bum Eddy J.; IIS Condalary. Palri. ia Ann Dewelt, Laura A. Lynn Mil key Trurtl l .iii.I. . India Maria Broussard D Dewill. Robin Jeanelle: 73 Chan. r. Kayr Rrnrr Congemi. Wilma Joyr Brirker Dick. Austin la-hman c Her, Brian Dimitla. Conlay. Gary L Dick. Randall Wayne Charprntifr, Chad Anthony Conley, Betlie Crare; 73 Digilormo. Peter Joseph Charprntirr. Dona Manr; 151 Connelly. John Henry; 83 D ' Angelo. Palruia Rose; 73. 151 Digiulian. Colleen: 116 nth,. Ann; 73 Conner, Carol Ann Uredenburij DAvy. Jeanne C; 84 Digiulian. Roger: 116 fUji IT— | iTHst-n TT ITi Chalrlain. Krvin Charlra Cook. Cynthia L.;83 Dabon. Jerone Joseph; 84 Digrazia. Christopher Michael; 240. 241 (ain.Timolh. » ; 1SS i I,, o.l..,,. R„l»rl Waynr: 110 Cook. Darlinda Gay; 83. 1 12 Daiy.JanE.;84 Digrazia. Ern, Ruggero: 84 frfll ill, A«n-H Chaumont. Nan. y Drnisr; 137 Cook. Donna; 110 Dale. Mary C. MrCullough; 73 Dillingham. Barlara J ; 84. 1 12. 137 rriiimi inrfii i l li.ii. in. Robrrt Frank; 83 Cook, Eunu-e; 83. 115 Dallon. Paula Dianne; 84 Dillman. Wayne Albert Jr. (aid. ell, Pamela Rae Thomw J. Cook.Crady;83 Damico. Darl.»nAnm-lte;151 Dinkins. Linda Slnngfellow fiM»il.P»l Chralham.Lor.Adrlr;115. 137 Cook. John Christopher Dd.nKi-rfi.-lil. M i,t.i 1. j, li Dison, Debra Irene S|M-arman; 84 UUlwell. Ruth. 116 Chrfh.r. l.ind.Jr.n Cook, Mary; 84, 115 Daniel. Brenda tales Dixon. Eugene rmma Hiiiii twin Chrncvrrt. Cynthia Ann; 83 Cook. Zelda DoniLa V. Daniel. Deborah " Cay; 84 Dixon. George W.: 84. 135 Calhoun. Donald Trot OMMTCrt. Dorothy; 115 Cooke. Joseph Anthony; 73 Daniels. Cassandra Diane: 84 Dixon. Odis Earl; 141 Calhoun. Jarne-. Earl Chrnr.rrt. Manr Mr-nrirttr Cooley. Gary W Danicla. I), -rr.-ll D -an; 145 Dixson. Joan rir in .in tin hi Chrnrvrrt.Ncll.r;115. 117 Cooley, Harold Louis Daniels. Judy L. Lebrum Dobbins. Heidi J; 85. 137 jlK.Kin.ljnd.Jur--. 72 Chrramic. Colrtlr Marie Cooley, Leroy Dean Daniels. Patricia D-nes.-: 84 Dobbins. Kalhrrinr Angela Uhw VOta Kwta Chrrr .Willi.mT.nnrrlll Cooley. Mirhael Claude Danieb, Vila Marie; 84 Dobson. Gina Amelia Calkin.. Paula Karrn Chrurur.TakUk Cooley. Pamela J.; 84 Darcey.Jud) Ann; 84. 59 Dobson. Anthony Martha L. ( alien.. ( h,,.|,nc 72. 108. 255 aniffier. Glynn Dirid; 73 Coon. Donald W; 1 16 Darnell. Barbara Sue Walden Doherty. Shawn Paul; 85 TlilTii fliiiHTtaJi |i Chew. Sandr. Cale Coon. John Smy lie Jr.; 110 Dasko. Janet Mane; 84. 151 Doherty.Virki Irene; 85 " iTi in T p " in Chnola. Monty Vinrrnl; 83. 143 Cooper. Alvin Lewis Daughtry. Paul Joseph Dolph. Geneva Mae; 85 tall.. oattc. Owen 1 Childrra. Ben Edward; 141 Cooper. Joe; 1 16 Davenport, L -ba Denis.-; 73. 151 Domingue. Sheila Ann (all...., Fhaahrih F.,c Childrn .ThomwW.;141 Cooper, Mirhael Wayne Davidson. Carla Ann Cunningham Is ,-. John I.e. Mil. IK, Calvert, land. Gail Ra on Chin, r, „., )• ,-, 83 Cooper, Ralph G. Davidson. Mary; 84 Doran, Susan Therese UlM. R rh.rd D . 83 Ch,lm.n.S„-,. Mm Cooper. Randall Lowell Davidson. Mona; 255 Dore, Cheryl Ann; 254 l..mhrrH„;83 ' In . mih. Imi.. Marie Cooper. Sharon Ann Davis. Anita Lynn Doren. Mirhael Allen; 85 ( amrriu. Ronald S.dnry. 83. 155 Choplin. Donn. Corbin. Marline M. Davis. Carolyn Ann Dorsey. Curtis Palnck; 214. 239 ljmr.™.R, nl)i,«l ChnMina. Diane; 83 Corbitt. Linda Gay; 84 Davis. Clarence Clinton: 73. 143 Doly. Mary Elaine Camor . L.rrainr Margaret Chri.topher. Ri. ky Louia; 83. 244. 245 Corlrv . Frances; 84 Davis. DrhraRavna; 84 Doucet. Mary Ann Roe (am,»..M.r,. 1 HI Chun . Chen Hu.; 70 Corlo.MarthaA.;84 Davia, [Vnnis; 84 Douccl. Michael Keith Campbell. UUI.nnr.81 Churrhm.n. Lim B.; 83 Corley, Mary E. Davis. Dorolhy M Denise: 73 Doucet. Tommy R. Campbell. Ruth Ann Chun hman. Windifred Ellis; 83 Coriry, Roller! Thomas Davis. Falna Mane; 7.1.84. 153 Dougel. Barbara. 8 r ) 1 ampcauv Krnrwlh J.rnr. Cxardo. Anna Marie Corley, Troy; 84. 1 10. 1 16 Dav,s.EmmaY.;84 Douget. Claudia Loin. Lvons (ji..l,l..„i. Mar. M. r Crero. Frank Jame. Jr ; 238, 143 Corley, Vickie Kay; 84, 110, 116 Davis. Evelyn Lee M.Manus; 73 Dougel. Palnck Wayne; 207. 214 jnrrd.v. Krnnrth Ray Clad»rll.SuMn;73 Cormier. Margaret Alice; 84 Davis. (.1. Fay; 84 Douglas. Lisa Alane; 73 Cnbcld. Jennifer Jcnk.n. Claiborne. Claaaie Ann; 83 Corey. William Edward; 84. 141 Davis. Joseph Lee: 108 Dove. Tern Renee Cta Mritaa Ann. 81. ISI Claiborne. Fiona D.; 83 Cortello. Glenn; 84. 253 Djvi-. J. me Gail; 84 Dowdell.AimeeC.;85. 137 ( anizar-i. Sandra Kay Rrcdcr. 71 Clapp. Jane Ellen De«.ll; 83 Coryell. Donald Davis. L -onard H Dowden. Brenda R. Carter (jjnnon. ( Jlh. Rebecca. 70 Clark. Barbara L throne; 73 Deborah Sue; 137 Davia. Lealer Eug.-ne. 217. 218, 225 Dowden. Charles Wingale; 141 la»i»«. lynmc Janrlle. 83 Clark. Betly Sue Henry; 83 Collon. Jel(; 73 Davis. Linda Sue Bowie Dowell. Brenda C.Odell fannon. Rrbr, , a D II " . (lark. Homer T; 240. 242. 253 Cotton. Joseph Lynn; 70. 1 17 Davis. Margaret Ellen Downing. Virki Kay 1 at»rv R..U,ve Jran Clark. Kenneth Wayne; 83 l ,,M , nl, mi Bernadine; 84 Davis. Margaret Mary Downs. Clyde Dewayne (aple. . Rrbr... D. 83. 114 Hark. Sanh France.; 83 Cottrell. Mark D.; 143 Davia, Mar) Ann; 84 Downs. Tern Wavne: 190, 143 larl.. VUkk II Cl.rk. Shirle, Mae. 7.1 Courtney. Janan Maiga; 254 Davis. Pamela A.: 84 Doyal. Jo " ar,lrna.»I.MMana larkr. Cndy A.; 83 Coulee. Beulah Mae Rogers; 73 Davis. Randy G. Dovle. Deborah Ann lanrrr. Andrea 71 Clan. John Joaeph ' .,,1.. Brtrrlcy Ann; 84 Davis. Rosemary L. Doyle. Randy Lynn: 85. 149 Patrick Vlliam. 7.1 CUy. Dnrelh. M.rion; 83 Coulee, Deborah Lynn; 1.12 D3V1.. Susan Renee Drake. Tnna Lynn; 85. 137 rilMlltalll at CUylon.Ke,lhA.2l. Coulee, Florece Lamerila Davis. T,m Darnel; 143 Draper. Joseph D. Carnahan. tjwren. r M Clement. Eddy Magee; 1 10. 1 16 Couvillon. Louise Margaret B. Davis. Vanessa D.: 84. 137 Draw horn. Beatrice Casson; 85 (arn.h.n su.anna Darlr nc. 83 Clement. Haael Ixiuetle Baxley Cot. Anna K. Da,,.. William Randall Dreher. Mark Kevin; 73 jjrn (alhcrirlr lanjiv. 83. 149 Clement . Tom E. Co.. Cynthia Ann Godare; 73 Davison. Mark Steven Dicker, Murphy Andrew III (arise.. Jc-rlrw.n 1 le.el.nd. Jame. Edward Coa. Daniel William; 84 Davison, S,.n,.i Sheils Dreher. Nancy Carol Nipper (.roes. « nhl.„,l " I ' 1. II, .i.l. Amir. 83 Coa. David Row Dav ill. Stephanie Josephine; 84 Dnskcll. Janice Kay; 85 (arnhnr. Jeans- Kar 1 bin in. Man 117 Coa. Drborah K . 84 Davison, Denise E Wooton Dubois. R,.ardoS.;85 ik„i. lift in. 1 loom .. KalhrynCail Coa. Dianne Davnyan, Dun.- K.n Dubois. Sieve B Ih.n- Ilaml... 71 QoMt Martin L Cox. Kenny; 84 Dawson, Mona G.- Dubose. Neil Edward Jr. . ■ llr,,,- «.h,le. 71 1 JilIK Coa. Larn Dale Dawson. Scolty: 102. 115.236 Dudley. Gregory 1 ,■„. 85. 135 ratine K Cloud. Da. id Cm M.-I Art; 84 Day. Karen E.: 84 Duggan. Moll. Anne -i» Dale I loud. John Edward. 70 Cox, Tommy W. Day, Rick . HI Duggan. Ted E.; 85 ■■ Is.nnetlr ' 1 1. I.nda Ire. 73 Cm V,.kiL.;73 Day. Sandra; 84 Duke. Mike W; 85. 155 .- » i.i.le I I. Sofinj: 73. 189 Cozby.Ch.rle Lynn Delaune. Jeff S...11 Dukes. Adrian Lionell: 85 -„,,.h,ne. 137. 155 Coaby. Dale De Pohlte. Hilda J Dawson Dnk—. Annette ' Vnrel, MoahjH Rrnee; 83 LeOhMnl Hal [Val. Catherine B Dumars, Monica Renee Ray mo i . .I.iii, Br,«.k. i . .li. Ann; 84 Dean. Carolyn; 84 Dumars. Paul Eric ' ..... .nthia J. 81 (rain. Michael Laton DetllS, Charles E. Dunbar. Donald Hayes; 214 I .. k. rham. Jamr» M .81. 110 Cramer. Babctte Renay. 250. 251 D.I.I1. .... . Janice Annr Dunbar. John P.; 110.214 ' .-kl.rbl Ch.rle.Fel,, Crane. Steven M.rlin Debbeux. Jam- M Dunbar. Oddis Lre; 1 16 l..l(r . Jame.1) Crawford. Da. id Allen Del-,. Huls-rt Frank Dunbar. William S: 85 ■ii.l.a.l. 81 Crawford. Elaine Aln.e. 7.1 IV, am,,,... Jo..-. HI. 2VB. 219 Dunc.n. Larry D ; 85. 240 l ..hen. Itarlura Annr Crawford. Elaine. 84 Dedeghi, a-. Anthony Duncan. Richard Joseph; 85 (a,,lr. Darla Mane Crawford. James Way nr Deere. Terrie Arlene; 84 Dunnavant. Dale Alan: 217 Duplcehain.Clevc I I, Dupont. Bruce Joseph Duponl. Lonnie James: 73 Duponl. Pern Philip Dupre. Phillip I rcc, Doncllc: IS] Dupre, . Jcannie Marie Durbin. Mar. us Lvnn Durham. James Lindscy Durham. Kathy Darlene VI Durio. R„ hard Keith Durr. Robison Deborah Ka I ,lh. I lu Fang,,,. Linda: 85 Farley. Carson Debra Ann Farly. Richard M. Farmcr.Johnny K. Farmer. Pain, , a Lane Smith Fair. Blake Wayne Faueett. Susan Guillory Faulkinberry. Charles A.;85.2 Fay.ScroncDelann 85. 110. 1 Fletcher. Ceeil Marvin Fcderick. Barbara Lynn; 73 F.-hl. Mark Louie; 143 Feilden. Anne Elizabeth: 73 Fclton, Kun Michael: 238 Fenceroy. John Walker Jr.; 73 Freeman. Karen Dcnise: 86 Freeman. Sue Marie Flicker. Shona: 86 Frieker. Stephen Gill: 74. 248. 249 Fridav. Michael W. Fricsc.Kathv Marie Rooker: 74 ulghum. Daniel Go Full, . Marshi Full, r. Marvin FllllC i Nolan Full, i.SamB Funs Siu Man Goings. Ginger CPilkingt. Golden. Pamela D.: 1 10 Goldsby. Wbrcy Douglas Coleman. Trudy MaeEavei Goode, Danny Max; 238 Goodger. William Pearce ll„„U Gordon, Patrii ,., Gordon. Ronald I Gordy. Carol l.:» Gordy, William G l!.,l. Hall liar ,.,ra A in 87 Hall Br, k, An Hall Ber tadini Al, or. Hall thiaGavlc:8 " Hall Dor R lea, 87 Hall Hi, „ (. Hall Fan ]., lea :87 Hall Hn -1 M„r •land J Hall Ker ,|„, Hall.Kii 1,,-rl, Hall Far Hall la„ ., F„ Hall Man Loui e:87 Ham lion Anlh, n, Mm Ham linn Bessi M;8 Han, lion Clarii ■:87 Farl,..lana,cL.:85 Earnest. Nelwvn Ann Earnest. William F. Easlev.Gcrn Bobb, Easlcy.Jim:85 Easlcy. William James Jr Eastman. Frankie Nell Eastwood. I,, nail,.,,, Rr,„. Eaton, Susan Rla,r Vassar Ebarb. Loran Klotz Ebarb. Melissa Eberhardt. Debra Lynn Ebersolc. Sandra Ka : 73 Eb . Leah June; 85 Erhechofcr.C nthiaAllvre:73. 116 Eddv.Dcbbv Kayc Edens. John Lamar Edens. Kenneth Thomas: 217. 222 Edwards. Bruce Ufitte Edward . Denese Ann: 85 Edwards. Diane: 85 ,,!„ Edw iesL. : a y:214 Edwards. Sarah Diane: 137 Ehrke. For, Ann; 85 Eichlrr. Bruce Edward: 85, 252 Eidson.LindaJ.Jahren Eldridg.-.EI„.-Curf.-rdJr.:73 Eli. Eileen Gail: 85 Eli. Vernon Cassid) Eliasson.CarUr. Elie. Lester: 217. 219. 220 Ellerman. Emma Kathleen E Donald Edward Elliott. KrisliLvnnKajor Ellis. Janet Lvnn Elb««n. Sandra D. Ellzey. David Keene Elmore. Michelle Elaine: 83 Elslon. Grace F. Youngblood Emerson. Dewej H Emerson, Susan Lee Vauhooser Fmin.ii. Sharon L.: 85 Emory. Earl Louis Jr. England. Deborah Ann: 73 Engle. Stephen Francis Epps. Keith Hndrew:85 Epi»s. Marjorie Erickson. Janice Lynn: 85 Esncault.DanlLce;85 F-i.-. Billy J Elheridgr. Charley F.: 85 E ridge. Suzie Linn Evans. CarolvnJ.; 85 Evans. Debra Jean btans, Lillian Margarel Evans Linda F. Evans. Martha Ellen Usrc Evans. Ronnie: 85 Evans. Theresa D. Evans. Til In Rand.hllO Eians. Valeria Ellen Everett. Doris A. Thompson: 8 Everett. Karen L.: 85 Everett. Ma, Wthcr; 73 Everson. Janelle Mice Glover Eversull. Paul Molph Ewing. Cecil Surrell Ezernack. lamia Susan H llr Ferrier. Roger Willie Ferriss. Ronald Wayne Fcstervand.CassicRene. Feehtman. David Paul Fields. Curtis Ray Fields. Janice; 85. 133 Fields. Sheila E.; 85 Figures. Michael David FinMer. I I, -es. 21.3. 2: Man Jo,,,: 85. Flelcher.Dan Caddis. Roberl Eugene Gafford. Carolyn E.: 86 Gahagan. Glenn Lee Gahagan.JohnIra;86 Gallagher, loan Elizabeth Gallagher. John Joseph: 86 Gallagher. Susan Marie: 74 Gallerson. Ronald Trenl Gallien. Brenda Yvonne Gallien, Mar, Adelise Gallien. Mi. -had W ,j 80. 203 Gallion.Man A.: 86 Gi n. Susan M.: 86 Galyean. Kenneth David: 86 Candy. James Rodnev: 14.3 G ly. Mark Rodnev Gann. William Cecil Garcia. I. Michael: 74. 143 Garcia. Suzanne P.: 86 Garcie.Gan Dean Goss. Could. Tern; 1)0 Govern. Hugh T. Grabencr. Hcnrv: 143 Graham. Dawn Man: 86. 151 Graham. L. Mar,,- Base,, 149 Bobb, «.,--„ .Call,, Frank. UlvssesJa. Franklin. I.e. Fell, Franklin. Michelle Frantom. Beity Ann; 7 I Frazer, Catherine Fra ier. (gloria D. Fra ier. Hilda Jewel Fra ier. Ronald Glen Fredieu. Ella Sue Freeland. Debra Kaye Freeland. William H.; 143 Freeman. Dianne Freeman. Don Maurice en. John: 217 rn.Judith A„„ en. Mar, Essie; -n. Melissa M •II. T.-rr, Lvnn ■n.Wyczcta:8 ■ne, Deborah A ■ne. Mark Edw; Hammett.1 Ham n. David Roberl: 157 Hammon. Ted Scott Hi " d. Patricia Lynn Reed Hammond. Peggy Jovrc 87. 116 Hammond, Yvonne Marie Haminons. Douglas Nathan Hammons. Fuller Debra Lynn Hamous. Kalli, Fran, ,-- M. Millian Hancock. Don S.: 87 Hand. Mary Julia: 87. 115 Handy, larroi Kern: 87. 240. 243 Hanks. Charlotte G.: 87 Hannah. Bonnie lean Channel Hans,,,,. Dianne Hanson. KrM, Lee Hanson. Roberl Franklin Han .Teresa Diane Halphen; 87 H.iram. Gerald Mark Hardaman,Anthenia Hardamon. Gary F,l,,ar,l:87 Harden,.,,,. Hollie Kale: 87. 108 Hardin, lane VnneHarley Hardin. Kathrvn Deloris w liters Hard,,,. Leola E. Hans: 87 Harding. David Randal Fletcher. Susan Jean: ' 85 Garrett, Debra Ann Greer. Darlene. 71 Harding. Deborah Jean Stoul Fletcher, Thomas Craig Garret!. Rebecca Lvnn: 74 Greer. David Kirk: 141 Hardison. Bettv L. Flores. Tiler.. .,( ,; 85 Garris, Angela Lyn ' ne: 86 Greer. Donna Ka, Grosjean; 74 Hardison. Helen Florence Flournoy. Debbie Renae: 85 Garsee. Donald Ray Greer. Mark Randall Hardison. Ronald Lynn Flowers. Patsy Jean Gary, Charlotte L.: 86, 1.37 Grcgoire. Wilfrid Florimond: 157 Hardman. Thomas Edward; 87 Floyd. Deborah Deen Andrews Gas|,ard. Kim W.: 74.214 Gregory. Denise Ellen; 86 Hardmon.Corine:74 Floyd. Diana L.; 85 Gales. Ell,-,, Ruth; 74 Gregory, Mar, Jean: 86. 102. 104. 115 Hardebcek. Edward James III Fobb, land., S. Gates. Karen Sue Gren n.MarkW. Hardsell. Roberl Charles: 21 1. 240. 212 Fodenun. Marl,-,,,- E.: 159 Gates. Stanley Osterland; 14.3 Gremillion. Mary Judith: 86. 151 Hardy. Donna R.; 87 Fol.e. Phyllis Monica; 86.262 Gatlin. Louis Edward Gremillion, Ri. hard Joseph Hardy. Elisa A,,,,.- Fomby. Charl ■ L „ Gallin.Sli.-relia Neal: 74 Gresham. Kail,,. 86. 153 Hargis. Camille Louis,- 167. 169. 147 Fontenot. Brenda Fay: 86 Galti.Gwcn Marie: 74. 1.37 Gressell. Paul l.e-b. Hargis. Janice L.; 147 Fonienot,KalhyS.:86 Gatti. Lucille M. Griffin. Miranda K Cass,,. Hargrove. Judith Elis,-;87. 147 Fontenot, Roger; 71 Gain. Mar, Margin rile Griffin. Samuel Lewis Haring. Frank Sidney Jr.: 214 Fontenot. Ronnie Gene: 86 Gaudin, Marie Jeanette: 86 Griffilh. Donald Warren Harlan. Debra Ann,-; 87 Fontenot, Stephen Keith; 71 Gauthier, nnTruex:74 Griffith. Marie Louise Harleaux. Janice Marie: 138 Fontenot. Timothy Raul: 74 Gauthier. Lorraine Ann: 86. 1.38 Griffith. Paul W.; 86. 110 Harper. Clarke Gra, son; 108 Forbing, Betsy B.:86 Gauthier. Tammv J.: 86 Grisby. Emily Denise: 86 Harper. Jam, -| Forbing, Elizabeth Bridgers Gauthreaux. Ray Charles; 86 Gros. Cynthia Ann Heller: 74 Harper. Michael Dean Ford. Beii, Rcgina Gav, Lcroy: Gross. Allen Ne.ll; 86 Harper. Paula R.; 87 Ford, Evelyn; 70 Gear. Natalie A. Gross. Elliotl lerome Ford, Gwendolyn l..:86 0.1,1. Rachel Virginia: 74 Grouinger. lames Ami,,,,,, Harrington. Randall Duane Ford, Imog, ,,, Genu, a. Tom M.: 86. 147 Grovenburg, Celeste „„ P,„ he Harris. Carmen Rulli Ford. .1 Jol.,„;86. 190.261 Genln.Ju.l, 1- 1,1 Grovenburg. James Kurt Harris. Edith M.: 87 Ford. Michael Alan Gentry. Ronald E.: 86. 102. 115, 117 Grubb. Lewis Clifford Harris. Hare: 116 Ford. Peggy .1:86 Gentz, Curtis Samuel: 141 Grulili. Ri, kiel.nell, Arringlon Harris. Judy Renee:87 lord. Ru k Dwight; 71 George. Bryanl Gerard; 86 Gueringer. Mary Denise: 86. 185. 187 Harris. Larry Don, „ II: 87. 240. 242 Forester. Man ,a Ka,-: 71 Gerson.Vicki Guess. 1 ph Clayton Jr.; 86. 155 Harris. Loretta Fornshell. William Edgar: 74 Geler. Can Dale Guice. Fans, Marl, -ne. 71 Forte. Kathleen Ann,- 86 Giaco. vmclia Marie a Guice. Penny S.: 86 Harris. Terolyn Denise: 87 Foshee. Fran Lea Gianforte.John loseph Guidry . B,-, k, Ly nn: 86. 229. 2.30. 2.31 Harrison. Jennifer Foshee.GeorgeBarnes Slew Thomas Guidry. Christine Tara Harrison. Johnny Payne;87. 149 Gibson. Sherie D.: 86 Gibson. Tammy Cdde,,-. ,l,l, Ka, l„„„ Gilbert. Calvin Daniel Gilbert. Teresa D.; 86 Gilcrease.TwylaL. Giles. Ro-u- Marie Gill, I s0wenjr.:74, II Gill,.,,,. Ruber, Gillham, Edna Margarel Gillham. Peggy; 86. 1,1 Gdu .tile , hi,,,, .Nelwvn Clarice Mcl • Robert Dean Jr.; 106. 15 Gipson. Marva 1 Girlinghouse, K Giro,,. He, lor A GlaSgOW. Rllsse Gobert, Kennetl Godfrey I ft Godfrev. Williai Goff. Jeffrey R„ Goines. Patricia ims. Susan E. ry. Hal Martin; ry.juliusj. r,. PaulG.: 86 ler Eddi, Dean: 87 ler. Margarel Theres ler, Martha Melissa ler.Peggv:87 ler. Rid mil. ner.Norberl [.; 157 nn.EdmondlU Hadden. Theresa vnn Ha Half,-,. For, ,„„ Haist.CwendolynJaneCI H. n. 87 Han. Veroni, a Kave: 74. 190. 133 Ha rtman, Margarel Am, Long Ha rtman.Mick -, Ra, Ha rll. Carol,,, Vniu-ii, Nugen Ha rtl. William ' reston; III Ha rtwell. Shal lacker. 145 IF, vevlPalrici Ell,-,,: 87. 15 Ha wile. I her, Ann. 74 11,, ville, Georg .81 Ha ville.Rober Michael: 111 Ha km-, lln.l-, A. Hatch. Julie Je, ,: 117 Ha ■h.TinaLo -.-: 87 Ha her, Barb., a ban Cohen Ha her.Conni Cell.. 211, 40.243 Hebrrt. Jen Hrdrwk. Hair • Hdrvkkiri.»k Melon. M DunbM Hmdn. kwr. 1 R- • |I Uiiu. ?4 H., W Sum. M Hemphill. Peggv ' ' • Boarman. 74 Hrndr»,k. Anlh..n, Mirk Hrndn. k.. Miry AUe Gnlfin H renin, k.. P.ul.ncB.T. Hcitdnrk«o«. • ' •ivla Manl.n Und Hrnn.gan. a.riRa..nond Hcnn,jan t .nlh.a I .nn. H7 H " in»i.i I. on A (,Kjinn Hcnntg.n. kit Hmn,ng.Stcphan«-Ka..87 Henr. Rrro4i(.a.r Henr,.Ju«- P hC. 143 Hmr.Ml.LH Hrnrv. P.nvrl. Sue Hrn—v Fond, l.nn Hrmon. Rhonda Sue. 187 Wl» Ann Hcmandrx. Clthennc Angela. Hernandez. Jninn Mine Hrrrcn. Ten L.n Walker Hcrnng. Oirutinr Ruin. 74 HrfTinj, Ra.nvond Edward H n . Brrnda Lou Kulp. 87 Hc rr . Samuel Genrd Hester Jorv A Hc(ncrw.,k.»«ltrr Hill Jr Hcthrn... k. W indior T HcwU-11. (,n. r Lee Vimf. Hewlett. Jcflrr, Martin • lren.87 H.knun.Brtl. j.87 Hnkraan. Gndy Andrew Hnialgu. G.rndolinr Mine. (7, 147 H«don. Terr.. L.nn. 87. 110. 112. 149 Hiagrnoo. Brrnda Gail; 87 Hill. Film Flizahetl Hill, CbuiT Hill. Robert H Hilton. Jerry. 87 H.nev Fred.- . Hows. Kenneth ,1c.. 70 How,. Rand, Rudolph. 214. 240. 243 H.nklr Ann. 244. 247 H.ppler. Stanley Ri. Hodge.. ChariV linui KamnnlR Coir HoffpiU.r. Brendl Kl 151 Hoffpauir Kent A 87 Hogan Js.quelinr «.rt,«7. 191. 137 .137 n June. 87 Holder. Ii-lw Ann Ha »rr. Sun. 87. 214 H,.lm J.. H-Hmev Mrl..l, Ann. 87 Holme, m... Hi. ■..l.nA S. ISI .■I Lata • .rl.nDl.oo Hon. 4.1 l..ihai,r.87. 1S9 iHi.r belt. A. 87 ».m.87. 115. 117 J .87 Hooper. Rugct Blue Hapkta, Tom m Ho,.kin..Trrrrn.c l.tnun. 110. 116 ■Ih, I larkr.87. 143 II. .m. Mn Home. Can Reed ll..m. Ju.f n»rlrnr Homer. Galhenne Denne. 88 Hortmin. Clorii IKinnr. 88 Hortmin. Rhondi Lancll. 75 Horton. Emma Lou H.,rt,.n.MirgirrtK.;88. 147 Horton M.r.,n Lynn. 88. 108 H.if1,.n. Rindy E. Horton. Wiltrr Green H.- k.n.. Angela S . 88 Hough. Ann J.. 88 Hough. Anlhony Eugene. 75 Hough. Tnomn.Ru hi rd H..u.l..n Michael J. 88. 110. 116 Howard. Juanila F Hi rll.rtrbnU.uuH-: 88 Howell. Fllinc;8B H..»rll. Euni Drll Hirprr Howrll. Gregory Howell. Mir E.. 137 Hubbard. Dorothy: 75 Hubbard. Dw.inr; 88. 110. 116 Hubbtrd. John D; 110 Hubrr. Drlihir Li 88 Hubley.ChariraE.;88.137 Hul,lr,.Hrlrn :..88 Hu.klbrr.JohnRolHTl.88 Hudgcns. Unda A. Knnzman Hudgen.. Sherry; 75 H.i.lnill. H.ihi Edith Hudion, John Strphrn Hudson. Lori Lee Huffman. B : 75 Hullmin. Pimrll Ellinr Huffman. Trm Lynn Hiighrn.. Niu: 88. 153 Hughes. Barben Ann Hughe.. Donna C; 88 Hughe.. Anne; 88 Hughr . Rounn Minr Hughe., Trrnlyn Patricia M Hughes. Willum Bonnrr. 214 Hughrtl. Hndi M. Hughilon. John Girrrtl Humphrr.Di.idOnr.88 Hundley. Ha rlandBnshrrJr Hum. Pimm Ka Pnelpa: 75 Hunlrr. Chnii Lamonl Hunirr. India L Talalay Huntington. Anita Frm: 75 Hurlr. . Arr Grnr Hun.1. Louann Mary Huaband. Jo rph Timothy Hiwev. Jane Agile. Hulrhins. Joyce Jn quclinc Aah H.n. hin«on, El.... r Ann: 88 Hulrhiiuon. Rhonda L; 88. 151 Hullo. B.Lynne. 88 Hyam.. Amy K. 88 H.imv Hirr. TnlorlV Hyam.. Jamra LealCT Hyam.. Uuia Fair. 141 H.all. Jill Maurrrn. 254 Hydr.WrndyL Pauil ' nd Hynrv Hamrt Ann Iblinga. Thrrolyn A J ngalki. Joan K . 88 ngnm, Fnnk Sroll r. h.rl. Trrr. W hi. . Brll. J Lrday i. And.. 116 ...Ja.qurlinrV.oni 88 J..k.on. Ar..n r,l 88 Jarkaon. Bryrr V.n. ml. 7 ' .. 191 Jarkaon. Charlr AUin III laoav Dinirl Pr™ oil ..h Suaannr. 75 li.kM.n. [VI... - C John-H. Ji.k-n.IK.nn. 88 Ja,k« n. Frrdrn.kO B8 Ji. k-.n, Frrmrd Ladon .1.88 Ja. kMjn. Hrnry EaH J.. I— n. Jimmy Roy .PulWiiMoB . I ' m- .111 A . Robrn L: 75 . DonU Rn .Str.rM.89 . VllrnrD.89 .JohnM. ,110 JlHlMMI. I .rrnr M . 75 JarkKHi. Marunnr Pain, la Ji. kwn. Mini. J., k-n. Mir.. 88 Ji.k-„.M.r. IVin Ji.k-n.Kok, » . 102. 115 Ji.kM.„.R„lH-nAdolphu.:141 JaVdMn, Ro ir Lrr Ji. kw.n. S.I. ii Arirrn J., k-n. » .Hum C. 141 Jacob. Robrn Mi. k Jacob.. Ruplr Slrphrn. 88 Jamr. Roy A. Jamn. Thoma. La»rrncr Jam.Mn.JunirS Havard Jaru. Ronmr L. Jrinr. Amr U-»... 88 Jraniu-. Pamrla A. Jrffrrson. Hrlrn Manr Jrndrry. Kalhryn lrrnr;88 Jrnkin..C.nlhia.88 Jrnkin.. Drbbtr S.: 88 Jrnkiiu. Drbonh A.: 254 Jrnkin . Galr Uirrainr William : 1 Jrnkin.. Gnrr Hall Jrnkiiu, Joannr Jrnkina. Laun E: 88 Jrnkina. RraltaKay:88 Jrnkiiu. Richard A. Jrnning . Bridgrl L Murph.; 88 Jrnmngv HalDa.ui. 110 Jennings. ShiHry: 116 Jrmigan. Jamrs William: 88 Jrlrr.Cary;75 Jettr, Krnnnh : 88 Jrllon. Paula Lrr; 75 Jimmrrwn. Cynthia L: 88 Johnson. Aaron: 141 Johnson, Caroline Ann (Hough) Johnson. ChaHrs Thomas; 88 Johnson. Cheryl Ann: 88 Johnson. Clan Mae; 75 Johnson. Dan K.; 88 Johnson. Debn A.: 88 Johnson. Deidre Edmee Babin JohnM n.DelomDianne;75 Johnson. Donald: 88 Johnson. Donna L: 88. 137 Johnson. Eric Lane; 192. 143 Johnson. Fnnces D. Griffin Johnson. Gary Johnson, George Earl Johnson. Gilda Gnce Johnson. Harvey Seth John Johnson. Jan Futrh Johnson. Jennifer Gail Walker; 138 Johnson. Joan Lorraine; 88 Johnson. John Aron Johnson, Joyce Ann Johnson. Judy L.nn Johnson. Kalhy J; 88 J..h, L.nnr Ellen Paul Johnson. Mania Lynn Johnson. Marian Elaine Box Johnson. Mark Rmr Johnson. Michael Leland Johnson. Pauline Johnson. Rita Ann Johnson. Rodney Samuel: 238 Johnson. Ruby Lee; 88 Johnson. Sharon Kaye: 88 Johnson. Steven Edward Johnson. Suzanne; 75. 102. 104. 187 Johnson. T. rone; 88 Johnvm. William Jack Johnston. Fnnces Joan White Johnston. Paul R II Jones. Archir:88. 116 Jones. Belly Carol Jonrv Bill. Ra. Jones. Brrnda Nell; 75 Jones, Carolyn Deowena Jones. Charlie Ray Jones. Darnel J. Jones. Janet Blanche. 88 Jones. Linda Fa.r. 88 tn»M 1st. Annrllr. 75 116 Jones. Mirk A Jonr,. Mrlinir A.; 153 Jonr . Pun. ii Ann Ingram . I ... Jo»eph. Andnni Minr J. eph. Vi.un A .ne,. Michael Ray dice. Barhan Adrlr dicr.TrrrvTnoma»:153. 155 . ry. .... .. k. G uh.-. Ja. qurl.n Ka. ban. Linda J ; 89 K Kaecnyar. Leonard; 116 Ano Sinikka Kalbacher. Michelle Ann; 75 Kanm, Joseph Genrd Kara males. Denise V.; 89 Karr. Jrnnifer Suzanne; 89. 1 16. 155 Kay lor. Linda Carol: 75 Kaylor. Willard D.; Jr. Kres. Georgr Allrn Kees. Lester P. Kees. Ray Lynn; 89 Keffer. Patnria L. Keir. Eileen Mane; 89 Keller. Kevin D . 89 Kelley. Shela Elizabeth: 89 Kelly. Andn Lynn: 75 Kelly. Debn C; 89 Kelly. Kathleen; 89. 235. 244. 246 Kelly. Michael C. Kelly, Quentin P.; 214 Kell..SlelaniChoniuMoms Kelly.Susan Elizabeth; 110. 116 Kendrick. Martha Lynn Poole Kendrick. Ricky E.;89 Kendrick. SharU Ruth: 75 Kendnx. Elizabeth Ann: 89 Kennedy. Danny D. Kennedy. Debonh Denise; 89 Kennedy, Kathrvn Kay Kennedy. Lawanda G.; 89 Kennedy. Susan Marie Kennedy. Tammy J. Kenny, Patricia Ann Loud Kent. Jeffery Glenn: 240. 241 Keoun. Cnce; 89 Keoven. Kerry L.; 239 Kentsopoulos. Unda R. Tucker Kern. Ronald Paul; 70. 155 Kerr. Kevlin B.; 75 Kerr. Robert Willis Jr. Kessinger. Oscar Douglas Key. Pamela Anne Keys. Debonh; 75 Kilnore. Peggy Susan Killeen. Margaret Mary; 147 Killeen. Thomas Bernard Jr.: 141 Kilman. Drbra Lea: 192. 153 Kilmer. Michael James Kilpainck. Joel Young; 89 Kimble. Dennis Dale; 89 K,mblr.Manl.nM;89 Kimbrell. Tina M; 89 King. Alice V MrAlphin King. Debonh D; 89. 112 King. Donna Mane; 75. 164. 166. 167. 169. 192. 151 King. James Kirby King. Karolvn Karlin; 115. 116 King. Kathleen V. Sandiford King. Mary Yvonne: 89 K,nl,-..K.-,ih.A.;89 Kippels. Andrea Jean, 89 Kirb.. Gertrude Mae; 89 Kirrhoff. Robert Lee; 75. 210. 214. 143 Kirk. Kathenne Diane Kirkland. Donna M; 89 Kirklightrr. Susan Dale: 147 KiMr, Mirth. Sue; 75 K,„t„naA.;89. 153. 155 Klinwh, Fiv - Lvnn Kn«-hl.BrruO.;213.2H Knijihi, Judith Ann iCnipmryrr. Nan«- Thomas Knipmrycr. Paul Willis KnippePk. Mirah L.; 89 Kotodnej, Ronald J. KoMin, Kalhryn Louitw Kotirmann.Clihon J.; 89 Ko al. uk. Nan. Janr Krarmrr. Karol I »i|ih KranU.Slr»fC.;89 Krauv. DorolhN I. Krausr. Orald Allrn Krr».JillUuiM-;89 Kromis. Man CtlhMlM KruM . Kara Louisr Kuhir. JoM-ph Crai|(; 89 Kuhn. Aldm L. Jr. KulakoMsL. Edd rV Kiin . Diane; 75 Ku h -r.S lvia;116 Kishnrr. William; 116 Kvzar.VanH:2U Laborde. Genrd Louis; 89 Labordc. John Leslie Laborer. Rayford Ucascio. Gina M. LaCaze. Brrnda Anne LaCaze. Debbie Ann Foshee LaCaze. Clenda I.; 75 LaCaze. Mary Marlrne; 89 UCazr. Tina Jeanine Larhney. Kent J : 89 Lachney. Tammy S.:89 Lackey. Debn J.: 89. 137 LaCombe. Bnunice Edeen; 75 I j. our. Debn Rharlla: 70 I j. our. Emma 1. Larour. Helen Mane Coulee Lacour. Janice Marie: 75 Lacour. Linda Cad; 89 Larour. Linda A.; 89 Lacour. Mary Kathenne; 89 Larour. Sloe; 89 Larour. Sylvia M. Larroix. Mandy L; 89. 137 Ladymon. Debonh Jane Lafitte. Charles David Lafleur. Shelly; 89 Lagabed. Debn Ann Schrock Lai. Ashok R. Lambert. Carole Ann: 75 Lambert. Julie Ann: 89 Lambert. Laurence Carter; 70 Lambert. Michael Glenn: 203 Lancaster. Arthur Klnsel Jr . 21 Lancaster. Lana Jean Lanclos. Deanie: 89. 151 Land. Robert W.; 237. 155 Landire. Nola Faye Larue; 89 Landis. Unda Jean Collins: 75 Landrum. Debn Annette Landnjm. Shirley L. Landry. Deborah Lee; 75 Landry. Dust.; 89 Undry.GlendaJ.89 Landry. James W; 89 Landry. Ken Anthony; 75 Landry. Leland James Jr. Landry. Michael Dewayne; 75 Landrv. Michael Ray Lane. Celeste Marie Lane. Robert Lee Jr.; 89. 115 Lang. Joe Harold Langford.Jeannie Langford. Johnny Glenn Ungford.V,nelle;89 Langle.. Peggy Ann; 89 I jngston. Laun Jane: 75. 192 Lannce. Debra Kay Larue. Yolanda Renee Latour. Mary Carol: 89 Laurent. Johnny Wayne Laurent. Marlene Mary: 75 Laurent. Suzanne Clairvillr: 89 Levasseur. Thomas Curtis Lavespere, Rebecca F. Bryant Law. Denise Lucille Hall: 75 La». Pamela Sue Lavhon. Julie Ann Lanless. Cynthia Ann Vidrine Uwrence. Allen W ; 89. 149 Lawrence. Gary; 89. 110 Lawrence. Marilyn C. Lancaster. 75 Uwson. Sharon Denise Lazarone. John Sutton Lazarus. Henry Bruce Leach. Patricia Ann Joseph Leach. Sue Alice Kossick Leblanc. John Darrel Ubrescu. Kathy Ann Brrrv Lebsark. Dwighl C; 89 Ledee. Catherine: 89 Ledet. Darrell J ; 89 Lrdel. Diana Mane Ledel. Donna Marie: 75 Lrdel. Ted; 141 Leduff. Shirley Ann; 89 Lee. Annie B .; 89 Lee. Aubn U Lee. Benny B.: 89 Lee. Gndy Jr.: 240. 241 Lee. James G; 116 Lrr. James Kittrrdge Jr.; 143 Lee. Jean Mane: 153 Lee, Melba Jean; 76 Ludcau. Tammy Louise Matorsley. Vernon Rodiech McQueary. Franklin Daniel; 91 Morrow, Robert Edward; 252 Lee. Mona L. Ludley, Gregory Wayne; 76 Matthews. Barbara G.; 91 McReynolds. Patricia Gail Morse. Belinda Marie: 229. ' 234 Lee. Pamela J.; 90 Luplon. David Wayne; 90 Matthews, Bertha M. MrVicker. Beverly L.; 91. 110. 149 Morion. Charles Randall Lee. Robbie B.; 90 Lusby, Danelle E. Matthews, Lena Burnctla Y. Meadors, Bettye; 91 Morton, Debra Jo Lee. Sandra H. Luttrell, Jean Anne Sullens; 76 Matthews, Mark T.; 143 Meaux. Helena Mosely, Willie B. Lee. Stanley Ray mon; 214 Lynch. Elizabeth Ray Matthias Matthews, Valda Kay; 91 Medlow. Annie Delories; 91 Moser, Margaret Ann; 76 Lee. Willie E. Lynch, Pamela Jo; 90. 151 Matthis, David M. Meek. Lydia Ann Moses, Evelyn; 133 Leftridge, Sallie Hamilton Lynch. Patrick W. Matthis, Sherrie Lynne; 91 Meek, Mattie Frances Addison; 91 Moses, Henretta Legabed. Debra; 76 Lyon. Lisa Lou.-.; 90 Matyniak, Norbert Patrick Meeks. Kenneth Marshal; 214 Moses. Wanda Faye Lorick Leger. Linda A.; 90. 147 Lyons. Donna Karen Lyons; 90 Mau. Wendy Charlene; 115, 117. 137 Meeks. Zoe Ellen Pipes Mosely. Florida Leggett, Cara Lynn Parsons; 76 Lyons. Harold J.; 141 Maurice. Michael Marvin; 217 Melancon. Janice Ann; 91 Mosley, Marlene A. Legelt. Linda Laura Carrelt; 90 Lyons. Harvey Alan; 149 Maxcy. Tyrone Lann; 149 Melancon, Jeanne C; 91 Mosley. Melisa Alvinene Lehr. Gary D.;90 Lyons. Tilden Leroy Maxie, Annaky Melancon. Richard; 214 Mosley. Willie B.; 211, 214 Lejeune. Karen Ann; 90, 137 Lytton, Robert Major; 90. 214 Maxie. Mary Alice; 91 Melder. Brenda Kay Niette Moss. Brady Lee Lclong. ManeVirginie; 106 May. George Edward 11; 76 Mcldcr. Thomas Gary Moss, Deborah A. Lemoine, Charles A.; 90 Mayaze. Rhonda Lynetle; 91 Meshell. Jennette; 76 Moss, Janet Hylan; 70 Lcmoine. Mark William M Mayberry. Shelley M.; 91 Meshell, Mary Jane: 91 Moton, Danny M. Lemoine, Mary Christine Mayeaux, James D.; 143 Metoyer. Arthur H.; 91 Mutter. Deborah Ann Leone, Joyce Ann Mayeaux. Teresa Larue Shirley Metoyer.Jarquelin A.; 91 Mourad. Kip; 137 Leone. Marian Sandra; 90 Marias, Alfred J. Jr. Mack. Nayia M. Mack. Sharon Lynn; 76. 193 Mackenzie, Andrew David; 90 Madden, Emily Elizabeth Madden, Rebecca U line; 90 Madden, Wanda Faye Dark Maddox, Joseph Michael; 155 Maddox. June Marie Landers Magers. Alice Ann Magers, Theron Emory Maggio, J. Michael; 214 Maggio, Kathy L. Maggio, Pamela Marie Maggio, Rhonda C; 153 Maggio, Susan Elizabeth; 153 Mayer, Richard Allen Metoyer. Kenneth H.; 91 Mueller.Jay M.;110 Leone. Michael G. Mayer, Roberta Lynn Metoyer. Leonard Wayne Mueller. Ralph Lee Leray. Patrick Kendall Mayers. Karen Ruth; 76 Metoyer. Mary E. Muffoletto. Frankie Edward Leslie. Laurie Marie; 90. 137 Mayeux, Deborah Anne Melzler, Mary Alice Catherine; 76 Mule. Jack III Leslie. Mary Katherine; 90, 137 Mayfield, Dorothy Jean Meyer. Patricia; 91 Mullen, Andrea Sutton Lester. Linnye; 115 Mayo, Donalvin Lee Meyers, Frank Paul; 91 Mullins, Charles William Jr. Levasscur. Sally Rosemaria; 106 McAlexander, John Mark Mirhaud, Mary M. Munds, Robbie J. Levine. Mary Ann Jackson; 90 McAlexander, Marvine Miciotto. Debra Marie Murdork. Allen H.; 141 Levy, David Blanton McArthur. Brenda Kaye Middleton. Albert; 244 Murphey. Pamela Lucille; 76 Lewallen. Jerry Alan; 90, 240, 242 McAvoy, Sylvia Ann Bond Middleton. Bobby; 76 Murphy, Gwendolyn; 132 Lewing. Ginger E. Lewis, Batt; 90 McBride, William Andrew McCabe, Margaret Eugenia Middleton. Deirdre Jean Middleton. Peggy J.; 113 Murphy, Herbert Gene Murphy, Marti Elgann Lewis. Beverly Kees; 151 McCain. Wilmot Sandlin; 76 Middleton. Robert Bruce Murphy, Martin Timothy Lewis, Cheryl S. McCaleb. Susan Hayes: 76. 193 Miears, Billy Joe; 70 Murphy. Mary Jane Lewis. Deborah A.; 90 McCall. John Terry; 91 Mielenz, Michael Paul Murphy. Sara Ann Lewis. Denise Yvetle; 90. 138 McCallister. Deborah Gail Brown Migues, John Felix Murray.JohnMurrell;149 Lewis. Elaine Wilson McCann. Ramona Annette; 91 Miguez. Linda D.; 110 Murry, James Slay Lewis. George David Maggiore, Michael Charles; 214 Magnani, Richard Wilson Maher, Michael Joseph; 155 Malmay. Marsha Jan Scholh Malone, Bonnie S. McCart. Joel Wayne; 76 Milam. Stephen Ray; 143 Murry, William Edwards Lewis. Jackie: 133 McCarty. Margaret A. Milan, Philip Ralph II Musrhkat. Virginia Lee Donalson; 76 Lewis. Jeffrey; 76 McCarty. Robert Dodd; 143 Miles. Eva Patricia Muse. Sheryl Ann Lewis, Joe; 76 McCarty. Terry Ray; 91 Miller, Charlene Marie; 132, 135 Mydland, Melaney M.; 153 Lewis, John Lee McCary, Susan Marie Miller, Crit Reese Myers. Edwin Cregory; 244, 247 Lewis. Julian; 90 Malone. Diane Louise Patton McCauley. Michael Miller. Deborah Jean Myers. Mary A. Lewis, Linda Dianne Malone. Ruthie L.;90 MrClellan, Kevin L.; 143 Miller. Geraldine Myers, Mary Nell Daniel Lewis. Michael; 90 Malone. William Royre Jr. McClellan. Lisa Dianne; 91 Miller. Ceri; 76 Myers, Rhonda Gail Lewis. Michael Dwane Malry . Constance Arlesia; 90 McClellan,NancyJ.;91 Miller. Gregory L. Myers, Robert Paul Lewis. Patrena A. Mana, Michael; 90 McClendon, Frankie Faye Rachal Miller. Kathy L. Lewis. Patricia Lee; 90 Manasco. Bobbie Ray; 76 McClung, Dennis M. Miller, Olivia Carol Lewis. Rose oe William; 214 Manfre. Luke Peter; 141 McClung. Leslie Patricia Miller, Patricia Kathleen N Lewis. Ruth A.; 90 Mann, Sally Ann; 90. 151 McClure. Karen Anne; 91 Miller, Steven Dee; 155 Lewis. Samuel M. Ill Manning. Carmen K.; 90 McClure, Phillipa Denise Millner, Tammy Reneese Lewis. Sue; 90 Manning, Gregg; 90. 248. 249 McCollister, Jimmy Lynn; 214 Mills. Alan Leo Lewis. Tina; 90 Manning. Sallie Mae Hall McCollisler, Karen M. Des Marais Mills. Felicia A. Nader. Susan M. Liberto. Charlene Marie Manno. John A; 143 McComic, Loretla Gail Mills. Margie Nell Nalley, Billie R. Liberto. Debra Jean Johnson Mana, Michael Lee; 155 McConnell, Edith Marilyn; 76 Mincey. Mary Lynn Nance, Daniel C. Jr.; 110 Lieux, Mary Margaret Manshack, Barbara Ann McDonald; 90 McConnell, Terri Nanette; 76 Mitchell, Debra Lynne Napier, Mildred L. Blankenship Lightfoot. Jimmy Everetle Mansir. Leslie Edward McConnell, Vern Kennyetta; 76 Mitchell, James Edward Nasello. Steven L.; 143 Lightfoot. Lisanne Manson. Anne E.; 137 McCormick, Kay S. Jones Mitchell, James W. Nash, Anita Liles. Michael Joe; 90. 237 Manson. Patricia A; 90 McCowen, Daniel H.; 91 Mitchell, Joseph S. Jr. Nash, Eileen Liles. Randall E.; 90, 214 Manuel. Curtis D. McCoy, Roger Lane; 143 Mitchell, Marga ret Smith; 76 Nation, Edna Leonie Lamb Lilley. James David; 214 Manuel. Janet Neely McCrocklin.JarkStarksJr. Mitchell. Marilyn Sue Naumann. Darlene M. Lilley. Waple Alan Manuel. Mark Louis; 143 McCrory, Richard Lee; 141 Mitchell, Mary Charlene Shaw Neal, Charles Anthony; 110 Linacre. David Brian; 90 Marcantel, Karen Ann England; 76 McDearmont, Mary Ann Mitchell. Michael Thomas; 240. 242 Neal, Marilyn Joyce Lincecum. Charles Edward Marcantel, Paul Lionel; 90 McDonald, Frances J. Mitchell. Venire Nolan Neal, Perry; 205. 214 Lindsay, Shirley Ann; 90 Marchbanks. Lamon Patrick Jr.; 90 McDonald, Henry Allen Mitchell. William Mark Neal, Shirley A. Liner. Barbara Gayle Hubbard; 90 Marcotte, Cindy Ann; 90 McDonald, Jacqueline Mignon Moak. Lydia Roana Neal, Vivian Lenora Linscomb, Jackie Diane; 90 Mares. Eli zabeth Jean McDonald, JoAnn; 91 Moaveni. Siamak Neck, Pamela J.; 147 Linzay. Billie John; 76 Maricelli, Mary Lynetle McDonald, Robin L.; 91, 147 Mobley, Constance Ann OBrien Nelms, Neda Arleen Linzay, Blakeley Holly J. Maricle. Sandra Kay; 90 McDougal. Ken; 116 Moffett. Susan Raye Nelson, Cynthia Ann Bockstruck Linzay. Rodney E. Markham, Bernice; 90 McElory, Michael Alan; 91 Moncrieffe. Crystal Lynelte; 138 Nelson, Debra A. Lionberger. Charles Duane; 90. 110, 116 Markham, Maurice; 90 McElwee, Gary L.; 143 Mondello, Mary P. Nelson, Donald Gerard Listach, Nora James III; 90. 237, 135 Marks. Monette A.; 91 McElwee, Michael Robert Mondello, Randy J.; 143 Nelson, Donna Sue Litach, Peggy Marie Delery; 138 Marlowe, Denise Ann Barnard McFarland, Frances Louise; 76 Mondragon, Jorge Alberto Nelson. Jackie Lynn Little, Thomas Wallace Marshall. Karen A; 91 McFarland. Thelma J.; 91 Monroe. Milton Marion Jr. Nelson. Terrilyn L. Litton. Mary R ; 90 Marshall, Tina M; 91 McFatter. Milton Edwin Montgomery, Danny F. Nelson. Terry S.; 76 Lively, Robert Chelcie; 217, 222. 226 Marsiglia, Joe Ignatius McFerren, Teresa L.; 91 Montgomery, Daved W. Neucere, Janet Marie Lloid. Dee Wayne: 244 Martien. Edgar Rowan Jr.; 141 McGaffigan. Christine Marie S. Montgomery, Denise Annette Newman. Albert Llorens, Thelma Sue; 90 Martin, Beverly Ann; 91 McGaskey, Alvin E. Montgomery, Drew Newman, Michael Anthony Lloyd, Frances Jacobs; 90 Martin, Brian Leigh McCaskey. Robin A.; 91 Mooney, Richard C; 76, 193 Newman, Michael Ray Lloyd. Grace Estelle Martin. Carol Lynn; 173, 179 McGee, Anita Ann Moore. Charlotte Marie; 76 Newman. Ralph Edward; 90 Martin. Cecelia Ann McGinty, Patty Sue Moore, Clifford; 110 Newman. Rebecca Ann Miller Locke. Bradford Scott; 252 Martin. Charlene Renee McGlathery, Andrew Duke III; 143 Moore, Eileen M. Flaschenriem Newman. Sharon Y. Locke. Pamela Sue; 90 Martin. Christopher Kent McHale, William Richard Moore. Jack Derril Newman, Tammy L. Loftin. John David Martin. Clemy L. McHalffey. Debra Ann; 91. 153 Moore. James Hersrhel; 240. 242 Newsom. Charles Edwin Logan. Shirley Ann Moore Martin. Denise; 91 Mclnnis, Diane Elaine Moore, Kathleen Marie; 151 Newsom, Judith Lynn Powell; 76 Logan. Victor Rhew; 143 Martin, Diane Marie Mcintosh, Bobby Ray; 70 Moore, Michael Elaine Newsom. Stanley W. Logan. William R. Martin, Donna Jeanne Logue Mcintosh. Sylvia Caroline; 91 Moore, Pam; 254 Newsom. Sylvia Diane Lohman, Jacqueline Marie Martin, Ida Denise McKellar, Diane; 91. 236 Moore, Patricia Ann Newton. Althea Marchem Lonadier. Linda Sue Bevill; 90 Martin. Marilyn Dianne McKellar, John E; 91. 143 Moore. Phyllis Ann Newton. D. Viola Hopson Long, Beverly Nugent Martin. Mark A. McKellar, William Dougal; 91. 217. 221 Moore. Randall Wayne; 253 Newton, Stephanie Rachelle Long. Laurie Ann Martin, Mathilda L. McKey, Michael Paul; 91 Moore, Virki Lynn Kyzar Nichols, Jan; 229. 254 Long. Sandra B. Berry; 90 Martin.MelindaA.;91.137 McKnight. Laura Lea; 110. 116 Moran, Stephen G.; 141 Nichols, Susan Laverne Long. Theresa L.; 90. 229. 234 Martin. PamelaS.; 91 McKinney. David Michael; 143 Moreau. Ina Michelle Nichols. Walter Reed Loper. Benjamin Louis; 214 Martin. Richard Gerald McKinney. Donald Lee Moreau. Joseph Dale; 76 Nicholson. Mary Alice; 147 Lopez. Alfred K. Martin. Ruth A; 91 McKinney, Michael E. Morey, Nancy; 116 Nicholson. William Benjamin; 76 Lopez. Juan Aracena; 248, 249 Martin, Sandra Eileen Woodward McKinney, Mikel Richard; 91 Morgan. David J. Nicolle. Julie Ann Lopez. Perry; 90 Martin, Vanieca Diane; 91 McKnight. Anna Lea; 91 Morgan, Debra Suzanne Nielson. Dale Alan Lopez-ona, Eugenio Mario Martin. Virginia Anne McKnight. Laura; 112 Morgan, Fred Houston Niette. Tonia Kay Loranger. John Wayne Martinez. Sylvester McKnight. Linda R. Morgan, Jeannetle Corteze W Nini. Lee A. Jr. Lord, Fred Alton Jr. Mason. Heretha McLaren. Chriss Morgan, Judith Ranae; 137 Nipp, Jessie M. Lord, Gregory D. Mason, Pat Norman McLaren, Francis Glynn Morgan, Marria L. Nipp. John Michael Louis. Jacquelyn Elizabeth; 90 Mason, Richard; 91 McLaughlin. John Michael; 91 Morgan. Phyllis Ann; 153 Nipp, Kathryn Lenore Louis, Mary V.; 90 Maspero, George Richard Jr.; 70 McLaughlin, Shaun; 240, 243, 253 Morning, Andrew; 240. 241 Nipp. Rhonda Lea; 76 Love, Alene;90 Massey, Aline; 91 McLaurin,MarianP.;91,137 Morning. Vernelda Lewis; 76. 193. 138 Nipp. William I.; 76 Love, Brenda Gail; 76 Massey, Ethel A. McLean, Richard Lionel Morris. Cindy Anne; 108 Nix, Alice Rebecca; 70 Love, Raymond Joseph Massey. Martha N. Fredieu McLeod, Elaine Morris, David Louis Nixon. Claire Elizabeth: 116 Lovelady. James Benny; 76. 149 Mathews, Alfred L.; 91 McLeod. Faye K. Morris. Donald R. Noble, Frances Goode Lowe, Brenda K.; 115 Mathews. James Howard McLeod, Steven Patrick; 91 Morris, Gail Elizabeth Nobles. Connie Sue Lowe. Johnnye A. Mathews, Patricia Marie MrManus. Era Jeanette Estay Morris. Jerry Dan Nobles. Joe C. Lambert. Nancy Gail Lowe Mathews, Robert Lynn; 91 McManus, James Dale Morris. Mania Lynn Nolan, Jeff Neil — 110 Loyd, Tracy Dell; 153 Mathews, Susie F. McManus. Sharon Lynn; 91 Morris, Mary Len Bland; 76 Nolen, Patricia Lounette; 194, 229, 231 Lucas. Barbara Ann; 90 Mathies, Peter. 76. 141 McNamara. Melanie A.; 91 Morris, Tommy Wade Nolley. Dennis Alan Lucas. Betty Lou Mathieu, Carolyn M. McNeely. Lisa A. Morrison, Gisele Marie Nolley, Teresa D. Lucky. PamB.; 90. 147 Mathis. James D. II McNeil. Margaret Adair E. Morrow, Ann Fertitta Noonan. Mary Calhleen Lucky. Tracy Reed Jr.; 143 Matney, Bobby L. McNeill. James Lamar; 91 Morrow. Patricia E.; 153 Norcross. Vicke F. • fteajraa K.J- ata Ju.1. Ha. , M -M 77.149,- Penn,.. I I. ' !■) I ' .,,., Ma.. f. ,. , Harr,.t Eugenia. 77 Prrk.n. B... ■ ,ri U,,i, Jt .91 K _ " . ' l 236 ■ i Jean IKrrwun. I . M» heir. 93 I |.-hr»loe. I ' «. It. . . I. on 93 Pap- Julian Ann lib P.l«-r.. , P.i»r, fa Prrr.n. Mint,, • PtllilM. All.rrl la-on. 77 Pern. Ining«-n 77 Pern. James. 110 Pern. JranieL.nn Terr.. 77 IV,n.M,.haell..nn.93 Pern. Pamela J... 77 Pern. Pamela Ben Pern. Jjni " . " l Peterman. Man Ann. 77 Peterson. Ja, qurlinr rmmni. 1 indi Mar, balk Peter-.... Man. 77.93 Phan. Ng.. AnhT Phan. Trying V Pharrs. K,. k K Philm. MknR I. Ul Ph.l.bert. Kennelh Stephen Jr .: 214 Phillip-. 1-irol.nFa.r. 93. 132 Phillip.. Itapi Bennell. 77 Ph ». Ja. quel, ne Sue; 137. 155 Phillip Mark A Ph,ll,p..SueW,ll,e.93. 132 Phillip.. T-m Lee Ph.ll. p.. Thomas Jrllers.,,, II Ot l h,ll,, . ,v.»n. »3 FWahuCaih) J ;93 PWanLHun .,.-,.. 141 PMeLJerr, L FUmuJub ilium P.. ken. Jud. lj„,l Hamburg. 77 ■riaM P,rr.r. James (harl... 77 P,rrs,,n.l a ,dP.93 ■ liar, 77 I ' irlvin. •.,,-, • ■ d Lewis nn f P.llman. I......... J.- P.m. Ralph la.rin. 217 Puvkard.Vi I ■ nundo 221 222 220 ban Marshall. 77 v..,.. u bM gg P.. Mr. (MM K.rtr,, U,. | P.-r... I Margaret i. Anne. 93. 167 V,rm» ask) Ann- 9 Amanda Bart,.. •». 137 Po.rll. Hrenda. Power Ik.r.-ih. Belinda Lehr Pu.nirr.Koirllala.r Po.nler. William Henn Pradt». Jame. LmiB Pral„r. Barltara A I ' rall. . t,.«.rgr Thomas Jr PnttcHcanEhnu Schwem Prallr. Jam.-. Iran. ,. Prvkmr. -ilhennr Prrmeaux. Timnn 1 • t... i.ardHann.anJr .94 Pr-le.. Harn Da..d l ' ,.-,„, . Jr.rllMr. .70 Pr.-lun. Charles A.. 157 157 Preslon. Thoma- E . 157 Prr.lo. K. M VilMMI Pn.e. Bu.ld.. 155 Mat Price. Milto Price Nw Price Band) Lee Price. Robert 116 Price. Ronakh 9 . 135 Price. Sherry; 94 n .77 Priest, Raymond Ji PriaU. R " . Hrbrrt Primm. Brure Pnmm. Jeannelle A Perl Pnmr.ux.Tamm.; 229. 232 Prince. QiriM) L. 94 Prob..Cisclr;94 Prorrll. Be.erl. Ann Prorrll. Edgar Earl: 94 Pr.« .11. Elmbeth lone; 94 Prorrll. John G.; 214 Pr.H rll. Teresa Gail Hrrmes Pro. .11. Vickie Jane Prolhro. James Sidnc. Jr .: 77 Prolhro. M.; 77 Prudhomme. Kath. J.; 94 Prueainer, T.-rn Lee Pr„, Edward: 94 Marie: 94 Pueh.SherronChevon;94 PuII.ii. IVI.ra Luella Pulhn.Son.a A: 112 Pun, h. la.ler J.-seph. 94 i fain: 77. 167. 170. 191 Purser. Paul Bradford Andr. . K QuanduSandi I Quave. Carolyn I Qua. hagen. James la.u.s Quinney. Marilyn Roar. 94 I inda:94 Rahakm, Umn N 77 Rabalaia. Ellen Howard Caddie; 77 Rabelais. Pamela K Rabora. Farm; 102. 115 Ru. hal. Jam.- 1„ lurl. 77 19S Ha. hal. Linda Fayi Rarhal.Mar) I - 261 liH Ra, hal. Pamela A Ka. hal. injtima Dianr Ra.ll„nl.(., RadTord.l II ' »! rUiford. PilnriaR • itrard: IM Hamrv ralith n„ I ..,,,1 Ra,n«. Kaihrw, Edwarda Ramoa, Br.c„la Thrrrxa. 94 lliiitnj funliirinnr Ram -».Kalh. (.,.1. 77 RuMey.TefraaL 94 Randu ' luh. Anlonia RobrrU Randolph. Nrllir Crarr; 94 Ranr,.Ronn,rJrronv Ranarr. Ra . 143 Ra-,». Jamr. M,»,,r, Jr Ra.h. Robrrt Wavnr. 94. 203. 208 Hat, lift, Man Virginia Rat I.urn. Frrd Raul, ii-. Anna Ka : 94 Rau.h.Johi. 116 Ra».SandnaD.;94 Ra . Barbara A: 94. 151.159 Ra . Clara Manr. 94 Ra . (, n Allen Rav.Ja.,r.94 Rail. Ra. hrl Lrlhra. 94 Ra mo.Jarqu, Rj.ii,,,. Ma, ArlhurSr. RiiniT. DrborahKai R.ain. BrrndaC. Riiidins. Carnr L R,-.,I.Br-«,rM.:94 Kh; 94 nVed.CharioUtJean; 77 Rrrd. Janirr Y. Rrrd.Jr Frhx Reedjud) A.; 94 H,.,l.kalhvR.:94 Rrrd. Kalln;94 Reed. Nell Marie: 94, 173. 181 Rrrd. Slrphrn C. Reeae.Curtii E Rrrfj-.Carv; 149 Reeae, R.r-ir; 149 Rr -vrs, Jamrs Jeffn R.-.v.-. Ru»t :77 Rr. 1 r».T«lWr lr :94.238 RrmlK-rt. Nanrtte Louim-; 94 Rrnken. Julia Moore; 94. 137 Reyea Gladyi Reynolds. BilK Wavnr; 217. 218. 2: 224 Reynolds. Man Vir|nnia;94. 147 Rhoad.JohnF.:110 Rhodes. Carrie Ann Rhode,. Fredda F. Rhodes. Laura Anne Rhodes. Mark Anderson; 214 Rhodes. SiKin Rhone. Denise; 94 Rhynvs.. Cindy K.: 94 Rhymes. Vinjiinia Arleen Rials. Donald Clay Ribaul. Stephen John Rue. Margaret Ann: 77 Richard. Donna K. Ri, hard. Can Laray; 240. 241 Ri, hard. Randy Thomas: 141 R„ hard-. Agnes J. Cable Ri, hard-on. Alene R» hardson, Bellv R : 77 Richardson. Day id Mil. hell Ri, hard-on. Delores Ann Hi, hard-..ii. Elizabeth A. Rirhardson. Elizabeth A. Ri. hardson. Jem Cleon: 240. 241 Richardaon. Linda J. Powers Ri, hard-,,,.. Raymond Arthur H„ hardson, Sharon Denise Riehe. Carl Joseph Richey. Cynlhia Aline Rnhe,. Paula B. Richie. Pan, k Louis Ri. hmon.l. Dale Richmond. Marilyn June; 77 Riddick KimberlyCayle Riddle. Leann Craves Riddle. RI IsL.; U7 Ridi ,,, i ynlhia Riding-. John Bryan. 217 Higgi " -. Angel D Kiggin-. DaM.ITravi- Kigg-. Dana I .,,,1, . 77 Rigmaid. ii. i, .i, Nl II Riley. CarlaV. Riley. DebraKalkryn Riley. WoodrowK: 110 Rimkiu. Martha Lynne R.mmer. Karen rVn,-,- » ,gg, H,-.r. Cwendolyn Ka (,n-g,,i Ri-.n. Donald R. Ruler, R, .r 1. Rivera, Alice Marie Rivers. Can VI ad. Rivers. Larn I) . 95 Roach. Kimberl) A Roan.Nanc] lane Roark. James Ri, hard Roark.Micke, 95 GayleWibker .11 Fran, ,-Jr Roberaon, Do Robt rtaon, Cinajer la ' Roberaon. John Willie Rol»r-on. lalia la.i- Rolierson. Ruh Lynn: 77 H..I. n-. B... ■ ;,. I H 115 Roberta, LvbraA.;9S Robens. Floren, r I ; 93 Roberts. Henn S Rolens. Mark W. Robens. Ronald Griffin Robrrtaon. Cmger. 95 Rol-rnson. James William Kolirnvin. Judilh oung. 117 Robrrtson. Larn Wayne. 95 Robertson. Loretla Rena. 95 Robertson. Vera J. Mcan ;95 Rohm. Denise; 95. 155 Robin. Linda D. Robinelle. Jan Eugenia Robinson. Alfreds Mane; 95 Robinson. C nthia Dianne; 95 Rnlnnson. Margaret Ann Ogdcn llobiiuon.Mkhael Wayne Robinson. Pris.illa.9.-. Hohison. Rebeeea Lynn Bull., k Robinson. Ro.anne Range. 95. 1 Rol„ns„n.«rndelljsmr.;110 Robison. Larry M. R... h. II.. Sharon Roslyn R.Mtgers. Peggy LinnSlrange Rodngue . DebraThereM; 151 Ri.lnguez. Eleno R,.lr,gu.v. Harles. Hinlrigu.v. Joe Louis Risdriguez. Mana Elena Rot i L.: 95 . 95 -,. I U Roge. Russell N; 214 R, ¥ , rs. Debra Ra e; 153 Rogers. James Allen Roger-. KathnnH.;95 Rogers. Man Celeste; 95. 115. 1S1 Roger-. Ronald Rat; 95 Roque. Tamm E; 95. 195 Rome. Fran, ene Anne Rone. Judy Corine Roque. Emilte Anthony; 95 H,H|ue. Manin Gerard R, i|ue.Tern A . 95 Rose. Riehard; 116 Rose. Robin L.; 95, 112. 147 Rose. Scott Nicholas Rose, Shannon Elizabeth: 95. 108 Rosenkrans. Marsha L. Dark Rosenthal, Man Joan; 78. 195. 137 Ro-hlo. Man A R„-,.r. Bruce Elli.,11 Ro--. Dannv Hazel Culpepper 95 Ross. James Gregory Ross. Steyen: 141 Ross. Susan R. Rouse. John A. Roxell. Billy Day id Rowell. Sybil Ann We Rowland. Jennifer Rowzee. Clifford Elliott; 95 Rowxee. Wilham Neal; 77 Ro . Robert; 95 Roy.ToniK.;95 Rozeman. Sonva , 95 Rudd. John Riihanl; 102. 115. Rudd. Theresa A.: 115 Ruddell. Tern; 237 Rue. Joseph % Rule. Bert Frank Rupert. Susan King: 95 Rush. Ben T. Rush. William Fox Rushing. Kin. Elizal.-lh:9S Ru-hing. Sharon Denise David K.-iih. 95. 238 Russ, II. Janel Miriam; 77. 196 Russell, John Gordon: 196. 141 Russell. Lisa C K, Mana l.ydia; 151 Rulhrrford. Ja mr- D Rvals. Daniel P.; 95 Ryan. Rene. M 95 Ry.l.-r. Jan.- Hope Ryder. Robert Dale: 95.264 Sadler, Virginia Salami, Kalhnn Elisal.-ll s,ll,,,l ' ati,l. .95. 137 Sslley. Ricky Wayne: 78 Salt, r. Shrrn I) M, Mill, Sallon, Willie P. SaKo.BrendaJean Samarwi. Manohar; 95 Sajnpaon, Bernard Samuel. Verda Lee San, he . Janel R . 95 Sanderfur. Virginia D Mroons Sanders. Becki . 78 Sanders. B.llv James Sanders. DouglaiW.:9S 1 • irv:95 Sanders. Glynda Mae Corham; 115 Sanders. Jennie lame: 95. 108. 154. 143 t:78 143 Sanders. el , I Wi Sanders. Patricia Ann; 132 Simmons, Linda Fae Reed; 95 Socha, Schilling Rhonda Ann Stroud, Terrylyn; 108. 153 Thompson, Jewell Mane Williams Sanders. Robert Glynn Simmons. Cynda; 115, 117 Soden, Mary Catherine; % Stuart, M ary Thompson, Keith; 97. 115 Sanders. Sharon Ka Simmons, Morris Douglas Soderstrom, Janice Lee; 78 Sturdivant. Molly Darlene Thompson, Myrtle Lavon E. Sanderson. James Royce Simmons, Neil Leo; 217 Soileau. Chris J.; 96. 239 Sudbury, Vernon James Thompson, Sandra Jean Sandidge, Margaret Lenore Simon, Beryl Ann; 78 Soileau, Sandra E.; % Sullivan. Angela Kate; 78 Thompson, Susie Leona; 97 Sandifer. Beverly L.; 78 Simon, Charles Richard Solomon. Thomas A. Sullivan. Barry; 97 Thompson, Timothy Burl; 97 Sapp. Audrey Lavern; 78 Simon, Valery Lena; 95, 138 Sonnenberger, Ben Sidney Sullivan. Dennis Michael; 97. 143 Thornhill, Anna May; 70 Sapp. Pontris Denise; 78 Simpson, Jack Kenneth; 141 Sonnier. Charles Milton; % Sullivan. Fred Jr.; 97 Thornhill, Robert L.; 97 Sarpy. Charlotte Mane; 78 Simpson, Pamela Gail; 137 Sonnier. Mary; 96. 254 Sullivan. Roger; 143 Thornton, Deano Barry Sarpy. George J. Simpson. Sharon Senica Souter. Teddy Alvm; 141 Sullivan. Stephen; 97. 143 Thornton, Sidney; 203, 208, 210. 211. Sarpv, Shirley J. Sims. Eva Lee Hadnott; 95 Sowalskie, Rodney Eugene; 96 Sullivan, Wesley 213,214 Sasser. Ronnie L. Sims, Marilyn Andrea Sowell, Debra S.; 96 Summers, Maxine P.; 97 Thornton, Veronica Jean Savage, Joyce Ellen Sims. Sherri; 78 Sowell. Luther Sumrall, Gary Peter Thurmon, Karen L.; 97. 153 Savarese. Paul Tenzing Singleton. Beverly; 95 Sowell, Sandra Lynn Swacker, David A.; 240 Tietje, Martina M. Savarese. Thomas Gregory Singleton, Reda; 78 Sowells. Johnny; 145 Swacker, Thomas; 240, 243 Tietje, Tina; 97 Savat, Loretla Marie Woolsey Singletary. Sharon Diane Space, Liat Coleen; % Swains, Sharon Elaine; 97 Tierry, Hodges J. Savoie. Gerald Paul; 214 Singleton. Reda L. Engrum Spalding, Donald Eugene Swann, Eula Kathryn Till, Susan D. Sayers. Debra Beth Boswell Sisson, Russell Alan Spallino, Stephen G.; 141 Sweasy. Denise Louise; 97 Tilley, Allan Rodney Sralfano. Susan Gail; 95 Skaggs. Laura Katherine Everson Spangler, James L. Sweasy, Diane Marie; 97 Tillotson. Pan. Sue Scarborough. Man Bowman Skinner. Johnny W.; 214 Sparks, Darlene M. Sweat, Del L; 97 Timmer, Russell J.; 97. 143 Scarborough. Robert Younge Skinner, Mickey Louise Strong Spears. Cynthia Adel Miller Sweeney, John Stephen; 143 Timmons, William Andrew Scarbo. Valerie Ann Slack. Debra Jean Spencer. Donna Carol; 78 Sweeney, Randall; 110, 116 Tims. Linda Fay Hay Scarlalo. Myrtle R; 112. 116 Slack. Ginger G.; % Spencer, Judy Ann Sweet, Mary Kay Tingle, Donna Faye; 97 Schaff. Tommy; 214 Slack, Linda Gail Spencer. Nora; % Swor, Bennv Dale Tobin, David P. Schap. Cathy Slater. Donna Faye Spencer, Sharon L.; 96 Sylvester, Jean Marie; 97 Todd, James Albert III; 70 Scheffer.KalhrynL.;95 Slaughter. Clyde E. Jr. Spillers, George Wesley Jr.; 96 Todd, Kim K. Schlessman. Jodie M.; 95 Slaughter. Patsy Ruth McDaniel Spivey. Andre Mlsshaw; 145 Todd. PatS. Schlidl. Alfred Paul Slay. Linda Susan Holder; 78 Spivey.Lanetia;96, 133 1 Todd, Thomas David Schmutz. Van Eric; 141 Sledge. Terrell Len; 78 Spohn. Sandra; 97, 173. 174. 236 Todtenbier. Reynold Hunter Schofield. Yvoone D.; 95, 254 Sledge. Valerie Aline; 96 Spohrer. Laura Cecelia Tolar, Sonja Marie; 97 Schroeder. Mark C; 206. 208. 212. 214 Sliman. Rose Marie; 96 Spoor. Teresa D.; 97 Talalay. Julie Jeanne Talambas. Pain, ia Ann: 78. 137. 155 Tandy, Cj Spicer TangiMllai-uk. Nuanlaor Tannehill. Janet L.; 97 Tannehill. William Stephen Tanner. Julia M.: 97 Tarvcr.JcannieBeaudine;97 Tash.D res; 70 Tassin.JoelMalthev, Tate. Teryn Ann Smith Toms, Emery Ruff Jr.; 214 Schudalla. Robert Lee Sloan. Daniel Herbert Jr. Spradling. Randolph Louis; 214 Torian, Johnny Givens III Scobey. Doris Jean Thomas Sloan, Joseph Steven; 157 Spring. Jerry Lee Toro, Julio Cesar; 97 Scott. Allison; 214 Smail, Diane Elizabeth Paumen Springer. Oliver Allen Totten, Cynthia J.; 97 Scott. Deborah Lee; 151 Small, Pearlie Mae; % Spruell, Karen; 97 Totten, Jeffery Wayne; 78 Scott. Deborah Ann Smalley.ArthurJ.;96 Spruill. Myra L. Luneau Toussaint, Kenneth R.; 145 Scott. Elizabeth A.; 95 Smash, James Arthur; 110 Spurgeon, Rebecca Lois Town, Albert H; 143 Scott. Emmett Allison Jr.; 143 Smith, Alice; % Squyres. Earl Merlin Towns. Debra L. Scott. James L. Smith. Allan Dale St. Andre. Beth E. Todtenbier Townsend. John Allen III; 115 Scott. Joey Theophile Smith, Anita Y.; 96 St. Andre. Lisa D. Townsend, Melody Sue; 97 Scott. John Thomas; 95 Smith, Barbara E.; % St. Aubyn, Ronald A. Townsend. Ponya Christine; 97 Scott. Judv Ester Rea; 95 Smith, Carolyn S.: 96 St. John. Maurice Annette D. Townson. Michael Lyn Scott. Juliana Lynn; 95. 112 Smith, Catherine Lisa; % Stacy, Barbara Sue Tatum, Deborah Townson, Steven Randall Scott. L.lhe Marie; 229. 231. 232 Smith, Cereece Roberts; 78, 196 Stafford. Jan Marie Taylor. Man H. Tracy. Kenneth Lee Scott. Mark Nelson Smith. Charles E. Stafford. Twila Jean; 97 Taylor. Buford; 97. 1 1(1 Tramel, Julie Claire; 78 Scott. Myrtle Lealer; 133 Smith, Cheri L. Stagg. Carla S.; 97. 147 Tavlor. Donna L. Tramel. Clay B.; 141 Traveler, Sharon Y. Scott. Tommy Rush Smith. Christine; 78 Stagg. Maria Ann; 78, 147 Taylor. Dorothy Mae Scott, Veronica A.; 95 Smith. Chuck; 141 Staggs. Vickie Eleanor Tavlor. Eleanor I sc Mi Daniel Travers, Roy; 78 Traylor, Nancy; 97. 110 Tray lor. Stevie Dewayne Treganza, Patricia Lynn Trent. Neal Henderson 111 Scranton. Melvin C; 95 Smith. Cindy; 96 Stagner, Gary Scott; 97, 239 Taylor. Eva M.; 97 Scroggs. Janell Lucille Smith, Collier E: 96 Slagner, T. Kevin; 97. 238 Tavlor. Ha el Scroggs, Phillip B. Smith, Constance Ann; 149 Stainback. Michael Lee; 97 Taylor, Homer Lee Carlisle Seal), Barton; 78. 196 Smith. Cynthia L. Stainback. William E. Tavlor. Homer Mr .: 97 Searcy. Wayne; 78 Smith. Dale; 96 Slalnaker. Laura A. Tavlor. Kathj L;97 Trichel, Robert Lee; 78 Sears, Warren C. Smith, David Weaver; 96 Standifer.JesseA. Tailor. W. See. Karl L. Smith, Don Anthony; 214 Stanfield. Annette Taylor. Linda G.; 97. 155 Troha. Gary Dean Troquille. Henry Matthew Trowbridge, John Benjamin; 155 Trudel, Elizabeth Lena; 153 Trusty. William Alexander; 98, 110 Tucker. Charles Lavern; 98. 240, 243 Tucker, Cynthia Bernice; 98 Tucker, Dolores R. Hall Tucker, Peggy JoAnne Tucker. Victoria Lynne; 236 Tuety, Judy Ann Tujague. Suzette M.; 98. 137. 159 Tujague. Leon Euron; 98. 141 Tuminello. Kay A.; 147 Tuniors. Vanessa Dale Tuohv. Edward Joseph III; 217. 223. 1 Turner. Chnstolyn J.; 98. 110, 115 Turner, Dan Bonelle Turner, Hattie M. Turne ' r, Linda Sue; 98 Turner, Mary A.; 98 Turner, Mary Elizabeth Jimes Turner, Monica A. Turner, Patricia A.; 98 Turner, Rosemary Turregano. Paul J. Turtle. Mandy I.; 98. 151 Twomey. Suzanna Tyler. Stanley E.: 98. 143 Tynes, Pamela Anne Seegers.JoyEllwn Smith. Donna Jeanne; % Stanley. Juanita Rose; 78 Tavlor. Mark: 141 Seets. Veronica Smith. Doris Ann Sparks Stanley, Patrick Lynn; 239 Taylor. OtisL.: 97 Segelhorst. Nancy Jean Smith, Dorothy Genier Hester Stanly, Brenda Sue; 155 Taylor. Patricia Ann: 97 Self. Janell Self. Lou Elizabeth Johnson Self. Mildred E.; 95 Smith. Goerge Robert Smith. Gwendolyn S.; 96. 153. 155 Smith. Harry Jerome; 135 Stanlv, Michael James Staples. Jeff; 155 Stark. Deborah Ann Howes; 78 Tavlor, Patricia Ann While Tavlor. Ricky Wayne: 110 Taylor. Roberta Lee Hartman Sell. Robin Elizabeth Smith, Hicky; 96 Starkley. Ruth Anna Napier; 78 Taylor. Susan Dianne: 97. 104 Selvage. Eva M.; 95 Semiesuke, Luang; 70 Sepulvado. Victor Lee; 95 Smith, Iwana Sue Pepper; % Smith, Jacqueline Smith. James Clayton; 115 Starks. Cherie Beth; 97 Slarks, Ronald Alan Stecha. Mary M.; 97 Tavlor. Vanrc Taylor. VtekiD.: 97 Teasley. Janet Gressetl Serpas. Jack Christopher; 95, 214 Sessions. Aliene; 95 Smith. James Clayton Jr.; 117 Smith. James Edward Jr Steech. John Henry; 97 Steinmetz, Karen K.: 115, 137 Teekcll. Gwcn M.. 254, 151 Teekell. Joe Glen Sessions. Elaine Nirhols: 95 Smith. James Michael Steinquest, Eugene; 116 Teckell. Lisa Renee: U7 Severance. Kathleen T. Smith. James Morgan Stelly, Kenneth L.; 97, 239 Telsce.Henrj David Jr.: 97 Sewell.AnnaKathryne;78 Smith. James Richard Jr. Stephens. Deborah L.; 97 Temple. Wav ' non Earl; 102 Sewell. Michael G. Sexton, Bubba; 141 Smith. Janet Anne; % Smith. Janice Lea Stephens, Harold Martin Jr. Stephens, Jo Renah Miller Terrv. Brenda Kay: 155 Terrv. Dennis R.: 97. 141 Sexton, Carol Ann; 78 Smith, Jimmy L. Stephens, Randy Lewis; 78 Terrv, Michael Ralph: 157 Sexton. Stephen Ray Smith, Johnny R.;214 Stephens, Terry Glenn Terrv, Pamela 1 ;97 Sevmore. Sammv Earl Smith, Joyce; 96 Stephenson, Karon Denise Testa. John Die Jr.: 78 Shaddinger. Shasta Ann; 95 Smith, Judith Ann Charboneau; 96 Stephenson, Susan Marnee; 97. 151 Thellen. Michael Roland: 97 Shaffer. Linda A.; 95 Smith. Katherine Rose Stevens, Davis G.; 97 Theuns. Beverly; 78 Shannon. Margaret Theresa Smith. KathyO. Stevens, Deborah; 137 Thibodeaux.Ju ' lieA.:147 Shapiro. Michael Smith. Lee Arthur; 217. 221. 226 Stevens, Jeanette Elizabeth; 97 Thiels. Cynthia L.: 97 Shaver. Charles S. Smith. Linda Jo Braddock;96 Stevens. Katherine Marie Thigpcn. Ruthman Yvonne Shaver. Marydale Robin Smith. Linda M.; 78, 132 Stevens. Sharon A.; 97 Thoman. Perri Lee Parker Shaver. Robin; 95 Smith, Louise Marie; 137 Stevens, Temple Thomas, Betty Lynn Shaver. Robert E.; 157 Shaw. Robert B. Smith. Margaret Ann; 96 Smith. Stanlev Mark Stevens, William K. Stevens. William P. Thomas, Charles Leon; 97 Thomas. Darvl Devon Shaw, Sandra Yvonne; 95. 115 Smith. Mark; 96. 265 Stevenson. Patricia L. Thomas.Doris Vnne: 153 Shaw.. Elaine; 116 Smith. Maria Gay; 78 Stewart, Billv Eugene: 143 Thomas. FabienneR.: 97 Sheets. Cindv A.; 95. 153. 155 Smith. Mary Shannon Stewart, Cvnthia Ann; 97. 137 Thomas. Fay Dean: 97 u v Sheffield. Joan B. Smith. Mary Susan Owen Stewart. Deborah L.: 97 Thoma.. Hilda 1,. Brow., Shellev. Mike: 116 Smith. Michael Weldon Stewart. Dorothy Mae; 97 Thomas, Janet Mane fVpplebv Shellon. Carol Lvnne Brown: 95 Smith. Monica Renee; 96 Stewart. Eddie Joyce Thomas. Jefferj L. Shelmn. Paul V; 95. 102. 115 Smith. Nancy C; 155 Stewart. Helen Grace Thomas. Jctlye Lou: 97. 115 Underwood, Sandra Lou Sheperd, Becky Ann Smith. Olando Benoil; 96 Stewart, Jacqueline Stephens Thomas. Johnny V.: 97 Upshaw, Mary Amelia Sheperd, Doborah Kay; 110, 116 Smith. Pamela H. Stewart. Karen Frances; 97 Thomas, Jo) Rose; 78 Urda. James D. Sheppard. William Conle) Jr. Smith. Peggy Ann Stewart. Norman Elbert; 78 Thomas, Kathv Lynn Bell Urena, Thomas Edwards; 149 Shcrrer. Jaree Elavne: 95. 113. 116 Smith. Phillip Randal Stewart. Peggy Lanette; 97. 157 Thomas. Mark D. Valentine. Rhonnv K.; 98. 252 Shields, Rosa Lee; 78 Smith. Rachel Ann; 137 Stewart. Tommy Lee Thomas, Mary Ann Turner Valentine, Robert E. Jr. Shipp. Gavla Lynn Smith, Randy C. Stiles. Brenda Sue; 97 Thomas, Mary Gail Watson Valyon, Laurie Janice; 98 Shirev. George Dennis; 95 Smith. Rebecca L.; % Stiles, Ronda Gayle; 97 Thomas. Melvin B. Van Asselberg, Mary Christine Shirley. Janet Yvonne; 95 Smith. Samuel Allen; 70 Stork. Janice Marie Spurgeon Thomas. Mi.ha.l Bruce: 97. 108 Van Benthuvsen. Mark Edward Shoe. Billy; 141 Smith, Shannon: % Storm, Rochelle Renee; 97 Thomas. Nancy Eileen Van Den Boom, Patricia A.; 147 Shnptaugh. John Eberhardt Smith, Sherry L.;96 Strahan. Mama Ann; 137. 159 Thomas. Robert C. Van Dine. Debbie G. Short. Barbara Louise Smith. Stephen Franklin Slrahan. Vietta Thoma-. R,,n F.;97 Van, Melanie Kay; 98 Short. Martha Prances Smith. Stewart Olen; 78 Strange. Lugene Inez; 97. 110 Thomas, Weslej Lorenzo Jr.; 70 Vanburen, Michael L. Shoun. Betty Jo; 137 Smith. Teresa C; % Street, April G. Thomas,,.. Sharon Dale Vanderlick. Carmen M; 98 Shows. KimmvR.; 95 Smith, Vickie A.; 96. 147 Stroughan. Stacey Leigh Thorn iscc. Ralph R.: 97 Vandersv[M-n. Margaret Ann: 98 Shue. William Edward; 95 Smith. Vivian JoannBrien: 96 Strickland. Mane; 116 Thorn,-,,. Thomas Carl Vandine, Debbie; 98 Sibley. Albert E.; 95 Smith. Wanda L.; 96 Strickland. Mary Jane Thompson. Cecil; 110 Vanhoof, Susan Marie; 98. 114 Siblev . Cassic Denise, 78 Smithson. Roger Kent Slringfellow. Kenneth Wayne Thompson. Debra: 97 Vanzant, Dorothv Annette Siblev.DaleL.;9S Snead.Jam.-s A; 96 Slnngfellow, Ricky Th„m n. Diane; 97 Varela, Luis; 98. 248, 249 Siblcv. Ida Adelc Lather Snell. Diane; 96. 115, 117 Stringfiels. Robert Thomas; 78 Thompson, Edward: 116 Varnell. Sandra Gail Sibley. Michael Wheeler Snell. Margaret D. Strong, Avaine; 70 Varner, Gloria F. Silman.Carolvn E.;95 Snow, Beverly Jean; % Strong, Jacqueline Vanes sa; 78 Thompson. James Richard Vaughn. Billie Mvrtle; 98 Silver, Monroe Harvev Jr.; 95 Snyder. Charles B. Strother. Lamar Thompson. Ian, Lee; 97. 167. 169 Vaughn. Donna Rose; 98. 112 Simmons. Amy; 78 Snyder. Gwen M. Stroud, Dorothy Sue; 97 Thompson, Janet Rave Vaughn, Gary L. w iKtVll.l.rqv A .211 Ellon R CuniUc »agar. Ph. II. , Nan Brill. 98 aaRi) ».irl M.J. nr-.rkul. 102. I WaUling Ronald Wayne Waldrup. Bobb. Rav. 98.135 Man. 98 Walker. Barne. Ra, 111 Walker. I Juries. ljl.jr.IW ll u Gail Walker. Da. -r,arrr.98 dl Jean W.Ike,. Hcrminc Drnisc; 98 Walker. Jerrv F W.lkrr.J..! " Ekia W.Ike, k.lbrrn Jranrltr. 98 nR W.lkrr.Rand. K.l.W W.lkrr.Tru.l.- W.lkr, W.h„M W.ll. Aubrr. Kip W.ll. Linda h... ' I Sibil Ann Wallire.Janse.9e.2S0.2Sl I LvrraFssla. ■ ..I He., 1. r,l»»., l Want. I WanLSopkii I «.r.ll..« Jrnnilr, Ann . H.-grn. ■ . it: W.r.l.ndi. «.u. , JH Umm Ware. Ri.ntll. ljlv.jr.1 Warner, Johnn. Nrwion ttnar, Mart Kendall a. ..i Warraa.Dau W arm, Uura Lra I ' . ,.,» ■,. 98 . . A . 98 Wartrllr.JohnBridlrv;98 WanaUcLn Wan. lb-. NoahUuisr Wash.ngton. Brvrrlv Ann W j.hinglon. Bornita L; 96 W ashington, Gloria Mar h.Jran:98 W ..hington. kayr 1. (Salman Washington. Rose Ann. 98 Washington. Ro-i.- ray. Washington. Willie Dave 214 VaahkmScaO Wa-hUm. David Alan ValrlKVirkirLrr 79. 153 Wain . WavnondlU 214 Walkins.Brui. W .98 ,,k,JoAnn:79 Wat-m. Nan v 1 Vealberfoid, Alan Mann W.alh.rford. Linda Gail; 98 Wcalhcrs. PalnriaDawn:98 W. ...-,. !..,. Man. Brnoii W.-jw-r. V,,kiLanrlle;98 James W , I.I,. Donald R. W.l,h. James E; 99. 155 Webb. M.nL. 116 rleaDsvia; 79. 244. 246 Webber. Paul Edwin • i,;99 I li .; 79 Wrlborn. Drborah M.; 79 Weks. Baxter 1 Welch. Julir A. Weicb. Mildred Jeaoette; 99 Welch. Rolsrn Wayne ka :99 « rldon. Jefferson Roland Wrlling. Judith A. Alford Wrlk Chester Drain; 141 i..|,herj. Stephen Wdk, France Darlrnr Bovirr WeBa. H.Ian Wcll..J.,,. 173. 182. 147 Well.. John Mark WaOa.JulbF Wrll.. Ki. hard A ;99 ■ .(.ad. 167. 170 Wella. Scon I 111 • Well.. Thorn.. Dvcm.n. Ill Wcnncr. 1S3 W iiimiimi Deborah Ann Nelan We-lcv. Jamc. Alford W.-lrv Mihoa Irvin W.-I.I lolcal.99 W.-I. Cwilhi. I. inn. 147 Michael Wr.ihr.N.k.Karrn Violet. 99 Waster, Qui ■ We icr.Judy.70 W sster. I.u. . Ihmu Onbomi 99 Water. Pamela Janr; 99 ,,.nc;99 Wbatley, Wheal. Jam.-. 148 W beder, Luwaima Ann Wl r.MarciaKalblee Wheeler, Robrn Eugene W hcinall. David K. White. Alum 0: 99 WbitcBobtn Lyn . I.oui c:99 While. Gnd) M . 1 17 While. Cornei - tan Whllr. 1 1, hr.i D.ami. White. Ermine Faye Chai While, Jan. I Johnson Whilr. Ann; 79 Wine. Man Ann; 99 While.NsaejaIs.99 Whit,-. Norman Glrnn White, Sharon Shenen Marguerite; 99 Whitehead. To 111 Whittonglon. Constance Leigh: 99. 1 15. 137 Wigpnt. Fred Maurice. 239. 143 Wiggins, Joseph Jamr Wipsuis. Nereids 99 Wiggins, Parker Wayne W igmns, Randall Anglin: 143 Wiglev . Ramona Irene Wikr. Paula Diann Wdbanks. Rr.,cc. 79 Wilbum.Micke) Vance Wilhy.Sujanne Yvonne Wiley. Frederick Jerome: 79, 197 Wiley. Rickey L nn;99. 135 Wilkereon. Kerry Wadr Wilkerson, Lou Ann: 79 Wilkerson. Merle Rhona Wilkinson. Calhlcen Anne Wilkinson. Elizabeth Pamela Wilkinson. Mrrlr: 153 Wilkinson, Trrn Lynn Robinson; 79 Wilkinson. William Edward: 79 Willelt.Ja Ravmond; 252 Williams. Barbara; 99 W illiams. Barbara Diannr; 99 Williams. Beverly toy: 79 Williams. (jrolLrr; 99 Williams. Charier. Williams. Ch.rlcs Morgan I , J Holmr »dliam.. Curtis; 99 Winiaras.Drbbie.99 Williams. Dorern Williams. Dud H-: 99 William-. Em, Ir Jr. Williams. Elhrl Mar; 99. 138 W,ll,.m .(,lrndaDrlores:99 William.. Henry Jr Williams. -t.l.iu. Wlllisras.Lse.15] William-. Linda Diannr; 99 William-. Linda Ga lr; 99 Williams. Linda L: 244 Williams. Lor, Lynn; 99. 147 Williams. Ma.inrE; 99 W,ll,am». Michael P.: 110. 116 Williams, Monica Lavrrn Join, r W, Hun,-. Nan. . Ann William.. Natalie M.: 99 Williams. Pamela M„ 99 Williams. Patri.k Lynn; 141 Williams. Randall Allrrd; 99 W, lliams. Sandra E. Williams. Trrri Lynn: 99 Williams. Thomas Rogrr; 99. 143 Williams. Thompson Drbtur L. WillUms. Virki A. 99 Williams. Virtoru: 99. 132 Williams. Vivian L: 99 Williams. WillirCharlr» Willrarrwm, Brity Sur:99. 151 Williamson, Mary Lynn Willie, Drborah A.; 137. 155 Willis. Andra Jeanninr Fortune Willis. Caihv Joe: 99. 157 Willis.CharlrsE. Willis. I).l,saE.; 99 Willis. Roger Dell Willis. Sally Anne: 99 Willi-. Susan: 79 Willis. SuaanneM. Willson. Rosemar. Willson. William L. Jr.: 79 Wilson. Al.ania Faye Preylo Wilson. Billie Ann Wilson. Caaune A Wilson. Cynthia D. Wilson. D .rrv Ronnie Wilson. Grare E.; 99 Wilson. Heather C Wilson. Jam.- Ra. Wilson. Jerome Wilson, Kenneth Ray Wilson. Susan Ruth; 99 Wilson, Teri Lee: 147 Wilson. Thomas Lamar Wiml.erk.Toma Gay le; 79. 116 Wimberly. Virginia Bess: 79 Wing. Ted Raymond 111: 141 Wingficld. Rus»ellE.;116 Wing.,. John Allan Winkrlmann. Ann Baker Winn. Rita Pearl; 99 W inningham. Linda B.; 147 W mslov.. Emma L Winston. Irby Ed Wise. Andv Brian; 99 Wise. Frances S: 99. 250. 251 Wise. Rich ard Scott; 141 Wise. Rodney Bryan; 79. 197. 265 Wise. Sarah; 137 Wiseman. William Fredcri, k Wo.tkiewi.-a. Patrick Wra : 70 Wolle. Agne. C.; 99 Wolfe. Evelyn Darlene Fuller Wornark. Kenneth Earl Jr.; 99 Womack. Richard Eugene Wommack. Elizabeth Ann: 147 Wommack, Mary Ellen; 147 Wood. Alday Bell Wood. Brenda G Rodgers Frazier Wood. Duane Wesle) Wood. Kenneth O ' Neal: 79 Wood. Rebecca Li 99. 1S1 Woods. ReginaCharlene Wood. Rita Renea Rozelle Wood. Sandra Jean: 99. 147 Woodard. Deborah Jane Woodard, James Ky Woodard. Linda Ann; 99 Woodard. Patnria Ann Woods. Alvin ariylr Woods. Dennis H ; 99. 217. 223 Woods. Regina; 99. 110 Woodward. Janrl Manr Woodward. Nancy G; 114. 153 Woodward. Richard Scott: 1 10. 1 IS Woobry.Pstti Annette: 99 Woolndge. Steve; 99 Worley. John Allen Jr.: 143 Worley. Miriam Julia Spryrer Worley. Richard Caden Wright. Elaine. 79 Wright. John D.: 214 Wright. Karen Mane Wright. Linda Faye: 99. 132 Wright. NancvC.; 99 Wright. Robert Stuart: 79. 197. 206. 208.213.214 Wyatt, Cynthia S.; 99. 263 Wyah. Ricky; 99. 141 Eugenia B; 99. 110 Wvs,ngcr.Edna:99.113 Y Z Yarbrough. Amy Dare; 151 Yarbrough. David Archie Jr.; 99. 141 Yarbrough. Pamela Palmer Yeales. Edwin Clifton Yeomans. Karen Deborah; 79 Yore. Came Eileen; 99. 137 Young. Cheryl Annette Young. Dorothy; 99 Young. Jacquette Viola; 99 Y ' oung. Jenniler Ann Burns Young. Jo Madeline; 79 Young. John Glynn: 79 Young. Kathleen Louise S. Young, Lynn GiHrj Young. Richard A.; 99 Young. Ro Caroll; 79 Youngblood. Ray 0drn:99 Youngblood. Randall W . 99 Zagar.ZonnieV.;99. 151 Zamen, Glenn Steven Zammit. Lisa F. Zangla. Robert Emmett Zappone. Janet Marie Zarhi. Vi.ianne Louise; 250. 251 Zator. Jack W alter Zavalydnga, Michael Lee; 99 Zeigler, Deborah Ann Calhoun Zick. Barbara J. Zinnikas. Robert Henn Taylor Publishing Company ilnsdco

Suggestions in the Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) collection:

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