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I?7S Students ... 1 We live when we are true to ourselves . . . 2 . . . Students Students ... 3 J . . . and responsive to our convictions . . . J S13 ii ' ««% Students ... 5 . . . We live when we are wise enough to stop wishing and start enjoying . . . 6 . . . Students 1 Students ... 7 MKK m 10. . .Students Students ... 11 12 . . . Students Students ... 13 . . . We live when we are authentic in our feelings, and involved in the lives of others . . . Students ... 15 16 . . . People People ... 17 . . . We live when we are humble enough to admit our shortcomings, but proud enough to do something about them . . . 18 .-■ . . v ' Students ... 19 20 . . . Students . . . We live when one of the most important trips we make is meeting the other guy halfway . . . Students ... 21 . . We live when we allow life to run its course, rather than letting ourselves run the course of life. . . 22. . .Students II II II II Students ... 23 24. . Vi is ' L Students ... 25 i • i; j g 5 v - y 26 . . . Students Students ... 2 " 28 . . . Students . . . We live when we build and create, hope, suffer and rejoice . . . Students ... 29 30 . • - ' Students ... 31 ' — m m . Wm • m 1 ' i Ml JML_ j litt is IS ' it ; j. ■u i r . ' I fr A mmmm m WW V $ ' ' W ' MM . VI 32 . . . Students _ fipr . 1 W9 p 1 HrK ??3 J - K ■■1 Students ... 33 iws x v — «. 34 . . . Students . . . We live when we let the secret of our happiness come from our true beauty . . . feJKbS aW Students ... 35 36 . . . Students Students ... 37 38. . .Students Students ... 39 40. . .People I | lT ' iIIi inl • I 42 . . . Students We live when we love . . . Students ... 43 . . . for life, like love, cannot thrive inside its own threshold, but is renewed as it is spent. A 44. . .Students Students ... 45 a - mMVT tail Student Body Association if ■ ■ i BOTTOM: Members of the SBA Executive Council included Dr. Richard Galloway, Advisor. TOP: Seated: Rodney Harrington, President; Donna King, Secretary Mary Armour, Clerk. Standing: Claire Almand, AWS; Lindsey Torbett, AMS; Jay Garcia, Chairman; Jimmy Anderson, Vice-President. 50 . . . Organizers ABOVE: Members of the SBA included. First Row: Jimmy Anderson. Debbie Hawkins, Becky Ritter, Dr. Galloway. Second Row: Lindsey Torbett, Mary Armour. Rodney Harring- ton, Kathy Hewitt, Karren Hattaway, Joani Rosenthal. Roy Stapp, Ethel Pitre. Charles Thrash. Third Row: Helen Coutee, Bill Wood. Fourth Row: Sharon Mack, Paula Jones, Jay Garcia, Doug Norris, Greg Crew. Fifth Row: Angie Hehert, Barbara Holmes. Claire Almand. Gregory Ross. Sixth Row: Donna King, Oben Jones. Robert Johnson. Seventh Row: Gary Digilormo. Organizers ... 51 ABOVE: Senators-at-Large included, Seated: Joani Rosen- thal, Helen Coutee, Sharon Mack. Standing: Gregory Ross, Mary Armour, Doug Norris, Karren Hattaway, Roy Stapp. RIGHT: Members during Senate meeting. jm M 3BBr " r Iw- MS W ' JW m k ' " " tBW A 1 A 1 T V H B L A H • " ■ JB Ba RV 1 P ' i ? , ■ ' Wi • " 8 TT- s - - k t • " ■■■J " • k — -— -r C A iVfliH 2 ■ b a k. v ■ m % M A w m ■■■■ m lm 8j Y BBk P ;K c. H r 1 m v ? i ;j fT . :.--■ j-fjja g v JbV 52 . . . Organizers LEFT: Junior Class Senators were Bill Wood and Paula Jones. BELOW: Senior Class Senators were Oben Jones and Charles Thrash. ::; •!• j.vW; ; : : V ABOVE: Graduate Class Senator was Gary Digilormo. ABOVE: Sophomore Class Senators were Ethel Pitre and Barbara Holmes. Organizers ... 53 J 1 fc | UllffWM JH L ■■ • K bI ■ r A t W tmm U • .- V JT -. ■ j ■ " I mi i 1 l M r ' nH r= P H__fl It i| M 1 - fl Lvl ■a % m t H im i , HI HI TOP: Freshmen associates were, Seated: Greg Crew, Debbie Hawkins. Standing: Becky Ritter, Angie Hebert, Kathy Hew- itt. BOTTOM: Names were checked during election. 54 . . . Organ izers Student Union Governing Board ABOVE: Members of the Union Board were. Seated: Mike Armstrong, Anne Wood, Louis Mirhiels, Cecil Mims, Camille Hawthorne. Standing: Chris Frazier. Donna Srhonfeld, Helen Coutee, Doug Norris, Paula Jones, Debbie Childs, Zandra Haymon, Clinton Davis, Mary Kay Sweet. Mary Allen. Organizers ... 55 RIGHT: Members of the Fine Arts Committee. ABOVE: Members of the Publicit) Committee were. Front Row: Lillian Priest, Marie Beckham, Kathy Ernest. Second Row: Sharla man. Gisele Morrison. Krystal Clower, Paula Jones. Chairman. Judy FogU 56 . . . Organizers TOP: Members of the Music and Films Committee. BOTTOM: Members of the Decorations Committee were. First Row: Kathy E rnest, Cheryl Pureeil. Second Row: Susan Scalfano, Sharla Kendrick. Donna Schonfeld, Chairman, Rhonda Bennett, Sherry Brodurat. Third Row: Karen Lewis, Lisa Mat- lock. Organizers ... 57 TOP: Members of the Research and Development Committee were, Kneeling: Michael Armstrong, Doug Norris. Standing: Mr. Robert W. Wilson, Advisor, Zandra Haymon, Helen Coutee, Debbie Childs, Debbie Hebert, Terri Amazeen. BOTTOM: Members of the Social Activities Committee were. First Row: Yvonne Fisher, Vernelda Lewis. Second Row: Nora Lea Spencer, Glenda LaCaze. Third Row: Rhonda Ayland, Doc Stilley, Chairman, Elnora Ven- son, Mary Davis, Derrick Coleman. 58 . Organizers ABOVE: Members of the Entertainment Committee were. First Row: Doek Voorhies, Rory Alexander, Cecil Mims, Chairman, Bill Wood, Flower Holloway. Second Row: Nora Lea Spencer, Jo Ford, Kathy Ernest, Shelley Hilton. Rhonda Ryland, Clenda LaCaze. Susan McCary, Lynn McCary, Debbie Thomas. Third Row: Yvonne Fisher, Altha Faye Holmes, Margie Holmes, Barbara McGee, Chris Frazier, Katherine Coleman. Ken Hall. Sharla Kendrick, Sharon Boykin. Michael Vercher, John Wright, Stacy Guidry, Randall Frederick. Jana Cornwell, Bill Mitchell, Elnora Venson. Organizers ... 59 TOP: Members of the Coffeehouse Committee were, Darla Coile, Debra Scott, Ellen Loope, Judy Gremillion. BOTTOM: Members of the Hospitality Committee were First Row: Ellen Loope, Sarah Tanner, Sheryl Brodnax. Second Row: Julia Beeson, Susan Fleming, Joanna Wallace, Gay Dezendorf, Darla Coile. Third Row: Annt Wood, Dock Voorhies. 60 . . . Organizers Circle K ABOVE: Members of Circle K were, Ken Hall, Raymond Fontenot, Ray Youngblood, Raymond Dees, Bonnie Kent, Johnette Monk, Barbara Westall, Dennis Gaines, Konnie Kerns, Andy Bachman. Organizers ... 61 NSU Cheer- leaders NSU Cheerleaders were, First Row: Paula Williams, Doug Norris, Bert Todd, Susan McCaleb. Second Row: Myra Perry, Lynda Could, Janet Sarpy. Third Row: Sabrina Teer, Holly Babin. 62 . . . Organizers Northwestern ' s cheerleaders worked hard to support the Demons. Organizers ... 63 NSU Pom- Port Line ABOVE: Northwestern ' s Pom-Pon Line included, Michelle Kalbacher, Co-captain, Sandra Wood. Rhonda Henson, Sharon Mack, Jan Norris, Martha Allen, Mary Corley, Sharon Rushing, Kim Hall, Christine Broderman, Garnel Sylvest, !o-captain. 64 . . . Organizers Organizers ... 65 Blue Key ABOVE: Members of Blue Key were, Seated: J. C. Harris, Bill Owens, Bill Ford. First Row: Fred Bosarge, Advisor, Randy Brossette, Jesse Nobles, Dock Voorhies, Larry Cook, Danny Housley, Matthew Burks, Robbie Fowlkes, Les Palmer, Rodney Harrington. Bert Todd, Hilton Verrett, Joe Ehrhardt. Second Row: Dennis Rob- bins, Oben Jones, William Poe, David Lewis. 66 . . . Organizers LEFT: Blue Key Sweetheart was Miss Garnet Sylvest. BOVE: Blue Key Officers were, Dennis Robbins. Vice-President; Jesse Nobles, Corresponding Secretary; Garnet Sylvest, Sweetheart; Robbie Fowlkes, Presi- dent; Bert Todd, Secretary-Treasurer. Organizers ... 67 Associated Men Students ABOVE: Members of the AMS Executive Council were, Bill Ford, Treasurer, Lindsey Torbett, President; John Dempsey, Vice-President; Dennis Gaines, Secretary. 68 . . . Organizers Associated Women Students ABOVE: Members of the AWS Executive Council were. Seated: Lesley Sample, Vicki Badgley, Babs Bodin. Martha Flynn. Denise Arnaud. Standing: Claire Almand, Bill Schwartz, Advisor, Vicki Odom, Mary McCormack, Paula Jones, Helen Coutee, Vickie Procell, Judy Hargrove. Organizers ... 69 Panhellenic Council ABOVE: Members of Panhellenic Council were, Lillian Priest, Delta Sigma Theta; Josephine Johnson, Zeta Phi Beta; Connie Levo, Zeta Phi Beta; Denise Rabalais, Sigma Kappa; Mary Terracina, Delta Zeta; Mrs. Mamie Trunzler, Sponsor; Debbie Childs, Phi Mu; Jan Albritton, Sigma Sigma Sigma; Cheryl Brown, Sigma Sigma Sigma; Margaret Ware, Sigma Kappa; Helen Coutee, Alpha Kappa Alpha; Nancy Poole, Phi Mu. 70 . . . Organizers 1 Interfraternity Council ABOVE: Members of the Interfraternity Council were. First Row: Larry Heard, Frankie Smith, Edward Venson, Bill Wood, David Dollar, Gary LaHood, Jimmy Anderson, Stan Aaron, David Barbee, Allen Carter. Second Row: Robert Johnson, Donald Smith, Jeff Foster, Frank Dies, Coke Guy, Richard Smith, Phil Barbaree, Brad Cohen, John Springer, Michael LaCour. Organizers ... 71 Current Sauce 72 . . . Organizers Delta Zefa ) At " ' Organizers ... 73 Potpourri Staff 74 . . . Organizers 4$ f ' J M I f- « " -| yH ' BJS H r .■„■■. •4 t , lfS " Sociology Club RIGHT: Officers were, Althea Wagner, Vice-President; Terri Day, Secre- tary; Larry Lafitte, President. ■kk-S ABOVE: Members of the Sociology Club were. First Row: Sally Pace, Karen DeRouen. Second Row: Althea Wagner, Linda Bacon, Sheree Fleming, Dick Lovell, Barbara Gunn. Third Row: Cheryl Shepherd, Lester Punch, Larry Lafitte, Berniee Fisher. Fourth Row: Gene Whitaker, Sharon Collins, Barbara McGaughey, Terri Day, Michael Alexander, Leslie Barron, Donna Patrick, Don Henn. 76 . . . Organizers Purple Jackets ABOVE: Members of the Purple Jackets were. First Row: Garnet Sylvest, Renee Weems, Gail Sweeney, Vicky Treadway. Reneva Carnahan, Joan Frost. Blanche Gaddis, Janice Barrios, Sally Kay Tanner. Second Row: Patsy Litton. Paula Jones, Sue Thomas, Michelle Tooley, Len Robinson. Judy McCabb, Debbie Hebert, Pat Haynes, Debbie Whitney, Becky Keen, Debbie Archambeaux. Julie Laurent, Betty Coutee. Linda Lewis. Organizers ... 77 Student Personnel Association t m9 9 fli v,y W9 i ' 1 % a- ■ ABOVE: Members were, First Row: Donald G. Zachary, Sheron R. Lacefield, Gary Digilormo, Vicki Prather, Steven W. Bays, Susan Cotton. Second Row: Lynn Hudgens, Dr. Gail Goodwin, Tom Guerin, Jimmy Ferguson, Ruben Tweedy, Marta Pinedo Randel, Leslie Palmer, Peggy Walker. 78 . . . Organizers frlffcit NSU Chess Club LEFT ' Officers were. Nelson Bailey, Secretary-Treasurer: Da i( Moore, President; Malcolm Braudaway, Sponsor. ABOVE: Members of the NSU Chess Club were. Seated: Franklin R. Smith, Greg Garland, Nelson Bailey, Wayne Hyde, David W. Blisdell, David Moore. Standing: Bill Cuppett. Malcolm Braudaway. Sponsor. Organizers ... 79 NSU Black Knights HORTHHESTBIRN STATE UNXVE.HSTTY BLACK KNIGHTS LOUISIANA . NORTHWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY™ ' BLACK KNIGHTS LOUISIANA ABOVE: Members of the Northwestern State University Black Knights Drill Team. 80 . . . Organizers Alpha Lambda Delta ABOVE: Members of Alpha Lambda Delta were. First Row: Gail Sweeney, Beth Foster, Rhonda Ryland, Lenore Sandidge, Kathy Ernest, Anne Feilden, Alecia Alex- ander. Second Row: Barbara Hogeboom, Susan McCary. Ellen Wommack, Jane Christenson, Sandra Tanner. Third Row: Donna Kerry, LaRayne Prothro, Joe Ann Clark, Rhonda Nipp, Marlene Laurent. Fourth Row: Debbie Horn, Wanda Cason, Billie Cason, Kathie Coffey, Pattie MeGinty, Regina DeVillier. Fifth Row: Melinda Hill, Carol Pare, Kathy Smith, Debra LaCour. Sixth Row: Lisa White, Susan Carret, Linda Allen, Sheri Floyd. Seventh Row: Kathy Ballard, Maggie Moser, Lettie Ann Bailey. Organizers ... 81 Reserve Officers ' Training Corps ABOVE: Individual corps of Northwestern ' s ROTC. 82 . . . Organizers VBOVE: Field drills were held often by NSU ' s Reserve Officers Training Corps. Organizers ... 83 TOP: Members of ROTC learning radio procedures in the field. BOTTOM LEFT: On patrol with the special forces " Green Berets " during operation Demon II. BOT- TOM RIGHT: Camping out by the Big Piney River in Arkansas. 84 . . . Organizers LEFT: Drills were held on Chaplin ' s Lake. CENTER: Members of the ROTC were trained in rescues li crossing life-lines across Chaplin ' s Lake. BELOW: Northwest- em ' s ROTC helped to train high school students during operation Demon II. Organizers ... 85 American Chemical Society ABOVE: Members of the American Chemical Society were, First Row: Larry Leyser, David Burroughs, Wayne Guin, Sponsor. Second Row: Bryce V. Jackson, Jim Rachal, Allen Poe, Tommy Melancon, Joey Tooley. 86 . . . Organizers Phi Kappa Phi ILJ3 tUl CI ABOVE: Members of Phi Kappa Phi Organizers ... 87 Psychology Club ABOVE: Members of the Psychology Club were. Seated: Kaye Collins, Leslie Barron, Jolene Ford, Linda Mitchell. Second Row: Rick Adams, Doug Mitchell. Charlie Silverman. 88 . . . Organizers TOP: Officers were, Mr. Christensen, Secretary-Treasurer; Tommy Dunagan, Vice-President: Raymond Morrison, President. BOTTOM: Members of Iota Lambda Sigma were. First Row: Mr. Christensen, David Dillon, Nedom Muns. Charles Wommaek, Bill Shaw, Tommy Dunagan, Dwayne Gilbert. Second Row: Tom Tucker. Raymond Morrison. Organizers ... 89 Industrial Education Club ABOVE: Members of the IE Club worked on the winning float in the Homecoming Parade. RIGHT: Members were. First Row: Ricky Christopher, Gary Jeter, Raymond Babineaux, Joe Stephenson, Marvin Roque. Second Row: Joe Smith Emitte Roque, Vern Love, Robert Sceets Third Row: Q. Hood, Steve Gibbens Fourth Row: Dennis Gaines, John Rol ertson, Tommy Dunagan, Robert String field. Fifth Row: Don Mitchell, Dr. Tom Epplcr. Dennis Robbins, Randy Ward. 90 . Organizers Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers TOP: Officers were, Robert Womark, Chairman; Carl Nyman, Vice-Chairman; Robert Vardeman, Secretary; Mr. Christensen, Counselor. BOTTOM: Members were, Kneeling: Charles Norris, George Pratte. Seated: Robert Vardeman, Robert Trichel. Standing: Mr. Christensen, Raymond Morrison, Robert Womack, Tom Tucker, Daniel Blount, Carl Nyman, Raymond Rowzee. Knox Pruett. Organizers ... 91 Beta Beta Beta .» TOP: Officers of Beta Beta Beta. BOTTOM: Members of Beta Beta Beta on their trip to Colorado. 92 . . . Organizers ABOVE: Members were. First Row: Joey Tooley, Clay Tonharrell, Robin Sills, Patty Harvey, Barbara Sandefur. Herschel Sandefur, Paulette Page. Second Row: Dr. Charles Viers, Wyche Coleman, David Luck, Joan Frost, Maureen Hymel, Wanda Smith. Margaret Rice, Dr. Dwayne Kruse, Greg Savarese. Third Row: Larry Leyser, Jim Rachal, Jerry Morris, Ronny Harrison. Judy Hargrove, Susan Haynes. Fourth Row: Linda Allen. Rodney Wise, Mary McCormack. Neal Reeder, Buddy Valen- tine, Hugh Gentry, Amy Simmons, Blanche Andries, Waynon Temple. Fifth Row: Charlie Williams, Bruce Grovenburg, Linda Easlev. Organizers ... 93 Anthropology Club ABOVE: Members were. First Row: Babs Bodin, Leslie Barron. Second Ro w: Wade Procell. Third Row: Hubert Laster, Patty McGinty. 94 . . . Organizers Association for Computing Machinery TOP: Officers were, Sissie Wendt, Secretary-Treasurer; Lynn Lenard, President; Paul Aymond, Vice-President; Adanon Umar, Sponsor. BOTTOM: Members were, First Row: Adanon Umar, Darryl Pecquet, Camille Hawthorne, Katherine Pierson, Margaret Langford. Second Row: Philip Vidrine, Lynn Lenard, Donald Joins. Andre Spivey, Karen Jones, Paul Aymond, Eleanor Doyle, Blanche Gaddis, Sissie Wendt. Carol Let . Jeff Cotton. Organizers ... 95 Delta Psi Kappa ABOVE: Active Members of Delta Psi Kappa were, Linda Burkhalter, Emma Ellerman, Chris Frazier, Marilyn Hillman. Becky Keen, Lynn Lalande, Terri McConnell. Cindy Waters, Andra Willis, Vikki Young. 96 . . . Organizers •■- ■—-• V i wmk Organizers ... 97 Beta Gamma Psi ABOVE: Members of Beta Gamma Psi were, Seated: Carol Letz, Viee-President, Dr. Thames, Sponsor; James Rambin, President. Standing: Mike Rivers, Diane Patterson, Doug Bell, Maurice Seghers, Mike Gordy, Lindsey Torbett. 98 . . . Organizers Society for the Advancement of Management ABOVE: Members of the Society for the Advancement of Management. Organizations ... 99 The Davis Players RIGHT: Mr. Schexnider directed the productions. ABOVE: Members were, First Row: Sally Levasseur, Wayne Daigrepont, Allen Koob, Brinda Roving, Michael Thomas, Mary ' Rounds, Leslie Barron, Lillian Priest Marc Longlois. Second Row: Brenda Leigh, Alecia Alexander, Mark Lumadue, Sidney Presson, Tina LaCaze, Gene Bozeman, Alize Magers, Suzette Harrell, Beck} Doherty, Sherri Colbert, Doug Stannard, Gene Krane, Debra Lofton. 100 . . . Organizers Student Louisiana Teacher ' s Association TOP: Officers of Student Louisiana Teacher ' s Association. BOTTOM: Members were, First Row: Jennette Meshell, Patsy Litton, Vicky Treadway, Sue Williams, Steve MeLeod, Kathy McDonald, Deloris Johnson, Joan Barden, Ruth Monk, Pattie Herman, Susan Langston. Debbie Judice, Kae Rash, Geralyn Rabalais, Susie Knapp. Second Row: Judy Rone, Karen DesMarais, Julie Laurent, Marian Holcomb, Lori Greer, Kathv Bennett, Denise Houslev, Linda Bundrick, Patty McGinty, Janice Barrios, Lisa O ' Banion, Jill Metzger, Vickie Gentiles, Bill Willson, Larry Heard, Chri s Herring, Ms. Fern Christensen. Organizers . . . 101 Phi Epsilon Kappa TOP: Officers were, Mr. Bedard, Sponsor; Bert Todd, Intramural Director; Luke Cataanatto, Treasurer; Danny Housley, President; Jack Antilly, Vice-President; Joe Moreau, Guide; Dean Hollingsworth, Sergeant-at-Arms; Bob Rash, Historian. BOTTOM: Members were, First Row: Allan Flores, David Graddy, Allen McNamee, Frankie Smith, Luke Catalanatto, Roger Willis, Buddy Trisler, Dean Hollingsworth, Jack Antilly, Joe Moreau, Mr. Bedard, Joe Ehrhardt, Dr. Coker, Skipper Morgan. Second Row: Frank Trammel, David Lewis, Mitchell Gray, Charles Thrash, Tony Grice, Ken Woods, Roland Champagne, Danny Housley, Curt Backa, Ken Hopper, Bob Rash, John Bottoms, Dr. Scotin, Mr. Simmons, Bert Todd. 102 . . . Organizers BELOW: New initiates of Pi Omega Pi. Pi Omega Pi ABOVE: Members were, First Row: Marie Weaver, Denise Housley, James Ricks, Walter Creighton, Robert Wade. Second Row: Helen Coutee, Peggy Thibodeaux, Craig Fletcher, Wanda Anderson, Noel Ratcliff, Robert Silvie, Mrs. Judy Boone, Barbara O ' Neil, Beth Foster. Organizers . . . 103 Accounting Club TOP: Officers were, Carol Letz, Secretary; Vioki Badgley, Vice-President; Bobby Mcintosh, Treasurer; James Rambin, President. BOTTOM: Members were, First Row: Lester LaCaze, Terrell Sledge, Amos Morrison, Vicki Badgley, Carol Letz, Mr. John Cucka, Sponsor. Second Row: Michael Rivers, Hcllon Harris, Douglas Bell, Eddie Mayfield, James Rambin, Bobby Mcintosh. 104 . . . Organizers Home Eco Club nomics LEFT: Officers were. Barbara Atwood, President; Theresa Orgeron, 1st Vice- President; Susie Swayze, 2nd Vice-Presi- dent; Geralyn Rabalais, Treasurer; Betty Johnson, Sponsor; Susan Langston, His- torian; Pam Simpson. Reporter; Karen Stump, Secretary. ABOVE: Members were, Seated: Sharon Duty, Mary Lynn Dupuy, Connie Robertson, Pam Simpson. First Row: Barbara Atwood, Kermit Pharris, Susie Swayze, Janell Scroggs. Theresa Orgeron, Paula Jones. Geralyn Rabalais, Karen Stump. Susan Langston, Jane Rheams, Judy Rone, Mary Ackel, Vicky Arnold, Miehele Pack- ard. Janet Duncan. Kathy Ballard, Jenny Martin, Yvette Stringfield. Dianne White. Organizers . . . 105 Phi Eta Sigma RIGHT: Officers were, Jerry Mor- ris, President; Bryce Jackson, His- torian; Mr. Daspit, Advisor. ABOVE: Members were, Kneeling: Matthew Burks, David Luck, Jim Rachal, Tommy Melancon, Allen Poe. Standing: Mr. Daspit, Craig Boykin, Rodney Wise, Jerry Morris, Bryce Jackson. 106 . . . Organizers Student Nurses ' Association Hi jS® ■■■■nail - )P: Officers of the SNA. BOTTOM: Members were. First Row: Terry Nelson, Vicky Hice, Jana Cornwall, Aretha Collins, Lisa White, Hermine Walker, Melinda iney, Margaret Moser. Second Row: Robbin Mulina, Allicyn Rosenthal, Linda Kaylor, Kathy Ernest, Angela Hoskins, Rhonda Parson, Marlene Laurent. Third w: Kathy Smith, Alice Cochran, Cheryl Harville, Brenda Love, Margaret Smith, Carol Sexton. Fourth Row: Sharon Bengtson, Kathy Hay, Kathy Ballard, Lisa lith, Bill Nicholson, Sharla Kendrick, Violet Westbrook, Julia Wells, Susan Pierson. Organizers . . . 107 Society of Physics Students ABOVE: Members of the Society of Physics Students. 108 . . . Organizers ABOVE: Members of Kappa Delta Pi. Organizers . . . 109 Alpha Beta Alpha RIGHT: Officers were, Nancy Leibee, Treasurer; Patricia Lawrence, Corre- sponding Secretary; Sandra Spurgeon, 2nd Vice-President; Sally Kay Tanner, President; Jackie King, 1st Vice-Presi- dent; Paula Eth- ridge. Pledge Cap- tain; Ann Culotta, Recording Secre- tary. ABOVE: Members of Alpha Beta Alpha during summer workshop. 110. . .Organizers National Collegiate Association of Secretaries iTOP: Officers were, Rita Beebe, Secretary; Mrs. Carol McCoy, Sponsor; Sue Ann Vanderliek, Treasurer; Debbie Black, Publicity Chairman; Dorothy Slaughter, Vice- president; Joe Ann Clark, Historian; Sissie Wendt, President. BOTTOM: Members were. First Row: Dorothy Slaughter, Sissie Wendt, Nancy Hodges, Kathy Knight. (Second Row: Mrs. McCoy, Rita Beebe, Debbie Black, Marilyn Dupuy, Sue Ann Vanderliek. Third Row: Susan Fleming, Joe Ann Clark, Debbie Smith. Anne Wood. Organizers . . .111 Alpha Psi Omega ABOVE: Members of Alpha Psi Omega were, Seated: Allen Koob, Suzette Harrell. Standing: Doug Stannard, Grayson Harper, Dr. E. Robert Black. 112 . . . Organizers Psi Chi ABOVE: Members of Psi Chi were, John R. Taylor, Rick Adams, Janet Morris, Kaye Collins, Anne Peters, Jan Burgess, Dennis P. O ' Leary, Bob Breckenridge, Paul F. Fleer, Nathaniel P. Williams. Organizers . . .113 NSU Agriculture Club LEFT: Kay Simpson rode her horse that was kept at the barn on Chaplin ' s Lake. RIGHT: Winners of the annual Ag Club Rodeo. s% amjt ABOVE Members were. First Row: Bill Jones. Buddy MeClure, David Richard, Dr. Jack Pace. Dr. Sam Misuraea. Second Row: Mark Lemoine, Parker Wiggins, Kay Simpson. Craig Knight. James LaCroix, Jim Rambin. Third Row: Tina Smart, Barton Sealey. Fourth Row: Willie Poynter, Chris Johnson, Brad Palmer, Gary Jones. Charles Sonnier. Fifth Row: Bill Curry, Cora McCain. 114. . .Organizer- Sigma Delta Chi Associates LEFT: Officers were, Phillip Timothy. President; Sue Eskew, Vice- President; Norma Bale. Secretary-Treasurer. ABOVE: Members were. First Row: Rodney Harrington, Shelley Hilton. Second Row: Mary Catherine Bounds, Norma Bale, Alecia Alexander. Third Row: Mr. Franklin I. Presson, Juanita Bell, Sue Eskew. Fourth Row: Philip Timothy. Dan McDonald. Organizers . . .115 NSU Photographers RIGHT: John Haag, Director of Photography Faculty. BELOW: Jack Warner, Jr. Graduate Assistant. RIGHT: NSU Photographers were, Edward Picard, George Sceets, Billy Dove, Ken Quintana, Jack Warner, David Luck, John Haag. 116 . . . Organizers i V • ' Cosmopolitan Club LEFT AND BELOW: Dr. and Mrs. Ramon Broderman sponsored the annual Cosmopolitan Club party. BOT- TOM: Officers included. Patricia Haynes, President; Mrs. Ramon Broderman. Sponsor. Organizers . . . 117 KNSURadio ABOVE- Members of KNSU were, First Row: Sherry Gattin, Gary Palmer, Charlene Brouillette, Mary Catherine Smith Raymond Morrison. Gary But- lev, Bob Sneer Second Row: Brad Palmer, Billy Jones, Clyde Miller, Shelley Hilton, Dale Nielsen, Tom Tucker, Martin Fontenot, Raymond Rowzee, Chuck Cason, Ben Green. 118 . . . Organizers Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia TOP: Phi Mu Alpha Fall initiates. BOTTOM: Members of Phi Mu Alpha were, First Row: Mr. Richard Rose, Keith Dixon. Bill Tat.-. Richard Mason. Second Row: Terry Hopkins, Raymond Morrison, Albert Perrine, Melvin Beasley. Third Row: John Wozniak, Richard Whorton, Eddie Thompson. Steve Pruett. Fourth Row: Don Hill. Trent Mixon, Don Hall. Fifth Row: Joseph Cottons. Samm) Nix. Gary Butler. Pete McDonald. Sixth Row: Phil Bordelon. John Clement, Robert Nugent, Ron Perry. Organizers . . .119 Baptist Student Union ABOVE: Members of the Executive Council were. First Row: Vicki Cox, Patsy Litton, Sue Williams, Karen Whitworth. Second Row: Sidney Cook, Michelle Tooley, Bonnie Chapman, Debbie Black, Sue Bailey, Vicki Treadway, Pat Wottle, Rodney Schepp, Craijj Boykin. Third Row: Debbie Carson. 120. . .Orcan izers TOP: Members of the Sophomore Council were. First Row: Carol Sexton, David Webber. Cathy Smith, Laura Langston, Lynn Hutto. Second Row: Mike Cooper. Debbie Home, Jettye Thomas, Loraine Prothro, Jenny Martin, Kathy Ballard. BOTTOM: Members of the Freshman Council were. First Row: Bill Goodgcr, Barbara Treadway. Patsy Black, Robin Sumrall. Debbie Woods, Gail Offerman, Sylvia Newsom, Ruth Tubre, Randy Pigot, Liz Posey. Second Row: Cliff Alford. Craig Kubic. Organizers . . . 121 Church of Christ Student Devotional ABOVE: Members of Church of Christ ' s Student Devotional were. First Row: Tom Jones. Sponsor, Beth Pharis. Second Row: Richard Shirey, Stan McGehee Gem Catha. 122. . .Organizers Deseret Club ABOVE: Members of ihc Deseret Clu!) were. Sister Agnes Clark. Sponsor, Mary Pinkley, Collen Cook, Jill Haves, Sybil Penton. Organizers . . . 123 The Wesley Foundation e -Ml TOP: Officers of the Wesley Foundation. BOTTOM: Wesley Foundation member: 124 . . . Organizers Geological Society ABOVE: Members of the Geological Society. Organizers . . .125 NSU Post Office Employees PoM Office employees were: David Christopher, Belty Shiver, O ' Deal Pharris. Lee Irma Hawkins. 126 . . . Organizers NSU Bookstore Employees NSU Bookstore employees were, Mrs. Selma Mahfouz. Manager. Louise Rutledge, Darlene Rachal, Amarylis Cedars. Dorothy Martin. Mary Alice Harper, Luvenia Friday. Not shown: Vernelle Cox. Organizers . . . 127 NSU Cafeteria Employees 128 . . . Organizers Organizers . . .129 130 . . . Organizers Organizers . . . 131 — ■te r H 4NK» t ij ± »— »f rr sis i x ■ •XTtormers " I ««U. k Performers . . . 135 rr One Flew Over the Cuckoo ' s Nest " Northwestern ' s Davis Players presented " One Flew Over the Cuckoo ' s Nest, " a play based on Ken Kasey ' s best-selling book, on November 19- 21 to NSU students and Natchitoches residents. The play, written by Dale Wasserman, was presented by the Davis Players at the Louisiana College and University Theatre Festival in Baton Rouge, where they received sec- ond place. 136 . . . Performers Performers . . . 137 T 4 138 . . . Performers rr One-Acts ?? The Northwestern drama department presented, under the coordi- nation of Ray Schexnider, four one-act plays under the direction of advanced drama students. The plays " Football, " " The Interview, " " The Adventures of Don Quixote, " and " The Door " were presented to students and area residents on October 9-12. Performers . . . 139 H Opera Theatre NSU ' s music department, with the help of the drama department and area artists, presented selections from musical comedies and operas. 140 . . . Performers A Midsummer Night ' s Dream Appearing October 28 on the Northwestern campus was the New Shakespeare Company, in their presentation of Midsummer Night ' s Dream. This production was held in conjunction with the Distinguished Artist Series. Performer s . 141 The Roger Wagner Chorale The Roger Wagner Chorale appeared October 23 on the Northwestern campus after completing its 26th season as one of America ' s finest choral groups. The Chorale, which had made 16 tours of the United States in addition to numerous tours of South America, Europe, and the Far East, performed a program of tremendous range — from 16th Century church music, to romantic grand opera, to European and American folk music, spirituals and popular songs. 142 . . . Performers The Entertainers The Entertainers, a new group on the Northwestern campus, was organized for the purpose of serving High School Relations and Alumni Relations. In addition to campus appearances, the group made several television appearances around the Ark-La-Tex, and at meetings with various civic and business organizations. ABOVE: First Row: Anthony Robinson, Faren Raborn, Dianne Mclnnis. Second Row: Debbie Bailey, Sonja Tolar, Lou Ann Taylor, Suzanne Clement. Third Row: Keith Dixon, Mike Wilson, Tommy Cole, Lee Ponder, Don Hall. Performers 143 The Entertainers 144 . . . Performers HMSaM HM Performers . . . 145 Big Name 146 . . . Performers Entertainment Performers . . . 147 Distinguished The governing bodies of Northwestern, with encouragement of the faculty and administration, hosted many lecturers this year in what was called the Distinguished Lecture Series. The speakers ' subject matter ranged from politics to acupuncture. Among the lecturers were Senator J. Bennett Johnston; Robert Katz, on the Kennedy assassination; William Coffey; John B. Fournet, alumni guest speaker; journalists James J. Kilpatrick and Nicholas von Hoffman; and C. Y. Ting, on acupuncture. BELOW: NSU President Arnold Kilpatrick, center, chats with James Kilpa- trick and Nicholas von Hoffman. 148 . . . Performers Lecture Series Performers . . . 149 Natchitoches- Northwestern ABOVE: Sherry Anderson, Phil Bordelon, Yvonne Burns, Bonnie C hapman, Mary Dohmann, Cynthia Echenhofer, Jerone Fay, Berliot Forster, Leslie Hale, Peggy Hammond, James Jones, Susan Kelly, Sylvia Kosmitis, John McDonald, Laura 150 . . . Performers Symphony Orchestra McKnight, Gary Michaels, Claire Nixon, Albert Perrine, Josie Ross, Lynn Scott, Keith Sparkman, Edward Thompson, Margaret Vandersypen, Roger Villemarette, Nancy Whitfield. Tonia Wimberly. ABOVE: Director, J. Robert Smith. Performers . . . 151 Northwestern State V .ufrnp K i « i ' II Members of the University Chorale were. Cliff Alford, Paul Allen, Debbie Bailey, Kay Baumgartner, Willanne Beverly, Velda Bond, Connie Bower, Ricky Bumgard- ner, Lauri Butler, Jesse Carries. Robert Carnes, Anita Cheatwood, Dorothy Chene- vert, Su anne Clement, Tommy Cole, Joseph Cotton, Keith Dixon, Lenn Dohmann, Cynthia Eady, Jerone Fay, Marvin Foster, Marsha Fuller. Hugh Glancy, Dwayne Graham, Don Hull. Fonda Henson, Ronda Henson, Mary Hickman, Gregory Hooper, Sylvia Kosmitis, Mary Beth Lanzillotti, Jerr Larpenteur, Betsy Lee, Stan- 152 . . . Performers University Chorale rv ley Loyd, Jeanette Martin, Mary McCormick, Diane Melnnis, Jackie McLendon, Milton Monroe, Drew Moore, Robert Nugent, Sherri Odum, JoEdna O ' Quinn, Ron Perry, Margaret Porter, Faren Raborn, Richard Rudd, Paula Rutledge, Judy Stall. Ro Stapp, Daisy Sumers, Rose Sumler, Larry Sumrall. Lou Ann Taylor, Cliff Teas- ley, Jettye Thomas, Mike Tolar, Sonja Tolar, Pat Waddle, Milton Wesley, Connie Whittington. Mike Wilson. Performers . . . 153 NSU Chamber Choir ABOVE- Cliff Alford Debbie Bailey, Kay Baumgartner, Willanne Beverly. Con- Loyd, Mary McCormiek, Diane Mclnnis, Jackie McLendon Milton Monroe, ni Bower Jesse Clme, Robert Carnes, Suzanne " Clement, Tommy Cole, Joseph JoEdna O ' Quinn, Faren Raborn, Paula Rutledge, Judy Stall, Tolar, Sonja Cotton, Keith Dixon, Cynthia Eady, Mary Hickman, Sylvia Kosmitis, Stanley Tolar. 154 Performers Wind Ensemble ABOVE: Sherry Anderson. Melvin Beasley. Paul Bordelon, Phil Bordelon, Bonnie Chapman, Jerone Fay, Berliot Forster, Leslie Hale, Paul Ham- mond, Donald Hill, Terry Hopkins. Jennifer Karr, Eileen Keir, Susan Kelly, Jacqueline King, Malcolm Lanius, Charles Lionberger, Rick Mason, Laura McKnight. Gary Michaels, Trent Mixon, Albert Perrine, John Rhoad, Josie Ross, William Tate, Edward Thompson. Margaret Vandersy- pen. Richard Whorton, Gayle Wimberly, John Wozniak. Performers . . .155 Northwestern ABOVE: Sherry Anderson, Brad Bearden, Melvin Beasley, Paul Borde- lon, Phil Bordelon. Gary Butler, David Carpenter, Allen Carter, Wil- liam Dees, Billy Dove, Loretta Dunbar, Oddis Dunbar, Jerone Fay, Ber- liot Forster, Judy Fogleman, James Gandy, Leslie Hale. Peggy Ham- mond, Keith Hazeltine, Donald Hill, Terry Hopkins, Joe Jenkins, David Jennings, Jennifer Karr, Eileen Keir, Susan Kelly, Jacqueline King, Laura Langston, Malcolm Lanius, Dwight Lebsack. Charles Lion- 156 . . . Performers Concert Band berger, Rick Mason, John McDonald, Laura McKnight, Gary Michaels, Trent Mixon, Robert Nugent, Albert Perrine, Clinton Primm, John Rhoad, Josie Ross, Craig Rike, Keith Sparkman, Nancy Stuckey, Wil- liam Tate, Vance Taylor, Cliff Teasley, Jenella Thaeker, Edward Thompson, Margaret Vandersypen, Roger Villemarette, Richard Whor- ton, Tonia Wimberlv, Richard Woodward, John Wozniak. Performers . . . 157 Northwestern State lp jjr v jB w » ■ %M ik t J C w « ABOVE: Sherry Anderson, Blanche Andries, Bradley Bearden, Melvin Beasley, Roland Beasley, Rhonda Bennett, Stuart Bird, Paul Bordelon, Phil Bordelon, Donna Bridges, Yvonne Burns, Gary Butler, Karl Carpen- ter, Allen Carter, Bonnie Chapman, John Clement, Dehbie Crowell, Bill Dees, Kathy Dobbins, Billy Dove, Randy Doyle, Linzola Dudley, Joe Duhon, Loretta Dunbar, Cynthia Echenhofer, Jerone Fay, Richard Fletcher, Judy Fogleman, Berliot Forster, Rocky Gandy, Cassandra Gant, Tina Goodrich, Pat Grappe, Glen Grussaute, Clay Guess, Leslie Hale, Peggy Hammond, John Harris, Silver Harris, Susie Haynes, Keith Hazel- tine, Kim Hemperly, Donald Hill, Kenny Hines, Debbie Holland, Terry Holmes, Terry Hopkins, Jacqueline Ivy, Joe Jenkins, Hal Jennings, Karen Jones, Terry Judice, Jennifer Karr, Eileen Keir, Susan Kelly, Jackie King, Malcolm Lanius. Randy Larpenteur, Dwight Lebsack, Sandy Leone, 158 Performers University Marching Band Chuck Lionberger. Debbie McClure, Pete McDonald. Diane Mclnnis, Laura McKnight, Rick Mason, Gary Michaels, Trent Mixon, Donna Nel- son, Claire Nixon, Mary Noonan, Robert Nugent. Bonnie Outlaw, Joel Palmer, LaTerri Pcarce, Jeanette Perkins, Albert Perrine, Margaret Por- ter, Steve Pruett. Sharon Rains, John Rhoad, Deloris Richardson, Craig Rike. Anthony Robinson, Wendell Robinson, David Rosenthal, Josie Ross, Sandy Spohn, Yvette Stringfield, Sue Stuckey, Jackie Strong. Debra Tate, Bill fate, Vance Taylor, Cliff Teasley, Eddie Thompson. Pam Underdown, Candy Vandersypen, Robin Verret, Roger Villemarette, Barbara Vinson. Martha Whaley, Amy Whitehead, Richard Whorton, Cindy Wilder, Wendy Wilkie. Henry Williams, Vince Williams, Rosemary Willson, Tonia Wim- berly, Scott Woodward. John Wozniak. Cottrell Wrcnn. Performers . . . 159 With the NSU Marching Band xT V S..V,- -., ■ 5« 3j _ v " .. ' 5 t L E 4 nWSj lr vK-flS 1 » a r» $ . . Cfr . ■•. M W A , ill fcBMs - " " ■ " , ' ' ' .,- PI IHk » 0Sr- ■tLT ' 1 ■f 1 a y T 9 - , " fe --jjJ MM - — L. - ' • ' . ■■ ' ■ I ABOVE: First Row: Sherry Anderson. Second Row: Charlotte Creamer, Debbie Crowell, Sandy Leone, Pam Under down, Sharon Rains. Third Row: Sandi Spohn, Debbie McClure, Bonnie Outlaw, Susie Haynes, Tina Goodrich, Kim Hemperley, Laura McKnight, Cassandra Gant. 160 . . . Performers ABOVE: Donna Nelson, Linzola Dudley. Eileen Keir, Dianne Mclnnis, Blanche Andries, Donna Bridges, Judy Fogleman. Kathy Dobibns. Performers . . . 161 Athletic Council First Row: Parker Wiggins, Jerry Pierce, Jack Freeman, Barbara Moffett, Marion Nesom Cunningham. Back Row: George Doherty, Dr. John Hix, Dr. Robert Most, Director, Dr. C. B. Ellis, Dr. Leo T. Allbritton, Dr. Austin Temple. 164 . . . Competitors Eugene Christmas Athletic Trainer Competitors . . . 165 Football Opponent Troy State University Grambling Stephen F. Austin University Delta State University Northeast Louisiana University Nicholls State University Louisiana Tech University Jacksonville State University McNeese State University University of Southwestern (Homecoming) Southeastern Louisiana University " • 6 28 13 14 13 14 7 35 8 14 7 12 20 13 36 14 17 10 14 First Row: Coach Gene Knecht, Coach Al Williams, John Dilworth, Stan Foster, Frank Haring, David Allen, Sidney Wilkinson, Stuart Wright, Bruce Bickham, Jack Brittain, Butch Campbell, Mike Maggio, Danny Foret, Gerald Savoie, Willie Rush, Willie Mosley, Jargis Blinks, Paul Trosclair, Mike Dohmann, Keith Bogan, Sidney Thornton. Ricky Berlin, Steve Jacobs, Coach Jerry Arledge, Coach John Ropp. Second Row: Mario Cage, George Barefield, Scott Tanner, Art Lancaster, Fred Wiley, Butch Ballard, Art Donahue, David Cox, Allison Scott, Randy Spra- dling, Carol Broussard, Danny Driskell, Roger Boogaerts, Reggie Thompson, Troy Willis, Mike Maggiore, Jimmy Wilson, Billy Estes, Jerry Edwards, Emory Toms, Mike Doherty, Coach Herbie Smith. Third Row: Coach George Doherty, Coach Raymond Peace, Wes Spillers, Jeff Vogt, Gregg Jackson, Oscar Kessinger, Stan Brouillette, Gene Knecht, Ray Ranger, Kim Gaspard, Jimmy Marcotte, Wal- ter Scott, Bobby Kirchoff, Dan Boddie, Mike Boogaerts, Robert Hardwell, Steve Frith, Bo McCollister, Bernard White, Roscoe Lewis, Pat Douget, David Hunter, Charles O ' Keefe, Jerry Beard, Bruce Radford. BELOW: First Row: Coach John Ropp, Coach Jerry Arledge. Second Row: Coach Gene Knecht, Coach Al Wil- liams, Coach George Doherty (Head Coach), Coach Raymond Peace, Coach Her- bie Smith. Y Before the 1974 football season began, a great deal of publicity about " the Year of the Exorcist " was circulated about the North- western squad. This was to be the ear that demons would " possess " their entire schedule. It turned out that " The Year of the Exorcist " meant that the North- western squad would be exorcised from the win column. That ' s the onl explanation possible in a sea- son that practically defies expla- nation. The 1974 edition of the Demons finished up with an over- all record of 1-10, thanks to a schedule that was described b many as the toughest small col- lege schedule in the nation. Point of fact: Northwestern played nine opponents that were ranked in the Top 15 in the NCAA or NAIA polls at some time during the sea- son. Competitors . . . 167 168 . . . Competitors Troy State 28, NSU 6 Even the threat of Hurricane Carmen couldn ' t slow down a powerful Troy State squad, as the Demons dropped a 28-6 GSC decision to the Trojans at Dothan, Alabama. The Trojans, who entered the game as the top-ranked team in the nation, allowed Northwestern only a pair of Danny Foret field goals in the opening period. Nine turn- overs handicapped the Demons during the contest, played on a field made slippery by rain. Nevertheless, NSU managed to stay with the Trojans statistically, as they picked up 17 first downs and well over 300 yards in total offense. David Allen Tailback Butch Ballard Quarterback Competitors 169 170 . . . Competitors Competitors . . . 171 Jerry Beard Offensive Tackle Jarvis Blinks Cornerback 172 . . . Competitors Grambling 14, NSU 13 History was made at State Fair Stadium on the night of Sept. 14 when the Demons faced always-tough Grambling. The first meeting between a predominately black school and a predominately white school was billed as a " natural " matchup. It turned out that way too, since the issue wasn ' t decided until the final 39 seconds. Tiger defensive back James Hunter went up to block a Danny Foret field goal attempt to give Grambling a narrow 14-13 win before 30,000 fans. Gene Knecht picked up the first NSU score when he gathered in an eight-yard toss from Ballard to pull the Demons within a point at 7-6 after Foret ' s PAT sailed wide. Mario Cage, who picked up 92 yards after going for 124 against Troy, raced for the other score on a 61-yard sprint. Dan Boddie Linebacker Roger Booagaerts Linebacker Competitors . . .173 174 . . . Competitors W Mm Competitors . . . 175 Mike Boyce Offensive Tackle Stan Brouillette Split End Stephen F. Austin 14, NSU 13 Chief Caddo, who goes annually to the winner of the Stephen F. Austin-NSU tilt, appeared to be heading for Texas from the start, as SFA leaped to a 14-0 halftime lead. The Demons rallied back in the second half as Cage capped a drive with a one-yard burst. Then, Bal- lard took it across to bring NSU within one. The Demons made the decision to go for the two-point conversion but a Ballard pass in the end zone was batted away. 176 . . . Competitors Carol Broussard Fullback Spencer Burroughs Offensive Guard Delta State 35, NSU 7 The power of Delta State dawned on the Demons to the tune of a 35- 7 thumping. It was the fourth straight loss for NSU, and it broke a string of two straight one-point losses. The Demons fell behind 14-0 by halftime and were down 21-0 before Butch Ballard and Reggie Thompson hooked up on a 25-yard touchdown pass. Competitors . . . 177 178 . . . Competitors Competitors . . .179 Northeast 14, NSU 8 The " goal-line jinx " had its effect once again in the Northeast con- test, and the result was a 14-8 Indian victory in Monroe. For the third time in five games, the Demons fought the clock during the waning minutes, only to see victory jerked from their grasp. Sopho- more fullback Sidney Thornton was the dominant NSU force in the contest, rambling for 122 yards in three qu irters of action. Sidney also spurted 22 yards for the only Demon score, and grabbed a two- point conversion pass from Butch Ballard to pull NSU within six. With only six minutes remaining, the Demons started a drive from their own 19 and, keyed by two third-down carries by Thornton, moved all the way to the Tribe 7. That was the end of it, as a fourth- down pass was batted away in the end zone. Mario Cage Tailback Butch Campbell Cornerback 180 . . . Competitors John Dilworth Cornerback Art Donahue Center Nicholls State 7, NSU The NSU squad outgained Nirholls State handily, picked up several more first downs, and won the battle of field position from the Colonels — and managed to loose 7-0. Three times in the first quarter and six times during the contest the Demons moved the ball into enemy territory, only to come up with nothing on the score board. Twice drives were halted by an inspired Colonel defense inside the 10. Mario Cage continued to lead the sta tistical tallies as he motored for 115 yards dur- ing the contest. Competitors . . . 181 Louisiana Tech 34, NSUO The Demons were manhandled by the top-ranked Louisiana Tech Bulldogs 34-0 before 26,000 fans in State Fair Stadium in Shreveport. The Techsters socked it to the Demons to the tune of 442 yards total offense during their impressive show. On the other side of the line, the now-famous " goal-line jinx " didn ' t affect Northwest- ern. The closest they ever penetrated was to the Dog 24, and that came early in the second quarter. Mario Cage was the only high point for the Demons, as he rambled for 59 yards during the contest. Mike Doherty Defensive End Pat Douget Defensive End 182 . . . Competitors 1 V k — 4 - fc ». «9£» ar ' ' Dannv Driskill Linebacker Jerry Edwards Defensive Tackle Competitors . . . 183 184 . . . Competitors »•. .naUMV- 1 • AH • ■ T 7 f ' 1 fS t I B .C 1 ■ Ipt | £ -t wi ■k VJ Competitors . . . 185 Danny Foret Kicker Stan Foster Offensive Tackle Jacksonville 36, NSU13 A long list of key injuries led to a 36-13 defeat at the hands of the Gamecocks. The losses were felt most on defense, where Jax State rambled through the NSU defense for 328 yards on the ground alone. Even with this, the Demons jumped out to an early 7-3 lead when freshman safety Greg Jackson picked off a pass and raced 34 yards for a score. However, the Gamecocks took advantage of a key fumble and two big plays to grab a 16-7 half time lead. Mario Cage accounted for the other Demon score on a 13-yard scamper late in the contest. F ' -y „•_ K l ■MB U ' , M MLdk - VL m kgjnvS fl k m % f j B Iwm £ j %. w mtam 9j±. • m- L agffij.-vtf , 1 186 . . . Competitors Pip™ w 9 H W JP Y i J , ■E r 1 w. Kim Gaspard Center Frank Haring Tailback McNeese 1 7, NSU7 A combination of turnovers and a bal- anced offensive attack on the part of the " Pokes " combined to shackle the D; mons with their ninth loss, a 17-7 set- back. Butch Ballard led the opening drive, and Sidney Thornton covered the last two ards for the score. Ballard estab- lished a new mark for most completions in-a single season in the GSC, and also set a new NSU record for the most comple- tions. Competitors . . . 187 188 . . . Competitors Competitors . . . 189 USL 14, NSU10 In the Homecoming skirmish with Southwestern, the Ragin Cajuns grubbed a 14-10 decision over the Demons. Both teams battled to a scoreless deadlock in the opening half, but NSU drew first blood earl) in the third quarter when Damn Foret toed through a 41- yard field goal. It was soon 10-0, when Butch Ballard found Steve Frith in the end one from 16 yards out. Gerald Savoie set up both scoring opportunities with a pair ol fumble recoveries. Cajun quarterback Barry Pollard picked up one score on a sweep early in the final quarter, and he rifled a TD pass with only 40 seconds left to give USL the win. Oscar Kessinger Defensive Tackle bobby Kirchofi Defensive Tackle kM 1 _ J 1 |B7-» I i ■ i 1 T 2 s m£M h 1 i j l K M i 3sr n ) 1 139 m •JF- - - - 1 • 1 H 7 T. s 190 . . . Competitors Gene Knecht Tight End Mike Maggio Safety Ray Ranger Quarterback Gerald Savoie Defensive End Competitors . . . 191 Randy Strickland Defensive Tackle Sidney Thornton Fullback O ' ' ? Jeff Vogt Offensive Tackle Bernard White Offensive Guard 192 . . . Competitors Fred Wiley Noseguard Sidney Wilkinson Offensive Guard Troy Willis Defensive End Stuart Wright Quarterback NSU40, Southeastern 3 The Southeastern game was to be George Doherty ' s last as head coach, and he made it one to remember. In a show of offensive and defensive power, the Demons obliterated the Southeastern Lions 40- 3. Southeastern took an early 3-0 lead on a field goal, but Mario, the " Rage " Cage raced for four touchdowns and picked up 133 yards in the final 55 minutes. Sidney Thornton pitched in with 115 yards rushing, and Ballard added 168 yards in the air to close out his own record-breaking season. Cage broke for TDs of 20 and 42 yards to give NSU a 13-3 first period lead. He added a one-yard smash in the second quarter to go along with a Carol Broussard one-yard smash in the second quarter, giving the Demons a 27-3 lead at intermission. By the end of the game, the total offense amounted to over 440 yards. Competitors . . . 193 194. . .Competitors All- Gulf South Conference Players Butch Ballard John Dilworth fc JK Jk Winning Top Honors at Northwestern State University ' s Annual Quarterback Club Banquet Were, Fir9t Row: Troy Willis, Team Captain; Dan Boddie, Most Tackles; Art Donahue, Coaches Award; Stuart Wright, Scholastic Award. Second Row: John Dilworth, Most Consistent Defensive Back; Jeff Vogt, Most Consistent Offensive Lineman; Bobby Kirchoff, Most Consistent Defensive Lineman; Danny Driskill, Team Captain; Butch Ballard, Co-Most Valuable Player; Mario Cage, Co- Most Valuable Player and Most Consistent Offensive Back. Competitors . . . 195 Basketball y Opponent A Southwest Texas 107 57 McNeese State 76 70 Louisiana College 75 86 Centenary College 89 102 Southern University 84 . 104 Lamar University 89 84 Stephen F. Austin 78 95 McNeese State 73 77 Delta State 86 72 Southeastern Louisiana 56 53 Nicholls State 76 73 Northeast Louisiana 70 74 Louisiana College 57 81 Mississippi College 69 90 Livingston University 70 61 Mississippi College 69 90 Northeast Louisiana 77 100 Delta Slate College 75 71 Centenary College 81 101 Jacksonville State 78 76 Troy State 93 83 Southeast Louisiana 74 75 Nicholls State 72 68 University of Tennessee at Martin 74 90 Louisiana College 75 64 First Row: Lester Da- is, Googy French. Howard Hughes, Bill MrKellar, Bobby Arthur, Doug Brinson, Claude Britton. Second Row: Carl Hale, Larry Bivens, Rob Sutherland, Canfield Blunt, Ed Johnson, Dale Dunnavant, Nelson Sanders. Third Row: Coach Tynes Hildebrand, Billy Reynolds, Bernard Holder, Rick Reass, Reggie Gra ce, Lester Elie, Errick Hunt. Tommy St. Amant, Coach Derwood Duke. The NSU Demons assembled one of the outstanding GSC records ever established by an NSU squad. The Demons captured the title after leading the league race by a big margin for most of the season. The conference record was surprising to many, since the NSU squad ' s overall record was barely over the .500 mark. Postman Reggie Grace, forwards Billy Reynolds and Lester Elie, and guard Errick Hunt led the NSU charge. Other key performers during the season were guards Doug Brinson and freshman Lester Davis, forwards Nelson Sanders and Rick Reass, and postman Bernard Holder. Competitors . . . 197 Bobbv Arthur Claude Britton 198 . . . Competitors Competitors . . . 199 200 . • . Competitors Doug Brinson Larrv Bivins Competitors . . . 201 Dale Dunnavant Lester Davis Lester Elie 202 . . . Competitors Competitors . . . 203 Goog French Reggie Grace Bernard Holclf Howard Hughes 204 . . . Competitors Competitors . . . 205 206 . . . Competitors Competitors . . . 207 Erick Hunt Ed Johnson Bill McKellar Rick Reass 208 . . . Competitors Billy Reynolds Nelson Sanders Competitors . . . 209 210 . . . Competitors Rob Sutherland ff J ' ' ' ■ ' Competitors . . .211 Women ' s Volleyball 1st game 2nd game NSU Opp. NSU Opp. McNeese 15 11 13 11 Northeast 15 7 15 Lamar Tournament Fourth Place LSU Invitatio nal First Place Nicholls 15 3 15 10 Newcomb 15 6 15 8 Southeastern 14 16 15 7 LSU 15 9 13 15 LSU 15 5 12 15 Northeast 15 8 15 5 Northeast 15 3 15 2 Northeast 10 14 15 6 Dominican Cc •liege 15 2 15 9 NSU Invitational Third Place McNeese 16 15 9 15 USL 9 15 15 4 LSU 16 14 11 15 Southeastern 15 9 11 3 Newcomb 13 15 16 15 Newcomb 13 15 16 15 9 10 V 212 . . . Competitors First Row: Cindy Waters, Peggi Ates, Cheryl Dore, Cathy Comeaux, Pam Moore. Second Row: Coach Suction Daroonpun, Sonya Pixley, Emma Ellerman, Diane Pittman, Becky Kcenc. Melanie Krane. Assistant Coach — Susan Wood. Manager Melba Lee. Coach Joyce Hillard. Women ' s Coaches: M. Duchon, Daroonpun, Tony Grice, Joyce Hillard, Susan Wood, Mary Jane Mayfield. A strong NSU women ' s volleyball team finished their season with a 21-9 overall record and captured the state Association of Intercolle- giate Athletics for Women cham- pionship. The Lady Demons grab- bed a first place in the LSU Invi- tational Tournament and a third in their own Invitational tourney before hosting the state meeting which attracted ten teams from throughout the state. Top players for NSU during the season were Emma Ellerman, Diane Pittman, Melanie Krane, Cheryl Dore, Kathy Comeaux, and Cindy Waters. Competitors . . . 213 214 . . . Competitors Competitors . . . 215 Women s Basketball Opponent Louisiana State University 60 59 MeNeese Stale University 68 47 Northeast Louisiana 61 56 University of Southwestern 88 72 Louisiana Teeh 76 56 Mississippi College 81 112 Louisiana State University 68 63 Louisiana Tech 86 77 Northeast Louisiana 80 74 Louisiana Teeh 83 87 Northeast Louisiana 79 59 Louisiana Slate University 83 70 Louisiana Teeh 87 86 Southeast Louisiana 68 92 Texas Women ' s University 79 67 Texas Women ' s University 78 72 Louisiana Teeh 78 79 Newcomb 65 40 MeNeese State University 57 56 Southeast Louisiana 51 68 MeNeese Slate University 53 52 Southeast Louisiana 58 81 Iw| B t The NSU Lady Demon basketball squad compiled one of their most impressive records in their history during the 1974-75 season. The squad compiled a 12-3 record by the middle of the season, which included a second place in their own invitational tournament. The Lady Demons, under first-year Coach Mary Jane Mayfield, took part in the state Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women tournament, and later took part in the regional tourney in Nacogdoches, Texas. Sophomore Diane Pittman led the way for the Demon squad, averaging better than 20 points a game. She led a balanced scoring offense which featured five players averaging in double figures. Other starters included Judy McCaleb, Pat Nolen, Emma Ellerman, and Do Bonin. First Row: Shi ' rill Landry. Second Row: Pat Nolan, Hazl Hendrick, Do Bonin. Tcrri McConncll, Rhonda Bennett. Third Row: Melba Lee. Manager. Carol) n Quabe, Diane Pittman, Judy McCaleb, Coach Mary Jane Mayfield, Debbie Green, Emma Ellerman, Michelle Champagne. Competitors . . . 217 Do Bodin Emma Ellerman Judy McCaleb 218 . . . Competitors Pat Nolen Diane Pittman Competitors . . . 219 Track i 220 . . . Competitors First Row: Leo Gaston, Robert Johnson, Andrew Morning, Gary Richard, Mike Brown, Henry Babers. Second Row: Randy Moore, Paul Buitron, Frank Tram- mel, John Barrier, David Lewis, Kenny Rechal. Third Row: Tommy Mitchell, Mark Bolt, Brian McConnell, Chris DiGrazia, Andrei Moore. Fourth Row: Grady Lee, David Shepherd, Richard Pope, Rick Thomas, Jerry Richardson. Fifth Row: Coaches John Bottoms and Jerry Dyes. Coach Jerry Dyes ' fourth year as Northwestern track coach was a monumental one, as he had several performers turn in record-breaking performances during the 1975 campaign. The NSU harriers faced a tough 18-meet schedule during the season, the most ambitious in the team ' s history. They were also out to defend their Gulf South Conference Championship which they captured last year. Competitors . . . 221 Henry Babers: 100- Yard Dash, 220- Yard Dash. John Barrier: Pole Vault, Javelin, Hurdles. 212 . Competitors Mark Bolt: 3-Mile, 2-Mile. - Mike Brown: Long Jump, Sprints, 440- Yard Relay. Andrei Moore: 440- Yard Dash, Mile Relay. Competitors . . . 223 Paul Buitron: Mile Chris DiGrazia: Mile Rela 224 . . . Competitors Leo Gatson: Mile, Half Mile. Robert Johnson: Triple Jump Competitors . . . 225 Grady Lee: Discus Brian McConnell: Javelin Tommv Mitchell: 120-Yard High Hurdles Andrew Morning: 440-Yard Relay, Mile Relay. 226 . . . Competitors Frank Trammel in action. Andrei Moore: 440- Yard Dash, Mile Relay. Richard Pope: Pole Vault Gary Richard: 120- Yard High Hurdles Competitors . . . 227 Jerry Richardson: High Jump David Shepherd: 440- Yard Dash, Mile Relay. Ricky Thomas: Long Jump, Sprints. Frank Trammel: 3 Mile, 2 Mile. 228 . . . Competitors The NSU Cross Country Team. Competitors . . . 229 7. : V Tennis 230 . . . Competitors First Row: Marvin Morris, Luis Varela. Mike Phillips. Carlos Blancos. Second Kow: Assistant Coach Willie Paz, Steve Flicker, Gregg Manning, Jose deCamino. Ronnie Herrera, Coach Johnnie Emmons. V I S.U- Northwestern " ? tennis team played one of the most ambitious sched- ules in its history during the 1975 season, including 19 dual matches and five tournaments leading up to the Gulf South Confer- ence tourney in late April. Demon net coach Johnnie Emmons, whose 1974 squad won two tournaments and had a glittering 17-4 record in dual match play, had two all-conference players returning in senior Ronnie Herrera and Jose deCamino. deCamino captured the conference title in the No. 1 singles in 1974, while Herrera grab- bed the No. 6 championship. Coach Johnnie Emmons Competitors . . .231 ♦:♦»•• • ' % Car los Blancos Jose deCamino Steve Fricker Ronnie Herrera 232 . . . Competitors _ •■O.v. -,1. . I _.s w " r ■Bi titfi tr- ff»rog« ' - :o-- . Gregg Manning Marvin Morris Mike Phillips Luis Varela Competitors . . . 233 Baseball A 44-gamc schedule, including 16 rugged games within the Gulf South Conference highlighted action for the 1975 Demon base- ball squad. The NSU team, which rolled up a 23-20 record in 1974, were after a repeat trip to the NAIA Regional playoffs in Arizona. Coach Herbie Smith, in his seventh year as head coach of the Demon nine, returned only four starters from his 1974 squad. Pitcher Dennis Choate, first baseman Joe White, catcher Charlie Cockfield, and center fielder John Blanchard were the only returning veteran starters. The Demons battled for top hon- ors in the GSC Western Division against defending champions Nicholls State, Delta State, Mississippi College, and Southeastern Louisiana. Curtis Ardoin John Blanchard Dennis Choate 234 . . . Competitors I Charlie Cockfield Butch Cole Alan Courville Competitors . . . 235 Mark Hogan David Hunt Bud Oberle 236 . . . Competitors Rick Quarry Robby Tuminello Joe White Competitors . . . 237 Members of the Demon Golf Team Were, Bill Morrow, Tim Cain, Bob Morrow, Trenton Eversull, Bruce Eichler, Tom Bachman, Brad Locke, Coach Derwood Duke. Golf Northwestern, winner of the District 30 NAIA golf title for the last four years, took part in five tournaments during the season in preparation of the GSC meet. The squad also planned appearances at the NAIA District 30 Tourney, where they were after their fifth straight title. Senior Tom Bachman was Northwestern ' s top returnee from the 1974 squad, which finished 11th in the NAIA National Tournament among 32 teams. Bill Morrow and Trenton Eversull, both juniors, battled for team medalist honors. The other returnee from last year ' s squad was sophomore Brad Locke. Newcomers to the Demon squad included freshman Bob Morrow and junior Tim Cain. Coaching the team was Dr. Derwood Duke. 238 . . . Competitors Tom Bachman Bruce Eichler m .» .- Trenton Eversull Hi W - • ' ' ' • ' :■ " - Brad Locke Bill Morrow Bob Morrow Competitors . . . 239 2 V Wrestling .-, Competitors Competitors . . . 241 Rep i r sraravvw 3 i mm Gymnastics F f « H } m m » - •» i ■ ■ L J 242 . . . Competitors Coach Bedard, Allen Floris, Mike Dykes, James Young, Ricky Christopher, Leonard Johnson. James Young Mike Dykes Leonard Johnson Allen Floris Ricky Christopher Competitors . . . 243 Intramurals The Northwestern State intramural program put together one of its most successful years in its history in 1974-75, with a record num- ber of students participating in a larger range of activities than any in recent times. Fall programs included flag football, tennis, and other recreational activities, and the spring schedule included heavy emphasis on basketball and softball. Dr. Joyce Hillard, director of intramural activities, continued in her efforts to expand the intramu- ral program. During the year, more than 650 students took part in the program, one which involved competition in more than twenty sports on the campus. m 244 . . . Competitors i Mens Football Fraternity: 1st Place — Kappa Alpha 1 2nd Place — Sigma Tau Gamma 3rd Place — Phi Beta Sigma Independent: 1st Place — Liberators 2nd Place — Couyon 3rd Place — Warthogs 2 Competitors . . . 245 Men ' s Turkey Trot 1st Place — Kappa Sigma 2nd Place — Kappa Alpha 246 . . . Competitors Men ' s Bowling Fraternity: 1st Place — Kappa Sigma 1 2nd Place — Sigma Tau Gamma 2 3rd Place — Pi Kappa Phi Independent: 1st Place — PEWB 2nd Place — IEC 3rd Place — BSU Women ' s Bowling 1st Place — Sigma Sigma Sigma 2nd Place — Phi Mu 1 3rd Place — Delta Sigma Theta Competitors . . . 247 Men ' s Tug-of- War 1st Place — Kappa Alpha 2nd Place — Kappa Sigma 3rd Place — Sigma Tau Gamma 4th Place — Omega Psi Phi 248 . . . Competitors Women ' s Tug- of- War 1st Place — Phi Mu 2 2nd Place — Phi Mu 1 3rd Place — Sigma Sigma Sigma Competitors . . . 249 Men ' s Volleyball Fraternity: 1st Place - 2nd Place 3rd Place - 4th Place - 5th Place - 5th Place - Sigma Tau Gamma - Phi Epsilon Kappa - Kappa Sigma 1 -Pi Kappa Phi 1 - Phi Beta Sigma -BSU Women ' s Volleyball 1st Place — Pink Panthers 2nd Place — Caddo A 3rd Place — Sigma Sigma Sigma 3rd Place — Sigma Kappa A 4th Place — BSU 5th Place — Sigma Kappa B 250 . . . Competitors Men ' s Paddle Ball 1st Place - Kappa — Phi Epsilon Mens Tennis 1st Place - Kappa — Phi Epsilon Women s Tennis 1st Place — Sigma Kappa Competitors . . . 251 252 . . . Competitors Competitors . . . 253 Mr. and Miss NSU ' ■ - . xv. ; ' tfe ■ ►• c W m— nr - r Oben Jones and Helen Coutee Mr. Jones was a member of Who ' s Who, Blue Key National Honor Fraternity, NAACP, Student Body Association, ROTC, and Student Union Governing Board. He was also a member of Beta Beta Beta Honor Society and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Miss Coutee was a member of the State Fair Court, Homecom- ing Court, Winter Ball Court, Who ' s Who, the Student Body Association, and Pi Omega Pi. She was also a member of the Purple Jackets, Davis Players, NAACP, and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Personalities . . . 257 State Fair Court 258 . . . Personalities 1; ■ ■MaaHBaKBBl State Fair Court 260 . . . Personalitif Homecoming Court Members of the Court were, Helen Coulee, Yvonne Fisher Smith. Claudia Lyons, Patrieia O ' Brian, Cereece Smith, Martha Allen. Queen. Vikki Young. Cheryl Har ille. Renee Mourad. MariK n Thompson. Personalities . . . 261 Homecoming Court j i ss fcltfMS J £»ryl Harville Wr ' m ■-■ ■- A 262 . . . Personalities Hi omecoming Court % Personalities . . . 263 Winter Ball Court Members of the Winter Ball Court Were, Helen Coutee, Debbie Hebert, Vikki Young, Nancy Johnson, Queen Paula Jones, Debbie Digilormo, Anne Wood, Claire Almond, and Sallv Tanner. 264 . . . Personalities Queen Paula Jones with last year ' s Queen Linda Fulgham. Personalities . . . 265 Lady of the Bracelet Members of the Lady of the Bracelet Court Were, Yvonne Burns, Judith Morgan, Bonnie Outlaw, Carolyn Greer, and Gloria Brown. 266 . . . Personalities Miss Bonnie Rebecca Outlaw Miss Bonnie Rebecca Outlaw, an 18-year-old freshman speech major from Bossier City, was crowned Northwestern State Uni- versity ' s Lady of the Bracelet. Miss Outlaw, who also won the swimsuit competition, was a member of the twirling line for the Demon Marching Band, the University Puppeteers, and the State Fair Court. She was crowned by the reigning Lady of the Bracelet, Miss Lenn Dohmann. Personalities . . . 267 First Runner-up, Miss Judith Morgan 268 . . . Personalities A-» jr M | • Second Runner-up, Miss Carolyn Greer Personalities . . . 269 Third Runner-up, Miss Yvonne Burns 270 . . . Personalities Fourth Runner-up, Miss Gloria Brown Personalities . . . 271 Fraternity Sweethearts 272 . . . Personalities m 7 ' » •«« ' ■ »r •-.£»■ ► ■ ' ., !■ Jfc [ ' .OS 3 am m i I m 1 %| | 1 B jbsjii I S | ' ■■ I— M i£5J r ■J ?.- m WM ! ' iBBBm ' i l Anderson s y. iPsiPhi ' - f s - T ' ' Personalities . . . 273 _i Who 9 s Who in American Colleges and Universities 1 9 K w£ • Charlotte Crvam«T Personalities . . . 275 M 276 . . . Personalities Personalities . . . 277 278 . . . Personalities MSi l • - j JLt r " : B % 1 i fv J 5( F 1 0J0 • ■» to - " 191 WPI r ! • JE 1 w 1 1 1 - . 5 . yj • «• 1 v xii ■ r Cecil Mims Bl. : Personalities . . . 279 i 280. . . Personalities Personalities . . . 281 Greek Is . 284. . .Greeks Greeks . . . 285 ... a rush week full of Coors, Roaring 20s, Toyland, Funny Girl, fun, deci- sions, and the beginning of a new way of life. . . 286. . .Greeks ■ ■ ■ Greeks. . .287 . . . working together, brother with brother and sister with sister, to make NSU a better place in which to live 288. . .Greeks Greeks . . . 289 . . . friendship, unity, and most importantly . . . brother- hood. 290. . .(,mk- Harold Elliott Harry Green Robert Hutson Bruce Landis Robert Lane Wayne Lord Craig Mayeux, Secretary Kenny Quintcenna Elroy Ray- Gary Sebastian Jeff Shwalter Glenn Spillman Roy Travers Pat Young, President Debbie Arehambeax, Sweetheart Theta Chi Theta Chi Theta Chi Claire AlmaniJ, Historian Terr) Amazeen Sherry Anderson, Treasurer Linda Bacon Debi Brciuiliette Diana Brown Andrea Cariere Kay Deaderick, Vice-President Kathy Dobbins Lenn Dohmann Kenna Pat Dubose Barbie Everson Kathy Everson Chris Frazier, Vice-President Melimla Gainey Paula Jones, Cor Gvven Gatti Margo Haas Kathy Hewitt sponding Secretary Charlene Liberto Sandy Leone Brenda Love Renee Maurad Mary McCormick Brenda McKinney Laura McKnipht Lisa Methvin Judith Morgan Patty O ' Brien LaTerri Pearce Delta Zeta Delta Zeta Delta Zeta 292 Jackie Phillips Sharon Rains Debbie Richards Gayle Robertson Janey Robertson Joani Rosenthal Renee Sardisco Lynn Skerrett Louise Smith Sidonie Soulier Sue Stroud Karen Stump Beth Sweeney SueTriplit Lisa Thompson Mary Terracina Amy Vega Debbie Wiley Hermine Walker Colleen Walsh Amy Whitehead Connie Whittington Cath Wilkinson. Recording Secretary Ruben Tweedy, Man of the Year Delta Zeta Delta Zeta Delta Zeta 293 Jacqueline Anderson, Treasurer Juanita Bell, President Sherry Colbert Vanelda Lewis Vanessa Maxey Barbara McGee Wanda Payadue Lillian Priest Mary Rounds Valey Simon Sonji Williams 294. . .Greeks Delta Sigma Theta Delta Sigma Theta Veronica Hart Barbra Holmes, Treasurer Connie Levo, Vice-President Evelyn Moses Jacqueline Strong, Secretary Marilyn Thompson Michelle Van Buren Jimmy Wilson Zeta Phi Beta Zeta Phi Beta Greeks. . .295 Mary Ackel Jan Allbritton Becky Alsop Kim Avcrett Cheryl Belsha Sharon Benson Callie Berry Charlene Blume Fran Bordelon Mary Catherine Bounds Cheryl Brown (Cathy Bruno Renea Burns Maureen Calaway Pattie Campbell Sandy Clevenger Debie Daleo Tonya Dobson, Vice-President Amanda Eaton Charlene Eickel Donna Evers Sheri Floyd Rachel Gehl Lee Ann Goodwin Susan Gordon Rhonda Griffin Mathilde Halcomb Paulette Hebert Tommie Hebert Melanie Hedrick Kathy Hughes, Treasurer Carol Jones Kathleen Jones Debra Kilman Carliss Lafitte Susan LaHood Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigmt H Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma m Terry Loyd Pam Maggio Susan Maggio Susan MeCary Leslie McClung Debbie McClure Dana Miller, Secretary Phyllis Morgan Lynn Morris Mary Noonan Jan Norris Shirley Olivieri Annette Pecheu Lydia Petrus, President Sue Pigott Ethel Pitre Pam Pitman Rosalyn Powell Ann Price Tilda Revelett Dana Riggs Nancy Rivet Debby Rogers Donna Smith Sandi Smith Sandy Spohn Terrylyn Stroud Doris Thomas Liz Trudel DeeV ' illard Debbie Walker Vickie Waters Wanda Webb Nanc Wenner Charlene Whitford Gracie Yancey Steve Woods Man of the Year Terri Amazeen Carol Barnidge Karen Blue Dianna Brown Andrea Carriere Brenda Collins Jana Cornwell Dehby Dalio Michelle Dupont Gloria Dyer Amanda Eaton Beth Foster Debra Kilman Charlene Liberto Susie Liberto Jeannie Miller Mary Alice Nicholson Tilda Rivellette Sammy Ragsdale Rhonda Ryland Renea Sardisco Nancy Scott Jackie Snyder Mary Terracino Faye Lou Trotter Mary Upshaw Laura Welch 298 Greeks ■KIl ' jKK 4 J a I ' M 1 A A3 Li zr Jl w v s Sigma Tau Gamma Mike Phillips Eddie Picard Ricky Ross Bill Ruiz Charlie Snyder Ben Throbridge Robin Verrelt Bill Wood Kathy Lerchie, Whi te Rose Dennis Andrepont J. D. Arnold, Treasurer Cade Bardin Carl Bellenin Rick Bergeron Roger Cagle Lester Clements Gary B. Davis, Secretary Raymond Dees, Chaplain David Dollar. President Bob Gilmore Charles Guy Jerry Hale Roger Hale Flower Holloway Robert Jones Terry Judice Ronnie Kern Claude Lawrence Mike Maher Vince Mastracchtc Phil Milan Cecil Mims Vic Ortiz Sigma Tau Gamma Henry Babers Michael Brown Spencer Burroughs Mario Cage, Treasurer Greg Colson Marvin Foster Shal Hartwell Charles Horton, Vice-President Ronald Palmer Malcolm Robinson William Scott Johnny Sowells Andre Spinry Reggie Thompson. Secretary Calvin Wel.b James Wilson, President Connie Levo, Goddess Leta Iota Cereece Smith, Miss Phi Beta Sigma Veronica Hart, Crescent Sweetheart Phi Beta Sigma Phi Beta Sigma 300. . .Greeks Kenneth Austin Robert Blow Canfield Blunt Ricky Christopher Jerome Fay Robert Johnson Oben Jones, President Bobby Mcintosh, Treasurer Andrew Morning Michel Neely Gary Richard Anthony Robinson Marvin Roque Frank Smith, Vice-President Edward Venson Jerry Williams Kenneth Wilson Larry Willis Jacqueline Anderson Yvonne Fisher Janice Harleaux Wanda Payadue Omega Psi Phi Omega Psi Phi Omega Psi Phi 301 Martha Ackel Mary Angers Jeanne Baer Liz Bailey Christine Broderman Brneda Causey Debbie Childs, Panhellenic Donna Choplin Brenda Collins Lisa Cooper Debbie Crowell Martha Curry Melodie Dark Barb Davis Nan Diefendorf Debbie Donaway Vicki Downing Linda Easley Cindy Et hridge Paula Ethridge Lil Evans Jane Fletcher Charlotte Fomby Deborah Ford Karen Fowler Judy Franklin Susan Gallagher Fran Gilson Cindy Godare Susan Gray, Pledge Trainer Janet Griffin, Rush Chairman Kim Hall Cammie Hargis Judy Hargrove Debbie Harlan Brenda Hilgerson PhiMu Phi Mu PhiMu Phi Claudia Holley Carol Johnson Nanr Johnson, President Marihn LeDoux Jackie Madden Anna MeKnight Jeanne Middleton, Vice-Presidenl Sally Morris. Pledge Trainer Mary Aliee Nickolson Sandra Passman Susan Pierson Nanc Poole Sheila Posey Jocelyn Pousson Sharon Rushing Jan Russell Lenore Sandidge Recording Secretary Brenda Service Suzette Speights Maria Stagg Mar Jane Stelly Molly Stilwell Garnet Sylvest, Corresponding Secretary Julie Tramel Cindy Trevino Mary Upshaw Carle na W ' altrip Julia Wells Cind West Nancv Wicker Christy Williams Jackie Williamson Ellen Wommack. Treasurer Sandra Wood Vikki oung Mu PhiMu PhiMu Phi Mu » ' « 11 I li ■ 1 1 1 | " bjlj ' II I i »i -) 1 Wayne Alford David Anderson Jimmy Anderson Bobby Arthur Dennis Arthur Dale Aueoin Phil Barbaree, President Keith Barbier, Vice-President Sammy Boggs Mike Cline Herschel Cobb Clinton Davis Jerry DeFatta Terry Downs, Treasurer Tim Farley Jay Garcia Stan Gates Pat Goodman Rodney Harrington Stan Haynes Steve Johnson Richard Karamatic Kitt Lee Victor Logan Dave Luffy 304 Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma m Randy Lucky Joe Magee Dodd McCarty Gary McElwee Andy McGlathrry Doug Norris Mike Pierce Darryl Pecquet Buddy Powell Crea Pugh Mickey Rascoe John Richardson John Russell, Secretary Jack Smith Geoff Spangler HerbieSpruell Bill Stewart Mike Sullivan Steve Sweeney Denny Thompson Jim Wheat Randy Wiggins Mike Wood Steve Woods Jay Worley Gayle Cohen, Dream Girl Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma .305 306 Annie Bradley Jacqueline Bogan Betty Coutee, Vice-President Helen Coutee, Secretary elinda Flowers, President Regina Graham Beverly Hardwell Sandra Jackson Glenda Jordan Vern McConnell Katherine Pierson Sharon Richardson Ruby Roberson Reda Singleton Sherry Smith Jane Thompson Donald Sr Rosemary Turner Althea Wagner Jerline Williams ith, Man of the Year Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Alphi Danny Cage, Secretary William Curry 4 J ; Larry Heart I. Vice-President Terry Holmes, Treasurer Micheal Lacour MtJAiA Richard Smith, Jr. Hilton Verrett, President Dock Voorhies, Jr. Bohln Waldrup Floyd White Lou Ann Ta lor. Alpha Phi Alpha Sweetheart Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha Greeks . . . 307 Denise Arnaud Lynn Averre Barbra Batten Julia Beeson Hollie Belvin Rhonda Bennett Carol Breed Laurie Butler Sharen Boykin Reneva Carnahan, President Mirhele Champagne Crystal Clower Pat D ' Angelo Denise Davenport Pam Dushan Mary Fisher Becky Garrett Cathy Gates Judy Cremillion Donna Guillory Karren Harris Camille Hawthorne, Treasurer Deborah Hebert Charlene Holley Zandra Hayman Sigma Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigmc 8£ 308. . . Gree Lisa Jones, Historian Ann Justice, Rec. Secretary Donna King Beverly Lewis Kay Lewis Vicki Odom Jeannette Perkins Vicky Rhame Sonja Riner Leslie Sample, Corr. Secretary Jeanna Wallace Margaret Ware Rosemary Wilson Anne Wood Amy Yardbough Srolty Landry, Man of the Year Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Kappa Boh Anglin, Treasurer Tim Alfnrri Rory Alexander Aubrey Alexander Stan Aarron Randy Brossette Charlie Briltain Mike Branch Tom Bowers Bill Bossier Bodenhamer, Parliamentarian Gene Blayloek David Barbee Damn Collins Chris Creighton Mike Daly, Chaplain Ronnie Dowden Charlie Dowden Earl Dixon Henry DeBroek David Dawson Trenton Eversull Stan Foster Warren Founds Ricky Garcia Artv Gibson, Recording Secretary Own Gill David Greer Harvey Gregg Terry Guin Robert Hanson Pres Hartt Walter Hetherwick Q. Hood John Jabbia Robert Jackson Aaron Johnson Mike Killian Scotty Landry, Vice-President Ted Ledet Joe Lewis, Alumnus Advisor Mike Lunigro Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha 310 Tom Whitehead, Farult Advisor Jern Williams Pat Williams. Corresponding Secretary Ted Wing Rirk Wiseman Rick Wvalt Fred Young Mark Young Janet Griffin. Rose Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Edgar Marten Steve Malhies Tomm Mi Bride Wayne Mi Bride Gary McDonald Mike McGuirt Louis Mirhiels Steve Moore Bob Morrow Tommy Morris Bu bbaPhilen Wayne Philen Frankie Piccolo Mike Rabalais Craig Rike Dennis Robbins Joe Robinson Greg Ross Ralph Sanders Stephen Sexton Kenny Simpson Mark Sutton John Terry, President Clay Trammel Lindsey Torbett Gary Trotter Ra Varnado Dru Wells .311 President Arnold Kilpatrick and Son 314. . .People Louisiana State Board of Education TOP LEFT: Louis J. Michot, State Superintendent of Education. TOP RIGHT: Edward S. Bopp, President of the Board. CENTER LEFT: Jesse H. Bankston. CENTER RIGHT: Charles Colbert. BOTTOM LEFT: Robert H. Curry. BOTTOM RIGHT: Richard D. D ' Aquin. People. . .315 Louisiana State Board of Education TOP LEFT: Frederick L. Eagan. Jr. TOP RIGHT: Enoch T. Nix. CENTER LEFT: Harve Peltier, Jr. CENTER RIGHT: A. J. Rov. BOTTOM LEFT: W. E. Whetstone. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dr. Boyd M. Woodward. 316. . .People NSU Administrative Officers m afc ' r »ii ? I TOP LEFT: Dr. Richard Galloway, Vice President of Student Affairs. TOP RIGHT: Ms. E. Loneta Graves, Vice President of Financial and Administrative Affairs. BOTTOM LEFT: Dr. Frank W. Martin, Vice President of Research, Development, Planning and Federal Programs. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dr. Charles F. Thomas, Vice President of Academic Affairs. People. . .317 Administration r W ' 1: m I . h. r? ■£ . . ' « " TOP LEFT: Mr. Walter P. Ledet, Registrar. TOP RIGHT: Ms. Laura B. Lavespere, Controller. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Frederick C. Bosarge, Dean of Student Personnel. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dr. C. B. (Lum) Ellis, Special Assistant to the President. 318 .. . People Administration 5 ' -m- •% • • . 2ft. rjt. TOP LEFT: Mr. Sylvan Sibley, Purchasing Agent. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Ted Wright, Supervisor of Universit) Facilities. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Jem Pierce, Direc tor of Informational Services and Secretary of the NSU Alumni Association. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Robert Wilson, Director of the Student Union. People. . .319 Administration v I TOP LEFT- Ms Jimmyp L Taylor, Coordinator of Personnel. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Edwin Andrew Freeman, Coordinator of University Activities. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. D. Loran Lindsey, Property Manager and Building Program Coordinator. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. August C. Baxter, Power Plant Superintendent. 320. . .People Administration M . r M TOP LEFT: Mr. William E. Schwartz, Director of Student Services. TOP RIGHT: Ms. Barbara Gillis, Director of Housing. BOTTOM LEFT: Ms. Mamie Trunz- ler, Coordinator of Orientation Organization. BOTTOM RIGHT: Ms. Selma Mahfouz, Assistant Director of the Student Union and Bookstore Manager. People. . .321 Academic ft L. ' TOP LEFT: Dr. Leo T. Allbritten, Dean of the Graduate School. TOP RIGHT: Dr. Thomas Paul Southerland, Dean of the College of Education. BOTTOM LEFT: Dr. Peggy Jean Ledbetter, Dean of the College of Nursing. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dr. David Townsend, Dean of the College of Business. 322. . .People Deans TOP LEFT: Dr. George A. Stokes, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. TOP RIGHT: Dr. Rene J. Bienvenu, Dean of the College of Science and Technol- ogy. BOTTOM LEFT: Dr. Bennie G. Barron. Director of the Division of General Studies. People. . .323 Faculty Ms. Margaret Ackel, Home Economics Mr. Ezra Adams, Journalism Ms. Margaret A. Adkins, Music Dr. Arthur Allen, Biological Sciences Ms. Carol G. Allen, Nursing Dr. Jerry Allen, Biological Sciences Dr. Ed Anders, Mathematics Ms. Jolene Anders, Business Ms. Frances Ardrey, Nursing Dr. Andrew W. Bacdayan. Economics Dr. M ildred Bailey, Curriculum Mr. Benny Barridge, Microbiology Ms. Hazel Batiste, Educational Psychology Mr. David L. Bedard, Health, PE, and Recreation Dr. Charles L. Bissell, Chemistry Ms. Billie Bitowski, Nursing Dr. E. Robert Black, Speech Mr. Allen R. Bonnette, Health, PE, and Recreation Ms. Judy W. Boone, Business Dr. Thomas Boone, Mathematics Mr. Malcolm C. Braudaway, Social Work Mr. Henry Brcitkreulz, Economics and Finance Dr. Paul Brignac, Jr., Chemistry Ms. Nohely Brodermann, Spanish Dr. Ramon Brodermann, Spanish Ms. Cynthia Brown, Special Education Ms. Eleanor Brown, Music Dr. Burton Buckley, Biological Sciences Ms. Marie Burkhead, Management Dr. Thomas Burns, Biological Sciences Dr. Sarah Burroughs, English Ms. Geraldine Bush, Nursing Ms. Mary Butcalis. Nursing Ms. Evalyn Byers, Nursing Dr. Stan Chaddick, Mathematics Mr. Fern Christensen, Education Mr. Raymond L. Christensen, Electronics Dr. Thomas A. Clinton, Education Ms. M. Ethelyn Cloutier, Special Education Dr. Gordon E. Coker, Health, PE, and Recreation Mr. Michael Corriston, Speech Ms. Eve Cousins, Nursing Mr. Thomas Covington. Mathematics Ms. Anetha Craft, Nursing Dr. Zoel Daughlrey, Agricultural Sciences Dr. Violet Davion, Health. PE. and Recreation Ms. Jean Davis, Nursing Dr. DeAnn 0. Dawes, Speech Dr. Celia Decker, Home Economics Dr. William H. Dennis, IET Ms. Barbara Dickerson, Nursing Dr. David Dobbins. Geology Ms. Mary Doherty, English Dr. Ronald Dubois, Education Mr. Tommy S. Dunagan, IET Mr. Johnnie Emmons, Health. PE. ami Recreation Dr. Thomas Eppler, IET Ms. Anne Etheredge, Nursing Dr. Rex Every, Agricultural Sciences Ms. Anita Fields, Nursing Ms. Mona Fletcher, Nursing Ms. Clara Gates, Nursing Dr. Donald Gates, Psychology Dr. Roy B. Gentry, Health, PE, and Recreation Dr. Raymond M. Gilbert, Education Mr. Dwayne Gilbert. Industrial Education Dr. Gail Goodwin. Student Personnel Dr. Tom Griffith, Microbiology Dr. H. Way ne Guin, Chemistry Dr. Hurst M. Hall, Educational Psychology Mr. Orville Hanchey, Art Dr. Grady Harper, Art Dr. Thomas L. Hennigan, Education Ms. Elizabeth Hernandez, Nursing Dr. Ernest 0. Howell, Health. PE, and Recreation Dr. William A. Hunt. Music Dr. H. Wayne Hyde, Chemistry 324 People m mm Ms. Lucile W. Ingram, English Ms. Elise James, Business Ms. Maxine Johnson, Nursing Ms. Carol Jorstad, Nursing Mr. Charles Keenan, Sociology Dr. Nadya Keller. Chemistry Dr. Conrad R. Kinanl. Special Education Mr. Kenneth L. Knotts, Political Science Mr. Michael Lewis, Special Edueation Ms. Luella M. Lewis. Health. PE. and Recreation Dr. James Lin. Biological Sciences Dr. Richard J. Lovell. Sociology. Ms. Mary Martin. Nursing Ms. Dottie Maziar . Nursing Dr. Boh Lumpkins, Curriculum and Instruction Ms. Carol McCoy, Business Dr. Raymond A. MrCoy. Counseling and Guidance Ms. Joan McKee. Nursing Ms. Doris McSwain, Nursing Dr. Sam Misaraea. Agricultural Sciences Mr. Merlin Mitchell. English Ms. Deanie Moore. Sociology Ms. Elizabeth Mosely, Nursing Ms. Barhara Moffett. Nursing Dr. Nedom Muns. Industrial Education Ms. Jacqueline O ' Neill, Nursing Mr. Rners Murphy, Art Ms. Dorothy Nii key. Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Roderick Outland, Biological Si iences Dr. Delores Payne. Education Dr. Jerry Payne. Music Ms. Landaree Pearce, Nursing Ms. Susan Pierce. Nursing Ms. Frances Pingrey. Nursing Mr. Dudley Pitt. Mathematics Dr. William Poe. Histon Ms. Man L. Posey. Education Mr. Franklin I. Presson. Journalism Dr. Donald Rawson. History Ms. Vera Rawson, Mathematics Dr. Hoyt J. Reed. Continuing Education Ms. Nelda Reed. Music Mr. Robert Rector. Art Ms. Amanda Reynolds. Nursing Ms. Jewell Richie. Health. PE. anil Recreation Ms. Sandra Roquemore. Health. PE. and Recreation Dr. H. Day id Scogin, Health. PE. and Recreation Ms. Elizabeth Saunders. Nursing Dr. Elizabeth Rubino, French Ms. Mary Roberson, Home Economics Ms. Willia Sewell, Business Dr. Bill Shaw. Industrial Education Mr. Dick Stalling. Biology Mr. C. L. Starnes. Health. PE. and Recreation Dr. Melvin Stevens. Earth Scieni es Dr. James Slothart. Biological Sciences Major Walter W. Taylor. Military Sc ieni e Dr. Austin Temple, Mathematics Dr. Earl Thames. Business Ms. Sadie Thomas, Home Economics Mr. lames C, Thorn. Art Dr. Paul Torgrimson. Music Dr. Lillian Tomlinson, Home Economics Ms. Catherine True, Nursing Major James B. Trussell, Military Science Ms. Sue Vercher, Nursing Dr. Charles Viers. Biological Sciences Ms. Sharon Walters. Nursing Ms. Cherrie Webster, Mathematics Mr. Thomas Whitehead, Education Dr. Eugene Williams, Economics Dr. Rohert Wynn. Education People. . .325 Classes 326 .. . People J People. . .327 Classes 328. . .People Classes People. . .329 Classes Classes People. . .331 I 332 .. . People People. . .333 Classes ' ? %IL l Classes People . . . 335 Graduates Ali Akliar, Hyderabad. India Chnlla Ardoin, Baton Rouge Michael Armstrong, Bossier City Roosevelt Benjamin, Natchitoches David Blaisdell. Otis Kathryn B rd, Shrevepoii Frank Collins, North Carolina Suchon Daroonpun, Bangkok, Thailand Edwin Deshautelle, Marksville Gary Digilormo, Natchitoches Nathan Dowden, Hornbeck Gary Elzen. Shreveport Leonard Endris, Natchitoches Leonard Ford, Alexandria M. F. Goodman, Jr., Shreveport Fikremariam Harnpo, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Diane Hart, Columbia, N. C. William Hart, Winston Salem Peggy Horton, Calvin Lynn Irvin, Beverly. Ohio Kevin Koeppen, Bossier Palton McHenry, Monroe Murzi Mistry, Poona. India Annie Morris, Varnado Prisna Nakornsri, Bangkok. Thailand Tinnakorn, Nakornsri, Bangkok, Thailand Dennis P. O ' Leary, Covington Jerry Penfield, Ashland Prapa Prasitsak, Bangkok, Thailand Wcerapon Prasitsak, Bangkok, Thailand Vicki Prather, Shreveport Jewell Presson, Natchitoches Boda V. Reddy, Hyderabad, India Becky Robinson, Coushatta Bharat Shah, Natchitoches Tommie Stringer, Hornbeck R. Annelle Tanner, Shreveport Ruben Tweedy, Metairie Patricia Vidrine. Ville Platte Leah Vogt. Franklinton Ray mond Waters. Jonesville Gary Wise. Jr., Lena Donald G. Zachary, Bossier City 336 . . . People Graduating Seniors John Adams, Alexandria Katrina Adams, Alexandria Rick Adams, Alexandria Jean Alexander, Shreveport Mike Allain, Melville Lynn Allen, Slidell Regina Allen, Marthaville Helen Alvy, Shreveport Jerrie Ammons, Natchitoches Jimmy Anderson, Plain Dealing Kathy Andries, Boyce Dehbie Archambeau, Shreveport Joyce Arnold, Many Darwin Arrington, Tioga Kathryn Arthur, Leesviile Barbara C. Askew, Natchitoches Cindy Atchison, Shreveport M. Sue Ayres, Jonesboro David Aymond, Pollock Patty Babineaux, Crowley Andreas Bach man. Pollock Linda Bacon. Creston Vicki Badgley, Ashland Alan Bailey, Birmingham, Ala. Linda Bailey, Natchitoches Melinda Baldridge, Many Melissa Baldridge. Many Loretta Bankston, Zachary Joan Barden, Boyce Susan Bean, Jonesville Rita Beebe, Lena Ann Begue. Houma Paul Begue, Houma Juanita Bell. Simmesport Marsha Benjamin, Gloster Doris Berndt, Shreveport George Berry, Danville, Penn. Lawrence Bertrand. Oberiin Susan Billingsley. Logansport Larry Bird, Shreveport Donna Gail Bollinger, Shreveport William Bond, Boyce Karin Boston, Montgomery Dean Bounds, Shreveport Connie Bower, Shreveport Doris Brabham, Oakdale Annie Bradley, Natchez Roger Breedlove. Alexandria Gale Brooks, Shreveport Zach Brooks, Anacoco Randy Brossette. Shreveport Billie Jo Brotherton, Haughton Robert Brotherton, Haughton Deborah Brown, Shreveport Karen Brown, Monroe Laura Brown, Baton Rouge Willard Brown. Pineville Christine Bryant, Robeline Roger Bryant, Many Janis Burgess, Leesviile Alice Burton, Longview. Texas Sabra Bushnell, Palos Verdes Estates. Cal. Mario Cage, Jonesboro Vicki Canady, Sulphur Gwen Carraway, Shreveport Sharon Carswell, Colfax Patricia Carter, Bossier Tessilynn Caskey. New Llano Benny ChampHn, Jonesville Bonnie Chapman, Homer People . . . 337 Alma Louise Charles, Natchitoches Piyavan Chavalitlekha, Bangkok, Thailand Sunnipa Chavalitlekha, Bangkok, Thailand Cheryl Choate, Natchitoches Emily Dianne Churchman, Ida Sally Clark, Alexandria Gary William Cloud, Goldonna Jane Collins, Calvin Katherine Collins, Tioga Joyce Congemi, Leesville Mozelle Cote, Natchitoches Jeff Cotton, Shreveport Kathryn Couvillion, Simmesport Rachael Couvillon, Kaplan Marcia Cox. Coushatta Richard Crawford, Coushatta Charlotte Creamer. Gretna Thomas Cummins, Minden Thomas Curry. Winnfield Kathy Daigle, Houma Mary Darphin. Iota Patricia Darphin, Iota Elise Davis, Alexandria Victor Dees, Florien Elaine DcLoarh, New Orleans Shanta Dennis, Birmingham, Ala. David Dillon. Winnfield David Dixon, Anacoco Jacque Dodd, Shreveport David Dore, New Iberia Tony Douget, Crowley Eleanor Doyle, Shreveport Sharon Drayton, Ruston Mark Ducote, Hessmer Janet Duncan. Colfax Winnie Duplessis, Marrero Mary Lynn Dupuy, Natchitoches Stephanie Dry, Biloxi, Miss. Stephen Don Durr, Leesville Sharon Duty, Natchitoches Danny Ebarb, Zwolle Betty Edwards, Many Audrey Eggins, Bunkie Joe Ehrhardt, Washington Virginia Elias, Dry Prong Ann Elston, Elm Grove Debbie Elston, Elm Grove Paula Ethridge, Franklinton Valeria Evans, Natchitoches Elizabeth Falcon, Zwolle Susan Fleming, West Monroe Barry Flenniken, Natchitoches Craig Fletcher, Natchitoches Belinda Flowers, Hodge Carolyn Ford, Jennings Virginia Ford, Leesville Robbie Fowlkes, West Monroe Penny M. Frantom, Shreveport Chris Frazier, Shreveport Michael Frazier, Alexandria Linda French, Haughton Daniel Fruge, Sulphur Judy Gallion, Natchez James Gamble, Bastrop Jessica Gardner, Palm Springs, Cal. John Gardner, Hall Summit Patti Gates, DeRidder Warren Gates, Alexandria William Gates, DeRidder Tom Gauthier, Hessmer 338 People Terry Gibson, German town, N. C. Linda Gordon, Fori Worth, Tex. Cecil Goudeau, Evergreen Stan Gove. Shreveporl Johnnie Graham. Shreveporl Ben Green. Ferriday Elian Giffin, Balon Rouge Stewart Guidry, Alexandria Charles Guy, Anacoco Dana G. Hakes. Bossier Cily Cynthia Hale. Lake Charles Deborah Hall, Ha ugh ton Stanley Hammond, Natural Bridge. N.Y. Frances M. Harris. Natchitoches Cynthia Harkins. Port Allen Susan Harling, Natchitoches Rodney Harrington, Florien Linda Harris, Baton Rouge Richard Harr , Shreveporl Margaret Havard, Castor Sylvia Hawkes, Rosepme John Haymon, Pitkin Lirr Heard. Grambling Queenie Heard, Shreveporl Paulette Hebert. Alexandria Rodney Hedgecock, Alexandria Erma Henderson. Heflin Don Henn, Bossier Cit Edna Hicks, Converse Charles Hilt. Alexandria Brenda Hilton. Ringgold Nancy Hodges, Grand Rapid-. Mich. Brenda W. Holmes. Alexandria William Holmes, Alexandria Kathryn Holt. Sieper Jan Hoot. Monroe James Horton, Winnfield Renee House, Bossier Debbie Hudgens. Glenmora Sharon Hudnell. Shreveporl Brinda Irving, Alexandria Deborah Jackson. Hodge Lee Jackson. Shreveporl Ro Jackson, Alexandria Laverne James, Shreveporl Cheryl Jefferson, Shreveporl Jeanne Jenkins, Oberlin Joe Jenkins. Natchitoches Clifford Jobe, Eunice Cindy Johnson, Natchitoches John Johnson, Harrisonburg Kathy Johnson, Jonesville Keith Johnson, Oakdale Mattie Johnson. Natchez Nanc Johnson, Natchitoches Sue Johnston. Winnsboro Bill Jones. Shreveporl Deborah Jones. Shreveporl Debra Jones, Spokane, Wash. Gail Jones. New Orleans Karen Jones. Lake Charles Kathleen Jones. Shreveport Oben Jones, Shreveporl Robert Jones, Ferriday Rosaly n Jones, Jonesboro Wanda Jones. Pineville Kathleen Julian. Bossier Cit Charles Keys, Louisville, K . Ria Khan. Hyderabad. India Mar Kidd, Winnfield People 339 Constance Kiese, New Orleans Helen G. Kizer. Shreveport Lynn Kuhn. Minden John Laborde, Natchitorhes Miehael J. LaCour, Natchitoches Claudia Lamb. Jennings Michael Landry, Texarkana, Tex. Susan Langston, Woodworth Victoria Latin, Shreveport Evelyn Laughlin. Lake Charles Theresa Lavespere, Colfax Patricia Lawrence, Coushatla Carolyn Lee, Shreveport Pam Lee, Shreveport Terry Lehr, Shreveport Brenda Leigh, Baton Rouge Jennifer Leis, Lake Charles Carol Letz, Crowley Sam Lilley, Natchitoches Janet Livengood, Shreveport Irene Lombardino, Shreveport Anna Lowe, Shreveport Neil Loyd, Baton Rouge Phillip Lunsford, Natchitoches Virginia Lunsford, Natchitoches Evelyn Lyles, Hereford, Tex. Linda Lyles, Minden Nancy G. Machen, Oil City Joe Madden, Shreveport Gladys Mallard, Robeline Iris Marky, Bricktown Peggy Marshall, Lake Charles Susan Martin, Natchitoches Daniel Mason, Natchitoches Chris Maxey, Boyce La ni-ll Maxey, Zwolle Vanessa Maxey, Zwolle Jane Mayeux, Ville Platte Edward May-field, Natchitoches David McCain, Zwolle Sammie McCain, Bossier Latissia McCranie, Bossier Bobby Mcintosh, Leesville Carolyn McKay, Many George McKinney, Springhill Jackie McLendon. Shreveport Beth McPherson, Lake Charles Theresa Meischke, Baton Rouge Lynn Merritt, Luling David Methvin, Natchitoches Louis Michiels, Alexandria Chris Middleton, Shreveport Julie Middleton, Shreveport Phil Milan, College Station, Tex. Beverly Miles, Pineville Ellie Miller, Shreveport Josephine Miller. DeRidder Cecil Mims, Shreveport Don Mitchell, Natchitoches Sara Mitchell, Coushatta Trent Mixon, Grayson Leah Monk, Natchitoches Jimmie Moore, Leesville Rebecca Moore. Shreveport Marilyn Morock. Alexandria Janet Morris, Anacoco Melvin Myers, Singer Richard Newman, Crowley Dale Newton, Bossier City Karla Newton, Baton Rouge 340 People Mike Noble, Baton Rouge Jesse Nobles, Many Charles Norman, Natchitoches Lisa Norman, Pineville Jan Norris, Oil City Reba Norris, Jena Carl Nyman, Vicksburg, Miss. Barbara O ' Neil, Lees vi He Theresa Orgeron, Galliano William Owens. Homer Donna Chartene Pare, 011a Delores Page, Shreveporl Billy Parker, Mansfield Pamela Parker, Anacoco Ruth Parker, Simpson Gary Patrick Converse Diana Patterson, Montgomery James R. Patterson, Montgomery Eileen Perilloux, Colfax Evelyn Perkins, Sulphur Ronald Perry, Alexandria Elnora Persley, Shreveporl Rebecca Peters, Florien Kermit Pharris, Natchitoches Doris J. Pickett, Many Pam Pitman. Alexandria Jo Ellen Plunkett, Montgomery Neal Pounders, Shreveporl Linda Powers, Urania (Catherine A. Pratte, Natchitoches Connie Price, Shreveporl Elizabeth Price. Jenn ings Greg Procell, Ebarb Geralyn Rabalais, Cottonport Janice Rainer, Monroe James Rambin, Bossier James M. Rambin, Pelican Debra Rene Rasch, Shreveporl Archie Reed, Alexandria David Reed, Sibley Tilda Revelett, Dry Prong Vicky Rhame, Melder Mel ha Rhodes, Saline David W. Riihard, Opelousas Stephen Rinaudo, Shreveporl Hilda Rives. Mansfield Dennis Robbins, Franklinton Gayle Robertson, Pineville Anthony Robinson, Alexandria Margaret Rodrigues, Many Debra Roge, Melrose Pat Ross, Lafayette Ginger Russell, Shreveporl Rebecca Sabatini, Bunkie Lois Sams, Leesville Norman Sanson, Shreveporl Kenneth Sawyer, Milwaukee, Wis. Pamela Schlomer, Leesville Deborah Scott, Grand Isle Don Seawood, St. Maurice Donald L. Sepulvado. Zwolle Jane Shaver, Plain Dealing Cheryl Shepherd, Houston, Tex. Carol Sherman, Shreveporl Susanne Shirley, Jonesville Don Shively, Jonesboro Luella Sibley, Shreveporl Robert Silvie. Campti Tim Simmons, Natchitoches Carol E. Simon, Marksville People. . .341 Pam Simpson, New Iberia Dorothy Slaughter, Baker Martha SH man, Eunice Joe Smith, Verda Larry Smith, Springhill Mary C. Smith, Shreveporl Maude Smith, Shreveporl Sherry Smith, Lena Stuart Smith, Shreveporl Joy Snider, Westlake Sylvia Sonnier, Kinder Sidonis Soulier, Baton Rouge Loyd I. Sowers, Jonesboro Gary Spangler, Natchitoches Bob Speer, Many Ann Spence, Winnsboro Sandra Spurgeon, Leesville Dori Stanley, Stonewall Linda Steele, Bossier City Cynthia Stephens, Shreveport Mary Stephenson, Shreveport Blanchard Stewart, Boyce Mar Stiles. Campti Gordon Stokes, Natchitoches Stephanie Storey, Monterey Dewain Strother, Florien Virginia Slroud, Shreveport Karen Stump, Winnfield Brenda G. Sullivan. Boyce Susie S. Swayze, Jonesville Monroe Taliaferro. Monroe Julie Talley, Lake Charles Marjorie Taylor, Jonesville Wanda Ta lor, Atlanta Mary Texada, Bunkie Bru :e Thomas, Winnfield Debbie Thomas, Shreveport Don Thompson, Lake Providence Charles Thrash, Shreveport Allan Tilley, Leesville Bert Todd, Magnolia James Tolbert, Leesville Susie Tompkins. Bossier City Glorice Toussaint, Natchez Mary Toussaint, Natchez Leta Townsend. Coushatta Denise Tray lor. Sulphur William Traylor, Baton Rouge Vicky Treadway, Shreveport Robliy Tuminello, Baton Rouge Debra Turner, Baton Rouge Terri Upchurch, Shreveport David Van Dyk, Shreveport James K. Varnell, Winnfield Rirhanl Vaughan, Shreveport Amy Vega, Shreveport Elnora Venson, Alexandria Melinda Vickery, Shreveport Peggy Vidrine, Ville Platte Linda Voss, Shreveporl 342. . .People Patricia Waddle. Pleasant Hill Brenda Wade, Bossier Althea Wagner, Monroe William Wagner, Jonesville Georgia Walmslev, Natchitoches Wijliam Ward. Shreveporl Jo Washington, Natchitoches Andy Waters, Shreveport Dehra Weaver, Oil City Karen Weaver, Gonzales Renee Weems, Winnfield Janet Welch, Natchitoches Elizabeth Wendt. Pride Lillian White. Natchitoches Ralph Wilhurn. Pelican Debbie Wiley. Alexandria Elizabeth Wilkinson, Gulfport, Miss. Sidney Wilkinson, Baton Rouge June Williams. Atlanta, Tex. Sarah Williams, Cottonporl Sidney Williams, Vinton Sue Lynn Williams, Hornbeck Glen Williamson, Betsy Layne, Ky. Mary Jane Willis, Natchitoches Karen Willson, Alexandria Pam Windham, Stanley Wayne Wise. Houma William J. Wise, Lena Glen Wofford, Morgan Anne Wood, Pineville Tommy Wood, Ringgold Marilwi Worsham, Coushatta People. . .343 Undergraduates Gwendolyn Abad, Jonesboro Kathy Abshire, Alexandria Martha Ackel, Natchitoches Mar Ackel, Natchitoches Rebecca Ackel, Natchitoches William Ackel. Natchitoches Gaile Acklin, Ebarb David Adams, Coushatta Sherry Adams, Jonesboro Tommy Adkins, Natchitoches Olu Akrinrinade, Nigeria. Africa Willie Mae Aldredge, Many Alecia Alexander, Bossier City Hurlene Alexander, Mandeville Rory Alexander, Harlingen, Texas Tim Alfonl, Zachary Jan Alhritton, Winnfield David Allen, Plain Dealing Linda Allen. Crowley Mareia Allen, Montgomery Martha Allen, New Orleans Rodnej Allen, Bossier City Janet Amnions, Zwolle Jill Anders, Pineville Jenie Anderson, Shreveport Wanda Anderson, Coushatta Blanche Andries, Shreveport Robbie Anglin, Shreveport Janie Anthony, Florien Jim Anthony, Shreveport George Antony, Alexandria Curtis Ardoin, Opelousas Mary Armour, Natchitoches Susie Armstrong, Keithville Lillian Arnold, Shreveport Debra Ashby, Blanchard Tyrone Ashworth, Westlake Peggi Ates, Natchitoches Barbara Atwood, Natchitoches Dale Atwood, Willowood, Mo. Judy Auhuchon. Shreveport Frankie Aught, Natchitoches Kenneth Austin, Baton Rouge Dianna Autry, Bossier City Cheryl Avery, Shreveport Lee Bahers, Coushatta Phyllis Bar ka. Bossier Gary Baden, Pineville Jeannie Baer, Baton Rouge J. Keith Bagley, Metairie Debora Bailey, Rosepine Liz Bailey, Rayville J. C. Bailey, Rosepine Lettie Ann Bailey, Rosepine Robert Bailey, Bossier City Wanda Bailey, Westlake Charles Baker, Alexandria LeuLeana Baker, Shreveport Norma Bale, Bossier City Kathy Ballard, Oakdale Emily Balthazar, Natchitoches Harry Bamburg, Coushatta Mary Bamburg, Coushatta Mark Bandy, Springhill Barbera Banks, Haughton Anita Bankston, Zachary Wyvornia Banks, Homer Paul Baque, Opelousas Keith Barbier, Berwick Denise Barnard, Shreveport Jay Barnes, St. Francisville Lucinda Barnes, Shreveport M ' Lou Barnette, Shreveport Laura Barnette, Homer Beverly Fay Barnum, Campti John Barrier, Hull, Texas Gwen Barrilleaux, St. Martinville Mike Barrington, Leesville Janice Barrios, Tioga Lucinda Barron, Hightslown, New Jersey Leslie Barron, Hightstown, New Jersey Charles Barry, Shreveport Delores Barton, Shreveport Sharon Basco, Natchitoches Valerie Bass, Starks Terry L. Bates, Shreveport Barbra Batten. Natchitoches Iris Baltics, DeRidder Kay Baumgartner, Elizabeth Joyce Ba o, Bossier City Sherri Beal, Hodge Dotlie Beard, Pelican Bradley Bearden, Natchitoches Melvin Beasley, Alexandria Debbie Beason, Shreveport Marilyn Bedsole. Mansfield 344 People Doug Beebc, Hornbeck Melvin Beebe, Boyce John Been. New Lenox, 111. Annette Beetz, Ferriday Bonita Behan. Shreveport Vanessa Behler. New Orleans Vanetta Behler, New Orleans Vera June Bclgard, Deville Delores Bell, Shreveport Douglas Bell, Forest Hill Roy Bell, Simmesport Carol Below, Natchitoches Cheryl Belsha, Sulphur Rose Mary Belton, Baton Rouge Rebecca Beltz, Leesville Hallie Belvin, Boyce Mark Benge, Winnfield Deborah Bennett. Flora Kathleen Bennett, Ville Platte Rhonda Bennett, Baton Rouge Terry Bennett. Shreveport Sharon Benson, Westlake Rick Bergeron. Alexandria Allen Berlin. Winnfield Henry Berryman, Natchitoches Bruce Bickham. Shreveport Steve Biggs, Shreveport Jewell Birdwell, Marthaville Charlene Bison, Shreveport Rodney Bissell. Mansfield Patsy Black. Bossier City Terry Blake, Natchitoches Fran Blanchard, Baton Rouge Carlos Blanco, La Paz. Bolivia Charlene Blume. Stonewall Canfield Blunt, Colfax Jerry Bodenhamer. Natchitoches Babs Bodin, Lake Charles Jacqueline Bogan, Alexandria Juanita Bogan. Alexandria Sammy Boggs. Plain Dealing Emily Bokenfohr. Shreveport Barbara Bollar, Alexandria Earl Bollinger. Jr.. Houma James W. Bolton, Bossier City Ted Bolton, Leesville William Bolton, Anacoco Landry Bonnette, Simmesport David Bonvillian. Belle Chasse Dorothy Sue Bordelon, Leesville Fran Bordelon, Alexandria Sister Olive Bordelon, Simmesport Terri Bordelon, Simmesport Bill Bossier. Baton Rouge Gary Boucher, Springhill Rachel Boucher. Springhill Glenn Bourgeois, LaCamp Linda Bowers, Leesville Linda Bowie, Alexandria Yolanda Bowie, Leesville Ed Boyd, Natchitoches Rita Boyd, Natchitoches Janet Boyer, Opelousas Sharon Boykin, Franklin Annabel Bozeman. Winnfield Mary Bradford, Shreveport Thurman Bradley. Saline Billie Branam, Negreet Tim Brazzel. Natchitoches Carol Breed, Westlake Larry Breedlove, Coushatta Trudy Breland, Natchitoches Inez Brew. Boyce Peggy Brew. Boyce Donna Bridges. Haynesville Karen Brignac, LaPlace Leslie Britt. Natchitoches Jack Britlain. Jr., Natchitoches Sheryl Brodnax, Alexandria Cynthia Brooks, Shreveport Bennie Brooks. Minden Betty Brossett, Natchitoches Charlene Brouillette, Alexandria Debi Brouillette. Alexandria Carol Broussard. Delcambre James Broussard. Abbeville Sambra Broussard. Alexandria Deborah Brown. Bossier City Gary Brown. Singer Gloria Jean Brown. Coushatta Martha Brown. Berwick Michael Brown. Shreveport Sandy Brown. Baton Rouge Sherry Brown. Shreveport James Bruce. Shreveport Kathy Bruno. Shreveport P.-opk ' - . .345 Kennt ' th Buckley, Natchitoches James Bufkin, Elizabeth Paul Buitron, Corpus Christi, Tex. Ricky Bumgardner, Ashland Roper Bumgardner, Ashland Linda Bundrick, Winnfield Delia Bunker, Saline Jack Burford, Gloster Amy Burkhaller, Natchitoches Matthew Burks, Colfax Billy Burnley, Leesville Renea Burns, Shreveport Yvonne Burns, Shreveport Overton Burns, Leesville Lucy Burr, Vivian Sarah Burr, Shreveport Dell Burrough, Lafayette David Burroughs, Minden Myra Burrows, Gorum John Burrows, Ringgold Samuel Bush, Many Gary Butler, Alexandria Laurie Butler, Sulphur Mark By nog, Natchitoches Danny Cage, Jonesboro Ray Cage, Winnfield Maureen Calaway, Dodson Susan Caldwell, Shreveport Linda Calhoun, Rosepine Christy Callens, Pineville Elizabeth Calloway, Lake Providence Robert Cameron, New Orleans Linda Campbell, Zwolle Sandra Canizaro, Shreveport Diana Carter, Hosston Coni Carbonell, Marrero Cathy Carlsen, Omaha, Neb. Robert Carnes, Pineville Debbie Carpenter, Calvin Karl Carpenter, Alexandria Patsy Carpenter, Calvin Susan Carret, New Iberia Brenda Carroll, Grant Cecilia Carson, Ringgold Cynthia Carson, Ringgold Debbie Carson, Natchitoches Randolph Carter, Bossier City Ronald Carter, Natchitoches Susan Carter, Shreveport Kenneth Case, Marrero Billie Cason, Mooringsport Robert Cason, New Orleans Wanda Cason, Campti Roxanne Castille, Sunset Jerry Cavanaugh, Many Harmon Cedars, Simpson Barbara Chaffin, Pine Prairie Michele Champagne, Franklin Amy Champion, Luling Ann Chance, Florien Glynn Chevaliier, Jonesville Sandra Chew, Alexandria Suzzette Chisum. Alexandria Classie Claiborne, Shreveport Jane Christensen, Ansbaeh, Germany Ricky Christopher, Natchez Lisa Churchman, Colfax Clifford Cimaglia, Natchitoches Joe Ann Clark, Leesville Shirley Clark, Shreveport Skip Clary, Opelousas Lester Clements, Leesville Tim Clift, Coushalta Lynda Cloud, Houma Spring Cloud, Ashland Sunshine Cloud, Ashland Donna Coates, Bossier Herschel Cobb, Shreveport Alice Cochran, Bossier City Charlie Cockfield, Colfax Kathie Coffey, Ashland Darla Coile, Plain Dealing Sherry Colbert, Mansfield Alliece Cole, Shreveport Butch Cole, Shreveport Thomas Cole, Leesville Katherine Coleman, Shreveport Pam Coleman, Natchitoches Wyche Coleman, Coushatta Aretha Collins, Shreveport Brenda Collins, Opelousas Eddie Collins, Natchitoches Patsy Collins, Paradis Sharon Collins, Shreveport Steve Colwell, Bossier City Cathy Comeaux, New Iberia 3B«9 A vatm® 346 People pif g wi ■sin Carol Conant, Natchitoches Chris Conant, Natchitoches Colleen Cook, Kenner Donna Sue Cook. Natchitoches Lawrence Cook, Slidell Sidney Lou Cook, Many Darrell Cooley . Slagle Harold Cooley, Leesville Ralph Cooper. Leesville Debbie Corley, Alexandria Rose Corlt-y. Florien Mary Corley. Florien Randy Cormier, Sunsel Jana Comwell, Rosepine Joseph Cotton, Tannrhill Richard Cotton, Coushatta Roy Cotton. Tannrhill Betty Coulee, Campti Helen M. Coutee. Campti Beverly Cox, Natehitoehes Louis David Cox, Coushatta Mary Cox. Crowley Mel Cox. Lagansport Sidney Cox, JonesvHle Vioki Cox, Sulphur Beeky Crablree. DeRidder Steve Crane. Shreveport Cathy Cranford. Woodworth Cynthia Crawford, Calrasieu Elaine Crawford. Ringgold Prisrilla Cray ton, Natchitoches Karen Creel. Oakdale Randy Creighton. Natchez Altheas Critton, Tay lor E. Ann Crnko i Shreveport Kathryn Cruise, Piniera Beaeh. Fla. Helen Crump, Mansfield Ann Culotta. Shreveport Carol Cummins. Shreveport Jerry Cunningham. Natchitoches William Cuppett, Pineville James Cureington, ChaM- Martha Curry. Springhill William Curry, Springhill William Curry. Many Patricia D ' Angelo, Alexandria Wynta Dangerfield, Baton Rouge Janet Dasko. Alexandria Janet Daughtry. Winnfield Paul Daughtry. Winnfield Denise Davenport, Shreveport Carolyn Da is. Haughton Clinton Davis, Natehitoehes Debra Davis, Jonesboro Doris Ann Davis. Mansfield Dorothy Davis, Natchitoches Glenda Davis, Natchez Kathryn Davis, Shreveport Lavern Davis, Natchitoches Mary Davis. Haughton Mona Lisa Davidson, Coushatta Mark Davison. Shreveport Norma Dean. Goldonna Janice DeBellevue. Marks vi lie Jose De Camino, Santiago, Chile Raymond Dees, DeRidder Jerry Defatta, Shreveport Peggy Delery, New Orleans Suzanne Delrie, Alexandria Peggy Demint, Shreveport Dehra Dennis. Natehitoehes Shirley Dennis, Shreveport Rafael DrPicciotto, Tegucigalpa, Honduras Karen DeRouen. Bossier City Karen DesMarais. Shreveport Suzanne Devillier, Cottonport Benny J. Dew, Florien Bridget DeWeese. Sihle John W.DeWitt. Many Sharon DeWitt. Many Austin Dick, Alexandria Mary Dickson. Shreveport Nan Diefendorf, Baton Rouge Kathy Dillard, Pleasant Hill George W. Dixon. Natchitoches Kathy Dobbins, Bossier Tonya Dobson, Baton Rouge Jane Dockharn. Crawford, Neb. Lenn Kohmann, Opelousas David Dollar, Natehitoehes Debbie Donaway, Baton Rouge Mary Donaway, Campti Pat Douget, Crouley Sharon Douglas. Natchitoches Billy Dove, Livingston, Tex. Charles Dtiwden, Many People .347 Vicki Downing, Vivian Terry Downs, Minden Randy Doyle, Elizabeth Danny Driskell, Arcadia Janice Driskell, Shreveport Cynthia Ducote, Marksville Duane Ducote, Cottonport Annie Dudley, Shreveport Billy Duet, Galliano Joe Duhon, Shreveport Loretta Dunbar, Port Barre Melony Dunbar, Port Barre C. J. Duplechain, Lake Charles Lonnie Dupont, Simmesport Alice Dupuy, Natchitoches James Durham, Winnfield Deborah Durr, Marthaville Greg Durr, Natchitoches Cyndee Eady, Seattle, Wash. Susan Earnest, Shreveport Linda Easley, Minden Dale Eberhardt, Alexandria, Va. Cynthia Echenhofer, Beaumont, Tex. Wayne Eddy, Nashville, Tenn. Peggy Eden, Beale AFB, Cal. Johnny Edens, Natchez, Miss. Jerry Edwards, Ferriday Elzie Eldridge, Robeline Eileen Eli, Alexandria Teresa Elkins, Vivian Charlene Elliott. Shreveport Michele Elmore, Alexandria Agnis English, Shreveport Kathryn Ernest, New Iberia Sue Eskew, Alexandria Billy Estes, Shreveport Barbara Evans, Shreveport Ronnie Evans, Pelican Rose Evans, Lisbon Barbara Everson, Baton Rouge Thomas Ewing, Innis Arthie Eznack, Gorum Sue Eznack, Gorum Carla Fadely, Shreveport Cecil Fairchild, Buckeye Sandra Fargerson, Shreveport Jerone Fay, Pineville Faye Fayemore, Minden Chris Ferguson, Shreveport Ronnie Ferris, New Orleans Robert Fiallos, Tegucigalpa, Honduras Janice Fields, Alexandria Sue Fields, Shreveport Kevin Fike, Monroe Bernice Fisher, Leesville Mary Fisher, Alexandria Yvonne D. Fisher, Leesville Sheree Fleming, Marthaville Jane Fletcher, Opelousas Palsy Flowers, Shreveport Sheri Floyd, Shreveport Sherri Floyd, Deville Jordan Flynn, Ft. Collins, Col. Martha Flynn, Alexandria Charlotte Fomby, Alexandria Keith Fontenot, Eunice Rayford Fontenot, Kinder Roger Fontenot, Kinder Ronnie Fontenot, Leesville Tim Fontenot, Eunice Imogene Ford, Winnfield Jolene Ford, Olla Patricia Ford, Heflin Rick Ford, Leesville William Ford, Leesville Fran Foshee, Natchitoches Beth Foster, Grand Cane Marvin Foster, Leesville Maxine France, Homer Yvonne Francis, Alexandria Judy Franklin, Shreveport Ronald Franklin, Shreveport Betty Frantom, Bellwood Hilda Frazier, Zwolle Randall S. Frederick, New Roads Googy French, Cheneyville Debbie Fuller, Sibley Marsha Fuller, Winnfield Nolan Fulton, Atlanta, Georgia Kathy Gaddis, Belmont Blanche Gaddis, Coushatta Dennis Gaines, Bossier Mclinda Gainey, Ponchatoula Sue Gallagher, Baton Rouge Brenda Gallien. Natchitoches Patty Gallien, Natchitoches WW$E$ 348 People § $0B5? £B ft.fl Richard Candy, Many Jay Garcia, Mind en Clenda Gardner, Natchitoches Terry Gardner, Shreveport Gregorv Garland, Ravville Kim Gaspard, Alexandria Bob Gates, DeRidder Ellen Gates. Pineville Leo Gatson, Marshall. Tex. Michael Gatti, Shreveport Jerry Gauthier, Hessmer Lorraine Gauthier. New Roads Tony Gauthier. Hessmer James Gautreaux. New Iberia Paul Gautreaux, New Iberia Vickie Gentiles, Baton Rouge Bryant George, New Orleans Toyna George. Baton Rouge Steve Gibbens, Baton Rouge Doris Gibson, Pensacola, Ha. Corrie Giles, Shreveport Owen Gill, Opelousas BobGilmore, Alexandria Novy Glass, DeRidder Cecile Gleason, St. Franc is v Hie Rosalyn Glover. Shreveport Cindv Godare. Sulphur Patricia Goines, Bossier City Judy Goins, Rosepine Virginia Going, Lecompte Tina Goodrich, Alamogordo. N. M. Lee Ann Goodwin, Shreveport Michael Goodwin. Natchitoches James Gordon. Cut Off Patricia Gordon, Covington Susan Gordon, Shreveport William Gordy. Leesville Lana Gorman. Shreveport David Graddy, Mt. Vernon, I ml. Dwayne Graham. Natchitoches Regina Graham. Shreveport Susan Graham. Shreveport Carey Grappe, Campti Pat Grappe. Campti Kenneth Graves. Bossier City Susan Gray, Alexandria Debra Green. Natchitoches Rhonda Green. Many Debbie Greene, Elizabeth Amy Greer, Seattle, Wash. David Greer. Jonesville Lori Greer, Camp Springs. Md. Pamela Greer. Houma Angle Gremillion, Alexandria Elanore A. Gresham, Winnfield Tommy Gresham. Winnfield Janet Griffin. Opelousas Rhonda Griffin. Shreveport Pansy Guice, Natchitoches Dale Guidry, Lake Charles Donna Guillory, Natchitoches Cvnthia Guillot, Simmesport Deborah Guillot. Simmesport Cynthia Guin, Lake Arthur Terry Guin, Natchitoches Wendy Gullion. Shreveport Barbara Gunn. Hessmer Dan Gunter. Lecompte Peggy Gunter, Natchitoches Margo Haase, Baton Rouge Donna Haie, Shreveport Austin Halbrook. Pollock Jerry Hale, Shreveport Kim Hale. Morgan City- Leslie Hale. Greenville. S. C. Roger Hale, Shreveport Betty Hall, Natchitoches Kenneth Hall. West Monroe Kim Hall. Natchitoches Pam Hall, Owego, N. Y. Patrick Hall. Shreveport Pea Hie Hamilton. Natchez Peggy Hammond. Pineville Roger Hamilton. Natchitoches Willie Hamilton. Ashland, 0. Yvonne Hammond. Chestunt Phillis Hanchey, DeRidder Ruth Hancock, Coushatta Sally Harbert, Shreveport Hollie Hardeman, New Orleans Beverly Hardwell, Pineville Camille Hargis, Natchitoches Rick Hargis. Natchitoches Terr Hargis. Bossier City Judith Hargrove, Minden Dolphv Harkins, Natchitoches People. . .349 Debra Harlan, Baton Rouge Janice Harleaux, New Roads Lisa Harper, Shreveport Clayton Harrell, Bossier City Travis Harrington, Natchitoches Hellon Harris, Pineville Julius Harris, Baton Rouge Karen Harris, Alexandria Johnny Harrison, Montgomery Ronny Harrison, Montgomery Sharon Hart, Winnsboro Veronica Hart, Coushatta Shal Hartwell, Shreveport Patricia Harvey, Gretna Karen Hataway, Crowley Donna Hathorn, Ashland Deborah Hawkins, Alexandria Gary Hawthorne, Anacoeo Camille Hawthorne, Natchitoches kathy Hay, Bienville Kim Haydel, St. Martinville Jill Hayes, Many Steve Hayes, Many Zandra Haymon. Leesville Pat Haynes, Springhill Stan Haynes, Logansport Susan Haynes, Alexandria Catherine Haywood, Shreveport Larry Heard, Shreveport Stuart W. Heard, Mansfield Angela Hebert, Jennings Earl Hebert, Berwick Tommie Hebert, Alexandria Hazel Hedriek, Monterey Melainie Hedriek, New Orleans Chrissie Heider, Donaldsonville Audrey Helaire, Natchitoches Benny Helaire, Natchitoches Kim Hemperley, Winnfield Peggv Hemphill, Winnfield Anita Henderson, Shreveport Carol Ann Henkel, Kinder John Hennigan, Castor Angela Henry, Bossier City Ronda Henson, Tell City, Ind. Patricia Herman, Austin, Tex. Joann Hernandez, Lafayette Chris Herring. Alexandria Vicky Hire, Morgan City Linda Hickox. Pineville Debbie Hicks, Bossier Bruce Hildebrand, Natchitoches Brenda Hilgerson, Baton Rouge Donald Hill, Natchitoches Dorothy Hill. Bastrop Martha Hill, Mansfield Melinda Hill, Colfax Marilyn Hillman, Anacoeo Paul Hillman, Simpson Shelley C. Hilton, Arlington, Tex. Kenneth Hines, Alexandria Ronald Hines. Bossier Sharon Hines, Shreveport Wesley Hodges, Baton Rouge Mark Hogan, Mount Pleasant, Tex. Marian Holcomb, Bossier City Debbie Holland, Shreveport Ada Hollifield, Shreveport Julie Hollingsworth, Shreveport Larry Holloway, Brownsville, Tex. Barbara Holmes, Winnfield Buster Holmes, Natchitoches Linda Holmes, Natchitoches Terry Holmes, Natchitoches David Hood, Saline Gregory Hooper, Natchitoches Debbie Horn, New Orleans Jacob Hortman, Minden Charles Horton, Coushatta Angela Hoskins, Oakdale Anthony Hough, Saline Danny Housley, Vidalia Denise Housley, Vidalia Ruth Howard, Shreveport Zora Howk, Franklinton Michael Hubley, Shreveport George Hudson, Jonesvdle Lindy Hudson. Jonesville Roxann Hughes. Houma David Humphrey. Saline Chris Hunter. Oklahoma City, Okla. Anita Huntington, Natchitoches Evelyn Husband, DeRidder Delories Hutson, Natchitoches Earnest Hutson, Natchitoches Jimmy Hyams, Natchitoches 350. . .People Pft Rft BPa! UJ Jacqueline Yvonne [vy, Shreveport Christie lies, DeRidder John Jabbia, Natchitoches Neal Jabel. Many Annie Jackson, Allen Bryce Jackson, Angie Debra Jackson, Natchitoches Mildred Jackson, Alexandria Sandra Jackson, Angie Steve Jacobs, Shreveport Artie Jeane, Leesville Dee Jeansonne, Alexandria Mike Jeansonne, Alexandria Helen Jefferson, Shreveport Bridget Jennings, Montgomery James Jernigan, Sulphur Can Jeter, Natchitoches Paula Jetton, Springhill Chris Johnson, Shreveport Brenda Johnson, Saline Bobbie Johnson, Bermuda Carol Johnson, Baton Rouge Charles Johnson, Pineville Cheryl Johnson, Natchitoches Clara Johnson, DeRidder Cynthia Johnson, Chopin Deloris Johnson, Pitkin Edward Johnson, Natchitoches Jacqueline Johnson, Shreveport Joan Johnson, Oakdale Josephine Johnson, Shreveport Patsy Johnson, Benton Rebecca A. Johnson, Montgomery Ricky Johnson, Pitkin Bill Jones, Bossier Brenda Jones. Mansfield Emery Jones, Natchitoches Franky Jones, Shreveport Lanell Jones, DeRidder Paula Jones, Pride Peggy Jones, Shreveport Ann Justice, Watson Robert Kalmback, Shreveport Jennifer Karr, Shreveport Edward Kaufman, Natchitoches Kenneth Kaufman, Natchitoches Linda Kaylor, Cotton Valley Becky Keen, Shreveport Clayton Keel, Pleasant Hill Eileen Keir, Shreveport Pat Kelley, Alexandria Vickie Kelle , Winnfield William Kelley, Winnfield Carla Kelly, Baton Rouge Lynn Kelly, Natchitoches Minnie Kelly, Benton Susan Kelly, Alexandria Howard Kemp, Beaumont, Tex. Sharla Kendrick, Shreveport Elizabeth Kendrix, FarmerviHe Deborah Kennedy, Shreveport Bonnie Kent, Pride Ronnie Kern, DeRidder Evelyn Kidd, Bossier City Terry Kierum, Pineville Marylu Kilgore, Marthaville Debra Kilman, DeRidder Deborah King, Vivian Donna King, Alexandria Jacqueline King, Bogalusa Kirby King, Jonesville Gertude Mae Kirby, Leesville Equilla Kirkland, Oakdale Martha Kiser, Oakwood, Ga. Susan Klenk. DeRidder Rolf Klingenberg, Leesville Susie Knapp, Leesville Craig Knight, Bossier Kathy Knight, Shreveport Carolyn Knox, Jonesboro Sylvia Kosmitis, Shreveport Nancy Kowalczuk, Baton Rouge Kara Kruse, Natchitoches Joseph Craig Kubic, Alexandria Rayford Laborde, Hessmer Glenda LaCaze, Leesville Marlene LaCaze, Chopin Braunice LaCombe, Pineville Debra LaCour, Cloutierville Janice LaCour, Natchitoches Larry Lafitte, Shreveport Clara LaFont, Westwego Susan La Hood, Alexandria Carole Lambert, Metairie Michael Lambert, Robeline Leuanne Lampkin, Jonesboro People . . .351 June Landers, New Iberia Mary Lynn Landrum, Shreveport Deborah Landry, Texarkana, Tex. Dust) Landry. Bsile Ken Landry, Reserve Mitchell Lane, Mansfield Janet Laney, Shreveport Joe Lang, Lees vi lie Peggy Ann Langley, Jennings Malcolm Lanius, Alexandria Randy Larpenteur, Natrhitoehes Julie Laurent, New Roads Marlene Laurent, Baton Rouge Jeanette Law, Shreveport Dinks Lawrance, Leesville Susan Lawrence, Benton John Lazarone, Alexandria Bruee Lazarus, Little Rock, Ark. Mark LeBlanc, Opelousas Sandra LeBleu, Opelousas Dwiglit Lebsack, Mt. Pleasant, Tex. Betsy Lee. Shreveport Grady Lee, Minden Melba Lee, Bastrop Ruby Lee. Shreveport Cara Leggett, Many Betty Lehr, Shreveport Juanita Lejeune. Oberlin Jeanne Lemoine, Mansura Kay Lemoine. Alexandria Mark Lemoine. Cottonport Mary Lemoine, Mansura Peter Lemoine. Cottonport Douglas Leonard, Natchitoches Joyce Leone. Zwolle Marian Sandra Leone, Zwolle Kathy Lerehie, Shreveport Connie Levo, Many David Levy, Baton Rouge Beverly Lewis, Alexandria George D. Lewis, Pineville Jeff Lewis, Dry Prong Karen Lewis, Simpson Linda Lewis, Minden Linda Lewis, Simpson Michael Lewis, Shreveport Vernelda Lewis, Minden Susan Liherto, Shreveport Katherine Linn. Shreveport Van Linnear. Shreveport Charles Lionberger, Alexandria Susan Lirette. Houma Debbie Litton, Mitchell Patricia Litton, Jonesville Karen Lloid, Zwolle Frances Lloyd, Shreveport Pam Locke, Marthaville Terresa Lodridge, Flatwoods Nancy Loftin, Alexandria Jackie Lohman, Shreveport Bonnie Lord, Hornbeck Wayne Lord, Shreveport Ellen Loup, Sulphur James Lovelady. Negreel Berime Lovick, Natchitoehes Dave Luffey, Monroe Scott Lundberg. Colfax Pamela Lynch, Alexandria Ray Lynch, Shreveport Claudia Lyons, Crowley William Maehen, Oil City Freddy Macias, Leesville Sharon Mack. Simmesport Rebecca Madden, Shreveport Jan Magee, Pelican Michael Maggiore, Kenner Nan Magness, Shreveport Dorothy Mallard, Many Jaekqueetta Malone, Hodge Gregg Manning, Dallas, Tex. Sharon Maples, Bossier City Lydia Marcel, Houma Prise ilia Marina. Bennett Joe Marsiglia, Shreveport Bobby Marter, Zachary Edgar Martien, Berwick Carol Martin, Alexandria Jeanette Martin, Ashland Julia Martin, San Augustine. Tex. Virginia Martin, La Rose Sylvester Martinez, Zwolle Richard Mason, Bossier City Lisa Matlock, Springhill Tyrone Maxey, Many Sharon Maxwell. Jonesboro Debbie Maveux. Alexandria 352. . .People Melissa Mayeux, Buckeye Louis Mayhall. Goudeau Vicki McAlister, Kiethvilte Alice McAlpin, Natchitoches Susan McCaleb, Winnsboro Wayne McCart, Haughton Leslie MeClung, Natchitoches Debbie McClure, Jonesville Phillipa McClure, Logansport Bo McColIister, Shreveport Brian McConnell, Maugham Edith M. McConnell, Alexandria Vern McConnell, Quitman Mary McCormick, Shreveport Polly McCrillis, Bossier City Jack MeCrocklin, Natchitoches Mary McCullough, Campti Michael McCurdy. Many- Dan McDonald, Jonesboro Donna McDonald, Converse Henry McDonald, Columbia Kathy McDonald, Mansfield Sharon McDuffy, Shreveport Gary McElwee, Natchitoches Frances McFarland, Many Roger McGahee, Homer Barbara McGaughey, Shreveport Barbara McGee, Marksville Patty McGinty, Montgomery Cindy Mclnnis, Shreveport Dianne Mclnnis, Westlake Bill McKellar, Bossier City Brenda McKinney, Orange, Tex. Anna McKnight, Natchitoches Tish McKnight, Natchitoches Steven McLeod, New Orleans Richard MeManus, Pickering Sharon McManus, Montgomery Tom McMastr-r, Finleyville, Penn. Judy McMillan, Natchitoches Stan McNabb, Bunkie Monica Meador, Shreveport Diane Meaux, Abbeville Carolyn Meche, Lake Charles Jacqueline Meeks, Leesville Tommy Melancon, Natchitoches Jeanette Melder, Leander David Melton, Oakdale Jennette Meshell, Zwolle Lisa Methvin, Alexandria Bonnie Metzger, Iowa Jill Metzger, Iowa Sheila Meylian, Hineston Gary Michaels, Shreveport Cheryl Miciotto, Shreveport Bobby Middleton, Natchitoches Jeanne Middleton, Shreveport Jerry Miears, Shreveport Cami Miller, Baton Rouge Charlene Miller, Metairie Jeanie Miller, Eunice Judy Miller, Reeves Lucinda Miller. Pineville Pam Miller, Many Rebecca Miller, Sulphur Mehdi Mirhosseini, Iran Monica Mitchell, Natchitoches Jorge Mondragon, Tegucigalpa, Honduras Milton Monroe, Goldonna Milton Monroe, Pearl River Lynn Montgomery, Shreveport Richard C. Mooney, Lake Charles Andrei Moore, Texarkana, Tex. Charlotte Moore, Minden Cynthia Moore, Natchitoches Debbie Moore, Cut Off Jack Moore, Eunice Michael Moore, Patterson Nancy Moore, Meterie Randy Moore, Victoria, Tex. Walter L. Moore, Shreveport Roy Moran, Pride Ina Moreau, Natchitoches Ella Morgan, Baton Rouge Phyllis Morgan, Natchitoches Andrew Morning, Shreveport Jerry Morris, Many Linda Morris, Shreveport Lynn Morris, Alexandria Sally Morris, Leesville Stefani Morris, Baton Rouge Amos Morrison, Natchitoches Gisele Morrison, Morgan City Debbie Morton, Kinder Randy Morton, Kinder Margaret Moser, Bossier City People 353 Donald Moses, Natchitoches Evelyn Moses, Natchitoches Steve Mudd, Shreveport Susan Mueller, Leesville Rolihin Mulinsa, Baton Rouge Andrea Mullen, Shreveporl Roberta Muller, Lake Charles Carmen Teresa Murphy, El Dorado, Ark. John M. Murra , Melville Marsha Murray, Bossier City Charlotte Muse, Boyce Ira Muse, Boyce Gail Myers, Shreveport Carson Nardini, Alexandria Eileen Nash, Bossier City Grady Neal, Montgomery Neda Nelms, Hornbeck Donna Nelson, DeRidder Terry Nelson, Bossier City Mareia Neumann, Tallulah Charles Newsom, Tullos Judy Newsom, Tullos Sylvia Newsom, Sarepta Debbie Newsome, Leesville Mary A. Nicholson, Opelousas William Nicholson, Crowley Julie Nicolle, Baton Rouge Dale Nielsen, New Orleans Jessie M. Nipp, Leesville Rhonda Nipp, Leesville William Nipp, Leesville Claire Nixon, Shreveport Patricia Nolen, Pitkin Mary Noonan, Bossier City Charles Norris, Jena Doug Norris, Harahan Craig Nugent, Orange, Tex. Robert Nugent, Pineville John O ' Banion, Leesville Lisa O ' Banion, Leesville Jenifer Oakes, DeRidder Alfred Oberle, Helena, Ark. Linda Odom, Gonzales Gail Offermann, Lafayette Kim Oliver, Minden Robert Orgeron, Westwego Lucy Orsborn, Provencal Vic Ortiz, Leesville John Osborne, Shreveport Bonnie Outlaw, Bossier City Carol Pace, Dry Prong Sally Pace, Minden Michelle Packard, Natchitoches Florence Page, Shreveport Brad Palmer, New Iberia Gary Palmer, New Iberia Sanria Pamplin, Shreveport Cheryl Paolini, Belle Chasse Ronnie Parault, Shreveport Marie Parham, Moreauville Marsha Anne Parham, El Dorado, Ark. Rhonda Parson, Many Lissa Parsons, Ragley Virginia Pass. Many Bama Patrick, Pearl River Donna Patrick, Bossier Julia Patterson, Shreveport William Patterson, Leesville Jackie Paul, Deville Pam Payne, Shreveport LaTerri Pearce, Zwolle Regina Pearson, Minden Darryl Pecquet, Harvey Mary Pegross, Bastrop Cindy Peltier, Natchitoches Joey Peltier. Natchitoches Jimmy Pender, Oakdale Gary Pennington, Florien Saundra Pennywell, Stonewall Sybil Penton, Pride Dalton Perkins, Leesville Donna Perkins, Many Edith Perkins, Pitkin James Perkins, DeRidder Jeanette Perkins, Natchitoches Leigh Perkins, Natchitoches Wendell Perkins, Leesville Albert Perrine, Alexandria Karen Perry, Rosepine Myra Perry, Vinton Mary Pilaris, Mansfield Mike Phillips, Galveston. Tex. Queen Ester Phillips, Clarence Thomas J. Phillips, Winnfield Frank Piccolo, Shreveport Martha Pickett, Morgan City fiA ' 7 B m ' ■ L i H ,. P [ " ■ Lif f A it m w 354 People a q a 3 ' It GAMMA .].i Pier. C, Mr Xllldri.l James C. Pierce. Pinevillc Katherine Pierson, Nati hitoi hes Lorrine Pierson, Nati hitoi hcs Man Pinkley, DeRidder Deborah Pipes, Newelllon Diane Pittman, Hammond Julia Piltman, Dubberlj Karon Pittman, Dubberl) Sonja Pixie) . Athens Joellen Poe, Natchitoi hcs William Allen Poe, Natchitoi hes Aubrej Polk. Natchitoches Nanc) Poole, Nati hitoi hes Ruthie Pope, Minden Carolyn Porter, Ferrida) Margaret Porter, Shreveporl Sheryl Porter. Alexandria Liz Posej . Vlexandria Sheila , NatchitOl he- Jennifer Pousson, Alexandria Jocelyn Pousson, Alexandria Maliel Powell, Benton Mar Powell, Alexandria Pal Powell, Shreveporl Rosalyn Powell, Shreveporl Willie Poynter, Man) Dehliie Prenger, Shreveporl Franklin I. Presson, Jr., Natchitoches Regina Prewett, Shreveporl Maxwell Price, Deville Rand) Price, Pineville Lillian Priest, Shreveporl Lexie Raydonia Proli . Keithx ille Phyllis Rena Proby, Keithville Mabel Pryor, LitUe Rock, Vrkansas Chen I Pun ell. Marrero Paul Purser. Winnfield Carolyn Quave, Alhanx Marilyn Quinney, Alexandria Aimee Rabalais, Powhatan Michael Rabalais, Alexandria James Rachal, K.insa- Cil . Mo. Mollie Rachal, Natchitoches Nadine Radial. New Orleans Pamel Rachal, Natchitoi hes Vernon Raehal. Dallas. Tex. Ella Sue Ragan. Clarence Sammie Ragsdale, Shreveporl Lana Raine) . Alexandria Sharon Rains. Man) Lois Ramagos, New Roads France) Ramirez, Doyline Katln Ramsey, Man) Karen Randolph, Shreveporl Ronnie Raney, Shreveporl R.n Ranger, New Orleans Micke) Ra- ' oe, Mansfield Kae R.i-h. Bossier Robert W. Rash, Bossiei Cit) Elrnx Ra . Elizabeth Gar Ray, Alexandria Keith Rax. Cheneyville Yolanda Rayford, Bastrop Deborah R.n ner, Pineville John Reed. Shreveporl Mike Reed. Crow lev Susan Reed. Ferrida) Susan Reynaud, Marksville Marx Reynolds, Natchitoches Mil ke) Reynolds, Longview, Tex. Silvin Rhodes, DeRidder Virginia Rhymes, Winnfield Toni Rieh, Shreveporl Laura Richard, Arnaudville Debra Richards, Shreveporl Alene Richardson, DeRidder Jahn Richardson, Alexandria JoAnna Richardson, Jena Sharon Richardson, Shreveporl Carl J. Riche, Minden Marsha Richey, Shreveporl Maril) a Richmond, Yvonne Ridenhour, Shreveporl I .n id Riggm-. Vinton Charles Riggs. Jonesx ille Rike. Mam Sonja Riner, Bossier Cit) Rebecca Ritter, Shreveporl Nam Rivet, Lecomptc Seoii Roach, Natchitoches Phillip Roark. Main Noreen Robbins, Shreveporl Riihx Roberson, Provencal Anna Roberts, Leesx ille Janet Rollers. Natchitoi hes P( ' )[)It 355 Connie Robertson. Bossier City Janey Robertson, Shreveport John Robertson. Shreveport Bett Robinson, Haynesville Lenda Robinson, Shreveport Malcolm Robinson, Mandeville Michael Robinson, Coushatta Patricia Robinson, Lake Charles Wendell Robinson, Shreveport Peggy Rodgers, Shreveport Mary Ann Roe, Elizabeth Mary Boemerman, St. Louis, Mo. Cherry Roge, Natchitoches Dennis Rogers, Minden James Rogers, Alexandria Susan Rogers, Converse Jimmy Rond, Natchitoches Judy Rone, Alexandria Emitte Roque, Natchez Marvin Roque, Shreveport Shannon Rose. Virginia Beach, Va. Marsha Rosenkrans. Shreveport Allicyn Rosenthal, New Orleans Joani Rosenthal. Alexandria Linda Rosenthal, Boyce Bruce Rosier, Alexandria Gregory Ross. Jennings James Ross. Alexandria Melissa Ross, Gonzales Steve Ross. Jonesville Jean Rostrom. Walsh Mary Rounds, Bossier Bill Ruffin. Minden Sharon Rushing, Natchitoches John Russell, Logansport Paula Rutledge. Magnolia Springs, Tex. Rhonda Ryland, Ruby Don Salassi, Simpson Carolyn Salley, Natchitoches Sherry Salter, Many Stanley Salter, Florien Mary Salzer. New Orleans Inell Samuels, Shreveport Deborah Sanders, Ferriday David Sanderson. Oakdale Lenore Sandidge. New Orleans Kathleen Sandlford, Jonesville Audrey Sapp, Leesville Pontris Sapp. Shreveport Charlotte Sarpy, Alexandria Janet Sarpy, Robeline Shirley Sarpy, Natchitoches Gerald Savoie, La Rose Laurie Saver, Alexandria Susan Scalfano. Alexandria Craig Seal Ian, Shreveport Lynda Scharf, Shreveport Rodney Schepp, Shreveport Bridget Schexnyder, Mansura Susan Schindler, Covington Jeannie Seholl, Shreveport Donna Schonfeld, Alexandria Allison Scolt. Natchitoches Myrtle Scott, Natchitoches Nancy Scott. Natchitoches Samuel Scott, Jonesboro William Scott, Coushatta Wanda Screws, Natchez, Miss. Janell Scroggs, Pineville Barton Sealy. Houma Way ne Searcy, Alexandria Bernice Sears, Bossier Theresa Sepulvado, Noble Danny Sermon, Glenmora Joseph Sers, Natchitoches Brenda Service, Lafayette Carol S exton, DeRidder Chris Shaw, Elmer Pam Shelley, Bossier City Marie Shell, Vidalia Carol Shelton, Bossier David Sheppard, Corpus Christi, Tex. Rosa Shields, Natchitoches Richard A. Shirey, Summer-field James Shirley, Robeline Cheryl Shivers, Provencal Mike Sibley. Natchitoches Patricia Sibley. Natchitoches Amy Simmons, Natchitoches Kenneth Simmons, Winnfield Beryl Simon, Simmesport Valery Simon, Simmesport Kenny Simpson. Natchitoches Mary Kay Simpson, Mooringsport Cindy Sims, Shreveport Jane Singletary , Sulphur Hggampv ' rnWWQM %%wm 356 .. . People Reda Singleton, DeRidder Wanda Skaggs, Cotton Valle Lynn Skerrett, Baton Rouge Patricia Slater, Bossier Arris Slaughter, Gonzales Terrell Sledge, Coushatta Barbara Sliman, Leesville Joseph Sliman, Eunice Betty Smelley, Shreveport Cereece Smith, Leesville Cynthia Smith, Evaans David Smith. Evans David Smith, Natchitoches Deborah Smith, Winnfield Don Smith. Natchitoches Donna Smith, Slaughter Hersche) Smith. Evans Jacqueline Smith. Winnsboro Jim Smith, Sumter, S. C. Jimmy Smith, Alexandria Joe Smith, Shreveport Joyee Smith, Haynesville Louise Smith, Sulphur Maria Smith, Klorien Phillip Smith. Winnsboro Sharon Smith, Tioga Stephen Smith, Hall Summit Stewart Smith, DeRidder Thomas Smith, Logansport Tinev Smith, Shreveport Bruce Soileau, Melville Sandra So well, Leesville Robert Spears, Pitkin Suzette Speights. Mansfield Donna Spencer, Lake Charles Nora Spencer, Rosepine Andre Spivey, Jonesboro Lanetia Spivey, Jonesboro Sandy Spolui, Bossier City Randy Spradling, Bossier City Kerry Spruill, Vick Rebecca Spurgeon, Leesville Cindy Stafford, Franklinton Maria Stagg. Kinder Juanita Stanley, DeRidder John S. Stapp, Winnsboro Roy Stapp, Winnsboro Deborah Stark, Alexandria Gerald Stark. Alexandria Kim Steinhorst, Lafayette Mar Stelly, Sulphur Randy Stephens, Leesville Joseph Stephenson, Shreveport Helen Stewart. Springhill Judy Stewart, Winnfield Lucille Ste wart, Shreveport James Stilley, Alexandria RoehelleStorn, Colfax Yvette Stringfield, Buras Jacqueline Strong. Bossier City Sue Slue key . Jonesboro Angela Sullivan. Leesville Dennis Sullivan, Coushatta Daisy Sumers, Mansfield Bettye Sumlin, Haughton Mary Sumner, Ruston Byron Sum rail, Shreveport Larry Sumrall, Shreveport Robin Sumrall, Shreveport Robbie Sutherland. Hales Corners, Wis David Swacker, Crowley Gail Sweeney, Campti Mary Ka Sweet. Shreveport Garnet Sylvest, Bogalusa Russell Sylvester, Jones vi lie Christopher Sylvia, Alexandria Sally Tabony, Point a la Hache Pamela Taitano, Leesville India Talalay, Leesville Julia Talalay, Leesville Cy Tandy, St. Francisville Sally Tanner, Evergreen Sandra Tanner, Evergreen Karen Tarpley, Negreet Evelyn Tarver. Natchitoches Tery n Tate, Zachary Dixie Taylor, Baton Rouge Karen Taylor, Bossier Lou Ann Taylor, Shreveport Mary Sue Taylor, Shreveport Patricia Taylor, Shreveport Susan Taylor, Natchitoches MaxTeasley, Zwolle Sabrina Teer, Natchitoches MikeTennie. Alexandria Marilyn Thiels. Boyce Proplc 357 Debra Thigpen, Baton Rouge Charles Thomas, Shreveport Doris Thomas, Natchitoches Durwan] Thomas, Ringgold Jenny Thomas, Coushatta Jettye Thomas, Winnfield Joy Rose Thomas, Haynesville Mar Thomas, Natchitoches Michael Thomas, Natchitoches Sue Thomas, Delhi Diana Thompson, Alexandria Dottie Thompson, WinnfielH Jane Thompson, Campti Marily n Thompson, Natchitoches Ra Thompson, Elizabeth Susie Thompson, Opelousas BarheraTibbett, Belmont Patti Tillotson, Baton Rouge Phillip Timothy, Alexandria Johnyc Tinsley, Jonesboro Sonja Tolar. Natchitoches Joey Tooley, Natchitoches Jeffrey Totten, Basile Brenda Toussaint, WinnfielH Bill Townsend, Baton Rouge Ponya Townsend, DeRiHHer Steven R. Townson, Elizabeth Houston Tracy, Alexandria Rebecca Trahan, Cueydan Frank Trammel, New Orleans Janis Trammell, Pubach Julie Tramel, Main Sharon Traveler. Shreveport June Traverse, Leesville Barbara Treadway, Shreveport Patricia Treganza, Haughton Cindy Trevino, Baton Rouge BuHHy Trisler, Jonesville Sharon Trisler, Jonesville Alexandra Trojer, Buenos Aires, Argentina Fay Trotter. Alexandria Ruth Ann Tubre, Oakdale Chinta Tucker. Shreveport Victoria Tucker, Bossier City Gus Tuma, Libuse Alex E. Turner, Oakland, Cal. Linda Turner. Mansfield Virginia Tyree, Shreveport Mary Upshaw, Minden Ten Urda, Pleasant Hill Robert Valentine, Richmond, Texas Mary Van Asselberg. Alexandria Michael anBuren, Jonesboro Chris Vanbuskirk, Shreveport Deanna Vanderhoef, Shreveport Sue Anne Vanderlii k, Boyce Candy Vandersypen, Alexandria Robert Yardeman, Shreveport Sandra Varnell, Winnfield Craig V aught, Shreveport Sharon Venable, Kentwood Wilma Venson, Alexandria Debbie Vercher, Natchitoches Hilton Verrett, Franklin Denise Veuleman, Natchitoches Diane Villard, Alexandria Roger Villemarette, Cottonport MilHreH Vines. Winnfield Tammy Vines, Winnfield Varbara Vinson. Pineville Peter Vlahakis. Shreveport Jeffery B. Vogt. Thomas Dock Voorhies, Bunkie Phyllis Wagar, Bossier Linda Wages, Many Frances Walker, Alexandria Hermine Walker. Baton Rouge Machelle Walker. Florien Joanna Wallace, Reeves Paula Wallace, Tioga Colleen Walsh. Houma Kathleen Walsh. Houma Robby Walsworth, Campti Greg Wampler, Colfax Gloria Washington, Natchitoches Vickie Waters, Natchitoches Sonya Watkins, Minden Elizabeth Watson, Lake Charles Johnny Watson. Jennings Monica Watson, Baton Rouge Damn Weaver, Ashland Terry Weaver, Natchitoches Vicki Weaver. Many Charles Webber. Berwi) k Cynthia Webster, Montgomery Delma Weldon, Florien 358. . .Peopl( r m m$n WW •W, A7 ff$ dWBS v 5 ; Betty Wells, Balon Rouge Barbara Westall, Baton Rouge Violet Westbrook, Baton Rouge Brctula Wesley, Leesville Pain Wester, Provencal Martha Whaley. Haynesville Gene Whi taker, Baton Rouge Dianne White, Pineville Joe White, Longview, Tex. John Whitehead, Dry Prong Nancy Whitfield, Monroe Debbie Whitney, Goldonna Steve Whittington, Bayou Chieot Karen Whitworth. Shreveport Nancy Wicker, Lafayette Mickey Witburn, Minden Riek Wiley, Jonesboro Ellen Wilkerson, Zaehary Mark Wilkerson, Natchitoches Wade Wilkerson, Natchitoches Gar Wilkins, Shreveport Cathy Wilkinson, Slide! 1 Willanne Beverley, Gardner Barbara Williams, Oakdale Cheryl Williams. Alexandria Deborah Williams, Hornbeck Glenda Williams. Mansfield Jerline Williams. Alexandria Lillian Williams, Shreveport Pat Williams. Leesville Sally Williams. Pitkin Sonji Williams, DeRidder Thomas Williams, Pineville Victoria Williams, Rayville Suzanne Williamson, Marthaville Connie Willis, Shreveport Bill Willson, Alexandria Rosemary Willson, Alexandria Catherine Wilson, Calvin Clarence Wilson, Shreveport Kaye Wilson, Leesville Kenneth Wilson, Leesville Bess Wimberly, Spnnghill Tonia Wimberly, Shreveport James Windham. Monterey Ted R. Wing, Haughlon Michelle Winkelman, Shreveport Edmond Wise, Leesville Richard Wise, Minden Rodney Wise, Lena Cindy Wiseman, Shreveport William Wiseman, Shrewporl Bill Wood, Bossier City Dorothy Woods. Saline Kenneth Wood, Colorado Springs, Col. Mike Wood, Leesville Sandy Wood, Gulfport. Miss. Wilson Wood, Cotton Valley Deborah Woods, Shreveport Ronnie Woods, Mansfield Annette Word, Alexandria John Worley, Alexandria John Wozniak, Center Point Joe Wray, Zvvolle John Wright, Minden Stuart Wright, Natchitoches Ricky Wyatt, Shreveport Amy Yarborough Elizabeth Yeates, Shreveport Karen Yeomans, St. Louis, Mo. Cheryl oung. Leesville Cornelia Young. Alexandria James Young. Shreveport Jerry Young. Shreveport Mark Young, Pineville Roy Young. Sikes Vikki Young, Pineville Ray Youngblood, Shreveport People. . .359 Miss Cynthia Jane Carson, a 2-2 Social Science major from Ringgold, died as a result of an illness on October 28, 1974. Cynthia, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Carson, was born on May 9, 1955 and was graduated from Ringgold High School in 1973. She was a member of Delta Zeta Sorority. Miss Susan Gordon, a 2-1 Nursing major from Shreveport, died as a result of a traffic accident on November 19, 1974. Miss Gordon was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William E. Gordon Sr., and was a graduate of Southwood High School. She was a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority. Credits Mr. Ezra Adams Advisor Mr. John Haag Supervisor of Photography Mr. Jackie Warner Creative Photography- Mr. Dan McDonald Sports Copy 3ouLvnAJi ' 5r " Dep '

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