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JUi ' m Wmt e $- a re wit $ $■ t $). aflfltftMlHJSPtiiif yr V V fttOMt _ _• Vic£ Nort Natchil §sHB ----- - - - - ■• - - - ■■ . - ■ •■.,.•■ ■ :■ ■;•■•- • :..V ■;.■■■■ III Bg£ .2? an ' ..■•■ Never lose an opportunity to notice anything that is beautiful; for beauty is the handwriting of God. ■ . ' ■ ' .. " ■■ ' I W$mm m ililllilPli§ Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties but of little things given freely. mm W 8fMb m Perfection is attained by slow degrees; she requires the hand of time. Nature is innocence and beauty — But who is to protect the innocent? Do we unknowingly destroy Or carefully preserve? WSMSSBBk m m the Gallery Interaction Competition the Chosen the Masses 10 48 176 240 270 % y i • 1 4 • ! s Im 3 m 1 ■K fm H Desiderata Hal ill WFmSM Co placidly amid the noise and haste. Remember what peace there may he in silence. As far as possible uithout surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant: thev too hare their story: Avoid loud and aggressive persons: they tire vexations to the spirit. 1J you compare yourself to others you may become rain and bitter: for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, hoiccver humble: it is a real possession in the (hanging fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs: for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is: many persons strive Jor higher ideals: and everywhere life is full of heroism. HE 01 RSELF. Especially aju not feign affection. " Neither be cynical about love: Jor in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass, lake kindly the counsel of the years graceful! surrounding the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many laces arc bom of loneliness and fatigue. Beyond a wholesome discipline be gentle mill yourself. } ou arc a child oj the universe, no less than the trees and the stars: you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you. no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore. be at peace with Cod. whatever you conceive Him to be. anil whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace uith your soul. With all its sham and drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happ . Go placidly amid the noise and haste . . I -rl | 12 : . i « Remember what peace there may be in silence 13 As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons . . . m, v jt (Ua ■ ■ J ■ 1 • ' • IP 4 " 5iJ •jfc k a 3kw r B Bj v L F.»l| JO. , « M ■ 4 Ik u 1 V Speak your truth quietly and clearly and listen to others . . HI ■ It -■Hi ■:. ... v mm ;! » « ' .■ : 9; 15 If you compare yourself with others you may become vain and bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourselves . . . 16 Enjoy your achievements, as well as your plans . . . 17 Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time . . . 18 Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery . . . 19 1 But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for higher ideals and everywhere life is full of heroism . . . jPLACEMENT . MMaMNnpVMfeMftMaMrtllMMMtet - • •• 20 3e yourself, especially do not feign affection . . . 21 Neither be cynical about love for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment, it is perennial as the grass . . . Take kindly the council of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth Hi _ gf jB ■ ' WM w BPff 41 V 1 rlBx T 1 tffefiB . ' r ' f ' ' ' ' • ' 4F V i W l -i? ' l 23 Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune . 24 • jaaz WW w .. C Ctfl But do not distress yourself with imaginings; many fears are born of loneliness and fatigue . . . 26 Beyond a wholesome discipline be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to he here . -- — » .- . £ e J 1 % Therefore, be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. vm 33 With all the sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. 34 I " I didn ' t mean to love you, And I never meant to care. But I guess I never noticed just how often you were there, Walking on and talking til the sun went down. You kept me warm with just your eyes. Seems that all we wanted just came naturally, We never even had to try. I didn ' t mean to love you, Didn ' t wanta let it show. No, I never meant to tell you, Tm just too proud to let you know. Bring back the days when we could talk away our troubles, Don ' t tell me things have changed so much. Please take the time, it ' s not so hard to do — Unless there ' s nothing left to say — I guess there ' s nothing left to say. I didn ' t mean to love you, but I guess I always will. Guess you ' ll always be inside me kinda warm and soft and still. No, I didn ' t mean to love you, and I didn ' t wanta cry. I never meant to love you — never meant goodbye. " (words by Helen Reddy) 36 • . strive to be hapf Northivestern continually called her students to express themselves through involvement in student activities and student life. You were involved socially, academically, professionally, and individually. Excitement through participation ivas foremost among the lives of everyone. You were invited to come along and you accepted the challenge. You were tested and you passed. You were involved in the whole, yet you remained as one. 38 39 ,.NABOTTL„ THE FIRST THING THAT I ' D LIKE TO DO. IS TO SA VE EVER Y DAY TIL ETERNITY PAoo JUST TO SPEND THEM WITH YOU. IF I COULD MAKE DA YS LAST FOREVER. IF WORDS COULD MAKE WISHES COME TRUE, VD SA VE EVER Y DAY LIKE A TREASURE AND THEN I ' D SPEND THEM WITH YOU IF I HAD A BOX JUST FOR WISHES AND DREAMS THA TD NEVER COME TR UE, THE BOX WOULD BE EMPTY EXCEPT FOR THE MEMORY OF HOW THEY WERE ANSWERED BY YOU BUT THERE NEVER SEEMS TO BE ENOUGH TIME TO DO THE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO ONCE YOU FIND THEMr There just never seemed to be enough time. In Memory of JIM CROCE 1943-1973 r I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself but for what you are making of me. I love you for putting your hand into my heaped up heart and passing over all the foolish and frivolous things you cant help but see there, and for bringing out into the light all the wondrous and radiant belongings that you cant but dimly see there. I love you for closing your ears to the discords in me and for adding to the music of my life by worshipful listening. I love you for helping me build of the lumber of my life not a throne, but a temple. And out of the words of my everyday, not a reproach, but a song. You ' ve done more than any creed could have done to make me good, and more than any fate could have done to make me happy. ' - i You ' ve done it simply by being youself. " J m 1 ft flit - HSI 1 %u " II J It was here that I found friends in faces from places that I had heard only existed. I felt a need to belong, and I discovered added meaning in day-to-day activities. I searched for solutions to the unanswered and as my searching assumed many forms, so the answers came to me at different times and in unexpected ways. It was here that I gained a little more maturity and a lot more insight into the lives of many people as well as into my own life. I learned much more than books could ever teach and I learned each man is himself a book if you only know how to read him. Tve lived another year, come a little further, grown a little taller and seen a bit more of life, as well as my fellow Today I ' m leaving someone, going somewhere, looking to the future. But regardless of how far I go or where life takes me in the years to come, I could never forget you. So when I shall stop for a moment and wish to recall the days of those years gone by, Til remember the days that I knew and spent with you, the laughter, the sweet taste of happiness, the countless memories . . . Then I will smile once again and say, " Yes, I remember when. " May the road rise up to meet you . . May the wind be always at your back May the sun shine warm upon your face And the rains fall soft upon your fields 44 AND UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN. MAY GOD HOLD YOU IN THE HOLLOW OF HIS HAND. Interactment 47 Student Body Association The SBA of Northwestern represented a " potpourri " of all interests on campus. Composed of senators at large and class senators, these student administrators were charged with the cooperative government between NSU students and NSU administrators. Executive officers of the SBA were, SEATED: Nina Martin, Linda Fulgham, Carol Sue Henderson. STANDING: Dr. Richard Calloway, Advisor, Mary Lynn Williamson, Tommy Damico, Jack Damico, President, Rodney Harrington, and Floyd Copell. 48 BA Class Senators were, SEATED: Nina Martin, Mary Armour, Ronald Perry. STANDING: Anna Lowe, Adrian Strother, Doug Morris and Dianne Mclnnis. 49 jm, SBA senators in conference during a regular meeting. 50 SBA senators-at-large were, SEATED: Nina Martin, Betty Coutee, Carol Sue Henderson, Carol Doolan. STANDING: Oben Jones, Bert Todd, Lindsey Torbett, Jimmy Anderson, Robbie Fowlkes, Scotty Landry and Ronnie Herrerea. 51 Student Union Governing Board Whether grabbing a snack, buying a book, lounging between classes, bowling, or just " shooting the breeze " with friends, the NSU Union was the place to go. The Student Union Governing Board was the channel through which suggestions filtered for the success of this operation. It also sponsored a wide range of activities including the Lady of the Bracelet Pageant, Unfair, Coffeehouse. wr Members of the Student Union Governing Board were, SEATED: Denise Rabalais, Theresa Meischke, Rhonda Guilliams, Martha Compton, and Brenda Fitzgerald. STANDING: Doug Nichols, Eddie Hebert, Mr. Robert Wilson, Advisor, Dee Middleton, Leta Townsend, Ginger Ferguson, Debbie Hebert, Charlotte Creamer, Budd Cloutier, )ane Singletary, Rocky Smithe, Patti Gates, Lindsey Torbett, Anne Wood and Vicki Prather. 52 Executive officers of the Student Union Governing Board were, FRONT: Brenda Fitzgerald and Rhonda Guilliams. STANDING: Eddie Hebert, Rocky Smith, Doug Nichols, Budd Cloutier and Mr. Robert Wilson, Advisor. ABOVE: Members of the Research and Development Committee were, SEATED: Ginger Ferguson, Denise Rabalais and Anne Wood. STANDING: Lindsey Torbett, Debbie Hebert, Brenda Fitzgerald and )ane Singletary. 53 Members of the Big Name Entertainment Committee were, FIRST ROW: Debbie Thomas, Lael Kilpatrick, Cecil Mims, Doug Nichols, Chairman, Chris Williams, Linda Easley. SECOND ROW: Susan McCary, Barbara Holder, Sheila Smith, David Middleton, Mark Thomas, Owen Gill, Grant Cherry and Frazier, Christy Shelley Hilton. Members of the Social Activities Committee were, SEATED: Martha Pickett, )eannie Walker, Pemmie Austin, Mary Kay Sweet, Jo Ann Gabor, Vicki Prather, Stuart Young, Cecil Mims, Charlotte Creamer, Debbie Coutee, Harry Hyams, Eddie McFearin and Mike Morgan. 54 TOP PHOTO: Members of the Music and Films Committee were Melvin Womack, Patti Gates, Micki Bullock, Zach Foshee, and Martha Pickett. BOTTOM PHOTO: Members of the Decorations Committee were Donna Guillory, Ginger Ferguson, Reneva Carnahan, Debbie Childs, Barry Fleningken, Lily Arnold, Charlotte Creamer, Anna Lowe, Gary Davis, Lois Williams, Betty Burgin, Robert Jones, Sharon Caudle, Donna King, Pemmie Austin, Debbie Brouillett, Martha Pickett, Debbie Mayeaux, Phyllis Manfouz, Donna Schonfield, )oani Rosenthal, Pam Villermatte, and Tonya Dobson. 55 Memoers of the Hospitality Committee were Elroy Ray, Denise Rabalais, Lisa Thompson, Jenny Walker, Martha Compton, Jane Robertson, Donna Ross, Susan Fleming, Anne Wood, Theresa Meischke, Cwen Gatti, Doyle Brooks, Pemmie Austin, Ann Justice. ■ SB Members of the Publicity Committee were Rita Coleman, Janell Scroggs, Donna King, Karen DeRouen, Brenda Holland, Connie Bowers, Nancy Hodges, Linda Allen, Jeanette Martin, Leta Townsend. 56 BELOW: Grant Bowden, Kim Stienhorst, Anna Lowe, Wayne Daigrepont ■■HHU ) J I Students at outdoor concert 57 Blue Key Blue Key is a national honor fraternity for upperclass male students. Its purpose was to serve Northwestern and its students, and to act as official male hosts for the university. Members must have maintained an overall 2.5 academic average and be a minimum of Junior classification. Officers were Terry Roberts, Bert Todd, Mike Power and Robbie Fowlkes. 58 Members of Blue Key were, FIRST ROW: Dean Frederick Bosarge, Sponsor, David Clayton, Advisor, Roger Hammons, Dennis Robbins, Mike Power, Jerry Roberts. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Herrera. THIRD ROW: Mike Edwards, David Deas, Bert Todd, )esse Nobles, Steve Wells. FOURTH ROW: Les Palmer, David Ketchand. FIFTH ROW: Robbie Fowlkes, Mike Barrington, jack Damico, J. C. Harris. 59 Associated Men Students The Associated Men Students was the means by which every undergraduate male student at N.S.U. was assured representation on issues concerning dormitory living. The goal of the executive council of this group was to provide the best possible living conditions for all male dormitory residents, as well as serving as a link between men students and the administration. Representatives to A. M.S. were, SEATED: Erwin Wilson, Gary Palmer, Andy Bachman, )esse Nobles, Rodney Bissell, )oe Duhon, Rodney Wise, Matthew Burks, David Aymond. STANDING: Mr. William Schwartz, Sponsor, Frank Ladmirault, Cecil Edmond Goudeau, Bruce Thomas, Wayne Eddy, Buddy Balentine, Phillip Timothy, Bill Ford, Dan Terence Byrd, Richard Mangham, Tommy Damico, Paul Bonvillian, Roger Hammons, Advisor. 60 ABOVE: Members of A. M.S. Executive Council were, Cecil Goudeau, Secretary, Frank Ladmirault, Treasurer, Tommy Damico, President, Ronnie Herrera, Vice President, Roger Hammons, Advisor, Mr. William Schwartz, Sponsor. LEFT: Members of the Legislative Council were, FIRST ROW: Buddy Valentine, Dan McDonald, Bill Ford. SECOND ROW: Richard Mangham, Tommy Damico, Frank Ladmirault. THIRD ROW: Joe Duhon, Jesse Nobles, Cecil Goudeau, Paul Bonvillian. 61 Circle K The purpose of Circle K was to serve both the community and the university. It was a national service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. Membership was open to male students who had maintained at least a 2.0 academic average. RIGHT: Officers were Bruce Thomas, Berney Wait. Sweethearts were Dianne Mclnnis, Paula Ethridge, Linda Keedy, Ken Varnell. BELOW: Members were, Dr. Tommy Johnson, Sponsor, Tommy Gauthier, Berney Wait, Bruce Thomas, Dianne Mclnnis, Paula Ethridge, Linda Keedy, Ken Varnell, Larry Arender, Tony Gauthier. 62 ft ¥ £ i m " m L, Phi Mu Alpha This was a national fraternity formed to advance the cause of music, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, and to develop the fraternal spirit among its members. TOP: Members of Phi Mu Alpha. Officers of Phi Mu Alpha were, SEATED: Nadine Johnson. STANDING: |ohn Clement, Ronnie Bales, Mr. Richard Rose, Sponsor, Keith Dixon, )im Cooper, Charlie Keys, Anthony Robinson. 63 Cheerleaders The 1974 NSU Cheerleaders were truly successful. With a little sideline help from the SBA, a scholarship program was initiated whereby cheerleaders had a little " extra inspiration. " Needless to say, these ambassadors were a tremendous asset to a winning NSU Demon football team. FIRST ROW: Noel Ratcliff, Suzanne Cray, Angie lones, Anne Fortune. SECOND ROW: Susan McCaleb, Althea Newton, Holly Babin, Lynda Cloud. THIRD ROW: Claudia Holley, Doug Norris. ' om-Pom Line ie NSU Pom Pom Line worked hard uring all home games to help leerleaders encourage fan spirit and ) entertain the audience with lively utines and spirited dances. fcmbers of the 1974 Pom Pom Line were Aimee Rabalais, Dana Miller, Garnet Sylvest, Debbie Gray, Tonya George, Michelle Kalbacher, Jan Norris, Mary Catherine lunds, Captain, Diana Brown, Dell Burrough, Debbie Patterson, and Barbara Batten. 65 Current Sauce RIGHT: Ronaid Sanchez, Editor, Mr. Franklin Presson, Adviser. BELOW: Janet Vanhoof, Associate Editor, Anne L ' Heureux, News Editor. BOTTOM: Members of the staff, FRONT ROW: Lindsey Torbett, Gary Wise, Shelley Hilton, Ronald Sanchez, lanet Vanhoof, Melanie Babin, Mary Catherine Bounds. SECOND ROW: Dan McDonald, Michael Alexander, Curtis Gentz, Anne L ' Heureux, Rodney Chandler, Mr. Franklin Presson, Adviser. ■ 66 BELOW: Melanie Babin, Features, Dan McDonald, Sports, Mary Catherine Bounds, Creeks. BOTTOM: Lindsey Torbett, Advertising, Curtis Centz, Business Manager, Rodney Chandler, Circulation Manager Deadlines, Interviews, reporting and midnight oil-burning were daily routines for staff members before the Current Sauce hit the stands every Tuesday. The staff turned out a paper that proved to be a hotbed of ideas and the battlegrounds on which controversies over those ideas raged. BELOW: Gary Wise, Circulation, Shelley Hilton, Reporter, Michael Alexander, Photographer. 67 Becky Doherty: Associate Editor RIGHT: Deborah Kavanaugh: Editor Sue Eskew: Organizations ABOVE: Debra Kilman: Apprentice ABOVE RIGHT: Mary Armour: Apprentice RIGHT: Nancy Roan: Classes 63 Potpourri Nancy Johnson: Creeks Camiile Hawthorne: Sports ;. ■■ ' .:.: ABOVE LEFT: Vicki Prather: Student Life ABOVE RIGHT: Norma Bale: Apprentice LEFT: Cathy Seymour: Personalities FAR LEFT: Mr. Ezra Adams: Adviser 69 Purple Jackets The Purple Jackets were the official hostesses of NSU. Membership to this honorary service organization was open to students between their sophomore and senior years with at least a 2.6 academic average. Members of Purple Jackets: Karen Mathies, Debra Archambeau, Michelle Tooley, Carol Doolan, Joan Frost, Jo Ann Caplis, Shanta Dennis, Rita Coleman, Dru Welch, Sherry Baldridge, Sandra C. Lambert, Karen Jones, Beth Tarver, Donna Davis, Rhonda Ellerman, Sarah Gilbert, Beth Herring, Mary Jane Mayfield, Yoland Rambin, Jo Ann Roberts, Fran Scheurmann, Melissa Ward, Sue Creed, Tommie Lu Smith, Linda Fulgham, Debbie Hebert, Jossie Ross, Martha Compton. 70 Davis Players The Davis Players was a group of students dedicated to the active promotion of all aspects of the theatre. Members were required to exhibit an interest in the theatre arts. Members were, FIRST ROW: Grayson Harper, Susan Higgs, Wayne Daigrepont, Debra Cunter. SECOND ROW: Ernie Durfee, Becky Doherty, Sid Presson, Debbie Greene, Brenda Leigh, Clare Moncrief, Leslie Barron, Bobbie Park. THIRD ROW: Mr. Michael S. Corriston, Terry Monday, Tommie Smith, Sally Graham, Alice Magers. 7! NSU Rifle Team Members of the ROTC Rifle Team were, FIRST ROW: Dan Fletcher, Roger Finney, Lem Jones, Gloria Dyer, Richard Hooter, )oe Madden. SECOND ROW: Brenda Ledet, Anita Huntington, Major lames Trussell, Debbie Brown, Cathy Callaway. 72 Black Knights Northwestern ' s Black Knights Drill Team existed as an integral part of the Reserve Officers Training Corps. This precision marching team was organized to provide leadership training, foster the development of discipline and to encourage competitiveness. Membership was open to any member of the ROTC in satisfactory standing with the ability to perform according to the standards of the Black Knights. Members of the 1974 Black Knights Drill Team were, FIRST ROW: Kevin Koeppen, Thomas Aldredge, Mike Maddox. Commander, Leslie Guy, Charles Barry. SECOND ROW: Steve McCleod, Roger Cason, Ron Ellis, Bill Gates, Tim McCart, Robert Haire, Kerry Hill, Jim Bruce. THIRD ROW: Daniel Durr, Mark Wellner, Lane Callaway, Chris LaCour. 73 Reserve Officers Training Corps RIGHT: FIRST ROW: Joe Jenkins, Michael Beauford, Wayne Sears. SECOND ROW: Chris LaCour, Richard Hooter, Steve Carlton, Kevin Koeppen, Ken Berry, David Ketchand. THIRD ROW: Charles Luffy, Ken Bates, Mark Wellner, Don Green, Joe Madden, Robert Haire. BELOW: FIRST ROW: Steve Bade, Charles Barry, Daniel Durr, Lane Calloway. SECOND ROW: Jack Zator, Joe Duhon. THIRD ROW: John Springer, Rodney Bissell, David Breckmeyer, Rachel Gendron, Mel Cox, Charles Whitworth, Leonard Zebeau, Kenneth Hill. FOURTH ROW: Laverne Jones, Gary Muze, Jesse Nobles, Leslie Guy, Martha Pickett, Joseph Sers, Rosemary Mclntyre, Anne Bonette. IP t ' m I 1 m if : i ■ Members of the Corps were, FIRST ROW: Randy Jones, Joel McCart, Lem Jones, Phillip Lunsford, Bill Gates. SECOND ROW: lames Tolbert, Ed Venson. THI RD ROW: James Bruce, Roger Cason, Tom Cole, Ken Wood, Joe Land, Clarence Colbert, Betty Coutee. FOURTH ROW: joe Dezendorf, Ron Ellis, Debbie Brown, Dan Fletcher, Casandra Black and Cathy Callaway. 75 Alpha Lambda Delta The purpose of this organization was to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning. This national honor society required that members earn at least a 3.5 average during one semester of their freshman year. Officers were, Sally Kay Tanner, Debbie Judice, Denise Hebert, Judy Miller, Linda Bundrick, Ann Justice, Sharon Caudle. BELOW: Members of Alpha Lambda Delta. 76 Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi was a national honorary fraternity open to second-semester juniors, seniors, and graduate students. The objective of the organization was to emphasize scholarship in college students. Undergraduates had to have a 3.3 average and graduates a 3.6 average. Officers were Mr. Tommy Whitehead, Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Irma Taylor, President, Dr. James McCorkle (ail three seated above), Charles Guffy, Public Relations, Mr. Walter Ledet, Marshall, Dr. Leo Allbritten Parliamentarian. 77 Industrial Education Club The Industrial Arts Club of N.S.U. was organized for the objectives of uniting students majoring or minoring in Industrial Arts at Northwestern and to foster the development of Industrial Arts and Industrial Arts Education in Louisiana. TOP: Members of the Industrial Education Club. BELOW: The club ' s prize-winning homecoming float. $ nm tu M DEMONS HOMECOMING 73 K . ' K « B if i RIAL tuUCAI Alpha Beta Alpha The purposes of this national Library Science fraternity were numerous. The organization served to further the professional knowledge of its members, promote fellowhip, and to act as a recruiting agency. Members were Ann Culotta, Carolyn Ford, Cheryl Lewis, jo Ann Gabor, Patricia Bedgood, Susanne Shirley, Sharon Stoker, Paula Ethridge, Martha Sliman, Patricia Lawrence, Sally Kay Tanner, Margaret Havard, Jeanette Melder, Donna Bollinger, Earnstein Dukes, Valeria Evans, Sandra Spurgeon. 79 Beta Beta Beta The purposes of this national biology society were to stimulate sound scholarship, to promote research in biological sciences and to distribute scientific knowledge. Full membership required an overall 2.5 academic average and a 3.0 average in biology. Officers were Karen Mathies, Katherine Pratte, Dr. Dwayne Kruse, Sponsor, Angie Cremillion, Barney Barhill, loyceline Lackie. Members of the 1974 Beta Beta Beta Club. FIRST ROW: Kenneth Graves, Hank Aymond, Linda Spencer, Barney Barnhill, Leonard Endris. SECOND ROW: Mitchell Stephens, Mike Barrington, Katie Christensen, Terry Guin, Dave Jones. THIRD ROW: Michael O ' Daniel, Les Palmer, Angie Gremillion, Joe Pineda, Katherine Prattie, Tommv Peeples. FOURTH ROW: Ricky Smith, Gary Wise, David Deas, Karen Mathies, Joycelyn Lackie, Geraldine Burleigh, Eva McMullen. FIFTH ROW: Chris Young. 80 Members of Delta Psi Kappa were, SEATED: Linda Burkhalter, Yvonne Ridenhour, Barbara McQuiller, Stephanie Storey, Lynn Mann. STANDING: Marilyn Hillman, Paula Bonnette, Meryl Long, Kathy Holt, Debbie Cray, Cindy Waters. Delta Psi Kappa Membership in Delta Psi Kappa was open to women students majoring or minoring in Health, Physical Education or Recreation. Its purpose was to further an interest in the profession of physical education and to encourage high standards of scholarship. Officers were, Linda Burkhalter, Meryl Long, Yvonne Ridenhour, Kathy Holt. 81 Alpha Mu Gamma Alpha Mu Gamma was an honor society organized for the purpose of establishing a scholarship program for foreign language students. Members were required to maintain an overall 3.0 academic average in four semesters of a foreign language. Members were, FIRST ROW: Barbara Nielsen, Shuhoing Yuman, Suzette Harrell, )o O ' Quin, Denise Veuleman, Paul Aymond, Louis Champagne. SECOND ROW: Dr. Ramon Brodermann, Dr. Hanna Schroeder. THIRD ROW: Daniel Fruge, Laurence Lambert, Pat Haynes, Debbie Archambeau, Michelle Tooley, Nadine Johnson, Vickie Cranford, Nancy Gray. FOURTH ROW: Lowell White, Patsilpa Sompis, Mary Evans, Janet Riche, Tommie Smith. 82 Medical Technologists The American Society for Medical Technology was a group of students who were interested in the field of Medical Technology with intentions of making it a career. Members held regular meetings in which various aspects of the field were discussed. TOP: Officers of the club were Hank Aymond and Joyceline Leckie. BOTTOM: Members of the club were Vickie Pratt, Karen Mathies, Hank Aymond, Dr. Dwayne Kruse, Geraldine Burleigh, Nancy Foster, Joyceline Leckie. 83 Executive officers were Raymond Morrison and Dr. Raymond Christensen. Iota Lambda Sigma Membership in lota Lambda Sigma required enrollment as a major in Industrial Arts, with an overall 3.0 academic average. This national honorary fraternity promoted the cause of industrial education through scholastic achievement and professional growth. ■■■■ I Members of lota Lambda Sigma were Mr. Dwayne Gilbert, Dr. Nedom C Muns, Mr. Edward Domangue, Rodney Jordan, Dr. Raymond Christensen and Raymond Morrison. 84 Phi Beta Lambda Members of Phi Beta Lambda had to be a business major with a 2.0 academic average. This group was organized to develop competent, aggressive business leadership, and I create interest in the choice of business occupations. Members were, BOTTOM: Nancy Hodges, Warren Massia, Kathy Knight, Vicki Badgley. TOP: Barbara O ' Neil, Mrs. Elise James, Sponsor, Cathy Ford, Verdel! Harris, Reba Brantley, Mike Struna. 85 Phi Alpha Theta This national honor society in history was composed of students and professors who showed excellence in the field of history. Undergraduates had to have twelve semester hours in history with grades averaging above 3.0 and two-thirds of all other grades averaging at least a 3.0. Members were Dr. |ohn M. Price, William A. Poe, Delilah Warren and Dr. lames A. McCorkle. 86 Society for Advancement of Management The purpose of this club was to provide a bridge between the classroom and the actual world of business in order to give its members a better understanding of tasks to come. Members were, FIRST ROW: Monica Lacour, Gail Thompson, Julenne Juneau, Marty Lauck, Stewart Cuidry. SECOND ROW: David Reed, Michael Matthews, Chris Sylvia, Stewart Ewing. THIRD ROW: Roger Ferrier, Dr. Roger Best. FOURTH ROW: Don Schively, Claude Scott, Larry Wood, Budd Cloutier, Clifford )obe. 87 Members of Phi Epsilon Kappa, FIRST ROW: Keith Johnson, Dean Hollingsworth, Carl Bellemin, Jack Antilley, Bruce Webb, Mr. David Bedard, Faculty Advisor, Garland Wampler. SECOND ROW: Luke Catalanatto, Donnie Veazey, Buddy Trisler, Julius Steele, Mike Phillips, Kerry Paige, David Cox, Richard Skaggs, Pat Burns, Ken Varnel!. THIRD ROW: Roland Champagne, David Scogin, Gene Revels, Joe Young, Allen McNamee, Vernon Wilson, Mike Doherty, Danny Housley, Skipper Morgan and Steve Newsom. Phi Epsilon Kappa The primary objectives of this national honorary fraternity were to promote the professional attitudes of trained men in health, physical education, and recreation. Members were required to maintain an overall C average. Officers were, SEATED: Bruce Webb, Roland Champagne, Ken Varnell, Keith Johnson. STANDING: David Bedard, Skipper Morgan. 88 Collegiate Association of Secretaries The purpose of this organization was to promote the professional growth and development of young women who were planning to enter the business world for a career. Members of the National Collegiate Association for Secretaries were Rita Beebe, Nancy Hodges, Kathy Lambert, Kathy Moore, Joyce DeVance, Susan Etheredge, Elizabeth Wendt, Rhonda Smith, Debra McCain, Julene Juneau, Becky Wallace, Peggy Spruill, Hollie Kile, Phyllis Ham, Linda Tingle, Brenda Stephens, Stephanie Lachney, Janice Ebarb, Shunny Chavalitlekha, Cathy Benson, Jo Ann Clark, Carolyn Miller, Kathy Knight, Dorothy Slaughter, Debbie Black. Mrs. Carol McCoy, Sponsor. 89 Sigma Alpha lota This was an international professional fraternity whose purpose was to uphold the highest ideals of a musical education and musical productivity. Members were, FIRST ROW: |an Greer, Georgia Green, Carol Repulski, Josie Foss, Connie Bower, Nadine Johnson, Patsy Smith. SECOND ROW: Roxie McCormick, Cynthia Echenhofer, Carla Pendergr ass, Mary McCormick, Nancy Whitfield, Berlio Forster. 90 Alpha Psi Omega This organization was a nationally recognized honorary drama fraternity developed to encourage top quality educational theatre. Membership was open to all students who wished to participate in productions and fulfilled constitutional requirements. Members were, Terry Monday, Debbie Greene, Ernie Durfee, Suzette Harrell, Clare Moncrief, Bobbie Park, and Sally Graham. 91 Officers were, FIRST ROW: Melanie Babin, Vice President, Janet Vanhoof, President, Donna Carlisle, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Don Green, Reporter, and Burt Carlisle, Treasurer. Sigma Delta Chi This organization was formed to mirror the purpose of the professional organization of Sigma Delta Chi, to promote journalism as a career, and to maintain the high standards of journalism. Membership was open to journalism majors in their junior and senior years. •• " ■ .;,:;. Members were, SEATED: juanita Bell, Cheryl Thornhill. STANDING: Janet Vanhoof, Shelley Hilton, Dan McDonald, Burt Carlisle, Ronald Sanchez, Melanie Babin, Sue cskew, Donna Carlisle and Don Green. NOT SHOWN: Mary Catherine Bounds, Ernie Carrier, Anne L ' Heureux, and Donna McDonald. Faculty advisers were Ezra Adams and Franklin Presson. 92 Members of the 1974 Home Economics Club. FIRST ROW: Paula Jones, Kathryn Bagley, Susan Creed, )an McCrary, Marjorie. SECOND ROW: Debbie Foshee, Susie Smith, Patsy Litton, jannette Berry, Thfecia Calloway, Beverly Brumley, Martha Reichley, Sabra Phillips, Beth Tarver, Barbara Atwood. THIRD ROW: Ltnda Lyles, Cayle Hobson, Daphe Graddy, Debbie Moore, Connie Robertson, Susan Langston, Theresa Orgeron, Martha Flynn, Sherrie Guiilory, Peggy Vidrine, Ann Spence, Mary Anne Scalfano, )udy Rone, Delores Johnson, Kermit Pharris. Home EcClub The purpose of this club was to promote professional spirit and cooperation in the field of Home Economics. Membership was open to all students in the Home Economics Department, and any other interested student. LEFT: Officers of the club Were, FIRST ROW: Barbara Atwood, Beth Tarver, Theresa Oregon, Gayle Hobson. SECOND ROW: Daphne Grady, Paula Jones. 93 TOP: Members of the Sociology Club. RIGHT: Officers of the club were, SEATED: Dr. Richard Lovell, Advisor, Su Anne Armstrong, Yolanda Rambin. STANDING: Larry Lafitte, )oel Art. Student Personnel Association Existing as a local organization, the Student Personnel Association had the dual aims of promoting the professional growth of students majoring in Student Personnel Services at NSU and of seeking to maintain close rapport and good relations between these students, their instructors, and practicing NSU student personnel workers. LEFT: Officers of the club were Ralph DeKemper, President, and Karen McGuirt, Secretary. Members were, SEATED: Susan Cotton, Martha Pineda, Donald Zackary, Billie Merchant, )ane Conerly, Jimmy Ferguson, Dena Taylor, Ralph DeKemper, Sam Pernici, Wayne Merchant, Cheryl Reese, David Middleton, Karen McGuirt, Calvin McFerrin, Richard Rodgers, Karen Copell. STANDING: Hulette Gleason, Tommy Willis, David Clayton. 95 Geological Society This was a local society with a two-fold purpose, to exchange ideas among members, faculty and visiting scientists; and to sponsor social events. Members were, FIRST ROW: Dr. David Dobbins, Sue Honig, Harry Stewart, Roy Stapp, Jim Williams. SECOND ROW: Gerry Hall, LaVon Jarrell, Wally Stiles, Terri Huff. 96 Student Louisiana Teachers Association The purpose of this organization was to encourage a professional attitude on the part of the members, to acquaint them with the teaching profession, and to promote interest in the Louisiana Teachers Association. Members shown were Debbie Dowd, Margie Webster, Sue Williams, Patty Gallien, Margaret Havard and Genevieve Armstrong. 97 Contemporary Dancers The purpose of this organization was to further participation and interest in modern dance by giving advanced dancers an opportunity to work together, to gain experience in performing and to provide entertainment through dance programs. Membership was open to all persons who have completed one year of modern dance. Members of the group were FIRST ROW: Mrs. Sandra Roquemore. SECOND ROW: Jeffrey Webb, Debra Kilman, Frances Gaines. THIRD ROW: Debbie Gray, Tommie Smith, Melba Rhodes, Shunny Chavalitlekha. FOURTH ROW: Betty Coutee, Toyna George, Penny Chavalitlekha. 98 Members of the 1974 Cosmopolitan Club. FIRST ROW: Milton Monroe, Ronnie Herrerea, Patricia Haynes, Lael Kilpatrick, Carlos Blanco, Cisco Ramirez. SECOND ROW: Jesse Nobles, Liz Dalton, Janice Erickson, Vanessa Maxey, Kristi Hanson, Cheryl Shepherd, Raul Espinosa. THIRD ROW: James Alexander, Denise Veuleman, Edilsa Perez, Sue Eskew, Mrs. Nohely Brodermann, Mike Hubley, James Comeau. FOURTH ROW: Curtis Eddy, Richard Cranford, Dr. Ramon Brodermann, Joseph Hamilton, Vance Edwards. Cosmopolitan Club The purpose of the Cosmopolitan Club was to promote the Spanish language and culture and to provide the companionship of people interested in Spanish. LEFT: Officers of the Cosmopolitan Club were, FIRST ROW: Denise Veuleman, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Patricia Haynes, President, Edilsa Perez, Public Relations, Mrs. Nohely Brodermann and Dr. Ramon Brodermann, Co-Sponsors. 99 Pi Omega Pi This national honorary society had as its purpose the establishment of ideals of scholarship, progress, service, and high ethical standards in business and professional life. Members were, FIRST ROW: Craig Fletcher, Reba Brantley, Cathy Ford. SECOND ROW: Noel Ratcliff, Alice Mills, Leah Vogt, Denise Hebert, Debbie Newsom, Pam Schlomer, Wayne Blair, Mrs. Judy Boone, Sponsor, Robert Wade, Robert Silvie, Dianne Nettles, Evelyn Evans, Helen Coutee. 100 Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers The N.S.U. IEEE Student Branch, an affiliate of the National Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers, was organized for the purpose of advancing professional development of the students of electrical engineering, electronics, radio and allied branches of engineering. Members were, SEATED: Raymond Matlain, Raymond Morrison. STANDING: Mr. Raymond Christensen, Gordon Stokes, James Beeson, Vernon Love, Michael Price, Gene Loomis, Tom Tucker. 101 Karate Club This organization had as its purpose the task of promoting and teaching the competitive spirit of karate. Members were, FIRST ROW: Sidney Walton, Buddy Warnock, Jim Long, Roger Dietrich, Pam Hall, Rickey King, Austin Halbrook, C nn Henkel, John Kavanaugh. SECOND ROW: Jay Andis, Glen Cooley, Terri Huff, LaVerne Gates, Nicky Nix, Doug Courtney, Eddie Collins, Rosemary Ross, L d Coke, Mark Welock. THIRD ROW: Jeff Cotton, Rose Sunler, Roy Priest, Paul Martin. 102 NSU Chess Club Members were, SEATED: Nelson Bailey, David Moore, Steve Carlton, Dr. Walter Mosley. STANDING: Pete McDonald, Bill Cuppett, Greg Garland. 103 OFFICERS OF THE SNA: Pam Payne, Jane Singletary, Jean Yeates, Nancy Moore, Jeannie Scholl, Rae Bankston. Student Nurses Association This organization was formed to aid in the preparation of student nurses for the assumption of professional responsibilities. Membership was open to all nursing majors. Guest speakers were occasionally present at regularly scheduled meetings. Members of the 1974 Student Nurses Association at Northwestern. FIRST ROW: Jane Singletary, Pam Payne, Jean Yeates, Jeannie Scholl, Rae Bankston, Nancy Moore. SECOND ROW: Marie Shell, Jennifer Pousson, Vickie Godwin, Pam Greer, Jewell Birdwell, Margaret Moser, Joan Johnson, Mary Lynn Landreau, Lisa White, Jane Thompson, Rena Proby, Rhonda Parson, Aretha Collins, Marsha Murray. THIRD ROW: Janeece Ratte, Lynda Kizer, Cheryl Paoline, Karen Whitworth, Kathy Smith, Vicki Cox, Kathy Ernest, Sharon Maxwell, Deborah Williams, Carol Sexton, Donna Kerry, Fran Rhodes, Betty Kiervow, C. M. Duplechain. FOURTH ROW: Anita Powell, Jillene Parkerson, Sharon Rochelle, Debbie Durr, Debby Brown, Martha Pickett, Beverly Cox, Sharla Kendrick, Ann Truex, Violet Westbrook, Anna Roberts, Linda Kaylor. Men 104 Canterbury Club Through this Episcopal Association, the Episcopal Church was able to minister to the academic community. The chaplain was available at all times for personal counseling. Members of the Canterbury Club were Steve Crane, Lynda Kizer, Father J. C. Treadwell, Sponsor, Leslie Sample and Pat Carlyon. 105 Mike Morris and Robert Morgan sell cokes at game. Agriculture Club The Agriculture Club was particularly active during the year in various activities. The organization sponsored its annual rodeo, which was one of the best ever. Members also maintained the concession stand at all home football games. 106 Members were, FRONT ROW: Tom McMaster, )ohn Dempsey, David Levy, Buddy McLure, Donnie Veazey, Glenn Tibbs. SECOND ROW: Mike Morris, David Richard, )immy Farrington, Dianne Farrington, Chuck Stoker, Sal Misuraca, Roy Folse, )im Rambin. Baha ' i Club The purpose of the Baha ' i Club was to acquaint those interested in the Baha ' i Faith by sponsoring informal discussions and lectures. Membership was open to any person who accepted the principles of the association. Members of the Baha ' i Club were, SITTING: Mary Cox, Jim Mambourg. STANDING: David Cox, Kelvin Kerr. 107 Baptist Student Union The BSU served as a link between the college and local Baptist churches. It functioned as a reminder to each student of his responsibility to Christ. Members of the Sophomore Council were, FIRST ROW: Jeanette Melder, Linda Lewis, Rae Bankston, Debby Brown, Debbie Black, Sonya Watkins. SECOND ROW: Larry Cook, Jeannie Scholl, Karen Lloyd, Mike Aaron. Mem Pc 1 ' Mike 108 Members of the Executive Council were, FIRST ROW: Myra Gulledge, Sue Williams, Mack Black, Ronnie Cupp, Vicky Treadway, Cathie McCullough, Patricia Waddle, Barbara Neesley, Bonnie Chapman. SECOND ROW: Michelle Tooley, Angie Parker, Barry Flenniker, Larry Lafitte, Don Burkett, Bill Bond, Mike Beauford, Mike Tolar, Becky Robinson. 109 Church of Christ Student Devotional This club was organized to strengthen faith and to continue the religious education of individual students who prefer the Church of Christ as religious preference. RIGHT: David Berryman and Thomas (ones, Sponsor. , .; v ■• ' " , ' . V,».V.V..Vv ■ ' .•■ ' .» ' •..■• ' . . ' .« ' ■• ' ■ ' .- ' . ' . ' .• " ■ ' .•.• - ' V ' i ' .V. ' . ' . ' ,«« v ' .■Vr W Members were Mark Berryman, Marsha Harrell, Mickey Harrell, Gerald Catha, Gay Berryman, David Berryman, Thomas A. (ones. no Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation was a group of Methodist students at work on campus seeking to foster the spiritual needs of I students. TOP: Officers of the Wesley Foundation. BOTTOM: Members of the Wesley Foundation. Ill 112 Man in the Moon Marigolds The NSU Drama Department presented a gripping edition of " The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds, " as one of its season ' s productions. With excellence in characterization, setting, and acting, the play was a tremendous success. The production captured second place in the Louisiana College Theatre Festival. The department also presented two one-acts, " Adaptations " and " The Wonderful Ice Cream Suite, " which proved very enjoyable. 113 114 115 V School for Wives The University Little Theatre ' s production of Moliere ' s comedy, " School for Wives " was the first production of the spring season. The play was staged as part of a national celebration of Moliere ' s works. The performance was a perfect display of a restoration comedy, with excellence in all areas of production. " ' y s n ! X 116 117 Natchitoches-Northwestern Members of the 1974 Natchitoches-Northwestern Symphony Orchestra were, )ohnette Parker, Julie Scott, Cynthia Echenhofer, May Beville, Kathy Davis, )ayne Hebert, Elaine Efurd, Martha Boufford, Tonia Wimberly, Alma Polk, )ohn Raush, Charles Keys, Shirley Jennings, Terrilyn Michaels, Nancy Whitfield, Sylvia Kosmitis, Richard Rose, Yvonne Burns, Luke Brouillette, Joedna O ' Quinn, Deborah Hancock, Dr. William Hunt, Donna Rose, Josie Ross, Susan Kelly, Sail) She r , IhlE 118 Symphony Orchestra Sally Bennett, Berliot Forster, Conrad Soderstrom, Bonnie Chapman, Laura McKnight, Richard Carpenter, )anet Parmelee, Dr. jerry Payne, Sherry Anderson, Sherry Sherrill, Albert Perrine, Edward Thompson, Stephan Dean, Gary Michaels, Richard Mason, Deborah Holland, Richard Whorton, Terrence Hopkins, Phil Bordelon, )erone Fay, Georgia Green, )an Greer, Shirley Jennings, ). Crowder, and Mr. Robert Price, Conductor. 119 NSU Concert Members of the NSU Concert Band were, Sherry Anderson, Ronald Bales, Bradley Bearden, Beth Bienvenu, Stuart Bird; Phil Bordelon, Richard Carpenter, Allen Carter, Jerry Cavanaugh, Bonnie Chapman, John Clement, Dee Cobb, Doug Courtney, Joan Couvillion, Marcia Cox, Stephen Dean, Billy Dove, Lor- etta Dunbar, Bucky Dunbar, )erone Fay, )udy Fogleman, Berliot Forster, John Harris, Silver Harris, Susan Haynes, Joni Lyne Hilston, Deborah Holland, Terry Homes, Terry Hopkins, Joe )enkins, Susan Kelly, Janis Kyle, Jacqueline King, Laura Langston, Jerry Larpenteur, Suzanna Leitch, Richard Mason, Roxie 120 Band !i McCormick, Pere Macdonald, Laura McKnight, Gary Michaels, Bobby Middleton, Trent Mixon, Carla Pendergrass, Albert Perrine, Stephen Pruett John J Rhoad, Craig Rike, Anthony Robinson, David Rosenthal, )osie Ross, Mary Sengel, Sherry Sherrill, Stewart Smith, Jacqueline Strong, Jenella Thacker Eddie ' Thompson, Morrell Washington, Richard Whorton, Tonia Wimberly, Donald Hill, Judith Carter and Judith Carter. 121 NSU Demon Members were, Sherry Anderson, Wanda Bailey, Ronald Bales, Wayland Bearden, Elizabeth Bienvenu, Stuart Bird, Phil Bordelon, )aney Boyer, Richard Car- penter, Allen Carter, Bonnie Chapman, )ohn Clement, Delia Cobb, Doug Courtney, Joan Couvillion, Beverly Cox, Marcia Cox, Charlotte Creamer, Deborah Crowell, Stephen Dean, Regina Devillier, Robert Dixon, Billy Dove, Arthur Duhon, Loretta Dunbar, Oddis Dunbar, Cynthia Echenhofer, )erone Fay, Judy Fogleman, Berliot Forster, Tina Goodrich, )ohn Harris, Silver Harris, Roberta Hartman, Patricia Haynes, Kim Hemperley, Donald Hill, )oni Hilston, Deborah Holland, Terry Holmes, Terrence Hopkins, )oe )enkins, Debbie )udice, Susan Kelly, Jacqueline King, Monty Lamaze, lanice Lancaster, Laura Langston, )erry 122 Marching Band Larpenteur, Suzanna Leitch, Pam Martinez, Richard Mason, Mary Mathis, Lisa Matlock, Roxie McCormick, Pete McDonald, Diane Mclnnie, Laura McKnight, Gary Michaels, Robert Middleton, Otis Mixon, Shirley Opferku ch, Julia Patterson, Carla Pendergrass, Albert Perrine, William Plaster, Lillian Pri- est, )ohn Rhoad, Ouida Rice, Alan Rike, Anthony Robinson, David Rosenthal, )osie Ross, Mary Sengel, Sherry Sherrill, Nadra Smith, Susan Stringfield, Jac- queline Strong, Jenella Thacker, Edward Thompson, Pam Underdown, Barbara Vinson, James Wallace, Richard Whorton, Cathy Wilkinson, Tonia Wim- berly. 123 Dr. Jerry Payne, Marching Band Director 124 NORTHWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY nn !® HUTCHITOCBtS LOUISIANA ' 5 60 DOHFRD m Z.LL VJEICOHE 125 m m ' A ' TOP: Marching Band in formation. LEFT: Members of the Band Council were, Sherry Sherrill, David Rosenthal, Josie Ross, Susan Kelly, )ohn Clement, Richard Whorton, Stuart Bird, Edward Thompson and Richard Mason. 126 127 FIRST ROW: Janice Lancaster, Ouida Rice, Head twirler, Susie Haynes. SECOND ROW: Roxie McCormick, Nadra Smith, Sheri Anderson, Assistant Headtwirler. THIRD ROW: Kim Hemperly, Cathy Wilkinson, Laura McKnight, Pam Underdown, Debbie Crowell. 128 LEFT: Ouida Rice, head twirler. RIGHT: The majorettes watched the Demon football games with interest. 129 Members of the Flag Corps were, Pat Haynes, Cecelia Mathis, Barbara Vinson, Lilian Priest, Sue Bailey, Diane Mclnnis, Belinda Opferkuch, ]udy Fogleman and Julia Patterson. 130 TOP: Members of the Percussion Ensemble. BOTTOM: Members of the String Ensemble. 131 The University Chorale Members of the N.S.U. Chorale were, Marvin Foster, Robert Holland, )ohn Baxter, Ronnie Bales, Bill Bond, Larry Sumrall, David Berryman, Faren Raborn, Ron Perry, )ames Arthur, Drew Moore, )im Cooper, I. T. Grant, Mike Tolar, Charles Berry, )essie Carnes, Robert Carnes, Clarence Thompson, Mike Aaron, Milton Wesley, Byron Bumfall, Joseph Cotton, Keith Dixon, Melissa Mims, Denise King, Jeanette Martin, Wanda Bailey, )ettye Thomas, )ohnnie Sowers, Velda Bond, Connie Bower, Patsy Smith, Pat Waddle, Judy Stall, Sherri Odum, Lou Ann Taylor, Maty Beth Lanzillotti, Paula Rutledge, Kay Rogers, Suzanne Gray, Willanne Beverly, Levita Monk, Ellen Walton, Diane Mclnnis, Lenn Dohmann, Carol Cook, Carol Repulski, Mary Fincher, Mary Hickman, Nancy O ' Neal, Mary McCormick, Barbara Westall, Claire Almand, Jackie McClendon, Cynthia Cockrell, Evelyn Tarver, Cathy Ballard, Vicki Martin and Dr. William Hunt, Conductor. 132 Members of the Chamber Choir were, Joan Barden, Anne L ' Heureux, Willanne Beverly, Mary Fincher, Jackie McLendon, Mary Hickman, Nancy O ' Neal, jimm Cooper, Keith Dixon, Drew Moore, Ron Perry, Dr. William Hunt, David Berryman, Mike Aaron, Robert Holland and Bill Bond. 133 Big Name Entertainment Curtis Mayfield 134 Jim Croce 136 137 Buddy Rich 138 Panhellenic Council TOP: Althea Wagner, Reporter; Helen Coutee, Historian; Sheila Cleveland; Leola Fisher; Karen King; Darlene Weeks, President; Denise Rabalais; )anet Griffin; Debbie Childs, Secretary; Martha Lott, Treasurer; Melanie Babin, Vice President. BOTTOM: One project of Panhellenic was collecting food for the needy. 140 Interfraternity Council TOP: FIRST ROW: Brad Cohen, Jerry Lieux, Charles Whitworth, Sheik Bacchus, Erwin Wilson, Greg Ross, Larry Heard, Harry Smith. SECOND ROW: Oben Jones, Hilton Verrett, Roy Travers. THIRD ROW: John Earl, Terry Hebert. BOTTOM: FIRST ROW: Ruben Tweedy, President; Jack Bealsey, Secretary; Charles Guy, Intramurals; Tommy Damico, 1st Vice President; Ralph DeKemper, Advisor; Grant Bowden, 3rd Vice President. SECOND ROW: James Frazier, 2nd Vice President; Steve Bade, Parliamentarian. HI AKA Harry Smith Marsha Benjamin Betty Coutee Helen Coutee Belinda Flowers Sandra Jackson Glenda Jordon Vern McConnell Sharon McDuff Amelia McQuarn Stephani Morris Sherry Smith Althea Wagner 142 A4 A Barbara Vinson Danny N. Cage Larry Heard Terry C Holmes Harry J. Smith Richard D.Smith Hilton E. Verrett Dock Voorhies Floyd J. White Mr. H.J.Williams 143 Mike Power Claire Almand Terry Amazeen Sherry Anderson Diana Brown Jenny Burns Dell Burrough Vicki Canady Andrea Cariere Cecilia Carson Cynthia Carson Sandy Clevenger Debbie Crain Diane Crain Kay Deaderick Lenn Dohmann Kenna Dubose Amy Erwin Chris Frazier Pam Gamble Gwen Gatti Connie Greer Sheryl Gusse Margo Haase Cheryl Harvel Kim Hemperly Beth Herring LaNese Hooten 144 Kathleen James La Donna Johnson Debbie Jolley Bonnie Sue Jones Paula Jones Linda Keisler Janice Lancaster Pam Lemoine Charlene Liberto Martha Lott Brenda Love Nina Martin Rena McAbee Mary McCormick Roxie McCormick Laura McKnight Patty O ' Brien Vickie Phillips Carol Repulski Ouida Rice Gatyl Robertson Janey Robertson Joani Rosenthal Josie Ross Rosalyn Sardisco Sidonie Soulier Edie Stanitz Sue Stroud Karen Stump Mary Terracina Amy Vega CoHeen Walsh Kathleen Walsh Karen Weaver Emily Webb Nancy Whitfield Debbie Wiley Cathy Wilkinson Joan Wilson 145 AI0 Howard Hughes Linda Brown Sheila Cleveland Leola Fisher Mary Hickman Barbara Maryland Vanessa Maxey Frances McFarland Brenda Parker Julia Patterson Lillian Priest Pamela Rachel Roberta Reed Brenda Robinson Sandra Satcher Patricia Sowells Carnelliue Styles Clary Williams 146 Carol Ferguson Grant Bowden Robert Breckenridge Doyle Brooks Jim Bufkin Allen Carter C. B. Ellis Henry Green Harry Hyams Billy Inzer Bruce Landis Eddie McFearin Michael Morgan William Plaster Kenneth Quintana Elroy Ray Dearl Sanders James Snead John Sullivan Roy Travers Pat Young 147 Gailyn Caston Stan Aaron Buck Baker David Barbee Bill Bossier jerry Bodenhamer Tom Bowers Ronnie Bradford Mike Branch Charley Brittain Randy Brossette Billy Cox Jim Crumpton Mike Daly Brocky DeBroeck Tootie Deemer Earl Dixon Charles Dowden Loran Ebarb Clinton Ebey Trenton Eversull Warren Founds Bob Gates Curtis Gentz Arty Gibson Donnie Gill Owen Gill Harvey Gregg Jerry Gregg Bobby Hamner Earl Hebert Randy Hodge Milton Houston Charley Jackson Mike Ki I Man Monty Lamaze 148 Scotty Landry Jerry Lieux Mike Lonigro Steve Lowe Andy Magers Steve Mathies Wayne McBride Brian McConnell Gary McDonald Tommy McGuire Bob McGuirt Mike McGuirt Rex McKnight Louis Michiels Tommy Morris Jay Mosely BubbaPhilen Wayne Philen Oakly Pittman Dennis Robbins Greg Ross Ralph Sanders Bill Stall Gerald Stark Adrian Strother Lem Tennison John Terry Lindsey Torbett Buckett Trotter Thomas Whitehead, Advisor Pat Williams Ted Wing Fred Young Fran Scheurmann Steve Almgren Jeff Anders David Anderson Jimmy Anderson Bobby Arthur Mike Cline Brad Cohen Don Colvin Jack Damico Thomas Damico Mike Doherty Terry Downs Rodger Ferrier Brett Flournoy Blaine Fontenot Jay Garcia Jimmy Harkins Stanley Haynes 150 Eddie Johns Bobby Kirchoff Kitt Lee Lenny Lewis Mike McConnell Skipper Morgan Doug Norris Darryl Pecquet Lee Posey Tommy Roark John Russel Norris Sills Rocky Smith Charlie Spears Mike Sullivan DaleThibodeaux Bernie Wait David Walker Jim Wheat Fred Wolf Steve Woods 151 nKcp Mike Allain Andy Bachman Paul Begue Andrea Bonnette Robert Broadwell Scott Bumgarder Tommy Chevalier Frank Dies Mike Edwards Doran Greene Dolphy Harkins Pat Kelly Bruce Kinder Gary LaHood Johnny Lazarone Neil McFarland Mike Matte David Meyer Bill O ' Neal John Parish Bruce Pearson Gary Pennington Keith Ray Scott Roach 152 Monte Robinson David Rosenthal Mike Shannon John Springer Leslie Stevens Alan Stigall Wayne Walding James Wallace Randy Williamson Chuck Cantrell Janet Griffin Christa Shannon, Rose Peggy Thibideaux riK t Little Sisters 153 Ricky Cloud Susan Adkins Denise Arnaud Pemmie Austin Lynn Averre Melanie Babin Barbara Batten Betty Bennet Mar Lou Brasher Reneva Carnahan Dona Charpentier Renee Cloutier Martha Compton Charlotte Creamer Cynthia DuLulio Christine Dupre Gwen Dupre Ginger Ferguson Brenda Fitzerald Susan Fleming Penny Fletcher Linda Fulgham Cathy Gates Darlene Greer Stacy Guidry Rhonda Guilliams Donna Guillory Karen Hataway Camille Hawthorne Sherrie Hawthorne Debbie Hebert 154 Charlene Holley Terri Huff Lisa Jones Ann Justice Sue Kennedy Donna King lackie King Wanda Kutsavage Retha LeBlanc Wendy Lewis Anne Lowe Susan McCaleb Judy Miller Vicki Odom Diana Provenza Denise Rabalais Vicky Rhame Leslie Sample Paula Sanders Donna Schonfield Kathy Scruggs Jackie Smith Jacqueline Smith Tommie Smith Stephanie Storey June Stuart Mary Kay Sweet Cheryl Thornhill Katie Van Asselburg Pam Villamarette Jenny Walker Margaret Ware Carolyn Williamson Mary Lynn Williamson Anne Wood 155 Scriven Bernard Terri Alexander Jan Allbritton Becky Alsop Lauri Barre Mary Catherine Bounds Cheryl Brown Renea Burns Carol Creswell Tonya Dobson Janice Ebarb Donna Evers Sherri Floyd Rachel Gehl Sarah Gilbert Corrie Giles Brenda Gray Debbie Gray Rhonda Griffin Paulette Hebert Ann Henderson Linda Hickox Kathy Hughes Angie Jones Kathleen Jones Johnie Keeth Lael Kilpatrick Stephanie Lachnex Carliss Lafitte Sue LaNier Terry Lloyd 156 Claudia Lyons Susan McCary Pam Maggio Susan Maggio Debbie Malagarie Dana Miller an Norris Shirley Olivieri Debbie Patterson Lydia Petrus Jan Phillips Pam Pitman Ethel Pitre Rosalyn Powell Ann Price Aimee Rabalais Dana Riggs Fran Scheuermann Jackie Singler Cynthia Smith Nadra Smith Sandy Smith Judy Southerland Debbie Walker Jana Ward Vickie Waters Jeffery Webb Wanda Webb Nancy Wenner Susan Wibker Gracie Yancey Lynn Young Margaret Zulick 157 TKE Elaine Delbach Bob Barnett David Beckermeyer Jim Bruce Billy Dove George Edwards Robert Edwards Elsie Eldridge Glen Everage Donny Hough Mike Jeansonne Randy Jones Steve McCleod Doug Raffo Jerry Sanders James Smith Kenneth Smith Shannon Springer Robert Vardeman Charles Whitworth 158 The Order of Diana 159 Renee Cloutier Jack Barr Carl Bellemin Bruce Blackman Roger Cagle Gary Davis Raymond Deas Lawrence Dinks Dave Dollar Larry Dreher Charles Guy Robert Jones Ronnie Kern John Manning Cecil Mims Victor Ortiz Ronnie Price Ricky Ross Charles Snyder Jerry Don Arnold Steve Bade Steve Bandy Kade Bard in f 160 B Mario Cage James Horton Reginald Thompson James White James Wilson Mary Sibley 161 Don Colvin Lynn Allen Gayle Bellemin Judy Bradford Vickie Branch Gailyn Caston Debbie Childs Lisa Cooper Martha Curry Barb Davis Nan Diefendorf Debbie Dowd Vickie Downing Gloria Dyer Linda Easley Paula Ethridge Jolene Faircloth Debra Ford Diane Funderburk Sandra Gait Fran Gilson Cindy Godare Susan Gray Anne Gremillion Janet Griffen Judy Hargrove Rita Kay Harris Jan Hart Claudia Holley Gene Hyson Charlotte Knight 162 Suzanne McDearmont eanne Middleton Sally Morris Patti Mullenix Nancy Nipper Nancy Poole Sheila Posey Diane Raney Nancy Roan Jan Russel Lenore Sandedge Martha Segura Brenda Service Suzanne Shirley JaneSingletary LaGuita Smith Sharon Smith Mary Jane Stelly Sharon Stoker Garmet Sylvest Debbie Thomas Sharon Thomas Julie Trammel Mary Upshaw Theresa Waggoner Dru Welch Jarja Wells Julia Wells Nancy Wicker Christy Williams Jackie Williamson Ellen Wommack Sandra Wood Vikki Young Mrs. Mary Doherty 163 QOKp Elizabeth Johnson Barry Carles Roosevelt Benjamin Robert Blow Vernon Cason Leonard Ford Martin Fontenot James Frazier Lonnie Frazier Reginald Grace Mitchell Gray Charles Hilt Edward Johnson Oben Jones Michael Neely Ronald Perry Anthony Robinson Clyde Roque Frank Smith Julius Steele Charles Thrash Edward Venson Jerry Williams Erwin Wilson Kenneth Wilson 164 Greek Life Begins with . . . RUSH! jj . 1 w % 1 . v 1 fflfc 1 165 Rush is a hello, a smile, and a song 166 But can only be A reflection . . , Of what Greek Really is. . y v. ' W 0 1 167 Dancing at Pep Rallies! Brotherhood 168 Jjt. v (L f x r Fumbling the football or. . . Taking the Plunge 169 Having Good Times 170 171 Being together, Being happy, And having Pride in What we Stand for. 172 CREEKS • «B So that we can Look back and Truly say . . . Yes, those were The good times. 173 175 Northwestern State University ' s footbal had its ninth consecutive winning seasor 6-5 record. NSU won the season opener against the defending NAIA national champions, East Texas State College. The Demons capitalized on fumbles and their fine rushing game to shut out ETSC. Kicker Randy Walker tied two school rec tailback Mario Cage rushed for over 100 yards as NSU crushed the Okies. Mario " The Rage " Cage rambled for 148 yards on 23 carries to spark NSU to its third straight victory over Bishop College. Cage became the first NSU runner in history to rush for more than 100 yards in three consecutive games. NSU ' s first loss was to the Indians of Northeast. While suffering from injuries the Demons lost to the Nicholls State Colonels, also. The Demons ended their losing streak with a 27- 14 win over Florence State. The Demons lost the next two games to Louisiana Tech and McNeese. NSU bounced back to win the next two games, but lost the last CSC game to Delta State. Randy " The Toe " Walker stamped his name on nine of the fourteen individual records broken. Cage, a junior tailback, wiped out five individual marks. To end the season right Walker was drafted in the twelfth round by the Green Bay Packers. JP ' Player Danny Foret Randy Walker Skipper Morgan Wilton Cox Stuart Wright Ray Ranger Butch Ballard Stan Brouillette Gene Knecht, Jr. Tommy Braden Phillip Mattingly John Dilworth Robert Lawrence Gerald Savoie Mario Cage Sidney Thorn Mike Harter Butch Campbell ohnny Montogm ohn Kelly Jarvis Blinks David Allen Frank Haring Art Donahue Frederick Wiley Sidney Wilkinson Kim Gaspard Ken Trahant Harris Loupe James Holdman Stan Foster Mike Boyce Jimmy Wilson Spencer Burroughts Jim Marcotte Mike Ratcliff Glen Wofford Grady Lee Bobby Kirchoff Bernard White Randy Strickland Jeff Vogt Oscar Kessinger Dennis Smith Reggie Thompson Jerry Miears Mark Kalbacher Troy Willis Don McAllen Mike Doherty Dan Broddie Bryce Jackson Danny Driskill James White Jerry Edwards Pat Russo John Longlois No. 5 7 9 11 12 14 16 17 18 20 21 24 25 26 27 33 36 40 42 43 45 46 48 50 51 52 54 60 61 62 63 66 67 68 69 70 71 1 75 77 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 89 90 91 94 96 98 l 76 NSU 1973 Demon Football KNEELING (LTOR): Coach Gene Knecht Coach Johnnie Emmons Coach Herbie Smith Coach )oey McGoey Coach )ohn Ropp Coach jerry Arledge STANDING: Head Coach George Doherty Demon Football Team 177 NSU Opened With 24-0 Shutout Cox took a breather. Ken Trahant MikeHarter Sidney Thornton Mario Cage Gene Knecht Skipper Morgan TOP: Carol Broussard was on the carry. BOTTOM: Demons fought hard for a little yardage. 178 Demons rested before the East Texas State game. NORTHWESTERN STATE Troy Willis rested after interception. Cage earned part of his 115 yds. against ETSC. 179 NSU Booted Okies 23-7 Danny Driskill lames White )im Marcotte Mike Boyce Demon Touchdown!! 180 Demons Bounced Bishop 28-7 Quarterback Cox fired a pass. Coach Doherty and flanker Gene Knecht. ]immy Wilson, offensive guard. 181 Indians Squeaked by Demons 16-13 Cage was on the carry. Coach Arledge instructed tackle Glen Wofford. Jeff Vogt Oscar Kessinger Don McAllen ■ Demon defensive unit was at work. 182 Colonels Shut Out Demons 3-0 Demon line held against Nieholls while Cox fired. Kim Caspard Johnny Montgomery Demon offensive line blocked the Nieholls defensive line. 183 Demons Belted Florence 27-14 TOP: Coach Gene Knecht. MIDDLE: Cox tried to elude his defender. BOTTOM: Cage set sail up field on a 91 yd. return. TOP: Thornton, a freshman, got one of his two TD ' s. BOTTOM: Coaches in consultation. 184 Bulldogs Decked Demons 26-7 ., ii ' ■ TOP: Quarterback Ballard was on the keeper. BOTTOM: Some of the Demons mighty fans. x W i Mike Maggio Mark Kalbacher i ,--■ . i Sidney Wilkinson Jerry Miears Bobby Kirchoff Bernard White Troy Willis Glen Wofford Frank Haring Mike Doherty 185 Cowboys Upset Demon Homecoming 14-0 Coach Gene Knecht and Mike Maggio. e Danny Foret 1 Stuart Wr Rht ■HZi f 1 k + A. 1 k. ill WS " I Tommy Braden Gerald Sa I ' oie Wofford gets the picture from Coach Ropp. 186 TOP: One of the beautiful Homecoming floats. BOTTOM: Demon Homemade Soup. 187 Demons Ripped Past Cajuns 20-10 Butch Ballard Pat Douget Spencer Burroughs Fred Wiley Phillip Mattingly TOP: Trahant got a fine tackle. BOTTOM: Cage — almost alone. 188 Demons Slammed Lions 21-14 One of Walker ' s PAT ' s. TOP: Cox was on the carry. BOTTOM: Defensive Demons after the pigskin. £» k (X Ray Ranger 1 lames Holdman Stan Foster 189 Demons Drowned at Delta, 31-6 Cage got hit from all directions. Grady Lee John Longlois Harris Loupe Bryce Jackson 190 Three Demons Made AII-GSC Kenny Trahant John Kelly Mario Cage Winning top honors at Northwestern State University ' s annual Quarterback Club Banquet were, KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: noseguard Kenny Trahant, Most Valuable Defensive Player; linebacker Danny Driskill, Coaches Award; safety )ohn Kelly, Permanent Team Captain; quarterback Stuart Wright, Outstanding Freshman Offensive Player. STANDING: cornerback )ohn Dilworth, Coaches Award; Offensive guard Bernard White, Most Knockdowns; Pat Douget, Scholastic; Tailback Mario Cage, Most Valuable Offensive Player; offensive tackle )eff Vogt, Coaches Award; tight end Dennis Smith, Permanent Team Captain; Defensive tackle Jerry Edwards, Outstanding Freshman Defensive Player; linebacker lames White, Most Tackles. 191 DEMON BASKETBALL GAMES ; i NSU OPP. Nov. 30 Lamar University 86 73 Dec. 3 Delta State College 74 70 Dec. 6 Northeast 101 103 Dec. 8 McNeese 79 80 Dec. 19 Centenary College 72 86 Dec. 20 Southern University 95 84 Dec. 29 Stephen F. Austin 91 83 Jan. 4 East Texas Baptist 88 65 Jan. 7 McNeese 77 73 Jan. 10 Southeastern 81 71 Jan. 14 Centenary College 77 90 Jan. 17 Nicholls 66 68 Jan. 19 Northeast 75 86 Jan. 21 Louisiana College 79 66 Jan. 25 Mississippi College 72 69 Jan. 26 Livingston College 89 73 Jan. 31 Mississippi College 73 61 Feb. 2 Delta State College 82 60 Feb. 5 University of Texas(A) 81 79 Feb. 6 Athletes in Action 92 88 Feb. 9 Jacksonville State 81 69 Feb. 11 Troy State University 11 82 Feb. 14 Southeastern 72 68 Feb. 18 Nicholls 84 79 Feb. 23 University of Tenn. 100 83 Feb. 25 Florence State 78 71 Player Bill McKellar Howard Hughes Nelson Sanders Goody French Errick Hunt Larry Bivens Edward Johnson Bobby Arthur Cecil Thibodeaux Rod Sullens " Jessie Kemp Doug Brinson Rod Sutherland Claude Britton Greg Procell Dale Dunnavant Gerry Jenkins Canfield Blunt Billy Reynolds Bernard Holder Reggie Grace 1 92 ■PBMBM Demon Basketball Head Coach Tynes Hilderbrand Howard " The Bee " Hughes The Demon basketeers proved their worth by shooting all the way into the national NAIA playoffs in Kansas City. As Gulf South Conference champions, they defeated Xavier of New Orleans for the NAIA District 30 championship. In Kansas City they trounced Millersville State College of Pennsylvania, 95-76, then dropped their second game to Hanover of Indiana, 85-76. The Demons ended their season with a 21-9 won-lost record, and during the season shattered two individual school records and four team school marks. 1973-74 Demon Squad. 193 Basketball at Its Best Nelson Sanders jumped for two. Greg Procell was all alone for two. 194 Hughes jumped high for two. The " Bee " looked confused. Reynolds against Parrish? 195 iB ai Cheerleaders McCaleb and Ratcliff. Up, Up and away for Hunt ' s two. Holder on a drive. 196 Grace made this goal look easy. 197 Holder from the outside. 198 iCrace went for two. Hunt took the knocks. I J m W §. %3, firci A ' • " so,; ? 5 v %r Hi WL i? -; , ..- • — %.dJ r " " — Holder took two while Grace and Reynolds looked on. NSU Halftime entertainment. 199 Two points for the Demons. Hey man, the ball ' s behind you. Grace made a lay- up. Holder tried for a goal. 200 Hunt fought for a rebound as Reynolds and Grace looked on. 201 Holder and Reynolds on the backboards against University of Texas at Arlington. 202 What — no smiles? Watch Reynolds go! Another goal for NSU. 203 No place to go! 204 Hunt with a left hand lay-up. 205 RIGHT: Bernard went to the boards. BOTTOM: Grace worked hard to get the ball. 206 LEFT: " Amazin ' Grace " in action. BOTTOM: Hildebrand and team in deep concentration. 207 Demons Won Two more points for Grace. High flying Howard Hughes completes a fast break. GSC Title The Demons routed the University of Tennessee- Martin, 100-83, to claim undisputed ownership of the Gulf South Conference crown. At press time, the NSU basketeers had just accepted a bid from the NAIA to compete in the national playoffs. Hughes helped cinch the CSC crown. The Demons dominated the boards. 209 Track Track coach Jerry Dyes pictured at right. SIS W ' Vne Kofnovec, Andrew Skaggs, Te 8 ; ry Skaggs, StevXes JohnTay o7 R ch Thoma? FrantT f» ): S,6Ve left to right): Grady Lee Philip McAnrirew e.nH J A ' k Trammel - THIRD ROW Johnson. FOURTH ROW XriZ B a LeW ' S ' J ° hn Been ' Robert McDonnell, Dean Thompson Kenny Rachal " fifth OW (, T f ' Bi " Mitchel1 ' Brian ierry Denton, R W CjKi S 210 ABOVE: Mike Brown, All American jumper. TOP (L to R): Mike Brown, Randy Moore. BOTTOM (L to R): David Lewis, Wayne Kofnovec. 211 LEFT: Gary Richard. RIGHT: Steve Jones. LEFT: Grady Lee. RIGHT: Charles Worton. 212 Jerry Denton in the N Meet Andre Moore Henry Babers John Taylor Richard Pope 213 Leo Catson David Lewis Julius Steele 214 Bill Mitchell Jerry Denton Andrew Morning and Henry Babers in the NSU Meet relays. 215 TOP: (left) Mike Breazeale; (right) Robert Johnson. BOTTOM (L to R): Mike Browm, Terry Skaggs, Steve Skaggs. - ' NSU showed their expertise in baton passing. BOTTOM (L to R): Julius Steele, Jimmy Seagroves, Frank Trammel. 3T " - .V - • r 217 Bob Konsdorf Ken Corsha NSU Golf Team ' Sk i . " s k NSU GOLF TEAM (from left to right): Morrow, Pearson, Eversull, Gorsha, Konsdorf, Locke, Bachman, Bostick. 218 Brad Locke Trenton Eversull Tom Bachman I ■ 4 -s.. 1 •J • • • . ' Vd ■ .-wnHI BBlHIIBIiHH Bill Morrow Wayne Bostick Mike Pearson 219 Tennis The tennis team gained several new members this season to add to its strength. The team had a good season with few defeats. Tennis coach was Johnnie Emmons. KNEELING (L to R): Mike Phillips, Carlos Blancos and Jose deCamino. STANDING (L to R): Steve Fricker, Paul Espinosa and Ronnie Herrera. 220 TOP (left to right): )ose de Camino, Mike Phillips. BOTTOM (left to right): Steve Fricker, Raul Espinosa, Carlos Blancos. ■ Htt Northwestern ' s Baseball Team lost only two members of its squad, which set twelve school records last year. The team had a good season this year. Ail-American Darry! Woods was back this year as first baseman. His homers and runs-batted-in both set new school marks. The return of the entire pitching staff and several newcomers to the squad did improve Northwestern ' s season. Dennis Choate was the workhorse for the Demons again this season. Coach Herbie Smith was the coach of the baseball team. Baseball Player John Blancher Bill Burks Dennis Choate Delbert Clinton Charls Cockfield Butch Cole Chuck Doughdrill Steve Epley Chris Ferguson Tommy Henry Donald Hill Bobby Hrapman Charlie Jackson Mark LeBlanc Mike Lonigro Chris Maxey Tommy McGuire Bud Oberle Tom Schwab Mark Shaw Butch Smith Robby Tuminello Jay Weaver Joe White Darryl Woods Ronnie Woods Stuart Wright K 222 »i ■■■■HP M ; J J% TOP: Coach Herbie Smith BOTTOM: Darryl Woods TOP: Bobby Hrapman BOTTOM: Tommy Henry 223 ■ v V5fV ' 4 ■ 1 fefev TOP: )oe White BOTTOM: Tommy McCuire TOP: Steve Epley BOTTOM: John Blancher 224 LEFT: Bill Burk BELOW: Choate, pitcher, and Woods, first base. 225 TOP: Mark LeBlanc BOTTOM: The catcher tried to dig it out of the dirt. TOP: Mike LeNegro BOTTOM: Bill Oberle tfb.ii i N ■■ ' Mf 226 TOP: Dennis Choate BOTTOM: Coach Herbie Smith TOP: Robbie Tuminello BOTTOM: Catching them in the cold. ■ ' ■ : TOP: Jay Weaver BOTTOM: Butch Smith TOP: Mark LeBanc BOTTOM: Decisions before practice. 228 Neptune Club NSU ' s Neptune Club presented its annual Christmas show this year with a program of water ballet and synchronized swimming. Members of the club this year were, front from left, Joni Hilston, Cindy Waters, Sharon Caudle. TOP: Donna Kerry, Colleen Walsh, Kathleen Walsh, Nancy Poole, Meryl Long, Mona Cole, Patti Tillatsen and Solene Faircloth. 229 Women ' s Basketbal The 1973-74 Lady Demons opened their season with a big win over Northeast Louisiana University, 70-29. The team participated in the Louisiana State University Women ' s Basketball Tournament in Baton Rouge. In this tournament, the Lady Demons, in the first round, beat University of Southern Mississippi, 54-38; in the second round they won over Lamar University, 67-55; in the finals they suffered their first loss to Mississippi College in a heartbreaking game, 68-51. The Lady Demons took home second place. The Lamar University Women ' s team came here on February 6 and the Lady Demons won 63-34. Then the La Demons traveled to Clinton, Mississippi, for the Mississippi College Women ' s Tournament. The team eased by the University of Southern Mississippi, 40-39, then failed to stop Memphis State, 59-49. The Lady Demons moved to the consolation bracket where they slipped by Northeast, 55-48. They met the Ole Miss women in the finals of the consolation bracket and won 54-51 . The Lady Demons came home with third place. Emma Ellerman, sophomore from Winnsboro, Louisiana, and Colleen Fontenot, junior from Elton, Louisiana, were named to the Mississippi College All- Tournament Team. The Lady Demons finished eighth in the 1972-73 season in the National Women ' s Intercollegiate Tournament in Amarillo, Texas. They were coached by Lou Lewis and Sherion Hollingsworth 230 .A .. Tip-off, and the action was under way. KNEELING (L to R): " Do " Bonin, Cherly Cobb, Pat Nolan, Rhonda Ellerman, Colleen Fontenot. STANDING (L to R): Patti Babineaux (Manager), Emma Ellerman, Diane Pittman, Susan Reed, Mary McCullough, Debbie Carpenter, Jeannie Miller (Manager). 231 Colleen Fontenot scored two points against Mississippi College. TOP: Coach Hollingsworth gave instructions. BOTTOM: Lady Demons on the rebound. 232 Women ' s Volleyball Northwestern State University ' s varsity women volleyball team had their best season ever this year. The Demonettes participated in four intercollegiate volleyball tournaments and placed in three. A second place trophy was awarded to the girls at Louisiana State University ' s tournament. The Demonettes took second place in their own tournament. The team then went on to take the first place trophy at the University of Texas tournament. In this tournament the girls went undefeated against twenty-eight teams to take the first place trophy. This trophy also represented another first for NSU. It was the first time that NSU or any other team in Louisiana had ever brought home a first place trophy from Texas in Women ' s Varsity Sports. The girls finished their season with fifteen wins and nine losses, which is the. best record NSU ' s - Volleyball Team has ever posted. Bfc » r Crane, Ellerman, and Austin demonstrated their skills. Wallace returned the volley. SEATED: " Do " Bonin, Greta Wallace, Becky Sabatini, )errie Ammons, Patti Babineaux, Cathy Comeaux, Mary )ane Mayfield. STANDING: Kay Matthews, Mary McCullough, Melanie Crane, Susan Reed, Pemmie Austin, Pam Moore, Rhonda Ellerman, Lou Lewis (coach), Vicki Weeks (coach). 234 TOP: Ellerman spiked the ball across the net. BOTTOM: Wallace on a good effort. TOP: Wallace high on the return. BOTTOM: Sabatini with a powerful serve. 235 Women ' s Tennis Team The Lady Demon Tennis team played a full schedule this past year. For a new and young team, they had a good season with only a few defeats. The team was coached by Barbara McQuiller. STANDING (L to R): Coach McQuiller, Terry McConnell, Debbie Bridgeman, Marti Lauch, Patti Steele, )udy Kennedy, Marcia Williamson. KNEELING (L to R): Dru Welch, Beth Van Cleve, Pam Hall, )anet Livingood. 236 Marcia Williamson Pam Hall Debbie Bridgeman ,1 f mt Z MkJ 4 1 W v .J 1 i 1 w l tH Judy Kennedy Patti Steele Williamson demonstrated her powerful serve. 237 the Chosen i ■• ' • el ■ n m ' l II f 1 n V I 1 I H 1 -1 Pf II • N I 1 1 " • " . " .■- ■ ffi« Mss NSU Nina Martin Wm 1 i t100 flM. mico Nina Martin was a senior dietetics major from Natchitoches. She was elected by popular vote of the student body for her active participation in student life. Among her many activities were clerk of the senate and membership in Delta Zeta social sorority. 242 Student government president Jack Damieo, from Alexandria, La., played an active part in NSU student life. He majored in speech pathology and was a member of Kappa Sigma social fraternity. 243 k€ A« V - -fi sLj v- , V « Betty ' mtiv V i I -mSs ' YUS hSiiL n. «£ " • - ■ n? ■HE wj 5tote Fair ' 73 State Fair ' 73 was celebrated by students and alumni ofNSUas Miss Betty Coulee of Campti reigned over the annual clash. Betty and members of the court were elected in a campus- wide election to represent Northwestern in the meeting with Louisiana Tech on October 6. 245 State Fair Maid Mary Catherine Bounds Maid Rita Kay Harris ± :£tt Maid Jane Singletary Maid Margaret Zulick 246 Maids Maid Ann Johnson Maid Jan Phillips ' ?. ■ Maid Judy Miller Maid Roberta Reed 247 , H L. v H rnecoming Queen Margaret Zulick ■ ' ■, 1 1 " . Ik 1 I y ■ ■ 7 I 1 I i W I 1 ■ III H Homecoming ' 73 NSU alumni and friends were welcomed back to campus on November 3 to help students celebrate the annual Homecoming. Miss Margaret Zulick of Natchitoches reigned over the day ' s activities and the night game against the McNeese Cowboys. 249 Homecoming TOP ROW (L to R): Maid Susan Atkinson, Maid Reneva Carnahan, Maid Becky Doherty. BOTTOM ROW (L to R): Maid Corrie Jiles, Maid Dorothy Jiles. 250 Maids TOP ROW (L to R): Maid Carta Kelly, Maid Lynn Morgan. BOTTOM ROW (L to R): Maid Noel Ratcliffe, Maid Mary Sibley, Maid Helen Wofford. 251 Lady of ike Brace Lady of the Bracelet Miss Lenn Dohmann of Opelousas was chosen to reign as Lady of the Bracelet, 1974. She was chosen from twenty beauties as Northwestern ' s representative to the Miss Louisiana pageant, to be held in June. Lenn was also chosen as the swimsuit competition winner. TOP RIGHT: Miss Connie Bower was chosen first runner-up and talent winner; Miss Terri Amazeen was selected second runner-up; Miss Lou Ann Taylor, third; and Miss Gailand Clausen, fourth. MIDDLE LEFT: Miss Nancy Johnson was chosen as Miss Congeniality by her fellow contestants. 253 ■—»• st Runner- Up w - " l «r» ! a . " ' .- I »■ -1 A 7 1 TP cas ■ - ' ' 1 Pageant 258 Activities 259 ' •- : ' --.- 1 .,+ ■ ».t • »s • r,i v U P ' - ' ■ ■ : ' V " ; ' ■ H m Winter % WINTER BALL COURT: Melanie Babin, Ginger Ferguson, Teresa Meiske, Mary Lynn Williamson, Linda Fulgham, Queen, Jane Singletary, Rhonda Guilliams, Brenda Fitzgerald, and Sue Eskew. iWWt - Winter Ball ' 73 Miss Linda Fulgham was elected in a campus wide vote to reign over the annual Winter Ball, sponsored by the Student Union Governing Board. The basis for election was service to the school, leadership, and scholastic standing. Queen Linda with Union Director Robert Wilson. 261 Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities TOP ROW: Bryan Beck, Martha Compton, Jack Damico. SECOND ROW: Tommy Damico, Leola Fisher, Brenda Fitzgerald. James Frazier Linda Fulgham 262 Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities TOP ROW: Kathy Frazier, Karen Funderburk, Reid Funderburk. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Grappe, Sara Gilbert. Eddie Hebert Carol Susan Henderson 263 Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities TOP ROW: Lenny Lewis, Nina Martin, Sandra Satcher, SECOND ROW: Mary Lynn Williamson, Reuben Tweedy, Steve Jones. Donald Johnson Debbie Brodnax 264 wr " WV l - T» ir: ? v St . M JP o 5 Who in American Colleges and Universities TOP ROW: Amy Vega, Edie Stanitz SECOND ROW: Katie van Asselberg, Judy Southerland. Yolanda Rambin Jan Phillips 265 Ann Johnson — Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Fran Schermann — Kappa Sigma Gaily n Caston — Kappa Alpha Mary Sibley — Phi Beta Sigma 266 Sweethearts Barbara Vinson — Omega Psi Phi Crista Shannon — Pi Kappa Phi it I 11 i m i 1 ■ p I vmm IP IfTfi ,%7i 4 iJ v. — - ■ - - f 1 f Carol Ferguson — Theta Chi Elaine DeLoach — Tau Kappa Epsilon Renee Cloutier — Sigma Tau Gamma 267 mm?- - " •■ ' • - . - - • ' ' Wm the Masses 269 STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION: TOP ROW, I. to r.: Dr. Boyd M. Woodard, Enoch T. Nix, Richard D ' Aquin. SECOND ROW, I. to r.: A. J. Roy, William Whet- stone, Robert H. Curry. THIRD ROW, I. to r.: Frederick Leitz Eagan, Charles R. Colbert, Jessee H. Bankston. BOTTOM ROW, I. to r.: Harvey Peltier, Edward S. Bopp. President and Mrs. Arnold Kilpatrick and Family 271 Vice Presidents Dr. Charles Thomas Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Richard Galloway Vice President of Student Affairs 272 of Northwestern Miss Loneta Graves Vice President of Financial and Administrative Affairs; EEO Officer Dr. Frank Martin Vice President of Research, Development, Planning, and Federal Programs 273 Dr. C.B.Ellis Assistant to the President Administration Walter Ledet Registrar Ted Wright Supervisor of University Facilities Donald MacKenzie Librarian 274 Administration Jack Freeman Coordinator of University Facilities Mrs. Laura Lavespere Controller §r£ f a ' -:. Mrs. Jimmye Taylor Coordinator of Personnel Loran Lindsey Property Manager and Building Program Coordinator 275 Sylvan R. Sibley Purchasing Agent Administration Mrs. Ann L McNeely Director of Bureau of Research $ Mrs. Lucille Hendrick Dean of Women Frederick Bosarge Dean of Men 276 Administration William Swartz Director of Housing Assistant Housing: Kenny Baker, Susan Cotton, Karen Cupell, and Bob Cullins f f Miss Mamie Trunzler Counselor for Women Miss Agatha Newitt Counselor for Women 277 Jerry Pierce Director of Information Services and Alumni Administration Dr. Hoyt Reed Director of Continuing Education and High School Relations Bob Simonton Informational Services — Photography Larry Morrison Director of Computing Center 278 Administration Robert Wilson Student Union Director Mrs. Rose Lucky Student Union Hostess Mrs. Gertrude Lyons Student Union Reservationist 279 Administration CAM p LJS BOOKSTORE: Left to right: Amarylis Cedars, Louise Rutledge, Darlene Rachal, Luvenia Friday, Vernelle Cox, Dorothy Martin, and Selma Mahfouz, Mgr. CAMPUS SECURITY: First Row: Jim Odenwelder, Bert Neal, Floyd Copell, Frankie Cutwright, Ray Orsborn, Sandra Moreau, Beulah Blake; Second Row: Charles Thrash, Crawford Ficklin, Ronnie Dyson, Calvin McFerrin, Joe Morgan, Bobby Potter, Bobby Ray Miller; Third Row: Chief lames Lee, Tommy Willis, James Taylor, Hezzie Stevenson, and Warren Massia. 280 Administration Dr. LeoT. Allbritten Dean of Graduate School Dr. Rene Bienvenu Dean of Science and Technology Dr. Peggy Ledbetter Dean of Nursing Dr. Bennie Barron Dean of Basic Studies 281 Administration Dr. George A. Stokes Dean of Liberal Arts ' f Dr. David Townsend Dean of Business Dr. Tom Paul Southerland Dean of Education 282 mfk 1 1 1 i«h ? C fyl Mrs, Margaret Ackel, Home Economics Mr. Ezra Adams, Journalism Mrs. Margaret Adkins, Music Miss Arlene Airhart, Nursing Mr Don Alexander, Art Dr. Arthur Allen, Biological Sciences Mrs Carol Allen, Nursing Dr. Jerry Allen, Bio-Chemical Physical Sciences Mr. Robert Allen, Library Dr. Ed Anders, Mathematics Mrs. Jolene Anders, Bus. Adm. Economics Mrs. Frances Ardrey, Nursing Dr Mildred Bailey, Curriculum Instr. Mrs. Hazel Baptiste, Counseling Dr James Bartholomew, Languages Dr. Ray Baumgardner, Biological Sciences Dr. I. R. Bearden, Curriculum Instr. Mr. David Bedard, Health, PE, Recreation Mrs. Mary Besse, Nursing Dr. Roger Best, Bus. Adm. Economics Dr. Millard Bienvenu, Sociology Mr. Oscar Billingsly, Counseling Dr. Allen Bonnette, Health, PE, Recreation Dr. Robert Black, Speech Journalism Mrs Judy Boone, Bus -Dist. Ed Office Adm. Dr. Thomas Boone, Mathematics Mr. Guy Bordelon, Bus. Adm. Economics Mr. Bert Boyd, Bio-Chemical Physical Sciences Mr Malcolm Braudaway, Sociology Dr. Robert Breckenridge, Behavioral Sciences Mr. Henry Breitkreutz, Bus. Adm. Economics Dr Paul Brignac, Bio-Chemical Physical Sciences Mrs. Nohely Brodermann, Languages Dr. Ramon Brodermann, Languages Miss Eleanor Brown, Music Mr. Alvin Brown, Health, PE, Recreation Miss Phyliss Brown, Librarian Mr. Richard Brown, Social Sciences Dr. Burton Buckley, Biological Sciences Mrs. Mane Burkhead, Bus. Adm. Economics Dr. Tom Burns, Biological Sciences Dr. Sara Burroughs, Languages Mrs. Ceraldme Bush, Nursing Mrs. Tiny Calender, Nursing Mrs. Mattie Caldwell, Nursing Mr. Neill Cameron, Languages Dr, Dan Carr, Curriculum Inst Mrs. Shirley Cashio. Nursing Dr. Stan Chadick, Mathematics Miss Carolyn Chatelain, High School Relations Mr. Rong Chen, Social Sciences Mrs. Fern Christensen, Curriculum Inst Dr. Raymond Christensen, Indus. Ed. Tech. Dr. Thomas Clinton, Curriculum Inst. Miss Ethelyn Cloutier, Speech Ed Mr. Charles Coke, Art Dr Cordon Coker, Health, PE, Recreation Mr. Michael Corriston, Speech Journalism Mr. Thomas Covington, Mathematics Dr. Otis Cox, Behavioral Science Mr. Wayne Crowder, Music Mr. Hugh Curry, Social Sciences Miss Claurice Dans, Speech Ed. Mr Robert Daspit, Biological Sciences Dr. Zoel Daugherty, Earth Sciences Dr Violet Davion, Health, PE, Recreation Dr. DeAnn Dawes, Speech Journalism Dr. Celia Decker, Home Economics Dr John Decker, Curriculum Inst Mrs. Barbara Dickerson, Nursing 283 Dr. David Doobins, farth Sciences Mrs. Mary Doherty, Languages Wr. Edward Domangue, Ind. Ed. Tech. Dr Rona ' d DuBois, Curriculum Inst. Dr Thomas [ppler, Ind Ed. Tech. Dr Wanen Evans, Health, PE, Recreation Dr. Leroi Eversull, Social Sciences Mr John Farrington, Earth Sciences Mr. lames Field, Special td. Mrs Anita Fielder, Nursing Dr. Lois Fleming Social Sciences Mrs. Mary Fletcher, Languages Dr Ruth Franklin, Home Economics Mr. Dudley Fulton, Behavioral Sciences Dr. Eleanore Gardner, Languages Miss Clara Gates, Nursing Dr. Donald Gates, Behavioral Sciences Dr. Roy Gentry, Health, PE, Recreation Mr. Dwayne Gilbert, Ind. Ed. Tech. Mrs. Claire Greene, Library Mr. Hiram Gregory, Social Sciences Mr. Jim Gregory, Bus. Adm. Economics Dr. William Guice, Behavioral Sciences Dr. Henry Gum, Bio-Chemical Physical Sciences Dr. Hurst Hall, Behavioral Sciences Mr. Orville Hanchey, Art Dr. Grady Harper, Art Dr. Donald Hatley, Languages Mrs. Beth Hayes, Nursing Dr. Thomas Hennigan, Curriculum Inst. Mrs. Elizabeth Hernadez, Nursing Mrs. Margaret Hicks, Nursing Mrs. Sara Hiern, Nursing Dr. John Hix, Bus. Adm. Economics Miss Eleanor Hollis, Library Mrs. Sheila Holman, Nursing Mr. Clyde Hopkins, Accounting Dr. William Hunt, Music Mrs Lucille Ingram, Languages Dr. Wayne Hyde, Bio-Chemical Physical Sciences Mrs. Elise lames, Bus. Adm Economics Mr Richard Jennings, Music Mr. |oe Johnson, Languages Mr. j. W. Johnson, Dist. Ed. Office Adm. Mrs. Maxine Johnson, Nursing Dr. Tommy Johnson, Bus.-Dist. Ed. Office Adm. Miss Virginia Johnson, Home Economics Mrs. Carole Jorstad, Nursing Mr. Charles Keenan, Sociology Dr Curt Kinard, Special Ed Dr. William Knipmeyer, Social Sciences Mr. Kenneth Knotts, Social Sc iences Dr. Barney Kyzar, Curriculum Inst. Dr Marietta LeBreton, Social Sciences Dr. Joon Lee, Bio-Chemical Physical Sciences Mrs. Luella Lewis, Health, PE, Recreation Mr. Michael Lewis, Special Ed. Mrs Pat Lewis, Nursing Dr James tin, Biological Sciences Mrs. Leola Loftin, Library Dr, Bob Lumpkins, Curriculum Inst. Dr Edward Matis, Special Ed. Dr John McCluhan, Nursing Dr lames McCorkle, Social Sciences Mrs. Dorcas McCormick, Nursing Mrs Carol McCoy, Bus.-Dist. Ed. Office Adm. Dr. Ray McCoy, Behavioral Sciences Mrs. Ellis Melder, Languages Dr Sarn Misaraca, Earth Science Mrs. Barbara Moffeli, Nursing 284 Faculty S Dr. Nedom Mulls, Ind. Ed Tech. Mr. Rivers Murphy. Art Dr Colleen Nelken. Health, PE, Recreation Mrs. Marion Ncsom. Languages Miss Dorothy Nickey Curriculum Inst. Dr Rod Outland, Biological Sciences Mrs. Delores Payne, Counseling Dr. William Philp, Curriculum Inst Mi. Walter Pine, Mathematics Miss Frances Pingrey, Nursing Mr. Dudley Pitt, Mathematics Mr. Franklin Presson, Journalism Mr Robert Price, Music Mr. John Raush, Music Mrs. Vera Rawson, Mathematics Mrs. lewell Richie, Health, PE, Recreation Miss Mary Roberson, Home Economics Mr. William Robert, Languages Mrs. Mary Roberts, Art Dr. Robert Roger, Bio-Chemical Physical Sciences Mrs Sandra Roquemore, Health, PE, Recreation Mrs. Donna Rose, Music Mr. Richard Rose, Music Mrs Janell Rue, Bus.-Dist. Ed. Office Adm. Dr Donald Ryan, Mathematics Dr Dana Sanders, Biological Sciences Miss Elizabeth Saunders, Nursing Mrs. Willia Sewell, Accounting Dr. Bill Shaw, Ind Ed Tech. Mr. |im Simmons, Health, PE, Recreation Mrs. lo Smith, Languages Mr. Fraser Snowden, Social Sciences Mrs. Maxine Southerland, Home Economics Dr. Larry Spears, Bio-Chemical Physical Sciences Dr. Mildred Steckman, Curriculum Inst. Dr. Melvin Stevens, Earth Sciences Dr |o Ann Stienke, Behavioral Sciences Dr. jimmy Stothart, Biological Sciences Dr. Austin Temple, Mathematics Dr Earl Thames, Accounting Mrs. Sandra Thames, Nursing Mrs. Lou Thomas, Languages Mrs. Sadie Thomas, Home Economics Mr. lames Thorn, Art Dr. Paul Torgimson, Music Mrs. Joyce Towns, (Health, PE, Recreation Mr. Hal Townsend, Earth Sciences Mr. H N. Towry, Bus. Adm. Economics Mr. Greg Ulferts, Bus. Adm Economics Mrs Linda Vienne, Library Dr Charles Viers, Biological Sciences Dr. |ohn Waskom, Earth Sciences Mr. Everett Webber, Languages Mrs. Olga Webber, Languages Mrs Cherrie Webster, Mathematics Mr. Joseph Wertelears, Languages Mr. Tommy Whitehead, Curriculum Inst. Mrs. Dixie Whittington, Library Dr. Russell Whittington, Mathematics Dr. Eugene Williams, Bus. Adm. Economics Dr Kenneth Williams, Biological Sciences Mrs. Jerry Wilson, Counseling Dr. Anne Worrell, Curriculum Inst. Dr. Robert Wynn, Curriculum Inst. 285 Graduates Ah Akbar, India Sallie Barney, Shreveport Ann Bennett, Pineville Wendy Bonner, Shreveport Frank Collins, Belmont Carolyn Cook, Florien Kalherine Crawford, Shreveport Claude Culpepper, Natchitoches Robert Davis, Natchiotches Charles Dittman, Alexandria Charlene Elliott, Shreveport Gary Elzen, Shreveport Stewart Ewing, Natchitoches Corene Fauser, Tioga Mona Fletcher, Shreveport Evelyn Ford, Olla Martha Gremillion, Alexandria Edward Harrison, Zachary Melvin Hobson, Hodge Lynn Irvin, Fort Polk Annette Labry, Kaplan Boonvita Mahattanakul, Thailand Michael McConneil, Bunkie Steve McCee, Shreveport Doris McSwain, Shreveport lanet Moss, Shreveport Micky Murphy, Montgomery Mistry Murzban, India Prisna Nakornsri, Thailand Tinnakorn Nakornsri, Thailand Debbie Newsom, Bossier City William Page, Leesville Elmer Parker, Boyce Sompis Patsilpa, Thailand Sam Pernici, DeRidder lames Pierce, Logansport |oe Pineda, Shreveport Everiste Poissot, Natchitoches Sirisri Punpruksa, Thailand Elaine Rainey, Shreveport Charles Randall, Batesville Amanda Reynolds, Bossier City Orval Richards, Shreveport Raymond Rush, Natchitoches Lynn Russell, Lake Providence Robert Savant, Basile Seith Schentzel, Allentown Rosalyn Scroggs, Alexandria Helen Sloan, Many Lou Ann Smith, DeRidder Shirley Snyder, Pineville Owen Spruill, Vick Yvonne Stevenson, lena Tommie Stringer, Natchitoches Philip Timothy, Pineville Catherine True, Shreveport Patricia Wagner, Alexandria Riley Walingsford, Shreveport Cynthia Williams, Natchitoches Nathaniel Williams, New Orleans Stacy Williams, Natchitoches Gary Wise, Lena Daniel Zachary, Bossier City :-86 Seniors 41. k 1 John Alexander, Leesville Laveta Allbritton, Shreveport Lynn Allen, Slidell Cecil Almond, Coushatta William Almond, Coushatta Ian Amberg, Georgetown Cholla Ardoin, Baton Rouge Geneviene Armstrong, Zwolle Joyce Armstrong, Zwolle Rebecca Armstrong, Marlon, Iowa Sue Ann Armstrong, Boyce Diane Ayers, Ringgold Sheik Bacchus, Natchitoches Kathryn Bagley, Longstreet Lamar Baker, Shreveport Len Baker, Coushatta Sherry Baldndge, Many Ronald Bales, Alexandria Terry Barbin, Hessmer Jack Barr, Natchitoches Clyde Barrett, Shreveport Creda Barron, Boyce William Barry, Shreveport Barbara Bass, Oakdale Pamela Batiste, Alexandria Sherry Baumgardner, Natchitoches Michael Beauford, Natchitoches Gil Beck, Oil City James Beeson, Alexandria Roosevelt Benjamin, Natchitoches Keith Bergeron, New Roads Jeannette Berry, Pineville Ken Berry, Shreveport Janet Bierden, Coushatta Mack Black, Natchitoches Michael Blank, Alexandria Robert Blow, Leesville Gladine Bolden, Leesville John Bond, Shreveport Joan Book, Natchitoches William Bottoms, Baton Rouge Pat Boundreauz, Many Ellen Boutwell, Shreveport Grant Bowden, Natchitoches Peggy Bowlin, Natchitoches Jerry Boyd, Plain Dealing Susan Boyd, Mansfield Reba Brantley, Natchitoches Susan Brister, Joyce Deborah Brodnax, Elmer Bruce Brouilette, Natchitoches Jimmy Brown, Pleasant Hill Beverly Brumley, Converse Ginger Bruyninckx, Alexandria Floyd Bufkin, DeRidder Mickey Bullock, Shreveport Deborah Bundrick, Natchitoches Don Burkett, Provencal Linda Burkhalter, Clayton Barbara Burns, Leesville Edward Burns, Oil City Rebecca Burns, Shreveport Dorothy Butcher, Coushatta Alvina Caldwell, Bossier City Becky Calloway, Port Allen Barbara Campbell, Iowa Kirby Campbell, Natchitoches JoAnn Caplis, Bossier City Burt Carlisle, Shreveport Donna Carlisle, Shreveport Steve Carlton, New Llano Ron Carson, Bossier City 287 Seniors Benjamin Carter, Port Sulphur Wayne Carter, VVinnfield William Carver, Anacoco Pam Cafanese, Shreveport Robin Chachere, Eunice Louis Champagne, Natchitoches Carol Chandler, Dodson Rodney Chandler, Shreveport Charlene Chapman, Arlington Rosemary Chiles, Natchitoches Catherine Christensen, Natchitoches Sharon Clark, Pineville Debbie Clifford; Baton Rouge Wayne Cloud, Elizabeth Budd Clout iei, Natchez Ronald Cockerham, Trout Virginia A. Coleman, Alexandria James L. Comeau, Oakdale Martha Compton, Welsh Carolyn Cook, New Orleans Eldon Cook, Baton Rouge Sandra Coon, Jena lim Cooper, Shreveport Daniel Cotton, Coushatta Marsha Courville, Alexandria Deborah Couvillion, Kaplan Billy Cox, Oil City Darlene Cox, Natchitoches Sara Jane Cox, Alexandria Vickie Cranford, Shreveport Mary Creed, Many Franklin Ciosse, Montgomery Mae Culbert, Alexandria Ronald Cupp, Alexandria James Curry, Flonen jack Damico, Alexandria Camillia Davis, Belmont Donna Davis, Boyce Robia Davis, Natchitoches Tern Day, Pineville Delores Deason, Kisatchie Steven Deckle, Marksville Michael Delcambre, Delcambre She. la DeSoto, Hobbs Debbie Digilormo, Shreveport Karen Dixon, Shreveport Bruce Doiron, Alexandria Diane Doucet, Opelousas Nathan Dowden, Hornbeck Sue Drake, New Llano Mark Ducote, Hessmer Michael Duncan, Boyce Diane Dupont, Simmesport Cwen Dupre, Opelousas Daniel Durr, Marthaville Mary Alice Edwards, Mansfield Mike Edwards, Alexandria Howard Eggerton, Pineville Rhonda Ellerman, Winnsboro Leonard Endris, Natchitoches Mike Ethendge. Shreveport Carl Evans, Florien Debbie Ewing, Oakdale Leonard Fauser, Tioga John Fenceroy, Natchitoches Carol Ferguson, Leesville Margaret Fields, Pineville Leola Fisher, Leesville Brenda Fitzgerald, Opelousas Cathy Ford, Benton Leonard Ford, Alexandria Lawrence Frankie, Shreveport Donna Frazier, Shreveport James Frazier, Zwolle Ronald Frazier, Shreveport Stewart Frost, Pineville Karen Frybarger, Shreveport Linda Fulgham, New Iberia Judy Futrell, Pineville Jack Caar, Alexandria James Callion, Shreveport Pam Gamble, Grand Cane Tommy Gauthier, Shreveport Jo Ann Gay, Many John Gerdron, Natchitoches Kay Gibbs, Shreveport Billie Gibson, Natchitoches Everett Gibson, Leesville Sarah Lou Gilbert, Natchitoches Frances Gilliam, Shreveport Grace, Gilman, Shreveport Daphne Grady, Shreveport Ronald Grappe, Campti Kenneth Graves, Bossier City Molly Gray, Bossier City Frances Green, Shreveport Jan Greer, Dubberly John Grezatfi, Lettsworth Sherry Guillory, Jennings Dana Hakes, Bossier City John Hammond, Chestnut Kathryn Hammons, Natchitoches Roger Hammons, Natchitoches Drinnon Hand, Natchitoches 3AS$ 3A!L 283 Seniors Ronnie Hanson, Cotton Valley Carolyn Harrell, Kansas City Ann Harrison, Montgomery loyd Harrison, Montgomery Tommy Harrison, Montgomery William Hart, Fort Polk Hilda Harville, Minden Mitzi Hauser, Bossier City Sherrie Hawthorne, Natchitoches Susan Hawthorne, Pollock Susan Hayes, Zwolle Katherine Head, Lecompte )anet Heilbronner, Kusciusko, Miss. Carol Susan Henderson, Bossier City Donna Heyd, Harahan Danny Hindmon, Oakdale Cavle Hobson, Natchitoches Robert Holland, Winnfield Sherion Hollingsworth, Oak Grove Brenda Holmes, Alexandria Sue Honig, Alexandria Peggy Horton, Calvin Valarie Huckie, Natchitoches DeDe Hudson, Natchitoches Terri Huff, Winnsboro Earline Humphrey, Colfax Robert Hutchinson, Pineville Junie Jamison, Zwolle Richard Jamison, Pleasant Hill Cynthia Jeane, Shreveport Johnny Jenkins, Robeline Joseph (immerson, Benton Donald Johnson, Thibodaux John R Johnson, Natchitoches LaDonna Johnson, Tioga Linda Johnson, Winnfield Nadine Johnson, Pineville Patricia Johnson, Shreveport Paula Johnson, Mansfield Steven Johnson, Opelousas Joyce Johnston, Shreveport Cynthia Jones, Shreveport Randy Jones, Monroe Sharon Jones, Coldonna Steve Jones, W. Helena, Ark. William Jones, Vivian Linda Jue, Shreveport Julenne Juneau, Shreveport Chris Kalstone, Shreveport Deborah Kavanaugh, Natchitoches John Kavanaugh, Natchitoches Patricia Kellner, Longview John Kelly, Monroe jack Kennedy, Alexandria David Ketchand, Shreveport Phyliss Ketchand, Shreveport Teresa Kevil, Shreveport Lael Kilpatrick, Natchitoches Sharon Kinard, Pineville Joseph Kingsford, Natchitoches Marcia Klingerman, Atlanta Charlotte Knight, New Orleans Johnette Knotts, Natchitoches Kevin Koeppen, Bossier City Wayne Kofnovec, Dallas, Tex. Cherry Kraushaar, Alexandria Roland Kraushaar, Alexandria Joseph Labatut, New Roads Jackie LaBorde, Bordelonville Stephanie Lachney, Alexandria Mary LaCour, Natchitoches Mary LaCour, Batchelor 289 Seniors Chris LaCour, Natchitoches Monica LaCour, Cloutierville Phyliss LaFleur, Opelousas Laurence Lambert, Inms Robert Lambert, Many Sandra Lambert, Many Gar Lampert, New Orleans Tony lampson, Crowley Lynn Landry, Monroe leanme Langford, Natchitoches Conrad Langlois, New Roads lanet Langston, Woodworth Gary Lash, Cotton Valley Doruth Laughlir,, Shreveport Robert Lawrence, Benton lames Layssard, Springhill Ronald Leazer, Bossier City Leo Leggett, Natchitoches Joseph Lewis, Chatham Leonard Lewis, Shreveport Anne L ' Heureux, Alexandria Anna Livengood, Shreveport Nell Loftin, Coushatta Mike Lombardino, Shreveport Meryl Long, Lake Charles Vickye Long, Coushatta Vernon Love, Bossier City Ruth Lovegren, New Orleans Margaret Lowrey, Coushatta Neil Loyd, Baton Rouge Linda Lyon, Bossier City Anita Madden, Saline Mary Malmay, Zwolle Lynn Mann, Fernday Gary Manso, DeRidder Gail Maroney, Haynesville Glenna Marston, Shreveport Myra Martin, Haynesville Myra C Martin, Anacoco Nina Martin, Chopin Bonnie Martinez, Zwolle Diana Mary, Pleasant Hill Barbara Maryland, Mansfield Harold Mason, Zachary Clementina Mastracchino, l.eesvill Raymond Matkin, Provencal Pamela Matthews, Shreveport William Matthews, Shreveport Helen Mayeux, Mansura Janet Mayfield, Natchez Mary Jane Mayfield, Kinder Foster Mays, Greenwood Jenny McBroom, Trout Melanie McCain, Natchitoches Elizabeth McCaleb, Winnsboro Deborah McCan, Bossier City Donald McClary, Natchitoches Linda McClary, Natchitoches Alice McCloy, Winnfield Susan McCormick, New Orleans Jan McCrary, Alexandria Catherine McCullough, Marrero Dorothy McDade, Lafayette Judy McFerrin, Zwolle Janis McGehee, Effie Jim McGlothin, Natchitoches William McGraw, Hornbeck Amelia McQuaren, Alexandria Rene McQuillon, Shreveport Patricia Mertens, Alexandria John Metoyer, Natchitoches Diane Miller, Pineville Marilyn Miller, Minden Don Mitchell, Natchitoches Micheal Molish, DeRidder Cathy Monk, Woodworth Gary Monroe, Glenmora Jimmy Moore, Leesville Brenda Morris, Baton Rouge Raymond Moser, Bossier City Donald Moton, Mansfield Betty Nabors, Natchitoches Nelta Naquin, Shreveport Bert Neal, Baton Rouge Joan Neal, Baton Rouge Norman Neel, Zwolle Barbara Neesley, Metairie Richard Newman, Crowley Stephen Newsom, Sarepta Doug Nichols, Alexandria Theresa Norwood, Benson LeRoy Ortego, Ville Platte Pat Ortigo, Bossier City Denise Owens, Deville Leslie Palmer, New Iberia Brenda Parker, Leesville Pamela Parker, Anaroco Karen Patin, Port Allen Ray Patton, Kinder Thomas Peeples, Natchitoches Helen Pepper, Shreveport Karen Perkins, Alexandria Rosemary Perkins, Pitkin Kathy Peterson, Plain Dealing 290 Seniors 2 AJL1 Virgilio Pilola, Leesville |an Pittman, Alexandria Oakley Pitlma " , Alexandria Daniel Pitts, Laurel, Miss. Elizabeth Pope, Simpson Jesse Powers, Urania Michael Price, Bossier City Diana Provenza, Shreveport Stella Pupillo, Shreveport James Rabalais, Bunkie Michael Radowski, Alexandria Yolanda Rambin, Pelican Diane Raney, Shreveport Debra Rasch, Shreveport Judy Redfern, Mansfield loan Redlin, Eldorado Martha Reichley, Westlake Peggy Renter, Shreveport Rita Reppond, Marion Carol Repulski, St. Cloud |ohn Restovich, Shreveport l.ora Rice, Shreveport Marilyn Richard, Pineville |o Ann Richards, Natchitoches Sue Ann Richardson, Minden Nancy Roan, Natchitoches Diane Robbins, Doyline Sherrie Roberts, Shreveport )ohn Robinson, Homer Monte Robinson, Shreveport Rebecca Robinson, Coushatta Vicki Robinson, Alexandria Clyde Roque, Shreveport Sharon Rosson, Baton Rouge Jacqueline Sanders, Montgomery Sandra Satcher, lonesboro Glenn Sawyer, Natchitoches Herman Sawyer, Natchitoches Mary Anne Scalfano, Alexandria Alexis Scott, Natchitoches Venoria Scranton, Natchitoches Kathy Scruggs, Cloutierville Don Seawood, Natchitoches CalaSelf, Leesville Linda Sepulvado, Noble lames Sermons, Oil City Bryan Serpas, Shreveport Cathy R Seymour, Natchitoches Lance Shaw, Elmer Penny Shelton, Winnfield Frances H. Sinclair, Shreveport lack Skaggs, Bossier City Terry Skaggs, Pensacola Robert Slack, Shongaloo Cynthia Z. Smith, Shreveport Dianne Smith, Rodessa Gary Smith, Flonen Kathleen Smith, Rodessa Mark H Smith, Leesville Ricky Smith, Winnsboro Robert E Smith, Slaughter Rusty Smith, Fernday Sandra Smith, Texarkana Tommie Lou Smith, Pinevil FarrellSoileau, Ville Platte Rod Sooter, Alexandria Patricia Sowells, Leesville Patricia Spangler, Natchitoches Nita Spann, Logansport David Sparks, Flora lack Spring, Shreveport Shannon Springer, Shreveport Seniors Michael Squvres, Melder Brenda Stanford, Plain Dealing Edith Stanitz, Shreveport Julius Steele, Little Rock Cynthia Stephens, Shreveport Donald Stephens, Natchitoches Mitchell Stephens, Leesville I, Stevens, Winnfield lames Stewart, Leesville Joy Stewart, Noble Virginia Stockholm, Shreveport Marilyn Stringer, Philadelphia LaWanda Stroud, Alexandria Mike Struna, Natchitoches Ellen Sullivan, Cotton Valley Pat Sullivan, Castor David Swate, Cotton Valley Robert Swayze, J onesville David Swift, Rochester Karen Taliaferro, Shreveport Beth Tarvei, Natchitoches L. David Tassin, Alexandria Diane Teekell, Bossier City Sherlyn Teer, Delhi Donna C. Temple, DeRidder Richard A. Temple, Baton Rouge Sue Thomas, Shreveport Cheryl Thornhill, Pollock Susan Trahan, Coushatta Brenda T. Treece, Shreveport lohnny Trussell, DeRidder Joanne Tufts, Pineville Anita A. Turner, Simmesport John W. Turner, Pollock June Turner, Eunice Ruben Tweedy, Metairie Pat Ursery, Ringgold Pat Ussery, Pineville Jane Valentine, Zachery Katie Van Asselberg, Alexandria David Van Dam, Union City Sharon Vandam, Natchitoches Donnie Veazey, Abbeville Patricia Vidrine, Ville Platte leanne Vige, Opelousas Pam Villemarette, Hessmer Kathy Vinson, Shreveport Leah Vogt, Baton Rouge Theresa Waggoner, Logansport Jeannine Walker, New Orleans Sharon Walker, Baton Rouge Becky Wallace, Castor Delilah Warren, Castor Karen Wartenberg, Ruston Jeffrey Webb, Shreveport Nellie Webb, Coushatta Truman Webb, Jena Charmagne Wells, Boyce Steve Wel ls, Colfax Carol Wertz, New Orleans Cheryl Wheaton, Abilene Donnie White, Pitkin James White, Shreveport N. Keith White, Alexandria Mike Wilburn, Minden Philip Wilkerson, Natchitoches Jackie Williams, Alexandria Jerry W Williams, Natchitoches John Williams, Bossier City Marsha Williams, Alexandria Paul Williams, Woodworth Roger Williamson, Hineston Donald Wiison, Shreveport Doris Wilson, Orange Erwin Wilson, New Llano Lauren Wilson, Vinton Emily Winston, Shreveport Lee Wood, Winnfield Euba Mae Woodard, Bossier City Robert Woodruff, Rusk AD l AMM Norman Wornock, Shreveport Pam Wrinkle, Coushatta Rhonda Zanea, New Orleans MS 2?2 Undergraduates Michael Aaron, Shreveport. So. Laudelina Acevedo, Leesville, Fr. Rebecca Acxel, Natchitoches, So. William Ackel, Natchitoches, So. Caile Acklin, Noble, Fr Ann Adams, Leesville, Sr. David Adams, Coushatla, Fr. Susan Adkins, Benton. So. Joaquin Aguero, Honduras, So. Peggv Ainsworth, Alexandria, f r. Alecia Alexander, Bossier City, Fr. Jean Alexander, Shreveport, Fr Larry Alexander, Winnfield, Fr. Reginald Alexander, Shreveport, Fr Wayne Alford, Alexandria, So. Mike Allain, Melville, Jr. Janis Allbritton, Tullos, Fr. jowanna Allen, Benton, Jr. Linda Allen, Crowley, Fr. Martha Allen, Metairie, Fr. Rodney Allen, Bossier City, Fr. Claire Almand, Haynesville, So. Steve Almgren, Alexandria, Fr. Marilyn Almond, Coushatta, Fr. Jerrie Ammons, Natchitoches, Jr jimmy Anderson, Logansport, Fr. Suburrah Anderson, DeRidder, Sr. Sherry Anderson, Shreveport, So Wanda Anderson, Coushatta, Fr. Blanche Andries, Shreveport, So. Dorothy Anthony, Cypress, Fr. George Antony, Alexandria, Fr. Debra Archambeau, Shreveport, Jr. Donald Arnold, Dry Prong, Fr. Lillian Arnold, Winnsboro, So. Thomas C. Arnold, Many, Fr. Carlos Arrambide, DeRidder, Fr. Darwin Arrington, Pineville, Jr. Alton Ashby, Blanchard, Sr. Debra Ashby, Blanchard, So. Cindy Atchinson, Shreveport, Fr. Barbara Atwood, Natchitoches, So. Judy Aubuchon, Shreveport, Fr. Frank Aught, Natchitoches, jr. Kenneth Austin, Baton Rouge, Tr Pemmie Austin, New Orleans, Fr. Dorothy Auston, Shreveport, So. Allen Aymond, Alexandria, Sr. Paul Aymond, Alexandria, Jr. Henry Babers, Coushatta, So Holly Babin, (Houma, Fr. Melanie Babin, Jonesville, Sr. Patty Babineaux, Crowley, Jr. Curt Backa, Bossier City, So. Vicki Badgley, Ashland, Sr. Janet Bagley, Mansfield, Fr. Alan Bailey, Natchitoches, Fr. Joseph Bailey, Leesville, Fr. Lettie Bailey, Leesville, Fr. Robert Bailey, Bossier City, So Wanda Bailey, Westlake, Fr. Melinda Baldridge, Many, Jr. Melissa Baldridge, Many, Jr. Rock Baldwin, Coushatta, So Norma Bale, Bossier City, Fr. Donna Ball, Winnfield, So. Emily Balthazar, Natchitoches, Fr John Balthazar, Natchez, Fr Harry Bamburg, Coushatta, Fr. Mary Bamburg, Coushatta, So Alvin Bamburg, Coushatta, Fr. Steven Bandy, Opelousas, Fr Anita Bankston, Zachary, So Loretta Bankston, Zachary, Jr. Dwain Baptiste, Natchitoches, Jr Paul Baque, Opelousas, So. Keith Barbier, Berwick, Fr. Kenneth Bardin, DeRidder, Fr. Jan Barker, Natchitoches, Fr. Frederick Barnes, Pineville, Fr. Jay Barnes, St Francisville, Fr. Lucinda Barnes, Shreveport, Fr. M ' Lou Barnett, Shreveport, F . Betty Barr, Vidalia, Fr. Michael Barrington, Homer, Jr. Janice Barrios, Pineville, So. Leslie Barron, Hightstown, So. Sheila Barron, Natchitoches, So. Valarie Bass, Starks, Fr. Barbara Batten, Natchez, Fr. Gloria Battles, DeRidder, Fr. Dottie Beard, Pelican, Fr Bradley Bearden, Natchitoches, Fr Jack Beasley W. Monroe, Sr Jill Season, Florien, So. Diana Beck, Natchitoches, So. David Beckermeyer, San Francisco, Fr. Marie Beckham, Haynesviile, Fr. Mary Bedsole, Mansfield, So. Doug Beebe, Hornbeck, Fr. Rita Beebe, Lena, Jr. Annette Beetz, Ferriday, Jr. Paul Begue, Houma, Sr. Vanessa Behler, New Orleans, Fr. 293 Undergraduates June Belgard, Deville, So. luanita 8ell, Simmesport, So. Roy Bell, Simmesport, Fr. Gayle Bellemin, Opelousas, So. Rose Belton, Baton Rouge, Fr. Marsha Benjamin, Clos(et, Jr Betty Bennett, Pollock, Jr. Terry Bennett, Shreveport, Fr Emma Bernard, Natchitoches, Jr. Doris Berndt, Shreveport, Fr. Kenneth Berry, Winnfield, So. Lawrence Bertrand, Oberlin, Jr. Bruce Bettis, Shreveport, So Willanne Beverly, Boyce, Fr. Kerry Bird, Shreveport, jr. Larry Biro, Shreveport, Jr. Jewell Birdwell, Marthaville, So. Rodney Bissell, Mansfield, Fr. Criss Black, Shreveport, Fr. Deborah Black, Bossier City, So. Wayne Black, Pleasant Hill, Fr. Bruce Blackman, Pineville, Jr. Cynthia Blanchard, New Orleans, Fr. John Blancher, Metairie, So Dan Bloch, Alexandria, Fr. Janet Blythe, Lake Charles, Fr. Jerry Bodenhamer, Natchitoches, So. Barbara Bodin, Lake Charles, So. Jaqueline Bogan, Alexandria, Fr. Barbara Bollar, Alexandria, Sr. Donna Bollinger, Shreveport, Jr. James Bolton, Monroe, Fr. Velda Bond, Boyce, So. William Bond, Boyce, Sr. Phillip Bonner, Coushatta, |r Andre Bonnette, Alexandria, Fr. Annie Bonnette, Cloutierville, Fr. Patty Bonnette, Leesville, Fr. David Bonvillian, Belle Chasse, So. Paul Bonvillian, Franklin, Fr. Greg Booker, Many, Jr. Roxie Bordelon, Marksville, So. Karine Boston, Montgomery, Jr. loey Boudloche, Houma, Fr. Connie Bower, Shreveport, Jr. Yolanda Bowie, Leesville, Fr. Craig Boykin, Gretna, Fr. Doris Brabham, Natchitoches, Jr Judy Bradford, lonesville, Jr Thurman Bradley, Saline, Fr Annie Bradley, Natchez, So. Janice Bradley, Saline, Fr. James Michael Branch, Many, So. Mary Lou Brasher, Natchitoches, Fr. Betty Brossett, Natchitoches, Fr. Victoria Browner, Natchitoches, Jr. Becky Brazzell, Winnfield, Jr. Carol Breed, Westlake, So. Robert Breedlove, Natchitoches, Fr. lohn Breland, Houma, Fr. Inez Brew, Boyce, Jr. Peggy Brew, Boyce, Fr. Robert Brister, Provencal, Fr. Dee Brodnax, Alexandria, Fr. Constance Brooks, Mansfield, Fr. Doyle Brooks, Trout, So. Leonard Brossette, Pineville, So. Billie Jo Brotherton, McDade, Sr. Robert Brotherton, Keithville, Sr. Debra Brouillette, Alexandria, Fr. Ronald Brouillette, Cottonp ort, Fr. Charlene Brouillette, Alexandria, So. 294 Undergraduates mmm itiLMm a fiat M Caro! Broussard, Delcambre, Fr Deborah Brown, Shreveport, 5r, Deby Brown, Bossier City, So. Linda Brown, Hornbeck, Fr. Linda Brown, Leesville, Jr. Michael Brown. Shreveport, Fr. Willard Brown, Pineville, Jr. Donald Brown, Coushatla, So William Browne, Coushatta, So. James Bruce, Shreveport, So. Thomas Bruce, Pineville, So. Brenda Bryant, Winnfield, Fr. Dennis Bryant, Natchitoches, Fr, Donald Bryant, Shreveport, So. James Bufkin, Elizabeth, Fr. Richard Bullock, Flora, Fr Roger Bumgardner, Ashland, Fr Scott Bumgardner, Bunkie, Fr. Linda Bundrick, Winnfield, So. Delia Bunker, Saline, Fr. Betty Burgin, Lafayette, Fr Geraldine Burleigh, Sunset, Jr. Billy Burnley, Leesville, Fr. Cecil Burns, Portsmouth, Sr. Overton Burns, Leesville, Fr. Renea Burns, Longview, Fr. Yvonne Burns, Shreveport, So. Lucy Burr, Vivian, Fr. David Burroughs, Minden, Fr Dell Burrough, Lafayette, Fr. Gary Burton, Evans, Fr Samuel Bush, Many, Fr. Vicki Byers, Leesville, Fr. Rachal Byrd, Shreveport, So. Danny Cage, Jonesboro, So Mario Cage, Jonesboro, Jr. Raymond Cage, Winnfield, Fr. Calyn Cagle, DeRidder, So. Susan Caldwell, Shrevepon, Fr Threcia Calloway, Dry Prong, Jr. Huey Campbell, Noble, Jr. Melissa Canerday, Winnfield, Jr. Jay Cardwell, Shreveport, Jr. Pat Carlyon, Alexandria, So. Revena Carnahan, Cloutierville, So. Debbie Carpenter, Calvin, So. Patsy Carpenter, Calvin, Fr. Susan Carret, New Iberville, Fr. Deni Carrier, Pineville, Fr. Brenda Carroll, Pitkin, Fr, Cecilia Carson, Ringgold, Fr Cynthia Carson, Ringgold, Fr. Debra Carson, Natchitoches, So. Sharon Carswell, Colfax, )r. Ronald Carter, Natchitoches, So. Susan Carter, Shreveport, So Kenny Case, Marrero, Fr Billie Cason, Mooringsport, Fr. Roger Cason, Coushatta, So. Luke Catalanatto, Natchitoches, Jr. Sharon Caudle, Shreveport, So. Jerry Cavanaugh, Many, So. Melissa Cawthon, Acadia, Fr. Harmon Cedars, Leesville, Fr Bonnie Chapman, Houma, Jr. Jeff Chapman, Shreveport, So. Alma Charles, Natchitoches, Jr. Penny Chavalitlekha, Bangkok, |r. Sunny Chavalitlekha, Bangkok, Jr. Terry Chaze, Marksville, So. Lula Cherry, Shreveport, Fr. Glynn Chevallier, Jonesville, So. Debbie Childs, Mansfield, So. Dennis Choate, Natchitoches, Jr. lackie Choate, Natchitoches, Jr. Jane Christensen, DeRidder, Fr. Ricky Christopher, Natchez, Fr Lisa Churchman, Colfax, Fr. Cliff Cimaglia, Natchitoches, So. Betty Clark, Robeline, Jr. Bubba Clark, Jennings, Jr. Jo Ann Clark, Leesville, Fr. Sally Clark, Alexandria, Sr. Darell Clem, Mooringsport, So. Jackie Clement, Crowley, Fr. Roger Clements, Leesville, Fr. Sheila Cleveland, Boyce, Jr. Sandy Clevenger, Shreveport, Fr. Gary Cloud, Goldonna, Jr. Lynda Cloud, Houma, Fr Jimmy Cobb, Shreveport, Fr Charles Coclcfield, Colfax, So Cynthia Cockrell, Natchitoches, So. Donna Coffey, Chestnut, Fr. Kathie Coffey, Ashland, Fr. Alliece Cole, Shreveport, Fr Thomas Cole. Shreveport, Fr. Rita Coleman, Shreveport, Fr. Aretha Collins, Shreveport, Fr. Eddie Collins, Natchitoches, So. Linda Collins, Shreveport, Fr, Sharon Collins, Sh r eveport, Fr. Cathy Comeaux, New I beria, Fr. Dorothy Coniay, Natchitoches, So 295 Undergraduates Jov Conlay, Natchitoches. So. Donna Cook, Natchitoches, Jr. Larry Cook. Fort Polk, Sr. Sandy Cook, Calhoun, Fr. Ann Cooper, Mansfield, So. Frances Cor ley, Florien, Fr. lohn Corly, Florien, |r. (ana Cornwell, Rosepine, Fr. Mozelle Cote, Natchitoches, Jr. Denise Cotton, Shreveport, Fr leff Cotton, Shreveport, |r. loseph Cotton, Dodson, So. Roy Cotton, Dodson, Fr. Fietty Coutee, Campti, So. Beulah Coutee, Campti, So. Debbie Coutee, Natchitoches, Jr. Helen Coutee, Campti, Jr Joan Couvillion, Alexandria, Fr. Kathryn Couvillion, Simmesport, So. Rachal Couvillion, Caplan, |r. Teresa Cowen, Alexandria, Sr. Beverly Cox, Provencal, Fr. David Cox, Shreveport, Jr. David Co x, Bossier City, Jr. Louise Cox, Shreveport, Jr. Mel Cox, Logansport, Fr. Vicki Cox, Sulphur, Fr. Steven Crane, Shreveport, Fr. Brenda Crawford, Fort Polk, Fr. Pnscilla Crayton, Natchitoches, So. Chot Creamer, Morgan City, Jr. Karen Creel, Oakdale, Fr. lames Creighton, Natchez, Fr. Richard Crowe, Acadia, Jr. Lynn Crowed, W. Monroe, Jr. Ann Culotta, Shreveport, Fr. Peggy Cummings, Shreveport, Fr. Jerry Cunningham, Natchitoches, So. Bill Cuppett, Pineville, Fr. Martha Curry, Spnnghill, Fr. Tommy Curry, Winnfield, Jr. Wayne Daigrepont, Simmesport, Jr. Paulette Dandridge, Minden, So. Wynta Dangerfield, Baton Rouge, Jr. Cecile Daniel, St. Francisville, So. Mary Beth Darphin, lota, Sr. Janet Daughtry, Winnfield, Jr Paul Daughtry, Winnfield, So. Caynell Davidson, Leesville, Fr. Mona Davidson, Coushatta, So. Carolyn Davis, Shreveport, Jr. Gary Davis, Shreveport, Jr. Geraldine Davis, Natchitoches, So. Linda Davis, Minden, Jr Rhonda Davis, Natchitoches, Fr. Sammau! Davis, Many, Jr. Mark Davison, Shreveport, Fr Chistine Dawson, Shreveport, Fr. Bertie Dean, Shreveport, jr. Norma Dean, Coldonna, Fr. Stephen Dean, Benton, So. Deborah Deane, Alexandria, Jr David Deas, Homer, Jr Janice DeBellevue, Marksville, Fr. Judy DeBlieux, Natchitoches, Sr. Henry Debroeck, Shreveport, Fr. Peggy Decuiri, Marksville, Fr. William Dees, DeRidder. So. Curtis DeLatin, Shreveport, So. Elaine DeLoach, New Orleans, So Theresa Delphin, Melrose, Fr. Debra Dennis, Natchitoches, Fr. i a ?a i 296 Undergraduates Shanta Dennis, Mavlene, 5r. Karen DeRouen, Bossier City, So Billy Deville, Natchitoches, So. Ronnie Deville, Opelousas, So. Nan Diefer.dorf, Bavon Rouge, Fr. Frank Dies, Metairie, So Elaine Diesi, Opetousas, Fr. Cindy Dilulio, Bossier City, So. Kalhy Dillard, Pleasant Hill, Fr. David Dillon, Tioga, Jr. Debra Dittman. Alexandria, Fr, Gloria Dixon, Shreveport, Fr. (acque Dodd, Shreveport, So. Mike Doherty, Natchitoches, ]r. Lenn Dohmann, Opelousas, So Diane Dommert, Jenning, Fr. David Dore, New Iberia, So. Pat Douget, Crowley, So. Tony Douget, Crowley, Jr. Charlotte Doughtv, Shreveport, Sr. Lisa Douglas, Pineville, So. Billy Dove, Livingston, Fr. Charles Dowden, Many, Fr. Kenneth Dowden, Natchitoches, So. Vicki Downing, Vivian, Fr. Terry Down, Minden, Fr. Eleanor Doyle, Shreveport Jr. Linda Doyle, Pitkin, Fr. Mary Dragland, Shongaloo, Fr. Stephanie Dry, Biloxi, Jr. Cynthia Ducote, Marksville, Fr. Arthur Duhon, Keithville, So. Judy Duke, Columbia, Jr. Lee Dunbar, Tioga. Fr Loretta Dunbar, Port Barre, Fr. Melony Dunbar, Port 8arre, So. Janet Duncan, Colfax, Jr. Freda Dunn, Springhill, Fr. Winnie Duplessis, Marrero, Jr. MaryLynn Dupuy, Natchitoches, Jr. Dwight Durrett, Hornbeck, Fr James Durham, Winnfield, Fr. Deborah Durr, Marthaville, Fr. Brenda Dyson, Montgomery, Jr. Ronnie Dyson, Montgomery, Jr. Janice Ebarb, Shreveport, So Loran Ebarb, Noble, Fr Cynthia Echenhofer, Beaumon t, Tex., So. Wayne Eddy, Mansfield, So. Johnny Edens, Natchez, So. George Edwards, Shreveport, Jr Charlene Eickel, Metairie, Fr. Emma Ellerman, Winnsboro, So. William Elliott, Shreveport, Jr. Michelle Elmore, Alexandria, Jr Anne Elston, McDade, So. Debbie Elston, McDade, Jr Kathy Ernest, New Iberia, Fr Sue Eskew, Alexandria, So. Ronald Evans, Natchitoches, Fr Valeria Evans, Natchitoches, Jr. James Everett, Many, So. Karen Ewing, Leesville, Fr. Thomas Ewing, Batchelor, So. Cecil Fairchild, Deville, Fr. Elizabeth Falcon, Zwolle, Jr. Jerome Fay, Pineville, Fr. Ginger Ferguson, Dry Prong, Sr. Roberto Fiallos, Honduras, So. Robbie Fielder, Shreveport, Jr Anita Fields, Heflin, Fr. Cheryl Fisher, Shreveport, Fr 297 Undergraduates Bill Flake, Pineville, Fr. Susan Fleming, W. Monroe, So. Barry Flenniken, Natchitoches, Jr. Craig Fletcher, Natchitoches, Sr. Marilyn Flora Natchitoches, So. Martha Fl nn, Alexandria, So. Judy Fogleman, Lake Charles, Fr Deborah Fontenot, Leesville, Fr. Roger Fontenot, Kinder, So Debra Foots, Alexandria, Fr. Carolyn Ford. Jennings, Jr. Virginia Ford, Shreveport, So. William Ford, Leesville, So Marcia Forester, Grand Isle, Fr. James Foiet, Houma, Fr. Berliot Forster, lighthouse Pt., Jr Ann Fortune, Shreveport, Fr. Fran Foshee, Natchitoches, Fr. Barbara Foss, Marshall, Fr. Leonard Foster, Natchitoches, So. Stan Foster, Many, Fr. Robbie Fowlkes, W. Monroe, Jr. Yvonne Francis, Alexandria, So. Penny Frantom, Shreveport, Jr. Chris Frazier, Shreveport, Jr. Russell Freeland, Crowley, Fr Daniel Fruge, Sulphur, Sr. David Fruge, Gueydan, Jr. Debbie Fuller, Colfax, So. Raymond Fung, Hong Kong, Jr. Joanne Cabor, Leesville, Jr Martha Gabor, New Llano, Fr. Dennis Gaines, Bossier City, So. Frances Gains, New Roads, Fr, Brenda Gallien, Natchitoches, Fr. Deborah Gallien, Flora, Fr. Patty Gallien, Natchitoches, So Judy Gallion, Natchez, Jr. Jay Garcia, Minden, Fr. Glenda Gardner, Natchitoches, Fr. Greg Garland, Rayville, Fr. Sandra Garner, Many, So. Annette Garr, Dubach, Jr. Rebecca Garrett, Winnfield, Fr Dwiana Garris, Farmerville, Jr. Kim Gaspard, Alexandria, So. Linda Gass, Jonesville, Fr. Ellen Gates, Pineville, Fr. Patti Gates, DeRidder, Jr. William Gates, DeRidder, Jr Leo Gatson, Marshall, So. Jerry Gauthier, Hessmer, Fr. Tony Gauthier, Hessmer, Jr. Vickie Gentiles, Baton Rouge, So. Tonya George, Baton Rouge, Fr. Steve Gibbens, Baton Rouge, Fr Arty Gibson, Natchitoches, So. Owen Gill, Opelousas, Fr. Cindy Godare, Sulphur, Fr. Judy Goins, DeRidder, Fr. Randal Goins, DeRidder, So. Brenda Goodman, Boyce, Jr Tina Goodrich, Capitan, Fr. Sarah Gordon, Thibodaux, So. Susan Gordon, Shreveport, Fr Patricia Gordy, Melder, So. William Gordy, Leesville, Fr. Regina Graham, Shreveport, Fr. David Graddy, Mt Vernon, So. Dexter Grant, Belle Chasse, So. Whitley Graves, Bossier City, So Mitchell Gray, Logansport, So. Camp i %» a Jfc liil J P Niiee. .15 A ' cK-y 298 Undergraduates Nancy Cray, Oii City, Jr Susan Gray, Castor, Fr. Ben Green, Ferriday, Fr. Henry Green, Vidalia, Fr. Thomas Green, Dodson, So. Linda Greene, Alexandria, So. Pain Greer, Houma, Fr. Cathy Gremillion, Alexandria, So Janet Griffin, Opelousas, So. Rhonda Griffin, Shreveport, So. Stewart Guidry, Natchitoches, |r Richard Guidroz, Port Barre, Sr. Cathy Guillet, Natchitoches, Fr Rhonda Guilliams, Campti, Jr. Donna Guillory, Natchitoches, Fr. Terry Guin, St. Maurice, So. Barbara Gunn, Hessmer, So. Danny Gunn, Pineville, )r. Debra Gunter, Pineville, So. Charles Guy, Anacoco, |r Debbie Gwm, Shreveport, Fr. Margo Haase, Baton Rouge, |r. Robert Hadden, Zachary, Fr. Stephen Hadwin, Castor, Fr. limmy Haile, Natchitoches, Fr. O ' Matha Halko, Montgomery, Fr. Annette Hall, Forest Hill, So. Lynn Hall, Shreveport, Sr, Pam Hall, Oswego, Fr Sandra Hall, Keatchie, |r. Virginia Hambrick, Colfax, Jr. Joey Hamilton, Chestnut, Jr Mary Jo Hamilton, Pearl River, Fr. Willie Hamilton, Coushatta, Fr. Jane Hammers, St. Martinville, Fr. Joan Hammond, Shreveport, So. Stanley E. Hammond. Chestnut, Jr Yvonne Hammond, Chestnut, Fr. Philiss Hanchey, DeRidder, Fr. Paula Hanisee, Bossier City, Fr. Helen Hardison, Natchitoches, Fr Beverly Hardwell, Pineville, Fr. Francis M. Hargis, Natchitoches, |r Judith Hargrove, Minden, Fr. Frank Haring, Wisner, Fr, Cynthia Harkins, Port Allen, Jr. Janice Harleaux, New Roads, Fr. Belinda Harper, Pineville, Jr. Deborah Harper, Saline, Fr. Rodney Harrington, Flora, Jr. Brenda Harris, Shreveport, So John Harris, Alexandria, Fr. Julius Harris, Baton Rouge, Jr. Robert Harris, Natchitoches, Jr. Silver Harris, Natchitoches, Jr. Ronny Harrison, Montgomery, Fr. Sharon Hart, Winnsboro, Jr. Veronica Hart, Coushatta, Fr. Roberta Hartman, Bossier City, Fr. Shal Hartwell, Shreveport, Fr. Patricia Harvey, Gretna, Fr. Cheryl Harville, Bossier City, Fr. George Hathorn, Deville, Jr. Jeff Eathorn, Ringgold, Fr. Margaret Havard, Castor, Jr. Sylvia Hawkes, Leesville, Jr. Terry Hawkins, Chestnut, Jr. Camille Hawthorne, Natchitoches, So. Gary Hawthorne, Anacoco, So Kathy Hay, Jamestown, Fr. Billy Hayes, Many, So. Steve Hayes, Many, So. Zandra Haymon, Leesville, Fr. John Haynes, Logansport, So Pat Haynes, Shongaloo, So. Susan Haynes, Alexandria, So. Larry Heard, Grambling, So. Debbie Hebert, Alexandria, Jr Denise Hebert, Vidalia, So. Earl Hebert, Berwick, Fr. Rodney Hedgecock, Alexandria, Jr Hazel Hedrick, Monterey, Fr. Edith Heflin, Shreveport, So. Audrey Helaire, Natchitoches, Fr. Mike Henderson, Jonesboro, So. Carol Ann Henkel, Kinder, Fr. Donald Henn, Bossier City, Jr. Joleen Henningan, Shreveport, Fr. Mark Hens ' lee, Haynesville, So. Pattie Herman, Alexandria, So. Vicky Hice, Morgan City, Fr. Linda Hickox, Pineville, Fr. Bruce Hildebrand, Natchitoches, Donald Hill, Natchitoches, Fr. Marilyn Hillman, Anacoco, So. Martha Hillman, Leesville, Fr. Paul Hillman, Leesville, Fr. Royce Hillman, Leesville, Fr Joni Hilston, Painsville, So. Charles Hilt, Alexandria, So. Brenda Hilton, Ringgold, So Shelley Hilton, Shreveport, So. Sharon Hines, Shreveport, So. Susie Hines, Bossier City, Jr. 299 Undergraduates Nancy Hodges, Lake Charles, Jr. Koy Hogan, Berwick, Ff. Barbara Hogeboom, McAlesler, Fr. Brenda Holland, Minden, So. Deborah Holland, Shreveport, Fr. Ad« Hollifield, Shreveport, Fr, Samuel Hollingsworth, Oak Grove, So. Allha Holmes, Clarence, Fr. Barbara Holmes, Winnfield, Fr. Evelyn Holmes, Montgomery, So. Margie Holmes, Clarence, So. Evelyn Hooter, Shreveporl, Fr Debbie Horn, New Orleans, Fr. lacob Hortman, Cotton Valley, Fr. limmy Horton, Coushatta, So. Peggy Horton, Calvin, Sr. Anthony Hough, Saline, Fr. larnes Houghton, Ringgold, Fr. Renee House, Bossier City, Sr. Danny Housely, Vidalia, jr. Kathy Hrorndka, Oakdale, Fr. Michael Hubley, Shreveport, So. Sherry Hudgens, Slagle, Fr. Linda Hughes, Shreveport, Fr. Roxanne Hughes, Houma, Fr David Hughston, Mandeville, So. David Humphrey, Saline, Fr. Bill Humphreys, Shreveport, Fr. Cynthia Hunt, Shreveport, So. Steve Hutchins Ftouma, So. Delories Hutson, Natchitoches, So. Harry Hyams, Natchitoches, |r. Christie lies, DeRidder, So. Charlotte Ingols, Marksville, Fr Suzanne Ingols, Marksville, So. John Inzer, Natchitoches, So. Brinda Irving, Alexandria, Jr. lerry lacks, )onesville, Jr. Bruce lackson, Angie, Fr. Liza lackson. Saline, Fr. Mildred lackson, Alexandria, ]r, Sandra lackson, Angie, Ir. Steve lacobs. Bossier City, )r. Frances James, Boyce. Fr. La Von jarrell, Evans, So. Mike leansonne, Alexandria, So. Pam leansonne, Natchitoches, Fr. Helen Jefferson, Shreveport, Fr. Joe Jenkins, Natchitoches, Jr. John Jett, Hornbeck, Jr. Cwenda Jimmerson, Benton, Fr Chris Johnson, Shreveport, Fr. Alice Johnson, Natchez, Fr. Becky Johnson, Montgomery, So. Cheryl Johnson, Natchitoches, Fr. Clara Johnson, DeRidder, Fr. Edward Johnson, Natchitoches, Jr. Grace Johnson, Grande Isle, So. Jeanette Johnson, Shreveport, Jr. Joan lohnson, Oakdale, Fr. John Johnson, Harrisonburg, Sr. Kathy Johnson, Jonesville, Jr. Keith Johnson, Oakdale, Sr. Mark lohnson, Saline, So. Mattie lohnson, Natchez, Jr. Nancy Johnson, Natchitoches, )r, Robert Johnson, Leesville, Fr. Debbie Jones, Shreveport, Jr Billy lones, Shreveport, Jr. Brenda Jones, Mansfield, Fr. Carmen Jones, Alexandria, Fr. Carolyn Jones, Mansfield, Fr. Christal Jones, DeRidder, Fr. Kenneth (ones, Joyce, Fr. Lisa Jones, Lake Charles, Fr. Oben Jones, Shreveport, Jr. Paula Jones, Pride, So Robert Jones, Fernday, So. Rosalyn Jones, Jonesboro, Jr. Glenda Jordan, Alexandria, Jr Cynthia Joyce, St. Joseph, Fr. Debbie Judice, New Iberia, So Kathleen Julian, Bossier City, Jr. Ann Justice, Denham Springs, So. Deborah Justice, Bossier City, Sr. Michelle Kalbacher, New Orleans, Fr Kenneth Kaufman, Natchitoches, So. Linda Keedy, Natchitoches, Sr Becky Keen, Shreveport, S o. Betty Keen, Winnfield, So. Peggy Keller, Shreveport, Jr. Pat Kelley, Alexandria, Fr. Carla Kelly, Baton Rouge, Jr Lynn Kelly, Goldonna, Fr. Susan Kelly, Alexandria, Fr. Sharla Kendrick, Shreveport, Fr. Judy Kennedy, Shreveport, Fr. Artie Kern, Zachary, Fr Ronnie Kern, DeRidder, So. Riaz Khan, Chicago, III , Jr. Mary Kidd, Atlanta, Jr Mary Lu Kilgore, Marthaville, So. Debra Kilman, DeRidder, Fr Donna King, Alexandria, Fr. 300 §%MM Undergraduates Jaqueline King, Bogalusa, So. |o Ann King, Shreveport, Jr. Ricky King, Montgomery, So Sherman King, Alexandria, Fr. Robert Kirchoff, Minden, So. Equilla Kirkland, Oakdale, f r, Terry Kirkwood, Zachary, Fr Linda Kizer, Shreveport, So. Rolf Klingenberg, l.eesville, So. Brenda Knapp, Leesville, Fr Kathy Knight, Shreveport, So. Marsha Knight, Shreveport, So. Kevin Koeppen, Bossier City, Sr. Sylvia Kosmitis, Shreveport, So. Gene Krane, New Iberia, So Melodie Krane, New Iberia, Fr Michael Kulage, DeRidder, Fr. Wanda Kutsavage, Leesville, )r. Ann Laborde, Bossier City, jr. |ohn Laborde, Natchitoches, So. John Lacaze, Natchitoches, So Braunice LaCombe, Pineville, Fr. Eugene LaCour, Natchez, Sr lanie Lacour, Natchitoches, Fr. Micheal LaCour, Natchitoches, Jr. Betsy Lafitte, Homer, Fr. Larry Lafitte, Shreveport, So. Tammy LaHood, Alexandria, Jr, Mark Laird, lennings, |r. Lynn LaLande, Alexandria, Jr. Claudia Lamb, Jennings, Jr. Lisa Lambard, Pineville, Jr. Carole Lamber, Metairie, Fr. June Landers, New Iberia, Fr Bruce Landls, Winnsboro, So Mary Landrum, Shreveport, Fr. Leland Landry, Basile, So. Janet Laney, Shreveport, So. joe Lang, Leesville, Fr. John Langford, Marshall, So. Laura Langston, New Orleans, Fr, Susan Langston, Woodworth, So. Debra Lanns, Baton Rouge, So Mary Lanzillotti, Bossier City, So. Mary Jane Larsen, Shreveport, Jr Lynn Lasyone, Winnfield, Fr. Victoria Latin, Shreveport, So. Julie Laurent, New Roads, So Marlene Laurent, Baton Rouge, Fr Barbara Lawman, Shreveport, Fr. Donny Lawrence, Coushatta, So. Vanessa Lawson, Vienville, Fr. Mark Leblanc, Opelousa, Jr. Joyceline Leckie, Pineville, Jr. Brenda Ledet, Pineville, Fr. Donna Ledet, Larose, Fr. Charles Lee, Natchitoches, Fr. Fred Lee, Ringgold, Jr. Grady Lee Jr., Minden, Fr Kitt Lee, Natchitoches, Fr. Melba Lee, Bastrop, Fr. Pam Lee, Shreveport, Sr. Terry Lehr, Shreveport, So. Brenda Leigh, Baton Rouge, So Jennifer Leis, Lake Charles, Jr. Kay Lemoine, Alexandria, Jr Bubba Leone, Zwolle, Fr. Joyce Leone, Zwolle, Fr. Kathy Lerchie, Shreveport, Jr Carol Letz, Crowley, Jr. Harold Letz, Crowley, Sr David Levy, Baton Rouge, Fr 301 Undergraduates Cheryl Lewis, Morgan Cily, Fr. Edmond lewis, Nalchitoches, So. George Lewis, Pineville, So. joe Lewis, Natchez, Fr. Linda C. Lewis, Simpson, So. Linda K Lewis, Minden, jr. Rober t Lewis, Pleasant Hill, Sr. Ronald Lewis, Dry Prong, So. Velma Lewis, Coushatta, So. Vernelda Lewis, Minden, Fr. Wendy Lewis, Franklin, So. Susan Liberto, Shreveport, So Laura Liles, DeRidder, Fr. Martha Liles, DeRidder, Fr. Charles Lincecum, Ferriday, Fr. Susan Lirette. Houma, So. Renan Listi, Berwick, Fr. Michael Ray Little, Wmnfield, So. Patricia Litton, Jonesville, So. ]anet Livengood, Shreveport, |r. Rhonda Locke, Baton Rouge, Fr. Ginger Loftin, Shreveport, So. E Rodney Lofton, Natchitoches, Sr. Leslie Logan, Kenner, So. Jackie Lohmon, Shreveport, Fr. Irene Lombardino, Shreveport, Jr. David Long, Pineville, |r. Donna Long, Coushatta, Fr. H Reed Long, Coushatta, Fr. Marcus Long, Coushatta, Fr. Carrie Longino, Coushatta, So. Gene Loomis, New Iberia, So. Brenda Love, Bossier City. Fr. lames Lovelady, Many, Fr. Diane Lovick, Natchitoches, Fr. Linda Loworn, Montgomery, Jr. Anna Lowe, Shreveport, Jr. Steve Lowe, Mansfield, Fr. Geneva Lucas, Lena, Fr. Ethel Luchin, Cloutierville, Fr. Michael Luneau, Pineville, Jr. Paula Luneau, Centerpoint, So. Evelyn Lyles, Hereford, Fr. Claudia Lyons, Crowley, Fr. Alfred J Macias, Leesville, Fr. Becky Madden, Shreveport, Fr. Joe Madden, Shreveport, Jr. Cherri Maddox, DeRidder, Fr. Andy Magers, Natchitoches, Fr Theron C. Magers, Natchitoches, Fr Angela Maggio, Natchitoches, So Pam Maggio, Natchitoches, Fr. Susan Maggio, Natchitoches, Fr. Phylles Mahfouz, Alexandria, Fr. Jackqueetta Maiore, Hodge, So. Richard Mangham, Baton Rouge, Fr. Loretta Manitzas, DeRidder, Fr. Charles Mann, Ferriday, Jr. Beverly Manuel, Vinton, Fr. Johnny Manuel, Oakdale, So. Prise ilia Marina, Benton, Fr. Ins Marky, Bucktown, Fr. Debbie Marshall, Mobile, So. Richard Martin, Chopin, So. Susan Martin, Natchitoches, Sr. Virginia Martin, Larose, Fr. Pam Martinez, Alexandria, So. Sylvester Martinez, Many, Fr. Daniel Mason, Natchitoches, So. Richard Mason, Bossier City, Fr. Karen Mathies, Natchitoches, Jr. Cecelia Mathis, Bossier City, Fr. Phillip Mattingly, Lake Charles, Fr. Chris Maxey, Flatwoods, Fr. Vanessa Maxey, Zwolle, Jr. Sharon Maxwell, Jonesboro, So. David Mayer, Bunkie, Sr. Deborah Mayeux, Alexandria, Fr. Troy Mayeaux, Natchitoches, So. Edward Mayfield, Natchitoches, Jr. Donalvin Mayo, Waterproof, Tex., So. Cynthia McBride, Evans, So. Wayne McBride, Natchitoches, Fr. Len McCaa, Monroe, Fr. David McCain, Gretna, Jr. Sammie McCain, Bossier City, Sr. Wayne McCart, Haughton, Fr. Philiipa McClure, Logansport, Fr. Brian McConnell, Mangham, Fr. Tern McConnell, Mooringsport, So. Vern McConnell, Quitman, Jr. Roxie McCormick, Haughton, So. Mary McCormick, Shreveport, So. Latissa McCranie, Bossier City, Sr. Mary McCullough, Campti, So. Micheal McCurdy, Many, So. Suzan McDearmont, Shreveport, Fr Donna McDonald, Converse, Jr. Henry Mc Donald, Monroe, So. Pat McDonald, Zwolle, Fr. Sharon McDuffy, Shreveport, Fr. I ranees McFarland, Many, So Goober McFarland, Natchitoches, |r Ray Mcfarland, Natchitoches, Jr. mbA M® US ilAQ 3339,0 302 Undergraduates HM 9 9 f S gO ' SA Sharon McFarland, Shreveport, So Barbara McGaught, Shreveport, Fr. Barbara McGee, Marksville, Fr. Patty McGinty, .Montgomery, Fr. Arlene McOruder, Alexandria, Jr. Diane Mclnnis, Westlake, So. Bobby Mcintosh, Leesville, Jr. Rosemar Mclntyre, Bossier City, So. William McKinnon, Vidalia, Fr. Laura McKnight, Bossier City, Fr Tish McKnight, Natchitoches, Fr. Steve Mcleod, New Orleans, Fr. Richard .McManus, Leesville, So. Tom McMasler, Finleyville, So. EvaMcMullen, Pitkin, |r. Sheila McMickens, Pineville, Fr. Stan McNabb, Bunkie, Jr. Carla McNeal, Center Point. Fr Sandra McNeely, Anacoco, Fr Elizabeth McPherson, Westlake, Fr. Roxanne McRae, Marshali, Fr. Diane Meaux, Abbeville, So. Pearlie Medlow, Natchez, So Jeanette Melder. Leander, So, David Melton, Oakdale, So. Lynn Merritt. Luling, Jr. Tommy Merters, Alexandria, Fr. Lisa Methvin, Alexandria, So. Jill Metzger, Iowa, So. David Meyer, Metairie, Fr. Sheila Meylian, Hinestop, Fr David Micheals, Pineville, So Rav Michiels, Baton Rouge, Fr. Louis Michiels, Alexandria, So. Bobby Middleton, Natchitoches, So. Julie Middleton, Shreveport, Jr Beverly Miles, Pineville, Jr. Ann Miller, Shreveport, So. Barbara Miller, Shreveport, Fr. Cami Miller, Baton Rouge, So. Clyde Miller, Clenmera, So. James |. Miller, Colfax, Fr. John Miller, Dry Creek, Jr. Josephine Miller, DeRidder, Jr. Judy Miller, Reeves, So. Kathy Miller, Natchitoches, Fr. Linda Miller, Pineville, Fr. Lucinda Miller, Pineville, Fr. Wayne Miller, DeRidder, Fr, Wayne Millican, Shreveport, So. Alice Mills, Baton Rouge, Sr Cecil Mims, Shreveport, Jr. Melissa Mims, Marksville, Fr. Ann Minor, Minden, Fr, Mark Mitchell, Ringgold, So. Vickie Mize, Dry Prong, Fr. Johnette Monk, Natchitoches, So. Ruth Monk, Lake Charles, Jr. Milton Monroe, Goldonna, So. Dewanna Montgomery, Shreveport, Fr. Randy Moody, Shreveport, Fr. Richard Mooney, Lake Charles, Fr. Andrei Moore, Texarkana, Tex., Fr. Debbie Moore, Cut Off, So Faye Moore, Minden, So. Kathy Moore, Marthaville, Jr, Michael Moore, Patterson, Fr. Nancy Moore, Metairie, So. Patricia Moore, Killeen, Fr. Randy Moore, Shreveport, Fr Ceorgie Moreau, Pineville, Jr, Joseph Moreau, Boyce, So. Melissa Morgan, Dry Prong, Fr. Phyhss Morgan, Campti, Fr. Robert Morgan, Natchitoches, Jr. Andrew Morning, Shreveport, Fr. Marilyn Morock, Alexandria, |r Jerry Morris, Many, So. Stephani Morris, Baton Rouge, Jr Margaret Moser, Bossier City, Fr. Evelyn Moses, Natchitoches, Fr. Susan Mueller, Leesville, Fr. Frankie Muffoletto, Eunice, So. Robbin Mulina, Baton Rouge, Fr, Pattie Mullenix, Shreveport, Jr. Cynthia Munch, Shreveport, So. Carmen Murphy, El Dorado, Ark,, So, Marsha Murray, Bossier City, So. Paula Murrell, Bentley, Fr. Charlotte Muse, Boyce, Fr. Ira Muse, Boyce, So. Melissa Muse, Logansport, So, Carol Ann Myers, Mansfield, So. Melvin Myers, DeQuincy, Jr. Joan Neal, Baton Rouge, Sr Janet Neely, DeRidder, Fr. Dianne Nettles, Coushatta, |r Charles Newsom, Tullos, Fr. Karla Newton, Baton Rouge, Sr. Barbara Nielson, New Orleans, |r Nancy Nipper, Alexandria, So. Michael Noble, Baton Rouge, Jr. Jesse Nobles, Many, |r. Patricia Nolen, Pitkin, Fi 303 Undergraduates Randy Norman, Natchitoches, Jr. Charles Norns, lena, Fr. Doug Norns, Harahan, So. ]an Norris, Oil City, Jr. Reba Norris, Jena, |r. Craig Nugent, Orange, Tex., Fr. Deborah Nutt, Shreveport, 5o. lenni Oakes, DeRidder, So. lohn O ' Banion, Leesville, Fr. Melisa O ' Banion, Leesville, So. Pat O ' Brien, New Orleans, |r. Julie O ' Daniel, Shreveport, So. Michael O ' Daniel, Shreveport, So. James Odenwelder, Colonial Heights, Jr. Eva O ' Leary, Zwolle, Fr. James Oliphant, Natchitoches, Fr. Micheal O ' Neal, Vidalia, So. Barbara O ' Neil, Leesville, Jr. Belinda Opferkuch, Lake Charles, So. Theresa Orgeron, Galliano, Jr. John Or ' ell, Monterey, Mex., Fr. Wilma Ortigo, Bossier City, So. Vic Ortiz, Leesville, Jr. Evelyn Owens, Lena, Jr William Owens, Homer, Fr. Sally Pace, Minden, Fr. Jerry Page, Many, So. Paulelte Page, DeRidder, So Tim Page, Winnfield, Sr. Kerry Paige, Verda, Jr. Terry Paliwoda, Leesville, So. Gary Palmer, New Iberia, Fr. Sandria Pamplin, Shreveport, Jr. Cheryl Paolini, Belle Chase, So. Deborah Parker, Winnfield, Fr. Pamela S Parker, Anococo, Jr. Rhonda Parson, Many, Fr Cara Parsons, Zwolle, Fr. Donna Patrick, Bossier City, Fr. Elizabeth Patrick, Converse, Jr. Debbie Patterson, Natchitoches, So. Diana Patterson, Myrtle Beach, S.C., So. James Patterson, Montgomery, Sr. Pamela Payne, Shreveport, So. Doris Payton, Natchitoches, So. Donald Pearson, Oakdale, So. Darryl Pecquet, Harvey, Fr. Judy Pemberton, Natchitoches, So. Gary Pennington, Florien, Fr. Edilsa Perez, Kurthwood, So. Eileen Penlloux, Colfax, Jr. Doug Perkins, Pitkin, Fr Evelyn Perkins, Sulphur, Jr. James Perkins, DeRidder, So. Jeannette Perkins, Natchitoch es, Jr, Mary Perkins, Pitkin, Sr, Robert Perkins, Oakdale, Fr. Dee Dee Perot, Natchitoches, Fr. Albert Pernne, Alexandria, So. Karen Perry, Rosepine, So. Jane Peterman, Metairie, Fr. Parthenia Peters, Many, Fr. Lydia Petrus, Shreveport, So. Kermit Pharris, Natchitoches, So. Cecelia Phill, Shreveport, Jr. Diana Phillips, Natchitoches, Fr. Jana Phillips, Boyce, Fr. Oueen Phillips, Clarence, So. Sabra Phillips, Winnfield, So. Julia Pickering, W. Monroe, So. Martha Pickett, Lake Arthur, Fr. Michael Pierce, Shreveport, Fr. 304 Undergraduates 1 ft A ™ Jfl 1 ! ■ -dk a. ftf ' A A, r rt A ■ f™ v fl f M I A u A f A i v l v ' 7 T 3ff Katherine Pierson, Natchitoches, So. Ginger Pilkington, Zwolle, So. Mary Pinkley, DeRidder, Fr. Pam Pitman, Alexandria, Jr. Diane Pittman, Hammond, Fr. Karon Pittman, Dubberly, So. William Plaster, New Orleans, Fr. ]o Ellen Plunkett, Montgomery, |r. William Poe, Natchitoches, So. Dan Pollock, Pineville, So. Nancy Poole, Natchitoches, Fr. Richard Pope, DeRidder, So. Ruth Pope, Minden, Fr. Lee Posey, Natchitoches, Sr. Sheila Posey, Natchitoches, Fr. Jennifer Pousson, Alexandria, So. Mary Powell, Alexandria, So. Mary Powell, Shreveport, Fr. Linda Powers, Urania, |r. Catherine Prelow, Robeline, Fr. Connie Price, Shreveport, )r. Lillian Priest, Shreveport, So. Carlene Primeaux, Lake Charles, Fr lanet Prince, Hornbeck, So. Phyliss Proby, Keithville, Fr. Michael Procell, Winnfield, Fr. Vicker Procell, Noble, Fr. Wade Procell, Montgomery, So. Al Prdhomme, Natchitoches, So. Rose Pullin, Hodge, So. Paul Purser, Winnsboro, Fr. loseph Queen, Vivian, Jr. Ken Quitman, Houston, So. Aimee Rabalais, Powhattan, Fr. Denise Rabalais, Tioga, Jr. Ellen Rabalais, Coushatta, Jr. Ceralyn Rabalais, Cottonport, So Debby Rachal, Lena, So Jim Rachal, Alexandria, Fr. Nadine Rachal, New Orleans, Fr. Pam Rachal, Natchitoches, So. Doug Raffo, Belle Chasse, So. Lana Rainey, Alexandria, Jr. James Rambin, Bossier City, Jr. James K. Rambin, Pelican, Sr. Ray Ranger, Metairie, Fr. Noel Ratcliff, Shreveport, So. Elroy Ray, Pitkin, Fr. John Ray, Cheneyville, Fr. Tamsan Ray, Shreveport, So. Mary Raymo, Winnfield, So. David Reed, Minden, So. Susan Reed, Ferriday, Jr. Tilda Revelett, Dry Prong, So. Mary Reynolds, Natchitoches, Fr. Frances Rhodes, Houma, Fr. Melba Rhodes, Castor, Jr. Sue Rhodes, Natchitoches, So. Vicky Rhames, Elmer, So. Margaret Rice, Baton Rouge, Fr. David Richard, Opelousas, Jr. Froggy Richard, Kaplan, So. Gary Richard, Fort Worth, Fr. Darrell Richardson, Bossier City, Jr. Sharron Richardson, Shreveport, Fr. Carl Riche, Minden, Fr. Janet Riche, Houma, Jr Marilyn Richmond, Oakdale, Fr. Yvonne Ridenhour, Shreveport, Jr. John Ridge, Oil City, So. Alan Rike, Many, Fr. Bobbe Rimes, Pineville, Fr. ifUl U CCsC PLEAS Leave I 305 Undergraduates Kathy Rine, Pmeville, Jr. Mike Rivers, Nalchiioches, So. Scott Roach, Natchitoches, So. Dorothy Roberson, Alexandria, Fr. Ruby Roberson, Provencal, So. Anna Roberts, Leesville, Fr. Bill Robertson, Natchitoches, So. Cayle Robertson, Pineville, )r. |ohn Robertson, Shreveport, So. Dennis Robbins, Franklinton, Jr. Anthony Robinson, Pineville, Jr. Brenda Robinson, Shreveport, Jr. Eric Robinson, Natchitoches, Fr. Linda Robinson, Greenwood, Fr. Patricia Robinson, Lake Charles, Fr. James Roche, New Orleans, Fr. Al Rodnquez, Corum, Fr. Cherry Roge, Melrose, So. Debra Roge, Melrose, Jr. Dennis Rogers, Minden, So. Huey Rogers, Winnfield, So Kaye Rogers, Tioga, So. Judy Rone, Alexandria, Fr. Harry Rosenthal, Boyce, So Joani Rosenthal, Alexandria, Fr. Dean Roshong, Leesville, Fr. Donna Ross, Jonesville, So. James Ross, Jennings, So. James Ross, Alexandria, So. Pat Ross, Alexandria, Fr. Richard Ross, Anacoco, Jr. Stan Ross, Coushatta, Fr. Steve Ross, Jonesville, Fr Raymond Rowzee, Leesville, Jr. William Rowzee, Leesville, Fr. Richard Rudd, Dodson, Fr. William Ruiz, Bentress, So. David Rumbelow, Metaine, Fr. John Russell, Logansport, Fr. Paula Rutledge, Magnolia Springs, So. Paul Ruttle, Shreveport, Fr. Rhonda Ryland, Alexandria, Fr. Rebecca Sabatini, Bunkie, Jr Don Salassi, Leesville, Fr. Don Salter, Many, Sr. Stanley Salter, Florien, |r Brenda Salvo, Lake Charles, Fr Leslie Sample, Shreveport, So. Lois Sams, Leesville, Jr. Leonez Sanders, Mansfield, So. Lenore Sandidge, New Orleans, Fr. Reba Sandifer, Baton Rouge, Fr. Audrey Sapp, Leesville, Fr. Charlotte Sarpy, Alexandria, Fr. Candy Sawyer, Coushatta, Fr. Rick Sayer, Alexandria, Jr. Craig Scallan, Shreveport, So. Rodney Schepp, Shreveport, So. Pam Schlomer, Leesville, Sr. Carolyn Scholl, Shreveport, So. Donna Schonfield, Alexandria, Fr. Belinda Scott, Forest Hill, Fr Deborah Scott, Grand Isle, |r Myrtle Scott, Natchitoches, So. Wanda Screws, Natchez, Fr. Janell Scroggs, Pineville, So. Barton Sealy, Houma, So. Warren Sears, Dry Prong, So Don Seawood, Natchitoches, So. Elaine Seegers, Many, Jr. Charles Segraves, LaCombre, Fr. Debbie Self, Hornbeck, Fr. • f OIL ; , A Undergraduates % m% t until If AS 3 Jo Self. Shreveport, Fr. June Sellers, Metairie, So. Mary Sengel, El Dorado, So Joseph Sers, Natchitoches, Jr. Carol Sexton, DeRidder, Fr. James Shaddock, Anacoco, Fr. Chris Shaw, Elmer, Fr. Pat Sheley, Bossier City, Jr. Marie Shell, Vidaha, So. Ginger Shelton, Winnfield, Fr. Rodney Shelton, Winnfield, Jr. Charyl Shepherd, Houma, So Sherry Sherrill, Natchitoches, Jr Phillip Shilling, Corum, Fr. James Shirley, jonesville, So. Keith Shirley, Natchitoches, Fr. Susanne Shirley, Jonesville, Jr. Don Shively, Jonesboro, Sr. Karen Shores, Boyce, Fr. Lolly Sibley, Natchitoches, Jr. Nancy Sills, Pinevtlle, So. Robert Silvie, Campti, Jr Amy Simmons, Shreveport, So Kenneth Simmons, Deville, Fr. Valarie Simon, Simmesport, Fr. Kay Simpson, Mooringsport, Fr Terri Sims, Lake Charles, Jr. Jane Singletary, Sulphur, So. Sharon Singletary, Pineville, Jr. Reda Singleton, DeRidder, So Richard Skaggs, Pensacola, Jr Steve Skaggs, Pensocola, Fr. Dorothy Slaughter, Baker, Jr Barbara Sliman, Leesville, So Joseph Sliman, Eunice, So. Martha Sliman, Eunice, Jr. Cereece Smith, Leesville, Fr. David Smith, Natchitoches, So. David Smith, Evans, Fr. Deborah Smith, Winnfield, Fr. Donald Smith, Natchitoches, Jr Frankie Smith, Chestnut, So. Harry Smith, Zwolle, So. Herschel Smith, Evans, So. LaQuita Smith, Monroe, Fr. Larry Smith, Natchitoches, Sr. Lisa Smith, Shreveport, Fr. Patsy Smith, Shreveport, Jr. Rayburn Smith, Atlanta, Jr. Sharon Smith, Pineville, Jr. Sheila Smith, Sulphur, Fr. Sherry Smith, Lena, Jr. Steven Smith, Ringgold, Fr. Stuart Smith, Shreveport, Sr. Susie Smith, Jonesville, Jr, Wanda Smith, Fort Necessity, So. Ingrid Sompayrac, Natchitoches, Fr Cynthia Sowell, Natchitoches, Fr. Sandra Sowell, Leesville, Fr. Johnny Sowells, DeRidder, Fr. Vanilla Sowells, DeRidder, Jr. Gary Spangler, Olla, Jr. Patricia Sparks, Houma, So. Don Spaulding, Shreveport, Fr. Robert Spears, Pitkin, So. Bob Speer, Many, Jr. Ann Spence, Winnsboro, Jr Roxie Spence, Winnsboro, So. Cassandra Spencer, Natchitoches, Fr Donna Spencer, Lake Charles, Fr. Nora Spencer, Rosepine, Fr. Andre Spivey, Hodge, Fr. Benny Spruill, Vick, Jr. Kerry Spruill, Vick, So. Peggy Spruill, Marksville, Fr. Nancy Spurlock, Bossier City, Jr. Cindy Stafford, Franklinton, Jr Juanita Stanley, DeRidder, Fr. Roy Stapp, Winnsboro, So. Deborah Stark, Natchitoches, Fr Gerald Stark, Natchitoches, Fr. John Steinhorst, Lafayette, Fr. Mary Jane Stelley, Sulphur, So. Brenda Stephens, Shreveport, Fr. Gloria Stephens, DeRidder, Fr. Kay Stephens, Haynesville, Jr. Randy Stephens, Leesville, Fr. Joe Stephenson, Shreveport, Jr. Mary Stephenson, Shreveport, Jr Marcia Sterkx, Alexandria, Fr. June Stewart, Crowley, Fr. Lucille Stewart, Shreveport, Jr. AlanStigaJJ, Vidalia, Fr Mary Stiles, Campti, Jr. Gordon Stokes, Natchitoches, Jr. Randy Strickland, Winnfield, Fr. Robert Stringfield, Buras, So. Yvette Stringfield, Buras, So. TinaStrobel, Natchitoches, Fr. Jaqueline Strong, Bossier City, So. Dewain Strother, Glenmora, Jr. Sue Stroud, Alexandria, So. Virginia Stroud, Shreveport, Sr. 307 Undergraduates Melba Stuckey, Simpson, Fr. Karen Slump, Winnfield, So. Carnellus Styles, Alexandria, Jr. RodSullens, Richland, Fr. Angela Sullivan, Leesville, Fr. Michael Sullivan, Benlon, So. Wesley Sullivan, Benton, Fr. Byron Sumrall, Shreveport, So Mary Sutton, Shreveport, Fr. Gail Sweeney, Campti, Fr. Mary Kay Sweet, Shreveport, Fr. Garnet Sylvest, Bogalusa, Fr Russell Sylvester, lonesville, So. Pam Taitand, Leesville, So. Monroe Taliaferro, Shreveport, |r. let Talley, Lake Charles, So. Terry Talley, Vidalia, Fr. Sally Tanner, Evergreen, So. Sandra Tanner, Evergreen, Fr. Evelyn Tarver, Natchitoches, Fr. Helen Tate, Crowley, |r. Lou Ann Taylor, Shreveport, Jr. Marjorie Taylor, Aimwell, Sr. Michael Taylor, Blanchard, So. Steven Taylor, Provencal, Fr. Wanda Taylor, Winnfield, Jr. Bence Telsee, Campti, Fr. Vela Temple, Dodson, Fr. Teressa Terry, Roxie, So. janella Thacker, Oil City, Fr. Beverly Theuns, New Orleans, Fr. Cecil Thibodeaux, Opelousas, |r. Bruce Thomas, Winnfield, Sr. Debbie Thomas, Campti, Fr. Debbie Thomas, Shreveport, Sr. Jettye Thomas, Winnfield, Fr. Mark Thomas, Zachary, Fr. Mary Thomas, Natchitoches, So. Mike Thomas, Natchitoches, Fr. Dean Thompson, Pineville, Fr, Diane Thompson, Alexandria, So. Don Thompson, Lake Providence, )r. Edward Thompson, Alexandria, So. Irene Thompson, Alexandria, Fr. I H Thompson, Sikes, Fr. Lisa Thompson, Florien, Fr. Martha Thompson, Converse, So. Suzanne Thompson, Goldonna, Fr Wilma Thrower, Leesville, So Barbara Tibbett, Natchitoches, |r. Charles Tibbit, Shreveport, Fr. Patti Tillotson, Baton Rouge, Fr. Rodney Tilley, Leesville, So. Linda Tingle, Shreveport, So. David Tisdale, Coushatta, So. lames Todd, Magnolia, Sr. lames Tolbert, Leesville, Fr. Vicky Towns, Natchitoches, Fr. Leta Townsend, Coushatta, So. Poyna Townsend, DeRidder, Fr. Becky Trahan, Gueydan, So Frank Trammel, New Orleans, So. Jams Trammell, Dubach, Jr. Sharon Traveler, Shreveport, Fr, Bill Traylor, Denham, Sr Donna Traylor, Haynesville, Fr. Vicky Treadway, Shreveport, Jr. Jerry Trichel, Goldonna, So Buddy Trisler, Jonesville, So. Phil Troha, Many, So. Faye Trotter, Alexandria, Fr. Steve Tucker, Natchitoches, Sr A r HO K. gp. 308 Undergraduates August Tuma, Libuse, )r. D ' Armon Tuminello, Alexandria, Fr Robby Tuminello, Balon Rouge, So Vanessa Tuniors, Baton Rouge, Fr. lames Turner, Mansfield, So. Pam Underdown, Many, Fr. Terri Upchurch, Shreveport, Jr Mary Upshaw, Minden, Fr. Michael Vanburen, Jonesboro, Fr. Debbie Vandine, Leesville, Fr. Janet Vanhoof, Alexandria, |r. James Vardeman, Shreveport, So. Ken Varnell, Winnfield, Sr. Sandra Varnell, Winnfield, So. Richard Vanghan, Shreveport, jr. Edward Venson, Boyce, So. Elnora Venson, Boyce, Jr. Hilton Verrett, Franklin, So. Denise Veuleman, Natchitoches, So. Melinda Vickery, Marksville, Jr. Brenda Vidrine, Deville, Jr. Peggy Vidrine, Ville Platte, Jr Denise Vincent, Sulphur, Jr. Mildred Vines, Qinnfield, Fr. Tammy Vines, Joyce, So. Vicky Vines, Many, Fr. Barbara Vinson, Pineville, Fr. Jeff Vogt, Franklinton, Sr. Dock Voorhies, Bunkie, So. Linda Voss, Shreveport, Sr. Patricia Waddle, Pleasant Hill, Jr. Althea Wagner, Monroe, So. Bill Wagner, Jonesville, Jr. Bernard Wait, Shreveport, Sr Jean Walker, Winnfield, So. Machalle Walker, Florien, Fr. Randy Walker, Bossier City, Sr. Georgia Walmsley, Natchitoches, So Colleen Walsh, Houma, Fr. Kathleen Walsh, Houma, Fr. Robby Walsworth, Campti, So. Jana Ward, Natchitoches, Fr. Gloria Washington, Natchitoches, Fr. Pattye Washington, Natchitoches, So. Janet Waters, Natchitoches, So. Sonya Watkins, Minden, So. Jo Ann Weaver, Coushatta, Jr Patrick Weaver, Oil City, So Terry Weaver, Natchitoches, So. Glenda Webb, Jena, Fr. Wanda Webb, Natchitoches, Fr. Steve Webber, Ft. Polk, So. Margaret Webster, Lena, Jr Doretha Welch, Dry Prong, Fr Dru Welch, Opelousas, Sr. Laura Welch, Oakdale, Fr. Julia Wells, Natchitoches, Fr. Elizabeth Wendt, Zachary, Jr Nancy Wenner, Natchitoches, Fr. Kimberly West, Shreveport, Fr. Barbara Westall, Baton Rouge, So. Gene Whitaker, Baton Rouge, Fr. Nancy Whitefield, Monroe, So. John Whitehead, Dry Prong, Fr. Deborah Whitney, Goldonna, So. Lino Whittaker, Gramblin, Fr Greg Wicks, Shreveport, So Glen Wilburn, Pelican, Sr. Mark Wilburn, Minden, Jr. Deborah Wiley, Alexandria, Jr. Frederick Wiley, Quitman, Fr. Pam Wilkinson, Natchitoches, Sr. 309 Renee Wilbanks, Shreveport, Jr. Sidney Wilkinson, Baton Rouge, Sr. lerline William, Alexandria, So. Christie Williams, Springhill, Fr. Deborah Williams, Hornbeck, So. lames Williams, Gretna, Fr. Linda Williams, Woodworth, Fr. Lois Williams, lonesville, Fr. Pat Williams, Leesville, Fr. Terry Williams, Killen, So. Marie Williamson, Leesville, Fr. William Williamson, Holbrook, James Wilson, )onesboro. So. Karen Wilson, Alexandria, Sr. Kaye Wilson, New Llano, Fr. Kenneth Wilson, Leesville, So Michael Wilson, Elmer, So. Cindy Wiltz, Morgan City, Fr. Tonia Wimberly, Shreveport, So. lohn Wing, Haughton, Fr, |ohn Wingo, Natchitoches, Fr. Becky Wise, Baton Rouge, Fr. Rodney Wise, Lena, Fr. Tonna Wise, Natchitoches, Fr. Wayne Wise, Houma, Sr. William W ise, Lena, |r. William Wiseman, Shreveport, So. Cina Wofford, Layette, Fr. Glenn Wofford, Morgan City, Sr. Helen Wofford, Morgan City, Sr. Melvin Womack, Alexandria, So. Ellen Wommack, Natchitoches, Fr. Anne Wood, Pineville, Jr. Sandra Wood, Gulfport, Fr. Tommy Wood, Ringgold, Sr. Ronny Woods, Mansfield, Fr. Marilyn Worsham, Coushatta, Jr Carl Wright, DeRidder, Jr. John Wright, Minden, So. Mary Wright, Bossier City, Fr. Richard Wright, Cotton Valley, Fr. Stuart Wright, Natchitoches, Fr. Terry Wright, Shreveport, Fr. Robin Wynn, Terry, Sr. Grace Yancey, Natchitoches, Fr. Elizabeth Yeates, Shreveport, So. Karen Yeomans, Gretna, Fr. Philomena Yip, Hong Kong, Fr. Cheryl Young, Sikes, So. Cornelia Young, Alexandria, Fr. James Young, Shreveport, So. Vikki Young, Pineville, Jr. Ray Youngblood, Shreveport, Fr. Jack Zator, Bossier City, Jr. Carolyn Zaunbrecher, Fr. Leonard Zabeau, DeRidder, So. Undergraduates 310 311 Take time to enjoy the little moments, For they are the building blocks of centuries. 313 Greet each day as a friend, For today is the first day of the Rest of your life. Will iBT - J£ ' 111 ' •?•. 11PII1I lltliiili ism asss SPSsa . W In i i% Ml 316 If one goes forward confidently in the direction of his dreams, And tries to live the life he has imagined, He will find a success uncommon in today ' s world. 317 :K- - - : (ml ' ■MM • v- ' -- , -...v. -h; • ' , ' ■ Never ask of happiness that you see it come in full parade, Seldom will it pass for more than a fragment of the whole, So take to heart the least day whenever it may be — Do not delay, the golden moments fly.

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