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Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Cover

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CRpnarJbVvCWL, And (Jwiy. . .1-31 .32-50 .51-81 ! . 82-95 96-121 22-134 35-160 Collect Get out of Jail card, skip one day of classes. Free Post Office Skip one turn and begin the semester Go to P.O. pay box rent Baker ' s Go directly to C.S., purchase one parking sticker Bookstore Bookstore ' s out of used books advance to Baker ' s Pay registration fees, advance one space Receive bank error in your favor, stop at Maggio ' s Got caught cooking in your room, go see house director Go directly to the infirmary, collect your " PILLS " Maggio ' s House Director c J3 en U eft CD x — E i_ (11 O , dl 3 nr (D o O r . b O F O m (11 ID eft O i_ h- IU (li ID o O in n m n m co C — - m C n tn 3 5 . co O u i jD O c CO " D 3 CO C 5= CO CO 4_ (1) ( ) O -Q m c (i TO F o ° 0) 5 Q. " 7 O CO TD CD o " 2 CD o 3 en _ (D _ o .9 3 . g „ tO (D r CO CO 3 J " E -o o- CO O) — 3 u CO « co i2 Q. C Q. CD CO 3 XJ CO 5 o -C CO E o co " D CD E o to C CO E o Q. b T3 CD CO E CO 3 cr LU cjj m r o vi g 4j Fu ) CD CI) (ft I H a O cr U LL o -O co en y O CO to cii UJ n LL h- a) .O CO Q. CO O O CO ■ O) CO C O) l_ CO :n = CM O M co - .c co -i SI o o o o co o co o ™ CC co CO T3 3 CO CD E co o (J .50 CO Q. ° r- " ° € . CO T3 E co .c to 2 " co § E CO CO m Q- X = 3 w 3 01 T3 sit ■a ci " ■ cr£ to a § • to SI CO o E 2 co -s O) £ B — .C " D — CO SJt D) Q. CO LU J° » Q co o to CO ■c a? 03 CO x: 3 2 CO o ° " 5.3 O " ° t- co £ j£ co c .Q LU ° O LL O .C — O " D CO c Q. LU CO is 5 S " 2 co to 3 c IT O to o CO en CD CO o CD Is .!= CO c to f § " co SI C CO — -o J£ CO ye . £ en 5? CO 3 5-53 You are misclassified as a freshman, go to attendance counselor One Free Turn Tech Weekend — pay $20 for a room, become " King For A Day " Attendance Office Hot check returned by 7- 1 1 , pay up or lose one turn Pay $1 parking ticket Advance to Student Union, receive one free stuffed baked potato OPEN VISITATION, go directly to " Dorm Room ' You passed your history test, advance to the Keg One Free Turn Registration Caught pulling class cards; go back one space Stand in Dean ' s line, miss one turn Enter coliseum, advance to registration Basic Studies Go to Dean ' s office, check your credits for graduation You lost your meal ticket, go out to eat or starve Pay deposit for your cap and gown Skip one turn and go to graduation party Advance to final exams, CRAM all night Final Exams Skip one turn; you took too much No-Doz You flunked your last 3 hrs. and failed to graduate Advance to Diploma and receive your education Diploma Chaplin ' s lake Skip one turn and take a tour of Chaplin ' s lake with your date (Watch out for our cops) Riverfront Go see Christmas lights, come back on Mon. to see what they really look like Go Back One Space Go to Dean ' s office, your credits didn ' t transfer Attend football game, listen to radio to find out score Registrar Go to registrar ' s office, drop 6 hrs. you ' re flunking before 5 p.m. Miss One Turn Library You become SBA President: take one free charm course Cafeteria Campus Security Student Union Roll dice: even go to Infirmary, odd go to Cafeteria ' The Keg ' Advance token to library, your research paper is due tomorrow Infirmary CD , tti anmwv be uwui . . . onmwv smerfhi . . . wnwwv miSbia£m . . . anSwv yU-. O earn, ami o ituaenfo com, wayim p effh£n£ vm, 1W5 sehMt vA, ntwi n smw s fam emd, ieeboni Md, M i M m . . . Whofc w cffmw. . . and nwte " Please have your check made out, except for amount. " " Place books here before entering. " " Ah yes, Eng. 307 — that requires five books. " " No, we ' re all out of used books. " " I ' m sorry, but we no longer buy back any foreign language books. Students have a habit of writing the answers in them. " " No refunds will be made for books bought prior to registration. " " That will be $35.32 please. " " Make your check out for the amount only. (If you have it.) " " No, the books have not come in yet, we ' re still waiting. " " Thank you. Please shop here again. " feU . . . stow . . . 8w ■ ■ ■ cPapew • • • 8 of ■ ■ ■ Qwkb. am. 0 nw bWiti Vv Oj nm- heqinnurtfj. beinQ owdomjI ' U- writ u emvv tii hL, Jwt fw wMj mib mill a iiHwi iiow w wit mhi ' . £lV iow mhj iMtlWv i| u U) earn miet uw TeiU r 12 13 c Wt (WW |ov fmib ( 3m wwtki Jm w U k get ai uj, » wuefca. U enjocj % urftiL muJU U iMi Mm . . .M smfcm, not -i 14 Fraternities and Sororities — On the Move • ■■■ m SrwmorwX . . . cuittei tttien . . . Omtbn it . . . Q%juLnt U . lP ep ail " oft (%p stf . . . m 19 attend l guhv mhim el ' WoMed. " 22 I ■ ' - vrtt « - J .% : as art f »v« . . . !juaneinn . . . J0 umn . . . cnmb(M . . . (jm zPej pw yow tj w y . . . tyw pe pw u u (wit mm- . . . cjmv. 24 GREAT ROY HALL $ $ ? ROBBERY $ Who has it? Where is it? Will we ever see it again 4 ? Only the FBI knows for sure !! Or does itf 26 7rUe mm mi cms . . . umxi uam Fiawit wanned i mum. cr nu taiu awnt t Shoos, cw cats (} m ©ut. )otli and will became, turn W , Wipwlb Attttna went t betk Wiuwum contests and Sm knn wuds wanned % Smokn Wb navent wanned. Ouv oeneJvaluen is n dijment man oa)v pahints . Wt t net out t d mm. in 6 d(W op me uxmd-. Qa mows ahtnX emupted and w t n t amn t - th d as. Wtw ©ut1 urn euv Urn the best aw eon. We b n bettev man those nw earn helm us, and aw wetvt he ana better ©v wosse than most wm mm ajX v as. eeept as L v what aw aw and not L i what uw snoaid be. Aw aw am is a wanti. -1 imHSU CU 4 Mt " cM cM JU " i Q65 1 . Freshmen may have 3 dates a week. 2. Telephone calls are strictly limited to 5 minutes. 3. Women may not visit men ' s apartments. " This is always out of bounds. " 4. Intoxicating beverages may not be brought onto the campus or into the residence halls at any time. 5. Women are to come to the dining hall fully dressed; slacks and jeans are not to be worn. 6. Students should not take silver or china from the dining hall. 7. If at any time there are more soft drink bottles in a room than girls assigned to that room, every occupant will receive a minor penalty. 8. Absolute quiet must be observed from 8 p.m. til 8 a.m. in the dorm. 9. Lights must be out 30 minutes after the dorm closes. 10. The use of improper language, intoxicating beverages, and public display of affection is inappropriate and unacceptable conduct. 1 1 . Alcoholic beverages are not to be served at social functions held by student organizations. Your behavior goes with you wherever you are. It is your responsibility to remember that your actions reflect both upon yourself and upon the image of NSU. 29 FOR U. IL WATftW L£ 3HG5 ' NEAREST RECRUHING STATION MSMPHBW.- ' fV ' JfflOTPHKiMP ' , j mil m uwn, enet. 3 ntm pa ea mi rv n my ana fopped t thtfc, 3 mm maml t days tnat umlui smubij ht, ana turn ah mm am iu ept m mt. Jy uy, 3 WMWu, mtxt uhxl 3 Qfr and umdt ml 3 meet on Ok j i w days Uiat ma . . . jht daip " trait w te- w 3 ntJWj S%pped % WJJflb it Ob mum Oh 3 did, " Wd . p, E y GREEKS ° H N A n M 32 nter Fraternity Counci Left: Ruben Tweedy — Pi Kappa Phi, Treasurer; David Morgan — Pi Kappa Phi, President; Charles Guy — Sigma Tau Gamma, Parliamentarian; Tommy Damico — Kappa Sigma, First Vice-President; and Fred Bosarge, Advisor. Below: Roy Traver s — Theta Chi, Rob Baker — Theta Chi, David Ketchand — Acacia, Jerry Kollman — Acacia, Vernon Cason — Omega Psi Phi, Bill Traylor — Pi Kappa Phi and Cur- tis Gentz — Kappa Alpha. Bottom row: Robert Broad- well — Pi Kappa Phi, Mike Allain — Pi Kappa Phi, Erwin Wilson — Omega Psi Phi, James Frazier — Omega Psi Phi, Julius Harris — Theta Chi, and James Ross — Theta Chi. 33 cacia Tom Aldredge, Alan Bailey, Rodney Boswell, James Campbell, Treasurer; Rodney Chandler, Charlie Dowty, Wayne Eddy, Don Green, Dean Hollingsworth, David Ketchand, President; Jerry Kollman, Jamey Layssard, Bubba Leone, Harold Mason, Jim Moreland, Wes Smith, Bruce Thomas, and Joe Robinson, Adviser. 34 Kappa Sigma Jimmy Anderson, Lyn Anderson, Phil Barbaree, Billy Borskey, Mike Cline, Treasurer; Don Colvin, Bubba Cordaro, Mike Cor- daro, Jack Damico, Tommy Damico, President; Mike Doherty, Chris Fitzgerald, Blane Fontenot, Nolan Fulton, Jim Grau, Kenny Guidry, Jimmy Harkins, Tiny Hebert, Robert Hewlett, Dane Hine, Richard Karamatic, Dudley Lang, Steve Laurence, Kitt Lee, Lenny Lewis, Mike Lombardino, Pat Lynch, Dodd McCarty, Danny Moss, Mike Murphy, Doug Norris, Lee Posey, Vice-Presi- dent; Randall Redd, Glenn Richard, Tommy Roark, Robert Smith, Gene Sparkman, Herbet Spruell, Steve Sweeney, Dale Thibodeaux, Richard Thomas, Clift Vandiver, Berard Wait, Fred Wolt, Secretary; Steve Woods, and Evie Norman, Dream Girl. 35 Pi Kappa Phi t % ' % H ■ -i 00PP Deri Adams, Mike Allain, Andy Bachman, Vice-President; Rusty Baker, Bill Barndridge, Paul Beque, David Bonvillian, Jed Bou- dreaux, Robert Broadwell, Cecil Carter, Treasurer; Tommy Che- valier, Rusty Clevenger, Jack Daniels, Rick DuCote, Mike Edwards, Howard Eggerton, Mark Ezarik, Mike Gill, Doran Greene, James Guidry, Adolph Harkins, Steve Hutchins, Gary Leonard, Goober McFarland, Travis McManemin, Sammy Meeker, David Morgan, Doug Nichols, Bill O ' Neil, Secretary; John Parish, Pipes Pierson, Wayne Quebedeaux, Scott Roach, Monte Robinson, David Rosenthal, Cecil Sandlin, Mike Shannon, Pledge Trainer; Byron Smith, John Springer, Ben Summerville, Bill Traylor, President; Ruben Tweedy, Danny Vestal, Ronald Walding, James Wallace, Jay Weaver, Rick Yates, Kim Currey, Faculty Advisor; Everett Baker, Chapter Advisor; Edie Stanitz, Rose; Vivian Carrier and Pat Liberto, Court. 36 Omega Psi Phi II Roosevelt Benjamin, Dean of Pledges; Robert Blow, Odell L. Brown, Basileus; Vernon Cason, Leonard Ford, James W. Fra- zier, Vice Basileus; Silver Harris, Edward Johnson, Christopher LaCour, Keeper of Finance; Michael Neely, Ronald Perry, Clyde Roque, Jerry Williams, Erwin Wilson, Keeper of Records- and Vernon Wilson. PLEDGES — Charles Barry, Reginald drace, Barry Guidry, Lonnie Frazier, Charles Oben Jones, Bobby Mcintosh, Anthony Robinson, Julius Steele, Edward James Ven- son, Kenneth Wilson, and Patricia Sowells, Sweetheart. 37 Tau Kappa Epsilon Bill Addison, Jack Beasley, Danny Blount, Jim Bruce, Billy Dove, George Edwards, Robert Edwards, Gary Estess, Glen Everage, President; Ken Everage, Pledge Trainer; Charles Fink, Rick Fos- ter, Secretary; Bob Jarvis, Mike Jeansonne, Randy Jones, Gene Loomis, Reed Long, Joe Madden, Mike Miller, Doug Ratfo, Dave Randall, David Rhymes, Jerry Sanders, Shannon Springer, Vice- President; Robert Vardeman, Thomas Vaughan, Carlos Ventura, Charles Whitworth, Mike Wright, Treasurer; and Susan Hamby, Sweetheart. 38 Theta Chi ehh Rob Baker, Rodney Blackwell, Grant Bowden, Ji President; Bruce Grovenburg, Gary Haggart, J. Hetzel, Treasurer; Bob Hutson, Pledge Marshall; Bruce Landis, Vince Litvinas, Eddie McFearrin, Ken Quintana, Elroy Ray, Ted Ribultan, Dearl President; Sam Smith, Roy Stapp, Roy Travers, Pat Young, Secretary; C. B. Ellis, Advisor and Sweetheart. %XM mmy Ferguson, C. Harris, Gary Bob Konsdorf, Mike Morgan, Sanders, Vice- Mike Womack, Sue Bowman, 39 Panhellenic Counci Right: Jeanne Hebert — Sigma Kappa, Secretary; Edie Stanitz — Delta Zeta, President; Kathi Breazeale — Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vice-President; and Reg- ina Emanuel — Delta Sigma Theta, His- torian. Below: Sandra Jean Satcher — Delta Sigma Theta, Darlene Weeks — Sigma Sigma Sigma, Tommie Lou Smith — Sigma Kappa, Brenda Lott — Delta 7aia anrl Maru Mit-lrar Phi Mm Zeta, and Nacy Wicker — Phi Mu. 40 - Delta Sigma Theta Sandra Adams, President; Teresa Brown, Secretary; Regina Emanuel, Vice-President; Pat Johnson, Linda Jones, Pat Mon- roe, Donna Prater, Sandra Satcher, Treasurer and Patricia Sowells. PYRAMIDS — Shelia Cleveland, Leola Fisher, Rhonda Johnaon, Beverly Miles, Clary Williams, Mrs. Edwina Lewis, Adviser; and Odell Brown, Man of the Year. m Hi. 41 I Delta Zeta I I M t Carol Almand, Claire Almand, Laurie Amazeen, Second Vice- President; Sherry Anderson, Barbara Atwood, Jenny Burns, Vickie Canady, Dorothy Cariere, Treasurer; Diane Crain, Kim Day, Kay Deaderick, Elaine Diesi, Lenn Dohmann, Michelle Duty, Chris Frazier, Kay Frazier, Georgia Green, Cynthia Harrell, Margo Hasse, Beth Herring, Carol Holtsclaw, Lanese Hooten, La Donna Johnson, Debbie Jolly, Bonnie Sue Jones, Paula Jones, Linda Keisler, Lisa Lambard, Pam Lee, Patricia Liberto, Corre- sponding Secretary; Brenda Lott, Nina Martin, First Vice-Presi- dent; Anne Mayeux, Lynn Mayeux, Mary McCormick, Roxie McCormick, Lisa Methvin, Debbie Mitchell, Sharon Montgomery, President; Linda Jo Nugent, Recording Secretary; Patty O ' Bien, Sherry Pharr, Vickie Phillips, Carol Repulski, Ouida Rice, Cynthia Riser, Josie Ross, Janie Simpson, Jackie Snyder, Sidonie Sou- lier, Edie Stanitz, Ailinda Strahan, Sue Stroud, Karen Stump, Ellen Sullivan, Mary Thomas, Amy Vega, Karen Weaver, Nancy Whitfield, Lue Wiggins, Cathy Wilkinson, Joan Wilson and Butch Reynolds, Man of the Year. 43 m Phi Mu Rebecca Ackel, Lynn Allen, Gayle Beldemin, Emme Lu Bernard, Julia Bossier, President; Carolyn Box, Judy Bradford, Vickie Branch, Gailyn Caston, Debbie Childs, Cathy Cohen, Carol Cook, Lynn Cook, Barb Davis, Ellen Dearing, Diane Doucet, Debbie Dowd, Gloria Dyer, Linda Easley, Paula Etheridge, Becky Feeney, Debbie Ford, Fran Foshee, Fran Gilson, Karen Gossett, Anne Gremillion, Susan Harling, Cindy Harris, Rita Kaye Harris, Claudia Holley, Gene Hynson, Nancy Johnson, Mary Kirk, Char- lotte Knight, Annette LaBry, Susan Langston, Carol Leach, Sharon Luke, Dorothy McDade, Janis McGehee, Carolyn McKay, Jeanne Middleton, Julie Middleton, Patti Mullenix, Lyn Nalle, Linda Perot, Lana Rainey, Diane Raney, Thersa Reed, Dottye Ricks, Treasurer; Kristie Roach, Pledge Trainer; Nancy Roan, Sharon Roge, Julia Rosson, Marcha Russell, Martha Seg- ura, Brenda Service, Debbie Service, Secretary; Jane Singletary, Sheila Smith, Cindy Stafford, Sharon Stoker, Joanne Sullivan, Garnet Sylvest, Debbie Thomas, Jeanne Vige, Teresa Waggoner, Dru Welch, Nancy Wicker, Jackie Williams, Vice-President; Jackie Williamson, and Lee Posey, Man of the Year. 5 OE u 45 r m H , Sigma Kappa IR YT UNf MM Susan Adkins, Carol Lynn Averre, Melanie Babin, Betty Jane Bennett, Deborah Brodnax, Reneva Carnahan, Dawn Causey, Vicki Chance, Dona Charpentier, Sara Jane Cox, Second Vice- President; Renee Cloutier, Martha Compton, First Vice-President; Charlotte Creamer, Lydia Duco, Gwen Dupre, Ginger Ferguson, Brenda Fitzgerald, Denee Fontenot, Linda Fulgham, Darlene Greer, Rhonda Guilliams, Cathy Gulino, Ellen Guy, Debra Harda- way, Camille Hawthorne, Sherrie Hawthorne, Deborrah Hebert, Jeanne Hebert, Susie Hines, Terri Lynn Huft, Vicki James, Susan Ann Kennedy, Jackie King, Wanda Kutsavage, Wendy Lewis, Nell Loftin, Anna Lowe, Diane McMillan, Theresa Meischke, Judy Miller, Mary Beth Mouch, Vicki Odom, Jo Pease, Jo Ellen Plunkett, Diana Provenza,.Denise Rabalais, Cheryl Reese, Karen Richey, Joyce Roe, Leslie Sample, Paula Sanders, Susan Scott, Kris Shafer, President; Sheila Sharp, Denise Simmons, Jackie Smith, Treasurer; Tommie Lou Smith, Stephanie Storey, Cheryl Thornhill, Katie VanAsselberg, Pam Villemarette, Melinda Voo- rhies, Linda Voss, Greta Wallace, Betty Walsh, Recording Secre- tary; Karen Walsh, Ginger Walsh, Pam Wilkinson, Mary Lynn Williamson, Anne Wood, Miss Clarice Dans, Advisor; and Ricky Cloud, Man of the Year. 47 Sigma Sigma Sigma Sandy Andries, Janie Arieux, Vice-President; Nancy Beckman, Patty Borsky, Susan Bouknight, Mary Catherine Bounds, Kathi Breazeale, Aleta Carter, Carol Creswell, Tonya Dobson, Mary Ann Eskew, Treasurer; Sherry Fargerson, Cissy Faulkinberry, Sarah Gilbert, Corrie Giles, Dorothy Giles, Becky Goldsby, Brenda Gray, Debbie Gray, Joan Grillet, Debbie Gwin, Mona Hebert, Paulette Hebert, Becky Johnson, Angie Jones, Kathleen Jones, Johnie Keeth, Jan Kendrick, Linda Koonce, Stephanie Lachney, Ginger Lindsey, Terry Loyd, Jan Mayfield, Rene McQuillian, Dana Miller, Lynn Morris, Pam Nelson, Jan Norris, Nora Paredes, Debbie Patterson, Paula Pennignton, Lydia Petrus, Jan Phillips, President; Ann Price, Shirley Reaves, Corre- sponding Secretary; Fran Scheurmann, Cheryl Shelton, Carla Sherrill, Cynthia Smith, Recording Secretary; Sandi Smith, Judy Southerland, Debbie Stout, Shelly Stump, Marcia Thomas, Kathie Tynes, Jeffrey Webb, Darlene Weeks, Jeannie Whaley, Sharan Wiggins, Lynn Young, Lynn G. Young, Margaret Zulick, and Edward Blanchard, Man of the Year. 49 Kappa Alpha William Ackel George Antoiner Ozzie Bailey Buck Baker Gil Beck Steve Beckerdite Ed Blanchard Wayne Bostick Tom Bowers Bobby Brian Randy Brossette Bob Brotherton Skye Bushnell Bill Carter Eddie Collins Harold Cornett Bill Cox Greg Daily Mike Daly David Dawson Tootie Deemer Ronnie DeVille Joe Dill Monty Dogget Clinton Ebey Trenton Eversoll Wesley Foster Warren Founds Curtis Gentz Arty Gibson Harvey Gregg Jerry Gregg Johnny Guinn Pee Wee Harris David Haughston Sammy Hill Milton Houston Mark Hughes Mike Hughes Charlie Jackson Max Kelley John King Scotty Landry Jim Larmoyeaux Jerry Lieux Steve McCain Tommy McGuire Bob McGuirt Mike McGuirt Steve Michaels Louis Micheuls Bill Mitchell Jim Moore Jay Mosley Dennis Martinez Lonnie Murphy James Odom Danny Palmer Wayne Philen Mike Pierson Oakley Pittman Shep Piatt Dennis Robbins Richard Robbins Joe Robinson Bill Stall Ralph Sanders Pete Schuler Don Sonnier Jim Spillers John Terry Jim Tilton Lindsey Torbett Pat Williams Randy Willis Tommy Wright Paul Youngue Rita Kaye Harris Rose Sigma Tau Gamma Cecil Almond William Almond Kenneth Andrews Jerry Arnold Duston Aton Steve Bade Jimmy Bell Bill Blac kman Bruce Blackman Tenney Branch Roger Cagle Mike Carson Tony Carter Brad Cleveland Ricky Cloud Gary Davis Dana Deas Dave Dollar Larry Dreher Mike Durrant Dave Gatlin Gibby Gibson Coke Guy Leslie Guy Sam Guy Eddie Hebert Robert Jones Pinks Lawrence Roy Loftin Vince Mastracchio Steve Miller Rodney Meeks Bill Morrison Vic Ortiz Rodney Quinn Alvin Porter Ray Porter Ronnie Price Bob Scott Randy Stevens Robert Tooke Billy Venetiz Bob Webb Kathy Porter White Rose 50 Organizations AII organizations pictured in this section paid for the space they occupy. Organizational membership listings were supplied by the organizations and they are responsible for the numbers of names and their spellings. This is true also of those groups block-listed without pictures. 51 Executive Council Student Body Association PRESIDENT Roddy Dye VICE PRESIDENT Steve McGee SECRETARY Tommie Smith TREASURER Lawrence Baptiste AWS PRESIDENT Cheryl Reese AMS PRESIDENT Terry Coburn SPRING SLATE PRESIDENT Steve McGee VICE PRESIDENT Ronnie Grappe SECRETARY Tommie Smith TREASURER Floyd Copell AWS PRESIDENT Cheryl Reese AMS PRESIDENT Terry Coburn Senators-at- Large Jack Damico Ronnie Grappe Fernando Fialles Carol Henderson Mike Lombardino Greg O ' Quinn Asa Skinner Janie Arieux Floyd Copell Karen Whatley Joanne Sullivan 52 Class Senators GRADUATE Adrian Strother SENIORS Nina Martin Eddie Hebert JUNIORS Linda Fulgham Tommy Damico SOPHOMORES Rodney Harrington Robbie Fowlkes FRESHMEN J. Tenney Branch Lindsey Torbett Senatorial Executive Council CHAIRMAN Greg O ' Quinn SECRETARY Karen Whatley PRESIDENT Steve McGee 53 Student Union Governing Board Jo Pease PRESIDENT Karen Funderburk VP OF PROGRAMS Eddie Hebert VP OF ENTERTAINMENT The Student Union Governing Board sponsored the Winter Ball, Lady of the Bracelet Pageant, ' UN ' Fair, Big Name Entertainment, Movies and Dances ... all to provide relaxation for all NSU students. ■ » .» ■ . ' . -j w GOVERNING BOARD MEMBERS — Standing, L-R: Mr. Robert Wilson, Director; Al Theriault, Vivian Carriere, John Richardson, Jack Damico, Jesse Anderson, and Jim McDowell. 2nd row: Mike Struna, Rhonda Guilliams, Eddie Hebert, Martha Compton, Lue Wiggins and Reid Funderburk. 3rd row: Linda Jue, Brenda Fitzgerald, Jeanne Hebert, Vicki Prather, Patti Gates, Doug Nichols, Gary Foster, Karen Funderburk, Jo Pease, Debbie Hebert, and Betty Struna. 54 Reid Funderburk TREASURER Betty Struna SECRETARY Jeanne Hebert PARLIAMENTARIAN St v Ijk ■■ M mlp % MW W ti I LA ' - ■ V- f ' . gfc; Mr. Robert Wilson — ADV. Al Theriault — PROGRAM DIR. 55 Union Board Committees Research and Development Gwen Dupre Karen Funderburk Lue Wiggins Doug Nichols Mike Lombardino Brenda Fitzgerald lap Thfirianlt 56 Publicity Connie Bower Leta Townsend Jackie Gonyea Sharon MacFarland Rita Coleman Mike Struna Lisa O ' Banion Meloni O ' Banion Scott Brown Music and Films Top left: Je sse Anderson Kenny Quintana Randy Jones Patti Gates Debbie McCoullom Ginger Dunn Jean Rostrom Sarah Bonnin Jill Anders Steve Duhon Darryl Hinson Decorations Top right: Rhonda Guilliams Jesse Anderson Leta Townsend Debbie Childs Mike Struna Jackie Gonyea Nancy Whittield Vicki Odum Hospitality Middle left: Theresa Meischke Martha Compton Patti Mullenix Linda Fulgham Shelley Hilton Leta Townsend Debbie Moore Entertainment Bottom left: Cecil Mims Lisa Lambard Debbie Thomas Chris Frazier Doug Nichols Jim McDowell Pam Lee Martha Gates Eddie Hebert 57 Associated Women Students PRESIDENT — Cheryl Reese VICE-PRESIDENT — Jeanne Hebert A.W.S. REPRESENTATIVE — Debby Brodmax SOCIAL CHAIRMAN — Pat Painter RECORDING SECRETARY — Brenda Fitzgerald CORRESPONDING SECRETARY — Mary Lynn Williamson TREASURER — Dianne Doucet PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN — Lisa Lambard JUDICIARY BOARDS Sophomore Representatives Gwen Dupre Debbie Hebert Junior Representative Kathy McCullough Senior Representative Marcia Nicosia NORTH SABINE Carolyn Williamson Fay Lou Trotter Melanie Dunbar Lainy Diesi Ann Myers Cathy Carney Patty Herman Lisa Thompson SOUTH SABINE Lisa Methuis Julia Patterson Jane Peterman Jane Singletary Marjorie Jacocks Babs Bodin Susan Lirette Lisa Douglas EAST SABINE Sherrie Hardy Ann Justice Debby Moore Juanita Lejeune Terry Walker Retha Leblanc Belinda Opterkuch Darlene Greer WEST SABINE Eleanor Dayle Jenny Walker Paula Mahan Mary Scott Janis Trammel Sharon Weems Beth Sanders Leslie Gasaway LOUISIANA Vicki Odon Cheryl Thornhill Wilma Perkins Martha Rieder Monica Pinckney Karen Crowe EAST VARNADO Wanda Kutsavage Brenda Traveller Gloria Williams Lorraine Flagg WEST VARNADO Von Comer Margaret Adams Joanne King Pam Crauce Terry Lehr Che ryl Stevenson WEST CADDO Ann Fields Sylvia Hawks Susan Meadows Linda Voss Laurie Amazeen Sharon Montgomery EAST CADDO Janet Welch Leola Fisher Cathy Davis Chris Frazier Jeannie Rostrum Sara Bonin NORTH NATCHITOCHES Jane Kendrich Betty Bennett Rene House Marilyn Morock Anne Wood Sue Kennedy 58 Alpha Beta Alpha Alpha Beta Alpha was a national library science fraternity comprised of 26 members at N.S.U. Industrial Education Club Science and Technology Engineering, specialized branches of these — drill and lathe were areas promoted by the club. 59 PRESIDENT — Susie Hines VICE PRESIDENT Jennie Martin SECRETARY Theresa Waggnor TREASURER Melissa Swafford HISTORIAN Dru Welch SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Cathy Andries OFF-CAMPUS REP. Kathy Dahlem Vickie Armer Beth Bienvenu Geraldine Burleigh Milissa Canardy Peggy Carpenter Bonnie Chapman Karen Crow Sandra Cummings Deborah Dowd Karen Ethridge Cissy Falkinberry Suzette Fuselier Deborah Gray Nancy Gray Delores Harrington Deborah Howell Terri Huff Kathy Hughes Jeanne Jackson Jeanne Jenkins Cheryl Jeter Kathleen Julian Ann LaBorde Carol Letz Beverly Loe Myra Martin Eva McMullen Pam Nelson Jo Ellen Plunkett Candance Reis Josie Ross Pam Schlomer Tommie Smith Judy Southerland Melissa Swafford Beth Tarver Janet Vanhoof Alpha Lambda Delta PEK Bill Prather Keith Johnson Burley Johnson, Jr. Skipper Morgan Jim Simmons David Bedard Richard Guidroz Ronald Champagne Bruce Webb Floyd Copell Wayne Pitts Joe Ehrhardt Ben Carter Durwood Duke Dr. James Dinucci Dr. Roger Shore Dr. David Scogins Steve Newsom Tynes Hilderbrand Dr. Southerland Dr. Robert Alost Mike Delcombre Joey Cotton Mark Smith Glen Rabalais Dr. C. F. Thomas John Guidry Roy Gentry Eugene Christmas Dr. Allen Bonnette Alvin Brown Dr. Robert Patton 60 Agriculture Club The NSU Ag Club sponsors a yearly rodeo plus other incentives for the profession — each member must maintain a 2.0 average. 61 Davis Players and Alpha Psi Omega Terry Monday Salle Graham Bobbie Park Bobbie Harling Larry Heard Ernie Durfee Pam Clark Peggie Bauden Bill Shaver Wade Heaton James Wilson Margo Hasse Ellen Dunlop Becky Doherty Vicke Farrar Susan Higgs Helen Coutee Mike LaCour Allen Kobb Marti Murphey Marsha Benjamin Debbie Greene John Ethridge Clare Moncrief Rick Barnickel Nancy Lyons Roger LeBrescue Suzette Harrell Contemporary Dancers Beth Crane Lyn Mann Jeffry Webb Cissy Falkinberry Brenda Sarrell 62 Purple Jackets PRESIDENT Sara Beth Tanner VICE PRESIDENT Pat Carrier SECRETARY Dianna Jackson TREASURER Linda Jue PARLIAMENTARIAN Pat Wyatt Vicki Weeks Ellie Miller Faye David Marcia Nacosia Maurine Koelemay Kathi Breazele Kay Oxley Jo Pease Gayle Slaughter Martha Compton Sue Snell Mary Helen Pratte Frances Hatcher Louise Pierce Laurie Amazeen Lue Wiggins Debbie Pollard Debbie Mitchell Debbie Morgan Phi Kappa Phi Members of Phi Kappa Phi must have maintained an overall 3.3 grade average by the second semester of their junior year — this highest academic honor has been recognized in colleges all over the country. 63 National Collegiate Association of Secretaries VICE PRESIDENT Carrie Cox HISTORIAN Mary Blevins TREASURER Julenne Junean SECRETARY Jackie Gonyea PRESIDENT Vicki Johnson PUBLICITY Brenda Jeane Joyce Walker Rosie Timmon Kathy Moore Relynn Alost Martha Russell SPONSOR Carol McCoy Nancy Hodges Evelyn Knight Rhonda Smith Carol Harris Carol Liberto Sassie Wenot Jeanne Jackson Rita Beebe NOT SHOWN Dr. Tommy Johnson _ L Marilyn Thomas = : t x- ■■■■■ Society for the Advancement of Management Donna Mattox Ernie Hammons David Larsen Don Shively Phillip Moore Ann Ellard Jim Shelton Raymond Triche Dr. John Hix — ADVISOR 64 Student Nurses Association Ann Laborde Susie Hines Annette Beetz Leah Treadway Kathy Julian Associate Degrees Pamela Gamble Denise Wittenburg Mary Huntington Sandra Coon Jeff Scrogham Janet Langston Gail Mole Melanie Chustz Douglas Gautreaux 65 United Society Amelia McQuarin James Frazier Phillip Knowles Dwight Hines Julia Patterson Cornelia Styles Debra Lanns Pattye Washington Jackye Malone Annie Cooper Hean Anthoney Vernita Breckinridge Andre Spivey Ann Johnson Charles Joyce Brenda Parker Alma Charles Harvey Nichols Jackie Strong Ronald Perry Connie Levo Francis NcFarland PRESIDENT Sheid Bacchus VICE PRESIDENT Regina Emanuel SECRETARY Roberta Reed ASST. SECRETARY Sandra Bryant PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN Lillian Priest TREASURER Erwin Wilson Nationa Association for the vancement of Colored People PRESIDENT James Frazier VICE PRESIDENT Ronald Perry VICE PRESIDENT Teresa Brown VICE PRESIDENT Henry Adams SECRETARY Shirley Gant ASST SECRETARY Laverne Davis TREASURER Brenda Parker Leonard Ford Alice M. Glynn Terry Holmes Oben Jones Charles Joyce Jimmie Moore Reginald Thompson Patricia Sm ith Mildred Jackson Phillip Delphin Sandra Adams Gloria Doyle Margaret Fields Leola Fisher Silver Ray Harris Donnis Harrison Patricia Monroe Erwin Wilson Elizabeth Johnson Sandra Bryant Delbra Thickpin Harry Smith Sandra Satcher Reda Engram Joyce Walker Sherrie Smith Verna G Johnson 66 Francis McFarland Ad Alpha Mu Gamma STAFF MEMBERS Dr. Ramon Brodermann Mr. Robert DeMeule Dr. Walter Mosley Dr. Hanna Schroeder Gail Abshire Paul D. Aymond Mary J. Greer Michael I. Hailey Suzette S. Harrell Nadine Johnson Timothy A. Jones John Kingston James R. Kitts Jr. Robert J. Krause Jean L. Langford Margaret Middleton Agatha Newitt Judy Tanner Mac W. Thacker Manuel Ybarra Home Economics Mary Ann Eskew Jan McCrary Jeanette Berry Patty Vidrine Greda Shenk Dorothy McDade Sarah Gilbert Kathi Breazeale Diane Doucet Annette LaBry Barbara Atwood Kathryn Bagley Beverly Brumley Vicki Coody Susan Creed Donna Davis Linda Davis Patty Eskew Hilda Harville Susan Jacques Paula Jones Shirley Jones Patsy Litton Debbie Moore Joan Neal Diane Norwood Rosemary O ' Neal Theresa Orgeron Connie Price Janet Rabalais Lana Rogers Wanda Sayes Kathy Squyres Karen Stump Nita Spann Valerie Vallery Peggy Vidrine Martha Wheatley Susan Smith Kathryn Dahlem Paula Arceneaux Kaye Gilbert Beth Tarver Carol Sanders Martha Richley Sabra Phillips FACULTY SPONSOR: Mrs. Sadie Thomas 67 Sociology Club Cathy Clifford Mark Hanna Wanda Townsend Gwen Dupre Claudia Glass Cherry Scott Brenda Fitzgerald Dr. Millard Bienvenu Dr. Ellis Dr. Lappin Mr. Keenon Blue Ke y Don Anders Ronnie Bales Mike Barry Dennis Bozeman Odell Brown Ben Carter Danny Chachere Dale Curry Jack Damico Robert Draper Roddy Dye Joe Ehrhardt Robert Harling Gary Hetzel Tynes Hildebrand C. James Larmoyeux Robert Mabry James Maxwell Raymond Morrison Greg O ' Quin Walter S. Piatt J. Brent Prather Charles Tabor Tom Taggart Bruce Webb Kenneth Wendt Thomas Wright Ronnie McBride Mike Slaughter 68 Debbie Pollard Madeline Herring Janet Brian Linda George Alice McCloy MEMBERS Ana Bates Martha Bennett Alaina Bozzelle Bill Bozzelle Reba Brantley Bill Endris Fay Foster Fred Gegenheimer Carolyn Hawthorne Jeanne Jenkins Carla Morein Bonnie Laroux Pam Parker Kathy Scruggs Cynthia Self Mary Sue Sepulvado Leah Vogt Student Louisiana Teachers Association Student Louisiana Teachers Association was composed of Louisiana ' s future teachers in fields ranging from business to English. Three hundred members make this the largest organization at N.S.U. 69 Sigma Delta Chi Student Associate Members of the National Professional Journalism Society: PRESIDENT Roger LePrescu VICE PRESIDENT Meloni O ' Banion SECRETARY Janet Vanhoof TREASURER Niva Davis Melanie Babin Mary Catherine Bounds Burt Carlisle Donna Carlisle Robert Dean Donald Green Mark Hanna Cathy Jacobs Dorothy Jarzabek Sharon Jones Anne L ' Heureux Marilyn Miller Cheryl Reese Donald Sanchez Claire Waltner FACULTY Ezra Adams Franklin Presson Psi Chi Thomas Anselmo Nancy Beckerdite Adolph Campbell James Evans Frank Parsons William Smith Mona Waggoner Burton Washington Elaine Acevedo Albert Blackman John Burns Candi Collins Greg Gormanous James Quillian Yolanda Rambin Charles Randel Grady Rhodes Tommis Stringer Yvonne Stevens Thomas Brownyn Pat Wyatt Sam Caldwell Gail Clauses Frank Collins Daphne Florie Ruth Fox Mike Holloway Tony Howes Pam Matix Sam Medica Linda McMurtey PRESIDENT Frank Collins VICE PRESIDENT James Quillian SECRETARY Candi Collins TREASURER Yolanda Rambin CORR. SECRETARY Pat Wyatt FACULTY Mr Bob Breckenrldge Dr Hurst Hall Dr. Don Gates 70 Sigma Alpha lota LP •UTC ■■ SV ulT «V ' Debra Baca Connie Bower Bonnie Chapman Berliot Forster Georgia Green Jan Greer Nadine Johnson Deborah Kirchner Debra Mitchell Vicki Morgel Ann O ' Bryan Dixie Presson Elaine Proctor Carol Repulski Cynthia Riser Josie Ross PLEDGES Carol Almond Carla Pendergrass Patsy Smith Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia PRESIDENT Leo E. Murray VICE PRESIDENT John Allen Clement SECRETARY Ronald Edward Bales TREASURER Raymond Edward Morrison WARDEN Michael Marion Smith HISTORIAN John Harry Keppel William Jennings Bond James Lee Cooper Keith Dixon Donald Rick Foster Paul Grappe John Michael Louvier Roger Stanly Loyd Andrew Fulton Magers Gary E. Michaels Otis Trent Mixon William Tate Richard Whorton Anthony Robinson 71 Potpourri Staff Becky Doherty — Editor Kristie Roach — Associate Editor; Features-Organizations Scott Douget — Greeks Vicki Prather — Student Life Nancy Roan — Business Manager Linda Jue — Faculty Meloni O ' Banion — Sports Camile Hawthorn — Freshman Apprentice Sue Eskew — Freshman Apprentice NOT SHOWN Susan Harling — Classes Deborah Kavanaugh — Classes Cathy Seymour — Organizations Ezra Adams — Adviser Current Sauce Staff Niva Davis — Editor Dorothy Jazarbek — Associate Editor Janet Vanhoof — Campus Editor Ronald Sanchez — Features Editor Mary C. Bounds — Greek Editor Mark Ezarik — Sports Editor Rickey McGee — Hot Sauce Editor John King — Business Manager Charles Dowty — Ad Manager Curtis Gentz — Circulation Manager Ronnie Green Michael Alexander Steve Moore Franklin Presson — Adviser Pom-Pon Line Ch Cathy Hughes Mary Blevins Lynn Morgan Mary Bounds Karen Gobert Angie Jones Joanne Sullivan Margaret Zulick Jan Norris Claudia Holley Sherrie Hardie Patti O ' Brien eerleaders Noel Ratcliff HEAD Linda Kiesler Denise Ethridge Debbie Jolley Debbe Thomas Demon Mascot cissy falkinberry NSU Majorettes Nadra Smith Roxie McCormick Janice Lancaster Ann Adams Jeanette Wenner Ouida Rice Cathy Wilkinson Georgia Berridge FEATURE AND HEAD Ginger Lindsey Wright Carla Sherril Charlotte Creamer Sherry Anderson Joan Grillette Julie LaLande Debbie Patterson ROTC — Junior Corps Liu L ' ... 1 J n tfSg 7 jmfa . y Urson Bade Jr. Michael Beauford Kenneth Berry Steve Carlton Terry Cleland Richard Cotton Daniel Durr George Edwards William Gates Everett Gibson Donald Green Robert Haire Robert Harris Richard Hooter Joe Jenkins James Johnston ■I Kenneth Bates James Berry Eldon Cook Gary Estess Donald Foster Stewart Frost William Gaines John Johnson Robert Scott Shannon Springer Thomas Taggart Charles Walker Joseph Wanersdorfer ROTC — Senior Cor H ps Lem Jones Randolph Jones Morton Kavanaugh II David Ketchand Kevin Koeppen Christopher LaCour Joe Madden Michael Maddox George McKinney Kenneth Moore Nor ris Sills Jr. Mac Thacker Ruben Tweedy David Van Dyke Mark Wellner ROTC Black Knights Mark Wellner Mike Maddox Kevin Koeppen John Johnson Ken Berry George Edwards Robert Haire Bill Gates Ken Moore Mike Beauford Rick Foster Glen Taylor Roger Cason Leslie Guy Robert Walton Charles Barry Thomas Aldredge James Bruce William Calloway John Guy Donnie Hailey Rifle Team Robert Adkinson Joe Madden Donald Green Phillip Lunsford Charlotte Ruffin Anita Huntington Janet Bierden John Springer 78 Baptist Student Union SOPHOMORE COUNCIL Becky Hooper Pat Waddle Betty Myers Becky Robinson Standing: Wanda Corbett Debbie Hawthorne Mike Beauford Vickie Treadway Ronnie Chapman Back row: Mike Chance Mike Tolar Dianna Jackson Barry Fleniken Mack Black David Dupree David Gates — President EXECUTIVE COUNCIL (Not Shown) Debbie Pollard Bert Todd Steven Newson Catherine McCullough Ferrell Marr Dr. Gene Williams Michelle Tooley Vicki Farrar Debbie Coutee Bill Bond FRESHMAN COUNCIL Pattie Gallien Velda Bond Joe Cotton Karen Lloyd Mary Jane Holman Standing: Byron Summerall Rae Bankston Debbie Black Tommy Curry — Pres. Allan Poe Jr. Back row: Larry Cook Mike Aaron Clarence Culbert Not Pictured Barbara Gunn Belinda Rascoe Roxie Bordelon 79 PHI DELTA KAPPA Leo T. Allbrtten I. R. Bearden Jimmy Berry Oscar Billingsly Allen Bonnette F. C. Bosarge Alvin Brown Perry Byrant William Bullock Nobel Butler Dan Carr Raymond Christensen Thomas Clinton Durwood Duke Lonnie Dunn Ronald Dubois David Garr, Jr. Richard Galloway Leslie Graham Raymond Gilbert Herbert Leslie Hurst Hall Oliver Hargrove Thomas Hennigan Frankie Jackson Tommy Johnson John Jones C. R. Kinard Barney Kyzar Bob Lumpkins Raymond McCoy Trent Melder Hyland Packard W. A. Philp Allen Plummer Lloyd Ponder Hoyt L. Reed Henry Scogins David Shore Thomas Southerland George Spence Charles Thomas H. Williams Robert Wilson Donald Winn Robert Wynn Joseph Allbritton Joshep Dupree Lester Johnson Melvin Johnson Larry Kees Dave Phillips F. M. Richardson Levi Thompson John McCluhan Dennis Williams John Decker BAHA ' I CLUB David Cox Kevin Kerr James Cansler Charles Ward Sophie Ward Bill Karam Aretha Collins Stella Stevens Lynn Keeth David Dollar Dadid Loftin Mitchel Lorchel Panetta Lenrich Gailand Clausen BETA BETA BETA Charles Archer Carolyn Armstrong Sandra Arnaud Allen Aymond Barney Barnhill Carol Barnidge Michael Barry Linden Blount Shane Bordelon Randall Brown Warren Brumfield Roger Cadieux Patricia Carlin Danny Chachere Robert Chachere Yu-Ning Chen Brad Cohen Rebecca Coxe Jack Damico David Dupree Roddy Dye Terry Goldsby Catherine Gremillion Ken Guidy Leslie Johnson Chris Kalstone Karen Landry Nell Loftin Robert Loftin Millard Mangrum James Manning Michael McConnell Rebecca Moore William Owens Charles Pasquier Thomas Peeples Brent Prather Debra Rodgers Oren Spruill Richard Strimel David Tarver Russell Theriot Patrick Thompson Gyan Verma Thomas Whalen Michael Windham Gary Wise CHURCH OF CHRIST Steve Carlton Larry Harrell David Berryman Mark Berryman Gay Hill Tom Ray Marsha Sewell Phyliss Sewell Jerry Catha Cheryl Catha Susan Reed Janet Riche Evelyn Perkins Cheryl Stephenson Jerry Lemoine Jerry Boyd Mike Price PHI ETA SIGMA James Maxwell Keith Dixon Joe Ehrhardt Roddy Dye Mike Barrington Terry Goldsby Bruce Brouillette Michael Gordy Tommy Waterfallen Ronald Grappe Roderick Adams Charles Guffey Gary Atkinson Bobby Harling Charles Anderson Tommy Harrison David Aymond Terry James Hank Aymond Steve Jones Mike Barry Laurence Lambert Raymond Beach Jim Larmoyeux Shane Bordelon Stanford McNabb Tommy Brousard Raymond Morrison Odell Brown Brent Prather Warren Brumfield Ronald Sanchez Samuel Caldwell Roland Sorgee Terry Choate Elwin Sparks Charles Tabor Stephen Tatum David Deas Gerald Wenner IOTA LAMBDA SIGMA Harvey Bennett John Bell John Vandersypen Thomas Berry Raymond Christensen Harry Boydston Edward Domague Charles Branch Ronald Arceneaux Carl Breedlove Robert Armstrong Kenneth Bridges Aubrey Baccus John Brockway William Barker Lowell Brown Leon Basco Robert Brown Jack Baum Willey Champagne Marlon Beach AMS Tommy Harrison Roger Dierre Kerry Bird Danny Edwards Craig Scallion Mike Frazier Robert Stringfield Jack Zator Charles Slay George Blaisdell Andy Bachman Willie Booker Chris Fully Gary Callaway Goudeau Edmund Rock Baldwin Randy Tisdale Dan Block Jack Nichols Steve Moore John Ford Wyche Coleman Joe Cotton Terry Wells David Grady Bill Barnidge Ronnie Herrera John Moody Benny Martin Don Phillips Alan Bailey Ronnie Kern Vernon Love Bobby Webb 80 RECREATION CLUB Lenny Lewis Cholla Ardoin Jane Valentine Wayne Carter Debbie Carter Frank Auster Carolyn Slaughter Sandra Cox Charles Flecher Allen Royce Greg Clark Jack Warmer Bill Borskey Chris Caplis Dan Singleton Glenn Rabalais Dale Hobson Farrell Souileau Terry Cleland Bruce Felton Donna Frazier Gary McDonald Mike Lombardino Richard Lewis Mitchell Bradley Rodney Hedgecock James Herman Franklin Smith David Myers Herb Spruell Doug Goldsby Steve McCain Joe Southwell David Grady Rupert Sibley Dan Rive Raymond Dees Marilyn Hillman Roy Hall Dale Guidry IEEE Raymond Morris Gene Loomis Johnny Gallion John Hammond Harvey Bennett William Carter Joseph Jimmerson Michael Price Johnny Welch David Vines Daniel Blount Dennis Etheridge Kenneth Jones Gerald Malone Vladimir Bohachevsky Michael Bullok Darryl Nichols Michael McCain Gordon Stokes John Brockway Danny Edwards William Youngblood ALPHA ETA RHO Michael Douget Sandra Hayward Glen Bonvillian Kirby Cole Eldon Cook Julius Harris Larry Kyle Tom Leach Phillip Lunsford Glenn George George Roberts Thomas Taggart Larry Varnado WESLEY FOUNDATION Steve Wells Cynthia Echenhofer Ken Jones Elizabeth Entrekin George Roberts William Entrekin Marsha Adams Susan Fleming Robert Adkinson Barbara Weaver James Anthony Kathi Breazeale Harvey Bennett Daphne Grady Barbara Campbell Carolyn Harrell Gay Desendorf Susan Higgs Hal Long Anita Huntington Janelle Trahan Ann Justice Keith Scott Nancye Leibee Scott Brown Jill Metzer Rhonda Bennett Ruth Monk Nannette Catlin Eileen Perilloux Joanne Cotton Janet Singleterry Ken Cunningham Melony Dunbar Mary Dula ASC STUDENT AFFILIATES Joyce Thompson James Maxwell Jesse Nobles Dexter Grant Hilda Bostin Katie Christensin Lyle Christensin Daniel Fruge Bill Grant Angie Gremillion Vyomesh Patel Allen Poe Gayle Slaughter Mike Slaughter Charles Tabor Mark Ward Tommy Wong COSMOPOLITAN CLUB Tim Cole Denise Veuleman Joaquin Aguero James Wilson Michele Tooley Pat Key Kathy David Nora Paredes Yolanda Rambin Carlos Blanco Mary Lou Evans Joann Gabor Manuel Ybarra John Kopfinger Debra Achambeau Stella Pupillo Nancy Gray Dale Wier Janice Muerry Douglas Beard Robert Scott Elizabeth Bartin Susan Barron Nell Loftin Donald Black Jane Nahn Sue Drake Kathy Smith David Jones Sonji Williams James Marston Carolyn Hawn Evelyn Owens NATIONAL SPEECH AND HEARING ASSOCIATION Cheryl Crandle Deborah Digilormo LaDinni Johnson Sharon Luke Leon Marsh Jill Metzer Myra Murphy Kathy Peterson Ruth Pierson Vicki Scroggs Rosalyn Scroggs Sandra Shepher Jacqueline Smith Tamara Upchurch Cynthia Williams GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY Louise Pearce Mike Melia Dorcas Melia Babs Boudin Lavon Jarrell Adron Temple Tim Poston Pat Thompson Barton Sealy Roy Stapp Harry Stewart Gary Hall Sue Honig Pat Jordan Larry Rond BETA GAMMA PSI James Berry Latnie Brewton Bobby Draper Tynes Hildebrand Greg O ' Quin Jo Pease Mike Power George Tisty Tommy Wright NSU GIRL SCOUTS Barbara Cannon Kenneth Graves Angie Gremillion Katie Gremillion Roberta Hartman Lisa Hull Myra Martin Lisa Landry Marsha Murray Sue Williams ONTOLOGY CLUB Dale Wier Fred Pippen Judy Pippen John Langford Jeannie Langtord Cheryl Thornhill Mike Melia Dorcas Melia 81 J mtmmM 83 Miss NSU KATHLYN BREAZEALE Kathi Breazeale was elected by popular vote of the Northwestern student body. She typifies the ideal female student at NSU and was selected on the basis of service, character, and leadership ability. Kathi was active in the Home Eco- nomics Club, Purple Jackets, Alpha Lambda Delta and served as Blue Key Sweetheart. Mr. NSU GREG O ' QUINN Greg O ' Quinn, a senior from Alex- andria, Louisiana, was elected as the ideal male student of North- western State University. Greg was elected on the basis of service, character, and leadership. He served as chairman of the student senate and was also active in Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Sigma and Blue Key. State Fair Court Left to right: Lisa McCaleb, Joanne Sullivan, Mary Catherine Bounds, Cathleen Hughes, Brenda Fitzgerald, Angela Jones, Kathleen Van Asselberg, Susie Hines, and Margaret Zulich. MARGARET ZULICK — HOMECOMING QUEEN Homecoming Court Left to right and bottom to top: Patricia Penny well, Becky Feeney Doherty, Jeannine Lesage, Sandra Jackson, Rita Kaye Harris, Margaret Zulich, Dottye Ricks. Winter ball Court Left to right: Karen Richey Funderburk, Jo Pease, MaryLynn Williamson, Cheryl Reese, Susie Hines. Left to right: Lisa Lambard, Becky Feeney Doherty, Laurie Amazeen, Martha Compton Lady of the Bracelet LISA THOMPSON The Lady of the Bracelet is an annual event sponsored by the NSU Student Union Governing Board. Contestants are nominated by various NSU organizations. Judges select the top twenty contestants from the student body ' s nominations and are selected on the basis of talent, facial beauty, poise, and swim suit appearance. This year ' s Lady of the Bracelet, Miss Lisa Thompson, is a Freshman voice major from Florien, Louisiana. . - . fi» N-. ROXIE CARIERE 3rd runner-up KRISTIE ROACH Miss Congeniality, 4th runner-up Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities Thirty-two nominations of Northwestern State University Seniors were accepted by the national committee and listed in the " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. " These students will have t heir names published in the national directory which is one of the highest honors accorded to American college students. The thirty-two students nominated were chosen by members of the Student Body Association and a faculty group. Who ' s Who makes its selection from the names submitted to it based on scholarship, participation in extra- curricular activities, citizenship and service to the school, and promise of future usefulness. Laurie Amazeen Sandra Andries Lawrence Baptiste Jr. Raymond Beach William Bozzelle Kathlyn Breazeale Odell Brown Bonnie Buck Patricia Carrier Benjamin Carter Wanda Faye David Larry Joe Ehrhardt Michael David Gates Jeanne Marie Hebert Vickie Hebert Dane Hine James Roy Maxwell Debra Mitchell David Morgan Deborah Morgan Leo Murray Evie Norman Greg O ' Quinn Barbara Jo Pease Deborah S. Pollard Brent Prather Sara Beth Tanner Debra Jean Towry Bruce Webb Vicki Weeks James Lynwood Wilson Tommy Wright 95 97 Northwestern State University ' s football team had the third best regular-season record in the school ' s history with an 8-2 record. George Doherty, taking over as head coach last May, led the Demons to win the conference championship. He surprised everyone by taking a sophomore and jun- ior dominated team to a 8-2 overall record and a per- fect 6-0 conference mark. NSU lost the season opener to Southwestern Oklahoma. The Demons played a good defensive game, but the Bulldogs ' offense was the best, leaving the final score 7-3. The Demons played a good offensive and defensive game against the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks win- ning 20-7. Northwestern met their next two conference games with victories. The Demons played Bishop College at Demon Stadium to win 32-12 and, in a showdown between NSU and Northeast, the Demons came out on top with a 17-7 win. m Homecoming brought another Gulf States Conference victory over Delta State, 12-0. Walker and Johnson teamed for this win. Demons met on the field of contest next against Flor- ence State in a heavy downpour in Alabama. The Demons pulled out a 14-7 win over their underdog opponents. In the 33rd State Fair football classic against Tech the Demons fell to their second and final loss of the season. This long-time rival game gave Tech a slim win, $0-16. McNeese Cowboys fell to the Demons in NSU ' s fifth GSC game of the season with a score of 25-1 0. Southwestern Louisiana lost 24-8 when the NSU team set up three defensive efforts to set up two touchdowns and a field goal. Demons played Southeastern as their last game of the season, with a 6-3 score to win. This win gave the Demons the CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE GULF STATES CONFERENCE! Player No. Randy Walker 7 Wilton Cox 11 Lynn Hebert 12 Bill Alexander 14 Butch Ballard 16 Stan Brouillette 17 Jay Weaver 18 Skipper Morgan 19 Pat Roberts 20 Bryan Roberts 21 John Dilworth 24 Robert Lawrence 25 Jerry Miears 26 Mario Cage 27 Carol Broussard 30 Joe Beck Payne 31 Mike Maggio 32 Donald Johnson 33 Mike Harter 36 Lou Lanza 39 Travis Smith 40 Stan Lee 42 John Kelly 43 Joe Spitale 44 Jarvis Blinks 45 Eric Johnson 46 Frank Haring 48 Art Donahue 50 Randy Strickland 51 Sidney Wilkinson 52 J Billy Lee 53 r J Kim Gaspard 54 Ken Trahant 60 Jerry Simpson 61 John Kavanaugh 62 Sterling Baldwin 63 Joe Southwell 64 Wayne Pitts 65 Mike Boyce Anthony Narcuante 66 67 Spencer Burrough 68 Jim Marcotte 69 Mike Ratclitf 70 Glen Wofford 71 Stan Strobel 72 Bobby Kirchoft 73 Eddie Machowski 74 Bernard White 75 Roger Boogaerts 76 Larry Walls 77 Jetf Vogt 78 Oscar Kessinger 79 Dennis Smith 80 Reggie Thompson 81 Mark Kalbacher 83 Troy Willis 84 Mike Doherty 86 Joe Bailey 87 Danny Driskill 90 James White 91 Don McAllen 92 Clinton Ebey 94 Dan Boddie 96 Brannon LeBlanc 98 Gordon Boogaerts 99 All Gulf States Conference Team Randy Walker Kenny Trahant NSU Downed Lumberjacks Northwestern scrambled for the needed yardage. Harter looked for break in line. Bulldogs Knocked Demons in Season Opener Spitale hoped for an opening while teammate stopped Bulldog. Demon made pass before the rush! NSU used team power for tackle against Bulldogs. NSU Captured Victory Over Bishop College. Demon quarterback was supported by blockers to insure their win. 102 Demons Kicked to a Homecoming Win. Johnson ran for yardage against Delta State. Hebert passed just in time. Bulldogs Fought Hard to Win But . . . Barely Did! Demons piled up to stop the Tech Bulldogs. NSU made a touchdown (bottom). Northeast Slowed Down by NSU Harter squeezed through NLU ' s defense. Johnson ran for yardage (bottom). Demons Defeated Cowboys Demons were just ' too quick for the McNeese Cowboys! Northwestern Topped Southeastern Demon defense worked hard against the Lions and helped bring a win. Jerry Arledge NSU Basketball NSU ' s head basketball coach, Tynes Hildebrand, is pictured at right and the assistant coach Jack Herron is pictured at far right. NSU ' S basketball team below: 11 Nelson Sanders, 12 Butch Hildeb- rand, 14 Errick Hunt, 23 Edward Johnson, 24 Vernon Wilson, 51 Steve Budde, 31 Randy Prather, 32 Perry Ball, 34 Stanley Self, 35 Greg Procell, 43 Daryel Forney, 44 Reginald Grace, 52 Roger Bryant, 55 John Hill, 30 Ted Sumner, 31 Bobby Arthur, 15 Cecil Thibo- deaux, 4 Wayne Alford, 45 Gerry Jenkins and 50 Gerry Mills. 108 Hildebrand and Ball gave a good showing against Nicholls 109 NSU kept in stride against the Huskies. no NSU ' s Cagers showed action against Louisiana Tech. 111 Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks met Demon determination. 112 NSU was up in the air against Stephen F. Austin. 113 rac Track coach Jerry Dyes pictured at right. Phillip McAndrew at far right made NSU first. Track team, top to bottom, left to right: Andrei Moore, Oscar Evans, Julius Steele, Donald McKinney, Bobby Mcintosh, Frank Auster, Marcus Sunar, Mike Brown, John Been, Frank Trammel, Phil McAndrew, Randy Moore, Nelson Bailey, Coach Jerry Dyes, Leo Gatson, John Taylor, David Lewis, Richard Pope, Terry Skaggs, Lewis Char- rier, Kenny Rachal, Wayne Kofno- vec, Charles Horton, Mike Cracen, Steve Jones, Farrel Soileau, Bill Mitchell, and Henry Babers. 14 B aseba Baseball coach Herbie Smith is pictured right, and Assistant Coach Hedgecock is pictured far right. Baseball team, top to bot- tom, left to right: Mike Timms, John Blancher, Darrel Woods ' , Jay Weaver, Tommy Henry, Bobby Hrapman, Charlie Jackson, Dennis Choate, Charles Cockfield, Butch Cole, Tom Swhaub, Johnny Emmons, Harry Hermes, Robby Tuminello, Mark LeBlanc and Ted Ward. Tennis and Golf Tennis coach Johnnie Emmons (not pictured). From left to right: Ron- nie Herrera, Mike Phil- lips, Carlos Blanio, Paul Espinoza, and Willie Paz. From top to bottom, left to right: Golf coach Jim Simmons, Joe Pierson, Jr., Bob Konsdorf, George Risty, Ken Gor- sha, Trenton Eversull, Tom Bachman and Bill Morrow. ntramurals r t v v » . ' Intramural Games Were " For Real! " NORTHWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY " N " CLUB — This organization is composed only of athletes who have lettered at least once in at least one sport. Women ' s Basketball and Volleyball Women ' s Basketball, top to bottom, left to right: Patty Babineaux, Becky Keen, Debbie Carpenter, Susan Reed, Judy McCaleb, Jan Nickols, Inez Brew, Sherry Hollinworth — assistant coach, and Mrs. Lou Lewis — coach. Rhonda Eller- man, Emma Ellerman, Melony Dunbow, Becky Sabatini, Jerrie Ammons, Jeannie Gal- ien, and Colien Fon- tenot. Volleyball — " A " Team pictured: Mary Jane Mayfield, Rhonda Eller- man, Greta Wallace, Judy Shaw, Jan Nichols, and Cindy Waters, (not pictured — Susan Reed). " «B " Team, not pictured: Patti Babineaux, Pau- lette Dandridge, Marilyn Miller, Mary Baldwin, Becky Keen, Judy McCaleb, Emma Eller- man, Terri McConnell, Ginger Loftin, Jerrie Ammons and Becky Sabatini. M 123 Louisiana State Board of Education 1 . Louis Michot — State Superintendent of Education 5. Mr. Robert Curry 9. Mr. Fred Tannehill 2. Mrs. A. D. Smith 6. Mr. W. E. Whetstone - V.-P. 10. Mr. Charles Colbert en. Fred Eagan 7. Mr. Jesse Bankston Pres. 11. Mr. Richard D ' Aquin r. Harvey Peltier 8. Dr. Boyd Woodard 12. Mr. Enoch Nix 124 President and Mrs. Arnold Kilpatrick and Young Dr. Charles F. Thomas Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Richard Galloway Vice President of Student Affairs Miss Loneta Graves Vice President of Financial and Administrative Affairs Dr. Frank Martin Vice President of Researct ' lanning and Development 126 Walter Ledet — Registrar William Schwartz — Director of Housing 2nd row: Lucille Hendrick — Dean of Women 3rd row: Jack Freeman — Coordinator University Activities 127 Sylvan Sibley — Purchasing Agent Mrs. Jimmye Taylor — Coordinator of Pen 2nd row: Ted Wright — Supervisor of University Facilities 3rd row: Mrs. Laura Lavespere — Controller 2nd row: Loren Lindsey — Property Manager 3rd row: Harrel Haile — Director of Financial Aid 128 Agatha Newitt and Mamie Trunzler Women Counselors Dee Fulton, Donnie Morrow, Richard Averitt, Barbara Gillis — Housing 2nd row: Robert Wilson — Director of Student Union 3rd row: Randy Moffett — High School Relations 2nd row: Jerry Pierce — Informational Services 3rd row: Dr. Hoyt Reed — Continuing Education 129 Academic Deans left to right: Dr. Leo Allbritten — Graduate School Dr. Peggy Ledbetter — Nursing Dr. David Townsend — Business Dr. Rene Bienvenu — Science and Technology Dr. George Stokes — Liberal Arts Dr. Tom Southerland — Education Dr. Bennie Barron — Basic Studies 130 Faculty Mrs. Rosalie Aaron — Music Mrs. Margaret Ackel — Home Economics Mr. Ezra Adams — Journalism Mrs. Margaret Adkins — Music Miss Arlene Airhart — Nursing Mr. Don Alexander — Art Dr. Arthur Allen — Biological Sciences Mrs. Carol Allen — Nursing Dr. Jerry Allen — Bio-Chemical Physical Sciences Mr. Robert Allen — Library Dr. Robert Alost — Health, PE Recreation Dr. Edward Anders — Mathematics Mrs. Jolene Anders — Bus-Adm. Economics Miss Frances Ardrey — Nursing Dr. Julia Avant — Curriculum Inst. Dr. Mildred Bailey — Curriculum Inst. Dr. James Bartholemew — Languages Mrs. Hazel Batiste — Counseling B.S. Dr. Ray Baumgardner — Biological Sciences Dr. Ivan Bearden — Curriculum Inst. Mr. David Bedard — Health, P.E. Recreation Mrs. Mary Bessell — Nursing Dr. Millard Bienvenu — Sociology Mr. Oscar Billingsley — Counseling B.S. Dr. Robert Black — Speech Journalism Dr. Allen Bonnette — Health, PE Recreation Mrs. Judy Boone — Bus.-Dist. Ed. and Office Adm. Dr. Thomas Boone — Mathematics Mr. Guy Bordelon — Bus. Adm. Economics Mr. Clyde Bostick — Library Mr. Bert Boyd — Bio-Chemical Physical Sciences Mr. Bertrand Boyd — Mathematics Mr. Robert Breckinridge — Behavioral Sciences Mr. Henry Breitkreutz — Bus. Adm. Economics Mrs. Geraldine Brice — Lab School Dr. Paul Brignac — Bio-Chemical Physical Sciences Miss Eleanor Brown — Music Mr. H. Alvin Brown — Health, PE Recreation Miss Phyllis Brown — Library Dr. Burton Buckley — Biological Sciences Mrs. Marie Burkhead — Bus. Adm. Economics Dr. Thomas Burns — Biological Sciences Mr. Malcolm Braudaway — Sociology Mrs. Nohely Brodermann — Languages Dr. Ramon Brodermann — Languages Dr. Sarah Burroughs — Languages Mr. Richard Cage — Music Mrs. Tiny Calendar — Nursing Mr. Neill Cameron — Languages Dr. Dan Carr — Curriculum Inst. Mrs. Willie Carter — Languages Mrs. Shirley Cashio — Nursing Dr. Stan Chadick — Mathematics Mr. Rong Chen — Social Sciences Mrs. Fern Christensen — Curriculum Inst. Mr. Raymond Christensen — Indus. Ed. Tech. Dr. Thomas Clinton — Curriculum Inst. Miss Ethelyn Cloutier — Special Education Mr. Charles Coke — Art Dr. Gordon Coker — Health, PE Recreation Mr. Thomas Covington — Mathematics Dr. Otis Cox — Behavioral Sciences Mr. Wayne Crowder — Music Mr. Hugh Curry — Social Sciences Dr. Dean Danner — Bio-Chemical Physical Sciences Miss Clarice Dans — Special Education Mr. Robert Daspit — Biological Sciences Dr. Zoel Daughtrey — Earth Sciences Dr. Violet Davion — Health, PE Recreation Dr. DeAnn Dawes — Speech 131 Mrs. Doris Davis - Mr. Dwight Davis ■ Dr. William Davis - Celia Decker - John Decker - Dr. Dr. Mr. Dr. Robert Demeule William Dennis — Nursing - Music - Curriculum Inst. Home Economics Curriculum Inst. — Languages Indus. Ed. Tech. Faculty Mrs. Barbara Dickerson — Nursing Dr. James Dinucci — Health, PE Recreation Dr. David Dobbins — Earth Sciences Mrs. Mary Doherty — Languages Mr. Edward Domangue — Indus. Ed. Tech. Mrs. Trudy Dowden — Nursing Dr. Ronald Dubois — Curriculum Inst. Mr. Robert Easley — Bus. Adm. Economics Dr. Thomas Eppler — Indus. Ed. Tech. Dr. William Erwin — Biological Sciences Dr. Warren Evans — Health, PE Recreation Dr. Leroi Eversull — Social Sciences Mr. John Farrington — Earth Sciences Dr. James Field — Special Education Mrs. Anita Fields — Nursing Dr. Lois Fleming — Social Sciences Dr. Ruth Franklin — Home Economics Mr. Dudley Fulton — Behavioral Sciences Miss Clara Gates — Nursing Dr. Donald Gates — Behavioral Sciences Dr. Roy Gentry — Health, PE Recreation Dr. Dwayne Gilbert — Indus. Ed. Tech. Mrs. Janice Girdley — Nursing Mrs. Phyllis Graves — Nursing Dr. Edward Greco — Science Tech. Mr. Jim Gregory — Bus. Adm. Economics Mr. Hiram Gregory — Social Sciences Mr. William Guice — Behavioral Sciences Dr. Wayne Guin — Bio-Chem. Physical Sciences Dr. Hurst Hall — Behavioral Sciences Mr. Orville Hanchey — Art Mr. Oliver Hargrove — Bio-Chemical Physical Sciences Dr. Grady Harper — Art Dr. Thomas Hennigan — Curriculum Inst. Mrs. Elizabeth Hernandez — Nursing Mr. Jack Herron — Intercollegiate Enterprises Mrs. Sara Hiern — Nursing Mr. Tynes Hildebrand — Intercollegiate Enterprises Mrs. Betty Hille — Nursing Dr. John Hix — Bus. Adm. Economics Miss Eleanor Hollis — Library Mrs. Sheila Holmon — Nursing Mrs. Bobbie Hopkins — Bus. Adm. Economics Mr. Clyde Hopkins — Accounting Dr. William Hunt — Music Dr. Wayne Hyde — Bio-Chemical Physical Sciences Mrs. Lucille Ingram — Languages Mrs. Elise James — Bus.-Dist. Ed. Oftice Adm. Mr. Richard Jennings — Music Mr. Joseph Johnson — Languages Mrs. Maxine Johnson — Nursing Dr. Tommy Johnson — Bus.-Dist. Ed. Economics Mr. Charles Keenan — Sociology Dr. Curt Kinard — Special Ed. Dr. William Knipmeyer — Social Sciences Mr. Kenneth Knotts — Social Sciences Mr. Robert Krause — Music Dr. Barney Kyzar — Curriculum Inst. Dr. Marietta LeBreton — Social Sciences Dr. Joon Lee — Bio-Chemical Physical Sciences Mr. Michael Lewis — Special Education Dr. James Lin — Biological Sciences Mrs. Edwina Lewis — Lab School VI , AM , 4 J f t . mi fa 5| Q, Faculty Q V 4tJ £■ i SI Q £} f it ,: : 3 ' : ,V, I ,- ' 9 » A ft N Aft i Mrs. Luella Lewis — Health, PE Recreation Mrs. Patricia Lewis — Nursing Mrs. Leola Loftin — Library Dr. Bob Lumpkins — Curriculum Inst. Dr. Edward Matis — Special Education Dr. John McCluhan — Nursing Dr. James McCorkle — Social Sciences Mrs. Carol McCoy — Bus — Dist. Ed. Office Adm. Dr. Raymond McCoy — Behavioral Sciences Dr. Larry McCrae — Bio-Chemical and Physical Sciences Mrs. Ellis Melder — Languages Dr. Sam Misuraca — Earth Sciences Mr. Merlin Mitchell — Languages Mrs. Barbara Moffett — Nursing Mrs. Cecelia Moore — Library Mr. Larry Morrison — Computing Center Dr. Nedom Muns — Indus. Ed. Tech. Mr. Rivers Murphy — Art Dr. Colleen Nelken — Health, PE Recreation Mrs. Marion Nesom — Languages Miss Dorothy Nickey — Curriculum Inst. Mrs. Mary Jo O ' Reilly — Nursing Dr. Roderick Outland — Biological Sciences Mrs. Jean Parrot — Special Education Dr. Delores Payne — Counseling B.S. Dr. William Philp — Curriculum Inst. Mr. Walter Pine — Mathematics Mr. Dudley Pitt — Mathematics Dr. William Poe — Social Sciences Mr. Charles Porter — Social Sciences Mr. Franklin Presson — Journalism Mr. Robert Price — Music Miss Beverly Pyle — Nursing Mr. John Rausch — Music Mrs. Vera Rawson — Mathematics Miss Nelda Reid — Music Mrs. Amanda Reynolds — Nursing Mrs. Jewell Richie — Health, PE Recreation Miss Mary Roberson — Home Economics Mrs. Mary Roberts — Art Dr Robert Roger — Bio-Chemical Physical Sciences Mrs. Sandra Roquemore — Health, PE Recreation Mr. Richard Rose — Music Miss JoAnn Ross — Nursing Mrs Janell Rue — Bus. — Dist. Ed. Office Adm. Dr. Donald Ryan — Mathematics Dr. Dana Sanders — Biological Sciences Miss Elizabeth Saunders — Nursing Mrs. Glennie Scarborough — Lab School Mrs. Lynelle Scoggins — Lab School Dr. Bill Shaw — Indus. Ed. Tech. Mr. Jim Simmons — Health, PE Recreation Mrs. Jo Smith — Languages Mr. Bernard Snowden — Social Sciences Mrs. Maxine Southerland — Home Economics Dr. Larry Spears — Bio-Chemical Physical Sciences Dr. Mildred Steckman — Curriculum Inst. Dr. JoAnn Steinke — Behavioral Sciences Dr. Melvin Stevens — Earth Sciences Dr. Jimmy Stothart — Biological Sciences Mrs. Maxine Taylor — Social Sciences Mrs. Susan Taylor — Special Education Dr. Austin Temple — Mathematics Mrs. Sandra Thames — Nursing Dr Earl Thames — Accounting Mrs. Lou Thomas — Languages Mrs. Sadie Thomas — Home Economics Mr. James Thorn — Art Dr. Paul Torgrimson — Music Mrs. Joyce Towns — Health, PE Recreation 133 Faculty Mr. Hal Townsend — Earth Sciences Mr. H. N. Towry — Bus. Adm. Economics Miss Catherine True — Nursing Mr. Greg Ulferts — Bus. Adm. Economics Mr. Philip Vidrine — Computing Center Miss Linda Vienne — Library Dr. Charles Viers — Biological Sciences Dr. John Waskom — Earth Sciences Mr. Everett Webber — Languages Mrs. Olga Webber — Languages Mrs. Cherrie Webster — Mathematics Mr. Joseph Wertelaers — Languages Mr. Thomas Whitehead — Curriculum Inst. Mrs. Dixie Whittington — Library Dr. Russell Whittington — Mathematics Dr. Eugene Williams — Bus. Adm. Economics Dr. Kenneth Williams — Biological Sciences Mrs. Jerry Wilson — Counseling B.S. Mr. Bob Wilson — Languages Dr. Charles Wommack — Indus. Ed. Tech. Dr. Ann Worrell — Curriculum Inst. Dr. Robert Wynn — Curriculum Inst. Graduate Students ft A DRMH ft a A Jesse Anderson Jack Barron Dwight Boudreaux Jonnie Bourgeois Nophadon Chattans Wayne Choate Pandu Ranga Rao Cholken Gailand Clausen Ola Clinton R. L Colvard William Conerly Bruce Cram Mary Creighton Robert L Davis Ralph Dekemper James Edwards Sue Wells Fowler William Gaines Barbara Gillis Gill Gilson George Gray Lex Grubbs Helene Grumbach Reba Harrington Ray Hammond Cornel Hubert Ingnd Jenkins Leslie Johnson Don Kannady Darryl Lloyd Rachel Lloyd Nelda Loyd Millard Mangrum Betty Martin Donald Mayeaux Carrie McClellend Michael L McConnell Calvin McFerrin Steve McGee Norma Melder Dee Middleton Joseph S Mitchell Jr Ronald L Morrow Garry Pack Sam Pernici Craig Pratt Rao Pullurukishan Vadi Radhakrishna Baddi Raghavendra David Randall Badugu Prasada Rao K V Reddy JoAnn Richards Joe M Robinson Joseph Rondeau Mary P Ruffin Richard Rush Geneva Russell Debra Scroggins Robert Sholar Micheal Slaughter Elaine Smith Sherry Smith Shirley Snyder James Sorgee Doug Spears Yvonne Stevenson Gary Stroud Chan Sham Sunder Nopporn Suwanamas Tamra Upchurch Sudhir Vaikunth V x " Charles Washington Alan Williams Cynthia Williams Mike Williford Laren H Wilson 135 Seni ors Sandra Adams Vicki Adams Joseph L Addman Robert Adkinson Donald Adieu Gail Aleshire Beth Altord Bettye Allen Stephen Allmon Laurie Amazeen Donnie Anders Charles Anderson Karen A. Anderson Terry L Anderson Sandy Andries Charles D Andrus Linda Angeron Jerry Arnocd Micheal Arthur Evelyn Auster Frank Auster Rusty Baber Steven Bache Trudie Bagwell Wayne M Bamberg Carol Barnidge Gayler Barr William Barrett Anna Bates Sterling Baldwin Cynthia Batiste Lawrence Batiste Raymond Beach Joycelyn Becker Amy Bennett Marilyn Bergeron James Berry David Berryman Sandra Bethard Alma Bigler Billie Bitowski Bobbie Randall William Black Linden Blount Vladimir Bohachevsky Roland Bonds Eugene Bordelon Shane Bordelon Frances Bailey Bostie Joan Boston Peggy Bowlin Susan Bowman Sally Box Dennis Bozeman Marie Alaina Bozzelle William V Bozzelle III Gary Branch Diane Braquet Kathlyn Breazeale Harry Breda Judy Breithaupt Janet Brian Robert F Brian Odell Brown Randy Brown Lottie Ins Brouenler Larry Bruce David Burke Robert Burke Cecelia Burns Linda Burns Gary Burson Martha Burton Rodney Busby Harry Bushnell Kathryn Butler John Caldwell Bernie Campbell Jay Candwell Dorothy Cariere Roxie Cariere Patricia Carrier Viv Carnere Jerry Gait Carnngton Patrick Carnngton Susan Carroll Anthony Carter Bill Bailey Carter Vernon Cason Patricia Catlin Lanell Causey Stephen W Cavanaugh Dunny Chachere Mike Chance Wanda Chicola Raymond Christensen Vernon Clark Sheryl Clawson Johanna Clinesmith Arthur Clingman Terry Coburn Frank Collins Pam Conway Vicki Coody lL 2 136 Seniors £ Jh 2kMl±l Allen Cook Carolyn Miller Cook Janet Cook Margante Copell Bob W Corken Donald Cotton Joey Cotton Susan Cotton Archie Cox Carrie Cox Charles Craig Elizabeth Crane Walter Creighton Larry Cryer Donna Culbertson Rosely Culbertson James Curry Debra Cushman Mathias de Gamae Silva Gagnerd Dale Pamela Dalme Theresa D ' Angelo Donald Daniel Daune Ducote Wanda Faye David Margaret Davidson Brenda Davis Mary Davis Patricia Day Robert Dean Richard Deason Cynthia DeCoux Duane Deen Joseph P Delphm Mary Ann DeNoon Gay Dezendorf Nancy Dickens Joseph A Dill Josephine Distetano Charles M Dittman Monty L Doggett Becky Doherly Janet Doucet Carolyn Douncey Pete Dove Robert Draper Claudia Dreher Linton J Dubea Andrew Ducote Faye Ducote James Ducote Kathy Duggan Jan Duhon David Dupree Micheal J Durrant Roddy Dye Rebecca Eastin David Ebarb Phyllis Edmonds Donna Eichner Regina Emanuel William Endris Mary Ann Eskew Patty Eskew Anne Etheredge John Etheredge Gary Evans James M Evans Stewart Ewing Vicki Farrar Eugenia Fisher Laura Fletcher Rex Fletcher Jama Flynn Evelyn Ford Karen Forrest Zack Foshee Rick Foster Brenda Fountain Aleata Frost Debra Gagnard Marvin A Gagnard Johnny Gallion Juanita Garcie David Gates Rita Gauthier Douglas Gautreaux Mary Gay H. Fred Gegenheimer Charles R Gentz Jeannine Gentz Linda George Marcia Giddens Kay Gilbert Luther Gill James H Gleason Karen Gobert Diane Goldsby Terry Goldsby Barry Goss Sandra Goudeau Brenda Grant Janet Green Catherine Greenward 137 s eniors Donna Greene Evelyn Gremilhon Martha Gremillion John Guidry Cathy M Gulino Rebecca Gwmn Michael Hailey Adrienne L Hall Betty Hamne Mark Hanna Sharon Hargis Susan Hargiss Bobby Harling Melvma Harper Phillip Harper Hovey Harrell Madeline Harnng Jimmie B Harvey Frances Hatcher Carolyn Hawn Carolyn Hawthorne Robert H Hays Ronald Hayes Eddie Hebert Jeanne Hebert Vicki Hebert Benjamin L Helmer Sharon Helo Kay Hennigan Kenneth Heran Melesa Hesser Susan Hightower Dale M Hobson John Hodges Michael Holloway Robert Holloway David Hooper Rebecca Hooper Jo Ann Hooter Richard G Hooter Billy Housley Joan Huckaby Mary Hudson Nancy Hudson Bonnie Jay Hunter Mary Huntington Janell Hymel Timothy Irons Mollie Faye Jackson Willard Jeter Burley Johnson Jr C C Johnson Charlene Johnson J. L. Johnson Patricia Johnson Raynelle Johnson Alex W Jones Cheryl Jones Donnie Jones Kenneth Jones Linda G Jones Patricia I. Jones Tim Jones Shera Jowers Chris Kalston William Karam Jr Georgia Kecney Ronda Keen Wintred A Kees Jr Charles Kelley Nancy Kennedy John Keppel Charles Keys Paul Keyser John King Yvonne King Linda Kingstord Deborah Kirchner Kenneth Kirkland Jr Phillip Knowles Maurine Koelemay Annette LaBry Carolyn LaCour Carla Morem LaFleur Amanda Lambert Jeannie Langford Jeane Lavelle Donald Lazarre Elizabeth Ledet Connie Leone Cherie LaSage Carol Liberto Patricia Liberto Vickie Lighttoot Vicki Lindsey Dubea Dinton Tony Liotta Gracie B Little Wanda Loftin Rebecca Logan Ralph Lowe Mary Lowrey Stanley Loyd John H Lyles ! £ 138 Seni ors AaAflfta Lonny Lyons Lorna MacKenzie Anita Hough Madden Larry Maddox Fred Marablo Connie Marix Bonnie Marsh Daniel Marsh Renee Marshall Benny Martin James H Mary Mamie Maryland Nell Matlock Carolyn Mayeaux Rita Mays James McAcy Karen McAcy Debbie McBride Diane McComic David McCullough Maureen McDonald Lynn McFachern Jim McGlothin Julie McLain Billy W McManus Josilyn Melville John Middleton Lynn Miller Sharon Miller Shawn Milligan Dorothy Mims Dennis Minor Terry W Misenheimer Debra Mitchell JoAnn Mitchell Patricia Monroe Sharon Montgomery Barbara Monus James F Moore Vickie Moreau C J Moreland David Morgan Linda Morgan Victoria Morgel Joy Moseley Roy Mouch Susan B Murphey Leo E Murray Debbie Myers Betty Myles Debbie Nagata Lyn Nalle Margaret Napil Joanne Nash Jackie Nausson Donna Nealy Mike Niette John Nolan Evie Norman Mary Beth Norrid Theresa Norwood Meloni M OBanion Patricia Ogden George Ohlsson Rosemary O ' Neal Kay Oxley William E Page Debra Parham Fred Parker Bobbie Park Ann Parker Elmer Parker Jean Patterson Mike Perkins Willie B. Perkins Charles Persons Annette Phillips Louise Pierce Joseph H Pierson Mary Pmckard Sandra Helms Piatt Debbie Pollard Rita Ponds Hunt Powell Donna Prater J. Randall Prather Vicki Prather Sherry Price Elaine Proctor Elizabeth Rainey Mark W Rambin Daniel P. Rankin Joseph Rankin Dorothy Ray Mildred Rayburn Teresa Norris Reed Cheryl Reese Majorie Remo Clara Peace Reyenga Dortye Ricks Kathie Rinaudo Cynthia Riser Nancy Rithard Marva Roberson 139 s eniors Robert M Roberson Donna Roberts Paul Robertson William E Robbins Rocky Robinson Rudy R Rodnquez Joyce Roe Sheron Roge Diane Roshto David R Rougeau James Anthony Sabia Jaonie Sabia Carol Sanders Sue H Sanders Cecil Sandlm Robert Savant Wanda Sayes Kathy Scaltano Joseph G Schuler Robert W Scott Rosalyn Scroggs J Scully Jerry Segura Mary Sue Sepulvado Mary Y Sepulvado Jerry W Sewell Phyllis Sewell Ruth Shaver Judy Shaw Kathy Sheehan Jim Shelton Jack S Shomakes Frances Sinclair Joe Daniel Singleton Pat Singleton Carolyn Slaughter Gayle Slaughter Ann Smith Kathleen Smith Mark Smith Mary Smith Suzanne Smith Robert Smith Ronald L Smith Travis Smith Wes Smith William Smith Sue Snell Farrell Soileau Elwyn Sparks Joseph Spicola Patricia Spiller Billy Spillman Oren Spruill Agatha Stewart Harold Stewart Larry Stewart Tom Stringer Wayne Stockwell Joanne Sullivan Rebecca Surber Libby Swafford Tom Taggart Judy Tanner David Paul Tarver Glenn R Taylor Nancy Taylor Pam Taylor Paulett Tendnch Kathenne Terrell Larry F Thayer Dale E Thibodeaux James L Thiels Jane Thiels Virginia Thiels Catherine Thomas Marcia Thomas Manolyn Thomas Michael R Thomas Renea Thomas Ten Thomas Tim Thomas Patrick Thompson Mike Timms Charles Tingle Kathryn Todd Stephen Lynn Todd Debra Toney Debra Towry Janelle I Trahan Linda Travis Bill Traylor Mitchel Trichel Carolyn Trigg Carolyn Troha Mary Trunzler Tanya Tullier Bill Tynes Danny Ursery David VanDam Evelyn Vandersypen Cecil Vaughn David Vines Stephanie Vlahakis A 140 Seni ors 8 M1 Debbie Vogel Sherman Vogel Melinda Voorhies Helen Waggoner Charles Walker Margaret Lewis Walker Elizabeth Walsh Virginia Walsh Sharon Walters Dale Ward Jack Warner Donald Washington Herbie Way Sandy Webb Charles Webster Vicki Weeks Vickie Wedgeworth Hilton Wesley Deborah Wester Lue Wiggins Patricia Wiggins Dennis Wilkinson Douglas Williams James Williams Maurice Willin Jeanne Willingham Gary Wise Tommy Wong Larry Wood Gilda Woods Peggy Woodward Del Worth Tommy Wright Patricia Wyatt Mary Yates Richard Yates Paul J. Yongue Ernestine Young Rhonda Zanca Paul Zoller Ml Undergraduates Michael Aaron. 1-1 Karen Achtermeyer, 3-2 William Ackel, 1-1 Henry Adams, 3-1 James Adams, 1-1 Marsha Adams, 3-2 Pukin Adams. 1-1 Roderick Adams. 2-1 Bill Addison, 2-1 Dicky Adkins, 2-2 Linda Adkins. 4-1 Susan Adkins, 1-1 Suzanne Adkins, 1-1 Reginald Alexander, 1-1 John D Alexander, 3-1 Micheal Alexander, 1-1 Wayne R Alford, 1-1 Mike Allam, 2-1 Jowanna D Allen, 1-1 Linnie Allen, 1-1 Lynn Allen, 3-1 Paula Allen, 1-1 Susan Allen, 1-1 Tommy Allen, 1-2 Wendy Allen. 2-2 Cecil Almond. 3-1 Claire Almond, 1-2 William Almond, 3-1 Rebecca Alsop. 2-1 Mane Lynn Alost, 2-1 Janice Alphion, 2-1 Jan Amberg, 3-2 Jerne Ammons. 2-1 Jill Anders, 2-1 Dale Anderson. 2-1 David Anderson, 1-2 Joan Anderson, 1-1 Jimmy Anderson, 1-1 Rose Anderson, 1-1 Sherry Anderson, 1-1 Roy Andrews. 1-1 Ronald Andrews, 1-1 Blanche Andries, 1-1 Kalhy Andries, 2-1 Edmond Antie, 1-1 Jack Antilley. 2-1 Fl oyd Anlley, 2-1 Dorothy Anthony, 1-1 Jean Anthony, 2-1 Jim Anthony, 3-1 Debbie Archambeau, 2-1 Larry Arender, 2-1 Barton Armand. 1-1 Genevieve Armstrong, 2-2 Rebecca Armstrong, 3-1 Deniseanne Arnaud. 1-2 Jerry Arnold, 3-1 Shern Arnold. 1-1 Tonya Aron, 3-1 Etta Jane Arran, 1-1 Darwin Arnngton. 2-1 Alton Ashby, 3-2 Debra Ashby, 1-1 Barbara Askew, 3-2 Cynthia Atchison, 1-1 Garey Atkinson, 3-2 Duston Aton, 1-1 Vikki Atwell, 1-2 Barbara Atwood. 1-1 Dale Atwood. 1-1 Lynne Averre, 2-1 Franklin Aught, 3-2 Diane Ayers, 4-1 Allen Aymond, 3-1 David Aymond, 2-1 Paul Aymond. 2-1 Henry Babers, 1-2 Sally Babers, 2-2 Patty Babineaux,,2-1 Sheik Bacchus, 3-2 Andy Bachman, 3-2 Curl Backa. 1-1 Linda Bacon. 2-1 Vicki Badgley, 1-2 Kathryn Bagley, 2-1 Atloun Bagramian, 1-1 Pamela Bagwell, 1-2 Charlotte Bailey. 3-2 Eileen Bailey, 2-1 Joseph Bailey. 2-1 Joseph C Bailey, 1-1 Brett Baird, 2-1 Charles Baker, 1-2 Donald R Baker, 3-1 Lamar Baker, 3-2 Melinda Baldndge. 1-1 Melissa Baldridge, 1-1 Sherry Baldridge, 2-2 Rock Baldwin. 1-1 Ronald Bales, 3-2 Millie Balint. 1-1 Charles Ball, 2-1 Donna Ball, 1-1 Audrey Balthazar, 1-1 QM fftM AfA 142 Undergraduates H ffi Q A f 5 f k A k ii Rae Bankston, 1-1 Dwain Baptiste, 2-1 Charles Baque, 1-1 Cathy Barbier, 2-1 Michael Barbin, 1-1 Joan Barden, 2-1 Terry Barbin, 2-2 Len Barker. 3-1 Jeanie Barnetl. 2-2 M ' lou Barnett, 1-1 Barney C Barnhill. 3-2 Stephanie Barnhill, 3-1 Bill Barnidge. 1-1 Sheila Barron, 2-1 Leslie Barron, 1-1 Charles Barry. 2-1 Mike Barry, 4-1 William Barry. 4-1 Geralyn Barthel Philip Bascle. 2-1 Barbara Bass. 3-1 Barney Bates, 1-1 Rickey Bates, 3-2 Suzanne Bates, 2-1 Pam Batiste. 3-1 Jerry T Baxter. 3-2 Dottie Beard, 1-1 Bradley Bearden, 1-1 Jack Beasley. 3-1 Gil Beck, 3-1 Marilyn Bedsole, 1-1 Gail Beebe, 1-1 Rita Beebe, 2-1 James Beeson, 3-2 Annette Beetz, 2-1 Paul Begue, 3-1 Stephen Behan. 1-1 Vera J Belgard, 1-1 Jimmy Bell, 1-1 Juanita Bell, 1-1 Gayle Bellemm, 1-1 Carolyn S Belton. 1-1 Rose Mary Belton, 1-2 Gayle Benard. 1-1 Marsha Benjamin, 2-1 Roosevelt Benjamin, 3-1 Betty Bennett. 2-1 Ellen Bennett, 3-1 Terry Bennett. 1-1 Keith Bergeron, 3-1 Terry Bergeron, 1-1 Pecilla Bernestine, 1-1 Cynthia Berry, 1-1 Jeanette Berry, 3-1 Ken Berry. 3-1 Kenneth Berry. 1-1 Lawrence Bertrand. 1-2 Peggy Bertrand. 1-1 Bruce Bettis. 1-1 Janet Bierden, 3-2 Kerry Bird, 3-1 Larry Bird, 3-1 Jewell Birdwell. 1-1 Winston Birdwell, 1-1 Debbie Black, 1-1 Mack Black, 3-1 Bruce Blackman, 2-1 Phil Blackwell, 2-1 George Blaisdell, 1-2 Carlos Blanco, 1-2 Mike Blank, 4-1 Daniel T. Blach, 1-1 Robert Blow, 3-1 Raytord Boatman, 2-1 Jerry Bodenhamer. 1-1 Barbara Bodin, 1-1 Barbara Bollar. 3-1 Donna G Bollinger, 2-1 Billy Bolton. 1-1 John H Bond, 3-1 William Bond, 2-2 Wendy Bonner Philip Bonner, 2-2 Paula Bonnette, 1-1 Sarah Bonnin. 2-1 David Bonvillian, 1-1 Joan Book. 3-1 John Boozman, 2-1 Douglas E Bordelon, 1-1 Roxie Bordelon, 1-1 Sandra Bordelon, 1-1 Pat Borden, 1-1 Julia Bossier, 3-2 Patricia Bostic. 1-2 Wayne Bostick. 1-1 Karin Boston. 2-1 Rodney Boswell, 1-2 Jed Boudreaus, 1-1 Joseph Boudreaux, 2-1 Lawrence Bourgeois. 2-1 Connie Bower, 2-2 Tom Bowers, 1-1 James Bowlin, 4-2 Carolyn Box, 1-1 143 Undergraduates Marilyn Box, 1-1 Mike Boyce, 1-2 Susan Boyd. 3-1 Kathleen Boylston, 1-1 David Bozeman, 1-1 Judy Bradford, 2-1 Janice Bradley, 1-2 Annie Bradley, 1-1 Michael J Branch, 1-1 Vickie Branch, 2-1 Sharon Brandon, 1-1 Reba Brantley, 3-2 Victoria Brawner, 2-2 Becky Brazzell, 1-2 Robert Brdadwell, 2-1 Rene Breitkreutz, 1-1 Terry Brevelle, 1-1 Inez Brew, 2-1 Donna Brinkley, 3-1 Susan Brister, 3-2 Debbie Brodnax, 4-1 Doyle Brooks, 1-1 John R Brossette. 2-1 L Paul Brossette, 1 -2 Bruce Paul Brouillette. 2-1 Carol Broussand, 1-1 Wanda Broussand, 2-1 Debbie Brown. 1-1 Deborah Brown, 2-2 David Brown, 3-1 Jimmy Brown, 3-1 Melani Kay Brown Micheal Brown, 1-1 Phyllis Brown. 2-1 Scott Brown. 4-1 Teresa Brown, 2-2 Vickie Brown, 1-1 Willie Brown, 1-1 James Bruce, 2-1 Thomas Bruce, 1-1 Beverly Brumley, 3-2 Ginger Bruynincky, 3-1 Barbara Ann Bryant, 4-1 Christine Bryant. 2-2 James Bryant, 3-1 James D Bryant, 1-1 Janet Bryant, 2-1 Roger Bryant, 2-1 Gloria Buch. 1-1 Patricia Buchman, 1-1 Kenneth Buckley, 1-1 Steve Budde, 2-2 Mickey Bullock, 3-1 Linda Bundrick, 1-1 Mike Burk, 1-1 Linda Burke, 2-1 Don Burkett, 2-2 Deborah Burks. 2-1 Matthew Burks, 1-1 Geraldine Burleigh, 2-1 James Burnette, 1-1 Cecil E Burns, 3-1 Jenny Burns, 1-2 Ronald C Burns, 2-1 John R Burrows, 1-1 Gary Burt, 2-1 Gary Burton. 1-1 Malisia Busby, 2-1 Vickie Byers, 1-1 Danny Cage, 1-1 Mario Cage. 2-1 Galyn Cagle, 1-1 Alvina Caldwell, 1-1 Kenneth Caldwell, 2-2 Mary Ann Calhoun, 1-2 Becky Callaway, 4-1 Gary Callaway. 2-1 Laura Camp, 2-1 Barbara Campbell, 4-1 Huey Paul Campbell. 2-1 Kathy Campbell, 2-1 Charlotte Canerday, 4-1 Patricia Carlih, 3-1 Burt Carlisle, 2-1 Donna Carlisle. 2-1 Steve Carlton. 3-2 Reneva Carnhan, 1-1 Cathy Carney. 1-1 George Carnline, 1-1 Bobby Carpenter, 3-1 Debbie Carpenter, 1-1 Donna Carpenter, 1-1 Peggy Carpenter. 2-2 Debra Carson, 1-1 Mike Carson, 1-2 Sharon Carswell, 2-1 Claire Cart, 2-1 Aleta Carter, 1-1 Beniamm Carter, 4-1 C K Carter, 4-1 Donna Carter. 3-1 Gwyn Carter, 3-2 Larry Carter, 2-2 Susan Carter, 1-1 9 8 JSAft 9 .f 3 A.fl$3flft 144 Undergraduates Wayne Carter, 3-1 William Carver. 3-2 Edgar Cason, 2-2 Roger Dale Cason, 1-1 Beatrice Casson, 1-1 Connie Castanedo, 3-1 Pam Catanese, 3-2 Ruth Cater. 1-1 Nannette Catlin, 1-1 Sharon Caudle. 1-1 Dawn Causey, 1-1 Jerry Cavanuagh, 1-2 Sonya Cedars. 1-1 Robert Chachere, 3-1 Roland Champagne. 3-1 Benny Champlin, 3-2 Ronny Champlin. 2-1 Elizabeth Chance. 1-1 Carol Chancier, 3-1 Del Chandler. 2-2 Rodney Chandler. 3-1 Bonnie Chapman, 2-1 Alma Louise Charles. 2-1 Louis Charner, 1-1 Penny Chavalitlekha. 2-1 Sunny Chavalitlekha. 2-1 Terry Chaze, 1-1 Carol Chenevert. 3-1 Lynn Chevalier. 4-1 Glynn Chevallier. 1-1 Debbie Childs, 1-1 Rosemary Chiles. 2-2 Dennis Choate. 2-1 Melanie Chustz. 3-2 Betty Clark. 2-1 Carla Clark, 2-1 Deborah Clark, 2-1 Frank J Clark, 1-1 Judy Clark, 1-1 Lee Clark, Jr . 2-1 Sally Clark, 3-1 Sharon Clark, 3-2 Terry Cleland. 3-2 Darell Clem. 2-1 John Clement. 3-1 Bradley Cleveland. 2-1 Sheila Cleveland. 2-2 Everett Clevenger. 1-1 Debbie Clifford. 2-2 MikeClme, 3-1 Kim B Clingman, 3-1 Jerry Cloud, 1-2 Richard B Cloud, 3-1 Bud Cloutier. 3-1 Elise Cloutier, 3-2 Renee Cloutier, 3-1 Suzette Cloutier. 2-1 Collen Clyde. 3-1 Jimmy Cobb, 1-1 Cindy Cochran, 1-1 Bradford L Cohen, 3-1 Dianne Coile. 3-1 Sherry Colbert. 2-1 Mary Cole, 1-1 Dennis Coleman, 3-1 Eddie Coleman. 3-1 Rita Coleman. 2-1 Rosaline Coleman, 1-1 Wyche Coleman. 1-1 Aretha Collins, 1-1 Jane Collins. 1-1 Jennifer Sue Collins. 2-2 John Colwell. 1-1 James L Comeau. 3-1 Von Comer. 2-2 Martha Compton. 3-2 Dorothy Conlay. 1-1 Bettie Conley. 1-1 Glen A Conly, 1-2 Bobbie Cook. 2-1 Carol Cook. 1-1 Donna Cook, 2-1 Eldon H Cook, 3-2 Lynn Cook, 2-1 Thelma Cook. 1-1 Sandra Coon, 3-2 Jim Cooper. 3-1 Ronald Cooper, 1-1 Floyd Copell, 4-1 Judy Corne. 3-2 Karen Coss. 1-1 Margie Mozelle Cote. 3-1 Bobby Cotton. 1-1 Daniel Cotton. 3-1 JoAnne Cotton. 1-1 Joseph Cotton. 1-1 Richard Cotton, 3-1 Marsha Courville, 3-1 Betty Coulee. 1 -2 Beulah Mae Coutee, 2-1 Helen Mane Coutee. 2-1 Debbie Couvilhon, 3-1 Kathryn Couvillion, 1-1 Rachael Couvillion. 2-1 145 Undergraduates Teresa Cowen, 3-1 Billy M Cox, 3-1 Darlene Cox, 3-2 David Cox. 2-2 Rexane Craig. 1-1 Mike Craven, 3-1 Elaine Crawford, 1-1 Pricilla Craylon, 1-1 Charlotte Creamer, 2-1 Mary Susan Creed, 2-2 Doris Creel. 2-2 Linda Crlswell, 2-1 Dean Crittenden, 1-1 Cheryln Croom, 1-1 Franklin Crosse, 4-1 Richard Crowe. 2-1 Lynn Crowell, 2-1 Kathy Crowley, 2-1 Ronnie Crum, 1-2 Carson Cudd, 1-1 Kay Cummlngs, 2-1 Sandra Cummings, 2-2 Thomas Cummlngs, 3-1 Charlene Cunningham, 3-1 Jerry Cunningham. 1-1 Ken Cunningham. 2-1 Ronald Cupp. 3-1 James Curelngton. 1-1 Michael Curry. 3-1 Thomas T Curry, 1-2 William Curry, 2-1 William E Curry, Jr , 1-1 Lisa Dabna, 1-1 Kathy Dahlem. 2-1 Margaret Daigie, 1-1 Patsy Daigrepont, 3-2 Wayne M Daigrepont, 2-1 James Dale, 1-1 Robert Dale. 4-2 Paulette Dandndge. 1 -2 Alice Dantin, 2-1 Patricia Darphin, 2-2 Jackie Daughtery, 1-1 Paul Daughtry, 1-1 Elizabeth Davidson. 2-2 Preston Davidson, 3-2 Nelda V Davila, 1-1 Bill Davis, 1-1 Charlotte Davis, 2-1 Donald Davis, 3-2 Dorothy Davis. 1 -2 Gary Davis. 2-1 Geraldine Davis. 2-2 Kathy Davis. 1-2 Linda Davis. 3-1 Mary Elise Davis, 2-2 Robert Davis, 1-1 Tern Day, 2-2 Deborah Deane, 2-1 David C Deas, 2-1 Delores Deason, 2-2 Judy DeBlieux, 2-2 W Raymond Dees. 1-1 Curtis Delatin, 1-1 Rowena Deloach, 1-1 Mary Jo Delphin, 1-1 Theresa Delphin, 1-1 Shanta Dennis, 3-1 Karen DeRouen. 1-1 Mary Deshotel, 3-2 Sheila Desoto, 3-1 Bessie Devers. 3-1 Suzanne Devillier, 1-1 John DeWitt. 1-1 John W DeWitt, 1-1 Elaine Diesi. 1-1 David Dillon, 2-1 Keith Dixon, 2-2 Mike Doherty. 3-1 Mary Lenn Dohman, 1-2 Don Doles. 1-2 David Dollar, 2-1 Faye Donaldson, 3-2 Mary Donaway, 1-1 Carol Doolan, 2-1 Patricia Dooley. 1-1 Diane Doucet, 3-2 Pat Douget. 1-1 Tony Douget, 2-1 Lisa Douglas. 1-1 Mary Douglas, 3-2 Sharon Dousay, 1-1 Billy Dove, 1-1 Debbie Dowd, 2-1 Nathan Dowden. 3-2 Shernl Dowden, 1-1 Eleanor Doyle, 2-1 Mary Draglond. 1-1 Sue Drake, 3-1 Sharon Drayton. 3-1 Andy Dreher. 2-1 John Driscoll, 3-1 Barbara Drumwright, 2-1 Stephanie Dry. 2-1 flfiJI3A$£ 146 Undergraduates ,f 5 3 flflflf Linda Duco. 1-1 Catherine Ducote. 1-1 Mark Ducote. 2-2 Arthur Duhon, 2-1 Earnstein Dukes, 1-1 Mary Dula. 2-1 Melony Dunbar. 1-1 Ginger Dunn, 1-1 Rebecca E Dunn, 1-1 Winnie Duplessis, 2-1 Dianne Dupont. 3-2 Gwen Dupre, 2-2 Daniel Durr. 3-1 Steve Durr. 3-1 Richard Dutt, 1-1 Roger Duvic, 3-1 Arthur Dwyer, 2-1 Pat Dye. 1-2 Brenda Dyson. 2-1 Brenda Dyson. 2-1 Ronnie Dyson. 2-2 James Eagles. 2-1 Linda Easley. 1-1 Danny Ebarb, 2-2 Wayne Eddy. 1-1 Janice Edwards. 1-1 Mike Edwards. 3-1 Joe Ehrhardt. 4-1 Elzie Eldndge. 1-1 Charlene Elliott. 2-1 Thomas Ellis, 3-1 Carroll Ellzey. 2-2 Johnny Emmons. 1-1 Leomard Endns. 2-2 Janet English, 1-1 Reda Engrum, 2-1 Ruth Eubanks. 1-1 Arnold Eugene, 1-1 Annie Ester, 3-1 Debbie Estes. 1-1 Mike Etheredge. 3-1 Denise Ethendge. 2-1 Bonner Ethndge, 1-1 Carle Evans, 3-1 Rebecca Evans. 2-1 Glen Everage. 3-1 Debbie Ewing, 3-1 Thomas Ewing, 1-1 Cecil Fairchild, 1-1 Elizabeth Falcon. 2-1 Bobby Fallis, 2-2 Dianne Farrington, 1-1 Cindy Fason. 1-1 Lenard L Fauser. 2-1 Bruce L Felter. 3-1 John W Fenceroy, 3-1 Ginger Ferguson, 2-2 Roger Ferner, 2-1 James Ferriss, 1-1 Richard Ferriss, 3-1 Frankie Ferroni, 1-1 Margaret Fields, 4-1 Jackie Fisher, 2-1 Leola Fisher. 3-1 Brenda Fitzgerald. 2-2 Susan Fleming, 1-1 Barry Flenniken, 3-1 Beth Fletcher. 2-2 Craig Fletcher, 3-1 Douglas Fletcher. 4-1 Marilyn Flora. 1-1 Belinda Flowers, 2-2 Vicky Floyd. 3-1 Blaine Fontenot. 1-1 Dene Fontenot. 1-1 Roger D Fontenot, 1-1 Steve Fontenot. 2-1 Carolyn Ford. 2-1 Cathy Ford. 3-1 Frederick Ford. 2-1 Daniel Foret, 1-1 Daryel H Forney, 1-1 William E Fornshell, 3-1 Fran Foshee. 1-1 Faye Foster, 3-2 Nancy Foster. 3-1 Robbie Fowlkes. 2-1 Donald Foy. 1-2 Penny Frantom. 2-1 James Frazier. 3-1 Donna Frazier, 3-1 Ronald Frazier, 4-1 Chris Frazier, 2-1 Michael F Frazier, 3-2 Bobbye Fredieu, 2-1 Jimmy Free. 1-2 Linda French, 3-1 Stewart Frost. 4-1 Daniel Fruge. 2-2 David Fruge, 2-1 Karen Frybarger, 3-1 Linda Fulgham, 3-1 Gladys Fuller. 2-1 Carmen Fulton. 4-1 147 Undergraduates Reid Funderburk, 3-2 Suzette Fuselier. 2-2 Anita Futrell, 1-1 JoAnn Gabor. 2-2 Patly Gallien, 1-1 Judy Galhon, 2-1 Shirley Gallion, 1-1 Pam Gamble. 3-1 Darla Gandy. 4-1 Sulynn F Ganey, 1-1 Shirley Gant. 3-1 Gary Garcie, 1-1 Larry Garcie. 1-1 John Gardner. 3-1 Sandra Garner, 1-1 Dwiana Gams, 1-1 Kim Gaspard, 1-1 Warren Gaspard. 1-1 William Gates. 3-1 Steve Gaudet, 2-1 Larry Gauthier, 1-1 Tommy Gauthier, 2-2 Tony Gauthier, 2-1 JoAnn Gay, 3-1 Vickie Gentiles, 1-1 Danny George. 2-1 Donna Gibbs, 2-1 Kay Gibbs, 3-2 Arty Gibson. 1-1 Everett Gibson, 4-1 Gwendolyn Gibson. 2-1 Come Giles, 1-1 Dorothy Giles, 1-1 Frances Gilson. 1-1 Vickie Godwin. 1-1 Eddie Goms, 1-2 Paula Goms, 1-2 Randal Goms, 1-2 Jackie Gonyea. 2-1 Brenda Goodman. 2-1 Marvin F Goodman, 3-2 Patricia Ann Gordey, 1-1 Sarah Ann Gordon, 1-2 Michael Gordy. 1-2 Kenneth Gorum. 2-1 Karen Gossett. 1-1 Edmond Goudeau, 2-1 David Graddy. 1-1 Daphne Grady. 3-1 Dorothy Graham. 2-1 Sally Graham, 3-2 Brenda Grant. 4-1 Dexter Grant. 2-1 Paul A Grappe, 2-1 Ronald Grappe. 2-2 Kenneth Graves. 3-1 Brenda Gray. 2-1 Debbie Gray, 2-1 Mitchell Gray. 2-1 Molly Gray, 3-1 Nancy Gray, 2-1 Bertha Green. 1-2 Jules Green, 3-1 Terry Green. 3-1 M Jan Greer, 3-1 Janet Gregory, 1-1 Patricia Gremillion. 1-1 Peggi Gresham, 2-2 John Grezatfi, 3-1 Elian Griffin, 1-2 Janet Griffin, 1-1 Rhonda Griffin. 2-1 Ruby Griffin, 2-1 Mary Ann Gritting. 1-1 Joan Gnllet, 1-1 Chuck Gutfey, 3-2 Richard Guidroz, 3-1 Laura Guilliams, 2-1 Rhonda Guilliams. 2-2 Paula Guillory. 1-1 Ronald Gum. 2-1 Terry Gum. 1-1 Connie Guinn, 1-1 Barbara Gunn, 1-2 Ranny F Gunn, 2-2 Debra Gunter, 1-1 Charles Guy. 3-1 Ellen Guy, 1-1 Leslie Guy, 1-1 Debbie Gwin, 1 -1 Buddy Haile. 3-1 Dana Hakes, 3-1 Austin Halbrook, 1-1 Patricia Hall, 2-1 Sandra Hall. 2-1 Teresa Halley, 2-1 Virginia Hambnck, 1-2 Janet Hamby, 2-1 Mattie Hamilton, 1-1 Joan Hammond, 1-1 John Hammond, 4-1 Stanley Hammond, 2-1 Douglas Hammons, 2-1 Dnnnon Hand, 3-2 :iL3fc . ' 148 Undergraduates a .1 % Louise Hankins. 2-1 Debbie Hardaway, 4-1 Sherne Hardie. 1-1 Aubrey Hardy, 2-2 Janet Hargis, 2-1 Rick Hargis, 1-1 Frank Hanng, 1-1 Cindy Harkms. 2-1 Montgomery Harmon, 3-1 Stephanie Harper, 1-2 Carolyn Harrell, 4-1 Clayton Harrell, 2-1 Mickey Harrell, 2-1 Rodney Harrington, 2-1 John Harris, 1-1 Julius Harris. 2-1 Robert E Harris. 2-2 Silver Harris, 2-2 Verdell Harris, 3-1 Dorothy Harrison, 3-1 Lloydeane Harrison, 2-1 Nardie Harrison, 3-1 Patricia Harrison, 2-1 Ronny Harrison, 1-1 Thomas Harrison, 1-1 Tommy Harrison, 3-1 Sharon Hart, 2-2 Roberta Hartman, 1-1 Frank L Harvey. 2-1 Paula Harvey. 4-1 William Hassan, 1-2 Brenda Hataway, 1-1 George Hathorn, 2-2 Mitzi Hauser, 3-1 Margaret Havard, 2-2 Sylvia Hawkes, 2-1 Camille Hawthorne, 1-1 Deborah Hawthorne, 3-1 Sherne Hawthorne, 3-1 Susan Hawthorne, 4-1 Steve Hayes, 1-1 Susan Hayes. 3-2 John Haymon. 2-1 Patricia Haynes, 1-1 Stanley Haynes, 1-1 Susan E Haynes, 1-1 Maria Hays, 1-2 Spencer Hays. 2-1 Mary Head, 2-2 Larry Heard, 2-1 Jill Hebert, 2-1 Mona Hebert. 1-1 Janet Heilbronner, 3-2 Melba Helaire. 2-1 Barbara Henderson. 2-1 Carol Susan Henderson. 3-1 Donna Henderson, 1-1 Vicki Henderson, 1-1 Claude E Henkel, 1-1 Chris Henley, 2-1 Tommy Henry, 3-1 Pattie Herman, 1-1 Harry H Hermes, 1-1 Peggy Hernandez, 2-1 Ronnie Herrera. 2-1 Frances Herring, 1-1 Donna Heyd. 3-1 Mary Hickman, 3-2 Susan Higgs, 1-2 Gay Hill. 2-1 Joni L Hilston, 1-1 Tim Hilston, 4-1 Charles Hilt, 2-1 Brenda Hilton, 2-1 Shelley Hilton. 1-1 Danny Hindmon, 3-2 Dwight Hmes, 2-1 Susie Hmes, 2-1 Darryl Hinson, 4-1 David Hippler, 3-2 Linda Gayle Hobson, 3-1 Nancy Jean Hodges. 2-1 Sharon Hogg. 3-1 Robert Holland, 4-1 Claudia Holley. 1-1 Merrel Truly Holley. Jr , 1- Johnny Hollier, 4-1 Dean Hollingsworth, 1-1 James Hollingsworth, 1-1 Debra Hollis, 1-1 Gary Holloway, 3-2 Mary Jane Holman, 1-1 Charles Holmes, 1-2 Evelyn Holmes, 1-2 Kathy Holmes, 2-1 Margie Holmes. 1-1 Terry C Holmes. 2-1 Susan Holt. 2-1 Carol Holtsclaw, 1-1 David Hood, 1 -2 Keith Hooks. 1-1 Lanese Hooten. 1-1 Larry Hooten, 3-1 Janet Hoover. 2-1 149 Undergraduates Canlyn Horlon. 3-2 Charles Horton, 1-2 Frederick Horlon, 1-1 Jimmy Horlon, 2-1 James Houghton, 1-1 Debbie Howell, 3-1 Sharon Howes, 2-1 Kalhy Hromadaka, 1-1 Mike Hubley. 1-1 Tern Hudson, 1-2 Mark Hughes, 1-1 Mike Hughes, 1-2 David Hughslon, 1-1 Earline Humphrey, 3-1 Cynthia Hunt, 1-2 Diana Hunter, 2-1 Anita Huntington, 1-1 Constance Mane Hurls, 2-1 Robert L Hutchinson, 3-2 Delones Hutson, 1-1 Harry T, Hyams, 2-1 Phillip Hymel. 2-1 Charlotte Ingols, 1-1 Suzanne Ingols. 1-2 Fredia Ingram, 2-1 John Inzer, 1-1 Bnnda Irving, 2-2 David Ivey. 1-2 Jerry Jacks. 2-2 Dianna Jackson, 3-2 Mildred Jackson. 2-1 Pam Jackson, 2-1 Sandra Jackson, 2-1 Virginia Jackson, 1-1 Susan Jacques, 3-1 Marjone Jacocks. 1-1 Ginger James. 2-1 R Don James. 3-1 Victoria James. 1-1 Junie Jamison, 2-2 Richard Jamison, 2-2 Sharon Jarvis. 2-1 Brenda Jeane, 2-1 Cindy Jeansonne, 2-1 Michael Jeansonne, 2-1 Jeanne Jenkins, 3-2 Joe L Jenkins. 2-2 Johnny Jenkins, 3-2 Synthia Jenkins, 3-1 Gwenda P Jimmerson, 1-1 Joseph R Jimmerson. 4-1 Clifford Jobe. 2-1 Ann Johnson, 2-1 Aurlrie Johnson, 2-1 Charles Johnson, 1-1 Demelum Johnson, 4-1 Donald Johnson, 1-1 Edward Johnson. 3-1 Elizabeth Johnson, 3-1 Eric Johnson, 2-1 Jacqueline Johnson, 3- James Johnson, 2-1 Jeanette Johnson, 2-1 Kathey Johnson, 1-1 Keith Johnson, 3-1 Mattie Johnson, 2-1 Patricia Johnson, 4-1 Paula W Johnson. 3-1 Rhonda Johnson. 2-2 Robin Johnson. 4-1 Steven Johnson. 3-2 Joyce Johnston, 4-1 Linda Johnston, 3-1 Angie Jones, 2-2 Cathy Jones, 1-1 Charlotte Jones, 1-1 Cindy Jones, 3-1 Dyron Jones, 4-1 Gerald Jones. 1-2 Ida Jones, 3-1 Kathleen Jones, 2-1 Lynette Jones, 1-1 Oben Jones, 2-1 Paula Jones, 1-1 Randy Jones, 3-1 Roberl Jones. 2-1 Rosalyn Jones, 2-1 Sharon Jones, 3-2 Steven W Jones, 3-1 William Jones. 3-2 Wilmer Jones. Jr , 2-2 Rodney Jordan, 4-2 Glenda Jordon, 2-1 Mildred Joseph, 1-1 Marcus Jowers, 2-1 Charles Joyce, 2-2 Debbie Judice. 1-1 Kathleen Julian, 2-2 Julenne Juneau, 3-1 Ann Justice, 1-1 Charles Kalmbach, 3-2 Kay D Karr, 3-1 Kenney Kaufman, 1-1 Deborah Kavanaugh. 3-1 3,99 VMQ9Q 150 Undergraduates GMIISA AosaAaat Lynn Kealh. 3-1 Betty Keen, 1-1 Demetn Keller, 4-1 Peggy Ann Keller, 2-1 Vicki Kelly, 1-1 William Kelly. 1-1 Janet Kemps, 1-1 Jan Kendnck. 2-1 Dottie Kennedy. 2-2 Richard Kennedy. 1-1 Sue Kennedy. 2-2 Ronald Kern. 1-1 Cheryl Keyser. 3-1 Joe Keyser. 2-1 Teresa Kevil, 3-1 Connie Kiese. 2-1 Larry Kile. 1-1 Mary Kimble. 3-1 Sharon Kinard. 4-1 Karen King. 1-1 Joseph Kingstord. 3-2 Bobby Kirchotf, 1-1 Mary Kirk. 3-2 Rolt Klingenberg. 1-1 Marcia Klmgerman, 3-1 Tommye Sue Knapp. 1-1 Charlotte Knight, 2-2 Evelyn Knight. 3-1 Kathy Knight. 1-1 Larry Knight, 1-2 Johnette Knotts, 3-1 Kevin Koeppen. 3-1 Wayne Kolnovec. 3-1 Kathryn Koger. 2-1 Jerry Kollman, 1-1 Mary Kolowajtis. 1-1 Allen Koob. 3-1 Phillip Kordisch. 3-2 Janet Kuhlmann, 2-1 Wanda Kutsavage. 2-1 Gene Krane, 1-1 Anne LaBorde. 2-2 Jackie LaBorde. 4-1 John Laborde. 1-1 John LaCaze. 2-1 Marie Lachute. 3-1 Chris La Cour, 3-1 Eugene J La Cour, 2-2 Mary La Cour, 3-1 Michael La Cour, 3-1 Theresa La Cour, 1-1 Alan Laffitte. 1-1 Larry Lalitte. 2-1 Phyllis Lafleur. 3-1 Claudia Lamb. 2-1 Lisa Lambard. 2-1 Deborah Lambert. 3-2 Laurence Lambert. 3-2 Robert Lambert. 2-2 Leu Anne Lamkin, 1-1 Tony Lampson, 2-2 Janice Lancaster. 1-1 Diana Landesman. 3-1 Michael Landry, 3-1 Jams Lane. 2-1 Janet Laney. 1-1 Conrad Langlois. 3-1 Susan Langston, 1-1 George Lapraine. 1-1 Gary Larey. 1-1 Bonnie Laroux, 3-2 William Larsen, 1-2 Gary Lash, 3-1 Janita Latham, 1 -1 Doruth Laughlin, 1-1 Johnny Laurent, 1-1 Julie Laurent, 1-1 Donny Lawrence, 1-1 Robert Lawrence. 3-1 Jamey Layssard. 3-2 Sarah Lazenby, 3-2 Carol Leach, 2-1 Brannon Leblance. 2-1 Mark J LeBlance. 2-1 Roger LeBrescu, 3-2 Dwight Lebsack, 3-1 Joyceline Leckie, 1 -2 John Ledford, 1-1 Barbara Lee, 3-1 Jerry W Lee, 1-1 Pam Lee. 3-1 Brent Leger, 3-1 Jacquelyn Leger. 1-1 Larry L Leggett. 4-1 Tern Lehr. 2-1 Nancy Leibee. 1-1 Kay Lemoine. 2-1 James Lenard. 2-1 Billy Wayne Leone. 1-2 Kathy Lerchie. 2-1 Carol Letz, 2-1 Romona LeVasseur, 1-2 David Lewis, 1-1 Emma Lewis, 1-1 151 Joseph Lewis, 3-1 Julian Lewis, 1-1 Lenny Lewis, 4-1 Linda Lewis, 1-1 Linda K Lewis, 2-1 Ottis Lewis, 3-2 Robert Lewis, 3-2 Wendy Lewis, 1-1 Larry Leyser, 1-1 Anne L ' Heureux, 3-1 Susan Liberie 1-1 Samuel Lilley, 2-1 Gary Lincecum, 1-2 Darry Lincoln. 1-1 Susan Lirelte, 1-1 Michael Little, 1-1 Patricia Litton, 1-1 Anna Livengood, 3-1 Janet Livengood, 2-1 Karen Lloid. 1-1 Wanda Lloyd, 2-1 Nell Lottin, 4-1 Virginia Lottin, 1-1 David Lofton, 3-2 Irene Lombardino, 2-1 Mike Lombardino, 3-2 Lenord W Lones Linda Lones David R Long, 2-1 Mary Long, 3-2 Gene Loomis, 1-2 Vernon Love. 3-2 Ruth Lovegreen, 3-1 Linda Louvorn, 3-1 Anna R Lowe, 2-2 Kathy Lowe. 4-1 Wayne Lowrey, 2-1 Terry Lynn Loyd, 1-1 Geneva Lucas. 1-1 Connie Lucky, 1-1 Sharon Luke, 2-1 Paula Luneau, 1-1 Linda Lyon. 3-1 Buddy Mac Farlane. 1 -2 Joe Madden, 3-1 Andy Magers. 1 -2 Angela Maggio, 1-1 Joseph Maggio, 1-1 Joseph Maggio, 1-1 Todd Maglone, 1-1 Paula Mahan. 2-2 Mary Malmay, 4-1 Jackqueetta Malone. 1-1 Bobbie Manasco, 1-1 Charles Mann. 2-1 Lynn Mann, 3-1 Marsha Manning, 1-1 Frances Marien, 2-1 Debbie Marsalis. 1-1 Debbie Marshall, 2-1 Peter Marshall, 3-1 Helen Martien, 3-1 Jane Martin, 3-2 Myra C Martin, 4-1 Myra Jean Martin, 2-1 Nina Martin, 4-1 Richard G Martin. 2-1 Dennis Martinez, 1-1 Sylvester Martinez, 1-1 Katrma Marye, 1-1 Cindy Mason, 2-1 Debra Masters, 1-1 Karen Mathies, 2-2 Stephen P Mathies. 1-1 Janet Mathis. 1-1 Lynda Mathis Raymond Matkin, 2-2 Pamela Matthews, 3-1 William Matthews, 3-2 David W Maxey, 1-2 Vanessa Maxey. 2-1 Sharon Maxwell. 1-1 Helen Mayeaux, 2-2 Edward Mayfield, 3-1 Jan Maytield. 3-2 Donalvm Mayo, 1-1 Foster Mays, 3-1 Bobby Mayweather, 3-1 Rena Mc Abee, 1-1 Cynthia McBride. 1-1 David McCain, 2-1 Debbie McCain, 1-1 Sammie McCain, 3-1 Vertie McCain. 1-2 Judy McCaleb, 1-1 Lissa McCaleb. 3-1 Debbie McCann Dodd McCarty, 2-1 Alice McCloy. 3-2 Tern McConnell, 1-1 Vern McConnell, 2-2 Kay McCormick, 1-1 Mary McCormick, 1-1 Roxie McCormick, 1-1 fr3$ Undergraduates (% © A DP tUWUIA A V AT 152 Undergraduates m§5 Susan McCormick, 3-1 Jan McCrary, 3-2 Jack McCrocklin, 1-1 Clarence McCrow, 2-2 Catherine McCullough, 3-2 Mary McCullough, 1-1 William McCurdy. 3-1 Dorothy McDade. 3-2 David McDaniel, 1-1 Dan McDonald. 1-1 Henry McDonald, 1-1 James McDonald. 2-2 Janice McDonald. 1-1 Frances McFarland, 2-1 Goober McFarland. 3-1 Ray McFarland. 2-1 Judy McFernn. 3-2 Barbara McGaughey. 1-1 Gloria McGhee. 2-2 Aurelene McGruder, 3-1 Mike McGuirt, 2-1 Bobby Mcintosh, 2-1 Donald McKinney, 1-1 George McKinney. 2-2 Tish McKnight, 1-1 Travis McManemin, 3-1 Richard McManus. 1-1 Debra McManus. 1-1 Tom McMaster. 1-1 Eva McMullen. 2-1 Stanford McNabb. 2-1 Amelia McQuarn, 4-1 Anne McQuarn, 3-2 Carol McWilliams. 1-1 Diane Meaux, 1-1 Pearlie Medlow, 1-1 Sammy Meeker, 1-1 Theresa Meischke. 2-1 Jeanette Melder. 1-1 Roger Menard. 2-1 Ward Menard. 2-1 Lynn Merritt. 2-1 Pat Methvin. 2-1 Jill Metzger. 1-1 Lionel Meyer. Jr . 3-1 Steve Michael. 1-1 Gaylan Michiels, 4-2 David Michiels. 1-1 Louis A Michiels. 1-1 Rose Ann Miciotto. 1-1 Jam Middleton, 1-1 Julie Middleton. 2-1 Robert Bruce Middleton. 1-1 Jerry Miears, 2-1 Taryn Milam, 1 -1 Beverly Miles. 2-2 Carolyn Miller. 1-1 Clyde Miller. 2-1 Diane Miller, 3-1 Ellie Miller. 4-1 John Miller. 2-1 Josephine Miller. 2-1 Judy Miller. 1-1 Katherme Miller. 4-1 Kathy T Miller, 1-1 Layne Miller, 3-1 Marilyn Miller. 4-1 Vera Miller. 3-1 Vicki Miller. 2-1 Alice Mills. 3-1 Mary Mills. 1-1 Cecil Mims, 2-1 Billy Mitchell. 1-1 June Mitchell, 1-1 Ruth Mitchell. 1-1 Trent Mixon. 2-1 Gail Mole. 3-2 Cathy Monk. 3-1 Leah Monk. 1-1 Ruth Monk. 1-1 Gary Monroe. 3-1 Kathy Monroe. 2-1 Milton Monroe. 1-1 DeWanna Montgomery. Becky Moore, 3-2 Deborah Moore. 1-1 Faye Moore. 2-1 Jimmie Lee Moore, 3-1 Kathy Moore. 2-1 Randy Moore. 1-1 Steve Moore. 1-1 Steven Moore. 1-2 Susan Moore, 1-1 James Moreland, 1-1 David Morgan. 1-1 Skipper Morgan, 3-1 Mane Morgel, 2-1 Brenda Morris. 3-2 Jerry Morris, 1-1 Stefani Morris, 2-1 Jack Mornsh, 4-1 Raymond Moser, 1-1 Beverly Moses. 1-1 Jams Sue Muery. 2-1 153 Frankie Muflolettu, 1-1 Patli Mullenix, 3-1 Carmen Teresa Murph. 1-1 Juanita Murphy, 1-1 Mike Murphy, 2-1 Patrick Murphy, 1-1 Sara Murphy. 3-1 Timothy Murphy, 1-2 Marsha Murray, 1-2 Ann Myers, 1-1 Betty Myers, 4-2 Melvin Myers, 3-1 Donialin Nash, 1-1 Bert Neal, 4-1 Joan Neal, 3-1 Patricia Neal, 1-1 Norman Neel, 3-1 Sheri M Nelken. 2-1 Pam Nelson, 2-1 Tommy Nelson, 1-1 Diane Nettles, 3-1 Richard Newman. 3-2 Calvin Newsom, 1-1 Charles E Newsom, 1-1 Sherry Newsom, 1-2 Dale Newton, 2-1 Carol Beth Nicholas. 1-1 Doug Nichols, 3-1 Harvey Lee Nichols, 2-1 Jack N Nichols, 2-1 Barbara Nielsen, 1-2 Michael Noble, 2-1 Jesse Lee Nobles, 2-2 Charles Norman, 2-1 Douglas Norris. 1-1 Jan Norris. 2-2 Reba Norris, 2-1 Joel Nugent. 1-1 Deborah Nurt, 1-1 Mark Nyvall, 3-2 Jennifer Oakes, 1-1 Melisa O ' Banion. 1-1 Michael O ' Daniel, 1-2 Vicki Odom, 2-1 Wilson Odom, 4-1 Mike O ' Neal, 2-1 Bill O ' Neal, 1-2 Barbara O ' Neil, 2-1 Shirley Opterkuch, 1-2 Rosemane O ' Reilly. 1-1 Theresa Orgeron, 1-1 LeRoy Ortego. Jr . 3-1 Wilma Ortigo. 1-1 Vic Ortiz. 2-2 Paula Owens, 1-2 Gloria Page, 2-1 Jerry L Page, 1-1 Paulette Page. 1-2 Tim Page, 3-1 Kerry Paige, 3-1 Terry Paliwoda, 2-1 Leslie J Palmer, 3-1 Sandria Pamplin, 2-1 Brenda Parker. 3-1 Debbie Parker. 3-1 Kathryn Parker, 1-1 Pamela Parker, 3-2 Pamela Sue Parker, 2-1 Wilbert Parker. 1-1 James Perkins. 1-2 Bennie Parson, 1-1 Debbie Patterson. 1-1 Dianna Patterson. 1-1 James Patterson, 2-2 Julia C Patterson, 1-1 Ray Patten, 3-1 Tim Patrick. 1-2 Elizabeth Patrick, 2-1 Pam Payne, 1-1 Walter Paz. 3-1 Patricia Peden. 2-1 Susan Peek. 3-1 Doris A, Peeples, 2-1 Thomas Lee Peeples, 3- Paula Pennington, 2-2 Eileen Penlloux, 1-2 Evelyn Perkins, 2-2 Marless Perkins, 3-1 Jeannette Perkins, 2-1 Rosemary Perkins. 3-2 Wilma Perkins. 1-2 Albert Perrine, 1-1 Karen Perry, 1-1 John Peters, 1-1 Kathy Peterson. 3-2 Rebecca Peterson. 2-1 Lisa Petkousek, 1-1 Sherry Pharr, 1-2 Kermit Pharris, 1-2 Wayne Philen. 2-1 Cecelia Phill, 2 -1 Ann Phillips. 1-1 B. T. Phillips, 2-1 Donald Phillips. 1-1 Undergraduates ft A ft a $ ®fl A$ S ' ▼ J % 154 Undergraduates Waiilii $MA MM, AM v 5 V l fj a Mike Phillips, 1-1 Queen Phillips, 1-1 Sabra Phillips, 1-1 Fran Pickett, 1-1 Ross Pickett, 4-1 Roy Pickett, 3-1 Oakley Pittman, 3-1 Shep Piatt. 3-2 Allen Poe, 1-1 Jennifer Pousson, 1-1 Janet Powell. 1-1 Mary A Powell. 1-1 Jessie Powers, 3-1 Linda Powers. 2-1 Brent Prather. 4-1 Brenda Pratt. 2-1 Katherme Prafte 1 -2 Dixie Pressen, 2-1 Marvin Prewitt. 3-2 Elizabeth Ann Price, 2-1 Connie Price. 2-1 Michael Price, 2-2 Lillian Priest, 1-1 Ricky Primm, 2-2 Janet Prince. 1-1 Greg Procell, 3-1 Diana Provenza, 3-1 Sue Puckett. 1-1 Stella Pupillo. 3-1 John Quebedeaux. 2-1 Kenneth Quintana. 1-1 Denise Rabalais. 2-1 Ellen Rabalais, 3-2 Glen Rabalais. 4-1 James P. Rabalais, 3-1 Janet Rabalais. 1-1 Michael Rabalais. 1-1 Faren Raborn, 2-2 Daphne Rachal. 2-1 Deborah Rachal. 1-1 Gregory Rachal, 4-1 Kennethr Rachel, 1-1 Monica Rachal. 3-1 Myra C Rachal. 1-1 Pamela Rachal, 1-1 Douglas Ratio. 1-1 Lana Rainey. 2-1 James A Rambin, 2-1 Yolanda Rambin, 3-1 Kathy Ramsey, 1-1 Diane Raney, 3-1 Debra Rene Rasch, 3-1 Belinda Rascoe. 1-1 Debra Rascoe. 1-1 Noel Ratclifl. 2-1 Paula Ratclifl, 1-1 Dorothy Ray, 1-1 Tamazan P Ray, 1-1 Etoil Raye, 2-1 Charles Raymond, 4-1 Randal L Redd, 4-1 Alavenkat M Reddy. 4-1 Judy Redlern, 3-1 Joan Redlin. 3-2 Roberta Reed. 3-2 Gary Reese. 1-1 Nancy Remedies, 2-1 Melody Rennie, 2-1 Peggy Renter, 1-1 Jo hn Restovich, 3-1 Tilda Revelett, 1-2 Gene Revels. 4-2 Pamela Revels, 1 -2 Mary V Reynolds, 1-1 Vicky Rhame, 1-2 Kathie Rhmehart, 2-1 Ashley Rhodes. 2-1 Melba Rhodes. 2-2 Ted Ribultan. 1-1 Chris Rice. 3-1 David Richard. 2-1 F Richard. 2-1 Ronnie Richardson, 3-1 Sue Ann Richardson, 4-2 Janet L Riche, 2-1 Karen Richey, 3-2 Alan Craig Rike, 1-1 Katherme Rine. 2-1 Betty Rister, 1-1 Mary Jane Rivers, 1-1 Michael Rivers. 1-1 Kristie Roach, 3-2 Scott Roach, 2-1 Tommy Roark. 3-2 Dennis Robbins, 2-1 Diana Robbins, 3-1 Ruby Roberson, 2-1 George W Roberts. 3-2 Pat Roberts. 1-1 Robertson. 1-1 Gayle Robertson. 2-1 John S Robertson. 1-1 Susanne Robertson, 1-2 155 Undergraduates Monte Robinson, 4-1 Anne Robinson, 3-2 Anthony Robinson. 2-1 Becky Robinson, 3-2 Pamela R Robinson. 1-1 Janet Rochelle. 1-1 Debra Rodgers, 3-1 Tracy Roe. 2-1 Dennis Rogers. 1-1 Huey Rogers, 1-2 Linda Rogers. 2-1 Jimmy Rond, 1-1 Clyde Roque. 3-2 Harry Rosenthol. 2-1 Bruce Rosier, 1-1 Donna J Ross. 1-1 Sharon Rosson, 3-1 Jean Rostrom, 2-1 Robert Rougeau. 3-2 Jill Rowlands. 1-1 Raymond Rowzee. 1-2 Marsha Roy, 2-1 Becky Ruby, 1-1 William C Ruiz, 2-1 LaMerle Rupe, 2-1 Buck Russell. 1-1 Marsha Russell. 1-1 Nonie Kay Rutherford, 1-1 Don Salter, 2-2 Stanley H Salter, 2-2 Randy Sandall, 3-1 V Beth Sanders, 1-1 Leonez Sanders. 2-2 Martha Sanders. 2-2 Paula Sanders, 3-1 Sue Sanders, 1-1 Jackie Sarpy, 2-1 Gerald Savoie. 1-1 Glenn Sawyer. 3-1 Herman Sawyer, 3-1 Janis Sayes, 1-1 Craig Scallan. 2-1 Robert Sceets. 2-1 Nansi Scharfe. 2-1 Carl R Scheibert, 1-1 Rodney Schepp, 1-1 Fran Scheuermann, 3-2 Debbie Scott, 2-1 Jeanne Scott. 1-1 Mary Scott, 1-1 Myrtle Scott. 2-1 Susan Scott, 2-2 Venoria Scranton, 3-2 Laura Scripture. 1-1 Gwen Scroggs, 1-1 Janell Scroggs. 1-1 Connie Scruggs. 1-1 Kathy Scruggs. 4-1 Barton Sealy. 1-1 Alice O Sebastian, 2-1 James E Segura, 2-1 Martha Segura, 1-1 Patti Segura. 1-1 Cala Sell. 3-2 Robert S Sell. 3-1 June Sellers, 1-1 Mary Sengel, 1-1 Stella Senn, 2-1 Joy Sepulvado, 2-2 Linda Sepulvado, 3-1 James Sermons. 4-1 Joseph Sers, 2-1 Sharon Setzer, 2-1 Marsha Sewell, 1-1 Nancy Sewell, 3-1 Kris Shafer, 3-1 Sheila Sharp. 1-1 William Shaver, 2-1 Lance Shaw, 2-2 Melinda Shaw, 2-1 Pam Sheley. 2-1 Mane Shell. 1-1 Cheryl Shelton. 1-1 Juanita Shenk, 3-2 Carol Sherman, 2-2 Sherne Shernll, 2-1 Don Shively, 3-1 Lawney P Shivers. 2-2 Kitty Shoalmire. 1-1 Karen Shores. 2-1 Kathy Shoupe, 2-1 Soulier Sidonier, 2-1 Norris Sills. 3-2 Robert Silvie. 2-1 Denice Simmons, 3-1 Tim Simmons, 2-1 Frances O Sims, 3-2 Terrie Sims. 2-1 Jane Singletary, 1-1 Janet L Singletary, 1-1 Hawthorne Singleton, 3-1 Terry J Skaggs, 3-1 Thomas Skeeles, 3-2 Robert Slack, 3-1 ?. i % a %SL 156 Undergraduates Qf A I Dorothy Slaughter, 2-1 Barbara Sliman, 1-1 Joseph Sliman, 1-1 Martha Sliman, 2-2 Peter Sliman, 2-1 Janice Sloan, 2-1 Bobby Smith, 2-1 Carlene Smith. 2-2 Coy Smith, 2-1 Cynthia Smith, 3-1 Darlene Smith. 1-1 David Smith, 1-1 Dianne Smith, 3-1 Don Smith, 2-2 Garland Smith, 3-2 Gary Smith. 3-2 Gerard Smith. 3-2 Greg T Smith. 1-1 Harry Smith, 1-1 Herschel Smith, 1-1 Joyce Smith, 2-1 Kathleen Smith, 3-1 Larry D Smith, 2-2 Lenis Smith, 2-1 Mary Lynn Smith, 1-1 Nadra Smith, 1-1 Patsy Smith, 2-1 Paul Smith, 1-1 Richard Smith, 1-1 Ricky Smith, 3-1 Robert E Smith, 3-1 Sam Smith, 1-1 Sandy Smith, 1-1 Sherry Smith, 1-1 Susie Smith, 1-2 Tommie Smith, 3-1 Wanda Smith, 1-1 Johnnie Sneed, 1-1 Jacquelyn Snyder, 1-1 Connie Soileau, 2-1 Dan Sonnier, 1-1 Judy Southerland. 4-1 Joe Southwell. 3-1 Patricia Sowells, 3-1 Vanilla Sowells, 2-1 Gary Spangler. 3-1 Nita Spann. 3-1 Robert Spears. 1-1 Bob Speer. 2-2 Richard Spencer. 3-1 Joe Spitale. 3-1 Andre Spivey. 1-1 Jack Spring. 3-1 John Springer. 1-1 Lucky Sprowl, 1-1 Benny Spruill. 2-2 Kerry Spruill. 1-1 Sandra Spurgeon, 2-2 Kathy Squyres, 3-1 Thomas M Squyres. 3-2 Virgil Stanford, 4-1 Edie Stanitz, 3-1 Dons Stanley. 1-1 Joy Starkey. 2-1 Julius Steele, 3-1 Sheryl Steely, 1-1 Mary Jane Stelly. 1-1 Johnnie Stennett. 1-1 Wayne Stennett, 1-1 Brenda K Stephens. 1-1 Cynthia Stephens, 3-1 Kay Stephens, 1-2 Mitchell Stephens, 2-2 Beth Stephenson, 2-1 Joseph Stephenson. 2-1 Douglas Stevens, 1 -2 J Stevens. 3-2 Patricia Stevens. 1-1 Cheryl Stewart. 1-1 Lucille Stewart, 2-2 Charles Stokes, 1-1 Gordon Stokes, 2-2 Peggy Strange, 1-1 Marilyn Stringer, 1 -2 Robert Stringtield, 1-2 Susan Stringtield, 1-1 Tina Strobel, 1-1 Jacqueline Strong, 1-1 Jo Strong. 1-1 DeWain Strother. 3-1 LaWanda Stroud. 4-1 Betty Struna, 3-2 Michael Struna. 3-2 Marcus Suhar. 1-1 Ellen Sullivan, 3-1 Michael Sullivan. 1-2 Pat Sullivan, 3-1 Byron Sumrall, 1-1 Larry Sumrall. 2-1 Elizabeth Svetlecic. 2-1 Melissa Swafford, 3-1 Robert Swayze. 3-1 David Swift. 3-2 Debbie Swindle, 3-2 157 Russell Sylvester, 1-1 Pamela Tailawo, 1-1 Monroe Talaferro, 2-2 Karen Taliaferro, 4-1 Lisa Tanner, 1-1 Sally Kay Tanner, 1-1 Beth Tarver, 2-2 Miker Tarver, 4-1 Helen Tate, 1-2 Brenda Taylor, 3-1 Ernest Taylor. 2-2 Hazel Taylor, 1-1 James Taylor. 1-1 Marie Taylor. 1-1 Melba Taylor, 1-1 Michael Ellis Taylor, 2-1 Mike Taylor, 3-2 Wanda Taylor, 2-2 Will Taylor, 3-1 Dianne Teekell, 3-1 Bence Telsee. 1-1 Adron Temple. Jr ., 3-2 Donna Gay Temple, 3-2 Richard Temple, 2-1 Bruce Thomas, 3-1 Jane Thomas, 2-1 Mary Thomas, 1-1 Mickey Thomas, 2-1 Nancy Thomas, 2-1 Don Thomas, 2-1 Lisa Thompson. 1-1 Martha Ann Thompson, Oneary Thompson, 1-1 Charles Thrash. 3-1 Wade Thrower, 3-1 Mary Tidwell. 2-1 Philip Timothy. 1-1 Linda Tingle, 1-1 Ellen Tippett. 1-1 Bed Todd. 3-1 Mike Tolar. 2-1 Ouida Tompkins. 1-1 Wilma Toms. 2-1 Joey Tooley. 1-1 Michelle Tooley. 2-2 Lindsey H Torbett. 1-1 Leta Townsend, 1-2 Becky Trahan. 1-1 Susan Trahan. 1-1 Kenneth Trahant. 3-1 Frank H Trammell. 1-2 Jams Tr ammel, 2-1 Kim-Dung Tran. 3-1 Gary Trichel, 1-1 Jerry Trichel, 1-1 Billy Tnplett, 1-1 Marion Trisler, 2-1 Johnny Trussell, 3-1 Mike Tummello, 1-2 Robby Tummello. 2-1 Anita Turner. 3-1 Debra Turner. 2-2 Diane Turner. 1-2 John W Turner. 3-2 June Turner, 3-1 Deb Tynes, 3-2 Tern Upchurch, 2-1 Charles Urban, 1-1 John Vaccaro. 1-2 Jane Valentine, 3-1 June Valentine, 1-1 Michael Van Buren, 1-1 Sue Anne Vanderlick, 1-1 David Van Dyke. 3-1 Janet Vanhoof. 2-2 Ken Varnell, 3-2 Richard K Vaughan, 2-2 Tommy Vaughan, 1-1 Donnie Veazey, 3-1 Edward Venson, 2-1 Hilton Verrett. 1-1 Denise Veuleman, 1-1 Jeanette Veuleman, 3-2 Melinda Vickery. 1-2 Brenda Vidrine, 2-1 Patricia Ann Vidrine. 4-1 Peggy Vidrine, 1-2 Yvonne Vidrine, 1-1 Jeanne Vige, 4-1 Pamela Villemarette, 3-1 Denise Vincent. 2-1 Marie Vincent, 1-1 Kathy Vinson. 3-1 Joy Vizier, 1-1 Jeff Vogt. 2-2 Leah Voght, 3-1 Undergraduates Dock Voorhies, Jr , 1-1 Cathy Voss, 2-2 Theresa Waggoner, 3-1 Althea Wagner, 1-1 Patricia Wagner, 3-1 William Wagner. 2-2 Wayne Walding. 1-1 Crawford Waldrup, 2-1 V4 1 4 " Mm 1 mn 158 Undergraduates tti j Mark Wales, 3-1 George Walker, 1-1 Jeannme Walker, 2-2 Joyce Walker, 1 -2 Mildred Walker, 1-1 Randy Walker, 4-1 Ten Walker. 1-1 Joe Wall, 1-1 Rhonda Wall. 1-1 Becky Wallace. 2-1 James T Wallace, 1-1 Ora Wallace. 1-1 Georgia Walmsley. 1-1 Karen Walsh. 1-1 Susan Walsh. 1-1 Robby Walsworth, 1-1 Belinda Joyce Walters, 1-1 A P Walther. 4-2 Claire Wallner, 3-2 Robert Walton, 1-1 Lydia Ward. 1-1 Mark Ward, 2-1 Karen Warner. 1-1 Delilah Warren, 3-1 Karen Wartenberg, 3-1 Diana Washington, 1-1 Patricia Washington. 3-1 Pattye Washington. 1-1 Bobbie Waters. 2-1 Janet Waters. 1-1 Sonya Watkins. 1-1 Bill Watley. 3-2 Debra Weaver, 2-1 Joann Weaver, 1 -2 Karen Weaver. 2-1 Terry Weaver, 2-1 Bobby D Webb. 1-1 Nellie Webb. 3-1 Daniel Webster. 2-1 Margaret Webster, 2-1 Mary Alice Welch, 1-1 Carolyn Weldon. 2-1 Hank Weldon, 2-2 Charmagne Wells. 3-2 Steve Wells. 3-1 Terry Wells. 1-1 Elizabeth Wendt, 2-1 Kenneth Wendt, 3-1 Milton Wesley. 2-1 Tom Whalen. 3-1 Joan Whatley, 1-1 Martha Wheatley. 2-1 Cheryl Wheaton, 3-1 Teresa Wheeler. 1-1 Dave Whitaker, 1 -2 Jim Whitaker. 1-1 2-1 Claude White. Jr Diana White, 2-1 Donnie White. 3-1 Floyd White. 1-1 James White, 3-1 Keith White. 3-1 Larry White, 1-1 Nancy Whitfield. 1-1 Deborah Whitney, 1-1 Ellen Whitney. 2-1 Charles Whittington, 1-2 Charles Whitworth, 1-1 Sharan Wiggins. 2-1 Renee Wilbanks. 1 -2 Deborah Wiley, 2 -1 Nancy Wilkening. 2-1 Phillip Wilkerson. 3-2 Gary Wilkins, 2-1 Cathy Wilkinson, 1-1 Rebecca Willett. 1-1 Deborah Williams. 1-1 Eddie Williams, 1-1 Gloria Williams. 1-2 Jackie Williams, 3-2 Jerry Williams. 3-1 John Williams. 3-1 Mark Williams, 1-1 Marsha Williams. 4-1 Paul Williams. 4-1 Peggy Williams. 2-1 Sidney Williams, 3-1 Son|i Williams. 2-1 Sue Lynn Williams, 2-1 Wayne Williams. 3-2 Derrel Williamson. 4-1 Jackie Williamson, 1-2 William Williamson. 3-1 Cary Wilson. 1-1 Donald Wilson, 3-2 Dons Wilson. 4-1 Erwin Wilson, 3-2 James Wilson. 2-1 Kenneth Wilson. 2-1 Larry Wilson, 1-1 Martha Wilson. 1-1 Michael Wilson. 1-1 Thomas Wilson, 2-1 Tonia Wimberly, 1-1 159 Undergraduates Frances Winn, 1-1 Emily Winston, 3-1 William Wise, 2-1 Denise Wittenburg, 3-1 Glen Wofford. 3-1 Melvm J Womack, 1-1 Robert J. Womack. 4-1 Jennie Wong, 1-2 John Wright. 1-1 Pamela Wrinkle, 3-2 Debra Wyatt. 1-1 Jean Yeates, 1-1 Sharon Yenke. 1-1 Cheryl Young, 1-2 Deborah Young, 2-1 James Young, 2-1 Tommy Wood, 3-1 Robert Woodrutt, 4-1 Darryl Woods. 3-1 Marilyn Worsham, 2-1 Bobby Wozniak. 1-1 Joe Wray, 3-1 Carl Wright, 2-1 Hank Wright, 1-2 Mary Young, 2-1 G A Zachry, 3-1 Jack Zator, 2-1 160 3i MT fli!(-s - •T " •

Suggestions in the Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) collection:

Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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