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OUST! % NORTHWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA potpourri horizons As we look beyond us, What did we see? A horizon of beauty, A start for a dream? Were we able to cope With what life had to give? Were we able to love, Understand and forgive? With new days that dawned Our plans and hopes bright, We tried to become Part of making things right. —Deborah Dee Ehlers introduction 3 administration 18 faculty student life sports 30 64 personalities 78 entertainment 104 116 organizations 160 greeks 220 classes 252 conclusion 358 a new day was dawning . . . through new surroundings and situations . . . through new friends and relationships . . . routines . . . V, styles . . . M through involvement b I 1 I m B 1 . asM through involvement ■ ' ? a new day dawned through a new northwestern . . . nsu m ■ . « f» . - • - . .., ' " ... » . i -- drejN jSf_l_._ iijf f ?s? ' " " ««» ' .«WP3r ' ;- ._■ -ijtj ' ■- i, , -« ,73 SL e i sfel L ' ' " ■wft -,. _-. - - v., — t T t. rv fi ' »»m H ' ' arrl Ql! • SSSSarjs:. -i ' ? _:• " p -. -• administration 19 louisiana state b William J. Dodd, State Superintendent of Education, Baton Rouge, Louisiana Fred L. Tannehill, President ot State Board of Education, Pineville, Louisiana Jesse H. Bankston, Sixth Congressional Dis- trict Representative, Baton Rouge, Louisiana .. m- ' ?- Enoch T. Nix, Third Public Service District Representative, Bossier City, Louisiana Harvey Peltier, Third Congressional District Representative, Thibodaux, Louisiana Nash C Roberts, Jr , First Public Service District Representative, Metaine, Louisiana 20 board of education J. Marshall Brown, Second Congressional District Representative, New Orleans, Loui- siana Robert H. Curry, Fourth Congressional Dis- trict Representative, Shreveport, Louisiana Mrs. A. D. Smith, First Congressional District Representative, New Orleans, Louisiana W. E. Whetstone, Fifth Congressional District Representative, Monroe, Louisiana Louis J. Michot, Jr., Second Public Service District Representative, Lafayette, Louisiana Dr. Boyd M. Woodard, Seventh Congres- sional District Representative, Lake Charles. Louisiana 21 I 5 iTASy ' president arnold kilpatrick An old institution, a new university, and Northwestern ' s first family became leaders in a new tradition. Striving always to help the student body, the Kilpatricks worked hard to improve Northwestern. They sacrificed their time and energy throughout the year as a new day dawned at Northwestern State University. vice president of academic affairs dr. Charles thomas 24 administrative deans FROM LEFT, Frederick Bosarge, Dean of Men; Lucille Hendrick, Dean of Women; Dudley Fulton, Dean of Students. FROM LEFT, Dr. David Townsend, Dean of the College of Business; Dr. Bennie Barron, Dean of the College of Basic Studies; Dr. Tom Paul Southerland, Dean of the College of Education; Dr. Peggy Ledbetter, Dean of the College of Nursing; Dr. Rene Bienvenu, Dean of the College of Science and Technology; Dr. George Stokes, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. academic deans 25 Walter Ledet, Registrar Dr. Thomas Hennigan, Director of Educational Media Center Sylvan Sibley, Purchasing Agent 26 administrative services Lonetta Graves, Controller Dr. Frank Martin, Director of Student Financial Aid Jerry Pierce, Director of Informational Services Mrs. Mamie Trunzler and Miss Agatha Newitt. Women ' s Counselors C. L. Starnes, Assistant Dean of Men and Director of Hous- ing 27 campus services CAMPUS SECURITY, FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT, E. R. Mathles, Calvin McFerrin, Frankie Cutwright, Rickie Williams, Crawford Ficklin. BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Warren Massie, Clark Gleason, Bill STUDENT UNION STAFF, STANDING, Robert Wilson, Director. SEATED FROM LEFT, Gertrude Lyons, Res- ervationist and Rose Lucky, Hostess. CAMPUS BOOKSTORE, FROM LEFT, Elizabeth Hage- wood, Dorothy Martin, Manager Selma Mahfouz, Ver- nell Cox, Louise Rutledge, Amarylis Cedars. 28 WOMEN ' S HOUSE DIRECTORS, SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT, Dorothy Chenevert, North Sabine; Myrtle Collins, West Caddo; Lois Nugent, Agnes Morris; Catherine Kirkland, West Varnado. Hatcher, Gerald Brady, Secretary Sandra Morgan, Chief James K. Lee, James E. Taylor, Hezzie L. Ste- venson, Ray Osborne, Donald Johnson MEN ' S HOUSE DIRECTORS, FROM LEFT, Lucille Brady, South Rapides; Mike Hyams, West Rapides; Dolly Hedrick, East Rapides; Tom Crout, Prudhomme; Lucille Gardner, Bossier; Elma Hinton, Caspari; Jimmy Stinson, Natchitoches. 29 30 faculty college of basic studies The College of Basic Studies was developed during the 1969-70 school year and began its function for the fall semester of 1970. The program was developed to provide a comprehensive program of individual attenti on to problems encountered by new students making the transition from high school to college. It also maintained general supervision of the new student, gave him more personal direction and guidance than was normally available in the university ' s senior colleges, and afforded the student who had not selected a major area of study an initial year of productive work in which to make a decision. The college was composed of the Department of Counseling and the Department of Testing. The Collegiate Program for Talented High School Seniors was open to exceptionally well qualified high school students. If accepted, students were permitted to enroll in the University courses during the summer session preceding their senior year in high, school. If their homes were within commuting distance of the campus, students were also allowed to take university courses concurrently with their senior year in high school. The Division of Continuing Studies was established and began operating in the Fall, 1970, directed by Hoyt Reed. The Division worked with off-campus groups, such as area military personnel, to bring University teachers to them in classroom situa- tions. { Bennie G. Barron Dean 32 Hazel Batiste . . . Counselor Instructor, Educational Psychology and Guidance Oscar Billingsley . . Counselor Instructor, Basic Studies Assistant Protessor, Educational Psychology and Guidance Patricia Dennis . . . Counselor Instructor, Basic Studies Instructor, Educational Psychology and Guidance Hoyt Reed . . . Director of Continuing Education 33 college of business The College of Business was basically divided into the two fields of business administration and business education. The College, headed by Dean David Townsend, had a faculty of 23 members. The curriculum of business administration provided preparation for careers in business, the military, and civic or institutional management. Degrees granted in this field were Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science with majors in accounting, business administration, and economics. Also a two-year Associate degree was granted in merchandising. The major field of business education provided preparation for teaching business at the secondary level and for gaining secretarial positions. In this area, the Master of Science in Education was given in business education and distributive education. Bachelor of Science degrees were granted with majors in business and office education, distributive and business education, and secretarial administration. A two-year associated degree was declared in secretarial administration also. David Townsend Dean 34 Jolene Anders . . Lecturer Business and Office Administration Henry Breitkreutz . . . Assistant Professor Economics Robert Brown . Economics Instructor Assistant Professor John Gibbens Economics John Hix . Assistant Professor Business Administration J. W. Johnson . . . Assistant Professor Business Education and Office Administration 35 Tommy Johnson . . . Acting Department Head Business Education and Office Administration Charles Levy Instructor Business Administration Donald R. Lincecum . . . Instructor Business Administration Carol McCoy . . Instructor Business Education arid Office Administration Daniel Murchison . . Lecturer Business Law Janell F. Rue . . Assistant Professor Business Education and Office Administration 36 Willia D. Sewell . Accounting Donald S. Slacum Economics Earl Thames . . . Department Head Accounting Assistant Professor Department Head H N Towry . . . Assistant Professor Business Administration and Business Education Barron Wells . . Assistant Professor Business Administration and Business Education Eugene Williams . . . Assistant Professor Business Administration 37 college of education The primary purposes of the College of Education were to prepare well-qualified teachers for the elementary and secondary schools of Louisiana, and to offer services to school systems in Louisiana in a continuous effort to improve the total educational program. In the College of Education were the Departments of Educational Psychology and Guidance; Elementary Education; Health, Physical Education and Recreation; Home Economics; Secondary Education; Special Education; Educational Media; and the Laboratory School. The centers in Student Teaching; Reading; School Plant Planning and Child Study contributed to achieving the objectives of the College of Education. Most of the other departments of the University contributed to the teacher education program by advising students and providing course work in their respective areas. The College of Education had three areas in which to base their purposes, and these were beliefs, general objectives, and professional objectives. The first of these beliefs was that laboratory experiences are essential for the development of the prospective teacher. Also, the maximal development of students in teacher education depended in large part upon the members of the faculty and their qualifications, total work load, and continuing professional growth. A few of the general objectives of the College were reasonable mastery of that which was to be taught, a high degree of mastery in at least one field of study, and skill in communicating effectively. T. P. Southerland Dean 38 Harry A. Brown . . . Associate Professor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation E. Waddell Burge . . Assistant Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Gordon E. Coker . . Associate Professor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Michael J. Cousins . . . Department Head Special Education J. Clarice Dans . . . Assistant Professor Special Education Lucile A. Daughdril . . . Laboratory School 39 Violet Davion . . . Professor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation William A Davis . . . Department Head Student Teaching Ronald T. Dennis . . Professor Education Ronald L. Dubois . . . Assistant Professor Education Marie S. Dunn . . . Department Head Home Economics Gloria Durr . Associate Professor Home Economics Warren R. Evans . . . Professor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Mary Farris . . Assistant Professor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Reginald M. Farris, Instructor Special Education James N. Field . . . Instructor Special Education Leonard Fowler . . Professor Education Director of Laboratory School Harriett Frederick . . . Associate Professor Special Education Richard H. Galloway . . Associate Professor Special Education Hurst M. Hall . . Associate Professor Special Education Thomas L Hennigan . . . Assistant Professor Education Director of Educational Media Center Ernest L. Hill . . . Assistant Professor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Wayne L. Houchins . Assistant Professor Educational Psychology and Guidance Betty V Johnson . Associate Professor Home Economics Barney L Kyzar . . . Department Head Secondary Education Director of School Planning Laboratory Edwina Lewis . . . Supervising Teacher Laboratory School Howard P. McCollum . . . Associate Professor Education Raymond A McCoy . Department Head Educational Psychology and Guidance Paul C. Marx . . Professor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Edward E. Matis . . Associate Professor Special Education i i 40 _- Sharon Traylor, student assistant in the kindergarten of the laboratory school, shows four of her faithful onlookers the art of cooking breakfast. Judy Smith instructs student Wally Weaver in one of his sessions in the Special Education Department. Mary Jane Matis . . . Assistant Professor Special Education Colleen Nelken . . . Professor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Dorothy Nickey . . . Assistant Professor Edubational Media William A. Philp . . . Professor Education Coordinator of Secondary Student Teaching 41 Mary Lee Posey, assistant professor of education, tells her kindergarten students the basic elements of a balanced breakfast. Mary L Posey . . . Assistant Professor Education Frank J Prosser . . . Assistant Professor Special Education Jewell M. Richie . . Assistant Professor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Mary E Roberson . . Associate Professor Home Economics H David Scogin . . . Associate Professor Home Economics Bill Shafer . . . Assistant Professor Educational Psychology and Guidance James Simmons . . Assistant Professor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation 42 ' •feiiijifiiifti Maxine Southerland . . . Assistant Professor Home Economics Carla T. Tatum . . Assistant Professor Elementary Education Sadie G. Thomas . . . Instructor Home Economics ■■■■■■!■■» — Joyce L. Towns . . . Instructor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Armando Vega . . . Instructor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Thomas N. Whitehead . . . Instructor Education Producer-Director of Instructional Television Robert Wynn . Associate Professor Education ' Doc " Marx goes through his teaching antics to try to find one interested student with perfect bowling form as is found by this expert 43 college of liberal arts The College of Liberal Arts, under the direction of Dean George A. Stokes, included the department of Art, History, Languages, Military Science, Music, Psychology, Social Sciences, Sociology and Social Work, and Speech and Journalism. The College had a faculty of 78 and 21 of these held the doctorate degree. Students in all colleges at the University elected to take College of Liberal Arts courses as a means of extending and broadening their education beyond the limits of their chosen career areas. All degree programs offered in the College of Liberal Arts were fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The Department of Music was accredited by National Association of Schools of Music. George A. Stokes Dean 44 Ezra Adams . Associate Professor Journalism Director, Louisiana Studies Institute Lamar Bates . . . Photographer Speech and Journalism James W Bennett . . . Assistant Professor Psychology Millard Bienvieu, Sr. . . . Department Head Sociology and Social Work Robert Breckenridge Assistant Professor Psychology Nohely Brodermann . . . Instructor Spanish Ramon E Brodermann . . . Assistant Professor Spanish Eleanor Brown . . . Assistant Professor Music Richard G Brown Social Sciences Richard Cage . . . Instructor Music Neil Cameron English Rong C Chen . . . Political Science Assistant Professor Instructor Assistant Professor . Assistant Professor Major Billy J. Cone Military Science J. Wayne Crowder . . . Instructor Music Dwight Davis . Associate Professor Music Robert Demeule . . Assistant Professor French Mary Doherty . . . Instructor English Captain Hugh C. Durham, III Military Science C B. Ellis . . Assistant Professor Sociology and Social Work Mary D Fletcher . . . Assistant Professor English Assistant Professor 45 ffi MM • I Donald Gates Department Head Psychology Orville J Hanchey . Department Head Art Donald W. Hatley . Assistant Professor English Lt Col. John Hennigan . Department Head Military Science Lucile W. Ingram . . . Instructor English Richard Jennings . . . Assistant Professor Music 46 Joe Johnson . . Assistant Professor English Charles Kennan . . . Assistant Professor Sociology and Social Work Thomas W. Kirkconnell . . . Assistant Professor German William B. Knipmeyer . . . Department Head Social Science Kenneth L. Knotts Political Science Robert J. Krause . Music Marietta LeBreton . History James L. McCorkle, Jr History Instructor nstructor Associate Professor Assistant Professor James Mclnnis . . . Instructor English Ellis M. Melder . . . Instructor English Merlin P. Mitchell . . . Assistant Professor English Marion Nesom . . . Assistant Professor English Charles R. Olson . English William A. Poe History Charles W. Porter History Frank Presson . Journalism Assistant Professor Assistant Professor . . Assistant Professor Assistant Professor R. B. Price . Music John Raush Music Donald M. Rawson . History William C. Robert . English Assistant Professor Assistant Professor . Department Head Associate Professor William Robert Rose . . Instructor Music Hanna Schroeder . . . Associate Professor German Jo Smith . . Assistant Professor English J. Robert Smith . . . Department Head Music 47 Captain Darr Sullivan . . Military Science Maxine F. Taylor . . . Assistant Professor History James C Thorn . . . Assistant Professor Art Elva E. Torgnmson English Paul Torgrimson . Music Everett Webbes . Assistant Professor English Instructor Professor Instructor Associate Professor Olga Webber English Tom H. Wells History Joseph Wertelaers . . . Assistant Professor French Edna West . Department Head Speech and Journalism college of nursing The faculty of the College of Nursing believed that the essence of professional nursing was a commitment to serve humanity and that the purpose of the College was to provide educational experiences which equip individuals with competence for becoming professional practitioners of nursing and responsible contributing members of their community. The program of studies was designed for students to pursue their Freshman and Sophomore studies on the Natchitoches Campus and the Junior and Senior studies on the Shreveport Campus. Agencies with which the Northwestern State University College of Nursing had contractual agreements included the Schumpert, Veterans Administration, Confederate Memorial Medical Center and Willis-Knighton Hospitals in addition to the Caddo and Bossier Units of the State Health Department. Peggy J. Ledbetter Dean 50 Ann Scott Everett . . . Instructor Clara E. Gates . . . Assistant Professor Bernice E Geers . . . Librarian Phyllis Brewer Graves . . . Instructor Beth H. Hayes . . . Clinical Assistant Margaret C. Hicks . . . Assistant Professor Sara S. Hiern . . . Instructor Peggy Hill . . . Instructor Betty F. Hllle . . . Instructor Nancy F. Langston . . . Instructor Martha S. .Lipsey . Instructor Callie L Minter . . Instructor Elizabeth A. Moseley . . . Instructor Kathryn A. Payne . . . Instructor ( I Frances R. Pingrey . . Assistant Professor Director, Continuing Education in Nursing Grace R Ri ey Assistant Professor Ha M. Rogers . . . Instructor Frieda H Rosenwasser . . . Assistant Professor Joan Ross . . Instructor Frances Simmons Instructor Gertrude S Torres . Assistant Professor 52 college of science and technology The College of Science and Technology served a multiple purpose for students at Northwestern State University. Its primary objective was the providing of scientific and technological programs allowing students an opportunity to pursue degree programs in the pure and applied sciences. In addition to this function, the departments comprising the College provided curricula in Science Education, programs in Computer Science and Aviation Science, and offered service courses for students in all curricula at Northwestern. Bachelor and Master of Science degrees were offered by the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geology, Industrial Technology, Mathematics, Microbiology, and Physics. The Department of Agricultural Sciences offered the Bachelor ' s Degree, and two year associate degree programs were available in the Departments of Industrial Technology and Chemistry. Northwestern was recognized for its excellence in the pre-professional programs of medicine, dentistry, engineering and veterinary medicine, as well as the applied medical fields of Medical Technology and Cytotechnology. The Universi ty was proud of its initiative in providing the only degree program in Radiological Technology offered in Louisiana. Seventy percent of the faculty of the College of Science and Technology held the doctoral degree. Members of the faculty enjoyed the benefits of modern facilities and equipment for their research and teaching activities. Northwestern annually hosts the Region Four and State Science Fairs as a contribution to scientific development in Louisiana. » Rene J. Bienvenu Dean Arthur Allen . . . Assistant Professor Biological Sciences Jerry Allen . . . Assistant Professor Microbiology Edward Anders . . . Associate Professor Mathematics Ray Baumgardner . . . Associate Professor Biological Sciences Charles Bissell . . . Associate Professor Chemistry Bert Boyd . . . Associate Professor Physics B. O. Boyd . . . Assistant Professor Mathematics Paul Brignac . . . Assistant Professor Chemistry Assistant Professor Steve Browder . Physics Burton Buckley . . Associate Professor Biological Sciences Tom Burns . . Assistant Professor Biological Sciences Raymond Carney . . . Director Aviation Science 55 Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Stan Chadick . Mathematics Raymond Christensen Industrial Education Thomas Covington . . . Instructor Mathematics Dean Danner . . . Assistant Professor Chemistry Robert Daspit . . . Associate Professor Biological Sciences Zoel Daughtrey . . . Department Head Agriculture Rene DeHon . . Assistant Professor Geology David Dobbins Geology . Assistant Professor Paul Donaldson . . Department Head Microbiology Cecil Easley . . . Assistant Professor Mathematics William Erwin . . . Department Head Biological Sciences D. C. Gilbert . Associate Professor Industrial Education Edward Greco . . Director Scientific Research Wayne Guin . Assistant Professor Chemistry Oliver Hargrove . . . Assistant Professor Chemistry Robert Hamilton . . . Associate Professor Special Education Assistant Professor Robert Kirst Agriculture Dwayne Kruse . . Biology W. O. Lamprecht Biology Joon Lee . . . Assistant Professor Physics Associate Professor Assistant Professor James Lin Biology Larry McRae . . Chemistry Samuel Masson Mathematics Sal Misuraca . Agriculture Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Instructor Assistant Professor 56 Nedom Muns . . . Assistant Professor Industrial Education Roderick Outland . . . Professor Biol ogy Clint Pine . . . Assistant Professor Mathematics Dudley Pitt . . . Assistant Professor Mathematics Vera Rawson . . . Assistant Professor Mathematics Walter Robinson . . Department Head Industrial Education R. P. Roger . . Assistant Professor Physics Dana Sanders . . . Assistant Professor Biology Bill Shaw . . . Associate Professor Industrial Education Larry Spears . . . Department Head Chemistry Melvin Stevens . . . Assistant Professor Agronomy James Stothart . . Assistant Professor Science Education A. L. Temple . . . Instructor Mathematics Hal Townsend . . . Associate Professor Forestry Charles Viers . . Assistant Professor Biology 58 W. E. Walton . . . Assistant Director Computer Center John Waskom . . . Department Head Geology Cheri Webster . . . Instructor Mathematics Oren Whitehead . . . Assistant Professor Biology Russell Whittington . . . Department Head Mathematics Kenneth Williams . . . Assistant Professor Biology Charles Wommack . . . Associate Professor Industrial Education graduate college The purpose of the Graduate College was to introduce students to methods of scholarly research, to contribute to increased competency in teaching and school administration, to provide students with a deeper understanding of human knowledge, and to spark the initiative for further independent study and research. Northwestern State University was authorized in 1954 to offer graduate work leading to a master ' s degree for professional school personnel. In 1958 the graduate offerings were broadened to provide opportunities for students to earn master ' s degrees in the liberal arts and sciences without professional-education requirements. In December of 1966, the State Board of Education authorized the University to offer programs leading to the Specialist in Education degree, and in December, 1967, the Board authorized the degrees of Doctor of Education and Doctor of Philosophy in Education. In August, 1970, Dr. Harold Denning became the first person to receive the degree of Doctor of Education from the Graduate College. Several degrees were offered by the Graduate College which is supervised by the Dean, Leo T. Allbritten, and the Graduate Council. Leo T. Allbritten Dean 60 61 university libraries Donald MacKenzie Phy llis L Brown . . Library Science Claire H. Greene Library Science Eleanor Hollis . . Library Science Head Librarian . Assistant Professor . . Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Leola H. Loftin . Library Science Dixie Whittington . Library Science Assistant Professor Instructor L7 63 64 student lif 65 adjustment . . . the dorm . . . noise . . . rules . . . counselors . . . signing in . . . signing out. . . confusion . . . confusion . . . confusion . . . Iiliii3 67 the spirit was upon you! . . . and you loved it! ... a true demon . . . you rose high with the joy of victory . . . and fell low with the disappointment of defeat ... for you were involved. ' ■ v ' rSmMj tiL 3 Bt v tS f I a jfcv IS -if.-.;, ' ' - V " iff- ' P Bfc. % 8 . , Bb ' I ■Ml -» Bk wa j jbibV Ev N j tB A 8 69 greeks! . . . rush . . . pledging . . . friendship . . . excitement . . . competition . . . homecoming . . . parties . . . greek week . . . parties meetings . . . parties . . service projects . a vital part of nsu northwestern continually called to her students to be individuals . . . to express themselves . . . to do their " own thing " ... to be guided by an experienced hand; yet not dominated . . . to merge with nsu through involvement and yet still remain, an individual student. 72 73 we lived not only for academics, but for the happy times, too . . . the parties . . . the laughter . . . the sweet taste of victory ... for through all this, we learned. 75 lines . . . cards . . . and people . . . everywhere . . . those days of beginning at nsu were, thankfully, short lived, but a must, ' your name, please . . . last name first . . . home address . . . nsu address . . . phone ... " personalities 79 mr. nsu Richard Ware, a business administration major from West Monroe, was chosen Mr. NSU by a campus-wide election. Richard was an outstanding football player and a member of Who ' s Who. He has been president of the N Club for the past two years. He was chosen this year as the fullback on both the coaches and the sport writers ' All-Gulf State Conference Teams and named by the coaches as the outstanding back in the league. 80 w a ' miss nsu Margaret Kovar, a business education and office administration major from Leesville, was chosen Miss NSU. Margaret has served as president of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority and Alpha Lambda Delta scholastic society. She was treasurer of the Student Union Board and a member of the Purple Jackets. Margaret, a member of Who ' s Who, has served on the Winter Ball Court and the State Fair Court. 8? the lady of the bracelet ■F ' SSvj ' SB 1 II 4 t Tl llfl F 4 1 11 12 y 9 L m P l cl i i " 1 84 r $£ Kay McKnight, Lady of the Bracelet. 85 Pat Finley, 1st Runner-Up 86 Susan Boswell, 2nd Runner-Up 87 Ginger McGee, 3rd Runner-Up Brenda Collins, 4th Runner-Up 89 state fair court State Fair Court— Frankie Gaspar, Diane Gray, Lynn Killen, Debbie Towery, Queen Debbie Wallace, Bonnie Martin, Evie Norman, Debbie Singletary, and Margaret Kovar. 90 Debbie Wallace, State Fair Queen 91 homecoming 1970 HOMECOMING COURT-SEATED: Karen Smith, Patricia Tynes, Queen Diana Phillips, Ouida Benton, and Georgia Tuma. STANDING: Susan Tanner, Sherry Hall, Kathi Breazeale, and Loraine Fox. 92 Diana Phillips, Homecoming Queen 93 winter ball WINTER BALL COURT-Roxie Cariere, Lynn Killen, Norma Oliver, Debbie Wallace, Queen Frankie Gaspar, Debbie Singletary, Margaret Kovar, Debbie Hardaway, and Rhonda Coleman. 94 Frankie Gaspar, Winter Ball Queen 95 who ' s who among students in ameri- Dwight Leon Boudreaux Houma Industrial Arts Rhonda Coleman Shreveport Primary Education Susan Ehlers Lake Charles Speech Education Marcie Fowler Natchitoches Primary Education 96 171 can colleges and universities James Genovese Opelousas Pre-Law Ethel Florence Gibson Coushatta Business Education James Delwin Gibson Shreveport Recreation Dawn Moore Gish Bossier Nursing 97 Carolyn Ehrhardt Guidry Washington Upper Elementary Education Carol Ann Hicks Natchitoches Business Education Margaret Gayle Kovar Leesville Business and Office Education JoAnn Lanzillotti Bossier Nursing Bonnie Louise Martin Ashland Vocational Home Economics Donnie Martin Ashland Vocal Music Education 98 Veta Ann Medica Alexandria Piano-Voice Education Ronald Lynn Morrow Leesville Business Administration Norma Loraine Oliver Shreveport Speech and Hearing Therapy Cynthia Kay Phillips Natchitoches Sociology Allen Posey, Jr. Natchitoches Mathematics James David Precht Jennings Journalism 99 Michael Kirby Ramsey Shreveport Pre-Medicine James Kenneth Reed Opelousas Physical Education Thomas Regina Queens, New York Zoology Ben Hailey Rushing, Jr. Natchitoches Mathematics James Ponder Stewart Doyline Physical Education Susan Carol Tanner Evergreen Primary Education " E li y J0 m £ " 3 wsi h i jA. A k 100 Patricia Ann Tauzin Lafayette Health and Physical Education Paul Tichenoff Bell, California Physical Education Georgie Marie Tuma Libuse Primary Education Patricia Alana Tynes Shreveport Primary Education Richard Nathaniel Ware West Monroe Business Administration 101 Bonnie Martin, Holiday in Dixie Queen 1970 and Sugar Bowl Queen 1971 1 02 Carol Lynn Almand, Miss Louisiana 1970 1 03 entertainment 105 the lettermen 106 108 friends of distinction 109 - ■ J ;1 coffeehouse circuit the lion in winter BELOW: Tom Tarpy, Barbara Park, Charles Park, Jennie Claire Huntley, Wade Heaton, Jim Wilson and George Sewell. TOP: Charles Park as Henry II was seen with Barbara Park as Alais. BOTTOM: Wade Heaton, who played Richard; Tom Tarpy as John, and Jim Wilson as Geoffrey were caught in only one of their many scenes in the play. King Henry of England had three sons by Eleanor of Aquitaine: Richard Coeur de Lion, Geoffrey, and John. He wanted to keep the kingdom together after his death, but since all three sons wanted to rule it, it is likely to be torn apart by revolution. Henry favored the youngest son, while Eleanor favored the eldest. The middle son hoped to play both ends against the middle and come out on top. Henry would have liked to have another heir by his mistress, but that would only have added to the contenders. Uneasy was the head on which the crown lay and uneasy was the truce between a matchless king and queen. The production involved an unusual concept in design and technical production which all went into making the play a great success. m 7, ' % c black comedy Barbara Park, Ralp h Pickley, Mitchell Trichel, Mickey McCormick, Jenny Claire Huntley, Charlie Park, Glenna Taylor, and Charles Baliro. Mickey McCormick, Sharon Welo, George Stewart, and Glenna Taylor. the american dane 114 The stirring dramatization of the real life success story of Helen Keller was some of the most successful and warmly admired displays of the modern stage. Helen Keller was blind and mute and nobody knew what her ultimate fate might have been had she not providentially come under the care and tutelage of Annie Sullivan, an Irish girl who had been blind herself and who was reluctantly hired by the parents of Helen. Little Helen, trapped in her own secret world, was bitter, violent, spoiled and almost animal like. Only Annie realized that there was a mind waiting to be rescued from that dark, tortured silence. This play was a brilliant opening for the University Theatre Season. the miracle worker BELOW: Charlie Park as Capt. Keller; Ricky Navarre, as James; Sue Richardson as Kate; and Sally Graham as Annie displayed excellent skill in acting through these roles. BOTTOM: Charles Park, Sue Richardson, and George Sewell as the doctor are shown in this dramatic scene. ' sports demon football G- DEMON FOOTBALL 1970-71 NSU compiled a 7-3 overall record for the 1970 season. At the start of the season the Demons lost 16 lettermen and had only 27 returning lettermen. But this did not hold the mighty Demons back. Head Coach Glenn Gossett practiced the boys hard, but it paid off at the close of the season when the NSU Demons tied for second place in the Gulf State Conference. Coach Gossett (pictured at right) has not had a losing season in his four years at Northwestern. This season was no exception. KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT-Kenny Hrapman. Richard Ware and Walter Edler. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT— Gary McCrary, John Kavanaugh, Gary Jordon, Gil Gibson, Head Coach Glenn Gossett, Gregory Clark, Leslie Robertson and Mike Pool. M8 DEMON COACHES, SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT-George Doherty, (def. line), (linebackers), Wayne Davis (def. ends), and Herbie Smith (off. ends). (Not Gene Knecht (def. backs), Head Coach Glenn Gossett, John Ropp (off. line), shown is Lester Latino (scouts teams), and Jonnie Emmons (off. backs). STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT-Billy Jack Talton FIRST ROW (BOTTOM), LEFT TO RIGHT-Donald Johnson, Clinton Ebey, Greg Clark, Larry Gaudet, Gil Gilson, Richard Ware, Mike Pool, Tommy Wallis, Al Phillips, Larry Smith, Ronnie Bagley, Kenny Hrapmann, Bob Wattigny, and John Kelly. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT-Paul Zoller, Gary McCrary, Bobby Koncak, Leslie Robertson, Walter Elder, Leonard Richardson, Alton Geisen- dorff, Craig Tripp, Don Miser, Dennis Wilkinson, Sterling Baldwin, Bentley Usey, Gordon Boogaerts, Kenny Trahant, Roy Mouledous, and Randy Walker. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT-Skipper Morgan, Lynn Hebert, Don McAllen, Roger Huckaby, Ray Bridges, Terry Cleland, James White, Leroy Pittman, Jerry Simpson, Jim Barbato, Harold Clay, Ronnie Woodruff, Jeff Chapman, Ronnie Frazier, Tom Merritt, and Travis Smith. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT-Wilton Cox, Shep Piatt, Paul Tacker, Head Coach Glenn Gossett, Coach Jonnie Emmons, Coach John Ropp, Coach Gene Knecht, Coach Herbie Smith, Coach Billy Jack Talton, Coach Wayne Davis, Coach Lester Latino, Coach George Doherty, Mark Nyvall, Joe Spitale, and David Ketchand. 19 gulf states conference players TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT-Mike Pool, QB, Al Phillips, split end. MIDDLE ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT— Leslie Robertson, off. guard, Richard Ware, FB, Gary McCrary, center. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT-Bobby Koncak, off. guard, Walter Edler, def tackle 120 demons scored double victory Excitement filled the air as the enthused fans poured into Demon Stadium to witness Northwestern ' s season opener against the Florence State Lions. Leading rushers Mike Pool, Tommy Wallis, and Donald Johnson gained 395 yards to help the Demons capture their first victory. Northwestern ' s defensive unit allowed the Lions only 12 first downs while the offensive unit received 30 first downs for the Demons. This led the Demons to a 42-21 victory. Victorious Demons traveled to Nacogdoches, Texas to defeat the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks and retain the symbol of victory, Chief Caddo. The Lumberjacks led the game ' s scoring 7-6 until the fourth quarter when Dennis Wilkinson kicked a 21 yard field goal to help capture another victory 9-7 for the Demons. Richard Ware, Tommy Wallis, and Donald Johnson were the leading rushers and helped down the Lumberjacks. Overall team effort put the Demons ahead and off to a good start for the 1970 season. Demons topped the Southwest Oklahoma Bulldogs which made their third consecutive win. I2I Chief Caddo gave support at Stephen F. Austin game. Richard Ware gained yardage against Stephen F. Austin. 122 Donald Johnson scampered through Bulldog defense for added yardage. 123 indians scalped demons 17-21 The Demons traveled to Monroe, where they encountered their first defeat. The Northeast Indians had a 4-point advantage going into the third quarter. Tommy Wallis and Richard Ware each gave the Demons a touchdown bringing the final score to 17-21. Richard Ware was the leading rusher. . •? •t:c •-. n h HZ % ■ S 1. 124 demons upset goshaws 21-17 Fans packed the Demon Stadium for the second home game against Pensacola Navy Goshaws. An excellent passing performance by Mike Pool and a bruising Demon defense helped upend the Goshaws 24-17. The Demons led in first downs and rushing yardage. I25 demons stomped bulldogs Bursting with spirit and pride Northwestern met the Tech Bulldogs at the State Fair Stadium with thousands of anxious fans awaiting the outcome. At the end of the first half the score was tied 3-3. Dennis Wilkinson kicked a 22 yard field goal to tie the score. Excitement was building by the second half. Ending the third quarter Tech was ahead 10-3. In the last ten minutes of the fourth quarter Northwestern scored two touchdowns and a field goal. Tommy Wallis and Mike Pool each scored a touchdown and Dennis Wilkinson kicked the 24 yard field goal. Mike Pool was the leading rusher. It was a close game, but the Demons topped the Tech Bulldogs 20-17. 1 26 demons ended season with win Northwestern ' s second defeat was in Jacksonville, Alabama to the Jacksonville State Gamecocks. Donald Johnson raced 98 yards for the only Demon score in the fourth quarter. The final score was 35-6. The Demons traveled to Lake Charles to play the McNeese Cowboys for another victory. Northwestern ' s defense was slack, but the offense was tight. Richard Ware, the leading rusher, helped to down the McNeese Cowboys 14-7. The Demon Stadium was the host for the USL Bulldogs. Demons came on strong in the second quarter with 3 touchdowns by Mike Pool, Donald Johnson and Richard Ware, and held the lead until the fourth quarter. Donald Johnson gained 134 yards rushing to help the Demons make a good showing of 21-24. Fans filled the Demon Stadium for Northwestern ' s last game of the season against the Southeastern Lions. Excited fans cheered the Demons on to victory over the Lions 22-14. The Lions were held scoreless in the first quarter by the tight Demon defense. Donald Johnson, the leading rusher, made the first touchdown for the Demons. Mike Pool passed to Tommy Wallis in the third quarter for the second touchdown. In the last quarter of play Richard Ware made another touchdown leaving the score 22-14. The Demons closed their season with a 7-3 overall record and tied for second place in the Gulf State Conference. Demon Richard Ware fought his way through the Cowboys for yardage. I28 Demons pushed through the Southwestern Bulldogs for yardage. Donald Johnson, 33, rushed his way through the Southeastern Lions for critical yardage for the Demons. 129 Demon fans ' spirit drove the NSU Cagers to more victories than defeats this season. The season started with several defeats, but ended in victory. It was a good season, according to Head Coach Tynes Hildebrand. (Pictured at right is Head Coach Tynes Hildebrand and far right is assistant Coach Don Beasley.) nsu basketball 1970-71 DEMON BASKETEERS, STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT-Perry Ball, Thurmond Baptiste, Jim Krajefska, Stantley Lee, Vernon Wilson, Jesse Horner, Edward Johnson, Errick Hunt, and Marvin Willet. KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT— Johnny Janese, Randy Veuleman, Randy Prather, Tynes Hildebrand, Alan Posey, and Larry James. 30 Vernon Wilson took control of the ball (left) then blocked Tech ' s points (right). 131 Ml 132 scrambling FAR LEFT: Janese and Baptiste waited to receive the ball against East Texas. MIDDLE: Baptiste came to help Wil- J lett as NSU squeaked by East Texas 87-86. ABOVE: Krajefska found himself surrounded in the East Texas game. BELOW: Wilson attempted a fif- teen-foot jumper shot against East Texas. 133 Willett and Baptiste made the going rough for the Cajuns of USL as NSU scraped by USL 69-61. I 34 Willett went up for two as Baptiste supplied the back-up help. Horner watched as Baptiste attempted to grab a rebound against USL. 135 , H SCfe fc»-.. ■ ' ■ fm T B ■ HI 1 a V B f A B Si MJj- H [if r " 17 j T Bm i ii i Randy Veuleman attempted a lay-up as Northeast Indians stood and stared. Baptiste and Horner gave assistance as Willett attempted a rebound in the 61-69 loss to USL. Vernon Wilson reached for the ball in the loss to USL. 137 demon cagers NSU ' s Women ' s Basketball team opened their season with several wins. They had victories over such teams as USL, Northeast, Mississippi, and Perkinson Jr. College. Their hard long hours of practice and work and their enthusiasm made them one of the top basketball teams in the South. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT— Pat Tauzin, Diane Thomas, Frances Graves, Donna Crawford, Melinda Voorhies, Linda Burkhalter, Lou Wiggins, Greta Wallace and Kathy Hightower. KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT-Judy Shaw. Rhonda Ellerman, Lisa McCaleb, Debbie Myers, Carolyn Comer and Sissy Smith. 38 nsu netters LEFT TO RIGHT— the NSU Netters were: Bill Mitchell, Skeeter Saline, Joey Cotton, Jimmy Geno- vese, Hans Leis, and Mark Smith. BOTTOM RIGHT-Mark Smith. TOP LEFT— JimmyGenovese. TOP MIDDLE-Skeeter Saline. TOP RIGHT-Joey Cotton. TOP LEFT— Bill Mitchell. BOTTOM RIGHT-Hans Leis 140 women ' s volleyball Northwestern ' s women volleyball team was off to a good start when they beat such teams as Southwestern Texas Women ' s University and Lamar Tech. They had many other victories over several other teams throughout the 1971 season. The team practiced hard and had a good winning record to show for their efforts. The 1971 season was one of the team ' s best, through the concerned effort and the skillful leadership of Mrs. Mary Farris, their coach. LEFT TO RIGHT-Beth Crane, Sissy Smith, Rhonda Allerman, Debbie Krane, Frances Graves, Debbie Myers, Pat Tauzin, Carolyn Comer, and Janet Parker. (Not shown is Mrs. Mary Farris, coach.) I4I nsu golfers LEFT TO RIGHT— Dwight Helns, Ken Gorsha, Bob Konsdorf, George Risty (captain), Steve Laurence, Mike Shelbourne, and Jim Pierson (Not shown is Coach Don Beasley.) 142 y « TOP LEFT-Bob Konsdorf. TOP RIGHT-Jim Pierson. BOTTOM LEFT— Steve Laurence. BOTTOM RIGHT— Mike Shelbourne. 143 women ' s intramurals Northwestern displayed hidden talent this season in their girls ' intramural football teams. The league, comprised of sororities and independant teams, played the game of football with unusual precision. Each game was filled with well executed plays, dazzling runs, and superb defensive saves. The girls battled to the end until the victors took their crowns. Next year promises to be one of excitement as losses are avenged. Men ' s Intramurals One of the Men ' s intramural teams proudly showed off their mascot. Contrary to popular belief the jack-ass is in the middle. 144 gymnastics Northwestern State University ' s Gymnasts have won the title of N.A.I. A. champions for five consecutive years and now are defending champions of the NCAA. The team was well on its way to extending its title of N.A.I.A. champions for six consecutive years. Paul Tickenoff, a senior, was one of the leading gymnasts and has attended national games. The team has great perspective for the future. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT— Brian Jowers, Rickie Russell, Pat Thyssen, Doug Brown, and Coach Armando Vega. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT-Pat O ' Brien, Pat Dial, Paul Tickenoff, Bruce McGartlin, and Bob Quintanales. 146 TOP RIGHT-Bob Quintanales BOTTOM LEFT-Rickie Russell BOTTOM RIGHT-Bruce McGartlin TOP RIGHT-Bruce McGartlin BOTTOM LEFT-Bob Quintanales BOTTOM RIGHT-Paul Tickenoff 148 OP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT— Bill Luciano, Paul Tickenoff, John Ellas, Coach Armando Vega, Pat Dial, Bruce McGartlin, Bob Quintanales. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT-Dan Garcia and ax Magdelano. M Coach Armando Vega (bottom left), gymnastics coach and physical education instructor, is a former Olympic gymnast. He has won many first place titles in gymnastics and was elected to the Helms Hall of Fame. neptune swim club 2IGZAG LEFT TO RIGHT, BOTTOM TO TOP-Linda Wilson, Mrs. June King, Tricia Day, Doris Hebert, Carolyn Slaughter, Carolyn Harrell. KNEELING: San- dra Caudle-Sec-Treas. STANDING: Pat Gilmore-V.P., Jane Day— Pres. The Neptune Club presented its annual water show which was superb. Membership in the club was open to all men and women students of NSU who had passed their intermediate swim test. 150 nsu track and field 1971 The 1971 track squad amazed track fans at the meets with their determination to win. The Demon Track Team was one of the hardest working groups at Northwestern. Track Coach Jerry Dyes practiced his boys every spare minute of the day. The 1971 track season was one of the best Northwestern has had. Several school records were broken this season. (Pictured at left is track Coach Jerry Dyes.) •ayr . ■■•Ur SITTING LEFT TO RIGHT-Blain Vedros, Mike Martin, Julius Steele, Eddie Carroll, Cliff Vandivor, Steve Jones, John Davison, Ardre Van Green, and Terry Skaggs. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT-Danny Strange, Butch Soignion, Jack Pickens, Ronnie Haworth, Mike Craven, Raymon Tridre, Terry Murphy. Farrell Soileau, and Rodney Mize. (Not pictured are Richard Lewis, Tommy Wilson and Bruce Williams) I5I 152 ? ' 3P ill JA mt Sk ' ' A f m ikm " ' W " — v . ♦ v I . TOP LEFT TO RIGHT-Julius Steele and Mike Craven. BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT- Ramon Triche and Terry Murphy. 153 TOP LEFTTORIGHT-Steve Jones and Terry Skaggs. BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT— Ronnie Haworth and Farrell Soileau. 54 TOP LEFT TO RIGHT-Andre Van Geen and Eddie Carroll. BOTTOM-Jack Pickens ? r 155 nsu baseball 1971 The NSU Baseball schedule for Spring 1971 was rugged, but baseball Coach Herbie Smith knew his Demons could handle it. The team had seven returning starters in addition to several outstanding freshmen. Righthanders Jimmy Stewart and Woody Schick improved on their 1970 pitching performance which helped the Demons to more wins. Coach Smith (pictured right) said this was one of the best baseball seasons the Demons have had. The defense in the infield and the pitchers ' performance were the keys to a successful year. Members of the Demon Baseball Team relax in the " N " Club after practice. I56 i ± . . Team captains for the 1971 baseball team were Kenny Reed and James Gibson. Kenny Reed held the school record for the most doubles (8 in 1969) and was one of the league ' s best centerfielders. John Boogaerts led the Gulf State Conference in home runs last season with 10. He scored 21 runs, drove in 23 mates, ripped five doubles, to have a total of 68 bases. Boogaerts was all-GSC in 1970. TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT-Kenny Reed and John Boogaerts. BOTTOM, LEFT- John Janese. I57 TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT-Woody Schick, Billy Smith and Randall Johnson. BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT— Mike Timms and James Gibson. 158 Jimmy Stewart. LEFT TO RIGHT— Randall Johnson, Wayne Haney and John Boogaerts. Up to bat was Charles Jackson, with the supervision of team members and Coach Smith, far left. 159 160 { organizations 61 student government The Student Government Association of NSU was the representative body of all students on campus. It was the body which linked the student to the administration. Meetings held weekly determined business concerning campus conflicts and involved means of how to resolve them. David Precht— President Jack Hoffstadt-Vice President Debbie Singletary-Secretary FRONT ROW —Dean Fulton (advisor), Ronnie Morrow, Chris Prestenback, Rhonda McCullough, SECOND ROW: Bill Thrash, Lynn Killen, Debbie Single- tary, David Precht, Jack Hoffstadt, Johnny Hebert, Bill Baskerville. THIRD ROW, standing: Debbie Wing, Linda Sepulvado, Thea Rosamano, Ann Stout, Jo Pease, Jeanne Hebert, Mary Lynn Williamson, Marcia Thomas, Linda Jue, Marcia Nicosia. FOURTH ROW: John Russ Daniel, Mike McConnell, Lynn Rollins, Greg O ' Quinn, Ben Rushing, Bobby Harling, Steve Jones, Lenny Lyle, Charlotte Broussard, Diane Gray. 162 — . association Bill Thrash— Treas. Johnny Hebert— Pari. Lynn Killen-AWS Bill Baskerville— AMS SGA President David Precht accepted the Northwestern-Tech Banner from Tech SGA President Jim Dowling after winning the annual Northwestern Tech football game. 163 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS-Lenny Lyle (Men ' s Rep). Jeanne He- bert (Women ' s Rep), Greg O ' Quinn-Pres.; (top): Jo Pease (Sec ) Bobby Harling (V.P.). FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS-John Russ Daniel (V.P.), Diane Gray (Sec), Mary Lynn Williamson (Women ' s Rep.). JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Mike Mc- Connell (V.P.), Charlotte Broussard (Women ' s Rep), Lynn Rollins (Men ' s Rep), Debbie Wing (Sec), Linda Se- pulvado— Pres. SENIOR CLASS OFFiCER-Ann Stout (Women ' s Rep ), Ronnie Morrow (Men ' s Rep), Jim McDowell (V.P.), Ben Rush- ing Jr. (Pres.), Thea Rosamano (Sec). 164 student union board The Student Union Board and its committees ' primary functions were to provide a relaxing atmosphere and social activities for the benefit of all NSU students. The Board sponsored such activities as the Lady of the Bracelet pageant, the Winter and Mardi Gras Balls, various other dances, and special live entertainment. Val Marmillion— President Rhonda Coleman— Garland Riddle- V.P., Entertainment V.P., Programs Debbie Wallace- Secretary Margaret Kovar- Treasurer Johnny Mayeux- Parliamentarian FRONT ROW: Frankie Gaspar, Cheryl Reese, James Ducote. Debbie Hardaway SECOND ROW, STANDING: Rhonda Coleman, Barry Jenkins, Johnny Mayeux, Fran Arnona, Norma Oliver, David Morgan, Barbara Hubbard, Debbie Davis! Debbie Wallace, Margaret Kovar. THIRD ROW: Garland Riddle, Mr. Bob Wilson (Director), Gary Digilormo, Bobby Harling ON TOP: Bill Thrash, Val Marmillion, 165 RESEARCH AND DEVE- LOPMENT: Barbara Hubbard— chrm., Bobby Harling, Norma Oliver, Gary Digilormo, Bill Thrash (not shown) HOSPITALITY: Dianne Taylor, Charlotte Brous- sard (chrm .), Joe Mad- den, Robert Ward. FINE ARTS: Debby Tynes, Edie Stanitz, Sandi Downing, Debbie Borel, Cynthia Harrell, Nina Martin, Kathy Kleff- man, Debbie Davis (chrm). PUBLICITY: Debbie Hardaway (chrm), Myra Martin, Jackie Smith, Ellen Parker, Laure Kierum, Louanne Bam, Swannie Boone, Brenda Blow, Mona Brunchie ENTERTAINMENT: Seated (I— r): John Ker- ley, Edith Bush, Rhonda Coleman (chrm), Sara Tanner, Don Guillory, Paul Keyser, Leo Fisher. Seated, 2nd row: Debbie Thomas, Bill Hare, Bobby Harling, Mike Kelley. Third row: Larry Nelson, Roddy Dye, Mike Mc- Cain, Mr. Bob Wilson. The Union Board was in the process of one of their many meetings held during the year. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: Shirley Dick- son, Billy Pendleton, Margo Crooks, Charles Walker, Deal Sanders. m MUSIC AND FILMS: SEATED Frankie Gaspar, Katie Van Assel- berg, David Morgan, Winnie Dar- phin, Bonnie Williams. STANDING: Diana Provenza, Colleen Clooney. John Lee, Ronnie Morrow, Mike Edwards, David Rosenthal, Chris Prestenback, Jay Foucheux, Kathy Breazeale. Union Board President Val Mar- million explains business aspects at a meeting Elected representatives from each women ' s dorm served on the AWS Council and voiced the problems of their dorms to the Executive Board. Disciplinary problems were referred to the Women ' s Judiciary Board. This organization served as the NSU woman ' s link to the administration, and sought to promote the general welfare of the student by strengthening her sense of responsibility, sense of cooperation and friendship. JUDICIARY BOARD-SEATEDWendy Bedgood, Jeanne Hebert. Pam Hooper. STANDING: Rene Gibson, Cheryl Reese, Norma Oliver. associated women students EXECUTIVE BOARD: Jo Pease— Recording Secretary; Rene Gibson— Vice President; Frankie Gaspar— IAWS representative; Jeanne Hebert— Correspond- ing Secretary; Patti Wiggins— Publicity Chairman; Lynn Killen— President; Faye David— Treasurer; Jean Dowling— Social Chairman. 68 FIRST ROW UP: Barbara Hubbard, Jo Tufts, Debbie Hardaway, Rosalyn Scroggs, Carol Hebert, Elaine Richard. SECOND ROW: Betty Walsh, Lark Christy, Roxanne Gaspard, Pat Wyatt, Billie Jones. THIRD ROW: Patti Hebert, Sissy Hubley, Roxie Cariere, Jackie Pousson, Scott Thompson, Bonnie Williams. FOURTH ROW: Debbie Wing, Diane Ortego, Adelia Koonce, Anne Cifreo. Linda Johnston, Julia Bossier. AWS REPRESENTATIVES-(FIRST ROW LEFT, BOTTOM TO TOP): Judy Vince. Rhonda Ivey, Elaine Garrett, Cornelia O ' Kelley. Cynthis Cancienne, Cherry Murray, Lanie McBride. SECOND ROW UP: Norma Moses, Ellen Gaddis, Frances Bailey, Rita Young, Margaret Lewis, Debbie Pollard, Sandi Raines. THIRD ROW: Sara Tanner, Barbara Boatman, Bonnie Laroux, Debbie Mor- gan, Juma Briscoe, Frances Martin, Theresa Swain. FO URTH ROW: Debbie Laenger, Jackie Babineaux, Brenda Collins, Sandie Eason, Cora Lewis, Kathy Mier, Thyra Bernard, Margaret Middleton. 169 associated men AMS had the objective of promoting the general welfare of the NSU male student by serving as a link between the men students and the administration, especially concerning dorm affairs. Each men ' s dorm elected representatives who met with the Executive Board and discussed those matters which they felt should be resolved. In this way, AMS sought to foster the growth of citizenship, leadership, and responsibility in the NSU male student. Sponsor Tom Crout and Bill Baskerville, president of AMS. 70 students ams representatives i AMS REPRESENTATIVES-FRONT ROW: Tom Cummins, Tom Precht (trea- ROW: Charles Arnngton. Mark Hanna, Ricky Smith. Robert Ward, Steve Jones, surer), James Ducote (vice president), David Varnell SECOND ROW: Bill SIXTH ROW: Jack Scroggs, Bernard Wait. SEVENTH ROW: David Hudson. Baskerville (president). THIRD ROW: Richard Barker, Eddie Tompkins Leslie Bartley, Hohn Lyles EIGHTH ROW: Pat O ' Brien, Stan Savant. FOURTH ROW: Roger Duvic, Lynn Rollins, Larry Garcie, Steve Carlton. FIFTH 171 alpha lambda delta Becoming a member of Alpha Lambda Delta was the highest scholastic honor which a freshman woman could have received. Members must have attained an overall 3.5 grade average for the year. After the first year, members became alumnae. OFFICERS SEATED: Mrs. Mamie Trunzler, faculty sponsor; Bonlta Havard, president; Janie Johnson, secretary; Patricia Ingram, historian. STANDING: Jo Morgan, social chairman; Diane Whittington, keeper of the grades; and Sarah Beth Tanner, treasurer. (Not pictured as Kathy Breazeale, vice president; and Gail Ruffin, off campus representative ) SEATED: Claudia Glass, Francis Hatcher, Marion Domicio, Kathy Burns, Jo Pease, Ricky Williamson, Carolyn Hawn, Rosemary O ' Neal SECOND ROW: Judy Tanner, Donna Cupp, Barbara Cannon, Vicki Tarlton, Brenda Bee Bee, Janet Green, Nancy Archambeaux, Pat Cariere, Bonnie Buck, Brenda Collins, Becky Bates, Judy Litton THIRD ROW: Debbie Pollard, Faye David, Pat Townshend, Evie Norman, Betty Walsh, Annette Lebry, Kathy Lum, Rosalyn Scroggs, Debbie Flories, Ole Raney, Clin- ton. FOURTH ROW: Lynn Mayeaux, Dorothy Carriere, Linda Wilson, Mary Ann Eskew, Lori Amazeun, Margaret Lewis, Bonnie Hunter, Elaine Rainey, and Sally Box ? phi eta sigma The purpose of Phi Eta Sigma was directed toward a high degree of scholarship in freshman men. Prospective members must have attained a 3.5 overall grade average during their first semester or year of enrollment. OFFICERS— Edwin Dunahoe— Secre- tary; Ben Rushing— Sr. Advisor; Philip Thomas— President; Mike Slaughter- Vice President; Eddie Johnson- Treasurer; Dr. Donald Rawson— Spon- sor; Bobby Harling (not shown)— His- torian. BOTTOM TO TOP, FROM LEFT: FIRST ROW: James Maxwell, Bobby Harling, Greg O ' Quinn, Donald Rawson. SE- COND ROW: Shaw Borderlon, Randy Brown, Mike Richie, Don Dryden. THIRD ROW: Charles Tabor, Jim Larmoyeaux, Ronald Busby, Edwin Dunahoe. FOURTH ROW: Eddie Johnson, Joe Ehrhardt, Michael Slaughter, Mark Tatum. 173 purple jackets OFFICERS— SEATED: Dr. Margaret Rucker— Sponsor; Norma Oliver- President; Veta Ann Medica— Vice President, STANDING: Susan Tanner- Secretary; Thea Rosamano— Treasurer. One of the highest honors which a NSU woman student could have received was election to the Purple Jackets. Membership to this honorary service organization was open to students who had reached their sophomore year and not yet a senior with at least a 2.6 overall grade average. The Purple Jackets were the official hostesses of NSU. FIRST ROW: Dr. Rucker, Norma Oliver, Veta Ann Medica, Susan Tanner. SECOND ROW, STANDING: Nancy Weible, Frankie Gaspar, Montez Anding, Carol Kneipp, Hallie Miller, Lynn Killen, Merrill Neck, Mary Ann Rabalais, Brenda Stanly, Cindy Coker. THIRD ROW: Sissy Hubley, Lark Christy, Ouida Benton, Ann Stout, Susan Ehlers, Pat Tynes, Karen Walters FOURTH ROW: Christi Conine, Cynthia Phillips, Patti Churchman, Becky Riseden, Dana Gaddis, Karen Reeder (not pictured, Nona Dezendorf, Ernestine Wroten). 174 blue key Blue Key was an honorary service organization for NSU male students. Members must have been of junior or senior standing, attained at least a 2.5 overall grade average, membership and officership in two or more campus organizations, and have received a majority vote of the chapter. OFFICERS-SEATED: Allen Posey-Vice President; Ben Rushing— President; STAND- ING: Donnie Martin— Historian; Roderick J. Dye— Alumni. SEATED: Bill Allbritten, Allen Posey, Roderick Dye, Donnie Martin, Ben Rush- ing, Dean Fred Bosarge (sponsor), John Ramsey. STANDING: Phillip Thomas, Eddie Johnson, Edwin Dunahoe, Stephen Christy, Craig Bush, Charles Arring- ton, Ronald McBride, Stan Lee, Donald Dryden, Kirby Ramsey. Greg Founds, Jim Daniel, and Thomas Regina. 75 circle k Circle K was a national service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. Its purpose was to serve both the community and the university. Membership was open to those male students who had maintained at least a 2.0 overall grade average. OFFICERS-SEATED: Dwight Bou- dreaux— Vice President; Dr. Tommy Johnson— Advisor; Ronnie Morrow- President; Mike Kelley— Secretary. i ■HHHM | a ■■ i HI ■ M fm mm i II raM v55y i i» " i kArPJ jjf HI j tii . ■ MTTT7 ' rT Sll F l u 1, 1 ' hilll 1 fc lllm 1 III 11 1 III I 11 I 11 11 p " TE COLLEGE ' ' ji PI MMf H Ht LiI iB fr r = ■■111] " Hi ' fe iii 1 r 1 IT 1 v «l ll ' il " lim»aui5i»N» I " IB W I ■ « i IN p Jl 1 , . j ■ W CLOCKWISE; Ronnie Morrow, Ernie Scott. Dr Johnson, Ken Kern, Mike Fon- tenot, Charles Vasburg, Ed Warren, Charlie Jackson, Mike Kelley, Andy Back- man, Dane Hine, Charles Cooley, Ronnie Bradford. Woody Schick, Dwight Boudreaux, Ted Brasher (not shown). 76 beta beta beta Beta Beta Beta was an honorary organization which encouraged scholarship in the field of biological science. Membership required an overall grade average of 2.5 and 3.0 in biology. OFFICERS-SEATED: Phillip Thomas— Vice President; Leslie John- son-President; SECOND ROW: Dr. Dana Sanders— Sponsor; Millard Man- grum— Historian; Roddy Dye- Treasurer; Lark Christy (not shown)— Secretary. STANDING: Mary Reid, Roddy Dye, Johnny Creed, Phillip Thomas, Bin Ching Wang. SECOND ROW: Diane Gamble, Janelle Glover, Jim Daniel, Edwin Crump. THIRD ROW: Dr. Sanders, Kirby Ramsey, Millard Mangrum, Tommy Hardaway, Patrick Murphy, Leslie Johnson. 177 FIRST ROW: Allen McMurtry, Richard Kenyon, Rex Durham. SECOND ROW: Dr Earl Thames (sponsor), Ronald Busby (secretary-treasurer), Joe Sepulvado (president), Henry Savell (vice president). beta gamma psi The purpose of this national honor fraternity was to encourage scholarship in accounting students. Members must have maintained a 2.5 overall grade average and a 3.0 in accounting subjects. FIRST ROW-SEATED: Wayne Tibbit, John Pullen, John Sheffer, John Galle- more, James Rodriguez. STANDING: Dwayne Gilbert, Nedom Muns, Bill Shaw, Dr Walter Robinson, David Legendre, James Sandifer, Mr. Raymond Christen- sen (sponsor). iota lambda sigma lota Lambda Sigma encouraged scholarship in industrial education and technology students. Members must have attained at least a 3.0 overall average in their major. 78 OFFICERS— FRONT: Thea Sheppard ( president), Frances Martin (1 st vice president), Mane Ashley (2nd vice president), Linda Green (secretary) SECOND ROW: Dr. Thomas Clinton (treasurer and sponsor), James Gibson (historian and reporter). • ' 6 kappa delta P " A national honor fraternity for education majors, Kappa Delta Pi sought to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship and scholarship among its members. A member must have been of junior or senior standing, maintained above a 3.0 overall average, and have received an invitation from the professor. BOTTOM TO TOP: Thea Sheppard, Jackie Smith, Thea Rosamano, Glenda Rawson, Dot Flynn, Dr. Clinton. SE- COND ROW: Marie Ashley, Norma Oliver, Sarah Savell, Frances Martin, Lucy Crowgey. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Lee, Susan Ehlers, Elaine McFatter, Ben Rushing, Mrs. Mary Roberson FOURTH ROW: Loretta McDaniel, Linda Green, Anne Marie Owens, James Gibson, Stanley Savant. 1 79 phi alpha theta Phi Alpha Theta was a national honor society for History majors who had maintained an overall 3.0 grade average. SEATED: Dr. McCorkle, Mr. Charles Porter, Dr. Poe (sponsor), Frances Hayes, Shirley Slay. STANDING: Mr. Ezra Adams, Elliot Knowles, Dr. Donald Rawson, Steve Christy (President), Gary Haggart (Secretary-Treasurer), Edward Sch- lomer, Harry Middleton, Bill Allbritten. phi delta kappa This organization consisted only of those students and faculty who had attained a high degree of scholarship and achievement in the field of education. Dr. Waddell Burge, O. W. Hargrove, Harry A. (Cracker) Brown, Dr. John Jones, Dr. Raymond Christensen, Dr Walter Robinson. 180 phi epsilon kappa PEK was the only national honor fraternity for male students majoring in health and physical education. Its purpose was to strengthen and uphold the standards of those fields. Members must have attained an overall 2.0 grade average. OFFICERS SEATED: Luke Thomas (historian), John Kerley (president). Larry Buck (vice president). STANDING: Joe Erhardt (treasurer), Doug Tarver (guide). CLOCKWISE: Gary Childress, David Boydston, John Kerley, Luke Thomas, David Scogin, Doug Tarver, Paul Smith, Joe Erhardt, Kenny Reed, Jerry Brungart, Jim Simmons, Larry Beck, Paul Keyser. 181 pi omega Pi Pi Omega Pi was a national honor fraternity for business majors. Membership required a 2.0 overall grade average with a 3.0 maintained in all business subjects. OFFICERS: Judy Auer (treasurer), Mary Beach (1st vice president), Margaret Kovar (chaplain), Mr. Joseph Johnson (cosponsor), Mamie Small (president), Barron Wells (cosponsor). Vera Windsor (2nd vice president), Donald Dinkins (reporter), Peggy Heath (social chair- man), Rene Gibson (not shown) (secre- tary). BOTTOM TO TOP, FROM LEFT: Bill Bozzelle. Judy Auer, Vera Windsor, Mamie Small, Ola Clinton, Mr. Joseph Johnson. SECOND ROW: Clay Schu- lenburg, Mary Beach, Rita Barnette, Margaret Kovar, Carol McCloy THIRD ROW: Peggy Heath, DianneWhittington, Don Dinkins, Jeanelle Rue, Hilda Dees, Barron Wells. FOURTH ROW: Sue Reed, Marie Cooley, Carla Moreuin, Virgie Ratcliff, Frank Scotti, Dr Tommy Johnson. 1 82 psi chi Psi Chi was a national honor society for psychology majors. Membership required an overall 2.6 grade average and 3.0 in all psychology courses. FIRST ROW: Linda Hanson (corresponding secretary), Sam Medica (secretary), (sponsor), Ronald LaPlace, Charlotte Ducote, Vaughn Stagg (president), Barry Jean Burns (treasurer), Addison Baxter. SECOND ROW: Dr. Donald Gates Barr (vice president). 183 potpourri staff Gayle Palmer Editor Ezra Adams Faculty Adviser Becky Feeney Associate Editor Larry McKenzie Business Manager 84 Vicki Prather— Organization and Entertain- ment Linda Jue— Assistant, Organization Cheryl Reese— Faculty Cherry Hopson— Administration 185 Cathy Reed Student Life Pam Lee Greeks Meloni O ' banion Sports Jeannie Martin Personalities 186 current sauce staff Bessie Brock Editor Franklin Presson Faculty Adviser Niva Chavez News Bubba Maddox Business Manager 187 Gene McArdle Assistant Business Manager Scott Thompson Greeks Kristie Roach Feature Lynn Rollins Sports 88 David Miller Assistant Sports Skipper Young Sports Reporter Manuel Chavez Photographer Mr. Presson advises Bessie on a layout sheet. 189 I-. nsu photographers SEATED: Lester Fife; STANDING I— r: John Haag, Pete Piazza. Don Gomez, and Ronnie McBride 190 pom pom girls FRONT ROW: Linda Sepulvado, Becky Moore, Elaine Rainy. Vicki Rabalais, and Kathi Breazeale. BACK ROW: Carolyn Ferguson, Mary Stewart, Kay Oxlly, Sandra Durbin, and Katy Van Asselberg. BOTTOM ROW: Vicki Stothart, Deborah McBride, Ginger McGee, Debbie Merril Nick, Karen Spain, Carleen McCalman, Theresa Norris, and Peggy Jones, Michelle Dupont. TOP ROW: Lynn Allen, Penny Parker, Penny Coker, Landry. mademoiselles 191 l_. 1970 cheerleaders Gary Digolormo (head) Roxie Cariere Julie Piazza Ken Bailey 1 92 Kim Herring Steve McGee Pat Gilmore Rudy Burnette David Morgan (Demon) 193 agriculture club This organization sought to promote interest in agriculture as a profession. Members must have maintained an overall 2.0 grade average. alpha beta alpha This organization was a national Library Science fraternity whose purpose was to give its members knowledge of the different phases of library education. FRONT ROW: Tommy Frye (president). SECOND ROW: Gary Young (reporter), Eddie Sutherland (Sr representative) Joe Chiles (vice president), Jimmy Thiel, James Douglas, Charles Hampton, J. Stevens. THIRD ROW Johnny O ' Neil Darrel Wilson, Ralph Bennett, Allen Freeman (Soph, rep), C. C. Willis, L. C. Ingles, Mike Thomas Randy Little ' FOURTH ROW: Randy Brown, Robby Duncan (Jr. rep), David Lewis, James Lafitte, Barry White Jerry Jackson Kenneth Kirtland, David Richardson FIFTH ROW: Eddy Harmon, Bobby Jeane, John Merritt, Eloy Farrington Nardic Harrison, Mike Kelly, Dickie McBnde, Judy Porter (secretary), Cleve Weisgeiber, Chuck Levy, Charles Cooly Winston Roberts. SIXTH ROW: Freddie Lee, Dave Dickson, Roger Johnson. LAST ROW: Cecil Carter Kathy Kinney Diane Farrington, Cathy Porter (freshman rep), Nelda Robinson, Judy Stokes. SEATED: Edith Bush (treasurer), Christi Conine (vice president), Mary Ann Rabalais (president), Sara Tanner (cor- responding secretary), Elaine Guillot (reporter-historian). SECOND ROW STANDING: Dorothy Nickey (sponsor), Carolyn Raines, Pam Staten, Susan Tanner, Annette Brady, Janice Snow, Rose Durr. THIRD ROW: Peggy Pratt, Janice Van Dame, Paula Lunebring, Joan Gates, Kay Gray, Sharon Kelley, Don Dryden, Leslie Bartley. 194 SEATED: Debbie Greene (secretary), Cynthia Kittler (president), Mrs. Raymond Christensen (sponsor), Charlotte Broussard (vice president). STANDING: Anne White, Nan Hardin, Demetrius Lovelady, Georgia Wren. I MMWMP IM ,.| „ W , I I|I| I I |I.I.«. I campus girl scouts The NSU Campus Girl Scouts were the collegiate branch of the nationally based Girl Scouts and extended their services to the school and community. american chemical society The American Chemical Society, an affiliate of the nationally based Society, sought to broaden the knowledge and boost interest in those taking Chemistry courses. FIRST ROW: Joice Thompson (secretary), Jamey Hall, Brent Prather, Anton Scannaliato. SECOND ROW: Lyle Christenson, Cindy Grant (president), Michael Slaughter (vice president), Lydia Conlay, Wilson Grant. THIRD ROW: Gerardo Ramirez, James Maxwell (reporter), Dr. Wayne Guin (sponsor), Dennis Bozemann. 195 SEATED: Michele Francela, Eugenie Mentsas, Shirley Mentsas, Mary Reed, Patricia Carrier, Joan Griffin Evelyn Case, Mary David, Connie Rosalies, Dr. Ramon Brodermann, Mrs. Nohely Brodermann, Roberto Qumtanales ' lommv Deville, Noah Cox, Milton Hill. STANDING: Joe Ramirez, Burton Dupruy, Martha Dupruy, Bruce Champion Danny Chrohere, Charles Tabor, Milton Lacefield, Robert Ward, Gerardo Ramirez, Pat Campbell, Lydia Brasher Mary Lou Murry, Jean Rohler. ' ' cosmpolitan club The purpose of the Cosmopolitan Club was to stimulate interest in the world of Spanish language and culture. contemporary dance club This organization was designed to give all those interested knowledge and experience in modern dance forms, experience in performing to provide entertaining formal and informal programs. FRONT ROW SEATED: Penni Coker, Michelle DuPont. SECOND ROW: Karen Spain, Susie Wiggins, SANDRA ROQUEMORE, David Mayer. THIRD ROW: Peggy Landry, Lieu Kohler, Beth Crane, Cindy Coker (president), Jeanne Whaley, Gloria James (secretary), Lisa Pilola (vice president). 196 FRONT Susan Ehlers (secretary), Doug Stannard (vice president), Donnie Couvillion (president), Ann Stout (house manager), BACK: Mr. Bill Basham, Mr. George Stewart, Mrs. Louella Stewart, Mrs. J. C. Huntley, Stephen Kimsey, Bobbie Park, Donnie McCaa, Dr. Edna West, Bill Hooten, Bob Barney, Kathy Breazeale, Bruce Kalman. davis players This group sought the best in dramatic performances through personal effort, staging, and the other elements which make or break a play. Membership requirements included an overall 2.0 average and at least 25 points earned on work done with the NSU productions. euthenics club Designed mainly for Home Economics majors, the club ' s purpose was to strive for professional standards in the various fields of home economics. FRONT ROW: Rosemary O ' Neal, Sharon Jordan, Barbara Gare, Mary Ann Eskew (state sec), Hallie Miller (sec), Dorothy Fair (treas .), Theresa Garlington SECOND ROW: Mrs. Maxine Southerland (sponsor), Katherine Squires, Susan Shatter, Diane Rainey, Annette LaBry, Maurine Koelemay. Phyllis Lee (2nd V.P.), Katherine Lum, Shirley Dickson (Hist), Wendy Bedgood THIRD ROW: Nita Spann, Dianne Norwood, Marcia Adams, Vicki Churchman, Beverly Whitlock, Nelda Alford, Wanda Sayes (1 st V.P.), Sarah Savell, Shirley Jones, Margaret Andries (pres). FOURTH ROW: Ann Spence, Brenda Bailey, Martha Richley, Linda Winn, Jeanette Berry, Barbara Melcher, Judy Winn. I97 l =i geological society This organization served to create interest in the field of geology thru activities such as field trips and lectures. industrial education club The Industrial Education Club ' s primary function was to encourage specula tion into the field covered by industrial education. Mike Medica, Deborah Wester (secretary), Randy McKnight (president), John Pullen, Fred Pippin (vice president). SECOND ROW: Herman Lawson (treasurer), R, L. Colvard (corr. secretary), Rene Duhon. FIRST ROW SEATED: Douglas Tatman (treas), John Cullen (sec), Bill Hare (pres .), Wendall Johnson (V P ), Jay Petrus (ath director), Timmy Chopin (reporter). SECOND ROW STANDING: Paul Rabalais. Pete DeBroeck, Ronnie Land, David Poston, James Marler, Johnny Vandersypen, Paul Dupuis, James Abraham. THIRD ROW: Dr. N C Muns (advisor), Daniel Durr, Kevin Koeppen, Wilson Odom, Mickey Bullock, Dwight Boudreaux, James Rodriguez. 198 FRONT ROW: Vernon Hidalgo, Kenneth Jones, Michael Price, W. A. Barker, George Gwelledge, Zack Foshee, Mickey Bullock, Bobby Nowlin. SECOND ROW: Hal Townsend, Jimmie Lee Moore, Jack Copeland, Patrick Zee, John Sheffer, Patrick Osborne, Stephen Lacy, Patrick York. THIRD ROW: Charles O ' Con, Frederick A. Hunt, Adrian Grimmett, Tommy Bailey, John Gallemore, David Legendre, Edward Domangue, Daniel Lacy. OFFICERS: Harvey Bennett (V. Chairman), Mr. R. Christensen (sponsor), Ken Kaufman (treasurer), Ronald Arcenaux (chairman), Carlton Longino (secretary). institute of electronic engineers This organization was concerned with furthering interest in the special branches of engineering, electronics and technology. karate club The art of self defense was practiced by the members. The NSU organization was a member of the Japanese Karate Association. FRONT ROW: Jay Andis, Ivan Quintero (president). SECOND ROW: Rusty Smith, Jerry Arnold, Chris Moore, Roberto Pilole. THIRD ROW: Ernie Taylor, Gary Wilkins, Clyde Roque. FOURTH ROW: Joice Thompson, Gary McWilliams, Tommy Harris, Larry Penix. 199 E— n club The wearers of the " N " are those athletes who had lettered in their respective sports at NSU. Outstanding players in the fields of football, basketball, track and baseball were honored with these letters by the Northwestern Athletic Council. The purpose of this organization was to promote the athletic interests of Northwestern among its students, faculty, and friends in order to stimulate the true Demon spirit. BOTTOM TO TOP, FROM LEFT: Richard Ware (president), Ronnie Bagley (vice president), James Gibson (secretary-treasurer), Kenny Reed. Trippy Weaver, Tom Merritt, Skeeter Salim, John Janese, Leslie Robertson DIA- GONAL, FROM LEFT: Craig Tripp, Stan Lee, Allen Posey, Ray Bridges, Ramon 200 Triche, Jim Krajefska, Skipper Morgan. BOTTOM TO TOP: Jim Pierson, Gil Gilson, Ken Hrapmann, Greg Clark, Mike Pool, Randy Veuleman, Al Phillips, Paul Tacker, John Boogaerts FIRST ROW: Georgia Williams, Janice Curtis, Rose Timmon, Charlotte Erwin (hist.), Paula Fleming, Sandra Poston (treas), Faye Crayton, Joyce Amos, Barbara Walmsley, Mrs. Jeannell Rue (cosponsor). SECOND ROW: Vicki McNeely, Karen Strother (V.P.), Kathy Duggan, Mary Sanders (pres.), Susan Towns (pub), Sarah Gibbs (sec), Mary Townsend, Mrs. Carol McCoy (cosponsor). V national collegiate association of secretaries The National Collegiate Association of Secretaries reached the standards of true business professionals. Through their organization, they learned important skills used in the business worlds. ontology club Ontology Club members were concerned with learning about life and the thought processes stemming from it. Lectures were given to inform the student about the science of all existence. i 5 FIRST ROW: Judy Pippen, Fred Pippin (president), Mary Shepherd, Vicki Bickham. SECOND ROW: Claudia Glass, Brad Peterson, Dr. John Waskom (sponsor). 201 Leonard McDaniel (president), Robert Wilder, Dr. James Browder (sponsor), Neal Ponders, Mike Richey. society of physics This organization through lectures and outside experiments sought to encourage interest in the field of physics and related areas. phi mu alpha sinfonia The Gamma Rho Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha promoted brotherhood among male music majors and fostered the cause of music in America. FIRST ROW: Tom Torpy (v. p.), Glen Welman, Rick Lacy (pres). SECOND ROW: Pam Wright (sweetheart), Richard Fletcher, Wayne Tibbit, James Hooter, James Muse, Ron Brigmon (warden), Paul Weller. THIRD ROW: Wayne Crowder (advisor), Mike Williford (sec), Craig Pratt, Don Ward (treas ), Lee Murray, Randy Frame (exec. alum, sec), Rick Foster (hist). 202 SEATED: Charlotte Ducote, Roxie Cariere, Barbara LaPlace. Addison Baxter, Jonnie Bourgeois, Bobbie Bivings, Nancy Neal, Linda Ragland, Doris Kochinsky (sec). SECOND ROW: Candi Osborn, Oneta Mapu, Richard Caffarel, Beverly Whitlock, Mary Creighton, Frances Balthazar, Anthony Howes, Sam Medica, Vaughn Stagg, Dr. Donald Gates (sponsor). THIRD ROW: James Sweat, Frank Collins, Rick Merchant (treas.), Bernice Gabor, John Norman, Ronald LaPlace (pres), Brooks Fullen, Barry Barr (V.P.), David Randall, Tom Buckley. psychology club The purpose of this organization was to stimulate interest in the fields concerned with psychology. Membership was open to those with a 2.5 overall average and faculty members of the department. recreation and parks association This association ' s members were involved in learning about conservation of the environment and doing what they could about it. FIRST ROW: Gwen Wells, Donna Kavalawski (sec), Carolyn Slaughter, Julie Loughran (treas), Kathy Mier, Terry Green. SECOND ROW: Lynn Tantreaus, Johnny Warner (V.P.), Chris Kuiper (pres), James Gibson, Doris Hebert, John Antley, Dr. Warren Evans (sponsor), K athy Lawn (Hist., not shown). 203 FRONT ROW SEATED: Rosalyn Scroggs (treas.), Jo Marie, Dr. Harriet Frederick (sponsor), Tamara Upchurch (sec ) Emily Brouillette , vp ). Gail Murphy. SECOND ROW: Rachel Buckley, Renee Marshall Linda Voss " Sharon Halo Edd e Warren. THIRD ROW: Clarice Dans, Debra Morgan, Cynthia Nelson, Barbara Campbell, Pat Monroe Judy Smith (reporter), Vicki Palmer, Dr. Edward Matis, Mrs. Edward Matis. ' sigma alpha eta Sigma Alpha Eta ' s purpose was to further interest and involvement in the fields of speech and hearing therapy and other phases of special education. sigma alpha iota This women ' s fraternity promoted a stronger understanding of music internationally and upheld the ideals of a music education. Membership was open to female music majors in good standing on faculty recommendation. FIRST ROW: Alice McGee (sec), Veta Ann Medica (V.P.), Mary Roberts (pres). Pam Wright (corr. sec), Cynthia Riser, Liz Lucia (Sgt. at Arms). SECOND ROW: Bonnie Williams, Montez Anding, Sally Phillips (treas.). Debbie Mitchell, Glenda Singletary (chaplain), Patsy Andis, Dianne Richard (hist.) 204 FIRST ROW: George Gray, Jack Dauphin. Gunter Malke, Joe Sepulvado, Hilary Langlois, Jerald Vascoe, Bill Tubre (President) SECOND ROW: Robert Sholar, Alfred Daplantis, Richard Kenyon, Denton Buckley, Roger Best. THIRD ROW: Sam Berel, Ernie Scott, Paul Maxwell, Clay Schulenburg, Walter Guillory, Mr. Donald Lincecum (sponsor), Charles Smith. society for advance- ment of manage- ment The Society for the Advancement of Management upheld professional standards for efficient operation of any organized competitive group. FRONT ROW: Mr. Charles Kennon (advisor), Kenneth Kern (treas), Diane Marusak (sec), Charles Arrington (pres.). SECOND ROW: Rayett e Thompson, Linda Evans, Pansy Hale, Kitty Forace, Donna Kochinsky. THIRD ROW: Margaret Vollm, Elaine Balthazar, Claudia Glass, Barbara Cross, Audrey Cowgill, Cheryl Jones. FOURTH ROW: Sherrie Donaway, Darrell Paul, Becky Thomas, John Matessino, Mary Hymes, David Rambin. FIFTH ROW: David Navarre, Robert Jones, John Smith, Ann Alford, Pesky Hill, Robert Ward. sociology club The Sociology Club created interest and concern for the study of society and its problems. Membership included sociology majors who could participate in field work. 205 FRONT SITTING: G. T. Spence, Jeffree Brooks, Mary Eymaid, Becky Simpson, Ann Bleick, Steve Holt. STANDING: Dr. Bill Shafer, Jim Stinson, Karl White, Tom Crout, Mike Hyams, Steve Miller, Malcom Hodnett, Barry Jenkins (pres.). student personnel association These services were designed to help the student in whatever way possible to adjust to college. slta The Student Louisiana Teachers Association strove to create quality education through better teachers who learned the importance of a well rounded education in shaping a better world. OFFICERS: Frances Martin (pres), Emily Brouillette (V.P.), Judy Auer (pub ), Thea Sheppard (sec), John Killgore (pari .), Wanda Sayes (social chrm). FRONT SEATED: Viva Atkins. Debby Flake, Pat Ingram, Danny Strange, Janet Bierden, Alaina Bozzelle, Shirley Dickson, Robert Louck, Clyde Miller. SECOND ROW: Evelyn Taylor, Barbara Cannon, Sally Box, Linda Sellers, Belinda Kay Jackson, Carol Bordelon, Brenda Taylor. Sherrie Hawthorne, Alice Carruth, Nancy Roan, Marcia Nicosia, Melba Guilliam. THIRD ROW: Pauline Couvillion, Wanda Sayes, Linda Morgan, Sharon Kinard, Anita Turner, Phyllis Lee, Georgia Wren, Sharon Traylor, Alice McGee, Becky Robinson, Marilyn DuFrene, Diane Dupont. FOURTH ROW: Paula Sanders, Vicki Tarlton, Susan McCormick, Janis McGehee, Kay Brasher, Shirley Davis, Sharon Stoker, Barbara Neesley. Cheryl Beckerdite, Faye David. FIFTH ROW: Barbara Landry, Demetrius Lovelady, William Bozzelle, Clay Schulenburg, Judy Auer, Carolyn Raines, Deborah Brodrax. 206 tl EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: FIRST ROW: Myra Gulledge (director), Anita Wellner, Phyllis Lee, Kathy Lawn, Sharman Meachem, Marilyn Dufrene. SECOND ROW: Orville Duggan (pres), Candy Miles, Rose Stegemann. Debbie Singletary Gail Terrell, Christine Cook, Rosalie Lefonc, Larry Thayer. THIRD ROW: Ron Middleton, Henry Savell, Nelda Alford, Rita Foshee, Frances Martin, David Curry, Mike Salter, Vernon Hough, Webber Neal, Dr. Tommy Johnson (advisor). ■ baptist student union SOPHOMORE COUNCIL: FRONT ROW: Benny Carter, Diane Dees, Donna Greene, Donna Cupp, Sarah Owens, Faye David, Nancy Rhodes, Walter Creighton. SECOND ROW: Ron Griggs, Debbie Pollard, Kathy Duggan. Kay Gilbert, Gayle Ruffin, Steve Newsom, Mike Chance, David Gates. FRESHMAN COUNCIL: FIRST ROW: Ruth Lovegren, Laren Fitts, Arlene McGruder, Vicki Floyd, Lee Haley. SECOND ROW: Mike Buford. Gwen Salter, Caron Burch, Claudis Doyle. Roy Young. 207 holy cross Kathy Lowe, Doug Andrus, Dorothy Jarzabek, Ronnie Wilkerson, Father Fahey. Holy Cross Church, near the campus, served students at Northwestern wesley foundation OFFICERS: Mike Steincamp (boy V.P.), Janet Parker (treas), Kathy Mier (girl V.P.), Ken Kaufman (pres.), Betty Ann Laningham (sec). FIRST ROW: Steve Wells, Diane Owens, Keith White, Rita Dula, Patty Ogden, Julie Schulze, Danny Strange, Janet Parker, Betty Ann Laningham, Dan Guil- lory, Harvey Bennett. SECOND ROW: Kathy Mier, Judy Tanner, Mary Hunting- ton, Bruce Myers, Liz Dunn, Pat Catlin, Ken Jones, Scott Brown, Randy Miller. THIRD ROW: Mike Steincamp, Sandy Coon, Ken Kaufman, George Nelson, Monica Borts, Lee Fisher, Stanley Lee, Patty Page, Claude North, Corinne Colton, Shirley Davis. FOURTH ROW: Jim Jones, George Roberts, Allen Posey, Kathy Breazele, Wendy Shaw, Gay Dezendorf, Robert Ward, Nonnie Edwards. FIFTH ROW: Jim Moreland, Genie Emerson. 209 Westminister foundation SEATED: Marilyn Miller, Lark Christy, Lorna McKenzie, Jay Hawkes. STAND- ING: Lynn Killen, Elaine Goss, Myra Joleen, Barbara Cannon, Mrs. Catherine Dollar (director), Nancy Wise, Dianne Savell, Mary Linda Cook, Randall Miller. 210 demon band ■- ■ B :rs | -if l p ; 4. i J 4 - t M " Flutes: Debra Baca, Sally Box, Carolyn Chatelaine, Maureen Driscoll, Carol Liberto, Emily May, Robert Oliver, Elaine Proctor, Stanley Savant, Virginia Thigpen, Ann Vega, Jeanne Vige, Pat Wyatt. Soprano Clarinet: Robert Wilder. B Clarinets: Wanda Chicola, Johanna Clinesmith, John Dutch, Rick Lacy, Anne L ' Heureux, Linda Lyon, Jan Mayfield, Ray Morrison, Mike Williford. Bass Clarinets: Rita Addison, Susan Bonnette, Claudis Doyle. Alto Saxophones: Wayne Berniol, Ron Brigmon, Kerry Dubea, Yvonne McLamore, Rinkie William- son, Pam Wright. Tenor Saxophones: Shane Bordelon, Paul Weller, Xavier Williams. Cornets: Leonard Casson, John Cross, Randy Frame, Sherry Hol- lingsworth, James Hooter, Robert Jarvis, Liz Lucia, Alice McGee, David Moore, Danny Palmer, Craig Pratt, David Rosenthal, Bill Sheppert, Mike Smith, Johnny Wall, Glen Welman. Baritone Saxophone: Glennella Vidrine. Baritones: Gary Bezet, Philip Knowles, Mary Roberts, Robert Savant, Jack Zator. Trombones: Ronnie Bales, John Clement, Carolyn Donovan, James Maxwell, Jim Muse, Tom Tynes, Dale Ward, Walter Weferling. Basses: Tom Bogue, Jim Daniel, Richard Fletcher, Ken Green, Steve Lewis, David O ' Quinn. Percussion: Ron Berry, Brenda Edwards, Louie Frederick, Rick Foster, Terry Greer, Charlotte Hester, Dede Hudson, Joyce Johnston, Kay Karr, Debbie Kirchner, Vickie Morgel, Lee Murray, James Seymore, Charles Tabor, Gary Wilkins, David Woodall. 211 demon twirlers FIRST ROW: Joanne Sullivan, Dottie Ricks, Kathy Lee. SECOND ROW: Starr Autrey, Cathy Cleve- land, Linda Williams— Head Twirler, Sandra Goudeau, Cheryl Jones. 212 FIRST ROW: Mary Hickman, Kathy Mier, Rhonda Duhon, Rita Addison, Diane Armetta, Jo O ' Quinn, Catherine Greenard, Maurine Koelemay. SECOND ROW: Fran Walton, Limmye Lester, Cynthia Riser, Sally Phillips, Montez Anding, Glynrose Harberry, Nadine Johnson, Carol Almand, Brenda Fountain, Denise Cox. THIRD ROW: Douglas Pendleton, John Lee, Don Simpson, Molly Smith, Mary Ann Scalfano, Lanena Anderson, Cala Self, Victoria Morgel, Jo Morgan, Cinday Richardson, Georgia Green. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie Bales, Robert nsu chorale Ward, Ken Mears, George Roberts, John Clement, Robert Holland, Bonnie Williams, Sandra Adams, Debbie Mitchell, Mark Black. FIFTH ROW: Richard Newman, John Witt, Larry Larche, David Berryman, Don Ward, Eddie Warren, Claude Cameron, Nathan Davidson, Ronald Perry, Jack Zator. SIXTH ROW: Mike Davis, Stan Loyd, Dale Hobson, Danny Durr, Bobby Harling, Louie Fre- derick, Donnie Martin, Bill Bozzelle, David Gates. 9. .I, $ ii symphony orchestra FIRST ROW: Tom Jones, Elaine Proctor, Patricia Kagen, Richard Fletcher, Jo Hix, Sam Caldewell, Richard Rose. SECOND ROW: Kathy Davis, Ozzie Johnson, Shirley Jennings. John Rausch, Virginia Thigpen, Stanley Savant, Robert Krause, Richard Cage, Ruth Caldwell, James Hanna, Rudolpho Fernandez, Charlotte Hester THIRD ROW: Jane Ann Tudor, Branko Stojadinovic, Harriet Krause, Susan Robertson, Mike Williford, Rick Lacy, Jan Mayfield, Wanda Chicola, Randy Frame, Bill Sheppert, Liz Lucia, David Rosenthal, Van Barker. FOURTH ROW: Jovan Jovanic, Robert McCashin, Kay Karr, Rick Foster, Debbie Kirchner, Edmond Bontee, Leo Murray, Garry Bezet, Richard Jennings, Craig Pratt, Glen Welman, Dale Ward, Carolyn Donovon, Jim Muse, Ken Green, Paul Grappe, Ingrid Benson, William Connerly. 213 reserved officers training corps This program readied men for possible careers in the Armed Services through the development of their leadership abilities and military potential. On completion of the advanced course, a graduate would be eligible for a commission as Second Lieutenant in the Regular Army or Army Reserve. TOP-REGULAR ARMY STAFF: SEATED: Lieut. Colonel John Hennigan STANDING: Major Cone, Capt. Durham, Sgt Maj. Davis, Master Sgt. Rogers, Staff Sgt. George, Capt. Sullivan (not shown). 214 BOTTOM-CADET STAFF AND SPONSORS: FIRST ROW: Carolyn Chatelaine, Adelia Koonce, Roxanne Gaspard, Brenda Edwards, Gale Harvey, Jeanne Vige. SECOND ROW: Col. Timothy Lynch, Lieut. Col. Robert Throgmorton, Maj. Ben Swilley, Maj. Roger Opio, Capt. Larry Hall, Maj. James Johnson, Capt. Wayne McFarland, Maj Mike Davis. Ralph Aaron, Tommy Vaughn, Ben Swilley, Capt. Hugh Durham. BACK: Ronnie Thomas, Henry Atwood. i till rote flight force program the grey ghost rifle team KNEELING: Jere Snell, Luther Johnson-cocapt., Jay Hawkes, Robert Atkinson-cocapt. STANDING: Joe Madden, George McKinney James Stewart, Kevin Koeppen, Brenda Edwards (sponsor). 215 black knights drill team gp ■ — " nC 22£ s 1 FIRST ROW: David Morris, James Davis, Ronald Thomas. SECOND ROW: Glenn Taylor, Bill Gaines, John Johnson, Ronald Fields, Robert Haise, Dennis McClintock. THIRD ROW: Joe Louis, Eddie Hall, Johnny Welch, Henry Francis, Brad Dupont, Gary Estess. FOURTH ROW: Ted Lavergne, Kenneth Guillet, Mike Beauford, Roy Pickett, William Walker, Christopher LaCour. FIFTH ROW: Mike Terry, Robert Oliver, Ray Young, Mike Struna, Bill Gates, Mike Maddox. SIXTH ROW: Scott Brown, Jack Zator, Clyde Keel, Bob Louis, Kenneth Berry, Mark Wellner. SEVENTH ROW: Mike Evans, Kevin Hoeppen, Kenneth Moore, Cowan Burch, John Stansberry. 216 rote decorations ceremony This ceremony served to commend several cadets and regular staff members by presentation of DMS decorations and scholarships to the former and such medals as the Bronze Star to the latter. TOP ROW: Roger Opio received the DMS. Capt Sullivan received the Bronze Star. SECOND ROW: James P. Daniel received a 2 year scholarship. Master Sgt. Rogers received the Bronze Star. Pres. Arnold Kilpatrick presented the Legion of Merit to Col. Hennigan. THIRD ROW: Ronnie Thomas received the DMS. Adj Atkinson received a 2 year scholarship. 217 They stood at attention 218 They honored the flag. 219 220 22 i interfraternity council 0S- RIGHT: FIRST ROW: Bob Jarvis, Gary Estess, Jimmy Ferguson, Steve Bonnin, Norris Sills. SECOND ROW: Curtis Car- penter, Dale Thibodeaux, Gary Hetzel, Billy Borskey. THIRD ROW: Ronald Duet, Sam Pernici. FOURTH ROW: Charlie Jackson, Jim McDowell, Gene McArdle, Everett Baker. FIFTH ROW: Jimmy Marston, Bubba Maddox, Dwight Boudreaux, Paul Ferriss. BELOW: OFFICERS: FIRST ROW: Gary Estess, TKE, 2nd. V.P.; Dwight Bou- dreaux, Pi Kappa Phi, President; Paul Ferriss, KA, 1st. V.P.; SECOND ROW: Dale Thibodeaux, Kappa Sigma, Trea- surer; Bubb a Maddox, Sigma Tau Gamma, 3rd. V.P.; Steve Bonnin, Theta Chi, Secretary. 222 panhellenic council LEFT: OFFICERS AND SENIOR DELEGATES: Ruthie Bennett, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Treasurer; Becky Risedon, Sigma Kappa, Historian; Sherry Hale, Delta Zeta, Secretary; Clydeanne Cobb, Alpha Sigma Alpha, President; Diane Gormley, Phi Mu, Vice President. BELOW: JUNIOR DELEGATES: SEATED: Cheryl Reese, Sigma Kappa; Ruth Pierson, Delta Zeta. STANDING: Annette Bourgeois, Sigma Sigma Sigma; Joanne Sullivan, Phi Mu; Randy Little, Alpha Sigma Alpha. alpha sigma alpha OFFICERS: Clydeanne Cobb, Vice President; Ro- salyn Schwarz, Treasurer; Kathy Sanders, Secre- tary; Carrie McClelland, President. Karen Lee Achtermeyer Johanna Clinesmith Kathy Festervan Eugenia Fisher 224 A A 1901 . . . Farmville, Virginia . . . pearl and ruby . . . work shops . . . Lafayette (BZ) party-party . . . Taxi for two . . . National Convention; Carrie, Clyde and Ann headed for Virginia Beach . . . Demons Wrecked Tech . . . the longtime pledge went active . . . Halloween and pledges turned the role around ... go Paula . . . frats . . . sisterhood tree . . . M. F. and the long tall Texan throw a shindig . . . friendly, frolicking Phoenix bird . . . jailhouse rush, rush, rush . . . KROP . . . 1970, it was a very good year . . . outstanding things happened . . . sisterhood . . true and faithful . . . our man Lester for friendships . ASA. Carrie McClelland Janet Heilbromner Catherine McCullough Kathy Sanders 225 delta zeta Carol Almand Laurie Amazeen Sidney Basanez Wendy Bedgood Debbie Borel Dorothy Cariere Connie Castanedo Diane Crain Debbie Davis Elian Daye Sandy Downing Mary Douglas Nancy Foster Kay Frazier Karen Grant Georgia Green Linda Green Myrtle Guidry Sherry Hale Cynthia Harrell - " Jan Henson jfl Pam Hooper . T :$ Sissy Hubley Debbie Hunter T ■ 225 Sue Hutchins Patricia Jarrell Mary Kinsey Kathy Kleffman Betty Ann Laningham Mona McAndrew Linda McCullough Bonnie Martin Nina Martin A Aft The distinctive Roman Lamp, Killarney Rose, and glittering diamond shine before the world as a symbol of love and sisterhood. The oldest social sorority on campus, Delta Zeta seeks to develop all cultural, educational, and social aspects of its members lives. During the year, Epsilon Beta Chapter enjoyed a busy social calendar. Starting off the year was an open house for Mom and Dad ' s Day, followed by a Founders ' Day Dinner, a weenie roast at one of the alumni ' s houses, a Christmas Formal, and a Spring Formal. During that time, the Man of the Year was honored and awards were presented to outstanding DZ ' s. LEFT: Officers: Betty Ann Laningham, Corresponding Se- cretary; Pam Wright, Recording Secretary; Pat Tynes, Pre- sident; Debbie Davis, 1st. Vice President; Cynthia Riser, Historian; Karen Walters, 2nd. Vice President. Lynne Mayeux Sharon Montgomery Gail Murphy Mary Napoli Linda Jo Nugent Beth Oram Ruth Pierson Vickie Phillips Judy Reese Cynthia Riser Roslyn Sardisco Vickie Spears Edie Stanitz Ellen Sullivan Scott Thompson Debby Tynes Patricia Tynes Karen Walters Lue Wiggins Bonnie Blu Williams Linda Wilson Debbie Wing Pam Wright Becky Young 227 Steve Beckerdite Edward Blanchard Ronnie Bradford Bobby Brian Bob Brotherton Dean Caldwell Bill Carter Bill Clements John Coleman Benny Cummings Steve Decuir Ralph DeKemper Joe Dill Monty Doggett Paul Ferriss Greg Founds Kenneth Gaines Curtis Gentz 228 Rick Githens Gary Hanberry Sammy Hill Donnie Hiers Bruce Hobby Furniss Hood Buddy Howard Herbie Jeane John King Mike Landry Jim Larmoyeux Richard McElhatten Bob McGuirt Richard McMillian Wayne Millican Jim Moore Kenny Murphy James Odom kappa alpha order Kappa Alpha Order had its beginning on December 18, 1865, soon after General Robert E. Lee became President of Washington College. The Order is the only Greek organization that truly represents Southern tradition and ideals. " Old South Weekend " , the biggest social event on the Northwestern campus, is held annually by Gamma Psi Chapter. Other activities for the year included Tech Weekend, the Natchitoches Retarded Children ' s Christmas party, and Convivium which marks General Lee ' s birthday. LEFT: Officers: Dean Caldwell, VIII; John Coleman, II; Ralph DeKemper, I; Glenn Sapp, III; Bruce Hobby, VI; Paul Ferriss, IV. Skipper Peel Mike Pettit Al Phillips Jim Pierson Mike Pierson Oakly Pittman Jerry Powdrill Mitch Reed Vernon Richie Joe Robinson Glenn Sapp John Scott David Shaw David Smith Robert Stevens Larry Stiles John Taylor John Terry Glen Tibbs Buddy Trisler Stacy Williams Randy Willis Tommy Wright Hal Shackleford, Alumni Judy Reed, Rose 229 RIGHT: Officers: Dale Thibodeaux, Grand Master; Ronnie Hooper, Grand Procurator; Joe Davis, Grand Scribe, Larry Hudnell, Grand Treasurer; Trippy Weaver, Grand Master of Ceremonies; Al Theriault, Pledge Trainer. Arthur Adams Jimmy Anderson Thad Bailes Rocky Berlin Danny Bogue Billy Borskey Charles Burns Martin Byrd Tony Calantone Manuel Chavez Grant Cherry Jay Clapp Bradford Cohen Chris Cordaro Joseph Cordaro Tommy Damico John Russ Daniel Dennis Dans 230 John D ' Anna Grover Davis J. Davis Peter DeBroeck Carl Eliasson Tom Gresham Kenny Guidry M. Haas David Harding James Thomas Harkins James Holland Ronnie Hooper Jack Horn Larry Hudnell Orrin James Ken Johnson Dennis Kalmbach Tommy King kappa sigma On December 19, 1869, a secret society was brought to the Western Hemisphere at the University of Virginia as the basis of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. From its meager beginning, the Kappa Sigma Fraternity has expanded to its present international status of 169 active chapters and over 111,600 initiated brothers. Kappa Sigma is a working fraternity whose traditional bond is Brotherhood. This past year, Theta Mu Chapter participated in intramural programs, sports events and various campus organizations. They also had many parties including Keg Parties; The Good, Bad, and the Ugly; " Roaring 20 ' s " ; the Spring Formal; and various other festivities which made for another good year for the Brothers of Kappa Sigma. Charles Knicely Lenny Lewis George Livers John Lloyd Mike Lombardino Mike McConnell Buddy McElwee Dee Middleton Denny Moss Sam Pernici til iik Lee Posey John Restovich Scott Smithson Al Theriault Dale Thibodeaux Luke Thomas Lynn Todd Stephen Tucker R. Turpin Stephen Clarke VanSickle Lee Walker Trippy Weaver Mike West James Wheat Philip White Lynn Wingate Larry Wright Donnie Zonkel 23I phi mu RIGHT: Officers: Anne Marie Owens, Pledge Trainer; Lynette Branton, Secretary; Larraine Perkins, Vice President; Cynthia Phillips, President. Carol Adams Lynn Allen Barbara Boatman Julia Bossier Cheryl Boydstun Lynette Branton Rhonda Bright Alice Carruth Cathy Colvin Becky Coxe Winnie Darphin Melinda Dotson Dianne Doucet Ellyce Dupree Susan Ehlers Becky Feeney Susan Field Dianne Gormley Sandra Goudeau Dianne Gray Ginnie Gulledge Jan Hornbuckle Cheryl Jones Mary Kirk ' r 232 Adelia Koonce Melanie Lee Deborah McBride f — B Ginger McGee A r- J M Linda McNutt I ■ Joy Moreau w JH V Cultural accomplishment, academic achievement, high moral standards, service to those less fortunate, and attainment of an ideal of Nobel Womanhood— these are the principles on which Phi Mu was founded March 4, 1852, on the Wesleyan Campus in Macon, Georgia. Coupled with philanthropy service, Kappa lota Chapter scheduled a busy calendar year with group projects, " Surprise " parties, the annual Christmas party, Founders ' Day, Initiation Day Banquet, and the Spring Formal. By working and sharing together in every activity, be it service or social, Kappa lota Chapter continues to develop the true bond of sisterhood that she is so proud of and will always strive to keep. Lyn Nalle Evie Norman Teresa Norris Anne Marie Owens Larraine Perkins Linda Perot Cynthia Phillips Monette Polancic Cathy Reed Carolyn Richardson Dottye Ricks Kristie Roach Nancy Roan Becky Roy Debbie Service Kay Siphers Sharon Stoker Pam Stokes Joanne Sullivan Debbie Thomas Tamara Upchurch Pam Whitley Jackie Williams John Coleman, Man Year of the 233 RIGHT: Officers (Kneeling) Rudy Burnetfe, Historian; Val Marmillion, President; (Standing) David Morgan, Secretary; James Duplichan, Pledge Trainer; Tony Scannaliato, Cha- plain; Jim McDowell, Treasurer. Andy Bachman Everett Baker Ronald Baxter Paul Begue Bob Bitowski Leon Boggs fi Dwight Boudreaux Virgil Brumley Rudy Burnette Pat Burns Cecil Carter Bo Cooley (m Frank Dies James Duplichan Mike Edwards George Etheredge Mike Etheredge George Fink 0 Mike Fisher rf Billy Goins (•9 Jerry Gregg Kenneth Green David Hanna tm Rick Hedgecock 234 Charlie Jackson Jodie Lafield Gary Lampert David Lowrey Sonny McBride Dennis McClintock pi kappa phi Beta Omicron Chapter . . Pi Kaps win sign contest . . . Tech Weekend . . . Southern Tradition . . . Christmas window painting ... Pi Kappa Phi Little Sisters . . Skiing in the SNOW . . . Red Rose Ball . . . Student Union . . . Cheerleaders . . . DEMON . . . " He Ain ' t Heavy, He ' s My Brother ' ... all these things are Pi Kappa Phi. Jim McDowell Neal McFarland David Mock Simon Moore David Morgan Lee Murray Stan Nation John Oden Stephan Posey Barney Prejean Chris Prestenback Monte Robinson David Rosenthal Cecil Sandlin Tony Scannaliato Michael Shannon Terry Skaggs Stanley Slaydon Gibb Smith Stuart Smith Marvin Stalnaker Ronald Stewart Hollis Thompson Mike Turner Ruben Tweedy David Watts Walter WeFerling Danny Woodson Rick Yates Diana Ortego, Sweetheart 235 RIGHT: Officers; (Seated) Rene Gibson, President; Debbie Wallace, 1st. Vice President; (Standing) Vicki Chiasson, Membership Chair- man; Vicki Tarlton, Historian; Fran Arnona, Corresponding Secretary; Becky Risedon, Sr. Panhellenic; Dana Gaddis, Treasurer; Cheryl Reese, Jr. Panhellenic; Susan Anstead, 2nd. Vice President Susan Anstead Pat Arnold Fran Arnona Louanne Bain Lydia Brasher Kathy Burns Carolyn Chatelain Vicki Chiasson Colleen Clooney Renee Cloutier Martha Compton Debbie Corley DeDe Craig Nancy Dockens Dawn Dykes Jodie Entrekin Dana Gaddis Rene Gibson _.. = Cathy Gulino Debbie Hardaway Bonita Havard Sherrie Hawthorne Jeanne Hebert Patti Hebert Barbara Hubbard Kathy Jeter Pam King Gwen Leger Yvonne Lelong Mattie McCary Lisa McCaleb Gidget McCutcheon Julie McDonald Elaine McFatter Karen Menge Jan Miller 236 sigma kappa Ninety-seven years ago on the campus of Colby College in Waterville, Maine, the mystic bond of Sigma Kappa was begun. On November 9, 1874, five young ladies laid the foundation which has grown into a membership of over 52,000. A vast number of people locally, nationally, and internationally are benefited by Sigma Kappa ' s Philanthropies. Sending presents to the Maine Seacoast Mission; giving contributions to the American Farm School in Salonica, Greece; and working with the Geriatrics Clinic in Natchitoches are only a few of the services performed. During the year Sigma Kappa had a busy calendar of activities. Founder ' s Day, the annual Homecoming Slumber Party, Spring Formal, Hodges Gardens trip, and the Gerentology Christmas party were a few of the activities. Patti Miller Norma Oliver Jo Pease Diana Provenza Cheryl Reese Becky Risedon Joyce Roe Kris Russo Paula Sanders Kathy Scruggs Linda Sepulvedo Kris Shafer Jackie Smith Shirley Snyder Vicki Tarlton Georgia Tuma Linda Turpin Sheri Twomey Katie Van Asselberg Melinda Voorhies Linda Voss Debbie Wallace Betty Walsh Virginia Walsh Sharon Walters Janet White Donna Williams Chris Kuiper, Man of the Year 237 sigma sigma sigma RIGHT: Officers: (Seated) Margaret Kovar, Vice President; Gretchen Zulick, President: (Standing) Sharon Powell, Corresponding Secretary; Becky Wynne, Keeper of the Grades; Mary Hyde, Recording Secretary; Becky Bates, Treasurer Laura Anderson Sandra Andries Becky Bates Ruthie Bennett Judy Bertrand Susan Boswell Annette Bourgeois Kathi Breazeale Bonnie Buck Linda Causey Brenda Collins Jane DeCuir Roxanne Gaspard Debbie Gibbs Becky Goldsby Debbie Greene Marty Gremillion Carolyn Guidry Gayle Haworth Vickie Hebert Mary Hyde Linda Johnston Kathy Jones 238 Vicki Jones Lael Kilpatrick Margaret Kovar Melinda Landrem Suzanne Long Karen Lucky On February 17, 1928, the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma was installed on the campus of Northwestern State University. It was the first sorority initiated on the NSU campus to have a national affiliation. The annual Harvest Ball, Founder ' s Day Banquet, the Spring Formal, and service projects by both actives and pledges are among the numerous activities in which the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma is involved. Jan Mayfield Brenda Mizell Norma Moses Cornelia O ' Kelley Roslyn Papa Jan Phillips -1 r « i| Sharon Powell Vicki Rabalais Shirley Reaves Carol Richardson Joanna Risser Debbie Rivet JL- Gwen Roy Judy Scurlock Valerie Sholar Cynthia Smith Pamela Stewart Vicki Stothart Nancy Thibodeaux Marcia Thomas Rene Tigert Jo Tufts Terrie Verzwyvelt Kay Watson Jeffrey Webb Jeannie Whaley Patty Wiggins Becky Wynne Gretchen Zulick Joe Ehrhardt, Man of the Year 239 RIGHT: Officers: Randy Stevens, V.P. of Membership; Woody Schick, President; Jimmy Marston, V.P. of Education; Hanan Ricks, V.P. of Management. Cecil Almond William Almond Bill Baskerville Kenneth Bates Chris Caplis Tony Carter Dees Coxe Michael Douget Larry Dreher Jim Freeman Fred Gegenheimer George Gray Hiram Greer Sam Guy Ted Hall Edward Hebert Gerald Hightower Larry Knott Roy Loftin Gene McArdle Norris McGowen Larry McKenzie Malcolm Maddox Jimmy Marston 240 sigma tau gamma Pride . . . that ' s what it ' s ALL about. Pride ... in who we are. Pride ... in what we do . . . together. Pride . . . that this is our Golden Anniversary plus 1 . . . 51 years ago, 17 men began a brotherhood that has not faltered, but grown stronger. Pride ... in these men and the men that followed. Changes have come, brothers have gone . . . but pride still remains. Pride . . . TAU. Pride . . . party as usual . . . House improves . . . " Tech Weekend " , a smashing success . . . talking " Great Pumpkin " worked great wonders for the kids . . . Christmas party a bash . . . finals a bummer . . . Newly elected Schick says OK . . . Smiley also ties Knot . . . Eight Jrs. move into house . . . More blowouts during spring . . . White Rose most beautiful . . . Supressed Desire final bang of the year . . . Mr. Lemoine electrofies frat as advisor. Pride ... in another great year. Pride ... in Sigma Tau Gamma. Vincent Mastracchio Rodney Meeks Doug Nichols Richard Norris Alvin Porter Thomas Postles Bobby Power Ronnie Price Hanan Ricks Ben Robinson Woody Schick Robert Sickler L. A. Smith Randy Stevens Henry Templin Robert Tooke Randall Vickers Carleen McCalman, Rose 24 1 RIGHT: Officers: James Genovese, Presi- dent; Gary Estess, Vice President; Larry Craig, Secretary; Curtis Carpenter, Trea- surer; Joe Jones, Historian; Ronald Duet, Sgt. at Arms. Glen Andrus Curtis Carpenter Mike Cline Larry Craig Bill Davis Gary Estess Glen Everage Reid Funderburk James Gordon 242 tau kappa epsilon One of the youngest national fraternities, Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded January 10, 1899, on the campus of Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois. TKE ' s primary symbol is the equilateral triangle which represents the first three chapters of the fraternity. The red Carnation serves as the TKE flower with red and cherry serving as the fraternity colors. Apollo represents the mythological ideal of Tau Kappa Epsilon. An attitude of respect and dignity to TKE and other fraternities is maintained by the members of TKE. The TKE motto is simple, yet complete: " Tau Kappa Epsilon. The Fraternity for Men, the Fraternity for Life. " Monty Harmon Bob Jarvis Joe Jones Terry Monday B. T. Smith Linda Heither, Sweetheart 243 theta chi Sammy Bonnin Steve Bonnin Grant Bowden Bobby Chaler Wayne Couvillon Jack Culpepper B. J. Cunningham Jimmy Ferguson Ken Gorsha Gary Haggart Dwight Helms Gary Hetzel Phil Irons 244 1 m£ ihi M| H I 1 I " fl w ■ H KsM !■! fc M J V v ii If J l IteL 1 ■ 1 Theta Chi Fraternity was founded on April 10, 1856 at Norwich University, Norwich, Vermont. From this humble beginning, the brotherhood has expanded into 150 chapters with a total membership of over 70,000. Northwestern colony of Theta Chi was founded on December 13, 1969. The members strive for scholastic excellence and round out the brotherhood with a good social program and intramural activities. The highlights of the year included Tech Weekend, Homecoming Weekend, Steak and Beans Banquet, and the Sweetheart Ball. LEFT: Officers: Steve Bonnin, President; Bobby Chaler, Secretary; Wayne Couvillion, Pledge Marshal; Rick Merchant, Chaplain. Greg Kevil Bob Konsdorf Justick Marsh Rick Merchant Daryl Paul Robert Ramagos Dearl Sanders Eddie Schlomer Jack Spring Ronnie Suttle Patrick Thyssen Buddy Vosburg Mike Womack 245 s 246 247 248 — M -9 M IcVTfc ) { • . %A-AMfW JM i L M lr :? ■ ' -1 m? i ijfcSl ' ■T y j 1 A N . B Irt 249 250 251 classe nsu class officers for ' 70-71 FRESHMAN CLASS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dianne Gray, secretary; Chris Prester back, President; John Russ Daniels, Vice President; Steve Jones, Mens ' Rep. Mary Lynn Williamson, Womens ' Rep. SOPHOMORE CLASS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bobby Harling, Vice President; Greg O ' Quinn, President; Jo Pease, Secretary; Jeanne Hebert, Womens ' Rep. JUNIOR CLASS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lynn Rollins, Mens ' Rep.; Linda Sepulvado, President; Mike McConnell, Vice President; not pictured: Charlotte Broussard, Womens ' Rep. V SENIOR CLASS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ben Rushing, President; Ann Stout, Womens ' Rep.; Jim McDowell, Vice President; Thea Rosamanna, Secretary-treasurer 255 graduates BILL ALLBRITTEN, Natchitoches, Student Personnel Services TIM YOUNG BAKER, Gueydan, Student Personnel Services KEITH BAILEY, Simpson, Microbiology LAVERNE BENNETT, Natchitoches, Elementary Teaching WILLIAM R. BLANCHARD III, Bunkie, Business Administration JAMES BOSWELL, Shreveport, Zoology RANDALL BOUKNIGHT, Shreveport, Student Personnel Services JOHN R CAVIN, DeRidder, Music SAUNDRA LEIGH CHANCE, Hornbeck, Business Education YAJACK CHAO, Taipei, Taiwan, Mathematics HILDA DEES, Anacoco, Business Education MARILYN DOLLAR, Shreveport, Elementary Teaching EDWARD DOMANGUE, Houma, Industrial Technology CHARLOTTE DUCOTE, Arabi, Psychology REX DURHAM, Shreveport, Business Administration TONI GALLIANO, Cut Off, History LUCINDA GRANT, Belle Chasse, Chemistry MARY HIDALGO, Sulphur, Early Childhood Education VERNON HIDALGO, Sulphur, Industrial Technology CHI-YUN HO, Hsinchu, Taiwan, Mathematics MALCOLM HODNETT, Natchitoches, Student Personnel Services JOHN STEPHEN HOLT, Shreveport, Student Personnel Services BAO SHAN HUANG, Taipei, Taiwan, Chemistry HENRY M. HYAMS JR., Natchitoches, Student Personnel Services VICHIEN ISSARANU VAT, Bangkok, Thailand, Business Administration ALEX R. IVINS, Vivian, Business Administration ELISE JAMES, Natchitoches, Distributive Education 256 graduates BARRY JENKINS, Natchitoches. Guidance TRACIE JENKINS, Natchitoches, Biology JOY ACE JONES. Mansfield, English LARRY KEES, Alexandria, Student Personnel Services PATRICIA KITTERLIN. Pollock. History CYNTHIA KITTLER, Shreveport, Zoology CAROLYN LANDRY, Natchitoches, Speech Pathology DE-LUNG LANG, Natchitoches, Mathematics NANCY F. LANGSTON, Shreveport, Student Personnel Services KAREN FITTS LEACH, Leesville, English CARRIE LEWIS, Natchitoches, Elementary Teaching LIEN-TANG, Toichung. Taiwan, Mathematics DEBBIE MAULDIN, Natchitoches, Chemistry RONALD MAYEAUX, Natchitoches, Mathematics RONNIE McBRIDE, Natchitoches, Secondary Teaching RANDY McKNIGHT. Logansport. Geology SAM MEDICA. Alexandria, Psychology DON A. MIMS JR., Natchitoches, Student Personnel Services RANDY MOFFETT, Jonesboro, Student Personnel Services A. R ODELL SR., Pineville, Elementary Teaching JOHNNY O ' NEILL, Dear, Secondary Teaching PATRICK OSBORNE, Shreveport, Industrial Technology JAYANTIBHAI PATEL, Natchitoches, Chemistry NAVIN PATEL, Natchitoches, Chemistry DAVID PHILLIPS, Natchitoches, Chemistry RALPH PINCKLEY, Natchitoches. Speech Pathology GLENROSE PITT, Natchitoches. Home Economics Education MABELLES RATHBURN, DeRidder, Music 257 graduates MARY REID, Natchitoches, Zoology WILLIAM RICHARDSON, Natchez, Business Education ANTHONY ANIELLO RISPOLI, Natchitoches, Business Administration W. A. ROBISON, Logansport, History KATHLEEN SEVERANCE, Coushatta, English JOHN B. SHEFFER, Hanover, Industrial Technology BECKY SIMPSON, Springhill, Music BOBBIE SIMPSON, Alexandria, Special Education FRANKLIN R. SMITH, Bossier City, Chemistry JUDY SMITH, Natchitoches, Speech Pathology RAYMOND SPARKS, Natchitoches, Distributive Education JIMMY STIMSON, Bossier City, Student Personnel Service RICHARD W. SULLIVAN, Cotton Valley, Zoology SUSAN TAYLOR, Shreveport, Psychology ROSCOE M. TROUT JR., DeRidder, Social Sciences ANONG UDOMSAP, Little Rock, Social Sciences JO WEST, Natchitoches, Business Administration ANNIE WHITE , Mora, Zoology KARL D. WHITE, Natchitoches, Student Personnel Services SHIRLEY WHITTLESEY, Natchitoches, Elementary Teaching PAM WILKERSON, Boise, Psychology WILL EUGENE WOODS, Montgomery, Biology HENG-MEAN WU, Taoyuan, Taiwan, Business Administration ROW A UNDERWOOD JR., Bossier City, Secondary School Administration PANTIPA VADHANASIN, San Francisco, Secondary Teaching BIN CHING WANG, Taipei, Taiwan, Biology CHUNG-WEI WANG, Taipei, Taiwan. Social Sciences 258 seniors mi r GLEN D. ADAMS, Winnfield, Agricultural Business JON O. ADAMS, Natchitoches, Business Administration DAVID ADKINS, Natchitoches, Upper Elementary Teaching NOLA ANN ALFORD, Bossier City, Sociology MYRTICE ANN ALLEN, Winnfield, French PAULA ANDERSON, Natchitoches, English LARRY ALLBRITTON, Shreveport, Industrial Arts KNUTE ANDERSON, Warehan, Mass., Wildlife Management MARGARET ANDRIES, Many, Health Phys. Ed. Upper Elementary Ed. LARRY W. ARNOLD, Shreveport, Business Administration RONALD R. ARCENEAUX, Natchitoches, Industrial Technology Electronics THERESE MARIE ARIEUX, Slidell, Nursing CHARLES E. ARRINGTON, Pineville, Sociology JEANETTE MARIE ASHLEY, Alexandria, Social Science VIVA A ATKINS, Shreveport, Primary Teaching ROSE MARY AUSTIN, Alexandria, Nursing ALICE BAILEY, Natchitoches, Social Welfare CHARLES H. BAILEY, JR., Natchitoches, Business Administration CHARLES BALLIRO, Natchitoches, English FRANCES BALTHAZAR, Natchez, Social Welfare LINDA BAMBURG, Coushatta, Home Economics Education JACK BARBER, Ruston, Social Sciences RICHARD EDWARD BARKER, Baton Rouge. Government MARGARET BASCO, Cloutierville, Secretarial Administration PEYTON BASS, Oakdale, Primary Teaching TOMMY RAY BAILEY, Mansfield, Industrial Technology— Electronics CATHY BANKSTON, Jackson, Nursing 259 seniors KENNETH M. BATES, Winnfield, History WAYNE P. BAUM, Pollock, Agri-Business ADDISON SANDEL BAXTER, Natchitoches, Psychology CHARLES A BEALER, Gretna, Industrial Technology-Electronics ELAINE BECK, Natchitoches, Business Administration JOSEPH P. BECK II, Annandale, Government TERRY BECK, Oil City, Health, Safety, Physical Education LINDA BECKER, Pineville, Health Safety and Physical Education CHERYL BECKERDITE, Shreveport, Upper Elementary Teaching PATRICIA BEDGOOD, Shreveport, Sociology KATHY S. BEENE, Springhill, Social Schence AMY SPEAR BENNETT, Wellesley Hills, History HELEN RUTH BENNETT, St. Francisville, Speech and Hearing Therapy HAROLD F. BERRY, Natchitoches, Industrial Arts JO FRANCES BICE, Natchitoches, Health Phys. Ed Upper Elem. Ed. ELLEN VICTORIA BICKHAM, Bossier City, General Home Economics ANN BIRKELBACH, Shreveport, Upper Elementary Teaching DANIEL BLACKSHERE, Boyce, Business Administration MELANIE BLAYLOCK, McDade, Health Physical Education SELWYN BLOUIN, Ethel, Business Administration THOMAS L. BOGUE, Shreveport, Pre-Law RONALD G. BONNER, Simpson, Upper Elementary Teaching DORIS BONILLA, Leesville, Primary Teaching BRANT N. BORDELON, Coushatta, English CHARLES BOUDREAU, Shreveport, Health, Safety, Physical Education DWIGHT X BOUDREAUX, Houma, Industrial Arts 260 seniors WALTER R. BOWEN, Colfax, Animal Science DAVID H. BONDSTON, Natchitoches, Health Phys. Ed. Upper Elem. Ed. EDWARD BRADLEY, Chestnut, Social Sciences GERALD J. BRADY, Natchitoches, Industrial Arts GLORIANN BRADY, Forest Hill, Social Science LONNIE BRAMLETT, Winnfield, Business Administration CHARLES BRANCH, Ponchatoula, Industrial Technology— Electronics LENETTE BRANTON, Natchitoches, Business Education TED BRASHER, Arnaudville, Early Childhood Education JEAN MARIE BRAZELTON, Alexandria, Primary Teaching KENNETH D. BRIDGES, Natchitoches, Industrial Technology— Electronics RHONDA BRIGHT, Natchitoches, Kindergarten Primary Teaching RON BRIGMON, Natchitoches, Music— Instrumental EMILY BROUILLETTE, Natchitoches, Speech Hearing Therapy BRENDA ANN BROWN, Baton Rouge, Nursing DOUGLAS BROWN, Rockport, Recreation MARY CAROLYN BROWN, Shreveport, Science HAROLD BRUMLEY, Converse, Business Administration ANNETTE BURCH, Natchitoches. Dietetics Institutional Management RUDY BURNETTE, Shreveport, Geography RONALD L. BUSBY, Leesville, Business Administration ALIDA BUTLER, Shreveport, Accounting SHERRY CAPPS, Tullos, Primary Teaching PAMELA J. CARMICHAEL, Harvey, Industrial Arts Education CURTIS CARPENTER, Natchitoches, Economics LANIS D. CARPENTER, Colvin, Health, Safety Physical Education BARBARA CARSON, Bossier City, Primary Teaching 261 seniors VERNIE CASON, Natchitoches, Business Office Education EUGENE CAVANAUGH, Natchitoches, Accounting BOBBIE CEASAR, Natchitoches. Business Administration TRUDY CHANEY, Baton Rouge, Health, Safety, Physical Education CATHY CHAUMONT, Ville Platte, Health, Safety Physical Education KENDALL S. CHEN, Natchitoches, Accounting JOE CHILES, Natchitoches, Animal Science EDWARD CHOPIN, Natchitoches, Industrial Arts Education STEPHEN F. CHRISTY, Bossier City, History JANET CHURCHMAN, Rosepine, Upper Elementary Teaching LUDIE CHURCHMAN. Colfax, Sociology MICHAEL G. CLARK, Alexandria, Business Administration PATRICIA CLARK, Pineville, Distributive Business Education VICKIE LYNN CLARK, Oakdale, Primary Teaching CLYDEANNA COBB, Springhill, Zoology WAYNE M. COBURN, Bossier City, Industrial Arts BRENDA K COLLINS, Pineville, Sociology JAMES LLOYD COLLINS, Winnfield, Social Sciences CAROLYN COMER, Ferriday, Health, Safety, Physical Education JANE CONERLY, Tallulah, Upper Elementary Teaching CAROLYN COODY, Mora, Social Science JANICE COOK, Ponchatoula, Nursing MARY LINDA COOK, Plain Dealing, General Home Economics CHARLENE COPPELS, Vinton, Nursing NOAH COX, Somers Point, History LINDA CRAIN, Marthaville, Business Administration DONNA ANN CRAWFORD, East Point, Health, Safety, Physical Education 262 seniors CLARENCE W. CREECH, Natchitoches, Business Administration RONNIE CREECH, Logansport, Industrial Technology— Electronics MARY KATHERLYN CREED, Jena, Vocational Home Economics Ed. LUCY CROWGEY, New Orleans, Upper Elementary Teaching DAVID L. CROWSON, Haughton, Business Administration EDWIN CRUMP, Haynesville, Upper Elementary Education RODNEY CRUSE, Natchitoches, Anthropology VICTOR CULBERTSON, Shreveport, Business Administration JOHN A. CULLEN, Natchitoches, Industrial Arts Ed. LINDA CUNNINGHAM, DeRidder, Librarianship-Elementary DAVID CURRY, Sikes, Accounting MITZI CURRY, Natchitoches, Vocational Home Economics Ed. JANICE CURTIS, Shreveport, Secretarial Administration— 4 year DOUGLAS A. DALME, Natchitoches, Business Administration WILLIAM T. DANIEL JR., Bossier City, Mathematics LAURA POWELL DANIELS, Shreveport, Sociology CAROLYN ANN DANNER, Natchitoches, Nursing WINNIE DARPHIN, Baton Rouge, English JACK E. DAUPHIN, Natchitoches, Business Administration SUSAN DAVID, Pineville, Early Childhood Education DORIS G. DAVIS, Shreveport, Nursing GWENDOLYN KAY DAVIS, Springhill, Nursing JAMES M. DAVIS, Bossier City, Government SHIRLEY DAVIS, Shreveport, Early Childhood Ed. JOSEPH DAVIS, Wilmington, Business Ad. PATRICK E. DAVIS, Shreveport, Business Ad. 263 seniors SHIRLEY DAVIS, Shreveport, Early Childhood Ed CONNIE DAWSON, Baton Rouge, Elementary Health PE Elementary Ed. ELLAN DAYE, Shreveport, Secretarial Administration— 2 year STEPHEN DECUIR, Natchitoches, Social Science RALPH E. DEKEMPER JR., Charlotte, Business Ad. BARBARA ALINE DELAUNE, Lockport, Nursing JUDY A. DENCAUSSE, Prairieville, Speech Hearing Therapy NOLAN DESSELLE, Natchitoches, Industrial Arts FRANCES DEZENDORF, Natchitoches, Nursing CONNIE DICARLO, Abbeville, Primary Teaching DAVID F DICKSON, Natchitoches. Animal Science GARY DIGILORMO, Shreveport, Social Sciences CHARLES DINGMAN, Bossier City, Sociology CONNIE DIXON, Natchitoches, Nursing SHERRIE DONAWAY, Campti, Social Welfare CAROLYN DONOVAN, Monroe. Music-Instrumental WANDA DOVE, Natchitoches, Primary Teaching EATHER JEAN DOWLING, Haughton, Dietetics Institutional Management JAMES RAY DRODDY, Elizabeth, Distributive Business Ed. LARRY J. DUCOTE. Chalmette, Industrial Technology-Electronics WILLIAM DUCOTE, Shreveport, Health, Safety, Physical Ed RONALD DUET, Cut Off, Business Ad OTIS EDWIN DURAHOE, Natchitoches, Mathematics ELLYCE DUPREE, Bunkie, Zoology GERALDINE DURHAM, New Roads, Dietetics Institutional Management LARRY D. DZIEKAN, Florien, Social Science BRENDA EAGLIN, Opelousas, Nursing 264 seniors SUSAN EHLERS, Lake Charles, Speech MARY ANNE ELLZEY, Sarepta, Wildlife Management CHRIS A, ELMS, Pioneer, Industrial Arts WILLIAM BOX EVANS, Baton Rouge, Social Sciences DOROTHY FAIR, Castor, Vocational Home Economics Ed. KITTY FARACE, Alexandria, Psychology PRISCILLA FARTHING, Pineville, Primary Teaching KATIE FIELDS, Shreveport, Biology GEORGE PAUL FINK, Opelousas, Zoology LEE FISHER, Alexander, Social Sciences SANDRA FISHER, Alexandria, Health, Safety, Physical Ed. EDWARD T. FITZGERALD, New Orleans, Business Ad. SHIRLEY FLORA, Lena, Primary Teaching DOT FLYNN, Alexandria, Primary Teaching MICHAEL W FONTENOT, Ville Piatt, Social Science JOHN FORTUNA, Bossier City, Social Science MIMI FOSTER, Natchitoches, Vocational Home Economics Ed. MAUD ANN FOWLER, Maringouin, Nursing CHARLENE A. FOX, Shreveport, Primary Teaching LORAINE FOX, Shreveport, Mathematics BETH FREEMAN, Shreveport, Primary Teaching JAMES FREEMAN, Natchitoches, Journalism PEGGY SULLIVAN FURR, Shreveport, English JACKIE FUSSLIER, Lake Charles, Nursing BERNICE GABOR, New Llano, Psychology CONNIE GAINES, Bossier City, Business Office Ed. KENNETH GAINES, Shreveport, Business Ad. 265 seniors DONALD GALLEMORE, Shreveport, History SUSAN GARCIA, Minden, Nursing JOSEPH GARDSBANE, Natchitoches, Speech Hearing Therapy JACQUELINE GARRETT, Shreveport, Sociology-Psychology ROBERT GATES, Natchitoches, Health Safety Physical Ed. THOMAS R, GATTI, Shreveport, Business Ad. DIANE C GELDERMAN, Stanford, Upper Elementary Teaching JAMES T. GENOVESE, Natchitoches, Pre-Law ROBERT GERALDO, Leesville, Advertising Design JANE GIBSON, Logansport, Primary Teaching JIM GIBSON, Natchitoches, Industrial Technology— Electronics RENE GIBSON, Coushatta, Business Office Education WILLIAM GILES, Cullen, Economics DAWN M. GISH, Bossier City, Nursing BILLY GOINS, Bossier City, Zoology DIANE GORMLEY, Deridder, Kindergarten Primary Teaching DANNY R. GOUR, Coushatta, Biology GRAYSON GOURDON, Campti. Industrial Arts ELAINE E. GRAHAM, Chestnut, Health Physical Ed. WILSON GRANT, Belle Chasse, Chemistry FRANCES DARLENE GRAVES, Denham Springs, Health Safety Phys Ed. MARY SUE GREER, Morgan City, Nursing KATHLEEN GROS LAURENT, Baton Rouge, Nursing CAROLYN GUIDRY, Washington, Upper Elementary Teaching 2L32H 3333 KIRK GUIDRY, Berwick, Zoology MYRTLE GUIDRY, Opelousas, Interior Design ELAINE S. GUILLOT, Effie, Librarianship-Secondary 266 seniors VIRGINIA GULLEDGE, Natchitoches, Primary Teaching EVERETT GUNTER, Natchitoches, Distributive Business Ed. GARY HAGGART, Lecompte, History SUSAN HAGGART, Metairie, Primary Teaching ROBERT W. HAINES, Natchitoches, Psychology CHARLIE HALL, Vivian, Industrial Arts LARRY M. HALL, Baton Rouge, Zoology TED HALL, Pineville, Social Science DANNY HAMMETT, Natchitoches, History WILLIAM HARE, Alexandria, Industrial Arts Ed. EDDIE HARMON, Homer, Agri-Business BEVERLY HARRELL, Winnfield, Vocational Home Economics Ed. GALE HARV EY, Leesville, Upper Elementary Teaching WILLIAM M. HATCHER, Zwolle, Geology MARSHA HATHORN, Alexandria, Health, Safety, Physical Ed. KATHY HEAD, Shreveport, Primary Teaching DONNA HEARNE, Shreveport, Primary Teaching SIMONE HEBERT, Jefferson Island, Health Safety Physical Ed. REBECCA HEDGLIN, Angola, Nursing CHARLES HEMPERLY, Natchitoches, Government RANDALL HENNIGAN, Marthaville, Business Administration JOHN W. HENSON, Leesville, Business Administration ROBERT HERNANDEZ, DeRidder, Health, Safety, Physical Education RODNEY HERRING, Shreveport, Pre-Dentistry VERNON PAUL HESSER, Pelican, Business Ed. ALICE ELAINE HICKS, Natchitoches, Interior Design 267 seniors CAROL ANN HICKS, Natchitoches, Business and Office Education KATHRYN TILTON HIGGS, Shreveport. Nursing ANN HILBURN, Pineville, Vocational Home Economics Education JERRIE HINE, Lafayette, Nursing JOHN E. HOBBY, Natchitoches, Business Administration JACK HOFFSTADT, Natchitoches, Sociology-English BRENDA FAYE HOLT, Bossier City, Upper Elementary Teaching KENNETH HOLT, Sieper, Social Science MARIEA L HOPE, Natchitoches, Accounting JACK HORN, Logansport, Social Science TERRY L HORN, Logansport, Accounting LINDA SUSAN HOWARD, Many, Business and Office Education RICHARD LEE HOWARD, Shreveport, Health, Safety and Physical Education ANTHONY C. HOWES, Natchitoches, Psychology CAROLYN HSE, Pineville, Dietetics and Institutional Management LARRY HUDNELL, Bossier City, Business Administration DANNY HUDSON, Shreveport, Business Administration CHARLES R HUGHEY, Pineville, Social Sciences FREDERICK A. HUNT, Natchitoches, Industrial Technology-Electronics DOLLIE HUTCHINS, Heflin, Vocational Home Economics Education MARY HYDE, Pineville, Distributive and Business Education JOHN INABNET, Minden, Industrial Arts PEGGY IVINS, Vivian, Health, Safety, and Physical Education DON W. JACKSON, Leesville, Business Administration JOE JACKSON, Winnfield, Interior Design RANDELL JACKSON, DeQuincy, Microbiology BENNIE JAMES, Sikes, Social Science BEVERLY JAMES, Pitkin, Librarianship LINDA PHILLIPS JAMES, Natchitoches, Primary Teaching TERRY JAMES, Winnfield, Social Science PATRICIA JARRELL, DeRidder, English 268 seniors EDDIE JOHNSON, Natchitoches, Zoology ROGER GLEN JOHNSON, Glenmora, Health, Safety, and Physical Education WENDELL R. JOHNSON, Baton Rouge, Industrial Arts BILLIE GEORGE JONES, Rosepine, English JOAN SNEAD JONES, Natchitoches, Business and Office Education JOHNNY JONES, Haughton, Business Administration SHARON JONES, Goldonna, Vocational Home Economics Education THOMAS L. JONES, Shreveport, Music-Instrumental JOHN JOSEPHSON, Natchitoches, Business Administration BARBARA JOSHLIN, Merryville, Social Science JUDY JOSHLIN, DeRidder, Social Science BILLY JOE JOWERS, Lena. Health, Safety, and Physical Education KEN KAVALAWSKI, Natchitoches, Government SHARON L. KELLEY, Winnfield, Librarianship RICHARD KENYON, Natchitoches, Accounting JOHN KERLEY, Shreveport; Health, Safety, and Physical Education KENNETH B KERN, DeRidder, Sociology CAROL ANN KEYS, Natchitoches, Science RONALD C. KING, Pineville, Wildlife Management THEODORE ROBERT KISLA, Shreveport, Industrial Technology— Electronics CAROL ANN KNEIPP, Shreveport, Kindergarten and Primary Teaching DORIS M. KOCHINSKY, Cypress, Sociology MARGARET KOVAR, Leesville, Business and Office Education BARBARA KURTZ, Alexandria, Social Science FRANK C. KYLE, Shreveport, Sociology LEA LABRY, Kaplan, Upper Elementary Teaching JANICE LACOUR, Mansura, Sociology RICHARD LACY, Shreveport, Music— Instrumental MARY F. LAEGER, Metairie, Nursing JODIE LAFIELD, Coushatta, Psychology RONALD P. LAPLACE, Abbeville, Psychology 269 seniors JAMES ROBERT LASH, Cotton Valley, Mathematics LESTER LATINO, Folsom, Health, Safety, and Physical Education HERMAN LAWSON, Mansfield, Geology SARAH L. LEACH, Many, Primary Education EDWIN L. LEBLANC, Delcambre, Industrial Arts JUDY LEBLEU, Natchitoches, Librarianship— Secondary JAMES R. LEDFORD, Natchitoches, Upper Elementary Teaching ELLIE LEE, DeRidder, Nursing PHYLLIS LEE, Gueydan, Primary Teaching SHUN-WU LEE, Taiwan, Mathematics TONIA LEMOINE, Mansura, Primary Teaching MICHAEL LEVINE, West Hartford, Conn , Government HARRY REEVES LEWIS, Natchitoches, Business Administration TERESA LILES, Shreveport, Sociology DARRYL LLOYD, Natchitoches, Business Administration DALTON P. LOFTON, Natchitoches, Industrial Arts PATRICIA LOFTUS, Vinton, Nursing SUZANNE SCOTT LONG, Haynesville, General Home Economics CARLTON LONGINO, Tioga, Industrial Technology-Electronics PAULA LUNEBRING, Shreveport, Social Science GAIL LYLES, Deville, Nursing TIM LYNCH, Leesville, Business Administration KENNETH LYONS, Springhill, Industrial Technology GUNDER MALKE, Leesville, Business Administration GEORGE MALLETT, Marthaville, Social Science DILLARD MANGRAM, Shreveport, Biology RONNIE MANNING, Shreveport, Advertising Design 270 seniors JANE E. MARINO, LaPlace, Health, Safety, and Physical Education ROBERT MARKS, Bunkie, Upper Elementary Teaching MICHAEL MARSE, Westwego, Business Administration DICK MARSH, Natchitoches, Geography BETTY MARTIN, Shreveport, Primary Teaching PHYLLIS MARTINEZ, Haughton, Vocational Home Economics Education SHERYL MARTINEZ, Marrero, Nursing ANDREW MARUSAK, Natchitoches, Sociology DIANE MARUSAK, Natchitoches, Sociology RONALD MATKIN, Provencal, Industrial Arts CHARLES G. MATTOX, JR., Natchitoches, Accounting RUTH MAY, Forest, Nursing WILLIAM R. MAYFIELD, Natchitoches, Chemistry THOMAS G. MAYNER, Natchitoches, Business Administration DONNIE McCAA, Shreveport, Speech CARRIE McCLELLAND. Natchitoches, Primary Teaching LINDA KNOTTS McCLENDON, Natchitoches, Primary Teaching JAMES McCONNELL, Natchitoches, Business Administration STEVE McCOTCHEON, Natchitoches, Industrial Technology-Electronics REBECCA ANN McCULLER, Bossier City, Vocational Home Economics JUDY H. McCULLOUGH, Natchitoches, Sociology RANDALL McCULLOUGH, Natchitoches BETTY McCUTCHEON, Natchitoches, Sociology HOWARD McDANIEL, Zachary, Industrial Arts LEONARD McDANIEL, Gueydan, Physics LORETTA McDANIEL, Shreveport, English RICHARD McELHATTEN, Shreveport, Business Administration 271 seniors JANE ANNE McFARLAND, Upper Marlboro, Md , Nursing ELAINE McFATTER, Lake Charles, Primary Education JO BEVERLY McFERRIN, DeRidder, Kindergarten and Primary Teaching ALICE McGEE, New Orleans, Music— Instrumental DONALD McGEHEE, Effie, Biology LARRY W. McKENZIE, Homer, Business Administration ROBERT LANSING McKILLIPS, JR.. Natchitoches, Business Administration BONNIE McNEELY, Many, Biology SHARMAN MEACHUM, Ringgold, Vocational Home Economics Education WAYNE W. MEAUX. Abbeville, Industrial Arts VETA ANN MEDICA, Alexandria, Music-Vocal RICK MERCHANT, Oakdale. Psychology CAROL MICHIELS, Natchitoches, English RAYMOND P. MICHIELS, Alexandria, Health, Safety, and Physical Education DEE MIDDLETON, Shreveport, Business Administration CHARLOTTE MILEY, Opelousas, Kindergarten and Primary Teaching CHARLES MILITELLO, Tonawanda, NY., Business Administration CLIFTON MILLER, Mansfield, Pre-Law DAVID MILLER, Pineville, Journalism HALLIE LEE MILLER, Shreveport, Vocational Home Economics Education JAMES MILLER, Florien, Upper Elementary Teaching LINDA MILLER, Montgomery, Social Science RODNEY MILLER, Glenmora, Physics RODNEY MILLER. DeRidder, Advertising Design MARY CHARLOTTE MILLS, Vidalia, General Home Economics DON MARK MISER, Houston. Tex., Industrial Arts 272 seniors DON MOORING, Shreveport, Business Administration GARRISON MOREAU, Lena, Business Administration IRENE MORGEL, Lake Providence, Librarianship— Secondary KENNETH MORRIS, Vivian, Business Administration RONALD MORROW, Leesville, Business Administration ROY MOTON, Mansfield, Sociology PATRICK K. MURPHY, Alexandria, Wildlife Management GRACE MYERS, Opelousas, Psychology MARY NAPOLI, New Iberia, Vocational Home Economics Education NANCY NEAL, Natchitoches, Sociology WEBBER NEAL, Natchitoches, Zoology MERRILL C. NECK, Mansura, Biology CYNTHIA NELSON, Bossier City, Speech and Hearing Therapy KAREN NEWTON, Shreveport, Librarianship— Elementary ALEXANDER NOBLES JR., Goldonna, Pre-Vocational Agriculture BOBBY NOWLIN, Tullos, Industrial Technology— Electronics ROY DEAN NUGENT, Colfax, History DOYLE ODOM, Haynesville, Business Administration PAM CHANDLER ODOM, Haughton, Primary Teaching LINDA M. OGLESBY, Haughton, Primary Teaching NORMA OLIVER, Shreveport, Speech and Hearing Therapy WANDA OLIVER, Minden, Social Welfare BETTY PATON OPIO, Leesville, Home Economics and Secretarial Administration ROGER MAURICE OPIO, Fayetteville, Ark., Social Science CAROL OQUINN, Robeline, Social Science DIANA ORTEGO, Opelousas, Business Administration 273 seniors ANNE MARIE OWNES, Shreveport, Kindergarten and Primary Teaching LEWIS L PACE, Minden, Industrial Arts RICARDO PADILLA, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Business Administration TONY PAPA, Shreveport, Health, Safety and Physical Education SHARON PARKER, Winnfield, Primary Teaching and Teach Speech Correction CHARLES PARKS, Minden, Recreation MICHAEL PARRIE, Zwolle. Biology CHARLEEN PATIN, Jarreau, General Home Economics JUDY PATTERSON. Natchitoches, Social Science DARRYL PAUL, Deville, Sociology ROGER PAULK, Deville, Health, Safety and Physical Education KARL H. PEARSON, West Monroe, Business Administration LARRAINE PERKINS, Oakdale, Health, Safety and Physical Education JOSEPH W. PETRUS, Shreveport, Industrial Arts ALWYN JOSEPH PHILLIPS, Natchitoches, Business Administration DIANNA LEHR PHILLIPS, Natchitoches, Vocational Home Economics SARAH PHILLIPS, Natchitoches, Music-Vocal LILA A PIERCE, Singer, Sociology WALLACE R. PITTS, Robeline, Business Administration SHELTON POLAND, Jena, Industrial Arts ROBERT D. PONDS, Gardena, Industrial Arts Education DAVID POSTON, Hornbeck, Industrial Arts Education SANDRA POSTON, Natchitoches, Secretarial Administration— Two Years LEE POTTER, Bossier City, Business and Office Education GEORGENE PRATTE. Natchitoches, Accounting J. DAVID PRECHT, Jennings, Journalism 274 seniors RUBY PRESTIDGE, Natchitoches, Nursing ROGER L. PREWITT, Anacoco, Business Administration ANISE J. PRIMEAUX, Vinton, Upper Elementary BARBARA PUGH, Shreveport, Social Science JOHN PULLEN, Natchitoches, Industrial Technology— Electronics MARILYN PULLIG, Ashland, Primary Teaching EVELYN QUINN, Oxford, Music-Vocal CHRISTINE RABALAIS, Cottonport, Nursing CAROLYN RAINES, Keithville, Librarianship-Elementary ONNIE L. RAMBIN, Natchitoches, Art GLEN RAMSEY, Castor, Business Administration LINDA RASBURY, Olla, Health, Safety, and Physical Education JERRY RATLIFF, Natchitoches, Industrial Arts PATSY RATCLIFF, Bossier City, Nursing KAREN REEDER, Natchitoches, Vocational Home Economics Education JUDY REESE, Shreveport, Early Childhood Education SANDRA G. REICH, New Llano, Nursing JOE REMEDIES, Zwolle, Social Science MARLON REVELETT, Dry Prong, Business Administration JOHN REYNOLDS, Baton Rouge, Business Administration BETH RICE, Slidell, Nursing CHERYL RICHARD, Opelousas, Primary Teaching ROXIE RICHARDS, Dry Prong, Nursing CAROLYN RICHARDSON, Shreveport, Vocational Home Economics Education DORINDA RICHARDSON, Natchitoches, Primary Teaching REBECCA RISEDEN, Harvey, Kindergarten and Primary Teaching GEORGE W. RIVERS JR., Pleasant Hill, Business and Office Education 275 seniors ANITA B. ROBERTSON, Natchitoches, English MARY ROBERTS, Leesville, Music— Instrumental WILLIAM K ROBINSON, Shreveport, Social Science DONNIE ROBISON, Logansport, History SANDRA ROQUEMORE, Natchitoches; Health and Safety Education CONNIE ROSALLES, Powhatan, Mathematics THEA ANNA ROSAMANO, New Orleans, Early Childhood Education ANN ROSE, Leesville, Home Economics GWEN ROY, Lafayette, Home Economics Education KRISTEN ROY, Alexandria. English JOHN W. ROYSTON, Natchitoches, Accounting BEN RUSHING JR., Natchitoches, Mathematics BENNY RUSSELL, Zwolle, Industrial Technology— Electronics MARKITA M RUSSELL, Georgetown, Business Administration BEVERLY WRIGHT SALLEY, Many, Mathematics MIKE SALTER, Zwolle, Social Sciences FRANCES SAMS, Leesville, Chemistry ROBERTO SANCHEZ, Pineville, Spanish ELAINE SANDERS, Alexandria, Distributive and Business Education JAMES SANDERS, Mix, Wildlife Management JENNIE SANDERS, Natchitoches, Home Economics JULIA SANDERS, Oil City. Upper Elementary Teaching MARY MARGRET SANDERS. Homer, Secretarial Administration PAT L SANDERS, New Roads, General Home Economics GLEN M SAPP, Keithville, Business Administration STANLEY SAVANT, Basile, Music-Instrumental HENRY SAVELL, Many, Accounting 276 seniors SARAH SAVELL, Natchitoches, Vocational Home Economics Education JAMES ROBERT SAYMORE JR., Bossier City, Music MIKE SCALFANO, Natchitoches, Business Administration LOUISE SCHERER, Metairie, Nursing CLARENCE SCHLOMER, Leesville, History GWEN SCHMIDT, Natchitoches, Psychology MARSHALL LYNN SCHOTH, Zwolle, Accounting CLAY L. SCHULENBURG III, Shreveport, Business and Office Education ERNIE SCOTT, Jonesville, Business Administration JIMMY A. SCOTT, Shreveport, Business Administration RAY SCOTT JR., Natchitoches, Business Administration ROBERT SCOTT, Natchitoches, Secondary School Administration and Supervision JANET SELF, Shreveport, Nursing DAVID SEPULVADO, Zwolle, Accounting JOSEPH THOMAS SEPULVADO, Zwolle, Accounting HAL SHACKLEFORD, Baton Rouge, Business Administration SUSAN SHAFFER, Alexandria, Vocational Home Economics Education DANIEL SHEFFER, Hanover, Pa., Health, Safety, and Physical Education DORTHEA SHEPPARD, New Orleans, Kindergarten and Primary Teaching CAROLYN PACE SHINE, Pineville, Upper Elementary Teacher ANN LORAINE SIMS, Hornbeck, Nursing BERYL SINGLETARY, Abbeville, Speech GLENDA SINGLETARY, Bogalusa, Music-Piano HULON SISTRUNK, Mansfield, Business Administration MARY M. SISTRUNK, Natchitoches, Primary Teaching RONALD G. SKAGGS, Bossier City, Zoology 277 seniors SHIRLEY SLAY, Shreveport, Vocational Industrial Education BRENDA SLAYTON, Elizabeth, Social Science CAROLYN SMITH, Lena, Sociology CHARLES T. SMITH, Natchitoches, Business Administration EUGENE L. SMITH JR , Natchitoches, Mathematics JACKIE SMITH, Shreveport, Health, Safety, and Physical Education JURY SMITH, Winnfield, Industrial Technology— Electronics PAULINE SMITH, Winnsboro, Primary Teaching SHER SNODDY, Natchitoches, General Home Economics CHARLES SOILEAU, Opelousas; Health, Safety, and Physical Education MONTIE CHARLES SOILEAU, Opelousas, Social Science JAMES SORGEE, Natchitoches, Social Science JAMES SPEICHER, Natchitoches, Accounting BARBARA N. SPRUILL, Jonesboro, Nursing BRENDA STANLY, Leesville, Vocational Home Economics Education PAM STATEN, Springhill, Librarianship— Secondary GLENDIA STEVENS, Pleasant Hill, Vocational Home Economics Education ROBERT JAMES STEVENS, Baton Rouge, Business Administration JIMMIE STEWART, Springhill, Industrial Technology— Electronics LARRY STILES, Sarepta, Business Administration ANN STOUT, Baton Rouge, Mathematics DELORES STOVALL, Baton Rouge, General Home Economics BEVERLY STROUD, Pineville, Nursing GARY STROUD, Bossier City. Social Science i3 2Z5 EDDIE SUTHERLAND, Belle Chasse, Animal Science SUE SWAIN, Leesville, Business and Office Education BEN SWILLEY, Natchitoches, Business Administration 278 seniors JOAN TALLENT, Jacksonville, Ark., Nursing THEODORE L. TANNEHILL, JR., Natchitoches, Industrial Arts SUSAN TANNER, Evergreen, Primary Teaching LEE DOUGLAS TARVER, Natchitoches, Health, Satety, and Physical Educa- tion—Recreation PATRICIA ANN TAUZIN, Lafayette, Health, Safety, and Physical Education H. R. TEMPLIN, Natchitoches, Business Administration MARTHA TENNEY, Baton Rouge, Nursing RONALD B. THIEBAUD, Oil City, Music-Vocal DIANNE THOMAS, Franklinton, Health, Safety and Physical Education LUKE E. THOMAS, Natchitoches, Health, Safety and Physical Education REBECCA M. THOMAS, Springhill, Sociology RENEA O. THOMAS, Leesville, Upper Elementary Teaching GEORGE C. THOMPSON, Leesville, Upper Elementary Teaching HOLLIS R. THOMPSON, Natchitoches, Health and Safety Education JOYCE THOMPSON, Shreveport, Health, Safety and Physical Education RAYETTA H THOMPSON, Natchitoches, Sociology BILL THRASH, Shreveport, Business Administration SARAH THRASH, Heflin, Mathematics WAYNE TIBBIT, Shreveport, Industrial Technology— Electronics HARRIET TINDEL, Shreveport, Secretarial Administration— Two years EDDIE TOMPKINS, Shreveport, Industrial Arts SUE TOMS, Bienville, Nursing THOMAS J. TORPY, Jonesboro, Social Science SUSAN GAYLE TOWNS, Natchitoches, Home Economics and Secretarial Adminis- tration MARY TOWNSEND, Bunkie, Secretarial Administration SHARON TRAYLOR, Haynesville, Kindergarten and Primary Teaching RAMON TRICHE, Metairie, Business Administration 279 seniors RICHARD TRUNNEL, Potomac, Business Administration BILL TUBRE, Oakdale, Business Administration GEORGIE TUMA, Libuse, Primary Teaching GLORIA TURNER, Many, Social Science KAY TYNES, Natchitoches, Primary Education THOMAS TYNES, Morgan City, Chemistry JESSE URIAS, Ruston, Zoology WAYNE VAUQUELIN, Houma, Advertising Design TONI VERCHER, Natchitoches, Business Administration LYNN VIATOR, Delcambre, Business Administration RANDALL G VICKERS, Pineville, Business Administration VALATKA VINCENT, McGuire AFB, New Jersey, Business Administration E L. VOORHIES, Ball, Animal Science CHARLES P. VOSBURG, New Roads, Pre-Law JODY P WALKER, Port Allen, Nursing LOLA WALKER, Natchitoches, Biology KAREN WALTERS, Lafayette, Business and Office Education NANCY K. WALTERS, Baton Rouge, Nursing PICKITT WALTHER, Shreveport, Industrial Technology-Electronics RICHARD WARE, West Monroe, Business Administration DAVID WATTS, Shreveport, Industrial Arts Education DOUGLAS W WATTS, Livingston, Health, Safety, and Physical Education EDWARD F. WEATHERBY, Holbrook, Mass., Business Administration TRIPPY WEAVER, Clearwater; Health, Safety, and Physical Education PAUL WELLER, Wareham, Music— Instrumental JUDY WEST, DeRidder, Primary Teaching JERRY WESTER, Natchitoches. Business Administration 280 seniors PATRICIA ZIOLKOWSKI, Echo, Sociology PEGGY WHITE, Alexandria, Health, Safety and Physical Education TISA WHITLEY, Bossier City, Primary Teaching BEVERLY WHITLOCK, Natchitoches, Vocational Home Economics Education SANDRA WHITTINGTON, Ville Platte, Biology STEVE WIGGINS, Shreveport, Industrial Technology-Electronics WILLIAM J. WIGGINS, Vidalia, Business Administration ROBERT W. WILDER, New Orleans, Physics CARY WILKERSON, Natchitoches, Business Administration GLORIA WILLCUTT, Zachary, Upper Elementary Teaching BEN C. WILLIAMS, Bossier City, Health, Safety and Physical Education CHERYL WILLIAMS, Natchitoches, Early Childhood Education R. STACY WILLIAMS, JR., Natchitoches, Agri-Business RICKIE WILLIAMS, Natchitoches, Industrial Arts TOMMY WILSON, Quitman, Pre-Law VERA WINDSOR, Oakdale, Business and Office Education JUDY WINN, Robeline, General Home Economics NANCY HOOD WISE, Charleston, Recreation LARRY WRIGHT, Shreveport, Industrial Arts ROGER DWAYNE WRIGHT, Forest Hill, Business Administration CHESTER C WROTEN, Rayville, Health, Safety and Physical Education WALTER E. YANCEY, Natchitoches, Business Administration MARY ANN YORK, Baton Rouge, Upper Elementary Teaching SHARON HOLLOWAY ZAKRIS, Shreveport, Kinderga rten and Primary Teaching LUPYIN PATRICK ZEE, Newtown Mansion, Industrial Technology— Electronics 281 undergraduates KAREN ABINGTON, Natchitoches, Fr. KAREN ACHTERMEYER, Baton Rouge, Fr. CAROL ADAMS, Alexandria, Jr. HENRY ADAMS, Oxford. Fr. MARSHA ADAMS, Bossier City, Fr. SANDRA GAIL ADAMS, Grambling, So. RITA ADDISON, Haughton, So. JOE ADELMAN, St. Petersburg, Florida, Jr. ROBERT ADKINSON, Natchitoches, So. MARY ALBERT, Shreveport, Fr. LAYNE ALEXANDER, Oil City, So. BETH ALFORD, Many, So. BILL ALFORD, Leesville, Fr. NELDA ALFORD, Sarepta, Jr. MICHAEL ALLDAY, Natchitoches, So. ELSIE ALLEN, Dodson, So. LANEA ALLEN, Jena, So. LYNN ALLEN, Slidell, Fr. MARCIA ALLEN, Coushatta, So. MICHELE ALLEN, Pollock, Fr. REBECCA ALLEN, Colfax, Fr. REBECCA ALLGOOD, Homer, Jr. GAYLEN ALLISON, Shreveport, So. CECIL ALMOND, Coushatta, Fr. WILLIAM ALMOND, Coushatta, Fr. 282 TREMMEL ALMOND, Coushatta, Fr LAURIE AMAZEEN, Bossier City, So JANET FAYE AMBERG, Georgetown, Fr undergraduates JOYCE AMOS, Jonesboro, Jr. DON ANDERS, Alexandria, So. JIMMY ANDERSON, DeRidder, Jr. KAREN ANDERSON, Alexandria, So. LANENA ANDERSON, Shreveport, Fr. LAURA ANDERSON, Shreveport, Fr. TERRY ANDERSON, Slidell, So. SANDY ANDRIES, Boyce, So. CHARLES ANDRUS, Jennings, So. DAWSON ANGLIN, Haynesville, Jr. SKEET ANGLIN, Baker, Fr. FLOYD ANTLEY, Natchitoches, Fr. JOHN ANTLEY, Natchitoches, Fr. XENIA ARAUZ, Panama, Jr. JOAN ARCENAUX, Natchitoches, Fr. NANCY ARCHAMBEAU, Shreveport, So CHOLLA ARDOIN, Baton Rouge, Fr. RONNIE ARDOIN, Opelousas, Fr. JOYCE ARMSTRONG, Zwolle, Fr SU ANNE ARMSTRONG, Ventura. So. DONNIE ARNOLD, Shreveport, Fr. JERRY ARNOLD, Vidalia, Fr. PAT ARNOLD, Houston, Texas, Jr. SUSAN ARNOLD, Alexandria, Fr. CHARLES ARRAMBIDE, DeRidder, So. 283 undergraduates JACK ASHFIELD, Leesville, Fr. LOU ASHWORTH, Oakdale, So. LLOYD ATCHISON, Leesville, So GAYLE ATER, Natchitoches, Fr. DAVID ATKINS, Shreveport, So. GAREY ATKINSON, Forest Hill, Fr. JANE ATKINSON, Batchelor, Fr. SHARON ATKINSON, Leesville, Fr. HENRY ATWOOD, Alexandria, Sr JUDY AUER, Coushatta, Jr. BILL AUSTIN, Kinder, So. FRANK AUSTER, Baton Rouge, Fr. KERRY AUTREY, Ponchatoula, Fr. DANNY AYALA, Leesville, Fr. JACKIE BABINEAUX, Crowley, Fr. SHEIK BACCHUS, Metairie, Fr STEVEN BACLE, Natchitoches, Jr. NANCY BACON, Natchitoches, Fr. DARLENE BAGGETT, DeQuincy, Jr. PAT BAGLEY, Longstreet, So RONNIE BAGLEY, Longview, Texas, Sr, THAD BAILES, Leesville, Jr. ALAN BAILEY, Natchitoches, Fr. BRENDA BAILEY, Pollock, Fr. CHARLOTTE BAILEY, Leesville, Fr. 284 FRANCES BAILEY, Shreveport, Fr. JACK BAILEY, Shreveport, Fr. LARRY BAILEY, Haynesville, Fr. undergraduates FREDERICK BARRY, Gretna, Fr. GERALYN BARTHEL, Sunshine, Fr. SHARON BAILEY, Glenmora, Fr. LOUANNE BAIN, Bunkie, Fr. BECKY BAKER, Grand Cane, Fr. CAROLE BAKER, Tullos, So. KENNY BAKER, Cotton Valley, Fr. ROBERT S. BAKER, Stonewall, Fr. RONNIE BALES, Alexandria, Fr. BECKY BALLARD, Oakdale, Fr. ALVA BALTHAZAR, Natchez, Fr. MICHAEL BAMBURG, Coushatta, So. MIKE BAMBURG, Coushatta, Jr. SUE BAMBURG, Coushatta, So. JO MARIE BANANNO, Robeline. Fr ROBERT BANKS, Natchitoches, Fr. KATHLEEN BARBEROUSSE, Shreveport, Fr. LAWRENCE BARBEROUSSE, Shreveport, Fr. JEANNE BARMORE, Springhill, Jr. MARY KATHRYN BARNETT, Plain Dealing, So. RITA BARNETT, Bossier City, So. BOB BARNEY, Natchitoches, Fr. CAROL BARNIDGE, Irving, Texas, So. KATHI BARONET, Jennings, Fr. WILTON BARRIOS, Pineville, Sr. RODNEY BARRON, Natchitoches, So. ANNE BARRY, Gretna, Jr. 285 undergraduates BETTY BARTLETT, Monroe, Fr. MARILYN BARTLEY, St. Martinville, So. SIDNEY BASANEZ, Alexandria, Virginia, Fr. STEPHANIE BASCO, Many, Fr. BARBARA BASS, Oakdale, Fr. KATHY BASS, Jonesville, So. ANNA BATES, Castor, Fr. BRENDA BATES, Provencal, Fr. REBECCA BATES, Pineville, So. CYNTHIA BATISTE, Natchitoches, Jr. LAWRENCE BATISTE, Natchitoches, So. PAMELA BATISTE, Alexandria, Fr. WANDA BAUM, Pollock, Fr. JERRY BAXTER, Natchitoches, Fr. MARY BEACH, Wisner, Jr. RAYMOND BEACH, Wisner, Fr. JAMES BEAL, Goldonna, Jr. RICHARD BEASLEY, Many, Fr. STEPHEN BEASELY, Gloster, Jr. RONALD BEAUVAIS, New Roads, Fr. DIANE BECK, Natchitoches, Fr. GIL BECK, Oil City, Fr. STEVE BECKERDITE, Shreveport, Fr. WYNNDE BEDGOOD, DeRidder, Jr. BRENDA BEEBE, Lena, So. VICKIE BEENE, Atlanta, Georgia, So. ANN BEGUE, Houma, Fr. KATHRYN BELSHA, Hornbeck, Fr. 286 •■ undergraduates ROOSEVELT BENJAMIN, Natchitoches, So. RUBY BENJAMIN, Natchitoches, Fr. BECKY BENNETT, DeRidder, Fr. BLANCHE BENNETT, Boyce, Fr. DONALD BENNETT, Alexandria, So. ELLEN BENNETT, Shreveport, Fr. HARVEY BENNETT, Natchitoches, Sr. HATTIE BENNETT, Mansfield, Fr. RALPH BENNETT, Pineville, Jr. ROY BENNETT, Simpson, Fr. SUE BENNETT, Pineville, Jr. DAVID BENIT, Minden, Jr. JANE BENTEL, New Orleans, Fr. OUIDA BENTON, Batchelor, Jr. KEKAIKUIHALA BEPPU, Hauula, Hawaii, Jr. KALEIALOKA BEPPU, Hauula, Hawaii, So. DEAN BEREL, Florien, Jr. KEITH BERGERON, New Roads, Fr. THYRA BERNARD, Lake Charles, Fr. JEANETTE BERRY, Pineville, Fr. JIMMY BERRY, Natchitoches, So. DAVID BERRYMAN, Zwolle, Jr. SANDRA BETHARD, Dry Prong, So. JUDY BERTRAND, Opelousas, Jr. DEBBIE BEVERSON, Baton Rouge, So. BILLYE BERWICK, Leesville, So. LINDA BEVILL, Montgomery, So. 287 undergraduates JANET BIERDEN, Coushatta, Fr LYNDA BINNING, Mansfield, Jr BRENDA BISHOP, Mansfield, Fr BOB BITOWSKI, Valley Stream, Nassau, Jr BOBBIE BIVINGS, Vidalia, Fr GEORGE WILLIAM BLACK III, Natchitoches, Fr. MACK BLACK, Natchitoches, Fr. MARGIE BLACKBURN, Natchitoches, Jr. DONNIE BLACKE, Natchitoches, Fr. MAE BLANCHARD, Blanks, Jr. EDWARD BLANCHARD, Shreveport, So. MIKE BLANK, Alexandria, So. SANDRA BLANKENSHIP, Alexandria, Jr. JOHN BLEVINS, Simpson, Fr. BRENDA BLOW, Shreveport, Fr. ROBERT BLOW, Leesville, Fr. BARBARA BOATMAN, Many, Fr. LEON BOGGS, Shreveport, Fr. MARY ANN BOGGS, Gonzales, So. DANNY BOGUE, Longview, Texas, Jr. CAROL BOHANNON, Coushatta, Fr. HENRY BOLEY, Heflin, Fr. JAMES BOLGIANO, Slidell, Fr. JAMES W. BOLGIANO, Leesville, Fr. BARBARA BOLLAR, Alexandria, Fr. ARLENE BONDS, Pineville, Fr BECKY BONNER, Maplewood, Fr SUSAN BONNETTE, Natchitoches, Fr undergraduates GARY BRANCH, Rayville, Fr. MAXIE BRANCH, Natchitoches, Sr. MOLLIE BRANCH, Natchitoches, Fr. SANDY BOONE, Evans, So, CAROL BORDELON, Pineville. Jr. JAMES BORDELON, Hessmer, Jr. MICHAEL BORDELON, Alexandria. Fr. SHANE BORDELON. Coushatta, So. RICHARD BORNE. Thibodaux. Jr. JULIA BOSSIER, Baton Rouge, Fr. SUSAN BOSWELL. Natchitoches, So MONICA BOTTS, Columbus AFB, Jr. GARY BOUCHER, Springhill, Jr. THOMAS BOUDREAUX, Oakdale, So. ANNETTE BOURGEOIS, Lake Charles, So. EDDIE BOUTTE, Shreveport, So. SALLY BOX. Shreveport, So. LELAND BOYD, Ferriday, Fr. CHERYL BOYDSTUN. Natchitoches, Fr DIXIE BOYETTE, Elizabeth, Fr. JOHN BOYETTE, Elizabeth. Fr DENNIE BOYT, Natchitoches, Fr. LARRY BOZEMAN, Shreveport, Jr. ALAINA BOZZELLE, Baton Rouge, Jr. WILLIAM BOZZELLE, Gretna, So. DEBBIE BRADFORD, Georgetown, Fr. ANNETTE BRADY, Forest Hill, Fr. JEANETTE BRADY, Forest Hill, Fr. undergraduates REBA BRANTLEY, Natchitoches, Fr. DIANE BRAQUE, Arnaudville, So. KAY BRASHER, Ferriday, Fr. LYDIA BRASHER, Natchitoches, Fr. DENNIS BRAZELL, Alexandria, So. KATHI BREAZEALE, Natchitoches, So. FRIEDA BRECHTEL, Alexandria, Fr. ED BREEDLOVE, Natchitoches, Fr. LAURIE BRETT, Harlingen, Fr. JUDY BREITHAUPT, Baton Rouge, Fr. LATNIE BREWTON, Winnfield, Fr. BOBBY BRIAN, Coushatta, Jr. JUNE BRIGHT, Pineville, Fr. KATIE BRIGMON, Natchitoches, So. JOE BRIMER, Chestnut, So. DONNA BRINKLEY, Cotton Valley, Fr. LEWIS BRINKLEY, Evans, Fr. JAMES BRINSON, Winnfield, Fr. JACKIE BROADWAY, Provencal, So. BESSIE BROCK, Mora, Jr. DEBORAH BRODNAX, Elmer, Fr. DONA BROOKS, Zachary, Fr. DELORIS BROSSETT, Natchitoches, So. CHARLOTTE BROUSSARD, Gueydan, Jr. BRENDA BROWN, Shreveport, Fr. undergraduates ROS BROWN, Tallulah, So. SCOTT BROWN, Shreveport, So. DON BROWNE, Coushatta, Fr. LOTTIE BROWNLEE, Hineston, So. JANET BRUCE, Natchitoches, So. MELANIE BRUCE, Marthaville, So. BEVERLY BRUMLEY, Converse, Fr. VIRGIL BRUMLEY, Montgomery, So. MONA BRUNCHIE, Belmont, Fr. VIRGINIA BRUYNINCKX, Alexandria, Fr. EARLINE BRYANT, Colfax, Fr. RUSSELL BRYANT, Natchitoches, Fr. ROBERT BUCHANAN, Shreveport, Fr. BONNIE BUCK, Kinder, So. DENTON BUCKLEY, Natchitoches, So. RACHEL BUCKLEY, Vinton, Sr. RANDY BUCKLEY, Natchitoches, Fr. VICKIE BUFKIN, Elizabeth, Fr. TOMMY BUMGARDNER, Natchitoches, Fr. CARON BURCH, Natchitoches, Fr. DAVID BURKE, Bossier City, So. LINDA BURKHALTER, Clayton, Fr. BARBARA BURLEY, Minden, Jr. EDWARD BURNS, Oil City, So. KATHY BURNS, Shreveport, So. undergraduates EDITH ANN BUSH, Florien, Sr. JAN BUTLER, Dubberly, Fr. DAN BYLES, Winnfield, Fr. PATTI BYRNES, Shreveport, So. PHILLIP CAGLE, Tioga, Jr. KENNETH CALDWELL, Winnfield, Fr. CLEOLA CALHOUN, Robeline, Fr. CLAUDE CAMERON, Shreveport, Jr. JULIUS A. CAMP, Winnfield, Jr. BARBARA CAMPBELL, Iowa, Fr. DIANNE CAMPBELL, Cotton Valley, So. JAMES W. CAMPBELL, Shreveport, So. VICKI CANADY, Maplewood, Fr. CHARLOTTE CANARDY, Natchitoches, Fr CYNTHIA CANCIENNE, Baton Rouge, Jr. PAULA CANCIENNE, Thibodaux, Jr. SUSAN CANCIENNE, Baton Rouge, Fr. BARBARA CANNON, Monroe, So. DOROTHY CARIERE, Shreveport, So. ROXIE CARIERE, Shreveport, So. PAT CARLIN, Alexandria, Fr STEVE CARLTON, New Llano, Fr. DANNY CARNLINE, Many, So. GRACIE L. CARPENTER, Natchitoches, Fr. PATRICIA CARRIER, Oberlin, So. RAYLON D CARRIER, Oberlin, So. SHARON CARRIER, DeRidder, Jr. EDDIE CARROLL, Minden, Fr. undergraduates ROBERT DAVID CARROLL, Natchitoches, Sr. ALICE CARRUTH, Many, Fr. BENJAMIN CARTER, Port Sulphur, So. BILL CARTER, Benton, Fr. MARGARET CARTER, Pineville, Fr. TONY CARTER, Alexandria, Fr. WAYNE CARTER, Pollock, Fr. RAYMOND CARTWRIGHT, Tyler, Fr. WILLIAM CARVER, Anacoco, So. THOMAS CASCIO, Bossier City, Jr. EVELYN CASE, Alexandria, Fr. EDGAR CASON, Coushatta, Fr. SANDRA CASON, Coushatta, Jr. VERNON CASON, Shreveport, So. DENISE CASTILLOW, Sulphur, Fr. PAM CATANESE, Shreveport, Fr. JUDY WRIGHT CATHEY, Many, Jr. PATRICIA A. CATLIN, Lake Charles, So. SANDRA CAUDLE, Shreveport, Jr. LINDA CAUSEY, Leesville, So. STEVE CAVANAUGH, Florien, So. BOBBY CEDARS, Natchitoches, Fr. MARY CEDARS, Natchitoches, Fr. DANNY CHACHERE, Eunice, So. ROBERT ELDON CHACHERE, Eunice, Fr. undergraduates JEFF CHAPMAN, Shreveport. Fr. CAROLYN CHATELAIN, Bunkie. Jr. ROBERT CHEEK, Shreveport. Fr. PATTI CHENNAULT, Ferriday, Fr. VICKI CHIASSON, Marrero, Sr. WANDA CHICOLA, Alexandria, So. WAYNE CHOATE. Natchitoches, Jr. HAROLD CHRISMON, Shreveport, Fr. MARIANNA CHRISSOVERGES. Shreveport, Fr. METTER ANN CHRISTOPHER, Leesville, Fr LARK CHRISTY, Bossier City. Jr PATTI CHURCHMAN. Coltax. Sr. VICKI CHURCHMAN. Colfax, So MELANIE CHUSTZ, Port Allen, Fr. FELLMAN CHUTZ, New Roads, So ANNE CIFREO, Baton Rouge, Sr. ANNE CLARK, Shreveport, So SHARON CLARK, Pineville, Fr GAILAND CLAUSEN, Simpson, Jr. HAROLD D. CLAY, Thibodaux, Fr. ORKY CLIFTON, New York, Fr. CAROL CLINE, Shreveport. Fr. MIKE CLINE. Marthaville. Fr JOHANNA CLINESMITH, New Orleans, Jr. COLLEEN CLOONEY, Lafayette, Fr. DONALD RAY CLOUD. Alexandria, Jr LA VETA CLOUD, Pitkin, So PATRICIA CLOUD, Elizabeth, Jr ' s undergraduates « $$.% j A % DON COLVIN. Bernice. So MARTHA COMPTON. Welsh. Fr LYDIA CONLAY, Campti. So. RICHARD CLOUD. Mansfield. Fr. WAYNE CLOUD. Elizabeth. So ARNOLD CLOUTIER, Natchez. Fr. ANN CLOUTIER. Shreveport, Fr. LISA CLOWER. Baton Rouge. Fr. COLLEEN CLYDE. Gonzales. Fr. BECKY COBB, Shreveport. Fr BROOKS COBURN. Florien. Sr. GARY COBURN. Many. Jr. TERRY COBURN. Bossier City. So. VICKI LYNN COCKERHAM. Jena. Sr BRADFORD COHEN. Natchitoches. Fr. DIANNE COILE. Plain Dealing. Fr. PENNI COKER. Knoxville. So. HERSCHEL C. COLE, Oberlin, Jr. GINGER COLEMAN. Coushatta Fr JOHN COLEMAN. Shreveport. Jr. RHON DA COLEMAN, Shreveport, Sr. KATHY COLLIER, New Orleans, So BRENDA COLLINS, Pineville. So. FRANK COLLINS, Belmont. N.Car., So. JENNIFER COLLINS. Atlanta, Fr. CORINNE COLTON. Natchitoches. Fr. R. L. COLVARD. Glenmora. Sr. CATHY COLVIN. Benton. Fr I undergraduates PENNY CONNOR, Wmnfield, Fr. PAM CONWAY, New Orleans, So. VICKI COODY, Bossier City, Fr. BARBARA COOK, Bossier City, Fr. CAROLYN COOK, New Orleans, Fr. ELDON H. COOK, Baton Rouge, So. JANET COOK, Many, So. MARIE COOLEY, Slagle, Sr. SANDRA COON, Jena, Fr DONNA COOPER, Shreveport, Fr FLOYD COPELL, Kaplan, So. GREGORY COOPER, Leesville, So DEBBIE CORLEY, Alexandria, Fr JOHN CORLEY, Florien, Fr JULIETTE CORNE, St. Martmville, Fr FREDERICK COTTON, Dodson, Fr MARSHA COURVILLE, Alexandria, Fr PAULINE COUVILLION, Simmesport, Fr DEBORAH COUVILLON, Kaplan, Fr. WAYNE COUVILLON, Kaplan, Jr ANN COVINGTON, Pineville, Fr. RAYBURN COVINGTON, Vivian, Fr. GLORIA COWANS, Jonesboro, Fr BILLY M COX, Oil City, Fr. CARRIE COX, Shreveport, Fr. DARLENE COX, Natchitoches, Fr DEBBIE COX, Shreveport, Fr DENISE COX, Logansport, Jr 296 undergraduates TOM CUMMINS, Minden, Fr. GWEN CURTIS, Baton Rouge, Fr. DEB CUSHMAN, Zachary, So. MIKE COX, Coushatta, Fr. SARA JANE COX, Alexandria, Fr. DEDE CRAIG, Bossier City, So LARRY CRAIG, Shreveport, So. DIANE CRAIN, Shreveport, Fr. ELIZABETH A. CRANE, Jonesville, So. VICKIE CRANFORD, Converse, Fr. FAYE CRAYTON, Wmnfield, Fr. MICHELE CREECH, Shreveport, Jr. JOHN W. CREED, Many, Jr. BRENDA KAY CREFT, Baton Rouge, Jr. LINDA ANN CRITTON, Taylor, Jr. MARGO CROOKS, Shreveport, So. PAUL CROSBY, Boyce, Fr. BARBARA CROSS, Many, So. JIM CROSS, Shreveport, Fr. JOHN CROSS, Natchitoches, Fr. FRANK CROSSE, Montgomery, Fr. CATHY CROUT, Baton Rouge, Sr. LANIS CROW, Natchitoches, Fr. KATHY CROWLEY, El Dorado, Jr. ARTHUR CRYER, Leesville, Fr. LARRY CRYER, Many, So. ROBERT C. CULLINS, JR., Tyler, Texas, Sr. BENNY CUMMINGS, Natchitoches, Sr. fjh 4W« ' ' W r W ? I 297 undergraduates MAE ALICE CULBERT, Alexandria, Fr. DONNA CULBERTSON, Shreveport, So. PHILLIP MICHAEL CUNNINGHAM, Logansport, Fr. VIVIAN CUPIT, Winnsboro, So. DONNA CUPP, Alexandria, So. WADE CURRY, Florien, So. PATSY DAIGREPONT, Innis, Fr. CHARLOTTE DAKE, Baton Rouge, Jr. JOHNNY DAMICO, Alexandria, So. MARIAN DAMICO, Alexandria, So. TOMMY DAMICO, Alexandria, Fr. THERESA D ' Angelo, Alexandria, So. GARY DANIEL, New Orleans, Sr JIM DANIEL, Bossier City, Jr. JOHN D ' ANNA, Shreveport, So. DENNIS DANS, Channelview, Texas, Sr. JIM DAVENPORT, Ville Platte, So. BELINDA DAVID, Breaux Bridge, Jr. FAYE DAVID, Breaux Bridge, So. MARY E. DAVID, Church Point, Sr. PRESTON DAVIDSON, Jena, Fr. ROBERT DAVIDSON, Natchitoches, Sr. BARBARA L. DAVIS, Lake Charles, Fr. BILL DAVIS, Alexandria, Fr. DIANNE DAVIS, Many, Jr. JOAN DAVIS, Pineville, Fr. MICHAEL DAVIS, Covington, So. JOHN DAVIDSON, Shreveport, Fr. 298 5. r X- ' ' ■ 1 . L £ — 1 r f 1 § 1 I « « 4 undergraduates PAUL DAVIS, Springhill, So. PEGGIE GRIFFIN DAVIS, Alexandria, Jr. WAYNE DAVIS, Grand Cane, So. WAYNE DAVIS. Natchitoches, Fr. DANE DAVY, Opelousas, Sr. GEORGE DAVY, Opelousas, So. PATRICIA DAY, Baton Rouge, So. DALE DAYTON, DeRidder, Jr. MICHAEL DEASON, Provencal, Fr. RICHARD DEASON, Provencal, So. CYNTHIA DeCOUX, Maplewood, So JANE DeCUIR. Marksville, Fr. KATHY DEEN, Montgomery, Fr. DIANE DEES, Shreveport, So. VIC DEES, Florien, Fr. JANET DEFEE, Alexandria, Fr. MARY EVELYN DEKEYZER, Alexandria, Jr. DIANE DEMOPULOS, Shreveport, Fr. JUDY DENCAUSSE, Shreveport, Fr. JAMES DENNEY, Shreveport, Fr. CARL A. DERRICK, Many, Jr. JIMMY DERRICK, Converse, So. ELAINE DESHOTEL, Jennings, Fr. TOMMIE DEVILLE, Jena, So. ROBERT DEWITT, Alexandria, Jr. GAY DEZENDORF, Alexandria, So. SHIRLEY DICKSON, Natchitoches, Jr. FRANK DIES, Metairie, Fr. 299 undergraduates JOE DILL, Mansfield, So. JIMMY R. DILLARD, Mansfield, Jr. DONALD DINKINS, Many, Jr. DANNY RAY DISON, Natchitoches, Fr. ASHLEY A DISOTEL, Anchorage, Alaska, Jr. GENE DIXON, Anacoco, Jr RONALD DOBSON, Chestnut, Fr NANCY DOCKENS, Zwolle, So. DENNY DODD, Rodessa, Jr MONTY DOGGETT, Natchitoches, So. JANICE DOHERTY, Jennings, Fr. MIKE DOHERTY, Natchitoches, Fr MIKE DOLES, Jones, Sr WILLIAM DOMINGUES, Breaux Bridge, Fr. KAYE DONALDSON, Shreveport. Fr LILY DONALDSON, Coushatta, So SHERRIE DONAWAY, Campti, Jr. MELINDA DOTSON, Oakdale, Fr. DIANE DOUCET, Opelousas, Fr. ALLYSON DOUGLAS, Shreveport, Fr. CYNTHIA DOUGLAS, Baton Rouge, Fr. JAMES DOUGLAS, Alexandria, Fr MARY DOUGLAS, Alexandria, So JIM DOWDEN, Natchitoches, Fr STEVE DOWDEN, Leesville, Fr. SUSIE DOWDEN, Leesville, Fr SANDY DOWNING, Vivian, Fr SHIRLENE DOYAL, Shreveport, So undergraduates CLAUDIS DOYLE. Elizabeth, Fr. GLORIA DOYLE, Jonesboro, Fr. BOBBY DRAPER, Shreveport, So. MAUREEN DRISCOLL, Vidalia, Jr. DONALD DRYDEN, Leesville, Jr LARRY DUBEA, Marksville, Fr. LINTON DUBEA, Marksville, Jr. BONNIE DUBOSE, Metairie, Jr. FAYE DUCOTE, Bunkie, Fr. JAMES DUCOTE, Hessmer, So MARILYN DUFRENE, Grand Isle, Jr. GREG DUGAN, Crowley, Fr ORVILLE DUGGAN, Vinton. Jr RHONDA DUHON, Lafayette, Fr. MIKE DUNCAN, Boyce, Fr. ROBBIE DUNCAN, Boyce, Jr. ELIZABETH DUNN, Minden, So. LINDA DUNN, Minden, Fr DIANE DUPONT, Simmesport, Fr. MICHELE DUPONT, Natchitoches, Fr. BETH DUPREE, Coushatta, Fr. DAVID DUPREE, Coushatta, So. PAUL DUPUIS, Alexandria, Fr. PAM DURANT, Pineville, Fr ERNIE DURFEE, Leesville, Jr. PATRICIA DURHAM, Shreveport, Fr. DANIEL DURR, Marthaville, Fr. f undergraduates 302 ROGER DUVIC, Gretna, Fr RODERICK DYE, Leesville, Jr KENNY DYESS, Many, Fr DAWN DYKES, Lafayette, Fr V. M. DYSON, Webster, Sr SANDIE EASON, Many, Jr REBECCA EASTIN, Martinville, So MIKE EDWARDS, Alexandria, Fr NONIE EDWARDS, Farmerville, So LARRY EHCHARDT, Washington, So ANN EILAND, Vivian, Jr RHONDA ELLERMAN, Winnsboro, Fr MARSHA ELLZEY, Natchitoches, Fr REGINA EMANUEL, Shreveport, Jr ANITA GENE EMERSON, Metairie, Fr CHARLES EMMONS, Winnfield, Fr. HAROLD EMMONS, Winnfield, Fr. MARY ANN ESKEW, Alexandria, So. CARL EVANS, Florien, Fr. ESTER EVANS, Alexandria, Fr. GARY EVANS, Pelican, So. MIKE EVANS, Natchitoches, Fr. JOE EWING, Leesville, So. MICKEY EWING, Batchelon, Fr. STEWART EWING, Innis, Fr. undergraduates JEFF FARRIER, Lake Charles, So. RANDALL FARRIS, Oakdale, Fr. BRUCE FELTER, Ferriday, Fr. BECKY FEENEY, Monroe, Fr. BARBARA FERGUSON, Atlanta, Jr. CAROLYN FERGUSON, Jonesboro, Fr. JIMMY FERGUSON, Newport News, Va., Fr. MICHAEL FERRELL, Winnfield, Jr. KATHY FESTERAUN, Bossier City, Fr. FERNANDO FIALLOS, Tegucioalpa, Honduras, So. MARGARET FIELDS, Pineville, Fr. RONALD FIELDS, Pineville, Fr. LESTER FIFE, Shreveport, Jr. PAT FINLEY, Alexandria, So. MARIE FISHER, Franklin, Fr. LEOLA FISHER, Leesville, Fr. MIKE FISHER, St. Francisville, Jr. DEBORAH FLAKE, Pollock, So. ROBERT FLEEGE, Natchitoches, Fr. PAULA FLEMING, Converse, Fr. CHARLES FLETCHER, DeRidder, Jr. CRAIG FLETCHER, Natchitoches, Fr. CONSTANCE FLOYD, Natchitoches, Fr. GAYVEN FLOYD, Pineville, Fr. VICKIE FLOYD, Alexandria, Fr. 303 undergraduates RONNIE FONTENOT, Sulphur, Jr. CHARLES FORD, Shreveport, Fr. EVELYN FORD, Olla, So. KAREN FORREST, Bossier City, So KAY FOSHEE, Natchitoches, So. ZACK FOSHEE, Shreveport. So BILL FOSTER, Ringgold, Fr. NANCY FOSTER, Shreveport, Fr. RICK FOSTER, Natchitoches, So. BRENDA FOUTAIN, Homer, So. JULIAN FOY, Noble. Jr. RANDY FRAME, Shreveport, Jr. KENNETH FRANCIS, Shreveport, Fr. MICHAEL FRANK, Natchitoches, Fr. ROBERT ALLEN FRANK. Kinder, So. ROBERT FRANKLIN, Goldonna, So. JAMES FRAZIER, Zwolle, Fr. KAY FRAZIER, Shreveport. Fr. ROBERTA FREDENBURG, Bossier City, Fr. LOUIE FREDRICK, Springhill, Fr. ALLEN FREEMAN. Batchelor, So. JUDY FRENCH, Natchitoches, So. STEWART FROST, Pineville, So. JOHN FRUSHA, DeRidder, Fr. CARMEN FULTON, Leesville, So. LINDA FUNDERBURG, Alexandria, Fr. TERRY FUNDERBURG, Alexandria, Fr. JOEL FURR, Shreveport, Fr undergraduates JUDY FUTRELL, Pineville, Fr. TOMMY FUTRELL, Colfax, Jr. DANA GADDIS, Alexandria, Jr. ELLEN GADDIS, Coushatta, Fr. MARVIN GAGNARO, Hessmer, Fr. WILLIAM GAINES JR., Bossier City, So. JIMMIE GALLEEN, Shreveport, Fr. JOHNNY GALLOIN, Natchez, So. DIANE GAMBLE, Grand Cane, Jr. PAM GAMBLE, Grand Cane, Fr. DARLA GANDY, Shreveport, So. RODNEY GANEY, Jena, So. ROBERT GANN, Glenmora, So. SHIRLEY GANT, Shreveport, Fr. JEANETTE GARDNER, Bossier City, Fr. THRECIA GARLINGTON, Dry Prong, Fr. PATSY GARNER, Many, Fr. ELAINE GARRET, Shreveport, Fr. JONNIE GARRETT, Saline, Fr. DICKIE GARRISON, Minden, Fr. LINDA SUE GASSAWAY, Florien, Fr. ROXANNE GASPARD, Pineville, Fr. BILL GATES, De Ridder, Fr. CINDY GATES, Natchitoches, Jr. 305 undergraduates DEBBIE GATES, Shreveport, Fr. JOAN GATES, Pineville, Jr. DAVID GATES, Shreveport, So. WAYNE GATES, Natchitoches, Fr. VERONICA GATHRIGHT, Mansfield, Fr. RITA GAUTHIERM, Ploucheville, So. JO ANN GAY, Many, Fr. MARY GAY, Natchitoches, Fr. FRED GEGENHEIMER, Gretna, Jr. CURTIS GENTZ, Shreveport, Fr. MAUDE GERMANY, Jonesville, Fr. KAY GIBBS, Shreveport, Fr. DANA GIBSON, Natchitoches, So. EVERETT GIBSON, Leesville, Fr. JANET GIBSON, Vivian, Fr. KENT GIBSON, Leesville, Jr. WANDA GIBSON, Shreveport, Fr. JANET GILBERT, Shreveport, Fr. KAY GILBERT, Cotton Valley, So. MARY GILL, Campti, Fr. ROGER GILL, DeRidder, So. RAY GILLISPIE, Little Rock Arkansas, Fr. JOANNE GINES, Shreveport, So. KEENAN GINGLES, Logansport, Fr. PAT GILMORE, Lake Charles, So. 306 undergraduates NANCY GREEN, Alexandria, Jr. RALHP GREEN, Natchitoches, Jr. TERRY GREEN, Pollock, Fr. HULETTE GLEASON, Port Sulpher, Fr. KAREN GOBERT, Oakdale, So. DOUG GOLDSBY, Leesville, Fr. TERRY GOLDSBLDY, Cotton Valley, So. DON GOMEZ, Opelousas, Fr. KENNETH GOODWON, Benton, So. VERA GORDON, Natchitoches, Fr. BARBARA GORE, Tioga, Jr. BARRY GOSS, Florein, So. ELAINE GOSS, Natchitoches, So. SANDRA GOUDEAR, Opelousas, So. DEBRA GOVERNALE, DeRidder, So. ALVERTURE GRAHAM, Shreveport, So. RITA GRAHAM, Shreveport, So. SALLY GRAHAM, Alexandria, Fr. BRENDA GRANT, Shreveport, So. KAREN GRANT, Shreveport, Fr. BRENDA GRAY, Glenmora, So. GEORGE GRAY, Sibley, Sr. KATHY GRAY, Shreveport, Jr. BEVERLY GREEN, Houma, Fr. GEORGIA GREEN, Jonesboro, Fr. JANET GREEN, Blanchard, So. JUDY GREEN, Heflin, Jr. JULES GREEN, Alexandria, Fr. 307 undergraduates CATHRINE GREENARD, Mansfield, Jr. CINDY GREEN, Natchitoches, Fr. DAVID GREENE, Natchitoches, Fr. DEBBIE GREENE, Benton, So. DEBBIE GREENE, Natchez, Fr DONNA GREENE, Natchitoches, So. JAN GREER, Dubberly, Fr. CONNIE GREEN, Many, So. HIRAM GREER, Port Sulphur, Fr. CATHRINE GREMILLION, Pollock, Fr. EVELYN GREMILLION, Bunkie, So. MARTHA GREMILLION, Alexandria, So. PEGGY GRESHAM, Angola, Fr. JOHN GRIZAFFI, Lutsworth, Fr. DARRYL GROSS, Zachary, Fr. BOB GROSJEAN, Bossier City, Fr. DONNA GROSJEAN, Bossier City, Fr. VICKIE GROSJEAN, Bossier City, Fr. ROGER GRUBBS, Minden, So. HELENE GRUMBACH, Baton Rouge, Jr. HARVEY GRIMBLE, Leesville, Sr. CHUCK GUFFEY, Leesville, Fr. CHRIS GUIDROZ, New Roads, So. RICHARD GUIDOZ, Port Borre, Fr. NANNETTE GUIDRY, Lake Authur, Sr. SUSAN GUIDRY, Marksville, Jr. LIBBY GUILLIAMS, Campti, Fr. 308 undergraduates MELBA GUILLIAMS, Natchitoches, Jr. DONALD GUILLORY, Bunkie, Fr. SHERRIE GUILLORY, Jennings, Fr. BARBARA GUILLOT, Zachary, Jr. DEBORAH GUILLOT, Simmesport, Fr. JUNE GUILLET, Natchitoches, Fr. MARVIN GUILLOT, Simmesport, So. GEORGE GULLEDGE, Trout, Sr. CATHY GULINO, Melville, So. LUCILLE GURDEN, Many, Jr. CHARLES GUY, Anacoco, So. REBECCA GWINN, Natchitoches, Jr. MARGO HAASE, Baton Rouge, Fr. DONNA HACK, Shreveport, Fr. JOHN HAILE, Natchitoches, Fr. MELVINA HAIK, Bogalusa, So. DANA HAKES, Bossier City, Fr. DEBORAH HALE, Hornbeck, Fr. PANSY HALE, Bossier City, So. BEVERLY HALL, Alexandria, Fr. EDWARD HALL, Natchitoches, Sr. HILBERT HALL, Alexandria, Jr. JAMY HALL, Marthaville, Fr. LINDA HALL, Shreveport, Jr. MARIANNE HALL, Pineville, Sr. KENNETH HAM, Natchitoches, Fr. BARBARA HAMILTON, Fort Polk, Sr. DEWANNA HAMMONS, Kentwood, Fr. 309 undergraduates ERNIE HAMMONS, Pollock, Jr. JOHN W. HAMMOND, Chestnut, Sr. CHARLES HAMPTON, Natchitoches, So. GLYNROSE HANBERRY, Larose, Sr. GARY HANBERRY, Larose, Jr. DRINNON A. HAND, Natchitoches, Fr. JAMES HANKINS, Natchitoches, So. DAVID HANNA, Coushatta, Fr. MARK HANNA, Las Vegas, Nev., So. PATTI HANNIGAN, Shreveport, Fr. RONNIE HANSON, Cotton Valley, Fr. DEBBIE HARDAWAY, Plain Dealing, So. DAVID HARDING, Baton Rouge, Jr. SHARON HARDWICK, Hicks, Fr. AUBREY HARDY, Robeline, Fr. JOYCELYN HARGIS, Natchitoches, Jr. BOBBY HARLING, Natchitoches, So. CATHY HARMON, Leesville, Fr. DWAYNE HARPER, Hineston, So. CAROLYN HARRELL, Kansas City, So. CYNTHIA HARRELL, Shreveport, Fr. WILLIAM HARELL, Natchitoches, Fr. BRENDA HARRIS, Campti, Fr. JILL HARRIS, Shreveport, Fr. ROBERT HARRIS, Natchitoches, Fr. SILVER HARRIS, Natchitoches, Fr VERDELL HARRIS, DeRidder. Fr EDWARD HARRISON, Natchitoches, Jr 310 undergraduates MARDIE HARRISON, Colfax, Fr. PRICILLA HARRISON, Oxford, Fr. TOMMY HARRISON, Montgomery, Fr. HILDA HARVILLE, Minden, Fr. BONITA HARVARD, Zwolle, So. FRANCES HATCHER, Zwolle, So. BILLE JEAN HATHRON, Natchitoches, Fr. RONALD HATHRON, Goldonna, Fr. MITZI HAUSER, Bossier City, Fr. MARY BETH HARVARD, Lafayette, So. JAY B. HAWKES, Leesville, Jr. CAROLYN HAWN, DeRidder, So. GAYLE HAWORTH, Natchitoches, So. SHERRIE HAWTHORNE, Natchitoches, Fr. CAROLYN HAWTHORNE, Shreveport, So. SUSAN HAWTHORNE, Pollock, Fr. GERALD HAYNES, New Orleans, Fr. GLENDA HAYNES, Shongaloo, So. SHIRLEY HAYNES, Haughton, Jr. TERRY HAYS, Shreveport, Fr. SANDRA HAYWARD, Natchitoches, Jr. LARRY HEARD, Ruston, Fr. DON HEARRON, Minden, Fr. CAROLE HEBERT, Sunset, So. SHARON HELO, Crowley, Sr. «; i ' A. DALE HERBERT, Forest Hill, Fr. EDWARD F. HEBERT, Leesville, So. JEANNE HEBERT, Lafayette, So. undergraduates LYNN HEBERT, Ama, So. VICKIE HEBERT, Jennings, So. RICHARD HEDGECOCK, Alexandria, Fr. LANA HEFLIN, Minden, Fr. JANET HEILBRAWNER, Fort Polk, Fr. ERNEST HELAIRE, Natchitoches, Jr. IRMA HENDERSON, Heflin, Sr. CAROL HENDERSON, Bossier City, Fr. CHARLOTTE HESTER, Shreveport, So. DONNA HEYD, Harahan, Fr. BEVERLY HICKMAN, Pineville, Fr. MARY HICKMAN, Alexandria, Fr. KAREN HICKS, Leesville, Fr. DEBORAH HIGDON, Alexandria, Fr. BARBARA JEAN HIGHTOWER, Many, Fr. CATHY HIGHTOWER, Homer, Fr. GERALD HIGHTOWER, Winnfield, Jr. SUSAN HIGHTOWER, Winnfield, Fr. TYNES HILDEBRAND, Natchitoches, So. JUDY HILGERSON, Baton Rouge, Jr GRADY HILL, Logansport, Fr. MILTON HILL, Bossier City, So. GLORIA HILLMAN, Longville, Fr. TIM HILSTON, Fairport Harbor, Ohio, Fr. DANE HINE, Jennings, Fr. 312 undergraduates LAUREEN HINES, Many, So. MARSHA HINKLE, Shreveport, Fr. DALE HOBSON, Hodge, Fr. ELAINE HODGE, Hombeck, Fr. SISSY HODGE, Shreveport, So. VERNON K. HODGE, Many, So. CHARLIE HODGES, Winnfield, Fr. SUNNY HOGAN, Shreveport, So. LORAYNE HOLLADAY, Oakdale, So. ALEATA HOLLAND, New Orleans, Fr. ROBERT HOLLAND, Winnfield, So. BETTY HOLLENSHEAD, Haynesville, Fr. JAMES HOLLEY, Natchitoches, Fr. KAY HOLLINGSWORTH, Cotton Valley, Fr. GARY HOLLOWAY, San Antonio, Texas, Fr. ROBERT HOLLOWAY, Minden, Jr. DARY HOLLY, Port Sulfur, Fr. CORA HOLMES, Natchitoches, Fr. JOHN D. HOLMES, Ville Platte, Fr. RHONDA HOLMES, Shreveport, Fr. KENNETH HOLT, Sieper, Sr. MICHAEL HOLT, Oakdale, Fr. ROBERT E. HOLT, Oakdale, Fr. DAVID C. HOOPER, Elizabeth, Jr. PAM HOOPER, Shreveport, So. LARRY HOOTEN, Cotton Valley, Fr. BILL HOOTON, Shreveport, Fr. MELISSA HOPKINS, Shreveport, So. 313 undergraduates TERESA HOPPE, Harahan, Fr. CHERRY HOPSON, Alexandria, Fr. JAN HORNBUCKLE, Shreveport, Fr. JESSE HORNER, Minden, So. CAROLYN HORTON, Winnfield, Fr. KATHY HOSKINS, Denham Springs, So ANITA HOUGH, Saline, Fr. MARSHALL VERNON HOUGH, Saline, Jr. BILLY RAY HOUSLEY, Shreveport, So MILTON HOUSTON, Kinder, Fr. BUDDY HOWARD, Lake Providence, Fr. DALE HOWARD, Rosepine, Fr. MARY HOWARD, Shreveport, So. REBECCA HOWARD, Vidalia, Fr. DONNA HOWELL, Innis, Fr. PAT HOWELL, Shreveport, Fr. ROBERT WAYNE HOWELL, Basile, Fr. DEBORAH HOWES, Alexandria, Fr. BARBARA HUBBARD, Ruston, So. DONNA HUBBS, Shreveport, Jr. SISSY HUBLEY, Shreveport, Jr. ROGER D. HUCKABY, Sterlington, So. DEBBIE HUDGENS, Glenmora, Fr. DAVID HUDSON, Houston, Texas, Fr. REBECCA HUDSON, Lake Arthur, Jr. Z ' W MIKE HUGHES, Shreveport, Fr. BONNIE HUNTER, Caracas, Venezuela, So. 314 tflftftAiiiiil undergraduates f i v ' ll ff LEE JAMES, Natchitoches, Fr. DEBBIE HUNTER, Logansport, Fr. MARY HUNTINGTON. Lake Charles, So. SUE HURST, New Roads, Fr. ALICIA GAYLE HUTCHINS, Bunkie, Fr. LEO HYDE, Pineville, Fr. SUSAN JODY IMAN, Lake Charles, Jr. L. C. INGLES, Winnfield, So. CYNTHIA INGRAM, Robeline, Fr. PATRICIA INGRAM, Natchitoches, So. PAT INGRAM, Longview, Texas, Fr. BRINDA IRVING. Alexandria, Fr. RHONDA IVEY, Shreveport, So TERRY JACKS, Jonesville, Fr BELINDA KAY JACKSON, Coushatta, Jr. CHARLIE JACKSON, Helena, Fr. DEBORAH JACKSON, Hodge, Fr. DIANNA JACKSON, Pleasant Hill, Fr. JERRY JACKSON, Pineville, Jr. JOHNNY JACKSON, Mansfield, Fr. JUNE JACKSON, Hodge, Fr. DIANA JACOB, Shreveport, Fr. JIMMY JACOB, Natchitoches, Jr. CARMEN JAMES, Montgomery, Fr. GLORIA JAMES, Natchitoches, Sr. GORDON JAMES, Pitkin, Fr. 315 undergraduates RHONDA JAMES. Bossier City, Fr. LINDA JARRED, Alexandria, So. BRENDA SUE JARRELL, Leesville, Fr. ROBERT JARVIS, Bossier City, Fr. KAREN JAYNE, Shreveport, So. GEORGE JEANE, Leesville, Fr. HERBIE JEANE, Shreveport, Jr. JOSEPH JEANE, Leesville, So. LAVELLE JEANE, Leesville, Jr. ROBERT JEANE, Coltax, Jr THOMAS JEANE, Slagle, Fr. ANNA JENESSEE, Bossier City, Fr. JEANNE JENKINS, Oberlin, Fr. JOHNNY JENKINS, Robeline, Fr. KATHY JETER, Shreveport, Fr. AMO JOHNSON, Shreveport, Jr. BARBARA JOHNSON, Glenmora, Fr. BURLEY JOHNSON, Pineville, So. DEBRA JOHNSON, Alexandria, Fr. EDWARD JOHNSON, Natchitoches, Fr. ELIZABETH JOHNSON, Goldonna, Fr. ELIZABETH JOHNSON, Leesville, Fr. JACQUELINE JOHNSON, Shreveport, Fr. JANIS JOHNSON, Alexandria, So. JOHN L. JOHNSON, Shreveport, So. KEITH JOHNSON, Oakdale, Fr LaDONNA JOHNSON, Tioga, Fr MATTHEW JOHNSON, Natchitoches, Fr 316 undergraduates MOLLIE JOHNSON, Mansfield, So. NADINE JOHNSON, Pineville, Fr. NANCY JOHNSON, Ruston, Fr. PATRICIA JOHNSON, Shreveport, Fr. PATRICIA JOHNSON, Opelousas, Jr. ROGER ALAN JOHNSON, Glenmora, Sr. SCOTT T. JOHNSON, Benton, Jr. VICKIE JOHNSON, Pitkin, Fr. DEBORAH JOHNSTON, Alexandria, Fr. JANICE JOHNSTON, Shreveport, Fr. LINDA JOHNSTON, Shreveport, Fr. JOYCE JOHNSTON. Shreveport, So BRENDA JOINER, Boyce, Fr. DEBBIE JOLLEY, Shreveport, Fr. ALEX JONES, Natchitoches, So. BARBARA JONES, Greenwell Springs. Jr. BILL JONES, Natchitoches, So. CHARLES JONES, Provencal, Jr. CHERYL A JONES, Lake Charles, So. CHERYL YVONNE JONES, Alexandria, Fr. CINDY JONES, Shreveport, Fr. DEBBIE JONES, Shreveport. So. DEBORAH A. JONES, Alexandria, So. DYRON JONES, Robeline, So. JAMES A. JONES, DeRidder, So. JERRY JONES, Glenmora, So. JOE JONES, Delhi, So. KATHY JONES, Shreveport, So. i E 317 undergraduates LINDA JONES, Natchitoches, So. MICHAEL LANE JONES, Natchitoches, Jr. RANDY JONES, Monroe, Fr. ROBERT LEE JONES, Leesville, Fr. SHARON JONES, Goldonna, Fr. SHIRLEY JONES, Natchitoches, Jr. SHIRLEY F. JONES, Natchitoches, So. STEVE JONES, Helena, Fr. TIM JONES, Eunice, So. VICKI JONES, Shreveport, Jr. WILLIAM D. JONES, Vivian, Fr. RICKY JORDAN, Winnfield, So. RONNIE JORDAN, Robeline, So. SHARON JORDAN, Winnfield, Fr. BRYAN JOWERS, Natchitoches, So. SHERA JOWERS, lota, Jr. REGINA JUE, Shreveport, Fr. JULENNE JUNEAU, Shrevep ort, Fr. DEBBIE JUSTIS, DeRidder, Fr. BRUCE KALMAN, Edison, Jr. KAY KARR, Shreveport, Fr. KENNETH KAUFMAN, Shreveport, Sr. PENNY KAY, Leesville, Jr. LINDA KEEDY, Natchitoches, Fr. CLYDE KEEL, Rosepine, Fr. TRUITT KEEL, Anacoco, So GEORGIA KEENEY, Shreveport, So DAVID KEES, Natchitoches, Fr 318 undergraduates WINFRED A. KEES, Coushatta, So. JOHNIE KEETH, Jonesville, Fr LINDA KEISLER, Baton Rouge, Fr. DEMETRI KELLER, Reserve, So DENNIS KELLEY, New Roads, Fr. JOSEPH E. KELLEY, Winnfield, Jr. SHEILA KELLEY, Winnfield, Fr. VAUGHN KELLEY, Winnfield, Fr. RABBIT KENNEDY, Bastrop, Fr. JAMES KERLEY, Shreveport, Fr. DAVID KETCHAND, Shreveport, Fr. MARTHA KEY, Mansfield, So. CHERYL KEYSER, Natchitoches, Fr. LAURA KIERUM, Pineville, Fr. LYNN KILLEN, McDade. Jr. JOHN KILGORE, Homer, So. KENNY KILLGORE, Haynesville, So. IDA KILLOUGH, Slidell, Jr. DIANNE KIMBROUGH, Anacoco. Jr. SHARON KINARD, Pineville, So. SHIRLEY KINARD, Pineville, Fr. JOHN KING, Oil City, Fr. PAM KING, Bogalusa, So. TOMMY KING, Shreveport, Fr. YVONNE KING, Alexandria, So. JOSEPH KINGSFORD, West Newfield, Fr. MARY KINSEY, Baton Rouge, Fr. CAROLYN KIRBY, Greensburg, So. 319 undergraduates DEBORAH KIRCHNER, Oberlin, So. MARY KIRK, Shreveport, Fr. LESLIE K. KIRKLAND, Bossier City, Jr. CHERYL O ' GLEE KISLA, Shreveport, Sr. GAIL KLECZKA, Colfax, Jr. KATHY KLEFFMAN, Vuren, Fr. MARCIA KLINGERMAN, Shreveport, Fr. LEAH KLINGMAN, Natchitoches, Sr. EVELYN KNIGHT, Shreveport, Fr. PAM KNIGHT, Shreveport, Fr. GLENDA KNIPPERS, Robeline, Jr. PAUL KNIPMEYER, Natchitoches, Fr. PHILLIP KNOWLES, Shreveport, Fr. MAURINE KOELEMAY, New Orleans, So. WAYNE KOFNOVEC, Dallas, Texas, Fr. BOBBY JAN KONCAK, Dallas, Texas, So. ALLEN KOOB, Shreveport, Fr. ADELIA KOONCE, Pineville, Fr. JOHN KOPFINGER, Many, So. DEBBIE KRANE, New Iberia, Sr. PENNY KRENNERICH, Chalmette, Jr. LYNN KUHN, Campti, Fr. KAY KUNKLE, Shreveport, Fr. ANNETTE LaBRY, Kaplan, So. CHRISTOPHER LaCOUR, Natchitoches, Fr. T r- ?Z}fW Wr ' " B lit ■ » A - m MARY LaCOUR, Natchitoches, Fr. MICHAEL LaCOUR, Natchitoches, Fr. PATRICIA LaCOUR, Shreveport, Fr. 320 ■ M % undergraduates DEBBY LAENGER, Shreveport, Fr. JAMES LAFITTE, Shreveport, Fr. PHYLLIS LAFLEUR, Opelousas, Fr. ANNA LAFONT, Golden Meadow, Jr. ROSALIE LAFONT, Golden Meadow, Jr. GLORIA LAIR, Alexandria, Fr. SHIRLEY LAIR, Alexandria, Fr. DANNY LAMBERT, Baton Rouge, Jr. LAURENCE LAMBERT, Innis, Fr. RONNIE LAND, Homer, Jr. DIANA LANDESMAN, Slidell, So. BARBARA LANDRY, Pineville, So. CONRAD LANGLOIS, New Roads, Fr. JANET LANGSTON, Woodworth, Fr. BETTY ANN LANINGHAM, Alexandria, Jr. JOANNE LANZILLOTTI, Bossier City, Sr. LANNY D. LARCHE, Leesville, Sr. BONNIE LAROUX, Zwolle, Fr. KENNETH LAROUX, Zwolle, Fr. CLARA LARRY, Alexandria, So. DAVID LARSEN, Jackson, Jr. RITA LARSEN, Shreveport, So. GARY LASH, Cotton Valley, Fr. ROSE LATIOLAIS, Opelousas, So. SUSAN LATOUR, Ville Platte, So. TOE? v i - ROBERT LAUCK, Pitman, So. DEBBIE LAVERGNE, Villa Platte, Fr. ROXANNA LAVERGNE, Ama, So. 321 undergraduates TED LAVERGNE, Ama, Fr. LYNDA LAVESPERE, Olla, Fr. SONNY LAVESPERE, Natchitoches, Jr. KATHY LAWN, West Monroe, So. ROBERT LAWRENCE, Benton, Fr. CHUCK LAZARRE, Metairie, So. DONALD LAZARRE, Metairie, So. JEANNINE LEACH, Ennis, Texas, So. RONALD LEAZER, Bossier City, Fr. RONALD LEDET, Abbeville, Fr. CHARLOTTE LEE, Baton Rouge, Fr. DEBORAH LEE, Athens, Fr. GARY LEE, Florien, Sr. JOHN LEE, Houma, Fr. FREDERICK LEE, Ringold, Fr. KATHY LEE, Pleasant Hill, Jr. PAM LEE, Shreveport, Fr. PHYLLIS LEE, Gueydan, Sr. STAN LEE, Gretna, Jr. GWEN LEGER, Opelousas, Jr. KAREN LEHR, Shreveport, Fr. MARY LEIBEE, Westlake, Jr. HANS LEIS, Lake Charles, So. YVONNE LELONG, Coushatta, So. JIM LEMOINE, Lake Charles, Jr. JOY LEMONS, Pineville, Fr JAMES LENARD, Winnfield, Fr LYNETTE LENARD, Shreveport, Fr undergraduates ' A V J GREG LENERT, Shreveport, Fr. STEVE LENERT, Shreveport, Jr. CONNIE LEONE, Zwolle, So. CHERI LeSAGE, Bossier City, Jr. MARVIN LESSMAN, Shreveport, Jr. MARILYN LESTER. Raytown, Fr. HAROLD LETZ, Crowley, So. DAVID LEWING, Elizabeth, Fr. CORA LEWIS, Jonesboro, Jr. DAVID LEWIS, Keithville, Fr. JOSEPH LEWIS, Chatham, Fr. LENNY LEWIS, Shreveport, So. RICHARD LEWIS, Colfax, Fr. ANNE L ' HEUREUX, Shreveport, Fr. CAROL LIBERTO, Shreveport, Fr. VICKI LIGHTFOOT, Many, So. RODNEY LILIEDAHL, Leesville, So. HUBERT LIRETTE, Thibodaux, Jr. GRACIE LITTLE, Winnfield, So. RANDY LITTLE, Sulphur, Fr. RANDY LITTON, Zwolle, Fr. ANNA LIVENGOOD, Shreveport, Fr. KERMIT LLOID, Natchitoches, So. PEGGY LLOYD, Zachary, Fr. BEVERLY ANNE LOE, Shreveport, Fr. NELL LOFTIN, Coushatta, Fr. MIKE LOMBARDINO, Shreveport, So. HAL LONG, Zachary, So. -i k m n ■ ' undergraduates MERYL LONG, Lake Charles, Fr. ROGER LONG, Winnfield, Fr. VIKKI LONG, Coushatta, Fr. MONICA LONGLOIS, Natchitoches, Fr. REGINALD LONGLOIS, Natchitoches, So. JULIE LOUGHRAN, Bossier City, Jr. JOHN LOUVIERE, Welsh, Jr. BONNIE LOVEGREN, New Orleans, Jr. RUTH LOVEGREN, New Orleans, Fr. DEMETRIS LOVELADY, Natchitoches, Jr. ADA LOWE, Alexandria, So. CASEY LOWE, Lafayette, Fr. JOHN LOWE, Natchitoches, Jr. REX LOWE, Blanchard, Fr. DAVID LOWERY, Leesville, So. PAT LOWERY, Baldwin, Fr. STANLEY LOYD, Shreveport, So JOYCE LUCAS, Natchitoches, Fr. KAREN LUCKY, Natchitoches, Fr. KATHRYN LUM, Longstreet, So. THOMAS LUPO, Winnsboro, Fr. JOHN LYLES, Shreveport. So. MELVIN LYLES, Plain Dealing, So. BARBARA LYNCH, Shreveport, Fr. ALAN LYONS, Minden, Fr. undergraduates LARRY MADDOX, Haynesville, So. MALCOLM MADDOX. Homer, Sr. MICHAEL MADDOX, Pollock, Fr. P. J. MAGNESS, Converse. So. GILBERT MAILLET, Natchitoches, Sr JULIE MALLETT, Natchitoches, Fr VIRGINIA MALMAY, Zwolle, Fr. JERALD MALONE, Haughton, So. MICHAEL MALONE, Winnfield, Fr. SUSAN MANDEVILLE, Shreveport, Jr. LYNN MANN, Ferriday, Fr JAMES MANNING, Natchitoches, Jr. JOSEPH MANUEL, Oberlin, Fr. KATHY MANUEL, DeRidder, Fr. ORETA MAPU, New Llano, So. CONNIE MARIX, Baton Rouge, Fr. JERRY MARKHAM, Springhill, Jr. VAL MARMILLION, Houma, Jr. CAROL MARSH, Elton, So DANIEL MARSH, Slidell, Jr. RENEE MARSHALL, DeRidder, Jr. PETER MARSHALL, New Orleans, Fr. BONNIE MARTIN, Ashland, Jr. DONNIE MARTIN, Ashland, Sr. DONNIE MARTIN, Leesville, So. FRANCES MARTIN, LaRose, Jr. GLOYD MARTIN, Natchitoches, Sr JACKIE MARTIN, Anacoco, Jr. 326 undergraduates JANICE MARTIN, Natchitoches, So. JEANIE MARTIN, Natchitoches, Fr. KENDALL MARTIN, Coushatta, Fr. MYRA MARTIN, Anacoco, Fr. NINA MARTIN, Chopin, Fr. PAT MARTIN, Pineville, Fr. RONNIE MARTIN, Ferriday, Fr. SANDRA MARTIN, Ashland, So. EARLINE MARTINEZ, Marrero, So. DOUG MARTINI, Shreveport, Fr. JAMES HOLLACE MARY, Pleasant Hill, Jr. MAMIE MARYLAND, Oxtord, Jr. EVA MASTERS, Provincal, Sr. VINCENT MASTRACCHIO, Leesville, So. JOHN MATISSINO, Alexandria, Jr. CAROLYN MATHEWS, DeQuincy, Sr. PAT MATIS, Natchitoches, Fr. RICKY MATIS, Natchitoches, So. DONNA MATTOX, Colorado Springs, So. BRENDA MAXEY, Natchitoches, Jr. DAVID MAYER, Bunkie, So. JOHNNIE MAYEUX, Cottonport, So. LYNNE MAYEUX, Alexandria, So. EDWARD MAYFIELD, Natchitoches, Fr JAN MAYFIELD, Natchez, Fr. MARY JANE MAYFIELD, Kinder, Fr. WILLIAM MAYO, Leesville, Fr. KAREN McACY, Metairie, So. i w si undergraduates PATRICIA McBETH, Lake Charles, Sr. DEBORAH McBRIDE, Natchitoches, Fr. RICHARD McBRIDE, Natchitoches, Jr. SONNY McBRIDE, Natchitoches, Sr. ELIZABETH McCALEB, Winnsboro, Fr. CARLEEN McCALMAN, Homer, Fr. FRANCES McCART, Natchitoches, Fr. GARY McCARTY, Shreveport, Fr. JOHN McCLENDON, Camden, Sr. DENNIS McCLINTOCK, Leesville, Fr. ALICE McCLOY, Winnfield, Fr. THOMAS McCLUNG, Natchitoches, Fr. DIANE McCOMIE, Many, So. SUSAN McCORMICK, New Orleans, Fr. GARY McCRARY, Baton Rouge, Jr. CATHERINE McCULLOUGH, Westwego, Fr. DAVID McCULLOUGH, Campti, Jr. LINDA McCULLOUGH, Shreveport, Fr. RHONDA McCULLOUGH, Shreveport, Fr. TOMMY McCULLOUGH, Mansfield, So. HENRY McCURDY, Coushatta, Fr. DOROTHY McDADE, Lafayette, Fr. GLENN McDANIEL, Gueydan, So. LYNN McEACHERN, Springhill, So. BUDDY McELWEE, Delhi, Fr. NEAL McFARLAND, Natchitoches, So. WAYNE McFARLAND, Boyce, Sr. DONNA McFATTER, DeRidder, Fr. 327 undergraduates CALVIN McFERRIN. Natchitoches, Sr. JUDY McFERRIN, Zwolle, So. BRUCE McGANTLIN, Metaine, Jr. EDWARD McGASKEY, Fisher, So. GINGER McGEE, Bossier City, So. JEANNETTE McGEE, Shreveport, So. LINDA McGEE, Shreveport, So. STEVE McGEE, Natchitoches, So. JANIS McGEHEE, Effie, So RICHARD McGIMSEY, Shreveport, Fr. CHRISTINE McGRAW, Natchitoches, So. FERN McGREW, Blanchard, Jr. AURELENE McGRUDER, Alexandria, Fr. DIANA McHENRY, Oakdale, Fr MARILYN MclNNIS, Lake Charles, So. VIVIEN McKENNA, Bossier City, Fr. NINA McKENZIE, Homer, Fr. WANDA McKENZIE, Cotton Valley, Fr. GEORGE McKINNEY, Springhill, Fr. KAY McKNIGHT, Natchitoches, So. JULIA McLAIN, Atlanta, So. YVONNE McLAMORE, Freeport, Jr BILLY McMANUS, Montgomery, So. RICKY McMILLAN, Vivian, Fr. CONNIE McNEAL, Effie, So. 328 LINDA McNUTT, Cheneyville, Fr AMELIA McQUARN, Alexandria, Fr GARY McQUEEN, Pineville, Fr ___ ____ si undergraduates JERRY McQUILLIN, Shreveport, Fr. KENNETH MEARS, Natchitoches, Sr. JEANETTA MEDLOCK, Many, Fr. RECIE MEDLOCK, Many, Fr. BARBARA MELCHER, Pineville, Jr. DORCAS MELIA, Leesville, So. MICHAEL MELIA, Syracuse, Fr. JOSILYN MELVILLE, Bossier City, So. CONNIE MERCHANT, Oakdale, Fr. KENNETH MERCHANT, Oakdale, So. GEORGE MERRITT, Cotton Valley, Fr. JOHN MERRITT, Tioga, So GWENDOLYN METCALF, Shreveport, Fr. DELORES METOYER, Natchitoches, So. HENRY METOYER, Natchitoches, Fr. EDDIE MICHAEL, Natchitoches, Fr. ELIZABETH MICHEL, Kaplan, Fr. CAROL MICHIELS, Natchitoches, Sr. GAYLAN MICHIELS, Alexandria, Fr. MARGARET MIDDLETON, Shreveport, Jr. KATHY MIER, Alexandria, So. JOY MIGUEZ, Delcambre, Sr. CANDY MILES, Baton Rouge, Jr. CLYDE MILLER, Glenmora, Fr. DEBBIE MILLER, Alexandria, Jr . ELLIE MILLER, Shreveport, So. EMMETT MILLER, Anacoco, Jr. JAN MILLER, Shreveport, Fr. ■■ ■■■-■ -■■ ■, ■ " ■ " .:, • - " ' ■ " " 329 undergraduates JOHN MILLER, Glenmora, Fr. MARILYN MILLER, Minden, Fr. PATTI MILLER, Alexandria, Fr. RANDY MILLER, Iowa, So. SONJA MILLER, Pineville, So VERA MILLER, DeRidder, Fr. WAYNE MILLICAN, Shreveport, Fr. DONNA MIMS, Lake Charles, Fr DOROTHY MIMS, Natchitoches, Fr. BILL MITCHELL, Natchitoches, Fr. DEBBIE MITCHELL, Shreveport, So. JOANN MITCHELL, Shreveport, So RODNEY MIZE, Jonesboro, Jr. BRENDA MIZELL, Forest Hill, So. CYNTHIA MOCK, Pineville, Fr GARY MONROE, Glenmora, Fr. PATRICIA MONROE, Shreveport, So KENNETH MOODY, Eunice. Jr. BECKY MOORE, Shreveport, Fr. JIMMIE LEE MOORE, Leesville, Fr. LOYD MOORE, Bossier City, So. SIMON MOORE, Elizabeth, Fr. DELBRA MOREAU, Lena, So. JOY MOREAU, Shreveport, Fr. CARLA MOREIN, Ville Platte, So. v . h JAMES MORELAND, Metairie, So. DAVID MORGAN, Alexandria, So. " I fe m X f I . Ill , 330 undergraduates I i-A MARGARET NAPIER, Zwolle, Fr. DAVID NAVARRE, Oakdale, Jr. JO MORGAN, New Orleans, So JOHN MORGAN, Natchitoches, Fr. LAURA MORGAN, Boyce, Jr. LINDA MORGAN, Shreveport. So. ROY MORGAN, Plain Dealing, Fr. STEVE MORGAN, Alexandria, Jr. VICKI MORGEL, Lake Providence, So. BRENDA MORRIS, Port Allen, Fr. SONGA MORRIS, Colfax, So. JACKIE MORRISH. Alexandria, Fr. DEBORAH MORRISON, Pollock, So RAYMOND MORRISON, Shreveport, So. SHERYLL MORSE, Lake Charles, Jr. NORMA MOSES, DeQuincy. Jr WAYNE MOSES, Shreveport, Fr. DANNY MOUSER, Zwolle, So GAIL MURPHY, Pineville, Jr. MARY LOU MUERY. Lacieba, Honduras, Fr. CHERRY MURRAY, Baton Rouge, Fr. KENNETH MURPHY, Alexandria, So. LEE MURRAY, Shreveport, Jr. BETTY MYERS, Shreveport, So LaJUANA MYERS, Shreveport. Sr. GWEN MYERS, Montgomery, So. LYN NALLE, Shreveport, So. 1 331 undergraduates DEBBIE NAVARRE, Oakdale. Fr. NANCY NEAL, Natchitoches, Sr. SHARON NEAL, Blanchard, Fr. THOMAS NEAL, Natchitoches, Sr. BARBARA NEESLEY, Metairie, Fr. JEFF NELKIN, Natchitoches, Fr. BOBBIE LEE NELSON, Robeline, So JAMES NELSON, Florien, So KATHRYN NETTLES, Many, Jr RICHARD NEWMAN, Crowley, Fr. STEVE NEWSOM, Sarepta, So. BERT NICHOLS, Alexandria, Fr MARCIA NICOSIA, Lake Charles, Fr. DALE NIX, Mooringsport, So JOHN NOLAN, Benton, Jr. EVIE NORMAN, Natchitoches, So. BRENDA NORELL, Hetlin, Jr MARY NORRID, Hall Summit, So TERESA NORRIS, Harahan, So. VICKIE NORRIS, Many, Fr. THERESA NORWOOD, Benton. Fr BELINDA NOWLIN, Marshall, Fr. DEBBIE NOWLIN, Tullos, Fr. LINDA JO NUGENT. Jena, So BEVERLY OBANNON, Provencal, So. MELONI O ' BANION, Leesville, So. PATRICIA O ' BRYANT, Shreveport, So. CHARLES O ' CON, Natchitoches, Jr. 7 ft i 332 undergraduates i » i b f wi 1, ' ft ) PATTY PAGE, Gretna, Jr. KERRY PAIGE, Colfax, Fr. PAT PAINTER, Bossier City, Fr. FRANCES O ' CON, Powhatan, Fr. JOHN ODEN, Shreveport, Jr. CHARLES ODOM, Minden, Fr. DONNIE ODOM, Sarepta, Fr. JAMES R. ODOM, Alexandria, So. KENNETH ODOM, Natchitoches, Jr. STEVE ODOM, Homer, Jr. THOMAS O ' DONNELL, Shreveport, Fr. PATRICIA OGDEN, Shreveport, So. JAMES O ' GLEE, Haughton, Fr. CHARLES OLINDE, New Roads, Fr ROBERT OLIVER, Monroe, Fr. MARGRET OLVEY, Shreveport, Jr. ROSEMARY O ' NEAL, Deville, So. DAVID O ' QUINN, Natchitoches, Fr GREGORY O ' QUINN, Alexandria, So. JO O ' QUINN, DeQuincy, Fr. LYDIA O ' QUINN, Bossier City, Jr. WAYNE ORGERON, Cut Off, Fr. PAT ORTIGO, Bossier City, Fr. CANDY OSBORN, Alexandria, Fr. DIANE OWENS, Baton Rouge, Fr. SARAH OWENS, Homer, So. LINDA OWNBY, Newport News, Fr. KAY OXLEY, Urania, So. 333 undergraduates DANNY PALMER, Leesville, So. GAYLE PALMER, Jackson, Jr. LEE PALMER, New Iberia, Fr. VICKIE PALMER, Shreveport, Fr. CARLA McCAIN PAPA, Natchitoches, Jr. ROSLYN PAPA, Shreveport, Fr. DIANE PARISH, Shreveport, Fr. BRENDA PARKER, New Llano, Fr. ELLEN PARKER, Jena, Jr. JANET PARKER, Port Allen, Jr. JIMMY PARKER, Many, Fr. PAM PARKER, Boyce, Fr. PENNY PARKER, Winnfield, So. CHANDUBHAI B. PATEL, Khandhali, India, Fr. GARY PATRICK, Converse, Fr. DIANNE PAUL, Deville, Fr. CLARA PEACE, Benton, So. PAM PEARCE, Many, Jr. ANNIE PEARRIE, Winnfield, Fr. JO PEASE, Springhill, So. DAVID PEEK, Shongaloo, Fr. SKIPPER PEEL, Shreveport, Fr. CHARLES PENNINGTON, Florien, Fr. DIXIE PERKINS, Natchitoches, Fr. KAREN PERKINS, Alexandria, Fr. SAMUEL PERKINS, Natchitoches, So. SAM PERNICI, DeRidder, Jr. BRYAN M. PEROT, Plain Dealing, So. f r i i 334 undergraduates RONALD PERRY, Alexandria, Fr. BRAD PETERSON, Metairie, Fr. KATHY PETERSON, Plain Dealing, Fr. LAMBERT PETERSON, Many, So. JIM PHARIS, Mansfield, Fr. ANNETTE PHILLIPS, Covington, So. CYNTHIA PHILLIPS, Natchitoches, Jr. JANICE PHILLIPS, Shreveport, Fr. VICKIE PHILLIPS, Shreveport, Fr. BENNIE PHOENIX, Mansfield, Fr. JACK PICKENS, Batesville, Fr. DEBORAH PIEDISCALZI, Thibodaux, So. LOUISE PIERCE, Omaha, So. JAMES PIERSON, Natchitoches, Jr. MIKE PIERSON, New Orleans, Jr. RUTH PIERSON, Natchitoches, Sr. JOHN PINCKARD, Bienville, Jr. MARY PINCKARD, Colfax, So. BRUCE PINSONAT, New Roads, Fr. JANE PIPPEN, Carthage, Texas, So. BARBARA PIRO, Springhill, Sr. JESSE PITRE, Opelousas, Fr. MARGARET PITRE, Alexandria, Jr. OAKLEY PITTMAN, Alexandria, So. GISELA PLATT, Natchitoches, Jr. SHEP PLATT, Mansfield, Fr. LINDA POGUE, Vivian, Fr. MONETTE POLANCIC, Shreveport, Fr. 335 ■ - - - • undergraduates MARY ALICE POLAND, Natchitoches, Jr. DEBBIE POLLARD, Bossier City, So. CATHY PORTER, Leesville, Fr. JUDY PORTER, Leesville, So. RICHARD ALVIN PORTER, Mansfield, So. LEE POSEY, Natchitoches, Fr. LUCY POSTON, Jasper, Fr KENNETH POTTS, Oakdale, Fr JACKIE POUSSON, Alexandria, So JERRY POWDRILL, Natchitoches, Fr HUNT POWELL, Heflin, Fr KIRK POWELL, Shreveport, Fr BOBBY POWER, Alexandria, Fr. JESSE POWERS, Urania, Fr. BRENT PRATHER, Opelousas, Fr. J. RANDALL PRATHER, Branch, So. VICKI LYNN PRATHER, Shreveport, So MARY HELEN PRATTE, Natchitoches, Fr. PEGGY DOVE PRATTE, Shreveport, Fr. MARY PRESLEY, DeRidder, Jr. KAREN PREVETT, Bossier City, Fr. BEN PRICE, Baton Rouge, So. MICHAEL D. PRICE, Bossier City, Fr. MICHAEL T. PRICE, Alexandria, Fr. RONNIE PRICE, Pineville, Fr. DAVID PROCELL, Winnfield, Fr. LaNELL PROCELL, Zwolle, Fr. ELAINE PROCTOR, Shreveport, So. 336 undergraduates MARIE RANEY, Shreveport, Fr. ROSS RATCLIFF, Jonesville, So. VERGIE RATCLIFF, Haughton, So. DIANA PROVENZA, Shreveport, Fr. LEE PRUDHOMME. Natchez, Fr. BETH PUGH, Shreveport, Jr. RAY PYLANT, Coushatta, Fr. JANET PYNES, Natchitoches, Jr. JOSEPH QUEEN, Natchitoches, Fr. RICHARD QUEEN, Natchitoches, Fr. GREGORY QUINN, Natchitoches, Fr. ROBERTA QUINTANALES, Skokie, Illinois, So. ANDREA QUINTERO, David, Panama, Fr. GLEN RABALAIS, Hessmer, So. LINDA RABALAIS, Hessmer, So. MARYANN RABALAIS, Bunkie, Jr. VICKI RABALAIS, Alexandria, So. GLORIA RACHAL, Natchitoches, So. GREG RACHAL, Natchitoches, So. LINDA RAGLAND, Natchitoches, Jr. MARY ELAINE RAINEY, Shreveport, So. STEVE RAINS, Robeline, Jr. ROBERT RAMAGOS, Welsh, So. DAVID L. RAMBIN, Pelican, Jr. YOLANDA RAMBIN, Pelican, Fr. CHERYL RAMSEY, Mansfield, Jr. KIRBY RAMSEY, Shreveport, Sr. DAVID RANDALL, Vidalia, Fr. S 337 undergraduates LYNDA RAWSON, Natchitoches, Jr. KATHERINE RAY, Baton Rouge, Fr. PATSY RAYNER, Pineville, Fr. GLORIA REDDING, Shreveport, Fr. CATHY REED, Natchitoches, Fr. EVA LYNN REED, Alexandria, Fr. MARY MILLEN REED, Shreveport, Jr. ROBERTA REED, Boyce, Fr. RUSSELL REED, Ruston, Jr. SUE REED, Pineville, Jr. CHERYL ANNE REESE, Shreveport, So. JAMES REESE, Colfax, Fr. THOMAS M. REGINA, Queens, New York. Sr. LAVERNE REGISTER, Shreveport, So. MAE E. REID, Jena, So. CATHY RENEAU, Dubach, Fr. BRENDA RHAMES, Forest Hill, Fr NANCY RHODES, Saline, So. CHRIS RICE, Alexandria, Fr. DONANNE RICHARD, Shreveport, Fr. ELAINE RICHARD, Arnaudville, Jr. MARIE RICHARD, Opelousas, Jr. VERNOICA RICHARD, Port Barre, Fr. CAROL RICHARDSON, Shreveport, Jr. CINDY RICHARDSON, Minden, So. DONALD RICHARDSON, Natchitoches, Fr GUY RICHARDSON, Alexandria, Fr RITA RICHARDSON, Ringgold, Fr 338 undergraduates WINSTON ROBERTS, Bentley, So. JOHN ROBERTSON, Natchitoches, Fr. RONNY RICHARDSON, Shreveport, Fr. SUE RICHARDSON, Minden, So. DAVID MICHAEL RICHIE, Natchitoches, Jr MARTHA RICHMOND, Baker, Fr. DOTTYE RICKS, Mansfield, So. KIM RICKS, Shreveport, So GARY RIPPETOE, Shreveport, Fr. CYNTHIA RISER, Castor, Jr. PATRICIA RITCHIE, Ringgold, Sr. CAROLYN RITTER, New Llano, Fr. MARY JANE RIVERS, Natchitoches, Fr. DEBORAH RIVET, Shreveport, Fr. DOUG RIVET, Shreveport, Fr. KRISTIE ROACH, Natchitoches, Fr. NANCY ROAN, Natchitoches, Fr. MICKEY ROARK, Natchitoches, So DIANA ROBBINS, Doyline, Fr. EARL ROBBINS, Mansfield, Jr. HUEY ROBERSON, DeRidder, Fr ROBERT ROBERSON, Natchitoches. So. DONNA ROBERTS, Houghton, So. GEORGE W. ROBERTS, Baton Rouge, Fr. MARINELL ROBERTS, Pineville, Fr. RANDY ROBERTS, New Llano, Fr. SHIRLEY ROBERTS, Natchitoches, So. . r V li 339 undergraduates LESLIE ROBERTSON, Lake Charles, Jr. PAULA ROBERTSON, Provencal, So. RICHARD ROBINETTE, Pineville, So. ANNE ROBINSON, Shreveport, Fr. BECKY ROBINSON, Coushatta, Fr. BEVERLY ROBINSON, Lake Charles, Jr. MARY ROBINSON, Montgomery, Fr. MARY ROBINSON, Many, So. MONTE ROBINSON, Shreveport, Fr. LARRY RODDEN, Epps, Fr. SUE RODGERS, Plain Dealing, Fr. JAMES RODRIGUEZ, Oakdale, Sr. RUDY RODRIGUEZ, Abbeville, Fr. SHARON ROGE, Chopin, So. BRENDA ROGERS, Natchitoches, Sr JAN ROHLER, Lake Charles, Fr. CLYDE ROQUE, Shreveport, So. VIRGINIA ROSE, Shreveport, So. DAVID ROSENTHAL, Alexandria, Fr. BOB ROSS, Bossier City, Fr. NICKY ROWELL, Coushatta, Fr. BECKY ROY, Bunkie, Fr. DONNA ROY, Bunkie, So. GAYLE RUFFIN, Natchitoches, So. PAM RUSSELL, Homer, Fr. WILLIAM RUSSELL, Winnfield, So. DONNA RUSSO, Shreveport, Fr. 340 ?T r undergraduates KRIS RUSSO, Gretna, Fr. ROSANNE RUSSO, Shreveport, Jr. JANE RYLAND, Pineville, Fr. DENNIS SALLEY, Robeline, Fr. GWYN SALTER, Zwolle, Fr. LINDA SAMUELS, Shreveport, Fr. RANDY SANDEL, Florien, Fr. CAROL SANDERS, Bossier City, So. DON SANDERS, Mix, Jr. GLORIA SANDERS, Pineville, So. JACKIE SANDERS, Montgomery, Fr. PAULA SANDERS, Natchitoches, Fr. TERESA SANDERS, Hackberry, So. CECIL SANDLIN, Lake Charles, So. ROSALYN SARDISCO, Shreveport, Fr. RALPH SASSER, Alexandria, Fr. BARBARA SATCHER, Jonesboro. Fr SANDRA SATCHER, Jonesboro, So. JESSE SAVAGE, Leesville, Fr. LARRY SAVAGE, Alexandria, So. ROBERT L. SAVANT, Basile, So. BARRY SAVELL, Many, Jr. DIANNE SAVELL. Many, Fr. DONNA SAVELL, Negreet, Jr. CARLA SAWYER, Coushatta, So. A: L CHERYL SAWYER, Natchitoches, Fr. GLEN SAWYER, Natchitoches, Fr. MILDRED SAWYER, Natchitoches, Jr. 341 undregraduates JIMMY SCARBOROUGH, Natchez, Fr. BOB SCHMIDT, Gretna, So. ROSALYN SCHWARZ, Gretna, Sr CHERRY SCOTT, Hodge, Jr. SUSAN SCOTT, Marksville, So. WAYNETTA SCOTT, Natchitoches, Jr. VENORIA SCRATON, Natchitoches, Fr. BRENDA SCROGGINS, Natchitoches, Fr. FRAN SCROGGINS, Bossier City, Fr. JOE SCROGGINS, Natchitoches, Jr. JACK SCROGGS, Pineville, So. ROSALYN SCROGGS, Alexandria, So KATHY SCRUGGS, Cloutierville, Fr. JERRY SEGURA, Mansfield, So. CALA SUE SELF, Leesville, Fr. ELIZABETH SELF, Chestnut, Fr. FAYE SELF, Chestnut, Fr. LINDA SELLERS, Alexandria, Fr. JOHNETTE SENTELL, West Monroe, So LINDA SEPULVADO, Zwolle, Jr. LINDA SEPULVADO, Noble, Fr. MARY SUE SEPULVADO, Zwolle, Fr YVONNE SEPULVADO, Noble, Fr. BRYAN SERPAS, Shreveport, Fr. GEORGE SEWELL, Shreveport, Jr. MARY A SEWELL, Natchitoches, Jr RODGER SEXTON, Shongaloo, Jr KRIS SHAFER, Lafayette, Fr MIKE SHANNON, Alexandria, Fr 342 undergraduates BONNIE SHAUB, Haughton, So. RUTH SHAVER, Plain Dealing, Jr. JAN SHAW, Minden, Fr. JUDY SHAW, Minden, Jr. JEANETTE SELTON, Natchitoches, Jr. JIM SHELTON, Natchitoches, So RODNEY SHELTON, Winnfield, Fr. ROSLYN SHELTON, Shreveport, Fr. BILLY SHELTON, Mooringsport, Fr BILL SHEPPERT, Shreveport, Fr. JILL SHERMAN, Ringgold, Fr JERRY SHERRIL, Natchitoches, Fr. DAVID SHIRLEY, Jonesville, Fr. DON SHIVELY, Jonesboro, Fr. ROBERT SHOLAR, Barksdale AFB, Jr. TOM SHOWALTER, Shreveport, So MIKE SHULER, Minden, Sr FRIEDA SIBLEY, Many, Jr. RUPERT SIBLEY, Many, Fr. ROBBIE SICKLER, Ludlow, Fr NORRIS E. SILLS, JR., Arlington, So MELVIN SILMA N, West Monroe, Fr. DARLENE SIMON, Winnsboro, Jr. DONALD SIMPSON, Doyline, Fr JERRY SIMPSON, Acadia, Fr. MAUDELL SIMS, Lake Charles, So. DEBBIE SINGLETARY, Bogalusa, Jr DAN SINGLETON, Springhill, Fr. TERRY SKAGGS, Pensacola, Fla. 343 undergraduates BRUCE SLACK, Shongaloo, Fr. CAROLYN SLAUGHTER, Baker, So. MICHAEL SLAUGHTER, Pollock, Jr. SAMMY SLEDGE, Coushatta, So. MIKE SMALL, Many. Fr. BRENDA SMITH, Oakdale, So. BRYAN T. SMITH, III, Robeline, Fr. CISSY SMITH, Shreveport, Fr. CLAUDIA SMITH, Lena, Fr. COLLIN RAY SMITH, Zachary, Fr. DAVID SMITH, Florien, So. DAVID SMITH. Shreveport, Fr. DONNA SMITH, Jena, So. EDWARD SMITH, Many, So. EDWIN SMITH, Dry Creek, Jr. GARY SMITH, Florien, So. GIBB SMITH, Sulphur, Fr. LONE SMITH, Batchelor, So. JACKIE SMITH, Shreveport, Sr. JERRY SMITH, Winnfield, Sr. JOAN SMITH, Shreveport, Jr. KAREN SMITH, Lake Charles, Sr. KATHERINE SMITH, Winnfield, Fr. L. A. SMITH, Natchitoches, Jr. LAURA SMITH, Winnfield, So. LINDA GAIL SMITH, Shreveport, Fr. MARSHA SMITH, Ball, Fr. MERILYN SMITH, Alexandria, Fr. MICHAEL SMITH, Marksville, So. 344 ndergraduates PAUL D. SMITH, Bossier City, Sr. ROBERT ALAN SMITH, Minden, Fr. ROSEMARY SMITH, Natchitoches, Sr. RUSTY SMITH, Vidalia, Fr. STUART SMITH, Shreveport, So. SUSAN SMITH, Bunkie, Fr. SUSAN ANN SMITH, Colfax, Sr. WILLIAM SMITH, Gibsland, Sr. WILLAIM E SMITH, Pineville, So. ROGER SMITHSON, Bossier City, Fr. NOTHA SUE SNELL, Anacoco, So JANICE SNOW. Winnfield, Sr. LYNDA SNYDER, Lake Charles, Fr. BOBBY SOAPE, Olla, Fr. FLORENT SOIGNIER, Breaux Bridge, So FARRELL SOILEAU, Ville Platte, So NATHAN SONNIER, Oberlin, So. ROD SOOTER, Alexandria, So. DESNEE MRIE SOUSA, Balboa Canal Zone, So. JOE SOUTHWELL, Monroe, Fr MARY SOWELLS, DeRidder, So. KAREN SPAIN, Blanchard, So. GARY SPANGLER, Olla, Fr. NITA SPANN, Logansport, Fr. DAVID SPARKS, Flora, Fr. ELWYN SPARKS, Coushatta, So. GERALD SPEARS, Leesville, Fr. VICKI SPEARS, Alexandria, Fr. JUDY SPEEG, Baton Rouge, Fr. 345 undergraduates RICKEY SPEIR, Chestnut, Fr. TEDDY SPEIR, Chestnut, So. ELIZABETH ANN SPENCE, Winnsboro, Fr. RICHARD SPENCER, Sarepta, Fr. JACK SPRING, Shreveport, Fr. OREN SPRUILL, Vick, So. KATHRYN SQUYRES, Sieper, Fr. WILLIAM SQUYRES, Ruston, Jr. HOWARD STALNALKER, Pineville, Fr. MARVIN STALNALKER, Pineville, Jr. EDIE STANITZ, Shreveport, Fr. JULIUS STEELE, Little Rock, Ark., Fr. ROSE MARIE STEGEMAN, Natchitoches, Jr. DEBRA STEIN, Houma, So BONNIE STEINKAMP, Maringouin, Jr. DIANE STELLEY, Grand Coteau, Jr. ANITA STEPHENS, Goldonna, Fr. GEORGIA STERLING, Minden, Fr. LOY STERLING, Baton Rouge, Jr. BRENDA STEVENS, Baton Rouge, So. CHESTON STEVENS, JR., Winnfield, Fr. LYDIA STEVENS, Alexandria, Fr. WILLIAM STEVENS, Springhill, So. YVONNE STEVENSON, Jena, Jr. AGATHA STEWART, Robeline, Fr. CAROLYN STEWART, Alexandria, Fr JAMES STEWART, Alexandria, So JAMES STEWART, Leesville, Fr MARY STEWART, Hodge, Jr 346 2 undergraduates PATTY STEWART, Shreveport, So. RONALD STEWART, Winnfield, Jr. WAYNE STOCKWELL, Oberlin, So. CHERIE STOCKWILL, Pineville, Jr. SHARON STOKER, Natchitoches, Fr. PAMELA STOKES, Alexandria, Fr. WANDA STOMA, Mansfield, Jr. RESSA STOTTLEMKER, Hampton, Jr. VICKI STOTHART, Coushatta, So. DANIEL STRANGE, Centerpoint, Sr. JANET STRATTON, Coushatta, So. KAREN STRINGER, Natchitoches, So. KAREN STROTHER, Oakdale, So. BECKY STROUD, Hodge, Jr. MICHAEL STRUNA, Leesville, Fr. ELLEN SULLIVAN, Cotton Valley, Fr. JOANNE SULLIVAN, Benton, So. MECILLE SULLIVAN, Coushatta, So. PAT SULLIVAN, Castor, Fr. SHIRLEY SUMLER, Leesville, Fr. ROSELYN SUMRALL, Bogalusa, Jr. DAVID SWATES, Cotton Valley, Jr. DEANNA SWEAT, Oakdale, So. NANCY SWEET, Bethany, Fr. DEBBIE SWINDLE, Natchitoches, Fr. CHARLES TABOR, Shreveport, So. DONNA TABOR, Many, Fr. PAUL W. TACKER, Dallas, Tex., So. 347 undergraduates TOM TAGERT, Shreveport, So. KAREN TALIAFERRO, Shreveport, So. RICHARD TANNEHILL, Many, Fr. JUDY TANNER, Monroe, So. SARA TANNER, Evergreen, So. VICKI TARLTON, Shreveport, So. DAVID PAUL TARVER, Natchitoches, So. DOUGLAS TATMAN, Opelousas, Jr. STEPHEN TATUM, Noble, So. BECKY TARPLEY, Metairie, Fr. ALAN TAYLOR, Winntield, Fr. BARBARA TAYLOR, Lutcher, Fr. BETTY TAYLOR, Natchitoches, Fr. BRENDA TAYLOR, Shreveport, Fr. DIANNE TAYLOR, Florien, Fr. DREWITT TAYLOR, Jonesville, Fr. EVELYN TAYLOR, Baton Rouge, So. GLENN TAYLOR, Shreveport, Fr. JOHN R. TAYLOR, Shreveport, Fr. LINDA G. TAYLOR, Alexandria, Fr. MIKE TAYLOR, Alexandria, Fr. CINDI TEEKELL, Natchitoches, So. DIANE TEEKELL, Bossier City, Fr. ADRON TEMPLE, Simpson, Fr. DONNA GAY TEMPLE, DeRidder, Fr. M - » v ■ 1 1 - r I -. -,. m m. K?Ui ■■ i PAULETTA TENDRICH, Teaneck, N.J., Jr. GAIL TERRELL, Natchitoches, So. ONA LANGLEY THACKER, Natchitoches, Sr. 4?h Yj) $ . » . ' . i. 348 undergraduates LARRY THAYER, Crowley, Jr. CHRISTY THIBODEAUX, Ball, So. JAMES L. THIELS, Boyce, So. JIMBO THIELS, Boyce, So VIRGINIA THIELS, Alexandria, Fr. PATRICIA THIGPEN, Madeville. Fr. VIRGINIA WARD THIGPEN, Mobile, Fr. JOHN THILGES, DeRidder, Sr BRUCE THOMAS, Winnfield, Fr. DEBBIE THOMAS, Shreveport, Fr FLORENCE THOMAS, Shreveport, Fr. GAYLE THOMAS, Crowley, Fr. MARCIA THOMAS, Natchitoches, Fr. MICHAEL THOMAS, Winntield, So. PHILLIP THOMAS, New Orleans, Jr. GAIL THOMPSON, DeQumcy, Fr JANIS THOMPSON, Dodson, Fr. LYNN THOMPSON, Baton Rouge, So. PATRICK THOMPSON, Violet, So. RITA THOMPSON, Ville Platte, Jr. TOMMY THOMPSON, Leesville, Fr. CHARLES THRASH, Shreveport, Fr. BOB THROGMORTON, Bossier City, Sr. WADE THROWER, Leesville, Fr. PATRICK THYSSEN, Lake Charles, Fr. CARLYN TIBBETTS, Bossier City, Fr. GLEN TIBBS, Haughton, Fr. KATHY TIBBS, Morrow, Fr. 349 undergraduates LINDENTT TURPIN, Alexandria, Fr. ROSS B. TURPIN, Lake Charles, Fr. SHARON TYLER, Alexandria, Fr. TAMARA UPCHURCH, Shreveport, Jr. DANNY URSERY, Shreveport, So. BENTLEY USEY, Marrero, So. LINDA VALENTINE, Alexandria, Fr. KATIE VANASSELBERG, Alexandria, Fr. JACKIE VANDAME, Shreveport, So. VICKI VANDERLICK, Alexandria, Fr. FAYE VANDERSYPEN, Alexandria, So. JOHNNY VANDERSYPEN. Alexandria, So. CLIFF VANDIVER, Charleston Heights, So. ALBERTA VAN DYKE, Shreveport, Sr DAVID VAN DYKE, Shreveport, Fr. ANDRE VANGEEM, Corpus Christi, So. DAVID VARNELL, El Dorado, Ark., Fr. KEN VARNELL, Winnfield, Fr. TOMMY VAUGHAN, Springhill, Sr. CECIL VAUGHN, Coushatta, So. DONNIE VEAZEY, Kaplan, Fr. AMY VEGA, Shreveport, Fr. BILLY VENETIS, Franklin, So. ELNORA VENSON, Boyce, Fr. JOE VERCHER, Natchitoches, So. SUE VERCHER, Pineville, Jr. TERRI VERZWYVELT, Boyce, Jr. GLENNELLA VIDRINE, Jennings, Fr PATRICIA VIDRINE, Ville Platte, Fr . ' i 350 IPII undergraduates RENE TIGRET, Shreveport, So. MIKE TIMMS, Bossier City, So. WAYNE TINER, Zachary, Sr. CHARLES TINGLE, Ringgold, So. MARSHA TINGLE, Colfax, Fr. TOM TOBIN, Natchitoches, Fr. RALPH TOMLINSON, Campti, Fr PAT TOWNSEND, Baton Rouge, So. WANDA TOWNSEND, Baton Rouge, So. DEBRA TOWRY, Natchitoches, So. GLORIA TRAHAN, Longview, Tex . So. BILL TRAYLOR, Haynesville, So. CRAIG TRIPP, Springhill, So. MARIAN TRUEX, Mansura, Jr. MARY GENE TRUNZLER, Natchitoches, Jr. JOHNNY TRUSSELL, DeRidder, Fr. STEPHEN TUCKER, Natchitoches, Fr. JO TUFTS, Pineville, Fr. KATHY TUJAGUE, Opelousas, Fr. CHERYL TULLOS, Pineville, Jr. HENRY TULLOS, Pineville, Fr. ANITA TURNER, Simmesport, Fr. AUGUST E. TUMA, Libuse, Fr BILLIE JO TURNER, Oxford, Fr. JOHN TURNER, Natchitoches, So. JUNE TURNER, Leesville, Fr. MIKE TURNER, Barksdale AFB, So. THOMAS TURNER, Leesville, Fr. rcsz: rv 2fr I 351 undergraduates SUSAN VIDRINE, New Iberia, Jr. JEANNE VIGE, Opelousas, Fr. DAVID VINES, Winnfield, So BARRIE VINSON, Pineville, Fr. KATHY VINSON, Shreveport, Fr MARGARET VOLLM, Colfax, Jr. CATHY VOSS, Montgomery, Fr. CLARENCE VOSS, Shreveport, So. LINDA VOSS, Shreveport, Fr. ROY WADDLE, Campti, Jr. JEANNIE T. WALDEN, Landrum, Jr. PAUL WALDON, Shreveport, Fr. BILL WALKER, Natchitoches, So. CHARLES WALKER, Shreveport, So. H. T. WALKER, Cotton Valley, Fr JESSIE L. WALKER, Pineville, Fr. SHARON WALKER, Baton Rouge, Fr JOHNNY WALL, Bossier City, Jr DEBBIE WALLACE, Pineville, So. REBECCA WALLACE, Castor, Fr. BARBARA WALMSLEY, Natchitoches, Fr. ELIZABETH WALSH, Urania, So. VIRGINIA WALSH, Urania, Fr. CAROLYN WALKER, Vinton, Fr. CLAIRE WALTNER, Natchitoches, Fr. ROSA WALTON, Natchitoches, So DALE E. WARD, Bossier City, Sr DON WARD, Natchitoches, Sr PAM WARD, Shreveport, So undergraduates I i PEGGY WARD, Provencal, Fr. ROBERT M. WARD, Montgomery, Jr. SHIRLEY WARE, Shreveport, So. CATHY WARNER, Bossier City, Fr. STEVE WARNER, Bossier City, Fr. DELILAH WARREN, Castor, Fr CLAUDE WARREN, Ringgold, So. EDDIE WARREN, Calhoun, So LINDA WARREN, Natchitoches, Fr. KAREN WARTENBERG, Ruston. Fr GAIL WASHINGTON, Baton Rouge, Fr. PATRICIA WASHINGTON. Natchez, Fr. MIKE WATERS, Coushatta, Fr. CHARLOTTE WATERS, Opelousas, Fr. EVERETT WATSON, Doyline, Fr FAYE LYNN WATSON, St. Francisville, Fr. KAY WATSON, Lake Charles, Fr. BOBBY WATTS, Natchitoches, Sr DAVID WAY, Springhill, Fr MIKE WEAVER, Coushatta, Jr. JEFFREY ANN WEBB, Shreveport, Fr. LUCY WEBB, Coushatta, Fr. SANDY WEBB, Coushatta, So TRUMAN WEBB, Jena, Fr. CHARLES WEBSTER, Montgomery, So VICKI WEEKS, Franklin, Jr WALTER WEFERLING, Shreveport, Fr. JOAN WEGMANN, New Orleans, Jr. GLENN WEICK, New Orleans, So undergraduates JOHN WELCH, Mt. Hermon, So. HANK WELDON, Pitkin, Fr. ANITA WELLNER, Fort Knox, Jr. MARK WELLNER, Fort Knox, Fr. CHARMAGNE E. WELLS, Boyce, Fr. DEBRA WELLS, Alexandria, So. DONNA WELLS, Alexandria, So. GWIN WELLS, Pineville, So. MARK WELLS. Pleasant Hill, Fr. STEVE WELLS, Colfax, Fr. TEX WELLS, Longstreet, Fr. GLEN WELMAN, New Orleans, Sr. KENNETH WENDT, Zachary, Fr. ELIZABETH E. WENTZEL, Leesville, Jr. HILTON WESLEY, Leesville, So. RONALD WEST, Shreveport, Fr. RUTH ANN WEST, Shreveport, Fr. DEBORAH WESTER, Provencal, So. JUDY WESTER, Provencal, Jr. KENNARD WESTMORELAND, Leesville, So. TOM WHALEN, Shreveport, Fr. GARY WHATLEY, Jena. Fr. JIM WHEAT, Natchitoches, Fr. ANNE WHITE, Natchitoches, Jr. KEITH WHITE, Alexandria, Fr. LARRY WHITE, Doyline, So. LILLIAN WHITE, Natchitoches, Fr. PEGGY WHITE, Alexandria, Sr. SAM WHITE, Mora, So. 354 undergraduates MYRA WHITEHEAD, Lake Providence, So. ELLEN WHITESIDE, Cotton Valley, Jr. GARY WHITLOCK, Mansfield, Fr. DIANE WHITTINGTON, Ville Platte, So. GLENDA WHITTINGTON, Natchitoches, So. FORREST R. WHITTLESEY, Natchitoches, Jr. JAMES WHITWORTH, Greenwell Springs, So. LUE WIGGINS, Waterproof, So. SUSAN WIGGINS, Plain Dealing, Jr. DOYLAN WILBANKS, Natchitoches, Jr. LINDA WILBURN, Pelican, Jr. LILLIE WILCOTT, Mansfield, Fr. DAVID WILCOX, DeRidder, So. JERRY WILKERSON, Longstreet, Fr. JOHN M. WILKERSON, Shreveport, So. GARY WILKINS, Benton, Fr. DENNIS W. WILKINSON, Baton Rouge, So. MARVIN WILLETT, Natchitoches, Sr. ANNIE WILLIAMS, Clayton, Fr. BEN WILLIAMS, Bossier City, Sr. BONNIE WILLIAMS, Leesville, Sr. BRUCE WILLIAMS, Stuttgart, Fr. CHARLES WILLIAMS, New Orleans, Fr. DONNA WILLIAMS, Shreveport, Fr DOUG WILLIAMS, Pineville, So. GEORGIA WILLIAMS, Many, Fr. JERRY WILLIAMS, Natchitoches, Fr. JIM WILLIAMS, Montgomery, Fr. JOHN WILLIAMS, Bossier City, Fr. retain your iregisWreceipt 355 undergraduates JUDY WILLIAMS, Mansfield, Fr. MAREOLYN WILLIAMS, Natchitoches, Fr MARTHA WILLIAMS, Houma, Fr. MIKE WILLIAMS, Vidalia, Jr. THEODORE WILLIAMS, Campti, Jr. TOMMY WILLIAMS, Bossier City, Fr. WAYNE WILLIAMS, Mansfield, So ALETHIA WILLIAMSON, Shreveport, Fr. BILL WILLIAMSON, Holbrook, Fr. MARY WILLIAMSON, Leesville, Fr. RITA WILLIAMSON, Gretna, Sr ROBBIE WILLIAMSON, Leesville, So. MIKE WILLIFORD, Shreveport, Sr C C WILLIS, Pitkin, Jr. CHARLES E. WILSON, Glenmora, So DIANE WILSON, New Orleans, So ERWIN WILSON, New Llano, Fr. MARTHA WILSON, Shreveport, So. RANDALL WILSON, Shreveport, So TOM WILSON, Shreveport, Fr. JOHN WIMBERLY, Hall Summit, So. DUARD WINDERWEEDLE, Shreveport, Fr SHARON WINEGEART, Glenmora, So DEBBIE WING, Haughton, Jr LINDA WINN, Pineville, Jr. GARY WISE, Lena, Fr. MELANIE WISENBAKER, Pineville, Jr. JOYCE WITT, Leesville, So. DENISE WITTENBURG, Shreveport, Fr f ■+ " - " : z ' • v X i V. 356 undergraduates TOMMY WONG, Natchitoches, So. LARRY WOOD, DeQuincy, So. DAVID WOODALL, Shreveport, Fr. BARBARA WOODARD, Ringold, So BRENDA WOODS, Heflin, Jr. DEBBIE WOODS, Natchitoches, Fr. JANET WOODWARD. Hornbeck, Fr. PEGGY WOODWARD, Haughton, So. DEL WORTH, Natchitoches, Fr. GEORGIA WREN, Coushatta, Jr. CONNIE WRIGHT, Forest Hill, Jr. PAMELA WRIGHT, Red Bay, Jr. TOMMY WRIGHT, Many, So. PAM WRINKLE, Coushatta, Fr. PAT WYATT, Bossier City, Fr. WALTER E. YANCEY, Natchitoches, Sr. DAVID YATES. Vidalia, Fr. RICHARD YATES, Bossier City, Fr. PAUL YONGUE, Breaux Bridge, So. REBECCA YORK, Shreveport, Fr. EARNESTINE YOUNG, Natchitoches, Fr. ERNEST YOUNG, Natchitoches, Sr. RITA YOUNG, Minden, Fr. ROY C. YOUNG, Sikes, Fr. PATRICK YORK, Baton Rouge, Sr. JACK ZATOR, Bossier City, Fr. DON ZONKEL, Shreveport, Fr. GRETCHEN ZULICK, Natchitoches, Jr. 357 with new days that dayvned our plans and hopes bright, we tried to become part of making things right. good yearbooks deserve . . 360 BENSON NASHVILLE . . . others need us ■■■I

Suggestions in the Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) collection:

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