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• EDITOR, Gail Dooley ASSOCI.m I EDITOR, Usda Gram BUSINESS MAN KJER Jai i Wnooi FACULTY SPONSOR, James R. Pahrbh POTPOURRI L969 Northwestern Stale College Natchitoches, Louisiana NORTHWESTERN Table of Contents on u ma • 40 Abmhorbati (RMIII ' ST) • " 4 ' I ' Ifinic, ■nd ] ' ■ .1 • 85 Relicious Organizations • 115 Military • 121 Activities • 131 Graeb • 143 Ann i tics • 178 Fan Abts a ■ • 256 STATE COLLEGE Natchitoches, Louisiana Registration: An Unforgettable I knew I ' d forget something— mij certs!!! Mass confusion abounds— but if you are lucky it will only take 4 you six hours to register. Experience Hut I . One Building Becomes A Virtual Madhouse A " top of the world " look at the X.S.C. Student Union which houses the post office, hook store, cafeteria, and many other services. ftah mm nxatV Learning hou In opt n if U ' „,r.n t - m At Welfare I ,-u " ■ i ) " " Now I know why I ' m always broke . . . the clothes this child does have! You just about have to sign your life away just to get a room in a dorm. ' Maybe if I wiggle my nose all of this junk will put itself up. ' U4! » Caddo Hall— an upprrclass dorm for « ohm n Dorm Life Is a New Experience N.S.C. Students Strive For " 1 don ' t knotv what you are smiling about, the other team made the touchdown. The Answers i if i " tionder who he krcpi getting letters from? " " I ui ' tutir tt Im thr POTPOUMH ha t (uir all ' 7 irfti ' . riri iMTuirrs aluays has thr l es1 advice yet! 11 The annual Potpourri Ball was held in the Student Union December 4 with Ivy Peebles Medicine Show providing the music. Activity Takes Many Different Forms Johanna 1 annrhill and OMt FtttSt iin [i watermelon at th - annual " I r, .■ ..-. Watermelon Parti ' »3 5 ntdertf ' m- m i thi ; . • An N.S.C. Cheerleader and the " Demon " watch on as the Bulldog is burned in the bonfire. State Fair Week Is Filled With Excitement and Spirit •4 mllim fxjrfin xjf.v m Many ;.. ) rallies during the week ; ri or fn f ir V-j .- f " ,;,r ptmt Coach Glen Gossctt throws the Bulldog into the bonfire in the final i« p rullu hefon Irat Spirit Always Whether it be at a political rally. Pie eating contest. Abounds (it N.S.C. or ; •; rally. 7 Defeat or Victory — It Shows In Our Faces Tony Papa received a cut on the eye during one of the N.S.C. games. H ' Oh ' Plcast ' Main that Point! ■ s ivs on to anothi Betty Meachum, former Potpourri editor, gives pointers to the Lady of the Bracelet contestants. Lady of the Bracelet Contestants Exhibit Their io Many Talents A dramatic ; n w • • ha Hilln I »( Sti-tan Sfurrrll ' i delightful pcrstmalitu added lo icr f ; rrif ; r , ' rm jn v TV. S. C. 9 s Beauty Queen The five final contestants await their turn for questions and the judges ' final decision. r Jl Zelma Pylant in swimsuit competition. Wayne Mcachum, Master of Ceremonies, asks Miss Pylant her final question. March Fowl , 1968 I. nth oj th, BratxUt, . bouqtWt o mm . ' r .jri iv dkoMN m ' ' i - I960 . " v c (fa Bra ipacfeJ -• " to th- pagmvtt pomu with ih ' fis and 1968 . ; i. 0 r ' .. The Administration and Faculty Coach Gossctt lends a note of encouragement to a Demon player during a tight football game. Mr. Christmas takes personal interest in all Demon players. 14 Take An Interest in tlu Students )i ;m Htndrtck •• melon I ' ortu Kathleen Budd, Homecoming Queen. Richard Ware, No. 38, heads for the goal line during the 1968 Homecoming Game. 6 Homecoming Always livings Large Crowd joihi I ' url Hi, i jr • ■ 7 SGA President, Henry Burns (FAR LEFT), Milton Rhea (CENTER) former SGA President, and President Kilpalrick (FAR RIGHT) look over an old Potpourri with NSC Alumni. Homecoming Combines the Old With the New 28 ' r. w nf KiljHitntk cuimitit U lUtdattoni first j Li . ••.. mm ; . i Christmas at Home Jill Sivisher, Charlcne Wheeler, Majorie Padula, Donna Lindsey, and Karen Karisncy help make clothes for Christmas at Home. This annual event provides dolls and doll clothes for needy children in the Natchitoches area. }o Christmas is a time for WOtt hip Christmas would not he OOtnpUtt without i hall W Some times schedules are so rough that there is only time for a snack be- tween classes. Each person show enthusiasm in his own individual way. Blowing up a balloon is one way to get rid of your frustrations. Northwestern Urnru Ihinis ;., rfomu hi famous I uttilTt rmWifir Is A " POTPOl It I! ' of People 53 Each Person Belongs In His Own Way Whether he he a foothall player. . . ■ f r w MS if • ' % «. - " member of the bond. Or a spectator. :3 Si A cherished moment. A congratulations. . . 36 A certain smile. Lasting Memories Take Shape icturr A sunny afternoon on Chaplains Lake. 38 The three columns. A peaceful la on f ' The Demon creit Traditional Northwostvrn ill } n r Change 40 PERSONALITIES 4 ' 4 J Jr -v t i %mjf " ir,jn ■ 1 7 » " t W m n3f , » L i M J j ■ A •• i 1 „ J 1 0- ' Jan is Lowe MissN.S.C. Inm ix ihown d« I contestant in thr l.odu f the F- lership, service character—these are the quali that distinguish Janis Lowe from many other s ( ctx-tK These are the qualities tint deem li r worth) of the tided Misa N.S.C. of ] lenti) tervinj retarj t S ( • ind Recordii W S fania also active in Purple [ackers and named u HO " S WHO lo c STUDEN - IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COL1 EGES Jams is a Business Education major from I laynesA ill« • I ouisiana. Jam wppoitl thr P. nidin durinc thr Statr Fair game 43 K vv Mr. N.S.C. Henrv Burns Henry is shown relaxing in t . Mr 5.C for 19fi9 is Henry Runis of Shoniialoo. Louisi.m.i Henry, like jams, demonstrates the qualities of leadership, service and character and it was for this reason that the other students selected him not onh as Mr s( d 196 I hut also as their Student Body Ident tor the year Henr) participates ba Blue I Qrca K.. ind BiS.TJ n. Is a asniar and an npper elementary education major Henry Burns, our S.G.A. President for 1969. 4 NK m 4 m i 11 Zclma Pvlant Lady of The Bracelet There .ire man) characteristics which a person must possess in unlet t be beautiful— poise personality, talent Zehna Pylanl possesses all of these characteristics and it was tor this reason that she was chosen as I DV()F THE BH tCELET for 1969 Zelma captivated the audience with a dazzling gymnastic routine which was r es po n sible for her winning the talent division of the pageant. Zehna is a Freshman majoring in Physical Education ' .rlma i hmi n in ■ moment a qurstwn fur the ftt This uuard u inning gfmmmUct muttn, wsurrd ttM croun of LADY OF THE BRACELET fot ' .clma. 47 Lady of The Bracelet Finalist Susan Murrell 4 8 Lady of The Bracelet Final is I Cheryl Brown Lady of The Bracelet Finalist Carla McCain 5° Lady of The Bracelet Finalist Connie Bahincuiix n Y ■ . v i Marcir Fowlrr State Fair Queen si n FAIB Ql I I Marcie Fowler ba nati c of Natehitochea majoring m elemental) education. Queen Marde and her court were elec ted through .1 student wide eloCtJOri from Dominations made In tin- dormitories. Toe contest was sponsored by the elections board of the student Government AaaocJarJon Queen Marcie shcrn h,r r , itcment during the game. The STATE FAIR COURT included from left to right) Karen Karisney, F.Uiinc Sarulers. Uremia U ' i s -n. Slardia Bella. Qwtm Mame F-uler, Carlo MiK ' ain, Sharon Parker, Charleiw Wheehr, and Ja ' .: 53 Kathleen Budd Homecoming Queen Kathleen Budd, who in a sophomore from Opdousas I ouisiana, was chosen to reign over the 1968 HOM1 COMING I 01 RT Nominations .Hid elections ( the court were made by the (II B. Kathleen and court su p ported the Demons as the Demons were defeated bj Southwestern. mm®. Quern Kathle t nus tmSO Tt e d » fern r Cray during halftime . ' , ■ M em b e r of the (90S HOMECOMING CO RT {from left to right) en Beoerhj (lurk. Elatm Semdert, l.mului Webb, ' mm, Qu ! en Budd, Cmobjn tkin . Y vo n m Centmnni, emd S h eron tieyfield, Not pict ur ed (t Shirley Dickk 55 if l ■ v ' •tff ' ••ill p (I • •i • ' - P- — • J A c, si 1 afjv r ' t :. - ' 7 • ■ i v ' l ' t - ' «, , ? • I • ' • •: U • ' ' V Marsha Bella Potpourri Boll Queen Reigning over the 1988 l ' ()l l ' M khi BALI was Marsha Bella, a sophomore sodolog) majoi From Berwick l ouisiana Nominations to (In- court uiir made I various servi organizations on campus Queen and court were selected through .t campus-wide election Potpourri Editor, Gall Dooley, it thown crow n ing Quoon l.irsha Hello Tha POTPOURRI BALL COURT mduded from left to right) Pattya Robuuon, Thotew I mbardh i Parian 4anha BeUo, Suian Brumfieid, Swan David, Chrii Road, and Janit I. 57 Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges The students recognized in Who ' s Who each year are nominated from over 750 colleges and universities and are selected on the basis of scholarship, citizenship, participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, service, and general promise of future usefulness. College juniors, seniors and students enrolled in graduate courses are eligible for nomination. Nominations are made by the faculty. Terry Alario, Business Administration Trudy White, Sociology Ronald Brown, Government m Dapliana Smith, Vocational Home Economics la Donald Durham, Accounting Pattye Robinson, Business Education 58 -iiiilnil!! SS:s:s ' s:a iBiBi9r A l ,ch ami Chnrlr Cham li Science ■•i (ration f t. Aifan , PFtififrd r ° ' • Zooiogv Hranfon. MunneM .Wrm- ' . Microbiology ■ Shar irvd H.wWng SO Ocfo Faust, Physical Education Kathleen Eddleman, Accounting James Robertson, Accounting Diane Crosby, Home Economics Education Mike Herron, Physical Education Judy Eggleston, Business and Office Education Sylvia Crump, Mathematics Robert Cypert, Physical Education 60 I Harriet Lowrey, Nursing SfHfi Farham. Distributive and Business Kathy Agutllard, Nursing Education Dan DWKM, Fhywcal Education Lynda Laurence. Sock Henry Burns, I ' pper Elementary Education Cheryl Terry. Primary Education St i i i Thigpcn, English Wayne Crouch. Busmen . dmir,-. ■ 61 62 DMI ISTlt TIO. 3 Louisiana State Board of Education HON. WILLIAM ]. DODD State Superintendent of Education HON. NASH C. ROBERTS First Public Service Commission District HON. JACK FRUGE Second Public Service Commission District HON. LOUIS }. MICHOT Second Public Service Commission District HON. ENOCH T. NIX Third Public Service Commission District HON. A. D. SMITH First Congressional District 64 HON. ;. MARSHALL BROWN ond Congressional District HON HARVEY rF.LTIF.R Third Co n gn u tondl DMKol HON ROBl HI II I HH) HON. W. F WHETSTONE Fifth Congressional District HON. V. J. SCOC1N Sixth Congressional District HON. ROYD f WOODABD, Ml) • nth Congressional District The Honorable D Suri president of the State Ho. ml ol Education, was killed in .1 tractOf .undent .it his farm m Picayune, Mississippi, In March, and Ins wife wai appointed to fill Ins unexpired term on the Board by Governm John M( keltllell ' Hie Honorable Fred I TannehiD, president became president ol the Board HON FRFn i r nui i hth Congressional Dutnct ; c SSJ B INK ..rrw- ' fw,. ' 6 5 Fs 0 I ' v • • -J l .• ■ % ?r s IjQcI Kilpatrick, 18 lent Kilpatrick welcomes all tudcnts and alumni to the ' 6s Homc -ime. President Arnold Kilpatrick Young Kdpatnck 12 President and Sin Arnold Kilpatrick Vice-President of Academic Affairs DR. CHARLES THOMAS Administrative Deans Dudley G. Fulton-Dean of Students; B.A. Northwestern State College; M.S., Louisi- ana State University. Lucile M. Hendrick—Dean of Women; B.A., Northwestern State College; M.Ed., Northwestern State College. Leonard O. Nichols— Dean of Men; B.A., Northwestern State College; M.A., North- western ' State College. Academic Deans Din ul Towntand Dean of School of Bminem, B s Cornell Coll,-.-,- u Unh entity of ' ' ?h P . Laid- siatw Statt ' ' nh entity ham Bet f S Ed ' ' itno I Sfnk v — Dean of Affair . II tern State Col Fh D . I. u: Sana - rtity. Bienvenu Dean , rt i- Sn- encc I MS Lotmmwc Stati- rii d., ' Texas. Tor: ' hrrlanti-Drnn of $ch ■ ■ Administrative Services Jerry Pierce— Director of Informational Services Harrel C. Haile— Director of Alumni and Placement Anita Pierce— Assistant Dean of Women Walter P. LeDet-Registrar 7° Sylvan R. Sibley— Purchasing Agent ' .i ifor C Stamrs-Dircctor of Mi . ■.-.:. M ' : ' . Dr TancUi f -F.luxc -! •tntchni; mii front U ' ,;rfin ' ■ r : :ht- Business Manager Campus Services James K. Lee, Campus Security Chief Ethel Scroggins— Student Union Information BOOK STORE-Selma Mahfouz (Manager), Elizabeth Hagewood, Sandra Mora, Dorothy Martin, Venia Box. Robert Wilson— Student Union Jerry Wilson — Attendance Counselor David Martin, David Stone, Richard Sweet— Food Services. Lillian Cohen— Student Union ■ Gertrude H. Lyons— Student Union Infor- mation MEN ' S HOUSING DIRECTORS-FIRST ROW. ROTTOM TO TOT Dflifc . -.. ' | Smtk, tb, SECOND ROW. BOTTOM TO TOT Culumu- Lmbo, Wml Rapfcta I.udl. Pmdhcmmt, FmUrri ■ South Hall THIRD ROW, ROTTOM TO TOT Elma Ihntnn. Cmporii .-.. I MM lf.COM .,.-.. U . r ITill. Housing Directors 73 74 ORG 1 MZATfOXS 75 Student Government Association HENRY L. BURNS Student Body President DEAN FULTON Sponsor of SGA The Student Government Association is the only campus organization which embraces the whole realm of campus life, including the individual student, his organizations, and his day-to-day life. Student Government is basic to the welfare of the student. The SGA, as the basic organization, is invested with the responsibility of speaking for the entire student body, it supervises and coordinates student activities, and it seeks to provide the proper collegiate academic and social medium. Most importantly, it serves as a link between the student and the administration. We have made sincere efforts to accomplish these ends during the past years. In doing so, we hope we have helped both the student and our college. The Students of Northwestern State College, grateful for the opportunity of living in a free country, and desiring to prove and develop their capacity for self-government, have organized themselves into the Student Government Association. Executive powers are vested in its officers. BILL FOWLER Vice-President of Student Body 7 EDITH DcWITT Pretidt nt for Women GEORGE RALPH GR ) President for Mi n S.G.A. Executive Council JANIS LOWE Student Body Secretary m Kvi •V; •■ i ' A ' 4 • v • mm km B mow RISPOU Student Bodij Ttx c 77 S.G.A. Voting Members SEATED: Trudy Bates, Theresa Lomhardino, Susan Nickerson, Donna Battle, Patsy Slifer, Lynda Henderson. STANDING: Charles Balliro, Steve Bonin, Gary Digilormo, Mike East, Garland Riddle, Stephen Rhoades, Larry Grade, Bob Nida, Stan Parham, Val Marmillion, Terry Alario. Freshman Associates Sherry Brashear, Wanda Stoma, Cynthia Riser, Ellen Fontenot, Lynn Killen, Debbie Singletary, Christie Conine, Brenton Gros, Ira Gamble, Tommy McCullough, Donnie Martin, Milton Rhea. 78 JUDICl n BO KRD Ml M SEATEl CoUum, Inm STANDI! let Judiciary Board and Election Hoard Election Board Co-Chairman I mill n, ll i and (.1 ORG! R Cfl U UM ' .!■■■ ' . D Larry (. ' r art . MEMBERS OF THE S.G.A. ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE -SEATED: Rhonda Coleman, Trudy White, Bill Fowler, Bruce Stroud, Steve Rhoades. STANDING: Bruce Guillet, William Ed- wards, Dorothy Fair, Bonnie Martin. S.G.A. Entertainment Committee New A. M.S. President Spanky Baker, outgoing President George Gray, newly elected Secretary Clifton Miller and Vice-President Bill Thrash at the A.M.S. Awards Night. Did he win? Combined forces of the many and varied Student Union Commv Student Union Committee One of th,- Student Union Committees hard at work 8, SEATED: Mrs. Jerry Pierce, TAWS Adviser and the Assistant Dean of Women. STANDING: Mary Bernard, Vice-President; Lynda Henderson, IAWS Representative; Edith DeWitt, President; Chris Reed, Corresponding Secretary. Associated Women Students Annual Christmas project, Christmas at Home. MRS. LUCILE HENDRICK Sponsor Town Associated onwn Students Toni Vcrchcr, Christi Conine, Caroli n I.tndsci . Barliara Fouhr, Jan DobtO n , tcllm Broun, Bcierlt S iir ci , Anita Barron . Ihnothtj ■., Shift ' . Anne PetrtU, Barhara Jo Fowitt The Associated Women Students is composed of all WOmen students on campus and is .1 member ol the [ntercollegiate Association ol Women Students. Elected representatives from each residence hall serve on the A W.S. Council through which the women have a voice in their government Through its activities the A A .S. aims to create an attitude of intellectual, social, and spiritual growth anionic women students. To develop a sense , t telf-responsibilit y, to instill a spirit of cooperation, and friendship, and to uphold bigfa social and academic standards among the women of the college is a true aim ot the LW.S The main puri ose of the Town ..ted Women Students is to keep women students living " IF campus informed concerning activities on campus The TAWS officers arc also on the A W S council. Bl Associated Men Students The Associated Men Students, in its eleventh year as an organization at N.S.C., has been an effective part of the college. Its membership is composed of men students who live in the residence halls on the campus. Each year its members must maintain a " C " average. The main objectives of the Associated Men Students are as follows: to promote, in cooperation with the College Administration, the general welfare of men students at Northwestern State College and, in particular, the welfare of men living in residence halls on the campus, to serve as means of expression of opinion for men students, to instill in men students a sense of good citizenry, true sportsmanship and mature responsibility, and to uphold high standards of conduct and scholarship among students attending Northwestern State College. Larry Grade, Vice-President; George R. Gray, President; Stephen W. Prime, Secretary; Raymond Hammond, Treasurer. (Not pictured sponsor Mr. Starnes.) ACTIVE MEMBERS OF THE A.M.S.-Bill Melder, Larry Hall. Wayne Bolton, Steve Bourriaque, John Teague, David Jackson, Dean Kilmer. David Berryman, Bill Thrash. Carl David. Stan Russell, Sidney Hartman, Gary Boucher, Bruce Yeatman, Stephen Rhodes, Michael Crain. Martin Lambert, Ronald Bushy, l ' ai Ezer- nack. Samuel P. Little, Camille Manck, Charles Voshurg, Bohhy Masters. Lynn Wallace, Philip Maniscalo, David F. Larson, Don Durham, Richard Pierce, Learohn Calducll, James Young, Vaughn Stagg, Oswald Hollings worth, Ronald Rohertson, Richard Krape, Raymond Hammond, Stephen Prime, Garland J. Hutson, Keith Bailey, James Rambin, ' une, urununu j. iiui.tun, iwnri . Prewitt, Rocky B. Berlin. Ronald Hooper, Jack Barr, Ron Distefano. Rogi 84 HONORARY, ACADEMIC, AND PROFESSIONAL 5 Purple Jackets Clad in their purple and white, the Purple Jackets are continuously seen on campus. This group has become the traditional hostesses at all college events, serving at such activities as registration, entertainment programs, and graduation exercises. Membership is based on scholarship, character, personality, spirit of cooperation, and unselfishness in serving the college. The honor of becoming a member is one of the greatest accorded to a woman student at N.S.C. Officers: Marjorie Padula, Linda Fell, Sue Boho, Louise Riehl, President; Mrs. Pierce, Sponsor. FIRST ROW: Linda Fell, Polly Ducote, Sue Bobo, Marjorie Pa- dula, Sandra Almon, Cecile Culp. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Crump, Martha Berry, Daphana Smith, Lorrie Miller, Louise Riehl. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Pierce, Edith DeWitt, Pat Green, Linda Hollingsworth, Loretta David, Evelyn Beham. 86 ST AS DISC. Iloutur Whitehead, Ronnie Rradford, C.anj Hangarl, Jim Wukh, Emit Scott, Wuymt Pnmftm, Dale Brouubtt, Terry .Mario, Cin lon Landry SJ VTED Wiji n, Cromeh, Larry Key$, Ronnie Brown, Pni ht Rtm !- .r, n r .r Circle K Terry This was the third year tor the CIRCLE K on the campus at Northwestern. The organization is a service glOap which hinctiom at all OoDege activities. The future of the American way of life will someday he in the hands ot the men who are on our oollege campuses today. Cllde K offers kiwanis the opportumt to take an active part in leC Urfn g the continuance of our herit and in providing the leadership for the preservation of tin- tree world. CIRCLE K CLUB HORTHUESTERN STATE COLLEGE 87 Blue FIRST ROW: Larry McCollum, Eric J. Bienvenu, Roger Ham- mons, Barry Ban, Jack Stegemann. SECOND ROW: Danny Bob Turner, Dale Behan, Winston Bolinger, Tandy McElwee, Jr. THIRD ROW: Ronald Mayeaux, Tony Rispoli, Bill Fowler, Bill Allbritten, Steve Rhodes. FOURTH ROW: Louise Riehl, sweet- heart; Donald Mayeaux, Donald Durham, Charles Charrier, James Jeansonne, Robert Anglin, Loyd Sledge. 88 Key The twentj members f Blue Ki j rrive on campus each year, almost before anyone else, to begin their work. orldng .it the semester registrations, sen ing .is ushers .it various programs, decorating rbi Homecoming and Mom and Dads I).i . .mil conducting the annual summer Cheerleadi r ' s Clinic are tin- major Functions of thi group. Membership in tin group requires an over .ill 2 5 average, membership and officership in at least two campus organizations, and a final majority vote ot the chapter. To ! ■ a member ot Blue Key is indeed an honor and one recognized among the students on campus. t • Jark Strwmtmn, Hiltortm-l Irnt. 1. ii (l Sledge, Correspondirn President; I He BU m enu Leonard Nit hoU, I acuity ' One of the official ft the lilu, Key Cup which 1$ given to the w in ne r of the NJS.i I SX pant The cup went to l SI. this war hut if u ill return nrxt war So Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in education, was organized for the purpose of encouraging high professional, intellectual, and personal standards, and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. Those people who exhibit commendable personal qualities, worthy educational ideals, and sound scholarships are invited to be members. Kappa Delta Pi endeavors to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members and to quicken professional growth by honoring achievement in educational work. Gamma Phi Chapter began on the N.S.C. campus in 1934 and annually presents programs in which the guest speakers from the various departments on campus are called in to speak on projects in which they are involved. Dr. Clinton Thomas, Sponsor; Barbara Stafford, Historian and Reporter; Lorrie Miller, Secretary; Karen Curry, Vice-President; Cecile Culp, President. Not pictured: Mrs. Marion Nesom, Treas- urer. FIRST ROW: Marsha Dufrene, Cecile Culp, Dorene Hawks. SEC- OND ROW: Loretta David, Karen Curry, Ann Bolton, Barbara Stafford, Mary Ross, Lorrie Miller. THIRD ROW: Charles Char- rier, Dr. Thomas Clinton. 90 Alpha Lambda Delta SEATED: Gloria Turner, Secretary; Margaret Korar, President; Jody Parker, Historian STANDING Linda Green, Town Repreeentattoe, Mania Gallagher, Vice-President Judy McElhatten, Keeper f tin- Gradet; Nancy Hampton, Social Chairman. Rene Gibson, Treasurer. u Sigm i in is tli - N.S.C ( bapl Delhi a national honorai Tin- purpose " i Mpha Lambda Delta is ti» | : intelligenl living a high standard oi learning and superior scholastic attainment among tin- Frrshnx Northwestern student membership to sophomore women who 1- ed at le scholastic average during their Freshmen theii sophomi the members become collegi alumnae Ea li yeai Nu Sigma Chi Chaptei ofl tutoring services to tli - freshmen women presenl skit in all the Freshmen women ' s dormitories and sponsors the Academic Banquet FRON1 TWO Gloria Turner and En F1BS1 I ' . I. aula Green, eta Ann V Linda Heard SI OND R ' Katlr • I II I HI ROW Chri Ann Broussard, Margaret Basco, Ali pard HI II ROM San v Hampton, I Hi IU ( ' .li n li ' li( CW I ' at Tauzm. Jody Parker, Mtaet Curry SIXTH ROW II Gallagher, Kiiy (. ; •. r, Donna l I lhatu n 4t ■ links SEVENTH ROW ShsrL Pnmctk Farthing, Patricia Jamil EIGHTH ROW; Karen I Davit, Mary M Md mry, Janet Churchman, Wr.rir.. ly. Phi Mu Alpha FIRST ROW: Lloyd Lacy, Glen Welman, Charles Pace, James Hooter. SECOND ROW: Craig Pratt, Les Steele, Steven Hitt, Eddie Farabough. THIRD ROW: Rill Conerly, Stan Russell, Jerry Righam, Bobby Kerr. FOURTH ROW: Paul Weller, Larry Powell, Ron Brasher, Don Ward. FIFTH ROW: Jay Keppel, Richard Fletcher, Ron Brigmon. SIXTH ROW: Doug Sullivan, William Gaeddert, Faculty Adviser. OFFICERS-Steven Hitl, President; Les Steele, Vica-Fraiidmt, Riek Larry, lory; Doug Sullivan. Tr Paul Wei . ' ne Alumni v tan . Lurry ' one . Warden; William Gaeddert, Faculty l Phi Mu Alpha Sinfoni.i Fraternit) was founded on October 8, l l )s. at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. The purposes t the fraternity arc to advance the cause of music m America, to Foster the mutual welfare and the brotherhood of music students, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, and to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. Some of the activities of the Gamma Mho chapter include tours to area schools presenting a program of choral and instrumental music. 93 Euthenics Club The Northwestern State College Euthenics Club, an affiliation with the Louisiana Home Economics Association and the American Home Economics Association, was organized in 1926. Since then it has become one of the outstanding departmental clubs at N.S.C. The purposes of the Euthenics Club are to promote professional spirit and co-operation, to foster sociability, to promote scholarship, and to develop leadership. The Motto is: " We believe in minds that think, hearts that love, and hands that work. " Euthenics implies better living. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Maxine Southerland, Sponsor; Brenda Stanly, Secretary; Haley Miller, Historian; Mrs. Jennifer Hamner, State Officer; Mrs. Evelyn Lord Behan, President. SECOND ROW: Pauline DuCote, Parliamentarian; Sandra Almon, First Vice-President; Louise Riehl, Co-Treasurer; Daphana Smith, Co-Publicity Chairman. NOT PICTURED: Jane Phillips, Second Vice-President; Linda Johnson, Treasurer; Charlotte Gremillion, Co-Publicity Chairman. FIRST ROW: Haley Miller, Brenda Stanly, Stephanie Farahee, Pauline DuCote. SECOND ROW: Sandra Rhodes, Daphana Smith, Phyllis Loupe, Becky Werner. THIRD ROW: Martha Miniville, Loretta Dewil, Jennifer Hamner, Evelyn Behan. FOURTH ROW: Bobbie Coffey, Margaret Andries, Pattye Churchman. FIFTH ROW: Janelle Baham, Mrs. Maxine Southerland, Louise Riehl, Sandra Almon. 94 Ditni Eooni A • ■ ' :• r v. Linda C unnin gham, ( ! m . SaOy Wells, Parliamentarian, Batty lhi tuk. Historian, I Maty Ettey, Vice-President ( PH HMD Mr, iviUion, I- Alpha Beta Upha, the only national coeducational undergraduate Ubrerj Science Fraternity in the United states. kis enjoyed .1 vuiet) t acti ities .uul programs this year, including lx ok re iew b, a discussion on tin- oewl) adopted program in library education, .t t.ilk on special libraries, a field trip, parties, and .1 banquet Alpha Beta Alpha FIRST ROW Margaret J l c, Sharon, Sharon Hutu. Linda Cun- ningham, Samh Wettt iim EBay. SECOND ROW Margaret McKay, Rarl aru Satchar, Shirla Roguamore, Gray, V Jamt but Babatt B i a k i i • £ « Geology FIRST ROW: Bonnie Brand, Nolan LeBlanc, Cesar Sosa, Robert Parker. SECOND ROW: Gary Coleman, Timothy Poston, Johnny Wanger, Ashley Disotell. THIRD ROW: Rene DeHon, Randy McKnight, Jerry Masters, Dick Robert- son, Herman Lawson. Rene DeHon, faculty advisor and Dick Robertson, President. q 6 OFFICERS l TABU Ben Rushing, Jr. Saeretary-Treaaureri Donald M. H ultu i mt. Chattel Charrier, President; Kir ln 11,1ms, i , || i I ' u w,lcnt Phi Eta Sigma SJ li.D Barry Barr, Ben Ruthoig, 7r . Cfamki Charrier, Donald Remon, R ' luiUI Mayamux, Tandy McElwee, Jr. Donald Mil- STANDING Ronald Bushy, Erit i Houuld Broun, l.-ud Sl dgf ' Pi Omega Pi FIRST ROW: Anna Gallien, Marilyn White, Cyndee Osborne, Vicki Paulk, Ann Kovar. SECOND ROW: Judy Eggleston, Vir- ginia Rabalais, Gayla Whittington, Virginia Procell, Mitzi Boyeti, Peggy Purcell. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Killen, Mattie Eason, Sharon Bartlett, Janis Lowe, Hilda Dees, Saundra Chance, Meda Brown, Kathy Gray, Gladys Lambert, Ricky French. Pi Omega Pi, National Honorary Business Fraternity, has as its purpose to establish and maintain ideals of scholarship and the furthering of service and high ethical standards in business and professional life. The local N.S.C. chap ter, Alpha Nu, has been active on campus since 1938 and has aided those preparing to enter the business world through constructive social and educational activities. OFFICERS-SEATED: Sharon Bart- lett, Treasurer; Kathy Gray, 2nd Vice- President; Gladys Lambert, President; Anna Gallien, Secretary; Judy Eggles- ton, Chaplain. STANDING: Vicki Paulk, Social Chairman; Cyndee Os- borne, Reporter; Mrs. Killen, sponsor. The Spanish Club FIRST now Sttphtn C vh,il,„ jmmm H TTiffirr. Wkkmd (. 14 ' ;nni r Rolrfni n SECOND ROW U i mm W • ' • Ronald W. Cfar . Tfcn 1 A. r THIRD ROM rah K MmJ n, Thomas l Rggina, Julta Wtilil. FOURTH ROW: Jmmm f Dmok Sandra K S$mtmm MavMH l if TH WCH ' )r Ramon £ BrodVrnuini oo FIRST ROW: Mrs. A. D. Sewell, Patricia Green, Henry Leon Burns, Travis Lynn Bolton. SECOND ROW: Lin Leeth, Patrick M. Guidry, Herman Lee Fontenot, Donate) Durham, Joseph Willie Schelette. Beta Gamma Psi Beta Gamma Psi, a national honor fraternity, was established at Northwestern in March, 1966. It is a professional organization for encouraging higher standards of scholarship and developing a closer relationship between accounting students, faculty, and businessmen. OFFICERS-SEATED: Mrs. A. D. Sewell, faculty sponsor; Patricia Green, Secretary. STANDING: Travis Bolton, Vice-Presi- dent; Henry Burns, President. IOO SJ ZATED: Deborah UcCullcr. Georgia Kinnison. FIRST HCW Konn Worthy, Veto Medico, Nettie Chenevert, Sfu-m Barrett, Stuon Michael, .erne Miller, Johnette Johnston, Shirley Weat rr. SECOND Of Hi ' c.l, nda Shydetary, Karen Cum,. Foley Pup I.ura Morgan, Ami Ui i re, Sally Fhtlhj Linda (. ' - Pons, Barbara Willis Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Alpha Iota, an international professional music fraternity for women, was Founded in 1903 in Ann Arbor. Michigan Fratemit) purposes include upholding the highest ideals l .1 musical education raisinu the standards of productive musical work, developing American music and promoting a Stronger understanding of music between foreign countries and America Membership is open to music majors who have i facult) recommendation and show ex in scholarship and musical ability. Chapter Activities include monthly musicals receptions for music students and faculty, and performers, and an All American MuMi Concert given jomtl) with Phi Mu Ah 1CERSSEATED W PIANO utter, Fr, tidt Ktnt, Demeter Club The Demeter Agricultural Fraternity, named after Demeter, the ancient Greek goddess of Earth and all vegetation, was organized October 18, 1928. It was begun at Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Lafayette, Louisiana, by Dean J. L. Fletcher, then head of the Agricultural Department. From a small group of eight members, the Demeter Club has expanded into a national organization with three chapters and a total membership of approximately one thousand. Activities of the Demeter Club include sponsoring turkey and beef shoots, judging in area F.F.A. contests, and sponsoring the annual " Agri Day. " Membership requirements include a major in Agriculture with at least nine hours and a " C " average in the major. MEMBERS OF DEMETER CLUB - OFFICERS: Dale Behan, President; Don- ald Barron, Treasurer; Wayne Warren, Secretary; Charles Stephens, Reporter; Dr. Ralph Fell and Mr. Broussard, Advisers. Pineville Student Nurses issociation Students who are enrolled in tli ( School t Nursing attend Baton Rouge and Shrevepotl Campuses, which their major campuses. In the junior u foil] groups oi students come to I ' linxille to stucK psychiatric nursing. The purpose of their rotation to ' Louisiana state Hospital is to utilize the Eadlit) as a laboratory where students stud) all types ol meiitalU ill patients observing I what th validating their findings and King lot solutions to tin- problems Thus tin- steps m problem solving m emphasized a foundation is laid lor later (ourses which th students pursue. FIRST ROW Brrki Colrman. Rcizinn C.nudeau EM SCOM Linda 1 ,i. Vary .,,„ Car- 7) ROW; Brtmde Cuu .u. Cindy VrouUlt, Pammla C.rmi. DotttJ Farki I 7 I mil,; ( ' . nzaUt, im Bnmmard I 103 NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE SjcAjo-qJ Cr| NHLtL JLJUCl. ! ? f£S!p$2 mum v $ »m , FIRST ROW: Eva Jo Eason, Pamela Ybos, Janet Reynolds, Shirley Grunwald, Daisy Sapp, Janet Shaw, Vicki Poole, Beverly Weber, Jo Anna Wright, Gaye Brown, Diane Ballard, Kathleen Aguillard, Connie Bailes. SECOND ROW: Geneva Kidd, Sharon Duhon, Barbara Washabaugh, Lizbeth Rice, Linda Nations, Jeanne Liggcn, Sharon Smith, Georgean Henderson, Mayetta Phillips, Nancy Wilson, Betty Ames, Mary Katherine Peacock, Cheri Hyde, Ann Hartwick, Pat Eichelberger, Mickie McWilliams, Kathy Smith, Dorothy Roberts, Mary Gwinn, Sandra Adams, Marilyn Head, Bridget Wallace, Sarah Mills. Anita Mahaffey, Penny Gatt, Chaster Martin, Jr., Beverly Pyle. THIRD ROW: Dean Grotzinger, Janette Wright, Cynthia Toms, Connie Floyd, Charlotte McDearmont, Helen Lovelady, Pamela Quails, Pamela Hebert, Roxanne Kimball, Katherine Zimmerman, Barbara Rich, Brenda Lauret, Carolyn Hazeltine, Geraldine Scott, Teresa Grigsby, Wayne McCtdlen. . . Shreveport Student Nurses Association All activities of the Shreveport Campus have been located in the beautiful, modern building on Warrington Place. This building consisting of a dormitory wing and an educational wing, is used by students and faculty in Nursing, Education, and the Graduate School. Here, in an academic setting geared to teaching clinical nursing courses, students in nursing spend 2 1 £ years of their four-year curriculum. While continuing to participate in many social and cultural activities on the Natchitoches Campus, they also represent the College in professional and community activities in Shreveport. 104 Baton Rouge Student Nurses Association The staff at Baton Rouge is one of the finest. Sur only part of their training here. During the Sophomore year, student nurses transfer to the Baton Rouge Campus to begin courses in clinical nursing at the Baton Rouge General Hospital. Their activities hen are mam and varied. They lcam the courses in clinical DUning, hut there is also time for social activities. 105 ' thuir muny classroom dun iiliOlM MEMBERS-FIRST ROW: Roland Cortes, Richard Lindsey, Totn- mie Winburn, Raymond L. Christenson, Dwayne Gilbert. SECOND ROW: Dr. Bill Shaw, Tommy Dunagan, Thomas Ivey, Jack Baum, William Loftin, Francis Gauthier, William Chappell, Lynwood Powell. Raymond L. Christenson, Secretary and Treasurer and Richard Lindsey, President. Iota Lambda Sigma Iota Lambda Sigma is an honorary national fraternity for students beginning their school year and teachers in the fields of industrial education and technology. Students must have an overall " B " average and a 3.0 average in their major to be eligible for membership in the fraternity. Iota Lambda Sigma is devoted to the improvement and promotion of high quality education, service, and workmanship. The development of ethical standards and excellence is emphasized. 106 5E TF.D Dr Tom Wells, Waun Wttk Stephen Print SI 7 INC Dr. Jam " ' rkle, William Arcanoaux, Dr Donald Raw- Rohcrt Undtty, Nancy Hudson, Linda Hottingtu rt) Dr Marietta LeBreton Mist Jam Scott. Phi Alpha Tbeta, the National Honor Society in History. is represented on tin Northwestern campus by the Pi Chapter. Pi Chapter was established on March 21. 1934. .ind although inactive for a Dumber of years, is still one l tlic oldest societies on campus. Its membership is composed " f students and processor! who have shown iceOence in the field of history. Phi Alpha Theta 107 l ♦ 1 [ t ■■] 1 1 " " " M L 1 A m LA 4 1 -1H ± i l. r J l 1 1 mm OFFICERS: Carol Floyd, Treasurer; Danny Turner, Historian; Gary Silvey, Guide; Don Guidry, President; Leslie Herst, Secre- tary; Dick Martin, Sergeant-at-Arms; Kevin Crowe, Vice-President. FIRST ROW: Caroll Floyd, Kevin Crowe, Dick Martin, Doug Tarver. SECOND ROW: Ronald Guidry, Danny Turner, William Bordelon. THIRD ROW: Steve Gaspard, David Smith, Gary Silvey. FOURTH ROW: Bob Going, Joe Guillory, John Porche. FIFTH ROW: Leslie Herst, Terry Beck. SIXTH ROW: Donnie Holland, Doug Watts, Mike Delcamhre, Tom Morales. SEVENTH ROW: Jerry Brungart, Jerry Campbell, Billy Culbreath, Chester Wroten Phi Epsilon Kappa Phi Epsilon Kappa is the only national professional fraternity for male students and teachers of health, physical education, and recreation. This fraternity was founded at the Normal College of the American Gymnastics Union of Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1913. With the installation of Beta chapter at the American College of Physical Education in Chicago, Illinois, Phi Epsilon Kappa took its first step toward becoming a national fraternity. Alpha Phi chapter was installed at Northwestern on April 28, 1951. One of the primary objectives of the fraternity is to elevate the standards, ideals, and ethics of those engaged in teaching in the fields of health, physical education, and recreation. Society for The Advancement of Management FIRST ROW Michael Rifidon, Kenneth Wilson. Thomas W ' oltz. H.un, Bums, E .s Daiule. SECOND ROW Eddit Rob0rt$on i I.indst u Sihliucl. Ronald Christie, Donald Txnsleu R Publications Committee Fran Arnona, Dr. Earle Cross, J. W. Johnson, Dean Leonard 1 f Rl ). Raymond Hammond. James Simmons, Dr 1 SuluiU. lam Rispdi, Mikt Churchman, Janus Lowe SOT PIC- still. Wutjn, Horn. r 7 i i , - rr Young Republicans SEATED: Al Moak, Nonnie Moak, Sandra Davis, Valery Hansen, Bruce Friedman. STANDING: Ronnie Woods, William Coneraly, Vaughn Stagg, Bill Guin, Bruce Kevil, Ken Kavalawski. no to RICHARD M NIXON The rally sponsored by the Younp Republicans for Mr. Nixon dur- ing his campaign. Wallace campaign held on campu b t tudi-nt fot fr V chief opponent in the South. . campaign booth in Strident Union sponsored by the Young Republicans. The Young Republicans Busy. That is the word for N.S.C. ' s Young Rcpubli Club. Re-established In September, 196S. the club has grown to be one of the largest college dobs in the state. The club worked diligently thromzhout the campaign and election months with its fol concentrated around a campaign booth in the Student Union. A NixOD for President Rally was sponsored by the Younu Republicans. Bunting banners, pictures, Bags and signs were all displayed The event was i success and came off without incident. Amoiu: the activities of the club were a t.ivi ser ice provided tor students going to and from registration; information booths at registration; the presentation of an American Mac to the college; and ■ oewsletti r of club act i iti There is always somet h ing right around the comer for the college Young Republican. 1 1 1 Physical Education Majors Club All women Health and Physical Education majors and all interested minors are eligible for membership in the Physical Education Majors Club. Honorary members become such through worthy contributions to the department and by the vote of the club. Purposes of the club include development of a closer relationship among the members, the creation of more interest in Health and Physical Education, provision for fun and companionship, and the furtherance of professional interest. This organization is governed by an Executive Council which consists o£ the officers, the class representatives, and the sponsor. The representative group is composed of one member from each class voted into this position by the class membership. FIRST ROW: Peggy White, Pat Tauzin, Fern Martin, Carolyn Comer, Diane Dees Morris. SECOND ROW: Mary Kay Schwartz, Jane Green, Cherry Crawford, Julia Parker. Susan Day y Cherry Lovett, Phyllis Love, Danell Rruchas, Marcie Elkins, Julia Parker, Chris Buck. ill FIRST ROW June Landry. Berki liut!s n. Camhin Comer. Susan nita Choate. Judu Parky Jaekn- Smith. Sh, ri l Reek •ril. Diane Oliver, lulia Park. ■ SECOND ROW fancy Debbie Fontenot, Maty Kay Schwartz, Vickie BlackweU, Elaine RttsteU, ' « nny Krentieri k l,irn F.lkms, Pom Krennerick, Lillian Greene, Nancy Irby, I. aula Raebury, Alatna Davie, Mottle Louery, Janet Park, t THIRD ROM ' ... ' I ,.n:in, Wanda Clark. Pat Ortigo, Sutan Smith, Sandra Roquemore, Dam-lie Bruchaui, Diane A urns. Dee Barho. Juli, Loughron, Momea Butts, SUone Robert, Peggy White, Cindy Coker, Cathy Chaumont KH RTH ROW: Susan Carturieht. Judie Hillman %m Miller Phylm Long, Join Green Diet uin Judy White, Vickie Wi orry I ■ ■■■ Mary I iahoe. M. Hathorn, Joy ' ■ ' nda Bocket III III ROW Cromh ford, Joycehjn Harms, Nine ' ' Beverly I Una Pi lant. Fern Martin, D tine Ratkff, Morforie Mcltmk Debbi ■ SIXTH l« u tO, Kathi Derhcnne. Poggg Landry. Paula Melt On, CI Bertha Charles. F ranees Urates Physical Education Majors Club FIRST ROW: Diane Decs Morris, Fern Martin, foggy White SECOSD ROW Julia Parker, Carolyn Comer, Pat Tauzm, Donna Crawford, Jane Green, Mary Kay Schuartz " 3 Student Louisiana Teachers Association The Student Louisiana Teachers Association of Northwestern is an organization for the purpose of teacher orientation through a democratic system of self- improvement. Through S.L.T.A. future teachers practice the art of following the leading under the supervision of their own governing members. S.L.T.A. serves as a body for learning through the process of association with interesting peers and builds preceptive teacher-citizens. STANDING: Betty Hood, Treasurer; Pamela Carmichael, Parlia- mentarian; Carline Wilson, Vice-President; Ann Bolton, Secretary; Charlyn Broussard, Reporter-Historian. SEATED: Cathie Pelt, President. 114 RELIGIOUS ORG M TIO.XS 115 Baptist Student Union EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-FIRST ROW: Gayle Haight, Wayne Strickland, Susan Stokcld. SECOND ROW: Liz Duggin, Glenda Fontenot, Dick Martin, Charles Skinner, Henry Burns, Johnny Hebert, Wayne Meachum, Eddie Simmons, Miss Myra Gulledge, Paula Ghent. THIRD ROW: Janice Goss, Barry Barr, Bill Rey- nolds, Roger Whittington, Jack Stegman, Larry Bazer, David Sobers, Fred Dunham, Bobby David, Dr. Larry McRae, Tommy Meachum, Sheila Johnson. The Baptist Student Union is the Baptist Church ministering to the college community. The BSU at Northwestern came into being in 1927 and is sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention. In its membership are all the Baptist students on campus. It functions to remind each student of his responsibility to Christ, his church, his denomination, and of his obligation as a Christian citizen to the world in which he lives. The Baptist Student Union strives to deepen the spiritual lives of its members by enlisting them in the activities of the local Baptist Churches. HENRY BURNS President of B.S.U MISS MYRA GULLEDGE Sponsor KNEELING: Phillip Thomas, Guy Zackam If At Strinkamp, Hal Lone Han,,, R.nnct. ThotnOI Craui, SECOND HOW Mary Fortcnbrrry. GfOCtt Locofiald, l.ancllc Robbinctt, Wanda ] Brownie Beamon. Barbara Oxford, Judy PotMft, Batty Ann btgham, THIRD ROW: Judy White, Sandra Caudle, Jane Saundan, Gail Sesom, Bavaria Robinson, Shirley Hutu. Donna Braly, l.xnda Birdu.U. F.die Smith. Linda Raslnm, I FOURTH HOW Randy Sexton. Larni Cratm , Kin Kaufman. M • Tilley. Paul Ki stir. Bruce C.uillit. .rat . Kar! Ronald " Smoky " Johnson, Bill Iriadumi Two heads are better than one. f V 1 1 1 K l 1 L -. 1 The Wesley Foundation As a part of the Church Universal at work, the Wesley Foundation serves the campus t NSC. Our purp is to cultivate a gr ow i n g Christian Faith in the hi of individuals who make up the college community. We feel that our Christian Faith challenges us to worship, witness, study, and join in fellowship. The Wesley Foundation is sponsored by NSC. by the Methodist Board of National Mission and by the Methodist Churches of Louisiana. The council men guide the program of the organization. Activities art- held at the w esk j Foundation Building under the supervision ot an ordained Methodist minister. Mr. Bob Tatum. Follow that ball! " 7 SEATED: Monica Botts, Betty Switzer, Nancy Lynn Killen, Ju lie Loughran, Diane Yoes, Martha Tenney. STANDING: Stephen Christy, Lark Christy, Mrs. J. S. Dollar, adviser; Pete Apple, Dorene Haivkes, Jay B. Hawkes, Greg Yoes. Westminster Fellowship Organized by the Presbyterian Church, U.S., the Westminster Fellowship is found on most of the college campuses in the South. It provides Presbyterians and their friends with opportunities and facilities for wholesome, cooperative Christian experience. Through discussion, worship, and recreation the members are guided in religious, cultural, and social development. Thursday nights are set aside for our weekly fellowship and informal suppers. 118 Canterbury House t the Episcopal Student (inter, celled " Canterbur) Hou Episcopal students, Faculty, and interested Friends meet For corporate worship, discussion, and recreation. Tin- purpose 1 tins Fellowship is to explore tin- Christian faith, to recognize tlir existing relationship between theology and the world. God .mil His creation, and to encourage those persons in the academic community to live the life of harmony in relationship to their Creator .mil tO their fellow man. Carol Marsh, Jusltck M mi t h , md I hi lu I Vert i.v O. Burns, Jr. MO Catholic Students SEATED: Janet Churchman, Polly Ducote, Father James Fahey, David Callahan, Mrs. Rene Bienvenu. STANDING: Ken Touchet, Joe Baldwin, Dr. Ed Matis, Dr. Rene Bienvenu. Father Fahey celebrates a Mass during Advent in the Chapel at Holy Cross. Since February 11, 1968, the Catholic Student Center became officially Holy Cross Parish, an independent Catholic parish .Membership in this parish is open to Catholic students, faculty and staff members and their families. Holy Cross is a community sharing the Catholic faith, a common commitment to the service of others, and liturgica l worships in the Sacraments. The Catholic Students are given the opportunity to participate in the various activities; serving or reading at Mass, giving assistance to needy families, teaching religion classes, planning socials, publicity, secretarial and hostess work, and participating in intramural sports. Classes in theology help deepen and broaden the student ' s understanding of his Christian faith and help fulfill the need to express it. no U I LIT in HI Reserved Officers This year the Reserve Officer Training Corps celebrated its eighteenth birthday on the Northwestern campus. NSC has one of the finest military departments in the South and places emphasis on the development of leadership and military aptitude. Upon completion of the advanced course, the graduate is eligible for a commission as a Second Lie utenant in the Regular Army or the Army Reserve. Lt. Colonel Charles E. Avery, Professor and Head of Military Science and Tactics. ROTC Celebrates Its Eighteenth Sgt. Bart McLaughlin, Administrative. Sgt. Major ]ames Davis, Administrative. Capt. Dick Rahm, Asst. Pms. Cadet Corps Staff-FIRST ROW: Cadet Colonel Randall Jackson, Honorary Sponsor Colonel Janis Loxcc. SECOND ROW: Cadet Lt. Colonel Everett Doubleday, Cadet Lt. Colonel Louis Duet, Cadet Major Robert Smith, Cadet Major John Hall, Cadet 1st Lt. Cus Bazin. THIRD ROW: Cadet Cap- tain Fred Throgmorton, Cadet Captain Mike Churchman, Cadet Captain William Cavanaugh, Cadet Captain Malcolm Kirsop. FOURTH ROW: Cadet Caiituui Don Caddis Cadet Captain John Dunn, Cadet 1st Lt. Robert Mooring, 1st Lt. Lee Holloaed, Cadet 2nd Lt. Thomas Rethard, Cadet 2nd Lt. Gene Hinton, Cadet 2nd Lt. Ronald Brown, Cadet 2nd Lt. Wayne Cooley. Cadet CPL. Robert Jackson. FIFTH ROW: Cadet 2nd Lt. Michael Fanner, Cadet SGM Thomas Swindell, Cadet 2nd Lt. Michael Stephenson, Cadet SSG William Allbritten, Cadet SFC William Evans. Training Corps When the President t the United States appoints ou i commissioned officer in the United States Arm) . ii know you ' ve made the most l your potentials foi youi countrj s s.«k - .in well .is your own. Tin- cadets participated In almost .ill ol 1 1 - • ti.u iimu mI. u acti Ities w hich contributed great!) toward making K T( ! one oi tin- leading organizations on campus. Special events in the ROTC are the in spection l» Regular Army offii en and tin- swards ceremony. Birthday On NSC Campus Maicr Clifford | | Pmv SSC Barncttc. Supply ( ' apt Paul Utttr, A$$t, Pms. Honorary C loiul ;mi Battalion Staff Stilitc s " . ■ • I i mi Futtdatnt nteti of Amm Aoiatkm. 1x3 FRONT ROW: Cadet Lt. Col. Letcis Duet (Black Knights Commander), Larry Baumgardner, Robert Mooring, Michael Cox, Malcolm Kirsop. SEC- OND ROW: Ronald Thomas, James Davis, David Jett, William Evans. THIRD ROW: Thomas Swindell, David Terry, James Moore, Ronald Smith. FOURTH ROW: Gary Clausing, Jim Daniel, David Jones, Joseph LcBrum. Black Knights: N.S.C. ' s Drill Team of Excellence The Corps ' fancy drill and precision marching unit, the incomparable Black Knights, represented Northwestern in top fashion in many public activities and intercollegiate competition. The drill team participates in the March Gras Festival in New Orleans, Holiday in Dixie Parade and State Fair Parade in Shreveport, the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., and in many local events. At the Military Ball-Biggest Affair on Campus. •n (J ' ix I 1 aSfi - r 1 i " 1 k A 9 IL ' ■ L ., kiwi r ■ r • W Major Clifford Ehy, Black Knights ' Spon- sor 114. N.S.C. Rifle Team: ()iu of The Finest in The South Copt. Richard Hdhm, SpontOT, tOfft, " Iff tin Cadet 2nd l.t Sandel. ( adt t 2nd I 4 Ihinn. md Cadi-t 2nd l.t Si b « ngkto. FRQNT flow. Cadet 1st l.t. Cooky K m, Fertitta, lu.r. McWherttr, Cadet Copt. Bawngardnet S£ OSD flow Opto, )e »u-. C I iron, Hindi, AUnttttn 115 Headquarters Company Honorary Sponsor Captain Marty Hughes Go Army . . . The Big Man ' s Game! Cadet 2nd Lt E. Waldrip, Cadet 2nd Lt. A. Rispoli, Cadet Capt. L. Baumgardner, Honorary Sponsor Capt. M. Hughes, Cadet 1st Lt. D. Durham, Cadet 2nd 1.1 S. Williams, Mooring, D. SECOXD ROW: Johnston, Berry, Krajeska, Bethard, Martinez, Sweat, Hartley. THIRD ROW: Jones Le- Brum, Butler, Haynes, Atwood, Dastuge, McFarland. FOURTH ROW: Gardsbane, Barnette, Gates, Jones, Wilkinson, Speer, Digilormo. FIF1H ROW: Lewis, Hobby, Childress, Well,. Xeel, Coins. SIXTH ROW: Doolittlc, Throgmorton, Swilley, Sexton, McFarland, Bryant, Vaughan. SEVEN iti ROW: Opip, Bordelon : Niette, Smith, Oden, Cadet 1st Sgt. Ralph Young. 116 FIRST ROW l.-H (adit Captain mlcCuBough, Honorary Captain Ionic Jamar, let l.t LaLond 2nd l.t Dean, 2ml l.t Wpplm 2ml l.t ' ■ ' 1st Sgt. Jaentonn S£( OND ROW Sptiler, Foster, Antee, a r. Hilbnan, Thilget, Harma, Welch THIRD ROM FertUtc Bottt, Cerhardt, FOl Hill ROW McWherter, Jamet Catdo, Dayton, Botdelon, Burnt, Da Comma III ill ROM K. rn, Eaton II Chirk SIXTH ROWi Hordaway, Reynolds, Rtee», David, Dunahoo, Fundtrburk, Green SEVl ROM ,. loot. A Company 7 Womim What Will Happen It We Full Thk Doo-DedT Jamar » 7 FIRST ROW: 2nd Lt Sills, Capt. Davis, Co-Sponsor Capt. Fowler, 1st Lt. Tate, 1st Sgt. Callemore, Sanders. SECOND ROW: Caldwell, McKenzie, Beatty, Ward, Adkinson, Valdez. THIRD ROW: Murphy, Hinds, DeRlieux, Hall, Penfield, Burns. FOURTH ROW: 2nd Lt. Bounds, Beer, Kearney, Malmay, Deggs, Phares, Gerhardt. FIFTH ROW: Waters, Scallan, Rhymes, Brian, Caldwell, Baldwin. SIXTH ROW: 1st Lt. Sandel, Richardson, Lovick, Horton, Johnson, Calhoun, McDonald. SEVENTH ROW: Phillips, Krape, Williamson, Kimbrough, Carsee, Roberts. B Company Honorary Sponsor Captain Marcie Fowler ROTC FLIGHT PROGRAM-Cadet 2nd Lt. John Sandall, 2nd Lt. Kurt Simpson, 2nd Lt. Robin Sills, Capt. John Dunn, 2nd Lt. Wayne Cooley, Capt. Bill Cavanaugh, Capt. Larry Baumgardner. 1x8 C Company f VRl TOME TR£ LMtfum Y i,1 nam and the " l.onihi Lights of Christmas. " H nor Captain Peggy Beasley FIRST ROW let it II Hum, Cadet 2nd l.i R. Schilling, Cadet 1st Sgt G Clausing, Cadet Cant I. Rivet, Honorat Cadet 2nd l.t. K Simpson, Cadet 2n,l l.t (. ' . Zachary.Stroud SE OND ROM I . Thomas, Morris, Matston, Daniel, Smith, Hair IIIIHD i in, mil, D,i is, Stephens, Williamson, Coleman, Davis l(H ' lilll IW Kerley, Jeane, Our Thompson, GUI I II I ' ll {( ' U ' Dougat, Jonas, Holleu, Douglas, Jordan s IU Verret, Pottles, Loftin, Hall, Karisny, Rambin, SJ ROW: Uttt lirou n. Creed, White. r-i ROTC Distinguished Military Students FIRST ROW; Cadet Col. Jackson, Lt. Col. Doubleday, Cadet Lt. Col. Duet, Cadet Capt. Rivet, Sgt. Maj. Davis points out some features Cadet 1st. Lt. Bazin. SECOND ROW: Cadet 1st. Lt. Durham, Cadet Capt. Churchman, Cadet of a new tank. Capt. Throgmorton, Cadet Maj. Livingston, Cadet Maj. Smith. N. S. C. ' s Drum and Bugle Corps FRONT ROW: Cadet Capt. Marty Hughes, Cadet Sgt. Robert Limey, W. O. Paul Peyton. SECOND ROW: John Wall, Jack Pace, John Beck. THIRD ROW: Ralph Boyd, Vincent Mastracchio, George Blaisdell. FOURTH ROW: Tom Coleman, Edward Chopin, Richard Miller. 130 ACTIVITIES M« POTPOURRI Staff The editor, associate editor, and business manager of The Potpourri Staff are selected each year by the Publications Committee. The editor must maintain a C average and have had a year ' s experience on the publication. The staff is appointed by the editor and must contribute many endless hours to the production of the yearbook. More than effort is needed in order to complete the task of sending an annual to press. Patience to the highest degree is involved in the collection of pictures and copy and their arrangement in yearbook form. It is with great pleasure that the Potpourri Staff presents to you the 1969 Potpourri and it is our hope that you will find a certain amount of pleasure within its covers. GAIL DOOLEY Editor LINDA GREEN Associate Editor in JACK WINKLE Business Manager lirenda Stanley. Classes Editor Way, Student dti er. und Jam, v H i Wt ( Gatjlc Richardson and Can. |gon r " n ' I dltlH 133 POTPOURRI Staff Karen Fitts, Typist Steve Bienvenu, Sports Editor 34 Judy Rose, Secretary Becky Marsh, Fine Arts and Entertainment Editor James Woods, Organizations I |||IIHII»I» ■■■■■I IBHIH muni Lamar Rati DfflKtOf of Photography CAMPUS PHOTOGRAPHERS SEATED: Norman Brown, Letter F0», and Hm B( A. t. STANDING: John Haag and Rtmnk McBrkk Current The Current Sauce is the college newspaper for the students at Northwestern. Continued emphasis has been placed on the Current Sauce as the Laboratory for journalism students, and the staff has improved greatly, coverage of news and sports events has increased humor, feature, and interest columns. BESSIE BROCK Feature Editor DAVID PRECHT Editor-in-Chief Ah SAVOIE Business Manager I 3 6 Sauce LYNN ROLLINS Hi Editor MANVEl (II wi Z ■tor mi i m i m ' 37 The Current Sauce REPORTERS-Denny Dodd, David Jett. James R. Parrish, Current Sauce Adviser George Ralph Gray, Student Adviser t 3 8 The Rodeo Club Well, I caught him. A go at the goat. That a htla hull, huh I 7U The Neptune Club Is Famous for Its FIRST ROW: Susan Day, Nina Viger, Claudia Neal, Nora Redmond, Linda Bordelon, Lynn Killen. SECOND ROW: Gayla Yester, Eula Ann Millsaps, Cathy May, Pam Carmichael, Suzanne Harris. THIRD ROW: Judy Parks, Lark Christy, Patricia Day, Betsy Wentzel, Susan Iman, " Well, what did you expect— Debbie Meyer? " BOTTOM UP: Susan Day, Mike McConnel, Linda Bordelon, Lynn Shrivers. 140 Synchronized Shows . . . ' Who needs mermaids tvhen you ' ve pot us? " Mention of the Neptune Club immediately brings to mind the synchronized milmmlng ,md diving group is wt 11 on its way to malring .1 fine n.mic lor itself on the N.S.C cuiipus People from all over the state come to see the int r water show which is presented annually. ' 4 ' Debate Team The N.S.C. Debate Club, which was fanned into existence in 1957, is open to all students on the campus who express an interest in the activities of the organization. Under the capable direction of Mr. Ray Schexnider, the club provides organized participation in competitive speech activities •on an intercollegiate basis. MEMBEBS-Caroline Hazel, Randy Edmunds, Linda Newman, Sharon King, Bob Coxie, Scotty Baldwin, David Maniscalco, David Navarre, Chris Keeler, Sherry Buckner. MR. RAY SCHEXNIDER Sponsor 14.1. GREEKS 143 f 0 SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES-Colleen Irwin, M, Ann Hargis, A2A; Linda Holingsworth, 2K; Edith DeWitt, A2; Marjorie Padula, 222. Panhellenic Council JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES-Lynda Henderson, 222, Peggy Hamon, M; Karen Allen, AZ; Janet Churchman, 2K; Afary Frances Ford, A2A. The purposes of the Northwestern State College Panhellenic Council are four- fold: to promote scholarship, high character, a better understanding of the Greek World, and harmony among the Greek organizations. A member of the National Panhellenic Conference, the Panhellenic Council serves as the governing body of the five N.S.C. sororities on campus. It sponsors campus projects which include a convocation for Freshman girls and an all-Greek Christmas Carol Sing. Scholarship among the women students at N.S.C. is encouraged by the Council with the presentation of a Freshman Scholarship Award each year. 144 r v- sF TF.P Rnue Krtil. John Ri rtrm. Story Willianv.. Mtinucl Chavez, Chariot BaUtro, Chariot Voe h urg, Larry Gracto, William Campbell. Randy Roukmcht STANDING II R TampUn Iffo • ibel, Rilli Joe Cunningham, Ronald R. Duel, Jamet I . Gono- Eddie Sehlomor, Stave McCut ' - ' II Raldu-n fik Tlngla, Wayne Branton, Charlt m, Johnny I. Smith, Scotty tiaxwett, Jo s e ph D Davis, Glon Staph Interfraternity Council Bill Ralduin, ITT. Wayne Branton, KA; Scotty Maxwell, Ki Manuel Chavez, KI. It is the purpose of the Interfraternity Council to fulfill four objectives: to promote harmony and a cooperative relationship among the B social fraternities ol the campus, to foster and maintain a high resped for fraternity and interfraternity relationships within our college, to maintain high scholastic, moral. social and personal standards, and to compile and enforce rules lor the improving of tin fratemit) system on campus. By pursuing these goals the campus social fra t e r n ity members more Full) realize the true meaning ot Greek life. By working together they achieve i more positive and unified rxittwi 145 Alpha Sig. Sonny Hinton, Man of the Year. Founded 1901 Installed 1930 Colors Crimson and Pearl White Flower Aster In the year Nineteen Hundred One, five college girls at picturesque Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia, established the first chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Today over 50 chapters proudly share our greek letters and common ideals. ASA seeks to establish a sisterhood that shall have for its four-fold objective the physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual development of its members. Every year we support our national philanthropic project which is work with the mentally retarded. This year the project has been carried out by the Psi Psi ' s through the backing of the Festival of Creative Arts and visiting and working with the Natchitoches Association for Mentally Retarded. Along with work, we added a spice of fun and fellowship with rush, seasonal parties and social get-togethers. Friendships for life are developed by the close association of members in Psi Psi. We of ASA are bound together by a common sisterhood. We strive together toward the higher goals of life. Now that I ' ve ivished her here, what do I do with her??? 146 o F F I C E R S MWIX CREICHTON President v IRGIS Vice-President vivo HOVTZ ■ I an i HI xil R1KARD Sharon Calhoun Candice Cates Kathleen Crouley Kay Dotnanxue Mary Frances Ford Jean Gate Virginia Anne Cray Carrie McClelland Heather fcKcc Beth PugJl Rosalyn Schuarz ' 47 John Hall, Man of the Year. " But that game teas last iveek. 148 Founded 1902 Installed 1927 Colors Old Rose and Vieux Green Pinner KiJJ imeii Rose The distinctive Roman lamp of Delta Zeta Sorority shines before its members, and the world, as a symbol of love and sisterhood. The oldest social sorority on Northwestern ' s campus, Delta Zeta seeks to promote its members ' social, cultural, educational, and personal lives to the best possible. Delta Zetas participated this year in all phases of college life. Its members were active in the Student Government Association, Judiciary Board, Purple Jackets, the Potpourri Staff, Pom Pom Girls, Delta Zetas served as officers in other campus organizations and as officers in the dorms. We have been recognized by such organizations as Who ' s Who, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, and other honor fraternities. Our social calendar included such varied Delta Zeta Happenings as a hayride, our annual homecoming slumber party, a hamburger supper, the pledges ' Halloween party, carving Jack O ' Lanterns for the other Greeks, open house on Mom and Dad ' s day, a Founder ' s Day reception, a Christmas party and dance. Epsilon Beta chapter again won 1st prize for its Homecoming Display. Our fund raising drives included a light bulb sale and rummage sales. We shared our Christmas spirit by caroling at the Geriatrics Ward at the Parish Hospital. The climax of the spring semester was the formal dance, during which our Man of the Year and other Delta Zeta honors were announced. In all of our undertakings we were guided by our loyal sponsor, Miss Phyllis Brown. o p F 1 C E R S rattuf Rol»ns, n Connir C nm. StIMfl Hmmfuhl Stir wfr imv (tpulcr 0 Om Donna PnilaiHl , d ! ■ dktg KofWfl . rn. W ' rnr i BedgOOd, Margaret Blandin. Peggy Car- rier , Martha Cathy. Cindy Coker, Becky Coleman Debbie Dade, Connie Dixon. Jan Dobeon, Barbara FergtUOft, Barbara i ' ouler. Christy Can- thier. Linda Green. rvy Hale. Janet Hawthorne, Sharon llclo. Jan llenson. Mari- lyn Huff num. Pat Jarrell. Debbie Lockard Elizabeth Laningham, Jane Mc- i ' arland. ( ' lain MohfoUX, Bon- nie Martin. Betty Murphy. Man NapoU, Debbie O Bryan. ■ Idoin. Sharon Parker. Cyn- thia Biser. Mary Bo s. Jane San- ders. Kay Spann, Shery Strick- land, Glenda Tackett, Ann Thomas, Scott Thompson, Rom Ann Iil- ler. Pat li n, v DOfil W ' alkt r. Alma Walk. Karen Walters, Pam Wright. MM 140 Lin Leeth, Man of the Year. Founded 1852 Installed 1967 Colors Rose and White Flower Rose Carnation Based on such sound principles as cultural accomplishment, academic achievement, high moral standards, service to those less fortunate, and attainment of an ideal of Noble Womanhood, Phi Mu was founded on March 4, 1852, on the Wesleyan campus in Macon, Georgia. Service to others, expressed in the opening lines of our creed— " To lend to those less fortunate a helping hand " — has a tangible practical application to Phi Mu ' s national social services. Such projects include the Healthmobile, Toy Carts, Senior Citizen ' s Programs, overseas aid, and the Hospital Ship S. S. Hope. Phi Mu ' s activities have been numerous this past year. Spirit has ranked high among the members, resulting in Phi Mu winning the S. G. A. Spirit Trophy. We have worked together in the true bond of sisterhood in both service projects and social activities. Highlighting the year was our Spring formal at which our Man of the Year, Lin Leeth, was presented. Yahoo! Sez Phi Mu. ISO o F F 1 C E R S Mary Vacca President Linda Cunningham ' u 9-Pre ideni Soil,, WtOi (ary PhyQii Brtuhm Tret. I ' . FM Aijfon Parliamentarian Carol Adams Linda Atcr Dec Harho Carol Rat arum Chert Beebe Carolyn Brrrdlove Reth Breeden Rhoiula Bright Kathy Brokaw Winnie Darphin Patricia Day Ellycc DuPree Susan Elders Diane Gorndey Joan Grant C.inny C.tdled r Peggy Harmon Carol Hayes Sylvia Hays Mimi Heinrichs St n Iman Colleen Irwin Christy Leach EUzabeth Leach Mclonie Lee Mania Mayor fern McGreu Ann Oiccns Marsha Owen Lorraine Perkins Lucy Primzlc Richardson Pat Shoudy Doris Simmons Charlotte Stdlivan Sullivan Terry I ' homti Lyndia W ' chh AJl . 151 Sigma Kappa Sorority Stan Parham, Man of the Year. Founded 1874 Installed 1959 Colors Lavcndar and Maroon Flower Violet Friendship, loyalty, sincerity and honesty are the things that hold the members of Sigma Kappa together. To its selected members, the Mystic Bond of Sigma Kappa is a melting pot wherein each girl contributes her best. Each year we build a program centered around the community. Our Philanthropy and Gerentology project has been visiting the Geriatrics Clinic in Natchitoches each week doing special favors for its patients. This past Christmas we had a big party widi all the trimmings for all the children in Vets Town. The activities hardly cease with the parties given by the pledges for the actives, our annual slumber party, and Spring Formal. Sigma Kappa not only offers fun for its members, but also an opportunity for the college girl to grow into a responsible young woman who is capable of facing the future with poise and confidence. There has to he a restroom around here somewhere!! 151 o F F 1 C I R S Connie (MM Reeky Smith Mar iret Mthison D, nn,i Middhton Rntuln U Kn ' : l ' r, sulent First ' nil H. r,hnu ndbtg Vic-I ' r.utlrnt !,nl Fran Arnona Sherry Brother Gay Lynn Bond Janet Churchman Jamie Cooper Margaret Dueote Leila Eddy Dana Caddis Ann Cihson Rene Cihson Rose Groffagnino Nancy Hampton Linda HoUingtworih Fran HoUowoy Sherry Hughes Theresa Lomhardino Donna MaeFlhatten Judy MaeFlhatten Curia McCoy Elaine McFatter Evelyn McMuUen Lynn Mandina Gidget Maxwell Bt • ky M esser Barbara MichieU Jane Monerief Claudia Moore Norma (diver I ' am Pratt Judy Richardson Be ky Risdcn Pat Robert Thea Rosamona Barbara Slack Patricia Smitli Cindy Stamper Gloria Turner 2W%m sums 151 Don Welch, Man of the Year. Founded 1898 Installed 1928 Colors Royal Purple and White Flower Purple Violet On April 20, 1898, a Greek Letter organization was established on the campus of the State Normal School of Farmville, Virginia. Sigma, Sigma, Sigma grew on the principles of womanly character, scholarship, service and sisterhood from a group of eight to the membership of more than 20,000 young women who now wear the triangle badge. The colors of Sigma, Sigma, Sigma are royal purple and white; the flower is the purple violet; the jewel is the pearl. The Alpha Zeta chapter of Tri Sigma was initiated on February 17, 1928, on the campus of Northwestern State College, Natchitoches. It was the first sorority on this campus with a national affiliation. Tri Sigma has both service projects and social activities. Among its numerous activities are the Tri Sigma Harvest Ball, Robbie Page Memorial Fund, the Natchitoches Day Care Center for Retarded Children, work projects by both actives and pledges, Founder ' s Day Banquet, and spring formal. The guiding force behind Alpha Zeta ' s success is its beloved faculty sponsor, Miss Eve Mouton, whose devotion to Tri Sigma is ever firm. ' We shall overcome! ' x 54 ■ J a - m g A m F F pk n £% fV W% ) PI 1 1 v 79 A W + C t W 4 J C E r « • tk: 7 { 1 R s $ ' V J 1 I '! Wood Amu Willis f irth i llrrri Melbo Brou n Wary Claw ]au: Vr. urfrtit l ' r will nl ' in r IHItullllK rilmn GttWn dkins. Susie Anden, Carolyn Atkins. Donna Bat- tle. Marsha Bella. Buthie nett, Beth Benton, Cheryl Broun. Mary Ann Chihlress. Lo- retta David, Susan David. ky Davis, Carolyn Ehr- hardt, Candy llournoy. Marcie Fouler. Sheila i ' ou- ler. Diane C.ilhert. Elizabeth C.imhert. Cecilia Graham, Kathy Cray. Barbara Hamp- ton. Betsy llarrell, I.ynda Henderson. Dana Henry. Mary Hyde. Kathy Jones. Patricia Jones. Yicki Jams. Dolly Keywer, Jeneane Kirk. I.i: Kniccly. Margaret Ko- vor. Kathy l.andrcm. Chris zillotti. Joanne I .anzillotti. Debbie London. Helen Luckctt. Nancy Lyons, Deb- orah Mauldin. Carta Mc- Cain. C.ayle Sesoin. Si smi ick- erson. Susan Oxner, Mar joric Padula. Dianne Phil- lips. Pat FiazZO, Penny Pollaiia. Sharon Poutll. Beth Ri Su Scott, Barbara Stafford, Cimdy Stewart, Susie Stone. Kay Tarplcy. Martha Lou nsend. Cynthia Vine. Carolyn Willis. Be, ky Wi nn 155 Emily Rolfs, Sweetheart. There is more than one President that can barheque!! 156 Founded 1865 Installed 1963 Colors Crimson and Gold Floicer Rose and Magnolia Kappa Alpha Order had its origin with four students at Washington College, Lexington, Virginia on December 18, 1865, soon after General Robert E. Lee became president of that institution. The Order is the only Greek organization truly representative of Southern ideals and tradition; a society of college men who possess the qualities of a gentleman as exemplified in the life and character of General Robert E. Lee. General Lee holds a special place in the hearts of KA ' s as the Spiritual Founder of Kappa Alpha Order. The Gamma Psi Chapter holds the biggest social event on the Northwestern campus, " Old South Weekend " . Each Spring a weekend is set aside for a celebration reminiscent of the Antebellum South. It includes dances, a parade, a lawn party, and is climaxed by the " Old South Ball " . Other activities include Tech Weekend, the Retarded Children ' s Christmas party, and Convivium (the celebration of General Robert E. Lee ' s birthday). We feel that our Order has something of value to offer the college man if he wishes to contribute his interests and devotion. The result will be a building of Christian character, scholastic achievement, and a life long fraternal relationship with men of the highest caliber. Our Alumni Advisor is Mr. Joe T Lewis, our KA Rose is Miss Emily Rolfs, and our Honorary Lifetime Rose is Mrs. Vernon C. Cloutier. o F F I C E R S W ' nune BrantOH Milfcg fulfil Wallt Uorelaml Mtkr RmtOt left Boh Moloney Boh Herrmann Louts Ledet lent I ' reuilent fitting Treasur, r Historian Sgt of Arms Bubba Adkme, Chirk Al- dridge, Jerry Mien, Clyde inthony, Don ter. Steve Bit menu. Martial Brons- aril. Rob Butler. Dean Caldwell, WUUam Campbell, s Caesard, Bill Clements. Arthur Cling- man. Joint Coleman. Sam Cooksey, Wayne Cooley. Ralpli DeKemper, Mike East. l Fontenot, Wesley ier, Miki Caddis. Hatch Gaines. Charles C.cntz. Billy Gibs Billy Goins, John C.uidry. I. nil Hankins. Donnie fliers. Bnu i- Hobby, Bat Johnson, Don Kannady. Don Kcn- driek. lane. Bin Beetle Jackie Lewis, Jerry Uring- Hon, Steve Maxuell. Lynn McCain, Richard McBlhat- tcn. Joe McKt y font Morales, Mike Mitr- ) hy. Steve Owens, Doug Patrick, Jim Pierson, John Mitdi Reed, Ray Riser Glenn Sapp, l Savoie, Mar- tin Schwartzenburg, Brent Seide. Hal Shackelford. David Shan. James Smith. Johnny Smith. Jam. iv. Barry Sttles. John Taylor. Mike Bltiho- deanx. Banl I ' ickeno(j. Ray Waller, Chide Warren. Clyde Webb. Don Whitehead. Craig Whitley, Cory WUkerson, James Williams. Stacy Wil- liams. Tom Williams ( ctt Wise. Richard Yan. ' 7 " 1 Kappa Sigma Founded 1869 Installed 1966 Colors Scarlet, White and Emerald Flower Lily of the Valley On December 10, 1869, a secret society was brought to the Western Hemisphere at the University of Virginia as the basis of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. From its meager beginning in a dormitory room with five members, the Kappa Sigma Fraternity has expanded to its present international status of 140 active chapters and over 100,000 initiated brothers. Kappa Sigma is many things to many people— fun and friendship, campus social life, happy memories, activities, athletics, and leadership. Yet Kappa Sigma is not all play, it is also work, and through working together as a group, the traditional bond of brotherhood is strengthened. This brotherhood is the cement of Kappa Sigma. This past year Theta Mu Chapter participated successfully in all intramural programs, made signs for all N.S.C. sporting events and was active in various campus organizations. And there was still time for parties: keg parties, " Roaring 20s, " the Spring Formal, and various other festivities which made for a memorable and enjoyable year. Blind dates just never work out for me! ! ! x 5 8 o F F I C E R S • EMM B«ti COOPW yimrrn Cnlr I am, llrmui ' tnu fli V,. «n Grand Mattm Grand Froourator (. ' r iM Sorfo Grand l on Buddy Afford, Thad Bailes. Dunell Baker Steve Bien vetm, Bruce BoUn, Winston Bolinger, William Bortkey, Randy BouhwMit. Lamar Breedlove, Manuel Chavez. Charles Clou net), David Collinsnorth, Joe Davis, Pete DeBrock, George Eaton, William Ed- wards. William Ellzey. Sherman Fruae, Thomas Futrell. Pat Garner, Aldcn Gaw, John Hall. John Henry, Ronnie Hooper. J. H. Horn. J M. Horn, Edmund Hukill. Lam Hupnell. Randal Ht nson. Vyer Irhy. Jim Janes. Rich- ard Karamatic. Frank Kearney. Tommy K. , tier. Mike Lankford. Marvin Lee. Harry Leu is Mike MeConnel. Seotty Maxuell. Bruce Mercer. Charles fiIitell K Mark Montgomery, Bill Murphy. Sam Vcrnici. Paul Piazzo. David Precht. Anthony BitpoU, Charles Rhodes Richard Robinson. John Sanders. Pat Sellars. Rohin Sills. Dean Smith. Dowj. Sfietirs. Alan Thcriot. Dale Thihuli nux Luke Thomas. Clarke Van Sickle. Ronald Walker, Jimmy WareUe, Trtppy WottOer, Steve Weber, Ron- nie Whatlei . Larry Wright. David Yeager. " • %Z?i Susan Brumfield, Sweetheart. Founded 1904 Installed 19.56 Colors Gold and White Flower Red Rose What is Pi Kappa Phi? Pi Kappa Phi is a way of life. Pi Kappa Phi is Scholarship: it is being nationally recognized by receiving the Karl M. Gibbons award as the most improved chapter scholastically. It is having the highest grade average of all social fraternities at N.S.C. Pi Kappa Phi is Leadership: it is having Pi Kappas in all phases of student government. Pi Kappa Phi is Personality Development: it is dealing with people of varied ways of life, and learning how to deal with them. Pi Kappa Phi is Social Life: it is winning the spirit stick and spirit trophy during football season. It is participating in intramural sports, Wreck-Tech weekend, pledge-active football games, Founder ' s Day, periodic parties, the yearly retreat, and climaxed by the Red Rose Ball in the spring. Pi Kappa Phi is Fun: Pi Kaps have more fun than people. Pi Kappa Phi is BROTHERHOOD: it is loyalty which transcends any personal selfishness. Do they really believe I am the Pied Piper? 160 o F F 1 C E R S Tommy Ptrguton Rich Shiton lc at di-r Xnhlcs Tommy Tynst Waynt Sandefut !■■■ lint ur r • tun Warden Chaplain Bohi Alexander, Charles rratn- bide, Kenneth Bailey. Everett Baker. Tommy Baxter. Jay Bay- nard. Joe Berk )( i ' Jit Boudreaux, Ronnie Brean. Charles Broun. Virgil Brumiey, John Burgm, James Duplichan, Russell Evans. rge Etheredge, Cluster Ed- wards, Bonnie Fontenot, Jan Godoski, Conroy GttiBot, Hammett. Reggie Harvey. Bill Hatcher, Dick Hon ell. ller- Uie Jeane, John Kleckenger, Jody I. at field. Donald McCoa McCutcheon. Jim McDowell, Charles fn rs, Bandy Moore. John (hlen. Mike Payne, John Torter. Larry Rob- erts Stan Bussel. David Sanders. John Shaw, Raymond Shumake, Stan Slaydon. Ken Smith. Mack Stamper. ' .i id Watts. Scott West, s :ns 7ilk Zt.w Wifcii ZQfiXTliS i6i Sigma Tau Gamma Sue David, Sweetheart Founded 1921 Installed 1929 Colors Blue and White Flower White Rose Still No. ONE, as always . . . Watch those Taus go! Still party as usual . . . Milwaukee and Grandad STG harmonize . . . Little " Tau " comes to stay . . . " Tech Weekend " blow-in of the year . . . Adie Joe ' s, Monsour ' s see the old gang and some new ones . . . Homecoming and ALUMNI . . . Christmas and Mr. America ' s year ushered in just right . . . Spring brings more parties . . . Burr-head houses kegs . . . TAUS BUY HOUSE . . . White Rose Ball, social ' event of the semester ... A day ' s reprieve, and Cochon de Lait— STG ' s on the scene . . . Actives honor alumni . . . Suppressed Desire Party— grand blow-out of the year! ... A lot of spirit . . . Year holds many memories . . . Breeze, et al, build mansion for " Tau " . . . The four juniors rent behind the jail . . . Old man loses pin? (probably not) . . . Calvin gets pinned to Nacogdoches . . . General and Marines say, " Please? " . . . Car, Kinky-Hair, and Stan say I do . . . J. W. at the Brewery! . . . Provence Governor . . . STG ' s Best . . . In all, another successful year for Sig Taus! Unhand me you brutes! ! 161. o F F I C E K S Bill Srhti-artz ( ' • il Camp ' b W S John tiattnktg I ' trsidrnt l ' n i l,i t lint deni Cl rrf fl . r Jack Bailey. Bill Baldwin jGary Barth, Kenneth Bate , BUI Bat- kcrville. joe Bcvayna. R Blade Ronnie Brasher, Reid Bran. Stephen Buff, Hal Burgess, BUI Cale, Robert Erwtn, O. L. Evans. Jim Fr ee m an, David Gelpi, Mike Gill. Jim Cranich, George Gray. Ted Hall. David Hardin. Mike Heihel. Bolin HiggS, Bill Jones. Mike Kaeho. Steve King, Jim Knapp, John Lainhden. Bob Lee. Buhba Maddox. Dale Magee, Jinunu Martton, Dowj Marx. Larry McKenxte, Bobby McLamore. Don Mirrus. Robert Monk. Bob Murphy, David Owens, Stan Parham. Jack Phares, Alvin Porter. Ray Porter. Hans Rasmussen. Ron Robertson. Eddie S e an, Bob Sheldon Huey Smith. Tommy Smith. Bandy Steien . Robert T I.arn Yicker . I.i nn Wallace. Pickett Watther, Grady Welch. Don Winn. f " : It J fi 232 % 1 .1 1 . % " t Ql ££ fc • i6 3 Beverly Hutchinson, Sweetheart. Humor him. He thinks he is a Playboy Bunny!! Founded 1968 Installed 1968 On February 13, 1968, Tri Delta Sigma was founded on the Northwestern Campus. Stressing the fraternal aspects of brotherhood and the necessity of service, this fraternity has compiled an enviable record of success. Even though Tri Delta Sigma has only ten active members and fou rteen pledges, they have been able to serve the school with five members of the Student Government Association, eight members on the Student Union, besides several other organizations at N.S.C., including the Debate Team, Black Knights, and Associated Men Students. The ultimate goal of Tri Delta Sigma is, of course, to become affiliated with a " National " fraternity. To this end, the men of Tri Delta Sigma have attended regional conferences sponsored by various national fraternities, including Sigma Nu, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Theta XI, and Theta Chi. 164 o F F I C E R S £2 lA ScMoffMT fl. 7 Ct nriiriK uim (. " ,;n DfgfbniM GV|f HflgfVl lit, ku Mmhnul Curhuul Rul ll, Daryl Paul l ' n idiut Viet Pretldeni ■■ lory wwr Chaplain Hi I ocA ftom . r. Stephen Boiuiin Vernon Culver Barry Eason Randy Edmunds Lester Fife John Finch David Key Donald Lake Justic Marsh Robert Mooring Joe Piro James Schwartz John Sullivan Charter Voebwg Tau Sandra Milivee, Sweetheart. Founded 1899 Installed 1957 Colors Cherry and Gray Flower Red Carnation Purposes, ideas, leaders, flowers, a glorious history of our once local fraternity, Lambda Zeta, are what have made and will always make Tau Kappa Epsilon outstanding on this campus. TKE is well known on campus for its various social events; for example, the winter formal, the Bar-Fly, various semi-formal weekend patries, and intramural athletic events. All of which are climaxed with the Red Carnation Ball. Tau Kappa Epsilon, better known as " Teke, " is one of the youngest national fraternities in the nation. In recent ye ars, however, it has reached the status of No. 1 Chapterwise, in the United States. There are some 237 chapters including a chapter in Canada. In our fraternity, and toward other fraternities, we maintain an attitude of dignity and respect, recognizing merits and studiously avoiding evils. TKE National, though large and complex, has a motto which is simple, yet complete: " Tau Kappa Epsilon— The Fraternity for Men, The Fraternity for Life. " Wait!! I toanna see, too. 166 o F F 1 C E R S Charles Ralliro Jama Cordon Ronabl ' John ],r , (, ' . .-ru l I I ' r. sii crif ' icr-Frr i lcnl ■!nn I ' . ' . (IkijiLiui llf Mike Barr Billy (Oatcs Mike Costello George Davy Joe Duval Mike I.skete Louis Faye I . Fisher Charles Forrest Steve Foster Jimmy Gent Tom Harper Lee l: Donald Hooper Junior Johnson Charlie I nn Le Moine Jim Mambourg Mike Miheee Micheal Moore James Odom Anthony Pasko Donald Pitcher l.eroy Sutton Danny Tounley x6 7 Greek Activities " We ' ll just travel the road, shariri our load— side by side. ' The KA ' s participate in their own brand of high jump. Fall Rush introduces interested girls to all aspects of each individual sorority. " (• Wo Wt Kin ' t ForgetUn. Th South ' a gonna Hie again. " 1 rt Sigma ' t . ' ■ ' ■ n n .. ' u nh ,1 i Wi from Frank- ■■ in arul his hrulc DZ Claire Malifouz and IK Brtnda WUton glance through ; ' r aa Tri Sigma s display their desire for the Demons to WRECK TECH. President Bill Schwartz and Sweetheart Sue David are proud of the new Sigma Tau Gamma mascot, Tau. £ Four Kappa Sigma " bmutiat " proudly poet for the photographot Sigma Kappa ' i added dilicht to Stale I tit Week ; trad i u ith their wppemraru et m tht ok ' ' Greek Activities ' 7 ' " Sugar and spice and everything nice— that ' s what little girls are made of. Kappa Sigma set up information booths during Fall registration to assist new students and their parents. Tri Sigma ' s are steppin high during a " Roaring Twenties " party. l 7 Crook Activities in Dtlta Sigma » " hang ' cm high " during ■ ■ .. s • . ' , at pep rulhe . K. Rose. Emily Rolf ' ., exhibit het talenU m tculpturing. " There ' s no burinmn like slum burinett c r m i 10 f 4UL i m § A $ T%i r % " % f 4 K 3£o .W 2 ■ 3 " Sure nope no one throws a match in this hay. Tri Sigma ' s participate in one of the many pep rallies prior to the Tech- N.S.C. clash. N Tri De ta Sfgma ' .s display f ieir " WRECK TECH " banner. Greek Activities l 74 " still tfir hiun dealing from the bottom of th. Sigma Tmu ' l and thitr l,.tt v ham it up n lulr preparing f ' i ir Greek Activities dorm! . Come blow your horn— the girls are in the frat house and the booze is in the " Here comes the Bride and there GOES the groom. " Tau, the Sigma Tau mascot, and his masters participate in State Fair Week activities. Kai s stnixclr f ircMc ' i el intensive initiation " Thr " MimSplrH -trrf hi tturnh. ■ HI i 7 8 ATllU riCS 170 Cheerleaders N.S.C. Cheerleaders participate in the State Fair parade. " Come on up, there ' s always room for one more! " Say, you ' re right, everything is smaller from way up here. " 180 ' StnOi mdid Camera " ' Maybe if we pray than ' (fin Wn This has again been a successful year tor the Demon cheerleaders. With their help, the school spirit ot Northwestern has doubled OV« th. past football season. The state Fair bonfires and pepralhea wen an even bigger success because ot the cheerleaders. Ever) football team nerds moral support and OUT cheerleaders art always able to fill this Heed. Cheerieadert Include from It ft to ■ Smi ;, Cory DigUormo, Ted Hall, Janice Matthew , (una MtOer, Linda 181 Pom Pon Girls Members of the Pom Pon Girls include KNEELING: Pam Chandler, Susan Cartwright, Mel Lambert, Karen Allen, Cynthia Vigi, STANDING: Jane McFarland, Winnie Darphin, Linda Coile, Jody Parker, and Nelda Durbin. " Cheese. " Pom Pon girls in action during big State Fair pep rally in Shreveport. i8a ]ody Parker has a special thought during some of the State Fair ' That dam foothall plat er futnhled again act it itit n A new addition to the school spirit here at N.S.C. is the Pom Poo mils. Giving the Cheerleaders a helping hand during football leason, yet going it on their own during basketball season, these girls have been an asset to our school. They provided half-time entertainment during basketball ■easoo and did much to boost the Demon teams. ■■ fella ' . 1 onlii ■ thai! hotf, ' Sfauhe it I timing i8 Football Rick Woodson, Sports Information Director, gets pre- season scoop from Coach Gossett. Proper exercising and training are vital to a football team. Here the Demons are putting that philosophy to use. Coach Gossett makes sure everyone understands the day ' s workout. It was an up and down year for the Northwestern State College Demons under the second season leadership of head coach Glenn Gossett. The Purple and White finished with a 5-4 record overall and 2-3 in the Gulf States Conference after being in the running for the title earlier in the season. Northwestern went into their last two GSC games with a 2-1 league record before falling to Southwestern in the NSC Homecoming Game and finishing the season with a loss against Southeastern. The Demons started the season as they ended it— with a loss. However, after the 17-16 heartbreaker against Abilene Christian College in Demon Stadium, the Demons regrouped and ran off an outstanding four-game winning streak. Tennessee Tech became the Demons first victim, 33-15, in Demon Stadium. Northwestern also started toward its overall second place in total offense and defense in the GSC by rolling up 363 yards. Next came Louisiana College in what was to be the last meeting of the two long-time rivals. The Wildcats dropped football after the 1968 season but it turned out to be not soon enough. While totaling 421 yards in offense, the Demons beat the Wildcats for the last time, 39-21. The fourth game of the season was one of the Purple and White ' s best. They were pitted against one of the pre-season favorites to win the GSC— Northeast. The Demons were out gained but not out hustled. In their best effort of the season, the Demons held the Indians to a field goal and gutted a touchdown of their own for the 7-3 victory. Northwestern finished their winning streak against Oklahoma ' s Cameron State, 48-7. The Purple and White outclassed the Aggies in every department before an overflow crowd on Mom and Dad ' s Day. Seven players broke into the scoring column as the Demons rolled up 408 yards offense and held Cameron to 147. Then came the game of the year. In a State Fair Game that no one will forget for a long time, arch-rival Louisiana Tech came from behind and stunned half of the 28,000 crowd with a 42-39 victory. In a tremendous offensive battle, the best quarterbacks in the GSC matched wits and scoring strikes. NSC ' s Don Guidry guided his team to a 39-35 lead with 25 seconds left but cool Terry Bradshaw unloaded a shocking 82-yard bomb to flanker Ken Liberto and sank Northwestern hopes for a third straight win over Tech. In the next outing of the season the Demons put together a fine offensive and defensive effort to hold the McNeese State College Cowboys in a 28-12 victory. The Pokes ' famous GSC defense just had too many holes in it for the Demon hustlers not to have taken advantage. But those holes can be contributed to the determination of the Demon offensive lineman. The Demons lost all hope for a GSC title when the Bulldogs from Southwestern came to visit at the NSC Homecoming. A half-time score of 7-0 made things look pretty promising. But the second half brought on a new ball game and the Ragin ' Cajuns managed two touchdowns for a 14-7 win. The last game of the season was a rough one for the Demons. The Southeastern State College Lions were the underdogs but still came out on top 24-19. A 68 yard touchdown punt return in the third quarter proved fatal for the fighting Demons, in spite of the fact that they racked up 437 yards total offense against SLC ' s 297. The 1968 Demon rewrote the NSC record books by setting 23 new records for the season. The Purple and White gridders were led by senior quarterback Don Guidry. The veteran from Church Point who was voted by his teammates to be the most valuable player at NSC this 184 Ht o im n o llir Pctnon m ti ; n-s UM ri , ' " ' " • h John I " ' Uncut of Intercollegiate Enterprises, (left to right I (. ' ciifi CoswM, 7 ' n Arledge, Billy Christmas, Herbie Smith, John Thomp season, started the season 1 breaking tin- NSC and Gull States Conference records for passes attempted when he Bred " » against Abilene Christian Iry ' s other single game marks include most yards gained (331 against Southeastern most passes completed 24 against US1 alsi I sl »rd) and most touchdown passes (three which he accomplished in three different gam Dons total offensive production l 373 yards in th. M I te .md his 63 plays against m also records t Demon. Don ' s season totals ol 261 attempt s 116 completions lor 1712 .ih1s .md 16 touchdowns wiped out the s record in each (.it. gory. His total offense lor th son resulted m three more records foi tin Northwestern veteran including 344 plays, 2 KM yards and ,i game. Cuidry ' s primarj target during the split end Al Phillips o| Baton Roi in .is th D top single seasoi 1(1 loin hdou ns Phillip ' s tin I .oiiisi.m.i T I h is ,il .id. s .i t am Norths i ! marks t total .uds gained in .i sii and most yards game passing L9 Tin Demons ' l yards through the .ur in tin season t. against Southeastern w .i yards rushing North " I .8, ■Kiiv FIRST ROW (going back): Rudy Martinez, 6-1, 190, Freshman. Mike Burrow, 75, Offensive Tackle, 6-2, 211, Junior. Mike Pool, 15, Quarterback, 5-8, 158, Sophomore. Tom Hagin, 25, Halfback, 6-1, 182, Freshman. Petey Johnson, 12, Kicker, 5-10, 155, Fresh- man. Danny Bougue, 53, Linebacker, 6-0, 190, Sophomore. Mace Morris, 81, Defensive End, 6-2, 192, Junior. Ronnie Whatley, 61, Defensive End. 5-10, 185, Senior. Wayne Estay, 77, Guard, 5-8, 175, Freshman. Larry Smith, 24, Safety, 5-7, 162, Sophomore. SECOND ROW (going back): Alon Geisendorff, 83, Tight End, 6-2, 190, Freshman. Benton Gibson, 62, Linebacker, 5-11, 190, Sophomore. Eddie Parker, 10, Quarterback, 5-9, 170, Freshman. Tommy Wallis, 22, Halfback, 5-9, 178, Sophomore. Al Phillips, 42, Split End, 5-10, 168, Sophomore. Larry Gaudet, 68, Linebacker, 5-9, 183, Freshman. Ronnie Bagley, 26, Comerback, 5-9, 168, Sophomore. Richard Ward, 38, Fullback, 5-9, 183, Sophomore. Randy Tate, 88, Defensive End, 5-8, 185, Junior. Dick Concilio, 36, Comerback, 5-9, 185, Junior. THIRD ROW (coming forward): Greg Clark, 67, 5-7, 188, Freshman. Gary McCrary, 54, Tackle, 6-1, 200, Freshman. Jim Whitten, 72, Tight End,- 6-0, 189, Freshman. Pat Dronet, 35, Fullback, 5-9, 195, Freshman. Shelly Dickie, 66, Offensive Guard, 6-2, 206, Senior. Jerry Mott, 43, Split End, 5-10, 170, Senior. Steve Gaspard, 80, Tight End, 6-0, 186, Junior. Don Durham, 60, Offensive Guard, 5-9, 186, Junior. Vic Nyvall, 30, Halfback, [86 1968-69 Demons S mm i E Sept 11 N» Abilene Chi Si |)t 21 NS Sept 2S m iDege Oct M Oct 12 N eroo State Okie. i 19 NS Nov. g NS- K. S( Souths Nov. NSC S 178. ]u 188. Randy Brodnt Sajrty, 5-8, 17 ' RTH ROh | it | ■ .-. ■ Don M ••..;• II - K f ' : ' : . , ■ : • U ! ■ • • IRfll H 5- i ' KfiriY Ihapmann. ' nan Kmny Calif Halfback 5-fi. 16 III TH ' ' II I ••: m . I 6fl. • «•. hma- " l«« ,8- [88 Awards rd Winnert at tl - Qiuutttlm I Cfufc ' j annual football banquet award, Karm Hrapmann, defensiu av ' .don n award, i .; •. , and lino, Demon award, captain award, and klea ' nii: iiifi- Durhat Ihi h lint award, h ( ' •uh: iluahle player and 5f rUng Baldwin, . ' (I. and Mark Yr t all, .r Banquet 180 Vick Nyvall gains yardage as Randy Brodnax (52) and Kenny Ferro (64) clear the way. Steve Gaspard looks worried as a Wildcat moves in for the kill. NSC 16 First Downs Yards Rushing Yards Passing Total Yards Passes Punts Passes Intercepted By Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized Scoring NSC-Johnson, 21 field goal ACC-Bearden, 28-yard field goal ACC— Lancaster, 5 run ( Kick railed ) NSC— Gaspard, 12 pass from Guidry (Petey Johnson kick) ACC— Lancaster, 9 run (Lindsey, run, 2) NSC— Gaspard, 3 pass from Guidry (Two-point Att. failed) ABILENE CHRISTIAN 17 Statistics NSC Abilene 28 16 225 - 194 282 133 507 327 22 50 11 27 4 34.5 7 43.1 1 1 3 1 1 1 69 125 190 NSC a3 ! l l ssi i ir ii 15 St.mim I s First Downs 21 18 V.inls Rushing v..r.!s Passing M 59 Totel Yards 363 291 IVsrs 5 11 6 15 Funis 1 44.0 4 25.3 Puses Intercepted B) 1 Fuint.l.s I., .st | : 2 2 Yards Penalized IS 30 SCOIUM. I l.CH-Tlioiiipson. 33-yard field goal NSC-Ware. 3 run | Kick failed TECH-Schreiber, 2 yard run Kick tailed) NSC— Ware, 3-yard nin (Johnson kicked) NSC— Phillips 33-yard pass rromGuidry (Johnson kicked TECH-Schrcilxr. 23-yard run (Pass failed NSC-Ware, l-yard run (Kick failed) NSC— Guidry. 17-yard run (Johnson Idcked Richard U pans to do l atllr u tlh Tennessee defense Don Cnulri 16 attempt to lead tni way. Akoyn PhSkpt t2 ' b for ho! - matt t ' X d fl m mt n - NSC 39 LOUISIANA COLLEGE 14 ( STATISTICS NSC La. College First Downs 23 16 Yards Rushing 262 -13 Yards Passing 159 227 Total Yards 421 214 Passes 14 28 16 28 Punts 2 46.5 3 40.7 Passes Intercepted By 2 2 Fumbles Lost 3 2 4 2 Yards Penalized 97 37 Scoring NSC- Ware, 1-yard run (Kick blocked) LC-Peake, 16-yard pass from Hillard Harrington kicked ) NSC-Nyvall, 1-yard run (Rusty James kicked) NSC-Guidry, 13-yard pass to Gaspard (James kicked) NSC-Guidry, 3-yard pass to Haney (Pass failed) NSC-Guidrv, 2-yard pass to Phillips (Pass failed) LC-Hillard ' , 18-yard pass to Novembre (Tulsa kicked) NSC-Hagin. 8-yard run (Lytton kicked) Steve Gaspard is hit hard during Louisiana College game. John McClendon (47) and Wayne Estaij (77) put the skids on Wildcat offensive attempt. Jerry Mott (43) closes in to make sure the stop is made. Tony Papa (20) leaves a pile of Wildcats be- hind as he scampers for vital yardage. Shelly Dickie (66) is in the background. S( ORTHI - ■ lis IK s ■ First Downs 11 is Is Rushing L54 Yards Passing 1 Yards Passes lo 20 Punts LO Passes intercepted By 1 Fumbles Lost 5 1 2 1 Yards Penalized 81 •si. l Blake 28 Beld goal s( : Guidrj L-yard run Rusty James Don ii airfield (82) and Ronnie Bagjey (SB) move bi to help another Demon bring clou n an Indian on the run. It took a while, hut the Demon finally oullcrf down Northeatft remarkable Joe frofit. 193 Let ' s see, now . . . was it pass, then run, or run, then pass? Demon defense clogs up the middle to stop Cameron State. NSC 48 CAMERON 7 Statistics NSC Cameron First Downs 21 9 Yards Rushing 285 51 Yards Passing 123 96 Total Yards 408 147 Passes 7 12 7 21 Punts 6 38.2 7 33.1 Passes Intercepted By 1 Fumbles Lost 2 1 5 5 Yards Penalized 70 63 Scoring NSC— Guidry, 37-yard pass to Phillips (James kicked) NSC— Ware, 2-yard run (James kicked) NSC— Ware, 58-yard run (James kicked) NSC— Guidry, 23-yard pass to Phillips (James kicked) NSC— Wallis, 1-yard run (James kicked) NSC— Hagin, 1-yard run (Lytton kicked) NSC-Green, 8-yard run (PAT failed-Bad snap) C— King, 17-yard run (Young kicked) Tony Papa receives help of} the field from Coach Gossett, Mr. Christmas, and student trainer, John Porche. I 94 Richard War,- | J ihowhtg) is wrTOimded " fl host of flu . .it ' s nt the nnwuil Slut, Inn Game Kiuuij on. NSC 3 ' ) First Downs Yards Rushing Yards Passing Total Yards ses Punts Passes I nte rcepted By Fumbles Lost Penalized SconiM. I — Herren, 2-yard nm ( Gohnon kicked) NSC -Safety NSC Nwall. Ts bckofi return (James kicked) NSC-James, 21 field goo] NSC-Phillips 13 yard pass From C.nidrv (James kicked) LaT- Brewer, 7-yard pass from Bradshaw (Gohnon kick, a i.orisi w TECH 42 Sl llsl I vsc I. i. Tech 24 17 265 177 25S 196 523 373 13 29 9 28 8 39.8 8 40.1 1 2 1 1 a5 49 NSC Wallis, 2-yard run James kicked LaT— Bradshaw, 2-yard run (Gohnon kick. LaT— Bradshaw, 1-yard nm Gohnon kicked NSC Phillips. 29-yard pass from Guidr) I James kick LaT— Bradshaw, l-yard run Gohnon kicked NSC Phillips, 20-yard pass from Guidr) (kick failed LaT— Liberto, B2-yard p.iss From Bradshaw Colmon kicked Don Gvtdry ir, fa protected by Tony r ip,i (20) ami Richard Wmt he rottt out t aaamaa amamaa m XSC 28 McNEESE 12 Statistics NSC McNeese First Downs 18 16 Yards Rushing 132 161 Yards Passing 241 104 Total Yards 373 265 Passes 13 22 7 23 Punts 8 35.5 9 39.2 Passes Intercepted By 1 Fumbles Lost 3 1 2 0 Yards Penalized 70 50 Scoring NSC— Richard Ware, 1-yard run (James kicked) MSC— Grissom, 3-yard run (La Grappe kicked) NSC— Phillips, 42-yard pass from Guidry (James kicked) NSC— Phillips, 8-yard pass from Guidry (James kicked) NSC— Nyvall, 3-yard run (James kicked) MSC— Nicko, 17-yard pass from Daigle (Pass failed) Tony Papa makes a final attempt at avoiding a flying Cowboy. Dick Concilio on the run. The Demon offensive line gives Guidry plenty of time to make his play. 196 The unlaw MTM H captains for the Homecoming C.avxe From h ft: Ktnttt) I 1 David Centanni, Jerry Mott. Ronnie Whattey, Don W ;v- field. Shetty Vickie, and ' m Guidry. NSC 7 S 1 TISTICS USL 1 NSC USL First Downs 22 15 Yards Rushing 209 206 Yards Passing 191 58 Total Yards 400 264 Passes 17 46 5 12 Punts 5 38.0 9 43.0 Passes Intercepted By 1 3 Fumbles Lost 5 3 3 1 Yards Penalize ■d 100 SC0HI (. 54 NS4 ' -Guidry, 65 j aid run James kicked i SI English, 23- vard run (Pendegraft kicked) I SL -Barton. 1 1 - ard run Pendegraft kicked) Richard Ware head KJW ■ ' ■ Don I rr- ■ r at Hoi ' lit There ' s a pile-up on the field as Demons and Lions clash NSC 19 Statistics SLC 24 NSC SLC First Downs 25 16 Yards Rushing 106 255 Yards Passing 331 42 Total Yards 437 297 Passes 24 49 3 7 Punts 4 32.3 6 37.5 Passes Intercepted By 2 Fumbles Lost 5 2 Yards Penalized 20 65 Scoring SLC— Rosetti, 3-yard run (Caesar kicked) SLC— Rosetti, 31-yard run (Caesar kicked) NSC— Papa, 31-yard pass from Guidry (James kicked) SLC— Keller, 68-yard punt return (Caesar kicked) SLC-Caesar, 28-yard field goal NSC— Guidry, 12-yard pass to Phillips (Pass failed) NSC-Guidry, 22-yard pass to Nyvall (Pass failed) Tommy Wallis heads for the goal line, tip- toeing through a den of Lions. • • j 1 li iSKETBALL IQU Basketball Coaches The Demons recorded a better-than-average record during the 1968-69 season, slating a 15-11 overall baalnce, and went 9-3 during the tough GSC schedule. The coaching staff was right up to par, headed by Tynes Hildebrand for the fifth straight year. Don Beasley served as Hildebrand ' s right-hand man and Don Bates did an outstanding job as graduate assistant, leading the junior varsity to a winning season. The Demon squad had the return services of 1967-68 All-GSC candidates James Wyatt and Pete Gray. Both Wyatt and Gray tunied in top performances along with the antics of Doug Watts. Other cagers making headlines this season were Charles Bloodworth, Johnny Janese, and Odis Faust. Graduate Assistant Don Bates Head Coach Tynes Hildebrand Assistant Coach Don Beasley Trainer Eugene Christmas loo V 2 - ' «£S ' 4fct 4 W 9 — Coach Hildcltrand and the Demon basketball team Demon Basketball Sum her Same Position llrieht Class 25 Jim Peffer Guard 6-1 190 Junior t Johnny JaaflM Guard 6-1 190 Sophomore 31 Allen Posey Guard 6-2 180 Sophomore 15 Wayne Lee Guard 5-10 170 Senior 2T Dour Watts Guard 5-9 160 Junior 21 Don Ashworth Guard 6-0 170 Senior 54 Jim k ' r.ncfsk.i Center 6-2 190 Sophomore 34 Jimmy Stew.irt Forward 6-3 185 Sophomore 33 Pete Cray Center 6-2 180 Senior 53 Andy M.irnsA Forward 6-2 180 Sophomore 24 Carlton Walding Guard 6-3 180 Freshman 44 Charles Blood- worth Forward 6-8 230 Junior 41 James Wy.itt Forward 6-5 200 Senior 50 Ronnie Morris Forward 6-6 185 Junior 12 Odis Faust Forward 6-4 180 Senior 45 Jem Masters Center 6-3 185 Junior lOI Basketball The Demon cagers pulled down a berth in the NAIA post-season schedule during the 1968-69 season. They also made history by playing Grambling in the playoffs. It was the first time in the history of Louisiana sports that a predominantiy white school played a predominantly Negro school head-on in competition. The Demons are to be congratulated on their fine effort throughout the season. A special salute to the seniors of the 1968-69 basketball team for their contributions during the time they represented N.S.C. on the hardwoods. Those players include James Wyatt, Pete Gray, Odis Faust, Don Ashworth, and Wayne Lee. Otis Faust cleans the board and looks downcourt for the fast break, I executed by Pete Gray (32) and Carlton Walden (24). James Wyatt tips one in as Charles Bloodworth (53), Doug Watts (23), and Otis Faust (43) look on. Jim Pefer (25) jumps high above the defense to get of} his shot. ioi Doug Watts, top-notch guard Oooh! a basketball! Bloodworth (53) and Walden (24) go for a loose ball. Just uait, I ' ll show ' em I ' m not a dumb-dumb! Pete Cray (32) goes for two with Wuatt and Blooduorth in the background. ao 3 Come to me, Baby! Doug Watts (23) greets a loose ball while being backed up by Pete Cray (32), Carlton Walden (24), James Wyatt (Demon showing), and Otis Faust (light jersey). Well, I ' ll be ! They did it! That girl up there oughta be c areful how she sits! i tJ J 1m - X w m i k Ni I J And they said Ban would never wear off! Johnny Janese (43) fights to keep possession of the ball. Faust (42) and Wyatt look on. 104 The Demon nvic i tool grwl awet t tht year ' i ru Jtrn, M ■, r f . f „- l, a ll ti it lv stuileheil doumbff u m i ' cf U iv fo H in ' NSC 84; North Texas State 114 NSC 91; Stephen F. Austin 98 NSC 86; Lamar Tech 94 NSC 60; " Southwestern La. 73 NSC 77; Lamar Tech 78 NSC 99; Southwest Texas 83 NSC 72; Louisiana College 67 NSC 105; Southwest Baptist 85 NSC 69; Henderson State 80 NSC 122; Arkansas A M 102 NSC 85; " McNeese State 66 NSC 86; " Louisiana Tech 76 NSC 78; South Alabama 73 NSC 61; Centenary 65 NSC 88, " Northeast State 69 NSC 106 Southern Miss. 99 NSC 88 " Southeastern 76 NSC 82 " Nicholls State 80 NSC 86 " Southwestern La. 84 NSC 66 " McNeese State 65 NSC 84 " Louisiana Tech NSC 89 Louisiana College 97 NSC 80 ; " Northeast State 107 NSC 106 , " Southeastern 92 NSC 77 , " Nicholls State 74 NSC 75 ; Centenary 77 NSC 56 ; Grambling " " 63 NSC 68 ; Grambling " " 62 NSC 79 ; Grambling " " 85 " Gulf States Conference Games " " NAIA Playoff Games Doug Watts (23) exhibits his fine shooting ability. Jim Peffer (25) anxiously awaits the result. Pete Gray (3 showing) exhibits passing talent that has made him one of the Demons ' most valuable players. 106 Senior James Wyatl collected two All-time record s during Ins career .it S.( I In fust came .u .tmst Southeastern st.itc when James broke C. Core ' s all-time Gull States Confereno rebounding record f l 17 " ) He collected L549 caroms in bis four seasons ai a Demon. Tin second came against Nicholls State when James broke Dick Brown ' s N s I scoring n cord t 1,801 points J. lines netted 1 s7 1 for his can n Xvutfii Wyati ■ ■ ' ■ a fete pointtrt from Coach Hildebrand and looks rather dis- I u nit the situation Coach llildihrand pre t e rit Wyatt uith came hall right nfli r tht EX ace hrokc the CSC rebounding record James Wyati (40), along u ith teemmaU Charltt HI demonstrates the finesse uhich made him tin tlu C.ulj States d ■■ In KNEELING: Coach Herhie Smith, Chuck Soileau, James Gibson, Charles Weaver, Ed Hartficld, Don Shields, Woody Shick, Jackie Lewis, Jimmy Stewart, Ed Tompkins, David Smith, John Kerley. SEATED: Buth Florcs, Pat Davis, Terry Alario, Johnny King, Monroe Thompson, Kenny Reed, Johnny Janese, Boh Hetrick. Baseball The Demon Baseball Team showed a lot of spark during the 1969 season. The pitching staff as usual was one of the stronger assests for the N.S.C. club. Such veterans as Terry Alario, Eddie Tompkins, and Jackie Lewis gave the Demons a good strong holding. Herbie Smith, a former Demon Player, was in the line-up as coach this year. Coach Smith lead the baseball players to one of their best seasons ever. Coach Smith with the 1969 captains. They are Chuck Soileau, and Terry Alario. 108 Pttchert and catchers TOr John Kitty, ' ' ■ ■• Jimmy Stewart, l ShUldt KNEELING Ed Ton Ed Hartfieid, John King, Woody Schick. James Cihson Tern A «rii John Kerly Jimmy Stewart Ed Hartfield Jackie Lewis Don Shields iio ksuhi) fSFIELDERS FROM TOP ill I B06 Heterick, Check Soklmm, Johnm, «nm KNEEL- ING Chorlei Wea • r, Kenny Reea , Vnt Dm it. Johnny Janesc Churl, I M II i Monroe Thompson Bu tch Flores Outfielders-from left: Butch Flores, Monroe Thompson, Jackie Lewis. ill Dave Smith Pat I Boh lirii rit k Woodu Schick Rul. V l.k. js n STANDINC: Coach John Thompson, Ronnie Hatjworth, Dane D ' Aoy, Knute Anderson, Tommy Wilson, Ferrell Soileau, Larry Kees, Larry Wright, Jim Hall, Doug Cook, Jerry Snead, Coach Randolph. KNEELING: George Fink, Rodney Mize, LeRoy Sutton, Paul Truman, Butch Soignier, Joey Wilson, Vaughn Rarin, Jack Bailey, Dick Brook. Track Demon tracksters made up of lettermen and talented freshman was one of Northwestern ' s best. Coming back from the 1968 season were Larry Kees, Paul Truman, Knute Anderson, and Larry Wright. To add to the list were freshman Joey Wilson, Jack Bailey, and Ferrell Soileau. Coach John Thompson had high hopes for his squad this year and most of them were fulfilled. MILE RELAY TEAM: Joey Wilson, LeRoy Sutton, Gary Posey, and Doug Cook. POl.l Mil iiikt iltr llt l ri l Knuts And DISCI S. Larry Wright men }i MP I. mni v ii.- Dick Brook (left) and Lerotj Sutton. BROAD JUMP: Tommy Wilson. Joey Wilson. HIGH HURDLES: Doug Cook. 116 SPRINTERS STANDING LeRoy Sutton, Ronnie Hayworth »■• ■ k llli (. Truman, Butch Sotgnigr, Vaughn Ba rbart n, Joey Wilton, lack Be DIST W Rom ,;• SPRINTl H Vmtfihn " 7 Dan Garcia, Coach Armando Vega, Jerry Wang, John Ellas, Jack Crawford, Boh Herman, Max Magdelano, Paid Tickcnoff, Bruce McGartlin, and Richard Loijd. Boh Herman demonstrates skill on a prommelled horse. Under Coach Armando Vega for the second straight year, the Demon Gymnasts were in top form for the 1969 season. The Demons won their first four meets ■ and are expected to do well in the NAIA Championship again this year. Northwestern State College is very proud of its outstanding gymnastic team, and especially of two of its even more outstanding members. Richard Loyd was selected to represent the United States in the 1968 Summer Olympics. John Ellas made the second team and traveled with them on a good-will tour. We thank them for such fine representation of Northwestern. Congratulations go also to Coach Vega, who was selected as one of the two judges for the United States in the 1968 Olympics. (jrf m during a fl Jerry Wane Paul Tickcnoff Max Magdelano exerts great strength in this ring exercise. I demonstrate hti ttyla n ' ' paraOei ■ .,, Loyd on floor exerc is e. Richard mis a member of the 1968 United State Olympic Gymnastic Team and traveled to Mexico Ctty i " r the Summer Olympic Games! John Ella iv observed " . " " " Coach Vagi John math tht ( S Olympic second uum and tpent " " •• ' » " ' " " r ■ " South m run ' 111 FROM LEFT-Rocky Rcrlin, Billy Weaver, Jeff Broun, Mites Donaldson, Jim Pearson. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Coach Don Bcasly, John Inzer, and Alfred Brakin. Jim Pearson Billy Weaver Miles Donaldson Jeff Brown I Golf Coach Don Beasly ' s 1969 golf team faired quite well during the golfing season. The young team had only the returning experience of letterman Jeff Brown, but still the Demons had their eyes on the GSC crown. With the fine playing of Rocky Berlin, Jim Pearson, Billy Weaver, and Miles Donaldson the N.S.C. Golf Team scored a better than average record. 111. Dim GaUemore ]tm Glen Bordelon lifh ( STANDING Glen Bordelon, Coach and Don GoUemon KNEELING ]w Ganooam and Bob Chalet WOT PICTURED ;h Tenuis Tea in ( ' n.nh ferry Aiiedge ' a tennia team was .1 littl short on members but not on talent He baa th returning ■ervicea ol [fan Cenovese and Dean Smith. Genovesi 1 rreahman was 1 finalist lasl year fan tli ( • s I tournament at tin No 1 singles spot Tins yea a new racea are Don GaUemore, Bob Chaler, and (Men Bordelon. The young Northwestern Tennia Team haa developed into top-notch competition. This the first year rai Coach Arledge to be -it the helm of th s ( 1 nnis I ■ am 1: ■ ' - X ' O - IM i Jl % % V r- ' ' - r -fl 1 H r 4l p Si m B A1 lv«1 fa9i 111 ? Bill Dean, Karl Pearson, Steve Miller, and Bob Parker. Karl Pearson The Demon weightlifting team faired well in its third year of organization here at N.S.C. The muscle men scored high at every meet they attended. At the Regional IV Olympic Meet, four men from the team entered and they won four first-place trophies, plus the team trophy. These men work hard individually to represent N.S.C. in a strong way. ■2.14 Y- — =1 Rill Dean U tiler • MrKilhpt Women ' s Sports Members of the girls ' Badminton Team are: Johnnye Keglon, Deborah Myers, Carol Becker, Sandy Fisher. (Not pictured: Jackie Morris). Members of the girls ' Tennis Team are— FRONT ROW: Carol Becker, Peggy White, Cathy Chaumont, Becky Hudson, Jackie Smith, Carolyn Comer. BACK ROW: Pat Hernandez, Pam Car- Members of the girls ' Basketball Team are— FRONT ROW: Linda Becker, Janet Parker, Carol Butler, Carolyn. Comer, Fern Martin, Diane Oliver, Susan Cartwright. BACK ROW: Mrs. Lou Lewis (coach), Vicki Weeks, Sherry Hollingsworth, Jane Green, Donna Crawford, Frances Graves, Dianna Thomas, Pat Tattzin, Jackie Smith. 1 if) 1 1 L kn f B fck micliacl. Man Forrk (coach), Fran AflMMM, Tr; Ttiuzin, Vni . jrfin. If o nlx ri o tfa , ' r ' CyrntufMci ream ;k I nc T new Claudia HoBey, Marty Lowery, Ratal irz, Julie I B ( ' K ROW Paui Prfi Landry, Joyt rfcoin ' . rs o (fa cir s ' Yollci hnll Tram are— FRONT HC V Alice Gaubert, Janet Parker, Carolyn Cottar, intta Choate, Diane Mor- ns. Julia Parkar, " ktm RACK ROW Sawn Ravnoldt Martin, Pat Tauxux, Mat ■ tin. itt,i I ' " 7 Intramural Sports BSU took top honors in intramural basketball play. FIRST ROW: Pat Greer, Jerry Odum, Gary McCune. SECOND ROW: Larry Bazer, Ozzie Hollingsworth, Billy Prathcr, and Bob Lash. Jerry Primm not pictured. The intramural activity on the N.S.C. campus in the past has been fast and wild with many organizations turning out to compete. Coach Roy Gentry headed the action this year, planning, scheduling, and supervising the play. The program was set up by the Department of Health and Physical Education for the interest of the male students not participating in varsity sports. iiS Thcrc the gOd£ IMNB ty to it, hall ' ' " 9 ey gwi s, a four-leaf clover . . . It ' s make it or break it with a fourth and 25 situation. 130 Starter ' , in tlu- intramural CTOU country race nd the U tuners P.E.K. Awards Danny Bob Turner presents Dr. William Ertoin of the Biology Department with an award for Outstanding Service to Physical Education. Henry D. Scogin presents the Senior Scholastic Award and the National Scholarship Key to Kevin Crowe. 3 Dr Paul Marx p flM t nll Hike Dvlcavdnr uilh the Junior SckdUutk uard Carroll I ' loud and Donald C.uidrt arr l oth fW$tllttd tin Dfatfflguiffod :tiard hi Hi nry D. SoOgtM. 34 FINE ARTS AND ENTERT INMENT I Symphony Orchestra Since 1966, when it was organized by the Natchitoches-Northwestern Symphony Society, the Natchitoches- Northwestern Symphony Orchestra has been an inspiration to the community and the college. It was formerly the Northwestern Symphony Orchestra, which was organized in 1913 with twenty members; since then it has grown steadily in size anc quality of performance. Truly a community organization, the orchestra is composed of college students, as well as college faculty and townspeople. This year the orchestra presented several concerts and provided music for Mendelssohn ' s operetta, Elijah. Dr. Carlucci, head of the music department at Northwestern, also directs the N.S.C. Orchestra. 1ST VIOLIN John Maltese, Concertmaster May Beville Nancy Frost George Trisler Vincent Ognibene Johnette Johnston Tom Jones Ralph Boyd 2nd VIOLINS Kathy Davis, Principal Dickie Howell Eva Mae Maltese Robert Lindsay OBOE Robert Krause Barbara Gaeddert Mike Dennis THE NATCHITOCHES-NORTHWESTERN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA DR. JOSEPH B. CARLUCCI, Conductor VIOLA Jo Hix, Principal Cheryl House Valeric Huckie Richard Fletcher Ruth Caughey CELLO Richard Rose, Principal John Kite Sam Caldwell Ila Drury BASS William Gaeddert, Principal Doug Sullivan James Green TYMPANI Steve Hitt FLUTE Barbara Willis Donna Rose PICCOLO Donna Rose ENGLISH HORN Barbara Gaeddert CLARINET Rick Lacy Paul Weller BASSOON Alice McGee Richard Aldrich TRUMPET Charles Horton Edward Farabough Charles Pace TROMBONE Leslie Steele William Conerly Albert Hobson TUBA Larry Powell PERCUSSION Dennis Shaw Leo Murray Ron Berry LIBRARIANS William Conerly Robert Lindsey FRENCH HORN Craig Pratt Kay Jones Richard Jennings Charlotte Mills ■ i MIL mphonic band on Everett Baker, Jot Blade, Bonny Edmond Routte, Bonnie Rrasher, Ron Brigmon, Vickie Rnnk- ]amet Bush, David Butler, Thomat C a pert on , Juditli Carter, vd Casson, Carolyn Chatolotn, Gene Col l . Catherine I William Conerlu, Alma Crowder, James Daniel, Gwendolyn Davis, Thomat Pin is, Carolyn Donovan, Lloyd Dowden, Maureen DrieooU, Phil I ■ .- Edward Farabough, BJchard Fletcher, Randy Frame, Jw Haahn, J D Hams. J l. Hams. Glenda Haynet, Steve Hut. , l Hobton, Melvin Hohton S. J. HoUmgsworth, James Hooter, (hards Horton, Madalyn Johnston, Joseph Jonas, Marian Jones, Jay Keppel, Lloyd Lacy, Us Lucia, Jamet McDowell, Mut- " MarceUine f . ' •:•• R Mary Mathews, Mary Mills. Dai ul Mitchell, Mont rief, Lao Mama . Deborah Ison, Caul ]i mi Panne, Carol Perkins, Robert Pointer, Larry Powell Pratt. Virginia Babalais, Beverly Beeves, Man I ]uha Sanders, Stan Sat ant. Jar William S n ppert, Ronald Spiller. Thomas Tory, his Trah Johnny Wall, Dale Ward, 1 • Judith St ..lass Still Paul Wilier. 1,7. ri Wilman. Rol , rt Wilderp, Carl Willi U ship Williams, Michael WSUford, Barb a t e Willis, Pam,la Wright Woodruff. Swan Garcia. ■ The symphonic hand had a DOS) l ea S O O again this ) Activities included several coocerta and the annual tour presenting ju.ility music in Louisiana ' s public schools; the season was highlighted by a spriiuz COI and the annual Hand Awards Banquet This the first tunc, a wind ensemble was formed, co mp osed of forty-one of the more talented memhers of the hand who were selected by audition. Symphonic Band J Robert Smith, Director I « i ££ ' ' . -I J -.1 A x ■• i ?i i I J V -? Members of the marching hand are: Linda Gail Ammons, Margaret Atchison, Starr Autrey, Connie Babineaux, Everett Baker, Dolores Barbo, Zoe Barker, Barry Barr, Mary Beach, Peggy Beasley, Bonny Berry, David Berryman, Mary Bird, Staart Bird, Edmond Botrtte, Bonnie Brasher, Joyce Bricker, Bon Brigmon, Vickie Brinkley, Cheryl Brown, James Bush, James Carter, Judith Carter, Leonard Casson, Vickie Chandler, Cindy Coker, Phyllis Coleman, Catherine Comeaux, Bill Conerly, Alma Lee Crowder, Morjana Cryer, James B. Daniel, Kay Davis, Thomas Davis, Connie Dawson, Michael Dennis, Carolyn Donovan, Lloyd Dowden, Maureen Driscoll, Patricia Ann Dunkin, Phil Evans, Suzanne Evans, Edward Farabough, Karen Fitts, Bichard Fletcher, Bonnie Fontenot, Linda Susan Gabriel, Jimmy Garlington, Kent Gibson, James Leonard Green, Joe W. Haahn, W. C. Hardy, J. D. Harris, J. L. Harris, Jan Hawthorne, Glenda Kaye Haynes, Steve Hitt, Al Hobson, S. J. Hollingsworth, James Hooter, Charles Horton, Thomas Howell, Valerie Huckie, Esther Johnson, Johnette Johnston, Cynthia Jonas, Joseph F. Jonas, Marian K. Jones, Glenda Keen, Stephen Keith, Jay Keppel, Liz Koury, Bick Lacy, Peggy Landry, Liz Lucia, Carta McCain, Jim McDowell, Alice McGee, Linda McGee, Marcelline McLamore, Evelyn June McMullan, Karen Mensing, Charlotte Mills, David Wayne Mitchell, Jane Moncrief, Irene Morgel, Leo Ernest Mur- ray, Deborah Nelion, Gayle Nesom, Lynn Nollkamper, Charles Pace, Jerry Payne, Pamela Gayle Pearce, Elaine Perkins, Bobert Neal Pointer, Larry Powell, Craig Pratt, Virginia Babalais, Barbara Badford, Sandra Jean Baines, Evangeline C. Ramsey, Sharon Anne Reese, Beverly Beeves, Rebecca L. Richard, Mary Roberts, Stanley Russell, Julia K. Sanders, Stan Savant, Linda K. Sepulvado, James Seymore, Sandra Shaddock, Dennis Shaw, William Sheppert, Susan Shirey, Cynthia Smith, Linda Lea Snyder, Ronald Spiller, Cathy Staten, Les Steele, Judith Stokes, Charlotte Sullivan, Douglass Sullivan, Rick Sullivan, Thomas Torpy, Iris Janelle Trahan, Tommy Tynes, Faye Uzzle, Johnny Wall, Dale Ward, Paul Weller, Glen Welman, Robert Wilder. Carl Williams, Linda Faye Williams, Manship Williams, Michael Williford, Barbara Willis, George Woodruff, Jeffrey Young. Mr. Robert Smith . . . director of the N.S.C. Marching Band. The 145-member Demon Marching Band is comprised of students from all parts of Louisiana, as well as from many different sections of the United States and its possessions. Points east include South Carolina, Maryland, and Massachusetts, to the west they hail from west Texas, the Philippine Islands and points between. Those from Louisiana came to Northwestern from sixty different localities. Each student has his own personal interests and hobbies— as is evidenced in the diversity of majors being pursued by band members. These majors include Business, Psychology, Mathematics, Microbiology, Social Science, Speech, R.O.T.C, and all phases of Education. Forty-five students are majoring in Music Education! While there is diversity of academic interests among Demon Band members, all have one common desire— and that is to produce top-notch entertainment for football fans during every half-time performance. The group works togther as a well-knit unit to produce exciting, spirited shows for all home games and for many out-of-town contests. Some of the Band ' s eye-catching formations include diamonds, criss-crossing X ' s, a fleur-de-lis, a balloon, a crown, and precision marching movements set to music. On occasion, individual sections of the Band, such as the percussion or trumpets, are featured, and many of the Band ' s formations are highlighted by its Twirlers, dancing " Mademoiselles, " and Flag Corps. The Demon Band concludes its marching activities for the year by participating in the annual Natchitoches Christmas Festival Parade and, later, by taking a road trip to New Orleans during Mardi Gras season to represent Northwestern State College in the colorful Rex Parade. With the strong support of the City of Natchitoches and Northwestern State College, the Demon Marching Band is anticipating a very successful and extremely busy season in 1968-69! The DemOOt perform clunni: u I ' eih came •; ralbi in (rout of the eourthome 111 S in i i port Hill concen t rat e ) OH fr ' formed at a eouple of Demon football gOflfc NSC Marching Band f The band plays in formation The staff dedicates this section to Jimmy Green, an outstanding and devoted hand member who was killed in an automobile accident during a band trip on February 14. 14.0 The Stage Band was organized primari] nts BH opportunity to pla j.i and |.i liiflin ii «(i iiMisi addition to the itud) and rehearsal required, thi presents an annua] sprint; oo n ce r l and maki tour ol high schools in north and Centra] I.ouisi.m.i This the group boasts twenty-nine m em ber s ; this year, also, the band added four French homs Mr. Jerry Payne, director of tfu ■■ !. fa al irching Band Member of the Stow Rand arc-niRFCTOn Jerry R I tun, SAXO- I ' HCM S ' n Brigmon, Barbara WtiUt, Paul Wetter, Phil Evatu, James II ■■■ TROMBONES Rill Conerbj, Hah- Ward. Carol, ,, Donovan, Doug Suttioan, Jim McDowell TRUMPETS; Chariot Horton, Jo, Uaahn, Tom Torpy, Slurry HottingtWOrth, Randy Frame, Eddie lara- i, Bitt bheppert, I,- Lude FRENCH HORNS Glen w.lman, Craig Pratt, Kay J, riotte Mtttt TUBA PIANO Lea i I RING ' SS RU hard DRUMS Ihll GUITAR Ronnie Broth r. MELODIC 11 R( John Ratush •4 ' riTififii Twirlers are Morjana Cryer, Barbara Radford, Starr Autrey, Pam Pearce, Lynn Nollkamper, Linda Williams, Evelyn McMullan, Vickie Chandler, Joyce Bricker, Charlotte Sullivan, and Linda Ammons. Twirlers Adding flash and grace to the performances of the N.S.C. band are the N.S.C. twirlers. The twirling line consists of young ladies who are selected in June of each year on the basis of ability, appearance, and personal standards. Their rigorous rehearsal schedule begins early in September and continues throughout the school year. The twirlers perform at all N.S.C. football games and many pep rallies and basketball games. They are becoming well known for their unique style and precision dance-twirl routines. Their performances were varied this year with flag baton and fire baton routines. The group has accumulated a total of thirty trophies and over 200 medals. Several twirlers relax before going onto the field. RIGHT: Pam Pearce stands at attention while gaining the atten- tion of the half-time audience. 4 NSC Chorale Mr. John LeBlanc, director of the N.S.C. Chorale. FIRST ROW: Beverly Reeves, Brenda Ratcliff, Sandra Rabon, Janice Williams, Georgia Kenni- son, Evelyn Brown, Sally Fields, Susan Michael, Kathy Cleveland, Brenda Teague, Karen Cuny. SECOND ROW: Karin Worthy, Deborah McCuller, Sally Phil- lips, Zelma Broussard, Lora Mor- gan, Jeannie Fleener, Lorrie Mil- ler, Denise Cox, Cynthia Kittler, Susan Benner. THIRD ROW: Martha Jones, Pam Wright, Janet Ponder, Mary Hutton, Mary Thompson, Diane Richard, Jeanette Pons, Ann Ei- land. FOURTH ROW: John LeBlanc, Director; Lelia Harris, Pat Du- pree, Bunny Curry, Patsy Durr, Carol Visio, Grade Lacefield. FIFTH ROW: Sherrie Barrett, Bonnie Williams, Ann Myers, Toni Morris, Veta Medico, Millie Gallien. SIXTH ROW: Donnie Martin, Montez Anding, Eddie Sears, Ted Brazier, Bill Bozzelle. SEVENTH ROW: Don Ward, Robert Kerr, George Lulley, Jerry Bingham, Eddie Sears, Eddie Farabough, Richard Horton. EIGHTH ROW: Bob Davidson, Edmond Butcher, Richard Flet- cher, David Terry Wayne Bol- ton, Lenwood Meaux. NINTH ROW: Stanley Davis, Eddie Huey, Lionel Meyer, Mike Adams, Dale Hobson. FIRST ROW: Karen Cuny (seated) Deborah McCuller, Eve- lyn Brown, Georgia Kennison, Jeannie Fleener, Lelia Harris. SECOND ROW: Don Ward, Mary Hutton, Bob Davidson, Patsy Durr, Sally Phillips, Eddie Huey, Bonnie Williams, Zelma Broussard, Donnie Martin, Jerry Bigham, George Tulley. , rs of tht I horale are— FIRST {( C Lora Morgan, Karin Worthy, Georgia KeruUton, Eoehjn Brown, Susan Michael s ' C- OND ROW Solly Phtitipa, inn Uyen, I Hitter, Karen Cuny. TIII1U1 ROW Don Ward, Uon, Pin id Terry, Jerry Bighorn, This year the chorus is composed of about eighty members, man) of whom are not music majors. During the fall semester, the (horns dealt mostly with Christmas music. They performed two Christmas concerts in the Little Theatre and sang for the lighting oi the student I ' nion. Certain members V chosen to record the Christmas music on tape, which was played on local TV stations in Alexandria, Lafayette, and S hr evepotl The Chamber Choir also performed at luncheons and banquets in Natchitoches and surrounding This spring the chorus presented Elijah, an operetta b) Mendelssoh n, as 01 the Natchunches-Northwestern Concerl Association programs. The Chamber Choir sang a Bach cantata in the Baroque Festival, which was held for the first time this year. ftuniit Cum (ah ' tola m tfif Christmat l pi gram whili iHce Nwd Bob n n u!m u, )ofi Ward, Barry Barr, and Mihi Cmm ting their parts. Mademoiselles A new attraction at football games this year was the Mademoiselles; the girls performed at many pep rallies as well as with the band at half-time. Under the leadership of Mrs. Myrna Schexnider, the Mademoiselles pleased the crowd with an original routine at every game. Each week the girls appeared in beautiful new costumes which they designed and made themselves to go with their routines. Mademoiselles Connie Dix, Linda Magee, and Linda Sepulvado perform at one of the many pep rallies. Mademoiselles are— FIRST ROW: Cindy Coker, Carla McCain, Zoe Barker, Linda Sepulvado, Linda Magee, Connie Babineaux, Cheryl Brown, Dolores Barho. SECOND ROW: Margaret Atchison, Jan Haw- thorne, Liz Koury, Connie Dix, Peggy Beasley, Deborah Nelson. 14.6 hiembert of the Contemporary m FIRST ROW: Diana Webb, Cindy Cnkrr. SECOND ROW Barbara Mtclurh. t,l Lambert, Sandra Roguaford, THIRD ROW: Dana Prmea, Sman FuBlg " lf Icr. Tin rant Howard, Smati EM [ r, Stun, ■u Mill. - ,md Thatam Howard prepare for th .. of the annual Christt ■ al. The N ' .S.C ' . Contemporarj Dancers r epres e nt Nuith western in mam rtincttoni nidi .is the Natcfaitocfaei Parish Christmas Pi stnal and the Facuk) Mardi Cras Ball During tin- l i x - school year the) t rav eled to the dance symposiums in Baton Rouge (he Careet (lime m Bunky, the district physical education convention in New Orleans. .uu th. Southern Physical Education Convention m Memphis, Teoneei Members of Davis Players are-STANDING: Joe hunt, Steve Kimsey, Joan Grant, Byron Nail, Claudia Moore, Chris Keeler, Gay Bond, John Mitchell, Tommy Davis, Margaret Jobe. SEATED: Bruce Kalman, Bob Cox, Susan Ehlers. Davis Players Davis Players is the oldest official dramatic organization on campus, having been organized in 1923. Membership, which is by invitation only, is limited to thirty. Invitations to join are extended by the club to students who have participated extensively in College Theatre. For the second year in several decades, the group again produced and directed its own theatrical melodrama. Members of Davis Players also played a part in establishing on our campus the Delta Eta Cast of Alpha Psi Omega, a national honorary fraternity for college dramatists. Sponsors of the Davis Players, Dr. Edna West and Marc Pettaway peep to see how the production progresses. Frank and Anne Mirhaehon. por- I by Huron Sail and Alice .Afifn Go nnt T, ;( • tmuanti ■ Donna Wmttnbcrgtr, m Molly, shocks ' w father, Huron Sail, as I ' rank, upon fur first return home from roll fi. hachon fatndi Don no W • and s " Molly on tlu tfuzht hark I Mr Gatddert, ZWl Hflf, Ann Mt r . ;ru Sandra Rahon practice for ' lh, Medium, " a contemporary opera hy Mcnottt. rt II % M II Entertainment Entertainment— a way of escape from the long drab hours of study, an escape from just the long drab hours. Fall and spring brought a variety of shows, mostly big-name entertainers. The Association, Paul Anka, The Town Criers, Neil Diamond, The One-Way Street, Glenn Yarbrough, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, and the Lettermen— Fall and Spring Entertainment 1968-69. Gary Puckett And the Union Gap The Lettermen. x5o The Town Criers Pari of " Them Moose GooMttF The Association ... .A Rood } e£innin£ to a got Entertainment Paul Anka V, i Diamond . . final remarks of the Christmas Fettttal (.7.nn Yarhrouch " Bal y, the ratn must jail The One Way Street . . . " If You ' re Looking For A Fool " Entertainment " Carmen, " presented bf the Goldoeshj Grand Opera Theatre, I ■ the attractions offered for greater cultural vnlightment. i Cm hmii Escamdlo. is s ioa - t in a scene with her suitor, r £ BQL L ]i p» fc fci,. j jXv ? J H k uT m m% jF ft 1 " oJr i «J Carmen ' s death L 5 6 ACADEMICS 157 Dr. William B. Knipmeyer, head of the department of social sciences at Northwestern was elected as the 1969 POTPOURRI Professor of the year. This is a secret ballot election in which students elect the professor that they feel has shown the most outstanding qualities of a professor. Dr. Knipmeyer is a graduate of St. Mary ' s High School in Natchitoches, and received his bachelor ' s degree from Louisiana State University in 1947. He received his M.S. in 1950 and his Ph.D. in 1956 from L.S.U. Dr. Knipmeyer has been professor and head of the social sciences department at Northwestern since 1967. Before coming to Northwestern, he was chairman of the department of Geography at the University of Tampa Florida. He also taught at McNeese and Bradley University in Illinois. Vice-president of the Graduate Council at LSU, Dr. Knipmeyer holds membership in the Association of American Geographer, American Geographical Society, Southwestern Social Science Association and Delt? Phi Alpha. Dr. Knipmeyer checks on facts for the days lesson before going to class. Even at home Dr. Knipmeyer is busy with his work. Dr. Knipmeyer checks over the pages of an exam for errors. i 5 S Dr. William B. Knipm«- rr I ' the Professor of The ) ear l 59 Department of Accounting The Accounting Department of Northwestern State, organized July 1, 1967, is one of the strongest departments on campus. Total enrollment averages between 150 and 180 each semester. Students majoring in accounting can reecive their B.A. degree and M.B.A. degree. Graduates in the accounting field are qualified to take the C.P.A. test. Dr. Earl Thames, Department Head Jo-Anne Gibson ■2.60 Department of Agriculture students inte r ested in the field « t agriculture may stud) one ol font curricula leading to the Rachftkw oi Science degree »r one ol three pre professional programs. The facilities of the diversified college rami are utilized in the laboratory courses. Here the students familiarise themselves with modern Farm machinery and work with purebred beef, dair cattle, sheep, swine and poultry. The college dairy produces and processes all the milk used in the Cafeterias on campus. Dr. Ralph Fell. Department Head Dr Charles Stttffleheam Hal F. Tout. za Department of Art The art student of Northwestern may earn his B.A. degree and prepare for a professional career or graduate study in either fine or commercial art. Courses have been designed especially for graduate students in the School of Education. The Art Department encourages more students to choose art as a minor or select from among its many specialized courses as enrichment in the humanities. The role of art in our society can never be over-emphasized, for individual creativity is fundamental in a democracy. Department Head Orville ]. Hanchey Donald J. Alexander Charles Coke Gary Edson Philippe Oszuscik Rivers Murphy Mary Carolyn Roberts James C. Thorn :6l Department of Biology ' In tlui a student is planning ■ major fan biolog) education, botany, pie-dentistry, pre medicine medical technology, wildlife management, or zoology, i B.s degree la offered ba N.S.C. ' a l i 1 v department Maiter a degree la available ba education, botany and BOOlogy. The stall strives for a u rll-ronnded program including good teaching and productive research. 2k Department Hear Dr. William C. Ertcin Dr. Arthur S. Mien Dr. Ray Baumgardner Dr. Roy Buckley Dr. Tom Burns tiaOa Dr. Earle Cross Robert A. Daspit Robert If. Click Dr. James I. in , ®F Dr Roderick Putland Dr James A Frnc. Jr p t , talltne x6 3 Wlut. Department of Business Administration Preparing college students to be successful businessmen is the main aim of N.S.C. ' s Department of Business Administration. Specific instructions are given in accounting, marketing, management, finance and business economics. Degrees can be earned in Accounting and Business Administration. Department Head Dr. Roger Best Robert Easley John L. Hix Jerry Kinard Donald Ray Lincecum Donald Slacum H. N. Towry Eugene Williams 164 Department of Business Education and Office Administration By teaching students to lie both educators and administrators, the Deportment of Busmen Education and Office dministration manage! to " kill two birds with one stone ' It offers courses in business education coininunications. and office administration. An Associate Degree and a two-Mar program b S burial Administration arc also offered Department Head T. G. Johnson Dr. Kenneth Durr J. W. Johnson Marparet Killrn Carol McCoy Janell Rue Barron W Wrlb Department of Chemistry Those students interested in becoming chemists have various ways to earn such a degree. Chemistry majors can obtain a B.S. degree in Science and Technology or in Education. Medical Technology majors may earn a B.S. Degree in Science and Technology. Also offered is a degree in General Science with a concentration in chemistry. Graduate students may earn their M.S. in chemistry in any one of three fields: Organic, Physical, or Biological Chemistry. Dr. Charles Bissell Dr. Alan Crosby Oliver W. Hargrove Dr. Wayne H. Hyde Dr. Larry McRae 166 Dr. James Rhoades Department of Economics The Economics Department established Jul) 1. L967, widi the creation oi the School i Business. Its primary got A is to prepare students for positions oi govemmenl Bacbeloi oi Science and Economics degree is offered In the School l Business and a Bachelor i t rts degree is offered in the School oi Liberal Vrts. James N. Davis, Dt par t m tri Head Dr. Donald S. Slacum Charles D 10 " Department of Educational Psychology and Guidance The Department of Educational Psychology and Guidance offers Master ' s degrees in Elementary Counseling and Guidance and Secondary Counseling and Guidance. The Specialist in Education degree includes both Elementary and Secondary Counseling and Guidance. The Master ' s degree can also be earned in Student Personnel Services. Undergraduate and graduate students are offered service courses in Educational Psychology. Department Head Dr. Ray McCoy Dr. R. Lavada Raggett Oscar BiUingsley Dr. Jack L. Daniels Dr. Gail C. Goodwin Dr. George A. Kemp Dr. Tandy McElwee i6S Department of Elementary Education The purpose oi the Elementary Education Department is to prepare hers for the public elementary seliooK llie three undergraduate majors in this department are kindergarten, primary, ami upper education There are now nx students majoring in these in in Tht department also otters si graduate degree programs. Three ot these are master ' s degn programs in the Specialist in Education Decree Department Head Df Lisso Simmons Alma Alost Dr. Bennie Barron Dr. Ronald T Dennis Rph C. Lumpkxm Dr. Davtd I. Payne V l6 Q Department of Geology Geology was first established as a department in July, 1967; in the fall semester of 1968, a Master ' s Degree program was approved. The Geology degree had originally been established within the Department of Physical Science in 1964. Now the Geology Department offers the B.S. and M.S. degrees. Department Head John D. Waskom Rene DeHon Dr. David Dobbins tjo Department of History The Department f History officiall) became .1 department in July, 196 7 mil was organized .is .1 ■eparate Bald i t stud) It oilers an undergraduate degree and .1 Master oi rts degree with .1 major in either European or American histor) trtmeni Head Dr Donald M RaWtOtl William Arceneaux Marietta Dr |,;n, . f Corkcl. )r Dr William P R T C iinten Dr T " , Department of Health, Physical This department offers such degree programs as teacher certification and the preparation of graduates for vocational opportunities in several different fields. In the program of today the student may choose programs in recreation, dance, driver education, safety, and other interesting subjects that will prepare him in whatever field he may select. Department Head Dr. Robert Alost Dr. Allen R. Bonnette H. Alvtn Brown Gordon E. Coker Dr. Violet Davion Dr. James DiNucci Mary Farris Roy B. Gentry Melvin E. Gibson Joyce Hillard i 7 r Education, and Recreation E. O. Howell Alice Ia-c Jmvk Luella Lru k Paul C Marx Dr. Colleen Nclken Nancy Reynolds Jewel Richie Dr. David Scoghi James Simmons Joyce To tens Armando Vmga Janice Department of Home Economics The student who majors in Home Economics must take required courses such as English and Science. A general home economics curriculum is designed for students interested in a career in business or extension service. The students who want to teach vocational home economics enroll in Home Economics Education. There is a degree program for students interested in such careers as dietetics and other food services called Dietetics and Institutional Management. The M.S. in Education is offered at N.S.C. for home economics students. Department Head Dr. Marie Dunn Margaret Ackel Dr. Gloria Durr Virginia Johnson Maxine SoutherJand V4 Department of Industrial Education This department oilers a curricula in industrial arts, education and vocational-industrial education for students interested m teaching. There are three options in in. mu. d .uts. therapy, and industrial arts for those students who choose .1 Don-teaching curriculum. Department Head Pr Walt, r Robinson Or Charhs Y Brrkrr Raymond Chnttensen Tommy Dunacan Duai ' u C Gtbtrt Earl Pr Pi W Pr ( Department of Languages The Department of Languages offers four major fields: English, foreign languages, journalism and speech. The department ' s aim is to produce cultured speakers and writers, whether they be public speakers, teachers, journalist, novelists, businessmen or housewives using language in their daily lives. Department Head Dr. Walter L. Mosley Ramon Brodermann Mary Doherty Dr. G. Waldo Dunnington Donald W. Hatley Alice Hicks F.llit Marie Mclder Dr. Gene E. Sforokoff Eve Mouton Marion S ' csom Dr. Charles R. Olsen Dr. W, A TornwaU Wehber Olca rht rr Joseph Wertelaers Ora Williams I77 Department of Library Science Russell Library ' s extensive collection of 155,000 bound volumes, separate document collection and microfilm clearly distinguishes it as the heart of this academic institution. In the build-up of this collection, special attention is given to coordination of the selection of books and research information to the various academic departments. In this way, Russell Library renders a greater amount of support to the increasingly varied programs offered at Northwestern. Under the direction of Miss (Catherine Bridges is the Louisiana Room, in the Arts and Sciences Building. This area houses one of the best collections of Louisiana literature in the state. Department Head Donald McKenzie Barbara Gaeddert Clara Greene Leola Loftin , 7 8 Department of Mathematics Department of Mathematii .Hid mo ing forward in c,rd- today ' s students major in mathemab ' f for .i B.S. d n t ither the School Technolog) or the S hool of I Graduate School offen both the l v Mathematics and tfi M 5 with .i major in Mathematics •tmrnt Head Dr RuneO Whittington Dr Edward Anders d ft jbM Bertrand Boyd Thomas E. Covington Ronald Dubois Cat lord ! 4-w rz Margaret iMnd Dudley R rut. Jr. Ernest Ratliff Vera C. Rawson Sam Shelton Austin Temple Herb, ■• 1 Irmple Barbara V Thamn Wtlluim Eucene Walton Department of Microbiology One of the best-equipped departments of its type in this region, the Department of Microbiology has gained recognition on a national level, especially in the graduate program. Offered for a B.S. degree are Microbiology and Medical Technology. The M.S. degree is offered in Microbiology. In order to remain abreast of the modern trends in science, the Department is continually improving its instructional programs. Department Head Dr. Paul Donaldson Dr. J. L. W. Jackson Dr. Irving Miller 180 Department of Military Science The Reservi Offioen Training Corps, com] Department of ! provides miHl leadership braining— ai well .is qualities of self-discipline, physical stamina, and beart bed men ulio can, upon graduation, assume position responsibility in the tctive Arm) and its EL Divisions Such attributes will contri bute to success in an) field. ROTC cadets also t.ike an active part in campus life through the Rifle Team and the Black Knights Drill Team, which Lis performed throughout the nation. Department Head Lt. Col. Charles E. Avery, ]r. M Sgt. James O. Davis Major Clifford Ehy Capt. Paul Lister Department of Music Degrees offered by the Department of Music are the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education, Master of Music, and Master of Mu ' sic Education. The music major is offered courses of study in applied music, instrumental or vocal music, education, theory, and composition. A minor may be obtained in applied music and music theory in the School of Applied Arts and Sciences, and in the School of Liberal Arts. A fully accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music, it has attained the approval of other national and regional accrediting agencies. Department Head Dr. Joseph B. Carlucci Margaret Adkins Eleanor Brown Jack Crim Wayne Crowder Dwight Davis William K. Gaeddert Robert Krause John Leblanc -i m Y fw John Maltese John Raush John Robert Smith Dr. Paul Torgrimson Depart m on I of North ires torn Elementary Lab School " Actual expeiil nee is the best teacher " — With this thought in mind N.S.C. provides the Elementary Lab School, where education majors may actively observe and work with Students. Such a laboratory ' is an important part of a well rounded tea shing curriculum. Prospective teaeheis are faced with many situations that otherwise they wouldn ' t have to handle until practice teaching. Department Head Dr. Leonard F. Fowler Dorothy Bamett Jimmy Berry Patty Jean Coffey Carol Dantels Lucile Dauphdril Mary Foster Ada Gimbert Helen Graham JtvxU Jones Clytia If. MrGaskey F.duina Mayeaux Dell Thomas Morgan Glennie D Scarborough Lyn B Scoggtni Department of Nursing Future nurses at N.S.C. may receive their training in Natchitoches or any one of the metropolitan areas of Baton Rouge, Pineville or Shreveport. Spread all over the state, students are shown demonstrations on the proper techniques when caring for patients. Directors of the clinical divisions are faculty members qualified by academic preparations in their various clinical specialties. Paula Burnitt Ann Everett ME Glenda Carlisle Elizabeth Farnell U ' Vl Clarissa Carter Clara Gates Mary E. Chadwick Barbara Dickerson Pearl Domma Beth Hayes Margaret Hicks Peggy Hill Adele Lambert Louise McFadden Frances Pingrey Mattie Reinberg Grace Riley Maxine Roge F. Rossenwasser Frances Simmons Evelyn Taylor Jo Ann Velotta Department of Physics TIk Physics Department celebrated its lecood birthday li continuing bo make strides forward. Students in both the School ( s lence and Technologj and in the School oi Education may earn .1 M.S. degree. Also. hiates are offered master ' s degrees in Science .iiul Sen -iu e m Education. £ Department Head Dr. Gene Clothiaux Bert Boyd Dr. Steve Brmvder Edmond V li Dr }oon C Lee Department of Psychology Northwestern offers one of the best psychology curriculums in the state; although it is relatively new, the Department of Psychology has made a name for itself. Bachelor ' s and master ' s degrees are awarded in Psychology and Educational Psychology. Department Head Dr. Caesar B. Moody Dr. Donald Gates :86 Barney L Kyzar Ronald Rradlicmj Dr Wadtlcll Ruw Fern chnsti im n Thomas A Clinton W ' tlluwi ] C.UKi Allot Hickt Curt Katard Eftxai etn l.uttnll 187 Department of Social Sciences Anthropology, economics, geography, government, history, social welfare, philosophy, and general social sciences are undergraduate programs offered by the Department of Social Sciences. Graduate degrees are offered in history, geography, and many composite programs. Though degrees are not offered in Law and Ministry, the Department advises students preparing for those fields. It also maintains Williamson Museum and a photographic library on Louisiana; operates the Family Life Institute; and publishes Louisiana Studies, a quarterly journal on Louisiana and the South. Department Head Richard Brown Dr. William B. Knipmeyer David Crawford William C. Culp Rong C. Chen Selman Cooke Hugh K. Curry Dr. Leroi Eversull Dan Gardner Sidney Gueringer Jane Nahm Robert Nichols Department of Sociology Though it la a relatively new department .it N.S.C., the Departmenl oi Sodologj often a varietj oi degrees The Bachelor l rts degree in the School l I Arts is offered in cither Sociology Or in Social Welfare; the Master of Arts degree is offered to graduate students Courses o! study dealt with bv the S lou Department include human social relationships and processes, as well .is social problems of modem life Pi panmrnt Head Pr. Ora Watson Pt. Tommy Rogers Jerry Wayne Wendt Department of Special Education The Special Education Center is responsible for the curricula for state certification in Special Education, utilizing some course offerings in other departments. The curricula enable an undergraduate or a graduate to meet Louisiana certification requirements in one or more of the following special fields: (1) Orthopedically handicapped, homebound, and children with special health problems, (2) teacher of mentally retarded children, (3) teacher of socially maladjusted and emotionally disturbed children, and (4) teacher of speech correction. The Northwestern Special Education Center renders educational diagnostic services to exceptional children in the surrounding areas of Louisiana. Department Head Dr. Michael Cousins Charles A. Burlison Rudolph Burrough Robert D. Bush David Christman Mary E. Cloutier John Eubanks Reginald M. Farris Dr. Harriet Frederick Patricia Henry Dr. Edward Matis Mary J. Maris Dr. Richard Galloway Hurst Hall Elwood Henry John R. McDonald John Notes Carolyn H. Penny Thomas L. Phillips Elaine Preston Hayes Prothro Travis Randies Richard Tretiak :9c. Department of Speech and Journalism The Department of Speech .1 nd Journalism offeis tla Bai -liclor of Arts degree in cither the School of Liberal Arts or the School of Education and the Master of rts ,md Master of Arts m Education degT M Speech majors can also ohtain a degree in S])eech and Hearing Therapy. The Bachelor t Arts degree is offered to Journalism majors. Dr. Edna West, Department Head James fl. Parrish Ray Schexnider 101 Department of Student Teaching The Department of Student Teaching plays a large part in producing experienced, qualified teachers for the state. Through this department student teachers are placed in schools throughout Louisiana in order to gain practice and to perfect their methods of teaching under the guidance of qualified supervisors. The department locates student teachers in many different school systems of Louisiana so that they may become acqauinted with the many varieties of institutional learning. Dr. William Davis, Department Head Dr. William A. Philp 19: CLASSES 1Q7 Graduates JAMES R. ANDERSON JANE BACOT JOSEPH J. BALDWIN META A. BAXTER FREDERICK C. BOSARGE LOLA BUSENBARRICK RAYMOND CARNEY TOMMY G. CHESTER PHILIP A. CLAUSEN LYNNE COMPTON H. ARTHUR DEW KATHLEEN L. DOHERTY Jacksonville, Florida Zachary New Orleans Shreveport Alexandria Shreveport Shreveport Natchitoches Simpson Alexandria Princeton Jennings JAN CODOSKI Long Branch, New Jersey LORA SHANK GULLEDGE Natchitoches FRANK M. HATCHER Baton Rouge DEAN N A JACKSON Shreveport GENE RONALD JOHNSON Shreveport GERALDINE JONES Natchitoches ADRION D. KNIGHT VIRNITA LADNER JOSEPH THOMAS LEWIS LIEH-TANG LIN ANGELI LIU • LUCAS LUPO LUCILE McCARTY JIMMY McCRORY WILLIAM C. McKEAN HELEN McLAIN BETTIE M. MEACHUM SUSAN MICHAEL Lena New Orleans Natchitoches Taihung, Taiwan, China Hong Kong, China Lake Charles Greenville, Mississippi Natchitoches Slidell Campti New Orleans Alexandria CLAUDE FISHER MIDDLETON MARY MORGAN SUE NEITTE DENNIS NEWBURY SKIPPER NEWTON SOPHIE PACKARD JERRY R. PAYNE JUDY PITTS PAUL M. PRINCE RICHARD R. ROBERTSON BETH H. SAVILL EDWIN T. SHELL JOHNNIE SMITH PAT SMITH RICHARD B. SMITH MARTHA JEAN SPIGENER HEXU SUGARAPUNDARA MERLE R. TANNER WILBUR THIELBAR KENNETH D. TOUCHET HELEN TOUSEK CARETHA TYLER KENNETH WILKERSON YORE-SHUN HUNG Pleasant Hill Alexandria Natchitoches Shreveport Alexandria Natchitoches Alexandria Baton Rouge Natchitoches Shreveport Pelican Bossier City Church Point Ruston Bogue Chitts, Miss. Natchitoches Bangkok, Thailand Monroe Shreveport Gueydan Pineville Grambling Shreveport Taiwan, China m?m A k W (lit Ml 23S.9f 94 Senior Class Officers % 95 TFRRY l. RIO w t RH M • 11 MAXWELL ; rr m jfit • ttOBERl NtDA ■ .. ' !• . mum BATES Seniors • SUZANNE ADAMS, Colfax. • KATHLEEN R. AGUILLARD, Iowa: Nursing; Alpha Lambda Delta; ASN, President; LASN; NSN A; Who ' s Who. • TERRY ALARIO, Westwego. • NOAH A. ALBAREZ, Coushatta; Psychology; Psychology Club. • LANCE M. ALEXANDER, Oil City; Business Administration. • WALTER ALLBR1TTON, Tullos. • WILLIAM ALLEN, Bos- sier City; Animal Science; Demeter Club. • RUTH ANNE POWELL ALLIEN, Shreveport; Primary Ed. • SANDRA RHEA ALMON, Bossier City; Home Economics; Purple Jackets; Euthenics Club, First Vice-President. • MARY J. ALSUP, Clinton; Nursing. • MACEL ANDERSON, Leesville; Upper Elementary Ed.; NEA. • ROBERT M. ARMSTRONG, Natchitoches; Electronics. • DAVID ARNOLD, Alexandria; Physical Education; Football; PER " . • JOYCE ARNOLD, Provencal. • RONNIE ARNOLD, Mooringsport. • DONALD G. ASHWORTH, Oakdale. • CAROLYN ATKINS, Pineville; Recreation, Health, Physical Education; Who ' s Who; Phi Kappa Phi; PEM Club; Contemporary Dance Club, " Best Dancer " Award ' 67; Contemporary Academic Award ' 67 and ' 68; 222. • FRANCES M. BABOVEC, Elton; Home Economics Ed.; Euthenics Club. • WILLIAM P. BAG- WELL, Vivian; English. • JANELLE BAHAM, Oakdale; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Sophomore Counselor; AWS. • ZOE BAILES, Leesville; Business Ed. • STEPHEN E. BAIL- LIO, Dry Prong; Business Administration; BSU. • WILLIAM MILLER BALDWIN, Charleston, West Virginia; 2TT. • DIANA BALLARD, Ventress; Nursing; NSNA; LASN. • DORIS R. BALTHAZAR, Natchitoches. • MAUREEN BANTA, Baton Rouge. • RICHARD G. BARBER, Shreveport; Zoology. • MARGARET C. BARNETTE, Leesville; Primary Education. • CAROLYN ELAINE BARNEY, Shreveport; Zoology; Beta Beta Beta; Purple Jackets; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta. • J. KIRBY BARRY, Logansport; Geology; NSC Geological Society, Vice-President. • SHARON JEANNETTE BARTLETT, Goldonna; Business Ed.; Purple Jackets; Pi Omega Pi, Treasurer; Kappa Delta Pi; Varsity Basketball. • CHERYL BESS BARRETT, Oak- dale; Music; Sigma Alpha Iota, Historian; Recording Secretary; SLTA; BSU, Executive Council; Senior Counselor; NSC Chorale; Chamber Choir, All-COLLEGE Chorus; NSC Opera Workshop. • DONALD L. BARRON, Ashland; Agri-Business; Phi Kappa Phi; Demeter Club. • GWENDOLYN BASSETT, Leesville; Nursing; LASN, NSNA. • TRUDY BATES, Natchitoches. • TOMMY J. BAXTER, Shreveport; II K . 196 Seniors %G • A. AVI H Ml MI) [R. Nalchil I l I Shu • JACK Bl M i i : Intramurali ST1 • WILLIAM IikIiisIii.iI it ( I )| Kl • KATHRYN Ml RCI RON M ' lub; Alpha Lambda Delta Delta Phi • ROS1 v Ml RLIN Plnevilk • I HOM VS Ml Mil I hishii . • IOS1 I ' M Ml 01 M Ait I in n. ( ommitti I Spirit ' in - • II MIO I. MK.M l Marrero; Musi. Ed Phi M Chorus; Chamber Choii BSI Executive Council • t MO BIRD sliti i port. Home Economica Businesi Band • I ' l ' ' M Mis- I CLIA, Merrick, New Vera History; Student Unioi I • I AN ICE BOLEY, Hahnvilk M ■ I tlpha Lambda Delta; Newman Chib k ,; ; , I • -...ppa Phi; Senior Counselor; Euthenia (luM . I WINSTON BOLINC1 • I I l Ml l I! NN BOl l ) Boasier City; Math M.I Kappa Dilt.i Pi; M s ' N " ; Council, Executive Council v • VOYD M BOLTON Wirmfield; Bminraa Administrai • I ' MMK l BOOZMAN Natchitoches; French • BETH BOSTICK, Shreveport • I Wll s BOSWELI port. Tin Kappa Epsilon; I ri Beta; Interfratemit) ' Dun il • IM BOTT, Marksvffle; Nursing; LASN • rERRY BOUNDS, il ton. • Ml( k 1 ) Mow DIN Natchitoches • Mill. MKM kl port • PRANCES BRADFORD, GeorgetDwi - • J WAYNE BRANTON Cretan Businesi kbninistrarJon; SGA Mens Rep . Kappa Iplu. President, Secret ■ ■ •, rnity Council, First Vice-President; Current Circle K, President, Vice-President; K • H IW MM sw III Bossier Cit) - • I INI) kU BRA1 Man) • MNNI III BREWE1 Upper Elementarj Ed • BRIDCE1 w l i. I Pelican N • WILLIAM MMIM Saline • I Nl I MARIE MIUIloN Natchitoches • CH Mil oi II BROl II II I ' ll Pine • I MOI N MMOW N S llu k nan Jul v ' ■ tai LSUA LSI • NOMM N MMOW N W: M D MlioW N I nigra e K; SCA. J Mr. mi Ii. Phi I • s Phi I ' i I ' oliti ' MOM Who ' i Who • SHI MMII NN MMOW N S Mum- i Student I st.,11 Assistant Winter Ball Court • DANELLI MMl MM Elton 197 Seniors • CECIL G. BRUNSON, Dry Prong; Business Administration; SAM. • WILLIAM BRYANT, Colfax; Social Science Ed.; SLTA, I ' resident; SGA Freshman Recruiting Committee, Chairman. • PATRICIA BUCHANAN. Shreveport; Education. • SUSAN CHRISTINE BUCK, Kinder. Health Physical Ed.; Purple Jackets; PEM Club; SLTA; Phi Kappa Phi. • GRACE DIANE BUCKLEY, Winnfield; Primary Ed. • JOYCE BUREK, Marlton, New Jersey; Microbiology. • MERRYL BUR- LET, Gretna; Physical Ed.; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Track. • BILL BURRIS, Jena; Social Science Speech; ROTC; Captain S-2- Debate; Kappa Sigma Nice-President; KS. • ROY BURHAM, Lafayette; Business Administration. • HENRY L. BURNS, Shongaloo; Mr. NSC; AMS, President; SGA, President; BSU, President; ROTC; SLTA; Blue Key; Circle Key. • MIL- DRED KAY BURNS, Vivian. • ROBIN K. BURNS, Glenmora. • SUE BURNS, Vivian. • ANOELICA E. BURROWS, Bossier City; Nursing. • MICHAEL BURROW, Dallas; Sociology; Foot- ball. • LEAROHN CALDWELL, Winnfield; Health Physical Education; • MATTIE CALDWELL, Bossier City; Nursing; NSNA; LASN. • CECIL CAMPBELL, Benton; Business Administration; Kappa Alpha. • WILLIAM WALLACE CAMPBELL, Louisville, Ken- tucky; KA. • ROBERT E. CANNON, Georgetown; Health Physical Ed.; PEK; Basketball. • VICTORIA V. CAPONI, DeRidder; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha. • STEVE J. CAR LINO, Alexandria; Business Admin- istration. • MARGIE CARLETON, Bossier City; Business Educa- tion. • RUBY CARNAHAN, Clarks; English Ed.; Social Sciences; Honor Roll. • BBENDA CARY, Opelousas; English. • RAMONA L. CASON, Coushatta; Upper Elementary Ed. • ROBERT CAUSEY, Bayou Chicot. • SUSIE C-DO HIU, Taiwan, Republic of China. • BARBARA ANN CHANCE, Elizabeth; Home Economics Ed.; Euthenics Club; Sr. Counselor; BSU. • BRENDA CHANDLER, Atlanta; Home Economics Ed.; SLTA. • CHARLES CHARRIER, Klein wood; Social Science; Blue Key, Secretary-Treasurer, Presi- dent; Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-President, President; Monitor; Phi Kappa Phi; Circle K; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who; AMS; SGA, Parliamentarian. • TOMMIE CHARRIER, Duport. • EDWARD H. CHEEK, JR., Shreveport; Industrial Arts. • MA- RIE HENRIETTA CHENEVERT, Bunkie; Music (Piano); Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Alpha Iota; Band; Chorus. • CYNTHIA T. CHESTER, Coushatta; Business Administration; Pi Omega Pi, Vice-President; SLTA. • PATRICIA CHIKOTAS, Cirardville, Pennsylvania; Physics; Phi Kappa Phi. f 1 lj $12 198 Seniors • l o U.D RAY CHOAT1 II- t. • LINDA CIH l.l ( HKls | || v • Mlkl ( III H( ll | ( Monitor • HI I RL1 ( LARK S • I I KI.II M ( LARK Natchitoches Economic! • LOYD COBB ( luh Monitoi • kl W ( h llh si II. alth . Physical Ed PEK N-CI I ' m «id( nl v ptune ( lub, W ( hoi • ( own o( klHH l si,,, , ; Mi I nth, ni, - ( |ub • kl Wl I II H " i CO kl RH Wl SI I istrj lub • BOBBI1 B COFFEE Ashland H nomics; Euthenics Club Si I unseloi • IWHIO l COHEN Natchitoches Math • BRE D ( ol.l M Shn 5L1 • |()M B COMISH L ,n«!. ... Business administration Wl rtainmenl So ial ( ommitti - • II 1.1 Wl ( CON1 RL ndria • o Vi o COOK ShrevepaH Business admin- istration. • SAMUEL I) COOKSEi Peoria, Illinois; k • RANDALL COOPER Vidalia; Electronics, Alpha Rho Cami II Club • ROLAND H CORTES Natchitoches; Industrial Lambda Sigma • M l II HI ' I R ( oi ll l ION Uesandri brar) Sdenca and English Ed; Honoi Hull lw M.I • I Wll s R COWDIN, Crand - Phi Kappa Phi • ALICE D. COXE, Man) Elementary Ed • NANC1 CRAFT, Alexandria; Davis Players • SANDRA CRAIC VoweH ' i Mill. Sm iolog) 1 listor) • IIM n CRAWFORD Shreveport; Industrial Art- Ed funk Class Vice-Presidenl • LINDA CRAWFORD Shn ...1 rechnolog) • C Willi CREEI 11 Shi I • Ml Wl PR I HER CROSBY W ,!• rpn oi Horw I nom Phi Kappa Phi; A S IX ' im Oi ' selor; 1 ] . r Rep • l) II) ( ROTHI RS Haynesi ! Club • I Al l ROI I II All i u lion Circle k. Vice-Presidenl s M I: rtainmenl Committee Chairman Wl s Who • Ml I I ' ll I I (hi Ml II ivnesvilV M Purple 1. 1« kets Phi k... Delta • k Mil N NELL Cl ' NY. V Phi Kappa Phi; s horali « hand • PATRK I V ( MHI RT. N -h .s 1 rrnch Phi • ROBI R I I YPHI RT. I Circle k Board t Directors I I Who ' s A ' h Chairman Sicm.i Tau Camma; -n • II nm li DARNELI Plain Dealing; Commercial rt • WI DAVID II Seniors • LORETTA LACHLE DAVID, Bossier City; Zoology 222. • ROBERT M. DAVID, Breaux Bridge. • MARY ELLEN DAVIS, Lecompte; Speech; Davis Players. • PATRICIA LYN DAVIS, Natchitoches; Home Economics; Alpha Chi; Omega Rho Alpha; Dorm Council: Freshman Counselor. • SHARLEE DAMS. Negreetj Accounting. • SHERRY DAVIS, Shreveport; Business Ed. • CATHERINE DAVY, Opelousas. • SUE DEARMAN, Natchitoches. • JOHN C. DEBLIEUX, Natchitoches; Industrial Arts; ROTC. • ROY DEBLIEUX, Natchitoches; KA. • DONIS DELEE, Baton Rouge; Nursing. • DELILIAH DOSHIER, Jena; Social Science Education • LORETTA DEWIL, Florien; Home Economics Ed.; Euthenics Club; SLTA. • FELTON DICKSON, Campti; Business Adminis- tration; Pi Omega Pi. • LINDA DILLAHUNTY, DeQueen, Ar- kansas. • DWAYNE D. DIXON, Denham Springs; Zoology; Beta Beta Beta. • GAIL DOOLEY, Bossier City; Journalism; " Journalist of To- morrow " ; Current Sauce; Editor of 1969 Potpourri; Most Valu- able Staff Member of 1968 Potpourri; Alpha Beta Alpha; Senior Counselor, Staff Assistant. • EVERETT DOUBLEDAY, Shreve- port; Electronics; Black Knights; ROTC; Industrial Arts Club; AUSA. • SHARON ANN DOUGLAS, Alexandria; Nursing; LASN; NSNA; LASN Convention Delegate; Dorm Officer. • LOUIS J. DUET, JR., New Orleans; Pre-Law; SGA, Public Relations: ROTC; Black Knights, Drill Team Commander; AUSA; High School Relations Committee Chairman; Spanish Club; Debate Club; Radio Club; Karata Club; Monitor. • MARSHA PAULINE DUFRENE, Grand Isle; Upper Elemen- tary Ed.; BSU, Council; Kappa Delta Pi; SLTA. • ELIZABETH DUGGAN, Starks; Primary Ed.; SLTA; BSU, Executive Council, Sop. Counselor. • FRED O. DUNHAM, New Orleans; Wildlife Management; BSU, Executive Council. • LINDA DUPREE, Goldonna; English Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi. • ROY S. DUPREE, Goldonna; Upper Elementary Ed. • DAVID DUREN, Elizabeth; Social Scienc e. • DONALD S. DURHAM, Shreveport; Accounting; Football; N Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Blue Key; Who ' s Who; ROTC; AMS Rep.; Pi Kappa Phi Nat. Honor Soc; Beta Gamma Psi Accounting Honor Soc. • JON DURIO, Forest Hill; Electronics; Industrial Arts Club. • LINDA DURRETT, Hornbeck; Nursing; LASN; NSNA; BSU. • DAVID CALLAHN, Thibodaux; Electronics; Industrial Tech- nology Club; Church Council. • JOHN EBLE, New Orleans; Zoology; Beta Beta Beta. • KATHLEEN EDDLEMON, Leesville; Accounting; Alpha Lambda Delta; Beta Gamma Psi; Purple Jackets; Who ' s Who; Treasurer Sigma Kappa; ZK. • LEILA EDDY, Mandeville; Business Administration; 2K. • MAXON J. EDGECOMBE, Buras; Elementary Ed. • JO ANN EDWARDS, Baton Rouge; Speech Hearing Therapy; SLTA; ASA. • WILLIAM A. EDWARDS, Great Falls, Virginia; Business Administration; Entertainment Committee; K2. H%0 300 Seniors %% f son • M m l i.(.i I STON Bdk ha ' • ' • ho W lio Pi O . | ) % I HKI I I l rt ;i.,. . | li( | | LKINS II l . is,i Women ' i 5 I • [WOMAS kins i Emm tronii -. I I ( lub s • I Wll s |()|| ll.l.ioi i si ■ publii .ins (I, it, . | vi ' . | ETHRIDC1 Church Point • SUZANM EVANS. Nal l Band Little ,,| s ( . ir lN Lamp . EVER! II Uexandria I A Librar) s • ppa Phi • I Wll S II I UK IK Salin Vgrl I. SCA Ri • s l)K FAIRCHILD K, | ( It) ||,„:. I Euthenks ( tub SLTA • ODIS C FAUS1 Man) Ph) Basketball; N Club • OSi K FEBRES Luna Ml. • fHOMAS (• FERCUSON New Orleai Interfratern it) C ml. President, lYeaiuiei Beta E ( 5, Student affiliate SCA I Irde k who ' s u Phi, President, Pledge [Vainer; Rush Chairman 1 1 k -t • ( v l I i FLOURNOI WinnBeld; ZZ1 • PATRICIA FONTE- NOT, ill, Platte • n l OR1 I I. . • SARAH MADALYN FORI I ViDe Platte; Primarj Ed • I ON N " FOUTS Shreveport; Business tdministrabou • K K1 |0 SOMERVELL FOWLER, Keanei • KILL M FOWl 1 i l.i tit .t . Agri-Business; Blue K Monitor; Demetei ( lub Circle K SCA, Freshman Men ' i Rep., Sop PreaidenJ dent; Student Union Governing Board; Newman Cub, ' lent • CAROL] FOX Shreveport; English • CHARLES D FOX Winnfield • DA id | i RJ II NatcnJtoch. • rwill t FROST, Shreveport M i Economics Ed; Euth Qub; Rodeo Chib; 2K. • I ON Nil k. W CAMMII L, Shreveport; Busmeaa Administration • |oll CH i New Orleam Pohbca] Soia President; Kappa Upha Par k • mm GARDINER Opelousas; Distributive Ed • PATRICIA GARNER Orleans English; Newman Club. • PECC1 W GARNER Shreveport; Uppei Elementar) • ll Willi; r.ARRI i Houma; m 1,1 • WM LARR GAR1 I I Haynesville Biimik-v, Aclmiimtral • PATT1 CI i l. I Springhill; I SLTA; • DIANE CILBER1 Natchitoches Phi Kappa Ph • Delta PI; 1987 Homecoming Court £22 • (Willi I l GIORDANO ndria; Business administration • I I s 1 ! McKNICHT D( Natt hito ht s. • CI ORCII CH ll Natchil a Hearing rherap) Demonettea D • tlw i I. imp 3 01 Seniors • GERALDINE DICKERSON CHANT West Monroe; Upper Elementary Ed.; Phi Kappa Phi. • LUCINDA LOUISE GRANT, Belle Chasse; Chemistry; Chemistry Club; Newman Civil). • PETER CRAY. Marthaville; Health Physical Ed.; Basketball; N Club. • VIRGINIA ANNE CRAY, Shreveport; Psychology Sociology; Psychology Club; VIA. • JAMES L. GREEN, Bossier City; Instrumental Music Ed.; Baud; Orchestra; Assistant Drum Major; Squad Leader; Brass Ensemble; Cross Country Track Team; Phi Mu Alpha; Sinfonia Music Fraternity; Kappa Delta Pi; ROTC; Commander of Drum Bugle Corp. ' MARGARET GREENE, Leesville; Primary Ed. • CHARLOTTE CREMILLION, Plauchevillc; Home Economics Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; Euthenics Club; Purple Jackets. • PEGGY GRIGG, Baton Rouge; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • TERESA CRICSBY, Ruston; Nursing; NSNA; LASN. • MICH- AEL CROTZIN ' CER, Bossier City; Nursing; NSNA; LASN; Neptune Club. • JOSEPH WINSTON CUILLORY, Ville Platte. • KENNETH GURNEY, Zachary. • HUGH KIRBY GUY, Glenmora; Social Science. • GAYLE HAIGHT, Natchitoches; Home Economics Ed.; BSU, Sop. Execu- tive Council; Euthenics Club; Sop. Counselor. • BETTY IANE HAIRE. Bossier City. • SUZY HAMES, Baton Rouge; Kappa Delta Pi; Davis Players. • JENNIFER JONES HAMNER, Pride; Home Economics Ed.; Euthenics Club; SLTA; AZ. • PAMELA HANKINS, Coushatta; Business Ed.; BSU, Freshman, Sophomore, Executive Councils; Demonettes; Purple Jackets; Pi Omega Pi, President; SLTA, Sec- retary; AWS Jr. J. D. Board Member; Dorm Adviser. • MERRY KATHERINE HANNTGAN, Logansport; Upper Elementary Ed.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi. • RODNEY W. HAR- GRODER, Baton Rouge. • CLAY HARPER, Alexandria; Health Physical Recreation; N Club; PEK; Football. • MYRA LYNN HARTWELL, DeOmncy; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • LEONARD HARRIS, Alex- andria; Business Administration. • PATRICIA HATHORN, Pine- ville; Speech Ed.; Davis Players. • WILMA HATHORN, Lecompte; Home Economics Ed.; SLTA; Euthenics Club. • STEVEN HAYNIE, Reedville, Virginia; Phi Epsilon Kappa, Secretary, Vice-President; Basketball; Tennis. • CAROLYN HAZELTINE, Morgan City; Nursing; NSNA; LASN. • PAMELA HEBERT, Lafayette. • RITA HEDGES, Natchitoches; Nursing; LASN; NSNA. • GEORCEAN HENDERSON, Ferriday; Nursing; LASN. • ROBERT D. HERRMANN, Gilmer, Texas; Physical Ed.; Gymnastic Team; PEK; KA Historian; KA. • JUDY HILBURN, Church Point; Home Economics. • RENEE HILTON, Alexandria. • KATHLEEN HINTON, Natchitoches; Home Economics; Alpha SiRina Alpha Rush Chair- man; AlA. • NORMA ANNETTE HINTON, Shreveport. • STEVEN C. HITT, Shreveport; Phi Mu Alpha. 3° ' fi So 9JI -i5 !ll miors • HARLOI II Unix. | M rfiah Ml VBA • ! ARCH HOI I Baton I " I It ( laa Dorm Officei • LINDA HOLLIN " " I ' t» il Presick nl I). I. •„■ iti 5i Coum il |r Rep to I I) Board Pun; - - K • DENNIS Rl HOLJ ' i | i 5| Busineai Administral • II I I) HOLLOW] II. SI • Industrial l. tronici ROT1 M S II I tub • LOI Is HOLMI - I City; I tectronia Hum i | UD . | HORN It) li. mistry; Blue K- ) Monitor Wh h i -President; PbJ Kappa Phi Phi I Beta Beta Beta, Presided • CHARLES C HORTON Worth [ • Mil I I HOSKINS Oakdale Uppa Elem SI I WS • MARILYN IK)l .ll Saline Kmdergartei buy Ed BS1 SLTA • ROS1 M i;il HI I Primal) Ed Alpha Lambda Delta Pui I ' Im • NANCT I HUDSON Pensacola, Florida Engbah History; I In Upha Theta Honorar) Histor) Fraternit) • II lilil III (.111 S Pinevilfc Social S SLTA; BSl • LEROl III SSER Franldinton Choir; Sigma U- pli.. Iota Fraternit) • l IU ELIZABETH Ml llos PineviOe • ROBERT S IHU l DeRidder • rHOMAS IVEY, Sieper; Electronics • ROBERT RA1 [ACK- SON, Shrevepon English; H SLTA, Vice-Presidenl I- N Chib • RANDALL II I KSON N it hitocha Bi Administration; ROTC MJSA • JACQUELYN I M III .imln.i. Spec li I ' d • |l t n I II [ARRELL, Clenmora; Math • SUSAN GAYLE [ARRETT Shreveport; Elementar) Ed (.ranu (hi Sigma l nh « .1 Hawaii • l) II) I! l Colfax; Antl • l I HI l il i i ecsviOi ll ii. 1 con mfca Ed . Counselor • PATRK I M Hil II tNSONNI Kappa I). It.i i ounsdor; SI I Staff Assistant • I RET- l W IOHNSON Leesville; Business Administa I • DWIGH1 I) IOHNSON Union Hill • HARRIS |OHNSON JH. Cloutierville; Sodolog) i hi linistrarJca; TKK • I l l l IOHNSON Clenmora; Home 1 ; then- la Club, [Yeasurei Phi Kappa PbJ • I oris B IOHNSON Clenmora, Agriculture • |OSEPH FREDERICK |ONAS - I land, Maryland; Instrumental Mush Ed Phi Mu Up! Orchestra • HI O H» l S ( oushatta • MX l I I |o l s Shn ..,- n hsi . ROBE I v I K |ONI S Shn ■ , • • • k M II RYN ZELLER JOSEPHSON Shreveport • WAYNE JOWI n(.it Ed kill I nn hib 503 Seniors • LYNN JUBAN, Baton Rouge; AMS Rep.; I.F.C.; Circle K; Kappa Alpha Sergeant-at-Anns; KA. • DIAN ELAINE KANAP- KEY, Shreveport; Psychology; Psychology Club, Secretary Psi Chi. • KAREN E. KARISNY, Tioga; Art Ed.; AWS, Publicity Chairman; State Fair Court; Student Union Fine Arts Committee Chairman; Spirit Committee; Winter Ball Court. • CHRIS KEELER, Abbeville; Speech Ed.; Debate; Sop. Counselor; Staff Assist ant; Davis Players, Secretary. • MARIE KELLEY, Shreveport; Nursing; LASN; NASN- Sr Counselor. • RITA BETH KEMP, Natchitoches. • ELAINE KENNEY, Shreveport; Math; Band. • ROBERT KERR, Shreve- port; Music Theory Composition; Phi Mu Alpha; BSU; ' Chorale. • DAVID KEYS, Shereveport; Accounting; Beta Gamma Psi. • DEAN B. KILMER, Morgan City; AMS. • JAMES ARNOLD KIMBALL, Natchitoches; Distributive Business Ed.; National Business Ed. Association. • PATRICIA ROXANNE KIMBALL, Bossier City; Nursing; LASN; AWS; Sop. Counselor; NSNA; Honor Roll. • STEPHEN L. KIMSEY, Fort Smith, Arkansas. • MALCOLM F. KIRSOP; Shreveport; Geography; AUSA; Black Knights; AMS, Rep. • JOHN O. KITE, Shreveport; Music; Phi Mu Alpha. • MARCIA KITE, Shreveport; SAL • CYNTHIA KITTLER, Shreveport; Pre-Med Zoology; Choir; Campus Girl Scouts, President. • CHARLES RAY KNIGHTEN, Ville Platte, Music. • ROBERT EDWIN KOCK, Pollock; Elec- tronics Technology; I. E. Club. • CAROL KOHOUT, Shreveport; Sociology Psychology. • RHONDA LACOUR, Lena, Spanish; Chorus; Chorale; Mad- rigal Group; Spanish Club, President; Kappa Delta Pi. • STE- PHEN O. LACOUR, Baton Rouge. • SHELBY LACROIX, Alex- andria; SAM. • ALLEN LAMBARD, Pineville; Industrial Arts; ROTC; I.E. Club. • GLADYS LAMBERT, Innis; Business Education; Pi Omega Pi, President. • JANICE BOLTON LANCASTER, Cotton Valley; Primary Ed.; Wesley Foundation; SLTA; Dorm Officer. • BAR- BARA LANDRUM, New Orleans; Primary Ed.; SLTA; Sr. Counselor. • PATRICIA LAPRAIRIE, Pineville. • BRENDA GALE LAURET, Winnfield; Nursing; NSNA; LASN. • DONNA LAVINE, Oil City. • DAVID LAW, Florien; Zo- ology. • RACHEL LAW, Florien; Primary Ed.; Sop. Counselor; Sr. Counselor; Staff Assistant; SLTA. • PATRICK C. LEBLANC, Delcambre; Health, Physical Ed. Recreation, Phi Epsilon Kappa, His torian. • SHELIA LEBLEU, Jennings; Nursing. • ROGERS ADAM LEDOUX, Eunice. • HOWARD LEE, Oil City; PEK; Baseball Manager; Choir. 3°4 Seniors 121 • I l l) ill Nati hito hes; k • Kl( II Md) III New i )i • WAYN1 III II ,,.■ ll. ,1th ( I1..1.1I. • I l s I.I I I II V. • M l HI I I.I II 1 Nl SL1 Student Union Entertainment Committei • EVA M LEWIS Fob iccountintj • [0 W LEWIS Abbeville • M m W 1 IN RTO, Nev. Oi •m DH k UBERTO Shreveporl • MADELINE UEI Natchitoches; Library Science Upha Beta Upba Band SLTA • II l LICCIN, it- mia N 1 iiuj BS1 . Si LASN • Nl I l) I ill I S NatcbJtochei Upj • Ed . Kappi Delta PI SL1 • BEVERLY NOWELL LITTON DeQuinc) • SHARON LIV- INGSTON Lake Charles Math; Stall Vssistant • ROS1 l I LONG, Leesvilk Frew I. • M IR I II LOTT, •!• Economics Id PHYLLIS LOV1 Winnfield Health Physkal Ed PI M Women ' s Sports • IROLYN LOVELL Bosaiei Citj i II. .nine rherap) • CRAIC LOVEL1 Boaster City; Electi • CHERRY LOVITT, Sulphur; Health , Physical Ed PEM Sr ( Counselor • I I DRJ ni LOW1 Minden; Industrial trts I I ' • I Wis LOW] Haynesville; Distributivi Buaina m. in Associate; s p Women ' s Rep |i Women ' s Rep SCA buy; Who ' s Who; President oi Panhelleniq Pi Onega PI; ROTC sponsor. Majorette; Wesfej Foundation; K. 1 1 t; Tri-S na ' i Keepei oi Grades; -i- • HARRIE1 LOW- Kin. Monroe • I HI Hlti LUSH, Franklin • uiu.iwi McCARTNEl oil... Vgri-Busineai • l. RENO k McCOLLUM. Minden; Government SCA Freak Rep., Parliamentarian; (lint Judge, Entertainment (omi Speaker Forum; Wis Bhie k. • MAR1 McCORKl I ( unpti; Social Studies Ed SI l rown iWS • k lin McCOWN Shreveporl Uppei Elementar) Ed s| | • III -A in U m McCULLEN Springhill; Nursing; 1 s Wis s ( . Freshman lest. DEBORAH LYNN McCULLER B ssier ( t Vocal Ed Sigma Alpha lot dent; Ml Dean ' s tward; Chorale • ■ m Md l I Psycholog) • losl in McDANIEl I h ..Utl.. Industi nolog) II ( ' lull. • (IIMUollll McDEARMONl Shreveporl • HKIlvnn M ELHATTEN Shn vep rt KA • t ll M ES C McELWEl Ix ZooloBJ) !»• • •• ■ • I WD) I 11 si) | ELWEE, JR., Natchito Beta H ' i.i H« t.i 3°5 Seniors • BARBARA McINNIS, Lake Charles; Social Science Ed. • MARGARET McKAY, Minot, North Dakota; Primary Ed.; Sr. Counselor; SLTA. • BOH W. McLAMORE, Natchitoches; 2TT. • THOMAS MICHAEL McNICOLL, Glenmora. • CiLORIA McQUILLIN, Shreveport; Physical Ed.; SLTA; Var- sitv Volleyball Badmitton. • BARBARA ANN MAGEE, Frank- linton. • ANITA MAHAFFEY, Shreveport; Nursing; LASN. • fENNIE MALLEY, Many. • BRENDA KAYE MALONE, DeRidder; Primary Ed.; SLTA; 1966 Homecoming Court - Track Court. • JOHNNY MANNING, Natchitoches; Business Administration; Student Entertainment Committee; SAM; Interfraternity Football, Basketball, Track -Tl. • IVA NELL MARSHALL, Benson; Home Economics; Euthen- ics Club. • ALY ' IN B. MARSON, Watson; Social Sciences. • WILL A. MARSTON, Cousharta; Health, Physical Ed. Rec- reation; K2. • DONNA ELIZABETH MARTIN, Many; Primary Elementary Ed.; SLTA. • ELAINE MARTIN, Benton; Upper Elementary Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; SLTA; SR. Counselor. • LEON W. MARTIN, Glenmora. • RICHARD B. MARTIN, Bogalusa; Health, Physical Ed. Recreation; Phi Epsilon Kappa; BSU, Executive Council; Nep- tune Club, Vice-President. • BOBBY MASTERS, Florien; In- dustrial Arts; Basketball. • SANDRA SLACK MATTHEWS, Cotton Valley; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha. • SCOTTY MAXWELL, Shreveport; Business Administration; SGA; Presi- dent Louisiana SGA; AMS; Kappa Sigma Fraternity; Inter-Fra- ternity Council; Circle K; Blue Key; Who ' s Who; K-. DONALD MAYEAUX, Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. Natchitoches; Math; Blut » RONALD MAYEAUX, Key; Phi Eta Natchitoches; Math; Phi Eta Sigma; Blue Key; Phi Kappa Phi. • THOMAS M. MEACHUM, Ringgold; Science Ed.; BSU; Potpourri. • DONALD MEDICA, Alexandria Accounting. FOY W. MELDER, JR.; Glenmora; Sociology. • FRANCIS MEDLER, Jena; Speech Hearing Therapy Upper Elementary Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; SLTA. • BILLIE MERCHANT, Psychol- ogy; Psychology Club, Secretary; Psi Chi. • WAYNE MER- CHANT, Psychology; Psychology Club, Treasurer; Psi Chi. • SIDNEY MESSINA, Shreveport. • BARBARA L. MICHIELS, Pineville. • CHARLES T. MILITELLO, Buffalo, New York; Business Administration; Budget Election Board Committee; Intramurals; K . • FRANCES MILLER, Robeline; Primary Ed. • LORRIE MILLER, Shreveport; SAL • MIKE MILLER, Ne- greet; Zoology. • RODNEY MILLER, Woodbridge, Virginia; Electronics. • SARAH BARRETT MILLS, Bossier City; Nursing; LASN; NSNA; AWS; Honor Roll; Nu Sigma Phi. ifc 306 enwrs • Do ll is ■ • CALLIE LI KSU MISTER man Dorm I t; I SN • MARTHA MINVII illt Hom Economk I ■! . • ' II 1987 State l afa I • i • ■ i • Bossier, i I • 1 1 1 1 1 .il S I lent . l)o l I) i;i ll i.D MOl n.l Sh Simpson - • S M)H V MOOR! Bui • • B1 R I L MOORINC Shreveporl History Black K i S • MloM s | MOR l I s Kei n !!• iltl PBK; k • EDMOND MORELAND NatchUn Science • H II M M) MORGAN I • PATRIKA L MORGAN Saline Void Phi Kappa Pb Alpha l t. i Alpha Lambda Delta • | M . skl s MORRISON, Pineville; English • IRL (. MORROW Leesvilk Sodologj Wh Spanish Chib • M.I l Moss Leesville • [ANNIE Moss Campttj Upper I net it .11 N I (1 • SHARYN1 MOUSER, Shreveporl Nursing LSNA NSNA Parliamentarian • Mlkl MURRA) Pleasant Hill Animal Science • SUSAN L MURRELL Port Sulphur • WILLIAM I. MYERS Opelousai • WAYLAN ROSS NATTIN [R Bratfer Qty; Distribute Pi Omega PI • I l( I G l K, Mansura H i Kappa Delta Pi; Euthenia I lub • I LOYD I) Ml I Zwolle; Igricultun • PAU1 EDWARD NICKELS Sh Industrial t- Ed . I I tub • Ml NICHOLS Shreveporl inting Beta Camtna Pal, lent • |l 1)1 K kl s Baton R i Nursing NSN I s . hom rt C NIDA, Pinevilk l Phi Kt.i Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; I ' m hi Sr. M - i r • k Mil ui | Miami Bt ich, Florida IS • I l n oiin Natchitoches Math; Town IWS SI • LYNN oi I k Will R Mapkrwood II retarial administration; Band; Iwirlrt • BRYAN B NORWOOD |R M imfield Zoolog) Beta Beta Bet • VINCENT O IU l Shreveporl • M VRILYN OM M Bal n s i s BSI • STAN S PARHAM v ' STT • |l I I PARKI I. Physical I d PI M irsit) W • H %RBAR V PARROI I Vivian, s, H i.,l St 3°7 Seniors • DANE G. PENNY, Baton Rouge; Interior Design. • 1RBY L. PERKINS, JR., Leesville: Economics. • CAROLYN PEYTON ' , ( ' .istor; Business Ed.; Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Omega Pi; Phi Kappa Phi. • HUGH PHILLIPS, Natchitoches; Psychology; Psychology Club; Choir. • JANE PHILLIPS, Jena; Home Economics. • MAYETTA JEAN PHILLIPS. Shreveport; Nursing; LASN; NSNA. • RONNIE L. PHILLIPS. Vinton; Upper Elementary Ed. • RICARDO PLATT, Puerto Cavello, Venezuela. • SANDRA HELMS PLATT, Natchitoches; Zoology; Alpha Sigma Alpha Treasurer; Beta Beta Beta; A2A. • JEANETTE PONS, Kisatchie, Music (Piano); Sigma Alpha Iota; Chorale. • JOHN W. PORCHE, Franklin; Health Safety Physical Ed.; Phi Epsilon Kappa; N Club; Varsity Athletic Trainer; AMS Rep. • BALTASAR PORTILLO, San Salvador, El Salvador; Agricul- ture Bus.; SAM. • KATHRYN D. POSEY, Mansfield; Primary Ed.; Sop. Counse- lor; Sr. Counselor; SLTA. • MICHAEL WILLIAM POUSSON, Alexandria. • CHARLES W. POWELL, Shreveport; Industrial Arts Ed.; Gamma Delta Iota. • EDWIN B. POWELL, Shreve- port; Social Science; ROTC; AUSA. • LYNWOOD R. POWELL, Natchitoches; Industrial Ed. Electronics; Pi Eta Sigma; I. E. Club; Iota Lambda Sigma. • STEPHEN W. PRIME, JR., Bossier City; History; Phi Alpha Theta, Vice-President; AMS, Sop.. Jr., Sr., Rep., Secretary; SLTA; Newman Club; Music Film Committee Chairman; Phi Kappa Phi. • VIRGINIA MERLE PROCELL, Noble; Business Ed.; Pi Omega Pi. • MARGARET ANN PURCELL, Bossier City; Busi- ness Ed.; Pi Omega Pi; SLTA. • BEATBICE JANE PURGLEY, Port Sulphur; Nursing; NSNA; LASN. • IVAN QUINTERO, Panama; Agronomy. • CHARLES RABALAIS, Powhatan; Upper Elementary Ed.; KA. . JOAN RABALAIS, Cottonport; French; SLTA; Sr. Counselor. • JANET RAINS, Bossier City; Secretarial Administration; Senior Counselor; Floor Representative. • NELDA JEAN RAINS, Mans- field; Social Science Ed. • J. BENTLEY RAMBIN, Pelican; Health Physical Ed.; Phi Epsilon Kappa, Treasurer. • JOHN M. RAMBIN, Pelican. • CLEN RAY RAMSEY, Castor; Social Science Ed. • JEANNIE RAMSEY, Logansport; Business Ed.; Majorett; Pi Omega Pi; SLTA. • LARRY E. RAMSEY, Mansfield; Math. • NORA RED- MOND, Alexandria; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Neptune Club. • JANIE L. REID, Baton Rouge. • MICHAEL RESTOVICH, Shreveport; Psychology Sociology; Psychology Club, Vice- President; Psi Chi; Kappa Alpha Corresponding Secretary; KA. • SHERYL RESWEBER, St. Martinville. • LORENE SINGLE- TARY RICHARD, Jennings. ma % fi$£LQ 308 St miors PI Wll HK II MIDS Delhi . | | I Kl ks ! LINDA RIDLON Shn IK II M I. I) HK.I)() Uhland H | • M s KK.(. si,,, . • . n low tNIELLO RISPOLI Queens, - « Vera v nting H - ' . Ir Men ' i U p IVea un i Blue K. •. s l t s U • . «„,.... Club; Kl • I. HI ( I I HIM I Slide! HI.., k Kntul.ts • |I ) ROB1 His s). ( ouiiM lor • I Wll S l ROBERTSON s| UbnJnitti I c minting s i President Who ' i Wb I I ( lub BeU Gamma I ' m • DAWN SHI RMAN ROBH MM Shreveport; Nursing; LASN NSNA • PATTY1 ROBINSON Bossier ( t Business Ed VWS, s r Rep on ID Board D Office] Student l nion Entertainment Committee; Who ' Who Sr Counseloi President Delta Zeta M • WENDELL I lso Stankr) • RAYMOND RODCERS Shreveport Debate; D.. : Pi Kappa Delta; Outstanding 1967-68 Debater; KA • H Hl ROHRBI K, Fullerton; NSN LASN Rq I • JOSEPH RONDI U Natchitoches; Industrial re Ed I I Chib; SLTA " SHIRLEY ROQUEMORI Natchftochei • ( Mill HIM i ROS1 Baton Rougi • DWIII. ROS1 Baton Rouge; Elec tr o n ics • |l D ROSE, Sh r eveport; Secr e tary, Se t Counselor • vi it ' ll l 1 l ROSE Shreveport • l lu Hoss Shreveport; ll m Economics I ' d . Kappa Delta PI; Demonettes ai . h HHK ROUNDTRE1 LeeaviOe; Chemistrj • OTIS I ROUNDTRE1 IK Catetvilk .wth Carolina; Electronici I I dub • MARTHA VICTORIA How I l.l Shreveport; Primar) Ed.; Upha Lambda Delta; sl.i Kappa Dj It.. Pi • DEBBIE Kimil Shreveport; Prim SLTA IX nn Rep.; Rodeo Chib us • CHARLOTTJ P RUFFIN N itoches; s log) . GLORIA K Ml RUSHING, 00 I uthenics Club • PHI I I IS In W 1 ffie I S ( |. | • I I Kin RO mi WD no«.i Electn Math; 1.1 Chib; Rifle ream. Monitor Cap • I Ho i s u SANDEFU1 11 rille • Dom i s s i)| rs SI • ' Ki VI s Dl hs Baton Rouge; Nursing; Phi Kappa PbJ I NSNA • STEPHEN SANCSTEI I Massachusetts • LYDIA SATTLI R, H..|..l.i„- Prim • JONETTA R SA I Bast .: I s s . |. | SAVOII v. Cum Business Manager, Circle k KA 3°? Seniors • DAN SCARBOROUGH, Shreveport; Business Administration; Sigma Chi. • DAVID 1 SCHANZ, JR.; Vinton; Animal Science; Demeter; Rodeo Club. • JOSEPH W. SCHELETTE, Flora; Ac- counting; Beta Gamma I ' m; Phi Kappa Phi. • RONNIE SCHIL- LING, Fredericksburg, Texas. • LINDSEY SCHLECEL, Bossier City. • JOHN SCHMIDT, Shreveport; Industrial Technology; I.E. Club ' . • WILLIAM E. SCHWARTZ, Shreveport; Sociology; IFC, President; Spirit Com- mittee; AUSA; Monitor; Potpourri; President Sigma Tau Gamma; 2TT. • MARVIN SCHWARTZENBURG, Opelousas; Business Administration; KA. • CHABLOTTE SCOTT, Sardis, Mississippi. • GERALDINE SCOTT, Forest Hill; Nursing; NSNA; LASN. • MYBNA KAYE SEAL, Bogalusa; Nursing; Phi Kappa Phi; LASN; NSNA. • SHARON SEWARD, Shreveport; Secretarial Adminstration. • HAL H. SHACKELFOBD, Baton Rouge; KA. • WILLIAM SHACKELFORD, Vinton. • SANDRA SHADDOCK, Leesville; English Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; ABA; Band; Sop. Counselor; Staff Assistant. • ALENE SHARP, Alexandria. • SHERBY SHAUB, Haughton; Upper Elementary Ed.; Dorm Publicity Chairman; Sop. Counselor; AWS Publicity Chairman; Delta Zeta Historian Lamp Editor; A .. • JOHN BAKEB SHEFFER, Hanover, Penn.; Industrial Technology Electronics; Demon Divers. • PATBICIA ANN SHEFFIELD, Alexandria; Psychology Sociology; Psychology Club. • GLYNN SHELTON, Winnfield; Sociology. • JEBBY SHEPPABD, Bossier City. • BLANCHE GABB SIB- LEY, Baton Rouge. • GARY SILVEY, Russellville, Kentucky; Health Physical Ed.; PEK. • EDDIE SIMMONS, Dry Prong; English Ed.; Band; Chorale; Radio Club; BSU, Sop. Execu- tive Councils. • LARRY J. SIMPSON, Shreveport. • JEANE SKERRETT, La- fayette; Home Economics. • CHARLES SKINNER, El Dorado, Ark.; SGA, Jr. President; Current Sauce editor; BSU, Fresh., Sop. Council, Executive Council, Devotional Chairman; Blue Key; STr. • BABBARA SLACK, SpringhiU; Sociology; Phi Kappa Phi; SK. • EUNICE SLATER, DeRidder, Sociology. • PATRICIA B. SLA- VEN, Mt. Hermon; Nursing; LASN; NSNA. • LOVD D. SLEDGE, Coushatta; Upper Elementary Ed.; SLTA; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Blue Key. • BRADFORD SMITH, De- Bidder; Math. • BRENDA SMITH, Florien; Nursing; LASN; NSNA. • DA- PHANA SMITH, Robeline; Home Economics; AWS, President Recording Secretary; SGA, Freshman Associate; Purple Jack- ets; Demmonettes; Cheerleader; Winter Ball Queen; Sop. Coun- selor. • DAVID SMITH, Bossier City; Health Physical Ed.; Who ' s Who; Football; Baseball; N Club, President; President of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Phi Epsilon Kappa; 1967 Defensive Back Award. • JUANITA SMITH, Bossier City; Sociology. 3 io Seniors M f m in i smith, si,.. , , I U sMINI «nlt ' Vlpha Rl sMIIII s|„, . SHARRON IIH M s SMITH LSN • CESAR |OSt SOSA I • |i)ll SPARROW Pinevilk I Wis s,, ,, i ,, . wrnuui Club • DOUGLAS SPEARS I I " " i • BARBARA LEE STA EEC 1 pi- 1 I 1 " t n) ■ Delta PI - ah, m ' ' • DOLORI s m (.«. |, umdrifl I • l III I s I Ml I io Elizabeth; II-. Ironic i I I l)i u.-.: Club ROTI • LORN s|| (.Ml ; | • ( II Mil I s s| | phi s Club • HI l I s|| riii s Provencal; Home Efonom Club • MK II l I s|| PHI s ( , | pcvill Black Knights Weslcj Foundal • IM)H()llh s|| | s Shreveport; Sodolog) • MABIANN sin ( .i Centa I S.u Studies. AHA. • DOUG SULLIVAN Leesville; Mum. Phi Mu Upha Sfnl Band; Orchestra; Brass Ensemble Chorus • Kl II MU) - I l V ( otton Valte) Zoology; Beta Beta Beta • II RR1 SUM- MI HI l . Bossier City; Ceologj Geological Societ) !)• Divers • HAHH H fACKETT, Mam • II Hin I Mill Zacharj Nursing • H H l l llll. I Many; Uppei Elementar) Ed • RONNII C rAYl Converse; Business administration • CHERYL MW I I HHV. Shreveport; Primarj Ed.; Kappa Pi, Purple- Jackt-i i 87 I .in Court; 1967 s 68 si m., [ " au { ho; President 1). Ita Zeta; s .. • s l. l rHICPIN MandeviUe • |AMES IIK M s II -i.-smIIi-. Industrial rts | | Club • SANDRA IHOMASON Pitkin; Primary Ed • EDWARD II rHOMPSON Florida; |oumalism; ( urn ni Saua Future J mi rnu. Phi Rho l ' i. Del iti ream I . Writei - Foundation. • M l III I IK IIWsM Shreveport 1 • DON ( ' ll sl I V Shreveport; Business Vdministral s M • HI I R] lo ll R Shn i-.ts I ,! Upha Beta Upha SLTA • II MU I S IHOMAS I HI M)U Mi Gi ind .-- MM • Willi M III H1 MU M) W Shi Wi lk I • I l |) I H l n I (l.ii. • il ORCI rROTTER ,1! • I ' WI Ql KLLS Nun Purple lackets I s s jn Seniors • DANNY BOB TURNER, Shreveport; Physical Ed.; Blue Key, Vice President; PEK; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Intrammura] Coordi- nator, BSU, Executive Council. Men ' s Spiritual Chairman; SLTA; Baseball; All CSC Third Baseman 1967 68, Little All-American Has, hall 1967; Who ' s Who; Football; Monitor; SGA Faculty- Student Relations Committee; Honor Roll; Outstanding Male Physical Educator L967 cV 68; American Assoc, of Health, Physi- cal ' Ed. Rec; La. Assoc, of Health, Physical Ed. Rec. • GARY D. TYLER. Springhill; Business Administration. • EULA D. URANKAR, Grand Chenier; Accounting tV Business Administra- tion. • CAROLYN L. VALENTINE, Alexandria; Secretarial Ad- ministration. • JUDY DIANNE VEULEMAN, Many. • DORIS WALKER, Natchitoches; Home Economics; Kappa Delta Pi; Euthenics Club; BSU; AWS; Dorm Vice-President; Delta Zeta, Ed. Chairman, Scholarship Chairman; Scholarship Award 1967; AZ. • RONALD (.. WALKER. Shreveport; Business Administration; AMS Rep. • JAMES RAY WALLACE, Natchitoches; Geology Society. • VIRGINIA ANN WALLS, Hornbeck; Math. • WAYNE A. WARREN, Shreveport; Animal Science; Demeter, Secretary; Ro- deo Club. • NORMA WATERS, Lafayette; Business Ed.: Dorm Social Chairman; AWS. • SHIRLEY WEAVER, Oil City. • JACKIE WEBER. Baton Rouge; Nursing; NSNA; LASN; Stu- dent Body Secretary Baton Rouge Campus 1967-68. • J. STE- PHEN WEBER, Rapid City, South Dakota; Geology; Geo- logical Society; Gymnastics Team; K . • SARAH BOYD WELLS, Natchitoches; Library Science; ABA, Par.; Canterbury Assoc. • REBECCA WERNER, Leesville. • CHARLENE WHEELER, New Orleans; Primary Ed.; SLTA; Staff Assistant; Dorm President; State Fair Court; Election Board. • GARY WADE WHITE, Flatwoods, Upper Elementary Ed. • MARILYN ELIZABETH WHITE, Bienville. • NANCY WHITEHURST, Converse; Home Economics; Purple Jackets; Phi Kappa Phi, AWS, Social Chairman; Dorm Officer; TKE Sweetheart. • ROGER LYNN WHITTINGTON, Bayou Chicot. • DAVID ALLEN WILLIAMS, Alexandria; iTT. • GARY WILLIAMSON, Lake Villa, Illinois; Upper Elementary Ed. • STUART V. WIL- LIAMS, Venice. • THOMAS C. WILLIAMS, Georgetown; Biology Ed.; Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Beta Beta. • VICKI WILLIAMS, Libuse; Busi- ness Ed.; Pi Omega Pi. • GAYLE WINFREE, Converse; Music (Piano). • KENNETH LARRY WILSON, Shreveport; Business Administration; SAM. • TOMMIE L. WINBURN, New Orleans; Industrial Electronics. • THOMAS R. WINN, Haynesville; Psychology; Psychology Club. CHERYL JEAN WOOD, Shreveport; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Sigma Sigma, Jr. Panhellenic Delegate, Cor- respondence Secretary, President. • MICHAEL F. WOOD, Mor- gan City; Business Administration. • MICHAEL WOODRUFF, Shreveport; Electronics. • JIMMIE WOODS, Minden; Industrial Arts; I.E. Club; Football; Who ' s Who. • WILL EUGENE WOODS. Montgomery; Animal Sci- ence. • JULIA BIU ' MLEY WOODWARD, V erda. ill Seniors • | l I I I UHK.II r. s i s . | WW WRICH1 Ma • l lt I l UK. Ill Many; Hon I • DII WKK.Ill Clenmon • K Mill I I UHK.II I [ena • BRl I II I M V ( I, ,• • I .1.1 ( .( )IO V)l Administration Westminster Fellow • ' i ' ZACh i.llu l .is Didk Martin watchei professional VS( h - ri 3«3 Junior Class Officers President CHARLIE BALLIR O Vice-President LARRY GRACIE Secretary-Treasurer LYNDA HENDERSON Men ' s Representative STEPHEN RHODES Women ' s Representative PATSIE SLIFER 3H Juniors %1 ' 1 22 ?a ' k Tk 11%%m 1 11 ! II M) |s |OHX Rl( H Mil I |s LYNN 1)1 I I | fs N ' I LIAM II M) !s l ID M)Dlsn l) ) K) W)l KHOI.D DWII) I)KI s Ml MO I M)I I 1 Mil I l IHII Mil WILLIAM II I M I HUM II A hi in wii s KM II M)I RSSON II M I II Mil l)| H [OI li ll I I |K EVELYN H H Kii |i ROBERT WILLIAM MiM • ( l« l I M I || ARMSTRONG ( II Mil I s H ()I I) I. MUD M M)I I) WANDA I MIRINCTON LINDA MUHl it ( II Mil I S slll I 1 DON IIK IK II Ml. ATKINS III MO I viunni) |R K)ll l Ml LINDA BABERS m i m i (. m ( ( i s l M 1 II HMIWI DON Ml) BAIL! 1 TOMM1 BAIL! 1 CI ORGANN BAKER I Mi BAKER I l I l KI R CH H1 I s ROSARIO BALLIRO TKK PI I M BAM1 CAROL BANNIS1 I I BARNES SAJ 1 II II BARNE1 I 1 SLIE I Mil. H HI I M HUBERT M BARB I ( K II. BARB CAROL BATEMAN »M KIWI 111 l BATES in M)l)ll S BAXT1 I MiKV BAZEB i « BE MU) I MilM ' BE HDI PI (.(.1 I BEAS1 I ' i TEBB1 I DM 1 1 1 (.1 is |AM( I 1 1 NNE I I run IP i i RCl ron s|| Mi() HI IH M M m BEVEBSON M 1 1 11 I I ! I U 1 11. HUM) BOHm MIHDW I I 1. MEBVIN BIBDW1 I I M s |llli | ( II EARNI si V UI 1 1 ( klUH DWII I. BI ( Ks||| H CAROL Bl KI II IZAB1 III 1 1 VK1 I n i i n i i ( iim(I) en niis niooimniiiii ■ ■ ' N ' al ionn.i ■ 1 H ■ ■ Sunn i i Isle S M.iitl, M •• Iphui Juniors THOMAS BLOUIN Ethel BOBO Slidell TRAVIS LYNN BOLTON Slagle JOHN BOXETTI New Britain, Conn. NANCY D. BONNETTE Winnfield JOHN BOOGAERTS Shreveport LINDA BOUDREAUX Oberlin MARY ELAINE BOUDREAUX Abbeville DANNY BOUTWELL Shreveport SHARON BOWDEX Shreveport PEGGY BOWLIN Shreveport RON. NY BOX Shreveport JACK BOYDSTUN, TR. Natchitoches VELMA BREAUX Raceland LACY (SKIP) BREEDEX Pride CAROL ANN BREWER Amandale, Virginia 1 WICE KAYE BRIDGES Greensburg KAREN BRIGXAC Brittany VICKIE BRINKLEY Cotton Valley DAVID BRITT Saline DALE BROUILLETTE Cottonport IO AXX BROUSSARD Baton Rouge CHARLYN BROUSSARD Gueydan CHARLOTTE BROWN Leesville DOUGLAS V. BROWN Rockport, Mass. IERRY WAYNE ' BROWN Springhill MARY CAROLYN BROW X Shreveport MEDA RHEA BROWN Hornbeck SAMMY K. BROWN Coushatta STEVE M. BROWX Natchitoches SUSAN BRUMFIELD, AZ Baton Rouge ELSIE BRYANT Natchitoches MARY BERXARD, AZ Natchitoches HENRY LEAN BURXS Shreveport GARRY BURSOX Shreveport MARCIA BUSS Orlando, Fla. BILL CALE Tyner, North Carolina GARY LYXN CAMPBELL Shongaloo SHELIA ANN CAMPBELL Cotton Valley JAMES CANSLER Olla NANCY CAPERTON Bossier City JULIE CARPENTER St. Landry LORA DEAN CARPENTER Natchitoches LOUIS CARPENTER Calvin JOAL RENEE CARROLL Florien JOHNNIE DAVID CARNLINE Robeline MAGGIE CART Crowley GLENDA SUE CARTER Bastrop LINDA KIT CARSON Haughton SAUNDRA CHANCE Hnmbeck VARAH CHINUKOSVONGS Bangkok, Thailand GARY X. CLAUSING Peotone, Illinois DIAXE CLEMENTS Shreveport GLYNDA CLOUD Mansfield LIXDA COILE Plain Dealing PHILLIP COLE Coushatta BECKY COLEMAX Shreveport STANLEY (BUDDY) COLVIN Alexandria CONNIE CONINE, AZ Natchitoches CANDACE ANX COODY Shreveport BETTY COOK Winnsboro SANDRA Sl ' E COOK Shreveport SANDRA B. CORKERN Baton Rouge TOMMIE CORDOVA Ferriday JOHN M. COX S. Petersburg, Fla. ROBERT L. COX, JR. Cheneyville v L %fk f?VvB filjF Juniors VMM ( ( Sljf DOHOI IIV ( OM 1 h [O NN K l 1 LINDA L CR MN fuvilk RONNII 1) CREECH T ilPBr " HflM RI HARD HI 1 1) ROBIN REICHTON i MICH Ml. o ( ROOKS S WDH A CROTW1 1 1 Bal LYNDA ROU II l i KEVIN CROW1 11 ' ' SHIRLE1 ( R1 N |.l Shn STIAI ( RYER Slir - R( »B1 l; 1 (Ml l s • ' (Mill ( i I.I ' Nat hil • LINDA ' NNINCH w Del NORRIS W (ruin 1 I.I. is | DAIGL1 CAR! DAND 1 lit SSELL ) WANDA 1 DARK YVini 1)1 DARNE 11 Plain I) ' KATHERINl DAVID H.l! 1 1 l) IS 1U HI ( ( ]) Is ill I lh. SIMMIE DEBOS1 PATSY DEL i OSS1 Bankfa MICHAEL A Dl I ( WIHHI unbn DAJ 1 L DEM I 1 1 I HuJil.r D ID 1 DICKSON i:.t I Ml i IX) Dill ON Kr.inklintor DIANE l)l o Bftl Dl K DOLLAR Nit h.: 1 l l K V DOMANCl I - 1 HOUM NATHAN DOW 1)1 N Hon T1.H1U DRIGC1 There has to hr n i un ker u ay of gettinn inti th. 3 " 7 For ' ,Ui u. that, nobodk :.-, Juniors E. PAULINE DUCOTE SH WON DUHON PAMELA ANN DUNN DIAN V DURBIN MICHAEL 1. DURRANT MON ' TEZ DUPUY EVA JO EASO.N HJDY EBARB PATRICIA EICHELBERGER GARY LANE ELLIOTT MARIANNE EVANS RUSSELL EVAN ' S, ITK WILLIAM B. EVANS MARY EYMARD PATRICK G. EZERNACK VIRGIL EZERNACK MARTHA L. FAIRCLOTH STEPHEN! FARABEE HOWARD E. FARABOUGH J A NELL ANN FAWCETT GLORIA A. FENN IYADELL FENTON DANNY FERGUSON D. BARRY FISHER KAREN FITTS MARVIN FLETCHER S. ANGILEEN FLETCHER CONSTANCE FLOYD OLENDA FONTENOT HERMAN LEE FONTENOT BILLY G. FORBIS LARRY FONDHAM PARSY FORTSON ROBERT FOWLER MICHELE FRANCELLA, 222 JIM FREEMAN, ZTT CAROL FRENCH LARRY A. FULLER NANCY FUNDERBURK JOHN GALLEMORE TONI GALLIANO ANNA GALLIEN MILLIE GALLIEN JOSEPH CARDSBANF JIMMY CARLINGTON ROBERT (iATES DIANE C. CELDERMAN HUGH GENTRY Baton Rouge Groves, Texas Shreveport DeQuincy Rochester, NY. Mansfield Many Noble Shreveport Bossier City Shreveport Shreveport Baton Rouge Larose Zn ' olle Zwolle Dry Prong Alexandria Springhill Kinder St. Petersburg, Fla. Marthaville Shreveport Zachary Hornbeck Mansfield Verda Natchitoches Golden Meadow Lake Charles Alexandria Woodworth Robeline Jena Shreveport Wheaton, Md. Natchitoches Shreveport Florien Shrevepoit Galliano Natchitoches Natchitoches Shreveport Dry Prong Crowley Stamford, Conn. Natchitoches JEAN MARIE GEORGE ROBERT CERALDO PAULA CHENT EDWIN BENTON CIBSON ROBERT E. GOING, JR. JANICE GOSS SUE GOSS REGINA COUDEAU LINDA CONZALES LARRY GRACIE, ITK MARIAN GRAHAM BEVERLY D. GRANT SANDRA GAYLE GRAVES GEORGE RALPH GRAY, -Tl ' KATHRYN ELIZABETH GRAY, 222 1 ' AI RICIA GREEN, AZ RICHARD W. GREER KAREN MAYES GRIFFIN Baton Rouge Leesville Shreveport Logansport Opelousas Shreveport Colfax Evergreen Gonzales Wilmington, Del. Shreveport Leesville Verda Sibley Shreveport Jeaneratte Shreveport Winnfield » k J un tors PATRH k CI ll IO si s (.1 IMIU | | in KOWII i.l INS bi mrcin KOBER 1 II l l s rED HAU 8T1 RON ID II I KX k 1 HOM s II VKIMW W I ' l (.il H l;l l Ml 1 1) HARRIS IK 1 W II KKIS s||) l 1 II Mil l RAY1 I 1 ll ii l 1 LAI K DOR] l II u kl S i) id ii i ni w n in k rum in BI R i 1 l) III NDI RSON 1 RON Ml) III DI RSON I). 1 1 " i l) III I)I RSON, ill TM 1. Ill ssi BOLIN K IIK.(.s ii i ' l.MUO HILLMAN RALPH II IIIM s s n i i. i hi io ' ()K l kl l 1 II HODOS ( .: (.1 MA HOCAN ' DOWN K HOI LAND IK HOI IOW Mi li ns i i) HOI LINGSWORTH Ihvflk sill RION 1 HOI LINGSWORTH BONNIE HOI. 1. is Fl Dl w l l HOI Ml R W ' mnfifld KKI HOLOUB1 K • kl l 1 II w HOI I Bl ID HOOD RON HOOP1 R • 1 ( k HORN ' l l hlO 1 IK)K ■ ROG1 R HORN! W WM HORTON Plain !)• CHRIS Hoi Mil) ( III KU. HOI SI ■ ROSE III Kl n ' (II Mil. is 1) III DSON ' FRAN ES III 1 ■ ill - II III II R S ICKIE III K lll so ■ III R] I 1 l HYDE • t II R ES B l 1 DA ID 1 tCKSON LINDA W 1 Wll 1Z • M Mil II I R is svillr 1 Wll s || tNSONNI ■ MARCARI I lOKl BEV1 Kl. 1 ! IOHNSON • LINDA k JOHNSON » i!l |OH S() sill I 1 BETH |OHNSON |oll l 1 II IOHNSTON BR1 NDA CAYLI [ONI S DARU l [o l S s wm |o l S w n |ONI s mi . ioi io i DON k A k Juniors C; LEX DA F. KEEN ALICE BONNEY KELLY SI I RO. KELLEY GEORGEANA KENDALL PETER KENDALL JOHN H. KEPPEL GARY R. KERAN CAROL ANN KEYS PALL KEYSER AARON KIDDER ROBERT A. KING DIANE KINGREY GEORGIA KINNISON JACQUELINE KINZER KIT KITTRELL IIM KNAPP, 2Tr MARGENE KRAMER JODIE LAFIELD WARREN LAMBARD RONALD DEAN LAMBERT SARAH LAMBERT MALINDA LANDREM CHRISTINE LANZILLOTTI CHARLES D. LAREY JAMES R. LASH BETH LEACH, M ALVIN C LEAKE ANNE LEBLANC WAYNE LEBLEU Bossier City Alexandria W ' innfield Marks ville Leesville New Orleans Natchitoches Alexandria Natchitoches Arnaudville Shreveport Haynesvilk- Grayson Shreveport Lake Charles Lake Charles Pensacola, Fla. Coushatta Pineville Roheline Many Shreveport Shreveport Shreveport Cotton Valley Natchitoches Harvey Denhani Springs Eunice fltW ' i mm m A m «fl Could it he true hue? 3 10 102233 juniors 1 Wll s B III 1 II) LECENDI M. 1 1 w IS, I i VWII 1 1 1 WIS ROBI HI LINDSAY ■ Dow LINDSI , i 1 1 Willi M L01 1 1 DONN LO |l I) 1 ) LOOMIS HELEN J 1 o l LAD1 |OSI I ' ll II l kl l ill LYONS |OHN M II.IM I l. RON M.I) M KKIDI STEPH1 M I l HI ON ( MA l kl INI M( 1 1 RRIN ( II M,l 1 s |( |, | |s 1 ()l [SE M kl 1 i - • K m McKNICHl ■ LYD1 1 Wl M LAMORJ i). i VLLYSON M LAI Hl 1 i i l M LENDON ■ llkkl Ml W II 1.1 Wis ROBER1 M ILONI ' i K . l l)l l LSON l (.oi.l) l ■ esviOe MILLARD M WMU l PHILIP M M Wis 1 ( « 1 Sin. l) M 1. l Mil I s l l I MARINO H 11 RN M Mil i l Ml) l Mil l PHYLLIS l Mil l V K.i! ii:iun i sn us 11 DEBOR Ml M M LDIN ii i n ray i noii PHILLIP M uro HJda k Mil Ml s| (. tvillc STEV1 Ml lit 1 H • DONN Ml li H W 1 Inkle H tYMOND MICHII 1 S milri.t H( III! Mil 1 1 1. N i ( H M Is wi si n Mil 1 1 I. ( I lUO MIL1 1 li 1 ll s i. MILLER sii rill i Mil li H M UHLYN FAY1 Mil. IK W ( II Mil Dl 11 Mil 1 S id..h.. M Mik 1 MON rCOMERY, Kl l Kl I) MOOR1 M Mil 11 MOOR] RICH KD (• MOK V S ' atchil o l D MORGAN 1)1 Wl 1)1 1 s MORRIS 1). Kul.l.r kl l 1 II MORRIS kl 1 n MoKKlsii iiuln.i |OH 1 Ml 1 l - PATRICK k MURPH) ■ ixln.i ROBERT Ml RPHY, -i i W II. Lis B Ml KKin IK Mil 1 UCIEN Ml RZYN Aid n ' i. in ( LAUDI i M II Dllll NEWBII I ' LAI Kll IWII s | WSOM ik I ' M 1. l W |o md 1 lai Juniors RONALD NICOSIA V ineland, New Jersey ROBERT I. NORRIS Zachary DONALD NORWOOD Mansfield BONNIE JEAN NUGENT Pineville DONNA NUGENT Pineville FREDERICK SCOTT NUGENT Fredericksburg, Va. VIC NYVALL Kilgore, Texas PAT O ' BRIEN- Coushatta DEBBIE O ' BRVAN, A . Marksville TROY S. ODOM, JR. Minden DIANE M. OLIVER Tioga GVNDEE OSBORNE, AZ Grand Cane ANN PADDEN Sulphur DORIS IRENE PARKER Shreveport SHARON ELIZABETH PARKER Winnfield CHARLES RICHARD PARKS Minden SAMUEL PARRY, ITK Shreveport LINDA PASSMORE Vinton ROGER PAULK Buckeye JOANNA PAYNE DeRidder THOMAS MICHAEL PAYNE, ITK Shrcveport MARY KATHERINE PEACOCK West Monroe IAN PEARCE Baton Rouge CATHERINE ROSE PELT Leesville GARY L. PENCE Baton Rouge JERRY PENFJELD Many SUE ANNE PETRUS Shreveport RICHARD PETERSEN Quincy, Mass. ALWYN PHILLIPS Baton Rouge DIANNA PHILLIPS Raton Rouge LINDA ANN PHILLIPS, AZ Natchitoches SARAH T. PHILLIPS Natchitoches LILA ITERSE Singer YIRGILIO PILOLA Leesville BEN PINCKARD Colfax GEORGE PINCKARD Bienville GEORGIA PIPES Newellton FRED M. PIPPEN, 2TT Shreveport MICHAEL PISTORIUS Shreveport MIKE POOL Bossier City LYNNE POOLE Baton Rouge VICKI LYNN POOLE Oil City BOB POSEY Independence, Mo. PAM PRAET Alexandria MARK PREZIOSI Shreveport MARGARET PRUDHOMME, AZ Natchitoches BEVERLY PYLE Shreveport DOROTHY RACHAL Natchitoches LOUIS P. RACHAL Alexandria JIMMIE A. RACINE Colfax JAMES K. RAMBIN Pelican MARK RAMBIN Mansfield DORIS RAMBO Georgetown HANS RASMUSSEN, TT New Orleans CHARLES M. RAYMOND Natchitoches ALLIE JEAN REED Crowley JUDITH ELIZABETH REESE, AZ Shreveport BILL REYNOLDS New Orleans JANET REYNOLDS Shreveport MADALYN REYNOLDS Alexandria SHARON REYNOLDS Shreveport KATHRYN RHODES Natchitoches STEPHEN L. RHODES Saline BETH RICE, Z2z Slidell PAUL E. RIGGS Jonesville BENNIE D. RIKARD Natchitoches , £ 3 aaaa 4 fe » i juniors RAMI 1 ROBI His I.WI I.I. KOhlM 1 1 ( III R| ROBINSON l()M n ROCI RS H s WDI 1 ROQI EMORJ M.I.I A ROSI N HOW M,l 1 ROWI WD S M. HI l RAYMOND HI Ml D. 1 |()ll M s |)| | 1 Wll S SANDI RS (.1.1 SAPP K BLANE 1 s l Ml li hi s( in I 1 s III 1 sin. 1 SSII SCOTT DONN M h( 1 M MO s| p( | |)o - 1 wii s SEYMOR1 1)1 Wis DALE Ml W 1 l l P s|| ■ |()H ( Ml U IIKI it !,.• hi DOLPH I.WI M s|| CAROLYN 1 1 I SHIN1 Paula, 1 BARBAR Mhl 1 1 DORIS MM lo s •» m si s i nn SIMPSON • Ml l l SINGER II SKERR1 1 1 si s SLAI (,|| | | R CARLON 1 SUU PATSIE s|. || | R, xz rim MARILYN SLOOP (ville BOBBIE 1 smiiH Plaqueoiine 1 Dl III sMMM • - Iphur |oll 1 SMI 1 II K . . i i M 1)1 LAROI 1 SMI 1 II S ' al k 1 HI- MINI YVONN1 s ||i|| mnhrM R| 1 SMI III D W ll) l SOBERS LINDA SOBERS M() 1 II SOU I u DM.1- sot [HERN .S.ilux- I ' M LINE SP1 ( 1 mIIi- RON Ml) 1. SPIL1 1 R illi- EDMOND SPI RCI ON HJcfa CLOR1 I STEVENS Bal ROBER1 STEVENS KA Bal IIMMII s|l K| BARTON 1 STEM M T ■ihi-KI PATRH 1 1 sin in PincviOe si s v MOKI 1 D ( WHIM s|o | i. mo B STROI D M I 1 W s||U( M WD ■ worth (.Ml s|| H( M ( II MU.oi 11 1 SULLIVAN hi iilon ( VROL si i hi iu n ik N 1 DDII si | HI Hi v p III I. s |SH1 R doi ■ I h i h - IOIIN l II (.l 1 i Orleana si s 11 KK M. (.1 OKI I HICP1 IIMMII D 1 HOM s 1 1 . m s ill - DON IH HI NOR P ! Juniors VICKIE TODD Bossier City EDWARD F. TOMPKINS Shreveport HI ALIA TOITS Alexandria SUSAN GAYLE TOWNS Bossier City ELLA TROTTER Campti CINDY TROUILLE Crowley GLORIA TURNER Many- THOMAS TYNES, IIK Morgan City MARY YALATKA New Jersey BRENDA YALLEE Colfax MAUREEN VAN MOL Alexandria THOMAS VAUGHAN Baton Rouge CHARLES VERRET Abbeville JAMES LARRY VICKERS, JR., -TT Pineville JOYCE JANE WADE DeRidder ALFRED C. WALDREP. Ill Charleston, S.C. THERESA WALKER Greenburg JAMES ELMER WALLACE Leander LYNN H. WALLACE Slaughter TAMES WALSH Urania NANCY MEISCHKE WALTERS Baton Rouge JERRY WANG New Orleans JOHNNY P. WANGER Shreveport CAROL RUTH WARD West Monroe MARTHA WARREN Shreveport JOEY WATERS Provencal DOUG WATTS French Settlement BEVERLY WEBER Bastrop PEGGY WELCH Cottonport THOMAS W. WELCH Natchitoches PAUL WELLER Wareham, Mass. GLEN WELMAN New Orleans ROY RAINER WELLS Bogalusa RUTH E. WESLEY Leesville SCOTT WEST, IIK Leesville ANN WHITE Mora MARILYN ELIZABETH WHITE Bienville CRAIG WHITLEY Anacoco JAMES WICKER Zachary ALLEN WILLCUTT Zachary EVERETT WILLIAMS Olla MANSHIP N. WILLIAMS Ethel STACY WILLIAMS, KA Natchitoches BARBARA WILLIS Shreveport JULIA ANN WILLIS Oakdale MARY CARLINE WILSON Leesville NANCY M. WILSON Linville JACK C. WINKLE Shreveport WILLIE WINSTON Mooringsport NANCY WISE Charleston, West Virginia THOMAS WOLTZ Shreveport GARY N. WOODS Woodworth THOMAS WORSHAM III Campti ROBIN WORTHINGTON Denham Springs ROGER WRIGHT Forest Hill EMMETT G. WYCHE Bossier City JOHN C. YOUNG Plain Dealing RALPH YOUNG Shreveport LINDA YOWELL Sulphur KATHER1NE ZIMMERMAN Baton Rouge RICHARD ZULICK Natchitoches a . %v.4 . n% f? M 3M Sophomore Class Officers G 7 ND RIDl { ' I KEV1L i nu . n (. S LA M R5 U Sophomores RALPH P. AARON DeRidder CONNIE ADAMS Jena GLEN ADAMS Sikes ION D. ADAMS Lake Jackson, Texas S WDRA C. ADAMS Shreveport DAVID POSTON ALBERT Hornbeck PHYLLIS ALEXANDER Jonesboro LARRY ALAN ALLBRITTON Shreveport ANN ALLEN Winnfield KAREN ALLEN, 7. Opelousas KAREN ALSTON DeQuincy JOYCE AMOS Jonesboro BEVERLY ANDERS Alexandria LINDA ARD Za chary THERESE MARIE ARIEUX Slidell MERLYN ARNOLD Springhill FRAN ARNONA New Orleans CHRISTINE E. ATKINS Shreveport BILL ATON Coushatta JIMMY ATWELL Georgetown STARR AUTREY Morgan City DOROTHY AUGHT Natchitoches CHERYL E. BABERS Saline CONNIE BABINEAUX Opelousas RONNIE BAGLEY, K2 Longview, Texas KEITH BAILEY Simpson ALICE LEE BAILEY Natchitoches EVERETT BAKER Greenville, S.C. JAMES BAKER Shreveport RICHARD M. BAKER, JR. Alexandria LINDA BAMBURG Coushatta CATHY BANKSTON Jackson CAROL LY NN BANNISTER Baton Rouge THURMAN BAPTISTE Natchitoches RICHARD BARKER Baton Rouge JEANNE BARMORE Springhill PEGGY BARNHILL Many JAMES M. BARR Grand Isle ANITA L. BARROW Natchitoches MARGARET BASCO Cloutierville P. WILLIAM BASKERVILLE III, 2TT Minden DONNA BATES Provencal CHARLES A. BEALER Gretna JOSEPH P. BECK II Washington, D.C. MICHAEL STARING BECK Oil City BRUCE BECKMAN Minden PATRICIA BEDGOOD Shreveport KATHY BEENE Springhill DON GREGORY BELL Robeline MARSHA BELLA, 222 Berwick HUGHEY BELLUE Baton Rouge HELEN RUTH BENNETT, 2 1 St. Francisville TERRELL BERRIAULT Wareham, Mass. PEGGY BROSSETT Pineville JO FRANCES BICE Natchitoches DIANNE BIGNER Hammond MARGARET BLANDIN East Beauregard GAY LYNN BOND Bossier City DORIS BON ILL A Leesville RONALD BONNER Simpson BRANT N. BORDELON Coushatta JOHNNY BORDELON Nessma LINDA BORDELON Lettsworth NICKIE BORDEN Pioneer CHARLES BOUDREAU Shreveport KENNETH BOURQUE, IIK Gueydan mm ' l 1 " mmm m ma .j m mmm a »- Sophomores QA ) k - Jlt5 vw . ' . till! M.ll it R VNDOI 1 II BOW1 N II) BOYD ROBt HI It H | | ||t RONNIE Hlt l)l ORD CLORI HH MO il I) 1 BR ISHER CARLA BR] MA S IK II M 1. BR1 M ■ II KIO BRI Mill II 1)1 III LYNN HKI l K lto BRICMON 1 II CGI BROSSI 1 1 M s BROUILU I II l MO BROI ss HI) BRENDA VNN BROWN EVELYN 1 BROWN kl l 1 II BROM • LOR1 1 l 1 1 l l BROWN H « In t r II Mtol 1) BRI Ml 1 1 M III Bl H II || 1)1 1 II | HI l((.| ss 1 • lllc M MO BURCI ss • Jvillc |()ll Bl H(.l s l BURLESON R1 l)V HI RNE 1 II shr k M IO BURFORO RONALD LYNN IH MO - A c Bl ( k 1 ) BUt k l H Little H ■ RICH HI) 1 CAFI KI 1 s wii ii. | ( m nui LL Slip PAME] ( MOIK II M 1 H I whs ii ( n i i;n SUSAN M(l RICH 1 Plain Dealing MARTHA CATHE1 1Z ROBERT ( tRROl 1 ■ HMUWH CARSON ■ 1 1.1 ON CARSON ( . ■! 1 RN1E CASON M kl 1 l II CAS1 II low Sulphur 1 HOM s CAZES PUquemine HI AM ( H Will l • - lUf BOBBY (• II Ml 1. sliri num MiHIAl ( II l i H.i ' I ' WI ( II l)l 1 R II. i ' HI HI II 11 1 (II UU 1 S • Ml HO ( II Mil 1 1 ■ l( kl (III sso 11 GAR1 UN Dl ■ sil Hill F CHRIST! 1 l 1 ( III R HM i pine I.I 1)11 ( HUR MM W PATTI 1 1 1 lit iim l ( 11 HI 1 1 Hi! Ml( IIM 1 (1 M k nxln.1 PATRI4 1 1 Hk si s ( 1 EMI is Vivian ( LYDE W ( OBB Chill M ll ( OBB • ( Mill RINI ( okl H H BtDO HI ' ol M(l) |H CAROLYN OMER |) M H ( (All OLYN W lO 1 l( 1 ( (M)k ■ II V.CA ( Oil 1 l) M Hon CORKERS iKln.i J 7 Sophomores MARY LINDA COOK Plain Dealing DOLAN COOPER Minden DONALD COTTON Winnfield MAIDIE COUVILLON New Orleans JIMMY L. COX Coushatta MICHAEL CRAIN Franklinton DONNA CRAWFORD Coushatta MARY CREED Jena EDWIN CRUMP Haynesville FAMES R. DAN Natchitoches WINNIE DARPHIN, M Baton Rouge SUSAN DAVID Pineville DONALD DAVIS Leesville DORIS G. DAVIS Shreveport FAYE DAVIS Robeline GWEN DAVIS Springhill [AMES M. DAVIS Bossier Cit ' SHIRLEY DAVIS Shreveport TISA DAVIS Bossier City DANE DAVY Opelousas CONNIE DAWSON Baton Rouge DALE DAYTON DeRidder LARRY H. DEBLIEUX Natchitoches HILDA DEES Anacoco DOUGLAS DENNEY Leesville ROBERT DENMAN Sarepta RONNA DENNIS Natchitoches SHARON KAY DENNIS Alexandria NOLAN DESSELLE Center Point FRANCES DEZENDORF Natchitoches c;ary n. digilormo Shreveport CONNIE DIXON, AZ Natchitoches MERRILL D. DODD, JR. Vivian MIKE L. DOLES Jones GARY DOOLEY Bossier City MIKE DOUCET Phoenixville, Pa. COOK DOUGLAS Shreveport WANDA DOVE Natchitoches TAMES DOWDEN Natchitoches LLOYD DOWDEN Bossier City EATHER JEAN DOWLING Haughton JAMES RAY DRODDY Elizabeth RONALD R. DUET Cutoff MARGARET DUCOTE Bunkie PATRICIA ANN DUNKIN Hammond NELDA DURBLN Jonesboro PATSY JEAN DUPREE Bentley LARRY DZIEKAN Florien VICKI EAKIN Shreveport MATTIE EASON Marthaville PATRICIA EASTERLING Bossier City SUE EDIE Shreveport SUSAN EDMAN Shreveport DARRYL WAYNE EDWARDS Pitkin SUSAN EHLERS, M Lake Charles CAROLYN EHRHARDT, ZZZ Washington MARNO ELLZEY Natchitoches MARY ANNE ELLZEY Sarepta ANN EI LAND Vivian GEORGE R. ESKEW Jena DENNIS ANTHONY EVANS Pelican SHIRLEY EVANS Montgomery CATHERINE M. FARACE Alexandria PRISCILLA FARTHING Pineville GLEN DA FEE DeRidder KATIE MAXINE FIELDS Shreveport 3 Jib i ■ r Sophomores 9Q « .v a? k nn ii lis HMtRMt 1 1 RCl SON BARBAF I FERCI si ROB! RTO M ILLOS III 1 1 IK kl.l R WDM. 1 [RMIN III l [SHI indru 1 D HI PTTZC1 RALD SHIRLEY 1 LORA I l n l LOURNOl HI in 1 LOWERS ikii inw indria ROBI in l OND1 RBORK Fl- ll( II l 1. W TON II oi W l KV FRANC! S 1 ORD 12 l MO k FOR II hl HIO m I I OSH1 I MM I) FOWL] I. ELAINE PURR BomIm Ctt) BEVERLY 1 rsM II. LINDA fOYCi CADDIS CONNIE C MM s MARCIA CALLACHl R Shn I)() GALLLEMOR1 ■ si ZAN (. ll(| Mind en BARBARA CARDSBAN1 ' LINDA GARRETT • CHRIS! IM CASPARD • RU RM GATES Lake Prmidencr MACE (.M HI l,i kHisriM CAUTHIER, M II G W i Shf 1 ii s r GENOA i SI RAND1 CENT? K slip PAT CERH HI)I Tampa. Fla. RENE GIBSON, ik h.ttt.i DAWN M CISH Hie Spnue. FR k I. II (.()HIX) • fi«-hi 1 Wll s GORDON hano k 1 LOR MM CRAB] R Baton I l R ( Is CR W 1 S Denhaa Spftap I. II I.I CRE1 N Baton Rouge LINDA (HI l a . m n ii CRl i Tnxit G K PATRICK CRE1 R ■ MAR1 si i CR] i k Mill. 11 M CI CLENDA GUI ST ( M 1 M.lM CUIDRY ■ BRET] (i [DRY Baton Rouge kIRk CUIDRY rwtck MYRTLE CUIDR1 W|S,1% si s MARIS (.1 IDIO -willr BRUCE (.rii.i i i ' hitocfaes kl NN1 ill CUIl 1 iii Idtnton VIRCINI WM (l 1 1 1 IX. 1 ■ (. MO II tCCART •inple II UK Spr ( II MU is H l I IMOC1 M MM. I. ■ I.MUO MICHAJ I H M I Baton R fUDI C II VM kl R Bvffle KMMOM) H WIMiAl) ■ BARBAR II WIl ' M ZZ2 N W II tMPTON ik shrevrport D ID HARDIN OkkaOB kla. Sophomores W VRGARET HARMON, M DAVID M. HARPER TOM HARPER LELIA LOUISE HARRIS IE AX HARVEY WILLIAM HATCHER, nK MARSHA HATHORN KATHLEEN HAWKES SHERYE HAVES SHIRLEY (LAN HAYNES CAROL LYNN HAYS CATHERINE HEAD LINDA HEARD MARY HEARN SHIRLEY HEARON SIMONE HERERT SHARON HELO, A . KAY HENRY KIRRY I. HENRY SUSAN HENSARLING HAROLD M. HERNANDEZ CHARLOTTE HER RON- CAROL HICKS DONNIE HIERS, K A CLORIA JEAN HINES ROY HINES SHARON HOLLOWAY RICHARD HOLMAN GLORIA HOLMES LINDA HOLMES RRENDA HOLT JAMES C. HOOTER JOHNNY HORN LOLA HORN SUSAN HOWARD MIKE HOWELL SUE HUTCHINS, AZ NENA HYDA JAMES INGRAM COLLEEN IRWIN ROBIN L. IVY JOE LLAINE JACKSON KENNETH JACKSON BELINDA KAY JACKSON- ROSA JACKSON LONNIE C. JACOBS JANICE LYNN JAMAR BEVERLY JAMES PATRICIA JARRELL DIANNE JOHNSON IAMES EARL JOHNSON JERRY JOHNSON KEN JOHNSON LESLIE JOHNSON PHYLLIS JOHNSON SANDRA D. JOHNSON BILL JONES DANE JONES DONNI E JONES LINDA JONES SHARON KAY JONES DAVID JORDAN JUDY JORDAN- BARBARA JOSHLIN JUDY GENEVA JOSHLIN RICHARD P. JOWERS Baton Rouge SpringhilJ Shreveport Mansfield Pitkin Zwolle Alexandria Cheneyville Zwolle Haughton Oakdale Lecompte Florien Joneshoro Mansfield Jefferson Island Crowley Powhatan Gueydan Metairie Cloutierville Shreveport Natchitoches Shreveport Shreveport Campti Shreveport Benton Beaumont, Texas Logansport Bossier City Shreveport SJireveport Provencal Main- Petal, Miss. Heflin Colfax Zwolle DeQuincy Alexandria Winnfield Dallas, Texas Coushatta Shreveport Joneshoro Blanchard Pitkin DeRidder Springhill Alexandria ( Jlenmora Shreveport Readhimer Pineville Leesville Panama City, Fla. Blytheville, Ark. Jena Alexandria New Orleans Leesville Winnfield DeRidder Evans Chopin 5 ' } f Sophomores ?S$ :; A Ml l-lll kl I I II k lin K I I I I HOM s Kl l 1)1 kl l III kl HI kl H l SI SAN kl llll n ' 1 HAW 1 S KEYS JOHN kll Rl Ik U II. I.I M H KIMBROI .ll k HI kl (. • H l 1) c kIM. |OHN kl 1 ( mm 1 1 Ml kl l (. | Houma K)|| ( kl OTZBA II IH • VROL k l IPP • 1 1.1 HI 1 II k K 1 1.1 Ml 1 kMM.l s 1).! ( LYDI k o • DORIS M HINStf l l«. Mil 1 k() 1 I • ■ 1)1 HHII KRAN1 RI( II Mil) kl Ml Mi 1 K 1 1 ( OUR Mai ROSALIE M LAFONT c . LAMB! HI - illr Ml 1. LAMBER1 indrii HILAR! 1 M.| OIS . ' .V 1, RON Ml) 1 MI 1 - villr l) II) 1 LARSI ||VX III RM 1 so M., LORE! I I m;i s 1 l) l 1 1 HI ( unbre CAROLYN I I 1 Bauief 1 1 I 1 II I.I 1 1). 1 • in WAYNI 1 I r II I LMI siii i-ini i is i i i l l 1 1 MOINl Ml ' tr.iliv illr 1 imoi in I 1 MOINl Mai CORA CHERYL I iu is II HIM MM I l is • DOROl HY l LINDS1 1 M UlCUS II LITTON IRCINI r I 1 oil) Ho 1 ) LOFTIN ill - k 1 l I OFTON PATRIC1 1 OF Us DORIS LOM - GWENDOLYN GAIL nils Devilk |) u McBRIDE • 1 l n McBRIDl DON M P II (.1 M M. W ■ |l II V M, 1 M MAR! WW M. 1 HI - illr ( vhhii McCLELl n i v ■ Willi i II M. OLLISTER ' SANDR v M, ORMIC Rl BEC1 N McCULLl RAN DAI 1 McCULLOUGH llou Mil) III CH M. DANIEI 1 1 HD 1 Mi DAN1I 1 1 IMU Mi DON M D Mlkl Mi not CA1 n ( II.. HI HI ( CA M 1 V III RN • chill l ) M 1 I II l II IK ' 1 i i Mi i VR1 n J3 Sophomores WAYNE McFARLAND Boyce TO BEVERLY McFERRIN DeRidder ALICE McGEE New Orleans DONALD McGEHEE Effie JOHN McKENZIE Homer ROBERT McKILLIPS Natchitoches MARC McNEAL Effie BONNIE McNEELY Many MALCOM E. MADDOX Homer CLAIRE MAHFOUZ, AZ New Iberia CARLA MAHFOUZ Mansfield RONNIE MANNING Shreveport ROBERT MARKS Morrow JERRY MARKHAM Springhill CHARLOTTE MARLER Natchitoches DICK MARSH Vivian CHESTER MARTIN, JR. Natchitoches WALTER MARTIN DeRidder PHYLLIS MARTINEZ Haughton SHERYL MARTINEZ Marrero DANIEL GERARD MASON Natchitoches WARREN MASSIA Natchitoches ANN CAROLYN MATHEWS DeQuincy JOHN MATKIN Provencal RONALD MATKIN Provencal BOBBY L. MATNEY Colfax JANICE MATTHEWS Shreveport ALLEN HUGH MAXWELL Olla STEPHEN RAY MAXWELL, KA Shreveport RUTH MAY Forest DELORIS MAYS Shreveport SHARMAN MEACHUM Ringgold VETA ANN MEDICA Alexandria RODNEY MEEKS Baton Rouge MICHAEL MELANCON Natchitoches MARKITA MELTON Winnfield RICK MERCHANT Oakdale REBECCA FERN MESSER, 2K Angola BONNIE METZGER Iowa CAROL V. MICHIELS Alexandria DEE MIDDLETON Shreveport JOY MIGUEZ Delcambre DEBBIE MILLER Alexandria DOUG MILLER Glenmora HALLIE MILLER Shreveport JOHN M. MILLER Baton Rouge LINDA ANIECE MILLER Montgomery RODNEY MILLER DeRidder RODNEY J. MILLER Glenmora JAY MILNER DeRidder JANE E. MILWARD DeRidder GLEN H. MINOR Springhill RITA JEANETTE MITCHELL Natchitoches BARBARA MIZE Springhill JANE MONCRIEF Tallulah CLAUDIA MOORE Shreveport ELAINE MOORE Montgomery ROBERT J. MOORE Hornbeck WAYNE T. MOORE Winnfield DON MOORING, TriA2 Shreveport GARRISON L. MOREAU Cloutierville NANCY MOREAU Pineville GRETCHEN MORGAN New Iberia RONALD WAYNE MORGAN Coushatta IRENE MORGEL Lake Providence DEANNE MORRIS Shreveport M 5 4. ■ r j!. 33 1 Ol VL Sophomores M fl m apsfl r su c. MOHHls RON Ml) MORROW ■ .ill. I ' M 1 ' i N MOS1 I.I ' i l MO mosiiuh ( HIO - lllr M MOM) Mill I.I II 1 1 ( k Ml II SIDNEA MURRAY Ulu LINDA MYERS 1 .Ml w ni RS M tRILYN W 1 Lo M MO M ' mi.i A2 LINDA M B N tTIONS Spr M M SVEB1 1 ■Ufa 1 l l l( HOLSON ■ si SAN M( M RSON (.1 l i • port RICK! ' i MORRIS SANDRA NORWOOD Md BORB1 o vi.i TuU« IIIHMI l (.1 1 Alr ROY Dl NUCI N I JOHN 0D1 rport M Willi ODOM w D II WEL OLH Mil NORMA I OLIVER Zl • crx rt Dl BOB Ml wi 01 i i! ■ 1 LAIN! ( l M llv HI l n OPIO Ll Mvflfa H()(. I ' M OPIO Lc -. ill - LYDIA iMinw Bossier ' PAT ORTICO B fOANNE PARK! B i ' .mi ABflo ROBERT PARKER Lakr Arthur urn parks Pincvillr II Kin ROBERT PARKS Mlndea MICH MI. I ' MUUI DARYL PAUL indria [OYCE I ' M I. Jftia KAMI. H HM) M Tiror I MiK MM PERKINS Oakilalr III l 1. PERKINS PATSY PERKINS I ' ltkin I n iRD nil I PS H rnhrck 1 ( K C PHILLIPS Ri cp.i i. ( ' V I ' lllI I IPs RICH MU) PIERCE (.1 ROBER1 I ' M o ski l - DON MD II I ' ll CHER Dock RORERT PILOLA IOSEPH PIRO lOOCO M H US POl I MU) Innn. ROBER1 PONDS TulU ii i.i m posn i s Mllr SANDRA 1 Pons ' si s w roris CRAIC PRATT rport ROSE FA1 PHI si i ROCER 1 PREWTTT IOM II 1 1.1 hc- . MARILYN nil. H. -hUnd MARY QUICI BT VIRGINIA RABALAIS M DARLENE RACHAl MICHAEL KIHin RAMSE1 1 Mi l STIN1 ll ll II 1 JERRI HMI.II 1 1 1 Sophomores PATSY RATCLIFF Bossier City MADELINE RAVALAIS Powhatan II AHOLD R. RAWLS Baton Rouge LORE AX A. RAY Campti ANNIE [0 REDDING Saline CHRISTINE REED Alexandria KAREN REEDER Haynesville THOMAS REGINA New York, N.Y. SANDRA REICH New llano REBECCA REMEDIES Zwolle MARLON LEON REYELETT Dry Prong DON REYNOLDS Baton Rouge JOHN REYNOLDS Baton Rouge RONIE RICHARDS Dry Prong CEOROE R. RICHARDSON- Shreveport REBECCA RISEDEN Harvey SANDRA RISLEY Pineville l ' A I RICIA RITCHIE Bossier City VERNON C. RITCHIE Baton Rouge DOROTHY M. ROBERTS Alexandria JAMES M. ROBERTS Columbia MARY ROBERTS Leesville FAT ROBERTS Alexandria RONALD L. ROBERTSON DeQuincy DONNIE ROBISON Stanley MARY ROBINSON Boyce JAMES D. RODRigUEZ Oakdale JUDY ROCERS Mansfield DARLENE ROND Natchitoches ANN ROSE Leesville THEA ROSAMANO, SK New Orleans KRISTIN ROY Alexandria RHONDA ROYAL Florien BEN H. RUSHINC, 1R. Natchitoches STAN RUSSELL, II K Many DONNA RYAN Benton FRANCES L. SAMS Leesville JAMES E. SANDEFUR Shreveport DAVID SANDERS, IIK Shreveport F. ELAINE SANDERS Springhill JENNIE SANDERS Pineville ROBERT J. SANDERS Winnfield ROCER DON SANDERS New Roads STEVE SANDERS Jena VICKI SANDERS Monroe DAPHNE SANTORO Benton DAISY LEE SAPP Melrose MARIANNE SARACENO Bogalusa STANLEY SAVANT Basile HENRY SAVELL Many TON I A SCALLAN Mansura LOUISE SCHERER Metairie EDWARD SCHLOMER, TriAS Leesville JAMES SCHWARTZ, TriAi Leesville ROSALYN C. SCHWARZ, A2A Cretna DAVID R. SCOTT Shreveport ERNIE J. SCOTT Jonesville IIMMY A. SCOTT Ringgold ROBERT SCOTT Sardis, Miss. BRENT SEALE Monroe RAMSEY SEALY Metairie I A NET SELF Shreveport JOSEPH THOMAS SEPULVADO Zwolle SAMMY SETTLE Martha ville KATHLEEN SEVERANCE Coushatta SUSAN SHAFFER Alexandria SP!$ Stfft i m%3® !W? 334 33 Q Sophomores KO|) l ' I III sll Mill limn SHAW DWII I. B Mil INK 1 1 i wi sin i i ii i i) II BONNII Mil PHI RD mi Mil PPARD k M l A 1 1 1 sill | Mlkl s||l | | |, Mi II 1)1 SIBI 1 1 M LINDA s| | |o s ■ si |s II CI 1 NDA si (.i i i io . RAYMOND sisk Kit k SLATON 1 1 k t- SHIRLEY SLA1 ' CAROLYN WN s ii i ii ( own w i i i i smiiii ( " 1 1 III s ii | || 11)11 SMIIH ■ 1 l)W Mil) 1 s || in in 1 ( K ll LYNN SMITH • NIK II i 1. 1 SMIIH Mai PECG1 smi | || si s smi HI M UUORIE SMICII 1. PA I RICI SOIL U Mil. li HH H SPRI III. DWII 1 SPI RIXX k ■■ ROBERT 1 si | i p BRENDA si wi .1 PAMELA s| n ii nun STl PHI NSON (.1 1 |)l STEVENS • Hill (. DALE STEM KI Winnfwld 1 MI s p s|| w m yline 1. II. 1.1 STEWAR1 IOMM1 s | | { n. Ridder RENDA s| i so • SUSAN s | i so i MIKE sioi is STOl T Bal noi.n STOVALL Bal DANIEL si R (.| w II. 1.1 M I STRATTON 1 at RI II IU) STROl HER BE 1 HI El SI HOI 1) 1 si I I l S s wm s di i nt • .MI si 1 s l rviDe llll HI s W s M I . .- illc 1 VMI s s | M Bl s ii i El W nficM k lin SWOR Uttlr 1 low 1 M.l 1 1 • 1 Wl 1 1 W l llll I. II VRR1 1 W l H illr si s | l R hohin GLYN I n 1 R I ' M 1 ss| RICH KD 1 Ml PATRIC1 1 U l s i n rAYLi BEN W II I SEI n npti M HI II V II Wl 1 1 l) HD DM 1 IIIIHOP! kl Ml( MM 1. rHIBODI M k A AW Sophomores JOHN ' THILGES Cry Creek ARDINEY THOMAS Natchitoches DIANNA THOMAS Thomas GENE THOMPSON Georgetown JOYCE THOMPSON Shreveport MONROE THOMPSON Pitkin THEO THOMPSON Plainview FAYE L. THORNSBERRY Keithville BILL L. THRASH, JR. Shreveport ROBERT THROGMORTON Bossier City GARY TILLEY Shreveport KATHY TILTON Shreveport ANNETTE SUE TOMS Saline PATRICK A. TONEY Franklinton THOMAS J. TORPY Jonesboro MICHAEL P. TOUSEK Pineville DANIEL TOWNLEY, TKE Alexandria MARY EVELYN TOWNSEND Bunkie JOY TRAPPEY New Iberia KAREN DARLENE TRAVELBEE New Orleans SHARON TRAYLOR Haynesville RAMON TRICHE New Orleans RICK TRUNNELL Potomac, Md. GEORGIE TUMA Libuse RAY TURNER RITA TYLER MARILYN KAYE TYNES VINCENT V. VALATKA RONALD VALENTINE MARTHA VALLEE TOMMY E. VAUGHAN WAYNE VAUQUELIN ELAINE VEILLON RANDALL VEULEMAN DONALD VIATOR GLENN VIATOR LYNN VIATOR CHARLES R. VICKERY J. PHILIP VIDRINE CYNTHIA ANNE VIGE, 222 NINA VIGER STEVE VINES ROLAND J. VINET CHARLES POE VOSBURG JESSE URIAS JAMES LARRY WADE TERRY WAGONER LYNETTE WAILES WALKER STUART WALDRON JAMES R. WALL JOHNNY WALL PICKETT WALTHER, JR. DONNIE WARD DALE E. WARD RENAE WARD JIMMY WARDLE RICHARD WARE, K2 JOSEPH WASHINGTON, JR. DAVID WATTS, IIK MARGIE WATTS LINDA WEAVER LYNDIA WEBB, M BEVERLY WELCH LINDA WELLS JERRY DALE WEST JUDY WEST Bossier City Many Natchitoches McQuire A.F.B., N.J. Zachary Colfax Springhill Houma Morrow Many Tioga New Iberia Delcambre Shreveport Sulphur Opelousas Lake Charles Winnfield Metairie New Roads Ruston Shreveport Winnfield Natchitoches Shreveport Diablo, Canal Zone Bossier City Shreveport Vivian Bossier City Alexandria DeRidder Monroe Alexandria Lake Charles Baton Rouge Natchitoches DeRidder Natchitoches Mansfield Shreveport DeRidder f % .1 1 fj 336 Sophomores ♦ i - 4 A 40 e DONNA WESTENBARi W W l W II VI I ' I MIKI WHATLE1 l LOYD will l ]() N Will I I kl 1 III WHIN PI GG M will II DON w III I I III K |OHN ROY will II III l CAYLA H WHITTINCTON Bl I l l) w [CCINS Doll W W L WII.HWks IK II M I. Wll Bl H ROBERT w w II. Dl I, CAR! WILKERSON, k HI W III I Wis l) II) WILLI Wis I OR! i l w ILL1AMS M UO WILLI Wis l IO I WILLIAMS RITA WILLIAMSON HOHin W ILLls I I SI l Willis BRENDA WILSON VERA I LAINE WINDSOR DEBBIE WINC HD1 kWI WINN Ml I. l II WOODALI KARIN WORTH! Ml 1 RL1 WN WRICH1 M Lsii WRICH1 HI CK1 wi l 222 RICH KI) c UVIV k rwi YBOS kl LLV YOUNG ELEANOR YOUNG! R PATRICIA ZIOLkOWskI N M Call Mi Vltc lilt - W i aide ■ W imifirli! Pltlda Baton H West. AIT. B nM«-r I OaJ I B M ' :Hlll«- Shn N.-w Orleans l x.uiclri.i Baton H slircMixirt slirt Fat N wpt Fat M npl Crimen Crymchl ( nun h ' - ( " i li ( f ii 1 ' •(• Ifi thitr MCMld i ii ' i.h rt rr.jj f r Of till in til. :■ Freshmen Class Officers President VAL MARMILLION Vice-President STEPHEN BONNIN Secretary-Treasurer DONNA BATTLE Men ' s Representative MIKE EAST Women ' s Representative THERESA LOMBARDINO 338 ■B ftia Fro shmen II RR1 VBI R( ROMBI Mi Mini. vl) |s IIKI 1 IDAMS BOBB1 M)kl s Mil 1 Wll s |)KI s SUSAN Ml Mil. ROB l 1 l)l H l LDA C Ml »H|) tl( II M 1. 1) M 1 DMi II KIO M 1.1 Ofl Ml 1 H M I 1 HI Ml OCA SU1 M 1 1 N RODNEY kl 1 1 ll M I l w II ll Wl HORTON M.I 1 HI BECCA M.I (.ool) II si 1 Till M.I H 1NFRI 1) 1 HI MMI 1 1. M MOND ( AR( »] WDI RSON II SSI WDI RSON 1). l. ni in wdi (. IK l MO ANDREWS Bui MARCARET WDHH S DAWSON 1. WU l II iyni -. ill - si s s| | |) I). 1. CLYDf 1 WIMOM IH ROSI M HV W III II ' i • 1 11 Mil III 1 ITI 1 |() PAT H ol 1) LYNETT1 MM Natl III! |l 1)1 III c 1 1, Il.ltta 1 H WMI M (.11 1 ' DARLEN1 H (.(.l l l 1 . Q WILLIAM Msil kr l HV ELIZABETH M I HI ' i fOYi w i hi nr ' ROBERT BAG! I ' 1 Rl DIE BACW1 II. WI, in ( i s K n wi 1 II M) HM1 1 s -mII - 1 KSON I HMI El viikIm.i sll 1 l( H HMI El ' K M HMI. IK) l«- v.tinlr i.t ROBERT HMI IK) iiuln.i 1 W BAKER TuBw PHILLIP BAKER . ill. ii (.(.i si i mi nw i -h.itt.i s| 1 111 Wll KM I MU) Hi W( is B Ml H i R N • 1 l BAMBERG ' iharta DOLORES BARBO • hil MICH Ml. BAR1 s Sulphur MIKE BARNEB1 1 I()H C BARRON ' IOMM1 BAR! M UULYN BARTLEl in Bridge n D B IRTON w hmuo 11 Din H BASi ' ' (.1 oliil B ss (.MO BARTH v Do N BATTLE Zn II RRY I H Wll R ' si s W H W HD Bali 1 INDA BE M ' li ■ | MO HI ( II 1IM HI M 139 Freshmen BOWIE BEAMON Maringouin LORETTA BEARDEN Benton STEPHEN A. BEASLEY Mansfield CASSANDRA BEAUBOUEF Alexandria JOE BECK Roachdale, Indiana WALLACE BECKHAM Sarepta VANA BEDCOOD DeRidder CHERI BEEBE Alexandria DAVID BENIT Minden k ' ATHERINE BENNETT Pollock SUE BENNETT Pineville BETH BENTON Baton Rouge OUIDA BENTON Batchelor ROCKY BERLIN Shreveport CAROLE BERNEY Blanchard PAT BERRY Benton DAVID C. BERRYMAN Zwolle GEORGE BETHARD Dry Prong DEBORAH BEVERSON Baton Rouge WILLIAM BIDDY Rayville STEVE BIENVENU Natchitoches STEVEN J. BIENVENU Opelousas DALE BIERDEN Coushatta ROGER LANE BIERDEN Coushatta REBECCA BIGBY Shreveport ELAINE GAIL BIGHAM Harvey LINDA BIRDWELL Alexandria ROBERT BITOWSKI Valley Stream, New York ROGER BLACK Homer JUDY BLACKWELL Maplewood VICTORIA BLACKWELL Leesville GEORGE G. BLAISDELL Otis MAE RENAUD BLANCHARD Blanks SANDRA BLANKENSHIP Alexandria LESLIE BOCCUZZI Pound Ridge, New York RONNY BODENHAMER Natchitoches BILL BOGUES Shreveport DAWN BOLDERG New Orleans BRUCE BOLIN Minden JAMES WAYNE BOLTON Bossier JACK BOND Jonesboro STEPHEN BONNIN Welsh BRADY BROOKS Mansfield MARILYN BOOKER Baton Rouge CAROL BORDELON Tioga CAROL BORDELON Tioga JAMES BORDELON Hessmer LENNIE P. BORDELON Hessmer MARY ELLEN BORDELON Alexandria DEBORAH BOREL Jeanerette RALPH BOSWELL Natchitoches MARCIA LEE BOTTS Alexandria GARY BOUCHER Springhill EDMOND G. BOUTTE Shreveport JAMES BOYD Bossier City JERRY BOYD Plain Dealing RALPH SHERIDAN BOYD New Orleans BETTY JUNE BOYETT Olla PAT BRAUDOU Zwolle SHERRY BRASHEAR Baker LINDA BRAUD Florien STEPHEN BRAVERMAN New York VICKI BRAZEL Shreveport RONALD BREAUX Gueydan JUDY BETH BREEDEN Baton Rouge CAROLYN BREEDLOVE Natchitoches 1 P r j f Freshmen CLYDI BR] Mill II 1) KKI [ " ON ROBEB 1 BBI N RHONDA HUM. II 1 BESSIE 1 mux k km in BROKAU CATH1 urn BROCK ■ ESTHJ l( II l 1. BROOKS ■ s|| no BROOKS 1 MII.1 k 1 BROUILU I ' ll HUUWH V BROI SSARD CHARL0TT1 BROI SSARD ydan SUSAN BROI SSARD Abtwvdk I I.M BROI SSARD inin.1 lollN BROWN l ). OtdDcy k IIIV BROWN Mai m OTT KK ■ THERESA BROW N Tioga w il.UAM P BROWN ToDoi WERA KKOU l h.ttt.i l.oi l IE BROWNLl l Hi[»«-Nt ii DON I.D Kin W 1 S ' atchil ii RJ SA Kin i Wlonfield i)i i LINDA BUI ii w WinaAald ii ( in 1. BUCKL1 i Cr.i MILDRED BULLOl k l IRCARf i BUNDRN k Winnfield I ' WI BURAS i Orism BILL BURGESS II. i net • 1 1 - RAY Bl BC1 ss Atwater, ' .il 1 BARBARA BURLE1 Ma BUDDY BURNS ( .li imi ' ira Kl) KI BURNS (V JANICE BURNS Poll Sulphur CRAIG Bl SH I_iL - ( li.irl EDITH BUSH Ploi k KI Bl SH l UULYN SI I Bl Ml thville PAM1 I BUSH I ' WI HI KHAKI 1 ' hi, .i. M ALIDA HI II.KH Slip CAROL Hi II I I. • ttnit THOM s rim UP CAC1 1 AL M will ( u.imi N t liitoches ELGD ii i ( tLHOl MMU.ow CALHOUN BOXIE II w CALHOl N LORAINE U l Ml w Pari Mien I ' M HK l CAMPBE1 I. i ' rovencal I ' lhl.l is CAMPO CYNTHIA W II NNE H.. ' M BRA CARRE! llx-ri.i SHERRl CAPPS TaDoi f,WI( 1 ( VKI ' l II R LARR1 tRBO .mlria 1) W 1 S CARN1 l t Ml IRON CARRI1 n. Biddei l tRJORU CARROl 1 II l l III ( Mill H • ►LYN 1 M 1 a w i CASON SANDRA ( ISON CANDH I (Mis l UUC CA v u (.11 SANDRA CA1 ni 1 • MI m ( 1 DARS N J4 r Freshmen 1 WICK CHANDLER Shreveport [CKIE CH VNDLER Haughton CAROLYN CHATELAIN Bunkie CYNTHIA CHATELAIN Alexandria GLENDA CHELETTE DeRiddei LARRI WAYNE CHOATE Natchitoches BARBARA CHRISTOPHER Natchitoches LARK CHRISTY Bossier City CLAUDIA CLARK Shreveport WANDA SUSAN CLARK Pineville GREC CLARK Dallas, Texas VIRGIE LEE CLAYTON Natchitoches CHARLES C. CLOWN EY ElDorado, Ark. GARY COBURN Many WAYNE COBURN Bossier City [CATHERINE COCHRAN Anacoco CINDY COKER Natchitoches SHELLIA COFFEY Jamestown K) COLAW Leesville HKRSCHEL C. COLE Oberlin JOHN COLEMAN Slidell PHYLLIS COLEMAN Waterproof RHONDA COLEMAN Shreveport THOMAS COLEMAN Shreveport GLENDA COMEAUN Pine i]Jc CATHY GOMEAUX Kaplan GWEN COOK Florien JAMIE COOPER Shreveport NANCY JANE COOK Robeline TOMMY COOLEY DeRidder MILDRED COOLEY Slagle LINDA COPPOCK Bossier City CYNTHIA CORTEZ Shreveport MICHAEL COSTELLO New Orleans RILL COTTINGHAN New Orleans RICHARD LANE COTTON Coushatta OLORIA COURVILLE Alexandria WAYNE COUVILLON Kaplan AUDREY COWGILL Leesville MITZI COWLING Peliean DAVID COX Bossier City GERALD COX Iota JANET DENISE COX Logansport KENNY COX Benton RERECCA COXE Denham Springs G. W. COYLE Springhill JOYCE CRAFT Shreveport JUDY CRAIG Vowells Mill LARRY CRAIG Shreveport THOMAS CRAIN Covington JOHN CREED Many DAVE CREEL Oakdale BRENDA L. CREFT Baton Rouge LINDA ANN CRITTON Taylor STEPHEN CROWE Sarepta ALMA CROWDER New Orleans JACK CROWLEY Shreveport KATHY CROWLEY El Dorade MORJANA CRYER Many VERNON CULVER Leesville DAVID CURRY Sikes MITZI T. CURRY Sikes CATHERINE A. CYPRIANO Opelousas CHARLOTTE DAKE Baton Rouge I AMES P. DANIEL Bossier City JAMES RICHARD DANIEL Shreveport Freshmen £1 11 1i l.l ss| | | |) || | ■ (AVI DM PHIN i ' k 1 ! w w i nw id l UN |) IS BOBBIE DW IS Mil. DW is Di m Ml DW is DMU 1 l NW is 1)1 BOR Ml DW is l Mil II DW is 1 DW is LINDA DW is M UN K Mill 1 EN DW is |OI DWls • l Mi 1 ) 1)1 l D W Is ( .1 ( li(.l DW PA 1 KM 1 DW WDIil DI DI 1 OR! s |)| MICH Ml. DI ■ MM II Ml. II DI so CAR1 DI Mill i II MO DECCS LAI I I II DELAUNI 1 Wll s i v DELRII ill. hi in DI Wis k 1 ID DI RBONNI sll Mi() DI HOI 1 1 ,Vf rtlinr rOMMIE DI Mill ROBE H 1 DI 1 1 1 CONNIE Dl KSON PA 1 II DI III 1 SHIRLEY kW l)l( kso ' DON Ml) Dl kl s YVONNE DISON wm.n DISOT1 1 1 ••chill LINDA DISTEFANO .niin.i 1 1 CEN1 DIXON CI ORCE M DODSON Plain D tlmv: SHERRIE DON W Mi upti DWM WOODRI 1 1 1 i wi r doui i i • 1 ( k DOUCI s |ol l)o 1 V ill.- LAM HI I DM HER M M REEN 1 DRISCOl 1 DON M D DR1 DI N • sville CAROL DI I HI l M UlILYN DI 1 HI l • oli II 1 1 DI CCAN st.rLs SANDR DURBIN 1 M RA DI PUl ERNII DUR1 1 I 1 •• RODERK k 1 DY1 -N ill " sin Hin DYSON Mi sll Dll 1 so Mlkl 1 s| CLORI EATMAN l s|o I H HH DI BORAH 1 HI HI MARTI 1 DMONDS ' (III s|l H 1 DW UIDS 1 Wll s | |) HDs 1. (.1 ORCE 1 1 HI Rl 1 . 1 IB M,. 1 D k 1 1 1 n MARK 1 1 I n 141 Freshmen JACKIE ELROD Bossier City REGINA L. EMANUEL Shreveport CYNTHIA ROSE ENGRUM DeRidder ROBERT ERVIN Minden SON ' DRA ERWIN Lecompte LORENTA ESCHETE Ferriday LYNN ESKE Minden HARLIN ESTES Shreveport DOROTHY FAIR Saline LINDA FAWCETT Shreveport JULIAN FOY Noble PRISCILLA FAY Fairfax LINDA DIANN FERGUSON Leesville JOHN FERNANDEZ, JR. Campti MARK FERNBAUGH Natchitoches PEARLIE FIELDS Pineville LESTER FIFE Shreveport JOHN D. FINCH Shreveport KENNETH JOSEPH FIRMIN Cottonport BETTY SUE FISHER Campti JUDY FISHER Zachary JEANTE FLEENER Mooringsport CHARLES FLETCHER DeRidder DOUGLAS FLETCHER Montgomery MARIE FLETCHER Alexandria RUSSEL FLOYD Minden FRAN FOGGIN Shreveport ELLEN FONTENOT Golden Meadow JERRY FONTENOT Kinder RONNIE FONTENOT Sulphur RICHARD FORNEA Pride ZACK FOSHEE Shreveport MIMI FOSTER Natchitoches LEONARD FRANCOIS Church Point JOHN FRANCHEBOIS Opelousas ROBERT LOUIS FRANK, JR. Natchitoches ROBERT FRANKLIN Goldonna FRANCIS GLEN FREEMAN Mansfield JANE FULMER Logansport SAM FULTON Houston, Texas TOMMY FUTRELL Colfax PERRY FUTRELL Pineville MICHELE FUXAN New Orleans BERNICE GABOR Leesville DANA GADDIS Alexandria JOHNNIE CALLIAN Natchez IRA GAMBLE Grand Cane PATRICIA GAMBLE Longstreet JUDY GARLAND Natchitoches ALICIA GARLINGTON Dry Prong GREGORY W. GARNER Shreveport FRANKIE GASPAR Morgan City H. J. GASPARD Alexandria JOAN GATES Tioga ANDREW GAY Plaguemine FRED H. GEGENHEIMER Gretna MIKE GERHARDT Tampa, Fla. FRANCES CETER Robeline SARAH GIBBS Longstreet KATHLEEN GIBSON Bossier City KENT GIBSON Leesville MELINDA GILCREASE Keithville NAOMI DIANNE GILL Glenmore HARVEY SAMUEL GINGLES Shreveport KEENAN C. GINGLES Stanley MICHAEL GLASPER Boyce £fl f %m Freshmen CM MU.ol II II i mu in I l I.I I CLOA i I DDII WW (.OINS s Mi Ml in I || COLDSB1 Down COODWIN . okdon K I in (.IAS IIM n (.oss HI l l coux I LAIN1 CRAH M IW1 CRANTHAM Mil CRAVES ll (,H I S II II HI 1 CRA1 k llh CRA1 kA " ) CRA HOHH1 (.HI I CEORGI CRl I Y JR (.1 NNIFER CUIN ii m r.Ri i H l I ' ll CR] I ( l III HIM CRl I HI) l Mik GREER IWI CRENflLLION I ' M I (.mi l in PI (.(.II III CRII I IN BR] N I CROS PATRIC1 CRUBB LEX K CRUBBS Hill Nl (.HI N1H II [OHN T (.rinin KENN1 III (.1 1 1 )H n nni i ii (.rinin BARBAR CUIL1 OT i MO (.III LOT n nio i) (.i ii i.oi MELBA CUII II Wis II .MNI s( s N (.III 1 ol (III HI Gl Ill Ol |OHNM (.1 INN CI ORGE l (•( I.I.I IK. K ( II HI ol II CUNTEH I K I II MIN s|| H()N II M 1 CECIL II M I. nil. hi Hi (.1 ORCE ii M i w II II Wl HALL HI HI OCA H WI IO( k (II MU Is || LMPTON IK CAMI1 1 1 NN II NIM I DW ID II NN H II. II VNklNs Ml IO ll Ns| n (.1 NI II NsoN I NI II H|)|N l Mill 1 N I N1 II MiDlN ( II HI I s || MiDlsnN l LOYD II VRDISON ( II Mil I s i| |U I R l) MI I IIMUils II VNI I II HMiHIs I INIM II MiKIs si NNI II Milils DOI hi II HI (.MO H MU ( III HI I II MO I II ID ■ I). I Del • •hur ' i . t r ■ 5 Wmnfirld • ' N • S ' nptl 545 Freshmen GORDON HARTLEY Seattle, Wash. KATHY HARTWELL Gueydan GALE HARVEY Leesville JAMES HARVEY Castor REGINALD HARVEY DeRidder MARY ANN HATAWAY Gonzales JAY B. HAWKES Rosepine JACKIE ANITA HAWTHORNE Anacoco JANET HAWTHORNE Lafayette IERRY HAYES Cotton Valley SYLVIA A. HAYES New Orleans STEVE HAYMON Leesville GLENDA HAYNES Springhill CAROLYN HAZEL Lake Charles PEGGY HEATH DeRidder KATHERINE HEAD Shreveport DORIS MAE HEBERT DeRidder MARIAN HEINRICHS Shreveport LINDA LEIGH HEITHER Fort Worth, Tex. ERNEST CHARLES HELAIRE Natchitoches RAYMOND HELAIRE Natchitoches DANA HENRY Natchitoches F. JOHN HENRY Houma JAN HENSON Shreveport PAULA HENSON Urania ROSEMARY HERNANDEZ Lena DON HERRING Canton, Miss. JAMES HERRINGTON Alexandria " ELIZABETH ANN HILBARN Pineville ANNETTE HILL Pineville NELDA KATHLEEN HILLARD Shreveport GEORGE L. HINDS Clovis, New Mexico JACKSON LOUIS HINES Pickering SHIELDA HINTON Natchitoches DALE HOBSON Hodge ANNIE HALDEN Leesville JAMES HOFFMAN DeRidder DELIA LORAYNE HOLLADAY Oakdale WAYNETTA JEAN HOLLEY Natchitoches GEORGIA HOLLOWAY Alexandria ROBERT HOLLOWAY Minden LINDA HOLT Bossier City MARGIE HONORE Alexandria DONALD HOOPER Shreveport MARSHALL HOUGH Saline MELVIN HOWARD New Orleans KEN HARPMANN New Orleans DONNA HUBBS Shreveport PATRICIA HUBLEY Shreveport JAMES TERRY HACKABY Hodge CARL HUDNALL Shreveport REBECCA HUDSON Lake Arthur LEWIS (BILL) HUMPHRIES Jena MARY LOUISE HYDE Pineville PATRICIA KAY HYDE Jackson SUSIE IDOM Vivian SUSAN I MAN Lake Charles L. C. INGLES Winnfield SEDONIA JACOBS Marksville WILLIAM P. JACOBS Mitchell CHARLES JACKSON Simpson HOWARD JACKSON, JR. Lecompte JERRY JACKSON Tioga MYRTIS JACKSON Natchitoches MARY JACOMINE Port Sulphur DAVID C. JAMES Coushatta O. f «ft 3 " r«U ' D f) ■ til ana Fresh men 3 ' t l m v n 1)1 l .ll iwtl S REM 1 J Mi II MO 1 MI s M MO | l IAMISON l l RI4 1 I tRNICIN J()H I H is ■ I.W 1 1 .1.1 II l ROBE HI II Wis l) ID 1 II 1 1 1)1 lOI.I s Hl.l s indrim M( |()ll SO MUII si i |OHNSON LYDE IOHNSON bkle EDDIE |()M so POLLIE IOHNSON GAIL |()ll so CLOR1 IOHNSON |()ll JOHNSON l.t l III it B [OHNSON Ml MPHIS J()ll soN MIKE IOHNSON SCARLE1 r LYNN IOHNSON DeR HUM IOHNSON VIVIAN IOHNSON ndrU BARBARA fONl S (II Mtl.l S l ) l S CHERYL U 0UN1 fONl S CLAl I) RANDALL |ONl S CORINE |o l S JERRI ARNOLD |ONES JOYCE [ONES k V 1 ! ]() l s ! MUH [ONES i n ii io i s Mai MICHAEL |ONl S PATRIQ JONES ' LINDA JORDAN , fir Id RODNEY BIO W 1 |ORDAN •nrn MILDRED M Mill |OSl I ' ll CAROL K» I lis 1)1 Wis K H M M.I s II Wl k A 1 ! -.illr PRANK P □ tRNEl . w 1. WINFRED KEES, |H CAROLINE kl LL1 I ' M Hl( 1 kl 1 LI IX) ( ' kl NDRH k - (ii mu I s ki NN1 D BtttH g) ROS1 M MUl kl STERSON Doi.n kl YS1 R |oll kll LGO Ham LYNN kll 1.1 CHAR] OTTI 11 W kll 1 oi CH • IDA KILLOUCH LYNN CIMBAJ 1 1)1 M KIMBROl CH Kohl RT KINC Sll I III kl (. M HIII V klHkl.VM) BE ITY D KNICH1 i.moo KNIGHT • DOROTHY k K.HIl i.l.l l) si i KNIPI 1 rlirw II MU.I s K(K ' ( 1 Sulphur CHRISTINI koskl 1.1 KOI lO Lr« 547 Freshmen LORETTA KOWALCZUK k KF.N KRAMER VIRGIE KREIDEL PAMELA KRENNERICH PENNY KRENNERICH WILLIAM KRESS CHRIS KUIPER ESTHER KUNCE STANLEY LA CAZE CAROLYN LACOUR STEVE LA COUR ANNA M. LAFONT SHIRLEY LAIRD CHRIS LALANDE WALTER R. LAGREGREN MARTIN LAMRERT RONNIE LAND RARRARA LANDRY CONNIE LANDRY PEGGY LANDRY DIANE LANDESMAN RETHA LANE HART PAT LANIER ELIZARETH LANINCHAM SONIA LAPRAIRIE FLOYD LAROUX RITA LARSEN RONALD LASHUTE MARCELLA LAURA DERORAH LAWRENCE EDNA JO LAYTON CHRISTY LEACH FRANK LE DOUX RARRARA LEE LINDA LEE MELANIE LEE STANLEY LEE VIVIAN LEE RICHARD LEHR MARY LEIREE CHERYL LE MAIRE RORERT (ARTIE) LE MAIRE DERRIE LEWIS JUANITA LEWIS NELWYN LEWIS MONICA LILIEDAHL JAN L1LLEY ALRERT D. LITTLE MIRANDA LITTLE DERORAH LOCKARD MARY KATHERINE LODGE IFANNIE LOFTIN MYRA LOFTIN RONNIE LOKEY THERESA LOMRARDINO HAL LONG HENRY LONG NANCY LORD JULIA LOUGHRAN MARY LOUCHRIDCE PHYLLIS LOUPE JOHN F. LOUVIERE RONNIE LOVEGREN DEMETR1S LOVELADY JOHNNY RAY LOVICK RALPH ALGER LOWE Raton Rouge Alexandria Haughton Chalmette Chalmette Minden Raton Rouge Shreveport Cloutierville Natchitoches Covington Golden Meadow Dry Prong Alexandria Pensacola, Fla. Alexandria Homer Tioga Bossier City New Orleans Slidell Baton Rouge Natchitoches Alexandria Pineville Marthaville Shreveport Opelousas New Orleans Mansfield Alexandria Shreveport DeRidder Shreveport Natchitoches Natchitoches Gretna Winnfield Raton Rouge Westlake Kaplan Sunset Haynesville Pitkin Winnfield Leesville Natchitoches Winnfield Vivian Zachary Springhill Coushatta Shreveport flossier City Bossier City Pride Winnfield Mansfield Shreveport Flora Zwolle Welsh New Orleans Negrcet Robeline Haynesville Freshmen r II Mill 1 OWI M Mil MS LOW1 m Bo U 1 WD LUEDECI kl It Ik M HARMON l( It MlklN w VYN1 I .i IV Mum. WNI l VONS • si 1 Mi NDKI w I ' M UK 1 Mi Ml 1 II ( Mill HIM Bl Bl M l Mil M ■ MN IK HA1 1. M MN PATRH l M l k MU l ( |(| | 1 IK II l 1. | ( ( i | | | ( KI |,( () • W II. I.I Wl Mc o l ID I MI S M 1 1 Lot (.11 IHOMAS McCULl 01 CH ERNES! McDANI] 1. C.INC1 li M« DWII 1 ( M in M« DON Ml) .1.1 l) M DON Ml) 1 1 UNI McFATTEH !_.» II l 1 II McCl 1 • LINDA Mi CI 1 Ma Down i,(.i m 1 1 l; McCRI w LINDA CAL1 McK wkl 1 ■ III M III li Mi kl I MAR1 IDREN1 | k K.III VVONN1 McLAMORl PA 1 1(1(1 c Mi M llo wonni Mi i i n 1)1 MSI Mi l 1 I • scon M PHI RSON HKHV McQUILl l N PA 1 UK 1 Mi RICH 1 1 Wll S l DI)I HI NN 1 ) | ll S M.i I 1 11 li l Mill | | (. D. i l. l MiMIU.IoN II !l II l 1. I l KM Bl k l HMl HI l 1 | KMI l I n. i BONNIE l MU l DOWII H l HI l IH ( Is | MU l II 1 | H 1 IN 1 Wll s H | MU IN k VNDIS M MU IN s IRCIN1 l MU IN kl Wll III | Mil INI M H IN | H 1 INI DOUC1 tS l H Di i l Will ' l M(M ND 1 1 VNI MASTI lollN M M I SSINO n Kin n n III RM N s | ! | I ROBI HI M M l H( 1 l WOK II NW(MH) ( Ml M BARBAR D Ml 1 III R IIMMIE Ml 1 Dl R 1 i CI Nil Ml MTSAS H9 Freshmen SHIRLEY MEMTSAS Westwego ROGER MENARD Leesville JERRE MERCER Natchitoches fOHN MERRITT Tioga MARGARET MIDDLETOX Shreveport RODNEY MIDDLETOX Martha ville CANDY MILES Baton Rouge CLIFTON E. MILLER Mansfield DAVID MILLER Pineville i: IMETE MILLER Anacoco JUDY MILLER Opelousas JUDY GAYLE MILLER Many EULA ANN MILLSAPS Oakdale DEXXIS MINOR Springhill MICHAEL MITCHAM Leesville DAVID W. MITCHELL Many JENNIFER MITCHELL Natchitoches KATHY MITTON New Orleans BUYL MIXON Baker LU MOAK Shreveport NORMA JEAN MORLEY Logansport RORERT MONK Minden LINDA MONK Springhill MONTY MONTEGUDO Zachary KENNETH MOODY Eunice MEREDITH MOORE Redlands, California NORA L. MOORE Lafayette RANDALL MOORE Shreveport WILLIAM MOORMAN Welsh BEVERLY MORGAN Alexandria DAVID MORGAN Glenmora LAURA MORGAN Boyce NINA MORGAN Zachary MATTIE MORRIS Shreveport SONG A MORRIS Colfax SHERYLL MORSE Erwin, Tennessee LAURA F. MORTON- Mansfield EUGENE MORVAN Port Sulphur NORMA MOSES DeQuincy ELIZABETH MOSLEY Stanley ROY MOTON Stanley JAMES MURCHISON Lafayette BETTY JEAN MURPHY Bossier City GAIL MURPHY Pineville LEO MURRAY Shreveport GRACE MYERS Opelousas DAVID NAVARRE Oakdale MERRILL NECK Mansura JERRY NEEL Shreveport NORMAN NEEL Zwolle LARRY NELSON Florien GAYLE NESOM Natchitoches PHYLLIS NETHERCOT Bossier City KATHRYN NETTLES Many JOHN NICHELSON Bunkie ROB NICHOLAS Chevy Chase, Maryland SUSAN NICOLOSI New Orleans LONN NIX Farmerville ROWLAND NORM AND Bunkie BRENDA SUE NORRELL Heflin TON I NORRIS Vivian KITTY NOWELL DeRidder BARBARA NUGENT Lena LINDA NUGENT Shreveport CHERI OBAN ION Oakdale BEVERLY O ' BANNON Provencal •f- f-rt tj i il H ll M A x A 35° Freshmen Dl LORES O ' BANNON II RR l. o BANNON MM II l I. O ' BII R M tRCARI I olAI 1 IOIIW1 l ILL LARA ORB DORonn i ouzts l M ' .MI () M M l It 1 1 OW1 NS PATRH I I HI I OWI NS Ml l OWENS BARBARA W 0X1 ORD I ' M I ' M I 1.1 l ' l)l)ll PA I Hl I PAG1 LIN PAGL1 VRULO I LDON PALME R LINDA CAYLE PALMER sill HIO II PARIS I 1 I PARK! R V - I 1 1 " i l ' sM |R l II. PATRK K I li l si y |o |K MARCARET CLARA PI I SANDB II OCI MIKE l ' l URS PAM l ' l UM I I.l( I PEARSON i ' in ri NDARVIS BILL! PENDLETON || | II Mil I.I) BARBARA PENNINGTON CAROL PERKINS LARRY PERKINS QUI! I v PERKINS SAM PERNIO PETE PETERSON ( UROL PHENH 1 CYNTH1 l ' llll I IPS PAT l ' l Hoss PICKE 1 I EVA Jl WEL PIERSON I ii s I ' ll RSON l IU A PILI LA DIANNE PINCHBAt k [OHN PIN K HI) l VRGARJ 1 II rRI WALLA 1 R PITTS CISE1 M PLATT SANDRA POl ROBERT NEAL POINT1 R KM 1111 POl i i n BEVERL1 POMES ELBA] in I POl 1 [ACQUE1 INE POl SSON I STHER PORT! R |oll l) IP PORT1 s|| vRON POW1 I I 1. 1 1 PRA1 I (Mill HIM PR] Bl 1 Ml l I N v PBJ I " u MAR 1 « ' I s ' PR ' s| ' s M)l PRI STRIDGI H in PRH i II KIO 1 ' HIMM ■ land s( ( ■: rport burn I Pleasant Kill Vit. hit - TuDoi Mil Mr Hin. • ■ • - Abbeville dull ■ ■ ■ Lea ndship indria I). R D.ili ' ■ 551 Freshmen LUCY PRINGLE Shreveport MARCELLA PRINGLE Oakdale RONNIE PROCELL Shreveport ANGELA PRUDHOMME Natchitoches GLADYS PUGH Shreveport .F.I. MA PYLANT Natchez, Miss. JANET PYXES Shreveport MARY ANN RABALAIS Bunkie S V.NDRA RARALAIS Powhaton SONDRA RABON Minderi DIANA LYNN RACHALL Campti BARBARA RADFORD Mansfield LINDA RAGLAND Natchitoches SANDRA RAINES Shreveport DAVID HAMBIN Pelican I. J. RAMBIN III Coushatta IODIE RAMBIN Pelican PHYLLIS RAMBO Georgetown EVANGELINE RAMSEY Mansfield LINDA RASBURY Olla BRENDA RATCLIFF Bossier City YVONNE RATLIFF Robeline LELAND RAWLS Darnell JOHN PAUL RAYBURN San Angelo, Texas CARRIE-SUE REED Pineville BEVERLY REEVES Shreveport SANDI REEVES Bossier City CLARENCE ALVIN REID Alexandria TUDY KAY REPPOND Bastrop BFC;KIE RICHARD Shreveport DIANNE RICHARD DeRidder VIRGINIA RICHARD Opelousas SUE RICHARDSON Minden NANCY RICHEY Alexandria D. MICHAEL RICHIE Natchitoches LINDA RICCIN Newport News, Va. CYNTHIA RISER Castor TERRY RISHER Winn fie Id MICKEY ROARK Natchitoches CECILIA ROBBINS Oxford BUDDY ROBERTS Campti JENNIFER ROBERTS Winn field JUDITH ANN ROBERTS Winnfield LARRY M. ROBERTS Bossier City RALPH ROBERTS Winnfield PAUL ROBERTSON Tioga MARILYN A. ROBINETTE Bossier City BETH ROBINSON- Shreveport BEVERLY ROBINSON Lake Charles ELVIS ROBINSON, JR. Coushatta JOHN ARTHUR ROBINSON, JR. Natchitoches PAUL F. ROBINSON Balboa, Canal Zone BRENDA ROCERS Winnfield RENELLA ROMINE Iota THOMAS ROQUE Natchez CONNIE ROSALLES Powhatan BARBARA I. ROSENTHAL Alexandria O. ARCHIE ROUCEOU Boyce FREDERICK ROWLAND New Orleans CAROL ROY Alexandria ROY MARTIN III Opelousas PEGGY RUDD Winnfield TERRY D. RUFFIN Mansfield BARBARA ANN RUSSELL Alexandria FLA INF RUSSELL DeQuincy PATSY RUSSELL Benton f) v } ilfl taakia Freshmen a ai25J! • 1 HOM U SADOW ski Dl Wis sm i.i s, 1 Wll s w | i SALT1 io i n i. s di i. n s u us M D 1 ! SANDI RS |l 1.1 V SANDI l MO M M. . Mil 1 S |r H M.I ' ll SANDI 1). 1 1 MHO SANDII l BARBARA W SAT! HI R DONN i swim. s H Ml SAVELL Mil. OKI 1) SAWYI It • II 1 1 Mills ' M Misn m | LYNN s( Hoill 1 ( KM s( || H | • M MO K X 1 ) s( H |;| ( iii mo s( in i i wi scon l Mil l MOM MM SI PI 1 MX) I)W II) SI II 1 MX) LINDA K M SI li IA MX) ELLEN SI CI l( RODCI li SI l ) K MIO s||| | || | . . y ill DAN ID s||| PHI HI) Mo si 1 sin PPARD BILL sin in hi • EDDIE sin RER Md men hd SHIPP I HOM s slUHK KleinfehenviDi l i • MO W sikk:ki i l Ml l. IN SHOEM kl R • ROBERT SHOLAR M B PA I siioi ) M M MO SIBIL! 1 ■ FRIEDA sim.l 1 " LAUR sim | J I ' n.l.- RODNE1 sim io Vit III! SHIRLEY sim El r DARLEN1 si io Wit. III IO SIMONS 1)1 BORAH SINCI 1 l MO ( 1 U Dl SIRMON evilk M A I SISOM HI BEO s| k MICH M 1 SI M i. Illl l: Bock M l ill BRENDA SI O PON s M n SI 1 D(. 1 -h.itf.i BRI D FAYI s | | | 1 Wll s ROBE RT SM M I ■ BUNN1 SMITH 1 Wll s li s || | || it JOAN s || in M MO BROOKS smi in txln.i MILTON M smi hi I ' M 1. s || HI H WIU H s || HI V RONNII sMMII kIhM sill IOI. s || in s|| PHI smi Hi si 1 smiiii Campti si s V SMITH 553 Freshmen 1 MES ROY SNOW- Winnfield LINDA SNYDER Lake Charles FLORENT SOICNIER Breanx Bridge FARRELL C. SOILEAU Yille Platte RODNEY SOOTER Alexandria BARRY L. SOYELL Many KAY SPANN Shreveport PATRICK SPARROW Colfax BILLY SPILLMAN Cloutierville PERRY SPIVEY Shreveport : WW SPURGEON Hicks ALICE STAGG Jennings MACK STAMPER Shreveport SHARON STANLY Leesville ROSE MARIE STEGEMANN Natchitoches MIKE STEINKAMF New Orleans DIANNE STILLY Grand Cotear PHILLIP G. STEPHENS Oakdale IKNNIFER STERLING Baton Rouge BRENDA G. STEVENS Baton Rouge RANDY STEVENS Leesville SANDRA STEVENS Bossier City RANDALL STEWART Jena RONALD STEWART Winnfield FREDERICK STICKLEN Charleston, W. Va. HENRY L. STOBAUGH, JR. Bossier City CHERRIE STOCKWILL Pineville WANDA STOMA Mansfield RODNEY LYNN STRICKLAND Anacoco NANCY STROHSCHEIN Anacoco DEWAIN STROTHER Plainview BECKY STROUD Hodge DON STROUD Alexandria JOEL W. STROUD St. Maurice PAULETTE STROUD St. Maurice JOHN SULLIVAN Vidalia MECELLIE SULLIVAN Campti PATRICIA SWISHER Columbus, Ohio BETTY SWITZER Baton Rouge JOHN TABOR Cotton Valley SUSAN TABOR Homer BRENDA TAICHMAN Zachary WAYNELL TATE Jennings DOUGLAS W. TATMAN Opelousas JACK TAYLOR Richardson, Tex. JOHN RAYMOND TAYLOR Winnfield BRENDA TEAGUE Minden STEVEN TEMPLE DeRidder PAULETTA TENDRICH Teaneck, New Jersey GWEN TERRELL Leesville DAVID A. TERRY Shreveport EDWIN THERIOT Gueydan RONALD THIEBAUD Oil City TERESA JEAN THOMA Shreveport ANN THOMAS Ringgold DARRYL THOMAS Baton Rouge GERARD THOMAS Natchitoches JAMES L. THOMAS, JR. Winnfield JOHN M. THOMAS Kinder PAULA THOMAS Shreveport miLIP THOMAS New Orleans CAROLYN THOMPSON Natchitoches DENNIS THOMPSON- Kaplan MARY LOUISE THOMPSON Converse MELANIE THOMPSON Shreveport RITA FAYE THOMPSON Ville Platte 354 Freshmen : IIomi S( II IIIH MI 1 Wtl S Til VN III l MO LYNN 1 IMMONS si i riN 1 1 II MHO l riSDAl 1 MID rOBOLA 1 1.1 M) rODD 1 MIL rOMPKINS ROBI R 1 rOOKl Bl M KI.1 rORCI s • SANDRA rOI 1 HI W Win low NSI D 1 Wl 1 I 1 Ih Ml BOB 1 HI M)W M dwii i. i nuri.i i i t. io rniPLO ( raig nupp l Mil IHI 1 Ml M;o 1 I ( Kl K ( III IOI. 1. II 1 1 S DWM II 1.1 OS (.1 ORGI 1 I LL1 W i DOHIs | I RN1 R BR1 D IIU MPS PA 1 RI 1 rRUSCl M CAROLYN rYLER I ' M mi s OLGA 1 KOCI URI IS ■ I Ml i I.I tLBERTA VANDYKE SUE VI H( HI H II Mill l RZWYV1 1 1 CYNTHIA ANN l Kl SUSAN IDRIN1 • • CROVER V INING CONNII VISCARDI CM, oil VISIO l VRCARJ 1 VOl I.M SH HO (.Mi II W (.(.o ! | ii i i w m.di 1 RONICA |ON W M DIM- MAI W M Kl R ll( kl 1 W M Kl Ii MILTON C W M Kl R IK l RNON Ml wn W M Ki di r w vLLAQ unit • K Mil W M 1 1 RS l Mi 1 II i.WI W M.l() R S W M IX)N K Ml W Mil) CARHRINI W l w l |Xi M I) R w ISHINCTON • LINDA SI 1 W tSHINGTON HI BECI W ME RBI IO LINDA W l ! H MOND w n ni i w iki s IMO Wl s| Boi Ml RNI V M Wl n di i ii wi i H Kl Wl 1 ks ioii m i;m nin ii WII V Wl 1 1 l Ii Ml Freshmen BARBARA L. WELLS Alexandria (IIHls WELLS New Orleans DEBRA WELLS Alexandria DONNA NN WELLS Alexandria ELIZABETH WENTZEL Lecsville CAROL A. WERTZ New Orleans RICHARD WEST Bossier City UDV WESTER Provencal ELE )1 WESTMORELAND Natchitoches ANNIE PEARL WHITE Natchitoches CAMILLE WHITE Alexandria DONNIE WHITE Pitkin fUDITH ANN WHITE Suffolk, England fUDY LYNX WHITE Alexandria KATHERYN WHITE Alexandria RALPH WHITE Frierson SAM WHITE Mora ELLEN WHITESIDE Cotton Valley BEVERLY WHITLOCK Stanley DONALD R. WHITTINGTON Oakdale SANDRA G. WHITTINGTON Bayou Chicot LINDA WILBURN Pelican BARBARA GAIL WILLIAMS Natchitoches BONNIE BLU WILLIAMS Leesvile CHERYL B. WILLIAMS Natchitoches JANICE WILLIAMS Keithville MAUREEN WILLIAMS Alexandria ROBERT WILLIAMS Mansfield SHIRLEY WILLIAMS Bossier City TERRY WILLIAMS Georgetown %MM And the long four years have started, as a brand new freshman watches her parents drive away for the first time. Southern feeling ran high, inciting a near-riot during the Wallace political rally. 356 Freshmen I ill ODOR] WILLI wis llkl W II 1 IK il. U MM n w w ii i is roM n w ii i is ( II Mil 1 s | M| s(» DAPHNI WINDHAM LINDA WINN PA l RH 1 W l MELANIE W ISI H M R |OY( 1 Will i .. GAIL WOI l 1 ll( II M 1. WOMA4 k I ' M 1 1 1 11 WONG • |l 1)1 Wool) I Wll s WOODs DWM WOO|)so (.1 ORC1 N W HI CONNIE w RICH l CARTHJ WRICH1 II D 1 ) WRICH1 PAMELA W RICH! si I w RICH 1 1 • r II RR1 1 W lilsl | RS I ' M RI 1 WYAT1 DM 1 WYB1 I DM 1 YEACEF Pfttsburi ROBERT H M Ml 1. ■ CAYLA M sii i. (II Mil 1 s YO NC Ral CAM L YOUNG 1 Wll s (. MO iOl (. st 1 1 MUO W M l MM (. 1). ! Ih, ' Epilogue This has been Northwestern 1969. And the 1969 POTPOURRI will always be a reflection of this year. For this is the purpose of an annual— to recall those things which make up a year. The 1969 POTPOURRI will be the only history written of this school year which can be shared by all those who attended Northwestern this year. As Editor, I would like to thank those numerous people who made this publication possible. The long hours of hard work and patience by the staff should also be recognized. If you are able to recall one special memory from the pages of the 1969 POTPOURRI, then its purpose has been successful. In each phase of manufacture, this yearbook has been . . . A name easily remembered . . . and not a number easily forgotten! BENSON PRINTING CO. NASHVILLE

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