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Ai N ; - 1? ' ))p n ; h ; : 5 f. . ' V ' . A £ Ml : : « ns|u ii ■ S ..r. ' .-.r ' -J. . . I a a y Pat Bales, Editor David Butler, Associate Editor Louise Riehl, Assistant Editor Gilbert Stroud, Business Manager Jerry Pierce, Sponsor atpauvvi jj Northwestern State College 3i i " %• " . Jr. I " - jd k vHHHBb TABLE OF CONTENTS Administrative . Academic 33 Classes 79 Leadership . Service 170 Activities 221 Greeks 232 Fine Arts Entertainment 262 Personalities 282 Athletics 302 NORTHWESTERN p ■ STATE COLLEGE This is Northwestern State College, 1968. All will remember, but no one remembers all. A diary, a scrapbook, a record of that one special event which made this year special. Memories — hence, the 1968 Potpourri. For some, the thrill and confusion of adjusting to dorm life for the first time will be remembered forever. Meeting new friends, learning dormitory rules the hard way, trying to cram an entire lifetime of collected belongings into one small room — all are a part of the adjustment. 1968 — a year of adjustment. r, Evidence of the continuing growth and expansion demonstrated by this 8 3 -year old institution was the record high enrollment for the 1968 Fall semester of some 6300 students. And to fill the continuing need for classroom facilities, construction of a new Arts Sciences building was begun. 1968 — a year of prog- ress. Many new departments were established this year at NSC bringing the total to 31. In addition, a separate School of Business now provides students a wider range of subject fields. Students can prepare for any number of professions and receive competent instruction. 1968 — a year of academic improvement. This was the best year yet for the annual Lady of the Bracelet beauty pageant. The contest, formerly sponsored by the Potpourri, was conducted this year by the Student Gov- ernment Association. The public was invited to attend as contestants were judged not only on the basis of beauty, but on poise and talent as well. 10 itr ii 11 But it ' s not all work. NSC students can enjoy the many opportunities available for relaxation and leis- urely fulfillment at the still new student union build- ing. Likewise, other types of entertainment are pro- vided year round for students and faculty alike. 3 The Demons had a relatively successful football season in 1968 with 6 wins and 3 losses. Likewise, NSC students en- joyed a thrilling basketball season as well as spectacular spring sports such as gymnastics, track, and baseball. Ath- letics in any college system can never be overemphasized. ffrjt-fj+- »5 Extracurricular activity is highly regarded at Northwestern. Membership in any club or organiza- tion provides opportunities for building a well- rounded character. Whether it be honor groups, pro- fessional groups, or social clubs, they provide outlets for expression and bases for developing personality and professionalism. 16 Entertainment takes all forms. Whether it be ex- citing half-time football performances by our own students or performances by professional entertainers like Simon and Garfunckle, the Platters, and the Serendipity Singers, year-round entertainment pre- vails at Northwestern 18 I » ' EAST WRMDO -We- y m A . " Merry Christ 3 EAS T WKNADO The Christmas spirit really takes effect at Northwestern when the Associated Women Students sponsor their annual Christmas at Home. Each dormitory builds a Christmas display around a pre- determined theme. The displays are set up in Varnado Drawing Room for all to see. 11 Everybody loves a parade. And that is only one of the many at- tractions of the annual Natchitoches Christmas festival. An event to which people flock from all over the state, this year ' s festival fea- tured over 400,000 lights along with a colorful and exciting fire- works demonstration. £ •jMJ 3 There ' s never a dull moment at NSC. And you can always expect the unexpected. Take for instance the heavy snowfall, a novelty on our campus, that left 4 inches of snow on the ground. Fun and exc itement abounds all year round. 5 One of the biggest annual events at NSC is the State Fair game in Shreveport. The festivities begin a week before the game with parades and pep rallies every night climaxed by the traditional burn- ing of the bulldog. 1968 — we beat Tech again! Whatever the reason, activity is the keynote of everyday. Planned and unplanned social events or gatherings of any nature are not un- common. This is typical of NSC because NSC is a typical college with typical people. Homecoming — when former NSC students re- turn to their old alma mater and reminisce with old friends. The earn pus is alive with festivity as the various organizations welcome alumni with colorful displays. An exciting homecoming foot- hall game adds the finishing touch as everyone returns home to review Homecoming, 1968. 1 Bi I ■ i o -,% fe B And, of course, for some this year will be remembered as their last at Northwestern. Whatever lies ahead, NSC will no longer be a part of it. The future is now the present. Graduation — the end or the beginning Dr. Arnold Kilpatrick, President, Northwestern State College Dr. Arnold Kilpatrick 33 Young, 11 ; Lael, 15; Mrs. Kilpalrick; Dr. Kilpatrick. Dr. Arnold Kilpatrick and Family 34 This is Dr. Kilpatrick ' s second year as President of North- western State College. He came to us from Northeast where he was serving as Head of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. He was appointed Acting Presi- dent of Northwestern in August of 1966 and President in July of 1967. President and Mis. Kilpatrick ■.mil,- at onlookers during the parade at State Fan Weekend. ' v I m r Tech President, F. Jay Talur. and Student Body President . Patrick Briney present the Tech-Northicestern banner to President Kilpatrick and Dennis Xetcbury, SGA President. President Kilpatrick greets quests at the faculty reception. Professor of The Year Mr. Joseph Johnson was elected 1968 Potpourri Professor of the Year. Students were asked to vote by secret ballot for any professor that impressed them the most during their se- mesters at NSC. The professor receiving the most votes in his favor automatically won this award. Mr. Johnson is an Assistant Professor of Business at North- western. He received his B.S. at Northeast, his M.S. at North- western State College, and has done graduate work at the University of Arkansas and Arizona State. After a tour in the Navy, Mr. Johnson sold insurance in Monroe prior to coming to NSC in 1956. Data processing, office management, and accounting include some of the courses taught by Mr. Johnson, as well as other regular business courses. He also sponsors Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity at NSC. The Johnsons have two daughters, Mrs. Jeanne Bolin who teaches in New Orleans and Martha, who is studying at Loyola. A true sportsman, Mr. Johnson has quite an interesting gun col- lection. Mr. Johnson fishing. is an aiid sportsman, especially when it comes to Here with hi wife, Tina, Mr. Johnson performs his duties around the house. 36 JOSEPH JOHNSON fj| dministr ative and academic . « 796 included a record enrollment of 6,331 students and the addition of new departments, bringing this total to thirty. Likewise, the creation of new adminis- trative offices contributed to NSCs continuing prog- ress. 39 ■ Dr. Charles Thomas, Dean of the College. Dean of The College Dr. Charles Thomas, last year ' s Dean of Administration, has donned a new title this year, that of Dean of the College. This is a new posi- tion at NSC and involves important administrative affairs. Dr. Thomas received his B.S. at Northwestern State College, his M.S. at Louisiana State University, and his Ed.D., at George Peabody College for Teachers. Dudley G. Fulton- -Dean of Students; B.A. Northwestern State College; M.S., Louisiana State University, Leonard O. Nichols Dean of Men: B.A., Northwestern State College; M.A., Northwestern State College. Administrative Deans Lucile M. Hendrick Dean of Women; B.A. Northwestern State College; M.Ed., Northwestern State College. Academic Deans George A. Stokes — Dean of Academic Affairs: B.A., Northwestern State College; M.S., Ph.D., Louisiana State University. Tom Paul Southerland — Dean of School of Education; B.S., Louisiana State Normal ; M.S., Louisiana State University; Ed.D., Louisiana State University. David Townsend — Dean of School of Business; B.S., Cornell College; M.A.. University of Michigan; Ph.D., Louisiana State University. Leo T. Allbritten — Dean of Graduate School; B.A., Southwestern University; M.A., University of Texas; Ed.D., Colorado State College of Education. Rene Bienvenu — Dean of Arts Sciences; B.S. and M.S., Louisiana State University: Ph.D., University of Texas. Etta Anne Hincker — Dean of School of Nursing; B.S., St. Xavier College; M.S.N.Ed., Cath- olic University of America. HI I Jerry Wilson — Attendance Counselor. Ethel Scroggins Student Union. Austin Brown — Utilities Superintendent Seated: Mrs. Opal Gimbert — Head Nurse, left to right-- Mrs. Emma Miller: Mrs. Lula Phillips: Mrs. Virginia Cohen; Mrs. Sharon Cobb. Campus Security — First Rozv: M.T. Murray: Sandra Lilley; Randy Cooper; Tony Lodrique. Second Row: Warren Massia; Paul Payton; Lamar Hale; John Broussard. Third Row: Roger Smith; Hezzie Stevenson; James K. Lee — Chief; Erwin Mathies. Robert Wilson Student Union. Campus Services Joe D ' Avanzo — Director of Food Services. Administrative Services Loneta Graves — Auditor Fletcher S. Sutton — Student Financial Aid. Anita Pierce- -Asst. Dean of Women. Dr. Tandy McElwee Director of Counseling and Testing Center 44 Otis Crew -Registrar. C.L. Starnes Director of Housing. Ted Wright Business Manager. Harrel Haile Director of Alumni and Placement. Jerry Pierce Director of Informational Services. Thomas L. Hennigan Director of Audio-Visual Center. Sylvan R Sibley Purchasing Agent Housing Directors Women ' s Housing Directors — Seated: Ann Dunnam, Louisiana; Caroline Beckett, Carondelet ; Tommie Nugent, East Varnado ; Dorothy Bowen, East Caddo; Lacey B. Weaver, South Sabine. Standing: Myrtle Collins, Audubon: Velma Dix, North Sabine: Myra Hicks, West Caddo; Catherine Kirkland, West Varnado; Lillian Richardson, West Sabine; Gertrude Watkins, Agnes Morris. Men ' s Housing Directors — Sealed: Hazel Evans, South Natchitoches; Lucile Brady, South Rapides; Vera Gabbert, Bossier; Dolly Hedrick, East Rapides; May Rhodes, Scheib; Elma Hinton, Caspari; Catherine Leabo, West Rapides; Lucile Gardner, Prudhomme. Standing: Lyn Hargraves, West; Gary Piper, North; Bruce Stracener, North Natchitoches; Randall Jack- son, South. 46 Department of Accounting The Accounting Department of Northwestern State was organized on July 1, 1967. Although this department has the smallest teaching staff, it has one of the strongest departments on our campus. At this time there are over two hundred students en- rolled in this department. Students majoring in ac- counting can receive their B.A. degree and M.B.A. degree. Graduates in the accounting field can take a C.P.A. test and recently two N.S.C. graduates have passed the C.P.A. test. Mr. York gives assistance to a student after class. Faculty — Seated: Willa Dean Sewell. Standing: Bobby R. York and Jo Ann Gibson. Earl G. Thames, Department Head 47 Department of Agriculture Students interested in the field of agriculture may earn one of four curricula leading to the Bachelor of Science degree or one of three pre-professional programs. The facilities of the diversified college farm are utilized in the laboratory courses. Here the students familiarize them- selves with modern farm machinery and work with purebred beef, dairy cattle, sheep, swine, and poultry. The college dairy produces and processes all the milk used in the cafeterias. Dr. Ralph Fell, Department Head. Mr. Townsend gives student some outdoor instruction. 4 . ,3 Art student, Dale McGee receives instruction from Mr. Thorn. Emily Rolfe watches Karen Karisny put the finishing touches on a painting. Faculty — Charles Coke, James Thorn, Mary Roberts. Grant Ken- ner, Rivers Murphy, Donald Alexander. Orville Hanchey, Department Head. Department of Art A major in art may earn his B.A. degre and prepare for a professional career or graduate study in either fine or com- mercial art. There are courses designed especially for the Graduate stu- dents in the School of Education. The Department encourages a g rowing number of students to elect art as a minor or select from among its many specialized courses as enrichment in the humanities. Individual creativity is fundamental in a democracv. and the role of art in our society can never be overemphasized. 49 Department of Biology Members of the biology staff believe that a well-balanced college program in the Biological Sciences should include good teaching and productive research. Degrees offered in the field of biology from Northwestern include a B.S. degree program for students interested in biology-education, botany, pre-medi- cine, pre-dentistry, medical technology, wildlife management, and zoology. In addition, a Master ' s degree may also be earned in biology — education, botany and zoology. Botany is an important area of study in the Biology Department . Faculty — First Row: James Price. Dr. James Lin, Dr. Virgil Howe. Dr. Ray Baumgardner. Second Row: Robert Noble, Dr. Wayne Kruse, Dr. B. Roy Buckley. Oren Whitehead. Third Row: Robert Click, Dr. Roderick Outland, Kenneth Williams, Robert Daspit, Dr. Hugh Land, Dick Stalling. The disecting of specimens u a good learning ground for biology Undents. Dr. W. G. Erwin. Department Head. Faculty — First Row: Ronald Weir, Donald Slacum, H. N. Towry. Second Row: Dr. Best. Robert Easley, Barron Wells. Dr. Roger Best, Department Head. Department of Business Administration Offering degrees in Accounting and Business Administra- tion is the main function of the Department of Business Ad- ministration. Courses offered under this department include accounting, marketing, management, finance, and business eco- nomics. Its main purpose is to prepare students for useful par- ticipation in the business world. 5 Fatuity Front Row: Carol McCoy, Janell Rue. H. N. Towry, Barron Wells. Second Row. Shirley Robbins, T. G. Johnson, J. W. Johnson. Dr. Ralph White. Department Head. Department of Business Education and Office Administration A B.S. degree in Business Education is offered by the De- partment of Business Education and Office Administration. In addition, an Associate Degree, a two-year program in Sec- retarial Administration, is also offered. Some of the courses offered are business education and communications, and of- fice administration. 5 Department of Chemistry In the School of Arts and Sciences, non-professional Chem- istry majors may earn a degree in the field of Liberal Arts. Medical Technology majors may also earn a B.S. from this school. The School of Education offers a B.S. for those students who are interested in teaching chemistry. Also offered is a degree in General Science with a concentration in chemistry. Graduate students may earn their M.S. in chemistry in any one of four fields: Organic, Physical, or Biological Chemistry. Faculty -First Row: Archie Deason, James Rhoades. Second Row: Dr. Larry McRae. Dr. Charles Bissell, Dr. H. VV. Hyde. Student in chemistry pend many hours doing laboratory work. Dr. McRae observes as student performs an xperi- ment. Economics Department Established July 1, 1967, with the creation of the School of Business, the Economics Department has as its primary goal to prepare students for positions of government. It is pri- marily a service department with students from the entire campus. Degrees offered by the Department include a Bache- lor of Science and Economics in the School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts in the School of Arts and Sciences. Dr. James N. Davis. Department Head. Faculty — Dr. Davis. William Call, Kenneth Knotts, Charles D. VanEaton, Donald S. Slacum. 54 A 4 %v NATURE S COLLECTION V " ' MB. • i 0? 1 M- . MM j m 1 » 1 2 Elementary school children teceire instruction on nature by an NSC student teacher. ■ 1 B KjL BJ H 1} ) .B ■ BIBh ,% ▼ Wr i v-% " .« I 1 Bn ™B» mVJI I Ayfl j ■ ■flBl .1 1 Bit 1 tbI wm 11 I ' " 1 Faculty— First Roic: Dr. Lisso Simmons, Mary Lee Posey, Dr. Mildred Bailey, Dr. William Hale. Second Row: Matthew Kep- pinijer. Dr. Ronald T. Dermis, Dr. Beimie Barron. Elementary Education Department Preparing teachers for the public elementary schools is the purpose of the Department of Elementary Education. There are three undergraduate majors in the Department: kinder- garten, primary, and upper elementary. At the present time there are 434 students majoring in the above areas at the un- dergraduate level. Six graduate degree programs are offered by the Department: three master ' s degree programs and three programs in the Specialist in Education Degree. 55 Geology Department Geology was first established as a department in July of 1967. It was approved to offer a Master ' s Degree beginning of the fall semester, 1968. The Geology degree was first established in 1964 within the Department of Physical Sci- ence. At present, both the B.S. and the M.S. degrees may be earned at Northwestern. Nolan LeBlanc and Dick Robertson, graduate assistants, operate one of the machines used in the department. Staff — Dr. David Dobbins, and Rene DeHon. John D. Waskom, Department Head. 56 Guidance Counciling and Educational Psychology Department Degrees offered in the Department of Educa- tional Psychology and Guidance include the Masters Degree in: Elementary Counseling Guidance, and Secondary Counseling Guid- ance. The Specialist in -Education Degree also includes Elementary and Secondary Counseling Guidance. The Masters Degree can be achieved in Student Personnel Services. Service Courses are offered in Educational Psychology to undergraduate and graduate students. Dr. Ray A. McCoy, Department Head. Faculty--Seuted : Donita (Jothard. Standing: Dr. George A Kemp, Dr. Jack L. Daniels Health, Physical Education Recreation Department Offering programs leading to degrees, teacher certification and the preparation of graduates for vocational opportunities in many fields is the task of The Department of Health, Physical Education Recreation. Although many students prepare for teaching and coaching careers, the opportunities are not limited to these areas. To- day, the student may select programs in dance, recreation, safety, driver education, or other academic areas which will prepare him for attractive and challenging careers. Health. Physical Education, mid Recitation Staff — First Row: Guraedy, Davion, Richie, Nelken, Hillard. Second Row: Coker, Jarirs, Wendt, Cronan, Towns, Vega. Third Row: Dr Alost, Gib- son, Simmons Gentry. Bonnette, Brown. Marx. Dr. Robert Alost. Department Head. 58 History Department The Department of History was organized as a separate field of study and established as a department in the School of Arts and Sciences in July of 1967. In addition to an un- dergraduate degree, a student may also earn a Master of Arts degree in the department with a major in either American or European history. During the first year in which the depart- ment has operated as a separate unit, the number of students enrolled in history courses has more than doubled. Dr. Ronald M Rawson, Department Head. 59 Department of Home Economics Students majoring in Home Economics take required courses in English, the Sciences, and other academic areas. The General Home Economics curriculum is designed for those who are interested in positions in business or extension service. Home Economics Education is a program for stu- dents who plan to teach vocational home economics. Dietetics and Institutional Management is a degree program for those who desire to become dietitians or to work with lunchroom or other food services. Also, Northwestern offers the M.S. in Education for home economics students. Faculty— Seated: Mary Roberson, Maxine Southerland. Standing left to right: Betty Johnson, Margaret Ackel, Eloise Watkins, and Annette Jordan. Marie S. Dunn, Department Head. Cooking is of major emphasis in the Home Economics Learning how to sew u ar. all-important homemaking Department. duty. I I.E. students learn the uses of many machine i Raymond Christensen rechecks the operition of the printing machim Industrial Education Staff — Dwaync C. Gilbert, Paul Sepulvado, Raymond L. Christensen. Charles W. Becker, Bill W. Shaw, Charles H. Wommack. Tommy S. Dunagan. Dr. Walter J. Robinson, I.E. Department Head Industrial Education Department The Department of Industrial Education offers curricula in industrial arts education and vocational-industrial education for qualified students interested in teaching. Those choosing a non-teaching curriculum have three options in technology — manual arts, therapy, and industrial arts. Department of Languages There are four major fields in the Languages Department: English, foreign languages, journalism, and speech. The aim of the department is to produce cultured speakers and writers, whether they be public speakers, teachers, journalists, novel- ists, actors, businessmen or housewives using language in their everyday lives. They strive to produce students who write well, and speak well. Walter Lynd Moseley, Department Head. First Row: Josephine Sills, Olga Webber, Corinne Ryland, Ruth Nelson, Rebecca Jernigan. Second Row: Mary McEniry, Ora Wil- liams Mary D. Fletcher. Ellis M. Melder, Mary Doherty. Third Row: Alice Hicks, Georgia Clifton, Eve R. Mouton. Fourth Row: Dr. Moseley, E. M. Webber, Ramon Brodermann, William Torn- wall. 6l Mrs. Dorothy Hanks, Mrs. Fern Christensen. Mrs. Clara Greene, Miss Dorothy Kaiser. Miss Eleanor Hollis, Mrs. Leola Lofton. Department of Library Science It has been said that the Library is the heart of every aca- demic institution. This can be clearly distinguished by the extensive collection of about 155,000 bound volumes plus the separate document collection and the considerable amount of microfilm located at the Russell Library. In building and ad- ministering this collection, special attention has been given to coordinating the selection of books and research information with the various academic departments. In this way the sup- port rendered to the increasingly varied programs offered at Northwestern is kept at a high level. In addition, the Russell Library possesses one of the best Louisiana collections in the state. Mr. Donald Mackenzie, Department Head. 63 Dr. Russell Whittington, Jr., Department Head. Mrs. Webster and Mrs. Land consult about new methods of material introduction. • ' . First Row: Gaylord Hoyt, Cheri Webster, Bettye Miller, Vera Rawson, Margaret Land. Second Row: Bob Waldron, Thomas Boone, Sam Shelton, Thomas Covington, Edwin Miller, Austin Temple, Ed Anders, Ernest Ratliff, Dr. Russell Whittington, Bertrand Boyd. Discussions of new math concepts are often a source of conversation between members of the Mathematics Department. Department of Mathematics To meet the needs of today ' s students, the Department of Mathematics is rapidly expanding and constantly moving forward. The B.S. degree with a major in Mathematics is offered in both the School of Arts and Sciences and in the School of Education. The Graduate School offers both the M.S. degree in Mathematics and the M.S. degree with a major in Mathematics. 64 Department of Microbiology Boasting one of the best equipped departments of its type in this region, the Department of Microbiology has gained national recognition, particularly in the graduate program. Microbiology and Medical Technology are offered in the B.S. degree program, and the M.S. degree is offered in Microbiology. To remain abreast of the modern trends in science, the Department is continually improving its instruc- tional programs. Dr. Paul Donaldson, Department Head. Dr. Paul Thompson, Dr. Paul Donaldson, J. L. W. Jackson Margaret Hawkins and her classmates engage in various experiments carried on through laboratory study of Microbiology. Carl David. Dale Brouillette, and James Boswell discover ilio " why ' s " and " how ' s " of biological occurrences 65 Department of Military Science The Department of Military Science, composed of the Reserve Officers Training Corps, provides military leadership training to selected men so that upon graduation they can assume positions of responsibility in the Active Army and its Reserve Divisions. A student participating in this program acquires the qualities of self-dicipline, physical stamina, and bearing — qualities that will contribute to success in any career. ROTC cadets also take an active part in campus life through the Rifle Team and the Black Knights Drill Team, which has performed throughout the state. First Row: Major Eby, Lt. Col. Avery, Capt. Rahm, M Sgt. Ham- ana. Second Row: Capt. Lister, MSG Davis, SSG McLaughlin. Lt. Col. Charles E. Avery, Department Head. High neatness qualifications are required of all ROTC. students Constant practice and d rilling results in high performance and perfect a jpearance. Eg? 1 a A I y -V A . lf V? P 1 KrK 1 »« h MQbfT • ' m i • • Ik i n • • • 4 • ■ IH 4 " » J i t ,1- 2 m S JtL r , Lm " % The Northwestern State College Choir under the direction of Dr. Joseph B. Carlucci. Dr. Joseph B. Carlucci, Department Head. First Row: May Beville. Eleanor Brown. Florence Gilbert, Margaret Adkins, Robert Willis. Robert Smith. John Maltese, Dwighl Davis. Second Row: Dr. Gordon Flood, Barney Tiller. William Gaeddert, John Leblanc, Jack dim, Dr. Paul Torgrimson. Department of Music Curricula leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education, Master of Music, and Master of Music Education degrees are offered by the De- partment of Music. Major courses of study are offered in applied music, instrumental or vocal music, education, theory, and composition. A minor may be obtained in applied music and music theory in the School of Applied Arts and Sciences, and in the School of Arts and Sciences. It is a fullv accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music and has also attained the approval of other national and regional accrediting agencies. 7 Northwestern Elementary Lab School The Northwestern Elementary Lab School is the laboratory for observation and participation. An essential part of a well- rounded teaching curriculum, the school with its observation- participation program affords students with many situations similar to those they will encounter in practice teaching. Dr. Lisso R. Simmons, Department Head. First Row: Mrs. Jewell Jones, Miss Dorothy Barnett. Mrs. Ada Gimbert, Mrs. Mary Weller. Second Row: Mrs. Geraldine Brice, Mrs. Lucile Daughdril, Mrs. Lynelle Scoggins, Mrs. Edwina May- eauc, Mrs. Dell Morgan. Third Row: Mr. Jimmy Berry, Mrs. Margaret Adkins, Mrs. Carol Daniels, Mrs. Helen Graham, Mrs. Mary Lee Posey, Mrs. Lynn Galloway, Dr. L. F. Fowler. Paula Wright, senior elementary educatior ' major, spend much time observing and working with the children at- tending the Northwestern Elementary School. Dr. Leonard F. Fowler, Coordinator. T i Mrs. Seymour demonstrates proper techniques used in the care of the patient. Students enrolled in nursing receive part of their training at the NSC Nursing School campuses in Baton Rouge, Pinei Me, and Shreveport. Faculty — Left to Right: Frances Simmons, Frances Pingrey, Mar- garet Seymour, and Mary Ellen Chadwick. Miss Etta Anne Hunker. Department Head and Dean of Nursing School. Department of Nursing The Department of Nursing is considered a single depart- ment in spite of the fact that it is spread geographically over the state. Faculty and students are assigned to four separate campuses: the main campus at Northwestern, Baton Rouge, Pineville, and Shreveport. All these clinical campuses are lo- cated in metropolitan areas and thus enable students to have laboratory practice with patients in appropriate health cen- ters. The faculty members directing the clinical divisions are qualified by their academic preparations in the various clinical specialties. 09 Students enrolled in Physics Lab spend time setting up experimental apparatus for con- ducting their experiments. Before-class preparation is necessary for conducting teaching experiments in class. Bert B. Boyd, E. W. Hollier. Dr. Eugene J. Clothiaux. Department of Physics Dr. Eugene J. Clothiaux, Department Head. During this first year of its establishment, the Physics De- partment has made commendable progress. It offers a B.S. degree both in the School of Arts and Sciences and in the School of Education. On the graduate level, the Department offers a master of Science and a Master of Science in Edu- cation degrees. 7° Department of Psychology The Department of Psychology is a relatively new depart- ment at Northwestern; however, it is one of the finest in the state. It offers programs for obtaining Bachelor ' s and Master ' s degrees in the fields of both Psychology and Educational Psychology. Dr. Caesar B. Moody, Department Head. Dr. Caesar B. Moody, Donald Gates, Charles Wickersham. 7 1 Department of Secondary Education Professional education experience is the main responsibility of the Education Department. It is the specific duty of the Department of Secondary Education to produce qualified teachers for our state and nation ' s high schools. In 1884, Northwestern State College, then the Louisiana State Normal School, was established for the preparation of teachers. This still remains an outstanding responsibility of the institution. The Department of Secondary Education offers courses in Education, Educational Psychology, and Guidance and Coun- seling. Degrees are offered in these fields at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The department works closely with the laboratory schools on campus and with many public schools throughout the state in its student teaching program to insure that its teachers receive the best overall education and experience. First Row: Dr. Thomas Paul Southerland, Thomas L. Hennigan, Alice Hicks. Joe M. Moore. Second Row: Ivan R. Bearden, John Sanders, William J. (uiire, Thomas A. Clinton, E. Waddell Burge, Hoyt J. Reed. Dr. Barney Kyzar, Department Head. 7 1 Hugh Kimhriel Curry. First Row: Dan Gardner, Richard Brown, Robert Nichols, Dr. LeRoi Eversull. Second Rote: Selman Cooke. W. C. Culp, John E. Bullock, David Crawford. Dr. William B. Knipmeyer, Department Head. Department of Social Sciences Anthropology, economics, geography, government, history, social welfare, philosophy, and general social sciences are undergraduate programs offered by the Department of Social Sciences. Graduate degrees are offered in history, geography, and many composite programs. It also advises Pre-Law and Pre-Ministerial students. Other activities associated with the Department are the maintenance of Williamson Museum, a photographic library on Louisiana, operation of the Family- Life Institute, and the publication of Louisiana Studies, a quarterly journal on Louisiana and the South. 73 Dr. George A. Stokes, Department Head. Department of Sociology The Department of Sociology is a relatively new depart- ment at Northwestern. It offers, however, a variety of degrees. A BA degree in Sociology is offered in the School of Arts and Sciences. The BA degree in the School of Arts and Sciences may also be obtained in the field of Social Welfare. In the Graduate School the Department offers the Master of Arts degree. Human social relationships and processes along with social problems of modern life are only two as- pects of courses of study offered by the Sociology Depart- ment. Jerry Wayne Wendt, Dr. Ora V. Watson, Tommy Wayne Rogers. 74 Frank Magers gives last minute instructions to his speech claw on their play production. First Row: Inna Taylor, Edith Cote, Vera G. Graham. Second Row: Ray A. Schexnider, Jerry D. Pierce, Frank Magers, Man E. Pettaway. Department of Speech and Journalism The Bachelor of Arts degree is offered to students major- ing in the fields of Speech or Journalism. This degree may be obtained by Speech majors in either the School of Arts and Sciences or in the School of Education. The Department of Speech and Journalism also offers the Master of Arts and the Master of Arts in Education degrees. Along with teaching journalistic and speech techniques, it is possible to receive instruction in Speech and Hearing Therapy. Dr. Edna West. Department He 75 Dr. W. A. Philip and John Sanders discuss the program for placing student teachers in surrounding schools. First Row: Dr. William A. Davis, Dr. W. A. Philp, Dr. Robert S. Wynn, Jr. Second Row: Dr. G. C. Miller, John Sanders, Dr. Leonard Fowler. Department of Student Teaching The Department of Student Teaching plays a large part in the School of Education. It is through this Department that student teachers are placed in schools throughout the state of Louisiana in order to perfect their methods of teaching under the supervision of qualified instructors. Student teachers are placed in schools in many different school systems of Louisiana so that they may become acquainted with the many varieties of institutional learning. This Department signifies the pro- ducing of experienced, qualified teachers for the state. 76 Dr. William A. Davis, Department Head Classes 77 192 Graduates A. CLARK ALDRIDGE. K. Natchitoches, La. HANNAH B. BRUMFIELD JOHN NEELY BRYAN JESSE EUGENE CAGLE PRENTISS M. CAMP. ETT JAMES O. CAMPBELL, JR. JOSEPH T. C. CHENG Many, La. Natchitoches, La. Natchitoches, La. Homer, La. TKE Houma, La. Taipei, China PETER C. CHONG Taiwan. Rep. of China FONG-I RICHARD CHUNG Lungtan, Taipei, China JAMES DAVID CLARK Clarence, La. PHILIP A. CLAUSEN Simpson, La. MIKEL THOMAS CLINE, KA Pineville, La. LEWIS LAVELL COLE Hornbeck, La. BRAZIL CURTIS COLEN CHARLES R. COMISH ROY H CORLEY MIRTA G. CRAWFORD GRACE J. CREEL. A . Natchitoches, La. Alexandria, La. Mansfield, La. Natchitoches. La. Natchitoches, La. THOMAS LARKIN CRONAN Baton Rouge, La. RONALD MARTIN CROW Natchitoches, La. WILEY MERRILL CUMMINGS Many. La. CAROL WAGLEY CURTIS Many. La. LYNN DALTON, IIK Jonesville, La. SAM DAM ICO Alexandria, La. CLAIRE M. D ' ANTONI Marrero. La. ROBERT II. DAY Jena. La. RUBEN GEORGE DERDERIAN Union Lake, Mich SHIRISH O DHOLAKIA India GLENN DISTEFANO Alexandria. La. CHRIS C. DOCOLAS. nK Greece WILLIAM CHARLES DOUGLAS Kaplan. La 4 71 A ANNE C. ALLEN JERRY E. ALLEN. ETT MYRTICE S. ALLEN- ROBERT GEO. ALLEN LIU SI SI ANGEL! Benton, La. Plain Dealing, La. Winnfield, La. Natchitoches. La. Hong Kong. China JERRY O. ARLEDGE Oil City. La. LARRY OTTLS ARTHUR Natchitoches. La KENNETH RAY BAKER, K2 Kaplan, La. JOSEPH JOHN BALDWIN New Orleans, La. DOUGLAS ELDON BARNETT Walnut Ridge. Ark. MARY F. BELLAR Shreveport, La ROY BETHARD Jena, La. WINSTON RALPH BICKFORD. K2 Sussex, N.B.. Canada WILLIAM THOMAS BOONE Leesville, La ROBERT RAYMOND BOSWELL Natchitoches. EDWARD LYNN BOURIAQUE Natchitoches, La. La. VIRGINIA LEWIS BOYD, 2K Shreveport, La. KERRY KAY BRADFORD BETTY JEAN BRADLEY RONALD GLYN BRAUD NOHLEY M BRODERMANN ELLISON E. BROWN, JR. ROBERT LARRY BROWN Natchitoches, La. Natchitoches, La. Natchitoches, La. Natchitoches. La. Natchitoches, La. Haughton, La. ■AA y s i ?8 Graduates ROBERTA M. DUFFY Montgomery, La JOHN CLIFTON DURR, JR. Natchitoches, La EUGENE A. EDDLEMON Hineston, La DONALD LEE ELKINS Natchitoches, La MARK HANEY EMERY Beavc. . Pa TERRY GLENN FINLEY, KA Natchitoches, La. CLYDE B. FISHER DON H. FONTENELLE MARY LYNELLE FORD. CHARLES L. FORREST JEROLD L. FREEMAN JAN ANN CALLOWAY PETE CALLOWAY JESSE L. GARRISON. JR. JOHN O GAUDIN LENDA C. GATES WILLIAM H. GATES Natchitoches, La. New Orleans, La. Pincvillc, La. Alexandria, La. Natchitoches, La. Natchitoches, La Bossier. La. Baton Rouge, La. Natchitoches. La Natchitoches. La Coushatta, La. NORMAN KENNETH GAULT Natchitoches. La DANNY JAMES GAYER Shreveport, La. IDA S. GILBERT Natchitoches, La. DOUG V. GILES Alexandria, La. MARGARET ODOM GIRLINGHOUSE Pineville, La. ELLIOTT GOLDMAN Shreveport, La WELDON JAMES GORDON Natchitoches. La EMILIA GAY GRIFFITH Shreveport La JOHN C. GROVES Pinevilli MELVIN H. IIAIRE Bossier. La RONNIE E. HALL Hornbeck La LYNWOODL HARGRAVE, KA Kaplan. La JOAN HOUGH HARRINGTON Shreveport 1 i PATRICK H. H HARRINGTON Shreveport, La DONALD L. HARRIS MARY PATRICIA HAYDEN BEVERLY C. HAYNES, M RICHARD JOSEPH HEBERT WALLY A HEBERT Natchitoches. La. Coushatta. La. Crowley. La Natchito lies. La Westlake l.a JULIANA ROBERTA HENGY Shreveport, La LARRY LUCKIE HERRINGTON, K2 Za har) La SHUN-CHING HO Kiangsi, China ELEANOR JANE HOI. TON Leesville, La JOHN E. HORN nsport, La JANET METHVIN HOWARD Natchitoches, La Nati hit " , hes I i Vivian, La Shreveport, La. IK Nat. In t ■ k hes 1 a CHARLES PETER JOHANSEN San Mateo, Calif GENE RONALD JOHNSON Shreveport, La DENIS M HYAMS, 2TT JUDY E. IDOM DE W ' NA I | U ' KsiiN II MM 1 1 ' DAWN |l WSONNI. 1,1.1 1U 1 11 I ' M. Ml R JON1 S THOMAS (. KN III PAMELA R KEYS, --- THOMAS MONROE Kl A S Natchitoi hes 1 i Natchitoches I a Natchitoi he- I a Natchitoches 1 a MARGARET YARBROUGH KILLTX ■-hatta. La. II VRRY I. KIRK Pollock La Graduates JUDY FAYE KRIMMER FRANCES VEAL KURZ VALERY V. LAING MING-CHEE LAM RAYMOND H. LANEY WILLIAM J. LANNING Natchitoches, La. Shrcveport, La. Shreveport. La. Natchitoches, La. Natchitoches, La. Natchitoches, La. JOSEPH PHILIP LAYMAN Natchitoches, La. MALCOLM LOREE LEATHERMAN Pineville, La. JEAN KNIPMEYER LEE Natchitoches. La. MARY A. JOHNSON LEE Natchitoches, La. JOHN R. LEGGETT Pineville, La. LINDA G. LEMOINE Natchitoches, La. CHARLES H. L ' HERISSON DONALD RAY LINEECUM CHRISTINE ANGELA LITES JAMES T. LONG SANDY HEARD LOWERY THOMAS L. McCONNELL Bossier, La. Ferriday, La. Natchitoches, La. Natchitoches, La. Natchitoches, La. Coushatta, La. MICHAEL D. McDANIEL, SIT Natchitoches, La. CLYTIA M. N. McGASKEY Robeline, La. ROMA J. McLAMORE Natchitoches, La. CLARA HALL McRAE Natchitoches, La. MARY JANE GOETECH MATIS Natchitoches, La. SHERMAN ELBERT MATTHEWS Sarepta, La. HENRY LOUIS MAYFIELD JON MICHAEL MILLER MERRILL TED MIMS CHARLES DAVID MONK CAROLYN J. NAPIER DON M. O ' BIER MARGARET R. OWEN WAYNE WILTON OWENS GERALD LYNN PAGE CAROLYN B. PARKER EDWARD JOSEPH PARRINO JERRY RONALD PAYNE Covington, La. Winnfield, La. Many, La. Natchitoches, La. Converse, La. Bossier, La. Alexandria, La. Simpson, La. Winnfield, La. Alexandria, La. Natchitoches, La. Natchitoches. La. J. EVERETT PHILLIPS. 2TT Natchitoches. La. ALAN DAVID PINKUS Pineville, La. DEEANN MARIE PITTMAN, ASA Baton Rouge, La. GARY LOE PITTMAN, KA Shreveport, La. BRENDA SUE PREMEAUX. A ' . Crowley, La. PAUL M. PRINCE, ITK Natchitoches. La. DAISY M. PRUDHOMME GERALD E. REISINGER MILTON S. RHEA, K2 JOHN STEPHEN RILEY MARGUERITE F. ROBERTS Natchitoches, La. Bossier. La Mindcn. La. Natchitoches. La. Alexandria, La. DOROTHY TULLOS ROBERTSON Natchitoches, La. 80 ALAN LEE ROGERS DANIEL E. ROSS JAMES ROBERT SAKOVICH RONALD J. SCHEFFLER ALICE FAYE SCHILLINGER DONNA RAE SHANNON Shreveport, La. Many. La. Natchitoches, La. Newton, Kans. Montgomery. La. Baytown, Texas Graduates EARL SHEPARD LAURA ANN SIZENBACH GUINELL W. SMART NELTA R. SMART CHARLES EDWARD SMITH DEUEL COILY SMITH Joyce, La. Houston, Texas Leesville, La. Shreveport, La ( rlenmi ira, La. Monroe, La GAIL JEAN SMITH HELEN L. STERLING BRUCE E. STRACENER, JR. RENU SUGARAPUNDARA JAMES L. SULLIVAN ARTHUR F. SUTHERLAND TERRY TALBERT CHARLES W. THOMAS, K2 HELEN C. TOUSEK JAMES F. TROTTER, KA WILLIAM H. TROTTER ROSCOE M. TROUT. JR. MAMIE B. TRUNZLER SUSIE L. VERCHER CLIFTON J. VIENNE DANIEL C. WALSH. KZ ELIZABETH T. WALSH, 222 ELSA STEFFES WATSON El Ccntro, Calif. ( ii ambling, La. DeRidder. La. Bangkok, Thailand Shreveport. La Belle Chasse, La. Haynesville, La Natchitoches, La Pineville, La Alexandria, La Alexandria. La DeRidder. La Harrisonburg. La Cloutierville, La Alexandria. La Natchitoches, La Natchitoches. La Shreveport, La NELDA J. WATSON Winnfield. La. MICHAEL WAYNE WEDGEWORTH Natchitoches. La. MARY BETH WHATLEY Shreveport. La. SHIRLEY AYERETT WHITTLESEY Natchitoches. La. KENNETH E. WILKERSON Shreveport. La. BETTY ARNOLD WILLIAMS Jena. La. HENRY H. WILLIS Natchitoches. La. WAYNE WINSTON WILLIS Shreveport. La. JAMES W. WILSON Natchitoches. La. RICHARD MATTHEW WILSON. II Natchitoches, La. JOHN DOW WINGO Natchitoches. La. GEORGE FUE-CHUEN YANG Natchitoches. La. RICHARD R. YANG DONALD G. ZACHARY Formosa Natchitoches, La Have your bag packed. I ' ll be by ;cith the ladder at 1 2 00 sharp. ±4 -P = m Senior Class Officers Abraham Lincoln wrote, " I will study and get ready and perhaps my chance will come. " The Senior Class has reached this point — the stepping stone that will give them their chance as mature adults. These words found in their Alma Mater express their sentiments at this time: " We know not where our paths may go, But thou ' lt uphold us still we know. " DUAN FERRERA. President JOHN R. R MSEY, Vice-President BOBBY TOWNSEND, Secretary- Treasurer DAVID BUTLER, Senior Men ' s Representative WANDA WILLIS, Senior Women ' s Representative Seni a 1 3 ® • FELIX JOSEPH ARMOND, Natchitoches: Math. • MICHAEL ROBERT ARMSTRONG, Bossier City: KZ: French; Phi Eta Sigma. • BILLY RAY ARNOLD, Dry Prong; Upper Elementary Education. • ELOUISE ARNOLD, Kenner; Education; Senior Counselor: PEM Club, Honor Roll. • JAMES E. ARNOLD, Natchitoches; Social Sciences. • JULIA ALICE ARNOLD, Dry Prong: Dietetics. • MARY F. ARNOLD, Shreveport: Business Education. • RONNIE D. ARNOLD, Moor- ingsport; Physical Education. • ALICE LEBLANC ARTHUR. Natchitoches: Microbiology; ROTC Sponsor; Bacteriology Club, Secretary; Beta Beta Beta • CATHERINE M. ASHLOCK, Ville Platte: English. • BODDY D. ASHMORE, Ferriday; Business Administration. • JOHN AL- LEN ATWOOD, JR., Natchitoches: History; ROTC: BSU. Execu- tive Council. • RICHARD W. AVERITT. Alexandria; Education. • WILLIAM P. BAGWELL. Vivian: English Education. • CHRISTOPHER RAY BAIRD. Alexandria: Business Education; Golf. • CAROL ANNE BAKER. Natchitoches: Primary Education. • PATRICIA BALES, Alexandria; Business Education: Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Omega Pi. Vice-President; SLTA ; Potpourri, Editor. • THOMAS E. BALLARD, Camden, Arkansas: Agriculture. • JOHN PURCELL BARR, JR., Bossier City; Electronic Technol- ogy; Delta Chi Delta; Black Knights Drill Team: Monitor; West- minster Fellowship: Student Union Association. • SHERRY BAR- BET, Oakdale: Vocal Music Education: SLTA; All College Chorus: NSC Chorale: NSC Opera Workshop; BSU, Executive Council. Music Chairman: Sigma Alpha Iota, Recording Secre- 83 tary, Historian. iors • DAVID C ADAMS, Winnl .si ZANNI ADAMS, Shreveporl " CAROL VWI Ukl s Baton R. Health and Physical Education I Con temp Dance Club; PFM Club • si |, DARLENE I)KI S II Nursing; LASN; BSU. • NONA M ALLEN. Shreveporl Home • MICHAE1 WAYNE ALLEN, Barksdale Air Force Base S • RONALD KENT ALLEN. Vivian Geography • SHIRLEY ALLEN. Nederland, Texas: Home Economics • WILLI M C. AMBLER. Rosepine; Electronics; ROTC; Indus. trial Arts Club. • PATRICIA ANNE ANDERSON Minden Upper Elementary Education; SLTA: Alpha Lambda Delta; I ' lii Kappa Phi; Alpha Beta Alpha. President • SI sir G VNDRI1 S Alexandria; Psychology. • LORRAINE CECILE WDRV Ne Orleans: Nursing. • KAY MARIE ANGELE, Mansfield; Primary Education • WIL- FRED A. ARCENEAUX, Baton Rouge; Arts Edu ation; Industrial Arts Club. • ACEY H ARDOLV Easton; Health and Physical Education. • JANYS LYNN ARDUENGO, Lecompte; English; Gamma Beta Phi: Gamma Sigma Lambda: SI. ' I 1 standing Student: Campus Favorite Court Member; Circle K Sweetheart: Dorm Publicity Chairman. Sophomore Class Repre- sentative. M M j®. Seniors 8 4 • KENNETH L. BASS, Rocky Mount: Distributive Education: PEK: Monitor. • META ANNE BAXTER. Shreveport; Business Education and Social Studies. • TEDDY W. BAXTER, Shreve- port; II K ; Geography: Pi Kappa Phi. Warden, Treasurer. Secre- tary: Scholastic Student Lamp Key Award: SET A : NSC Geologic Society: Monitor. • STEVE W. BAYS; Haynesvillc: Business Ad- ministration. • BETTY ANN BAZER, Shreveport: Upper Elementary Educa- tion; SLTA: BSU; Staff Assistant. • EDWARD M. BEAUER, JR.. Cheneyville: General Business. • REBECCA JANE BECKHAM. Ruston; Home Economics. • FRANCES BEENOT, Yazoo City, Mississippi : Nursing. • JOHN MICHAEL BEER, Fitchhurg. Massachusetts: TK3; Psy- chology; Psychology Club. • WILLIAM M. BELL. Colfax: Social Studies. • DONALD RAY BELLARD. Lafayette: Psychology. • GERARD LOUIS BENIT. Minden: Accounting. • JACK M. BENNETT, Chesapeak, Virginia: ZTT; Industrial Technology. • JOHN R. BERGER, Haynesvillc; KS; Business Ad- ministration; Neptune Club; KS Grand Treasurer. • WILLIAM B. BERGER, Haynesvillc; Industrial Education; K2 ; Nepuinc Club. • MARY JANELL BERGERON, Church Point; Primary Education. • META ROSE BERNARD, Natchitoches; Primary Education. • PEGGY LYNN BEST, Sulphur; Nursing; LASN. • JACKIE BIGGS, Alexandria; Library Science. • CAREY H. BLANCHARD III, Natchitoches: Wildlife Management; ROTC. • ANITA DELORIS BLUE, Mansfield; Sociology. • HENRY CLAY BOHANAN, Bossier City: Health, Physical Education and Safety; PEK. • SHERRY DIANNE BOHANNON, Coushatta; Home Economics. • LOUELLYN MUENCH BOLLAR, Natchi- toches; Nursing; LASN: BSU. • EDD R. BOMAR, Alexandria; KA ; Business. • ELAINE LAUW BONAVENTURE, Natchitoches; Sociology. • HAROLD L. BONA- VENTURE, JR., Natchitoches; Accounting. • GAIL LYNN BOWDEN, Natchitoches; Agronomy. • JOHN E. BRADEN, Roanoke, Virginia; Speech; Davis Players • RODNEY K. BRADFORD, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary. • JOHN G. BRADLEY, Shreveport; Accounting. • CHRISTO- PHER WILSON BRAND, Carville; Zoology. • ROBERT MORGAN BRASHER, Benson; Business Administra- tion; Monitor. • JIMMY O. BRAZZELL, Winnfield: Physical Education. • DAVID W. BREEDLOVE, Natchitoches; Account- ing. • MARGARETE P. BREEDLOVE. Natchitoches; Home Eco- nomics. Seniors • LINDA LORRAINE BRETTHAUER, Natchitoches; English Education; Alpha Beta Alpha. Corresponding Secretary; Sigma Tau Delta. Treasurer: Demonettes; Kappa Delia Pi. • KENNETH D. BREWER. Pollock; Education. • REMBERT (il ' ST BRIDGES, Natchitoches: Business Administration; Freshmen Representative; TKE, Treasurer. • JIMMY BRITTAIN, Many: Biology. • EMMA SUE BRODE. Clinton; Nursing; Baton Rouge Campus; LASN. • CRAIG L. BROOKS, Sicily Island: Accounting; Beta Gamma Psi, Vice-President. • JOHN PAUL BROUSSARD. Natchitoches; Animal Science; Derneter; Rodeo Club. • NORMA NELL BROUSSARD, Lafayette; Business Education. • RICHARD CRAIG BROUSSARD. Abbeville: KZ; Sociology; AMS Representative; Monitor. • FRANCIS ELMO BROWN. Coushatta; Accounting. • HARRY L. BROWN. Calhoun; Soci- ology; Advanced ROTC Flight Program. • JOHN L. BROWN. Shreveport : Science Education. • SANDRA ROYER BRYAN, Natchitoches; English; ASA, Schol- arship Chairman, Editor, Membership Director; Sigma Tau Delta: Kappa Delta Pi. • PATRICIA L. BRYANT. Winnfield : Social Sciences: SLTA. • WILLIAM J. BRYANT, Colfax: Social Science Education. • DAVID L. BUMCARDNER. Natchitoches: Animal Science. • CHARLES ELMER BURFORD, Gloster: Agriculture. • RICH- ARD TERRY BURFORD. Gloster: Agriculture. • AUDREY LEE BURKHALTER. Baton Rouge; Primary Education. • SHEILA JOY BURLEIGH, Melville: Nursing; BSU Freshman Council: LSNA. • MERRYL MELVIN BURLET, Gretna: Physical Education: PEK. • WILLIAM JAMES BURRIS. Jena: Social Science and Speech: KZ : ROTC. • RICHARD CHARLES BUSHNELL, Woodworth; Speech: Davis Players. Treasurer: BSU. • MAR ' S ' LOUISE BUTCALIS. Natchitoches: Nursing. • DAVID ALAN BUTLER, Shreveport: Instrumental Music Edu- cation. • DAVID E. BUTLER. Alexandria: Electronics; ETT. Vice-President, Chaplain; Potpourri, Associate Editor, Assistant Editor, Sports Editor: Circle K, Board of Directors; SGA, Seniors Men ' s Representative : Industrial Arts Club; Monitor; Who ' s Who. • I. V. BUTLER, JR., Natchitoches; Accounting. • ROBIN A BL ' TLER, Alexandria; Secretarial Science: — — — . Pledge President. Best Pledge, Treasurer. Sentinel: Phi Kappa Phi; Judiciary Board: Sophomore Representative. • SHIRLEY E. BUTLER, Natchitoches: Home Economics Educa- tion; ---, Corresponding Secretary 2Tr Rose; Potpourri, Greek Editor; Potpourri Court Best Personality : Senior Councilor ; Who ' s Who. • JUDITH BELL BYLES, Many; Home Economics. • RON- 1.1) EUGENE CAGLE. Natchitoches: Industrial Arts • JOE B CALLAWAY, Shreveport; Business 2TT, President: I.F.C., 1st Vice-President. • ROBERTA 1). CALLOWAY, Shreveport; Music Education; Natchitoches. Northwestern Symphony. • DONALD WAYNE CAL- VERT, Shreveport; Business Administration; Blue Key Honoi Fra- ternity; Varsity Baseball: All-dull " States Conference Baseball; NAIA Honorable Mention: All-Am.-, i, an Baseball. • I CALVIN CAMPBELL, Houma: Math: IIK t : I FC : Band • GUSTAVO A CANELON, Venezuela; Geology. M13 85 §333 Seniors • WILLIAM H. CAXTRELL. Shreveport; German; ROTC:. • MARGARET ANNE CARROLL. Natchitoches; Primary Educa- tion. • MARTHA LOl " CARROLL. Natchitoches; Elementary Education; SLTA: Davis Players: Debate; Wesley. • CHARLES LARRY GASH, Shreveport: Upper Elementary: Black Knights, Executive Officer: ROTC. Company Commander. • KATHLEEN CASHIO. Shreveport: French Education: Dorm President: Senior Counselor. • DONALD LEO CATES, Converse; Psychology; ROTC; Psychology Club. • DAVID S. CENTANNI, Avondale; KA; Physical Education; Football: ' N ' Club; PEK. • VICTOR CHALER. Shreveport: Upper Elementary Educa- tion: Intramurals. • MARY SUZANNE CHABRECK. Lacombe; Home Economics. • TOMMY C. CHAMPLIN, Jonesville; Accounting. • DOUGLAS J. CHARRIER. Bunkie; Upper Elementary Education. • BRENDA ANN CHENEUERT, Simmesport; Primary Education. • PEGGY D. CHURCHMAN. DeRidder: Physical Education: PEM Club. Sophomore Representative. Hall of Fame. L ' pperclass- man Academic Award; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sophomore Coun- selor • SAM JOSEPH CITRANO, Shreveport: Business Adminis- tration; KZ; Neptune Club. • LANIEN EMILY CLARK. George- town. South Carolina; Nursing; LASN; NSNA. • PAMELA MARY CLARK. Alexandria: Speech: Davis Players, 2nd Vice-President. 86 • SAMUEL RAY CLIFTON, Mansfield; Physical Education; ZTT; Football: Baseball; PEK. • ROBERT WADE CLOUD, Elizabeth; Social Science. • ANNIE LOUISE COAN, DeQuincy; Sociology; LTA: Alpha Beta Alpha. • JUNE R. COEFIELD, Natchitoches: Social Welfare. • LYNN M. COFFEY, Ashland; Wildlife Management. • FRIEDA MARIE COGBURN, Bossier City: Primary Education: SLTA: AZ, Treasurer. • ROY N. COGBURN. JR.. Bossier City; Upper Ele- mentary. • TERRY COLE, Alexandria; Nursing; LASN: NSNA. • WILLIAM THOMAS COLLIER. Ringgold; History and An- thropology. • ELIZABETH COLVIN, Bossier City; French: Kappa Delta Pi. • GLENN H. CONERLY, Hornbeck; General Agricul- ture. • JAMES W. CONLEY, Goldonna; Animal Science • ALICE ANNE CONNER, Bossier City: English: Davis Players. President; Alpha Psi Omega; Drama Award; Demonettes; Current Sauce, Associate Editor. • THOMAS EUGENE COOK. Shreve- port; Nursing; LASN, State Parliamentarian, Chairman of State Nominations Committee; 2nd Lieutenant, U.S. Army Nurse Corp — Student Detachment. • JUANITA JUNE COOPER, St. Martin- ville; Nursing. • G. MIKE CORBELL, Springhill : Sociology; Wes- ley Foundation, Treasurer. • THOMAS R. COUSINS, Natchitoches; Math; ROTC; AUSA. • BILLY E. CRAWFORD, Leesville ; Social Science; SLTA. • JIMMY CRAWFORD, Shreveport; Industrial Arts: ZTT; Vice- President of Junior Class. • ERIC MICHAEL CRAYON. Natchi- toches; Math. Seniors • JIM LARRY DeLOOCH, Minden; Math. • GENE L. DELLS. W. Corina. California; Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club. • DAN R. DENSON. Lake Charles; Physical Education: Phi Epsilon Kappa ; AMS. • CHARLES LOUIS DeVILLE. DeVille ; French. • LARRY DeVILLE. Alexandria: Geography; K2. • DIANNE DICKERSON. Winnfield; Art: AWS Officer; Dorm Officer; Swim Club; Current Sauce; Who ' s Who: Dean ' s List. • SHELLEY C DICKIE. Natchitoches : Business Administration; K2. • SHIRLEY KAY DICKIE, Natchitoches; Physical Education and Recrea- tion; -— ; Homecoming Court; NSC Relay Court; PEM; Nep- tune Club; Vice-President, 222; K2 Dreamgirl; State Fair Court. Who ' s Who: TWAS, President. • ROBERT THOMAS DISTEFANO. Alexandria: Social Sciences • GRACIE L. DIX. Colfax; Primary Education; Sophomore Coun- selor: Staff Assistant. • JERRY REED DOLES. Jones; Agricul- ture and Biology. • EDWARD | DOMANGUE, Houma; Electri- cal Technology; Industrial Arts Club. • SALLY ETHEL DORR. Nev Iberia; Math: 2K; Band; Band Council; Secretary. 2nd Vice-President, 2K. • MAXIM- C DOU- CET, Ville Platte: Health and Physical Education; PEM Club; SLTA • PATTE LANE DOUCET, Bunkie; Psychology; A .: Cheerleader; Psychology Club; Sophomore Counseloi • GAIL 1 ' DOL ' CLAS. Baton Roune: Secretarial Administration. • JOHN DOUSAY, Social Science: Monitor; ROTC; Black Knights. • JUANITA LYNN DOW. West Monro,; Home Eco- nomics; Euthenics Club. • KAREN MAR IK DOWTY, Shreve- port; Sociology: Davis Players • JAMES WAYNE DOYAL, Shreveport; Business Administration. • ANN 1 HI. I. CREEL, Fra M I hoir • MICHAEL L CREEL Natchitoches Animal Sciei ■ 1 otball; Demetei ; V Club • PHILLIP V U l CREEL Franklii Business Administrati Football • DAVID B K I I IIMH N Man) Physics Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Pin • GERALD W. CROSS, Monterey ; Agronomy D •111)1 R.DARNELL Plain Dealing Commercial n • fOSEPH CARL DAVID, Opelousas; Pre-Med in " JOHN W DAVIDSON Mansfield: Business Administration • OLEN PERRY DAVIS, JR . Shreveport; Psychology • ROB1 l I L. DAVIS, Nan Into, hcs; Business Admini ROT( • DA- VID DANIEL DAWSON, Georgia; Agriculture 1 otball • JERE M DAYE II. Shreveport; Government K Presidenl SGA President. AMS: Circle K: Who ' s Who. • BARBARA LOUISE DEAN, Shreveporl Physical Education: PEM Club. • VINCENT JOSEPH DeFAl [ " A, S ■• I: . ness. • SUE GARMANY DeFEE, Coushatta I ppei Elementary Education. • TONI DeLANO, Shrevepcrt; Nui 87 Seniors • RICHARD T. DUCOTE, Alexandria; Physical Education; KA; Phi Epsilon Kappa. • JOHN DUCOURNAU, Natchitoches; In- dustrial Arts: Industrial Arts Club, Treasurer. • SANDRA J. DUETT. Oakdale; Primary Education; NSC Chorale: SLTA. • ROBERT FRANK DUFALO, Trenton; Physical Education: PEK. • JAMES RAY DUMAS, Natchitoches; Industrial Arts. • MARY DUMAS, Shreveport; Physical Education; PEM Club: Sophomore Counselor. • PATRICK G. DUNHAM; Natchitoches; Account- ing. • ALLAN J. DUPLANTIS, St. Martinville: Accounting. • SALLY ANN DUPRE, Ville Platte: Primary Education. • GERALDINE L. DURHAM, Natchitoches; Dietetics. • PINKNEY G. DURHAM, JR., Natchitoches; Speech; Pi Kappa Phi; Davis Players. • REX BRIAN DURHAM, Shreveport. • DAVID ROY DURR, Natchitoches: History. • C. ALLAINE EASTERLY, Baton Rouge: Nursing; LASN ; NSNA. • DORIS LAVERNE EATON, Shreveport; Business Education; Pi Omega Pi. • JANIE ANN EBEY, Shreveport; Home Economics; AZ ; 1st Vice-President, Rush Chairman. • JAMES LEE EDWARDS, Pleasureville, Kentucky; General. JOANN EDWARDS, Baton Rouge; Speech and Hearing Therapy. • MARILEE -EDWARDS, Memphis, Tennessee; French. • MARY FRANCES ELI AS, Monroe; Nursing. • RICHARD DOWE ELKINS, Pollock; Electronics. • RODNEY ELKINS, Church Point; Government; 2TI • GEORGE O. EL- LIOTT, Many; Animal Science. • RUBY G. ELLIOT, Campti; Business and Distributive Education. • O. W. ELLZEY, JR., Sarepta; Biology. • BARBARA ELMORE, Vandenberg A.F.B., California; Primary Education. • PAUL LOUIS ERNY, Houma; Physical Education. • O. L. EVANS, JR., St. Joseph; Health and Physical Education; ZTT; Phi Epsilon Kappa. • BETSY ANN EWING, Mansfield; Upper Elementary. • JAMES H. FAIR, JR., Saline; Agri-Business ; Monitor; ROTC ; Demeter; Intermurals. • JOHNNY O. FALCON, Zwolle; Industrial Arts Education. • DAVID DICKSON FARALDO, Colfax; Govern- ment; Sophomore Class President; Vice-President of Student Body; Circle K; A. M.S., Vice-President; K£, Vice-President. • OSCAR A. FEBRES, Lima, Peru; Mathematics. • FRED H. FELL, Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Agronomy. • DUAN FRANCISCO FERRERA, Gretna; Business Administration; KA; Football; Sen- ior Class President. • WERNER HERNAN FERTSCH, San Pedro 88 Sula, Honduras; German. Seniors. • JAMES NORMAN FIELD. Natchitoches; Psychology; Psy- chology Club, Vice-President. • RONALD DEAN FIELDS De Quincy; Accounting; Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-President: Sophomore Class Vice-President. • MILTON C. FINLEY; Jena; History and Social Science: Phi Kappa Phi: Sigma Tau Delta. • RONALD TERRY FLENIKEN, Mansfield; Sociology. • RONALD WAYNE FLETCHER, Mansfield: Accounting; Beta Gamma Psi. • JANE ANN FOBES, Alexandria; Nursing; LASN ; NSNA. • JANICE M. FONTENOT, Opelousas; Speech and Hear- ing Therapy. • EDGAR DAVID FOORD, North Bend, Oregon; Mathematics. • GINGER L. FOSHEE, Mansfield; Home Economics Education. • GARY D. FOSTER. Shreveport: Upper Elementary Education: K2, Treasurer: IFC; ROTC. Officer: Junior Class President; Cheerleader. • ROBERT FRANK FOSTER. New Orleans; Physi- cal Education; PEK; Football. • BARBARA JEAN FOWLER. Alexandria: Primary Education; AZ : Sophomore Counselor: Staff Assistant ; SLTA. • LEONARD T. FOWLER, Natchitoches; Physical Education; TKE; Trainer Football; ROTC; PEK. • M. PATRICIA FRANK- LIN, Shreveport; Primary Education; SLTA. • WILLIAM ED- WIN FRANKLIN. Goldonna; Agri-Business; Demeter. • HUGH DELL FRAZIER, Baton Rouge; Industrial Arts. • PAUL FRITZ, New Brunswick, New Jersey; Upper Elementary Education; Black Knights; AUSA. • SUSAN FULTON, Natchi- toches; Primary Education. • HAROLD DWAYNE FUQUA, Pine- ville; Physical Education: PEK: Varsity Baseball: AMS Repre- sentative. • RICHARD J. GAMBA, Valley Stream. New York: Business Administration; Intramural Softhall : Intramural Basket- ball. • SUZANNE MARIE GARIC, New Orleans: Nursing. • JAMES RANDLE GARRETT. Logansport; Commercial Art. • JULIE L. GARVIN, Alexandria; Nursing; ASA. • LOUISE FAY GARY, Midland; Chemistry; American Chemical Society; Alpha Lambda Delta. • RALPH J. GASKIN, Extension; Electronics. • JACK GATES, Shreveport; Art Education. • C. KATHYVAN GATLIN, Hodge; General Home Economics: Euthenics Club, Secretary. ' • SAM GEISENBERGER, Natchez. Mississippi: Drafting. • MARGARETTE J. GEORGE, Alexandria; Upper Elementary; SLTA. • JOE L GERMANY, New Iberia; Business Administra- tion; Circle K, Secretary; i)TI " . Social Chairman; Interfraternity Council, Secretary. President: Chairman of School Spirit Commit- tee; Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer. • CYNTHIA MAE GHERE Walker: Nursing: BSU: LASN. • NOAH CLIFTON (IIRSON. Leesville: Social Sciences; Band: Stage Band. • THOMAS MICHAEL GIDDENS. Coushatta; Business Ad- ministration. • RONALD DOUGLAS GILCHRIST. Alexandria: Physics. • CHERRY LIZABETH GLASS, Caspiana ; Social Sci- ences. • CHARLES DOUGLAS GLASSCOCK, Natchitoches; History: ROTC 89 Seniors • LYNN B. GLEASON, Shreveport; Art; AZ; Cheerleader, ' 64- 65; AWS Officer • HADDOX HAROLD GLENN, Alexandria; Industrial Arts. • CHARLES E. GLOVER, Bossier City; Business Administration. • HARLEV GERALD CORDON ' . Winnfield; Physical Education. • RUBY CARQLYN GORDY. Natchitoches; Upper Elementarj Education. • WILD A LEA COSS, Florien; Business Education; Pi Omega Pi. • NANCY LEE GRAHAM, Vicksburg, Mississippi; Nursing. • SHERILYN FAY CRAY. DeRidder: Upper Elementary Education: ABA: SLTA. • VIRGINIA ANNE GRAY, Shreveport: Psychology: A2A; Psy- chology Club; Scribe. Panhellenic Council; Vice-Presiden t. ASA • JAMES L. GREEN, Bossier City; Instrumental Music Educa- tion: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. • PEGGY F. GREEN, Jeanerette: Accounting. • RICHARD E. GREMILLION. Pineville; Physics. • RONALD MORRIS GREMILLION, Texas City, Texas; Micro- biology: Natchitoches Audubon Society. • MARTHA ANNE GRIGG, Coushatta; Upper Elementary Education. • PEGGY LOU GRIGG. Baton Rouge; Home Economics: Euthenics Club: Fine Arts Committee. • CONNIE GRIMBALL. Pollock: Elementary Education 9 • PATRICIA LEE GROB, Shreveport: Nursing; Purple Jacket: Who ' s Who; President, Shreveport Campus. • JAMES WILLIAM GROVES, Pineville; Distributive Education; SLTA. • STEPHEN LEE GUNN, Montgomery; Journalism-English. • DIANE MARY GUNTER, Natchitoches; French; Alpha Beta Alpha. • DAVID R. GURLEY, Metairie; Zoology. • MARTHA CLARE HAGEWOOD, Natchitoches; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha. Parliamentarian, Vice-President. • CAROL LYNN HALE, Pine- ville; Sociology; Sophomore Counselor. • GUY BRIDGES HALL, Mansfield; Business Administration; KZ. • THOMAS M. HALLIBURTON, Shreveport; Business Adminis- tration; K2. • LEE HALSELL, Longview, Washington: Art. • ROGER LIDELL HAMMONS. DeQuincy; Zoology: Circle K; Band; Blue Key; Beta Beta Beta: Monitor. • HUGH H. HARDEE. Pleasant Hill : Agri-Business. • PAULETTE E. HARP, Bonita; Home Economics Education. • JUDITH ANNE HARPER, Oakdale ; Primary Education; SLTA • HERSCHEL F. HARRINGTON, JR., New Iberia: Commercial Art. • ALIX HOPE HARRIS, Hunts. England; Sociology: Zi : ROTC Sponsor; Assistant Greek Editor: Spanish Club. • RITA GAYLE HARVEY, Quitman; Nursing: LSNA; NSNA: Reporter, Shreveport Campus. • R. LEE HARVILL, Bossier City; Business Administration; Football. • NANCY VIRGINIA HASH, Converse; Primary Education. • MELVA J. HATAWAY, Dry Prong; Business Education; Pi Omega Pi. 3l M.t Seniors • RONALD HENRY HAYNES. Mnden; Business Administration • CARL A. HEDLESTON, Natchitoches Commercial Kr Black Knights. • PAUL JOSEPH HEISCHMANN Hicksville, York; Physical Education; STr. MARY LYN HELLI1 HAUSEN, Shreveport; Speech; Davi . Players Honorary Pla Fraternity. • WILLIAM ( HENAGAN Pineville; Business • BARBARA RUTH HENDRICK, Natchitoches Homi Econ mi Homecom- ing Court; Sophomore Counseloi ; Lad) " I the Bi • GEORGE MM KKI. HENDRIX Natchitoches Physical Edu- cation; Varsity Baseball: PER. • LOTTIE II HENNIGAN Shreveport; Business Education I ' i Omega Pi. • MALCOLM RAN ' HERNANDEZ, Cloutierville ; Physics-Math; Blue Key. • TED DAVID HERNANDEZ, Nat. hit.., hes S • ROBERT DAVID HERRMANN. Gilmei Texas; Physical l cation; Gymnastic Team: KA. • ANNA LI ' .N HILL. Alexandria Primary Education; SLTA. • CHARLES E. HILL. JR., Bossier Cm English; Baseball • DIANA HILLMAN. Simpson; Business Education • GEN1 V 1IINTON. Natchitoches; Psychology; Alpha Sigma Alpha Mai of The Year: Beta Beta Beta; Psychology Club • .l l Dl I ION HODCES. Had.- Pass. Texas; English; Canterbui President: Track; Rifle Team, Secretary. • AUDREY ANN HOLLEY, Natchitoches; Primary Education. • PATRICIA ANNE HOLLEY, Coushatta; Nursing; Freshmen Women ' s Representative; LASN. • JIM HOLLINCS WORTH, Natchitoches; Business Administration; 2TT. • JIMMY A. HOL- LINGSWORTH, Ragley ; Business Administration. • RONALD W. HOLSOMBACK. Leesville: Government. • PATSY ANN HOPSON, Crowville ; Music Education : Phi Kappa Phi: Sigma Alpha Iota, President. • LESLIE W. HORST. Abbe- ville; Physical Education; PEK. • HELEN M. HOTARD. Houma; Nursing; LASN: Newman Club. • HUGH DON HOWELL, Montgomery: Business Administration • VICTOR C. HOYE. Shreveport; Psychology. • SUSAN M HOYT, Natchitoches; Business Education; Pi Omega Pi; SLTA. • JOHN WAYNE HL ' BBS, Baton Rouge; Business Administration: Monitor. • WALLACE M HUDNALL, Jena: Upper Elementary Educa- tion. • BARBARA ELAINE HUDSON, Waterproof; Speech and Hearing Therapy. • CATHERINE L HUDSON, Natchitoches; Home Economics. • JIMMIE D. HUGHES, Plain Dealing: Animal Science; Demeter, President: Vice-President National Demetei • C. DEAN HUNTER, Mansfield; Social Science Education. • JOHN MARION HUNTER. Natchitoches; Social Science • BAR- BARA LEVEARN HYDE. Jackson; Nursing; Phi Kappa Phi; Purple Jackets; LSNA: President Baton Rcuge Nursing Students • KATIE A tNZERILLA, Pineville; Primary Education; SLTA Seniors • THOMAS K. JACKSON. Simpson; Electronics; ROTC ; Indus- trial Arts Club. • ELISE PIERSON JAMES. Natchitoches; Dis- tributive Education. • DIANE MANCIL JARRETT. Shreveport ; Primary Education. • RONALD K. JARRETT. Natchitoches: Commercial Art; Commercial Art Club. • ELTON FLOYD JENKINS, Robeline: Agronomy. • JIMMY R. JENNINOS, Natchitoches; Industrial Education; Industrial Arts Club; Intramural Swimming: Intramural Football. • SHARON L. JENNINGS, Marthaville: Sociology. • DICKIE P. JESTER. Jennings; Math. • KAYE JESTER, Springhill; English. • CAROL T. JETT. Horn- beck; Business Education. • HERBERT B. JOHNSON, Natchi- toches. • JANINE JOHNSON, Pincville; Piano; Chorus; Sigma Alpha Iota. • LOUIS B. JOHNSON, Glenmora; Agriculture. • NEIL H. JOHNSON, II, Hineston; Psychology; ROTC; Psychology Club • PAULINE TAGLIALAVORE JOHNSON, Shreveport; Nurs- ing; LASN. • MELVIN JOHNSTON, Baton Rouge: Agriculture: Football. • LOUIE MITCHELL JOINER, Shreveport; Industrial Arts. • JANET YVONNE JONES, Shreveport: Art. • SHERRY JONES. Shreveport; Primary Education; — — — , President of Pledge Class: Demonettes, Secretary, Treasurer; SLTA; Sophomore Counselor. • DOROTHY JORDAN, Baton Rouge: Primary Education. • IRMA JORDON, Winnfield; Elementary Education. • MERRY CHRISTINE JOSSERAND, Pinevilie : Social Studies Education • BILLYE JEAN T. JOWERS. Leesville; Primary Education; SLTA. • ELIZABETH ANN JOWERS, Hanna : Social Welfare; Sophomore Counselor; WRA Representative. • MARIETTA CHARLOTTE JOWERS. Oakdale; Home Eco- nomics; NSC Chorus; NSC Choral; Dance Clu b; Euthenic Club. • WAYNE D. JOWERS, Lena; Upper Elementary: Baseball: Tommy Stewart Award. • MURRAYE D. JOYCE, JR.. Gueydan; Math. • LYNN H. JUBAN, Baton Rouge; Physical Education: KA. • JOHNNYE KEGLON. Simpson; Health and Physical Activities; PEM Club; WRA: Varsity Badminton; Varsity Volleyball; Varsity Basketball • ZACKARY DANIEL KEITH. Bossier City; Indus- trial Arts; Industrial Arts Club. • BARBARA DYKES KELLEY, Natchitoches; Business Education; Demonettes. • MARIE KEL- LEY. Pinevilie. • JO KELLY, Plain Dealing; Interior Design. • MARY V. KELLY. Natchitoches; Zoology: Phi Kappa Phi: Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Beta Alpha; Alpha Lambda Delta. • PAUL LOWELL KELLY, Shreveport; Agriculture; ROTC: Black Knights. • THOMAS ALLEN KELLY, Shreveport; Industrial Technology-Electronics. Seniors • JERRY C. KEMP, Mansfield; Agri-Business ; Who ' s Who; Moni- tor; Demeter; Student Government Association. • SIIAKI LYNN KIDMAN, Baton Rouse; Nursing; LASN; Treasurer, Baton Rouge Campus; NSNA. • BENTON KI I.I.I N .WORTH, Goldonna; Gen- eral Agriculture. • DEAN BENNARI) KILMER. Morgan City; Business Education. • HOWARD H. KILPATRICK. Haynesville; Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club. • JOY LYNN KIL PATRICK. Montgomery ; Office Administration; Phi Mu ; Majorette • RAY KING, Jones- ville; Journalism. • JOYCE ANN KINMAN, Choudrant : Home Economics; BSU ; SLTA ; Euthenics. • LI KIN-YUNC, Hong Kong; Math: Photography. • SUSAN CAFFERY KIRBY, Natchitoches; Primary Elementary Education. • JOHN KITE. Shreveport; Music. • KAY E. KNEIPP, Shreve- port; Social Science; Sophomore Counselor. • HARRIET KOETTER, Shreveport; Home Economics. • ROB- ERT ALAN KOLL, Natchitoches; Mathematics; 2TT; ROTC: AUSA; Inter-Fraternity Council. • JOYCE DEAN LAIRSCEY. Ruston: Nursing. • STEVE LANCASTER, Natchitoches; Business Administration. • JOHN L. LANDREM, JR., Shreveport; Accounting; K2. • DEBRA HORN LANDREM, Natchitoches: Sociology; --- • LOUIS JOSEPH LANDRUM, Natchitoches; French; Phi Kappa Phi. • LIONEL J. LANGLOIS, Shreveport: Business Administra- tion : Monitor. • JENNIFER M. LARSON, Church Point; Business Education • EARL BOWMAN LATTIER, Abbeville; Industrial Arts; Intra- mural Football: Industrial Arts Club. • REET THOMAS LAW- HON, III. Shreveport; Agri-Business ; KA • LYNDA LEE LAW- RENCE. Alexandria: Social Science: ---. President: Potpourri Court; Potpourri Staff: AWS Representative : Senior Counselor • LELA MAE LEA, Pride: Business and Distributive Education; A2.A, President; Who ' s Who; Purple Jackets; Vice-President, SLTA: Vice-President, Pi Omega Pi. • LARRY E. LEACH, Horn- beck; Commercial Art. • NOLAN JOSEPH LEBLANC. JR., P. rt Allen: Geology; President, NSC Geology Society. • PATRICK C LEBLANC. Deleambre; Phvsical Education; PEK • SHEILA LEBLEU. Jennings. • ELAINE MARIE LEDOUX, Opelousas; Nursing. • CAROLYN K. LEE. Belcher; Social Sci- ence. • MARILYN LOUISE LEE. Shongaloo; Home Economics; SLTA ; Euthenics. • PATRICIA ANN LEE. Natchitoches; Secretarial Science. • ROBERT F. LEE. Baton Rouge: Business; K2, President: Neptune Club; Diving Team. • ROY E. LEE. West Monroe; Industrial Electronics. • HERBERT L LEGGETT, Natchitoches; Industrial Arts. 93 Seniors • BRENDA CHERYL LEWIS, Shreveport; Primary Education. • JOSEPH THOMAS LEWIS, III. Natchitoches; Mathematics; K a. Historian • MALCOLM JONES LEWIS, Natchitoches; So- ciology; Football; Baseball: K2. • REGINA MARIE LEWIS. Bronssard : Upper Elementary; SLTA. • CAROLYN ' ANN LINDSAY. Baker; Nursing; LASN. • RICH- ARD K. KINDSEY. Shreveport: Industrial Technology. • MAR- CUS JESTIN LITES. Natchitoches; Electronics. • FREDDIE WAYNE LITTON. Alexandria: Physical Education; Pi Kappa Phi: Circle K; Pi Epsilon Kappa: Inter Fraternity Council: Ju- diciary Board of IFC • JAMES T. LIVINGSTON, Shreveport: Electronics. • DOUG- LAS VERNON LLOYD, Sarepta; Accounting. • RICHARD FERMAT LOMBARD. Florien; Industrial Education. • WIL- LIAM EDWARD LOONEY, Shr eveport: Business Administration • LOUISE ANNE LOUPE, New Roads: Home Economics: Euthenics Club. • DAVID E. LOVELL. Cheneyville; Health and Physical Education: KS. • RICHARD G. LOYD, Winnsboro; Elec- tronics. • LOUISE K. McALPINE, Winnfield : Home Economics Education. 94 • LAURA McCAIN, Colfax: Health and Physical Education: PEM : SLTA: Volley and Basketball Team: Dorm Officer. • CHARLES R. McCARTNEY, Olla. • JOAN LEE McCLUNG. Natchitoches; Upper Elementary Education; Phi Kappa Phi. • HENRY S. McCLURE, Minden : Upper Elementary; LSTA ; ' N ' Club: Track Team; Football Team. • CYNTHIA ANN McCONATHY, Alexandria; Primary Educa- tion. • JESSICA DIANNE McCONNELL, Springhill ; Library Science and English; Demonettes; Sophomore Counselor. • BRIAN RUSHTON McCOY, Shreveport; Commercial Art. • JIMMY C. McCORY, Natchitoches; Electronics; AUSA; IE Club President. • ANN B. McDANIEL, Shreveport; Upper Elementary; Neptune; Alpha Beta Alpha: . • LINDA GAIL McDANIEL. Zachary; Secretarial Science. • ANITA CAROL McDONALD. Newellton; Nursing: LASN; NASN. • JUDITH McDONOUGH. Monroe; Nursing: LSNA : NSNA. • CHARLES G. McELWEE, Natchitoches: Pre- Vet Medicine. • TANDY W. McELWEE. JR.. Zoology: K . • LARRY G. McGEE. Goldonna: Upper Elementary. • MARCELLA F. McGLOTHEN. Opelousas; Speech: Davis Players. • HELEN ANNE McLAIN, Campti; Speech and Hearing Therapy; Sigma Alpha Eta. • JERRY JACK McLAURIN, Marthaville; Health and Physical Education: Blue Key: Wesley Foundation: NSC Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Basketball. • EVELYNN S. McGLTRT. Natchitoches; Nursing. • PATRICIA McKEE; Natchitoches; Social Science; Sophomore Counselor: AZ Recording Secretary. Seniors 11 9 • NANCY LOUISE MARTIN. Natchitoches; Art; S7.: Band: Historian, Alpha Beta Alpha: Corresponding Secretary. AZ: Senior Counselor: Student Fine Arts Committee: Dorm Officer. • SADA MAE MARTIN, Boyce : Kindergarten and Primary Education. • B. DIANNE MASON. Springhill; Nursing: LASN : NSNA. • PHILIP MASON, Shreveport: Nursing. • DOMINIC MASTRACCHIO, Leesville; Accounting: Beta Gamma Psi. Treasurer: Intramural Softball; Black Knights. • • ANNE LAMBRE MATHIS. Natchitoches. • DILLON LEA MATLOCK. Shreveport: History: KA. • ELIZABETH A. MA- TRANGA, Abita Springs: Nursing. • RICHARD C. MAXWELL. Shreveport: Commercial Art; K2; Neptune Club. • WILLIAM SCOTTV MAXWELL, Shreveport • NELWVN FAYE MAYEAUX, Natchitoches; Business Educa- tion. • THOMAS McKINNEY MEACHUM, Ringgold; Scien e Education; BSL ' : Potpourri Staff. • FRANCES ANN MESSER, Dry Prong: Home Economics Edu- cation: Sophomore Counselor; Euthenics Club. • BONNIE METII- VIN, Arcadia: Speech and Primary Education; Weslej Foundation • SUSAN ANN MICHAEL, Alexandria; Piano: Sigma Alpha Iota; Alpha Lambda Delta. • PATRICIA K Y MILLER. Shreveport; Primary Education. • YOLANDA JEAN MILLS. Baton Rouge; Nursing I s NSNA: 1 st Vice-President, Baton Rouge Campus. • TED LEE MILNER, DcRidder: Business Administration • LAI. TON (,ARY MITCHELL. Shreveport; History: K2. • GEORGE WILLIAM MITCHELL. Natchitoches: Business • WILBUR EDSEL Mi Kl I ■ hitochi B tion. • LINDA JEANNIN1 Mi LI. 1. 1. WD I Education ; AZ ; Staff Assistant Senior I s • I 1 1 I. DI.N STRAUGHN McMILLAN Springhill; B tion; NSC Band Band Council, Junii ! • MARIA F. McMILLAN Springhill; Primary Education • EDWARD LEWIS McNEIL Alexandria Busim tton KA. • GLORIA CELEST1 Mi l 11 • ■ mentary. • PEGGY ANNE M I)I)1 N N isl ii cation. • JAMES DALE MAGI I Shrevi port C mmercial 2TT. ' • JAMES E. MAGE! Natchitoches Government; K • GER- ALD W. MALLEY, Cotton Vallej Electronii I tball ' N Club: All CSC; Best Defensive Lineman IE lub. • BOBBY R MAN- CIL, Pitkin: Accounting. • LYNN DIANE MARCHES! SI port; Social Studies: SETA: Senioi Counselor; Kappa Delta Pi • WILL A. MARSTRON, Coushatta; Physical Education. K2 IFC; PEK. • DOROTHY M. MARTIN. Shreveport: Speech and Hearing Therapy; Davis Players; Debating I • lM)KIS ANN MARTIN. Chopin; lb. me Economics; Euthenics Club • EVA MARTIN, Natchitoches. LIH 95 Seniors 9 6 • CHARLES D. MOBLEY, Converse; Social Science. • E. RAY MOBLEY. JR., Natchitoches: Math. • ROBERT D. MOCK. Natchitoches; Electronics; Blue Key. President; Who ' s Who; Moni- tor; Iota Lambda Sigma; Industrial Arts Club. • SHARON ROSE MOCK, Natchitoches; Business Education: Pi Omega Pi, Treas- urer: Kappa Delta Pi: SLTA. • JUDY MONCRIEF, Shreveport; Biology: XI. President; Social Chairman of Alpha Lambda Delta; Purple Jackets, Sophomore Counselor; Senior Counselor; Beta Beta Beta: Kappa Delta P i. • JOYCE MURLENE MOORE. Goldonna; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; SLTA. • MARILYN ANN MOREAU, Alexan- dria; Vocal Music Education; Sigma Alpha Iota. • BETHANE L. MORGAN, Hefln; Home Economics Education; Euthenics Club. • TOMMY W. MORRELL, Baton Rouge; Chemistry. • ALBERT GENE MORRIS, Mansfield; Industrial Arts. • CAROL AN- NETTE MORRIS, Amite: Medical Technology; ZK. • RONALD MACON MORRISON. Franklin: Science Education. • BETTY ANN MOSELEY, Ruston; Nursing: State Officer. LASN; Local Officer, LASN ; NSNA. • BOBBY D. MOSS, Natchi- toches; Business Administration. • HOWARD R. MOSS, Shreve- port: Electronics. • RUSSELL P. MOW AD, Oakdale ; Social Science. • HAROLD DEAN NATIONS, Springhill; Agriculture Business. • JIMMIE SUE NAYLOR, Bossier City; English Education; Alpha Lambda; AZ; Alpha Beta Alpha, Recording Secretary: Sigma Tau Delta, Historian; Potpourri Staff; Kappa Delta Pi. • BARBARA JANE NEEDHAM, Shreveport: Sociology. • DENNIS KEITH NEWBURY. Shreveport; Electronics and Math; Stu- dent Body President; Blue Key; Iota Lambda Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Varsity Baseball; ' N ' Club; Who ' s Who; Monitor; Junior Class Men ' s Representative. • SKIPPER NEWTON, Alexandria: Math. • FRANCES DIANE NICKERSON, Springhill; English; Current Sauce, Editor, Assistant Editor, News and Society Editor; Sigma Tail Delta, President. Vice-President; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary. Junior Advisor. • CHARLOTTE B. NIX, Natchitoches; Home Economics. • MEREDITH LYNN NOEL, Miami Beach. Florida: Sociology; AWS, Town AWS ; WRS : ASA, President. Pledge Class, Editcr; Student Union Social, Entertainment, Decorations and Publicity Committees; NSC ' Women ' s Bowling League and Mixed League. • JUDY KAY NORRED. Hodge; Nursing: LASN; NSNA • CHARLINE E. NORRIS, Natchitoches: French. • STEN NELS NORWIG, JR., Jennings; Social Science: Wesley Foundation. Vice-President. • LITTON NUGENT, Cloutierville ; Physics- Chemistry. • LEWIS SHELTON ODOM, Homer: Upper Elementary. • PATSY MAE OGDEN. Pineville; Primary Education: SLTA: Kappa Delta Pi. • VINCENT OGNIBENE, Shreveport; Educa- tion Instrumental Music. • JAMES H. O ' QUINN. JR.. DeQuincy; English-Journalism: Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Current Sauce, Editor: Davis Players: Demon Band: Concert Band. • PATRICK OSBORNE, Shreveport; Electronics; ROTC; Rifle Team; Industrial Arts Club. • JAMES W. OUZTS, Gibsland ; Sociology. • MARGARET F. OWEN. Alexandria: English; Alpha Beta Alpha; Westminster Fellowship. • ASTON HAYS PARKER, Pineville: Electronics. Seniors • EILEEN M PARKER. Shreveport; Nursing 1st Vice-President of Shreveport Campus: LASN; NSNA. • CHRIS B. PARSONS, Natchitoches; Business Administration. • JOSEPH BURNS PARUSZEWSKI, Salem, New Jersey; Botany; K2. • FRED D. PENINGER, Foresl Hill; Chemistry • LINDA S. PERKINS. Oakdale; Primary Education; Dorm So- cial Chairman. • MAXINE PERKINS. Pitkin; Mathematics. • WANDA JANELLE PERKINS. Pitkin: Nursing. • BILLY D PERRY, Shreveport; Business and Distributive Education: SIT • SUE KATHERINE PERTIUS. St. Amant : Early Childhood. • JEANETTE KAY PETERSON. DeQuincy; English: Sigma Tau Delta: Kappa Delta Pi. Historian. • SUE PETERSON, Norfolk. Virginia: Primary Education: --- : Circle K Sweetheart: State Fair Court: Lady of Bracelet Court: Senior Women ' s Representa- tive: Senior Counselor. • THOMAS D. PETERSON. Norfolk. Virginia; Industrial Arts. • DINAH LYNN PEVY, Minden; Business Education: Pi Omega Pi. President : SLTA : Sophomore Counselor : Staff " Assistant. • PAIL P. PEYTON. Castor; Industrial Education. • DONNA LEE PHENICE. Jennings: Home Economics. • JAMES L. PHILLIPS, Mansfield: Industrial Arts. • JOHN DAVID PHILLIPS. Boyce; Biology. • MARSHA LYNN- PHILLIPS. Bay Minette, Alabama: Home Economics: Euthenics Club: Student Union Fine Arts Committee Chairman. • NELL THERESA PICOU. Houma; Nursing; LASN; Reporter, Baton Rouge Clinical Campus. • PATSY L. PIERRE. Natchitoches: Business Administration. • WALTER C. PILCHER. Alexandria: Music; TKE: Blue Key- Circle K; Alpha Sigma Alpha Man of the Year; Inter-Fraternity Council President: TKE President: Phi Mu Alpha. • JOHN AL- LEN PINSONAT. New Roads: Agriculture. • SANDRA D. PITT- MAN. Abbeville; Upper Elementary Education. • NICK POL- I.ACIA. JR.. Leesville; Speech: Davis Players; Alpha Psi Omega • RUSSELL JOSEPH POLLET, White Castle; Pre-Med. •TIMO- THY F. POSTON. Vivian: Sociology; Geology Club; Track: ' .V Club. • CHERYL C. POTYIN. Shreveport; Nursing; LASN: NSNA • JAMES LOUIS PRADOS. Opelousas; Health and Physi- cal Education; PER: Pas Bas Treasurer • NEALAN D. PRATHER. Bossier Cits: Chemistry; Bin. ' Key, Phi Kappa Phi; Football: NSC Chemical Chapter • MELVIN R PRICF.. Mansfield: Industrial Arts; Industrial Aits Club: Pi Kappa Phi. • MARY ANN PROVENZA, Shreveport : Upper Elementary Education; SLTA. • JEAN MARIE PURPERA, Innis. • ROBERTA JEAN PURVIS, New Orleans. Nursing • JOHN R RALEY. Baton Rouge: Accounting. • DAVID M RAMBI.V JR., Shreveport; Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club • PATRICK RAMBIN. Powhatan: Accounting. 97 Seniors • JOHN RHETT RAMSEY. Shreveport; Math; Senior Class Vice- President; Phi Kappa Phi: Blue Key, Vice-President; Phi Eta Sigma; Who ' s Who; Phi Mu Alpha: Chorus • PATRICIA NO- LAN RAMSEY, Shreveport; Social Science Education; Purple Jackets: Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Tan Delta. • CHAL MALCOLM RASCO. Benson: Physical Education. • CORLISS ANN REEV] S Lake Charles; Home Economics; AZ : Euthenics. • TERRY RAY REEVES, Winnfield; Social Studies. • BRENCA BEATRICE RICE. Glenmora; Primarv Education. • LOUIS B. RICHARD. Opelousas; Physical Education • ORYAL LEON- ARD RICHARDS. Shreveport; Commercial Art; Neptune Club; mercial Art Club. • ROLAND E. RIODON. Ne s Iberia; Zoology. • JEAN ANN RILEY Dallas, Texas: Math-Secondary Education: 222, Treas- urer: Pi Kappa Phi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Dorm Yice-President. • KATHERYN S. RINK. Natchitoches: Primary Education; Wes- ley Foundation. • MERILYN JEANETTE ROARK. Many; Pri- mary Education. • SAMMY LYNN ROBBINS, Natchitoches; Agri-Business. • CHARLES W. ROBERSON. Deville: Animal Science. • RICH- ARD PAUL ROBERTSON. Shreveport: Geology; KA. Vice-Presi- dent: NSC Geological Society. • LINDA M. ROBICHAUX. Baton Rouge; Health and Physical Education: Who ' s Who: Alpha Lambda Delta; PEM; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi: Dorm Officer. 9flGLi jL jyt 9 8 • PATRICIA ROBICHEUX, Shreveport; Speech and Hearing Therapy. • DON A. ROBINSON; Natchitoches; Physical Educa- tion and Upper Elementary: Baseball. • LAURA JO ROCKETT. Natchitoches; Social Science. • RAYMOND S RODGERS, Shreve- port; Speech; KA; Debate. • MARY K. ROGERS, Jennings; Upper Elementary and Physical Education. • PATSY ANN ROGERS, Rosepine: Business Ad- ministration; Floor Representative. • EMILY MAE ROLFS, New Orleans; Interior Design. • LARRY RONALD ROSS, Bossier City- History; Golf. • DANIEL ASHTON ROSE, JR., Baton Rouge; Industrial Tech- nology. • DIANNE LOUISE ROSE, Shreveport; Spanish; ZTA • NANETTE E. ROSER, Ft. Walton Beach. Florida: Home Eco- nomics: Euthenics Club Officer; Sophomore Counselor. • ROD- NEY ROTHENBERGER, Shreveport: Industrial Technology: Iota Lambda Sigma. • RONALD L. ROY, Port Sulphur; Health and Physical Educa- tion; Phi Epsilon Kappa. • SHARON ANN RUESCH. Shreve- port; Upper Elementary Education: Kappa Delta Pi. • MAR ' S ' PICKETT RUFFIN, Natchitoches; Sociology. • BRENDA RUSH- ING, Minden; Elementary Education: SLTA. • BARBARA ANN RUSSELL, Shreveport: Speech: ASA, Pledge Treasurer. Rush Chairman, Chaplain. Secretary: Davis Players: Counselor; Lady of the Bracelet Contestant. • JUDY LANE RUS- SELL. Roseland; Social Science; BSU. Freshman and Sophomore Council. • PATRICIA MARIE RUSSELL, Shreveport; Upper Elementary Education: SLTA. • DORIS ANN RUSSUM, Pine- ville: Primary Education: ASA; SLTA. Seniors • SHIRLEY Kl I II DG1 Nat Frencl Dai c. SLTA Potpourri, Cu i • Staff ; Nepl I l • I. oils N Kl II I.I Shn • I I RRY ROY RYLAND I ii ga Math and I ■ IE CI T,a, i, Captain • MICH All. I ' M I. SABIN ness Administration l SA Black Knights; WIS Repn • HAROLD SALARD Cloutierville ; Agronomy D • SUZ ANNE MARIE SANCHEZ Alexandria S • l I ' K SANDERS, Leesville; Journalism. • PATRICIA SANDERS B sier City; Edu ation. • VIRGIL Eli. INI SANDERS, Natchitoches; History • LEON R. SATTERTHWAITE, Alexandria Speech Kl • JOSEPH L SAUCE, JR.. Natchitoches; Art Education. • BETTY JAM SAVANT, Basile; Home Economics Seni I elor; Euthi Club • ROMA R. SAVELL, Negreet; Mail, • DONALD ( ll KI Is SCARPINATTO, Shreveport; Zoolog) NS( Chemical So • KENNETH LEROY SCHUETZ, DeRiddei " DEAN S( LA- VANOL ' S. Chevy Chase, Md.; Physical Education; PI K • HARRIETT L SCOTT. Shreveport: Nursing; LASN. • JOHN TEDDY SCOTT. Alexandria; Math. • PAMELA DEAN SCOTT. Jonesville; Sociology; Sophomore Counselor: State Fair Court: 222: TKE Sweetheart. • CHARLES W. SEAMAN, Thibodaux; Accounting : 2TI • JACKIE DALE SELF. Leesville: Electronics. • ERNEST H. SERS. Natchitoches • LINDA CAROL SEXTON. Cullen; Nurs- ing; LASN. • WILLIAM CLIFFORD SHACKELFORD. Vinton; Physical Education; PEK; AMS Treasurer: Monitor. • ROBERT WAYNE SHADOW. Bossier City: Business Adminis- tration. • SHARON L. SHAFFER. Gibsland; Home Economics; Sophomore Counselor; Staff Assistant: Euthenics Club President. • PAUL EDGAR SHAW. Leesville; Game Biology. • PAULA SHAW. Coushafta; Primary Education. • BILL SHEFFIELD. Montgomery; Animal Science • DAN CRAIG SHEPERD. Shreveport: Zoology; Beta Beta Beta. • DAWN SHERMAN. Golden Meadow. • JOHN I ' HARO SILLS. Natchi- toches; Math: Student Union Committee: K2. • TOM BARON SHIELDS. Shreveport; Accounting; 2TT. • CHARLES E. SHINAULT, New Orleans; Government and His- tory. • SHERRYL ANN SHORT, Winnsbor ' o; Home Economics Education. • TOMMY JOE SIBLEY, Natchitoches: Upper Ele- mentary Education. 99 Seniors • JOSEPH Z. SIMMONS, Evans: Accounting; Beta Gamma Phi. • ROBERT SIMMONS. Shreveport; Industrial Arts. • BRENDA JEAN SINGLETARY, Bogalusa; Nursing. • PATRICIA SLAVER. Pineville. • DANIEL H. SLOAN, JR.. Pineville; Electronics and Math. • BERNICE W. SMITH, Natchitoches; Home Economics. • BET- TY EUGENE SMITH, Bossier City: Secretarial Science. • CYN- THIA V. SMITH, Amite; Nursing. • DAVID ELTON SMITH, Bossier City: Health and Physical Education; Football; Baseball; PEK : ' N ' Club, President; Who ' s Who. • FRANKLIN RAY SMITH, Natchitoches: Chemistry; Chemistry Club. • FRED F. SMITH. Sarepta : Business Adminis- tration, • JADE L. SMITH. Natchitoches: Math. • JUDY CLAIRE SMITH. Shreveport; English Education; 2K; Kappa Delta Pi. • NANCY ELIZABETH SMITH, Vivian; Pri- mary Education. • PATRICIA LYNN SMITH, Ruston ; Biology Education; 2K, Corresponding Secretary: Phi Kappa Phi, Tri Beta: Alpha Lambda Delta, Senior Advisor: Neptune Club; SLTA. • RICHARD B. SMITH, Chitton, Mississippi; Piano; Phi Mu Alpha. • ROBERT KIM SMITH, Many; Chemistry. • RODGER DON- NELL SMITH, Atlanta: Animal Science: Demeter. • DONNA JO SNELL, Shreveport: Medical Technology. • PAUL WINSTON SNELLING, Converse; Business Administration. • VICKI W. SNOWDEN, Leesville ; Elementary Education. • BAR- BARA JO SOMERVELL, Kenner; Dietetics; Orchestra: Band; Sophomore Counselor; Senior Counselor; Chorus; Floor Repre- sentative. • JAMES A SPEARS, Florien: Demeter; Animal Sci- ence. • LUCINDA JANE SPURGEON, Leesville: Math Education. • RUSSELL H. STANLEY, Shreveport; Accounting. • JEAN- NETTE W. STEPHENS, Natchitoches; Primary Education. • KEN R. STEPHENS, Natchitoches; Journalism. • SANDRA D. STE- PHENS, Alexandria: English; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Tau Delta. • BILL L. STEVENS, Bossier City: Physical Education: Football. • HARRY E. STEWART, Alexandria: Geology: AMS Executive Committee; NSC Geological Society, Reporter. • JAMES RAY STEWART, Alexandria; Accounting. • JUDY ANN STILES. Campti ; Home Economics; Euthcnics Club; Kappa Delta Pi: Town AWS. • MARY ANNELL STILES. Logansport : Upper Elementary Edu- cation: Alpha Lambda Delta: Kappa Delta Pi : SLTA. • BARBARA L. STINSON, Patterson; English. • DON RICHARD STOKES. Anacoco; Health and Physical Education. • DOROTHY CLAIRE lOO STONE, Shreveport: Nursing; ---: Purple Jackets; LSNA. Seniors • SYDNEY ELIZABETH STOREY, Monterey; Speech and Hear- ing Therapy; Varsity Debate Squad; Dorm Office) ; Alpha Lambda Delta: Sophomore Counselor; Staff Assistant; Senior Counseloi Chairman of Judiciary Board: AWS, Vice-President; Purple Jack- els; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who; SLTA, • MARY LOUISE STOVALL, Many; Music Education. • DEWANNA STRATTON. Lake Charles; Home Economics; Purple Jackets; Euthenics Club; Kappa Delta Pi. • CAROLYN DARLENE STRAYN, Shreveport; Primary Education : Dorm Vice-President ; Senioi Counselor; SLTA. • DORIS STROUD, Montgomery; Psychology. • WILLIAM GIL- BERT STROUD. Natchitoches: Accounting; Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Psi : Business Manager, Current Sauce; Business Manager, Potpourri. • RICHARD D. STURGIS, Arnaudville; Health and Physical Education; PEK. • DOROTHY COLINDRES STUT- SON, Harrisonburg; Pi Omega Pi: Business Education. • DANIEL EDMOND SULLIVAN, Alexandria: Business Ad- ministration; Tennis Team; KA ; SCA School Spirit Committee. Publicity Chairman. • DOUG SULLIVAN. Leesville; Instru- mental Music Education: t MA: Band; Chorus; Orchestra; Stage Band; Brass Ensemble. • HELEN LUDEWEKA SULLIVAN. Shreveport: Biology Education: Beta Beta Beta: Current Sauce Reporter; Little Theater Play: Alpha Beta Alpha; SLTA: New- man Club. • ARTHUR M. SWANSON, Winnfield; Industrial Arts. • GLENDA WEST TACKETT. Many; Dietetics: A7. : ROTC Sponsor. • LINDA TARVER, Natchitoches: Upper Elementary. • SUSAN P. TATUM, Shreveport: Nursing; LASN; NSNA. • BARBARA ANN TAUZIN, Natchitoches: French: Purple Jackets; Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer; Sigma Tau Delta, Marshall: Kappa Delta Pi: Foreign Language Organization, Secretary; New- man Club: Dramatics; SLTA: NAAU Awards Court. • GLENN TAYLOR. JR., New Orleans: Geology; Track: Weight Lifting Team; NSC Geological Society. • WILLIAM TAYLOR, Shreveport; Industrial Art: Industrial Arts Club. • JANIE S. TEMPLE, DeRidder; Mathematics Education: Alpha Beta Alpha. • JAMES DAVID TEUTSCH, Bossier City; Business Administra- tion. • ROYCE ANN THIBODAUX. Baton Rouge: Nursing; A2A; Chairman of Nominations Shreveport Campus; LASN: NSNA • LASLEY F. THOMAS, Coushatta; Government. • RODNEY R. THOMAS, Pineville; Industrial Education Electronics. • CHARLES SHORTER THOMPSON, Bossier City; TK ; Com- mercial Art. • H. EDWARD THOMPSON. Orlando. Florida; Journalism: De- bate Team: Phi Rho Pi; Future Journalists of Tomorrow; Current Sauee. • HAZEL MAY THOMPSON. DeRidder: Social Science Education. • JOHN GOLDING THOMPSON, III. Alexandria: Business Administration; KA. • RICHARD M. TILLEY. Natchi- toches; Science Education: ROTC. • LINDA MARIE TIM PHONY. Port Sulphur: English. • BILLY RAY TODD. Ringgold; Accounting. • FRANCES ALLEN TOLER. Crowley: English; 2K; AWS Corresponding Secretary: Panhellenic Vice-President; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Tau Delta. • KATHRYN ELIZABETH TOUPS. Alexandria; Primary Edu- cation: Neptune Club: Scuba Diving Club; Newman Club. • MICHELE VARNADO TOWSEND, Monroe; Sociology; Pur- ple Jackets: Dorm President: Floor Representative: Senioi Coun- selor: Wesley Foundation, Financial Secretary; -K. 2nd Vice- President, 1st Vice-President: NSC: Panhellenic Council, Treasurei • ROBERT E. TOWNSEND. Baton Rouge: History; Wesley Foundation: Monitor: Senior Class Secretary and Treasurer. • JO- SEPH A. TRAHAN, Houma; Nursing: Shreveport Campus Treas- urer: LASN; NSNA. • LUCY ANN TRAMEL, Shreveport; Nurs- ing. ifc1L 101 Seniors • MAID MARIE TRAPPEV. New Iberia; Primary Education • W. MAXINE TRICHEL. Goldonna; Upper Elementary. • WIL- BERT C. TRISLER. Mayna: Physical Education; Blue Key; PEK • FAYE TUBB. Pine ille : Speech Therapy. • DONALD C. TURNBOW. Shreveport; Accounting and Business Administration: Phi Kappa Phi; Blue Kc : Beta Gamma Psi : BSTJ Council • PATT1 TURNER. Alexandria: Primary Education. • JOHN M URANKAR, Greenland, New Hampshire: Chemistry • WANDA ANN VALENTINE, Alexandria: Vocal Education: AZ. Historian: Sigma Alpha Iota. • DON VALLERY, Bossier City; Health and Physical Education. • JENNET DIANNE VANNESTE, DeRidder; Nursing: LSNA; 1st Vice-President, Baton Rouge Campus. • BOBBY JACK VAR- NER; Natchitoches: Business Administration: ZTr. • DIANE BAKER VASS. Shreveport: Nursing: LASN; Social Chairman. Shreveport Campus. • KENNETH ROY VERCHER, Campti ; Business Administration. • KENNETH DOYLE VOLENTINE: Urania; Government • DANIELLE YOLK. Florien; Library Science: Sophomore Coun- selor. • KRISTL VOLK, Shreveport; Medical Technology. £$JJ1 IOl • JOSEPH B. WALKER, Otis; Upper Elementary Education • JOSEPH D. WALKER, Natchitoches; Chemistry: 2TT; NSC Chemical Chapter, President. • JUDY CAROLE WALKER, Bent- ley; Business Education; Pi Omega Pi, 2nd Vice-President; SLTA. • CATHERINE A. WALL, Alexandria; Home Economics: 222 ; Euthenic Club, Treasurer, State Officer; Dorm Officer; AWS Pub- licity Chairman, I AWS Representative; Who ' s Who: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi. • WALTER E. WALL, Baton Rouge; Health and Physical Educa- tion. • ANNETTE RENEE WALLACE, Pineville; Primary Edu- cation; ZK, President; President Canterbury Club; Sophomore Counselor; AWS Publicity Chairman: Purple Jackets; SLTA; Who ' s Who; Staff Assistant. • STEPHEN M. WALLER, Haynesville; General Social Sciences. • JUDY ELIZABETH WALLIS, New Orleans; Nursing: LASN. • GEORGE S. WALSH, JR., Urania: Accounting. • BILLIE MEREDITH WALTERS. Coushatta; Primary Education. • SHU- SHENG WANG, Taipei, Taiwan; Library Science. • ANTHONY W. F. WARD, Dublin, Ireland; Accounting and Business Adminis- tration; Track; Beta Gamma Psi, Vice-President: Newman Club. • MICHAEL A. WARDELL, McDade; Sociology. • JAN WAR- REN, Winnfield: Purple Jacket; Pi Omega Pi, Chaplain, Outstand- ing Pledge; Who ' s Who; I AWS Representative of AWS: Coun- selor; Dormitory Advisor; Dorm Social Chairman; Kappa Delta Pi: SLTA; SGA Secretary of Student Body; Junior Representative to Judiciary Board; Potpourri Staff, Co-Editor of Classes. • WAYNE ALLEN WARNER, Shreveport: Animal Science: Demeter; Intra- mural Football: Rodeo Club. • AUDREY JO C. WEAVER, Cou- shatta; Home Economics. • GLORIA JEAN WEAVER, Chestnut; Upper Elementary: AWS Academic Award: Sophomore Counselor: Senior Counselor: Dorm Advisor: Senior Representative on Judiciary Board: Kappa Delta Pi; Staff Assistant: NSC Chorus: Wesley Foundation. • J. STE- PHEN WEBER, Rapid City, South Dakota: Geology. • PEGGIE ROSE WEEKS. Shreveport; Sociology; Demonettes; Freshman Council of BSU; Sophomore Counselor; Staff Assistant. • JAMES R. WEEMS, Hall Summit; Accounting; Beta Gamma Psi. Seniors !.$fi3 • THOMAS COLLIER WILLIAMS, Georgetown; Biology Edu- cation: Beta Beta Beta. • THOMAS HUEY WILLIAMS. Olla: Government. • LINDA S. WILLIS. Baton Rouge; Demonettes; Euthenics. • WANDA FAYE WILLIS. Elizabeth: Mathematics: SGA Senior Women ' s Representative; Senior Counselor; Staff As- sistant; Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who: BSL ' ; Purple Jackets. • CYNTHIA L. WILSON, Alexandria: English Education. • SUSAN KAY WIND, Harvey: Sociology • CHARLOTTE C. WINGO, Natchitoches; Home Economics. • JACK WINTER- STEEN. Great Falls. Virginia: L ' pper Elementary and Health and Physical Education; PEK; Football. • RONNY G. WOOD, Natchitoches; Chemistry. • J I MM IE NO- LAN WOODS, Natchitoches: Industrial Aits Football; Who ' s Who; Industrial Arts Club; ' V Club. • WILLIAM LOWELL WOODS, Coushatta: Psychology: TKE. • ELIZABETH WOOD- WARD, Shreveport; Primary Education; SLTA, Parliamentarian Treasurer; BSU, Executive Council. • LINDA GREEN WOOTON. Shreveport; Primary Education. • MARY JO WRIGHT. Natchitoches; Upper Elementary. • PAU- LA YVONNE WRIGHT. Baton Rouge; Primary Education; ROTC Sponsor A Company; Purple Jacket; Homecoming Court; Alpha Lambda Delta. President: AWS, Treasurer. • RACHEL WRIGHT, Clayton: Primary Education • REBECCA K. WRIGHT. Clayton; Home Economics Educa- tion. • CHRISTIAN E. YOUNG, III. Metairie; Wildlife Man- agement: ROTC Rifleteam Captain and Co-Captain. • MI- CHAEL W. YOUNG, Denver. Colorado; History. • GEORGE WINSTON YOUNGER. Natchitoches: Biology. • DONALD J WELLS Pli nl Hill; G Di metei • GEN1 III S V II I S PIi Hill lb • JUDITH W Wills pi, as ant Hill; • lub; G( ology Club S( Gi • RUSSELL G KY WT ' .NDT. I)...] tn mil a ; Industi • JUDITH ANNE WENNER Newp Virgini: 2S2; Alpha Beta Alpha Spanish Club. • HARVEY DALE V NER, Leesville; English. • Rl 111 WEST Pin. LASN Member of Nominating Committee ' GWENDOLYN W WHEAT, Krota Springs; Home Economics Educati • THOMAS B. WHITE. JR.. Slur,,,,,- ll . EMILY FRANCES WHITEHEAD, New Orleans Musi. I position; NSC Chorus: Sigma Alpha lota Secretai !■• isurer; Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary. • JUDi WHITWORTH Pineville; Physical Education; I ' l ' .M Club. • SHARI.IA JO WILDER Alex- andria ; Nursing. • KENNETH EUGENE WILEY. Alexandria; Uppei Elemen- tary Education. • LARRY L WILEY, Nat bit-. Ins Instrumental Music Education; NSC Band. Orchestra, Chorus, Stage Band: Woodwind Quintet; Band Presidenl • N I I.I M will I Wis Shreveport ; French ; Phi Kappa Phi Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Lamb- da Delta: Sigma Tau Delta. • RONALD NEAL Will I Wis Shreveport; Commercial Art; Commercial Illustrators and De- signers. 103 Junior Class Officers " With the ropes of the past we ring the bells of the future " ; a trite old saying indeed, but one which is very appropriate to students as Juniors. With two years of college behind them, they look forward to ringing the bells as Seniors with the ropes they ' ve woven thus far. CHARLES SKINNER, President GAYLON LANDRY. Vice-President MARGIE HOELZ, Secretary-Treasurer TONY RISPOLI, Junior Men ' s Representative JANIS LOWE. Junior Women ' s Representative 104 Juniors BILLIE ADAMS Mctairie RICHARD DOUGLAS ADCOCK Gilliam STEVE ADKINS Lafayette KATHLEEN AGUILLARD lew a TERRY J. ALARIO Westwcgo NOAH ADAM ALBAREZ Coushatta LANCE MARSHALL ALEXANDER Oil City WALTER BRUCE ALLBRITTON Tullos RUBY L. ALLEN Clarks WILLIAM ALLEN Bossier City ANDREW WAYNE ALLISON Zachary SANDRA RHEA ALMON Bossier City LUCY AMBLER Rosephine CONNIE WRIGHT AMMONS, AZ Many SUSIE ANDERS Leesville JAMES HAROLD ANDERSON Shreveport MACEL ANDERSON Leesville CAROLYN ANN ANTON Bossier City ROBERT M. ARMSTRONG Roper, N.C. CHARLES WAYNE ARNOLD Many DAVID A. ARNOLD Alexandria JOYCE ARNOLD Provencal RICHARD R. ASHCROFT Winnfield DON ASHWORTH Oakdale DONALD W. ATER, KA Natchitoches CAROLYN JEAN ATKINS, 222 Pineville WILLIAM B. ATKINS Jonesville DAVID PAUL AYMOND Opelousas SARAH CAROLYN AYRES Ashland LINDA CAROL BACON Shreveport STEPHEN E. BAILLIO Dry Prong WILLIAM MILLER BALDWIN, 2TT Charleston, W. Va. DIANNA BALLARD Ven tress DORIS BALTHAZAR Shreveport MAUREEN BANTA Baker RICHARD GRADY BARBER Shreveport MARTHA E. BARNES Wildsville GLENN SMITH BARNETTE Shreveport MARGARET SUE BARNETTE Leesville CAROLYN ELAINE BARNEY Shreveport JIMMY DALE BARNHILL Marthaville JUDY KAYE BARNHILL Shreveport DONALD L. BARRON Ashland JAMES KIRBY BARRY Logansport GWEN BASS Leesville TOMMY LYNWOOD BATES Coushatta RENEE BATES Provencal LAURIE BAZIN Natchitoches CAROLYN ANN BECKETT Shreveport JAMES T. BECKHAM Jonesville DALE E. BEHAN Hornbeck DAVID BELANGER New Iberia MANUEL M. BELISARIO Caracas, Venezuela M. ANN BELL Lafayette f 22932 io 5 Juniors MARY ELAINE BOUDREAUX Abbeville HUEY RANDALL BOUKNIGHT Shreveport TERRY GLENN BOUNDS Hineston RICKY BOYD BOWDEN Coushatta WILLIAM BLAKE BOYD Shreveport BILL BRACKIN Shreveport BERTHA BRADFORD Jonesboro J. WAYNE BRANTON, KA Gretna JUDY ANN BRASWELL Bossier City GLEN DALE BREEDLOVE Bossier City CAROL ANN BREWER Annandale, Va. JAMES Y. BRIGGS Shreveport JERRY LEE BRIGHAM Marrero GEORGE BRILEY, KA Pineville VICKIE BRINKLEY Cotton Valley CHARLES ALLEN BRITT Natchitoches WILLIAM LEWIS BRITT Castor BONNIE GAIL BRITTAIN Many JANET MARIE BRITTON Natchitoches JOHN BROCK WAY Shreveport RANDALL C. BRODNAX, KA Alexandria SHERMAN FLOYD BROOKS Trout PETE BROUSSARD Gueydan CAROLYN ANN BROWN Alexandria MELBA EDWINA BROWN Natchitoches MITZI BROWN Shreveport RONALD BROWN Longstreet ROY ALBERT BROWN DeRidder SHERRIE BROWN Shreveport TERRY BROWN Colfax JOHANNA A. BELL. 2K New Iberia EFFIE L. BELLUE Baton Rouge DANNY LEWIS BENSON Sarepta KATHRYN BROOKE BERGERON Houma ROSE MARY BERLIN Pineville CHARLES T. BERRY Natchitoches JOSEPH M. BEVACQUA Massapequa, N.Y. ERIC J. BIENVENU Houma BEVERLY A. BINGHAM Hardwick, Mass. MARY CAROLINE BIRD Shreveport LARRY GENE BLACKMON Shreveport MIKE BLAIR Leawood, Kans. LEON ALFRED BOGGS, ni Shreveport C. WINSTON BOLINGER, KZ Natchitoches ELIZABETH ANN BOLTON Bossier City LINDA BOLTON Mora ROBERT BONNER Hornbeck VERA BONNETTE Natchitoches NORMAN BOOKER Many PATRICIA BOOZMAN Natchitoches WILLIAM G. BORDELON Eunice BETTY SUE BOSTICK Shreveport JAMES T. BOSWELL, TKE Shreveport KATHY BOUDREAUX Zwolle Juniors ROLAND ALAN BRUCE Vivian DANELLE M. BRUCHHAUS Kit en JULIA NELL BRUMLEY Montgomery CECIL G. BRUNSON Dry Prong PAT BUCHANAN Shrevepoi t S. CHRISTINE BUCK Kindei CRACE DIANE BUCKLEY Natchitoches LOYD WILLIAM BUCKNER Pelican JOHN LARRY BUMCARDNER Livonia JOAN J. BURCH Loganspi I SHARON BURFORD Natchitoches ROY E. BURNAM Lafayette HENRY LEE BURNS Shongaloo ROBIN K. BURNS Glenmora VALERIE ANNE BURNETTE Lake Charles BENNY LEE BURTS Spokane DANNY C. BUTLER Chestnut P. A. CAIN Pinevillc MARVIN L. CALDWELL Winnfield MATTIE CALDWELL Bossier City JULIUS A. CAMP Winnfield CECIL P. CAMPBELL, 2TT Benton FOSTER L. CAMPBELL, K2 Shreveport JERRY LANE CAMPBELL Coushatta WILLIAM W. CAMPBELL, K. Louisville, Ky. ROBERT E. CANNON ( reorgeti vt n STEVE JOHN CARLINO Alexandria HENRY M CARROLL Abbeville WILLIAM W, CARTER Benton LEONARD C. CASSON Shrevep ' ! t SHARON LYNNE CARVER Shreveporl ROBERT GLENN CAUSEY Ville Platte BARBARA ANN CHANCE Elizabeth JAMES GERALD CHANCE Natchitoches BRONIS S. CHANCEY 1 ' hiincy ARCHIE CHANDLER Winnfield BRENDA SUE CHANDLER tlanta WILLIAM D CHANTY. K2 El Dorado, Ark WILLIAM LANK. ( HAPPELL Hertford, N C TOMMIE J. CHARRIER DuPont EDWARD CHEEK Shre epi 1 1 MARIE HENRIETTE CHENEVERT Bunkic PATRICIA ANN CHIKOTAS Girardville, Pa DONALD RAY CHOATK. JR. Chestnut RONALD E. CHRISTIE Bossiei ( " in MIKE CHURCHMAN ( !i ilfaa WILLIAM C. CHURCHM N DeRidder BEVERLY N CLARK Shrevep. .1 t IT RI.IK M CLARK Nati hit... hes JOHNNY MAC CLOUD Pitkin LOYD S COBB Shrevepoi t KENNETH COCHR N Shrevep. 1 1 KENNETH RAN COCKERHAM Shre epoi t I VMES CRAIG COCO Shreveport io 7 Juniors BOBBIE COFFEY Ashland BARRY MARK COHEN Natchitoches NANCY COLE Oberlin BRENDA G. COLEMAN Shreveport LYDIA BELLE COLSTON Robeline JOHN COMISH Alexandria PATRICIA ANN COMICK Natchitoches RICHARD CONCILIO, K2 Vero Beach, Fla. BETTY ANN COOK Bossier City WAYNE LAMAR COOLEY DeRidder BEN L. COOPER, K2 Shreveport WILLIAM DALE COOPER Shreveport WILLIAM C. COORPENDER Shreveport TOMMIE JOE CORDOVN Ferriday ROLAND HUGO CORTES Natchitoches MAE HARPER COUVILLION Natchitoches JAMES R. COWDIN Grand Cane ROBERT LYTON COX, JR. Cheneyville SIDNEY COX Boyce ALICE DEES COXE Many NANCY CAROLYN CRAFT Alexandria BRUCE I. CRAIN Sikes JACK ANDREW CRAWFORD Natchitoches KATHERINE CRAWFORD New Orleans RICHARD F. CRAWFORD West Monroe WHIT CREECH Shreveport LINDA JEAN CROOKS Zwolle DIANE P. CROSBY Waterproof WAYNE CROUCH Alexandria CHARLES RONALD CROWE Sarepta SYLVIA E. CRUMP Haynesville KAREN NELL CUNY Winnsboro NORRIS W. CURRY Sikes JAMES R. CURTIS Many ELLEN CUTHBERTSON Baton Rouge ROBERT E. CYPHERT, 2TF Pineville LESTER L. DALME, K2 Bossier City CARROLL DANIELS Robeline BILLIE ANNE DARNELL Shreveport PATRICIA ANN DARNELL Natchitoches RONNIE DAUTEUIL Shreveport ANNE DAVID, 222 Alexandria ROBERT MICHAEL DAVID Breaux Bridge JAMES A. DAVIS, K2 Natchitoches JAMES M. DAVIS Woodwerth CHARLEE S. DAVIS Negreet CATHY A. DAVY Opelousas SUSAN DAY Baton Rouge BARBARA LOUISE DEAN Shreveport CLIFTON S. DEAN Shreveport DONALD G. DEAN Bossier City WILLIAM C. DEAN Shreveport SUE GAIL DEARMAN Natchitoches JOHN DEBLIEUX Natchitoches 108 Juniors ROY M. DEBLIEUX, KA Natrliitoi ln ' s SIMMIE WAYNE DEBOSE Many DONIE DELEE Baton Rouge JOHN NICHOLAS DELOUCHE Shrevepoi t FRANI DERBONNE Alexandria LORETTA FAY DEWIL Florien RICHARD DEZENDORF Natchitoches JUAN DIEM Guatemala SUE DILLAHUNTY DeQueen, Ark. BARBARA DIXON Anacoco DAVID RALPH DIXON New Orleans DWAYNE DENNIS DIXON Denham Springs JOHN DIXON Alexandria GUY EDWARD DOHNER New Orleans JANET KAY DOMANGUE, ASA Houma ALAN DOMBROWSKI Berwyn, 111. DAVID MICHAEL DONALDSON Shreveport GAIL DOOLEY Bossier City SHERMAN DOOLITTLE Robeline DELILIAH A. DOSHIER Jena EVERETT RILEY DOUBLEDAY Shreveport NANCY DOUGLAS, Alexandria SHARON DOUGLAS Alexandria STEPHEN DOWDEN Kisatchie SHIRLEY DOWNS Shreveport RAYMOND K. DUCHARME Opelousas LOUIS DUET New Orleans ELIZABETH DUGGAN Vinton ANN DUNCAN New Orleans MARSHA DUFRENE Grand Isle PATRICK DUNEHOO Haynesville FRED DUNHAM New Orleans JOHN F. DUNN, JR. Fort Worth, Texas HELEN DUPRE Opelousas ROY DUPREE Goldonna EDWARD DUREN Elizabeth DONALD S. DURHAM Shreveport JON DURIO Forest Hill LINDA DURRETT Hornbook JIMMY DUSANG Alexandria ELLA MARIE DYSON Grand Chenier MIKE EASON Mansfield GEORGE E. EATON. K2 Plainfield. 111. JOHN EBLE New Orleans KATHLEEN EDDLEMON, 2K Leesville LEILA LEE EDDY Mandeville EUGENE EDMONDS Winnfield WILLIAM ANDREW EDWARDS Great Falls, Va. JUDY KARON EGGLESTON Belle Chassc DEBORAH EHLERS Alexandria DAWN EHRETT Port Ellen FRANKIE ELDER Opelousas MARCIA ELKINS Yidalia JAMES JOHN ELLIOTT Shreveport Kk mlAz% A-Mh+±Ji 109 Juniors % 1M SARAH G. ELLIOTT Robeline ANITA ERICSON Leesville PAMELA IRENE ETHERIDGE Olla SUZANNE EVANS Natchitoches NANCY JEANNE EVERETT Alexandria PATRICK EZERNACK Zwolle SANDRA KAY FAIRCHILD Bossier City PATRICIA FARGO New Orleans ODIS FAUST Many SHARON M. FAUST Robeline GLORIA ANN FENN Petersburg, Fla. MERVIN DALE FERGUSON Pineville TOMMY FERGUSON. UK New Orleans KENNETH DAVID FERRO New Orleans JIMMY FINLAY Haughton ADELE SUZANNE FLASH Grand Chenier CARROLL FLOYD Natchitoches JUDY FLOYD Moore, Okla. JOHNNY AL FONTENOT Opelousas LORETTA ANN FONTENOT Opelousas LARRY FORDHAM Woodworth LYNN PAUL FORET Luling CONNIE JILL FOSHEE Natchitoches BILL FOWLER Atlanta CAROLE YVONNE FOX Shreveport CHARLES FOX Winnfield STANLEY W. FRANK Natchitoches PATRICIA LYNN FRAZIER Bentley CAROL K. FRENCH Sulphur DAVID FRENCH Pineville WYNNE P. FRIEDRICHS, ZTF Metairie SHERMAN FRUGE. KZ Gueydan DON M. G ADD IS Buras CONNIE KAY GAMMILL Shreveport BLANCHE GARB Jennings HELEN MARIE GARBS Port Sulphur JOHN GARCIA. KA New Orleans KIM ARTHUR GARDINER Opelousas PEGGY ANN GARNER Shreveport JENNIFER LYN GARRETT Houma LARRY GARRETT Haynesville ( HARLOTTE ANN GASCON Gonzales STEPHEN GASPARD Alexandria FRANCIS A. GAUTHIER Natchitoches KATHY SUE GERLACH Natchitoches DIANE GILBERT, 222 Natchitoches THOMAS RAY GILES, K2 Plain Dealing JUDY GAYLE GINN Natchitoches CAMILLE J. GIORDANO Alexandria JORGE ENRIQUE GOMEZ Colombia, S.A. LINDA GONZALES ( ionzales I ' ATSY MCKNIGHT CORDON Natchitoches GEORGIE ANN GRACIE Natchitoches MARY LOYSE GRAHAM Chestnut no Juniors LUCINDA GRANT Belle Chasse PETER GRAY Marth.u tile CAROLYN Y. GREEN Winnfield MARGARET ALLYN GREENE Leesville BARBARA GRESHAM, -I ' M Natchitoi Ins TERESA GRIGSBY Duhai li DEAN GROTZINGER Bossier City LELIA GUEST Castor DONALD GUIDRV Church Point IVA NELL GUILLORY Benson JOSEPH WINSTON GUILLORY Ville Platte HUGH KIRBY GUY ( rlenmi u .1 JOE HAAHN Houston, Texas ROBERT WAYNE HACKETT. KS ( hieydan RAYMOND TERRY HAILEY Natchitoches JOHN W. HALL. K2 Vivian CAROL SUE HAMES Baton Rouge ELGIN A. HAMNER Shrevepi n t MARY HAND Shreveporl PAMELA KAY HANKINS Coushatta RODNEY WILLIAM HARGRODER Baton Rouge REDEN CLAY HARPER Alexandria CHARLES HARRELL Clayton LEONARD MICHAEL HARRIS Alexandria Q( f 5 % WILMA HATHORN Lecompte MARY HAWN DeRiddei CALVIN WYATT HAY Goldonna STEVE HAYNIE Reedville N a CAROLYN HAZELTINE Morgan City LYDIA JANE HEARD DeRidder JUDITH ANN HEBERT 1 eesville SANDRA LYNNE HELMS. ASA Nat( hitCM lies EDNA MAY HENDERSON Shrev epi 1 1 GEORGEAN HENDERSON Ferriday RONALD WAYNE HENDRICKS 111 ' . M his CHARLES HERRI NGTON Nati hitoches CARL P. HENRY. Ill Natchiti n hi-s KENNETH J. HICKS Nat i hit LAVERNE HICKS Nati hit JUDITH L. HILBURN Church Point PATRICIA HILDERBRAM) Pine ille JAMES HILL Nat. hiti ' i hes RENEE LOUISE HILTON Alexandria J M1 S HINES Many NORMA ANNETTE II IN ION Shrevepi n t DAVID ALLEN HIPPLER rfolk, Va STEVEN GLENN HITT Shn epoi t ALBERT L. HOBSON, JR Hex MARGIE HOELZ Baton Rouge KEN r HOLLENSHEAD, KZ H ' inii HAROLD W HOLLEY Heflin DENNIS REID HOLLOWELL Nati hito hi-s LEE HOLLOWELL Shrevepoi t LOUIS HOLMES Morgai 111 Juniors CONNIE N. HOPKINS Colfax JIMMY EVERETT HORN Natchitoches WAYNE GARLAND HORN Bossier City HOUISON LEE HORNE Oakdale CHARLES F. HORTON Princeton ROBERT L. HORTON Natchitoches MARILY ANN HOUGH Saline NANCY E. HUDSON Many EDMUND LEE HUKILL Metairie GARLAND J. HUTSON Shreveport EDWARD RANDAL HYNSON, K2 Bunkie MEYER J. IRBY, K2 Delhi ROBERT SCOTT IRWIN DeRidder ALEX RANDOLPH IVINS Vivian JOHN WALTER JAMISON Pineville IVERLE JEANE Leesville ROBERT RAY JACKSON Shreveport JACQUELYN ANN JANETTE Alexandria JIMMY LEE JARRELL Glenmora DAVID R. JEANE, K2 Colfax CRETTA ANN JOHNSON Leesville DWIGHT D. JOHNSON Glenmora HARVIS JOHNSON, JR., TK2 Natchitoches JOHN A. JOHNSON Verda LINDA FAE JOHNSON Glenmora RUTH E. JOHNSON Cullen RITA JEAN JOHNSTON Natchitoches JOSEPH F. JONAS Suitland, Md. BEN D. JONES Coushatta CAROLYN JANE JONES Baton Rouge JENNIFER JAN JONES, S7. Pride JOE ALLEN JONES Shreveport ROBERT K. JONES Natchitoches BILLY W. JORDAN Shreveport THOMAS RAY JORDAN Natchitoches THOMAS C. JOWERS Natchez DIAN ELAINE KANABKEY Shreveport KAREN ELIZABETH KARISNY Tioga LOIS KAVANAUGH Natchitoches CHRIS KEELER Abbeville RITA BETH KEMP Natchitoches JUDITH ELAINE KENNEY Shreveport ROBERT W. KERR. JR Shreveport DAVID W. KEYS Rantoul, 111. C. R. K1LLYS, KA Bossier City GARY KILLEN Coushatta JAMES ARNOLD KIMBALL Natchitoches ROXANNE KIMBELL Bossier City MALCOLM F. KIRSOP Shreveport CHARLES KNIGHTEN Ville Platte ROBERT E KOCH Pollock CAROL ANN KOHOUT Shreveport KENNY KUPERMAN Shreveport MILTON JEWEL LACEFIELD Bossier City 111 Juniors LORETTA ANN LACHLE, 222 Bossier City RHONDA KAY LACOUR Lena SHRLBY HATHAWAY LaCROIX Tioga WILLIAM A. LaLOND I [olbrook ALLRN CANNON LAMBORD Pineville GAYLON RUSSELL LANDRY Baker PAT LaPRAIRIR Pineville BRRNDA LAURRT Winnfiekl DAVID W. LAW Florien WILLIAM LRACH Shreveport PRANCIS JRROMR LeBLANC Abbeville LOUIS F. LRDRT, KA Abbeville HOWARD W. LEE Oil City JOHN R. LRR Shreveport LINDA J. LRR Natchitoches WAYNR LRR Florien PATSY LRR Bossier City LIN STRVRN LRRTH. KA Shreveport RONALD M. LRGRNDRR Addis JOHNNY LRGGRTT Natchitoehes LRO JOSRPH LeJRUNR Alexandria MARGARRT K. LeJRUNR Gueydan ROSRMARY LRNA Bunkie RVA MAR LRWIS Folson JO ANN LRWIS Abbeville MARY ANNA LIBRRTO New Orleans SANDRA KAY LIBRRTO. X . Shreveport LINDA ANN LIRUX New Roads JRANNR LIGGIN Berniee NRLDA G. LILRS Natchitoehes CAROLYN LINDSRY Natchitoches SHARON L. LIVINGSTON Lake Charles ROSR M. LONG Leesville PHYLLIS ANNR LOVR Winnfield CRAIG LLOYD LOVRLL Winnsboro JANIS SUR LOWR. 222 Haynesville HARRIET LOWRRY Monroe LRAH J. LUCKRTT. 222 Natchitoches ROBBY LUCKY Natchitoches RONNIR PAUL McCAIN Winnfield WILLIAM J. McCARTNRY OHa PRNNY O. McCOLLOUGH Sulphur LAWRRNCR K. McCOLLUM Mindcn MARY McCORKRL Campti GARY PATRICK McCORMIC Shreveport KATHY MrCOWN Shreveport BRTTY McCRAW Bossier City WAYNE MrCULLRN Springhill DRBORAH LYNN McCULLER Bossier TOM PAT McCULLOUGH. KA Natchitoches GARY RANDALL McCLNR Eunice JOSRPH McDANIRL Elizabeth CHARLOTTR McDRARMONT Parkridge RAYMOND McDUFFIR, JR. Natchitoches 12 9 Jlii l V .iiiA A ii Juniors BOBBY GLENN MASTERS SCOTTY MATHEWS. K2 ANNE E. MATTHEWS ROY HARRIS MATTHEWS DIANE MAXWELL DONALD MELVIN MAYEAUX RONALD ELVIN MAYEAUX DON C. MAYFIELD DIANE H. MAYHUE MARTHA MAYNARD, 222 DONALD MEDICA FOY W. MELDER, JR. Florien DeQuincy Raceland Bossier City Hanna Natchitoches Natchitoches Abilene, Texas Alexandria Natchitoches Alexandria Glenmora MARY FRANCIS MELDER Jena KAREN S. MENSING Leesville MICHAEL WAYNE MERCHANX Oakdale RUSS MERENDINO Pennsville, N.J. MICHAEL MEYERSON Shreveport KATIE NELL MIDDLETON Marthaville LEON W. MILEY CHARLES T. MILITELLO LORRIE ANN MILLER MICHAEL A. MILLER RODNEY J. MILLER SARAH MILLS Shreveport Buffalo, N.Y. Shreveport Negreet Woodhridge, Va. Pineville JOHN MICHAEL MILLWEE, TK2 DeQuincy LINDA MILNER DeRidder DON ARVEL MIMS Natchitoches CALLIE MINTER Eunice MARTHA M. MINVIELLE Abbeville JOSEPH A. MITCHELL Alexandria SHARON A. McCEE Natchitoches BARBARA JANE McINNIS Lake Charles MARGARET A. McKAY Minot, N.Dak. BOB W. McLAMORE, 2TF Natchitoches RAYMOND H. McLEOD Bossier City MILDRED McNAUGHTON Olla THOMAS MICHAEL McNICOLL ( rlenmora GLORIA McQUILLEN Shreveport JERRY WAYNE McWHERTER Natchitoches BARBARA MAGEE Franklinton SANDRA McCAIN McGEE Natchitoches JACKIE MAGRUDER Franklinton BILL BOB MAGNESS Shreveport ANITA MAHAFFEY Shreveport BRENDA KAYE MALONE DeRidder JERRY RANDALL MALONE Springhill ANITA KAY MANNING, AZ Natchitoches JOHNNY EARL MANNING, STT Natchitoches THOMAS C. MARLER Seiper ALVIN B. MARSON Watson DONNA W. MARTIN Many LEON W. MARTIN, JR Glenmora NANCY SUE MARTIN Lake Charles RICHARD MARTIN Bogalusa M.%%1 n 4 Juniors WILLIAM H. MITCHELL Many NELSON ALAN MOAK Bo ssier City PATRICIA ANN MONETTE Natchez DAVID WAYNE MONK Cotton Valley HAL MONTGOMERY Doyline MARK LYNN MONTGOMERY Bossier City JERRY T. MOOMAU Maplewood JANET ELAINE MOON Shreveporl DONALD RICHARD MOORE Shreveport ELIZABETH MOORE Natchitoches FRANK STEVE MOORE Leesville JOHN O. MOORE Pitkin MICHAEL MOORE Leesville WANDA ALICE MOORE Hornbeck ROBERT LYNN MOORING Shreveport DIANE MORACE Baton Rouge THOMAS J. MORALES, KA Kenner EDMOND S. MORELAND Natchitoches JILLIAN MORELAND Peoria, 111 WALLY L. MORELAND, KA Peoria, 111. JOHNNY ROY MORGAN Converse ONEDA L. MORGAN Oakdale LORA MORGAN Saline KELLY MORRISH Alexandria CARL MORROW Leesville ALETA MOSS Natchitoches JANICE LEE MOSS Canipti JERRY WAYNE MOTT Natchiti SHARYN MOUSER Shrevepi 11 1 MICHAEL BENSON MUENCH, K. Benson JEFF V. MURPHY Metairie LONNIE GREGG MURPHY, K2 Logansport MIKE MURRAY Pleasant Hill SUSAN MURRELL Port Sulphur WILLIAM MYERS Opelousas RICHARD NACKLEY Shreveporl REED NATIONS Springhill WAYLAN ROSS NATTION. JR Bossier City LLOYD DOUGLAS NEEL ZwoIIe CATHLEEN FAE NELSON Port Sulphur JODY NELSON- Porl Sulphur LARRY NETHERLAND Shre epi 1 1 LINDA MARIE NEWMAN Alexandria MARTHA HELEN NEWSOM ngaloo JAMES ALLAN NICHOLS Shrt JUDY NICKENS Baton Rouge ROBERT GORDON NIDA, rrr Pineville BUELL E. NIMS Shreveporl KAREN NOEL M iami Bea h. Fla, LINDA SUE NOLLEY .iti luin, hes LYNN NOLLKAMPER Map! RAN NOLTE Shreveport JOHN NORRIS N iti hitoi hes BRYAN B NORWOOD, JR Mansfield Juniors °awj JACQUELINE NORWOOD Shreveport BEVERLY ANN NOWELL DeQuincy EMILIE OATES Pineland, Texas MAVIS ODOM Bethany RICK OEDER, KA Slidell TERRY LYNN OLIVIER Natchitoches MARILYN O ' NEAL Baton Rouge STAN PARHAM, 2TT Moreauville JULIA ANN PARKER Boyce SHARON ELAINE PARKER, AZ Anacoco BARBARA PARROTT Vivian DOUGLAS PATRICK, KA Many CONSTANCE PENDLETON Minden CHARLES PENROD Robeline IRBY PERKINS Leesville WAYNE PERRYMAN Shreveport CAROLYN PEYTON Castor LLOYD PHILLEY Kilhourne HUGH PHILLIPS Natchitoches JANE PHILLIPS Jena JENNIFER PHILLIPS Boyce MAYETTA PHILLIPS Luling RONNIE PHILLIPS Vinton DONALD PICKENS, KZ Monroe ROBERT JOHN PINA, 2TT Shreveport PAUL PLATT, 2TT G rand Cane RICARDO PLATT Venezuela WALTER POCHE, JR. Natchitoches JEANETTE MARIE PONS Keatchie JOHN PORCHE Franklin BALTASAR PORTILLO San Salvador, EI Salvador MICHAEL POUSSON Alexandria EDWIN POWELL Shreveport RUTH ANN POWELL Shreveport STEPHEN PRIME, JR. Bossier City JOHN EMMETT PRUDHOMME Natchitoches MARGARET ANN PURCELL Bossier City PAMELA QUALLS Opelousas CHARLES RABALAIS, KA Powhatan JOAN RABALAIS Cottonport DOROTHY RACHAL Natchitoches LARRY LEO RACHAL Natchitoches LOUIS RACHAL Alexandria JIMMIE RACINE Colfax JANET DIANNE RAINS Bossier City BENTLEY RAMBIN Pelican JAMES KELTON RAMBIN Pelican JOHN RAMBIN Pelican GLEN RAY RAMSEY Caster JEANNIE RAMSEY Shreveport LANY RAMSEY Mansfield JANIE REID Baton Rouge JOE REMEDIES Zwolle MICHAEL RESTOVICH Shreveport 116 Juniors CHARLES RHODES, KZ Colfax PENNIE RICHARDS Delhi WILLIAM N. RICHARDSON. JR. Natchitoches MICHAEL DAVID RIODON Ashland SUSAN ILENE RICG Shreveport TONY RISPOLI, K2 New York WANDA DEAN RIVERS Zwolle LARRY PAUL RIVET Slidell JAMES ROBERTSON Natchitoches PATTYE ROBINSON, AZ Bossier City WENDELL AMOS ROBISON Logansport ALVARO RODRIGUEZ Guatemala BARBARA ROHRBECK Pinevillc SHIRLEY ROQUEMORE Natchitoches CATHERINE ROSE Baton Rouge JUDY DIANNE ROSE Shreveport MICHAEL ROSE Shreveport GARY PAUL ROSHTO Natchitoches MARY ROSS Shreveport KIRK ROTH New Orleans WILLIAM B. ROWE, JR., KA Vivian DEBBIE ROWLEN Shreveport GLORIA KAYE RUSHING Olla PHYLLIS EILEEN RYAN Effie CONNIE JOAN RYMAS Shreveport PEGGY SALTER Fisher THOMAS WAYNE SANDEFUR, IIK Jena JOHN M. SANDEL Florien DOYLE SANDERS Shreveport LINDA SANDERS Leesville MARY ALICE SANDERS Baton Rouge JONETTE SAVAGE Bastrop AL SAVOIE New Orleans CAROL SCARPINATTO Lafayette BEN SCHEEN Shreveport RONNIE SCHILLING Fredericksburg, Texas LINDSEY WARD SCHLEGEL Bossier City JOHN SCHMIDT Bossier City JIM SCHMITT Bossier City GARY SCHOUEST Natchitoches WILLIAM SCHWARTZ, 2TT Shreveport MARVIN SCHWARTZENBURG Opelousas CHARLES REX SCOTT Natchitoches CHARLOTTE ANN SCOTT Natchitoches ELIZABETH DIANE SCOTT Jones ville GERALDINE SCOTT Forest Hill JOE SCROGGINS Natchitoches MYRNA KAY SEAL Bogalusa JERRY WAYNE SEWELL Natch itoches HAL H. SHACKELFORD. KA Baton Rouge SANDRA ANN SHADDOCK Leesville LOUISE SHAHAN Alexandria SHERRY ANN SHAUB. A . Haughton PATRICIA ANN SHEFFIELD Alexandria 3fi$ •?■ Juniors O 3| 5 ft -4ftl fulWii GLYNN SHELTON Winnfield JERRY LANE SHEPPARD Bossier City RAYMOND SHEWMAKE Bossier City CHERYL LOU SHILLING Gorum BEVERLY SHIRLEY Natchitoches JANICE SHIVERS Leesville REBECCA SHULER Natchitoches ROBERT RUSH SILLS. JR.. K2 Natchitoches GARY SILVEY Russellville, Ky. RICHARD EDDIE SIMMON ' S Dry Prong LARRY JOE SIMPSON Shreveport WILLIAM KURT SIMPSON. K2 Fairfax. Va. HULON SISTRUNK Mansfield CHARLES SKINNER Mansfield BARBARA SLACK, 2K Sarepta EUNICE SLATER DeRidder MANSEL SPENCER SLAUGHTER. JR. Zachary LOYD SLEDGE Coushatta SHARON ROSE SMELSER Bossier City BRADFORD DALE SMITH DeRidder BRENDA SMITH Florien DAPHANA SMITH Robeline EDWARD SMITH Shreveport GARLAND SMITH Natchitoches MURPHY SMITH Oakdale PAUL RANDALL SMITH Shreveport ROBERT SMITH Shreveport ROBERT WAYNE SMITH Natchitoches ROSEMARY SMITH Shreveport ROBERT SNELL. KA Shreveport LYNDA SNOW Alexandria DONALD SORRELLS Bossier City CAESAR SOSA Venezuela JOHN SPARRON Pineville WILLIAM SPEARS Logansport GEORGE SPENCE Springhill SAM SPIVEY Shreveport BILLY RAY SPRINGER Jena GARY DONALD SQUYRES Sieper BARBARA LEE STAFFORD. 22 Boyce DIANE CAROL STAHLHUTH. 222 Pineville MICHAEL ST. ANDIRE Natchitoches PATRICIA ANN STANLEY Natchitoches RALPHA EDWARD STAPLETON Elizabeth LESLIE STEELE Nacogdoches. Texas LORNA STEGALL Clayton CHARLES EDWIN STEPHENS Provencal MICHAEL STEPHENSON Leesville PHYLLIS ANNETTE STEVENS Natchitoches ROBERT JAMES STEVENS. KA Baton Rouge RONALD C. STEWART Alexandria TOMMY STEWART Minden WANDA STEWART Robeline HUGH DONALD STILES New Orleans .8 Juniors RAY MICHAEL STIRLING MARIANN STRANGE KATHY STRICKLAND VICTORIA STRICKLAND COYE SUE STRONG NANCY SUBOLOSKY PATRICIA FAY SULLIVAN RICK SULLIVAN JERRY SUMMERLIN MIKE SWITZER BARBARA TACKETT JOHANNA TANNEHILI. KATHERINE TARPLEY RANDY TATE JAMES TAYLOR RONNIE TAYLOR HAROLD BENTON TEER. JR. AUBREY TEMPLE CHERYL LYNN TERRY. AZ SYLVIA JEAN THIGPEN CYNTHIA THOMAS JAMES THOMAS LINDA THOMAS SARAH MADALYN THOMAS Za harj Centerpoinl Many Fordyce, Ark. Shreveport iilunn, Mass. Saline Cotton Valley Shreveport Baton Rouge Many Fisher Metairie El Dorado, Ark. Morgan City Converse Baton Rouge Leesville Shreveport Mandeville Coushatta Haynesville Baton Rouge Ville Platte Sfi l ?5 |3 WOODROW THOMAS FRED THROCMORTON KENNETH FRANK TICHANSKY DOROTHY TIDWELL JAMES EUGENE TIDWELL JAMES M. TINGLE. KA Frankl Bossiei City Shrc epi 1 1 1 u Man • Shrevepi it DON TINSLEY CAROLYN SUE TOOMBS BEVERLY ANN TOZIER TUYNGOC THI TRAN BILL TREADWAY Shre ep. 1 1 Sulphur Shrevepi n I Saigon, Vietnam Shrevepi n I CHARLES THOMAS TREADWAY Grand I GEORGE W. TROTTER DEBRA DYANNE TURNER Bossiei I SID TURNER Shreveport GARY DON TYLER Springhill CAROLYN LOUISE VALENTINE Alexandria BUDDY VEULEM W N ' - " A JUDY VEULEMAN Man) ] LARRY VICKERS, JR., SIT Pinevillc RICHARD WADSACK Shrevepi rl DORIS WALKER, AZ Natchitoches RONALD WALKER Shreveport S 1 1 1 W I KI ' .R Pinevillc THOMAS WARR1 N V l KKR DeQ VEDA LAINE WALL Mapli BRIDGET V l 1 VC1 Pelican 1 ll S RAY WAL1 i I Shreveport DAVID MIKl WALLER, 2Tr Natchitoches BETTY WALTERS -hatta £$ ; Juniors TED WARD JERRY WATERS SHIRLEY WEAVER ARTHUR WEBB SALLY WELLS DORIS HUGHES WERNER REBECCA WERNER BARBARA ANN WESLEY DORINDA WESTER KATHY WHALEN RONALD WHATLEY, K2 CHARLENE WHEELER GLADYS WHITE JOYCE DEE WHITE JAMES WHITEHEAD NANCY WHITEHURST RONALD WHITLOCK JOHN WHITTINGTON Haughton Flora Oil City Philadelphia, Pa. Natchitoches Leesville Leesville Leesville Provencal Shreveport El Dorado, Ark. New Orleans Cloutierville Natchitoches New Orleans Converse Mansfield Natchitoches ROGER LYNN WHITTINGTON Bayou Chicot WANDA LEE WIESE ROBERT WAYNE WILLETT DAVID WILLIAMS, 2TF J. V. WILLIAMS JOY BETH WILLIAMS Baton Rouge Natchitoches Alexandria, Va. Tioga Fairvicw STUART VICK WILLIAMS GARY THOMAS WILLIAMSON JOE WILLIAMSON JUDITH FERRILL WILLIS HARRY WILMORE JIMMY SPUD WILSON, KA MARGIE ANN WILSON SHARON WILSON, Z ZILLA RAE WILSON, AZ TOMMIE WINBURN STEPHEN WINHAM THOMAS WINN Venice Natchitoches Alexandria Anacoco Boyce Rodessa Heflin Shreveport Shreveport New Orleans Natchitoches Haynesville CHERYL JEAN WOOD, 222 Shreveport ROBERT WOOD St. Petersburg, Fla. WILL EUGENE WOODS Montgomery MICHAEL EUGENE WORTHINGTON Siloam Springs, Ark. RICHARD WILLIAM WORTHINGTON Siloam Springs, Ark. JANETTE WRIGHT Shreveport JO ANNA WRIGHT PATRICIA WRIGHT EMMETT WYCHE BRUCE YEATMAN JAMES YOUNGBLOOD GUY ZACHRY CHARLENE ZAMARRO KATHRYN ZELLER Many Many Bossier City Lake Charles Shreveport Texarkana, Texas Worcester, Mass. San Francisco, Calif. HO Sophomore Class Officers The Freshman year, involving personal, social, and academic adjust- ments, is over. As Sophomores, students are more aware of their in- dividual responsibility to prepare themselves to lead this country toward greater heights of knowledge, freedom, and prosperity, knowing the future holds much more. JENEANE KIRK, Vice-President TRUDY BATES, Secretary-Treasurer DEWAYNE WICKS, President GEORGE GRAY, Sophomore Men ' s Representative A JOCELYN COOPER, Sophomore Women ' s Representative III Sophomores ELIZABETH MARLENE ACHORD, ASA Natchitoches GLORIA ADAMS Bogalusa JERRY G. ADAMS Natchitoches JOHN RICHARD ADAMS Shreveport PATRICIA ADAMS Shreveport SANDRA E. ADAMS Shreveport BENNY DOUGLAS ADDISON Shreveport DAVID GREENLEE ADDISON Baton Rouge DAVID GLYN ADKINS Coushatta HENRY L. ADLEY Belcher ARLENE AIRHART Baton Rouge JOSEPH MICHAEL ALEXANDER Ville Platte WILLIAM LEE ALLBRITTEN RAYMOND I. ALLEN, JR. JO ANN AMMONS ARCHIE W. ANDERSON KENNETH N. ANDERSON KNUTE W. ANDERSON MARY ANN ANDERSON SHIRLEY ANN ANDRIES MARGIE DALE ANDRUS ROBERT J. ARDOIN MARTHA J. ARENDER JOE ALBERT ARMETTA, JR. Natchitoches Opelousas Natchitoches Ashland Natchitoches Wareham, Mass. New Orleans Many Morrow Opelousas Winnfield Alexandria fMLJL ' CAROLE ANNETTE ARMSTRONG ROBERT WILLIAM ARMOUR DARRELL L. ARNOLD EDWARD GLENN ARNOLD LARRY WAYNE ARNOLD WANDA FAYE ARRINGTON Minden Bossier City Alexandria Pelican Shreveport Alexandria SARA LEE VAN ARSDEL. AZ Shreveport J. MICHAEL ARTHUR Natchitoches MARGARET HELEN ATCHISON, 2K Baton Rouge TOM BERRY ATCHISON Leesville MICHAEL WAYNE ATKINS Shreveport JOHN D. AUSTIN Shreveport WILLIAM CARL AUSTIN, TKE Metairie LINDA SUE BABERS Goldonna FRANCES MARCELLA BABOVEC Elton WILLIAM JOSEPH BACOT Bastrop RONALD EDWARD BADGLEY Shreveport JANELLE BAHAM Oakdale BARBARA JEAN BAILEY Haynesville DONALD R. BAILEY Coushatta EARL J. BAKER Natchitoches SHERRY BAKER Baton Rouge TIM YOUNG BAKER Gueydan ANNETTE BALDWIN Monroe SANDRA KAY BALDWIN Belle Chasse KENNETH JOHN BALL Falls Church, Va GEORGANN SUE BAKER Alexandria LARRY STEPHEN BALTHAZAR Natchez PEGGY L. BAMBER Mansura LESLIE BANDY Atlanta MARY EVELYN BANGO GEORGE RALPH BARNETT NOEL BRETT BARNETT III BERT BARRY BARR JACK HUGH BARR FOSTER O. BARRON SKIP BARTH SHARON J BARTLETT KENNETH MICHAEL BATES TRUDY CARROLL BATES BERT BAUDOIN ADDISON S. BAXTER Shreveport Oil City Opelousas Simmesport Atlanta Pincville Alexandria Goldonna Calvin Natchitoches Delcambro Florien 111 Sophomores JOSEPH HENRY BAYNARD, JR Baton Rouge AUGUSTUS T. BAZIN Natchitoches PEGGY JO ANN BEASLEY New Orleans DOLLIE LORINE BEARDEN Benton EUGENE CHARLES BEARD Grand Isle MICHAEL J. BEATY Princeton JOHN W. BECK Natchitoches TERRY DON BECK Oil City GEORGE L. BELTON Leesville LORETTA RUTH BENEDICT Pineville JANICE CECILE BENNETT DeRidde. LINDA GAYLE BENNETT DeRidder SANDRA BENNETT Loranger NORMAND PHILIP BERGERON Alexandria MARY BRONWYN BERNARD, AZ Natchitoches DAPHNE JAN BERRY Shreveport KENNETH D. BERRY, KZ Natchitoches LU ANNE M. BERRY Natchitoches MARTHA FRANCES BERRY TOM STEPHEN BERTI BILLY SHARON BETHANY SANDRA LYNN BEVERSON RUSSELL B. BEVIL, K2 JO FRANCES BICE GWENDOLYN FAYE BILBRAY NANCY MARIE BILLIMEK BOBBY DEAN BIRDWELL HARVEY MERVIN BIRDWELL SUSAN A. BIRNBACH JAMES WILLIAM BLACK ' .- Natchitoches New York, NY. Springhill Baton Rouge Natchitoches Natchitoches Shreveport Shreveport Marthaville Marthaville New Orleans Natchitoches EARNEST WAYNE BLACKBURN Leesville CARL DEAN BLACKMON Florien CAROL LYNN BLAKE Bossier City ELIZABETH L. BLAKELEY Shrevepi it ANNA S. BLALOCK Saline LINDA ANN BLANCHARD Sulphur GARY WAYNE BLANTON Springhill MELANIE ANN BLAYLOCK Mi Dade THOMAS SELWYN BLOUIN Ethel MICHAEL O. BLOUNT i ishatta BARBARA SUE BOBO Slidell TRAVIS LYNN BOLTON Slagle VOYD M. BOLTON Winnfield JERRY LANE BOND Baton R JOHN THOMAS BONETTI. TKE New Britain. Conn. NANCY DEAN BONNETTE Nati In: MARSHALL A. BOUDREAUX Baton Ri LINDA EVANS BORDEI.ON Shrevepoi t WARREN J BOSTCOICK. K. Birch Ayar, Mass JOAN CURTIS BOSTON- Mi intgomery LINDA ANNETTE BOl DRl.Al N ( )) erlin DANNY CLYDE BOUTWELL Shi. Sll RON ANN BOWDEN Shie eporl PEGGY ANN BOWLIN Shreveport WILLIAM DAVID BON I) Minden FRANCES JO BRADFORD jetow n VETTYE L. BRAN ION Hayvesville VELMA BREAUX Raceland I ( Y 1 BR1 EDEN, III Pride DIANNE 1 BREEDLO E N itcl 1. 1 AK BREED! 0 I Bossiei C ■ 1 1 v JANICE BREITH l I ' l Jena PAUL CURTIS BRELAND Jena II MA JOYCE BRICKER wille JANICE KAY BRIDG1 S nburg KAREN HOPE BRIUN ( Brittan) Sophomores «MUL % 9 £ aiat t DAVID ALAN BRITT Saline NANCY MARIE BROADWATER, A2A Alexandria RONNY G. BROADWAY Robeline ELEANOR KAY BROTHERS Leesville DALE P. BROU1LLETTE Cottonport JO ANN BROUSARD Baton Rouge LUCY CHARLYN BROUSSARD Cueydan SUE BROUSSARD Sulphur MACK BROWNLEE Hinston D. BRUCE BROWN Peotowe, 111. DOUGLAS VICTOR BROWN Rockport. Mass. GAY BROWN Tullos JEFF ELGIN BROWN Tallulah JERRY WAYNE BROWN Springhill MARY CAROLYN BROWN Shreveport SAMMY BROWN Coushatta JUDITH ANN BRUCE Natchitoches SUSAN ANN BRUMFIELD. AZ Baton Rouge MARY LEA BURKE Natchitoches RONALD W. BURLESON North Chicago, III. HENRY LEON BURNS Shreveport JACKIE RAY BURNS Natchitoches CARRY G. BURSON Shreveport MARCIA PAULINE BUSS DeRidder HILDA ANN BUTLER Chestnut KENNETH A. BYERLEY Vivian LLOYD C. BYERS Zwolle DAVID CAMILLE CALLAHA Thibodaux KATHLEEN N. CALLAHAW Pineville KENNETH DALE CALLENS Kilgore. Texa c SUZANNE CAMBRE, 2K Gretna GARY LYNN CAMPBELL Shongalon SARAH JANE CAMPBELL Tioga SHEILA CAMPBELL Cotton Valley JAMES HOWARD CANSLER Zwolle NANCY CAROL CAPERTON Bossier City VICTORIA V. CAPONI DeRidder LANE CAPPS Tullos JEANIE M. CARBO Alexandria LINDA FAYE CARNELL Shreveport JOHNNIE DAVID CARNLINE Robeline MELVIN R AYFERD CARNLINE Shreveport LANIS DALE CARPENTER Calvin LORA DEAN CARPENTER Natchitoches MARY LOU CARPENTER Oakdale MAGGIE CART Crowley GLENDA SUE CARTER Bastrop BR END A NELL GARY Opelousas RAMONA L. CASON Coushatta THOMAS JOE CASSELL Converse WILLIAM E. CAVANAUGH Leesville BOBBIE JEAN CEASAR Natchitoches JAMES NELSON CHANDLER Baton Rouge ANITA INEZ CHOATE Shreveport VICKIE CHRISTY, SK DeRidder SHERRY LYNN CLARK, 222 Many GARY NOEL CLAUSING Peotone. Ill MARY CLAY, 222 Arada, Colo. DIANE CLAIRE CLEMENTS Shreveport GLYNAD SUE CLOUD Mansfield JEMMIE KATHLEEN COCHRAN Sarepta ALBERT M. COCKERHAM Winnfield ROBERT SAMUEL COCKWELL Natchitoches ;i.ORGIANA CATHERINE COCO Marksville DOUGLAS WAYNE COILE Shreveport LINDA LANELLE COILE Plain Dealing li4 Sophomores LINDA COKER Shreveporl ALFREDO COLE Natchitoches PHILLIP A. COLE Coushatta BECKY COLEMAN Shrevepoi t GARY L. COLEMAN Natchitoches JAMES LLOYD COLLINS Winnfirld DAVID LINDON COLLINSWORTH. KA Greenville Springs PATSY ANN COMPEAUX Cutoff MICHAEL LANCE CONANT Bermuda ROBERT F. CONNER Cheraw, S.C. WILLIAM C. CQNERLY Alexandria CONNIE ANN CONINE, A Natchitoches CANDACE ANN COODY Shreveport BETTY E. COOK Winnsboro CONWAY O. COOK Shreveport SANDRA SUE COOK Shreveport SAMUEL D. COOKSEY, KA Peoria. 111. DERREL W. COOPER Hoflin DOLAN KIETH COOPER Minden JOCELYN ANN COOPER. AZ Baton Rouge PEGOY B. COPELAND Maplewood JUDITH ANN COPP Shreveport GRADY B. COTTON Many MARGARET E. COUSINS, 222 Natchitoches ROY M. COUTETER Alexandria JOHN MICHAEL COX Campti NOAH ALTON COX, JR., Natchitoches RONNIE G. COX Coushatta DOROTHY N. COXE Denham Springs LARRY WAYNE CRADER Phoenix, Ariz. JO ANN CRAFT Morgan City LINDA NELL CRAFT Leesville LLOYD HAROLD CRAIG Natchitoches THOMAS WILLIAM CRAIG Shreveport ROBERT DELANE CRAIN Winnfield LINDA CRAWFORD Shreveport SARAH ANN CRAWFORD Elizabeth RICHARD A. CREED Many PHYLLIS SHIRA CREED Franklinton ROBIN CREIGHTON. ASA Natchez GWENDOLYN GAYLE CREW Montgomery MICHAEL OWEN CROOKS Pines ille SANDRA CROTWELL Baton Rouge KEVIN FRANCIS CROWE Holbrook, Mass. RICHARD WAIGNE CRYER Leesville DANNY W. CULBREATH Mansfield CECILE CULP Natchitoches MARY LINDA CUNNINGHAM DeRidder CHARLES EDWARD CURRY Natchitoches ELLIS JOSEPH DAIGLE Eunice PEGGY SUE DAIGRE Alexandria DOUGLAS ANTHONY DALME. KE Natchitoches FRANK THOMPSON DALY Opelousas RUSSELL EARL DANZY Mora DIANA M. CARNELL Plain Dealing PAMELA DAUGHTRY Shreveport JOHN E. DAVIS Pitkin JOHN H. DAVIS Zachary REBECCA H. DAVIS Delhi SHERRY ANN DAVIS Shreveporl TOMMY WILSON DAVIS Shrevepoi t REBECCA J. DAVY Opelousas JOHN RONNIE DAYBONNE Jennings JEANNE MARTEEL DEBLIEl X Natchitoches HUBERT D. DEBROECK Shreveporl CAROLYN RAE DEES DeRidder 93L19 § ® A «uu ,l 5 Sophomores G. DARR DEJEAN Opelousas RALPH EDWARD DEKEMPER Staunton, Va. PATSY ANN DELAFOSSE Bunkie MICHAEL ALLEN DELCAMBRE Delcambre PATRICIA A. DEMENT Doyline JUDY A. DENCAUSSE Prairieville lis. CHRIS STEPHEN DUNBAR Opelousas PAMELA ANN DUNN Shreveport WAYNE CHARLES DUPLANTIS Houma RONALD CHARLES DUPRE Opelousas DIANA M. DURBIN DeQuincy MICHAEL JAME DURRANT Hilton. N. Y. JACQUELINE DYKES Pleasant Hill MARY JANICE DYKES Dry Prong JUDY EBARB Noble JACKIE E. EDWARDS Leesville MARY VEILLON ELDER Opelousas THOMAS DAVID ELKINS Roboline GARY LANE ELLIOTT Bossier DANNY WAYNE ERSKINS Winnfield STEPHEN A. ESNEAULT New Orleans DIANE MARY EVANS Natchitoches LINDA MARIE EVANS Natchitoches RUSSELL JOHN EVANS Shreveport WILLIAM BOX EVANS Baton Rouge MARY M. EYMARD Larose VI ROIL M. EZERNACK Zwolle MARTHA LOUISE FAIRCLOTH Dry Prong STEPHNI FARABEE Alexandria EDWARD E. FARABOUUH Springhill SIDNEY LEE FARMER Springhill JOHN ELOY FARRINGTON Springhi DANNY FRED FERCUSON Shreveport ROBERTO FIALLOS Tegucigalpa, Honduras E. BARRY FISHER Zachary SUZANN E FISHER Sh re veport THOMAS FITZGIBBONS DIXIE LEE FLEECE S. ANGILEEN FLETCHER MARVIN FLETCHER WILMA JEAN FLETCHER Rockland. Mass. Decatur, 111 Verda Mansfield Natchitoches DIANE LORRAINE DERBONNE Alexandria KENNETH RICHEY DEVILLE Pineville EDITH JANE DEWITT. AZ Alexandria SUZANNE DEWITT Many JO NITA DICKINSON Shreveport ANTHONY T. DIGILORMO Shreveport CATHERINE MARIE DILL Coushatta DONNA ELIZEY DILLON Franklinton LARRY N. DINKINS Shreveport JOEL W. DIXON Peoria, 111. JAN LYNN DOBSON, SZ Natchitoches MILDRED LOUISE " CANDY " DAGGET Jonesville JOSEPH D. DOTHEROW Pineville RONALD J. DOUCET, I7K Galliano WATTS W. DOUGLAS Livingston JERRY CLAYTON DOUSAY Hineston NATHAN J. DOWDEN Hornbeck EDNA ELIZABETH DOYLE Mooringsport TERRY RYAN DRIGGERS Tioga ALLEN P. DUCOTE Cottonport EMMA PAULINE DUCOTE Baton Rouge LARRY JAMES DUGAS Gueydon SHARON DUHON Groves KATHLEEN PAGE DUNAHOE, ASA Natchitoches CANDACE DARLYNN FLOURNOY Winnfield Sophomores JOHN RAYMOND FLYNN Alexandria MICHAEL RAY FONGER Opelousas GLENDA GAY FONTENOT Golden Meadow PATRICIA M. FONTENOT Ville Platte PATSY B. FORTSON Robeline LLOYD RAWDALL FOSTER Franklin LOUIS WESLEY FOSTER. K. Shreveport WILLIAM LONNIE FOUTS Shreveporl MAUD A. FOWLER Maringouin ROBERT M. FOWLER Jena MICHELE MARIE FRANCELLA WALTER HAROLD FRANCIS JOHN DAVID FRAZAR PAUL E. FREDERICKS JAMES C. FREEMAN, 2Tr RONALD WAYNE FREEMAN BARRY C. FRESH JERRY W. FRIAR LARRY A. FULLER NANCY RUTH FUNDERBURK JACQUELINE FUSELIER TOHN HOWARD CALLEMORE TONI ANN GALLIANO ANNA LEE GALLIEN MILLIE GALLIEN RENEE M. GALLIEN SAMMY GALLIEN GAYNELL GALLO JOSEPH GARDSBANE ALVA WAYNE GARLINGTON Washington. D C. New Orleans Mansfield Natchitoches Bethesda, Md. Batchelor New Orleans Shreveport Shrevepi 1 1 Florien Westlake Shreveport Galliano Natchitoches Natchitoches Shreveport Natchitoches New Orleans Shreveport Shreveport %3JH ) 3 % i IIMMY GARLINGTON Dry Prone CECELIA MARIE GATES Lake Charles LORETTA K AYE GATES hatta ROBERT L GATES ( 1 1 iw l VIRGINIA ANNE GEE Shrevepi u 1 JEAN GEORGE Baton Rouge PATTY G. GEORGE Springhill HUGH GENTRY Natchit ' STEVE LOUIS GENTRY Many ROBERT GERALDO Leesville PAULA KAY GHENT Shrevep 1 1 EDWIN BENTON GIBSON nsp ' i i ELIZABETH ANN GIBSON, BK Shreveport PAULA JEAN GIBSON ( ushatta ANN GILCREASE Atlanta EGBERT HOWARD GILSON, JR Nate hit ' k hes ELIZABETH B. GIMBERT, --- Nat hit i lies ROBERT E. GINGLES 1 nisport ROSALIND M GLASS Baton Rouge s WUEI. JOHN GLORIOSO Alexandria MARIE LOUISE GODET Port Barre ROBERT EDWARD GOING Opeli ' ANN! LEILA GOMEZ Colombia, S CHARLES W GOODM . JR. Benti n JANICE LYNETTE GOSS Shrevepi ■ ' SUE GOSS ( ilfa I. 1K GOUDEAU Evergreen GRAYSON DALE GOURDON at hit. •! hes SHERILL Dl l cow l s ik I Lis nes ille LARRY W GRACIE, UK Nat hi) MARIAN GRAHAM Shre ep MARVA I. GRAHAM Shreveport THOMAS GRAPPE Campti s wdra GAYLE GRAV1 S Verda GEORGE R M.I ' ll GRAY, ZTT Sih lev KATHRYN ELIZABETH GRAY Shn- epoi t » 7 ?1 3 ta Sophomores PATRICIA GREEN Jeanerette WALTER G. GREEN DeRidder RICHARD W. GREET Shreveport CHARLOTTE MARY GREMILLION Ploucheville EDITH M. GROVER Pineville SHIRLEY GRUNWALD Shreveport PATRICK M. GUIDRY Delcambre ROBERT BRUCE GUILLET Natchitoches EVELYN JOY GUILLORY Ville Platte JOHN C. GUILLOT Houma SUSAN M. GUIMBELLOT Winnsboro GEORGE RONALD GUINS Zachary ELLA KAVE GURNEY Baker BETTY JOYCE GUY Zachary JOHN ADOLPH HAAS Opelousas MIKE O HADNOB Leesville SHARON GAYLE HAIGHT Natchitoches ROBERT W. HAINES Dickenson TED MORRIS HALL, STr Pineville DEBRES IVOVA HALLOW AY Natchitoches RONALD T. HAMMOCK Mansfield DONALD KENT HANSON Dumfries Va THOMAS EDWIN HARDAWAY Bossier City PEGGIE HARDESTY Baton Rouge ANNETTE HARGIS, ASA Natchitoches WILLIAM LAYTON HARGROVE Pineville THOMAS LARRY HARPER Shreveport J. D. HARRIS, JR. Shreveport LINDA EDNA HARRIS Goldonna RICKY HARRIS, KA Grand Cane SIDNEY T. HARTMAN New Orleans MICHAEL HARTT Haughton MYRA LYNN HARTWELL DeQuincy ANN HARTWICK Farmerville RAYETTA C. HARVEY Pitkin JOYCE ANN HATTEN Hosston DEBORAH LEE HAVARD Shreveport LAURA DORENE HAWKES Leesville MARGARET ELAINE HAWKINS Baton Rouge ALVIN RAND HAWTHORNE Pineville DAVID CORLEY HAYDEN Coushatta CHARLES WAYNE HEMPERLEY Shreveport LYNDA JOYCE HENDERSON Winnfield RONALD W. HENDERSON DeRidder MARY LINDA HEINS Bossier ROBERT HERNANDEZ DeRidder VAL BRUCE HERNDON Shreveport VERNON PAUL HESSER Pelican ROBERT L. HETRICK Woodbridge, Va. PAUL HILL KEYSER Natchitoches STEVE HIGGINS Richardson, Texas LARRY LEONARD HILLMAN Leesville CAROLYN SUE HINES Noble RALPH H. HINES Many SAMMY LEE HINSON Leesville SAMUEL J. HINTON Shreveport MARY ERVIN HOBBY Natchitoches CHARLOTTE HODGE Many CHARLES ANTHONY HOFFMAN Shreveport JACK EARL HOFFSTANT New Orleans GENEVA HOGAN Shreveport EMILY A. HOLBROOK Pollock BETTY JANE HOLLAND Shreveport CAROLYN HOLLAND Lake Charles DONNIE R. HOLLAND Bastrop JAN HOLLAND, 21T Many n8 Sophomores JANE E. HOLLAND, 2K Many WILLIAM JAY HOLLEY Shreveport LINDA GAIL HOLLINGSWORTH, SK Alexandria BONNIE JOYCE HOLLIS Natchitoches LARRY FULTON HOLMAN Shreveport LENNETH W. HOLT Sieper DEBORAH CAROL HOLTZ Monroe BETTY CAROL HOOD Cullen RONALD LOUIS HOOPER Shreveport RICHARD G. HOOTER Shreveport MARCIA LOUIS HOPE Shreveport ROGER A. HORNE Oakdale SHEILA ANN HOSKINS Oakdale CHRIS HOTARD, 2TT Shreveport MARY THERESA HOWARD Shreveport RICHARD LEE HOWARD Shreveport ANTHONY C. HOWES, KA Alexandria CARL B. HUMPHRIES Dodson FRANCES A. HUNT Leesville JEAN ANN HUNTER Shreveport DELOS LEROY HUSSER Franklinton KAYLA JANELLE HUSSER Franklinton CHERI HYDE Shreveport JOHN R. INABNETT Minden CHARLOTTE IRBY Bossier A. LAINE IVEY Sieper THOMAS WAYNE IVEY Sieper DAVID ARTHUR JACKSON Montgomery DON W. JACKSON Leesvill e ROSIE M. JACKSON Natchitoches JIMMY JACOB Coushatta NANNETTE MARIA JACOB Bogalusa PATRICK WILBUR JACOB Shreveport BENNIE JOE JAMES Sikes JAMES V. JANES, III Opelousas MARTHA L. JARVIS Leesville JAMES P. JEANSONNE Alexandria LOIS ANNE JENNINGS Vivian MARGARET L. JOBE Oil City RODNEY E. JOHANSON Natchitoches BEVERLY JOHNSON Morgan City CHARLES ASHTON JOHNSON Verda FRANCES M. JOHNSON Montgomery HAROLD RAY JOHNSON Rosepine JANICE THERIA JOHNSON Campti LINDA K. JOHNSON Leesville ROGER GLEN JOHNSON Glenmora PEGGY A. JOHNSON Chestnut ROBERT A. JOHNSON Natchitoches SHASTA LYNN JOHNSON Otis SHELIA BETH JOHNSON Marrero THOMAS DARRELL JOHNSON Shreveport DONALD RAY JOHNSTON Natchitoches MADALYN JOHNETTE JOHNSTON Shreveport IOHN W. JOINER Shreveport BRENDA GAYLE JONES Goldonna CONNIE R. JONES, ZK Zwolle DARWIN LEVON JONES Glenmora JOHNNY FLOYD JONES Haughton LORA DELL JONES Baton Rouge PATRICIA A. JONES Many RICKEY E. JONES Hornbeck RONNY LOYD JONES Haughton SANDRA KAY JONES Lake Charles WANDA FAYE JONES Lake Charles MARSON R. JORDON Winnfield 5 3 G3 33. 9MA£4 B Q8 ft® in Sophomores .111 PHILLIP CARROLL JORDAN Alexandria RICHARD P. JOWERS Natchez JEFF LYLE KALLOR H artsdale, N. Y. BRUCE JULIUS KALMAN Edison, N. J. ROCER HENRY KANIEWSKI Bayside, N. Y. DONALD LEE KANNADY Shreveport GARY PHILLIP KAPOSTA Shreveport CLENDA FAYE KEEN Bossier City TOMMY CENE KEENER Bossier City DONALD E. KELLEY Winnfield GEORGE MICHAEL KELLEY Winnfield ALICE B. KELLY Little Rock, Ark. PETER T. KENDULL Leesville BETTY WATSON KENNEDY Natchitoches JOHN H. KEPPEL New Orleans GARY ROBERT KERAN Natchitoches JOHN E. KERLEY Shreveport AARON PETE KIDDER Arnaudville ROBERT CARROL KLEFFER Winnfield CHAUDETTE KIMBLE Baton Rouge ROBERT ALLEN KING Shreveport DONALD RICHARD KINGREY Many GEORGIA E. KINNISON Grayson JENEANE KIRK. 2i Shreveport NEILL SMITH KIRKLAND Ruston JAMES HUDSON KNAPP, 2TT Lake Charles CHARLES ALVIN KNICELY, KS Jonesville CINDY D. KNIPPERS Many RAYMOND A. KNIPPENDORF Natchitoches DONNA L. KNOTTS Natchitoches SARAH ELEANOR KNOX Shreveport MARCENE KRAMER Pensacola, Fla. THOMAS A. KUPHO Belveder, N. J. PAMELA L. KURZ Shreveport STEVE P. LACOUR Baton Rouge DONNA G. LACROIX. AM) Natchitoches GRACIE LOUISE LACEFIELD Bossier City LLOYD RICHARD LACY Shreveport WARREN WILLIAM LAMBARD Pineville RONALD DEAN LAMBERT Roheline SARAH ANN LAMBERT Many JOHN RICHARD LANASA Baton Rouge JANICE E. LANCASTER Natchitoches ANITA LANDRUM Marreio BARBARA ADELE LANDRUM New Orleans HORMAN GORDON LANGFORD Gloster JAN MARIE LAPRARIE Ferriday CHARLES DAVID LAREX Shreveport JOSEPH R LAROUE. JR. Zvvolle JAMES LARRY Alexandria HECTOR LASALA Sonsonate, El Salvador JAMES ROBERT LASH Cotton Valley CAROL ANN LASHUTE Opelousas CYNTHIA L. LATHAM Sulphur RICHARD C. LATSOS Keithville DONNA LYNN LAVINE Oil City RACHEL M LAW Florien MARILYN J. LAWRENCE Many ELIZABETH RUTH LEACH Natchitoches ALVIN CHARLES LEAKE Harvey SUSIE MARIE LEBARON Atlanta I WAYNE LEBLEU Opelousas [AMES B. LEE. Ill Bossier City ROBERT LEE. ST Pineville KIRBY C. LEEPER Shreveport DIANNA KAY LEHR. 222 Baton Rouge 130 Sophomores WILSON J. LEJEANE. JR. Gueydan HENRY H. LEMOINE Natchitoches STEVEN ANDRAE LENERT Shreveport KENNETH EARL LEONARD Shrcveport AL LEWIS, TKE Shreveport ANNIE LAURICE LEWIS Jonesboro DAVID L. LEWIS Colfax MADELINE JEANNE LIEBER Natchitoches ROBERT WAYNE LINDSAY Shrevepoi t DONNA MARIE LINDSEY Baton Rouge ROBERT S. LIPSON Shreveport CHARLES R. LOCKWOOD Many WILLIAM C. LOFTIN Coushatta DONNA LONG, Z Zachary JUDY F. LOOMIS Ferriday EVELYN RUTH LORD Mansfield MARTHA LOFT Glenmora LOUIS STEPHEN LOUP New Roads GAY M. LOVE Glenmora HELEN LOVELADY Many CHERRY LEE LOVITT Sulphur ROBERT OWEN LOVITT Sulphur ELDRED F. LOWE, JR. Minden ARTHUR J. LUTTRELL Shreveport 1 JOHN W. McALLISTER Baton Rouge RONALD O. McBRIDE Natchitoches MICHAEL RAY McCARTNEY Olla JOHN CLIFTON McCLENDON Lewisville, Ark. LUKE FREDERICK McCORMIC Many CAROLYN SUE McCRORY Natchitoches % f 5L1L1 $ 2 M 9. TED M. McCRORY Bossier PEGGY JEAN McDANIEL Zachary GARY LEE McDONALD DeRidder MILTON WAYNE McDONALD Natchiti ' (hes JACK RAY McELWEE Natchitoches MARY LOUISE McKEE Leesville JOSEPH HARWELL McKFY Alexandria RANDY HENRY McKNIGHT Loiransport ALLYSON P. McLAURIN Mansfield JANET ANN McLEAN Baton Rouue CHERRY S. McMAHON Tioga MARC McNEAL Effie ROGER F. McPHEARSON Rohelme CHARLES H. MACHEN Winnfield DOUGLAS F. MADDEN Chestnut THOMAS M. MAGF.F Shreveport CYNTHIA F MAGNER Shreveport MEL ANTE ANNE MAGNER Shreveport SALLY ANN MALAGARIE. Al " A Lafayette PHYLLIS MARTINA Baton Rouge ROBERT EDWARD MALONEY Sarasota. Fla. JAN MANCUSO, SK New Orleans FRANCES LYNN MANDINA. K Oil Cits NELSON VINCENT MANGOLD I eesville MILLARD ORAN MANGRUM Shrevepi 1 1 PAULA YVONNE MANNZEN Converse I AM " . ELIZABETH MARINO LaPlace DEBORAH ELAINE MARLER Leesville ANN KENNEDY MARTIN Shre fpoit H EL FERN MARTIN- Opelousas MARK ANTHONY MARTIN G olden Meadow CHARLES T MARZE 1 1 a JERRY LEON MASTERS Florien MARY ANNA MASTRACHIO Leesville LONNIE DALE MATTHEWS Sarepta SANDRA KAY MATTHEWS Cotton Valley ft34 4 Sophomores CORNELIA ELAINE MATTOX Bossier City DEBBIE MAULDIN, 222 Shreveport PATRICIA ANN MAWBY Shreveport BETTY ANN MAXWELL, 2K Shreveport JERRY E. MAYEAUX Natchitoches MARY MACARIA MAYEUX Alexandria PATRICIA MARIE MAYEUX Bunkie WILLIAM RONALD MAYFIELD Natchitoches JIMMY RAY MAYNOR Cotton Valley PHI LLP MAYO Leesville NANCY MEISCHKE Baton Rouge LORETTA M. MENARD Gueydan JIM BRUCE MERCER, K2 El Dorado, Ark. DONNA LYNN MERCHANT Oakdale TERRY LEE MERRIT Alexandria SIDNEY LEONARD MESSINA Shreveport BARBARA L. MICHIELS Alexandria RAYMOND PAUL MICHIELS Alexandria DONNA EILEEN MIDDLETON , 2K Annandale, Va. CHARLES WESLEY MILLER Many DAYTON JOSEPH MILLER Leesville FRANCES O. MILLER Robeline ROBERT CURRY MILLER Pitkin SARA A. MILLER Leesville STEPHEN MILLEN Shreveport MARILYN FAYE MILLICAN Colfax MARY CHARLOTTE MILLS Vidalia CHARLES F. MITCHELL Ringgold CHARLES CONRAD MIXON Bunkie WALTER ERICK MOAK Bossier City JAMES RUSSELL MONARCH, II Natchitoches ELDORA MARY MONTGOMERY Opelousas FRED MICHAEL MOORE Shreveport JAMES SELWYN MOORE Shreveport MARTHA KAYE MOORE Marrero SANDRA MARIE MOORE Bunkie RICARDO G. MORA Natchitoches DIANE DEES MORRIS DeRidder KENNETH MORRIS Vivian LARRY WAYNE MORRIS, TKE Longview, Texas DALE W. MORVAN Robeline PHILLIP MOSES Natchitoches JOSEPH M. MONDELLO Powhattan DELFIN J. MUJICA Can ipano, Venezuela BETTE DEE MULE Alexandria SUSAN LYNN MURPHREE Shreveport MARY ELLEN MURRAY Shreveport LUCIEN A. MURZYN Alexandria C. ANN MYERS Pelican BYRON R. NALL Metairie CAROLYN R. NANCE Natchitoches MICHAEL D. NASH, ETT Mansfield NANCY WATERS NATIONS Springhill CLAUDIA JANE NEAL Baton Rouge JANICE JOY NECK Mansura MUFFET NETHERTON, SZ Shreveport JUDITH ANN NEWBILL Shreveport NANCY SUE NEWBURY Shreveport PATSY L. NICHOLS Natchitoches STEVE CRAIG NICHOLSON Shreveport RICHARD HARPER NOAH Natchitoches DOROTHY KAY NOLAN Shreveport RALPH ELLIOTT NOLLEY Natchitoches WILLCASE NOLLEY Natchitoches JAMES PATRICK NORMYLE Bethesda, Md. HAL RONNIE NORRIS Doyline Sophomores ROBERT J. NORRIS Zachary DONALD W. NORWOOD Mansfield BONNIE JEAN NUGENT Pineville DONNA NUGENT Pineville FREDERICK SCOTT NUGENT Fredericksburg, Va. VICTOR ALLEN NYVALL Kilgore, Texas RICHARD O ' BRIEN Coushatta DEBBIE OBRYAN, AZ Marksville DIANA LYNN ORTIGO Pineville CAROLYN SUE ODOM ( rlenmora TROY S. ODOM Minden HARRIS OLIN Shreveporl BARBARA ANNE O ' REILLY New Orleans GEORGE MICHAEL ORR Leesvillr CYNDEE LOU OSBORNE, AZ Grand Cane BETTY W. OXLEY Negreet SUSAN OXNER, 222 Mansfield CAROLYN LEE PACE Alexandria AMELIA ANN PADDEN Sulphur WILLIAM PADGETT Bossier City MARJORIE ANN PADULA, 2 1 Bossier City JUDY ELAINE PALMER Mansfield MARTHA PALMER Leesville DAVID O. PARKER Alexandria MICHAEL THOMAS PARKER Springhill ROBERT ROSS PARKER Lake Arthur SHARON ELIZABETH PARKER Winnfield WAYNE LEE PARKER Bossier City ANCIE S. PARKMAN Natchitoches CHARLES RICHARD PARKS Minden LINDA LEE PASSMORE Vinton CHARLEEN ANN PATIN Jarreau FRANCIS L. PATIN New Roads KENNETH JOHN PATIN Breaux Bridge ANITA PATTON Vidalia FREDDIE W. PAUL Converse HAYDEN A. PAUL Deville ROGER LEE PAULK Deville FELIX OCTAVE PAVY Opelousas JOANNA PAYNE DeRidder MARY JANE PEACHER Alexandria MARY K. PEACOCK West Monroe JAN PEARCE Baker JAMES R. PEFFER Youngwood, Pa. CATHERINE ROSE PELT Leesville JERRY WAYNE PENFIELD Many RICHARD PENROD Robeline DAVID KEITH PERMENTER Logansport LETTIE JEAN PETERS Fenton RICHARD G. PETERSON Quincy, Mass. SUE ANNE PETRUS Shreveport PAUL PATRICK PEYTON Leesville ALWYN J. PHILLIPS Baton Rouge CONNIE L PHILLIPS Shreveport LINDA ANN PHILLIPS, AZ Natchitoches SARAH T. PHILLIPS Pleasant Hill LI LA A. PIERCE Singer BEN O. PINCKARD Colfax DENNIS RANDALL PINDER St. Maurice CONNIE SUE PINE Natchitoches GEORGIA PIPES Baton Rouge FRED M. PIPPEN, 2TT Shreveport MICHAEL L. PISTORIUS Shreveport LARRY MISHAEL POOL Bossier City KATHRYN LYNN POOLE Baton Rouge VICKI POOLE Oil City Q $( I Jill , 9 •33 Sophomores KATHRYN DIANNE POSEY Mansfield CHARLES W. POWELL Shreveport ELBERT POWELL Natchitoches LARRY D. POWELL Bossier City LYNWOOD RAY POWELL Natchitoches DONALD FORD POWER Alexandria PAUL ALLAN PRATT Natchitoches PAMELA PRAET Alexandria DAVID LEROY PRESTRIDGE Shreveport DANA GILSON PRINCE Natchitoches JULIAN O. PRINCE Alexandria VIRGINIA MERLE PROCELL Noble MARGARET ROSE PRUDHOMME, AZ Natchitoches GLORIA JEAN DRYCER Plain Dealing BONNIE MARIE PUGH Mansfield BEVERLY PYLE Shreveport BRENDA FAYE QUINN Natchitoches WILLIAM LEO QUIRK, JR. Eunice KENNETH R. RACHAL Flora CHRISTINE E. RADER Shreveport CLAUDE WESLEY RAGSDALE Shreveport NANCY JEAN RAINEY Shreveport MARILYN RAINS Shreveport DORIS RAMBO Georgetown LLOYD MICHAEL RAMIREZ Opelousas MARK WILLIAM RANNEY Shreveport CINDY KAY RASCAL Mansfield HANS F. W. RASMUSSEN New Orleans JULIAN P. RAY Natchitoches SANDRA JO RHODES Pineville STEPHEN LELAND RHODES Saline NORA JANE REDMOND Alexandria ALLIE JEAN REED Crowley ROGERS REED Opelousas JUDITH ELIZABETH REESE, AZ Shreveport AGNES AVON REEVES Winnfield KENNETH R. REINHARD Mason, Ohio SHARON LYNETTE RELLEY Winnfield SHERYL ANN RESWEBER St. Martinville BILL G. REYNOLDS New Orleans JANET BARBARA REYNOLDS Shreveport SHARON REYNOLDS Shreveport KATHRYN KING RHODES Natchitoches LIZBETH RICE Slidell BARBARA ANN RICH Plain Dealing GARY LYNN RICHARDSON Sloughton GEORGE R. RICHARDSON New Orleans JANICE YVONNE RICKS. AZ Boyce JOHN T. RIEFFER Montgomery- MARGARET RUTH RINE Alexandria RAYMOND R. RISER Shreveport GEORGE W. RIVERS, JR. Pleasant Hill LAL SPENCER ROACH, 2TT Shreveport EMMA J. ROARK, Many EVELYN LYNETTE ROARK Many BETTY GAYLE ROBBINS Natchitoches PAMELA L. ROBERTS Boise, Idaho LINDA ROBERTSON Baton Rouge CAROLYN A. ROBICHEAUX Alexandria DAVID RAY ROBINETTE Ashland ELSA LANELL ROBINETT Coushatta CHERI ROBINSON Baton Rouge JERRY WAYNE ROGERS Minden WILFRED M. ROGERS Winnfield JERRY EUGENE ROSHTO Natchitoches KATHERINE L. ROUNTREE Baton Rouge 190 Aft » 34 Sophomores REGINA LOUISE ROUNTREE St. Amant MARTHA VICTORIA ROWELL Shrevcport HOWARD L. ROWLAND Harvey THOMAS BRYAN ROY Bunkie JOHN W. ROYSTON Alexandria LINDA JEAN RUDLON Shreveport ALICE VIRGINIA RUFFIN Mansfield BARBARA G. RUMMEL Coushatta RAYMOND JOHN RUSH DeRidder JAMES G. RUSSELL Winnfield TOMMY LANCE RUSSELL Heflin MARTHA J RUSTON Lafayette HAROLD JOSEPH ST. PIERRE Raceland BOBBY R. SALARD Campti JENNIFER SAMAHA Plaquemine JAMES EDWARD SANDERS Mix DAISY LEE SAPP Melrose BILL THOMAS SAPPINGTON Sulphur SAMMY L. SANDEFUR Natchitoches GLENN DALE SAVOIE Oakdale HERMAN T. SAWYER Natchitoches PATRICIA GAIL SAYERS Mansfield JOSEPH W. SCHELETTE Flora LOIS SCHWALENBERG New Orleans LINDA SUE SCOGINS Bossier City ESSIE DEE SCOTT Clinton KAY SCOTT Wichita, Kans. LINDA S. SCRUGGS DeQuincy BETTY JOYCE SEAMSTER Minden DONNA GAIL SEARCY Shreveport $M% a 3A DANNY OLEN SELF RONNIE W. SELLERS JOHN WAYNE SEWARD. 2TT MARY E. SEPULVADO SHARON DIANNE SEWARD PATRICIA L. SEWELL JAMES ROBERT SEYMORE DENNIS DALE SHAW JOHN CARL SHAW. ITK LA MAR SHAW DONALD W. SHIELDS LYNN EDWARD SHIVERS FAYE A. SHUFF STEPHEN L. SHUFFLIN BARBARA A. SIBLEY ROMA JEAN SIBLEY ROYCE ANN SIMMONS. AZ SUSAN MARIE SIMPSON VICKI M. SIMS BERYL ANN SINGLETARY JEAN SKERRETT KENNETH L. SKINNER ANNETTE SLAUGHTER SUSAN SLAUGHTER GARLON LON SLAY PATS IE ANN SLIFER LUCY NORMAN SLOAN- FRANK BURNS SLOANE. JR. MARILYN SUE SLOOP fAMES LLOYD SMALL BECKY S. SMITH. 2K BOBBIE SMITH CAROL JEAN SMITH CAROLYN S. SMITH DEAN CULVER SMITH. JR . K: EUGENE L. SMITH Hornbeck Tioga Shreveport Shreveport Shreveport Natchiti itlics Natchitoches Bossier City Natchitoches Ida Shrevepoi t Natchitoches Chalmette Lake Charles Minden Natchitoches Vivian Shrc -| ' ii t Atlanta Abbeville Lafayette Florien Robeline Baker Shrevepoi t Oberlin Shre epoi t Opelousas Leesville Haughton Franklin Plaquemine Tii c.i I eesville Houston, Texas Har i ' 35 112 l f Q M A 3A3. Sophomores GARY M. SMITH Shreveport J. HUEY SMITH, 2TT Church Point JIMMY LEROY SMITH Shreveport JOHNNY LLOYD SMITH, KA New Orleans JUANITA A. SMITH Bossier City JUDITH LA ROUE SMITH Natchitoches KATHERINE YVONNE SMITH Winnfield KENNETH MICHAEL SMITH Winnfield NORMA CHERYL SMITH, K2 Ruston THOMAS W. SMITH Bossier City TOMMY R. SMITH Alexandria ANDREW J. SNIDER Delhi DAVID M. SOBERS Ethel CAROL LOUISE SOILEAU Ville Platte CHARLES RAY SOILEAU Opelousas MONTI E CHARLES SOILEAU Opelousas JEANNE SONGO Houma REYNOLD A. SORGEE Natchitoches DALE MARIE SOUTHERN Castor JARREL WAYNE SPEARS Logansport CHARLES T. SPENCE DeRidder RONALD C. SPIGENER Shreveport RONALD LEON SPILLER Copperas Cove, Texas EDMOND L. SPURGEON Leesville DOLORES M. STAGG Alexandria VAUGHN STAGG Jennings CYNTHIA STAMPER, 2K Bossier City BYRON R. STANLEY Leesville MICHAEL MILTON STARK Franklin MICHAEL R. STEELMAN, K2 Columbus, Miss. LOW STEGEMANN Natchitoches GLEN I. STEPHENS, TKE Alexandria JAMES THORNTON STEVNES Shreveport E. BARTON STEWART Winnfield CANDY STEWART, 222 Haynesville DAVID W. STEWART Natchitoches JIMMIE W. STEWART Springhill LINDLE M. STEWART Natchitoches PATRICIA J. STILLEY Pineville RENDA PATIENCE STINSON Shreveport JOHN V. STOCKHOLM Shreveport SUSAN ELAINE STOKELD Glenmora CYNTHIA A. STOMA Mansfield SUSAN L. STONE, 222 Shreveport TOMMIE D. STRINGER Hornbeck JOE STRINGFELLOW Shreveport ADRIAN VERNE STROTHER, KA Pineville SHERRI G. STROUD Montgomery PATSY RUTH STUFFLEBEAM Natchitoches GALE MARIE STURCKEN New Orleans JANIS R. SUCHAND New Orleans CHARLOTTE LOUISE SULLIVAN Benton HELEN F. SULLIVAN Benson JOHN ALLEN SUMRALL Shreveport CAROL A. SUTHERLAND, 2K New Orleans EDWIN P. SUTHERLAND Belle Chasse THOMAS ARTHUR SWINDELL Shreveport JILL LORRAINE SWISHER London, England A. RICHARD TARVER Many LEE SOUGLAS TARVER Natchitoches TED MARION TATE Glenmora JOHN R. TEAGUE Alexandria SUSAN ELIZABETH TERRAL Trout JOHNNY TERRELL Pleasant Hill MICHAEL T. THIBODEAUX, KA Abbeville ROY THIGPEN Mansfield 3 6 Sophomores EDWARD THOMAS Campti HILDA J. THOMPSON Clayton LINDA GAYE THOMPSON Haughton RUTH EDWARDS TILLEY Baton Rouge VICKIE JEAN TODD Bossier City MARTHA TOLSON Longstreet EDWARD FRANK TOMPKINS Shreveport PERRY A. TORREGANO New Orleans BRENTLEY JOHN TOUCHET Delcambrc BONNIE FAYE TOUSSANT Natchitoches SUSAN GAYLE TOWNS Bossier City MARTHA FRANCES TOWNSEND, V V V Natchitoches NANEE JANE TOWNSEND Saline LINDA RAE TOWRY Natchitoches PHILIP A. TROHA, JR. Princeton CINDY TROUILLE Crowley KARLEEN KAE TROUT DeRidder JAMES HERNDON TYCER, TKE Amite THOMAS RAYMOND TYNES, ITK Shreveport MARY HELEN VACCA Shreveport MARY A. VALATKA Oklahoma City, Okla. BRENDA FRANCES VALLEE Colfax LINDA DIANNE VALENTINE Routel Trout CHARLES VASQUEZ Melville THOMAS DALE VAUGHN Baton Rouge THOMAS ARTHUR VERHALEN Shreveport TED M. VESTAL, JR. Ferriday JANE VINCENT Sulphur RANDALL G. VICKERS, 2TT Pineville ROY LYNN WADDLE Campti JOYCE JANE WADE DeRidder DOLAN TRAVIS WAINWRIGHT Tullos ALFRED C. WALDREP III Leesville CHERRY ANNETTE WALKER Coushatta DON L. WALKER Bossier City THERESA BRIDGES WALKER Greensburg EDNA GAYLE WALLACE Converse JAMES ELMER WALLACE Leander SAMUEL E. WALLACE Shreveport VIRGINIA ANN WALLS Hornbeck JAMES A. WALSH Urania JOHNNY PLATT WANGER Shreveport CAROL RUTH WARD West Monroe MARK LEIGH WARDELL, K2 McDade CLYDE OREA WARREN, KA Shreveport MARTHA JANE WARREN Shreveport BARBARA WAOHABAUGH San Antonio, Texas JOEY P. WATERS Provencal HAROLD EUGENE WATTS Oil City JERRY FRANCIS WAY, KA New Orleans DIANA L. WEBB DeRidder BEVERLY WEBER Bastrop PATRICIA ANN WEGMANN New Orleans VICTORIA RUTH WEIBLE Houina DONALD ERWIN WELCH, KA Baton Rouge MARY ANNE WELCH Alexandria PEGGY WELCH Cottonport RONALD SCOTT WELCH Natchitoches THOMAS W. WELCH Natchitoches PAUL L. WELLER Wareham, Mass. DAVID ANDREW WELLS Pleasant Hill ROY RAINER WELLS Bogalusa GLEN HENRY WELMAN New Orleans RUTH EVELYN WESLEY Leesville JERRY DALE WEST Gloster RONALEEN WEST Leesville %flQM M4333 ' 37 Paula Shaw listens for typing directions from Mrs. Taylor. SCOTT WILLIAM WEST Leesville MIKE RUSSELL WHITT1NGTON Natchitoches JAMES K. WICKER Zachary EDWIN DEWAYNE WICKS. KZ Shreveport CHARLCYE DIANE WILLIAM DeQuincy MANSHIP NEY WILLIAMS Ethel DAVID JAMES WILLIAMS. KA Shreveport THOMAS M. WILLIAMS Holbrook, Mass. VICKE LYNN WILLIAMS Libuse VIVIAN O. WILLIAMS Robelinc DONNA CHERYL WILLIAMSON, AZ Vivian SHARON ANNE WILLIE Baton Rouge jLtliUl MARY JANE WILLIFORD Winnfield ANNE E. WILLIS, 222 Opelousas BARBARA WILLIS Shreveport JULIA ANN WILLIS Oakdalc SUZANNE WILLIS Orange BRENDA WILSON, 2K Bossier City KENNETH LARRY WILSON Shreveport LEAH FRANCES WILSON Lafayette MARY CARLINE WILSON Leesville NANCY WILSON Marion STEVE P. WILSON Shreveport JACK COWAN WINKLE Shreveport WILLIE E. WINSTON Mooringsport NANCY HOODAST WISE Ch lrleston, W. Va. ANNIE JEAN WHITE Mora MARILYN ELIZABETH WHITE Bienville PHYLLIS WHITE Pineville GARY X WOODS Woodworth VIRGINIA ANN WOOTEN Shreveport ERNEST D. WOOTON Port Sulphur THOMAS H. WORSHAM HI Campti ROBIN WORTH INGTON Baton Rouge BEVERLY ANN WRIGHT Many DAVID G. WRIGHT Baton Rouge %$ ftQ M 138 Sophomores JUDIE RAE WRIGHT ( Henmora MARSHA SUE WRIGHT New Orleans ROGER D. WRIGHT Forest Hill BILLIE DEAN WYNN Ida WALTER E. YANCEY Natchitoches JIM V. YATES Springhill GREGORY ALLEN YOES Baton Rouge JOHN GLYNN YOUNG Plain Dealing RALPH MERLE YOUNG Shreveport MARILYN NELL ZANOVICH Shrevcport KATHERINE ZIMMERMAN Baton Rouge w $4 Students literally camp out on the Coliseum floor awaiting The Serindipity Singers. ' 39 Freshman Class Officers The goal of many, to attend college, is reached by enrollment at N.S.C.; but now separate goals must be set by the individual. The Freshman year is the time these goals are set, the long drive begins, and the path of achievement is opened to all. DAVID PRECHT, President GARLAND WAYNE RIDDLE , Vice President ■■H 1 ' % II iKg H ,fl0B5 X tI = : MARCIE FOWLER, Secretary-Treasurer BRUCE KEVIL, Freshmen Men ' s Representative FRAN ARNONA, Freshmen Women ' s Representative 140 Freshmen RALPH PRESTON AARON DeRiddcr OSCAR M. ACEVEDO Bogota, Colombia, S.A. CONNIE ELAINE ADAMS Jena JOHN A. ADAMS, JR. Alexandria JON DAVID ADAMS Lake Jackson, Texas LYNN DELL ADAMS Leesville MIKE LOGAN ADAMS DeQuincy WILLIAM BLANTON ADAMS Hodge JAMES R. ADKINS Natchitoches VIRGINIA ANN ADCOCK Shreveport HEDDY MAE ADGER Shrcveport BEVERLY GWEN ADKINS Natchitoches JUDY ANN AGIULLARD Bunkie ILA FAY AHEARN Shreveport SUSAN LEE AHL Bossier City ROBERT R. AINSWORTH Alexandria CHERYL ANNETTE ALBIN Hammond ALEC C. ALEXANDER DeRidder JAMES MALVIN ALEXANDER Shreveport KATHLEEN LUCILLE ALEXANDER Ville Platte MICHIAL TERRY ALEXANDER Rodessa PHYLLIS VIRGINIA ALEXANDER Jonesboro NOLA ANN ALFORD Bossier City LARRY ALAN ALLBRITTON Shreveport BARBARA ANN ALLEN Shreveport JERRY B. ALLEN Robeline KAREN ALLEN Opelousas KAREN ANNETTE ALSTON DeQuincy JOYCE MARIE AMOS Jonesboro BEVERLY GAIL ANDERS Alexandria MM 9 LARRY DON ANDERSON Mansfield LINDA FAY ANDERSON Shreveport ARTHUR H. ANDREWS Baton Rouge GEORGE WILLIAM ANDREWS. JR. Leesville JERRY LEE ANTEE Shreveport CHARLES RAY APPLEWHITE Alexandria SHEILA MARIE ARDOIN Opelousas RAUL XAVIER ARELLAND Tegucigalpa, Honduras THERESE MARIE ARIEUX Slidell PATRICIA ANN ARLEDGE Natchitoches JO ILENE ARMSTRONG Keithville CHARLES M. ARNOLD Springhill DARNELL ARNOLD Mora PATSY ARNOLD Shreveport FRAN LYNN ARNONA New Orleans GLENDA GAY ARTHUR Natchitoches PATRICK DALE ARTHUR Main ROBERT LANCE ASAL. TK N ew Britain. Conn JEANETTE MARIE ASHLEY Alexandria LINDA SEVIER ATER Natchitoches JIMMY WAYNE ATWELL Pollock FREDDIE W. ATWOOD Pineville HENRY JEFFERSON ATWOOD JR Alexandria YVONNE ANN AUCOIN Abbeville DAVE ANTHONY AUTIN Houm.i BRENDA STARR U TREY Morgan Cit) WANDA SHARON AVERY DeRidder JERRY U. AYRES Ashland LEROY CURTIS AYRES Ashland CHERYL ELAINE BABERS Saline LYNN CAROL BABIN Lake Charles CONNIE MARIE BABINEAUX Opelou .iN BARRY THOMAS BACON New Orleans CYNTHIA GAIL BADOLEY Shreveport JOHN HERMAN BADGLEY Natchitoches RONNIE A. BAGLEY Longview, Tex 141 1M3JO 3. JUi ? A T J 3S Freshmen ALICE LEE BAILEY Natchitoches KEITH DALE BAILEY Coushatta RICHARD WILBURN BAILES Leesville BOOCIE BAKER Pineville DARRELL SCOTT BAKER Holbrook, Mass. EVERETT LYLE BAKER Greenville, S.C. JAMES ROYCE BAKER Shreveport LARRY A. BAKER Shreveport RICHARD M. BAKER, JR. Pineville STEVEN LEON BAKER Shreveport BRADLEY LEA BALL Ca: pe Kennedy, Fla. MARGARET ANN BALLARD Pineville CHARLES ROSARIO BALLARD , TKZ Revere, Mass. LINDA BAMBURG Coushatta MARY CATHY BANKSTON Jackson CAROL LYNN BANNISTER Montgomery ROBERT W. BAQUET Ville Platte RICHARD EDWARD BARKER Baton Rouge JEANNIE M. BARMORE Springhill WILLIAM C. BARNETTE Shreveport PEGGY ANN BARNHILL Many LESLIE EARL BARTLEY Shreveport JAMES MICHAEL BARR Grand Isle WILLIAM E. BARRON Bossier ANITA LOUISE BARROW Natchitoches SAMUEL WALTON PARRY Shreveport MARGARET C. BASCO Cloutierville BILL BASKERVILLE Minden PEYTON LAWRENCE BASS, JR. Natchitoches GARY MARK BASTOKY Shreveport CAROL L. BATEMAN Shreveport DONNA LOUISE BATES Provencal CHARLES ANTHONY BEALER Gretna AVERY A. BEARD Natchitoches JAMES M. BEARD Coushatta JOSEPH P. BECK II Annandale, Va. MICHAEL STARLING BECK Oil City BRUCE MICHAEL BECKMAN Minden PATRICIA BEDGOOD Shreveport KATHY JEAN BEENE Springhill ANNIE RUTH BENJAMIN Natchitoches ROOSEVELT BENJAMIN Natchitoches JAMES T. BELGARD LeCompte DON G. BELL Robeline MARSHA ANN BELLA Berwick HUGHEY CLEVELAND BELLUE Baton Rouge CHERYL MILLER BENIT Minden BRADLEY R. BENNETT Natchitoches CAROLYN ANN BENNETT Pineville HELEN RUTH BENNETT St. Francisville MARIE J. BERGERAN Alexandria MARGARET A. BERLIN Alexandria LYDIA M. BERTHELOT Baton Rouge TERRELL LINDSEY BERRIAULT Wareham, Mass. BETTY RUTH BERRYMAN Natchitoches JERRY DALE BEVELLE ' Colfax DALE JOSEPH BIENVENU Opelousas JAY GORDON BIGGS Metairie RAY PAUL BIGLER Pineville P. DIANNE BIGNER Hammond WILLIAM MICHAEL BLACK Natchitoches WAYNE BLACKFORD Murray, Ky. STEPHANIE ANN BLACKMAN Shreveport JAMES HAROLD BLACKSTOCK Shreveport JUDY SUE BLAIR Clinton-Sherman AFB, Okla. JOHN C. BLALOCK Salina ' 4 1 Freshmen MARGARET JANE BLANDIN East Beauregard BILLY RAY BOGAN Gastor RONALD TERRY BOGUS Coushatta JOHNNY NORMAN BOLTON Leesville VLADIMIR JANOSLAVE BOHACHEVSKY Leesville JUNE E. BOOKER Many BRENDA FAYE BOONE Leesville VIRGINIA MELBA BOONE Leesville RONALD DEAN BOOTY Kisatchie ROBERT GOLSON BOND Baton Rouge DORIS N. BONILLA Leesville BRANT NOEL BORDELON Coushatta JOHN H. BORDELON Mansura NICKIE BORDEN Pioneer DANNY LEE BOGUE Longview, Texas ELLIS ALLEN BOTTS Dry Prong CHARLES WILLIAM BOUDREAU Shreveport DWIGHT LOUIS BOUDREAU Houma MICHAEL STEVE BOURRIAGUE Baton Rouge JIMMY J. BOWEN Natchitoches ED BOYD Mansfield JACK B. BOYDSTUN, JR. Natchitoches MITZI KARON BOYETT Dodson SHERRI LYNN BOYT Benson ROBERT REECIE BOZEMAN, JR. Longstreet JOHN PATRICK BRADFORD Shreveport GLORIA ANN BRADY Forest Hill LONNIE EARL BRAMLEH Winnfield ETHEL JEAN BRANCH Robeline HOYE MAXIE BRANCH Natchitoches ALAN LEWIS BRANNEN Pineville PHYLLIS BRASHER Lake Charles TED JEROLD BRASHER Benson EDWARD REID BRAU Blanchard RAYMOND J. BRAUNER New Orleans CARLA G. BREAUX Vinton S. MICHAEL BREAUX Kinder MARY KITTY BREWER Arcadia JUDITH LYNN BREWER Baton Rouge PATRICIA RHEA BREWSTER Baton Rouge JERRY DALE BREVELLE Colfax KENNETH DOYLE BRIDGES Natchitoches BYRON DAVID BRIGGS Opelousas JUDY CAROL BRIGHT Winnfield RON JOE BRIGMON Grand Prairie. Texas HOWARD LOUIS BRISTER Leesville REX SUTTON BRITT Natchitoches IRVING MERSE BROCATO Melville ESTHER HAZEL BROOKS Shreveport TOMMY DALE BROOKS Leesville GERALD BROSSETT Natchitoches JOYCE MARIE BROSSETT Pineville PEGGY YVONNE BROSSETT Pineville MARY ANN BROUSSARD Baton Rouge SUSAN C. BROUILLETTE Bunkie LARRY BRUCE Georgetown HAROLD WAYNE BRUMLEY Converse VIRGIL BRUMLEY Montgomery F. KAYE BRYAN Bunkie ELSIE LILLIAN BRYANT Natchitoches JOHNNY M. BRYANT Colfax BRENDA ANN BROWN Baton Rouge CHERYL ANN BROWN Mitchell DIANE GAIL BROWN Alexandria DONNA SUE BROWN Mansfield EVELYN JEANNETTE BROWN Oxford 49 Q fb % J 43 SlQA Q Freshmen JOHN CHARLES BROWN DeQuincy KENNETH WAYNE BROWN Shreveport MEDA R. BROWN Hornbeck THELMA ANNETA BROWN Many SHERRY LYNN BROWN Shreveport RONALD O. BROWNE Coushatta DONALD LYNN BUCKLEY Shreveport BECKY LYNN BUCKNER Alexandria KATHLEEN ELIZABETH BUDD Opelousas PHILLIP RUSSELL BUFKIN Sulphur JOHN BLAND BURGIN Lafayette SAM EVANS BURLESON Shreveport RUDOLPH PERRY BURNETTE Shreveport IRIS ANNETTE BURCH Natchitoches CHUCK W. BURFORD Springhill KATHY MINNETTE BURFORD Gloster ELIZABETH LOUISE BURGDORF Natchitoches DIANTHA JANE BURGESS Leesville MARY LOUISE BURGESS Leesville EULA ELLEN BURNS Leesville LEONARD C. BURNS, JR. Simpson JOYCE MARIE BURTON Natchitoches LESLIE GORDON BURTON Natchitoches MARTHA JANE BURTON Slidell RONALD LYNN BUSBY Leesville KAREN LOUISE BUTLER Alexandria TIM LEON BUTLER Shreveport THERESA L. BYLES Natchitoches MARK ANTHONY BYNOG Natchitoches SHIRLEY IRENE BYNOG Temple Students meet for quiet conversation in the Student Union. h 144 Freshmen RICKY G. BYRD Baton Rouge ROSEMARIE K. BYRD Lecsville RICHARD T. CAFFAREL New Orleans DEAN ALLEN CALDWELL, KA DeRidder ODIS WAYNE CALDWELL Shreveport SAM JOSEPH CALDWELL Shreveport SHARON CHERYL CALHOUN Natchitoches SAL CAMINITA Covington GLEN L. CANNON Coushatta GUY EUGENE CANNON Georgetown WILLIAM TERRY CANNON Opelousas THOMAS J. CAPALBO Bradford, R.I STEPHEN LYNWOOD CARPENTER Shreveport EDITH LYNN CAREY Baton Rouge PAMELA JAN CARMICHAEL Harvey JANICE MARLE CARPENTER Tioga LAVIA CARR Shreveport ROGER DALE CARRAWAY Winnshoro PEGGY SHARON CARRIERE Opelousas JOAL RENEE CARROLL Florien LINDA FAYE CARROLL Opelousas ROBERT DAVID CARROLL Natchitoches BARBARA R. CARSON Bossier City LINDA " KIT " CARSON Houghton SHARON ALEDA CARSON Natchitoches JERRY W. CARTER Plain Dealing JOHN W. CARTER Ruston SUSAN CARTWRIGHT Plain Dealing FRANCIS KEITH CARVER Leesvillc JO LYNN CASANOVA Opelousas NANCY SUE CASKEY DELTON HOWARD CASON VERNIE EUGENIA CASON DONNA JO CASSELL KEITHA ANN CASTILLOW MARTHA MERLE CATHEY RODGER D. CAUSEY JAMES WAYNE CAVANAUGH THOMAS GERARD CAZES ROGER WAYNE CEASAR BOBBY G. CHALER BOBBY JOE CHANCE SAUNDRA LEIGH CHANCE JIM BOB CHANDLER PAMELA GAIL CHANOLER TRUDY WARRENE CHANEY MANUEL MAURICE CHAVEZ ALICE MARIE CHEEK Ringgold Campti Morrow Tioga Sulphui Stonewall Leesville Leesville Plaquemine Pineville Shreveport Natchitoches Hornhci k Winnfield Haughton Baton Rouge Bossier City Shreveport LINDA KAY CHESLEY VICKI ANN CHIASSON RONALD NICK CHICOLA GARY ALAN CHILDRESS VARAH CHINUKOSVONGS EDWARD JOSEPH CHOPIN Shreveport Han e Alexandria Shreveport Bangkok. Thailand Natchitoi In - MARGARET ANN CHRISTIAN STEPHEN FLOYD CHRISTY JANET K. CHURCHMAN LUDIE COLERA CHURCHMAN PATTI A. CHURCHMAN ANNE ARLENE CIFREO GLENDIA JANE CLARK LAWRENCE LYNX CLARK MICHAEL GIVITOE CLARK PATRICIA ANN CLARK RONALD WILLIAM CLARK VICKIE LYNN CLARK ( )pelousas Bossier Cn DeRidder Colfax Colfax Baton Rouge Pleasant Hill DeRidder Alexandria Pineville Oakdale Oakdale 145 3 Q % % %H % Freshmen ARTHUR B. CLINAMAN BILLY ALLEN COATS CLYDEANNA M. COBB GERALD W. COBB JOHN E. COBB WAYNE MARTIN COBURN KATHIE JEAN COCO MARVIN J. COCKERHAM, JR. EDWARD COEN JOHN WADE COGBURN CATHERINE COKER DONALD RAY COLE NAOMI RUTH COLE AUBREY GUY COLEMAN DEMARY COLEMAN SHARON IRENE COLEMAN JANICE KAY COLLIER PEARL PYE COLLINS WILLIAM HOMER COLLINS R. L. COLVARD, JR. BUDDY STANLEY COLVIN STEPHEN MURPH COLVIN CAROLYN SUE COMER JEANETTE ELAINE CONDIT SHARON CELESTE CONLY CAROLYN ANN COODY CAROL CARTER COOK DOUG ROLAND COOK JANICE ANNALEE COOK MARGARET MARIE COOPER DIANA LEE COOPER JAMES W. COPE LUCY ELLEN CORDER BOB CORKERN STANTON DAVID CORNISH DAVID W. COSTON DONALD OLEN COTTON RALPH A. COURVILLE ANNETTE T. COUVILLON MAIDIE MARIE COUVILLON CHARLES DARRELL COX DARRELL DEAN COX EDWARD WAYNE COX DELTON B. COYLE, JR. KAYLA E. CRAIG LINDA LOUISE CRAIN MICHAEL LAVON CRAIN EVA GAIL CRNKOVIC DONNA ANN CRAWFORD MARY KATHERLYN CREED DAVID LEE CROOKS PHYLLIS LYDELL CROW VICKIE E. CROWE EDWIN LANIER CRUMP ERNESTINE CRUMP CLAIRE CRUMPLAR LEO BURGESS CUMPTON BILLY JOE CUNNINGHAM JANICE GENEVA CURTIS Keithville Warren, Texas Springhill Natchitoches Shreveport Bossier City Shreveport Trout Shreveport Bossier City Benton Dubberly East Beauregard Coushatta Natchitoches Yazoo City, Miss Shreveport Campti Winnfield Glenmora Alexandria Benton Ferriday Jena Ringgold Mora Many Shreveport Ponchatoula Alexandria Natchitoches Shreveport Hammond Alexandria Buras Pineville Winnfield Opelousas Pineville New Orleans Natchitoches Pineville Chatham Cotton Valley Natchitoches Marthavillc Franklinton Zwolle East Point Jena Deville Shreveport Metairie Haynesville Haynesville Alexandria Rayville Shreveport Shreveport MALCOLM MICHAEL CYRIAGUE II Boyce SUSAN E. DAIGLE Opelousas LARRY EARL DANDRIDGE Minden TOMMY H. DANIEL Alexandria WILLIAM A. DANIEL, III Patterson WILLIAM THOMAS DANIEL, JR. Bossier City BRIDGET LOUISE DANIELS Oakdale Freshmen SARAH WINIFRED DARPHIN Baton Rouge EDDIE F. DAVID Logansport ONIE SUSAN DAVID Pineville NATHAN LADEAN DAVIDSON Cotton Valley LESLIE RAY DAVIES Winnficld ALICE FAYE DAVIS Robeline ALLEN LLOYD DAVIS Westlakr ANNA CATHERINE DAVIS Shrcvcport BESSIE LEE DAVIS Shreveport BEVERLY KAY DAVIS Bossier City CORNELIUS DAVIS Goushatta DAISY DAVIS Natchitoches DONALD PAUL DAVIS Leesville DORIS DAVIS Shreveport EDWARD GREENE DAVIS, II Fordorhe GWENDOLYN KAY DAVIS Springhill JAMES MICHAEL DAVIS Bossier City JAMES RANDALL DAVIS St. Francisville JOSEPH DEES DAVIS Geneva, NY. NATHANIEL DAVIS Bermuda PATRICK ERWIN DAVIS Shreveport RONALD DALE DAVIS Alexandria SHIRLEY JEAN DAVIS Shreveport STEVE E. DAVIS Natchitoches TISA MARIE DAVIS Bossier City DANE LOUIS D ' AVY Opelousas CONSTANCE INEZ DAWSON Baton Rouge DELILAH deBLIEUX Baton Rouge LARRY HERTZOG DEBLIEUX Natchitoches TERESA CATHERINE DEBUSK Shreveport HILDA ANN DEES Anacoco BERNICE DUFRESNE Natchitoches DEBBY WYNONA DUFRESNE " Natchitoches KENNY J. DEJEAN Opelousas RICKY LYNN DE LATIN Many TERRY L. DE LATIN Many BARBARA ALINE DELAUNE Lockport ADRIAN CARL DEMERY Natchitoches DOUGLAS DENNEY Leesville CLYDE H. DENNIS Natchitoches MILLSAP A. DENNIS, JR. Elizabeth JUDY CATHY DERRICK Many NOLAN DESSELLE Center Point JOHN NORMAN DEWITT Alexandria FRANCES ELIZABETH DEZENDORF Natchitoches GARY N. DIGILORMO Shreveport MARINA DJINIS New Orleans JIMMY RAY DILLARD Mansfield ASHLEY ANDERSON DISOTELL Springhil RONALD F. DISTEFANO Alexandria HIRAM ABE DIXON Anacoco MAI CONNELL DIXON Natchitoches MERRILL D. DODD, JR. Vidalia ROBERT NED DOLES Shreveport K. DIANE DOLLAR Natchitoches GARY DALE DOOLEY Bossier City MICHAEL CHARLES DOUGET Basile WANDA KAY DOVE Natchitoches BOBBIE LYNN DOWDEN Natchitoches JAMES CHARLES DOWDEN Natchitoches LLOYD MILTON DOWDEN Bossier City RONALD LEE DOWDEN Anacoco EATHER JEAN DOWLING Haughton DOYE WAYNE WILBANKS Bossier City ESTHER GAYE DOYLE Pitkin JAMES RAY DRODDY Elizabeth [ 47 Freshmen JEWEL R. DRODDY Pitkin douglas c. Dubois Colfax MARGARET ANN DUET Galliano RONALD RAYMOND DUET Cut Off TEDDY WAYNE DUMAS Many RODNEY G. DUNHAM Cotton Valley PATRICIA ANN DUNKIN Hammond GLENN JOSEPH DUPREE Natchitoches PATSY JEAN DUPREE Bentley TERRY WAYNE DUPREE Coushatta BURTON PAUL DUPUY Natchitoches BEWEL LEON DURBIN Haughton NELDA SUE DURBIN Jonesboro MICHAEL A. Van DYKE Pineville RONNIE D. DYSON Montgomery VICKI ANN EAKIN Shreveport MATTIE LEE EASON Marthaville JONATHAN B. EASTWOOD DeRidder SUE ANN EDIE Shreveport WALTER HENRY EDLER New Orleans SUSAN KAY EDMAN Alexandria ANN EDMISTON Shreveport RANDALL BRIAN EDMUNDS Shreveport DARRYL W. EDWARDS Pitkin NENA MELVALEE EDWARDS Denham Springs SUSAN M. EHLERS Lake Charles CAROLYN LOUISE EHRHARDT Washington FREDRICK LUTHER ELLINGTON Rayville MARNO BRYNN ELLZEY Natchitoches MARY ANNE ELLZEY Natchitoches WILLIAM MERRIT ELLZEY Franklinton GLEN D. EMERSON Shreveport THOMAS MICHAEL ESKEW Alexandria DENNIS A. EVANS Pelican SHIRLEY K. EVANS Montgomery CORRINE TUYLLA EVERSULL Boyce CHARLEEN I. EZERNACK Alexandria JAMES ROY FANNIN Winnfield SANDRA ANN FANT Shreveport CATHERINE M. FARACE Alexandria LEON RAYMOND FARMER Baton Rouge J ETTA KAY FARRAR Campti PRISCILLA ANN FARTHING Alexandria BILLY FAUCETT Pineville CANDACE LYNN FAUST Eunice KAREN FAWCETT Shreveport LOUIS F. FAY Opelousas HELEN FECKLIN Natchitoches GLENDA ROSE FEE DeRidder LINDA ANN FELL Natchitoches KATHY JEANNE FELTS Heflin BARBARA ELLEN FERGUSON Lake Charles WANDA EARLENE FERRILL Anacoco AGATHA MARIE FERTITTA Shreveport CHARLES ALLEN FERTITTA Leesville SAMUEL V. FERUGIA Geneva, N.Y. BEVERLY ANN FESTERVAN Sarcpta KATIE MAXINE FIELDS Shreveport DEBORA KAY FINK Shreveport GEORGE PAUL FINK Opelousas MAXWELL HERBERT FINK Opelousas RONNIE RICHARD FINKLEA Atlanta RANDAL CHARLES FIRMIN Alexandria LENA FISCHIER Natchitoches LARRY R. FISHER Natchitoches LEE ANTHONY FISHER Alexandria Freshmen KAREN LOUISE FI ITS Florien EDWARD T. FITZGERALD New Orleans MARK A. FLEECE Decatur, III. STEVEN LEE FLENNIKEN Natchitoches BRENDA CAROL FLETCHER Campti RICHARD HAMILTON FLETCHER Shreveport SHIRLEY ANN FLORA Lena DANNY L. FLORES Rodessa TAFFY ELAINE FLOURNOY Winnfield BETTY SUE FLOWERS Opelousas DOT FLYNN Alexandria CENE AUSTIN FLYNN Alexandria HERMAN LEE FONTENOT Lake Charles LINDA L. FONTENOT Dry Creek MARY FRANCES FORD Jennings STEPHEN W. FORD Alexandria JENICE RUTH FOREMAN Shreveport E. WILLIAM FORSHAL Hounia TENITA JANELLE FORT Natchitoches MARY K. FORTENBERRY Natchitoches RITA ANN FOSHEE Mansfield MARCIE ANN FOWLER Natchitoches ELSIE LORAINE FOX Shreveport BOBBY LEE FRANKS Alexandria STEVEN WAYNE FRANKS Winnfield RONALD WAYNE FREDERICK Abbeville LONNIE RAY FREEMAN Bentley ROBERT KAY FREEMAN Many RICHARD K. FRENCH Natchitoches LEANDER B. FREY Eunice £iHL ' JAN IS MARIE FRIDAY SALLY CLAIRE FRYE TOMMY LYNN FRYE TONIA JEAN FUGLAAR DUDLEY GILBERT FULTON ROBERT LYNN FUNDERBURK LILLIE MAE FULLAER JOHN HUGH FULLER JAMES EDWARD FUNDERBURG VIVIAN ELAINE FURR BEVERLY MARIE FUSSELL VERNEL LOUIS FUSSELL PAULA E. FUTRELL PERRY LEE FUTRELL LINDA JOYCE CADDIS CONNIE MARIE GAINES MARCIA ELLEN GALLAGHER DON STEVEN GALLEMORE FRANK I). GALLENT CHARLEEN THERESA GALLO ROBERT STEPHEN GANN JOHN WILLIAM GARBS EVIE L. GARCIA SUSAN GARCIA BARBARA RUTH GARDSBANE WANDIE L. GARREN BETH ELAINE GARRETT JERRY GLEN GARRETT LINDA GAIL GARRETT CHRISTINE M GASPARD Chestnut Heflin Natchitoches Pincvillc Natchitoches Florien Natchitoches Hornbeck Haynesv ille Bossier Franklinton Covington Colfax Pineville Lafayette Bossier Shreveport Shreveport Pineville Chalmette Glenmora Port Sulphur New Orleans Minden Shre eporl Bossier Winnfield Cotton Valley Shreveport ( loitonport ROliER DALE GASSIOTT Elizabeth BARBARA J. GATES Lake Provide™ e JIMMIE |OE GATES Goldonna ALICE MYRTLE GAUBERT Nfetairie CHERYL ANN GAUTHIER Moreauville KRISTINE MARIE GAUTHIER Cottonport 149 Freshmen 1A LINDA DIANNE GAUTHIER Alexandria JEAN GAW Shreveport MACON KIDD GEAN DeQuincy JUDIETH ANN GEIGER Metairie DIANE C. GELDERMAN Stamford. Conn. CHARLOTTE ANN GENIN Opclousas JAMES T. GENOVESE Opelousas CHARLES RANDOLPH GENTZ Shreveport COURVILLE J. GERALD Port Barre S. PAT GERHARDT Tampa, Fla. OWEN ROLAND GIBBS Shreveport BILLIE LOUISE GIBSON Natchitoches ETHEL FLORENE GIBSON Coushatta GEORGE MITOHELL GIBSON Natchitoches HAZEL E. GIBSON Winnfield IRIS LANE GIBSON Baton Rouge JAMES DELWIN GIBSON Shreveport PEGGY DAWN GIDDENS Vivian NONA ROSE GILLIS Alexandria GLEN E. GILMORE Alexandria DAN KRISTEN GIVENS Alexandria JAMES EDWARD GLADDEN Alexandria ANITA FAYE GLASS Hineston JOHN L. GLASSCOCK Bossier City VIRGINIA ANN GLASSPOOL DeQuincy CLARK LOUIS GLEASON Port Sulphur MARILYN J. GLEASON Shreveport JOSEPH GLORIOSO Alexandria JOHN PEACE GODFREY Many DAVID M. GODWIN Goldonna WILLIAM P. COINS Shreveport PATRICIA LOUISE GOLDEN Shreveport ELIZABETH ANN COLEMAN Leesville STEVEN B. GOODHEART Alexandria, Va. MICHAEL M. GOODSON Abbeville FRANK LEE GORDON Winnfield GERALD CECIL GORDON Summit JAMES MORRIS GORDON Cut Off JUANITA GORDON Natchitoches JAMES C. GORDY Natchitoches DIANE LORENE GORMLEY DeRidder DANNY RAY GOUR Mansfield KAY LORAINE GRABER Baton Rouge CECILIA LISE GRAHAM Natchitoches JOHNNY LEE GRANGER DeRidder THOMAS LYNN GRANGER DeRidder JOAN LOUISE GRANT Shreveport JERRY WAYNE GRAY Dry Prong JOHN HAROLD GRAY Shreveport GEORGE GREEN, JR. New Orleans JOHN PHILLIP GREEN Blanchard LILLIAN J. GREEN Baton Rouge LINDA C. GREEN Natchitoches MATTIE JANE GREEN Trout TERRY WAYNE GREEN Tioga GARY PATRICK GREER Oakdale MARY SUE GREER Morgan City JOE G. GREESON Natchitoches MARY LOUISE GREMILLION Pineville TOMMY LEE GRESHAM Winnfield DELORES GRIFFIN Alexandria KATHLEEN ANNE GROS Baton Rouge THOMAS T. GROVE Libuse GLENDA ANN GUEST Castor MYRNA ANN GUIBERTEAU New Iberia REGEANA ANNE GUIDROZ Hourna !5° Freshmen ALINE MARIE GUIDRY Violet BRETT ANDRY GUIDRY Baton Rouge JOHN R. GUIDRY Opelousas MYRTLE JEAN GUIDRY Opelousas SALLY ANN GUIDRY Houma SUSAN MARIE GUIDRY Marksville RAY E. GUILLORY Opelousas THETIS DIANNE GUIN Newellton ALAN PRICE GUINS Zachary JERI A. GUNN Leesville BARBARA GUY Natchitoches SARA JEANETTE HADDOX Leesville GARY WAYNE HAGGART Lecompte BEVERLY ANN HAIR Springhill RALPH HAIRE, JR. Natchez JAMES WILLIAM HALEY Ft Benning, Ga. CHARLES D. HALL Vivian EDDIE RAY HALL Alexandria IMAGENE HALL Shreveport IMOGENE HALL Shreveport JUDY ANN HALL Hornbeck LARRY M. HALL Baton Rouge TOM HALL Tulsa, Okla. JUDY GAIL HAMAKER Leesville LOLA MAE HAMILTON Natchitoches NANCY R. HAMILTON Natchitoches JESSE WILBORN HAMMETT, JR. Natchitoches STEPHEN P. HAMMETT Natchitoches RAYMOND V. HAMMOND Opelousas JAMES D. HAMMONS Downsville BARBARA ANN HAMPTON Natchitoches NANCY SUE HAMPTON Shreveport PATRICIA JANE HANSEN Baton Rouge DAVID JOHN HARDIN Oklahoma City, Okla. WARREN HARDY Natchitoches WILLIAM CURTIS HARDY, JR. Natchitoches ANDREW R. HARGIS Natchitoches DEIRDRE L. HARKINS Shreveport JIMMY RAY HARKNESS Belcher ANDREW O. HARMON Shreveport EDDIE RALPH HARMON Homer MARGARET HARMON Baton Rouge CARLTON LEE HARPER Saline DAVID MICHAEL HARPER Springhill ELIZABETH KAYE HARPER Alexandria TIMOTHY BAKER HARPER Shreveport SUZETTE SYLVIA HARRELL New Orleans DEBORAH LYNN HARRINGTON Pincville JAMES D. HARRIS Benton LELOU HARRIS Mansfield PHILLIP GENE HARRIS Franklinton CLIFTON C. HART Robeline EMMA JEAN HARVEY Pitkin REGINALD OWEN HARVEY DeRidder HENRY Q. HARVEY DeRiddri CLIFTON O. HATAWAY Pollock MARY ANN HATAWAY Gonzales WILLIAM M. HATCHER Zwolle MARSHA GWYNN HATHORN Alexandria KATHLEEN MARIE HAWKES Cheneyville CHARLOTTE ANNE HAWKINS Oakdale GINGER HAWKINS Chestnut RONALD LOUIS HAWORTH Natchitoches CAROL LYNN HAYS Oakdale SHERYL FRANCES HAYES Zwolle SHIRLEY JEAN HAYNES Haughton fctiiLi .1 f % 151 Freshmen KAREN MARIE HAZELWOOD Ringgold MARY KATHERINE HEAD Alexandria LINDA RUTH HEARD Florien MARY LUE HEARN Jonesboro SHIRLEY MARIE HEARON Mansfield ANITA CECILIA HEBERT Alexandria CATHERINE J. HEBERT Baton Rouge JOHNNY D. HEBERT Oberlin SIMONE THERESE HEBERT Jefferson Isle MICHAEL PAT HEIBEL Natchitoches CARRIE LEE HELAIRE Natchitoches ROSIE MAE HELAIRE Natchitoches ELIZABETH ANN HEMPHILL Winnfield CLARA JEAN HENDERSON Jonesboro KAY HENRY Powhatan KIRBY JOHN HENRY Kaplan SUSAN C. HENSARLING Metairie NELSON J. HERMAN Natchitoches DONALD RAY HERNANDEZ Natchitoches HAROLD MICHAEL HERNANDEZ Lena JEAN MARIE HERNANDEZ Natchitoches SHELBY DEAN HERRING Mansfield CHARLOTTE ELYSE HERRON Shreveport HARRY BLAIR HEYWOOD Marksville ALICE ELAINE HICKS CAROL ANN HICKS JAMES WILLIAM HICKS DONALD BRYANT HIERS JIMMIE LYNN HILL PHYLLIS H. HILL Natchitoches Natchitoches Earlington, Ky. Shreveport Shreveport Shreveport ROBERT HENRY HILL Mansfield JUDIE MAE HILLMAN Lena GEORGE L. HINDS Pollock BESSIE BEAIRD HINES Atlanta ROY STAFFORD HINES Campti JOHN EDWARD HOBBY Natchitoches JAMES A. HODGES Jena NORVIN KENNETH HODOS Gretna SANDRA ANN HOFFMAN Shreveport DANNY M. HOLDER Jonesboro CINDY L. HOLLEY Shreveport JAMES HANDLEY HOLLEY Natchitoches MARGARET ANN HOLLIER Opelousas MICHAEL BRUCE HOLLIER Shreveport OSWALD E. HOLLINGSWORTH Keithville SHARON KAY HOLLOWAY Shreveport DEWAYNE HOLMES Winnfield LINDA DIAN HOLMES Logansport BRIAN BAKER HOLOUBEK Shreveport BRENDA FAYE HOLT Bossier City RUFARD WAYNE HORTON Plain Dealing JAMES CLIFTON HOOTER Shreveport WANDA HOPE Shreveport VIDEL L. HOPPER Natchitoches JOHN B. HOPWOOD Zachary DANE J. HORD Cotton Valley JOHNNY MICHAEL HORN Shreveport LOLA MARIE HORN Natchitoches MARGARET ANN HORNSBY Mansfield ODESSA S. HORTMAN Many 8. 9 3 fa % j jfm DAVID STEVEN HORTON Natchitoches ESTHER LOUISE HOUSE Shreveport NANCY CAROLYN HOUTZ Houma CLEMENTINA YVETTE HOWARD Campti KENNETH EARL HOWARD Winnfield L. SUSAN HOWARD Many 1% 1 ttfi 5 Freshmen MILDRED J. HOWELL Stonewall THOMAS MICHAEL HOWELL Petal, Miss. S. THADDEUS HOWELL Baton Rouge SARAH E. HOY Franklin ALVIN RAY HUDSON Georgetown LEWIS WILLIAM HUMPHRIES Jena GEORGE ROSS HUNT Mansfield MAYNARD E. HURST, JR. New Roads DOLLIE SUE HUTCHINS Heflin BEVERLY ANN HUTCHINSON Shreveport LINDA HAMPTON HYAMS Natchitoches NENA LOUISE HYDE Colfax JAMES EDMUND INGRAM Zwollc TEDDIE BART INGRAM Marthaville PHYLLIS GAY INZER Natchitoches NANCY JEAN IRBY Bossier City COLLEEN R. IRWIN DeQuincy WALLACE IRVIN Coushatta CHARLES B. IVY Shreveport ROBIA L. IVY Alexandria GEORGE ANDREW JACKSON Mansfield KENNETH EWING JACKSON Dallas, Texas RANDELL DUANE JACKSON DeQuincy ROSA MAE JACKSON Shreveport LONNIE C. JACOBS Jonesboro SAMUEL JAMES JACOBS Mitchell RICHARD E. JAGGERS, III Shreveport JANICE LYNN JAMAR Blanchard BEVERLY JEAN JAMES Pitkin CARL E. JAMES Natchitoches Ma§ WW Jk. ▼ w RALPH DAN JAMES Natchitoches JOHNNY ADAM JANESE Lake Charles PATRICIA GAIL JARRELL DeRidder LARRY C. JEANE Burr Ferry LINDA ANNE JENKINS Baton Rouge BOBBY DWAYNE JESTER Springhill JUDY L. JILES Bossier City BRENDA DIANNE JOHNSON Springhill DEMELVIN JOHNSON Natchitoches E BONITA JOHNSON Shreveport EDWARD JAMES JOHNSON Natchitoches JAMES EARL JOHNSON Alexandria JAMES MICHAEL JOHNSON Natchitoches JANE H. JOHNSON Natchitoches JERRY O ' NEAL JOHNSON Glenmora JOHN WILLIAM JOHNSON Oakdale KATHY LOUISE JOHNSON- Natchitoches PHYLLIS ARLENE JOHNSON Pineville SANDRA DIANNE JOHNSON Leesville WILLIAM RANDALL JOHNSON Shreveport BILL JONES Shreveport BRENDA F. JONES Haughton DONNIE LYNN JONES Jena GEORGE BYRON JONES Woodbridge. Va LINDA JOYCE KEYS Natchitoches GILDA P. JONES Natchitoches MILTON DAVIS JONES Blytheville, Ark MYRA BETH JONES Franklington RUSSELL ALLEN JONES Bossier Cit) SHARON KAY JONES Marrero SHIRLEY MAE JONES Doyline THOMAS LEE JONES Shreveport TOMMY LEIGH JOYCE Gueydan JAMES HARRIS JOYNER Shreveport HUBERT DAVID JORD Newllano JORDANA JO JORDAN Abbeville Freshmen M M 4 %11 %1ftft%. } JUDY EVELYN JORDAN Winnfield PATRICK WAYNE JORDAN Robeline MITCHELL LYNN JORDAN Winnfield JOHN E. JOSEPHSON Shreveport BARBARA NELL JOSHLIN Evans JUDY GENEVA JOSHLIN DeRidder JUDY GENEVA JOSHLIN Evans BILLY JOE JOWERS Boyce GASTON JUNEAU, JR. Hessmer MICHAEL SCOTT KACHO New Orleans RICHARD FRANCIS KARAMATIC Leesville REUEL PAUL KARISNY Ball BRUCELLA GENE KARNES KENNETH JOSEPH KAUFMAN SUSAN FOSTER KEAN SANDRA KAYE KEEN STEPHEN V. KEITH KAREN SUE KELLEY KATHY KELLY KATHY KENNEDY THOMAS TERRY KENNEDY REX DONAL KENNER HARLAN KENNIANN MARY CATHERINE KENNINGTON Baton Rouge Bossier City Shreveport Baton Rouge Bossier City Taylor, Ark. Alexandria Minden Shreveport Alexandria Natchitoches Baton Rouge KENETH B. KERN JOHN JOSEPH KIEREPKA MARY KATHRYN KIEVLAN KAREN SUE KING JOHN B. KING RONALD C. KING DeRidder Allentown, N. J. Bossier City Shreveport Shreveport Pineville SUZANNE KINNEBREW Shreveport TED R. KISLA Shreveport LIAH ELISKA KLINGMAN Houma JOHN CONRAD KLOTZBACH, JR., Natchitoches CAROL ANN KNEIPP Shreveport STEVE LEE KNOLES DeRidder CLYDE HOWARD KNOX DAISY ANN KOCHINSKY JANICE L. KOJIS MARGARET GAYLE KOVAR JAMES DEAN KRAJEFSKA DEBBIE MARIE KRANE RICHARD W. KRAPE GERALD W. KUHLMANN WILLIAM LEE KUHN MARTHA REED KUPERMAN GERALD LYNN LACAZE LESTER L. LACAZE STANLEY EUGENE LACAZE PATRICIA ANNE LACHLE HILDA JAMES LACOBIE RICHARD B. LACOUR JANICE MARY LACOUR MARK DANNY LACOUR MARCY LAFLEUR MARTHA LOUISE LAMB LLOYD L. LAMBERT, JR. MEL ALENE LAMBERT STANLEY DALE LAMBERT JUNE CLAIRE LANDRY LARRY V. LANDRY ROBERT EDWARD LANDRY VAUGHN HEDWIG LANDRY RICKY E. LANE KARL WAYNE LANGILL GREGORY CLARK LANGLOIS Shreveport Cypress Bunkie Leesville Bossier City New Iberia New Orleans Montgomery Campti Shreveport Flora Natchitoches Lena Bossier City Krotz Springs Natchitoches Mansura Natchitoches Lake Charles Covington DeRidder Alexandria Robeline White Castle Bossier City DeQuincy Breaux Bridge Vidalia Bowie, Md. Ventress ! 54 Between classes, some enjoy resting wherever they are. HILARY JOE LANGLOIS New Roads JOANNE MARGUERITE LANZILLOTTI Bossier City RONALD P. LAPLACE Abbeville ROBERT HANS LARSEN West Hartford, Conn. LARRY WAYNE LASHLEY Baker RONNIE LEE LASYONE Atlanta KENNETH RAY LATHAM Monroe STANLEY LOUIS LAULAND New Orleans EUGENE HUGH LAVESPERE, JR. Natchitoches HERMAN LEWIS LAWSON Mansfield KATHY ANN LAWRENCE Alexandria SHIRLEY ANN LAWSON Alexandria PAMELA C. LAYMAN Natchitoches LORETTA OLETA LAZARUS Shreveport EDWIN LOUIS LEBLANC Delcambre JOHN DENNIS LEBLANC Delcambre SUSAN ANN LEBOEUF Kaplan JOSEPH E. LEBRUM Campti TOMMIE LLOYD LECROY Houston CONRAD P. LEE New Orleans ELITE LEE DeRidder GARY WAYNE LEE Florien JAMES L. LEE Many JOHN RANDALL LEE Natchitoches MARY CAROLYN LEE Bossier City PEGGY MAUREEN LEE Sarepta PHYLLIS ANN LEE ( rueydan RONALD LEGER Opelousas DELIA ANNE LEJEUNE Gueydan ANITA LEE LEMOINE Hamburg SANDRA FAYE LEMOINE Mansura WILLIAM D. LENARD Natchitoches BOBBY GLEN LESTER Dry Prong JOHN TILDEN LEYASSEUE Natchitoches MICHAEL J. LEVINE Hartford, Conn. JEROME LEWING Elizabeth ' 55 m Li Freshmen CLARENCE A. LEWIS Shreveport EMMA JEAN LEWIS Natchitoches ILENE LEWIS Minden JERIMAINE LEWIS Shreveport SANDRA BELL LINCECUM Georgetown PAULINE MARY LINCOLN Nairn DOROTHY MAE LINDSEY Cotton Valley LINDA LORETTA LITTON Lake Charles NILA JEAN LITTRELL Bunkie ABERCROMBIE DALTON LLOYD Jonesboro DARRYL WAYNE LLOYD Natchitoches JOHN DEWITT LOCKE Mansfield PATRICK C. LOCKE Shreveport ROSALIE MARIE LAFONT Golden Meadow ROSE ELENA LOFLIN Ringgold ROY BENJAMIN LOFTIN, JR. Leesville K. JANE LOFTON Alexandria KENNETH R. LOLLAR Shreveport PENNY CAMILLE LOMBARDINO Minden DOROTHY KAY LONADIER Bossier HENRY AL LONG Winnfield LAYTON LONG Winnfield CHARLES E. LONGINO, JR. Cloutierville LINDA D. LOOMIS Ferriday ERNEST LARRY LORD Mansfield NELDA FAYE LOTT Gilliam PAUL CHRISTOPHER LOUPE Zwolle MARY LYNN LOUVIERE New Iberia JAMES LUCIEN LOVELL Houma DORIS IRENE LOW Atlanta DONNA JO LOWDERBACK Shreveport GEORGE M. LOWERY Natchitoches RONALD LUNEAU Centerpoint PAULA LUNEBRING Shreveport JUDY ELAINE LUNT Shreveport ZEE PATRICK LUP-YIN Hong Kong GWENDOLYN JILL LUTTRELL Natchitoches LONNIE MAC LYDDY Many GWENDOLYN GAIL LYLES Deville HOWARD E. LYLES, JR. Ruston LINDA KAY LYNCH Shreveport TIMOTHY ROBERT LYNCH Leesville ARTHUR C. LYONS Alexandria SUE ANN McANDREW Baton Rouge DAWN CHERYL McBRIDE Natchitoches DICKIE C. McBRIDE Sulphur LINDA ANN McBRIDE Opelousas DONALD EUGENE McCAA Shreveport DANNY FERRAL McCAIN Sibley CHARLES WAYNE McCANN Springfield ELOISE McCART Natchitoches BETTY LEE McCARTNEY Olla J ILIA M. MrCLANE Bossier City CHARLOTTE M. McCLEARY Natchitoches CARRIE ELIZABETH McCLELLAND Natchitoches MARY ANNA McCLURE Leesville SANDRA K. M.CORMIC Main- REBECCA ANN McCULLER Bossier City RANDELL LEE McCULLOUGH Anacoco STEPHEN TYLER McCUTCHEON Fayette, Ala. GINGER ANN McDADE Minden HOWARD HUGH McDANIEL Zachary JEAN ELLEN McDANIEL Oakdale JOEL W. McDANIEL Zachary LEONARD PAUL McDANIEL Gueydan Pamela Mcdonald Bossier City Freshmen MICHAEL LEE McDOUGALD TAMES C. MrDOWELL REBECCA ANNE McEACHERN DONNA KAYE McELHATTEN JUDY FAYE McELHATTEN SUZANNE McELWEE Oil., Doylinc Springhi Shreveport Shrevepi irl Natchitoches GUY LESTER McFARLAND JANE ANNE McFARLAND WAYNE McFARLAND JO BEVERLY McFERRIN CURTIS RAY McGASKEY ALICE THERESA McCEE Pineville Virginia Beach, Va. Boyce DeRidder Natchitoches New Orleans DONALD WINTON McGEHEE CHARLES RUSSELL McINNIS JOHN WILLIAM McKENZIE ROBERT LANSING McKILLIPS, JR PATTY ANN McKINNEY DANNY CRAIG McLAMORE john r. Mclaughlin MYRA L. McLAURIN BRUCE ALAN McNEAL BONNIE ELIZABETH McNEELY LUDLOW NICHOLAS McNEELY JANE ELLYN MACPHERSON NITA LOUISE MACK LARRY ROGER MADDOX CARLA JO MAHFOUZ HELEN CLAIRE MAHFOUZ FRED EUGENE MAGEE JERI DIANE MAJURE " m. -W nR rri 3 5z m LA m m,A 2 1 1 GUNDER MALKE Leesville CONNIE MALLETT Natchitoches GLENDA G. MALLET Natchitoches LARRY JOSEPH MALMAY Zvvolle Jl DY GAIL MALONE Pineville MARSHA ALENE MALONE Winnfield D ALTON L. MANN Shre eporl RONNIE JOE MANNING Shrr eporl L. SUSANN MANUEL Elton MARY PAMELA MARCANTEL Kinder GAY LYNN MARCHAND Alexandria DANNY LEE MARCUS Anacoco ELIZABETH SEAN MARES Shre epoi I JERRY ALLEN MARKHAM Springhill ROBERT LEE MARKS Morrow CHARLOTTE L MARLER Natchitoi lies CRAIG HART MARLOW Shreveport JANICE E. MARLOW Florien BARBARA ANN MARTELL Bossier City CHESTER MARTIN. JR Natchitoches DAVID RANDALL MARTIN- Hounia ELTON MICHAEL MARTIN Anacoco RICHARD GERALD MARTIN Chopin KENNETH P. MARTINEZ Zwolle PHYLLIS MARIE MARTINEZ I [aughton SHERYL MARTINEZ Marrero LUTHER MARZE, JR. nacoco DANIEL GERARD MASON Naii hit " ( hes WARREN I. MASSIA Nati hit " hes SANDR M M SIERS Springhill MINA NN MATHIES Natchitoches 1 II RANDALL MATKIN Proveni al BOBBY I. MATNEY ANN CAROLYN MATHWES 1 li ( )uincy JANICE KAY MATTHEWS Slin eporl si SAN JANE MATTHEWS New II " 1 ia l 57 r 9Jt fLf fJ JL1 9 JLfl 9 »! 1 1 Freshmen JERRY GLENN MAXEY Pineville ALLEN H. MAXWELL Olla JANET LYNN MAXWELL Shreveport STEPHEN RAY MAXWELL Shreveport RUTH MAY Forest FLO MAYEAUX DeRidder KAREN JANE MAYES Winnfield SHARMAN LORRAINE MEACHUM Ringgold RODNEY HAYES MEEKS Baton Rouge VETA ANN MEDICA Alexandria MICHAEL RAY MELANCON Natchitoches TOMMY B. MELDER Glenmora VICKI JO MELICHAR Pineville PAULA L. MELTON Channelview, Texas JAMES THOMAS MELTON Shreveport BETTY JEAN MERCER Natchitoches STEVE CAREY MERCER Lake Providence RICK DAVID MERCHANT Oakdale TOHN MICHAEL MERRITT Benton MARVIN O. MERRITT Bossier City REBECCA FERN MESSER Angola JAMES DONALD METHVIN Natchitoches BONNIE DEE METZGER Iowa LIONEL L. MEYER, JR. Shreveport MARY AVA MIDKIFF Beaumont, Texas JOY RITA MIGUEZ Delcambre WILLIAM J. MILES Natchitoches DAVID MARSTON MILLER Baton Rouge DOUG MILLER Glenmora HALLIE LEE MILLER Shreveport LINDA ANIECE MILLER Montgomery LLOYD RUSSELL MILLER Elmer MILTON PAUL MILLER Florien RODNEY JULIAN MILLER Glenmora RODNEY LEE MILLER DeRidder THOMAS M. MILLER Minden JACK YOES MILLICAN Baton Rouge ROBERT H. MILLS Haynesville PHILIP JAY MILNER DeRidder JANE ELIZABETH MILWARD DeRidder S. T. DOUGLAS MIMES Pineville AUGUSTA MINNIS Bryn Mawr, Pa. DON MARK MISER Houston, Texas FRANK PRESTON MITCHAM Natchitoches JULIUS ANSIL MITCHELL, JR Jena LEROY MITCHELL Natchitoches RITA JEANNETTE MITCHELL Natchitoches EMMA CATHYLENE MILTON St. Bernard BARBARA SUE MIZE Springhill MARILYN MOAK Bogalusa NONNIE GENESE MOAK Natchitoches NORMA JEAN MOBLEY Logansport JANE FRANCES MONCRIEF Tallulah GLENNA MONDART Baton Rouge J I MM IE DALE MONK LaCamp NAOMI MONK LaCamp DON LAYMAN MOORING Shreveport JUDITH DIANNE MOON Vivian CLAUDIA ANN MOORE Shreveport M. ELAINE MOORE Montgomery ROBERT JOHN MOORE Hornbeck VIVIS YVETTE MOORE Shrevepor ' WAYNE THOMAS MOORE Winnfield GARRISON LEON MOREAU Lena NANCY JO MOREAU Pineville SHARON L. MOREAU Alexandria Freshmen GRETCHEN CHALET MORGAN New Iberia HARRY E. MORGAN JANET ANNA MORGAN RONALD WAYNE MORGAN IRENE ELAINE MORGEL BILLY WAYNE MORRIS DAVID LOUIS MORRIS DEANNE MORRIS RONALD JOE MORRIS SONGA MORRIS RONALD L. MORROW TED MORROW POLLY ANN MOSELEY SUSAN DIANNE MOSES FLOYD M. MOULLIET GARY LEE MOUSER JACK MULE JOHN F. MURPHY, III ROSE VIRGINIA MURRAY SIDNEY A. MURRAY JAMES MONROE MUSE DONALD WAYNE MYERS LINDA CHARLOTTE MYERS MALCOLM HOWELL NALL Coushatta Shreveport Coushatta Lake Providence Mansfield Jonesville Shreveport Rayville Colfax Leesville Crowley Winnfield DcRidder Gretna Springhill Alexandria Canonsburg, Pa. Pleasant Hill Vidalia Houston, Texas Converse Baton Rouge Alexandria JAMES DRAKE NAPIER MARY ELIZABETH NAPOLI THOMAS WEBBER NEAL TOMMY WAYNE NEAL RICHARD O. NEALY CYNTHIA ELAINE NELSON DEBORAH LAN NELSON MARSHA L. NELSON SHANNON TERRAL NEWMAN ROGER P. NICHOLAS DARYL S. NICHOLS DONNA NICHOLS SHELTON MIKE NICHOLS JANET LOUISE NICHOLSON STEVEN NICHOLSON SUSAN ANNETTE NICKERSON ALEXANDER RYAN NOBLES, JR. ANITA KAYE NOLDE ELLEN KAYE NOON MICHAEL C. NORMAN RICKEY W. NORRIS SANDRA GAYE NORWOOD BOBBY RAY NOWLIN MARY L. NUGENT ROY DEAN NUGENT CYNTHIA SUE O ' BANION DELORES ANN O ' BANNON VIRGINIA CAROL O ' BANION JERRY WAYNE ODOM CHERYL LYNN O ' GLEE KENNETH LEON O ' GLEE RICHARD B. OLIVE NORMA LORAINE OLIVER WANDA JEWEL OLIVER DEBORAH ANNE OLIVIER ELAINE MAE O ' NEAL Zwolle New Iberia Franklin Pleasant Hill Ruston Bossier Shreveport Ringgold Crowley Shreveport DeQuincy Bentley Many Shreveport Shreveport Springhill Natchitoches Leesville Pineville Houma Jena Mansfield Tullos Pineville Colfax Leesvill e Provencal Leesville Oakdalc Bossier City Springhill Marthavillc Shreveport Minden Shreveport Baton Rouge ROGER MAURICE OPIO LYDIA LOUISE O ' QLTNN RONNIE II . ORDONEZ JUDITH ANN O ' REILLY PERRY MICHAEL ORR PATRICIA ANN ORTIGO Fayettevillc. N. ( ' • Bossier New Orleans Shreveport Cotton Valley Bossier i %%£k M i®% HAPI B. PHILLIPS Pleasant Hill JACK STEVEN PHILLIPS Barksdale AFB JUDY ELLEN PHILLIPS Baton Rouge KATIE PHILLIPS Shreveport KATHRYN C. PHILLIPS Natchitoches NANCY PHYLLIS PHILLIPS Sarepta JAMES CARROL PICKETT Finchville, Ky DARRYL CENE PIGG Shreveport BOB PIJANOWSKI Alexandria DONALD H. PILCHER Pollock DAVID N. PIPES Collingston JOSEPH PIRO Leesville CYNTHIA ANN PITRE Shreveport WALLACE RUSSELL PITTS Robeline ERNEST BYRON POCHE Natchitoches KAREN LOUISE POCHE Mansura JAMES T. POCUS Birmingham, Ala. JOHNNIE ANICE POISSO Winnfield JOHN CURRY POLAND Jena MARY ALICE POLAND Jena MARCUS LEE POLLARD Batchelor DOLORES ANGELA POLLET White Castel RITA JANE POLK Natchitoches JANET LENORA PONDER Bossier City ROBERT DALE PONDS Tullos DAVID ERNEST POOLE Jennings MIKE F. POOLE Bossier City MYRA JUNE POOLE Lecompte ALLEN MURPH POSEY Natchitoches GARY CLIFTON POSEY Blanchard WILLIAM HENRY POSTLES Leesville ALBERT DAVID POSTON Hornbeck SUSAN FELICIA POTTS Baton Rouge LAURA S. POWELL Shreveport CONNIE RAY POYA ] vlidwest City. Okla. CHARLES CRAIG PRATT Shreveport Freshmen KITTIE OSBORN Shreveport ROBERT JOSEPH OWENS Lena MERIDEL OZIER Alexandria CHARLES A. PACE Mooringsport LEWIS L. PACE Minden DENNIS CRAIG PAGE Doyline TONY JOSEPH PAPA Shreveport GARY HAMILTON PARKER Shreveport JOANNE PARKER Port Allen JUDY LYNN PARKS Pineville MICHAEL T. PARRIE Zwolle WILLIAM WADE PATTERSON Bossier City BETTY A. PATTON Leesville DARYL LAYNE PAUL Buckeye MARJORIE JOYCE PAUL Jena REBECCA ANNE PAVY Opelousas ELLA MARIE PAYNE Natchitoches DAVID WAYNE PEACOCK Zwolle PETER P. PELLEGATTO West Hartford, Conn. JriFkATt RAY EARL PENFIELD LARRAINE PERKINS PATSY LEE PERKINS TILMAN LEO PERKINS BRYAN MARTIN PEROT SPENCER H. PERRY VALDA MARIE PERRY JOSEPH HOWARD PERTUIT PEGGY LYNN PETERS JOSEPH W. PETRUS JACK KENT PHARES Robeline Oakdale Pitkin Leesville Plain Dealing Boyce Opelousas Metairie DeQuincy Shreveport Many Freshmen EDWARD JAMES PREBLE. Ill Bossier City JAMES DAVID PRECHT Jennings ANISE JAMES PREMEAUX Vinton STEPHEN KNIGHT PRESLEY DeRidder ROSE PAY PRESLEY Evars CELIA MARLENE PREWITT Florien PAIL PRICE Pineville ROGER L. PREWITT Anacot o STEPHANIE ANNE PRICE Baton Rouge WALKER PRICE Natchitoches JOHN W. PULLEN Monroe MARILYN CELESTE PULLIG Ashland CLAUDIA MARIE QUINA Spfinghill MADELINE L. RABALAIS Powhatan VIRGINIA LEE RABALAIS Morrow JANICE SHARON RACHAL Alexandria KATHY RACHAL New Orleans PEGGY DARLENE RACHAL Natchitoches JAMES VIRGIL RADFORD Mansfield STEVE D. RAINS Robeline MARTHA BROWN RAINWATER Baton Rouge JACK E. RALEY Baton Rouge DAVID LEE RAMBIN Pelican LAWRE NCE R. RAMBIN Mansfield MICHAEL KIRBY RAMSEY Shreveport KENNETH RAY RANKIN Franklinton ANN WREN RAPHIEL Campti LINDA SUE RASBURY Olla PATSY L. RATCLIFF Bossier City EARNIESTINE RATLIFF Natchitoches dTk f | JERRY RATLIFF Natchitoches LUTHER RATLIFF Natchitoches HAROLD R. RAWLS Baton Rouge LOREEN RAY Campti JAMES K. RAYNES, JR. Clarence CHARLES S. REAUX Port Bane SHERRY ANN RED Lake Charles ANNIE J. REDDING Saline CHRISTINE REED Alexandria JAMES KENNETH REED Opelousas MAX LEE REED Natchitoches KAREN D. REEDER Haynesv i 1 1 - SHARON ANNE REESE Shreveport THOMAS M. REGINA Bellerose. N Y SANDRA GAY REICH Newland MATTIE BETH REID Jena BETH M. REID Jena CLARENCE .MAIN REID. JR. Alexandria REBECCA SUSAN REMEDIES Zwolle JOSEPH WILLIAM RENFROW 1 eQuincy MARLON LEON REVELETT Dry Prone DON EVERETT REYNOLDS Baton Rouge GWENDOLYN REYNOLDS ChciH ille JOHN H. REYNOLDS Baton Rouge DONNA RHEA Lake Providence BRIAN P. RHODES Minden GRADY WAYNE RHODES Kilgore, Texas JAMES ROBERT RHODES KilgOre, Texas PAMELA ANN RHODES Pineville JERRY ANTHONY RHYMES Goldonna CHERYL ANN RICHARD Opelousas ROXIE LEA RICHARDS I)t Prong CAROL RICHMOND Shre epoi t GARLAND WAYNE RIDDLE la esville EVELYN ANNE RIGGS Jones ill ■ PALI. EDWIN RIGGS Jonesville Freshmen ft 9 3 -« MJL9.1A MQ BENNIE D. RIKARD Natchitoches GEORGE CURTIS RILEY Tenaha, Texas WARREN A. RINK Natchitoches REBECCA ANN RISEDEN New Orleans VERNON CHARLES RITCHIE Baton Rouge TOMMY DAVID ROARK Many SUSAN MARIE ROBERSON Natchitoches ARTHUR R. ROBERTS Leesville DOROTHY MARIE ROBERTS Alexandria LARRY M. ROBERTS McDade MARY ROBERTS Leesville PATRICIA ANN ROBERTS Alexandria SUSAN JEANETTE ROBERTS Natchitoches WINSTON KENT ROBERTS Bentley RONALD LESTER ROBERTSON DeQuincy BETTY JEAN ROBINSON Natchitoches BEVERLY M. ROBINSON Bossier City MARY LOUISE ROBINSON Boyce DONNIE RAY ROBISON Logansport JAMES DARRELL RODRIQUEZ Oakdalc JOSEPH N. ROGE Natchitoches JENNINGS C. ROGERS, JR. Florien JUDY GAIL ROGERS Mansfield THOMAS H. ROGERS Harvey DARLENE ROND Natchitoches THEA ANNA ROSAMANO New Orleans ANN L. ROSE Leesville ALLEN ROSEN Shreveport JIMMY RAY ROSS DeRidder THOMAS L. ROSS Coushatta JOHN JAYNE ROX Cheneyville KRISTIN ROY Alexandria RHONDA RENEE ROYAL Florien SHARON DIANN RUDDELL Olla JAMES WARREN RUFFIN Mansfield BEN H. RUSHING Natchitoches ELEANOR FAYE RUSHING Ashland JANELLE RUSHING Greenwood BENNY RAY RUSSELL Zwolle STANLEY RAY RUSSELL Zwolle DONNA JEAN RYAN Benton MAUREEN ANN RYAN Benton ROBERT VICTOR RYAN Benton RONALD ADDIE RYDER Port Barrc MICHAEL JAMES SABLOSKY West Hartford, Conn. EVELYN M. SAKOVICH Shreveport FRANKLIN ALBERT SALE Haynesville SHERI LYNNE SALOFF Roselle Park, N. J. JAMES ELWYN SALTER JOHNNY WAYNE SALTER FRANCES L. SAMS JAMES EARLIS SANDEFUR ROBERT M. SANDEFUR DAVID FRANKLIN SANDERS F. ELAINE SANDERS JENNIE L. SANDERS JOHN SANDERS ROGER DON SANDERS STEVE RAYMOND SANDERS CHARLOTTE M. SANDOZ RHETA GAIL SANFORD SUSANN SANFORD DAPHNE MARIE SANTORO GLENN M. SAPP JANET YNDINE SAPP MARLENE SARACENO Florien Bossier City Leesville Shreveport Providence Shreveport Springhill Pineville Clearwater, Fla. Mix Jena Opelousas West Monroe Alexandria Benton Shreveport Springhill Bogalusa 162 Freshmen RICHARD OWEN SARCEE Natchitoches DAGMAR LOUISE SAUCE Natchitoches BETTY JOE SAULSBERRY Jonesboro BLANE JOSEPH SAUNIER Delcambre STANLEY RAY SAVANT Basile DONNA CUMMINGS SAVELL Negicct FRANCIS LARRY SAVELL Robeline HENRY IVY SAVELL Many TOMMY W. SAYER Pineville MICHAEL J. SAYERS West Hartford, Conn. LLOYD P. SCALLAN Metairie TONIA JOY SCALLAN Mansura JOHNNIE LEE SCARBOROUGH Natchitoches LOUISE HICKSON SCHERER Metairie CLARENCE E. SCHLOMER Leesville JAMES N. SCHOOLEN Natchitoches JAMES EVERETT SCHWARTZ Leesville JENNIFER O. SCHWARTZENBURG Opelous as ROSALYN CLAIRE SCHWARZ Gretna KARL A. SCHWERDTFEGER Alexandria DAVID RAYMOND SCOTT Shreveport ERNIE JAMES SCOTT Jonesville LYDIA ALICE SCOTT Natchitoches ROBERT DENNIS SCOTT Natchitoches SUZANNE E. SCOTT Haynesville ROBERT WAYNE SEAL Franklinton DEBBY C. SEARS Alexandria ALBERT HENRY SEIBOLD Flushing, N. Y. SHERLYN KAYE SEILHAN New Orleans PATRICK CHARLES SELLARS Kenner JOSEPH THOMAS SEPULVADO Zwolle SAMMY EDWARD SETTLE Robeline KATHLEEN THOMAS SEVERANCE Coushatta MARTHA ANDERSON SEWELL Natchitoches WILLIAM HENERY SEYMOUR Pineville WILLIAM HAYDEN SEXTON Leesville RAY LYNN SHANE Rodessa SERENTHIA SHANNON Natchitoches ALLEN C. SHARP Memphis, Term. JAMES H. SHARP Keithville RODNEY LEE SHARPE Glenmora JOHN ROBERT SHATTOCK Lake Charles JAMES DAVID SHAW Shreveport MARY JANE SHEFFIELD Houma ROBERT E. SHELDON Alexandria DOROTHEA SHEPPARD New Orleans JUDY FAY SHEPPARD Shreveport RONALD LEE SHEPHARD Buckeye SUSAN LYNN SHIREY Shreveport JOHN WAGNER SHIRLEY Alexandria ROBERT RUSSELL SHOCKLEY McDade MICHAEL WAYNE SHULER Minden KAREN LEE SHUEY Bossier JUDY P. SIBLEY Minden SHIRLEY ANN SIBLEY Natchitoches JOSEPH ALVIN SIKES New Iberia KAREN SUE SILVER Leesville LINDA RUTH SIMMONS Kurthwood KAREN T. SIMON Mansura MICHAEL PATRICK SIMPSON Many ANN LORAINE SIMS Hornbeck RUBEN FRANK SIMS Natchitoches GLENDA LOUISE SINGLETAR , Bogalusa BILL D. SINES DeRidder MITZI M. SINGER Pineville RAYMOND OSCAR SISK. JR. Jennings ai i q fiSJUifl 1 iM A $ 3L3L9 i? Jl Freshmen PAULETTE LOUISE SKIPPER St. Landey JUAN SEDRIC SLATON Bossier City TEREWCE ANN SLAVICH Belle Chasse MICHAEL O. SLAY Jena SHIRLEY ANN SLAY Shreveport STANLEY TALMADGE SLAYDON DcRidder KEITH WADE SLAYTER Dry Prong CAROLYN O. SMALL Many DAVID L. SMELLEY Ruston MARJORIE JEAN SMIGIEL Springhill CAROLYN ANN SMITH Lena CONNIE ANNELLE SMITH Efne CYNTHIA M. SMITH Rodessa DONALD RODNEY SMITH Natchitoches EDITH ROSE SMITH Port Sulphur EDWARD ATKIN SMITH Ferriday EDWARD F. SMITH, JR. Evans HAROLD E. SMITH Campti JACKIE LYNN SMITH Shreveport JAMES MANNING SMITH Bethesda, Md. JIMMIE LYNN SMITH Zac hary JUDY ANN SMITH Morgan City JURY DEXTER SMITH Oak Grove NANCY SANDRA SMITH Dry Creek PAUL D. SMITH Bossier City PEGGY ANN SMITH Bossier City ROBERT LARRY SMITH DcQuincy SANDRA KAY SMITH Campti SHERRYE LYNN SMITH Winnficld SUSAN ANN SMITH Colfax SUSAN JAN SMITH Shreveport MICHAEL E. SMITH Mansfield MICHAEL G. SNELL Florien STANA SUE SNIDER Shreveport SANDRA SUE SNOW Verda PATRICIA ANN SOILEAU Ville Platte JOHN STEVEN SPANN DeRidder DELORES ANNE SPARKS Mansfield EUGENE H. SPEAKES Leesville JANINE MAXINE SPEARS Simmesport JAMES GUY SPEICHER B. ;ach City, Okla. STERLING D. SPELL Annapolis, Md. TERI SPENCER Opelousas JIMMY RAY SPILLMAN Chopin DANIEL WEBSTER SPURLOCK Shreveport ROBERT EARL STALCUP Zwolle CATHY PAMELA STATEN Springhill DEBORAH ANN STEEN Abbeville JAMES PONDER STEWART Doyline LILLI ANN STEWART Leesville SUSAN FRANCES STINSON Shreveport JOAN LEITH STOLTZ Baton Rouge ROBERT O. STRAHAN Kiethville MICHAEL DEAN SPRINGER Many JIMMIE LEA SPROUSE Many BARBARA NORMAN SPRUILL Jonesboro BRENDA DELL STANLEY Leesville WILLIAM JOHN STANSBURY New Iberia DWANE STEADMAN Natchitoches LOURA STEADMAN Natchitoches CLAUDIA MAXINE STEPHENS Natchitoches JOHNNY W. STEPHENS Many MERRY ANN STEPHENS Natchitoches NADINE ELIZABETH STEPHENS Alexandria WILLIAM HORACE STEPHENS Leesville JUDITH VALORIE STEPHENSON Bossier City Freshmen G. DALE STEWART Wiiuificlcl ROBERT ALTON STEWART DcRidder TOMMY S. STEWART DeRidder HENRY MICHAEL STOTTS Mansfield ANN ISABEL STOUT Li ike Providence DOLLY STOVALL Baton Rouge DANIEL GLENN STRANGE Center Point LOIS ANN STREBECK Marthaville SHERRY LYNN STRICKLAND Dallas, Texas PAMELA B. STRINGER Jonesville SHARON KAY STRINGER Trout BRENDA ROYCE STRINGFIELD Baton Rouge BARBARA SUE STROTHER Hineston RICHARD LEE STROTHER Cullen BEVERLY J. STROUD Pineville GARY BRUCE STROUD Bossier City JANICE MARIE SUMMERS Morrow LEROY DELMAR SUTTON Shreveport MARK COOPER SWAFFORD Natchitoches GAYLA SUE SWAIN Leesville THERESA ANN SWAIN Leesville JAMES WILLIAM SWEAT Mora MARY KILLEN SWINDELL Shreveport GORDON M. SZE Hong Kong JANET E. TANNEHILL Fisher SUSAN CAROL TANNER Evergreen DIANE ROSELIA TARAVELLA Belle Chasse BETH TARVER Jena BOBBY BLYN TRAVER Lafayette PATRICIA MARIE TASSIN Moreauville RICHARD TATE Opelousas PATRICIA ANN TAUZIN Lafayette FRANCIS BOYER TAYLOR Tenaha, Texas JUDY CAROLYN TAYLOR Shreveport LARRY WAYNE TALOR New Orleans MARIANNE TAYLOR Bossier City SALLY M. TAYLOR Pine ille BEN ANN TELSEE Campti PARKS R. TERRY Minden VICKI TERRY ' i ian ALAN D. THERIAULT Geneva. N. Y. EDWARD D. THIBODE AUX Gueydan JOHN STANLEY THIGPIN Franklin ton JOHN NICHOLAS THILGES Dry Creek AUGUS H. THOM Baton Rouge ARNOLD DWAYNE THOMASEE Natchitoches ARDINEY THOMAS, JR. Natchitoches D I ANN A THOMAS Thomas GERARD F. THOMAS N.iu hitot In--, LUKE EDWARD THOMAS Nati hitot h« v MARY BETH THOMAS Ringgold RONALD DALE THOMAS Franklin ton CHARLES L. THOMPSON- Natchitoches GENE EDWARD THOMPSON Pollock GEORGIA YVONNE THOMPSON Alexandi ia GREGORY KEITH THOMPSON Pitkin JOYCE LYNETTE THOMPSON Shrevepoi i MARY LOUISE THOMPSON Campti SHERRY D. THOMPSON Nate hitoches THEO THOMPSON- Pitkin THOMAS D. THOMPSON Shre epoi i THOMAS W. THOMPSON Woodbridge, Va. TONY DEWAYNE THRASK Minden ELIZABETH THREATT Man da. Philippines ROBERT LEWIS THROGMORTON ROBERT W. TIBBIT ( unpti %%Q%3L $ 9 9 3 i Freshmen DON WESLEY TICHENOR Joncsboro GARY LEIGHTON TILLEY Shreveport CHARLES LYNN TODD Minden ANNETTE SUE TOMS Saline KENT MILLER TONEY Haynesville PATRICK A. TONEY Franklinton THOMAS JAMES TORPY Jonesboro THALIA ANN TOUPS Alexandria DANIEL SHELDON TOWNLEY Alexandria CATHERINE ALECIA TOWNSEND Coushatta CAROLYN FAYE TOWRY Natchitoches KAREN DARLENE TRAVELBEE New Orleans SHARON RAYE TRAYLOR Haynesville JOY ANN TRAPPEY New Iberia LINDA LYNETT TREVINO Oakdale GEORGE C. TRULL Leesville RICHARD K. TURNNEI Potomac, Md. SHERRY ADAIR TUCKER Alexandria GEORGIE MARIE TUMA Libuse DAN B. TURNER Pineville GLORIA JEAN TURNER Many RAY T. TURNER Bossier City STEVE TURRANO Bunkie MARY VIRGINIA TURREGANO Alexandria RONALD TUMINELLO Shreveport RITA YVONNE TYLER Noble MARILYN KAYE TYNES Natchitoches RONALD DAVID TYNES Natchitoches ELLEN MARIA ULI Shreveport JESSE URIAS Jonesville VINCENT V. VALATKA McNarney, Okla. MARTHA IDA VALLEE Colfax DOREEN MARIE VANDERBEKE Slidell CAROL ANNETTE VANHOOF Alexandria JOHN D. VAN VICKHOVEN Pineville GAIL LEIGH VARNER Natchitoches TOMMY E. VAUGHAN Springhill WAYNE ANTHONY VAUQUELIN Houma DAVID BURKE VEILLON Ville Platte ELAINE VEILLON Morrow RODNEY DALE VERCHER Opelousas DANNY FRANCIS VERMACHEN Alexandria CHARLES J. VERRET Abbeville LARRY DALE VESTAL Ferriday GLENN JOSEPH VIATOR New Iberia LYNN RAY VIATOR Delcambre CHARLES RICHARD VICKERY Shreveport JESSE PHIL VIDRINE Sulphur JESSICA MARIE VIDRINE Ville Platte CHARLOTTE CAMILLE VIENNE Alexandria CYNTHIA ANNE VICE Opelousas NINA MARGARET VIGER Lake Charles JAMES STEPHEN VINES Winnficld JIM NEEL VINSON Shreveport PAUL DEWAYNE VINSON Leesville DOROTHY E. VIOLA Natchitoches CHARLES POE VOSBURG New Roads LARRY WADE Shreveport MARY K. WAINDLE Woods, Mich. SIDNEY HIRAM WALTON Winnfield JOSEPHINE LENORE WALKER Montgomery RONALD DONOVAN WALKER Cotton Valley B. JENEAL WAGGONER Shreveport CHARLES A. WAGLEY Many COLE WAGLEY Many LINDA C. WAGLEY Glenmora 166 Freshmen MALCOLM K. WAGNER Pineville TERRY LYNN WAGONER Winnfield S. LYNETTE WAILES Natchitoches LARRY BRUCE WALDRON Alexandria WALKER STUART WALDRON Shreveport JOHNNY ROBERTSON WALL Bossier City RANDY WALL Panama Canal Zone ROBERT DAVID WALLACE DEBORAH JUNE WALTERS ALDEN PICKETT WALTHER, JR. DAVID WAYNE WATTS MARGIE EILEEN WATTS SHIRLEY ANN WATSON DALE EUGENE WARD DONNIE WAYNE WARD KAREN RENAE WARD JIMMY LOUIS WARDLE RICHARD N. WARE WILLIAM THEODORE WARD JOHNNY CADE WARREN STARLET RENE WARREN JOSEPH WASHINGTON BILLY WAYNE WEAVER CHARLES JAMES WEAVER LINDA GAYLE WEAVER STELLA LOUISE WEAVER ARTHUR GARY WEBB LYNDIA GAYLE WEBB CHARLES R. WEEKS BEVERLY K. WELCH REBA ROSE WELCH TERI WELCH LINDA DIANNE WELLS TOM HENDERSON WELLS BETTY BARBARA WEST JUDY V. WEST Jena Shreveport Shreveport Shreveport Baton Rouge Tioga Bossier City Vivian Alexandria DeRidder West Monroe Shreveport Natchitoches Natchitoches Alexandria Natchitoches Clearwater, Fla. Natchitoches Chestnut Many DeRidder Leesville Natchitoches Natchitoches Opelousas Mansfield Natchitoches Many DeRidder 33, 3 They ' re not really singing, it ' s just an excuse to get together and go ip m Memi r ■ hsm- u| ' .MBSHMF M. ( %$L 1 % Freshmen CAROL ALMA WERTZ New Orleans MATT WEST, JR. Villc Piatt DONNA LEE WESTENBARGER Bossier City WAYNE RAY WHALEY Springhill JAMES MICHAEL WHATLEY Sunset FLOYD EMERSON WHEAT Montgomery JO ANN WHEELER Marrero JUDY A. WHEELER Shreveport DANNY LEROY WHITAKER Dry Prong MARY LOUISE WHITAKER Natchitoches ARVILLE DON WHITE Goldonna H. LELAND WHITE Oil City KEVIN MICHAEL WHITE Cotton Valley LILLIE MAE WHITE Salim LOIS ELLA WHITE Natchitoches PEGGY JO WHITE Lecompte PEGGY LYNN WHITE Alexandria SYLVIA EVELYN WHITE Morgan City DON E. WHITEHEAD Tullos JOHN ROY WHITEHEAD Jena STEPHEN CRAIG WHITNEY Anacoco BRENDA WHITMORE Atlanta JAMES BEAUNON WHITTEN Shreveport GAYLA RAE WHITTINGTON Chicot BELINDA JOYCE WIGGINS Galliano JOHN MICHAEL WILBURN Cotton Valley ROBERT W. WILDER New Orleans CARY OTIS WILKERSON Natchitoches RUSSELL ASHTON WILKS Shreveport SHARON KAY WITTMANN Lake Charles CHARLES S. WIGGINS Shreveport WILLIAM JOSEPH WIGGINS Vidalia PAT WILEY Houma TRAVIS WILEY Effie ADRIAN DREW WILLIAMS Montgomery BETTY JO WILLIAMS Montgomery CARL M. WILLIAMS Alexandria CHARLES STANLEY WILLIAMS Coushatta DAWN ELIZABETH WILLIAMS New Orleans DOUG WILLIAMS Pineville GLORIA GAIL WILLIAMS Vinton LORETTA WILLIAMS Pineville MARIOLYN JEAN WILLIAMS Jonesboro MARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Bunkic MARY JEAN WILLIAMS Shreveport MARY JEAN WILLIAMS Shreveport MICHAEL EDWIN WILLIAMS Vidalia MILDRED ANN WILLIAMS Alexandria OLGA NELL WILLIAMS Shreveport RICKIE ALAN WILLIAMS Minden ROGER STACY WILLIAMS Natchitoches SAMUEL I. WILLIAMS Natchitoches VIOLA K. WILLIAMS Natchitoches WILLIAM TYNES WILLIAMS, JR. Jena CHARLES WAYNE WILLIAMSON Tallulah LILLIAN VEE WILLIAMSON Campti RITA WILLIAMSON Gretna C. C. WILLIS Pitkin CAROLINE JOE WILLIS Opelousas RICHARD N. WILLIS Shreveport CAROLYNN ELLENA WILSON Leesville JAMES TRAVIS WILSON Many JUDY C. WILSON Baton Rouge LUTHER WILSON Shreveport SARAH FRANCES WILSON Many TOMMY WILSON Quitman 168 Freshmen JIMMY CECIL WINDHAM Campti JUDY KAYE WINN Marthaville MILDRED JEAN WINN Sarepta VERA ELAINE WINDSOR Oakdale GARY CLEVE WOMACK Olla RUTH M. WOMMACK Natchitoches GLORIA JEAN WOOD Cotton Valley WING-YAN DAVID WOO Hong Kong GERALD L. WOODS Longstreet RONALD DALE WOODS Minden BRUCE WAYNE WOODALL Jamestown MELVIN HARVEY WOODALL Shreveport LAWRENCE RODNEY WOODRING New Iberia KARIN WORTHY Natchitoches MARGARET KATHLEEN WRIGHT Morrow MICHELE WRIGHT Baton Rouge BECKY ANN WYNNE Alexandria STEVE F. WYATT Shreveport RICHARD CHARLES YANCEY LINDA ANN YARBROUGH PAULA ANN YARBROUGH PATRICK LEON YORK HAROLD NOLAN YOUNG JAMES E. YOUNG, JR. DAVID LYNN YOUNGBLOOD ELEANOR MARIE YOUNGER PATRICIA ZIOLKOWSKI Baton Rouge Shreveport Shreveport Baton Rouge Denver, Colo. Benton Robelinc Baton Rouge Echo Who says nobody watches soap operas! i 7 o eadership and O 5 X V JLI tly d " all-important factor in a well-rounded education, is the clay that molds boys and girls into responsible men and women. The students represented in the following pages possess those qualities of leadership and sen ice that will enable them to achiri e success and achievement m any endeavor. I 7 I PHOTO CREDIT Color pictures in Personalities division by John C. Guillet, Photographer. Religious Organizations l 7} Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union is the Baptist Church minister- ing to the college community. The BSU at Northwestern came into being in 1927 and is sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention. In its membership are all the Baptist students on campus. It functions to remind each sutdent of his responsibility to Christ, his church, his denomination, and of his obligation as a Christian citizen to the world in which he lives. The Bap- tist Student Union strives to deepen the spiritual lives of its members by enlisting them in the activities of the local Baptist Churches. Wf ' BSU ' ers enjoy singing around the piano. The RSU games aim provides members znth a nay to work off excess energy. Director of the BSU center, Mi Myra Gulledge and her dug. Sin. I 7 4 vw Executive Council — First Row: Linda Lee, Ann Bolton. Pat Ramsey, Dick Martin, Wally Herbert, Nancy Cole. Gaylon Landry, Marsha Dufrene, Linda Martin. Second Row: Ginger Foshee, Brenda Singietary, Ann Hopson, Barbara Mclnnis, Elizabeth Duggan. Pain Hankins, Barbara Chance. Sylvia Thigpen. Third Row: Stephen Balio, John At wood, Mike Miller. Jerry Bigham. F.ddy Simmons, Bobby David. Freshman Council Fir t Row: Martha Faircloth, Phyllis Lee, Meda Brown. Linda Martin, Keitha Castillow, Sharman Meachum. Second Row: Benny Rushing. Carolyn Lee, Glenda Foshee, Judy Winn, Glenda Singietary. Saundra Chance, Rosalee La Font, Mary Williams. Doyle Wilbanks. Sophomm,- Council Fit I R Susan Stokeld, Ann Myers Lindi Fontenot, Nanc) Cole, Linda Boudreaux, Bonnie Hollis, Paula Chent. Second Row: Toni Galliano, Sharon Bethany, W Strickland, Sheila Johnson, ..til Haight. Third R Garj w Barry Barr. Stephen Rhodes, Jack Stegemann, David Sobers B ■! l - Lovitt, Bill Reyni Kl John Hebert. 75 First Row: Georgia Gracie. Sally Wells, Annette Walla.ce, Carol Sutherlin. Second Row: Richard Lee, Guinn Hodges, Robert Luck- ett, Chaplain. Officers — Annette Wallace, Vice-President ; Guinn Hodges. Presi- dent: Carol Sutherlin, Secretary-Treasurer. Canterbury House At the Episcopal Student Center, called " Canterbury House " Episcopal students, faculty, and interested friends meet for corporate worship, discussion, and recreation. The purpose of this fellowship is to explore the Christian faith, to recognise the existing relationship between theology and the world: God and His creation, and to encourage those persons in the academic community to live the life of harmony in rela- tionship to their Creator and to their fellow man. Carol Sutherlin, Annette Wallace, Richard Lee, Guinn Hodges pre- pare refreshments for a Canterbury fellowship. Catholic Students Sitting: Pamela Carmichael. Trish Mayeux, Janet Churchman, Father Jim Fahey, Mrs. Land. Dostor Land, Mrs. Bicnvenu. Standing: Janice Shivers, Joe Baldwin, Helen Tousex, David Cal- lahan, Bill Fowler. Dr. Bienvenu. Since February 11, 1968, the Catholic Student Center be- came officially Holy Cross Parish, an independent Catholic Parish. Membership in this Parish is open to Catholic stu- dents, faculty, and staff members and their families. Holy Cross is a community sharing the Catholic faith, a common commitment to the service of others and liturgical worships in the Sacraments. The Catholic Students are given the opportunity to par- ticipate in various activities; serving or reading at Mass, giving assistance to needy families, teaching religion classes, planning socials, publicity, secretarial and hostess work, and participat- ing in intramural sports. Classes in theology help deepen and broaden the student ' s understanding of his Christian faith and help fulfill the need to express it. First Row: Trish Mayeux, Janet Churchman, Carolyn Brown, Janice Shivers, Joe Baldwin, Mick McNicoll, Ronnie Ordonez (on floor), Pamela Carmichael, Steve Prime. Second Row: Glenn Bar- nett, David Callahan, Raymond Sisk, Danny Mason, Sitting: Helen Tousex, Bill Barnett, Bentley Rambin, Bill Fowler. l 77 Wesley Foundation As a part of the Church Universal at work, the Wesley Foundation serves the campus of N.S.C. Our purpose is to cultivate a growing Christian Faith in the lives of individuals who make up the college community. We feel that our Chris- tian Faith challenges us to worship, witness, study, and join in fellowship. The Wesley Foundation is sponsored by N.S.C. by the Methodist Board of National Mission and by the Methodist Churches of Louisiana. The council members guide the pro- gram of the organization. Activities are held at the Wesley Foundation Building under the supervision of an ordained Methodist minister, Mr. Bob Tatum. Staff and Council — First Row: Gracie Lacefield, Mike Corbell, Martha Lou Carrol], Judy Copp, Kathy Rose, Lanell Rohbinett. Second Row: Bill Treadway, Lionel Meyers, Terry Brown, Billie Adams, Jim Ouzts, Mike Stephenson. Wesley members Gary Tilley. Billie Adams, (iuy Zachary, Roger Whittington, Steve Baillio, and Kathy Rose enjoy informal conversation in the living room. I Barry Fisher and Ray Cornish try their skill at billiards in the Wesley games area. At Christmas time Mike Stephenson, Lionel Meyers, Lanell Robinett, and Mike Corbell get in the spirit by decorating the traditi Students enjoy their evenings in the Wesley Coffee House. Tom Rogers, Greg Yoes, and Bruce Yeatman lend a helping hand in the kitchen. Officers — Marcia Buss, Dorene Hawkes, and Greg Yoes. Westminster Fellowship Organized by the Presbyterian Church, U.S., the West- minster Fellowship is found on most of the college campuses in the South. It provides Presbyterians and their friends with opportunities and facilities for wholesome, cooperative Chris- tian experience. Through discussion, worship, and recreation the members are guided in religious, cultural, and social de- velopment. Thursday nights are set aside for our weekly fel- lowship and informal suppers. First Ron : Diane Dollar, Carolyn Brown, Barbara Mize, Barbara Ferguson, Marcia Buss, Glencla Keen. Second Row: Nancy Wise, Linchi Towry, Susan Cartwright, Dorene Hawkes, Connie Dixon, Mrs. J. S. Dollar — advisor, Al Lewis. Third Row: Bruce Yeatman, Greg Yoes, Barry Fisher, Jody Parker, Ronnie Guins, Larry Crader, Tom Rogers, Rev. Pete Apple — minister. 180 r r V .; Student Government 181 Freshman Associates — Bottom to Top: Brenda Stanley, Marsha Bella, Jane Ann McFarland, Nelda Durbin, Susan Nickerson, Pat Sellers, Raymond Hammond, Garland Riddle, Spanky Baker. SGA Enter tainment Committee — Seated: Daphana Smith, Sandra Liberto, Trudy Bates, Linda Bacon. Standing: Lynn Hargraves, Bill Fowler, Garland Riddle, Larry McCollum, Jamie Fair. Student Government Association The Student Government Association is the only campus organization which embraces the whole realm of campus life, including the individual student, his organizations, and his day to day life. Student Government is basic to the welfare of the student. The SGA, as the basic organization, is invested with the responsibility of speaking for the entire student body, it super- vises and coordinates student activities, and it seeks to provide the proper collegiate academic and social medium. Most im- portantly, it serves as a link between the student and the ad- ministration. We have made sincere efforts to accomplish these ends during the past year. In doing so, we hope we have helped both the student and our college. Dean Fulton confers with Student Body President, Dennis Newberry. 181 SGA Executive Council: Scotty Maxwell, Treasurer; Jan Warren, Secretary; Dennis Newbury, President; Bill Fowler, Vice-President; Louise Riehl, Vice-President of Women; Henry Burns, Vice-Presi- dent of Men. Voting Members — Seated Around Table: Dewayne Wicks. Jeane- anne Kirk, Trudy Bates, Bruce Kevil, Fran Arnona, Tonnie Brown. Macon Gean, Marcie Fowler, Jocelyn Cooper, George Gray, Gaylon Landry. Janis Lowe. Standing: David Butler. Charles Skinner, Tony Rispoli. Bobbv Tounsend. Larrv McCollum, John Ramsey, Wanda Willis. .8:, First Row: Peggy Daigil, Pattye Robinson, Xancy Wise, Peggy McDaniel, " Kay Manning, Sharon Parker, Barbara Fowler. Second Row: Suzette Harrell. Barbara Spruill, Ginger Foshee, Jo Ann Lewis, Pat Fargo, Mary Burgess, Kristy Gauthier, Deede Mule. Third Row: Susan Le- Boeuf, Phyllis Cirou, Rene Gibson, Marjie Padula, Regeana Guidry, Sherlyn Seilhan, Ann Gifieo, Nancy Martin, Mary Jane Peacher, Susan Stokeld. Fourth Roic: Nancy Lyons, Nanette Roser, Mary Sue Greer, Rita Williamson, Norma Oliver, Sheryl Martinex, Sharon Traylor, Sherry Strickland. Chris Reed, Edie Smith, Karen Fitts, Alice Gaubert. Fifth Roiv: Thea Rosamano, Gene Karnes, Carol Wertz, Emilie Oates, Alix Harris, Donna Westenbarger, Suzanne Kinnebrew, Connie Poya, Judy Ebarb, Margie Hoelz, Meda Brown, Cynthia Thomas. Sixth Row: Suzanne Flash, Sherry Shaub, Janie Lowe, Jennifer Garrett, Cathy Davis, Sandy Hoffman, Faye Davis, Connie Dixon, Delores Sparks, Norma Broussard, Kathleen Callahan, Charlene Wheeler, Elouise Arnold, Anne Matthews. Associated Women Students The Associated Women Students is composed of all women students on campus and is a member of the Intettollegiate Association of Women Students. Elected representatives from each residence hall serve on the A.W.S. Council through which the women have a voice in their government. Through its activities the A.W.S. aims to create an attitude of intel- lectual, social, and spiritual growth among women students. To develop a sense of self-responsibility, to instill a spirit of cooperation and friendship, and to uphold high social and academic standards among the women of the college is a true aim of A.W.S. Mrs. Lucile Hendrick, sponsor. Officers—Seated: Mary Bernard, Recording Secretary; Jan Warren, I. A.W.S. Representative; Diane Dickerson, Publicity Chairman; Daphana Smith, President: Sydney Storey, Vice-President; Frances Toler, Corresponding Secretary. Standing: Nancy Whitehurst, So- cial Chairman; Paula Wright, Treasurer. Associated Men Students The Associated Men Students, in its tenth year as an or- ganization at N.S.C., has been as an effective part of the college. Its membership is composed of men students who live in the residents halls on the campus. Each year its members must maintain a " C " average. The main objectives of the Associated Men Students are as follows: to promote, in co- operation with the college administration, the general welfare of men living in residence halls of the college campus. Officers — James Jeansonne, Secretary. Gains " Skippy " Newton, Vice-President ; Mr. Starns, Advisor; Henry Burns, President: Gar- land Riddle. Freshman Class Vice-President; Tony Ward, Treas- urer. First Row: Larry P. Dunehoo, Billy Jowers, David Morris, Eddie Harmon. Second Row: Gary Digilormo, Steven Waller, Ronald Busby, Skipper Newton. Third Ro:v: Henry Burns, David Monk, Terry Brown. Fourth Row: Garland Riddle, Jack Montgomery, Dan Denson. Fifth Row: Johnny Hebert. James Jeansonne, James Rambin, Ronnie Walker, Sixth Ron: Garland Hutson, Ray Michel, Tommy Meachum, Tony Ward. Seventh Row: Mike Crain, David Hippler. Robert Lindsey, Mike Kacho. Eighth Row: Dewayne Holmes, Carl Morrow, Harry Haywood, Mark Pollard. Ninth R Raymond Hammond. Steven Prime. Guy Zackary. m m x t ft. " A R r Members of the Judiciary Board include — Edith DeWitt, Sophomore Member: Frances Toler, Corresponding Secretary: Judiciary Board The duty of the Judiciary Board of The Associated Women Students is to see that all regulations pertaining to women students are functioning effectively. The Board serves as a " hearing " group for any woman student who violates an im- portant rule or regulation and assists the individual concerned in making satisfactory adjustments. First Row: Wanda Stewart. Kathy Strickland, Lois Kavanau h. Trudy Bates. Joyce Arnold. Second Row: Betty Robbins, Barbara Tauzin. Mareia Fowler, Diane Dollar. Third Row: Sue Gison, Connie Pine. Rita Polk, Margaret Rose Prudhomme, Mary Mc- Corkle, Darlene Rand Fourth Row: Jill Foshee. Linda Fell. Jean- Sydney Storey, President: Gloria Weaver, Senior Member: Pamela Hankins, Junior Member. Town Associated Women Students The main purpose of the Town Associated Women Stu- dents is to keep women students living off -campus informed concerning activities on campus. The TAWS officers are also on the A.W.S. Council. ette Arender, Jill Luttrell, Carolyn Towry. Fifth Row: Judy Bruce, Betty Berryman, Demary Coleman, Anita L. Barron, Bonnie Rikard. Carol Hicks. Sixth Row: Gay Inzer, Linda Nalley, Anita Pierce, Barbara Guy. Panhellenie Council To promote scholarship, high character, a better under- standing of the Greek World, and harmony among the Greek organizations — these are the purposes of the Northwestern State College Panhellenie Council. The Panhellenie Council, a member of the National Pan- hellenie Conference, services as the governing body of the five NSC sororities on campus. It sponsors campus projects which include a convocation for Freshman girls and an all- Greek Christmas Carol Sing. Scholarship among the women students at NSC is encouraged by the Council with the pres- entation of a Freshman Scholarship Award each year. Lucille Hendricks. Spons Seated: Ann Hargis, A— A; Linda Hollingsworth, — K; Janice I. owe. ---: Micky McWilliams, Phi Mu; Colleen Irwin, Phi Mu Stand- ing; Jane Roberts, AZ; Ann Gray, A— A; Janet Churchman, — K Mamie Padula, --- ' 8 7 I M First Row: Freddi Litton. Will Marston, Joe Germany, Bill Swartz. Serond Ro: : Bill Roe, Al Lewis, Thomas Furgerson, Bill Baldwin, Lester Dalme. Third Row: Dick Howell, Paul Jonson, Ken Barry, Lyn Judan. Fourth Row: James Boswell, Charles Ballio, Scottie Maxwell, Bill Austin. n r% Officers — Joe Germany. Freddi Litton. Bill Swartz, Bill Rowe, James Boswell, Will Marston. Tommy Furgerson. Junior IFC — 2TT: Bob Murphy, George Gray; K2: Randal Hynson, Pete Broussard, John San- ders; KA: Jimmy Williams, Mike Gaddis; IIK0: Sam Parry. Dick Howell. Dwight Boudreaux: TKE; Randy Jackson, Charles Ballio. Interfraternity Council Interfraternity Council was organized to fullfill four ob- jectives; to promote harmony and a cooperative relationship among the five social fraternities of the campus, to foster and maintain a high respect for fraternity and interfraternity re- lationships within our college, to maintain high scholastic moral, social and personal standards, and to compile and en- force rules for the improving of the fraternity system on campus. By pursuing these goals the campus social fraternity members more fully realize the true meaning of Greek Life and by working together achieve a more positive and unified existance. Student Governing Board The SGA Governing Board is the policy making and legis- lative body of the Student Union organization and is com- posed of the Director, the Program Director, eight student officers and representatives, two faculty-staff members, and two alumni members. The six program committees plan and execute the over-all social — cultural — recreational programs. These committees offer the student an excellent opportunity to develop his leadership abilities and to study the techniques of effective group work, as well as provide a service to the student body. Student Governing Board: John Barr. Marsha Phillips. Stephen Prime. Teddy Baxter, Lynn Hargrave, Dr. Ralph White, Janis Lowe, Bill Fowler. Student Governing Committee — Seated on Left: Peggy Grigg, Sandie Fant. James Michael Tingle, Dolly Stovall. Seated on Right: Karen Karisny, Shcrrie Brown, Bonnie Toussant, Judy Malone. Seated Across Back: David Jearc. Janis Lowe, Margie Ht lpz, Betty Cook, Nnacy Martin, Marsha Phillips, Janice Rachal. First Ron Standing: Mike Churchman, Dan Walsh, John Barr, Henry Ladley. Steve Prime, Patrick Osborne, Mike Howell, Joe Bevacqua. Back Row: David Sanders. Gary Digi- lormo. Joe Gardsbane. Teddy Baxter, Stephen Baillio, Bill Fowler, Tony Rispuli, Raymond Boswell. m c 3 --•■»■♦:, ■»1 ,S t $ w First Row: John Urankar, Cindy Grant, Carolyn McCormack, Danny Walker. Larry Crater. Second Row: Dr. Charles Bissel, sponsor: Fred Phillips, Kenneth Cochran, Malcolm Hernandez, Ray Smith. Neal Pra- ther. Third Row: Ronnie Wood, Jimmy Barnhill, Kim Smith. Mike Stevenson. Bar- ry Barr. Chemistry Club The Chemistry Club of NSC has as its purpose the develop- ment of interest in chemistry. Affiliated with the National Ameri- can Chemical Society, this is the club ' s first full year on campus. The main goal of the club is to visit surrounding high schools and solicit new members in the field of Chemistry. It also strives to broaden the interest and knowledge of Chemistry majors. First Row: Raymond Boswell, Vice-President; Lynn Hargrave, Presi- dent; Mamie Trunzler, Secretary-Treasurer; Jean Lee. Second Row: Pete Galloway, Gary Piper, Bruce Stracener, Dan Walsh, John Groves, Dr. Jack Daniels-faculty advisor, Charles Monk. Student Personnel Association Promoting faculty — student — admin- istration relations is the primary pur- pose of the NSC Student Personnel As- sociation. This group works to further the knowledge of the membership in the areas pertaining to college person- nel work and studies through a pro- gram of guest speakers, lecturers, and seminars. One of this group ' s most im- portant objectives is to publicize the Student Personnel Program at NSC to other colleges and universities in the state of Louisiana. 190 f Honorary, Academic, and Professional IQI Purple Jackets Clad in their purple and white, the Purple Jackets are con- tinuously seen on campus. This group has become the tradi- tional hostesses at all college events, serving at such activities as registration, entertainment programs, and graduation exer- cises. Membership is based on scholarship, character and per- sonality, spirit of cooperation, and unselfishness in serving the college. The honor of becoming a member is one of the greatest accorded to a woman student at NSC. First Row: Barbara Tauzin. Dorothy Stone, Linda Bacon, Sylvia Crump. Jan Warren, Loretta Lachle. Second Row: Sharon Wilson, Sherry- Terry, Sydney Storey, Ann David, Wada Willis. Third Row: Annette Wallace, Louise Riehl, Mickie Townsend, Daphne Mrs. Anita Pierce, Sponsor. Smith, Jill Foshee. Nancy Cole, Sylvia Thigpen. Fourth Row: Pat Ramsey, Lela Mae Lea, Nancy Whitehurst, Dewanna Stratton, Pam Hankins, Barbara Hyde, Peggy Green. iqi Dottie Stone and Jill Foshee serve as host- esses at one of NSC ' s many activities. Officers — Kneeling: Nancy Cole, Vice-President; Linda Bacon. President. Standing Sylvia Thigpen, Treasurer; Sylvia Crump, Secretary. ■ ml m m 1 ' J HA ' g ■ r 1 Purple Jacket, Cheryl Terry collects Stu- dent Entertainment tickets. Pat (hob and Blue Key Mike Millet collect ticket for another of NSC ' s man) enter- tainment programs. [ 93 Seated: Wayne Horn, Tom Champlin, Bill Fowler, Robin Sills, Ron Mayeux, Mike Miller, Wayne Meachum, Don Mayeaux. Standing: Jim Hill. Wilbert Trisler, Larry McGollum, Malrolin Henardy, Neal Prather, Tandy McElwee, Scotty Maxwell. Don Turnbow, Roy Corley, John Landry. Blue Key The eighteen student members of Blue Key arrive on campus each year, almost before anyone else, to begin their work. Working at the semester registrations, serving as ushers at various campus programs, decorating for Homecoming and Mom and Dads Day, and conducting the annual summer Cheerleaders Clinic are the major functions of the group. Membership in the group requires an over-all 2.5 average, mem- bership and officership in at least two campus organizations, and a final majority vote of the chapter. To be a member of BLUE KEY is indeed an honor and one recognized among the students on campus. C r Seated: Robert Mock. Dean Nichols, Johnny Ramsey. Standing: Charles Skinner, Charles Charriere, Henry Burns. Danny Bob Turner. Rogei Hammonds. 194 Seated: Sam Parry. Donnie Beauvais, Buz Allen. Larry Kecs. David Precht, Dwight Boudreaux. Standing, First Row: Charles Kniceley. Diek Averett, Alvin Savoi, Terry Alario. Paula Wright, Bob Wilson. Sharon Parker, Joe Germany, Wayne Branton, Ronnie Brown, Walter Pileher. Scotty Maxwell, Gayland Landry, Lynn Har- grave. Second Rjow: David Butler. Freddi Litton. Tommy Furger- Tliis was the second year for CIRCLE K on the North- western campus. The organization is a service group which functions at all college activities. The future of the American way of life w-ill someday be in the hands of the men who are on our college campuses today. Circle K offers Kiwanis the opportunity to take an active part in securing the continuance of our heritage and in providing the leadership for the pres- ervation of the free world. Officers — Wayne Brantou. Terry Alari Savoi. Lynn Hargrove, Bob WiLon. Ronnie Brown, Alvin Circle K Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma is a national Honorary society for freshmen men, which directs all its efforts toward increasing freshmen efficiency and im- proving scholarship. The organization was founded in 1923 at the University of Illinois, and the Northwestern chapter, the 118th, was established on May 18, 1963. Membership is granted to all freshmen men who earn a 3.5 grade average during their first semester or year at college. Seated: Eric Bicnvcnu. Robert Nida. Standing: Wayne Horn, Floyd Slidge. Officers — George Eaton, President; Joyce Wade, Vice-President ; Pat Herrington, Instructor; Victoria Caponi, Secretary; Norman Brown, Treasurer. Karate Club Established at Northwestern for the first time this year, the NSC Karate Club is a member of the Japanese Karate Association — an international club. It is also affiliated with the Shreve- port Karate Club. Pat Herrington, in- structor of the club, is a former Lieu- tenant Colonel in the Marines and is now a Captain in the reserves. Mr. Her- rington also holds the black belt. [C 6 First Row: Linda Bretthauer, Sue Naylor, Sydney Storey, Jeanette Peterson, Louise Riehl, Beverly Clark, Jill Foshee. Second Ron: Mrv. Xclda Liles, Emily Whitehead. Loretta Laehle, Patsy Ogden, Ann Bolton, Marsha Dufrene, Ann Colvin, Dr. Thomas Clinton. Sponsor. Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in education, was organ- ized for the purpose of encouraging high professional, intel- lectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. Those people who exhibit com- mendable personal qualities, worthy educational ideals, and sound scholarships are invited to membership. Kappa Delta Pi endeavors to maintain a high degree of professional fel- lowship among its members and to quicken professional growth by honoring achievement in educational work. Gamma Phi chapter began on the NSC campus in 1934 and annually pre- sents programs in which guest speakers from the various de- partments on campus are called in to speak on projects in which they are involved. Emily Whitehead, Beverly Claik, Louise Riehl. Jill Foshee. and Jeanette Peterson enjoy refreshment! after one of their Kappa Delta Pi meetings. Executive Committee — Dr. Thomas Clinton, Sponsor; Jeane Peterson. Emily Whitehead. Beverly Clark. Kappa Delta Pi Officer — First Row: Sue Naylor, Secretary; Linda Bretthauer, Treasurer; Sylvia Crump, Vice-President. Second Row: Milton Finley, Reporter; Diane Nickerscn, President; Frances Toler, Secre- tary. The Nu Iota chapter of SIGMA TAU DELTA was estab- lished at NSC, April 11, 1964, with eighteen charter members. Sigma Tau Delta is a national professional English fraternity with membership open to students majoring or minoring in English. These students must have attained the level of sec- ond-semester sophomore with an over-all B average and a B in all English courses pursued. The purpose of this organiza- tion is to promote the mastery of written expression, encourage worthwhile reading, and foster a spirit of fellowship among men and women specializing in English. Prospects for membership in Sigma Tau Delta attend the annual introduction meeting. Jim O ' Quinn, Guinn Hodge . and Diane Nickerson enjoy social- izing during ine of Sigma Tau Delta ' s receptions. Sigma Tau Delta Phi Kappa Phi The honor society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded in 1897 and the Northwestern Chapter was established in July, 1953. The purpose of the society is the recognition and encourage- ment of superior scholarship in all fields of study. Member- ship in the society is open to all second-semester juniors, sen- iors, graduate students, alumni, and faculty who have shown distinction in their fields of study. Seated: Karen Cuney, Nancy Cole, Peggy Green, Sue Michael, Ann Hopson, John Ramsey. Standing: Peggy Churchman, Rita Kemp, Wanda Willis, Lynda Johnson, Dale Behan, John Landrem, Wayne Horn, Robert Nida. [Q 9 Alpha Lambda Delta Nu Sigma Chi is the N.S.C. Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, a national honorary sorority for freshman women. The purpose of Alpha Lambda Delta is to promote intelligent liv- ing, a high standard of learning, and superior scholastic attain- ment among the Freshman women at Northwestern. Student membership is restricted to sophomore women who have earned at least a 3.5 scholastic average during their freshman year. After their sophomore year, the members become collegiate alumnae. Each year Nu Sigma Chi Chapter offers tutoring services to the freshman women, presents a skit in all the freshman women ' s dormitories, and co-sponsors the Academic Honors Banquet. Lucile M. Hendrick, Dean of Women; Mary McEniry, Sponsor. First Row: Edith DeWitt, Rose Hubley, Margie Pa- dula. Donna Lindsey, Sharon Wilson. Second Row: Betty Hood. Martha Berry, Kathy Bergeron, Dee Dec Townsend, Cynthia Faye Bilbray. Third Row: Catherine Pelt, Sue BoBo, Paula Wright, Linda Davidson, Carolyn McCormack, Carolyn McCory, Catherine Edleman. Hilda Butler, Johnette Johnston. FirU Row: Linda Fell, Deborah O ' Bryan, Angileen Fletcher. Sec- ond Row: Mrs. Addie Baxter, Connie Pine, Carolyn Dees, Becky Smith. Third Row: Kay Hender- son, Mrs. Avis Ivery. Mrs. Arnold Kilpatrick, Mrs. Jerry Pierce. TOO tl Members— Johnelt Johnston, Sally Phillips, Shirley Weaver, Kathy Rose, Georgia Kinnison, Marilyn Morcau, Emily Whitehead, Nettie Chenevert, Jeanette Pons, Ann Hopson, Lorrie Miller. Officers- First Row: Janine Johnson, Lora Morgan, Chaplain; Mary Sutton, Vice-President; Susan Michael. President. Second Row: Janet Moon, Treasurer; Karen Cuny, Corresponding Secre- tary; Sherry Barrett, Recording Secretary; Deborah McCullin, Sergeant at Arms; Ann Myers, Historian. Sigma Alpha Iota, an international professional music fra- ternity for women, was founded in 1903, at Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Beta Iota chapter at NSC is celebrating its seventeenth anniversary. Fraternity purposes include upholding the highest ideals of a musical education, raising the stand- ards of productive musical work, developing American music and promoting a stronger understanding of music between foreign countries and America. Membership is open to music majors who have faculty recommendation and show excellence in scholarship and musical ability. Chapter activities include monthly musicals, receptions for music students and faculty, and performers, and an All-American Music Concert given jointly with Phi Mu Alpha. SAI members enjoy music in then get-togethei Sigma Alpha Iota First Row: Diane Gunter, Joyce Wade, Victoria Caponi. Second Row: Sue Naylor, Linda Bretthauer, Madeline Lieber. Third Row: Mae Couvillion. Sandra Shaddock, Jessica McConnell, Bev- erly Tozier. Fourth Row: Ray Jackson, Margaret Jobe, Patricia Anderson, Martha Hagewood. Alpha Beta Alpha, the only national coeducational under- graduate Library Science fraternity in the United States, has enjoyed a variety of activities and programs this year, includ- ing book reviews, a discussion on the newly adopted program in library education, a talk on special libraries, a field trip, parties, and a banquet. One of the highlights of this year ' s program was a field trip to Shreveport, Louisiana where ABA members visited the libraries of Captain Shreve High School, Shreve Island Elementary School, Centenary College, Veter- ans ' Administration Hospital, and Barksdale Air Force Base. Mrs. Dorothy Hanks, sponsor, instructs two library science stu- dents in the art of finding information Officers — First Row: Martha Hagewood, Vice-President ; Patricia Anderson, President: Sue Naylor, Recording Secretary. Second Row: Linda Bretthauer, Corresponding Secretary: Nancy Martin, Historian: Sherilyn Gray, Treasurer: Victoria Caponi, Parliamen- tarian. Alpha Beta Alpha ioa Beta Beta Beta First Row: Dale Brouillctte, Tandy McElwee. Second v ' " .- : Tom Hardoway, Hellen Sullivan, Mike Churchman. Third Row: John Elba, Dick Pistorius, Pam Mowly. Fourth Row: Jane Churchman, Carol Scarpinatto, Betty Williams. First Row: Carolyn Napier, Marshall Boudreaux, Shirley Evans. Second Row: Gene Hinton, Dwayne Dixon, Ann Matthews. Third Row: Mike Millet, Ginger Kelly, Jane Hill. Fourth Row: Dr. First Row: Wancn Lambert, Hellen Tousek, Wayne Horn Se ond Row: Wanda Aliver, R :i Hammons Sandra Libcrto Third Row: Donna Rhea. Ellen Uli. Lain Crader. Fourth Row: Ann Hair. Clydeann i Cobb, Rene Gibson. Beta Beta Beta is an Affiliated society- of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. It seeks to en- courage scholarship in the field of biological science by reserv- ing its membership for those who achieve superior academic records and who indicate special aptitude for the subject of Biology. Therefore, it emphasizes stimulation of sound schol- arship, dissemination of scientific knowledge, and promotion of biological research. Tri Beta began at Northwestern as a local organization, Beta Phi Alpha; it became Delta Theta Chapter in 1949. Buckley, Eileen Hawkins. Carolyn Roburheaux Pamela Dunn. Mike McDaniel °3 Student Louisi ana Teachers Association The Student Louisiana Teachers Association of Northwest- ern is an organization for the purpose of teacher orientation through a democratic system of self-improvement. Through S.L.T.A. future teachers practice the art of following the leading under the supervision of their own governing mem- bers. S.L.T.A. serves as a body for learning through the process of association with interesting peers and builds pre- ceptive teacher-citizens. MEMBERS Judy Agicllard, Beverly Anders, Linda Anderson, Macel C. An- derson, Janys Arduengo, Charles W. Arnold, Carolyn Atkins, Mike Barr, Cheryl Barrett. Betty Bazer, Augustus T. Bazin. Carolyn Beckett, Carolyn Ann Bennett, Janice Bennett, Rose Mary Berlin, Faye Bilbray. Mary Bernard, Margaret J. Blandin. Elizabeth A. Bolton, Sue Bobo, June Booker, Sandra Brandy. Cat la Breaux, Charlyn Broussard, Charles Brotissard, Judy Brown, Terry Brown, Meda Rhea Brown, Elsie Bryant, William Bryant, Evelyn Buillory. Henry Lee Burns, Danny Butler, Hilda Ann Butler, Rosemarie Byrd, Sue Cambre, Pamela Carmichael, Mar- garet Carroll, Linda Carson, Suzanne Chabreck, Brenda Sue Chandler, Pamela Chandler, Tommie Chartier, Brenda Chene- vert, Beverly N. Clark. Vicki Chiasson, Frieda Cogburn, Roy Cogburn, Linda Coker, Naomi Cole, Patsy Cole, Lydia Belle Colston, Patricia Comick, Mrs. Mac Couvihhion, Mrs. Nina Coxe, Billy E. Crawford, Charles R. Crowe, Pat Carnell, Suzanne DeWitt, Catherine Dill, Maxine Doucet, Shirley Downs, Terry Ryan Driggers, Liz Duccan, Sandra Duett, Marsha Dufrene. Elizabeth Duggan, Sally Anne Dupree, Patsy Dupree, Diana Durbin, Doris Eaton, Egorge Eaton, Judy Ebarb, Nena M. Ed- wards, Stephni Farabee, Sandra Fairchid, Karen L. Fitts, Suzanne Flash, Michael Ray -Fonger, Patricia Fontenot, Susan Fulton, Elaine Furr, Charleen Gallo. Jimmy Garlington, Beth Garrett, Margarettc George. Arm Gilcrease, Patricia Golden, Margaret Greene, Elaine Graves, James Groves, Aline Guidry, Regina Guidroz, Ralph Haire. Elaine Harper, Wilma Hathorn, Laura Dorene Hawkcs, Pamela Kay Hankins, Linda Harris, Nancy Hash, Shicla Haskins, Sheryl Hayes. Beverly Haynes, James Hill. Rcnre Hilton, Bessie Hines, Charlotte Hodge, Betty Jane Holland, Donnie R. Holland. Linda Gail Hollingsworth, Bonnie Hollis, Linda Holmes, Betty Hood, Connie Hopkins. Marilyn Ann Hough, Esther House, Larry Howard, Jerry Hughes, Elaine Hudson. Nena Hyde, Katie Inzcrilla. Colleen Irwin, Avis Ivey, Dianne Johnson, Margaret Jobc. Janet Jones, Jennifer Jones, Merry Josserand, Mrs. Pam Dalme, Rosalie LaFont, Barbara Landrum, Lela Mae Lea, Linda Lee, Phyllis Ann Lee, Dianna Lehr, Mar- garet Lejeune, Brenda Lewis, David L. Lewis, Madeline Liebcr, Needs Liles, Robert Stewar- Lipson, Donna Long. Doris Low, Linda McBride, Wayne McCann. Margaret McKay. Allyson Mc- Laurin, Brenda Malonc, Lynn Marehcsi, Phyllis Martinez, Eliz- abeth Mares Donna Martin, Brenda Jones, Sharman Meacham, Francis Melder, Sidney Messina, Paula Mctton, Bonnie Metzgcr, Raymond Michiels, Katie Middleton, Sharon Mock, Jane Mon- crief, Robert Moore, Bethanc Lay Morgan, Deanne Morris, Claudia Neal, Cathy Nelson, Judith Neubill, Emilie Oates, Don O ' Bier. Patsy Ogden, Deborah Anne Oliver, Margaret Owen, Michael Panic, Cathie Pelt, Linda Perkins, Sue Peterson, Ronnie Phillips, Kathryn Posey, Connie Poya, Stephen Prime, Mary Provenza, Margaret Purcell, Glen Ramsey, Sharon Reese, Rebecca Riseden, Vernon Ritchie, Susan Rigg, Evelyn Roark. Merilyn J. Roark, Raymond Rodgers, Thea Anna Rosamano, Vicki Rowell, Sharon Ruesch, Doris Russeum, Patricia Russell, Donna Savell, Dorothea Sheppard, Deborah Sears, Richard Simmons, Cheryl Ann Singletary, Terence Ann Slavich, Loyd Sledge, Carolyn Smith, Nancy Smith, Helen Sullivan, Janice Ricks, Patricia Sullivan, Jill Swisher, Barbara Tauzin, Susan Terral, Cynthia Thomas, Diane Taravella. Vicki Tcdd, Kathryn Toups, Danny Bob Turner. Martha Vallee, Sara VanArsdel, Annette Wallace, Judy Walker, James Wallace, Ken Westmoreland, Charlene Wheeler, Judith Willis, Charoigan Wilson, Judy Winn, Greg Wo- mack, Elizabeth Woodward, Michele Wright. George Younger, Charlene Zamarro, Paula Wright. Officers — Seated: Kit Carson, Historian; Pam Hawkins, Secre- tary: Cathie Pelt. Treasurer. Standing: Terry Brown, Publicity Chairman; William Bryant, President. Officers — First Row: Dan Dcnson, President. Second Row: Leslie Horst, Guide; Jim Prados, Sergeant-at-Arms. Third Row: Don Guidry, Vice-President; Pat LaBlaiu. Historian. Fourth Row: John Rambin, Treasurer. Phi Epsilon Kappa Phi Epsilon Kappa is the only national professional frater- nity for male students and teachers of health, physical educa- tion, and recreation. This fraternity was founded at the Nor- mal College of the American Gymnastics Union of Indian- apolis, Indiana, in 1913. With the installation of Beta chapter at the American College of Physical Education in Chicago, Illinois, Phi Epsilon Kappa took its first step toward becoming a national fraternity. Alpha Phi chapter was installed at Northwestern on April 28, 1951. One of the primary objectives of the fraternity is to elevate the standards, ideals, and ethics of those engaged in teaching in the fields of health, physical education, and recreation. First Row: Larrj Howard, Winston Guil- lory. Howard Lee, II " iiis !i Home, John Porche, William Shackleford. Second ' Carol Floyd, Richard Martin. James Pra- dos. Robert Hermann, John Rambin, Dan Denson. Third Ron B • « Foster, Jim Miller. Steve Haynie. Don Guidry, T m Morales. Whiles Horst. David Centanni. First Row: Jerry Mott, Melvin Burlet, Pall Prince, Kevin Crowe. (Ins Ba in. Buddy Going, Bobby Causey. Second Row: Kenny Cochran, David Smith, David Aymond. Danny Turner, Bill Coorpender Skeeter Henry. Third Row: Gary Silvey, Doug Tarver. Wayne Allison. Wayne Lebieu, Glen Borde- lon, Sammy Clifton, J. V. Williams, Robert Cannon. Joe St. Andre. X05 First Row: Lela Mae Lea, Susan Hoyt. Vickie Williams, Anna Gallion. Second Row: Judy Veuleman, Sharon Mock, Carolyn Peyton, Jan Warren. Margaret Killen, Sponsor. Third Row: Virginia Procell. Margaret Purcell, Cindy Thomas, Judy Eggle- ston, Pamela Hankins, Pat Bales. Fourth Row: Shirley W. Rob- bins. Sponsor. Sharon Bartlett, Judy Walker, James Groves. Officers — First Row: Pat Bal " s. Vice-President; Cindy Thomas, Vice-President: Sharon Mock. Treasurer: Jan Warren. Chaplain. Second Row: Lela Mac Lea. President: Pain Hankins. Secretary; Judy Walker. Vice-President; Sharon Bartlett. Social Chairman. Pi Omega Pi xo6 Pi Omega Pi, National Honorary Business Fraternity, has as its purpose to establish and maintain ideals of scholarship and the furthering of service and high ethical standards in business and professional life. The local NSC chapter, Alpha Nu, has been active on campus since 1938 and has aided those preparing to enter the business world through constructive social and educational activities. Pi Omega Pi members Pam Hankins, Judy Walker, and Susan Hovt help with the preparations for the annual Christmas party. Physical Education Majors Club wm Faculty — Miss Donna Shannon, Miss Laura Sizenbach, Mrs. Jan WVndt. Miss Joyce Hillard, Dr. Violet Davion, Mrs. Ila Kay Gillespie, Mrs. Luella Lewis, Mrs. Joyce Towns, Mrs. Joan Cronan, Dr. Colleen Nelken. First Row: Marcia Elkins, Diane Morris, Nina Viger, Yvonne Aucoin. Peggy White, Aline Guidry, Cynthia Vigi. June Landry, Pudge Doucet, Pat Tauzin, Jackie Smith, Nancy Wise, Anita Choate, Susan Guidry, Judy Parks. Second Row: Diane Olivee. Charleen Gallo, Nancy Bonnette, Naomi Monk, Nancy Irby, Lariaine Perkins, Trucy Chaney, Nclda Durbin, Peggy Church- man, Barbara Dean, Carolyn Comer, Carol Adkins, Julia Parker, Mitze Singer, Johnnye Keglon, Lillian Green, Sheryl Resweber. Officers: Nancy Wise, Reporter; Fern Martin. Vice President Susan Day, President; Donna Crawford Freshman Representa- tive; Melanie Blaylock, Treasurer; Christine Buck. Secretary; Moxine Doucet, Senior Representative; Lynn Mandina, Sopho- more Representative. All women Health and Physical Education majors and all interested minors are eligible for membership in the Physical Education Majors Club. Honorary members become such through worthy contributions to the department and by the vote of the club. Purposes of the club include development of a closer relationship among the members, the creation of more interest in Health and Physical Education, provision for fun and companionship, and the furtherance of professional in- terest. This organization is governed by an Executive Council which consists of the officers, the class representatives, and the sponsor. The representative group is composed of one member from each class voted into this position by the class memberships. Tookie Bruclhaus, Lynn Mandina. Third Row: Paula Melton, Sandra Johnson, Marsha Hathorn, Kathy Lawrence, Paula Mann- zen. Connie Dawson, Dianna Thomas. Esther House, Laura Mc- Cain, Linda Robinchaux, Donna Crawford. Phyllis Love. Joyce Thompson, Christine Buck, Ronaleen West, Pamela Carmichacl. Fern Martin. Susan Day, Melanie Blaylock. Linda Rasbury, Pain Layman. t ■ rfllfll ffliV r Sf Euthenics Club Executive Committee — First Row: Kathy Van Gatlin. Sharon Shaffer. Janice Shivers. Second Row: Annette Jordan, Sponsor; Jennifer Jones. Sandra Almon. Members of the Euthenics Club entertain at their annual Christ- mas party. The Northwestern State College Euthenics Club, an affilia- tion with the Louisiana Home Ecoonmics Association and the American Home Economics Association, was organized in 1926. Since then it has become one of the outstanding de- partmental clubs at N.S.C The purposes of the Euthenics Club are to promote professional spirit and co-operation, to foster sociability, to promote scholarship, and to develop lead- ership. The motto is: " We believe in minds that think, hearts that love, and hands that work. " Euthenics implies better living. First Row: Janice Shivers, Sandra Almon, Kathy Van Gatlin, Brenda Stanly. Emma Jean Harvey, Sharon Shaffer. Second Row: Shirley Hynes, Allie Jean Reed, Connie Phillips, Judy Ebarb, Jen- nifer Jones, Sharon Reynolds. Third Row: Joy Beth Williams, Daisy Davis, Judy Winn, Hallie Miller, Charlotte Gremillion, Joy Neck, Kaye Rushing, Linda Johnson, Wanda Stewart, Joyce Moore, Annette Jordan, Sponsor. ao8 First Row: William Churchman, Don Wells, Jerry Daws. Second Row: Dale Behan, Gerald Cross, Harold Salard. Third Row: Mr. Stevens. Fourth Row: Bill Franklin. Jack Schanz. Fifth Row: Don Barron, Buddy Warren. Officers — Mclvin Stevens, sponsor; Gerald Salard, Treasurer; Billy Franklin, Parliamentarian; William Churchman, Secretary: Don Barron, President; Dale Behan, Vice-President. The Demeter Agricultural Fraternity, named after De- meter, the ancient Greek goddess of Earth and all vegetation, was organized October 18, 1928. It was begun at Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Lafayette, Louisiana, by Dean J. L. Fletcher, then head of the Agriculture Department. From a small group of eight members, the Demeter Club has ex- panded into a national organization with three chapters and a total membership of approximately one thousand. Activities of the Demeter Club include sponsoring turkey and beef shoots judging in area F.F.A. contests and sponsoring the annual " Agri Day. " Membership requirements include a ma- jor in Agriculture with at least nine hours and a " C " average in the major. Demeter Club 109 Seated: Roy E. Lee, Paul H. Sepulvado, Richard K. Lindsey, Joseph T. Cheng, John C. Durr, Robert L. Brown. Second Row: Tommy S. Dunagan, Dr. Charles W. Becker, Jerold L. Freeman, Dwane C. Gilbert, Raymond L. Christensen. Back Row: Dr. Charles H. Wommack, Rodney Rothenberger, Charles H. L ' Heris- son, Dr. Walter J. Robinson, Dr. Bill W. Shaw, Mr. Lyle Ponder. Iota Lambda Sigma members made a trip to the Western Electric Compahy in Shreveport in the jail semester. Iota Lambda Sigma ilO An honorary national fraternity for students beginning their school year and teachers in the fields of industrial education and technology. Students must have an overall " B " average and a 3.0 average in their major to be eligible for member- ship in the fraternity. Iota Lambda Sigma is devoted to the improvement and promotion of high quality education, service, and workman- ship. The development of ethical standards and excellence is emphasized. Faculty sponsors: Tommy S. Dunagan, Raymond L. Christensen, Lyle Ponder. The Industrial Education majors look on to a small piece of a telephone as a guide explains its purpose. These I.E. majors observe one of the large pieces of equipment in operation at Western Electric Telephone Company. ill Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Theta, the National Honor Society in History, is represented on the Northwestern campus by the Pi Chapter. Pi Chapter was established on March 21, 1934, and, although inactive for a number of years, is still one of the oldest socie- ties on campus. Its membership is composed of students and professors who have shown excellence in the field of history. First Row: Wayne Willis, Brenda Premeaux, Milton Finley, Steven Prime. Second Row: Mr. Arceneaux, Dr. Rawson, Dr. Wells, Dr. McCorkle. Not pictured is Wayne Mitchum. ill. Kneeling: Paul Weller, Edd Farabough. Rick Lach. Front Row: James Hooter, Glen Wildran, Bentley Rambin, Larry Powell. Sec- ond Row: Riek Jonas, Steve Russell, William Conerly, Al Hob- son, Jr. Phi Mu Alpha Simfonia Fraternity was founded on October 6, 1898, at the New England Conservatory of Music in Bos- ton, Massachusetts. The purpose of the fraternity are to ad- vance the cause of music in America, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of music students, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, and to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. Some of Gamma Rho Chapters include tours to area schools presenting a program of choral and instrumental music. Seated: Dr. Paul Torgrimson, Province Governor; Johnette John- ston, Sweetheart: William Gaeddert. Faculty Advisor. Les Steele, Vice-President: Doug Sullivan, Treasurer; Bob River, President; Jerry Berchan, Secretary: Charles Harton, Executive Alumni Secretary; Steven Hitt, Warden. Phi Mu Alpha QL- ¥ u 1 FjYjC i?ozi - Sharon Bates, Linda Sholson, Vicki Poole, Beverly Weber, Mary L. Carpenter, Shelia Campbell, Janet Shaw, Jo Anna Wright, Joyce Lairscey, Kathy Whalen, Caye Brown. Second Row: Kathy Aguillard, Velma Breaux, Bridget Wallace, Lynne Poole, Linda Robertson, Pat Adams, Donna Nugent, Jeanne Songe, Eva Jo Eason, Shirley Grunvvall, Eve-. Baskerville. Third Row: Suzanne Garie, Jonette Savage, Gaynell Gallo, Cheri Hyde, Pain Praet, Brenda Causey, Ann Hartwick, Wanda Perkins, Linda Milner, Anita MahafTey, Sharley-Jo Wilder. Fourth Row: Beth Rice, Bunny Wash- abaugh, Sharon Duhon, Linda Duvrett, Pauline Johnson, Betty Moseley, Georgeon Henderson, Pat Eichelberger, Jean Marie George, Phyllis Elizabeth White, Terry Cole, Sharyne Mauser. Fifth Row: Linda Troino, Sherry Baker, Janie Vincent, Cynthia Toms, Ronnie Richards, Dotty Parker, Sha ron Douglas. Linda Sprowl, Angelica Burrows, Thomas Cook, Ruth West, Sarah Mills, Mattie Caldwell. Sixth Row: Geneva Hogan, Nancy Wilson, Doris Balthazar, Dawn Robichaux, Maida Martin, Adrienne Dunham, Beverly Pyle, Georgia Pipes, Helen Lovelady, Becky Coleman, Pamela Daughtry, Mary Alma Hand, Kathy Smith. Seventh Row: Phil Mason, Helen Hotard, Judith Wallis, Harriett Jardinc, Diane Vass, Pat Grob, LaNien Clark, Nell Picou, Julie Garvin, Ann Tramel, Carolyn Lindsay, Mary Elias. Eighth Row: Jay Tratan, Mary Katherine Peacock, Pamela Gray, Sandra Crotwell, Linda Dance, Kate Zimmerman, Roxanne Kimball, Brenda Lauret, Charlotte McDearmont, Sharron Smith, Geraldine Scott, Mayetta Phillips, Janette Wright. In January, 1967, all activities of the Shreveport Campus were moved into the beautiful, modern building on Warrington Place. This building, consisting of a dormitory wing and an educational wing, is used by students and faculty in Nursing, Education, and the Graduate School. Here, in an academic set- ting geared to teaching clinical nursing courses, students in nursing spend 2 4 years of their four year curriculum. While continuing to participate in many social and cultural activities on the Natchitoches Campus, they also represent the College in professional and community activities in Shreveport. Faculty — First Row: Mrs. Frieda Rosenwasser, Mrs. Shirley Spratt, Miss Jo Ann Velotta, Mrs. Eunice Rodgers, Miss Frances Dalmc, Miss Lois Malkemes, Mrs. Evelyn Taylor. Second Row: Mrs. Margaret Hicks, Mrs. Ann Oberle, Miss Peggy Hill, Mrs. Martha Lipsey. Mrs. Paula Burnitt, Mrs. Beth Hayes, Miss Clara Gates, Mis Pat Moxley, Miss Clarissa Carter, Mrs. Ann Everett. Shreveport Student Nurses Association f p% r i Pineville Student Nurses Association Students who are enrolled in the School of Nursing attend Baton Rouge and Shreveport Camp uses, which are their major campuses. In the junior year, four groups of students come to Pineville to study psychiatric nursing. The purpose of their rotation to Central Louisiana State Hospital is to utilize the facility as a laboratory where students study all types of mentally ill patients, observing behavior, analyzing what they observed, validating their findings, and searching for solutions to the problems encountered. Thus the steps in problem solving are emphasized and a foundation is laid for later courses which these students pursue. Faculty Mrs. Nonie Lites, House Director; Mrs. Grace Liley, Director; Mrs. Barbara Dickerson, Faculty Member. First Row: Bridget Wallace, Pat Slaven, Jo Anna Wright, Marie Kelly, Betty Purgley. Second Row: Dawn Ehrett, Jonette Savage, Eva Mae Lewis, Linda Milner, Callie Minter, Dawn Robichaux, Angelica Burrows. Third Row: Janette Wright, Geraldine Scott, Linda Durrett, Mayetta Phillips, Barbara Rohrbeck, Roxanne Kamball, Sarah Mills. Baton Rouge Student Nurses Association During the sophomore year, student nurses transfer to the Baton Rouge Campus to begin courses in clinical nursing at Baton Rouge General Hospital. This year students on the Baton Rouge Campus staged a style show to raise funds to send student representatives to the National Student Nurses Convention and to finance the Christmas Charity Project — a donation to one of the local orphanages. The Baton Rouge students served as hostesses this year to the Louisiana Associ- ation of Student Nurses Convention. Faculty and House Directors — -First Row: Miss Maxine Roge, Miss Beth Farnell, Miss Pearl Domma, Mrs. Tiny Calender. Second Row: Mrs. Mattie Reinberg, Mrs. Jimmie Albritton, Mrs. Louise McFadden, Mrs. Adele Lambert. First Row: Diana Ballard. Marylin O ' Neal, Diane Morace, Phyllis Martina, Jennifer Samaha, Barbara Magee, Shelia LeBleu, Gloria Ada ms, Maureen Banta, Robin Worthington, Cheri Robinson. Second Row: Doris DeLee, Peggy Welch, Jo Ann Broussard, San- dra Bennett, Carolyn Hazeltine, Cindy Gkerke, Cindy Trouille, Lora Jones, Arlene Airhart, Billie Adams, Lois Schwalenberg. Third Row: Pam Hebert, Linda Gonzales, Regina Goudeau, Essie Dee Scott, Nancy Meischke, Jennet VanNeste, Jo Ann Craft, Mary Alice Sanders, Linda Yowell, Bobbie Smith, Inex Bott, Pam Quails, Linda Thomas, Judy Nickins. xi6 ■• ♦ » I ft ' v I H ' ) V " pf P»» «y A m Mi 1 BL H v Wb ' B i HlJHb Seated: Jim Wallace, Arthur Webb, John Wanger, Kirby Burrey, Nolan LaBlanc, Jr., Gary Squyres. Standing: Larry Simpson, Butch Summerlin, Gustano Canelon, Harry Stewart, Ron Breud, Steve Weber, Dick Robertson. Officers— Dr. Waskom, Nolan LaBlanc, Tim Postin, Glen Taylor, Jim Wal- lace, Mr. Dobbins. The Northwestern State College Geological Society was organized two years ago, and its membership has almost tripled since then. A local academic organization membership is open to all students interested in the field of geology. The purpose of the society is to exchange ideas among its members, locally and with visiting scientists. In addition, it tries to create interest in the field of geology. Activities of the so- ciety include attending lectures by professors of geology, in- viting lecturers to our campus, and attending field trips in the surrounding areas. Northwestern State College Geological Society " 7 First Row: Allan Nichols, Peggy Green, Mrs. Sewell, Carol Wil- liams. Second Row: Dominic Mastracchio, Ernest Scrs. Third Row: David Keys, Gerard Jubbin, Gerard Benit, Craig Brooks. Beta Gamma Psi Beta Gamma Psi, a national honor fraternity, was estab- lished at Northwestern in March, 1966. It is a professional organization for encouraging higher standards of scholarship and developing a closer relationship between accounting stu- dents, faculty, and businessmen. Officers — Seated: Mrs. Sewell, faculty advisor; Peggy Green, Sec- retary; Erneft Sers, Vice-President: Craig Brooks, President; Domi- nic Mastracchio, Treasurer. ii8 Activities X1 9 1968 Potpourri THE POTPOURRI STAFF is appointed yearly by the editor of the publication. Each staff member must maintain a C average and is expected to contribute time and effort to the production of the NSC yearbook. Any staff must have a dedication to the job they set about, but the POTPOURRI staff must have more than dedication to the job of sending an annual to press. Endless time, patience and labor is spent on such a giant task. It is with pleasure that the 1968 POT- POURRI staff presents to you the 1968 POTPOURRI, and it is with much sincerity that the editor expresses appreciation to each staff member who contributed to this publication. David Butler. Associate Editor. Potpourri Staff Bruce Guillet, and George R. Gray, Military Co-Editors. .A t- i H Ill il lH If By In order to record the various facets of our 1967-68 school year at NSC, the 1968 POTPOURRI staff began working the first day of the fall semester. Martha Cathey, Linda Green, Cecil Campbell, Classes. Larry Brown, Campus Photographer. Stan Parhain, Greeks Editor. Potpourri Staff Frances Toler, Copy Editor. Brcnda Ahearn, Stanley. Beverly Clark. Cail Dooley, Sherry Sherihan, Darrvl Edwards. I la Fay Classes. Margie Hoelz, Shirley Rutledge, Classes Jan Warren, Louise Rielil. Classes Co-Editors. w _ ■i r _ - Diane Nickerson, Editor Jim O ' Quinn, Associate Editor. Wayne Branton, Business Manager. Current Sauce It is the primary purpose of the CURRENT SAUCE staff to get a paper out each week. This year the Current Sauce has become a laboratory for the Journalism Department and the meaning of the word " paper " has deepened. The paper must do many things to merit the term from the instructors whose critical advice is always helpful but sometimes very disheartening. Nevertheless, it is the duty of the staff to learn by criticism, and this aspect of education that the newspaper has provided this year for its staff is invaluable. Jay Keppel and Boh Ardoin, Co-Sports Editors. u 4 Shirley Rutledge, Report " 5 Current Sauce Frances Tolrr, News Editor. Mr. Jerry Pierce, Sponsor. Ray Mobley, Staff Photographer. Ann Wooten, Pat Wedgeman, Mary Ann Anderson, Alton Sanders, Staff Reporters. Ronnie McBridc. Staff Photographer. r h Al Savoie, Assistant Business Manager. Publications Committee Dr. Thomas Clinton, Chairman. . Trie student publications committee is composed of five faculty members, appointed by the president of the college and six students appointed by the student government associa- tion. The committee serves throughout the year exercising financial and editorial guidance and control over the current sauce and the potpourri. Each spring the committee reviews the applications of prospective candidates for the editorships of the two publications and appoints the two editors. The committee serves as a board of review for the current sauce and potpourri budgets and makes periodic reports to the stu- dent government association. First Row: Tony Rispoli. Jerry Pierce, Marion Neson, Dr. Thomas Clinton. Second Row: Dianne Dickerson, Wayne Horn Third Row: Mr. Tommy Dunagan, Dean Leonard Nichols, Thomas Boone. First Row: David Faraldo, Suzy Chancey, Lynn Hellinghausen. Joe Lunt, Helen Sullivan, John Branton. Second Row: Leon Botts, Sandy King. Davis Precht, Jerry Moomua, Martha Carrol, Karen Dowty. Third Row: Chirs Keeler, Janis Suchland, Georgie Grocia, Eldora Montgomery. Fourth Row: Henry Burns, William Bell, Janis Mancuso, Peggy Beasley, Raymond Rodgers, Nancy Martin, Rick Oeder. Ray Schexnider, Sponsor. Debate Team The NSC Debate Club, which was fanned into existence in 1957, is open to all students on the campus who express an interest in the activities of the organization. Under the capable direction of Mr. Ray Schexnider, the club provides organized participation in competitive speech activities on an inter-collegiate basis. This year ' s Debate Club participated in various tournaments throughout Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. Rodeo Club Front Row: Linda Carson, Gene Minis. Second Row: Jim Briggs, Joe Scroggins. Formed originally six years ago as the NSC Roughriders, the Rodeo Club is composed of students who are interested in the various rodeo activities. Rodeo scholarships have been awarded in past years for participation in various rodeos throughout Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma. Among the activities sponsored by the Rodeo Club, this year were the Intra-mural Rodeo, the Intercollegiate Rodeo, and the home football games concession stands. Through the organization ' s various trips the name of NSC was expanded and a wide acclaim for our college was accomplished. First Row: Sandra Johnson, Phyllis Martinez, Linda Carson, Rosalyn Schwarz. Second Row: Speck Slanghten, Jackaallen, Woody Jones, Joe Scroggins, Leander Frey. Third Row: Gene Nims, Darrell Cox, John Lanaso, Jim Briggs. Harold Nati Dr. C. E. StufHebeam, Advisor. Neptune Club Mention of the Neptune Club immediately brings to mind the synchronized swimming and diving group that is well on the way to making a fine name for itself on the NSC campus. People from all over the state come to see the winter water show which is presented each year in the fall. Front: Cookie Bruchhause. Linda Bordelon. Bock: Xora Redmond, Dick Martin. First Row: Liz Gimbert, Jane Milword. Pam Carmichael, Nancy Bubolosky, Judy Parks. Sherry Shelihan, Yicki Crow, Jackie Smith, Suzanne Scott. Second Row: Nancy Thomas, Donna Lindsey, Con- nie Dawson, Ellie Younger, Claudia Neal, Susan Day, Mary Anna Welch, Susan Garcia, Tess Arieux. Third Row: Wayne Strickland, Kieth Ducharme, Lionel Meyer, Dick Martin, Rusty Kilgus, Ricky Ellington, Tim Baker, Dan Shepard, Kristin Roy. 130 Greeks 3 ' Sixty-three years ago on November L in Fannville, Virginia, five young uonic chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Pledging thems physical, intellectual, and social de elopnieiit lives, they never dreamed that their sisterhood ft at L idu est] ;th gwood College fished the first Ives to spiritual, hroughout then- would spread to colleges and universities throughout the nation. Today, the letters ASA grace the doors of over forty chapters in the United States. On the Northwestern Campus in 1930, Psi Psi chapter was estab- lished. Sorority life U the growing and sharing, the planning and excitement of rush, parties, meetings, problems, and friendships. The awards conventions, and sending the proceed of fbe annual sale of Alpha Sig ? to the crippled children ' s foundation of the national phiRH JttrfgVw 01 exemplifie jfj flproers ' pledge. Hurry, it ' s almost Howdy Doody Time gang. Alpha Sigmas enjoy an evening at the house on the hill. First Row: Marlene Achord, Beverly Broadwater, Hazel Brooks. Second Row: Bingham, Nancy Annette Couvillion, Robin Creighton, Janet Kay Domangue, Kathleen Dunahoe. Third Row: Man- Frances Ford, Man,- Kay Fortenberry, Jean Gaw, Nancy Houtz, Carrie E. McClel- land, Sally Malagarie, Linda Myers. Fourth Row: Lynn Noel, Deeann Pittman, Robert Jean Pur- vis, Bennie D. Rikard, Barbara Russell, Doris Russum, Shirley Sibley. Fifth Roiv: Joy Ann Trappey, Ellen Uli, Shirley Watson, Reba Welch. •3 Alpha Sigma Alpha Lela Mac Lea Virginia Ann (iray Royce Thibodeaux Ann Eiargis Sandra Helm President First Vice President Second Vice President Secretary Treasurei Sonny Hinton, Man of the Year. Founded • 1901 Installed • 1930 Colors • Crimson and White Flower • Aster Maiii •33 The Killarney Rose, the glittering diamond, and the Roman lamp of Delta Zeta shine before its members as symbols of a sister- hood of love. Delta Zeta seeks to encourage friendship, scholarship, leadership, moral and social culture among its members. Both the sorority and the community are benefitted by Delta Zeta ' s philanthropies, which included a fund drive and caroling at the Natchitoches Parish Hospital. Epsilon Beta had a busy social calendar again. A hamburger party, hayride, spaghetti supper for the pledges, open house on Mom ' s and Dads Day, our annual homecoming slumber party highlighted a wonderful year, which was climaxed by our spring and Christmas formals. Always taking part in campus activities, Epsilon Beta again gleaned more trophies to join those already in the house. To get the year off to a good start, Delta Zeta won the school spirit trophy, sorority division, for 1966-67. DZ ' s also copped the highest scholastic average among state chapters, first prize for homecoming displays and second place in the songfest. Delta Zeta is truly a s orority that has enriched our lives and brought our bonds of friendship closely together. Joe, after the stampede, the celebration will begin. Hurry! Hurry! Before the chaperon gets here. First Row: Karen Allen, Boogie Baker, Mary Bernard, Mitzi Brown, Susan Brumfield, Peggy Carriere. Second Row: Martha Cathey, Connie Conine, Carol Cook, Jocelyn Cooper, Lucy Corder, Edith Dewitt. Third Row: Connie Dixon, Jan Dobson, Janie Ebey, Bar- bara Ferguson, Barbara Fowler, Kristine Gai thier, Linda Green, Pat Green, Kaye Gurney. Fourth Row: Debbie Herrington, Cindy Holly, Sue Hutch- ins, Phyllis Jackson, Jennifer Jones, Pam Kurz, Sandra Liberto, Donna Long, Claire Mahfouz. Fifth Row: Mary Anna McClure, Jane McFarland, Mary Napoli, Sue Naylor, Muffet Netherton, Cyndee Osborne, Linda Phillips, Rose Fay Presley, Rose Prudhomme. Sixth Row: Judy Reese, Corliss Reeves, Janice Ricks, Pat- tye Robinson, Mary Ross, Sherry Shaub, Royce Simmons, Patsie Ann Slifer, Glenda Tackett. Seventh Row: Sara Vanarsdel, Doris Walker, Judy Wilson, Wanda Valentine. 34 Delta Zeta Cheryl Terry Kay Manning Sharon Wilson Nam j Martin da Cogburn President First Vice President Second Vice President Corresponding Treasurer Se retary 35 ll Nobl Based on such sound prrMriples as cultural accomplishment, academic achievement, high moral standards, service tp those less fortunate, and attainment of ar was founded on March 4, ll Macon, Georgia. Service to others, expressed in the opening ' To lend to those less fortunate a helping hand practical application to Phi Mu ' s national projects include the Healrhmobile, Toy Cai Programs, Overseas Aid, and the Hospital S Although the youngest of the ( J reek activi social activities have been numerous. These get her for the football games, a Thanksgiving toches Hospital, attending a party given by the. pledges, working w ith Kappa Alpha for homecoming, having a Christmas party, making Christmas stockings for the i$iTe c 9 f r y ' yff izations, our first install was our spring formal ighligbrmg the yeat iA he year was presented. No, no, this scrapbook will have to go! That ' s my boyfriend ' s picture. Jim Knapp has been at it again. First Row: Linda Sevier Ater, Claire Louise Crumpler, Susan Ehlers. Second Row: Mar) ' Elders, Sandra Fant, Diane Gormley, Joan Grant, Barbara Gresham. Third Row: Peggy Harmon, Colleen Irwin, Joy Lynn Kil- patrick, Elizabeth Leach, Sue Anne McAn- drew. Fourth Row: Cheryl McNeil, Miki McWilliams, Judith Phil- lips, Charlotte Sullivan. x 3 6 Phi Lin Leeth, Man of the Year. Founded • 1852 Installed • 1967 Colors • Rose and White Flower • Pink Carnation 22 Mary Helen Vacca Mary Linda President Cunningham Vice President Sarah Boyd Wells Secretary Phyllis Brasht Treasuier Karen Alston Parliamentarian -37 The selected members of Sigma Kappa are held together by a Mystic Bond of friendship, loyalty, sincerity and honesty. Sigma Kappa, this year, had a wonderful rush. Everyone seemed to enjoy " Sigma Pearls Place. " Our pledge class is one of the greatest yet! This year they gave us a Halloween party and a Christmas part) ' . We all worked together and participated in the NSC songfest. Every year we try to build a program around the community, where we have projects to aid and benefit the community. Our Philanthropy and Gerentology project has been visiting and work- ing with the Special Education Department at George Parks ' Ele- mentary School in Natchitoches. We want Sigma Kappa to be a melting pot, wherein each girl puts the best she ' s got. Some girls give friendship, love, and cheer. Some give happiness, strength, and health, but we pity the girl who can just give wealth. Sigma Kappa is, again, where each puts in the best she ' s got. And, as she gives, so does she grow. Sigma Kappa is a common pool, which we want to stir with the golden rule. Frankly, I think this is for the birds. That ' s the kind Brenda used in Lafayette. First Row: Patsy Arnold, Fran Arnona, Margaret Atchi- son, Johanna Bell, Becky Buckner. Second Row: Sue Cambre, Janet Churchman, Babs Davis, Kathleen Eddlemon, Ann Gibson. Third Row: Diane Gowins, Gina Guidroz, Nancy Hamp- ton, Mary Ann Hataway, Linda Hollings- worth, Connie Jones, Corky Lassder, Marcy LeFleur. Fourth Roiv: Donna McElhatten, Judy McElhatten, Lynn Mandina, Jan Mancuso, Barbara Martel, Ann Maxwell, Becky Messer, Jane Moncrief. Fifth Row: Carol Morris, Janet Nicholson, Norma Oliver, Lydia O ' Quinn, Ann Raphiel, Barbara Slack, Cheryl Smith, Becky Smith. Sixth Row: Cynthia Stamper, Carol Sutherland, Silvia White, Brenda Wilson, Nina Viger. x 3 8 Sigma Kappa Annette Wallace Connie Hebert Sally Dour Donna Middleton Judy Smith President First Vice President Second Vice President Recording Secrel fn isurei Stan Parham, Man of the Year. Founded • 1874 Installed • 1959 Colors • Maroon and Lavender Flower • Violet AM3 -39 On April 20, 1R98, a (.reck letter society known as Sigma Sigma Sigma was established on the campus of the State Normal School of Farmville, Virginia. The colors of Sigma Sigma Sigma are royal purple and white; the flower is the purple violet; the jewel is the pearl. Tri Sigma ' s membership has grown from its eight founders to more than twenty-thousand young women who now wear the emblems of Sigma Sigma Sigma. % The Alpha Zela chapter of Tri Sigma was initiated on February 17, 1928. on the campus of Northwestern State College, Natchi- toches. It was the first sorority on this campus with a national affiliation ! Among its numerous activities on campus are Tri Sigma ' s Christ- mas dance, Mable Lee Walton House Fund, the Robbie Page Me- morial Fund, work projects by both actives and pledges, the Founders ' Day banquet, and the spring formal. The guiding force behind Alpha Zeta ' s success is its beloved faculty sponsor. Miss Eve Mouton, whose devotion to Tri Sigma is ever firm. Would you believe a new crest for the Union? You ' ve got it! The night time is the right time. First Row: Gwen Adkins, Carolyn Atkins, Susie Anders, Marsha Bella, Martha Berry, Judy Blair. Second Row: Melba Brown, Robin Butler, Mary Clay, Mar- garet Cousins, Becky Davis, Sue David. Third Row: Nancy Douglas, Doris Eaton, Carolyn Ehr- hardt, Candy Flournoy, Marcie Fowler, Evie Garcia, Charlotte Genis, Diane Gilbert, Eliza- beth Gimbert. Fourth Row: Cecilia Graham, Kathy Gray, Barbara Hamp- ton, Alex Harris, Liz Hemphill, Lynda Hen- derson, Sherry Jones, Margaret Kovar, Kathy Lawrence. Fifth Row: Malinda Lanchem, Dianna Lehr, Donna Low- derback, Janis Lowe, Helen Luckett, Nancy Lyons, Deborah Mauldin, Susan Nickerson, Susan Oxner. Sixth Row: Claudia Ouina, Marjorie Padula, Carol Rich- mond, Barbara Samuel, Susann Sanford, Pam Scott, Suzanne Scott, Barbara Stafford, Can- dace Steward. Seventh Row: Dorothy Stone, Susan Stone, Martha Town- send, Catherine Wall, Judith Wenner, Ann Willis, Caroline Willis, Becky Wynn. 140 Sigma Sigma Sigma Lynda Lawrence Loretta Lachle Jean Ann Riley President Recording Secretary Treasurer Cheryl Ulood Cheryl I Iwood Corresponding Secretary Ann David Keepi the Crades Donnie Pickens, Man of the Year. Founded • 1898 Installed • 1928 Colors • Royal Purple and White Flower • Purple Violet f Mfiiif ■$ mM T.+1 Kappa Alpha Order had itsipftgin in a fraternity organized by students at Washington and LaeHQollege, Lexington, Virginia, in December, 1865, soon after G»fy-al Robert E. Lee became president of that institution. The de S aKf aims of the founders were inspired largely by the circumstence. |52|e times and place; there is a per- sistent, romantic tradition irf!T$Bg»fraternitv that General Lee took a special interest in and influenced the formation of its character. Certainly, the OgAjj fias al«qif| §9pfcu.ed ajjel reliant, conservati e, and patriotic cojbujfe We feel tha ajWil offer the college man, devotion. --HSje: r S V b a building of Christian character, scholastic achievement, and a lifelong fraternal relationship with men of the highest caliber. Kappa Alpha ' s colors are crimson and old gold and the official badge of the Order is a gold stee{ LZ £tf r KAFf and ALPHA are go{d4K pn a black enamel barj gggttiad and iy £-£fteek cross is gol« nething valuable and lasting to to contribute his interest and black enamel circular fiel What ' s wrong — have you got a stiff leg? We ' ll show the actives who ' s boss! First Row: James Adkins, Don Ater, Edd Bomar, Warren Bostwick, Dick Brook, Martial Broussard. Second Row: Tim Butler, Dean Caldwell, William Camp- bell, David Centanni, Sam Cooksey, Wayne Cooley. Third Row: Larry DeBlieux, Roy DeBlieux, Dick Ducote, Frankie Elder, Duan Ferrera, Wesley Foster. Fourth Row: John Garcia, Tommy Greer, Rick Harris, Rob- ert Herrman, Steve Higgins, Tony Howes, Pete Jabbia, Lynn Juban, C. E. Laudun, Tom Lawhon. Fifth Row: Louis Ledet, Randy Lee, Lin Leeth, Steven Lenert, Larry Lieux, Jim MaGee, Dillion Mat- lock, Joe McKey, Ed McNeil, Sonny Miles. Sixth Row: Tommy Morales, Mike Muench, Rick Oder, Doug Patrick, Charles Rabalais, Mike Resto- vich, John Roark, Bill Rowe, Marvin Schwartzenburg, Hal Shackerford. Seventh Row: David Shaw, Johnny Smith, Charles Stansell, Robert Stevens, Adrian Strother, Mike Thibo- deaux, John Thompson, Mike Tingle, Eugene Vogt, Clyde Warren. Eightl] Row: Clyde Webb, Don Welch, Gary Wilkerson, Gross Williams, Jimmy Williams, James Wil- son, Bubba Woodard. •4 a Kappa Alpha Jere Dave Number ( )ne Dickie Robertson Number Two Wayne Branton Number I H ee 1 Savoie Number Foui l mm) Lewis N umbei Fivi Patsy Lee. Kappa Alpha Rose Founded • 1865 Installed • 1963 Colors • Crimson and Gold Flower • Rose and Magnolia l%% L 43 Pi Kappa Phi, a national fraternity, emphasizes scholarship, participation in school and community activities. The highlight of Pi Kappa Phi ' s social gatherings is the " Rose Ball. " No Pi Kap year would be complete without the annual costume party, the pledge-active football game, and the presentation of the Victory Key] Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was founded on December 10, 1904, at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. Beta Omicron chapter was begun at Northwestern on September 21, 1956. The foundations of Pi Kappa Phi are based on Christian ideals, with a strong emphasis on cooperation among its brothers. Pi Kappa Phi ' s meaning may be best illustrated by the following lines: " We need water; we need food; and we need something for the spirit. There is nothing better than a touch of refreshment of brotherhood, and there is no better place to find that touch and inspiration than in Pi Kappa Phi. " And now a word from our sponsors. Let ' s Wreck Tech — then the bar down the street. First Row: Doug Barnett, Teddy Baxter, Leon Boggs, Dwierht Boudreaux. Second Row: Charles Brown, " Bo " Brown, Cordon Burton, Chris Docolas. Third Row: Denny Dodd, Buddy Durham, Bob Fiallos, Owen Cibbs, Jesse Hammett, Bill Hatcher, Dick Howell. Fourth Roiv: Freddie Litton, George Mandeville, Randy Martin, Donnie Myers, Oliver Myers, Daryl Nichols, Sam Perry. Fifth Row: Mel Price, Stan Russell, Wayne Sandefur. David Sanders, John Shaw, Charles Thomp- son, Herndon Tycer. Sixth Row: Tommy Tynes, Scott West, Leland White, David Watts. 44 M5 Still No. ONE usual . . . Keg pa . . . " Tech Weafcpj sours really ji with costumes ' more parties the semester Day Banquet T note . . . Tau ' s Kappa Sigma 7- ' AGAIN! Year hold . . . Camp runs ou something) . . . N Ted lost his pin (o active ... J. W. at ... J. W. chosen S outstanding prof . o ,tch Ttiosc J au s icti rs and pledge gh spot of fall seiiieste Tau ' s still party as ly Hill Dances ie joe ' s, Mon- " Rip-Snorter ear ridK. - 5pB n S brings ose Ball, social event of the scene . . . Founders ' arty ends the year on a grand tarity bowl by defeating . w in Intramural trophy e IV ' America (again) ibulb (he needed il ' s Place . . . Idges ' favorite Louis and STG agree V. A| chosen NSC ' s Jbp TG! Sherry, I ' ll be coming through the window when I come. Bitter ' • ifr ■ „. First Row: Trigger Allen. Bill Baldwin, Bill Baskewille, Jack Bennet, Rudy Burnette, Reed Brau. Second Row: David Butler, Joey Calloway, Prentis Comp, Butch Chompagne, John Cooper, Jimmy Crawford. Tliird Row: Bob Cyphert, Carl David, Al Dodd, Orville Evans, Ricky Evans, Wynn Fredicks. Jim Free- man, Joe Germany, Barry Guillet, Steve Goo- heart. Fourth Row: Jim Gronich, George Cray, Tommy Groves, Ted Hall, Paul Heischmann, Chris Hotard, Rick Hudson. Paul Jackson. Bill Jones, Jim Kanpp. Fifth Row: Mike Kacho, Bob Roll, Clyde Knox, Robert E. Lee, Joe Lewis, Dale Mogel, Kirk McGowen, Bob McLamore, Johnny Manning, Curry Mil- ler. Sixth Ron ' : Don Minis. Bob Murphy, Lonnie Murphy, Mike Nash, Joey Xascllo, Lawrence Nugent. Mike O ' Halloran, Billy Perry. Fred Pipen. Robert Pina. Seventh Row: Paul Piatt, J. V. Rodford, Hams Rasmusser. Lai Roach. Sonny Samuels, Karl Schwerdt- feger, Charles Seaman. John Seward, Tom Shea. Barron Shields. Eighth Row: Stan Slaydon, Huey Smith. Ken Touchet. Larry Vickers, Ranch Vickers, Mike Waller. Mike Westmoreland. Dave Williams, Don Wynn. 146 £% £b £b Bill Schwartz. Russ Gielow President Vice President Bob Xida Secretary Cecil Campbell Stan Parhan Trcasurei Chaplain Founded • 1921 Installed • 1929 Colors • Blue and White Flower • White Rose M M JL IM IM Q l ft ,: ) « $ 1 %i f?sf ( -s ?v3 r ' -47 SflftL Purposes, ideas, leaders, flowers, a glorious history of our once local fraternity, Lambda Zeta, are what have made and will always make Tau Kappa Epsilon outstanding on this campus. TKE is well known on campus for its various social events; for example, the fall formal, the Bar-Fly, and various semiformal weekend parties following athletic events. Tau Kappa Epsilon, better known as " Teke, ' is one of the youngest national fraternities in the nation. In recent years, how- ever, it has reached the status of No. 1, chapterwise, in the United States. There are 160 chapters with approximately 37,000 men, including a chapter in Canada. TKE National, though large and complex, has a motto which is simple, vet complete: " Tau Kappa Epsilon — The Fraternity for Life. " TKV.s display the President ' s cup for scholarship. TKKv begin a victory march during Wreck Tech week. First Row: Bob Asal, Charles Balliro, Mike Beer. Second Row: John Bonnetti, James Boswell, Terrell Brriut, Tommy Capalbo, Dave Hardin, Randy Jack- son. Third Row: Rick Taggers, Junior Johnson, Richard Krape. Mike Levine, Ronnie Mayfield, Tex Morris. Fourth Row: Tim Parsons, Walter Pilcher, Mike Slobolosky, Mike Swingle, Donnie Whitehead, Bill Woods. 148 Tau Kappa Epsilon irfJI M AnAmAkh Mike Milwee Vice President Glen Stephens Tie.isui ri Al Lewis Si i retai % Founded • 1899 Installed • 1957 Colors • Cherry and Gray Flower • Red Carnation M9 In the year 1400 A.D., at thtv Epuversitv of Bologna, Italy, a secret society was established fpfcSiNi protection of the foreign University students from the tyn mjy of the Bologna city officials, who severely persecuted these foreign students. On December 10, 1869, «Hs M n m r t e rm ' ,txt was brought to the Western Hemisphere M.|li J . I I-Uiw.rsiiy uL ' iigin »a as the basis of Kappa Sigma FraternityX ., From its meager beginning W aydpnuifpr room with five mem- bers, the Kappa Sigma Fraternity has cxp international status of 14(),actr ated brothers. In keeping wit Kappaj Sjgil local fratemity, was begi nnin " canftgw jr lhe spring o ' I? mi ed and initiated as ity oj Jb inded to its present d over 100,000 initi- Delta Chi Delta, western State Coi bers, and was du ter of the Kappa Sigma Since this time, Tfr members and over 45f le c d : Government and 7 members apters ai v ■ tradition for meager beginnings, oin the North- vith 1 1 mem- ifeta-Mu Chap- 966. to 50 active ers in Student But Gary, Tom ar.d Bill have only had two- too many. Sigma Tau pledges don ' t scrub floors. W7 I m. m 1 ■ w f|K J J if ■ A I ' M t ' s J First Row: Mike Armstrong, Buddy Alford, Ronnie Bag- ley, Ken Baker, Don Bearivais, Bill Berge. Second Row: Ken Berry, Donny Bogue, Winston Bolinge, Randy Bouknight, Lamar Breedlove, Pete Broussard. Third Row: Bill Chaney, Manuel Chovez, Jimmy Coco, Dick Concilio, Ronnie Darbonne, Keith Du- charme, Chris Dunbar, David Faraldo, Gary- Foster, Sherman Fruge. Fourth Row: Tommie Giles, John Hall, Kent Hollenshead, Randall Hynson, Myer Irbe, Mike Johnson, Tommy Keener, Bruce Kevil, Charles Knicely, John Landrem. Fifth Row: Deacon Lewis, David Lovell, Bruce McNeal, Scotty Mathews, Will Marston, Scotty Max- well, Smokey Maxwell, Gary Mitchell, Mark Montgomery, Mace Morris. Sixth Row: Sid Murray, Bill Nolan, Joe Paruszewski, Don- nie Pickens. Mike Pool, David Precht, Hooker Rhodes, Tony Rispoli. Gary Roshto, Tom Roy. SeveJith Row: John Sandlers. Rob Satterthwaite, John Si lls, Robin Sills, W. K. Simpon, Andy Snider, Sam Spivev, Ranch- Tate. Dell Thibodeaux, Luke Thomas. Eighth Row: Clark VanSickle, Sam Wallace, R. N. Ware, Trippv Weaver, Ronnie Whatley, Dewayne Wicks ' . -5° Kappa Sigma Bob Lee Sam Citrano Bobby Bergei Luckie Herrington Fostci Campbell Grand Master Grand Scribe Grand Treasure! Grand Masti Pledge Trainei ( leremi mies Doris Eaton, Sweetheart. 3 JUL r% f% :% ?S 111% % 1.12.1S Founded • L869 Installed • 1966 Colors • Scarlet. White and Emerald Flower • Lily of the Y.illev 5i Go get her, " Lu Lu! " Karen says it ' s a sure shot. My sweat shirt is bigger than your sweat shirt Sigma Kappas ham it up on a Sunday afternoon. I ' ll bet the Red Baron never had so much fun, Carol. r 5 x Military •53 R. O. T. C. This year the Reserve Officers Training Corps celebrated its seventeenth birthday on the Northwestern campus. Northwestern has one of the finest military departments in the South and places emphasis on the development of leader- ship and military aptitude. Upon completion of the advanced course, the graduate is eligible for a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Regular Army or the Army Reserve. When the President of the United States appoints you a commissioned officer in the United States Army — you know that you ' ve made the most of your potentials — for your country ' s sake as well as your own. f m m Lt. Colonel Charles E. Ave ry. ARTY, Professor and Head of Military Science and Tactics. The entire Corps in mass formation as they prepare for final in- spection. Cadet Corps Stajl First Row: Cadet Colonel Joseph Cusamano. Second Row: Cadet Lt. Colonel Paul Kelly. Cadet Lt. Colonel Robert Talmadge. Third Row: Cadet Captain James Livington, Cadet Captain William Burris, Cadet Major William Cantrell, Cadet Captain Donald Gates. Fourth Row: Cadet 1st Lt. William Bryant. Cadet 2nd Lt. Jerry Daye, Cadet 1st Lt. George Younger, Cadet 1st Lt. Thomas Jackson, Cadet Sgt. M. Everett Doubleday. ct ISESST 1 l mmi ...i. f% ?rr i _1 JL+ ' k I " • ■ 4 Flight Training Program members First Run.- Cadet Colonel Cosumano, Cadet Captain Koll. Second Row: Cadet 2nd Lt. Lombard, Cadet Lt. Colonel Talmedge Cadet 2nd Lt. Ryland. Cadet 2nd Lt. Guillet, Cadet Lt Jackson. The Military Ball, one ol the highlights the entire student hody. if the year lor R. ( ). T. C. Corps, as well as R. O. T. C. Activities and Corps Sponsor The cadets participated in almost all of the extracurricular activities which contributed greatly toward making R.O.T.C. one of the leading organizations on campus. The cadets won the Spirit trophy for the second consecutive year, and their Christmas float won second-place honor in the Christmas Festival. Other special events are the annual inspection bv Regular Army officers and the annual awards ceremony. Honorary Cadet Colonel Miss Lydia Jane I hard. Corps Sponsoi ■55 Black Knights The well organized Black Knights, the Corps ' fancy drill and precision marching unit, upheld its fine reputation as a " top- notch " drill team in representing N.S.C. in public activities and intercollegiate competi- tion. The drill team participates in the Mardi Gras Festival in New Orleans, Holiday in Dixie Parade and State Fair Parade in Shreveport, and National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. The N.S.C. Homecoming and the Christmas Festival are local events in which the team participates. Platoon Leaders ol ilio drill team perform " Flip Exchange. First Row: Bumgardner. Sutherland. Second Row: Talmadge, Krause, Smith, Duet. Third Row: Kelly. Thomas. Stephenson, Clausing. Lejeune. Fourth Row: Swindell. Moorings, Cox, Lebrum. Fifth Row: Brown, Thompson, Evans, Rivet. Cadet Lt. Colonel Paul L. Kelly. Commander. ( k+ Rifle Team This year the Rifle Team expects to have a very successful year and bring home several trophies. On tab for the coming season is the Fourth Army Shoulder- to-shoulder Match at Fort Polk, Louisiana, the L.S.U. Invita- tional at Baton Rouge, the N.R.A. Sectional Match also at Baton Rouge, and the Holiday in Dixie Match at Shreveport. Drum and Bugle Corfx Fu t Row; Smith, Hammonds, Flash. Second Ro;v: Michiels. Third Row. Stroud, Daniels, Napier. Fourth Row: Seymore, Meyer, Aaron. Fifth Row: Ward, Peyton First Row: Team Commander; Cadet Lieutenant Ryland, Creed, Cooley, Sharp. Kern. Second Row: Davis. Opio, Boyd, Allbritten, McKneely, Farmer. These members " f the team demonstrate two different siyhiv and positions. First Row: Johnston, Cadet Captain Hcdlcston, Honorary Captain Tackctt. Cadet 1st Lt. Lambert. Second Row: Bumgardncr. Third Row: Foster, Johnson, Tiller. Cavanaugh, Da is, Fair. Fourth Row: Dean. Bordelon, Hinds. Moak. Fifth Row: Burns, Masters, Guillo t, Juice. Holley. Sixth Row: Dunn. Hinton, Christy. Verret, Dupuy, Jones. Seventh Row: Hall. Stegemann, Digilormo, Cannon. Alford. Eighth Row: Fertitta, Hall. Turner. Phillips. Ninth Row: Young, Gray. Kerley, Heywood, Bordelon. Perry. Headquarters Company Honorary Cadet Captain Miss Glenda Tackett, Company Sponsor. Cadets in platoon drill. x 5 8 Company Commander Cadet Captain Roll gives squad leader liis.. rders. Honorary Cade) Captain Miss Paula Wright, Company Sponsoi Company A First Row: Gallemore, Cade) Captain Koll, Honorary Captain Paula Wright, Cadet 1st Lt. Averitt. Second Ron Lambard, Ryland, A ' Jacks.. n. O.-dcr. Kirs, .,,. Stapleton. Third Row: Zackery, Brown, Tin. mas. Sines, B.iilcs. Smith. Fourth Row: Jeansonne, Yance) Fitz- gerald, Gardsbane, Gates, Burson. Fifth . ' i Stephenson, Waters, Alexander. Lynch, Jacob, Karisny. Sixth Ron LaLond, Postles, Cour- ville, Rhodes. Mills. Davis. Seventh Row: Sills. Durr, Cox, K. Williams. Austin. Eighth Ron McCullough, Hardaway, Kern, Jordan. 59 First Row: Sutherland. Cadet Captain Krouse, Honorary Captain Janice Jamar, Cadet 1st Lt. Glasscock. Second Row: Powell, Cousins. Schwartz. Smith. Due:. Hollowell, Bavin. Third Row: Brown. Johnson. Creed, Smith, Phares. Fourth Row: Churchman,; Poole, Howell, Pacey, Thilger. Keer. Fifth Row: Keyrer. Markham, DeBlieux, James, Arnold. Radford. Branch. Sixth Row: Fonger, Seward, Opio, Kacho, McFar- land. Sharp. Johnson. Seventh Row: Spiller. Evans, Warren, Lovell, Douget, Allbritten. Eighth Row: Bounds. Breeden, Roberts. Lamber ' , Morrow. Company B Honorary Cadet Captain Miss Janice Jamar. Company Sponsor. Company commanders must check their company appearance, instruction, and morale as a part of each and ever drill. 6o Cadet Captain Fritz instructing liis company on how t improve the com- pany standing in best company competition. Honorary Cadet Captain Miss Suzanne Flash, Company Sponsor. Company C First Row: Swindell. Cade. Captain Fritz. Honorary Captain Suzanne Flash, Cadet 1st I.t Osborne. Second Row: McCrory, O ' Bier, C ' lillet. Rivet. Mooring, Caddis. Hipplert. Third Rou ■ Sandel, Clausing, Lewis, Adams, Davis, W. Adams. Monarch. Fourth Row: Rispoli, Parker. Morris. Weeks, Rhymes, Caminitas, Krajefska. Fifth Row: Throgmurton, Tichenor, Thigpen, Speaks, Smith. Dowden, C . Guillet. Sixth Schilling, Moure. Tilley, Stansbury, McCann, Reynolds. Williams. Mooring. Seventh Row: Thompson, Throgmorton, Williamson, Ger- hardt, Antu, Schwartz. Eighth Row: Williams. Kingly, Sweat, D Chopin, LeBrum. ine arts and entertainment - 1 of college life enjoyed by students and faculty alike, involves not only concerts and other shows performed by NSC ' s own students, but also outstanding enter- tainment furnished by the Student Government Asso- ciation. And 1968 was no exception. NSC Orchestra The Northwestern Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1913 and had a membership then of about twenty. Since that date, the Orchestra has grown steadily in size and in quality of performance. In 1966 the name of the group was changed to the NATCHITOCHES-NORTHWESTERN SYM- PHONY ORCHESTRA and it was sponsored for the first time by the newly formed Natchitoches-Northwestern Sym- phony Society. The Orchestra is truly a community organiza- tion in that its membership includes high school and college students, as well as college faculty and townspeople. In addi- tion to several formal concerts during the 1967-8 season, the Orchestra provided music for the spring semester commence- ment and for the musical " The Sound of Music. " Dr. Joseph B. Carlucci, Conductor. ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL 1st VIOLIN John Maltese, Concertmaster May Beville Nancy Frost George Trisler Vincent Ognibene Johnette Johnston Ruth Caughey Grace Patterson 2nd VIOLIN Tom Jones Dickie Howell Paul Price Lenore Gilbert Eva Mae Maltese Robert Lindsay Valeric Burnett VIOLA Marcia Kite Paul Torgrimson James Cope Roberta Calloway Ruth Caldwell Richard Fletcher VIOLONCELLO Florence Gilbert John Kite Sam Caldwell Walter Caughey Joan Thompson STRING BASS William Gaeddert Doug Sullivan James Green Leonard Casson FLUTE Barbara Willis Susan Shirey OBOE Barbara Gaeddert Robert Willis CLARINET David Butler Paul Weller BASSOON Janet Moon Alice McGee FRENCH HORN Glen Welman Craig Pratt TRUMPET Charles Horton Edward Farabough Charles Pace TROMBONE Leslie Steele William Conerly Al Hobson TUBA Larry Powell TYMPANI Steve Hitt PERCUSSION Rick J onas Paul Peyton James Seymore LIBRARIANS William Conerly Robert Lindsay Officers — Seated: Arthur C. Watson, Treasurer; Mrs. Frank Rob- erson, President. Standing: Dr. Joseph B. Carlucci, Musical Direc- tor: Jim Bob Key. Vice-President; Mrs. W. Peyton Cunningham, Jr.. Secretary. Natchitoches-Northwestern Symphony Society Board Xalional Ballet in concert. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mrs. Margaret Adkins Dr. Archie F. Breazeale, Jr. Dr. Joseph B. Carlucci Mrs. W. Peyton Cunningham, Jr. Hertzog DeBlieux Norman Fletcher Mrs. Sam Friedman Senator Sylvan Friedman Jim Bob Key Dr. Arnold Kilpatrick J. Edgerton Pierson Mrs. J. Edgerton Pierson Mrs. Frank Rnberson Mayor W. Ray Scott Mrs. Henry Cook Taylor Dr. J. A. Thomas Mrs. David Townsend Arthur C. Watson T.6$ • i iffii i i ' ¥ if ' if ' if if if i ' H TM I v • o is Mf i v •y m n .. .• . t tf fr m » «— - FLUTES Barbara Willis Susan Shirey Pamela Dunn Deborah Nelson Stanley Savant Alice McGee CLARINETS Robert Wilder David Butler Ricky Lacy Paul Weller Buddy Colvin Ron Brigmon Pat Dunkin Maria Hope Mike Howell Valerie Vurnette Sally Dorr Tom Jones Howard Rowland Wayne Cryer Gwen Davis Yvette Moore Pat Ortigo Nancy Irby SAXOPHONES James Hooter Carl Williams Moon Margaret Jobe Sharon Reese James Cope CORNETS Charles Horton Leonard Casson Eddie Farabough Johnny Wall Joe Haahn Pat Tassin Man Williams Lloyd Dowden Thomas Torpy Charles Pace Stanley Russel MARCHING BAND HORNS IN F Glen Welman Robert Lindsay Glenda Keen TROMBONES Les Steele Bill Conerly Tom Tynes Clifton Gibson Guy Zachry Al Hopson Dale Ward Tom Daniels Jim McDowell Robert Stewart BARITONES Jim Garlington Barry Barr J. D. Harris Craig Pratt Steve Keith Mary Roberts BASSES Jimmy Green Larry Powell Ron Spiller Richard Fletcher William Hardy PERCUSSION Stc-vcn Hitt James Seymore Rick Jonas Dale Shaw Tom Davis Paul Peyton Bruce Kolman Oliver Myers Ralph Aaron Everette Baker Darryl Lloyd Johnette Johnston Marcia Kite Cynthia McConathy Band director, J. Robert Smith, looks over a musical score with John Rau h. assistant director (center) and Jerry Payne, graduate assistant (right). Douglas Sullivan, Drum Major. Marching Band The 120 members of the NSC Marching Band have become an integral part of our school spirit. Their flashy half-time performances keep fans glued to the bleachers, and they boost the morale of the players and fans when the going gets rough. Tech Weekend and the Christmas Festival wouldn ' t be the same without them. In the spring, the MARCHING BAND is transformed into the Symphonic Band, with a more for- malized style in appearance and sound. Majorettes — Bottom to Top: Connie Adams. Sharon Stringer. Lynn Man- dina, Sandra Keen. Candy Floumoy, Janis Lowe. Joyce Brickcr. Charlotte Mills. Twirlers — Diannc Bigner, Sharon Parkei (Head T wirier). Charlotte Sullivan. Starr Autrey. Brenda Stringfield. Joy Lynn Kilpatrick. DecDee Townsend, Lynn Nollkamper. Three looters totin ' tubas. -,6 7 Band Personnel — Flutes: Barbara Willis, Susan Shircy, Pamela Dunn, Deborah Nelson, Stanley Savant. Oboes: Steve Keith, Eleanor Younger. Bassoons: Janet Moon, Alice McGcc, Starr Autry. Clarinets: Robert Wilder. David Butler, Ricky Lacy. Buddy Colvin. Paul Weller, Sally- Dorr, Lynn Xollkamper. Mike Howell, Ron Brigmon. Joyce Bricker, Pat Dunkin. Sharon Parker. Valerie Huckie, Jane Moncrief. Barbara Martcll, Maria Hope, Margaret Jove, Pat Ortiejo. Nancy Irby, Yvette Moore, Owen Davis, Charlotta Sullivan. Saxophones: James Hooter, Carl Williams, Jerry Payne, Sharon Reese, James Cope. Cornets: Charles Horton, Eddie Farabousrh. Charles Pace, Tom Torpy, Lynn Mandina. Joe Haahn. Pat Tassin, Man Williams, Stanley Russel, Al J. Robert Smith, Director. Hopson, Lloyd Dowden, Johnny Wall, Kathy Eddlemon. Horns: Glen Welman, Craig Pratt, Robert Lindsay, Glenda Keen, Charlotte Mills, Linda Anderson. Trombones: Lcs Steele. Bill Conerly, Tom Tynes, Guy Zachry, Tom Daniel, Jim McDowell. Dale Ward, Robert Stewart. Baritones: Jim Garlington, Douglass Sullivan. Mary Roberts, J. D. Har- ris, Barry Barr. Basses: Jimmy Green. Larry Powell, Ron Spiller, Rich- aid Fletcher. William Hardy. Percussion: Steven Hitt, James Seymore, Rick Jonas, Dale Shaw, Tom Davis Paul Peyton, Ralph Aaron, Ever- ette Baker, Darryl Lloyd, Oliver Myers, Johnette Johnston, Marcia Kite. Cynthia McConathy. Symphonic Band The Symphonic Band opened its 1967-68 season with a Christmas Concert in the Fine Arts Auditorium. The concert was presented before a large audience on the afternoon of the Natchitoches Christmas Festival. In addition to musical tours of North Louisiana and Southeast Texas, the season was highlighted by a pops concert and the annual Band Awards Banquet. Percussion Ensemble — Front Row: Dale Shaw, Janine Johnson. Johnette Johnston, Barbara Willis, Rick Jonas. Back Row: Everette Baker, James Seymore. Steven Hitt, Paul Price, Paul Peyton. Mr. Robert Willis, director, strives for perfection in practice sessions. " No, he ' s not asleep! Stage Band The NSC Stage Band began intensive rehearsals early in the spring semester, preparing for its first concert in March. Members are chosen by audition, and these talented students work creatively with jazz and popular music. Stage Band Personnel — Saxophones: Ronnie Brigmon, James Hooter, David Butler, Paul Weller. Trumpets: Joe Haahn, Ed Farabough, Ronald Brasher. Trombones: Leslie Steele, Bill Con- erly, Carolyn Donovan, Ad Hobson. Piano: Larry Wade. Bass: Jimmy Green. Drum 1 .: Paul Peyton. Vibes: Rick Jonas Director: Robert Willis. 169 NSC Chorale Enthusiasm has been the keynote for the NSC Chorale of 1967-68. Under the spirited leadership of their new director, Mr. John LeBlanc, the group has increased in size and ex- perience, exploring a wide variety of fine choral literature and seeking ever higher standards of performance. The chorus presently numbers about seventy- five singers, and auditions for membership are open to all college students. A smaller group, the Chamber Choir, devotes additional practice hours to learning more challenging music in the style of the mad- rigal. This year the chorus has taken an active part in campus and community affairs, appearing at numerous college and civic functions. John R LeBlanc, Jr., Director of Choral Activities. N.S.C. Chorale — First Row: Wanda Valentine, Loraine Fox, Karin Worthy. Alice Gaubert. Nettie Chenevert, Mary Hutton. Lelia Harris, Barbara Mize. Evelyn Brown, Grace Lacefield, Jeanette Pons, Susan Michael. Second Row: Linda Craft, Cathy Rose, Janet Ponder, Judy Parks. Regeanna Guidroz, Karen Cuny, Sally Phillips, Patsy Dupree, Veta Medic a. Glcnda Fontenot, Georgia Kinnison, Marilyn Moreau, Glenda Singletary. Third Roiv: Mary Stovall, Lora Morgan, Deborah McDuller, Charlene Zamarro, Shirley Weaver, Sherry Barrett, Martha Wagley, Millie Gallien, Sherry Red, Suzanne Evans, Ann Myers, Lorrie Miller, John Otwell. Fourth Row: Michael Norman, Bobby Lovitt, Ted Brasher, Ronnie Thiebaud, Howard Lee, Owen Gibbs, Hugh Phillips, Lance Alexander, Bentley Rambin, Bobby Kerr, Don Ward, Wayne Lee, Mike Adams. Fifth Row: Stephen Rhodes, Mike Miller, Wayne Strickland, Eddie Farabough, Charles Skinner, Wally Hebert, Ken Cochran, Bob Davidson, Joe Dotherow, John Brown, Lionel Meyer, Jr., Steve Keith. fefet T _ JdUlA -i, a-KhI i 7 ( Chamber Choir — Kneeling: Bent- ley Rambin, John Otwcll, Bobby Lovitt, Don Ward. Second Row: Ka-cn Cuny, Lorric Miller, Debo- rah McCuller, Georgia Kinnison, Regeanna Cuidroz. Back Row: Wally Hebcrt, Sally Phillips, Jerry Bigham, Mary Hutton, Ted Brasher, Lora Morgan, Joe Do- therow. Among the activities of the chorus during the fall semester was its participation in the Gospel Singers ' Convention at Baton Rouge. About 30 members at- tended the affair, which was hosted by Governor John J. McKeithen. Madrigal Singers — Seated: Mar- tha Wagley, Linda Dillahunty, Michael Norman. Standing: John Otwell, Sally Phillips, Jerry Big- ham, Shirley Weaver. Don Ward. Lora Morgan, Ronnie Thiebaud, Mary Stovall. Bentley Rambin, Ann Meyers, Joe Dotherow, Geoieia Kinnison. 1J1 Davis Players Having been organized in 1923, the Davis Players is the oldest official dramatic organization on campus. Club mem- bership is limited to thirty. Invitations to membership are extended to students the club feels have a sincere interest in theatre, as demonstrated by their participation in College Theatre. This year the organization produced and directed its own theatrical endeavor in the form of a melodrama en- titled " Dirty Work at the Crossroads. " This production was the club ' s first undertaking of this nature in several decades. Members of Davis Players were influential in securing estab- lishment, on the NSC campus, of the Delta Eta Cast of Alpha Psi Omega, a national honorary fraternity for college dra- matics. Dr. Edna West and Frank Magers, faculty sponsors of Davis Players. Members — First Row: Martha Lou Carroll, Lyn Helling- hausen. John Braden, Lind;i Newman, Bob Cox. Second Roiv: Karen Dovvty, Byron Nail, Barbara Tauzin, Chris Kceler. Third Row: Virginia Gee, Bruce Kalman, Susie Chancey, Buddy Durham, Leah Luckett Rivers. Lef : Danny Gayer as Jupiter in Amphyitryon 38. Right -Offi- cer — Seated: Alice Ann Conner, President; Marcella McGlothen, House Manager. Standing: Jim O ' Quinn, Reporter; Nancy Mar- tin. 1st Vice-President: Pam Clark, 2nd Vice-President; Rich- ard Bushnell, Treasurer. Not Shown: Barbara Gresham, Secre- tary. Scene from the Christmas concert. Front: Diana Webb, Jane Holland, Lydia Heard. Middle Row: Candace Faua, Ri nee Callien, Carol Adkins. Standing: Carolyn Atkins, Dana Prince. Contemporary Dancers The Contemporary Dancers opened their 1967-68 season with the annual Christmas concert in the Fine Arts Auditorium. This program, the first event of the Natchitoches Christmas Festival, combined the talents of the Dance Club and the NSC Chorale. Their floor show was the highlight of the Mardis Gras Ball at the Natchitoches Countrv Club. The Louisiana College Dance Svmposium was the follow- ing engagement. Tours to Nicholls State College and New Orleans, and a children ' s studio recital at NSC rounded out the group ' s busy schedule. Colleen Nelken, director; Diana Webb (middle), secretary; Jane Holland, president. ' ■73 Mitch Ryder cut loose with some wild sounds. The Mitchell Trio displayed their versatile musical repertoire. H Iwi ■L jM ■H T i; 1 1 Entertainment Each year the Student Government Association Entertain- ment Committee is responsible for selecting and securing fall and spring entertainment for NSC. The committee is spear- headed by the SGA vice-president and together they work during the summer, fall and spring semesters to present our students with the fine quality of entertainment as seen on these pages. Garfunkel (huh?), one - ia o a talented group. Hp ' H 1 ■ ■W ' ▼ " 1 HR - - 1 F ■ Hr 1 HI •jjf J f I II 1 74 Mmm . . . raspberry, my favorite flavor. The Platters ' show was well seasoned with their million sclleis l 75 SlNGtRS) The Serendipity singers provided a happy ending for the Christmas Festival. Simon sets a mood with soul music. T.j6 The New Christy Minstrels Athotiy and the Imperials Springtime performers — Great finish for a great year of entertainment Ray Charles. 77 " 4 Temperaments " a performed by the National Ballet. Backstage with Sheri Saloff and Helen Sullivan of Amphitryon 38. NSC students made outstanding showings in the various campus productions of the past school year. Talented actors and actresses, working with excellent faculty and staff instructors, produced mem- orable moments on the stage. Among the visiting productions was the National Ballet, sponsored by the Natchitoches-Northwestern Symphony Society. Dany Gayer (left) and Artie Visconte in Amphitryon 38. 178 V ' And if this pot doesn ' t do the trick, I ' ve got a switch- blade here in my pocket. " " Oh Lord, what ' s my next line? " There ' s more to a play than meets the eye. The unsung heroes arc the pro- duction crew. 1-79 Rehearsing Stop the World: I want to Get Off. Last miute preparation. Honey Wilson, Barbara Tauzin (pulling). Nancy Martin and Jim O ' Quinn (slouched) in Barefoot in the Park. 180 " Oh, so I have bad breath! Well, I ' m gonna give you something worse . . . a mouthful of busted teeth ' " She did it! Swan Lake. 181 I ersonalities are individual traits that reflect the character of the environment in which they are developed. Student represented in the following pages exemplify those standards of excellence for which Northwestern stands. They symbolize the personality of NSC, 1968. I v 1 Ljinger prosit ce Miss N. S. C. Ginger relaxes at the B.S.C ! Selected from among six other competitors in a student body election, Ginger Foshee was given the highest honor that can be achieved by an N.S.C. coed. On December 19, 1967, she was named Miss N.S.C. Ginger is a senior Home Economics Education major from Mansfield, Louisiana. She has been an active student in B.S.U. and has participated in many of the school ' s beauty contests. She was selected on the basis of leader- ship, service, and character. lt ' tea time at the Home Economics house. a8 5 Dennis familiarizes himself with electronic equipment during lab Resting between classes. oLJen n is If ewbu i Mr. N. S. C. V Presently serving as President of the Student Body of N.S.C., Dennis Newbury is a senior Electronics and Math major. The student body bestowed upon Dennis the highest honor that can be achieved by any male student — that of being Mr. N.S.C. Dennis is from Shreveport, Louisiana. However, he now makes his home in Leesville along with his wife, Sarah. Dennis was also selected on the basis of leader- ship, service, and character. i86 Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities Members of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities are chosen on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, participation in extra-curricular activities and school citizen- ship. Thirty-four nominations were made by the NSC Faculty and accepted by the national directory. • Diane Dickerson, Art Education. Robert Mock, Electronic Technology. Shirley Butler, Home Eco- nomics Major. Shirley Kay Dickie. Physical Education and Recreation Major. Louise Riehl, Home Economics. Joe Germany, Business Ad- ministration Major. D.nid 1 " . Butler. Industrial yfe 1 ■ - I 5 i icC Lcs David Smith. Health and Physical Education. Dennis K. Newbury, Electronics and Mathematics. Norma (Ginger ( Foshee, Home Economics Education. Michele Townsend, Sociology. Nolan D. Prather. Chemistry. Wayne Garland Horn, Chemistrv Catherine A. Wall, Home Economics. Sue Peterson, Primary Education. Malcolm J. Lewis, Sociology. T -i-1 2.90 Shelley Curran Dickie, Business Administration. Annette Wallace, Primary Education. Jan Warren, Business Education and Office Administration. Paula Wright, Primary Education. Lela Mae Lea, Distributive Education and Business. Sandra Stephens, English Danny Bob Turner, Health and Physical Education 9 1 For her talent in the contest, Marcie performed a dia- logue which won her the talent award. i v I circle growler Lady of The Bracelet Judged on the basis of poise, beauty, personality, and talent, Marri? Fowler was selected as Lady of the Bracelet for 1968. Marcie is a native of Natchitoches and is majoring in elementary education. With her presentation of a dialogue by Edgar Lee Masters, she captured the talent award which helped her win the bracelet — the symbol of the college ' s ideal of beauty. Marcie and her Court — Candace Faust. Linda Craft, Susan Murrell. and Jane Holland. 93 i L andace srauit First runner-up was Candace Faust, a freshman from Bunkie, Louisiana. Candace, an education major was recipient of the award for the swimsuit competition. Linda Craft, a sophomore from Leesville, Louisiana, was selected as second runner-up. Linda placed among the talent finalists with her vocal medley from " The Sound of Music. " crU. in da ( raft S5u5an 1 1 lurreil Third runner-up was Susan Murrell, a senior from Port Sulphur, Louisiana. This graceful finalist is an education major. As her talent, Susan sang a medley from " West Side Story. " Jane Holland, from Many, Louisiana, and an education major, was chosen as fourth runner-up. Jane was also selected as a talent finalist. Acine rrollcind Homecoming Queen and Court Queen Martha Minvielle The 1967 Homecoming Court Sealed: Rila Johnston, Sada Martin. All vs n Mi l.auiin. Jran Mills. Tenita Kurt. Diane Gilbert. Standing: Anna Dell Creel. Louise Loupe. Pam Dunn. Queen Mar. ha Minvielle. Suzanne Char- breck, and Carol Cook. Elected by the " N " Club the 1967 Homecoming Court was headed by Martha Minvielle. Martha is a Junior from Abbe- ville, Louisiana majoring in Home Economics. n n The Winter Ball Queen and Court were selected for their outstanding service to N.S.C. The girls were selected from several service organizations by a panel of judges composed of administration, faculty, and students. Queen Daptiana Smith ■ Winter Ball Court Seated: Trudy Bates. Queen Daphana Smith fai Warren. Standing: Sandra Liberto, Linda Bacon, Paula Wright, Louise Riehl, Wanda Willis. VAFINADO HALL DEDICATED ON NOVEMIER 13 1954 TO THE HONORED MEMORY OF DEAN EDWARDS VARNADO WHO SERVED NORTHWESTERN STATE COIItCf OF LOUISIANA Miss Winter Ball and Court State Fair Queen Paula Wright ii surrounded by majorettes: Diane Bigncr. Charlotte Sullivan. Joy Lynn Kilpatrick, Brenda Stringfield, Dec Dec Townsend, Lynn Nollkamper, Sharon Parker. Star Autrey, and Demon Kiik McGowan. Reigning over the 1967 State Fait Game was Paula Wright, a Primary Education major from Port Sulphur. Paula is 300 presently serving as AWS treasurer and she is a member of the Purple Jackets. The crowd gcis a wave from Marsha Bella and Cheryl Terry Queen Paula smiles at the crowd during the parade in downtown Shreveport. State Fair Court The State Fair Queen, Paula Wright, and her court were chosen by popular election from nominations made by the dormitories. Paula and the court supported the Demons at the State Fair Game as the team defeated the Tech Bulldogs. Jane Holland. Cheryl Terry, Martha Minvielle, Ginger Foshee, Paula Wright, Linda Craft. Sue Peterson. Marsha Bella, and Brenda Wilson V A t • t h i ? 6 A ) S o % U 3 o: M HxH ULo W a major area of col- lege life. This year the Demons finished the football season with a 6-3 record. But football isn ' t the only sport emphasized at NSC. Outstanding achievements were made in other sports which made 1968 another great year for athletics. 3°3 Cheerleaders This year has been a full and exciting one for the NSC cheerleaders. It began with an all out campaign to create and boost school spirit, and this was very rewarding. Through the student body, we were able to hold numerous pep rallies and bond fires which proved most successful. We hope that this renewed spirit will not die; but will increase even more with the years to come. Bob Pina and Diana Lear lead the Demon fans in another rousing cheer. " A ■ ■ H 1 . HI W - 1 k 4 ■ j i L " - . ' . • . Yippee! Yippee! Wicks. Hey — We finally threw a pas 1 :. 304 Bottom Row: Ann Gibson. Yicki Todd. Patti Doucet. Center Row: Gary Foster, Dianna Lear. DeVVaync Wicks. Top Row: left to right: Boh Pina, Joe Bevaqua. The cheerleading team members give of their time and service to the school and student body, rewarded only by the self-satisfaction of being a cheerleader, and leading in the support of a team in which they and the student body so proudly believe. Yes, there were many looks of disappointment after the first Demon loss. 3°5 John Boogearts and Dick Concilio demonstrate proper cnditioning as Gil Gilson and Coach Knight give advice. Football Coach John Ropp trains team members in weight lifting exercises as other team members watch. The Demons of Northwestern State College completed the 1967 season with six wins and three losses. Rated in the National Pre-season Polls, the Demons had the material and found the road smooth riding until the last few games of the season. RESUME For Northwestern, the 1967 football season was one of early success and disappointment in the final weeks of the campaign. It was almost like two seasons rolled into one. The Demons, playing their first season under Coach Glenn Gossett, were the hottest team in the Gulf States Confer- ence during the first half of the season, rolling over five straight opponents. But NSC lost three of its last four games and were relegated to a second place tie in the conference race. Overall, the Demons had a fine record, winning six of their nine contests in a year when every team wanted especially to beat the defending GSC champion, and nationally ranked, NSC ball club. In the conference chase, Northwestern won three and lost two, tying for second with Northeast and Southwestern. It was a season in which some new names made the head- lines for Northwestern, a list headed by sensational sophomore halfback Vic Nyvall, who led the team in rushing with 560 yards on 95 carries, a 5.9 average. During the course of the year, junior quarterback Donald Guidry developed into a dangerous running threat as well as a top flight passer. Guidry, who rushed for a mere 39 yards a year ago, ran for 378 this season. That, combined with his 617 yards through the air, gave the Church Point gridder 975 yards total offense for the season, the most gained by a Demon quarterback in years. Department of Intjrcollegiate Enterprises — Fro nt Row: Glenn Gossett, John Ropp. Billy Christmas, Gene Knecht, John Thompson. Second Row: Tynes Hildebrand. George Doherty, Jack Clayton, Pug Carrel, John Layman. 306 Many hard hours of tedious work were a part of the coaching staff ' s daily diet. Donald Guidry preparer to lead the Demons in another drive for pay dirt. Northwestern opened the season with a flourish, battering Hanover College of Indiana 49-0 and then Louisiana College 55-6 in the first two contests. Then came the Demons first big conference test of the campaign — Northeast State. Both carried perfect 2-0 records into the battle, which was in Demon Stadium. Some thought the easy victories opening the season would dull the Demons for a tough GSC game, but they rose to the occasion like champions and turned back the Indians 21-14. Northwestern played probably its worst game of the entire season the following week, October 7. Pensacola Navy pro- vided the opposition, and the Demons scrambled to a 28-16 victory and then turned toward arch-rival Louisiana Tech. The Bulldogs had been taking their lumps and North- western went into the game a decided favorite. Some 28,000 fans watched in State Fair Stadium in Shreveport as the Demons shoved the Canines all over the field, but managed only one score and won 7-0. NSC had 358 vards rushing to Tech ' s 31, dominating the statistics. Troy State, led by its great quarterback, Sim Byrd, came to Natchitoches for the Demon ' s Homecoming game. NSC was unable to cope with Byrd ' s passing, and the Red Wave went back to Alabama with a 28-20 victory, handing the Demons their first loss since the next-to-last game of the 1965 season and ending NSC ' s winning streak at 15. McNeese, another rough customer in the GSC, came to Natchitoches for a league showdown the next Saturday and left the Demons on the short end of a 21-7 decision, dropping NSC to second place in the league. The Demons rebounded temporarily, however, and took an impressive 24-9 victory over Southwestern in their next-to- last game of the year. Northwestern then missed a chance to tie for the conference title by being upset by Southeastern, 26-14 in Hammond. 3°7 First Ron: 65 Dave Centanni, Guard, 188, Junior; 30— Vic Xyvall, Halfback, 175, Sophomore; 35— Randy Tate, End, 185, Sophomore: 36 — Richard Concilio, Cornerback, 195, Junior; 63 — Donnic Durham, Guard, 183, Sophomore; 80 — Steve Gaspard, End, 191, Sophomore: 47 — Don Mayfield, Fullback, 178, Junior; 31 — Gil Gilson, Halfback, 175, Freshman; 44 — George Green,, 17 H, Freshman. Second Ro c: 71 — Leonard Richardson, Tackle, 218, Freshman: 43— Jerry Mott, End, 185, Junior; 24 — Larry Smith, Safety, 158, Freshman; 20 — Sammy Clifton, Safety, 170, Senior; 23 — Kenny Callcns, Haltback, 175, Sophomore; 51 — Melvin Johnson, Center, 200, Senior; 38 — Richard Ware, Safety, 273, Freshman; 42 — Alwyn Phillips, Halfback, 172, Freshman; 40 — David Smith, Cornerback, 175, Junior. Third Row: 26 — Ronnie Bagley, Cornerback, 165, Fieshman; 88 — Maxie Branch, End, 185, Freshman; 15 — Mike Pool, Quarterback, 155, Freshman; 25 — Johnny Bogarts, Safety, 173, Sophomore; 75 — Bob Foster, Tackle, 212, Senior; 62 — " Hoot " Gibson, Linebacker, 195, Fresh- man; 55 — Lester Latino, Linebacker, 190, Sophomore; 67 — Bill Stevens, Guard, 205, Senior; 45 — Harold St. Pierre, Safety, 185, Sophomore. Fourth Row: 52 — Randy Broadnax, Center, 204, Jun- ior; 61 — Ronnie Whatley, Linebacker, 189, Junior; 10 — John Mc- Clendon, Quarterback, 170, Freshman; 21 — Lyndon Collingsworth, Safety, 165, Freshman; 22— Tommy Wallis, Halfback, 178, Fresh- man; 53 — Danny Bogue, Linebacker, 190, Freshman; 86 — Carter Perry, End, 185, Freshman; 54 — Gary Silvey, Center, 207, Sopho- more; 81 — Mace Morris, End, 187, Sophomore. Fifth Row: 85 — Chester Wroten, End,. 163, Freshman; 82 — Louis Richard, End, 188, Senior: 46 — Billy Wiggins, Cornerback, 169, Freshman; 33 — Russ Gielow. End, 230, Junior; 64 — Kenny Ferro, Guard, 208, Junior; 73 — Walter Edler, Tackle. 206, Freshman; 11 — Malcolm Lewis, Quarterback, 194, Senior; 89— Shelly Dickie, End, 204, Junior; 78 — Paul Alonzo, Tackle, 235, Junior. 308 1967-8 Demons L - ,» SCHEDULE P NSC 49 Hanover NSC NSC 55 21 Louisiana College Northeast 6 ■ 14 NSC 28 Navy 16 NSC 7 La. Tech NSC 20 Troy State 28 NSC 7 McNeese 21 NSC 24 USL 9 NSC 14 Southeastern 26 Coach Gene Knecht, Coach John Thompson, Coach John Ropp. Coach Dug Garrel, and Head Coach Glenn Gosset. Seated: Trainers Clay Harper and John Porshe. Standing: Man- agers John McKen?ie, Barry Bacon. George Jackson. 3°9 Demon Award: Gerald Malley, Middle Guard. Most Valuable Player: Vic Nyvall, Halfback. mSbuAtotib £ Scholastic Award: Don Durham. Defensive Line Award: Lester Latino, Linebacker. Defensive Back Award: David Smith, Cornerback. Awards At the end of every season, the Demon Football Squad is honored at the Annual Awards Banquet. At this time, the most outstanding players of the season are recognized by awards for their achievements. ;io Offensive Back Awaid: Donald Guidry, Quarterback. Offensive Line Award: Randy Broadnax, Center. Knockdown Award : Kenny Ferro, Offensive Guard. Most Tackles: Gerald Malley, Middle Guard. Ill NSC 49 STATISTICS Hanover NSC Hanover First Downs 20 11 Yards Rushing 272 77 Yards Passing 200 103 Total Yards 472 180 Passes 9 12 13 26 Punts 2 16 3 26 Passes Intercepted by 1 Fumbles Lost 2 0 Yards Penalized SCORING 90 93 NSC— Callans, 4 Run (Kick Failed) NSC— Lewis, 35 Field Goal NSC — Richard, 17 Pass From Lewis (Run Failed) NSC— Nyvall, 43 Run (Lewis Kick) NSC — Mott, 18 Pass From Lewis (Lewis Kick) NSC— Nyvall, 78 Pass From Guidry (Lewis Kick) NSC— Gielow, 7 Pass From Pool (Creel Kick) NSC— Green, 10 Run (Kick Failed) Demons Danny Bogue 53, Walter Edler 73, and Randy Brodnax put the stopper on a tough Hanover back . . . Hanover ' s Quarterback is stopped by an overwhelming desire to win by Jimrme W l-i- Danny Bogue 53, and David Collinsworth 21, put the stopper on a sandwiched Wildcat . . . Jimmie Woods knocks the ball out of the hands of Louisiana College ' s Quarterback as Dor Durham moves in for some of the action . . . NSC 55 La. College 6 STATISTICS NSC La. College First Downs 20 14 Fards Rushing 410 108 Yards Passing 69 185 Total Yards 479 294 Passes 5 11 12 27 Punts 3 47 6 36.1 Passes Intercepted By 2 Fumbles Lost 3 2 Yards Penalized SCORING 77 25 NSC— Nyvall, 73 Punt Return (Lewis Kick i NSC— Fresh, 2 Run (Lewis Kick NSC— Fresh, 3 Run (Lewis Kick) NSC— Callens, 3 Run (Lewis Kick) NSC — Guidry, 2 Run (Lewis Kick) NSC— Mayfield, 9 Run (Run Failed) NSC— Green , 63 Run (Run Failed) L.C.— Smith, 2 Run (Run Failed) NSC — McClcndon, 39 Run (McClendon Passes to Green) 3 3 Donald Guidry 16, looks for a hole in the Indian line NSC 21 Northeast 14 First Downs Yards Rushing Yards Passing Total Yards Passes Punts Passes Intercepted by Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized STATISTICS NSC Northeast 17 11 179 85 60 68 239 153 6 14 8 16 4 38.2 7 36.1 2 2 5 1 1 0 75 80 SCORING NSC — Mott, 7 Pass From Lewis (Lewis Kick! NLSC— Profit. 6 Run (Blake Kick) NSC— Nyvall, 81 Punt Return (Lewis Kick) NSC— Guidry. 1 Run (Lewis Kick) NLSC— Reisis, 5 Run (Blake Kick) The Indian defense stunned by N.S.C. ' s Don Guidry as he gallops for big yardage. Demons Randy Tate 35, Phillip Cretl 79, and Kenny Ferro 64, move m to close gap on Nary QB... Alivyn Phillips moves around the Navy defense It ' s another first down for the Demons at Alwyn Phillips move toward the goalline . . . NSC 28 Pensacola Navy 16 STATISTICS NSC Navy First Downs 19 15 Yards Rushing 214 89 Yards Passing 78 123 Total Yards 320 212 Passes 5 11 12 31 Punts 5 31.8 4 33.5 Passes Intercepted by 2 2 Fumbles Lest 3 2 3 2 Yards Penalized 61 SCORING NAVY— Ward, 24 Field Goal NSC Phillips. 13 Pass From Lewis (Creel Kick NSC — Mott, 5 Pass From Guidry (Creel Kick NSC Lewis, 5 Rut- Creel Kick NAVY Repp. 3 Pass From Ward (Ward Kick NSC— Phillips, 8 Run Creel Kick NAVY- Nelson. 1 Run (Kick Failed 3 X 5 NSC 7 La. Tech STATISTICS NSC Tech First Downs 25 11 Yards Rushing 385 31 Yards Passing 30 131 Total Yards 388 162 Passes 3 10 13 21 Punts 5 35.8 6 38.8 Passes Intercepted by Fumbles Lost 2 0 4 4 Yard " . Penalized 80 35 Don Guidry 16, begins a drive behind the blocking of Gil Gilson 31 , and Dare Centanni 65 . . . Dun Guidry 16, finds another hole up the middle as Callens 23, Melvin Johnston 51, Steve Gaspard 80, and Don Mayfield 47, lead the way . . . SCORING NSC— Mayfield, 1 Run (Lewis Kick) Bulldog run , into a wall of Demons. 3 6 M$i_ll ■»■ 1 •- ■ N.S.C. Offense moves into action ' against Troy State during Home- coming . . . NSC 20 Troy State 28 STAT ISTICS NSC Troy First Downs 22 23 Yards Rushing 160 126 Yards Passing 132 318 Total Yards 192 444 Passes 10 25 23 35 Punts 4 37.3 1 42.0 Passes Intercepted by 2 1 Fumbles Lost 2 1 1 Yards Penalized 60 65 SCORING TROY— Hiens, 2 Run (Kick Blocked | NSC. — Nyvall, 7 Pass From Guidry (Lewis Kick TROY— Yeager, 12 Pass From Byrd (Moore Kick) NSC— Nyvall, 1 Run (Lewis Kick i TROY— Yeager, 11 Pass From Byrd (Grant Pass From Byrd TROY— Hendrick, 15 Pass From Byrd (Moore Kick) NSC— Wroten, 29 Pass From Guidry (Try for 2 points failed) Troy State ' s halfback runs into trouble as he is hit by Demon ' s Dick Concilio 36. Gerald M alley 68. and Randy Tate 35 . . . Coach Gossett confers on the sideline; with a player. NSC 7 McNeese 21 STATISTICS NSC First Downs 15 Yards Rushing 133 Yards Passing 133 Total Yards 266 Passes 8 23 Punts 4 38.2 Passes Intercepted by 2 Fumbles Lost 2 1 Yards Penalized 5 McNeese 14 180 76 256 4 11 4 41.2 1 2 2 5 SCORING McN — Simon, 1 Run (Moon Kick) MSC— Nyvall, 1 Run (Lewis Kick) McN— Whatley, 91 Kickoff Return (Moon Kick) McN — Kidden, 7 Pass From Bourgrais (Moon Kick) Gielow makes shreds of McNeese tackles as he moves toward the goal line. 3 l8 Demon Nyvall breaks Bulldog tackle as he heads for the goal line. NSC 24 USL9 STATISTICS First Downs 16 15 Yards Rushing 252 95 Yards Passing 197 97 Total Yards 449 192 Passes 14 28 11 32 Punts 6 40.0 7 38.6 Passes Intercepted by 2 1 Fumbles Lost 2 1 5 1 Yards Penalized 149 25 A USL ball carrier is stopped by two Demons. SCORING USL— Pendergra t. 39 Field Goal NSC— Nyvall, 75 Run | Lewis Kick NSC — Gaspard, 34 Pass From Guidry Lewis Kick USL— Barton, 4 Run (Run Filled XSC — Nyvall. 5 Pass From Guidry L wis Kick NSC -Lewis. 26 Field Goal USL ball carrier caught by a Dem n despite pressure from an offensive blocker. 3 9 NSC 14 Southeastern 26 STATISTICS First Downs Yards Rushing Yards Passing Total Yards Passes Punts 16 207 125 332 " 12 23 7 38.3 19 209 137 346 9 20 3 38.3 Passes Intercepted by Fumbles Lost Yards Penalized 2 3 1 114 3 4 2 42 SCORING NSC— Guidry, 1 Run (Lewis Kick) NSC— Gilson, 13 Run (Lewis Kick i SLC— Brewer. 4 Run (Short Kick) SLC— Arbor, 5 Pass (Kick Failed | SLC— Brewer. 4 Run (Kick Failed) SLC— Brewer. 7 Run (Kick Failed) Demon teammates discuss the game during a break. Barry Fresh moves the pigskin through fine Demon blocking. No 68, Gerald Malley, and 63, Bull Durham, look forward to a glass of cool water. « , I mma Basketball 3 ii Demon Basketball Name Position Height Weight Class Wayne Lee G 5- 10 170 Junior Allen Posey G 6- 2 170 Fieshman Jimmy Stewart F 6- 4 180 Freshman Ronald Hauorth F 6- 3 145 Freshman David Pipes C 6- 5 170 Fieshman Jim Kiajefska F 6- 3 190 Freshman Johnny Jancse G 6- 1 190 Freshman Douglas Watts G 3- 10 165 Sophomore Peter Gray G 6- 2 180 Junior Jim Peffer G 6- 1 185 Sophomore Jerry Masters F 6- 3 195 Sophomore Odis Faust F 6- 5 195 Junior Ronnie Morris F 5- 6 185 Sophomore James Wyatt C 6- 5 185 Junior Robert Willett C 5- 5 185 Junior Andrew Marusak F 6- 3 177 Freshman Bill Ragland G 6- 3 180 Junior Don Ashworth G 6- 165 Sophomore Sheeter Henry G 6- 170 Junior 111 Basketball The 1967-68 Demon Basketball Squad, coached by Tynes Hildebrand and assisted by Don Beasley, was truly one of greatness, although not one of the best in Demon history. The Northwestern State College Demon quintet recorded an over-all record of 13-11 season slate and 6-6 G.S.C. record. The Demons have been lead this season by the outstanding playing of James Wyatt, Peter Gray, Doug Watts and Odis Faust. Coach Don Beasley Coach Tynes Hildebrand Trainer, Mr. Christian 3 3 NSC In a year which undoubtedly ranks as the most productive yet in NSC ' s great history — thanks to added facilities and the largest enrollment ever — Demon basketball had to take a back seat to nothing where outstanding achievement was concerned. We salute the Demons and Coach Tynes Hildebrand for giving Northwestern State basketball a position of respect " among foes and pride among followers. ?T I ►—IT -1- y James Wyatt comes off the backboard with another rebound with - A help from Jerry Masters. ' Odis Faust ties a Colonel. Peter Gray flics through the air. Wayne Lee 3 5 Wayne Lee breaks clear to score. With the return of three of last year ' s starters and ten lettermen, the 1967-68 Northwestern State College Demon Basketball Team started with high hopes. Coach Tynes Hilde- brand, assisted by Freshman Coach Donald Beasley, produced a high-quality team with winning ability. But the Demons found the hardwood competition rough going all the way, often hitting slumps which would cause them to lose several games before winning one. Jim Peffer in a scramble for the rebound against Tech. Coordination is the key to basketball. To pass or not to pass! Peter Gray, Guard. 4 DEMON BASKETBALL NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC Ronnie Norris, Forward. 95 Georgia Southern 102 108 Univ. of Southern Mississippi 120 102 Springhill College 76 93 Houston Baptist 81 90 Southeastern Louisiana 91 69 Stephen F. Austin 78 87 Texas Lutheran 74 101 Centenary College 106 58 McNeese 93 1 4 Jerry Masters taps one in in the midst of rallying opposition. NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC 104 87 82 103 91 87 99 86 114 97 79 91 115 97 83 Northeast State Louisiana Tech Univ. of Southwestern Louisiana College Nicholls Univ. of Southern Mississippi Southeastern Louisiana McNeese Northeast State Louisiana Tech Univ. of Southwestern Nicholls Houston Baptist Centenary Louisiana College 99 97 128 75 77 101 89 99 111 89 92 85 75 95 107 3x8 Baseball and Track 3 9 First Row: Kenny Reed, Robert Johnson, Tom Ward, Trippy Weaver. Bill Flores, Eddie Thompkins. Second Row: Robert Het- rick, Robert Anglin, Grady Rhodes, James Gilmon, John King, Danny Bob Turner. Third Row: Jack Clayton, Chuck Harmon, Monroe Thompson. Terry Alario, Wayne Jowcrs, Ed Hartficld, Mike Herron, Charles Soileau. Robbie Robinson. Fourth Row: Gary Schouest, Leroy Husser, Harry Wilmore, Jackie Lewis, Dea- con Lewis, Don Shields, Ronald Dupree. Catchers — James Gilmon, Grady Rhodes, and John King. 1968 Demon Baseball The 1968 Demon Baseball squad, with a national ranking and a 1967 GSC title, showed much promise of winning the 1968 GSC Title. The return of ALL-GSC pitcher Deacon Lewis and Lettermen Terry Alario. Wayne Jowers, and Don Shields proved a boost to the team. The Demon ' s pitching staff was undoubtedly marked one of the best in Demon history. Also, returning to the team to give the Demon ' s another advantage are: Mike Herron, Danny Bob Turner, and Harry Wilmore. They gave the fans something to watch as they approached the plate with their fine batting exhibitions. To add to the many attributes of the Demons are freshmen Trippy Weaver, Grady Rhodes, and Ken Reed. 33° Pitchers — Seated: Wayne Jowers, Ed Hartfield, Terry Alario, Eddie Thomp- kins, and Gary Schouest. Standing: Robert Anglin, Jackie Lewis, Deacon Lewis, Don Shields. Deacon Lewis Batter gets another fine hit. 331 Returning Lettermen — Seated: Leroy Husser, Ed Hartfield, Terry Alario, Danny Turner, and Mike Herron. Standing: Monroe Tompkins, Harry Wilmore, Shields, Chuck Soileau. Jackie Lewis, Deacon Lewis, Dor Demon catcher goes thiough workout. Outfielders — Monroe Tompkins. Leroy Husser, Harry Wilmore, Mike Her- ron. and Bill Flores. 33 ' Infielders — Seated: Robert Johnson. Tom Ward, Chuck Harmon, Trippy Weaver, Kenny Reed. Standing: Leroy Husser, Bob Het- rick, Ron Dupree, Chuck Soilcau, Danny Bob Turner. Mike Herron Danny Bob Turner 333 Track Coach John Thompson ' s spirited group of Demons have worked since early in the fall semester. This year ' s team consists largely of freshmen and newcomers. Some of the returning members of last year ' s team are Paul Tru- man, Melvin Burlett, and Dick Brook whom the Demons largely depended upon this year. Coach Thompson ' s high hopes for some of this year ' s freshmen talent, including Gary Posey, were fulfilled. High Jump, Tommy Wilson ;-■ »aa ' •• Spring Relay — Gary Posey, Doug Cook. Dick Brook, Leroy Sutton, Melvin Burlet. Broad Jump — Joseph LaRoue and Dane D ' Avy. 334 ton i L n m T Sh A ' a ' , Dane D ' Avy ' J° se P h LaRoue - Leroy Sut- ton, Buddy Durbm, P.cket Walther. Standing: Larry Reed, Dick Brook, Knute Anderson, Dou Cook, Gary Posey, Melvin Burlet Mile Relay-L rry Kees, Dick Brook, Buddy Durbin, Le roy Sutton. 335 Demons competed all year round on the indoor track. Larry Kees Gary Posey jumps to lead at the S ' -Club Indoor Track Meet. Tulane pole vaulter reaches the 15 foot mark. ASU and the Demons run I and 2 at the N-Club Meet. Each year at NSC, the " N " Club sponsor ' s their annual indoor track meet held in Prather Coliseum. This year two records were established while another was tied with only one being broken. In the High jump, three jumpers reached the old record of 6 ' 6 " but failed in the final jump in which Jesse White soared to the new record of 6 ' 9 " . The second record was set when Jim Camhout reeled off a 1:56.6 in the 880-yard run, breaking the old mark of 1:56.4 University of Houston trackster takes the long leap. 338 Gymnastics 339 Front Row: Bob Hermann, Bob Carreiro, David Bedard, John Ellas. Richard Loyd, Jack Crawford. Second Row: Coach Armado Vega, Tommy Pocas, Jerry Wang, Jerry Ante, Doug Brown, Joe Williamson, Steve Weber, Richard Wadsack, Jay Biggs. Demon Gymnastics Richard Loyd executes a split on prommelled horse. The 1967-68 Gymnastics Team is still one of the best in the history of NSC. The Demons have a high national rank- ing and a good chance for winning the NAIA and National AAU championships again this year. They have already com- peted in several nationally ranked meets this season only to be out-scored once by Southern Illinois. The more outstanding of the team members this year are Richard Loyd, Richard Wadsack, Dave Bedard, and John Ellas. Coach Armado Vega, in his first year at the helm for the Demons, after three years as coach of the Mexican National Team. The Demon mentor was a member of the 1956, 1960, and 1964 U.S. Olympic teams and gained All- American honors while leading Penn State to three national champion- ships in 1957, 1958, and 1959. 34° i H ci8iui Demon gymnast goes through routine on prommelled horse. Richard Loyd dismounts from the prommelled horse. 34 1 Demon ' s John Ellas demonstrates a scale during a floor exer- cise. Richard Solas gives pointers to an enthusiast. Having returned with a victory in the Mid-South Meet, the Demon gymnasts journeyed to Fort Hayes, Kansas, in an attempt to repeat at NAIA National champions. The Demons performed well despite the absence of Richard Loyd and Bob Herman, who were preparing for this year ' s North America championships held in Toronto, Canada. Loyd is a member of a six-man United States team per- forming against representatives from Canada, Mexico, and Cuba. According to Demon Coach Vega, Loyd is also a likely candidate for the 1968 Summer Olympics. Coach Armando Vega was chosen as one of the two gymnastic judges for the United States in the 1968 Olympics. John Ellas competes on prommelled horse at the National AAU Meet. Bob Herman was one of the gymnastics who represented NSC in the National AAU meet this year. The Demon gymnasts who won the NAIA title for 1967 are: Bob Herman, Richard Wadsack, Boh Carreiro, Dave Bedard, Coach Fred Martinez, Jerry Wang. Richard Salas, Fred Robles, Richard Loyd, and John Ellas. Richard Loyd Steve Weber John Ellas goes through stretching exercises. Richard Wadsack looks on as teammate goes through routine. 344 . hatf Individual Sports 345 Golf First Row: Jeff Brown, Rex Durham, and Mike Donaldson. Second Row: Coach Donald Beasley, Chris Baird, Bill Chaney, Larry Ross, Jimmy Black. Coach Don Beasley and his Demon Hnksters had one of the best seasons experienced by NSC golfers. This year the Demons posted more lettermen on the line with experience and capability to back a strong race for the GSC crown. With the fine playing by seniors Bill Chaney, Larry Ross, and Chris Baird, the Demon Team posted a fine season record. Larry Ross :d _ Bill Chaney 346 Kneeling: Danny Sullivan, Bruce McNeal, Jim Genovess, Ken Cochran. Standing: Coach Layman, Scottie Scott, Steve Eshneault, Ray Jackson, Phil Richards. NSC Tennis Northwestern ' s Tennis Team coached by Joseph Layman was prepared for one of its best seasons in its GSC history. This year ' s team included returners Buster Nail, Ray Jack- son, Steve Eshneault, and Scottie Scott. Other members who faced action this year were Jimmy Genonese, Phil Richards, Ken Cochran and, helping to backbone the Demon ' s top six players, Dean Smith. Buster Nail Afc uLi J ■ f f Coach Layman demonstrates correct backhand. 347 Tommy Joivers demonstrates press. Bill Dean Steve Miller Weight Lifting The NSC weight lifting team, in its second organized year, had a full schedule this season. It started in early April with the Novice Olympic Weightlifting championships for mem- bers of the team who have never competed in weightlifting before. Next, the Demon lifters traveled to USL for the Junior Novice AAU Championships and later to the National Col- legiate NAIA title competition in March. This year ' s weightlifting team consists of such athletes as Steve Miller, who placed second to the Number One lifter in the nation at the New Orleans Christmas Invitational meet. 348 Richard Jowers demonstrates a squat. Kneeling: Richard Jowers, Bill Dean, Ronnie Hooper. Standing: CoacH Vega, Tom Halliburton, Steve Miller. Ricky Howard, Glenn Taylor, Tommy Jowers. Ricky Howard Paddle Ball — Ronald Roy, first place; Danny Bob Turner, second place. Intramurals The Department of Health and Physical Education, in order to establish for the male student some kind of com- petitive and recreational activity, formed the intramural sports program. This program was set up mainly for the male students who are not involved in the Varsity sports. Yes, Ken Stephens bags more food for the cafeteria. ■!£■■ j E | Em X H 1 ,ij K- ' f « M 1 ty. P Fi « floio: Mike Hcrron, Mike Woodruff, Ronald G. Walker, Steve Miller. Second Row: Jerry Kemp. Whit Creech, John Kelly, Jackie Lewis. Joe Jackson. 350 Pi Kappa Phi runs for the goal line. Mike Hyball beats George Younger for intramural points. Kappa Sigma — Kneeling: Luke Thomas, DeWaync Wicks. Chuck Thomas. Tom Giles. Standing: Larry Rivers, Dan Walsh, Foster Campbell, Mike Johnson. Winston Bolinger. 35 1 Epilogue 35 " And that was the year that was — 1968. As your Editor, I wish to thank all the members of the 1968 POTPOURRI staff for all their hard work and patience in compiling BU year ' s book. If, by glancing through the preceding pages in years to come, at least some of the personality that was NSC 1968 can be revived and memories recalled, then our woik has been successful. For that is what a yearbook is. It is a personal account of events and activities that occurred during that year, and it is the hope of the Potpourri staff that this account in some wav touches on that one reason for making this year unique for you. Pat Bales, Editor 1968 POTPOURRI ■ I ' Sex 1; MCM

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