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19 6 4 EDITOR: PATRICIA COOPER ASSOC. ED.: JOHN WEFFENSTETTE BUSINESS MGR.: STEVE BLOUN ' POTPOURRI This book belongs to you, the students of Northwestern. It is an account of your campus ac- tivities during the past year. Nat- urally, it is impossible for us to cover every facet of your college life, but we hope that now, and in the future, you may fondly thumb through this book, recall- ing many pleasant memories. A.SOMS NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA IN THE VERY BEGINNING There was a wonderland wilderness, covered with virgin forests, thriving in fertile untilled soil. Nature was generous with her bounteous gifts on this hill, and a spot of lasting beauty was created after years of earth building. It was into this mystical land that the white man first ventured in 1714. On the banks of the Red River a settlement was established — the first in the land which would later be a part of the great Louisiana Purchase. The colony of Natchitoches endured and in time became a thriving community, a focal point for busi- nessmen and traders. As the need arose, churches and schools were established. As the quest for education moved into Natchitoches, a group of soft-spoken nuns established the Convent of the Sacred Heart in 1856. The land which they acquired was a part of the old Bullard Mansion, built in the 1830 ' s. The progress of the academy was shattered with the onset of the Civil War, and in 1875 the school was abandoned. In 1884 the Louisiana State Normal College was established on these same grounds. The initial aim of the school was to prepare students for teaching in the public schools of Louisiana. This scope was eventually broadened and in 1944 the name of the institution was changed to Northwestern State College of Louisiana. Just exactly what is a college? Probably to each of us it has had various meanings at different times in our lives. Perhaps while in grammar school or col-lcgc (kol ' ij), n. (L. collegium, community, »ociety, guild, fraternity) 1. institution of higher learning that gives de- grees. 2. Am. the academic department of a university for general instruction, as distinguished from the special, profes- sional, of graduate schools. 3. Am. school for special or pro- fessional instruction, as in medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, or music. 4. Am. organized association of persons having certain powers, rights, duties, and purposes. 5. building or buildings used by a college. m we junior high, thought of college as merely a place for which an older brother or sister departed each fall. Upon reaching senior high we begin to look to the future and examine the possi- bilities of a college ed- ucation. We realize that job opportunities and chance for success are greatly improved if we have a college degree included in our agenda of qualifica- tions. And so upon graduation, finances per- mitting, we march off to one of the hun- dreds of colleges or universities throughout the nation. But to the students of Northwestern this is not just one of many schools — it is our school. To many it is our home — a place to live, learn, and love. At first glance, few people have any conception of what Northwestern, or col- lege itself will mean to them. The freshman year is spent primarily in just getting into the swing of things. Orientation, rush parties, and the Tech game help us to get acquainted with college life. On the surface we jokingly com- plain about the dormitories, food in the " chow " hall, and the " nutty " profes- sors, but inwardly we feel the beginnings of a deep sense of pride in our school — its heritage, reminiscent of long ago — and its modern program for expansion, ever striving for progress in the future. Yes, Northwestern is a remarkable institution, and we stand eagerly upon the threshold of knowledge she has opened for us. But all of the benefits reaped here will not come from books, for we are also learning how to live and work with oth ers as an adult. This is the world of the Northwestern student. The student ' s primary purpose at Northwestern is to gain an education. The desire for knowledge burns within him. It can be sensed in the air — in the scat- tered conversation on the way to classes . . . in the busy hum of voices in the cafeteria. It spurs heated discussions over a calculus problem or debate over an English novel. It is present in the noises and odors of lab or in the sound of children ' s voices as they play. The search for knowledge causes him to ask questions, to seek out answers and explanations. Northwestern exists for the student. The development of his intellect is her primary concern. It is here in her library, in her classrooms, in the labs, that he acquires knowledge and an understanding of life. A. sous Each student through his zest for life, reflects the vividness of his person- ality. He is constructive and creative, v elcoming challenges, winning games, set- ting records. He loves life; how he does what he does is the color in living. He is the spirit of Northwestern: at a football game, with flushed face and flashing eyes, filled with excitement, brimming with enthusiasm; at a basket- u, iame , cheermg „. THE NORTHWESTERN STUDENT WHO IS HE? self hoarse, throbbing with hope, hushed with suspense, elated with vic- tory. Living is experienc- ing the rush of emo- tions at a sports contest, the early morning walk to classes in the rain, the laughter and confusion at the post office. The Northwestern student likes to do uncommon things and to be on his own in something new and interesting. Realizing the need for ma turity and enjoying the feeling of adulthood, with wonder and expectation he looks to the future and the life it holds. WE ENTER NOW A PERIOD OF TRANSITION AND DEVELOPMENT When the student arrives at Northwestern, there is a new way of life waiting for him. First he gets accustomed to life in the dormitory. He selects his major field of interest and begins his active pursuit of a vocation. He makes new friends and each day is exposed to new views and attitudes on different subjects, thus broadening his scope of knowledge and understanding. Years at Northwestern develop in the student a capacity for self respect, a concern for his fellow man, a loyalty to his school and country, and a clear conception of life ' s values. His maturing of character reveals itself in lasting friendships, trust and integrity. All of these experiences contribute to mold him into a mature individual, and prepare him for his place in society. CONTENTS Administration 35 Features 49 Classes 83 Athletics 161 Military 205 Greeks 213 Activities 233 Organizations 261 DEDICATION Eighty years of countless students have " entered to learn — left to serve. " For decades in the future students will come for this same purpose. It is to these we dedicate the 1964 Potpourri. To those who have passed down the college ' s corridors of learning pausing briefly to grasp her wisdom and ideals, contributing to her growth and leaving to enter another phase of their life. To those present who seek to achieve her purpose and work ardently that those to come may profit. During the years spent at her fountains of knowledge come the cherished memories which linger on to become a part of the tradition of our College. Unconsciously they leave their hap- piness and heartache, their mode of dress, new fads and expressions, the latest song and dance. Faces and names will grow dim with time but small memories and the spirit of those who come ever linger somewhere inside her walls. The men of the earliest year join hands with the students of today to accept this dedication. With only the sprawling buildings, streets, and campus the college could not have grown, but her students have instilled in her the breath of life in years past, present, and in the years to come. This book is rightfully dedicated to the students, the life of Northwestern. The world of the Northwestern stu- dent is a colorful and varying one. He is the would-be scientist, on his way to perform an experiment . . . or the scholar, hurrying to a class in world literature. ■■■■• m i •v His is J n-orld filled with the wonder and glory of nature, in tune uncensortd . . . and the modern buildings of brick and concrete, se- curely poised on the threshold of progress. i the fun and excitement of j homecoming i ictory . . . and the sudden realization that we are merely prod- ucts of the times in which we live. What we make of today determines our future tomorrow. With the warm glow of Christmas lights comes the holiday spirit, hut the desire to continue this spirit and fellowship should pro ail throughout the whole year. OK fellows, let ' s give out with the old school spirit. REGISTRATION. FOOTBALL. RUSH But. I didn ' t want an Saturday classes The (all always bring) to Northwest- ern a different body of students which give " new life " to the Vacant huildings and grounds. The college ealcnd.u hiljjhn with orientation activities for the " lost look- ing " freshmen, followed shortly by so- roritv and fraternity rush in the midst f traditional football activities. Tli ' s season for everyone is a busy and exciting time . Alumni renew ties of loyalty to their alma mater The town - pOOplo, after a !a . quiet summer. welcome the new BCtivitj created by students l ' | | erclan- men leturn to campus happy to see old friends, and 11 M anxious as freshmen to find what the coming year holds In atore for them The facultv and administration return to their " routine " work which most often is anything but routine The freshmen, at this time, en- ter an unknown world which present! a challenge to each of them to find or make .1 place for themselves as el 1 1 .-• and students of Northwestern Higher Sam, higher! " DeFEET " . . Never! " Welcome to the AZA House. " " Wish I didn ' t have so much work to do! " THE THRILLS OF AUTUMN Sure is great to be together again! IV l 4l- hh x _ " x ni ' tl flfc- ' ' r fl . r 4 ' • _ HttAi f flji 1 JBBHBHHMI ff . i- 5» ' ML ' • " " ■i r i ' Just who dc c that freshman think h - is ' Mother tola me there ' d he da like this ' I want to ask her out. hut I know she ' ll turn me down. " Well, it was a ood try anyway. " 4 SO THIS IS COLLEGE ' Activity, excitement, confusion, anxiety, homesick- ness . . . are all part of the fall atmosphere created as students mix and mingle: find new friends and engage in new activities. After critically viewing the pr • and the " superior upperclassmen, " freshmen soon aban- don preconceived notions about college life; and they proceed to establish their place and exert their influence in our great student body. V " HEY, how about taking my picture? " Humph . . . just as I suspected, I see him helping her into the car. " " Hey girls! Better put those shades down. " " No thanks, I ' d rather take pictures of myself. " " Bobby, what did you put in this 7 -up ' t-5 e whok fatn i unu n FOOTBALL . . That ' s right. Mrs. Hendrick. get him in the rihs! Thr team selected this Ideality to ho their queen. ' " How noble of on Joe ... to leave the Beatles just to rheer for NSC ' A FEVER ON CAMPUS What ' s football without bonfires and floats? ' Us DEMONS train young. " D — E — M — ONS I V •Maybe they rant hear me, Joe, but they sure can see " Now when I was a cheerleader me " Wish the parade would hurry . the sun is in our n. " B.P., are you practicinji for cheerleader ir outs? iS THE BIG WEEKEND Here comes NSC ' s most loyal fan! " You were great, honey. " M I r New to NSC this rar . the Saturda -niRht hootenam . V 5» As the big rush and excitement of fall lessen, a change of activity may b« noticed over campus. Out of the crowds, students scatter among various smaller groups or organizations through which they can de- velop new interests or renew old interests. STUDENT LIFF. Some students prefer " intellectual " entertainment. Now what were we discussing? Oh yes, Hl ' RRICAM B " Bab . for J ou I ' ll play anything! " 3° ' Shake it out, baby! " " I have your name, but what ' s your phone number? " ON AND OFF CAMPUS " Yes, cross my heart. " ' Thought you weren ' t ticklish. " Who says we can ' t have our own hootenany? 3 SOCIAL LIFE i TT " Sure was a great game . Now where would you girls like to There were new " twists " to learn. Please. ma I ha e this dance? ' Bah , what you haven ' t got ON CAMPUS you don ' t need! " Is this the way you do it? " Claude always makes up his own twist. Wake up, Maureen, you ' re missing all the fun! 33 IT ' y fk f s ■ . j •■• ' ■ . .%». ft mffi ■ ' ■ • ' -V- 1 " " , :.v " ' -• p- » a MINISTRATION k WJJM.u PRESIDENT We learn from our Potpourri that students of North- western State College work and play with vim and good humor. The visual record of the years proves that many forms of our college life have changed greatly. We operate in a new social order. One outstanding aspect of this is the unprecedented provi- sion of opportunities by others. Let us resolve that we shall be WOtthy oi this goodness by achieving standards of excel- lence that will bring joy to our benefactors, respect from even our detractors, and above all growth of that quiet inner strength of self without which no man or woman really lives. Jfc U ti 3 SYLVAN W NELK UN- Dean of Administration LEONARD NICHOLS Dean of Men ADMINISTRATIVE DEANS DUDLEY G. FULTON Director of Student Relations LUCILLE M HENDRICK Dean of Women 38 LEO T. ALBRITTEN Dean of Graduate School and Dean of Instruction ETTA A. HINCKER Dean of the School of Nursing JOHN A. JONES Dean of the School of Education ACADEMIC DEANS GEORGE A. STOKES Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences DAVID TOWNSEND Dean of the School of Applied Arts and Sciences 39 OTIS CREW Registrar LONETA GRAVES Auditor THOMAS HENNIGAN Director of Audio Visual Service Center TANDY W. McELWEE Director of Testing Service GENIE QUINN A.-v-istant to the Dean of Women ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES EARL C COULON ctmg Director of News Bureau HAL TOWNSEND Director of Men ' s Housing WELDON WALKER Purchasing Agent JOE WEBB Alumni and Placement Secretary DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Left to Right: Melvin Stevens, Ralph Fell, Hal Townsend. RALPH FELL DEPARTMENT HEADS AND FACULITY Standing, Left to Right: Orville Hanchey, James C. Thorn, Howard Hull. DEPARTMENT OF ART ORVILLE HANCHEY DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY Left to Right: Dr. Paul J. Thompson, Dr. Rene Bienvenu. Not Pictured: Dr. Varley Young. RENE BIENVENU DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY W G ERWIN DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS N B. MORRISON First Row, Left to Right: Mrs Willia Dean Hamby, Dr. Ruth Bruner. Mrs. Judy Boone, Mrs. Janell Rue, Mrs. Christene McPherson. Second Row. I eft to Right: H. N. Towry. Jr., C. R. McPherson. N. B. Morrison, C. R Fletcher Third Row. Left to Right: Joseph W. Johnson, Robert H. Ea-U-y. W.ivne Robbins. W. J. Pardue. David Townsend. DEPARTMENT HEADS AND FACULTY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY CAESAR B MOODY Seated. Left to Right: Dr Caesar B. Moody, Dr. Lisso R. Simmons, Mrs. Mildred H. Bailey. Dr. M.irv Jo Harris. Dr. Raymond A. McCov, Dr. John B. Robson. Stand- ing. Left to Right: Dr George A. Kemp, Dr William F. Beyer, Jr.. Dr John A Jones, Kenneth U. Hackney, Dr. John E Morrow, Robert M. Oswald, Dr. W. Avery Philp Not Pictured: Dr. Leo T. Allbritten. Dr Tandy Mc-Klwee. Dr. Leonard Fow- ler. Seated, Left to Right: Allen Bonnette, Dr. Duane S. Slaughter, Dr. Charles Thomas, John Marcinko, Paul C. Marx, Dr. Robert Alost. Standing, Left to Right: Mrs. Peggy W. Martain, Dr. Colleen Nelken, Mrs. Melba O ' Quinn, Dr. Guy Nesom, Dr. Violet Davion, Mrs. Jewel Richie, Miss Joyce Hillard. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION GUY NESOM DEPARTMENT HEADS AND FACULTY Standing, Left to Right: Ruby S. Dunkelman, Francis F. Halm, Marie S. Dunn, Mar- garet W. Ackel. Seated: Mary Ester Roberson. DEPARTMENT OF HOME ECONOMICS RUBY DUNCKELMAN DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION » eft to Right: Walter J. Robinson, Tommy Dunagan, Walter Weffenstette, Robert Hammond, Dwayne Gilbert, Charles Wommack, Thomas Jordan. WALTER J. ROBINSON DEPARTMENT OF I ANGUAGES First Row. Lcfl to Kiuht: II n Nesom, Dr. Edna West, Miss Carol Johnson. ICtS Ellis Marie V Bettyi H Kfalg, Mrs Corinne M Kyland. Second Row, Lcfl i " Right: lira Marie Fletcher, lira Ora Williams. Miss Jimmic Carol Still. Ml-s Eve Mouton. Mrs Olsa Webber. Miss Amy J. Sparks. Mrs Marv M Mc- Eniry. Mrs Mildred L Corl. Third Row. Uft to Right: Frank M il C Coulon. Waldo Dunnington. Joseph Pittman, Eh-. W. A. Tornwall, E. M. Webber. maam W. A. TORNWALL DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY SCIENCE EUGENE WATSON Standing. Left to Right: Louis Germany. Claire H. Greene, Lucille T. Carnahan, Olive L Roberts, Robert L Cain. Eleanor Hollis, Ruth Swinson, Donald N. Mac- Kinzic Seated: Dr. Watson. Not Pictured: {Catherine Bridges. DEPARTMENT HEADS AND FACULTY DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS s.atcd. Left to Right: Mrs. Barbara T. Yeates, Miss Kathleen Bailey, Mrs. Vera G Raw-son FirM Row: Dr. William E. Timon, Jr., G. Edwin Miller, Sam W. Shelton. Second Row: Thomas Boone. Russell Whittinirton, Jr . Bobby Waldron. Clint Pine M W E TIMON. JR DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE COL. LEE JAMES Front Row, Left to Right: Sgt. Perry Lyman, Col. Lee James. Back Row, Left to Right: Sgt. John Marcum, Sgt. Wanel Brister, Sgt. Edgar Odom, Sgt. Elmer Mc- Bride, Major Marion L. Burn, Jr., Major Raymond Hopkins. DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC JOSEPH B. CARLUCCI Seated, Left to Right: Miss Elanor Brown, Miss May Beville. Standing, Left to Right: Dr. Joseph B. Carlucci, Barney Tiller, Dr. Paul Torgrimson, Gordon Flood, Edward Tarratus, George Gibson, Dr. Abram Plum, Dewight David, John Maltese. DEPARTMENT HEADS AND FACULTY DEPARTMENT OF NURSING ETTA HINKER Front Row, Left to Right: Miss Louise Lang, Miss Etta Hinker, Miss Ila Steinkamp, Miss Mary Ellyn Chadwick. Back Row, Left to Right: Miss Frances Dalme, Miss Frances Pingrey. First K..vs. Laf| (,. Right: I)r Alan H Onto, Mr Alfred L. Ducournau Second Bo Left « " Mfht: I ' : I. Rhmdas, Dr. Edward T Radley, I)r H Wayne Ilurd Row, Left to Right: Dr Jan Mr Archie K Deason Mr John R Clemen t . Mr Bert B Bo d DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL SCIENCE ALAN H CROSBY DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SCIENCES YVONNE PHILLIPS Standing. LcA to Right: Toni H Wells, Le Grand J Weller, C R Benson, Le Roi E. Eversull. Harrell McCullough. G. D Healey. Bert Helm. Richard Worthey, John L. Bean, Dr. Robert V. Andelson, Hiram F. Gregory, Rade Radasinovich, Donald M Rairion Seated: Marietta LeBreton. Dr. Yvonne Phillips, Ora V. Watson. Not Pictured: Jane C. Nahm. William C. Culp. DEPARTMENT HEADS AND FACULTY DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL EDUCA I ION LEE T Front Row. Ix-ft to Right: Richard Galloway. John D Noles Second Row. Ix-ft to Right: Hunt Hall. Dr. Charles E. Palmer. E. Hayes Pi.. thro. Mr.-- Virginia QiDMB, Mrs Shirley Lucius Standing, Left to Right: Charles Ragus, West Hall; Barry Dillard, D Frame; Bruce Holland, Bienvill Hall; Leonard Miller, Rebel Hall. Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. Dolly Hendrick, Kate Chopin; Mrs. Ruth Weber, Prudhomme; Mrs. Mae Rhodes, Sheib Hall. Standing, Left to Right: Mrs. Irble Shaddock, South Natchitoches; Mrs. Tommie Nugent, East Varnado; Mrs. Elzora Lee, Agnes Morris; Mrs. Genevieve McGee, Carondelet; Mrs. Myrtle Collins, Audubon; Mrs. Ann Dunnam, Louisiana Hall. Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. Dorothy Bowen, East Caddo; Mrs. Jetta Thibodeaux, North Natchitoches; Mrs. Catherine Kirkland, West Varnado. MEN ' S HOUSING DIRECTORS WOMEN ' S HOUSING DIRECTORS CAMPUS SECURITY Standing, Left to Right: Billy Heckel, Chief James K. Lee, James Prewitt, Tommy Bonner, Jack Eversull, James Randolph. INFIRMARY Left to Right: Mrs. Emma Miller, Mrs. Lula Phillips, Mrs. Opal Gimbert. ' I ' xm r4F+ FEATURES Chosen from a field of thirty semi-finalists. Miss Sherry Boucher was named the 1964 Lady of the Bracelet in a pagent sponsored by the Potpourri. Mitt Boucher is a freshman speech major from Springhill. The judges for the pagent this year were Major General James Skeldon of Ft. Polk. R. J. Fertitta of Leesville, and Representative Burt A. Adams of Lees- ville. The beauties were selected on the basis of poise, fa- cial and figure beauty. The Lady of the Bracelet and her court are pictured in the order of their selection tra rN vf " S5herru Jij)oucn er r ».- . « a ?- wjt .2 ■;5 ;; African House, Melrose Plantation LADY OF THE BRACELET 53 Mhkosi Plantation v ; e f ic rL. eve e 4 DUNCKLEMAN HOME Zy rnn joh nson 55 jimmic JLjaie T)t.iiicjhnnin Mm Rn-.i Pi MATION s6 Taylor Home K rCttherine ooh 57 Oakland Pi station C rhris « VewfOMic .8 The Columns C— ec 7 a J ti ea 59 Old LfMrr Housr JM V JL 60 Old Spiral Staircase K fau e J jouttc Miss Charlotte McCalla Miss Potpourri MISS POTPOURRI 6-l Joyce Daw Most Studious AND COURT Lucy Joiner Best Personality Pat Cooper Most Ambitious Barbara Martin Most Congenial Sandra Joyce Most Involved in Student Politics Judy Joiner Most Talented Georgia Blair Best Dressed CECILIA SHEA STATE FAIR QUEEN 6 4 Nancy Clayton Linda Hansford Wilma Hunt AND COURT Jeannie Marler Sherry Boucher Chris Newsome Carolyn Thomas Charlotte Hill i CELIA ANN WILLIS HOMECOMING QUEEN 66 ; t SUE BREEDLOVE SUZANNE LeDOUX CHERYL YARBROUGH AND COURT SHARON BERLITZ BRENDA ODOM CATHERINE COOK NANCY CLAYTON BUNNY MASINGILL KATHERINE BERRY, ZZ2 Sophomore Women ' s Representative President of Senior Class Sigma Sigma Sigma Vice-President, 1963-1964 Kappa Delta Pi THOMAS CARSON Student Body Treasurer. 1962-1963 President of Blue Key Vice-President of Senior Class President of Beta Beta Beta BUTCH CHASE Vice-President of Junior Clan Student Body Treasurer, 1963-1964 Student Council Treasurer of Blur Ke 68 WHO ' S CECIL CHOPIN Chi Gamma Phi Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Blue Key JESSE CROOKS President of Junior Class, 1962-1963 Blue Key Student Council WHO : i JOYCE DAW Beta Beta Beta Secretary, 1963-64 Potpourri Beauty, 1962-63 Bacteriology Club HAYWARD HARGRAVE, JR. Freshman Class President, 1960-61 SLTA Student Body President, 1963-64 ROY GENTRY Blue Key Beta Beta Beta Football, 1960-63 All GSC Award, 1963 FOrmery called the Hall of Fame, this section of hon- oraries became affiliated with the Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities this year. LUCY JOINER zss Miss N.S.C. Purple Jackets Head Cheerleader Demonettes SUSIE GUIDRY ili: Purple Jackets Homecoming Court, 1962 Kappa Delta Pi President, Sigma Sigma Sigma, 1963-64 6 9 WHO ' S WHO JANIE JONES President. Purple Jackets, 1963-64 Kappa Delta Pi Judiciary Board AWS Corresponding Secretary, 1962-63 SANDRA JOYCE Z22 Vice-President of Women, 1963-64 Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer, 1961-62 Student Council Sigma Sigma Sigma Treasurer k WALTER LEDET Beta Beta Beta Phi Eta Sigma Chi Gamma Phi Varsity Basketball THELLIE LEVEE Purple Jackets, 1963-1964 Sigma Alpha Iota Homecoming Court, 1962 ' • MALCOLM LOE Blue K.v Reporter, 1963-64 Phi Kappa Phi Pi Omega Pi L3fe PATSY LOWDERBACK Cheerleader, 1960-62 Potpourri Beauty, 1960 State Fair Court, 1961 R.O.T.C. Sponsor, 1961 SIDNEY MATTHEWS Beta Beta Beta Blue Key Phi Kappa Phi R.O.T.C. Commander, 1963-64 7 CHARLOTTE McCALLA AZ Euthenics Club, Vice President, 1961-62 State Fair Court, 1961-62 President Panhellenic, 1962-63 President of Delta Zeta, 1963-64 CARROLL SLACK Beta Beta Beta Blue Key Student Council President of Associated Men Students GLENN TALBERT " N " Club President, 1963 Varsity Football, 1960-63 All G.S.C. Award, 1963 Varsity Track, 1960-63 LEONARD MILLER Phi Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma Blue Key Black Knights Commander GREEK i LIFE -63 L— . to Gads! I ' ve got to stop using that greasy kid stuff! I thought there were laws against child lahor! DORMITORY LIFE . Who needs sheets? Look ma. no cavities! 74 Once upon a midnight dreary, As I pondered, weak and weary A HOME AWAY FROM HOME Louisiana Hall ' s answer to the " Greasy Spoon. " Ma Webber ' s " Angels 75 Time out in the hus schedule of the children to have their pic- tures taken. Nurses receive last-minute instructions from Ben ( MM . NORTHWESTERN STUDENTS PREPARE Nursing students learn more about medications. Mrs. Williams points out English assignments for television classes. 76 - ♦v 1 ' 1 J F -■ 1 IkJ ■, U x. K ■ 1 V Home Economics students attend nursery labs to learn more about children. FOR LATER LIFE Gaining experience behind a camera. Close contact with patients is desirable for student nurses to realize problems that will arise in dealing with them. 77 FIELDHOUSE FROLICS ' () )PS. ou i. tujjhi me! ' Vp.irlmrnts for marrU " d students NSC ' S MARRIED STUDENTS Vets ' town is a popular place for Northwestern State College married students. It is located within walking distance of the campus, which enables the students to be on time to classes and to participate in college ac- tivities. Homework, classes, and housework make quite a busy schedule for the married students at North- ern. Time out from stunSirtj; lo wash the dishes LIFE AMONG THE MARRIED 80 Comforts dormitories do not have. Wives of married students who live on campus do household chores in community atmosphere. STUDENTS Well, have I got everything? Si - . « foftl -JJW ' Jm lU. ' v CLASS inA.-. GRADUATES CHARLES HAROLD AINSWORTH. Shreveport; Social Sci- I ' lUl s ANN H AUENSON. Alexandria; Mathematics. DIXIE LYNNE BERRY. Natchitoches; Elementary Edui.ti.ri THEDA GAIL BLANCHARD. Natchitoches; Primary Educa- tion II JAMES P BOYD, Natchitoch.s. Chemistry ROBERT DOYLE BROWN. Shreveport; Physical Educti-.n MARIAN ANN DOTY. Shreveport; Dementary Education DANIEL BRUBACHER. JR . New Orleans; Zoology. Ill HO YET LYNN CHANCE, Florien; Zoology. WILLIAM S. COUVILLION, Natchitoches; History LANNIE RAY FLETCHER, Colfax; Business. JAMAL GHAEMI. Teheran, Iran; Bacteriology. IV DOUGLAS HARKNESS, Sibley; Mathematics ALVIN B. JEANFREAU, JR., Natchitoches; Social Sciences. VANCE LYNNE JEANFREAU, Natchitoches; Social Science . GEORGE WARDEN KRUMM, Hackberry; Bacteriology. MARGARET ANN LAND. Natchitoches; Mathematics. MICHAEL MOORE, Dobson; Art. DELL MORGAN, Natchitoches; Primary ' Education. WARREN T PRICE JR., Ethel; P.E and Upper Elementary. VI HENRY HERBERT RICARD, Denham Springs; Zoology. JAMES SIMMONS, Bradley. Arkansas; Health and P.E SUDHIR N DALAL Baroda. India; Mathematics MYRTLE LEE THOMPSON. Pollock; Mathematics. vn CAPT RICHARD D VAN ZANDT. Barksdale AFB; Bacteri- ology MARY CHRISTINE WALKER. Natchitoches; Home Economics 84 SENIORS 85 Concerning education Abraham Lincoln wrote. ' will study and get ready and perhaps my chance come. " We the Senior Class of 1964 at Northwestern State College have reached this point or, one may say, the stopping stone that will give us our chance as mature adults and responsibilities that go along with being adults. We are about to put all of our four years of study into use. and our big question is " will it work? " To prove ourselves by being successes in our respective profcs- our challenge, and some of us may feel a little app We leave at Northwestern memories of mistakes. failure , and stICCfea We have profited from our mis- takes and failures, and our successes have given us much needed encouragement. We look forward to an entirely different life with even more things to learn frni our mistakes, failures, and successes These words found in our Alma Mater express our munis at this time: We know not here our paths ma go. But thou ' lt uphold us still we know. " I KATHERINE BERRY President THOMAS CARROLL CARSON Vice President SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS LYNDA EDWARDS Secretary LEWIS STAHL Men ' s Representative CAROL GIVENS Women ' s Representative 8? SENIORS LINDA JEAN ADAMS. Mansfield; Primary Education S L I itsr THOMAS MORRIS ADGER. JR . Gilliam; MarkeUntf CHARLA ANN AINSWORTH. Magnolia. Arkansas; Nursing; 2nd Mdent of Student Bodv; Shreveport CI. Campus President B.S.U. II HKHMAN I- ALBRJTTON. Alexiindn... I menUry Edu- cation Dormitory Council 1960; A. U.S. A . 1962 DIANA GAIL ALDRICH. Webster Groves. M»aouri; Music; NSC. Band 1960-65; NSC. Little Svmphonv Orchestra 1960-65. S A.I fraternity 1961-65; Chaplain 1962-63; Corresponding Secretary 1964-65. BETTY FAYE ALEXANDER. Coushatta; Primary Education; NSC. Band 1960-63; S.N E.A.; S.LTA. Ill KAREN JOHNSON ALFORD. Colfax; Nursing; President B.S.U.; (Shreveport Campus 1962); L.A.S.N 1961-1964 CHARLES EDWARD ANDERSON III. Shreveport; K. ; Busi- ness Administration. GERALD DOUGLAS ANDERSON. Logansport; Business Ad- ministration. rv MAUREEN A. ANDREWS. Baton Rouge; ZZX; Nursing; L.A.S.N.; N.S.N A.; Junior Representative; A.WS; Art Fire Chief B.R.GH. JOYCE EVELYN ARDUENGO. Le Compte; Primary Education; Campus Beautv 1960; Associate Editor of Current Sauce; Pic- quante 1961; SL.TA. TOMMY G. ARMSTRONG. Keithville; ITT; Marketing; Varsity Baseball; President Sigma Tau Gamma; Sports Editor of Pot- pourri; Outstanding staff member of Potpourri; I.F.C.; Alpha Phi Gamma. ROBERT B. BAILEY. Natchitoches; A.U.S.A. Electronics; R.O.T.C; WILLIAM D BAILEY. Mansfield; Pre-Med. THOMAS A BAKER. Natchitoches; P.E ; Baseball 1957-58-61- 62; " N " Club 57-62. VI JOHN EDWIN BALL. Ruston; Industrial Arts Education. R. NEAL BAREMORE . Shreveport; Business Administration. GEORGE F. BARNES. Shreveport; Business Administration. VII ROBERT I BARRETT, Logansport; Zoology; Blue K. q BENNY DOYLE BARRIDGE. Calvin; Bacteriolor JANIS JEFFERSON BASS. Shreveport; Primary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; SL.TA 88 JERRY O. BASS, Shreveport; Upper Elementary; SLTA. JIMMIE DALE BAUGHMAN, Shreveport; Primary Education; SLTA; ROTC Sponsor. EARNEST JAMES BAXLEY, Winnfield; Agriculture. BONNIE SUE BEARD, Pelican; Primary Education; SLTA. YVONNE BELGARD, Lecompte; Primary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Sophomore Counselor; Freshman Dorm Vice-Presi- dent; Cheerleader Counselor; NSC Chorale. SHELLEY EDWARD BENNETT, Shreveport; Chemistry- Zoology. Ill KATHERINE BERRY, Waterproof; 222; Home Economics; Sophomore Women ' s Representative; Vice-President for Women; President, Senior Class; Kappa Delta Pi; Euthenics Club; Sigma Sigma Sigma Recording Secretary, 1962; Vice-President, 1963; Panhellenic Representative, 1961. LINDA GALE BARNES BERRY, Minden; Nursing; LASN; NSNA; AWS. TIM LEE BERRY, Benton; Agriculture; Demeter; Black Knights, 1960-62. IV JUDY ANN BEST, Sulphur; Nursing. GRACE M. BIELKIEWICZ, Shreveport; Nursing; LASN. MARY JU ANITA BLACKMON, Baton Rouge; Home Ec.; Euthenics Club; Kappa Delta Pi; SLTA; Treasurer, Wesley Foundation. THELMA DELORES BLALOCK, Saline; English and French; Dean of Women ' s Freshman Award, 1961; AWS Freshman Award; Debate Team, 1962; Phi Kappa Phi Freshman Award; Current Sauce Staff, 1961; Phi Kappa Phi Sophomore Award, 1962; Journalist of Tomorrow Club; Demonettes; Nu Sigma Chi; Contemporary Dance Club, 1962, 1963. WILLIAM E. BLANCHARD, Jonesboro; Upper Elementary. GLENDA JOYCE BLAND, Port Allen; Nursing; Westminster Fellowship, vice-president, 1960; L.A.S.N. VI LUTHER PAUL BLEVINS, JR., Simpson; Industrial Technology. MILDRED SEBREN BLOUNT, Trout; English; Alpha Beta Alpha Recording Secretary, 1964; Kappa Delta Pi. MARILYN GAYLE BLUNT, Mansfield; Nursing; LASN; NSNA; AWS; Demonettes; Nursing Student Body Treasurer, Shre veport Campus. VII SANDRA BOATRIGHT, Shreveport; AZ; Business Education; Delta Zeta Vice-President, 1963; Parliamentarian, 1962-63; Can- terbury Club, 1960-61; SLTA, 1963; Potpourri Staff, 1962-63. SHARON PAULINE BODIE, Pollock; Home Economics. NELLIE JEAN BONNER, Hosston; Upper Elementary. SENIORS 8 9 I TOMMIE BONNER. Hornbeck; Agronomy EARL S BOOKER. Logansport; Math DOROTHY BORLAND. Buckeye; Nursing; L.A5.N II RITA STORER BOUCHER. Shreveport; NursinR; A.WS.; L.A.S.N.; N.S.N-A. PATRICIA S. BOUGHTON. Shreveport; Nursing; LA.S.N. 1961; N.S.N.A. 1961. JIMMY BOWEN. JR. Colfax; Government SENIORS III TANYAU GAYE BRACEY. Shreveport; AS; Primary Educa- tion; Delta Zeta— Editor; Delta ZeU— Historian ; Kappa Delta Pi; S.L.TA. JIM J BRADFORD. Georgetown; Upper Elementary Education. JAMES HAROLD BRALY. Shreveport; Marketing; Pi Omega Pi. 1962-64. President 1963-64. IV JACKIE L. BRANTLEY. Natchitoches; Business Education; So- cial Chairman Freshman Council. B.S.U.; Treasurer, Pi Omega Pi 1962-63-64; Honor Roll. PERRY L. BRASELL. Natchitoches; Chemistry; Black Knights Drill Team. GERALDINE BRASHER. Ferridav; P.E and Upper Elementary; SL.T.A ; P.E.M. Club. DAVID HAROLD BRAY, Pineville; Business Administration. MARY ANN BRAY, Shreveport; Dietetics; Wesley Foundation; Potpourri; Euthenics; Alpha Phi Gamma. CAROLYN HOPE BROUSSARD. Alexandria; Arts and Sci- ences, Music; Chorus. VI JULIA K BROUSSARD, Shreveport; Primary Education. LOUIS K. BROUSSARD. Abbeville; Upper Elementary Educa- tion. JERRILYN BROWN. Grayson; AZA; Home Economics VII JIMMIE L BROWN. Colfax; Dietetics; Euthenics Club; Fresh- man Dormitory Officer. EDGAR W BRYAN, Coushatta; English. JANELL BULLARD. Zwolle; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; SLTA. SHARON BURKHALTER, Baton Rouge; Nursing; B.S.U.; Sophomore Representative; L.A.S.N.: N.S.N.A.; Delegate to State LA.S.N. Convention 1961-62; N.S.NA. National Convention; Acting Secretary and L A.S.N. ; A.W.S. Big Sister. EUGENE BURROUGHS, Haughton; Industrial Education. JERRY BURTON, Shreveport; Health and Physical Education; Varsity Football; All-GSC award. n STEPHEN A. BURTON, Oil City; Math. CATHERINE VIRGINIA BUSH, Bogalusa; Nursing; L.A.S.N. DONNA LEE BUSH, Shreeport; 2K; Social Studies Education; Demonettes 1959-60, 1962-63; President Sigma Kappa 1962-63; Chaplain Sigma Kappa 1963-64; Senior Counselor 1963. Ill DAVID LEE CALAWAY, Bunkie; Health and Physical Educa- tion; Baseball and Basketball. CLYDE RAY CALCOTTE, Merryville; Math. RUBY R. CARLJLE, Baton Rouge; AZ; Nursing; B.S.U.; Demonettes; L.A.S.N., President 1962-63; Vice-President 1961-62; Delegate to State L.A.S.N. Convention 1961-62; Delegate to Na- tional N.S.NA. Convention 1962; Social Chairman for Y.W.A.; Devotional Chairman for B.S.U. IV ANNE ELIZABETH CARTER, Needham, Massachusetts; Upper Elementary Education; Neptune Club; Flamingo Club. CHARLES RICHARD CARTER, Forest Hill; Health and Physical Education. CLARISSA NELL CARTER, Benton; Instrumental Music; Band 1960-64, Secretary 1961-62; Orchestra 1960-64; Sigma Alpha Iota 1961-64; Corresponding Secretary 1963 and Chaplain 1964; Phi Kappa Phi 1962-64. THOMAS CARROLL CARSON, Colfax; Biology; Freshman Class Representative; Soph. Class Representative; Student Body Treasurer; Tri Beta Treasurer; Vice-President, Blue Key; President, Blue Key; Vice-President, Senior Class; Tri Beta President; Monitor. CAROL ANN CATHEY, Shreveport; Elementary Education. BARBARA M. CHAPMAN, Lake Charles; Chemistry; Chi Gamma Phi, Vice-President. VI CLAIRE LEE CHASE, Springhill; Accounting; Junior Class Vice-President; Student Body Treasurer; Phi Omega Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Blue Key; Secretary-Treasurer, Blue Key; Student Council; Dormitory Monitor. PEGGY E. CHERRY, Shreveport; Sociology; Canterbury Club; Current Sauce, 1959. CECIL M. CHOPIN, Natchitoches; Chemistry; Newman Club Treasurer, 1961-62; President, 1962-63; Asst. Region Director, 1963-64; R.O.T.C; Chi Gamma Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Blue Key. VII BARBARA TOOKE CLARK, Ringgold; Home Economics; Euthenics Club 1961-65; Sophomore Counselor, 1962. MICHAEL DAWSON CLARK, Bunkie; Upper Elementary. JAMES W. CLEGG, Shreveport; Upper Elementary; B.S.U. Freshman Council 1959-60; Black Knights 1959-63; Black Knights Squad Leader 1962-63; B.S.U. Business Manager 1962-63; N.S.C. Chorale 1959-61; Blue Key 1961-64; Black Knights Commander, Holiday-In-Dixie 1963. SENIORS 9 CLYDE ELTON CLOUD, Elizabeth; Business; Knights. 1960-62. Monitor, 1 i G 1 - ti-4 , Pi Obm p I ' i JOSEPH GORDON KEITH CLOUTIER. Bermuda; Electronics JAMES H COBB, Natchitoches. Accounting. II JAMES KEITH COLEMAN. Jena; Agronomy; Band LESLIE O ' NEAL COLLIER, Gilmer, Texas; Health and Physical Eduction; Gymnastic Team, 1959-63; Team Captain, 1962-63. SANDRA COLLIER, Alexandria; Home Economics; Debate Team. 1960-62; Pi Kappa Delta. 1962; Euthenics Club. 1962-64; Dorm Officer, 1963-64; Cast, My Sister Eileen, 1963. SENIORS III GROVER C. COLVIN. Minden; Business Education; Varsity Football. 1961-64; " N " Club. FREDERICK DAVID COMB. Heflin; Government; Parliamen- t. hi. in. Student Council, 1963-64. NELWYN WYNONA COOK, Jonesboro; Primary Ed.; SLTA; Kappa Delta Pi; AWS Big Sister. IV GERALD GLEN COOLEY, Slagle; Math. SHARON FRANCES CORBELL, Sprinnhill; Upper Elem ; SLTA; Flamingos; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Beta Alpha; AWS Bik Sister. RONALD CURTIS CORLEY, Alexandria; Speech; Davis Play- ers; Associate Editor of Current Sauce; Treasurer, Alpha Phi Gamma. THEODORE S. CORMIER, Lake Charles; Industrial Arts Ed. KIT N. CORSON. Houston. Texas; Physical Education; NSC Rodeo Club. Flamingo Club; Canterbury Club; PEM Club. DAVID E. COSBY. Winnfield; Sociology. VI GILBERT L. COSSE. Port Sulphur; ITT; Marketing. LEROY JOSEPH COSSfi. Port Sulphur. Physical Education GLENDON E. COVINGTON, Plain Dealing. Agriculture VII D EUGENE COX. Longstreet; Health and Physical Education BILLY R CRAFT. Anacoco; Zoology; Demeter. CHARLES EDWARD CRANFORD. Winneld; Agriculture. 9 THOMAS VERNON CRAWFORD, Plain Dealing; Agriculture; Demeter; NSC Rodeo Club. IRIS D. CREED, Natchitoches; Upper Elem. REBECCA CREWS, Buckeye; Nursing; Dean of Women ' s Award, 1961; Panhellenic Award, 1962; LASN. n JESSE W. CROOKS, Jena; Sociology; Student Council; Blue Key; President, Junior Class; Mr. NSC, 1963. ROBERT LEONARD CRONE, Zwolle; Business Adm. BLAN MAXWELL CROSS, Monterey; Agriculture. Ill ELTON CUPPLES, Lena; Accounting and Business Adm.; Pi Omega Pi; Dormitory Monitor; International Students Club. LYNN DALTON, Jonesville; Health and Physical Ed.; Phi Epsilon Kappa. NANCY SHARON DANIEL, Heflin; Physical Education; Kappa Delta Pi. IV SAM DAUZAT, Alexandria; 2Tr; Upper Elem. Ed.; AMS, 1960-61; Cheerleader, 1961-63; SLTA. ROBERT DAVENPORT, Port Sulphur; Animal Husbandry; Demeter; National Demeter President, 1963-64; Agriculture Day President, 1962 and 1963; Vice-President of Demeter at NSC, 1963-64. MARCIA CLAUDETTE DAVIS, Natchitoches; Economics. SENIORS JOYCE E. DAW, Logansport; Bacteriology; Tri-Beta Secretary, 1963-64; Bacteriology Club; Potpourri Beauty, 1962-63. JO ANN DeHABERMANN, Bossier City; Upper Elem; AWS Big Sister; SLTA; Senior Counselor; Staff Assistant. JAMES RUPERT DELK, Alexandria; Math. VI MAURY DENNIS, Lake Charles; Math; Freshman Associate to Student Council, 1960-61; Dormitory Council, 1961-63; Track, 1962-64; " N " Club, 1962-64; Blue Key. BARBARA THOMPSON DERRICK, Shreveport; Speech and Hearing Therapy. ARTHUR H. DEW, Shreveport; Speech; Alpha Beta Alpha. vn BARRY LEE DILLARD, Shreveport; Electronics. JOHN M. DISTEFANO, Alexandria; Electronics and Math. MARY EARLINE DOIRON, Alexandria; English; Debate, 1960-62; Flamingoes, 1961; Current Sauce, 1961; Alpha Beta Alpha, 1962-64; Pi Kappa Delta, 1962-64; Phi Kappa Phi, 1963-64; Kappa Delta Pi, 1963-64. 93 C HA.HLES EDMOND DOTY. Shreveport; UK Business Admin- istration. GENE DEWEY DOUSAY. Hineslon; Upper Elementary JOSEPH G DOW. Leesville; Mathematics II BARBARA JEAN DOWDEN. Oil Citv; i-il Business Education; Beauty, 1959; Pledge Vice-President. 1959; Cheerleader. 1960-61, ROTC Sponsor. 1960; State Fair Queen. 1960; Lady oi the Bracelet, 1961. GWENDA SUE DOWDEN. Florien; Science Education LEO C DUCOTE, Belcher; Animal Husbandry SENIORS III BETTY CHRISTINE DUGGAN. Lake Charles; Biology; Tn Beta, 1963; Sophomore Counselor, 1962-63; Sr. Representative of J.D. Board. ROBERT EARL DUGGAN. Many; Accounting DALE NORWOOD DUKE, Baton Rouge; Spanish. IV ELIZABETH McMANEMIN DUNN. Shreveport; Social Welfare. CLARENCE DURAND. Pollock; Mathematics; SLTA; Kappa Delta Pi. SYLVIA THELMA DURHAM. Natchitoches; Nursing; Phi Kappa Phi; I.ASN; BSU Freshman Council; NSNA. LYNDA ALYNE EDWARDS, Vivian; Spanish; Demonette . 1961-62; Dormitory President, 1961-62; Spanish Club President. 1961-62; AWS Big Sister, 1962; Senior Counselor. 1962-64 ; ABA. 1962-64; Kappa Delta Pi, 1963-64; Phi Kappa Phi; Dormitory Officer. 1963-64. FRANCES NELLE ERWIN, Lake Providence; M, Dietetics Institution Mgt.; Euthenics Club; Wesley Foundation; AWS; Dormitory Officer; Sophomore Counselor. JACK W EVERSULL. JR.. Bossier City; Business Administra- tion and Accounting. VI LOIS MARILYN EZERNACK. Zwolle; Accounting BARBARA LASN GAYLE FAIRCHILD. Baker; Nursing, NSNA; RITA McINNIS FAITH. Shreveport; Upper Elementary Educa- tion; ROTC Sponsor. 1961-62 VII RALPH WILLIAM FAITH. Shreveport; Business Education HOWARD WAYNE FANNING. Hayn.svill.-. Accounting. MICHAEL JOSEPH FAUCHER. Detroit. Michigan; KA; Ac- counting 94 CHARLES MOISE FAVROT, Belle Chasse; Health and P.E.; N Club, 1962. WANDA GAYLE FERGUSON, Bernice; Nursing; LASN; NSNA; Student Council Officer, Shreveport Campus; B.S.U. Council, Shreveport Campus. DIANNE W. FISHER, Natchitoches; English; Purple Jackets, 1963. JERRY F. FLANAGAN, Zwolle; Math and Physics; B.S.U. Exe- cutive Council, 1963. PATRICIA GAIL FLETCHER, Logansport; Co-Departmental Science Ed.; SLTA; International Students Club. ANN ROBERSON FOWLER, Shreveport; Upper Elementary Education; SLTA; NEA; Phi Kappa Phi. Ill FRED M. FRASER, Many; KA; Business Administration. JANICE ANN FREEMAN, Houma; 2K; Sociology; Alpha Phi Gamma; Sigma Kappa Pledge President, 1962-63; Senior Coun- selor, 1961-64; Dormitory Officer, 1962-63; Current Sauce Society Editor, 1963-64; Newman Club, 1960-64; Sigma Kappa, Geron- tology Chairman, 1963-64; AWS Council; Dormitory Vice- President; Newman Club Historian. JANETTE FRIDAY, Chestnut; Primary Education; Dormitory Officer; SLTA. IV JANET ANN FRUGE, Vinton; Primary Education; Flamingos; SLTA. CHARLES R. FULCO, JR., Shreveport; IIK ; Social Sciences; Fraternity Parliamentarian; NSC Chorale; Reserve Officers Training Corps; Interfraternity Council; Gymnastics Team; International Club; Black Knights Drill Team. CHARLES S. GALLIEN, Cloutierville; History. RAGAN GANTT, Jennings; KA Accounting; Business Manager, Current Sauce, 1963; Pi Omega Pi; Pre -Law Club; Alpha Phi Gamma. DIANE GATES, Shreveport; Upper Elementary. TOMMY STEVE GAY, Shreveport; Electronics. VI ROY B. GENTRY, JR., Natchitoches; Biology; N Club, 1960-63; Football, 1960-63; Baseball; Secretary -Treasurer N Club, 1962-63; Blue Key National Honor Fraternity; Tri Beta. ROBERT DALE GEOGHAGAN, Many; Accounting. LOREE GETER, Robeline; Nursing; AWS; LASN; NSNA. VII JOHN S. GHOLSON, Vivian; TKE; Social Science; Demonaires, 1961-62; Phi Mu Alpha, 1961; Contemporary Dance Club, 1962-63. JOSEPH F. GIGLIO, Shreveport; TKE; Business Administration; Treasurer, TKE, 1962; President, TKE 1963-64; Secretary-Treas- urer Dormitory Council, 1962-63; Vice-President, Dormitory Council, 1963-64. ROBERT ALEX GIMBERT, Natchitoches; XTr; English; Alpha Beta Alpha. 1 €f p % SENIORS 95 £99 0 3 l ANN (UPSON. Jonesboro. Medical Technology Tn- B.i., Ltd CAROL ANN GIVENS, Shreveport, 11 1, Sociology. Freshman Dorm President. Senior Women ' s RoprONntath .■. KoopOT of thr Grades for 111 soiontv LINDA SHARON GOODWIN Monro ; Zoology; Tn-Beta; Chi Gamma Phi; Sophomore Counselor. CHARLES E GORDON. Forest Hill. Economics; Dormitorv Monitor CHARLES G0UTH1ERD. Shreveport; Education; Lambda Chi Alpha; ColkfO Threatre. 1960-61. CHARLES L GOWLAND, Morgan City; History and Business Administration. Ill TOMMY DOYLE GRAFTON, Bernice; Physical Education and Upper Elementary; N Club; Baseball Manager. HERBERT LESLIE GRAHAM. JR.. Natchitoches UK ; Business Education. MARY JEAN GROLL, MoorinRsport. 1 ; Health and P.E. and Upper Elementary Education; ASA Chaplain; SLTA; PEM Club; Dormitor Pre.sid« nt. Wesley Foundation IV MAROLYN GUIDRY. Raceland; 111; Home Economics Educa- tion; Demonettes; AWS Council, 61. 62, 63; Sophomore Counselor. 61-62; Purple Jacket Award. 61-62; Purple Jacket. 62-64; Home- coming Court, 62-63; Potpourri Court, 62-63; Judiciary Board 62-63; Potpourri Staff. 62-63; Vice-President. 62-63; Pr. sul.nt. 63-64; Nu Sigma Chi. LUCILLE GUILLORY. Hessnu-r; Nun-ing; LASN; NASN; YWA President, Baton Rouge Division. DOROTHY F. GUNTER, Lecompte; Primary Education; AWS Big Sister; Sophomore Counselor; SLTA. SHERIAN HADSKEY, Jackson; Home Economics; AIM. RAY P. HALE. Modesto, California; Health and P.E ; Track and Cross Country GLORIA ANN HALEY, Winnfield; Nursing. VI JUDY W HALL. Bossier City; Nursing. JANICE HAMMETT, Ringgold; Primary Education CHARLES E HAMMOND, JR . Shreveport; Electronics VII LINDA HALL HAMMOND, Shreveport; Primary Education DONALD LEE HANCHEY. DcRIDDER; Social Science LINDA HANSFORD. Doyline; 111; English; Demonettes. 1961; Contemporary Dance Club. 61-62; State Fair Court. 1964 9 6 J. T. HANSON, Atlanta; Upper Elementary; Dormitory Presi- dent. JAMES H. HARDIN, Tioga; Health and P.E. and Upper Elemen- tary Ed.; Varsity Basketball. SONNY HARGROVE, JR., Minden; Education; Freshman Class President; BSU Freshman Council, 1960-61; Sophomore Class President, 1961-62; Student Body Vice-President, 1962-63; ASA Man of the Year, 1962-63; SLTA, 1962-64; Student Body Presi- dent, 1963-64; Southern Universities Student Bog. Association Delegate, 1961-63; Student Alumni Association Member, 1963-64. LINDA HARPER, Newellton; Physical Education. MARION PATRICIA HARTZO, Vivian; 222; Primary Educa- tion; SLTA. LAURIE HAND HARRIS, Natchitoches; Home Economics Edu- cation; BSU Freshman Council, 1961; Sophomore Counselor, 1962; Tri Beta, 1962; BSU Executive Council, 1962-63; Kappa Delta Pi, 1962-63; Purple Jackets, 1963. Ill JUDITH RAY HARWELL, Vivian; Nursing; NASN; Demonettes. VIRGINIA ANN HEAD, Benton; Business Education. EDWARD HEARON, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary Educa- tion. IV CARLTON M. HERPIN, Kaplan; Physical Education and Upper Elementary Education; Intramural Council, 1960-64; All Intra- mural Council, 1960-64; All Intramural Award. JAMES M. HERRING, Newellton; Agriculture. MARY KATHLEEN HICKS, Natchitoches; Speech Therapy; Alpha Psi Omega; Secretary of Davis Players. MICHAEL K. HILBURN, Bossier City; Agriculture. JANE LESLIE HILL, Archibald; Nursing; LASN. ELIZABETH A. HILTON, Natchitoches; Business Education; SITA; TAWS; Alpha Beta Alpha; BSU. VI LEWIS C. HINES, Many; Mathematics. PATSY YORK HODNETT, Jonesville; A2A; Primary Education. LUCILLE HOLSTON, Dry Prong; Upper Elementary Education. VII WAYNE CODY HOOPER, Mansfield; Accounting and Business, Associated Men ' s Students, 1960-61; Dormitory Officer, 1960-61; BSU. RUBY ELIZABETH HOYT, Cheneyville; Nursing; Associate Member to Student Council, 1961. BARBARA ANN HUMBLE, Baton Rouge; AZ; Nursing; Shreve- port President of Student Body; President of La. Association of Student Nurses; Chairman of National Student Nurse Association Membership Committee; Delegate to NSNA Convention, 1962-63; Advisor to LASN. SENIORS 97 HERMAN DONALD HUMPHREY. Cotton Valley; Physical Edu- cation, Baseball. PATRICIA GAY ISBELL. Shreveport; Upper ElemenUry Edu- cation; SLTA; Dormitory President; BSU Executive Council JERRY S JAMES. Natchitoches; TKK; Mathematics. II THERMAN JAMES. Pitkin; Upper ElemenUry Education MARY KATHRYN JANES. Natchitoches; Piano; Sigma Alpha Iota; Wesley Foundation; Accompanist for NSC Chorale; Orches- tra; Band. E DAVID JARRETT. Shreveport; Marketing SENIORS III JACK D JETER. Shreveport; KA; Business Administration. K. President; Interfraternity Council. JUDITH ANN JOBE, Daingerfield, Texas; Art; Wesley Council; Kappa Pi. JAMES REID JOHNSON. Verda; Electronics; Vice-President. Industrial Arts Club; Radio Ameteurs Club. rv PATRICIA ANN JOHNSON. Natchitoches; Speech; Treasurer. Davis Players; ABA Historian; ABA Vice-President COSBY DAWSON JOINER. JR. Metairie; Industrial Vocational Education. LUCY JOINER. Shreveport; 11- ; Upper ElemenUry Education; Demonettes, 1960-62; 111 Secretary. 1963-64; Cheerleader. 1962- 63; Head Cheerleader, 1963-64; Purple Jackets, 1962-64; Miss NSC. 1963-64; Best Personality. Pot Pourri Court, 1963-64. ARTHUR G. JONES, Baton Rouge; Physical Education; Demon Mascot. 1963-64; SLTA BETTY RUTH JONES. Converse; Home Economics; BSU. YWA President, 1962; BSU, 1960-63. DAVID PAUL JONES, Hefltn; Sociology VI JANIE MAE JONES Lwsvillc; Primary Education; Purple Jacket President, Secretary; AWS Corresponding Secretary; Wesley Foundation President, Vice-President; Kappa Delta Pi; SLTA; Sophomore Counselor; Dormitory Officer; Judiciary Board. HATTIE RUTH JOPLIN. Ferriday; Primary Education; SLTA. 1960-64. FRANCES E. JORDON, Deville; Nursing; BSU Freshman Council. 1961; Chapel Vice-President. 1962; LASN, 1962-64; NSNA. 1962-64. VII SANDRA D JOYCE. St Joseph; HI; Upper ElemenUry Edu- cation; Sophomore Class SecreUry. Treasurer; HI Treasurer; Jr Representative Student Council; Vice-President of Women Student Council. JERRY LAVELLE KEEN. Tullas; Business Education THOMAS GLYNN KEETH. Plain Dealing; Animal Industry; Demeter q8 EDWIN LOUIS KELLY, III, Natchitoches; Mathematics; Presi- dent, Wesley Foundation; Phi Kappa Phi; Blue Key. EVELYN LOUISE KELLY, Houma; Primary Education. JOHN M. KENNEDY, Vivian; Animal Industry. n SAMMIE KETCHUM, Shreveport; Special Education. DAVID L. KILPATRICK, Minden; Business Administration. GLADYS MARIE KILMAN, DeRidder; Physical Education and Upper Elementary; Contemporary Dance Club, President, 1961-62; Outstanding Dancer Award, 1961; SLTA; PEM Club, Secretary, 1961; Senior Counselor; AWS Big Sister, 1961-63; Women ' s Gymnastic Team, 1961-62. HI KAY KITCHENS, Shreveport; Home Economics Education. CAROL ANN KNOTTS, Shreveport; Zoology and Botany; Tri- Beta, 1960-64; Current Sauce, 1960-61. LINDA JUNE KRAMEL, Libuse; 2K; Social Studies; Kappa Delta Pi, Reporter, Historian; Floor Representative, 963-64. IV MAYO ELLIS LA COUR, JR., Shreveport; Mathematics and Physics. HERMAN EUGENE LA FORGE, Shreveport; Upper Elementary and P.E. MARCIA LAMBERT, Robeline; Home Economics Education. RICHARD K. LAND, Homer; Industrial Art Education; Indus- trial Arts Club, 1960-63. ALEANDER RICHARD LANGLINALS, Abbeville; 2TT; General Agriculture; Demeters. LINDA ALINE LATTIER, Natchitoches; Nursing; Majorette, 1961; LASN; NSC Representative of Student Nurse of State Con- test. VI KENNETH A. LAVESPERE, Cloutierille; Business Administra- tion. SHIRLEY FAYE LAVESPERE, Jena; Nursing; LASN; AWS; NSNA. PATRICIA ELLEN LA VINE, Oil City; Speech and Hearing Therapy; Kappa Delta Pi, 1963. VII PAULINE ANN LEADAMAN, Shreveport; Primary Education; Sophomore Counselor, 1961-62; SLTA, 1963-64, 60-61; Kappa Delta Pi, 1963. WALTER P. LEDET, JR., Natchitoches; Zoology; Beta Beta Beta, 1961; Phi Eta Sigma, 1963; Chi Gamma Phi, 1962; Basketball, 4 years. HAROLD JOE LEDFORD, Zwolle; Upper Elementary. SENIORS 99 SENIORS 9 9 I SUZANNE LEDOUX. Opelousas; IZX; Primary Education; Sophomore Counselor; Corresponding Secretary of Sigma SiKma Sigma. WANDA KEA LEE. Cotton Valley; Nursing; LASN; NSNA AWS RALPH P LEMOINE, Hamburg ; Mathematics; AMS Treasurer, 1963; Monitor. 1964. D THELLIE R. LEVEE. Tallulah; Vocal Music; Sigma Alpha lota. Beauty, 1960 Homecoming Court. 1962; Purple Jackets, 1963-64; Beauty, 1963. MARY LOU LILLY, Florien; Home Economics; Sophomore Counselor, 1961-62; Euthenics Club. 1960-63; Secretary, 1961. Student Council. 1960; Dormitory President, 1960. MALCOLM W LOE Dry Prong; Accounting; Blue Kev. Re- porter. 1963-64; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Omega Pi. Chaplain, 1962-63 III ROGER WAYNE LOCKRIDGE, Shreveport; Business Adminis- tration. BOBBY J LOGAN, Heflin; Business Administration. ROSALIE LOTT, Natchitoches; Speech and Hearing Therapy; Davis Players; Alpha Psi Omega. rv PATSY LOWDERBACK. Shreveport; 11 ; Business Education; Cheerleader, 1960-62; Potpourri Beauty, 1960; State Fair Court. 1961; Sophomore Counselor. 1961; ROTC Sponsor, 1961; NSC Relay Court, 1960. JAMES M. LOWE. Shreveport; Health. P.E and Elementary Education; ROTC; Vice-President. Neptune Club. MARGIE ANN LUTTRELL, Natchitoches; Secretarial Science; TAWS. ROBERT HOWARD McALLISTER, Shreveport; Accounting. CARLYON SUE McCAIN. Ashland; Nursing; AWS; LASN; NSNA. CHARLOTTE LUCY McCALLA, Shreveport; AS; Home Eco- nomics; Sophomore Counselor, 1961-62; Euthenics Vice-Presi- dent, 1961-62; State Fair Court, 1961-62; Panhellenic President. 1962-63; State LHEA President, 1962-63; First Vice-Chairman, National AHEA, 1963; Delta Zeta President, 1963-64. VI NELDA Lira McCALLA, Shreveport; Primary Education; SLTA; SNEA, 1962-64; Wesley Foundation JOSEPH L McCARTY III Cheneyville; Marketing PATRICIA RUTH McCOOK. Shreveport; Primary Education VII FRANCES ESTELLE McDANIEL Kentwood; ATA: Library Science; Alpha Gamma Delta President, 1963-64; Alpha Beta Alpha, Treasurer. 1962-63 FRANK W McELWEE. Oakdale; Accounting; Pi Omega Pi; Alpha Sigma Alpha Man of the Year 1963 JOSEPH EMMETT McFARLAND. Shreveport; Mathematics. IOO JERRY V. McGRAW, Daingerfield, Texas; Electronics. JUANITA FAYE McGUIRE, Saline; Primary Education. ROBERT R. McJIMSEY, New Iberia; Mathematics and Science. CAROLE E. McKNEELY, Blanchard; 2K; Home Economics; Dormitory President, 1961-62; Euthenics Club, Vice-President, 1961; Sigma Kappa Sorority, 1963-64. MILDRED McLEMORE, Natchitoches; English; Current Sauce, 1961-62; Sophomore Counselor, 1964; Staff Assistant, 1961-63; Senior Counselor, 1962-63; Kappa Delta Pi, 1962-63; SLTA, 1961-62. MALCOLM McMULLEN, Pitkin; Business; Band, 1960; Drill Team, 1961-62. Ill CHARLES L. McNEELY, Natchitoches; TKE; Government; Black Knights, 1960-62; Tau Kappa Epsilon, 1962-64; Hegamon, 1963-64; Interfraternity Council, President, 1963-64. JUANITA MADDOX, Logansport; Business Education; Secre- tary, BSU Executive Council, 1962; Pi Omega Pi. JANE P. MAGEE, Baton Rouge; Health and Physical Education. IV JARLON MAGEE, Alexandria; Marketing; Varsity Tennis, 1963- 64. JERRY Y. MARKS, JR., Natchitoches; Chemistry. CURTIS B. MALONE, Pineville, Sociology. CATHERINE DIANNE MARSHALL, Cotton VaUey; Upper Elementary Education; Sigma Alpha Iota, Treasurer, 1962-63; Sigma Alpha Iota, Best Pledge, 1961; Sigma Alpha Iota, Sword of Honor Award, 1963; Kappa Delta Pi, 1963-64; SLTA, 1963-64; BSU, 1961-64; AWS; 1961-64; Sophomore Counselor, 1962-63; Chorus, 1961-63; Madrigals, 1962. WILLIAM RANDAL MARTIN, Ashland; Electronics; Industrial Arts Club; Radio Club. MELVIN FREDRICK MARTINEZ, West Monroe; Accounting. VI BUNNY MASINGILL, Natchitoches; 222; Upper Elementary Education. JAMES T. MATHIS, Hanna; Health and Physical Education; Basketball, 4 years; All Gulf States Conference, 1963. SIDNEY RAY MATTHEWS, Wilson, Oklahoma; Zoology; Fresh- man Council, BSU; Black Knights; Beta Beta Beta; Blue Key; Monitor; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; AUSA Treasurer; ROTC Commander; Distinguished Military Student; Blue Key Alumni Secretary. VII WILLARD C. MAYFIELD, Natchitoches; Vocational- Industrial Education; IE Club. W. CAROL MILEY, Shreveport; Upper Elementary Education. FREDERICK A. MILLER, Conewango Valley, New York; Elec- tronics. SENIORS IOI LEONARD DOY MILLER. Minden; Electronics and Mathe- matics; Blue Key. 1963-64; Phi Kappa Phi. 1962-64; Phi Eta Si ma, 1963-64; Black Knights Commander, 1963-64. WOODROW R MOCK. JR.. Slagle; Wildlife Management. MARGARET USA MOGG. Shreveport; English; Chonu. CHARITY ANN MONK, Oakdale; Primary Education BSU SLTA; Staff Assistant JO ANN MONK, Woodworth; English; Sophomore Counselor 1961-62; Phi Kappa Phi, 1963; Kappa Delta Pi, 1963 SLTA ' 1963-64. RONNIE MONTGOMERY, Provencal; Agriculture SENIORS III BILLY W MOORE. Winnfield; Agriculture; Demeter. Parlia- mentarian, 1962-63, Treasurer. 1963-64; National Demeter Secre- tary. 1963-64. DALE MOORE, Marthaville; Accounting; Business Manager. Current Sauce. JOHN JAMES MOORE, Calvin; Accounting. IV GLENDA BLEVINS MORELAND, Natchitoches; AZA; Home Economics; Sophomore Counselor, 1961-62; Wesley Foundation, 1961-64. WILLIAM BENJAMIN MORELAND, JR.. Natchiotches; Animal Husbandry BARBARA JEANNETTE MORGAN. Baton Rouge; Nursing; LASN. 1961; NSNA, 1961. JOYE MAE MORGAN. Shongaloo; Nursing; Phi Kappa Phi; LASN. 1961-64 THURMAN LAVELL MORGAN. Springhill; Business Adminis- tration. JOHN B MORREAU. Shreveport; English. VI MAUREEN E MORROW, Alexandria; 1 . Upper Elementary Education; Dormitorv Officer, 1960-61; Sophomore Counselor, 1961; L2A President, 1962-64; Senior Counselor, 1963-64 SHERRY ANN MOSS, Natchiotches; Piano; Sigma Alpha Iota; Collegiate Guild Award in Piano; Winner in Biannual Piano Recording Contest; Accompanist for NSC Chorus, 1962-63; Winner of Student Musicians Award for La. Federation of Music Clubs; Purple Jacket; Orchestra; Band. JUNE DALE MOTT, Shreveport; Nursing VII HARRY GLENN MURPHY. Doyline. Industrial Arts Education; Industrial Arts Club; Louisiana Industrial Arts Association. JOHN O ' QUIN MURPHY. Coushatta; Industrial Education STEPHEN PATRICK MURPHY. Natchitoches; Industrial Arts; Track, 1960-62; Football, 1960-62; President of N Club, 1962-63 lOl SARA MARCHIEAL MYLES, Franklinton; Nursing; Flamingo Club, 1960; LASN; NSNA; BSU. KATHERYN BENJAI NEELY, Shreveport; Business Education; Demonettes, 1961; AWS Social Chairman; Staff Assistant; Secre- tary, International Club. ERIC R. NELSON, Robeline; Accounting. ELIZABETH COOKSEY NETHENY, Olla; Speech Therapy. HELEN CHRISTINE NEWSOME, Leesville; AZ; Speech and Hearing Therapy; Cheerleader; State Fair Court; Head Cheer- leader. DOLORES LEE NICHOLS, Venice; Business Education; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi. Ill CARRIE L. NICKLAS, Winnfield; Upper Elementary Education; AWS Council, 1963; Senior Counselor, 1962-64; Assistant Editor, Current Sauce, 1963; ATA, 1963-64; Dormitory President, 1962- 63. MILTON JOHN NIX, Bossier City; Music Education; NSC Chorale; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. CAROLYN LOUISE ORTEGO, Tioga; Primary Education; Sophomore Counselor; SLTA; BSU Council, 1961-63. IV LORETTA ANN PARROTT, Zwolle; Primary Education; Euthenics Club; SLTA; Sophomore Counselor. ROBERT B. PATOUT, Jeanerette; Economics; International Club, Newman Club; Canterbury Club. HELEN ALANNAH PETTY, Mansfield; AZ Physical Education; PEM Club; Canterbury Club; Alpha Beta Alpha; Delta Zeta Scholarship Chairman, 1962-63; Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart, 1962-63. WILLIAM N. PERRY, Baton Rouge; Physics and Mathematics; Wesley Foundation, Financial Secretary, 1960; Treasurer, 1961; State Representative, 1962-63; Vice-President; 1962-63. FRANCES MEADE PHELPS; Natchitoches; Chemistry; Phi Kappa Phi, 1963; Newman Club Secretary, 1963; Newman Club President, 1963-64. HARLAN M. PHELPS, Logansport; Business Administration. VI LINDA JANE PHENICE; Hathaway; Primary Education; Wesley Foundation Council, 1963; Phi Kappa Phi, 1962; Kappa Delta Pi, 1962; SLTA. BRENDA E. PICKETT, Anacoco; Music; Staff Assistant, 1963-64; Phi Beta; NSC Chorus. MARY LEE PITCHFORD, Baton Rouge; Upper Elementary Education; SLTA; AWS Big Sister; AWS Art Chairman. VII VIRGIL L. PITTMAN, Oil City; Mathematics. FRANCIS ELANOR PIXLEY, Shongaloo; Nursing; LASN; NSNA; AWS. SIDNEY LAMARR POE, LaCamp; Biology; Beta Beta Beta Treasurer, 1964. SENIORS io 3 BROOKS W POWELL, Ashland; Business Education BENNETT ELUS PRATT. Natchitoches; Health and Physical Education. Gym Team Letterman; Vice-President I ' KK, 1963 BARBARA ANN PRICE, Mansfield; Primary Education; AWS Big Sister; SLTA SIDNEY PRUDHOMME, Ville Platte; Zoology. VIOLA G PUGH. Shreveport; Speech Therapy; Dorm Officer. 1961-62; Sophomore Counselor, 1962-63; Kappa Delta Pi; Senior Counselor. 1963-64; Davis Players; Dorm Officer, 1963-64. LARRY PULL1G. Jamestown; Agronomy; Demeter; J V Basket- ball; Intramural Sports. SENIORS III DONALD L PURDY, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Mathematics; President and Vice-President Canterbury Club. DOROTHY G. PURDY New Orleans; ASA; Social Science; 1 Secretary and Vice-President; Dormitory Assistant; Pan- hellenic Treasurer; Contemporary Dance Club; Canterbury Club. JOHN R. PURVIS Terry; Upper Elementary Education; Asso- ciated Men Students; Monitor, 1961-64; SLTA, 1963-64. rv RAYMOND WAYNE RABB, Waterproof; Wildlife Management. Mansfield; Elementary Education; LEON A RIGGS, Lena; ITf; Upper Elementary Education. CHARLOTTE RAMSEY, Sophomore Counselor. PAUL F. ROCHETTE, JR., Richmond, Virginia; UK ; Marketing; Pi Kappa Phi Historian, 1960; Vice-President, 1960; President, 1961-62; Vice-President and Treasurer. 1963; Dorm President. 1962; AMS, 1962 MONTY RODES. Benton; II KE; Industrial Arts Education. PATRICIA ANNE ROGERS. Shreveport; Primary Education; SLTA, President. 1963-64. VI BARBARA EILEN ROSHTO. Pineville; Upper Elementary Edu- cation; Sophomore Counselor; SLTA; Senior Counselor; Newman Club. LOLA ROSS, Natchitoches; English; Current Sauce News Editor, 1963; Journalists of Tomorrow Vice-President. 1963-64. PATRICIA ANN ROSS. Negreet; English Education; ABA Fraternity. Recording Secretary. 1961-62; AWS Big Sister. 1962; Staff Assistant. 1962. Accounting. N Club. VII RONALD DEAN ROY. Natchitoches; 1961-64; Baseball letter. 1961-64 ROSE ANNA ROY, Natchitoches; ---; Mathematics; --- Treas- urer. 1963-64; Kappa Delta Pi. MARILYN ANNE RUTHERFORD. Shreveport; English Educa- tion, Sophomore Counselor; Kappa Delta Pi; AWS Social Chair- man. 104 WILLIAM HARRIS RUTLEDGE, JR., Shreveport; Physical Edu- cation; nK ; President, 1963; Treasurer, 1962-63; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Wesley Foundation; Baseball, 1961-62. RONALD EDWARD RYAN, Effie; Upper Elementary Education; Alpha Beta Alpha; ABA Officer. FRED MINFORD RYLAND, III, Effie; Upper Elementary Educa- tion; SLTA. II BAYMOND EDWIN SANDERS, JR., Natchitoches; Biology. MARTHA KAY SANDLIN, Natchitoches; Mathematics; Ma- jorette; NSC Band; 1962-63; TAWS. JANET RAE SAUVE, Pineville; 2K; Primary Education; Demonettes, 1961-62; Purple Jackets, 1963-64; Kappa Delta Pi, 1963-64; Sigma Kappa, President, 1963-64. Ill ELIZABETH LEE SAVOY, Alexandria; Primary Education; AWS Council, 1960-61; Senior Counselor, 1963-64. LINDA DIANE SAWYER, Bunkie; Primary Education; Senior Counselor; SLTA. MARILYN McGEE SCARBOROUGH, Shreveport; Home Eco- nomics Education; Sophomore Counselor, 1961-62; Euthenics Club, 1960-63; Purple Jackets, 1962-63; BSU, 1960-63; Kappa Delta Pi, 1963. IV JOETTE SCLUICQUE, Baton Rouge; Business Education. MARTHA ANN SCOTT, Natchitoches; Home Economics; TAWS, President, 1961; Euthentics Club, 1963-64; Chorus Accompanist, 1963-64; AWS Council, 1961. JAMES EDWARD SCRIBER, Lisbon; Health and Physical Edu- cation; Baseball, 1961-63; N Club, 1961-63; Blue Key, 1962; Presi- dent of Dorm, 1963. MARILYN ANNE SCROGGS, Shreveport, dZ; Sociology and Social Sciences; Demonettes, 1960; Senior Counselor, 1961-62; Panhellenic Delegate, 1962-63. JAMES ELTON SCRUGGS, Zwolle; Industrial Arts; Black Knights; Wesley Foundation, Treasurer; SLTA; Industrial Arts Publicity Chairman. DONNA CAROLE SEGARI, New Orleans; Primary Education; Newman Club; SLTA, 1963-64. VI PAUL H. SEPULVADO, Noble; Industrial Arts Education; Iota Lambda Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; I.E. Club, Vice-President, 1962; I.E., President, 1963-64. VIRGINIA LOU SETTLE, Natchitoches; Business Education; Pi Omega Pi, Secretary, 1963; Kappa Delta Pi; TAWS; Phi Kappa Phi, 1963-64. JOHN HOWARD SEWELL, Morgan City; Math and Physical Education. VII SANDRA JEAN SHAHAN, Bqssiejr City; Music Education; Sigma Alpha Iota, 1960-64; Outstanding Pledge, 1960, President, 1962-63; Vice-President, 1963-64; Phi Kappa Phi, 1963-64; Kappa Delta Pi, 1963-64; NSC Chorale. GEORGE MONROE SHAMBLIN, JR., Bastrop; Electronics; NSC Radio Club; LA. Club. PAUL RAMSEY SIMMONS, Newton, Texas; Business Educa- tion; BSU Freshman Council, 1961; ROTC Black Knights, 1961; Cross Country, 1961-62; GSC Cross Country, 1963-64; Track, 1961-64; N Club, 1961-64. SENIORS 105 SENIORS ARTHUR M SIMONSON. Natchiotches. Mathematics; Black Knights JOHN AMOS SKINNER, Florien; Upper Elementary Education; BSU Executive Council; SLTA CARROL E SLACK. Cotton Valley; Zoology; Interdormitory Council; Tn-Beta Historian, Vice-President; Blue Key Historian; Student Council. Vice-President of Men; Associated Men Stu- dents, President. II REBECCA ANNETTE SLOAN. Alexandria; Primary Education. Student NEA. 1961-62; Dorm Counselor. 1961-62; SLTA; 1963; Senior Counselor. 1963; Staff Assistant. 1963; Wesley Foundation Council. 1963 CHARLES DONALD SMITH. Natchitoches; Mathematics; Vice- President. Association of the United States Army ROTC. GOLDAREE SMITH. Atlanta; Upper Elementary Education; NSC Chorus; SLTA; Wesley Foundation. Ill CAROLYN SPARKS, Pineville; Home Economics Education; BSU Secretary, 1961-62. SLTA; Euthenics Club; Intramural Sports. JERRY CLARENCE SPEARS, Logansport; UK ; Journalism. Pi Kappa Phi HLstorian. 1962; Secretary. 1963 LYNN SPEIGHT. Many; Zoology; Latin Classical League; Sophomore Counselor; NSF Participant. 1962-63; Dormitory President, 1963; BSU; LCL. Treasurer. 1961-62 rv JAMES EDDIE SPRAYBERRY. JR., Rodessa; UK ; Instru- mental Music Education; Pi Kappa Phi Chaplain and Historian. Band. 1960-64; Orchestra. JAMES REED STACY, Natchitoches; Agriculture; Demeter. LEWIS P. STAHL. Spnn«hill. Industrial Arts Education; Secre- Arts Club; Senior Men ' s Representative. MARY ANN STEPHENS. East Point; Primary Education; SLTA WALTER M STEPHENS. Natchitoches; Accounting RONALD RAY STEVENS. Belle Chasse; Physical Education VI JOHN STEWART DELK. El Paso. Texas; Business Administra- tion; Chess Champion, 1961-62 ALBERTA ANN STROUD. Many; Primary Education GARY RUSSELL SULLIVAN. Haughton; Business Administra- tion. VII WAYNE E SUMMERS. Abbeville; Speech and English; Alpha Phi Gamma, President Editor in Chief; Current Sauce, Davis Players; Alpha Psi Omega; JOT Club; Artist Series Committee; President of the Senior Class; SUSGA Convention Delegate. ARTHUR FRANCIS SUTHERLAND. Belle Chasse; ZTT; Mathe- matics. LADISLAS SZABO ' . Long Island. New York; Accounting; Blue Key. Social Chairman; International Club. 1961-62; Pi Omega Pi. Reporter; Interdenominational Scholarship. 106 JAMES A. TAIT, Natchitoches; Electronics. GLENN EDWARD TALBERT, Lake Charles; Physical Educa- tion; N Club, 1960-63; President; Varsity Football, 1960-63; All Gulf States Conference Football, 1961-62; Varsity Track, 1960-63. THOMAS NEIL TALLEY, Natchitoches; KA; Sociology. II DIANE TAYLOR, Shreveport; Journalism; Current Sauce, 1960- 64; Most Dependable Staff Member, 1962; Journalists of Tomor- row, 1962-64; Alpha Phi Gamma, 1962-64; Senior Counselor, 1963-64. RICHARD CHARLES TEMPLIN, Shreveport; Business Admin- istration. BILLIE LOUISE THOMAS, Pineville; Business Administration; Pi Omega Pi, 1963; Kappa Delta Phi, 1963. in DOROTHY L. THOMAS, Haynesville; Nursing; LASN, NSNA; AWS; Basketball Nurses Team; Softball Nurses Team; BSU Enlistment; BSU President. JIMMY MACK THOMAS, Longiew, Texas; Radio and Television Production; N Club, 1962-63; Varsity Football; Dramatics. JUDYE BETH THOMAS, Shreveport; Vocal Music and Upper Elementary Education; Purple Jackets, 1961-63; Kappa Delta Pi, President, 1963-64; SLTA, 1961-64. IV JUANITA RAYE THOMPSON, Winnfield; Primary Education; SLTA. REED THOMPSON, Pitkin; Upper Elementary Education. WALTER EMMETT THOMPSON, Montgomery; Accounting. DALE M. TINSLEY, Belle Chasse; ETT; Health and PE; P.E.K.; SLTA. JUDITH ANN TISDALE, Colfax; Medical Techinology; Beta Beta Beta; Tri-Beta, Historian. JAMES STANLEY TOMPKINS, Many; KA; Chemistry. VI RONNIE TOOKE, Haughton; Accounting. BEVERLY ANN TOUPS, Cut-Off ; Medical Technology. MARY ELLEN TYLER, Blanchard; Upper Elementary Educa- tion; BSU; SLTA. VII JANE PLUMMER VAUGHAN, Ferriday; Nursing; LASN; NSNA; Bank, 1960-61; Band Queen, 1961 AWS. GERALD PAUL VERCHER, Alexandria; Upper Elementary Education. EDWARD A. VINES, Zwolle; Upper Elementary Education. SENIORS §1J 107 I JAMBS ADDISON WADSWORTH. Bogalusa; Chemistry. MARGIE ELAINE WALKER, Lcesville; Home Economics Edu- cation; Freshman Home Economics Award; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Purple Jackets JERRY WILLIAM WALLACE. Melville; Health and Physical Education; Freshman Representative to Associated Men Stu- dents II ROSEMARY WASSON, Baton Rouge; Spanish; Spanish Club. 1962-64; SLTA. 1963-64; Current Sauce Staff. 1963 JAMES WESLEY WATTS. Jonesboro; Industrial Arts; IAC. Flamingo Club; Drill Team. CHARLES MONROE WEBB. Church Point; Chemistry. SENIORS III CHARLIE WILLARD WEBER. Mansfield; Agriculture LARRY WEEKS. Shreveport. Zoology; Tri-Beta. GORDON JAMES WELDON, Winnfield; Biology Education; Black Knights. 1961-62. IV JAMES P. WELLS, JR., Shreveport; Business Administration; NSC Rodeo Club. JULIA ANN WELLS. Alexandria; Nursing; BSU Freshman Council; BSU Council Shreveport Campus; NSNA. WILLIAM ARTHUR WHITEHEAD, Natchitoches; Zoology; Blue Key, Historian, 1963-64; Tri-Beta, Vice-President, 1963-64; Phi Kappa Phi, 1963-64. GEORGE LELAND WHITELOCK, Sulphur; Agriculture; Deme- ter, 1960-64, Secretary, 1963-64. CAROLYN WHITTINGTON, Shreveport; Primary Education; Kappa Delta Pi. JERRY LYNN WHITTON, Natchitoches; Electronics. VI LINDA WICKARD, Shreveport; Primary Education; SLTA, Vice-President, 1963 GENE RODNEY WILLBANKS, Pineville; Sociology. LEAH L. WILLIAMS, Baton Rouge; Nursing; LASN; NSNA; Flamingoes; AWS VII JAN E WILLIAMS. New Iberia; Nursing; LASN. 1962-63; NSNA. 1962-63; Sophomore Counselor. 1961; Beauty. 1961-62. SHARON BETH WILLIAMS, Natchitoches Primary Education; Kappa Delta Pi. 1962. SUE McNAUGHTON WILLIAMS, Colfax; Home Economics; Euthenics Club, 1960-63; BSU, 1960-63 108 DOROTHY ANN WILLIS, Shreveport; Health and Physical Edu- cation; Pern Club. JIMMY WILLIS, Shreveport; English; Davis Players. JOYCE WILLIS, Winnfield; Library Science. II ROYCE O. WILLIS, Shreveport; Accounting. SHIRLEY MAE WTLLIS, Oakdale; Primary Education; BSU; SLTA; Staff Assistant. PATRICIA ALLEN WINDHAM, Shreveport; 22 2; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha. SENIORS III Jo ANN WISE, Lena; Zoology; Beta Beta Beta, 1962. CAROLYN CLAUDETTE WOOD, Coushatta; Business Educa- tion; Pi Omega Pi; AWS. ERNEST S. WOODARD, JR., Ringgold; TK2; Business. IV I. W. WOODARD, Winnfield; Government; Gymnastics, 1962-63; Literary Club, 1963-64. CORNELIA WYATT WOODSON, Natchitoches; Primary Edu- cation. RICHARD G. WOODSON, Natchitoches; Education; Current Sauce Staff, 1959-64. CAROLYN WRIGHT, Glenmore; Business Education; Pi Omega Pi; BSU; SLTA. SHERMAN WYNN, JR., Ida; Agriculture. JOE ALFRED YOUNG, Monterey; Mathematics. VI JOHN C. YOUNG, Leesville; Government and Mathemaics. 109 u » JUNIORS in Mr One should never quit before a job is completed and should never start something he doesn ' t fully intend to carry through. We, the members of the junior class, are rapidly approaching the goal on which we set our sights three years ago and are pleased to know that soon our intended destination will be reached. The activities of this year have been a major factor in molding our lives and in preparing us for a produc- tive life upon completion of our academic pursuits. Knowledge is the key to success, and application of what we have learned at Northwestern State College may enable us to realize our ambitions in life. Oh, yes, you can browse around and pick up a living without an education, but even a jackass, to be of any use in the world, must be trained. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS W. STEVE BLOUNT President R. DUFFY WALL Vice-President PATRICIA ANNE COOPER Secretary A. JOE BUTLER Men ' s Representative CARMEN CODINA Women ' s Representative ir JUNIORS ££ £ JAMES C ADAMS Mansfield WILUAM COOPER ADDISON Shreveport ROBERT WILUAM AHEARN Shreveport WILUAM EUGENE AINS WORTH Natchitoches MORRIS H ALDREDGE. JR Alexandria II A CI.ARK ALDRIDGE K Shreveport RONALD CURBY ALEXANDER Shreveport FRANKLIN DELAND ANTILLEY Natchitoches FRANKIE J ARMSTRONG Kcithville BEN ELLIS ASH UK Shreveport III JEFFERY DEAN AUSTIN Winnfield VINCENT CHARLES AUTHEMENT Belle Chasse E CLAIRE BAEDER Maplewood MARIETTA BAKER A7. Natchitoches SHIRLEY BALDWIN Shreveport IV VALDA LEIGH BARRY Logansport JERRY LYNN BARTLETT Goldonna SHARON GAYLE BARTON Pineville GLEN DA BATES Ringgold CHERYL ANN BAYLISS Shreveport V BILLY JOE BEASLEY Thibodeaux MARTHA RAE BEDSOLE Mansfield FLORA BEHRNES Slaughter FA YE ANN BELGARD Deville MARTIN T BELL Houston, Texas VI CAROLYN ANN BELLUE Baton Rouge PATRICIA A BENEFIELD Shongaloo GLORIA JEAN BERLIN Alexandria JIMMY DALE BERRY Winnfield DON JERRY BERTHELOT Baton Rouge VII JAMES H BLACKBURN Lecsville GEORGIA BLAIR 1X1 Shreveport W. STEVE BLOUNT Shongaloo DON L BOLYER Ashland JAY O BORMAN Lake Charles vni SANDRA J BOYD Winnfield LIZ BRADFORD Jena LARRY BRADY Pineville LINDA ELLEN BRANCATO Shreveport GEORGE BRANDON Natchitoches " 4 JOY NELL BREWTON Calvin BOBBIE DEAN BRITTINGHAM Baton Rouge BENNY RAY BROOKS Lake Charles JAN ANN BROWN Minden CLARENCE H. BRUCE Pineville n LINDA KAYE BRUCE Vivian CARL R. BUCHANAN TKE Sussex, N.B., Canada WILLIAM MARTIN BURNUM Winnfield A. JOE BUTLER Plain Dealing SANDRA CALHOUN Pitkin in JAMES DAVID CALLICOTT Springhill CHARLES K. CANFIELD, JR. Shreveport GEORGE RAY CANNON Cloutierville ASHFORD N. CARDWELL Shreveport BRENDA JOYCE CARR Cullen IV DONALD BROWN CARROLL Shreveport EMMETT L. CARSON Welsh THOMAS R. CATHEY Alexandria HENRIETTA CAVANAUGH Leesville SUE CHANCE Elizabeth V GEORGIA LOU CHAPLIN Natchitoches CHARLANNE CHAPOTON Baton Rouge PEGGY ANN CLARK Alexandria THERESA ANN CLEMENS Shreveport MIKEL THOMAS CLINE KA Alexandria VI ODIS DONALD COBB Mansfield CARMEN MARIE CODINA 2K Lafayette NORMA COLLIER 222 Natchitoches JUDY ANN COLLINS Marthaville JUDY MERLE COLLINS Belmont VII CHARLES JOSEPH COLQUETTE Oakdale NEVA LYNELL COOK Florien JANE COOPER Shreveport PATRICIA ANNE COOPER 22 2 New Orleans LYNNE CORBELL Springhill VIII JAMES RICHARDSON CORLEY Ringgold FRANCES ILENE COUNCILL Alexandria WILLIAM HARVEY COX Alexandria JAMES LEE CRIPE Lafayette SUZANNE THERESE CROCHET Houma SIM Wi JUNIORS " 5 JOSEPH CLYDE CROOKS Trout JOAN CUDD Elmer PENNY CYMMINGS Shreveport RAYMOND E CUPPLES Boyce M VIRGINIA CURTIS Natchitoches II LINDA ANN DAUGHTRY IK Winnfield JO ANN DAUZAT Alexandria SANDRA DAVID Monterey MAR Y LOU DAVIDSON Groves, Texas STANLEY O DAVIS Pineville III TOMMY DEAN Montgomery SUE DEARMON Sixes NANCY ELAINE DEES Springnill PHYLLIS ROSE DeROSIA ALA West Monore CARMIE SUE DICKSON Coushatta JUNIORS IV FELTON DICKSON Campti LEE DICKSON Coushatta JANET GITHENS DUCOTE Vivian MAX C DUGGAN Lake Charles DIANNE DUNN Mansfield V CARRIE ELIZABETH DYKES Dry Prong JOHN TERRYL EASON Mansfield NECIA JANICE EDDY Shreveport DANNY RAY EDWARDS Dallas, Texas TOMMYE JO ENSMINGER Shreveport VI DONNA ERICKSON Shreveport SANDRA J EVANS Lake Charles INGRID MONICA FABER DeRidder BETTY FAUGHT Alexandria GORDON FERGUSON Shreveport VII TONI FERLITO Shreveport ALAN FERNBAUGH Natchitoche TERRY GLENN FINLEY KA Calhoun CYNTHIA LOUISE FITZGERALD ILL Kctmer JIMMY FLETCHER Montgomery vni CLAUDM ALINE FLOYD 21 Pineville JERRY WAYNE FOWLER Natchitoches GEORGIA BARDWELL FOX Alexandria MARIE FRANCIS Forest Hill JERRY L FREEMAN Shreveport 116 SANDRA FROMENTHAL Morgan City SUE E. BASKIN Fort Necessity MILBON J. GASPARD, JR. Cottonport PATSY GASPARD 17. Alexandria LINDA MARIE GAUTHIER Bunkie II JAMES HERSHEL GENTRY, JR. Bossier City NANCY LEE GEPHARDT Mooringsport JON LEE GIBSON Haynesville MAUREEN E. GIBSON Alexandria FARLEIGH M. GRAY Otis in SHARON ANN GRIFFIN Westover A.F.B., Massachusetts RAPHAEL G GRIGORIAN Tehran, Iran ELIZABETH ANN GRIGSBY ASA Alexandria DINAH NETHERTON GRISHAM Natchitoches JAMES LA VERNE GUAY Many IV MARTHA W. GUAY Many ELAINE GUNBY Z Golden Meadow WANDA HALL Epps SANFORA HAMES Pineville ROBERT A. HAMILTON Shreveport V SHARON M. HANKWITZ Colfax LINDA LEE HANSON Bossier City LUCY HART Westlake PATRICIA MAE HARTWELL DeQuincy SANDRA HARRIS Baton Rouge VI HIXIE HAYES Blanchard 0. H. HAYNES, III Minden SHERYL HAYS Leesvilie CAROL HEBERT St. Martinsville JOHN T. HEARN Shreveport vn HENRY HENDERSON Glenmora JUDY HICKMAN Baton Rouge BETTY LOUISE HIGGINS Shreveport PEGGY HILL Hammond JACKIE SUE HODGES Kelly vni LaFREDA DALE HODGES Georgetown MALCOLM 0. HODNETT Minden BRUCE HOLLAND Sarepta HAROLD H. HOLLENSHEAD, II Homer PAT HOLLINGSWORTH Tioga % $L r„ JUNIORS if-j .i S i %k%%l JUNIORS JERRY F HOLLOW AY Bastrop MAUDIE MAE HOLSTON Evergreen CHARLOTTE WRAY HOOD Spnnghill CEDRIC HUDGENS Homer JAMES TERRELL HUFF CheneyvilW- 11 WILMA LEE HUNT Shreveport SHERRY INGRAM Bermuda DONALD RAY ISGITT Zwolle VELVA LYNN JAMES Elmer WAYNE RAY JAMES Natchitoches III WILLIAM F JOBE Oil City BARBARA JOHNSON Leesville BENNI JOHNSON Smackover, Arkansas CHARLES W. JOHNSON Shreveport GARY A JOHNSON Haynesville IV GLENN RAY JOHNSON Pitkin LUISA JOHNSON Shreveport JUDY ANN JOINER ZZ1 Baton Rouge AUDREY NELL JONES Converse FREEMAN M JONES Longville V JAMES ROBERT JONES Montgomery KAY JONES Grand Cane SANDRA ELLEN JONES Shreveport CAROLE JORSTAD Delhi MARGIE KELLEY Winnfield VI ANNIE KELLY DeRidder DAVID A. KELLY Plain Dealing JIMMIE LYNDELL KERN Zachary GEORGE KILLEN ZTC Coushatta KATHERINE ANNETTE KING Baton Rouge VII JOYCE ANN KINMAN Choudrant BILLIE ANN KNIGHT AZ R us ton BILLY WADE KNIGHT Varnado CLIFFORD KROUSE Minden MARIANNA R KUCINSKI Trout VIII WILLIAM OWENS KYZAR Bossier City CARL R LaFLEUR Ville Platte JACKIE LYNN LaGRONE Carthage, Texas CLIFFORD LAMBERT Shreveport CLAIRE LAMPEREZ Houma u8 EARL A. LAWLEY Newellton HARRY B. LAWSON Hall Summit JAMES E. LEE Sibley LARRY DON LEE Natchitoches ROBERT EDWARD LEE, JR. 2TT Alexandria II JACK W. LEGGETT, JR. Oakdale JOHN R. LEGGETT Glenmora ARDIS DWIGHT LEWIS Mansfield JOHN W. LEWIS Florien MARTHA LeVASSEUR Natchitoches III PATRICK JOHNSON LOFTUS Stonewall JAMES LONG Shreveport MARIE FRANCES LONGINO Coushatta JOWANNA LOOPER 2K Alexandria JIMMY DOUGLAS LOWRY Haynesville JUNIORS IV SAM JUDELUCERO 2TT Shreveport JERE LYNN LUCKY Shreveport DIANE CHARLENE McBRIDE Natchitoches misi McCain Colfax IRBY MARIE McCAN Effie V JOHN B. McCANN Vick GLENDA JEAN McCOLLISTER Shreveport fred c. Mcdowell Coushatta MARCUS LANE McDOWELL Doyline SUSAN SHEFFIELD McMARLAND Houma VI CARROLINE McGEE Florien JACKIE ANN McGEE Bossier City JERRY RAY McGRAW Daingerfield JACKIE McLAMORE 22 2 Natchitoches CECIL McPHEARSON Robeline VII JESSE C. McWILLIAMS Leesville GENE MADDOX DeRidder SAMUEL REED MADDOX Haynesville JULIA MAHONEY Minden LINDA MALLEY Cotton Valley VIII JANET MALONE Springhill GLYNNA MANNIS Bossier City CHARLES MARANTO 2TT Shreveport GWEN MARIE MARLER A2A Alexandria ELIZABETH SUE MARSDEN Tallulah 119 9 i ,2 JUNIORS M1 BARBARA LOU MARTIN Mindcn CAROLYN LOUISE MARTIN DeQuincy SAMUEL ARTHUR MASSON ClouUervillc JANIECE ANN MAYET Lockport VICKEY RUTH MEADOR Shreveport II FREDERICK C E MELVILLE Guatemala CASWELL H MERRITT Horn beck TERESA ANNE METZ Morgan City EVELYN MIDKIFF Rosepine MAXINE E MIFFLIN Leesville III JUDITH IRENE MISTICH Boothvillc BETTY MOLCANY Shreveport HARVEY RAY MOORE Goldonna SANDRA MOORE Shreveport CHERYL ANN MOSES DeQuim-y rv CHARLENE MORACE Jena GLENN MORRIS Haynesvillc PERCY MARLON MORROW Heflin CAROL Y. MULINA Shreveport LINDA NADRACHAI. Minden V SHARON ELIZABETH NAPP Bossier City WENDELL AUSTIN NEAL Franklin MARY K NEILL Zachary MADELYN FISKE MIEMANN Redding. Connecticut EMERIC T. NOONE. JR Alexandria VI BARBARA NORRIS Prong CAROLYN W. OGLESBY Verda JANIS OWENS Tullos KAY OWENS Shreveport BARBARA N PEARSON Bossier City VII RUSSELL LEE PEDRO Shreveport JIMMY PENINGER ForeM Hill LARRY EMERSON PERDUE Prairu-ville J. ANNA PEROT Natchitoches SUZANNE PETTY Des Allcmands VIII SARAH WALKER PILCHER Many JAMES W PHILLIPS. JR Boyce JULIA MAY PHILLIPS Jena PAULA PIJANOWSKI Alexandria ARTHUR DAVID POE K A Alexandria iao KENNETH W. POIMBOEUF Shreveport ROBERT RAY PORT Natchitoches ELIZABETH POWELL Natchitoches CARMEN M. PRESTRIDGE Baton Rouge BONNIE LORAIN PREWITT West Monroe II JOHN C. PRINCE, II Natchitoches ROSE RITA PROVENZA Shreveport ANN PURVIS Kent wood THOMAS W. PUTNAM Merryville ROBERT LEE PYNES Leesville UI D. DOUGLAS QUINN Ringgold ALICE RACHAL Natchitoches BARBARA ANN RACHAL Chopin MARY LOUISE RAFIELD Winnfield GLORIA RANIER Shreveport JUNIORS IV MARGIE RAMBIN Oxford JOANN RAMEY Vivian JANET YVONNE RAMSEY Waterproof JAMES W. RANDALL Vidalia RICHARD STANTON REDDITT Shreveport V GORDON LEWIS REYNOLDS KA Shreveport BETTY LOUISE RICE Glenmora J. P. RICE, JR. Denham Springs MYDRA RICHARD Morgan City PHILIP RINEHART Bossier City VI GINGER RUTH RISLEY Alexandria CARRIE ROBERTS ASA Wisner MILLIE EILEEN ROBERTS Colfax DOUG ROBINSON Shreveport LEONA ROBINSON Shreveport VII DONNA JEANNE RODGERS Plain Dealing RITA RODGERS Shreveport GEORGE W. ROGERS Bossier City ARLEEN ROLLIN Metairie JOHNNIE ROSS Shreveport vni GENEVA CAROLYN RUSSELL Sonheimer JANICE SALLEY Natchitoches CAROL SALTER Provencal JOANNE B. SALTER Zwolle JOE REECE SALTER Florien III 3M12 JUNIORS ft!W YIKC.INIA SUE SANDIFER Bentloy DON L SCOTT Alexandria V GAYLE SCOTT Natchitoches SID SERS Natchitoches MARY MATTHEWS SHARP Denham Springs II C. TERRY SH1PP Natchitoches LINDA SHIRLEY Baton Rouge JAMES L SHUMUKE Winnfield JAMES P. SIBLEY Natchitoches WAYNE DALE SIMMONS Mansfield III SHIRLEY JUNE SIMPSON Gilliam ROBERT CHARLES SIMS TKK Ruston GLORIA ANN SISK Kenner DAVID DeLESLIE SISTRUNK Shreveport PATSY JEAN SKINNER Pleasant Hill IV JOHN LESTER SLADE Thibodeaux CHARLES TRUETT SMITH Hodge CLARK E. SMITH Shreveport DAVID PAUL SMITH Shreveport R KARANINA SMITH Shreveport V ANDREA LINDA SOLIS Shreveport EDDIE SUE SOREY Rayville JACKIE R SPEIR Chestnut SAM H STACY. JR. Natchitoches THOMAS LARRY STARK Tallulah VI ERIC STEINHAUSER 111 Shreveport EVAN STEINHAUSER SIT Shreveport LaVERN CARTER STEPHENS Natchitoches YVONNE STEPHENS Natchitoches WILLIAM RUSSELL STEVENS Coushatta VII GEORGE STEWART Colfax AMY STILES Campti JAMES D STRONG Zwolle BRENDA GAY STROUD Negreet ROY SULLIVAN Plain Dealing vni PAT SYLVESTER Alexandria LINDA TASSON Clarksville, Tennessee JOE TAYLOR Coushatta REBECCA JEAN TAYLOR Jackson SANDRA FRANCES TAYLOR Bossier Citv 111 JIMMIE KENNETH TEAGUE Haynesville SANDRA TEAGUE Many ANDREA FA YE TERRELL New Orleans KATE THIBODEAUX A2a Mermentau JIMMIE THOMAS Kinder II TOMMY D. THOMAS Ringgold MICHAEL E. THOMSON Boyce KENNETH RAY TILTON Elizabeth MARY ANN TOUCHSTONE Bossier City ALTON LLOYD TOWNSEND, JR. Coushatta in JOSEPH N. TRAIGLE KA Belle Chasse JUDITH C. TURNBOW Shreveport GLENDA MAURICE TURNER Florien PAULINE VAN MOL Alexandria PAULA VETTER Coushatta JUNIORS IV CLYDE FRANCIS VIENNE Natchitoches ROBERT VINCENT Kaplan CYNTHIA MARGUERITE VINING Amite CAROL ANN WAGLEY Many WILBUR WALDRON, JR. Haynesville V JOYCE L. WALES Baton Rouge SUE WALES Minden JEAN V. WALKER AZ Shreveport DUFFY WALL Tullos LLOYD E. WALLACE Shreveport VI DANIEL C. WALSH, JR. Zachary RAE BELLE WARNER 2K Alexandria EVELYN WATKINS Wilda MELINDA WATKINS 222 Shreveport S. ANNE WEAVER Chesnut VII RANDALL JOSEPH WEBB Haynesville MIKE WEEGO KA Alexandria JAMES AMON WEEKS Glenmora JOHN WEFFENSTETTE 2TT Natchitoches HAROLD L. WEIR ITK f West Monroe VIII JUNE WEISHEIT Houma HOWARD M. WELLS, JR. Ferriday MARIE LaNELL WEST Pine Prairie O. D. WHITLEY Shreveport MARION WILDEBOER Campti J1 3 DAVID BRIAN WILLIAMS Alexandria HAZEL WILLIAMS Shreveport ROSS G WILLIAMS Floru-n MARY BETH WILLIAMSON A Baton Rouge CHRISTINE WILSON Lisbon 11 MARGIE WILSON Pollock SALLIE LUNDIE WILSON Natchitoches JACK WINTERSTEIN Great Falls, Va ANNETTE LEA WOOD Coushatta ROSEMARIE WOOLEY Haughton III CAROLYN ZUVICH Buras JUDITH ELAINE YOUNG Shreveport A. JANE YOUNG Ashland CHERYL YARBROUGH Mansfield RONALD WAYNE WYATT Belmont CLINTON D. WORSHAM M..!. | JUNIORS There ' s nothing like waiting to buy books. 114 SOPHOMORES J 5 The class of ' 66 has dwindled in numbers tremen dously since the fall of ' 62. However, the decrease in quantity was by no means accompanied by a decrease in quality. The fall semester of 1963 was a good one for the sophomore class. The class members have " settled down " to academic pursuits with their eyes on accom- plishments; they have become accustomed to their new role as sophomores, and they have made new friends and renewed old acquaintances. Many sophomores are pursuing extracurricular and social activities. These sophomores have truly developed into well- rounded college studerr With funds derived from class dues, the sophomores hope to do something different from what has been done with this money in the past. The class hope-- to give a scholarship to some worthy student or to donate something of worth to the alma mater. Does this not exemplify true unselfishness indicative of young Am« f the type that our country needs? SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS J. O. CHARRIER President CALBERT JOHN MARCANTEL Vice-President ANNE BENEFIELD Secretary ROY CORLEY Men ' s Representative MARY WARNER Women ' s Representative I1 7 »21 2 % SOPHOMORES 319A I GLENDA GAIL ABNEY Shreveport SANDRA EILEEN ACKERMAN New Orleans LOLA GAY AIKEN Cheneyvilh- JERRY EMMETT ALLEN Plain Dealing SHEILA ANDERSON Kinder II JUDY CAROL ANGELE Mansfield ACEY HARDY ARDOIN Easton B J ARDOIN Basile DOLUS ARNOLD Many BETTY ARTHUR Florien III NINA R AYRES Ashland JERRY BRILL Shreveport MICHAIL FARIS BAC Bossier City MARIE ANTOINETTE BACQUE Lafayette CHARLES NEIL BAILEY Leesville IV CAROLYN BAKER Shreveport DIANE CARY BAKER Natchitoches MALCOLM BAKER Gueydan STEPHEN S. BAKER Mansfield THOMAS E. BALLARD New Iberia V JEAN FRANCES BANDY Atlanta BEVERLY BARGER Pineville RACHEL BARNHILL Noble CONNIE BAZZON Natchitoches GLENDA DALE BASCO Mansfield VI GROVER L BATES Natchitoches JOHN MICHAEL BEARDEN Benton PHILIP BEAUDOIN. JR. Natchitoches DALRIC JOHN BEAUREGARD Haughton SHIRLEY ANN BENEFIELD Haynesville VII SANDRA S. BETHANY Spnnghill ROY BETHARD Jena CAROL ANN BINGHAM Natchitoches SUZANNE ELAINE BLACKBURN Glenmora MARY ANN (Kate) BLANCH ARD Houma VIII LINDA JANE BLAYLOCK Monroe LINDA C BOESCH Baton Rouge ROBERT MANCIL BOLLAR Alexandria JEAN ERMA BOLTON Cotton Valley WILLIAM THOMAS BOONE Leesville IX RAMONA ANN BOTT Shreveport ROBERT B BOUNDS Rocky Mount W RUSSELL BOURKK Greenwell Springs WILLIAM G. BOURN Haynesville THOMAS B BOX East Point n8 ELIZABETH BOYD Natchitoches CAROLYN SUE BRADFORD Georgetown JIMMY LEON BRADFORD Walters THOMAS BRADLEY New Orleans CAROLYN A. BRANCH DeRidder II THOMAS HOWARD BRANDON Bossier City STANLEY EXCELL BRANTON Gretna WILLIAM R. BRASHER Mansfield CHARLOTTE ANNE BREEDLOVE Natchitoches SUE BREEDLOVE Natchitoches III CAROLYN EVERETT BREWER DeRidder DAVID GAAR Alexandria JIMMY BRITTAIN Many JIMMIE LEROY BROSSETTE Shreveport GILBERT L. BROUSSARD, III Shreveport IV MICHAEL BROUILLETTE Cottonport EVELYN LOUISE BROWN Bastrop LINDA M. BROWN Mansfield WAYNE BROWN Sarept NORMAN PAUL BRUCE Gretna V DOROTHEA MARIE BRYAN Alexandria HERSCHEL H. BRYANT Verda PATRICIA FRANCES BURFORD Gloster KENNETH BABIN Bossier City MYRTLE BURKHARDT Marin VI ANNE ELIZABETH CAMPBELL Benton LARRY GENE CAMPBELL Noble LINDA CANNON Shreveport JOSH CARPENTER, JR. Springhill CAROLYN A. CARTER Forest Hill vn DOUGLAS W. CARTER Haynesville NEWTON B. CARTER, JR. Hampton, Va. JACK LEE CAVANAUGH Leesville CHARLES LARRY CASH Shreveport MONROE PATRICK CAUSEY Zachary VIII CHERYL LYNN CHABAUD Metairie RONALD THOMAS CHALAIRE Shreveport JEANNETTE RITA CHAMPAGNE CutOff GEORGE A. CHANDLER Ferriday CONNIE CHANEY Rayville IX J. O. CHARRIER Bordelonville PERREN ALLEN CHERRY Shreveport SHIRLEY LYNETTE CHILDS Springhill HELOISE CHRISTY Houston, Texas FRED M. CLARK Natchitoches SOPHOMORES iii SOPHOMORES 4iM mm : -- mA li °.M2 i SANDRA T CLARK NANCY CLAYTON BETTY CLEGG RAE ANN CLOUSING MARTHA LOUISE CLOUTIEH II TOM " RONALD COCKERHAM WILLIAM TOMMY COLEMAN ANN E COLLINS GLENDA gUE COLLINS GERALD GLEN COLVIN, JR III RUTH CONNOLLY CATHERINE COOK CARL GLEN COOLEY STEVE CORIELL SANDRA LOUISE CORKERN IV ROY CORLEY NICHOLAS CORONA. JR. GENE L. COUVILLION LAURA JANE CRANK RACHEL FRANCES CRATON CHARLES E. CRAWFORD. JR ANN CREEGAN FRANCES CRITTENDEN ORVAL A CROWDER BARBARA FA YE CRYER VI BETTY GRACE DALME ELBERT WILLIAM DARROW EVELYN JOYCE DAVIS FRANK JAMES DAVIS GLENN E DAVIS VII MARTHA SUE DEAN FELIX A. DEJEAN MARGARET C DeKEYZER BETTY SUE DeWITT THOMAS EDWARD VIII RITA ELLEN DOBBINS BENNY ROSS DOBSON KATHLEEN L DOHERTY MARY FRANCES DOW JOHN LEWIS DOWDEN IX JANET KATHLEEN DOWNS WAYNE GRANT DUKE HAROLD RANDOLPH DUNCAN CHERYL CONN DURAND KENNETH DURAND Natchitoches Natchitoches Shreveport Shreveport Natchitoches Jena Braithwaite Winnfield Simpson Benton Kenner Alexandria Slagle Leesvi lU- Frank linton Mansfield Baton Rouge Baton Rouge Shreveport Minden LeesviUe Shreveport Mansfield Shreveport Anacoco Montgomery Shreveport Horn beck Covington Blanchard Colfax Opelousas Boyce Alexandria Shreveport Shreveport Chestnut Jennings Natchito Kisatchir Alexandria LeesviUe Shreveport Pollock Pollock ' 3° GLENDA F. DURR Natchitoches LINDA KAY EBARB Zwolle WILLIE GERALD EDDLEMON Hineston MARILYN ANN ELIAS Monroe ELLEN JEANETTE EDWARDS ZK Longleaf II SUE ELLIOTT Ruston SANDRA ELLZEY Zachary GLYNN ESTES Montgomery MARGARET ELLEN EVANS New Orleans CAROLYN MARIE EVERETT Alexandria in CAREY OSBORNE FAIRBANKS, JR. Sicily Island NONA FARLEY Jena JACK FELTS Joiner, Arkansas SANDRA JOYCE FESTERVAND Shreveport ROBERT A. FINCHER Shreveport SOPHOMORES CHARLES H. FINK Gilmer, Texas EVA MARY FIRMIN Plaucheville CHARLES LAWRENCE FISHER Natchitoches JACK FITZGERALD Kenner MARJORIE FLOYD Pineville V BRENDA E. FLURRY Natchitoches JOAN IRENE FOGLEMAN Colfax DERLA ANN FONTENOT Natchitoches SUE ELLEN FORBES Baton Rouge SHARON KAY FORD Shreveport VI HENRY FORDHAM Woodworth DANNY FOX W. Monroe MARY ELLEN FRANCIS 22 Z Monroe KENNETH DALE FRANKS Winnfield JULIA ELIZABETH FRAZIER AZA Irving, Texas VII MARILYN FRENCH Robeline ANNETTE M. FRIDDLE Houma CHESTER FRUGE, JR. Basile MARTHA FULLER Jonesville DAVID CORDELL GAAR Alexandria VIII PETE GALLAWAY Bossier City STEPHEN L. GARCIE nK Zwolle CAROLYN SUE GAMBLE Marthaville EVELYN JEANNETTE GASS Hornbeck NORMAN KENNETH GAULT Shreveport IX KATHLEEN GEORGE Pineville CAMILLE GENNARO New Orleans CAROL ANN GEPHARDT Mooringsport LINDA JOYCE GHOLSON Vivian JOHN C. GIBBS Ferriday 3 i - Jm IH $22 $ SOPHOMORES MARY ANN GILSON TYKE GIMBERT JOE GIMBERT THOMAS H GINGLES. JR. TKK BEVERLY L GLASS ZZ2 II JIMMY H GLEASON GLORIA SANDRA GOLDSTEIN l SHERRY LYNNE GORMLY l BONNIE GORUM LINDA BETH GOTCHER in JUDY ANN GOWLAND ril ROBERT E GRAHAM LEONARD ELMER GRAY SIDNEY D GREEN NANETTE KATHERINE GREMILLION rv Natchitoches Natchitoches Natchitoches Natchitoches Natchitoches Shreveport Baton Rouge Lake Charles Clarence Bonier City Morgan City Shreveport Alexandria Natchitoches Alexandria CONSTANCE CAROL GRIGG Goldonna PHYLLIS R. GUIDRY Alexandria GAYLON CAROL GUILLET Natchitoches KENNY GUILLOT K A Shreveport CRYSTOL ANN GUILLORY Cottonport V KAREN HAGEDORN IK Shreveport PATTI A. HAMES Alexandria HAILA HANDLEY Lake Charles RONALD VINCENT HANNIGAN Shreveport LYNWOOD L HARGRAVE K Kaplan VI CECILIA HARRIS Mansfield PHILLIP RONDY HARTLINE Vivian JUDI HARVILLE Leesville TOMMIE CHARLOTTE HATCHELL DeRidder SYLVIA LORETA HATHORN Natchitoches vn CARLYN EVELYN HATTAWAY Colfax SANDRA KAYE HAWTHORNE Jonesvillc DONALD HAYNES Minden MARY EVELYN HAYNES Shongaloo LINDA HAYNIE Minden VIII JAMES M HEAD. JR. Monroe WINN DAVID HEDESTON Killofn, Texas JANET KAY HELLMAN New Orleans NINA ROSE HENDRICKS Shreveport CARROLL MARVIN HENRY Abbeville IX ALICIA JEAN HERMES 1 1 Shreveport LARRY LUCKIE HERRINGTON Zachary KENNETH M HICKS Shreveport TRAVIS WAYNE HIGH Isola. Mississippi MIRA LEE HILL Bossier City ill MARGARET ANN HINES Natchitoches JUDY LYNN HINSON Many THERESA ANN HODNETT Colfax RUTH ANNE EILEEN HOFFESTADT ASA New Orleans D. GENE HOLDMAN Natchitoches II JACK CAROLL HOLLENSHEAD, JR. Homer PATSY HOLLEY Caston KATHERINE HONEYCUTT Provencal MARY ANN HORTON Coushatta MARY NELL HOOPER Shreveport m MARTHA HORN Logansport JOANN HORTON Benton LARRY HOWARD Rose Pine DANNY M. HRVHORCHUK Deweyville, Texas SUSAN MARGARET HUBKA Monroe IV RICHARD HUDSON Braithwaite JAMES A. HUGGINS Rosepine NANCY HUMBLE Manipest GERALD W. HUNT Wilda WALLACE HUDNALL Nebo V LONNIE ELLIS HUGHES Plain Dealing DELORES HULL Shreveport PEGGY ANN ISBELL Shreveport CAROLYN S. IVY Sarepta LINDA GAYLE JACKSON Shreveport VI KENNETH DALE JAMES New Iberia RUTH MARGARET JAMES Minden I. LYNN JEANE Leesville JERRY JOE JEANE Shreveport PAUL JEANSONNE Alexandria vn RONALD JENKINS Alexandria JAN F. JENSEN Winnfield GEORGIA ANN JOHNSON Pineville JIMMY D. JOHNSON Starks JAMES ELMER JONES Shreveport vra KENNETH LYNN JONES Hombeck MARY ANNE JONES Z Zwolle HENRY JOYNER Shreveport NEIL B. KALBERT Shreveport SANDRA ANN KELLY 2K Shreveport IX JAMES GARRY KING Ferriday MARY EVELYN KNAPP Leesville JUDY KNIGHT Winnfield JERRY EUGENE KOLB Bossier City SHERRY CORLISS KOLB ARA Shreveport SOPHOMORES mlm [ 33 19 SOPHOMORES l2m JOHN RAY KOONCE DeQuim-y SHARON LEE KREEGER Shreveport Jl ' UE F LaCAZE Alexandria GERALD LAFAYETTE Hineston ELMER P LAMPKIN CUy II JOY ELAINE LANDRUM Leesvillc DENNIE ROY LAPRERIE. JR Effie PATRICIA LATURA Shreveport ALLENE MARY LAWLESS Shreveport SANDRA ANNETTE LeDOUX Shi rvc|X)rl III E ADELLE LEE Sarepta KATHERINE MARIE LEGGETT Converge WALTER B. LEMON Rifle, Colorado JOE LEWIS ITT Bosm.i C ' lt VIRGINIA ANN LEWIS IK Shreveport rv BETTYE LILLY Flonen CONETTE LINDSEY Ringgold WILBUR ELLIS LIPSEY Monterey ANDREA VIRGINIA LISENBEN Winnfield SANDY LITTER X . Pineville V JONES DeWITT LOBRANO Winnsboro MIKE LOCOCO Bossier City SUZANNE LOLLEY Natchitoches CARROLL LONG Winnfield MARY NELL LOTT Natchitoches VI LOUISE LAWRENCE Donaldsonville MARY FRANCES LOWE 21 Shreveport CAROLYN ANN LUCAS Pineville BILLIE MARIE LYNCH Noble SYLVIA CHRISTINE McALLISTER Shreveport VII CECILIA FAY McCALLISTER Bossier City MARGARET LOUISE McCARTY 2K CheneyvilK- KATHERINE G McCLELLAND Eunice JOHN C. McCLURE Coushatta DOTTIE McCORMICK Leesville VIII JEWELL A. McCOY ill Houma RALPH McCRORY Jena GAIL McCONALD Vivian JOHN HAROLD McDONALD Jena JOHN WAYNE McDONALD. JR DeRidder IX SANDRA McDONALD Pitkin BOYD S. McFATTER Plain Dealing CALVIN McFERRIN Zwolle MARY BETH McGEE Shreveport WAYNE W McKENZIE Homer ' 34 JUDITH LYNNELLE McLAIN Campti JIMMY McMAHAN Pineville JOHN McMEEL Shreveport RONALD PAUL McMILLAN Shreveport M. ANN McWILLIAMS Lake Charles II GERALD WAYNE MALONE Plain Dealing CALBERT JOHN MARCANTEL Basile ALICE FAYE MARTIN New Orleans JACK ALBERT MARTIN Shreveport SHIRLEY DEAN MARTIN Gonzales m MICHAEL J. MARX Bossier City KATHERINE ANN MATHERNE Haynesville EDWARD L. MATHIASEN Natchitoches AMY LOUISE MAXWELL Jennings HENRY MAYFIELD Covington fA JkM: SOPHOMORES IV MARIE MEDICA Alexandria BOBBY MEEKER Colfax JOHNNIE FAYE MELTON Heflin REBA JOLENE MERCHANT Hineston MELVA DEEN MERRELL Lena V SANDRA KAY METHVIN Arcadia RUTH ELLEN MEYER Shreveport EARLENE MILES Shreveport BETTY KAYE MILLER Many DANNA KAY MILLER New Iberia VI DORIS JO MILLER Cotton Valley WILLIAM GIVONS MILLER Haynesville LYNDA KAY MILLS AZ Shreveport NINA JULIE MILLS Zachary ROSE LYNN MISURACA New Orleans vn MICHAEL G. MIXON Atlanta MICHAEL LEE MONCRIEF IIK Shreveport VELORA ANN MITCHELL Many BETTIE MOORE New Orleans EDWINA MYRLE MOORE Goldonna VIII BARBARA ANN MORGAN Minden MARY EARLINE MORGAN Plain Dealing ROBERT LaHOOD MOURAD Minden GEORGE W. MULLINS, JR. KA Sarepta JUDITH ANN MURPHY Heflin IX MARILYN MURRAY Shreveport ANN SHERIDAN MUSE Corbin BETTYE GAYLE MANIE Gibsland LUTHER A. NATION Centerpoint DOROTHY NEAL Franklin [ 35 %1 Mm SOPHOMORES MARY LOU NEAL DAVID HOWARD NEEI.Y Frank 1 in Bo«ier City RANDY P NIX JOHN HUDSON NORMAN Bo-. New Orleans JERRY ANN NORSWORTHY II LAWRENCE NUGENT Bastrop PHYLLIS NUGENT Pini-villc SALLY OBRYAN Mark.svilU- DOYLE G ODOM DALE H OGLESBY HaynesvilW- Verda III TRUDY OSBORNE Alexandria JOHN J O ' NEILL Alexandria GENE ORY JEAN OUZTS Baton Rouge Minden JERRY WAYNE OXLEY Joncsvilli- IV JOE PARAULT Coushatta NIKKI DORIS PATTERSON Bossier City CARLA RUTH PAUL Monterey CATHERINE ANNE PENNINGTON New Orleans FRANCISCO H. PEREZ Havanna. Cuba V BILLY G. PERRY Shreveport GWENETH L PETERSON Many PATRICIA RUTH PETTITT Hammond RONALD L. PIERCE Baton Rouge J. EVERETT PHILLIPS STT Shreveport VI JAMES ELVIN PHILLIPS Alexandria NORMAN LLOYD PIETSCH Ringgold GARY PITTMAN KA Shreveport CATHERINE ANN PLAISANCE Waterproof HENRY EUGENE PLAISANCE Bunkie vn DONNA LOUISE POLLARD Shreveport BETTY ANN PONDER Shreveport PATRICIA RUTH POWER 1 Shreveport JULIA PRICE Buckeye LLOYD PRICE I), lllr VIII DON EDWARD PRINCE Qaologj BERNADINE PROVENZA Sh reveport MKLINDA JANE PRUETT W, st Monroe FANNIE LAURA PY I. K Bossier City WANDA RADFORD Mansfield IX WILLIAM EDGAR RAGAN Shreveport ALICE ANN RAGSDALE Journalism JAMES WALTER RANDOLPH ZJY Many RICHARD LEE REDING Bossier City KEN R REINHARD. JR ITT Waterproof 136 JEANIE REES 2K Shreveport MARJORIE REGIONS Natchitoches JAMES WILLIAM RENZ Natchitoches OLIVIA RHODES Monterey SANDRA LEA RIBAUDO Alexandria II TOM H. RICH ZTT Jonesboro E. STANFORD RICHARDSON, JR. Jonesville MARTHA SUE RICKS Mount Carmel CAROL MARIE RIGDON Ashland RONALD PATRICK ROAN Natchitoches m CECILIA KAY ROBERTS Plain Dealing CAROLYN E. ROBINSON Alexandria THOMAS CHESHEY ROCKETT Jonesboro DAVID J. ROESSLER Houston, Texas DANIEL E. ROSS Many SOPHOMORES rv WILLIAM ALTON ROWELL, JR. Shreveport MURRAY T. RUSHING Haynesville EDDIE ST. JOHN Homer EARLINE SALLEY Marthaville GARY D. SALTER Fisher V JOAN SANDERS New Orleans DORIS V. SCALES AZ Metairie KENNETH L. SCHENCK, JR. Bossier City DENNIS EUGENE SCHLEGEL Topeka, Kansas WILLIAM E. SCHWARTZ 2TT Shreveport VI BILLY W. SCOTT Shreveport BART DAVID SEALS KA Shreveport ERNEST W. SELF English TONI CAROL SESSIONS New Orleans NEVA MARIE SHARVONO Jena vn CECILIA K. SHEA AZ Shreveport LOIS PATRICIA SHELTON Natchitoches RANDELL WAYNE SHELTON Bossier City LORENE M. SINGLET ARY Jennings PAULINE E. SIPES Zachary VIII JAMES CARLTON SHEPPARD Cotton Valley J. RAHN SHERMAN, JR. KA Haynesville RONNIE E. SHULER Minden BILLIE ANN SIMMONS Jena JUDY MARIE SIMS Shreveport IX PATSY KAYE SLAY Minden BETTY E. SMITH Ruston LINDA LUCILLE SMITH Natchitoches SYLVIA SMITH Harrisonburg JOHN GLYNN SOILEAU Ville Platte J 37 f CARMEN JOHN SPACCAROTELL9 Detroit, Michigan t •» JOHNNY SPEARS Lake Charles 1 RICHARD CHARLES SPEARS Simmesport w T J SPEIR Buckeye ERNESTINE ELAINE SQUYRES Pollock t II SALLY ANN STAFFORD 111 Boyce 1 I GARY WAYNE STAHLHUTH Pineville w JIMMIE DAWN STAMPER Shreveport rA BARBARA GAYLE STANDARD Shreveport DIANN RUTH STARNS Baton Rouge r% III f GAYLE MARA STECHA Bossier City MARSHA STEVENS AX Shreveport GARY THOMAS STEWART Doyline MARY STEWART 111 Natchitoches WALTER STILES Durundu, Canal Zone SOPHOMORES s» Pl IV JIMMY LEON STINSON Bossier City LINDA GAIL STOKES Pitkin CAROL STONE 111 Shreveport MARTHA ANN STOVALL Elizabeth GARY LEN STRATTON Coushatta V LINDA STROUD Montgomery DORVAL WAYNE STUCKEY Deville JULIANA DERBES SWANN Bunkie HAROLD JEFFERSON SWILLEY, II Winnfield LINDA NELL TALBERT DeRidder VI TERRY TALBERT Haynesville MICHAEL TARVER K. Many KENNITH W. TATE Glenmora CHARLES UNDEN TATMAN Ville Platte LAWRENCE D. TAUSCH New Orleans vu RICHARD G. TAUZIN Natchitoches MARY ALICE TAYLOR Winnfield SAMUEL A TAYLOR. JR. Durundu. Canal Zone JAMES ALLEN TEAGUE Haynesville WILSON EDWARD TELLER Shreveport VIII RUTH ANN TERRY Ida PATRICIA LEE THIGPEN Franklin ton CAROLYN THOMAS AS Shreveport GAYLE THOMPSON Pitkin GLENDA THOMPSON Chopin IX JANE THOMPSON Shreveport SUSAN DOROTHY THOMPSON 121 Natchitoches WILLIAM RAY THOMPSON Shreveport JUANITA THORNTON Springhill SANDRA MAY TILLOY New Orleans .38 EARL TIMMONS Shreveport ELVIN TIPTON Ringgold PATRICIA GAIL TODD 2K Shreveport BILLY ROY TOMS IIK Orange, Texas LINDA TOWNSON Fisher II NIKKI LEA TOWRY Natchitoches MARCIA ANN TROGEL Mansfield JULIA TURNER Monroe ELEANORE TYLOCK New Orleans MARILYN VANHOOF Alexandria m JIM E. VAPHIADIS Shreveport CYNTHIA ANN VAUGHAN Cotton Valley RICHARD LEE VAUGHN Pineville BARBARA JEAN VanVECKHOVEN Florien PATRICIA ANN VERCHER Derry SOPHOMORES IV JEANETTE WADDLE Campti DANNY KAYE WALKER Shreveport SANDRA MARIE WALKER Waterproof WAYNE WALKER Bossier City SUSAN ELIZABETH WALL Gretna V WALTER E. WALL Baton Rouge HAROLD C. WALTNER Natchitoches MARY ELIZABETH WARREN Pineville WANDA GALE WATKINS Leesville RUTH ANN WEBB Alexandria VI BOBBY RAY WELCH Shreveport MAURICE WELCH Shreveport FRANCES ANN WELLS Logansport GLENDA GAYLE WELLS Morgan City RUSSEL H. WEST Pitkin vn MARTHA CAROLE WHALEY Rosepine CAROLYN SUE WHITE Baton Rouge CHARLES E. WHITE Shreveport MARSHA C. WHITFORD Natchitoches JUDY AGLENE WHITWORTH Pineville VIII WILLIAM EVAN WIGHT Denville, New Jersey GLENDA C. WILBANKS West Monroe LARRY L. WILEY Natchitoches COLLETTA MARIE WILKINSON DeQuincy DOYLE GENE WILLIAMS Vivian IX LINDA J. WILLIAMS Fort Worth, Texas CELIA WILLIS ZZZ Coushatta NEVA WILLIS AZ Shreveport BRENDA C. WIMBERLY Hall Summit CAROLYN SUE WINN Sarepta J 39 JENNIFER WINN y . Haynesville JUDY CAROL WINN Clarence WILLIAM L WOOD Jal. New Mexico CAREY ANN WOOLLEY DeQuincy THKRERSA ANN YATES West Monroe II JUDY JANETTE YOUNG Opelousas JUNE L YOUNG Sugartown MARJORIE ANN YOUNG Lake Charles SUZANNE YOUNG Shreveport TONE SUZANNE ZIMMER Natchitoches III SHARON ANNE ZIMMER Natchitoches SOPHOMORES The pause that refreshes 140 FRESHMEN 141 A. SeLii ? I The year 1963 will be remembered by everyone, in- cluding the Freshman class, for there have been many new challenges to face, and the future holds more. In the beginning we felt the agony of defeat, the loss ol ( hief Caddo " , the n% of tin- •Banner " , and the loss of fi.S.C. We realized that these were only material symbols, and that the future held more. - time proirresM l. and w ith the loss of our national leader, e e found ourselves in a crushed world. Mm as time went hy, and ur nation ' s wounds healed, we realised that the future held more. Now with this new year, we mo e toward our goal with renewed strength and belief, and with the com- pletion of our Freshman pear drawing near, we thank (■od for seeing us safelv thus far. and helping us realize that the future hold- more IL i ; FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS ALVA RICHARD TARVER President HARRY WAYNE MEACHAM Vice-President THOMAS J. MIMS Secretary WILLIAM S. NANCE Men ' s Representative BARBARA DAN WALLACE Women ' s Representative H3 2222 FRESHMEN 222JA 2? 3223 $2 2j!l«i 222 2 322222 JAMES ADAIR BosMi-r Cil MAKY LYNNE ADAMS Rayville CAROL ANNE ADKINS Baton HOIIgi LYNDA GAYLE ADKINS Gibsland GEORGANNE ALDKIDCK OakdaU- GINGER ALESSI Independence II RONALD ALEXANDER Shr MERIAM L ALFORD Florien NOEL W I LI J AM ALLEN Jena NONA ALLEN RONALD KENT ALLEN Vivian SHARON LYNNE ALIEN Shreveport III JOHN MICHAEL ALLISON Pineville CARL WILLIAM AMBLER, JR Roscpine DeRidder BERRY MARIE AMES MINNIE ALICE ANDERSON Calvin LIN A CAROL ANTHONY Negreet JANIE PATRICIA ARMSTRONG Minden IV BETTY LOUISE ARNOLD NELVIN MARIE ARNOLD RONNIE ARNOLD DAN D. ATCHISON REGINALD BUSTER ATKINS SANDRA J. AYCOCK LeROY C. AYRES PRISCILLA JANE BABIN SANDRA SUE BAILEY MARY LOU BAILLIO KENNETH RAY BAKER TERRELL DOUGINS BANKS Jena Slogle Moorings port Leesvill Minden Ruston A.- h land Jonesville Mansfield Dr ' Prong Kaplan Bonier City VI JIMMY DOYLE BANKSTON Kentwood S. FA YE BANKSTON Denham Springs JOHN THOMAS BARLOW New York, New York LINDA BARNES Shreveport TERRY WAYNE BARNES Atlanta ALVIN HUGHEN BARRON Bavn r C.t VII LYNNE BARRON Natchitoches SHERRY DIANNE BARRON Ashland MARY KATHLEEN BARTON Shrcveport RICHARD CURTIN BASCO. JR Cloutiervillc DIANA LYNN BASS Pitkin KENNETH LLOYD BASS Plain Dealing VIII PENNY RUTH BASS Shreveport DONNA BATEMAN Kentwood SHARON BAYLISS Shreveport BETTY JOYCE BEACH Wisner KAREN MERITA BEARDEN Powhatan FRANK J. BECKER Baton Rouge IX REBECCA JANE BECKHAM Huston ReNEE BECNEL H.ukberry JEANNIE BEHM Logans port KAREN JEAN BENNETT Pollock JUDY BELLE BENTON Batchelor DEAN BEREL Florien ' 44 JOHN R. BERGER WILLIAM BERGER ROXIE LYNN BERRY BEANIE BEYER WILLIAM FRED BEYER CAROLYN GRACE BICKHAM II SHIRLEY JEAN BIGELOW KATHLEEN BISHOP LYNDIA BIVINGS ANNABEL BLACKISTON JANE BLALOCK JOHN W. BLALOCK m CAREY BLANCHARD III RONALD BLANKENSHIP BETTY B. BLOCH CURTIS JOSEPH BODIN 2TT FA YE LYNN BOLTON EDD R. BOMAR Haynesville Haynesville Natchitoches Shreveport Natchitoches St. Francisville Sulphur Alexandria Vidalia Cahokia, Illinois Saline Alexandria Natchitoches Bunkie Alexandria New Iberia Springhill Alexandria ItllS S FRESHMEN IV BARBARA BONDS EDMOND DANIEL BOONE TRAVIS RICHARD BOONE KA SHERRY LYNN BOUCHER JOAN MARIE BOUDREAUX PATRICIA GAYLE BOUTTE JAMES MILTON BOWDEN PAULA BOWLIN HELEN KAY BOYD GREG BRADLEY 2TT MARY RUTH BRADLEY LOLA ANN BRALEY VI LARRY WILLIAM BRANAGIN NANCY JOAN BRANAGIN KATHERINE BRAUNIG BRIAN E. BREWTON IIK BARBARA LEE BRIAN PEARL BRISTOW VII JUDY BROCK CAROLYN ANN BROOKS CRAIG BROOKS LINDA KAY BROUGHTON LYNN BROUILLETTE JOHN BROUSSARD VIII VIDA L. BROUSSARD HELEN R. BROWN JUDY LEE BROWN ROBERT CHARLES BROWN SALLYE BROWN SUSIE BROWN IX YVONNE BROWN CHARLES LYNN BRUMFIELD PHILLIP RAY BRUNSON HANK BRYAN KATHRYN ANNE BUCKLEY STEPHEN RAY BURGER KA Shreveport Leesville Bastrop Springhill Zwolle Ville Platte Pleasant Hill Shreveport Minden Shreveport DeRidder Shreveport Bossier City Bossier City Shreveport Winnfield Coushatta Vivian Houma Vivian Sicily Island Shreveport Natchitoches Natchitoches Estherwood Shreveport Minden Coushatta Natchitoches Shreveport Many Bastrop Dry Prong DeRidder Morgan City Coushatta I 45 FRESHMEN 2 322 TERRY N BURLEY BARBARA BETH BURNS REBECCA RAY BURNS ANN BUSENBARRICK BETTY ANN BUSH AUDREY BURKHALTER II Monterey Plain Dealing Oil CttJ Shreveport Shreveport Baton Rouge BARBARA SUE BUTLER Winnsboro ELAINE BUTLER Shreveport SANDRA BYRD Port Sulphur RONALD EUGENE CAGLE Aransas Pass, Texas NANCY LYNN CALAWAY SV. Bunkie ALFRED T CALHOUN Natchitoches III JERROL L CALK DON W CALVERT CAROLYN CAMPBELL CHERIE LYNN CAMPBELL JAMES CAMPBELL JULIUS CALVIN CAMPBELL TKL Jena Shreveport Tioga Shreveport Florien Houma IV WILLIAM HENRY CANTRELL Shreveport THELMA YVONNE CAPPS Dubberly THOMAS NELSON CARLETON Shreveport BILLY N CARLOCK Leesville JANIS CARSON Many OSCAR DAVID CARTER Lisbon V RICHARD CARTER Nccdham, Mass SANDRA LYNN CARTER Bossier City PEGGY CASEY IK West Monroe JACKIE CASKIE Shreveport MARY LYNN CATHEY Stonewall SANDRA CATHEY Alexandria VI SUZANNE CHABRECK La combe LILA JEAN CHAMBERS 222 Shreveport SARA B CHANDLER Baton Rouge DEIRDRE LYNNE CHANEY Alexandria CARRIE ELIZABETH CHAPMAN Bunkie EVELYN ELAINE CHAPMAN Lake Arthur VII CAROL JEAN CHAPPELL Ruston LARRY CHAUVIN Bunkie RONALD CHRISTIE Bossier City BOBBY L CHRISTY Bossier City BARBARA ANN CIESLA Colonia. New Jersey CATHY CLARK Monterey VIII JAMES CLARK Clarence NELDA GAY CLICK Zwolle SAMUEL RAY CLIFTON Mansfield ERNEST C. CLINE JR. UK Shreveport JANICE CLOUD Castor SUE CLOUTIER Morgan City IX GLADYS MARIE COATS Pleasant Hill DOYLE MONROE COBB Mansfield MURRAY LYNN COFFEY Ashland BRENDA SUE COFIELD Shreveport ROY NEWTON COG BURN Bossier City CAROLYN COKER Benson 146 LAVELL L. COLE PATSY GALE COLE CHARLES COLE WILEY MARGARET MARY COLINTA PHILLIP COLLIER DIANNE COLVIN 222 II NORA COLVIN CHRISTINA COODY BETTY JO COOK 222 ERSKINE GRIFFIN COOK ROGER M. COOK IIK TOMMIE E. COOK III CARLTON A. COOLEY PATRICIA KAROLYN COOLEY SARAH COPE CARMEN RUTH CORBETT DIANE LIZABETH CORE CARL J. CORLEY IV Hornbeck Dubberly Coushatta Plaucheville Pickering Shreveport Mind en Shreveport Shreveport Alexandria Mooringsport Gloster Vinton Shagle Shreveport Pineville Baton Rouge Boyce CLARICE COURVILLE Elton CHARLES WAYNE COOTEE Boyce CAROLYN ELIZABETH COX Baker CHARLES THOMAS COX Alexandria BENNIE LEE COX Logansport PHIL CRABTREE Shreveport V MIRIAM CRAFTS Shreveport DONNA CRAIG Alexandria MILDRED ELIZABETH CRAUN Shreveport MICHAEL CRAWFORD Vinton TOMMYE LOU CRAWFORD Elizabeth MICHAEL LENDON CREEL Dallas, Texas VI LINDA CROOKS Zwolle GERALD W. CROSS Monterey JOY SUE CRUMP Haynesville CHERYL CRUTCHFIELD Shreveport SANDRA A. CRYER Many HELEN JO CULBERTSON Keithville VII MELVIN MICHAEL CUNNINGHAM Elizabeth ANN CURTIS Alexandria RICHARD MICHAEL DAILEY Shreveport MARY ANN D ' AMICO Alexandria ANA MARIA DAVIDSON ] Manila, Philippines ANNE MARIE DAVIS Coushatta VIII CHRISTINE DAVIS Minden LOU ANN DAVIS Florien MARCIA DAWSON AZ Homer JOHN DAY Alexandria VIRGINIA DAY Shreveport ROBERT A. DEASON IIK Natchitoches IX GLORIA ANN DeBUSK Henderson, Texas JOYCE ANN DeFATTA Belcher GANTT W. DeJEAN Opelousas BRENDA CARROLL DeLOACH Sibley JOAN LOUISE DENHAM St. Francisville CAROLYN SUE DENNIS Hodge FRESHMEN 3 $9a H7 22312 SHARON DERBONNE I. ALLEN DERRICK MARY JANE DeSOTO KDWARD DESPORTE. JR GLOPJA JEAN DEVILLE LARRY DALE LVYII.I.K II JUUA ANN DICKERSON DICKIE I) JESTER STANLEY ELBERT DICKSON RITA DIETRICH r.LENN DISTEFANO ALVIN R DODI) Pinevilli- vers PlauchevilU- New Orleans Devi lli- Alexandria Mansfield Jennings C ' • -u.shatla Natchitoches Alexandria Marrero III LINDA DOIRON Alexandria JAMES DOLLAR Natchitoches CHARLES CHESTER DOMINQUES Breaux Bridge FRANKLIN M. DORDAN Shreveport LINDA KAREN DOUGLAS Alexandria CONNIE LYNN DOXEY West Lon K Branch. N J FRESHMEN IV MICHAIL DOYLE MooruiKsport TREBA GAY DOZIER DeRidder WILLIAM JAMES DRAPER Shreveport CLIFTON DRODDY. JR Oakdale BONNIE LEE DRUDIK Devillo WILLIAM DOUGLAS DUBOIS Shreveport CAROL LEE DUCOTE DONNA RUTH DUGGAN JAMES RAY DUMAS CAROLYNE P. DUNBAR RICHARD D DUNBAR CURTIS J DUNCAN VI KAREN DALE DUNCAN MICHAEL E. DUNEHOO SALLY ANN DUPRE JANET DURR ROBERT W DURR EUGENE F EDMONDS VII RODNEY J ELKINS 1 1 I CHARLOTTE ANNE ELLIS JEFFREY L ELLIS MARTHA KAY EMMONS SUE LORRAINE ENDSLEY GINNY ERMATINGER TKZ Alexandria ifanj Wisner Opelousas Shrrvcport Colfax Gretna Empirt- Ville Platte Natchito. Natchitoches Winnfield Church Point Shri-vi-p rt Sulphur Shreveport Houma Alexandria VIII JOANNE ETHERIDGE Zwolle SHELTON EUGENE EUBANKS MK« Vidalia ROSE AMELIA EVANS Floricn O L EVANS. JR St Joseph JAMES HARTWELL FAIR. JR Saline DANA FARALDO Colfax IX MARY CAROLYN PARRINGTON Plain Dealing RICHARD LOUIS FAUST Shnviport GEORGE S FELTER Harrisonhurs CAROL DIANNE FENTON Shreveport K JANENE FERGUSON Anacoco RALPH LAWRENCE FINDI FY Shreveport 148 JUDY ELIZABETH FINKLEA WILLIAM MARION FINUF SHERIE JOAN FISCHER RONNIE LYNN FLETCHER BARBARA ANN FLINT CLINTON HENRY FOLLETT Shreveport Abbeville Shreveport Shreveport Rayville Middleboro, Mass. II GERALDINE MARY FONTENOT SUSAS CAROL FOOTE MARGARET ELAINE FORD PAUL DOUGLAS FORD LINDA NELL FOREMAN KAREN SUE FORMAN m JERRY FORMBY SUSAS LEE FORSHAG JACQUELINE FOSTER SANDRA FOSTER LEONARD TED FOWLER SONYA GAIL FOX Ville Platte Lake Charles Leesville Shreveport Monterey Jonesville Shreveport Amite Vivian Shreveport Natchitoches Houma IV CAROLE JANE FREEMAN Shreveport SANDRA JEANNINE FREEMAN Shreveport GERARD FRUGE Basile B. JO FULTON Lutcher KATHY JEAN GADDIS Alexandria LINDA GAIL GALLASPY Mansfield V RITA JOYCE GALLASPY Mansfield VERA LOUISA GARCIA Natchitoches DOTTIE JEAN GARDNER Minden EUGENE GARNER Sibley SUE GASKIN Fort Necessity JUDY GASPARD Plaucheville VI BARBARA LYNN GATES Pineville BILL GERSON Monroe MEYERS LOUIS GEWEL Zwolle ROBERT WILLIAM GHOLSON Vivian JAMES CALVIN GIBBS Marthaville EARLINE GILLESPIE Vivian VII MARGARET EILEEN GLASS Bossier City ROBERT MARK GLASS Alexandria ALVIN R. GOODWIN, JR. Benton JANE FRANCES GORDON Winnfield CAROL DIANNE GOZA Monroe LYNN GRAFF Shreveport vni PATTY GRAHAM M Natchitoches MARY LEE GRANTHAM 222 Alexandria SUSAN KAYE GRAVIER Alexandria PATRICIA JANE GRAVES Vivian MILDRED LUCILLE GRAY Otis REBECCA DUE GRAY Sibley IX JAMES L. GREEN Bossier City LINDA N. GREEN Shreveport JAMES VERNON GRICE Converse LYNETTE GRIFFIN AZ Shreveport LOIS KARAN GRINCHUNAS Bossier City SANDRA GUIDRY New Orleans FRESHMEN ' 149 FRESHMEN $£22 3 ' 31% DAVID R GURLEY HAZEL RUTH GUYNES SHARON HAGER BARBARA JEANNE HAGIN MARY DANA HAHN BARBARA LOUISE HAIGHT II CAROL ANN HALL RONNIE EUGENE HALL HELEN ELIZABETH HAM CAROL LYNN HAMITER RAYMOND HAMITER LINDA JAN HAMMONS III TUTTA F HANCHEY JOEL G HARDAWAY KENNETH MONROE HARDY REBECCA HARMS 222 JUDY KAYE HARPER SARAH EMILY HARRINGTON MeUine Dry Prong Mansfield Alexandria Lake Arthur Natchitoches Bossier Citv Hombeck Natchitoches Bossier Cttj Plain Dealing Kentwood Berlin. Germany Bossier City Many Shreveport Cheneyville Winnfield IV RUBY JEANETTE HARRIS ROBERT F. HARRISON FA YE HART LINDA FAYE HARWELL THOMAS L. HARWELL LORAINE HAT AW AY ALFRED W HATHORN, JR. D. SCOTT HAWKINS. JR. MARY PATRICIA HAYDEN RICKY HAYGOOD JOHNNY G. HAYNES LOTTIE HAYWARD Baton Rouge Alexandria Mansfield Shreveport Shreveport Pollock Deville Fayetteville. Ark Coushatta Shreveport Shreveport Natchitoches VI NELDA FAYE HEADRICK Baton Rouge GEORGIA ANN HEBERT Clinton WALLACE ANDREW HEBERT. JR. Westlake ERIC HEFLEY Alexandria DONALD HEINE Queens Village. N. J ROBERT HENAGAN DeQuincv VII EVELYN CAROL HENDERSON JonesvilW MARIBETH HENDERSON Logans port NANCY HENDERSON Rayville VERNA JOY HENDRIX Roaepine MABEL ANN HERNANDEZ Lena GLENN L HICKSON Campti vni ROBERT HIGHTOWER Shreveport JIMMIE MARIE HILBORN Snrevi-port CHARLOTTE ANNE HILL Bossier City CHARLOTTE ANNE HILL Holly Ridge SANDRA HILL New Orleans CHERYL LYNN HILLMAN Lock port IX SHARON HILLMAN Lena DAVID EARL HITT Shreveport Calvin VIRGINIA KATHERINE HODGES GARY HODNETT Minden LLOYD HENRY HOFFMAN. JR DeRidder LLOYD DOUGLAS HOLLAND Parhams 150 BENITA HOLLIDAY Minden ALICE HOLMES Pineville CHERYL NELWYN HOLT Bossier City CAROLA JEANNE HONEYCUTT Pineville MARY LYNETTE HONEYCUTT Dry Prong JAMES ARTHUR HOOD Springhall II SADIE UDORA HOPKINS Pineville DIANNA LYNN HORTON Winnfield DONALD GRAY HORTON Coushatta SUSAN JENE HOWARD Longville ROSEMARY GWINN HUBBS Pripe NELLIE I. HUDNALL Jena m JIMMIE HUGHES Plain Dealing REGINA ROSE HURST Gonzales CHESTER HUTCHINS, JR. Jena MARY ELIZABETH HUTTON Pineville WILLIAM HENRY INABNETT Minden JEFFIE RAY INGRAM Robeline IV HAZEL LOUISE IRWIN Morgan City ALLIE SUE IVY Dry Prong ELIZABETH ANN JACKSON Montgomery BILLY RAY JARRETT Shreveport JANE HOWARD JEFFRESS Alexandria ANDREW CHARLIE JOHNSON, JR. Coushatta V BETTY JEAN JOHNSON Pitkin CALVIN RAY JOHNSON Hineston JUDE DANIEL JOHNSON Church Point LYLIA DIANE JOHNSON Otis MELVIN JOHNSTON Baton Rouge SANDI JOHNSTON Shreveport VI LOUIE MITCHELL JOINER, JR Shreveport CHARLOTTE JONES Jena DENNIS ELWOOD JONES Clayton DON FOSTER JONES Mansfield KATHY JONES AZ Shreveport LINDA SUE JONES Shreveport VII NORMA JONES Shreveport RONALD L JONES Shreveport SUSAN E. JONES Shreveport KAY JORDAN Omaha, Nebraska CAROLYN KAISER Welsh MARGARET ANN KEETH Jonesville VIII JERRY C. KEMP Coushatta RONNIE RAY KENDRICK Vivian PEGGY LaRUE KENNINGTON Coushatta PATRICIA ANNE KILE 22 2 Natchitoches THOMAS SANDERSON KIMBALL Shreveport HARRY L. KIRK Pollock IX ALAN KIRKPATRICK Stanford,, Conn. TERRY KISLA Shreveport LYNDA LEE KNEIPP Shreveport CHARLES EDWARD KNOX Shreveport JOSEPH THAREN KORN Dry Prong JOYCE DEAN LAIRSCEY Ruston $ 51lii£ FRESHMEN 151 aaania i lm 5 FRESHMEN l%V f1 i %9%% LARRY PAUL LANDRY AbbvvilU- LIONEL J LANGLOIS Shreveport LAN NY LARCHE Fisher CHERYL ELIZABETH LATHAM LecsvtlU ' JAMES Hi )NALD LATHAM Sulfur YICKI LATTIER Abbeville II DIANNE LAURENCE Ana coco LINDA GAYLE I.AWIJSS Haynesville LARRY LEACH Hornbeck ALICE ROSE LcBLANC St James ELIZABETH FLOURNEY LEDET Natchitoches ROBERT F. LEE Baton Rouge III RODNEY K LENARD Wmniield RITA JOAN LEWIS Marthavil It- CAROLYN LINDSAY Baker SAMMY RAY LINDSEY Coushatt.i STEVEN S LISSARD New Iberia CAMILLE BARBARA LITTLEJOHN Bossier Citv IV DOUGLAS VERNON LLOYD SarepU GARY LYNN LOCKEY Cotton Valley BILLY WAYNE LOGAN Heflin MICHELINE MAE LONG Bossier Citv ROSEMARY LORIA Vienna GWENDOLYN A LOUPE New Orleans JOYCE LOVITT Sulphur BARBARA ANN LUCAS Logansport BECKY LUNSFORD Minden LARRY ALLEN McBRIDE Dovline WILLIAM DeWITT McBRIDE Chenevville WILLIAM T McBRIDE Natchitoches VI JEAN McCANN Devillc WILEY GLENN McCLAIN Havnesville MARSHA LEIGH McCOLLUM Minden BRIAN RUSHTON McCOY TKK Shreveport CRANFORD OLAN McDANIEL. JR Shreveport JEANNIE McDANIEL Shreveport VII ray Mcdonald WALLACE McELFRESH FRANCES ANNE McELVEEN MARTHA McELWEE JEAN McFARLAND TROY VON McGEE VIII MARCELLA FAYE McGLOTHEK NELDA JEAN McKEE JERRY JACK McLAURIN SANDRA KAY McMILLAN DONALD WILLIAM McNICHOL NOBLE JACOB MABOU Shreveport Homer Roseland Havnesville Athens Greenwood Opelousas Lee.svillr Baton Rouge Logans port Pinevillc Devil!. ■ IX M. GAIL MADDOX KATHRYN PAMELA MAGRUDEN FLORENCE EVELYN MAHAFFEY WILLIAM JAMES MAHER GERALD W MALLEY CAROLYN SUE MALONE DeRidder Frankhnton Florien Bronx. New York Cotton Vallev DeRidder iy RICHARD WAYNE MANNING JOY FRANCES MANNZEN E. MARIE MANSHACK THOMAS CALVIN MARLER BETTY LEE MARTIN DEBORAH JANE MARTIN Shreveport Converse Converse Sieper Chopin Shreveport II JANICE FAYE MARTIN VERNON WAYNE MARTIN RAY MIKE MARTINEZ JOANNE GAIL MARX ANN MASSEY SUSAN MASSEY Amite Shreveport Shreveport Bossier City Amite Shreveport III EVERET EARL MATHES SHIRLEY G. MAUGHAN JOHNNY HENRY MAXEY HARRY WAYNE MEACHUM ELIZABETH ANN MEARES HAROLD MELDER Shreveport Natchitoches Minden Ringgold Ringgold Glenmora IV CAROL JEAN MEYERS LOUIS GEWEL MEYERS TRUMAN MIERS H. CONRIDE MILLER, JR. JAMES E. MILLER KATHERINE MARIE MILLER KATHLEEN M- MILLER JERRY CARL MILLER JIMMIE WAYNE MILLER JON MICHAEL MILLER SANDRA MILLER THOMAS J. MIMS KA VI CYNTHIA MILTON SHARON LEE MISKIMINS AZ EUGENIA LOUISE MITCHESS EILEEN MIZELL FRANK MOBLEY HARRY JAMES MOBLEY VII RUBY MOBLEY ANTHONY JOSEPH MODICA GLENDA ROSE MONK MARY ELLEN MONK SHEILA JAN MONSOUR AZ RANDOLPH MONSUR Bossier City Zwolle Anacoco Wright Doyhne Shreveport Baton Rouge Glenmora Minden Winnfield Anacoco Shreveport Bunkie Shreveport Shreveport Forest Hill Alexandria Natchitoches Converse Bossier City Wood worth Alexandria Shreveport Alexandria VIII DONNA BETH MONTEGUT Amite MARGARET ROSE MONTGOMERY New Orleans JOYCE MARLENE MOORE Goldonna REBECCA LATATIA MORACE Pineville CONNIE ELIZABETH MORELAND Ringgold BETTY JOYCE MORGAN Shreveport IX BONNIE KATHLEEN MORGAN Jennings FRANKIE MORRIS Haynesville CHARLOTTE ANN MORRISON Shreveport JANET KAY MOTT Cheneyville WANDA FAYE MULLANIX Shreveport JUDY GWINN MULLINS Bossier City FRESHMEN iwta [ 53 FRESHMEN 2 1 22 WILLIS u MURPHY, JR KAYI LORRAINE MYLES ANITA NADRCHAL CAROLYN JEANNE NAPIER PATRICIA GAIL NEAL NELDA NORRIS II GUY LANE NESON LINDA KAY NETTLES CHERYL IRENE NEVILLE JAMES RONALD NEWBERRY DONNA KAY NICHOLS JUDY ANN NICHOLS III PHYLLIS NICOSIA CHARLOTTE NOHSE RITA LaNELL NORRED MARY LOUISE NORRIS NORVELL F. JAMES JOLENE F O ' QUIN Minden Franklintun Minden Converse St FrancLsvillr Dry PronK Natchitoches Ringgold New Orleans Shrevcport Shreveport Shreveport Frisco Shreveport Montgomery Wmnsboro Boyce Lafayette IV JOHN WAYNE OTWELL MARGARET FORTSON OWEN SHIRLEY PACE SUSAN DIANE PACE FRED B. PALMER HAROLD WAYNE PARKER KA BARBARA ELAINE PARROTT FRANCES PARSONS CAROL ANN PATTEN GAIL PATTERSON ANITA PATTON ELEASE PATTON VI CAROLYN AVAGAIL PAUL MICHAEL GAY PEARCE TKK CAROLYN SUE PENNINGTON PANNY DAVID PAM PEPPERMAN MARY DELAIN PERKINS Natchitoches Alexandria Colfax Alexandria Shreveport Collinston Vivian Shreveport Alexandria Baton Rouge Vidalia Shreveport Winnfield Wilson. N C Florien Mansfield Metairie Leesville VII MICHAEL OTIS PERKINS ALICE VIRGINIA PERSON X . THOMAS DEAN PETERSON CECILE PHELPS DALTON BURL PHELPS ESSIE MARINE PHELPS vni SONDRA PHELPS PAUL H. PHILLIPS. JR I K I GERALDINE LEE PIATT JIM PIERCE JAMES PIERRELEE DEEANN MARIE PITTMAN Pitkin Lettsworth Norfolk, Virginia Natchitoches Logansport Simpson Marthaville Minden Bossier City Springhill Bossier City Raton Rouge IX DOUGLAS DWIGHT PITTMAN TKE Pitkin SHIRLEY ANN PITTMAN Dubhorlv SHARON ANN PITTS Robeline E. DIANE PLUMMER Jonesboro JUDY POE Shreveport PAT PORTER Monroe I 5 4 VERONICA PORTIE Hackberry JAMES RONALD POSEY Doyline NINA JEAN POSTON Vivian PRUDENCE EUGENIA POWELL Bossier City CHERYL JAN PREVOST Golden Meadow BEATRICE E. PREEDOM Shreveport II BETTY PREWITT Simpson JINNIE V. PREWITT West Monroe LUCILLE HOPKINS PULLAM Zachary CHARLES JOSEPH RABALAIS Bunkie MARTY JAMES RABALAIS Plaucheville STELLA REBECCA RABURN Coushatta III DIANE L. RACHAL Lena DAVID M. RAMBIN Shreveport BARBARA J. RAMSEY Spearsville L. CAROLYN REED Sibley DERITA MAE REGISTER Port Allen CfiARMIAN FRANCES REICHENBACH Shreveport VI ZELLA MARIE REID Shreveport JONETTE REYNOLDS Bastrop MARY JEANETTE REYNOLDS Bossier City MILTON SLATER RHEA Minden JANE KATHRYN RICE 222 Alexandria VINCENT RICE, JR. KA Shreveport V ANNE MARIE RICHARD Baton Rouge PATRICIA RICHARDS Shreveport JUDY RICHARDSON AZ Vivian THOMAS RICHARDSON Minden EDNA FAYE RIVERS Zwolle DEWINA ROACH Converse VI UNA MARY ROACH Stonewall FRANCES JERELYN ROBERTS Shreveport SANDRA KAY ROBERTSON Pineville MARY ROBINSON Grayson JOHN EARL ROE Marthaville MINNIE FAY ROE Marthaville VII MARY KATHRYN ROGERS Rayne LOIS SHARON ROHRBACKER Sarepta SANDRA GAYLE ROLLAND Shreveport GENE RUSSELL ROWZEE Leesville JANE RUCKER Shreveport THOMAS RUESCH Shreveport vni PHYLLIS ANN RUMFELT Leesville ROD N. RUNYAN Shreveport BRENDA RUSHING Haynesville DONALD W. RUTHERFORD Benson HOWARD RYDER, JR. Alexandria CHARLES SALLEY Natchitoches IX CHARLES SAMUEL Minden SNADY SANDEFER 2K Baton Rouge ALTON K. SANDERS Leesville GLENDA JAN SANDERS Shreveport SARAH ELIZABETH SANDERS Shreveport PATRICIA SASSER Alexandria FRESHMEN ■55 ' Z itm, JL ? FRESHMEN l aA2 kkttt. I JUANELL SAVAGE DELORES LINDA SCAIKK W1LUAM OLIVER BTAf JB CATHY SCALF WANDA ALVINA SCHRENK REBECCA SCHWARTZ II DEAN COSTA SCLAVOUNOS BETTY KATHRYN SCOTT HARRIETT LUCILLE SCOTT JOHN TEDDY SCOTT PEGGY SEELING DEANNA JEAN SEMON III THERESA SEPULVADO KAYE SEWEIX JOHN H SHAFER SHIRLEY F SHAFFER SHARRON SHANNON i-il RICHARD W SHARBOUGH Glenmora Manv PolUk Shreveport Boycc Leesvilli- ...M . M(i Shreveport Shreveport Alexandria Alexandria Shreveport Zwolle Morgan I Oil Cm Gibsland Alexandria Baton Rouge IV DONALD RAY SHARPE DeRidder PATTY NELL SHAVER Plain Dealing MATTIE FAYE SHAW Lakt Providence BILL SHEFFIELD Montgomery JO LYNN SHELTON Shongaloo RAYMOND SHELTON Winnfield V KATHLEEN SHEPHERD Morgan City NINA SUE SHIPP WeUh BRANT SHOCKLEY Doyline MAX HILL SHORT Bienville RUTH SHOWS Amite JOHN PHARO SILLS Natchitoches VI PATRICIA A NN SIMON Gueydan SHIRLEY NELL SIMMONS Kurthwood CAROL ANN SKERRETT Laf. BOBBY SLACK Sarepta JUDY JENELL SMART Shreveport BRENDA KAY SMITH Alexandria VII FRANKLIN RAY SMITH Corbitt GLORIA MARIE SMITH Tioga JANET SMITH Alexandria JOANNE SMITH Keithville MICHAEL FRANKLIN SMITH Ringgold WAYNE RONALD SMITH Shrc VIII WILLIAM RANDAL SMITH SIiieve|.i.rt BERNICE ELIZABETH SNEAD Coushatta JESSIE ANNIS SNEED Shreveport PAUL WINSTON SNELLING Converse KENNETH JOHN SNYDER Shreveport CHARLOTTE THERESA SONTOYO Ferriday IX CHARLES LYNN SOUTHERN C.ctor RAYMOND SPARKS Orange, Texas JERRY RAY SPEARS Plain Dealing RITA ELAINE SPILLERS Atlanta PAUL EDWARD SPURLOCK Bossier City RUTH ANNE STAGG Opelousas t 5 6 JAMES RAY STEWART PATSY LYNN STEWART BARBARA LYNN STINSON MARY ELIZABETH STINSON BRANKO STOJADINOVIC THOMAS WILLIAM STROHE II CARROLL STROUD EVELYN CAROL SULLIVAN MARVIN H. SUMMERS LINDA SUMRALL STUART JEFFREY SUSSMAN RICKY TARVER in MARIE TASSIN GLENN TAYLOR, JR. KA JAMES TAYLOR JUDY TAYLOR THEDA MAE TAYLOR WINNIE MARIE TEW Alexandria Leesville Patterson Bossier City Chicago, Illinois Welsh Florien Plain Dealing Baton Rouge Shreveport Bossier City Many LeCompte New Orleans Morgan City Coushatta Winnfield Shreveport VI JOHNNY THOMPSON Sikes LETA THOMPSON Georgetown LINDA LOUISE THOMPSON Shreveport LINDA RAE THOMPSON DeRidder PATRICK LARRY THOMPSON IIK Shreveport WINTER VERA THOMPSON Pitkin V CONNIE LYNN TIMMO NS Alexandria KENNITH D. TOUCHET Gueydan CAROLYN FAYE TOUPS Shreveport LINDA PATRICIA TOUSEK Pineville MILTON REID TRAPP Anacoco KEN WAYNE TRIPP Haynesville VI WILBERT C. TRISLER Mayna LINDA LOU TROUT Shreveport ROBERT SAINT CLAIR TURK Shreveport BILL L. TURNER Shreveport GENELLE GAIL TURNER Zachary THOMAS FLOYD TURNER Minden VII VIRGINIA GAIL TYLER Logansport CAROLYN JEANETTE VALENTINE Mansfield SUSY VAN DYKE Pineville RONALD EDWARD VAUGHN Colfax MELBA J. VERCHER Campti SUSIE LYNN VERCHER Cloutierville vni JAMES ALTON VEULEMAN Many RAMONA BETH VINES Winnfield GLENN DALE VIOLA KA Natchitoches KENNETH JAMES VON HOLLEN Shreveport RUBY CHRISTENE WADE Shreveport JOSEPH B. WALKER Otis IX WANDA L. WALKER Leesville JALON H. WALL Vivian BARBARA DAN WALLACE Shreveport CLAUDETTE ADELLA WALLACE Natchitoches LINDA SUE WALLACE ZK West Monroe VELMA SUE WALPOLE Trout FRESHMEN 223.22 l 57 MMl 2 W 11 FRESHMEN ROY WALTON GAYLON E WAMBLE ROSA LEE WARD WILLIAM WARREN WARD JUDY LYNN WARNER KENNETH RAY WARREN II PATSY ANN WATKINS ADRIENNE JEAN WATSON HARDEY WAYNE WATSON EVELYN WEATHERFORD SAM WEAVER BERTHA HIBERNIA WEBB III LINDA GAY WEBER DAVID RALPH WEBSTER TKE JACK EDWIN WELCH BARBARA CAROLYN WELLS JOHN E WELLS ROY MILTON WELLS IV Monroe Shreveport Provencal Monroe Cotton Valley Springhill Wild Shreveport Shreveport Kinder Shri-veport Sieper Bastrop Sussex Mansfield Buckeye Monroe Marthavillf SHEILA DIANNE WELLS Plain Dealing SUE B. WELLS Logans port RUSSELL GARY WENDT Dodson ROBERTA WESCOTT Bossier City BOBBY R WEST Natchitoches LYNN WHEELIS Bossier City V PATRICIA ANN WHIDDON Pineville BARBARA DIANE WHITE Pineville GEORGE WESLEY WHITE Bonita JAMES CLINTON WHITE Addis KARL DENSON WHITE. JR DeSoto SUZIE WHITE Covington VI RONNIE J WHITMORE Simmesport KENNETH E. WILEY Alexandria SHARON LEA WILEY Baton Rouge CAROL DIANNE WILKIN Bossier City FRANKIE WILLBANKS Pineville MARTHA ANN WILLIAMS Opelousas VII PATSY GAYLE WILLIAMS Goldonna SANDRA WILLIAMS Fort Worth. Texas JAMES WILLIAM WILLIS Shreveport JOHN TODD WILLIS Ringgold ANN WILSON East Point GRACE J WILSON Shreveport VIII LAREN HARVEY WILSON Edgerly MIKE WILSON Alexandria MICHAEL WILSON Alexandria SUSAN CAROL WILSON Oakdale SUSAN M WILSON Bossier City SUSAN KAY WIND 424 Gretna IX ELIZABETH WOODWARD Shreveport JOYCE LEE WOODARD Bossier City MICHAEL WOODRUFF Shreveport JOHN B WOODYARD II Wanysmith. Michigan JENNIFER ANN WOOLEY Tioga JULIE WORKS Houston. Texas .58 LINDA D. WORRELL LAURREL PHYLLIS WORSHAM CORINNE WRIGHT GLENDA JEAN WRIGHT NICK WRIGHT RITA LEE WRIGHT Alexandria Winnfield Shreveport Bossier City Sheffield, Alabama Negreet II RONALD EDWARD WRIGHT Maplewood MARGARET ANN YARBROUGH Coushatta LYNN YAU Hong Kong CHRISTIAN EDWARD YOUNG III New Orleans JO ANN YOUNG Woodcliff Lake, N. J. DAN ZACKARY Bossier City in DONALD GREGG ZACKARY m%:. Bossier City Here . . . have my math book! 59 WK ATHLETICS Head Football Coach J ( K CLAYTON THE 196 5 FOOTBALL The Northwestern Demons, defending Gulf States Conference champion , finished the 1963 football season with a record of 4-6. The Demons, who wire heavily favored to repeat as G.S.C. champs, had the material H win hut just couldn ' t find the torch to light the way to victory A little overconfident and cocky, the Demons ran into a de- termined Stephen F. Au.-tin squad, couldn ' t get started, and had to return home the victims of a 10-0 upset. With a week to work out their problems, the squad traveled to Pineville to do battle with the always-dangerous Louisiana College Wildcats. The Wildcats were ready for the Demons and sent them home on th short end of a 13-7 scon With 2 defeats behind them the Purple and White settled down the following week and defeated the Northeast Indians in a G.S.C. game. 27-19. October 12. the Demons traveled to Abilene, Texas, to battle the powerful Abilene Christian Wildcat . Although the Demons played hard-hitting football, the Wildcats were just a little too much for the Demons and came out on top of the 28-18 score. With school spirit and team morale hi h the Demons were ready to do battle with the I-ouisiana Tech Bulldogs in the annual State Fair Classic. This year the Bulldogs were up in arms and ready for the Demons as they completely dominated the game and defeated Northwestern 27-13. After losing to Tech, the Demons celebrated Homecoming by defeating Florence State Coach Gene Knecht, Coach Akin Brown, Coach Clayton, Coach Walter Ledet and Coach Ernest Howell. i6- SEASON SAMMY JOE ODOM Permanent Team Captain GLENN TALBERT Permanent Team Captain 33-14. After the victory over Florence State, the N.S.C. eleven defeated a powerful Appalachian team 33-20. The following week brought undefeated McNeese State to Natchitoches. McNeese, using the strong running of its backs and the strength of its line, defeated the Demons 21-14. The last two games were played on the road and the Demons split the two games, losing to U.S.L. 19-13 and defeating Southeastern 13-7. There will be 10 seniors leaving the 1963 Demon squad. De- parting will be Kenneth Hood, Johnny Ray Norman, Roy Gen- try, Al Anding, John Wayne Odom, Herbie Smith, Jerry Burton, Glenn Talbert, G. W. Zachery, and Sammy Joe Odom. ALONZO STAGG AWARD S.F.A., Johnny Ray Norman; La. Col- lege, Jerry Burton; Northeast, Sammy Joe Odom; A.C.C., Roy Gentry; La. Tech, Sammy Joe Odom; Florence, Glenn Talbert; Appalachian, Al Dodd; McNeese, Sammy Joe Odom; U.S.L. , Bobby Parker; Southeastern, Roy Gen- try. Managers: Don McCardle, Ted Fowler, Gordon Reynolds. v mm i LP .-V A THE 1963 DEMONS POSI- CLASSI- NUM- POSI- CLASSI- NUM- NAME TION WBQI CATION BER NAME TION WEIGHT CATION BER Row 2 Row 1 Al Dodd End 185 Freshman 41 Thomas Mitchell Center 218 Senior 56 Jerry Burton Halfback 180 Senior 22 James Aymond Halfback 170 Sophomore 42 Glenn Talbert Halfback 185 Senior 23 Mack Thomas Fullback 195 Junior 30 Roy Gentry End 200 Senior 88 Ken Guillot Guard 201 Freshman 64 Allen Plummer Guard 205 Sophomore 66 Earl Ymbmh Tackle 208 Freshman 72 Sammy Joe Odom Center 222 Senior 57 G rover Colvin Guard 195 Junior 63 John Wayne Odom Tacklr 270 Senior 77 Dick Reding End 190 Freshman 84 Al Moreau Guard 205 Junior 62 Herbic Smith Quarterback 175 Senior 17 Corwyn Aldredjje End 215 Junior 81 Gary Pittman Halfback 180 Freshman 45 Don Beasley Quarterback 170 Junior 11 Ed Horton Halfback 180 Sophomore 47 Emmett Eddy Halfback 185 Junior 44 164 ) POSI- CLASSI- NUM- NAME TION WEIGHT CATION BER POSI- CLASSI- NUM- Row 3 NAME TION WEIGHT CATION BER Bobby Parker Fullback 195 Sophomore 36 Row 4 Kenneth Hood End 210 Senior 82 Richard Berlitz End 195 Sophomore 89 Lawrence Nugent Guard 205 Freshman 60 Carroll Long Center 190 Freshman 51 Johnny Ray Norman End 185 Senior 85 Dennis Duncan Halfback 210 Sophomore 25 Donnie Carroll Quarterback 185 Sophomore 12 Wayne Walker Halfback 215 Sophomore 21 Al Anding Tackle 230 Senior 76 Phillip Creel Guard 265 Freshman 79 Freddy Newman Tackle 235 Sophomore 71 Ross Gwinn Tackle 238 Freshman 83 Fred Fulton Center 200 Junior 55 Bill Crowder End 205 Junior 86 Charles Ragus Tackle 260 Junior 70 Lynn Hargrave Fullback 200 Freshman 32 Malcom Hodnett Guard 210 Junior 65 Claude Patrick Fullback 200 Sophomore 33 Tommy Wyatt Halfback 175 Junior 46 Bob Roessler Guard 200 Freshman 61 G. W. Zachery Fullback 190 Senior 31 Donald Horton Quarterback 175 Freshman 16 165 RESUME OF THE L963 FOOTBALL SEASON SFA. 10 The Demons from Northwestern, defend- ing G.S.C. champs, arrived in Shreveport ni hopes of keeping " Chief Caddo " a property of the Purple and White Overconfidence and a speedy Lumberjack eleven proved too much for the Demons and they re- turned home the victims of a 10-0 upset at the hands of the Stephen F. Austin Lum- berj;u Statist s First dov Rushing yardagr Passing yardagr Passes c a Punts n a Fumbles lost Yards penalized s ( 8 M 173 9-24 • 1 ■ v 1 IS ISO 65 7-10 7-37 5 150 •c a — Passes completed attempted •n a — Punts number average NSC. 7 LA. COLLEGE 13 Seeking revenge for last year ' s defeat, the Demons from N.S.C. traveled to Pineville to do battle with the Wildcats from La. College. The Purple and White ran into stiff opposition and returned to Natchitoches on the short end of a 13-7 score. Statntus First downs Yards rushing Yards passing Punts •n .i Fumbles lost Yards penalized SS.C. La. Col. 8 17 190 139 50 3X 6-10 6-10 4-392 3 1 25 46 c a — Passes completed attempted Punts number average NSC. 27 NORTHEAST 19 Playing their first home game of the sea- son, the Demons from NSC. defeated the Indians from Northeast 27-19 in a con- ference battle. Claude Patrick was the lead- ing ground gainer for the Demons as he ground out 80 hard yards. Bobby Parker and Ed Horton. Natchitoches High gradu- showed their credentials as Parker scored 2 touchdowns and Horton kicked 3 extra points. Glenn Talbert and Claude Patrick accounted for the remaining NSC. points. M.lllsln V x ( Nrast First downs 17 15 Rushing yardage 185 200 Passing yardage 106 140 Passes c a 6-11 11-20 Punts ' n a 4-39 2 2-38 Fumbles lost 3 2 Yards pen 25 27 i —Passes com plated attempted •n a— Punts number average 18 A.C.C. 28 Northwestern took the long trek to Abilene. Texas, for a game with the Abilene Christian Wildcats Quarterback Donald Beasley connected on a 51 -yard pass to Glenn Talbert and a 15-yarder to Roy Gentry for scores Glenn Talbert scored the final Demon touchdown on a 22-yard scamiHT through the tough Wildcat for- w.ill Tin Wildcats were too much for the scrappy Demons and were the vic- . ' 8-18 SlallNlK N | ( ( ( Flf St 17 17 ng yardage 126 204 Passing yardage 171 116 Passes c a 11-29 6-10 Punts n a 3-38 7 Fumbles lost 3 3 Yards penalized 70 45 i —Passes com pleted attempted 1 —Punts number average N.S.C. 13 LA. TECH 27 The name of Billy Laird will be a name that members of the Demon squad will long remember. In the annual battle fought at K.ur Stadium in Shreveport. the Pur- ple .mil White from N.S.C. found it next to impossible to stop the aerial attack of La. Tech This was a game needed by the Demons if they were to keep their G.S.C. hopes alive, but the high-spirited Bulldogs pulled the rug from under the Demons early in the game and were never in serious trouble. Statistic s MAC I a. Tech 6 23 Rushing vardage 52 143 Passing vardage 90 232 ' ;i 5-16 23-30 Punts ' j 7-39 4-36 6 Fumbles lost 4 1 penalized SO 78 c a — Passes completed attempted •n ,i — Punts number average N.S.C. 33 FLORENCE STATE 14 Before a packed house, the Demons of N.S.C. treated the Homecoming crowd to ■ tremendous exhibition of offensive power and defensive stability. Glenn Talbert brought the crowd to its feet as he took the ball on the second play from scrimmage and rambled 66 yards for the game ' s first touch- down. Talbert scored again on a 66-yard pass from Don Beasley, quarterback for the N.S.C. ' s white unit StatKlu- N C. Florence si First downs Rushing yardagr Passing yardage Phhi c I Punts n a Fumbles lost Yards penalized is 330 156 5-10 7-39 40 8 63 89 4-366 •e a — Passes com pleted attempted •n ■ — Punts number .i • i .n;i N.S.C. 33 APPALACHIAN 20 The Mountaineers from Appalachian, North Carolina, ran into a tough North- western football team and came out on the short end of a 33-20 HOD It was a big win for Northwestern and gave the hometown folks a gleam of hope that better lavs were on then wav Glenn Talbert brought the : to their feet as hi streaked 62 yards for a touchdown Talbert also scored on runs of 16 and 10 yards for a total of 98 yards on 6 carries and 18 points. Sl.itlsli.-s N S ( ppalarhlan First downs Yards rushing Yards passings Passes " i Punts n a Fumbles lost Yards penalized 20 310 70 4-16 4-41 7 4 9S ■ 71 100 6-23 7-43 1 72 i— Passes com pleted attempted -Punts number average N.S.C. 13 McNEESE 21 It was a dark day at Northwestern when the Cowbovs from McNeesc State rolled into town with their undefeated team to take on the Demons from N.S.C. North- Mi up for this game and played the Cowboys on even terms but just couldn ' t stop the powerful McNeese attack. Statistics: N s ( M rNeese First downs 8 19 Rushing yardage 97 247 Passing yardage 44 191 Passes c a 3-15 7-14 Punts n a 10-38 2 2-36 5 Fumbles 2 Yards penalized 48 40 •c a — Passes completed ■ttampsad •n a — Punts number N.S.C. 13 U.S.L. 19 The hard-hitting Demons found the going rough against the Bulldogs from Southwestern as they fell to defeat 19-13. Sophomore fullback Bobby Parker was a standout for Northwestern as he gained 88 yards ' on 16 carries, kicked an extra point, and played a fine defensive ball game. Statistics: s ( 1 s. 1 First downs 20 14 Rushing yardage 241 210 Passing vardage 71 43 Passes c a 7-15 :.-i2 Punts n a 2-190 4-295 Fumbles lost 2 1 Yards penalized 35 35 c a — Passes completed attempted •n a— Punts number average N.S.C 13 SOUTHEASTERN 7 Needing a victory over Northwestern to tie for the G.SC. championship, the Lions from Southeastern played hast to the un- predictable Northwestern Demons. North- I in. led by Bobby Parker and Glenn Talbert. played the roll of spoilers as the Demons defeated the Lions 13-7 Glenn Talbert and Ed Horton scored touchdowns for NSC. SKltlslM s s ( Scant downs 14 13 Rushing vardage is;. 118 Passing yardage 33 91 Passes c a 2-8 :.-i7 ts n a 5-38 bles lost 2 l Yards penalized 20 II c a— Passes com pleted attempted •n a —Punts num average 166 QUARTER | { TDCD BALLON m r 1 HOME VISITOR QUARTER DOWN TOGO s-ssrs QUARTER , DOWN b ' 0 CO BALL ON - . »ORT " ---- IT ' S TH-E hrc po l JJaurt HKfc.. HOME VISITOR QUARTER DOWN TO-GO QUARTER HOME VISITOR DOWN TOGO 6 , . 9 McNASPY STADIUM HOME VISITOR : -: QUAfiTER DOWN TO-GO Hi? m ALL AMERICAN SAMMY JOE ODOM tl» y tt 1 , ■ v KKBHBBHIr93MP Don Beasley Johnny Ray Norman Jerry Burton Roy Gentry ALL G. S. C. DEMONS John Odom Sammy Joe Odom Al Moreau Glenn Talbert ' 78 NSC 79 NSC 79 NSC 71 NSC 96 NSC . . 63 NSC 77 NSC 100 NSC 77 NSC ...... 54 NSC 88 NfeC 74 NSC 53 NSC 79 NSC 87 NSC 54 NSC 74 NSC . . 61 NSC 91 NSC 79 NSC 98 NSC . . . 90 NSC 78 NSC 71 NSC 75 NSC 96 NSC 98 Overtime SCHEDULE Southeast Oklahoma 89 Southeast Oklahoma 92 Stephen F. Austin . . 84 Nicholls State 73 McNeese State 53 East Texas Baptist 72 Stephen F. Austin ... 88 East Texas Baptist 70 Southwestern 83 Louisiana Tech 80 Centenary 113 Louisiana Tech . . . 79 Northeast State . . 75 Nicholls State 103 McNeese State . . 63 Louisiana College 76 Southwestern 59 U. of Southern Miss. 92 Louisiana Tech 75 Northeast State 89 Southeastern 83 U. of Southern Miss. 112 Centenary 81 Southwestern 79 Southeastern .76 Louisiana College 96 Coach Huey Cranford BASKETBALL Trainer: David Calloway Assistant Coach Jimmy Atkins and Coach Huey Cranford [ 79 Kenny Arthur fights for a rebound Two pi. mi- the hard «a l Bill Stokes Tommy Malhi- zeroes in for two points James Hardin, Raymond Arthur Walter Ledet, Tommy Stewart 180 |S » Billy Ray Bill Stokes Tommy Mathis s Kenny Arthur 181 1 Sam Watts 3O i Bill Stok« (frabs a rebound for the Demons Bilh Ra hits for two more points " Big " Ra mond dri es for a KM a ainst Southern. [44 r - : i8 m « Sam Watts Billy Ray Tommy Mathis hits for two points against La. Tech Coach Cranford celebrates his 300th college victory Sam Watts shows how easy it is ' Big " Bill hauls down a rctxHind Kenny Arthur drives in for two points " The Bear " pulls one down for N.S.C. X Little " Arthur drops in a basketball from way out Sam Watts hits for two points " I know somebody has that ball! " •«-. -v. ■ W J James Hardin blocks a shot against M(N»h-s«- Raymond Arthur shoots while Billy Ray rcsLs Tiwnmy Mathis drives in for a two point lay-up ALL G. S. C TOMMY MATHIS Standing: Virgil Bray, Sam Watts, James Hardin, Raymond Arthur, Billy Ray, Walter Ledet, David Clark. Kneeling: Jerry McLaurin, Bill Stokes, Emmett Hendricks, Tommy Mathis, Tommy Stewart, Kenny Arthur. T R A C K COACH W.XI.TKK I.FDET First Row: Carroll Henry, C. Knox, D. Phelps, P. Simmons, J. Borman. Second Row: B. Womack, G. McWilliams, J. Phifer, H. McClure, G. Johnson, M. Dennis, C. Knotts, N. Wright. Third Row: R. Hale, D. Reding, G. Ermatinger, M. Ledbetter, S. Shine, A. Dodd, G. Pittman, Bucky Talbert, A. Gradjinovsky. Monty Ledbetter tries out the blocks Coach Walter Ledet has a very fine group of athletes in the fold this year. Having placed fourth in the G.S.C. last year Coach Ledet has done a fine job of recruiting in an effort to better last year ' s showing. A big boost to the Demon squad was the addition of Amos Gradjinovsky who was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Amos competed in the 1960 Olympics, representing his homeland, Israel. Another outstanding addition was Glenn Er- matinger who, in his first meet as a Demon, set a school record, broke the meet record, and bettered the existing G.S.C. record when he heaved the javelin 241 feet. Returning for the Demons is the versatile Monty Ledbetter. Monty is a consistent winner in the 100-yard dash, the 200-yard dash, high jump, triple jump and runs on the relay teams. Joining Monty is another point-getter for Northwestern, Brent Womack. Brent partici- pates in four events and usually places in the top on all four events. The Demons are a well-rounded team and should place very high in the Gulf States Con- ference this year. r ' I Mil Relay loam: Montv Ledbetter. Al Dodd, Steve Shine, Hftir McClure sprinters: Al Dodd, Monty Ledbetter, Steve Shine, Henry Mc- Clure. Distance men: Kneeling: Dalton Phclp . Jim Phifer. Standing: Paul Simmons, Ray Hale, Nick Wright. Brent Womack ¥.fc. Monty Ledbetter, broad jumping Field men: Brent Womack, Al Dodd, Gary Johnson. % Glenn Ermatinger, Javelin Captains: Kneeling: Paul Simmons, Maurice Dennis. Standing: Brent Womack, Ray Hale. Distance man: Charles Knox Quarter Miler: Gary McWilliams 440 men: Kneeling: Maurice Dennis, Charles Knox. Standing: Cecil Knotts, Gary McWilliams, Bucky Talbert. Returning Lettermen arc kneeling left to right: David Calau.i . John Cress, Tommy Stewart Standing: James Scriber. Ronald Row Charles Johnson, and Herbie Smith BASEBALL Head Baseball Coach, " Cracker " Brown Don Calvert, Catcher Charles Johnson, ALL GULF STATES CONFERENCE Freshmen Team. Kneeling left to right: Larry McBride, Kenny Guillot, Tommy Chester, Don Mitchell, David Antilley, Marshall Hearne, Mack Hobbs, and Douglas Trichel. Standing: Don Robinson, Johnny Broussard, Dale Spencer, Dana Brown, Wayne Creel, Gary Johnson, Ronnie Arnold, Sammy Clifton, and Dean Sclavounous. RONALD ROY Pitcher GARY JOHNSON Pitcher PIIILMP CREEL Pitcher Natchitoches Boys Kneeling left to right: David Antilley. Don Mitchell, Marshall Hearne. Standing: Johnny Broussard, Ronald Nov Douglai Trichel, and Tommy Chester Shreveport Boys. Kneeling left to right: Kenny Guillot. Thomas Mitchell, Tim Micotto Standing: Herbie Smith, Charles Johnson, Gary ' Johnson, and Don Calv TOMMY STEWART Pitcher JOHN CRESS First Baseman H KRBIE SMITH Short Stop Honor Roll. Kneeling left to right: Douglas Trichel, Gary John- son, James Aymond, and Tommy Stewart. Standing: Don Calvert, Ronald Roy, Charles Johnson, and James Scriber. Sitting left to right: James Posey, Don Robinson, Larry McBride, Marshall Hearne, Kenny Guillot, Mack Hobbs, Russell West, Don Mitchell, David Antilley, Don Calvert, Herbie Smith. Second Row: Dana Brown, Dean Sclavounous, Sammy Clifton, James Scriber, Chuck Thomas, Johnny Broussard, Tommy Chester, Douglas Trichel, James Aymond, and Tim Micotto. Third Row: Coach McPherson, Coach Dioergy, Phillip Creel, Billy Ray, David Calaway, John Cress. Tommy Wooley, Ronald Roy, Charles Johnson, Thomas Mitchell, Dale Spencer, Gary Johnson, Ronnie Arnold, Tommy Stewart, and Coach Brown. Ktt 95 GYMNASTICS Having been hit hard by graduation, the Northwest- ern gymnastic t eam has initiated a program of rebuild- ing Under the guiding hands of Coach John Marcinko. the team is making gnat strides toward the prominent position they once held in the field of gymnastics here in Louisiana. Coach Marcmko is making great progress in his pursuit to build a strong gymnastic program here at Northwestern. He uses a program that calls for all-out participation of the entire squad. Included in his pro- gram is an all-out search for more meets that his team can enter. Missing from last year ' s squad are David Greer, Randy Curry, Bill Lindsey, Wayne Simmons, Doug Harkness, and George Turnage. Assisting Coach Mar- cinko this year is Bill Pearson, who is working on his Master ' s degree. Coach John Marcinko Kneeling: J Wallace, S. Kissard, B. Scott, M. Lippencott, W. Miller. C. Lambert Standing: C Buchanan, B. Pratt, J Wray, L. Mitchell, J. Eversull, T. Boone, B. Turner, O ' Neil Collier, D. Willis, M. Cline. I. W. Woodard, G George, L. Stark, B Pearson Tommy Boone Captains O ' Neil Collier and Ben Pratt I. W. Woodard, James Wray, Tommy Boone, Don Willis, O ' Neil Collier. Larry Stark Wade Miller O ' Neil Collier, Bill Pearson, Wade Miller, Ben Pratt. GOLF Coach Knecht and his Demon linksten are Uiku forward t ono f the best eaesoni experienced by Northwestern golfers Last e a a s on the folf team placed third m the G.S.C. and finished the season with 6 wins. 15 losses, and 2 ties Members of this year ' s squad are Don Scott, Dennis Schlegal, Joe Data. Jimmy Bowen, and John Scott Don Scott, who is from Alexandria, La .. is shooting in the number-one position this year for the Demons. Shooting in the number-two spot is Dennis Schlegal, who hails from Bossier City, La. A newcomer who is making quite a name for himself is Joe Data, who lives in Deepwater, New Jer-ey. Jimmy Bowen, a seasoned performer, and John Scott round out the Demon squad. Robert Flagler, who led last year ' s squad with a blazing 74.3 medal average, did not return to school this year and left a big gap for Coach Knecht to fill. Also missing from last year ' s squad are Gilbert Brous- sard and Jimmy Smith. Coach Gone Knecht Joe Data. Jimmy Bowen, John Scott, Don Scott, Dennis Schlegal and Coach Gene Knecht. JF I • , Dennis Schlegal Joe Data Don Scott Ted Scott Dennis Schlegal and Joe Data Jimmy Bowen I ■m INTRAMURALS Tom Cathry and Carl Buchanan are this year ' s intramural ► Wayne Ricks was the 1963-64 cross country champion. Ping Pong Winners are, left to right: 1st place. Thomas Yang; 2nd place, Don Bennett; 3rd place, Babe Huff. Intramural football winners were the Half-Breeds. Kneeling, left to right: Kearney Stokes, Buddy Cosse, Ronnie Mouton, Wayne Purvis, Charlie Favrot, Donald Toups, Carlton Herpin. Standing: Charlie Gowland, Tom Barker, Jack Norman. Wessley Davis, Robert Vincent, Ronnie Thompson, Gilbert Cosse. Joe Geter of the T.T.T.T. throws a pass as Ralph Tyler tries to block for him. Second-place football winners were the T.T.T.T. Kneeling, left to right: Warren T. Price, Lewis Stahl, Bob Brown, James Sim- mons, Ralph Tyle r, Monty Rodes, " Pee Wee " Wells. Standing: Gene Laforge Dickinson, Billy Grisham, Buddy Rollins. Ronnie Mouton holds Monty Rodes from blocking winning field goal. iOI Ball Champion were the Mighty Six Left to Right: I Morrow. Gerald Cooley, Ronnie Montgomery, Dudley Bolton, Fred Fulton, John Crt Tommy Armstrong rolls a strike for Sigma Tau (iamnu. Paddle B.ill Winners Left to Right: lit place. Ronald Roy; 2nd, Thomas Taylor; 3rd, Monty Rodes; 4th, Gerald Coolev. Sigma Tau Gamma was the second place bowling team. Left to Right: Stuart Graham, Mike McDaniel. Sonny Samuel Tommy Armstrong is not pictured. Winning Qymnattk T«aa were the Bricksh.ickcrs Mike Lowe, Ki n James, J D Johnson. Charles Knox takes a second place as Don Bitting comes in third in the Cross Country. John Weffenstette of Sigma Tau Gamma blocks a field goal as Mike Westmoreland looks on in true form. Pi Kappa Phi was the winner of the Fraternity league. Left to Right, First Row: Ray Smith, Glen Distephano, A. W. Cooper, Paul Rockette. Standing: Walter Wall, Don Bennett, Jerry Spears, Don Cummings, Wallace McElfresh. Intramural basketball dancers w Tom Cathey starts the cross country. Left to Right: Wayne Ricks, Bennie Cox, Charles Knox, Don Bitting. MILITARY ■i i St.tfT. Ia-H to Right: Cadet Captain Ronald Canerday. Cadet Lt. Colonel Leonard Miller, Cadet Colonel Sidney Mat- thews, Corps Commander; Cadet Major Arthur Sutherland, Honorary Cadet Colonel Jeannie Marler, Corps Sponsor; Cadet Second Lieutenant Arthur Simon R. O. T. C. AT NORTHWESTERN Lt. Colonel L L James, Infantry, Professor of Military Science and Tactics. ro6 During this, its thirteenth year on campus, the Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps has again taken an active part in campus affairs. These activities include: taking part in the intramural sports pro- gram, producing a float for the Homecoming Parade, and many others. The Corps, through its rifle team, and the Black Knights drill team, has helped to spread the good name and reputation of N.S.C. far and wide. Besides being an active part of campus life at N.S.C. the R.O.T.C. also plays an important part in the defense of our country This is done hv the graduating of some of the sixteen thousand men who annually hecome Second Lieutenants through the R.O.T.C. plan. Corps Commander and Sponsor, left to right: Cadet Colonel Sidney Matthews, Honorary Cadet Colonel Jeannie Marler. Company Commanders, left to right: Cadet Captain Donald Smith, Head- quarters Company; Cadet Captain Perry Brasell, Company A; Cadet Captain Robert Gimbert, Company B; Cadet Captain Cecil Chopin, Com- pany C. Although the Corps this year is relatively small, the staff and company commanders are of the opinion that this year ' s class will still have the same high quality of all the previous graduating classes of Northwestern. An interesting point in this year ' s Corps is that while the Corps Commander is from out of state, the four company commanders are all from hometown Natchitoches. First Row, left to right: Keys, Cadet Captain Smith, Honorary Captain Griffin, Cadet Lt. Kennedy, Robdcheaux, Cadet Lt. Rutledge, Carroll, Graham, Putnam. Second Row: Fisher, Durr, Gamble, Garcie, Green, Cavanaugh, Phifer, Felter, Wardell. Third Row: Taylor, Hodges, Arthur, Spears, Schlegel, Logan, Tripp, Clausen, Boone. Fourth Row: Ardoin, Adams, Chester, Phillips, Nesom, Day, Richardson, Gimbert, Branagin. Fifth Row: Jeansonne, McCartney, Broussard, Cooley, LaBorde, Deloach, Ransbottom, Keran, Hudson. Miss Sherry Griffin Sponsor. COMPANY HQ xo7 COMPANY A Miss Jimmic Dale Baughman Sponsor Miss Sally Lee Spon-or COMPANY B KirM law, Lrfl to Right: Swilky, Cadet Captain Braaell, Honor - • tin Baughman. Cui.-t Lt H..ih- . Gaspard. Bru-kll. Cadet Lt McNeely. Gray, Huey. Port Second Row: Cash. Red- ditt. Johnson. Waltmr, Corky, Blankcnship. Hoffman, Korn. Ambler. Stratton Third Row : McRac. Head, Hollmgsworth. Droddy, Dollar. Bell, Bomar, Bradley, Draper. Fourth Row: Rog ix, St. John, Kendnck. Monsur, i, DuBois Fifth How Babin. Stahlhuth. Lowery, Chauvin M Rahalais. J Rabalais, Woodyard, Loach. Glass Not Pictured: First Row, Left to Right: Mitchell. Cadet Captain Gimbert, Cadet Lt Albritton. Bryan. Leggett, Cadet Lt. Lowe. Prudhomme, Weffenstette, St.irk, Canneld. Second Row: Jones, Stewart. Copellar. Fowler. Green, Sanders. Ray. White Third Row: Mc- Donald, Brady. Clayton. Rowzit . Richardson. Powel, Tausch, Tauxin Fourth Row: McMillan. Shelton. McBride. PoII.k • .■. Shafer. Sabino. Gerson. Mobley, Turbrc Fifth Row: Teller Sparks. Klli.v Antilley. Sills. Gmglrs. Culotta. Knotts Not Pic- tured: Honorary Captain Sally L« • io8 First Row, left to right: Fruge, Cadet Captain Chopin, Honorary Captain Roberts, Cadet Lt. Senn, Masson, Marks, Cadet Lt. Townsend, Shelton, Addison, Manning. Second Row: Davis, Bounds, Angle, Wester, Atkins, Burke, Carlock, Sherwood. Third Row: Fisher, Carney, Young, Neely, Coleman, Strohe, Lafayette, Ryan. Fourth Row: Ayers, Lemon, Reinhard, Wright, Johnson, Hryhorchuk. Turner, Cox. Fifth Row: Fox, Marx, Beyer, Hathorn, Hardaway, Kendrick, Ward. Not Pictured: Joyner, Taylor, Turk. COMPANY C Miss Carrie Roberts Sponsor S.F.C. Edgar Odom, Rifle Team Coach. First Row, left to right: Wardell, Bounds, Shelton (Team Co- Captain), Babin, Jeansonne (Team Captain). Second Row: Logan, Hathorne, Chester, Bradley. Third Row: Wright, Tubre, Richardson, McDonald. Fourth Row: Dollar, Johnson, Woodyard, Kendrick. Fifth Row: Young, Green, LaBorde, Phillips. Sixth Row: Turner, McBride, Sills. RIFLE TEAM o9 " $ .i Front: Cadet Lt. Colonel Leonard Miller, Commander First l!n«. left to rieht: Addison, Simonson. Mitchell, Coleman, Red- ditt. Putnam, Rogers, Canfield. Second Row: Sutherland. Car- roll, Port. Jones. Taylor. Hudson Third Row: Gaspard, Hodges. ■ Li Colonel Leonard Miller Commander Miss Marjone Regions Black Knight Sweetheart Droddy, Cash, McRae, Fru ' i Fourth Row: Bra.sell. Glass. Huey. Johnson, Ellis. Wester, Avers, Sabino, Branagin. Head, Carlock, Neelv BLACK KNIGHTS The Black Knights. Northwestern ' s widely known drill team, has enjoyed another successful year of com- petition. This year, under the ahle leadership of the commander, Ix onard Miller, the squad leaders. Arthur Sutherland, Perry Brasell, Arthur Simonson, and M. J. Gaspard, and their advisor. Major Raymond A. Hop- kins, the Knights thrilled crowds of people with their displays of precision marching movements and expert rifle manuals. Living up to their reputation of being one of the sharpest marching groups in the South, the Knights won the first place overall trophy at the Fifth Southern Invitational Drill Meet in Baton Rouge against such schools as Loyola. Tulane. L.S.I ' ., and Texas A. M. Also included in this ear ' s acti ities were the Marde (iras Parade in New Orleans, and other parades in Shrevoport. Natchitoches, and the sur- rounding area. This year Miss Marjorie Regions was elected Black Knights Sweetheart She ineeeedl Miss Cheryl Sue Kyle. no Executing Column Throw Perfect cover on Cross Mov« Cross move during the Christmas Parade. Forming an Honor Guard for the Homecoming Queen and Court. Ill i O WjI .... . 1 ■ . ; • t V V ' A A ' f . GREEKS Cm « PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL MKLINDA W ATKINS President CARMEN CODINA Recording Secretary Mn i.ui 1 1 U Hendrick, Faculty AcUisor The Northwestern State College Panhellenic Coun- cil strives to promote scholarship, high character, a better understanding of the Greek world, and harmony among the Greek organizations. A member of the National Panhellenic Conference, the Northwestern Panhellenic Council serves as the governing body of the four N.P.C sororities on campus. Locally, the N.S.C. Panhellenic Council sponsors many campus projects, including a convocation for Freshman girls and an all-Greek Christmas Carol Sinn The council also encourages scholarship among all women by presenting a Freshman Scholarship Award each year. Mrs. Lucille Hendrick, Acting Dean of Women, is advisor BONNIE FRAZIER Corresponding Secretary I .eft to Highl: Mrs Genie Qumn; Winona Gallagher 1 . Jean- nie Reese. IK. C ' eli.i Willis. -11; Mary Ann Jones. AZ. CHRIS NEWSOME Treasurer 1 SANDY McNEELY President ERIC STEINHAUSER Vice-President CLARK ALDRIDGE Treasurer BILL THOMAS Secretary Mr. Leonard O. Nichols, Faculty Advisor Junior Representatives to IFC are as follows: Dick Clark, KA; Paul Rochette, IIK ; Joe Lewis, 2TT; Scott Woodard, TKE. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Northwestern State College Interfraternity Council was organized to fulfill four objectives: to promote harmony and a cooperative relationship among the four social fraternities on the N.S.C. cam- pus; to foster and maintain a high respect for fraternity and interfraternity relationships within our college; to maintain high scholastic, moral, social, and personal standards, and to compile and enforce rules for the improving of the fraternity system on campus. The goals of the 1963 Interfraternity Council were membership in the Southeastern Interfraternity Con- ference; the establishment of an Interfraternity Intra- mural League with a rotating trophy to go to the frater- nity with the highest total points at the end of the year; the improvement of closed rush in the fall se- mester; and, in coordination with the Panhellenic Council, establishment of the annual Greek Day during the spring semester. Mr. Leonard Nichols, Dean of Men. is sponsor. ii 5 LAMAR BATES Man of the Year BETTY BLOCH DOLLY BRYAN CAROL DUCOTE II JULIE FRAZIER KATHY CADDIS WINONA GALLAGER III SHERRY GORMLEY ELIZABETH GRIGSBY MARY JEAN GROLL IV ALICIA HERMES EILEEN HOFFSTADT SHERRY KOLB • w GWEN MARI.KR KATE THIBODEAUX MELBA VERCHER 4n VI SUSAN WIND ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA OFFICERS I MAUREEN MORROW President BONNIE FRAZIER Vice-President SANDRA GOLDSTEIN Treasurer II BECKY ALPHIN Recording Secretary PATRICIA McELWEE Corresponding Secretary ANN BLOCH Membership Director Sixty-two years ago on November 15, at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia, five young women established the first chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Pledging themselves to spir- itual, physical, intellectual, and social development throughout their fives, they never dreamed that their sisterhood would spread to colleges and universities throughout the nation. To- day, the letters ASA grace the doors of over forty chapters in the United States. On the Northwestern Campus in 1930, Psi Psi chapter was established. Sorority life is the growing and sharing, the plan- ning and excitement of rush, parties, meetings, problems, and friendships. The awards, conventions, and sending the proceeds of the annual magazine sale of Alpha Sigs to the crippled chil- dren ' s foundation in the national philanthropic project exem- plifies their founders ' pledge. " I ' m so glad you could come! " Rushees are invited to Alpha Sig ' s " Big Top. " 117 Sam Lucero. Y . Man of the Year. 1 MARIETTA BAKER SUE BEASLEY SUZANNE BLACKBURN TANYAU BRACEY BENJY BROCK II JANET BROWN XINA BURLILE ELAINE BUTLER NANCY CALAWAY RUBY CARLILE in HELOISE CHRISTY RENNIE CLARK SANDY CORKERN ANN CREEGAN MARSHA DAWSON IV BETTY SUE DeWITT PATTY GRAHAM LYNN GRIFFIN BENNIE HOLLIDAY SHIRLEY HOOPER V MARY ANN JONES KATHY JONES BILLIE ANN KNIGHT SANDY LITTON KAY MARTIN VI SUZANNE MAYNARD SHARON MISKIMINS SHELIA MONSOUR CHRIS NEWSOME CHARLOTTE NOHSE VII ALICE PERSON ALANNAH PETTY CECILE PHELPS JUDY RICHARDSON JUNE RUCKER VIII DORIS SCALES MARILYN SCROGGS CAROLYN SHAUB CECLIA SHEA MARSHA STEV ENS IX LINDA SUMRALL CAROLYN THOMAS NEVA WILLIS JUDY WINN ai8 DELTA ZETA OFFICERS I CHARLOTTE McCALLA President JEAN WALKER V. P. Pledge Trainer SANDRA BOATRIGHT V. P. Rush Chairman II BARBARA DEAN Treasurer PATSY GASPARD Recording Secretary FRANCES NELLE ERWIN Corresponding Secretary TO THE WORLD — I promise temperance and insight and courage, To crusade for justice, To seek the truth and defend it always; TO THOSE WHOM MY LIFE MAY TOUCH IN SLIGHT MEASURE— May I give graciously of what is mine; TO MY FRIENDS— Understanding and appreciation; TO THOSE CLOSER ONES— Love that is ever steadfast; TO MY MIND— Growth; TO MYSELF— Faith that I may walk truly in the light of the Flame. Y ' all come to the 1Z Hootenanny! The AZ Christmas booth attracts many customers. ii J. imcs Boyd, ZR Man of the Year. PEGGY CASEY BARBARA ANN CIESIJV LINDA DAUGHTRY CLAUDIA FLOYD II JANICE FREEMAN DIANNE GOZA LINDA HANSON JOWANNA LOOPER III FRANCIS LOWE MARGARET M.CARTY CAROLE McNEELY LYNNDAGAYE OLIVE IV BARBARA PEARSON BETTY PONDER JEANIE REES SANDY SANDEFER JIMMY CAROL STILL GAIL TODD BARBARA WALLACE SUE WALLACE VI RAE BELLK WAKNF.K LINDA WORRELL no SIGMA KAPPA OFFICERS I JANET SAUVE President CHARLENE BRISTER 1st Vice-President CARMEN CODINA 2nd Vice-President II LINDA KRAMEL Treasurer VIRGINIA ANN LEWIS Pecordinq Secretary KAREN HAGEDORN Corresponding Secretary Sigma Kappa Sorority was founded on November 9, 1874, at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. The national organization i s 101 chapters strong on the undergraduate level, with 200 alumni chapters. Total national membership of Sigma Kappa exceeds 36,500. Delta Mu chapter has had an eventful year, beginning with the rush parties, and climaxed by the annual Spring Formal. This year, Delta Mu ' s entry in the homecoming float competi- tion captured third place. Miss Jimmie Carol Still is the chap- ter ' s sponsor. Sigma Kappa ' s philanthropy program included the support- ing of the Greek School for Girls in Greece, and the Maine Sea Coast Mission. In Natchitoches, the sorority gives a birthday party each month for senior citizens at the Natchitoches Nurs- ing Home. Sigma Kappa can be identified by her jewel, the pearl; her flower, the violet; and her colors of maroon, which is symbolic of Truth, and lavender, symbolic of Purity. The Sigma Kappas in action. " Let us entertain you! ' ill Bill Richie, Sigma Sigma Sigma Man of the Year. I MAUREEN ANDREWS ELIZABETH ARTHUR DIANNA BASS GEORGIA BLAIR DIANNA BRADEN II NORMA COLLIER DIANNE COLVIN BETTY JO COOK PAT COOPER LINDA DOUGLAS HI BARBARA JEAN DOWDEN JUDY DRANGUET CINDY FITZGERALD LYNELLE FORD MARY ELLEN FRANCIS IV BEVELY GLASS JUDY GOWLAND MARY LEE GRANTHAM LINDA HANSFORD BECKY HARMS V PATSY HARTZO MARY NELL HOOPER KAY JENKINS JUDY JOINER SANDRA JOYCE VI PAT KILE SUZANNE LEDOUX PATSY LOWDERBACK JEWELL IffcCOY JACKIE McLAMORE VII JANK RICE SHARRON SHANNON SALLY STAFFORD MARY STEWART CAROL STONE SUSAN THOMPSON VIII MARY WARNER KATY WATKINS MELINDA WATKINS PAT WINDHAM CELIA WILLIS EVE MOUTON 1Z1 Since its beginning in Farmville, Virginia, on April 20, 1898, Tri Sigmas have been dedicated to academic progress, forma- tion of enduring friendships, high ideals of personal conduct, and service to others. The sorority is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference and embraces forty-nine states and the District of Columbia with a membership of nearly 30,000. All of the sisters in Sigma Sigma Sigma are a warm, friendly, lovable group of girls who believe, " To receive much, one must give much. " Living up to their beliefs, Tri Sigma sisters contributed to their national service project, the Robbie Page Memorial Fund. Summer workshop, rush, slumber parties, and the traditional spring formal have also given the sisters unforgettable moments. Strands of pearls from our heritage lead, hold, and bind us; God ' s hand guides our going, to spirit gives wing; Of love ' s sure power a handclasp reminds us. In gladness and harmony Sigma hearts sing. SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA OFFICERS SUSIE GUIDRY President KATHERINE BERRY Vice-President ROSE ROY Treasurer II LUCY JOINER Recording Secretary BUNNY MASINGILL Correkponding Secretary CA.ROL GIVENS Keeper of the Grades Tri-Sigma flappers say " Welcome, Rushees! Sigmas send Holiday Greetings. 9 saxS-JH ppy 1-L2, KAPPA ALPHA omens JACK JETER ' •-.•tidiMif RICHARD CLARK Vice-President II JOSEPH TRAIGLE Secretary MIKE WEEGO Treasurer ex K N... 1 kicks (»fT Old South ' From the Glory ot the South shine the eighty-two cnapters of the Kappa Alpha Order, representing over 42.000 members, steeped in the traditions of the Southern gentleman and he Southern way of life. Kappa Alpha was grounded on the NSC campus in 1959, as Kuklos Adelphi local. In March of 1963, Gamma Psi Chapter was chartered at Northwestern. Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Washington College, now Washington and Lee Uni- versity, on December 21, 1865. In the fall of 1963, Kappa Alpha completed its new Chapter House on a hill overlooking the campus. Kappa Alpha was the leader in establishing the new Fraternity and Sorority Row at NSC. Miss Rennie Clark, a sophomore from Shreveport, reigned as Kappa Alpha Rose for 1963. Our new Rose was announced at our annual " Old South " Ball held in early May. Mr. Joe Lewis of Natchitoches is our Alumni Advisor and Mr. William Culp. a professor in the Social Studies Depart- ment, is our faculty advisor 0b£rJ2 xx4 Rennie Clark, Kappa Alpha Rose MORRIS ALDREDGE CLARK ALDRIDGE CHARLES E. ANDERSON TOM BARLOW JIMMY BARR RICK BERRY II DON BITTING EDD BOMAR RICKY BOONE JIMMIE BROSSETTE CHARLES BRUNFIELD MIKEL T. CLINE III LARRY DEAN JOHNNY EDGAR DWAYNE FARRAR TERRY FINLEY MIKE FOUCHER BRUCE FRASER IV FRED FRASER KENNY GUILLOT RONNIE GUILLOT LYNN HARGRAVE ERIC L. HEFLEY BOB HIGHTOWER V CHARLES KNOX BILL MAKER EDSEL McKEE JOE McMAHAN TIM MICIOTTO TOMMY MIMS VI GEORGE W. MULLINS BILL NANCE BURT PEYTON GARY PITTMAN DAVID POE ANDREW PONTZ VII GORDON REYNOLDS VINCENT RICE CHARLES ROBERTSON DAVE SEALS DENMAN SHAFFER J. RAHN SHERMAN VIII TOMMY TALLEY MIKE TARVER GLENN TAYLOR STANLEY THOMPKINS JIMMY TINDALL JIMMY TROTTER IX GLENN VIOLA GAYLAN WAMBLE THOM WILLIAMS ■-J- (T (j- vV4 ■A J i iA m ' ■-♦ ' 4 e c 6 es o e ' " 1 ( f y Mk a oaa p. % T ' ? fX fS (kit A it f A M2 " 5 PI KAPPA PHI OFFICERS I JERRY SPEARS lidcnl HERBERT GRAHAM Treasurer II BEN ASH Secretary BOB BROWNING Warden Paul Roohctte gives a few whacks to a pledge. Pi Kappa Phi, a national fraternity, emphasizes scholarship, participation and initiative in school and fraternity activities, and also ties among its brothers. The highlights of Pi Kappa Phi ' s social gatherings is the " Rose Ball. " Special features of this are the naming of the " Rose, " and the selection of the " Outstanding Pledge " for the previous semester. In the spring. Pi Kapps gather for their annual Spring Barbeque at Gum Springs for a fine feed and the pledges ' yearly dunking of the members. No Pi Kapp ' s year would be complete without the Pledge-Member football game and the presentation of the traditional " Victory Keg. " In addition to its social calendar, II Kt emphasizes service to the community and participation in school activities Its mem- bers actively participate in student government and each year conduct the Heart Fund Balloon Sale IIK ' I fraternity was founded on December 10, 1904, at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. The official colors of the chapter are gold and white. Pi Kaps prepare for Heart Fund Balloon Sale n( T — " ■ " ' . Judy Winn, Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart DONALD BENNETT LARRY BUCKNUM GEORGE CAMERON ERNIE CLINE TOMMY COLLIER II ROGER COOK A. W. COOPER DON ANTHONY CUMMINGS CHARLES DOTY SHELTON EUBANKS III STEWART FAMOUS CHARLES FULCO STEVE GARCIE JERRY GEWIN DEWITT LOBRANO IV BENNY LONG GARY McWILLIAMS JOHN RAY MATHEWS RONNIE MERCER LEIGHTON MILLER MICHAEL MONCRIEF DWIGHT PITTMAN PAUL ROCHETTE BILL RUTHLEDGE FRANKLIN R. SMITH VI T. J. SPEIR JAMES SPRAYBERRY BILL THOMAS BILL THOMPSON WELDON WALKER VII WALTER WALL BUD WEIR JOHN WELLS RAY ZERINGUE IIJ SIGMA I . I ' GAMMA OFFICEBS I TOMMY ARMSTRONG I ' resident BOBBY LEE Vwe-Preaident II ERIC STE1NHAUSER Secretary EVAN STEINHAUSER Treasurer s The oldest national fraternity on campus, Sigma Tau Gamma begins its thirty-fourth year of social and academic leadership on Northwestern campus. Sigma Taus stress academic and social development, and the evidence of accomplishment can be seen in almost every phase of activity on campus. The highlight of this year ' s social function is the annual " White Rose ' ' Ball when the " Rose " of the fraternity is pre- sented. Other major events included, Stephen F. Austin dance, Tech Dance, Christmas Dance, hayride and barbeque, sup- pressed desire party. Homecoming dance and the founders ' day banquet. Several annual civic projects undertaken by the Sigma Taus include working on the historic Lamee House and collecting money for the American Cancer Society. The continued growth of Nu chapter is due to the true brotherhood and the quality of members that make up the largest fraternity on Northwestern ' s campus. " Come join the party! " But dah-ling. I ' ve nl had let marloonics! ' XT.8 Cecilia Shea, Rose of Sigma Tau Gamma TOMMY ALLEN MONTY BODENHAMER CURTIS BODIN LIONEL BOURG GREIG BRADLEY PERRY BURKE II TOMMY COOK JOHN COOPER JIMMY COUSINS SAM DAUZAT RODNEY ELKINS FRED ELZEN III CHARLES FESTERVAND BILL FINICAL VERNON FRYE KENNY GAULT ROBERT GIMBERT LYNN GRAFF rv STUART GRAHAM ADRIAN GRIMMETT RICHARD HEBERT JIM HOLLINGSWORTH JOSEPH W. JOHNSON RICHARD LANGLINAIS V JOE LEWIS SAM LUCERO MIKE McDANIEL CHARLES MARANTO JAMES MAXWELL ANDY MULINA VI BILLY PERRY EVERETT PHILLIPS JIM RANDOLPH KEN REINHART LEON RIGGS TOMMY RICH VII CHARLES SAMUEL BILL SCHWARTZ BARON SHIELDS JACK STEPHENS ARTHUR SUTHERLAND GRIFFIN TAYLOR vin DALE TINSLEY JOHN WEFFENSTETTE MILE WESTMORELAND BERT WIGGINS TOMMY WYNN {?$t?K-CbC c | tMMJ 11( TAl T KAPPA EPSI1 ON omens i J F GIGLIO Pretident ERNEST SCOTT WOODARD Treasurer BUCKY BUCHANAN Secretary CHARLES McNEELY Hegenian TAU KAPPA EPSILON: " Fraternity for Life. " Purposes, ideas, leaders, flowers, a glorious history is our once local fraternity, Lamba Zeta, are what have made and will always make Tau Kappa Epsilon outstanding on this campus. Recently initiated Dr. Floyd Noel, who is head of the geology department here at Northwestern, is an outstanding member and our very capable sponsor. IKK is well known on campus for its various social events; for example the Fall Formal, the Bar-Fly, and various semi- formal weekend parties following athletic events At various athletic events, especially football names, the traditional TKK Bell has become a symbol of Northwestern in creating spirit. Tau Kappa Epsilon is one of the youngest international fra- ternities. It is now the largest international fraternity chapter- wise; there are 208 chapters with over 37,000 members. Alums and arti es look over MCH scrapbook. Sandy Moore, Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart HAROLD W. BROWN CALVIN CAMPBELL GLENN ERMATINGER II RALPH FINDLEY THOMAS GINGLES ANDREW C. JOHNSON III GARY JONES JERRY KEMP MICHAEL PEARCE IV PAUL H. PHILLIPS ROBERT CHARLES SIMS MACK STRAYHAN DAVID WEBSTER JOSEPH WILLIAMS JOHN TODD WILLIS 3 ?3 f -; •■L ' JrJiLy v jf a ■HK -S ■Xl Mi ' «i k mwm Ik i T Mfe s %i - m l h t TIVITFH I .ird " Sonnv " Hargrove. President Jr Vince Cuellor -President Randv Webb Vice-President of Men STUDENT COUNCIL The primary duties of the Student Council have been to provide for the general welfare of the Student Body, to legis- late on matters necessary for the supervision and coordination of student activities, and to serve as a link between the ad- ministration and Student Body. The Student Council has undertaken a number of projects to benefit the students this year. These projects include print- ing and making available to every student a student directory, the construction of a waterfront and beach on Chaplain ' s Lake, the construction of a new entrance to the college, and the sponsoring of various entertainment programs and dances throughout the year. These projects were successful because of the hard work of the council members and the support of the student body. On behalf of the Student Council I would like to thank all of the people who have contributed their time and talents to make this year very enjoyable and successful. By the com- bined efforts of students and faculty, Northwestern has grown in spirit and in character. Sincerely, Hayward " Sonny " Hargrove Mr Dudley Council. G Fulton, faculty sponsor for the Student Sandra J i Vire-Prmdent of Women C ar o l yn Thomas Secretary B utch Chase Treasurer 134 p 9 O Seated, Left to Right: Katherine Berry, J. O. Charrier, Steve Blount, Ronald Tarver. Standing: Carol Givens, Mary Virginia Warner, Carmen Codina, Roy Corley, Joe Butler, Bill Nance, Barbara Wallace. ' Student Council makes a serious decision. " First Row, Left to Right: Shirley Pace, Linda Douglas, Vida- Broussard. Second Row: Pam Pepperman, Dianne Colvin, Joy Sue Crump. Third Row: Rodney Elkins, Mike Miller, Guy Nesom. 35 Bin The 1964 Associated Women Students The Associated Women Students is composed of all women students on campus and is a member of the Intercollegiate Association of Women Students. Elected representatives from each residence hall serve on the A.W.S. Council through which the women have a voice in their government Thr ough its activities the A W S .urns to create an attitude of intellectual, social, and spiritual growth among women students. To de- velop a sense of self-responsibility, to instill a spirit of cooperation and friendship, and to uphold high social and academic standards among the women of the college Ls a true aim of A.W.S. Varied activities to help carry out these aims are the A.W.S. Freshman Parties held in each dormitory and the Sophomore Counselor Program. The all-college Howdy Dance, Wednesday Night Short Dances, and the Valentine Dance, as well as tfae Christmas at Home Reception, are outstanding projects of the A.W.S. The is highlighted by the election of new A.W.S. Ex- ■.(■ Officer! who are presented at annual A.W.S. Honors Banquet in the spring ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS Seated. I eft to Right: Barbara Martin. Irby McCan. Linda Nadr- chal. Standing: Bettye Lilly. Becky Alphin. Kate Thibodeaux. Patsy Slay. Anne Rutherford. LUC ILK MKNDRICKS Sporusor -36 Seated, Left to Right: Gary Johnson, Pat Thompson, Paul Sepul- valdo. Randy Webb. ASSOCIATED MEN STUDENTS MR. HAL TOWSEND Faculty Sponsor The Associated Men Students, in its seventh year as an organization at N.S.C., has been noted as an effective part of the college. Its membership is com- posed of men students who live in residence halls on the campus. Each of these members must maintain a " C " average. The main objectives of the Associated Men Students are as follows: First, to promote, in co- operation with the college administration, the general welfare of men students at N.S.C. and, in particular, the welfare of men living in residence halls on the college campus. Second, to serve as a means of ex- pression of opinion for men students. Third, to instill in men students a sense of good citizenship, true sports- manship, and mature responsibility. Fourth, to uphold high standards of conduct and scholarship among stu- dents. Seated, Left to Right: Bill Gerson, Gary Johnson, Randy Webb, Calbert Marcantel, J. Rohn Sherman. Standing, Second Row: J. Everett Phillips, Max H. Short, Don Bounds, Glenn Taylor Mike Miller, Farleigh Gray, Wilbur Lipsey, Henry Henderson, Clarence H. Bruce. Third Row: Jesse Morrison. Melvin Shaw, Shelley Bennett, Fred McDowell. PAT COOPER Editor JOHN WEFFENSTETTE Associate Editor STEVE BLOUNT Business Manager THE 1964 POTPOURRI STAFF MR EARL COULON Facultv Advisor The 1964 Potpourri is presented t you, the Student Body, by the Potpourri staff. We have strived to portray you, the NSC student, as you study and play. work and dream. The Potpourri is the yearbook of the student body of NSC, entirely financed by them. Shreveport Engraving Company prepares our photographic copy, and Benson Printing Company of Nashville, Tennei does the art work, layouts, and publishing. Three stu- dents — the editor. Pat Cooper, associate editor John Weffenstette, and Steve Blount, the business manager — receive working scholarships The Potpourri sponsors several awards throughout the year: the beauty court, reigned over by the " Lady of the Bracelet; " the Potpourri Court; dedication of the book to a person who has displayed loyalty and interest ' beyond the call of duty " to NSC, and out- standing staff awards to members of the Potpourri staff. ANDREA SOLIS Art TOMMY PUTNAM Military Editor BETTIE MOORE and JACK O ' NEILL Class Section TOMMY ARMSTRONG Sports Editor MARY ANN BRAY Student Life Editor Henry Joiner and camera bearer Chrissy Coody Photography LAMAR BATES Photographer CAROLYN THOMAS Administration EUGENE SMITH Activity Section Mrml «T». I-4-fl tn Right: Katherinc Shivers. Marjorie Regions, Ann.. Phelps, Patricia Kile, Susan Thompson TOWN ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS The Town Associated Women Students is made up of all women students who live off -campus. The TAWS officen also on the A.W.S. Council The main purpose of TAWS is to keep members informed concerning activities on campus by work- ing closely with A.W.S. I I fl to Right: Joanne Salter. Mai ' . Fi.m . . l owe, Irby McCan. Alphin. Bettv DuRgan JUDICIARY BOARD The Judiciary Board of the Associated Women Students is composed of two A.W.S. officers: the vice-president, who serves as chairman of the Board, and the corresponding secretary. Three other members appointed by the President of the Associated Women Students and the Dean of Women are appointed to repre- sent the Senior, Junior, and Sophomore classes The president of the Associated Women Students serves also as an ex- oflficio member of the Board The Board serves as a " hearing " group for any woman student who violates an important rule or regulation It is the duty of the Judiciary Board to see that all regulations pertaining to women students are functioning effectively, to investigate • ill instances of non-observance of regula- tions that come to its attention, to deter- mine whether the instance constitutes a case of behavior failure, and to assist the individuals concerned in making satisfac- tory adjustment. 2.40 Seated, Left to Right: Betty Duggan, Nell West, Johnnie Ross, Wanda Mor- gan, Linda Kay Ebarb, Mary Haynes, Marie Francis, Frances Parsons, Kay Jones. Second Row: Judy Joiner, Gerry Piatt, Judy Young, Yvonne Belgard, Vida Broussard, Sue Wells, Margaret Montgomery, Bettie Moore, Pat Blank - enship, Ann Benefield, Sandra Acker- man, Celia Willis. STAFF ASSISTANTS The Staff Assistants Program helps the House Direc- tors in the women ' s residence halls. These girls serve as receptionists in the residence hall offices and also help the students in the building to observe residence hall regulations. Staff assistants must have a high scholastic average and be at least of sophomore stand- ing. Selection for this position is made by the Dean of Women and her staff on the basis of efficiency, depend- ability, and co-operativeness. The Sophomore Counselor Program is designed to help freshman women become adjusted to college life, college and residence hall regulations, and to help them attain a high academic standing. Sophomore Counselors are selected to this honorary position on the basis of scholarship, leadership, personality, and character. The monitors in the men ' s dormitories function in much the same way as the sophomore counselors. Ap- plications are filed in the office of the Assistant Dean of Men, and each applicant is interviewed by Mr. Townsend, the Director of Men ' s Housing. Each moni- tor must have at least a " C " average; however a " B " average is preferred. The house directors in the dormi- tories then approve the applicant ' s personality, leader- ship, and character. Left to Right, First Row: Tony L. Mc- Donald, Percy Morrow, Bob Hurtado. Ed Teller, Dick Redditt, Tommy Car- son, Farleigh Gray, Jack Leggett, Wil- bur Lipsey, Max Duggan, Charles Gor- don, Malcolm McMullen, Gerald Cooley, Galen Bailey, Duffey Wall. Second Row: Ronnie R. Stevens, Bill Rutledge, Royce Willis, Blan Cross, Lynn Hargrave. Third Row: Clyde Cloud, James H. Braly, Larry Perdue, David Neely. Fourth Row: Barry Dillard, Leonard Gray, J. P. Rice. Felix A. DeJean, Ray- mond E. Cupples. Fifth Row: Charles T. Smith, Robert Dale Geoghagan, Woodrow R. Mock, Jr., Tommy Dean, George Tharpe. Sixth Row: Joseph N. Traigle, Jesse Morrison, G. L. Whitlock. Ralph Lemoine, Melvin Shaw, Charles Ragus. THE CURRENT SAUCE ROBERT GENTRY Editor DUFFY WALL Associate Editor BUDDY MARTINEZ Business Manager SUE BURGDORF Miss CURRENT SAUCE ROBERT GENTRY Editor DUFFY WALL Associate Editor DIANE TAYLOR News Editor BUDDY MARTINEZ Business Manager PAT McMEEL Sports Editor MARSHA STEVENS Society Editor SUE BURGDORF Miss Current Sauce EDWIN W. RICE Advisor This year marks the 50th anniveis.u • ■ of the Current Sauce. In this half-century the paper has made many advance- ments and participated in numerous activities. Much progress and growth have been registered this year under the editorship of Robert Gentry. The first issue of the Sauce was dated Feb- ruary 19, 1914, with Mrs. Hearne Harper as editor. The editor- ship was rotated every quarter in the beginning and Mrs. W. Russell Bovette. Jr.. now of Shreveport, became the second editor. During tins year Edwin W. Rice has served as faculty advisor, whlie Roy G WMM iwa) WUiklllg on his doctorate Some 500 additional papers published each week, an increase in the advertising, and the selecting of a " Miss CURRENT SAUCE " for the first time, have been effected. The 50th anniversary year was climaxed with the annual Sauce banquet on Saturday. May 2 Superintendent of Educa- tion-Elect William J. Dodd, a former Sauce s|x rts editor, was the six-aker. Dr. John C. Merrill, acting head of the journalism department at Texas A M and a former Satire advisor, also spol- The Sauce sponsored two mock election.-, during the year. and conducted a " Um dressed coed on campus " contest. Also the paper won top rating ' s from the Associated Collegiate Press for the Fall and Spring sen During the peer the editor and his staff have attempted to carrv a balan ntation of the news, with something for leader, including liberal use of pictures and improved make-up The editorial policy has been forceful, ft lable and re s p on sible. 141 N PECIfll EDUCATE CCTTEB A. i First Row, Left to Right: Max Duggan, Pat McMeel, Linda Broughton, Edwin Rice, Linda Weber, Sharon Hillman, Diane Taylor, Sidney Sers, Gerald Anderson. Second Row: Buddy tsiiii, i=? ! ili ::»«:»;; :s: : »=! mm Martinez, Marsha Stevens, Robert Gentry, Rick Woodson, Wayne Malone, Duffy Wall, Jon Gibson. Jerry Brill, Sonny Carter. PAT McMEEL Sports Editor MR. EDWIN RICE Sponsor MARSHA STEVENS Society Editor DIANE TAYLOR News Editor SCHOOL SPIRI r " y T tiitikk Foreground: Arthur Jones, Mascot. Standing: Joe Butler and Lucy Joiner, John Allison and Carol Allen, Sam Lucero and Jeannie Marler. CHEERLEADERS Eagerly waiting to lead the De- mons onto the gridiron; yelling, clapping, jumping and screaming be- fore the student body; encouraging all the fans to participate in the ex- citement; riding the Demon head around the fie ld — these are part of the duties and privileges of the cheerleaders of Northwestern. The 1963 season has been one of work for the cheerleaders. They have been busy decorating the goal posts, practicing for new yells, and making trips to Shreveport, Pine- ville, and Lafayette. Back for their second year are Head Cheerleaders Lucy Joiner and Sam Lucero, both of Shreveport. The other upperclassmen are Jean- nie Marler, Alexandria; and Joe Butler, Plain Dealing; and the fresh- man cheerleaders are Carol Allen, Elton; and John Allison, Pineville. The official Demon mascot was Arthur Jones of Baton Rouge. " Wow! What a job. " " All eyes on the game? " THE DEMON BAND Demon Marching Band presented outstanding sh ' at all bomc gama and at the half-time period at the Louisiana College game in Alexandria and the annual NSC-Louisiana Tech game. The band also participated in the 1964 New Orleans Mardi (Iras parade. During the concert session, the band turned to heavy classical numbers, mixed with light novelty pieces. As a good-will gesture the band traveled on tour to various high schools throughout the state presenting programs to give these high school students an idea of the band program at NSC and encourage them to join us when they arrive at Northwestern State College. Following shortly after the tour, the Formal Band concert was presented in the Fine Arts Auditorium. At this performance most of this year ' s repertoire was presented. Bringing our concert season to a close were the pop concerts open to the college free of charge. As the closing highlight of the year, our annual Band Banquet was a success. At this social function special entertainment, good food, and presentation of awards is the order of the day. All in all we have really enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to another great year. Band Directors Edward Tarratus and Dwight Davis Marjorie Regions, Feature Twirler Gordon Ferguson, Drum Major First Row, Left to Right: Larry Fisher, David Williams, Cedric Hudgens, Betty Clegg, Branko Stajadinovic, Julius Campbell, William Inabnett, Larry Ryan, Gordon Ferguson (Drum Major). Second Row: Alice LeBlanc, Anita Patton, Diana Aldrich, Kay Owens, Sally O ' Bryan, Carol Ducote, John Koonce, Claudia Floyd. Third Row: Thomas Bradley, Clarissa Carter, Mary Kuhn, Sheila Anderson, Kay Van Side, James Cooper, Larry Eddy, James Sprayberry. Fourth Row: John Gholson, Brenda Cofield, Barbara Lloyd, Nina Shipp, Jack Fitzgerald, Glenda Young, Karl White, Earl Timmons. Fifth Row: Ben Ash, David Foster, James Coleman, David Hedleston, Larry Wiley, Wilson Teller, Thomas Giddens, Andrew Johnson, Jr. Sixth Row: James Green, Ronald Smith, Louis Carson, Noah Gibson, Patty Shelton, Stan- ley Kule, Terrell Banks, Fred Palmer, Larry Bucknum, James Arthur, John Delk, Shelton Eubanks, Wilbur Waldron, James Randall. Wanda Radford, Head Majorette. Left to Right: Gloria Hough, Nancy Clayton, Martha Sandlin, Norma Festervand, Lyndia Bivings. PEGGY MARTIN Sponsor The De m o nett e o, predominated by freshmen, have delighted the L96S-1964 home people and football h with their outstanding showmanship during half-time periods and various parade exhibitions The l!H)3-64 Demonettes have experienced a ver happy and successful year as a talented group on the NSC campus All of their performances have been based on com- plete group participation rather than that of the indi- vidual or individuals who may have been featured. The originality within the group has been outstand- ingly obvious in that it never repeated a routine during the entire football season Football fans were thnlled with the fine field per- formances presented by the Demonettes. The spirit and enthusiasm of these Demonettes will not soon be forgotten. DEMONETTES First Row. Left to Right: Gloria Goldstein. Margaret Keeth. Barbara Gates Second Row: Rita Dietrich. Linda Harwell, Pa- tricia Armstrong, Deeann Pittman. Tnird Row: Wavelyn Mur- ray, Theda Mae Taylor. First Row. Left to Right: Rita Dietrich. Linda Wallace. Margaret Keeth. Sandra Goldstein. Benjy Brock. Mary Nell Hooper. Sec- ond Row: Sherie Fischer. Patricia Armstrong, Nelda Hcadrick. Eddie Sue Sorey. Sue Forman, Deeann Pittman. Jackie deVargas 148 Sending a package to Techland. DEMON SPIRIT " I guess things could be worse. " T. L. Morgan finds a friend. ' Not here, silly. " m m " This darn back trouble. " •Now. that ' s s«ime question. ' PURPLE JACKETS Janie Jom-.v President Dressing for service The Purple Jackets, an organization founded by President V. L. Roy in 1927, was the first honor club established on the campus. Clad in purple and white colors depicting service and loyalty, the Purple Jackets have become a liv- ing tradition as hostesses at all events on the college campus. The Purple Jackets serve willingly and tire- lessly in their positions and are kept on the move throughout the school year in various campus jobs. Included on their agenda are sisting in registration, aiding with the annual Homecoming coffee, and acting as hostesses at all Fine Arts events, plays and programs Given but a short notice. Purple Jackets work vigorously at whatever they are called to do. During the year, they take time out to sponsor the annual Purple Jacket Revue, featuring the best of campus talent The membership of the club is limited to 21 active members. Each .prmg at the Purple Jacket calling, women students arc chosen as new members who have demonstrated good scholarship, good character and personality. and a spirit of cooperation and unselfishness in serving the college. The honor of becoming a member of the Purple Jackets is one of the greatest accorded to a woman student at NSC. Miss Eve Mouton serves .is Faculty Sponsor of the group. 5° Officers, Left to Right: Joanne Salter, Carolyn Bellue, Lucy Joiner, Janie Jones. Seated, Left to Right: Barbara Dean, Kate Thibodeaux, Jean Walker, Barbara Martin, Becky Alphin, Janet Sauve, Lucy Hart, Marilyn McGee, Sheryl Hayes, Margie Walker. Standing: Lucy Joiner, Carolyn Bellue, Joanne Salter, Janie Jones, Thellie Levee, Irby McCan, Susie Guidry, Kay Owens, Diane Fisher. Eve Mouton, Purple Jacket Sponsor M Mis.- Joyce Daw. 1964 Blue Key Darling BLUE KEY Dean Leonard O. Nichols, Faculty Sponsor Thommy Carson. President The Northwestern State College chapter of Blue Key National Honor Fraternity was born in 1959 as a local service organization known as the Blue Feather. Members of the adminis- tration, realizing the need for a men ' s service unit, selected a group of junior and senior stu- dents who met Blue Key requirements and formed the local service fraternity The group ultimately petitioned the national organization and were initiated in the spring of 1959. The eighteen student members of Blue Key arrived on campus this year almost before any- one else, to begin their work. Working at the semester registrations, serving as ushers at the various campus programs, providing good weekend movies for the students, decoration for Homecoming and Mom and Dad ' s Day. and conducting the annual summer Cheerleader ' s Clinic, all comprise the major functions of this small group The fraternity stands " on call " constantly for many other functions too nu- merous to mention Membership in Blue Key requires an overall 2.5 average (on the four-point system), mem- bership and officersbip in at least two campus 1 1 fcJSBu » • , ■ h m b bLb S " " Si? " First Row, Left to Right: Malcolm Loe, Tommy Carson, Steve Blount, Edwin Kelly, Jessie Crooks, Butch Chase, Maurice Den- nis. Second Row: Randy Webb, jimmy Beany, Cecil Knotts, James Clegg, Billy Whitehead, Sidney Matthews. Third Row: Ladis Zabo, Bill Phillips, Leonard Miller, Roy Gentry, Joe Traigle, James Scriber, W. O. Crain, Carroll Slack. organizations, and a final majority vote of the chapter members. An annual " tapping " of new members is held each spring, in conjunction with the Purple Jackets, in an all-college as- sembly. This year. Miss Joyce Daw, a senior Bac- teriology major from Logansport, was elected the fourth NSC Blue Key Darling. Membership in the Blue Key is an honor well recognized among the students of NSC. ' Blue Key in Action " r Left to Right: W. O. Crain, Butch Chase, Carroll Slack, Malcolm Loe, Billy Whitehead. •53 N. C. S. CHORUS The Northwestern Chorale is the leading choral group of the college Performances throughout the year include an annual app .it the Christinas Assembly, campus concerts at Christmas and in the spring, a spring tour of the state, and a major production such as a musical comedy or an opera. Dur- ing the r 3-t 4 season the Chorale also sang for the dedicatory service of the Wesley Foundation building, and appeared with the Shreveport Symphony m two concerts of Honegger ' s nne d ' Arc au Bucher " The performances of the oratorio in Shreveport m December were the highlights of the year and received high prai-e from critics The appearances marked the first time a college choral group has sung with the symphony in a major choral presentation Open by audition to any student on campus, the Chorale is a credit class meeting five days each week. Other choral groups available to students are the Women ' s Glee Club and the Madrigal Singers. Mr Gordon Flood. Director Firs! Kow. Top to Bottom: Pat Wright. Betty Bush, Jane Jef- frees. K.i Y.m Sickle, Thellie Levee, K;ithv Janes, Martha Scott, Donna Rogers , Sonya Fox, Dianne Laurence, Brenda Devaney, Carolyn Brouss,inl. Edwena Roach. Barbara Hagin, Sandra Shahan. Second Row: Judye Thomas. Johnnie Ross, Cheryl Bay- liss. Marv Hutton, Leona Metcalfe. BetUe Moore, Rachel Craton, Glenda Thompson. Sandra Bethany, Julie Works, Donna Sharon Napp, Jetta Thibodeaux, Patricia Graves, Betty Clegg. Third Row: James Gentry. Felton Dickson. Jalon Wall, Ron Alexander. Kent Allen. Lanny Larche, Lynn Huey, Stanley Davis. Randy Nix. Milton Nix, Larry Wiley, John Otwell, Wayne Meachum. x 4 Dr. Joseph Carlucci, Sponsor SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA The Northwestern Symphony Orchestra was first organized in 1913 and had a membership of about twenty. Since that date it has grown steadily in number and quality of performance. The Symphony Orchestra is truly a community organization in that its members include elementary, high school, and col- lege students as well as college faculty and townspeople. The group presents four to six concerts during the academic year — two public concerts and two Young People ' s Concerts for the school children of Natchitoches and nearby towns — and also provides music for the spring semester commencement exer- cises. Various musical groups on campus function to give the stu- dents and faculty, jazz, dance music, and marches. It is the purpose of the Northwestern Symphony Orchestra to contrib- ute classical and semi-classical music, and so it does under the able direction of Dr. Joseph Carlucci. 1st Violin John Maltese May Beville Lynne Jeanfreau Eva May Maltese Nancy Frost Trombone James Randall Fred Palmer James Arthur Bass Gary Stahlhuth John Koonce Terrell Banks James Cooper Flute Diana Aldrich Kathy Womack ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL 2nd Violin Branko Stojadinovic Melba Vercher Gordon Ferguson Viola Paul Torgrimson Barney Tiller Ruth Caughey Tuba James Green Percussion James Sprayberry Cedric Hudgens Cy Frost French Horn Harold Flurry Larry Wiley Cello Walter Caughey Van Barker Sherry Moss Albert Stiles Trumpet Ben Ash David Hedleston Clarinet Kay Owens David Williams Bassoon Clarissa Carter Oboe Larry Eddy Cyprian Ryan Librarians Clarissa Carter Branko Stojadinovic 155 Claire Baedcr. Outstanding Debater DEBATE CLUB The NSC Debate Club, which was fanned into exist- ence in li 57. is open to all students on the campus who express an interest m the activities of the organization. Under the capable direction of Mr. Donald Graham, the club provides organized participation in competi- tive speech activities on an mter-colle iate basis During the seven years of its existence the organiza- tion, through its exemplary accomplishments in the numerous fields of competitive and public speaking. has really brought credit to our campus One of the highest awards is the outstanding debater award which is presented each year to the debater who earns a letter m the activity by attending one-half or more of the scheduled tournaments. The award is voted by those on the squad who have earned their letters during that season. The outstanding debater is a peer- group award It represents those attributes of the de- bate activity which might Ix- regarded ai the purpose and justification of the program. First Row. Top to Bottom: Paula Smith. Linda Gayle Jackson Ann Busenbarieck, Kathleen BJahop, Clan. Baedei Banna Row: Robert Sims. Shrlton. Alft i Hathorn. Jr. William .!: Bear] Mayneld Nat aVawa: Sua WaUi x 5 6 Seated, Left to Right: Ramona Bott and Judy Winn, Costume Coordinators. Standing: Gwen Marler, Vice-President; Julia Mahoney, President; Shirley Hooper, Secretary-Treasurer. CONTEMPORARY DANCERS The Contemporary Dance Club was organized under its present constitution in the spring of 1957, although there have been performing dance groups at NSC as far back as 1934. The purpose of the Club is to further participation and interest in modern dance by giving advanced dancers an opportunity to perform. This year the group — along with its sponsor, Dr. Col- leen Nelkin, and its accompanist, Mrs. Joyce Towns — performed in several school programs and assemblies. Seated, Left to Right: Jane Plum and Linda Hans- ford. Kneeling: Gladys Kilman, Ramona Bott, Bar- bara Loyd, Gwen Marler, Patsy Gaspard. Standing: Waverlyn Murray, Julia Mahoney, Maxine Mifflin, Mary Gilson, Majorie Regions, Shirley Hooper, Phyllis Guidry, Judy Winn, Mary Lawless. Not shown: Patsy Aaron. Officers. L ft to Right: Jim Mambourg, treasurer; Mary Hicks, secretary; Jimmy Willis, second vice-president; Frances Councill, first vice-president; and Judy Joiner, president DAVIS PLAYI RS Since its beginning In 1925. the Davis Players bat be come the oldeel official dramatic organiza- tion on campus, striving always to develop talent and cultivate a taste for the best in drama. Club membership is limited to thirty, with invitations to membership being extended only to those .stu- dents whom the club feels have a .sincere interest in theatre, as demonstrated by their participation in College Theatre. Proud f the traditions of College Theatre, the Davis Players work with dedication, enthu and perseverence to uphold its high standards. Symbolic of their fTorts are this year ' s produc- tions Beginning with " My Sister Eileen " and " The Heiress " during the fall, the year was ( h- maxed with the spring production. " The Taming of the Shrew. " produced in conjunction with the 400th anniversary of the birth of William Shake- speare. Because of the interest and standards of quality displayed, the Davis Players was instrumental in securing the Northwestern Chapter — Delta Eta Cast — of Alpha Psi Omega, the largest national honorary fraternity for college dramatics. Mem- bership in this fraternity is the highest honor bestowed in dramatics at Northwestern First Row. I ft to Right: Frances Councill, Ruth Ellen Meyer, Judy Joiner, Dr West, and Ann Johnson Second Row: Susan Wall. Viola Pugh. Rosalie Lott. Mary Hicks, and Alice Ann Randalc Third Row: Sam Shelton. Wavne Summers. Jimmy Willis. Butch Toland. Bobby Ray Welch and Mr. Frank Magers. 15 8 Davis Players Christmas Party " I can ' t believe she did it. " a 1 r a I to I ■ TtyvEBh t WBk W G9k " Please Dad, I ' d rather do it myself. " " I see a move! " " Having trouble with your contacts? " " Does she or doesn ' t she, only her hairdresser knows. ' " Darling, I ' ll be home in a few minutes. " " I ' m afraid we ' ve lost another one. " W- ?fr 1 V •:».- «•, ■ • ' f • ' CP • r f s ar 9 m .» ■ . M ' fc ' " •: : £ H Skf % -Y ' V, » ♦ . ORGA ONS RELIGIOUS HONORARY ACADEMIC HONORARY PROFESSIONAL GENERAL INTEREST arfv. Ku-i K. v, DeFatta. Mary Ruth Br... 11. Harry Kirk, Pat Hyrd. Sandra Foster Second IUiw: Sandra Gu: ;m, Dianne Laurence, Larry Leach. Jimmy le, Diane Sprov. U The H..ptist Student Union is the Baptist Church ministering t.. tin- college community The B.S.U. at Nort hw est e rn came to he in 1927 and is sponsored by the Southern Baptist Conven- tion In its membership ■ all of the Baptist stu- dents on campus. It functions to remind each student of his responsibility to Christ, (us church, and his denomination, and of his obligation as a Christian citizen to the world in which he lives. The Baptist Student Union strives to deepen the spiritual lives of its members by enlisting them in the activities of the local Baptist churches. Pic- tured here are the members of the Executive Council and Freshman Council. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION First Row: Pal Graves, Sharon Barton. Carolyn Bellue, Carolyn Ortego. Bcttie Moore, Olivia Rhodi ■ I.. • Dickson. Sandra Cal- houn. Joanne Salter. Patricia Latura. Laun Harris. Sheryl H.v.s Second Kovn : Kenneth Schenck, Roy Corl.v. Jerry Flana- Dorval W Stuckey, Bill Phillips, Lynn B Huey, Jr , Ed Bryan, Lynn Jones First Row: Sandra Ellzey, Carolyn Brewer, Kay Jones. Second Row: James Long, Mrs. J. S. Dollar, Percy R. Hagan, Jr., J. S. Dollar. The Westminster Fellowship organized by the Presbyterian Church, U.S., is found on most of the college campuses in the South. It provides Presbyterians and their friends with opportuni- ties and facilities for wholesome, cooperative, Christian experience. Through discussion, worship, and recreation the members are guided in religious, cultural, and so- cial development. Thursday nights are set aside for our weekly fellowship and informal suppers. First Row: Carol Ann Skerrett, Mattie Faye Shaw, Kay Jones, Gloria Sisk. Second Row: Rosemary Hubbs, Lucille Pullam, Susas Forshag, Carol Stone, Carolyn Brewer, Sandra Ellzey, Carol Johnson. Third Row: James Long, Kay Smiley, Jim Phifer, John Gholson, Glenda Bland, Watson S. Hodges. Fourth Row: Jimmy Dollar, Darrel Cosby, Robert F. Breedlove. WESTMINISTER FELLOWSHIP I cf( iii KiKht: Bob Tatum. Chaplain. Kathy Jones. Secretary; BilK nt; Cookie Martin, V Edwin Kelly, President. Mary Blarknian. Treasurer; William President MSM WESLEY FOUNDATION The Wesley Foundation is a part of the Church Universal at work on the college campus. Our purpose is to cultivate a growing Christian Faith in the lives of individuals who make up the lege community. We feel that our Christian Faith challenges us to worship, witness, study, and join in fellowship The Wesley Foundation is sponsored at NSC by the Methodist Board of National Missions and by the Methodist Churches of Louisiana. The council members who appear on this page guide the program of the organization. Activities are held at the Wesley Foundation Building under the supervision of an ordained Methodist minister. First Row: Bob Tatum. Barbara Cryer. Frances Dow, Patty Shel- ton. Sally Sanders, Betty Scott. Jessie Sneed, Sharon Napp. Sec- ond Row: Lvndia Bivings. Lynda Kneipp, Marcia Dawson, Suz- anne Chabreck. Ruth Ann Hoffstadt. James H. Gentry. Frank- lin D Antelley. Betty Morgan. William Rowell Third Row: Anita Patton. Cookie Martin. Lucy Hart. Patsy Gaspard, Martha Scott. Kathervn Sewell, Susan Jones, Jerry F. Holloway, Milton Rhea Fourth Row: William N. Perry. Sylvia Durham, Edwin Kelly, Man. Blackmon. Sharon Corbell, Becky Sloan, Tommy Nunez, Duffy Wall, Guy Neson Fifth Row: Evelyn Davis. Shir- ley Shaffer, Sandra Methvin. Jeannette Gass, Barbara Wallace, Lynn Cathay, Una Roach, Glenda Young, Betty Am Si (h Row: Bob Bryan, Jiff Ingram. Baron Powers, Morty Dyson, Sue Shipp, Kenneth CarroU Dana Hahn, Kurt Schmersahl, George Shamblin, Jr. Seventh Row: Nels Norwig, Claire Lam- perez. Conette Lindsey. Billy Brasley. John Slade. Jimmy Scruggs. Janie Jones Kathy Janes, Sue Dennis, Lavem C Stephens First Row: Marilyn Van Hoof, Veronica Portie, Buddy Geiring, Pricilla Babin, Ann McWilliams. Second Row: John Blalock, Father O ' Brien. Danny Fox, Meade Phelps. The Newman Club is an organization of Catho- lic students of non-Catholic campuses. Its pur- pose is threefold: to strengthen the religious, to deepen the intellectual, and to enrich the social life of the college student. The Newman Club at Northwestern State Col- lege, in conjunction with the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Student Center, accomplishes these three ends with the presentation of a complete program of religious services, various non-credit courses — such as theology, philosophy, apologetics, basic Catholic doctrine, marriage, and others — and many varied social activities. The major function of the Newman Club is to help the Catholic stu- dent pursue his studies in a Christian way. First Row: Ann Davidson, Shirley Sontoya, Vickie Lattier, Ve- ronica Portie, Piicilla Babin, Lola Bradley. Second Row: Linda Rue, Susy Van Dyke, Susan Gravier, Evelyn Weatherfore, Alice Holmes, Yvonne Boudreaux, Pat Simon, Kathie Miller. Third Row: Lynn Barron, Elizabeth Ledet, Kenneth Touchet, John Blalock, Glenn Distefaro, Bill Ellis. NEWMAN CLUB CAN II RIU ' RY CLUB T) rbury Club, an organiza- tion for all | .il stuii ' • can .is the Yow: ICC ftfUglMI in 1928 In 1941, it became tin- James C M ins Chapter of the National Foundation terbury Clubs The purpose of the club is to develop and to guide the spiritual lift- of the stu- dents This is accomplished through ission, study, worship, recreation, fellowship, and cooperative worship The activities of the Canterbury Club consists of a Mid-Winter Southern Conference, a State Convention, an All-Col • lference, and joint ac- tivities with other clubs DESERET Deseret Club d Northwestern State College was organized in 1958 upon igniting a vital need m the lives of young men and young women of North- ern for affiliation with the church and other members of their faith. The club is sponsored by the Educational Departm ent of Brigham Young Uni- ity under the direction of the Church of .Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Sail First Row. Standing: Jimmy Boyd. Janitor; The Rev Julian W. Jones; Donald Purdy. President Second Row: Mrs Townsend, Margaret Blackadar; Bonnie Prazier; Kn- Sutherlin, John Pharo Sills, III, Carol Gipson, Michael Moor. Third Row: Erskmc Cook. Dorothy Purdy and Donna Lee Purdy, Gene Madden. J Ann Bussey. Virginia Ann l Sitting I«efl to Right: Patrick Pettitt. Secretary, Winnie Ainsworth. Mary Taylor. President Standing: Chexlee Ainsworth. 1.66 NU SIGMA CHI The purpose of Nu Sigma Chi is to promote intelligent living, a high stand- ard of learning, and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among the Freshman women at NSC. Student membership is restricted to freshman women who have earned a 3.5 scholastic average at the end of their freshman year. Upperclass mem- bers of Nu Sigma Chi will become col- legiate alumnae. Those who received honorary mem- berships include Mrs. John S. Kyser, Mrs. Lucile Hendrick, Acting Dean of Women; Mrs. Genie Quinn, assistant Dean of Women; Miss Mary McEniry, assistant professor of English, and Fac- ulty Advisor to Nu Sigma Chi. The officers of Nu Sigma Chi are Carol Stone, President; Georgia John- son, vice-president; Bettye Lilly, secre- tary; Mary Beth McGee, treasurer; Betty DeWitt, social chairman; Caro- lyn Everett, publicity chairman; and Sally Stafford, keeper of the grades. in — Seated, Left to Right: Patricia Latura, Betty Sue DeWill, Sally Stafford, Bettye Lilly, Carol Stone. Mary M. McEnery, Mary Beth MeGee, Georgia Johnson, Caro- lyn Everett. Standing Left to Right, First Row: Mary Frances Lowe, Ann Yates, Sandra Meth- vin, Margie Walker, Ruth Connally, Dolores Blalock, Susie Guidry, Adelle Lee, Sandra Bethany. Sherry Moss, Ramona Bott, Charlotte Hood, Carolyn Thomas. Second Row: Marilyn Vanhoof, Pat Holley, Mary Earline Morgan, Betty Kaye Miller, Kathy Watkins, Olivia Rhodes, Connette Lindsey, Judith McLain, Carla Paul, Frances Councill. Ann Benefield. PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma is a national Honorary society for freshman men, which di- rects all its efforts toward increasing freshman efficiency and improving scholarship. The organization was founded in 1923 at the University of Illinois, and the Northwestern State College of Louisiana Chapter, the 118th, was established May 18, 1963. Membership is granted to all freshman men who earn a 3.5 grade average dur- ing their first semester or year at col- lege. During its first year of existence at Northwestern, Phi Eta Sigma has been a co-sponsor of the annual Honors Banquet, has shown films on the first year at college to prospective members, and has distributed " How to Study " pamphlets to orientation groups. The development and growth of this chapter must be attributed to the care- ful direction and wise leadership of the late Dr. Eugene P. Watson, its first Faculty Advisor. Sitting: Dean Fulton, Cecil Chapin, Dr. Watson, Roy Corley, Dr. Carlucci, Dr. Erwin. Standing: Rahn Sherman. Terry Talbert, Wilbur Lipsey, Larry Fisher, George Chandler, Walter Ledet, Danny Fox, Gary Cunningham, Henry Mayfield, Lamar Bates, W. O. Crain, C. L. " Butch " Chase. i6y PI OMEGA PI Officers: Jackie Brantlt v. Treasurer; Rita Beruard, Chaplin; :u.i Settle, H Braly, rualdiil. Ladis o. Reporter; Joe Salter. Vice-President Pi Omega Pi. being a National Honorary Business Fraternity, haa aa it.s purpose established and main- tained ideals of scholarship and the Furthering f serv- ice and hmh ethical standards in business and pr. sional lift- Those preparing to enter the various phases of the business world are greatly aided by tin- construc- tive soda] and educational activities of the organiza- tion The first chapter of Pi Omega Pi was established at State Tearhers College. Kirksville. Missouri, on June 13, 1823. Since that time more than 160 active chapters have been established. The local chapter. Alpha Nu, has been active on the NSC campus since 1938. First Row. H N Towry. Sponsor; Malcolm Loe. Eric Stein - Bobb} Let Fred McDowell. Glenda Durr, Frank W McBwec Second Row : B. J. Logan, Harold Hollenshcad. San- dra Taylor. Dorval W StUl I • Cloud. Mary Beth M Carolvn Thomas Third Row: J ( " Mi Williams. Wilbur E ■Vilson F. Teller, Alden Bill " Bailey, Dolores Nkkols, Margie Luttrell. James " Bill " Phillips. Fourth Row: Bevcly Glass, Sally McCrary, Billu Rencgar. RHi Bernard. Carolyn Wright. Jackie Brantley. Virginia Settle I-ast Row: W Steve Blount. Ladis Szabo. Randall J Wehh, Janus Maxwell, Jr.. Joe Salter. John Lewis, Patrick J Loftus, Jr , Byron A Dunham. Burel E Cupples. James H Bralv .68 KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in education, was organized in 1911 for the purpose of encouraging high professional, intellectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. Those people who exhibit commendable personal quali- ties, worthy educational ideals, and sound scholarship are invited to membership. Kappa Delta Pi endeavors to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members and to quicken professional growth by honoring achievement in educational work. Gamma Phi, begun on the NSC campus in 1934, an- nually presents programs in which guest speakers from the various departments on campus are called in to speak on projects in which they are involved. For the third consecutive year, Kappa Delta Pi served as co- sponsor with the four honor fraternities on campus for the annual Honors Banquet held in the spring. At this banquet an award was given to the member who had maintained the highest scholastic average. At its own banquet in May, Kappa Delta Pi initiated new mem- bers into the society. This annual meeting brings to- gether alumni and active members for a reunion. Standing, Left to Right: Sue Gaskin, Secretary; Miss Helen Cookston, Sponsor; Linda Kramel, Reporter. Seated, Left to Right: Judy Thomas, President; Miss Dorothy Barnett, Treas- urer; Tanyau Bracey. Vice-President. Not Pictured: Dr. L. F. Fowler, Sponsor. Ki . LL fc First Row, Left to Right: Carolyn Bellue; Johnnie Ross; Mary Blackmon; Anne Rutherford; Sandra Taylor; Patsy Gaspard; Sue Gaskin; Tanyau Bracey; Judge Thomas; Linda Kramel; Dr. Fowler. Second Row: Joanne Salter, Mildred Blount, Linda Phenice, Sharon Corbell, Claire Baeder, Kay Jones, Katherine Berry. Georgia Blair, Vickey Meador, Sandra Shanhan. Third Row: Margie Walker. Ginger Risley, Janet Sauve, Lucy Hart, Sharon Williams, Barbara Dean, Viola Pergh, Jimmy Willis, Nel- wyn Cook, Lucile M. Hendrick. Fourth Row: Paul Sepulvado, Geneva Russell, Billie Thomas, Lynda Edwards, Janis Bass, Olga Webber, Donna Rodgers, Edwina Mayearex, Mildred Fowler, Marv Roberson. 169 M222JUUL First Row: Andei son. Blalock, Carter. Chase. Chopin. Couvillion. iron. Duggan, Durham Sccoad Row: Edwards, Faber, Fowler. Gaspard. Goodwin, Guidry, Johnson. Kelly. Ledet, Loe. Third Row: McCan, Matthews. Miller, Monk. Morgan, Moss, Phelps, Phenice, Pugh, Roy. Fourth Rnw : Kusm-11, Rutherford. Settle. Shah.m. Walk.-,. Webb, Whitehead. Willis PHI KAPPA PHI The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded in 1897 and the Northwestern State College Chapter was established in July. 1953. The purpose of the society is the recognition and encouragement of superior scholar- ship in all fields of study. Membership in the society is open to second semester juniors, seniors, graduate stu- dents, alumni, and faculty who have shown distinction in their fields of study. Dr Alan Crosby Miss Mary R Robson Dr Marie Dunn Miss Irma Stock well Dr Waldo Dunnington Dr. George Stokes Dr W. G. Erwin Dr. W. E. Timon 1 .oneta Graves Dr. William A. Tornwall Miss Pauline Johnson Dr. David Townsend Dr. John Keyser Mr. Hal Townsend Mr. Donald N. MacKenzie Dr. George Ware Dr. Cae ar B Moody Dr EUR DC Watson Miss Eve Mouton Mrs. Marv Weller Mrs Jane Nahm Dr Edna West Dr Roderick H. Outland Mrs. Harriet Whittington Mrs. Vera Rawson Mrs. Mattie Woodward OFFICERS STl ' DENT MEMBERS W G. ERWIN C. B. MOODY IRMA STOCK WELL EDNA WEST President Vice-President Secretary -Treasu hi .Journalist-Correspondent i.ifk una u fa L C Clapp. Estelle Cockfield. Winifred Hope Haupt ( Il ( I I.T1 Mi M H Ml MHI Ks Dr Leo T Allbrit- Dr William F. Beyer Dr. Rene Bi.nvenu, Jr Katherine Bi i Dr Ruth Brui Dr Joseph Carlucci I )nrothv Cohen Mr Ralph Combs Brenda Gay Anderson Dolores Blalock Clarissa Nell Carter Claire Lee Chase Cecil Chopin William S Couvillion a Crews Gary Cunningham R Duma Mary Karline Doiron Duggan Sylvia Thelma Durham L i.eia Edwards [ngi id Monica Faber Ann Roberson Fowlet } ' ats - Gaspard Linda Sharon Goodwin Marilyn Guidry Jerrv Frank EQcn Charles W John.son Edwin Louis Kellv Walt.-, l ' Led olm W Loe Irby Marie McCan Sidncv Matthews Zackey D Mcachum Leonard D. Miller Jo Ann Monk Joyc Mae Morgan Mary Louise Morton Sherry Ann Moss Meade Phelps Linda Jane Phenice Frances Storey Pi Viola Pugh Rose Anna Rov ( ia aa u a Russell M.u ilyn Anne Rutherford Dana Roy San : Virginia Settle Sandra Jean Shahan Margie Elaine Walker Randall Webb William A Whitehead Jimmy Willis L 7 ALPHA BETA ALPHA Alpha Beta Alpha is the only national, co- educational, undergraduate Library Science fraternity in the United States. The major pur- pose of the fraternity is to serve as a recruiting agency for librarianship. The members are re- quired to take at least six semester hours of Library Science. Established on the NSC campus as the Northwestern State College Library Club on January 17, 1964, the professional fraternity was later renamed the Scharlie E. Russell Li- brary Club. On May 3, 1950, the nationwide organization of Alpha Beta Alpha, the Ameri- can librarians fraternity, was established with the NSC Club as Alpha Chapter. There are presently over twenty-five chapters in the United States. First Row, Kneeling, Left to Right: Patricia Latura, Cecilia Roberts, Mar- garet Owen. Second Row, Sitting: Robert Gimbert, Dianne Dunn, Brenda Odom, Melba Williamson, Lenora Manning, Wanda Barker, Thresa Clemens, Linda Thompson, Raymond Cupples. Third Row, Standing: Mrs. Lucille T. Carnahan, Sponsor; Georgia Lou Chaplin, Rachel Barnhill, Lynn Jones, H. Arthur Dew, Sharon Corbell, Frances Dow, Ann Johnson, Ronald Ryan, Mary Doiron, Lyda Edwards, Thresa Hodnett, Judy Mistich, Mil- dred Blount, Paula Pijanowski, Dr. Eugene Watson, Ginger Risley, Betty Higgins, Margie Wilson. CHI GAMMA PHI In the spring of 1961, Chi Gamma Phi, phys- ical science fraternity was inaugurated on the NSC campus to fill the definite need for a group to connect the branches of science and to instill a greater interest in modern science. Through- out the year guest speakers from all parts of the state attend and discuss everything from the electron microscope to the way a scientist lives in the modern world. Besides these guest speakers, many of the students working on research projects are given the opportunity to explain them to the group. One of the most important functions is to exploit job opportunities in the field of science. There are also several social activities each year. First Row, Left to Right: James Boyd, Ann Lewis, Betty Kaye Miller, Meade Phelps, Randall Tilley, and Billy R. Allen. Second Row: James A. Noel, Sylvia Smith, Bob Miller, Jerry Ann Bussey, Lynelle Ford, and Bert B. Boyd. 1 7 I Croup- First Row: IWt to Right: Carolyn Thomas, Edwin W Rut. Wayne Summers, Earl C. Coulon. Mrs. Glynn Bates. Back Row: Max Duggan. David W. Eubanks. Newton Carter, John Weffen- stette. Tommy Armstrong, Pat McMeel. ALPHA PHI GAMMA Alpha Phi Gamma, an honorary journalistic frater- nity, was founded at Ohio Northern University. De- cember 11. 1919. The third-oldest chapter in the nation Iota chapter, instituted at NSC March 14, 1927. Alpha Phi Gamma ' s purpose is to recognize individual ability and achievement in journalistic pursuits in college, and to promote the welfare of the college through Journalism. In the Spring, an annual High School Journalism Work-hop is sponsored by the fra- ternity to promote quality high school journalism. (Kfncis John V ffinsUltr. Tir.iwirer; Newton B. Carter, Jr., • E. Summit- i ' i . -.icicr-it; Carolyn Thomas, U . David W Kuhank:.. Bailiff MR EARL C COULON. Sponsor 1.J-L Officers: Dr. R. H. Outland, Advisor; Thomas Carson, President; William Whitehead, Vice-President; Joyce Daw, Secretary; Sid- ney Poe, Treasurer; Judy Tisdale, Historian. BETA BETA BETA Beta Beta Beta is a national honor society for stu- dents of the biological sciences. It emphasizes a three- fold program: stimulation of sound scholarship, dis- semination of scientific knowledge, and promotion of biological research. Beta Beta Beta was founded at Oklahoma City Uni- versity in 1922 and is presently numbered at over 125 chapters. Begun at Northwestern State College as a local organization, Beta Phi Alpha, it became Delta Theta chapter of Beta Beta Beta in 1949. Tri Beta members, well known for their exhibits which are placed in the Biology Building, attempt to combine a program of wor k with enjoyable relaxation. First Row, Left to Right: Tommy Carson, Judy Tisdale, Betty Duggan, Mary Stewart, Carmen Codina, Charlotte Hood, and Julia Phillips. Second Row: Cathy Cook, Joann Wise, Carol Gip- son, Sharon Goodwin, Joan Deville, and Joyce Daw. Third Row: George Krumm, George Chandler, Chuck Thomas, Danny Brup- bocker, and William Whitehead. Fourth Row: Sidney Poe, Wen- dell Neal, Gordon Reynolds, and Dr. Outland. Fifth Row: Billy Toms, William Bailey, Gary Cunningham, and Walter Ledet. 73 » • ■ B Ml . . Officers. I ft to Right (seated), Linda Harper, Sammie Bott. Carolyn I Second Row: (seated also). Pat Sylvester, Sandra Kost» r Third Row: Mrs Melba O ' Quinn, Jane Magee, Dr. Colleen Nelken, Miss Violet Davion. P. E. M Membership in this organization includes all women Health and Physical Education majors and all inter- eatad women minors Honorary members become such through worthy contributions to the department and by the vote of the club Purposes of the club include development of closer relationship among the members, the creation of more interest in Health and Physical Education, provision for fun and companionship and the furtherance of profes- sional interest. This organization is governed by an Executive Council which consists of the officers, the class repre- sentatives, and the sponsor. The representative group is composed of one member from each class voted into this position by class membership. Group: Seated, I eft to Right: Gladys Kilman, Carolyn Ivy, Sam- mie Bott, Marv lawless, Jane Magee, Dot Willis, Wavelyn Mur- ray. Second: (Seated Also), Gwen Marler, Rose Lynn Misuraca. Cookie Hull, Susan Foster. Sandra Foster, Barbara Lloyd Third: (Standing). Carolyn Brewer, Judy Gaspard. Neva Sharbons, Phyllis Guidry, Sandra Tilloy, Nancy Daniel. Mary Groll, Linda Harp t . Kit (arson. Julia Mahoney Fourth: Judy Winn. Elizabeth Hcitman. Maxine Mifflin. Jeannette Champagne. Pat Sylvester, Betty Morgan. Roberta Wascott. 174 P. E. K. Phi Epsilon Kappa is the only national professional fraternity for male students and teachers of health, physical education, and recreation. This fraternity was founded at the Normal College of the American Gym- nastics Union of Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1913. With the installation of Beta chapter at the American Col- lege of Physical Education in Chicago, Illinois, Phi Epsilon Kappa took its first step toward becoming a na- tional fraternity, Alpha Phi chapter was installed at Northwestern State College on April 28, 1951. One of the primary objectives of this fraternity is to elevate the standards, ideals, and ethics of those en- gaged in teaching in the fields of health, physical edu- cation and recreation. Officers: Lynn Dalton, President; Ben Pratt, Secretary; Doug Harkness, Treasurer; Jack Wintersteen, Sgt. at Arms; Dale Tins- ley, Guide; Larry Stark, Historian. Group: Doug Harkness, Ronnie Stevens, Clifford Lambert, Ron- nie Daigle, Lynn Dalton, Jack Wintersteen, Carl Bucky Bu- chanan, O ' Neal Collier. Second: Gary Johnson, Jim Simmons, Larry Stark, Arthur Jones, Ben Pratt, Richard Carter, Ronnip Daniel Dale Tinsley, Dr. Alost, Advisor. V5 First Row: Sandra Shahan. Sharon Napp, Mary Hutton. Second Row: Dianne Marshall, Thellie Levee, Kay Owens. Third Row- Donna Rodders. Clarissa Carter, Dianna Aldrich. Not Pictured: Kathv Janes. Kay Van Sickle, Wanda Radford, Sherry Moss. First Row Donna Rodgers. President; Sandra Shahan. Vice- idcnt Sec«»nd Row: Clarissa Carter. Chaplain; Dianne Mar- shall. Tc : Untu Aldrich, Secretin SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha Iot a, an international professional music fraternity for women, was founded in 1903, at Ann Arbor. Michigan. The Beta Iota chapter at NSC is celebrating its thirteenth anniversary Fraternity purposes include upholding the highest ideals of a musical education, raising the standards of productive musical work, developing American music, and pro- moting a stronger understanding of music between foreign countries and America. Membership is open to music majors who have faculty recommendation and show excellence in scholarship and musical ability Chapter activities include monthly nnisicales, receptions for music students, faculty, and performers, and an Ail- American Music Concert given jointly with Phi Mu Alpha. a 7 6 EUTHENICS CLUB The Euthenics Club of Northwestern State College, in affiliation with the Louisiana Home Economics Association and the American Home Economics Association was organized in 1926. Since then it has become one of the outstanding departmental clubs at NSC. The purposes of the Euthenics Club are: to promote professional spirit and co-operation, to foster sociability, to promote scholarship and to develop leadership. The motto is: " We be- lieve in minds that think, hearts that love, and hands that work. " Euthenics implies better living. Jean Walker served as president. The other officers included: Irby McCan, 1st vice-presi- dent; Carole McNeely, 2nd vice-president; Mary Ann Jones, secretary; Patricia Latura, treasurer; Betty Sue DeWitt, reporter; Jaye Lou Allen, parliamentarian; and Georgia Blair, song leader. Charlotte McCalla was State Chairman and National Vice-Chairman. Miss Mary E. Roberson is faculty sponsor. First Row, Left to Right: Joy Nell Brewton, Audrey Jones, Joyce Lovitt, Patsy Slay, Mary Bloodman, Glenda Monk, Charlotte McCalla, Janet Mott, Clarice Courville, Frances Parsons, and Annie Kelly. Second Row: Betty Jones, Sandra David, Charlene Morace, Joanne Salter, Mary Ann Bray, Marjorie Ann Young, Patricia Latura, Glenda Thompson, Barbara Ciesla, Joy Sue Crump, and Mary Ann Jones. Third Row: Rebecca Raburn, Marie Tassin, Dana Faraldo, Millie Roberts, Amy Maxwell, Irby McCan, Sandra Methvin, Mary Ellen Monk, Miss Mary Esther Roberson, Betty Sue DeWitt, Jean Walker, and Patsi Aaron. RADIO CLUB The NSC Radio Club was formed to foster the hobby of " ham " radio. It is well known that the knowledge and skill of the amateur radio operator is an asset to the nation in time of war and peace. Amateurs stand ready to set up communications in time of disaster or any emergency. The Club has as its purpose to furnish an opportunity for persons interested in this hobby a place to meet and share their experiences with others. The Club sponsors code classes and theory classes to help others to qualify for their licenses. The transmitting equipment is accessible to all licensed hams and is under the trusteeship of Mr. Walter Weffenstette in the Industrial Education Department. OFFICERS George Shamblin President T. J. McCain Vice-President James Johnson Secretary-Treasurer Seated. Left to Right: Randal Martin, Bob Wright. Standing: Wilbur Waldron, George Shamblin, James Johnson, Jerry Holloway. and Marty Dyson. V7 ip Shot. I ft la Kuclu First Kow. Sitting: Dr Waltej J Robinson. T Jordan. Paul Scpulvado. Ltwh Stall, ess Morrison. James Johnso: First Bam Manding: John Distefano, Davul Cobb. Randall Mat tin, Montv Rhodes. G Stratton. John Ball. James Strong. Doyle Willions, Larr Cram id Kow. Standing: Douglas Quinn. F M Jones. James Watts, James Jones. Janus Trait (ili-n Johnson, Richard Land, Richard Reddit. Sibley James. Melvm Shaw. Harry Murphy. John Heam, Johnny Valentine Third K«m. Standing: Mi WetTenstette, Em- nu-it Carson. Al Parker. Crosby Joiner, W. C. Mavficld, George Shamblin. Wilber Waldron. Bill Wood. Pete Cornuer. Jerry Hollo- way. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Officers. I eft to Right: Paul Sepulvado, President; James John- son. Vice-President; Lewis Stall. Secretary: Jesse Morrison. Treasurer; Thomas Jordan. Sponsor. Industrial Arty Club at Northwestern is a profes- sional and social organization whose membership is open to all Industrial Education majors and minors. The purposes of the club are: to promote the develop- ment of industrial education in Louisiana, to facilitate social and professional activities for its membership, and to develop an active interest in the industrial de- velopment of the state. At Northwestern ' s 1963 Homecoming parade, the In- dustrial Arts Club had the winning float, with a theme of " Tradition, Service, asd Sucre 7« First Row: Asst. Prof. Melvin Stevens, George " Slim " Whitlock, Wayne Malone, Billy Moore, Dr. Ralph V. Fell, Bennie Cox, Jimmy Hughes. Second Row: Bobby Meeker, Lonnie Hughes, Clifford Krouse, Jerry Kemp, Don Jones, Boyd McFatter, O. H. Haynes. DEMETER The Demeter Agricultural Fraternity, named after Demeter, the ancient Greek godess of Earth and all vegetation, was organized October 18, 1928. It was be- gun at Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Lafayette, Louisiana, by Dean J. L. Fletcher, then head of the Agriculture Department. From a small group of eight members, the Demeter Club has expanded into a na- tional organization with three chapters and a total membership of approximately one thousand. Activities of the Demeter Club include sponsoring turkey and beef shoots, judging in area F.F.A. contests and spon- soring the annual " Agri Day. " Membership require- ments include a major in Agriculture with at least nine hours and a " C " average in that major. Melvin Stevens, Co-sponsor; Wayne Malone, President; George Whitlock, Secretary; Billy Moore, Treasurer; Clifford Krouse, Reporter; Lonnie Hughes, Parliamentarian; Dr. Ralph Fell, Spon- sor. 79 S. L. T. A Officers. I ft to Right: Shcryl Hays, Secretary; Dr. Simmon , Spot: ,ro, Social Chairman; Jim Berry. Reporter- :ian; Jimmy Dawn Stamper, Vice-President; Henry May- field. Treasurer, Jo Anne Salter, Publicity Chairman; Harold Brown. Parliamentarian; Pat Rogers, President. The Student Louisiana Teachers Association of Northwestern State College is an organization for the purpose of teacher orientation through a democratic system of self-improvement. Through S.L.T.A. future teachers practice the arts of following and leading under the supervision of their own governing members. S.L.T.A. serves as a body for learning through the process ot association with interested peers and builds perceptive teacher-citizens. First Row: (sitting ): Dr Llsso Simmon . Jimmie Dawn Stamper. Jim Borrv, Jo Ann. Salter. Harold Brown, Carolyn OrtcRo. Pat Ror. M .field. Sh. ! 1 Hi i s. II, riry Tebbe (State I ' rt-si- s,-, ..mi mom (Standing): Joe Salter, Cormick, Juanita Thompson. Anne Rutherford, Mary Tyler, Ann R Fowler. Ju.,mta IfcGuire, Sbarian Hadaky, Becky Sloam. Gayle Tyler, Jeanic Baine. Sandra Sweruson, Bettye Lilly, Bunr 11 Jack O ' Neill, Evelyn Daril Third Row: Jimmy Barr. Bill Rowell. Charles Maranto. Tony McDonald. Paul Jean- sonn, Wayne Martin. James Posey. John Skinner. Lam Perdue, Mack Strahan Fourth Row: Sonny Hargrove, Colette Wilkon-son. U Billiard, [ngrid Faber. Bonnie Beard, Lucy Bart Lynda Ail.uns. Hattie Jotilm. Sue Gaskin. Valda Barry, Diane Johnson, Nellie Hudnall. Dianne Sprawls. Linda Hanson. Mary NorrLs. Art Jones. First Row, Left to Right: Jim Vaphiadis, R. V. Andelson, Mrs. Irble Shaddock, Dr. Waldo Dunnington, Mrs. Carla Adams, Una Roach, Raphael Grigorian, Jack O ' Neill. Second Row: Charles Chiu, Gail Fletcher, Jae Do Yang, Johnnie Ross, Pam Pepperman, Chris Docolas. Third Row: Charles Fulco, Lynn Yao, Marie Bac- que, Ricardo Marticorena, Stewar Famous, Raymond Thomason. Fourth Row: Phyllis Nicosia, Francisco Perez, Judy Brock, Donna Montegut, Rodrigo Gormaz, Robert Patout. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Officers, Left to Right: Rodrigo Goimaz, Treasurer; Robert Patout, Social Chairman; Gail Fletcher, Secretary; Francisco Perez, Vice-President; and Jim Vaphiadis, President. The International Student Club, founded on the Northwestern State campus, January, 1962, is open to all students of NSC whether they be foreign or Ameri- can citizens. The I.C.S. ' s primary objectives are to strengthen the arm of liberty and capitalize on Demon spirit. The regular meetings feature movies of foreign countries and speakers talking mainly on current events and world affairs. The main entertainment of the club is its annual " Pig Roast " or " Cochon de lait. " The I.S.C. is deeply indebted to its faculty sponsor, Dr. Waldo Dunnington, to their advisor, Mrs. Irble Shaddock, and co-advisor, Dr. Robert V. Andelson, for their patience, help and advice. 281 RODEO CLUB Office , First Row: Glcnna Mams, Secretary; Jerry Harkins, ident: and Richard Johnson, Vice-President. Second Row: Ed Crawford. Parliamentarian; O. H. Haynes, Treasurer; and Jimmy McMahon, Publicity Director. The NSC Rodeo Club was founded in April of 1961 by a group of students interested in rodeo activities. Unlike many competitive sports, rodeo is a co-educa- tional sport in which each participant not only strives to do his best, but to help his opponent to perform well. The main goal of the club is to put on its annual spring rodeo here at the college. The club is a member of the National intercollegiate Rodeo Association which is composed of schools throughout the United States. Membership is open to all Northwestern stu- dents. Firs! Row. I-cft to Right: Richard Lantflinais. Bill Carter. I Hallmark, Camillo Littlejohn, Lonnie Willis. Carolyn Klein. Linda H.ivmi. . Ann Mears. and Jerry E Hawkins Second Row : O. H. Haynes, Donnie Haynes, Harry Hunt, Barry Corkcrn, Dana Brown. Richard Johnson. Joe Jeane, and Robert Henagan. l8l Mirers: Donna Krukson. Social Chairman; Tommyi Jo Knsmm- ger. Chairman of Nominating Committi- - Jeanette Waddle, Sec- ond Vice-President; Phyllis DeRosia, Reporter; Linda Malley. ident; Sanfora Hamea Firgl i sident SHREVEPORT The Student Nurse Association of Northwestern State College is composed of all sophomore, junior and r students in nursing. Its purpose is to provide the organizational structure for Student Government of the three cluneal campuses, and to permit representa- tion and participation in the Student Body Association and the AWS on the main campus. The Student Nurse Association also serves as the chapter unit of the Louisiana and National Associations of Student Nurses. LA. STUDENT oiM Kow: Jo Ann Velotla. Omeera A. Jasper nd Row: Mary Rowden. Virginia Har- I hird How: Ann Everett. Phyllis Gates. Fourth Row: Grace Schexnayder, Jane Rail Patricia Moxlev. Eunice Rodgers. Ava Mc- Whorter. In past years the Shreveport campus has been lo- cated at Confederate Memorial Hospital. During the 1964-1965 session the campus will be moved to Schum- pert Sanitarium. Front Row. I eft to Right: Barbara Norris, Tommye Jo Ensminger, Sanfora Hames, Linda Malley. Donna Erickson, Jane Young, Jane Hill. Luisa Johnson. Martha Dean, Pauline Van Mol, Lou Cloutur Second Row: Gail McDonald, Velora Mitchell, Marie Medica. Leon a Robinson. Elizabeth Marsden, Dorothy Borland. Peggy Hill. Billie Lynch. Carole Hebert, Barbara Van Veckhoven, Grace Bielkiew-icz. Third Row : Wanda Hall. Diane Baker, Julia Turner, Jeanne Ootz. Juanita Thornton, Marilyn Elias, Nikki Towery, Ruth Webb. Fourth Row: Dovie Brian, Jennifer Winn, Jane Thompson, Caiolyn Winn, Earline Sallcy Back Row: Cynthia Vaughn, Margie Floyd, Patti Hames, Connie Chaney, Jeanette Waddle. Sue Dearmon. Sue Elliott, Linda Brown, Betty Smith, Susan Hubka, Phyllis DeRosia, Brenda Stroud, Mary Ann Touch- stone. Louise Brown. Hazel Williams. Kay Bush, Jan Jensen. Judy- Knight, Linda Tasson. » A u i NURSES ASSOCIATION Seated: Mrs. Canfield, Mrs. Rilly. Standing: Miss Cypress, Mrs. Rogers. f y J (A ST " m Officers: Katherine King, Vice-President; Maurine Gibson, Par- liamentarian; Janet Githens, Treasurer; Mary Beth Williamson, Second Vice-President; Mary Neill, Reporter. PINEVILLE The Pineville branch of Northwestern ' s School of Nursing gives its students a good background in which to learn their chosen profession being located at Cen- tral Louisiana State Hospital, one of the larger hos- pitals in the state. Kneeling: Janice Sallye, Janet Githens, Suzanne Petty, Benni Johnson, Carmen Prestredge, Katherine King, Mary Beth Wil- liamson, Maureen Gibson, Mary Neill. Standing: Peggy Clark, Carolynn Zuirch, Judy Hickinan, Ann Purvis, Christine Wilson, Janet Malone, Sandra Boyd, Sue Wales, Patricia Benefield. Family: Adilc R Lambert. Instructor; Pearl Denim a. Faculty; Arrie W.v M.ittn- B ReinU-ig. Assistant Pro- fessor of Nursing; Jimmic Albntton. Ho- il eth Farncll. Faculty: Shirley Morgan. Faculty; Tiny M. Calender. Director Baton Rouge Campus. BATON ROUGE The Baton Rouge campus of the Northwestern School of Nursing contains two dormitories, each with separate facilities, for sophomores and juniors. The girls receive their practical experience at Baton Rouge General Hospital. STUDENT NURM S mauaYWU- Officers: Joan Sanders. Sophomore Represen- tative. Lyndell Kern. District Treasurer; Ter- esa Metz. President; Sandra Fromenthal, Sec- . .iinc Gunby. Social Chairman. First Row: Elaine Gunby. Sandra Fromenihal, Lorene Singletary, Carolyn Sue White, Camille Gennaso, Judy Young, Linda Shirley. Joyce Wales, Arleen Rolling, Myrtte Burkhardt, Pauline Si i m • . Bobbie Brittingham, Gene Ory. Second Row: Sandra Marie Walker. Flora Behmes, Ann Sheridan Muse. Andrea Faye Ter- rell. Teresa Mctz. Katherine McClelland. June Weishcit, Betty Ames. Judy Harville. Louise Lawrence. Alice Faye Martin. Joan Sanders. Mydra Richard, Cynthia V.ning, Julia LaCaze. Pat Hol- lingsworth. Lyndell Kern. i STUDENT NURSES GAIN PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE Oh, Alma Mater here today, We for thy lasting Messing pra. . We know not where our paths may go. But thou ' lt uphold us still we know. Unchanging thou, ' mid changes VMt, I ' nswcrved from ideals of the past. Steadfast and true, our watch word e ' er shall To thee our Alma Mater Ixivaltv! -5ourr A 5f i " k 4 Frffi MM 78m ' V

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