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Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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N5 'R Q ' gg! x L WL Y, x -A 1 ' 'L Q.: A I X I I 'M ' 4 ,, ' Ni " ,.PW 1 x M - ,ine , .- W' -KM. "F ff- nn 'sa Lin' W 31 viii ,j I K6 .il iG'. L Y wf x n 4 v 1 H. A' .1 nf C 'LZ' s ' of , -235 A - n . ., , Alb- . -A v . N - f . ll-l 0 A ' I Wim ' - f: .2 4 '-ww -N J 11 ' U -I ' - .3 -WCW A I P ' l 1 ' , V 'fl 4' 4 3 I Qu-4 N ' ' b , - - v Q' iv., I :,5.,,H Mwum , POTPOURRI BOBBY CORTINEZ EDITOR KAY CORTINEZ ASSOCIATE EDITOR LEE THIEL BUSINESS MANAGER NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE NATCHITOCHES LOUISIANA ITSA Mfgjfs WQNDERFUL Ad 5 F Cla l M I y 175, L22 ,gb M,11X1w,'- 'M ' ' ' Ti' N. H , , , 12 all Q 4' Nw,,.rr 1-5 wl 'UE , Q, """K.,3:' -wa "L "fam 4, . f ,,,,,.,,.,,, ' 'mg "' 'WW . , wa" + ' 4 , , ' 1 1313"-"W"""!73My, -- ' f' -2- 27", "'-' ' 1 -. 1, sw31-w.'?'q?g5i?l?F:f- 1 1 jg . ' , 'H k m -a:au,a,.mQ11,,,,,,- X- V, f ,,,.-., , ' Q5 31,2551-M4121 -1, A, ,.,,. 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V v,..5M,, ,5 ,ww new ,, 1 4 f -ig. v,,z,,.i ill, vul. LV ghd A. J ,V 1 , W -J ff Q 1 vt . ' L: WORLD bubbling with life, tradition and folklore situated in a storybook land at historic Natchitoches, Louisiana. Where gaiety and friendliness are brewed in the same kettle and tasted by all. This is Northwestern. A dynamic world keeping pace with progress in expansion and growth. A place for inspiration and knowledgeg a place of mystery and wonderment where the seeking mind labors fervently for academic quest. And after the inquiries, the questions, and the problems, the mind rests. Relaxation from the hectic life of the college student. Seems as if the days are not long enough and the nights are too short before the early moming class bell rings and the dreary mind begins again its search for knowledge. Thus beats the heart of Northwestern. This is our world. 5 I ff ff , , JA V in xv! 5 .,, ,, . I N MX -,v.,.4i me," "'4' f aal f I , u , a . X NA ,Z Z Nb L f M S 2' f W X f f YW' Q X xfgifx 'R : XA? ' 'Z EN 2 1 Q Q Affs I 1 X ' I X W- 2 f x f f X S Q3 '4 y 'XX f Y 'E f f 'SMX xi X fs E ba I2 W - :"" I ja I V V f ii? ,eqv .. 11 'J 25 v 5',A!,7Q4',, V 9 1 me ' fd-aw '94 1 ,- nv I ! r I 4 JL" If 'I' U as H ' "' f-., "" P I v 4- sr r 1 Q ggju- ,,, af: 1 F . if . - ' ' ' -1-I-4 ' ' 'W Jnnff 4- . jf' , 13,5 M I , , ,fs nf -: 9' , , . h A I' , 72, Q J ' f, V ' ' , .9' A" ' . , 1 n ' ' O ' v, - V . 1 I f , , ' '. 'w f'fw, '51 ' ,n?f... 2FS21' 5 : 55463 . . , " v , 'F 1311 'WZ 'i , ' . MQW, ' .- -Ap J: A s Q Q1 ... V V ,,,.Vqi,34F. M H in i ' if' ' '- -:iff-lwgl ' f -N fi-ff ' . ' - ij '. 1 . -- - M Y "f,,x- Q 5 ' .N 'A 5 , if ...,, ha-.' . i.. T". lm N . 4, 5-E S 4 L Q ' W-.H f" 9 YQ .' - 4 , ,, ' ,gn BI- .1 If IN ' f- -' if . 4 an un . ygqllf -.wi-HQ, 1 "Q- g , 1 1 B Nas, A 4 ' +- . . wt .1- P:-sr T'S a perlocl of trans1t1on A passage from h1gh school to college-it's a change, a chfferent way of hfe There are new faces, new frrends, a home sickness, and there IS the monster of all, regxstranon ThlS 1S the txme for bald heads and the cute httle beemes and the wrath 'QM' ey gf ,11s, of he upperclassmen. Thxs IS a Dog s World -fs w L55 Q W ff 5 5 sz I"-, f' 1 f Q QW' f , 4 9 fi 5 ki E if uf .F , ? U' ge sv V , f X O, C 1 fs ii 5 Q? ESI 5-53 vwvg. . . ' V ' " .-2. 1, ' ' . fy. ' Y - i ,ini -ff 'A-qw f-J 1 1 4' f x 1 311 ff' - 4 an s 1' A X f ggi gi ci ei.. 1 W-nu 1 my L lj' 4 I .'- n I' ' i If I' ,.,.4r'w. ,- r , 1' N ai 1 I 1 . , M. QQ-'Q . tix 23, , .Y .,- 34:0 .' 'Q X! ' - .1 -V ., , X, 45 . KSKSH. X rf , FK . , .1-. ' f , Hi?" ,. 'F A ' .. wk Q 3 1 1 I i .4 ' l . Q.. 4 . I 'i f f , . ZZ?" ii . 'S' - A I V N . in ag my - fm nf- ggw. , , -..Jup:?..V- . CTIVITIES enter our world in the form of colorful QD 1 'x fa parades prior to the athletic eventsg the "Twist" at the Wednesday night hopg qqla A 1 the Greek formals and the Potpourri and Military Ballsg the beauty pageant i I i V and contestsg campus electionsg concertsg and for the cowboys there is the -,,.i , , s f r M, bronc-busting at the annual rodeo. This is a time sandwiched between studying -"' ' ' and exams, this is a time for fun. It s a gay life in our universe. a s ,ea i s 5, t ,, Q2 s f Tw--...fs--ig5""""""""4JIY 'S-fiihfr N UMULTCUS cheers thunder across the athletic fields to spark the Spirit of our campus universe. A Spirit that is kindled hy a huge bon fire where hundreds of voices echo into the night with victory chants. A spirit that can be seen at a football game where the spectators sit through a driving rain to cheer Northwestern to victory. A Spirit that can he felt above the noise of a crowded held house cafeteria and in the shaking of a friend's hand. Q --vi ik " -Q L 4 J Ah vyu 5 N' gg , I TN 'fin H525 in if 'Q J A if,'e'n,,v fU.r - Y .rs l ' x , 1 'n v 5? F' '4. A p wwvfw M Us x ,. xv- 'R' Q y Q K yn, Q ' x mu NK X We W: x mmnnsx f I i 1 4752? 4 W..W M53 A ik if M QM, Q 5. H M Pfzzwffx M x 'Z W' .ff S 7317? V f X W, ww x.s.f,.- 4 , ,Q F S 3 K Z fWi2ZKW 5 5 K N Z 4?mwm MMM 013514. Q. -......,, N. 4-...M ND as the year ends we see the reflections of our world in a pool. The ripple of events that compose our memories reveal a year of enjoyment, inspiration, and achievementg of examinations. dances, pep rallies and of the Christmas light spectacle. Wle see our hearts mirrored in this pool-a portion of which we leave behind at our world at Northwestern. 0 Ulf n N i. .fe mf X S f f Qfr"wi" ' Y' 'M ' - 'N' 'tx . Ks, U x vs f,., x .,., '. ,iQ.,i',AW, -2, wr X .Aa :Mk e ft e- 7 l ' Eff if ff' 'er eff w 'Fir' ' . ' + .Q i , ,I + ,A , , PM' VVVV Mil' ' V N ,ion ,ixhwiiwlzrk E N .M . , , I, tip A N ..- is NN. ,U u A hi"'C..v i,WTn-m- M upsk- niilill' WP' Nfvf by Wsmfsfxki, W ,y fu I A ff Za ,af M ,Q f P :HX A is , -Iraq' , .. fs -s sr -uxllil -lr-lrlr-"xl: 'U-...xy "r .riff "ur-fr-'rf if? Q-25.':.'.'!i" -H' ll it + K radii xr I ICATICN In selecting the person to whom this year's POTPOURRI is dedicated, we have chosen a man who has been very instrumental in influencing our lives as college students. It is difficult indeed for us to express in words our feelings for such a person, one who has given so much of himself and has asked so little in return. In recognizing him as a truly outstanding educator and administrator, we also find a fine man whose ideals and principles have helped us to become better persons. Because of all this and considering his warm personality, the years of his life which he has devoted to our collegeg the wholehearted interest he has shown in the lives and well-being of us studentsg his tireless worlc to lead Northwestern to'greater heights, we respectfully dedicate this small token of appreciation, the 1963 PorPoURR1, to . . . mean OZZOIIQPJ Q M6406 4 - Q fm ww ,,Z'el'SS. ZX jgfgw 4? mn.-me-nv.. I 4, 4 Q 39 1 .-,,- h ,Q Ki 4' I , j' 1 5 ik, C 1 l l t , fmffn I su A nf, ,, 'Qu . 'Mb' 4271? 1' I, ,, I i 6' 3 i V an 'W ' fb " fi, 9 : , sf- ff ff! Y 'M'-ff ir. 'E' 49' M A M. nf n X o ?'Qf'fD,A 4-wa -v-M ma DMINISTRATIGN .- M, fy f . 7 n Z 5 ' Q2 Z , A., ' ' f Vf in ,V 1 mg 4 QQ ,PQ THE PRESIDE T55 MESSAGE The POTPOURRI is a cherished means of carrying a mes- sage of greeting to and appreciation of the students of Northwestern State College. The longer I at least try to serve our College, the more it means to have the privilege of working with you. Ours is an unprecedented age. Mere change in the affairs of men is nothing new, but the present combina- tion of unparalleled speed and lcinds of changes is simply revolutionary. It is this background which quiclcens the 18 pace of mind of everyone of us, and which causes us to be aware that meaningful cooperation requires the utmost of our thought and spirit. Alertness is the liey to our age. Luleewarm interest will produce only mediocrity. A leadership that is not fired with depth and intensity of thinking and feeling is quite inadequate to produce the measured action which alone will successfully cope with our current incomparable human drama. , twig QQ . ww Mmm . . . I think I'll have one of those! In this challenging environment may each of you be aware of the certain desire of faculty and administration to work meaningfully with you. The prime function of your higher education is to help you attain openness of mind in examining what is around you and to stimulate you to add something to what you found when you came into the world. If we add new dimensions to our working together in friendship and respect, we will further enrich the lives of all of us. That's the spirit, Jennifer! tw' q , ' ,, fi " 4 J , 1 A A , , . if W , fe ff QQ'-1 ' ' Zi" ' f ,fm 1 , aw , Q, ., mg' , ,525 which do you think? 1 r E ,M Wa X Z Q Isn't it a nice day for a walk, dear? 25337132 i 5 1 ' ii tw ti t l l l l l I I DUDLEY G. FULTON Director of Student Relations DMINI TRATOR laik. 3+- LEONARD 0. NICHOLS Dean of Men SYLVAN W- NELKEN FRANCES ELLEN PORTER Dean of Administration Dean of Women 4932 , if i s gig, A wwf' f W2 .. X S N LEO T. ALBRITTEN HILDA C, BURNHAM Dean Of Graduate SCh00l and Dean of the School of Nursing Dean of Instruction v ACADEMIC DEANS ' ,ff CLARENCE E. DUGDALE Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences ROBERT H. EASLEY JOHN A. JONES Acting Dean of the School of Dean of the School of Education Applied Arts and Sciences ...J """ W x ...I Ku. if-. lil LUCILLE M. HENDRICK HAL E, TOWNSEND, JR. Assisfanf Dean Of WOYHGI1 Director of Men's Housing ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES Left to right: Joe W. Webb, Secretary of Alum- Crew, Registrar: Thomas L. Hennigan, Direc- ni Association and Director of Placement Serv- tor of Audio-Visual Centerg Roy Clark, Di- iceg Tandy W. McE1wee, Director of Testing rector of News Bureau. Not pictured is Weldon Serviceg Loneta Graves, Auditorg Otis R. Walker, Purchasing Agent. X" 7 ya .. , - 3, G1.. 5 ' 7 1 ,,,V '- ,V Jawa? y,f.L29m7,.w, - WM .I .nw Q ws. 'Mb 3 "' J - A Mi at V ASE J A U ,pf , 1 , A.G,, f 1-fr f . ., . ., I 'f V - Q ., fig' , ..., gg :ti ,it .rg 1 Miss Hilda C. Burnham Dr. Joseph B. Carlucci Mr, Michael J, Cousins Dr. Alan H. Crosby Mrs. Ruby Dunckelman Department of Department of Department of Department of D b U 4 . epartment of Nursing MUSIC Special Education ' ' 4 4 2 f A f' f rmk. iiffwt PhY51C31 SCIQHCG Home Economics DEPARTME T HEADS Nadia .. new f 3 1 .34 is We WN X ,, , Q ., by s,s4 . Dr. William G. Erwin Department of Biological Science Dr. Walter J. Robinson Department of Industrial Education few: - f : wa ? 2' 'M , I 3 5' ., ..,., 9, .,,.,?f . ,W 2 ,: 4? ww X .- if ., W ff ..-449' Dr. Ralph V. Fell Lt. Col. Lee E. James Department of Agriculture Dr. John B. Robson Department of Education and Psychology ff fi n W M Department of Military Science Dr. William E. Timon, Jr. Department of Mathematics iv 7-3 f V 6 2 4 a V' K 4 f f M. J -ff Dr. Guy W. Nesom Dr. Yvonne Phillips Department of Health Department of and Physical Education Social Sciences Dr. Eugene E. Watson , Department of Library Science A .. pf Y '- -Q I ,,,, , W . Q x 'vm E. A ,f"' . 4- X x U ' ., X, - J M 4. 4 3,3 ,,e W . Q4 1 I ""fi+t'lf .Q-I 'nf'-. Fa- if -2fQ'?!?'f'?f 'Q ,Y fx mi 4 .M ,tt ,. J' ,,lt.,f rj? A F .mv ,fy pf -. . .f , ff t 1 . , W .4 X ,N . . , . A., ulcgltxf wif- ss a ' A if ti X' V -fj. 7 Kathleen A. Bailey William F. Beyer, Jr. Instructor of Professor of Mathematics Education FACULT Marion L. Burn, Jr. Assistant Professor of Military Science Otis R. Crew Registrar so s A . 1 W w. .4 was ind' an-W' Y f ff A. 5 5 l t A Q Tiny M. Claender Director of Nursing, Baton Rouge Dwight G. Davis Assistant Professor of Music it A 5 T3 15- 9 ,r Z f Q Wx 0 9-wt gg If - Tdflfj. i' fe,-if X 1- :W fs-V WK' 1 A 4 .ez ., N.,- ar t -. 1.,J,, 'Y 414 K w , fLeY:f,f. N .1 ' A rt 2 5 i . . Y ge zffiflr s. .. .. .1- N -.L ,330 X7--.2 -x, H- .. -. I ...w er A : ,M-it ,K ,,, azz.. L' ,mf me .,. Thomas B. Boone, Jr. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Ellyn M. Chadwick Assistant Professor of Nursing K. A. Deason Associate Professor of Chemistry an Q" Q ,H W, 2 .- 1 ,J 7-4 .'-fff' 3 .f f- .i .,,1. '.... . 4 Wanel Brister Instructor of Military Science Af'-"SX niss- . me f si .f X 94, Rim. ' Q2 Elsie T. Church Professor of Mathematics Pearl A. Domma Instructor of Nursing MM A Q M. , gy- , new -ml jpawa X r My , A 1, '4 ,QM ':r. " it .. :'2 , 4 A 1 ..,., Eleanor Brown Assistant Professor of Music Mildred L. Corley liistiuctor of English Alfred L. Ducournau Professor of Chemistry 45? 4-4-1 'WL x " rs U - f 1 .I -. 1, www Waldo G. Dunnington Professor of German gmt? AMY Dwayne C. Gilbert Assistant Professor of Industrial Education Joseph N. Heard Instructor of Library Science .i ,ry A. :- M , ,J f 'wr' X .gf .sy .5. .I Ann S. Everett Instructor of Nursing ,wigs RoNetta D. Gower Instructor of Language Thomas L. Hennigan Director of Audio-Visual Center X 0 . gf,-- W- 'K 4 f .2 - ff, , . sw K mfs'- 5 v ff V I ,M f . 4 z.. HW' , Elizabeth K. Farnell Richard H. Galloway Phyllis M, Gates Instructor of Instructor of Instructor of Nursing Special Education NUI-Sing FACULTY f is I- mr M I. X 4 ,,,l:" , 4 Z ,Qu-0'-I N K. 'i " if ? ., yr A It ,,,,,..,,.M . , S f 'Y are We pcs. we J . 5 li Hurst M. Hall Assistant Professor of Special Education Mavis H. Hill Instructor of Robert G. Hammond Professor of Industrial Education Etta A. Hincker Assistant Dean of Special Education Nm-Smg ZiS!YfkY:FNSW': if:: 3. , .,,. . .Fri t poi 1 X . ,Av 5 ' rr W . W.. 3: ' Qs -V . . ,rr 2 . 1 W Q ' '. , rf'254'f' 'N Y' . I ' V -W ' ' X ' , I A V- ma :J r' K ., :W Q J . -Q. 1 A -I' 'WW "sit-4 7-5 Virginia M. Harmeyer Assistant Professor of Nursing Raymond A. Hopkins Assistant Professor of Military Science 'Mt ff 1 jf. I i f1 11' , V1, 1 Q, Z1 Q 1 ff A1 ' 'fr Q f 1 Wf X 2 ' 1 is 1 fs 1 ,M ZZ fr 1 , Z 9 Q .Wi WW? tt stir X . . Z , 42" ug fl-fl , ' ' ff f , 1 ' 3 f 1 ' K QP 1. ,L1 'ze f I , RQ .R . 1 -. Omeera A. Jasper Assistant Professor of Nursing Carol J. Johnson Instructor of English FACULTY on Adele R. Lambert Instructor of Nursing Mary J. Ludwig Instructor of Nursing "3" R ,J Writ ik as ea as Louise M. Lang Assistant Professor of Nursing Elmer O. McBride Assistant in Military Science tx xl ' 01 . 5 ,1 , 70? V1 fix Q, XJAW , VJ ff f wx? QQ QV 1 1 1 1 11 A, f.-me ar no ft , may-'f-f N X VM? i -4 - awk! 1 t .. if 4? Eddie G. Johnson, Jr. Instructor of Accounting, CPA Martha L. Lang Assistant Professor of Library Science Raymond A. McCoy Associate Professor of Education and Psychology M , A! mi Q W - :- 16 "ff George A. Kemp . ., I j ., Q, it T E Gene Knecht Assistant Professor of Instructor of Health and Psychology A 'L .- yt? 'rick -Q s. , Ng M . XX ,t?F...ti4:"-1 . Y .1 fsck, N fs. , as.. I :i,s:1W3'+-ax S. -1 EX?-M: wit - . Bernard Lax Assistant Professor of Special Education Mary M. McEniry Assistant Professor of English 51 X 'nw YI O I 6 ag. :Ni Physical Education f-in-Q. IWW 'T Y 1' W. Nash Love Instructor of Special Education Ava N. McVVhorter Assistant Professor of Nursing All '11 4-1-.""7 -O' ' V ? , I E :.::,: . .ar ,.,, g, ri. ka Z ' . 5' +R. X Frank Magers Paul Marx Bennie Middaugh Associate PI'0f6SSOT of Associate Professor of Instructor of 51799011 Physical Education Music YQ wgig se 6 f 12:25-2 I vs 'Za- , We ' , N Mg? fs. X WY Q, Wig-N 2 lo N M, X ' A as e f Q. S, Q. 3 1. V? QV 1 1' 5, f ! ,W r'S 'f ' X' Z - .-f .1 fa S ff I. " ., Y 5, f 5 I 1 95 gf y f AW fi , Q. V 9 , wwf! ,f X , F R i ' f 11:5 :sc ,X P fi 'K A George E. Miller Associate Professor of Mathematics Caesar B. Moody Professor of Psychology FACULTY me sw 1 A Qzaezzzz-ftiail f c , fr 7 - 4 I ,f ' we -ffmwn-u.zr.,.:s,.,'we-' , 1 Z Ms f, 1 4 iw- y wt ..-we-4f.1.1.f was f sv 9. - 4 X . V . rkfts fiv e P-fe ---' s , ftf X '4 ' ,..c.,,, M..-M.,.:e'.-Q-ima,.. 6 , , ,I , W... ,, Q awe , fs, 9-AA sb ,sv awso- J , -- . so my 5225 fffzis- ' X' uf ' 2 f gf at ' ' '- .xy-1 fr 1 X 2 S ,SV 1 ,,,, 3, ho o. . ,sys Q f 5 e Shirley H. Morgan John E. Morrow Eve R, Mouton Instructor of Assistant Professor of -Agsggjate Professor of Nursing Education and Psychology French John D. Noles Instructor of Special Education G' may Edgar A. Odom Assistant in Military Science v Charles E. Palmer Associate Professor of Special Education Marion Nesom Instructor of James Arthur Noel Assistant Professor of English Geology Frances R. Pingrey Assistant Professor of Music NUI'SiHE Laurence J. Perkins Instructor of 7-7 sg Nr ""'sQ K V' K 1 -YS 58" .-, fr gm ' f f , fwifvm at Z 4 ,X p 4' g flaw fgffzr MMR' f""'-milk """" YMVMW f ,,,,., N Jane Rainey .Q . Abram Plum Avery Philp Mary L. Posey Rade Radasinovich U Assistant Professor Of Assistant Professor of Instructor of Instructor of Assistant Professor of Music Education Education Social Sciences NUFSIUS FACULTY it 3 . 4. N V WW 3, 1, Y A. . 4 ,.. 1 1 1 I I X ff !7 ?f ,Q 5 i i t A P' 'tt' In sl N., i 'Uk ,M :gg is 's ,I 6 .ST 7M MHWO Reinberg Grace R. Riley Olive L. Roberts Barbara A. Rogers 1f1SU'UCf01' Of Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Instructor of NUYSIYUZ Nursing Library Science Nursing Mary E. Howden Grace Schexnayder Olinclo Secondini Jnhn R, Sewell Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor ot' Assistant P1-Ofgssor Ot' Nursing Nursing Language Special Education :wh- A3199 fi ,..-- 1 K, i J - E .msp- i N? K1 N ,t m ., A W fs Q X ffl? . sm ix, . A .Kiwi lla Mae Rogers Instructor of Nursing Sam W. Shelton Associate Protcssor Mathematics is A-. I O 18 ,-.1-r--4' ,ediffvf X ff fi? , ., w A . z Allen J- Singleton Lisso R. Simmons Duane R. Slaughter IHSfFUCt0I' of Associate Professor of Professor of Health and Social SCi6I1CGS Education Physical Education shit: ' i QNJ ,ff v .f 'r Nw . ' W lla W. Steinkamp Mamie B. Tarlton Director of Associate Professor of Public Health Nursing English X swf M amy Lee Tal-ver Edward A. Tarratus, Jr. Assistant Professor of Special Education Bobby R. Waldron Instructor of Mathematics Instructor of Music Joe W. Webb Director of Placement Service . fi Vrii f 5 X' - , fra Charles F. Thomas Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education Walter E. Weffenstette Assistant Professor of Industrial Education Muir ' .W rw i . , S sf . fs' sv sa S 2 ii 19 Paul E. Torgrimson Associate Professor of Music Edna West Professor of Speech Jo Ann Velotta Instructor of Nursing Edwin E. VVheeler Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology f 1. f Q' 2-,,w,-,ywj , -6,-,ffm 1,-V 1 fav 12? 7 'K X 9? KJ f' Y. I t f vwf, 49 0 . :ga :Q 5 PM -fi iffjsft w- A Q6 UL' f I at ,, .4,, ,A V- ,431 'V' xv' 5 . 1 'W Russell Whittington, Jr. Stephen Willard Elizabeth Williams Ora G Williams Assistant P1'0f6SSO1' Of Instructor of Librarian, Assistant Professoi of Mathematics Special Education Nursing English FACULTY p f 9 way W , 6 . 4 is ti.: 2 f 512' ,X L 'F 7 , XA' ff x f A ' M, ' 't , if , ,f , W 'fl am ff? NV- 'WA V -'K ' Pfmi qgvx , I it We ' 2-2 5 A -, ff A ' ,, 96' . f Y , -,mg -s gf? ,, 2.1 v w . - I X K V x 4 'W A' KX x ,Wt-' it at -, Charles H. Wommafk Richard J. Worthey, Jr- Barbara T. Yeates Mane A Zimmerman Assistant Professor of Instructor of Instructor of Assistant P1 ofcssol of Industrial Education Economics Mathematics NUISIIIQ' W j. 5 on fs 5 U' 4 3 L il J ol L 5 'l J' I i J I i 4-f Ffa 1 --.1 L L .AQ. 57i'Zj.l S A i ' a l AY ,, l ? , my , tt ' -'gW,,,,J, .",'wf" 'Q Q-eY'1,.i4 4 ,sit 'YY 'YY'1Yis W' r 'iief' Kafka-,t W w rig s . V 'fi QV 5' 'ff' ff' f- 1 5 , if 3, I Q K-.tx rl g R M r gm. 5. M V . if s , , ,QLQQ 1 . A if' 'L ia' I rf ' 'nuff Elf' ll if 7 "2 . , , ' JWCBVNEW lllfrxvsti 55, Q 'giiisli i llwjifts , , X ,1, . A ,H i y ,, . . Z S. A '91, if X' ,ga 1 1 ' X .L N:,' ,gg .',,, W ll X .. fi ' , , 6 1 J Q M -' 1' we y liq K ji rl X . ' Q , DA: x ,latin ',. j Q,:s .J , I , , " ' ' ' r ., + . ' Q , E " ...-, Tgbft. X x .. bi 2 - 'ma . i W '-' ,t em , Q -f r WOMEN'S HOUSING-Left to right: Mrs. Irble Shaddock, South Natchitoches Hall, Mrs. Tom- mie Nugent, East Vornadog Mrs. Mable Chap- man, Carondeletg Mrs. Dorothy Bowen, Agnes Morris, Mrs. Jetta Thibodaux, North Natchi- toches Hallg Mrs. Vera Gabbert, East Caddo: Mrs. Ann Dunham, Kate Chopin. Not pictured are: Mrs. Mrytle Collins, Audubon, and Mrs. Myra Hicks, West Caddo. iVIEN'S HOUSING - Left to right, first row: Leonard Miller, D Frame, Charles Mains, West Hallg Wiley Bruce Holland, Bienville Hall. Sec- ond rowz Mrs. Ruth Weber, Prudhommeg Mrs. Frances Mitchell, East Caspari: John Barkate. A, B, and C Frames. Not pictured are: Robert Cortinez, Rebel Hallg Doug Harkness, Stadium: Robert Marshman, North Hallg Leonard Nichols, South Hall, Mrs. Mae Rhodes, Scheib Hall. l-IGUSE DIRECTQRS .uhm ,.-4 EATURE v- QQ, . A X mg B ,Q ,ff . w i V , 401W 2 , ff 2 L f' A 6: J? Nw, X M as .Q givin' V 5' ywf ,A ,,-A M ,N w X 2 f. R.. NY fu 7 ' 4 i . Ep., , x Q S W -A" , , ww f X H 5 . ,,.. X, 1,, . 4.. ., x, ,, V....-,- fb , V , ,Q ..., 5 ,M a ' 2 X X X W ' 'v 4 A Nm 9 T.. 1 A ,Y ,4,m'Ag ., Q wx M W.,v,.- 0 n W A ,Q P ef , ? JY ,' V s ' x 'f ' ,T 6 ' ., fx ,efw wiv A 454 W A A W W f 1 V I? if 4 fm , fam ' ' -M 4 A , in W V, V ,ww .aw 1' f A Z , MM . ,uf ,V Q , , ,, fr' M 0 , , , ?"n, ,ff f ix, ' .omg W ff My .W-v , y5Z'1f WMAJWM' I ...SM , ,VHNAN 7 o x W , f Kgeyfdrx-J ,- ,Q AWA X W' Q wifi 6 4 L ' wi' M ASX QW X ., ,wwwm ' . ,r X vywyp- 4 Q' A gy . flvvx 2 .w 1 2? aw W -Gt 'Sli l F. Y' H .1 'ii fly Q 5 53 w N Y U3 E Z kv LIL 1.1. UL L 'BLLL 1.1. QB!" A senior in Home Eco- nomics, Leah Rogers has been a very active personality at Northwestern. Leah has been a PoTPoURR1 Beauty and was elected twice to the State Fair Court. In 1961 she represented NSC at the Miss Holiday in Dixie contest. Leah was Secre- tary of the Student Council in her junior year, and was chosen Most Involved in Student Pol- itics on the PoTPoURR1 Court. I il f 1 XX V44 fr?.y'7.L-E ffl L i . 4 S 1: yi- A ' ,L -c Qi I -A? ,J Presently serving as Presi- dent of the Blue Key, a men's honorary service organization, Leonard Blanton is a senior Accounting and Business Ad- ministration major. He has served as past president of his fraternity, Kulclos Adelphi, and has served on the Inter- Fraternity Council. Leonard is a member of Pi Omega Pi, honorary business fraternity and has served as a dormitory monitor. ,, ' iv if , 4 ' - fl ' , '12 . A 22 ' ' ' V if t 55 SMAJV I f,f:.,,2i:,g. l r .A ,EA ,Q 4 K , i ii- 1 , . "" it Z? iv Q ,IQ X ?i gs? sf' 421 v lil, I f ii i --'i an ,fa 1 Mk 'QQ 4 ' ci ji 'fy Q fag? rf E ' ff Z Q ,J f , f ,Q ffm .Q VM. Z f V wg" i i f , f .2 ,, X we wow ARENA Marv B 'Q Swv 'Q-f ,away A., , ,.,. yi D x 4 Qfwsh 0 Vx A Nw - 3 fs , ,, ,. , V! sy tvf rf i If is f get -- V26 J Q - . ' as s. ,,wf,,,ff k Y fx,,,Q Qff ,,3f,.., QMS X . .X , A1,s-.- J, 1 ' ff fz wr Y 'fp QQ M55-X W ,yi r f 215 :M -1,5 1- V ,, Rv, J' v wana' ,uw X, Qi, H, af J V-W, .ua mi ff? V2 ff f. ,,, Z' 5 -2 1- '- ., K V 5 1 ",,,,.,., eonarcl Jgfanfon MR. N. S. C. rq V-beg qgyc' ' 3.-Q: A1554-7 5 FCE! fm? 5-:awfgiy LQ Jf f KJ I-gl c KQV X is 'ffl ltrls 1 1 Q J,-'lT.T1's'i L Q li. 1- 1 "Bitzi .fr THE LADY OE TT-IE BRACELET Miss Patricia Fulton, a sophomore home economics stu- dent, was crowned "Lady Cf The Bracelet" by President John S. Kyser after winning over twenty-two finalists in four hours of competition in the annual pageant. This year's pageant included competition in bathing suits in a closed afternoon session. and evening gowns, talent contest, and a question period in the formal evening program. Miss Fulton is 19 years of age, is five feet five inches, and weighs 120 pounds. In the talent contest she per- formed an interpretative dance. Miss Georgia Ann Blair was the winner of the bathing suit division and Miss Marjorie Regions won the talent contest. Miss Eclwina Slcrable was voted most congenial by the 21 other contestants. Judges for the pageant were Mrs. Charles Cunningham, Natchitoches, Jack Fitzgerald, Kenner: Richard Gay, and Mrs. Betty Humphries, Shreveportg William Benson, Nash- ville, Tenn.g and students, Mrs. Glenda Marshman, Presi- dent of the Purple Jackets, and Leonard Blanton, president of the Blue Key. Crowning the Lady of the Bracelet, Miss Pat Fulton, is POTPOURRI Editor Bobby Cortinez. The finalist are from left to right: Miss Wanda Radford, Miss Joyce Daw, Nliss Joye Faye Vallery, Miss Marjorie Regions, Miss Georgia Blair, Miss Jo ce Steelman, and Miss Jeannie Marler. Y I 'Xe t I 'sn . 3 -x h. I, 'lax 'FY' x We A ii ,ff 0 ' - sw, . is '. p i J 7 5 , i 3 Trying to select a winner are our judges, Mr. Jack Fitz- t gerald, Mr. W. A. Benson, Jr., Mr. Richard Gay, Mrs. I Betty Humphries, and Mrs. Charles Cunningham. Not pictured are Mrs. Glenda Marshman and Mr. Leonard Roll gut the Red Carpet for Miss Pat BIHIUOU, Student judges- Fulton . . . Lady of the Bracelet. The Lady of the Bracelet semi-finalists are shown in the bathing suit competition. it 'i 5? f li 2? " 1' A .5 nw ' ' 'T 4 li f ii Q ze 7 i :ii ' 4 7 5 5, ii Y? 7, , "Q i 5 R 2 ii i 2 zo 54? f Sy X ', 1 42' , , f 2 Q f ' , ,y ,Z .,..,. YQ, 5 f Q W- 1 W? 'JW 6 :-ff I55 af Zulfon LADY OF THE BRACELET ,wx xv ff? ,A ' rife -f 4' X f W f N f , X, ,Q ,V , Q X, QW- 22 P 5, ,, 1:9-4 --vv 1, k x H X I 5 4 Q X X A X X X, f f Q5 X ' -N x . Q NAQWNQ7 15: xgzaron feeAnan BEAUTY miss eorqia f 3,011.1 C. BEAUTY A -. . 1 57 ,Aw ,, 4, A 4 ' ap X 6 f f 39 Q es' f , . N , .lf , . ft : dy' ' , , , . em, W , A 1 23: ,X 0 ' ' X , . . X7 'W "X .rzizigp U43 4 ,, x Q ' N w , 0, 0 .:::. ,L- ,.-W , f M ff wg. . . , ,..,:.: M 5151? ' 'Z, . x'n5'fX M f I , Q- fsf Q 432 4 X f fr . 3 iss emfznie czrler x BEAUTY 4' V? 3? QW ,-.?f1'f .i'.' f4 ' ' ' ' ffm, QW ,, ' fv,g,,wy,f'e f 2 , f f f, 4:4q,,,' f ' ' rf 'Ss Y 'S fi? f f , W A wax-,. W 2. ,L , L, ge N4 f S4 , 'X xi. . f- . , 5- ra... A,,:.nw.J,v .4 , X MXW " 1 i-hm.. O. BEAUTY CHVOVIC CcqlOl'I5 VN X5- X X f ' 2 2 'W . ,K . 5 4 1 X, NWS tm - :X ,X X 5 V X KSA. 0 Ax X X Q Q X 1 f X , wif -X EN ,,, Q ..X 1Xf V 1 , az 3 X X Y XX, , X 1 X X 1 4 X A Q , v X f Y , X f vm. ,NF . ., . N. . .X . ' X 'Aa 'V ' V A QQ., lp X if X X X A - ' Xwys J. X X X V Q2 i55 anola C7Qaclfor BEAUTY JDJ? 7632 FUGIIQYJ S' iss ocyce aw BEAUTY X I W ,f 1,1 ffm? -:WM 'fs bi f f 1 1 v S P CDTPQURRI XCYX AN D C 0 U R T R016 VX Moses Mos olved in 'tics Gm SS Qesxeoev. wlbltious Most A t hw t POM udcn ost 'YOSYX phi YACXS Studious an E960 , Sieve MAX Best Gow PS?-HHN P er somhty Y-Y Sue Most Congew Y axes XQM COQMSUL Most Appfopmmtely CWOVN Dresse Most Talcnte miss Ceciha STATE FAIR QUEEN STATE FAIR COURT JAN PAUL CHARLOTTE MCCALLA CECILIA SI-IEA The State Fair Queen and Court are from left to right: Charlotte McCalla, Jan Paul, Celia Willis, Pat Cooper, Frances Storey. Georgia Blair, Peggy Arwood, Charlotte Cook, and Queen Cecilia Shea. CELIA WILLIS PAT CODPER FRANCES STOREY CHARLOTTE COOK GEORGIA BLAIR pEGGY ARWOQD 49 M my , 4 X :gf Q4 N p w 2 X r gig ' v xg .9 . ff 5 x fi 1. ':'f + x X .I '- f Q ' Q X4 V. Q V , I R ,. ,,, i 7 rw M1 , X W ... v V 'suv ., l , x,V,,x W HK., in -. 'Rs'N P Q 'W' . C HDMECOMINCT CDURT MARTHA COTTON MARILYN GUIDRY CARMEN BENNETT I 'U ' REBECCA ADAIR GLEASON BRENDA BRIN EY The Homecoming Queen and Court are from left to right: Mar- tha Cotton, Carmen Bennett, Sandra Clark, Marilyn Guidry Rebecca Adair Gleason, Queen Connie Pence, Celia Willis Brenda Bfriney, Linda Landrum. and Audrey Weaver. LINDA LAN DRUM CELIA WILLIS SANDRA CLARK AUDREY WEAVER CONNIE pENCE SI Wi ea. ,mn 'df 'IQ If Y 'Q I ir J I , I riff ROBERT PAUL WARE JUDY WHITE BOONE Hall Qbf .Fame JAMES PIERCE BOYD Nomination to the Hall of Fame is one of the highest honors that is bestowed upon a senior student while at Northwestern. The basis of selection depends upon an individual,s leadership ability, scholastic average and serv- ice to the college and student body. It is with great pride that a student can point to his diploma and sav, "I grad- uated with honorsf' but it is with a deep feeling of satis- faction that he can sav, "Not only do I have a college diploma, but while in college, I was of service to my school and my fellow students." WW Hall 091' .Hump DUNCAN DAVIS BLAND KAYLA ANN BERNARD 46 gf Q--9,311 5 ,W A ,, i,A:v iw, ,., -w ciufw ' ' 1.71 "3'l?P"-f, dvi? LEONARD N. HEDRICK KAY MCINTOSH THEDA ELLEN KNOX OLLIE A. THAMES 1' 'TN 'Ginn -4' -Q ? AW fsvx- Q A f w,V . 9 ?Sw5Sf NWQ21 fihy 1 7 N NNXAQ WMM? 'Hall 091' Elkrmv GLENDA WALTERS MARSHMAN ROBERT BYRON MARSHMAN QS Q1 - SW? mxymxvwf 0.-f , f A fl if . K ' 2: 70, "ff - 'f M ,,V.. 4, Iv.. A vzvv W, M f f , WK if VA Walk nw Www UMTS mr? 'A 3 aa, ,Q ,ff f f 'S My ' W Q -NK fm 4 77' ME? FUN 141. NM.-s df- ,ff- .vm ,gcvru .xr-" FQ Wwgg SWE? WN 1951 rf -5253 X ,- .' S. a ' , , 'ix '5"xiffjQ,f1A Q. mwuawgmgg 3? . ,gan Q ,. wg ,N 233, u up .. , , 8 ,mag if Q3 K B 'SA NW " - AA 3 f 3 i' . X M , Aw . I. A4 in - M x S S gf N . N - ' rex K xx X if V fi ag? QEQ? ' 1. ,Q iff Q? . M A 'N -' 5 3351 .V 'W : -, - sb V was Y fimawfw 'ag-,QF N 3 1 --- :pg ay, Lg, ,V 3- :V .,.. ,L 1a,.4,w-1, gg k-v. an El X-1 El Y , L PW G ,-A. 'W I i fiat - Z ,. ,QW '21, 9.-ff thx" 1"'3',, fri' M if fiflif' .gfigfgge 'QQW nm 5 fi few - . 1. gg? ' I , .I - ' , . . 1'?Fj3w..,, L 5"' W af in lgj. .,.- "--...L I as 'E 5:1 QV X A ,V 1 .D-.E ,N ,gif 5 Q Eg Q f, -' 4 ffm ak A sf ' ' 'N 5255 '-f'f5ff"-Egg "W A 1 f 1 . A , 1 , wg .JL fffi-if-i 2 . " Q - ' U ,f A b H '1"1T.2?f ' 'A .iiaffl wh, -. ,, .' ' -,iQ.7,.g .un A! G .abu- EMM REGUSFIRLWUQN HEEXDIRKGUH E5 TQ T915 TCG Emngm -,A X9 W Nw ffm TRUE mmm mf ms QS WEEE UN THE Dm, H M9 FIRQJUYM THQXE L-D IA iw ww HUF MW Era ! me FSS QSWW YQ 1 MQ WMM MMMENFS "M N- wr, WW ENERGY WF mawmmruww ww mm 45' QQ Sw 'iw Q g K6 TYKQ, YY ETF 3 My ww wk HIM WZ Y SI?EGU YLQ1JLCQbkSUQJIRU IAN AMINIUDLQXIL LQXFEIEAUEJ W flflfw ...A wx 'X fymf A , Q X wg-www 110+ , xv f , L fs' W ' W Q sy N W M f Vw ' N Q M N,,,,Q.,,,N W 'N 'W' , f f, X . NW' A 'M wwf -Y,-x , N p ,WMQBA nm 1 W xfng, LKN-sw f.,,,. .4- 5 ,gl J V -HRW- 4 M RWE, gwf 'N Mx-yoj' xM""" Ten TIEIIE' MUMEN TMNT W ,Q m an Xxx Xxx wsXN1 in 'YK Qs ,fw-,., Weis .1-.f ,. p , I . may WMWW. -ff X, i V' ,, .A-, U I ,,..n"" if ' 1 WW -A Q cr ag' , ' .., , 1- -mm" X as Q . v any l' tl Ni - , Q 1' as fy 1,1 ,, W Jyyy. Q 'W' N 453. km xxx'-A 4 X L ff- N, fig., 4. F N 1 VV 1 , a, 4 'V ' r Y "f ' ,M . Q f 3- , X 1 fi X A , H. I x .L , X A 'A '... ,fx . C, FERWI THE KGNREERFE TMES3 CDL? TcnID.lAY.,.:. if Sw 1 " , .. by . 5 :if ' R W, L ,mg .Q-52' " 3 X " , ,, . drfw W, c-i Aw ,y L 1- . - v L 2 f- W- i ? VV -.. 4.4 25' '1 , -. 1: A ,W I X Mfvlw, , , ,QE xx mv gggwz. Q- . Q"4v,f,. . Siwfwk-, K 5 . 5' WV .,1.v E"'N56... .f " 'L ' -f .su -31 rw, 5' w m 'r . Af. ky ! A f r ,Q Nw .Y G' 775A +'Tiw3w.x, . ,--cg . 4- K ,,,, V- :nfw .aww Vg P wgffvmgg -f X' ,. W NQQX V .V 9' Wh' ,mv ' A.:-', - If A , A' Piffg 3 Q' V- ' .Q HN. Sf' :.. ':Qf 35j '- if? ' 'T' 12' Mmsm. 'X-mi L +34 , - ,, . 3.14.19 , -f' , .ez ,::'ff7. 1: A -:-5 cg: Jexini' A 5- 'A -, + I' h, . , fy S .ay QQ, 4 f Q .M Q X A? Q 'Y X, . X x " sa, gn Six A Y Q , . S, -si M' H 1, 5 get ZA X K hx Y- 451 QA V AN 5 ,Y km x 5 W r s P V vga xx N 1 A 'aim if nk ,lf f , Wg? fm 2 N -W' 4 L 5 z ix Y L X' , A SX 2 fu f aff NK A , X .f 1 X H X S' , NW' , 7 Mm Vx Q Jw y 5 f X6553 4 'Y ,- 1' 1 1 , I . " V Nw , I x 4 x X 1 -P'-A 1 N V 1 X , 'A f Q' 1 fm e, N Y 2 SX X 0 ,W x X M f 1, 4 x .ff " , ,Q r XQXQQ A X 1 M Q Q, M A w Q --QQ 'N , M Q ,Q . 1 W 1 Q , Q 'YN 1 Eff, -M f. X .2 .- . - . ,V w' X " fi g 5 , xx i , M ., was x I x 6:,,gW,Q V 25 , r, . , X X X 7 . ,S5 , T. I 5 NX w wq 7 --6 ., M .3 Xjfiggffw, W , I ,.-H 4? , , 6223, I X , ff If V V1 Wi" 5 1 , ,"fy W Av .,.,. , 1 5 W 'M' Ja- W wh, .. hw if Q y 1 W . I f 'Q f 'Hu ' "f 5 h " Q if ? K ag fin! -W M ffsg f. A fh .JA Q diff I' kwa, Pr -fS9xwf' af' v , . w . mg -w wg, Nmap 1 M nf " an f Q , . , 'dw W. 4, M A, ,A W V ,M f , , , ,mc 5? . M ' X W in as A V ' W 4' ,fm-wf fn' M N' ,vw ' ,W 'W M A A' WM y T 4, af ,Q A 3 I xx XX-xg!! , N Qxyxvvff, fQ Q u31mRmmws mmf - -, Y 1 wwf!!! www 46 My ,-no-WW Va 51 X A x v -v ' in 1 guns' A 1 NA F4 ...M ,..,.- H1 Ii' gg .A Wd- -1 ""' "WA 1 Q X . v. Sswi ,. Y. , 64q,,,,, 4 . ' A ., I K h c-up-,,,,,5 3 Q 3 . . '-A u x . 417 W www YN? X A r i ,jf f 1.. u , , 1 v I 1 va, W , A -Q3 . K .u 'g at e I' "g.:Q.1N:" w Uimx V .,,-1,-W -. .,, f vw- -155' 'mgw -wx" 1' . 1 V. M- --' , .4 L-4,.,, 'MGM ,X .,.. ,. 4 . MJ -, ,V ,. rv up .igffgf L1- 3 ww., -r 1 Jil' Q 2 .ff a mi N v7 312: 3 mail' qu, ,., K 1 Q "-R: " gl fz fl V. ' A' H W 'Mg -rm qi I ' ' ' ' N ' , '20-e"'sp.., ,Mg 1' ,M 4 ' s '2 255 ig wg? f 51 rr W - , f 4, f Q XX A V W ' 3 :gui aff' , . , BQ , WA- V Q, P+? W F-H M A , I , AL., H ' 1 ' f fy f 1 A , 4 ' 'lf P f f ' N f A ,K . , - V - 1 I M NN--..,.M, X 1 R 'KL " S Ap, gb y Ng 1. , 1' -., mmm rf ' -NECK LASSES -,QW ,W W J K . i 355 A R95 wife ',w-'X-QS., sq., 5 my, X , .5 fi, N ,Sb , Sus Q. TZ 2 x X, K X x 'N ' S.: f Qf svg .ym wa 4, - 4 1, X, S4 3, V- S vm -, QW my - 1.-2 :Q 4 25:0 . N2 ,,' y Y Y f V f V X A 5 X Xf i f f ' 7 , K x N"-. E XE, XX S fx X R Y Q WS? 2 an -:z,:W'Q w .,,. X N: I, . y Q , , .f S W N W 9, Q ,Mm A , L, MSWSWS f f my af f ' A Z if if 'M my f V , ,,,,Q QQ 4, Q f 5- ' , -VW 'bw ' 5 3 ' it . N .N I ' 1232 V 0 My if ff' , ,V 33 'Ulf Q A 2 . ,, W3 jig ,. 3:36-wf ,qi wr'-4 ' X X N fy ,ff fx g, ,M P Q 26 f, .- 4, , - Km, ,md I . , f, X ,X , V x f 01 In ,XA X y Za N43 e4 , Q M , xl f f- 'Q w S .fmwsifg 4, . wx , W2 WE- h W, I SY, .xfm,,,,5Q , X , . Q QNX ki ZW. H .jr 5 X 4, -T, Q - QQ ' 1 . , 1 of k -- ' in gay , ,V Q ' y, ffl f' i ci f ' "L . 1 , , 4- f 1 'iff wa , y , . 4, , ,, W, YN , 4, 3. f -, , ff, .ef yx-,fd x W ' tx , ., f Q wi , W --4 1 flmww I 1. J ,E , R gwfe w 9 'r Q,-ww. Q5 2 an TW Aa , P it - x f m Ula P ygr w . f 1 R N3 B A v 3 : .xii 21 . - , we . ':': Q , -3' f - ,-' X .Q j .. ' v3Z.,f'Y" - - 1 i g, .4 5, p .I Li A w Q-QL'-sw 1 gf., 9,3351 I' ' 1' THE GRADUATES 'LZQTQ 1' W, 1 CHARLES H. AINSWORTH, Social Scienceg Shreveport JERRY L. AINSWORTH, Health and Physical Education Shreveport CHARLES A. DISTEFANO, Mathematicsg Alexandria 9 2 , ,ff Wm Wm 0- gays ff 'N gn-Q .af ' r vi ff'- .. Q ,E-QE ,aw -mg, "lb ,Z .mr WILLIAM W. DURAND, Mathematicsg Pollock JAMAL GHAEMI, Bacteriologyg Teheran, Iran THOMAS HENRY, Social Scienceg Alexandria Q QQ LYNNE V. JEANFREAU, Social Scienceg New Orleans THOMAS E. JORDAN , Industrial Arts Educationg Robeline JERRY KIRKUS, Social Scienceg Shreveport I. toches GEORGE W. KRUMM, Bacteriology, Hackberry CHARLES R. MAINS, Mathematicsg Many V ,K E EDWARD G. NASS, Industrial Educationg New Orleans RX 1 1 RODERJCK J. PICKETT, Speechg Many .....2e MARJORIE D. PREJEAN, Gufdanceg DeQuint-y 7 L HENRY S. SCROGGINS, Organic Chemistry' SUZUKO SEKI, Physical Educationg Tokyo, LAWRENCE J. SISUNG, JR., Guidance Chasse VII RUBY TREVILLION W proof MACK D. KNOTTS, Health and Physical Educationg Natchi- THE SENIOR CLASS I GARY WAYNE ACKLIN, Jonesborog ETFQ Marketing. FRANKLIN JACKSON ADAMS, Coushattag Electronicsg Radio Clubg Industrial Arts Club. JOHNNY W. ADAMS, Pinevilleg TKEg Business Administrationg Secretary of TKEg President of Freslunan Class. II JANICE ROSELYN ADCOCK, Doddridge, Arkansasg Nursingg Wesley Foundationg YWAg LASNQ NSNAQ Secretary of Shreve- port Campusg Student Nurses' Choral Groupg Nurses' Basketball Team. GAIL ADKINS, Big Sister. Primary Educationg Managementg Beta Beta President of BSU: President of LASNQ Health and Physical Edu- Nursing. LASN, NSN Ag New- Sports. Piano Educationg Fresh- Sophomore Counselorg BSU Presidentg Purple Jacket: Iotag Vice-President of Kappa Accounting. OFFICERS Seated left to right are: Patricia Walker, Secretaryg LaNae Rowell, Women's Representative. Standing are: Gene Koury, Vice Presidentg Eve Mouton, Sponsorg Edgar Johnson, Presidentg and Don Harris, Men's Representa- tive. W, "'-Sf, B J --Q . - 4, X. fa WN. rn 'fs .11 ,dn-v-tv 'If P' -.4 f. 'W . ' . v ' 3. A' f-V3 :J 4-4 ui v in ar . 'W' .fy ,-Q 4 ff qv 'ln NO' 'x -' 'C L .v -me 1 . WY, A JA THE SENIOR I SYBIL ANNE AUTIN, Houma: Iii: Home Economics: Home Economics Association. SANDRA GAIL BAKER, Pinevilleg AEA: Upper Elementary: NSC Band: Scholarship Chairman 81: Membership Director of Alpha Sigma Alpha: SLTA: BSU. KAREN GLYNN BAMBURG, Mansfield: Primary Education. II LEWIS PERCY BARBER, JR., Shreveport: Marketing. JOAN KATHLEEN BARKER, Pineville: Nursing. SUE BARR, Rodessa: Sociology. III ROBERT MEADOW BARRETT, Monroe: Industrial Tech.: In- dustrial Arts Club: Radio Club: Science Club. LINDA SUE BAYLIS, Ringgold: Upper Elementary Education: SLTA: AWS Big Sister: Dean of Womens Award. DIANNE BEAUREGARD, Echo: Elementary Education: SLTA3 Newman Club: Big Sister: Dorm OFHcer. IV CHARLOTTE BEEBE, Boyce: Ili: Physical Education, Dance Emphasis: Contemporary Dance Club, President 1960. Vice- President 1962: PEM Club: Alpha Beta Alpha: SLTA: AAHPER: LAHPER. ANN BONITA BENNETT, Ferriday: Health and Physical Edu- cation: PEM Club: PEM Reporter: Dormitory Ofhcerg Sports- leader: Staff Assistant: AAHPER: LAHPER: Cheerleader Coun- selors. ANN CARMEN BENNETT. Boyce: Primary Education: SLTA. V JODY ANN BERGERON, West Monroe: Nursing. FAYE BERNARD, Hannond: Nursing: NSNA: LSNA. HUGH E. BERNARD, Natchitoches: Business Administ i'zi tion. 6 2 2 Q MARY LASN BSU ball 'I CLASS OF 1963 I LEONARD W. BLANTON, Springhill: KA: Accounting: Blue Key: Interfraternity Council. TOMMY EDWIN BLAKE, DeRiclder: P.E. and Upper Elemen- tary: Track Teamg N Club Member: A.U.S.A.: Phi Epsilon Kappa. RONALD BLOUNT, Jena: Business Education. II CLINTON L. BLUE, Ajax: English Education: Beta Beta Beta: Band: Baptist Student Union. SANDRA BOATRIGHT, Shreveport: AZ: Business Administra- tion: POTPOURRI Staff: Canterbury Club. MARILYN BOEKER, Elton: Bacteriology: Band: Bacteriology Club. III HAROLD LEON BOHANNON, Springhill: Industrial Arts. JOHN ARTHUR BOLIN, Singer: Biology Education: Blue Key: Tri-Beta: Baptist Student Executive Council '60-'63: SLTA. MARILYN FAYE BONNETTE, Pineville: Upper Elementary: SLTA: BSU: Band. VI JUDY GAIL WHITE BOONE, Baton Rouge: AEA: Business Education: Vice-President Alpha Sigma Alpha: President Pan- hellenic Council: Vice-President Panhellenic Council: AWS Council: TAWS Council: Pi Omega Pi: Wesley Foundation Stu- dent Council: SLTA. KENDYL LYANCE BOOTV. Pineville: Business Administra- tion: Dormitory Counselor: Monitor. MARY ANN BANKSTON BORDELON, Baton Rouge: Library Science: Society Editor of the Current Sauce 1961-1962: Cor- responding Secretary of Alpha Beta Alpha. V DON W. BOUNDS, Shreveport: Physical Education: Baseball Team: N Club. JAMES PIERCE BOYD, Natchitoches: Chemistry: Black Knights Commander' C iter ry PresidE1t: Chi Gamma Phi: ducation. f President - ' ' ' Student: Chorus: Moni- idation Rese ' RUTH BRADBERRY, West Mo ro , ' ,..I:ASN-- Council. 1 t' 1- i, YY f F fffx A., ,,,,v f . 1:f,,' if '45 ff A .IQ -4' -ff I x f"'7 .fax ,r ' l ,ifmxw A 1 fmsiiw J saga. Y D .ma '2 Q f I ifwmm 5 1 1 .91 7, 1 I f!......'4.,,gg f . 9 , J., vf , 1 1 f 1 4 f Z A G ,EM 4 1 241' .Vv36:,.?,..g,5:-1 , -,f, 1 fy '44 .54 fy ,,..-v CU' n..- Y wi' THE SE IOR I LESH NETTLES BROWN, Coushattag ETF, Accounting. SUE HOGG BRYAN, Graysong Nursingg Sophomore Counselor 19593 LASNQ NSNA. CHARLES E. BUNDRICK, Natchitochesg Accountingg Pi Omega Pi. II FRANK I. BURTON, Millville, New .Ierseyg Sociologyg Indus- trial Artsg Industrial Arts Club. PAUL EDWARD BUSH, Tiogag Phi Epsilon Kappag Health and Physical Educationg Secretary of Phi Epsilon Kappa 61-'62g President '62-'63g Manager of Basketball Team '60-3633 N Club Member '61-'63. SUSAN COOPER CADE, Natchitochesg Nursing. III FREDA KATHARINE CADOW, Houmag zzz, Physics and Mathg Sophomore Counselorg Secretary of Sigma Sigma Sigma 1962-635 Vice-President Panhellenic 1962-633 President Chi Gamma Phi 1962-63g Chorus 1960-61-62. RODNEY B. CALHOUN, Evag Animal Husbandry, Demeter Agriculture Fraternityg Beta Beta Beta Vice-President, Demeter Agricultural Fraternity, Secretary Beta Beta Betag President Scheib Hall. GEORGE HOWARD CAMERON, Colfaxg H101-3 Math, Vice- President Associated Men Students, Phi Epsilon Kappa. IV KENNETH W. CAMPBELL, Dubachg English Education. BETTY JEAN CARAWAY, Hodge, Nursing. THERESA L. CATTERUCCIA, Colfax: Upper Elementary Edu- cationg Newman Club 1959-19625 Secretary AWS: Big Sister: Staff Assistant, SLTA 1962-633 International Club 1962-633 PEM Club 1959-60. dent Pi Omega Pig Secre . DemonetLeSZfS6nior C selor V SHEARON E. CAUSEY7-Shreveport, Business Edu rEFx BONNIE HAND CHANCE, atc itochesg Nursingg Freshman Council BSU 1959, Devotional Chair? f- 3' ' B U President 19605 Shreveport Campus LASN 19 o-'.,. XX-, 'X U LAVERNE MITCIQEJLL ,C 'A fi-iQ,,1'sirigg F1-e 3 A man BSU C uncilg AS 5 -"' - af,g Q F' I 1 li' ':..,'q zs' Iyrlgn I I 'fer 5 'fi f - VI f , I D' 3,-V . A - Nil, rv ,. ' J., -'-L, ' 'Qc' 'V . NELD ' in we 1 2 P u rge-41, -2 f I A1 ha- 'v--'Y ' " -3- 'M W2 ' D , ' - jlgj-.1:fgfT A: 6 VALE " ,-, '- ' ft V S, qt MJ wwf n":"F!:'iii'- h, ' v' fl rem FFF! ' A 'ttf n 'L ' -2- - x ', I ' VII , -, . - - IA- E' - um . -4 1 22- s, .'-1' K a wail' .L N 4 ',, zb. ' JI 2.1- - I' gh - " Z ' ' 3 ' U In a 2',-' IIEII?-Ki-ii 4 h S ,, - , 5 A- 'U . -,Xb M. v ,Ig lllgrali , no , at -'aj C ".2gfff'7m-new e-- '3' . Ft"'qf'.95.' "i:5"InH1'k N kb -.Q U .I AU mst. -HI A W 1- ' .Mt - ..- .- - ,U -7 , ,175 ww- .--Jef, IB- ' " ' - ..-:M - f . """'-:r"""- " -, 5- L. .!ll.H2Q 'ksf ' - -1 ,I7 f V ff"""' CLASS OF 1963 I SHARON CONLBS, Jenag Speech Therapy. IUTRESS COOLEY, DeRidderg Upper Elementary Educationg Monitor. THEODORE SIMON CORMIER, Lake Charlesg Industrial Edu- cation. II KATHERINE ANN CORTINEZ, Shreveportg E333 Jr. Class Representativeg Associate Editor POTPOURRIQ Election Commit- teeg Miss POTPOURRI Courtg Kappa Delta Pi. ROBERT RAY CORTINEZ, Shreveportg ETF4 Accounting- Marketingg POTPOURRI Editorg Current Sauce Sports Editorg President of Jr. Classg Vice-President Sigma Tau Gammag Monitorg Outstanding Member of NU Chapter Sigma Tau Gam- ma '62g Dormitory Proctorg Section Editor POTPOURRIQ President Intramural Councilg Student-Faculty Relations Committeeg Publicity Committeeg All-Intramural Trophy Award '62, KIT N. CORSON. Lake Charlesg Physical Educationg NSC Rodeo Clubg PEM Clubg LAHPERg AAHPERg Canterbury Club. III MARTHA ELAINE COTTEN, Shreveportg Journalismg Cur- rent Sauce Staifg JOT Clubg Contemporary Dance Clubg Home- coming Court '62. JOE M. COX, Longstreetg Business Educationg ROTC. LARRY CRAIN, Franklintong Art Education. IV DORIS J. CRANFORD, Coushattag Home Economicsg Wesley Foundationg Euthenics Club. JAMES SIDNEY CRAWFORD, Belle Chasseg ETP5 Demeter Clubg Monitor. PAYTON W. CRAWFORD, Shreveportg ETI'g Industrial Edu- cationg Vice-President Jr. Classy ROTC Rifle Teamg Drill Team. ff-XXK'-XX , fy ff X Z X ff. CRIPPEN, Bossier Cityg AZg Primary Edu- io TA t , L . i INDA FRANCIS CROW, anon Valleyg N sing. SANDRA C. CROWDER, Spring Hillg Prima Education. NSNA. LSNA, New- Players. Flam' ifucation. LASNg Shrevlemrt fs-J .HI I' 9'-s ,ith 9 LW-' . H, . H ip H , nw' If im-Cf '33- ur' W QI A ""-Jia 'Q- 19' Q g' IU' Q" E3 f7 "1 .ng .ng THE SENIOR I NELIA SHAW DAY, Trout: Nursing: LASN: NSNA. MARLIN WILLARD DEEN, Atlanta: Math. MADELINE ELIZABETH DELK, Tioga: Upper Elementary Education: SLTA 1962-63: BSU 1960-63: Junior Class Secre- tary. II JEANETTE DICK, Mansfield: Elementary Education: BSU Member. CATHERINE LORENE DISTEFANO, Hammond: Nursing: Re- gional Secretary Newman Club: LASN: NSNA: Dormitory Council: Chorus: Phi Kappa Phi: Reporter-Historian Baton Rouge Campus. CHARLES EDMOND DOTY, Shreveport: IlK'l': Business Ad- ministration. III MARIAN MEADOR DOTY, Shreveport: AZ: Primary Educa- tion: Vice-President Delta Zeta Sorority: Kappa Delta Phi: Sophomore Counselor: Senior Counselor: SLTA: SNEA. ALLEN LEROY DOUGHTY, Kentwood: Industrial Education: Treasurer of Industrial Arts Club: Wesley Foundation Council Member. LARRY GENE DOWDEN, Leesville: Math: Monitor 1960-63: ROTC 1958-63: AUSA 1960-63. IV HAROLD E. DOYLE, Pitkin: Biology Education. LILLIAN DUPREE, Bastrop: Nursing: LASN: NSNA: Wesley Council: Delegate to MSM. HUGH C. DURHAM, III, Alexandria: -STV: Sociology: Black Knights 1958-60: Charity Bowl. V MYRNA FAYE EASON, Marthavilleg Nursing: LSNA: NSNA. THOMAS RAY EISENHAUER, Shreveport: ETF: Accounting and Business Administration: Intramural Football, Basketball and Baseball. ' JARRY ALLEN ESTES, Jackson: Business Administrationkfk 74, .11 ,f ff vi ,C f J',f"' f f ,X ' , PATRICIA A 'gifts UQQQ Elcmeritary F uca 'f. T 395 Q 6 ,. ,,f" S-.x V ll 7 Y ,lgf '! .' 'Q-:c5:?"" ' ANS: , i iss: vibe . W f E 3 -- g.-aa 5221 Pi 1965 gf TA 1962-63: Honor R011 ,ff 196 .,j-fri, 1960-61. J,-jp 'tfftl' iiamiwchesg 2- 't 1- ' .. - ' r f ,. Al L' .. ' 'JY .- if " ' Il""7"' ' i ual" ' MP7, is - ' u i 4' . il 'I vv-r :- V as - I . 3 'a.:quu:'4' su-LL A 4 ,. c -:ig i uf-A . fi - - . 12: .in .I 5' is Q O 5dlQgg,.b.kkLi,ip,h.Q.b35 lggamghi-ami ga ' ' I , f'!lgmsai7- -maxi -M -.5 assi -n all use? -h-1-s.1ff.a2s-has-assi. .js St A.. , . ,j-pg!-iltifsgiiv' "'2a fi 3?- .lup 'fvff K '. - ' h qs x - JoHN - 1'-:P--L f-Lil if '12-2: ucation: asebal : ewman Club: Phi psi on Kappa, T SN X' 1' , -.-v ,.. "'.' "L ' '.Al , n . .C ...rg ,.-.,,,,?,.- y.: 1 CLASS OF 1963 I BETTYE LOU FLETCHER, Mansfield: EEE: Home Economics: Demonettes: Sophomore and Senior Counselor: Staff Assistant: Euthenics Club: Pi Kappa Phig Kappa Delta Gamma. SUE ELLEN FOGLEMAN, Colfax: Primary Education: Kappa Delta Pig BSU: Mission Program Chairman of YWAg Purple Jackets: SLTA 1961-63. A DENNIS FOLDS, Lawtellg Speech: President Davis Players 1962-63: Student Publications Committee 1962-63: Vice-Presi- dent Davis Players 19625 Vice-President Alpha Psi Omega 1961-62: President Forensic Club 1961-62. II GAIL MARCELE FORD, Mansfield: Nursing: LASN: NSNA. JARRETT LOUIS FORD, Melderg Business Administration. PAULINE LOU FORD, Pineville: AZ: Sociology: Demonettes 1959-60: Homecoming Court 1960: State Fair Court 1960: Track Court 1961: Dormitory Officer 1960: Delta Zeta Sorority His- torian 1962. III NANCY D, FOSI-IEE, Logansportg Upper Elementary Educa- tion: AWS Big Sister: SLTAQ Freshman Dormitory Vice- Presidentg Freshman Associate of Student Council. JERRY MARSTON FOWLER, Coushattag ETI'g Health and Physical Education: President of Associated Meng Football IV: Vice-President of Men: Phi Epsilon Kappa: President Phi Epsilon Kappa: Vice-President of Phi Epsilon Kappa: N Club. FABIAN ALBERT FREDERICK, JR., Abbevilleg ETD Upper Elementary Education. IV JEANETTE FRIED, Monroe: Nursing. CHARLES R. FULCO, JR., Shreveportg IiIKfI'g Social Sciences: NSC Chorale: Gymnastics Teamg Interfratemity Council: Black Knights Drill Team. JOHN LARRY FUTRELL, Shreveport: Sociology. V ALINE C. FUSELIER, Oakdale: Home Economics Education: Freshman and Executive Council BSU: Euthenics Club. PATRICIA ANNE GANDY, Shreveport: Journalism: Historian- Reporter Journalists of Tomorrow Club: Reporter Curfreut Sauce: Treasure Phi Gamma: Dormitory Oflicerg Current L e o er of the ear 1961-62g Recipient of Shreveport ournal Sc olarship Awa . WILL REUBEN GEOR na ally Accounting: Pi omega Phi. 'W vi g f LOUIS GER NY, New u-. , ealth and Physical Educat n' pper ementary . ion- iEpsilon Kappa. X X 1-VK' L W' if GEYER, 3 eportg Soc' logy: Wesley Foun . 634 Davis 3 ' 1961-63' C TTQTLI Sauce Stafgf X -I 1' -IL KJO J fi 11 e an ogy and fis X X amm 151' d 1961 62- -Y ::n.: liiiq! iiil mmm an anim I -L-L-L-l 70 llllllllll lllllllll I .2 - Jivhza IUIEEH EdL1Cat10H' 141 X , l O 1 y 1 X l 14's J gf ' , Z , X I 'g n 8: Z I ff--f" X-of ' L 'ffm K 14 ,ji L1 4- 'M p IWW l,.lfvE"1v . ' " v -" - .- - -. 744 ' ' . ' q' U PG xg,.uv' ' 1 0. free. 5,9 gigs- a - , , ' - 5 ' .1 ,., , ' fllff. 0 . M V - . Ty' :Zi 3 2 V' 'f" "yr - 1, v,-f -gi-',2" ,K il, g 1 . ,f 5, 1 - y 1-'-' fg lllll! glllllg 7 ' ' " 'I 29" -ff ' 1 fi IQ Q. , 1 Q D 45 - A gf I G 3 4751.4-,:H','1 , , .-: .-f,f:l . -. eq? ' , - - 1 if nk, sv! a .-,-,ni a 1 r-g H551 V 7 ....:.....- 4 ---0 -S, --D--, .5 X L4 - 4: Yo ,, ' "' ' L -- -4?......::.:.L'e'1---Y-. --- ':aE??3.:1f?:...,,,, , . . . I 1 ' , ""----1 ----asia. 5.3! , A F ,lf 1 ' Q M' ' . 'L ,,f"'f'f,g. Y 22+ -Q he-4 WW vm. 42. .. ,W 05? W. 15, nw gm .... S, . as " X mn- Z M I 4 Eyffe ,. ur sz if Fw ' N 32 ink, i A as rw v I is . f . 7 gpgf. . . ? sq f ? ' M1 A s L '..' 'b Q- - THE SE IOR I CHARLES GOUTHIERE, JR., Shreveportg Educationg Vice- President of Lambda Chi Alpha. TOMMY DOYLE GRAFTON, Berniceg P.E. and Upper Ele- mentaryg Baseball Teamg N Club. CHARLES ROY GRAY, Shreveportg Business Educationg BSU. II GLEN ROBERT GREEN, Shreveportg Electronics. LYNN SANDRA GREENE, Fentong Home Economics Educa- tiong Euthenics Clubg SLTAg Demonettesg Senior Counselorg Big Sister. EERALDINE GREIVIILLION GUILLORY, Alexandriag Nursingg SN. III RICHARD LEE GUION, Vicksburg, Mississippig Math. MILTON P. GUTTIERREZ, New Orleansg Historyg Wesley Foundation. GUY DOUGLAS HARKNESS, Sibleyg ETF5 Mathg Phi Epsilon Kappag Gymnastics Team. IV ELIZABETH COX HARMON, Crowleyg Primary Educationg SLTAQ K.A. Sweetheartg Valentine Sweetheart. DONALD L. HARRIS, Staunton, Virginia: Wildlife Manage- mentg Senior Class Men's Representativeg Beta Beta Beta: Dormitory Council. ANITA DELORES HARRISON, Oakdaleg Primary Educationg Chorusg Operag Choralg AWS Big Sister: SLTA Presidentg Kappa Delta Pig Freshman Floor Representative. V LOUISE L. HATHORN, Alexandriag Business Educationg SLTA. LOUIS MARTIN HAYES, Little Rock, Arkansasg Health and P.E. WINONA LOUISE HEAD, West Monroe: AEAQ Math: Purple Jacketg Demonetteg SLTAg Floor Representative of Freshman Dormg Recording Secretary Alpha Sigma Alpha. f .IA PATRICIA ANN HEADRICK, Long5rgetgpEK Primary tiong Corresponding Secretary Panhellenicg Kappa Delta Pi. .N LEONARD N. HEDRICK, Newelltong Biolog'y7"Blue responding Secretary BSUQ Monitor. 'X DONALD LEWIS HENRY, Shreveportg VII CARLTON M. HERPIN, Kaplang Upper Intramural Councilg Vice-President, Phi NORMAN O. HICKS, Robelineg LEONARD ALLEN ness Administrationg Pi CLASS OF 1963 I SUE GLENDA HOLLAND, Montereyg Primary Educationg Sophomore Counselor 1961-62, WRA 1960-63, LFCWRA Camp 1961, SLTA 1962-63g AWS Vice-President 1962-633 Judiciary Board 1962-63. WARREN JAY HOLLAND, III, Monterey, Chemistry Educa- tiong Beta Beta Beta. JEANNIE HOUSER, Shreveport, Nursingg LASNQ NSNAQ First Vice-President Student Nurse Associationg Co-Chairman of Student Nurse Association. II KAY FRANCES HOWARD, Augusta, Georgiag Social Science. VANDA SUE HOWELL, Hodgeg AFA, Nursing. HERMAN DONALD HUMPHREY, Cotton Valley, Physical Education, Baseball. III WILMER HENRY JACKSON, JR., Logansportg Zoology. GINGER A. HUNT, Clinton, Nursing. ALVIN BERNARD JEANFREAU, JR., New Orleansg Social Sciences. IV MILDRED O. JOFFRION, Keithvilleg Primary Education, AWS 19603 Publicity Chairman SLTA 1961-62, Vice-President SLTA 1962-63. LINDA GAYLE JOHNSON, Hinestong Vocal Education, Chorus, Chorale, Sigma Alpha Iota, Orchestra. RONALD GENE JOHNSON, Shrevenortg Phvsif-al Edu'-ation: Vice-President Wesley Foundation, Vice-President Louisiana Methodist Student Movement, Baseball. V ROWANNE BARBARA JOHNSON, Haughtong Primary Edu- cation. Educationg PEM Economicsg Canterbury Primary Education, SLTA Education. Business Education 5 Primary Educationg SLTA. NSNAg LASN. Physical Education, PEM Club 1961-625 Out- AWS Big Sister 1961- dmv. dwmh. af.. If ' 1 -1 gxfi., I if' ,mv 'W-' 'Ft f L V , Z ,, . 1,5 in 1 ' 4 I ,Q , f 1 me f f , If ' ,. P 1 .ff , 4 I ' - 7, ' ' ' X111 fs .W 'Q 0 is 1 ' a m, We, All , r--0. 'ZW' .-:ha 4 rs-f - Q, ,gs. ::,.. nw! WW' . .sf-M, .!f',, 0. '?., aw an ,- ff 1' Y- 'wi fm A-MW' If PM wi lf? 3 M 5 THE SENIOR I CARLINE KING, Alexandriag Nursingg LASNQ NSNA. JO NELL KNOTTS, Pelicang Home Economicsg Demonettes: AWS Ofliicerg BSU Officerg Purple Jacketsg Euthenics Club. MARGARET ANNETTE KNOTTS, Salineg Dieteticsg Euthenics C1ubg Sophomore Counselor. II THEDA ELLEN KNOX, Jiggerg French and Speechg Purple Jackets. PHYLLIS EILEEN KOLB, Alexandria: 5355 Social Studiesg Phi Kappa Phig Kappa Delta Pig Senior Counselorg Canterbury Association. RODNEY GENE KOURY, Leesvilleg Pre-Medicine: AMSg Vice- President Senior Class. III BOBBY G. LAMBERT, Mansfield: Dormitory Officerg Secretary AMSg IA Club. MARGARET FOSTER LAND, Norman, Oklahoma: Math. WARREN LOUIS LANDRY, Kaplang :TIE Accounting and Business Administrationg Section Editor of POTPOURRI, 1962-G31 Monitorg Correspondingg Secretary Sigma Tau Gamma, 1961-621 Current Sauce Staff, 1961-62. IV ASHTON LEWIS LANGLINAIS, Abbeville: Health and P.E. VERNA LEBOEUF, Montegutg Frenchg Kappa Delta Pig SLTAQ Newman Clubg Choral. MARCELLA SALLY LEES, Sbreveportg Nursingg LASN. V JERRY E. LEMOINE, Vedrag Upper Elementary. JAMES MICHAEL LEVASSEUR, Shreveport: Gorman: Campus Security. CAROL FAYE Pi 1962 President 4 I 5 .Z 2 ,fl ,il V II 4 C11 i--n CLASS OF 1963 I KAY MQINTOSH, St. Josephg Elfg Home Economicsg Secretary Sigma Kappa 1960-62g Canterbury Clubg AWS President 1962- 633 Treasurer Euthenics Club 1960-61, President 1961-623 Dorm President 1961-621 Panhellenic President 1960-61g Sophomore and Senior Counselorg Purple Jacketsg Kappa Delta Pig Judi- ciary Boardg Discipline Committeeg Phi Kappa Phig SLTA3 Dean of Women's Award 1959-605 Panhellenic Award 1960-61g AWS Underclassman Award 1960-615 Euthenics Freshman Award 1959-60. PEGGY DORIS MQLAREN, Leesvilleg Mathg Purple Jacketsg AWS Publicity Chairmang Sophomore Counselorg Senior Coun- selor. LINDA GAYLE McLIN, Baton Rougeg Nursingg LASN. II ARNETTA L. MCPHERSON, Mansfieldg Arty Kappa Pi Art Fraternity Secretary 1961-62, Secretary-Treasurer 1962-63. ERROL MCRAE. Shreveportg Nursing. JAMES R. MACHEN, Winnfieldg Accounting. III BETH BEA MAINS, Manyg Elementary Education. JOE A. MARANTO, Shreveportg Accountingg Reporter Pi Omega Pig Newman Clubg Black Knights Drill Team. SARA Jo ADAMS MARCUS, Natchitoches: 2:25 Math. IV ALLEN ROY MARTIN, Hall Summitg Math. JOSEPH L. MARTINEZ, Leesvilleg Industrial Arts Education. PATRICIA ALTER MARTINEZ, Orlando, Florida: Upper Ele- mentary Education. V SANDRA A. MARX, Crowleyg Nursingg LASNg Newman Clubg Sophomore Representativeg NSNA. RICHARD L. MASON, Greggton, Texasg ET1'g Physical Educa- tiong Football. HOMER G. MATLOCK, Plain Dealingg Agricultureg Reporter Demeter Club. '-"5 , -X WVI-s:"",. --59 Z1-, .,--"1 - --- ark-uh " fn: .-. A, anyg Library Science eta Al- ' , . -- 311 Dorm Officer: ' Q.- f -QE----45- " ' ' , ' - 3232255 54 E W'-i Eli:5 'Q a -' T 5 Primary - F-"f5TF:1E ':-:Egg-gu i are 5'--: - -nv WT: :Iliff V el' Alpha - . .. .ati " h e H!-Q-. . ' Current - in -IH..-f l.: :Tig il - Mg ga- -- A 2 -giriziiaizz-ir-fr' Ere: -', 5 3 1 i 4 --, h -A - -- V Y- - -iii 'W1'::.".:'v'1Ef:16E':: -fill it f, i i :-E-...-H OTPOURRI . .. 0 Ipit' , ,--S K 3 : I' Zy l' ' :.. l :g f Theaterg .Laila ' ,L .- 5 -L -. - ,f L ' ' ' 7 p air EL - 5 1: 1, . ,Eng ij 34 51,1 ,, - K , '. ,mag f ,Lp , "Ez, Wk bw if IHS!! IPM' E+ J- . . I Lg 1- 'll U5 .Till ',!- II .. "'i Hi '-1554: :gnu J1L+4dl:1rg:VQ,eL:1. 1 ' " :Ju J " -if' I :i'.?"!g-itgvri " i 2 nf X tel'- -63- 544 -'r-,fl yawn El: hm? ,L-?'e-diem' ' 'J ' -.-'f-a,f,Af- E5 . 461 . F - -1 - -- -- ,, ,gf -. "fp "in: '-- L . ' ' J I, n :Qi T'-' Q 2 11 ' ' x AFLKT - 9' 5"'f 1W -- '--- ii " " 'ia P-r .,- --5- - f-F--5 -P - -:- :, Y-1. .g.'S..,giun:vg O1 -,.-, :SA 'W F H ,:. ,' -, , .J .Hia .I 1: . '.. I ' Z ar a X li. -551-.".1' 4 S 4. 81 S S P S 'fS':7f'7 ' f- rag. , A 5' f 'FLEX' ,ff 4 A ' 5 f 'Y , , Q 18 119 -2 gif, " . .af f iz 4 f ,F X W if ff X I , 7 I A f , W ' Ar ff , '9r""!FFi ..-Y fs , Mmm f ,Q , is f A' . , Q A ,X A . 5 w f W 4 ws 4 f 4' 'M H .41 L .W 1""'D A 1, X 1 f 5 "A 2 N -N s ' F5 5-.. X -v I -N f - YN! A. -A , 0 15 I -. f "Af, Q ' . , an Y' Tl-IE SE IOR I OPAL MIDKIFF, Rosepineg Upper Elementary Education, SLTA. GLEN DALE MIERS, Anacocog Social Sciences. GEORGE EDWIN MILLER, JR., Natchitoches, ETFQ Sociology, Interfraternity Council 1961--62, Reserve Ofiicer Training Corps 1959-62, Association of the United States Army 1961-62 Treas- urer 1962g Junior Class Men's Representative 1961, President of the Student Body Association 19625 Outstanding Lineman 19605 Kappa Alpha Charity Bowl Football Game. II CATHERINE SUE MISCHLER, Shreveportg EEE, Art Educa- tiong Phi Kappa Phi, Purple Jacket Award 1961g Kappa Pi, Panhellenic Representative. CHARLES EDWARD MITCHELL, Mansfield, Upper Elemen- tary Educationg SLTA, BSU, Dormitory Officer. HORACE RICHARD MITCHELL, Jena, Industrial Artsg In- dustrial Arts Club. III PATRICIA GAIL MONK, Siepag Upper Elementary Education. PEGGY JEAN MONKHOUSE, Shreveportg Primary Education: Dormitory Officer 1959-60, 1961-623 Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweet- heart 1960-61g POTPOURRI Staff 1962-633 SLTA 1962-633 Most Congenial, POTPOURRI Court 1962, Miss POTPOURRI 1963. FERN MONROE, Montgomeryg English and French. IV JUNE ELLEN MOORE, Mermentaug Nursing, Newman Clubg Treasurer LASNQ Student Nurse of the State, NSNA, Intra- mural Softball. DOROTHY FAYE MOORE, Winnfieldg Math. JUANITA MOORE, Eunice, Nursing, LASNQ Phi Kappa Phig Delegate to NSNA Convention 19615 NSNA. V VIRGINIA ANNE MORGAN, Pollockg Upper Elementary Edu- cation, SLTA Treasurer 1962-635 Westminster. THOMAS DELL MORGAN, Natchitoches Primary Educationg Phi Kappa Phig SLTA. JAMES E. MORGAN, Deyilleg Accounting. fn fx'-E f-efffrxfxrr V f, VI T JESSE GLEN MORRISON, Pitkin GERRY DALE Edu-I' cation. VII ma, JOT X. K. CLASS OP 1963 ROBERT HENDRICK NICHOLS, Shreveportg Geographyg Honor Roll 1960-63. ERNEST BRIANT NORMAN, III, New Orleansg Business Ad- ministration WAYNE NUGENT, Dry Prongg Business Administration II WILLIAM S. OBER, Pinevilleg Business Administration. DELMOND OWENS, Simpson: Spanish. SUNSHINE PALMER, Mansfieldg Nursingg LASNQ NSNA. Ill WAYNE ROY PARKER, Alexandriag ?lT1'g Industrial Arts Educationg Black Knights Drill Team 1958-59. ROBERT BERNADAS PATOUT, Patoutvilleg Economics. LARRY PATRICK RICE, Shreveportg IIK'l'g Agriculture: Pi Kappa Phi Secretary 1959, President 19613 Disciplinary Board 19623 De-meter Club. IV HARRIS L. PATTON, JR., Bunkieg Business Administration. SUE PEACE, Negreetg Nursingg LASNQ NSNA. ANITA GLYNN PENINGER, Forest Hillg English and Journal- ism: Purple Jacket: Assistant Editor ol' Current Sauce: Kappa Delta Pi President and Secretaryg Debate Squadg Alpha Phi Gamma President, Phi Kappa Phi, Dormitory Vice-President. V NATHANIAL WILLIAM PERRY, Baton Rougeg Physics and Math. WANDA RICE PETERS, Natchitochesg Upper Elementary Edu- cation SLT . Y I ANN PHILLIP , Shreveportg Sociology. VI Q .ff DONALD LO trationg Pi PHILLIPS, Shreveportg Busi ess Adminis- tg Primary Educationg mary Educa- Il Educationg 3 LASNQ NSNA. r- L---of I ge N 4 m W W I ,W f MW X f 4545? ,W agar X ff was xyffhgw f Q ig gov Q Q, fww 'Agp fm, .af ,-4+ I AMW '7 s, Sswga 491 ww ' Y 1 5 Qi, 12 f X Rss WW Hr- vw 'Pi y Q tif' 1 f gif:-1 ,fm N 4 :, v . ., . W, .. 1 QI Q 'fr Q Q93 XY A A8 r' f fps 'S Y ..-.... 1, ,?.,.,,.,.7....,Q ,V Qt wad Q fy fiv- 5 .4 dn., 'S f 'ff ,fgjf F J , .. fy' ' ' 1 , .,,. 3 . W , .Z 2 171 'WW' - f , mmf , .4 , f, 4, 5 1. . .X., ., af'- ,avr V I' '-P Q 1. 0,7 fa 'QS f I 5 f pm' i Q A ff W X R R -Q .. Z, -s ...-tff.i.:s-Q. . -4.: at-Z as M A-if v Al A-.aan L 'W' in me -- . A A Tl-IE SE IOR I WARREN TAYLOR PRICE, Jacksong ETl'g Physical Education and Upper Elementary. WILLIAM A. PRICE, Buckeyeg Accounting. DEAN PRINCE, Jonesvilleg Nursing, LASNQ NSNA. II PA'I'I'Y A. PROPHIT, Monroe, Nursingg LASNQ NSNAg New- man Clubg Dormitory OHicerg Student Nurses Choral Group, AWS Big Sister. JAMES LARRY PRUDHOMME, Natchitochesg Government. MARY LEONIE PRUDHOMME, Natchitochesg AZg Piano and Voiceg Chorusg Choraleg Sigma Alpha Iotag Beta Iota. III SIDNEY WILLIAM PRUDHOMME, JR., Ville Platteg TKE2 Zoology. MARY JEANETTE PURCELL, Bossier Cityg Library Scienceg Alpha Beta Alpha 1959-63, Treasurer 1961-625 Wesley Founda- tion Council 1960-635 AWS Big Sister. THOMAS URBAIN RACHAL, Natchitochesg Business Educa- tiong SLTA 1962. IV JANYCE' RADER, Nashville, Tennessee, Nursing. JOYCE EDNA RADER, Nashville, Tennesseeg Nursing. BETH MOORE RAINS, Marthavilleg Nursingg LASN. V HERMAN FRED RANDOW, Pineville, Accounting. ROBERT D. REEVES, Baton Rougeg Speech and Hearing Ther- apyg Alpha Psi Omegag Moderator Westminster Fellowshipg Davis Playersg Associated Men Studentsg President Prudhomme Hall. BEVERLY SUE REEVES, Shreveportg E355 Primary Educa- tion. VI - REBECCA RHODES, Carthage, Texasg Secr rial Sci Je Y t Y 1 Z monettes' Demonette of the Year, Dormito 10835 ' Awvg r J, ,VY 1 W eVepQ Y :' go g Sig i3,g,g',f. , 'ini' eeveiffzfzfllif , J C Ei K, 'Sea - 'pw' 0550? aggfelorg Fresh . I f--'I 4 .- to if , '1 'oiincil resident for Women 1961, ff I .C-. A .... .-- f 6 , f ,..s., . I -of -ff , , '. T' Q Af K fa. .f1"'-" Q. ' -l'v'5'ff2 ONDKgYfll15 Up ., --I. "X . 3-Nt-'5viY...t:'. ' I X X . 0 .- .5 , h '. ' .Iwi ' . E '- ' ' iff' . D. 4. - ' -:..Laqn.u.'- ' e IMA. , ., 3' y ,R 5 5 L J .. I , . 43 J! ., , . I Q, 1 gt, " ig - A -. 15' l,Q4s 345517: 211:51-.. tiki.-.vgff- , I I 44 - Y . p p 2 4-, -y-'aglbiuwni 'iii-gi igpggmgplgag 41.13, I a' . A . E 5 1 1. 7' . - -ree- Z - '-I'- i..--f ail. ' . W . , 1911-J 1' ...- .. .-. , .v ,V ., , 4- .-- Q A 1 --- -v-. , gg -- --r--- .- ,ma rf. I . ,.. Hearing Therapy. CLASS OF 1963 MARILYN RIVERS, Zwolleg Home Economics, Euthenics Clubg Demonettesg Newman Club, SLTA. BARBARA ROARK, Grand Cane, Elementary Education. CLAUDIA MAE ROBBINS, Glenmoreg Primary Educationg Kappa Delta Pig SLTAQ Big Sister. II CAROLYN RUTH ROBERTS, Alexandriag EKQ Health and Physical Educationg Alpha Beta Alpha, PEM Club Vice-Presi- dent 1961-62, President 1962-63, Senior Cotmselorg WRAQ BSU, LAHPER, AAI-EPER. BARBARA ANN ROBINETTE, Mansfield, EEE, Business Edu- cationg Pi Omega Pig Freshman Scholastic Awardg Sigma Sigma Sigma Treasurer 1961. JUANITA CLAIRE ROGE, Cloutiervilleg Primary Educationg AWS Big Sisterg SLTAg WRA. III GEORGE C. ROGERS, Shreveportg Wildlife Management. KATHRYN ROGERS, Springhillg Primary Education, AWS Big Sister 1960g BSU Freshman Councilg SLTA Secretary 1962-63g Secretary East Caddo 1962-63. NINA JO ROUGEAU, Lena, Primary Education, AWS Big Sister, SLTAQ WRA. IV LA NAE ROWELL, Winnfieldg EK, Home Economics and Jour- nalism, Current Sauce Society Editor 195-9-613 Most Dependable Staff Member 1959-60, Editor 1961-62, Alpha Phi Gamma Secre- tary 1961-62, Davis Players and College Theater 1959-633 Sec- retary of Davis Players 1961-625 Purple Jackets 1961-635 Sigma Kappa Pledge President 1959-60, Best Pledge 1960, Triangle Correspondent 1959-60, Treasurer 1960-61, Public Relations Chairman 1961, First Vice-President 1962-63g POTPOURRI Staff 1960-61g AWS Greater Council 1960-635 Dormitory Vice-Presi- dent 1960-61, Social Chairman 1961-62, Secretary-Treasurer 1962-633 Euthenics Clubg Most Ambitious POTPOURRI Court 19619 Senior Women's Representative 1962-635 Student Publications Committeeg Budget Committeeg Elections Board. DANNY LEE ROWZEE, JR., Leesvilleg ETF, Electronics. EVELYN LOUISE RUSSELL, Sondheimerg Nursing, YWA Vice-President 19613 BSUg LASNQ NSNAQ YWA Social Chair- man. Xfe 'Nr-v-'N FRANCES MARGARET RUSS , Greenwoodg Speech and JAM LAMAR SALTER, Education. Z TSY RUTH Elementary Educa- Z ROTC. Sisterg Alpha. e 1 Q, gi g s A " , f 1 Y 1 f A X J I f W i A ff , 77x 1,3494 t 793, f ff f W , 0 f , , f f 4 Qt f 1 lt, 2' in f- 'r 4 1 - 4.-sy .0 f-N me ata! ::Mf'Z:s:5, '- ,f G f I 4 f ff, 43 f if fx, M f 0 4 Z, X. . f Q f QQOQ fawfwb 4. MW 2 J ,. f f N f 3 5 s , 4 , A 1 ,pas ,mmm s ,sw Q, V X I s X a ' f f X .::n:-sm. sv.. . M:lxs9,', 6 iff. ' ' X 5 X 5 si X 9 I X f s n 5 X 7359 4529 y w X? K 4 gxsiygv f s 2626 ts s 4 X92 Q fs, Q V 9 s fbias S A 5? X N ww' ann X nv A 9 H ' " W . 'W ' ,a vw 1,1 f ' f' i ,W-t. ,.-A - N v- ' 4 fi 4' 14 "W ., fi! qi .9 1- Y -f 1, N-W ' , grt4f:'1'1,:, - , .-'W' f ' 'Y f f wg. t , x f, 4 , X 41 4 i , , 9 ' A' sl 'B "ft V7.7 js, ' x I 9 '-mf. ,W ,QQ if I I C1 it 3'6- fb- I., Q, Nlv 4, i I 4 THE SENIOR I DAVID J. SHOWALTER, New Orleans: Business Administra- tion. GABRIEL FRANCIS SIBILLE, Sunset: Upper Elementary Edu- cation: N Club: SLTA. CHARLES R. SIMMONS, Pineville: Math. II JOE H. SINGLETARY, Anacoco: Electronics. JOHNNY WAYNE SISK, Winnsborog Mathematics: Kappa Delta Pi. JOYCE ANN SISK, Winnsboro: Primary Education: Kappa Delta Pi. III CARROLL SLATON, Cotton Valley: TKH: Animal Husbandry: Roughriders. LESLIE SLAYDON, DeRidder: Accounting: Pi Omega Pi. BRENDA C. SMITH, Montgomery: Upper Elementary Educa- tion. IV CAROLYN SMITH, Wisner: Nursing: BSU: AWS. ELLIOT O'BRIAN SMITH, Shreveport: Math. MABEL LOUISE SMITH, Taylor: Nursing: Secretary Shreve- port BSU 1960-61: Student Nurse of the Year 1960-61: LASN: NSNA: Phi Kappa Phi. V PEGGY CAROL SM-ITH, Coushatta: EK: Nursing: AWS: Freshman Class Secretary 1959-60: Social Chairman Shreve- port Campus LASN. SARA RUTH SMITH, Tampa, Florida: MWF: Nursing: LASN: Publicity Chairman YWA Shreveport: AWS: Publicity Chair- man BSU Shreveport: Floor Representative of Shreveport Dor- mitory. SHIRLEY B. SPRATT, South Haven, Michigan: Nursing: NSNA. 'L-', VI R CORENE STEAGALL, Leesville: Effgieh: SLTA. 5 MELBA LOU STEPHENS, Elizabeth: Hfjpper Elementary cation: BSU Council 1962-63: Reporter-I-Iiipiian SLTA. SUE STEPHENSON, Shreveport: AZ: Primaii , ucation: President Delta Zeta: Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart: Staff 1961-63: Freshman Dormitory Oflicer: Reporter Natchitoches 1962-63: Most Congenial, POTPOURRI VII JAMES THOMAS STEWART, Education: Monitor: SLTA. TOMMY R. STEWART, Dovline: 'VK Kappa Epsilon. JUANITA PITTMAN CLASS OF 1963 I ANNIE LAURA SUGGS-, Lisbong Nursingg LASN5 NSNA5 Freshman Representative WRA5 Freshman Council Wesley Foundation. DEAN MURIEL SULLIVAN, Castorg Math. VIRGINIA DALE SUMRALL, Shreveportg AZ5 Business Edu- cation. II STANLEY LOUIS SUTHERLAND, JR., Belle Chasseg Industrial Educationg Gymnastic Team. ALLEN ROY SWILLEY, Natchitochesg UKCP5 Music Education5 Phi Mu Alpha Treasurer 1960, President 19615 Demonaires, 1960-625 Band President 1961-62. BRITT L. SYNCO, Mindeng Business Administration. III EARL GEORGE TAYLOR, Waterproofg Accounting. A. OLLIE THAMES, Shreveportg Bacteriologyg Alumni Secre- taryg Blue Key National Honor Fraternity5 Beta Beta Beta Biol- ogy Society5 Bacteriology Club President 1961-625 Associated Men Students Secretary 1962-635 Undergraduate Research Grant in Bacteriology. PAUL LEON THIEL, Shreveportg Accounting, Tau Kappa Epsi- lon, Historian 19601-615 Vice-President 1961-625 POTPOURRI Editor 19625 POTPOURRI Section Editor 19615 Interfraternity Council 1961-62, Secretary 1961-625 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Music Fra- ternity5 Executive Alumni Secretary 1959-605 Vice-President 1960-61, Historian 1961-625 Blue Key, Historian 1961-625 Assor- ciated Men Studentsg Student Congress Delegateg Chorusg Cho- raleg Homecoming Committee, Pi Omega Pig POTPOURRI Business Manager 1963. IV MILDRED McLEMORE THOMAS, Haynesvilleg Englishg Soph- omore Counselor 19615 Senior Counselor 1962-635 Kappa Delta Pi 1962-635 AWS 1960-635 Staff Assistant 1961-625 Current Sauce Staff 1961-625 SLTA 1961-62. MYRTLE LEE THOMPSON, Georgetowng Mathematics. WALTER PATRICK THOMPSON, Jonesboro5 Health and Phys- ical Education. V LINDA DINGMAN THORN, Bossier Cityg Upper Elementary Educationg President of Dance Club 1961-625 Most Outstanding Dancer 19625 Vice-President of Dance Club 1960-615 Dormitory Officer 1959-615 AWS5 SLTA. MARY Barbara, Claliforniag ARD KA5 Accountingg Pi Phi Gamma 1962-635 AEA5 Sociologyg 1961 Vice-President Nursingg Newman Club, Elementary Educa- SLTA 1961-63. Vermontg Business Admin- AEA, Art Educationg International Student POTPOURRI Beauty 1962-635 Dormitory Oili- Alexandriag Agronomyg Demeter rfsvsifi' .QW ay my 1, 4 M3305 ,sf .LQ f 4 X9 1 Y. f . W ' . . . I 'E . I., 1 I ci f 1 A..--., sw.. l 5 ' M uw-nm V X sm'N'?, was ,pu V? ,pi-as 'DS 0C""' .W V f V1 . :V ' f -wfff f. i-'-fiiiazay: :eff . -Wwe fn, 4 LW Wg.-ww is ' A ,f . 4 W' F I 1 9' v' ff das f Zi , 'fa K9 A Sw I f M ww.. e rw N1 'X LE f Ali' 3,0 5 A x 'QQ V f 1 V LW sfo Q, .swfv Us we X, .f I fi! -.wVQ,,r"-faamrifas zm vffwxxyw-f is QI 'W fx qv X. W.. g- dhmyy,-: -gsm , .V 4 iff Q 105: vv 16 Q A 7 X X ,125 f J K z'17? THE SENIOR I CECIL JERRY VARNADO, Alexandriag ETFQ Marketingg Asso- ciated Men Studentsg Monitorg NSC Rifie Team. GERALD PAUL VERCHER. Alexandriag Upper Elementary Education. DENNIS WALLETTE, Natchitochesg Business Education. II ELIZABETH E. WALKER, Jonesborog Nursingg LASNQ NSNA. ROBERT PAUL WARE, Shreveport, Accountingg Colonel ROTCQ AUSAQ Black Knightsg Squad Leader. WILLIAM R. WATSON, Mansfieldg Electronics. III JAMES W. WATTS, Jonesborog Industrial Artsg Industrial Arts Clubg Flamingo Clubg Black Knights. LINDA DEAN WEAVER, Sareptag Primary Education. LARRY WEEKS, Shreveportg Zoologyg Beta Beta Beta. IV MARILYN WELLMAN, Boyceg Primary Educationg WRAg SLTAQ BSU. HELEN FAYE WEST, Shreveportg Upper Elementary Educa- tiong SLTA 1961-635 BSU 1960-635 Stai Assistant 1961-63. JOHN D. WHITAKER, Gorumg Social Sciences. V MARY LUCY WHITE, Jonesvilleg Primary Education. MARVA B. WILDEBOER, Camptig Nursing. ALBERT EARL WILLIAMS, Shreveport: Geography: Alpha Beta Gammag Concert Bandg Varsity Tennisg Ping Pong Intra- mural Champion 1960-63. VI LINDA ! fi 2 SLTAg Chairman CLASS OF 1963 I MABLE RUTH WOODWARD, Clintong AZQ Joumalismg Delta Zeta President 1962-633 Historiang Alpha Phi Gammag JOT Clubg Flamingo Clubg Current Sauce Staff. DONALD E. WOOLSEY, Shreveportg Electronicsg Black Knights 1958-60. JERRY WREN, Kilgoreg Business Administrationg Footballg N Club. II HARTWELL S. YOUNG, Montereyg Agricultureg Demeter Club. GEORGE WASHINGTON ZACHARY, JR., Homerg Physical Educationg Varsity Football. ..,.- ...X ,fy A f'-si A FJ?" "Sing along with Punt and his six little Puntsiesf' Q. Vw 1 xxa- : ' :sag W -, ij I CHARLA ANN AINSWORTH Stephens, Arkansas HERMAN LEE ALBRITTON Pineville DIANA GAIL ALDRICH Webster Groves, Missouri BETTY FAYE ALEXANDER Coushatta GERALD DOUGLAS ANDERSON Logansport II MAUREEN ANITA ANDREWS EEE JOYCE ARDUENGO VINCENT CHARLES AUTHEMENT SUE FRANCES BARTON JIMMIE DALE BAUGHMAN III DOUGLAS GLYNN BEACH JUDY V. BELL SHELLEY E. BENNETT KATHERINE ANN BERRY El-Y LINDA BARNES BERRY IV p TIM LEE BERRYM '-'T- 5, JUDY ANN GL1-:NDA J P BLAND MARILYN ' L, LE BLUNT TOMMLE BONNERH V T, GENE ALAN BORDELON . ELLISY. GEORGE BDSTICK UKT CECIU E. BOSWELL L RITA STORMUBOUCHER K .nj ALFRED BOWEN S, '-"4 A ' J' .fgwdlfu Baton Rouge Le Compte Belle Chasse Alexandria Shreveport Wisner p Colfax Raceland Q Waterproof Shreveport 4 A Benton . Sulphur g L Port Allen Mansfield I ,gli Hornbeck ' X vt. . . lf. " , 4, , 'lx l lv Al . ,K Noah B'?m9QnJ, ' "N ' S Shrevf2P5?f iPmwncq12iaQ-QQ 1' Pineyjupg. gdfms we iv' T' kF1i'.':'lTEg l.12m'l1 I X v. .1 3 - 4. -2, 1 " I-1f.fX:1,PSP at fig VJ' 5.54 ly -9 . 485' 9.125-N 'S I M, . 1 H - I - H , " A .4' 771'-'I jf'1Trf" " 'J ':"'i -, . ff' S 'll .fi-,K 'f' W "G G 4 A ,:,-r- 9 f' " jx- gl 1,-T' "N , , , vienna' ' ,. Mig- -f I !Tg,, -rj w ,fsgxhr 0' i.gqr'L:.-6'-M, I: .R V . :- . Mi, 1.-3 . -U. . ,tb f .1 I .P 'y Y. ,V ,M f- -- ff t M -P R- "' ' 4-sffl-S i - 1 ' Ga-- kgr YH-V ,f-GLVQM CLASS OF 1963 I AUTUMN NELL BRADLEY JAMES HAROLD BRALY JACKIE L. BRANTLEY PERRY LAMAR BRASELL DAVID H. BRAY II PATSY BROUGHTON CAROLYN HOPE BROUSSARD LOUIS KENDALL BROUSSARD WILLIAM BUCZEK JANELL BULLARD III DAVID L. BUMGARDNER SHARON JOHNETTE BURKHALTER JIMMY H. BURKS JOYCE HELEN BURNS EUGENE BURROUGHS IV DONNA LEE BUSH EK RUBY ROSETTA CARLILE AZ ELTON EARLE CARSON THOMAS CARROLL CARSON ANNE ELIZABETH CARTER Needham, V CHARLES RICHARD CARTER CLARISSA NELL CARTER ANN CAROL CATHEY THOMAS R. CATHEY CECIL M. CHOPIN VI CLYDE ELTON CLOUD KEITH COLEMAN O'NEAL LESLIE COLLIER SANDRA GAYLE COLLIER GROVER EVELAND COLVIN fgafy ERICK DAVID C GLENN HOWARD CONE Y N Y ANN co DOROTH PELAND SHARON CORBELL .'1'1! Shreveport Shreveport Natchitoches Natchitoches Pineville Shreveport Alexandria Abbeville Detroit, Michigan Zwolle Ashland Baton Rouge Cotton Valley Shongaloo Haughton Shreveport Baton Rouge Colfax Colfax Massachusetts Forest Hill Benton Shreveport Alexandria Natchitoches Elizabeth Jena Gilmer Alexandria Minden Natchitoches Hornbeck Slagle reveport pringhill Winnfield "Longstreet Converse Winnfield ? Natchitoches Boyce i U P I 4 6 W Q-4?Qf Q I A X 5 in my ,M THE JU , 7 f I A ,:':,. aw, 1 Y - A ,h,V , fm,fA, A Af f , A Md wa 2 W 'S , ,, fc zz. 4 YQ wyw, 5 , ,.,,f:., 9 J E :hs , -ff-1. H I RANDOLPH HARRISON CURRY LYNN DALTON PATSY ANN DAMICO SAM V. DAUZAT ETF CLAUDETTE MARCIA DAVIS II JOANN DEHABERMANN RUPERT DELK MAURY EDWARD DENNIS ROY DEVILLE LINDA M, DICKARD III JOHN M. DISTEFANO DOROTHY MAE DOMBOURIAN LEO CURRY DUCOTE SYLVIA THELMA DURHAM LARRY EDDY IV FRANCES NELLE ERWIN AZ JACK WILSON EVERSULL IOR Bossier City J onesville Alexandria Alexandria Natchitoches Bossier City Alexandria Lake Charles Alexandria Shreveport Alexandria New Orleans Belcher Natchitoches Springhill Lake Providence Bossier City W W GAYLE BARBARA FAIRCHILD Baker I MICHAEL JOSEPH FAUCHER Detroit, Michigan WANDA GAYLE FERGUSON Bernice A V "' GAIL FLETCHER Logansport ' HULEN CLIFTON FOSHEE Shreveport f JANICE ANN FREEMAN Houma JANET ANN FRUGE Vinton W RAGAN GANTT Jennings VI DIANE GATES Shreveport TOMNIY STEVE GAY HK? Shreveport ROY B. GENTRY Natchitoches LOREE GETER Robeline JOHN SAMUEL GHOLSON Vivian 'ff VII JOSEPH FRANCIS GIGLIO TKE rev rt FRANKLIN LOUIS GILCHRIST Gal' en City, sas CAROL ANNE GIVENS IEE S ei'epQ CHARLES ERNEST GORDON pf Orest i WELDON MES GORDON f pi, Lyf A -er. +1 e ie 1 . ft 191 'SIU w,J-Lkfi-- . af , in A free J. ' . , .v.-':i I C A ' ' N h' h A-,M ggi.. A 3 j,,awv,YjQ'Ql gQ-' xi lffk' 51- A. gf' a ,' ', r' M AL S Iiftlft A lf ., , nr. 1 RY -..E f .. 'Q,a,'ef:2f'J ' '-',."'1 .1 JN ' 4' fix, II 3 . r tflgj --" ' . 'e n . V , l I fic, Y ' 'T ILL- , 4, t , g U 'j-L-!g'-' 9 ' l " A A E-T g i. -.3 , I' -at A Aswan: .khkkga-h.lL.g .a.i...z.1m. -5, Q A 1'-iii-:omiiilzf " 'f'-'x' . L nu 1, 'Lt' 1 ,.s.- JH,-,' ' iazgff "fm--5' "-' -S-'w' ."'.-1 "- 'xx " Y ,- . -ri re.-Ae -31 iw H Z CLASS OP 1963 I HAYWARD HARGROVE LINDA HARPER JUDITH RAY HORWELL VIRGINIA HEAD JAMES HARDIN II WILTON EDWARD HEARRON JERRY F. HIERS KA MICHAEL HILBURN ELIZABETH ANN HILTON WAYNE HOOPER III A. JUANITA HORN ROBERT O. HOUSE MARILYN JANICE HUDSON BARBARA ANN HUMBLE LOUIS HUSON IV NANCY KAY HUTTON LARRY GENE ILES ET1' PAT ISBELL MARY KATHRYN JANES DAVID JARRETT V SHIRLEY WYONIE JEANE MARY LUCILLE JEANSONNE SAM JOSEPH JEANSONNE JUDITH ANN JOBE ANN P. JOHNSON VI KAREN JOHNSON LUCY N. JOINER EEE JANIE JONES FRANCES E. JORDAN SANDRA DEAN JOYC'E EEE WANDA LEE KEA VVS SAMMIE KETCHUM JULIA KATHERINE KING KAY KITCHESN CAR 'YN MARGARET KLEIN Minden N ewellton Vivian Benton Natchitoches Natchitoches Shreveport Bossier City Natchitoches Mansfield Logansport Wim1field West Monroe Baton Rouge Natchitoches Bossier City Baton Rouge Shreveport Shreveport Shreveport Leesville Hessmer Hamburg Natchitoches Natchitoches Shreveport Shreveport Leesville Deville St. Joseph Cotton Valley Shreveport Shreveport Shreveport Bossier City Olla f f ix 5 W ,f If D y Vw QW Aff Wa W "J f I f 9 f , . 4 5 M eyq-E., G nv 4' .-, ,,, J 1, S ,Aw ff V W A731 4 Uwrlf . M ,K ,W F... .,,.,:4 rn, fm 'W 2 f f 4 CPM. . I A w-Wy4'1," W . 'L' A ,fwfr I I M. 7 , . Q R Q. 'f' 3 N.: 55 ff 2: t M lf , ,PQ -341 I ff... A, K W5 37, W ff gg Z! A 4, ,Z fl' f . ' f fx ff ' .4 . ,, , ...M ,. ,, C, L we gat A A 1 -'-W THE ju 1oR f. W W 'f '- m a. fe ff fyffsf ls ' A 'rw I "Mif:2?"ls: Rs!" fi ' C ' - 1, f f Qt! ff!! ff 1 A 1 5 Z h A710 if ' M 4? if . f 5 Qi , A qv ,Q A, wr! V 'yd' 2 . fx , l l 'IT 2' 1:29 it Q 2 12 1 ss fav-ws.Q2..,5-S ..::.. Q. 4 7 meg -ge:-. TX 99,5 Q - ,f ' ? .3 of ' -4 f :?iw:1.M6'-'srv..:sg2':Qya N.. fy. QN2.:Ag...5,,.4:".tgZ W ff' f I l 'QQ- 1 JACK WILLIAM LEGGETT Oakdale RALPH P. LEMOINE Hamburg THELLIE LEVEE Tallulah MARY LOU LILLY Florien PATRICIA ANN LIVINGSTON Lake Charles II ROGER WAYNE LOCKRIDGE Shreveport MALCOLM WAYNE LOE WALTER ROBERT LONGLEY Dry Prong Port Sulphur SUE MCCAIN Ashland JANELLE N. MCCULLOUGH Mansfield III FRANK W. MCELWEE Oakdale JOSEPH EMMETT MQFARLAND Shreveport MARILYN JOYCE MCGEE Goldonna JUANITA MCGUIRE Saline ELIZABETH M. MCMANEMIN Georgetown IV MALCOLM J. MCMULLEN Pitkin CHARLES MCNEELY TKIC Natchitoches JARLON MAGEE Alexandria CURTIS BYRON MALONE Alexandria RANDAL MARTIN Ashland V MELVIN FREDERICK MARTINEZ Strong, Arkansas BUNNY MASINGILL IEE Natchitoches SIDNEY RAY MATTHEWS Wilsoxu, Oklahoma LEONA M. METCALFE Tallulah CAROL W. MILEY Shreveport VI LEIGHTON DAVIS MILLER, TKE Alexandria VVOODROW ROBBIE MOCK, JR. Slagle CHARITY ANN MONK Oakdale JO ANN MONK Woodworth RONNIE HOWARD MONTGOMERY Proveneal VII BILLY WADE MOORE CAROL ARLENE Mooay JOHN JAMES MOORE GLENDA B. MORBLAND .rpg-I BARBARA JBANBTTB MOEAN L.-A,-W M VIII JOYE MAE MORGAN JOHN B. MORREAU MAUREEN E. MORROW A-YA PERCY MARLON MORROW RALPH L. MOSELEY, JR. HARRY GLENN MURPHY JOHN O'QUIN MURPHY SARA MARCHIEL CARRIE LOUISE JOHN MILTON cf Winntield' New Orleans Calvin Natchitoches CLASS OF 1963 I GEORGE MASPERO OLIVIER ANN PA.RROTT SELBY JEAN PAYNE JERRY P. PAYNE ALANNAH H. PETTY AZ II MEADE PHELPS FRANCIS ELANOR PIXLEY JANE SHELL PLUMER LANNY CLAYTON PULLIG JOHNNY RAY PURVIS III RAYMOND WAYNE RABB JANET YVONNE RAMSEY BRENT MELVIN RASCOE LEON A. RIGGS CARNEY ROBERTSON IV PAUL ROCHETTE HKCIH MONTY RODES T KE PATRICIA ANN ROGERS PHYLLIS JUNE ROND BARBARA ELLEN ROSHTO V LOLA ROSS PATRICIA ROSS MARTHA S. ROWZEE RONALD ROY JOSEPHINE YOUNNE ROZAS VI WILLIAM H. RUTLEDGE, JR. TIK4' LINDA DIANE SAWYER DON LEONARD SCOTT, JR. ANNE MARILYN SCROGGS AZ JANES ELTON SCRUGGS New Orleans Zwolle Natchitoches Bossier City Mansfield Natchitoches Shongalo0 Bastrop Jamestown Oak Grove Waterproof Waterproof Coushatta Boyce Pineville Richmond, Virginia Benton Shreveport Natchitoches Pineville Natchitoches Negreet Leesville Natchitoches LeCompte Shreveport Bunkie Alexandria Shreveport Zwolle Zwolle Bossier City Bastrop Pennsylvania Natchitoches Newton, Texas Provencal Plain Dealing Natchitoches Atlanta Natchitoches Pineville Pineville Logansport Many ff? "W t . W, .4 ' W " ' QW +L5,:-:gy 413 9 AM 2 2 f KA 2 Q D J 1 uv- ga I 'N .M W9 25- y Q54 Y. ,iw , V nys ,Ms V nf Aw, Sf'-Q. 9 6 24152 xx .:, A- -wx' . X 7, , sm , -- -is T J W1 IL ,, ,WI I, 7, " 5-5? 1 wf W ,1,'f,',,Z' ff' 71 I 3 ,L V,V, , 4 .. . X 1 7 1 X ,. . iff 4 I JU 10115 I JAMES E. SPRAYBERRY IIKLD Rodessa MARY ANN STEPHENS East Point RONNIE RAY STEVENS Belle Chasse CLARK MCKINNEY STRAYHAN TKE Plain Dealing ALBERTA ANN STROUD Many II ARTHUR FRANCIS SUTHERLAND ETF Belle Chasse LADISLAS SZABO Rio de Janeiro, Brazil THOMAS NEIL TALLEY Leesville GLENN MADISON TATE Clare DIANE TAYLOR Shreveport III BILLIE LOUISE THOMAS AFA Pineville DOROTHY L. THOMAS Haynesville JUDYE BETH THOMAS Shreveport WILLIAM LEE THOMAS HKCP Shreveport BARBARA ANN THOMPSON Baton Rouge IV BILLY JOE THOMPSON Shreveport EMMETT W. THOMPSON Montgomery JUANITA RAYE THOMPSON Winnfield WILLIAM LANE TILLMAN Bossier City RONALD TIPTON Ringgold V BUTCH TOLAND Bossier City RONNIE TOOKE TKE Haughton KAREN A. TREW Sulphur DON VALLERY Bossier City FRAN VARNELL Winnfield VI PAULA MARILYN VETTER Coushatta EDWARD ACEY VINES Zwolle JAMES ADDISON WADSWORTH Bogalusa CARLA RUTH WALTERS Sulphur JULIA WELLS Alexandria VII PATSY S. US ...- X2 ?l Z2 3 5 ! 3 3- X Ill i :ZX-'Cir 1 OFFICERS Seated from left to right are: Carmen Codina, Reoresent- ative for Worneng and Carole Booth, Secretary. Standing Representative for Meng and Charles Maranto, President. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OF 1963 are: Tommy Putnam, Vice-Presidentg Randall Webb, JAMES S. ABERNETHY Gibsland W CLARK A. ALDRIDGE KA ShreVeP0I't RONALD CURBY ALEXANDER Shreveport ROY EARL ALLEN Bayou Chicot JERRY LYNN ANDERSON Calvin II LONNIE AUSTIN ANDERSON New Iberia .IANIS ANTHONY Negreet LILLIE ANN ARCHER Kentwood FRANKIE J. ARMSTRONG Keithville BEN ASH IIKQP Shreveport ul -ff X B 5-NlE!5?415ie SE A A S ' --14 ille B 'Z ' A JEAN AUTIN .-f-"" a A LIAM DELL BAILEY 5 ' , , Shreveport - - - V N Y ' :. " 'i-- -. . DL T: Q if l ?f -- 3 -I - fir- Q- sexe? efe S? e-L - l D " x 195-1 fr? 1' 1 Zi V- 1 -194- S+ I me e A -1 : qs il ite . '--' 'fm':':'-'-'1"1i', A ' ' 'f-J-21 T5 -f L--1:-152, 1'. r-a n--aa!!-ffufne -- -.5 1. L- l fydria - , 3 ' 'Yfg. aUfa 2+ sf' i i I lEf:j, ,FL lj' E i- L- 591: ,l ff M- 4 l.,--Ig: 'V, .,,4..,jli,jl4i'.,i.ff-"I 4:5 - + - iff? 'ff q 7 E-A W1 - 1 1 . '52, ' ' E: 4 E 1 , 0 n 13:9 5 5,5 E-gif, -EI f f? - I A v' Z, L34--T 5 E -1 I-A .ll-As-5,1 .1 .--ig Q? '1 P , 2,552-" V' " .',:',1"j1 -' 5 1? - -'- if 5-415 NNW ' ' " -"fi" ' -5 ' P 1 tt' 4 'S " QT H1142 A 465 P' e - - A- " 'E' ' di' 1' ,I "7 30 3? Z J 1 ,ff 1 VAL vi ff Z :kd W1 I I ,, , mi :fm - f: H - fz 1 WM :Q .. Wifi' 11 fi!- X51 ,Al ,f' I Qi f QR e , iff, ,,,, I I. X, , U: ,, QM. I ax 3 V 01' 98 Tl-IE SOPI-IOMORE I MARTHA RAE BEDSOLE FLORA LEE BEHRNES FAYE ANN BELGARD MARTIN T. BELL PATRICIA ANN BENEFIELD II SHIRLEY JEAN BENSON GLORIA JEAN BERLIN RICHARD E. BERLITZ DON JERRY BEETHELOT Mansfield Slaughter Deville Houston, Texas Haynesville Denham Springs Alexandria Bossier City Baton Rouge JAMES WESLEY BEVILLE Shreveport III JAMES H. BLACKBURN Lee-sville MARY JUANITA BLACKMON Baton Rouge DELORES BLALOCK Saline ANN MONTEZ BONIAL AEA Alexandria CAROLE YVONNE BOOTH Shreveport IV JAY ORVAL BORMAN Lake Charles VANCE E. BOYD Oil City JAMES H. BRADEN Alexandria ELIZABETH ANN BRADFORD Jena JOY NELL BREWTON Calvin V FRED HERBERT BRIGGS Snyder, New York WILLIAM KENNETH BRICKELL Shreveport BOBBIE DEAN BRITTINGHAM Baton Rouge GARY EDGAR BROTHERS Jonesboro BETTY LORINE BROWN EK Clarks VI JAN ANN BROWN Minden J IMMIE LEE BROWN Colfax CLARENCE H. BRUCE Pineville LINDA KAYE BRUCE Vivian DOTTIE BUCKNER Jonesboro ,-. Abi ff'-5' VII I A -'R in' V ALVIN LEE BUFFINGTON Pelican TERRY NEAL BURLEY MARTIN VIRGINIA JoE A1 4 Monterey Winnfield Bogalusat CLASS OF 1963 I DONALD BROWN CARROLL MARTHA JEAN CARROLL EMMETT LOUIS CARSON KAY CARTER CLYDE CARTER II SUZANNE ADELE CASSARD MILTON STRONG CAUSEY HENRIETTA J. CAVANAUGH ROMONA P. CHAMPAGNE JULIA SUE CHANCE III WILTON L. CHANCE GEORGIA LOU CHAPLIN BARBARA MARIE CHAPMAN MARION D. CHAPMAN CHARLANNE CHAPOTON IV CYNTHIA MARK CHRISTIAN MIKE D. CLARK PEGGY ANN CLARK THERESA ANN CLEMENS NANCY ANN CLEVELAND V ODIS DONALD COBB CARMEN MARIE CODINA EK CAROL ANN COLEMAN ANN COLLINS MARY JANE CONLEY AZ VI NELWYN WYNONA COOK AEA NEVA LYNELL COOK JANE CARROLL COOPER PATRICIA ANNE COOPER E222 AMY RUTH COPELAND ' f"A'Xff"'L'x, f f X fg4xM12Q3FriLEY R OHN ALAN CRESS DAVID P. CREWS JOSEPH CLYDE CROOKS BRUCE C. 'K Shreveport Forest Hill Welsh Kinder Doyline Shreveport Doyline Leesville Belle Chasse Elizabeth Elizabeth Natchitoches Lake Charles Bunkie Baton Rouge Mansfield Bunkie Alexandria Shreveport Thibodeaux Mansfield Lafayette Trees Calvin Shreveport Jonesboro Florien Shreveport New Orleans Mitchell Ringgold Baton Rouge Ferriday Trout Eeesville Pineville L .A f' Boyce Houma Winniield mere. M, pagdsmlfi I ...irrs tit. 7 , Q f i,:" i xv ,Mm M A 5 Q ai. .1 W W I S eport oches Springhill I-Iomer ps., .f ull' 'E' 99 I ,,- Y. ' ,fx 4. qv- . ,A 5 , ' 1 - 7.4 , , ..,.,. I X , i2 '34 4 4 if 'I 43 7 Igigiiggf 1 A . ig? ,W A . ..,, . ' ww A, --+ee:.zyQ:.:A..,,,,-I A- A 4m,m,-0- ,,,..A. Q., ,E .1 ' efQ2zr,A Y ,as Isl' X ,ww ,,., WW ,. ,. 1 ,, -9fe,.ws2r,,.:-w- A --,.' - ' 1 .. ,.., . ,wg :., , . 23 ,ff ifwk, 7 I , V ,,-Q.. fs-.V A ' I A.-:A Im.. gw'-A - 1 v' 'J 0- 41 . i Lf! ,f5. N Z, K 3, , I f 6 ffm W '45 MK iIgiii 1 I5 N 7 X ixgspx Iwxlwf x x E 4 A 1 wx A xfk N Z9 I 44 f " Z: Af QQ ,4 s.l 'i'VfiNJf-A I, J " V, 5, : , A 7 ' X ,ml S . X, ,-,',wii1v,N- ,V -, u f ',.e'4,v.-I ,I .. v ,- . i . - -- Y . ,- Inf Ari Ni ' .' . ff :J -Y A 51 . L 1 A 'A THE SOPHO ORE l PHYLLIS ROSE DEROSIA A-YA CARMIE SUE DICKSON LEE DICKSON GWENDA SUE DOWDEN BETTY CHRISTINE DUGGAN II FRANCIS RICHARD DUGGAN MAX C. DUGGAN DIANNE DUNN ROY DONALD DUPREE CLARENCE O. DURAND III ARTHUR JERRY DYCK CARRIE ELIZABETH DYKES VOELKEL MORTY DYSON JOHN TERRYL EASON V. CARLENE EDDLEMON EK Ill' DANNY RAY EDWARDS LYNDA ALYNE EDWARDS CAROLE ELIZABETH ELLIOTT JESSERENE ELLIS PATRICIA ANNE ELMORE I-YZ W7 TOMMY JO ENSMINGER DONNA CLAIRE ERICKSON SANDRA EVANS LOIS MARILYN EZERNACK INGRID MONICA FABER XII FRANCES VIRGINIA FALLIN AIA GARRY LLOYD FARTHING GORDON BYRLE FERGUSON West Monroe Cousnalta Coushatta Florien Cheneyville West Hartford Cheneyville Mansfield Coushatta Pollock Cotton Valley Dry Prong Cameron Mansfield Leesville Shreveport Vivian Many Gueydan Kinder Shreveport Shreveport Lake Charles Zwolle DeRidder Minden Shreveport TONI FERLITO TERRY G. FINLEY, III Shreveport Shreveport Monroe K-.fx VII CLYDE B. FISHER Please gfI9Ii11 CYNTHIA LOUISE FITZGERALD emm- JERRY FRANK FLANAGAN Ex zl-76 A ALINF 1' A 'f ' TV IA FLOYD 15, H! P My fe I 4' I I 5 X I , ff FO ER ' ANLEY CHARLES GALLIEN X- ,..,.-vt loo '- ' -M -... "DQ, G4-vii-.- A .,': 3 g 1 w . CLASS OF 1963 I SUE ELLEN GASKIN Ft. Necessity MILBON JOSEPH GASPARD, JR. Cottonport PATRICIA KATE GASPARD AZ Alexandria DOUGLAS WAYNE GAUNTT Noble LINDA MARIE GAUTHIER Bunkie II NANCY LEE GEPHARDT Mooringsport JON LEE GIBSON Haynesville MAUREEN E. GIBSON Alexandria SALLY JANE GIBSON Bossier City CHARLES V. GILES Hosston III CAROL GIPSON Jonesboro JANET ALINE GITHENS Vivian JOHNNY LEE GLASS Bossier City ROBERT L. GOLDEN Vivian ROBERT EARL GRAHAM Shreveport IV MARY BETH GREEN EK Shreveport PEGGY FAY GREEN Jeanerette JACK L. GREGORY Shreveport SHERRY ANN GRIFFIN Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico ELIZABETH ANN GRIGSBY AEA Alexandria V LEWIS DONALD GRISSOM IIK4' Jena MARTHA GUAY Many CLARICE GUILLORY MARGARET ELAINE GUNBY AZ Forest Hill Golden Meadow DOROTHEY FAYE GUNTER Lecompte VI CARSON E. HAIRE Natchitoches BARBARA ANN HALEY Minden WANDA HALL E p SANFORA LEE I-IAMES Pinevlilli LAURIE A. HAND Springhill VII Nf"v"'N LINDA LEE HANSON 'X Bossier City JOYCE LYNN HARGIS Baton Rouge SANDIE RENEE HARRIS Baton Rouge LUCILLE HART Westlake Sf DRA JEAN Springhill , f I ,555 'ijg-S' we -':-me-::: ,Ivy-wZ,,fe-.Q,.,x:9 M Q 'Rfa1wx'Z.i13?: 'cali ARL' S ,, 91. vwjfagf., .?..,st"-ir' SEXY' Z 42 '33 uiwjgi X V 'Qg f A R f K L silk .?,..QA, si , 7? , s 9 mv f QQ Ax A Xt X wg? f-5. 9 5 ,Q f Y ' S 9 4 X .Q Q rf - ' v'1:i3,f,-A - . . ,. Q, f-P Wi? 9 'W we' Q is .V i,,, 'xiii A 5? wr X, QA 0 We f W4 V .X Q I ivy' '1 I' X .M4 is , , Le v hklif ar . , .xg Avi A A ,XX S XX at X CN Q 'V 4? A XXL xb K? f 0 X Q S X w. Y s 4 N s 1 vb THE SOPHO ORE I ANN HIPPLER Negreet JACKIE SUE HODGES Kelly E. JIM HOLLIFIELD, III Shreveport PATRICIA ANN HOLLINGSWORTH Tioga JERRY FRANKLIN HOLLOWAY Bastrop II LARRY JAMES HOLLY Natchitoches CHARLIE RALPH HOLMES Georgetown LUCILLE E. HOLSTON Dry Prong WRAY CHARLOTTE HOOD Springhill BETTY ANNE HOWARD Pineville III RUBY ELIZABETH HOYT Cheneyville SANDRA KAREN HUBBS Baton Rouge RONALD HUDGENS Natchitoches CHARLES DARWIN HUDSON Shreveport LYNN E. HUEY Shreveport IV PERCY L. ISGITT Houston CORLEY V. JACKSON Many SARA JARRELL Minden GLENDA BELLE JETER Jena WILLIAM FLOYD JOBE Oil City V BARBARA CATHRENE JOHNS Minden BARBARA L. JOHNSON Leesville BENNI S. JOHNSON Smackover, Arkansas CHARLES WINDLE JOHNSON Shreveport CLAYTON GERALD JOHNSTON Shreveport VI GARY AUGUSTUS JOHNSON Haynesville GORDEN PAUL JOHNSON Covington KATHRYN VIRGINIA JOHNSON Shreveport KATHY ELAINE JOHNSON Metairie SHERRY LYNNE JOHNSON Sieper VII AUDREY NELL JoNEs,. .,pt BETTY RUTH JoNEs ' JAMES ROBERT JONES ,gs KAY ELLEN JoNEs OLEDA MAE JORDAN FA I VIII JERRY LAVELLE KEEN MARGIE KELLEY ANNIE VIRGINIA KELLY DAVID ARTHUR KELLEY JIMMIE LYNDELL KERN IX SYBIL ANN KERRY GEORGE KILLEN FRED A. KING KATHERINE JOYCE ANN Converse Converse Montgomery Grand Cane CLASS OF 1963 I BILLY WADE KNIGHT LOUIS CHARLIE KOLB LINDA JUNE KRAMEL C. CLIFFORD KROUSE MARIANNA KUCINSKI II WILLIAM OWENS KYZAR WILLIAM CLIFFORD LAMBERT DENNIS ROY LAPRAIRIE, JR. JIM LAY FLOYD DOUGLAS LEBLEU III JOAN DALE LEBOEUF HAROLD JOE LEDFORD JAMES E. LEE ROBERT EDIVARD LEE, JR. VICTOR C. LEE IV JUDY K. LESSARD MARTHA THERESA LEVASSEUR ARDIS DWIGHT LEWIS JAN LEWIS JOHN W. LEVVIS V BETTY ANN LINDSEY MICHAEL ALAN LIPPINCOTT PATRICK JOHNSON LOFTUS BILLY LONG THOMAS JAMES LONG VI JOWANA LOOPER JACQUELINE LOPRESTO ERIC STUART LORD JOHN F. LOVELL JAMES Varnado Atlanta Libuse Minden Jena Bossier City Hot Springs Effie Mobile Opelousas Port Sulphur Zwolle Sibley Alexandria Many Baton Rouge Natchitoches Mansfield Marthaville Florien Minden Bossier City Stonewall Winnfield Shreveport Alexandria Shreveport Houma Winnfield Haynesville Haynesville Coushatta Shreveport Shreveport Shreveport Natchitoches Colfax Effie Vick Shreveport Zwolle Shreveport Many Pitkin Coushatta rx e z C? Q Q' lp ,, ' ly ' 0 4 . :V ,- + O 6, ' N 3, 4 wf"o.s E I fx V if: in fl 'vii A 5 I 'VJ f-I v:-.,.- 4-1.-, 14. ,' ' -X vf f 6 W' , f .W h , X 5-aw V ...W Jc7 f 4 , Q 4 g ,far 'J A.. H, RID Q., Q- QX L7 ,rt 103 C035 .tw 2 l J 2 X L , X v f, 5 f r-3' f I f fix ' - 9 'fl .. v,,.,. - . , A f X V' ,slew f 1 s QM -21' wi' X' "f'.qe,I WK -ZF " 'ffaQf? X - I K-v x i . f. 'L A M, f x S v w. ,i f ,I 'f f- za -W' fl :W . 5 1 1 iff? f 1 0 H fc, ia f 6 Q 17' 1 f "fad in f' fx Y f7"'W4' MV A If LQ' . 4-4 74' ZW X me f .1 GJ Kylix! pf ,.,.., , .., Q I l x 7 5 , . A A-. K f . :iff 1, ,,f.wrv.y . , 11 , ,. e,7f,v,w'f., W, 5-M. ,, 1.5. . ., ,Hue JA X Ef2f2eL'f'5i'-7 I V4 I , A 5, Y S . . it XZ 3 ,I ,.-,, H fw fr, 5 A 1 : 2 A-.V Q.. 0 . .,,f, . :i ,. '- 1 snizm ,v1::' -'S ' f P -H.: X , tg gc.:-:w 1, :'- ." I 1.12 "'E"5: R X , M 1 7 We , ,hw .- , W. 252' , ,. n ? V 4 Q I. THE OPHOMORE I MARCUS LANE McDOWELL MARGIE MCELWEE SUSAN SHEFFIELD MCFARLAND CARROLINE S. MQGEE BEVERLY MCGOWAN II GAYNELL MCGOWAN CAROLE ELLEN MCKNEELY GENE MADDOX REED SAMUEL MADDOX THERESA MAHFOUZ LINDA JOYCE MALLEY GLORIA JANET MALONE JAMES EDWARD MAMBOU G TKPT EARL LESLIE MANNING III JULIA K. MAHONEY R IV CHARLES MARANTO GWEN MARIE MARLER A-YA ELIZABETH MARSDEN CATHERINE DIANNE MARSHALL BARBARA LOU MARTIN V CAROLYN LOUISE MARTIN JERRY C. MARTIN SAMUEL ARTHUR MASSON JOE PAUL MAXEY JANIECE ANN MAYET VI VICKEY RUTH MEADOR DONNIE GERALD MERCHANT CASWELL MERRITT TERESA AME METZ TIM W. MICIOTTO VII Doyline Delhi Houma Florien Shreveport Shreveport Blanchard DeRidder Haynesville Mansfield Minden Cotton Valley Springhill Shreveport Alexandria Shreveport Alexandria Shreveport Cotton Valley Minden DeQuLncy Ashland Cloutierville Noble Lockport Shreveport Simpson Anacoco Morgan C ity Shreveport ' 1 4 ' I l 4, . Jw 1 ,G u 1 eq A, 51. .. , .. ,,,: I Z - r . " 9 E l 121 N, -A, A qv. ,v 'fi ? f I D 1 ,fg 112 I-H1 104 I, CLASS OF 1963 I JUDITH CARROL MURPHREY RONNIE GENE MURPHY ELIZABETH SHARON NAPP ROBERT DALE NEAL WENDELL AUSTIN NEAL II JOSEPH JOHN NECTOUX KATHRYN NEELY MARY K. NEILL HELEN CHRISTINE NEWSOME DOLORES LEA NICHOLS III MADELYN NIEMANN JAMES BENJAMIN NOLLEY EMERIC T. NOONE, JR. BARBARA NORRIS BARBARA ANN NOYER IV AUBREY LYNN NUGENT DAVID EDWARD OLDEN BRENDA DIANNE PACE DALE PARKER ALBERT GENE PARKS V BARBARA NELL PEARSON RUSSELL LEE PEDRO CONNIE JEWEL PENCE JAMES A. PENINGER Logansport Bienville Bossier City Pineville Franklin Shreveport Shreveport Zachary Leesville Monterey Redding Natchitoches Buckeye Dry Prong Coushatta Colfax Jena Sarepta Shreveport Shreveport Bossier City Shreveport Baton Rouge Forest Hill .4 , 1,1 fe, I Wwe ,Q ,, I A A , a ,w 42"f 1 I Kwai t ea xgzfffv w w e ' ' H . 5. 7 ,.., , . Q ... N , wa- M M Www ., "' f-L .- ' , '5 1 n v ? sf-' ffm' LARRY EMERSON PERDUE Prairieville VI DONALD MELTON PERKINS Leesville ANNA PEROT Natchitoches SUZANNE PETTY Des Allemands LINDA JANE PHENICE Hathaway ,,,. JAMES W. PHILLIPS Boyce ,, , ag X .aj vu Jiffy f-M - PHILLIPS 'Xshnevf --- Jena agua-nir:Lrrl1i H lf" L l . + . ie t 105 THE OPHOMORE I DONALD DOUGLAS QUINN BARBARA ANN RACHAL GLORIA RAINER JOY RHEA RAMBIN JOANN RAMEY II CHARLOTTE RAMSEY CURTIS DUDLEY RAMSEY ROBERT STANLEY REYNOLDS BETTY LOUISE RICE J. P. RICE, JR. III MYDRA ANN RICHARD VIVIAN KATHRYN RICHARDSON PAUL M. RIGGS PHILIP O. RINEHART GINGER RUTH RISLEY IV CARRIE ROBERTS JUDY ROBERTSON LEONA ROBINSON DONNA JEANNE RODGERS RITA MARIE RODGERS V LINDA L. ROYERS Ringgold Chopin Shreveport Powhatan Vivian Mansfield Logansport Kinder Glenmore Denham Springs Morgan City Shreveport F erriday Bossier City Alexandria Wisner Dixie Shreveport Plain Dealing Baton Rouge Baton Rouge ARLEEN ROLLING Metairie LENORA JEANNE ROSENTHAL Alexandria J OHNNIE ROSS Shreveport JOANN ROUCH Shreveport VI NICHOLAS SELBY ROY Mansura GENEVA CAROLYN RUSSELL Tallnlali MARILYN ANNE RUTHERFORD Shreveport JANICE DALE SALLEY Natonitoonaa JACKSON EDWARD SALTER, JR. Florien '-ny V.,--V 'XFX VII .TOE REECE SALTER f. X , Florian VIRGINIA SUE SANDIFER 4... . -. - Bentley MARTHA KAYE-S D -I5 -- FN, , , atchitocheg JANET RA E SAU,f,g :Jag Jig Pinevi JOE ISXNN ea- 1323 - - ix' hre -n iv? . ' fl' iw. fi -rf... - feral aa of -riff .. f 5 , Dijgfi -I Wi- 1 " fl 4 '-xv 1 .- e i I . 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SPEARS Mansfield IV ANNABELLE LEE SPECHT Boyce MARY LOU SHERSTAD Forest Hill MYRNA ANN SPILLMAN Jackson L. JOSEPH SPINKS Colfax KEARNEY JAMES STAKES Abbeville V T. LARRY STARK Tallulah ERIC RAY STEINHAUSER Shreveport EVAN KENT STEINHAUSER Shreveport DIANE STEVENS Natchitoches WILLIAM RUSSELL STEVENS Coushatta VI GEORGE STEWART Colfax AMY E. sT1LEs Campti BRENDA GAY STROUD Negreet VICKI STUBBLEFIELD Opelousas XROY kk Plain Dealing , f iff I I TN Xfxlg-I-YT L. SYLVESTER ' Alexandria R. CAROLYN TALBERT X Ringgold MILTON TARVER Florien CHARLOT' 'WDA TASSON C arksville JOE F. A Coushatta l 'W'-ga.-'J ansfie Jackson Bossier City - is-'L eMeH-y- Robeline - ns X . ?'lor1en Plainview TS .-.....-ff' TJ' IO fssys! ..,.e,1:w te! ' 8277? 'QM 3 'Q . Q k. an ., a 3 Q N X S A N 2 5, it , 595 X x I 4 A-5 J X .. 1 X ,gbfw .. li N, V Qxxlir A-1, fm-A.. ' A ,iff N ,.,. 45 Y 6' ,.,- ,M , ' 4 K .., , V a 1 5 9 b if 1 J , M 909 V life W' R 5 as iff? W A 'We W S ' 4 x A e . fi Q. QW .f Q. , iw .awp-we X pk 3 4 A2 f , X ff z e Q N X 'x N f X4 A -e..e.e:.1. A 4694 tw-he G as 6' f Nl, R f if Z 3 mv X21-'-,gg 'HF F Q-ff - ' '. V:-.43 -3- - . ' 'wfev-s-wh..-.4. , ,l?...,.. M .- -v-q...,...,,,-awe " .. -.M .,..,.,.. kfx I r +' ,si-I J we QW' ffm f"'f. Y -fy. Q 1 7 , Io , .-We Life THE SOPHO ORE I I 4 DONALD C. THOMPSON ,AAO KENNETH RAY TILTON I 7 A 'N ,A BARBARA JANET TOOKE p . . A ",V , , MARY ANN TOUCHSTONE 1 ' Ly BEVERLY ANN TOUPS . XZ My ff ,, , :,, 'E KR,fY , . Z 3 JOSEPH NOLAN TRAIGLE RA L .,.,,,..,, ,.. 9 s . ,. . J 3 7 1 fo, f 5 A mf fy ra ,g,,,,f,v ,,1 , .- Zmw-Z,!g5Ajg.v R., ,4 ,-Jw'-gM'.4-1' 3:11 f:'4:f:1mi w,7Y.g-...I fd 1. .Qf1f.f'f'Qff -AJ -- ,5 ..V, ,. 11 I U I I f . 9 A . , V 5 Y ., ' 41 M V1 Z -"4 3 5. .. ,,,,, f,- , -f , .Im . , 4 ...D S I ,.. -3 JUDITH CLARICE TURNBOW A GLENDA MAURICE TURNER RALPH TATUM TYLER CHARLENE ANN URBAN 43? III GAIL FRANCES VANDERLICK JEANNE THERESE VANPREENE , JO ANN VERMAELEN " ROBERT D. VINCENT ' - 1 is CYNTHIA MARGUERITE VINING Fw 1 x' 4 W 4 .5 LETI-LA R. VOIGT I I Ea. WILBUR F. WALDRON. JR. JOYCE L. WALES ta, ! i fr" Rf I if Qiflwxk I F:-we ir an i5-,guy SUE WALES JEAN V. WALKER AZ V MILFORD L. WALKER DUFFY WALL LLOYD EUGENE WALLACE GLENDA JOYCE WAMBLE MORRELL EDWIN WARD VI RAE BELLE WARNER EK CECIL H. WARREN MELINDA WATKINS EEE SUDIE ANNE WEAVER CHARLES MONROE WEBB Montgomery Elizabeth Ringgold Bossier City Cut-Off Belle Chasse Shreveport Florien Benton Alexandria Alexandria Minden Alexandria Gueydan Amite Natchitoches Haynesville Baton Rouge Minden Shreveport Bogalusa Tullos Shreveport Shreveport Converse Alexandria Shreveport Shreveport Chestnut Church Point VII gf . 31. vi 1 JOSEPH RANDALL WEBB HQ grille VIRGINIA SUE WEBB pcaivikff MIKE G. WEEGO KA exaqggila. NORMAN ., WELCH , Accc f Ale Oa- l:zf..p p ,Efma Q! . A W, - f fiiaf I . Qigifs- WHHTEIF Bw ' Calikmiiaff .. -Q EC" IGH f . 2 95396, , ul 1 I" 1 at , i 5-e:tFh 'If IAMS . 2-..' me 2 ,,, ', .' :lf -' . -i l'1'V'i2 Y 4- ' -- drfa.! . , :Q A i ,.u.L15 as aqI.I.:.' ' s.Lu.L. i.f2gF35 fmR. al ' . J '-I.. A Amana: .nun-I.h.LL.4 .amshlauh I . Lffl ,-.-" 2- E - Ja w f L 'J ":'!. .- :Si ., mi - ' 'V' , bf-faq " -' - rr V ' '. ' ' A 55 ?'U'-7'..-..'f.' '54 ' --LE' -i -... ' MARGIE WILSON ry rong is , , qvnvvft IO "' "' ' '- l - -1- 8 -v,,. - -.l .-......-u ,ogg-A w ,, CLASS OF 1963 I JEAN WINEINGER JACK RUSSELL WINTERSTEEN JOANN WISE GENE WOOD JUNE WOOD II RICK WOODSON ROSEMARIE WOOLEY CLINTON DUKE WORSHAM RONALD WAYNE WYATT CHERYL YARBROUGH III JANE YOUNG JEAN COLEEN YOUNG JUDY ELAINE YOUNG LORETTA YOUNG GUTCHEN BERYL ZANSLER IV DIANNE D. ZIMMERMAN 553 CAROLYN ZUVIC'H Shreveport Great Falls, Virginia Lena Jal, New Mexico Castor Shreveport I-Iaughton Many Belmont Mansfield Ashland Leesville Shreveport Mansfield Metairie Bunkie Buras el X . A f .IZV f , X, , ' an X f ,yr , f 6 f .. , M X 2 . ,-ff . KW 'W' ,W 5' 2 fa .g 24. ,. v 51 79? 1 ff W X ,Pm sw YY X 9 fa,- fr V .J ang V Ml. 'yy iw f Y W ' KK M . ag? ,ww , J a Q5 f J? W 00 s vswaxm fx NZM 35" -"' , xg? 5 '5 v an W.. , It ,,,,,,t.. f,,, . , ,Q , 45 av rt f Is THAT for your girl? , I A. ,, .. 5 ' , 4, ,Lf f A, - awk 0631 f 42, '9 -7 wmrs ' 62 558411 109 OFFICERS Shown seated is Betty Clegg, Secretary. Standing from left to right are: Carroll Long, President: Jerry Sutton, Vice-Presidentg and Gerald Long, Freshman Class Repre- sentative. THE FRESHMAN ,V 1, F Q 3? J. riff I A 'A .. I J 43 , ,fs bn I f- .q 'T' E ' f av -nl -- fi' ,v IS CLASS 'Mr N? f ... i IIO I GLENDA GAIL ABNEY SANDRA EILEEN ACKERMAN JAMES C. ADAMS LOLA GAY AIKEN ELVIN WAYMON ALLBRITTON II JERRY EMMETI' ALLEN MICKEY BERNADETTE ALLEN DO YLE ALLIEN SHELIA RAE ANDREWS SHEILA FAYE ANDERSON III JUDY CAROL ANGELE ACEY HARDY ARDOIN R. J. ARDOIN HARRY LANE ARMAND DOLLIS MARIE ARNOBD. R T5. P, IV " I fs.. BETTY GENE ARTHUR LARRY OTTIS ARTHUR JAMES EARL AYMOND RUTH NINA AYRES MICHAEL FARIS BAC V KENNETH HAROLD BAGGS CHARLES NEIL BAILEY DAVID BAILEY EARL B. BAILEY, JR. MALCOLM D. BAKER Shreveport New Orleans Mansfield Cheneyville Tullos Plain Dealing Alexandria Jena Leesville Kinder Mansfield Easton Basile Alexandria Many CLASS OF 1963 I ROXIE SOPHROWIA BAKER THOMAS ELTON BALLARD JEAN FRANCES BANDY BEVERLY ANN BARGER RACHEL ELAINE BARNHILL II MARY CAROLYN BARRON GLENDA DALE BASCO ELLEN ELIZABETH BASKERVILLE DONALD M. BATES GROVER LA.MAR BATES III DALRIC JOHN BEAUREGARD SHIRLEY ANN BENEFIELD SANDRA SHERYLL BETHANY ROY H. BETHARD HOWELL DON BETTS IV CAROLANN E. BINGHAM SUZANNE ELAINE BLACKBURN AZ JAMES RICHARD BLAIR CATHERINE BODDIE MARY ANN BLANCHARD V NORVEL GENE BLAYLOCK LINDA C. BOESCH ERMA JEAN BOLTON ROBERT GOLSON BOND WILLIAM THOMAS BOONE VI JUAN REGENALD BOOTY CAROLYN SUE BRADFORD JIMMY LEON BRADFORD THOMAS LYNN BRADLEY CAROLYN ANN BRANCH Jena New Iberia Atlanta Pineville Noble Ashland Mansfield Minden Provencal Natchitoches Haughton Haynesville Springhill Jena Minden Baton Rouge Glenmore Alexandria Shreveport Houma Plain Dealing Baton Rouge Cotton Valley Arcadia Leesville Kisatchie Georgetown Jonesville New Orleans DeRidder Gretna Florien Natchitoches Belle Chasse DeRidder Oil City Shreveport Vivian Many Campti Shreveport Oak Grove Sibley Fordoche Sarepta i Q X. Y Y ' EW N' ' '72, f Agfa, 1 fx AW, gi ,' N if , . va gt: ,- zz.-fe 4 if -S:-133, 1 a---W2 , f. fox, im. wg 2, , fm ' Q Q , R ff taaie. asa: l 3 Wg 1 .F Q 6 A ' - 4 'FI' alll' ., 'ahve 1, ,- , I , Q? 4 . Q5 V' W A I ' .A M 4. - f Ki MW M , Q Ja , ,P A-3. 'X if Q :xi-T ,L 6 -. W Q. v .- .W 1 I ' ' lv X . , f ,.. ' . ,av 0 X 11 2 f 1 W f 1 f , V J' N in . 4 sa W as X F 0:-'Sin' :L imwv an awww, icekxw 9' A , ye . .-Q, f-Q R ,,,,:: . ka fm :ug .W 1:2 I X f WA 1 X N ,M Q . III I wa at N ' e if ' -1. 'C' I If , Ms 0' fx , .. ?, fs. ,,, 'Wy LHEWYI7 'f frm AW aw .1 GJD X.. -W1 'hr A.. ,N 7 , Fawn, f or rr V1 X 'D , .. . I mx- 1- 1 5 ',-',,e - . .Q A" A f.4:5,,a ' 0 Ls U . THE FRESHMA I NORMAN PAUL BRUCE Gretna GLENDA FAYE BRUYNINCKX Alexandria DOROTHEA MARIE BRYAN AEA Alexandria RONNIE F. BUJARD Vinton PATRICIA FRANCES BURFORD Gloster II JAMES RUSSELL BURKE Bossier City HUGH M. BURTS Ferriday JANET RHENDA BUTLER Natchitoches WILLIAM ALLEN BUTLER Winnsboro ANTOINETTE REGINA CACIBAUDA Belle Chasse III ANNE ELIZABETH CAMPBELL Benton LARRY GENE CAMPBELL Noble CAROLYN ANITA CARDINO Natchitoches BARRY MAC CARTER Haynesville CAROLYN A. CARTER Forest Hill IV NEWTON BUFORD CARTER Bossier City TOMIVIY L. CARTER Doyline FRANKIE JOYCE CARTWRIGHT Plain Dealing LAINE FAIR CASCIOLA Benton CHARLES LARRY CASH Shreveport V JACK L. CAVANAUGH Leesville CHERYL LYNN CHABAUD Metairie RONNIE THOMAS CHALAIRE Shreveport GEORGE A. CHANDLER Ferriday ANN ELIZABETH CHEATHAM Springhill VI SHIRLEY LYNETTE CHILDS Springhill RONALD EUGENE CHRISTIE Shreveport HELOISE CECILIA CHRISTY 5-Z Houston. Texas CHARLOTTE MARIE CLARK Bunkie RENIE CLARK AZ Shreveport VII 4 3 fl 117. I, , ,Z 1 3 -,...T- CLASS OF 1963 I MARVIN DOUGLAS COOPER Baton Rouge WADE COOPER Manchester, England IRIS LYNNE CORBELL Springhill STEPHEN ALLAN CORIELL Leesville SANDRA LOUISE CORKERN AZ Franklinton II DONALD S. CORLEY Florien ROY HEARD CORLEY Mansfield JIMMY FRANK CORN Hosston NICHOLAS CORONA CLAUDIA WILLETA COURTNEY Baton Rouge Bossier City III BETTY JO COVINGTON Shreveport BRIAN COVINGTON Shreveport CORNIAL F. COX Marthaville DOROTHY COX Atlanta DYRENDA DAWN COX EEE Bossier City IV MURIEL LOUISE CRAFT Florien LAURA JANE CRANK Shreveport RACHEL FRANCES CRATON Minden CHARLES EARL CRAWFORD Leesville LINDA SUE CRAWFORD AEA Natchitoches V CHARLOTTE VIRGINIA CREED Jena GEORGIA ANN CREEGAN AZ Shreveport PAULA CRENSHAW Shrevepolt JIMMY ROLAND CROFT Shreveport DIANN MARIE CROUCH Monterey VI RENA D. CROUT Jonesboro BARBARA FAYE CRYER Anacoco SANDRA ANN CRYER Many STEVE CRYER Shreveport SHELIA MAC CULP Monroe .X GLAS WRIGHT CURTIS CUTRER ' ' 1 'Ill --lk , if ' ?- UFHS ,. .,. 4. W, , :lf 1 ' ' f" f 1-, V. '- nv ,.- wf ,4 QM I neg 5 144 f i id 41? 42 442 4 ,2 1.2 ff .V 6 rg f' f . 'Ea- 7 ,,gr? 'f' X ...W .-g -, an .wi '-r 9 , ' Q ,gl- ,.4:7p.f:- :Z 4 y f 1 4 y ., x J W' S , . ,, ,-mr ..- -. V E Z f ff' , 4 f 1 ' 1,4 ' if Q ,I ,W ,qw 73 " vw' ,img I M4 'Q W .mf M 1 1 fwf as , N ' '-.'y"':?,43 5? 3--qw 0 1 fri? V 1 f U v wk ,.f,'1l'4V'1 Z. fskww' g'Q',,.. M: f , , 'fwfviw gf?" ! f 'L .1 I C Q' :V 4 fs .. -- , of .-.M ,.. 4. I , ., . ln ofa 1 :,a"' f 4 , , --"' ,ww 4' N, f,T.'4 3 fi vi . .. i A - 2 My Q si g :fl ' ' ,.,, dr 2 mf X. 4, Q . ' i MI' g. ,-1. f -4-Q S '-it 41" .. ' ffl, I y , , , A ' 2? f THE FRE HMA . , ' '5""-J' -qw J M axe.:-A wifi fs, Q? --ya I 5 . v i I, " Y 1 H 'L 1- S311-2. v ' - , ..',gl vvvnt' :N I ' , I MARY DEFATTA Shreveport FELIX ANTHONY DEJEAN Opelousas MARGARET DEKEYZAR Boyce CYNTHIA ANNE DENGES Winnfieid JERRIEL CLIFTON DENSMORE Oil City II ANNE LENORE DESPUJOLS EE Shreveport CHARLES LOUIS DEVILLE Deville BETTY SUE DEWITT AZ Alexandria NANCY CAROL DICKINSON Doyline ARTHUR BREEN DIX Shreveport III RITA ELLEN DOBBINS Shreveport JAMES RAYMOND DOBBS Shreveport KATHLEEN L. DOHERTY Jennings WILLIAM ROBERT DOLLAR Shreveport PAT ANN DOMINGUEZ Baton Rouge IV PRISCILLA DORGAN Opelousas MARY FRANCES DOW Natchitoches JOHN LEWIS DOWDEN Kisatchie CAROL EMILY DOWLING Shreveport CHARLES THOMAS DRAKE Bossier City V BENJAMIN W. DUBOSE Florien DONNA RUTH DUGGAN Many WAYNE GRANT DUKE Leesville MATTIE JEAN DUNN Greenwood RICHARD ELLIS DUPONT Eunice VI KENNETH TWAIN DURAND Pollock JESSIE EILEEN EAGLES Dry Prong LINDA KAY EBARB Zwolle WILLIE GERALD EDDLEMEN Hine ELLEN JEANETTE WARDS 1 , 4:1 I Xu GN BRENDA SLR? ELLTO , 5.--, ,gf Rustonqg L-X SUE KNOTT XLLIO gy.. .. .H 3-3 -' db arthaville W Q FRED THOMASA , - Wg. u v- v I ' - 1 sr ' '..-.---,, ,, .. TEDg,EN.L.oE .g.. if . VL, gp i.v'f,i..W4,g , GLYN , ' TES-If J., H ,y , I D' .---5. 'eat L., ww rv - I I 1 ft, 1 ref '1g5f'5ig ' I ,Ji V I' 0 ,Nu , - 'qi - - Qlxid- l A : 4 JA 7-P: 'M I 'l-ll 'a .y - t' 'Jew xiii X' MA - .r .wr .- ,E N 5-P335 . : .1 A. 2 Wg ,.4- ' M 1,3 466 ,A n Elm 1 ' tt, . E1 , 9??.'5S,3- bg, s" '. .if':D. ' if-' I K Q - -.PGY K,?'1?u N Q.. .I :p n -az-a j: ' -2- u..5v'4-.5 . . A of t' - . ' ' -. 1 - ' :+ 5 5 " 5 ,'. 4 . ff.: 4 5 I A 4 - , .- wr- A - - Il . ' -2 P -U - -..,-.L-1 ,if Jiri I P "- 'ii --3:57 h '1 --'1 --.A H nu 'L' ' f'-if ' 'Q . 'Fri Zn., ,LT , A ' -..Jil . Q Y' e'q!f'..: E?'35'F-5 - ' l .. ' 2 yqgnnw- .- - .----- Wa ' W, 1--I ' Q- nw.. -:-:-1.18 , - 'Af' 2 ' ',.. ,A 9 zslilf-fa-!':"Y Lb 0 3 nl' - . -- I . II4 i -- -- L. ,-- -Q"'-- Misa! W J f- CLASS OF 1963 I MACK WILLIAM FIFE ROBERT ALLEN FINCHER WILLIAM BRYAN F INCHER EVA MARY FIRMIN GERALD JACK FITZGERALD II CARROLL RILEY FLOYD JOAN IRENE FOGLEMAN SUE ELLEN FORBES JANICE SUE FOUNDS MARION HENDRIX FOWLER III WARREN DANIEL FOX MARY ELLEN FRANCIS JAMES RONNIE FREEMAN LINDA FREEMAN MARILYN FRENCH IV WILLIAM FRENETTE ANNETTE FRIDDLE SHARON KAY FORD CHESTER JOSEPH FREGE RONALD LEE FRUSHA V BENNY FUNDERBURK DAVID CORDELL GAAR CAROLYN SUE GAMBLE ELWYN GAMBLE CAROL RUTH GANDY VI STEPHEN GARCIE EVELYN JEAIINLNETTE GASS JOE G Nfxf-X XQAMI DOROTHY GENNQR R EL GENTRY X- N- O Tullos Shreveport Shreveport Plaucheville Kenner Shreveport Colfax Baton Rouge Many Coushatrta West Monroe Monroe Ferriday Marthaville Many Ferriday Houma Shreveport Basile Lake Charles Florien Alexandria Marthaville Baton Rouge Many Zwolle Hornbeck Lisbon New Orleans Bossier City fy!! it AX VII RR EARL GENTRY in-'Florien KATHLEEN GEORGE Zwolle CAROL Blanchard , LINDA VIVIHH X l-f"'5 Ferriday l L? Cotton V N3tCh1tOCh6S I rw. K, F ,ws 1 ,gums I I ,Q 3 , 1 eq ax Q, Ia. at ,Zz ., 2 I ,,, ff -- ., 1 1 if 'I :Y I 4 tl 7 I 5 si ef , A if 4 W s , V X 6203, . ?'x.g- , V 1:7 E Q' we 0. ef S f Aft . , , vw he I f, .E Bsvsfg M A 5 '95 3 'IS 135 kt ,, il ' Q ' 9- ff 'ivwwfh 10 4' . K W, I, , 3 Q wks v Benton df. 1 Q , we K 1 City il I A ' S! Q .,3' " :Lt :Nb fy ,f 5 ' II J ...JT , f 1- l "-' ' f: , , ffm f A Ayr 1523, 5 :S '13, JW' 7435 ,--t?..,.YZf'., ff, av mf, . - 'TJ' 1:5 "' QQ, " P, . I , -- T3 R+ ' R, 14 Z ..l za: ,Elia I V V ' 3 Q .. 1- 5 3 ' :- , T-4 y J - 4' A 'W , ffjlf f fb". - fi ' I . 'f ri via ' ' 3 ' WT" "7 1, - In Km , " 1 I N 'ff' - cf , I f L 'Elf - 'I f 'Y ii 4 U . ? M 9,11 , f y -y eff 4 ff X . ig Q.. L ,E ' V ' " " 1' 74 a I Q X f J, "Vv 7, .V-V F Ti i ' , . Ii M an -X I l f lfigfljzii !L?1f'152'fZ5' ' ,a.WM,.W,4, X. an "3 Mfxxbxl 125 KLA it 5 f ,asw 1, ,, , . 11 THE FRESHMAN I REBECCA SUE GRAY MARTHA ELAINE GREEN ELIZABETH NAN GREEN SIDNEY GREEN CAROLE ANNE GREGG II CONSTANCE CAROL GRIGG PHYLLIS R. GUIDRY KENNY PHILIP GUILLOT EDNA MARIE GUNN ATA PHILLIP BRUCE GUTHRIDGE III SHERRY HADDICK KAREN LYNN HAGEDORN LEE HALSELL HAILA ESTHER HANDLEY RONALD VINCENT HANNIGAN IV ELIZABETH ANN HARPY LYNWOOD LYNN HARGRAVE CECILIC ROSE HARRIS EDMOND JOSEPH HARRIS JAMES ERNEST HARRIS V MARCUS LUCIAN HART Sibley Eunice Natchitoches Natchitoches Shreveport Goldonna Alexandria Shreveport Shreveport Sulphur Campti Shreveport Elizabeth Lake Charles Shreveport Minden Kaplan Mansfield Mansfield Bossier City Baton Rouge PHILLIP RONDY HARTLINE Vivian TOMMIE CHARLOTTE HATCHELL DaRlCltlal- SYLVIA LORETTA HATHORN Alnxanfllla CAROLYN HATTAWAY Colfax VI JIMMY HAWTHORNE TKT-I Anacoco SANDRA HAWTHORNE Jnnaavllla DONALD HAYNES Minden LINDA DEAN HAYNIE Dnlalaal-ly JOHNNY M. HAYS Minden VII JAMES MONROE HEAD 1-na MAURICE L. HEBERT Fa-af Hill WINN DAVID HEDLESTON Kill Vp Te' a NINA BOSE HENDRICKS ff hrev - CARRO ARVIN HENRY L L. f alle, I A A ALQf2Y VV I? ,Z 1 . 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HUGHES TOMMY GENE HUGHES BEVERLY ANN HUMPHREYS IV WILMA LEE HUNT THYRA NADINE HUNTER MARGARET JANE HURST REGGIE LAMAR INGRAM PEGGY ANN ISBELL V JAMES BARRON ISGATE CAROLYN IVY LINDA GAYLE JACKSON MELZIA DWAYNE JAMES LARRY ELLIS JAMES VI SHARON ROSE JAMES ROY W. JAMES FRANKLIN HENRY JARRATT CEDRIC W. JARVIS PAUL DWIGHT JEANSONNE JUDITH CHARLENE J NELVA LERENE JENKINS RONALD R. JENKINS JAN FREYA JENSEN BETTLKLOUISE JOHNSON Castor Clarks Provencal Logansport Shreveport Benton Winnfield Rosepine Abbeville Converse Monroe Rosepine Shreveport WinnHeld Baton Rouge Shreveport Coushatta Shreveport Good Pine Shreveport Many Sarepta Shreveport Rosepine Rosepine Shreveport Winnfield Delhi Sarepta Alexandria Robeline Robeline Alexandria Winrxiield Bossier City g Z Boyce 5 f ' '2 76 4 Q7-V Q I 59 S V :wif 7 7 vs 'W K ...t - ,,,, , Q fig f who I . A 1 ,. is riff M f , 'rd ,N ...,., A , Kimgkfffa f a W-ff' E' F" . , II7 A . . M- , A X J Y . 1. n 79. f! if T ' ' . ' Q I i W W 1 I' - -,WM A .5 - , 1. V5.5 tw f. , 1? '7 1 fi fi , M Ci v , fi . , - 3 1 1' 45' 4 v Q if " if ':1:"' ram: - wzf-sw '41, ,vp , S' t f' 5' ' , W . X, We 1,0 N, lf, W , - i f f-CM an 11 Q , I 1- h ,f A23 f ir- .vu I I ff H11 ,f ' 1. L , .'7,j,f. , aff? v m f 1 2 W if 3 . 54 ,QL iw y I S if Jia- 12-wffitfgx f 'FAS 5. ff N-Q 'Q' . . ff " ". ,wctrd WSW 'Ai . 1 ? -Q 2 'a -cr' Ei . . J S H4 - t"""' ji , 54:1 ei X l I ,I MJ I1 THE FRE I-IMAN I HENRY HUGH JOYNER CAROLYN J. JOYNER NEIL BRUCE KALBERG THELMA JEAN KENDRICK GLENNDOLYN KENKNIGI-IT II CHERYL SUE KILE ALAN H. KING JAMES GARRY KING ORA BELLE KING GLENDA FAYE KIRBY AEA III JOHN CONRAD KLOTZBACH, JR. MARY EVELYN KNAPP JERRY EUGENE KOLB SHERRY CORLISS KOLB AEA JOHN RAY KOONCE IV GERALDINE RUBY KOONS SHARON LEE KREEGER BARRY KUPERMAN MARGARET ROSALIE LACEFIELD LINDA JANE LAFFITTE V ELMER PRICE LAMKIN JOY ELAINE LANDRUM LINDA LUCY LANDRUM PATRICIA ANN LATURA MARY ALLENE LAWLESS VI MARGARETTE LOUISE LAWRENCE LANITA MAUDINE LAWRENCE ELIZABETH ADELLE LEE KATHERINE MARIE LEGGETT BOBBY JOSEPH LEINHARDT VII BEULAH ANN LESTERY JOE LEWIS ' I ,Y BETTYE MARYE LILLY ', CONETTE LINDSEY "ri, WILBUR ELLIE LIPSEY VZ vw A VIII ANDREA VIRGINIA LISENBEA SANDRA ELAINE LI'I'I'ON AZ MIKE N. LOCOCO SUZANNE LOLLEY CARROLL LONG GERALD LONG MARY JANE LOVE BERT LOVETT MARY FRANCES CAROLYN ANN l Shreveport Tioga Shreveport Many Shreveport Leesville Alexandria Ferriday Tallulah Alexandria Natchitoches Leesville Bossier C ity Shreveport DeQuincy New Orleans Shreveport Shreveport Bossier City Mansfield Clay Simpson Shreveport Shreveport Shreveport Donaldsonville Bastrop Sarepta Converse Belle Chasse I Jonesboro Shreveport F lorien Heflin CLASS OF 1963 I MELINDA RUTH LOWE Calvin BILLIE MARIE LYNCH Noble CECEILIA FAY MCCALLISTER Bossier City MARGARET LOUISE MCCARTY Cheneyville ROY ALLEN MCCARTY Shreveport II PATRICIA KATHERINE McCLAIN Bossier City KATHERINE GAYLE McCLELLAND Basile BARBARA ANN McCLURE Logansport JOHN CALVIN McCLURE Sarepta RALPH C. MCCRORY Jena III CAROLYN SUE MQDONALD Pitkin SANDRA JOY MCDONALD Pitkin EULALIA MCEACHERN Springhill MARGARET ANN MCELROY Mansfield ALICE ANN MCFARLANE EEE Alexandria IV CALVIN KEITH McFARRIN Zwolle MARY BETH MCGEE Shreveport VJILLIAM JEROME MCGEE Greenwood TONI McGLOTHLIN Lena GETTY FRANCIS MCINNIS Lake Charles V JUDITH LYNNELL MCLAIN Campti MARGARET MCNEELY Florien MARY ANN MCWILLIAMS Lake Charles JESSE C. MCWILLIAMS Leesville GENE ANDREN MADDEN Leesville VI MARION OTIS MADDEN Bossier City AUBREY DALE MAGOUN Ferriday FLORENCE EVELYN MAHAFFEY Florien GERALD WAYNE MALINE Plain Dealing JAMES Benton Basile Leesville I Shreveport Alexandria Anacoco Gonzales Bossier City Florien Haynesville os Angeles, California I Jennings Shreveport Covington Natchitoches Alexandria Q-ajdwa Pa Z 'fs SMA Q f 4 f V W if f as 5 ff f ?f,w5g,6f.M., Z, .-44-:.. :gg S, umm? .. 41s259:m:Q5wfe'f"' 1' Wk, is V' Z' 1 'Of ' 1 'f sf Q PW' :snow fi A Sf xt 7 .1 1 ,iw ,. ,rm M ff' ' 54,141- Hwfi C, f 41, -., "-.1-f , 164 , , . W f lx, Q! .s . 4. ,, , ' .. vw' f fa -.1 v X , W A, f yJ y Jtt, y 6 0 if my if , ff x A -M X -ff - -I . V. 4 ww w N' -f -- -' - :awww i ,file Q, 4 V N, I N 4 x? U f Nr X x X ,se at t if t X 9194 , w 55 ' 4 . ' i,-3,1 jx 5-,W-1 -.15 'i , .r-if, ' 2 ,WI .1 49 g A 'X W 1 V 54 1 1 1 f N? 5 f '?v'f',WfW , , ini ,X ,- Q- ,J f '. ff '12 ,X Il. ,-5 dr. .,., ' f if 4, I, R 'A' ! 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'If 1411: 5 E12 - ' ,":?l1'fj , ,,' .. 1: ' ,Q 1-fe ine' fm ,,, Q- as 17.0 THE FRESHMAN I BOBBY MEEKER LARRY JAMES MELANCON ERNEST HENRY MELTON, JR. JOHNNIE FAYE MELTON REBA JOLENE MERCHANT II SANDRA KAY METHVIN RUTH ELLEN MEYER EVELYN MIDKIFF EARLENE MILES BETTY KAYE MILLER III DANNA KAY MILLER AZ JAMES EMBURY MILLER WAYNE MILLER NINA JULIE MILLS LORETTA MITCHAM IV Colfax Ville Platte 'Winnfield Heflin Hineston Arcadia Shreveport Rosepine Shreveport Many New Iberia Glenmore Many Zachary Natchitoches PATRICIA ANN MITCHEL EEE Rutherford, New Jersev AUBREY L. MITCHELL NANCY FLOYD MITCHELL VELORA ANN MITCHELL SHERRY MIZELL V BETTIE LOU MOORE EDWINA MYRLE MOORE TOMMY WAYNE MORA MARY EARLINE MORGAN BOBBY LAHOOD MOURAD VI GEORGE W. MULLINS, JR. JOHN J. MURRAY WAVELYN LOUISE MURRAY DOORHIES ANN MURTES ANN SHERIDAN MUSE Shreveport Jena Many Shreveport New Orleans Goldonna Shreveport Plain Dealing Minden Sarepta Bossier City Leesville Baton Rouge Corbin VII f -s,,,---- CLASS OF 1963 I JOHN JOSEPH O'NEILL Long Island City, New York GENE N. ORY TRUDY BETH OSBORNE JEAN R. OUZTS FREDDIE JOE OWENS II JOSEPH RAYBURN OWENS DAVID BROWN OXFORD JERRY WAYNE OXLEY JAMES PAINTER CHARLES A. PALMER III SARA LYNN PAPA BILLY L. PARKER. JR. EDWARD EARL PARKER KIT KARSON PARKER, JR. CLAUDE EDWARD PATRICK IV NIKKI DORIS PATTERSON ATA THOMAS WAYNE PATTON BEVERLY JO PAUL CARLA RUTH PAUL ROBERT S. PENINGER V FRANCISCO HUMBERTO PEREZ BILLY DAVID PERRY GWENETH L. PETERSON PATRICIA RUTH PETTITT JANE PHELPS VI EVERETT J. PHILLIPS ROSE MARY PIRIE GARY LOE PITTMAN CATHERINE ANN PLAISANCE LOUISE DONNA POLLARD ....-.---q..SX .J B A. PONDER Baton Rouge Alexandria Minden Slagle Hornbeck Vivian Jonesville Bossier City Bossier City Shreveport Bunkie Belle Chasse Ferriday Rayville Bossier City Cheneyville Deville Monterey Forest Hill Ethel Shreveport Many Hammond Marthaville Shreveport Port Allen Shreveport Waterproof Shreveport w..i.,---,lf f--""! POTTER S r e 't Shreveport F' '7' 9 I, 4 ,M mfofm. 'ff 1 Yr M A I .ai 'W 1 1 ia. M fp Q i 3 , ,ly .,. , uf A. A "1 Ji-i I .fI'I,?T?5c'12' .I V, . ,d,.,,:,-"' ,.., . 4. . ' I " 'ff' ..- X .7 til 117. THE FRESHMAN I MART WAYNE RAMBIN Mansfield SAM R. RAMSEY Shreveport JAMES WALTER RANDOLPH, JR. Many MARY LEE RANEY Colfax JEANIE REES II KEN ROBERT REINHARD Shreveport Denver, Colorado OLIVIA ANNE RHODES Monterey MARTHA SUE RICKS Florien WAYNE ALAN RICKS Mount Carmel CAROL MARIE RIGDON Ashland III SAMMY F. RIGDON Tallulah RONALD PATRICK ROAN Natchitoches MACK ROBBINS Mansfield CHARLES WAYNE ROVERSON Alexandria CECILIA KAY ROBERTS Plain Dealing IV MILLIE EILEEN ROBERTS Colfax JIMMY RAY ROBICHEAUX Abbeville NEEL JOSEPH ROBICHAUX Stamford, Connecticut DON A. ROBINSON Alexandria JEFFREY J. ROBINSON Minden V DAVID J. ROESSLER Houston. Texas JOHN E. ROGAN Tallulah GENE EDWARD ROGERS Shreveport WANDA ROND Natchitoches CAROLYN BLANCHE ROSE AEA Natchitoches VI DANIEL E. ROSS Many HARRIS N. ROWZIE Covington RAYMOND JOHN RUSH DeRidder MURRAY THOMAS RUSHING Havnesville JAMES ELVIN RUSSELL K olly 1 f-LXMM 'N VII LAVERNE RUSSELL Tallulah ANN -,Y, A , l CLASS OF 1963 I CAROL TONI SESSIONS TALMAGE SHOWALTER SHARPE RONALD JOSEPH SHAW CECILIA KATHLEEN SHEA AZ RANDELL WAYNE SHELTON II JAMES CARLTON SHEPPARD J, RAT-TN SHERMAN JON BARON SHIELDS RONNIE EDWIN SHALER ALICE GAYLE SHUMAKE III SYLVIA ANNE SLACK BILLIE ANN SIMMONS NELDA JEANETTE SIMMONS WILLIAM LESTER SIMPSON JUDITH ELAINE SIMS IV LORENE MERLE SINGLETARY PAMELA JEAN SIRMAN CONNIE NEAL SISCO EDWINA SKRABLE PATSY KAYE SLAY V BRYCE W. SMITH CHERYL ANN SMITH DAVID LOYD SMITH MARTHA JANE SIVIITH PEGGY MERRITT SMITH VI SHIRLEY D. SMITH SYLVIA SMITH MARYANNE E. SNYDER CHA' SfV'lNCE'SPASTARO ff,Jo Y SPEARS IX X T. J. SPEIR TINE CHERYL RAE SPINKS ERNES SQUYRES SALLY STAFFORD EEE New Orleans Lake Charles Joyce Shreveport Bossier City Cotton Valley Haynesville Shreveport Minden New Orleans Shongaloo Jena Converse Shreveport Gibsland Jennings Elizabeth Shreveport Jena Minden Jonesboro Shreveport Dodson Sikes Bossier City DeRidder Harrisonburg Baton Rouge Bossier City Baton Rouge lexandria Natchitoches Pollock Boyce Pineville ix J,- M Shreveport : l Shreveport Shrevepoff r City .... Belcher Shreveport Wepo boylii ' I candr 5 --X ...Jr .E G. -4 A N : ,, f " -f 1 ,fv'f"M. gI':V,36EJ-,K-1f,"': f I fl f , ff . - J if 4' .- if' I ' 4 X 4 . f -fy ff 8 THE FRESHMA I 8 FRANCES JANE STILL Winnfield JIMMY L. STINSON Bossier City GRACE ANN STIRLING Zachary LINDA GAIL STOKES Pitkin , CAROL FRANCES STONE Shreveport p an 'ff ,E Q II MARTHA ANN STOVALL Elizabeth JAMES KENNETH STRINGER Hornbeck JAMES F. STROTHER Oakdale DORVAL WAYNE STUCKEY Deville JERRY SUTTON Shreveport III BARBARA ELAINE SWANEY Shreveport HAROLD JEFFERSON SWILLEY Winniield PAMELA ANN TACKEH Many LINDA NELL TALBERT DeRidder TERRY TALBERT Haynesville IV 7 KENNITH WAYNE TATE Glenmore ROSE MARIE TATEM BK Shreveport LARRY D. TAUSCH New Orleans CLARA FRANCES TAYLOR Covington LINDA DIANN TAYLOR Shreveport ., V MARY ALICE TAYLOR Winnfield f SAMUEL ARLIN TAYLOR Carundu, Canal Zone JAMES ALLEN TEAQUE Haynesville A WILSON EDWARD TELLER Shreveport RUTH ANN TERRY Ida f A VI PATRICIA LEE THIQPEN Franklinton CAROLYN DE THOMAS if Shreveport GAYLE BONITA THOMPSON Pitkin GLENDA FAYE THOMPSON Chopin JOHN GOLDING THOMPSON Alexandria -'Q - 'P X s 4- T vu f XZ' SARAH CAROLYN THOMPSON ,fa Vxfifm SUSAN DOROTHY THOMPSON EEE Natchitgchosxff JUANITA LANORA THORNTON Springhillf LINDA GAIL TIDWELL XJ faasim-I O-fry SANDRA IAF' TILLOY pf Z' ,.,f"-VNGXN' Orloazny . '4-f'- - AAAA Aff 3 X? A faf 1.5 158 "K Q f Y 1127. ,, " sis hergn. ,url "s - f ' ' 4 ' ' ' I 'Q f ,P LT" 'fr-f TIIVIMONSIFT shi-E-wppi-:X A -dfi griylg' ' IPTON A inggoliif 5 . D '.,.1: ,laws TQDD! i f J, .t i , . 1 f l 32.44 ZS! S ' 4. 'wwf - Leg A 'Q-'H 5' "'i ' "' ' "wav A . , :Q A I -Leung T - eau. NT , , :ag E I - Ln -f.- 5, : aa:p.uiLg.',.u.LL.f .i.i...L1aua 5 I . H A A - ,J 4,23 1 L ,- 1 i LL-M A-au! , uu,.Q .....s u: 53, - I A -.L , ,, I , T., U., If -,. .I-" '1:fi.' 9 AA' - . ' X X :pu- ?,' ' .1 5. 6 --.1-4 . yd'-L' ' - 'jj H Q., L .-. , ,,.-.. ,..' ,-,, - ,ngmnni-: S . . i 114 ..i ..-- --f ,nn ...M - -., .-....,,-u.,o4-4 w CLASS OP 1963 I BARBARA JEAN TRUMPS GEORGE CORBETT TURNAGE ROBERT LEONARD TURNER DAVID NORRIS UPTON MARILYN VERONICA VANHOOF II BARBARA JEAN VANVECKHOVEN PATRICIA ANN VERCHER LARRY GENE VIDRINE JEANETTE WADDLE SHERRY KARAN WAGGONER III JOHN E. WALES DANNY KAYE WALKER DOROTHY JEAN WALKER SANDRA MARIE WALKER WAYNE WALKER IV SUSAN ELIZABETH WALL WALTER E. WALL FLOY MARTIEL WALPOLE DORRIS SUE WARREN EK MARY ELIZABETH WARREN V EUNICE ELANE WATSON REX WAYNE WATTS SANDRA FAY WEEKS JUNE CATHERINE WEISHEIT FRANCES ANN WELLS VI MARY LYNN WELLS RUSSELL ALTON WEST MARTHA SUE WESTBROOK JODY WESTMORELAND MARTHA CAROLE WHALEY I , CHARLES EDWARD - , gif DOUGLAS GERALD TT JOHN RICHARD WIARDA GLENDA CAROLYN WILBANKS X, Egan Alexandria Shreveport Haughton Alexandria Florien Derry Ville Platte Carnpti Forest Hill Zachary Shreveport Pineville Waterproof Bossier City Cameron Baton Rouge Jena Coushatta Pineville Baker Cotton Valley Goldonna Houma Logansport Winniield Pitkin St. Joseph Leesville Rosepine Shreveport Shreveport assack, New Jersey West Monroe LARRY L. WILEY Natchitoches 1 Z ,ff X I 1-"I jVlARIE jr' S N 1 DeQuincy 4542 ,ga WIL N I ' Orleans GENE 'vii i t , 1 "" Vivian 1 gan' S I 11-I-X den lg: '- iv- ..-A-gal f , on ,I-1 V ' ' gfi:5:::Fligig im naman rm V- T "iss-'lllulEii""' 'V -f: +1-1-1-if :ef Qehiflliilgigll llll lllll qw na .f.:-.i'i.z " ,.:,5 vepOr I 3 wt' M sr ,f 44 42 ' 'TB 2. 0 Nun! 115 ,"T-, J' Im? IV ? l 2571 ' , , '94 1 Z' ,f 4 WZ' s' T fr 1, ' , f X f fu! f I wc ,T ,ff , A, , ,f ,MZ " 'Mfg 3 iff' ,- ff A V ' ' A . if 'Vg ...X I in f 2? A X if yi fg,-Zim K ,,. Say buddy, how do you spell GRADUATE? "Mfr - u 'LN 1 xi' 'ea ll I1 THE FRE HMA JAMES CLINTON WINDHAM CAROLYN SUE WINN JENNIFER IVA WINN JUDY CAROL WINN JERRY ANNETTE WOMACK II DONALD WAYNE WOOD WILLIAM ALVIN WOOD CAREY ANN WOOLLEY CONSTANCE LYNN WRIGHT EEE LINDA LORAINE WRIGHT III Shreveport Plain Dealing Haynesville Clarence Shreveport Shreveport Shreveport DeQuincy Evergreen Zwolle PATRICIA LOUISE WRIGHT EK Harrison, Arkansas THERESA ANN YATES EARL G. YEOMANS JUDY JANETTE YOUNG JUNE L. YOUNG IV SHARON ANN ZIMMER West Monroe New Orleans Opelousas Sugartown Natchitoches Shown from left Emma Miller. Kc Us ,gyw 3 '," - J tr .. .,., f !..,. 0 E b :Z-T ,,,.. . X 3 WX N x to right are: Hazel Gray, Opal Gilbert, and V ' . J' , , xv? "Y, , Q' J... . , E XZ 'T Sf f M W , Ac. yay? -:ww Pictured from left to right are: Billy Heckel. James Prewitt, Donald Metz, Chief James K. Lee, M. T. Murray, James LeVasseur, and Harvey Marcus. ,f , , -N,..w' 5 , 1 'i N A 'w 'Yr Y 4 ..f 3 I, I I y Q 1 .... fr r ,fi 2 ? Q ,, sa ff? . a s-X 1 J' " fs ,cf ' X X , f 3 v -' A ir 1' sy , f 9 as . 5' 'Yvkwfi , g f R, Q X 3 ' . . , Q ,S X x 4 Q..-'ff' fmf' A 'H nv., 'iiuuma '50-...I gm ,W Atv ' ' 5 X"--N A 3 -..... 4 -404-4-an-uMg,,,, -fi, za? -an-0. A f 2' ,Q if 'Q-.-uni? ' 1' .. f :Yu N - A ,A 4? X ,Q I nh, X 4' ' ' x f K - , . , Q x, f 3 ' 'I' V ' f .iq f 1' ' " N' xv J' H X W- ' , .. K t , , 'J , Mg! 5 g 1' A-j, ,A ' . i.4.y5gi, ,iv -LQ:-M. '--ag?-' 'pw -.U '-- - ' I ' "' LWVVWA ' A . A, V , I 3. x, I , gn , s , Q i w r- W 15L,1T?sz.l'q:f . ' '- ' 12- --,r "' Q' Jiif. '- VL .N T . " - ". "-, li. ' - .-.s ' 2 M I1 THLETIC mm., , J, ff-fzf-,f , fp- ,-wwf' f f ' ,, ff uw 7.1 ifffih ,ff V f ,ww SWV N 'v bmw fm f 4 4,-f4w.fx f Hn' 'f 4 f f , f-J' 'ff-1 , 7 , f , M:.Xm,w4ff,ww,x-ff-,-1,1fm- W f f -.1 ff f -f 1 if H f f is 5-1-ww 34ZJfHf.'c- 73'-4 V " if m.-fyff fy -Y f, fyf' f lf 'fixffffff ,NX-72 '4 , W , ' if , 1 X ' if ,Hina Wig' wmwrswh-X .. 'NW vi. -ww 'A f , Mu S f l ' ff N.S.C. IS 1962 LF STATES 17 H-all f ,ff .0- 2 ,W I 'f V 9 ,Km , , M K ff' 'if f' 'Q X " , ' Af ,. - .sf I-'Z' Q vi -.. fa f Me Aa T 'ff V. ' L-ft Q 5 1 f. ,ff aa 4 - v if if . -'-into .H .4- - . . 1 . -.A-,,i ' ' ' ' ' " .. ' ""','. na , ' "f.,.', Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Jack Clayton is shown with his assistants Cleft to rightj Coach Alvin Brown, Coach Gene Kneeht, Coach Walter Ledet, and Coach Ernest Howell. The Demons from Northwestern State College completed a successful season that brought the Gulf States Conference football championship to Northwestern for the first time in the school's history. Ending the season with a 7-2-1 record, the Demons are looking forward to the 1963 season. The Demons were pre-season choices to take the G.S.C. crown but didnit clinch the title until the last game when they defeated nationally ranked Southeastern 19-6. The Demons started the season with a Z1-6 victory over Stephen F. Austin in Shreveport, La. With the victory over Stephen P. Austin under their belts the NSC crew traveled to Florence, Ala- bama where they met a determined Florence State team which defeated the Demons 21-14. The following week saw the Demons playing the La. College Wildcats who were determined not to go home defeated. The game ended in a 6-6 tie with both teams showing a powerful defense. After a close, come-from-behind vic- tory over Northeast, the Demons planted their feet solid and went on to a spectacular finish in the remaining seven games. One of the bright spots of this season was the 19-2 victory over rival La. Tech. lt was a typical N.S.C.-La. Tech game as both teams relied on hard-hitting tactics with the Demons coming out on the top end. After a victory over Tech, the Demons traveled 130 4 .A nn-. to Mexico where the N.S.C. eleven defeated Mexico Polytechnic 52-6. After the Mexico victory the Demons traveled to Lake Charles where they were defeated by a strong McNeese Cowboy team 25-6. The last two games were all Northwestern, as the Demons thrilled a homecoming crowd with a solid 20-O victory over U.S.L. and followed with a 1.9-6 victory over nationaily ranked Southeastern and brought the Gulf States Conference championship to North- western. There were ten senior members on the 1962 champion squad. Departing from the ranks of the purple and white are Jackie Smith, Peter Paul Verrett, Dickie 1Vlason, Jerry Fowler, Wa1ter Weaver, Kent Wil- loughby, Gary Moore, Jerry Wren. all- G.S.C. Kenny Thompson and Larry Crow. X S li 1 Q f v . Q gn, V a ' ' 5 S' Q S, lf, -,V , , P' ,cf , ,gag Jw' Q 01. I t, vm .. . Ly V WMWWJ fw"i' s - ' 5. is 'i ii A 1 V AG, ' f h -an - in 'W' 4, . 1 .N N A wg, .,Z. , , ' h . N Q 1. 3. ,Q J lygiig ,, . . , : ' . -' .. .' a 't V' f , - ,Y ft-'.' -- i- ' , .eg "J -1 - lr.-if-.1-'fs-ff:-1-.-f via - f I -0 .- A A f , 'Q . 4' tj ' 1- 1, .j - vw. ..f...n-f W CHAMPIONS , far- any , ,Si ff, A x,,g,h? gay' , 2, ij' '51, " I fn :QI 5 7 it nh, 4, ,- gi " ' r D. .fc ' . ' . ,J Head Football Coach Jack Clayton ,? Q? ,f - it - . T ri E5 5 QE Pictured standing from left to right are: Trainer Don McCardle, Coach Clayton, Asst. Trainer Mike Hennigang and shown kneeling is the team captain Larry Crow. The championship squad pictured from left to right, first row are: Herbie Smith, Gary Moore, Alvin Aldridge, Charles Ragus, Tommy Wyat, Kent Willoughby, Jerry Wren, Thomas Mitchell, Walter Weaver, John W. Odom, G. W. Zachary, and Jackie Woods. Second row are: Johnny Ray Norman, Ronnie Burgess, Steve Murphy, Bobby Parker, Henry McClure, Kenny Thompson, Ronnie Daigle, Don Beasley, Ed Horton, Peter Verrett, Grover Colvin, Fred Newman, and Jackie Smith. Third row are: Richard Berlitz, Dickie Mason, Glenn Talbert, Jerry Burton, Roy Gentry, Jerry Fowler, Don Gleason, Larry Crow, Sammy Joe Odom, Gerald Yarbrough, Donnie Kelly and Kenneth Hood. Fourth row are: Tim Miciotto, John T, Weaver, Claude Patrick, Al Morrow, Allen Plummer, Wayne Walker, Al Anding, Donnie Carrol, Johnny Jeans, Jerry Guidry, Darrell Mayes, Tony Borino, and Jack Wintersteen. ,vw ul, k .',, -Q , Ml' . sf 4, , ' it if 3 1 if., V wi s, f if f at Wa., iw Q M5411 f X M, if y A 'fy' aw ff. , .a.f, w Q at 4 'K 0, . .,f . 4 . .s -var -. vw, wk X, Q f , egg ' -mi V V41 ,t 3 ' . 2 .- ' - i 1 - Herbie Smith tries an option play. After a faltering first half, which saw the Demons plagued by penalties, the Demons came to life in the second half. The first half was not all dim though, as we had continuous good ball-carrying from "StumpH Thompson, Glenn Talberr, Donnie Kelly and the punt returning of Gary Moore. Stephen F. Austin got their 6 points on a brilliant 88-yard pass interception by end L. H. Chandler. After this setback the Demon defense tightened and picked up a safety on a blocked punt by Jerry Wreii, John Ddom, and Jackie Wood. A strong defense and the 3-unit system of Coach Jack Clayton proved to be too much for the Lumberjacks in the second half. "Big" John Odom and Sammy Odom proved to be thorns in the sides of the visiting Lumber-- jacks throughout the entire game. The Demons, led by the sparkling play of quarterback Herbie Smith, scored 21 points in the second half. Scoring for the Demons were Glenn Talbert, Stump Thompson, and Gerald Yarbrough. N. S. C. 21 S. F. A. 6 George Washington Zachary intercepts a pass for the "Demons," N. S. C. 14 F. S. C. 21 With a victory of SFA under their belts, the Demons from N.S.C. set out to make Florence State victim 7552. Dn the second play from scrimmage Lion halfback Barton voiced his objection by slanting oil: tackle and racing 79 yards to paydirt. The Demons fought back and Ed Horton scored from one yard out. The Lions continued their hard play and capitalized on a Larry Crow fumble. After a series of punt exchanges the Demons brought the ball to the three-yard line where freshman quarterback Donnie Carroll, after a mix-up in the backheld, handed off to Parker who went in for the score. "Stump,, Thompson was called upon to pick up the two-point conversion and came through as usual. The second half saw the Demon defense, led by Sammy Odom, Peter Verrett, Gerald Yarbrough, Glenn Talbert and Larry Crow stop the FSC attack. The Lions scored once more and put the finishing touches on a Z1-14 upset victory over the Demons. "Get out of the way boys, Burton is coming through." I "The Demons cheer their teammates on." 1' X . lr, A r r X 1 , f .3f. ., p U I I -ff W' .TX . H... L.. 3 is by x -x in The going gets rough against La. College. N. S. C. 6 LA. COLLEGE 6 'Hey gang, look at me!" - .ss , -'..m1unm, m1 14 . -luxury:-n I "Stump" Thompson picks up yardage for the Demons. The Demon backers were treated to a truly outstanding defensive battle as the Demons and La. College Wildcats fought to a 6-6 tie. Throughout the game, offensive move- ments were halted by the alert and hard-rushing lines of both teams. Leading the Demon attack was all-G.S.C. candidate Sammy Odom. john Odom, Peter Verrett, Sam- my Odom and Claude Patrick gave the home crowd some- thing to cheer about as they were continuously harrassing Wildcat ball-carriers. Northwestern appeared stopped of- fensively until all-G.S.C. Kenny Thompson, making one of his rare appearances, broke off left tackle for a 16-yard scoring run. It was a beautiful run and sent a tremor of excitement through the Demon fans with the expecta- tion of more to come. This evened the score at 6-6. Aside from the scoring run by Thompson, the running of fresh- man Claude Patrick and the line-play of Sammy Odom kept the hopes of the fans high with the expectation of more excitement. Witliotit any further scoring the game ended a 6-6 tie. X N A ,. Amp ix. f "m f s f? f t , , Q . ' ,ji E ilu 2 29 gg, - , .. 4, egsffffid' 3 The Demons, showing their versatility. The Demons met one of the best Northeast teams ever produced Saturday night and until the fourth quarter rode the short end of a 17-6 score. N.S.C. got their first score on a brilliant 86-yard run by ha1fback Steve Murphy. Murphy, who hasn't seen much action this year brought Demon followers to their feet as he circled right end and outran the entire held for the score. The point-after-touch- down attempt was no good, and at ha1f-time the score was Northeast 17, N.S.C. 6. The second half proved to be a different story though, as all-G.S.C. candidate Sammy Odom played most of his game in the Northeast backfield. The fourth period saw the Demons, spearheaded by quarterback Donald Beasley and the hard-nose running of freshman Claude Patrick come to 1ife and look like the Demons of old. The scoring took place as Claude Patrick crashed over from the four and Donald Beasley hit Jackie Smith for an 8-yard scoring pass to make the score 18-17 in favor of the Demons from Northwestern State. The Demons play host to a Northeast pass receiver. . S. C. ORT1-IEAST Donnie Carroll on the loose. N. S. C. TARLETON ST "I think I'll try out for cheerleader!" Johnny Norman pulls one in for Northwestern. The Northwestern eleven came into their own tonight as they defeated a rough Tarleton Texas football team 31 to 6. The game was one that brought the Demon fans to their feet many times as Ed Horton, Claude Patrick, Bobby Parker, Glenn Talberr, and Don Beasley played sparkling offensive ball. Horton took the honors for the night as he scored 19 of the N.S.C. 31 points. Jackie Smith brought the crowd to their feet as he caught a 3'5- yard pass from Beasley for a score and played a tremendous defensive game. Claude Patrick, Bobby Parker, Glenn Talbert, and Steve Murphy played their usual top-grade game of football. These boys were continuously hitting the line for big and important gains. The N.S.C. defense held like a brick wall as the scrappy Tarleton Lions played a "hit-em-a-little-harder" game of football. Leading the "wall" for Northwestern were Sammy Odom, Gerald Yarborough, Kent Vifilloughbv. Claude Patrick, George Wasliiiigton Zachery, and the entire Blue team of Northwestern. "Get in my way and I'll run over you!" y. r n -gi 7..-n.4tu-n1unnn N SCl 19 LA TECH 2 "Johnny Ray Norman does an aerial ballet." "Rip 'em up, tear 'em up, Give 'em I-I - - -, Demonsv was the battle cry as the Demons from Northwestern took on the Bulldogs from La. Tech in one of the oldest rivalries in Conference history. Ed Horton was a shining star in the Demon offense as he carried the ball 7 times for 102 yards. Kenny Thompson took scoring honors, as he rambled for two touchdowns. The N.S.C. defense was infallible as they stopped the Bulldogs, ground and air attack cold. Mickey Slaughter found the going rough against "the Wall" from North- western and freshman quarterback Billy Laird was halted from the very start. Al Nloreau, Charles Ragus, Jerry Burton, Sammy Odom, and Larry Crow to name a few were outstanding defensively for Northwestern. The last seconds of the third quarter saw quarterback Beasley hit Thompson on a beautiful scoring pass. It was a beautiful sight to see and was all the help some of the Tech fans needed as they started filing out of the stands victims of defeat. I "Anyone for a game of hand-ball?" "Somebody get that 'bear' off my back, Please! N. S. C. 52 MEXICO POLY It was a beautiful day for a football game that turned out to he a fortunate one for the Purple and Xvhite from Northwestern. The players enjoyed the trip down, the scenery, and the football game. Ir was Glenn Talhert and "Stumpn Thompson day on the lwattleheld as Glenn rambled 124 yards on 5 carries, and the "Stump" scored three touchdowns and picked up 87 vards on T' carries. The Demons racked up a total of 560 vards against the Mexico Polytechnic team. As the total Vardage shows, it was just a case of a "bulldozer" running over a "pehlwle." The Mexicaiis plaved a heads-up game of foothall, hut just couldn't stand up against "the Wall" from N.S.C. Scoring for NSC. was Kennv Thompson, Claude Pat- riclc, Jackie Smith, Steve lVlurphx', Ed Horton f4 PAT'sl. jerry Burton, and Tommv Wfyatt. "Shore are a lot of 'Cowboys' around here." N. S. C. 6 MCNEESE Northwestern's Demons traveled to Lake Charles to play the McNeese Cowboys and came home on the short end of a 25-6 score. Outstanding performances were turned in by all-G.S.C. candidate Sammy Joe Odom and Glenn Talbert. Sammy Joe was in on some 17 tackles and was either making the play or lending a big hand. Glenn Tal- bert turned in a sparkling all-around game. A stout Demon defense was not quite enough to stop the Cowboys as fullback Darrell Lester continuously plowed through the Demon forward wall for large gains. When Lester wasnit harrassing the Northwestern eleven, halfback Don Bossier was letting his where-abouts be known. It was a rough team of Cowboys the Demons challenged and proved why they ranked so high in pre-season ratings. The Demons scored their touchdown when a Beasley- to-Patrick hand-off was fumbled high into the air and quarterback Beasley recovered and followed Patrick into the end zone for the score. A bit of heads-up football on the part of Mr. Beasley. "Move over, boys, 'The Bull' is on the move." Hey fellows, save a hunk of him for us! if, 'iii' 1 lr "W" I ix. N. S. C. 20 A U. S. L. O , ww...- """?'i af'-Rafi.: " 'Claudie' over the center?" iii 2 fe, 4 'if' ,a ...Mama- I K. 4 'Rvws nm-can X W Z gigs 135 3g,,.,5 "Big Don" Beasley carries the mail for N.S.C. The stadium was filled to capacity as the senior members .Nothing seriousvw Says Dr. fl-albert. of the Northwestern Demons played their last homecoming game, and what a game it was. From the opening lciclc-off it was "Senior', day at Demon stadium. The Demons con- trolled the ball the first half and led at half-time on a beautiful scamper around right end by all-G.S.C. Kenny Thompson. Ed l-lortonis PAT was good and the Demon's The second half was all Northwestern as Glenn Talbert and Bobby Parker hit for touchdowns and Ed Horton connected for one extra point. jerry Fowler was outstand- ing on defense and was constantly throwing Linsey Landry, USL's quarterback, for big losses. Sammy Odom, Larry led 7-0. y I Crow, Claude Patrick, G. W. Zachery and the entire N.S.C. squad played an outstanding football game. Two things that need mentioning is the punting of Jaclcie Smith and the hard-nose running of Claude Patrick, Glenn Tal- bett, "Stump" Thompson and jerry Burton. X mf Ea? QM .. 140 Touchdown! It looked as if Hurricane "Hanna" was blowing through, as the Northwestern eleven took on nationally-ranked Southeastern. With the Gulf State Conference champion- ship on the line, the Demons donned their mud suits and showed the Lions from Southeastern why they were pre- season choice to take the championship. After kicking off to the Lions, the Demons tightened up and caused a fumble on the first play from the line of scrimmage. The Demons recovered and scored with Claude Patrick carrying the mail .... The Purple and White of Northwestern played the most outstanding game of defense played this year. The Demons scored twice more with all-C:.S.C. "Stump,' Thompson and end Jackie Smith doing the honors. The Lions from Southeastern found "the Wall" more than they could rake as Sammy Odom, jerry Fowler, Jackie Smith, Claude Patrick, Larry Crow, Gary Moore, and G. W. Zachery played their usual outstanding game. Jackie Smith, playing his last collegiate game, displayed a tre- mendous punting game. Ir was a fitting end for the senior members of the Gulf State Conference champions, NORTHWESTERN DEMONS. Jackie Smith hauls one in. Y 141 ". . . And the gladiators ran onto the field." N. S. C. SOUTHEASTERN E34 3 ' iI5jtSI -3 4 STATE BASKETBALL 1962-63 is a year of rebuilding at Demonland as there are only six returning lettermen from the 1961-62 squad. Coach Cranford who last year suffered his first losing season, this year has his job cut out for him. The Demons have shown moments of brilliance and also moments of despair. Returning lettermen who should make Coach Cranforcl's job a little easier are Tommy Mathias, Bill Stokes, James Hardin, Sam Watts, Emmett Hendricks, and Ken Moran. Coach Cranford was successful in obtaining some hne freshmen and several transfers that should render great assistance. Transferring to NSC from LSU are "big" Raymond Arthur and Billy Ray. Arthur hails from Natchi- toches where he lettered in three sports and was an all- District, all-State and all-American basketball prepster. Billy Ray is a sharpshooter from Ringgold where he was all-District and all-State. Some players who will see plenty of action are Kenny Arthur from Natchitoches, Walter Leclet from Natchitoches, James Fletcher from Nlontgomery, and Robert Krantz from Brooklyn, New York. Rounding out the Demon basketball squad are Bob lVlethvin from Natchitoches, Alfred Legrand from Cou- shatta, and Tommy Stewart from Doyline. Kneeling: Kenny Arthur, Emmett Hendricks. Tommy Mathis. Bill Stokes, Boh Methvin, Boh Kranz, ancl Paul Busch. lXIanaqor. Standing: Coach Cranford, Walter Leclet, Alfred Legrand. Billy Ray, Ray Arthur, James Hardin, James Fletcher, Ken Moran. and Sam Watts. 1 Hass ffsfgy kiss 1 A ' s Q5 fgifgga - Q, 1 L' A 'Ret 'Ur -7 45 xgyff' lin ' Q . fx-Vvf' it e, ,,,,..,ff' L lf! gxaxssk of 'lf you don't mind, I believe I'll just move on." I - ' :M V, K , , , , E., . rg 41 1, , , I 7, Q' I . . W1 1 , :W .,,....,..,, ' 1 f , ' fu ,, 41 awvffft V14 ? 1 1 AN' 9 4 N 2 ff ,.' , - AIA 6, ., , 1 7 X-'fd' 1173 v"4 " x-1- , y',,f'f 712. TOMMY MATHIS BILL STOKES Northwestern opened the 1962-63 basketball season at home against the Lumberjaclcs from Stephen F. Austin. Stephen F. Austin defeated the Demons 91-87 in a very heated over-time session. Leading the way for NSC was Billy Ray with 25 points and Tommy Mathis with 18. Raymond Arthur and Billy Ray, each pulled down 6 rebounds. The Demons' first victory of the season came in their second game as they defeated Nicholls State 73-69. The big guns for NSC were Billy Ray with 22 points, Tommy Mathis with 16 and freshman Kenny Arthur with 15. After playing their first two games at home, the Demons paclced their gear and set their sights on the great state of Texas where they played a return game with Stephen F. Austin. The Lumerjaclcs, playing on their home court, proved too much for the purple and white of NSC as they defeated the Demons 71-60. The Demons attempted 42 free-throws during the game. James "the stiltv Hardin carried away scoring honors as he hit for 17 points followed closely by Tommy Mathis with 16. I "I'll bet I can out-stare you! 7, NV, 1"'w..,, JAMES HARDIN SAM WATTS With only two men hitting in double figures, the Demons found the going rough against East Texas Baptist and were the victims of a 54-53 defeat. The Demons were off in their field-goal percentage and rebounding. On December 17, the Wildcats from La. College ven- tured into Demonland with a look of vengeance and victory in their eyes. The only drawback was that NSC had different plans and turned the Wildcats away with an 88-72 defeat. Big guns for NSC were Billy Ray and Tommy Mathis who hit 26 and 20 points respectively. The NSC Demons went to Shreveport for the annual Gulf South Classic, held during the Christmas holidays. The Demons played good basketball but were just out- manned and out-gunned as they lost to Southern Missis- sippi 85-71, T.C.U. 80-70, and West Texas State 85-77. Host Centenary won the Gulf South Classic for the sec- ond straight year. Thene's nothing to this silly game. Here, you take this thing." it i er-sa 's K 1 A BILLY RAY RAYMOND ARTHUR The next two games were played on the road against Southeastern and Southern Mississippi. Southeastern de- feated the Demons 82-61 hut the next game in Hatties- burg, Mississippi, the Demons clohbered Southern Missis- sippi 88-66. Tommy Mathis was high man against Southeastern with 19 points, while Kenny Arthur hit for 19 against Southern Mississippi. Returning home, the NSC five was defeated 66-61 by the McNeese Cowboys. Leading scorer for the Demons was Tommy Mathis with 21 points. "Anyone for a game of catch?" "This is the easy way to do it fi fi Q, N we N 5,1 i Tommy Mathis and Sam Wfatts, hitting 23 and 21 points respectively, punctured the Bulldogs, hope of a vic- torv, as the Demons defeated La. Tech 82-80 in overtime. Nicholls State, seeking revenge for a defeat at the hands of Northwestern earlier in the season defeated the Demons 91-78. Tommy Mathis was the leading scorer with 20 points. Hoping for a victory over the Bulldogs of USL, the Demons pacl-:ed their gear and made the long trip to Lafayette. Witli other ideas in mind the Bulldogs de- feated the Demons 82-75. Tommy Mathis led the Demons with 22 points. Playing on the home court, NSC captured hig wins over Southern Mississippi and Southeastern. Against Southern Mississippi Sam Watts tallied 21 points and Tommy Mathis hit l38 as the Demons defeated Southern Mississippi 87-86. Sam Watts and Tommy Mathis, hitting 28 and 26 points respectively led the Demons to a 92-78 rout of the game with Southeastern. "lt's more fun with your eyes closed Coach!" M ,4' sa, K ! 3 .iiwtsii 1 wx 'xii .-51 14 "I don't believe it!" SEASON,S RECORD NSC 873 Stephen F. Austin NSC 731 Nicholls State NSC 603 Stephen F. Austin NSC 533 East Texas Baptist NSC 883 Louisiana College NSC 713 Southern Mississippi NSC 70: Texas Christian NSC 772 West Texas State NSC 67: Northeast Stated' NSC 611 Southeasternt NSC 883 Southern Mississippi NSC 613 McNeese State' NSC 821 Louisiana Tech"' NSC 782 Nicholls State NSC 53g McNeese States' NSC 753 U. Southwestern La." NSC 873 Southern Mississippi NSC 923 Southeastern" NSC 731 Louisiana College NSC 721 East Texas Baptist NSC 69: U. Southwestern La? NSC 853 Centenary College NSC 731 Louisiana Techi' NSC 682 Northeast Statel NSC 743 Centenary College "Denotes conference games 6 Playing La. College at Pineville, the Demons were defeated 79-73 as Tommy Mathis hit for 19 followed closely by Billy Ray with 15 points. The Demons then traveled to Marshall, Texas where they were defeated by East Texas Baptist 85-72. Raymond Arthur led NSC scoring with 16 points. Playing at home, the Demons, led by the ball-handling and clutch-shooting of Emmett Hendricks, defeated the University of Southwestern Louisiana 69-62 in overtime. Following the exciting win over USL the Demons drew first blood as they defeated the Gentlemen from Cen- tenary 85-78. Tommy Mathis and Raymond Arthur led the scorers with 27 and 25 points respectively. "See, I can do it with my left hand, too." X The master shows how it is done. 14- fff'v,1f5y, G iff 55 , 1 ' by a4HELP19 Behind the shooting of Joe Aloendroth, the Bulldogs of La. Tech defeated the NSC Demons 89-73. Abendtoth led all scorers with 33 points followed by Northwestern,s Tommy Mathis with 18 points. Sam Watts hit for 17 points and pulled down 13 rebounds. The Northeast Indians, playing on their home-court, defeated NSC 79-68 leaving the Demons with a 3-7 Gulf States Conference record. Leading the NSC scoring attaclc was Sam Watts with 22 points, followed closely by Tommy Mathis with 19 and Ray Arthur with 13. Seeking to end the season on a winning note, the Demons traveled to Shreveport to engage the Centenary Gentlemen. Playing before a large and partisan crowd, the Gents defeated Northwestern 110-74. The Demons had five players hit in double figures, led by James Hardin with 13 points. The NSC Demons ended the season with a 8-17 over- all record and a 3-7 mark in conference competition. KENNY ARTHUR WALTER LEDET " -X ,-5, ,- . r Q yuvfkfn V? F t T GUARD TOMMY MATHIS 1962-63 ALL-GSC BASKETBALL Q d Team CENTTER SAM WATTS M 'ax P' , f f ff ,, fx, ffffffff. ? . MTF S. ,,i Pg , 'MM if , W-,MM yr 32:3 ,, 1 'f fi i 'Val , wwe. M' A V I f I dx E 4 3 I Zn, fr f 5 5 Kneeling: Jim Pfifer, Sam Stacy, Maurice Dennis, and Paul Simmons. Standing: Jerry McGraw, Jim Beard, Wade Cooper. and Gene Maddox. N A V' :- ' F m , W1 . S. C. Cross Countr CHAMP Wade Cooper leads the Demons to victory. ny' N-Nm ' K 4 , , Q ,, ' A ., , -fy- ' : W X ""'6 M. Q Lk , 6' A 4 , L- k - , , N f , M N ,Q . r,:.,, ' P 'Q ?,,M NNN Q 'R . 'QA ', WMM -mme , 'W' lx - ' M ' A - ff " X . Ng A , , .W X Q1 S K' A Q A Q3 ,j k -QM nf. M:fg...4 ff:mM4gr23,1W , ' iff-fgfi'g M ff 57" " Y- I -7 ' A 5' V N W fm-i' w N?"-N, A v Rv f y me A -1. f' N '- -V ,X A f ,Y xl my we x kt, '.- X N-, J' Wfggii V W . ff in , W ' if ' , W el N V -I K W 1-'QRBQZQ3 . x W ' " J. Q ,. N ' X is N ' it 1 "W N W , arf A f 3 ' A A ' 5 f , 8a'Ni3'Q'i"-'p 'f ff X.. M :aff , A' x , ' ' Q' W-ix .ir ',',1sx:iYlui,xg,3'ilj,f A .. azz' ,P ...fe me-we is-f is 'xxx e an wr-w 5,4 M514 'R' ut Front Row: R. Pinkard, M. Dennis, E. Horton, H. McClure, L. Gaines, R. Perkins, B. Jones, and S. Murphy. Second Row: B. Hyams, G. Talbert, B. Talberi, W. R. Fambrough, T. Blake, B. Womack, L. Crow, J. McGraw, and P. Simmons. Third Row: B. Parker, C. Knotts, D. Carroll, R. Stagg, B. B. LeG1'ande, John Odom, F. Neumann, G. Maddox, G. Johnson. TRACK ln the capable hands of Coach Walter P. Ledet, a spirited group of Demons started working early in the fall semester. Due to a disappointing fourth place finish in the G.S.C. last year the men are working a little harder. With the addition of Wade Cooper who runs the mile and two-mile, Coach Ledet should field a first rate team. Men who can be depended upon to bring in points are Glenn Talbert, who last year ran the 100-yard dash in 9.8 seconds, Jerry McGraw, holder of the two-mile record, Paul Simmons, holder of the mile record, Brent Womack, who holds the pole vault record, is Sth in NSC history in the Javelin, and also is fifth in the 220 low hurdles. The Demons will he strong in the distance runs this year. Running the distance races will be Wade Cooper, Paul Simmons, Jerry McGraw, Jim Pfifer, Ray Hale, and Sam Stacy. Mucli of the weight will be carried by field- men Brent Womack, Gary Johnson, Gary Pittman, Monty Ledbetter and john Wayne Odom. Brent Womack will participate in four events and can be counted on to carry his share of the load. 14 4 ... J Q in , .Q 4, ,."' W- ...4 Henry McClure Distance Men Wide Cooper Paul SIITITDOIIS Ray Hale, John 'l'...f-4 - ivxzfv .. 'J G+'- , ,,..,.-N3-'.'f P ,M .A K lags.. ,U xi , . Q fs, 3 M. '- -u .0 Q lx- .- - Q 1 ,Y W.. 5 if "It's the cheese that helps' Brent Woma k TRACK RCD TER AND EVE T TRACK ROSTER Monty Ledbetter Low Hurdles, Broad Jump, High Jump Glenn Talbert Sprints, Sprint Relays A Henry McClure Sprints, Sprint Relays Gary Pittman Sprints, Sprint Relays Broad Jump Jack Leggett Sprints, Sprint Relays Cecil Knotts Quarter-mile, 880 Relay, Mile Relay Jack O'Neil Quarter-mile, Sprints, Mile Relay 'J Jim Ptifer Quarter-mile, Half-mile, Mile Relay A Maurice Dennis Quarter-mile, Half-mile, Mile Relay A Bob Williams Broad Jtunp Gary Johnson Pole Vault, High Jump, Broad Jump T Paul Simmons Half-mile, Mile Wade Cooper Mile and Two-mile run Jerry McGraw Mile and Two-mile run Sam Stacy Mile and Two-mile run Ray Hale Mile and Two-mile run John Spears Half-mile, Mile Brent Womack Pole Vault, Javelin, Low Hurdles, - Discus, Broad Jump Allen Minter Quarter-mile, Mile Relay John Wayne Odom Shot-put, Discus Freddy Neumann Shot-put, Discus Ross Quinn Shot-put, Discus Raymond Arthur Shot-put, Discus Ed Horton Javelin 1 Weightmen: Ross Quinn Raymond Arthur Freddy Neumann John Odom - ,Ns J - S fir-. Y fm ,A N ,, yy K J.f - p. 1 , , ' '?"" ' " we ,W , .-- ,V. ,A 9' I t x gym ii ,rig I Elin x A ,Z g gi i , l's5f7f5i'! x K RD' kj Rf 'fi 5 t- 'xx , J tr i if fi .- -,f fm .- ,, , , , .. . +1 i . 53+ M ,,...1,qi.Q-L3-J NWT fa,Q5y. eye. oH'1 A grey sew Q M 11524 1 1 W 6 " f' as 53 Qm. ' U- -:f -Q we ' f, , - . , Y-QQ, fe? Y 'Y 5 'Q' f f " i N f ixlm ,M J -. ,gc ,gyf , fam -W 4 H wg many 5 fini 1 'Wu-1, f-4 ' X I ff' -:M-if,aQy' ...M I V ..,4 A in , New gk' 'V , . ' ' '. '- ,. i - "' 5' ag V 1 '-- k 45- N. 'l 3--1" .uni K. , MLAJEV. , Q 4 ft ft. f - i if Un'.:,-1--f"? r- - , , -1. ' f - - ' V 5 -.L if , 45 , 6 . Y g -1,3 , Q 3, 4, Q, ae., 9 fit. get J Ke ' 'X y .- ., U..- B.. . , 2 fi f' 'Q . ' U 2 1 " ', , T - , A 1 ' - ' . ,M-x,f'ifg.z'- "' ' ,i ' -gigs ' - 55.--1 . ' ' .2 -.-i.gz"e1. Tal.: '- . V, , -,neva-53,75 J" yfwtf M? 'yi , 3,4 st. - T lx 2 -I 1 - 1, xt-2 . ,. .1 J' -1 H-3 . , - 'H .gg ., 1 Q- s. px Q ., lf -I I ' - f 7 . , V if -.'- S".-X2 -:XP2 W -N 1 . 'x ,A W 5. - Ziyi! 15.2.36 1--il? V V 5 X sg . X, h . ,A 3 gh 'X n f-fc A . Q Q' 5 .' ' K , , vvvb f ' M- 4 , l - ' ' in '-'-- . - ' 'tThe S and S bohvs CO'Brian Smith and Herbie Smithj combine to show how it's done!" , i ff zfife f"?'t1'f'??f5 , 5' s V64 11"-2 'i M .gg if 5,5 , H '-' ' ' "" ' ""' " f . ' 'iffilff fa. ,ef -'iff-Li I Aj! . .V f,f,mfg IJ 313. ,ppl J , it ii " ,gf 1 if fffzaff Y ' 'Q .,.... .. . . n QQ.: x . A S iff., fl , , f " t - ,Mg SL . .- J -,,f ' , , , 4 I , ,- A , ,f. ,,,, 1 -4 . , ,ia 7 , ,, Q f.. ,ib gh ,, . , A Q 'Ig ,I i xv Nl, , 5 ?' 1' - 't 5lff,fiiieS2Q11A, . " r 6 ' 1 3, f' ef .:,2i'WiQ-E, l Q f .t-tm..--f ' ll U'f,,pa.. WMQE' A K I' W E' 'if' 'A' ff pa ' A ,R - " .Ni I ' i , 1 , .jf , fr-x' ' - ' F I . , I , , -1 1 Q ., - ,,,. U , It Q 'I Q. A' . '- . . - it Q , - A - ' . A AA 4 -'Q , T.. g V x . , . V. V, -A -Vlzwi L , . f .' .L , ' .'f ' V - ., jf- i.-I.-Q-.Agfa-.,,,, 2 .Q -.- . ' - Q .W .Z ?i'3'5t Le. M: A figs -l,f.if,51'rf:avf'w, . .Mff Q ,,,, 'iffvi 'J .-45.8 W 2 ' 154 Returning lettermen shown, kneeling are: Durwood Wilson. Jerry 'LCracker" Nettles and Herbie Smith. Shown Standing are: Don Bounds, O'Brian 'gHercules" Smith, Ronald Roy and Charley Johnson. BA EB LL The prospects of a good season for the 1963 baseball Demons loolcs very good. The Demons have eight returning lettermen. in addition to many newcomers. Returning lettermen are: pitchers Ronald Roy, All- G.S.C. Charley johnson and Durwood Wilsoiig infielders, l-lerbie Smith, Don Bounds, James Scriber, O,Brian Smith and in the outfield, Jerry "Cracker" Nettles. Some of the newcomers who should lighten the load are: Robert Clifton, Tommy Stewart, Don Pyles, Johnny Cress, Billy Ray and Skeet Gamble. The 1962 season produced an over-all record of 8-21, with a 5-15 conference record. The Demons, coached by Alvin "Craclcer,' Brown, were young in experience but should produce well this year with the added experience and stand-out freshmen. The outstanding player of the 1962 season was fresh- man Charley Johnson, of Shreveport. Johnson, a pitcher, compiled a 5-5 won and lost record. This fine record earned johnson a spot on the Coaches all-G.S.C. dream-team. V..-cf , '-: 74, ' ig -:Z 'Q-x W f Z6 fy V Z2 I , S . - f 1 W sm-wtf" VH' 4 f Manager Tommy Crafton, Coach McPherson and Head Coach Brown watch the team work out at batting practice. "Now Nettles, you show these boys how it is done." Catchers shown kneeling are: Tim Micotto, Russell West and Nelson Brown. Standing: O'Brian Smith, Don Bounds, and Skeet Gamble. A I 'Ll S451 jyy , Q 0 sr 742 z ' ,A A tw4W,,. . I ' ff f sr mm , ,. fi? W Kiwi Q f xx 'A cs ?M.fF' 'Tw 'Q W WLM x E M, V " 4 if K V fd ,ff X X ,ff Q- iff' f 'N P Q S ,X -, A, K is E -V X Q f s 'K7 , ' f u P 5 A e-2 t. 1 . Q R ' '92 'Yi ' J , X 71 ii? i 5, , ,- - , fi ' X f X W' ,i I ' ., .,. R ff ,Y Q xi N , I' 5, .N gg -to KJ., ' iv H . g'L:5i+i?1nf4Sq'W - .eswssw 4 . .. ' 'Q Sfffbffx 2.4, A - . ' , if 155 A 1 42' ' N, K i wx ' ' ' K' it - - M-4 wg f V , I s Qigitr 1 .f p , ' ,, QL . f 4 4 Vg I Q Q Q 'X L . E . . ., 4 in ' mm. If 5. bww' ,fu I nx few 1 , rn 1 , f f . - 2. i5f"?,fZ0 .f v .V ' 4 ,y '-1 ' f ,W-.6-f 1. ' , Y ' f 1 ' ' Y J, ' A ., ,wx Y 4 I , - L - ,Q V, ., . .1 49 fy ..,L,.,. ,Q xx , .4 Y , -1 MV I ' 'mx 1 s, 0 1 -x 1. V5 9 f U t fQf"ff MW 251. W L J f ff ff' fa.-i f " Me ww . ' '- fff., 2 , Nhxvf fc w-ff' 4 V 0 of 4 ' ' yi' 22 ' ff. fg f v , . 1 , 2 --4 'M 4 at A H - ly Z A-...... f an ii' V ! M3Mw,,,.,,e 1' V1 9 , . L ff w.f'f:,:' - --I 5 J. 3 W 'fi ' ' ' , Q Ama i y A A 1 f M: K . A yur! ,A 2435 ' s - nf? VW' " 3 4 :L-'L'-nv nr ' 'L LXFVFV 'E ylyfiffffg- -A ' - f ' A 2 Q , K , .W ' ' ,W . , A W j L, K-,ff ' g MQ ' " . '- 5-N fx. Q 5' ,, Aw - .TA X BSA" A K 4. A ' f 74 W- "5 fygirl' ' qw W," , ,nfl N -JA ttyl- fs-if l,:.fw::,.5L,pQ f J-W 2" inns" ' V .WJ X ., ' . ' V K., . . A , ' ' I Pg , I' - " x " ' 'A fe.. ' 'A H wh. 'C' ' fn'-f-IL ,Ali Left to Right: Tony Walkcr, Giant scout John Cross and David Calloway. Coach McPherson, Coach Brown, Dodger scout ,., , on be -Y' :mv i Ay... M U55 yhizw w ALL GULF GQMQ STATES Habla x X 'hx . 1 X ' K Q 7 .N xi if x . ,A ,f X ff," 1 m .. 7 X Ah' fadqe A 1 , t Lg 1- ' f' . . ' 24 ' ' A X-w "A u .. "-'x' A ,,- 'KV QV .4 vw 1. nv V j M , A-V . r-,J,,. ' ,', dmv R . 1 .Q . ., vs I, M- ,f.- '..a,'K.- -,x fx :XM , -- ,gy , K-'T if '-f'.Q'gJ31,., 1 ,L --f - . r ' ."' . w'1"'51 ,- Q. bb ' gf- '.'-' .1 ', val' I' ' 4 Q. , , A-,, han'-v ...iw vw., ,VA is ' ' - 'Q ' ' ' ' ' M' ' ,. ' ' ,ff 1 .gf A ' .-.M , i 4, --LAK. N N Vynt, .Lyle . .. x. W Q , ,sg 1-Mgr. ,avg .' 1 .yehhv--' 1-' ' """' . 'M . wr -J r 1---vu vw? ff! A ' 'fi A .. '- ,, xi 4 it, ,rr , . , 5, ,J 3,.qi b ,lbw x .gg sf, , " :fn .,' ."r..' V. M 9 ti.n":a."1: ffl' V" "ha am, sex' -:,. " ' ' W 'gf rv-. . .Q ,Nazi ' 'W if f fi 22, gg- 4-,dv nog - ,,,,A.Mfq-'ESU A it ,g .. , H, X., . . v 5- V fy .Jr Y 0- VM., .y -v on W - " - - ' .J - .' . x , . "H-15?-1-., ry ' - . . 'W '- -:!3!5..w:-'- " K' 'ff I 1 'Q .- .,N g -,w- , ..,g-.. '1 .-If ji - . af, 'f - , Jw, V.-fv Kfqp to ' . "V . "" "' ht " " A fy v-. ' . . ' - , ,,' --v-.. .-vi' 4, Ng-1--i F - --, L, . M- . fm Dfw' 1 'j -wp Lov, wf' - Wvg as . Q. 1... .- - ,i,,,Q1 , K ..,-fy, V s'Wn P. s .1 , -ar ' 40- ia 'K' ,pl X , ,7 Q at 5. 4 3,-' M., .,,f,', . .H -5 ,... ', M ' . ' . ,Q N ,4..- 1 I, 'N '.ga""" - " . ,h a ' , , X ,. -,- 1 f 4, . ll. , S . - ig' .A mghf 1' ' ' ' ' , 6 - - 7 ' H. . P 4 V Q , 3'-1. L x , . , .- 'Em m f'-..g. -V' ww'-P . -' . A- 7 ' Y. a 1 CO FERENCE CHARLEY JOHNSON 5-5 Won and Loss Record 56 , 'O Iwi A V J if i Q I' 5 ...,, 17' ,J ,5 X f I V 2 -7, 5 W ,y xx K, V ,ri If 5 L QV , j JN XX f Q: QW M, e.,-f -: "' 1,55 -Q . W aww as f aww af ww J , , ,, X ,,, cp : ...., 5 , , 1 , Q yi-0 , "" fs 1 -' -, Q' 3 - 5 5 ""': f A w "" , k 4 c' J Q af. " ' V Q 1' Mil ii ., ZW- Y I ' - Y J' P ' X ff ""' -. iff' X W - mera J F K 0 R 1 K ' N INQ- Qsfff J is QW far e J J f , , ff itlffxftq 9513- 'AH' s -V lyfjyfyg, 4-i , I . ' b . I 5 1 "f"' c " ig : ,f ?k""'i ,1.: - - ,lfmggui Q 5 1 J 1 N I R , 99 5 , . 1 K. isa. W , EY . 'P' ' .IX Q Q.. , mil- ' me f R- , Q if .4 1 .1 f if-:fy 5 . ':: x , i , ff -No' , if N , f, , , f mag l ,ff ,A xlqxk, x yf ,M 4, - We-W' l E, , 55,35 X fb, .Jw . - f ,.-,,.- .X L .X 'xxx , V e- -K MQ T R Airy, A V c.,- 2 J, Q.. -I Q-H N. , V ww. W V I x,,, T5 I . I L it J . ,k , -- .-L 'vi -L W ' 3 --1 - - ' , 4 ., 2523, . f V 5-7 A - 1, M !r -- '5 ,, ,Mg , , , , V ,. L ,4-V .. , H A K' M - :- Ang , . . -9 b ,vm-'l V, J ' 2 , ,.,f:.4, , , Q in ' Y . . A -7-W V , x Q- Ng- TQ N 'j k S A :II q:l-v , H x - x . - ' -' -' , J ' ,4ff"i"-7: ' Q s I fl,-, -Ja i V J ' I if Outfielders are shown from Left to Right: Larry O'Quinn, Jerry - J ,, 5 it aw -eff' , ,aw ' 'K , i , ,iv Nettles, Gerald Huckaby, Billy Ray, Pat McMee, Jimmy Salim, 'L ,sf ,',f71'f I ' is - A ., , . 1 and Chuck Thomas. 5"'f-3 'W' i J A ' ' - if ' - fin. , in Q 'vii Infielders are shown from Left to Right, Kneeling: David An- tilly, Joe Gimbert, Herbie Smith, Newton Wilks, and Jim Reese Rugg, Ron Bugard, Mercer, and Tom Stuart. Hawthorne. Shown standing are: Terry Mitchell, Don Pyles, Ronnie qlsz' J X .. Ka- ' :QA . " '2 in x W, ,-.:,,g.,:' - -- is V, S 0 . 3 F .rw fl ,f f 354, . ff? U K fx 1 4 .. 3, 5 ."'5 , ' ' -f"' , ' K' 2 IAQ- a A L, ry Q V .N 'A ,.,, , Q itr f Q 'X 77 '- f Q-2? ' X f 1' 374, 9 4 if kfg 4 I ' f , Qi MA 2 C ,J ,J Y , f fa .4 " I ,, if -. pf , fhggqynel 1 glgf, f. - . Tw, .- , ' " ,, My :A Vw . f il i4E"yl.Wf' 9,1433 ffl, -573 -W7-:9., , f , X If f S ,V , I wax xr ,Z X f . i 'fffl 5967 Q.-L 17 J . Pitchers are shown from Left to Right, Kneeling: Marshall Hearn, Durwood Wilson, Lewis Jones, and Ron Frusha. Standing: Tommy Stuart, John Cress, David Calloway, Ronald Roy, and Charley Johnson. 'Y 1 s Q, Q f Q I 1 , ,, QS, X gf X 2 8 1, V N -' Z' if r 'f' , J" 1 - ' ' SQ X l w - 4-:ff s:-,Q jj , ,QC 'Y-Q x fine f N I X N f N 4 , N N Q .,... - . N , E , 91'- 4: 4 1 Air Q, 'A Nana 9 'RMS- 1' cfm f ,f f 2.17 dv 62, COACH HUEY CRANFORD TENNIS There will be a new look on the tennis courts this year as Coach Cranford has only three returning lettermen from last year's squad. Returning are Lloyd Wallace, Earl Williams, and Jerry Payne. Lloyd Wallace was runner-up in the singles event last year and should take top spot this year. Last year,s squad placed third in the Gulf States Con- ference and ended the season with a 6-7 won and lost record. Coach Cranford is looking forward to a prosperous season this year with the addition of transfer student Jarland McGee and freshmen Danny Walker and Jerry Payne. Members of this year's squad are Jerry Payne, Danny Walker, Jarland McGee, Earl Williams, Lloyd Wallace and jim Dowland. Kneeling: Jerry Payne, Danny Walker, and Jarland McGee. Standing: Earl Williams, Lloyd Wallace, and Jim Dowland. C X E 'L X , jf 3 WFS! e as ' 1 X lla - r S X l l .YQ-Q " l 2 .30 6' X ei C it ll' I 1: ' P is ' ' K Y: l l , ax ii if 'ii-T3 ""' ' f in as -B ' .:.. i ,3 L L i i L A fx , ' ' fi A ,, X K 413' ilgyif My . K... Qit... 1- X.. .le 1' 'N '? K 5 'x S ' QW ff ' if 4 f AQ DELAINE DARBY i I ff K W5 1 Q53 . N 1 'V-we 4 q 1 'X J M, W X ' w . " q V , X ' ' , gf Top Row-Left to Right: JoAnn Pasquale, Suzuko Seke, and Delaine Darby. Bottom Row: Connie Manning, Elane Watson. Gwen Marler. W0 NDS GYMNASTICS Members of the team are shown from Left to Right: Suzuko Seke, JoAnn Pasquale, Gwen Marler, Elane Watson, Delaine Darby and Connie Manning. fi, '-s Q.- 'S 2. X.,- A 0 A j-5 ' 1 -' -5 ' ,,.,, ,, Kid z? AM 1 5 N' z 7 -"' A x M ,417 ff! V ' J 4 A ' M Q, e f my f 5 wh' , f x f 6' ,Q f ' 14 ' W", 4 gi 2 2 rw X +-1 f fr V f ff ,Q f 'P '7 ,,r',. K, Z f fr 1 ', by 4 ,, N4 .rw f Q1 J A77 4 z ' M , ,f ew f I., W, V- fff ,4f'4 ,t1' i, ,wiv ff , l y, Q Aj M f if M f 61 f ,C 1 f 14 , gy, f j Q., ,A I gf f f, Q 5, V55 ,f , K f f Ze H bf f A f , I 5 I A ia , aff jf, , , f y 3 fy f ff? f JZ' infix ' 4 W I 1 1 ' 3 3:2 ., .: . , ,. ffv W ,rg , ff. 1 ., V , 5- . f ,mm- is ' " -' iw 5 X WA A. ,egg fm ,-G-f' -,f Q ,.. ,sv ' ', 4 'P' flyzv lla ' X ..,-.ZZj' f V H A -vk N Af"f", f A e A -' r Q a MM ' L .ff "X'f" 'q i.t,fs,.Zf 5 f. S, 3 , v .gg , is V " ' , t- 'A '2,.Z y f " Tr: 2 --iffsfi 'L 1 - me . fe - M M' .f A ,run ,", ' 'f "C, . 9- A " ' ' . ' L 1 -W " 5 WA is - . ,Q . Q V I. ' .--L 2.-1, 7 -1 A f . . ., , 1 i ' -eg '- f f I 5 - swims . -if JAMES RAY GYMNASTICS Northwestern, the home of many top gymnastic teams, finds itself in a period of rebuilding. Hit heavy hy grad- uation, the Demon gymnasts, under Coach Marcinko are making rapid steps toward the top. Coach Marcinko will follow the policy of all-out par- ticipation for the squad. They will go up against any and all teams in order to give the men the necessary experience that it takes to make champions. Two meets of utmost importance are the eleventh annual Mid-South Junior and Senior High School and College Level Championship and the Southern AAU Champion- ship meet. Gone from last year,s squad are Jerry Ainsworth, re- cipient of the "0utstanding Gymnast of the Year" award, Jerry Theils, George Bosticlc, David Cantrell, Don Scott and Ashton Langlinais. First Row: Coach Marcinko, David Greer, Tom Boone, O'Neil Collier, Randy Curry. Wade Miller, Wayne Simmons, Bill Lind- sey. Second Row: Doug Harkness, Larry Stark, Ben Pratt, I. W. Woodard, George Turnage, Cliff Lambert, Asst. Coach Jerry Ainsworth. M. 553 V 0'Neil Collier Jim Pasquali Wayne Simmons I. W. Woodard Ed. Mathewson Ben Pratt Tom Boone, James Ray, Thurmon Owens. Jerry Ainsworth and Andy Cu,-ry 161 3 1 Earl Williams-three-time table tennis champion. l TRAMURAL WINNERS Touch Football-Coonies. Table Tennis-Earl Williams. Bowling-Individuals: Jerry Nettles. Volleyball-Mighty Six. Cross-country-Troy Meredith. Chess-David Canfield. Badminton-Buddy Crosse. Paddle-ball-Danny Rowzee. Gymnastics-Don Scott, All-aroundg Don Scott, parallel bar-sg Mike Lippencott, rope climb, Don Scott, still ringsg Don Scott, Don Scott, short horse, Larry stark, side horseg ,Don Scoi, horizontal bars. Weight-lifting-Heavyweight: O'Brian Smith. 198 lb. class: Wil- liam Faith. 181 lb. class: Bill O'Hea1'n. 165 lb. class: Roger Gorumba. 132 lb. class: Eric Steinhauser. 123 lb. class: Evan Steinhauser. free exercise, Osten Larry trampoline' Don Scott tumblin g 1 Z A e Q ,pd . , V . ,V 3, 4 may Q if , , 9fIg, L ,l,f L i lfz 52-fief"ff,,, FIRST PLACE FOOTBALL-Kneeling: Carlton Herpin, Troy Meredith, Billy Grishaun, Charley Fabrough, Donald Toups. Standing: Paul Ware, Pee Wee Wells, Steve Moore, C. Womack, Kerney Stakes. A x A ggi i gl 5 L U 1 fe A- ,X sf . J , f. 'Q S- iv ssdfw' .' 'A H J? SECOND PLACE FOOTBALL--Kneeling: Bobby Lee, Bert Wiggins, Bobby Cortinez, Ronnie Mouton, Eric Steinhauser, Danny Rowzee, Buddy Tinsley. Standing: Richard Langlainas, Tommy Eisenhower, Nettles Brown, Warren Price, Eugene Smith, John Mitchell, Evan Steinhauser. BOWLING - First Row: Troy Meredith, Paul Ware. Second Row: Carlton Herpin, Earl Williams. Cross-country winner Troy Meredith. 16 3 ,Yi 4 rg 'Qi f 45 ,ACN "EMI 'E' ,aw D sand.: . -QQ .few l..s if ,gif '15 :Ig iw - '1.v.": L. it I -,Z ,fa-. ,X . MQ . h. .5 'iff' s' . 421, Q, fs az 4a ff' i - 1 COA CH GENE KNECHT lily W pfffiffjgjkwg . I f 4, .+. W .lg .,--x., EV' ar' .- thx-" 'lr-N A. .,.-' 'ff ' wwf ' tw yr if ' - .. , Mfg. 2, ,M . M 1' H WT? V Wy' Y , riff-I' . 4, '-Swag, . I 'iegsdu ,. A ,. N FUDTB x If I 64 - vt ei, f . MV I 4 -',. N 1' ,Q ,H 41 'lxgbg " f qw Y ,. rf ,Xeg ,J-, ' -1.2 Hg . ., A ' '- 4 V: af, fryap- . 5x'5x,x1 .. fl: J-Q f .- em , ref., P, ' - - ' ' '58,-:.', W ty 'Wi 1 . Uv 'gi '07 ae?-sx s -5 , ,A L- 'Q -1 ' "f .. M. "1 Y Q' if Q ' :J W f 1 I . ' ,gfie 3 . 'dv' S f WH-"?iiI' ' fi 2.-1: "7 V v- fzrviza- 325 2- -Tf:::fT':'i:?lA- Left to Right: Jimmy Bowen, Gilbert Broussard, Don Scott. Coach Kneelit, Robert Flagler, and Dennis Schlegal. GULF The future loolcs bright for the golf team this year. "We canit go but one place, and that's upf' says Coach Knecht. Witli a new team and a couple of outstanding freshmen, we should hear a lot about the Demon linlcsters. Members of this year's squad are Jimmy Bowen, Gilbert Broussard. Don Scott, Robert Flagler, Dennis Schlegel. Bill Boren, and Jimmy Smith. Robert Flagler, a graduate of Byrd High of Shreveport. was the 1961 state AAA champion. Coach Knecht is expecting great things from Flagler. Another outstanding boy who hails from Bossier City is Dennis Schlegal. Schlegal won the 1962 Barlcsdale lnvitational tournament. Gilbert Broussard is another Shreveport product. Trying his luclc at Golf for the hrst time is Don Scott. Don, an outstanding athlete, is a base- ball letterman here at NSC, and has been an outstanding Intramural participant. Missing from last vear's team are Benny "Sand-trap" Nlorgan. and Tom Baker. CHEERLEADERS Eagerly waiting to lead the Demons onto the gridiron, yelling, clapping, jumping and screaming before the stu- dent body, encouraging all the fans to participate in the excitement, riding the Demon head around the field-these are part of the duties and privileges of the cheerleaders of Northwestern. The 1962 season for the cheerleaders has been one of work in decorating goal posts, practice sessions for new yells, trips to Monroe, Shreveport, and Lalce Charles, and support of the basketball team at home games. Cn the cheering squad from last year are I-lead Cheer- leader Chris Newsome, Leesvilleg and Sam Dauzat, Alex- andria. The other upperclassmen are Lucy Joiner and Sam Lucero, both of Shreveport, and the freshmen cheer- leaders are Cheryl Sue Kile, Leesvilleg and Nippy Blair, Alexandria. Pat Malstrom and Jolly Gilliam of Shreve- port served as official Demon mascots for the cheering season. The cheerleaders extend a tip of the hat to our sponsor, Dr. Coleen Nellcen and the college administration for their help and cooperation during this successful season. Kneeling: S-am Lucero, Sam Dauzat, and Nippy Blair. Sitting: Cheryl Sue Kile, Chris Newsome, and Lucy Joiner. The "Demon", Pat Malstrom-Northwesteln s Mascot Whf naw ' ,Nfl Umm fi V 5 The Demonettes of 1962-63 performed Danish gym- nastics under the direction of Miss Asse Nielsen from Kopenhagen, Denmark. The performances of rhythmical exercises stressed the beauty of the body through natural, graceful. body movements. Attired in purple leotards and white skirts and bare. footed the 49 Demonettes performed with the use of rhythm sticks, balls, and hoops. All of their performances have been based on complete group participation rather than that of the individual or individuals who may have been featured. Miss Donna Fay Ritchie, Demonette Major. f y we I The Demonettes-a group of girls who give of their time and talent so that we may have a half time show at om' football games. Besides the performances at the football games, the Demonettes performed in gymnastic shows in Monroe, Shreveport, Nlinden, Pineville, Qakdale, Natchitoches Christmas Festival and N.S.C. Annual Gymnastic Show. The Demonettes also marched in the Homecoming Parade. the State Fair Parade, and the Natchitoches Christmas Festival Parade. Truly the year 1962-63 has been a successful year for the Demonettes. Standing is Miss Asse Neilson, Demonette Sponsor i DEMO ETTES :'v1 -'-- , I a . X ,' 7 J A V , , A M . i . 4, ,nv- tu, 41. - rv- an' . , , ,J - m .,r,,:. ,.,.v5-3 ,iq VK six ,gil--N, v i-1-f.. , -- If ' -, ai- Q k,'l '90 .W A... fb ' ' A ,M ' .i ' .mf '-f, -1- I fm ? .. , "N" Club Officers: Roy Gentry, Vice-President, Steve Murphy, President. M 9' CLUB The Q'N', Club is an organization whose membership is composed of some of the most talented athletes in the South. To become a member of the "Nw Club a man has to letter in one of the four major sports or in any of the three minor sports. Being a member of the "Nw Club carries a great respon- sibility. The letter "NM on a sweater or jacket is the symbol of accomplishment and marlcs the man wearing it. The letter also identifies the man as a representative of North- western State College and through him our courage, spirit, and friendliness is shown. lt is a proud man that wears the purple and white "N" and rightly so because it is the reward for a job well done. We salute the members of this organization for their never ending eiiort to stimulate school spirit and we are proud. of the reputation they have given us both on and off the athletic held. Kneeling: Dicky Mason, Steve Murphy, Henry McClure, Glenn Talbert, Earl Williams, Roy Gentry, Ken Moran, James Hardin, Tommy Mathias, Jerry Nettles. Standing: D. L. Monroe, Emmett Hendricks, Gerald Yarborough, Johnny Ray Norman, Paul Simmons, Freddie Newmann, Sam Watts, Tommy Talley, Jerry Payne, Brent Womack, Paul Bush. l ! 167 ' . yi 5,32 ZW ifggzfg 2 XX ,, A-f' ' '-Y: fi-'f"f"'fy , lu! 'if K4- E-Wi f. ,W - 'f 11, - ,:..:,, q x, 'aw .-i Q-f.,' V 'w,,,', bm' ei-. . V 1 , , J' , '- N ww ,,q,w,j , 4, Q , if f v 45' , Q Q 'sf "' ,.: . W i- f.. U'-'xr f' as fd A 4' , . 1 ' '5 .y. u' h , . 1 . - ..".:J, vs-JK , y TLA N efxggf' 4 nw, 2 ffm?-3, , , , ,,, " jx,,,'g3vgjQw3 R M 1 ggi.. , -0 . . ' - .1- ..- 'ff 5' T:-t "W f ' W 4' ., bf!" A, x KU ' J! I S l U , ,uv z. 1 ' " X In w nf A Q, , '- ' 'f-..-' us. H9 'Q "12.vl Cf- -5 , - - - A", ,ul-w'f,x' .' a- .WN .Y - 4,2951 'N L If Av' 9."f, . 95 M'!1.A,'3-cg, '1 J. ?:'.:'f6?ff'5" -A x V ' 'T f-.4 :-'vin ' -1,-" wg, .. . -s ,A-1 4.. L.r Q,A I 1' 'fl , - Q .' 3---'-'Sgr ILITARY 3 7 S -4 4 2 1 5 6 , 4 4 is 1 Y . f f' ff ,y V xc' ff UG' 3 , I do P' rl' -:,..,1 l . .C RCTC The twentieth century poses increased opportunities and challenges to those pursuing educational preparedness in a world society of advanced technology. With equal capa- bility either for destructive skill or unlimited scientific ad- vancement, America is more than ever dependent upon the strength of character of those who occupy leadership roles. The opportunity to share in the preservation of this nation's ideals is afforded through the Reserve Ofliceris Training Corps. Such a program was initiated on the campus of Northwestern State College of Louisiana in the fall of 1950. Under the present curriculum qualified seniors, dependent upon the needs of the Army and their academic major, may elect the branch of their choice in which to fulfill their military service obligation. The Reserve 0Hicer's Training program embodies a com- prehensive four-year curriculum designed to instill leader- ship qualities and background training for the newly com- missioned Second Lieutenant. Witli emphasis on leadership, the course includes training in the Army's role in National Security, American Military History, drill and command, weapons and their employment, teaching methods, map and aerial photograph reading, military operations and logistics, staff procedures and a six-weeks summer camp period wherein classroom knowledge is given practical field appli- cation. Enrollment in the Corps is tangible recognition of one,s patriotic duty to country. Foremost college men have the opportunity to qualify either for a commission in the Regular Army or the Army Reserve. Annually sixteen thousand college graduates avail themselves of this oppor- tuniry. T WU! HUM!! ! mmm!! pnsw'-V WSE!! UH' n,,,,,,,..,..-v-- yainranz Xxhy. ,,,..,----il' ,,,,,...,,.,-so-ew-I' ,,,,.,.--0 M,,,,,,,,.,,..,.,-,nw-e ,Q-?"""' TT- Z.-1 ,v"" 'Nm X cl, . i-- LT. COLONEL L. E. JAMES, INF. Professor of Military Science and Tactics CADET STAFF: Left to Right. First Row: Cadet Major Bobby Hughes: Cadet Major Larrey G. Moutong Cadet Colonel Robert Paul Ware, Corps Comnianderg Honorary Cadet Colonel Jan Paul, Corps Sponsor: Cadet Major Billy St. Andre: Cadet Major Ronald Johnson. Second Row: Cadet Lt. Colonel Manaen Schambcrg Cadet Captain James Boyd, Cadet lst Lt. C. W. Robertson. X 'R A 'X 4 K 5 I I 1 g . 4 ls an ,QS ,S if x I , . .4 S Y W M Z SX V xg xx' . ' Q if ' kr' , 4 'xx X , T 5 E r 1 3' Q X g gt' . .H 5 il RK I ' - .' 5 4 KN 'Q 1 N T - g i 'Rfk 'see 'A e xi Y.. X it K .ft 1114.11 Co AN HQ Miss Margaret Bowen Sponsor x-M07 3 lar, . A, ,N . A 'K N it 'A. ,. at .. 9- , , 1' 'A 'VV 2 A ..,...ft. . JL..,.. Q, , 7 s a , runnin an ff? -- f ENE, -Q iii: ".1'.:..":'- al "f""""trr'1n"'ft' A V-fa .1 ""' ,. ,E , M iff ? - ,.i:,. " , , iff ' 4 n 'L' 'S .1,:,:... ,, . I "".5'..:5'E :if? ,i " "" ra mpant 'fl 52.52. ' ::,.,.. Y' L rf' "oz 3 - '1',1,':,,",2' . :fgxgm V,I.V . - ,. .. ,. ,.., .J jk 1E,:g- - as .,. ..:n. L '3I..t,.,, - W ,,-sg, ,' vs nun ' ' , - -V' -:n'5nf' V ".:.""""' A 1. f - -,fg,,1-,Q , V . . f. ' f f 1. , V , I, ,L f Q ta if at 2 Bvvaa- 0 f ,M 4 , f 26, F05 , f , , "' A-.. - I I , , It --1,- 4 WN' V . 'i Q . a MQ, gf JIS - 4. ,s , - - 1 . , 1. J, , k A V 1 . , , .. . ' 1 Q v -+n"t ' JV' A vias- A M Ja , .a 3 . ,f 1 sg. , , A PM , W 'f It , ' ' 1 J , , ' Jr fn ,if A we M: . 1 f- an ffl he ' 'iw , 2 f ar, . ,..,. " L . . ' 2. 4 Q. f , '- ,J J' .. 1 I 1 , sl 4 'gn li , lil , f ,V tg, is Y il 5 X sg M , ,,'ll',f I Q ,-.-, Q, f I fi.-'-, . 1 3 ' i , i, . J 'l f 5 ' X I I I Q U- -lj ' E.. Q 'i A 4 5 J 5 ii T l' 5 i J l , 2 2 ,. , 3 1 . ,,, V, 1 . ,. . . . , 1 7 ' s Y J , . ,f f ' a , 3 f Q, 1 1 1 g .V i i , 5 , f fi , Q i i 4, ' .wt , xii i ' T4 , ,vat Y fsm '-zziw ' ' f L , H' , W' L ' , . V, 1, -A.. 4, , f..f N. I 5,-,,g4e,,. , , V XV ,V - gf -, 6 . , , 153 3 'f 'J 4' ar- 2.3, 2 f "Q, fsfi- ,Nur 2. .5 ' . -'f , f"i'. if A ' .5 fi te1fa.awf?Etf+ wi? it ,E ff fv- V ft 5 Qi, 1K,g,g,'Nf 9' ' Vw I " .VmfVvlV -, f 2-2 V V , -g,-kg, l , .. f 5 ,eq ,f V,V,. e ,C , F stave' Us 'ifysfs' f' ' J ' , ri H r 4' -. n -f pri Xt. .gg A 1, , . L: j-Zyj 'g -. f gy' .ffwr ff, J. ff Xa: a , Q, , .V . F i ' v is re . ' f ,ff L1 in ' '1:w2. ,- -- wifi' 5 i ' pi g, kt, ti .',f ff -"aff,-qt, K ' is Q3 ., ' .wi rim-xv 1" :f z.ff.p-aff P - -' an ' . First Row, Left to Right: Cadet Captain Doty, Honorary Captain Bowen, Cadet Lt. Cox. Chopin, Gimbert, Simonson, Sage. Second Row: Dyck, McSweem, Bollar, Huey, Jones, McF'errin, Stahl- huth, Reynolds, Cooper. Third Row: Robicheaux, Lee, Krouse, Townsend, Adams, Head, Arthur, Ayers. Fifth Row: Rutledge, Wildeboer, Rinehart, Farthing, Chance, Schlege, Cavanough, Phifer. Sixth Row: Manning, Leggett, Bailey, Merchany, LaBonde, McKey, Coleman, Fruge. Seventh Row: New- man, Garcie, Painter, Nichols, St. John, Web, Stewart, Carter. 1 James, Kolb, Johnson, Carter. Fourth Q ' Row: Mitchell, Antilley, Sers, Hughes, T , -D Stacy, Stark, Fisher, McDonald, Swil- ley, Waltner. Fifth Row: Townsend, Marcy, Teller, Champion, King, Joyner, Madden, Rush. Sixth Row: Huson, Prudhomme, Madden, Cash, Bujard, Dungan, Rogan, James. Seventh Row: Scheutz, Willis, Carson, First Row, Left to Right: Cadet Captain Bonial, Honorary Captain Marly, Cadet Lt. Clegg, Matthews, Canerday, Bailey, Smith. Second Row: Sistrunk, Kelly, Blount, Wintersteen, Bates, Johnston, Jenkins, Lowery, Mitchell, Antilley. Third Row: Knotts, James, Batchelor, Ardoin, Fisher, t Schwab, Stratton, Adams, Johnson, Boles, Gamble, Rogers. James. Fourth Row: Perdue, Shelton, .. " li 3 ' T: 'E".:.'E'i-if in A' T1 f S A I 1 'I-'ggi' T2 6 , , .:::...r. - '1.1:':.1:. 'ii' 'if iiittii ' v-- a "twig , 3 5 ' ' ' f ' J' 'Us'-':'gA' A' Q 2 f .. -.Eg-E,-'Q-35 arf ,V aug,-g-5,33 iz .':.E.:.':":...., 'f '-1'f':1-Fr?-.Z.L'x,X -v- "-t- if :V . iq xv 14-N' ff' ' ,, .,..,.wV: 1 - , .t.z:, .,, X , S V, " ' ' Eff."-'F-13"-1'-7' ,gfizilrgzzigf-xL1fi":n'f1 :gig 4, an Miss Jeannie Marler a Q- E, ' pl- ,- ,f - . .X - -A lf . , Q . -,n Sponsor 4 f .V ,il Q 5 7 QQVJ if L Q1 gg , - A -is Y 'h , I' V, VV. ,JAVLVVV , ?.:q,:Ps4XgVV YK-I: V , Vf . -t V: , V6 f-. A is ,,AQ.,, ,AQVV V we .J vas. - . IQ V JM 'xflgi ' Qt .1 YQ f 'i Q-,z 9 ' ,- . . , - a 5,13 ' l J 1' A A ' si R it , 'V -wit W, .1 A N ,394 , N, 1 ,xyff . 1 ,tx S. , XV ,VNV hay., :Eg X A f'V,'xY1AV!g x , ',mV 1, . , , x P , A 5 6 f , .VZ V VD . VV.V xg A -7 V. Lab A . If y I V :I Z VH! I1 F ai , SV? l D: L, K K ' E'-1" If 1 , "Mg ', Ulf! l '?lq nip Q .A ' "Q Y , r A! V f ,in if 3 lf, 5 S Vh- '-,S - v Y R f M A QV VV, 5 W. .94 4 V 7, V f VV. yi li-I f l Q V V 1 as 4. f :cf . . Q " S Q1 -If -' f I , 5. , , 1- ' -.......-L -- -. . 1 -P A 4' ' '- 1 fi V 'Fi 'TL' ' 155 ' 'QS . X - i ix it Www... A W.- A a ' ,,,x-4' V VS", ku. Y g gilt? I , 1 Y Q' -ilk f , ,ew ,V V9 ' 1, ' , Llfaiita f - ff f if . if-Zi., I ,VJ QKV iatwuw f. :pr s V, f ' V V of ' NMS, pn, X5 :X V33 4! . wt G Q TH , fs. , , . is-My'V?'- s,'j'f' li: . at ' 1 -it-1 ' l rf' P! U , fi. . ', 2375, fit ,sift digging f A V333 H id -"w 2 23, A Af Bane f . .. im is f ...ww 3 4 1 ----qu-nan:-ll 1ntnm1uia1 1 ' !1lsnu:s1n1q - ihiilwnuana in .. , luuzauizawnaerpqn t ' L ' iwmvmwmvzwawsfli S A 1 Y 1 ii?-23234. elim...- sunsnmn ni-wanna mraumewilil P- f -N if -- -A a::2::az:"a- F i sl Ei-?.:E-'Eg-EI,-1',g-g , ?a.':'rrs::.'5'2f."5'E fi 7 'B 7 nnnniatulil A mmm fam magma-ang 1 . TJ-Tal-Ju?-if ' ' t i r W M " A 'N A - :-..:':'..:..'::-:.':'.f.1 -A W W- P M -at :'.a.':f.z",fa..:?.7:.1 L B 4 . 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V ' ' " 2 3 , , 3 3 A. I , Ax, , . tp , . - J -- A ' ix: 5 ' R Q A 'S 1' X" ' V' f M 4 . '4 fl f N - 'Q " K' ' i ' f J . , Q ? , -V -1 1'J', i 2 , ' t l lu. and . " 1 'fig ' N f ? 5--Vit-1' L Y' . 1 Aa., -5 lt v' Ill nd 1 L 'Al 1 'il 4 4' Q " 1 8 , . Q h'.' i ii'-if 1 , o - , , 3 , , ll Aug , - 3 H f ij i i M. -i ' J. L fl-K" kip- sv 5 "L w l '. - , P2 Q 5 X f E ' ' l . ' fu' , i Q l ' ' ' ,. ' 0 1 ' , ' 7 4 4 ir, t '. ,ff , ' t i 4- 1 J 4 " 6 , ,JP K f , 1 5 J 5 j f f V , af f - 4 staff f Y 4 353 V fl V224 -4 la i f 5 s f ' 4, E ' i l f e fi fre i I i ' ws : i fx 2. nn , i P -f iw V it .,,.. . f at . 2 , i K 3 I 1 5 Q ' ' t 4 Q C' ' C' X ,S L ., ., . ,, ,, . . g gy, , ,' ' ju My smug 'rrsdkmri-emfgimr 1 A i X 2 rg' . L 5 ' Q I f, A , -- f ,i 1. ' Q iw i f f , 1 j 1, V N 2 p ,, PZ AWY q W7 2. QS? , silt! 1 ' ' , -. , ' - ., 1 mf at-5fg,,',g, 5 rf , K . A ' 2 ff' - t x if R' 4 J I M 5 v jg-'ffftitia Q, awe. A 4? , . M , + l . f. Q , , ., , ,J ri f , 5, 'Mr 4, ff- ," ,. 4 f f. 4 t ,155 if w'faW,A , K 3? ff .: is if? g if ff X x B I 'y if i'if9!f:,! f vw A 2 i - fl fx- ' 1' 'I N ' fri 'fm' . . rl. eg 'ft 'I p 1 4 it ' 1' 'Z ,ry 1524 .ylflgfim wa? t2w-.2 i, '- E. atm 1,.-hifi' s" , ' lx ',f r I ", If 1 i'f"f',Wfi:4Qij?ff2"f" .,fQ'f'1 N M. 33-V 1.5. 3 , 4 tf is H Nfl X . 3 ' f B 9 3 ,T "-55"f,!'wi.,. ' "i"':f?"i t'f4ft5fg.,i: f Q- 'V '1 5 F 1 ive, fi 2-95 .Vida " . . in if s"'4'i7f'mQ' 14 S ?n ,314 A 1 " ' aff? 'f 'T 'Wa is-gf", 9gL.7a.,5Y1'.'2ifif5ft 'if ' 14 ,f-WHS? af ' iii in 1-fwtt , Vw 'fS!kJgQ,t.. ' may First Row, Left to Right: Cadet Captain Childress, Honorary Captain Lee, Cadet Lt. Price, Brasell, Kennedy, Albritton, Arthur. Second Row: Ritchie, Bryan, Dixon, Butler, Broussard, Wynn, Ken- nedy, Fritz, Harp, McKee. Third Row: Helms, Caniield, Bounds, Brady, Row- zie, Weffenstatte, Miller, Tauzin. Fourth Row: Gray, Gilchrist, Jordan, McMil- First Row, Left to Right: Cadet Captain Cloutier, Honorary Captain Allen, Ca- det Lt. Smith, Senn, Sutherland, Miller, McNeely. Second Row: Vincent, Chai- pant, Yeomans, Robinson, Chandler, Henderson, Baloin, Murray, Kolb. Third Row: Gaspard, Nolley, Milam, Taylor, Chandler, Tidwell, Lindsey, Stevens. Fourth Row: Cardwell, Traigle, Mattox, lan, Jeamsonne, Johnson, Beauregard, Wales. Fifth Row: Putman, Bosell, Johnson, Meade, Klotzbach, Ray, Band, Robicheaux. Sixth Row: Crew, Clem- ons, Lemon, Bradley, Spears, Potish, Bodenhamen, Vaun, Hannigan. Seventh Row: Fisher, Herrell, Sebren, Brown, Fentress, Burke, Fox, Williams. Fowler, Finley, Burke, O'Bannon, Owens. Fifth Row: Lippincott, Masson, Gingles, Neely, Green, Gile, Gimbert, Carney. Sixth Row: Freeman, Shaw, Lafayette, Ryan, Hays, Stringer, Hry- orchuk, Marx. Seventh Row: Port, Car- roll, Delaune, Ryan, Coppellar, Russell, Reinhard. o r""'r-"'-"- 1 f lay: -:-- ...::.".:. I : i iifri l T:-1.2-.Eg W-1f??5'f' givlgagag 5 .1 f , f-ff '.'F..E.r:.":.'-....-'-' w-new-W-W:-W Es.-:-.:.-:-.'a.1'.:.: f""'f?nf""'e"'i"' mf iZ':."i'-.'.-E'."E'-:'E'-E.-E A . e.-5:-E-2-z-z-2-sa Q :win ss: f giiiwlielp ss., f Vi -a-z-,'r"-a-1-.t-- F ff H , fi sz-3-3-asa-:ae 1 at Q r , ., 1 3 1: ':-E'-E , - , ,f gs.-,,5::.z1':.:: I ,,,,1 -L .. ..:....Qg ..,.,,::. ,... M, ,swf ng-'L-.I-'-.".'l'-'L".1'..'L'.I Y '.. .. M.. .. ..., 'V ' V1 -:?::'.:.'1-.- .... . gif" ..':.-r.--':-.:.-:-.:.'.: fmt. x A , ' 2 ':'.:.-:-.:.1.-.:.-:'- , f :Er'.Z'.:-.-:..1.-.2-: ,, 5 , l Q .. E112-57:-7" ...""'r.':.. 'sri ' ' . 1 SI F 1 I ,,N, -Q , ,L , me-1- Q , . 'i- ln - -1 , ig: .Sf ' 'Q E' an ?E".SQe- 1 . t, A- Q ff -'i5i'f2'isi"" in , rf 2 may Q, Hr: Q -it ,5.lQ'411 .H ,Q Q ff. , .1 :l "5f'9 1 A 'QQ 'x5NtQi1.'.lu 421 as 15"iw 0 V- 0 ' J. -9 ,JA L40 i L t ' S , , , 'X ,,,, Y t" ' A Q . A AJ i sis ,I-'i Ii. 9 V 1 4 an' nf., - , A 1 .Q M as: . . y MLA :Ay an ix , . . -- L . - - ' Lv- ,-. 'X -n -'Q 1 1 W ' U E .Q t 95.9 f l- 2 F' '19, Qt? 9 . 0 9 93.9. 1 'L Y .f,- ia' if i NA i 'Ll-,X "FHL, 2.'!1'A?5"'gAA inah' V1.4 fx , 'A i' ' 9 , "" V t.. ,- 'T W n 'fn ,M . ',.,,', In 'lu ll, i 'bi Agqilll ! V K, Q i gjli x 5 ,, .I :I , : 4 t V i X. y y ,L ii .H 6- FJ . fi. H-Y M ,f -.I - 'fi 'rl' lf ' un rl .f if., i - ,., I 5 5 rt ' Y 13 v f V Q In I -N M 5 , Y' ,. I n. J W , 'W , f . ' . L , l Q ,Ii 5 4 , , , , n , 4 J. N , 1 V - 1 M Q W Vi Lam 5 T M .B ,.., .A ,G A - A, ,, Q? .. 4 .. in B K- . i -, " viii .N i I xi 0 -" ' - i R 'fwvfi Q W 'A 4 t in W-.M 4 E E A W- M u, Y 1-A dat, s . . fgg I, H U .wifi 'fx A' Frlmyfif-, 31 K I' 5 V,.j.2.r,f,?lib9 f .J - V -V g in .C '. ' Q' ,,lff,,Qi.- 5c'ii?",,',' X fy ' epffllf P fix .x,1,4' lc- iw -- ef qv 4, i' -fu .Af -K i f ,: -' ,i , H' ,,.-4, 1 1 L N31 I."-,ffl Q. i " S .,45ff,a,-Yjiffiisfff it . r if l it-ff' Qin., . fzwrfi-..' f'J1.i.-GRY-3.gv"f. fl - , A '3- COMPA Miss Sally Lee Sponsor X Us Miss Susan Allen Sponsor Comm YC 'hal Kneeling, Left to Right: Neely, Ayers Freeman, Hare. Standing, First Row! Bounds, Jeansonne, Baily, Shelton Mitchell, McDonald, Antilley, Madden Second Row: Sgt. Odom, Senn. Left to Rlght Manaen Schamber B1lly St Andrew, Jimmy Childress, Paul Ware, Bobby ' , .. - f al ,, - 1' 4. ' ' U . - . ' . vi .Q 'Q' 4 V Tl 4' 55 ' ,fic '- ' Q l . X ' I ,,"'2' A- . ' me -. 5 ,W .V M , 'X G ',.A QQ? in ' :X M, fp f if fir 2 Q f.. , - Cadet Captain James Boyd, Commander Cadet Captain James Childress, Asst. BLACK K IGHT Northwestern State's craclc drill team, the Black Knights, commanded by Cadet Captain James Boyd, specializes in fancy military drills in competition and for special occa- sions. Throughout the Fourth Army area the Black Knights have been invited to perform for thousands of people. The Black Knights also have been invited to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. ln l96l, the Black Knights Left to Right: Cadet Captain James Boyd, Commander, Cadet lst Sgt. Jimmy Childress, Guidon Bearer. First Row: Sutherland, Fruge, Mitchell, Dungan, Putman, Rogers, Jones, Fritz. Second Row: Clegg, Taylor, Stringer, Gray, Fisher, Harrelson, Dobbs. swept all honors at our nations' capital when they placed first in the fancy drill and fifth in marching. This honor has yet to be matched by any marching group in the nation. The Black Knights also participate in the Mardi Gras Festival in New Orleans and Holiday in Dixie activities in Shreveport. Major Raymond A. l-loplcins, Army staff member, is the Black Knights, advisor. Third Row: Miller, Cash, Gaspard, Montgomery, Schwab. Owen, Hayes. Fourth Row: Brassell, Huey, Carroll, Canfield, Port, Coleman, Head. ,,.-su., ,.,, . ago Eng WE sign rn 5.5 '45 E'-5 QQ Fi 55 35. Wm -41 H u Black Knights march in Fes- tival Parade. , f W., .M-qw.. W, M' W The Black Knights executing a fancy drill. The Black Knights in formation, PQ J 'KY A, 1' I Kfxgxu Y N 7.- X 4 A' . Vg. , 4, ,- Q ' sew Q Q in ffl ' .v aff!! :i if '1 rig , ' U, ' if 'f V f y ' E n 'V 1' R! 17- , Q ,, . . ,.. . 1 , q N 5' K v w , x ! I . I RGANIZATIONS Q 1 f AN! www M40 A.. f wwf I 'ffl-sm em 48' A Nw gr s 2 W. f ,ov Q , I w , f?'3 Q 'L 4 v S A W 7 ,, Nik,--"', W 1 SZ W ., V r N W Ax A , ,. ' ' N QQ 2 , v, ,y Z ' ijsli ' 2: ? " -.,- L , N 7SIEZImi'f ,X . ' -:Q 5 ' N ,,, Y, ' Q , X Q f -f 1 YL . 'GEW W , , g m M' X y 5 5 525 ,NWN V 5 27--1' .:::..-- A ff mow ff H! ,X , , f , M , 'M " ' M 5 X 1 Q ' . f . 5- Q 1. W X if X Q ,gg S : f Q' X, I Z 4 f X 2 'K f Q 4 3 1 ' g 2 S E z EDDY MILLER President MEMBERS EDDY MILLER President SONNY HARGROVE Vice-President KATHERINE BERRY Vice-President of Women CARROLL SLACK Vice-President of Men RUTH RICHARDSON Secretary TOMIVIY CARSON Treasurer SAIVI LUCERO Parliamentarian EDGAR JOHNSON Senior President LA NAE ROWELL Senior Representative DON HARRIS Senior Representative JESSE CROOKS Junior President SANDRA JOYCE Junior Representative VINCE CUELLAR Junior Representative CHARLES IVIARANTO Sophomore President CARMEN CODINA Sophomore Representative RANDALL WEBB Sophomore Representative CARROLL LONG Freshman President GERALD LONG Freshman Representative All executive powers of the Student Body Association are vested in the Student Council. The Council is a repre- sentative body, each of its members having been elected by the students. The primary duties of the Student Council are to provide for the general welfare of the Student Body, to legislate on matters necessary for the supervision and coordination of student activities, and to serve as a link between the administration and the Student Body. The Student Council has undertaken a number of projects for the benefit of the students this year. These projects included the printing and making available a student directory to every N.S.C. student, the construction of a car wash rack for student use, and the sponsoring of a special entertainment program in the spring. These projects were successful because of the hard work of the council members and the support of the student body as a whole. STUDE T Members Cleft to rightj-Seated: Sandra Joyce, Carmen Codina, La Nae Rowell, Carroll Long, Gerald Long. Standing: Charles Maranto, Randy Webb, Don Harris, Sam Lucero, Vince Cuellar, Jesse Crooks. i Q-f""' ,Aw M? Officers Cleft to rxghtl Sonny Hargrove Ruth Rwhardson Tom DEAN DUDLEY G FULTON ., f-rw W E i ,, rZipi4f"Xg 'Qi.,,"" Mn Mm BOBBY CORTINEZ Editor-in- Chief Through the combined efforts of Editor Bobby Cortinez and Associate Editor Kay Cortinez, the twelve staff mem- bers as pictured on these two pages, the school and town photographers, Benson Printing Company-all of these and many more-we present to you the 1963 POTPOURRI. This yearbook was not planned overnight. Many weeks during the summer were spent in drawing together numerous ideas, climaxed by a week in Nashville, Tennessee, spent by Bobby and Kay Cortinez and Business 1V1anager Lee Thiel with the printer, Benson Printing Company, where those ideas were put on paper. Witli the arrival of the "dummy" copy in late September, the 1963 PoTPoURR1 was born, and from then on there was a scurry of activity around the PoTPoURR1 ofhce. All in all, it was a long, hard year, but here is our goal, our finished product, our presentation to North- western State College-the 1963 POTPOURRI. KAY CORTINEZ Associate Editor E V, . ,.,, 1 A ' i i i' I, ii ,,., gk' 1 it i ! i 3 X ii..i. ar..-" as-:.." sr-e-"1 -.sf 1 ' 'xr ,zr:4,.: -V-are ,L ff' '- 'iff 1 ir: .,,,-,i haf. 1"-iiw-iw, V "fi2faQfP.1J-5112" ' 1963 POTP RR1 STAFF BOBBY CORTINEZ Editor-in-Chief KAY CORTINEZ Associate Editor LEE THIEL Business Manager SUSIE GUIDRY Administration Editor WARREN LANDRY Military Editor TOMMY ARMSTRONG Spgrfg Editor PEGGY MONKHOUSE Greek C0-EdifOT SUE STEPHENSON Greek Co-Editor SHARON JAMES Organizations Assistant Editor PAT COOPER Class Co-Editor CAROLYN THOMAS Class C0-Editor SANDRA BOATRIGHT MORTY DYSON BETTY NEELY LEE THIEL Business Manager Q. Staff Assistant Photographic Director Stay? Assistant: 180 -..,, .. , Pat Cooper and Carolyn Thomas-Class Co-Editors. , ,W Q 'Q X E' Ki g -si! An K, 45, l 5 K X 5 :jf 5 MW Q Sharon James, Organizations Assistant Editor, and Warren Landry, Military Editor. . ii 5 x g if , 5 'Ji ,K F " ' Q Sandra B02f1'ighf and Betty Neely-Staff ASSiSf2lIlfS- Peggy Monkhouse and Sue Stephenson-Greek Co-Editors. Tommy Armstrong-Sports Editor. 52 Marty Dyson, Staff Assistant, and Susie Guidry, Administration Editor 181 Xxx 'N CURRE T SAUCE WAYNE SUMMERS RONALD CORLEY WILLIAM TILLEY KAREN HAGEDORN ANDY PONTZ FRANCES LOWE JESSE EAGLES ROY DEVILLE Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Business Manager Society Editor Sports Editor Copy Editor Proofreader Staff Artist Northwestern's weekly newspaper, the Current Sauce was headed this year by a male editor. Editor Wayne Sum- mers initiated a lively and outspoken editorial page with progressive comments included in his column "Inside Stu- dent C1overnment," which heightened the political interest of the students. Efficiently supervising the business affairs of the paper was William Tilley, whose capability for obtaining adver- tising often left the make-up personnel wondering if there would be any space'left for copy. Associate Editor Ronald Corley, who edited the summer editions, added to the text of the paper with his column, uCorley's Chaos," which brought to light many current problems facing the students. Karen I-Iagedorn, better known to the staff as ul-laggief, edited the society page and wrote a humorous column en- titled "Between the Columns," which usually dealt with the domestic lives of students on the campus. ANDY PONTZ ROY DCVILLE Sports Editor Staff Artist Q., -,fi it QW g'..i-"f""'.f- -M s , I i 1 "N IIN? 3 nm X 31, Staff Members Cleft to rightj--First Row: Jessie Eagles, Betty Neely, Wayne Summers. Second Row: Mr. Roy Clark, Max Duggan, John Ray Sage, Pat Gandy, Roy DeVille, Robert Gen- try, William Tilley, Gary Piper, Ronald Corley. Andy Pontz, sports editor, kept the student sports fans posted on all N.S.C. athletic events throughout the year while Roy DeVille, stall artist, contributed the necessary illustrations and designs. One of the highlights of the year for the two senior stall members was a trip to Detroit, Michigan to attend WILLIAM TILLEY Business Manager 183 the annual Associated Collegiate Press Convention. Sum- mers and Corley returned from Detroit with many new ideas and hints on improving the overall appearance and content of the paper. MR. ROY CLARK Faculty Advisor 1 aff' ASSOCIATED WOME The Associated Women Students Organization is com- posed of all women students enrolled at Northwestern State College. Elected representatives serve on the AWS Council through which the women have a Voice in their government and through which the program of activities is planned and promoted. To create an attitude of intellec- tual, social, and spiritual growth among women students, to develop a sense of self-responsibility, to instill a spirit 5 MEMBERS First Row, Left to Right: Katherine Berry, Georgia Johnson, Frances Crittenden, Ruby Carlile. Second Row: La Nae Rowell, Mary Lynn Wells, Gaynell McGowan, Carol Coco, Sue Barton, Rebecca Rhodes, Pat Isbell, Linda Hall, Lola Aiken, Carrie Roberts, Judi Synco, Peggy Isbell, Ramona Bott, Ganeath Wil- son, Kayla Bernard, Sue Burgdorf, Jo A.nn Vermaelen. Third Row: Pat- ti Hames, Pat Mitchel, Louise BrownLAnn Benefield, Martha Le- Vasseur, Jackie McLamore, Gerald- ine Neal, Susan Thompson, Charla Ainsworth, Susie Guidry, Mary Haynes, Sandra Hubbs, Sharon Bo- die, Edwina Skrable, Frances Nelle Erwin, Faye Casselmann, Rebecca Alphin, Celia Willis, Janice Free- man, Carrie Nicklas, Jane Cooper, Kathryn Rogers, Joan Sanders, Pris- sy Dorgan, Don Ella Clark, Betty Howard, Gynn Peninger, Joye Faye - Vallery. STUDE TS of cooperation and friendship, and to uphold high social and academic standards among the women of the college is the true aim of AWS. During the year, particular interest and emphasis is given to Orientation which includes the Sophomore Counselor program, the Big Sister project and the all-college Howdy Dance. Other outstanding projects include the Christmas At l-lome Reception and the AWS l-lonors Banquet during the spring. OFFICERS-CLeft to Rightj, Standing: Linda Nadrchal, Treasurerg Barbara Martin, Record- ing Secretaryg Peggy McLaren, Publicity Chairman, Janie Jones, Corresponding Secretary. Seated: Irby McCann, IAWS Representativeg Kay Mclntosh, President, Sue Holland, Vice- Presidentg Charlotte McCalla, Social Chairman. l '43 3" MISS FRANCES PORTER Faculty Advisor "--J' mph' MEMBERS First Row, Left to Right: Emmett Thompson, Robert Reeves, Lawrence Nugent, David Vanderlick, John Lewis, Benny Long, Mayo E. La- Cour, Carroll E. Slack, Shirley Smith, Ollie Thames, J. F. Giglio, Gary Pittman. Second Row: Ralph D. Lemoine, Edward A. Lamkin, Mack Strayhan, Paul Rochette, Jerry g I - Cutrer, Duffy Wall, Sam Lucero, T Malcolm Boker, Britt Synco, Maury Dennis, Ben R. Brown, Wilber Lip- sey. X W4 Q ? 4 g ASSGCI TED M N STUDE TS ln its sixth year of service, the organization known as the Associated Men Students continues to function as an important part of the college. All regularly enrolled men students who live on the campus are members of the North- western State College Associated Men Students. The objec- tives'of the Associated Men Students are as follows: first, to promote in cooperation with the college administration, the general welfare of men students at N.S.C. and in particular the welfare of men living in residence halls on the college campus, second, to serve as a means of expres- sion of opinion for men studentsg third, to instill in men students a sense of good citizenship, true sportsmanship, and mature responsibility, and fourth, to uphold high standards of conduct and scholarship among students. OFFICERS-CLef't to Rightl, Front: Ralph Lemoine, Treasurer, Ollie Thames, Secretary. Back: Carroll Slack, President, John Lewis, Vice-President. MR. HAL TOWNSEND Faculty Sponsor TCDWN ASSOCIATED WCDMEN STUDENTS The Town Associated Women Students is made up of all women students who live oil-campus. The TAWS olhcers also serve on the A.W.S. Council. The main purpose of TAWS is to lceep members informed concerning activities on campus hy worlcing closely with A.W.S. MEMBERS-CLeft to Right!-Seated: Sharon Zimmer, Kathi Shivers, Derla Fontenot, Anita Cardineaux. Standing: Anna Perot, Jackie McLemore, Presidentg Susan Thompson, Vice- Presidentg Diane McBride, Betsy Boyd, Tyke Gimbert, Marjorie Regions, Toni Zimmer, Geraldine Neal, Secretaryg Sandra Quimby, Martha LeVasseur, Treasurer. IUDICIARY BCDARD The Judiciary Board is composed of two officers of the A W S and a representative from the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes as appointed by the A.W.S. President and the Dean of Women The Judiciary Board serves as a "hearing" group for any woman student who violates an important college regulation. MEMBERS-CLeft to Rightj: Rebecca Alphjn. Sophomore Representativeg Sue Holland. Chairmang Kayla Bernard, Senior Represent- ativeg Suzie Guidry, Junior Representative: Janie Jones, Corresponding Secretary. 186 l 'V if Of W J 'M , X A J X M ,wwf ' , A f f Q W ,wwf ' f 4, W X f xwfwmdw X F .f ,,,,,,gyv .S.?'lf' Q QQL -sf :.,fagp5 Freda Cadow EEE Vice-President Barbara Jean Uhrbach ATA Recording Secretary Charlotte McCalla President Patricia Headrick Corresponding Secretarg Montez Bomal AEA Treasurer x K wa PANHELLENIC CGUNCIL MEMBERS-CLeft to Right!-Seated: Barbara Jean Uhrbach. AFA, Patricia Headrick, EK3 Melinda Watkins, -YE-Eg Marilyn Scroggs, A23 Montez Bonial, AEA. Standing: Frances McDaniel, AFAQ Freda Cadow, E235 Mrs. Hendrick, Faculty Advisor, Carmen Codina EK' Z , , Charlotte McCalla, Af. If Vx f' f . . The Northwestern State College Panhellenic Council strives to promote scholarship, high character. a better understanding of the Greek world, and harmony among the Greek organization. A member of the National Panhellenic Conference, the Northwestern Panhellenic Council serves as the governing body of the five N.P.C. sororities on campus. Locally, the N.S.C. Panhellenic Council sponsors manv campus projects, including a convocation for Freshman girls and an all Greelc Christmas Carol Sing. The council also encourages scholarship among all women by presenting a Freshman Scholarship Award each vear. Nlrs. Lucille l-lendriclc, Assistant Dean of Vifomen. is advisor. Eh- . 0 Gary Nevlls Dean Phipps Tm IIKCIJ . . - V106-Presldenf Treasurer DOI! Meisner Eddy Miller if President Secretary if .. if It as ,- ,. A .1 V f --'A ' V Qwzfzia 4 'x"f"'.:'?7": 1 J li sum, 51: Zgigsf p syn N,. N,,, X f Wy ,. 2 ,, V . The Northwestern State College lnterfraternity Council was organized to fulfill four objectives: to promote har- mony and a cooperative relationship among the four social fraternities on the N.S.C. campus, to foster and to main- tain a high respect for fraternity and interfraternity rela- tionships within our college, to maintain high scholastic, moral, social, and personal standards, and to compile and enforce rules for the purpose of improving the fraternity system on the campus. The N.S.C. lnterfraternity Council consists of the presi- dent and two representatives from each of the four social fraternities at Northwestern State College. l TERFRATER ITY COUNCH, MEMBERS-CLeft to Rightj: Leonard Blanton, KAg Gary Nevils. TKEg Bill Rutledge, ITKfl'g Jack Jeter, KAg Dean Phipps, HKCTIQ Eddy Miller, ETH Davis Bland, ETFQ Don Meisner, KAg George Cameron, Hlifbg Johnny Adams, TKPH Tommy Stewart, TKEQ Eric Steinhauser, ETF. -'S"Z,-a- ,VAN av us:- lw ,Inf N V sz "Xi'?:f'4N2' ALPHA GAMM DELTA OFFICERS SHERIAN HADSKEY President FRANCES MCDANIEL First Vice-President JUDYE THOMAS Second Vice-President KARANINA SMITH Recording Secretary JUDY ANDREWS Corresponding Secretary BARBARA MA'ITIN GLY Treasurer DIAN NE MAYEAUX Membership Chairman BARBARA JEAN UHRBACH Rush Chairman an QI QI luI m .5 e. m fs se 53? Q M213 X'-1-V., ' ab Ns ' Ry' 25 1- 1 IL " v I K A" Q 55- A le.-. A fi ' ay ' ' OFFICERS-CLeff to Righfir Dianne Mayeaux, Barbara Mattingly, Bar- bara Jean Uhrbach, Judy Andrews, Sherian Hadskey, Karanina Smith, Frances McDaniel. Not Shown: Judy Thomas, Pat Gray. Alpha Gamma Delta was formally organized with the establish- ment of the Alpha Chapter at the University of Syracuse in Syracuse, New York on May 30, 1904. It was the intention of the eleven charter members and the founding father, Dr. Wellesley P. Coddington, to start the fraternity out on a national basis which was accomplished with the installation of the Beta Chapter on the campus of the University of Wisconsin. It is now one of the fourteen international fraternities, having chapters in Canada, the first having been installed at the University of Toronto in 1918, and Hawaii. There are 88 undergraduate chapters of Alpha Gamma Delta, 190 alumnae chapters and clubs, and approximately 36,000 members. The Sigma Kappa Chapter at Northwestern, formerly a chapter of Theta Sigma Upsilon which merged with Alpha Gamma Delta, was installed on campus in September of 1959. The fraternity colors are red, buff, and green, their fiower is the rose, and their jewel is the pearl. Through the years the Heritage of Alpha Gamma Delta has been built by dedicated members contributing to the development of young women through fraternity bonds and ideals, serving their colleges and their communities better because of their experiences. One building-bloclc of this Heritage has been the fraternity worlc, begun in 1947, in the International Altruistic Program. Since its founding, it has granted over 230 fellowships. lVlembers worlc with the cerebral palsied and the physically handicapped plus over a million hours per year of volunteer service work. "Alpha Gamsn are kept busy each year with fraternity projects and activities. Actual work begins in the summer with their worlc- shop which is preparatory for a most important event at the begin- ning of school, rush. Other events are the alumnae reception at Homecoming, a Christmas party in December, and a Spring formal. 190 First Row: Judy Faye Andrews, Diane Baker, Marie Gunn, Sherian Ann Hadskey, Erma Katherine Kasmiersky. Second Row: Third Row: Frances McDaniel, Barbara Mattingly, Dianne Mayeaux, Nikki Gayle Stecha, Judye Thomas, Barbara Jean Uhrbach Marjorle Patterson, Karanina Smith. Young. H-W' QV' Q-up if 4-awfawn, whwmqb we-up Wi' '?W"""'P' Wwe W ,is 4Al' QM Nad? 191 ALPHA SIGMA LPI-1 OFFICERS MAUREEN MORROW President DOROTHY TREVENON Vice-President NONA HEAD Recording Secretary BOBBIE SHIVER Corresponding Secretary PAT RICHARDS Treasurer JOYE FAYE VALLERY Chaplain SANDRA BAKER Membership Director ELIZABETH GRIGSBY Chapter Editor gill W 4 W9 1 'T-- w w I 1 , , .ywifff if f ' Us ftwgkf ff f ff ,ff ,. 0, ,,,,,tz,,,,, f , ' A 3 .pf ff y e? .ifr - V,., , . OFFICERS-CLeft to Rightjz Sandra Baker, Nona Head, Maureen Mor- row, Dorothy Trevenon, Pat Richards, Joye Faye Vallery, Elizabeth Grigsby. Not Pictured: Bobbie Shiver. The fall of 1962 saw Psi Psi sisters busy at work on rush activ- ities, pledge parties-as well as one given by the pledges at Hal- loween-and a safety campaign, among numerous other activities. Ar Thanksgiving and Christmas, we aided in warming the hearts of the needy by giving them baskets of food. In between holidays, our time was well occupied with float-building, a surprise party, and the annual Christmas party. Spring was no bore, what with Spring Rush and, of course, our big Spring Formal. At that time we announced the recipients of our three big awards: the Elizabeth Bird Small Award, the Frost Fidelity Award, and the Shirley Few Award. In March, we sent a delegation to State Day in New Orleans, where Psi Psi chapter met with chapters in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. All in all, our activities have kept us busy, but they have also kept us in the close bond of sisterhood. We are deeply indebted to our Chapter Advisor, Mrs. Rosemary T. Easley, for giving so much of her time to us during this very active year. Alpha Sigma Alpha national sorority was founded November 15, 1901, by five women students at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia. Today the national organization has swelled to over forty active chapters throughout the United States. Psi Psi chapter was established on the N.S.C. campus in 1930. The aim of Alpha Sigma Alpha is to establish a sisterhood that shall have for its fourfold objective the intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual development of its members. Our colors are crimson and white, our fiower is the aster. Proud of the traditions and standards which have been estab- lished and maintained, Psi Psi is composed of a group of girls who work together to carry on the everlasting heritage of Alpha Sigma Alpha. 197. First Row: Charlotte Airhart, Rebecca Alphin, Sandra Gail Baker, Ann Bloch, Montez Bonial, Judy White Boone, Jerri Brown. Second Row: Dolly Bryan, Nelwyn Cook, Linda Sue Crawford, Fran Fallin, Bonnie Frazier, Winona Gallager, Gloria Golstein. Third Row: Elizabeth Grigsby, Mary Jean Groll, Nona Head, Ruth-Anne Hoifstadt, Margie Johnston, Glenda Kirby, Sherry Kolb. JWGJS HW .,..f' , 137' aw f-A? y-W3 NF' ...W 'QW'-v DELT ZETA OFFICERS MABEL RUTH WOODWARD President CAROLYN FRIIS First Vice-President SUE STEPI-IENSON Second Vice-President FRANCES ERWIN Recording Secretary BARBARA BRIGHT Corresponding Secretary JACKIE WIN N T'reasurer !'l Q ,. V0 4 ffl , L fa. ,AH-41,0-1--..,,' 151'-,,.,f,w-.,.v fv- .. , : X . Q j.',2,1iffi-- fi Q 2 X 1 1 ' 6 t 5 .l X F V: ' Je 1 " if V ,ff f ... - ?f..tv1 AQQS - g O 1 ' , Q ' 'N 'S f l CT V - s - 1 f 'nil' if 'V ar -lx OFFICERS-Cleft to Righty: Carolyn Friis, Frances Erwin, Jackie Winn, Sue Stephenson, Mable Ruth Woodward, Barbara Bright. The gleaming light of the diamond embodied in the flame of the golden lamp of Delta Zeta shines proudly over the heart of all girls who earn the privilege of wearing the Delta Zeta pin. This diamond not only signihes the external ideals by which the DZ girls live, but also the internal glow of friendship upon which the girl survives. Delta Zeta was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio on October 24, 1902. The local chapter, Epsilon Beta, was estab- lished on the Northwestern campus in 1956. Before its initiation into Delta Zeta, the chapter was Phi chapter of Delta Sigma Epsi- lon, which was the first Greek organization to come on this campus, having been installed November 14, 1927. As a special philanthropic activity, Delta Zeta helps support the patients at Carville l-lospital, victims of I-lansen's disease. The local chapter has adopted the practice of giving Christmas toys to needy children at Christmas. Delta Zetas enjoy a series of social activities throughout the school year. These range from Rush activities, chapter dances and parties, a booth at the Natchitoches Christmas festival, the Spring formal, and Province Day where the Northwestern members and pledges meet with all other chapters in the province. Chapters in this province are located at Louisiana State University, McNeese, the University of Southwestern, the University of Southern Missis- sippi, Louisiana Tech, and Northwestern State College. As Delta Zetas, we feel that membership in our sorority is a privilege which we share together. It does carry with it a respon- sibility for each of us individually, and for all of us collectively. A close sisterhood is the main goal for which all Delta Zetas strive, for this is the one characteristic of sorority life which will stand ou: in the college memories of any DZ for the rest of her life. 194 gg , , 'QS' ' x w.-.4 av First Row: Marietta Baker, Sue Carol Beasley, Suzanne Blackburn, Sandra Boatright, Tanyau Bracey, Barbara Bright, Janet Brown, Nina Burlile, Heloise Christy, Renie Clark. Second Row: Janette Cobb, Edith Gale Cogburn, Jane Conley, Sandra Corkern, Ann Creegan, Barbara Crippen, Marian Meador Doty, Beverly Dark, Barbara Dean, Betty Sue DeWitt. Third Row: Frances Nelle Erwin, Margaret Ellen Evans, Carolyn Everett, Ruth Ann Fisher, Polly Ford, Carolyn Friis, Patsy Gaspard, Shirley Hooper, Jeannie Houser, Betty Howard. r f' ,xp mv 40,45 an , ,gtg , -mx ,Q 'Q K N I ieyw' gg W , t is f WM Fourth Row: Many Ann Jones, Sandy Litton, Charlotte McCalla, Carolyn Grace McDaniel, Margaret McElroy, Suzanne Maynard, Danna K. Miller, Chris Newsome, Alannah Petty, Leonie Prudhomme Fifth Row: Camellia Resweber, Marilyn Scroggs, Carolyn Shaub, Cecelia Shea, Sue Stephenson, Marsha Stevens, Virginia Sumrall, Anna Swafford, Carolyn Thomas, Jean Walker. Sixth Row: Neva Willis., Ganeath Wilson, Jacqueline Winn, Judy Winn, M. Ruth Woodward. k av f rf : f , ,g Q 354 at 1 I 1 ' 'sm 1 S 5 Sy CL 'W X -E Q A .if-v Wm rf? 2 fy ! WNY Q S, P if if at Q ix gig in 26 N ' Q , s my , ,4 ti A, , - , . .W X ' , vw w r r . ' '.,: i 5 Q Ng 1 NX fa z. f w at W: -rf ,2 4 , , X 'Nbr V, ,--fr uv W7 ,QQ ' Q Y V as 5, .'- 2 M , g ' Q y if k f r X ' A ..., x Q K 3 fx r X 1 A X 1 eff' 1 1 E 4 3 5 4 , fi J? 4 51 'Q f x saw 'v"" 1--440 'rw-ps X 1 6 0 tk gi' if A X rf 1 J i SIGM KAPPA OFFICERS DONNA BUSH President LA NAE ROWELL First Vice-President GAIL CORBIN Second Vice-President RAE BELLE WARNER Recording Secretary MARY LYNN CALLOWAY Corresponding Secretary CARLENE EDDLEMAN Treasurer Qt: ef. 1115 5 if ,- s t .La- w Q 5 ' , ,K f f'-"M--v Y 1 i , gf.. an M f fr ,, 4, .,, , f fi, ff? 'U , gs sz gg' ,AE px aa y fi 9 , i 7 f ,A -63 S S ,J .if 1 1 Q., . I , ,, ,,,, jf . . ' ft ' 't' 2 f is ,V V. ' A , U '- ' ' r " 1' 4 1 -A a 1 '1- TN K -, 6, OFFICERS-fLeft to Rightjz Carlene Eddlemon, La Nae Rowell, Gail Corbin, Donna Bush, Charlotte Beebe, Rae Belle Warner. Not Pictured: Mary Lynn Calloway. Sigma Kappa Sorority came into existence on November 9, 1874, at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. On September 26, 1959, Alpha Delta chapter of Pi Kappa Sigma became lcnown as Kelta Mu chapter of Sigma Kappa. The national organization is one hundred chapters strong on the undergraduate level, with two hundred alumnae chapters. The total national membership of Sigma Kappa is over 36,500 members. Delta Mu chapter has had an eventful year filled with parties, work on displays for home football games as well as float decor- ating for Homecoming and various larger events. These events included an all-college tea honoring the pledges, the annual Mother- Father-Daughter Banquet, and, last but not least, the annual Spring Formal, where Miss Sigma Kappa, Man-of-the-Year, and Best Pledge were all announced. Sigma Kappa's were constantly engaged in some philanthropic project, whether it be the Maine Sea Coast Mission in Maine, helping to support the Greek School for Girls in Greece, or sponsoring a genontology project at the Natchitoches Nursing Home. Many of these events and activities could not have been accomplished without the assistance of our faculty sponsor, Miss Annette Ray. Sigma Kappa can be identified by her flower, the violet, her jewel, the pearl, and her colors of maroon which is symbolic of Truth, and lavender which is symbolic of Purity. In 1962, Sigma Kappa led all other sororities on the N.S.C. campus in scholastic standing. This was because Sigma Kappa holds high the aims and ideals of love, loyalty, scholarship, high moral and spiritual development, friendship and service that have become traditions with her sister chapters all over the United States. We challenge ourselves to uphold our high standards and to widen our mystic band as we are guided by the simple words of our open motto: "One Heart, One Way." 196 inf' ,fy-wp First Row: Peggy Arwood, Charlotte Beebe, Donna Briegel, Donna Bush, Mary Lynn Calloway, Carmen Codina, Gail Corbin, Carlene Eddlemon. Second Row: Jeanette Edwards, Claudia Floyd, Janice Ann Freeman, Beth Green, Karen Hagedorn, Patricia Headrick, Linda Kramel, Jowanna Looper. Third Row: Mary Frances Lowe, Maxine Lunt, Kay McIntosh, Deanna Mayeaux, Ruth Ellen Meyer, Janette Musselwhite, Lynnda Olive, Alice Anne Ragsdale. Qvfffw' xv' 48" ,,..., we 'LTP' SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA OFFICERS RUTH RICHARDSON President SUSIE GUIDRY Vice-President KATHERINE BERRY Recording Secretary SUZANNE LEDOUX Corresponding Secretary SANDRA JOYCE Treasurer CAROL GIVENS Keeper of the Grades A 'Dem GB '4 'xi 1,4-"', OFFICERS-CLeft to Righty Carol Givens, Suzanne Ledoux, Sandra Joyce, Susie Guidry, Ruth Richardson, Katherine Berry. Sigma Sigma Sigma, more often at Northwestern called Tri Sigma, is composed of various personalities from all parts of the United States, each loving, giving, and sharing her abilities and talents with each other sorority member. Since the beginning of Sigma Sigma Sigma with the establishment of the first chapter on April 20, 1898 in Farmville, Virginia, Tri Sigma has been dedi- cated to academic progress, formation of enduring friendships, high ideals of personal conduct, and is especially known on campus for its service to others. Sigma Sigma Sigma, among other social soror- ities at Northwestern, is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference and embraces forty-nine states, including Hawaii, and the District of Columbia. Today the sorority has chapters on scores of college and university campuses, with nearly 30,000 members. The open motto, "Faithful Unto Death," signifies the Sigmais everlasting bond of friendship. Tri Sigma colors are royal purple and white and go well with their delicate purple violet and the pure white pearl, the flower and jewel respectively. Tri Sigma has been very active in this, its thirty-fourth year on the campus of Northwestern. Tri Sigmas began the year with a most successful rush season, almost unequalled by any other, and climaxed it with the traditional Spring Formal. Many of their activities such as rummage sales, slumber parties, and summer workshop have brought many unforgettable moments to all Sigma Sigma Sigma members. Among other activities, the sisters contrib- ute to their national service project, the Robbie Page Memorial Fund. Alpha Zeta Chapter came to Northwestern's campus in 1928, and since then has acquired a house, members, pledges, alumnae, friends, and sponsor, Miss Eve Mouton. As the history of Sigma Sigma Sigma unfolds, Alpha Zeta Chapter takes its place with a lovable group who believe: "To receive much, one must give much .... " 198 First Row: Sara Jo Adams, Dianna Atkins, Sybil Autin, Katherine Berry, Georgia Blair, Anna Broussard, Freda Cadow, Charlotte Clark, Pat Cooper, Kay Cortinez. Second Row: Dyrenda Cox, Diana Dalme, Delaine Darby, Beth Deason, Anne Despujols, Judy Dranquet, Patricia Elmore, Flossie Fava, Bettye Lou Fletcher, Lynelle Ford. Third Row: Carol Givens, Beverly Glass, Marilyn Guidry, Linda Hansford, Kay Jinkins, Lucy Joiner, Sandra Joyce, Eileen Kolb, Linda Lafitte, Patsy Law. N .. , ax V X , Sw , YV, A V , 2 " W-1 z 41 X r ' ,xv V Fw QX .. W gg 52, 4 Wf Y .' sw f 4 V if f' , We .V V gp 1, '-. - --f Q .WI-7 . "Zz, ft' , , , J 4 X Fourth Row: Suzanne Ledoux, Alice McFarlane, Bunny Masingill, Cathy Mischler, Pat Mitchel, Janice Paul, Jerry Paul, Joy Rhea Ram- bin, Beverly Sue Reeves, Ruth Richardson. Fifth Row: Donna Faye Ritchie, Barbara Ann Robinette, Rita Rodgers, Rose Roy, Sally Ann Stafford, Mary Stewart, Carol Stone, Susan Thompson, Nora Travis, Bunnie Unrath. Sixth Row: Mary Warner, Melinda Watkins, Celia Ann Willis, Lynn Wright, Connie Wyatt, Dianne Zimmerman. 51515. 4' an-vp , v4 ff: rw Q' 'Es K5 fn" ff? 'WX - mv 'V' 'vfaf bv www KAPP LPH OFFICERS DON MEISNER President JACK JETER Vice-President LEONARD BLANTON Recording Secretary MIKE WEEGO Corresponding Secretary MIKE FAUCHER Treasurer CLARK ALDRIDGE Historian LARRY DEAN Sergeant-at-Arms H ' 'X .N F OFFICERS-fLeft to Rightjs Clark Aldridge: Mike Weego, Don Meisner, Leonard Blanton, Jack Jeter, Larry Dean, Mike Faucher. The ultimate goal, the final objective of the local fraternity Kuklos Adelphi has been attained. At times it was a hard struggle, but the men stuck with it-even when the "top of the hill" looked further and further away. Kuklos Adelphi was founded on the Northwestern State College campus in 1959. The motivation behind the founding of this local fraternity was to eventually petition for membership in the national organization, Kappa Alpha Order. The men of Kuklos Adelphi picked this one goal to work toward because they earnestly believe in the Southern way of life, the Southern gentlemen, and the high ideals of the Kappa Alpha Order. It was their greatest wish to bring a Southern fraternity to our campus, located in the heart of the South. And now, their wish has been fulfilled. The Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Washington College, now Wasliington and Lee University, on December 21, 1865. Cien- eral Robert E. Lee, president of Wasliington College at that time, became the Order's spiritual founder and has been an inspiration to the men of KA since its founding. The Kappa Alpha Order consists of eighty-two chapters and over 42,000 members. Kappa Alpha,s official colors are crimson and gold: the official flowers are the rose and the magnolia. In the early part of 1963, Kulclos Adelphi received its charter for membership in Kappa Alpha Order, bringing the total chapters in the state to seven. Other chapters in the state are located on the campuses of L.S.U., U.S.L., Centenary College, Louisiana Tech, Northeast, and Tulane. Our sweetheart this year is Miss Becky Rhodes, a senior from Castor. Becky reigned as the last Kulclos Adelphi sweetheart. Our first Kappa Alpha Rose was announced at our initial "Old South" Ball on April 27, 1963. '2.00 ,L V' ,I 'case , j':1' ::Ij 'ff - ""!-'vnu-11 First Row: Clark Aldridge, Harry Armand, Lamar Bates, Leonard Blanton, Hugh Burts, Larry Dean, Arthur Dix. Second Row: Fourth Row: Michael Faucher, Terry Finley, Ragan Gantt, John Gibbs, Kenny Andy Pontz, Sam Ramsey, Gordan Reynolds, Charles Robert Guillot, Lyn Hargrove, Jack Jeter. son, Bryce Smith, Thomas Talley, John Thompson. Third Row: Fifth Row: Robert Jeter, Clifford Lambert, Don Meisner, Edsel McKee, Mike Toney, Joseph Traigle, Mike Weego. Allen Minter, Gary Pittman, Arthur Poe. AJ' -my .uf Nw, , 'M' A A K ,Until 7.01 Pl KAPP PHI OFFICERS GEORGE CAIVIERON President PAUL ROCI-IE'I'I'E Vice-President, Treasurer JOE SCARPINATTO Secretary DEAN PHIPPS Historian BILL RUTLEDGE Warden LARRY RICE Alumni Secretary OFFICERS-CLeft to Rightlz Paul Rochette, George Cameron, Joe Scar- pinatto, Dean Phipps, Bill Rutledge, Larry Rice. Pi Kappa Phi, a national fraternity, emphasizes scholarship, par- ticipation and initiative in school and fraternity activities, and close ties among its brothers. The highlight of Pi Kappa Phi's social gatherings is the "Rose Ball." Special features of this are the naming of the "Rose," the Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart, and the selection of the "Outstanding Pledgen for the previous semester. In the spring, Pi Kapps gather for their annual Spring Barbeque at Gum Springs-with a fine feed and the pledges' yearly dunlcing of the members. No Pi Kapp's year would be complete without the Pledge-Member football game and the presentation of the "Traditional Victory Kegf' In addition to its social calendar, Pi Kappa Phi emphasizes service to the community and participation in school activities. Its mem- bers actively participate in student body government and each year conduct the Heart Fund Balloon Sale. Pi Kappa Phi fraternity was founded on December 10, 1904, at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. Beta Omicron Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi has been on the campus of Northwestern since September 21, 1956. Previous to that date it was Phi Kappa Nu, a local fraternity. The oflicial colors of Pi Kappa Phi are gold and white, while the oflicial flower is represented by the red rose. The foundation of Pi Kappa Phi is one of Southern and Chris- tian principles, with an emphasis on unity and cooperation among its brothers. The strong meaning of Pi Kappa Phi brotherhood is best expressed in these lines: 1- 3 "I wondered where my soul might be, Q I searched for God but l-le eluded meg I' X, I sought my brother out and Found all three." 'LO1 First Row: Ben Ash, Bob Browning, George Cameron, Tommy Steve Gay. Herbert Graham. Second Row: Donald Grissom, Robert Jones, Ben Long, John Mathews, Dean Phipps. Third Row: Larry Rice, Paul Rochette, Harris Rowzie, Bill Rutledge, Donald Smith. Fourth Row: Jerry Spears, Allen Swilley, J. E. Sprayberry, W. L. Thomas. ws?" -v'f""'9' W M.-f' was fsllftigvv yn-WY' if-'YMQ' ,uavfi H .iv N-rM""f EE-...4-v SIGMA TAU AMMA OFFICERS DAVIS BLAND President BOBBY CORTINEZ Vice-President EDDY MILLER Secretary .TERRY VARNADO Treasurer WARREN PRICE Sergeant-at-Arms JOLLY GILLIAM Chaplain TL mf? 3 s.-4 M...-!.? gi. 4 42 X 'f get. 4 Y' OFFICERS-CLeft to Rightjz Davis Bland, Eddy Miller, Wa.rren Price, Bobby Cortinez, Jolly Gilliam, J erry Varnado. This year begins Nu chapter's thirty-third year as a national fraternity. Founded at N.S.C. in 1929, Sigma Tau Gamma was formerly Sigma Delta Tau on the N.S.C. campus. As the oldest national fraternity on campus, Sigma Tau Gamma continues as a campus leader. Through the leadership of sponsor Joseph Johnson and the Sigma Tau officers, Nu chapter has accomplished several achievements this year. The chapter has acquired a building and is presently renovating it for chapter use. Sigma Tau was awarded the President's Cup, which is presented each semester by the lnter- fraternity Council to rhe fraternity with the highest scholastic average for the previous semester. A number of Sigma Taus hold upper echelon offices at Northwestern, typifying the quality of the chapter's members. The office of secretary of the lnterfraternity Council was filled by the Sigma Tau representative. ln sports, the Sigma Tau Gamma football squad placed second in Intramural Football. Several projects were carried out this past year. During the Christ- mas Festival in December, the Sigma Taus sponsored a booth on the river front, selling refreshments to the spectators. Once again this year, the chapter aided in the Annual Natchitoches Parish Cancer Drive. Leading events of the year included the White Rose Ball on December 14, and a Founder's Day Banquet. During December, Nu chapter was represented at the Grand Chapter Convention. Achievements such as these show that the local chapter is con- tinually moving forward in the finest of N.S.C. and Sigma Tau Gamma spirit. This year's Rose is Miss lo Ann Vermaelen, a pretty blonde from Alexandria, Louisiana. Blue and white malce up rhe official colors of Sigma Tau Gamma, and the white rose is the official flower. With a wonderful pledge class and many conscientious members, Sigma Tau Gamma will certainly continue to progress. 104 First Row: Gary Acklin, Tommy Armstrong, Davis Bland, Ben Brown, Nettles Brown, Bobby Cortinez, James Crawford, Peyton Craw- ford. Second Row: Sam Dauzat, Fred Elzen, Jerry Fowler, Vernon Frye, Jolly Gilliam, Wayne Giordano, Larry Iles, Warren Landry. Third Row: Richard Langlinais, Bobby Lee, Joe Lewis, Sam Lucero, Allen McCarty, Eddy Miller, Wayne Parker, Billy Perry. Fourth Row: Everett Phillips, Warren Price, Leon Riggs, Danny Rowzee Baron Shields, Eugene Smith, Eric Steinhauser, Evan Stein hauser. Fifth Row: Pat Sutherland, Dale Tinsley, Jerry Vamado, Michael West moreland, Bert Wiggins, Tom Wynn. B' wi? e NG' -a'T"3F' def? An...--J' 1.-v-""' wwf? +1464 W ...nav FTS'-9' :Qs ag- uw QT , 2.0 ,K saw- QW? Sa , -av TA KAPPA EPSILO OFFICERS TOMMY STEWART President HERBIE ROACH Vice-President JOHNNY ADAMS Secretary JOE GIGLIO Treasurer GARY NEVILS Hegamon STAYTON OLIVER Chaplain MACK STRAYHAN Historian CARL BUCHANAN Sergeant-at-A1-ms JIM MAJVEBOURG Social Chairman nlfff , , 'Ll' ' Ia. l gy, CQ QUPLKK, 9 M list wh u ,1 r , I A , 7 4' - - Q-, OFFICERS-CLeft to Righty: Mack Strayhan, Tommy Stewart, Johnny Adams, Gary Nevils, Stayton Oliver, Carl Buchanan, Joe Giglio, Herbie Roach, Jim Mambourg. Purposes, ideas, leaders, followers, a glorious history in our once local fraternity, Lambda Zeta, are what have made and will always malce Tau Kappa Epsilon outstanding on this campus. With the guidance of Dr. James Noel, our faculty sponsor, we will continue to grow in leadership and brotherhood. It has once again been an eventful year for the Epsilon-Upsilon Telces. After a very successful rush season in the fall, the Telce members and new pledges went to Shreveport where they engaged in a gridiron tussle with the Centenary College chapter, the pro- ceeds of the game going to the March of Dimes. In January, the annual Red Carnation Ball was the big event. At that time Miss Judy Bob Roberts, a senior from Houma, began her reign as this year's Sweetheart of T.K.E. Throughout the spring, the local Telces kept busy with important events and parties, climaxing with the annual "Badly" western dance-one of the more popular dances at Northwestern State College. Tau Kappa Epsilon is the largest fraternity chapterwise, nation- ally and internationally. Although relatively young among national fraternities, T.K.E. has grown rapidly to embrace over 180 chapters in and out of the United States. On the N.S.C. campus, Epsilon Upsilon Chapter was originally Lambda Zeta, the oldest fraternity on campus. Having received the charter of Epsilon Upsilon chap- ter, the Zetas were duly initiated into Tau Kappa Epsilon in May of 1957. The Red Carnation, official fraternity flower, lends its cherry color to gray to adorn our coat of arms, flag, banner, and other symbols. The fraternity jewel is the lustrous white pearl, symbolic of increasing value and maturity. T.K.E. International, though large and complex, has a motto which is simple, yet complete: "Tau Kappa Epsilon-The Frater- nity for Life." 7.06 First Row: Johnny Adams, James Blackburn, Carl Buchanan, Ronald Christie, Vernon Crawford. Second Row: Joseph Giglio, Gary Jones, William Lindsey, James Mambourg, Jack Martin. Third Row: Charles McNeely, Gary Nevils, Stayton Oliver, Billy Prud homme, Monty Rodes. Fourth Row: Woodard. Sidney Sers, Gerald Tidwell, Ronnie Tooke, Jim Tuma Scott Ising ,gailif ,ww M0 WMA' 207 .QPMUQHR .4-A 1 Novi' M49 awk gun? ,'-f'2Z9 Miss Becky Rhodes ew was Kappa Alpha Gary Nevils Alpha Gamma Delta . fm M ? is fs 6 Miss Alannah Petty Miss Jo Ann Vermaelen Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Tau Gamma SWEETHEARTS A iD BEAUS Frank McElwee Alpha Sigma Alpha Shelley Bennett Delta Zeta John VVhitaker Sigma Kappa waemv' 'W FQ. v 'NJ 108 V' -.rv 'J' X' i 2 Miss Judy Bob Roberts Tau Kappa Epsilon -P ' ,,- lx. s I ., Al Anding Sigma Sigma Sigma 1 ' ff i HO GRARIES 'LO- BLUE KEY The Northwestern State College chapter of Blue Key National Honor Fraternity was born in 1959 as a local service organization known as the Blue Feather. Members of the administration, realizing the need for a men's serv- ice unit, selected a group of junior and senior students who met Blue Key requirements and formed the local service fraternity. The group ultimately petitioned the national organization and were initiated in the spring of 1959. 1116 seventeen student members of Blue Key arrived on campus this year almost before anyone else, to begin their worlc. Working at the semester registrations, serving as ushers at the various campus programs, providing good weelcend movies for the students, decorating for Home- coming and Mom and Dad's Day, and conducting the annual summer Cheerleader's Clinic, all comprise the major functions of this small group. The fraternity stands "on callv constantly for many other functions too nu- merous to mention. Membership in Blue Key requires an overall 2.5 average fon the four-point systeml, membership and ofiicership in at least two campus organizations, and a final majority vote of the chapter members. An annual "tapping" of new members is held each spring, in conjunction with the Pur- ple jaclcets, in an all-college assembly. This year, Miss Kay Mclntosh, a senior Home Eco- nomics major from St. Joseph, was elected the third N.S.C. Blue Key Darling. Membership in the Blue Key is an honor well recognized among the students of N.S.C. "Pm telling you, Leonard, you CANT sleep through this meet- ing!" LEONARD BLANTON PTf?Sid0Plf TOMMY CARSON Vice-President LEE THIEL Recording Secretary-Treasurer ROBERT MARSHMAN Corresponding Secretary OLLIE THAMES Alumni Secretary DAVID HENRY Reporter CARROLL SLACK Historian DEAN LEONARD O. NICHOLS Faculty Sponsor Members, Left to Right--First Row: Tommy Carson, Leonard Headrick, Carroll Slack, Dean Leonard Nichols, Maurice Dennis, Jessie Crooks. Second Row: Lee Thiel, Sidney Matthews, John Bolin, Davis Bland, James Clegg, Lonnie Harper. Third Row: David Henry, Ollie Thames, Leonard Blanton, Robert Marsh- man, Roger Williams. gginun.--..- gill! 111 iesmuuiil 1:1111 xiii! 431111 Vrii ,-,,, ME ruulwumnuinuunmuml :IR gnunnnnlvulrwrma WW W Maintaining Q an nsnfuhmllnndif HE Wagga iaasmnmmmw 11 :slums MMM!! 1:51 ikiiilix . , miill 'Gil WI M N .f -"'- - - -S4 Q: 1 f .. ,Y ......-... e wx '4 X Q iff X " 5 Q 9 X . . wfw,zl.,'.Tx fag., AV, by ig Qyyi VX 4'W.:fe:,w2Megm,.4m4'r .155 -4 X s eg ,:-'::-- V L, A ,- -AQ, . ' 'N " W EW v sfiii- "" ' 1 ,.., -f X ,fe :ff ' , - W1 -,Mf "MW Mag-qnpshl mv-'V' 7' ' lm ww gym 1,-,, -xx V x X Q Z MW- W--M' ' f' ,,,.-nnnwm null! "' .' l "" Q- ,pnuvll guna' nl I Q un mm WWW, g-an nl ' W ', 221 ,-" ' 1 'W' """', nun! UI ,, R ,N 'wg' 'fl wpmmnuwrli 1-'Paws J , 9 f ' 'S' " M... -f A LEONARD BLAN TON President DEAN LEONARD O. NICHOLS Faculty Sponsor 'LII Officers, Left to Right: Ollie Thames, Robert Marshman, Tommy Carson, David Henry, Lee Thiel, Carroll Slack. IVIISS KAY MCINTOSH 1963 Blue Key Darling wah? l 4 ,Z A , 7 1 XV.. v f Si, , - a vs ,. fx ., ', ., o 4' .4 if I., lv rv 7 i ' ,X ,f ., ai 7 .,'V K V' "l Y' . .. . v Q rr e H ii 7 ff e ""'f"- X ' , ii , i : A 1 - " ' TWH I ' ' f 1 Y - i 1 -r r-1 ii just -4 is t 1 v f f rtrtrt s , ,Q ,I 5, M J if I i f ",,'y T W ,V ..,,, , Q ' . ly , W A . V V J I A,,, ,A .sgiji ai . if V, M,lAg,,,,w?jQ V JDM is R ,bf iv? -2 ,N ,EM ,,, M m ,. his ' V- . V, .1 , f iq tm-fi KA, i ,K H rv . ww A V., 'gh Q ' W' if Members, to Right-Seated: Betty Anthony, Nona Head, Judye Thomas, La Nae Rowell, Lucy Joiner, Anna Swalford, Bonnie Wineinger, Glynn Penmger, Kay Mclntosh, Marilyn Susie Guidry, Peggy McLaren, Sue Ellen Fogleman, Glenda McGee, Janie Jones, Theda Knox. Standmg: Barbara Mattingly, Marshman, Jo Nell Knotts, Kayla Bernard. PURPLE IACKETS OFFWERS GLENDA MARSHIVIAN President The Purple Jackets, founded by President V. L. Roy KAYLA BERNARD Vice-President in 1927, was the first honor club to be organized on the JANIE JONES Secretary campus. Aclorned in purple and white colors' depicting MARILYN MCGEE Treasurer loyalty, the Purple Jackets have portrayed service as they have served willingly and tirelessly as the hostesses of the college, malcing themselves an ageless tradition. The Purple Jaclcets are lcept on the move throughout the school year in various campus jobs. lncludecl on their agenda are: assisting in registration, aiding with the annual Homecoming coflee, and acting as hostesses at all Fine Arts events, plays and programs. Given but a short notice, P r l lt t rlc ' oro sl t whatever the re called U p 6 Jac C S WO , Wg U Y 3 3 Members Theda Knox and Glynn Peninger go over some last- to do. In the Spring Semester, they talce time out to minute details, sponsor the Purple Jacket Review, featuring the best of campus talent. The membership of the club is limited to twenty-one active members. Each spring at the Purple Jaclcet calling, women students are chosen as new members who have demonstrated good scholarship, good character, and a spirit of cooperation and unselfishness in serving the college. The honor of becoming a member of the Purple Jackets is one of the greatest accorded to a woman student at NSC. Miss Eve Nlouton serves as Faculty Sponsor of the group. 111 Y 1 i i ll f V1 l if fx. N' 1 J! v B A! xxx - 'ff img wpwj' ,J i 5 wav ,gm v A W it MQ .gm . l ,..A...,. ,,. . Q fa mum was EW E WW? Z a , Members, Left to Right-First Row: Clarissa Carter, Kay Mc- Intosh, Bettye Lou Fletcher, Cathy Misehler, Eileen Kolb, Glynn Peninger, June Moore, Juanita Moore, Linda Willis, Catherine Distefano, Wyolene Hall. Second Row: Linda Sue Baylis, Allen Holland, William Tilley, William W. Durand, William White- Pl-ll KAPPA PHI Faculty and Town Members Dr. Leo T. Allbritten, Dr. William F. Beyer, Dr. Rene Bienvenu. Jr., Katherine Bridges, Dr. Ruth Bruner, Dr. Sarah L. Clapp, Miss Dorothy Cohen, Dr. Alan Crosby, Dr. C. E. Dugdale, Dr. Marie Dunn, Dr. Waldo Dunninflton, Dr. W. Cr. Erwin, Miss W. H. Haunt, Mrs. L. C. Huff, Miss Pauline Johnson, Mrs. Mary Jones, Mr. Grant Kenner, Dr. John Kyser, Mrs. Thelma Kyser. Mr. Donald N. MacKenzie, Dr. Caesar B. Moody, Miss Eve Mou..on, Dr. Roderick Outland, Miss Mary Robson, Miss Irma Stockwell, Dr. Paul Torgrimson, Dr. W. A. Tornwell, Dr. George Ware, Dr. Eugene Watson, Mrs. Mary Weller, Dr. Edna West, Mrs. H. L. Whittington, Mrs. Mattie Woodward. 114 head, Sidney Matthews, Johnny Sisk, Mary Morton. Not Pic- tured: Ruth Ann Fisher, Melba French. Lonnie Harper, Jo Amy Hicks, Lovick Johnson, Glenda Marshman, Barbara Mattingly, Leonard Miller, Jane Fay Ritter. The National Honorary Fraternity of Phi Kappa Phi was founded in l897 and the Northwestern State College Chapter was established in July, 1953. The purpose of the society is the recognition and encouragement of superior scholarship in all fields of study. The national organiza- tion was established to provide an honor society whose prime objective is to emphasize scholarship and character in the thought of college students, to foster the significant purposes for which institutions of higher learning have been founded, and to stimulate mental achievement by recognition through elections to membership. ln the spring of 1963, Phi Kappa Phi. along with other academic organizations on the Northwestern State Col- lege campus, sponsored the first annual Honors Banquet, where certain students were recognized for their scholastic achievements in various fields. At that time Phi Kappa Phi gave out its awards to students for oustanding scholarship achievement. Requirements for membership in Phi Kappa Phi are exhibition of sound character and a 3.3 grade average. lVlembership is open to second semester juniors, seniors, graduate students, alumni, and faculty who have shown distinction in their fields of study. juniors must be in the top hve per cent of their class and seniors must be in the top twelve per cent. Dr. Ruth Bruner served as Presi- dent this year. Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in education, was organized in 1911 for the purpose of encouraging high professional, intellectual and personal standards, and of recognizing outstanding contributions to education. Mem- bership is offered to all persons who exhibit commendable personal qualities, worthy educational ideals, and sound scholarship. Gamma Phi chapter, begun on the N.S.C. campus in 1934, annually presents programs in which guest speakers from the various departments on campus are called in to speak on projects in which they are involved. The main project for this school year was the promotion of books for the teaching profession and for students in elementary and high schools. For this purpose, book talks are given at the monthly meetings. The local chapter worked this spring with Phi Kappa' Phi and Beta Beta Beta as a co-sponsor of the annual Honors Banquet for the second consecutive year. Ar this banquet the fraternity presented its yearly award to the outstanding member of Kappa Delta Pi for services ren- dered to the organization. Kappa Delta Pi held its own banquet in May, at which time new members were initiated into the fraternity. This was the annual meeting that brings alumni and active members together for a reunion. Dr. Leonard Fowler serves as Faculty Advisor. Members CLeft to Righty-First Row: Anita Harrison, Patricia Headrick, Earleen Evans, Barbara Mattingly, Betty Anthony. Second Row: Marie S. Dunn, Mrs. Irma P. Bullock, Mrs. Edwina S. Mayeaux, Asse Nielsen, Mrs. Leonard Fowler, Mrs. Olga Webber, Mrs. Jewell B. Jones. Third Row: Cherrie Webster, f ,, 5 z Officers CLeft to Rightjz Glynn Peninger, Presidentg Ganeath Wilson, Secretaryg Betty Anthony, Vice-President, Patricia Hendrick, Historian, Dr. Leonard Fowler, Faculty Sponsor Cseatedj. Not Pictured: Helen Crookston, Treasurer. PPA DELTA Pl Verna LeBoe-uf, Judy Heard, Marian Meador Doty, Sue Ellen Fogleman. Bettyc Lou Fletcher, Bonnie Wineinger, Claudia Robbins, Joyce Sisk, Glynn Peninger. Fourth Row: John A. Jones, Walter J. Robinson, L. F. Fowler, W. J. Bullock, Johnny W. Sisk. Members, Left to Right-Standing: Joye Faye Vallery, Fay Love, Cathy Mischler, Joan Prados. Seated: Bert Batchelor, Diane Can- trell, Roy DeVille, Arnetta McPhearson, Grant F. Kenner. WW Q -, Members, Left to Right-Seated: Eddie Huey, Secretary, Allen Swilley, Laurence Perkins, Faculty Sponsor. Standing: James Cripe, Robert Minniear, Edward Tarratus, Milton Nix, Vice-P'resi- dent, Barney Tiller, Larry Eddy, President. 7.1 KPP Pl Kappa Pi, the oldest honorary art fraternity, was founded at the University of Kentucky in 1911. The purposes of Kappa Pi are: to promote art interest among college students, to bring att departments of various colleges closer together through its activities, and to recognize potential and professional ability. A student must have at least twelve hours of art and a "B" average in those art classes to become a member. Roy DeVille is president and Grant Kenner is Faculty Advisor. Pl-ll U ALPHA Gamma Rho Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America, established on the N.S.C. cam- pus May 28, 1941, serves these purposes: to advance the cause of music in America and to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students in music. With these aims in mind, Phi Mu Alpha presents an annual All-American Concert jointly with Sigma Alpha lota. Membership in Phi Mu Alpha includes music majors as well as non-music majors who are highly interested in music. Members, Left to Right-First Row: Dianne Marshall, Donna Rodgers, Kathy Janes, Wanda Rond, Clarissa Carter. Second SIGMA ALPHA ICDTA Sigma Alpha Iota, an international professional music fraternity for women, was founded in l903, at Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Beta lota chapter at N.S.C. is celebrating its twelfth anniversary. Fraternity purposes include upholding the highest ideals of a musical education, raising the standards of produc- tive musical work, developing American music, and pro- moting a stronger understanding of music between foreign countries and America. Membership is open to music majors who have faculty recommendation and show excellence in scholarship and musical ability. Chapter activities include monthly musicales, receptions for music students, faculty, and performers, and an All- American Music Concert given jointly with Phi Mu Alpha. Row: Carol Moore, Thellie Levee, Kay Owens, Betty Anthony Diana Aldrich, Sherry Moss, Sandra Shahan. Officers, Left to Right-First Row: Clarissa Carter, Correspond- ing Secretary, Dianne Marshall, Treasurerg Sandra Shahan. President. Second Row: Carol Moore, Chaplaing Donna Rodgers, Recording Secretary, Betty Anthony, Vice-President. v-,...- iryrl -,.,.jf- ..,---- ,.......1- ,lli .....1... -li. -1-1, ui-il ., -,-.M,- we V, VY , 'Sa , fo ,, ,, gpm, gms M ,A me 5 , . 1 5 Q7 W ll '?f'WT 5. 4,-. 'aux Q fm, ,em x I F!-, be "' pMf"'l, 1 .ja-V X V Y "4 t . " 2 , ' A ' ' P ,fi Q. 2,-f I v. S :A . M W..,Aa,:,'QZ K J "' 2 , Q., t .,... . il f f A - r ' ,,. .I va. if if Q ,,.,. ' , . ., -., . .:-. ., - - 'wr' s '- wsfffksw - - -i Qt! -' ' - 4' f f K. ,..,, t ,Q 2 vis, ' - XT- " 1 t V sv A , ' W T " . t1fw- A 'ld- mf-,y t I- 55,3155 -'N New f r V , - " 14-.3 fE?U:" 'V 'if' Q , A Q. 9 M ,LV fr .bl . , . sf-A ,'x1-Steffi "'lm'iif" v 'ii i"5"'t -Y H' ' :Mei Vx T ggi, ' "f 1 , , , N - , ,t 8' -41, fivf V, w N, Y raft? V. , .-Jr , L - s A ' W- - Q A -- ef. We .,. ' Gif: - , f'?"4i,w-YZ' ,ia '. awgfri M ssc " :M -.. - ' 1' f h smzx , ,g W 1- l' gf W- t .gg se 1 ..,'wf' .5 1 , ,,g,,,,, , t ., ',,, fw.:, ..,, - ,.,,., ' M, ' exif' W4 M "w"'Y"i' 5 ' A Xgyfii ' .sr'I. ., ' H A: - ' .TM .,... 1' 'mir' '1 '-,n.. f t . v j e U ' M 4 ' , ,, sy' ,s,qgg,.,.: ,ff 'M ' i Members, Left to Right-First Row: Shearon Causey, Kay Smith, Peggy Fay Green, Ursula Flohr, Judy Fay Andrews, Juanita Horn. Second Row: Joe Maranto, Gerald Yarborough, James Braly, Leslie Slaydon, Joe Scott, Virginia Settle, Jackie Brantley. Third Row: James Machen, Kennon Harvill, Allen Holland, Edrell Lacombe, Ladislas Szabo, Donald Phillips, H. N. Oflicers, Left to Right: Malcolm Loe, Chaplain, Jackie Brantley. Treasurer, William Tilley, Vice-President, Shearon Causey, Sec- retary, Joe Maranto, Reporter, Allen Holland, President. fi L Towry. Fourth Row: Lee Thiel, Reuben George, Charles Bund- rick, Nettles Brown, William Cardneaux, Butch Chase, William Tilley, Jim Miller. Fifth Row: Burel Cupples, William Price, Fred Randow, Joe Glorioso, Clyde Cloud, Bill Phillips, Frank McElwee. Sixth Row: Wayne Giordano, Gregory Dalme, John Stahl, Jerry Hiers, Ragan Gantt, Malcolm Loe. Pl GMEGA Pl Pi Omega Pi is a National Honorary Business Fraternity, the purpose of which is to establish and maintain the ideals of scholarship, progress, service, and high ethical standards in business and professional life. Those preparing to enter the various phases of the business world are greatly aided by the constructive social and educational activities of the organization. The first chapter of Pi Omega Pi was established at State Teachers College, Kirksville, Missouri, on June 13, 1923. Since that time more than 160 active chapters have been established. The local chapter, Alpha Nu, has been active on the N.S.C. campus for many years. 4 I mm Q -Jax N J.,- 9' 1 f m,h, ,E M N., M h ,lm .W A , V ' 'iw f fx' K is y 6 W6 :yy A 1 Q X iff: , xv- A Q? bw X 1 :K fs W 0 3856 :Mia l , 0 .12 T fn .2 f 4 , 'S 3' W a x ,. tx gl Z , Z Q Q: 1 -- ld. me Q W' wma 'Wk ,if vw 75. Members, Left to Right-First Row: Carolyn Lucas, Kate Blan- chard, Margaret DeKeyzer, Verna LeBoeuf, Kay Giering, Gaylon Guillet, Meade Phelps, Maraie Rambin. Second Row: Cecil Chopin, Barbara Trumps, Sally Stafford, Ann McWilliams, Pauline Van Mol, Martha LeVasseur, Marilyn Vanhoof, June Officers, Left to Right - First Row: Janice Freeman, Social Director-Historiang Margie Rambin, Vice-President, Meade Phelps, Secretary, George Olivier, Treasurer. Second Row: Cecil Chopin, Presidentg Father C. O'Brien, Chaplaing Danny Fox, Marshall. ,-J "xx ' 1 Weisheit, Toni Ferlito, Janice Freeman, Marie Medica, George Olivier. Third Row: Danny Fox, Chester Fruge, Mark Ramhin, R, J, Ardoin, M. J. Gaspard, Tommy Putnam, Calbert Marcantel. Larry Gene Viclrine, Jimmy Sakovich, Wayne Giordano, Ed- mond Harris, Father Cornelius O'Brien. EWMAN CLUB The Newman Cluh is an organization of Catholic stu- dents of non-Catholic campuses. lts purpose is threefold: to strengthen the religious, to deepen the intellectual, and to enrich the social life of the Catholic college student. The Newman Club at Northwestern State College, in conjunction with the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Student Center, accomplishes these three ends with the presentation of a complete program of religious services, various non- credit courses-such as theology, philosophy, apologetics, hasic Catholic doctrine. marriage. and others-and many varied social activities. The major function of the Newman Club is to help the Catholic student pursue his studies in a Christian way. The Wesley Foundation is a part of the Church Uni- versal at work on the college campus. Our purpose is to cultivate a growing Christian Faith in the lives of individuals who make up the college community. We feel that our Christian Faith challenges us to worship, witness, study, and join in fellowship. The Wesley Foundation is sponsored at N.S.C. by the Methodist Board of National Missions and by the Meth- odist Churches of Louisiana. The Council members who appear on this page guide the program of the organiza- tion. Activities are held at the Wesley Foundation Building under the supervision of an ordained Methodist minister. Council Members, Left to Right-First Row: Milton Guttierrez, Edwin Kelley, Mary Blackmon, Mary Purcell, Patsy Gaspard, Ann Weaver, Glenda Marshman. Second Row: Allen Doughty, Bonnie Mason, Mary Groll, Joyce Hargess. Third Row: Kathy Janes, Cookie Martin, Bill Perry. Fourth Row: Martha Geyer, Kenneth Carroll, Janie Jones, Jimmy Scruggs. Fifth Row: Robert Marshman, Frances Erwin, Smokey Johnson. W?XiWi'f ,iff y N f f f W1 Y f f P fi V522 4 5 ig " 1'-NM' 2 if, Q A- X -X v M Us Q P, ,ifffl -As, 'Yi' "' ff" ky' f'?67S'i-Q43 s CV' 'fi X 0' ' 'ff W., Y, , W Ms . ws ws 11, . ,I , -5 9 wfKz5'W , ,, ,M ,, ' ' f I 'W ,, 'Cf fi ,J , A f ff . fi - af 14 , E -,ea-we ' , K f L 5 f 0" Y 1 K 4 f f: af ffl '-if Mum, . ff 1. f 1 4 f , , fwwf' X4 ,, 3 , ,V ,L pg , X , H13 , T t -,sw Q of 4-we sew, , r A ,N . az f , as Q ag 21 Q ,s, 5 Ugg. ,,, ,E 1 fv tzfk-,yd s f 2 rx 534555 Sa 7.21 f I , ' . x , ,i ,, X 5 9, V 72 f v WWYNM 4 4 5 M vii? Q M1 f , H fi . 5 Sli Some of our members group outside the new location of our house. WESLEY FDU DATIO i,f?.G43,s ,. S 3 fm "WM4LiJ'fYCi'3 If . XV K 3 V wr V3 .V ' Q A b L S Wmwwwwmwmwmvvwssswwsw W:iNZ:Wt'Sx44v2f:2Q1QWH Freshman Council, Left to Right-First Row: Bettie Moore. Martha Sue Ricks, Kathy George, Barbara Van Veckhoven. Second Row: Connie Barron, Patsy Kay Slay, Nippy Blair, Peggy Isbell, Rachel Craton, Sylvia Slack, Olivia Rhodes. Third Row: Jerry Martin, Myra Gulledge, Billie Lynch, Lynn Jones, Janet Butler, Dorval Stuckey, Robert Bollar, Rev. Perry F. Webb, Jr. Executive Council, Left to Right-First Row: Melba Stephens, Laurie Hand, Carolyn Ortego, Joanne Salter, Aline Fuselier, Sharon Barton. Second Row: Nita Horn, Ed Bryan, John Bolin, BAPTI T STUDE T I0 The Baptist Student Union is the Baptist Church min- istering to the college community. The B.S.U. at North- western came to be in 1927 and is sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention. ln its membership are all of the Baptist students on campus. Ir functions to remind each student of his responsibility to Christ, his church, and his denomination, and of his obligation as a Christian citizen to the world in which he lives. The Baptist Student Union strives to deepen the spiritual lives of its members by enlisting them in the activities of the local Baptist churches. Pictured here are the members of the Executive Council and Freshman Council. Betty Anthony, Marilyn Lowrey. Third Row: Myra Gulledge. Brent Fleming, Johnny Skinner, John Robson, Bill Phillips, Stanley Davis, Lee Dickson, Rev. Perry Webb. We-6 . , Y, Riga . 4 kv 111 'lil i l lil :z 4 0. J Y' wh of P 9 ' ' 1 F df' it . ,,,, by , Members, Left to Right-First Row: Ann Davis, Carol Stone, Dolores Blake, Carolyn Brewer, Becky Alpin. Second Rowg Louise Hathorn, Pat Powers, Julia Mahony, Anne Morgan, The Westminster Fellowship is an organization of college students sponsored by the Presbyterian Church. Its purpose is to assist in the spiritual development of students and to provide Christian fellowship for members and their friends. Programs of study, discussion and recreation are designed to meet the needs of young men and women who are away from their own homes. Recreation activities during the year have included water skiing, hay rides and informal suppers. During August, Kay Jones and James Long attended the Southern Regional Conference of Presbyterian college students in Kentucky. Mr. Percy Hagan, Pastor of the Natchitoches Presby- terian Church, is the N.S.C. Westminster director. 21 'X David Cosby. Third Row: Robert Reeves, Ken Schwab, Kay Jones, Tom Box, Rose Mary Pirie, James Long. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Officers, Left to Right: Robert Reeves, Moderator: Julia Mahony. IVEEIPS Representative-3 James Long, Vice Moderatorg Kay Jones, Secretary. Not Pictured: Mary Sue Owen, State Representative. am? -e-.hd .gm-surviv- DESERET Members, Left to Right-First Row: Jerry Ainsworth, Phyllis Rond, Wanda Rond, Mary Taylor. Second Row: Gary Carter, Reese Rugg, Charles Ainsworth. CANTERBURY CLUB Members, Left to Right-First Row: James Boyd, Kay McIntosh, Sue Burgdorf, Frank Gilchrist, Priscilla Jones, Pat Sylvester, Brent Womack. Second Row: Joseph Nectoux, Jean Nectoux, Don L. Purdy, Dottie Purdy, Stanley Sutherland, Eileen Kolb, Mrs. Town.- send, Kathy Womack, Father Julian W. Jones. 114 1 ..' """'1 .ff-f yi The Deseret Club of Northwestern State College was organized in 1958 upon recognizing a viral need in the lives of young men and young women of Northwestern for affiliation with the church and other members of their faith. The club is sponsored by the Educational Department of Brigham Young University under the direction of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Officers for this year were: Reese Rugg, President, Gary Carter, Vice President, and Mary Taylor, Secretary-Treasurer. The Canterbury Club, an organization for all Episcopal students, began as the Young People's Service League in 1928. In 1941, it became the James C. Morris Chapter of the National Foundation of Canterbury Clubs. The purpose of the club is to develop and to guide the spiritual life of the students. This is accomplished through discussion, study, recreation, fellowship, and cooperative worship. Father W. jones is the club's Chaplain, and Mrs. Margurite Townsend is I-Iousemother. Frank Gilchrist served as President. - Y x f V ff mf V V 2 2 Zi 5' 'i 5 4 E 552 1 S1 Q ' Y f X95 M Www ' 5,5 ' 1.44 55 ' ggi, . 1 1 ,ma - 5 . is 4 gwswmw I wr WW . .IR.,,, 4 ! f ' rs f V ' Iv QM Q M 2? v i f V as , E I iw? mg v ' , ggmyw If , 4 .f Afw ,x,,.,,,Zyf A f . e 4, f' f,.- 4 V- V2 . M S M" ' f - A' '25 MN -1, t n f , J 1 H, ,- .75 7? ' ': 1 U , ' ff -":'Z'Z, 'W' ' 1 Q, f ,f 1 ' -"away 1 ' Z' f 4 W . 1 , ruff" W - f . 45 PRCDPESSIO ALS 22 ' I 1 in tilatm -Ll -Q 1 W " I 5 5 in 'JH J A - f it ,I 'Q V Y2, GA , , "' 9 ,' 1 , if 1, - , ru ,wwf ,.rg,tf n . .,, ,, f 1: ,T , - V A . , M V g ' 425522 mfg' 1 i N A -1 1.-as if if -gg 1 , i t , i- A V A 'fkifski-yvtiW"' ff' 2 i' 7 g , :Q preeiz 'w,:, Q, , Q J V i 4' ,..a"-'-'T " 'V M v l I - I . , ' 44, levy, V. li'-,A -"' Q f , frvh 'O , A .K , ,..,-1-"M" t i , F' , W I 1. ,ai Band Directors Edward Tarratus and Dwight Davis. Band Members, Left to Right-First Row: Marjorie Regions, Gordon Ferguson. Second Row: Norma Festervant, Bonnie Gorum, Charlotte Clark, Glenndolyn Kenknight, Martha Sand- lin, Wanda Radford, Gloria Hough. Third Row: Allen Swilley, Kay Owens, David Williams, John Koonce, Mary Ford, Thelma Kendrick, Diana Aldrich. Fourth Row: Sheila Anderson, Claudia Floyd, Thomas Bradley, Thyra Hunter, Sally O'Bryan, Ralph Moseley. Fifth Row: Charles Drake, Betty Alexander, John Gholson, Jack Fitzgerald, Johnnie Roberts, Clarissa Carter, 8 , ,-. w , 1 W.- ' 7 ,-" .1 .ti V A an? ,-1 M' pg' r fi- -3, , ,,'- ,, "?"":i 'ig' X ,i T., f5,Q T - l'.1b,i:j-f V wan a. u 1 , -1 I Q ,Y W -sr g, gwypi :- ' - .Fw 11,-.' , i',4"5"llif, Q 'Q Ak- f I' 1,31-:',fl'K'L, X. L, ,, j f 41fj1-'va ,Hg ,. gi , q. 5- u. .' .W ",w.,.? if 'Q :af 1 t wg, 2,13 at - ' if - ,-'1:,,.',rf:a,s1 :aw '. . 7 2.4 4-, +1 . Q :A Q ':1..f:.' if 'J v f Q , ' 'QW -,' - 1 ' Q -'14 --,.'.y1:w , V '11, 1, 1 Q '. -2',Ff2i,,,21f.g atv .ga 1. '-rf,-ft if' ..,,a . W, .yr s . V. 4, - 'Yi' ,J gs, ,. J, ,U .U-,.A. IM' L,.f.'V1,,N, nr, 5 3, , . ,L ,x.,,,w,N,,.,!,, gal vb, ...yi Fwgfffggjf '- My I ' '-.-use-Wai, 7.-t EM-g.-1 . fi-""',.-' 3 .f ,sr T9 Az .'f"l1,:,,5g3v ' A4a..ff- ,' f f.,',..:f.--i:s-.::w- c- 4 far' 3 ,y.?",:Jis:' 250:--2,1 -N lgvgbslafg' 'ki-g,.f, 2'1"-: .?".'5. :s'g"'ff, 1 LMg.,fj-iQ k -' 15. .K 'dw 45'-Yrs' 'Q .ff 11, - vac-5j,'gZQ'?.5,'r'6 Y'i'a'1"' 881,22 -1925 5-, f "-W? 5,31 V - P fit 541 '-his 'N "nl + '. --f , Ng.. f,-as-, .., .-ff v, .-pw 7, 1.1" , "1'-,... -'-',,.' ifilifwi ,ffiif -'v53.'fF'.gl95fX9v4'f 'ff Mft: .wwf PM gills S .5 sim?-'L-' 1 '-..xf1n'6.i-1.raf.L4vt.x...v,!t' '1,"c'4S . - 'Q-Q 1' .xi-,aaa : -. lsr- 2-5- .- tu fair Gordon Ferguson, Drum Major. DEMO BA William Timmons. Sixth Row: David Foster, Winn Hedleston. Ben Ash, Larry Wiley, Stephen Coriell. Sam Shelton, David Upton. Seventh Row: Wilson Teller, Cecil Crowder, Lois Shel- ton, Barbara Lloyd, Arthur Dyke, James Randall, James Spray- berry. Eighth Row: Emmett Carson, Harold Swilley, William McGee, Cedric I-Iudgens, Cyprian Ryan, Latissa McCranie. Larry Fisher. Ninth Row: Reese Rugg, Wilbur Waldron, Marion Madden, Larry Eddy. 1 Xxx u 'K ,GRN SMQX x"?"1 6 -.,..g.. 4- i -it P. -4 1 -H 4 r 1 -m A I N M4 ,N O is E . ,.,,. I W4 ...L-,H A ,Q Z ll NCL - , Q A I' A L Wa, I L 61 'Y XX, I 0- Q A My A ff . . l'.A'i'0c,hf"" Q--4' FN s' X hfvjlxli. if an ik A mf .Sa 116 .p-an-14:-n -- iq Lu A, ,,,,.,.,, , i . 1 agehhjhvifiawfw vf ma'-ww-fAes"r"-f.B.',l1i " ..,,aa-s.,,-.5 .fe ..-im -.M,.. f--- -'Y 4 Y W.-- N, - ., ..-M -- .-. 1 1 ' T ' A ' 3 Majorettes Norma Festervaml, Bonnie Gorum, Charlotte Cl k, Glenndolyn Kenknight, Martha Sandlin, Wanda Radford, Zliid MARJORIE REGIONS Gloria Hough, Feature Twirlel' FFI ERS . . . . ALLEN SWILLEY 0 C President Formal Concert held in the Fine Arts Auditorium. The KAY OWEN5 Vicbpresident concert season was brought to a close with pop concerts CLARISSA CARTER Secretary The Demon Marching Band presented the "new look" on the field this year with snappy tempos, intricate ma- neuvers, and a high-stepping "eight steps to five yards." The precision drills and the specially arranged show tunes used during the half-time shows were planned and taught to the band by the new assistant director, Mr. Edward Tarratus. Under his direction, the band spent many long hours on the practice field in preparation for the Saturday football games. The new routines thrilled the audiences at all home football games, the N.S.C.-Tech game, and the N.S.C.-McNeese game in Lake Charles. In addition to marching at football games, the band par- ticipated in the Red River Parish Fair parade in Coushatta, the Forestry Festival parade in Winnheld, the Natchitoches Christmas Festival parade, and the State Fair parade in Shreveport. In the spring the band performed heavy and light clas- sical numbers, musical comedy, and novelty tunes. These were prepared for the annual band tour to various high schools in the state which promoted the band program at N.S.C. so as to encourage the high school band stu- dents to join the N.S.C. band upon enrolling here in the fall. These numbers were also performed at the annual 2.2. given for the student body free of charge. Mr. Edward Tarratus, assistant to Mr. Davis, joined the N.S.C. faculty this fall as an assistant professor of music. He assisted primarily with the bandis marching drills in the fall, and was responsible for the "new lookn in the marching band. Many of the tunes played by the band were his own personal arrangements. Tryouts for the Demon Majorettes were held during the summer months. The seven majorettes that were chosen were: Wanda Radford from Mansfield, Gloria Hough from Winnheld, Charlotte Clark of Bunkie, Bonnie Go- rum from Clarence, Norma Festervant of Vivian, Martha Sandlin from Natchitoches, and Glenndolyn Kenifnight from Shreveport. The feature twirler for the 1962 football season was Miss Marjorie Regions from Natchitoches. For the second consecutive year, Gordon Ferguson from Shreve- port was Drum Major. A climax to our year,s activities was the Band Banquet. where ofiicers for the coming year were installed, awards were presented, and announcement of the Band Queen was made. As usual, the meal was splendid and enjoyed by band members, their dates, and their honored guests. All in all, this was a busy year, but the band students can look back with pride at the success we have had and the pleasures we have enjoyed. 6 im Officers, Left to Right-Seated: Eugene Watson, Department Headg Mary Ann Bordelon, Corresponding Secretary, Ann Matthews, Parliamentariang Judy Bell, Recording Secretary, Lucille Carnahan, Sponsor. Standing: Frances McDaniel, Treas- urer, Ann Johnson, Historian, Benny Brady, President, Annie Kelly, Vice-President. Members, Left to Right-Seated: Betty Higgins, Carole Chance, Judy Bell, Margie Wilson, Carrie Dykes, Jackie Hodges, Peggy Sibley, Sharon Corbell, Lynda Edwards, Earline Doiron, Mary Ann Bordelon, Ann Johnson, Ann Matthews, Mary Purcell. ALPHA BETA ALPHA Alpha Beta Alpha is the only national, coeducational, undergraduate Library Science Fraternity in the United States. The major purpose of the fraternity is to serve as a recruiting agency for librarianship, the members are required to take at least six semester hours of Library Science. Established on the N.S.C. campus as the Northwestern State College Library Club on January 17, 1946, the pro- fessional fraternity was later renamed the Scharlie E. Russell Library Club. On May 3, l950, the nationwide organization of Alpha Beta Alpha, the American Libra- rians' Fraternity, was established, with the N.S.C. club as Alpha Chapter. There are presently over twenty-five chap- ters in the United States. Standing: Georgia Lou Chaplin, Frances Dow, Mildred Sebren, Rachel Barnhill, Patricia Latura, Oral Griffin, Benny Brady. Ronald Ryan, Theresa Hodnett, Charlotte Beebe, Carol Cathey, Frances McDaniel, Velda Barry, Annie Kelly. l ,V Q Q5 . . 'j"f'e Y ' 19 E ll Members, Left to Right-Front: Ann Johnson, Carolyn Friis, La Nae Rowell, Dr. Edna West, Dennis Folds, Rosalie Lott. Judy Joiner. Back: Butch Toland, Dennis Freeman, Milton Tar- ver, Wayne Summers, Frank Magers, Robert Reeves, Robert Carlyon, Martha Geyer, Mary Hicks. Davis Players, the oldest ofhcial dramatic organization on campus, strives to develop talent, cultivate a taste for the best in drama, and foster the cultural values which dramatics develop. All students are encouraged to partici- pate in College Theatre, through which work requirements for membership in Davis Players are fulfilled. Because of the vital interest displayed in theatre and the standards of quality exemplified in productions, the club was instru- mental in securing the N.S.C. chapter-Delta Eta Cast- of Alpha Psi Omega, the largest of the national honorary fraternities for college dramatics. Membership in this fra- ternity is the highest honor bestowed in dramatics at Northwestern. 17. DAVI PLAYERS Officers, Left to Right: Robert Reeves. House Manager, Rosalie Lott, First Vice-President, Dennis Folds, President, Carolyn Friis, Second Vice-Presidentg Judy Joiner, Treasurer. ilk ALPHA PHI GAMMA Members, Left to Right-Seated: La Nae Rowell, Arm Matthews, Johnny Edgar, Glynn Peninger, Pat Gandy. Standing: Bobby Cortinez, Betty Neely, Wayne Sum- mers, Roy Clark, Earl Coulon, Sammy Genuso. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Members, Left to Right-First Row: Herbert Sherman Coob, Russell Bourke, Jack Dowty, Wilbur Waldron, Emmett Carson, Harold Bohannon. Second Row: Paul Sepulvado, James Scruggs, David Sistrunk, Walter Weffenstette, Frederick Miller, Edward Nass, Allen Doughty, John Heard, Jack Fitzgerald. 130 ft -56 P! fi Alpha Phi Gamma, an honorary coeducational journalistic frater- nity, was founded at Ohio Northern University on December 11, 1919. Iota Chapter was installed on the N.S.C. campus on March 14, 1927, and was reactivated on February 27, 1961. The purpose of this fraternity is to recognize individual ability and achievement in journalistic pursuits in college and to serve and promote the welfare of the college through journalism. Ofiicers are: Glynn Peninger, President, Ann Mattliews, Vice- Presidentg La Nae Rowell, Secretary, Pat Gandy, Treasurerg johnny Edgar, Baillif. The N.S.C. Industrial Arts Club is a professional and social organization whose membership is open to all Industrial Education majors and minors. The purposes of the club are: to promote the development of industrial education in Louisiana, to facilitate social and professional activities for its membership, and to develop an active interest in the industrial development of the state. This year's oflicers were: Harold Bohanon, Presidentg Paul Sepulvado, Vice-President, Louis Stahl, Secretary, Allan Doughty, Treasurer, and john 1-learn, Reporter. The Bacteriology Club was organized in April, 1958, with Dr. Rene Bienvenu sewing as sponsor. The membership consists of all graduate and undergraduate students majoring or minoring in the field of Bacteriology. The club is an educational organization which features seminars by guest speakers and club members. Most of the students in the club are also active participants in the research programs of the department. Officers include: John Barkate, President, Jerry Allen, Vice- President, and Z. D. Meachum, Secretary-Treasurer. The Euthenics Club of Northwestern State College, in afhliation with the Louisiana Home Economics Association and the American Home Economics Association, was organized in 1926. Since then it has become one of the outstanding departmental clubs at N.S.C. The purposes of the Euthenics Club are: to promote professional spirit and cooperation, to foster sociability, to promote scholarship and to develop leadership. The motto is: "We believe in minds that think, hearts that love, and hands that work." Euthenics implies better living. Kayla Bernard served as President and Charlotte lVlcCalla was State Vice-President. qi .J . .wi ...J rj ,,,.ff a , ' . - , 4 1 i ' -i s f4',,,Z29r'?.'4 ' 'f 5 . iii' 1 .s ,fag L 4 5 2 f. f, J 'i me N'454txGW .O " .' Ma we ll ,,, .,.. Q ...m...a.., Y ,fre Z . sa Q , , . ff, f ,W gi,-2 -Q ' , fi . 5 Q. E., E egg., . ,I i A 1. 4, ,Q , S 5? 3 S fi Q 1 ' Q .2 if wif " Qs? B , A f f I lf- 5 , ,f , if W , Q sp ,fo Q ,of 3 VN, asf f I , ,W ,S . 2 sf 3 r , Kr it in f f A v - f f , . fm Ks ,J f , , if , f s 5 W ig c . f I sal V- ry X 1 , ' , fi V , , 3 , lg f , E as 55 3 , r K ZW' 5 w A , ,, y sl S ,S ,, i . it ' 7 l l ,L . Y, , l ,,, V J' , 5" fl ,Q . ,g , Z ij - f , 5 ' l A - f j i ,W f .i .43 ' i f hd was 1 +A- 2' my 9 hs ' f my Y ew ww , i 5 9 5,4 5 ww 'WW WM "w 'W' 'wf 'Aww 7.31 BACTERIOLGGY CLUB Members, Left to Right-First Row: Jamal Ghaemi, John Finerty, Z. D. Meachum, R. J. Bienvenu, George Krumm, Joyce Daw, Ray Sitkiewiz, P. J. Thompson, Phillip Keesius. Second Row: John Barkate, Jerry .Allen, Ollie Thames, Marshall Book. EUTHE ICS CLUB Members, Left to Right - First Row: Jeanne Van Peene, Sandra Green, Mary Lou Lilly, Laura Basco, Charlotte McCalla, Kayla Bernard, Mary Blackmon, Charlotte Urban. Second Row: Susie Guidry, Jere Lynn Lucky, Joann Salter, Doris Stratton, Betty Lou Fletcher, Evelyn Sharp, Laurie Hand, Patricia Latura, Ganeath Wilson, Pat Walker, Katherine Berry. Third Row: Mary Louise Rayfield, Millie Roberts, Sue Mc- Naughton, Kay McIntosh, Priscilla Jones, Jane Conely, Janet Butler, Margaret Knotts, Georgia Blair, Sandra Methvin, Carol McKne-ely, Kat Kitchens, Frances Erwin. Fourth Row: Sandra David, Katherine Richie, Jerri Brown, Joy Brewton, Marilyn McGee, Sharon Bodie, Jean Walker, Ann Parrott, Janell Bullard, Carolyn Klein, Charlene Morace, Connie Barron, San- dra Collier. Officers, Left to Right: David Henry, Presidentg Carroll Slack, Vice-Presidentg Edgar Johnson, Historian, Rodney Calhoun, Secretary, Dr. Roderick Outland, Sponsor, Tommy Carson, Treasurer. Members, Left to Right-First Row: Gail Corbin, Judy Tisdale. Jo Ann Wise, Carol Gipson, Betty Duggan, Vickie Vick, Joyce Daw, Julia Phillips. Second Row: Rene J. Bienvenu, Thomas Carson, George Krumm, Marshall Book, Rodney Calhoun, Riley Calhoun, Jackie Jackson, Daniel Brupbacker. Third Row: Car- f 'I 1 ' - "wuwn" , BETA BETA BETA Beta Beta Beta is a national honor society for students of the biological sciences. It emphasizes a threefold pro- gram: stimulation of sound scholarship, dissemination of scientific knowledge, and promotion of biological research. Beta Beta Beta was founded at Oklahoma City Univer- sity in 1922 and is presently numbered at over 125 chapters. Begun at Northwestern State College as a local organiza- tion, Beta Phi Alpha, it became Delta Theta Chapter of Beta Beta Beta in 1949. Tri Beta members, well known for their exhibits which are placed in the Biology Building, attempt to combine a program of work with enjoyable relaxation. roll Slack, Ray Sitkiewiez, Edgar Johnson, Sidney Poe, Larry Weeks, Hoyet Chance. Fourth Row: Ollie Thames, Jerry Allen, Jay Holland, John Barkate, George Rogers, John Finerty, David Henry, Roderick Outland, W. G, Erwin. 3 z im- W, was x is 1 f ? i Q9 H gf. V lf? l E If ,536 1 M JH E55 W -e haw.-'LL --Mui .--M ll - L1 137. um-- will I M ,.-....,,. ........w .wa-.... s, all-'Q s, Qi V .V iz :PS 1 Members, Left to Right-First Row: David Vanderlick, Homer Matlock, A. J. Smith, Hartwell Young, Riley Calhoun, Ralph Fell. Second Row: G. L. Whitlock, Gerald Bennett, Robert Davenport, Rodney Calhoun, Billy Craft. Third Row: Freddie Lindsey, Lonnie Willis, Clifford Krouse, Tim Berry. Fourth Row: Donald Cobb, Glynn Keeth, Wayne Simmons, A. J. Mo- dica, James Crawford, Melvin Stevens, Billy Moore, Wilfred Broussard. The Demeter Agricultural Fraternity, named after Demeter, the ancient Greek goddess of Earth and all vegetation, was organized October 18, 1924. lt was begun at Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Lafayette, Louisiana, by Dean L. Fletcher, then head of the Agriculture Department. From a small group of eight members, the Demeter Club has expanded into a national organization with three chapters and a total membership of approxi- mately one thousand. Activities of the Demeter Club include sponsoring turkey and beef shoots, judging in area F.F.A. contests and spon- soring the annual "Agri Day." Membership requirements include a major in Agricul- ture with at least nine hours and a "C" average in that major. 7. DE ETER CLUB Officers, Left to Right-First Row: Melvin Stevens, Assistant Professor, Riley Calhoun, Reporter, Rodney Calhoun, Vice- President. Second Row: Hartwell Young, Assistant Secretary: Dr. Ralph Fell, Sponsor, Billy Moore, Parliamentarian. Third Row: A. J. Smith, President, David Vanderlick, Secretary- Treasurerg Homer Matlock, Reporter. Q W N It K , J J 5 W ,VX R., mruyrv Y W T 2 1 4 M it f., 2 J , Y- X 7 r r, I, In 4' ' I V 1 53 I .4 4' .Fw lg L J Z i r- 1 E? 1 ff t A i Z 3 , Z gf , 115 ,.., ' - gig, Y s . t 8 . A 5 , fi J f Z Q ' ' ,, C 5 4 ' Y 5 V V ' I F , 2 l 1 ra Q ri ew r-to rn A 5 2 V A ri 4 L-- u - L A if- ' .X an f . U , v Hill A M INV.. , T' ' ,Y -Awfgxvs 2 'f fwfr " 'Q 4' Y-was W- 4 ,, 'A I ,H 'u an "WAV 3 ,. t mzw, A wg, K ' , 3. ,A . " , . W., f ,. wx, .c ,. 2 ,A - ' .. Ku 75 ,www 3 -M ,WW .,.., , a...N,,Mu..v.,,.,,,.rr,.,.., ,,.,,,W.....,.., ,,., , , . , ,. ,.,x W . -.,,.... ,,-- ., ,,.......J,, . ,..,.,,.-- Y ,mf ,-W, . .M , ., . ,. ..- , ,.. ,, W. ,Am . M.. . .,,.t,. .......i...,, -V,..,..,W,,. ...r........,.... . V V W ,,,, WWMWR , V W K, ,,., ,, ,,..,w..--M-N - -1- ,,...e,.x-a,,-..-,a...,,.., ,, ,...-, .,.,..-m...,..,..MV M,-W ,, if -fi wk 7-few - -- .- 444. rf-7::f:r:.:'n:f::ff "7 W -'s t::1,J,. ' , . " ' 'f:':'..1"........"'er"-"inf, J "...' ' Y: ::"'fz - ' -' ' A A -- ff '-A.1i:v-Av: 2 ,,.,,....,.wi5 2,1 . - -A LITTLE SY PHC Y ORCHESTR JOSEPH CA RLUCCI Conductor ll lli nl Q l First Violin Laurence Perkins, Concertmaster May Beville Julia Davis Gladys Hodges Second Violin Melba Vercher Jerry Ann Bussey Carol Moore Viola Paul Torgrimson Mark Torgrimson Glenda Abney 134 Cello Van Barker Kathy Janes Sherry Moss Albert Stiles Allen Swilley Bass Ralph Moseley Ben Ash Gary Stahlhuth James Isgate Flute Diana Aldrich Kathy Womack Oboe Edward Tarratus Larry Eddy Cyprian Ryan Clarinet Kay Owens David Williams John Koonce Bassoon Robert Minniear Clarissa Carter French Horn David Upton Larry Wiley Steve Coriell Trumpet David Foster Mike Fullerton David Hedleston Cecil Crowder Trombone Vofclon Ferguson James Randall Percussion James Sprayberry Cedrick Hudgens Earl Timmons if The Northwestern State College Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Gordon , Flood, provides activities valuable to music majors and other students. This versatile group, with its smaller division, the Chamber Choir, which specializes in madrigals and lighter music, oiters a variety of choral music planned to T fit the interest of any audience, providing an increased understanding and i , i iisi i appreciation of music. , The NSC Chorus performs in its annual Christmas and Spring Concerts, as well as providing entertainment to crowds at the Natchitoches Christmas Festival. The group worked in conjunction with the Contemporary Dance Club to provide an entertaining Christmas Assembly for the college students. ln the spring, operettas and small operas are presented. The organizationis varied activities are planned and correlated through the cooperation and direction of the director and executive committee. The stu- dents work with a sub-committee composed of other chorus members, main- taining a closely knit, mobile group ot artisans. This creates a sense of oneness in every endeavor, whether it be functional or artistic in nature. i M wauaswfw. , I ' The various concert series presented on the campus bring music to the student body and the community and certainly make a valuable contribution to the cultural life of NSC. Members, Left to Right--First Row: Bettie Moore, Thellie Levee, Sandra Bethany, Donna Massey, Diana Vasquez. Carolyn Robin- son, Sandra Shahan, Betty Clegg, Dianne Marshall, Linda John- son, Donna Rodgers, Brenda Pickett, Sherry Moss. Second Row: Carolyn Broussard, Cheryl Bayliss, Leah Trapero, Barbara Autin, Carol Moore, Sharon Napp, Jeannie O'Banion, Agnes Dipaola, Judye Thomas, Rachel Craton, Nikki Towry, Mary Lovett, Wanda Rond, Kathy Jones. Third Row: Deanna May- MR. GORDON FLOOD Director NSC CHCRUS eaux, Suzanne Maynard, Sharon James, Dianne Weber, Bill Phillips, Jerry Elkins, Jimmy Randall, Milton Nix, Robert Min- niear, Robert Smith, Jerry Martin, Leonie Prudhomme, Earlean Hall, Sharon Barton. Fourth Row: Robert Graham, Billy Thomp- son, Cecil Warren, Lynn Ed Huey, Stanley Davis, Carlton Basco, Eric Lord, Bill Dicks, Bill Osborne, Ron Alexander, Lee Thiel, Tommy Patton, Edward McClain, James Gentry. 1 KW Officers, Left to Right: Carlton Herpin, Vice-Presidentg Charles Favrot, Treasurerg Paul Bush, Presidentg Lynn Dalton, Secre- tary, Dr. Duane Slaughter, Faculty Sponsor. PHI EP ILQ KAPP Members, Left to Right-First Row: Charles Favrot, Jack Win- tersteen, Jimmy Childress, Clifford Lambert, George Cameron, Phi Epsilon Kappa is the only national professional fraternity for male students and teachers of health, physical education, and recreation. This fraternity was founded at the Normal College of the American Gymnastics Union of Indianapolis, Indiana in 1913. Wfith the installation of Beta Chapter at the American College of Physical Edu- cation in Chicago, Illinois, Phi Epsilon Kappa took its first step toward becoming a national fraternity. Alpha Pi Chapter was installed at Northwestern State College on April 28, 1951. One of the primary objectives of this fraternity is to elevate the standards, ideals, and ethics of those engaged in teaching in the fields of health, physical education and recreation. Second Row: Douglas Harkness, Carlton Herpin, Bill Rutledge David Calaway, Lynn Nugent, Buddy Jones, Robert Ortego Duane Slaughter. George Bostick, Carl Buchanan, Lynn Dalton, Paul Bush. if , . 1 V, ? we K W 1" ' ' S4' I H iw wwe 4 MQ f' 'f 1 we S We W In W V 'Hr t H ',!2'i6'i. HZ ' 'ff l 1 U? X ?c3E WB B H l E lil -Q E DS i 2 Q . Ja 71. l . V355 3 RQ ff 32 1.55, I f .asaulnia Vinny we an EiSm's'f59f i i S i K 395. 'hQ1.l.i. Members, Left to Right-First Row: Alicia Hermes, Carolyn Ivy, Mary Groll, Kate Thibodeaux. Second Row: Toni McGloth-1 lin, Judy Winn, Nell Schulze, Julia Mahony, Sandra Tilloy. Neva Sharbono, Dale LeBoeuf, Wavelyn Murray, Faye Bel- garde. Third Row: Jackie Winn, Kit Corson, Edwina Sl-trable, Membership in this organization includes all women Health and Physical Education majors and all interested women minors. Honorary members become such through Worthy contributions to the department and by the vote of the club. Purposes of the Club include development of closer rela- tionships among the members, the creation of more interest in Health and Physical Education, provision for fun and companionship and the furtherance of professional interest. This organization is governed by an Executive Council which consists of the oflicers, the class representatives and the sponsor. The representative group is composed of one member from each class voted into this position by class membership. 2 2 4 4 ya, ii? i Dorris Sue Warren, Vicki Stubblefield, Pat Sylvester, Nancy Daniel, Linda Harper, Dorothy Staggs. Fourth Row: Gladys Kilman, Delane Darby, Nancy Dickinson, Jane Magee, Phyllis Guidry, Dot Copeland, Carolyn Roberts, Charlotte Beebe, Bonita Bennett. P.E CLUB Officers, Left to Right: Jane Magee, Secretary-Treasurer1 Kate Thibodeaux, Sophomore Representative, Julia Mahony, Re- porter-Historian, Mary Gioll, Junior Representative: Linda Harper, Vice-Presidentg Carolyn Roberts, President: Jackie Winn, Senior Representative. Freshman Representative. Not Pictured: Faye Castleman. f X NX '4 E, Q - Q i , Q , Q, it A K gs W -:rf , Q 1 nfs R, F K" ww Q .t .K Q . ' w 2 . :wife Zrgeaestgi V M V h Wmix K I .A sw, LAL ,fic fi iv - . - Y - ' i A t .,, LQ , .H ' 119, K. e QF' .V Q A rf' wi-- .' ---- ,Aft-, ,., F 4 c. I it 553 X3 Y '7'21:-viiiiffif' - f i S 1 f 4 '31 ree jr 4 ca fill f W , - ei- 3fgg,, 'aeaiiiilf . , 'Z ' levi- i Sexes: . 1 i if . - . sf Q X- N' " M 3 4 ye 2-Eg t 'K fi a s i R ci ,f in s 5: -:FAME s. g,.,QefL, 9 "" ' .Jung 5' ni 5 tha t 'S ' c c . ,af ., it .44 1 Wav yws, ff' i I , ' f 3 ,mm ,jg all I t V it 'rm' , fills LY ri Q 625' l i rf:-ld LN ,,,, V , ta-, ttf: X ,. N As: S t , .. tn., 5 14 , I 4 , ft ez lb 'i , 'wb if ' if 1 Q f 5 , :-'1,,, f " Q fe f . r ,V 2 at Q -V .V V M Vw SQL 1 " 134 , 1 , , fi: i , 1 ' 3 , .:,. H fi , i il '. ,. . Q3 wg EV r, 'f wi i Aff- . j V Y 9 W A .3 may J I f ov- N3 -W:- 1 , Q. Q .. 1 V,.., A in 1 h z, V V .t - Q, . V 4 h F gm. . J at , av ' ,a76?e:u L 1 V7 .Ty ' " , Z , ,, " V- ' KW- WLM J as ' . z -as , e f 2 3 X , . sw. 5 'st 3' ' ' 3 - .I 1 I -' f ' f . ig' N 1 Ne! .V 5 -' . ,fag f V " . ri , K X , -- ' V .. V "rl t fV .- -f g - 1 , V ,, , fini... , at K t ,QM I ., V Q f ,, ,. , fp, V, , 1 2 1 ff ax --., Y, , .1 i. A ,.V, ,M - . ,s-X, V.,V ., , tit 45 s, . , t. . f is e h , " w e A W .w,t,gf,f . f , - , , ,., , 3 ,- , - , X ., rata- it ., , . ,Q ft . g 3 7 L Bw e , K M? ii mf f , AZ-2-1? Q iii!" ' ' ' ,, , W1 rt. ei L, 1 5 42 5: : h ..1,.fi, ,, - wt A if of f. --W e - ,Vw g ,f ,tina ,ev f ff Ve sf? Vw- f-Vs , ew - A, . 1 , .: - ,V - get . - -V -4 . 1' 1 f 'st - 2-. V sf N f, jf - Ni- "gg " ' 1 'isiwa' " , fs -. 3X 5 . f' Y VF 'E' X " ' 3 -Q ,. Q ,V 4 24 -Y , fa' :f f--' , PM A f 1 - asf -sgregswsfv , 3. g V -3 , :Q 1" .eg -as -' 5- 'vw ' ,. H - . V i?" 2 l . V 4 - ,A 2 N-V., .- t-N P -- 'N wi- f ' . 4 ti If ,wg , . W gf K ,Q 6,2 ,. , ' , T . , ,, - Sl .4 gm, v,,,f M ix ., - 4 y , V l VK ., 2 Q: 1 -- ,571 . ,V -, X 3390 Q f',,,,1w ,1 f - it 'Ve--" ff . ft. ui - 'V 1 , ' ' 1' 4 Q f + 4 if f - - f 0 - ' ge V X .Q E 3 V ' . f mV ,, . ' Motif at-Sk V - - :- A J g f f Z , - Members, Left to Right-Kneeling: Frank Hampson, Parker, Lynn Dalton, Lonnie Willis, Johnny Glass, Hunt, Ed Crawford, Terry Furr, Gerald Lafayette, Meeker, Jim Coleman. Standing: James Holley, Vernon ford, Doyle Scaife, Ira Joe Key, Robert Geoghagen, Larry Harry Bobby Craw- Butch N. S. . RQUGHRIDER Ollicers, Left to Right: Larry Parker, Vice-President, Carolyn Klein, Secretary, Johnny Glass, Reporter, Pee Wee Wells, Presidentg Frank Hampson, Treasurer. , N- V, s ' " ll.:-J' L , l 1 X i, , f., x .1 , Q .X , -. ' .K i 'V y . . X' Nl " N4 .,.t. v ,4 X N ht , 1. 1 . ' 5. . -' ' r I l I i' KX i Q n A Q L 'Z 38 Graham, Roy Waites, Doc Malone, Jimmy Blackburn, Jack Caplis, Joe Jeane, Richard Johnson, Pee Wee Wells. On Fence: Carolyn Klein, Suzanne DePrang, Charlotte Creed, Donna Pol- lard, Kit Corson, Fran Fallin, Barbara Noyer, Betty Lindsey, Ora King. The N.S.C. Roughriders is a rodeo club founded in April, l96l, by a group of N.S.C. students interested in rodeo. Each year the main goal of the club is to put on its Spring Rodeo, demonstrating the riding skills of, not only the club members, but of others attending Northwestern State College. Unlike many competitive sports, rodeo is a co-educational sport in which each participant not only strives to do his best, but to help his opponent to perform well. Though a young organization, the N.S.C. Roughriders is a growing one with extensive plans for the future. Mem- bership is open to all students interested in rodeo. -ug X Riu 'TE' Sw fs f There were many exciting events for girls in the Amnual Rough- riders Rodeo. How to get dirty in one easy lesson. M Roughrider Martin Poole prepares the rope Hr 3 'gf y we X- Y' , x wlff. V V l .25 . S' I x . 9, K ,Iv , 5 . N i - . ' . ::: ' "'Z' x , ,, .. M . 4 i .... Q 'x:w,6ix If' ",' I 2 , Q I ,Wo X V1- 'Z A Roughrider in action. RIDE 'EM COWBOY ! ! ! 1 , Ld., 5 I ,e.n ,... . W .. ..g. 'lkisif ' 52 ty' GW s , A W..-.r x fd 5 1,11 igs IST Q ff 1 ' x.-ANS' "1 .'Vi4f f - ,g Ki 41:1 .9 2 te X :le ,JQJFA L f P' X? vs '53 hh 'NY-mqvg , if J, 5 , w , sit fe J N Q4 ', XQ wx J' X 5 . . -:A Officers, Left to Right-First Row: Jolm W. Mitchell, Social Chairrnang Joye Faye Valle-ry, Secretaryg Alex Cabanillas, Vice- President. Second Row: Raphael G. Grigorian, Presidentg John Stahl, Treasurer. I TER ATIONA STUDE CLUB Members, Left to Right-First Row: Mrs. Irble Shaddock, Ad- viserg Mrs. Alex Cabanillas, Puerto Rico: Suzuko Seki, Japang Kay Smith, Joye Faye Vallcryg Ursula Marie Flohr, Germany, Ingrid Faber, Germanyg Helen Westg Dr. Waldo Dtmnington, Sponsor. Second Row: Francisco Perez, Cuba, John Stahlg The International Students Club, founded on the N.S.C. campus in January of 1962, is open to all students of Northwestern State College, whether they be foreign or American citizens. The club,s primary objectives are to promote cultural exchange between foreign students study- ing at Northwestern and the regular N.S.C. students, and to promote social activities on campus in order to strengthen and capitalize on Demon spirit. The regular club meeting frequently features guest speakers, talking mainly on cur- rent events and world affairs. The lnternational Students Club is deeply indebted to their Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Waldo Dunnington. and to their Adviser, Mrs. lrble Shaddoclc, for their patience, help and advice. Raphael Grigorian, Greeeeg Jim Vaphiadis, Greece: Alex Ca- banillas, Puerto Rico: Rodrigo Gormaz, Panama: Dieter Saal- man, Germany: Curtice B. Malone: John W. Mitchellg Wayne Giordanog Ladislas Szabo, Brazil: Burel Cupplesz Jimmy Smith Charles, Wade Cooper, England. "' ,wi cel, S. rx Q . C ' " 1 . ..,.,, fu 1. ,v , V , T "" I 4 ' ' xii .i3- 314 I, - ,yan .gg R ' Q. -gif A 140 CG TEMPORARY DANCE CLUB Members, Left to Right-Seated: Gladys Kilman, Carol Moore, Lenora Rosenthal, Mary Lynn Calloway, Judy Joiner. Kneeling: Mary Lynn Wells, Barbara Noyer, Julia Mahony, Jacquelyn Morris, Gwen Marler. Standing: Jane Plum, Pat Fulton, Herbie Roach, David Upton, Johnny Gholson, Robert Golden, Peggie Lax, Vickie Teague. Not Pictured: Charlotte Beebe, Dolores Blalock, Glyn Corley, Bunny Massingill. S. L. T. A. Claudia Patricia Juanita Members, Left to Right-First Row: Melba Stephens, Robbins, Helen West, Peggy Isbell, Jo Ann Powell, Rogers, Sheryl Hayes, Dolores Blake, Gladys Kilman, Roge, Peggy Monkhouse, Opal Metcalf. Second Row: Mildred Joffrion, Madeline Delk, Patricia Evans, Anne Morgan, Carolyn Ortego, Louise Hathorn, Elaine Chandler, Evelyn Davis, Patsy Sanson, Nina Rogeau. Third Row: Mary Comiell, Patsy Law, Kathryn Rogers, Sue Gaskin, Pat Isbell, Linda Hammond, Rita Faith, Gertrude Kelley, Jane Clemons. Fourth Row: Anita Harri- son, Betty Alexander, Linda Adams, Janie Jones, Hattie Ruth Joplin, Linda Wickard, Mrs. Hall, Betty Hall. Fifth Row: Charles Mitchell, Jimmy Scruggs, Tommy Rachel, Dr. Lisso Simmons, Donna Briegel, Sue Baylis, Henry Mayfield, Carla Walters. The Contemporary Dance Club was organized under its present constitution in the spring of 1957, although there have been performing dance groups at N.S.C. as far back as 1934. The purpose of the Club is to further participation and interest in modern dance by giving advanced dancers an opportunity to perform. This year the group-along with its sponsor, Dr. Colleen Nelkin, and its accompanist, Mrs. Joyce Towns -performed in several school programs and assemblies. 141 l it i T va 2 . .x r . J '?1fw,l M 4 1 is 2 f f 1 , f. Q K o I It 'T' A f. FS 0 ji eg , - . AJN Li J i 1 i l -J , J V ' f' J i y 4 fy ,Q X A S , f.. , i wsu r The Student Louisiana Teachers Association of ga 3 T is uw .L va-.JV Northwestern State College is an organization for the' purpose of teacher orientation through a democratic system of self improvement. Through S.L'.T.A. future teachers practice the arts of following and leading under the supervision of their own governing members. S.L.T.A. serves as a body for learning through the process of association with interested peers and builds perceptive teacher-citizens. S.L.T.A. officers are: Anita Harrison, President, Mills' Joffrion, Vice-President, Kathryn Rogers, Secretaryg and Ann Morgan, Treasurer. lf" 1 I I Nl! ,Lx X .,,. I Jamal' , M, 3 I -eh Mm A ,., .l A .- .4 .it i . i I, 1, Q 3 , 'L XI V K ' Q ff ' 1 ' 'if' , 2 1.2. ., ,fr ga- .-.., , .., , . J 1 . ' V I H if Q iz? . k V 4 Y Q as i I '1 . 1, J 2 L L... , A M.. ..,., ,. ,,,.. M.. .......,,, ...., . .,,.L-.,...............M.. Shreveport Campus Members, Left to Right-First Row: Beth Bardwell, Geraldine Gremillion, Tommye Jo Ensminger, Sanfora Hames, Linda Malley, Elizabeth Marsden, Joy Albritton, Sun- shine Palnier, Gail Ford, Betty Jean Caraway, Gloria Haley, Shirley Jeane, Rebecca Crews. Second Row: Jean Wineinger, Benni Sue Johnson, Lana Jo Solice, Suzanne Petty, Ruby Hoyt, Jane Young, Jane Hill, June Wood, Gayle Blunt, Judy Hall, Sally Lees. Third Row: Jan Lewis, Judy Hickman, Judy Lessard, Barbara Norris, Hazel Williams, Betty Thaxton, Joyce Ann Kinman, Jane Plummer, Janet Malone, Sharon Byrd, Leona Robinson, Vonda Sue Howell, Sue Peace, Myrna Eason. Fourth Row: Carol Coleman, Janet Githens, Wanda Hall, Patricia Livingston, Barbara Humble, Brenda Stroud, Mary A.n.n Touchstone. Christine Wilson, Linda Crow, Janice Salley, Judy Sewell, Madelyn Niemann, Sandra Evans, Catherine Bush, Eliz- abeth Walker. TUDE UR E ASSGCI TIG The Student Nurse Association of Northwestern State College is composed of all sophomore, junior and senior students in nursing. lts purpose is to provide the organiza- tional structure for Student Government on the three clinical campuses, and to permit representation and partici- pation in the Student Body Association and the AWS on the main campus. The Student Nurse Association also serves as the chapter unit of the Louisiana and National Associations of Student Nurses. The ofiicers on the Baton Rouge campus are: President, Ruby Carlile, Vice-President, Sandra Huhhsg Secretary, 7.4.1 Sandra Fromenthalg Treasurer, Lyndell Kern: Faculty Sponsor, Miss Parnell. The officers on the Shreveport campus are: President, Barbara Humble, Vice-President, Charla Ainsworth, Sec- retary, Mary Pat Welclig Treasurer, Gayle Blunt: Faculty Sponsors, Miss Jasper and Miss Velotta. Miss Barbara Humble is President, and Miss Mary Pat Welcli is Secretary of the Louisiana Association of Student Nurses for l962-63. Miss June Moore was chosen "Miss Student Nurse of the Staten to reign for the same year. .. . ri, S - g M. Q. ff- . . ,ji M 5, my K 1 . Q, Y gp " , Q an .ry if ,, f 1 S if J i M. 2 W Q ti , J 'N f . A y 4. 3. V 4 5 .V . V r 4 , 5 "' mf- 'i V ,F . 'Q tiff, an as all fs K I V ' l 7' f 'Q . 1' fa li i 'X ,,, A 'S 4 . ? , Q ' . ,if ? A 1 LM I N g W I E 5. ,gl f . K 5: f i X T 2' 6 1, ,ggi 1 at as gi ffl 'M W if if 5 g , W 9. 'X' ., ' X bl' J' fiW5lf'7?'5a , 4' ' ' 0, ' ,V +, .x , ., r' Vg, 3 X75 ', f 1' up Qu, f A Q- , , Q A' ' , ff" ,ste-1 iwfi MM g a'vz0aMtZf9WfL?'1'75 3? 4 Q 4 ww, 1 n v I 4 I gel. M59--A Ar J xy g .+aa,y Q-,VI .5 wf 65533, fs V 4-'auf' ' ' V KM' A W?"'K":' Nui. "qf?'N':"l1Qia., ...Zyl Baton Rouge Campus Members, Left to Right-First Row: Sally Ballard, Lyndell Kern, Sandra Hubbs, Maureen Gibson, Barbara Morgan, Linda Rogers, Arleen Rolling, Lucille Jeansonne, Shir- ley Benson, Carmen Prestridge, Sue Hogg Bryan, Mary Beth Williamson, Andrea Terrell, Mary Elizabeth VVhite, Karen Trew. Lillie Archer. Second Row: Gayle Coco, Sandra Fromenthal. Teresa Metz, Carline King, Peggy Clark, Bobbie Brittingham. Sandra Harris, Mary Neill, Mydra Richard, Elaine Gunby, Jer- rice Prince, Cynthia Vining, Glenda Bland, Flora Behmes. Sandra Fontenot. Pineville Campus Members, Left to Right-First Row: Charla Ainsworth, Ruby Carlile, Frances Jordan, Sylvia Durham. Dorothy Thomas, Leah Williams. Stairway, First Row, Descend- ing: Yo-Unne Rozas, Frances Pixley, Maureen Andrews, Wanda Kea, Sarah Myles. Stairway, Middle Row: Barbara Fairchild. Linda Lattier. Stairway, Last Row, Descending: Joye Morgan. Judy Harwell, Sharon Ferguson, Judy Best, Sharon Burkhalter. i 'C 1: al .,.,. 1 'KR or fav, , K 1 1 x QE ' -f' Y V,vx f ' 'SX T' Q 'R " if' 1 ' ' if? . .e,..' " , ' fi? field . i is A: W i , .X 'ffl m V A A i ,Q lg .5-2. 1 ' Ax f, -V ' .3 u A 'S .lr in f 'FP' 'W z? i X X if ...,., I!!! F A L , ii X 3 i 7-4 3 Xx- Y if X X X ,KX Y' v 2 ' X Si ,X 5 5 an 71 l X Q 9 va- i x XX C' ,v vs A M, x y I .f V X as -P KW nr 15 y Z, , ., 1 3 -' 5' . . 1 '-1 - Y if A Ml " " f, f, , . .Q . -Q , - 1 , ' ' - 'V " f , ,f -A-.X N f ' , 2 Q ' 21' ' Q . , " " , . r N 5 X L , s V .www - , 8' ' il X fr' '3 1 , .4-nv ' ' i- - f ' -, A " ' - 'f - x K . V ,bl A r . b g E N y il 5 1, 4 Q ' S 1' QM' xi "N R I e Q, ' gi nf l hr N in ,' if lx QI -V ' if ' it 7 e il L W l l 'TZ - QQ . 2 x Q , 5 R 5. 5 Qin, lf-A lx: 'S Km. MA Ch, Alma Mater here today, We for thy lasting blessing pray, MATER We know not where our paths may go, But thoullt uphold us still we lcnow. Unchanging thou, ,mid changes vast, Unswerved from ideals of the past, Steadfast and true, our watch word e'er shall he- To thee our Alma Mater Loyalty! Thy trees their solemn chorus bend Al7OL1f Kl166, HOWCFS fllClI' CCIISCFS lDlCl1Cl. Qur voices swell their murmuring strai Qur hearts repeat the old refrain, Thy purpose high to carry on- Northwestern, thou hast honor wonl Steadfast and true, our watchword e'er To thee, our Alma Mater, Loyaltyl ln after years, when lar away, Thy presence strong will near us stay, And as the echo of our song Will, with new courage, lead us on, And to our eager vision then Each subtle memory meaning lend, Steadfast and true, our watchword eler To thee, our Alma Mater, Loyaltyl n, shall be- shall he- 7-44 Isamfi, XXf7lI.I,IAMSON fMrs. S. Cumming 7 9' ll M ,An an iw N ' a 3, 1 'ld G4 ,. , .1 . Wx, T5 r .el 1 , M, , ,ix 5 . A 'Q Qzfwfv? 511' f , , 3, - k 2' . , J I gif? 1 Jr ,M, f ' M , - S M , 5 3 .pn ,5' '59 3 ,av we 'V . X2 W-f E. M A , n in -'al 8 I U - x X ' af" .Y ,. xg.. IJ.. , 1 . v .1 'v' ' 'vp 'vu' 1 7 , ai s A ff 12" . il V lt F of . ,Av J QA 3' f' A lm W y 5 1,5 Wh .. 6 'Q' ' Y A - ,W fa ,' ff as X Q , , If ' f 'V ' A W , N55 , ,Qi Q f' ' ' 4 , ..X.wM1v, M"."? 'W , ' 54 . E ' v X, "'W"'W"f'?"L,w, 5, ' "1i,,'zwy ,Ki f 4 fl 1 Y ' Wg' Q ya f 5 1 . 465, X Q A, W V W sg.f'x',f S' fx' f fd M" ' ' 5, 55 " if 5 ll 4' , was ff ' Q X ' 4A, ,L ,Vx ,Q - 2 I 5 5, E I W, vp iw 5 79 ' A ' , QI ,W . , V 3 . 'bf I' A ' "' 4 . f ., V1 , , 5 I V . 331' . " , 5 W ,M Vi' '27 ' r A, g AQ ' Mi? 42 'Q 1 M Na, 4 f ESQ" - -hz gy V wwf , x M , 3 , I Q .,f. AV J' ' 'Q ,, , A ' . 'T' "x, Y , 7 ' 4 3,1 l . ' 1 b ' : Q '15 -3, 43 :Q -- ' F' 'K My, '-48 , if ""'. mv . '3 'E , 'K' A 143 Q ' .V ' . A 'F i . A x 2 IYQ7.-.l' qi' 'Ai' 4 A ,wh A ,Y 1 E. . . - , ' 5. -gn.. 4, 1 Q. b A I 41' fs. ' an ff!! af'- 6.39 1 I Y' st I 5 fx i X 'A , 1? 'A E ,N GCI. B 'HF ILL M V .V 0 ' wg, , . , 4 lag .a n at . hi' Jgs B 1 4' S., 'W v , nts . ' F 6 1 mud' yn r W 'fit Y , " Q . 40 a - 1 s-..,,,, f 1- f - .2 x ' "',, " M it nf , 1 " Q 'ra ' V Q 3' 1 'Q fa! p ,, if 1 4 19' ' ffl 121. MW A 1' 2-hrff' ' 4 'M 2 , RX 54' 4 'f 4' ' V. ,. 1 A v , W 5 -if: ai! :wr Y .ff , if fwhf A A . Q W W q ffigj . s.,, V 45, Q , 9' SX , Af Aygz i . I I Y Amis XM: .fa ,, 54 W I . , x 1 A 93 XA ,L f Q, , hip N . A W ,V lg v Q, V y ,rf M , k I A i k 9 , Ry n x 4, Q -uv NV' XX ' - f , t A , ,A , is ig 2 if . at X , 1 5'3,,4,, wif? ' , K ix? ' , x , , ' f, Q , iw 'WWQ ' ' -W A . . ' " , if -+A, Y . A '," - W ff, 3, ,I ap., ? ' 'Riffs' : ' wwf Q , LW , ,,,.. ,V A , Q, 3' J , M5 5 A Y L - Q., wif, i ' Q, V M -. 5 ww , .W A1 i , 1 C Q "' ""' ' ',.A ,. x h 3' f' W SV ,Q ' X Q 4 ,,v, gy, ,WW ' w, M I 9' 4 , 0' ,gf 1, ' .. V' ., E ! A, .nv 1, , tif., , -A, . 'Luv . ,, 4' i :,3O x . I , , ruby, :Agn :L A-aff 1..,z. -- f .M Fw'g i'efW ' "Q: I ' ' f f' 1 S gf., 1 A .Ugg .1 v ' V '-, . V3 A ' ' I , , , , . -qw ' , Q, , Ty 1 2 7' A 1 - -D V x if 1' " '+ ff: X aw if 5, 'fu ' " - .y,""f',Q,:,VJff. 4 -Q. A W - A' iv, H ,Q gf 4 ' .Q " ft Hp , 1 ' W . ,4 . g . ILA., Q , Q M150 5' - :jr ,ef A, it W f 1., 5 x, W f pr, 34,6 L.:--.5 '1 .2-ff ..w'f-:rm',L '4 '- Vx 'jd ' MV 'Y V ni 1 I ' rtflgig 51 8 Y Q ' ijt ' 'A , 8 I1 . Q ff , .eww 1:-f.A ' ' ws - If I I ' - ' 4 nyc". ll 4 I w ,WY , M 4- I 1,64 :J - ,,., -- fl' 'gg I , In '53 , . If i, -ra, M' , 5'?Z'f-4 I A '., f' N' 3 ' 1 1 Q.: 1 ' f- f 'In , . 55, my Q , , 7 WM.. , ,.x QMS nfs" . N 4' ,Ii A 'A ,l .. XA, "H x .' H 'i S , -iv I , ' 'Q' !-- - ,. 5 V ',4-' W ' , . . , Q- W f . . 3 -.LW N ' A , 1 , , x, X, , 5 . , . V Z , n, 1 ,x A A - . 4? , W4 'w -W-f . ' lx . 5 ' . ' - M I L ,r ..' ff v wi' 96' . 2' -'A ? A21 2 iv? '- , Lf 5 Q ,s 4 . A .4 fr .xxx 1 I, , ,ml A 4 af.. . 4, , . Q i X ' 46 1, my H 'If - h 'W' k I K , 4 , 4 4 if lf' 3-I . N5 'R Q ' gg! x L WL Y, x -A 1 ' 'L Q.: A I X I I 'M ' 4 ,, ' Ni " ,.PW 1 x M - ,ine , .- W' -KM. "F ff- nn 'sa Lin' W 31 viii ,j I K6 .il iG'. L Y wf x n 4 v 1 H. A' .1 nf C 'LZ' s ' of , -235 A - n . ., , Alb- . -A v . N - f . ll-l 0 A ' I Wim ' - f: .2 4 '-ww -N J 11 ' U -I ' - .3 -WCW A I P ' l 1 ' , V 'fl 4' 4 3 I Qu-4 N ' ' b , - - v Q' iv., I :,5.,,H Mwum ,

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