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HI v- MHS- fcfi PUBLISHED BY THE 1961 POTPOURRI STAFF yitkw e tc ut NATCHITOCHES LOUISIANA •■»ui ilHiw. f - MRS. DOROTHY BOWEN Agnes Morris Hall MRS. MABLE CHAPMAN Audubon Hall MISS BARBARA SHAVER Bienville Hall MISS LYNDA WILLIAMS B.enville Hall odJ eJixcatuHt Down through the years, many students have passed through the gates of North- western State College. On their journey through, each has met many outstanding personalities who will be remembered long after graduation. But there are always one or two who will be remembered with great fondness. Their understanding and guidance will be remembered as helping many a student along the route to grad- uation. Their willingness to always lend a helping hand will stand out in each student ' s memory. But that warm and cheerful smile which greeted each Freshman, Sopho- more, Junior, and Senior will forever be buried deep in every student ' s heart. It is to a small group of people on our campus who truly exemplify all these traits that we, the POTPOURRI staff, proudly dedicate the 1961 edition— the House Directors of the Northwestern State College dormitories. MR. FLOYD JUDD A, B, and C Frames MR. JOHN MORROW Caspari Hall MRS. RUTH WEBER Prudhomme Hall MR. WILLIAM FRAME Rebel Hall MRS. VERA GABBERT Carondelet Hall MRS. TOMMIE NUGENT East Varnado Hall dRS. FRANCES MITCHELL North Natchitoches Hall MRS. IRBLE SHADDOCK South Natchitoches Hall MRS. MAE RHODES Scheib Hall MR. NASH W. LOVE West Hall fe MRS. ANNE DUNNAM Kate Chopin Hall MRS. MYRA HICKS West Va.nado Hall House Directors tfrWl __ — Tt " Wm m Uu ll yce4lAcni ' President ' s message: A full and meaningful life is the goal of worthy men and women throughout the centuries. The role of higher educa- tion in fostering the attainment of this great end has never been as pertinent as in this seething twentieth century. At this time, when our human society exhibits an almost limitless complexity, there is greater need than ever for a place and environment where young men and women can comDress into a few short years that study and guidance which will provide understanding of " what is happening about us. This study and reflection must promote those insights which will help future navigation between deadly extremes of overconfidence and frustration. Striking the right balance between senseless clinging to the outmoded and the mistaken casting aside of the richly proved is the core of the prob- lem of our century. Higher education today must provide both a broad background and an incisive pointer for in- spired and courageous action and right repose. The attainment of awareness and desire for right balance presents and unrivalled challenge. Contemporary thoughtful observers are endlessly impressed with the evidence which raises serious doubt about the ability of our society to mate enough brain power with advanced education and training to meet the demands of our technical age. The need for both scientific understanding and mastery of techniques is self-evident. Failure to meet this demand would result in the greatest defeat ever experienced by our human kind. It must not happen. But advanced scientific attainment by itself will not meet the paramount needs of our epoch. The supreme requirement of higher education is that it develop the qualities of mind that characterize intellectually balanced men and women. First of all, there must be recognition that humans requi r e more than the mastery of knowledge of HOW to do some- thing. There is the supreme question of WHY we do them. In this vital realm, the right ans ' wers are not to be supplied through mere mastery of the techniques of manipulation. Within the limitations of humans, mature answers will come through definition, understanding, and appreciation of VALUES — -supremely important values that have evolved over at least a half million years and which give man a unique position In the pattern of creation. The problems and difficulties that beset us in our age of infinitely varied revolution and development are admittedly great. To assume that they are beyond decent working solu- tions has certainly not yet been demonstrated, and, more important, such belief or assertion is in direct opposition to the record of accomplishment of inspired men and women of all of the creative past. Let us realize that the magnificent story of the courageous men of the United States of America is but a part of the mantle of greatness that at all times has separated the noble from the sodden. The belief that both the scope and tempo of human ac- complis hment in a thousand fields are truly in infancy, and that it is possible to prevent catastrophe unlmagined in other generations, does not arise from a state of self-hypno- tism. It springs from the solid evidence of the past. Men in other years have met the challenge of startling innovations. Reasoned faith must be equalled in strength by the deter- mination to work relentlessly and spiritedly at our jobs of the moment. Only in this pattern of faith and work can those engaged in higher education carry to all others the convic- tion that it has singular power to advance men and women to their rightful place in the universe. (Hit nt Student Life • 21 Athletics • 187 Leading us through our academic life the is the administration of Northwestern State College. •♦ % i ■ ' K J ■B .- v ; - fit " " 4 Jf Leading us through our academic life is the administration of Northwestern State College. The Administrators Seated from left to right: Joe Webb, Weldon Walker, Geraldine Taylor, Loneta Graves, Otis Crew, Tandy McElwee. Standing from left to right: Jack Clayton, William F. Beyer, Thomas Hennigan, Roy Clark, Dudley Fulton. Not pictured: Eugene Watson, Sylvan Ne ' ken and Hal Townsend. DR. W. F. BEYER Director of Teacher Training MR. JACK CLAYTON Director of Athletics MR. ROY CLARK Director of News Bureau MR. OTIS CREW Registrar MR. DUDLEY FULTON Director of Student Relations MISS LONETA GRAVES Auditor MR. THOMAS HENNIGAN . Director of Audio Visual Service Center DR. TANDY McELWEE Director of Testing Service MR. SYLVAN NELKEN Dean of Administration MRS. GERALDINE TAYLOR . . Director of Office Service Department MR. HAL TOWNSEND Director of Men ' s Housing MR. WELDON WALKER Purchasing Agent DR. EUGENE WATSON Librarian MR. JOE WEBB . . Alumni and Placement Secretary The Deans The seven deans who are responsible for the welfare and happiness of the entire student body have numerous and time-consuming duties at Northwestern State College. Sylvan W. Nelken, Dean of Administratiqn, is the Chief Fiscal Officer for the college. He is involved in all the business operations of the college in the form of the dining halls, utilities, ground maintenance and the automotive equipment. The Dean of Women, Frances Ellen Porter, does not limit her work to the academic phase of ihe women students ' life but includes social programs. She also serves as advisor of their stu- dent government. Assisting the Dean of Women is Lucile M. Hendrick who aids with the housing of the women students. Helping with the college ' s social program and giving counseling aid outside the academic area of the school just begins Dudley G. Fulton ' s duties as Dean of Men. In addition, he has the responsibility of being advisor for the social fraternities, discipline and financial problems. Being assistant to the Dean of Men is the job of Leonard O. Nichols. He works with the freshman men in their dormitories and manages student employment and the insurance pro- gram. Hal E. Townsend, as Director of Men ' s Housing, works for a congenial atmosphere for men students ' housing. As Alumni and Placement Secretary, Joe Webb helps the graduating students find suitab ' e employment. He also serves as the Alumni Association Secretary. SYLVAN W. NELKEN Dean of Administration FRANCES ELLEN PORTER Dean of Women DUDLEY G. FULTON Dean of Men HAL E. TOWNSEND Director of Men ' s Housing LUCILLE M. HENDRICK Assistant Dean of Women LEONARD O. NICHOLS Assistant Dean of Men J. W. WEBB Alumni and Placement Secretary Academic Deans The college is divided into five schools, each administered by a dean, for the purpose of administration of instruction, and in keeping with the offerings. The School of Arts and Sciences, administered by Dr. C. E. Dugdale, prepares a stud ent for entry into professional schools and enables the student to qualify for positions in the voca- tional fields. Providing training for homemaking and preparing students for employment in business, in- dustry, and agriculture are the objectives of the School of Applied Arts and Sciences. Robert H. Easley is the Dean. Hilda Burnham is the Dean of the School of Nursing which equips capable young men and women with the basic competence for becoming professional practitioners of nursing. It also provides the basic foundations for advanced professional study and continuous growth. The primary purpose of the School of Education is to prepare well-qualified teachers for the elementary and high schools of Louisiana. Dr. John A. Jones is Dean of this school, and Dr. William F. Beyer, Jr., is the Assistant to the Dean. The Graduate School, begun in 1954, is under the capable administration of Dr. Leo T. Albrltten. It seeks to introduce students to methods of scholarly research, to contribute to increased competency in teaching and school administration and to provide students with a deeper understanding of human knowledge. CLARENCE E. DUGDALE Dean of Arts and Sciences ROBERT A. EASLEY Dean of Applied Arts and Sciences HILDA C. BURNHAM LEO T. ALBRITTEN Dean of Graduate School JOHN A. JONES Dean of School of Education The Department Heads and Faculty RALPH FELL Agriculture ORVILLE HANCHEY Art RENE BIENVENU Bacteriology Seated, left to right: Ralph Fell, H. J. Young. Standing: Hal Townsend, Varley Young. Left to right: Grant Kenner, Roger Welchens, Orville Hanchey. Left to right: Rene Bienvenu, Ed- ward K. Sobers. 15 Seated, left to right: George Ware, W. G. Erwin, Douglas Allen Lan- caster. First Row, Standing, left to right: Earle A. Cross, Jr., Roderick Out- land, Richard Garth, N. P. Ralph Combs. W. G. ERWIN Biology First Row, left to right: Sarah Thur- mond, Willa Dean Hamby, N. B. Morrison, Ruth Brunner, Janell Rue. Second Row: Kenneth Durr, Robert Easley, C. R. McPherson, Arthur Fuston, H. N. Towery, J. W. Johnson. N. B. MORRISON Business Seated, left to right: Caesar 3. Moody, Ray McCoy, John B. Rob- son, L. P. Simmons. Standing: James A. Lyles, William F. Beyer, Edwin E. Wheeler, Tandy W. McElwee, Eric Thurston, John A. Jones, Leo T. Albritten. JOHN B. ROBSON Education Left to Right: John Piscopo, Addie Thompson, Duane Slaughter, Betty Walker. Violet Davion, Charles F. Thomas, Melba O ' Quinn, Guy Nesom. GUY NESOM Health and Physical Education RUBY DUNCKELMAN Home Economics WALTER ROBINSON Industrial Education C. E. DUGDALE Languages EUGENE WATSON Library Science Left to Right: Mary Esther Rober- son, Margaret W. Ackel, Marie S. Dunn, Frances E. Halm, Ruby S. Dunckelman, Annette Ray. Left to Right: Dwane Gilbert, Wal- ter Weffenstette, Charles Worn- mack, Walter Robinson, Robert Hammond, Julian Ricks. Front row, left to right: Dorothy Merrill, Mamie B. Tarlton, Sara L. C. Clapp, Irma Stockwell, G. W. Dunnington, Marion Nesom. Second Row: Edith W. Cote, Mary M. Mc- Eniry, Olga Webber, Everett Web- ber, Ora Williams, Eve Mouton. Third Row: Barbara Rosentreter, Edna West, E. B. Doering, Sammy Gennuso. Fourth Row: Frank Magen, Roland Grass, John Merrill, W. A. Tornwall, Joseph N. Pittman, C. E. Dugdale. Not Pictured: Donald Graham. Sitting, left to right: Mary Barbara Vick, Olive Roberts, Martha Lang Standing: Leslie Gower, Louis Ger- many, Eugene Watson, Donald Mac- Kenzie, Robert Cain. Not Pictured: Katherine Bridges. ™ Left to Right: Thomas Boone, Rus- sell Whittington, C. G. Killen, Dud Temple, Elsie Church, Glyn Corley, Leroy Miller, George E. Miller, Sam Shelton. C. G. KILLEN Mathematics Front Row, left to right: Wanel Bris- ter, Lee James, Thomas Gleason, Richard Wysong, Robert Herring. Second Row: William Walker, John W. Marcum, Frank Wilson, Elmer McBride. LEE JAMES Military Science Left to Right: Dwight G. Davis, Joseph Carlucci, A. J. Peterson, George Gibson, John Wolfe, Paul Torginson. Seated: May Beville, Eleanor Brown. JOSEPH CARLUCCI Music Seated: Hilda Burnham, Elaine Gohen. Standing: Mary Ellyn Chad- wick, Etta A. Hincker, Louise M. Lang, Frances Plngrey 18 HILDA BURNHAM Nursing Seated, left to right: James L. Rhodes, Alan Crosby, Alfred Du- courneal, Inez McFall. Standing: Archie Deason, Burt Boyd, Floyd Judd, James A. Noel. ALAN CROSBY Physical Science Seated, left to right: Ora V. Wat- son, Yvonne Phillips, Jane Nahm, Phillip Duriez. Standing: Fred Rosen- treter, J. W. Nugent, W. C. Culp D. M. Rawson, D. A. Payne, George A. Stokes, William W. White, LeRoi Eversull. YVONNE PHILLIPS Social Science Seated, left to right: John R. Sewell John W. Kidd, Michael J. Cousins Nash W. Love. Standing: Hursh M Hall, James L. Sartin, Stephen A. Willard, Charles E. Palmer. JOHN W. KIDD Special Education • CAMPUS SECURITY First row, left to right: James Lee, James LeVasseur, Erwin Koch, M. i Murrary. Second Row: Lester Woods, Robert Dow. Third Row: James Brumley. Q INFIRMARY Left to Right: Addie Shehane, Ls- zelle Gordon, Opal Gimber. 19 M n Memoriam Lorane V. Brittain Lorane V. Brittain, a member of the Northwestern faculty since 1930, died October 20, I960. Mr. Brittain received his degree at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago, and completed work at the University of Chicago. A native of Kansas, he was holder of the Pro Music award in Kansas, and was a veteran of World War II. He had been serving as acting head of the Music Department at Northwestern. He was a member of the Louisiana Music Educators Association, faculty advisor for Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and a member of Kappa Delta Phi. 20 Pictured on the th following pages are the highlights of student life in the fall, winter, and spring. ■ ■ ?3 Pictured on trie th following pages are the highlights of student life in the fall, winter, and spring. Like the bright swirl of leaves on the wind, stu- dents rally to NSC in the fall in a vivid eddy of excitement and color. These students are the aching feet of registration lines. They are the lost freshmen and the knowing seniors. They are the cheering, anxious audience at the State Fair game and Homecoming tilt. They are the coffee-drinkers and midnight-oil-burners and mailbox-watchers. They are the color and the light and the flash that makes autumn days at NSC warm with sunny friendships, crisp with activity, sparkling with youth and its desire to learn. Registration means lines, lines . . Oh no! More lines? 25 Freshmen girls get prettier every year. Freshman Beauty and Ugliest Dog. Hey dog, your head sure is big! Say pal, I thought you were selling hats. Only the best for our moms and dads Oops! They just don ' t make these chairs big enough! ' J Uhmmm, we ' re sure glad we came. Start saying your prayers, Bulldog. We always have spirited pep rallys before the Tech game. This happens to me every yearrrrrr! We had a great pep rally in Shreveport. Let ' s beat Tech; let ' s beat Tech! 29 They give us a holiday, and what happens? Classes are nice sometimes. Never look a " gift cut " in the mouth! 1 30 Nixon ' s gonna win. No, I tell you, Kennedy is We had fun building our priie-winning float. A few moments of sweet quietness. 31 The spirit of NSC The pause that refreshes L mj El t tti I bet it ' s for my roommate!!! ! ! Sshhhh!! This is food?? Winter at Northwestern frosts that season ' s events with an atmosphere of crisp excitement and rest. Eyes glazed by the bite of cold wind view the panorama of the Natchitoches Christmas festival. Beauty is found in winter weather. The Lady of the Bracelet and the seven beauties crystalize as such at the POTPOURRI-sponsored beauty pag- eant. Another POTPOURRI-sponsored event is the POTPOURRI Ball where outstanding junior and senior women are recognized. Harsh weather does not hinder supporters of the Demon basketball team; the gym jams with students and faculty to egg the quintet on. Winter brings exciting activities and the less exciting drudge of final exams. NSC says Merry Christmas utte t Who minds winter? Oh! I wonder if it ' s me! Look what came out of this Christmas package Get in line, girls! Squeeze in another? Second place goes to South Natchitoches Agnes Morris captures third A well-earned Honorable Mention tor West Varnado Miss Potpourri and her court Save the last dance for me Women! Talk, talk, talk! Roses to you, Dot 36 Christmas Assembly — Nativity Scene Contemporary dance club poses after Christmas Assembly. Man! They ' re way out!! President Kyser announces Mr. and Miss NSC. Hey, fella, the team went that-a-way! No one is more enthusiastic than our loyal radio announcer. 1 Ik Ln I .1 r 1 r J ±k±m BL f 5 r ?1 nT mbm Give it to me!! want it! ; pv_- ■ Q H l ji 1 H H L fc 1 - M • h[ H ■ N " 2 A.M. preparations for finals Football banquet Food and Finals?? sjmii I tell you I know I ' ll fail it! See — even boys study late. I .19 Candidates at AWS Elections Support the AWS candidate of your choice King and Queen of Hearts — Byron and Judy 40 The flush of spring is on the face of N.S.C. Flowers and romances blossom with equal pro- fusion. The Greeks launch their imaginative dances on spring nights; beneath sultry skies flash the warm colors of evening gowns and the crisp whiteness of starched collars. Other spring nights host entertainment; the Fine Artists Series brings ballet and woodwinds. The pageantry of the R.O.T.C. Military Ball leaves a memento tucked away in some frosh girl ' s scrapbook. Though spring closes the school year, it is the transition into activities of the fall; Blue Key and Purple Jacket members are called and leaders for the coming year receive the oaths of their offices. Ah! Spring at last! You ' re kidding. Is he really? 1 ■W tlu c= YVUMM M a ™; Would you say we ' re singing in the rain? Spring brings more work for all. Don ' t sweat it! It ' s Spring. 43 Natchitoches Hall receives award lor highest scholastic average. New AWS officers received officers ' keys. Glancing through the AWS Honors Banquet program. 44 The calling of the sophomore counselors is a highlight of the AWS Banquet. A guy just doesn ' t have a chance. 45 Decorating for Spring Formals is fun. ' 1 W £ hi Arriving for the 1961 Military Ball. All this just to hold the arm up!! It says so right there! Highlight of ihe ball, the Grand March. 46 Home for the Easter holidays. We worship on Easter Sunday. Another NSC crisp spring morning. 47 RAIN + WIND MUD PUDDLES = SPRING 48 The following pages present the students mich h which nave made possible the largest enrollment in NSC ' s history. » . - " . : .- ! f r 1 i . .»« ' .f . 1%. fVfcA ;r . v. ■ ' ■ m-. % ». W: The following pages present the students mich h which have made possible the largest enrollment in NSC ' s history. N Graduates First Row: • IAN RICHARD B. ANDERSEN. School Administra- tion; Bangalore, South India. • JEANNE MARIE BEEBE, Educational Administration and Supervision; Lena. • THAIS R. BETER, Physical Education; Natchi- toches. • RONALD C. BONIAL, Math; Alexandria. • BURREL MORELAND BOOK, Math; Natchitoches. • ROBERT BOZEMAN. Chemistry; Belmont. Second Row: • HSING-HUA CHANG, Bacteriology. • RICHARD L. CULPEPPER, Biology; Alexandria. • NANCY DA- VIS, Zoology; Hornbeck. • NEMOUR B. DELANEU- VILLE, Health and Physical Education; Reserve. • DOROTHY GANDY DOWDEN, Elementary Education; Lake Charles • WILLIAM M. FRAME, Social Science; Natchitoches. Third Row: • CHARLES FREEMAN, Physical Education; Logans- port. • HARRY GAINER, Math; Pineville. • MURY LEE GARDNER GIBSON, Bacteriology; Natchitoches. • SAMUEL B. GRAY, JR., Bacteriology; Natchitoches. • RAE R. GREMILLION, Physical Education; Alexan- dria. • LAWRENCE GUIDRY, Math; New Orleans. Fourth Row: • DAVID L. HARDIN, Music Education; Haynesville. • JAMES M. HYDE, Bacteriology; Natchitoches. • DIANE SUE IMHOFF, Biology; New Orleans. • BETTY JEAN JACKS, Physical Education; Bossier City. • SELVESTION JIMES, Bacteriology; Bossier City. • JAMES JOHN JOHNSON, Math; Pearl River. Fifth Row: • HASINE KAMAL KATHEY, Music Education; Shreveport. • CLAIRE W. KELLY, Home Economics; Natchitoches. • JAMES B. KING. Physical Education; Natchitoches. • MARY LEE LEWIS, English; Monroe. • WAYNE E. LIGHTFOOT, Math; Negreet. • JERRY LOTT, Physical Education; Natchitoches. Sixth Row: • JAMES L. MAXEY, Math; Sibley. • JOHN I. MOR- ROW, Math; DeRidder. • MAURICE NICKELS, Ad- ministration; Natchitoches. • DAVID E. PEEVY, Bac- teriology; Natchitoches. • W. DANIEL PHILLIPS, Math-Bacteriology; Natchitoches. • CHARLES A. POCHE, Math; Cloutierville. Seventh Row: • MARY D. RABB, Guidance and Counseling; Thi- bodaux. • RADE RADASINOVICH, Social Science; Aliquippa, Panama. • ANNETTE RAMBIN, Bacteri- ology; Shreveport. • STANLEY RAMBIN, Supervision and Administration; Oxford. • VERA G. RAWSON, Math; Natchitoches. • J. E. RICKS, Math; Natchi- toches. Eighth Row: • HOWARD G. SMITH, Bacteriology; Natchitoches. • JOE ANNE SNYDER, Music Education; Tioga. • KENNETH TERWEY, Health and Physical Educa- tion; Nederland, Texas. • SARAH LYNN THUR- MOND, Business Education; Calvin. • PATRICIA PATRICK TOWNSEND, Primary Education; Bossier City. • BEVERLY JEAN TRAHAN, Physical Educa- tion; Sulphur. Ninth Row: • MRS. JACOB UHRBACH, Administration and Su- pervision; Natchitoches. • RAYMOND MANUAL VOLL, JR., Chemistry; New Orleans • FRANCIS ZAPATKA, Bacteriology; Kensington, Connecticut. • FRANCES EFFIE ZERGER, Guidance; Maplewood. 52 aaasa SENIOR OFFICERS Officers, left to right: Andrew Jackson, Men ' s Representative; Benny Grant, Vice-President; Marva Glover, Women ' s Representative; Richard Escott, President; William F. C. Car- ter, Secretary-Treasurer. Class Officers JUNIOR OFFICERS Officers, left to right; Richard Rogers, President; Maxine Coi ' e, Women ' s Representative; Roy Bosticlc, Secretary-Treasure 1 " ; Tom Nash, Vice-President; Jerry Winn, Men ' s Representative. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Officers, left to right: Johnny Edgar, Men ' s Representative; Lonnie Harper, Vice-Presi- dent; Gerald Berlin, President; Arlette McCasland, Secretary-Treasurer. Not Pictured: Billie Jean Champion, Women ' s Representative. FRESHMAN OFFICERS Officers, Standing left to right: Freddie Barlcley, Vice-Presi- dent; Hayward (Sonny) Hargrove, Jr., President. Seated: Dickie Scallan, Representative; Judy Isbell, Secretary-Treas- urer. FOR 1961 TOP First Row: • JIMMY ADKINS, Gibsland; Health and Physical Education. • JUAN- ITA ALFONSO, Natchitoches; Nursing. • SUZANNE ALFONSO, Nat- chitoches; Nursing. Second Row: • DAPHNE ALLEN, Vivian; Primary Education; SNEA 1957-60, Reporter, 1957. • JERARD ALLEN, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary Education. • MELINDA ANNE ALLUMS, Cotton Valley; Business Education; POT- POURRI Staff 1958-59; BSU Freshman Council; Pi Omega Pi, Treasurer 1960-61; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA. BOTTOM First Row: • SUZY ALOST, New Orleans; Art; Purple Jackets 1959-61; Kappa Pi, President 1958-59, Vice-President 1959-60, Secretary 1960-61; Newman Club 1958-61; Campus Art Exhibits; Dormitory Chairman of Homecom- ing Decorations; Big Sister. • FRANCES MARIE AMBERS, George- town; Primary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; SNEA 1960-61. • MIL- DRED ANN AMBERG, Georgetown; Primary Education. • LARRY DEE ANDERSON, Shreveport; Health and Physical Education; Track 1957-58; ROTC 1956-60. • JANELLE ANTHONY, Negreet; Home Economics Education; Freshman BSU Council 1958; Euthenics Club 1958-61; Sopho- more Counselor 1959-60; Recording Secretary of A.W.S. 1959-60; Vice- President of A.W.S. 1960-61; Chairman of Judiciary Board 1960-61. • ERNEST ARMSTRONG, Bonita; Business Administration. • VIRGINIA C. ARRINGTON, Pineville; Piano. Second Row: • BENNY W. ARTHUR, Converse; Industrial Arts; N Club; Manager of Basketball Team. • GINGER NELL ATKINS, Jonesville; Elementary Education; SNEA I960. • GALEN L. BAILEY, Simpson; Bacteriology; Black Knights 1957-60; ROTC 1957-60; Bacteriology Club 1959-61; AUSA 1959-61. • LUCIE RAYE BARILLIER, Natchitoches; Primary Edu- cation; Demonettes; SNEA; Delta Zeta, Reporter, Courtsey Chairman; A.W.S. Social Chairman; Homecoming Court 1957; Wesley Foundation; Contemporary Dance Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Judiciary Board 1960- 61; Dormitory Social Chairman 1959-60; Dormitory Council. • DIXIE BARKER, Monroe; Upper Elementary Education; Town Associated Wom- en Students 1958-60, President 1959-60; Alpha Beta Alpha 1958-61, Re- porter 1959-60, President 1960-61; Spanish Club 1958-59; SNEA 1960-61; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi. • JOHN GILBERT BAUM, New Roads; Pre-Law. • LOGAN BEASLEY, Nashville, Tenn.; Sociology. TOP First Row: • JIMMIE BECKEN, Shreveport; Upper Elementary Education; State President SLTA; SNEA Treasurer. • MICHAELENE YVONNE BECK- MAN, Shreveport; Business Education; Delta Zeta; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA. • BARBARA E. BEEBE, Lena; Home Economics; Sigma Kappa; Euthenics Clubs. • ELTON G. BEEBE, Lena; Business Administra- tion. • CARRROLL BENNETT, Natchitoches; Speech Education. • CAROLYN D. BERGERON, Bogalusa; Nursing. • JESSE G. BERGERON, West Monroe; Math, and Industrial Education; Wesley Foundation, Vice- President; Industrial Arts Club. Second Row: • JOE BERRY, Marthaville; Math. • TRESSA BERWICK, Starts; Ele- mentary Education; SNEA; BSU. • GEORGE BETAR, Alexandria; Agri- culture. • EARL RAY BLACK, DeRidder; Industrial Education. • BON- NIE BLACKMON, Leesville; Upper Elementary Education; SNEA. • PRESTON BLANCHARD, Gretna; Health and Physical Education. • RITA JOYCE BLANCHARD, Coushatta; Primary Education; SNEA 1 957- 60, Reporter 1957-58; Westminster 1957-60, President 1959-60; Big Sister 1957-60; Student Congress I960. BOTTOM First Row: • PATRICIA J. BOBBITT, Oil City; Health and Physical Education; SNEA; PEM Club; WRA Vice-President 1958; WRA Award 2 years; Kappa Delta Pi; Sopohmore Counselor; Dormitory Officer 3 years. • RUBY NELL BOBBITT, Oil City; Journalism; Current Sauce Staff 1958- 61, Associate Editor I960, Outstanding Staff Member 1959, Most Valu- able Staff Member I960; Purple Jackets 1960-61 ; WRA 1959-61 ; Student Congress I960. • ANNETTE FERN BOONE, Woodworth; Primary Edu- cation; President Sigma Sigma Sigma 1960-61; Vice-President Purple Jackets 1960-61; Senior Counselor 1960-61; SNEA; Social Chairman A.W.S. 1960-61; Social Chairman Dormitory 1957-60; Judiciary Board 1959-60. • MARY ELEANOR BONNETTE, Colfax; Upper Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA. • MARIETTA BOOTH, Bernice; Li- brary Science; Alpha Beta Alpha; Davis Players. • DEWITT BOOTY, Natchitoches; Math. • FREDERICK CHARLES BOSARGE, Alexandria; Journalism and History; Black Knights Drill Team 1958-61, Commander 1960-61; Cadet Corps Executive Officer 1960-61; AUSA 1960-61; Blue Key National Honor Fraternity 1959-61, President 1960-61; President Kukios Adelphi Social Fraternity 1959-60; President Student Congress 1959-60. Second Row: • HENRY C. BOUCHER, Springhill; Business Administration; Track 1959. • PEGGY R. BOUDINOT, Baton Rouge; Nursing. • GLEN I. BOUNDS, Bastrop; Agronomy; AMS; Demeter Club. • MARY SUE BOYET, Ringgold; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • ANGIE L. BOYET, Pine- ville; Nursing; Student Nurse Association; BSU; A.W.S. • DANNY MACK BOYT, Natchitoches; Industrial Arts; Cheerleader; Gymnastics; Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity. • CHARLES E. BRADLEY, Natchitoches: Math. ctttxyA ftaft FOR 1961 TOP First Row: • IRENE BRANDON, Zwolle; Upper Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA. • REGINALD BRAZIL, Pollock; Art. • JANICE BRAZZELL, Winnfield; Upper Elementary Education; SNEA. Second Row: • PHYLLIS BREWER, Baton Rouge; Nursing; Phi Kappa Phi; Demonettes 1957; Treasurer Baton Rouge Campus Organization 1958-59; Treasurer Student Nurse Association 1959-60. • CAROL JEAN BREWTON, Winn- field; Home Economics. • MADISON BRISTER, Sieper; Upper Elemen- tary Education. BOTTOM First Row: • MARGIE BRISTER, Sieper; Primary Education. • ROBERTA BROM- LEY, Alexandria; Music Education; Sigma Alpha lota; Chorale; Big Sister. • MARK WAYNE BROSSET, Derry; Health and Physical Educa- tion. • B. LEON BROWN, Coushatta; Speech; Davis Players, President; Alpha Psi Omega. • BEN BROWN, Natchitoches; Bacteriology; Bacteri- ology Club. • DOLORES ANN BROWN, Natchitoches; Primary Educa- tion; SNEA. • PAT BROWN, West Monroe; Health and Physical Educa- tion; PEM Club; W.R.A.; BSU. Second Row: • RICHIE BROWN, Monterey; Upper Elementary Education. • JAMES PAUL BRUMLEY, Shreveport; Instrumental Music Education; Vice-Presi- dent of Band 1958-59, President of Band 1959-61 ; SNEA; Chorus 1960-61 ; Brass Ensemble; Orchestra 1957-61; Band 1957-61. • DANIEL J. BRUP- BACHER, New Orleans; Health and Physical Education. • BECKY BUCKNER, Shreveport; Upper Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA. • TROY DON BURCH, Winnfield; Health and Physical Educa- tion; Football. • JULIUS M. BURKETT, Converse; Math. • FLOYD BYRD, Florien; Industrial Education. a V? w L. TOP First Row: • WILLIAM A. CAIN, DeRldder; Bacteriology. • DAVID LARCHE CALHOUN, Shreveport; Business Administration. • EUGENE LEE CAMPBELL, Shreveport; Industrial Technology. • M. B. CAMPBELL, New Orleans; Upper Elementary Education. • ELOISE CARAWAY, Shreveport; Nursing. • LINDA HOLMES CARAWAY, Tullos; Journal- ism; Current Sauce Staff 1957-60, Society Editor 1958, Associate Editor 1959, Editor-in-Chief I960, Otustanding Staff Member Award 1598, Most Dependable Staff Member 1959; Student Member Award 1958, Jackets 1958-60, Treasurer; Dormitory Council 1957-58; A.W.S.; Big Sister. • JAMES LEE CARROLL, JR., Olla; Instrumental Music; Demon- aire Leader 1959-61; Pi Kappa Phi. Second Row: • ANN CARTER, Shreveport; Primary Education; SNEA. • WILLIAM F. C. CARTER, Chicapee; Math. • LARKIN C. KATHY, JR., Shreve- port; Business; Association of the U.S. Army 1960-61; ROTC 1957-61; NSC; Band 1957, 59; Demonaires 1957-59; Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity 1957- 61; NSC Rifle Team 1959-61. • LINDA SUE CATO, Gloster; Music Education; Sigma Alpha lota; NSC Band; NSC Chorus; NSC Chorale. • MARCO CELOTTI, Rome, Italy; Art. • HOYET CHANCE, Florien; Zoology; BSU. • JESSE CHESSLER, Natchitoches; English. BOITOM First Row: • PATRICIA KAY CHEVALIER, Glenmora; Health and Physical Educa- cation; PEM Club; W.R.A. • LEROY CHIASSON, Morse; Social Sciences; Sigma Tau Gamma; Blue Key, Corresponding Secretary; Sigma Kappa Man of the Year I960; Vice-President AUSA; Student Council 1959-60. • SANDRA L. CHITTY, Gonzales; Nursing; Modern Dance Club; Student Nurses Association. • LOUIS J. CLAES, Alexandria; Sociology; Sigma Tau Gamma; Drill Team. • ROBERT WAYNE CLEMM Shreveport; Art; ROTC, Drill Team 1957-59; Sigma Tau Gamma Frater- nity; Artist, Current Sauce; AUSA. • ALEX F. CLOUTIER, Bermuda; Industrial Education. • LUTHER G. COCKERHAM, Trout; Math. Second Row: • JOY COLE, Shreveport; Primary Education. • BEWELL COMBS, Min- den; Chemistry; Beta Beta Beta; Commuter Committee Chairman, 1958- 59; Spiritual Director, BSU I960; Chorale 1957. • LYNNE M. COMP- TON, Alexandria; Home Economics; Euthenics Club 1959-61; Chi Oemga Social Sorority 1957-61; Transfer from LSU; Agriculture Court 1958; Rapides Parish Dairy Princess 1959-60. • BILLY CONE, Shreveport; lr- dustrial Arts Education; Sigma Tau Gamma; Interfraternity Council; Black Knights; Student Congress; ROTC. • JERRY M. CONERLY, Leesville; Accounting; Blue Key, Alumni Secretary; AUSA, Chaplain; Pi Pi Kappa Phi. • LAURIE V. CONLY, Natchitoches; Physical Education. • RALPH CONRAD, Pennsville, N.J.; Physical Education. CVUM FOR 196 TOP First Row: • BILLY E. CONNELLA, Alexandria. • MAURICE COOLEY, Slagle; Business Education; SNEA. • JOHN L. CREECH, Shreveport; Business Education; Tau Kappa Epsilon, President and Chaplain; Studen t Council; President of Junior Class; Blue Key. Second Row: • WALTER G. COPELAND, Mitchell; Industrial Arts Education; Indus- trial Arts Club. • JOHN D. COTTON, Pollock; Elementary Education; SNEA. • STELLA HOLMES CRAIG, Baton Rouge; Nursing. BOTTOM First Row: • WILLIAM E. CRAIG, Converse; Health and Physical Education. • BETH CRAWFORD, Winnfield, Primary Education. • JERRY CREN- SHAW, Shreveport; Math. • ROBERT C. CROSBY, Shreveport; Ac- counting. • DANNY L. CRUMP, Marthaville; Pre-Med. • WILBERT S. CURTIS, Negreet; Business Administration. • CARL W. DAVIS, Clar- ence; Agriculture. Second Row: • MARGRETTE M. DAVIS, Ringgold; Nursing; LASN. • DON E. DEEN, Glenmora; Health and Physical Education; Blue Key; " N " Club; Football 1957-60; Track 1957-60; Track Captain I960; " N " Club Presi- dent 1959-60; Junior Class President; Recipient of Stroud Sabre. • CHARLES DESADIER, Bossier City; Health and Physical Education; " N " Club; Football; Track. • VIRGINIA ROACH DeCOTO, Walker; Nurs- ing. • FRANCIS F. DEVILLE, Alexandria; French; Newman Club. • JERRY DIDIER. Shreveport; Marketing; " N " Club; Football. • J. ELLA DORMEYER, Shreveport; Upper Elementary Education; SNEA, Demon- ettes. TOP First Row: • PEGGY DOSSMAN, Pineville; Math; Kappa Delta Phi; PEM Club. • HAROLD D. DOWDEN, Many; Business Administration. • JIMMY DOWDEN, Many; Electronics. • RAY A. DRAKE, Coushatta; Agricul- ture; Demeter. • CHARLES J. DUMAS, Jennings; Industrial Arts. • GAYNELL DUMAS, Jennings; Home Economics Education. • THELMA JOYCE DUPREE, Coushatta; Primary Education. Second Row: • CECIL FRANKLIN EASLEY, JR., Goldonna; Math. • DAVID F. EASON, Marthaville; Accounting; President of Pi Omega Pi; AUSA. • WILLIAM D. EDWARDS, Munfordsville, Ky.; Health and Physical Education. • RICHARD E. ESCOTT, Shreveport; Government and So- ciology. • SAMMY MAC ESSMEIER, New Orleans; Physical Education and Upper Elementary; Phi Epsilon Kappa; " N " Club. • JANIS EVANS, Saline; Primary Education; BSU Freshman Council 1958-59; BSU Wom- en ' s Athletic Director, Vice-President; A.W.S. Outstanding Freshman Award, Publicity Chairman, Corresponding Secretary; Judiciary Board Member; Sophomore Counselor; Kappa Delta Pi; Purple Jackets; Big Sister; Dormitory Officer. • JAMES REX FAIR, Natchitoches; Business Administration. BOTTOM First Row: • JOHNNY FALCON, Zwolle; Industrial Arts Education; Black Knights; Drill Team. • LINDA SHIVER FARALDO, Shreveport; Art Education; Kappa Pi Art Fraternity; Flamingo Club; SNEA. • WAYNE G. FAR- ALDO, Colfax; Math.; Newman Club; Pi Kappa Phi. • LINDA GAIL FEDD, Alexandria; Biology Education; Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA; Student Council Vice-President for Women 1960-61; Panhellenic Freshman Award; Dean of Women ' s Freshman Award. • KATHLEEN FELTMANN, New Orleans; Sociology; Newman Club; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Alpha Beta Alpha; Big Sister; Chorus. • FRANK GODCHAUX FLETCHER, JR., Alexandria; Accounting. • MARTHA FLETC HER, Shreveport; Nursing; LASN President, Shreveport Div.; BSU; President of NSC Nursing School, Shreveport Div. Second Row: • MARY FLETCHER, Montgomery; English; Kappa Delta Pi. • JERRY W. FLOWERS, Shreveport; Social Science; Treasurer of Dormitory Coun- sel; Member of AMS Executive Board. • J. T. FLOYD, JR., Shreveort; Industrial Technology; Sigma Tau Gamma. • WILLIAM OBIE FORD, DeVille; Math; Member of AMS; Vice-President of Dormitory; Chorus; Chorale. • J. MICHAEL FRAZIER, Winnfield; Sociology; Pi Kappa Phi, Secretary. • LANE RAY FREEMAN, Castor; Math. • JAMES ROBERT GANDY, Many; Math; Tau Kappa Epsilon. OWJVlA FOR 1961 TOP First Row: • MARY GANDY, Winnfield; Math; Alpha Beta Alpha Library Frater- nity, Treasurer 1959-61; Math Club 1959-60; Agnes Morris Floor Repre- sentative 1958-59; SNEA 1960-61. • PATRICK W. GANDY, Many; Ac- counting. • JOHNNY E. GARNER, Montgomery; Industrial Arts Edu- cation; Industrial Arts Club. Second Row: • BOBBIE NELL GATLIN, Colfax; Upper Elementary Education; SNEA. • FABIA GOTREAU, Sulphur; Nursing. • RONALD EDWARD GIRARD, New Orleans; Business; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Black Knights; ROTC; Persh- ing Rifles. BOTTOM First Row: • PATSY GLADDEN, Shreveport; Speech; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Rush Chairman 1960-61, Kaaper of Grades 1959-60; Alpha Psi Omega, Presi- dent; Davis Players Vice-President; Pi Kappa Delta, Secretary-Treasurer 1959-60. • MARVA ELIZABETH GLOVER, Natchitoches; Primary Educa- tion; Delta Zeta, Editor; Demonettes; Flamlngto Club, Reporter; Organi- zation Committee of Student Council; A.W.S.; Homecoming Court 1957 and 1959; State Fair Court 1957 and 1959; Freshman Beauty; POT- POURRI Beauty 1959-60: ROTC Sponsor 1959-60; Battle Group Sponsor 1960-61. • SANDRA GLOVER, Shreveport; Biology Education; Delta Zeta, Recording Secretary; Beta Beta Beta Biological Society. • HARRY L. GOODFELLOW, Waterproof; History. • EDWIN JAMES GOOD- WIN, Alexandria; Business. • GERALD E. GORDON, Anacoco; Social Science; Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society, Vice-President 1959. • PATSY GORHAM, Pineville; Nursing. Second Row: • BILLIE JEAN TAYLOR GOUGH, Trout; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha 1958-61; SNEA 1960-61; Dormitory President 1958-59; A.W.S. Council 1958-59. • DORIS GRAHAM, Winnfield; Primary Education; SNEA; A.W.S. ; Dormitory Officer 1957, 1959-60; Senior Counselor I960. • BENNY GRANT, Leesville; English; Debate; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi. • ROBBIE GRAPPE, Natchitoches; Primary Education; SNEA. • BILLY GRAY, Vivian; Business Education. • ELIZABETH ANN GRAY, Homer; Business Administration; Delta Zeta; A.W.S.; A.W.C. Council; BSU. • JULIA M. GREEN, Tullos; Upper Elementary Education; SNEA. TOP First Row: • BROOKSYE GREGG, Belzoni, Miss.; Business Administration. • WIL- LIAM ARTHUR GRICE, Converse; Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club. • SHERRY TRICE GROLL, Mooringsport; Speech and Hearing Therapy. • KENNY R. HANCHEY, Natchitoches; Industrial Education. • LENNIE MOSES HANCHEY, Natchitoches; Math; Contemporary Dance Club; Industrial Education Majors Wives Club. • PEGGY SELF, Haughton; Nursing. • BERT HECKEL, Natchitoches; Physical Education; Sentinal " N " Club; Football 4 years; All G.S.C. Football; All G.S.C. Track; Track 4 Years. Second Row: • DONNIE HADDOX, Montgomery; Zoology. • ROBERT E. HALE, Hosston; Math. • PHILLIP R. HALEY, Belmont; Physical Education; " N " Club. • ROBERT J. HAMBLETON, Many; Physics. • JUDITH ANNE HAMMOND, Alexandria; Libriary Science; Alpha Beta Alpha, Library Science Fraternity 1957-61, Vice-President 1958, President 1959, Corre- sponding Secretary I960; President of Purple Jackets 1960-61; Purple Jackets 1959-61 ; Art Chairman for East Varnado 1958; Student National Education Association. • NEIL HARBISON, Shreveport; Math; Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity. • GEORGIE NELL HARMON, Leesville; Pri- mary Education; A.W.S.; SNEA; BSU; Dormitory President 1958-59; Band Chorus. BOTTOM First Row: • NANCY E. HARPER, Springhill; Primary Education; SNEA; Sigma Kappa Social Sorority. • NOLAN HARPER, Shreveport; Social Science Education; BSU Council I960. • JAMES DOUGLAS HARRIS, Gold- honna; Agriculture; Demeter Fraternity. • DIANA GORDAN HART, Natchitoches; Nursing. • HELEN HARVILLE, Campti; Upper Elemen- tary Education. • ELMER HATTON, Belville, Texas; Math; Tau Kappa Epsilon. • GERRY ANN HAWORTH, Alexandria; Upper Elementary Education; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Purple Jackets 1959-61, Secretary 1960-61; Alpha Beta Alpha; Vice-President East Varnado Fall 1959; Reporter West Varnado Spring I960; SNEA. Second Row: • H. L. HAWTHORNE, Jonesboro; Industrial Arts. • BILLY H HAYNES, Shongaloo; Health and Physical Education. • JOHN HAZEL- TON. Alexandria; Speech; Debate Club; Davis Players. • JAMES ALBION HEIFNER, Natchitoches; Business Administration. • MARILYN HEINSOHN, Shreveport; Health and Physical Education; PEM Club; A.W.S.; Dormitory Secretary 1957; Band 1956-57; W.R.A. • ALIENE HENNIGAN, Calvin; Primary Education; SNEA; BSU; Big Sister 195°: Honor Roll 1958-61. • BILLIE CHARLENILLE HERBERT, Natchitoches; Nursing. aujyc FOR 196 TOP First Row: Math. • DON HILL, Vivian; Math Education; SNEA. Botany. • • DAN JOHN HILL, Vivian; BETTIE SUE HILLMAN, Lena; Second Row: • BRIAN H. HINES, Verda; Upper Elementary Education. • BURNA DEANE HINKLEY, Baton Rouge; Health and Physical Education; PEM Club, President 1959-60; Flamingto Club, Vice-President 1959-60; W.R.A.; Student Congress; President of West Varnado; A.W.S. Council. • DEWAIN HODGE, DeRidder; Upper Elementary Education. BOTTOM First Row: • MARLAN HODGES, Calvin; Library Science; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Beta Alpha. • ROY THOMAS HOLLAND, Winnfield; Upper Elementary Education; Davis Players; AMS; Current Sauce. • BRENDA HOLMES, Alexandria; Home Economics Education and Dietetics; A.W.S. Council 1957-58; Purple Jackets 1959-60; Euthenics Club 1957-60, President 1959- 60; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Louisiana Home Economics Club Parliamentarian 1959-60. • JIMMY L. HORN, Logansport; Social Science • GWENDOLYN HORNE, Paris, Ark.; Nursing. • JIM HORTON, Cou- shatta; Upper Elementary Education. • CARROLL HOUSTON, Sarepta; Upper Elementary Education, Special Education; Demonettes 1958-59; Purple Jackets I960; SNEA Sophomore Counselor I960. Second Row: • DAVID BURTON HOWARD, Pineville; Accounting; Kuklos Adelphi Fraternity, Vice-President and Parliamentarian; Inter-Fraternity Council Representative; Blue Key National Honor Fraternity; ROTC Cadet Colonel and Corps Commander; Distinguished Military Student Award, Superior Cadet Award; Student Council; Class President; Debate Team; Forensic Club; Pi Kappa Delta; Pi Omega Pi; Canterbury Club. • CHARLES W. HUGHES, Natchitoches; Business Administration. • WILEY EDWIN HUNTER, Coushatta; Agriculture and Agronomy; Blue Key; Demeter Club; " N " Club. • PAUL HUTCHESON, Chattanooga, Tenn.: Business Administration; " N " Club. • DENNY IVEY, Rotan, Texas; Health and Physical Education. • ANDREW M. JACKSON, Many; Upper Elementary Education; BSU; Chorale and College Singers; Stu- dent Council; Senior Class Men ' s Representative; Student Congress; BSU Choir; Dormitory Council. • DAVID EDWARD JACKSON; Shreve- port; Music Education; Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity; Phi Mu Alpha Profes- sional Fraternity; Blue Key National Honor Fraternity; Band; Orchestra; Chorus; Chorale. TOP First Row: • ARTHUR M. JAMES, Natchitoches; Math; AUSA. • DON GENE JAMES, Elmer; Math Education. • PAUL JEMISON, Leesville; Elec- tronics; Gymnastics Team; ROTC. • WILLIE L JENKINS, Basile; Math. • HULON D. JENNINGS, Robeline; Industrial Technology. • SARITA MARTHA JOHNS, Waterproof; Nursing; Delta Zeta Sorority; Canter- bury Club; LASN. • LOVICK JOHNSON, Natchitoches; Social Science. Second Row: • KENNETH F. JORDAN, Shongaloo; Industrial Arts Education. • MARY SEBREN JORDAN, Chawvin; Nursing. • MARVIN R. JORDAN, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary Education. • THOMAS EARL JOR- DAN, Robeline; Industrial Arts Education. • JILL KELLEY, Shreveort; Nursing. • PAUL J. KEMPER, St. Louis, Mo.; Sociology; Newman Club. • BOB A. KENDRICK, Springhill; Industrial Education; Industrial Edu- cation Club, President 1959-60. BOTTOM First Row: • N. JEAN EARLY KIDD, Gibsland; Primary and Upper Elementary Edu- cation. • AUBREY GERALD KING, Plain Dealing; Social Science. • LINDA SUE KING, Leesville; Upper Elementary Education. • CARRIE NELL KNIGHTON, Mooringsport; Nursing. • DAVID J. KNOTT, Shreveport; Animal Husbandry. • MACK D. KNOTTS, Castor; Health and Physical Education; Baseball; Blue Key Club; Phi Epsilon Kappa; " N " Club. • IRWIN J. KOCK; Natchitoches; Agriculture; Campus Security Police. Second Row: • GEORGE WARDEN KRUMM, Hacltberry; Bacteriology; Bacteriology Club; Beta Beta Beta. • MARGIE KUHLMAN, Montgomery; Upper Elementary Education. • PATRICIA LaCAZE, Natchitoches; Health and Physical Education; PEM Club 1958-61; Flamingo Club 1958-59; Big Sister 1959-61 ; W.R.A. 1958-61 ; Dormitory Council 1958-59. • PATRICIA ROSE LANDRY, Natchitoches; Social Sciences: Delta Zeta, Second Vice- President I960, Courtesy Chairman 1958; TAWS 1958; SNEA. • GAY LANTRIP, Natchitoches; Health and Physical Education and Upper Ele- mentary Education. • JERRY LEE LASITER, Shreveport; Nursing. • VIRGINIA LEE, Shreveport; Primary Education; SNEA. atuvc£ FOR 1961 TOP First Row: • NANCE LOUISE LEIBY, Pennsburg, Pa.; Dietetics and Institutional Management; Wesley Foundation; Senior Counselor 1960-61. • BOBBY JOE LEWIS, Natchitoches; Agronomy. • HOWELL M. LEWIS, Shreve- port; Zoology. Second Row: • MICHAEL K. LEWIS, Shreveport; Government. • DOROTHY LEY- SATH, Mitchell; Business Education; Pi Omega Pi; SNEA. • CAROLYN LILLEY, Pleasant Hill; Business Education; SNEA. BOTTOM First Row: • LORAN D. LINDSEY, Coushatta; Accounting. • NANCY LINDSAY, Baker; Prim ary Education; SNEA; Kappa Delta Pi; Big Sister. • CHARLES R. LITTLE. Colfax; Math. • CLARENCE DALE LITTLE, Moor- ingsport; Math. • PERCY A. LITTLE, Bastrop; Industrial Arts; Pi Kappa Phi. • DAVID L. LAGARDE, New Orleans; Sociology. • SAMUEL B. LOVE, Shreveport; Accounting and Business Administration; Sigma Tau Gamma. President; Junior Class Vice-President; IFC, President; Pi Omega PI; Blue Key; Student Congress. Second Row: • DAVID H. LUCE, Shreveport; Upper Elementary; BSU. • DEWEY McCRAVY, Shreveport; Math. • JEANETTE McDONOLD, Pitkin; Nurs- ing; LASN; NSNA. • MALCOLM L. McDONOLD, Agronomy. • JOHNNIE FAYE McELROY, Winnfield; Nursing. • PATRICIA ANNE McGRAW, Shreveport; English; Kappa Delta Pi; Purple Jackets; Current Sauce. • CHARLES McKENZIE, Cullen; Industrial Arts; Industrial Edu- cation Club, Vice-President 1960-61. TOP First Row: • CHARLES W. McLAIN, Campti; Math. • SUE McCARTNEY, Mer Rouge; Nursing. • MITZI McLEAN, Shreveport; Nursing; LASN. • RALPH E. McNABB, JR., Shreveport; Business Administration. • SHIR- LEY ANN McNEEL, Shreveport; Biology; SNEA; BSU; Staff Assistant. • JESSE R. MALMEY, Zwolle; Industrial Arts and Business Education. • JAMES B. MANNING, Kaplan; Math. Second Row: • HENRY J. MANNS, Elmhurst; Business Administration. • LYNN MARCHAND, Gonzales; Nursing; Nurses Student Association. • J. M. MARICELLI, Marryville; Agriculture; N Club. • ALBERT MARK, Natchi- toches; Biology. • BRONSON KEITH MARLER, Hineston; Sociology. • MARIE MARTIN, Shreveport; Math; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • OSA DORMAN MARTIN, Mora; Business Administration. BOTTOM First Row: • S. G. MARTIN, JR., Ashland; Math. • JOSEPH P. MARTINEZ. Zwolle; Accounting. • STEVE MARTINEZ, Zwolle; Math. • E. McKINLEY MASON, Alexandria; Zoology; Nu Sigma Chi Chemistry Fraternity; Association of U.S. Army; Blue Key National Honor Fraternity. • RAS- TUS MASSEY, Winnsboro; Math. • MARY LOU MATHEWS, Sonel- heimer; Health and Physical Education; Westminster Fellowship, Vice- President 2 years; Physical Education Majors Club 4 years: SNEA: W.R.A. Sports Leaders. • MICHELLE DRANE MATTHEWS, Baton Rouge; Nursing. Second Row: • BOBBY W. MAXEY, Winnfield; Sociology; BSU; College Singers. • CECIL R. MAY, Baton Rouge: Upper Elementary. • JEANETTE Mc- DONALD, Pitkin; Nursing. • LINDA CROWE McMILLIAM, Metairie; Nursing. • HENRY EARL MEGISON, Pineville; Health and Physical Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa. • CHARLES J. MICHAEL, Natchitoches; Economics; Newman Club. • MARIE MICHEL, Alexandria; Speech and Hearing Therapy; Staff Assistant; BSU Secretary. awjyc FOR 1961 TOP First Row: • IVAN MILEY, Shreveport; Industrial Arts. • JOHN M. MILLER, Fullerton, Calif.; Accounting; Phi Omega Phi. • ARMADINE MILLER, Monroe; Upper Elementary Education; Current Sauce Staff 1958-60; Sophomore Counselor 1959-60; Staff Assistant 1959-61; BSU Council 1960-61; SNEA 1960-61; Big Sister. Second Row: • BLANCHE HELEN MILLER, DeRidder; Primary Education; SNEA 1957-61; Chorale 1957-60; Councilor 1958-59; Kappa Delta Pi 1960-61; Delta Zeta 1957-60; Demonettes 1959. • JANICE MILLER, Coushatta; Home Economics. • JUANITA J. MILLER, DeRidder; Primary Educa- tion; SNEA 1957-61; Councelor 1959-60; Chorale 1957-60. BOTTOM First Row: • JAMES MILTON MIXON, Cotton Valley; Sociology. • GLORIA FARMER MADDRY, Natchitoches; Nursing. • A. K. MONROE. Shreve- port; Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club. • DOYLE L. MONTGOMERY. Provencal; Accounting; Pi Omega Pi. • PATRICIA L. MOORE, Welsh; Business Education; Pi Omega Pi. • LARRY MORRISON, Anacoco; E ' ectronics. • EDITH MOTHERSHED, Florien; Primary Education; Soph- omore Counselor: Big Sister; Dormitory Office; BSU Freshman Council, BSU Spiritual Chairman, BSU Women ' s Enlistment Chairman; Vice- President YWA. Second Row: • DONNELL MULLINS, Sarepta; Industrial Education; Industrial Arts Club. • JAMES GLEN MYERS, Pelican; Math. • MARGARET ANN NASH, Many; Upper Elementary; Alpha Sigma Alpha 1958-61, Officer 1959-61; Chorus 1958, 1960-61; SNEA. • MARVIN F. NELSON, Robe- line; Heallh and Physical Education; SNEA. • CAROLYN YVONNE NETTLES. Minden; Upper Elementary Education; Demonettes; SNEA; Delta Zeta, Historian; AWS; Kappa Delta Pi; Homecoming O ueen 1959; State Fair Court 1959; Relay Oueen 1959; Relay Court I960; ROTC Sponsor 1958; Artist Series Staff 1957; NSC Holiday in Dixie Representative 1958; Dormitory Vice-President 1957-58; POTPOURRI Court 1959. • LANELL NEWTON, Winnfield; Health and Physical Edu- cation; PEM Club; WRA. • JACK E. NIXON, Coushatta; Industrial Arts. TOP First Row: • SANDRA GAYLE NOAH, Natchitoches; Primary Education. • CON- NIE NOLAND, Shreveport; Secretarial Science. • JERRY NORWOOD, Benson; Accounting; Pi Omega Pi. • FRAN E. NOVAK, Pineville; Nurs- ing; Student Nurses Association; BSU; Alexandria SNA Vice-President 1959; AWS. • THOMAS M. NUNEZ, Grand Chenier; Biology; Wesley Foundation President. • SARAH RUTH OLIVER, Campti; Music; Soph- omore Counselor, 1958-59; SAI 1958-61, Corresponding Secretary 1959- 60, Vice-President 1960-61; Orchestra 1957-61; Chorus; Wesley Founda- tion Council; Big Sister. • ED DRANGUET, Natchitoches; Business Ad- ministration; N Club. Second Row: • EDGAR THERON OVERLAND, Alexandria; Accounting; Pi Omega Pi. • HAROLD M. OWERS, Pollock; Business Education; Wesley Founda- tion. • FRANK O. PARKER, Simpson; English; ROTC 4 years. • MIL- TON C. PARKER, Springhill; Business Administration; N Club. • CHARLES M. PARTIN, Shreveport; Government-Economics; Gymnastic Team, Varsity 1958, 59, 60, 61; Team Captain 1959-60; Cheerleader 1959; Black Knights 1958. • LINDA PATE, Bossier City; English; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Phi; SNEA; Purple Jackets. • ANN PATRICK, Converse; Primary Education; SNEA. BOTTOM First Row: • CURTIS PAUL, Boyce; Upper Elementary. • DONNY W. PAYNE, Natchitoches; Industrial Arts; I.E. Club; Wesley Foundation. • FRANK L. PESKE, Shreveport; Industrial Arts; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Inter-Frater- nity Council. • LUCIE PETTY, Mansfield; Nursing; Delta Zeta; Canter- bury Club; Student Nurses Association. • VINCENT EARL PHILLIPS, Baton Rouge; Physical Education; N Club. • CHARLES PICKETT, O, Fallon, III.; Social Science. • JAMES PICKETT, Doyline; Physical Edu- cation. Second Row: • ANITA PIERCE, Grayson; Business Education; SNEA; Big Sister; Delta Zeta; Homecoming Court 1959; AWS. • JERRY PIERCE, Springhill; Journalism. • JOHN L. PITTMAN, JR., Winnfield; Math. • PATRICIA ANN PITTMAN, Mansfield; Business Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Student Council 1959-60; Junior Representative; Treasurer Student Coun- cil 1960-61; AWS; Student Advisor; Band Majorette 1957; SNEA; BSU. • TRUETT S. PLUNKETT, Pelican; Accounting; Pi Omega Pi. • LYNN D. POCHE, Cloutierville; Business Administration. • MARY BLANCHE POSTELL, New Orleans; Social Welfare; Delta Zeta; AWS; Newman Club. CMMV16 FOR 196 BOTTOM First Row: • JEANETTE D. REAMES, Francisville; Nursing; Recording Secretary of LASN; NASN; Wesley Foundation. • JERRY B. RICE, Winnfield; Music; Sigma Alpha lota; NSC Chorus; NSC Chorale. • ROBERT RISOR, Many; Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club; Black Knights Drill Team. • ROBBIE ROBBINS, Natchitoches; Business Education; SNEA. • CAROLYN ROSE ROBERTS. Natchitoches; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; SNEA; Wesley Foundation. • JO ANN ROBINSON. Lake Charles; Social Studies; Delta Zeta 1957-61, President 1960-61; Student Congress, Secretary 1959-60; Panhellenic Council 1958-60, Treasurer 1958, Secre- tary 1959; Demonettes 1957-60; Majorette 1958-60, President 1959-60; ROTC Sponsor 1959-61; SNEA; Homecoming Queen I960. • PEGGY JOE ROBINSON, Natchitoches; Primary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Purple Jackets; Alpha Gamma Delta, President and Treasurer and Social TOP First Row: • ROBERT WILLIAM POWELL, Lockport; Physical Education; Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity; Phi Kappa Epsilon Honor Fraternity; " N " Club; ROTC; Three year letterman Varsity Football. • JERRE PRESTRIDGE, Jonesboro; Nursing; Student Nurses Association; BSU; Homecoming Court 1958. • PAUL M. PRINCE, Shreveport; Business Administration; Pi Kappa Pi; " N " Club; Gym Team. Second Row: • RICHARD PULLIG, Gibsland; Upper Elementary Education. • MAX- INE L. QUEYRAIZE, New Orleans; Health and Physical Education; PEM Club; W.R.A.; Flamingo Club; Student Congress; Newman Club. • SHIRLEY RANDOLPH, Glenmora; English Education; SNEA; Alpha Beta Alpha. Chairman; Wesley Foundation, Vice-President and Treasurer; AWS; Secretary-Treasurer East Varnado and Representative; Honor Roll 1957- 60; Big Sister 1958-60; SNEA, President. Second Row: • BETTY JEAN ROGERS, Natchitoches; Nursing. • GAIL ANNE RUCKER, Shreveport; Primary Education. • JACQUELYN RYDER, Natchitoches; Nursing. • PATSY LOU SANDERS, Oakdale; Math; SNEA Secretary 1959-60; Alpha Gamma Delta Treasurer 1959-60 and Vice-President 1960-61; Panhellenic Council Junior Delegate 1959-60 and Senior Delegate 1960-61; SNEA Representative. • BETH SAVILL, Marthaville; Primary Education. • DANIEL TALMADGE SAXON. Ferri- day; Wildlife Management. • MARY ANN SCHAFER, Killeen, Texas; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; SNEA. ?-M3S fl TOP First Row: • DON A. SCOGGINS, Leesville; Upper Elementary Education; Sigma Tau Gamma; Black Knights Drill Team; Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer 1959-60. • HOMER O. SCOTT, Natchitoches; Business Administration; ROTC. • ROBERT S. SEMPLE, JR., Alexandria; Industrial Technology; Varsity Tennis Team. • BARBARA ANN SHAVER, Benson; Business Edu- cation; Sophomore Counselor; Alpha Beta Alpha Treasurer; BSU; POT- POURRI Staff; AWS Treasurer I960; AWS President 1961 ; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Junior House Director. • CHARLES JERRY SHELTON, Mansfield; Accounting and Business Administration. • MARION L. SHILLING, Shreveport; Accounting and Business Administration; Sigma Tau Gamma; Pi Omega Pi. • LOUISE SHORES, Muskogee, Olcla.; Nurs- ing. Second Row: • DENVER W. SHOUP, Sarepta; Accounting and Business Administra- tion. • CECIL R. SHWOR, Wisner; Upper Elementary Education. • LARRY J. SKINNER, Belmont; Health and Physical Education; " N " Club 3 years; Phi Epsilon Kappa 2 years. • BOBBYE SIMMONS. Winns- boro; Nursing. • HARMAL THOMPSON SIMPSON, Natchitoches; Nursing. • JANICE HARMON SIMS, Arcadia; Government. • HELEN SLIMAN, Leesville; Primary Education. BOTTOM First Row: • CARL SMITH, Shreveport; Vocal and Music Education; BSU, Presi- dent 1960-61; State BSU Music Director 1960-61. • JACOUELYN NELL SMITH, Slagle; Math; Alpha Beta Alpha 1959-61; SNEA 1960-61; BSU 1958-61; Big Sister. • JAMES E. SMITH, Verda; Industrial Education. • JERRY B. SMITH, Princeton; Accounting. • CHARLES A. SPEAR- MAN, Ainsworth, Nebr.; Health and Physical Education. • WILLIAM PAUL SPILLERS, Atlanta; Biology; Beta Beta Beta; POTPOURRI Staff; Current Sauce Staff 1956, 57, 58. • LOU TAYLOR SPIVEY, Many; Pri- mary Education; SNEA. Second Row: • JEAN PARK STEVENS, Natchitoches; Nursing. • TONY STICKELL, Boyce; Business Education. • RONALD K. STILLWELL, Benton; Nursing. • CLAUDETTE STOKES, Elmer; Upper Elementary Education; SNEA; Newman Club. • HAZEL STREBECK, Natchitoches; Nursing. • TROY J. STROTHER, Cullen; Sociology. • HERMAN TERRY SULLIVAN, Oak- dale; Physical Education; Association of Men Students. eAtuvc TOP First Row: • KENNETH M. SULLIVAN. Shreveport; Nursing; NSNA; LASN; NSCSNA; BSU. • BOBBY JACK SUTTON, Bienville; Business Admin- istration. • CAROLYN SWAIN, Natchitoches; Nursing. Second Row: • CYNTHIA ELOISE TAMBURO, Delhi; Social Welfare. • SHIRLEY SUE TASSIN, LeCompte; Library Science; Alpha Beta Alpha. • EDDIE L.TAYLOR, Mansfield; Industrial Arts; Track; " N " Club. FOR 1961 BOTTOM First Row: • PAT TATUM, Newellton; Health and Physical Education; Purple Jackets; PEM Club; WRA; BSU. • JAMES PRESTON TAYLOR, Con- verse; Industrial Arts. • SHARON TAYLOR, Springhill; Upper Ele- mentary Education; SNEA, Staff Assistant. • CHARLES R. TEMPLE, Simpson; Accounting. • LOUISE CLAIRE TEMPLE; Ruston; Nursing. • ROSE YVONNE TEMPLE, West Monroe; English; Phi Kappa Phi; Band; Orchestra; Freshman BSU Council, Staff Assistant; Purple Jackets; Demonettes; Big Sister. • RICHARD A. TEW, Shreveport; Physical Edu- cation. Second Row: • IRIA JOHNSON THOMAS, Natchitoches; Nursing. • LaVERNE THOMPSON, St. Joseph; Home Economics Education; Sigma Kappa, President 1959-60; Euthenics Club, Secretary 1959-60; Pi Kappa Sigma, Secretary 1958-59; Pan-Hellenic 1958-59. • NORMAN J. THOMPSON, Sikes; Upper Elementary Education. • DON W. TRULY, Shreveport; Health and Physical Education and Upper Elementary Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa. • SUZANNE TUMMINELLO, Leesville; Primary Educa- tion; Demonette Majorette; SNEA. • ROBERT EARL TURNER, Simp- son; Business Education and Accounting; Pi Omega Pi. • NORMAN TYLER, Springhill; Industrial Arts. si pa a TOP First Row: • ROBER J. TYNES, Natchitoches; Agriculture. • LYNWOOD LOGAN VALLEE, Colfax; Animal Husbandry. • URSULA WAHL, Jonesville; German; Kappa Delta Pi; AWS Council 1959-60. • MARTHA MARIE WALKER, Negreet; Nursing. • EARNISTINE WALKINGSTICK, Chero- kee, N.C.; Nursing. • ELEANOR WALL, Carthage, Texas; Primary Edu- cation; Homecoming Court 1958; SNEA. • JOHNNY WALL, Carthage, Texas; Health and Physical Education; N Club. Second Row: • JOHN A. WANAT, Noble; Animal Husbandry; Demeter Club. • ELLEN V. WARD, Robeline; Upper Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi. • SHIRLEY ANN WARD, Provencal; Upper Elementary Education. • CAROLYN B. WARREN, Bossier; Nursing. • GRIFFIN HAROLD WARREN, Alexandria; Business Education. • MARY LYNN WASSON, Homer; Nursing. • BILLY EDWARD WEAVER, Natchitoches: Math. BOTTOM First Row: • MARVIN C. WEAVER, Coushatta; Industrial Arts. • MONROE WEBB, Franklinton; Social Sciences; TKE, Vice-President; Associate Edi- tor of the POTPOURRI; Treasurer Inter-Fraternity Council. • CAROL WEBBER, Vivian; Nursing. • ELISKA WEBER, Alexandria; Nursing. • BETTY J. WEEKS, Simpson; Business Education. • LORRAINE WEEKS, Harrisonburg; Business Education. • NORMA LEA WELCH, Florien; Upper Elementary Education; SNEA. Second Row: • " ROBERT A. WELCH, LI. City, N.Y.; Health and Physical Education; N Club; Baseball Team. • WAYNE WEST, Leesvllle; Agriculture. • SYLVIA JOAN WHATLEY, Lake Providence; Home Economics Educa- tion; Euthenics Club 1959-61; SNEA 1960-61; Demonettes 1958. • FRANK WHITE, Pineville; Sociology. • WALTER REAGAN WHITE, Monahans, Texas; Math. • IRIS KAY WILLIAMS, Denham; Nursing. • JAMES E. WiLLIAMS, Vinton; Accounting; Pi Omega Pi, President 1959; Blue Key, Recording Secretary I960; Student Congress Represent- ative. lint «:;r FOR 1961 BOTTOM First Row: • LYNDA WILLIAMS, Eva; Business Education; Sophomore Counselor; SNEA; Demonettes 1959-60; Pi Omega Pi Secretary; Kappa Delta Pi Secretary; Junior House Director; AWS Treasurer; BSU. • MARY ALITA WILLIAMS, Baton Rouge; Nursing. • PATRICK M. WILLIAMS, Shreve- port; Math. • ROGER WILLIAMS, Bunkie; Upper Elementary Educa- tion. • WAYNE L. WILLIAMSON, Montgomery; Accounting; Blue Key; Pi Omega Pi; Current Sauce Business Manager; Freshman Vice-Presi- dent; Association of U.S. Army. • ANN WILSON, Hodge; Nursing; LASN, NSC Delegate to National Convention 1957; NSNA; Flamingo Club; Demonettes; Dormitory Officer; AWS Council; Outstanding Freshman 1957-58; Delta Zeta. • WILLIAM ELDRIDGE WINTERROWD, Shreveport; Physics; Canterbury Club. Second Row: • EDNA ALLENE WISE, Lena; Pre-Med; Beta Beta Beta, Vice-President 1960-61. • BEVERLY WOODS, Natchez, Miss.; Secretarial Science. • TOMMY WOODWARD, Mansfield; Industrial Education. • LENORA ALICE WOOLLEY, DeOuincy; Upper Elementary Education; College Singers; College Choir; SNEA; Alpha Beta Alpha National Treasurer 1959-60; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; WRA; Dormitory Officer. • JUDY ANNE WRIGHT, Port Sulphur; Primary Education; Newman Club; SNEA; ROTC Sponsor; Rose of Sigma Tau Gamma; AWS Council. • WINSTON RAY YOUNGBLOOD, Doyline; Industrial Education; KA Fraternity, BSU. Juniors First Row: • PEGGY ADAMS, Lake Charles; Nursing. • JERRY AINSWORTH, Shreveport; Health and Physical Educa- tion. • JIMMY ALDREDGE, Jena; Health and Physical Education. • BOBBY LYNN ALLBRITTON, Tullos; Health and Physical Education. • CLARENE ALLEN, Florien; Primary Education. Second Row: • DIXIE S. ALLEN, Forest; Elementary Education. • WILLIAM C. ALLEN III, Shreveport; Industrial Ar+s. • LINDA ANDERSON, Baton Rouge; Primary Educa- tion. • ROBERT D. ANTHONY, Negreet; Forestry. • HAL E. BAILEY, Alexandria; Pre-Dentistry. Third Row: • ELLEN BAKER, Minden; Health and Physical Edu- cation. • TOM BAKER, Natchitoches; Health and Physical Education. • GENE I. BARROW, Springhill; Sociology. • GLENDA FAYE BARTON, Pineville; Nurs- ing. • JOHN R. BASCO, Many; Industrial Technology. Fourth Row: • ALTON R. BASS, LaCamp; Math. • RAY J. BASS, Calcasieu; Electronics. • RALPH L. BATES, Kisatchie; Health and Physical Education. • ERNEST M. BEACH, Natchitoches; Industrial Education. • KENNETH EL BEAM, Pelican; Agriculture. Fifth Row: • JUDITH ANN BEGGS, Alma, Oklahoma; Secretarial Science. • GERALD BENNETT, Pineville; Social Sci- ences. • HUGH BERNARD, Natchitoches; Business Administration. • MERRILYN BERNARD, Hammond; Nursing. • OCTAVE BERNARD, JR., Raceland; Indus- trial Education. Sixth Row: • ROBERT J. BEVILL, Alexandria; Industrial Education. • RANITA BLAKE, Shreveport; Primary Education. • TOMMY BLAKE, DeRidder; Upper Elementary Edu- cation. • MARIE BLANCHARD, Natchitoches: Health and Physical Education. • CLINT L. BLUE, Pleasant Hill; English. Seventh Row: • EARL G. BONDS, Shreveport; Accounting. • SAM- MY BONNETTE, Alexandria; Animal Industry. • ELISE BORDELON, Mansura; Social Sciences. • ROY D. BOSTICK, Shreveport; Business Administration. • MARGARET E. BOWEN, Natchitoches; Elementary Education. Eighth Row: • KERMIT BOWMAN, Lecompte; Industrial Arts. • CAROLYN A. BOYDSTON, Natchitoches; Health and Physical Education. • GWENDA ANN BRACK- NELL, Tioga; Upper Elementary Education. • CAR- ROLL V. BRADFORD, Jena; Social Sciences. • JAMES E. BRADHAM, Jackson; Math. Ninth Row: • RONALD BRAZZELL, Georgetown; Business Educa- tion. • DOUGLAS W. BREWER, West Monroe: Mar- keting. • DOVIE BRIAN, Baton Rouge, Nursing. • MALCOLM J. BRIAN, JR., Baton Rouge; Health and Physical Education. • SUELLEN SCOTT BRIAN, Ba- ton Rouge, Social Science. Tenth Row: • BETTY LOU B. BRITT, Shongaloo; Primary Education. • CHARLES T. BRITT, Shongaloo; Industrial Arts. • SANDRA H. BROOKS. Montgomery; Sociology. • DAVID W. BROSSETTE, Natchitoches; Industrial Tech- nology. • JACK BROSSETTE, Greenwood; Vocal Mu- sic. L1LM 73 Juniors First Row: • MORRIS E. BROSSETTE, Natchitoches; Math. • RODRICK B. BROUSSARD, Zimmerman; Social Sci- ences. • BARBARA KAY BROWN. Shreveport; Pri- mary Education. • BEN R. BROWN, Shreveport; Speech. • BETTY LOUISE BROWN, Baton Rouge; Nursing. Second Row: • VIRGINIA LEE BROWN, Denham Springs; Nursing. • WOODY BROWN, Lake Charles; Speech. • JAMES A. BRUMLEY, Many; Upper Elementary. • TOMMY BRUMLEY, Montgomery; Health and Physical Educa- tion. • BARBARA JEANE BRUNING, Clarence; Busi- ness Education. Third Row: • DANNY B. BRYANT, Shreveport; Manual Arts Ther- apy. • LINDA BUIE, Bunkie; Primary Education. • DAVID E. BUKER. Shreveport; Math. • NEWTON TEDDY BURAS, Kenner; Industrial Technology. • ANN BURCH, Montgomery; Upper Elementary Education. Fourth Row: • MARY CAROLE BURFORD, Gloster; Upper Ele- mentary. • CHARLES A. BURLISON, Hornbeck; Up- per Elementary. • FREDERICK L. BURTCH, Nola; Eco- nomics. • KENNETH BUSBY, Negreet; Business Ad- ministration. • LYNN C. BUTLER, Vivian; Animal Hus- bandry. Fifth Row: • JEANETTE BYNUM, Shreveport; Business Education. • MEREDITH E. BYNUM, Ellerbe, North Carolina; Accounting. • JOHN A. BYRD, Natchitoches; Math. • JO ANN CAIN, Bossier City; Music Education. • BILLY CALVERT, Vidalia; Health and Physical Edu- cation. Sixth Row: • FRANCES CAMPBELL, Dodson; Primary Education. • JAMES B. CANNON, Cloutierville; Business Ad- ministration. • ALBERT F. CAPERTON, Natchitoches; Journalism. • ELIABETH CAPERTON, Haughton; Eng- lish Education. • JOSEPH E. CAPLIS, Bossier City; Accounting. Seventh Row: • WILLIAM CARDNEAUX, Natchitoches Journalism. • CARL CARRIGAN, Leesville; Industrial Education. • CLARINE CARTER, Rayville; Home Economics Ed- ucation. • LINDA CATER, Bossier City; Social Wel- fare. • GEORGE L. CELLES, Baton Rouge; Math. Eighth Row: • BOBBY L. CHANDLER, Shreveport; Industrial Edu- cation. • RICHARD E. CHESHIER, Plain Dealing; Accounting. • PATRICIA L. CHOATE, Natchitoches; Speech and Hearing Therapy. • CARLOS CLAR, El Salvador, Central America; Languages and Medical Technology. • BILLY H. CLEMMONS, Brownsville, Kentucky.; Health and Physical Education. Ninth Row: • HAROLD LEE CLEVELAND, Alexandria; Zoology. • RICHARD CLIFTON, JR., Winnfield; Upper Ele- mentary Education. • SYBIL CLOUD, Shreveport; Nursing. • MARLIS COFFEY, Ashland; Chemistry. • WILLIAM M. COFFEY, Gibsland; Sociology. Tenth Row: • MAXINE COILE, Plain Dealing; Business Education. • JULIAN A. COMBS, Natchitoches; Government. • FRANK H. CONNER, Minden; Business Adminis- tration. • JOYCE LA RUE COOLEY, Boyce; Home Economics. • SARAH JANE COOPER, Hammond; Nursing. 74 , I: 5 fil Q First Row: • LINDA CORLEY, Natchitoches; Library Science. • CAROLYN COUCH, Homer; Secretarial Science. • WILLIAM S. COUVILLION, Natchitoches; Social Sciences. • JACQUELINE COX, Plain Dealing; Eng- lish. • DOTTIE CROMWELL, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary Education. Second Row: • LESTER W. CROOKS, LeCompte; Social Sciences. • CAROL JUNE CURTIS, Montgomery; Upper Ele- mentary Education. • HOYT CURTIS, Many; Indus- trial Arts. • BETTY DAIGLE, Gonzales; Nursing. O CLYDELL DAVENPORT, New Orleans; Bacteriology. Third Row: • DIANE DAVIS, Alexandria; Nursing. • SHARON DAVIS, Shreveport; Nursing. • ROBERT H. DAY, Jena; Social Sciences. • HAROLD REID DEASON, Rose- pine; Agronomy. • MARGERY DEES, Magnolia, Ar- kansas; Nursing. Fourth Row: • LAURA MARGUERITE DENNY, Ferriday; Social Welfare. • RICHARD M. DEVARGAS, Natchitoches; Marketing. • GERALD DEVILLE, Alexandria; Indus- trial Education. • ALBERT E. DEWEES, Homer; Phys- ical Education. • ANN DICKSON, Shreveport; Nurs- ing. Fifth Row: • CHARLES A. DISTEFANO, Alexandria; Math. • LOIS DOSS, Alexandria; Nursing. • BERYL FAY DOU- CET, Jennings; Nursing. • ROBERT L. DOW, West Monroe; Government. • LARRY DOWDEN, Anacoco; Math. Sixth Row: • JANE DUDLEY, Baton Rouge; Nursing. • OLLIE DAVID DUKE, Natchitoches; Math. • WILLIAM WAYNE DURAND. Pollock; Math Education. • HUGH C. DURHAM III, Shreveport; Sociology. • BARBARA DYKES, Shreveport; Business Education. Seventh Row: • WAYNE EARP, Shreveport; Physical Education. • MARY FRANCES EASLEY, Natchitoches; Biology. • JOHN EDGAR, Shreveport; Journalism. • JAMES ELLIOT, Noble; Upper Elementary Education. • ROB- ERT L. ESCUDE, Mansura; Health and Physical Edu- cation. Eighth Row: • EVELYN M. EVANS, Natchitoches; Accounting. • SIDNEY B. EVANS, Natchitoches; Accounting. • VIO- LET E. EVERSULL, Natchitoches; Primary Education. • NELDA EYER, Winnfield; Secretarial Science. • BERTIS W. EZERNACK, Zwolle; Business Administra- tion. Ninth Row: • JOSEPH M. FABRIZIO, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Health and Physical Education. • PATRICIA SUE FARROW, Minden; Upper Elementary Education. • CHARLES M. FAUROT, Belle Chasse; Health and Physical Education. • MARY FINCH, Belmont; Ele- mentary Education. • RITA FINDLEY, Shreveport; Chemistry. Tenth Row: • JOHN F. FISHER, Natchitoches; Health and Physi- cal Education. • KAY FLOWERS, Jena; Journalism. • JOHN C. FORD, Leesville; Industrial Education. • BARBARA FOSTER, Alexandria; Primary Education. • ELIZABETH FOSTER, Sondheimer; Social Welfare. 4 ™ Hfl$ 00 15 ¥ JL J tit A 75 Juniors First Row: • ROBERT WAYNE FOSTER, Shreveport; Physical Ed- ucation. • DONALD B. FOWLER. Woodworth; Bi- ology. • JERRY M. FOWLER. Coushatta; Health and Physical Education. • JACK E. FRANCIS, Coushatta; Upper Elementary Education. • HAROLD DENNIS FREEMAN, Logansport; Speech. Second Row: • SAMMY G. FULCO. Shreveport; Accounting. • JIMMEY SUE GABBARD, Hosston; Upper Elementary Education. • LYNN GAINES, Olla; Business Adminis- tration. • MIKE GAINES, Olla; Pre-Law. • KATH- LEEN GALLASPY, Pelican; Piano-Voice Education. Third Row: • RONALD T. GAMMILL, Texarkana, Texas; Indus- trial Arts. • KATHLEEN GATES, Pollock; Nursing. • BOBBIE NELL GATLIN, Colfax; Upper Elementary Education. • JIMMY GENTRY, Shreveport; Industrial Arts. • JAMAL GHAEMI, Teheran, Iran; Chemistry. Fourth Row: • CAROLYN GILES, Shreveport; English. • WILEY B. GILLIS, Pineville; Electronics. • LORA GOLDEN, Jonesboro; Primary Education. BENNY J. GOUGH, Grayson; Industrial Arts. • WILLIAM A. GRAMMER, JR., Benton; History. Fifth Row: • TOMMY GRAVES, Zwolle; Chemistry. • LAVON ELIABETH GRAY, Sibley; Home Economics. • PATRI- CIA GREER, Shreveport; Upper Elementary Educa- tion. • RUTH GREMILLION, Pineville; Nursing. • EARL N. GULLEDGE, Ferriday; Vocational-Industrial Education. Sixth Row: • LINDEL HAGAN. Pineville; Primary Education. • CHARLOTTE HAMIC, Crowley; Upper Elementary Ed- ucation. • BETTY HAMMONS, Delhi; Nursing. • HYL- TON W. HANSON, Natchitoches; Industrial Arts. • WINSOR D. HARMON, Crowley; Marketing. Seventh Row: • FRANKLIN R. HARRINGTON, Pelican; Business Administration. • JOHN F. HARVILL, Newellton; Math. • SANDRA SUE HASH, Converse; Music Edu- cation. • MARGARET HATHORN, Tioga; Primary Education. • LOUIS M. HAYES, Little Rock, Ark.; Health and Physical Education. Eighth Row: • LARRY R. HEARD, Stonewall; Accounting. • RON- ALD HECKEL, Slidell; Physical Education. • DONNA LEE HEIFNER, Long Island, N.Y.; Primary Education. • MAX HEINBERG, Alexandria; Psychology. • ELMER C. HERMES, Shreveport: Art. Ninth Row: • JERRY HERNANDEZ, Nanuet, N.Y.; Accounting. • WILLIAM GLENN HERRING, Alexandria; Account- ing. • FRANK A. HICKMAN, Lecompte; Math. • JU- LIA HILDEBRAND, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary Education. • WILLIAM T. HILGER, Lena; Social Sci- ence. Tenth Row: • JOYCE LYNN HODGES, Georgetown; Elementary Education. • LINDA FAYE HODGESON, Baton Rouge; Nursing. • SUE HOGG, West Monroe. • BAR BARA SUE HOLLIS. Pleasant Hill; Dietetics. • NEL MA HONEYCUTT. Springhill; Business Education. 76 First Row: • JAMES C. HOOPES, Bossier City; Business Adminis- tration. • PEGGY HORTON, Benton; Secretarial Sci- ence. • KAY HOWARD, Augusta, S.C.; English. • BOBBY HOWELL, Bossier City; Health and Physical Education. • NORMA HOYT, Groves, Tex.; Nursing. Second Row: • BETH HUCKABAY, Coushatta; Nursing. • JOHAN- NA HULLS, Newellton; Home Economics Education. • BETTY HUTSON, Transylvania; Nursing. • MIKE HYAMS, Natchitoches; Math. • PAT JACKSON, Ba- ton Rouge; Primary Education. Third Row: O GEORGE M. JAMES, Natchitoches; English Educa- tion. • JAMES H. JARRATT, Delhi; Forestry. • JACK JINES, Alexandria; Industrial Arts. • EDGAR LEE JOHNSON, Hackberry; Zoology. • FRANCES C. JOHNSON, Glenmora; Business Education. Fourth Row: • GERALD WAYNE JOHNSON, Woodworth; Math. • JOLENE JOHNSON, Houma; Speech Education. • RODGER V. JOHNSON, Houma; Speech Education, ministration. • FRANKY C. JONES, Shreveport; Busi- ness Administration. • JUDITH JONES, Jonesboro; Nursing. Fifth Row: • LAWRENCE M. JONES, Ruleville, Miss.; Health and Physical Education. • WAYNE A. JONES, Hjrn- beclc; Industrial Education. • MARY HELEN KILPAT RICK, West Monroe; Nursing. • CARL KNAPP, Jen=: Journalism. • ROBBIE SUE KNIGHTON, Shreveport; Speech and Hearing Therapy. Sixth Row: • PERRY KNOX, Jigger; Upper Elementary Education. • BARBARA LUMBLEY KOCH, Natchitoches, French. • EVAN LANSING KOLB, Alexandria; Business Ad- ministration. • GLENN R. KRAMEL, Libuse; Upper Elementary Education. • ANTHONY J. LaBOA, Alex- andria; Marketing. Seventh Row: • LaRUE LaCAZE, Natchitoches; Accounting. • OL- LIE JO LANDRUM, Leesville; Home Economics Edu- cation. • JERRY M. LANTZ, Vivian; Wildlife Manage- ment. • JERRY LARY, Heflin; Agriculture. • WALTER W. LASHLLY, Winnfield; Math. Eighth Row: • LINDA LAW, Marthaville, Primary Education. • AN- NAH VAUGHN LEACH, Natchitoches; Art. • CAR- OLYN SUE LEACH, Leesville; Medical Technology. • BOBBIE LEDIG, Alexandria; Nursing. • MARTHA LEE, Gilliam; Nursing. Ninth Row: • SALLY MARCELLA LEES, Shreveport; Nursing. • LEON W. FANNING, Haynesville; Accounting. • BOBBY H. LEWIS, Haynesville; Sociology. • JANICE LIGHTFOOT, Shreveport; Primary Education. • JAMES TED LILLEY, Natchitoches, Sociology. Tenth Row: • JANICE LEE LINDSAY, Shreveport; Nursing. • JOHN MARVIN LINDSLY, Cheneyville; Pre-Dentistry. • JANE LINGENFELTER, Shreveport; Nursing. • DA- VID C. LOE, Shreveport; Upper Elementary Education. • JOHN LOKOS, Sopron, Hungary; Health and Phys- ical Education. 77 Juniors First Row: • BILL J. LONG, Winnfield; Education. • CHAR- LOTTE M. LONG, Ferriday; Education. • CONNIE LEVEE. Tallulah; Elementary Education. • MARY KATHRYN LOWE, Haynesville; Upper Elementary Ed- ucation. • LOUIS K. LUCAS, Pineville; Upper Ele- mentary Education. Second Row: • MARJORIE McCLOUD, Raceland; Nursing. • KENNETH P. McDANIEL II, Natchitoches; Physics. • JACKIE ANN McGEE, Bossier City; Primary Edu- cation. • ROLAND McKNEELY, JR., Blanchard; Gov- ernment. • JACQUELINE ANNE McKNlGHT, Sul- phur; Primary Education. Third Row: • JAN McLEISH, Plain Dealing; Primary Education. • CHARLES R. MAINS, Many; Math. • BRYANT D. MALONE, Logansport; Industrial Technology. • SUE MARIONEAUX, Shreveport; Business Administration. • E. WAYNE MARTIN, Florien; Math. Fourth Row: • JOHN E. MARTIN, Natchitoches; Social Science. • ROBERT GERALD MARTIN, Natchitoches; Business Administration. • WILLARD G. MARTIN, Minden; Business Education. • SANDRA MARX, Crowley; Nurs- ing. • A. C. MASINGILL, JR., Natchitoches; Business Education. Fifth Row: • RICHARD D. MASON, Greggton, Tex.; Physical Education. • HENRY MASSON, Pineville; Accounting. • GEORGE MASTERS, Provencal; Animal Husbandry. • FRANK MATHEWS, W.N.Y., N.J.; Marketing • BETSY MAY, Leesville; Piano. Sixth Row: • JOHN C. MAYS, Glenmora; Math. • DONALD GENE MEISNER, JR., Shreveport; Marketing. • NANCY J. MELROY, Ringgold; Upper Elementary Education. • KATHLEEN MERRITT, Shreveport; Nurs- ing. • WILLIAM N. MILLER, DeRidder; Upper Ele- mentary Education. Seventh Row: • MICKEY MILLS, Opelousas; Physical Education. • WALTER LEE MITCHELL, Mansfield; Accounting. • JOHN DAVIS MIZE, Shreveport; Business Administra- tion. • A. J. MODIER, Bossier City; Agriculture. • CAROLYN ANN MONKHOUSE, Shreveport; Jour- nalism. Eighth Row: • GARY MOORE, Leesville; English. • MICHAEL MOORE, Dodson; Sociology. • WILLIAM B. MOR- GAN, Springhill; Accounting. • C. B. MORRISON, Natchitoches; Journalism. • CLARICE ANN MOR- VANT, Sulphur; Health and Physical Education. Ninth Row: • TOM NASH, Alexandria; Accounting. • JANICE NEELY, Shreveport; English. • RICHARD E. NORRED, Shreveport; Government. • NICK M. NORCIA, Owensboro, Ky.; Business Administration. • LAURALIE NORMAND, Alexandria; French. Tenth Row: • SUE NORMAN, Shreveport; Primary Education. • NELWYN NORSWORTHY, Natchitoches; Piano and Voice. • IRMA DEAN NUGENT, Harrisonburg; Ele- mentary Education. • MARY JOSETTE NULL. Oak- dale; Health and Physical Education. • SIDNEY O ' BRYAN, Joyce; Accounting. 78 ft O ii First Row: • CLIFFORD W. OGLESBY, Plain Dealing; Business Administration. • RUSSELL OGILVIE, Shreveport; Business Administration. • DELMER WAYNE OLDS, Shreveport; Physical Education. • ROBERT ORTEGO, Basile; Physical Education. • SUZZANNE PALMER, Hughes Springs, Tex.; Zoology. Second Row: • WAYNE ROY PARKER, Alexandria; Industrial Arts. • PRUDENCE PARROTT, Shreveport; Medical Tech- nology. • CHARLOTTE PATE, Bossier City; Math. • ELIZABETH ANN PAYNE, Ringgold; Home Economics Education. • MERLE PAYNE, Rayville; Nursing. Third Row: • ROBERT GLENN PEACOCK, Mansfield; Industrial Arts. • CARMEN PEEVY, Baton Rouge; Nursing. • EVELYN PENNEY, DeRidder; Upper Elementary Edu- cation. • MAXINE PENNEY, DeRidder; Primary Educa- tion. • DOROTHY M. PERSON, Ville Platte; Sociology. Fourth Row: • DORRIS PERRY, Sieper; Nursing. • MILTON CHARLES PETERSON, DeOuincy; Health and Physical Education. • NOVA LEE PHILLIPS, Alexandria; Nurs- ing. • MARY LYNN PIETSCH, Ringgold; Elementary Education. • SAM PIRANIO, Leesville; Business Ad- ministration. Fifth Row: • MARILYN PITTS, Robeline; Business Education. O JOYCE W. PONDER, Ringgold; Primary Education. • MARY ALICE PRESTRIDGE, Alexandria; Nursing. • M. CLARENE PREWITT, West Monroe; English. • SALLY C. PRUDHOMME, Bermuda; Primary Edu- cation. Sixth Row: • DORIS E. PUGH, Lake Charles; Secretarial Science. • JAMES L. RABB, Waterproof; Agriculture. • FRANK L. RAMBIN, Powhattan; Math. • ROBERT R. REEDER, Haynesville; Business Administration. • CAL- VIN JAY REESE, Shreveport; Business Administration. Seventh Row: • ROBERT D. REEVES, Baton Rouge; Speech Therapy. • CAROLYN REGION, Alexandria; Nursing. • EDNA LeMAY RICE, Campti; Home Economics. • LARRY PATRICK RICE, Winnfield; Agriculture. • DORIS MARIE RICHARD, Shreveport; Business Education. Eighth Row: • CATHERINE RICHARDSON, Leesville; Business Ad- ministration. • ROYCE W. RICHMON, Pitkin; Upper Elementary Education. • HERBY ROACH, Shreveport; Zoology. • T. A. ROBERTS, Grayson; Government. • CAROLYN ROBINETTE, Mansfield; Business Education. Ninth Row: • BARBARA ANN ROBISON, Logansport; Upper Ele- mentary Education. • GLENN W. ROBISON, Morgan City; Physics. • MAXINE ROGE, Cloutierville; Nurs- ing. • RICHARD LEE ROGERS, Palestine, Tex.; Busi- ness Administration. • BONNIE ROLLING, Metairie; Home Economics. Tenth Row: • FRANCES GAYLE ROSS, Negreet; Upper Elemen- tary Education. • BETTY ROUGEAU, Pine ille; Nurs- ing. • PEGGY A. ROY, Natchitoches; Upper Ele- mentary Education. • SAMUEL H. RUSSELL, Maple- wood; Physics. • ROBERT S. RUSHING, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary Education. 79 Juniors First Row: • AUBREY LYNN RYALS, Winnfield; Agriculture. • GAIL ANN RYLEE, Alexandria; Medical Technology. • STANLEY SAKOVICH, Shreveport; Art. • CLAIRE SALTER. Natchitoches; Home Economics. • PATRICIA ANN SANDERS, Bastrop; Nursing. Second Row: • BOBBY SASSER, Ball; Wildlife Management, e LAURANCE B. SCHAUF, St. Joseph; Upper Elemen- tary Education. • VIRGINIA SCHUETZ, DeRldder; Business Education. • RODNEY SELF, Many; Industrial Arts. • HUEY P. SERMONS, Pineville; Accounting. Third Row: • CHARLES R. SIMMONS, Pineville; Math. • C. GERALD SIMON, Pineville; Accounting. • JESSE DALE SKINNER, Belmont; Health and Physical Educa- tion. • S. L. SLACK, Sarepta; Business Administration. • JAMES WILLARD SLAUGHTER, Glenmora; Business Administration. Fourth Row: GLENDA F. SMITH, Cotton Valley; Business Admin- istration. • JACKIE L. SMITH, Kentwood; Health and Physical Education. • WILLIAM A. SMITH, JR., Natch- itoches; Industrial Technology. • VIC STELLY, Zach- ary; Health and P hysical Education. • MARILYN STEWART, Shreveport; Bacteriology. Fifth Row: • CHARLES R. STOKES, Calcasieu; Industrial Tech- nology. • WILLIAM R. STOTHART, Coushatta; Soci- ology. • RUTH STROZIER, Trout; Business Education. • MURIEL D. SULLIVAN, Castor; Math. • STANLEY L. SUTHERLAND, Belle Chasse; Industrial Education. Sixth Row: • DEWEY SWOR, Pollock; Journalism. • PEGGY SWOR, Shreveport; English. • JAMES TAIT, Long- view, Tex.; E ' ectronics. • SCRIVEN A. TAYLOR; Natchitoches; Business Administration. • ANITA ROSE THEDFORD, Many; Dietetics. Seventh Row: • PAUL L. THIEL. Shreveport; Accounting. • JERRY MICHAEL THIELS, Alexandria; Accounting. • BILLY S. THOMAS, Natchitoches; German and French. • ROBERT W. THOMAS, Baton Rouge; Elementary Edu- cation. • GLORIA JEAN THOMPSON. Goldonna; Primary Education. Eighth Row: • DEANNIE THORNTON, Bosco; Nursing. • ELLI- ENNE NELL TODD. Bell City; Nursing. • RUBY DEAN TREVILLION, Waterproof; Upper Elementary Educa- tion. • SHARON TUDOR, Pineville; Nursing. • ROB- ERT JOSEPH TURLEY, Natchitoches; Accounting. Ninth Row: • DONALD F. VanGOSSEN, Alexandria; Business Ad ministration. • PETER PAUL VERRET, Raceland; Health and Physical Education. • PATRICK VIDRINE, Ville Platte; Music. • DONALD W. WAITS, Natchitoches; Art. • ANNETTE WALKER, Epps; Elementary Educa- tion. Tenth Row: • MARY K. WALKER, Plain Dealing; Primary Educa- tion. • DOROTHY WALLEN, Nashville, Tenn.; Art. • MARY LOUISE WALTERS, Colfax; Primary Educa- tion. • ARTHUR LYNN WARD, Leesville; Industrial Arts Education and Health and Physical Education. • DAVID WARD, Montgomery; Industrial Education. 80 fifj First Row: • EDNA M. WARD, Heflin; Elementary Education. • LAVE TE WARD, Shreveport; Home Economics. • ROBERT LEE WARD, Pineville; Bio-Chemistry. • SHIR- LEY ANN WARD, Provencal; Upper Elementary Edu- cation. • JANE WATERS, Natchitoches; Upper Ele- mentary Education and Library Science. Second Row: • PATRICIA WATTS, Saline; Nursing. • ROBERT R. WEAVER, Campti; Industrial Education. • WALTER WEAVER, Coushatta; Agriculture. • JOSEPH C. WEINMUNSON, New Orleans; Journalism. • TRUITT WELDON, Natchitoches; Business Administration. Third Row: • EDWIN OLAN WESTMORELAND, Shreveport; Journalism. • FRANCIS DAN WHITEHURST, Pine- ville; Accounting and Business Administration. • SUE WHITEMAN, New Orleans; Nursing. • MIKE WHIT- FORD, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary Education. • JON WHITTINGTON, Bossier City; Industrial Arts Education. Fourth Row: • DONALD W. WILKINS, Homer; Vocal Music. • GLENN WILKINS, Homer; Upper Elementary Educa- tion. • BILLY WILKINSON, Calvin; Math. • JIMMY G. WILLIAMS, Springhill; Business Administration. • JERRY B. WILLIS, Winnfield; Accounting. Fifth Row: • KENT M. WILLOUGHBY, Shreveport; Health and Physical Education. • JAMES LESLIE WINN, Clarence; Industrial Tech- nology. • JERRY RAY WINN, Natchitoches; Business Administration. • JOHN WOOD, Shreveport; Social Science. • LESTER WOODS, Alexandria; Industrial Technology. Sixth Row: • WILLIAM CARROLL WOOLLEY, Florien; Health and Physical Education. • GENE WRIGHT, Negreet; Physical Education. • GLORIA WRIGHT, Harrison- burg; Library Science. • JERRY L. WRIGHT, Florien; Accounting. • FERRELL MAX YARBROUGH, Cou- shatta; Business Administration. Cheering the Demons on! Sophomores First Row: • GARY W. ACKLIN, Jonesboro; Marketing. • BILLY DON ADAMS, Minden; Physical Education. • JOHNNY ADAMS. Pine- ville- Business. • PHIL ADAMS, Shreveport; Business Administra- tion. • JAN ADCOCK, Kirby; Nursing. • GERALD ADKINS. Coushatta; Zoology. Second Row: • WILLIAM E. AINSWORTH, Natchitoches; Math. • JOY ANN ALBRIHON, Bernice: Nursing. • JOHN PHILLIP ALLEN. Robe- lin; Health and Physical Education. • PATRICIA NELL ALLEN Shreveport; Library Science. • ROSE ANN ALLEY, Leesville Upper Elementary. • CHARLES EDWARD ALMEDA, Lockport Economics. Third Row: • DOTTYE ANDRIES, Glenmora; Nursing. • MATHILDA ANNE ANDRUS Opelousas; Journalism. • RUBY ANTHONY, Ida; Nurs- ing. • JOHNNY F. ARMSTRONG, Gilliam; Physical Education. • CATHERINE GAY ARNOLD, Shreveport; Social Welfare. • CALVIN C. ARNOLD, Campti; Math. Fourth Row: • PEGGY ARWOOD, Bossier City; Speech and Hearing Therapy. • LANGLINAIS ASHTON, Abbeville; Health and Physical Edu- cation. • TILTON A. AUENSON, Alexandria; Pre-Engineering. • KATHRYN CECILE BACLE, Natchitoches; Primary Education. • ROBERT F. BAILEY, Vivian; Physical Education. • KENNETH N. BAIN, Ida; Agriculture. Fifth Row: • SANDRA BAKER, Pineville; Upper Elementary. • BILLIE JEAN BAMBERG, Coushatta; Math. • EDWIN J. BANIAL, Alex- andria; Math. • MARY ANN BANKSTON, Baton Rouge; English and Journalism. • LEWIS P. BARBER, Shreveport; Business Ad- ministration. • JOAN BARKER, Pineville, Nursing. Sixth Row: • SUE BARR, Rodessa; Nursing. • ROBERT BARRETT, Logansport; Industrial Arts. • R. M. BARRETT, Monroe; Industrial Education. • ROBERT BATES, Forest Hill; Upper Elementary. • EARNEST JAMES BAXLEY, Natchitoches; Agriculture. • GERALD BEASLEY, Pineville; Business. Seventh Row: • MURPHY BELGARD, JR., Deville; Math. • CARMEN ANN BENNETT Boyce; Elementary Education. • GERALD WAYNE BENNETT, Zachary; Agriculture. • KENT BENNETT, Alexandria; Animal Husbandry. • JOE CHRIS BERGER, Haynesville; Business Administration. • MARY BERGERON, Baton Rouge; Primary Edu- cation. Eighth Row: • GERALD BERLIN, Alexandria; Accounting. • CAROLYN FAYE BERNARD, Hammond; Nursing. • HELEN BERNARD, Natchi- toches- Primary Education. • NORMAN J. BERTHAUT, New Or- leans- Business Marketing. • NANCY LOU BEST, Bossier City; Nursing. • SHERRI BICE, Pineville; Sociology. Ninth Row: • ZANE W. BIERDEN. Marthaville; Accounting. • MARJORIE S. BILLINGSLEY, Natchitoches; Primary Education. • JIMMY BLACK, Shreveport; Electronics. • WILLIAM O. BLACKSHER. Boyce; Pre-Law. • NORMA BLALOCK, Shreveport; Speech and Hearing Therapy. • DAVIS D. BLAND, Shreveport, Electronics. Tenth Row: • DELPHINE BLANKENSHIP, Alexandria; Primary Education. • LEONARD BLANTON, JR., Springhill; Business Adff tion. • RONALD BLOUNT, Trout; Business Administration. • JOHN ARTHUR BOLIN, Singer; Biology. • BETTY SUE BOLTON, Leesville; Primary Education. ' JACKIE LYNN BOLTON, Winn field, Upper Elementary Education. Eleventh Row: • MARSHALL K. BOOK, Natchitoches; Zoology. • FERNARD BOONE Alexandria, Upper Elementary. ROLAND BOYD BOOTY. Kisatchie; Upper Elementary Education. • DONALD E. BOOTY. Franklinton; Physical Education. • JOAN BOOTY, Kisatchie; Upper Elementary. • KENDYL L. BOOTY, Pineville, Accounting. 8? l Ar lam- k r +M m Jim . Q A Q cj o ! H3 A Aa - At ■ +., ,S frfrfrgoft ' ® li J Sophomores i f First Row: • MARY E. BOOZMAN, Natchitoches; Primary Education. • HENRIETTA BORDELON, Pineville; Home Economics. • JAMES BOYD. Natchitoches; Chemistry. • ANITA BRADBERRY, West Monroe; Nursing. • JIM BRADFORD, Georgetown; Upper Ele- mentary Education. • AUTUMN NELL BRADLEY, Shreveport; Business Administration. Second Row: • NANCY BRADLEY, Plain Dealing; Primary Education. • JOHN BENNY BRADY. Winnfield; Social Science. • RICHARD H. BRASHER, Jena: Government. • THOMAS E. BRASHER, Lake Charles; Pre-Law. • SUE BRES. Natchitoches, Upper Elementary Education. • TOMMY R. BREWTON, Goldonna; Math. Third Row: • BRENDA NELL BRIDGES, Alexandria; Biology. • DONNA BRIEGEL, Shreveport; Upper Elementary Education. • BARBARA LYNN BRIGHT, Homer; Primary Education. • KATHLEEN BRIT- TAIN. Shreveport; Elementary Education. • ROBERT H. BROOKS Montgomery; Accounting. • TROY H. BROSSETT, Campti; Busi- ness. Fourth Row: • ANNA MARIE BROUSSARD, Natchitoches; Home Economics. • BENNIE BROWN, DeRidder; Physical Education. • FLORA BROWN, Shreveport; Secretarial Science. • LESH NETTLES BROWN, Coushatta; Accounting. • PEGGY BROWNE, Baton Rouge; Upper Elementary. • SHERRY BRUNSON. Haynesville; Accounting. Fifth Row: • MELINDA BRUNSTON, Shreveport; Business Administration. • CHARLES E. BUNDRICK, Winnfield; Accounting. • R-EUBEN J. BURNS, Natchitoches; Agriculture. • GLORIA BURROWS, Ringgold; Home Economics. • JERRY BURTON, Shreveport; Physical Education. • STEPHEN A. BURTON, Oil City; Pre- Engineering. Sixth Row: • PAUL ED BUSH. Tioga; Health and Physical Education. • AL- BERT MORGAN BYRNES. Jennings; Sociology. • ALEX CABA NILLAS. Natchitoches; Accounting. • FREDA CADOW, Houma; Physics. • SAMUEL HOUSTON CADE, JR., Natchitoches; Zoology. • DAVID CALAWAY, Bunkie; Physical Education. Seventh Row: • CATHERINE CALHOUN, Shreveport; Speech Therapy. • RILEY LEE CALHOUN, Eva; Agriculture. • RODNEY B. CALHOUN, Eva; Agriculture. • GEORGE CAMERON. Colfax; Math. • CAROLYN CAMPO. Alexandria; Secretarial Science. • BETTY JEAN CARAWAY, Hodge; Nursing. Eighth Row: • VIRGINIA CARPENTER, Springhill; Medical Technology. • STEVIE LYNN CARROLL, Florien; Business Administration. • JERRY W. CARTER, Shreveport; Business Administration. • MARY LOU CARTER, Winnsboro; Nursing. • CECELIA SUE CARVER Leesville; Upper Elementary Education. • THERESA CATHERUC- CIA, Colfax; Upper Elementary Education. Ninth Row: • SHEARON CAUSEY, Shreveport; Business Education. • BILLIE JEAN CHAMPION, Houma: English. • BILLY CHANCE. Ana- coco; Upper Elementary. • CAROLE CHANCE. Elizabeth; Enq lish. • VALERIE CHARLES, Maplewood; Nursing. CHEATWOOD, Saline; Business Education. fh; Eng- HELEN Tenth Row: • ANNE L. CLARK. Alexandria; Medical Technology. • JAMES W. CLEGG, Shreveport; Music Education. • DORIS J. COAN- FORD, Coushatta; Home Economics. • MARGIE MOZELLE COBBS Marthaville; Primary Education. • GAYLE COCO, A ' r. andria; Nursing. • JUDY ANN COKER. Alexandria; Nursing. Eleventh Row: • CHARLES A. COLEMAN. Shreveport; Business Administration. • LINDA COLEMAN Monroe; Sociology. • LESLIE O ' NEAL COLLIER, Gilmer, Texas- Physical Educat.on. • BRENDA COL- LINS Winnfield: Social Science. • JACK COLLINS. Shreveport; Pre Dental. • OLAUS REAN CONNOR. Winnfield; Sociology. 83 Sophomores First Row: • SAM COOKE. JR., Waskom, Texas; Business Administration. • JOYCE COOLEY, Boyce- Home Economics. • TERRY COOLEY, Alexandria- Art. • SUSAN COOPER, Natchitoches; Nursing. • W. JOE CORBELL, Springhill; Commercial Art. • M. CARO- LYN CORLEY, Merryville; Home Economics Education. Second Row: • THEODORE S. CORMIER, Lake Charles; Industrial Education. • NORMA KIT CARSON, Shreveport; Physical Education. • ROBERT RAY CORTINEZ, Shreveport; Accounting. • LEROY COSSE Port Sulphur; Physical Education. • MARTHA ELAINE COTTEN, Shreveport; Journalism. • ROBIN COTTON, Baton Rouge; Elementary Education. Third Row: • GLENDON E.COVINGTON, Plain Dealing; Agriculture. • JOE M. COX Logansport; Business Education. • MELVIN COX, Natchitoches; Industrial Arts. • ROBERT H. CRAI N, Haynesville; Accounting. • GLORIA CRANE, Newellton; Math. • J. S. CRAWFORD, Belle Chasse; Animal Husbandry. Fourth Row: • PEYTON CRAWFORD, Shreveport; Industrial Education • VERNON CRAWFORD, Plain Dealing; Agriculture. • JERALD A. CREAMER Campti; Civil Engineering. • BARBARA JEAN CRIPPEN Bossier City; Primary Education. • JESSE CROOKS, Jena- Sociology. • LARRY CROW, Merryville; Physical Education. Fifth Row: • LINDA CROW, Cotton Valley; Nursing. • BILLIE CRYER, Pineville; Nursing. • JOHN PAUL CULPEPPER, JR., Mansfield; Business Administration. • MARY DAMICO, Alexandria; Nursing. • CHARLIE R. DAVIS, Sibley; Health and Physical Education. • BARBARA DAWSON, Oak Grove; Nursing. Sixth Row: •BERNARD LINDA DEAN Natchitoches; LOUIS H D. DAWSON, Natchitoches; Social Welfare. • Sarepta; Primary Education. • LUCILE DeBLIEUX, Social Science. • MARLIN DEEN, Atlanta; Math. DINNAT, Alexandria; Business Administration. • CATHERINE L. DISTEFANO, Hammond; Nursing. Seventh Row: • BENNIE L. DODSON, Leesville; Business Administration. • MURPHY JOHN DOMINGUES, JR., Lake Charles; Business Ad- ministration. • CHARLES E. DOTY, Shreveport; Accounting. • HAROLD DOYLE, Pitkin; Agronomy. • JOSEPH DOW, Lees- ville; Pre-Engineering. • BARBARA JEAN DOWDEN, Oil City; Business Education. Eighth Row: • WANDA LOU DOWDEN, Kisatchie; Home Economics. • JIM- MY HARLAN DRISKILL, Cullen; Health and Physical Education. • JUNE DUCOTE, Shreveport; Speech Therapy. • ROBERT E. DUGGAN Many; Accounting. • CAROLYN DUNN, Olla; Pri- mary Education. • LILLIAN DUPREE, Bastrop; Nursing. Ninth Row: • RODNEY PAUL DUPREE, Orange, Texas; Physical Education. • ROBERT EUGENE EASLEY, Goldonna; Business Education. • MYRNA EASON, Marthaville; Nursing. • TOMMY EISENHAUER, Shreveport; Accounting. • SAMMY ELDER, Bossier City; Chem- istry. • DAVID ELIAS, Colfax, Accounting. Tenth Row: • GLORIA J. ELY, Balboa Heights, Canal Zone; Elementary Edu cation. • JERRY ALLEN ESTES, Jackson; Business Administration. • SARAH ELLEN FERGUSON, Anacoco; Home Economics • CHARLES FESTERVAND, Shreveport; Business Administration. • WILLIAM R. FIRMENT, kochester Michigan; Physical Education. • BETTYE LOU FLETCHER Mansfield; Home Economics. Eleventh Row: • MARY SUE FLETCHER, DeRidder; Primary Education. • BAR BARA E. FLOYD, Pineville; Medical Technology. • NELWYN FLUfD Pelican; Primary Education. • DENNIS G. FOLDS Law- tell; Speech. • SANDRA FOLSE, Bastrop; Math. • GAIL FORD, Mansfield; Nursing. ftl lQ i 84 Sophomores %%%% % First Row: • JARRETT LOUIS FORD, Melder; Business Administration. • PAULINE L. FORD, Pineville; Sociology. • YVONNE FORD, Columbia; Primary Education. • ROY D. FARMER, Pineville; Music. • MELBA D. FRENCH, Natchitoches; Primary Education. • CHARLES MICKEY FRYE, Heflin; Industrial Arts. secon d R ow: • RAYMOND FULCO, Shreveport; Indust rial Arts. • HERMAN B. FULLER, Chalmette; Social Science. • CATHERINE ALINE FUSELIER, Oakdale; Home Economics Education. • FREDDIE JEAN FUSELIER, Oakdale; French. • BARBARA GAYLE FUTRELL. Colfax; Secretarial Science. • JODY ANNE GAINER, Gonzales; Nursing. Third Row: • CHARLES L. GALLIGAN, Alexandria; Business Administration. • PATRICIA ANNE GANDY, Stonewall; Journalism. • ROBERT GENTRY, Marthaville; Journalism. • WALTER EDWARD GEORGE, Shreveport; Industrial Technology. • WILL REUBEN GEORGE, Stonewall; Business Education. • NED L. GERMANY, JR., New Iberia; Physical Education. Fourth Row: • MARTHA GEYER, Shreveport; Nursing. • DOUG GIBSON, Marshall. Texas; Sociology. • GILES OLAN GILLIAM, Shreve- port; Pre-Med. • JOSEPH THOMAS GLORIOSO, Alexandria; Accountinq. • DOUGLAS A GORDON, Anacoco; Journalism. • GLENDA GOSS, Florien; Nursing. Fifth Row: • TOMMY D. GRAFTON, Bernice; Upper Elementary. • DORO- THY M. GRAISER, New Orleans; Social Science. • CHARLES RQY GRAY, Sheveport; Sociology. • PATSY ANN GRAY, Natchi- toches; Home Economics. • SANDRA GREENE, Fenton; Home Economics Education. • EFFIE GREMILLION, Shreveport; Secre- tarial Science. Sixth Row: • GERALDINE GREMILLION, Alexandria; Nursing. • JERRY LAMAR GRIFFITH, Grand Cane; Accounting and Business Ad- ministration. • JUNE GRIMMER, Mermentau; Nursing. • BOBBIE GLEN GUIN, Winnfield; Speech. • JAMES GUIN, Campti; Pre- Dental. • MARGARET GUIN, Natchitoches; Home Economics Education. Seventh Row: • NANCY GULLEDGE. Shreveport; Secretarial Science. • BETTY HALEY, Natchitoches; Physical Education. • ELIZABETH ANN HALL, Bossier City; Upper Elementary. • CHARLES M. HAM- MONS, Natchitoches; Physical Education. • MYRNA ANN HANCHEY, DeRidder; Upper Elementary. • BONNIE SUE HAND, Springhill; Nursing. Eighth Row: • GLENDA LOUISE HANKWITZ, Colfax; Secretarial Science. • G. DOUGLAS HARKNESS, Sibley; Math. • ELIZABETH HARMON, Crowley; Primary Education. • HOYT W. HARRING- TON. Winnfield; Electronics. • JESSIE BYRON HARRINGTON, Natchitoches; Accounting. • DONALD LEE HARRIS, Bossier City; Wildlife Management. Ninth Row: • JAMES EDWARD HARRISON, Bernice; Physical Education. • FAY ELIZABETH HATAWAY, Pollock; Medical Technology. • HOWARD GAYLE HATCH, Baton Rouge; Physical Education. • ROBERT B. HATCHETT, Boyce; Business Administration. • DORIS HAYES, Shreveport; Social Welfare. • DON HAYNES, Sarepta; Math. Tenth Row: • JERRY R. HEARD, Haynesville; Math. • WILLIAM ANTHONY HECKEL. Slidell; Physical Education. • LEONARD A. HEDRICK, Baton Rouge; Agronomy. • KATHERINE HEINRICHS. Shreve- port; Social Sciences. • ELIZABETH HENNIGAN, Saline; Home Economics Education. • DAVID THOMAS HENRY, Shreveport; Pre-Med. Eleventh Row: • DONALD L. HENRY, Shreveport; Industrial Technology. • CARLTON M. HERPIN. Kaplan; Physical Education and Upper Elementary. • JAMES HERRING, Newellton; Agronomy. • NOR- MAN O. HICKS, Robeline; Social Science. • M. AMELIA HILL Shreveport; Upper Elementary Education. • NEVAL HILTON, Honnbeck; Upper Elementary. 85 Sophomores First Row: • CHUCK HINES. Gibsland; Health and Physical Education. • JOSEPH W. HIRN III. Metairie; English. • LEONARD ALLEN HOLLAND. Sarepta: Accounting. • THOMAS B. HOLLOWELL, Shreveport; Industrial Education. • AMY HOOD, West Monroe: Primary Education. • JAMES EDDIE HOOD, Ruston; Education. Second Row: • KENNETH HOOD, Arcadia; Physical Education. • VIRGINIA WILLIAMS HOOVER, Natchitoches; Library Science. • STEVE HOTHO, Opelousas; Pre-Med. • BOBBY R. HUGHES; Natchi- toches; Math. • JUDITH ANN HUGHES, Hornbeck; Upper Ele- mentary Education. • GINGER A. HURET, Clinton; Nursing. Third Row: • GINGER HUSON, Natchitoches; Speech and Hearing Ther- apy. • JOHN S. HYAMS. Natchitoches; Math. • BETTY LOU JACOBS, Alexandria: Primary Education. • JIMMY JENNINGS, Na -hitoches; Industrial EHucation. • MILDER O. JOFFRION, Keithville; Primary Education. • LESTER JOHNSON, Natchi- toches; Physics. Fourth Row: • LINDA GAYLE JOHNSON, Hineston; Vocal Music. • RONALD GENE JOHNSON. Plain Dealing; Physical Education. • DAVID T. JONES, Heflin; Sociology. • DORIS JONES, Minden; Home Economics. • JOY A. JONES, Lake Charles; Physical Education. • HATTIE RUTH JOPLIN, Ferriday; Primary Education. Fifth Row: • WILLIAM H.JORDAN. Florien; Accounting. • BETTY KELLEY, Winnfield; Home Economics. • PAT KENNEDY, Alexandria; Nurs- ing. • SARA LEE KILLEN, Coushatta; Art Education. • ARTHUR R. KING, Alexandria; Accounting. • CARLINE KING, Alexandria; Nursing. Sixth Row: • WILLIAM O. KING, Plain Dealing; Electronics. • JERRY KIRCUS, Shreveport: Government. • LARRY KIRKLAND, Pine- ville; Biology. • DORIS S. KIRKPATRICK, Leesville; Secretarial Science. • JERRY LANE KITCHIINGS, Coushatta; Industrial Education. • CYNTHIA ADELE KNIGHT, Alexandria; Library Science. Seventh Row: • JIMMY FAYE KNOTT, Marthaville: Primary Education. • CAROL ANN KNOTTS, Barksdale; Zoology. • MARGARET KNOTTS. Saline; Dietetics. • RODNEY GENE KOURY, Leesville; Pre-Med-Chemistry. • MARGARET JEAN LaCOUR, Shreveport; Upper Elementary. • YVETTE LAFFITTE, Mansfield; Secretarial Science. Eighth Row: • BOBBY G. LAMBERT. Mansfield; Industrial Arts. • WARREN LANDRY, Kaplan; Accounting. • MICKEY DON LANKFORD, Gilliam; Health and Physical Education. • THOMAS D. LeDOUX, Opelousas; Business Education. • SHARON LYNN LEMMONS, Pollock; Art. • JERRY E. LEMOINE, Verda; Physical Education. Ninth Row: • JAMES M. LeVASSEUR, Shreveport; German. • ERROL LILL, Baton Rouge; Nursing. • EVELYN LINDSEY, Haughton; Nursing. • ROBBIE M. LINDSEY, Coushatta; Primary Education. • JUDY LITTLE, Vivian; Primary Education. • PAT LITTON, Pineville; Medical Technology. Tenth Row: • MIKE GEORGE LIVERMAN, LOFTIN, Coushatta; Agronomy. Secretarial Science. • SALLY • SIDNEY Y. LUCIUS, Florien; CANN, Pineville; Accounting. Shreveport; Art. • JAMES B. PRISCILLA LONG, Winnfield; A. LONG, Tullos; Sociology. Agriculture. • HERBERT Mc- Eleventh Row: • ARLETTE McCASLAND, Lisbon; Upper Elementary Education. • MELVIN W. McCONNELL, Springhill; Agriculture. • RUSS MclNNlS, Alexandria; Business Administration. • KAY MclN TOSH, St. Joseph; Home, Economics. • LAURA McLEISH Plain Dealing; Primary Education. • LINDA McLIN, Baton Rouge, Nuriing. 86 % % v .; 1 %$n Sophomores First Row: • E. KENT McMICHAEL, Hemet; Business Education. • ARNETTA McPHEARSON, Mansfield; Commercial Art. • RICHARD V. McQUILLIN, Montgomery; Upper Elementary. • JOY EVELYN McRAE, Leesville; Business Education. • JAMES F. MAGEE, JR., Baton Rouge; Business Education. • PAT G. MALSTROM, Shreve- port; Business Administration. Second Row: • BRENDA MALONE, Vinton; Nursing. • JOE MARANTO, Shreve- port; Economics. • MARY MANITZAS, Shreveport; Upper Ele- mentary. • TROY MARLER, Hineston; Upper Elementary. • ROBERT MARSHMAN, St. Francisville; Art. • CONNIE MAR- SIGLIA, Bossier City; Business E ducation. Third Row: • NANCY MARTIN, West Monroe; Nursing. • ALICE FAY MASSEY, Wisner; Primary Education. • HOMER MATLOCK, Plain Dealing; Agriculture. • ANN MATTHEWS, Many; Library- Science. • BARBARA MATTINGLY, Bossier City; Upper Ele- mentary. • DIANNE MAYEAUX, Natchitoches; Pre-Law and Social Studies. Fourth Row: • DARRELL MAYES. Winnfield; Math. • LILLIAN ALINE MAYES Grayson; Home Economics. • JAMIE MAYS, Minden; Physical Education. • MARIAN MEADOR, Shreveport; Primary Education. • KENNETH MEGASON, Marthaville; Business Administration. • RICHARD D. MELLON, Alexandria; Business Administration. Fifth Row: • WILLIAM MELNYCHUR, Edmonton, Alta.; Geography. • TROY LEE MEREDITH, Shreveport; Business Administration. • MARLIN E. MERRELL III, Lena; Medical Technology. • WANDA MERRITT, Benton; Primary Education. • ROBERT D. MEYERS, Marthaville; Education. • OPAL MIDKIIFF, DeRidder; Upper Elementary. Sixth Row: • GLEN DALE MIERS, Florien; Social Science. • EDDY MILLER, Natchitoches; Sociology. • LEIGHTON D. MINER, .IR Alex- andria; Government. • CATHERINE MISCHLER. Shreveport; Art Education. • CHARLES MITCHELL, Mans,.ed; Oppe. ce mentary Education. • H. RICHARD MITCHELL. Jena; Industrial Arts. Seventh Row: • JOHN WALTER MITCHELL, DeRidder; Upper Elementary Education. • LaVERNE MITCHELL, Florien; Nursing. • PATRICIA MONK, Sieper; Upper Elementary Education. • PEGGY JEAN MONKHOUSE, Shreveport; Upper Elementary Education. • FERN MONROE, Montgomery; English. • RONNIE MONTGOMERY, Provencal; Forestry. Eighth Row: • BETH MOORE, Marthaville; Nursing. • DOROTHY MOORE, Winnfield; Business Education. • FRANCES E. MOORE, Pine- ville; Primary Education. • JAMES MOORE, Mansfield; Physical Education. • JUANITA MOORE. Eunice; Nursing. • NELLIE SUE MOORE, Winnfield; Upper Elementary Education. Ninth Row: • PATSY MARINE MOORE, Bossier City; Upper Elementary Edu- cation. • KENNETH MORAN, Columbus, Miss.; Business Ad- ministration. • CAROLYN LEE MORGAN, Alexandria; Medical Technology. • JAM ES E. MORGAN, Deville: Accounting. • FRANCES MORROW, DeRidder; English. • GERRY MULLINS. Shreveport; Upper Elementary Education. Tenth Row: • STEPHEN PATRICK MURPHY, Natchitoches; Industrial Edu- cation. • ELIZABETH ANN MYERS, Shreveport; Upper Elementary Education. • GEORGE S. MYERS, Lake Providence; Industrial Education. • JOHN JAMES NASH, Bunkie; Agriculture. • CLOTILE NATTIN, Bossier City; Primary Education. • BETTY ANN NEELY, Shreveport; Journalism. Eleventh Row: • BILLY RAY NELMS, Provencal; Upper Elementary Education. • JERRY NETTLES, Shreveport; Accounting. • GARY KEITH NEVILS, Kinder; Pre-Law. • WILLIE DALE NIX, Benton; Upper Elementary Education. • ALICE N. NIXON, Gibsland; Social Science. • FLOYD JOSEPH NEOL, Abbeville; Physical Education and Upper Elementary. 87 Sophomores First Row: • JOHNNY NORMAN. Coushatta; Animal Husbandry. • LAMAR NORMAN, Coushatta; Agronomy. • LEROY NUCKOLLS, Shreve- port; Industrial Arts Education. • PAUL W. OAKLEY, Converse- Social Science. • MICHAEL O ' HALLORAN, Alexandria; Pre- Law. • STAYTON B. OLIVER, Stireveport; Geology. Second Row: • JOHNNIE MAE O ' NEAL, Logansport; Upper Elementary Edu- cation. • SUNSHINE PALMER, Mansfield; Nursing. • HARRIS L. PATTON, JR., Raceland; Accounting. • CAROLYN PAXTON, Alexandria; Nursing. • SUE PEACE, Negreet; Nursing. • ROB- ERT CHARLES PEAK, Alexandria; Government. Third Row: • DONNA PEDRON, Springhill; Social Science. • GLYNN PENINGER. Forest Hill; English and Journalism. • REMY R. PEROT, Owego, New York; Pre-Law. • WILLIAM N. PERRY, Baton Rouge; Chemistry. • WANDA PETERS, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary Education. • LUKE PHILLIPS, Long Island City, New York; Physical Education. Fourth Row: • GLENDA PILCHER. Many; Primary Education. • JUANITA PITTMAN. Dubberly; Nursing. • FRANCIS E. PIXLEY, Shongaloo; Nursing. • CLAUDIA POLLOCK, Shreveport; Secretarial Science. • LAURA JEAN PONSEILE. Shreveport; Primary Education. • JOHN T. PORTER, Winnfield; Upper Elementary Education. Fifth Row: • DOLORES POWELL, Waterproof; Primary Education. • JO ANN POWELL, Shreveport; Primary Education. • WANNELLA POWELL. Merryville; Primary Education. • CARROLL PRESLEY, Gorum; Accounting. • WAYNE PREWITT, West Monroe; Social Science. • ELIZABETH PRICE. Pollock; Nursing. Sixth Row: • WILLIAM A. PRICE, Alexandria; Accounting. • WARREN T. PRICE, JR., Jackson; Physical Education. • JERRICE PRINCE, Jonesville; Nursing. • PATTY PROPHIT, Monroe; Nursing. • PAUL PROSKOWETZ, Alexandria; Speech. • SANDRA PROTHRO, Coushatta: Business Education. seven th R ow: • JAMES L. PRUDHMME, Natchitoches; Business Administra- tion. • LEONIE PRUDHOMME. Natchitoches; Piano-Voice. • SIDNEY PRUDHOMME. Villa Platte; Pre-Med. • KENNETH PURVIS, Shreveport: Industrial Arts. • MARY JEANETTE PUR- CELL, Bossier City; Library Science. • RONNY OUIMBY, Natchi- toches; Business Administration. Eighth Row: • THOMAS W. RACHAL, Natchitoches; Accounting. • TOMMIE SUE RALEY. Ringgold; Home Economics. • MAXINE RAMBIN, Pelican; Upper Elementary Education. • MARGIE ANN RAMSEY, Newellton; Upper Elementary Education. • SANDRA RANDALL, Baton Rouge; Speech and Hearing Therapy. • FRED RANDOW, Pineville; Business Administration. Ninth Row: • BEVERLY SUE REEVES. Shreveport; WYNDOLYN A. REYNOLDS. Pineville; • PATSY ANN RHODES. Bossier City; cation. • BONNIE D. RICHARDSON, Hackberry. Library Sci- ence. • RUTH LOUISE RICHARDSON, Shreveport; Social Welfare. • GLENDA RICHMOND, Delhi; Nursing. Primary Education. • Elementary Education. Upper Elementary Edu- Tenth Row: • NANCY RICKS, Florien; Music Education. • NELDA ANN RIGDON, Ashland; Home Economics. • DONNA FAY RITCHIE, Lockport; Math. • CUBIE MARILYN RIVERS. Zwolle; Home Eronomics. • JAKE RIVERS. Zwolle; Physical Education. • CARO LYN RUTH ROBERTS, Alexandria; Health and Physical Education. Eleventh Row: • CHARLES H. ROBERTSON. BARA ROBINETTE. Mansfield; Secretarial Science. • " CARLTON ROCKETT. Leesville; Pre-Dental. • GEORGE CHESTER ROGERS, Shrevep ort; Wildlife Management. • JO NELL ROGERS, Pelican; Home Economics. • KATHRYN ROGERS, Springhill; Nursing. Ball; Industrial Technology. • BAR • CARl 88 :£$£$££ .la M Sophomores 9J 2 First Row: • STUART D. ROLLINS, Shreveport; Industrial Technology. • HARRY DONOVAN ROSS, Simpson;. Industrial Technol- ogy. • CHARLES L. ROUGEAU, Many; Health and Physical Education. • LA NAE ROWELL, Winntield; Journalism. • DAR- RELL ROY, Port Sulphur; Physical Education. • ELIZABETH ROYSTON, Robeline; Home Economics. Second Row: • FRANCES RUSSELL Greenwood; Special Education. • LOUISE RUSSELL, Sondheimer; Nursing. • HERBERT SALARD, Natchi- toches; Wildlife Management. • JAMES I AMAR SALTER, Florien; Business Education. • RICHARD A. SASSER, Deville; Math. • CLARENCE WEBSTER SAWYER, Shreveport; Accounting. Third Row: • MANAEN M. SCHAMBER, Basile; Electronics. • JUDITH F. SCOTT, Natchitoches; Library Science. • JAMES ELTAN SCRUGGS, Zwolle; Industrial Arts. • RUTH SELF, Hornbeek; Business Education. • JAMES A. SHAHAN, Logansport; Math. • NELIA SHAW, Springhill; Nursing. Fourth Row: • GLENDA GAYLE SHEPHERD, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary Education. • CHARLES SHIRLEY. Baton Rouge; Business Admin- istration. • THOMAS E. SHIVERS, Natchitoches; Physical Edu- cation. • BEA BETH SKINNER, Many; Elementary Education. • CARROLL E. SLACK, Cotton Valley; Zoology. • GAIL SLACK. Natchitoches; Primrary Education. Fifth Row: • BILLIE HENRY SLATTEN, Boyce; Bacteriology. • JULIA KAY SMITH, Rayville- Accounting. • MABEL LOUISE SMITH, Taylor; Nursing. • NELDA SMITH, Winntield; Math. • OBRIAN SMITH Shreveport; Math. • PEGGY SMITH, Coushatta; Nursing. Sixth Row: • ROBERT T. SMITH. Natchitoches; Music. • SARA SMITH Donelson, Tenn.; Nursing. • JOHN R. SPALDING, Natchitoches- Social Sciences. • JERRY CLARENCE SPEARS, Logansport- Jour- nalism. • ROBERT SPILLERS, Shreveport; Pre-Law. • SHIRLEY SPRATT, Bossier City; Nursing. Seventh Row: • BILLY L. ST. ANDRE, Natchitoches; Electronics. • JOHNNY STAHL, Zwolle; Business Administration. • CORENE STEAGALL. Zimmerman: Biology. • JAMES STEPHENS, Natchitoches; Busi- ness Administration. • MELBA L. STEPHENS, Elizabeth; Upper Elementary Education. • TOMMY STEWART, Doyline; Sociology. Eighth Row: • MABURL STILES, Campti; Journalism. • RITA STOVER. Shreveport; Nursing. • LEAH STOREY, Monterey; Home Eco- nomics. • HERMAN STUART. Pineville; Government. • ANNIE SUGGS. Lisbon; Nursing. • NINA SUE SULLIVAN, Innis; Math. Ninth Row: • VIRGINIA SUMRALL, Shreveport; Secretarial Science. • ALLEN ROY SWILLEY, Winntield- Music Education. • GLENN TALBERT, Lake Charles; Physical Education. • CURTIS G. TAY- LOR. Mansfield; Sociology. • GEORGE W. TAYLOR. Behan Oty, Medical Technology. • SANDRA TAYLOR. Winntield; Primary Education. Tenth Row: • RONALD TERRY, Pineville; Forestry. • ELIZABETH THACKER Oil City; Home Economics. • OLLIE THAMES, Shreveport; Agri- culture. • DOROTHY THOMAS. Shongaloo; Nursing. • JUDYE BETH THOMAS. Shreveport; Upper Elementary Education. • CHARLES KENNETH THOMPSON, Kllgore, Texas; Accounting. Eleventh Row: • MYRTLE THOMPSON, Pollock; Math. • PAT THOMPSON Jonesboro; Health and Physical Education. • WILFRED J TOWN SEND, Bossier City; Marketing. • DOROTHY TREVENIN. Alex- andria; Sociology. • RACHEL TRIPP, Cullen; Nursing. • ANNE TURNER, Monroe; Nursing. 89 Sophomores First Row: PEGGY TURNER, Simpson; Business Education. • MARY ELLEN TYLER, Shreveport; Health and Physical Education. • ANETTE LINDA URBAN, Alexandria; Social Welfare. • LOUIS G. VAINE, Bellows Falls, Vt. : Business. • DAVID VANDERLICK, Alexandria; Agronomy. • JERRY ANN VANN, Bossier City; Piano and Voice. Second Row: • STEVE VAN PRAAG, Brooklyn, New York; Physical Education. • CYNTHIA ANN VAUGHAN, Cotton Valley; Nursing. • DORO- THY VINIS Newellton; Elementary Education. • ELIZABETH WALKER Jonesboro; Nursing. • JAMES WALKER, Natchitoches; Government. • PATRICIA WALKER, Shreveport; Dietetics. Third Row: • PEGGY ANN WALKER. Bossier City; English. • VALERIE WALKER, Calvin; Upper Elementary Education. • DENNIS L. WALLETTE, Natchitoches; Accounting. • GLENDA WALTERS, West Monroe; Biology Education. • PEGGY LOYCE WATSON, Pollock; Physical Education. • WILLIAM E. WATSON, Natchi- toches; Agriculture and Pre-Vet. Fourth Row: • JANICE WATTS, Shreveport; Nursing. • DONALD WEBB, Shreveport; Business. • DIANNE WEBER, Shreveport; Nursing. • CHERRIE WEBSTER, Natchitoches; Math. • AL WEEGO, Leesville; Sociology. • SUE WELCH, Mangham; Nursing. Fifth Row: • HELEN WEST, Blanchard, Upper Elementary Education. • VICKY WEST, Shreveport; Speech. • JAMES T. WHITE, McDade; Agriculture. • JUDY GAIL WHITE, Baton Rouge; Business Edu- cation. • MARLENE WHITE, Shreveport; Primary Education. • MARY LUCY WHITE, Jonesville; Primary Education. Sixth Row: • NORMA E. WHITE. Melville; Upper Elementary Educa- tion. • GWENDOLYN WHITEHEAD, Shreveport; English. • MARTHA KAY WHITEHEAD, Natchitoches; Business Administra- tion. • JUDY WILD, Alexandria; Medical Technology. • JUDITH ANN WILKINSON, Baton Rouge; Secretarial Science. • LORNA WILLARD, Baton Rouge; Social Sciences. Seventh Row: • GLADYS WILLIAMS, Jena; Business Education. • CARLTON WILLIAMSON, Campti; Agriculture. • GORDON W. WILLIAM- SON, Simpson; Accounting. • MELBA WILLIAMSON, Natchi- toches; Home Economics. • ROGER H. WILLIAMS, Natchitoches; History. • LINDA ANN WILLIS, Shreveport; Nursing. Eighth Row: • BONNIE ANN WINEINGER, West Monroe; Primary Educa- tion. • MONYA ANN WINN, Houston, Texas; Sociology. • MARY WISSING Shreveport; Primary Education. • MARY WOODALL, Jamestown; Business Education. • PATRICK R. WOODALL, Shreveport; Accounting. • GLORIA ANN WOODARD, Spring- hill; Secretarial Science. Ninth Row: • RUTH WOODWARD, Clinton; Journalism. • C. J. WORM, JR. Shreveport; Pre-Law. • HARMOR GERALD WREN, Kilgore, Texas; Accounting. • MARTHA KAY WRIGHT, Evegreen; Home Economics Education. • HARTWELL S. YOUNG, Monterey; Vo- cational Agriculture. • GEORGE W. ZACHARY, JR., Homer, Physical Education. • IRENE MARGARET ZAGONE, Shreveport; Secretarial Science. Sffl Ml 9LL Fresh men 4 .;i 7 5K I f - 3.$ $Jk First Row: • JIMMY DON ABBOTT, Hornbeck; Social Sciences. • JIMMY S. ABRAMO, Boston, Mass.; Business Administration. • FRANK- LIN J. ADAMS, Coushatta; Education. • LINDA J. ADAMS, Mans- field; Primary Education. • NANCY LOUISE ADAMS, Lake Charles; Spanish. • SARAH JO ADAMS, Natchitoches; Primary Education. Second Row: • BARBARA G. ADKINS, Coushatta; Primary Education. • CHARLA AINSWORTH, Stephens, Ark.; Nursing. • HERMAN LEE ALBRITTON, Pineville; Math. • HOWARD F. ALLBRITTON Tullos; Physical Education. • DIANA GAIL ALDRICH. Webster Groves, Mo.; Music. • BETTYE FAYE ALEXANDER. Coushatta; Primary Education. Third Row: • MARY ELLEN ALEXANDER. Natchitoches; Secretarial Sci- ence. • ROSALIND ALFORD, Many; Secretarial Science. • JAYE LOU ALLEN, Winnfield; Home Economics. • SUSAN B. ALLEN, Bossier City; Elementary Education. • SHARON AMERINE, Jena; Speech Therapy. • CHLOMA JEAN ANDERSON, Basile; Physical Education. Fourth Row: • GERALD DOUGLAS ANDERSON, Grand Cane; Business Ad- ministration. • PERRY LYNN ANDERSON, Calvin; Business Ad- ministration. • ELSIE B. ANDING, Pitkin; Math. • MAUREEN ANITA ANDREWS, Baton Rouge; Nursing. • TOMMY JOE AN- DRIES, Many; Physics and Math. • BETTY LYNN ANTHONY, Florien; Piano Education. Fifth Row: • BRENDA JOYCE ARIOLA, Logansport; Primary Education. • CHARLES R. ARMSTRONG, Ida; Business Administration • TOMMY GENE ARMSTRONG, Keithville; Business Administra- tion. • PATRICIA MARIE ARNOLD, Jena; Medical Technology. • THOMAS ARNOLD, Campti; General Curriculum. • FRANK ARTHUR ASH, Metarie; Electronics. Sixth Row: • JAMES MARTIN ATKINS, Shreveport; Business Administra- tion. • JAMES ODELL AYENS. Ringaold; Sociology. • VERLENE AYNES, Ashland; Nursing. • ROBERT BAILEY, Natchitoches; Industrial Technology. • ADOLPHUS JUDSON BAILIFF, Shreve- port; General Curriculum. • CLAYTON A. BAILLIS, Dry Prong; Upper Elementary. Seventh Row: • CARLENE BAKER, Pineville; Speech. • JOHN EDWIN BALL, Ruston; ludustrial Education. • PATRICIA A. BALLARD, Martha- ville; Secretarial Science. • SALLY ANN BALLARD, Amite; Nurs- ina. • TOMMIE BANNER. Hornbeck; Forestry. • JAMES R. BARBO. Natchitoches; Business Administration. Eighth Row: • LLOYD F. BARKLEY, JR., Shreveport; Forestry. • JIMMY BARNES, Atlanta; Industrial Education. • LINDA GALE BARNES. Minden; Nursing. • BENNY O. BARRIDGE, Winnfield; Bacteri- ology. • DOUGLAS WAYNE BARRON, Ashland; Accounting. • SANDRA SUE BARTEET, Shreveport; Secretarial Science. Ninth Row: • JAMES E. BARTELL, Shreveport; Business Administration. • SUE ARTON. Alexandria; Nursing. • MARGARET BAROUSSE. Baton Rouge; Business Education. • LAVADA BASS. LaCamp; Secretarial Science. • GLENDA BEATRICE BATES, Ringgold; Piano. • MAURICE W. BAUER, Vivian; Business Administration. Tenth Row: • NELLIE MAE BAXLEY, Winnfield; Primary Education. • LINDA SUE BAYLIS Heflin; Upper Elementary Education. • RICHARD SIMS BAZZELL, Shreveport; Business Administration. • JERRY M. BEACH, Natchitoches; General Curriculum. • DIANNE BEAUREGARD. Echo; Upper Elementary Education. • DONALD L. BEASLEY, Natchitoches; General Curriculum. Eleventh Row: • CHARLOTTE BEEBE, Boyce; Primary Education. • LONNIE BEENE. Alexandria; Business Administration. • ARLIE NELL BEDGOOD, Goldonna; Secretarial Science. • CAROLE ELLEN BELL Shreveport; Upper Elementary Education. • JUDY VERNELL BELL, Colfax; Social Science. • BEAU K. BENNETT, Baton Rouge; Accounting. Twelfth Row: BONITA ANS Ferriday; Physical Education. KAYLA ANN BERNARD, Natchitoches; Dietetics. " BENNETT, WILLIAM RAY BLACKMAN. Leesville; Medical Technology. • KATHERINE ANN BERRY Waterproof; Home Economics. • RONALD WAYNE BERRY, Shreveport; History. • TIMOTHY LEE BERRY, Benton; Forestry. 91 Fresh men First Row: • JUDY ANN BEST, Sulphur; Nursing. • GRACE M. BIEL- KIEWICZ, Alexandria; Nursing. • EDGAR G. BILLIOT, Cameron; Electronics. • RONALD W. BILYEU, Shreveport; Music Educa- tion. • JAMES H. BLACKBURN, Leesville; Pre-Law. • DOLORES BLAKE, Sibley; General Curriculum. Second Row: • GLENDA J. BLAND, Port Allen; Nursing. • GLANDA ANN BLEVINS, Fortaleza, Ceara ' , Brazil; Home Economics. • PHILIP L. BLUE, Pleasant Hill; Industrial Education. • MARILYN GAYLE BLUNT, Mansfield; Nursing. • SANDRA BOATRIGHT, Shreve- port; Business Administration. • SHARON PAULINE BODIE, Pollock; English. Third Row: • MARILYN BOEKER, Elton; Biology. • HAROLD L. BOHAN- NON, Springhill; Industrial Arts. • LINDA BOLTON, Alexandria; Primary Education. • ALICE BOLYER, Ashland; Home Economics. • MARILYN BONNETTE, Pineville; Math Education. • EARL BOOKER, Mansfield; Math. Fourth Row: • ANDREE BORDELON, New Orleans; Physical Education. • DOROTHY FAYE BORLAND, Buckeye; Nursing. • GENE BORDE LON, Benton; Industrial Arts. • CAROL ANN BOSTIC, Bossier City; Nursing. • CECIL ELVIS BOSWELL, Provencal; Business Education. • ROBERT BOUCHER, Springhill; Chemistry. Fifth Row: • JIMMY BOWEN, JR., Colfax; Zoology. • JAMES OLAN BOWMAN, Hosston; Health and Physical Education. • CHARLES WILLIAM BOYD. Fort Sill, Okla.; Business Administration. • SANDRA JOYCE BOYD, Olla; Nursing. • VANCE E. BOYD, JR., Vivian. • THOMAS G. BOYLE. Nassau, N.Y.; Electronics. Sixth Row: R. KIRK BRAMLITT, Shreveport; Business Administration. • ELVIN C. BRANCH, Boyce; Accounting. • LORENE BRANDON, Zwolle; Sociology. • JACKIE BRANTLEY, Natchitoches; Business Edu- cation. • CAROLYN DIANE BRECHEEN, Baton Rouge; Primary Education. • JOYCE ANN BRENT, Natchitoches; English Edu- cation. ieve nth R ow: • LINDA BRIDGES, Maplewood; Secretarial Science. • PA- TRICIA ANN BRIDGES, Leesville; Secretarial Science. • ROBERT L. BRIDGES, Shreveport; Business Administration. • SANDREA BRIDGES. Shreveport; Nursing. • WILLIAM OWEN BRISHAM, Benton; Social Welfare. • MRS. GUYLENE BRISTER, Verda; Upper Elementary Education. Eighth Row: • CHARLES BRITT, Natchitoches; Industrial Technology. • PATRICIA ROSE BRACATO, Ferriday; Upper Elementary Educa- tion. • PERRY L. BROSELL, Chemistry. • COLLIN KELLY BROS- SETT, Pineville; Social Science. • ESTHER DEAN BROUSSARD, Pascagoula, Miss; French. • LOUIS KENDALL BROUSSARD, Ab beville; Upper Elementary Education. Ninth Row: • MELDA BRUNSON, Dry Prong; Primary Education. • WILLIAM E. BUCZEK, Detroit, Mich.; History. • PATRICIA ANN BUFKIN, Mansfield; Secretarial Science. • JANELL BULLARD, Zwolle; Home Economics. • JERRY NEAL BURCH, Winnfield; Engineer- ing. • SADIE L. BURDUE, Shreveport; Nursing. Tenth Row: • RONALD W. BURGESS, Haynesville; General Curriculum. • SHARON BURKHALTER, Baton Rouge; Nursing • JIMMY H. BURKS, Cotton Valley: Agriculture. • JOY BURNETT, Vidalia; Medical Technology. • JOYCE HELEN BURNS, Shongaloo; Med- ical Technology. • MARY ALICE BURNS, Natchitoches; Secre- tarial Science. Eleventh Row: • SHIRLEY M. BUSBY, Pitkin; Business Education. • CATHERINE VIRGINIA BUSH, Bogalusa; Nursing. • DONNA LEE BUSH, Shreveport; Nursing. • MRS. KATHLEEN C. CAIN. Natchitoches; Primary Education. • CAROLE CALVERT, Vidalia; Sociology. • FRANK JOSEPH CAMPISI, Bossier City; Business Admin- istration. Twelfth Row: • RONALD D. CANERDAY, Natchitoches; General Curriculum. • GEORGE RAY CANNON, Cloutierville; General Curricu- lum. • WILLIAM DAVID CANTRELL, Shreveport; Industrial Arts. • RUBY R. CARLILE, Baton Rouge; Nursing. • TOM CAR RIGAN, Midland Texas; Industrial Arts. • RAY WAYNE CAR- ROLL, Cotton Valley; Medical Technology. 92 £H9$fL 90 °i 1 1 Fresh men J . LAiL . mi f a-SG ! ' First Row: • THOMAS C. CARSON. Colfax; Biology Education; • JULIUS F. CRAFT, Oakdale; Math. • ANN ELIZABETH CARTER. Need- ham. Mass.; Upper Elementary Education. • CLARISSA NELL CARTER. Shreveport; Music Education. • CLYDE CARTER, Doy- line; Math. • GERY WAYNE CARTER. Winnfield; General Cur- Second Row: • VIDA M. CASON, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary Educe- tlon. • CHARLES CHALFANT. Shreveport; Business Adminis tration. • JOSEPH WESLEY CHAMBERS. Natchitoches; Pre-Law. • SUSAN CHAMBERS Fisher- General Curriculum. • RICHARD CHAMPION. Houma; Music. • MARION ELAINE CHANDLER. Pollock; Upper Elementary Education. Third Row: • FLOYD CHANEY, Monroe; Business Aaministration. • CARL CHAPMAN. Ferriday; Physical Education. • CAROLE CHAPMAN Delhi; Nursing. CLARE LEE CHASE. Springhlll; Pre-Law. • JIMMY KAY CHRISTIAN. Shreveport; Physical Education. • CLARENCE E. CHANAULT, Baton Rouge; Business Administration. Fourth Row: • JAMES THOMAS CHILDRESS. Ida; Physical Education. • PATSY RUTH CHILDRESS. Ida; Social Welfare. • CECIL M. CHOPIN, Natchitoches; Chemistry. • DAVID L. CHRISTENSON Shreveport; Business Administration. • BEVERLY ANN CLARK Kistachie; Secretarial Science. • BARNEY H. CLEMENS Shreve- port; Electronics. Fifth Row: • JAMES RODNEY CLEMENTS. Haynesville; Health and Physical Education. • JIMMY RAY CLEMENTS. Mansfield; Agriculture. • THOMAS EUGENE CLIFTON. Zimmerman; Indust-ial Arts. • PATRICIA ANN CLINE, Haynesville; Nursing. • O. C. CLIN- TON, JR., Cousharta; General Curriculum. • CLYDE ELTON CLOUD, Pitkin; Business Education. Sixth Row: • MARY LYNN CLOUTIER. Natchitoches; Special Education. • JOSEPH KEITH CLOUTIER. Bermuda; Electronics. • JAMES H. COBB. Natchitoches; Accounting. • YVONNE COBMAN. Shreve- port; Nursing. • CAROLE COCKERHAM. Shreveport; Social Studies Education. • JAMES K. COLMAN. Jena; Wildlife Management. Seventh Row: • SHIRLEY JEAN COKER. Benson; Medical Technology. • SANDRA G. COLLIER Alexendria- General Curriculum. • FRED- ERICK DAVID COMBS. Minden; Social Sciences. • GLENN HOWARD CONNERLY. Hornbeck; Agriculture. • LINDA JANE CONLEY, Shreveport; Physical Education. • MARY ELIZABETH CONNELL, Gilliam; Primary Education. Eighth Row: • JIMMY THOMAS CONNOR, Daingerfield. Texas; Physical Edu cation. • BILLIE F. COOPER. Elmer; Primary Education. • GER ALD COOLEY. Slagle; Matn. • IUTRESS F. COOLEY. De Ridder Upper Elementary Education. • EDDIE M. COOPER, Dry Prong: Secretarial Science. • JAMES ALLEN COOPER Coushatta; Music. Ninth Row: • MARTHA ANNE COOPER, Mansfield; Business Education. • DOROTHY COPELAND. Shreveport; Upper Elementary Educa tion. • SHARON F. CORBELL, Springhlll- Primary Education. • GAIL CORBIN. Plain Dealing; Medical technology. • HAR OLD D. CORLEY, Georgetown; Social Welfare. • RONALD CORLEY, Boyce; Business Administration. Tenth Row: • GILBERT L. COSSE, Port Sulphur; Accounting. • DIANE COURTNEY, Shreveport; Business Administration. • VICTOR ARNOLD COUVILLION, Alexandria; Journalism. • DOUGLAS EUGENE COX. Logansport; Physical Education. • NOLAN P. COX Bossier City; Wildlife Management. • BILLY RONALD CRAFT, Anacoco; Veterinary Medicine. Eleventh Row: • DIAN CRAFT, Alexandra; Primary Education. • BRENDA CRAIG, Zachary; Nursing. • CECIL FRED CRAIG. Converse Health and Physical Education. • PATSI CRAIG Plnevllle- Social Welfare. • LYNDA SUE CRANE. Monterey; Primary Education. • NORA CRANOR. Shreveport; Secretarial Science. Twelfth Row: • GAYLE CRAWFORD. Baton Rouge; Business Education. • JIM CRAWFORD. Bossier City; Agriculture. • JERRY A. CREW Bastrop; Business Administration. • REBECCA CREWS Buckeye Nursing. • BLAN M. CROSS. Vidalia; Agriculture. • ROBERT :rone. L. CR 93 Zwolle, Business Administration. Fresh men First Row: • VINCENT F. CUELLAR. Alexandria; General Curriculum. • WILLIAM PAUL CUMMINGS, Natchitoches; Business Education. • BUREL E. CUPPLES Lena; Business Administration. • PERCY C. CURTIS, San Antonio, Texas; Physics and Math. • RONALD DAIGLE, Grand Coteau; Health and Physical Education. • UNA P. DAIGLE, Thibodeaux; Nursing. Second Row: • SAM DAUZAT, Alexandria. • LYNN DALTON. Jonesville; Health and Physical Education. • GLORIA JEAN DAMICO, Alexandria: Speech Therapy. • PATSY ANN DAMICO, Alexandria; Health and Physical Education. • WALDEN DANIEL, Shreveport; Accounting. • THOMAS DANS, Shreveport; Pre-Law. Third Row: • FYLENE DAVID Homer; Social Science. • JUNE MARIE DAVID Gueydan- Chemistry. • ANNIE P. DAVIS, Ringold; Busi- ness Administration. • MARCIA CLAUDETTE DAVIS, Natchi- toches; Music. • THOMAS P. DAVIS. Shreveport; Math. • BOBBY L. DEARING. Mooringsport; Math. Fourth Row: • VICTOR DALE DeBLIEUX, Natchitoches; Business Education. • MADELINE ELIZABETH DELK. Tioga; Nursing. • RUPERT DELK Tioga- Math. • CYNTHIA DENNIS, Shreveport; Biology. • MAURICE EDWARD DENNIS, III, Natchitoches; Math. • PAUL DERBONNE, JR.. Natchitoches; General Curriculum. Fifth Row: • ROY V. DEVILLE, Alexandria; Art. • JAOUETTA DEWILL, Tors- Nursing. • BENNY DEW, Florien; Accounting. • JEANETTE DICK, Mansfield; Elementary Education. • WILLIAM M. DICK. Logansport; Business Administration. • LINDA DINGMAN, Bossier City; Upper Elementary Education. Sixth Row: • JOHN M. DISTEFANO, Alexandria; Industrial Technology. • BILLIE SUE DIXON, Monroe; Nursing. • MARY EARLINE, Doiron; English. • DOROTHY MAE DOMBOURIAN, New Orleans; Nursing. • WILLIAM KYLE DORMAN, Shreveport; Pre-Law. • VILLIS DOWDEN, Natchitoches; Industrial Arts. Seventh Row: • MAY C. DUGGAN. Cheneyville; Math Education. • JON ANN DUNCAN, Marshall. Texas; Nursing. • JON DURIO, Forest Hill; Pre-Dental. • EARLYNE DUNN. Alexandria; Primary Education. • MELDA DUNN Alexandria- Home Economics. • JOHNNY DUPREE, Goldonna; Math. Eighth Row: • SYLVIA THELMA DURHAM, Natchitoches; Nursing. • BAR- BARA DURR, Natchitoches; Social Welfare. • CLAUDE SHELBY DURR Shreveport; Business Administration. • PAT L. EDDINGS, Shreveport; Wildlife Management. • LARRY S. EDDY, Springhill; Music Education. • LINDA C. EDWARDS, Shongaloo; Secretarial Science. Ninth Row: • JOHN MARK EGLOFF, Jonesville; Agriculture. • PRISCILLA EICHLER, Shreveport: Art. • SHYRON JEAN ELLZEY, Robeline; Primary Education. • RALPH EMFINGER, Winnfield; Biology. • FRANCIS NELLE ERWIN, Providence; Dietetics. • PAT ERWIN, Glenmora; Primary Education. Tenth Row: • JAMES W. ETHRIDGE, Rayne; Business Administration. • MARGARET EVANS, Lake Providence; Social Welfare. • PATRI CIA ANN EVANS, Montgomery- Upper Elementary Education. • WILLIAM E. EVERITT, Monroe; Business Administration. • JACK W. EVERSULL, Bossier City; Business Administration. • BAR8ARA GAYLE FAIRCHILD, Baker; Nursing. Eleventh Row: • DELBERT JACKSON FAMBRAUGH, Springhill; Industrial Edu- cation. • LYNDA FAITH FANT, Sarepfa; Social Science. • MAR JORIE FARQHAR, DeRidder; Secretarial Science. • MICHAEL J. FAUCHER, Detroit, Mich.; Accounting. • GEORGE A. FEAZELL, Boyce; Industrial Arts. • MARION VIRGINIA FERGUSON, Bastrop; Art. Anacoco; Social Welfare. • ernice; Nursing. • LINDA ANN Twelfth Row: • PATRICIA ANN FERGUSON WANDA GAYLE FERGUSON FIELDER, Minden; Music. • JAMES FIGURANT, Ville Piatt Business Administration. • BRENT FLEMING, Marthaville; Socia Studies. • JAMES J. FLETCHER, II, Mansfield, Math. 94 a ?. i St - 1 Jfe $ 4 ii m I gGQ$.A I ( % 2 .M £ Fresh men SJL1 I ifi First Row: • L. BERNARD FLETCHER, Winnfield; Health and Physical Edu- cation. • DAVID FLOURNOY, Pineville; Business Administration. • SANDRA V. FLOYD, Pineville; Secretarial Science. • BRENDA ELLEN FLURRY, Natchitoches; Nursing. • SUE ELLEN FOGLE MAN, Colfax; Primary Education. • FARRELL J. FONTENOT. Kaplan, Art. Second Row: • GENEVA FORBIS, Hornbeck; Business Education. • YVETTE FOREMAN, Alexandria; General Curriculum. • ALICE ELIZA- BETH FORTENBERRY, Rayville; Nursing. • HULEN C. FOSHEE. Robeline; Business Administration. • NANCY FOSHEE, Logans- port; English Education. • FRED FRASER, Many; Pre-Law. Third Row: • ALBERT F. FREDERICK. JR., Abbeville; Upper Elementary Education. • PATSY FREE, Pleasant Hill; Primary Education. • JANICE ANN FREEMAN, Houma; Nursing. • CAROLYN FRI IS. Tallulah; Speech. • JANET FRUGE ' , Vinton; Primary Education. • GAYLE L. FULCHER, Bossier City; Social Science. Fourth Row: • DAVID ROY GALLIEN, Natchitoches; Business Education. • JIMMIE WAYNE GALLIEN, Natchitoches; General Curriculum. • RAGAN GANTT, McDade; Business Education. • ROBERT H. GATTI, Shreveport; Business Administration. • GLORIA GAY, Corbin; Nursing. • MAC BEE GAY, Coushatta; Accounting. Fifth Row: • TOMMY S. GAY. Shreveport; Electronics. • ROY B. GENTRY. JR., Natchitoches: General Curriculum. • JERE ' W. GERMANY, Jena; Math. • AMANDA GERHARDT, Shreveport; Primary Edu- cation. • LOREE GETER, Robeline; Nursing. • JOHN SAMUEL GHOLSON, Vivian; English Education. Sixth Row: • MARTHA J. GIBSON, Natchitoches; Primary Education. • MAUREEN GIBSON. Alexandria; Nursing. • VIRGINIA ANN GIDDINGS. Shreveport; business Education. • JOSEPH F. Gl- Gl IO, Shreveport: Business Administration. • CRISS GILBFRT Bossier City; Nursing. • BERNICE GILLESPIE, Alexandria; Sec- retarial Science. Seventh Row: • CLYDE W. GILLETTE, Alexandria; Forestry. • ROBERT GIM- BERT, Nitchitoches; General Curriculum. • WAYNE CYR GIOR- DANO, Belle Chasse; Accounting. • KENT GlRARD, Raceland; Forestry. • CAROL GIVENS, Shreveport; General Curriculum. • JUDY BETH GIVENS, Shreveport; Primary Education. Eighth Row: • WILLIAM JOHN GIVENS. Coushatta; Industrial Arts. • JUDY GLASS, Caspiana; Latin. • MARION DONOVAN, Shreveport Secretarial Science. • CARL RAYMOND GOODFELLOW, Water proof; General Curriculum. • LINDA ANN GOODMAN, Benton Secretarial Science. • GARY GOUGH. Winnfield; Upper Ele mentary. Ninth Row: • EILEEN GRAHAM, Shreveport; Secretarial Science. • HERBERT LESLIE GRAHAM, JR., Natchitoches; Business Education. • MAYME GRAHAM, Winnfield; Social Welfare. • TERRENS PAUL GRANT, Natchitoches: Zoology. • DOUGLAS RAY GREEN. Mansfield; Math. • HOWARD GREEN, Alexandria; Zoology. Tenth Row: • PAUL H. GREEN, Transylvania; Health and Physical Education. • JAMES A. GREER. Logansport; General Curriculum. • JOHN RICHARD GRIGG. Bienville; Upper Elementary. • MELVIN V. GRISSOM, JR., Jena; General Curriculum. • MARY JEAN GROLL, Mooringsport; Health and Physical Education. • ROBERT E. GROVES, Shreveport; Pre-Engineering. Eleventh Row: • WILLIAM LOUIS GUERINGER, Lake Charles: Electronics. • MARILYN ANNE GUIDRY, Raceland; General Curriculum. • JEROME W. GUIDRY, Raceland; Industrial Technology. • CLARICE GUILLORY. Forest Hill: Nursing. • RONNIE B. GUILLOT, Shreveport: Business Administration. • DIANE GUTES, Shreveport; Business Education. Twelfth Row: • MILTON GUTTIERREZ, New Orleans: Social Studies. • JO ANN DE HABERMANN, Bossier City; Upper Elementary Educa tion. • SHERIAN ANN HADSKEY, Jackson; Home Economics • WILLIAM D. HAGERWOOD, JR.. Natchitoches: Chemistry • JAMES F. HALL, Natchitoches; Social Studies. • JUDY HALL Bossier City; Nursing. 95 Freshmen First Row: • MARIE HALL. Shreveport; Health and Physical Education. • PATRICIA HALPIN, Beaumont, Tex.; Sociology. • LOWELL M. HAMILTON. Bossier City; General Curriculum. • JANICE MARIE HAMMETT. Ringgold; Primary Education. • CHARLES E. HAMMOND, Shreveport; Math Education. • FRANK W. HAMPSON, Shreveport; Industrial Arts. Second Row: • LINDA HANSFORD. Do line; English. • JAMES H. HARDIN Tioga; Health and Physical Education. • HAYWARD W. HAR- GROVE, JR., Minden; Pre-Law. • GARY S. HARKIN, Mansfield: Pre-Dental. • JERRY EMILE HARKINS Mansfield; Industrial Arts. • LINDA HARPER. Newellton; Physical Education. Third Row: • MARJORIE S. HARPER. DeRidder; Spanish. • JERRY JAMES HARRELL. Saint Landry; General Curriculum. • ANITA DELORES HARRISON. Oakdale; Primary Education. • RALPH M. HARRI- SON. Ruston; Health and Physical Education. • WILLIAM WARD HART, Shreveport; Business Administration. • JUDY HARWELL. Vivian; Nursing. Fourth Row: • JIMMY RAY HASLEY, Goldonna; General Curriculum. • JUDITH ANN HAYDEL, Tioga; Business Education. • LOUISE HATHORN. Alexandria; Business Education. • JIMMY RAY HAYNES, Natchitoches; Industrial Arts. • WAYNE HAYES, Shreveport; Pre-Engineering. • VIRGINIA HEAD, Benton; Sec- retarial Science. Fifth Row: • WINONA HEAD, West Monroe; General Curriculum. • PA- TRICIA HEADRICK, Longstreet; Primary Education. • WILLIAM F. HEARRON, Shreveport; Music Education. • ROBERT A. HENRY, New Orleans; Journalism. • BILLY LLOYD HICKS, Winnfield; Business Administration. • CAROLE LYNN HICKS. Bossier City; Primary Education. Sixth Row: • DOTTIE JEAN HICKS, Roberline; Secretarial Science. • RICHARD L. HIERS, Shreveport; Art. • PEGGY JEAN HIGGS, Coushatta; Health and Physical Education. • BOBBIE DALE HILL, Pitkin; Electronics. • MICHAEL RAY HILLBURN, Bossier City; Agriculture. • JOHN A. HILLMAN, Leesville; Pre-Lew. Seventh Row: • ELIZABETH HILTON, Natchitoches; Business Education. • JUDY LYNN HINES, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary. • LEWIS C. HINES. Many; Pre-Med. • GLENDA SUE HOLLAND, Monte- rey; Elementary Education. • RICKY HOLLIS, Haughton; In dustrial Technology. • BILLY DICK HOLLY, Natchitoches; Wild- life Management. Eighth Row: • ROGER M. HOOPER, Preston; Industrial Education. • JUA NITA HORN, Logansport; Elementary Education. • ROBERT HOUSE, Winntield; Business Administration. • VANDA SUE HOWELL. Hodge; Nursing. • RUBY ELIZABETH HOYT, Cheney- ville; General Curriculum. • STANLEY J. HROMADKA Ale andria; Social Science. Ninth Row: • MARILYN JANICE HUDSON, West Monroe; Medical Tech- nology. • BARBARA ANN HUMBLE, Baton Rouge; Nursing. • HERMON HUMPHREY, Cotton Valley; Physical Education. • WILLIAM HENRY HYAMS, Natchitoches; Math. • CHARLES ROY HYATT. Alexandria; Physical Education. • KATHRYN ANN HYNSON, Bunkie; Secretarial Science. Tenth Row: • LINDA ICE. Shreveport; Upper Elementary Education. • JUDY ISBELL, Pleasant Hill; Business Education. • PAT ISBELL. Shreve- port; Primary Education. • MYLA KATHLEEN ISGATE, Shreve- port; Primary Education. • DONALD RAY ISGITT, Zwolle; Physical Education. • JIMMY D. ISGITT. Zwolle; Upper Ele- mentary Education. Eleventh Row: • CORLEY V. JACKSON, Robellne; Accounting. • RACHEL JACOB. Castor; Upper Elementary Education. • CAROLYN JACOBS. Lindin; Physical Education. • ORIE NELSON JAMES, Montgomery; Upper Elementary Education. • BERT W. JARRELL, Natchitoches; Sociology. • SHIRLEY WYONIE JEANE, Leesville; Nursing. Twelfth Row: • LUCILLE JEANSONNE, Hessmer: Nursing. • SAM JEAN SONNE. JR., Hamburg; General Curriculum. • PAULA JENKINS, Bossier City; Dietetics and Institutional Management. • ROD ERICK JENKINS. Wunice; Industrial Technology. • ROBERT JETER, Shreveport; General Curriculum. • LARRY K. JINKS. Castor; Physical Education. 96 f 3 $ i I 9A? 3 Q i l i iwi 4L L fh i i A c il 1Q3L __l - t v. . a }± fa 5 tL ... 8.1 Q.2H :-i 9 $3l Fresh men First Row: • NANCY JOFFRION. Shreveport: Upper Elementary Educa- tion. • ANN JOHNSON. Natchitoches: General Curriculum. • ASHLEY JOHNSON. Vivian; Music. • FAYE JOHNSON. Kaplan: Primary Education. • HAROLD JOE JOHNSON. Saline; Accounting. • JAMES JOHNSON, Verda; Math. Second Row: • JERRY WAYNE JOHNSON, Arcadia; Health and Physical Education. • KAREN ANN JOHNSON, Shreveport; Nursing. • LINDA JOHNSON, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary Educa- tion. • LUISA JOHNSON, Shreveport; Nursing. • RICHARD JOHNSON, Natchitoches: Business. • LUCY JOINER, Shreveport; Elementary Education. Third Row: • ANN FRENCH JONES, Ferriday; Library Science. • BETTY RUTH JONES, Converse; Home Economics. • JANIE MAE JONES, Leesville; Social Sciences. • JIMMY JONES, Shreveport; Business Administration. • JUDITH ANN JONES, Daingertield. Texas; MedicalTechnology. • KENDRETH ANN JONES, Saline: Primary Education. Fourth Row: • MARY KATHRYN JONES, Shreveport; Piano. • PRISCILLA JONES, Oakdale; Home Economics. • ROBERT TRUETT JONES, Franlclinton; Agriculture. • ROSE JONES, Coushatta; Primary Education. • DONNIE JORDAN, Florien; Accounting. • FRAN- CES JORDAN, Deville; Nursing. Fifth Row: • SANDRA JOYCE, St. Joseph; Home Economics. • CLAUDIA ANN JUBE. Alexandria; Secretarial Science. • DANIEL S. JUNOT. Houma; General Curriculum. • EDWARD JUSTICE. Waterproof; Upper Elementary Education. • BONNIE KAVANAUGH, Mans- field; Nursing. • WANDA KEA. Cotton Valley; Nursing. Sixth Row: • BEVERLY KEEN. Bentley: Home Economics. • JERRY KEEN Jena; Business Administration. • ROY KEEN, Winnfield; Agri- culture. • GERTRUDE KELLEY, Bunltie; Primary Education • SANDRA ANN KELLY, Saline; Nursing. • RITA LYNNE KEND RICK. Shreveport; Secretarial Science. Seventh Row: • ALFRED KENNEDY. Leesville; Math. • JOHN KENNEDY Vivian; Business Administration. • BONNIE KETHLEY, Rodessa: Secretarial Science. • IRA JOE KEY, Many; Physical Education. • MARY JANE KIGHT. Haynesville; Primary Education. • GLADYS MARIE KILMAN. De Ridder; Physical Education. Eighth Row: • CARLTON KING, Georgetown; Forestry. • WESLEY KING, Dunham Springs; Economics • JOYCE ANN KINMAN, Choud- rant; Nursing. • ELSIE KIPER, Shreveport; Primary Education. • JOE KIRKLAND, Natchitoches; Business Administration. • CAROLYN KLEIN, Bossier City; Home Economics. Ninth Row: • EUGENE KNAPP, Pineville; Pre-Dental. • SANDRA KNOTT, Shreveport; Secretarial Science. • THEDA ELLEN KNOX. Jigger- French. • PHYLLIS EILEEN KOLB Alexandria; Social Studies. • KARYN SUE KOREN. Arlington Heights, III.; Art. • ANDRE KURKIEWICZ, New York, N.Y.; Business Administration. Tenth Row: • DORIS A. LaCAZE. Natchitoches; Nursing. • MAYO E. La COUR, JR., Shreveport; Physics. • GERALD LAFITTE. Pelican- General Curriculum. • ALBERT CLEMENTS LaFLEUR. Eunice; Physical Education. • HERMAN E. LaFORGE, Shreveport; Phyji cal Education. • THOMAS R. LAHAR. Pineville; Business Ad- ministration. El even th R ow: • ANGEL INEZ LAMB, Shreveport; Art Education. • MARCIA LAMBERT. Robeline; Home Economics. • RICHARD K. LAND Homer; Industrial Arts. • JOSEPH L. LANDRY, JR. Iowa- Nursing. • SUE LANGLEY, Bunkle; Nurs ' ng. • NANCY CLAU DETTE LAROUX, Zwolle; Nursing. Twelfth Row: • PAULINE ANNE LATHAM. Converse; Art. • LINDA LATTIER Natchitoches; Medicial Technology. • KENNETH A. LAVESPERE Cloutierville; General Curriculum. • SHIRLEY LAVESPERE Jena- Nursing. • MARION PATRICIA LAW, Oil City; Primary Educe tion. • HAROLD LAWRENCE, Alexandria; En : 97 Fresh men First Row: • H. FRANCES LEACH, Vivian; Physical Education. • SELBY JEAN LEACH. Natchitoches; Primary Education. • PAULINE ANN LEADAMAN, Shreveport; Primary Education. • MARIE ELINA LeCOMPTE, New Iberia; Primary Education. • SUZANNE LEDOUX. Opelousas; Primary Education. • WALTER P. LEDET, Natchitoches; Zoology. Second Row: • CAROLYN FRANCES LEE. Bossier City; Speech Therapy. • EDMOND A. LEE, Natchitoches; Pre-Law. • ROBERT A. LEE, Natchitoches; Pre-Engineering. • SALLY LEE, Natchitoches; English Education. • WILBER H. LEE, Shreveport; Speech. • FRANCES LEEPER, Shreveport; Secretarial Science. Third Row: • ALTON LEGER, St. Landry; General Curriculum. • DOROTHY JEAN LEGG, Leesville; Math Education. • JACK W. LEGGETT. Oakdale: Biology Education. • WALTER W. LeJEUNE, Port Sulphur; Business Administration. • RALPH LEMOINE, Hamburg; Chemistry. • BARBARA LeVASSEUR, Natchitoches; Primary Education. Fourth Row: • THELLIE LEVEE, Tallulah; Speech. • SANDRA JEAN LEWIS, Simpson; Health and Physical Education. • JOHN A. LIGHT- FOOT, Ringgold; Medical Technology. • MARY LOU LILLY, Florien; Home Economics. • MARTHA ANN LITTON, Mansfield; Music Education. • PATRICIA ANN LIVINGSTON, Lake Charles; Nursing. Fifth Row: • ROGER WAYNE LOCKRIDGE, Shreveport; Business Adminis- tration. • MALCOLM LOE, Dry Prong; Accounting. • JANETTE LOFTON, Natchitoches; Home Economics. • CECILIA A. LONO, Bossier City; Nursing. • LINDA LEE LONG, Ferriday; Business Education. • D. LYNN LOTT, Mansfield; Physical Education. Sixth Row: • ROSALIE LOTT, Natchitoches; Speech. • CAROL FAYE LOVE, Shreveport; Art. • PATRICIA ANN LOVE, Mansfield; Secretarial Science. • JAMES STEWART LOVE, Shreveport; Industrial Arts. • YaDONNIE JEAN LOVE, Winnfield; Primary Education. • PATSY LOWDERBACK, Shreveport; Business Education. Seventh Row: • JAMES MICHAEL LOWE, Shreveport; Health and Physical Education. • ANNE LOWERY, Bossier City; Medical Technology. • JOAN LOWRANCE, Shreveport; Education. • SAMUEL K. M. LU, Kowloon; Hong Kong; Pre-Med. • NATHAN R. LUCE, Shreveport; Social Welfare. • ARLENE LUNEAU, Pineville; Physical Education. Eighth Row: • JAMES M. LUPTON, Shreveport; Business Administration. • MICHAEL HENRY McBRIDE, Crowley; Business Administra- tion. • GERALD LYNN McCAIN. Natchitoches; Pre-Engineering. • CHARLOTTE LUCY McCALLA, Shreveport; Home Economics. • NELDA McCALLA, Shreveport; Primary Education. • HELEN JANICE McCANN, Tioga; Secretarial Science. Ninth Row: • LYNDA McCARTY, Alexandria; Secretarial Science. • PEGGY McCLENDON. Robeline; Journalism. • HENRY McCLURE, Mir den; Accounting. • MIKE McCORMIC, Many; Engineering. • JANELLE McCULLOOSH, Mansfield; Business Education. • CHARLES McDOWELL, Springhill; Accounting. Tenth Row: • FRANK W. McELWEE, Oakdale; Accounting. • JOSEPH E. McFARLAND, Shreveport; Nursing. • MARILYN JOYCE McGEE Goldonna; Home Economics. • MARTHA JEAN McGLOTHEN Opelousas; Health and Physical Education. • JERRY McGRAW, Daingerfield, Texas; Pre-fcelectrical Engineering. • JUANITA McGUIRE, Saline; Elementary Education. Eleventh Row: • ROBERT McHALFFEY, Pasadena, Texas; General Curriculum. • PEGGY DORIS McLAREN. Slagle; Math. • RAYMOND H. McLEOD, Bossier City; English Education. • RILEY McMILLAN, Benton; Industrial Arts. • CHARLOTTE E. McMULLEN, De Ridder- Nursing. • MALCOLM J. McMULLEN, Pitkin; Pre-Pharmacy. Twelfth Row: • R. SUE McNAUGHTON, Colfax; Home Economics Education. • CHARLES L. McNEELY. Natchitoches- General Curriculum • JOHN W. McNEILL. JR., Hackberry; physical Education. • PATRICK HAROLD McWILLIAMS, Ringgold- Accounting. • SARAH ELIZABETH MABRY, Shreveport; Primary Education. • JAMES R. MACHEN, Winnfield; Business Education. 98 9. 5L3L . lift A9M. 3 ' y 3LQ.R s 4 k AtmM V Jk: 9. 1 fi 3 m 1.LltfLl axUst Fresh men 3i 19. V M 9 3l , • r ft 5 Q T Vi 3 ftiia! 2 l First Row: • HERB MADWATKINS. Brooklyn, N.Y.; Health and Physical Education. • LINDA EVE MAYET, Lockeport; Library Science. • EMILY GLENN MAGEE, Shreveport; Nursing. • JANE MAGEE. Baton Rouge; Physical Education. • CURTIS BYRON MALONE. Alexandria; General Curriculum. • SHARON MANN, Monroe; Nursing. Second Row: • BRADLEY JOHN MANUEL, Lake Charles; Nursing. • HARVEY MARCUS, Anacoco; Accounting. • JERRY MARKS, Lisbon; Chem- istry. • MICHAEL W. MARTI EN, Waterproof; Pre-Vet. • ALLEN ROY MARTIN, Ringgold; Science. • MARTHA MARTIN, Ope- lousas; Business Education. Third Row: • W. RANDAL MARTIN, Ashland; Electronics. • M. FREDERICK MARTINEZ, Zwolle; Math. • JIMMIE ANN MATHENY. Bossier 9eneral Curriculum. • TOMMY MATHIS, Hanna; Physical Education. • SIDNEY R. MATTHEWS, Wilson, Okla.; Zoology. • JOE PAUL MAXEY, Noble; Physical Education. Fourth Row: • MONA ANN MAYEUX, Marksdale; Nursing. • CLARENCE W. MAYES, Jonesville; Business Administration. • CLARENCE MAYES, Alexandria; Sociology. • LINDA C. MAYNOR, Bossier Secretarial Science • LINDA INEZ MERRITT. Minden; Secretarial Science. • LEONA METCALF, Tallulah; Primary Edu- cation. Fifth Row: • EDWARD RAY MILEY, Shreveport; Law. • W. CAROL MILEY, Shreveport; Upper Elementary Education. • CAROLYN L. MIL- LER, Hineston; Nursing. • GLORIA DIANN MILLER. Shreve- port; Commercial Art. • HARRIET ELLEN MILLER, Shreveport; Spanish. • LEONARD DOY MILLER, Minden; Electronics. Sixth Row: • JUDITH ANNETTE MIMS, Lake Charles; Elementary Educa- tion. • MYRA MIMS, Dubberly; Primary Education. • PAUL LEE MIRE, Kaplan; Industrial Technology. • LaVERNE FAYE MISNER. Alexandria; Social Sciences. • ZELDA MITCHAM, Natchitoches; Nursing. • THOMAS RALPH MITCHELL, Shreveport; Business Administration. Seventh Row: • SYLVIA SUE MIXON, Baton Rouge; Nursing. • JOAN MODI- SETTE, Haynesville; Home Economics. • LINDA MOFFETT, Natchitoches; Library Science. • EDWIN A. MONETTE. Shreve- port; Business Administration. • EARL MONK, Shreveport; Busi- ness Administration. • JO ANN MONK, Woodworth; English. Eighth Row: • BARBARA MOORE. Port Arthur, Texas; Physical Education. • BILLY W. MOORE, Winnfield; Agriculture. • CAROL A. MOORE, Longville; Music. • CINTHY MOORE, Alexandria; Nursing. • JAMES THOMAS MOORE. Mooringsport; General Curriculum. • ROBERT A. MOORE, Alexandria; Pre-Law. Ninth Row: • JANET MORELAND, Natchitoches; Nursing. • JANICE MORE- LAND. Natchitoches: Nursing. • ANNE VIRGINIA MORGAN. Pollock; Upper Elementary Education. • BARBARA MORGAN. Baton Rouge; Nursing. • DELL MORGAN, Natchitoches; Primary Education. • JOYE MAE MORGAN, Shongaloo; Nursing. Tenth Row: • THURMAN L. MORGAN, Springhill; Business Administration. • PERCY MARLON MORROW. Heflin; Industrial Arts. • MARY LOUISE MORTON, Robeline. • RALPH L. MOSELEY. JR., Winn- field; Music Education. • CECELIA L. MOSS. Alexandria; Sec- retarial Science. • ROBERT G. MOYLE, Newport, Detroit; Pre- Engineering. Eleventh Row: • YVONNE MURLEY. Shreveport; Nursing. • JAMES R. MUR- PHY, Many; Math. • O ' OUINN MURPHY, Coushatta; Industrial Arts. • PATRICK T. MURPHY, Montgomery; Business Adr tion. • PERRY MUSE, Logansport; Physical Education. • ANITA MYERS, Pelican; Secretarial Science. Twelfth Row: • GWENDOLYN KAYE MYERS, Bossier City; General Curricu- lum. • VICKI CAROLE MYERS, Chestnut; Health and Physical Education. • SARA MYLES, Franklinton; Nursing. • REBECCA NATTIN. Bossier City; Secretarial Science. • BAREMORE R. NEAL, Shreveport; General Curriculum. • DONALD NEAL. Shreveport; Business Administration. 99 Fresh men Firtt Row: • JOSEPH JOHN NECTOUX. Shreveport; Accounting. • JO ANN MARIE NEEL. Odessa, Texas; Interior Decoration. • HOW- ARD NEITTE, Natchitoches: Business Administration. • ROBERT HENDRICK NICHOLS. Shreveport; Georgraphy. • CARRIE NICKLAS. Winnfield; Upper Elementary Education. • ROBERT WAYNE NISSEN, Shreveport; Pre-Law. Second Row: MAX NIX, Bossier City; Physical Education. • WALTER HARRIS NIX. Benton; General Curriculum. • BONNIE SUE NOLAN, Rayville; Journalism. • KENNETH L. NORRIS. Bossier City; Business Administration. • AUBREY L. NUGENT, Colfax- Geology. • MARGUERITE ANN O ' BANNON, Natchitoches; Secretarial Science. Third Row: • BENNY WADE O ' BRIEN, Robeline; Dentistry. • JUDY FAYE ODOM, Haynesville; Nursing. • CLARA OLIPHANT, Shreve- port; Nursing. • GEORGE M. OLIVER. New Orleans; Agriculture. • JOHN WAYNE ODOM, Homer; Physical Education. • ALBERT MODELL O ' NEAL. JR., Oak Grove; Physical Education. Fourth Row: • LINDA GAYLE O ' ROURKE, Villa Platte; Nursing. • GEORGE ALLEN ORUM, Logansport; Pre-Engineerlng. • WILLIAM S. OSBORNE. Longville; Music. • BOBBY NELSON OTT, Mitchell; Pre-Veternarian. • MARY SUE OWEN, Alexandria; Library Sci- ence. • WILLIAM L. OWEN, Shreveport; Pre-Law. Fifth Row: • THURMAN D. OWENS, JR., El Oorado, Ark.; Physical Educa- tion. • EDGARD PAIZ, Managua, Nicaragua; Pre-Dentistry. • JOE DOUGLAS PALMER, Logansport; Agriculture. • JOHN W. PARISH, Robeline; Science. • KIT KARSON PARKER Ferri- day; Business Education. • MARY E. PARKER, Many; Primary Education. Sixth Row: • MICHAEL LARRY PARKER, Boyce; General Curriculum. • MILDRED PARKER, Olla; Secretarial Science. • PATRICIA PARKER, Shreveport; Secretarial Science. • MARY JO PARRISH, Zachary; Nursing. • ANN PARROTT, Zwolle; Home Economics. • JEAN CARROLL PARROTT, St. Joseph; Nursing. Seventh Row: • CLYDE DALTON PATTERSON, Zwolle; Business Education. • HALLIE WYVILLE PATTISON, Pleasant Hill; Upper Elemen- tary Education. • JANICE YVONNE PAUL. Ferriday; Math. • W. A. PAUL, Pollock; Business Administration. • JERRY P. PAYNE, Bossier City; Business Administration. • JAMES PEARCE, Stonewall. Eighth Row: • RUSSELL LEE PEDRO, Shreveport; General Curriculum. • DONALD ROY PERKINS, Cotton Valley, General Curriculum. • HELEN ALANNAH PETTY, Mansfield; Physical Education. • HARLAN M. PHELPS, Logansport; Business Administration. • CUNTHIA PHILLIPS, Shreveport; Social Welfare. • DONALD L. PHILLIPS, Shreveport; Business Administration. Ninth Row: • HAROLD PRACENZA, De Ridder; Accounting. • JUANITA A. PILCHER, Alexandria; Secretarial Science. • BURTON PIPER. Bossier City; Industrial Education. • MARY LEE PITCHFORD, Baton Rouge; Primary Education. • MARY ELIZABETH PITMAN. Natchitoches; Math. • JANE S. PLUMMER, East Gary, Ind.; Nursing. Tenth Row: • LA MARR POE. Lacamp; Biology. • KENNETH W. POIM BOEUF. Shreveport; Business Administration, e VIRGINIA POL- LARD, Dry Prong; Nursing. • ANDY PONTZ, Shreveport; Business. • MARTIN POOLE, Mansfield; Pre-Veterinary. e PEGGY POOLE, ■ ; Nursing. Eleventh Row: e LINDA PORTER. Winnfield; Nursing, e JANIS JAMES POWELL, Montgomery; Business Administration. • WALTER C. POWELL, JR., Montgomery; Upper Elementary Education. • WILLIAM LEE POWELL, Vidalia; Math, e SUSAN PRADOS, Shreveport; Speech Therapy, e JUANITA J. PRAYER, Buras; Primary Education. Twelfth Row: • BENNETT E. PRATT, Natchitoches; PreEngineering. e JOE MICHAEL PRICE, Coushatta; Accounting, e MARY M. PRICE Coushalta; Education, e MITCHELL E. PRICE L Ferriday Health and Physical Education, e CARSON PRIDGEN, Natchitoches- Health and Physical Education, e NANCY CATHERINE PRILEP, Shreveport; Business Administration. 100 ;Vi%im AQQftQ S J % i mmmx SLLL a 9Ai ' 7 Fresh men First Row: • JOHN CURTIS PRINCE II, Shreveport; General Curriculum. • VINCENT R. PROTTI. Belle Chasse; Physical Education. • DONALD L. PURDY. Philadelphia, Pa.: Primary Education. • JOHNNY RAY PULVIS Terry: General Curriculum. • RAYMOND WAYNE RABB, Waterproof; Zoology. • MARY LOUISE RAFIELD. Winnfield; Social Sciences. Second Row: • MELVIN RAMBIN, Shreveport; Business Administration • CED- RIC RAMSEY Merryville; Physical Education. • JANET SUE RANDOLPH Glenmora- Dietitics. • GARY RAYBURN, Winnfield; Accounting. ' ANGEL LOU REYNOLDS, Tioga; Business Educa- tion. • CAROL ANN REYNOLDS, Bastrop; Nursing. Third Row: • CAROLYN JEAN REYNOLDS, Shreveport; Primary Education. DOUGLAS ARTHUR RHINEHART, Dry Prong; Medical Tech nology. Education. Curriculum. Education. Education. SAMUEL M. RICE, Monterey; Health and Physical BILL RICHARDSON, Lake Providence: General DOUGLAS WAYNE RICHARDSON. Homer; Music JERRY ANN RICHARDSON, Haynesville; Business Fourth Row: • STANFORD RICHARDSON, Jonesville; Agriculture. • KATH- ERINE RICHIE Bunkie- Home Economics. • DIANE RIGGS Crowley Primary Education. • JOHN W. RILEY, Lone Star, Texas- Nursing. • CLARENCE LEE ROBBINS, Princeton. Agr cul- ture. ' • DON ROBBINS, Ringgold; Agriculture. Fifth Row: • ERROL BARKLEY ROBERTS, Bentley; General Curriculum. • JUDY BOB ROBERTS Houma; Primary Education. • WALTER PRESTON ROBERTS, Shreveport; Marketing. • CARNEY ROBERT- SON Pineville- Upper E ' ementary Education. • JUDY ROBERT- SON] Dixie: Nursing. • DALE PATRICKS ROBIN, Oil City; Industrial Arts. Sixth Row: • JOHN H. ROBSON Natchitoches; Zoology. • PAUL RO CHETTE, Richmond, Va.; Business Administration. • MONTY RODES Benton; General Curriculum. • JUANITA CLAIRE ROGE, Cloutierville; Primary Education. • DONALD ROMAIRE, Natchi- toches; Accounting. • PHYLLIS ROND. Natchitoches; General Chasse; Physical Education. Seventh Row: • MELVIN BRENT RASCOE. Coushatta; General Curriculum. • BARBARA ROSHTO, Pineville; Education. • PATRICIA ANN ROSS Negreet; English. • NINA JO ROUGEAU. Lena; Primary Education. • NANCYE ROUNTREE, Shreveport; Art. • ROBERT J. ROUSE, JR., Baton Rouge; Chemistry. Eighth Row: • JAMES F. ROUSSEAU, Alexandria; Sociology. • JAVES ALLEN ROWE, Benton; General Curricu ' um. • DANNY L. ROWZEE Leesville; Industrial Technology. • MARTHA ROWZEE, Lees ville- Math Education. • JAMES ROY, Alexandria; Upper Ele ment ' ary Education. • RONALD DEAN ROY. Natchitoches General Curriculum. Ninth Row: • THERESIANN ROZAS, Lecompte; Nursing. • YO-UNNE ROZAS Lecompte; Nursing. • RICK RUSHTON, Natchitoches; Accounting. • WILLIAM H. RUTLEDGE, JR. Shreveport; Physi- cal Education. • SANDRA ANN RYLAND. Pineville; Secretarial Science. • OSCAR GEORGE SAFFEL, Shreveport; Business Ad- :tion. Tenth Row: • JOHN RAY SAGE, Bossier City; Chemistry. • CAROL SALTER. Provencal; Speech Therapy. • JOHN M. SALTER, Tioga- Indus- trial Education. • RICHARD W. SALTER, Pineville; Business Administration. • DONNA SANDERS, Alexandria; Secretarial Science. • RAYMOND SANDERS. Natchitoches; Math. Eleventh Row: • PATSY RUTH SANSON. Deville; Education. • FRANCISCO SANTANA Natchitoches; Social Welfare. • SHELBA JEAN SAVELL Florien; Upper Elementary Education. • ELISABETH L. SAVOY Alexandria- Primary Education. • LINDA DIANE SAW- YER, Bunkie: Primary Education. • CARMEN M. SCALLAN. Marksville, Nursing. Twelfth Row: • RICHARD SCALLAN. Pineville; Business Administration. • MIRIAM DIANNE SCOGGINS, Elizabeth; Nursing. • DALE A. SCAIFE Many; Agriculture. • DON F. SCOTT, Alexandria; Physical Education. • JOHN SCOTT, Winnfield- Agriculture. • MARTHA ANN SCOTT. Natchitoches; General Curriculum. 101 Fresh men First Row: • JOE S. SCOTT. Campti; Business Administration. • WILLIAM C. SCOTT. Natchitoches; Forestry. • DON SCRIBER, Lisbon; Health and Physical Education. • JAMES EDWARD SCRIBER, Lisbon; Medical Technology. • MARILYN SCROGGS, Shreve- port; Business Education. • GLENN SCRUGGS, Minden; Pre- Engineering. Second Row: • MARGARET SEAL, Rosepine; Primary Education. • JOHNNY SEWELL, Baker; General Curriculum. • GLORIA SHAFFER, Gibs- land; Social Science Education. • SANDRA JEAN SHAHAN, Bossier City; Music Education. • JOYCE EVELYN SHARP, Lena; Home Economics. • PENNY CHRISTINE SHARP, Alexandria; Physics. Third Row: • MELVIN RAY SHAW, Montgomery; Industrial Education. • JOHN ELVIN SHADOW, Jena; Forestry. • RICHARD B. SHAW, Springhill; Forestry. • BARBARA A. STREET. Alexandria; Elementary Education. • JUDY SHEFFIELD, Montgomery; Gen- eral Curriculum. • SUSAN E. SHEFFIELD, Leesville; Nursing. Fourth Row: • DIANE SHIVERS, Natchitoches; Primary Education. • BAR- BARA ANN SHIVER, Shreveport; Elementary Education. • JOHN W. SHIVER, Montgomery; Business Administration. • GABRIEL F. SIBILLE. JR., Sunset; Health and Physical Education. • JANET ELAINE SIBLEY, Alexandria; Business Education. Natchitoches, Math. JERRY SIBLEY. Fifth Row: • LYNDA A. SILK, Montgomery; Upper Elementary Education. • PATSY JEAN SIMMONS, Shreveport; Health and Physical Education. • PAUL SIMMONS, Thiboduax; Zoology. • ARTHUR SIMONSON, JR., New Orleans; Math. • JOE HERMAN SINGLE- TARY. Anacoco; Electronics. • PAUL SINGLETON, Springhill; Forestry. Sixth Row: • ERVIN PAULINE SIPES, Baton Rouge; Upper Elementary Education. • JOHNNY WAYNE SISK, Winnsboro; Math. • ANNIE LOU SIZEMORE, Hodge; Nursing. • JO ANN SLACK, Jena; Secretarial Science. • PAT SLACK, Jonesboro; Health and Physical Education. • MARTHA JEANETTE SLATON, Cotton Valley; Nursing. Seventh Row: • HOBERT STEVE SLAUGHTER, Robeline; Business Administra- tion. • NORMA LEA SLAUGHTER, Glenmora; Primary Education. • LESLIE SLAYDON, De Ridder; Business Education. • DAVID A. SLOANE, Shreveport; Business Administration. • BRENDA SMITH, Montgomery; Upper Elementary Education. • CARROLL J. SMITH, Shreveport; Accounting. Eighth Row: • CHARLES DONALD SMITH, Natchitoches; Pre-Engineering. • CLARENCE WILLIAM SMITH, Alexandria; History • DOLORES J. SMITH. Church Point; Nursing. • GEORGE MICHAEL SMITH IV, Jeanerette; Social Sciences. • GOLDAREE SMITH, Atlanta; Music Education. • HER8ERT G. SMITH, Shreveport; General Curriculum. Ninth Row: • JAMES R. SMITH, Bossier City; Business Administration. • JENNIFER LEA SMITH, Winnfield; Primary Education. • JOHN RICHARD SMITH. Shreveport; Wildlife Management. • JOHN WILLIAM SMITH, Winnfield; Business Administration. • RONNY SMITH. Shreveport; Business Administration. • SARAH SMITH, Shreveport; Medical Technology. Tenth Row: • WESLEY DEE SMITH, Alexandria; Accounting. • TYRONE LARRY SNACK, Bossier City; Engineering. • LARRY SOILEAU, Ville Platte; Physical Education. • H. GORDON SOLLIDAY, Philadelphia, Pa. • JANICE SPEAKS, Goldonna; Primary Educa- tion. • JIM SPEARMAN, Natchitoches; Industrial Education. Eleventh Row: • LYNN SPEIGHT, Many; Pre-Medicine. • JANICE SPILLMAN Pineville; Nursing. • MYRNA ANN SPILLMAN, Jackson; Nursing. • JAMES E. SPRAYBERRY, Rodessa; Music Education. • CORA PAULINE ST. ANDRE. Natchitoches: Primary Education. • CARO- LYN ANN STANLEY, Alexandria; Secretarial Science. Twelfth Row: • DIANN RUTH STARNS, Baton Rouge, Nursing. • MARY ANN STEPHENS, East Point; Business Education. • RICHARD G. STEPHENS. Vidalia; Music Education. • YVONNE SIEPHENS Natchitoches; Upper Elementary. • LINDA SUE STEPHENSON Shreveport; tlemeniary Education. • RUNNiL R. SI EVENS, Belle Chasse; Physical Education. 102 l Hftfl , Fresh men 19 ilia i 3 .131(3 1 First Row: • JAMES THOMAS STEWART, Montgomery; Upper Elementary Education. • RONALD S. STEWART, Alexandria; Business Ad- ministration. • GERALD D. STILES, Springhill; Agriculture. • JO EVELYN STOCKTON, Pleasant Hill; Secretarial Science. • WILLIAM GENE STOKES, Anacoco; Elementary Education. • W. M. STONE, JR., Jena; Journalism. Second Row: • CLARK M. STRAYHAN, Plain Dealing- Business Administra- tion. • ELIZABETH STROUD, Natchitoches; Business Education. • JOEL W. STROUD, Houma; Chemistsry. • PATRICIA STURDI- VANT, Mansfield; Secretarial Science. • GARY SULLENBERGER, Shreveport; Health and Physical Education. • MICHAEL JAMES SULLIVAN. Maplewood; Pre-Law. Third Row: • ROY SULLIVAN, Plain Dealing; Pre-Law. • SANDRA SUMMER- LIN, Mansfield; Secretarial Science. • ARTHUR SUTHERLAND, Belle Chasse; Math. • ANNA SWAFFORD, Natchitoches; Primary Education. • LADISCAS SZABO, Rio De Janeiro; Marketing. • JIMMY LEE TAFT, Bossier City; Health and Physical Education. Fourth Row: • JAMES ROGER TALBERT Lake Charles; Physical Education. • HOWARD LAMAR TARVER Winnfield; Forestry. • HUGH A. TARVER, Pineville; Zoology. • JANICE CAROLE TARVER. Many; Business Administration. • GLENN M. TATE. Clare; General Curriculum. • DIANE TAYLOR, Shreveport, Journalism. Fifth Row: • GLENDA JOYCE TAYLOR. Pleasant Hill; Secretarial Science. • SCOTT TAYLOR, Joneville; Agriculture. • VICKI TEAGUE Vivian; Primary Education. • RICHARD C. TEMPLIN, Shreve- port; Business Administration. • LOUIS TESTA, JR. , Waterproof; Business Education. • HAROLD THAMES, JR., Many; Business Administration. Sixth Row: • BETTY YVONNE THARBON, Florien; Nursing. • MARIA THEES. New York, N.Y.; Secretarial Science. • BILLIE THOMAS, Pine- ville; Secretarial Science. • MILDRED THOMAS. Haynesville; Nursing. • TOMMY DAVID THOMAS. Ringgold; Industrial Arts. • WILLIAM LEE THOMAS, Shreveport; Pre-Engineering. Seventh Row: • JAMES STANLEY TOMPKINS Shreveport- Pre-Med. • BILLIE JOE THOMPSON, Shreveport; Music. • BONNIE THOMPSON Shreveport; Elementary Education. • DONALD E. THOMPSON, Montgomery; Accounting. • FAY THOMPSON, Colfax; Secretarial Science. • JOHN LARRY THOMPSON, Shreveport; Industrial Education. Eighth Row: • JUANITA RAYE THOMPSON, Winnfield; Primary Education. • REEK THOMPSON, Pitkin; Upper Elementary Education. • BREN DA THURMAN, Springhill; Primary Education. • REBECCA JANE TEBBETTS, New Iberia; Occupational Therapy. • MARY MAR GARET TILBURNE, Shreveport; Nursing. • WILLIAM EDWARD TILLEY, Leesville; Accounting. Ninth Row: • RONALD CLYDE TIPTON, Ringgold; Industrial Arts. • ANN LUCILLE TODD Baton Rouge- Nursing. • BILLY DALE TOLAND. Bossier City; Speech. • LOUIS CLAUDE TOWNSEND. JR., Cou- shatta; Bacteriology. • ROY B. TRAMMELL. Springhill; Industrial Technology. • RICHARD E. TRANT, Natchitoches; Music. Tenth Row: • ANN TRAWICK, Winnfi«ld; Education. • KAREN A. TREW, Maplewood: Nursing. • SHEILA TUURI. Shreveport; Nursing. • MARGARET TYSON, Ferriday; Nursing. • MARTHA ANN WAG- NER, Natchitoches; Nursing. • MARJORIE ANN WAITES. Ring- gold; Primary Education. Eleventh Row: • MARGIE E. WALKER. Leesville; Home Economics. • JERRY WILLIAM WALLACE Melville; Health and Physical Education. • CARLA WALTERS Sulphur; Primary Education. • LOIS ELAINE WALTERS, Campti; Primary Education. • WILLIAM FRANK WALTMAN, Coushatta; Chemistry. • NORMA L. WASH, Collen; Library Science. Twelfth Row: • GERALD STANLEY WATERS, Sloster; Physical Education. • CHARLES D. WATSON. Minden; Nursing. • BOBBY WATTS, Shreveport- Business Administration. • CHARLES RAY WATTS. Oil City; Chemistry and Math. • AUDREY JO GIBSON WEAVER. Coushatta; English. • J. H. WEAVER, Campti; Business Admin- istration. 103 Fresh men First Row: • CHARLIE WEBER, Mansfield; General Curriculum. • STEVE A. WEELS Simpson; General Curriculum. • HAROLD LYNN WEIR Monroe- Electronics. • KAREN M. WELCH, Natchitoches; Business Education. • ROLLINS J. WELCH, Opelousas; Physical Education. • BONITA WELDON, Florien; Secretarial Science. Second Row: • MARILYN WELLMAN, Zimmerman; Elementary Education. • JUDY WELLS Alexandria; Nursing. • PATSY S. WEST, Natchi- toches; Library Science. • TOMMY WHATLEY. Natchitoches; Business Administration. • CAROL JUNE WHEAT Montgomery; General Curriculum. • CHARLES MEREDITH WHITEHURSf, Pineville; Industrial Arts. Third Row: • JOHN B. WHITAKER, Gorum; Social Sciences. • WILLIAM WHITEHEAD, Natchitoches; Zoology. • JANICE M. WHITE- SIDE Shreveport; Primary Education. • O. D. WHITLEY, Shreve- port; Industrial Arts. • MARY ELIZABETH WHITE, Maplewood; Nursing. • THOMAS G. WHITE, Alexandria; Industrial Arts. Fourth Row: • GEORGE L. WHITLOCK. Port Sulphur; Agriculture. • SAN- DRA WHITTINGTON, Benton; Nursing. • LINDA WlCKARD. Shreveport; Medical Technology. • ROBERT H. WIGGINS. Bos- sier City Pre-Engineering. • JOSEPH L. WILEY, Jonesville; Math. • CONNIE WILKINS, Alexandria; Business Education. Fifth Row: • RALPH A. WILKINS, Detroit, Mich.; Physical Education. • ALBERT EARL WILLIAMS. Shreveport; Geography. • JAN E. WILLIAMS, New Iberia; Home Economics. • JO GAYLE WIL- LIAMS Shreveport; Nursing. • LARRY WILLIAMS. Alexandria; Business Administration. • LEAH LOUISE WILLIAMS, Baton Rouge; Nursing. Sixth Row: • DOLLIE WILLIAMSON, Alexandria; English. • LONNIE WIL LIS Bossier City; General Curriculum. • MARY ANDREA WIL LIS ' Shreveport; Secretarial Science. • DUNWOOD RAY WILSON Bossier City Business Administration. • LARRY ARVEN WILSON Shreveport; Business Administration. • LAWRENCE WILSON Mansfield; Social Sciences. Seventh Row: • BARBARA JEAN UHRBACH, Natchitoches; General Curricu- lum • JOHN URBAN Alexandria; Commercial Art. • BERNARD H. VALLERY Alexandria; Education. • JOYE FAYE VALLERY. Alexandria; Art. • RAYMOND WAYNE VALLERY, Alexandria; Pre-Law. • DON VALLERY, Bossier City; Physical Education. Eighth Row: • JERRY CECIL VARNADO, Alexandria; Business Administration. • ARTHA A. VAUGHN, Eunice; Nursing. • JANE MARY VAUGHAN Lake Arthur; Upper Elementary. • REEGGIE VAUGHN Monroe- Music Education. • RICHARD VAUGHN, Colfax- Business Administration. MICHAEL VECCHER, Cloutier- ville; Agriculture. • HENRY NORMAND VICKNAIR, Pineville; Business Administration. Ninth Row: • EDWARD ACEY VINES. JR., Zwolle; Physical Education. • SALLY GANEATH WILSON, Winnsboro; Home Economics. • JOHN LEE WINGATE. Alexandria; Agriculture. • JACQUE- LINE ANN WINN, Alexandria; Health and Physical Education. • JACK LAMAR WOMACK, Tullos; Physical Education. • ANN ETTE WOOD, Coushatta; Technology. • BETTY ANN WOOD. Castor; Primary Educat ion. Tenth Row: • CAROLYN C. WOOD, Coushatta; Business Education. • GENE WOOD New Mexico; Pre-Engineering. • JUNE WOOD. Castor; Nursing. • KAYREN WOODEL, Negreet; Vocal Music. • CARO LYN ANN WOODS, Heflin; Nursing. • JUDY ANN WRIGHT, Natchitoches; Social Sciences. • KEITH WRIGHT, Many; Physical Education. Eleventh Row: • LARRY WEEKS. Shreveport; Zoology. • THOMAS WYATT. Winnfield- Government. • WILLIAM RODNEY WYATT, Provencal; General Curriculum. • WINFORN WYBLE, Port Barre- General Curriculum. • NELLIE JEAN WYNN, Hosston; Upper Elementary Education. • AUSTIN YAWN Pointe a la Hache; Business Ad ministration. • PATSY NELL YORK, Jonesville; Primary Education. sing. • JOE ALFRED YOUNG. THERESA YOUNG. Bossier City; Twelfth Row: • JANE YOUNG, Ashland; Nursinc Monterey; Math. • JUANITA THERESA TUUNb, Bossier Secretarial Science. • YOLANDA YOUNG, Alexandria; Physical Education. • SYLVIA A. YOUNGBLOOD. Minden; Nursing. • RONALD ZAGONE, Social Sciences. • RAYFORD J. ZERINGUE. Raceland; Business Administration. 104 2 3 fa Th e campus activities provide a basis for student iwitle government, spirit, and culture. w... Th e campus activities provide basis a basis for student government, spirit, and culture. Student Council We, your elected Northwestern State College Student Council, under the leadership of President Burton Howard and with the guidance of Dean Dudley G. Fulton, strive to serve you, Northwestern ' s Student Body, with the powers vested in us by the Student Body Constitution. The Student Council is dedicated to the interests of NSC s Student Body. With this thought ever in our minds, we have undertaken various duties and projects to make your stay at NSC as pleasant as possible. Any decision we may make or have made is for the gen- eral welfare of the students. We owe many thanks to the college administrators, faculty, and students who have given their complete cooperation in order that we could function to the best of our ability. First Row: David Burton Howard, President; Roland McKneely, Vice- President; Linda Fedd, Vice-President of Women. Second Row: Jerry Fowler, Vice-President of Men; Doris Richard, Secretary; Patricia Pitt- man, Treasurer. Student Council members really do work ! ! ! ! m » I Hi nKi Wi r 1 MEMBERS DAVID BURTON HOWARD President ROLAND McKNEELY Vice-President LINDA FEDD Vice-President of Women JERRY FOWLER Vice-President of Men DORIS RICHARD Secretary PATRICIA PITTMAN Treasurer RICHARD ESCOTT ' Senior President MARVA GLOVER Senior Representative ANDREW JACKSON Senior Representative DICKIE ROGERS Junior President MAXINE COILE Junior Representative N. B. POWELL Junior Representative JERRY BERLIN Sophomore President BILLIE JEAN CHAMPION Sophomore Representative JOHNNY EDGAR Sophomore Representative SONNY HARGROVE Freshman President DICKIE SCALLEN Freshman Representative ASSOCIATE MEMBERS CAROL BELL CLAUDIA JUBE KAYLA BERNARD MARY LOY LILLEY THOMAS CARSON PATRICIA LIVINGSTON NANCY FOSHEE DENNIS MAURICE RUBY HOYT JERRY ANN RICHARDSON Seated, left to right: Maxine Coile, Doris Richard, Marva Glover, Billie Jean Champion, Pat Pittman, Linda Fedd. Standing: Dickie Scallen, Andy Jackson, Jerry Berlin, Dudley Fulton, Richard Escott, Dickie Rogers, M Pictured above: Wake up!!! We ' re having a meeting!!! Pictured below: The Freshman Associates Jerry Fowler, Roland McKneely, Sonny Hargrove, N. B. Powell, Johnny Edgar. k, 0 ' Seated, left to right: Nancy Harper, Nelma Honeycutt, Laura McLeish, Sarita Johns, Marie Michel, Ursula Wahl, Gloria Crane, Billie Slatten. Standing: Bettye Lou Fletcher, Jo Ann Cain, Armadine Miller, Ruby Trevillion, Sara Killen, Liz Hennigan, Nancy Ricks, Angie Boyt, Carroil Houston, Liz Royston, Frances Morrow, Fran Novak, Shirley Randolph, Jackie Bolton, Mrs. Irble Shaddock. Not Pictured: Cecilia Carver, Joyce Cooley, Ollie Jo Landrum, Delphine Blankenship, Monya Winn, Margaret Bowen. Dormitory Assistants The Staff Assistants Program helps the House Directors in the women ' s residence halls. These girls serve as receptionists in the residence hall offices and also help the students in the building to observe residence hall regulations. Staff assistants must have a high scholastic average and be at least of sopho- more standing. Selection for this position is made by the Dean of Women and her staff on the basis of efficiency, dependability, and co-operativeness. The sponsor of the staff assistants is Mrs. Irble Shaddock. The Sophomore Counselor Program is designed to help freshman women students become adjusted to college life, college and residence hall regulations, and to help them attain a high academic standing. Sophomore Counselors are selected to this honorary position on the basis of scholarship, leadership, per- sonality, and character. Twenty-nine women students were selected to serve in this position during the 1960-61 year. Under the leadership of the officers — Nancy Ricks, president; Freda Cadow, secretary; and Mrs. Anne Dunnam, sponsor — the Sophomore Counselors have helped develop a better college spirit among the new women students. The monitors in the men ' s dormitories function in much the same way as the sophomore counselors. Applications are filed in the office of the Assistant Dean of Men, and each applicant is interviewed by Mr. Townsend, the Director of Men ' s Housing. Each monitor must have at least a " C " average; however a " B " average is preferred. The house directors in the dormitories then approve the applicant ' s personality, leadership, and character. 110 ■ II m a§ ii i Sea-fed, left to right: Jo Nell Rogers, Patsy Rhodes, Laura McLeish, Peggy Turner, Helen Cheatwood, Mary Manitzas, Nancy Ricks, Arlette McCasland, Ruth Richardson, Betty Lou Fletcher, Kay Mcintosh, Mar- garet Knotts, Gloria Crane, Carolyn Corley. Standing: Freda Cadow, Aline Mays, Donna Fay Ritchie, Marian Meador, Frances Morrow, Jackie Bolton, Patsy Moore, Judy Meeker, Elizabeth Hennigan, Virginia Pollard, Norma White, Fay Hataway, Billie Slatten, Peggy Browne. Seated, left to right: Dan Whitehurst, Benny Grant, Ernest Armstrong, Robert Risor, Tommy Nunez, Jerry Conerly, Larkin C. Cathey, Charles Mains, Floyd Byrd. Standing: Leonard Hedrick, Malcolm Gomez, Larry Dowden, Wiley Gillis, Billy Haynes, Glen Bounds, Bert Ezernack, Gerald Johnson, Frank Parker, Lonnie Harper, Bill Menard, Robert Turner, Robert Eugene Easley. 1 r Pi r n J 3S .JJ B A. if J i A kill l - k. J i tf i Bk wkm L) Aran 7 sf « Officers, left to right: Lynda Williams, Annette Boone, Johanna Hulls, Janis Evans, Barbara Shaver, Janell Anthony, Dot Wallen, Billie Jean Champion. 112 Associated OFFICERS BARBARA SHAVER President JANELL ANTHONY Vice-President DOT WALLEN IAWS Representative JOHANNA HULLS Recording Secretary JANIS EVANS Corresponding Secretary LINDA WILLIAMS Treasurer ANNETTE BOONE Social Chairman BILLIE JEAN CHAMPION Publicity Chairman DEAN FRANCES PORTER Sponsor Seated on floor, left to right: Linda Fedd, Marilyn Guidry, Linda Fielder. Seated on couch: Maureen Morrow, Mary Finch, Dolores Ann Brown, Ann Gray, Monya Winn, Carolyn Sue Leach, Mary Lee Pitchford, Patsy Gladden, Pat Tatum, Claudia Jube. Standing: Kay Mcintosh, Ganeath Wilson, Barbara Foster, Charmaine Moore, Dorothy Vines, Betty An- thony, Joy Tipton, Donna Sanders, Sarah Ellen Ferguson, Libby Savoy, Polly Ford, Judy Bob Roberts, Ursula Wahl, LaNae Rowell, Katherine Berry, Suzy Alost, Carol Givens, Nancy Foshee, Gayle Ferguson, Burna Deane Hinkley, Jerry Ann Richardson, Mary Jean Groll, Mary Lou Lilly, Linda Dingman, Kayla Bernard. Women Students The Associated Women Students is an organization of all women students registered at the college and is a member of the Inter-collegiate Association of Women Students. The purpose of the AWS is to promote, in cooperation with the Dean of Women, the intellectual, social, and spiritual welfare of the women students; to develop in the students a deep sense of self-responsibility; to instill a spirit of coopera- tion and friendship; and to uphold high social and academic standards among women students of the college. To govern the women students is not the only purpose of the AWS. It also helps to enrich the lives of college students by providing opportunities for them to participate in school activities. Some of the activities that AWS promotes include the Howdy Dance . . . Halloween Masquerade Dance . . . the homecoming float . . . the Christmas-at-home Reception . . . the year is highlighted by the election of officers who are presented to the students at the AWS Banquet. FRANCES ELLEN PORTER Sponsor 113 Town Associated Women Students The Town Associated Women Students is made up of all women students who live off-campus. This organization works closely with the AWS. Officers of the town group serve on the AWS Council. The primary aim of TAWS is to keep the off-campus women students informed concerning activities on-campus and to promote a closer feeling of unity among all women students at NSC. TAWS participates in such projects as Mom and Dad Day, Homecoming, Christmas-at-Home, and the AWS-TAWS Banquet. OFFICERS LINDA CORLEY President ELIZABETH STROUD First Vice-President KAREN WELCH Second Vice-President ANNAH VAUGHN LEACH Secretary-Treasurer DIANNE MAYEAUX Reporter MRS. LUCILE HENDRICK Sponsor Officers, left to right: Linda Corley, Annah Vaughn Leach, Dianne Mayeaux, Elizabeth Stroud, Karen Welch. Seated, left to right: Gail Slack, Sarah Jo Adams, Linda Mona McDonald, Phyllis Rond, Elizabeth Stroud, Linda Corley, Jackie Brantley. Standing: Ann Johnson, Barbara Jean Uhrbach, Mary Frances Easley, Joan Ed- wards, Karen Welch, Janette Lofton, Pat Gray, Elizabeth Hilton, Martha Scott, Mary Elizabeth Pitman, Annah Vaughn Leach, Dianne Mayeaux. 114 Left to right: Janell Anthony, Janis Evans, " Pixie " Barillier, Barbara Foster, Willie Dale Nix. Judi iciary Board The Judiciary Board of the Associated Women Students is composed of two A.W.S. officers, the Vice-President, who serves as chairman of the Board, and the Corresponding Secretary. Three other members, representing the Senior, Junior, and Sophomore classes, are appointed by the Dean of Women and the President of the Associated Women Stu- dents, who serves as an ex-officio member of the Board. It is the duty of the Judiciary Board to see that all regula- tions pertaining to women students are functioning effec- tively, and to investigate all instances of non-observance of regulations that come to its attention, to determine whether the instance constitutes a case of behavior failure, and to assist the individual concerned in making satisfactory adjust- ment. The Board serves as a " hearing " group for any woman student who violates an important rule or regulation. 115 OFFICERS JANELL ANTHONY Chairman JANIS EVANS Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS " Pixie " Barillier Senior Representative Barbara Foster Junior Representative Willie Dale Nix Sophomore Representative Left to right: Janell Anthony, Janis Evans Associated Sitting, left to right: Jerry Fowler, Eddie Bonial. Standing: Roy Bostic, Maurice Dennis. The organization known as Associated Men Students in- cludes in its membership all regularly enrolled men at North- western State College. The executive board of AMS is composed of 23 members, each representing a different dormitory or floor. This is the fourth year that Associated Men Students has functioned as an organization on the NSC campus. However, the idea can be traced to a similar group that had its first meetings in 1949. This organization was known as the Men ' s Interdormitory Council. The main objectives of the Associated Men Students, like those of the earlier Interdormitory Council, are: First, to promote, in cooperation with the college administration, the general welfare of men students at Northwestern State Col- lege and, in particular, the welfare of men living in the residence halls on the college campus. Second, to serve as a means of expression of opinion for men students. Third, to instill in men students a sense of good citizenship, true sports- manship, and mature responsibility. Fourth, to uphold high standards of conduct and scholarship among students. Sitting, left to right: Jerry Varnado, Samuel Dauzat, Griff Warren, Jimmy Johnson, Eddie Bonial. Standing: Roy Bostic, Jerry Fowler, Ronnie Terry, Lonnie Harper, Richard Tew, Jerry Wallace, Maurice Dennis, Joseph Rivers. Men Students REPRESENTATIVES OF MEN ' S DORMITORIES RONALD TERRY A-Frame JERRY VARNADO B-Frame ROY BOSTIC C-Frame RICHARD TEW D-Frame LONNIE HARPER East Caspar! GRIFF WARREN Prudhomme MAURICE DENNIS Rebel Hall JOSEPH RIVERS Sheib Hall SAMUEL DAUZAT South Hall EDDIE BONIAL Stadium JERRY WALLACE West Hall JIMMY JOHNSON West Caspar! ' This is a good plan. OFFICERS JERRY FOWLER President EDDIE BONIAL Vice-President ROY BOSTIC Secretary MAURICE DENNIS Treasurer JERRY FOWLER A. M.S. President 117 The Purple Jackets The Purple Jackets, founded in 1927 by President V. L. Roy, was the first honor club to be established at NSC. The Purple Jackets, clad in colors of purple and white depicting loyalty, have become a tradition as hostesses at all events on the college campus. The membership of the club is limited to twenty-one active members. Each spring new members are chosen from those women students who have demonstrated good scholarship, leadership and character, and a spirit of cooperation and unselfishness in serving the college. The honor of becoming a member of the Purple Jackets is one of the greatest accorded to a woman student of NSC. Sitting, left to right: Judy Hammond, Annette Boone. Standing: Geri Haworth, Linda Caraway. Up Steps, left column: Linda Corley, Suzy Alost, Judith Hammond, Pat McGraw, Rose Temple, Geri Haworth, Pat Tatum, Johanna Hulls, Caroly n Sue Leach. Center Front: Doris Richard. Right Column: Ruby Nell Bob- bitt, Annette Boone, Janis Evans, Mary Frances Easley, Linda Pate, Carroll Houston, Linda Caraway, Peggy Jo Robinson, Brenda Holmes. We ' re still children at heart. OFFICERS JUDITH HAMMOND President ANNETTE BOONE Vice-President GERRI HAWORTH Secretary LINDA CARAWAY Treasurer MEMBERS Suzy Alost Brenda Holmes Ruby Nell Bobbit Carroll Houston Annette Boone Johanna Hulls Linda Caraway Carolyn Sue Leach Linda Corley Pat McGraw Mary Frances Easley Linda Pate Janis Evans Doris Richards Judith Hammond Peggy Jo Robinson Gerri Ann Haworth Pat Tatum Rose Temple I ' ll be an alumni one of these days. EVE MOUTON Purple Jacket Sponsor Purple Jackets get little sleep. I Seated, left to right: Wayne Williamson, Jim Williams, Glenn Wilkins, Leroy Chiasson, Roland McKneely, Johnny Creech, Don Deen. Standing: Sam Love, McKinley Mason, Leonard O. Nichols, David Jackson, Freddie Bosarge, Burton Howard, Lee Thiel, Ed Hunter, Mack Knotts, Jerry Conerly. LEONARD O. NICHOLS Sponsor Blue Key The seventeen members of the Northwestern Chapter of the Blue Key National Honor Fraternity not only worked with school officials during registration, but also were responsible for decorating the campus on special-events days such as Homecoming, and Mom and Dad Day. The group also sponsored movies for college students on nights when there was no other all-college activity; sponsored the annual Home- coming dance: helped with dormitory Homecoming decora- tion judging; worked with the school in the conducting of the annual summer high school cheerleading clinic; and weTe on call " for various events of a service nature. The Northwestern chapter had its beginning last year when members of the administration, realizing the need for a men ' s service unit, gathered a group of junior and senior students who met Blue Key requirements, and formed a local service fraternity. This group ultimately petitioned the national organization and were initiated in the spring of 1959. Members of the NSC fraternity must be at least juniors at the time of their initiation; possess an over-all 1 .5 academic average; meet certain standards of participation in extra- curricular activities; and gain a majority vote of chapter members. Miss Janis Evans, a senior from Sikes, was selected by the Blue Keyers as their first Blue Key Darling. This designation, which is to be an annual affair, was made at the Homecoming Dance. Blue Key is America ' s largest general honor fraternity for upperclassmen. 120 Seated, left to right: Leroy Chiasson, Jerry Conerly. Standing: Jim Williams, Freddie Bosarge, Burton Howard. OFFICERS FREDDIE BOSARGE President BURTON HOWARD Vice-President JIM WILLIAMS Recording Secretary LEROY CHIASSON Corresponding Secretary JERRY CONERLY Alumni Secretary llhmllJU n MUX mar? The Blue Key participates in the Homecoming Parade. Queen Jo Ann Robinson receives a rose at the Homecoming Dance. JANIS EVANS Blue Key Darling Aren ' t you happy, Jimmy? 121 Section Editors, Seated, left to right: Peggy Browne, Mary Manitzas, Gloria Crane, Freda Cadow. Standing: Barbara Shaver, Ann Monkhouse, Lee Thiel, Jackie Bolton, Carolyn Corley. « DORIS RICHARD Associate Editor TOM NASH Business Manager PAUL " DOC " MARX Sponsor DOT WALLEN Editor The 1961 The one word that every section editor and staff member has heard over and over in the past few months is DEADLINE. What goes into meeting the deadline? Anyone of the section editors can tell you that it takes a lot of work! But to be more specific, taking pictures, getting retakes of pictures, getting write-ups, proof-reading and typing them, preparing pictures for Shreveport Engraving Company and write-ups for Benson Printing Company all goes into meeting every deadline. Each section has been in the capable hands of a section editor, who strived to meet the set deadline. Helping the section editors to meet the set date were the staff typists who did everything from typing letters and copy to deco- rating and making posters for the POTPOURRI Ball and Lady of the Bracelet Pageant. Many good laughs along with our work have seen us through the year. All but one deadline has been met, -and the 1 96 1 POT- POURRI Staff with a lot of help from Shreveport Engraving Company and Benson Printing Company in Nashville, Ten- nessee, meets it now by presenting to you the 1 96 1 POT- POURRI. Seated, left to right: Peggy Browne, Mary Manitzas, Barbara Shaver, Doris Richard, Dot Wallen, Gloria Crane, Ruby Bobbitt. Standing: Tom Nash, Lenora Wooley, Norma White, Carolyn Corley, Jackie Bolton, Lee Thiel, Ann Monlthouse, Mary Lynn Cloutier, Ester Broussard, Liz Caperton, Monya Winn, La Nae Rowell, Frank Conner. Potpourri STAFF DOT WALLEN Editor DORIS RICHARD Associate Editor TOM NASH Business Manager ANN MONKHOUSE Administration Editor BARBARA SHAVER Class Co-Editor MARY MANITZAS Class Co-Editor PEGGY BROWNE Activities Co-Editor CAROLYN CORLEY Activities Co-Editor LEE THIEL Organizations and Military Co-Editor FRANK CONNER Organizations and Military Co-Editor GLORIA CRANE Student Life Co-Editor FREDA CADOW Student Life Co-Editor JACKIE BOLTON Snapshot Co-Editor PAT LITTON Snapshot Co-Editor NORMA WHITE Typist LA NAE ROWELL Typist MARY LYNN CLOUTIER Typist ESTER BROUSSARD Typist LIZ CAPERTON Typist CAROLYN ROBINETTE Typist PAUL " DOC " MARX Sponsor 123 ' Wonder if I could malte a vertical picture out of this horizontal? ' " Keep looking, girls. I know I put it in here somewhere. " WAYNE WILLIAMSON Business Manager JOHNNY EDGAR Sports Editor WAYNE CLEMM Artist LA NAE ROWELL Society Editor The Current Under the capable leadership of a male editor for the first time in four years, the 1960-61 Current Sauce staff began work under very pleasant circumstances in a redecorated, refurnished, air-conditioned office. Frank Caperton and his editorial staff, determined to make the Sauce the official newspaper of the NSC student body, attempted to give complete coverage of campus events and full voice to student opinion. Two personal columns, feature stories and interviews, an active " Letters-to-the-Editor " section, and a lively editorial page gave the newspaper a distinctive, colorful personality. Sports and society news were very capably handled by Johnny Edgar and La Nae Rowell. Efficiently supervising the business affairs of the Sauce was Wayne Williamson, whose capability for obtaining adver- tising often left the staff wondering if there would be any space left for copy. One of the highlights of the year was the publication of the literary edition saluting the creative writing ability of the NSC students. This special edition originated a year ago under the editorship of Artie Wimberley. Through a hot, news-bare summer and a news-filled fa ll and spring, the issues of the Sauce rolled off the presses in the Graphic Arts Department every Friday into the hands of the students. The 1960-61 staff made this year a favorable niche in the history of the Current Sauce, which, for 47 years, has chronicled the progress of Northwestern. Serving on the staff this year were: Kay Flowers, Wayne Clemm, Mathilda Andrus, Mary Ann Bankston, Ruby Nell Bobbitt, Martha Cotten, Pat Gandy, Doug Gordon, Lonnie Harper, Kathy Jones, Ann Jones, James King, Carol Ann Knotts, Juanita McGuire, Ann Matthews, C. B. Morrison, Betty Neely, Richard Norred, Glynn Peninger, Gail Rylee, Jerry Spears, Diane Taylor, Glenda Walters, Joe Wein- munson, Bonnie Wineinger, Walter Wiscovitch, and Ruth Woodward with Roy G. Clark as faculty advisor. Sauce FRANK CAPERTON Editor KAY FLOWERS Associate Editor First Row: left to right: Martha Cotten, Ann Mathews, Betty Neely, Frank Caperton, Ruby Bobbitt, La Nae Rowell. Second Row: Lonnie Harper, Ruth Woodward, Kay Flowers, Diane Taylor, Gail Rylee. Third Row: Pat Gandy, John Calloway, Kathy Jones. Publications Board The Student Publications Committee is composed of six students, named by the President of the Student Body Asso- ciation, and five faculty members, named by the President of the college. One of these faculty members will be the Chairman of the Committee. This committee is responsible for the editorial and finan- cial guidance and control of all student publications. The committee may add any qualifications for editorship eligi- bility of a publication which it feels are desirable. It deter- mines whether or not each candidate, who has filed the proper " Notice of Intention, " is qualified for the editorship to which he aspires. Only the names of those candidates approved by the committee shall appear on the ballot. The right to suspend or remove the editors or other staff members for inefficiency, neglect of duty, malfeasance in office, or any other sufficient reason by a two-thirds majority of the full committee is also given. A vacancy in the editorship of any student publication is filled by the action of the Student Publications Committee, ratified by the Student Council. The chairman of the Student Publications Committee sub- mits to the Student Council in November, February, and May a report on the financial conditions of each student publication. Left to right: Frank Caperton, George A. Stokes OFFICERS GEORGE A. STOKES FRANK CAPERTON . Faculty Chairman Student Chairman First Row, left to right: Thomas Hennigan, Doris Richards, Mathilda Andrus, Leonard O. Nichols, Andy Jackson. Second Row: Frank Caper- ton, George A. Stokes, Wayne Williamson. Not pictured: Freddie Bosarge, Ernest O. Howell, Janell F. Rue. Kneeling, left to right: Ruth Richardson, Patsy Lowderback, Barbara Dowden. Standing: Jerry Ainsworth, Roy Hyatt, Jack Brossette, Pat Malmstrom. Cheerleaders The NSC cheerleaders of 1960-61 have had a big year, with a combination of hard work and lots of fun. Because of summer jobs, only one of the squad, Ruth Richardson, was able to attend the Northwestern Cheerleading Clinic where she learned many new cheers and picked up some helpful suggestions. The cheerleaders were put in charge of our new spirit- rouser, " The Demon Head, " built by the Industrial Arts De- partment. It was on hand at every home football game to blink its eyes and give off smoke every time NSC gained points. The squad was able to attend all of the out-of-town games with the exception of the one at Pensacola, Florida. Each home game found the group hard at work decorating goal- posts and striving to increase school spirit. The cheerleaders also attended all the home basketball games. Patsy Lowderback and Roy Hyatt, both from Shreveport, were elected freshmen cheerleaders. Jerry Ainsworth from Shreveport and Jack Brossette from Greenwood were cheer- leaders for the first time, while Barbara Dowden returned for her second year. Pat Malmstrom of Shreveport served as Demon and Ruth Richardson, also of Shreveport, served as head cheerleader. The cheerleaders feel that they have had a very successful year, and hope they have accomplished their chief goal — to raise school spirit. 127 All together now, I . . . 2 . . .3 Let ' s give one big fight! VIOLET DAVION Demonette Sponsor Come on, girls, get with it! The Demonettes The Demonettes, predominated by freshmen, have delighted the 1960-61 home and visiting foot- ball fans with their outstanding showmanship during half-time periods. SUZANNE TUMMINELLO Major Anyone out of step? Left to right: Suzanne Tumminello, Martha McGlothen, Betty Ann Neely, Donna Faye Ritchie. First row, left to right: Jo Ella Dormeyer, Patsy Simmons, Betty Ann Neely, Martha McGlothen, Suzanne Tumminello, Donna Fay Ritchie, Fran Leeper, Marilyn Pitts. Second row: Polly Ford, Earlyne Dunn, Janet Sib- ley, Charla Ainsworth, Sara Smith, Marilyn Hudson, Lynn Lott, Sandra Greene. Third row: Rosalind Alford, Marilyn Scroggs, Dorothy Trevenen, Cecile Bade, Patsy York, Diane Courtney, Ellen Miller, Janice Whiteside. Fourth row: Leah Storey, Arlene Luneau, Kaye Koren, Marie Hall, Judy Hall, Marilyn Guidry, Carolyn Lee, Anne Cooper. Fifth row: Wynn Rey- nolds, Gayle Blunt, Lucy Joiner, Ruby Carlile, Bettye Lou Fletcher, Doro- thy Moore, Pat Walker, Patricia Headrick. Sixth row: Barbara Dykes, Judy Hughes, Mary Wissing, Joan Lowrence, Lorna Willard, Judy Har- well, Linda Hansford, Sara Killen. Seventh row: Jackie Ann McGee, Judith Haydel, Yvonne Coleman, Linda Long, Ranita Blake, Sandra Joyce, Criss Gilbert, Cuble Rivers. The Demonaires The Northwestern State College Dance Band has been long-lived, dating back before World War II when the band was known as the Swing Kings. ' During the war the women took over the dance band calling themselves Swing Queens. ' ' After peace was restored, the name was changed to Demonaires " ; hence the dance band is solidly planted in NSC history. It is known throughout Louisiana and plays dances all over the state. The Demonaires would like to say, " Thank you for a swinging year while playing for your dances. " MEMBERS Ralph Mosely Allen Swilley Saxaphones Toby Cooper Robert Spillers Larry Eddy Jack Duncan J. L. Carroll Trumpets Billy Joe Thompson James Crabbe Earl Williams Trombones Robert Crain James Sprayberry Wayne Richardson David Jackson, bass Rhythm Section George Gilcrease, piano Reggie Vaughn, drums J. L. CARROLL, JR. Leader First Row, left to right: James Cooper, Robert Spillers, Allen Swilley, Ralph Mosely, Larry Eddy, Jack Duncan. Second Row: Reggie Vaughn, George Gilcrease, Earl Williams, Robert Crain, Wayne Richardson, e James Sprayberry. Third Row: David Jackson, Buddy Carroll, Billy Thomp- son, Jimmy Crabbe. v Our 1961 Orchestra Little Symphony Orchestra The Northwestern Little Symphony Orchestra was first or- ganized in 1913 and had a membership of about twenty. Little was done to improve the orchestra until 1946. Since that date it has grown steadily in number and quality of performance. The Little Symphony Orchestra is truly a community organi- zation in that its members include elementary, high school, and college students as well as college faculty and towns- people. The group presents four concerts during the academic year — two public concerts and two Young People ' s Concerts for the school children of Natchitoches and nearby towns — and also provides music for the spring semester commence- ment exercises. Various musical groups on campus function to give the students and faculty popular lyrics, jaiz, dance music, and marches. It is the purpose of the Northwestern Little Sym- phony Orchestra to contribute classical and semi-classical music, and so it does under the able direction of Dr. Joseph Carlucci. Diana Aldrich Ronald Bilyeu James Brumley James L. Carroll Clarissa Carter James A. Cooper Jack Duncan Larry Eddy Georqe Gilcrease William Hearron David Jackson OFFICERS Kathy Janes Ralph Moseley Sarah Oliver Wayne Richardson Stuart Rollins James Sprayberry Richard Stephens Allen Swilley Rose Temple Reqqie Vaughn Patrick Vidrine DR. JOSEPH CARLUCCI Sponsor Tools of the trade JERRY ANN VANN Drum Major " Hmm, I wonder which song I ' m supposed to be playing? ' MAJORETTES Left to right: Barbara Jean Uhrbach, Judy Bob Roberts, Linda Lattier Charlotte Beebe, Vicky West. Band The 1960-61 Northwestern Band, under the direction of Dwight S. Davis, participated in various activities throughout the year, including the usual performances at half-time during the football season, concerts, pep rallies, and parades. The Demons marched in the Forest Parade in Winnfield, the NSC- Tech Parade in Shreveport, the NSC Homecoming Parade, and the Christmas Festival Parade in Natchitoches. This year during football season, the Demons performed at the home games, presenting formations and precision drills. Each senior instrumental music major planned and taught the band a half-time show. This gave the majors a chance to practice supervising and directing a band. During the spring semester, the band went on a three-day tour performing in numerous high schools around the state. It is the band ' s purpose to present a part of Northwestern State College to the high school students and to encourage them to join the band upon entering NSC. Each year the band performs one formal concert in the Fine Arts Auditorium. The types of music played range from heavy symphonies written for bands to marches and light DWIGHT G. DAVIS Director compositions of all types. From three to six " pop " concerts are also given for several consecutive weeks featuring light selections appealing to all types of musical tastes. Highlighting the band ' s activities is the annual Band Ban- quet. The bandsmen and their dates enjoy a banquet fol- lowed by entertainment and a formal dance. A high spot of the banquet is the presentation of a Band Queen. This year ' s banquet was the second occurance of what the bandsmen hope will be an annual experience. OFFICERS JAMES P. BRUMLEY President DAVID JACKSON Vice-President JAMES LEE CARROLL Secretary-Treasurer GEORGE GILCREASE Reporter JERRY ANN VANN Drum Major MEMBERS VICKY WEST Head Ma BARBARA UHRBACH Ma LINDA LATTIER Ma JUDY BOB ROBERTS Ma CHARLOTTE BEEBE Ma orette orette orette orette orette Dianna Aldrich Betty Alexander James Ayers Sandra Baker Charlotte Beebe Ronald Bilyeu Clint Blue Marilyn Boeker Marilyn Bonnette Carol Bostic James Brumley Joy Burnett Paul Bush James Lee Carroll Clarissa Carter Carole Cockerham James Cooper Jimmy Crabbe Robert Crain Jack Duncan Larry Eddy Alice Fortenberry Georqe Gilcrease John Gholson William Hearron Corley Jackson David Jackson Mary K. Janes James Johnson Linda Lattier Bradley Manuel Malcomb McMullen Ralph Mosely Jane Plummer Sandra Randall Douglas Richardson Judy Bob Roberts Susan Sheffield Robert Spiders James Sprayberry Richard Stephens Allen Swilley Harold Thames Billy Joe Thompson Barbara Uhrbach Jerry Ann Vann Reggie Vaughn Patrick Vidrine Vicky West Earl Williams 133 The College Chorale Ambassadors of good music! The Northwestern State Col- lege Chorale is an organization of students who enjoy sing- ing and entertaining with varied types of music. They devote several hours each week striving to attain a peak of excellence in interpretation and vocal presentation. The Chorale performs locally in its annual Christmas and Spring concerts and special college events. In the spring, this singing group tours Louisiana. The Chorale was formed in the fall of 1958 under the supervision and direction of Dr. Abel John Peterson. This small group, about sixty in number, is capable of rendering any type song from popular to the classics. The organization ' s varied activities are planned and cor- related through the cooperation of the director and executive committee. Members of the 1 959-60 executive committee are John Mize, president; Don Wilkins, Vice President for Men; Sandra Hash, Vice President for Women; Sarah Oliver, Treas- urer; Roberta Bromley, Secretary; Bobby Smith, Publicity Chairman. Each of these students works with a sub-committee composed of other chorale members, maintaining a closely knit, mobile group of artisans. This creates a sense of oneness in ever endeavor, whether it be functional or artistic in nature. DR. ABEL JOHN PETERSON Director MEMBERS OF THE 1960-61 CHORALE Betty Anthony Roberta Bromley Esther Broussard Freda Cadow Jo Ann Cain Linda Sue Cato Richard Champion James Clegg Malone Curtis Roy D. Farmer, Jr. Linda Fielder Mary Sue Fletcher George Gilcrease Robert Gimbert Eileen Graham Anith Harrison Sandra Hash Ashley Johnson Jolene Johnson Daniel Junot Verna Mae Le Boeuf Thellie Levee Patricia Livingston Arlette McCasland Judith Meeker Leona Metcalfe John Mize Carol Moore Nelwyn Nersworthy Milton Nix Sarah Ruth Oliver Bill Osborne Virginia Pollard Leonie Prudhomme Ronny O u ' m ' : y Jerry Rice Nancy Ricks Raymond Robertson John Robson Sandra Shahan Gerald Simon Carl Smith Goldaree Smith Robert Smith Maburl Stiles Lee Thiel Billie Thomas Judye Beth Thomas Billy Thompson Richard Trant Jerry Ann Vann Robert Ward James Williams Dollie Williamson Don Wilkins Kayren Woodel Kathleen Gallaspy, Ace. Betsy May Ace. First row, left to right: Myrtle Thompson, Billie Thomas, Pat Childress, Barbara Floyd. Second row: Glynn Peninger, Dianne Mayeaux. Third row: Earline Doiron, Gail Pierson, Sandra Collier, Johnny Edgar. Fourth row: Dennis Folds, John Hazelton, Nathan Luce, David Christenson. Fifth row: Richard Norred, Julian A. Combs. N.S.C Debate Officers, left to right: Glynn Peninger, John Hazleton, Myrtle Thompson 135 The Demon Debaters have started a season which promises to be among the most successful in recent years. Invitations have been received to more than fifty tournaments through- out the country. Debate is open to all students, regardless of their major. The debators attend an average of nine tournaments each year, at colleges and universities throughout the South. Having attended three of the tournaments scheduled, the squad has won three first places, two second places, one superior, three excellent, and four good ratings. At the State Tournament, Northwestern won second place in the sweep- stakes among the ten state colleges and universities compet- ing. In addition, the debate squad sponsors two tournaments in the spring, one for high schools and the other for colleges. " Listen to this one, Harvey. " ' Who said I was invisible? ' Dramatics Opening the 1960-1961 College Theatre season was a highly entertaining presentation of " Harvey " by Mary Chase. Featured in the role of Elwood P. Dowd was John Hazleton, winner of the I960 acting award. The " invisible white rabbit " comedy was followed by Arthur Miller ' s tense drama, " The Crucible, " based on the Salem ■vitch trials in 1692. Included in this play which reflected beliefs among early American colonists were Billy Thomas, Jayne Hazleton, Vicky West, a host of promising newcomers, and guest actor, Major Thomas Gleason of the ROTC. Recognized as a favorite on any college stage is " The School for Scandal, " scheduled for the first week in March. This eighteenth century classic comedy by Richard Brinsley Sheridan is ranked among the best plays of that century. Students in Drama Activity and Play Production classes during the fall semester made a special study of styles of acting and costuming typical of that colorful period in preparation for the March production. Climaxing the season ' s offering was an interdepartmental presentation of the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, " The Gon- doliers. " The second performance of the musical was given as a part of the Fifth Annual Louisiana Drama Variety Festi- val. This festival comprises performances by high schools, colleges, children ' s theatres, and civic groups in dance and theatre brought from all sections of the state. The festival originated on the Northwestern campus in 1957 and is held here each spring with the College Theatre as host. Directing the theatre at NSC is Dr. Edna West. The tech- nical director is Frank Magers. Drama at Northwestern is campuswide. " All the world ' s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. " ' Why, Elwood P. Dowd! You haven ' t changed a bit. The cast of " The Crucible " by Arthur Miller IV .1 1 This section feat ures th acknowledgements of our outstanding students ind beaut les. W f- _ ft U ■ ■■iHji B| | — -. s 1 — § i w v I jf-- ' 1 T s AT i aluflHkL s = § is This section features th« acknowledgements of our outstanding students ind beauties. MR. FREDERICK CHARLES BOSARGE MISS MARY KATHRYN BROWN MISS ANNETTE F. BOONE The Hall of Fame is an honor bestowed upon a number of outstanding Seniors meet- ing the five following qualifications: They have I . shown a willingness to accept respon- sibility 2. contributed leadership and service to the N.S.C. campus 3. shown cooperation with fellow students and faculty members MISS JANICE MARIE EVANS 4. shown dependability 5. maintained a scho- lastic average of C or above. These Seniors were chosen by President John S. Kyser and Mr. Dudley Fulton, Dean of Student Rela- tions. It was their endeavor to select the most worthy students. MR. DON E. DEEN ante MR. DAVID B. HOWARD MR. DAVID EDWARD JACKSON a MISS PATRICIA ANN PITTMAN MR. EDWARD McKINLY MASON Miss Each year the yearbook staff selects from among the Junior and Senior girls Miss POTPOURRI and the POTPOURRI Court. Miss POT- POURRI is chosen on the basis of her contribution of leadership and service to the N.SO. campus. Each member of the Court is the most outstanding girl in her category. Making up the POTPOURRI Court were: Miss Barbara Shaver — Most Ambitious, Miss Mary Blanche Postell — Most Appropriately Dressed, Miss Judy Wright — Most Con- genial, Miss Doris Richards — Most Involved in Student Politics, Miss Johanna Hulls — Most Studious, Miss Kathleen Gallaspy — Most Tal- ented, and Miss Janis Evans — Best Personality. A I ilia aUorotku lAJallen y MISS POTPOURRI jutcclei Climaxing " The Lady of the Bracelet Pageant " on December 2 was the selection of Mrs. Barbara Jean Dowden as " The Lady of the Bracelet. " Mrs. Dowden of Oil City, Louisiana, was an N.S.C. cheerleader for two years and an R.O.T.C. Sponsor in I960. She was selected as a 1959 POTPOURRI beauty and State Fair Queen in I960. Mrs. Dowden is a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma social sorority. Mr. G. W. Millspaugh, Jr., of Natchitoches, Mrs. E. R. McDon- ald, Sr., of Newellton, and Mr. David Kent of Shreveport served as the panel of judges. They made their selections from thirty finalists. Each girl was judged on facial and figure beauty alone. POTPOURRI Business Manager, Tom Nash, put the bracelet on Mrs. Dowden ' s arm. r v I id A dSillle Aean L A amnion T I :, ' « WtM nUa a over IA v rd. C lizabetlt cJLiz ( c i toerton ipt V lidd Jnellle cJLe euee 1 lisA I atricia rnn dLawderback II f idd rtnalia Jopper VVatmnS Mr lfc N - sr« t B M r A ' jJ Aerru Arnn f lcharci3on r r» • ♦ X Sitting, Left to Right: Jo Ann Robinson, Leah Storey, Queen Marva Glover, Doris Richard, Pauline Ford. Standing: Billie Jean Champion, Athalia Watkins, Yvonne Nettles, Judy Wright. MISS MARVA GLOVER State Fair Queen State Fair Queen and Court The highlight of the parade A kiss for her majesty Homecoming Queen and Court MISS JO ANN ROBINSON Homecoming Queen Front Row: Queen, Jo Ann Robinson; Honorary Queen, Mrs. Marguerite Townsend. Second Row: Maids, Ann Gray, Pauline Ford, Sue Norman, Eleanor Wall, Carolyn Jacobs, Anita Pierce, Yvonne Nettles, Nancy Bradley, Carolyn Hall, Margaret Barousse. Wr, We arauenfe J own Sen V Honorary Homecoming Queen Mr. Leroy Miller escorts " Momma T " across the field. Reigning Campus Queens Riding in Homecoming Parade Reigning Campus Queens Wr, We(L RaJae With icimion I960 Dogwood Queen Wi Wan,a QL over I960 Miss Holiday in Dixie WlU Jane SUl PL miner 1960-61 Band Queen Some students find through Greek life an opportunity tod good works an d enjoy lasting friendships. ft l»- :« ■ ■?- ' ■ ' J Hfe-v i ' ?« ' •- Some students find through Greek lite an opportunity to d good works and enjoy lasting friendships. Members: Sitting, Judy White, ASA; Jackie Ryder, A2A; Anne Clark, AZ; Kay Mcintosh, 2K; Standing, Judye Thomas, ATA; Mrs. Wilma Phillips, Sponsor; Blanche Miller, AZ; Mrs. Janette Duriez, Sponsor; Cathy Mischler, 2)22; Pat Sanders, ATA; Cecile Bade, 2K. Panhellenic Counci " We, the Fraternity Women of America, stand for prep- aration for service through character building inspired in the close contact and deep friendship of fraternity life. " With this segment of the National Panhellenic Creed as their goal, Northwestern Panhellenic strives to promote scholarship, high character, a better understanding of the Greek world, and harmony among the Greek organizations. A member of the National Panhellenic Conference, the Northwestern State College Panhellenic strives as the gov- erning body of the five N.P.C. sororities on campus. The N.S.C. Panhellenic Council is composed of an alumna, one senior and one junior delegate representing the five sororities. Each sorority President serves as an ex-officio member to the Council. Mrs. Lucille Hendrick, Assistant Dean of Women, is adviser. Locally, N.S.C. Panhellenic sponsors many campus proj- ects including a convocation for Freshman girls and an all Greek Christmas Carol Sing. The Council also encourages scholarship among all women by presenting a Freshman Scholarship Award each year. KAY MclNTOSH, 2K President BLANCHE MILLER, AZ Recording Secretary CATHY MISCHLER, 222 Corresponding Secretary PAT SANDERS, AIA Treasurer JACKIE RYDER, A.2 Vice-President RICHARD ESCOTT, SIT President JERRY WILLIS, IIK$ Vice-President MONROE WEBB, TKE Treasurer JOHNNY EDGAR Kuklos Adelphi, Secretary Interfraternity Counci The Interfraternity Council was organized to promote har- mony and a cooperative relationship among the four frater- nities on the Northwestern State College Campus. Also, the Council strives to foster and maintain a high respect for fraternity and interfraternity relationships within our college. Another objective is to maintain high scholastic, moral, social and personal standards. Last of all, it compiles and enforces rules for the purpose of improving the fraternity system on the campus. The Interfraternity ' s main purpose in general is to strengthen and perpetuate the fraternity system. The IFC consists of the four fraternity presidents and two representatives from each of the fraternities. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. During these meet- ings all business between the four fraternities are transacted. Members, First Row: Johnny Creech, TKE; Olaos Connor, TKE; Buddy Webb, TKE; Jerry Winn, 2Tr " ; Sam Love, 2Tr ; Richard Escott, STf; Jerry Willis, IIK . Second Row: John Wood, Kuklos Adelphi; Johnny Edkar, Kulclos Adelphi; Mr. Dudley G. Fulton, Sponsor: Mr. Nash Love, Sponsor; Rayford Zeringue, IIK f ; Roland McKneely, IIK ' I ' 7 ■ Abh pna Gamma Delta JOLENE JOHNSON President Officers: Sitting, Frances Amberg, Secretary; Jolene Johnson, President; Mrs. Janette Duriez, Executive Council Chairman. Standing: Judye Thomas, Treasurer; Pat Sanders, Vice-President. Alpha Gamma Delta was founded in 1904 at Syracuse University as a national women ' s fraternity. With the installation of the first Canadian chapter at the University of Toronto in 1919, Alpha Gamma Delta became international. Today Alpha Gamma has 88 undergraduate chapters, 190 alumnae chapters and clubs, and approximately 36,000 members. Our altruistic Program is worthy of pride. The Counselor Training Program and local service work began in 1947. Since then, the Pro- gram has granted 229 fellowships on the graduate level. Money has been donated by our und ergraduates and alumnae to local organiza- tions and clinics dealing with the cerebral palsied plus over a million hours per year of volunteer service work. The Heritage of Alpha Gamma Delta has been built through the years by dedicated members contributing to the development of young women through fraternity bonds and ideals, serving their colleges and their communities better because of their fraternity membership. Gamma Kappa Chapter is in its second year on the campus at Northwestern. It formerly was a chapter of Theta Sigma Upsilon which merged with Alpha Gamma Delta in 1959. The fraternity colors are red, buff and green; the fraternity flower is the rose. Sponsors and advisers: Mrs. Ronnetta Gower, Mrs. Virginia Baker, Mrs. Janette Duriez, and Mrs. Peggy Sibley. First Row: Diana Aldrich, Frances Amberg, Mildred Am- berg, Joan Edwards, Pat Gray. Second Row: Sherran Hadskey, Vonda Sue Howell, Jolene Johnson, Barbara Ann Juneau, Dianne Mayeaux. Third Row: Peggy Joe Robinson, Donna Sanders, Patsy Lou Sanders, Dianne Scoggins, Sara Smith. Fourth Row: Mimi Tilburne, Judye Beth Thomas, Barbara Jean Uhrbach. 169 Alph Sigma Alpha BRENDA BRIDGES President Officers: Dorothy Graiser, Secretary; Jackie Ryder, Vice-President; Glenda Walters, Treasurer; Margaret Nash, Chaplain. On November 15, 1901, five women students at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, joined together to found Alpha Sigma Alpha. Since then forty chapters have been established in the United States. Our chapter, Psi Psi, had its beginning at Northwestern State College in 1930. The fourfold objective of Alpha Sigma Alpha is the intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development of its members. Our colors are crimson and white; our flower is the aster. Throughout the year, Alpha Sigma Alphas are continually busied with many projects and activities. Our camp party and workshop is in the summer. At the beginning of school, rush is followed by slumber parties. At Homecoming is our alumnae reception and in December our Christmas party. In the Spring, there is a faculty tea, Spring Cotillion, and informal parties honoring the fraternities. Our activities are climaxed with the Mother-Father-Daughter Banquet where recognition and awards are presented to outstanding members for leadership, loyalty, and service. As we work together to maintain the traditions and standards of our sorority, we are constantly reminded of our motto — " Aspire, Seek, Attain. " What kind of convention is this? Let the good times roll! ! ! 1 ft. 9+ 9% First Row: Sandra Baker, Glenda Blevins, Sharon Bodie, Carolyn Boydstun, Brenda Bridges. Second Row: Linda Coleman, Gloria Damico, Mary Frances Easley, Sandra False, Marion Ferguson. Third Row: Dorothy Graiser, Mary Groll, Nora Head, Judy Isbell, Betty Lou Jacobs. Fourth Row: Carol Knotts, La Verne Misner, Charmaine Moore, Maureen Morrow, Margaret Nash. Fifth Row: Jackie Ryder, Dorothy Trevenen, Glenda Wal- ters, Judy White, Bonnie Wineinger. s Delt JO ANN ROBINSON President 1 - Officers: Pat Landy, First Vice-President; Betsy May, Treasurer; Sandra Glover, Recording Secretary; Jo Ann Robinson, Presi- dent; Micky Beckman, Corresponding Secretary; Carolyn Sue Leach, Second Vice-President. Zeta We are Delta Zetas — today, tomorrow, and always — proud of our membership in this, the largest national sorority. This membership, a privilege which we share together, creates a challenge and a respon- sibility, for the individual and for all of us— a challenge which is met by love, loyalty, and true friendships. These friendships, formed today, will last a lifetime and will be a basis for meeting the future. From its birthplace at Miami University, in 1902, Delta Zeta has consistently progressed. It extended its branches into every state which allows Greek organizations and has grown from one chapter, six girls, to I 30 collegiate chapters, 207 alumnae chapters and 40,5 I I members. On November 14, 1927, the roots of our chapter, Epsilon Beta, were planted. Prior to our initiation into Delta Zeta, the chapter was Phi Chapter of Delta Sigma Epsilon, which was the first Greek organization on our campus. Our continued growth and development within our chapter is credited to our wonderful sisterhood and its ever-increasing list of achievements. The rush parties were fun! The pledges enjoy a party given by AZ ' s Man of the Year I?. First Row: Tiily Andrus, Pixie Barillier, Margaret Barousse, Micky Beckman, Linda Bolton, Sue Bres, Carolyn Brecheen, Gloria Burrows, Cappy Calhoun. Second Row: Carolyn Campo, Ruby Carlile, Virginia Carpenter, Linaa Cater, Biliie Jean Champion, Anne Clark, Carol Cockerham, Gale Cogburn, Carolyn Couch. Third Row: Barbara Crippen, Eylene David, Frances Nelle Erwin, Carolyn Fri : s, Polly Ford, Freddie Fuselier, Marva Glover, Sandra Glover, Eileen Graham. Fourth Row: Ann Gray, Nancy Gulledge, Judy Hughes, Barbara Humble, Ginger Huson, Sarita Johns, Pat Landry, Carolyn Sue Leach, Carolyn Lee. Fifth Row: Fran Leeper, Martha Litton, Pat Litton, Charlotte McCalla, Sissy McCalla, Betsy May, Marian Meador, Blanche Miller, Ellen Miller. Sixth Row: Yvonne Nettles, Alannah Petty, Mary Blanche Postell, Susan Prados, Leonie Prudhomme, Doris Richard, Jo Ann Robinson, Nancy Roundtree, Gail Rucker. Seventh Row: Marilyn Scroggs, Sue Stephenson, Virginia Sumrall, Anna Swafford, Ann Todd, Ann Wilson, Ganeath Wilson, Jackie Winn, Ruth Woodward. Sigma Kappa ELLEN BAKER President Officers: Sitting, Nancy Harper, Registrar; LaNae Rowell, Treas- urer; Jan McLeish, Second Vice-President; Standing, Monya Winn, Corresponding Secretary; Maxine Coile, First Vice-Presi- dent; Liz Caperton, Recording Secretary; Donna Briegal, Chap- lain. Sigma Kappa Sorority entered the Greek world on November 9, 1874, at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. The local chapter, Delta Mu, was installed on this campus on September 26, 1959. Before being installed into Sigma Kappa, the chapter was Alpha Delta Chapter of Pi Kappa Sigma. Sigma Kappa can be identified by her flower, the violet; her jewel, the pearl; and her colors maroon, symbolic of Truth, and lavender, symbolic of Purity. Philanthropy projects of Sigma Kappa are the Maine Sea Coast Mission in Maine, the Greek School for Girls in Greece, and Gerontol- ogy at the Natchitoches Nursing Home in Natchitoches, Louisiana. We hold high the aims and ideals of love, loyalty, scholarship, high moral and spiritual development, friendship and service that have become traditions with her sister chapters all over the United States. It was 85 years ago that our founders first formed that mystic bond of which we are so fortunate to become a part. We challenge ourselves to uphold our high standards and to live by our open motto — " One Heart, One Way. " Sigma Kappa ' s Man of the Year Ellen and Maxine at National Convention ■hn First Row: LaVerle Allen, Cecile Bade, Ellen Baker, Barbara Beebe, Charlotte Beebe, Norma Blalock, Andree Bordelon. Second Row: Donna Briegel, Donna Bush, Liz Caperton, Carole Chap- man, Maxine Coile, Anne Cooper, Gail Corbin. Third Row: June Ducote, Gayle Fulcher, Amanda Gerhardt, Nancy Harper, Patricia Hedrick, Carolyn Jacobs, Paula Jenkins. Fourth Row: Jane Kight, Kay Mcintosh, Jan McLeish, Joan Modisette, Cinthy Moore, Jo Ann Neel, Jerry Ann Richardson. Fifth Row: LaNae Rowell, LaVerne Thompson, Sheila Tuuri, Jerry Ann Vann, Monya Winn. Not Pictured: Peggy Smith. Sigma t Sigma Sigma ANNETTE BOONE President Officers: Sitting: Dot Wallen, Vice-President; Carolyn Robin- ette, Treasurer; Standing, Barbara Robinette, Corresponding Secretary; Betty Lou Fletcher, Keeper of Grades; Sherry Brun- son, Recording Secretary. Sigma Sigma Sigma, often called Tri Sigma, has girls from all parts of the United States, loving, giving, and sharing abilities and talents. Beginning on April 20, 1898, in Farmville, Virginia, Tri Sigma has been dedicated to academic progress, formation of enduring friendships, high ideals of personal conduct, and service to others. Sigma Sigma Sigma is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference and embraces forty-nine states and the District of Columbia with a mem- bership of nearly thirty thousand. Our open motto, " Faithful Unto Death, " signifies our everlasting bond of friendship. Our colors, royal purple and white, go well with the delicate purple violet and the pure white pearl which are our flower and jewel respectively. Alpha Zeta Chapter came to Northwestern ' s campus in 1928, and since then has acquired a little white house, hundreds of members and pledges, alumnae, friends, and our dear sponsor, Miss Eve Mouton. As the history of Sigma Sigma Sigma unfolds, Alpha Zeta Chapter takes its place with a warm, friendly, lovable group of girls who believe: " To receive much, one must give much . . . " Mrs. Curtis Dixon, National President, enjoys formal rush party. Bid Sunday and pledges are all smiles. First Row: Sarah Jo Adams, Pat Allen, Rose Ann Alley, Maureen Andrews, Katherine Berry, Judy Best, Annette Boone, Anna Marie Broussard. Second Row: Sherry Brunson, Freda Cadow, Joy Cole, Yvonne Cole- man, Gloria Crane, Barbara Dowden, Earlyne Dunn, Betty Lou Fletcher. Third Row: Carol Givens, Patsy Gladden, Susie Guidry, Kay Heinricks, Johanna Hulls, Lucy Joiner, Sandra Joyce, Eileen Kolb. Fourth Row: Kaye Koren, Patsy Law, Mary Lou Lilly, Patsy Lawder- back, Sarah Mabry, Marie Martin, Cathy Mischler, Sue Norman. Fifth Row: Patricia Parker, Ann Parrott, Jean Parrott, Patricia Pittman, Sue Reeves, Ruth Richardson, Donna Fay Ritchie, Barbara Robinette, Sixth Row: Carolyn Robinette, Libby Savoy, Janet Sibley, Elizabeth Stroud, Sandra Summerlin, Dorothy Wallen, Carla Walters, Martha Kay Wright. Kukl OS Adelphi LEONARD BLANTON President Officers: Robert Dow, Vice-President; John Wood, Secretary; Steve Shows, Sgt.-at-Arms; Benny Morgan, Treasurer. Northwestern ' s newest fraternity, Kuklos Adelphi, enjoyed its first full year of campus life in 1 960-6 1 . Led by its officers, the fraternity not only established initial rules and procedure, but also became acquainted with Kappa Alpha Orders throughout the state in looking forward to eventual acceptance by the national fraternity. The 36-man group, which consisted of I 8 actives and I 8 pledges, not only sponsored various outstanding social functions, but also partici- pated for the second straight year in the KA Charity Bowl football game (originated by KA in I960), and took an active part in the extracurricular life of the college. Members of KA were active and prominent in student government, the military, and in honorary scholastic and service fraternities. Mr. H. N. Towry, Jr., of the NSC business department, served as chapter sponsor and advisor. Now you don ' t say! Let ' s have a party! First Row: Leonard Blanton, Freddie Bosarge, Doug Brewer, Lesh Nettles Brown, David Calhoun, Roy Carroll. Second Row: David Christenson, Joe Corbell, John Delk, Robert Dow, Jimmy Driskell, Johnny Edgar. Third Row: Doug Gibson, Ronnie Guillot, Hayward Hargrove, Jr., Burton Howard, Bobby Hughes, Paul Kemper. Fourth Row: Ronnie King, Jackson LaBoa, Kent McMichael, Don Meis- ner, Benny Morgan, Bill Owen, John C. Prince, II. Fifth Row: Melvin Rambin, Steve Shows, Buck Trussell, Roger Williams, John Wood, Ronnie Woodall, Austin Yawa. Pi Kappa Phi ROLAND McKNEELY President Officers: Roy Bosticlc, Warden; Jerry B. Willis, Vice-President; John Mize, Chaplain; Subrey Lynn Ryals, Historian; Larry Rice, Secretary. Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was founded on December 10, 1904, at the College of Charleston, South Carolina by a small but earnest group of collegians. Since this historical date, Pi Kappa Phi has expanded to all parts of the nation and become one of the most prominent National Social Fraternities. In 1956, Beta Omicron Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was installed at Northwestern State College. The chapter was previously known a Phi Kappa Nu, a local fraternity. The colors of Pi Kappa Phi are gold and white, and blue as an auxiliary color. The flower of the fraternity is the red rose. Pi Kappa Phi collects for the Heart Fund, participates in the Christ- mas Festival and Christmas at Home for Needy Families, entertains orphans at the Elks Home, and other civic activities throughout the year. Socially, we enjoy the Rose Ball, the Spring Bar-B-Q, and sorority parties. We, of Pi Kappa Phi, strive to encourage scholarship, promote understanding, enhance loyalty and foster high ideals. Members feel the Pi Kappa Phi brings emotional and esthetic development, as well as tangible joys and useful experiences. Our very own Rose! Who ' s the special guest? ? ? m : First Row: John Ball, Jimmy Bartell, George Bostick, Roy Bostick, Charles Bundrick, George Cameron, L. C. Cathey. Second Row: Floyd Chaney, Frederick David Combs, Paul Dirbonne, Charles Doty, Pat Eddings, Wayne Firaldo, J. Michael Frazier. Third Row: Tommy Gay, Kent Girard, Donald Henry, Jack Jines, Joe Kirkland, Bill Lee, Jack Leggett. Fourth Row: Percy Little, Russ Mclnnis, Roland McKneely, John Mize, Sidney O ' Brien, Bill Osborne, Jimmy Pierce. Fifth Row: Larry Rice, Paul Rochette, James Roy, Sam Russell, Bill Rutledge, Aubrey Lynn Ryals, John W. Smith. Sixth Row: Allen Swilley, Bill Thomas, Bud Weir, Jerry Willis, Rayford Zeringue. Sigma Tau Gamma SAM LOVE President This year marks another great year for Sigma Tau Gamma. Always stressing social and academic development, the evidence of accom- plishment cen be seen in almost every phase of activity on the NSC campus. The oldest national fraternity on campus, Sigma Tau does not rest on yesterday ' s laurels but is ever striving to improve itself in every way possible. The White Rose Ball is the important social event of the year to all Taus, for here the fraternity ' s " Rose " is announced as is the " Pledge of the Year. " With a Sponsor such as our beloved Joseph Johnson and a pledge class such as this year has produced, the future certainly looks bright and prosperous for Sigma Tau Gamma. Officers: Sitting, Richard Escott, Sgt.-at-Arms; William Carter, Vice-President; Wayne Clemm, Secretary. Standing, J. T. Floyd, Historian; Bob Turley, Corresponding Secretary; Kenneth McDaniel, Chaplain. Not pictured: Bookie Shillings, Treasurer. Pledges: First Row, Freddie Rousseau, Roy Hyatt, Gordon Solliday, Gary W. Acklin, Sandy McNeely, Jack Brossette, Oquin Murphy, Ronnie Stewart. Second Row, Paul Hutcheson, W. A. Paul, Bobby Cortinez, Ed Monette, Sam Davzat, Harold Lawrence, Jimmy Blackburn, Lonnie Beene, William Gueringer, Curtis Masingill. Third Row, Mike Noone, Bobby Lee, Eddy Miller, Wayne Giordano, James S. Crawford, Bill Protti, Hank Manns, Larry Williams, Wesley Dee Smith, Buddy King, Walden " Bo " Daniel, Larry Kirkland, Tommy Eisenhauer. First Row: Jerry Berlin, Davis Bland, Danny Mack Boyt, William Carter, George Celles, Leroy Chiasson. Second Row: Jerome Claes, Wayne Clemm, Billy Cone, Peyton Craw- ford, Hugh Durham, Richard Escott. Third Row: J. T. Floyd, Charles Galligan, Neil Harbison, Jerry Hernan- dez, Sam Love, Kevin Lynch. Fourth Row: Kenneth McDaniel, Michael O ' Halloran, Wayne Parker, Danny Rowzee, Don Scoggins, Robert Turley. Fifth Row: Jerry Varnado, Ned Westmoreland, Thomas White, Jerry Winn. Tau Kappa Epsilon JOHNNY CREECH President Officers: Sitting, Monroe Webb, Vice-President; Ronnie Girard, Secretary; Lee Thiel, Historian. Standing, Calvin Jay Reese, Pledge Trainer; Tom Nash, Treasurer; Frank Conner, Chaplain. Football games . . . the ringing of the victory bell . . . the VFW record hops . . . the State Fair Dance . . . the Fall Formal . . . the Spring Barbecue . . . the Barfly ... all are now memories of this past school year. These have been good times, and that is why Tau Kappa Epsilon carries on these events as traditions. These also serve as reasons why Tau Kappa Epsilon has a high position on NSC ' s social ladder. Even when it was known locally as Lambda Zeta, our fraternity em- phasized scholarship and leadership as linked with social participation. It is the purpose of Epsilon Upsilon chapter of TKE to continue this emphasis in future years. Better known as " TEKE, " Tau Kappa Epsilon is young in years, but has quickly attained the position of No. I, chapterwise, in the nation. Having 170 chapters in North America, Tau Kappa Epsilon is a large and complex international fraternity; yet, it maintains this simple but basic motto: " Tau Kappa Epsilon — The Fraternity for Life. " It was a sure winner! ! ! He ' s a TKE First Row: Johnny Adams, Charles Almede, Jud Bailiff, Carlos Clar, Frank Conner, Olaus Connor, Jimmy Connor, Johnny Creech. Second Row: William Paul Cummings, Bennie Dodson, Robert Gatti, Johnny Gholson, Joe Giglio, Bill Gillette, Ronald Girard, Howard Green. Third Row: William Owen Grisham, Mike Hamilton, Elmer Hattin, Eddie Hood, Bobby Howell, Eugene Knapp, James Lupton, Pat Malm- strom. Fourth Row: A. J. Modic, Robert Moore, C. B. Morrison, Tom Nash, Gary Nevils, Wayne Nissin, Stayton Oliver, Sam Piranio, Jr. Fifth Row: Calvin Jay Reese, Herby Roach, Carney Robertson, Dale Robin, Jimmy Smith, Ronnie Smith, Tommy R. Stewart, Jimmy Taft. Sixth Row: Ronnie Terry, Richard Templin, Lee Thiel, Bobby Watts, Monroe Webb, James T. White, Jon Whittington, Durwood Wilson. «?: •■.; ' " °«Koi?- , " » ' « r Th undying spirit of our athletes has led NSC to many victories. The undying spirit f our ot our athletes has led NSC J to many victories. The V 960 Demo ns of Nortl iwestern Jersey No. Name Hometown Ht. Wt. CLASS ENDS 80 Jackie Smith Kentwood 6-3 185 Junior 81 Brooksey Gregg Belzoni, Miss 6-0 178 Senior 82 Kenneth Hood Homer 5-10 180 Freshman 83 Johnny Wall Carthage, Tex. 6-0 183 Senior 84 Kent Willoughby Shreveport 6-0 180 Soph. 85 Johnny Norman Coushatta 6-0 173 Freshman 86 Melvin Cox Haughton 6-3 195 Soph. 88 Roy Gentry Natchitoches 6-1 180 Freshman TACKLES 72 Wayne Earp Shreveport 6-3 205 Junior 74 Jerry Guidry Raceland 6-0 205 Freshman 75 Octave Bernard Raceland 6-0 230 Junior 76 Ferrell Yarbrough Coushatta 6-3 220 Junior 77 John Odom Homer 6-0 240 Freshman 78 Jerry Fowler Coushatta 6-1 220 Junior GUARDS 61 Walter Weaver Coushatta 5-11 185 Junior 62 Robert Powell Lockport 5 1 1 190 Senior 63 Paul Hutcheson Chattanooga, Tenn. 5-7 185 Senior 64 Dickie Mason Kilgore, Tex. 5-10 210 Soph. 66 Jerry Didier Shreveport 5-11 195 Senior 67 Jim Williams Springhill 6-0 190 Senior 68 Darrell Mays Winnfield 5-10 190 Freshman 190 ' 76 6 78 81 « 34 J r ) L f Tfi™ The I960 Demons — Front row, left to right: Robert Marshman, Jerry Burton, Jim Williams, Sonny Harrison, Larry Crow, Johnny Wall, Robert Powell, Darrel Mays, Gene Wood. Second row: Johnny Norman, Bob Martin, Jerry Didier, Dickie Rogers, Dickie Mason, J. M. Maricelli, Don Deen, Walter Weaver, Jerry Suidry, Peter Paul Verrett, Octave Ber- nard, Ronnie Burgess. Third row: John Odem, Roy Gentry, Kent Wil- loughby, Jerry Wren, Wayne Earp, Jackie Smith, Ferrell Yarbrough, Melvin Cox, Jerry Fowler, Brooksye Gregg, Charles DeSadier. Top row: Paul Hutcheson, Jimmy Aldredge, Nick Norcia, Herby Smith, Ken- neth Hood, Steve Murphy, Gary Moore, Glenn Talbert, Ralph Conrad, Vic Stelley, and Z. W. Zachary. 52 Peter Paul Verrett Raceland 6-0 200 Soph. 53 Sonny Harrison Bernice 5-10 185 Soph. 55 Jerry Wren Kilgore, Tex. 6-1 185 Soph. QUARTERBACKS 15 Dickie Rogers Palestine, Tex. 6-0 160 Junior 16 Larry Crowe Merryville 6-0 165 Junior 17 Herby Smith Shreveport 5-10 160 Freshman 18 Vic Stelley Zachary 5-9 170 Soph. 19 Robert Marshman Many 5-10 170 Soph. HALFBACKS 22 Jerry Burton Shreveport 5-11 162 Freshman 23 Glenn Talbert Gillis 5-10 164 Freshman 24 Gary Moore Mansfield 5-10 159 Soph. 25 Troy Burch Winnfield 5-10 167 Senior 41 Steve Murphy Natchitoches 5-10 161 Freshman 43 Ralph Conrad Penns Grove, N.J. 5-10 160 Senior 44 Jimmy Aldredge Jena 5-10 166 Junior 45 Don Deen Natchitoches 5-11 163 Senior FULLBACKS 31 Z. W. Zachary Homer 5-9 183 Soph. 32 J. M. Maricelli Merryville 5-10 187 Junior 33 Nick Norcia Owensboro, Ky. 5-9 180 Junior 34 Charles DeSadier Bossier City 6-0 193 Senior 35 Robert Martin Mangham 5-10 185 Junior 191 The 1960 Season The I960 Demons composed mostly of inexperienced freshmen and sophomores started off the season which could have turned out to be good. Plagued with injuries and bad breaks, the Demons had to settle for a 3 and 6 record. The Demons lost their first G.S.C. game to Northeast by one point, the only extra point Norcia missed. Tech scored their winning points in the last three minutes of the game in Shreveport. In the McNeese game, the Cowboys got all the breaks, and against Southwestern the Purple and White just couldn ' t start moving. Southwestern just slipped the Demons with one touchdown after they had been pushed all over the field. I960, being a rebuilding year, just watch that 1 96 1 Demon squad. HEAD COACH JACK CLAYTON - V ' 4 - ' » ' y Assistant Coaches, kneeling, left to right: Stanley Funderburg, Jene Robin. Standing: Alvin Brown, Coach Clayton, Walter Ledet, and Ernest Howell. Managers and Trainer: Jerry Peirce, Frank Ready, and Bill Menard. SEASON ' S RESULTS NSC . . 14; Stephen F. Austin . NSC . . 13; Lamar Tech . . . . 21 NSC . . 14; Louisiana College . 6 NSC . . 6; Northeast State . . 7 NSC . . 7; Louisiana Tech . . . 13 NSC . 14; Pensacola NAS . NSC . . 7; McNeese State . 20 NSC . . 7; Southwestern U . 17 NSC 0; Southeastern . 7 192 NORTHWESTERN 7 7 • 14 Here comes Harrison STEPHEN F. AUSTIN • The Demons of N.S.C. opened the I960 gridiron season by beating the favored Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks in Shreveport. The first half was full of opportunities for both teams. After the half-time intermission, the Demons came back with victory on their minds. Midway the third period J. M. Maricelli intercepted a Lumberjack pass and went 60 yards for the TD. Nick Norcia ' s conversion was good. As the 3rd period was ending N.S.C. got the offense moving. The drive was good for 67 yards with Ralph Conrad going over from the two for the TD. Norcia again converted. Norcia was the leading ground gainer with 48 yards on 7 carries. Burton tries going around end Demons upend a Lumberjack NORTHWESTERN 7 6 13 LAMAR TECH 15 6 • 21 The Demons got their first taste of defeat as the big, strong team of Lamar Tech invaded Demonland. The Demons showed a fine offense but didn ' t show the same type defense used to stop Stephen F. Austin the week before. The Demons took the opening kickoff and marched 64 yards for the first TD. Little Jerry Burton bucked over from the one for the score. Norcia converted. Larry Crow com- pleted 5 of 6 passes in this series of plays. Jimmy Aldredge set up Northwestern ' s second touchdown with a 40-yard run. Ralph Conrad hit paydirt from the one. The two-point attempt was no good. 93 Conrad in trouble NORTHWESTERN 14 • 14 LOUISIANA COLLEGE 6 • 6 The Demons in their first home appearance for I960 made a second-half comeback to down the Wildcats of Louis ; ana College. Trailing at the half 6-0, Coach Jack Clayton put the word to the boys. They came back fighting hard for the strong Wildcat line didn ' t want to give. In the fourth period, with fourth down and one yard for a TD, Ralph Conrad cracked over for the score. Zachary ' s kick made it 7-6. With 3:50 remaining on the scoreboard clock, J. M. Maricelli tore off right tackle for 53 yards and the touchdown. Zachary ' s kick was good. Maricelli led the ground-gaining by picking up 77 yards in 4 carries. DeSadier leads the way Crow rolls out looking Talbert advances against Northeast Gentry pulls in a pass against the Indians ftMw NORTHWESTERN 6 0 6 NORTHEASTERN 7 0 7 The Demons opened the G.S.C. play with a hard-fought defeat by the Indians of Northeast. Northwestern drew first blood near the end of the first period when Don Deen recovered a fumble on the Indian 14-yard line. Steve Murphy blasted to the 12 on the first play and then went for the touchdown on the next. Norcia ' s PAT was no good. In the opening minutes of the second guarter, Northeast intercepted Larry Crow ' s pass on the Demon 42. They drove in for the TD and extra point. Northeast had several more opportunities to score after they intercepted two more passes, but the rugged Demon line wouldn ' t play their way. Steve Murphy was top gainer for NSC with 32 yards in 5 attempts. 194 down. Norcia booted the extra point and the Demons led 7-0. In the second quarter Nick Norcia tried a field goal from the 15 but it was a little wide. The fighting-mad Bulldogs shook the ball loose from Murphy to set up their touchdown drive. The Tech team depended largely on the passing arm of Mickey Slaughter. Tech scored on a pass from Slaughter to Hudson and the PAT was no good. In the third period things were about even but in the fourth the Bulldogs started a drive and went 72 yards for the winning score. Murphy moves against the Bulldogs Vic Stelley tries to evade the Bulldogs Demons and Bulldogs pile up Out of the way, Ref! NORTHWESTERN 7 • 7 LOUISIANA TECH 6 7 13 Before a crowd of 18,500 fans, at the annual State Fair Classic in Shreveport, the N.S.C. Demons met defeat by the arch rivals from Ruston, the Tech Bulldogs. The ball game looked like it was the Demons ' for fifty-three and a half minutes. The Purple and White displayed fine style in every department. Steve Murphy was the top rushing man with 51 yards in 13 carries. Robert Powell turned in a fine defensive ball game along with the entire Demon team. Northwestern controlled the football the first quarter and it paid off with a 7-0 lead. Big Octave Bernard recovered a Dog fumble on Tech ' s 33 to set up the first TD. Vic Stelley connected with Conrad in the end zone for an 8-yard touch- 195 NORTHWESTERN 7 7 • 14 PENSACOLA 0 Little Jimmy Aldredge led the Demons to a victory over the Pensacola Navy Goshawks in Pensacola, Florida. Jimmy carried 16 times and picked up 122 yards. In addition, he caught 3 passes for 28 yards. Aldredge scored the first Demon TD on a sensational 40- yard run through the entire Goshawk defense. He was nearly down three times but finally went the last I 5 yards untouched. Norcia ' s extra point was good. Northwestern took the second-half kick-off and drove 66 yards for the second tally. Aldredge carried it in from the one. Norcia again made the extra point good. The entire Demon team played outstanding ball during the game with the Navy boys. Aldredge against Pensacola Crow coming around end Stelley outruns the Cowboys NORTHWESTERN 7 0 7 McNEESE 6 6 8 • 20 Northwestern State College Demons fell before a spirited second-half surge put on by the Cowboys of McNeese. The Demons broke the ice when Vic Stelley let loose a 49- yard touchdown aerial to halfback Don Deen. Nick Norcia converted for the extra point. The Cowboys set up their first touchdown when they recov- ered a fumbled punt. Noland Viator broke loose for 62 yards and the TD. The Demons missed two opportunities in the first half when they drove deep into McNeese territory but met the rugged defensive play and were stopped. The Demons were unable to connect on their passes and fumbled and lost the ball twice. 196 NORTHWESTERN 0 0 SOUTHEASTERN 7 0 7 Penalties, pass interceptions, and fumbles gave the Lions of Southeastern the necessary breaks to defeat the Demons 7-0. The rugged forward wall the Demons put against the Lions was tremendous and prevented the Lions from scoring several times. During the first half it was a see-saw battle up and down the field with Northwestern drawing 69 yards in penalties. In the third period, SLC got their first real drive going and drove 66 yards for paydirt. The Demons, not giving up, drove deep into Lion territory three times but the breaks were against them and they lost the ball each time. Steve Murphy was the leading gainer for the Demons with 53 yards in 4 carries. Don Deen reaches for the ball SjtiKg Action against Southwestern U. Conrad tries going through the line PLEASE NORTHWESTERN 7 7 SOUTHWESTERN U. 7 3 7 0 17 The new Louisiana University invaded Demonland on Homecoming day and capitalized on the mistakes of the Purple and White Demons. The Bulldogs took the opening kick-off and didn ' t stop until they crossed the Demon goal line. The Demons could never get a drive going in the first half. The Northwestern defense was determined to hold the Bull- dogs back but finally they worked their way close enough for a field goal and at the intermission the score was USL 10, NSC 0. The University of Southwestern Louisiana team intercepted a pass midway the third quarter for their final score. Late in the final quarter Jackie Smith battled for a pass in the end zone for the Northwestern lone TD. Zachary ' s extra point attempt bounced off a red helmet and between the uprights for the one pointer. Basketball Assistant Coach Gene Robbins and Head Coach Huey Cranford Weldon gets the tip-off Kneeling, left to right: Benny Arthur, Paul Bush, and Pat Williams. Stand- ing: Coach Robbins, Carroll Wooley, Gene Wright, Ed Hunter, Buddy Jones, Larry Skinner, and Tommy Mathis. Middle Row: Phillip Haley, Walter Ledet, Ken Moran, Billy Clemmons, Bill Stokes, Lovick Johnson, and Coach Cranford. Third Row: James Hardin, Max Nix, Truitt Weldon, Gayle Hatch, David Calaway, and Tommy Rachal. 198 Hunter adds two points They ' ll never get from Larry After losing two out of the first three games, the North- western State College Demons of Coach Huey Cranford and Assistant Coach Gene Robbins settled down and ended the season with a 16-11 overall record. The Demon cagers ended up in third place in the Gulf States Conference with a 6-4 record in conference play. During the fourth complete year as head coach, Cranford was plagued with injuries to several of his starting players. The " Big Greek " Truitt Weldon was sidelined for four games and was unable to go full speed in several others. Phillip Haley suffered a knee injury during the second game with Southeastern Oklahoma which slowed Phil down very much for a couple of games. Little Gene Wright, suffering from a torn cartilage in his knee, never was able to go full speed although his performance in many of the games showed his determination and dedication to the Demon team. Senior Ed Hunter served as the all-important number-one relief man and played in 26 of the 27 games and scored a total of I 18 points. Gayle " Goose " Hatch led the total point column with 455 and Larry Skinner was second with 337. Big Truitt Weldon led the percentage in field goal accuracy with a 51.4 per cent. Hatch was second with an even 50 per cent. In the rebound department it was again Hatch with 271, Weldon with 2 I I , and Phil Haley with 1 86. Haley, who always turned in a fine defensive game, led the team in personal fouls with 78. Gayle Hatch led the averages with 16.8 points per game while the team averaged 66.8 per game to 65.6 points per game for the challengers. Hatch under the Basket rmwIK Hatch dunks one against McNeese NSC 87; Southern State College . NSC 63; Stephen F. Austin . . . NSC 58; Mississippi Southern . . NSC 70; Southwest Texas State . NSC 79; Nicholls State College . NSC 85; Stephen F. Austin . . . NSC 60; Southeastern Oklahoma . 53 . 66 . 70 . 55 . 64 . 83 . 57 NSC . . NSC . . NSC . . NSC . . NSC . . NSC . . Haley tries for two 66 74 65 80 61 42 Southeastern Okla. State . 62 Middle Tennessee State . 81 Georgetown University . . 90 Texas Western 79 Northeast State 69 Louisiana Tech 41 NSC 58; McNeese State 63 Jump Ball Little Gene drives in Weldon shoots from the outside NSC 76; Southeastern Louisiana . . 69 NSC 65; Nicholls State College . . 71 NSC 79; Louisiana College .... 57 NSC 83; Northeast State College . 63 NSC 60; McNeese State College . 5? NSC 63; Centenary 50 NSC 57; Louisiana Tech 66 NSC 71 NSC 52 NSC 54 NSC 65 NSC 73 NSC 62 Overall 16-1 G.S.C 6-4 University of Southwestern . 68 Louisiana College .... 63 Mississippi Southern ... 68 University of Southwestern . 9i Centenary 60 Southeastern Louisiana . . 54 Jump shot by Skinner Wright goes high During the Christmas holidays, the Purple and White Demons again attended the Gulf South Classic in Shreve- port. Being the defending champions, every team there was after the Demons. Other teams attending the Classic were Texas Western, Middle Tennessee, South Carolina University, Georgetown University, Mississippi University, Louisiana Tech, and Centenary College. In the first game the Demons went up against the strong Middle Tennessee team and were defeated 81-74. Middle Tennessee advanced all the way to the finals, only to be beaten by the University of South Carolina. The N.S.C. team met Georgetown University in their second and just could not seem to get going. The Georgetown team won 90-65. Finally in the third game, the Demons started hitting and squeaked past Texas Western 80-79. ' Goose " Hatch scored a total of 57 points during the three games. Again during the 1960-61 season, the Demons captured the imaginary Pine Cone Classic. This annual competition among Centenary, Louisiana Tech, and Northwestern is known as the Pine Cone Classic, with the winner of the most games claiming the title of champion. Northwestern had a 3- 1 record in the Pine Cone, losing only to the Bulldogs of Tech. In the first game of the double night, double-header, held in Ruston, the Demons met defeat at Mississippi Southern hands. The second night turned out to be more fruitful for the Northwesterners when they defeated the 1959-1960 small college champions, Southwest Texas State, by a score of 70-55. Skinner against Tech Gene Wright drops in two Haley aims Weldon drops it in the basket Easy two for Gene Although the 1960-61 Demon cagers didn ' t have a real impressive record, they did get sweet revenge with several of their annual rivals. At Centenary, Ed Hunter got the honor of cutting down the nets of Centenary after the Demons defeated the Gents 63-50. Against McNeese, the Demons got the chance to repay the Cowboys by sitting down and still beating them. With less than ten seconds to play and Northwestern leading by three points, the McNeese team called time out. When time was in the Demons just sat down and watched the Cowboys shoot. For the second straight season, the Northwestern round- ballers have gone undefeated on their home court. Seniors who played their last games for Northwestern were Larry Skinner, Phillip Haley, and Eddie Hunter. These three seniors will be hard to replace. Most of the height came from the Juniors who have one more year to play. They are Truitt Weldon, 6 ' 6 " , Gayle Hatch, 6 ' 6 " , and little Gene Wright, 6 ' . Sophomores and Freshmen got a good deal of experience during this season and should be able to handle the vacancy left by the seniors. Some of the outstanding reserves were: Billy Clemmons, James Hardin, Ken Moran, Max Nix, Tommy Mathis, and David Calaway. 203 Basebali Big man with the stick, Mack " Dago " Knotts The I960 Baseball Squad, first row, left to right: Obrian Smith, John Fisher, Julian Vienne, Mackie Gomez, Mack Knotts, Buddy Cosse, and Angle Angelo. Second row: Frankie Jones, Conrad Owens, Gilbert Cosse, Jerry Nettles, Tommy Armstrong, Mickey Mills, Tom Baker, Elray Lemoine. Third row: Jimmy Sible, Denny Ivy, Bob Welch, Nick D Amico, Ronald Johnson, Paul Kimper, Robert Bates, Bob Hatchet, and Durwood Wilson. The I960 Demon baseball team, coached by Alvin " Cracker " Brown, ended the season with a 12-13 over-all record and a 7-8 G.S.C. mark. Standouts on the mound for the Demons were Sophomore Franky Jones from Shreveport, Junior Denny Ivy from Rotan, Texas, and Junior southpaw Bobby Welch from Brooklyn, New York. Jones had a 3-2 record while Ivy had a 5-4 and was second in the strike-out department with 41 . Big Bob Welch led the strike-out division with 61 and had a season record of three victories against three defeats. Freshman catcher O ' Brian Smith from Shreveport led the batting average division with a .319. Smith had 23 hits for 72 trips to the plate and also belted 5 home runs. Other stickmen with high averages were Senior Ralph Conrad with a .306 and Sophomore Tom Baker of Natchitoches also with a .306. Men who made up the infield and did much toward the N.S.C. ' s victories were third baseman Julien Vienne from Alexandria, Nick D ' Amico, shortstop, from Long Island, New York. Second base was held down by Mack Knotts of Castor, and Mackie Gomez handled the first sack position. Lettermen back from the 1959 team include Mickey Mills, Franky Jones, Bobby Welch, Mackie Gomez, Tom Baker, Mack Knotts and Nick D Amico. Gomez is a veteran of two years with the Demons. Rookie stalwarts were Houston Cade, Robert Bates and Tommy Armstrong. There were a good number of first-year boys on the squad who didn ' t see much action, but they will be seeing plenty during the 1961 campaign. During the Easter Holidays the Demons participated in the annual Northeastern tournament. The Demons just couldn ' t find the footing during this outing and dropped all five games. k lE 1 Demon outfifielders Bill Firment and John Fisher BASEBALL SCOREBOARD Ronald Johnson squares off NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . NSC . Central Missouri .... 2 Central Missouri .... 6 Oklahoma Baptist U. . . . I Louisiana College . . . . ? Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech 14 Northeast 6 McNeese I Southwestern U I Southwestern U 2 Northeast 4 Mississippi State .... 3 Arkansas 4 Baylor 16 L.S.U 3 Southeastern 7 Southeastern 5 Centenary i0 Northeastern 3 Northeastern 2 Louisiana College .... 4 McNeese McNeese I Centenary Southeastern 5 Track Coach Walter Ledet High-jumpers Ed Hunter and Larry Crow Jackie Smith, Tommy Blake, Don Deen, and John Dale 1960 Track The Northwestern State College track team for 1 959- 1 960, under the able supervision of Coach Walter Ledet, finished the season in third place in the Gulf States Conference. This was the first time since Coach Ledet has been head track coach that the N.S.C. track team did not finish in first or second place. Coach Ledet, who knew that he was in a rebuilding year, did a fine job with the men available and guided the inexperienced team into third place in the G.S.C. Northwestern ' s main source of points again came from the field events this year. Big Bert Heckel always came through with a couple of places in the shot-put or the discus. The I960 Spring lettermen were: Tommy Blake, Jerry Brown, Larry Crow, Don Deen, Lynn Gaines, Billy Haynes, Bert Heckel, Ed Hunter, John Hyams, John Odom, Wayne Olds, Steve Murphy, Conrad Schatde, Jackie Smith, Glenn Talbert, and Eddie Taylor. 206 The I960 N.S.C. Thinclads, first row, left to right: Pat Malmstrom, Glenn Talbert, Doug Harkness, Jerry Brown, Jimmy Connors, Steve Murphy, Buddy Hyames, and Lynn Gaines. Second Row: Bennie Brown, Tommy Blake, Wayne Olds, Frank Santena, John Odom, Billy Heckle, Ronny Hester, Buddy Styce, Sonny Harrison. Third Row: Don Deen, Ed Hunter, Jackie Smith, David Calaway, Billy Haynes, John Dale, Bert Heckle, Larry Crow, and Conrad Schatzle. The N.S.C. thinclads opened their cinder season by captur- ing fourth place in the college division of the Shreveport Relays. Later during the trianguler meet with Louisiana Tech and McNeese, Bert Heckel set a new school record with a discus throw of 1-46-10 1 2 - The same day, Eddie Taylor broad- jumped 22-1 1 1 2. At the annual Northwestern Relays, the mighty Northeast squad, paced by the Styron brothers, shattered six records. A near-capacity crowd turned out to watch some of the best trackmen in the nation. Northwestern finished fourth in this meet behind Northeast, Lamar Tech, and Louisiana Tech. At the G.S.C. meet, again the Indians of Northeast took the big trophy, but the Demons captured their share of the medals also. Standouts in the field events were Bert Heckel, Conrad Schatzle, and John Odom in the discus, placing second, third, and fourth. Heckel captured second in the shot-put while Larry Crow placed third in the broad-jump. 20 7 JACKIE SMITH J The 1961 Gymnastic Team, left to right: O ' Neal Collier, Sonny Martinez, Jack Brosette, Stan Southerland, Jerry Ainsworth, Jerry Thields, Paul Jemison, Jimmy Smith, Therman Owens, Charles Partin, and Ben Pratt. Jemison on the rings ' ■ Gymnastics Northwestern State ' s gymnastic squad, under the watchful eyes of Coach John Piscopo, continued their domination of most of the meets they participated in, and remained unde- feated at home. Piscopo ' s teams have only been beaten three times in intercollegiate meets during the past seven years. These three were to the always powerful and one of the nation ' s top-ranked schools, Florida State University. The Demon tumblers still remain un defeated by any college team and have never been beaten on their home court except by Florida State. Among the highlights for the I960 Gymnastic team was their trip to Florida. The Demons invaded the Florida State University campus primarily to get experience with one of the world ' s best teams. The Northwestern boys made a fine showing, but were just a little too small for the mighty Florida State U. The Purple and White team traveled to Lafayette to the Southwestern AAU meet where they walked off with the team award. Also they brought home second place from the Mardi Gras meet and won the Mid-South meet here at N.S.C. Team Captain Charlie Partin was one of the high-point men for the Demons, while Jerry Ainsworth, Paul Prince and Harvey Laymen captured many of the individual awards at all the meets they attended. Other highlights of the I960 season were trips to high schools throughout Louisiana. At the high schools, the team would put on a fine exhibition of thei r gymnastic ability. Also 208 Charles Partin does a one-hand Human Ladder the team put on one of the finest Home Shows ever in the Fine Arts Auditorium. During the 1961 season, the Northwestern team will be in a rebuilding era after their long superiority in the gymnastic field. While the men are rebuilding their team, Charles Partin has organized the first women ' s gymnastic team for N.S.C. According to Partin ' s report, these girls really have a great chance in the gymnastic field. The first Northwestern Girls Gymnastic Team, sitting left to right: Jo Ann Neel, Marie Blanckard, Sandra Marinou, Lindy Coleman, Diane Miller and Pegqv Watson. Standing: Juanita Young, Sue Norman, Leah Storey, Marion Donavon, Mary Gates, Cecelia Carver. « ! — ' ' a " ' S _ ■ SS ■ in _, ■ ■ 1 Mi !!! ■■ | R | — ■ w m 1 1 | h5 m 1 m M t m m ' - , Golf Coach Earnest ' Slim " Howell ' s 1959-60 Golf team was the second team in a number of years for Northwestern State. The Demon linksmen made a fine showing against some very strong competition. The team ended up with a five and five record for the season. The Demons finished in fourth place in the Gulf States Conference tournament held in Lake Charles. Louisiana Tech, McNeese, and Northeast State finished ahead of the Northwestern team. Members of the 1960-61 team who have a fine possibility of winning the championship are Benny Morgan from Springhill, Tom Baker from Natchi- toches, Frank Fletcher from Alexandria, and Russell Oqilvie. 1961 Demon Golf Team, left to right: Frank Fletcher, Benny Morgan, Tom Baker and Russell Ogilvie. Tennis The 1959-60 varsity tennis team, under the super- vision of Coach Huey Cranford, did not have a very impressive record. Although the official record shows only one victory against five defeats, it doesn ' t mean the Demon team was weak. The strong com- petition was the very best among small colleges in the South. The McNeese team composed almost entirely of Latin Americans proved to be the number one team in the Gulf States Conference. The players who made up the 1959-60 team were Frank Fulco from Shreveport, Jerry Hart, Bill Edmon- son, Robert Semple of Alexandria, and Jerry Sanders of Shreveport. The I960 Demon Netters, kneeling: Frank Fulco, Bill Edmonson and Jerry Hart. Standing: Robert Semple and Jerry Sanders. 210 •J : 1 • ■T " — J " .1 r 4i ». ? I Or U I f%« ' [ 1 1 L wJk iJWi M mM £ I w_ ' Br By Bh The Intramural touch football champs for I960, " The Untouchables " Don Scott won the All-Around Award in the Gymnastics Intra murals The eighteen-sport men ' s ' intramural program, under the direction of James " Red ' ' King, featured two new additions during 1960-1961. Bowling was introduced for the first time during the Fall and a permanent Intramural Council was initiated at Mid-Term. As the POTPOURRI went to press, ten sports had been completed, with four teams waging a torrid battle for the team trophy. These teams were: R.O.T.C., Scholars, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, and the Untouchables. At the same time, two men were tied for the individual trophy with 19 points each. They were Tom Baker and Danny Rowzee. The purpose of the Northwestern intramural program is " to offer the men students a chance to participate in whole- some recreation, keen athletic competition, and good clean fun. " Cross-country winner was Joe Cox for the ROTC team The ROTC touch football team won their league but finished third over-al 1 1ft ft. ■i s = f-MK ._ ... if i Second place in the Intramural touch football went to the Wampus Cats Intramural Badminton champs, Don Truly, left, and Buddy Cosse, right. Intramurals Women ' s Recreation Association basketball champs Paddle-ball champs, left to right: Danny Rowzee, first place, Lynn Ryals, second place, and Earl Phillips, third place. 212 The campus organizations afford the students an insight into the strengthening of religious and professional life »r u ,. R flR V v - " I. i v P I L » ».» • : v. - ■■ 1 ». • i ; The campus organizations afford the students an insight into the strengthening of religious and professional life. Alpha Beta Alpha Seated: Geri Ann Haworth, Jo Edwards, Dixie Barker, Cynthia Knight, Mary Pureed, Elise Bor- delon. Standing: Charles Pickett, Mary Ann Scha- fer, Judith Hammond, Lenora Woolley, Shirley Tassin, Billie Gough, Gloria Wright, Ann Mathews, Marian Hodges, Kathleen Feltmann, Mary Gandy. Seated: Mary Gandy, Treasurer; Dixie Barker, President; Mary Ann Schafer, Vice-President. Standing: Marian Hodges, Recording Secretary; Gloria Wright, Corresponding Secretary; Ann Mathews, Reporter; Billie Gough, Parliamentarian; Jo Edwards, Historian. Alpha Beta Alpha is the only national, coeducational, undergraduate Li- brary Science Fraternity in the United States. The major purpose of the fra- ternity being to serve as a recruiling agency for librarianship, the members are required to take at least six semester hours of Library Science. Established on the NSC campus as the Northwestern State College Library Club on January 17, 1946, the professional fraternity was later renamed the Scharlie E. Russell Library Club. On May 3, 1950, the nationwide organiza- tion of Alpha Beta Alpha, the American Librarians ' Fraternity, was estab- lished, with the NSC club as Alpha Chapter. There are presently over twenty- five chapters in the United States. Officers, left to right, seated: Patsy Gladden, Second Vice-President; Jane Hazelton, Presi- dent (Spring); Vicky West, Social Chairman; LaNae Rowell, Secretary. Standing: Billy To- land, First Vice-President; Carroll Bennett, Treasurer; Leon Brown, President (Fall); John Hazelton, Parliamentarian. Davis Players Davis Players, the oldest official dramatic organization on campus, strives to develop talent, cultivate a taste for the best in drama, and foster the cultural values which dramatics develops. All students are encouraged to participate in College Theatre, through which work requirements for membership in Davis Players are fulfilled. Because of the vital interest displayed in theatre and the standards of quality exemplified in productions, the club was instrumental in securing the NSC chapter — Delta Eta Cast — of Alpha Phi Omega, the largest of the national honorary fraternities for college dramatics. Membership in this fraternity is the highest honor bestowed in dramatics at Northwestern. Members, left to right, seated: LaNae Rowell, Dr. Edna West, Patsy Gladden, Jane Hazelton, Ann Johnson, Vicky West, Sharon Amerine. Standing: Mr. Majors, Carroll Bennett, Leon Brown, John Ha- zelton, Billy Toland. Members: Hal Baily, Dr. Bienvenu, Brenda Bridges, Harold Cleveland, Ann Clark, Bewell Combs, Hoyet Chance, Hsing-Hua Chang, Clydell Davenport,, Sammy Elder, Dr. Erwin, Barbara Floyd, Sandra Glover, Sam Gray, Donnie Haddox, Fay Hataway, David Henry, Jim Hyde, Edgar Johnson, Sonny Jimes, Carol Knotts, George Krumm, Dr. Lancaster, Carolyn Leach, John Lindsly, Pat Litton, Carolyn Morgan, Tommy Nunez, Dr. Outland, Prudence Par- rott, David Peevy, Danny Phillips, Ann Rambin, Don Rucker, Bobby Slack. Ronald Smith, Dr. Sobers, Marilyn Stewart, Glenda Walters, Lewis Watts, Ed- na Wise. Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta is a national honor society for students of the biological sciences. It emphasizes a threefold program: stimulation of sound scholarship, dissemination of scientific knowledge, and promotion of biological research. Beta Beta Beta was founded at Oklahoma City University in 1922 and is presently numbered at over 125 chapters. Begun at Northwestern State Col- lege as a local organization, Beta Phi Alpha, it became Delta Theta Chapter of Beta Beta Beta in 1949. Tri Beta members, well known for their exhibits which are placed in the Bi- ology Building, attempt to combine a program of work with enjoyable re- laxation. Officers, left to right, back row: Dr. Outland, Sponsor; Edgar Johnson, President: George Krumm, Historian; Harold Cleveland, Treasurer. Front Row: Edna Wise, Vice-President; Prudence Parrott, Recording Secretary; Marilyn Stewart, Corresponding Secretary. 218 Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in education, was organized in 1911 for the purpose of encouraging high professional, intellectual and personal stand- ards, and of recognizing outstanding contributions to education. Membership is offered to all persons who exhibit commendable personal qualities, worthy educational ideals and sound scholarship. Gamma Phi Chapter, begun on the NSC campus in 1934, annually presents programs such as were given this past year: " Comparisons of the American Education System With Those of India and Russia " and a debate on the ques- tion of " Teaching Foreign Languages in Elementary Grades. " Officers, left to right: Ray McCoy, Chapter Counselor; Pat McGraw, Reporter; Helen Cookston, Treasurer; Lynda Williams, Secretary; Irene Brandon, Vice-President; Kenneth Jordan, President. Members, left to right, seated: Becky Buckner, Dixie Barker, Ursula Wahl, Linda Fedd. Standing: Joe Parker, L. R. Simmons, Jo Edwards, Helen Cookston, Pat McGraw, Anne Allums, Addie Thompson, Irene Brandon, Kenneth Jordan, Ray McCoy. Kappa Delta Pi 219 Kappa Pi Officers, left to right, standing: Stan ' ey Saleovitch, President; Elmer Hermes, Vice-President. Seated: Suzy Alost, Secretary: Dorothy Wallen, Reporter; Annah Vaughn Leach, Treasurer. Members and pledges, left to right, standing: Roy DeVille, Farrell Fontenau, Dorothy Wallen, Mike Moore, Suzy Alost, Stanley Sakovitch, Elmer Hermes. Seated: Faye Love, Kathy Mischter, Annetta Mc- Pherson, Joy Faye Vallery, Pressy Eichler, Kay Ko- ren, Annah Vaughn Leach. Kappa Pi is an honorary art fraternity open to all art majors and minors who have completed twelve semester hours in art and have maintained a " B " average in these courses. Chapters are installed only in recognized colleges, universities, and art schools meeting the standard of nationally accredited agencies. Some of the purposes of Kappa Pi are to promote art interest among col- lege students, to stimulate higher scholarship, and to recognize potential and professional ability. This year Kappa Pi entered a float in the annnual homecoming parade. The fraternity also sponsored the spring art exhibit. l Officers, left to right, front row: Don Truly, Sergeant-at-Arms; Dr. Duane Slaughter, Sponsor; Henry Megison, Secretary. Back Row: Charles Freeman, Treasurer; Wayne Olds, Guide; Malcolm Gomez, President; Sammy Essmeier, Vice-President; Mack Knotts, Historian. Phi Epsilon Kappa Phi Epsilon Kappa, the only national professional fraternity for male students of health, physical education and recreation, was founded at Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union of Indianapolis, Indiana, on April 12, 1913. With the installation of Beta Chapter at the American College of Physical Education in Chicago, Illinois, on May 7, 1920, Phi Epsilon Kappa took the first step toward becoming a national fraternity. Alpha Pi Chapter was in- stalled at N.S.C. on April 28, 1951. Activities this year included " Recreation Night " for prospective members, Founder ' s Day Banquet, a " Blood Bank " Project, and a Care Package Project. r Members, left to right, front row: Dr. Slaughter, Ralph Bates, Don Truly, Mack Knotts, Henry Megi- son, Sonny Martinez. Back row: Sammy Essmeier, Charles Freeman, Wayne Olds, Jerry Fowler, Billy Haynes, Ken Terwey, Malcolm Gomez. 1$3 9$ Student Members: Dixie Barker, Freddie Bosarge, Irene Brandon, Phyllis Brewer, Frank Caperton, Mar- co Celotti, William Coffey, Jerry Connerly, Stella Craig. Janis Evans, Linda Fedd, Mary Fletcher, Beverly Flowers, Kathleen Gallaspy, Benny Grant, Gerri Haworth, Brenda Holmes, Burton Howard, Johanna Hulls, James Hyde, Dianne Sue Imhoff, Michelle Mathews, Linda Pate, Mary Schafer, Rose Temple, Gloria Thompson, Ursula Wahl, Lynda Wil- liams. Edna Wise, Lenora Wooley. Not Pictured: Jo Frances Edwards, Lennie Hanchey, Joan Har- rington, Lola Kendrick, William Robinson. Phi Kappa Phi The National Honorary Fraternity of Phi Kappa Phi was founded in 1897 and the Northwestern State College Chapter was established in July, 1953. The purpose of the society is the recognition and encouragement of superior scholarship in all fields of study. Requirements for membership in Phi Kappa Phi are exhibition of sound character and a 2.3 grade average. Membership is open to second semester juniors, seniors, graduate students, alumni, and faculty who have shown dis- tinction in their fields of study. Juniors must be in the top five per cent of their class, and seniors must be in the top twelve per cent. OFFICERS DR. WILLIAM BEYER President DR. RUTH BRUNER Vice-President IRMA STOCKWELL Secretary-Treasurer DR. GRADY IRWIN Marshal FACULTY AND TOWN MEMBERS Miss Clio Allen Dr. Leo Allbritten Dr. W. F. Beyer Dr. Rene Bienvenu Miss Katherine Bridges Dr. Ruth Bruner Mrs. Alice Chopin Dr. Sarah C. Clapp Miss Estelle Cockfield Miss Dorothy Cohen Dr. Alan Crosby Dr. C. E. Dugdale Dr. G. W. Dunnington Dr. W. G. Erwin Mr. Roland Grass Miss Hope Haupt Miss Pauline Johnson Dr. John Kyser Miss Thelma Kyser Miss Eve Mouton Dr. Yvonne Phillips Miss Mary Robson Mrs. Eola Rooks Dr. Frederick Rosentreter Miss Irma Stockwell Mr. Herbert Temple Mr. Hal Townsend Mr. George Ware Dr. Eugene Watson Mrs. Mary Weller Dr. Edna West Mrs. Harriet Whittington Miss Katherine Winters Mrs. Mattie Woodward 222 Gamma Rho Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America, established on the NSC campus May 28, 1941, serves these purposes: to ad- vance the cause of music in America, to foster the mutual welfare and brother- hood of students in music, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, and to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. With these aims in mind, Phi Mu Alpha presents an annual All-American Concert jointly with Sigma Alpha lota, and presents concerts to high schools around the state. Membership in Phi Mu Alpha includes music majors as well as non-music majors who are highly interested in music. Officers, left to right, seated: Lee Theil, Vice-President: Mickey Lewis, President. Standing: David Jackson, Warden: Pat Vidrine, Executive Alumni Secretary; Dr. Torgrimson, Sponsor; Members, left to right, standing: Dr. Carlucci Al- len Swilley, George Gilcrease, Don Wilkins, David Jackson, Lynn Butler, Lee Thiel, Mickey Lewis, Pat Vidrine, Dr. Torgrimson. Kneeling: Richard Steph- ens, Billy Thompson, James Sprayberry, Raymond Slusher, Ronald Bilyeu, MiHon Nix, Larry Eddy. Geoi ge Allen Swilley, Treasurer; Dr. Carlucci, Sponsor. Phi Mu Alpha 223 Pi Omega Pi Officers, left to right: David Eason, President; Meredith Bynum, Vice-President; Lynda Williams, Secretary; Anne Allums, Treasurer; Jerry Norwood, Reporter; Doris Richard, Chaplain. First row: Anne Allums, Lynda Williams, Carolyn Campo, Doris Kirkpatriclc, Carolyn Robinette, Peggy Turner, Barbara Shaver; H. N. Towry, Sponsor. Sec- ond row: Glenn Herring, Nancy Gulledge, Dorothy Leysath, Patricia Moore, Ruth Strozier, Helen Cheatwood, Jeanette Bynum, Meredith Bynum. Third row: Jerry Norwood, Jerry Berlin, S. L. Slack, Doyle Montgomery, David Eason, Truett Plunkett, Mickey Beckman, Robert Turner, Stevie Carroll. I Pi Omega Pi is a National Honorary Business Fraternity, the purpose of which is to establish and maintain the ideals of scholarship, progress, service, and high ethical standards in business and professional life. Those preparing to enter the various phases of the business world are greatly aided by the constructive social and educational activities of the organization. The first chapter of Pi Omega Pi was established at State Teachers College, Kirksville, Missouri, on June 13, 1923. Since that time more than 160 active chapters have been established. The local chapter, Alpha Nu, was established in 1958. T t . Pledges, left to right, first row: Linda Fielder, Sandra Shahan, Jo Ann Cain, Kathey James Second row: Kayren Woodel, Roberta Bromley, Betty Anthony, Nancy Ricks, Ashley Johnson. Not Pictured: Carol Moore. Sigma Alpha Iota, an international professional music fraternity for women, was founded in 1903, at Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Beta lota chapter at NSC is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Fraternity purposes include upholding the highest ideals of a musical edu- cation, raising the standards of productive musi cal work, developing American music, and promoting a stronger understanding of music between foreign countries and America. Membership is open to music majors who have faculty recommendation and show excellence in scholarship and musical ability. Chapter activities include monthly musicales, receptions for music students, faculty, and performers, and an All-American Music Concert given jointly with Phi Mu Alpha. Sigma Alpha lota Sigma Alpha lota Members, first row: Jerry Rice, Betsy May, Kathleen Gallaspy. Second row: Jerry Ann Vann, Linda Cato. Third row: Linda Johnson, Sandra Hash. Fourth row: Nelwyn Norsworthy, Sa- rah Oliver. ' I Executive Council, left to right, standing: Linda Corley, Linda Pate, Jo Ann Cain, Aline Mayes, Ar- madine Miller, Dr. Walter Robinson, John Bolin, Dave Luce, Nolan Harper, Marie Michel, Jo Nell Rogers. Middle: Mary Walker, Janis Evans, Carl Smith, Pr esident; Edith Mothershed, Hoyet Chance, Nancy Ricks. Seated: Clinton Blue, Bewell Combs, Leonard Hedrick, Glenn Wilkins. Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union was first organized on the Northwestern State College campus in 1927 and is sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention. It is composed of all Baptist students at Northwestern and functions to remind each student of his responsibility to Christ, his church, and his denomination, and of his obligation as a Christian citizen to the world in which he lives. The Baptist Student Union strives to deepen the spiritual lives of its members by enlisting them in the activities of the local Baptist churches. Picured he the members of the Executive Council and Freshman Council. here are Freshman Council, left to right, standing: Diane Gates, Karen Johnson, Betty Anthony, Pollie St. Andre, Jackie Winn, Jane Young, Sylvia Durham, Frances Jordan. Middle, left to right: Judy Wells, Tom Carson, Faye Johnson, Bobbie Shiver, Sonny Hargrove, Jackie Brantly. Seated, left to right: Sid Mathews, Lynn Nugent, Brent Fleming, Paul Simmons. 776 The Newman Club is an organization of Catholic students of non-Catholic campuses. Its purpose is threefold: to strengthen the religious, to deepen the intellectual, and to enrich the social life of the Catholic college student. The Newman Club at Northwestern State College, in conjunction with the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Student Center, accomplishes these three ends with the presentation of a complete program of religious services, various non- credit courses — such as theology, philosophy, apologetics, basic Catholic doc- trine, marriage, and others — and many varied social activities. The major function of the Newman Club is to help the Catholic student pursue his studies in a Christian way. Officers, left to right: Judy Wild, Historian; Charles Distefano, Treasurer; Marvin LaCour, Vice-President; Francis Deville, President; Jack! McKnight, Recording Secretary; Father C. O ' Brien, Chaplain. Members, left to right, first row: Janice Freeman, Linda Eve Maget, June David, Judy Wild, Juanita Young, Ann-Marie Rubin, Patsy Damico. Second Row: Eleanorae Bagly, Sussie Guidry, Juanita Pilcher, Irene Zagone, Earlien Evans, Carolyn Huber, Theresa Catteruccia, JoAnn Rocas, Charles Diste- fano. Standing: Marvin LaCour, Stanley Sakovitch, Francis Deville, Jackie McKnight, Murphy Belgard, Johnny Distetano, Melvin Cern, Joseph Dow, Jerry Owen, Dianne Mayeaus, Barbara Jean Ulhrbach, Joe Maranto, Father C. O ' Brien. Newman Club 227 Wesley Foundation Council Members, left to right, seated: (Executive Officers) Jesse Bergeron, Vice-President; Barbara Hollis, Vice-President; William Perry, Treasurer; Glenda Walters, Secretary; Tommy Nunez, President. Standing, first row: Bonnie Wieninger, Janie Jones, Betty Kelley, Mary Purcell, Pat Gray, Sylvia Whatley, Bob Tatum, Chaplain; Frances Nelle Erwin, Judy Gail White. Second row: Roger Williams, Jimmy Scruggs, Mac Mason, Robert Marshman, Glenn Robison, Milton Guttierrez, Kathy Janes, Mary Groll. Not Pictured: LeVon Fuller, Ronald Johnson, Sandra Folse, Harold Owens, Raymond Sanders, Kay Berry. The Wesley Foundation is a part of the Church Universal at work on the college campus. Our purpose is to cultivate a growing Christian Faith in the lives of individuals who make up the college community. We feel that our Christian Faith challenges us to worship, witness, study, and join in fellowship. The Wesley Foundation is sponsored at NSC by the Methodist Board of National Missions and by the Methodist Churches of Louisiana. The Council members who appear on this page guide the program of the organization. Activities are held at the Wesley Foundation Building under the supervision of an ordained Methodist minister. Some of the members pose in front of our house ,Wli Members: Margaret Barrouse, Sandra Boatright, Freddie Bosarge, Jimmy Boyd, Norma Corson, Bil- lie Sue Dixon, Joe Hirn, Virginia Huson, Kathy Hvnson, Sarita Johns, Eileen Kolb, Kay Mcintosh, Edwin Monette, Joseph Nectoux, Jean Parrott, Alannah Petty, Donald Purdy, Gordon Solliday, Carla Walters, Mary Elizabeth White, Judy Wilkerson, Bill Winterrowd. Not Pictured: Gail Cogburn. Tommy St. Dizier, Burton Howard, Sally Lees, Charmaine Moore. OFFICERS JIMMY BOYD President BILL WINTERROWD Vice-President KAY MclNTOSH Secretary CARLA WALTERS Treasurer GAIL COGBURN Reporter EILEEN KOLB Representative The Canterbury Club, an organization for all Episcopal students, began as the Young Peoples Service League in 1928. In 1941, it became the James C. Morris Chapter of the National Foundation of Canterbury Clubs. The purpose of the club is to develop and to guide the spiritual life of the stu- dents. This is accomplished through dis- cussion, study, worship, recreation, fellow- ship, and cooperative worship. The activities of the Canterbury Club consist of a Mid-Winter Southern Confer- ence, State Convention, an All-College Conference, and joint activities with other clubs. Canterbury Club Westminster Fellowship The creation of fellowship, fostered by group projects that emphasize Christianity in the lives of young people, is the funda- mental aim of the Presbyterian Westmin- ster Fellowship on the college campus. Members learn in detail about the over- all program of the Presbyterian Church by participation in weekly group discussions, and by actual contribution to deserving community institutions. Three members of the NSC Fellowship — Glenda Bland, Charles Almeda and Mary Sue Owen — were representatives at the Presbyterian Convention in Dallas during December, I960. The spiritual director of the group is the Reverend Percy Hagan, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Natchitoches. Reverend and Mrs. Hagan meet with Group Moderator Jerry Brown, Vice-Moderator Rita Blanchard, and Junior Representative Mary Lou Mathews in planning the year ' s activities. Members, left to right, seated: Glenda Bland, Margie Farquhar, Rita Blanchard, Laura McLeish, Ann Todd. Standing: Mary Lou Mathews, Billie Jean Champion, Tim Berry, Robert Reeves, Charles Almeda, Benny Brady, David Christenson, Jan Christenson, Mary Sue Owen, Jerry Brown. 229 OFFICERS JOHN MICHAEL SLAY .... President OLAUS CONNOR Vice President PHYLLIS ROND Secretary-Treasurer The Deseret Club of Northwestern State College was organized in 1958-59 upon rec- ognizing a vital need in the lives of young men and young women of Northwestern for affiliation with the Church, and other members of their faith. The club is sponsored by the Educational Department of Brigham Young University under the direction of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The objectives of the club are: 1. To encourage association among stu- dents of the Church. 2. To build and retain faith in the Church and its leaders. 3. To provide opportunity for social and spiritual development in an atmos- phere in harmony with the standards of the Church. First row: Olaus Connor, Catherine Arnold, LaVerle Allen, Phyllis Rond, Susan Chambers, Michael Slay. Second row: Dill ion Muse, Richie Brown, Vernon Rogers, Elder Calvin S. Bateman, Elder J. Mark Griffin. The Deseret Club Members: Ginger Adkins, Daphne Allen, Ann Allums, Mildred Amberg, Mickey Beckman, Tressa Berwick, Oscar Billingsly, Mary Bonnette, Irene Brandon, Janice Brazzell, Becky Buckner, Ann Burch, Frances Campbell, Jo Ella Dormeyer, Mary Sue Fletcher, Barbara Foster, Billie Gough, Georgie Nell Harmon, Nancy Harper, Carol Houston, Pat Jackson, Linda Law, Laura McLeish, Armadine Miller, Juanita Miller, Irma Nugent, Linda Pate, Mickey Penny, Shirley Randolph, Peggy Jo Robinson, Gail Rucker, Virginia Schuetz, Dr. Lisso Simmons, Ruth Strozier, Claudette Stokes, Ruby Trevillion, Glen Wilkins, Lenora Wooley. Student National Education Association OFFICERS PEGGY ROBINSON President ALIENE HENNIGAN Vice-President DORIS RICHARD Secreta JIMMIE BECKEN Treasurer BARBARA FOSTER Reporter-Historian FRANCES CAMPBELL . . . Publicity Chairman DR. LISSO SIMMONS .... Faculty Adviser Chartered on the Northwestern Campus in 1953, the V. L. Roy Chapter of Student National Education Association has a cur- rent membership of 125 members. The or- ganization is affiliated with the National Education Association and the Louisiana Education Association. Its purposes and functions are the same as those of the e parent organizations. This year Jimmie Becken served as State President of the Louisiana Teachers Asso- ciation, with Barbara Foster as Correspond ing Secretary. The SNEA seeks to give teachers in train- ing practical experience in working to- gether in a democratic way on the prob- lems of the profession and the community. 230 Members, left to right, seated: Sharon Corbell, Anne Carter, Patsy Damico, Patricia Greer, Jane McGee, Ellen Baker, Pat Jackson. Kneeling: Mickey White, Earline Doiron, Martha Martin, Ann Davis, Priscilla Jones, Leah Williams, Sara Myles, Linnye Wimberly. Standing: Janet Fruge, Ester Broussard, Susan Prados, Burnie Hinkley, Kit Carson, Carole Bell, Mary Lynn Cloutier, Mary Ann Gilson, Debby Martin, Mary Frances deVargas, Maxine Queyrouze. OFFICERS PAT JACKSON President ELLEN BAKER Vice-President BURNIE HINKLEY Secretary KIT CARSON Reporter The purposes of the Flamingo Club are: to acquire skill in aquatic activities such as synchronized swimming and diving, to pro- vide an extracurricular club for those stu- dents interested and skilled in aquatic ac- tivities, to develop in the public a better understanding and appreciation of water activities, and to sponsor water shows and demonstrations on and off campus. It is the policy of the organization to present one major show on campus and sev- eral off campus during the school year. The faculty sponsor and instructor of the group is Mrs. Betty Walker. Fl amingo Club Demeter Club OFFICERS SAMMY BONNETTE President BOBBY JOE LEWIS Vice-President KENNETH BEAM Secretary-Treasurer LAMAR NORMAN Parliamentarian MR. H. J. YOUNG Sponsor The Demeter Agricultural Fraternity — named after Demeter, the ancient Greek goddess of Earth and all vegetation — was organized October 18, 1924. It was begun at Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Lafay- ette, Louisiana, by Dean J. L. Fletcher, then head of the Agriculture Department. From a small group of eight members, the Deme- ter Club has expanded into a national or- ganization with three chapters and a total membership of approximately one thou- sand. This year, the local chapter contributed two of the national officers: Edd Hunter, serving as national president, and Janie Krouse as secretary-treasurer. Chapters of Demeter Club have now been established at Louisiana Tech, North- east, and McNeese. Members, left to right: Ralph Fell, Sammy Bonnette, Bobby Lewis, Lamar Norman, Edd Hunter, Janie Krouse, Kenneth Beam, Wilfred Broussard, H. J. Young. Second row: Hal Townsend, George Betar, James Rabb, John Wanat, J. M. Maricelli, Lynn Butler, S. W. Nelken. Third row: Irwin Kock, Reid Deason, James Loftin, Glen Bounds, Reuben Burns, William Wa ' .son. IRbSr fLns W ( T ' A r Members: Jimmy Aldredge, Tom Baker, Robert Bates, Octave Bernard, Tommy Blake, Jerry Burton, Houston Cade, Larry Crow, Charles De- Sadier, Jerry Didier, Sammy Essmeir, John Fisher, Frank Fletcher, Jerry Fowler, Frank Fulco, Lynn Gains, Tommy Grafton, Brooksye Gregg, Sonny Harrison, Billy Haynes, Bert Heckel, Kenneth Hood, Edd Hunter, Paul Hutcheson. Club Officers: Jerry Didier, President; Brooksye Gregg, Vice-President; Jerry Pierce, Secretary; Jackie Smith, Sergeant-at-Arms. Not Pictured: J. M. Maricelli, Treasurer. 232 The " N " Club is an organization of athletes whose mem- bership consists of those men who have lettered in any one of four major sports or in any one of the three minor sports and have been recognized as winning that award through the annual " N " Club calling each spring semester. The purpose of the " N " Club is to promote in every proper and constructive way the athletic interest of Northwestern State College among its students, faculty, alumni and friends ... to stimulate true Demon spirit . . . and to foster a more perfect union based upon mutual friendship and common ideals among the wearers of the " N. " OFFICERS JERRY DIDIER President BROOKSYE GREGG Vice-President JERRY PIERCE Secretary JACKIE SMITH Sergeant-at-Arms J. M. MARICELLI Treasurer % %i Lt JL John Hyams, Denny Ivey, Frank Jones, Mack Knotts, Robert Marshman, Dickie Mason, Mickey Mills, Gary Moore, Steve Murphy, Nick Norcia, Johnny Norman, Wayne Olds, Jerry Pierce, Herbert Smith, Jackie Smith, O ' brian Smith, Vic Stelly, Glenn Talbert, Pete Verrett, Jc Robert Welch, Pat Williams, Jerry Wren, Ferrell Yarbrough. ly Wal ' N " Clubber Gary Moore rolls out for yardage against Southwestern 233 SHREVEPORT CAMPUS, left to right, first row: Geraldine Gremillion, Evelyn Lindsey, Lucie Petty, Betty Self, Eloise Caraway, Carol Webber, Sue McCartney, Era Lee Parks Thigpen, Jerrie Prestridge, Beth Moore, Carolyn Paxton, Shirley Spratt. Second row: Cynthia Vaughan, Linda Mc- Lin, Betty Hutson, Lois Ann Doss, Barbara Ledig, Susan Cooper, Margery Dees, Peggy Smith, Glenda Richmond, Mary Lous Carter. Third row: Doris Perry, Nelia Shaw, Nova Lee Phillips, Kathryn Rogers, Bonnie Sue Hand, Betty Jean Caraway, Linda Crow, Sue Welch, Ann Turner, Sara Smith, Diane Weber, Annie Suggs. Fourth row: Sunshine Palmer, Joan orer, Joy Albritton, Janice Barker, Gail Ford, Laverne Mitchell, Rita St Lindsay, Glenda Barton, Mary Helen Kilpatr Lindsay, Glenda Barton, Mary Helen Kilpatrick, Nancy Best, Viva Dean Thornton, Betty Brown, Elizabeth Walker, Sybil Cloud, Myrna Eason, Nancy Martin, Barbara Dawson, Rachel Tripp, Milna Sue Peace, Janice Watts, Mabel Smith. Fifth row: Rachel Maines. Dottve Andri Pittman, Elizabeth Hammons, Patty felter, Merle Pay.. Louise Temple, Beth Huckabay Student Nurse Association The Student Nurse Association of Northwestern State Col- lege is a branch of the National Student Nurse Association, but also represents the organizational structure for students on the Northwestern State College clinical campuses in Bat- on Rouge and Shreveport. A temporary organization is es- tablished by each group moving to the Pineville Campus every twelve weeks. The officers on the Baton Rouge Campus are: President, Ellienne Todd; Vice-President, Juanita Moore; Secretary, Carolyn Region; Treasurer, Maxine Roge ' ; Reporter, Virginia Brown. The officers on the Shreveport Campus are: President, Beth Huckabay; First Vice-President, Sue Whiteman; Second Vice-President, Mary Alice Prestridge; Secretary, Patricia Sanders; Treasurer, Merle Payne; Reporter, Patricia Watts. 234 PINEVILLE CAMPUS: Diane Cox, Sharon Davis, Lois Ann Dickson, Beryl Doucet, Ruth Gremillion, Linda Hodgeson, Norma Hoyt, Martha Lee, Marjorie McCloud, Carmen Peevy, Betty Rougeau, Patricia Sanders, Patricia Watts, Sue Whiteman. BATON ROUGE CAMPUS, left to right, first row: Catherin Distefano, Valerie Charles, Maxine Roge, Jane Dudley, Sandra Marx, Sue Hogg, Judy Coker, Betty Daigle, Carolyn Region, Ellienne Todd. Second row: Mary Damico, Jody Gainer, Brenda Malone, Peggy Adams, Virginia Brown. Third row: Carolyn Bernard, Jerrice Prince, Billie Cryer, Errol I ill. Merrilyn Bernard. Fourth row: Carline King, Jane Cooper, Gayle Coco, Carolyn Swain, Juanita Moore, Dovie Brian. Last row: Helen Chase. Ginger A. Hunt, Kathleen Gates, June Grimmer, Pat Kennedy. OFFICERS JOHANNA HULLS President LAVON GRAY FULLER . . . . 1st Vice-President ALINE FUSELIER 2nd Vice-President ALINE MAYES Secretary KAY MclNTOSH Treasurer ANNA MARIE BROUSSARD Reporter JANELL HUNTER Parliamentarian The Euthenics Club of Northwestern State College, in affiliation with the Louisi- ana Home Economics Association and the American Home Economics Association, was organized in 1926. Since then it has be- come one of the outstanding departmental clubs at NSC. The purposes of the Euthenics Club are: to promote professional spirit and coop- eration, to foster sociability, to develop culture, to promote scholarship, and to de- velop leadership. The motto is: " We believe in minds that think, hearts that love, and hands that work. " Euthenics implies better living. Euth enics Club Members, left to right, seated: Ganeath Wilson, Melda Dunn, Nelda Rigdon, Joan Modisette, Aline Mayes, Aline Fuselier, Sandra Green, Kay Mclntoch, Charmaine Moore, Charlotte McCalla, Kayla Bernard, Carolyn Corley, Tommie Raley, Joan Edwards, Pat Gray, Leah Storey, Betty Lou Fletcher, Jo Nell Rogers. Standing: Elizabeth Thacker, Miss Robinson, Evelyn Sharp, Betty Jones, Cubie Rivers, Paula Jenkins, Liz Hennigan, Joyce Cooley, Katherine Ritchie, Janell Bullard, Ann Parrott, Johanna Hulls, Clarine Walters, Bonnie Rolling, Glenda Blevins, Betty Kelly, Lavon Fuller, Jaye Lou Allen, Lynne Compton, Doris Jones, Sue McNaughton, Marilyn McGee, Wanda Dowden, Carolyn Roberts, Janice Miller. Industrial Arts Club Members, left to right, first row: Danny Rowzee, Bob Kendrick, Marlon Beach, Bob Barrett, Steve Martinez, Charles McKenzie, Kenneth Jordan. Second row: Mr. Weffenstette, James Winn, John Calloway, Charles Britt, Richard Land. • M t lTlJ.1T OFFICERS KENNETH JORDAN President CHARLES McKENZIE Vice-President KERMIT BOWMAN Secretary STEVE MARTINEZ Treasurer JOHN CALLAWAY Reporter MR. WALTER WEFFENSTETTE Sponsor The Northwestern State College Indus- trial Arts Club is a professional and social organization whose membership is open to all majors and minors in industrial educa- tion. The purposes of the club are: to foster and promote the development of industrial education in Louisiana, to promote and fa- cilitate social and professional activities for its membership, and to develop an active interest in the industrial development of Louisiana. The major activities of the club this year encompassed such things as monthly meet- ings, float making, and a spring tour of the industrial areas of Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Bacteriology Club Officers, left to right: Fritz Zapatka, Vice-President; Clydell Davenport, Secretary; David Peery, President. ve The Bacteriology Club was organized in April, 1958, with Dr. Rene J. Bien- nu serving as sponsor. The membership consists of all graduate and under- graduate students majoring or minoring in the field of Bacteriology. The club is an educational organisation which features seminars by guest speakers and club members, participation in local and regional scientific meetings, and so- cial events. Most of the students in the club are also active participants in the research programs of the department. The addition of this curriculum is indicative of the progressive nature of the Department of Biological Sciences at Northwestern State College. Members, left to right, first row: Mr. Edward Sobers, Hsing-Hua Chang, Billie Slatten, Clydell Daven- port, Marilyn Stewart, Dr. Bienvenu, Howard G. Smith. Second row: William Brundage, David Peery, Don Rucker, Danny Phillips, Varly Young, Silvester Jimes, Fritz apatka. P. EM. Club Officers, left to right: Frances Leach, Sophomore Representative; Jamie Mays, Reporter; Judy Meeker, Secretary; Jackie Winn, Freshman Representative; Miss Violet Davion, Sponsor; Pat Tatum, President; Pat Bobbitt, Senior Representative; Ellen Baker, Vice President; Jolene Johnson, Junior Representative. Seated: Patsy Damico, Marie Hall, Ellen Baker Jamie Mays, Margie Worley, Papoose Morvant, Jane Magee, Gladys Kilman, Carolyn .Roberts Sandra Lewis, Alannah Petty, Pat LaCaze, Bonita Bennett, Lanell Newton, Mary Sue Stevens, Peggy Watson, Lynn Lott, Marie Blanchard, Chloma An- derson, Pat Brown, Pat Bobbitt, Mary Jean Groli, Martha Jean McGlothen. Standing: Marilyn Hein- sohn, Mary Tyler, Maxine Queyrouze, Mary Lou Mathews, Peqgy Higgs, Carolyn Boydstun, Jolene Johnson, Kit Corson, Patsy Simmons, Kay Chevalier, Burnie Hinkley, Pat Tatum, Gay Lantrip, Judy Meeker, Andree Bordelon, Barbara Moore, Vickie Myers, Yolanda Young, Arlene Lunua, Frances Leach, Jackie Winn, Linda Harper. The Physical Education Majors Club, open to all women majoring or minor- ing in physical education, is designed to provide closer relationship among the members through fun and companionship. Its purpose is to create more inter- est in Health and Physical Education as well as further professional interest. Throughout the year the Physical Education Majors Club sponsors many fund- raising activities. They are responsible for the concession stand, and for sell- ing programs and cushions at the NSC football games. Many other smaller projects are carried out by the PEM Club to make it one of the most active of its type in Louisiana. ' ••; ••.•■. 1 • A ' xm t PMS T: LT. COL. L. E. JAMES, INF. Reserve Officers at The year I960 marked the end of one decade since the establishment of a military science program at Northwestern. And the seven Regular Army staff and 200-plus cadets did their best to make it a signal year for the NSC Army ROTC. Members of the Corps not only attend their regular classes and drills, but also participated in a wide range of military-sponsored extracurricular activities, many of which were initiated during I960 and 1961. For instance, ROTC participation as a separate team in the North- western intramurals program began this year. The cadets took part in all facets of this competition, and scored highly in all events throughout the year. The established program of extra military activities also ran on a smooth track. The Black Knights of NSC really " brought home the bacon " in the Washington, D.C., Cherry Blossom Festival Drill Competition of I960 as they won the national marching championship from 74 other competing schools. The unit also placed fifth in drill routines, and were the only competitors to capture two trophies. And the ROTC Rifle Team also came through in fine fashion, defeating a majority of the teams they faced in both the shoulder-to-shoulder and postal matches. The Robert E. Sylvest Company of the Association of the U.S. Army, Northwestern ' s military club for junior and senior cadets, also had a fine year. Guest speakers, films, and general discussion gave the Asso- ciation members an inside look at the life they would live as officers in the Army. Cadets of the Corps took part in an intramural rifle firing on the basis of competition between the five companies, and the entire Battle Group marched in both the Homecoming Parade and the Homecoming pre- game ceremonies. As usual, the ROTC was in charge of the daily flag-raising ceremonies, and also took part in the annual Veteran ' s Day taps-flag ceremony that honored all American dead of all the nation ' s conflicts. Color guards from the Black Knights also functioned at each home football game, raising the national banner at the game ' s beginning. Competition between the companies was keen, with the units vying for points in both extracurricular activities and in performance at ihe weekly Corps drill. The six ROTC sponsors, elected by vote of the Corps at the end of the spring semester, were perhaps the most active of any sponsors since the inception of a military unit here. The Battle Group sponsor and Instructors, left to right: Sgt. William S. Walker, M Sga. Robert D. Herring, SFC Elmer O. McBride, M Sgt. Frank B. Wilson. Administrative Staff, left to right: SFC Wanel Brister, Mrs. Joyce Burk- halter, SFC John W. Marcum, Mr. E. G. Harris. I 240 Training Corps Northwestern five company sponsors appeared at Corps drill and all-Corps functions with their respective units, and also helped with the ROTC scrapbook and the Homecoming float, which won first-place honors. Leadership, the primary objective of the military training here, was prevalent throughout all units of the Battle Group. Northwestern ' s ' 1 960- 61 ROTC seniors made exemplary records at the annual ROTC summer camp they attended at Fort Hood, Texas. Nine of the seniors were designated as Distinguished Military Students, the highest honor -i hat an ROTC cadest can achieve. Cadet Col. David B. Howard was responsible for the over-all function of the Cadet Corps. The Battle Group staff, under the Battle Group Executive Officer, Cadet Lt. Col. Frederick C. Bosarge, supervised all facets of Corps operations, and were raters of the units in the Battle Group. Cadet Majors on the staff were Larkin C. Cathey, Don A. Scoggins, Jerry M. Conerly, and Paul O. Jemison. Heading the five companies of the NSC Corps were Cadet Captains Homer O. Scott (Hq. Co.); William F. C. Carter (A Co.); Arthur M. James (B Co.); Ronald E. Girard (C Co.); and Johnny O. Falcon (DCo.). The awards ceremony at the final Corps drill of the year served as a fitting end for a fine year for the Northwestern ROTC. Assistant P.M.S. T. ' s left to right: Maj. T. J. Gleason, Arty.; Cap: R. Wysong, Inf. Cadet Staff, left to right: Cadet Maj. Larkin C. Cathey, S-l; Cadet Col. David Burton Howard, Battle Group Commander; Cadet Maj. Don Scoggins, S-2; Honorary Col. Marva Glover, Battle Group Sponsor; Cadet Maj. Jerry M. Conerly, S-3; Cadet Lt. Col. Freddie Bosarge, Battle Group Executive Officer; Cadet Maj. Paul D. Jemison, S-4; Cadet Sgt. Maj. Anthony LaBoa. 241 Headquarters Company HOMER SCOTT Captain LAWRENCE LYNCH 1st Lt. WILLIAM CURTIS 2nd Lt. CLARENCE LITTLE .... 2nd Lt. JAMES SKINNER 2nd Lt. MISS LEAH STOREY Sponsor James Bartell, Lonnie Beene, Beau K. Bennett, Ronald Berry, Tornmie Bonner, James Bowman, Gerhard Cely, Jesse Chapman, Maurice Dennis, John Durio, Jimmie Gallier, Robert Gimbert, William Gueringer, Hayward Hargrove, Ronald Johnson, Herman LaForge, Jack Leggett, Roger Lockridge, James Lupton, John Mays, Joseph Martinez, Glen Miers, Ken Moran, Larry Mosley, John Nash, Walter Nix, Nick Norcia, Russell Pedro, Kelly Peterson, William Richardson, Billy Roberts, James Rousseau, Manaen Schamber, James Scruggs, Richard Shaw, Arthur Simonson, Paul Singleton, Ladislas Szabo, John Thompson, Woodrow Trammell, Raymond Vallery, Jerry Wallace, Robert Ware, Gerald Waters, Jerry Winn, Brent Womack, John Wright, King Yawn. Company A WILLIAM CARTER .... Captain GALEN BAILEY 2nd Lt. DAVID EASON 1st Lt. GEORGE CELLES 1st Lt. WILLIAM SMITH 1st Lt. MISS JO ANN ROBINSON Sponsor Maurice Bauer, Neal Baremore, Timothy Berry, Donald Booty, Ronald Canerday, Richard Champion, Carlos Oar, James Coleman, Olaus Conner, Joe Corbell, Peyton Crawford, Timothy Crawford, Larry Crow, Hugh Durham, William Everitt, John Fisher, Wayne Giordano, Herbert Graham, Robert House, Daniel Junot, John Kennedy, Rodney Doury, Edmond Lee, Joe Maranto, Harvey Marcus, Tommy Murray, Gerald McCain. George Olivier, William Perry, Martin Poole, William Powell, Wavne Prewitt, Sedric Ramsey, Calvin Reese, Carlton Rockett, John Sewell, Charles Rockett, John Sewell, Charles Smith, Louis Townsend, William Waltman, Edwin Westmoreland, Thomas White, Larry Williams, Nathan Wise, William Wyatt. Howard Allbritten, Frank Ash, Tilton Avenson, Robert Bailey, Cecil Boswell, Perry Brasell, David Calaway Gary Carter, Floyd Chaney, Orie C. Clinton, James Clements, Paul Derbonne, Jerry Fowler, Charles Galligan, Mac Gay, Billy Hicks, Bobby Hughes, John Hyams, Charles Hyatt, Jimmy Jennings, Glenn Kramel, Gerald Lafitte, James Lowe, Sidney Matthews, Darrell Mayes, Eddy Miller, E. Kent McMichael, Ronald McKneely, Charles McKneely, William Owen, Joe Palmer, Clyde Patterson, Gary Rayburn, Monty Rodes, Richard Rogers, Robert Rouse, James Rowe, Glenn Scruggs, Paul Simmons, Wesley Smith, Ronald Stewart, Joel Stroud, Jerry Thiels, Jerry Varnado. Company B ARTHUR M. JAMES Captain RICHARD E. ESCOTT 1st Lt. BILLY HAYNES 2nd Lt. ROBERT HALE 2nd Lt. WILLIAM BRUNDAGE .... 2nd Lt. MISS BILLIE JEAN CHAMPION Sponsor Herman Albritton, Jimmy Barnes, Benny Barridge, Charles Boyd, Julius Cart, Charles Chalfant, James Clegg, Joseph Cloutier, Clude Cloud, Theodore Cormier, Bennie Dodson, Charles Doty, Charles Dyess, Delbert Fambrough, L. Bernard Fletcher, William Hagewood, Charles Hammond, John Hillman, Billy Holly, Henry Hyams, Donald Isgitt, Robert Jones, Walter Ledet, Ralph Lemoine, Charles McDowell, Jerry McGraw, Riley McMillan, John T. Nash, Robert Nissen, Kelly Peterson, Thurman Roberts, Errol Roberts, Danny Rowzee, Marion Ryle, John Salter, John Sage, John Scott, Charles Smith, Billy St. Andre, Ronnie Stevens, Howard Tarver, Hugh Tarver, Walter Weaver, Wayne Williamson. Company C RONALD GIRARD Captain PHILLIP HALEY 1st Lt. ROBERT CLEMM 2nd Lt. MONROE WEBB 2nd Lt. MISS JUDY WRIGHT Sponsor Company D JOHNNY FALCON . . . Captain . . 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. EDWARD M. MASON . . FRANK G. FLE.CHER . . JOSEPH M. MARICELLI . ■V MISS FREDDIE FUSELIER Sponsor Jimmy Abbott, Ralph Bates, William Blackmon, Tommy Blake, James Boyd, Jimmy Childress, Cecil Chopin, Glenn Conerly, Joe Cox, Robert Crone, William Cummings, Larry Dowden, Claude Durr, James Ethridge, Tommy Gay, Charles Hammond, James Hardin, Polan Hayes, Billy Helms, Robert Henry, Carlton Herpin, Alfred Kennedy, James King, Warren Landry, Wilbut Lee, Alton Leger, Curtis Malone, Gary Nevils, John Prince, Melvin Rambin, Larry Rice, Carney Robertson, Dale Robin, Charles Rougeau, William Rutledge, Michael Sullivan, Arthur Sutherland, James Strong, James Trussell, William Whitehead, Lonnie Willis, John Wingate. Rifle Team Kneeling: Larkln C. Cathey, Team Captain, Jerry M. Conerly, Team Co-Captain, Jerry Varnado, John Hyams. Standing: Bill Lee, Roy Hyatt, Glenn Scruggs, William Everitt, M Sgt. Frank B. Wilson, Coach, George Olivier, James Coleman, John Wright. The R.O.T.C. rifle team has been known in the past as one of the best firing units in the south. The team ' s activities this year have proven its reputation through wins from some of the highest rated teams in the nation. This has been accomplished by the concentrated efforts of the individuals on the team, the Team Coach, M Sgt. Frank B. Wilson, and assistance from the Team Advisor, Major Thomas J. Gleason. The team ' s op- ponents include universities, col- leges, and firing units from many parts of our country as well as well as surrounding colleges. M CADET LT. COL. FREDDIE BOSARGE Commander, Black Knights The Black Knights march in Shreveport The Black Knights Northwestern ' s ' Black Knights of 1961 have quite a heritage to equal, but with the spirit typical of this exacting marching group, the Knights intend to best the achievements of the I960 drill team. This will take " some doing " since Northwestern was brought its first national championship in any field by the ' 60 Knights ' capture of first- place marching honors in the Washington, D.C., Cherry Blossom Festival. Fifth place in drill competition on a national level was also captured by this group, many of whom had helped grab a similar placing in 1959. But fo strengthen their efforts in surpassing last year ' s unit, the Black Knights have a strong returning nucleus of experienced marchers, and a fast-rising, enthusiastic band of first-year cadets. Commanded by Cadet Lt. Col. Frederick Bosarge of Alexandria, the Knights first rehearse their precise maneuvers before the " Home Folks " of Louisiana by participating in Winnfield ' s Forest Festival Parade; the State Fair Game Parade and the Holiday in Dixie Parade in Shreveport; the NSC Homecoming Parade and pre-game activities and the Christmas Festival Parade in Natchitoches; and a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade. Experience gained in these appearances is put to good use by the Black Knights when they travel to the Capitol in April to vie with over 70 other colleges for first-place rankings in both marching and drill routines. Squad leaders on this year ' s unit are Cadet Capt. Johnny Falcon; Cadet Sgt. Ma|. Jack LaBoa; Cadet 1st Sgt. Jay Reese: and Cadet SFC Paul Ware. Regular Army staffer M Sgt. Robert D. Herring serves as team coach, and Ma . Thomas J. Gleason is the Black Kni ght advisor. The Black Knights execute the intricate " Modified Wagon Wheel " maneuver Left to Right: Cadet Lt. Col. Freddie Bosarge, Commander; Cadet Capt. Ronald Girard, Guidon Bearer. Reading up the steps: Front Row: Johnny Falcon, Maurice Bauer, William Blackmon, Donald Fowler, John Kennedy, Jimmy Childress, Ralph Bates, T. A. Roberts, Jimmy Boyd, Kent McMichael. Second Row: Jack LaBoa, L. B. Fletcher, Wayne Nissen, Charlie Hammons, Charles Galligan, Ronnie Stewart, Charles McKneely, Ronald Berry, W. P. Cummings, Robert Crone. Third Row: Jay Reese, Robert Gimbert, Larry Williams, Jimmy Barnes, Lonnie Beene, Tim Berry, James Scuggs, C. H. Conerly, Bennie Dodson, H. L. Graham, James Strong. Back Row: Robert Ware, James Clegg, C. L. Rougeau, Charlie Hammond, Wayne Prewitt, Gary Nevils, P. L. Brassell, Carlos Oar. GONE! ( LADY, ARE YOU SURE THIS IS ALL MINE? A W ROOT BEER BUTLER -HORTON CO. DRIVE INN AND CAFE General Electric Appliances Phone 3331 1 39 St. Denis Street Highway 1 South NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA Across from the Chief Drive-ln Theater WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Home owned by FRED YANCEY " Everything for Home and Auto " I 20 St. Denis Street NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA COMPLIMENTS OF PECAN LANES BOWLING CENTER Highway I South Phone 6519 NATCHITOCHES, LA. " It is a pleasure working with De BLIEUX ' S the students and staff of the Potpourri. " Ladies Ready-To-Wear UHRBACH ' S STUDIO 6 1 2 Front Street NATCHITOCHES NATCHITOCHES, LA. KNOC COMPLIMENTS OF vv Katering to Northwestern, Our College " de VARGAS JEWELRY | Variety Radio 624 Front Street 720 Front Street News Phone 2353 NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA COMPLIMENTS OF - i CITY BANK TRUST CO. NATCHITOCHES, LA. EXCHANGE BANK " Smart Wearing Apparel for Men and THE PEOPLES BANK Boys " Members of the Natchitoches Parish Clearing House Association NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA 504 Front Street Members FDIC NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA HOTEL NAKATOSH AND COFFEE SHOP 586 Front Street NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA McCLUNG DRUG COMPANY " Prescription Specialists Since 1891 " 600 Front Street NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA P. C REXALL DRUG ACCURACY PURITY A. R. McCLEARY Phone 2355 I 1 6 Touline Street NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA ALDREDGE JEWELERS " Keepsake Diamonds, Watches, and Jewelry of all Kinds " 582 Front Street NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA LEWIS ' LADIES WEAR 608 Front Street NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA COMPLIMENTS OF QUALITY SHOE STORE " Brands you know — Shoes you love " 765 Front Street NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA K onara tula tiond from • MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT NATCHITOCHES PARISH MURPHY ' S RESTAURANT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Enjoy parlies in our private dining room " Natchitoches Parish Chamber of Com- Air-Conditioned merce Serves the parish and Natchitoches, oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase and home of Northwestern State Col- KC STEAKS— SEAFOOD— FRIED CHICKEN HICKORY SMOKED BAR-B-CUE lege. " CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS COMPLIMENTS OF PATRONIZE ZESTO OUR Phone 2385 400 Second Street ADVERTISERS NATCHITOCHES MOTOR CO., LTD. T. M. STROUD, Manager C. R. WHITEHEAD, President AUTHORIZED Sord DEALER Since 1912 TODD ' S " A Friendly Place to Buy " 750 Front Street NATCHITOCHES, LA. COLLEGE CLEANERS with STA-NU Finishing Process 20% Discount — Cash Carry DUE WAYNE HOLLEY, Owner TTj N ' full satisfaction Wl (.IV I always! FRONT TOULINE • FREE PARKING NATCHITOCHES LUMBER YARD, INC. " Everything to build anything " 8 12 Washington Phone 6436 s-s-s-s-s-s-s- -S-S-S-SPARKLE! Have a Coke! Bottled under authority of Oie Coca-Cola Coripany by ©0 1 " tv A • (•■•tfMCO THADCMAMK NATCHITOCHES COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. A Message from Dot, Doris and Tom Looking back over the year we see the 1961 POTPOURRI begin with a dream. A dream which could not have materialized without the help, understanding and encouragement of many people. A cooperative staff with a willingness to put in many long hours of hard work is the back-bone of any yearbook. This year ' s staff was composed of the most diligent members for which any editor could ask. Helping us to put our dream on paper was Mr. W. A. Benson, Jr., with- out whose constant and generous help it could never have materialized. And to Benson Printing Company of Nashville, Tennessee, and the fine professional staff we say a special thank you for the beautiful work done in designing, printing, and publishing our POTPOURRI. Working along with us and Benson, the Shreveport Engraving Company helped put our dream in pictures by doing the engraving of the photo- graphic material used in the book. We express our sincere gratitude to Mrs. Daisy Abbott there for her constant backing through the year. Without the 1961 POTPOURRI photographers we could never have seen our dream in pictures. To Mr. Joe Uhrbach we owe a very special thank you for taking pictures at any time, day or night. Without Larry Morison and Jerry Kircus many of the campus activity shots could never have been made. To you, Larry and Jerry, we say a deep heart-felt thank you for making and producing pictures in record time when the editor would say, " Yes, but we must have those 25 or 30 pictures no later than tomorrow afternoon! " Another thank you to Mr. Thomas " Red " Hennigan for his continuous support. We could never forget a very special guiding hand through the year. " Doc " Marx, with your continuous support and wit you have brought many laughs and much cheer to lighten any problem which did appear. We thank you, " Doc " , from the bottom of our hearts. We thank the administration, faculty, staff and student body of N. S. C. for supporting and cooperating with us throughout the year. It has been a wonderful and exciting year for us, seeing our dream develop. We sin- cerely hope that this 1961 edition of the POTPOURRI will long help you to fondly look back and remember your 1 960-6 I year at N. S. C. Dorothy Wallen, Doris Richard, and Tom Nash 264 r WvfYt (5f t

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