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y orth western « JOW 1 I OKI s • EDITOR . M IO DUNCKELMAM • ISSOCIATE EDITOR • KA n E n ERS • BI SINESS M vn v«.i it • " DOC " PALL C. MARX • ADVISOR FOR fDtpDur NINETEEN FIFTY-EIGHT The most outstanding honor bestowed upon a student at Northwestern is to he elected Mr. or Miss N. S. C. The prerequisities to this honor are as follows: leadership, service and friendliness. No two more deserving people could have been chosen for this honor than BEVERLY ANTHONY and SHIRKAL JEN- NINGS. 1 ,- « home must be built on a strong foundation, or it will not stand. Northwestern State Colleges foundation was provided for by the Billiard Mansion, built in the middle 180() " . As proof of its strong foundation we have today a symbol of its strength — the three columns, which are Northwestern ' s true foundation. These columns have become a symbol to N.S.C. and its thousands of alumni. Every year new students come and old ones go. The striving campus receives and passes on to the world new and exciting ideas. However, N.S.C. can only take credit for a small part of these ideas. Since most of us are native Louisianans. the basic ideas we have today were founded in the Old South. Our heritage from those early days is now best recalled in the Bullard Mansion and other famous ante helium homes of our Creole state. There can still be found in Louisiana the basic examples of Southern customs and traditions. Enshrined in these homes are memories of gala activities, southern cookery, political discussions, and various and sundry activities. If it were possible for one of the old homes to speak, what glorious tales it could tell! Maybe it would tell of gala balls which were held in its great ballroom. It could tell of beautiful ladies in dresses oi rustling taffeta, delicate laces, and stiff organdy, dancing with Southern gallants in frock tailed coats and curling mustaches. Perhaps it could tell of the sadness in seeing a young man march resolutely oil to war. looking very proud and handsome in a new gra uniform trimmed with shin) buttons, gold sash, and a gleaming saber at his side, perhaps never to return. From the moss covered bayou country ol South Louisiana to the pine-covered hills of North Louisiana, we see our heritage. The students who come to Northwestern State College are a part of this heritage. Here at N.S.C. is found a Potpourri of the different characteristics which make Louisiana what it i-. This PoTPoi ' KKi of 1958 presents to you the foundations of some of Louisiana ' s earliest idea- and contrasts them with the ideas of today. However, basically they are xtill the same. WE EDICATE TO DR. LEO T. ALLBRITTEN This 1958 edition of the Potpourri is respectfully dedicated to Dr. Leo T. Allbritten, Northwestern ' s beloved Dean of the Graduate School. Our tribute is modest in comparison to the admiration and honors already bestowed upon him by his ennumerable friends from near and far; however, it is generous in ts accompanying sincerity and good wishes. He is a modest man who has devoted his entire life teaching; a man extremely respected by all of h To an outstanding leader, an admirable profess and a true Southern gentleman of whom Northwestern is proud, we dedicate this book. m - " .a. EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY r « HEY, VOL) GOT MY CHAIB ALL ROADS LEAD TO FIELD HOUSE WELL, BLESS MY SOIL- aim ' . - i . , " «i ' j.w: A$ ■ • -% ■£ ( 32 5?r. t t o. ■ 1 ' w, HEY, WHO ' S HE?? POTATOES AGAIN?? TWO OUT-BOTTOM OF THE NINTH LETS HAVE A HOLIDAY- SIX BABY DEMONS • I THE BEGINNING OR THE END? 17 • . E» • . • Y» • ♦ • _mi ' - _i j V • - S..« .• •• ' .••fv v.vt ■ 5 • . « • £♦ •:..•♦; • •• £• ••. •• • • •• •• ' ..••••J • •• ••• ;. ♦•: • ••::..••;..•• ■ •••..•••:.••• • •••!••••. ••• • ••..••• ..••• . .••• . ■ SOUNDS GOOD, BUT STILL 18 IT ' S I.lCHT-l ' P I I M 1 19 CHECK THE INTERESTED SPECTATORS! 20 UH, OH, TROUBLE AND MORI! TROUBLE! 21 MY FIRST HAIRCUT, AND ITS FREE TOO 22 JUST WHAT 1)11) HI: MI: AN BY THAT CRACK? 23 wm % P I Nl 5 TkBBL as v iA khe for- Bellum home, which was once the home of one of Louisiana ' s — y. prominent political leaders is MISS HELEN MANITZAS. - i$ ' 1 " Hi .• »■ «»■%. A- I - .-0 i PRESIDENT KYSER The Potpourri of nineteen hundred fifty eight makes its appearance at a time when our American life is caught up in the great surges of events that know no natural boun- daries. Never before has higher education been so much a part of the warp and woof of our society. Our very exis- tence hangs in the balance of what may be accomplished in the colleges and universities of our land. Never before have the thoughts of men been so important. We are concerned with so much more than HOW to do things. We must perpetually reflect on WHY we do them. The entire body of our tryly world society must be so im- pregnated with wisdom that no small contingent of ruth-less individuals will be able to push us into catastrophe. It is of the essence of our epoch that either too much action or none at all can impale us on our own fearful weapons of head and hand. There is a challenge to drink both deeply and widely at the well of education. This challenge is not to be limited to one stone in the well. The world of men and women is not to be rescued by mere appeal to science, regardless of its tremendous importance, nor to any other single channel of investigation of the mysteries of the universe. Our path is a difficult one. but what person of quality was ever subdued by adversity? Within each individual of the college and other realms, we must strive to produce something of the wisdom that results from meaningful study. Whenever we achieve this goal, we will have accomplished the greatest essential to measured living. May Northwestern State College through its fine com- munity of students and faculty make a singular contribution to better days ahead. fi%L O L 26 THE ADMINISTRATION ravy, Clayton. Third Row: IJmnrr. Henninjran, Humphrey, First ltd» : George I . W u m;h Dean of Idministration Otis R. Crew Registrai I)i dle G. l ' i 1. 1 on Director i Student Relations El cene P. tso.n Librarian II i. E. Townsend Directoi of Men ' s Housing S« - «mhiiI l{«»« : T indi . Mi Ki as ii Dii i-i toi of I ' , sting Sei i - John . Jones Directoi of Teachei Training E. Loneta Graves tuditor Graham 0, Peav Pun hasing [gent J k Clayton Directoi oj ithletics Third K »« i Ki in Ititi m.« ; «• toi " I Offit ' Sei i ii e Di partmeni Thomas I. Hennican Directoi oj ludio-Visual Service Centei Km; i n i Humphrey Diret toi o) Vews Hunan n Walker Directoi of tuxilliarj Enterprises 27 DUDLEY (;. FULTON Dean of Men THE DEANS FRANCES ELLEN PORTER Dean of Women LEONARD O. NICHOLS Assistant Dean of Men HAL E. TOWNSEND Director of Men ' s Housing MARTHA WICKETT Assistant Dean of Women 28 LEO T. ALLBRITTEN (rrailuate School CLARENCE E. Dl ' CDAI.E irts anil Sciences THE DEANS F THE SCHOOLS HILDA C. Bl RNHAM Nursing JOHN . JONES Education GEORGE I. W Vl.kKR i i ilii ' il irts mill Science • -!•«- ■MM MM Left to ricM: t.rtini I ' . Kenner, Orville •I. H In ART OKVIU-K J. HANTHKY Seated, left to right: William F. Bey- er, Kit j monil McCoy, .Agnes C ark, I trili Stokes, •John Robson. Standing: Leonard Fowler, H. J. Sudbury, Cae- sar Moody, Leo T. Albritten, John A. Jones, Lisso Simmons. EDUCATION JOHN A. JONES Seated, left to rght: H. N. Towry, Until Bruner, Noble It. Morrison, Ja- nell Rue, Kenneth Durr, Second Row: Robert Easley, Joe Johnson, William I). Todd, Van McGraw, Allan T. Steele. BUSINESS NOBLE B. AIOKK1SON seated, left to right: Guj Nesom, Dwayne Slaughter, VIolel Davion, ( ii lei 11 It illicit, Dorotlij, , John Pist-opo. Standing: Alvin Brown, Melba O ' QuInn, Jack Clayton, Jack Rowan, Walter Ledet, .loan Evans, I ' nnl Marx, HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION lilY NKSOM Sealed, left to right: Rub; s. Dunck- elman, Sarah Jenkins. Standing : Margaret W. Ackel, Frances Halm. Mary K. Koherson. HOME ECONOMICS HI BY S. 1)1 N KKI.MAN Seated, left to rig lit : Roy Clark, Halter Robinson, Dwayne (iilhert. Standing: Charles Wommack, Koliert Hammond, INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION . E, l l (.DAI. !•. standing, left to right: C. E. Dngdale, Richmond Hatliorn, Ora G, Williams, Sarah I.. C. Clapp, Mamie it. Tarlton, Eve Mouton, Marj McEniry. Second Row: Kltor U. I). wring, (.. Waldo Dunnington, Everett Webber, Roland Grass, John Merrill, Kdith Cote, Irma Stockwell. LANGUAGES sealed, 1,-1-1 lo right: Mil, lull Keames, Katherlne Brldgrea, Donald HcKenzle, Robert tain, si,, I,, inm : Olive Roberts, William Bennett, Eojrene Watson, .James l herrj . LIBRARY SCIENCE EUGENE M A ' IMIN Seated, left to right: ltalpli Combs, W. (J. Erwin, Roderick Outland, Paul Alexander, Standing : George Ware, James Sublette, Rene Rienveiuie. BIOLOGY Seated, left to right: lirst Row: Har- riet Brooks, Sherrod Tonus, Eleanor Brown. Second Row: Charles BIos- som, L. V. ItriKain, Joseph Carlucoi. Third Row: Paul TorgTimson, D wight Davis, Donald Glattly. MUSIC Seated, left to right: Harrison Young, Sylvan Nelken, Hal Townsend. W. i. KHH IN SHKRROD TOWNS AGRICULTURE SYLVAN . nki,ki:n ■ Left to riubt: Archie Deason, Quentin .. Moiris, Alan Crosby, llerl Boyd, Mired Ducournau, PHYSICAL SCIENCE £L I] N ( KOSIiY Seated, left In right: c. «;. Killen, Leroj Miller, Elsie Church, Glynn Corley, Kus .ell W liittington. Stand- ing: Sam Shelton, W. B. Timon, (ieorsre Miller, William Stokes. MATH DEPARTMENT c. ;. Kll.l.KN Seated, left to right: 11 mi Boi- ler, Knehlke, Wysong. Standing: Port, Miller, Walker, Schnmaker, Colton, iikivii .. ki MILITARY SCIENCE Seated, lefl t rijjht: Prances It. Pin- grey, iiii ' it C. Burn ham. Standing ' : Louise l. line, Etta Amir Hincker, Jimmj r Stephenson. HILDA HI I; Ml M nursing SOCIAL S C I E N C E a n d SPECIAL HDUCATI () N Seated, lefl I • right: LeRol Everanll, Seated, lefl in right: Jamie Sartln, Dick Payne, Frederick Rosentreter, John L, urier. Nash . Love, John William nip. George . Stokes. Newell. Standing: .1 i x Kldil, Standing: Oru . Watson, riiomaa . Gates, Yvonne Phillips, Hertford Evans, nrold it. Starbock, Eric I.. Thnrs X ONNK I ' ll I II 1 1 « ' u. M . .1. ousins, 1)1! JOHN W, Klllll t JMJt W 3 r- w» ■x ' -A % . • W • . ••» ' 4.V., -J J 1 .■ V Vjfiffife. . «»-». , I. IU! s ■■ i - library, is MISS YVONNE ' ■- " ■• ' •■■■■« " •. " ' ■ . ' _ .-.jt V ' , A rJ i « ' h r ••• 1 iirfAf jlffiffimi i tt SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Seated, left to right: Faye Gaines, Representative; Carl Speed, President. Standing, left to right: Roy Baldwin, Representative; Donald Cook, Viee-President. Not Pictured: Betty Jo Semple, Secretarv-Treasurer. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Seated, left to right: Jimmy Slack, President; Peggy Buckley, Representative. Standing: Lois Nell Lacour, Secretary-Treas- urer; Charles Brown, Vice-President; George Cates, Representa- tive. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Standing, left to right. First Row: Elizabeth Duke, Vice-President; Sail) Sers, Secretary-Treasurer. Second Row: Jimmy Mammons, President; John Barkate, Representative; Celilia Landry, Representative. -V 4 CLASS OFFICERS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Seated, left to right: Josette Null, Secretary-Treasurer; Burt Howard, President. Standing: Kitty Brown, Representative; Wayne Williamson, Vice-President. GRADUATES First Row : Kim i i) Benoit Anders Chatham Mathematics Joi M. Croi ii Natchitoches Physical Education Second Row : Lawrence II. Dwi Grand Cane Mathematics Elbert Alonzo Jones Bossier City Business Education Third Row: Marvin V. Lewis Uexandria Mathematit s Rosem ui E. Lewis Alexandria Elemental » Edu( ation Lillian II. Montgomery Goldonna English 37 NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE CAROL ANN ABAT. Bunkie; Nurs ana Association for Student Nurses. Alpha Sigma Alpha: Loui ROBERT PAUL ADAMS, Bossier City; Sociology; Track Team, ' 56. ELMER W. AKINS, Haynesville; Business Education. PEGGY ALEXANDER. Anacoco; Home Economics; Euthenics Chili. ' 54, ' 55, ' 57. MAXIE LUNE ALMOND, Coushatta; Business Administration; Pi Kappa Phi, Treasurer, ' 56, President, ' 57; Phi Kappa Nu, ' 54- ' 56; Inter-Fraternity Council, ' 56. JACK EDWIN ANDERSON, Nohle: Business Administration. MARY JO ANDERSON, Minden; Primary Education. BEVERLY ANN ANTHONY. Negreet; Home Economies Education; Eithenics Club. ' 55- ' 58, Sophomore Counselor, Y ' .W.A. Program Chair- man, W.R.A. Secretary-Treasurer, ' 56; Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Junior House Director, " 57 : A.W.S. Vice-President. Purple I ck. . Y.W.A. President. B.S.L. Council. POTPOURRI Court. N.S.C., " 58. DOROTHY JOYCE ARIOLA, Logansport; Nuking. LILLIAN KENNEDY ARTHUR, Shreveport, Nursing IRENE HOPE ASHLEY, Shreveport, Nursing. DILLARD C. AUBREY, Homer: Accounting: Pi On " ALPH VV. AX ' TI E, Alexandria: Upper E ' ementary; Kappa Kappa Phi; Newman Club; Head Monitor. New Men ' s Dormitory. ROY G. BALDWIN, Benton; Math: Pi Kappa Phi: Demonaires, ' 54- ' 58; Senior Cla - Representative, ' 58. MARGARET BALLARD. West Monroe; Home Economics Education BETH BARGE. Melder; Primary Education. MARVIN W. BASS, JR., Shreveport: Business Administration; Fool ball, ' 51- ' 52. BEVERLY ANN BAXTER. Bossier City; Elementary Education; B.S.U., Secretary, Executive Council. ' . G: Demonettes, ' 55- ' 58, Secre tary-Treasurer, ' 58: Kappa Delta Pi. GLADYS BAXTER. Zachary; Nursing. JAMES FREDDY BENNETT, Simpson; Health and Physical Educa tion: Phi Epsilon Kappa. WINNIE L. BENNETT. Simpson; Business Education. I ' M LINE I 1 E BERRY, Vidalia; Home Economics. FLOYD VERNON BIRDWELL, Marthaville; Upper Elementary. VYNE Z. BLACK. Bat. .n Rouge; Speech; Sigma Tau Gamma; Phi Mu Alpha. Parliamentarian, ' 57; Alpha Psi Omega, Secretary-Treat iir.i. ' 58; Davis Players, House Manager. ' 56; Vice-President, ' 57. Newman Club, Debate, ' " 7: Potpourri, ' 56- ' 58; Greek Editor. ' . " ,7 C ' trrenl Sauce, ' 56- ' 57, Outstanding Stall Member Ward, ' 56; College Theater. Ikli SI E BOATNER, Harrisonburg; Business Education. I.II.A WOLFF BOOTH, Wesi Monroe; Nursing; Phi Kappa Ph TERRY W. BOOTY, Kisatchie; I ' i Elementary. EARL A. BOURGEOIS, Lockport; Business Administration. K ass of 1958 on can ' t blame the photographer. CAROLYN ANN BOYER, Minden; Nursing; Demonettes, ' 54 ' 55. HOLLIS REECE BRAY, Many: Pre-Dentistry. DORIS ANN BRETT, Bermuda; French. EARL KEITH BROOKS, Trout; I pper Elementarj Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Honor Roll, ' 54- ' 58; Association of the i nited States Army, ' 57- ' 58, Parliamentarian. 2 RICHARD EDWARDS BROUSSARD, Alexandria; Industrial Arts. GLORIA BROWN, Bossier City; Nursing; Alpha Sigma Alpha. JANE BROWN. Ferriday; Health and Physical Education; Delta Zeta; Homecoming Court, ' 55. JAMES BRUNINC, Clarence; Physical Education. 3 HORACE A. BUTLER, JR., Beaumont, Texas; Physical Education; " N " Club; Football, ' 53; Baseball, ' 55- ' 57; Phi Delta Theta. DIAMANTIS J. CASSIS, Shreveport; Art Education; President, New Men ' s Dormitory, ' . 7: Art Editor Potpourri, ' 57. JOHNNY ROGER CAVIN, DeRidder; Social Science. HOYT CLAY CHANCE, Leesville; Business Vdmipistration; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Omega Pi. DOROTHY 1. CHANDLER, Pollock; Uppei Elementarj Educati Euthenics Club, 7 I • ' . " . " ; Big Sister, ' 55- ' 57; Student NEA, Staff - sistant, ' 58. I l JEW CHOPIN. Natchitoches; Math; Swimming Team, ' 54- ' 55; Newman Club, ' 54- ' 58, President, ' 57. YVONNE COFFEY, Gibsland; Social Science; Ban. I, ' 55- ' 58; Stu- dent NEA, ' 56- ' 58, Vice-President, 58; Alpha Beta Alpha, ' 56- ' 58, Recording Secretary, National Treasurer, ' 58; Kappa Delta Pi, Purpli Jackets, Class Editoi Potpourri, Potpourri Court, ' 58; W.R.A Council, ' 57. l IH n i (INI EY, Merrj Nursing; Pi Kappa Sigma. 5 DONALD M. cook. Oil City; Business Administration; Pi Kappa Phi, Treasurer, ' 56; Vice-President Freshman Class, Varsit) Gym nnstics, ' 56- ' 58; Dei laires, ' 56- ' 57; Band. ' 54- ' 56; Association " I the r in : ice President Senior ' la—. BARBAR I 0PE1 NI . Many; Nursing. T. J. CON. ( oushatta; Industrial Arts. WIIBIBN V. CRNKOVIC, Zwolle; Health and Physical Education ELVA JO CROSS, Ferriday; Nursing; Pi Kappa Sigma; Chain Pineville Division, Kail ' 56; Secretary, Alexandria Division t N i ' 56- ' 57; LASN BIL1 ' t l IH t BOW. t arapti; Sociology. IH(;iNI CLAIRE d ' ARBY, Shreveport Pre-Medicim Beta Beta Beta, ' 57- ' 58. GEORGl i DAVIS, Natchitoches; Business Administral Robert Sylvesl Association, ' 56- ' 58, Secretary, ' 57, NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE MARY ELIZABETH DAVIS. Ferriday; Nursing Education. SAM DERRICK, Converse; Business Administration. LESTER L. DEVILLE, Sulphur: Business Administration. MICE DIXON, Shreveport: Home Economics: Euthenics Club. " .SI- 2 MARY LEE DIXON, Shreveport : Nursing. EVERETT G. DOERGE. Minden; Physical Education. usiness Education: Home- JEAN McGLOTHLIN DOERCE. Lena coming Court, " 58. NOEL J. DUBE, Williamstown, New Jersey; Upper Elementar; Edu- cation. ELIZABETH DUKE. Alexandria: Upper Elementary Educaton; Alpha Sigma Alpha, President of Pledges, ' 55, Historian. ' 56- ' 58: Dormitory President. ' 55: Vice-President Junior Class, Student NEA, B.S.I!., Student Counselor, ' 58. GLORIA ALVAH DUPREE, Ashland: Upper Elementary: B.S.I ' .. Freshman Council, ' 56, Executive Council, ' 57: Student NEA, ' 58. NITA JOY DUPREE, Coushatta; Health and Physical Education. THELMA JOYCE DUPREE. Coushatta; Music; Band. " 5.V57 Big Sister. ' 55- ' 57; Phi Kappa Phi: Purple Jackets. B.S.U. State Council, Dormitory Officer. ' 58. QUITMAN WARREN DURBIN. Goldonna; Health and Physical Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa. FRANK EBARB, Zwolle; Health and Physical Education: Lambda Zeta. JOHN JOSEPH ECHOLS, Winnfield; Math: Pi Kappa Phi; Intra- mural Representative. ' 57; Band, ' 54; Math Chili, ' 56- ' 58; Phi Kappa Nu. ' 54- " 56, Intramural Representative. ' 56; Interfraternity Council, ' 58. BILLIE EDWARDS, Natchitoches; Art. CAROLYN ERWIN. Franklinton; o,al Music; Band, Orchestra, ' 54- ' 58; Purple Jackets. College Singers. " 56 " 58: Sigma Alpha Iota. ' 56- ' 58: Phi Kappa Phi. KENNETH G. EVERETT, DeRidder; Industrial Arts. ROBERT L. FARRAR, Shreveport; Bu-ines Administration; Track. " 51- ' 58. JOAN MARIE FIELDS, Shreveport: Nursing. BETTY JEAN FITE, Shreveport; Nursing. DONALD ROY FOSSETT, Kinder: Business Education. MARTHA HUGHES FRAZIER, Shreveport; Nursing. EDWIN A. FREEMAN. Hodge; Industrial .t-: Varsitj Tennis, " :.:.- ' :,7; Judiciary Hoard. " 57: ROTC Drill Team, ' 54- ' 58, Commander, ' 57: Robert E. Sylvesl Chapter of the Association of the Army, First ice-President, ' 57. EDNA FAYE GAINES, Oil City; Busines Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treasurer, ' 56, Membership Chairman. ' 57; Pi Omega Pi, Hep, uter. ' 57: Junior Class Vice-President, ' 56; Student Council, Senior Clas ' Coed Representative. ' 57; Current Sauce Stall. ' 51; Future Teachers of America. ' 56- ' 57; Big Sister, ' 55; Orchestra, ' 54; Band Drum major, ' 55. SAM WARNER GALLIEN, Natchitoches; Business Education. GLORIA MAE GODWIN, Chestnut; Nursing. [CATHERINE ANNA GOLMON, miie; Nursing; Phi Kappa Phi. lass of 1958 Our Oueen Penney. HARRY L. GOODFELLOW, Waterproof: Social Science. JOHNETTE GOTHARD, Bossier City; Upper Elementarj Education; Big Sister, ' 55- ' 57. MARJORY ANNE GRAHAM, Shreveport; Nursing. BEVERLY GRAY GRANBERRY, Bastrop; Pirmary Education; Upha Sigma Alpha; State Eair Court, ' 57- ' 58. DONNIS ALLEN GREEN, Georgetown; Upper Elementarj Education. JOE L. GREEN, Bernice; Health and Physical Education: Phi Ep- silon Kapna: Student Intramural Director, S6 : Varsity Basketball Manager, ' 57- ' 58. ROBERT JOSEPH GREMILLION, Alexandria; Accounting; Phi Omega Phi: Newman Club. BARBARA ANN GRESHAM, Monroe; Social Sicence; Chorus, Col- lege Singer-. ' 56- ' 58; B.S.U., Future Teachers of America. ' 57; Honor Roll, ' 56- ' 57. CLAUDE R. HAMMETT, Ferriday; Industrial Education; Vice- President, LA. Club. " 58. JANELL HARKINS, Mansfield; Primary Education: Pi Kappa Sigma, President, ' 57; Panhellenic Council, Treasurer, ' 57; Big Sister, New- man Club. ' 54- ' 58; Dormitory Council, ' 57; F.T.A., ' 54- ' 58; Dormitorj Officer, A.W.S. Council, 58. NITA LOUISE HARKNKSS, Sibley; Math; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi: B.S.U. Executive Council. ' 57- ' 58; Math Club. ' 55- ' 58; Spanish (dub. ' 56- ' 58; Future- Teachers of America, ' 55- ' 57. RONALD ALLEN HARLAN. Montgomery; Chemistry; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer, ' 58; Phi Kappa Phi; Honor Roll, ' 55- ' 58; ROT( I ■ ill Team. ' 56- ' 57; Studenl Vffiiiate of American Chemical Society. SANDRA S. HAR] N. Montgomery; I pper Elementarj Education. ,ll l li D. HAYES, El Dorado, Arkansas; Health and Physical Edj cation: Phi Epsilon Kappa. Ill (.II P. HOLLEY, Tallulah; Agriculture ' . I ' M LINE HOLMES, Longansport; Primary Education; Theta Sigma I psilon, Editor, ' 55, Firsi Vice-President, ' 56, ' 57, PanHellenic Rep- resentative, ' 56. 5 ROBERT I. HOOKER. Natchitoches; English. KTIHK HUBERT HORTON, Ferriday; Uppei Elementarj Educa lion. JUDGE CALVEN HnW ELL, Bossiei City; Health and Physical Edu- cation; Phi Epsilon Kappa. BETTi Ill CKABAY, I oushatta; Primarj Education NANO HUFF, Mansfield; Business Education; Sophomore ■ selor, ' 56; VWS I ouncil, ' 58; Pi Omega Pi, ' 56- ' 58; B.S.I ,, ' 55- ' 58. SHIRRAL DAVID JENNINGS, Marthaville; Sociology; Preaidenl Junioi lass, College Singers, ' 56- ' 58; Vice-Presideni Studenl Body, President B.S.U. Dormitorj Council, Mr. N.S.( . ' 58. NDKI FRANKLIN JOBE, Oil City; Biology; Beta Beta Beta, [ " reasurer, ' 57, Corresponding Secretary BILLIE WAYNE JOHNSON, Haynesville; Health and Physical Edu , ath.n; Football, ' 54 ' 56; Baseball, ' 54; " N " • lub, ■• ■■ FTA NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE CHARLES E. JOHNSON, Bastrop: Health and Physical Education: Phi Epsilon Kappa: Football: Track; All G.S.C. Tackle, ' 55; Hon orable Mention Little- All-American, " 57. TOMMY G. JOHNSON, Otis; Business Education; Pi Omega Pi: Kappa Delta Pi: Phi Kappa Phi: Nice-President for Men, " 58: B.S.U.: Student NEA, ' 58. THEO W. JONES, Coushatta. Business Education. STEVE JORDAN, Shrevreport; Physical Education; Track. ' 54- ' 58. MILDRED GENE KEARNS, Alexandria: Nursing. ROBERT F. KELLEY, Winnfield: Business Administration; Cheer- leader. Pledge President Phi Kappa Nu, ' 54; Pi Omega Pi; President, Student Federation of Louisiana Colleges and Universities, ' 57: Secretary, Association of the U. S. Army, ' 57; President, ' 58; Pi Kappa Phi, President, ' 57: Inter-Fraternity Council, Vice-President, ' 57; President New Men ' s Dormitory Council. ' 57; Student Council. ' 58. JOSEPH D. KHOURY, Natchitoches: Accounting. R. L. KILPATRICK. Taylor: Art. SHIRLEY JEAN KING, Winnfield: Nursing: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Secretary of Student Nurses Association (Shreveport Division), ' 56: Vice-President Student Nurses Association (Campus Division), ' 55; Phi Kappa Phi. MT FAYE LAFIELD, Coushatta: Home Economics; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Euthenics Club, ' 54, ' 55, ' 57: Panhellenic Representative, ' 58. CHARLES E. LAROIJX. Zwolle; Math: Sigma Tau Gamma. Record- ing Se.-re ' iry. ' 58; ROTC. ' 54- ' 58; Math Club. ' 56 ' 58: Newman Club. ' 54- ' 58. JOE F. LARY. Minden: Vocational Industrial Education. MARCELLE MARIE LEE, Shreveport: Home Economics Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Euthenics Club, ' 54- ' 58; B.S.U., ' 54 ' 58. WILLIAM REESE LEE, Shreveport: Government. BRYANT LEWIS, Haynesville: Business Administration; GSC Second Team, ' 57; Co-Captain Football Team. ' 58. ROBERT LEWIS. Belle Chasse; Health and Physical Education: Phi Epsilon Kappa: Baseball, ' 55- ' 57; " N " Club. 5 Primary ' 58: Big Education; Purple Sister. ' 58: B.S.U. I KY ANN LOFTIN, Coushatta; .I-rkets. Vice-President, ' 58. President Executive Council, ' 58. LACEY M. LOFTON, Haynesville; Biologj ; Football, ' 52- ' 56: Track. ' 52- ' 55: Robert Sylvesl Association, Treasurer, ' 57: " N " Club, ' 5.V57. CLARICE I. LONG, Dubh.Hy; Primary Education; Current Sauce Reporter. ' 57; Phi Kappa Phi. CAROLYN RUTH BICE LUCAS. Natchitoches: Primary Education. ALAN CLARK LUNDGREN. Chicago. Illinois; Industrial Ails Educa- tion ; Industrial Arts Club, Secretary, ' 58: Gymnastic Team. BILLY JOE LYLES, Mangham; Industrial Education; Sigma Tau Gamma, Historian. ' 58; POTPOURRI Photographer, ' 58: Industrial Arts Club. " 56- " 58. President, ' 58: Intramurals, ' 55- ' 58; Barracks Council, ' 57: Future Teachers of America. GEORGE DALE LYNCH, Mansfield: I pper Elemental Education. DOROTHY LEE McDONALD, Shreveport: Nursing: Pi Kappa Si- ma : l.ASN. ' 54- ' 58. DALLENE McELROY, Winnfield: Math; Band. Math Club. ' 56- ' 58; Student NEA, ' 57. ' 58; Kappa Delta Pi. J. B. McELWEE, Campii: Agriculture; Demeter, WILLIAM DON McFERRIN, Marthaville; Accounting; Pi Omega Pi. President; 1 1 1 i Kappa Phi. MAXINE McLAWCHLIN, Wall..- Upper EJementarj Education; Siu, lent NEA. - lass of 1958 Charlie Cupcake. ELIZABETH McNEW, Ferriday; Health and Physical Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vice-President, ' 57; Cheerleader, ' 56- ' 57; AWS Social Chairman, ' 57; PEM Club, Vice-President, ' 57, President, ' 58; Homecoming Court, ' 56; State Fair Court, ' 56; R Council, K() ' l ' ( Sponsor, ' 57; President Contemporary Dance Club, Student Counselor Staff Asistant, ' 58; Purple Jackets; Miss NSC Nominee, ' 58. MARY EVELYN McQUILLIN, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary Education. SEI.MA V. MAHFOUZ, Natchitoches; Business Education; Kappa Delta Pi. YVONNE MANSOUR, Monroe; Science Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Beta Beta Beta. LEWIS FRANKLIN MARTIN, Calvin; Business Education. lll II ANI 1 MARTINEZ, Zwolle; Math and Business Educa- tion. MARY JO MASINGILL, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary; Sigma Sigma Sigma; College Singers; Aquatic Club; Modern Dance. l) M ASTERS, Provencal; Nursing. DOROTHY M. MILLER. Baton Rouge; Nursing. JEKRi MILLER, Winnfield; Sociology; College Singers, ' 57- ' 58. LOIS B. MILLER. Amite; Nursing. MAREE ELIZABETH MINTURN, Natchitoches; S] U li Therapy ; lli.ti Sigma Upsilon, Treasurer, ' 57: Davis Players, President, ' 57; V.urren ' Sauce Beauty of the Week, ' 56; Mpha Psi Omega, President; Miss NSC Nominee, ' 58. { MIT( IILI I . Marthaville; Industrial Arts. CHARLES I). MONK, Leesville; Health and Physical Education; Pi Kappa Phi. GRACE DOWDEN MONK. Natchitoches; Nursing; Phi Kappa Phi; 1 ■ • i mi i t • .t President, ' 55; Vice-President Alexandria Division, Student N ii r-i- ' - Association, ' 56; Recording Secretary, NS Student Nurses Association, ' 57. OI.IN DEAN MOORE, JR., Hammond; Pre-Dentistry ; Sigma Tan Gamma, Corresponding Secretary, ' 56, Vice-President, ' 58; Demon- tires, ' .V.. 7,7. RALPH MOREA1 . Lena; Industrial Arts. FLOYD GODWIN MORGAN, Leesville; Upper Elementary U, lion; Phi Kappa Sigma; College Singers, ' 56; Dormitory Council, ' 55- ' 58; Mpha Beta Alpha, ' 56- ' 58; B.S.I .; Big Sister, ' 56; Honot Roll, Su. ' 57. II I C. MORGAN, Leesville; Uppei Elementary Educal Pi Kappa Sigma; College Singers, ' 56; Dormitory Council, ' 55- ' 58 Alpha Beta Alpha, ' 56- ' 58; B.S.I ,; Big Sister, ' 56 Honot Roll, Su. ' 57. SI E WALTERS MORGAN, Campti; Business Education; Pi Omega Pi, ' 57. GEORGB I. MORRISON, Zwolle; I ppet Elementary I ducal ROSS H Ml Id-Ill . Negreet; Math. KVTYE JEAN MYERS Baton Rouge; English; Pi Kappa Sergeant-al Arms, ' 58; Business Managct Potpourri, ' 58; Big Sistet ' 56- ' 58; Dormitory Council, ' 55- ' 57; Student NEA, ' 56- ' 58; B.S.I ' 55- ' 57, Vice-President " I Freshman Council, ' 55. ( ARRIE LENA MYRICK, lamestown; Uppei Elementary Educa i Wesley Foundation, Worship Chairman, ' 56 Vici President, ' 57, I reasurer, ' 58; Student N| . ' 5H. NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE JOYCE REYNOLDS NALL, Bastrop; Nursing. MARY JOANN NEEDHAM. Pineville; Dietetics; Sigma Sigma Sigma: Kappa Delta Pi; Euthenics Club, " 56- ' 59. DONALD R. NELSON, Ringgold; Biology; Beta Beta Beta. ' 54- ' 58; Louisiana Academy of Science, ' 54- ' 58. FRANK R. NEWTON, Colfax: Business Education: Pi Omega Pi. KENNETH R. NEWTON, Jonesboro; Business Administration: Porpourri Staff, ' 54. S LLY NOLAN, Bastrop; Government; Aquatics Club. AWS Coun- cil, ' 57. ARNOLD D. NORMAN, Hanna: Business Education; Pi Omega Pi. EVELYN NUGENT. Colfax: Nursing. 3 WAYNE OGLESBY, Verda: Business Education. BILLY .1. OSBORN. Bastrop; Agriculture; Council (New Dormitory). " 57: Baseball, Monitor (New Dormitory), " 58. JOHN A. OTWELL. Extension; English; Sigma Tau Gamma. DEWEY PACK. Nate bit. .cites: Health and Physical Education. GERALD L. PAGE, Winnfield; Social Science WILLIAM H. PEARSON, Ringgold; Health and Physical Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa: Gymnastic Team. ' 5I- ' 58, Team Captain, ' 58: " N " Club. IUANITA ANNE PENNEY. DeRidder; Math: Sigma Sigma Sigma; Miss NSC Nominee. ' 58; Cen-La Court, Til: Dormitory Council, ' 55, " 56; Student Senate, Maid of Honor State Fair Court. ' 56: Student Council, Junior House Director. ' 57; Purple Jacket-: Queen State Fair Court. ' 58; POTPOURRI Beauty, ' 57. BETTY LAWRENCE PERKINS. Shreveport; Nursing: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi. Economic Euthenics Club, ' 56- ANNA PETERSON, Zwolle; 1 ■58. ROBERT MILLING PIERSON, Natchitoches; Business Administration. JAMES D PLUMB Shreveport; Business Administration; Sigma Tau Gamma, Historian. ' 55, Secretary. ' 56, Vice-President, ' 57. President. ' 58: President Intel -Fraternity Council, ' 58. BILLY PLUNKETT, Winnfield; Business Education; Pi Kappa Phi. FRANKLIN l . PUGH, Colfax; Upper Elementary Education. VERNON MAXWELL Ql All ' . Hodge; Industrial Education. rANICE T RABALAIS, Alexandria; Nursing; President Student Council (Alexandria Division), ' 51: Reporter for Current Sauce i Alexandria Division ). ' . " ! " 52. JOSEPH STANLEY RAMBIN, JR., Oxford; Art Education. LERO l- RAMBIN, JR.. Pelican; An. I RY LOI RESTER, Kinder; Business Education. DICK RICHARDSON, Alexandria: Physical Education. ORVILLE WAYNE RIGDON, Natchitoches; Chemistry: Ph l ' ln. Kappa K- lass of 1958 NSC Michelangelo. LINDA RAE ROBISON, B. ier City; Nursing. JIMMIK RICHARD ROGERS. Saline; Industrial Vrts. CHARLES OREN ROLEN, Sikes; Business Administration; Pi Omega Pi. Chaplain. ' 57; Phi Kappa Phi. CARLOS ROMAN. Puerto Rico; Vgriculture. JIM ROUGEAU, Main: Health and Physical Education. SYLVIA RUPERT, Miami. Florida; Nursing. HARVEY SAMUELS, Mansfield; Economics. GLORIA If. SANDERS. Transylvania; Nursing; Phi Kappa Phi; R.S.I .. " .Sl. ' .iH. Council, ' 55; Nurses ' Baskebtall Team, ' 55- ' 57; Treas urcr Studenl Government, ' 57. JOHN ISAAC SANDERS. Hornbeck; Agriculture. JIMMY K. SANDERSON; Calcasieu; Accounting; Pi Omega Pi Phi Kappa Phi. GERALD J. SCHORR, New Orleans; Business Vdministration ; Freshman Drill Team, Association ..f the I . S. Vrmy. HAROLD I). SCOTT, Natchitoches; Business Vdministration; Pi Omega Pi. 4 HENRI S. SCROGGINS, Natchitoches; Chemistry; Tau Kappa Epsilon; . «: Lambda Zeta, ' . " (). ' 55- ' 57; Chemikers, " .: ■ " !! Presi dent, ' 57. PATRICIA GAIL SKI F, Hornbeck; Nursing; B.S.I . Music Directoi 55- ' 58, SNA. ' . " ).)• ' . ' «: Dormitorj Council, ' 58. BETH Jo SEMPLE, Alexandria; Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Upha; Euthenics Club, ' 54- ' 58; Judiciar) Board, ' 56; V.S.A. Scholai -ln|i Chairman, ' 57; Canteburj Club, ' 54- ' 58; Secretarj rreasurei Senior Class, ' 58. SALLi JO SERS, Natchitoches; I si Elementary; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Band Reporter, Chorus, Potpourri Staff, ' 56; Secretarj treasurer Junior Class, S Council, ' 58; TAWS, ' 55- ' 58; Secretan treasurer, ' " H : Modern Dance I lub, ' 56- ' 58. CHARLES l l SHAW, Francisville; Business Vdministration; Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Omega Pi. Win CORNELIl S SHEEHY, Mobile, Ml,.,,,,.,: Physical Education ' Football, ' 58. CARRIE KOI I! Mill I IN... Many; I , Elementary; [ " hem Sigma I psilon. JOE SIBLEY, JR., Lecompte; Math. VNM v l;l IH SIMMONS, Port Sulphur; Business D ton Council, .,!.,(,: B.S.U. Council, ' 55- ' 57; VWS Judiciarj B Studenl Council, ' 57; Purple Jackets; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Omega Pi, TiK. BILLIE GREEN SIMMONS, Eunice; I ■ Elementary; Dormi Council, 1!, Sister, ■ ( : (unci Sauce Staff, " 57; Studenl Nl ,:; Bl KI E. SIMS, «i||., ; I ppei Elementary; Baseball, ' 56 ,8 JOHN DON SKIDMORE, Midland, lexus; Governmem Team ' " .:. " .»: DMS. Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball. NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE JANET SLIPPER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Nursing. PATTI S. SMELLEY, Arcadia; Primary Education; Chorus ' 57- ' 58- Student NEA, ' 58. CAROLYN CRAY SMITH, Bastrop; Primary Education: Alpha Sigma Alpha. FRANCES G. SMITH, Hanna; Primary Education: Kappa Delta Pi; Student NEA ' 58. JAMES H. SNYDER, Montgomenry; Business Administration; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer, ' 56, Sergeant-at-Arms, ' 57, Vice-President, ' 58: Vice-President Sophomore Class. ' 56: Association of the Armv. ' 56- ' 58. VELMA LOU SOWERS. Pineville; Nursing Education. CARL O. SPEED. Chatawa, Mississippi; Social Science: President Sophomore Class. ' 55: President Senior Class. ' 57. BILLY ROY SPRAWLS. Bienville; Agriculture. 3 JOHN GILFORD STEADMAN, Natchitoches; Math. F. W. STEWART, Colfax; Industrial Arts Education; Representative of the Junior Class, ' 57: President Student Body Association. Student Council, Dormitory President, Mr. NSC Nominee. ' 58: Industrial Arts Club, " 56 ' 58: Drill Team, ' 5V57; Robert E. Sylvest Company of the Association of the United States Armv, " 56- ' 58. HAILEY B. STEWART. Chestnut: ' Busine- Administration; Pi Omega Pi. HAZEL 0. STEWART. Campti; Nursing; B.S.U.. State Officer ' 57. BOBBIE RAE STOTT, 011a: Upper Elementary. LLOYD M. SWOR, Pollock; Political Science: Sophomore Class President, ' 56; Debate Squad, ' 51- ' 57; Pi Kappa Delta. ' 51 ' 58: B.S.U., President, ' 57, State Treasurer, ' 57, State Vice-President, ' 58; President Pre-Law Fraternity. HERBERT L. TEMPLE, Marshall, Texas; Math; Math Club. 56- ' 58. Manager Gym Team. ' 56- ' 58. K- ' MnEIH LEE TERWEY, Nederland, Texas; Helth and Physical Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa. Historian, ' 57: Swimming Team. ' 54- ' 58; Manager Gym Team, ' 54- ' 56; " N " Club. SCIlOEBI.K WELDON THOMAS. Shreveport: Nursing. HARRY THOMPSON. Montgomery; Accounting: Security Officer. ' 55 ' 58. RAY TIMM, Little Rock. Vrkansas; Health and Physical Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Varsity Track, ' 54- 58: Varsity Swimming. ' 51 " 57: Junicir Class Vice-President, " 56: Wesley Foundation. ' 51 ' 56: Current Smirr Staff. ' 57. ' 58. JOHNNIE RICHARD TINNELL, Minden; Physics; Cheerleader, ' 57: Swimming Team, ' 54- ' 58; Gymnastic Team. " 51- ' 58. l GREEK TORRANS. Logan-port: 1 pper Elementary Educa- tion; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Secretary, ' 57: Band Chorus, ' 55; Rose ol Sigma Tan Gamm, ' 57. REETA GAYLE TULLOS. Chatham: Biology; Alpha Sigma Alpha. ( haplain, ' 57. Vice-President, ' 58: Judiciary Board. ' 56: Correspond- ing Secretary AWS. ' 57: Purple Jacket-. Treasurer, ' 57: Senior Class Representative, ' 57; College Singers, ' 54- ' 57; Davis Players, ' 54- ' 56, Treasurer, ' 5o. THOMAS Tl MA. Lubuse; Business Administration. GEORGE L. TUTTLE, Westlake; Industrial Education. RAMIREZ DWID VARGAS, Natchitoches; Agriculture; Spanish ( lub. ' 55- ' 58, President, ' 56- " 58. KoSI MARIE VARNADO, Amite: Nur-ing. CHARLES li. VARNELL, Winnfield; Upper Elementary; Pi Kappa Phi. VIRGINIA WAGNON, DeRidder; English; Davis Player-. ' 56- ' 58; lpha l ' -i Omega ' 58. Class of 1958 JULIAN KENNETH WAILES, Natchitoches; Industrial Education. DONALD G. WALKER, Natchitoches; Business Administration; Sec- ond Vice-President Association of ihe I . S. Army. E. DEAN WALKER. Naples, Texas; Physics. ELIZABETH WALKER. Sieper. Primary Education. MARY LOl ' LSE WALLETTE. Campti; Business Education; Delta Zeta, Corresponding Secretary, ' 56. Treasurer, ' 5 ' t : WRA Representa- tive, " 55; B ' g Sister. ' 56; Pi Omega Pi. ' 56- ' 57: B.S.I .. ' 55- ' 57; Dormitory Council. ' 57. LORRAINE WALLINGSFORD. Jamestown; Industrial Arts. PATSY MARIE WATERS, Springhill; Primary Education: Home- coming Court, ' 54: Beauty, ' 56: Big Sister, ' 55, ' 56. FAYRINE HANSON WEBB. Baton Rouge; Home Economic. Educa- tion. 3 ANDREW o. WELDON, lt. Carmel; Upper Elementary. ROBERT WHARRY, VanDyke, Michigan; Social Science; Lambda Zeta. ANDREW BURON WHITE. Winnfield; Business Administration. ROBERT DAVID WHITE. Snyder, Texas; Math: Football, ' 50. WAITER REAGAN WHITE. Snyder, Texas; Chemistry. LINDA ANNE WHITEHEAD. Natchitoches; Music; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Sigma Upha Iota. Vice-President, ' 57, President, ' 58; 1- lege Singer-. ' 55- ' 58. PATRICIA COWART WILKERSON, Ruston; Nursing; Phi Kappa Phi; Dormitorj President, ' 55; SNA, Recording Secretary, ' 56, Presi dent, ' 57. NEI.DA ELIZABETH II LET, Pineville; Dietetics; Euthenics I lub, ' 58; B.S.U. ' 58. KENNETH I- . WINEGEART, Glenmora; Uppei Elementary. JAMES ||. WINN, Stamps, Arkansas; Business Administration; Pi Omega Pi. PERR LEE WINN. Natchitoches; Social Welfare. WILLIAM R. Wool). Wichita, Kansas; Business Administration; I .. i Kappa Epsilon, Secretary, ' 57, Parliamentarian, ' 58; Pi Omega Pi, ' 58; Association ni the Army, ' 56- 58. FRANCES K " WRIGHT, Negreet; Nursing; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Secretary Student Nurses Association (Shrevepon Division), ' 57. ROBIN I). YOl NG, rupelo, Mississippi; Uppei Elementary; Wesley Foundation. Wash day comes hut once a week JUKI lors CONNIE SUE HANNA ADKINS. Nursing: Baton Kouge. CHARLES H. AINSWORTH. Social Science: Nat- chitoches. NANCY CAROLYN ALFORI). Primary Education: Many. IRMA LETA ANDERSON, Nursing; Fenton. ANDY ANDREYK, Chemistry; Clinton. New Jersey. ROMA DIANA ANTHONY. Nursing: Ida. PAT ASHLEY. Nursing; Shreveport. JOHN BARKATE, Math; Sulphur. VIRGAL BARNHILL, Industrial Art-: Marthaville. CLARA FRANCIS BASCO. Social Welfare: Gorum. PEGGY SUE BASSETT, Nursing: Winnfield. WAYNE L. BATES, Upper Elementary; Castor. ANN BELL, Upper Elmentary Education: West Monroe. LARRY PAIGE BELL. Industrial Arts; Alexandria. CHARLES B. BICE, Health and Physical Education: Winnfield. JOE M. BLACK WELL. Industrial Arts Education; Simmesport. KAY BLEVINS, Home Economics Education; Nat- chitoches. HILLY JACK BOOTH, Health and Physical Education: Farmerville. CAROLYN BRAY. Speech Theranv: Zwolle. IRMA JEAN BRIDGES, Sociology; Bossier City. JAMES E. BRISTER, Business Education: Bastrop. PAULA BROUSSARD, Busine-- Education; Baton Rouge. WILLIAM B. BRUMLOW, Biology; Alexandria. JANELL A. BRYANT, Home Economics; Montgomery. MILDRED BUCHANAN, Nursing; DeRidder. LORENE ELIZABETH BURGESS, Nursing: Rayville. SHIRLEY M. BURKETT. Industrial Education: Con- GEORGE DOUGLAS BURT. Industrial Arts: Minden. RIF.MER CALHOUN. JR.. Business Administration: Mansfield. ROBERT SIMS CALHOUN, Business Administration: Mansfield. JERRY K. CARLEY, Math: Zimmerman. JAMES C. CARLILE, Industrial Arts; Jonesboro. GRAYDON CARROLL. Business Administration; Has- lam. Texas. MARTHA CARROLL, Primary Education: Shreve t RUTH CARTER, Nursing; San Antonio, Texas. EDWIN MARSHALL CATHEY, Business Administra- tion: Natchitoches. WILLIAM G. CHAMBERLAIN, Journalism: Elizabeth. BARBARA ANN CHAMBLISS, Medical Technology; Summerfield. MARTHA ANN CHESNEY, Nursing: Benton. BARBARA CHILDRESS, Home Economics; Mansfield. ROGER L. CHRISTIAN, Social Science: Shreveport. MARILYN CLOUTIER, Nursing; Shreveport. MATTIE L. CONNELL. Business Education: Dubberly. BILLY ROY COOK, Business Administration: Mag- nolia, Arkansas. GAIL CORBELL. Home Economics Education: Spring- hill. 48 I)I)IK SUE COWDEN, Primar) Education; Plain Dealing. BARBARA JEAN COX, N-jrsing; Dubberly. CAROLE SLE CRAIG, Business Education; Shreve- port. GERALD ROSS CRISP, Social Science; Springhill. JOHN S. CROWE. Business Edication; Bastrop. DANNY L. CRIMP. Industrial Art-: Marthaville. SHARON GAYLE CRYER, Library Science; DeRidder. MARVIN THOMAS CUTRER. Business Administra- tion: Bossier Cit . ROBERT E. DANDRIDGE, Business Administration; Shreveport. DONALD W. DAVIS, Upper Elementary; Provencal. JOAN DAVIS, Speech Education; Zwolle. LENNIE FAYE DAVIS. Home Economics; Hicks. SYLVIA ELIZABETH DEFIELD, Nursing; Bossier City. KAHNE RAE DIPAOLA, Nur-in- Baton Rouge. ROBERT ADRIAN DOUGLAS, Agriculture; Gilliam. LAURIE ANTHONY DRAGO, Social Science; New MARY FRANCES DUNCKELMAN, Medical Tech oology; Racelanil. I ' M LINE M. 1)1 PREE. Nursing; Crowley. JUDITH Dl PI Y. Nursing; Marksville. JOHN I). DURHAM, Business; New Oilcans. EDMONI) EUGENE DUTHILE, Math; Lena. TED DYSON. Sociology; Shreveport. BILLY EWES. 1 pper Elementary Education; Creston PENELOPE K Y EDWARDS, Nursing; Vivian. VIRGINIA LEE ELLZEY, Secretarial Science; Tulsa. Oklahoma. GLORIA EMERSON. Nursing; Shreveport. HOSE EMELIA ESCOTT, Physical Education; Shreve- port. SAMMY MAC ESSMEIER, Health and Physical Edu- cation; New Orleans. SYDNEY FARR, Business dministration; Vlexandria. CONNIE RITH FERGUSON, Nursing; Shreveport. MAIO EERGl SON. KnjjIMi: Man-field. MELBA ANN FERGUSON, Medical Technology; Many. BARBARA NN LESS. Medical Technology; Haynes- ville. IO N ELORES, Primary Education: Shreveport. WAYMON C. FLORICE, Business Eduction: Vlex- andria. LARRY G. FONTENOT, Industrial Education; Nat- chitoches, REBA FORREST, Nursing; Monroe. BENN FOWLER, Health and Physical Education: Alexandria. HOWARD R. FRENCH, I ppei Elementarj Edu, ttion; Jonesboro. DAY I E Lift AK. Industrial An-: oil.,. JERRI UUNI GAINES, Marketing; Alexandria. JOI W. GATES, Industrial Arts; Mansfield. 8 JOHN LAWRENCE GATES, Physical Education; Shreveport. HELEN GOOCHER, Nursing; Summerfield KEMP GORDAN, Physical Education; Texhoma, ok- lahoma. GENE GRIGG, Business Administration ; Bossiei City. ELVA CRISIIAAI GBOVES, Primarj Educal N.n chitochei TlloAl S J (.1 ESS, Industrial Arts; Bossiei I ity. llloMAS WILSON (.1 INN. Business Administration; Cheneyville. II DSON 1 . HALE, Business Administration 1 ..•• „,- i JAMES |{ II l IV Physical Id,,, i; Belmont. KENNI III W II VLEY, Industrial Education; De Quinc) FRED C. II l I . Math; Shreveport. A D AN.NE1 II II VI I . Business I d,„. , : Shreveport. x?l ' 2fi % n§ 49 I CANDIDATES n 2 1 £ Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo . JUKI JIM HAMMONS, Math: Winnfield. ERNEST GLYNN HARRIS. Business Administration: Coldonna. .10 MOZELLE HARTSELL, Nursing; Shreveport. DEMPSEY J. HAYMON, Upper Elementary Educa- tion; Anacoco. ANDREW JERRY HAYNES. Business Administration: Sarepta. BARBARA HAYNES, Home Economics: Saline. THOMAS HENRY, Social Science; Alexandria. DANNY WALLACE HIGDON, Industrial Arts: Alex- andria. JANICE RUTH HILL. Nursing; Shreveport. 2 alth Phy iors EDWARD HUNTER HILLMAN. He Education: Ferriday. DOROTHY HODSON, Nursing: Raceland. DALE HOEFPAUIR. Health and Physical Education; Lake Charles. NANCY SUE HOLLAND, Nursing; Shreveport. JAMES HOLLENBECK, Math: Leesville. YVONNE HOLLENSWORTH. Nursing; Bossier City. ALEAN MARY HOOGE, Nursing: Clinton. JEAN HOOTER, Music Education: 011a. BEVERLY ANN HORTMAN, Medical Technology; Shrevep ort. MARILYN RUTH HORTON, Nursing; Shreveport. LYNNA CATHERINE HUBLEY. Music; Many. FRANK O. HUDSON, Accounting; Natchitoches. SANDRA LUCILLE HUSTON, Nursing; Bossier City. YVONNE IRWIN, Nursing; Alexandria. MARGIE MARIE JAMESON. Home Economics; Smackover, Arkansas. MARY ANN JARMON, Elementary Education; Shreve- port. IOY JEFFERS. Business Education: Vinton. NINA ERLINE JENNINGS. Primary Education: Vivian. SELVESTION JIMES, Pre-Dentistry; Bossier City. JO ANN JOFFRION. Home Economics; Keithville. CARROLL ODEN JOHNSON, Pre-Medicine; Glenmora GLYMOUTH JOHNSON. Accounting, Simp-,,,. MARTHA JEANNETTE JOHNSON, Primary Educa- tion: Verda. PATSY JOHNSON, Nursing; Baton Rouge. ROBERT MURRELL JOHNSON. Social Science; Col- fax. LESTER E. JOLLEY. Agriculture: Powhatan. CARLEY JONES, Business Administration; Bossier City. GLENDA LORENE JONES, Home Economics: Mont- gomery. GERALD JORDAN, Math: Florien. NELLIE JEAN KILLGORE. Nursing: Lisbon. JOHN WILLIAM KING, Social Science: Montgomery. CLYDIE KNOTT, Speech; Marthaville. ROBERT EARL LAND, Accounting; Alexandria. CECILIA LANDRY. Home Economics: Gonzales. ROLAND LASSERE, JR.. Health and Physical Edu- cation; New Orleans. JIMMY L. LEACH, Health and Physical Education; Florien. 50 TYRRELL W. LEACH, Industrial Arts: Shreveport. ROBERT A. LEE, Business Administration: Bossier City. WALTER C. LEE, Accounting: Florien. DOROTHY LEIFESTE, Math; Fort Worth. Texas. VIVIAN RAE LENA, Nursing; Bunkie. PAT LISTER, Primary Education: Rodessa. BETTY J. LONG, Nursing; Jonesboro. SARAH LONG, Nursing; Tullos. LAURA LOTHROP. Primary Education; Shreveport. ELVIN L. McCANN, Physical Education: Cheneyvil ' e. JERRY JAN McCARLEY, Business Education: Vivian. JOY MADDOX, Home Economics; Haynesville. HELEN MANITZAS, Business Education: Shreveport. EDITH JANE MARTIN, Nursing; Florien. PECGY MILES, Health and Physical Education; Jonesboro. JO ANNE MILEY, Upper Elementary: Shreveport. JOSIE MAE MILEY. Nursing; Bogalusa. PAT MILEY, Primary Education: Shreveport. GAIL MITCHELL, Upper Elementary Education; Bos sier City. GEORGE DONALD MIZELL. Business Administration: Forest Hill. HILLY WAYNE MONTGOMERY. Physical Education; Provencal. WILLIAM LEO MONTGOMERY, Math: Benson. A. L. MOORE, Business Administration; Benton. ROGER R. MOORE. Manual Arts Therapy: Converse ALONZA E. MORGAN, Upper Elementary Education: Campti. ROBERT E. MORGAN, Physical Education; Campti. MICHAEL C. MOSS, Accounting: Leesville. MARTHA ANN MUIRHEAD, Business Education; Shreveport. MICHAEL E. Ml RPHY, Business Administration; Haynesville. BARBARA JEAN NAYI.OR. Business Education. Bos- sier City. JOHN W. NIPPER, Health and Physical Education: Texarkana, Texas. VIRGINIA LOU NORMAND, Primary Education: Alexandria. VERNON W. NUGENT. Upper Elementary Education: Winnfield. LARRY (). OGLETREE, Industrial Education: Shreve- port. LLER OWENS, Nur-ing: Ru-ton. I) OXLEY, Industrial Art-: Zimmerman. BARBARA PARKER, Nur-ing: Alexandria. JACK PARKER. JR., Agriculture; Vivian. WILLIAM PARSONS. s,„ „,|,,g ; Sim tveport. JAMES LOUIS PATTERSON, Business Administra- tion; Bossier City. JOHN It ?K Nl History; Natchitoches. J WHS PETERS, Business Administration: Springhill. 8 CLYNN PHILLIPS, Buslnesi Administration; Plain Dealing. NINA PHILLIPS, N Winnsboro. ROSEMARIE PHILLIPS, Nut-ing: Shreveport. FRANK PIRNIQUE, Business Administration; Little Rock, Arkansas. Jl NI-. I ' ll NKM. 11. on. Economics Education; Trout. NORMA JEAN l ' RI DHOMME, Primarj Education; Manifest. BARBARA JEAN PUGH, Uppei Elemental] Educa tion; Bonier City. CHARLES H I ' M IS. Business; Quitman. I i; ( Is u ( mi. it isinest Administration; Nati I. itoches. RADE RADASINOVICH, Biology; Aliquippa, Pcnn Ivania, MARY ALICE RAINS, Primary Education; Shreve port. 51 ' M. C. " Milev y uni tors 1 LEONARD M. RANKIN. Physical Education; Tullos. FRED LARRY REEVES. Business Education; Monroe. MARGARET REST, Nursing: New Orleans. BARBARA REYNOLDS, Nursing; St. Rose. JENELLE RICHARD, Upper Elementary Education; inton. JAMES D. ROACH, Health and Physical Education: Minden. RACHEL ROBERTS, Home Economics: Hornbeck. MARILYN ANN ROBERTSON. Journalism: Baton Rouge. JERRY H. ROY. Marketing: Alexandria. GEORGE DON RUCKER. Biology; Natchitoches. REBECCA ANN SALLEY, Health and Physical Edu- cation; Many. JOSEPH M. SAMPITE, Business Education: Cloutier- ville. RAYMOND LEE SAWYER. JR.. Business Administra- tion; Shreveport. MARTHA SCHWAB, Nursing: Alexandria. VIRGINIA RAY SEALFANO, Nursing; Alexandria. BARBARA JO SELF, Nursing: Shreveport. I.ORIE SELF. Business Education; Anacoco, JOSIE SEVARIO, Nursing; Gonzales. DAVID E. SHAW, Business Administration: Minden. W. J. SHERMAN. JR.. Marketing; Haynesville. CHARLES DAVID SHILLING, Business Education: Alexandria. ROBERT H. SHIVOR. Physical Education: Wisner. BARBARA JEAN SIPES. Nursing; Zachary. LARRY SISUNG, Sociology; New Orleans. DAVID SLAY, Physic- Many. HAROLD G. SMITH. Physical Education; Shreveport. KENNETH CRAIG SMITH, Geography; Jamestown. PECGY ANN SMITH. Upper Elementary: Dry Prong. PERRY SMITH, Accounting; Winnfield. JAMES D. SOILEAU, Journalism; Ville Platte. DAVID E. SOSA. Physical Education: San Turee. Puerto Rico. CONNIE SPANN, Secretarial Science: Shreveport. DOROTHY SPARKMAN, Nursing: Baton Rouge. RALPH ARNOLD SPARKS, Accounting: Provencal. CAROLYN SPRUILL, Home Economics Education; St. Joseph. NANCY JOAN STALDER, Nursing; Converse. BILLIE MAUDE STEPHENS. Elementary Education; Bogalusa. JOHN L. STEPHENS, Industrial Arts: Leesville. MARY E. STEWART, Medical Technology: Alex- andria. KAREN DEAN STONE, Nursing; Shreveport. HERMAN SULLIVAN, Physical Education; Oakdale. BILLY D. TALLEY, Geology; Shongaloo. BILLY RAY TAYLOR. Industrial Education; Con- verse. LOUISE TERRAL, English; Zenoria. NORMAN D. TERRY, Sociology; Shreveport. 52 1 PATTHIBODEAI . Nursing; Shreveport. IAMES F. THIGPEN, Agriculture; Mansfield. LETTIK THOMSON. Nursing; Alexandria. SANDRA NN THRASHER. Nursinc: Saline. ANITA TITONE. Primary Education; Shreveport. JOHNETTE TOMME, Sociology; Shreveport. LOU TOMME, Home Economic: Natchitoches. MARTHA FAYE TORRANS, Nursing; Atlanta. Texas. JIMMIE W. Tl MA, Social Science: Alexandria. LBERT JOHN TUMMINELLO, Social Science; Lees- ville. MARVIN TYLER. Business Education; lull.,-. ROY A. UNDERWOOD, Physical Education: Bossier City. JOHN EDWIN VERMAELEN, Business Education; Calcasieu, NORBERT PAUL VINCENT, Physical Education; Sulphur. PAULA AI.I.EN WALDEN, Nursing; Converse. ANNIS WALKER, Nursing; Alexandria. CLYDE A. WALKER. Industrial Education; Bossiei City. ELIZABETH ANN WALKER. Nursing; Sikes. JERRI 0. W IKER. Speech Therapy; Alexandria. ROY FRANCIS WALKER. Agriculture Education: Sikes. BARBARA RITH WALLINCSFOR1). Nursing; James- town. CHARLES WALPOI.E. Math: Hodge. GRIFFIN HAROLD WARREN. Business Administra- tion: Memphis, Tenn. JO ANN WARTENBER. Nursing; Ruston. BETTY I.Ol WATLEY, Primarj Education; Nat- chitoches. J. CLYDE WEBB. Marketing; Shreveport. PATRICIA WEBSTER. Nursing; Alexandria. NANCY C. WELDON. Nursing; Magnolia, Arkansas. BETTY WHITE. Nursing; Georgetown. HENRI JO WHITE. I pper Elementary Education : Eva. MARILYN WHITMIRE. Primar) Education; Jones boro. BOBBY WICKER. Industrial Arts; Baton Rouge. JOHN RAYMOND WILLIAMS. 1 pper Elementary Education : Ni« erda. SHIRLEY R. WILLI WIS. Business Education; Nat- chitoches, GLORIA JEAN W II. I. IS. Nursing; Sikes. CI. ETA WINDHAM, Primary Education; Trout. HARVEY ROBERT WINGATE, Health and Physical Education; St. Joseph. LOR HIS RONALD WOODAI.L. Business Administra- tion; Jamestown. Rl III WOOLDRIDGE, Libert) Science; Fori Neces- sity. DWII) WYATT, Industrial Vrts; Jonesboro. on don ' t »;i N,,w iii.ii ' il take some figuring SHIRLEY ANN ACKEL, Primary Education; Nat- chitoches. CAROLYN SUE ADAMS, Music Education: Mansfield. EVELYN AIKEN, English; Alexandria. NANCY ANN ALBRIGHT, Pre-Med; Shreveport. JAMES ALDRIDGE, Industrial Arts; Haughton. DONALD ALFORD, Business Administration; Port Sulphur. RILLY R. ALLEN, Chemistry; Ashland. LA VERLE ALLEN, Physical Education; Farmerville. MARY ANN ALLEN, Business Education; West Mon- roe. MARY M. ALLEN, Nursing; Bossier City. DORIS ALMGREN, Speech Correction; Alexandria. LARRY DEE ANDERSON, Physical Education; Shreve- port. JEANNE ANDREPONT, Home Economics Education; Basile. MARGARET RUTH ANDRIES, Nursing; Glenmora. SHIRLEY ANN ANGELE, Nursing; Mansfield. ERNEST ARMSTRONG, Business Administration; Waterproof. CAROLYN ARNOLD, Nursing; Tullos. BARBARA ASSEFF, Primary Education; Mansfield. JOANN AUTER, Nursing; Baton Rouge. JO ELEANOR AVERY, Nursing; Jonesboro. PHILLIP BACILLA, Social Science; Shreveport. GALEN LIONEL BAILEY, Pre-Med; Simpson. KATHLEEN ANNE BAILEY, Chemistry; Natchitoches LOIS BAILEY, Nursing; Haynesville. LOUENIA M. BARKER, Business Education; Nat- chitoches. PAT BARKER, Secretarial Science; Monroe. ROY DONOVAN BARKER, Business Administration; Natchitoches. BETTY JANICE BARNES, Nursing; Calhoun. ERNEST BARNES, Mathematics; Provencal. HAZEL MARIE BARNES, Home Economics Educa- tion; Jonesville. CAROLYN E. BARNETTE, Nursing: Coushatta. GAIL BATCHELOR. Nursing; Sandheimer. PATSY BRADFORD BATES, Primary Education: Walters. JOY BAUGH, Secretarial Science; Ridge. BETTIE FAYE BEASLEY, Home Economics Educa- tion; Pineville. JAMES EARL BEDGOOD, Engineering; Alexandria PATRICIA YVONNE BEEBE, Secretarial Science: Lena. BOBBIE DEAN BERGERON, Primary Education: West Monroe. SAMUEL M. BLACK, Business Administration; White- ville, N. C. CHARLES E. BLAND, Industrial Arts; Magnolia, Ark. FRANCES ALICE BOLTON, Primary Education: Baton Rouge. DOROTHY MAE BOOTY, Nursing: Provencal. 8 TOLLIE DAN BORDEAUX, Accounting; Mora. PHILIP DOUGLAS BOUGHTON, Nursing: Mer Rouge. DANNY MACK BOYT, Mathematics; Natchitoches. ROBERT BOZEMAN, Chemistry; Belmont. HERBERT RAY BRADFORD, Upper Elmentary; Jonesville. BETTY BRADSHAW, Upper Elementary: Anacoco. EMMA JEAN BRADSHAW, Upper Elementary: Ana- coco. THOMAS FLOYD BRADY, Business Administration: Tullos. BARNEY EDWARD BRECHEEN, Speech Education: Alexandria. BETTYE JAENELL BREMER, Upper Elementary, Glenmora. EVELYN BRIAN, Nursing; Pride. CWENDOLYN BRIDGES, Secret arial Science; Lees- 54 ELAINE MARIE BROUILLETTE, Nursing: Shreve- port. BARBARA ALICE BROWN. Business Education; Mansfield. DELTON BROWN. Industrial Education: Haynesville. JERRY DAVID BROWN, Business Administration; Many. REBECCA ANN BROWN, Home Economics: Smack- over, Arkansas. WARREN CHARLES BROWN. Government; Ltmg- street. SAMMIE LEON BRUCE. Physical Education: Vivian. WILLIAM BRUNDAGE, Bacteriology; Alexandria. ALICE ANN BRYAN. Nursing; Crossett, Arkansas. KAY BRYANT. Nursing: Baton Rouge. PEGGY BLCKLKY. Hem.- Economics: Natchitoches. BONITA BURLEY, Medical Technology: Eva. BARBARA BURNS, Nursing; Natchitoches. JIMMY DEAN BUTLER, Industrial Kits; Cullen. FLOYD E. BYRI). Industrial Education; Florien. AN NELL CALHOUN, Nursing; Sheveport. VII. LEA REA CARLISLE. Mathematics; Coushatta. GERRY CARROLL. Home Economics: Natchitoches. JAMES LEE CARROLL, JR.. Vocal-Instrumental Music; Olla. CHARLES RONALD CARROT Y, Business Adminis- tration : Iila. GEORGE A. CATES, Business Administration; Con- verse. LINDA SUE CATO. Music; Gloster. ELINOR CAROLIN CHAMBERLIN. Social Science: Pelican. GLORIA LYNN CHANCE, Nursing; Hornbeck. LINDA CHANEY, Nursing; DeQueen, Arkansas. THOMAS N. CHEEK. Industrial rt- : Many. JOHN L. CHELETTE. Industrial Arts. Oil City. MARY ANNE CHOPIN. Primary Education. Nat- chitoches. JEROME LOUIS CLAES. Social Science: Alexandria. GAYE LAVELLE CLARK, B isiness Education: i- dalia. JOHNNIE SUE CLOYD, Primary Education: Bastrop. BILLIE RAE COBB, English. Shreveport. LENORE M. COBB, Art: Commerce. IRA COCHRAN, JR., Accounting; Robeline. l DREY ELIZABETH COCKRELL, Health and Phys- ical Education: Bastrop. CATHERINE ELAINE COLLINS, Home Economic- Education : Natchitoches. SHIRLEY ANN COLVARD, Upper Elementary; Glen- mora. OLIVIA COIN IN. I pper Elementary; Jonesboro. BILLY JACKSON CONE, Industrial Education ; Shreve- port. ANNETTE COOKE. Nursing; Baton Rouge. LINDA CORB1N. Nursing; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. BETTY CORNWELL, Upper Elementary; I rania. BOBBIE SUE CRAFT, Nursing: Alexandria. STELLA HOLMES CRAIG. Nursing; Pineville. PATRICIA ANN CRANE. Primary Education: Monl erey. Ladies, and gentlemen . . 5opho mores 4» M b 55 W | W ( nh. Manifest. Elementary SUSIE CRANFORD, Nursing: I.I LA CRAWFORD. Nursing rHOMAS D. CREED, Upper Dry Prong. LOIS JEAN CRNKOVIC, Nursing: Zwoll THEODORA CROOM. Business Education I.. .n. YVONNE CROW. Secretarial Science: Sprin E lucatinn: Moorings, till. 2 KVTHIIIN ( l E.hi S - retiin il Science Shreyeport WILBERT S. CURTIS. Business Administration; Ne- glect. JOHN D ' AMICO, Business Administration: Alexandria. SWDRA DAUGHERTY, Secretarial Science: Tulsa Oklahoma. CARL W. DAVIS. II. Agriculture: Clarence MARCRETTE MARIE DAVIS, Nursing: Ringgold. NANCY DAMS. Biology; Hornbeck. NELL DWIS. Nursing; Plain Dealing. RAYMOND DWIS. Social Science: Pitkin. MILTON DAY. Business; Shreveport. MARY DENEY, Primary Education; Natchitoches. LOIS DEVILLIER, Nursing: Bunkie. ABIGAIL DISTEFANO, Nursing: Monterey. SUE DOBBINS. Social Science; Shreveport. DF.LMA ANN DONAHOE. Dietetics: Delhi. A TS DOWDEN. Chemistry; Florien. WILLIAM E. DOWDEN. Physical Education: Kisat- chie. PHYLLIS M. DRAWHORN, Secretarial Science: Shreveport. PEGGY JORENE DUKE. Speach Therapy: Nat- chitoches. CALVIN JOSEPH DUPONT, JR.. Business Admin- is ' ration; Bunkie. DELL SYDNEY DUR ND. JR.. Elementary Educa- tion: Pollock. MARGIE DYCK, Business Education; Cotton Valley. WALTER R. EAGLES. Pre-Law; Winnfield. CAROLYN EASLEY, Nursing; Osyka, Mississippi. FRANK JAMES ECHOLS. Nur-ing: Health and Phys- ical Education; Winnfield. EUGENE A. EDDLEMON, Physical Education: Hines- ton. ROY T EDWARDS. Ind-striil Arts: Flatwnods AM ELIS R. Physical Ed-cation: Baton Rouge. EVELYN EVTTT. English; MnrthaviUe. JAMES W. FAIR. Industrial rt-: Campti. BRENTLEY E. FARQUHAR, Industrial Arts; IV- Ridder. D N Y IKE FARRIS, Music Education: Olla. MARCIA FINCHER. Sped, Correction; Homer. HUEY P. FITCH. Health and Physical Education: leanerette. ADRIAN C. FI.ORES. Pre-Engineering; Shreveport MARCIA ANN FORD. Upper Elementary; Plain Dealing. 8 rf b WARREN M. FRISBEE. Accounting: Raceland CHARLES R. FULCO, JR.. Upper Elementarj Educa- tion; Shreveport. BARBARA FITCH. Nur-ing: Ravville. URELIO GARCIA. Pre-Law: San Merman, Puerto Rico. VEVA GARCIA. Secretarial Science: Puerto Rico MARGIE GASKIN, Secretarial Science; Anacoco. ELMO GENTRY, Business Administration; Winnsboro SYLVIA ANNE GEORGE, Speech: Shrevepori MICE GERMAN. Nursing: Florien. 1ERRY DEAN GILL. Education: Alexandria MARGUERITE ANNE GLASS, Music Education: Alexandria. BONNIE GOINS, Primarj Education: Pitkin. 56 MARY GOLDSBY, Secretarial Science; Mansfield. CAROL JOY GOLDSTEIN, Nursing; Shreveport. JOHN M. GOODMAN: Busines- Education: Calcasieu. SAMUEL B. GRAY. Biology: Natchitoches. EVELYN VIRGINIA GREENE. Nur-ing: Delhi. GORDON GREENE, Industrial Arts: DeRidder. VIRGINIA GREMILLION, English Education: Alex- anilria. JAMES L. GUAY, Forestry; Many. JOY GUFFEY, Nursing: Baton Rouge. MARGUERITE GUICE, Medical Technology; Baton Rouge. MARY ELIZABETH GUNNING. Primary Eduction: Belcher. NANCY CAROLINE GUYTON, Nursing: Bossier City. DAVID L. HARDIN. Music Education: Haynesville. MARILYN HARGROVE. Business Education; Kelly. BILLY RAY HARPER. Health and Physical Education: St. Louis, Mo. STELLA HARPER. Business Education: Alexandria. KATHLEEN HARRIS. Nursing; Baton Rouge. MONTRECIA YVONNE HARRIS. Piano: Mt. Pleas- ant, Texas. FREDA HARRISON. Secretarial Science; Shreveport. LYDIA SHARON HARTT. Nursing: Warren, Arkansas HELEN HARYILLE, Upper Elementary Education: Natchitoches. MAXINE HAULAWAY, Home Economics: Jonesboro. ELMER HATTON. Chemistry: Bellville, Texas. ROY HATTON. Sociology; Newellton. KENNETH PAUL HENDRICKSON. Musk Education; Vivian. CORA BELLE HENDRY. Nursing; K. -eland. LERA HENNESSY, Speech Education; Wesl Monroe. DORIS RAE HERRINGTON, Speech: Shreveport. DON F. HILL, Biology; ivian. FRANCES INEZ HILL. Nursing: Pitkin. HAL HOLLADAY, Pre-Engineering: Snyder. Texas. JOHN RICHMOND HOLLADAY, Health and Physical Education: Colfax. HELEN ANNE HOLLEMAN, Secretarial Science; Shreveport. JAMES VANCE HOLLOWAY, Busin.— Administra- tion: Forest Hill. DON R. HOLTON. Social Welfare; Leesville. JUDY HUBLEY, Primary Edacation: Baker. DDIE LAI H 111 CKABAY, Home Economics Educa- tion; Coushatta. BETTIE HUNGERBEELER. WILEY EDWIN HUNTER. ALEC C. HUTTON, Business LOYD JAMES HUVAL, JR. cation: Lake Charles. Nursing: Haynesville. Physical Education: Peru, English; Shreveport. Agriculture; Coushatta Administration : Pineville. Health and Physical Edu- JANET MARIE HYLAN, DIANE SUE IMHOFF. Indiana. KENNETH WAYNE IVY, Physical Education; Sarepta. ANDREW M. JACKSON. Pre-Ministerial, Many. Nancy ' s really working! 5opho °P ' mores 57 F?£ J PAT JAMES, Music Education; Shreveport. JO ELLEN JAMESON, Home Economics: Smackover, Arkansas. TERRY E. JEFFRIES. Pre-Medicine ; Shreveport. FRANCISCO J. JIMENEZ, Pre-Dentistry; San Jose, C.-ia Rica. JACK D. JINES, Industrial Arts; Alexandria. BOBBY R. JOHNSON, Sociology; Many BOBBIE ROSE JOHNSON. Primary Education; Alex- andria. CORRIE VIRGINIA JOHNSON, Pre-Medicine; Shreve- port. JIMMIE R. JOHNSON, Upper Elementary: Chestnut. RICHARD McBRIUE, Upper Elementary: Chestnut. RICHARD J. JOHNSTON, Health and Physical Educa- tion; New York. BI1.I.IE JOINER. Social Science: West Monroe. NANCY MORROW JONES. English; Oakdale. CAROLYN EILEEN KEARNEY. Business Education: New Roads. FRANKIE LYNN KELLY. Primary Education: Dodson. JERRY E. KELLY, Geology; Cullen. MOLLIE LOVE KENDRICK, Nursing; St. Francisville. DAVE KIMBELL, Physics; Pineville. JANICE ALLEN KIRK. Nursing: Monroe. MAXIE WAYNE KITCHINGS, Math; Coushatta. CARRIE NELL KNIGHTON, Nursing; Shreveport. JANIE KROUSE, Home Economics: Minden. CAROLYN RUTH LACOUR, Upper Elementary Educa- tion: Shreveport. JERRY LYNN LACOUR, Nursing; Cloutiervillc. LOIS NELL LACOUR, Social Welfare: Alexandria. HOWARD A. LANE. Social Science; Natchitoches. DORIS E. LANTRIP, Upper Elementary Education: Natchitoches. KENNETH EARL LANTZ, Zoology: Vivian. AL LANYON, Journalism; Alexandria. JAMES H. LASHLEY, Business Administration: Verda. ROBERTO D. LASSO, Pre-Engineering: Panama. BETTY RUTH LATHAM, Primary Education: Winn- field. JEAN KATHERINE LAURENT. Home Economics; Merryville. FRANCES L. LEACH. Business Ed .cation: Leesville. GUY LEAKE. JR., Speech: Greenwood. JAMES LESLIE LEDBETTER. Physical Education: Shreveport. FELICE CECILE LEMOLNE. English: Mansura. WAYNE EDALE LIGHTFOOT, Industrial Art- Neg- reet. JAMES RUSSELL LINER. Economics: Minden. JAMES FRED LIPSEY. Business Administration; Dade- ville. PERCY A. LITTLE. Pre-Engineering; Bastrop. II MER DALE LIVELY, Industrial Education: Colum- bia. 8 DONALD W. LONG. Lndustrial Arts; Elmer. WII.LA LONG. Primary Education; Tullos. MARTHA FAYE LOWE, Upper Elementary Education; ( lalvin. MARTHA ANN I.OYD. Nursing; Hughes Springs. Texas. MARTHA ANN McBRIDE, Nursing: Jonesboro. EDITH ANN McDANIEL, Music; Winnfield. MARJORIE McDANIEL, Secretarial Science; Pineville. JERRY WAIN McDONAI.D. Business Education; Con- verse. DOYCE GLENDON McGUFFEE, Physical Education; Columbia. JANICE MARIE McGUIRE, Nursing: Oakdale. CARROLL McKINNIS, industrial Education; Spring- hill. BETTY LOU McMAHAN, I ppei Elementarj Educa- tion; Wisner. 58 MAYNER McMANUS, Business Education; Ball. NANCY GAYLE McNAIR, Business Education; Kinder. FRANCES MADDEN, Home Economics; Hall Summit. MARY ANN MAGOUN, Nursing; Ferriday. RAY MALWAY, Industrial Arts; Zwolle. THOMAS JERRY MARTIN, Business Education; Winn- field. JULIA MAUM, Nursing; DeRidder. SYLVIA MAUM, Nursing; DeRidder. JOYCE BETH MAXWELL, Home Economics; Pineville. DEAN MAYES, Business Education; Jonesville. PAT MAYFIELD, Nursing; Shreveport. SHIRLEY MEADORS, Nursing: Denham Springs. ANGEL MANUEL MEDINA, Physical Education; Bay- amon, Puerto Rico. DOROTHY CROSBY MEHARG. Nursing; Many. JOYCE ANN METHVIN, Education: Natchitoches. CHARLES JOSEPH MICHAEL; Pre-Engineering; Natchitoches. PATRICIA MICHAL, Secretarial Science; Natchitoches. JACK CARLTON MIDDLETON, Industrial Arts; Mans- field. SANDRA JOAN MIDDLETON. Primary Education; Pleasant Hill. BILLY MILLER, Business Administration; Pitkin. PEGGY JO MILLER, Primary Education; Buckeye. MOLLIE MIMS, Medical Technology; Jasper, Texas. MADELYN MISCHLER, Primary Education; Shreve- port. HOWARD E. MONK. Accounting; La Camp. SANDRA MORGAN. Sociology: Dry Prong. VICKIE ANN MORGAN, Health and Physical Educa- tion: Jennings. WILLIAM J. MORGAN, Pre-Engineering; Baton Rouge. He lth and Physical Ana- JACQUELYN RAE MORRIS Education; Shreveport. DONALD MORRISON. Business Administration coco. MARY GRACE MOSLEY, Business Education: Ringgold. CAROLYN MOSS, Business Education; Alexandria MARCIE MURPHY, Primary- Education: Coushatta NOVA RUTH MURRAY, Nursing; Caspiana. WILLIAM VAN MUSE, Accounting; Covington. JACKIE NAYI.OR. Nursing; Bossier City. ELAINE NEAL, Primary Education; Bastrop. MARTHA LOUISE NETTERVTLLE, Medical Technol- ogy; Newellton. GANATA JO NETTLES, Home Economics; Ville Platte. RICHARD M. NEWTON, Social Science; Colfax. REBECCA LOU NICHOLS, Home Economics; Natchi- toches. JUDITH ANN NORMAND. Nursing; Alexandria. DONALD RAY NUGENT, Speech; Winnfield. CHERRY O ' DANIEL, Upper Elementary Education; Plain Dealing. CHERRIE ODEN, Nursing; Shreveport. DOROTHY O ' GLEE, Upper Elementary Education; Sarepta. Saturday ' s Hero op t o mo res 59 JERRI LYNN OLIVER, Upper Elementary Education; St. Landry. V.NNIE CATHERINE O ' NEAL, Nursing Boyce. FRANK OWEN PARKER, Social Science; Leesville. MILTON CORDELL PARKER, Social Science: Spring- hill. GERALD DWIGHT PAUL, Pre-Denlistrv : Winnfield. JERRY GALE PEEK, Business Administration; Bastrop. 2 DAVID E. PEERY. Medical Technology; Natchitoches. ENOCH ARDEN PHELPS. Social Science; Pleasant Hill. DOROTHY LOUISE PHILLIPS. Health and Physical Education; West Monroe. W. DANIEL PHILLIPS. Chemistry; Alexandria. AMELIA GAY PICKETT, Nursing: Bastrop JOHN R. PICKETT, Speech; Many. 3 THOMAS H. PILCHER. Industrial Arts Education: Zwolle. REBECCA LOUIS PILKINTON. Business Education; McDade. JOHN T. PINCKLEY. Education; Alexandria. WILMA ELAINE PITTMAN. Business Education: Pitkin. SARAH PLACE. Secretarial Science: Hanna. LYNN 1). POCHE. Business Administration: Cloutier- ville. MARY NAN PONS, Physical Education; Shreveport. DORIS POTMESIL, Nursing; Deville. ALEX VESTON POURTEAU, Physical Education: Oil City. ROBERT W. POWELL. Physical Education: Lockport. MARY JANE PRESLEY, Upper Elementary Education: Bellwood. CAMILLE PRIMM, Nursing; West Monroe. PAT ANNE PROSKOWETZ. Journalism Alexandria. JIMMY RAY PUGH, Business Administration; Buford. Georgia. JUDY PULLEN, Primary Education; Jonesville. ROSE MARIE QUAID. Secretarial Science; Monroe IRIS M. RAINEY. Nursing: Jonesville. WILLIAM RAM BIN. Speech: Monroe. BI1.LIE R. RAPHIEL. Nursing: Campti. MARTHA SI E RAPHIEL. Nursing; Campti. GLENN DALE REEVES. Business Administration; Danville. Illinois. PATSY REID. Social Science: Winnfield. MARGARET REYNOLDS. Nursing: Bastrop. EWE ANN RICHARD. Primary Education: Dry Prong. Mill ISA SUE RIGGS. Social Science; Georgetown. ROBERT LEE RISOR. Industrial Education: Main. BARBARA ROBERTS. Nur-ing: Chalmette. TED ROBERTS. Pre-Law; I.ogansport. PAT ELAINE ROBERTSON. Nursing: Pollock PAT ROSHTO. Nursing: Baton Rouge. 8 PEGGY JOYCE ROl GEAU, Nursing- Lena. PHILIP ROWE RUST. Upper Elementary Education: Pelican. JACOUELYN RYDER. Secretarial Science; Alexandria, EDDIE R. SAUCE, Business Administration: Spring- hill. CHARLES C. SANA. English; Shreveport. TAI. MADGE SAXON. Eorestrv; Eerridav. NANCY SCHINZLER, Secretarial Science; Shreveport. II (.INI. . SCOTT. JR., Math: Natchitoches. ETHELYN LOUISE SCROGGINS, Home Economics Education ; Natchitoches. GILBERT S. SEARCY. Health ami Physical Education; Monrirrg-port. ALTON RA " V SERMON. Accounting; Glenmora. LONNIE SIMPSON. I pper Elementary Education: Cotton Valley. 60 pp»— I VMES BYRON SLACK, Pre-Law; Plain Dealing. BILLIE DELL SMITH, Nursing: Greenville Springs. CARL C. SMITH. Music; Shreveport. DONALD EDWARD SMITH. Physical Education; Lake Charles. HILDA SMITH. Nursing; Raton Rouge. JOSEPH LOYD SMITH, Math: Chestnut. Jl NE SMITH, Nursing; Shreveport. ROBERT WALTER SMITH. Agriculture; Many ROY A. SMITH. Bu-ine- Administration; Logansport. JO ANN SOREY, Nursing; Rayville. HELEN IRENE SORRELL, Library Science; Harrison- burg. PATRICIA SPICENER, Home Economics; Blanchard. WILLIAM PAUL SPILLERS, Journalism; Atlanta. MARIE CLEO STAFFORD. Math; Lecompte. KENNETH STEPHENS, Industrial Education; Natchi- toches. MINA ANN STEPHENSON, Nursing: Ruston. JI LIEN R. STEVENS, Business Administration; Lees- ville. PAULA STEWART. Secretarial Science; Alexandria. WILLIAM H. STEWART. Math: Doyline. JOE E. STOUT, Industrial Art- Mansfield. ALBERT LETCHER STRANGE. Geogi aph) : Converse. ELAYNE SUTHERLIN, Business Education; Haughton. SI ZANNE S ANN. Home Economics; Iiunkie. PAT SWETLEDGE, Nursing; Walker. SYDNEY TATI l. Phv-ir.,1 Education; Dubach. JAMES VICTOR TAUZIN, Physics; Natchitoches. MVKII. N ELAINE TAYLOR, Physical Education; Bossiei it . BARBARA (I RRY THOMAS. Secretarial Science; Kelly. JAMES L. THOM VSEE, Pre-Lav. : Natchitoches. MARTY BOOK THOMASEE. Home Economics; Natchi- toches. BARBARA ANN THOMPSON. Speech; Vbbeville. IRIS NELL THOMPSON. NurMi, : Boyce. PERRY VANCE THOMPSON. Business Education; Pineville. CHARLES CIV TOLAR, Health an. I Physical Educa tion; Natchitoches. BERTHA LOI TRAMS. Nursing; Dunn. DON TRULY, Physical Education; Linden. ALLEN DALE TI RNER. Agriculture; Anacoco. NORMA MARGARITA VILLAMIZAR, Nursing; N, » t (deans. VELDA RUTH WADE. Nursing; Farmersville. VIRGINIA WALDRON, Nur-in-: Haynesville. JAMES ROY WALKER. Bacteriology; Clarence. LAI KA VNNETTE WALKER. Accounting; Natchi- toches. l in E. WALKER, Nursing; Pineville. ERNESTINE WALKINGSTICK, Nursing; Cherokee, North Carolina. II I NOR R. l LAI I . Nur-in : Wesl Monroe -$? " hM. f£h ? 1 The " His V K op iomores " f % Y$£L 61 oph tovnorcs MURRAY JEAN WANNAMAKER, Music Education; Hammond. ARTHUR LYNN WARD, Upper Elementary Educa- tion ; Leesville. PAULINE GARNER WARD, Upper Elementary Educa- tion; Montgomery. SYLVIA ANN WARD, Home Economics; Shreveport VICKI ELAINE WATERMAN, Nursing; Synder, Texas. LORRAINE WEEKS, Social Science; Harrisonburg. MARY PAT WELCH, Secretarial Science; Monroe. PATRICIA ANNE WELCH, Business Education; Alex- andria. LANE WEST, Health and Physical Education; Colum- bia. WAYNE WEST, Agriculture; Leesville. MARIE ANNETTE WESTBROOK, Home Economics; Shreveport. WILLIAM JOEL WESTFALL, Business Administration; New Llano. SARAH WHELAN, Speech; Shreveport. CHARLES WHITEHEAD, Business; Natchitoches. JAMES SLACK WHITEHURST, Social Science; Pine- ville. PATRICIA ANN WIGGINS, Nursing; Kaplan. SHIRLEY ANNE WIGGINS, Home Economics; Cous- hatta. IRIS KAY WILLIAMS, Nursing; Denham Springs. MARY ESTON WILLIAMS, Business Education: Pro- vencal. MILDRED WILLIS, Speech, Atlanta, Texas. ARTIE WIMBERLEY, Journalism; West Monroe. KATHRYN WOMACK, Home Economics Education: Winnsboro. SHIRLEY DELL WOODSON, Primary Education; Alex- andria. MARGIE WORLEY, Physical Education; Shreveport. Two peas in a pofl . . . MARGARET M. WORSHAM, Business Education; Many. GLENN E. WRIGHT, Pre-Engineering; Natchitoches. CAROLYN GEAN WYATT, Math; Bentley. DOLORES JEAN YOUNG, Nursing; Shreveport. WILLIAM WADE YOUNG, JR., Business Administra- tion; Bastrop. Good ole wishy washy Charlie Brown 52 MAURICE R. AARON, Business Education; Natchi- tnrlir-. JANICE ANN ADAMS, Speech Education: Winnfield. JIMMIE NELLE ADAMS. Medical Technology, Tioga. NINA FLORA ADKINS, Nursing; Coushatta. LINDA AIKEN. Secretarial Science; Bastrop. ALEX G. AKIN, Economics, Vivian. JUANITA ALFONSO, Nursing; Chalmette. SUZANNE ALFONSO. Nursing: Chalmette. BETH DUPREE ALLEN, Secretarial Science; Ashland. JIMMIE LEE ALLEN, Accounting; Alexandria. LARRY ALLEN, Business Administration: Plain Deal- ing. ALFRED ANDERSON, Business Administration; Shreveport. MARY JUANITA ANGELL. Art: Vivian. ROBERT DAN ANTHONY, Forestry: Negreet. BENNY WEIMAN ARTHUR. Math; Converse. CHARLOTTE ANN BAEDER, Nursing; Maplewood. CEORGIA ANN BAILES, Home Economics; Natchi- toches. JO ANN BAILIFF, Business Education; Heflin. RALPH LESLIE BAILLIO. Accounting; Alexandria. CORA LEE BAKER, Primary Education; Natchitoches. PHIL DREW BAKER. Industrial Art-: Kinder. TOM BAKER. Physical Education; Natchitoches. LUCIE RAYE BARILI.IER. Speech Therapy; Baton Rouge. DIXIE BARKER, Library Science: Natchitoches. ORIE EUGENE BARNES, Industrial Arts: Oil Cits. EDWARD L. BARRETT, Pre-Veterinarian; Shreveport. GLENDA FAYE BARTON. Nursing; Pineville. ALTON RABURENE BASS, Math: Lacamp. LAMBERT WAYNE BEATY, General Curriculum: Cot- ton Valley. CHARLES W. BECK, Industrial Education: Minden. II( HALENE YVONNE BECKMAN. Secretarial Science: Shreveport. BARBARA E. BEEBE, Home Economics; Lena. LARRY D. BELL, General Curriculum: Shreveport. BILLIE RAY BERRY, Physical Education: Winnfield. DIXIE LYNN BERRY. Primary Education: Natchi- toches. JOE BARNEY BERRY, Health and Physical Education; Marthaville. MARIE E. BLANCHARD, Speech; Natchitoches. RITA BLANCHARD, Primary Education: Coushatta. LUTHER PAUL BLEVINS, JR., Pre-Dentistry; Natchi- toches. DOT BLOUNT. Art; Coushatta. PATRICIA JEANNETTE BOBBITT. Physical Educa- tion; Oil City. W. LESTER BOLTON, Pre-Engineering; Provencal. ANNETTE FERN BOONE. Primary Education; Wood- worth. CLARENCE DEWITT BOOTY. Pre-Engineering: Nat- chitoches. FREDERICK CHARLES BOSARGE, Journali-m: Alex- andria. Dog Soldier j-veslt men 63 Two peas in a pod. j ' rcsh men PEGGY RUTH BOUDINOT, Nursing; Baton Rouge. GLEN IRAN BOUNDS, Agriculture- Bastrop. JOHN C. BOYD, Physical Education; Minden. ANGIE LEE BOYT, Nursing; Winslow, Arizona. WANDA BRADFORD, Elementary Education; Walters. EDITH BRAY, Speech Therapy: Zwolle REGINALD BRAZIL, Math; Pollock. GLENN WILLIAM BREEDLOVE, Industrial Educa- tion; Monroe. DOUGLAS BREWER, Marketing; West Monro,-. 2 PHYLLIS BREWER, Nursing; Baton Rouge. ROBERTA BROMLEY, Music Education; Alexandria. MARK WAYNE BROSSET, General Curriculum; Derrv. GAYNELL BROUSSARD. Home Economics Education; Jennings. MAXINE BROWDER, Lihrary Science: Winnsboro. JOYCE EVELYN BROWN, Secretarial Science; Bas- trop. KITTY BROWN. Medical Technology; Alexandria RICHIE BROWN. Education; Monterey. JAMES BRUMLEY, Music Education; Shreveport ALFRED BRUNTNG, Agriculture; Clarence. SAMUEL ROSS BRUNSON, Math: Fryehurg DANNY BRYANT, Business; Shreveport. BETTY BLUE, Secretarial Science- Bunkie. ELOISE BUNDRICK, Primary Education: Bunkie BETTY LOU BURNS, Health and Physical Education: Shongaloo. FRANK IRA BURTON, Accounting; Millville, New Jersey. I. V. ' BUTLER, Industrial Arts; Natchitoches. DELORES BYRD, Upper Elementary Education- Spring hill. JOHN VINCENT CACIBAUDA, Industrial Education New Orleans. CHARLINE GAYE CAILLETEAU, Nursing; Alex- andria. PEGGY JEAN COMP, Nursing; Magnolia. Arkansas ANN CAMPBELL, Home Economics; Leesville BARBARA JEANE CAMPBELL. English- Lake Arthur NELL CAMPBELL, Upper Elementary Education; Dod- son. LINDA HOLMES CARAWAY. Journalism- Tullos MARY ELOISE CARAWAY, Nursing- Hod-e MYRLE I. CARLISLE. Pre-Engineering; Coushatta PATSY NELL CARPENTER. Upper Elementary Edu- cation: Calvin. ELIZABETH ANN CARROWAY, Business Education: Ida. LARKIN C. CATHEY, JR., Business Administration: Shreveport. SAM H. CHAMBERLAIN, Accounting: Elizabeth. SUANNE CHAMPION, Art: Logansport. HOYET L. CHANCE, Biology; Florien. LYN CHANEY, Primary Education; Zachary. PATSY ANN CHAPOTON, Biology; Baton Rouge HELENE K. CHASE, Nursing; Clinton. LEROY CHIASSON, Social Science; Morse. LINDA SUE CHILDS, Secretarial Science: Mansfield. SANDRA LORETTA CHITTY, Nursing: Gonzales WANDA JEAN CHRISTIAN, Historv: Shreveport DOUG COBBS, General Curriculum: Pleasant Hill. JOY COLE. Education: Shreveport MALCOLM L. COLE, Industrial Arts; Hornbeck. Ill GH DONALD COLGIN. Industrial Arts; Oil City. SIMON BEWELL COMBS. Chemistry; HeHin JF.RKY MARCUS CONERLY, Instrumental Music; Leesville. MELIiA CONLEY, Upper Elementary Education: Cres- ton. FRANK HOYT CONNER. Business Administration; Shreveport. JOHN ROBERT CONVILLE, Physical Education; Hodge. WALTER CROVER COPELAND, General Curriculum: Mitchell. JACKIE CORLEY, Secretarial Science; Georgetown 1 . SHIRLEY CORLEY. Home Economics; Quitman. CHARLES COSENZA, Sociology: Alexandria. RENE LOUIS COSSE, Physical Education; Port Sul- phur. JOHNNY WAYNE COX, General Curriculum: Cous- hatta. JOHNNY CREECH, Business Administration; Shreve- port. ROBERT CHARLES CROSBY. General Curriculum; Shreveport. JERRY VOLLMER CROSS, Pre-Engineering; Ferriday. SANDRA C. CROWDER, Secretarial Science: Spring- hill. LINDA LAMON ' I CROWE, Nursing; Metarie. MARY ALICE CRYER. Primary Education; Pineville. JOSEPH PAYNE CUNNINGHAM, Journalism; Natchi- toches. WILLIAM HOYT CURTIS. Pre-Engineering; Main. CATHERINE CUTRER, Nursing; Baton Rout:. ' . FRANCIS M. DANIELS, Mechanical Engineering: Shreveport, ANN ZONETTE DAVENPORT. Business Education; Port Sulphur. ANDY DEFREEZE. General Curriculum: Shreveport. FRANCIS FLORIAN DEYTLLE, French: Alexandria. JUNE DEVILLE, Home Economics; Fa-ton. ALBERT DEWEES. Industrial Arte; Homer. BILLY DICKS. General Curriculum: Belmont. ELMUS H. DINKINS, General Curriculum; Pleasant Hill. MARILYN DODF.Z. Secretarial Science; Shreveport. ELLEN ANNETTE DORDAN, Medical Technology; Greenwood. LOIS ANNE DOSS. Nursing; Alexandria. SYLVIA MARIE DOTY, Primary Education; Pineville. WILLIAM A. DoYOl NG, Pre-Engineering; Shreveport. Rl in EARL DRANK. Nursing; Forest. i I. IDE PATRICK DREW FIT. Physics; Jena. MARY ANN DROKE. Primarv Education: Belcher. HAROLD DUBOIS, General Curriculum: Colfax. 7 l.ARR Dl CHARME, Physical Education; Port rthur. CHARLES J. 1)1 MAS, General Curriculum; Lake Arthur. LINDA L. DUNN, Secretarial Science: Grand Can.-. Dl W Dl PIN. Nursing; Shreveport. I VRMELITE MARIE Dl PI IS, Secretarial Science; Sulphur . IRIS GWEN DURR, I ■, Elementary; Natchitoches. 8 SI I . Dl KKFTT. Nursing; Arcadia. ELMER R. DYCK, General urriculum; Cotton Vallej J. L. EDMONDS. JR., Industrial Education: II..,,,, , WILLI Wl II GENE EDMONDSON, Industrial F.I,,,., lion: Shreveport. BRl CE EDW RDS. Engineering; Long Leaf. JO FRANCES EDWARDS, Primarj Education; Flat- " I- SANDRA SI I. ELLENB1 RG, Vrt; Mansfield R0BER1 (.1 I ENG1 ISH, Engineering; Mansfield. U GER l li ENGLISH, Pre-Velerinan Medicine; Mansfield. RICH KD KDW itii h, 01 I. Government; Shrevi port, VIRGINIA I NS. Nursing; Minder JOHNN1 0. FAL( UN. Industrial Education; Zwolle 10 W V 1 ! NE FARA1 DO, Math; olfax l I ' I I VRMER, Speech; Pineville GLORIA N FARMER, Nursing ,,.„l,., HENR I FARMER, General « urriculum; Mansfield PATRII l n FARR, Musi. ; Alexandria VI l I I A YE FARRAR, Nuraing; Bastrop w VA ! r % « LINDA FEDD, Education; Alexandria. CECILE FEDUCCIA, Nursing: Alexandria. KATHLEEN FELTMAN, Sociology; New Orleans. SHARON ANNE FERGUSON, Nursing; Del Rio I V a-. NICKEY J. FERLITO. Genera port. HART JOSEPH FERNANDEZ. lion; St. Middlesex N.J. JAMES MICHAEL FLANAGAN, lion; Zwolle. MARTHA LOUISE FLETCHER. PAUL L. FLIN.N. New York. Curriculum; Shreve- Business Administra- Business Administra- Nursing; Ashland. Business Administration; Elmhurst, Where ' s the dog-ratcher? j-VQsh men JERRY FLOWERS, Social Science; Shreveport. BRUCE GIVENS FOREMAN, Art; Alexandria. WILSON R. FORESTIER, Pre-Medicine; Rosepine. WIENONA GAIL FORMAN, Elementary Education; Monterey. JOE FOSTER. JR., Industrial Arts: Natchitoches. BONNIE JEAN FRAZIER, Home Economics; Grayson RONALD TYRONE GAMMILL, Architect; Texarkana. I exas. MARY VIRGINIA GANDY, Math; Winnfield JOHNNY EUGENE GARNER, Industrial Education; Montgomerj . RAYFORD E. GASSIOTT. Engineering; Glenmora. PATRICIA ANN GLADDEN, Speech; Shreveport. MARVA GLOVER, Primary Education; Natchitoches. SANDRA GLOVER, Math; Shreveport. HERBERT LEROY GOINS. Math; Monai. PATSY ANN GOLDSBY, Medical Techn»log ; Man- field. GERALD E. GORDON, Pre-Medicine: Anacoco. BILLIE JEAN TAYLOR GOUGH, Library Science; Zcnnria. BESSIE EMMA GRAHAM. Upper Elementary; Lees- ville. CHARLES WESLEY GRAHAM. Agriculture- Anacoco. DORIS JEAN GRAHAM, Primary Education; Winn- field. L. B. GRAHAM, Math: Anacoco. ELIZABETH ANN GRAY, Business Administration; Homer. VITA M. GRECO. Nursing: New Orleans MARY DEE GREGORY, Nursing; Monroe WILLIAM ARTHUR GRICE. General Curriculum; ( lonverse. JAMES EDWARD GRIFFITH. Business Administra- tion : Grand Cane. LINDA NORENE GRIFFITH. Upper Elementarj Edu- cation; Mooringsport. 5 ROSEMARY GRISHAM. Business Education: Benton. HETTY RUTH GROLL. Physical Education; Moorings- port. JOHNNY MAE Gl LDE, .Secretarial Science: Trout. ROBERT EARL HALE. Health and Physical Educa- tion; Hosston. PHILLIP HALEY, Math; Belmont. MONA CAROLYN HALL, General Curriculum; Mind n BARBARA HAMES, Nursing; Baton Rouge JUDITH ANNE HAMMOND, General Curriculum: Alexandria. ROBERT M. HANISEE, Pre-Engineering; Kenner. ALICE FAYE HARMON, Business Administration: Homer. GEORGIE NELL HARMON. Primary Education; Lees- ville. JOE MALCOLM HARREI.L. Physical Education; Clay- ton. CLAY DONALD HARRINC. Business Administration; Grand Prairie, Texas. MARCIA KAY HARRIS, Speech Therapy; Homer. THOMAS ROY HARRIS, Forestry; Goldonna. JIMMY H. HATCH, Pre-Engineering: Glenmora. KENNETH M. HATHORN, Pre-Engineering: Natchi- toches. GERRY HAWORTH, Education; Alexandria. 379HI H. L. HAWTHORNE. Industrial Arts; Jonesboro. BILLY HERMAN HAYNES, Physical Education; Shongaloo. LARRY GLYNN HEINSOHN, Accounting; Shreveport. DEWEY J. HELVERSON, Accounting; Alexandria. DEWE1 RAYMOND HENNIGAN, Health and Physical Education : Marthaville. CHARLES HERRING, ForeStry: Mansfield. IAR IN HERRING, Business Administration; Grand Prairie. Texas. ROSE YVONNE HIBBARD. English; West Monroe. GEORGE HICKS, Commercial Art; Bossier City. GENE HAROLD HIGDON, Pre-Engineering; Alex- andria. ALYCE HIGGINS, Primary Education: Delhi. VENITA HIGGS, Primarj Education; Coushatta. 3 LYNNE HIGHTOWER, Primary Education; Dodson. HOY BRADY HILL. Business Administration; Shreve- port. .11 NE HILLMAN, Home Economics Education; Delhi. JOAN HINES, Medical Technology; Bethanj YVONNE HODGES, Nursing; Pin.- Grove. ROY HOLLAND. Upper Elemental Education; Winn- field. I 10NEL RA1 HOLLIDAY, Business Administration; Shreveport. BARBARA HOLLIER, Business Education; Elton= BRENDA HOLMES, Home Economics Education; Alex andria. GWENDOLYN ANNE HORNE, Nursing; Pari-. Ark- ansas. l ARIE HORNOT, Business; Shreveport. J AMES A. HORTON, 1 pper Elementary; Coushatl i. 5 DAVID Hi RTON HOW ARD, Accounting; Pineville BOBB JOE HOWELL, Physical Education; Bossiei City. CHARLES W. Ill GHES, General Curriculum: Natchi- toches. DAVID E. JACKSON, Instrumental Music; Snrevepori IK ANCES Rl ' I ' ll J A( KSON, Speech; Logansport. GENE Rl I ' ll J ACKSON, Business Education; Benson. Rl SSELL DALE J A KSON, Physical Education; Simpson. THOMAS B. JACOBS, JR., Industrial Arts; Shreveport. MARTHA KA 1 ! JAMES, Secretarial Science; Baton Rouge. JAMES HARVEY JARRATT, General Curriculum; Delhi. I ' M I. OWEN JEMISON, Pre-Engineering; Leesville. SARITA MARTHA JOHNS, Nursing; Waterproof. l l ALMO JOHNSON. Business Administration; llenmora. i II ARLES LARR ' J JOHNSON. Accounting; Glenmora. HOWARD LOVICK JOHNSON. General Curriculum; Natchitoi hes. JOE Johnson. Health ,„„, ph ys i ca ] Education; II. n nesi ille, JOLENE Johnson. Vocal Music Education; Houma KEARNIE Kill II Johnson. General I urriculum; Alexandria. 8 M ARJORIE G. Johnson II Economics; Natchi- toches. ' III Rli: JOHNSTON. I ppci Elementarj Shreveporl Dl AN E. JORDAN. Nursing; Fl orien IHOM AS JORDAN. Education; Robelim GAYLE MARIE JOSEPH, Accounting; Shreve i HENRI I II KM I IV Ei ,: Bunkie HI L K II I EY, Nursing; Metairie. JAMES Mil ION KEMP, Business Administration; Minden. PATS RAF. KENT, Elementarj Education; Gi town. HI I K I 1 KINO. Primarj Ed ication; Alexandria SAR All I 1 NN KING, Education: lullos I AN KINGS1 I 1. Nursing; Pollock 10 DAAID J. KNOTT, Agriculture; Shreveporl J AMES R. KNol is. p., | ,„ | .,.,,„ ANN KOONE, Nursing; Shreveporl GEORGE AA AUDI N KRI MM, Bacteriology; Hack bei i j DOROTH ' i I kBORDE, Librarj Scienc, Alexandria M ARGARI I I , A I . Home I „„,-. Leesville t.lW Play it «-ool, Buddy! BETTY BILBRAY LaCOUR, Secretarial Science; Alex- andria. JULIA REE LA CROIX, Physical Education; Mont- gomery. DONNIE LADATTO, Pre-Engineering; Shreveport. FERGIA CHRISTOPHER LAFITTE. JR., Industrial Arts; Mansfield. MARSHALL A. LAFFITTE, Business Administration; Mansfield. TIM ELMER LAFITTE, JR., Business Administration: Logansport. PATRICIA ROSE LANDRY, Bacteriology; Natchitoches. GAY LANTRIP, Elementary Education; Natchitoches. LESTER LaROUX, Business Administration; Zwolle. JERRY LASITER, Nursing: Shreveport. ADELE LATTIER, Home Economics; Natchitoches. WANDA LAWRENCE, Upper Elementary; Parhams. BARBARA LAWSON, Primary Education; Boyce. PATSY A. LEACH, Secretarial Science; Natchitoches. VIRGINIA LORETTO LEE, Nursing; Shreveport. JAMES MARSHALL LEISURE, Business Administra- tion; Warren, Ohio. CHARLES M. LESSENGER, General Curriculum; Oil City. KATHRYN JO LESTER, Primary Education; Shreve- port. JOE EARL LOCKHART, Chemistry; Groves, Texas. KENNETH WADE LOFTON, Pre-Engineering; Natchi- toches. VAN CAMPBELL LORING, Social Science; Leesville. DONALD LORMAND, Accounting; Kinder. ROBERT GENE LOSEY, Physical Education: Shreve- port. NICK JOHN LOUCAS, Business Administration; Lees- ville. SAMUEL B. LOVE, Business Admin istration; Shreve- port. LAWRENCE KEVIN LYNCH, Sociology; Vidalia. EMILY JO McCAIN, Primary Education; Colfax. LINNIE ALICE McCAIN, Primary Education; Colfax. SANDRA McCALLA, Math; Shreveport. CORA SUE McCARTNEY, Nursing; Bonita. CHARLES RICHARD McCARTY, Electronic Engineer- ing; Pineville. LYNN E. McCLAIN, Business Administration; Lees- ville. ROY STELL McCLELLAN, General Curriculum; Cotton Valley. CAROLYN McCONNELL, Secretarial Science; Cous- hatta. JEANETTE McDONALD, Nursing; Pitkin. WILBURN D. McDONALD, Business Education: Mitch- ell. j-rcsh men HILMA DOREEN LEVY, English; Kingston, Jamaica. LELA KAY LINCH, General Curriculum; Arabi. NANCY CAMILLE LINDSAY, Education; Baker. LORAN LINDSEY, Pre-Dentistry; Coushatta. WILLIAM CRAIG LINDSEY. Chemistry; Jena. JOHN MARVIN LINDSLY, Pre-Dentistry; Cheneyville. CINDY LINN, Secretarial Science; Shreveport. SYBIL JANE LINZAY, General Curriculum; Cheney- ville. BOB LITHOWN, Math; Winnipeg, Canada. HENRY ELLIS McDOWELL, JR., Forestry; Shreve- port. JOHNNIE FAYE McELROY, Nursing; Winnfield. DOROTHY M. McGLOTHLIN, Speech; Lena. GATHA McINNIS, Upper Elementary; Anacoco. BRENDA KAY McINTOSH, Secretarial Science; Alex- andria. CHARLES R. McKENZIE, Industrial Education; Cullen. CAROLYN McKINLEY, Primary Education; Belcher. MITZI McLEAN. Nursing; Shreveport. JOHN RICHARD McLEOD, Upper Elementary; Bossier City. GLENDA KAYE McRAE, Primary Education; Leesville. SANDRA MADERE, Nursing; Hodge. RACHAEL MAINES, Nursing; Natchitoches. MILTON CALVIN MANASCO, Physical Education: Belmont. KITH LYNN MARCHAND, Nursing; Gonzales. J. M. MARICELLI. Health and Physical Education; Merryville. 2 JANICE GAYLE MARSH. Medical Technology; Shreve- yiort. MARIE MARTIN, Math; Shreveport. OSA DORMAN MARTIN, General Curriculum: Mora. PRECIOUS ANN MARTIN. Primary Education: Wes lake. N MARIE MASSON, Nursing: Cloutierville. MARY LOU MATHEWS, Physical Education: Sond- heimer. CAROLYN MATTEL, Nursing; New Orleans. BOBBIE MAXEY, Upper Elementary: Mooringsport. JIMMYE LOl MAXWELL, Secretarial Science; Ox- ford. RIDY E. MEDELLIN. Math: Shreveport. MARGIE MEGLONE, Home Economics : Lena. THOMAS J. MERCHANT, Accounting; Hick-. 4 ELOl ISE MICHAL. Primary Education: Natchitoches. RITA ELIZABETH MICHAL, Primary Education: Cypress. CAROLYN MICH Ml). Medical Technology; Jones- boro. MARIE MICHEL. Speech Theraphy: Bunkie. IVAN MILEY, General Curriculum: Shreveport. BLANCHE HELEN MILLER. Primary Education: I . Ridder. JANICE MILLER. Home Economics; Coushatta. II NITA JANE MILLER, Primary Education: De- Ridder. LINDA MILLER, Nursing; Natchitoches. MARY LYNN MILLER, Nursing; II. oner. HAROLD G. MINTER, Journalism; Delhi. TERRY MISENHEIMER, Health and Physical Educa- ' ' on; Springhill. 6 II SAN F. MITCHELL, Business Eduction: Natchi- toches. Nll A 1I ()N. Business Education; Gray-on. LENARD K. MONK. Industrial Education: Lacamp. KARL WAYNE MOORE, Business Administration; Bastrop. KAY MOORE. Physical Education; Springhill. LOLA MOORE. Nursing; Grayson. CLARICE ANN MolU ANT. Medical Technology; Sul- phur. FREDDIE DONNELL Ml JI.INS. Busines Administra- tion: Sarepta. HARR " i Ml KIMIY. Industrial Art-: Doyline. WILBl RN Ml RPHY, Business Administration; Min- den. MIKON I ' . MYERS. I pper Elementary Education; Glenmora, [RIS G. NEELY, Primarj Education: Easton. 8 DONALD C. NELSON. Geography; Shreveport. DWAYNE T. NELSON. Business Administration ; Springhill. I ' M I. I). NELSON. Industrial Education; Bossier I it) I VJtOLYN tNONXI NETTLES, I ppei Elementary; Minden. Wll I 1AM E K lltil S, JR.. Social ienc Shreve- port. J K ELTON NIXON. Industrial Education; Cous halt. i. SANDRA GAY! I. N(i ||. Nursing; Natchitoches MARGARET NN Noi N Physical Education; Oil KENNETH I. NORRIS, General Curriculum; Bossier FRAN ELIZABETH No K. Nursing; I nui Grove, Florida. M m JOSETTE Ni I I . Physical Education; Oakdale THOMAS MILTON NI | p r , Medicine; Grand Chenier. 10 M Mil II ION ODIN. Nursing; Poncha la Do i noi ESBY, Forestry; Verda l-RWIN low e 0G1 I I III E. Business . nist ration; Shrevepoi I SAH ll i:i III 01 [VER, Music; Campti. JOHN riloM s o ' Ri i;. ,„,,„.. Siblej D N | t Ql I I |M ,,| i ii,.,,,, i .„ Mitchell 1 7 Why so serious, Sue? 4-vesh tmcn HAROLD l. OWERS, Business Education; Provencal. FERNANDEZ MANUEL PADILI.A. Economics; Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. HERBERT PARK, Health an,] Physical Education; Springhill. ERA LEE PARKS. Nursing; Monroe. JEAN KATHRYN PARKS. Nursing; Homer. CHARLES M. PARTIN. Government; Shreveport. I [NDA PATE, English; Bossier City. ANN PATRICK, Primary Education: Converse. llo M . PAYNE, Engineering; Natchitoches. BENNIE DAYLE PEEK, Business Administration; Bastrop. TYRONE PAUL PENNINGTON. Pre-Medlcine; Shreve- port. JOEL E. PENTON, Business Administration; We Monroe. CAROLYN PEPPER, Primary Education; Jonesl GEORGE PERRY, Gener.i] C r-icl ' im; lexandria. BILLY JOE PETERSON. Agriculture; Florien. [NGRID LEE PETERSON. N irsin-;: Monroe. 1.1 CIE SHERMAN PETTY, Nursing; Mansfield. HI SSE1 I. J. PHILLIPS. Art: Alexandria. 3 JERRY I). PIERCE. Journalism; Springhill. PATRICIA ANN PITTMAN. Business Education; Mans field. TRUETT SPIVEY PLUNKETT. Business Administra- tion; Pelican. I KY BLANCHE POSTELL. Sociology; New Orleans. LYNN WOOD POWELL, Forestry; Hornbeck. JERRE PRESTRIDGE. Nursing Jonesboro. GRATIA ANITA PRIEST, Social Science: Alexandria. FREDERICK PRUSSAK. Speech: West New . . r k . N..I. RICHARD PULLIG, Health and Physical EJucation; GIbsland. MAXINE Ol ' EYROUZE. Health an, I Physical Educ lion. New Orleans. BONNIE LYNNE RACHAL. Upper Elementary; Lei Station. VERA MAE RACHAL. Secretarial Science; Clouth ill,-. DORRIS JEANETTE REAMES, Nursing; Jackson. BENNY B. REEVES. Accounting; Montgomery. KXTHLEEN REEVES. Medical Technology; Castor. ELISSA EARLE REID. Math: Natchitoches MARILYN VIRGINIA REYONLDS, Business Educ tion; Kinder. PAUL RIBAI DO. Pre-Medicine; Alexandria. JEANNE N. RICE. Secretarial Science: Kinder. JERRY BETH RICE. Music: Winnfield. JAN RICH, Nursing; Jonesboro. BEN RICHARDSON. Business Administration; Bossier City. ROBERT LUCIOUS RITTER. Math; Leesville. VIRGINIA DARE ROACH. Nursing:,,. CAROLYN ROBERTS, Home Economics; Oil City. RUBY ALICE ROBERTS. Nursing: Leesville. SUE LYNN ROBERTSON. Elementary Education; Pollock. 6 DONALD EVERETT ROBINSON. Social Science: Hineston. JO ANN RODINSON. Business: Kinder. PAUL H. ROBINSON. Physical Education; Natchi- toches. PEGGY JOE ROBINSON. Elementary Education: Homer. CHARLES HENRY ROBY. Pre-Engineering ; Baton Rouge. BITTY JEAN ROGERS, Nursing; Bastrop. DARLYNE FRANCES ROGERS. Business Education; Pelican. HERBERT CLARK ROSENBUSH, General Curricu- loir: New Orleans. CHARLES 1). ROUSSEAU, Physical Education: Alex- andria. 1 PATSY NEI I. ROY. ur-ing; Natchitoches. GAIL ANNE RUCKER, Primary Education; Shreve- port. GEORGE W. RUTHERFORD, JR.. Health and Physi- cal Education; Creole. SALLY ANN RUTLEDGE, PrimaTj Education; Cheney- ville. ALVIN SANDERS, Chemistry; Shreveport. Ill- 111 5ANDERS Primary Ltlucali n Vivian FRANK H. SANDERS, Genera] Curriculum; Alexan dria. WILLIE GLEN SANDERS. Physical Education; Heflin. JUNE . SANDLIN, Business Education; Natchitoches. II R()I.I) S . English; Shreveport. DON AUSTIN SCOGGINS. Ipper Elementary; Lees- villr. CULLYNE RAY SCOTT. History; Natchitoches. 3 HOMER ORR SCOTT. Business Administration; Natch- itoches. MARY ELLEN SEBREN, Nursing; Golden Meadow. GRACIE SEFCIK, Upper Elementary; Natchitoches. R AY SEFCIK, Physical Education; Natcl :hes. MARTHA NN SEILER, Social Science; Monroe. PEGGl SELF, Nursing; Haughton. RONNi G. SELF, Industrial Education; Jonesboro. NADINE RUTH SELLERS, Upper Elementary; New Orleans. MARCIA LEE SHADDOCK, Secretarial Science; Glen- mora. CHARLES J. SHEI.TON. Business Administration; Mansfield. JOHN HOWARD SHELTON, Education; Winnfield. JERRY SHILLCUTT, Industrial Education; Shreve- port. MICKEY SHIVER, Art Education; Shreveport. I.EI.AR PAUL SHORT, Primarj Education; Gibsland. DENVER W. SHOUP, Business Administration; Sar- I ' pta. JOHNNY GLENN SIBLEY, Pre-Engineering; Vivian. RALPH EDWARD SIKES, Industrial Arts Education; Springhill. BOIIHY I! SIMMONS. Nursing; Winnsboro. JAMES LAWRENCE SIMON, Business Educatii Pineville. LEO SIMPSON. Physical Education; Or.. ,-. Texas SI E SIMS. Librarj Science; 011a. ELESTA M AE SIS I H I NK. Dietetics; Mitchell. DAI I SKINNER, Math; Belmont. LARKY I. SKINNER. Pre-Medicine ; Belmont. AMELIA SI AY, Home Economics Education; Main. BII I li: JO SMITH. Nursing; Minden. CAROL SMITH, Primao Ed u ation; innfield. ( AIIIKY N SMITH, Nursing; Hammond. JANET MONTEZ SMITH. ( ommen ial An lonesboro JERKY B. SMITH. Industrial Arts Educi i; Minden. 8 Kl NDRICK C. MTTII. Musii ; Lake harles KONAID II. SMITH. Engineering; Natchitoches M AKY Rl III SMI I . Nursing; Man) CHARLES JOSEPH SOPRANO, Pre-Law; Alexandria. SAM L, SOREI.S. Industrial Education; Orange Texas. Texas. • H Mil is SPEARMAN, Physical Education; Ains- worth, Nebraska. P l I INI. WYNNE I II SPf ARMAN, Primarj Educa lion; Shreveport. WI1 I [AM SPEARS, Accounting; Toro. J ACKIE SI ' ll I l N. Se. i. tarial Si ience; Alexandri BOBBI SI ARKS, Business Administration; Bossiei i itj l!l 111 s l I Mil I . Secretarial Science Alexandria v ' " ' STEPHENS I •, Elementary; Natchitoches. 10 IHOMAS K till R STEPHENS, Industrial Arts I du ration; Natchitoches rRAVIS III RD STEVENS, Agriculture Leeevilli NANI 1 STEM ART, Nursini ; leu NANi 1 STEM ART, Nursing Minden WI1 I IWI STEM ART, loarnalism; Alexandria RONAI D K sin | | | | Nurgin B At least no fleas! ■rrcsk nten LOVIS LORENE STONE, Nursing; Winnfield. BERTHA MAE STOTT, Upper Elementary; Mansfield. KESTER STRANGE. Chemistry; Converse. HAZEL STREBECK, Nursing; Belmont. TROY J. STROTHER, General Curriculum: Cullen. LYNDEL HENRY STROUD, Business Education; Florien. PEGGY GAIL STROUD, Upper Elementary Education; Florien. KENNETH MERCER SULLIVAN, Nursing: Saline. KEVIN SULLIVAN, Business Administration; W. H., Conn. 2 LYNDA FAYE SULLIVAN, Upper Elementary Educa- tion; Calvin. NANCY LYNNE SUTTON, Education; Vinton. CAROLYN FRANCES SWAIN, Nursing; Pineville. MARIE JEANNE SWANN, Medical Technology; Bunkie. KAY TAGGART, Primary Education: Edgerly. ELOISE TAMBURO, Social Welfare; Delhi. EDDIE L. TAYLOR, Pre-Engineering; Mansfield. PRESTON TAYLOR, Math; Converse. SHELBY TAYLOR, General Curriculum; Shreveport. LOUISE CLAIRE TEMPLE, Nursing; Ruston. DALE TERRELL, General Curriculum; Pleasant Hill. MARION THAMES, General Curriculum; Shreveport. EDWINA THEDFORD. Music Education; Many. HANNAH SUZAN THOMPSON, Nursing; Springhill. JANE ALICE THOMPSON, Nursing: Alexandria. LaVERNE THOMPSON, Home Economics; St. Joseph. WALTER EMMETT THOMPSON, Math; Verda. SARAH LYNN THURMOND, Business Education; Cal- vin. JAMES TIDWELL, Agriculture; Shreveport. CLARINE TRAPP, Upper Elementary: Anacoco. JANICE TRILSCH, Art: Greenwood. JUDITH GAYLE TROSCLAIR, General Curriculum; Sulphur. SUZANNE TUMMINELLO, Primary Education: Lee- ville. ROBERT EARL TURNER, Business Education: Simp- son. JOE THOMAS TYLER, General Curriculum: Eunice. BONNIE VAN NATTA, Nursing; Alexandria. ELIZABETH DEAN VERCHER, Nursing; Natchi- toches. DUNSTON WINFREY VERDEL, Botany; Bogalusa. KENNITH OCTAVE VIDRINE, Industrial Arts; Ober- lin. ARTHUR MACK WAGLEY, Pre-Engineering; Many. EVELYN ANN WAGNER, Elementary Education: Jonesville. MARTHA MARIE WALKER, Nursing; Many. MARY C. WALKER, Home Economics; Natchitoches. MANDY INEZ WARD, Secretarial Science; Provencal. NORMA JEAN WAREN, Nursing; Bastrop. LUCY ANN WATSON, Nursing; Baton Rouge. 72 LEWIS WATTS, Chemistry; Oil City. KATHERINE WEAVER, Home Economics Education: Ha nesville. DONNIE WEBB, General Curriculum: Zwolle. MONROE WEBB, JR., Upper Elementary Education; Franklinton. CAROL ANN WEBBER. Nursing: Vivian. ELISKA MARIE WEBER, Nursing; Alexandria. NADA WEDGEWORTH, Upper Elementary; Many. SLIE WEIR, Upper Elementary; West Monroe. BARRON WADE WELLS. Business Education: Kisat- chie. FLOY LEE WELLS, Nursing: Pine Bluff, Arkansas. FRANK WHITE, General Curriculum: Pineville. JIMMY WHITE, Physical Education; Minden. JODIE CARLTON WHITE. Business Administration; Alexandria. Ol INTON Dl RWOOD WHITE, Business Administra- tion; Springhill. RUBY WHITE, Nursing: Bonita. JAMES W. WHITLOW. Physical Education; Cotton Valley. MICHEI.L GEORGE WICHERS, Pre-Engineering; Gretna. MARY LYNN WILKIE, Nursing; Alexandria. BONNIE WILLIAMS, Upper Elementary: Shreveport. DOYLE ZANE WILLIAMS, Business Administration; Coushatta. JAMES E. WILLIAMS. Business Administration; Vin- ton. LARRY WILLIAMS. Physical Education: Jamaica. N, ■« York. MARY ALITA WILLIAMS. Nursing; Baton Rouge. RUTH WILLIAMS. Secretarial Science; Florien. DAVID CARLTON WILLIAMSON. Agriculture; ( lampti. AYNE WILLIAMSON. Chemistry; Montgomery. ANN WILSON. Nursing; Hodge. MYRNA JOAN WILSON. Accounting; Shreveport. KAY RICHARD WINSTEAD, Accounting; Sibley. IERRY G. WISE, Accounting: Natchitoches. ERNESTINE OM Ck. II. one E,,o„„i inns BONNIE JI N WOODS, Physical Education; Forbing. I.ENOKA ALICE WOOLLEY, Engl, -I, Education; Ben ton. JI l)V ANNE WRIGHT, Education; Porl Sulphur. MARGUERITE FAYE WRIGHT, Primary Education; Negreet. JANELLE W1 Ml. I ppei Elementary; Jonesboro. MYRNA l li I. , Ni EY, Nursing; Natchitoches FERRELL MU 5 VRBROI (.11. General urriculum; loushatta. NEDRA YOl NG, Nursing; Maples I. 73 • ?•• ;«v H It is easy to understand why MISS BILLIE JO JONES, a true representative of Southern charm, was chosen to be photographed amidst this scenic splendor. «r ' - MP Seated, left to right: Kittj Brown, Cecilia Landry, Roj Baldwin, George Cates, Jim my Slack, Laura Lothrop, Tommy Johnson, Shirral Jennings, Bill Stewart, Mary Gaines, Peggy Buckley, Under the guidance of Dean Fulton, together with the leadership of President Bill Stewart and Vice-President Shirral Jennings, the Student Council maintained its honor and prestige with various functions. The Student Council has worked through the year to plan pep rallies, dances, elections, and numerous other programs which supplied opportunities for the students to express themselves and to acquaint themselves with the college itself. This year the Student Council has worked with an en- deavoring effort to uphold Northwestern ' s standards to build for a better tomorrow. THE STUDENT COUNCIL BILL STEWART SHIRRAL JENNINGS TOMM1 JOHNSON M.V11 V IX N KM. MAN LAURA I.O ' I IIKOI ' .IO ANN JOHKJON 76 ickelman, .! Ann Joffrion, Carl S|x - 1, Jimmj Hammons, John Barkate, I ' uji ' rt Howard. OFFICERS BILL SI l-.W I(T President SHIRK M. JENNINGS Vice-President TOMMY .|()II S() I ice-President lor Men MAR " i DUNCKELMAN Vice-President for Women JO WN JOFFRION Treasure LAURA LOTHROP Secretary CARL SPEED Senioi Class President ROY l( I l) IN Senioi Class Representative FAYE •• VINES Senioi Class Representative .limn HAMMONS Junior Class President JOHN BARK VTE Junioi lass Representative ( I ( II I I NDKY Junioi Class Representative JIMMY SI ( K Sophomore Class President GE( RGE CATES Sophomore Class Representalit •■ PEGGY BUCKLEY Sophomore . Representative HI HI now Mil) Freshman Class President Klin u;o N Freshman Class Representative ROBERT K II ] President ojState Federate Louisiana Colleges and I niversities Hi Dl E G FULTON . Spon soi Gall Mitchell, Paula Bri im»nr l, Beverl Anthony, NatlCJ Hun " , Frances Leach. OFFICERS JUDICIARY BOARD Beverly Anthony President Paula Broussard Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS Nancy Huff Gail Mitchell Francis L.EACH The Judiciary Board has the responsibility of conducting a hearing for any student who violates an important rule or regulation. Its purpose is to help the individual make satis- factory adjustment to college regulations. It is composed of the vice-president and corresponding secretary of the A.W.S. and three other members, a senior, junior, and sophomore, appointed l the Dean of Women and the President of the A.W.S. 78 L A_ _ i Seated, left in right: s™h, »i ii « er», i eifgr Duke, shirie.i kel, Marie Mintnrn. Standing:, left to rlifht : Alice Stephens, i:thfi.Mi Scroffffina, Mar- .jorie .li.iin-.i. OFFICERS I ' kt.t. Jo l)i ki President Shirley kei Vice-President Sm.i.i Jo Sers Secretary-Treasurer TOWN The Town ssocialed omen Students is made up of all women students who live off-campus. This organizations works closel with the A.W.S.. with the I VWS ' Officers serving on the A .S. Council. The main purpose of TAWS is to keep the off-campus women students informed concerning activities on campus and lo promote a better feeling of unit) among all women students at NSC. The various projects the TAWS have participated in are: ill Mom and Dad Day; (2) Homecoming; (3) Masquer- ade Dance; (4) Christmas At Home; (5) V.W.S.-TAWS Ban- quet, plus various other floats and activities. ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS 79 OFFICERS Helen Manitzas President Beverly Anthony Vice-President Paula Broussard Corresponding Secretary Betty Bradshaw Recording Secretary Mary Ferguson Treasurer Barbara Naylor Social Chairman Emma Bradshaw Publicity Chairman The Associated Women Students is an organization of all women students registered at the college, and is a member of the Intercollegiate Association of Women Students. The officers elected for the 1957-1958 session were delegate of the National A.W.S. Convention which was held in East Lansing, Michigan. The group gained much from this won- derful experience. The purpose of the A.W.S. is to promote, in cooperation with the Dean of Women, the intellectual, social, and spirit- ual welfare of the women students: to develop in the stu- dents a deep sense of self-responsibility; to instill a spirit of cooperation and friendship; and to uphold high social and academic standards among women students of the college. ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS The A.W.S. sponsors many activities which occupy the leisure hours of N.S.C. women students in much planning and work. These activities are enjoyed hy both men and women students as well as faculty. The year is begun by serving punch to the parents and students the first day of school . . . the Big Sister ' s Coke Party is always enjoyed by both Freshmen and upperclass women . . . everybody had a " howdy good time " at the " Howdy Dance " . . . the A.W.S. Assembly proved very informative and the Dean of (linen ' s Reception which followed ended a perfect evening . . . the Halloween Masquerade Dance was reallv lots of fun and we saw some strange faces . . . we were there to hack the Demons with a Homecoming float and we welcomed old alumni back . . . " Christmas at Home " was verj prettj and Residence Halls and the Town A.W.S. did a splendid presentation . . . the Christmas Carol Sing was l " ts of fun . . . the year was highlighted by the election of officers who were presented to the women students at the A.W.S. Banquet and at this time man) awards were presented to those -In- dents who have contributed to the college. CELEN MANITZAS BEVERLY ANTHONY PAULA llKOl svVKI) BETTY lllt. l s||. V M H FERGUSON l» ltl K v M.OK EMMA KK l)«ll H 81 MISS EVE MOITON Sponsor Left lo right Marlliu Johnson, Yvonne Coffey, Marilyn Robertson, Self, Beverly Anthony, THE PURPLE JACKETS Standing, left to right: Kuth Simmons, Mari Ferguson, Thelma Joyce Dupree, Reeta Gayle I alios, Ann l.ollin. The Purple Jacket Club, which was founded by President V. L. Roy in 1927, was the first honor club to be organized on the campus. Adorned in purple and white colors depicting loyalty, the Purple Jackets have portrayed service as they have served willingly and tirelessly as the official hostesses of the college, making of themselves an ageless tradition. The Purple Jacket Club may not have more than twenty- one active members. Each spring, at the Purple Jacket call- ing, women students who have demonstrated good scholar- ship, good character, and a desire to cooperate with all units of the college in unselfish service, are honored as the mem- ber Purple Jackets stand back and present their jacket to each new member. The list of new members is kept secret until the Purple Jacket calling, when a group of surprised and very happy girls are called. Other highlights of the club are the Purple Jacket Review and the Spring Trip. m Loyal, aren ' t they? ! M KM HERS OFFICERS mi Ruth Simmons President M un Ann Lofton ice-President Thelm Joyce I)i pree .Secretary Www Louise Ferguson Treasurer Miss Eve Mni ton Sponsor Beverly Anthoni I ' m la Broi ssard " l VONNE COFFE ' i THELM JOY( E l l PREE Carolyn Erwin M m;1 FeRCI -iin Martha Johnson DOROTHI LEIFESTl M n nn Lofton Elizabeth I!i rford Mi New Helen 1 nitz s I ' m Mmev i! irb ira n 1 lor |i n 1 1 Penned M Mill " i N ROBI RTSON LORD Si I I m i Hi in Sim wons Hi i i ( . m h Ti 1 1 os M KII 1 N HITMIRE lil I II 0OLRIDC1 In S urn RS Ki NNED1 Left to right: Barbara Naylor, Helen Manitzas, Idrih Penton, Paula Broussard, Carolyn Erwin. Standing, left to right: Lii McNew, Marilyn Wnltmlre, Pat Miley. Seated: Juuniiik Penney, i» in t !■ Leifeate, Standing, left to rigM: Virgrinia GremilMon, Yvonne Coffey, Jolin Kabb, Frances .Madden, Katye Myers, t ' barles Brown, Nancy Schinzler, Kath- leen Curry, Sylvia Ward, Freda Harrison, Nadine Sellers, Leuise Terral, Danny Cassis, Ben Richardson, Patsy Chapaton, Wayne Black, Joan Flores. Left to right: Wayne Black, Patsy Chapaton, Virginia Gremillion, Nadine Sellers. What ' s so funny, Giggles? The Great Pretenders. THE 1958 POTPOURRI JOAN II.OKKS Editor MARY DIM KICI.MAN Associate Fditor KATYE JKAN MYERS Business Mnnager i J — It must be hilarious! Man ' s we ' re really on the ball! You might say that 1958 was an uneventful year for the Potpourri staff; you might say that it was just the usual humdrum of a duty-filling year. Some people might say the Potpourri is an easy way to get one ' s name and picture in the book. Ha! Ha! Actually 1958 was a trying and difficult year to say the least. The end result was finally achieved, and here it is be- fore your eyes. It took work — work by day and work by night. Like any other organization, the staff was composed of those who do and those who don ' t, and likewise those who did and those who didn ' t. How good it was to see those who did! Actually, the usual dilemma of " putting out " a year book is bad enough; add to that deadlines, cancellations, retakes, decorat- ing for the " Ball " voting on a court, and typing on faulty typewriters, and you ' ve really had a year!! However, when you also add " Doc " Marx, a new office, the helping hand of various and sundry faculty members, the date nights taken by the girls, and the after-hours and beyond-the-call-of-duty work of the boys, the impossible can be reached. It was the at- tempted endeavor of the Staff to portray the life of the students at Northwestern: it was to this end we dedicated our work. And it was to this end we publish this 1958 edition of the Potpourri. It couldn ' t be the budget! The Big Four For the first year in the 43-year history of the paper, the 1957- 1958 Current Sauce was an all-student publication. The reporting, editing, printing and delivery of the paper to the students were all in the hands of Northwestern students. Printing of the paper on Northwestern " s own presses actually began on a trial basis late in the Spring of 1957 under the able leadership of previous Current Sauce Editor Jerry Byrd. Graphic Arts students assisted in the " shop " work. This move to make the Sauce an all- Northwestern paper was made permanent at the beginning of the 1957 summer session and continued throughout the year. Much of the success of this new program must be credited to the understanding guidance and coope ration of faculty members R. H. Humphrey. Sauce advisor, and Graphic Arts division instructors Roy Clark and Charles H. Wommack. The Current Sauce also began the 1957-1958 year in its new " home " — the offices having been moved at the beginning of the Fall from the Fine Arts building to Bullard Hall so that it would be nearer the Industrial Arts building where the printing was done. It has been the policy of the Current Sauce to be the weekly " Mirror " Standing, left to right: JoseMe Null, Kay Sawyer, I.uDell .letters, Artie lYimberly, Bill Spillers, Walter Kagles, I at Proskowetz, Jerry Pierce, i.iniia Carroway, Freddie Bosarge. Seated: Marilyn Robertson. MAKII.YN ROBERTSON Editor-in-Chief KAY SAWYER Business Manager ROBERT HUMPH KKY Sponsor THE 1958 CURRENT SAUCE Walt Disney at work — Just Milling Around I ' irst Row: Freddie Bosarge, Linda Caraway, .l«e Cnrringham, Walter Eagles, Tommj Henry. Second Row : I uDell Jeffers, Barold Minter, Jbsette Null, Jerrj Pierce, Pat Proskowetr. Third Huh: Jim Soiiean, Hill Spillers, Mi - fflmberiy. of activities ami happenings al Northwestern. Tin- -udF. % h i l«- facing the usual problems of all publications the weekl) deadline with " too little " or " too much " news has endeavored to keep (In- policj upper- it n •-- 1 ai all times. I he cooperation i f numerous other students and " I facult) members lia helped the staff in it- attempt in reflect the oews of people and activities " ' in the Hill. " Regular weekl) eight-page editions were issued each Friday except during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and exam week. There was one special issue the " Wreck Tech " edition which came out on Thursday and presented the staff ' s efforts in supporting the Demons, In the Spring staff members were honored al the annual Current Sauce banquet with trophies being presented t " the outstanding -tall members. The advertising end was well handled bj hardworking Business Manage) l!a Sawyei and Robert II. Humphrey gave valuable guidance and assistance as facult) adviser. The 1957-58 Sauce was edited l Marilyn Robertson Left to riitiit: LuDell .letTers, Raj Sawyer, Marilyn Robertson, Pal Proskowei . All Mink and no |)l:i Firs4 Row: Janice Adams, Doris Almgren, Edith Bray, Barney Brecheen, Marcia Fincher. Second Row: Sylvia George, Jolin King, Guy Leake, Lela Linch, Dorothy McGlothlin. Third Row: Maree Minturn, Richard Morgan, Fred Prussak, Jerry AValker. NSC. DEBATE Shocked, stunned, or dazed? DONALD GRAHAM Sponsor What ' s between you two? Derision at hand ! The 1957-58 Debate Squad attended 6 tournaments during the year. The scheduled tournaments were: Louisiana Tech. Tulane University, Mississippi Southern, Millsaps College, Southwestern Louisiana, and the tournament here at N. S. C. In addition to these competitions the squad was host to the 21st Annual High School Tournament, and the 23rd Annual Louisiana Speech Tournament for college students. This is the Debate Club ' s second year at N.S.C.. It was an enjoyable and worthwhile season for the squad. The club placed their major interest this year on learning the tech- nique of debate, since most of the team members were new- comers to debate competition. Under the capable direction of Donald L. Graham, the squad soon soared to an unimaginable height. That hick town ! ! I say 89 I)K. EDNA WEST Director DRAMATICS Good golly, Miss Molly! Marilyn Monroe? 1 1 Aggravation Plus. I give up! ! ! Where ' d Barbara k«-i those h«M ' »? Dr. Edna West, director of the College Theatre, opened the season of drama in the fall with a de- lightful comedy, " Time Out For Ginger Playing the leading roles were Jackie Morris. Sarah Whelan. and Kill Rambin. The play was very new in the line of productions usuall) put on l the Theatre. It a enjoyed l everyone and brought much praise. The other major production ol the year was the fantasy, " Skin of Our Teech. " The leading roles were played by Joan Davis. Lera Hennessey, and Wayne Black. This production was definitely something new for the group since it required moving the audience from one theatre to another. Throughout the year the group worked diligently and shared main lun-hlled moment, moment- which made the I ' ). " ),- ■ ' , ' year a great success. Can I that one? Kek ! A mouse] ! Daniel Llord ' s Puppets The Artist Series, under the sponsorship of the college as well as through the cooperation of the Natchitoches Concert Association, gives the students an opportunity to gain knowl- edge and develop appreciation with the realm of fine arts. Such outstanding attractions at the " Revelers " male quartet and a concert by the Pamplona Choir from Spain were fea- tured in the 1957-58 season. Other presentations were the Chicago Opera Ballet, Van Cliburn " a phenomenon of the piano. " and the Barter Theatre of Virginia. Climaxing the season was the appearance of Daniel Llord ' s puppets. Daniel Llords THE ARTIST SERIES 92 Oleg Briansky — Chicago Opera Ballet Sonia Arova — Chicago Opera Ballet Guest Artist — Chicago Opera Ballet Picture Cards Teach Sounds I want to play house! SPEECH AND HEARING CLINIC The Speech Department of N.S.C. provides activities valu- able to both speech majors and other students. The Speech and Hearing Clinic offers students the opportunity not only to observe, but also to participate in the correction of speech and hearing defects. The purpose of this clinic is to help those who need correction in speech and hearing and also to train students who wish to major in Speech Therapy. .N.S.C. students, children from the training school and nurs- cr school children are treated in the clinic. The Speech and Hearing Clinic is under the supervision of Miss Irma Stockwell. This department has been growing and is growing still in leaps and bounds! I like pictures, too! Apple for the pretty teacher A lesson in hearing Watching movements The Natch itoches-Northwestern Concert Orchestra is truly a community organization in that its members include elementary, high school, and college students, as well as college faculty and townspeople. The group presents four concerts during the academic year two public conceits and two Young People ' s Conceits lor the school children ol Natchitoches and nearby towns — and also provides music lor the spring se- mester commencement exercises. THE ORCHESTRA mi; ( Mil. I ( ( Director tin Vi !.- ft ! . ' I ■ ' i f i College Singers THE COLLEGE CHORUS DONALD (JLATTI.Y Director For many years there has been a growing feeling that a so-called liberal education is distinctly lacking when it fails to include some experience in the arts. One of the responsibilities of a department of music is to bring music significantly into the lives of as many students as possible. The College Chorus is or- ganized to afford the opportunity for many who are not specializing in music to pursue their musical in- terests. It is the desire of the Choral direction to make this course both interesting to the amateur and useful to the scholar. That the College Chorus has been remarkably suc- cessful is attested by the wide endorsement of its ac- tivities on the campus. Faculty members have cited its worthy content, and students, rising to the chal- lenge that it presents, report g reat enthusiasm for their increased understanding and appreciation of music. The College Singers form a group of the more talented singers within the College Chorus. A program of varied and personally repaging musical activities attempts to provide the best setting possible for the singer ' s development of vital musicianship. The group of singers has established an enviable reputa- tion and has traveled extensively throughout Louisiana. The various concert series presented on the campus bring music to the student body and the community, and certainly make a valuable contribution to the cultural life of North- western State College. THE COLLEGE SINGERS 9? mVIGHT I).A Is Director THE BAND The N.S.C. band of 1957-58 began its marching season bv introducing precision drill into its half-time football rou tines. The band participated in pep rallies, marched in various parades, and provided stadium entertainment at football games. After the football season ended, the band marched in the Natchitoches Christmas Lighting of the Lights Parade and OFFICERS Robert Eddy President Ken Hendrickson Vice-President Mary Sue Stevens Secretary-Treasurer (ii y Leake, Jr Reporter Ken Hendrickson Drum Major Willa Long Majorette Martha McBride Majorette Margaret Worsham Majorette Si .anne Champion Majorette Si e Childs Majorette Patricia I ' hi man Majorette Maurice Aaron ( lharlotte Baeder Dixie Berry Patricia Bobbitl Glenn Breedlove James Brumley James Lee ( larroll L. C. Cathej Linda Cato Su .annc ( Jiampion Sue Childs vonne loffe) Jerry Conerly Jerry ( toss Raymond Davis Robert Eddy ' laroly n Erwin Danny Farris Harold Flurry MEMBERS David Hardin Montrecia Harris Kenneth Hendrickson Da ill Jackson Paul Jemison F.rline Jennings Nancy Jones Marshal] Laffitte ia Lantrip A I l.anyon Thomas Latham l ' al Leach Guy Leake Lela Kay Linch Wade Lofton Willa Long Martha McBride Dallene M. Kirov Hita Michel ( linda Lou Mize Dwayne Nelson Sandra Noah Mary Oden Sarah Oliver Patricia Pittinan Elissa Reid Carolyn Roberts Linda Shiver Kendrick Smith Thomas Stephens Mary Sue Stevens Tra i- Stevens Ann Strickland Janice Trilsch I). W. Verdel 1 in ray Jean Warn Harney Ware Margaret Worshan Nedra oung finished the semester by reading a large amount of concert literature. During the spring semester the concert band presented a concert in the Fine Arts Auditorium and toured the state playing to several high schools. The final six weeks of the second semester was devoted to the praparation and playing of a series of weekly " pop " concerts which were presented to the Fine Arts Court. The literature played by the band ranged from marches and compositions of light type to the most challenging music written for the band idiom. The band ' s purpose is to repre- sent the college at various functions and to offer students an opportunity to participate in a musical organization. A lu-i taking lid easj Whoa, Demons!! KENNETH HKNDItK KSON Drum Major The Band M h +j m HLft KB m J + TOMMY LATHAM Director Forgot the note, Buddy? DEMONAIRES The Demonaires, Northwestern State College Dance Band, functions for the college and is a school-supported dance band. In this year ' s band there were thirteen members, com- posed of four saxes, six brass, and three rhythm instru- ments. The departments represented ranged from music to pre-engineering. The band played for weekly Wednesday night dances, after-game dances, All-College dances, class proms, the Homecoming Dance, and various other events. Mostly stock arrangements of standard ballads, up-tunes. and Latin American music along with some of the latest popular hits were used. Members of the band were Robert Eddy, lead alto sax; Janice Trilsch, second tenor sax; Jerry Cross, third alto sax; Danny Farris, fourth tenor sax; Paul Jemison, first trom- bone; Elmo Gentry, second trombone; Travis Stevens, third trombone; L. C. Cathey, first trumpet; Buddy Carroll, ride trumpet; Jerry Conerly, third trumpet; Montrecia Harris, piano; David Jackson, bass; and Tommy Latham, drums. The band was outfitted in white doeskin dance-band coats by the Student Council. This added much to the group ' s ap- pearance. Special thanks is given to Dean Frances Ellen Porter. Dean of Women, and to Professor Dwight G. Davis, Director of the N.S.C. Band for their untiring efforts in support of the dance band. Our Demonaires tf Qft First Bow: I.ii i ' Barillier, Beverlj I5a i«-r, Pat ik-i-he, Prances Bolton, I ' lnlli- Brewer, Irma Jean Bridges, Kittj Brown, Theodora r n, Marilyn Dodez. second Bow: Diana Dnpin, Margie Dyck, Virginia Evans, Anne Glass, Wanda Ball, Kii - milliard. Belen Bolleman, Cherie Johnston, Bett] Lacour. Third Bow: Lois Nell Lacour, Kathryn Lester, Cindj Linn, »j«ii 1 McCalla, Margie HcDaniel, Sandra Madera, Frances Madden, Lynn Mar- chand, Cherrie Oden. Fourth Bow: Wilms Pittman, Jnne Plnnket, Marilyn Beynolds, Jeanne Bice, Joann Bobinson, Darlyne Bogers, Paoline Spearman, Amelia Slay, Catbryn Smith. Fifth Bow: Montez smith, Nancj Stewart, 1 ' iiula Stawart, Nancj Sutton, l a Taggart, Edwina Thedford, Suzanne [inmnineUo, Wiskj Weber, Ann Wilson, Sue VWir. The Demonettes had a great l ' . 7 -. " ! ' session. A most attractive group marched i ight into Football season % i 1 11 terrific enthusiasm and desire to « 1 « well. Because of the wonderful spirit of cooperation tlie unit was able t present the very hest in half-time and parade entertainment. DEMONETTES TOP: The gang ' s all bere. BOTTOM, Standing-, lefl to rinlu: Belen Bolle- nian. Prances Bolton, June Plunkett, Irma -lean Johnson, Pegg] Jacobs, Margie Dyck, Beverlj Baxter, OFFICERS Ji ne Bash km Pli nkei i Hi kki. ' i H vi in President . . . Secretai y-Treasurei CHOREOGRAPHS COMMITTEE France- Bolton Helen Holleman Margie Dyck Pi ggj Smith Jacobs anda Hall Irma Jean Bridges M UOR lima Jean Bridges fifefrf MAJORETTES Basham Plunk, it Pegg) Smith Jacobs f4 r «-. ;. y :,. f r r " 1 !;« ree This beautiful home, . many elaborate social functions in the South, serves as the background for this petite Southern Belle, MISS BETTY JO SEMPLE. t J ' - 4 t t : Look at the little man And so we had a smoker INTRAFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council is the governing body of Men ' s Greek organizations on campus, composed of the presidents and two representatives from each organization. The 1958 Council was headed by Sigma Tau ' s Jim Plumb, with Pi Kap ' s John Wheat as Vice-President, and Teke ' s Truman Maynard as Secretary. The council works in strengthening the bonds of brother- hood among Greeks and furthering the fraternalistic stand- ards among all men on campus. OFFICERS Jim Plumb President John Wheat Vice-President Truman Maynard Secretary MEMBERS John Echols Mickey Murphy Danny Higdon Jim Plumb Truman Maynard John Rabb Dean Moore James Snyder John Wheat First Row: Echols, Higdon, Maynard, Moore, Murphy. Second Row: Plumb, Rabb, Snyder, Wheat. 104 Silent Night, Greek Style And so ice had a tea 0FF1CERS PAN-HELLENIC Ruth Penton President Mary Di Vice-President J J j X _L Clydie Knott Recording Secretin Barbara Naylor Corresponding Secretary Dorothy Leifeste Treasure, Mrs. Martha Wickett Sponsor The Panhellenic Council is composed of tlic five sororitj presidents, a senior and a junior representative of each MEMBERS group. Its purpose is to promote harmom and cooperation Kathleen Bailey Clydie Knott amon S the Gref ' k organizations on campus, and to further Paula Broussard Dorothy Leifeste understanding of the Creek world. Peggy Jo Duke Linnie McCain Each year the council presents an award to an undergrad- Mary Dunckelman Barbara Naylor uate woman who has shown herself wortln through scholar- Sylvia Ceorge Kuth Penton s hjp character, and sincerity of purpose. n award is also Addie Huckabay Barbara Thompson presented to a freshman girl making the highest academic Jo Ann Joffrion Reeta Gayle Tullos i 1 crt.- ui iii Sarah Whelan First Row: Bailey, Broussard, Duke, Dunckelman, Georgre, Huckaby, Joffrion, Knot-:. Second now: Leifeste, McCain, Saylor, Penton, Thompson, Tullos, w helan. k Jk A JkJiL. 1 105 h )l II I, 111 Ks | I: President ANN TOKKANS ■ • n tarj REETA (iAVI.K II l.l.ON Vice-President 1511. 1. IK STEPHENS Treasurer ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA ical eye and serve in Student Gogernment: these include . . . Peggy Buckley as Sophomore Class Representative. Fa e Gaines. Senior Class Repre-entative. Kitty Brown as Fresh- man Class Representative. Elizabeth Duke as Vice-President of Junior Class. Betty Jo Semple as Senior Class Seeretarv. Peggy Jo Duke as Pre=ident of the Town A.W.S.. Emma Bradshaw as Recording Secretary of the A.W.S. and Bett Bradshaw as Publicity Chairman of the A.W.S. . . . some, like kittv Brown. Rose Hihbard. Frances Bolton. Frances Madden. Margie Dvck. Margie McDaniel. Lois Neil LaCour. Wilma Pitt ' nan. and Theodore Croom chose to march and drill, and support the team with the Demonettes. plus two Demonette officers— Frances Bolton and Margie Dvck — guiding the group . . . others find time between all the extra-curricular activities to stud and are rewarded in their efforts by being made meinhers of Honorary organiza- tions, these including Billie Maude Stephens and Reeta Gayle PSI PS1 CHAPTER ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA . . . founded in Farmerville. Vir- ginia in 1901 . . . Psi Psi Chapter installed at Northwestern in 1930 . . . proud of the traditions and standards which have been estahlished and maintained . . . also happy to pass in review the accomplishments of the groups as a whole and individually throughout the past year . . . Under the capable leadership of Dorothy Leifeste. we regained possession of the silver candlesticks for scholarship among the sororities on campus . . . some of the girls view N.S.C. with a polit- Tullos in Kappa Delta Pi. Margie McDaniel. Fave Gaines. Wilma Pittsman. and Dean Mayes in Pi Omega Pi. and iti the Purple Jackets. Dorothy Leifeste. and Reeta Gavle Tul- los . . . with Shirley Russell. Potpourri Beautv. and Beverh Cranberry in the State Fair Court — two exciting events . . . an outstanding group of girls bound together by high stand- ards, by common interests, by learning the satisfaction of sharing with others, and by the innumerable joys and happ moments which are a part of our sisterhood. A be f Soutr . «[| ! Ih-i-ii belli Scarlett herself — with Rhett?? ( liarlie Brown — oops, pardon — Black 1C6 m First Row: Frances Bolton, Betty Brad- shaw, Emma Bradshaw, Betty Bremer, Kitty Brown. Second Row: Peggy Buckley. Theodore Croom, Lois Ann Doss, Elizabeth Duke. Peggy Jo Duke. Third Row: Margie Dyck. Faye Gaines. Beverly Granberry, Rose Hibbard, Inez. Hill. Fourth Row: Bettie Hungerbeeler. Lois Nell LaCour, Marcelle Lee, Frances Mad- den, Dean Mays. Fifth Row: Jan McCorley, Margie Mi- Daniel. Rita Miehal. Wilma Pittman. Rose Marie Quaid. Sixth Row: Shirley Russell, Claire Salter, Ethelyn Scroggins. Betty Jo Semple, Caro- lyn Smith. Seventh Row: Patricia Spigener, Jane Thompson. Sylvia Ward, Mary WTlkie, Bon- nie Williams. Anyone for swimming? 1C7 n First Row: Kathleen Bailey, Lucie Barri- lier Hazel Barnes, Mickey Beckman. Jane Brown. Second Row: Gave Clark, Joan Davis, Sue Durrett, Marva Glover, Sandra Glover. Third Row: Anne Gray, Wanda Hall, Alice Harmon, Syrita Johns, Pat Landry. Fourth Row: Adele Lattier, Frances Leach, Sandy McCalla, Carolyn Michaud, Blanche Miller. Fifth Row: Anita Mixon, Mary Mosely, Yvonne Nettles, Joan Norris, Lucie Petty. Sixth Row: Jerre Prestridge, Jo Ann Rob- inson, Janelle Rue, Sally Rutledge, Nadine Sellers. Seventh Row: Alice Stephens, Ann Wil- son. He huffed and he puffed . . . 108 Delta Zeta, under the guidance of President Ruth Penton, has completed a very successful year which leaves many fond memories and pleasant dreams of the future among its members. Delta Zeta ' s are proud of Flamingo Club members Ann Wilson and Olivia Colvin . . . Demonettes Sandy McCalla, Ann Wilson, Wanda Hall. Lucie Barillier, Jo Ann Robinson . . . College Singers Joan Davis. Blanche Miller, Sally Rutledge . . . Actresses Joan Davis, Sandra Glover, Lucie Barillier . . . debater Joan Norris. Homecoming Court claimed Marva Glover, Caro- lyn Michaud, and Lucie Barillier . . . while Marva EPSILON BETA CHAPTER Kl III I ' KNTON President ADIMK HUCKABI Corresponding Secretarj ' l I V I A ( ()l. IN ice-President M UR1 (.1 NNINt, Recording Secretarj DELTA ZETA and Yvonne Nettles were chosen the most beautiful Freshman girls. Reigning as " Miss Merry Christmas " and Forestrj Queen is Marva Glover . . . Potpourri Beaut) Alice Harmon . . . Sophomore Council Staff As- sistant and Judiciary Board member Frances Leach. Serving as President of Panhellenic and also as a Purple Jacket is DZ ' s own Ruth Penton ... a- Sec- retary of the Davis Players Joan Davis . . . Nice- President of the PEM Club Jane Brown ... a- a er capable member of the Artist Series Staff Yvonne Nettles ... a- . . S. Council members nn Wilson. Sally Rutledge. Frances Leach and Ruth Penton. A wonderful group of girls who know, but cannot express in word- the meaning of Delta Zeta which now tops the list of National Sororities with the mosl college and university chapter-. I it really champagne? Moment f decision Don ' t lean loo far. Rill! 109 BARBARA NAM. OK President I.INNIK McCAIN Recording Secretary PAULA BROUSSARD ' ire-1 ' resiilenl JOAN 1 l.OltKS Corresponding: Secretary PI KAPPA SIGMA A. — stands for the Keynote of Pi Kappa Sigma, which is our long standing representation of the hospitality so tradi- tional to the Deep South. Serving willingly and tire- lessly as official hostesses for N.S.C. are our Purple Jackets. Barbara Naylor and Paula Broussard. Our sponsor. Dr. Yvonne Phillips, represents our facultv hostess, as well as a great social hostess. A — stands for the numerous Activities participated in bv the following members: Potpourri Editor and Business Manager. Joan Flores and Katve Myers, respectively; Alpha Beta Alpha. Judy Morgan; Our energetic mem- bers in the PEM and Modern Dance Clubs. LaVerle Allen and Marilyn Taylor: our domestic members. Jean Laurent and Barbara Beebe in the Euthenics Club; and Cail Mitchell who serves as Secretary of the SNEA. IttkeJ ALPHA BETA CHAPTER P — stands for our President, Barbara Naylor, who guided us through our Sixty-third Anniversary efficiently and successfully. — stands for Influence in student government exemplified by Joan Flores. who served on the Disciplinary Com- mittee : Cail Mitchell and Paula Broussard. both on the Judiciary Board: Barbara Navlor and Paula Broussard. Social Chairman and Corresponding Secretary of the A.W.S. respectively, and Janell Harkins. Council mem- ber of the A.W.S. : Marguerite Guice and Gail Mitchell, both Student Councelor Staff Assistant-. P — stands for Pulchuitrude, in which Pi Kap is definitely not lacking. Three of our members were among the top 15 finalists in the judging for the Potpourri beauties — Barbara Naylor. Paula Broussard. and Dot Blount. In the Demonettes we have Jerri Oliver, the new presi- dent, and Peggy Jacobs, a majorette. Ann Carroway and Dot Blount give eye appeal to the N.S.C. band b serving as majorettes. We are also proud to claim Addie Sue Cowden. Louisiana ' s Dogwood Queen and member of the Sugar Bowl Court, and Barbara Navlor. one of the maids in the Stale Fair Court. 1 ' i (tap ' s " Greatest Show on Earth " . ! . Zoo Parade Whatever Panthee wants, I ' antlu-e gets — 1)0 u First Row: LaVerle Allen, Barbara Beehe, Dot Blount. Second Row: Martha Carroll, Anne Carro- way. Addie Sue Cowden. Third Row: Marguerite Guice, Janelle Harkins. Venita Ann Higgs. Fourth Row: Peggy Jacobs. Martha James. Connie Johnson. FIFTH Row: Jean Laurent. Gail Mitchell. Judy Morgan. Sixth Row: Katye Myers. Jerri Oliver, Marilyn Taylor. Pauline Ward. H.I faithful 111 Ill First Row: Shirley Ackel, Nancy Albright. Jeanne Andrepont, Georgia Ann Bailes. Loring Campbell, Ann Campbell. Second Row: Sue Childs, Catherine Col- lines, Carol Sue Craig, Sandra Dougherty. Delma Donahoe, Virginia Ellzey. Third Row: Melba Ferguson, Barbara Fess, Sylvia George, Patsy Gladden, Patsy Goldsby, Rosemary Grisham. Fourth Row: Elva Groves, Stella Harper, Helen Holleman, Judy Hubley, Lynne Hub- ley, Sue ImhofT. Fifth Row: Cherie Johnston, Gail Joseph, Cecilia Landry, Felice Lemoine, Cindy Linn, Nancy McNair. Sixth Row: Yvonne Mansour, Marie Mar- tin, Mary Jo Masingill, Madelyn Mischler, Jo Ann Needham, Margaret Ann Nolan. Seventh Row: Juanita Penney, Patricia Pittman, June Plunkett, Elissa Reid, Beth Sanders, Cullyne Scott. Eighth Row: Sally Sers, Marie Stafford, Ann Stewart, Marie Swann, Suzanne Swann, Anita Titone. Ninth Row: Sue Weir, Linda Whitehead. Joan Wilson. Full house With our own Mis- Potpourri, Marj Dunckelman. at the reins. Tri Sigma is happ] to present a review of a successful and exciting year. We were well represented at athletic events this year . . . Pat Lister and Margaret Ann Nolan leading cheers . . . high stepping Sigma Majorettes Pat Pittman and Sue Childs . . . and Demonette majorette and President June Plunkett. leading many Tri Sigmas in that group. Serving N.S.C. in many ways ... Liz McNew and Juanita Penney, Purple Jackets . . . Shirley Ackel and Sally Jo Sers. Town A.W.S. . . . Anita Titone. President of the Newman Club and Cayle Joseph, Secre- tary of that group . . . Madelyn Mischler, Chairman of Westminster Fellowship . . . Liz McNew. Stella Harper. Suzanne Swann. Catherine Collins, June Plunkett and Bobb Fess served as Student Councilor Staff Assistants . . . and Nancy Albright, Program Chairman of Stu- dent Nurses Association. We had entertaining Sigmas this year too . . . " Butch " Vndrepont, Lynna Hubley. and Mary Jo Massingill a- College Singers . . . Judy Hubley. Mary Jo Massingill, Liz McNew. and Sail) Jo Sers handling the dancing end in the Modern Dance (Hub. Other organizations claimed Tri Sigmas . . . such as the Euthenics ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER MARY 1)1 N( KKI.M AN President PAT LISTER Corresponding Secretary JO nn JOFFRIOK ice-PresidenI RACHEL. ROBERTS Recording Secretarj 1 9 ]9 91JH9 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Club with Rachel Robert-: President, Sue Swann: Vice-President, Cecilia Landry; parliamentarian, " Butch " Andrepont; Secretary, and State Officer. Jo Ann Joffrion . . . Beta Beta Beta biological honoi societ] boa-ted of Mar Dunckelman: Treasurer, and l!obb Fess; Secretary, with main other Tri Sigmas . . . Debater Sylvia George . . . and Pi Omega I ' i member, Sue Oaig . . . Kappa Omega I ' i claimed Anita Titone and Jo Vnn Needham. Leading political affairs . . . Mar] Dunckelman, Co-ed Vice-Presi- dent; Jo nn Joffrion, Treasurer ol Student Body; Lei ilia Landry, Junior Class Representative, and Sails Jo Sers. Junior Class Secretary. Honors galore were bestowed upon luck] Tri Sigma- . . . Juanita Penney, Male Fair Queen with Margaret Vnn Nolan and Carolyn Spruil] as maid- . . . Helen llolleman. Homecoming Queen with Juanita Pennej as Maid . . . Sylvia George, Sweetheart ol I ' i Kappa Phi fratemit) . . . and Sue Imhoff, ROT Sponsor. This has been a wonderful year % i 1 1 1 happ) and hard-working girls; rallying around our officers during Inspection, Rush, House Improve ment, Homec ing and man] othei activities. Oui pledges represent not onl] quantity, but qualit] and we are ver] i id ol eai h ol them. Out thanks go to Eve Mouton and oui alumnae Foi theii support in all we attempted. To all our graduating Sigmas remembei " Don ' t l " i get, sweet violets and Tri Sigma days we knew ! " Happy Tri Sigmas! ur pride and joj Tri Sigma g -- Calypso CLYDIE KNOTT President MARCTA FINCHES Recording ' Secretary CAROLYN MOSS Vice-President MURRAY JEAN WANNAMAKER Treasurer THETA SIGMA UPSILON President of Davis Players and recipient of the k Edna " for the best Supporting Actress of the year . . . Mit Willis, President of Wesley Foundation and President of the Pledge Class . . . College Singers, Jolene Johnson and Murry Jean Wannamak- er . . . Band Members, Cindy Lou Mize, and Gay Lantrip . . . high-stepping Majorette Suanne Cham- pion . . . Debaters, Marcia Fincher, Doris Aim- green, Janice Adams, Frances Jackson, and Mit Wil- lis .. . Maree Minturn, President of Alpha Psi Omega . . . Nita Layfield, Panhellenic Representa- tive . . . Kari Kolb Shillings, who married our Theta Beau of ' 57 . . . Artie Wimberly, Society KAPPA CHAPTER Theta Sig under the capable guidance of President Clydie Knott, opened the ' 57- ' 58 season with a bang by getting nineteen peppy new pledges. Theta Sig is proud to claim . . . Rose Escott, Rose of Sigma Tau, ROTC Sponsor and Vice-Presi- dent of the Modern Dance Club . . . Sarah Whelan, Editor of the Current Sauce . . . Lera Hennsey, the gal who plans the parties . . . two gals who may not always be in the spotlight, but who have been there to lend a hand when needed, our Vice-Presidents, Caro- lyn Moss and Barbara Thompson . . . And our Sponsor, Pat Brown whom we feel was responsible for much of the success of Theta Sig this year. A lesson in geography 114 BIT First Row: Janice Adams, Doris Ahngren, Pat Brown, Barbara Campbell. Second Row: Suanne Champion, Wanda Jean Christian. Audrey Cockrell, Connie Dupris. Third Row: Rose Escott, Alice Farmer. Kathy Feltman, Barbara Hames. Foi ' RTH Row: Lera Hennesey, Frances Jackson, Jolene Johnson, Nita Faye Lafield. Fifth Row: Gay Lantrip, Gaytha Mclnnis. Betty McMahan, Maree Minturn. Sixth Row: Cinda Lou Mize, Ingrid Peter- son, Peggy Jo Robinson, Kari Shillings. Seventh Row: Barbara Thompson, Sarah Whelan, Mildred Willis, Artie Wimb.-rlr . Getting the la i minute details 115 n J js %. ] » ?£ " |[ 0 rf-l -£ -i First Row: Maxie Almond, Roy Baldwin, Earl Bonds, John Barkate. Second Row: Charles Bice, James Blister, L. C. Cathey, Don Cook. Third Row: John Echols, Hney Fitch, Charles Fulco, Alec Hutton. Fourth Row: David Jackson, Terry Jef- fries, Jack Jines, K. W. Moore. Fifth Row: Danny Phillips, Billy Plnn- kett, Albert Tuminello, Charles Varnell. Sixth Row: Charles Whitehead, John Wheat. We ' ve been merry — when do we eat and drink? After two years of national membership in Pi Kappa Phi, Beta Omicron chapter has enjoyed the work and play which has been done together as is expected in a fraternity. This is proven by the Na- tional rating where this chapter was listed in the num- ber eight in the nation — also by one of our Sweet- hearts of last year being selected as runner-up in the National Rose Contest. The Rose Ball held this year was an overwhelming success with its climax being the presentation of the Chapter Sweetheart; this year going to Miss Sylvia George. Of course the Chapter is proud of its functions and its sweethearts, but most of all it is proud of its men. BETA OMICRON CHAPTER ROBERT KK1.1.KT President MICKEY Ml Itlin Treasurer II GENE M III Secretary O. Y. STARKS Historian PI KAPPA PHI President Robert " Wimpy " Kelley has had his talents appreciated b other organizations; being elected President of the Student Federation of Louisiana Col- leges and Universities and also this highest office in Robert E. Sylvest Company, Association of the United States Army . . . John Barkate. Vice-President of Pi Kpsilon Kappa. Physical Education Fraternity, and Junior Class Representative . . . Mickev Murph and Don Cook. Varsity Gymnastic Team . . . Larry Bell, Manager ol the Demonettes . . . John Echols, ice- President of the Math Club . . . Budd) Carroll. Demonaires. The spirit oi brotherhood prevailing in the Chapter and the individual contributions made tlii- year a suc- cess; and these traits are now being passed on to the pledges to insure a continued success in the future. Gol ii made, Imli. Buck? Our Sweetheart Go, man. ;; ■ ! ! JIM I ' LIMB President JKKKY HOY Treasurer OWN MOORE Vice-President (HARLES LaROU.X Kecordinic Secretary SIGMA T A U GAMMA Captain of the ROTC Drill Team . . . Olin Dean Moore, Vice President . . . Jerry Roy, Treasurer . . . Charles LaRoux, Recording Secretary . . . Charles Ainsworth, Chaplain . . . Bill Cone, Pledge- master . . . John Otwell, Sergeant-at-Arms . . . Kenneth Smith, Jester . . . Danny Boyt, Cheerlead- er .. . Danny Higdon, Reporter . . . Wayne Black, Actor Extraordinary . . . and last but always re- membered, Dr. Rodrick Outland, the man who lays claim to the love of every Tau. A special salute is extended to our lovely Rose for 1957- ' 58, Rose Escott, who was presented at the an- nual White Rose Ball. This year ' s ball, headlined by the name band of Dale Hawkins, was an unforgetable event. NU CHAPTER Nu Chapter, Sigma Tau Gamma, formerly known as Sigma Delta Tau, graduated from a local to a na- tional fraternity on January 19, 1929. Outstanding leadership, spirit, and intense pride, coupled with " the greatest bunch of pledges ever, " makes this one of our finest years. Nu Chapter, noted for the quality of men chosen, takes pride in saluting our brothers . . . Jim Plumb, President of Nu Chapter, President of Interfraternity Council, and The largest pledge representation of the campus . . . Kevin Sullivan, Riso Escott, Nicky Ferlitto, Kevin Lynch, Dan Coker, Ben Richardson, Bill Car- ter, Jerome Claes, Ken Smith, Jimmy Helverson, Hugh Durham, Don Scoggins, and our " Pledge of the Year, " Ronnie Smith. We hope that in some small way we have main- tained the proud tradition which was initiated by our predecessors. Rosie ' s big moment Congratulations, pledge! That ' s not mistletoe! ITT First Row: Charles Ainsworth, Wayne Black, Danny Boyt, W. F. Carter. Second Row: Jerome Claes, Dan Coker, Bill Cone, Hugh Durham. Third Row: Rico Escott, J. W. Gaines, Jimmy Helverson. Danny Higdon. Fourth Row: Kevin Lynch, Ray Morgan. John Otwell, Ben Richardson. Fifth Row: Don Scroggins, Joe Shillings, David Slay, Ken Smith. SlXTH Row : Bonnie Smith, Kevin Sullivan. Shake, baby, shake! 119 TKE First Row: Tom Baker, Charles Brown, Johnny Creech. Second Row: Frances Daniels, Warren Frisbee, Jimmy Hammons. Third Row: Elmer Hatton, Frank Hudson, Leo Montgomery. Fourth Row: Bill Morgan, Henry Scrog- gins, Ralph Sparks. Fifth Row: James Walker, Buddy Wel l . Bill Wood. Our gal Sandra 120 Installed as an active chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon, one of the foremost national fraternities of the nation, on May 5, 1957. Epsilon I psilon has enjoyed a most successful and gratifying ear. The chapter has succeeded in introducing to N.S.C. the principles of fraternalism ct forth by Tau Kappa Epsilon. Proud of the men who compose its ranks, the Chapter lists on its scroll such names as: first Prytanis of the Chap- ter. Truman Maynard . . . Epiprytanis, James Snyder, who also serves as a Captain in ROTC . . . Crvsophvlos. Ronald Harlan. Chemistry Club member . . . Grammateus. John Rabb. Associate Editor of the Potpourri . . . Pylortes. Bill Wood. Pi Omega Pi member and Assistant Staff Officer in the ROTC . . . Hypophetes. Jimmy Hammons. President of the Junior Class. Math Club member, and Treasurer of the Political Science Society . . . Histor. Charles Brown, ssoci- ate Business Manager and Military Editor of the POTPOURRI and Vice-President of the Sophomore Class . . . Hegemon, EPSILON UPSILON CHAPTER TRUMAN MAYNARI) JAMES SNYDEB President Vice-President JOHN RABB RONALD HAlil.AN Secretory Treasurer TAU KAPPA EPSILON Frank Hudson. Drill Team member . . . James Walker. Beta Beta Beta member . . . past liegeman, Bill Morgan . . . Johnnj Creech, Freshman Cheerleader. Due special recognition is our most gracious Sweetheart. Sandra Harlan. Dr. Man Crosby, our Faculty Vdviser and those members who donned the cap and " own in L957-58 — Jackie Scroggins. Bill Wood. James Snyder, and Ronald Harlan. These men. along with the other members of the Chapter, have been responsible for the success of the Chapter ' s main social functions Rush Week, the IKE Boom dame and the Spring Round-up. Grateful for the contributions of its members which have led to success in introducing the principles ol Tau Kappa Epsilon to N.S.C. and success in its social functions, Epsilon I psilon chapter of IKE expresses hope for the further ad- vancement of fraternalism at Northwestern in the years to come. Sing, boys, sing! Thai ' s no -li« ' ck. Truman! We conquered 1 1 « 1 1 ■« v, I s t ROSE ESCOTT R ose of Sigma Tau Gamma SYLVIA GEORGE Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart SANDRA HARLAN Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilou FRATERNITY FAVORITES j f x JOHN RABB LACEY LOFTIN CHARLES LA RO Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Pi Kappa Sigma SORORITY BEAUS BILLY CONE JOEL PENTON Thetu Sigma Upsilon Di ' lttt ' .rta m: VLi • •J TM i w§ X mmmmmem J» " ' ! IK1 HI I II Mil fe cS ' i- ' a iffl niiin-i TZT ' " " ' 1 " :™: vJ2 Southern mansion are well reflected in the presence of MISS MARY DUNCKELMAN. ' : mfo ■■ .. ' -r r : ,H r I ■ ■ A V £ 3S. R : » % r I x = -Wpr h h p • i ra J HOW THEY WERE CHOSEN Scandal sheet, girls???? It ' s like this girls c. }i if Sri V jS Th : • " « " ■■ " WESTERN UNION TELEGRAM « ' • .:■:■.: NI. = Nlsht Um-t » STANDARD 1 .STINDARDTIME. AM 8 05 u tine on ,l »mi«ilc id«w JNSA010 SSH360 = NS SVA5?6 LONG NL PD=SHREVEPORT LA 18= tMISS JOAN FL0RES= «67 NOV 19 BOX 996 NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE NATCHITOCHES LA= DEAR MISS FLORES LISTED BELOW IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER OR THE NAMES OF 15 YOUNG LADIES CHOSEN BY YOUR JUDGES AS OUTSTANDING BEAUTIES FOR YOUR 1958 YEARBOOK: PAT BARKER, DOT BLOUNT, PAULA BROUSSARD, MAXINE BROWDER, BOBBIE SUE CRAFT, CHARLENE CAILLETEAU, KAHNE DIPAOLA, ROSEMARY GRISHAM, ALICE FAYE HARMON, JERRY LASITER, BARBARA NAYLOR, ELAINE NEAL, JUANITA PENNY, MARY BLANCHE POSTNELL, SHIRLEY RUSSELL WITH SO MANY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS TO CHOOSE FROM IT WAS A VERY DIFFICULT TASK TO CHOOSE ONLY FIFTEEN AND WE REGRET THAT ALL OF THEM COULD NOT BE WINNERS THIS TIME. ON BEHALF OF ROSE MARGARET HARTON AND MRS MENASCO I WISH TO THANK ALL OF YOU FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF VIEWING AND SELECTING YOUR BEAUTIES, SINCERELY YOURS= ROBERT F MENASCO=« MRS. RORERT F. MENASCO MRS. ROSE MARGARET MARION On November 1 " a group of about Eort) nervous and excited girls met in the Little Theatei for llie 1957-58 N.S.C. Beaut Election. Seated in the theater judging the girls on facial beaut) alone were the judges from Shreveport who were chosen l the Editor and stall of the POTPOI RRI. The judges. Mi. Robert I " . Menasco, of the well-known Menas- co ' s Studio. i r Robert F. Menasco. wife ol the photog- rapher, and Mrs. Rose Margaret Hoi ton. well-known Societ) Editor of the Shreveport Journal, narrowed the group down to fifteen girls from which the top eight were chosen. much appreciated break in the long judging came when refreshments wen- serve d in the Green Room. I lie judging ended with suspense lasting through the yeai since the beauties were ke| t a secret until the Potpourr] came out. Look ill all thiil hair! Janell — under hj pnosie ■ jr 1 i •i J, ■ - ■ " V ■ ; ta " % I ■ i ■ ■ tf V h f W CJLs j$c l C - - Z ■ a r « ■ CSUS M»Z k 7 h L ALt-JL £) ± £u ctr m ■ flZ t L 4 _ C£ j - l m H ■ i CAMPUS QUEENS x N.S.C. boasts of many students who are " in the news " ' throughout the state as well as on our campus. This year we list among these the Forest Festival Queen. The Domino Queen, and the Dogwood Queen, as well as our own State Fair and Homecoming Queens. We feel that these girls are a tribute to Louisiana and to Northwestern. ADDIE SUE COWDEN Dogwood Queen LOIS ANN DOSS Domino Queen HELEN HOLLEMAN Homecoming Queen MARUA GLOVER Forestry Queen JUANITA PENNEY State Fair Queen The royal court The Ace of Spades and the Queen of Hearts POTPOURRI BALL This year the Potpourri court was selected on the l a i of scholarship, talent, personality, participation in student government, appropriateness in dress, and congeniality. The girl with the best combination of these was chosen as Miss Potpourri. As favors, each member oi the court received a bracelel with an inscrip- tion and the initials of the girl on it. The election of lis Potpourri ;i- kept secret until the time of the presentation at the Hall. Among a setting of columns, and moss-hung trees, the members l the court were presented. At this time. President k ser presented MARTl DUNCKELMAN, Miss Potpourri, with two do en yellow roses. iii.i- present! were never lik«- this before!! ! Doc ' s .1. ii-i ' i Where ' s ■■■«• food? BEVERLY ANTHONY Miss N.S.C. ; Sophomore Coun- selor; Junior House Director; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Purple Jackets; A.W.S. Vice-President; Y.W.A. Presi- dent. B.S.U. Council; Potpour- ri Court ; W.R.A. Secretary- Treasurer. ROBERT F. KELLEY Cheerleader 1954: Pi Omega Pi; President Student Federa- tion of Louisiana Colleges and Universities; Secretary. Associ- ation of the U. S. Army; Vice- President, Inter - Fraternity Council; Dormitory President. 1957; President Association of the U. S. Army; Student Coun- cil, 1958. HALL OF FAME The Hall of Fame is an honor bestowed upon a number of outstanding Seniors who have given of themselves much time and energy in serving the col- DIAMANTIS CASSIS Art Editor of the Potpourri; President, New Dorm 1958; Robert Sylvest Company. Asso- ciation of U. S. Army. ANITA RUTH SIMMONS Purple lac kit-. President; Kap- pa Delia Pi; Pi Omega Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; A.W.S. Judi- ciar Board ; Potpoi rri Court ; B.S.U. Council; Student Coun- cil, 1957: Dormitory Council, L954-1956. ELIZABETH BIRFORD MoNEW Cheerleader. 1956-57; Purple Jacket : Miss N.S.C. Nominee: Social Chairman. A.W.S.; ROTC Sponsor, 1957; Home- coming Court 1957; State Fair Court 1957; W.R.A. Council 1957; PEM Club. President 1958; Contemporary Dance Cluh. President 1958; Student Counselor Staff Assistant. 1958. SHIRRAL DAVID JENNINGS President Junior Class, 1957: Vice-President, Student Coun- cil 1958: B.S.U. President, 1958; College Singers; Dormi- torj Council: Mr. N.S.C. lege. This year these Seniors were chosen by a com- mittee composed of the Dean of Student Relations and the President. It was their endeavor to select the niosi worth) students however, man) deserving -in- dents have been omitted due to the limited number to be selected. CHARLES HENN1GAN " N " Cluh President 1958; Foot- ball, 1955-58; Co-CaDtain. F - ball, 1958: Track. 1955-58; Co- Captain, track, 1958 Ul-GSC Football, 1958. Jl AMI PENNED Purple Jackets ; Student Senate, I ' Aio : St udenl ( ouncil, ice President foi Women, 1957; Maid " i He i. State Fait out i. 1957 : State Fail !oui i Queen, 1958; Potpoi rri beau ty, I 1 ' " .: 58; Miss N.S. . Nomi- nee, 1958; Junioi House I irei i..,. 1957. i J ' v. TLh . ..n.% ?re V- c B ifas ■ 1 J JC1« 1 5 ? 3J ANOTHER VICTIM FOR YOU. MURPHEY . . m LOU, WHATCHA LOOKING FOR? Ife- ' % .Mr - w rv -% U I T iri-i ifl I SAY, OLE CHAP! ft t n nf •«■« .«%.. en «w fill . - 355 . , -W y - -V V-. vm-f i. i2? lz£. 3M ; .1 i I ll YOUNG LADY, YOU ' VE GOT TROUBLES . WT WWZ +j ' IT. ' « 0» _ _ i w V " ?:i iA 5fe £ » DOC, I DON ' T BELIEVE A WORD YOU ' RE SAYING 8l1u 4 j m$t if fifl r 4 hi r. ' _ n I mMMW llll M-- iLi ' rj y.Afc ' « THE PICTURE SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! itfBSS re ' ! i •■ J ' € r " |»M %» CP .r I Ml ■ % IF ALL LITTLE GIRLS WERE LIKE DIAMONDS AND RUBIES . 1 M W " £wt r ' i ' -i 0EHON5 -- GEM OF GSC L}f 4 Y £ H! AND r HEY CAN TWi Rl ! ' M2 Oq 4 ys i T ir fL i » i it y 4 r v » ---4mj g IAm SflBg? WHOA, NELLIE! • , ' X PHEW! « J •• W tiflfe . M k w si KELL V R) RR) CHr ' s rKi. AS a £ m 7 V «f WJ a v f mm m j m£ IT ' S THE PAJAMAS THAT COUNT!! 4+c " .«■«•-=. mil ■ f % w J . N V TT »£KH ■ Ml n recii : «j fr] 1 THE PAJAMA GAME i », ftti, « a ' f-w I sEt ' V .- THE DEMON HITS THE DRINK. _ 2_= Kiyi W H . AT LO VBL , C(JR L 5! i N TyV 5- THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS . ' : o HT » 5 t II OO ? fl £ (y r ty °o s « K « ! »» a4 i ■|tKN i» • S__ W %m v z —u y x vs ,? WWB - «H This colonial mansion of stately architecture, home of a great Southern General, has featured in its foreground an outstanding young lady, MISS RUTH SIMMONS. 4F ' W I i. Culoiu-I Christian G. Kiu-hlke Major Quellm I). Holler, Captain Richard G. Wysong N. S. C. R. O. T. C. Today the young men of America are being called upon to defend their way of life against the aggressive forces of Communism. our responsiveness and pre- paration lor this call will determine, to a great extent, the position ol America in the world of tomorrow. The nation needs well-trained, capable young men. The present methods ol warfare, which stress quality and mobility, demand longer periods ol training for active service in I lie Armed Forces. The Reserve Of- ficers Training Corps offers you an excellent oppor- 156 sealed left to right: M Sgrt. Hammond, MSP Port, 8FC Kuehn. Standing: 8FC Miller, 8GP Walker, sl ' l Schumaker, SF1 Cotton. KATTAUON STAFF adel l.i. ■ . i i i.. i.iiii Schorr l irst Row: Mii.i. Ralph Horeau, -i r Pal Barker, l.i. Col. Gerald . Schorr, Maj. Lace) Lofton. Second Row: Capt. Do nald Cook, apt. Gerald Cloutier, Capt. Lorraine H ' allinirsford. m ill !L1 L-U mmm .. i I iwsr = i ■ II IP J I ..1 Alfred (i. Anderson, tialen I,. Bailey, Fdward L. Barrett, William Carter, Roger F. Christian, Louis 3. Claes, Gerald W. Cloiitier, Dan Coker, Billy J. C»ne, Thomas B. Creed, William H. Curtis, Francis M. Daniels, Barold Dubois, Richard E. Bscott, Johnny ). Falcon, Joseph T. Francis, Charles K. Fulco, Jr., Victor O. Gulley, David B. Howard, Frank O. Hudson, Jack I). .lines, Lawrence K. F.Mich, Hcnn B, McDowell, Jr., William W. Parsons, Hugh F. Phil- lips, James I ' . Plumb, Kohert I.. Risor, Jerry H. Roy, Alvin D. Sanders, Bon A. Seng-gins, William B. Stewart, Troj J. Strother, James E, Tidwell, Wayne I Williamson, Kay R. Winstead. HEADQUARTERS COMPANY Cap . Joseph Francis, 1st Ft. Jim Plumb. timity to combine this training with your college edu- cation. Through the ROTC, the outstanding college men of the nation offer both reserve and active service to our country. This provides our nation with capable officers ready to serve in time of need. In turn, these men receive the honors and distinctions which ac- company military service for a great nation. The Reserve Officers Training Corps at Northwest- 158 ■I 1 I V V v : ' — • « Jimmy A. Adkins, Philip R. Bacilla, Roj (J. Baldwin, Lndwig S. Bandaries, Jr., Hillie it. Berry, Lather 1 . Blevins, James E. Blister, Barrj K, Broad- water, Warren ( ' . Brown, Satnmie L, Bruce, George 1). Hurt, Thomas N. Cheek, Lmnv .1. Chopin, .Jerry M. Conerley, Jimmie c. Crowder, Andrew l . Der ' ree .e, Herbert J. Bidier, Everett (•. Doerge, Clyde l . Drewett, liuuii C Durham, David F. Bason, Rog-er T. Evans, Waymon C, Florice, Warren l risi ee, Thomas K. Harris, Billy H. Haynes, Hubert I. Hooker, Hobby .1. Howell, (alt in A. Johnson, Lovick H. Johnson, Gerald I Jordan, Clarence D. Little, J, M. Maricelli, Truman Haynard, Samuel it. Newman, Kenneth L. Norris, Milton C Parker, Charles M. l ' artin, Hillj .1. Peterson, Lynn W. Powell, Panl Ribaudo, Charles I). Rousseau, Carl Smith, Kendrick I), smith, Dale C. Spence, Jim W. Tama, Thomas Tama, .loe J. Tyler, Ivj (. Underwood, Lynwood L, Vallee, Monroe O. Webb., Jr., James Whitlow, I.arry A. Williams, Perrj L. Minn. em offers to its cadets an excellent program aimed at instilling in them the qualities of leadership necessai lor obtaining a commission in the I .S. Annv Reserve. This program includes courses oi instruction in leader- ship, personnel management, military history, map and aerial photograph reading, military operations and logistics teaching methods, weapons and their em- ployment, and command and stall procedures, lier COMPANY A Firs! Row: 2nd l.t. Roj (•. Baldwin, (apt. Robert T. Hooker, 1st It. l.aniN J. Chopin. Second Row: ' . ' nil l.t. Perrj L. Winn. ;ncl 1.1. Everett (;. Doerge, 2nd l.t. Barrj K. Broadwater, 2nd Lt, Thomas Tama. 159 completing their junior year, advanced corps students attend Summer Camp at Fort Hood, Texas for six weeks. Here the student applies the military theory learned in the class room. Bivouacs, map problems, operation and employment of the latest weapons and equipment characterize the summer training period. The student also learns the work and importance of First |{ : 2nd l.t. Frank W. Stewart, Capt. Quintman V. Durbin, 1st LA. Donald G. Walker. Second Row: 2nd l.t. William K. Wood. 2nd l.t. John I), skidniore, 2nd l.t. Alan ( ' . I.undgren, 2nd l.t. Robert Lewis. COMPANY B Charles H. Ainsworth, l.nrr.v E. Allen, Roy Allen, John A. Barkete, Octave V. Bernard, Frederick C. Bosarge, (ilen I. Bounds, Donald Bowden, Mark W. ISrossct, William Bruiidage, Hoyet L. Chance, Rene 1.. Cosse, Dennie C. Delee, Quintman W. Durbin, James M. Flanagan, Brooksye Oregg, Robert M. Guice, Robert E. Hale, Thomas K. Henry, Clyde I). Hoffpauir, Paul E. Hutchcson, Mack I). Knotts, Robert Lewis, Alan C. l.midgreii, Charles J, Michael, Raymond I . Morgan, Jr., William J. Morgan, Wilburn A. Murphy, Doyce McGuffee, Gerald Paid, Frank I.. Peske, John T. O ' Rear, William R. Rambin, Fred L. Reeves, John H. Richmond, Robert I.. Kilter, William R. Sefcik, John I). Skidniore, Frank W. Stewart, John I). Stoekstill, John H. Vercher, Donald (i. Walker, Bobby R. Walpose, Jimmie Weaver. Donnie R. Webb, Robert E. Wicker, William R. Wood. 160 each member of the military team — he learns both to lead and to obey, with a full realization of the relation- ship that must exist between a commander and those he commands. Units of the Regular Army conduct special tours, when practical, of technical, military and industrial installations and give practical demon- strations. The Seniors have their preference as to the Tirst How : 2nd Lt. (iecirirf ( ' . Davis, (apt. Kolx-rt I ' . Kelly, 1st l.t. James Snyder. Second Ron : 2nd l.t. Charles E. i.aiimiv 2nd l.t. Larrj It. Itroudnuter. 2nd l.t. Koss It. Morpliy, 2nd l.t. Donald It Posset t. COMPANY 7 c Jlnunie L. Adams, l-urr D. Anderson, Bennj W. Arthur, Thomas A. Baker, Jr., lle.vmaii J. Holirer, Tollie I . Bondreaux, Dannj M. Boyt, Utrrj It. liroadwuter. Curl It. ISroussurd, J. I., Chclette, John K. Conville, Jerry V. Cross, John S. Crowe, Joe P. C unnin g h a m , Wilbert 8. tiirtis, r S r (. Davis, Milton A. Day, John I . I urhinn, Ko T. Edward, Donald R. Fossett, Philip K. Haley, James (». Bammons, Garj D. Bardwick, Ernest (.. Harris. Jimmj II. Hatch, itert Heckel, Pan! (). Jemison, Sylvestion .limes, Robert l Kelley, Charles E. Laroox, Lester Laroox, Thomas E, l.e«is. Nick J. Loncas, Koss it. Murphy, Donnj W. Payne, John K. Pickett, Lynn D. Poche, Shell ej r. Richardson, Eugene W. Scott, Homer O, Scott, James B. Slack, James II. Snyder, Travis H. Stevens, Leland .. Sullivan, Norman Terry, Andrew . Warren, William J. Westtall, William w . xotnur, Jr. . J nmL ci I 4»! f. f - i Donald It. Alford, Robert 1). Anthonj , Charles B. Haines, Ernest W. Barnes, Karl A. Bourgeois, Kail K. Brooks, James K. Carroll, Jr., Kdwil M. Cathey, Larkin C. Cathey, Jr., C. I). Cobnrn, Billy K. Cook, Bill} 1). Crow, Hon K. Deen, Laurie A. Drago, Wilbert B. Edwards, Ray ford E. Gassiot, Herbert L (■Dins, Cade I.. Gregg, Emmett C. Green, Herbert V. Greene, Willie J. Greene, Don C. Herring, Marvin K. Herring, James V. Hollowa.v, Russell D. Jackson, John E. Martin, Michael K. Murphy, Klvin K. McCann, Charles K. McKey, Jr., (arson L. Nealy, Prank ( . Parker, Newton 1$. Powell, Jr., Robert W. Powell, Fred Prussak, Richard ( . Pullig, Claude J. Roberts, Gilbert S. Searcy, Gene Simpson, James L. Skinner, Jesse l . Skinner, Harold G, Smith, I :. 1 1 1 l i A. Sparks, Kenneth Stephens, William H. Stewart, Sciiven A. Tavlor, Bill) I ' . Thomas, Cbnrles R. Varnell, John E, erinaelen, James Walker, Charles R. Wbitwbead. COMPANY D 1 irsl Row: 2nd I.t. Karl . Bourgeois, (apt. Karl K. Brooks, 1st 1.:. Charles R. Varnell. Second Row: 2nd I.t. Billj I). Crow, 2nd I.t. Cade I.. Gregg, 2nd I.t. Harold G. Smith. branch of service they wish to serve in, depending on their training and the needs of the Army. Units of the Corps participate in parades at various military and civic celebrations held locally and throughout die state. The most noteworthy oi these lias been die participation of die Drill Team in die Marda Gras parade in L957. Northwestern ' s drill team placed in die to p three oul of forty-eighl drill units. 162 JUANITA PENNEY ROSE ESCOTT ■ m V PAT BARKER THIS YEARS SPONSORS ARE Lt. Col. Pat Barker Battalion Sponsor Capt. Rose Escott Headquarters Company CaI ' T. JUANITA PENNED Company I Capt. Si e I mhoff Company II Capt. Laura Lothrop Company C Capt. Johnny Sue Cloyd Company I) R. O. T. C SPONSORS For each company a sponsor is chosen who inarches in parades with the ROTC units. The sponsors are chosen by the Company Commanders, and must dress out in uniforms each week. SI K IMIIOI1 LAI RA LOTHROP JOHNN1 SI I ( LOYD ? n r from Row, left to rigl Victor Galley, Barrj i: In.iin. Don Alford, William Westfall, Rnj Edwards. Second Row: Larrj Broadwater, Krnest Harris (ilenn Harris, Thomas Cheek, Milton Day. RIFLE TEAM The ROTC Rifle team is composed of members of the cadet corps who are skilled in the firing of the 22 caliber rifle. This team fires shoulder to shoulder matches with teams of this area and postal matches with teams from all over the nation. This year the team competed in the Ninth Annual Southwest Invitational Rifle meet being staged at Texas Western College in El Paso, Texas. They com- peted against teams from Texas, Arkansas, Cali- fornia, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Ready, aim, fire! Double trouble rmmz? • vr IWs 1 - CAN ' T YOU SEE THE LIGHT ' S RED? i 5S ! • . 1 li i iTii h ■to fc i ' ' 1 IS H . r 1 i SSBIL WAR represents t ty of this Qtm prominent Southern plantation home. . 4£ ' « J JM jyt :» " % I k 1 -mmmm 1 • Left to right: Assistant coach Jack Rowan, assistant coach Wal- ter Ledet, head football coach and athleic direcor Jack Clayton and assistant coach Alvin Brown. First Row, left to right: Jerry Didier, Johnny Cox, J. A. Rock- hold, Terry Misenheimer, J. M. Marcelli, Ferrel Yarbrough, Ronnie Kincer, Jerry Mills, John Davis. Second Row: Octave Bernard, Robert Powell, Rade Radasinovich, Douglas Burt, Charles Johnson, Bobby Tackett, James Bruning, Bobby Stan- ley, Jerry Fults, Bryant Lewis, Charles Tolar. Third Row: Jimmy Bradley, Judson Hale, Charles Henigan, Everette Doerge, Claude Roberts, Lexie Gregg, Dean Smith, Billy Sheehy, Billy Booth, Kemp Gordon, Charles Desadier. Fourth Row: Frank Pernici, J. W. Beck, Petie Moore, Jerry Lott, Paul Robinson, Don Deen, Don Bowden, Tommy Etie, George Smith, Jimmy Veale, Bert Heckel, Fred Wyble. FOOTBALL New head coach of football and Athletic Director Jack Clayton brought to Northwestern the attitude that nothing but top spot in the Gulf Sates Conference would suit him at the end of the 1957 football season. But Coach Clayton, whether he knew it or not. wasn ' t the only one who had bright ideas for the N.S.C. gridders. The assistant coaches were ready for a championship team, the students and fac- ulty were ready, all Northwestern fans were ready — but best of all the Demons were ready! Under the watchful eyes of coaches Walter Ledet, Alvin Brown. Jack Rowan, and Clayton, the team shaped up tough and fast. With eighteen returning lettermen from the club which finished 6-2-2 last year. Coach Clayton had a good foundation upon which to build. Returning lettermen were ends Billy Jack Booth. Jim Bruning, and Kemp Gordon ; tackles Everett Doerge. Lexie Gregg, Bert Heckel. and all-G.S.C. choice Charlie Johnson; guards Bryant Lewis, and Dean Smith; center Douglas Burt; G. S. C. TRI-Champions fullback Charlie Tolar: halfbacks Judson Hale. Petie Moore, Charlie Hennigan. and Bobby Stanley: and quarterbacks J. W. Beck and Dale Hoffpauir. Returning squadmen Don Deen. Jerry Lott, Don Bowden, halfbacks; Jerry Fults, Robert Powell and Bobby Tackett. guards: center Claude Roberts; newcomers Charles Desa- dier, fullback; guard Ronnie Kincer. tackle Terry Misen- heimer, and end Paul Robinson: along with transfers Billy Sheehy. end: Frank Pernici. quarterback: centers Fred Wyble and Rade Radasinovich: and halfback Jimmy Veale. combined with the lettermen to give the Demons a potent crew. Coach Clayton ' s hopes for an unbeaten season were built high when the Demons trounced Stephen F. Austin ' s Lum- berjacks 20-7 in Shreveport in the opening game. Charlie Tolar. Charlie Hennigan and Judson Hale carried the mail behind a hard-charging line led by Bert Heckel: each of the three scored short-distance touchdowns, and Jim Brun- Big Chief Kuscr of Northwestern tribe Which Coach is the assistant? 169 ' Gimme some skin! ' " Those Demons don ' t ever leave a guy alone 1 ing kicked two conversions. The Jacks made the scoring column when center Jere Nichols intercepted a pass and ran 20 yards for a TD. A 20-10 defeat by Lamar Tech ' s Cardinals from Beau- mont. Texas, in the next game, played at Natchitoches, spoiled Coach Clayton ' s hopes for an unbeaten season. The Demons collected three points in the first quarter on a five ard field goal by Jim Bruning and scored their only touch- down in the third quarter when Kemp Gordon recovered a punt blocked by Charlie Johnson on Lamar ' s 30 and ran it over. Bruning kicked the conversion to bring the total to 10. Quarterback George Parks scored two and Charles Starcke one touchdown for the Cardinals. In the opening game of the Gulf States Conference battle for both teams. Northwestern beat McNeese 23-20 in a thriller. If the Lamar Tech game let some of the folks down, this game, also played in Natchitoches, lifted them back up. Tolar streaked 62 yards in the first period for the first score of the game: Bruning missed the conversion kick, score 6-0. Robert Morris, the Cowboy ' s quarterback, scored and the downstaters went ahead 7-6 on the completed conversion. Rogers Hampton scored to make it 13-6. and Cooper booted another conversion to make it 14-6 for the McNeese Cow- boys at the half. After the intermission. Hennigan scored and Bruning kicked PAT to bring the score to 14-13. Jimim Veale sparked a drive which carried 72 yards with Tolar scoring through the middle from the two. Bruning made it 20-14 N.S.C. McNeese scored again, failed to make point after touchdown attempt and the score was 20-20. Then with 32 seconds left, the Demons went ahead to win 23-20 on a sensational field goal by Jim Bruning. The following weekend down at Pineville, the Demons " Hale, Hale, the gang ' s all here! " The Tank roll past another one erupted oxer Louisiana College 2S-7. Playing without the services of Tolar who was out with ati injured knee, the Demons came into their own in the second half, after a 7-7 first. Chuck Desadier. Don Deen and Billy Jack Booth scored the IDs with J. W. Beck. Charlie Hennigan. and Dale Hoff- pauir. who completed five out of five passes for 110 yards, helping to set them up. The onl Wildcat score came in the first half. In the fiftieth State Fair Classic between the Demons and the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, played in Shreveport, North- western couldn ' t get rolling and ended tip behind the Huston ho s 20-13. Wayne Bourgeois set up the first score of the game, for the Bulldogs, just as the half ended, with Slack carrying it over. On the first pla from scrimmage in the second half. Charlie " Tank " Tolar ran 65 ards fur a touch- down. Bruning converted and the score was 7-7. Hoffpauir I ' ll. Demons smother a Hull. I. tin- State laii- game I ' ., ,i II.. U. I.I.,, k- for Charlie Tolar IMBMMfc k. Go gel ' urn, Churk Charlie carries the mail again hit Billy Jack Booth with a touchdown pass and the score was 13-7 after Bruning missed the PAT. The Bulldogs came hack to tie 13-13. and then as time ran out scored again on a fourth down pass, converted and went ahead to win 20-13. Feeling the sting of being knocked from the first place perch in the G.S.C. by their arch-rivals Tech. the Demons just couldn ' t hold back as they rolled over Delta State Col- lege 26-0. The Mississippi Statesmen couldn ' t stop the Demons as Charlie Tolar. made two TDs and Carlie Henni- gan and Dale Hoffpauir each added another, with Bruning kicking two conversions. The Statesmen invaded Demon territory only twice during the game. Northeast State Indians did their very best to upset the Demons at Homecoming here in Demon stadium, but their best wasn ' t enough. The home team trimmed them 26-20. Don Deen. Judson Hale, and Charles Tolar turned in scores for the Demons, the " Tank " counting twice. Johnson made two PAT attempts to bring the Demon total to 26. Scoreless Pernici twists past the Baptists Frank Pernici trie it around the right side in the first half, the Indians sent Benny Franklin. Ev Reyn- olds. Boh McGough and Don Reynolds across the last stripe in the second, and with Keith Amos ' two conversions tallied 20. Judson Hale, returning to action after being out for a month with an injured shoulder, spearheaded a drive in which he picked up 32 yards in 16 carries and scored the first Demon touchdown of the game. At Lafayette. Charlie Hennigan scored two touchdowns and Charlie Tolar chalked up another as the Demons spoiled Southwestern ' s Homecoming 19-0. Defensive standouts in the Bulldog game were Bert Heclel. Charlie Johnson, and Fred Wvhlc. Bulletdike passer Dale Hoffpauir and stickey- fingered Bills Jack Booth, while not scoring, were big essets in setting up the Demon TDs. Hill Ja -k " « starting on another limn trip Thi little (ju means business! 172 Pernici scores against Louisiana College Hale ' s fixing to steal the mail Tolar takes a breather Hey! Watch that elbow! After a week ' s lay-off. the last game of the season — Southeastern here in Natchitoches. Charlie " Tank " Tolar carried the leather 14 times for f24 yards, and a 25 ard touchdown run in the first period, freshman halfback Don Bowden added sparkle to the game, gaining 68 yards in tries. Dale HofTpauir smashed over from the one-yard line to score the second touch- down, Bruning converted and the Demons won 13-7. The Lion touchdown came in the second quarter, Ralph Zeringue going over from the three yard line. The Demons finished (he season with a 7-2-0 record to tie with McNeese and Louisiana Tech for the G.S.C. championship. In addition to winning the tri-championship. the Demons placed four men on the first-string All-Gulf States Conference team, and lour on the second team. In the Associated Press poll of conference coaches, aces Charlie Tolar at fullb ack, Charlie Hennigan at halfback, end Bilh Jack Booth, and center Fred Wyble were chosen for Good game, Frank I loll l . mil rifle- one to Itoolh Flash sizes up the situation as he goes the first team. Tackles Charlie Johnson and Bert Heckel. guard Bobby Tackett. and end Billy Sheehy were named for the second squad. The Louisiana Sports Writers Association named nine members of the team to their all-G.S.C. and voted Tolar " Player of the Year. " The " Tank " was given Honorahle mention on the AP Little Ail-American team, and spe- cial mention on Williamson ' s Mid-bracket All- American squad. His 818 yards gained rushing in 99 carries is the best posted by a Demon player in a single season and placed him 20th in the nation in the N.C.A.B. In the Conference, Northwestern had the top scorer. Tolar with 60 points; the best passer. HofTpauir with 38 completions out of 60 tries for 573 yards in nine games with a percentage of .663: and the leagues leading pass receivers, end Billy Jack Booth who grabbed 12 passes for 318 yards and two touchdowns, and halfback Charlie Hennigan who held onto 12 for 143 yards. To round out the honors. Billy Jack Booth was given Honorable mention Little All-American and special mention Mid-Bracket Ail-American squad. The Demons tied for fifth place in the nation, according to the NAIA. in pass defense, allowing their opponents only 13 yards per game. Demons tear up Southwestern defense Musi he nice to he a foothall player! That ' s stopping ' cm, Fults! Tolar strips off 65 yards to wore against Tech DemOM get off a good kirk Say, in. in . ' Which way wc supposed to go? i jfl jBi yj " Victory, Victory, is our cry! " CHEERLEADERS " Come on Margaret — smile! ' Kneeling:, left to right: Margaret Nolan, 1 ' nt Lister, Millie Jo Jones. Standing - : Jolinnj Tinnell, Johnny Creech, Wade Parsons (Demon), Dann; Mo t. Left to right; Billie .! Jones, Pat Barker, Jean Doerg-e, Mania Ford, Helen llol- leman ( }ueen , l,ue. Barillier, Juanita Penney, Carolyn Michaad, Marva ;io r. QUEENS AND COURTS xated, left to riffh: siate Fair Court — Beverly Granberry, Marva Glover, Juanita Penney, I. aura Lothrop, Carolyn Spruill. Standing: Margaret Nolan, Barbara N:ij- lor, Beverlj Anthony, Helen Manitzas. f% ' Dr. Kyser! What will : »iii wife Bay? " 179 Sitting, left to right : 1-arry Skinner, Jimmy Leach, I ' ete Walpole, Lov- ick Johnson. Kneeling: Kichard I ' ullig, Ijirry Williams, Bill Stewart, Paul Flinn, I ' hillip Haley. Standing: Benny Arthur (Manager), Elvin Mct ' ann, Jimmy Adkins, Larry Fontenot, Mickey Crnkovie, Bobby Wicker, Huey Cranford (C ' oaeh). BASKETBALL Captain Mickey Crnkovie Coach Huey Cranford ...WE WERE C O-C H A M P I O N S Northwestern State College witnessed this year the greatest example of " team spirit, hustle, and desire to win " that has been exhibited by a Demon basketball team in many seasons. Picked to finish in the second division, the Demons won the Co-Championship of the Culf States Conference. The story goes back to the beginning of the season when Huey Cranford, assistant coach, replaced Head Coach Charles " Red " Thomas who was on leave of absence. Coach Cranford had only seven returning lettermen and one re- turning squadrnan: Mickey Crnkovic. team captain and only senior, Elvin McCann, Jimmie Leach, Pete Walpole. Jimmy Adkins. Bobby Wicker. Larrv Fotenot. and Bill Stewart. Even with the addition of six freshmen newcomers, among them Belmont aces Phillip Haley and Larry Skinner, pros- MrC.ann tries for Bucket again ! Gents pects were not very bright. To many it looked like it was going to be a long and dismal season. Coach Cranford was asked about his plans for the approaching season and he replied that they would do the best the could that thev were playing because " they loved to play. " The host Louisiana College Wildcats dumped the Demons 64-53 in the first game of the season. Freshman Phillip Haley, a starter his first college game, played like a veteran on both offense and defense. The Demons then crossed over the border into Texas where the Last Texas Lions defeated ihem 53-51 and a rugged Stephen F. Austin crew dropped them 59-48. Back in the bayou country the Demons caught on fire and I ipiiiiihii and Leach stop Southeastern Oklahoma player . Ik in- Boars high as Demons lrop Vi e-t Texas Mickey Crnovic . . . Most Valuable Player of LIT, in Shreveport Leach holds rlrilthling clinic al SLI ' s expense Skinner goes high to rehound won five in a row in Demon Gym. defeating Stephen F. Austin 42-40. Southern State College 57-50. Southeastern Oklahoma 49-45 and 67-60. and East Texas State College 57-54. Up in Magnolia. Arkansas, the Demons knocked over the Southern State Muleriders 60-51. Then they traveled to Hat- tiesburg. Mississippi, and bopped the Mississippi Southern quintet 84-60. Playing in the Louisiana Invitational Tournament at Shreveport. they defeated West Texas State 69-66, and Cen- tenary 71-68. The Demons were runners-up as they lost to Louisiana Tech 41-40 in the championship game. North- western fans saw highl) publicized Jackie Moreland held to eleven points b Bobb) Wicker. Micke Crnkovic was awarded " the most valuable player " trophy and was joined by Jimmie Leach on the All-Tournament team. Seeking revenge the Demons dumped the Louisiana Col- lege Wildcats 75-66 in Demon g m. Then followed a 71-70 loss to Centenarj . The Demons were read) for the one that real I counted 182 oan Fontonol adds two points against SLC their first G.S.C. game. Northeast found the host Demons very unhospitable as N.S.C. shellacked them 69-54. Leach made 27 points for high point honors as usual. Next on the Demon ' s list was arch-rival Louisiana lech. The Demons gave the Bulldogs the axe 66-60. as Wicker held Jackie Moreland to ten points. Defending conference champions YIcNeese couldn ' t stop the Demons in Lake Charles, the Cowboys bowing to the Natchitoches cagers 56-17. Leach dropped in seven quick points to break ;i 37-37 lie with Mississippi Southern in Demon Gym as the locals went on to w in 47-42. Another home frame and the N.S.C. cagers brushed aside Southeastern 81-66 with Jiinmv Leach getting 25 points. A trip to Shreveport and the Gents dropped the Demons b) one point, as the Centenarj cagers got hot in the lasl few minutes of the game, clinching it 71-70. Ihen w hen the Demons got back home, i lie McNeese Cow- boys took revenge 64-54. The turning point was Four charitj shots l Frank Glenn and lesse Perry, breaking a 11-11 deadlock 48-44 and give them a permanent lead. Northwestern kepi ii " - G.S.C, hopes alive when the Demon- smashed S.L.I. 90-75 foi lnt fifth conference win against one loss. Vfter trailing l v twelve points in the first half the Demons overcame a 51-47 hall-time deficit, went ahead 60-58 on a jump shot 1» Elvin McCann. and from there on it was N.S.C. all the way. The Demons took the lead midway the first half in their game with Northeast and went on to win 95-80. At Hammond, the Demons ran over the Southeastern Lions 71-65 in a faith close hall game. The game that came " too close ' " was Southwestern at Lafavette. The Demon- won 67-65 edging S.L.I, at the free- throw line. Kach team made 25 field goals hut N.S.C ' . made ho ' a going to " -i it first? Football team sends basketball team off to Tech game Tech sinks another to add to their earlv lead Beginning of NSC ' s deciding game 21 of 28 charity shots while the Lafayette Bulldogs made 19 of 34. Then came the biggest game of the season — the game with La. Tech, which was, in itsef. a picture of how the Demons had played all season. The Northwestern cagers went to Ruston and played their best game of the whole year. The Demons came from behind a 20 point Bulldog lead to drub Tech 72-66 in an overtime, and gain a share of the G.S.C. championship. Lanky Jimmy Adkins tied the score 64-64 with eleven seconds left in the regulation period, sinking two free throws. The horn ending the game sounded before further scoring was done. The Demons scored eight points in the overtime period against the Bulldogs two and won the game. " They ' re 20 points ahead now, but . • . " Adkins makes the two free throws that tie the game! Crnkovic drives in for two points during overtime as Morelancl Co. look help- lessly on This tells it ' s own stor% ! The Demons sported the best season records for the Con- ference in team offense, free throws and rebounds. The pumped in 721 points for a 72.1 per game average; the) managed to sink 2.W free throws for a .722 percentage and nabbed . ' $. " ) 7 rebounds for a 35.7 per game average. The overall season record was 2 -7. Leach and Crnkovic were named to the Louisiana Sports Writers Association ' s all-G.S.C. firs! team and received Little All-American Honorable mention. Wicker was named on the all-G.S.C. third team. Coach Hue) Cranford was named L.S.W.A. " Coach of the Year. " U K. ■ ■ flii Walter " Cajun " Ledet, G.S.C. Track Coach of the Year A capable and spirited group of Demons, a determined coach, self- confidence, the passion to win. and work. work, and more work are the main reasons why Northwestern has the champion track and field teams in the Gulf States Conference for the fifth year in a row. Led by co-captains Charlie Hennigan and Rudv Landry, the Demon thinclads ran. jumped, and threw their way into the 1957 limelight, sweeping aside all conference foes. The only loss came from the highh rated East Texas State College team which managed to slither by N.S.C. on one-tenth of a point. 58-7 10 to 58-6 10. The Purple and White aces now hold seven of the existing G.S.C. records: 440 yard dash. 880 yard dash, two-mile run. shot-put. broad jump, high jump, and the mile relay. No G.S.C. records were broken, tied, or even closely approached in the Conference championship meet held at Ruston, because of the stead) rain which fell during most of the arc-lit events. Despite the poor condi- tions, Walter Ledet. Track Coach of the Year, guided his cinder experts to ten first places, to rack up a team total of 109%. points and take the title once again. TRACK G.S.C. CHAMPIONS lir--: Row, left to rinht: .James Wliiteliearst, John McClellan, Jerrj Raynes, Bennj Fowler, Sonny .lime-., Charles Tolar, Don Hill, and Don Bovvden. Second How, left to rinlit: Ludwig Bandaries, Sammj ESssmeier, Rudj Landry, Bert Heckel, Don Deen, Dale Hoffpauir, Hill Spillers, and Charlie Johnson, Third How, left to right: Harold White, Doyce McGuffey, Billj Thomas, Steve Jordan, Charlie Hennigan, Harold Smith, M. 1$. Childress, and Judson Hale. i i tmi ' • + ' 4W- 1 ++ Sri C s s3( " TBK ■Hr v 1 |E A B i jPf B Tv_, W - . J A i sir x . " " ' m r%. £» 9 m k ISA. STATE -ftfM f ■ " %». i- 1 mm i jl KT ' jj ■ : M ' - Ir- HftSft w %- ifi . ■ r ' h; Childress top tin- timbers to break x-hool records Outstanding showings were made l several of the squad members during the spring. M. B. Childress pulled a leg muscle but not before he had broken two of the oldest school records; the 15.0 high hurdles with a 14.9. and the 24.4 low hurdles record with a 23.8. At the S.A.A.U. meet in Baton Rouge. Charlie " The Horse " Hennigan ran the 440 ard dash in 47.2. taking second place behind the fastest 440 run in the U.S. last year — 46.0. Lou Liepens threw the javelin 10!! ' 4 " to break a ten year old school record and went on to win the G.S.C. with 2()2 ' ll 1 o " . The " Four Horses. " our sensational mile rela team composed of Sonn) Jines. Don Hill. Harold Smith and Charlie Hermigan. ran a 3:10.0 mile. Harold White jumped 6 ' 6 " to come close to Ted Duggan ' s school record of G ' lVl " . anf l even closer to his G.S.C. record of 6 ' 6-15 16 " . Bert Heckel was the onl plus 50 ' shot putter with a throw of . " )() ' • , " . jusl a little short of the G.S.C. record of 5VS% " . Steve Jordan ran a 9.8 century to gel a little closer to Erskine Cook ' s record of 9.6 which was set in ' ) ' .Y2. Due to an earl season outcrop of injuries the II " and 880 relax teams were somewhat hampered. Weight men Charlie fohnson. Dale Hoffpauir and Kml Landry; pole vaulters Robert Farrar and Joe Mont: High jumper- vaulter Bobb) icker, and broad jumper Charlie Tolar and Don Bowden were all consistent point-getters for the Demons. Good work. Boys! Can you make next year the sixth? " The Four Horses " m i It- relaj team of Hennigan, Smith, Hill and Jines Hennigan anchors the mile relaj Jordan during an earl) season meet lop weightmen, l li to right: Charlie Johnson, ltill Thom- as, Mi-ri lie, k. l. Ludwii Bandaries. Beck scores lying run in championship game ROSTER H. A. Butler Dick Brown J. W. Beck Billy Booth Andrew Bruce Billy Roy Cook Gerald Cloutier Harry Fontenot Malcolm Gomez Kemp Gordon Billy Harper Roland Knott l)( [ clas Logan Robert Lewis Jerry Lott James McNew Billy Muse Billy Osborn Larry Reeves Glenn D. Rek es James Roach Blake Sims l) id Sosa Gilbert Searcy Pete Walpole BASEBALL The best baseball team at Northwestern State College in seventeen years! Thats what baseball coach Alvin " Cracker ' " Brown coached out on Stroud field last season. The Demon nine were co-champions of the Gulf States Conference, tieing with Southeastern Louisiana State College for top honors, in 1957. This is the first known time that N.S.C. has had a part of the G.S.C. championship in baseball in at least seventeen years. Records were not kept before that time, and it is uncertain as to what kind of standing the team had then. Besides placing first in the conference, the Demons placed three men on the All-G.S.C. first team. Named were: pitcher Billy Roy Cook, who had a 10 won, 1 lost record; shortstop Billy Jack Booth, whose batting average was .309 after 110 trips to the batter ' s box; and Kemp " Flash " Gordon, who batted .342 after 79 times at bat. The team lost eight men from the 1956 team, but gained eight more in 1957. Playing 25 scheduled games, the Demons had an over- all record of 15 won 10 lost for the season, and a 10-5 record for the conference contests. Billy Joe Osborne, Larry Reeves, Morris Bruce, and Blake Sims were other hurlers who turned in good work. It was Osborne pitching when the Demons won their final game clinching the championship. Seniors Dick Brown, James " Red " McNew, and Harry Fontenot, hitting .246. .270, and .311 were three big men with whom oppoents had plenty of trouble. Other big reasons for the same trouble, both behind the bat and behind the glove, were H. A. Butler. David Sosa and Jerry Cloutier. All three were in the top of the batting and fielding averages. 188 ' We ' re all proud of the Demons, Coach Brown! ' Left to right: All-GSC players. Kneeling: " Flash " Gordon, Billy Jark Booth. Standing: Billy Boy Cook, Harry Fontenot. CO-CHAMPIONS 1957 BASEBALL SCOREBOARD N.S.C 4 N.S.C 16; Tech 2 N.S.C 18; Tech 2 N.S.C 7; S. L. 1 11 N.S.C 4: S.L.C 5 N.S.C 3; S.L.C 4 N.S.C 4 N.S.C 2: Northeast 1 N.S.C 1; S. L. I N.S.C 6; S. L. I N.S.C 3; S.L.C 1 N.S.C 10 ; McNeese 12 N.S.C 11; N.S.C N.S.C 6: N.S.C 1: N.S.C N.S.C 1; N.S.C N.S.C 0; N.S.C 0; N.S.C 2: N.S.C ( : N.S.C L3; N.S.C 1; McNeese . McNeese . Northeast Southern II Southern II Southern II La. College linois linois 1 linois 3 1 Centenary 3 Centenary 2 Abilene Christian 5 Abilene Christian 5 Coll ece Southern State 2 Gordon knocks in win ning run in GSC game SWIMMING Frank Pernique, Demonfish captain and star Kirst Row, left to right: Coach John Piscopo, Frank Pernique, John (imville, Bobby Knight- Hi, Botsy McClanahan, Benny W i e. Second Row: K l lie DeWeese, Danny Bryant, Ken Terewey, John Holliday, l{n Tinuii, st. Coach Jeff Hennessy. Ray I iiiim . . . top swimmer on any team The Northwestern State College swimming team finished this season with a 2-2 regular season record for competition, plus a second place position in the Southwestern A.A.U. meet. The Demonfish swam over the Little Rock Boys cluh and the Shreveport Swim cluh in the first meet of the season, held in Shreveport. Back down at the Demon natatorium the local boys lost out first to Southern Methodist Universi- ty, and then later to Texas A. M. The Demons redeemed themselves by out-swimming the University of Houston at Houston and followed-up by cop- ping second place in the Southwestern A.A.U. Outstanding performers for Northwestern were record holder Frank Pernique. team captain, and diver Botsy Mc- Clanahan. The team was hurt some b the early season loss of diver Benin Wise but still managed to make a good show inff. 190 B- ] um I first Row, left « riifhl : l)a e Moody, Dannj Boyette, 1 « n Cook, Loyd Bnval, Second Kc.u : Sonnj Martinez, Johnnj Tinnell, Don May, John Waldo, Kill Pearson, Barrj Johnson, Jerrj Ainsworth, Benrj Walton ' . Third Row: HiikIi Holley, Terrell Leach, Charles Fulco, Bob Knight- on, John Nipper, Mickej Murphy, Milton Cook, Alan Lundgren, Ken Terewey. Not Pictured: Charles I ' artin, Manager Berber! Temple. GYMNASTICS Northwestern has a right to he proud of their champion gymnasts! The Gym team, under the direction of Coach John Piscopo, has gone undefeated in all meets for the last four years. Some meet records date hack even further. During the 1957 season the muscle-men brought the championships of the Gulf A.A.U., the Southern A.A.I .. the Southwestern A.A.I . and the Mid-South Intercollegiate meets. Hard to say who are the standouts because the team is evenly balanced in all sections of competition but those de- Tin- Balance Act . . . Bottom to Top: Leach, Pearson, Partin. serving special mention are co-captian Barr Johnson, high point man for the season: Sonn Martinez, who was unde- feated in the ring . though he suffered a broken hand dur- ing the season: and sophomore Tyrrell Leach who has been undefeated in th rope climb during bis two years of com- petition. Leach ' s best time for the 20 foot climb was I- seconds which puts him among the top (en climber- in the nation. Terrell Leach, unbeaten in the rope climb 191 ■I TENNIS First Row, left to right: Wade Parsons, .lack Freeman. Second Row! Jimmy Hill, Charles Bice, Jerry May, Coach Jack Fisher. The 1957 tennis team, hurt by the loss of four of their players; Willard Rachal, Delbert Vines, Bill Chamberlain, and Monk Calendar, caused Coach Jack Fisher to face a re- building job, having only two returning lettermen to build with, Wade Parsons, and Jerry May. Led by Captain Wade Parsons, the Demon netters posted a 3-7 overall record, and a 3-5 Gulf States Conference rec- ord to give them fourth place in the GSC this season. The play rewsereeerrrss The players were positioned in the followng order: Wade jv c p •_ p a Parsons 1, Boo Thompson 2. Jerry May 3, Jimmy Hill 4, and Jack Freeman 5, in singles. In doubles. Parsons and Thompson were 1, and May and Hill were 2. Besides the regular schedule, the team put on an exhibi- tion with Lamar Tech. of Beaumont, Texas, who were the NSC 3- N.A.I. A. tennis champs for 1956 and 1957. The Lamar Car- dinals won 6-1. N.S.C 2; McNeese SCHEDULE N.S.C 0; Centenary 4 McNeese 5 S.L.I 2 S.L.C 5 Tech 5 N.S.C 2; N.S.C 5; N.S.C 2; N.S.C 2; N.S.C 4: N.S.C 5; S.L.C. S.L.I. Tech 192 What fun we have. Check the stance. Oh, no yon don ' t . . . WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Joy Dupree President Rebecca Salley Vice-President Pat Miley Secretary-Treasurer Gail Corbell Reporter Miss Violet Davion Sponsor I-irst Row, left to right: Joy Dupree, Rebecca Salley. o- oiul Row: Gail Corbail, Miss Davion, Pat Miley. The hole crew Watch iIk- birdie ' " CADILLACS, " Intramural Football Champions. First Row, left to right: Roy Rridges, Eddie Hunter, Ted Dyson, Jerry Haynes, Earl Nolan, Charles Glover, Benny Fowler. Second Row: Jimmy Ledbetter, John Peach, Wade Parsons, Roland Lassere, Buzzy Sullivan, Goose Tatum, Billy Thomas, Charles Pyle. INTRA " BEARCATS, " Intramural Football Runners-Up. First Row, left to right : Jerry Brown, James Patterson, James Peters, Bobby Knighton, Bobby Joe Howell, Judge Howell, Roy Underwood. Second Row: Gene Griggs, John Holliday, Max Huff, Phillip Bacilla, John Crowe, Bill Carter, Don Truly, Harold Smith, Marvin Cutrer. Goto , s Gerald ' s not getting cold on this cross-country race! MURALS Badminton Champion, Lou Liepens and Runner-up, Butch McDonald rlennessj comet in first on intra- mural cross-country. K ' » • i f jTjj.rjV. ch surround this exquisite mansionTSffolls the versatile MISS BEVERLY ANTHONY. First Row. Andy Andreyk, J. W. Beck, Charles Bice, Billy Jack Booth, James Bruning, Billy Roy Cook, Mickey Crnkovic, Kverett Doerge, Robert Farrar, Larry Fontenot, Benny Fowler, Jack Freeman, Kemp Gordon, Lexie Gregg;. Second Row: Judson Hale, B. R. Harper, Jerry Haynes, Charles Hennigan, Dale Hoffpauir, J. C. Howell, Sonny Jimes, Steve Jordan, Ronald Knott, Lavelle Langston, James Leach, Robert Lewis, Alan Lundgren, N CLUB HAROLD SMITH BRYANT LEWIS PETIE MOORE CHARLIE JOHNSON OFFICERS Harold Smith President Petie Moore Vice-President Bryant Lewis Secretary Charlie Johnson Treasurer The " N " Club is an organization of athletes whose mem- bership consists of those men who have lettered in any one of the four major sports or in any one of the three minor sports and have been recognized as winning that award through the annual " N " Club calling each spring semester. The purpose of the " N " Club is to promote in every proper and constructive way the athletic interest of North- western State College among its students, faculty, alumni, and friends ... to stimulate true Demon spirit . . . and to foster a more perfect union based upon mutual friend- ship and common ideals among the wearers of the " N. " 198 Klvin HcCai David -ii. Hurt, H. A. n Third Bow: Mickey Murphy, Hill% Osborn, Wade Parsons, Hill Pearson, Prank Pernique, Larrj Reeves, Blake Simms, Kenneth SimJth, Bobb) Stanley, Herbert Temple, Charles Tolar, Bobby Wicker. Not Pictured: Jimmj Xdkins, l.ud Baadaries, Andrew Brace, DmiRl.1. Hutlcr, M. B. Childress, Jerrx Cioutier, Don n. Malcolm Gomez, Bert Heckel, l- u Liepens, Jerrj Lott, H..h Knighton. Glenn Reeves, Demi smith, (icorsr Smith, Itaj Tiinm, Jonnj Tinnell, Hcimj Wise. 199 First Row: Verle Allen, Jane Brown, Audrey Cockrell, Joy Dupree, Rose Escott, ReUy Ruth (■roll. Second Row: Sue Billie Jo Jones, Julia La Croix, Liz. McNew, Mary Lou Ma-thews, Pejjyj Miles. Third Row : Vickie Morgan, Jackie Morris, Margaret Ann Nolan, Josette Null, Marj Nan Tons, Mavine Qneyrouze. lourih Row: Rebecca Salley, Mari.yn Taylor, Lane West, Bonnie Woods. Not Pictured: Marj Ellen Cook, Freda Cranford, Syble McClellan, Marie Lou Cruice, Glenda Moss, Hazel Newton, Do, ' I ' lii lips, ien Pittard, Ann Strickland, Sue Horton. PHYSICAL EDUCATION OFFICERS Liz McNew President Jane Brown Vice-President Marilyn Taylor . . . Secretary-Treasurer Julia LaCroix Reporter Mrs. Melba O ' Quinn Sponsor The PEM Club is an organization for women Physical Education Majors. The Club was founded at Northwestern in 1935. The purpose of the club is to develop an awareness of the importance, to pro- mote the interest of the students, and to work with state and national organiza- tions, of Health. Physical Education, and Recreation. Highlighting this year ' s activities were the Tri College Sports Day and the annual PEM Club camp party. First Row: Sandra Chitty, l{u c Escott, Vice President; Judj lluhley, Mary Jo Masslngill, Liz McNew, President, second Row: Vickie Morgan, Secretary-Treasurer; Jackie Morris, sally Jo scrs, Marilyn Taylor, Sarah VVhelan, MODERN DANCE CLUB OFFICERS Liz McNew President Rose Escott Vice-President Vickie Morgan .... Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Collen Bennett Sponsor The Contemporary Dance Club, in its first year and under the able guidance of Dr. Bennett, has as its purpose to promote greater interest in modern dance, both professionally and through education. Performances during the year were presented for the Natchitoches Pilgrim- age, Natchitoches Branch of the A.A.U.W., Christmas Assembly. Purple Jacket Review, N.S.C. television scries. State Dance Symposium Concert, and Spring Concert. A highlight of the year was the Lou- isiana State Dance Symposium held at Northwestern with Harriette Ann Cray as guest artist. 200 First Row: Barkate, Bice, Booth, Dnrbin, Bbarb, Essmeier. second Ko«: Gordon, Green, Hoffpauier, Howell, Lewis, Montgomery. Third K « : Nipper, iViir- gon, Terwaj . OFFICERS Bobby Alost President John Bakkatk Vice-President Sammy Essmeier Treasurer Kenneth Tkrway Historian Billy Booth Sergeant-at- 4rms Dalk Hoffpauier Guide Phi Epsilon Kappa, the onl) national professional fra- ternity for male students and teachers of physical education. was founded at the Normal College of the American Gym- nastic Union, Indianapolis. Indiana, on April 12. 1913. Alpha Pi Chapter was installed on the Northwestern State College campus April 2i!. 1951, when the Men ' s Physical Education Club, long active as a local organization, received its charter as a member of Phi Epsilon Kappa. Dr. Duane Slaughter is the chapter Sponsor. PHI EPSILON KAPPA It. i l l iv Alost — President 201 First K»« : Karlmrn AssefT. Sam Black, Virginia Evans, Paul F. Flinn, Burton Howard, Vice- President; Judy Huhley. Second Knu : Sarita Johns, Secretary-Treasurer; Allele Fattier, Frances Leach, .John Payne, President; Lucie Petty, Betty Jo Semple. Third Row: Connie Spann, Bertha Stott, Marie Swann, June Alice Thompson, Vicki Waterman, Robert Winjjate. Standing:, left to right: Marj Pat Perniiiue, Olivia Colvin, Ma ine (Jueyrou .e, Monte . Smith, I inil Jo McCain, Gaynell Broussard, Shirley Kay Dalme, Second Row: Ann Strickland, Bobbj Rose Johnson, Linda Miller, Carolyn McKinley, Vickie Morgan, Nancj Jones. Third Hon: Mil- hum Murphy, l.enorc Cobb, Carolyn Peterson, Tj Evans, Ann Wilson, Frederick Fontenot. CANTERBURY CLUB OFFICERS John Payne President Burton Howard Vice-President Sarita Johns Secretary-Treasurer The Canterbury Club is an organiza- tion for all Episcopal students on the campus. The purpose of this club is to develop and guide the spiritual life of the stu- dents. This is accomplished through dis- cussion, study, worship, recreation, and communion service. The activities of the Canterbury Club consists of Mid-Winter College Confer- ence, Youth Fellowship, and All College Conference. FLAMINGO CLUB OFFICERS Mary Pat Perniquk President Mary Ellen Cook Vice-President Bobbie Rose Johnson . . Secretary-Treas. Gayenelle Broussard Reporter The purpose of the Flamingo Club is to acquire skill in acquatic activities such as synchronized swimming and diving, to provide an extra-curricular club for those students interested and skilled in aquatic activities, to develop in the public a better understanding and appreciation of water activities, and to sponsor water shows and demonstra- tions on and off campus. The faculty sponsor and instructor of the group this year was Miss Joan Evans. It is the policy of the organization to present one major show on campus and several off campus during the school year. 202 WESLEY FOUNDATION OFFICERS Mildred Willis President William Brumlow Vice-President Nancy McNair Secretary Carrie Myric Treasurer The Wesley Foundation is the Meth- odist Student Movement on the campus. Its purpose is to serve as a " home away from home. " and to offer through group worship, study, and activity, opportuni- ty for growth in Christian living. The Council members who appear on this page guide the program of the Wesley Foundation. First Row: Bill Brumlou, John Hola la , Dallene McElroy, Nancy McNair, Carrie Myrick. Second Row: I-ou Normand, Carolyn Roberts, Pegrgy Robinson, Annette Westbrook, siiirle% Wiggins. Third Kirn: Mildred Willis. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP The Westminster Fellowship is the or- ganization of the Preshyterian Church established at colleges and universities for the purpose of stimulating strong Christian ties by offering experiences and training in worship, recreation. stud . and social fellowship to its mem- bers. First Row: Kiln Blanchard, Marsrnerite Gulce, iuH Jones, KoIhti Keiley. Second it ' u i Laura Lotlirop, Madelyn Miscnler, Gail Mitchell, Robert Rosenbutth, Robin Voang. 203 rp I irst Row: Shirral Jennings, Lloyd Swor, Gloria I u| rec, Glenda .lime-., James Slack, George Cates. Second Row: Barbara Brown, Evelyn Aiken, Anita llarkness, Patricia Welch, Jack MMdleton, Beverly Anthony, Third Row: Prggy Buckley, Lance Holloway, Mary Ann Loftin, Thelina Joyce Dupree, Slielley Richardson. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION First Row: Maurice Aaron, Angie Boyt, Ma inc Browder, Hoyt Chance, Linda Crowe. Second Row: June Deville, Gloria Farmer, Martha Fletcher, ISosc llihhard, Jill Kelly. Third Row: George Km in in. John Lindsley, Sandra Noah. Dar ' ene Kogers, Olela Paul short, Billy Spears. Not Pictured: James Simons. OFFICERS Shirkal Jennings President Lloyd Swor Men ' s Vice-President Gloria Dupree Women ' s Vice-President Glenda Jones Secretary James Slack Business Manager George Cates Devotional Vice-President Barbara Brown Social Vice-President Evelyn Aiken Promotional Director Anita Harkness Publicity Director Patricia Welch Chain Editor Jack Middleton Missions Director Bi; erly Anthony YW ' A President PEGGY Buckley Commuters Representative Vance Holloway Athletic Director Ann Loftin Athletic Director Thelma Dupree Hostess Shelley Richardson Spiritual Director Billy Spears Freshman Council President Linda Crowe Vursing Council President Dr. Lisso Simmons Faculty Advisor Brother C. IL Jones Pastoi Myra GULLEDGE Director The Baptist Student Union was first organized on this campus in 1927 and is sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention. It is composed of all Baptist students at North- western and strives to deepen the spiritual lives of its mem- bers by enlisting them in activities of the local Baptist churches. Pictured here are those members of the executive council, freshman council, and nursing council. 204 First Row: Joanita Alfonse, Suzanne Alfonse, John Barkate, Wayne Black, Phyllis Brewer, Lenora Cobb, Connie Dupuis. Second IC : Patsj Farr, Veta Greco, Carolyn Lacour, Marshall l.affitte, Cecilia Landry, Charles Laroux, Bob Lithown. Third Row: Charles Michael, Clarice Morvant, Marj Blanche PosteU, Maxine Queyrouze, era Radial, Kill Hambin, Buck Rambin. Four the Row: lien Richardson, Jim Soileau, Jackie Spillman, Marie Stafford, ■lames Tau in, Roj Underwood, Elizabetli Vercher, John Vermaelen. OFFICERS Leroy Rambin President m i a Titone First I ice-President Felice Lemoini Second Vice-President Gayle Joseph Sea etai ) L. J. Chopin Treasure) The Newman Club at Northwestern functions to help Catholics on the campus persue th eir studies in a Christian way. It docs so with integrated programs of devotions, in- cluding the Mass. religious instructions, and with social activities such as regular meetings, scheduled parties, and informal gatherings. NEWMAN CLUB l ir-t Hon: Leroj Rainbin, President; Anita Titone, Firs! Vice-Presi- dent; Felice Lemoine, Second Vice-President; Gayle Joseph, Secreary. Second Row: i,. j, Chopin, Treasurer; Wayne Faraldo, Excutive Council Member; Chris Laffitte, Executive Council Member; Judj Wright, Exec- utive Council Member, 205 First Hon: Anthony, Baxter, Booth, Brooks, Childress, Dupree, Erwin. Second Row: Golmon, Harkness, Harlan, Jeffers, Johnson, Long:, MoFerrin. Third Row: Martinez, Monk, Perkins, Rolen, Rupert, Sanders, Sanderson. Fourth Row: Self, Shaw, Simmons, Titone, Walden, Winn. FACULTY AND STAFF MEMBERS PI KAPPA PHI The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded in 1897 and the Northwestern State College Chapter was estab- lished in July, 1953. The purpose of the society is the rec- ognition and encouragement of superior scholarship in all fields of study. Membership in the society is open to second semester juniors, seniors, graduate students, alumni, and faculty who have shown distinction in their fields of study. OFFICERS Edna ESI President ( ! K. I)i CDALE Vice-President Ikm Stockweli Secretary-Treasurer { i M Simmons Journalist-Correspondent Leo T. Allbritten Clio Allen Colleen Bennett William F. Beyer Miriam Carver Alice Chopin Elsie T. Church Sarah L. C. Clapp Estelle Cockfield Dorothy Cohen Alan Crosby E. B. Doering G. Waldo Dunnington W. G. Erwin Joan Evans Richmond Hathorn Pauline Johnson John S. Kyser Van Cook McGraw Eve R. Mouton Dick S. Payne Yvonne Phillips John B. Robson Mary S. Robson Frederick Rosentretor James Sublette Hal Townsend George Walker Weldon Walker George Ware Eugene Watson Mattie Woodward STUDENT MEMBERS Beverly Anthony Beverly Baxter Lila Booth Earl Brooks Barbara Childress Thelma Dupree Carolyn Erwin Katherine Golmon Anita Harkness Ronald Allen Harlan LuDell Jeffers Tommy Johnson Clarice Long William Mc.Ferrin William B. McNeely Juanita Martinez Grace Dowden Monk Betty Perkins Charles Rolen Sylvia Rupert Gloria Sanders Jimmy Sanderson Lorie Self Charles Shaw Anita Ruth Simmons Anita Titone Paula Walden James L. Winn Ruth Wood 206 First Row: Anthony, Bavter, Brooks, Coffey, Harknes... Johnson. Second Kow: MoKlroj, Mafonz, Simmons, Smith, Titone. Kappa Delta Pi is an honorary professional society for teachers and prospective teachers. Its purpose is to encour- age high professional, intellectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. Gamma P hi Chapter was begun on the Northwestern State College Campus on Ma 11. 1934. Dr. W. F. Beyer is serv- ing as counselor. PI KAPPA DELTA FACULTY MEMBERS Itarbuni Childress, Historian; Joann Needham, Secretary, vm Pictured: President Marguerite A ilk in-. Margaret Ackel Marguerite Adkins Mildred Bell W. F. Beyer Geraldine Brice Irma Bullock Lora Butler Lucille Carnahan Rub) Dunckelman Mildred Fowler L. F. Fowler C. C. Graham Dr. John Jones Mi . John Jones Clyde Jordon Inez Kirk R. G. Markham Elizabeth Reid Mary Robinson A alter Robinson Dr. John Robson Mamie Tarlton .Martha ashington Eugene atson Mary Weller Mattie Woodward SI 1 DKM ' MEMBERS BeverK Anthony Beverly Baxter Karl Brooks Barbara Childres vonne Coffey uita Harkness Tommy Johnson Selma Mafouz Dallene McElroy Joann Needham Buth Simmons Frances Smith uiia Titone 207 Seated, left to right. First Row : Gail Mitchell, Helen Manitzas, Yvonne Coffey, Martha Johnson, Lon Nnrniand, Rita lilaneharil, Nancy Jones. Second Hon: Dr. Simmons, Sandra Middleton, Mildred Willis, Pat Bobbitt, Mavine MclAWChlin, Clarice Long, Mary I ' restrige, Virginia Was- non, Nancy Lindsey, Nancy Sutton, Mary Ferguson, Dallene McElroy, Mary Wallette. Third Row: Gatha Mclnnis, I ' aula Broossard, Klizabeth Walker, Carrie Myriek, Carolyn Huberts, Cleta Windham, Betty McMahun, Bobbie Bergeron, Nell Campbell, Tommy Johnson, Mary Ann Droke, Blake Simms, Margie Dyek, Donnis Green, Gloria Dupree, Jack Lindgard. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Martha Johnson President Yvonne Coffey Vice-President Gail Mitchell Secretary Helen Manitzas Treasurer Dr. Simmons Sponsor Chartered on the Northwestern Cam- pus in 1953, the V. L. Roy Chapter of Student National Educational Associa- tion has a current membership of sev- enty members. Our organization is affili- ated with the National Education Asso- ciation and the Louisiana Education Association. Its purpose and functions are the same as those of these parent organizations. Membership is open to any Northwestern State College student who plans to make teaching his life ' s work. PHI MU ALPHA OFFICERS Robert Eddy President Charles Blossom Vice-President Kenneth Hendrickson Treasurer David Kimbali Secretary Paul Torgrimson Sponsor Gamma Rho Chapter of Phi Mu Al- pha is a national honorary professional musical fraternity, with the purpose of advancing music on the campus and wherever the opportunity presents itself. lirsl !{(.«: Wayne liluck, David Hardin, Kenneth Hendrickson, David Kimehall. Second Row: Kendrick Smith. Not Pictured: Robert Kddy, Harold Flurry, Thomas Latham, David Jackson. 208 First How : Charles Ainsworth, Carolyn Chamberlain, Parliamentarian; l ' vonne Coffey, R ecording Secretary; Gayle Cryer, Corresponding Secretary; Noel Dulir. Second How: Mary Ferguson, Judith Hammond, Bettj Latham, Kaj UcFarland, President; Judy Morgon. Third How: Rath Woolridge Penton, Reporter; Rebecca Pilkington, Treasurer; ue Hiun», Rebecca Salley. Helen Sorrell, Vice-President. Not 1 ' ietured: Mrs. l i ie Whittington, ble McClellan, Doris Ann Hretl. OFFICERS Kay R. McFarland President Helen Sorreli ' ice-President Gai i.i. ( Ir ' v i.h Cot i esponding Sea etai ) Yvonne Coffe Recording Secretai | REBEO PlLKINGTON Tniisui I I Ri in Penton Reportei Carolyn Chamberlain Parliamentarian Alpha Beta Alpha, the nl national coeducational under- graduate Librarj Science Fraternity, was Founded at North- western Stale College on Ma . " . L950. Alpha Chaptei " I tin- college a granted it- charter the same day. The fra- ternity claims a it- own, members who arc concerned with the purpose of promoting librarj development throughout the nation. ALPHA BETA ALPHA STUDENT MEMBERS Judj Morgan Mar) Ferguson Noel Dube Mi -. Dixie hittington PROFESSION l. MEMBERS Miss gnes Clark Mrs. Daughdril Dr. Eugene Watson Barbara Brian) Miss (Catherine Bridges Mrs. Inez kirk I ' l EDGES Mi. Robert Cain Mrs. I ucille ( !ai nahan Miss l .u- . ' Miss Dorotli) K- sei Mr. Donald MacKenzie Mr, I. M Reames Miss Olivei Roberts Miss Man Robson Sue I! Belt) I atham Chai les Vi isworth Rebect a Sall j Syble McClellan 1 1. n i iin Brett I lulu li I [ammo i 1 209 Seated, left to rig-lit, First Row: Barbara Cliambliss, Beverly llortman, Frank .lobe, Ruby Drane, irginia d ' Arby, Nancy Davis, Barbara Fess, Ral| b Combs. Standing, Second Row: Sam tirey, Roy Buckley, Judith .tones, Paxton Willis, Robert Bridges, Rene Bienvenu, George Ware. Standing, Third Row: Paul Alexander, William Krwin, William Brumlow, Rollis Bray, Kenneth Lantz, Bon Rucker, Elmer Button, James Walker, Sonny .limes. BETA BETA BETA First Kow : Andrew .lobe. Corresponding Secretary; Mary Dunckelman, Treasurer. Second Row: Barbara Fess, Recording Secretary. Not Pic- tured: Roy Buckley, President; Judith Jones, Vice-President, OFFICERS Roy Bi cklky President h Dim Jones Vice-President Frank Jobk Corresponding Secretary BARBARA FESS Recording Secretary Mary Dunckelman Treasurer Beta Beta Beta is a national honor societv for students ol the Biological Sciences. Its purpose is to stimulate sound scholarship, to contribute to the dissemination of scientific truth, and to encourage biological research. Begun on this campus as Beta I ' hi Alpha, it became a national fraternity in I ' M ' ), adopting the present name. First Row: Aubry, Cates, C they, Chance, Craig:. Curry, Gaskin, »ri ' iiiillioii, Hargrove, Harper. Second Row: Rarrison, Rolloway, Jeffers, Johnson, Kelley, Lee, Lewis, McDaniel, Manitzas, Mayes. Third lt : Morgan, Nor nan, Parker, Pittman, Rolen, Sanderson, Sawyer, Schinzler, itt. Self. Fourth Row: Smith, Sparks, II. Stewart, P. Stewart, Vermaelen, Wallette, Winn, Wood, OFFICERS Don McFerrin President Frank Newton I ice-President Nancs Hi n Secretary, Historian Ki l II SIMMONS Treasurer e Gaines Reportei Pi Omega I ' i is a National Honorarj Fraternitj for stu- dents majoring in the ari m fields ol business. Members musl maintain an outstanding scholastic grade in all field—. i! education with at leasl a " B " average in their Business Curriculum, The lpha u Chapter of Northwestern State College has completed it- nineteenth consecutive year of active service. I lie aims ol the chapter arc to promote Loyalty, Service, and Progress in both Business and Education. This group is under the sponsorship of Mr. Ulan Steele. PI OMEGA PI Fir-t Row: Don McFerrin, President; Frank Newton, Vice-President; Kancj Huff, Secretary-Historian. Second Row: Kuth Simmons, Treas- urer; Faye Gaines, Reporter. 211 ALPHA PSI OMEGA First Row: Wayne Black, Clyoie Knott. Second 12 i : Muree I iti turn, Sarah Whelan. OFFICERS Maree Minturn Director Clydie Knott Stage Manager Wayne Black Business Manager Alpha Psi Omega is the largest national honorary dra- matic fraternity in the nation. Northewstern ' s Delta Eta Cast I Chapter I of Alpha Psi Omega was reorganized in 1953. Election to membership in this fraternity is the highest honor which can be bestowed in the held ol theatre at Northwestern. The aim of lpha Psi Omega is the better- ment of the college theatre. 212 First I{iih : Don Allurd, Caroyln Bra) , Barnej Brecheen, Lera Hennessey, l " l Herringrton, Marj I. mi Homes, Second !{ •«: Sura Guj Leake, Haree Minturn, Jackie Morris, Gerald Panl. Third Row: Fred Prassak, Virginia IVagrnon, Mil 1 i Kelle) . Clj die Ki His. OFFICFRS SARAH W HELAIS President Pi i.i.i Jo Di Ki First I ice-President V Y K Bl.AI K Second I iee-l ' i leu I Joan Davis Secretary Bill Rambiis Treasure) DAVIS PLAYERS l)a i Players is the oldest dramatic organization on the ( :ampus. Founded in L925 and named lor a former Language Instructor, Miss Marj I )a is. the club has grown to be rec- ognized as instrumental in encouraging, developing, and rewarding dramatic talent. Membership is based upon u uk ilimc mi College Theatre productions and i- not exclusive in Speech majors. Letters are awarded t " members whose achievements double those required ! " i admission to the club. There is also an award given to the " Best -kctress, " and " Best Vctor " " I the year. I hi award is named aftei our own director Dr. Edna West, and is called tin- " Edna. " I ir»t linw : -«iiruli lirlun, President; Pe£ K3 Jo Duke, I ir-i Vice-Presi- dent; Wayne Black, Second Vice-President. Second Row: Juan l ii i-». Secretars ; Kill linniliiii, Trasturer. 213 First Row: Carolyn Sue Adams, Dolores Austin, Carolyn Krwin, Montrecia Harris. Second K : Kdith MeDanial, Linda Anne Whitehead. irali Oliver, Edwins Thedford, SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha Iota is a professional fraternity for women. Membership in this organization requires that the person be accomplished in some phase of music. The purpose of Sigma Alpha Iota is to advance music in America. OFFICERS Linda Vnne Whitehead President Carolyis Si f, Vdams Vice-President Edith McDaniei Secretary Carolyn Erwin Treasurer Dolores ustijs Chaplain 1 i BEVILLE Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Montrecia Harris Edwina Thedford Sarah ( li -i THE SIGMA ALPHA IOTA SYMPHONY To study and practice the goodness of life, the beaut) of art. the meaning of music. To sing the song of sincerity and universal peace. To speak the words that build, that bless and comfort. To plav the harp strings of living kindness, tolerance, ap- preciation, and genuine gratitude. To strive for the joy of simplicity for the noble: to be faithful over a few things. To listen, to be still and know the harmony within. To faulter never in seeking loving service, wisdom, and un- derstanding. In a word to be loyal to Sigma Upha Iota and her teach- ings: lo find joy, hope, inspirations: to remember that " Every good and perfect gift is from above " and " What- soever u ' do, do il heartily as to the Lord, and not unto men. 214 First Row: Peggj Alexander, Beverlj Anthony, Georgia Bailes, Margaret Ballard, Hazel Barnes, isett.v Beasley, Barbara Beebe, Pauline Berry, Ku Hlevins, Gaynell Bronssard, JaneU Bryant, Vvkk Buckley. Second Row: Ann Campbell, Catherine Collins, Shirlej Corley, Barbara Childress, Lennie Davis, June Deville, Alice Dixon, Delma Donahoe, Bonnie Jean Fru er, Mavine Hattaway, Barbara Haynes, June llillman. Third How: Brenda Holmes, Addie Huckabay, Jo Klla Jameson, Margie Jameson, Marjorie Johnson, Glenda Jones, Janie sue Krouse, Margaret LaCraze, Nila Faye LaField, deie liittier, Jean Ijuh.hi, Marcelle Lee. Fourth Row: Frances Madden, Joj Maddox, ISetli Maxwell, Margie Meglone, Janice Miller, Jo Ann NeedliHin. Jo Nettles, Rebecca Nichols, Anna Peterson, June Plunkett, Fthel.wi Serogiriiis, Bettj Jo Simple. Fifth Row: Amelia Slay, Laverne Thompson, Mar Walker, Sylvia Ward, hiitlirr.ui Weaver, Fayrine Webb, Shirley Wiggins, Nelda Millet, Ernestine Womack, Kathryn Womaek, Not Pictured: Alice Cook, (harlene Denton, Darlene Hicks, Linda Jones, Carolyn Roberts, Claire Salter, Annette Westbrook. OFFICERS Carolyn Spri h.i President Rachel Roberts First I ice-President Suzanne Swann Second Vice-President Jeanne Andrepont Secretary (, ml Corbell Treasurei Cecilia Landri Parliamentarian Patricia Spigener Recordei Jo Joffrion State Officer The Euthenics Club, which is affiliated with (lie Louisiana Home Economics Association and the American Home Economics Association, was organized in l ' 2( . Its purposes are: to promote professional j i i i l and cooperation; i lus- ter sociability; to develop culture; t promote scholarship; and to develop leadership. The motto is: " We believe in minds that think, hearts that ln e. and hands, that Work. EUTHENICS CLUB First Ron : Carolyn SpruiU, President: Rachel Roberts, I irst Vice- President; Suzanne Swann, Second Vice-President: Jeanne Andrenont, Secrtary. Second Row: Gail CorbeU, Treasurer; Cecilia Landry, Parlia- mentarian; Patricia Spigener, Recorder; Jo Ann JefTrion, State officer. 215 Standing, left to right, First Row: Dr. Turner, Donnj Payne, Arthur Grice, Knger M .ore, Charles lias . Julian Wailes. Second Kun: Robert Kisor, Clyde alder, Salter Copeland, Charles Presley, Alan Fundgren, Floyd Morgan. Not Pictured: Billy .Joe Lyles. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB First Row: Billie Joe Lyles, Claude Hammett, Alan Lundren. Second Row: Floyd .Morgan, Richard Broussard. OFFICERS Billy Joe Lyles President Claude Hammett I ice-President Alan Lungren Secretary Floyd Morgan Treasurer Richard Broussard Reporter The Industrial Arts Club was formed in 1947 in order to unite all members of tbe Industrial Arts Department. Dur- ing the Fall semester, tbe club won fourth in the Home- coming Parade and second in tbe Christmas Parade on tbeir floats. All members take an annaual field trip to some in- dustrial city in the spring. Also on tbe program are an an- nual Social for the Spring and Fall semesters. 216 POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS James Slack President JAMES SKIDMORE Vice-President James Hammons Treasurer Walter Eagles Reporter The Political Science Society, organ- ized on November 20. 1956. has as its primary purpose the circulation of pre- professional information for pre-law students, such as information concern- ing scholarships, curriculum, profes- sional experience and qualifications. Guest speakers are invited to lead dis- cussions on related topics. The close connection between law and other fields of Government suggests that the interest of society is even broader than such pre-professional in- formation indicates. First Row: Charles Brown, Walter Eagles, James Hammons, Robert Johnson. Second Row: Robert Kelley, John King-, Ted Roberts, .hunt-. Skidmore. Third How: James Slack, Lloyd s. u ,, r . MATH CLUB OFFICERS Herbert Temple President John E hols I ice-President Dallem: I Ki.uoi Secretary mi Harkness Treasurei James Hammons Reportei Dr. William Stokes Si ms i Organized with the idea of promoting interest in Mathematics al Northwest- ern " , the Math Club has grown into an agcnc of activated stud . helping de- velop in its members an appreciation of the power and bcautv possessed b mathematics. It has also been a deter- mining factor in promoting higher scholastic achievement. I ' lans are underway i affiliate with the National Honorary Mathematics Fraternity, Kappa Mu Epsilon, thus providing on the campus a socielv foi the recognition oi outstanding achieve- ment in the siinK l Mathematics. first Row: John Barkate, Ernest Barnes, John Kchols, Herberl Goins, L, B. Graham Seront Row: James Hammons, Inlta Harkness, Do roth} Lelfeste, Dallene HeKlroy, Juanlta Martinet Third Row: Mun Lou Mathews, li " - Murphy, Joe Sibley, Herberl I • le 217 Ul? m ■ --srm ' mmmn ? Aua ns? % THt " ° L0 T m ■ » its. • ■ •ite t •. • ? v y - v ■ " 7 yt m v " M ? « . 3Pe « Mg| f Ars . r»i- « - B. ? ' ' .? n DO YOU APPROVE, JEF i m mm. § m ' DOc HENNi GAN?— BkIkSKW r • ' . TEA TIME NOW; BALL TIME LATER $ iXlSSSSBB ? - « e £ — L.- 4y i ■rf r .--1fil I o ?Kf • gm N " -.A ' ==4 Jf$a M ?■« 5-4 y A ' I ' t»Q V ♦ , a L -L . f:-.. V U ' . 1 Ms THE DEMON N— OUR PRIDE AND JOY I -hi T % : ft « _ - M ft. VI o c? r. MY, WHAT A NICE TIME WE HAD v. I fc: " •v :« ••_ . " ••. ffl- ' A -.5 i ' H, F t mr . t us r x DIG THAT CHRISTMAS TREE n t f ' , a » r ' . ' ,c go Iff! x C ' " lU " % 1 V» fl 1 « 4 vv r 6 ' j«. v ?. ii iw - L £- k ,. 1 i- M V jCH ' VBL r % « THE FRESHMEN LED UP ( . » f ' 4 4 r ' »«■• i i. £» v i ' f ' r ' ' •VhN i r % ' tf .1 r. « • I » L JSS ' - " oarage fL t ' 9£ . LOOK MA, WE GOT COMPANY b £ £ • vv jh Ii$ l t5 v ZiMh. h ± ill ' - ' • F i Ik S 4 it 55 — Ii NOW, HOW ' BOUT THAT m vi 9 ._ WHY SO MELANCHOLY, MARILYN? PATRONS The 1958 Popourri features for the second time in its history a perfected media of advertising . . . the classified ad. Below is a listing of those firms which have con- tributed a share in supporting the students of Northwestern and their yearbook through advertising. Won ' t you in turn support them by patronizing our advertisers? A A DeBlieux Son, Ready-to-Wear Natchitoches. La. Air Conditioning Appliance Corporation Alexandria. La. C Carl Pons Electrical Company Shreveport. La. Central Louisiana Electric Company. Inc Natchitoches, La. City Bank Trust Company Natchitoches, La. Community Cleaners Natchitoches. La. D Don Theatre Natchitoches. La. E Exchange Bank of Natchitoches Natchitoches. La. G Garrett Office and Supplies, Inc Alexandria. La. Cuillet Studio, Potpourri Photographer Natchitoches. La. H IIh.lyard Chemical Company St. Joseph. Missouri Hotel Nakatosh Natchitoches, La. Hyde-Eletcher Music Compiny Natchitoches, La. K [COLLEGE Korner Natchitoches. La. Knoc Radio Station Natchitoches. La. 228 PATRONS L Le Rendezvous Cafe Natchitoches, La. Lewis ' Friendly Store Natchitoches. La. M McClung Drug Store Natchitoches, La. Morgan Lindsey, Inc Natchitoches. La. Murphy ' s Restaurant Natchitoches. La. N Natchitoches Lumber Yard, Inc Natchitoches. La. Natchitoches Motor Company. Ltd Natchitoches, La. Natchitoches Times Natchitoches, La. Nichols Dry Goods Co Natchitoches. La. P Peoples ' Motor Company Natchitoches. La. Q VLirv Shoe Store Natchitoches, La. S Sandefur ' s Jewelers Natchitoches. La. Standard Printing Company Alexandria, La. T Todd ' s Department Stoke Natchitoches, La. W Wei. lan ' s Department Store Alexandria, La. Weiss Goldrings Alexandria, La. Z .ism Alexandria, La. 229 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS In concluding our work on the 1958 Potpourri, we would like to pause a moment to express our sincere gratitude to the many people who help to make this publication possible. You see only the finished product. But we recognize the many familiar people along the road to the completed book whose help has been invaluable. First along the way we would like to thank Dr. Kyser for making our trip to Nashville more enjoyable and the planning of the Potpourri more successful. Next we thank Dean Fulton and Dean Porter for the extra moment they always seem to have to listen to our tales of woe. To Benson Printing Co. we express our gratitude for the printing for the POTPOURRI, and extend a special salute to Mr. Billy Benson and Mr. Dan Eadie for their personal help and interest. To Mr. Pap Dean and Mr. Murphey and Mr. Jimmy Cobb of Shreveport Engraving Co., we extend our thanks for your many hours of hard work, and the individual help you gave us. Next along the way we meet Mr. Elmore Morgan of Baton Rouge, who so graci- ously provided the pictures which appear on the division pages. To B. J. Lyles, Red Hennigan and Curtis Guillet our sincere appreciation for pro- viding the excellent photographic material in the book. We would also like to recognize Rose Escott and Laverle Allen who provided the costumes for the Potpourri Court pictures. We thank sincerely Mr. and Mrs. Bob Menansco, and Miss Rose Margaret Harton who did a splendid job in judging the 1958 beauties. No Potpourri would ever be complete, without the help of Miss Loneta Graves and Mr. Graham Peavy who so capably handle our finances. We express our appreciation to Mrs. Caroline Adams for the use of Varnado Hall and her help with the tea for the Potpourri Court. Impossible indeed our task would have been without the constant help and en- couragement of our own " Doc " Marx. The time he spent was endless, his advice invaluable, and his interest unquestionable. All through our journey we meet the multitude of Northwestern Students, them- selves the stars of our production, whose cooperation and support cannot be meas- ured. 1 o all of you, we say thank you. We again express our heartfelt thanks to all ol you. Joan. John. Kal e and Mary tu toarapkd tarani s tu loaraphd I l A, J

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