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LOUISIANA COLLEGIUM FINE ARTS VARNADO HALL fer E i HOME ECONOMICS CALDWELL HALL EJiEl 21 MEN ' S GYMNASIUM SCIENCE LIBRARY p 1 P h til BUSINESS CASPARI HALL 0E3Q RELIGIOUS CENTER JSLiSflffi b _ — ■ r THE YEARBOOK OF NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA LH 1 L8 P676 195b □ us a ' , ' J2 m Comes the Knowledge, Experience, Happiness, Sadness, Traditions . . . iS£ □ □□LQ □ DO -v i.l j- ■ a - 1 ij 3B " SO. P° OE LULLLLLLlI i c r n r r t n ni — r tpM m m L U LLLLLL BM W j ... All to be Remembered in the Future If UT of many, there is always one who thinks only of helping others and forgets his own comforts and desires. Because of his untiring devotion to both the student body and the administration . . . Because he can be counted on in time of need . . . Because he is understanding in the time of despair . . . Because he has dedicated his whole life to the betterment of North- western . . . Because he has given so much unselfishly, and received so little rec- ognition . . . Because the student body, as a whole, can say, " Truly, he is my friend " . . . We proudly and humbly dedicate the I 955 POTPOURRI to HAL E. TOWNSEND President of N. S. C. We at Northwestern State College are well aware that a campus group constitutes a unique community, and that this community provides singular opportunities for the richest of human experiences. We endeavorto be happily serious academically, to be reasonably carefree in recreation and to live together in a spirit of mutual trust and helpfulness. On our campus, faculty and staff have confidence in the mind and heart of students; students strive to merit the approval of their instructors. Working together, we shall do our utmost to extend the best of the old and to appropriate the good that may come from the spirited use of the new. Our supreme wish is that we may merit the respect and confidence of all who labor for a better college. K% ' aUAs 16 The Deans HAL E. TOWNSEND Assistant Dean of Men FRANCES PORTER Assistant Dean of Women EVE MOUTON Acting Dean of Women DUDLEY G. FULTON Dean of Men The Dean of Women and the Dean of Men are responsible for the general welfare and happiness of the entire student body. Their services to Northwestern State College are numerous and time consuming. The duties of the Dean of Women are not limited to the academic phase of the women students ' life, but reach out to include work with social programs. She also serves as advisor of their student government. The Dean of Men is in chargeof the regulation of academic stand- ards, and serves as an arbiter in cer- tain infractions of men ' s rules. 17 CLARENCE E. DUGDALE School of Arts and Sciences JOHN A. JONES School of Education GEORGE T. WALKER School of Applied Arts and Sciences HILDA CLAIRE BURNHAM School of Nursing The Deans of Schools Graduate School The College is divided into five schools for the purpo;e of administration of instruction and in keeping with the offerings. The objective of the School of Applied Arts and Sciences, headed by Dr. George T. Walker, is to prepare students for employment in professional fields of business nursing, industry, and agriculture. Dr. C. E. Dugdale is Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. The objective of this school is to prepare stu- dents for entry into professional schools such as law, medi- cine, and ministry, and a ' so for vocations in various fields. The objective of the School of Nursing, headed by Hilda Claire Burnham, is the promotion of health, disease pre- vention, rehabilitation and the care of the handicapped and ill. John A. Jones is Dean of the School of Education, which has as its objective the professional training of teachers. The primary purpose of the Graduate School, headed by Leo T. Allbritten, is to improve and strengthen the class- room instructional programs of the elementary school and the high school teachers of the State, and to increase the competency and the effectiveness of the administrators and supervisors in the schools. 18 The Administrators OTIS R. CREW Registrar ROBERT HU MPHREY Director of News Bureau DUDLEY FULTON Director of Student Relations JOHN A. JONES Director of Teacher Training LEROY MILLER Alumni Secretary OTIS CREW DUDLEY FULTON ROBERT HUMPHREY JOHN A. JONES LEROY MILLER CHARLES ROSS GRIFFIN TAYLOR HAL E. TOWNSEND HARRY TURPIN GEORGE T. WALKER CHARLES ROSS Director of Testing Service HAL E. TOWNSEND Director of Men ' s Housing GRIFFIN TAYLOR Purchasing Agent HARRY TURPIN Athletic Director GEORGE T. WALKER Dean of Administration 19 Department of Art, Education, Business, Health and Physical Education ORVILLE HANCHEY Art JOHN ROBSON Education NOBLE B. MORRISON Business PAUL C. MARX Health and Physical Education (Acting Head) ART: Grant Kenner EDUCATION: Lucille Carnahan, John A. Jones, John Rodgsrs. BUSINESS: Robert Easley, Sam Leifeste, Janell F. Rue, Allan T. Steele, Jewel Watson. HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION: H. A. Brown, Elizabeth Closs, Betty Godwin, Charles F. Thomas, Harry H. Turpin, Melba O ' Quin. Not Pictured: EDUCATION: H. J. Sudbury. HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Walter P. Ledet, John Piscopo, Betty Walker. 20 HOME ECONOMICS: Marie Dunn, Frances E. Halm, Mary E. Robson, Hollie White. INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION: Roland Nagel, Roy G. Clark, Dwayne Gilbert. LANGUAGES: Waldo D. Dunnington, Donald L. Graham, Richard Hathorn, Robert Hunphrey, Mary McEniry, John Merrill, Corrine Saucier, Mamie Tarl- ton, Edna West. LIBRARY SCIENCE: William Bennett, Irene Pope, Olive Roberts, J. Mitchell Reams. Not Pictured: LANGUAGES: Sarah L. C. Clapp, Eltor B. Doering, Eve Mouton, Irma Stockwell, Ora Williams. LIBRARY SCIENCE: Katherine Bridges, Elizabeth Williams. Department of Home Economics, Industrial Education, Languages and Library Science mMtitiM RUBY S. DUNCKLEMAN Home Economics WALTER J. ROBINSON Industrial Education CLARENCE E. DUGDALE Languages EUGENE WATSON Library Science Department of Math Military Science, Nursing, Social Science CARROLL G. KILLEN Math ORLANDO L GREENING Military Science HILDA C. BURNHAM Nursing YVONNE PHILLIPS Social Science A.lkl O O r - MATH: Elsie T. Church, George Miller, S. W. Shel- ton, William Timon. MILITARY SCIENCE: SFC Paul Albrecht, SFC John Benavides, SFC Richard Colton, M Sgt. Richard E. Gregory, M Sgt. William B. Hammond, SFC James D. McKenzie, SFC John F. Miller, Capt. Hubert E. Nolde, 1st Lt. John E. Preston. NURSING: Elaine Goben, Frances Pingrey, Jimmye Stephenson, Louise Sudbury. SOCIAL SCIENCE: Dick S. Payne, Frederick Rosen- treter, George Stokes, Dewitt T. Tarlton. Not Pictured: SOCIAL SCIENCE: LeRoi Eversull, Ora V. Watson. BIOLOGY: Paul Alexander, Ralph M. Combs, Rod- erick Outland. James E. Sublette. MUSIC: Eleanor Brown, Joseph Carlucci, Dwight G. Davis, Sara Guitar, Lilian McCook, Paul E. Torgrim- son. AGRICULTURE: Harrison J. Young. PHYSICAL SCIENCE: William J. Broach, Bert B. Boyd, Archie K. Deason, Alfred Ducournau. Not Pictured: BIOLOGY: George Ware. MUSIC: May Beville, Lorane V. Brittain. PHYSICAL SCIENCE: Alan Crosby. Department of Biology, Music, Agriculture, and Political Science WILLIAM G. ERWIN Biology SHERROD TOWNS Music SYLVAN W. NELKIN Agriculture FRANCIS G. FOURNET Physical Science 24 Ac Ac Ac Ac Ac Ac i v I • ■ I V I • ■ I V I I V I I V I ■ • I V I i e s i e s i e s i e s i e s i e s 25 Seated, left to right: Bettie Carter, Jack Sharp. Dan Carr, Jean Noble, Faye Johnson. Standing, left to right: Bill Collingsworth, Harry Moore, Don Morgan, James Thomasee. Under the able leadership of President Dan Carr and Vice-President Jack Sharp, the Student Council maintained its honor and prestige with various func- tions. The Student Council has worked through the year on setting up a point system, getting a name band, and setting up the graduate branch of student gov- ernment. Elections were capably handled upholding the tradition of dignity and harmony of the college. The Student Counci Pay attention Don! The Thinker MEM RERS SILL COLLINGSWORTH President of Senior Class HARRY MOORE President of Junior Class DON MORGAN President of Sophomore Class JAMES THOMASEE President of Freshman Class DAN CARR President JACK SHARP Vice-President JEAN NOBLE Coed Vice-President BETTIE CARTER Secretary FAYE JOHNSON Treasurer Latest project Well?? L TWNaL iW - CLAY BROCK President VERNIS WRIGHT Vice-President HANNAH HAYNES Secretary The Student Senate, the legislative branch of student government at Northwestern State College, is in its seventh year of existence on the campus. Although its primary function is legislative, the student senate performs many other services to the student body. In addition to carrying on its legislative program, the senate edits the student hand- book which is issued to incoming students to introduce them to the college. The senate has as its goal the making of student government more representative and valuable to student interests. Mr. Charles Ross, Student Counselor, served as this year ' s sponsor of the senate, giving helpful assistance and advice. The senate is composed of members who are willing to give unselfishly of their time in the interest of the student body of Northwestern. MEMBERS Bobby Alost Kenneth Brister Ruby Nell Gordy Bobbie Bass Clay Brock Hannah Haynes Lonnie Bennett Bill Butler Dan Lucius Osborn Blake Dan Chase Naomi Meadows Ronald Bonial Clem Doxey Mike Murphy Delano Brister Hugh Faircloth Mary Alice Phillips Edwina Foster Vernis Wright Freshman Commissioners Student Senate Standing, left to right: K. Brister, B. Bass, D. Brister, O. Blake, R. Bonial, B. Butler. I Bennett D Chase. Seated: C. Broclc, V. Wright, H. Haynes, B. Most, H. Faircloth, M. Phillips, Mr. Ross. Undertakers convention!! What a revoltin ' development The Honor Court The Student Honor Court is composed of seven justices nominated by the Dormitory Councils, selected by the Hon- or Court, and approved by the Advisory Board. The Honor Court serves as the disciplinary body of student government and has delegated power to act upon cases of violation or infraction of the rules governing the conduct of men stu- dents on the campus. By building higher standards of con- duct and citizenship on the campus among the men students, and by administering justice through a student group, the court represents another step forward in student govern- ment. DUDLEY DOWNING Chief Justice Seated left to right: Jerry Reddell. Bob Tatum, Eugene Christmas. Standing, left to ria t: Bnbby I earh GeralH Furr. 30 -»» Associated Women ' s Students ALCIDIE THOMPSON President First row, left to right: Miss Frances Porter, Alcidie Thompson, Nancy King, Miss Eve Mouton. Second row, left to right: Nancy Kimbrell, Jean Noble, Joan Evans, Virgie McGuffee. Seated, left to right: Nancy Kimbrell. Jean Noble. Standing, left to riqht: Freddie Jones, Ruby Noll Gordv. Margaret Robin. First row, left to right: Alice Hulls, Mildred Eckhardt, Betty Jo Tilleux, Imogene Roller. Second row, left to right: Alma Rabb, Irene Trevlllion, Bessie Mae Davis, Rose Fertitta, Agnes Cantrell. Third row, left to right: Francis Guice, Hallie Wheat, Muffet Shehee, Kay Francis Lang, Pat Cowart, Marcia Thomas, Gloria Brown, Jackie Lucius, Billy King, Billie Walker. The Associated Women Students Council was organized at Northwestern in 1947. It is a member of the Intercollegiate Association of Women Students. The purpose of this organi- zation is to promote, in cooperation with the Dean of Women, the intellectual, social and spiritual welfare of women students, to devel- op self-responsibility, and a spirit of coopera- tion, and to uphold high social and academic standards among women students. The Execu- tive Council guides the Association and the Judicial Board acts in the event of violation of rules governing women students. Membership is automatic upon enrollment in the college. Through the Big Sister program and the work of Sophomore Counselors, help is given the freshmen women students. Highlighting the year ' s activities are the " A.W.S. Backward Dance, " Christmas at Home, and Spring Con- vocation. The Purple Jackets The Purple Jacket Club which was founded by President V. L. Roy in 1927, is the oldest honor club to be organized on the campus. Formerly directed by Miss Calherine Winters, the group is now under the sponsorship of Miss Ruth Tatum. It has as its purpose to serve the college and student body as their official representatives. The members act as assistant hostesses on college occasions. They assist, upon request, in carrying out any program of the faculty or administrative staff. They work together to further development of character and leadership. The Purple Jacket Club honors women students who have demonstrated good scholarship, good character and a desire to co- operate with all units of the college in unselfish service. Highlighting this year ' s Purple Jacket activities were the Purple Jacket Homecom- ing, annual Purple Jacket Review, and the Spring Trip. RUTH TATUM Below: The lineup Bottom: One act from the shov OFFICERS JOAN EVANS President NANCY ANNE KING Vice-President BARBARA EVANS Secretary JUNE GLEASON Treasurer MEMBERS Jane Bush Bettie Carter Lynelle Dowden Vera Graham Mary Lane Gray Cindy Hodge Faye Johnson Sudie Loomis Virgie McGuffie Blanche Lee Morrison Lois Jean Tarter Akidie Thompson Betty Wilson Center: Joan Evans. Counter clockwise beginning at left on front row: Faye John- son, June Gleason, Mary Lane Gray, Vera Graham, Barbara Evans, Sudie Loomis, Virgie McGuffie, Blanchie Lee Lewis, Jane Bush, Louis Jean Tarter, Nancy King, Cindy Hodge, Lynelle Dowden, Alcidie Thompson, Betty Wilson, Betty Carter. Watch the Byrdie Don ' t look at me like that! REPORTERS Nelda Anders Carolyn Avery Bobby Beaird Barbara Brooks Diane Forbes Edwina Foster Edna Faye Gaines Gayle Harmon Sara Jacobs Lu Dell Jeffers Helen Keith Lynn Kennedy James King Bill Plumb John Spataro Dorothy Nell Stafford John Tarver Ann Torrens Peqgy Turner Jo White Frances Wright To date there has not been found any way to publish a newspaper without somebody work- ing. Publishing The Current Sauce is not a seasonal " sport, " but a week-after-week routine, which can be as monotonous or as exciting as the news it covers. Everything happening on this campus is a story. Not all the stories make front page head- lines; some never even get close to the ink. News-wise this is a very cooperative campus. This plus a small but real ink-blooded staff of collegiate journalists give the Sauce the coverage it maintains. Though not always " current " because of occasional technical difficulties, the college newspa- per has all the " sauce " — and usually pretty well seasoned with campus doings. The Current Sauce, " published weekly, except during holidays and test weeks, by the Student Body of Northwestern State College, " has the most freedom of any college press anywhere. Maybe once or twice this past year as in others, this privilege has been abused, but at least the Sauce is not an opinionless wad of newsprint. Sauce has sometimes not only " all the news that ' s fitto print " but then some. AVON McBRIDE Editor JOHN SPATARO Business Manager 34 AVON McBRIDE . HESTER BROWN . JOHN SPATARO JERRY BYRD . BETH SMITH . . BILL NORMAND . GAYLE HARMON R. H. HUMPHREY STAFF Editor ■ . Associate Editor Business Manager • ■ . . Sports Editor ■ . . Society Editor Art Editor Circulation Manager • . Faculty Advisor The Current Sauce S..W. |.H ,„ ,;,„ ; Norm ,„ Mt „ w , Unn S|-nd . n ] wtii _ w Kennedy, Avery, Brown, Harmon. A tack John? Awe-some audience The 1955 Potpourri STAFF JANIS MEYER Editor-in-Chief BARBARA CHEEK Associate Edito JOAN EVANS Business Manage BETTY JO TILLEUX Class Edito MARGARET ROBIN Class Edito SHIRLEY DEAN Feature Edito MARY MILES BYRNE Snapshot Edito JERRY BYRD Sports Edito GERALD TILLEUX Greek Edito RICHARD SMITH Organizations Edito LOUISE PONS Art Edito ROBERT HUMPHREY Faculty Adviso Discussion? Wait your turn, Jimmye! Now it ' s funny Hiding, Gerald? The 1955 POTPOURRI had its beginning last August, when Janis Meyer and Louise Pons traveled to Benson Print- ing Company in Nashville, Tennessee to lay out the dummy. The year has been filled with the gathering of material, the Potpourri Ball, the selection of the beauties, and the many, many other things that it takes to make a yearbook. We wish to thank all those who have made this book possible, especially to Mr. W. A. Benson, Jr., of Benson Printing Company; Mr. Jimmy Cobb, of Shreveport Engraving Company; and Mr. Robert Humphrey, our faculty advisor, of much patience and understanding in time of need. The 1954-55 staff of the POTPOURRI have tried to bring you a record of the past year in this book — we hope you like it. STAFF MEMBERS Helen Bradford Tillie Chatwin Elizabeth Crawford Rita Davis Jimmye Hatcher Oneta Hodson Betty Lou Huckaby Mary Hyde Sara Jacobs Emily Johnson Glymouth Johnson Janice Melton Beverly Musgrove Kenneth Newton Imogene Roller Mary Jo Smith Robert Sylvest Shirl Trilsch Hallie Wheat Frances Wright JANIS MEYER Editor-in-Chief JOAN EVANS Business Manager The Choir Gus Austin Helen Brittan Claudia Brown Ray Burnham Mary Carroll Dean Clark Palma Clark Myra Ann Coulter Elvis Culverhouse Gayle Duchamp Robert Eddy Carolyn Ervin Bobby Ferrington Billy Fincher Johnny Jo Foshee Donald Fuller Eloise Galloway Barbara Gambrell Carolyn Goleman Glenda Harmon Maurine Harville Max Heinberg Herron Louella Jennings Carley Jones Erma Dell Jones Jim Kinnison Jane Lancaster Glenda Martin Wilbert Mason Virgie McGuffee Tommy Merritt Virginia Miller Rose Morrison Michael Murphy Barbara Myrick Bill Noonan Jerry Payne Owen Phillips John Pollard Doris Rogers Barbara Robson Danny Shehee Ruth Simmons Beth Slawson Frances Smith Troy Lynn Smith Dorothy ' Stafford Margaret Steele Jo Ann Tarver Annice Tassin Charles Tassin Ray Teal Beverly Thoreson Shirl Trilsch Reeta Tullos Marilyn VanSchaick J. Cloyd Walker Mary Ann Walton Pascal Ward Steve Westbrook Linda Anne Whitehead Sara Younger Earl Zechiedrich College Singers Carolyn Adams Palma Clark John Drane Dot Ferrington Johnny Jo Foshee Don Fuller Carol Geter Ruth Herron Rozel Hightower Kay Hollemon Louella Jennings Gerald McBride Virgie McGuffee Wilbert Mason Tommy Merritt Mike Murphy Shirley Roberts Elaine Rogers Ruth Simmons Dot Stafford Ray Teal Reeta Tullos Weldon Walker Linda Anne Whitehead 38 n j jfi ! £ I Hon oTi l The College Singers under the direction of Richard Lamb had a full musical season. They participated in the Louisiana Music Teachers Association Convention, the Alumni Lunch- eon at Homecoming, the Natchitoches Christmas Festival, and tours throughout the State. The group presented Thompson ' s " Peaceable Kingdom " at the spring concert. This year the College Chorus combined with the faculty members and towns people to form the Natchitoches- Northwestern Choral Society. On December 9, this group presented Handel ' s " Messiah " assisted by the Natchito- ches-Northwestem Concert Orchestra. Their spring concert in May featured Brahms ' " Requiem. RICHARD A. LAMB Director MEMBERS Roy Baldwin Barbara Bradford Mifanwy Brister Albert Burnham Ray Burnham Aubrey Capelan Clifford Carnahan Geraldine Carroll Gerald Carter Dean Clark Alfred Coco Zilla Ann Conerly Donald Cook Mary Cain Jerry Crump Beth Dillard Billie Dillon John Drane John Echols Robert Eddy Carolyn Erwin Rose Marie Fertitta Fay Gaines Carolyn Goleman Jim Gremmillion Rose Harville Rozel Hiqhtower Curtis Hoglan Mary Hyde Sara Jacobs Erline Jennings Louella Jennings Edward Jolley Mary Jane Lambert William Lane Francis Manning Charles Mathews David McClung Elaine McGee Tommy Merritt Meade Middleton Janell Miller Olin Dean Moore W. E. Norman Jerry Payne Owen Phillips Shirley Russell Joseph Sampite Danny Shehee Anita Sigler Velma Lou Sowers Dorothy Stafford Mary Opal Stone James Thomassee Thomas Tuma Gardner Vaughn J.CIoyd Walker Peggy Wilson 40 DWIGHT DAVIS Director The sharp, well directed Northwestern State Col- lege Band made certain that football fans never had a dull moment during the games. Leading the half- time performances was drum major Danny Shehee. Under the baton of their able director, Dwight Davis, the band has added much musical enjoyment on and off the Northwestern campus. The majorettes Northwestern Band Below: Showinq off at half-time Center: Anrl the ftanr) play ri on Bottom: Down Front Street ' iU$M » • mmim v JOSEPH CARLUCCI Conductor The Northwestern State College Orchestra, under the capable direction of Joseph Carlucci, has proven to be one of the finest music organizations in the state. The orchestra is composed of students, faculty members, and townspeople. During the year the orchestra has distinguished itself by its numerous concerts and programs given before the student body and the general public. Lead on!! No holiday for strings The Symphony First Violin Sara Guitar Julia Pace Davis May Beville Camille McCain Georqe Trisler Felix Ponziani Will Roqers Second Violin James Hyde, Jr. Annette Palmer Stephenie Wyatt Linda Corley Grace Patterson Viola Ruth Cauqhey Paul Torqrimson Barbara Robson Violoncello Walter Cauqhey Sue Fortner Les Gillespie John Miller William E. Noonan J. Cloyd Walker String Bass Curtis Hoqlan Lassie Bennett Flute Mary Ann Walton Erline Jenninqs Oboe Michel Hooten Edna Faye Gaines Gloria Brown Clarinet Thomas Merritt Louella Jenninqs Bassoon Jerry Payne Robert Eddv Saxophone Clifford Carnahan Jack Linqard French Horn Carolyn Erwin Robert Noonan Richard Jenninqs Trumpet Ray Burnham Mickey Love John Drane Trombone Charles Crump Baritone Dwiqht Davis Tuba S. J. Westbrook Tympani Danny Shehee Percussion Gardner Vauqhn Virqie McGuffie Piano Wilbert Mason Librarian Clifford Carnahan MEMBERS Nice head rest Who made that remark? CURTIS HOGLAN Director " VjP The Demonaires PERSONNEL First row. left to riqht: C. Carnahan, T. Tuma. A. Burnham, J. Thomasee. J. Payne. Second row, left to riqht: F. Manning, B. Singletary, L. Fleming, G. Carter, J. Shook. C. Hoglan. G. Vaughn, O. Phillips, D. Clark. Saxophones: Jerry Payne, James Thomasee, Albert Burnham, Tommy Tuma, Clifford Carnahan. Trombones: Ben Singletary, Lynn Fleming, Francis Manning. Trumpets: Jack Shook, Curtis Hoglan, Gerald Carter. Rhythm Seciion: Owen Phillips, Dean Clark, Gardner Vaughn. The Demonaires, Northwestern ' s Dance Band under the direction of Curtis Hoglan, started the year off right with new uniforms — blue coats replace the old maroon ones. The band has been in demand for all-college dances, private dances, and high school dances throughout the state, as well as being called upon to play at air bases. Music by the Demonaires consisted of current popular hits, all-time favorites, Latin- American numbers and the always-in-demand " Jump Tunes. " OFFICERS PHYLLIS WALTON Captain BETTY McCARTNEY 1st Lieutenant BETTY BEASLEY 2nd Lieutenant GLENDA GORE Sergeant NANCY CONLAN Sergeant GLENDA GORE President KAY HOLLEMAN Vice-President CAROLYN McGEE Secretary MARY BESS STROUD Treasurer The Demonettes d w . S Ml Majorettes Betty Beasley, Phyllis Watson, and Betty McCartney First Row: Justine Baker, Catherine Basco, Bettye Lea Beasley, Carolyn Boyer, Sylvia Brister, Jackie Champion, Eleanor Compton, Nancy Conlan, Marion E. Daniels. Second Row: Rita Davis, Paula Gilbert, Glenda Gore, Yvonne Grappe, Ann Harris, Judith, Holloway, Sara Hornsby, Glymouth Johnson, Nelda Johnson. Third Row: Carolyn Magee, Katina Manitias, Betty McCartney, Marilyn McClunq, Doris McGrew, Mary Murphy, Joy Nell O ' Brian, Sue Odom, Shirley Pace. Fourth Row: Maricelia Pepper, Frances Porter, Sylvia Smith, Kay Smithson, Mary Bess Stroud, Marilyn VanShaich, Magdalene Weber, Helene Winslett, Tina Wright. Not Pictured: Carol Geter, Kay Holleman. This flashy group completed its second and most successful season under the capable leadership of Phyllis Walton. Out- standing progress was achieved in performance, adding much spice and zest to the half-time ceremonies. The group boasts three members of the Homecoming Court: Glenda Gore, Betty Beasley and Marilyn McClung. . . . Christmas came, and with it a wonderful party. . . . highlighting the season was the delicious spaghetti supper honoring the football team at which time Searle Walton was announced Demonette Sweetheart of the year. . . . the acguiring of sponsor Frances Porter and manager Larry " Ducky " Bell added to the group. Work and play ... it has all been fun. Action on the 50 yard line N. S. C. Debate DONALD GRAHAM Coach MEMBERS Joan Amos Naomi Meadows Dencil Taylor Carolyn Avery Mike Murphy Betty Thornhill Bobby Byles Pat Payne Gerald Tilleux Mazie Dranguet Sherry Russell Anne Torrans Edwina Foster Lloyd Swor Phil Wilcox Ruby Gordy Richard Smith Mona Zachary First row, left to riqht: Foster, Dranguet, Zachary, Torrans, Paynp, Amos. Second row: Avery, Meadows, Thornhill, Murphy, Gordy. Third row: Tilleux, Wilcox. Sivor, Walker. Taylor, Byles. 46 Top: Presenting sweepstakes awards Bottom: High school debate winners Geography lesson on China Tall Tale!!! The debaters started the year off right by taking sweepstakes in three divisions — senior men, senior women, and junior women — at their second tournament in Ada, Oklahoma. Compiling the points for these honors were one first place, one superior rating, three excellent ratings, one third place, seven good ratings, and seven other finalists. At the Savage meet in Durant, Oklahoma, this spring, the squad earned one first place, five second places, five third places, and ten other finalists, including a third place in debate for Naomi Meadows and Edwina Foster. The squad hosted the Louisiana Speech tournament with 25 schools participating. S.M.U. won sweepstakes honors here, but the local de- baters had two first places and a second. The squad also sponsored a high school debate meet and a coaches ' clinic. Three debaters, along with Coach Graham, attended the national Pi Kappa Delta tournament in Redlands, California, where Phil Wilcox and Weldon Walker competed in debate, Richard Smith in oratory and discussion. At other tournaments in Ruston, Clinton and Jackson, Mississippi, Waco and Nacogdoches, Texas, the team received two superior rat- nigs, one excellent rating, had two other finalists, and four debate teams reached the elimination rounds. ARTHUR FIEDLER nd THE BOSTON POPS TOUR ORCHESTRA 48 The Artist Series The Artist Series, in cooperation with the Natchi- toches Concert Association attempts to bring to the campus numbers that will appeal to faculty, towns- people, and students — numbers that are excellent in the field of music, dance, and drama. This season ' s offerings included Nelson and Neal in a two-piano con- cert; the Boston Pops Symphony Orchestra; the Chan- ticleers Male Quartette; and The Caine Mutiny Court- Martial starring William Bendix. Through the hospitality extended to the artists by the committees, many stu- dents and faculty members have had the added oppor- tunity of meeting the artists socially. Nelson and Neal The Chanticleers 49 How did those holes get in the boat? " Rebecca, " a three-act mystery by Daphne Du Maurier, held a capacity audience spellbound dur- ing a three-night run. " Thespian with a capital T " was the acclamation given to the cast and crew. Top: Meet Bea . . . my one and only sister Bottom: Bea . . . what ' s that dangling on your neck? I ' m not angry with you Dramatics The Northwestern State College Theater, under the direction o f Dr. Edna West, boasts one of the finest and best-equipped stages in the state. The Theater opened its 1954-1955 season with Christopher Fry ' s adaptation of the delightful comedy, " Ring Round the Moon, " bv Jean Anouilh. Cast in this charade were such popular figures as Jack Sharp, Bobby Byles, Dencil Taylor, Mazie Dranguet, and " Chick " Graham. New faces notable in this production were Weldon Walker, " Jody " Tarver, Noami Meadows, and Lee Ann Lacy. For the scenic effectiveness orchids go to Sterling Minturn and Pat Kelley. Capulet — are you listening? Anything in excess is most exhilarating Northwestern R. 0. T. C. Seated, left to right: Capt. Nolde, Col. Greening, Lt. Preston. Standing: Sgt. Gregory, Sgt. Hammond, Sgt. Albrecht, Sgt Colton, Sgt. McKenzie, Sgt Benivides, Sgt. Miller. Below: Company Sponsors Bottom: Crack platoon Realizing the need for college trained officers in the United States Armed Forces, the government established on the Northwestern State College cam- pus in 1950 a Reserve Officers Training Corps unit of Anti-Aircraft Artillery. Then in the fall of 1954 the United States Army decided to switch the artillery to the present cur- riculum of Branch General. Under the program, a student, upon graduation, is commissioned in the army branch of his choice. Under the guidance of Lt. Col. Orlando Greening and his capable staff of instructors, the corps has seen a very prosperous year. Getting pinned? First Row: Cadet Lt. Col. Jerry Epperson. Second Row, Left to Right: Cadet Maj. Alan Langridege, Cadet Maj. Dennis Rider. Third Row: Cadet Capt. Dan Carr, Cadet Capt. Robert Younger, Cadet Capt. Jerry Reddell. Emogene was there to Top: You lost, boy? 3ottom: Helpful Sgt. Penivides The officers and men of A Company have put In a lot of hard work this year, the results of which were quite gratifying. Commanding the company is Cadet Captain John Hicks. Other officers are Cadet I st Lt. Gale Robinson, Cadet 2nd Lt. Bobby Bass, Cadet 2nd Lt. Lonnie Bennett, Cadet 2nd Lt. Leroy Brock, Cadet 2nd Lt. George Perkins, Cadet 2nd Lt. Buck Rus- sell, Cadet 2nd Lt. Maston E. Wright. Aaron Adkins Jerry Allen Roy Baldwin Bobby Ballard Bobby Bass Earnest Beauregard L. J. Bennett Clay Brock Bill Buvens Clifford Carnahan P. J. Collins Rayburn Cook Alvin DeBlieux, Jr. Clifford Deney Robert Eddy James Enloe MEMBERS B. Harville Glynn Haynes John Hicks A. G. King Waple Li I ley D. Lynch Robert Martin Sonny Martinez Bobby McDonald Van Cook McGraw Tommy Merritt Olin Moore Don Morgan Charles Pache George Perkins Gailor Phares G. W. Robinson Charles N. Roge Buck L. Russel 1 Jerry Sawyer J. H. Snyder Harold Smith Howard Stroud Robert Sylvest J. Taylor Charles Varnell Donald Walker Lorraine Wallingsford William Wood Eugene Wright Joe Yarbrough Battery A The officers of B Company found fhe right formula for train- ing their men. Because of this, they have been getting, with regularity, the best company of the week title. Cadet Captain Delton Brady is company commander. Other officers are Ca- det 1st Lt. Jim Kinnison, Cadet 2nd Lt. Jack Bice, Cadet 2nd Lt. Gus Greene, Cadet 2nd Lt. Donald Millen, Cadet 2nd Lt. William H. Plumb, Cadet 2nd Lt. Ben Singletary, Cadet 2nd Lt. David Tyler, Cadet 2nd Lt. Riley Wallingsford. Glynn E. A ant John Basco Jack Bice Delton Brady Jo Donna Brown Richard Brown L. M. Carnahan D. Cassis K. Champagne Alfred Coco Billy Crow James Davis Clem Doxey Fred Fanning Alfred Flowers Harold Ford Roy Graham MEMBERS Gun Greene Robert Hargett Jimmie I latten Bobby James Bairy Johnson Thelton Kile Robert Kinchen Jimmie Kinnison Ronnie Lebo Bobby Lewis Alan Lundgren Gerald McBride Jack McCain, Jr. David McClung James McNew Don Millen J. D. Montgomery Harry Moore Walter Pine Billy Plumb Charles Presley Bill Protho Leroy Rambin Ted Simon Ben Singletary Charles Spence Waynon Tarter Ray Timm David Tyler Riley Wallingsford Larry Whitt Oscar Williams Perry Winn William Wood E. Zechiedrich Top: He ' s lookin ' back to see . . . ! Bottom: So I says!! Battery B VK»K Top: Hold still, son! Bottom: Watch it, kid Cadet Captain Robert Miller, commanding C Company, along with Cadet I st Lt. Jack Sharp, Cadet 2nd Lt. Ronald Bo- nial, Cadet 2nd Lt. Guy Cheek, Cadet 2nd Lt. Donald Gill, Ca- det 2nd Lt. Curtis Hoglan, Cadet 2nd Lt. Floyd McBride, Ca- det 2nd Lt. Charles Mclnnis, Cadet 2nd Lt. Sterling Minturn, have given their best to the proper training of their men. Raymond Bates Larry Bell R. Bonial D. N. Bruce H. A. Carlen Guy Cheek Linden Claybrook G. W. Cloutier Don Cook Andrew Courreges George Davis V. B. Evans Hugh Faircloth Thomas George Donald Gill H. Gryden Curtis Hoglan MEMBERS Willard James B. Johnson Charles Johnson Roland Jones Karl Kammer Glynn Key Carlton King Ernie Ledet R. J. Rockwood R. A. Loubriel Dan Lucius R. E. Mayfield Billy McCullen C. R. Mclnni s John McTyre Charles Miller J. R. Miller R. L. Miller S. M. Minturn Bob Nash M. Pacheco Ralph Richardson Jack Sharp Blake Simms David Sosa Jon Larry Star Bobby Stott Thomas Til ley M. H. Wampold Wayne Wilkerson R. W. Wilson Benny Wise Troy Yarbrough Battery C Headquarters Company, commanded by Cadet Captain W. F. Bryant, has represented the Cadet Corps at various fes- tivals and parades in North Louisiana. It is composed of cadets with exceptional drill ability who have volunteered for the extra duty involved. Assisting the cadet captain was Cadet 2nd Lt. Joseph Kelley. MEMBERS Bennie Barron J. P. Kelley Thomas Rogers Noah Boyette Bobby LaCaze Jerry Schorr Delano Brister Willie Moreno Charles Sharbono W. F. Bryant Ross Murphy Bill Shu mate C. H. Converse Walter Okorowski Bill Stewart Joseph Francis John Otwell Gerald Tilleux Jack Freeman Alfred Palma Ken Wallace Larry lies Jim Plumb Top: Chinese puzzle Bottom: Are you sure, Captain? Headquarters Battery Top: Right face? Bottom: Ho Hum! The men of D Company are proud to have as their com- mander Cadet Captain James Bailey. Other officers were: Ca- det 1st Lt. Vernis Wright, Cadet 2nd Lt. Bill Collingsworth, Ca- det 2nd Lt. Earl Haynes, Cadet 2nd Lt. Roland Smith, Cadet 2nd Lt. Walter Walker, Cadet 2nd Lt. S. J. Westbrook, Cadet 2nd Lt. Joe D. Withers, Cadet 2nd Lt. Charles Wood. James Bailey B. J. Benefield Barry Broadwater Larry Broadwater Earl Brooks Lamey Chopin Joe Cornett Gerald Crisp Wayne Dew Ted Duggan DeWitt Duncan Warren Durbin Frank Ebarb Robert Farrar Donald Fossett Earl Freeman MEMBERS Jerry Graham Earl Haynes John Hoagland Robert Kelley Lloyd Knotts Ernest Kyle Adrian Land, Jr. Charles LaRoux Lacey Lofton Charles Mathews Butch McDonald W. M. Middleton J. W. Miller Wilbur Miller Ralph Moreau William Morgan Charles Morrow Billy J. Osborn Nick Panos M. H. Peters John Richard Joe Sibley Richard Smith R. Smith Bill Taylor Thomas Tuma Muirell Walker Pascal Ward S. J. Westbrook Charles Wood Kenneth Woodle Vernis Wright Battery E The R.O.T.C. Rifle Team is composed of members of the cadet corps who are proficient with the 22 cal. rifle. It was or- ganized in the fall of 1952 and since has actively participated in matches between other schools in the nation. Matches fired this year were with Vanderbilt University, Lou- isiana Tech, Centenary College, Tarleton State College, Uni- versity of Virginia, Fourth Army Match and the William Ran- dolph Hearst Troohy Match. Ernest Beauguard Delano Brister Barry Broadwater MEMBERS Larry Broadwater Jo Donna Brown Lamie Chopin Val Evans Jim Kinnison Bobby Stott Gerald Tilleux Top: Let ' s face it men! Bottom: Sewing on his patch? Battery F u L t£ l a t O S d ?7]mJ C - - y - A- ' sUJ-CJUZ-. ZZ (Lz7J - -4-£- rl_ r S i L ? I V .SI 4 x ,r •sSm r- Z Greeks Greeks Greeks Greeks Greeks Greeks 63 Oh, Bobby, really! Say cheese OFFICERS BOBBYE HALE President SUDIE LOOMIS Vice-President NELLIE FAY SIKES Recording Secretary PAT PAYNE Corresponding Secretary ALC DIE THOMPSON Treasurer The Pan-Hellenic Council, consisting of the five sorority presidents and two representatives from each group, has as its purpose the promoting of harmony and cooperation among all Greek letter associations and to pass rules and regulations for the welfare of the system. Each year the Council presents an award to an undergrad- uate woman who has shown herself worthy through scholar- ship, character, and sincerity of purpose. An award is also presented to a freshman girl making the highest academic record. Pan- Hellenic Council First Row: Charlotte Alford, Gayle Duchamp. Bobby Hale, Nancy King, Billy Jean Lambright. Second Row: Sudie Loomis, Virgie McGuffee, Adrian Musselwhite, Patsy Payne. Bill Powell. Third Row: Nellie Faye Sikes, Jody Tarver, Alcidie Thompson, Kathryn Wright. Playing poker? Joke session or meeting? The Inter-fraternity Council . . . composed of three rep- resentatives from each fraternity . . . governing body of the fraternities . . . enforces all inter-fraternity laws and decides upon date for rush parties and initiations . . . promotes friendly rivalry between fraternities . . . this year began the annual inter-fraternity dance ... in short, an organization to promote friendliness and cut friction between fraternities. OFFICERS JACK SHARP President VERNIS WRIGHT Vice-President RONNIE BONIAL Secretary-Treasurer Inter- Fraternity Cou nci First Row: Ronnie Bonial, Clay Brock, Bobby Leach, Jack Sharp, Richard Smith. Second Row: Ed Thompson, Gerald Tilleux, Charles Wood, Vernis Wriqht. 65 PATRICIA PAYNE BILL POWELL NANCY CONLAN MARGARET EBARB CELA GANDY President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Delta Sigma Epsilon D.S.E. . . . the oldest sorority on the campus . . . guided by the capable leadership of debator Patsy Payne . . . proudly presents . . . Jimmie Shows, R.O.T.C. sponsor and homecoming maid . . . Purple Jacket " Chick " Graham, starof the N.S.C. stage . . . Billie Jean Lambright, president of West Varnado . . . Betty Jo Thaxton, vice- president of the art club and POTPOURRI beauty . . . Ouida Sandifur and Nadine Wilson, the brains of the outfit . . . actress Fay Book and art ist Carole Hines . . . staged the " plantation rush party " last fall . . . famed for their annual spring formal ... all in all, a swell group of girls who know how to have a good time. Well, I do declare! Don ' t spill it A I [ P H I CHAPTER Well, what have we here? First Row: Fay Book, Barbara Brooks, Julia Faye Davidson, Martha Ann Dennis, Vera Graham. Second Row: Carole Hines, Edith Jones, Billie Lambright King, Doris McGrew, Shirley Pace. Third Row: Lucile Phelps, Louise Burns Reese, Sallie Robinson, Mrs. Bill Rue, Ouida Sandifer. Fourth Row: Jimmie Shows, Kay Smithson, Betty Jo Thaxton, Nadine Wilson. Not Pictured: Sara Tom Hornsby. Smile for the birdie WK Urn ! Good a «r — ••■w— 1 • First Row: Jackie Cleveland, Mary Lynn Conley, Myra Coulter, Jo Cross, Mazie Dran- guet, Gale Duchamp. Second Row: Lou Guice, Kay Holleman, Edna Keiser, Dorothy McDonald, Carolyn Mc- Queen. Third Row: Dot Melder, Beverly Musgrove, Mary Jo Smith, Shirley Lou Walton, Patsy Waters, Peggy Jean Wilson. Not Pictured: Billie Rae Albritton, Joyce Coker, Carol Geter, Dr. Phillips. SUDIE LOOMIS MERCER VIRGIE McGUFFIE President Vice-President HESTER BROWN Secretary SALLY McGEE Treasurer Pi Kappa Sigma Pi Kap . . . led by Sudie Loomis Mercer and Virgie McGuffee . . . proud of actress Mazie Dranguet . . . Virgie McGuffee, Purple Jacket and talented songbird . . . Associate Editor of the Current Sauce, Hester Brown . . . dancing Gayle Duchamp and Joyce Coker . . . fun loving Peggy Wilson and Dot Melder . . . known fortheirfrequent, rollicking slumber parties, annual frat party, floats, and spring formal . . . the Pi Kaps have a whale of a good time in the ittle white house on the hil Now it was like this Our royalty ? BOBBYE HALE President AGNES CANTRELLE JANICE ANDRESS DOROTHY COOLEY First Vice President Second Vice President Secretary ANNE TORRANS Treasurer Theta Sigma Upsilon Theta Sig takes a look at this year and sees fun, work, and good times . . . also, we see some of our gals accomplishments ... high stepping Demon ette lieutenant, Betty McCartney, who was chosen as a radio station ' s Dream Queen . . . ourvery own debater AnneTorrans Pan-Hellenic and Theta Sig President, Bobbye Hale . . . the gal behind the scenes of N.S.C. plays, Edith Sharp . . . " Rags " Musselwhite and her tales from Cuba . . . and two gals that Mr. Cupid visited with I 1 KAPPA CHAPTER Skip Converse, Theta Beau First Row: Beverly Albrecht, Charlotte Ann Alford, Carolyn Boutwell, Barbara Calk. Second Row: Mrs. A. K. Deason, Ginger Deason, Betty McCartney, Carolyn Melton. Third Row: Adrian Musselwhite, Mrs. B. J. Sharp, Edith Sharp, Doris Wilcox, Jerrie Wilson. Not Pictured: Freddie Jones, Jacquelyn Oates. Ring of roses JUJ ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER I I I BILLY MAC DEARING Tri Sigma " Man of the Year " Fjrst Row: Alice Adams, Mifanwy Brister, Liz Burford, Mary Carroll, Valerie Clark, Joan Cochran, Eloise Conley, Bessie Mae Davis. Second Row: Mildred Eckhardt, Rose Marie Fertitta, Salvinia Ann Fertit+a, Mary Catherine Gordy, Darline Harms, Rose Harville, Jimmye Dee Hatcher, Ruth Herron. Third Row: Alice Hulls, Julia Maye King, Betty Lawrence, Naomi Meadows, Janell Miller, Marilyn Mims, Betty Lou Smith, Rose Marie Morrison. Fourth Row: Dale Murphy, Joy Nell O Brian, Tina Ray, Sylvia Rupert, Jimmie Ruth Sewell, Muffet Shehee, Anita Sigler, Jody Tarver. Fifth Row: Betty Jo Tilleux, Carla Tolar, Bplie Walker, Linda Anne Whitehead, Billie Wilson, Dee Win- chester, Joyce Wommack, Frances Wright, Kathryn Wright. .LCIDIE THOMPSON NANCY KIMBRELL JACKIE LUCIA JEAN NOBLE JOAN EVANS President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasure Sigma Sigma Sigma Tri Sigma . . . underthe capable guidance of DeeThompson . . . proudly presents her review of another successful year . . . chosen as Purple Jackets were Joan Evans, President, and Dee Thompson . . . selected as Sophomore counselors, Rose Marie Fertitta, Bessie Mae Davis, Joyce Womack, Betty Jo Til leux, Mildred Eckhardt, Alice Hulls . . . Double honors go to those holding identical offices in both Tri Sigma and A.W.S., Dee, Nancy, Joan and Jean . . . President of Wesley Foundation, Ruth Herron ... in political affairs of student body as Coed Vice-President was Jean Noble . . . Dee, Jean, Joan reigned on the State Fair Court, and Rose Marie, Betty Lou and Mary Byrne were maids on Cenla Court . . . R.O.T.C. sponsors Jackie Lucia and Joellen Cagle . . . Joellen also chosen Lambda Zeta Sweetheart . . . Named to Miss Potpourri ' s Court were Dee, Jean, Joan, Nancy . . . Potpourri beauties Joan Evans, Muffet Shehee, Mary Byrne ... a big group who can work or play equally well and have fun doing it . . . Much of the success of Tri Sigma sorority, we contribute to ourfaculty sponsor, Eve Mouton, dearto Sioma hearts always! What are you looking at? mm Step on up, mates! NELLIE FAYE SIKES President NANCY KING Vice-President BARBARA JO CHEEK Secretary DELORES TAYLOR Treasurer Alpha Sigma Alpha Alpha Sig . . . celebrating its Silver Anniversary . . . led through a successful year by competent Nellie Faye Sikes, Kappa Delta Pi member . . . proud of beauties Billie Fincher, Mary Murphy, Betty Wilson . . . Janis Meyer, POTPOURRI Editor, Miss Potpourri, Phi Kappa Nu Sweetheart . . . Loyce Todd, Sigma Tau Rose, Cenla maid . . . State Fair maids Nancy King, Betty Wilson, Linda Jones . . . cheerleaders Helen Kieth, Linda Jones . . . Louise Pons, president of art club . . . debater Joan Amos . . . Potpourri Court, Mona Gray Miller . . . Demonettes Sylvia Smith, Mary Murphy, Sylvia Brister, Gloria Brown . . . R.O.T.C. sponsor, Betty Wilson . . . Cen-La maids Sylvia Smith, Kay Lang . . . Nancy King, Purple Jacket, Kappa Delta Pi member . . . talented Ann Walton, Phi Kappa Phi member .. . Alpha Sigma Alpha, holder of scholastic trophy for two years . . . always find time for fun ... camp parties, hayrides, frat parties, and their unforgettable spring formal. What do you want? A I A PSI PSI CHAPTER New pledges First Row: Carol Ann Abat, Joan Amos, Helen Bradford, Sylvia Brister, Gloria Brown, Mary Cain, Doris Carter. Second Row: Clara Jane Chatwin, Sylvia Davis, Billie Fincher, Johnnie Frazier, Faye Gajnes, Elsie Gar- rett, Beverly Gourdon. Third Row: Vashti Ham, Ann Harris, Rozel Hightower, Oneta Hodson, Sara Jacobs, Linda Jones, Helen Keith. Fourth Row: Shirley King, Kay Frances Lang, Gloria Lawley, Marcelle Lee, Joy Maddox, Nanette McDonald, Janis Meyer. Fifth Row: Marilyn Motter, Mary Murphy, Louise Pons, Yvonne Rains, Margaret Robin, Mary Carolyn Robson, Shirley Russell. Sixth Row: Betty Jo Semple, Sylvia Smith, Loyce Todd, Shirl Trilsch, Reeta Tullos, Mary Ann Walton, Betty Wilson. Not Pictured: Sara Jacobs, Elsie Garret, Rose Campbell, Barbara Robson, Diane Forbes, Elaine Sparks. Big joke! JOELLEN CAGLE Sweetheart of Lambda Zeta The Masterpiece!! ft I felt ■Pi IHrABrv First Row: Glynn Avant, Bennie Barron, John Bell, Bobby Byles, Aubrey Capelan. Second Row: Alan Crosby, Jeff Dalton, Billy Dearing, David Graham, Edward Jolley. Third Row: Wilburn " Buddy " Miller, Dewey Page, Henry Scroggins, Charles Sharbono, James Snyder. Fourth Row: John Stuchlik, James Whittington, Bill Wood, Archie Worsham, Gene Wright. Not Pictured: Lonnie 3ennett, Dave Dalton, Fred Fanta. RONALD BONIAL President CHARLES WOOD Vice-President GERALD TILLEUX Secretary DON MORGAN Treasurer Lambda Zeta Zeta . . . oldest f rat on the campus . . . organized way back in I 924 . . . proudly presents . . . prexy Ronnie Bonial, also member of student senate . . . Don Morgan, president of Sophomore class and holderof the Zeta purse strings . . . Billy Mac Dearing, selected as the Tri-Sigma man of the year . . . dancer deluxe, Aubrey Capelan . Bennie Baron, vice-president of Sophomore class . . . Lonnie Bennett, combination of wit and brains, and member of student senate . . . actor and debator, Gerald Tilleux . . . big man in intramurals, Archie Roudolph, Randolph Worsham . . . Bobby Byles, incomparable wit and actor supreme . . . celebrated pearl anniversary this year . . . famed for the " Zeta Room " fall formal and the informal spring party, the " Zeta Roundup " . . .all in all, a group that enjoys each others company and knows how to have a good time. Now this is a real party! Enjoying rush party at country club F . - i • . - - ? - •» ' _ — -e_ " r isj ; •- ..--IS Sigma Tau Gamma : r :_--: -err z :f 25 -;: - j_c - " sc = : . :=- Jc— s:- _--. 2 . — 3: " :r _ = " cr " . . . e: I.::; " • ' • e ' • ' : r : z-z z : = e- .=- ' -. -=:• -es e ce-= 1- == - •••:- e r-e-e—ec-5 c :-.- z - ; _ r = " - - " --- = - :5C-= - .- e = =-= 2.2 :-5 c ' r- . . :. " : " ; " r - i - : - 2 2 : : 2 - ; - 2 " C . . . _ : . : e :: " -e " rse . ' .-- ; ::e:-2-::-:f . . : r K-r-er2-:: " .c: : :..: t — e. 2 " e . " : : . 2 2 2. _ — :•=• " . . . -2:- : " 2 " r _- " -r " 2 " i " 56 I - " ; - s. 1 r©flsur6 r . . . Dr. Koocnck C uiis " " ;: : - »r. : i r i B - First Row; Ed Baronne, Norman Childers, Carroll Converse, Wayne Z- :an Second Row: Harold Ford, Brother 3- - Barry Johnson, William McConne : ler. Third Row: Olin Dean Moore, Willie Mce " : ; : de rici Z - an d Mfred Palme nan Fourth Row: Richard Smith, Robert Sylvest, Ed Thompson, Philip Vi Not Pictured: J. R. Akins. Paul Albrecht, Dan Chase " -: — an Chi olers L Tom Daniels. Clem Doxey, Curtis Hogian, Larry Isles, Charles Larou) Ern 3 Ledei B Murphy, Larry Ogletree, Billy Joe Osborn. Max Pel izza, Billy P_ c Jim : Smith, Robert Smith, Bill Sumate, James Thcmesee, Bob Wea e See thanls ' ellows ALPHA CHAPTER X What are you staring at? £fcfck ■ J ' 1 1 ft O fl Presenting roses to Phi Kap Sweetheart — Janis Meyer First Row: Roy Baldwin, Son Batey, Kenneth Brister, William Bryant, Albeit Burnham, Buster Carlin, Guy Cheek, Roy Clark. Second Row: Alfred Coco, Paul Culpepper, Alvin DeBlieux, Robert DeLoach, Gordon Dickerson, Alex Ferry, John Frederick, Clyde Fulton. Third Row: Gerald Furr, Roy Graham, Ray Guillory, Gary Hickman, Jimmy Hill, Joseph Patrick Kelley, Robert Kelley, Willie Knox. Fourth Row: Garland Lawrence, Francis Manning, John Mclntyre, J. D. Montgomery, Freddie Nomey, Will|am Pate, Jerry Payne, Troy Lynn Smith. Fifth Row: Harles Thompson, Thomas Tuma, Charles Varnell, J. Cloyd Walker, Weldon Walker, Dan Waters, Bill Wood, Kenneth Woodle, Harold Wright. VERNIS WRIGHT President BOBBY LEACH Vice President HARRY MORE Recording Secretary CLAY BROCK JACK McCAIN Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Phi Kappa Nu Silver anniversary for Phi Kap, and what a year . . . led by the capable hands of Vernis Wright . . . biggerand better sorority parties . . . the highlight being the 25th annual Sweetheart Dance . . . the largest on the hill . . . boasting such figures as Roy Clark, sponsor . . . athletes Glenn Haynes, Gary Hickman, and " Loopy " Langston . . . Cheerleaders Bobby Bass, Alvin Debliex, and " Wimpy " Kelly . . . Student Senate president Clay Brock, senate members Bobby Bass, and Fats Brister . . . Vernis Wright, senate veep, president Pi Omega Pi . . . Sweetheart, Janis Meyer, editor of the POTPOURRI and " Miss Potpourri " . . . Demonaires Ben Singletary, Jerry Payne, Francis Manning, and Clifford Carnahan . . . Juniorclass president, Harry Moore . . . Weldon Walker, member debate team and college singers . . . Bobby Leach and Gerald Furr, members of Honor Court . . . Activities include intramurals, annual spring barbecue and assisting under-privileged during the yule season . . . parties throughout the year forthe men who enjoy working together for a good time. Mad rush Features Features Features Features Features Features How They Were Selected The ten Northwestern coeds chosen as Pot- pourri beauties and favorites for 1955 are pic- tured on these pages. They were selected by three Jet Pilots from Alexandria Air Force Base: First Lt. Arthur Mearns, Lt. Hugh Dembry and Lt. Harry Gainer. Selections were made during a tea and inter- view period in the drawing room of Varnado Hall. :♦ ■ I ■ FAVORITE (ISettu Ao Jhaxt on FAVORITE V V larilun Van S cnaich n I I f S 0T - FAVORITE Wuffet SU FAVORITE Aoan C-i uand 88 t 7 ?i % ' W afv i.5 " UK I ■ ' I wj4 r FAVORITE — rlpna oLea Ljremiiii ion FAVORITE oLJorotltu I let I talf-ora Nfcr 1rlL L - s ISS Potpourri The presentation of Miss Potpourri and her court high- lighted the " Snowball " as the Nth annual Potpourri Ball was called this year. Amid whirling snowflakes, JANIS MEYER accepted the title of Miss Potpourri of 1955. She and the court were selected by the POTPOURRI Staff on the basis of leader- ship, personality, and service to the school. The entire staff is proud to have her bear the title of the Northwestern year- book. Presented as her court were: Joan Evans, Nancy Kimbrell, Mona Grey Miller, Jean Noble, and Alcidie Thompson. Joan Evans, Nanrv Kimbrell, Janis Meyer, Mona Grey Mil- ler, Jean Noble, Alcidie Thompson. .-•.-• ' - m M ■H •fe-o :-v 5i; ■ The DAN CARR JOAN EVANS Senior ALCIDIE THOMPSON ROBERT TATUM JEAN NOBLE JOYCIE SHARP Hall of Fame BEN SINGLETARY JANIS MEYER DUDLEY DOWNING BARBARA DICKERSON Cen-La Queen State Fair Queen y N g v Chosen as Queen of two of Northwestern ' s big events was Barbara Dickerson. She first reigned as Cen-La Queen in Alexandria for the NSC-Louisiana College football clash. This was followed by her election as State Fair Queen for the annual football scrap between the Demons and Tech ' s Bulldogs at Shreveport. She participated in parades and pre-game ceremonies at both cities. Reigning as Homecoming Queen was Patsy White. She participated in the parade through Natchitoches which was composed largely of floats entered by various organizations. The Queen and her court were officially presented at pre-game ceremonies. Queens PATSY WHITE Homecoming Queen " - - JO ELLEN CAGLE Lambda Zeta LOYCE TODD Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity Favorites JANIS MEYER Phi Kappa Nu j oot t A d + ff L J y CZ Uct T j- — r ' A4A (2 fy ' ■ - forH La Ls S£ yO U J X p-t sxJ Z i Q j r $ £L " H frk .ujA d ■ CJ L LC. A Cy $ A " V " T ■5L y " -t - s M yvT- y« T ? ? -6L C l a C£- r Homecom nq T e L y Trje c _. ei u ty l -PcU cJl, W £ 2J -iJ-tL Tlu vSUuj jVc ,r L c uU { iJ-fu 1 z jz - T ktoutitf ? jysss ChsCCAs jJl 44L4, iy y £U f ° L v z t y-! ■ V s% V G f i Qud, ' f y : ' 4 u t ? $ ■■ «U ,- ; o- W HA HA WE (fyO rru 4 £ x V r - Pw • v .fca 1 J Jjkli h vv iv ? T ( ? cS- -Ul x- jz ut xZA " Rl B ■ H mm m V CfcZ -2 L Q-A isz . V 7 2 W csut«SO e. y TTltvO yylayn C?(j X a @ a y - U la 4 , y + Classes Classes Classes Classes Classes Classes First Row: CAROLYN FAYE ADAMS, Sikes; Primary Education; Mardi Gras Queen, ' 53; Big Sister, ' 53; Sigma Alpha lota, Secretary, ' 53 ' 54, Reporter, ' 54- ' 55; College Singers, ' 52- ' 55; Band, ' 52. J. R. AKINS, Haynesville; Physical Education; " N " Club; Sigma Tau Gamma; Trophy " Best Offense Lineman, " ' SO. JERRY LEE ANDERSON, Leesville; Upper Elementary. KATHERYN SIMMONS ANDERSON, Leesville; Upper Elementary. Second Row: JANICE HELEN ANDRESS, Logansport; Home Economics; Theta Sigma Upsilon — Vice-President, ' 52 ' 53, Secretary, ' 53- ' 54, Second Vice-President, ' 54- ' 5; Euthenics Club, Social Chairman, ' 52- ' 53 ; Band, ' 5I- ' S4, Secretary, ' 53- ' 54; Big Sister. NADINE ASHLEY, Harrisville, Mississippi; Business Education; Big Sister, ' 52 54; Y.W.A. Council, ' 53 55; B.S.U. Council. ' 5l- ' 55; Dormitory Council, ' 5 1 - ' 52. ED BACILLA, Shreveport; Speech; Freshman Class President, ' 51; Newman Club— ' 51 - ' 55, President, ' 52- ' 53; Phi Kappa Nu— ' 51 - ' 55, Secretary, ' 53; Davis Players, ' 52- ' 55; Freshman Commissioner, ' 52. JAMES A. BAILEY, Forest Hill; Industrial Arts; Drill Team, ' 51; R.O.T.C. Captain, ' 54; Intramural Representative, ' 52; I. A. Club, ' 52- ' 54. BILL COLLINGSWORTH President First Row: BOBBYE JEAN BASS, Wisner: Nursing; Sigma Sigma Sigma. ' 51- ' 52 Best Pledge Award; Interdivisional Senate, Nurses Association, ' 52 54; President Student Nurses, ' 53- ' 54; B.S.U. Council. ' 52 ' 54. BOBBIE R. BASS, Winnfield; Math; Phi Kappa Nu; Cheerleader, ' 53 ' 55. SON BATEY, Wisner; Upper Elementary; Phi Kappa Nu, Sergeant- dt Arms, President of Pledges. BOBBY LESTER BEEBE, Lena; Upper Elementary and Health and Physical Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa. Second Row: LONNIE T. BENNETT, Pineville; Math. JACK G. BICE, Natchitoches; Business Education; Track, ' 5l- ' 55; Football, ' 52- ' 55; N-Club, ' 5l- ' 55. RONALD C. BONIAL, Alexandria; Mathematics; Lambda Zeta— ' 51 55; Vice-President, ' 53- , 54, President, ' 54- ' S5; Math Club, ' 53 55; Student Senate, ' 54 ' 55. CAROLYN BOUTWELL, Winnsboro; Physical Education; P.E.M. Club; Dormitory President, ' 53; Dormitory Secretary, ' 54; Aguatic Club, ' 54; Women ' s Recreation Association, ' 54 ' 55; Big Sister. 126 First Row: WILLIE ETHEL BOYDSTUN, Natchitoches; Home Economics; Eu- thenics Club. BOBBY R BRADFORD, Georgetown; Upper Elementary. CAROLYN BRADY, Vivian; Business Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha GLORIA HOWARD BRAY, Pitkin; Home Economics; Eulhenics. Second Row: KENNETH BRISTER, Bastrop; Industrial Arts Education; Phi Kappa Nu; Senate, ' 54 ' S5; Industrial Arts Club. ' 52 ' 55 President, ' 53 ' 54. CLAY LEROY BROCK, Winnfield; Upper Elementary; Phi Kappa Nu, ' 52 ' 55. Treasurer. ' 54 ' 55; Future Teachers of America, ' 53 55 Treasurer, ' 54-55; Student Senate, 53 ' 55, President, ' 54 ' 55; Fresh- man Cheerleader, ' 5l- ' 5 ' 2; Tennis Team, ' 54; Dormitory Council; Inter-Fraternity Council. ' 54 ' 55. WILFRED BROUSSARD, Natchitoches; Agriculture Science; Demeter. RUSSELL C. BROWN, Calvin; Industrial Arts. Third Row: ELLACE J. BRUCE, JR., Vivian; Health and Physical Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Football. ' 5l- ' 54; N-Club. MADOLYN BRYAN, Simpson; Upper Elementary; Big Sister, ' 53- ' 54; Future Teachers of America. ' 53- ' 54. EVELYN BRYANT, Goldonna; Upper Elementary. WILLIAM F. BRYANT, JR., New Llano; Health and Physical Educa tion; Phi Kappa Nu; Monitor, ' 51 - ' 54; Phi Epsilon KapPr), ' 52- ' 54, Treasurer, ' 53 ' 54; R.O.T.C, ' 5l- ' 54; Drill Team. ' 5I- ' S4, Captain; N-Club. ' 53 ' 54. Fourth Row: MARY LOUISE BURNS, Ruston; Nursing; Dormitory Council, ' 50 51 : Sport Division of Nurses, Treasurer, ' 5 1 - ' 52. President, 52 S3: National Nurses ' Convention Delegate, ' 51; Student Senate ' 50 ' 51; Demonettes, ' 50- ' 5l; Big Sister, ' 51; Delta Sigma Epsilon. Best Pledge, ' 50- ' 5l; Reporter. ' 54; Student Nurses ' Organization. ' 50 ' 53. IONA FAYE BURROW, Marthaville; Elementary Education. BILLY DOYNE BUTLER, Pineville; Chemistry: Math Club. ' 53 ' 55; Chemikers. Vice-President. ' 53 ' 54, President. ' 54- ' 55; Student Sen- ate. ' 54 ' 55. PATRICIA ANN BUTLER, Pineville; Nursing: Dormitory Council ' 51; Louisiana Association Student Nurses, ' 5I- ' 5S; International Senate, ' 53- ' 54. Fifth Row: JANE ALICE BUSH, Reeves: Home Economics Education; Big Sister, ' 52- ' 54; Y.W.A. Council, ' 53- ' 54; B.S.U. Council. ' 54 55- Euthenics Club, Vice President. ' 54, President, S4- ' 55: Purple Jacket. ' 54- ' 55. MARY JOAN BYRD, Baton Rouge; Nursing. JOELLEN CAGLE. Columbia, Mississippi- Nursing: Sigma Sigma Sigma; POTPOURRI Beauty, ' 51 - ' 52; B.S.U. Council. ' 52- ' 54. DAN B. CARR, Picayune. Mississippi: Health and Physical Educa- tion and Math; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Football. ' 51 ' 54; Track, ' 5l- ' 54; N-Club. ' 51 - ' 54; Student Body President. ' 54; R.O.T.C. Staff, ' 54; Senior Hall of Fame. Sixth Row: GERALD CARTER, Winnfield; Music; Sigma Tau Gamma: Dance Band, ' 50- ' 54; R.O.T.C: Phi Mu Alpha. WILCY JOSEPH CHAMPAGNE, Mt. Airy; Industrial Arts Edu- cation: Phi Kappa Nu. MARY ALICE CHANDLER, Pollock; Upper Elementary; Aguatic Club, ' 52 ' 54; W.R.A., ' 54; Big Sister, ' 52 S3; Dormitory Council. ' 54; F.T.A.. ' 54. GUY CHEEK, Many Business Administration; Phi Kappa Nu- Cur- rent Sauce Photographer, ' 51 53. 127 First Row: BILLY EUGENE CHRISTMAS Westlake- Health and Physical Edu- cation; Vice-President, B.S.U. ' 54 ' 55; Member, Honor Court ' 54- 55; Member " N " Club, ' 51-55; Phi Epsllon Kappa, ' 52- ' 55; Man- aqer, Basketball, ' 51 - ' 55: Football Manager, ' 51-55; Track Man- ager. " 5 1 - ' 55. JANE CLABORN, Bossier City; Primary Education: Delta Sigm: Epsilon; College Singers, ' 52- ' 53; Delta Sigma Epsilon Historian, ' 52. MELVIN GENE CLARK, Natchiioches: Math and Business Educa- tion. MARTHA COLDWELL, West Monroe; Primary Education; Wesley Foundation Council. ' 54- ' 55; FTA. Second Row: BILL COLLINWORTH, Bryceland; Haelth and Physical Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Basketball. ' 5l- ' 55. LOU ELLEN CONE. Natchitoches: Upper Elementary. ZILLA ANN CONERLY, Leesville; Business Education. JAMES DANIEL COOK, Shreveport; Government; Phi Kappa Nu. MARY ANN WALTON Secretary-Treasurer First Row: DAN M. CORLEY, Mooringsport; Business Education. BILLIE JEAN CROWELL, Grayson; Primary Education; F.T.A., ' 54; Big Sister, ' 52 ' 54. DORMAN W. DAVIS, Leesville: Industrial Education. SAMUEL BOYER DAVIS, JR., Shreveport; Business Administration; Track, ' 49. Second Row: SYLVIA DAVIS, Greensburg; Business Administration; Alpha Siqma Alpha; Associated Women Students, ' 5 1 - ' 53 : President, West Var- nado, ' 54. BILLY JEAN DEMPSEY, Cotton Valley; Nursing; B.S.U., ' 5l- ' 52; Demonettes, ' 51 ' 52 : Student Nurses Association, ' 51 - ' 54 . LESTER DEVILLE, Ville Platte; Business Administration; Lambda Zeta. JOHN EDWARD DICKERSON, Shreveport; Industrial Education; Sigma Tau Gamma; Gymnastic Team, ' 52- ' 55; S.A.A.U. Champion, Indian Club, ' 53; Tableux, ' 53- ' 55; Weight Lifting Team, ' 53 54; Modern Dance Workshop, ' 53- ' 54; Vice President. Freshman Class, ' 52; F.T.A., ' 55; Band, ' 52 ' 53; R.O.T.C. ' 52-53. 128 M First Row: LYNELLE SUE DOWDEN, Kisatchie: Primary Education; Big Sister, 53; Reporter, YWA, ' 53; Purple Jacket, ' 54; Dormitory President, ' 53; Historian-Reporter, FTA, ' 54 ' 55. JOHN DUDLEY DOWNING, Baton Rouqe; Health and Physical Education; Honor Court; Senior Hall of Fame. JOHN WANZER DRANE, Forest; Mathematics; Delta Sigma Phi Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Treasurer, ' 54 ' 55; College Singers, ' 53 ' 55 Chorus. •53-55; Math Club. ' 53 55: Math Club President. ' 54 ' 55 Band. ' 53 ' 55; Monitor, Rebel Hall; Wesley Foundation Council. BOBBYE LYNN DUGGAN, Many; Nursing. Second Row: DOYLE WAYNE DURR, Mjrthaville; Health and Physcial Educa- tion ; Track, 2 years, VIVIAN JUANITA DURRETT, Hornbeck; Nursing; NSC Nurses ' s BSU President, ' 54; Shreveport Senior Class President. ' 53 54; Louisiana State Student Nurse ' s Association; ' 5 1 - ' 54 ; YWA; Honor Roll. MARGARET TOWNSEND EBARB, Natchitoches; Primary Educa- tion; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Delta Sigma Epsilon Recording Secre- tary, ' 54- ' 55, Chaplain, ' 53- ' 54. FLOYD L. ELLERMAN, Winnsboro; Industrial Education; Phi Kappa Nu. Third Row: JOAN EVANS, Campti; Accounting; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Aquatic Club, ' 5 1 - ' 55; Tri Sigma, Corresponding Secretary, ' 53- ' 54; Treas urer, ' 54 ' 55; Pi Omega Pi, ' 53 ' 54. Treasurer, ' 54 ' 55; Purple Jack ets President, ' 54- ' 55; POTPOURRI Staff, 53-55; Business Manager ' 54- ' 55; A.W.S. Treasurer. ' 54 ' 55; Dormitory Social Chairman, ' 53 ' 54; Phi Kappa Phi; Big Sister, ' 52 ' 54; Dance Commitee, ' 53 ' 54 State Fair Maid, ' 54; POTPOURRI Court. ' 54 - ' 55; Senior Hall of Fame. LOVETTA FALCON, Raynes; Nursing. BILLIE FINCHER, Monroe,; Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha; B.S.U. Council ' 53 ' 54; Dormitory Council, ' 53 ' 54; Euthenics Club Council, ' 54- ' 55. DORIS FISHER, Pelican; Nursing; Student Nurses ' Association, ' 5l- ' 54. Fourth Row: JOHN LEVY FREDERICK. Natchitoches; Business Administration; Phi Kappa Nu. THEODORE A. FRISCH, Mora; Industrial Arts. GERALD FURR, Wisner; Health and Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu; Phi Kappa Nu Secretary, ' 54 ' 55- Honor Court; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi. LEDORE GALLIEN, Natchitoches; Business Administration; P ' Omega Pi. Fifth Row: ELOISE H. GALLOWAY, Natchitoches; Social Science. DONALD R. GILL, Elizabeth; Physical Education and Upper Ele- mentary; Phi Epsilon Kappa. GLORIA GRAY, Natchitoches: Primary. CONNIE GONZALES, Gonzales; Nursing; Officer, B.S.U., 53 54 Shreveport Division; Officer, Y.W.A., ' 53- ' 54. Shreveport Division. Sixfh Row: VERA GABBERT GRAHAM. Natchitoches; Speech; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Secretary, Freshman Class, ' 5I- ' S2; President, Agnes Morris, ' 51 - ' 52; Freshman Representative to Student Senate. ' 52; Student Senate, ' 54; Purple Jackets, ' 53 ' 55; President, Pi Kappa Delta, ' 53 ' 54; President, Delta Sigma Epsilon, ' 54- ' 55; Honor Roll; Alpha Psi Omega (Drama); Pi Kappa Delta; Davis Payers. MARY LANE GRAY, Heflin; Home Economics; Freshman B.S.U. Council: Dormitory Council, ' 52; Dormitory President. ' 52; Sopho- more Counselor; Euthenics Club— Second Vice-President. ' 52- ' 53, President, ' 54; A.W.S. Vice-President, ' 53; Purple Jacket. GUS E. GREEN. DeRldder; Business Administration. CURTIS DOYLE GROS, Sulphur; Health and Physical Education. 129 First Row: DOT GUILLROY, Forest Hill; Primary Education; Pi Kappa Sigma. Corresponding Secretary, ' 54. RAY V. GUILLORY, Eunice; Business Administration; Varsity Golf, ' 53; Newman Club, , 49- ' 50, ' 53 ' 55; Phi Kappa Nu. ' 49 ' 55, Reporter ' 53- ' 54 ; Inter-Dormitory Council, ' 54. BOBBYE HALE, Baskin; English; Dormitory Council. ' 52 ' 53; Demon- ettes, ' 51-54; Theta Sigma Upsilon, Vice-President, ' 53 ' 54, Presi- dent, ' 54- ' 55; Pan Hellenic President, ' 54 ' 55; Rose of Sigma Tau Gamma, ' 53; Big Sister, ' 52- ' 53. CARNEY RUTH HALL, Gueydon; Nursing. Second Row: HASSAN HAMMOND. Trout; Math. JENNINGS BRIAN HANCHEY, JR., DeRidder; Health and Physi- cal Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa. NORMA GENE HARRIS, Lake Charles; Mathematics; Math Club, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 54 ' 55; Dormitory Council, ' 52 ' 53; Aquatic Club, ' 52- ' 54; Big Sister. JIMMYE DEE HATCHER, Sikes; Business Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma- Freshman B.S.U. Council; College Singers, ' 52- ' 54; Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary, ' 55; Pi Omega Pi; POTPOURRI Staff, ' 55; Big Sister, ' 54. DAN CARR Student Body President First Row: EARL T. HAYNES, Sprinqhill; Health and Physical Education; Football, ' 5l- ' 54; Track, ' 52; N-Club. RAYMOND HERNANDEZ, Natchitoches; Agriculture. JOHN M. HICKS, New Orleans: Physics; Phi Kappa Nu; Cheer- leader, ' 50- ' 52; Gymnastic Team, ' 50- ' 54. Captain, ' 51 - ' 52, ' 54. WILLIAM THOMAS HILL, Natchitoches; Agriculture. Second Row: GLORIA F. HODGES, Natchitoches Health jncl Physical Educa- tion; P.E.M. Club; Aquatic Club. MARGIE HOFFPAUIR, Indian Bayou; Nursing. CURTIS FRANCIS HOGLAN, Pitkin; Music Education; Band, ' 51 ' 55; Vice-President, ' 54- ' 55; Orchestra, ' 5l- ' 55; Chorus, ' 51 - ' 52; Col- lege Singers, ' 53; B.S.U. Freshman Council, ' 5l- ' 52; Sigma Tau Gamma, ' 51 - ' 55, Secretary, ' 51 - ' 53, Vice-President, ' 54- ' 55; Phi Mu Alpha, ' 52- ' 55; R.O.T.C; Demonaires Dance Band, " 52 ' 55, Leader, ■53 -55. VIRGINIA LEE HOUSTON, Sarepta; Home Economics; Big Sister, ' 53 ' 54; Y.W.A. Council, ' 54 ' 55; Dormitory Council. ' S3 ' 54; B-S-U., ' 52 ' 54. WJU !M First Row: EUNICE WHITE HOWELL, Shreveport; Nursing. WALTER CLARENCE HUGHES, Hornbeck; Upper Elementary; Lambda Zeta; Co ' 52 ' 54; Dormitory Council- F.T.A., ' 54 ' 55; R.O.T.C. Drill Team Captain, S3 54. PATRICIA JONES HUMPHRIES, Jena; Primary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, ' 52 ' 54; Chorus, ' 52 ' 54; B.S.U. Music Chairman, ' 52 ' 53; Sigma Sigma Sigma Music Chairman, ' 53- ' S4; Future Teachers of America, ' 53- ' 54, Secretary, ' 54 -55- Freshman Council B.S.U.. ' 52 53. HUNTER BURDETTE JENKINS, Lake Providence; Industrial Arts. Second Row: BARBARA A. JOHNSON, Pioneer; Upper Elementary; Alpha Beta Alpha, Corresponding Secretary; Big Sister. FREDDIE MERLE JONES, Shreveport; Health and Physical Edu- cation; Dance Workshop President; P.E.M. Club President; Dormi- tory Council. FRANCYSE AMANDA JOWERS. Roanoke- Primary Education; Freshman B.S.U. Council ' 52 - ' 53- Executive B.S.U. Council ' 54 ' 55; Big Sister, ' 54-55; Y.W.A. Window Representative. ' 53- ' 54. ROBERT D. JOYNES, Leesville; Social Science- Alpha Beta Alpha; Treasurer, ' 53 ' 54. President, ' 54 ' 55. Third Row: WILDA KENNON, Trout; Nursing. GLADYS RAE KIEFFER, Goldonna; Mathematics. NANCY FLOY KIMBRELL. Zwolle; Home Economics; Freshman Dormitory President, ' 52- ' 53; Demonettes, ' 52 ' 53; Freshman Class Secretary-Treasurer; Sophomore Councilor, ' 53- ' 54- Wesley Founda- tion, ' 52- ' 55; World Christian Committee, 53 54 - President, ' 54- ' 55; Euthenics Club, ' 52- ' 55; Louisiana Division of Home Economics Club, State Vice-President; A.W.S. Vice-President, ' 54 ' 55; Judi- ciary Board President, ' 54- ' 55; Future Teachers of America Secre- tary, ' 53- ' 54; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Founder ' s Day Banquet Chair- man, ' 53- ' 54, Vice-President, ' 54- ' 55; POTPOURRI Court. 54-55. JAMES B. KING, Beaumont, Texas; Physical Education; Current Sauce Staff, 52-55; Phi Epsilon Kappa, ' 53- ' 55. Fourth Row: NANCY ANNE KING, Winnfield- Primary Education; A.W.S. Cor- responding Secretary, ' 53 ' 54; Alpha Siqma Alpha, Vice-President, ' 54 ' 55; Panhellenic Representative, ' 54- ' 55; Purple Jacket Vice- President. ' 54- ' 55; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-President, ' 54 ' 55. JIM KINNISON, Natchitoches- Accountino- Pi Omega Pi- Secre- tary-Historian; R.O.T.C. Drill Team, ' 5l- ' 54, Rifle Team, ' 52 ' 55; Antiaircraft Association Medal ' 54- Distinguished Military Stu- dent, ' 54. BILLIE JEAN LAMBRIGHT, Pitkin; Home Economics; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Rose of Sigma Tau Gamma, ' 52; Big Sister. ' 52 ' 53; Cen- La Court, ' 52; West Varnado President, ' 54- Panhellenic Council ' 54. ALAN LEWIS LANGRIDGE, Shreveport- Business Administration; N Club; Football, Lettered, ' 5l- ' 54; Co-Captain. ' 54. Fifth Row: MARJORIE ANNE LANDRY, Napoleonville; Nursing; Student Nurses Association. ' 5l- ' 55; Big Sister, ' 52 Newman Club, ' 5l- ' 54. GARLAND RAY LAWRENCE, Hall Summit; Business Administra- tion; Phi Kappa Nu. DAVE LAWSON, New Orleans; English Education. BOBBY L. LEACH, Shreveport; Business Education; Phi Kappa Nu; Honor Court Member; Dormitory Council President; Phi Kappa Nu Vice-President; Inter-Fraternity Council. Sixth Row: PATSY LEACH, Vivian; Business Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha. BLANCHIE LEE LEWIS, Elmer; Business Education; Freshman B.S.W. Council Secretary, ' 52 ' 53; Band, ' 52- Chorus ' 52- R.O.C. Council. ' 53 ' 54; B.S.U. Executive Council, ' 53 ' 55 Hostess, Editor of " Chain " ; Purple Jackets, Y.W.A. Vice-President, ' 54 ' 55. VIOLA LEWIS, Delhi; Primary Education- Freshman Commissioner, ' 52; Y.W.A. Officer, ' 52 ' 53; Y.W.C.A. Officer, ' 52- B.S.U Council. ' 54. LAURA IRENE LONG, Elmer; Primary Education- F.T.A., ' 53- ' S4- B.S.U. Executive Council, ' 53- ' 55- Big Sister, ' S4- ' 5S; Y.W.A., ' 52 ' 55. 131 First Row: SUDIE LUMIS, Clayton; Math; Little Colonel. R.O.T.C, ' 53; State Fair Maid, ' 53; Pi Kappa Sigma Sorority; Pi Kappa Sigma Presi- dent, ' 54; Pan-Hellenic Vice-President, ' 54; Kappa Delta Pi, Histo- rian; Senate, ' 53; Purple Jackets; Big Sister. JACK EZEL LUCIA, I n n is; Home Economics Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Newman Club, ' 52- ' 55; Euthenics Club, ' 52- ' 55 ; Sigma Sigma Sigma Recording Secretary, ' 54 ' 55; West Varnado Vice-President, Fall, ' 54; F.T.A. WARREN C. MADDRY, Homer; Business. JOHNNY STEVE MARSHALL, Forest Hill; Math. Second Row: WILBERT WINSTON MASON, Shreveport; Piano; Phi Mu Alpha; College Singers. ' 52 ' 55; College Band. ' 5l- ' 53; Newman Club. ' 5l- ' 55; Alumni Secretary. Secretary. Phi Mu Alpha, ' 53- ' 55; H.M.S. Pinnafore, ' 52; N.S.C. Orchestra, ' 54 ' 55. JAMES C. MARTIN, Calvin; Math. JOHN C. MASSEY, Natchitoches; Accounting Pi Omega Pi. VIRGINIA LOUISE MAXFIELD, Lake Charles; Primary Education; Big Sister, ' 54 ' 55; Wesley Foundation, ' 53 ' 55; F.T.A. , ' 54- ' 55. JOAN EVANS Purple Jacket President First Row: JERRY D. McDONALD, Anacoco; Industrial Arts. NANETTE McDONALD, Greensburg; Upper Elementary Educa- tion; Alpha Sigma Alpha. MARY EVELYN McDUFFIE, Crowville; Nursing. CHARLES RUSSELL MclNNIS, Hornbeck; Biology. Second Row: ALINE McMICKLE, Natchitoches; Primary Education; B.S.U. Coun- cil. ' 52- ' 54; Big Sister, ' 53; Y.W.C.A.. Council. ' 53; F.T.A., ' 54 - ' 55. JANIS MEYER, Shreveport; Art; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Current Sauce Staff, ' 53 ' 54; Current Sauce Art Editor. ' 53- ' 54; POTPOURRI Art Editor, ' 53- ' 54; POTPOURRI Editor, ' 54 ' 55; Dormitory Council, ' 54; Art Club, ' 54- ' 55; Phi Kappa Nu Sweetheart, ' 55; Miss Pot- pourri, ' 54- ' 55; Senior Hall of Fame. C. WAYNE MICKELBOROUGH, Port Sulphur; Business Adminis- tration. DONALD EARL MILLEN, Natchitoches; Health and Physical Edu- cation; Phi Epsilon Kappa; All G.S.C., Left Half, ' 53, Football. First Row: MONA GREY MILLER, Natchitoches: Business Education: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Secretary, Student 8ody. ' 53 ' 54; Cenla Fair Maid; ' 53; State Fair Maid, ' 53; Big Sister, ' 52 53: A.W.S. Council, ' 52 ' 53; POTPOURRI, ' 54 ' 55. ILA MAE MILTON, Walker; Nursinq. EMOGENE MONKS, Welsh; Home Economics; Euthenics Club, ' 52 ' 55; College Sinqers, 52 54; R.O.T.C. Sponsor, ' 53 ' 55. BARBARA ANN MONTGOMERY, Hodge; Primary Education; De monettes, ' 5l- ' 53; Aquatic Show, ' 53; F.T.A. Second Row: NELDA MORRISON, Shreveport; Nursing. PATSY MOSS, Provencal; Primary Education. MARILYN RUTH MOTTER, Alexandria: Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Chaplain ' 53; Social Chairman, ' 54; Freshman B.S.U. Council, ' 52 ' 53; Euthenics Club Reporter, ' 53 ' 54. BOBBYE MAXINE MURPHY, Homer; Nursing. Third Row: LESTER MARTIN MUT, Natchitoches; Vocational Industrial Edu- cation; lota Lambda Sigma. ANN NASH, Alexandria; Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha; A.W.S., ' 52- ' 55; Euthenics Club. ' 52- ' 55. VIVIAN MAURICE NICKELS, Natchitoches; Nursing. JEAN NOBLE, Winnsboro; Upper Elementary; Sigma Sigma Sigma; POTPOURRI Court. ' 54 ' 55; Coed Vice-President, ' 54 ' 55; Corre- sponding Secretary, A.W.S., ' 54; Corresponding Secretary, Ju diciary Board, ' 54; President, F.T.A. ' 54; President. Interdenomi- national Council, ' 54; Corresponding Secretary, Sigma Sigma Sigma, ' 54; Vice President. Kate Chopin, ' 52; Wesley Foundation Cou ncil, ' 52- ' 54; Senior Hall of Fame. Fourth Row: JOHN C. NUGENT, Colfax; Business Education; Alpha Beta Alpha; B.S.U., ' 5l- ' 55; B.M.O.C; A.B.A. Reporter, " 5 1 - ' 52 . Secre- tary, ' 53- ' 54; Messiah, ' 53- ' 54; Student Senate. ' 53- ' 54; College Singers, ' 53- ' 55. MIGUEL PACHECO, Puntalas Marias. Puerto Rico; Biology; Base- ball, ' 5l- ' 53; Basketball, ' 51. GLENDA PEARCE, Zwolle; Social Studies. ROBERT HUGH PENDER, Natchitoches; Health and Psysical Edu- cation; " N " Club; Basketball, ' 50- ' 5l. Fifth Row: GEORGE ROY PERKINS, DeOuincy; Health and Physical Educa- tion; Phi Epsilon Kappa: " N " Club, ' 52- ' 54. ELIZABETH ANN PEVEY, Amite; Nursing. BARBARA PIERCE, St. John, British Columbia, Canada; Nursino- Sergeant, Demonettes, Freshman, ' 51 ' 52; Y.W.A., President, Grace McBride, Shreveport Division, ' 53- - 54; Publicity Chairman. ' 53- ' 54, Shreveport Division, Student Nurses; Publicity Chairman, District Student Nurses ' Association, Shreveport. ERLENE POWELL, Colfax; Business Education; Delta Sigma Epsi- lon; Cenla Maid, ' 53 and ' 52; R.O.T.C Sponsor, ' 53- ' 54 : Sorority Vice-President, ' 54; Judiciary Board. ' 53- ' 54; Biq Sister. 53 ' 54. Sixth Row: MAYO K. PRUD ' HOMME, Bermuda; Business Administration; Siqma Tau Gamma; College Singers. ' 50- ' 53 : Vice-President, Sigma Tau Gamma, ' 54. TRAVIS E. RANDLES, Ft. Worth. Texas; Social Studies; Basketball. ' 54- ' 55. CHARLENE RAY, Winnfield; Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Euthenics Club. ' 5l- ' 54; Freshman B.S.U. Council, ' 51; Big Sister, ' 53- ' 54; Dormitory Council, ' 52 and ' 54. JERRY W. REDDELL, Forest Hill; Mathematics. 133 First Row: GALE W. ROBINSON, Hornbeck; Industrial Arts. ELGIE E. ROGERS, Saline; Mathematics. THORSELL ROUGEAU, Boyce; Upper Elementary. MARCIA THOMPSON ROZEMAN, Shreveport; Nursing; Demon- ette, ' 50; Big Sister, ' 51. Second Row: BUCK L. RUSSELL, Natchitoches; Mathematics. KIRBY DEAN RYLAND, Alexandria; Business Administration. OCTAVIA DARE SANDLIN, Natchitoches; Business Education; Al- pha Sigma Alpha; Demonettes. ' 5l- ' 52; Orchestra, ' SI ' S?; Student Director, " The Royal Family. " JOYCIE MALONE SHARPE, Natchitoches; Speech; Sigma Tau Gamma; Alpha Psi Omega, ' 52; Davis Pl.ayers, ' 52; Gym Team, ' 51 52; Junior Class President, ' 53; Student Senate, ' 53; R.O.T.C, First Lieutenant, ' 54- ' 55; Vice-President Student Body, ' 54 ' 55; Cheerleader; Senior Hall of Fame. ANNE TORRANS Vice-President V I vv_ First Row: BUDDIE SHAW, Jamestown; Industrial Arts. DANNY SHEHEE, Ringgold; Music Education; College Singers, ' 52- ' 54, College Orchestra, ' 52- ' 5S; Band, ' 5l- ' 55; H.M.S. Pinafore, ' 52; Phi Mu Alpha, ' 52- ' 55, President, ' 54- ' 55. PEARL SHULER, Natchitoches; Primary Education. ANITA PAULINE SIGLER, Elizabeth; Primary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; A.W.S., ' 52 ' 55; Band, ' 52 ' 55; Chorus. ' 53; Wesley Foundation Council, ' 53; Future Teachers of America, ' 53- ' 54. Second Row: NELLIE FAYE SIKES, Winnfield; Primary Education; A.W.S., ' 52- ' 55; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Rush Chairman, ' 53 ' 55, President, ' 54 55; Future Teachers of America. LESLIE ROLAND SMITH, Sulphur; Physical Education; Football, ' 5l- ' 55; Track, ' 51 - ' 55: N-Club. ' 5l- ' 55. LOUIS MARION SMITH, Eros; Industrial Arts Education; M.S.M. Radio Club; I .A. Club. MARY ELIZABETH SMITH, Eros; Journalism; Davis Players, ' 53; Current Sauce Reporter, ' 53; Society Editor, ' 54- ' 55. 134 ?liStfi2 First Row: BEN BENOIT SINGLETARY, A -,emistry; Senate. ' 61 52: Sophomore Class President, ' 52 ' 53; Student Body Vice-President. S3 - ' 54; Phi Kappa Nu, President. ' S3- ' 54; Demonaires. ' 51 ' 55; Senior Hall of Fame. SARAH JUDITH SOBERT, Labadieville; Nursing; Newman Club. ' 52- Treasurer Louisiana Association Student Nurses; Shreveport Division President Class. ' 53. Vice President, Student Council. ' 53. L.A.S.N. Vice-President, Student Council President. ' 54. L.A.S.N. President; Newman Club, ' 55. JOHN FRANCIS SPATARO. JR., Shreveport; English; Jo. Club •54-55- Current Sauce, Sports Editor, ' 5l- ' 53; POTPOURRI. Sports Editor, ' 52- ' 54; Newman Club, 51-55- Freshman Commis- sioner ' 52- Current Sauce, Business Manager, ' 52-55. Reporter. Junior Class Vice-President. ' 52- ' 53; Varsity Tennis, ' 52- 54. JAMES EARL SOUYRES, Natchitoches; Industrial Arts; B.S.U.. ' 51 ' 53; B.M.O.C. ' 52. Second Row: LYNN STEPHENS. Bastrop; Nursing. DONALD STEPHENSON, Shreveport; Upper Elementary. GROVER STEWART, Florien; Upper Elementary. MARIBEL STEWART, Mer Rouge; Primary Education; Wesley Foundation; Future Teachers of America: Big Sister. Third Row: CHARLES ALBERT TASSIN, Jonesville; Business Education; Future Teachers of America, ' 53- ' 55. ROBERT LOWELL TATUM, Waterproof; Health and Physical Edu- cation- Wesley Foundation President, ' 52; N-Club Vice-President ' 54 ' 55 : Honor Court, ' 53- ' 55; Varsity Football. Co-Captam. 54. AII-G. ' S.C. Guard, ' 5l- ' 53; Dormitory Representative, ' 53-55; Senior Hall of Fame. RAY TEAL Hineston- Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha; Freshman Commissioner. ' 52 ' 53; College Singers. ' 5l- ' 55. B.S.U.. Freshman Music Director ' 51 52. Vice-President, 52 53, Mus.c Director. ' 53 ' 54, State Enlistment Vice-President. ' 54- ' 55; H.M.S. Pinafore Production. " 5 1 - ' 52. BUDDY THOMAS, Coushatta; Physical Education. Fourth Row: FLEMING ARDEN THOMAS, Ringgold; Social Science: Alpha Beta Alpha. National Treasurer, ' 54 ' 55, Vice-President, 53-54. ALCIDIE THOMPSON. Waterproof; Home Economics; Euthenics Club ' 51 - ' 55, Secretary. ' 52- ' 53. Vice-President, ' 54 ' 55; Newman Club ' ' 51 - ' 55- Purple Jacket Award, ' 52- ' 53; President Kate Chopin ' 52- ' 53- Freshman Commissioner, ' 52- ' 53; Sophomore Coun- selor ' 52 ' 53- A.W.S., Social Chairman, ' 53 -54 President, 54-55 Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vice-President, ' 53 ' 54, P ' den 54- 55: Purple Jacket. ' 53 ' 55; Kappa Delta Pi. ' 53- ' 55; POTPOURRI Court. ' 54- ' 55; Senior Hall of Fame. CHARLES SEGREST TISDALE, Wisner; Upper Elementary. GLENDA MAURINE TOMS, Saline; Nursing: Big Sister, ' 52; Stu- dent Nurses ' Association, ' 5l- ' 55. Fifth Row: ANNE TORRANS, Shreveport- Speech; Theta Sigma Epsilon: Stu- dent Senate, ' 52; Big Sister, ' 53 ' 54; Pi Kappa Delta. Secretary- Treasurer ' 53 Vice-President, ' 54; Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer, ' 53 - ' 54- Senior Class Vice-President, ' 54- ' 55; National Debate Cham- pion ' ' 53- Speech Department Achievement Award, 54; Theta Sigma Upsilon Treasurer, ' 54; Davis Players; Future Teachers ot America; Current Sauce, ' 52- ' 55; POTPOURRI, ' 53- ' 54. MICHAEL EDWARD TORRANS, Shreveport; Industrial Educator,; Siq-na Tau Gamma; Swimming Team, ' 5 1 - ' 52 ; Tennis Team, 52-53, Captain, ' 53-54. DAVID F. TYLER. Mansfield; Physical Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Football, ' 51. 54. MARGIE LOIS VINCENT, Wesflake; Primary Education. Sixth Row: WALTER MURREL WALKER, Dry Prong; Social Studies; Phi Epsilon; N-Club. „ . ... .. RILEY ROY WALLINGSFORD, Jamestown; Business Education. MARY ANN WALTON, Bastrop; Piano-Orqan; Biq Sister, ' SI; Ph : Kappa Phi, ' 54- ' 55; College Singers ' 53- ' S5- Band. ' 53- 54; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Sigma Alpha Iota; Chorus, ' 52- ' 55. SEARLE T. WALTON, JR., Bossier City; Health and Physical Ed- ucation; Football, ' 53- ' 55; N-Club. DAN C. WATERS, Dodson; Upper Elementary; Phi Kappa Nu. 135 t .V. First Row: BOB R. WEAVER, Hodge; Health and Physical Education; Sigma Tau Gamma; Football. ' 50- ' 5l; Baseball, ' 51. ' 53, ' 54; " N " Club. IONE RITA WEBER, Alexandria; Upper Elementary; Demonettes. TOMMY RAY WEST, Zwolle; Business Administration; Pi Omega Pi. HUBERT WHATLEY, Jamestown; Industrial Arts. Second Row: FRANKIE WHITFORD, Natchitoches; Primary Education. WOODROW FREDERICK WHITFORD, Natchitoches; Upper Ele- mentary. JACK WILLIAMS, Shreveport; Education. LILA JO ANN WILLIAMS, Alexandria; Business Education; Pi Omega Pi. JERRY CAROLYN WILSON, Hammond; Home Economics. JACK SHARP Student Body Veep vl First Row: DONALD L. WINEMAN, Industrial Arts; Phi Kappa Nu; Footbal ' , ' 50- ' 5l; Baseball. ' 50, ' 51, ' 54; Golf ' 53, ' 54, ' 55; R.O.T.C, ' 50 ' 54; Rifle Team. ' 5 ' 2 - ' 53. JOE D. WITHERS, Hornbeck; Agriculture. CHARLES A. WOOD, Natchitoches; Biology: Lambda Zeta; Vice- President, Lambda Zeta, ' 55; Canterbury Club- Beta Beta Beta, ' 51 - ' 55. President, ' 55; Baseball, ' 5l- ' 55; " N " Club. KATHRYN WRIGHT, Zwolle; Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Euthenics Club; Big Sister, ' 53- ' 54; Sorority Officer, ' 54- ' 55. Second Row: M. EUGENE WRIGHT, Many; Business Administration; Siqma Tau Gamma. Treasurer, ' 53 - ' 54. VERNIS CALVIN WRIGHT, Many; Business Administration and Accounting: Phi Kappa Nu; Phi Kappa Nu President, ' 54- ' 55; Inter- Fraternity Council. ' 52 -55; Pi Omeqa Pi. ' 53- ' 55; President. Pi Omega Pi, ' 54- ' 55; Student Senate, ' 52- ' 55; Dormitory Council, ' 52 ' 53; Sigma Sigma Sigma Man, ' 52 53 . BILLIE WAYNE WINSTEAD, Sibley; Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Euthenics Club. ' 52- ' 55; Demonettes, ' 62- ' 54. SARA WOODALL YOUNGER, Natchitoches; Music (Voice); Sigma Alpha lota; Demonettes, ' 5 1 - ' 52 ; College Singers, " 5 1 - ' 54; Chap- lain, Sigma Alpha lota, ' 52; Vice-President, ' 54, President, ' 54. ALICE EMELIA ZENTER, Sibley; Primary Education- Sigma Alpha lota. 136 Shortly after inauguration ceremonies in the Fine Arts Auditorium at NSC, President John S. Kyser poses with members of his proud and happy family. Left to riqht are Miss Janet Kyser of New Orleans, Dr. Kyser, and Mrs. Thelma Kyser, wife of the president. A large crowd attended the gathering, one of the most outstanding ever to convene on the 70-year-old campus of Northwestern. Held on April I and 2, the joint ceremonies marked the inauguration of President Kyser and the formal opening of the Graduate School of Education. Eighty-six dignitaries and leaders in education throughout the nation attended. Colleges and universities represented ranged from Harvard, founded in 1636, to Francis T. Nicholls Junior College, founded in 1948. Among the speakers for the occasion were Dr. Doak S. Campbell, president of Florida State University: Dr. Roger P. McCutcheon, former dean of Graduate School at Tulane, and Dr. T. M. Stinnett of the National Education Association. 137 V HARRY MOORE President Firsr Row: BARBARA ANDREWS . . . Many Business Education BETTY JEAN ARNOLD ... Baton Rouge Nursing PEGGY ARRINGTON .... Shreveport Nursing ELIZABETH AULDS ....... . Natchitoches Business Education BERTIE AUSTIN . . . Eros Health and Physical Education GLYNN E. AVANT . . . Pollock Accounting JAMES B. AVANT Calhoun Agriculture ADRIENNE M. AVERITT Orangeburg, South Carolina Nursing Second Row: PAULA ANN BABIN _ Baton Rouge Nursing CLARA SUE BAGGARLY Hodge Nursing MERVYN S. BALDWIN _ Oakdale Business Administration MIXON BANKSTON, JR. . . Dry Prong Pre-Dentistry LAWRIE BARILLIER Baton Rouge Nursing CATHERINE BASCO Gorum Nursing SHIRLEY CAROL BATEMAN Franklinton Nursing BETTYE LEA BEASLEY .... Haynesville English Third Row: GUILLERMO A. BIDOT Puerto Rico Business Administration ANNE CHRISTINE BISHOP . . West Monroe Nursing MARILYN BLAGG ... Minden Biology-Education OSBON BLAKE Goldonna Industrial Arts Education PRESTON BLANCHARD Belle Chasse Physical Education ALICE CECILLE BOBBITT DeQuincy Nursing FLOY BOGAN Castor Upper Elementary FAY E. BOOK Buras Social Science Fourth Row: JACKIE BOURG Jonesboro Nursing J. N. BOURGEOIS Lockport Physical Education HELEN BRADFORD Winnfield Business Education DELANO R. BRISTER Sieper Industrial Arts Education CATHERINE LOU BROOKS Tangipahoa Nursing LESTER RAY BROSSET Derr y Social Science W. E. BROUSSARD Business Administration BESSIE LAVERNA BURKETT Converse Nursing Fjfth Row: JOHN C. BURNS Leesville Business Education CAROLYN BYRD Springhill Music Education ROBERT JOHN BYLES Natchitoches Speech Education WILLIAM BRYANT CALVERT, JR Shreveport Health and Physical Education NANCY PATRICIA CAMPBELL Coushatta Nursing CARROLL H. CONVERSE, JR. Alexandria Industrial Arts LAWRENCE M. CARNAHAN, JR Cloutierville Agriculture BETTIE CHLOE CARTER Urania Home Economics Sixth Row: BILLY H. CATES . . WILL ALLEN CATES Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Converse Converse . Pelican ROSEMARY CHAMBERLIN . . . Upper Elementary SHIRLEY LOU CHAPMAN Ferriday Secretarial Science BARBARA CHEEK Many Home Economics JANIE LAVEDA CHERRY Taylor, Arkansas Nursing CLYDE J. CHESSON, JR Vinton Health and Physical Education SARA ELIZABETH CHILDRESS Mansfield Primary Education Seventh Row: CAROL CHRISTENSON Primary Education . Shre epc r t . . . . Clarks . Alexandria West Monroe . Logansport EUGENE DAVID CHRISTMAN Upper Elementary NICK CICARDO Bus ' ness Administration H. DEAN CLARK, JR Music LINDEN CLAYBROOK Industrial Arts ANN COLVIN Bernice Nursing JOYCE COKER Harrisonburg English TOMMY H, CREWS Leesville Mathematics Eighth Row: PAUL McGEE CULPEPPER Jonesboro Accounting BESSIE MAE DAVIS Baton Rouge Business Education PEGGY DEAN Springhill Nursing SHIRLEY DEAN ... Montgomery Business Education BILLY M. DEARING . . . Mooringsport Mathematics Natchitoches ALVIN J. DeBLIEUX WAYNE C. DEW Business Administration Business Administration BARBARA DICKERSON •oches . Winnfield Nursing 138 I 139 v.v i BOB WILSON Vice-President First Row: JERRY DOUGLAS Rayville Nursing MARGIE DOUGLAS Clarke Business Education HAROLD DEAN DOWDEN Many Business Administration BOBBY DOWNS _ Alexandria Nursing MAZIE DRANGUET Natchitoches Speech TED DUGGAN .... Florien Industrial Arts Education DeWITT D. DUNCAN Pineville Industrial Education DON AARON BURR . . Marthaville Business Education Second Row: JAMES A. ENLOE Alexandria Accounting PEGGY ANN ENLOE . Saline Secretarial Science BARBARA A. EVANS . . Saline Home Economics ROY N. FAIR Shreveport Industrial Arts ROSE M. FARRAR Lillie Nursing ROSE MARIE FERTITTA Leesville Business Education E. JANE FLORY Bossier Nursing MINNIE FONTANE Hessmer Nursing Third Row: EVELYN FORD . Mansfield Health and Physical Education CHARLOTTE ANITA FOSTER Calhoun Nursing JOYCE L. FRANCIS J er, a Nursing JIM EDWIN FRAZIER Boise, Idaho Nursing JOHNNIE LOUISE FRAZIER Winnfield Primary Education ERMA LEE FREELAND Gueydan Primary Education DONALD RAY FULLER DeRidder Music Education LORENE FUTRELL _ Dry Prong Nursing Fourth Row: JOHN DAVID GARLAND, JR Sligo Business Administration ELSIE MAY GARRETT Bastrop Medical Technology THOMAS GEORGE Bastrop Industrial Arts MYRTLE A. GETTEL Baton Rouge Nursing MRS. JANET GIBBS Natchitoches Upper Elementary KENNETH W. GIBSON Goldonna Business Administration LEROY E. GILLAN Shreveport Nursing JUNE GLEASON Port Sulphur Primary Education Fjfth Row: ALLISON GOLDSBY Mansfield . , Wisner Business Administration MARY CATHERINE GORDY Medical Technology LANELL GOSS Transylvania Home Economics DAVID C. GRAHAM Natchitoches GUIONNA ANN HALEY . . Belmont Nursing MARGARET HANSON Rosepine Business Education KENNETH HARGIS Lockport Physical Education MARIANNE JEANNE HARWELL Shreveport Nursing Sixth Row: JO ANN HAYES Urania Nursing PAULA HAYNES _ Princeton Primary Education JUNE HENDRIX Alexandria Nursinq RUTH HERRON Oak Ridge Primary Education GARY WILLIAM HICKMAN Haynesville Physical Education La NELL HINES Center Point Home Economics CINDY HODGE Mora Business Education ONETA HODSON Raceland Chemistry ;nth R ow : Alexandria JUDITH MARILYN HOLLOWAY Business Education OLIVE HORN DeQuincy Nursinq DORIS HELEN HUDSON Springhill Nursing MILDRED HUGHES Lonq Beach, California Sociology LOLA HUMBLE Wisner Business Education JINEVIE JACKSON Springhill Upper Elementary MACK JAMES Boyce Aqriculture WILLIAM N. JAMES Zimmerman Industrial Arts Eighth Row: WALTER CLYDE JANES Shreveport Accounting ROMA JENNINGS Natchitoches Upper Elementary BARRY L. JOHNSON Shreveport Primary Education CHARLES EUGENE JOHNSON Alexandria Mathematics FAYE JOHNSON Sieper Dietetics LINDA GAYLE JONES , . . Shreveport Art ROBERT HERMAN JONES Shreveport Nursing JAMES B. JORDAN Robeline Business 140 141 BARBARA CHEEK Associate Editor POTPOURRI Firs! " Row: ROBERT P. VINCHEN Hammond History A. GERALD KING Plain Dealing Social Studies STANLEY KNOTTS Natchitoches Industrial Arts Education MARQUERITE L. LAMPIREZ Lake Charles Nursing CATHERINE LUCILLE LARK Springhill Nursing JERRY LAVESPERE Alexandria Physical Education JOE BAILEY LEMMON Jefferson, Texas Nursing JAMES WILLIAM LITTLE Bossier City Physical Education Second Row: RAFAEL A. LOUBRIEL Puerto Rico Pre-Engineering CAROLYN MADDEN Bossier City Nursing TERRY MAGGIO Natchitoches Physical Education WILLIE ANN MATHIS Montgomery Nursing JADWIN V. MAYEAUX Cottonport Physical Education JACK PARNELL McCAIN, JR. Natchitoches Business Administration BETTY JEAN McCARTNEY Hanna Art GEORGE McCONATHY Gibslar.c ' Health and Physical Education Third Row: BOBBY McDONALD Convr Industrial Arts VIRGINIA McDONNELL Port Allen Nursing DOROTHY McFARLAND Alexandria Primary Education CLAUDETTE McGEE ... Leesville Nursing PLENNIE LOWVENIA McGEE Bossier City Nursing VAN COOK McGRAW . . Derry Business Administration VIRGIE McGUFFEE Harrisonburg Music JAMLS P. McHAFFEY Bossier City Upper Elementary Fourth Row: JOHN H. McTYRE Natchitoches Agriculture VERNICE MEGASON Marthaville Home Economics MARY E. MELDER Glenmora Health and Physical Education JANICE Y. MELTON Minden Art WILBURN MILLER Natchtoches Upper Elementary MARILYN MIMS Many Business Education LARNED MONTGOMERY Benson Business Administration HARRY B. MOORE Goldonna Business Administration Fifth Row: CLARENCE M. MOORMAN Mansfield Upper Elementary CHARLES MORROW Pitkin Industrial Arts Education DONALD RAY MOTT Tullos Upper Elementary PAT MURPHY Tallulah Nursing ADRIAN " RAGS " MUSSELWHITE Oberlin Upper Elementary HALLIE MARIE NICHOLAS Shreveport Nursing JACQUELYN OATES Jennings Library Science ROBERT ORBAN New Brunswick, New Jersey Business Administration Sixth Row: MELBA PAGE Flora Nursing VIRGINIA RAYE PALMER Mansfield Nursing HUBERT LEROY PATRICK Many Business Administration GRAHAM O. PEAVY Leesvilla Business Administration MARICELIA PEPPER Logansport Elementary Education MAX PETERS Waterproof Pre-Med MARY ALICE PHILLIPS Shreveport English NORMA RUTH PITTMAN Durant, Mississippi Nursing Seventh Row: WILLIAM H. PLUMB, JR Shreveport Industrial Arts LOUISE E PONS Shreveport Art VIVIAN PRUDHOMME Bermuda Primary Education ALMA R. RABB Waterproof Upper Elementary EVELYN RATCLIFF Rayville Home Economics LEOLA MARY RAYMOND New Orleans Nursing JEFFERSON CURTIS REID Pitkin Upper Elementary MARJORIE ANN REYNOLDS Baton Rouge Nursing Eiqhth Row: CLARISSA GRACL RICHARDSON . . Colfax Home Economics SARAH RITTER Many Nursing KITTY ROBERTS Mora Upper Elementary MARGARET MARIE R08IN Sulphur Accounting BARBARA ROBSON Natchitoches Music Education DORIS ELAINE ROGERS Saline Music JACK ROGERS Springhill Business Education THOMAS E. ROGERS Saline Pre-Med 142 a a? 3 $¥£2 143 V DENCIL TAYLOR Member of College Theater Firs ' ! ' Row: FRANCIS ROUGEAU Boyce Upper Elementary JAMES B. RUSSELL Natchitoches Biology HARVEY SAMUELS Mansfield Pre-Law RUTH IRIS SCHECH Bush Nursing EDWIN C. SCHROEDER Cypress, Texas Physical Education J. p SELF New Boston, Texas Health and Physical Education S. T. SELF Anacoco Agriculture DOYLE SEWELL Natchitoches Business Administration Second Row: JIMMIE SHOWS _ Ragley Business Education TED SIMON Kaplan Physical Education VIVIAN SMILEY Woodworth Nursing BENNY SMITH Winnfield Business Education BETTY LOU SMITH Coushatta Business JO ANN SMITH Benton Nursing PAUL MAURICE SMITH Verda Industrial Arts T. RICHARD SMITH Bastrop Biology Third Row: ALICE JEAN SPARROW Colfax Secretarial Science GLEN C. STEVENS Coushatta Government MARY STILL Denham Springs JAMES R. STOKER . . Mansfield Business Administration JO ANN STROTHER . Hineston Primary Education GEORGE H. STROUD Benton Business Administration HOWARD STROUD, JR Many Upper Elementary MARY BESS STROUD Atlanta Upper Elementary Fourth Row: MARTHA ADELE STUCHLIK Kolin Nursing ROBERT E. SYLVEST Franklinton Upper Elementary JO ANN TARVER .... Many Upper Elementary ANNICE TASSIN Jonesville Piano-Voice DENCIL TAYLOR Newellton Speech DOLORES A. TAYLOR Many History DOREE ANNE TEER Shreveport Home Economics BETTY THAXTON Shreveport Art Education Fifth Row: AUDRIENNE THIBODEAUX Flora Secretarial Science DOROTHY THOMAS Ball Nursing ED THOMPSON St. Joseph Health and Physical Education JACKIE THOMPSON Boyce Nursing GERALD TILLEUX Shreveport Speech LOYCE TODD Natchitoches Secretarial Science IRENE TREVILLION Waterproof Business Education HUBERT LEE TRIPLET, JR. Homer Industrial Arts Sixth Row: BEN DAVID VERCHER Campti Agriculture- Pre- Vet. JOSEPH N. VERCHER Gorum Business Education MARILYN WINONA VEULEMAN Many Nursinq MARY ELIZABETH WALL ... _ Baton Rouge Nursing BEVERLY WASCOM Corbin Nursinq ANITA WORSHAM WEAVER . _ Tullos Nursing MAGDALENE WEBER Alexandria Elementary Education SALLY WHATLEY .... Pleasant Hill Upper Elementary Seventh Row: BETTY C. WHITE Chestnut Home Economics JOANNE WHITE Dodson Nursing LAWRENCE H. WHITT St. Petersburg. Florida Business Administration WANDA SUE WILBER Dry Creek Primary Education WAYNE WILKERSON Natchitoches Agriculture CONNIE MAY WILLIAMS Elizabeth Nursing BETTY WILSON Alexandria Home Economics Education BOB WILSON Alexandria Industrial Arts Eighth Row: BETTY LOU WOMACK Baton Rouge Nursinq WILLIAM J. WOOD Winnfield Industrial Arts KENNETH JOSEPH WOODLE Zwolle Business Education DOROTHY R. WRIGHT • • ■ M a " v Primary Education HAROLD WRIGHT . Florien Business Administration HELEN YOUNG Oakda ' e Nursing GORDON K. ZABASKY Lena Health and Physical Education MONA ZACHARY Provencal Primary Education 144 145 First Row: MARY ABNEY, Nursing Shreveport ALICE ADAMS, Home Economics Westlake BILLIE RAE ALBRITTON, Upper Elementary Education . Baton Rouge CHARLOTTE ANN ALFORD, Business Education Many JUANITA ALFORD, Business Education Many BOBBY ALLEN ALOST, Health and Physical Education . . . Alexandria JOAN AMOS, Speech Education Perryville CAROLYN FAYE AVERY, Journalism Jonesboro NAOMI JEAN BARFIELD, Nursing Hico BENNIE BARRON, Industrial Arts Pineville Second Row: RAYMOND BATES, Industrial Arts Baton Rouge 80BBIE BEAIRD, English Lillie CLARA LOUISE BELL, Business Education Forest Hill JOHN ANGUS BELL, Industrial Arts Lake Charle; BILL BENEFIELD, Business Education Natchitoches VERA MAE BENTLEY, Upper Elementary Education Vivian LELAND BIGNAR, Elementary Education Jena GENE F. BONAR, Nursing Baltimore, Maryland JO ANN BOURG. Nursing Jonesboro NOAH BOYETTE, Physical Education Elizabeth Third Row: FREDDIE BOZEMAN, Pre-Law Belmont MELBA DOLORES BROUSSARD, Nursing Education .... Alexandria HILDA BROWN, Nursing Alexandria RICHARD G. BROWN, Health and Physical Education . . . Converse HESTER IRENE BROWN, English Alexandria MARJORIE LEE BRUMLEY, Nursing Many ALBERT BURNHAM, Music Bossier City JERRY BYRD, Journalism Shreveport ROGER R. BYRD, Agriculture Montgomery MARY MYLES BYRNE, Primary Education Shreveport Fourth Row: LARRY LAMAN CALHOUN, Accounting Saline VAUGHNCEIL CALHOUN, Nursing Pitkin DON MORGAN President JOSEPHINE LOUISE CALLIA, Nursing Powhatan SAMUEL JOSEPH CALLIA, Nursing Natchitoches BRYAN K. CAMPBELL, Agriculture Monterey MARY ANN CANTERBURY, Primary Education Florien AGNES E. CANTRELLE, French Harvey AUBREY JACK CAPELAN, Business Administration .... Shreveport H. A. CARLIN, Accounting Westlake GERRY CARROLL, Home Economics Natchitoche; Fjfth Row: HOUSTON GRAYDON CARROLL, Business Adminis. Hasiam. Texas MARY ESTELLE CARTER, Upper Elementary Education . . Forest Hill DIAMANTIS J. CASSIS, Art Shreveport DANIEL LEE CHASE, Physical Education Waterproof NORMAN ARTHUR CHILDERS, Medical Technology Vidalia CAROLYN SUE CLEVELAND, Nursing Alexandria E. AMELIE CLOUTIER, Primary Education Bermuda CECIL F. COLLINS, Industrial Arts Atlanta PHILIP JOSEPH COLLINS, Social Sciences Lockport NANCY CONLAN, Upper Elementary Education Shreveport Sixth Row: ELOISE CONLEY, Accounting Shreveport DOROTHY E. COOLEY, Secretarial Sciences Mora FRANKIE RAINS CORLEY, Speech Natchitoches JOE CORNET, Business Administration Waterproof MYRA ANN COULTER, Music Lockesburg, Arkansas J. D, COURTNEY, JR.. Upper Elementary Education Ida ANN CRAWFORD, Health and Physical Education .... Winnsboro VIRGINIA LEE CROSSNO, Home. Economics Educafon . . . . Doyline ELVIS RAY CULVERHOUSE, Industrial Arts Heflin BILLIE KATHRYN DAILY, Upper Elementary Education . . DeRidder Seventh Row: JAMES LYNN DAVIS, Agriculture Florien YVONNE DAVIS, Nursing Amite ROBERT E. DeLOACH, Biology Winnfield CLIFFORD DENY, Physics and Mathematics Natchitoches JEAN DERRICK, Nursing Many ELSIE MARIE DeWOLF, General Curriculum Iowa GORDON E. DICKERSON, Agriculture Winnfield SIP DISON, Nursing Shreveport MARY DOUGHTY, Nurs ' ng Rayville VIRGINIA DOYAL, Nursing Alexandria Eighth Row: SHIRLEY AMANDAKE DRANE, Nursing Forest BRENDA KAY DRISKILL Nursing ... Berwick GAYLE DUCHAMP, Secretarial Science Mansfield MILDRED ECKHARDT, Home Economics Winnsboro BILLIE DALE ELLIOTT, Home Economics Robeline TOMMY E. ELLIS, Upper Elementary Education Hornbeck SARAH EVELYN ELLISON, Nursing Nob ' e BETTYEGAIL EPPERSON, Home Economics Baker HUGH FAIRCLOTH, Physical Education Colfax ALEX FERRY, Nursing Alexandria Ninth Row: ANN LOUISE FITZPAIRICK, Nursing Shreveport VIRGIE MADENE FOLDS, Nursing Winnsboro MARTHA JEAN FOOTE, Health and Physical Education . . . Tullos HAROLD FORD, Pre-Med Bastrop JOHNNYE JO FOSHEE, Music Education Natchitoches DOROTHY ANN FOX, Business Education Mitchell LDWIN A. " JACK " FREEMAN, Industrial Arts Hodge CLYDE BIRCH FULTON, Che.mistry West Monroe BARBARA CAROL GAMBRELL, Secretarial Science Ferriday CELA GANDY, Secretarial Science Many 146 A I ! ?: jr . . t£ 147 First Row: FRANCES LEE GARCIA. Upper Elementary Education .... Zwolle DARWENIA GERMAN, Home Economics Many PAULA GILBERT, Education Minden RUBY NELL GORDY, English Winnsboro GLENDA GORE, Business Education Plain Dealing BEVERLY GOURDON, Home Economics Natchitoches JERRY D. GRAHAM, Business Administration Port Sulphur THOMAS E. GRAY. Industrial Arts Education Natchitoches LINDA J. GREENE, Physical Education DeRidder DOROTHY F. GREENWAY, Nursing Natchitoches Second Row: LOUISE GREER. Nursing Marksville ALPHA LEAH GREMILLION. Nursing Bunkie MRS. FANNIE HALL, Student Nurse New Iberia VASHTI ELIZABETH HAM, Home Economics Fairbanks ELAINE HARDEE, Nursing Campti GLENDA GAYLE HARMON, Journalism Port Sulphur HANNAH MARIE HAYNES, Med-Tech Natchez, La. SHIRLEY ANN HAYS. Nursing Many JOHN O. HEMPERLEY, Pre-Dental Shreveport MARY VIRGINIA HENDRY, Accounting Newellton CHARLES ELDRED JOHNSON, Health and Physical Education Bastrop DOROTHY JOHNSON, Business Education Oakdale JAY A. JOHNSON, Business Education Kisatchie JOHN JUNIOR JOHNSON, Upper Elementary Education .... Ida NELDA JOHNSON, Nursing Columbia SANDRA JEAN JOHNSON. Nursing Shreveport ROSEMARY JOHNSTON, Business Education Mansfield EDITH JONES, Business Education Zwolle Fifth Row: JUDY JONES, Nursing Bastrop WANDA JORDAN. English Natchitoches KARL P. KAMMER, Business Administration New Orleans HELEN ANN KEITH, Health and Physical Education. . Little Rock. Ark. JOYCE LYNN KENNEDY, Journalism Zachary JULIA MAYE KING, Nursing Marion TRUDY ELAISE KRUMM, Nursing Hackberry JANE LANCASTER, Secretarial Science Ferriday LAVELLE LANGSTON, Upper Elementary Education Pollock WAYLON LASYONE, English Clarks Third Row: PEGGY HERRIN, Nursing Alexandria JIMMY HILL, Pre-Engineering Natchitoches NORMA LEE HILLMAN, Nursing DeRidder CAROLE HINES, Art Bethany WILLIAM HOLCOMB, Industrial Education Many DEL A. HOLMES, Health and P.E. and Industrial Arts . . . Flatwoods SUE HOOPER, Nursing Deville JAMES PERRY HUDNALL, Upper Elementary Education Jena ALICE HULLS, Home Economics Newellton BETTY RAE IRBY, Primary Education Plain Dealing Sixth Row: ROBERT LEE, Forestry Bossier City SAMMY LEE, Physical Education Harmon ERNEST L. LEDET, Geology Port Sulphur ESTHER LINDSAY, Student Nurse Baker OLETA LOCKARD, Nursing Forest RAYMOND T. LOCKWOOD, Accounting Nixon, N. J. MOZEL LOFTIN, Math Coushatta LACEY M. LOFTON. Pre-Dental Haynesville GEORGE O. LOVETT, Industrial Arts Baton Rouge CAROLYN MAGEE, Nursing Franklinton Fourth Row: LuDELL JEFFERS, Journalism Vinton LOUELLA JENNINGS, Music Vivian BENNIE BARRON Vice-President Seventh Row: DEAN MAGEE, Medical Tech Converse BARBARA V. MARTIN, Secretarial Science Mora ROBERT EARL MAYFIELD, Pre-Vet Springhill SIDNEY McCALL, Physical Education Lake Providence WILLIAM MARIAN McCONNELL, Industrial Arts Springhill CHARLINE McCOY, Nursing Ringgold GAYNELL McDONNALD, Secretarial Science . . Westlake GLEN RAY McDONALD, P.E. and Health Mitchell MILDRED McELVEEN, Nursing Anacoco SALLIE JEAN McGEHEE, Upper Elementary Education . Baton Rouge Eighth Row: RALPH McLANAHAN, Business Administration Florien DOROTHY RAY McLAREN, Home Economics Cypress JAMES C. McNEW, Health and Physical Education Ferriday HUEY McPHEARSON, Agriculture Marthaville GRACE MAE MECHE, Nursing Abbeville WARREN R. MEREDITH, Agriculture Winnsboro IVY C. MESSICK, Agriculture Coushatta DEWITT MILAM, Geology Cotton Valley JEANNETT MILAM, Nursing .... . . Alexandria MARGARET M. MILKS, Nursnig Brodhead, Wis. L I Ninth Row: JOHN L. MILLER. Piano Campti JOHN WRIGHT MILLER, Art DeRidder LOUELLA MILLER, Nursing Basile GAYLE MIMS, Nursing Fryeburg MARJORIE LOUISE MOFFETT, Nusing Quitman ELLENDER E. MOREAU, Business Administration Pineville CHARLES DONALD MORGAN, JR., Pre-Vet Baton Rouge WILLIAM GLENN MORGAN, Physics Coushatta 80BY JEAN MOSLEY. Business Education Dry Prong R. ELAINE MYERS, Upper Elementary Education Glenmora 148 rr ■ tl h 1 149 First Row: EDWARD GEORGE NASS, Industrial Arts New Orleans BARBARA NAMIS, Student Nurse Baker CATHERINE NETTLES, Secretarial Science . . .... Bunkie JOHN DAVID NOLES, Social Science .... Heflin FREDDIE JOE NOMEY. Speech Hodge SUE CAROL ODOM, Upper Elementary Education .... Haynesville AUDREY FAYE OGDEN, Nursing DeRidder MARILYN DAWN OLDENBURG, Nursing Monroe BILLY JOE OSBORN, Forestry Bastrop EDNA OSBORNE, Nursing Oak Ridge Second Row: JOHN A. OTWELL, Biology Extension NELWYN IRETA OWENS, Nursing Rusion DEWEY W. PAGE, Physical Education Natchitoche: NICK A. PANOS, Business Administration Shreveporl LA VERNE PATE, Mathematics Hefl ' n JERRY R. PAYNE, Music Education Alexandria PATRICIA L. PAYNE, Speech Education Natchitoches FRANK PETTY, JR., Library Science Mansfield CLINT PINE, Mathematics Natchitoche; CHARLES C. PRESLEY, Industrial Arts Bellwood Third Row: JANIS KAY PRESLEY, Elementary Education Anacoco DON R. PURSER, Health and Physical Education Winnsboro MOLLIE JO RAMBO, Home Economics Poilock BETTY RASBERRY, Nursing QuAman BETTY SUE RAY, Nursing Heflin JAMES LYNWOOD RHODES, Business Education Chatham ADE SUE ROACH, Nursing West Monroe JOAN VIRGINIA ROBINSON. Secretarial Science Fisher GILBERT W. ROBISON, Pre-Engineering ._ Bossier City ANN RODRIGUEZ, Student Nurse New Orleans Fourth Row: CHARLES ROGE, Agriculture Cloutierville DELORES ROGERS, Home Economics Pelican AGNES CANTRELLE Secretary-Treasurer : 3F» IMOGENE ROLLER, Home Economics Lone Star, Texas DENNIS EUGENE ROSIER, Agriculture Winnfield EVELYN ROUGERS, Upper Elementary Education Boyce NORMA CECILE SARTORI, Secretarial Science Pineville ARTHUR GENE SEWARD, Upper Elementary Education .... Verda MARY LANE SHAMBURGER, Music-Piano Jena CHARLES L. SHARBOND, Industrial Arts Lecompte MUFFET SHESHEE, Physical Education Ringgold Fjfth Row: BETTY SIBLEY. Primary Education ... Natchitoches EDMUTH DALE SIGLER, Pre-Engineering Elizabeth MARY LOU SIMMONS, Primary Education DeRidder TONY G. SISTRUNK, Upper Elementary Education . . Pleasant Hill BEVERLY JANE SMITH, Nursing Shreveport ROBERT L. SMITH. Health and Physical Education Lawhon SOPHIE SNELL, Upper Elementary Education Anacoco LEON HERBERT SNYDER. Physical Education Sibley JON LARRY STAR Health and Physical Education . . Fayetteville. Ark. INGA STEG IN. Student Nurse Baton Rouge Sixth Row: MARY OPAL STONE, Business Education Ferriday SYLVIA L. STOOPS, Health and Physical Education Bossier C : ty JOHN C. STUCHLIK. Chemistry Kolin JOHN PAUL TAYLOR, Accounting Mansfield HARLES THOMPSON, JR., Business Education Oakdale BEVERLY JEAN THORESON. Music Education Shreveport BETTY JOE THORNHILL, English Education Winnsborg EETTY JO TILLEUX Art Shreveport RAY TIMM. Health and Physical Education Little Rock, Ark. MARGARET ELAINE TISDALE. Nursing Eros Seventh Row: CARLA TOLAR, Primary Education Natchitoches SHIRL TRILSCH, Englsh Greenwood LETHA R. UNDERWOOD. Business Education Bossier C ' t. RAY A. UNDERWOOD. JR., Health and Physical Ed. Bossier City MINNIE LOUISE VARNADO, Nursing Natchitoches JAMES B. VERCHER, PreMinstry Campti MARY LOUISE VERZWYVELT, Nursing Bunkie BILLIE SUNSHINE WALKER. Business Education Haynesville FRANCIS WALKER, Nursing Bentley J. CLOYD WALKER. Music Education . Rayville Eiqhth Row: TOM L. WALKER, Accounting Pleasant Hill CLOIS WARNER, Nursing Columbia WELDON R. WALKER, Bus ' ness Administration . ... Wyat M. H. WAMPOLD, Pre-Dental Waterproof MARTHA ANN WASHINGTON, Business Education . Vivian BURTON WEAVER. Pre Engineering Flora PHILIP WILCOX, Government Natchitoches FANNIE DARLENE WILSON, Nursing Forest Hill DEE WINCHESTER, Secretarial Science Morgan Cit. JOYCE WOMACK Secretarial Science Columba Ninth Row: BERNA DEAN WORSHAM, Nursing PATSY ANN WORSHAM, Nursing OLIVIA WRIGHT, Nursing Alexandria Tullos Baskln 150 151 JAMES THOMASEE President First Row: CAROL ANN ABAT, Nursing • Alexandria MARY ANN ACY, Nursing Baton Rouge AARON ADKINS, Business Administration Bossier City PATSY ALEXANDER, Nursing St. Amant PEGGY ALEXANDER, Home Economics Anacoco SHERRIAN ALLBRITTON, Secretarial Science Good Pine D. C. ALLEN, JR., Social Welfare Winnfield JERRY ALLEN, Agriculture Winnfield VIRGINIA ALLEN, Secretarial Science Anacoco NELDA ANDERS, Nursing Winnfield Second Row: BILL ANDERSON, Pre-Veterinarian Leesville DOROTHY ARIOLA. Nursing Logansport JOAN ASHLEY, Nursing Mansfield JUSTENE 8AKER, .English Athens ROY BALDWIN, General Curriculum Plain Dealing BOBBY DALE BALLARD, Speech Marthaville MARGARET BALLARD, Medical Technology West Monroe EVELYN GAIL BARGE, Primary Education Melder ERNEST JOHN BARKATE, General Curriculum Sulphur TOMMY BARTLETT, Business Administration Springhill Fourth Row: WILLENE BISON. Nursing Noble IKEY SUE BOATNER English Education Harrisonburg JOY BOLGIANO, Business Education Leesville EDWARD HOWARD BOLTON, Industrial Arts Mora BURRELL MORELAND BOOK, Business Administration . . Natchitoches WALLY RITA BOONE. Nursing Marksville THEODORE BOOTY, Upper Elementary Kisatchie CATHERINE IRMA BOUROUE, Nursing St. Gabriel ROY E. BOYD, Accounting Converse CAROLYN ANN BOYER. Nursing Minden Fjfth Row: BARBARA BRADFORD, Primary Education Walters DOROTHY JANE BRADFORD. Nursing Jena JOHNNIE BRADLEY, Agriculture Sarepta HOLLIS REECE BRAY. General Curriculum Many RAY E. BREEDLOVE. Upper Elementary Natchitoches MIFANWY BRISTER. Primary Education Sieper SYLVIA M. BRISTER, English Bastrop LEE ANN BRITTON, Nursing West Monroe BARBARA SUE BROOKS. Secretarial Science Vivian EARL BROOKS. General Curriculum Trout Sixth Row: DORIS ANN ROSSETT, Primary Education Cloutierville CLAUDIA OCTAVIA BROWN. Music Natchitoches GLORIA BROWN. Nursing Bossier City LEWIS HUNTER BROWN, General Curriculum Coushatta ELIZABETH BURFORD. Health and Physical Education . . . Ferriday PETER BYLES. General Curriculum Hackberry MARY LAVERNE CAIN. Upper Elementary Pitkin GLEN CALDWELL, Agriculture Many ROSE CAMPBELL, Home Economics Manv GAY CARGILE. Secretarial Science Leesville Seventh Row: CLIFFORD CARNAHAN, JR., Music Education Cloutierville MARY C. CARROLL. Business Education Natchitoches DORIS ANN CARTER, Nursing Alexandria HELEN CATHEY, Secretarial Science Shreveport JACKIE CHAMPION, Secretarial Science Shreveport DOROTHY CHANDLER, Home Economics Pollock ANNA FAY CHAPMAN. Home Economics Shreveport CLARA JANE CHATWIN, Nursing Shreveport IRENE CHEATWOOD, Business Education Saline DORIS CHEEK, Nursing . Pineville Eighth Row: VIRGINIA LEE CHILDRESS, Business Education Pelican LAMYJEAN CHOPIN, Geology Natchitoches LOIS CHRISTIAN, Upper Elementary Kinder PALMA J. CLARK, Music Ringgold VALERIE ELISE CLARKE, Primary Education Natchitoches JACKIE CLEVELAND, Nursing Alexandria JOAN COCHRAN, Home Economics Westlake ALFRED COCO. Medical Technology Alexandria ALBERT F. COLE, Upper Elementary Winnfield ELEANOR A. COMPTON, Nursing New Orleans Third Row: JOHN R. BASCO. Pre-Enginccring M.iny PEGGY SUE BASSETT, Nursing Winnfield GLADYS BAXTER, Nursing Zachary ERNEST BEAUREGARD, General Curriculum Bossier City LARRY BELL, Industrial Arts Alexandria JOHN WILFORD BENNETT, Industrial Arts Gorum BETTY J. BERLY, Secretarial Science Marthaville CARITA JO BERNARD, Secretarial Science Jennings JOAN BERTRAND, Nursing | ta PATSY JANELLE BESSON, Nursing Baton Rouge Ninth Row: MARY LYNN CONLEY, Nursing Maryvillr MATTIE LOUISE CONNELL, Business Education Dubberly BETH COOK, Nursing Marshall. Texas DONALD MILLER COOK, Business Administration Oil City THOMAS RAYBURN COOK. Health and Physical Education , Pioneer BARBARA COPELAND, Nursing Many MARY LOUISE CORNWELL. Physical Education Urania ANDREW JOHN COURREGES, Chemistry . . . . . Natchitoches PATRICIA COWART, Nursing Kinder A. J. COX Industrial Arts Coushatta 152 1k ' £. £ «fe fc • o - ' r £Ut 153 DON COOK Vice-President First Row: ELIZABETH Y. CRAWFORD, Primary Education Buras GERALD CRISP, Business Administration Springhil, ELVA JO CROSS, Nursing Monroe MARION ELIZABETH DANIELS. Nursing Merryville VIRGINIA CLAIRE d ' ARBY, Business Education Shreveport JULIA DAVIDSON, Nursing Summerfield GEORGE C. DAVIS, Business Administration Natchitoches RITA DAVIS, Nursing Monroe MARTHA ANN DENNIS, Nursing Hodge SAM DERRICK, Accounting Converse Second Row: NELWYN BETH DILLARD, Business Education Pleasant Hill BILLIE GAYE DILLON, Primary Education Otis ALICE MAE DIXON, Home Economics Shreveport CAROLYN MARIE DOUGLAS, Nursing Angola GRACE ELEANOR DOWDEN, Nursing Leesville CLEM MELTON DOXEY, JR., Chemistry Natchitoches JOHN A. DULL, Physical Education Bossier City ROSA MAE DUNHAM, Physical Education De Quincy OUITMAN WARREN DUR8IN. Health and Physical Education . Pioneer ILLETHA FAYE DURHAM, Nursing Pollock Fourth Row: ROBERT LEROY FARRAR, Accounting Shrevepon WANDA FEILDER, Secretarial Science Baton Rouge KITTY FIELDS. Nursing Shreveport BETTY JEAN FITE, Nursing Monroe ALFRED FLOWERS, Agriculture Shrevepor! PAULA FOLEY, Music Natchitoches DIANE FORBES, English Baton Rouge FRANKLIN MORRIS FOSHEE. Commercial Art Loganspor! PALMER REED FOSHEE, Industrial Arts Robline DONALD ROY FOSSETT, Busness Administration Kinder Fifth Row: EDWINA FOSTER, Business Administration Castor CHRISTINE PATRICIA FOX, Mathematics Many JAMES T. FRAME General Curriculum Coushatta JOSEPH T. FRANCIS, Health and Physical Education A ' exandria INA FAYE FRANKS, Nursing Merryville VIRGIE FREE. Nursing Marthaville CLEMENT EARL FREEMAN Bus ' ness Administration Alexandria GENEVIEVE FROUST, Primary Education Jonesville EDNA FAYE GAINES, Secretarial Science Oil City HARRISON W. GALE, JR.. Pre-Medicine Washington. D. C Sixth Row: DOROTHY GANDY, Upper Elementary Education . . Bellwood CALVIN E. GLEASON. Business Administration .... Plain Dealing DORWAYNE GLOVER. Agriculture Coushatta GLORIA MAE GODWIN, Nursing Chestnu ' LYNN GOLEMON, Business Education Simpson KATHERINE ANNA GOLMON, Nursing Amite ROY EUGENE GRAHAM, Art Natchitoches BENNIE EVON GRAPPE. Nursing Natchitoches BM LIE JEANE GREEN Upner Elementary Education . . Houma DONNIS Al LEN GREEN, Upper Elementary Education Georgetown Seventh Row: JOE GREEN. Physical Education Bernice ROBERT J. GREMILLION. Accounting Alexandria HOWARD GRYDER, Physical Education Haynesviile LOU GUICE, Physical Education Baton Rouge ALICE MARIE GUILLOTTE, Nursing Logansport JAMES M. HAIRE, Agriculture Pel ' can DOUGLAS SHELTON HAM. Industrial Arts Shreveport LYNN HAMMETT, Medical Technology Bethany JANELL HARKINS. Primary Education Mansfield WINDY HARMON, General Curriculum Crowley Eiqhth Row: DARLENE MAE HARMS, Home Economics Natchitoches ANN HARRIS. Primary Education Jonesboro MAURINE HARTSELL, Nursing Rodessa MOZELLE JO HARTSELL. Nursinq Rodessa BOBBY HARVILLE, Industrial Arts Danville MAURINE HARVILLE, Business Education Leesville ROSE VIRGINIA HARVILLE, Secretarial Science .... Leesville STARLEY HAUSER, Nursing DeRidder DOROTHY HAVARD, Upper Elementary Education Harrisonburo MARITA HEARNSBERGER, Nursing Marshall. Te ' Third Row: JOSEPH FRANKLIN EBARB. Health and Physical Education . . Zwolle JOHN JOSEPH ECHOLS. Business Education Winnfield ALYCE EDMONDSON. Nursing Lake Providence BILLIE CAROLE EDWARDS Secretarial Science .... Natchitoches PATSY JEANNE ELKINS, Nursing Minden CLARA MAE ELLIS, Medical Technology Hornbeck NADINE ELLIE, Primary Education Anacoco CAROLYN HARRIET ERWIN, Music Franklinton VAL EVANS, Upper Elementary Jena FRED FANNING, Physical Education Haynesville Ninth Row: MAX J. HEINBERG, Music Education Alexandria JOHN Y. HENLEY, Accountnig . Pineville JO ANNE HICKS, Primary Education Robeline ROZEL HIGHTOWER, English . . . Bastrop JO ANN HOGG, Speech Education . Grayson MABLE CLAIRE HOLLEY, Secretarial Science Dubberly O ' DELL HOLLIMAN, Primary Education Varnada JIMMIE HOLLINGSWORTH, Nursing Mansfield YVONNE HOLLINGSWORTH, Business Education Pineville M. YVONNE H ONEYCUTT. Home Economics Rayville 154 i 1 z w V :v 155 MARY CAIN Secretary-Treasurer Firsi Row: SARA HORNSBY, Secretarial Science Alexandria JAMES P. HOWARD, Biology Winnfield BARBARA ANN HOWSE, Nursing Alexandria BETTY LOU HUCKABAY, English Coushatta DEAN HUDDLESTON, Geology Natchitoches NANCY HUFF, Secretarial Science Mansfield MARTHA HUGHES. Nusing Shreveport ALEX S. HUNNICUTT, JR., Industrial Arts Shreveport MARY LYLE HYDE, Library Science Pineville SARA JACOBS, Music Converse Second Row: BOBBY JOE JAMES. General Curriculum Many NINA ERLINE JENNINGS, Primary Education Vivian ANDREW FRANKLIN JOBE, Biology Oil City BARBARA JOHNSON, Nursing Monroe BILLIE WAYNE JOHNSON, Physical Education Haynesville CECIL W.JOHNSON, Pre-Engineering Henderson, Texas EMILY JOHNSON, Elementary Education Pleasant Hill GLYMOUTH JOHNSON, Secretarial Science Simpson PATSY SUE JOHNSON, Nursing Baton Rouge LESTER EDWARD JOLLEY. Pre-Veterinary Natchitoches Fourth Row: CONNIE L. KENNEDY, Library Science Oberlin VELMER L. KERRY, Business Education Chopin GLYNN KEY, Mathematics Winnfield BOBBY KILPATRICK, General Curriculum Minden SHIRLEY JEAN KING, Nursinq Winnfield BOBBY KNIGHTON, Art Shreveport WILLIE DENNIS KNOX, JR.. Medical Technology .... Sterlington ERNEST KYLE, General Curriculum Hackberry BOBBIE DUANE LACAZE. Health and Physical Education . Cloutierville KAY FRANCES LANG, Home Economics Montgomery Fifth Row: NITA FAYE LAFIELD, Home Economics Coushatta MARY JANE LAMBERT, Nursinq Sorrento SARA LANDRUM, Nursing Natchitoches WINNIE PEARL LANDRUM, General Curriculum Temple CHARLES EDMUND LA ROUX, General Curriculum Zwolle DORIS LAVESPERE. Upper Elementary Education Jena GLORIA LAWLEY, Library Science Winnfield BETTY LAWRENCE, Nursinq Ringgold PAULINE LEAKE, Nursinq Oak Grove MARCELLE MARIE LEE. Home Economics Shreveport Sixth Row: ROBERT LEWIS. Physical Education New Orleans BILLIE RAE LIEUX, Nursing Donaldsonville CLARICE LONG, Primary Education Dubberly GRACIE LEE LONG, Nursing Winnfield DAN LUCIUS, JR., Pre-Medicine Florien KATHERINE LUCIUS, Primary Education Florien ALAN C. LUNDGREN, Chemistry Chicago. III. GEORGE DALE LYNCH. Education Mansfield MARILYN McCLUNG. Secretarial Science Shreveport BILLY RAY McCULLEN, Business Administ-ation Springhill Seventh Row: DOROTHY LEE McDONALD, Nursing Shreveport SANDRA McDOWELL, Home Economics Coushatta WAYNE McFERREN, Industrial Arts Marthav le ELAINE " Pete " McGEE, Nursing Port Allen CHARLES C. McGOWAN, Social Science .... Shreveport PAUL A. McGOWAN, Biology Washington. D. C DORIS McGREW, Nursing Baton Rouge RUTH McGREW, Secretarial Science Alexandria CHARLES McKEE, Upper Elementary Education Anacoco BETTY SUE McKEMIE, Nursing Natchitoches Eighth Row: BILLIE MAE McKNIGHT. Nursing . . Clinton EVELYN McMANUE, Nursing Denham Springs WILLIAM B. McNEELY, General Curriculum Many CAROLYN ANN McOUEEN, Nursing Pineville JOY LEVOISE MADDOX, Home Economics Haynesville BEATRICE MALONE, Nursing Pineville RUTH MANGUM, Home Economics Kinder KATINA MANITZAS. Upper Elementary Education De Ridder FRANCIS MANNING, Nursing Kaplan IDALENE MANSFIELD, Nursing Lisbon Third Row: CORLEY MAXWELL JONES, General Curriculum .... Bossier City ERMA DELL JONES, Music Education ... Jena MARIANNE JONES, Home Economics ... Boyce MELVA FLORENCE JONES, Nursing .... .eport ROLAND MALCOLM JONES, Pre-Medicine . Leesville STEVE JORDAN. Physical Education Shreveport PATSY JUDAH. Upper Elementary Education . . Chestnut EDNA KEISER, Primary Education . Pineville ROBERT F. KELLEY, General Curriculum Winnfield VELENER KELONE, Nursing Effie Ninth Row: BOBBY MARTIN, Business Administration . . Winnfield GLENDA MARTIN, Physical Education Natchitoches DONNA MARIE MASTERS. Nursing Provencal CHARLES EDWIN MATHEWS. Accounting Oil City NAOMI MEADOWS. Social Studies Merryville CAROLYN MELTON, Nu ' sing Minden JANELL MILLER, Secretarial Science .... Leesville JULIUS N. MILLER. Business Negreet SONNY MILLER, Agriculture Many VIRGINIA A. MILLER, Social Welfare Nalchitoches 156 157 BARBARA CALK VON Announcer First Row: DANIEL EARNEST MILNER, Industrial Arrs Natchitoches MAREE ELIZABETH MINTURN, Dietetics Natchitoches JOHN DAVID MOODY, JR., Pre-Veterinary Pleasant Hill BARBARA MOORE, Home Economics Natchitoches OLIN DEAN MOORE, JR., Pre-Dentistry Many RONALD MOORE, Mathematics Natchitoches RALPH MOREAU, Pre-Engineering Lena WILLIE MORENO, Pre-Engineering DeRidder ROSE MARIE MORRISON. General Curriculum Alexandria DALE MURPHY, Pre-Medicine Coushatta Second Row: MARY MURPHY, Nursing Many ROSS MURPHY, Pre-Engineering Negreet KATHERINE MUSE. Business Many BEVERLY MUSGROVE, Secretarial Science Springhill BARBARA ANN MYRICK. Primary Education Jamestown CARRIE LENA MYRICK, English Jamestown WANDA JEAN NEALY, Home Economics Natchitoches DONALD R. NELSON, Pre-Dental Ringgold DOROTHY LYNN Nes SMITH. Primary Education Calcasieu KENNETH RAY NEWTON, Journalism Jonesboro Fourth Row: CHARLES EDWIN PARKER, Industrial Arts Jonesboro HELEN LAVERNE PAUL, Nursing Alexandria BILLY PEARSON, Pre-Medicine Ringgold JUANITA ANNE PENNEY, Medical Technology DeRidder KATHRYN PEPPER, Business Education Jonesboro SUE PETTICREW, Secretarial Science Iowa LUCILE PHELPS, Business Administration Natchitoches RONALD PIAZZA, Physical Education Batavia. N. Y. THELMA PITTMAN, Nursing Dubberly Fifth Row: JIM PLUMB, Business Administration Shreveport BILLY PLUNKETT. Biology Winnfield CHARLES POCHE, Agriculture Clout iervi I le FLORENCE POSEY, Home Economics Jonesville CHARLOTTE ETHELWYN PRATER, Mathematics ... Lake Charles JOY PRESLEY, Primary Education Anacoco ROGER PRICE, Industrial Arts Coushalta BENNIE R. PULLIG, Secretarial Science Coushaita VERNON MAXWELL OUAID, Industrial Arts Hodge POLLY SUE RAINS, Social Science Many Sixth Row: YVONNE RAINS, Primary Education Natchitoches LEROY MARCEL RAMDIN, JR., Pre-Engineering Pelican STANLEY RAMBiN, Art Pelican PHENA MARIE RANEY, Nursing Baton Rouge BETH REID, Upper Elementary Education Joyce MARY LOU RESTER, Business Education Kinder JOYCE REYNOLDS, Nursing Bastrop ROLAND RICE, General Curriculum Winnfield JOHN R. RICHARD, Physical Education Kaplan RALPH RICHARDSON, Business Administration Springhill Seventh Row: JESSIE RILEY. Home Economics Winnfield HELEN RIVERS, Nursing Zwolle JERRY BOYD ROAN, General Curriculum Alexandria SHIRLEY ANN ROBERTS, Business Administration . . . Natchitoches SALLIEANN ROBINSON. Nursing Winnsboro LINDA RAE ROBISON, Nursing Bossier City MARY CAROLYN ROBSON, Art and Upper Elem. Ed. . Natchitoches DORIS D. ROGE, Primary Education Cloutierville PATRICIA ROGERS, Upper Elementary Education Saline SYLVIA ANN RUPERT, Nursing Shreveport Eighth Row: JOSEPH M. SAMPITE, Business Education Cloutierville GLORIA SANDERS, Nursing Transylvania JIMMY R. SANDERSON, Business Education Calcasieu OUIDA SANDIFER, Biology Shreveport BETH SAVILLE, Home Economics Natchitoches JERRY SAWYER, Business Administration Springhi.l VIRGINIA SCALFANO, Nursing Alexandria LOUISE SCARBER, Medical Technology Jena LOWELL SCHMIDT, General Curriculum Mansfield WELDON SCHOEBER, Nursing Shreveport Third Row: BILLY M. NORRED. Pre-Dentistry Hall Summit JOY NELL O ' BRIEN, Home Economics Paducah, Ky. WAYNE OGLESBY. Upper Elementary Education Verda LARRY OGLETREE. Pre-Engineering Shreveport THADDEUS JOYE OUCHLEY, Nursing . . . . Farmerville SHIRLEY ANN PACE. Nursing . . . Shreveport GERALD L. PAGE, Social Welfare Winnfield VICTORIA PAGE, Nursing Flora ALFRED A. PALMA, Pre-Engineering . . . DeRidder BILLY PALMER, Agriculture Winnfield Ninth Row: JERRY SCHORR, Business Administration New Orleans SYBIL SCOGGINS, Nursing .... Bastrop PATRICIA GAIL SELF, Nursing Hornbeck BETTY JO SEMPLE, Home Economics Alexandria JIMMIE RUTH SEWELL, Home Economics Natchitoches EDITH SHARP, Speech Natchitoches SKEETER SHERMAN, Pre-Medicine Haynesville BILL SHUMATE, Forestry Shreveport JOE SIBLEY. JR., General Curriculum LeCompte BLAKE EUGENE SIMS, General Curriculum Olla 158 159 Fourth Row: FRANK WILLIAMS STEWART, Industrial Arts Colfax HAZEL STEWART, Nursing Campti NITA STOREY, General Home Economics Gibson BOB8IE STOTT, General Curriculum Olla SAMUEL M. SUSSMAN, Business Administration .... New Orleans LLOYD M. SWOR, Pre-Law Pollock BILL TAYLOR, Business Administration Springhill MARY JANE TAYLOR, Nursing Pineville WALTER WARD TAYLOR, Geography Coushatta SHIRLEY NELL TEMPLE, Education DeRidder t J WiMPY KELLEY Cheerleader First Row: ANITA RUTH SIMMONS, General Curriculum Port Sulphur DOROTHY SIMMONS, Secretarial Science Shreveport MARGARET SIMMONS, Medical Techonlogy Ida LEONA SIMPSON, Nursing Shreveport ALMA JO ANN SISTRUNK, Primary Education Mitchell DONNIE SISTRUNK, Agriculture Converse VIRGINIA SKAINS. Nursing Arcadia EDNA LOUISE SKIPPER, Nursing St. Joseph BETH SLAWSON, Music Mansfield JANET SLIPPER, Nursing Milwaukee, Wis. Second Row: DAWIN SMART, Industrial Arts Leesville CHARLES SMITH, Pre-Engineering Montgomery CLAUDINE SMITH, Medical Technology Mansfield GARY A. SMITH, Biology Minden HAROLD GENE SMITH, Business Administration Forbing MARY BETH SMITH, Secretarial Science Winnfield MARY JO SMITH, Secretarial Science Haughton RACHEL ELAINE SMITH. Nursing Marksville SYLVIA LEE SMITH, Nursing Bastrop KAY SMITHSON, Upper Elementary Education Shreveport Third Row: JAMES SNYDER, Business Administration Plain Dealing DAVID R. SOSA, Pre-Engineering Santurce, Puerto Rico VELMA LOU SOWERS, Nursing Pineville HELEN MAE SPANGLER. Nursing Winnfield CHARLES SPENCE, Accounting Shreveport GWENDOLYN SPILLMAN, Nursing Zachary ALICE HILLMAN SPURGEON, English Lena Station MARY LYNN SOUYRES, Primary Education , Melder DOROTHY NELL STAFFORD. Music Natchitoches WINNIE AUGUSTA STARNES, Physical Education Libuse Fifth Row: KENNETH LEE TERNEY, Health and Physical Ed. . . Nederland. Texas MARCIA JO THOMAS, Nursing Montgomery JAMES LAMAR THOMASEE. Business Administration . . Natchitoches HARRY THOMPSON, Accounting Verda THOMAS FRED TILLEY, Pre-Engineering Anacoco JOHNNIE RICHARD TINNELL, Physical Education Minden REETA GAYLE TULLOS, Mathematics Education Chatham THOMAS TUMA, General Curriculum Liduse PEGGY JOYCE TURNER, Medical Technology Baton Rouge NORMAN TYLER, Industrial Arts Springhill Sixth Row: PATSY TYLER, Mathematics Chestnut THOMAS VALLERY, Business Education De Ridder MARILYN VAN SCHAICK, Secretarial Science Haynesville ROSE MARY VARNADO. Nursing Amite CHARLES ROBERT VARNELL, Business Administration . . . Winnfield JANICE VERDEL, Nursing Bogalusia FRANCIS VIENNE, Geology Natchitoches PEGGY ANN WAGNER. Secretarial Science Shreveport VIRGINIA WAGNON, English DeRidder DEAN WALKER, Pre-Engineering Naples, Texas Seventh Row: KENNETH RAY WALLACE, Social Science Plain Dealing LORRAINE WALLINGFORD. Industrial Arts Educat.on . . Jamestown PASCAL WARD, General Curriculum Keatchie PATSY WATERS, Library Science Springhill BETTY JO WATSON, Nursing Dry Prong GUSS THOMAS WEAVER, JR.. Agricullure Shreveport BARBARA WELCH, Primary Education Hineston NORMA RAE WELCH, Home Economics Robeline HALLIEJEAN WHEAT, Health and Physical Education . Montgomery E RBARA JO WHITE, Nursing Jonesboro Eighth Row: PATSY RUTH WHITE, Primary Education Bossier City LINDA ANNE WHITEHEAD, Music Natchitochces JAMES WHITTINGTON. Social Studies Shreveport CHARLENE WIER. Nursing Pineville JAMES E. WILLIAMS, Physical Education Leesville OSCAR EARL WILLIAMS, Agriculture Joneseville NADINE WILSON, Upper Elementary Education .... Shreveport PEGGY JEAN WILSON, Secretarial Science Vivian HELENE WINSLETT, Secretarial Science Shreveport BENNY WISE. Physical Education Little Rock. Ark. Ninth Row: ALICE DRAUGHON WITHERSPOON, Nursing Gloster BILL WOOD, Accounting Natchitoches GENE WRIGHT, JR., Pre-Law Port Sulphur FRANCES KAY WRIGHT. Nursing Negreet TINA WRIGHT. Secretarial Science Shreveport JOE KENNETH YARBROUGH, Business Administration . . Armistead EARL ZECHIEDRICH, General Curriculum Bossier City 160 0 ffi 0 C? % ' ' $ fiu £ L §L 162 Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics 163 8Lj imi Jfcd ?.. ' . ■i ■ i ■ ■VK ui ' ' • 1954 Football Squad Demons Enjoy Best Season Since Pre-War World War II Days When the cleats were finally hung up, the I 954 football Demons had racked up seven vic- tories with only two defeats — Northwestern ' s most successful post-war grid season. Five straight wins, the heartbreaking loss to Tech, two more impressive victories and the final dis- aster at Southeastern highlighted the ' 54 campaign. Two Demon seniors — center Dudley Downing and guard Bob Tatum — were named to the NAIA All-American team. In addition, sophomore tackle Charlie Johnson and senior full- back Searle Walton were first-team selections on the All-Gulf States Conference eleven. A rock-ribbed defense and relentless ground attack were the trademarks of the Purple and White gridders. Only the lack of a consistent passing attack stood between the De- mons and greatness. THE COACHES H. Alvin Brown ( Backfleld ) ; Harry H. Turpin (Head Coach); Walter P. Ledet (Line). Most Valuable Player DUDLEY DOWNING N. S. C. 15; Central Oklahoma 6 Starting off the season in efficient if unspec- tacular form, the scrappy NSC eleven came to life in the third quarter for two quick touchdowns and a I 5 to 6 victory over the Central State College Bronchos of Edmond, Oklahoma. First-half scoring was limited to a field goal by Demon halfback Roland Smith and a 25-yard run by Oklahoma end Bill Moody with a blocked punt. Immediately following the intermission, however, NSC fullback Searle Walton crashed down the middle for 40 yards and followed it up with a six-yard pay dirt drive. Rugged defensive work detached the Okies from the ball on the next series of downs and halfback Clyde Chesson wrapped it up with an I 8-yard beauty. f - f ▲ Top: Forced landing Bottom: Ticklish situation They call it mambo Word from the prexy N. S. C. 22; Lamar Tech 15 Depth paid off in Northwestem ' s second outing as Coach Harry Turpin ' s noggin-knockers used a last-quarter scoring splurge for a 22-13 win over powerful Lamar Tech at Beaumont, Texas. Tackle Charlie Johnson dropped back from the 10-yard line to boot a field goal and give the Demons a 3-0 lead in the first quarter, but Lamar quarterback Jerry Boone put the Cardinals ahead by 6-3 with a 20-yard scamper just before half- time. Halfback Don Millen of Northwestern and half- back Sammy Carpenter of Tech, two All-Confer- ence scatbacks, swapped touchdowns in the last half before the Turpinmen took charge of things with two TD ' s by halfback Roland Smith and full- back Searle Walton. Smith converted once for the final 22- 1 3 margin. 166 " V t. •» ■ ' •L 35 i H i " W ff| Definition of Body Contact A fired-up crew of Northwestern gridders built up an impressive 26-0 halftime margin and staved off a comeback effort by the McNeese Cowboys to chalk up their first Gulf States Conference victory of the season, 32 to 20. The NSC ground attack rolled through the Cowpokes almost at will for the first thirty minutes. Halfback Clyde Chesson scored the first two six-pointers on dives of three and seven yards. Then quarterback " Red " McNew hit pay- dirt on a 66-yard punt runback and quarterback Dan Carr slipped around end for 25 yards and Northwestern ' s fourth first-half touchdown. Casual substituting in the second half almost got the Purple and White gridders into hot water in the second half as McNeese put itself back into the ball game, 26-20, on three quick touchdowns by Max Jones, Ken King and Mack Bryan. But the " big boys " came back and put it on ice by marching the length of the field in the closing min- utes, with fullback Searle Walton crossing the double- stripes from the 3-yard line in the last 30 seconds for the clincher. CLYDE CHESSON Halfback Where now " Red " ? N.S.C. 32; McNeese 20 CHARLES JOHNSON Tackle ' RED " McNEW Quarterback TED SIMON End 167 BILL HARRIS Tackle SEARLE WALTON Fullback EARL HAYNES End This looks like it! N. S. C. 6; La. College Northwestern overpowered an inspired band of Louisiana College Wildcats in the annual Central Louisiana gridfest at Alexandria to gain an import- ant 6 to conference victory. Substitute fullback Don Purser broke through the line for 26 yards and the game-winning touch- down late in the second guarter to kill the Baptists ' upset hopes. Earlier in the guarter a 60-yard touch- down run by LaCollege halfback Marshall Ryan had been nullified by a backfield-in-motion pen- alty. A Wildcat drive in the last guarter was stopped at the NSC 15-yard line by All-American center Dudley Downing ' s pass interception. The Pause that Refreshes Ugh! GARY HICKMAN End N.S.C. 38 Southeastern Oklahoma The surging Demons rolled to their fifth straight victory of the season and seventh in succession, the longest winning streak at Demonland since pre- Pearl Harbor days, by completely outclassing the highly-touted Southeastern (Oklahoma State Col- lege Savages, 38 to 0. Halfback Don Millen tallied twice, fullback Searle Walton once (on an 86-yard run), quarter- back " Red " McNew once, halfback Roland Smith once and quarterback Dan Carr once in North- western ' s most one-sided victory since the second game of the I 950 season. All GSC tackle Charlie Johnson added two conversions. The life of a lineman JERRY EPPERSON Center LARRY WHITT Halfback P - ( 169 State Fair Game With star halfback Clyde Chesson sidelined, the Purple and White eleven tasted defeat for the first time of the 1954 season at the hands of the heavier Louisiana Tech Bulldogs at Shreve- port ' s State Fair Stadium, I 3 to 6. A 20-yard touchdown pass on last down from Tech quarterback Pete McCulley to end Charles Anderson and a 3 I -yard end run by halfback Rus- STATE FAIR COURT First Row, left to right: Sudie Loomis, Linda Jones, Betty Wilson, Queen Barbara Dickerson. Second Row: Ale id ic Thompson, Nancy King, Jean Noble. Joan Evans, Cindy Hodqe. N. S. C. 6; Louisiana Tech 13 sell Rainbolt gave the Techsters their winning mar- gin. A 38-yard screen pass play, " Red " McNew to Larry Whitt, accounted for NSC ' s six points in the last minute of play. Another Bulldog Bites the Dust A Sneaky CHEERLEADERS Linda Jones, Alvin DeBlieux, Onto Jo Bernard, " Wimpy " Kelly. Helen Keith and Bobby Bass. N.S.C. 51; Northeast 6 Northwestern snowballed the Northeast State Indians, 51-6, at Monroe to gain conference win number three and the sixth of the season. Long touchdown sprints were the order of the day as speedsters Jack Bice, Larry Whitt and " Red " McNew broke loose for TD gallops of 74, 67 and 60 yards, respectively. Other participants in the Demon Touchdown Parade were Searle Walton, Don Millen, Clyde Chesson and Dan Carr. McNew registered his second touchdown of the night on a " Fake Pass and Beat It " play. mmm in i i— mi Bii Tfcfr _ k t. GLYNN HAYNES Trouble Ahead! RAYMOND BATES Halfback 172 Reinforcements comi.ig Playing in an unfamiliar underdog role for the first time of the season, Coach Turpin ' s back-to- the-wall Demons literally tore the Southwestern Bulldog apart before a Homecoming Crowd, 34 to 7. It was the most lop-sided Demon win over the always-rough Southwestern eleven in Coach Tur- pin ' s 34 years as head coach. Northwestern went all the way the first time it touched the ball and didn ' t let up until the Bulldogs finally scratched on the game ' s last play from scrimmage. Homecoming Charlie was hot that day HOMECOMING COURT Marilyn McClung, Alma Rabb, Gayle Duchamp, Barbara Evans, Glenda Gore, Jimmie Shows. ?ueen Patsy White, Betty Beasley, Letha Underwood. Jo Ellen Caqle, Patsy Waters and Beth DM lard . fl H B 1 m £y»8 4-: J: - HplWP Homecoming Court N. S. C. 34; Southwestern 7 Don Millen returned a punt 83 yards for NSC ' s first six-pointer. Then on a sustained drive Larry Whitt scored on a four-yard scamper. Roland Smith dove one yard for the third touchdown, as the game began to look like a rout. In the last half " Red " McNew returned a punt 82 yards and senior halfback George Perkins cracked through the line for 1 9 yards for the fourth and fifth Northwestern TD ' s. A pass from Frank Gearen to Gene Burleigh accounted for SLI ' s only touchdown on the last play of the game from scrimmage. Watch your step! All in the game N. S. C. 6; Sou theastern 32 DON PURSER Fullback Ball! EDWIN SCHROEDER Guard JACK BICE Halfback An injury-riddled Demon crew fought valiantly in the first half to hold unbeaten, untied Southeastern Louisiana to a 6 to 6 intermission tie, but a hospital list that grew with each play finally gave the Southeasterners a 32-6 decision in the game which decided the GSC champion- ship. The All-Conference passing battery of Ray Porta to Huey Husser gave SLC an early lead, but Northwestern ' s unsung heroes — the " Shock Troopers " — marched 90 yards in the second quarter to knot it up again, with Larry Whitt scoring on an end run from the four. The dam broke in the last half when Northwestern ' s All- Conference tackle, Charlie Johnson, was sidelined with other Demon regulars. SLC scatbacks Don Marino, Louis Carlisle and Mickey Catalanotto broke loose for the four touchdowns that wrapped up the Lions ' perfect season. And so ... a three -way tie with Tech and Southwest- ern for second place in the conference, the best over-all record since World War II, two All-Americans (no other Louisiana college had more than one) and the " fightingest " bunch of noggin-knockers in the Bayou Belt — that sums up the Northwestern Football Story of 1954. MARVIN WAMPOLD End 1954-55 Basketball Squad . . . " She just keeps rolling along ' 1955 Basketball Same song, second verse Coach Charles (Red) Thomas ' 1954-55 basket- ball five continued the winning tradition in the hardwood sport at Northwestern by capturing half of the Gulf States Conference championship and winning the Mid-West Tournament champion- ship — both for the second straight years. The resemblance between the 1954-55 Demons THF MANAGERS Tom George, Fred Broussard, Jerry Byrd, " Smiley " Christmas. Three Straight 20-Game Winners and the I 953-54 crew doesn ' t end there; last year ' s team set GSC scoring records for overall games and also for conference games. This year ' s Demon five broke both records. High-scoring forward George McConathy was named to the first team of the All-GSC squad. Lightning-fast guards Dick Brown and Bill Collins- worth — the Demons ' two " big little men " — were selected to the second team. Brown and Collinsworth were also named to the All-Tourney team at the Mid-West Tournament in Terre Haute, Indiana, which NSC won for the second straight year. Thus the Demons became the second team in the tournament ' s 12-year history to win two straight crowns. No team has won it three straight. Another " first " for Northwestern was the sec- ond straight GSC co-championship, this time with Louisiana Tech. No other team in conference his- tory has figured in two straight championships. The season started on a spectacular scale, as " little " Northwestern played Giant-Killer against the University of Arkansas by a 74-68 count. The Razorbacks, destined to finish second in the Southwest Conference, ran up a 12-point lead in the first half but saw it evaporate quicker than a Louisiana snow. For the last I 5 minutes of the COACH CHARLES F. " RED " THOMAS fj 1 J K I With The Demons game Demons Brown, Ronnie Lebo and Murrell Walker played " hide and seek " with the frantic Porkers. The speedy Brown outsped a tall North Texas five in Denton to score 30 points and lead the Demons to a 76-58 conquest of the Eagle hoop- sters, but two nights later Southwest Conference championship-bound Southern Methodist Univer- sity used accuracy at the free throw line to clip the NSC fast-breakers 99 to 86. In the Demons ' home opener freshman guard Ronnie Lebo dropped in I 5 points to top the pur- ple and White crew in a rough-and-tumble 79 to 65 victory over Southern State of Magnolia, Ar- kansas. Two straight losses brought the Northwestern percentage mark to the .500 mark for the first — and only — time of the season as Stephen F. Austin clobbered the Demons 72 to 54 and powerful Southeastern Oklahoma buried Coach " Red " Thomas ' charges under a I 04 to 79 avalanche. Following the Oklahoma disaster — which was the first time an opponent had ever reached the three-figure mark against a Thomas-coached NSC squad — the scrappy Demons bounced right back to nip the same team, 64 to 60, in the season ' s number one thriller and the turning p oint of the year. Brown tallied 2 1 points, McConathy 1 3 and Upsetting University of Arkansas Lilley vs. Tech Collinsworth I I in the second Oklahoma tilt. Brown and Collinsworth spent the last ten minutes dribbling the ball untouched five feet from the center line. When the Savages decided to play for the ball it was too late. The Southeastern five went from there to place second in the National Intercollegiate tournament. After a shortened Christmas holiday period Northwestern journeyed to Terre Haute to suc- cessfully defend its Mid-West championship. In the tourney the Demons clipped Central Missouri, 89 to 75, and Anderson College, 65 to 59, in win- ning Number Two. En route home the Demon five paused at Bates- ville, Ark., long enough to come out on top of a hectic 61 to 60 scrap with tiny Arkansas College, as George McConathy hung up 20 points for scor- ing honors, including two " money " free throws in the last five seconds. Road-weariness had little effect on the home- court effectiveness of the " firehouse five " from and Winning the Mid-West Tourna Poetry in motion ' Loopy " for two Demonland as North Texas fell in a return match, 91 to 74, tor NSC ' s fourth win in six nights. Col- linsworth and Waple Lilley were the big guns for the Demons with 20 and 1 9 points, respectively. Opening Gulf States Conference action in im- pressive fashion, Northwestern outran high-scor- ing Northeast to finish on top of a hectic 101-94 duel. Northeast guard Melvin Gibson scored 38 points, but a well-balanced Demon scoring punch led by McConathy ' s 24 marker proved to be too much for the c lassy Indians. A pair of free throws by forward Jap Gullat GEORGE McCONATHY Forward DICK BROWN Guard BILL COLLINSWORTH Guard m e n t Again gave Louisiana Tech an 82-81 win over NSC at Ruston and darkened the Demons ' early-season championship hopes. With the loss went a six- game winning streak. Gullat ' s game-winning points came in the last 30 seconds of play. Centenary College was the victim of a rebound- ing Northwestern crew as the Gents fell in a 94-9 I thriller. Brown took offensive laurels in that bitter rivalry with 32 points. Northwestern ' s " flat " basketballers were steam- rollered by Stephen F. Austin for the second time in the season by a 78-73 tally. NSC trailed by 28-5 after eight minutes, but kept plugging away and reduced the margin to five points in the last two minutes. Southwestern was the victim of a terrific sec- ond-half splurge at Natchitoches next as the Bull- dogs, after trailing by only two points at the in- termission, saw the bottom drop out and flopped by 9 I to 55. After trailing most of the second half NSC out- clutched the upset-minded Louisiana College Sitdown strike against Centenary MURRELL WALKER Forward LAVELLE LANGSTON Center WAPLE LILLEY Forward Demons Muzzle S. L. I. Bulldogs JIM THOMAS Forward RONNIE LEBO Guard TRAVIS RANDLES Center Wildcats 80 to 72 at Pineville. Brown and Walker led the way with 20 and 19, respectively. Next in line was an 84 to 82 edge over always- powerful Southeastern, as all Demon regulars chipped in to crush the Lions ' home-court win- ning tradition. Returning home, Northwestern drubbed McNeese 87 to 69 with McConathy racking up 3 I . The highest-scoring game of the year saw Coach " Red " Thomas ' warhorses rip into South- eastern on the Natchitoches boards, 106 to 78. Then the Demons rode into the conference lead with an overtime 99 to 94 decision over South- western at Lafayette. Classy Bill Riegle of McNeese poured 32 points through the hoops as the Cowboys finished strong to beat Northwestern 60 to 59 at Lake Charles. Gimme! JAMES ENLOE Forward BUDDY FOSHEE Forward PAUL McGOWAN Forward Cagers Hit 106 Against S. L. In the following game NSC made it four straight over Centenary with a 79-76 overtime win. Lebo hit a long set shot in the last I 5 seconds to throw the game into overtime and s et the stage for the victory. A 98-85 win over scrappy Louisiana College set the stage for Northwestem ' s final two regular- season games. In the first Tech gave a Demons a 93-72 shellacking and in the second NSC cinched half the championship with a solid 92-69 win over Northeast. The Thomasmen still weren ' t through with Tech. In the first game of a three-game playoff to see who represented Louisiana at the National Inter- collegiate tournament in Kansas City Northwest- ern copped the first game at Natchitoches, 93-9 I , but dropped the last two by scores of 83-80 and 95-92. Both were played at Ruston. With five regularly-playing seniors leaving, Northwestern has a terrific replacement problem ahead for next year. But, with three straight 20- game seasons behind him, Demon mentor " Red " Thomas is already planning on a fourth. 1954 GULF STATES CONFERENCE TRACK AND FIELD CHAMPIONS Top Row, left to riqht: Charles Johnson, Mixon Bankston, Ted Duggan, George McConathy, Ernie Ledet, Ted Simon and manager Eugene (Smiley) Christmas. Next Row: Clyde Chesson, Murrell (Sister) Walker, Billy Daye, Glyn Ebarb, Ray Timm, Dennis Rider and manager Roy Underwood. Middle Row: Bill Collinsworth, Gary Hickman, James Modisette, Larry Whitt and Hugh Purser. Second Row: Lacey Lofton, Linden Claybrook, Murray (Doak) Walker, Jack Bice, and J. P. Self. Front Row: Billy Steele, " Red " Smith, Don Millen and " Red " McNew. The 1954 Northwestern State track and field squad won its second straight Gulf States Con- ference championship and its second straight Northwestern Relays title. Team Captain Murray (Doak) Walker, 880 flash J. P. Self, broad jumper Larry Whitt and two-miler Dennis (Hobo) Rider set al-time school records in the process. Outlook for the 1955 team is very good, although Walker and Rider were lost through graduation. A third straight Northwestern Relays title went to the Demons, and — breaking school records right and left — Coach Walter Ledet ' s classy thinclads left little doubt that they were headed for GSC championship Number Three also. [rack Baseba A 2-2 split in a four-game series with powerful Centenary College and a four-game sweep over Barksdale Air Force Base featured Northwestern ' s 1955 baseball season, although the Demon ' s play in Gulf States Conference competition was only so-so. High point of the season was a 15-8 win over Southwestern, previously undefeated in con- ference play. All-GSC Larry Whitt, veteran Bob Weaver and flashy infielders Dick Brown, " Red ' ' McNew and David Sosa were the big guns for NSC in the 1955 season, with top pitching duties coming from Jerry Lavespere and " Chuck " Wood. NORTHWESTERN HORSE-HIDERS Top Row, left to right: David Sosa, Jimmy King, Charles Wood, Robert Briley, Buster King, Jerry Lavespere and William Culvert. Middle Row: David Vargas, Thelton Kile, David Graham, Larry Whitt, Leon Snyder, Dossie Bruce and " Red " McNew, Bottom Row: Bobby Ray Mc- Hallfey, Bob Weaver, J. N. Bourgeois, Jon demons and " Cotton " Purser. ■ ' • ' « „ m ■ .. " .■ 185 DEMON GYMNASTS Back Row, left to riqht: Coach John Piscooo, Wally Fr v r. John Dickprson, Allan Lundgren, Manager " ; K n Terwpy and Karl Kammpr. " Sonny " Hoff anH John Hicks. Front Row, left to right: Johnny Tinnell, " Sonny " Martinez, Joe Cornett, Bill Normand, Barry Johnson, Bill Pearson, Benny Wise. Gymnastics Pain in the neck Just clowns 186 Heavy losses by graduation didn ' t phase Coach John Piscopo ' s 1955 Northwestern State gymnastic team as the Demon gymnasts, led by sophomores " Sonny " Martinez, Barry Johnson and Bill Normand, and freshman Allan Lundgren, rolled through its second straight undefeated and untied season. The University of Texas, Texas A. M., Louisiana State University and Kansas State College were among the schools that fell before the Demon gymnastic steamroller. NSC won the Gulf AAU championship, the Southwest AAU title and the Mid-South Intercollegiate — all for the second straight year — and captured its sixth consecutive Southern AAU crown. Hicks, no doubt The Cooperative Spirit i - v- . T, j M A m " - - ■ £Z »_:. 187 NORTHWESTERN 1955 SWIMMING TEAM Top Row, left to right: John Dull, Dean Clark, Ken Terwey, DeWitf Milam and Jon Larry Starr. Second Row: Manaqr-r Paul Smith, Karl Kammer, Rav Timm, Harrison Gale, Fred Nomey and Bill Normand. Bottom Row: Coach John Piscopo, Arthur Seward, Lamey Chopin, Johnny Tinnell, Benny Wise and Bobby Knighton. Co-Captains Hoff and Clark Swimming One of Northwestern ' s finest swimming teams in history emerged from the NSC Natatorium in the 1955 season, but some terrific competition kept the Demons ' class from showing in the win- loss column. Paced by sophomore sensation Ray Timm, who holds five school records in the Back Stroke, Breast Stroke and Individual Medley events, the Demonfish took their only victories in a swing through the Deep South, in which NSC THE LETTERMEN Normand, Timm, Hoff, Kammer, Starr, Clark and Milam. Byrd again! lowered the boom on Vanderbilt University and Tennessee Tech. Losses were to the University of Texas, Texas A. M., Southern Methodist Uni- versity, Florida State and Florida University. Timm, soph distance swimmer Jon Larry Starr and junior free styler Dean Clark were the high scorers, and all will be back next year. In the div- ing department the Demons were unequalled, with freshman Benny Wise and " Sonny " Hoff tak- ing first and second in every meet. Freshman Knighton takes a dive Condo ' ences from the Record-Breaker Demon Linltsmen Ace Swinger Stanberry .• ' ' • »♦ Golf Although championship prospects for the 1955 Northwestern golf team are slim, Coach Lorane Brittain has one of the Gulf States Conference ' s top club-wielders in veteran Bill Stanberry. The other positions are manned by newcomers Rich- ard Grant, Jim Hill, John Hemperly, Don Purser, " Buster " King, Charles Monk, Richard Caspari and Harry Hyams. The GSC tournament, scheduled for Natchitoches this season, should find the De- mon linksters holding their own with most of the teams in the conference. 190 Tennis Heavy losses by graduations and scholastic shortcomings dampened the 1955 outlook for Northwestern ' s tennis team. Finally, the team buckled down to work with a nucleus of newcom- ers " Casey " Bryant, Willard Rachel, Bill Chamber- lin, Jack Freeman and Alvin DeBlieux. The team defeated Northeast during the regular season to post one more victory than the preceding team. The tennis tournament for GSC schools is also scheduled for Natchitoches this year. CAPTAIN TORRANS NORTHWESTERN TENNIS SQUAD Back Row, left to right: Alvin DeBleux, Mike Torrans. Front Row, left to right: Willard Rachal, Bill Chamberlain and Wayne Mickelborough. 191 It can ' t be that good! Intramurals Intramurals at Northwestern hit an all-time peak in the I 954-55 school year, with keen competition between campus groups displayed in all sports and in the race for the over-all team trophy at the end of the year. A new sport, Gymnastics, was added to the agenda. In team competition the Confed- Cross-Country Champ Ballard receives trophy from student director " Red " King Badminton Finalists — runner-up " Red " King and champ Mike Torrans INDOOR CHAMPS Mike Torrans (Pinq Pong), Han Water (Box Hockey) and Charles Johnson (Paddleball). erate Gents and Athletes, two Independent groups, were in the thick of a fight down the stretch as the two fraternities, Sigma Tau Gamma and Phi Kappa Nu, trailed not far behind. Finish of fhe Cross-Couniry Race The Bicycle Rider is unofficial 194 Organizations Organizations Organizations Organizations Organizations Organizations 195 The " N " Club Seated, left to right: Walker, T tum, Clark. Standing: Simon, Christmas, Little. OFFICERS MURREL WALKER President BOB TATUM Vice-President TED SIMON Treasurer DEAN CLARK Secretary FACULTY MEMBERS B. B. Boyd S. W. Nelken A. L. Ducournau C. F. Thomas C. E. Dugdale H. F. Turpin D. G. Fulton W. P. Ledet L. S. Miller HONORARY MEMBERS J. Aillett G. W. Nesom H. A. Brown J. Piscopo Col. O. L. Greening H. L. Prather Pres. J. S. Kyser J. Schultz P. C. Marx J. R. Akins Bobby Alost Mixon Bankston Bobby Beebe Jack Bice Dick Brown Ellis Bruce W. F. Bryant Dan Carr Dan Chase Eugene Christmas Dean Clark Linden Claybrook Bill Collinsworth Alvin DeBlieux Ted Duggan MFMBFRS James Enlow Hugh Fairclcth Donald Gill Brian Hanchey Ken Hargis Earl Haynes Gary Hickman D. A. Holmes B. L. Johnson Charlie Johnson James King Stanley Knotts Bill Little Lacey Lofton George McConathy James McNew Don Mi Hen Miguel Pacheco George Perkins Ted Simon Roland Smith Leon Snyder Bill Stanberry Jon Larry Stan- Bob Tatum Ray Timm Jim Thomas Mike Torrans Murrel Walker Searle Walton Bob Weaver Gordon Zabasky The " N " Club is an athletic organization whose members consist of those who have lettered in one of the four major sports, or three minor sports and having been recog- nized as winning the " N " award, are eligible for membership. The calling is held during the spring semester. The purpose of the " N " Club is threefold: To promote in every proper and constructive way the athletic interest of Northwestern State College among it ' s students, faculty, alumni, and friends; to stimulate true Demon spirit; and to foster a more perfect union, based upon mutual friendship and common ideals among the wearers of the " N. " First Row: J. R. Akins, Bobby Alost, Mixon, Banks- ton, Bobby Beebe, Jack Bice, Noah Boyette, Dick Brown, Ellis Bruce. William F. Bryant, Dan Carr, Dan Chase, Eugene Christmas. Second Row: Dean Clark, Linden Claybrook Bill Collingsworth, Alvin DeBlieux, Ted Duggan, James A. Enloe. Hugh Faircloth, Donald Gill, Brian Hanchey, Kenneth Hargis, Earl Haynes, Gary Hickman, third Row: Del A. Holmes, Charles Johnson, Barry Johnson, James King, Stanley Knotts, Bill Little, Lacey Lofton, George McConathy, James McNew, Don Millen, Miguel Pacheco. Fourth Row: George Per- kins, Ted Simon, Roland Smith, Leon Snyder, Jon Larry Starr, Bob Tatum, Jim Thomas, Ray Timm, Mike Torrens Murrel Walker, Searle Walton. Bob Weaver, Gordon Zabasky. The comedy, no doubt! Yes, Bill? Left to right: Humphries, Noble, Brock, Dowden, Herron. OFFICERS JEAN NOBLE President RUTH HERRON Vice-President PAT HUMPHRIES Secretary CLAY BROCK Treasurer Chartered on the Northwestern Campus in 1953, the V. L. Roy Chapter of Future Teachers of America has a current membership of fifty students. Our organization is affiliated with the National Education Association and the Louisiana Education Association, and its purposes and func- tions are the same as those of the parent organizations. Membership is open to any Northwestern State College student who plans to make teaching his life ' s work. Future Teachers of America o First Row: Delano Brister, Clay Brock, Madolyn Bryan, Mary Alice Chandler Carol Christenson, Sara Childress, Martha Coldwell Billie Crowell. Rob- ert Deloach. Second Row: Lynelle Dowden, Joseph Francis, Donald Fuller, Ruth Herron, Pat Humphries, Betty Irby, Dorothy Johnson, Wanda Jordan Nancy D m ? ' D -1j r DOMS Laves P ere . Bobby Leach, William Little, Katina Ma niha, Virginia Maxfield, Clarence Moorman. Jean Noble. Georae Perkins, Beth Reid. Fourth Row: John Rogers, Francis Rougeau. Thorsell Rougeau, Joseph Sampite Pearl Shuler, Betty Sibley, Anita Sigler. Nellie Faye Sikes, Jo Ann Sistrunk. Fifth Row: Tony Sistrunk, Donald Stephenson, Grover Stewart, Robert Sylvest, Charles Tassin, Alcidie Thompson, Betty Thornhill, Jack Williams, Alice Zenter. o c: O I 7i %£ i r — First Row: Bettie Carter, Lynell Dowden, Barbara Evans, Erma Lee Freeland, Gerald Furr. Second Row: June Gleason, Jimmye Dee Hatcher, Cindy Hodqe, Patricia Humphries, Nancy King. Third Row: Sudio Loomis, Jerry ReddeM. Nellie Faye Sikes, Alcidie Thompson. Kappa Delta Pi OFFICFRS Left to right: King, Hatcher, Carter. BETTIE CARTER President NANCY KING Vice-President JIMMYE HATCHER Secretary GERALD FURR Treasurer SUDIE LOOMIS Historian Kappa Delta Pi is an honorary professional society for teachers and prospective teachers. The aims of the organi- zation are to foster professional spirit by high scholar- ship, professional fellowship of men and women in educa- tion, and to improve democratic education. Gamma Phi Chapter was begun on the Northwestern State College campus on May II, 1934. Miss Mattie Woodward is serving as counselor. 199 OFFICERS JERRY EPPERSON President GERALD FURR Secretary BRIAN HANCHEY Vice-President GARY HICKMAN Treasurer The Alpha Pi Chapter of Phi Epsilon Kappa was installed at North- western State College in 1951. Phi Epsilon Kappa, the only national pro- fessional fraternity for male students and teachers, was founded at the Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union, Indianapolis, Indiana, on April 12, 1913. Phi Epsilon Kappa First Row: J. R. Akins, Bobby Alost, Bobby Beebe, Noah Boyette, Ellis Bruce, William Bryant, Dan Carr, Dan Chase. Second Row: Clyde Chesson, Eugene Christmas, Bill Collinqsworth, Huqh Faircloth, Gerald Furr. Donald Gill, Brian Hatchey. Kenneth H rqis. Third Row: Ferl Havnes, Gary Hickman, Del A. Holmes, Barry L. Johnson, Charles Johnson, James King, James McNew, Don Millen. Fourth Row: George Perkins, Ted Simon, Leon Snyder, Jon Larry Starr. Ray Timm, David Tyler, Murrell Walker. Gordon Sabasky. o o o CO - I Q. 200 First Row: Ed Bacilla. Fav Book. Delano BrUtpr. Hester Brown. Robert Byles. Second Row: Aqnes Cantrellp. Maiip Dranquet, Vpra Graham, Sterling Minturn, Gale Robinson. Third Row: Jnyrip M. Sharp. Danril Taylor. Gerald Tilleaux. Anne Torrans. Davis Players o O GO OFFICERS BOBBY BYLES President JACK SHARP First Vice-President PAT KELLEY Second Vice-President FAYE BOOK Secretary GERALD TILLEUX Treasurer Davis Players is the oldest dramatic organization on the campus. .Founded in 1925 and named for a former Lan- guage Instructor, Miss Mary Davis, the club has grown to be recognized as instrumental in encouraging, developing, and rewarding dramatic talent. Membership is based upon work done on College Theatre productions. Letters are awarded to members whose achievements double those required for admission to the club. Left to right: Sharp, Book, Tilleux, Byles. Kelley. 201 OFFICERS SARA NELL YOUNGER President JOHNNY JO FOSHEE Vice-President ANNICE TASSIN Secretary CAROLYN BYRD Treasurer Seated, left to right: Younger, Foshee. Standing: Byrd, Tassin, Steele. Sigma Alpha lota is a professional fraternity for women. Membership in this organization requires that the person be accomplished in some phase of music. The purpose of Sigma Alpha lota is to advance music in America. I Sigma Alpha lota First Row: Carolyn Adams, Carolyn Byrd, Johnnye Jo Foshee, Louella Jennings. Second Row: Elaine Rogers, Annice Tassin, Mary Ann Walton, Sara Nell You nger. o to 202 First Row Dean Clark Joseph Carlucci, Jerry Crump. Dwiqht Davis. John Drane. Second Row: Wilbert Mason, Sterl.nq Minturn. W. E. Noonan. Jerry Payne Owen Phillips Third Row: Danny Sheh»e Ray Teal. Paul Torqrimson, S. J. Westbrook. J. Clovd Walker. Not Pictured: Lorane Br. Ham. Ray Burnham, Robert Eddy. Richard Lamb, Tommy Merritt. John Miller, M ' ke Murphy, Gardner Vaughn. Phi Mu Alpha c CO o I H 4 OFFICERS DANNY SHEHEE President BILL NOONAN Vice-President WILBUR MASON Secretary JOHN W. DRANE Treasurer Gamma Rho Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha is a national honorary professional music fraternity, with the purpose of advancing music on the campus and wherever the oppor- tunity presents itself. This past year the chapter was pre- sented best province award and was am ong the top twenty in the nation. Each year the fraternity presents a program of All-American music and sponsors an All-College Mardi Gras Ball. With the purpose of rendering service to the school and the community, Phi Mu Alpha is always ready to add their music to the program. Left to right: Noonan, Drane, Shehee, Mason. 203 Left to right: Minturn, Sharp, Byles. OFFICERS JACK SHARP Director STERLING MINTURN Stage Manager BOBBY BYLES Business Manaqer Alpha Psi Omega is the largest national honorary dra- matic fraternity in the nation. Northwesterns Delta Eta Cast (Chapter) of Alpha Psi Omega was reorganized in 1953. Election to membership in this fraternity is the high- est honor which can be bestowed in the field of theater at Northwestern. Alpha Psi Omega First Row: Robert Byles, Vera Graham, Sterling Mintern. Second Row: Jack Sharp, Dencil Taylor. CO o or Q First Row: Alice Adams, Peggy Alexander, Janice Andress, Jane Bush, Rose Campbell, Gerrv Carroll, Bettie Carter, Dornthv Chandler. Anna F, Chap- man, Barbara Cheek. Second Row: Joan Cochran, Virginia Crossno. Mildred Eckhardt, B i I lie Elliott, Gail Epperson, Barbara Evans, Billie Fincher, Dar- wenia German, LaNell Gosv Beverly GouHon. Third Row: Marv Lane Gray, Vashti Ham, Darlene Harms, LaNell Hines, Yvonne Honeycutt, Virginia Houston, Alice Hulls, Marianne Jones, Nancy Kimbrell. Nita Fay Lafield. Fourth Row: Kay Francis Lang, Marcelle Lee, Jack Ezel Lucia, Joy Maddox, Ruth Mangum, Sandra McDowell, Dorothy McLaren. Vernice Megason, Maree Minturn, Emogene Monks. Fifth Row: Marilyn Motter, Ann Nash, Wanda Jean Nealy, Joy Nell O ' Brian, Florence Posey, Mollie Jo Rambo, Evelyn Ratcliff, Clarissia Richardson, Jessie Riley, Delores Rogers. Sixth Row: Imo- gene Roller, Beth Saville, Jimmie Ruth Sewell, Anita Story, Doree Anne Teer, Alcidie Thompson, Barbara Welch, Betty Godwin White. Betty Wilson, Jerry Wilson, Katheryn Wright. o I o o z o o CO I 1 -4 I Euthenics Club OFFICERS JANE BUSH President 3ARBARA EVANS Vice-President FAY JOHNSON Secretary ALICE ADAMS Treasurer BETTY CARTER State President The Euthenics Club, organized in 1926, has become one of the most outstanding departmental clubs. Its purpose is to develop leadership and foster sociability among the members. This year it claims as one of its own the state president of the College Department of A.H.E.A. Left to right: Carter, Adams, Evans, Bush. 205 Organized in 1948 for the purpose of promoting interest in Mathematics at Northwestern, the Math Club serves as an agency of activated study, furnishing opportunity and encouragement in its field; it has also been a determining fac- tor in promoting higher scholastic achievements. OFFICERS JOHN DRANE President LONNIE BENNETT Vice-President GENIE HARRISON . . . Secretary-Treasurer DR. ELSIE CHURCH Sponsor MATHEMATICS Math Club First Row: Lonnie Bennett, Roger Byrd, Irene Cheatwood, Elsie Church Billy M. Dearinq. Second Row: John Drane, Christine Fox, Genie Harrison, Charles E. Johnson, Gladys Kietter. Third Row: C. G. Killen, Mary E. Melder. G. E. Miller. Charlotte Prater. Jerry Reddell. First Row: Bertie Austin, Carolyn Boutwell, Elizabeth Burford, Mary Louise Cornwall. Ann Crawford, Rose Dunham. Second Row: Martha Foote, Evelyn Ford. Francis Guice, Gloria Hodges, Freddie Jones, Helen Keith. Third Row: Terry Maggio, Mary Melder, Muffet Shehee, Winnie Starnes, Sylvia Stroops, Hallie Wheat. PEM Club PHYSICAL E D The PEM Club is an organization for women Physical Education majors. The club was founded at Northwestern in 1935. The purposes of the club are to de- velope an awareness of the importance of health, physical education and recrea- tion in our modern society; to promote the interest of students majoring in health, physical education, and recreation; to de- velop among the students a realization of their responsibilities to the profession of health, physical education, and recrea- tion; and to cooperate in the work of state and national organizations. OFFICERS FREDDIE JONES President FRANCIS MODISETTE .... Vice-President BERTIE AUSTIN Secretary HELEN KEITH Reporter 206 Beta Beta Beta is a national honor so- ciety for students of the biological sciences. Its purpose is to stimulate sound scholarship, to contribute to the dissemination of scientif ic truth, and to encourage biological research. Begun on this campus as Beta Phi Alpha, it became a national fraternity in 1949, adopting the present name. OFFICERS CHARLES WOOD President CATHERINE BASCO Vice-President MARY CATHERINE GORDY . . . .Secretary J. D. MONTGOMERY Treasurer BIOLOGICAL Beta Beta Club First Row, left to right: Mr. Combs, Chico Ramerez, Thomas Rogers, Mr. Ware, Harold Ford, Charles Mclnnis, Norman Childers, David McClung, J. D. Montgomery, Curtis Dowden, Hershal Russel. Second Row, left to right: Mary Gordy, Dean McGee, Perry Miers, Elsie Garrett, Elaine Sparks. Betty Baucum, Larry Isles, Charles Wood, Mr. Alexander, Robert Cook, Dr. Outland. First Row: Larry Bell, Claudia Brown, Vashti Ham, Robert Kinchen, Tane Lancaster. Second Row Elaine McGee, Doris McGrew, Mary Stone, Betty Tilleux, Gerald Tilleux, Jerry Wilson. Westminster Club RELIGIOUS The Westminster Club is the organiza- tion of the Presbyterian Church, estab- lished at colleges and universities, to pro- vide students with opportunities and fa- cilities for wholesome, cooperative Chris- tian experiences and training in worship, study, recreation, and social fellowship, as part of normal church life. OFFICERS GERALD TILLEUX Moderator MARY STONE Vice Moderator and Program Chairman BETTY TILLEUX . . Secretary and Publicity Chairman 207 The Wesley Foundation Council guides the religious activities of the Methodist students working with us on the campus of Northwestern State College. It seeks to lead them to deeper spiritual under- standing and to true Christian living among others. OFFICERS NANCY KIMBRELL President RUTH HERRON Vice-President BETTY IRBY Secretary JOHN BELL Treasurer DON MORGAN Membership and Evangelism RELIGIOUS Wesley Foundation First Row: Alice Adams, John Bell, Delano Brister, Martha Coldwe ' l, Clifford Deney, John Drane. Second Row: Gail Epperson, Mildred Eckhardt, Donald Ray Fuller, Winnie German, Ruth Herron, Betty Irby. Third Row: Nancy Kimbrell, Don Morgan, Jean Noble, Sue Odom, Carla Tolar. First Row: Joan Ashley, Mervyn Baldw ' n, Hester Brown, Valerie Clark, Robert Deloach. Second Row- Margaret Ebarb. Francis Manninq, St«rlinq Mintern. Edward Nass, Patricia Pavne. Third Row: Frank Petty, Betty Jo Simple, Janet Slipper, Winnie Starnes. Canterbury Club RELIGIOUS The Canterbury Club is the student organization of the Episcopal Church, on the College Campus. Through discussion, study, worship, recreation, and commun- ity service the members are guided in re- ligious, cultural and social development. This year, there was a visit to Melrose Plantation and participation in the Week- end at Camp Hardtner, a camp and con- ference center of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Louisiana. OFFICERS HESTER BROWN President FRANK PETTY Vice-President ELSIE GARRETT Secretary-Treasurer 208 First Row: Richard Brown, Jane Bush, Eugene Christmas, Dudley Downing. Fave Johnson Second Row: Franeyse Towers, Hanna Haynes, Cindy Hodge, Blanchie Lewis. Viola Lewis, Third Row lren» Long, Dorothy Ray Mi-Laren. Elgie Rogers, Betty Thornhill. The Baptist Student Union was first or- ganized on this campus in 1927 and is sponsored by the Southern Baptist Con- vention. It is composed of all Baptist Stu- dents at Northwestern and strives to deepen the spiritual lives of its members by enlisting them in activities of the local Baptist churches. Pictured here are those members of the Executive Council and the Freshman Council. RELIGIOUS rsHiJLj First Row: Theodore Booty, Barbara Bradford, Irene Cheatwood, Beth Dillard, John Henley. Second Row: Dean Mansfield, Charles McKee, Evelyn McManus, Dorothy, MesSmith, Thad Ouchley. Third Row: Patricia Rogers, Wyn»H» Sanders, Patricia Self, Lloyd Swor, Janis Verdell. Baptist Student Union 209 00 o OFFICERS AGNES CANTRELL President MARGARET ROBIN Second Vice-President MARY ANN ACY Vice-President FREDDIE JONES CATHERINE NETTLES Tr Recording Secretary The Newman Club, as a club of Catholic Culture and Catholic Fellow- ship, is organized in order " to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of its members through a balanced program of religious, intellectual, and social activities. " It functions to weld the Catholic students into a common union, assisting the college and students whenever possible. ! Newman Club First Row: Mary Ann Acy, Patsy Alexander, Ed Bacilla, Ernest Barkate, Ike y Sue Boatner, Fay Book, Wally Boone, Lester Brosset. Second Row: Mary Miles Byrne, Agnes Cantrelie, Clifford Carnation, Clyde Chesson, Lamy Chopin, Carol Christenson, Amelle Cloutier, Elolse Conley. Third Row: Nancy Conlon, Gayle Duchamp, Billie Elliott, Frances Garcia, June Gl ason, Beverly Gourdon, R. J. Gremillion, Ray Guillory. Fourth Row: Janell Harkins, Charles Johnson. Freddy Jones, Marjorie Landry, Billie Rae Lieux, Catherine Nettles, Leon Simpson, John Spataro. Fifth Row: Beverly Thoreson, Loyce Todd, Joseph Rambin, L roy Ramb ' n, Hplen Rivprs, Margaret Robin, NaHine Wilson, Dpp Winchester. ' I7K£ R CO CO co CO First Row: Elizabeth Aulds, Glynn E. Avant, Guillermo A. Bidot, Wayne C. Dew, Margie Douglas, Gayle Duchamp, James A. Enloe, Joan Evans, Rose Marie Fertitta. Second Row: Dorothy Fox, Ledore Gallien, Margaret Hanson, Jimmye Dee Hatcher, Cindy Hodge, Rosemary Johnston, Jim Kinnison, Garland Lawrence, Patsy Leach, Third Row: John Massey , Van Cook McGraw, Graham Peavy, Margaret Robin, Doyle Sewell, Benny Smith, Allen Steele, John Paul Taylor, Audrienne Thibodeaux. Fourth Row: Irene Trevillion, Billie Sunshine Walker, Tom Walker, Weldon Walker, Martha Washing- ton, Jo Ann Williams, Joyce Womack, Kenneth WonHle, Vornis Wright. Pi Omega Pi Seated, left to right: Evans, Wright. Standing, Massey, Kinnison. OFFICERS VERNICE WRIGHT President JOHN C. MASSEY Vice-President JOAN EVANS Treasurer JIM KINNISON Secretary The purpose of this fraternity is to encourage, promote, extend, and create interest and scholarship in the fields of Accounting, Business Administration, and Business Educa- tion, and to reach the ideal of service as the basis of all worthy enterprises. The requirements of membership in the Alpha Nu Chapter, installed at Northwestern State Col- lege in 1938, are a " B " average in Business and a high scholastic average in all other subjects. 211 The Beta Chapter of Demeter was chartered at Northwestern State College in 1935, having met all the standards re- quired by the national organization which was founded earlier at Southwest- ern in Lafayette. Organized to promote better farm practices, the fraternity de- rives its name from the ancient goddess of the soil, Demeter. Serving as a link be- tween the actual teaching of agriculture in the college and on the campus, Demeter serves as an integral part of the Agriculture Department and is a very ac- tive organization. OFFICERS BILL STANBERRY President JOE D. WITHERS Vice-President J. D. MONTGOMERY . . . Secretary-Treasurer AGRICULTURE Demeter Kneeling, left to right: Joe Withers, Jerry Smith, Gordon Dickerson, Roy Fair, Johnnny Valentine Standing: Roger ByrH. Hal Tnwnsend, S. W. Nelkin. H. J. Young, Varley F. Young. First Row: Catherine Basco, Bettye Beasley, Agnes Cantrelle, Bessie Mae Davis, Erma Lee Freeland, Mildred Hughes, Mary Hyde. Second Row: Barbara Johnson, Wanda Jordan, Robert Joynes, Connie Kennedy, Gloria Lawley, Katherine Muse, Jacguelyn Oates. Third Row: Frank Petty, Mary Alice Phillips, Pearl ShuUr, Fleming Thomas, Retty Thornhill. Virginia Wagnon. Alpha Beta Alpha LIBRARY SCIENCE Alpha Beta Alpha, the only national, coeducational undergraduate Library Science Fraternity, was founded at Northwestern State College on May 3, I 950. Alpha Chapter of this college, was granted its charter the same day. The fra- ternity claims as its own, members who are concerned with the purpose of pro- moting library development throughout the nation . . . and two national offi- cers: Fleming Thomas, National Treasurer, and Dr. Eugene Watson, National Exec- utive Secretary. OFFICERS ROBERT JOYNES President BESSIE MAE DAVIS Vice-President BARBARA JOHNSON Corresponding Secretary BETTY THORNHILL . . . Recording Secretary 212 BEST WISHES FROM HILLYARD Manufacturers of FLOOR TREATMENTS and MAINTENANCE MATERIALS and from your HILLYARD MAINTAINEER E. B. TERRAL District Manager Phone 742 3 15 Vernon Street RUSTON, LOUISIANA St. Joseph, Missouri Branches • Warehouses in Principal Cities THE NEW DRUG STORE In Business For Your Health ALVIN J. DeBLIEUX, Owner and Manager Natchitoches, Louisiana Phone 2386-2387 COMPLIMENTS OF R. J. JONES SONS I 30 Wheelock Avenue ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA C om v tim en td l P of EARLE C. PARKER, INC. Manufacturers of Uniforms S O HOUSTON 3, TEXAS CONGRATULATIONS FROM A FRIEND JOHN SEXTON CO. Manufacturing Wholesale Grocers P. O. Box 5448 DALLAS 2, TEXAS COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERT BREEDLOVE Distributor GULF REFINING CO. PRODUCTS Phone 2025 or 3745 Natchitoches WINBARG ' S " Dispensers of Fine Foods " Phone 2336 St. Denis Street GARRETT OFFICE SUPPLIES, INC. Commercial Stationers Office Outfitters 42 I Murray Street ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA WILLIAMS ' PHYSICIANS ' AND SURGEONS ' SUPPLIES P.O. Box 706 Shreveport, Louisiana Phone 4-1425 CONGRATULATIONS S. AND H. KAFFIE Incorporated PITTSBURGH PAINTS AND VARNISHES NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA Phone 2525 Front Street THE COLLEGE BOOKSTORE Carries a Complete Line of PRACTICAL DRAWING COMPANY SCHOOL OFFICE SUPPLIES P C REXALL DRUG BORDEN PRODUCTS " For Leadership, Look to the Leader ' A. R. McCLEARY Owner 204 Front Street Natchitoches JOBBERS Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco, School Supplies L H. JOHNSON WHOLESALE Phone 2812-21 14 NICHOLS DRY GOODS COMPANY Home of Quality Merchandise 5 I 2 Front Street Dial 2413 Leonard fit (a tioiiS, from A FRIEND NATCHITOCHES MOTOR CO., LTD. T. M. STROUD, Manager C. R. WHITEHEAD, President AUTHORIZED DEALER Since 1912 ALEXANDRIA OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. Office Supplies — Office Furniture Underwood Standard, Electric Portable Typewriters, Ditto Duplicators and Supplies Phone 6626 Alexandria, Louisiana BUTLER-HORTON COMPANY General Electric Appliances Phone 333 I 139 St. Denis Street Natchitoches, Louisiana MORGAN LINDSEY INC. 5c to $ 1 .00 The Stores of Courtesy COMPLIMENTS OF ZESTO Phone 2385 400 Second Street COMPLIMENTS OF WILSON BUICK COMPANY Highway 20, South Phone 3934 When Better Automobiles Are Built, Buiclc Wil Build Them CONGRATULATIONS FROM MICHAEL ' S MENS STORE HOTEL NAKATOSH The Students of Northwestern are Always Welcome We Make Special Rates for Parties NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA ALDREDGE JEWELERS KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS Elgin Hamilton Bulova Benrus Watches All Kinds of Jewelry and Watch Repairs HUGHES DRY GOODS CO Shop the Store for the Brands You Know NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA C- ont p tint en Is of CITY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OF NATCHITOCHES EXCHANGE BANK OF NATCHITOCHES PEOPLES BANK OF NATCHITOCHES Members: NATCHITOCHES PARISH CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION MEMBERS FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION V CONGRATULATIONS FROM REESE VARIETY STORES BEST WISHES TO ALL N.SO. GRADS KWCJ NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA COMPLIMENTS OF SIBLEY ' S STORE Across from the Women ' s G Y r Good Housekeeping Pantry Dial 2443 We Deliver ENJOY A PICTURE UNDER THE STARS CHIEF DRIVE-IN THEATRE QUALITY SHOE STORE " Brands You Know — Shoes You Love " 756 Front Street NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA COLONIAL FLOWER SHOPPE The Finest in Flowers 422 Second Street Phone 2796 NATCHITOCHES LUMBER YARD, INC ♦ Phone 2747 ♦ 812 Washington Street NACHITOCHES, LOUISIANA Setting the Date? . . . THEN IT ' S TIME TO MAKE ANOTHER — for our camera to cover the story of your wedding! GUILLET STUDIO OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND PRINTING THE NATCHITOCHES TIMES We Print Fraternity, Sorority and Social Stationery Phone 2727 MRS. E. P. CUNNINGHAM AND CHARLES CUNNINGHAM, Editors BECK MOTORS OLDS — CADILLAC Sales — Service A. G. BECK, Owner 1404 Washington Street Phone 3333 Meet Your Friends At Murphy ' s Restaurant Enjoy Parties in Our Private Dining Room Air-Conditioned KC STEAKS - FRIED CHICKEN HICKORY SMOKED BAR-B-CUE COBB CHEVROLET CO. Texas at Third Street Phone 2338 NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA NAKATOSH ESSO SERVICENTER Tire and Battery Service Open 24 Hours 3rd and Texas Phone 3806 NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA ENJOY NAKATOSH SPECIAL COFFEE Always Fresh — Always Good Roasted and Packed in Natchitoches By The NATCHITOCHES COFFEE AND SYRUP CO. NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA COMPLIMENTS OF HORTON GAHAGAN INSURANCE AGENCY Fire, Automobile - Casualty - Bonds W. E. BROCK, Manager NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA " Our Policy Is Your Protection ' Phone 2101-2(81 Kelly-Weber Co., Inc. WHOLESALE GROCERS PRODUCE, FEEDS Phone 2361 400 College Ave. Natchitoches, La. TODD ' S " A Friendly Place To Buy " NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA COURREGES SHOE STORE Smart Footwear for College Men and Women SHOES AND HOSIERY New Second Street Natchitoches THE SOUTHERN COTTON OIL COMPANY Manufacturers COTTON SEED PRODUCTS HIGH GRADE FERTILIZERS NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA Engravings by SHREVEPORT ENGRAVING CO., Shreveport, La. Designed, printed and bound by BENSON PRINTING CO., Nashville, Tenn.

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