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_ _ m mt m $ Y lo fe M. fr C. C ju ±« yi£( Zj2 Cr e ii icnoam in the year 295 tke sttufents of JjOitkucsiem State Gtttege Jlatcfiitecfies, Louisiana Sei sail in search of GOLD i WNK HUNGERBEELER • GERALD TILLE1 • WANNA BETH SANDERS • EDITOR - IN - CHIEF ASSOCIATE EDITOR IH SI NESS MANAGER sat 1 i ■ ,1 " ' 76ti i a Solly GooS Creur Saldino " tfuviujiv a £air Sea Islands of Hlystery , imA Relaxation «w cacft C?ae y i 1 Sr _ — lo Every Tori: C5L zr - att ' gr J S M B?£ : J .Andfttuitfy a Treasure of GOLD j C C " 2 ,.. fc? Y 7 4. — w S b z Veation In our treasure chest of memories, there is always one that is worth more than all the jewels in the world. The same applies to the friends and persons whom we have met in our College life. We especially remember . . . One who has devoted fifteen years of his life to the betterment of the " good ship NORTHWESTERN " . . . One whose ready wit and lively humor has endeared him in the hearts of every boy and girl on the campus . . . One who has made hundreds of friends among the students and I acuity because he is never too busy to lend a helping hand . . . One who is faithful and honest in his dealings with the people with whom he comes in contact . . . One who is known and respected by men in schools throughout the state . . . We proudly dedicate the 1954 Potpourri to " DOC " PAUL C. MARX 1 X Administration THE PRESIDENT MY VALEDICTORY As I endeavor to write this, mv valedictory message to the past and present students of Northwestern State Col- lege for the Potpourri of 1954. I am torn by many deep and varied emotions. I am once more made most poignant- ly aware of the emptiness of mere words and their utter inability to sound the depths of human emotions. As we look back ever the past forty years, we are im- pressed by the fact that they have been for us very good years indeed. It we have succeeded to some extent in point- in " out the lasting benefits of healthful living, if we have impressed upon the minds of a few students our rich politi- cal heritage and the duties and responsibilities of citizen- ship under our form of government, if we have given proper emphasis to the importance of high ideals and of moral and spiritual values, if we have displayed even in the heat of conflict that degree of true sportsmanship which we have ever urged our teams to display, if we have been able to win without boasting and lose without griping, if we have helped to fan into flame the dying spark of am- bition in the breast of some young man or woman. If we have helped to make it possible for deserving young men and women to secure an education who could not have done so without such help, if we have for the most part been kind, courteous and considerate, if when we have had to say " no. " we have done so with a smile, and if we have consistently in passing judgment, tempered justice with mercy, then the forty years have not been spent in vain. Au revoir. but not good bye. Sincere!) . 2J THE DEANS The Dean of Women and I lie Dean of Mm contribute a greal service to Northwestern State College. The are di- nt il responsible for tin- rare and general happiness " I tlie entire student body . Since her arrival cm the campus two years ago, Dean ol Women Kathleen Gillard has soughl to hrin " . about man) improvements for the women students of N . Iler un- tiring efforts I " improve the standards and make North- western a member of . .l . have won the respeel and admiration of all. Iler duties are not solel) to the academic phase of the women students ' life, hut she also serves as coordinator of their social program and advisor ol their studenl govern- ment. Dean ol Men Dudle (i. Fulton has given freeh of his abilit) and has given the office a reputation for fairness. friendliness, and a firm, genuine interest in the good ol the students. The Dean is in charge of the regulation of academic standards, and serves as an arbiter in certain infractions of men ' s rules. He also serves as Director of Student Re- lations. Our Protecton I I Hl.KK.N I. (.11.1 AKI) Detiii of mm i. ii Ol DLE1 G. I I I lo O 1111 ill Mi ii 21 DEANS OF SCHOOLS LEO T. ALI.BRITTEX School " I Education HILDA CLAIRE BURNHAM School f Nursing CLARENCE E. DCGDALE School of Arts and Sciences GEORGE T. WALKER School of Applied Arts and Sciences Life is not all work For purpose of administration of instruction, and in keeping with the offerings, the College is divided into four schools, each administered hy a Dean. The objective of the School of Education, headed by Dr. Leo T. Allbritten, is the professional training of teachers. Dr. George T. Walker is Dean of the School of Applied Arts and Sciences. The objective of the school is to prepare students for em- ployment in professional fields of business, nursing, industry, and agriculture. The School of Arts and Sciences prepares a student for entry into professional schools such as law, medicine, and ministry, and also for vocations in various fields. This school is administered by Dr. C. E. Dugdale. Dean. Hilda Claire Burnham is Dean of the School of Nursing which has as its objectives the promotion of health, disease prevention, rehabilitation and the care of the handicapped and ill. 22 ,ERO! S. Mil. I. Kit Vlumnj Secretarj kim ii. ii uriN Athletic Director ADMINISTRA TORS (II KI.I- l{( «.v Minimi Counselor II 1. E. TOW NSEND Director of Ken ' s Housing GBH l in TA1 LOB Purchasing; Agent 01 i it i;i w Registrar .1. 1 " . STB M ■!! N Business Manager 23 ORVIIXE IIAN(HKV (.1 V V. NESOM Art Health and Physical Education JOHN B. ROBSON NOBLE B. MORRISON ' Education Business DEPARTMENTS OF ART, BUSINESS, EDUCATION, HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUSINESS: First Row: Ruth Bruner. Robert Easley. Sam Leifeste. Allan T. Steele. George T. Walker. EDUCATION: Second Row. Leo T. Alll.ritten. Lucille Carnahan, Cecil C. Graham. John A. Jones. John R. Rogers. HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Third Row : II. A. Brown. Paul Marx. Melba 0. O ' Quinn, Charles Thomas. Harr Turpin. Not Pictured: ART: Grant Kenner. BUSINESS: Janell Rue. EDUCATION: A. B. Simpson. H. J. Sudbury. HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Florence Clap- man. Walter P. Ledet. Jean Maevs. John Piscopo, Eliza- beth Shaffer. 24 DEPART M E N 7 N O I II () M E E C WM C S . INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION, LANGUAGES A l L I li R A R ) S C I E C E W l I I K I ( I. l(l N( I I HI HI S. DINOKELMAN ROBINSON Dl ' GDALE himi Home Economics Industrial Education Languages Librarj Science HOME ECONOMICS: First Row: Marie Dunn. Frances Halm. Man K. Rolierson. Frances Watts. INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION: Ro G. Clark. Dwayne Gilbert. Roland Nagel. LANGUAGES: Second Row: G. Waldo Dunnington, Donald L. Graham. Richmond Hathorn. Mar McEniry, John Merrill, I vt Mouton, I orrine Saucier. Third Rom Mamie Bowman Tarlton, Edna est. LIBRARY SCIENCE: William C. Bennett, R. . Hoff- pauir. Irene Pope, J. Mitchell Reames. |i ,- Knhrrt-. « t Pictured: L WGl VGES: v arah L. C. Clapp, Elton B. Doering, Irma Stockwell. I. Mil! WA i I FACE: Dorothy Keyser, Hazel Shea. 25 DEPARTMENTS OF MATHEMATICS, MILITARY SCIENCE, NURSING AND SOCIAL SCIENCE C. G. Kll.l.KN OBLANDO GREENING HILDA C. HI RNHAM JOHN S. KYSKK Matli Military Science Nursing Social Science MATH: First Row: Elsie Church. Glyn J. Corley, G. Ed- win Miller. Sam W. Shelton. MILITARY SCIENCE: Capt. Horton Bransford, M. Sgt. Clyde Cannon, Capt. Douglas Carr. Second Row: M. Sgt. Richard E. Gregory. M. Sgt. Delbert Griffith, SFC. James McKenzie, M. Sgt. Francis Moore. SFC. Phillip Trout. NURSING: Ruby Bohlman. Louise Canafax. Third Row: Louise Lang. SOCIAL SCIENCE: Dick Payne, Yvonne Phillips, Fred Rosentreter. George Stokes, D. T. Tarlton. Catherine Winters. Not Pictured : NURSING: Jimmye Stephenson. SOCIAL SCIENCE: LeRoi Eversull. 26 WILLIAM (.. i:U UN SHEKKOD TOWNS SYLVAK X ll.l l Bloloff] Music Iffriculture . (.. I (II UNIT Physical Science DEPARTMENTS OF II 1 O L G Y , M U S I C . AGRICULTURE AND PHYSICAL SCIENCE BIOLOGY: First Row: Ralph W. Combs, Gordon Fair- child. Margaret Gilbert. Roderick Outland, James E. Sub- lette. MUSIC: Kleanor Brown. Second Row: Joseph Carlucci, Dwighl Davis, Sara Guitar, Lilian McCook, PaulTorerim- -n.l. AGRICULTURE: Hal Townsend. Third Row: Ham-... .1. " oung. PHYSICAL SCIENCE: Bert Boyd, . K. Deason, Ufred L. Ducournau, Quentin I.. M rrU. Not Pictured: Ml SIC: Ma Beville, Lorane Brittain, Donald G. Glattl) PHYSICAL SCIENCE: Man Crosby. 27 g f7 « b 9 1 -J5d M i 1 1 ' f ■i ' HHH Ki% it If I | — f ■ % ■ t ' - ' • " .-, . 1 W JG e MM HI , ri i orrjr jTr xrynranr I " fluraww- %n ■■■■■■ ■■■i _A ctivities MS RONALD QIUNN President BEN SINULKTARY Vice-President ItARKARA EDWARDS Coed Yiee-President THE STUDENT COUNCIL What ' in the corner, Wanna Beth? Working closely with the Student Body, the Senate, and the Faculty, this year ' s Student Council fostered not only good will and cooperation between the various campus groups and organizations, but played an integral role in promoting and achieving the overwhelming rise in school spirit. Planned by the Council were pep rallies, assemblies, elections, and numerous other programs, which supplied opportunities for the students to express them- selves and to acquaint themselves with the college itself. The Council played host to Louisiana Tech at the Shreveport State Fair, worked jointly with Louisiana College to stage the Cen-La Fair festivities, and played an important part in producing an effective Student Federation of Louisiana Colleges and Universities. In Conjunction with the Senate, the Council built a float for the Christmas pa- rade and worked to revise the Cut Sytem. It isn ' t that had. 30 MEMBERS imi i Hotho President of Senioi Class I , K Sharp President o) Junioi Class I I i;ic Moori President of Sophomore (lass Uinn-i Smith President i Freshman Class l() V GREl Mill. IK Secretary nil ll •» win l(- Treii-uri-r ieated: Sanders, Slngletary, Qnini), Edwards, Miller. Standing: ' Niiiith, Moore, lniri , Hotln 31 THE STUDENT SENATE The Student Senate, the legislative branch of student government at Northwestern, continued its growth in prestige during its sixth year of existence on the campus. Though its primary function is legislative, the senate per- formed many other services to the NSC Student body. The senate continued its sponsorship of the student film program, which brings educational and entertaining films to the campus. The editing of the student handbook was again done by the senate as another service outside its legislative duties. The handbook is published by the col- lege as a quarterly and is issued to the incoming student. In an attempt to show the student body that the legis- lative branch of student government can play an important role in campus life, the senate undertook an aggressive policy in performing services to the students, in making studies of campus situations, and in taking stands upon issues. The senate was fortunate to have Mr. Leroi Eversull of the social studies department both as sponsor of the senate and of the film program. His assistance and advice proved indispensable to the proper functioning of the senate. The senate was also fortunate in having members who were willing to work unselfishly in the interest of the stu- dent body and Northwestern State College. Everv one is interested in the (lut Svstei Women in polities 32 (IM)l HODGE Secretary M i: i B i: h s ( !i i Broi k 1 ) IN I ' l MM !• Vi Johnson (.1 RALD MlloW N I ' l; VNCES G ni I Carl Kich i I ' l (.(. Callia l u CATHERINI 1 ,nl.hi Si nil Loomis Vgnes Cantrelli ll NN 11 1 . t - JOHNNl l l.l.N 1 linn Cari lit ClND HoDGl Genii Shaw M MUolfll ( ! |{ 1 1 R l III M.l RBI mi; .11! Mil Til II 1 Hazel I) is |l lilCl 1 l l - VERNIS W RICH l Seated Irii io right: .ImIim-.hi. Hnngerbeeler, Hodge, Flnley, It. Carter, Gordy, and Loomis. Standing lefl n right: l a is. Shaw, Cnntrelle, Kigrht, Wrisjht, ll ' s, Tiilriiv lint ins. M. ( nrliw, ollia, and Garcia. A H A n HONOR COURT sealed left to right: Dennis Rider, Dudley Downing, Charles Holloway, Velum Reeves. Standing left to right: Jackson lieelie, Bobbj Earnest, Jerrj Reddell, and Bob ThIuiii. CHARLES HOI, LOW V Chief Justice Composed of seven justices nominated by the Dormitory Councils, selected by the Honor Court, and approved by the Advisory Board, the Student Honor Court serves as the disciplinary body of stu- dent government. The Honor Court has the delegated power to act in the event of violation or infraction of the rules which govern the conduct of men stu- dents on the campus. With the purposes of building higher standards of conduct and citizenship on the campus among the men students and to equitably administer justice through a student sponsored tri- bunal of men, the court, in itself, serves as a definite step forward in the trend to a more responsible stu- dent government. 34 i in i.w.s. i i.( i rivE 01 mil ,eft to right : iirit-r, Dean Glliard, Johnson, King, ElUott, TJ pson, George, and Evans, EDD1 GENE ELLIOTT President Top: THE JUDICIAL UO.MU) Left l " right : Wilkinson, Powell, George, Rnmsej and King:. It.. (ton.: DORMITORY REPRESENTATIVES AND SOPHOMORE COUNSELORS .eft to right: Slack, Hurst, Gothard, Ramsey, Stroops, Kim- brell, Bftrmore, Rodge, Roach, Johnson, and Griffin ASSOCIATED WOMEN ' S COUNCIL The Associated Women Students Council was organized in 1947 and is a member of the Intercollegiate ssoeiation of Women Student-. Through the years it has worked to promote, in cooperation with the Dean o| Women, the in- tellectual, social and spiritual welfare ol women students, to develop self-responsibility, and a pirit of cooperation and friendship; and to uphold high social and academii standards among women students. The Association i- guided by the Executive Council and the Judicial Board acts in the event of violation of rules governing women stu- dents. Membership is automatic upon enrollment in the college. Help is given the freshmen women students through the Big Sister program and the work of Sopho- more Counselors. The " " . .S. Backwards Dame. " Christ- mas at Home and Spring Convocation (al which awards are given i highlight the ear ' s activities. MISS CATHERINE WINTERS The Purple Jacket Club which was founded by President V. L. Roy in 1927. is the oldest honor club to be organized on the campus. The group has been guided these many years by the capable hands of Miss Catherine Winters. It has as its purpose to serve the college and student body as their official representatives. The members act as assistant hostesses on college occasions. They assist, upon request, in carrying out any program of the faculty or administra- tive staff. They work together to further development of character and leadership. The Purple Jacket Club honors women students who have demonstrated good scholarship, good character and a desire to cooperate with all units of the college in unselfish service. Highlighting this year ' s Purple Jacket activities were the Purple Jacket Homecom- ing, annual Purple Jacket Review, and the Spring Trip. PURPLE JACKETS MEMBERS Betty Sue Boydstun Faye Del Johnson Dorothy Cox Francis McLain Bohbye Curtis Mickey Morrow Hazel Davis Bea Rumsey Eddy Gene Elliott Wanna Beth Sanders Vera Graham Gladys Shaw Polly Hays Millie Stephens Anne Hungerheeler Patsy Winkler Now Eddy, He ' s a nice man. Such formality. First row: Left to right, Hungerheeler, Winkler, Sander . Davis. Second row: Hays, Morrow, Graham, Ramsey. Third row: Elliott. Shaw. Johnson. Boydstun. Fourth row : Cox. MeLain. Curtis, Stephens. 37 THE CURRENT SA UCE JOHN Sl ' ATAKO, Business Manager ami DON FINLEY, Editor. .eft to right: Thomas, (ieorge, (iore, Conlan, Brown, MeBride, M. Smith, Torraras, Gibson, ' I ' hornliill, Spalaro. li. Smith, Fleming ' , .letters, Maker, linle.i, and Griffin. STAFF DON FINLEY Editor FRANCIS GRIFFIN Associate Editor JOHN SPATARO Business Manager BILLY BAKER Sports Editor J F.RRY BYRD Ass ' t. Sports Editor PATSY WINKLER Society Editot HESTER BROWN Feature Editor JANIS MEYER irt Editor BETTY THORNHILL Circulation Manager BETH SMITH Circulation Managei J. C. MERRILL Faculty Advisor (.1 ENDA CORE CAROLYN AVERY MARILYN GIBSON REPORTERS NANCY CONLAN LYNN KENNEDY AVON McBRIDE MERLE THOM VS ANNE TORRANS n RON Fl EMING LUDELL JEFFERS JAMES KING MERRU I. SMITH 38 Advice to Assoc. Editor from two exports. Sport liter- ? ? ? 1 he Current Sauce, under the editorship of Don Finley, strove to fulfill its obligations to the students through both its news columns and it editorial page, and to presenl each week an attractive and interesting paper. By giving a complete coverage of campus news and l taking definite stands upon controversial issues, the Current Sauce published a weekly newspaper which the stu- dents looked forward to reading. Their interest was manifested in the main letters-to- the-editor that were received throughout the vear. The Current Sauce boasted of a competent and hard-working staff. Special mention should be made of Business Manager John Spataro and Sports Editor Billy Baker, who. along with the editor, formed the backbone of the Sauce. Thanks go also to Faculty Ad- visor John Merrill, whose assistance and advice was invaluable. The staff feels that it finished the year with a job well done in presenting the student body with a Current Sauce of which Northwestern could be proud. How did M ron manage this? Thev mail them mil everj week. Thev did the Class Section. Can I say something THE 1954 POTPOURRI This the 1954 Potpourri, is a tribute to the guiding hand of whatever fates protect the weak and the inconsistent. For without them, the people who are responsible for this concoction of pictures, lay-outs. copy, blood, sweat and tears would have never suc- ceeded. The year began way back last June when the " Big Three " ' treked Nashville-ward to put on the layout paper of the Benson Printing Company their plans for the 54 Pot- pourri. Little did we realize then what faced us in the months to come. Classes cut, sleep and friends lost forever, the innumerable decisions to make, the grades in a spin, the beauties to be judged on television, the Potpourri BALL to be given — these were the forces we faced. But on our side was the hope that this Potpourri of 1954 would please every one in one way or another. If it doesn ' t, blame it on Anne Hungerbeeler, who held the reins and cracked the whip: Wanna Beth Sanders, who tried to make ends meet; Gerald Tilleux. the Assistant Editor: and Billv Baker, who called himself the Student Advisor. Our thanks go to Mr. John C. Merrill. Faculty Advisor, for his wonderful cooperation. ' Her Highness. Tell me when you ' re ready. Everything ' s " rosy " with us. STAFF K HUNGERBEELER Editor-in-Chief GERALD TILLEl ' X 4ssociate Editoi NN I ' .l II! SANDERS Business Manager N ETTE COOK Class Editor NN WOOD Class Editor HAZEL DAVIS Feature Editoi BARBAR CHE EK Snapshot Ed, to, PATS! WINK] ER Greek Editor J( »HN SPATARO Sports Editor RICHARD SMITH Organizations Editor I N| MEYER I,, Edit i MR. JOHN ( . MERRI] I Faculty tdvi , STAFF MFMHFKS MAR MILES BYRNE ELOISK (ONI I A SHIRI FY DEAN till I 1 DERRN K JOAN K NS II NITA KOI.SK POM FRARY ELA INE HARDEI (.1 olil HODCK.S FRANCES McLAIN I LOIS! MORTON loi [SI PONS I I l REEVES i lt(. i;i:i robin RICH kh SMI1 ii bi i n jo ni.i.K.i VNNl rORRANS A] DONALD ULATTIA ' Director THE CHOIR " The College Singers " continue to live up to the superb performance standards established by their predecessors. One of the most remarkable accomplishments of this group is their continued superiority when the personnel changes each year. They always achieve a group unity, a personal pride in performance and an infectious enthus- iasm which completely captivates their listeners. They have become, for all practical purposes, an adopted child of the Elks. Last summer they sang at the National Convention of Elks in St. Louis where they gave fifteen performances in five days. We congratulate " the Singers " and their zealous director. " Mr. G. " for the splendid rep- resentation they have given our school throughout the nation. The traditional performance of Handel ' s " The Messiah " was again a welcome expression of the true spirit of Christ- mas in a land of firecrackers. The chorus of 160 was made up of the College chorus, and the College Singers, aug- mented by singers from the local community and neigh- boring towns. MEMBERS Carolyn Adams John Batten Frances Breedlove Ray Burnham Max Burns Peggy Callia Sam Callia Cerald Carter Jane Clayborn Ethyln Cloutier Jerry Crump S. W. Dickerson John Diane Shirley Drane Ted Duggan Barbara Edwards Anne Fitzpatrick Carolyn Foshee Johnnye Foshee Irma Freeland Donald Fuller Darwenia German La Nell Goss Jimmye Hatcher Louella Jennings An nice Jones Paul Joynes Jimmie Boh kc Lyria Lawrence Dorothj McFarland Virgie McGuffee Glenda Martin Wilbert Mason Emogene Monks W. E. Noonan Marjorie Norsworthy John Nugent Jerry Payne Pat Payne Alice Phelps Billy Plumb Katherine Prudhomme Mayo Prudhomme Vivian Prudhomme Tom Ragland Shirley Roberts Jack Sharp Danny Shehee Sophie Snell Eddie Spurgeon Dorothy Stafford Jody Tarver Dolores Taylor Ray Teal Harles Thompson Loyce Todd .1. Cloyd Walker Weldon Walker Jimmye Wall S. J. Westbrook Sara ounger ■■■MMHHa The College Singers THE BAND OF NORTHWESTERN DUK.Ili DAMS The Old Grind. Salute lo Tech at State Fair. tint HflHt 1 1 i t t H!H?ft$ - it- ■!■ V irtitf Vii ■ ' • -Mfc- « -«ife- - -- n- Besides offering pood musical entertainment lor specta- tors at football games, the band, under their able director. 1) wight Davis, added colorful zest and pep to the spirit of N.S.C. fans. Off the campus the Northwestern State Band has repre- sented the college at the annual State Fair and Cen-La festivities. Their performance in parades and balftime ceremonies of football games in conjunction with the Demonettes proved complimentan to the college and mu- sic department. Vt the end of the football season tbe inarching band converts and becomes tbe concert band. Their spring con- cert in the Fine it- Auditorium and their open air con- certs of summer days are trul musical highlights of tbe year. M E M B E K S Carroll Adkins. Janice Andress. Ann Vxledge, Jackson Beebe. George Beltz. Gerald Brown, Vlberl Burnham, Max Burn-. Vaughnceil Calhoun. Vubrej Capelan, Geraldine Carroll. Gerald Carter, Raj Chelette, Rose Nell Creel, Charles Crump, Mania Dauzat. S. . Diekerson. John Drane, Robert Dur- ham. Robert Dwyer, Peggj Enloe, Rose Marie Fertitta, Harold Ford. Johnny Jo Foshee. Irma Freeland, Marilyn Gibson, Elaine Hardy. Curtis Hoglan, Wesle) Jackson, Louella Jen- nings, Jean Jensen. Francyse Jowers. Nancy Kin-. Nan. ■ I. vies. illicit Mason, I.arn Marshman, Byron McCain. Sid- ney .a McCall, Virgie McGuffee, Jo Vnne McNeill, Jack Meares, Dmi Minniear, Mar) Mitchell, George Morgan, Ray- mond Nails. . E. N lan. Jerr I ' awie. Owen I ' liillip-. Wil- liam Plumb, Tom Ragland. Richard l!a . Herschel Ru.— ell. Danny Shehee, Muffel Shehee, Anita Sigler, Mar) Shambur- ger, Sophie Snell, Barbara Stephenson, Mar) Mom-. Man er wy eh. J. ( " loyd alker, Steve Westbrook. Gordon Young. Jnsl lik - the birds. Let ' s trj iliai one ;u ME MBERS FIRST VIOLINS CELLOS Sara Guitar Marjorie Norsworthy : M.i Beville Join, Miller Julia Pace William Noonan Margaret Steele Gordon Young Sue Nagel Beverly Morgan STRING BASS SECOND VIOLINS Owen Phillips ( lurtis Hoglan Mania Dauzat Annette Palmer Jackie Meares FLUTE Ann Arledge Wesley Jaeksun Linda Corley Margarel Gilbert CLARINET VIOLAS Torn Minniear Louella Jennings Barbara Robson Albert Burnham Paul Torgrimson Jerry Payne BASSOON Rny Graham Jackson Beehe FRENCH HORN Thomas Ragland Larry Marshman TRUMPET Ray Burnliam TROMBONE Max Burns Charles ( irump PERCUSSION Danny Shehee Mary Ann Walton faculty members townspeople The Northwestern State Symphony under the direction of Jo seph Carlucci presented two concerts for the school children of Natchitoches and surrounding towns, one in the fall and one in the spring. The orchestra composed of students, faculty members, and townspeople has proven to be one of the finest music organizations of its kind in the state. This year the orchestra combined forces with the modern dance class in presenting a concert and dance recital. It also participated in the June commencement exercises. Rhapsody in Blue??? Watch Carlucci. THE S Y M P H O N Y JOSEPH CARLUCC1 I M||, |l|. |, M Just follow directions. Look, no wings ! - DVCATIONAL )RCHE TRA -■■■■■■■ ' j ALdVM- " ' CURTIS HOGLAN Director THE The Demonaires Dance Band, under the outstanding leadership of Curtis Hoglan, swung into action this year playing for all-college sorority, fraterni- ty, and numerous engagements throughout the state. On tour with the Gym Team the band played eleven performances in Haynesville, Springhill. ( " amp Polk, Alexandria, Ville Platte, Zwolle. DeRidder, Lake Charles, and the Annual Home Show at Northwestern. PERSONNEL Saxophones: Tom Minniear. Fred Packard. Wesley Jackson. S. W. Dickerson. Jerry Payne. Trombones: Ben Singletary, Max Burns. Jerry Crump. Trumpets: Curtis Hoglan. Gerald Carter. Gordon Young. Jack Shook. Rhythm Section: David McClung. Owen Phillips, Dean Clark. THE DEMONAIRES At piano Dean Clark; Lett tn right: Owen Phillips, Curtis Hoglan, Dave McClungf, Jerry Payne, Tom Minniear, S. V. Dickerson, Fred Packard, and Wesley Jackson. Second row, left to rigrlit : Gordon Young ' , Jack Shook, Gerald Carter, Jerry Crump, Max Burns, Ben Singletary. 1 i f zz D E M O N A IRES The informal atmosphere created b) the Demonaires al the (lance- on the campus is one ol the main reasons for the band ' s popularity. This year - (lance music consisted of Latin- Vmerican Favorites, Cur- rent Popular llii . ami the ever popular " Jump-Tunes. " This year ' s band was certianl) one of the fines! the school has ever known, and we feel that onh one word describes this band to the full- est ... " C-R-A-Z-Y " ! N. S. C. DEBATE Late last spring, three members of the Northwestern Debate Squad traveled to Kala- mazoo. Michigan for the National Convention of Pi Kappa Delta, which is the honorary forensic society. Pat Hankins and Anne Torrans copped a Superior rating in debate, Anne Torrans received an excellent in extemporaneous speaking, and Vera Graham was rated excellent in discussion and good in oratory. The girls received a team rating of Superior, and won Sweepstakes, in competition with 130 colleges from all over the country. The entire squad attended the tournaments, this year, at Ruston. Louisiana, Ada and Durant. Oklahoma, and Fayetteville, Arkansas. At the first tournament of the year, in Ruston, Anne Torrans received a first place in extemp. Vera Graham a first in Poetry Reading and a first in Radio. Torrans and Graham were rated Superior in debate, and Doyle Carter and Phil Wilcox, freshmen debators received a Good in Debate. At Ada first and second places were won by Dave Lawson, Phil Wilcox. Merrill Smith and Vera Graham. In debate, Graham and Torrans received a Superior rating. The var- sity girls were awarded Senior Women ' s Sweepstakes, aided by Mazie Dranguet, who reached the finals in several events. The debators, in addition to attending tournaments, have taken part in sponsoring the two annual meets held on our own campus, and the debate clinic, held early in the fall. At the time the book went to press, the squad was planning to attend several more tournaments, including those in Naccogdoches, Texas, Arkadelphia, Arkansas, and the Pi Kappa Delta Regional to be held in Lafayette, Louisiana. l«ft to right: Richard Smith, Merrill Smith. Anne Torrans, Cluck Graham, I ' hil Wilcox, Mazie DraiiKiiet Mary Wallace, Mr. Donald G raham. Ruby Nell Gordy. National ri Kappa i itn champs, Anne Torrans, Chick ;rn- hitni, I ' m llunkins. M EMBERS Betty Be vsi 11 Gerald Brown II i - 1 1 u Brow n Dm u: Carter M n Dr m.i ii Norm n Fleti hi r Ri m i i.i. Gordy Chk k (.r ii m I ' m HaNKINS l) i Lawsois Don Lyons A on McBride Pat Payni Sherry Ri ssell Merrill Smith Richard Smith Di Ni a. Taylor V.nne Torrans M l 1 V M.I U I I ' iiii. Wiii ox «■■{ IHAM ( oach Friends, Romans, and Countrymen Must be a good joke. High School Debate winners Gershwin Concert Orchestra. The Northwestern Artist Series committee in conjunction with the Natchitoches Concert Association has succeeded in bringing to the campus a varied and entertaining program of well known artists. In selecting the program for the year, the committee seeks to arrange a balanced and varied pro- gram which will have wide appeal and interest among the students, faculty, and townspeople. Through the Artist Se- ries program students are given the opportunity to see and hear well known artists, thus supplementing their college experience culturally. This year the Artist Series included such well-known artists as the Piano Playhouse, Gershwin ' s Concert Orches- tra, Agnes Moorehead, and the Modern Dance group of T. S. C. W. ARTIST SERIES Agnes Muorchcud. The Piano Playhouse. Gershwin Concert Orchestra. , T ± T, ' 0 w 1 " He robbed from the rieh . . to give lo the poor " DRAMATICS KVE MOl TON The Northwestern State College drama group, under the direction of Dr. Edna West, has furnished N.S.C. students and faculty and Natchitochians with one of the most outstanding seasons in the history of the college theater. Beginning the year with " Blithe Spirit " and closing with " Moor Born, " the college theater presented every side of life from the aristo- crats of England to the wild west of a Jesse James thriller, " Missouri Legend. " The mystery of the supernatural and the gunslinging days of old all had their place on the N.S.C. stage. Dr. Edna West, since taking over as director of the N.S.C. theater, has produced such established stars as Jack Sharp, Chick Graham, Pat Hankins. Gerald Tilleux and many others. Outstanding newcomers to the college theater were Hester Brown. Don Lyons. Faye Book, and many others. The guest star of the year was Miss Eve Mouton. whose sterling performance as Madam Arcoti in " Blithe Spirit ' won her the acclaim of Northwestern theater goers. Itut ilu dirt} Inn, coward that -l,..i Mr. Howard ' laid poor JeSSC ill lii- i.m The I! lulu - Spirit i» repealed. Jack Sharp . . . NS ! ' » Vctor of the Year. The morning after the seance 55 DEM ON ETTE S SS A ft i MKMISKI{ Catherine Basc i, Bettj Beasley, ISett.i Brown, Bessie ., Bobbye Hale, Winnie Itulli Hutson, Peggy Kerr, Betty . Audrieiine Thibodeaux, June Wagner, Phyllis Walton. Billie Win-tead. Burkett, Joyce Coker, Naric.i Conlan, GaJe Duchajnp, Jacqueline Freeman, Gle ;ty McCartney, Floj MacUin, Beverly Morgan, Bettj Napier, Marieelia 1 . pper, Mer 1II1V .lllllf li--nt I I ' ll I I — U iIIiiii I ' . i I I ■ i U iri.1i ill n, (ileiula Gore, rrill Smith, THE NKW LOOK shown bj McCartney, Walton, anil Durham " . Vif OFFICERS BETTY Mc( :. KTN KY Lieutenant GAYLE DUCHAMP Lieutenant I ' ll Yl. ITS WALTON Captain The Demonettes were re-organized and streamlined with new uni- forms and routines this year. The objective was to give more spice to half-time performances and to perform at programs and assemblies. Another year should find this organization more in the headlines in Louisiana and we know it will be a credit to Northwestern State Col- lege. Much credit goes to their capable director. Phvllis Walton lor the outstanding progress made b) (his group. 56 R. O. 7. C. IIk- lolor Guard. First r«.«. left In ri«lil: Cadet l.t. Col. Sammj Booras, Cadet Col. Charles Hollo- way, Cadet l.l. Col. Jerrj 1 1« — .. Cadet Major Vincent Hotlio. Second row: Cadet Capt. Norman Stott, Cadet l.t. Col. Joseph Barkate, Cadet Major John Thornhill, (add Capt. Bobbj Earnest. Third row : Cadet l.l. Col. Robert Justiss, (add Capt. Ronald Qninn. Realizing the need for college trained officers in the Tinted States Armed Forces, the govern- ment established a Reserve Officers Training Corps unit of the I nited State nti- Urcraft on the Northwestern State College campus in 1950. Having a meager beginning oi only two bat- teries, the corps is now composed of a regiment containing two battalions of four batteries each. Under the guidance and leadership of Lt. Col. Orlando Greening and his capable staff of in- structors, the corps has seen a very prosperous year. Front row, Hack row INSTR1 ( TORS left to riuln: Greening:, Bransford. Cannon, ■ ri ttit l . Moon-. Gregory, Trout. McKinsejr. 57 BATTERY A Battery A of the Northwestern State College Reserve Officers Training Corps, under the capable leadership of Cadet Capt. Mayo K. Prudhomme, made great strides toward living up to the traditions of Battery A. A fine staff of hard working officers and non-commissioned officers plus high grade cadets were a big reason for the success of A battery during the school year 1953-54. Other officers were Cadet 1st. Lt. James G. McMurry, Cadet 2nd. Lt. Herbert L. Law. and Cadet 2nd. Lt. Bill W. Shaw. NCO ' s were: Cadet M Sgt. Dan Carr, Cadet M Sgt. Robert L. Miller and Cadet M Sgt. Jerry Reddell. MEMBERS Alvin Antley Raymond Bates Jack Bice Robert Briley Dan Carr Raymond Champagne Guy Cheek Leslie Daigle James Davis Ted Duggan John Evans Donald Gill Allison Goldshy Herbert Law R. A. Lee ( reorge Lovett Van McGraw James McMurry Robert Miller Elmer Moreau Robert Orban William Protho Mayo Prudhomme Hugh Purser Jerry Reddell Robert Rodrigue Bill Shaw Ted Simon Jack Simpson James Stoker John Taylor Gordon Zabasky «--- ft t 1 i t 1 - - ■ m f MEMBERS Larry Bailes John Ratten Lonnie Bennett Ronald Ronial Dossie Rruce John Clemons Rill Collinsworth Larry Crocker Clifford Dene) Roy Fair Billy Hartt Wayne Hennigan illiam Hickman T nes Hildebrand Russell Isaachs Sam Lee David McDonald Eugene Mallet John Miller Howard Monk Harry Moore Gerald Noto Owen Phillips Charles Presley Roland Smith Joel Speights a iiKin Tarter Tiu i ickers Henry W alton ernis W right Tn arboroueh Batten B of the Resen e Officers Training Corps of Northwestern State College formed for the ear L953-54 at drill period on September 24. 1953 with Cadet Capt. John Batten a- Batter} Commander. During this ear " s period. Batter] B has participated in all functions at which the R.O.T.C. was represented. Batten officers were Cadet 1st. Lt. Owen Phil- lips. Cadet 2nd. Lt. BilK Hartt. and Cadet 2nd. Lt. Wayne Hennigan. NCO ' s were Cadet M Sgt. T nes Hildebrand. Cadet M Sgt. Vernis Wright, and Cadet M Set. Bill Collinsworth. BATTERY B I made it! " ROTC BULLETS BOARD • .f fit I ' .I ' -I-I «. «• •s? " • , ■ ■ H HHHHHHi HHRHI c Let ' s play soldier. James Bailey Mervyn Baldwin Benjamin Brewton Clay Brock Bobbie Bass Rupert Carter Will Cates Leonard Collier Carroll Converse Francis DeRouen James Emmons Jerry Epperson Donald Finley W. D. Coodeaux (iale Hearn James Hoeting Aubrey King MEMBERS Bobby Landers Ernie Ledet Waple Lilley Raymond Lockwood Jack McCain. Jr. Ceorge McLanahan Koger Moore Robert Nash Billy Osborn Ralph Pacheco Arthur Steward Howard Stroud Fleming Thomas James Thomas Ben Vercher Donald Vigee Donald Wineman Joe Withers Cadet Capt. Donald Wineman. officers, and cadets of Batten C of the Northwestern State College Reserve Officers Training Corps are proud to have been associated with one another and with the NSC Reserve Officers Training Corps in a common effort of training today to keep our country safe for tomorrow. Battery officers were: Cadet Capt. Donald Wineman. Cadet 1st. Lt. Donald Finley. Cadet 2nd. Lt. Benjamin Brew- ton. Cadet 2nd. Lt. James Emmons. Non-commissioned officers were: Cadet M Sgt. Gale Hearn. Cadet M Sgt. James Bailey, and Cadet M Sgt. Bobbie Bass. I nd. t the capable leadership of Cadet Lst. I.i. Walter C, Hughes, the Headquarters Batter) of the Northwestern College Reserve Officers Train- ing Corps lias been one " I exceptionall) high quality. I lie Batter) is the corps ' official drill team and represents the college as well as the corps in special performances during the year. Non-Commissioned officers For Headquarters Batter) were: Cadet M Sgt. illiam Bryant, Cadet M Sgt. Joseph Kelley, Cadel M Sgt. Jimmie Kinnison, Cadel Sgt. Delano Brister. Cadet Sgt. Thomas Rogers, and Cadet Sgt. Gerald Tilleux. M EMBERS Glyn Avant Joseph Kelley Bennie Barron Jimmie Kinnison ( sborn Blake illiam I ,ong Delano Blister George McConatliy Lester Brosset Robert Martin William Bin ant Walter Pine Roy Conlay Charles Roge DeW itt Duncan Thomas Rogers A. J. Ensminger Charles Sharbono Donald Evans Vlhert Stone Edwin Freeman Gerald Tilleux Salter Hughe- James Walker l.arr lie- Kelsey Walker Charles Johnson Charles Weaver W ill. ma) I " second. m ;r LT Wa HEAD- QUARTERS BATTERY The great white hunters BATTERY E Battery E of the Northwestern State College Reserve Officers Training Corps is one of the four new batteries formed during the 1953-54 school year. Under the capable leadership of Cadet Capt. Edward Jordan. Bat- tery E well established itself in the corps and set a high standard for batteries to follow in future years. Other E Batter) officers were: Cadet 1st. Lt. Ray Boswell. Cadet 2nd. Lt. Gerald Moss, and Cadet 2nd. Lt. Rob- ert Norris. Non-commissioned officers were: Cadet M Sgt. Murray Walker. Cadet M Sgt. Buck Russell, and Cadet SFC David Tyler. Mixon Bankston Lonnie Bates John Berquist Ray Boswell Richard Brown Dan Chase Venton Cob urn Joe Cornetl Tommy Crews Alvin DeBlieux Wayne Dew Donald Fuller Gus Greene Ken Hanchey Earl Haynes Edward Jordan MEMBERS Karl Kammer, Jr. Jerry Lavespere lacy Lofton Billy Mclnnis James McNew John McTyre J. D. Montgomery Gerald Moss Robert Norris John Pickering Buck Russell Richard Smith David Tyler Murray Walker Lawrence Whitt Kenneth Woodle Harold Wright fe P ' . IflMI ' l f 9 W • • f If- I I i m k m it i: i; s Bobby Alost Helton Brady .1. D. Brown Gerald Carter Kill Cates Paul Culpepper James Epperson .1. Hugh Faircloth Kudolpli Fanta rhomas ( George Jennings Hanchey Jerry Henderson W illiam James Hunter Jenkins Barrj Johnson Hubert Kinchen Lloyd Knotts Floyd McBride Richard McBride Tom McCaig Charles Mclnnis ilburn Miller Hubert Patrick Carmine Piscopo Gene Porter James Rider Owen Sanders Jack Sharp Robert Shivor Kenneth Simmons Rilej Wallingsford .1. W. Wilkerson ( .ei all V OUng Cadet Capt. Gerald F. Carter ami hi- line stall of officers and men have worked hard during the past year in an efforl t " make Batter F -land out among the batteries " l the Northwestern State College Reserve Of- eers Training Corps. The batter) has been one of the outstanding or- ganizations on the campus. Other officers were: Cadet 1st. Lt. Jennings Hanchey, Cadet 2nd. Lt. Cerald G. Young, and Cadet 2nd. Lt. Hunter Jenkins. Non-commissioned officers were: Cadet M Sgt. Delton Brads. Cadet M Sgt. James Rider, and Cadet SFC Jack Sharp. BATTERY F Damn drill an «a ! J V f;,f- ' it k " ™ ! 9% MEMBERS BA TTER Y G Who lot ih« ' vardbird in??? . s ipp; s ■- Thomas Blankenship John Burns Gerald Buxton Nick Cicardo E. R. Culverhouse James Enloe Milton Fitzgerald Ray Gammill Jimmy Gay Alan Langridge William Lee John Maricelli Guy Maxey Jadwin Mayeux Hugh Mercer Max Mercer Don Millet) Bobby Miller Charles Morgan Charles Morrow Nick Panos George Perkins Max Peters Arthur Reed Ben Singletary Ray Tinim Pat Todd John Wheat Charles Whitaker William Wood Maston Wright Robert Younger Willi Cadet Capt. Hugh Mercer at the helm. Battery G of the North- western State College Reserve Officers Training Corps has been one of the most prominent batteries in the corps. The group has been in the running for best battery of the week right down to the wire almost every drill period. Other officers were: Cadet 1st. Lt. Gerald Buxton. Cadet 2nd. Lt. Pat Todd, and Cadet 2nd. Lt. John Maricelli. Non-commissioned offi- cers were: Cadet M Sgt. Alan Langridge. Cadet M Sgt. George Perkins, and Cadet M Sgt. Robert Younger. j Batter) II of the Northwestern State College Reserve Officers Training Corps during ilie 1953-54 school year has proven i " the school as well a to the il l that todaj s ROTC programs are trulj the molding ol our nations leadership l r the years to come. Batter) II officers were: Cadet Capt. .hunt ' s McCain. Cadet 1st. I.i. Ronald Byrd, Cadet 2nd. I.i. George Bailey, and Cadet 2nd Lt. Bobb) Dwyer. Non-commissioned officers were : Cadet M Sgt. George Davis, Cadet M Sgt. John Hicks, and Cadet l Sgt. ( rale Robinson. M EMBERS George Bailey Bill) Benefield Preston Blanchard Ronald Byrd rence Carnahan Jerry Crocker Linden Claybrook ( George Da is Billy Derrick Bobb) Dwyer Jerry Graham Glynn Haynes John Hicks James King James McCain Don McCaughej Bobb) McDonald Glen McDonald Frederick Marline Sterling Minturn Hill Moore JefTerxin Kee l Gale Robinson S. T. Self- Jon Larry Starr Hilly Steele George Sin mi I Robert Sylvest Roy Underwood Walic Walker Robert Wilson Charles Wood V tailor in i in crowd ! BATTERY H h . A h D n m V r W k IK . H EL J j llilr i umHi Cl First Row : JOHN L. ABI.ES, Kosciusko. Miss., Health Physical Education; Football Four Years; GSC Conference Team. 1953. DON HAMBURG, Coushatta; Agriculture; Demeter Agriculture Fraternitj President, r.2- " .::. JOSEPH G. BABKATE, Sulphur, Health Physical Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Phi Kappa Nu; Foot- ball; " N " Club; Dormitorj Council; Senioi Hall of Fame. DORTHY DEE BARMORE, Alexandria, Nursing: PI Ka;. pa Sigma; President -Pi Kappa Sigma Pledges; " Best Pledge " -PI Kappa Sigma, ' 50; Dormitorj Coun- cil, ' BO; Co-Editor of ' ' Current Sam. " Summer, ' 51; Wesley Foundation; Aquatic Club, ' 50; Vice President . ,• Acting President Shreveport Student Nurses, ' " ■l-. " .2: President Interdivlsional Senate of Student Nurses, ' •-: Representative National League Nursing Convention, ' 53 ; Prei i lent East Vai nado, ' 53. Second Row : BOBBIE JEAN BARNES, Provencal, U r Elementarj Education; Demonettes, Fall — ' 51; Big Sister, Fall — ROMER AUGUST BARTH, Port Sulphur, Business Ad- ministration; Phi Kappa Nu: Sergeant-at-Arms — Phi Kappa Nu, ' 52-53; Corresponding Secretary, ' 52-53; Dormitory Council President, ' 52-53. LAKKV C. BASCO, Natchitoches, Business Administra- tion. JOHN THEODORE BATTEN, Natchitoches, Account- ing; Sigma Tau Gramma; Treasurer, ' 51, Secretary, ' 52, Historian, ' 53; Student Senate, ' ■ " ! ' ■• ' 2: Individual Champion Intramurals, ' 50; Varsity Gymnastic, ' 50-52; Varsity Tennis, ' 52-53; ROTC Sergeant, ' 51; Lieutenant, ROTC, ' 52, Captain, ' 53; Drill Squad, ' 51- " 52, Coll Singers. ' 50- ' 53; Reporter " Current Sauce, " ' 50- ' 51; Phi - lu Ali ha: Honor Roll; Organization Editor — POT- POURRI, 52, sports Editor. ' . " .1; Vice President, Junior Class, ' 52; Demonaires, ' 52. Third Row : JACKSON " L. BEBBE, Lena station. Bioloby-Chemistry; Phi Kappa Nu; Demonaires, ' 51- ' 52- ' 53- , 54; College Bank. ' 51, ' " .: ' . •. " : ' ., ' • " I : Phi Mu Alpha. -. ' .I ' . ' 53, ' 54. President, ' 52, ' 54; Honor Court, ' ■ " : ' •, ' " .4; Executive Secretary NSC Loan Fund. ' 52, ' . " .:;; American Chemis- try Society, ' " .:i. ' . " .4. President. MARV SUE BELLEW, Homer, Physical Education: Sigma Sigma Sigma: " I ' unvnt Sauce " Reporter, ' " .». ' 51; Wesley Foundation Council, ' 51, ' 52; ywca . ' ' 52; student Council Secretary, ' 52, ' 53; PEM Club Vice- President, ' 52, ' 53; PEM Club President, ' 53, ' - " 4; Kappa Delta Pi. i 2. ' 54; Secretary, AW3, ' 53; President Stu- dent Section State AAHPER, ' 52, ' 53; Wesley Repre- sentative, SVM Conference, ' 52. RUDY C. BERLIN, Nederland, Texas. Mathematics; Phi Kappa Nu; Sophomore Vice-President, ' 50, ' 51; ROTC, Tin - ' 52; Commandant of Cadets, ' 51, ' ■ " •:!; out- standing Junior. ' 50, ' 51; Student Senate, ' 50, ' 53; Tresi- .l. ' iii. ' 51, ' • " .:. ' ; student Film Committee, ' 52, ' 63; Vice- President Phi Kappa Nu, ' 49- ' . " .: ' .; Inter-Fraternity Council Representative, ' 50. ' 52. THAIS RUTH BETER, New Orleans. Physical Educa- tion; Aquatic Club, ' 49, ' 52; Dance Workshop, ' 53; Dor- mitory Council, ' 49; PEM Club, ' 49, ' 53; Representative Aquatic Show. ' 49. Fourth Row: TOMMIE ADELINE BLACKBOURNE, Shreveport, Art ami Library Science; Sigma Sigma Sigma; ] a is Play- er, Vice-President, ' 52-53, ' 53- ' 54; Alpha Psi Om Vice-President, ■. " ::- ' ■ " . I ; Demonettes, Field Captain and President, ' 52- ' 53, Secretary- Treasurer, ' 60- ' 61; Aquatic, ' 50- ' 51; Alpha Beta Alpha. ' . " 1 - ' . " .4. Reporter; Math Club, ' 50- ' 51, Reporter; Westminster Club, ' 50- ' 64; Big Sisi. r, ' 51- ' 53. DORIS ELAINE BO LIN, Singer, Home Economics; Sig- ma Sigma Sigma; Euthenics Club, ' 60- ' 54, President. ' 53; Euthenics Club Award, ' 52- ' 53; V..W.S. Vice-Presi- dent, ' . " i- ' -T. !. Judiciary Board; Dormitory Council, ' 50- ' 51; Big Sister; Kappa Delta Pi; POTPOURRI Court, ' 52- ' 53; V.W.A., ' 60- ' 54, President, ' 62- ' 53; B.S.U. Coun- cil, ' 52 ' 53 SAMMY CHARLES BOORAS, Shreveport, Physical Edu- cation; Phi Epsilon Kappa; All -Conference Baseball, ' 52 ' 53; All G.S.C. Tournament, ' • " . ' - ' . A. U V BOSWELL, Provencal, Accounting; Pi On Pi. Fifth Row: BETTY SUE BOYDSTDN, Natchitoches, Speech; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Freshman Commissioner, ' 50- ' 51; Pig Sister, ' 51- ' 52; Debate Lettered, ' 61- ' 52; Vice-President, ' 51- ' 52, Treasurer, ' 52 ' 53; Pan-Hellenic Representative, ' 52, ' . " ,:: T. i. of Theta Sigma Upsi on; Davis Player, President, ' . ' .2- ' . " .:;. Vice-President, ' . " .:;■. " .); Alpha Psi Omega, Business Manager, ' 53- ' 54; Kappa Delta Pi. ' 52- ' 53, Purple Jackets, ' . " . l ' - ' • " . I : Weslej Foundation, President, ' • " •: ' ■; A.W.S. Recording Secretary, ' 51, Cor- responding Secretary, ' 52, State M.S.M., Treasurer • :, i . DELTON K. BRADY, Atlanta. Health and Physical Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa. HENRY DALE BRANCH, Dubach, Industrial Arts; I.;. mi. da Zeta; Cheerleader, ' 50- ' 51: Gym Team, ' 60- ' 62; I. .noli. 1. 1 Z.ia. Treasurer, ' 52- ' 63, President ' . " •: ' .- ' . " . I. benjamin I.. BREWTON, Goldonna, Mathematics; Phi Kappa Nu. Sixth How : JOHN v BREWTON, Goldonna, Elementarj Education: Phi Kappa Nu. THOMAS J. Bitot s . m . Ibbeville, Upper Elementarj Edui an. .a . Football . Trai l- Joan BRYANT, Goldonna, Upper Elementary Educa- tion. WILLIAM I- ' . BRYANT, JR., New I.Ian... Health and Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu: Phi Epsilon Kap pa; Monitor Inning Hall. ' 61- ' 64; Intramural Rep Bentatlve, ' 61 ' . ' •: ' . ' . " . i . " N " Club; Treasurer ol Phi Epsl Ion Kappa Baseball Manager, ' 53; tntei Dot mltory Cot II, :.:- ' . ' .::; ROTC, ' . " .l ' 54; R.O.T.C I ' rill Team, ■:. I ' 54. 68 SENIOR CLASS Vincent H i(li , resident and Gilbert McMurry, Vice President. First Row: BOLT JOHN BURNS, Anacoco, Upper Elementary Educa t inn. WALTER .MAX BURNS, Leesville, Music Education: Marching Hand. ' 50- ' 54; Concert Band, ' 50- ' 54: Band President, ' 53- ' 54; Chorus; College Singers, ' 50- ' 54; Or- chestra, ' B0- ' 54; Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Mu Alpha His- torian. ' 51- ' 53; Phi Mu Alpha Vice-President, ' 53-T.4; Wesley Foundation; Wesley Foundation Treasurer, ' 52- ' 54; Demonaires; Dormitory Council, ' 53; R.O.T.C. W. D. BUSH, Many. Mathematics. GERALD R. BUXTON, St. Ament, Upper Elementary Education; Lieutenant, ROTC, ' 53; Chorus, ' 51- ' 52; Dramatics Club, ' 52- ' 53; Dormitory Council, ' 53. Second Row: RONALD JAMES BYRD, Shreveport, Health and Phys- ical Education; Track, T l- ' 54; Phi Epsilon Kappa, ' 52- ' 54; " N " Club, ' 52- ' 54; ' Chess Club President. ' 53- ' 54; Plii Epsilon Kappa Historian, ' 52- ' 53; All G.S.C. Track Team, ' 53. ROM V JEAN CALDWELL, Many, Nursing. DOROTHY SCRUGGS CARNAHAN, Cloutierville, Li- brary Science; Theta Sigma Upsilon, Secretary and Vice-President; Newman Club, ' 51- ' 52; Alpha Beta Al- pha, ' 51- ' 53; Band, ' 51- ' 52; Big Sister; Pan Hellenic I ' ouiicil, ' 52- ' 53. ALICE VIRGINIA CARPENTER, Waterloo, Ark., Nuts ing; Big Sister. ' 52- ' 53. Third Row: LORIECE CARTER, Natchitoches, Upper Elementary Education. HERMIT R. CASWELL, Shongaloo, Agriculture. DOROTHY GILLESPIE CHAUVIN, Ferriday, Primary Education; Dormitory Council, ' 51- ' 52; Cen-La Maid. •51- ' 52. FRANCES J. CLAFFEE, New Orleans, Upper Elemen- tary Education; Big Sister, Fourth Row : VELMA REEVES CLARK, Jena. Business Education; Honor Court, ' 51- ' 54; Big Sister, ' 50; Dormitory Coun- cil. ' 50- ' 51; POTPOURRI, ' 53- ' 5-i; College Singers, ' 53; i ' en-La Maid, ' 54- Wesley Foundation, ' 50- ' 54. JOANN CLEMENTS, Vivian, Primary Education; Band. ' 51 ; Aquatic Club, ' 51. M. ETHELYN CLOUTTER, Bermuda, Primary Educa- tion; Newman Club. ' 50- ' 54; College Singers. ' 52-Tcl: Delta Sigma Epsilon, Treasurer, T 3- ' 5J; Big Sister, ' 51; Freshman Commissioner, ' 51; Pan Hellenic Council. ' . " :!- ' . " . 1 . I.EETA JOY COFFEY, Ashland, Home Economics; YWA, Secretary, ' 52- ' 53; Big Sister, ' 52- ' 54; Euthenics Cluli, ' 51- ' 54; B.S.U. Executiye Council, ' 53 ' 54. Fifth Row: BOBBVE -JEAN COLLINS, Robeline, Home Economic s: YWCA, Secretary. ' 51- ' 52; Euthenics Club, Parliamen- tarian, ' 53- ' 54; B.S.U. ANNETTE COOK, Ringgold. Social Sciences; Freshman B.S.U. Council, ' 51- ' 52; Freshman YWCA Council; YWA, ' 52- ' 53; YWCA Secretary and Treasurer; Dormitory Council, West Varnado. ' 53- ' 54; Sigma Sigma Sigma. Keeper of Grades; POTPOURRI Staff, Class Editor. •53- ' 54. HARVEY GERALD COOK, Florien, Industrial Arts. SARAH ANN COOK, Grand Cane, Primary Education: Pi Kappa Sigma: Kappa Delta Pi: Homecoming Court, ' 51; Honor Roll, 4 years. 69 First Rom : M.W1K ARRANT COOPER, Natchitoches, Uppet Ele tnentary Education BARBARA JEAN CORLEY, Georgetown, Health and Physical Education; PEM Club. JOE WINN COSTELLO, Flora, Miss., Physical Educa- i icm ; Football, 4 years. DAISY COX, Natchitoches, Primarj Education: Purple Jai kets; Kappa l ' elta Pi. Second Rom : CLARICE OLIVER CREECH, Benton, Upper Elemen- tary Education; Theta Sigma Upslion, BOSK NKL1, CREEL, Joyce, Upper Elementary; Cen-La Fair Queen, ' • " ' -; State Fair Queen, ' 53; Freshman B.S.U, Council; 5TWCA; Majorette; Big Sister. MARY ANN CRONIN, Leesville, Musi,- Education; Si s - ma Sigma Sigma; B.S.U. Council, ' 5»; College Singers, ' 50- ' 54; Band Council, ' . " . ; Hand Majorette, ' ■ •- ' ; Bead Majorette, ' 53; Sigma Alpha iota, ' 50- ' 54; Pianist of SAI, ' 54; Corresponding S cretarj of Sigma Sigma Sig- ma, ' " :!; Play Production; " Blithe Spirit,, ' ' 54; N.S.C Bank, ' 50- ' 54; B.S.U., ' 50- ' 54; Hiu- Sister, ' 52; Dormi- tory i ;ouncil, Ti 2. BOBBIE SUNSHINE CURTIS, Alexandria, Dietetics; ' 51- ' 52, Dormitory Council; Euthenics ' ' luh Officer, ' 52- ' 53; Dormitory Secretary, Vice-President F.W.C.A.; Froshman Commissioner, Dormitory President; ' 53- ' 54, Wesley Foundation Officer, Dormitory Council; Purple Jackets, President of F.W.i Third Rom: GEORGE A. DAVIS, Florien, Health and Physical Bdu- ration; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Letterman in Basketball and Track, :i years; Freshman Basketball Coach, ' . " " . HAZEL GRACE l A |S, Ringgold, Upper Elementary Education; Big Sister, ' 52, Fa ' ]; Secretary of Purple Jackets, ' 53- ' 54: Kappa De ' t a V . " 5»- , 54; Feature Erli- ror of POTPOURRI, ' 53- ' 54; POTPOURRI Court, ' 54; Senior 1 1 a 11 of Fame. ANA JONES DEBOEF, Jena, Nursing. JERRY CARROL DEYEIDE, Houma, Industrial Arts. Fourth Rom : DOROTHY DEZENDORF, Natchitoches, Primary Edu- cation; Alpha Sigma Alpha. s. y. DICKERSON, Lieesville, Business Education: Phi Kappa N ' n; Phi Mu lp ' ' a. Treasurer, ' 5S- ' 64; Demon- aires, ' 50- ' 54; Hand. ' 50- ' 54 Vice-President, ' • " ■ ' !; Chorus. ' . " ._• ' . ' .): College Singers, ' 52- ' 54; Phi Mu Alpha, Treas- urer, ' 53 ; Phi Kappa Nu. NNK DIER, Baton Rouge, Nursing. 1511,1. IE PAYNE DOUGHERTY, Marlngovin, Primary K-l " ' ;itpoi; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Big Sister, ' 51, Scrap- book Chairman, Sigma Sigma Sigma, ' 53- " 54; Wesley Kiumdat ion. Fifth Rom : KERRY 1.. 1)1 Kit, Marthaville, Business Education. BOBBY .1. DWYER, Natchitoches, Business Administra- tion : Hand, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53, ' 5 I. BOBBY M. EARNEST, Cheneyville, Mathematics; Kap- pa De ' ta PI; Fia-shtnan B.S.U. Council, ' 50- " 51; Math Club, Secretary, ' 51, ' - ' 2. Vice-President, ' 52- ' 53, Presi- dent, ' 53- ' 54; Kappa Delta l ' i. Treasurer, ' 52- " 53; Honor i ' milt . ' 53- ' 54. BARBARA JEAN EDWARDS, Baton Rouge, Upper Ele- mentarj Education; Freshman H.S.I " . Council, ' 51- ' S2, Sophomore Counselor, ' r L ' - ' . " : Big Sister, ' 62- ' 53; Execu live B.S.U ' 53, ' 54; State B.S.U. Council, ' 53- 54; Y.W.A. Officer, ' 52- ' 54; Hand, ' 51- ' 52; College Singers, T 2- ' r 4; Davis Players, ' 53- ' 54; Coed Vice-President Student Body, ' 53- ' 5 i ; F.T.A. President, ' 54. Sixth Rom: donai.I) BLFERT, Cheneyville, industrial Arts Edu- cation, EDDY GENE ELLIOTT, Lake Charles, Homo Econom- ics; Dormitory Vice-President, ' 50- ' 51; Sophomon Counselor, ' 51- ' 52; Freshman Commissioner, ' 51- ' 62; Vice-Presidenl Euthenics Club, ' 62- ' 53; Vice President A.W.S., ' 52, ' 53: President Canterbury Club, ' 52- ' 6S; Purple Jacket, ' 52- ' 63, Purple Jacket President, ' 63- ' 54; W.S. President, ' 53, ' " •(: Kappa Delta l ' i Member, ' 62- ' 53- ' 54; POTPOURRI Court, ' 54; Senior Hall of Fame. KATHERINE ELLIOTT, Glenmora, Homo Economics; Alpha Sigma Upha B S U, F ' ' -t. n ( " In- n 1. ' Secretary Euthenics Club, •. ' : ' - ' " .:;; Dormltorj Council, ' 52; Chaplain Alpha Sigma Vlpha, ' 52- ' 53; President Vlpha Sigma Vlpha, ' 53- ' B I. JAMES DUDLB1 EMMONS, Natchitoches, Social Wel- iaro; ROTC i-i Sergeant, ' 52- ' 53; 2nd Lieutenant, ' . " •:: ' 54 anil Purple First Row : •JOHN W. ENGELHARDT, Many, Industrial Arts Edu- cation: Iota Lambda Sigma. SALVINIA ANN ' FBRTITXA, 1 sville, Business Edu- cation; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Band; Chorus; Big Sister. DONALD K. FINLEY, O ' la, Journalism; President, l ' .. si ' . Freshmen Council, ' 50- ' 51; " Current Sauce " staff. ' 51- ' 53; Editor, " Current Sauce, " ' 53- ' 54; Student Senate, •. " i2-T,4; President, Student Senate, ' 53- ' 54; Alpha Phi Epsilon Journalism Fraternity; ROTC Staff, ' . .2- ' 53; B.S.U. Executive Council, ' 51- ' 53; intramural Basket- ball Champion, ' 53; B.M.O. ' C, ' . 2-T,4; Intramural Foot- ball Champion, ' " ■:?; Journalism Majors Club, ' 52- ' 54; Senior Hall of Fame. MYRON JACOBS FLEMING, Ferriday, Journalism; Journalism club. " Current Sauce " Columnist; Track, ' . " . I . Second Rom: SALLIE JO POSTER, Tallulah, Voice Education; Sig- ma Alpha Iota; College Singers, ' 50- ' 51; Freshman Com- mission rs, ' 51; Bi Sister. ' 52; Sigma Alpha Iota Secre- tary, ' 52, President. ' 53; Wesley Foundation. DORIS JOY GAHAGAN, Hall Summit, English; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Dormitory Council Summer. ' . " )2; Bis Sis- tor. ' 52; ABA President, ' 53-T 4; ROTC Sponsor, ' 53- ' 54. JANE ELIZABETH GAINES, Westlake, Primary Edu- cation: Delta Sigma Epsilon; Aquatic Club, ' 50- ' 51; Dame Workshop, ' 50- ' 52; POTC Sponsor, ' 53- ' 54. JUANITA DARLENE GEORGE, Alexandria, Social Sciences; Wesley Foundation Council, ' 52- ' 54; AWS. Vice-President, ' 53- ' 54; Euthenics dub, ' 52- ' 53; Prot- ' 53- ' 54; " Current Primary Edu estant Chapel Big Sister; F.T.A., Sauce " Staff, ' 53- ' 54. Third Row : BETTY GIXiCREASE, Natchitoches, t ' on. SUE CAROLYN G1LL1LAN1), Milwaukee. Wis.. Nurs- ing. DONITA GOTHARD, Bossier City, English; Pi Kappa Sigma; Aquatic Club. ' 50- ' 51; " Current Sauce. " ' 50- ' 51; News Editor " Current Sauce. " Til- ' " 2: Press Agent, Pi Kappa Sigma, T l- ' . " 2; student Senate. ' . " l - T, 2 : Corre- sponding Editor, Pi Kappa Sigma, ' 52- 53; Vice-Presi- dent. Pi Kappa Sigma, ' 53- ' 54; Vice-President, East Var- nado, ' 53- ' 54; AWS, ' 53- ' 54; Pan Hel ' enic, ' :,:;- ' :.4 ; De- monettes. ' 50- ' 51; Bin Sister. ' . " .1- ' . " i2. BARBARA JEAN GRAY, Natchitoches, Home Econom- ics Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Euthenics club. Fourth Row : RAE RITA GREMILLION, Alexandria. Physical Edu- cation. Upper Elementary Education; Cheerleader, ' 51- ' 53; Maid of Honor Cen-I F ' ir C urt, ' 51; AtviPt-c club, ' 52; Newman Club. ' 51- ' 54; T ' EM Club. ' 51- ' 53; Secretary Newman Club ' 52- ' 5 , 3. FRANCES MARIUM GRIFFIN, West Monroe, Journal- ism; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Dormitory Council. ' 52- ' 54; Theta Sigma Upsilon President, ' 54; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil, ' 53- ' 54; Big Sister; " Current Sauce. " " - " ■ 2 - " r, -l ; Fea- ture Editor. " Current Sauce, " ' 53, Associate Editor, ' , " 4: Journalism Majors Club, Secretary, ' 53; Alpha Phi Ep- silon, ' 54- ' 53; POTPOURRI Court. ' . " 4. ORAL R. GRIFFIN, Gorum, Upper Elementary Edu- cation. IJOBBVE BALE, Raskin. English; Theta Sigma Upsi- lon; Demonettes, 51- ' 54, Treasurer. ' 53- ' 54; Biit Sister. ' • " ' 2: Theta Sigma Epsilon. Vice-President, ' 53- ' 54; Sig- ma Tau Sweetheart, ' 53- ' 54. Fifth Row: PATRICIA ANN HANKINS, Coushatta, Speech; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Reporter. ' 53- ' 54; Cen-La. Fair Maid. ' 52- ' 53; " Current Sauce " Staff, ' 51- ' 54; Snapshot Editor. POTPOURRI Staff. T l- ' 53; Forensics, ' 51- ' 54; Pi Kap- pa Delta. ' 51- ' 53. Secretary, Treasurer; Delta Nation Debate champion. ' 52- ' 53; Dramatics, ' . " il - ' . " .:; ; Davis Players. ' 51- ' 53, Secretary and Treasurer. Reporter; Dormitory Council, ' . " ,2- ' . " ): ' .; Secretary and Treasurer, ' - " 2- ' 53; Alpha Beta Alpha. ' 52- ' 54; Executive Councilman, ' ..2- ' n4. National Treasurer, ' . " : .- ' . " , 4 ; Big Sister ' 51- ' 52; B.S.U. ' 51- ' 54. BILLY HARTT. DeRidder, Upper Elementary Educa- tion; Sigma Tau; Varsity Track, ' 50- 52. CAROLYN SI ' E HARVILLE, Leesville, Business Edu- cation; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Chorus; Big Sister. BILL YE JO HATCHER, Shreyeport, Nursing; Dormi- tory Council, " 5fl- ' 51; Big Sister, ' 52- ' 53. SENIOR CLASS 71 ' II ' .t R «»« WARREN JOSEPH HUTU, New Orleans, Physical Education. GENE JENSEN HAYNES, Waterproof, Primary Educa- tion; Majorette, , . " .l ' - ' . ' .:i ; POTPOURRI Beauty, ' 62; Homecoming Queen, ' 52; State Fair Court, ' 5.3. GALE I.. HEARN, Pores) Hill, Health and Physical Education; Sigma T.-iu Gamma; Varsity Baseball, ELEANOR 1«. RENDRIX, Pineville, Physical Educa- tion-Upper Elemental-} Education; Newman Club, ' 51- ' . " ::; I ' KM Club, ' . " ,1-:,::; Secretarj PEM Club. ' 52- ' 53. Health and Physi- l ' hi Kappa Second Row : WAYNE HENNIGAN, Marthavilli - a] Edui ation. John M. hicks. New Orleans, Physics Xu; Cheerleader; Gym Team. MILDRED HICKs, Robeline, Primary Education. TYNBS 15. HII.DIItK AM), Fisher, Health and Physi- cal Education; PEM • 1 n ) ; Varsitj Basketball; Track. Third Row : CHARLES BEECHUM HOLLOWAY, Forest Hill, Math- ematics; Kappa Delta PI; Honor Court, ' 52- ' 54; Chiel Justice Honor Court; B.S.U. Council, President, ' 53- ' 54; ROTC 1 ' iill Team, ' 51- ' 52; ' utstanding Cadet, ' 51- ' 52; Anti-aircraft Association Mcriat, 52- ! 3- Cadet Com- mander, ' . ' .:!- ' . " .): Distinguished Military Student; Math i ' luh. Treasurer, ' 52- ' 5 i ; Senior Hall of Fame. JUDY MARION HONEYCUTT, ' ' larks. Health and Physical Education; PEM Club, ' 50- ' 54; College Singers, ' 50- ' 51; Dormitory Council, ' 50- ' 53. H.M.I.V VINCENT 1IOTHO, Natchitoches, Biology; Tii Beta Honorary Biological Fraternity, ' 50- ' 51- ' 52; ROTC-SFC, ' 51- ' 52, 2nd Lieutenant, ' 52- ' 53, Major-. ' 53- ' S4; President Senior Class. WALTER C. HUGHES, Hornbeck, Education; I ' ullege Singers, ' 52- ' 54; , 52- , 54. l (ppi i Elementary R( IT( ' I ii ill Team, Fourth Row : ANNE HUNGERBEELER, Shreveport, Mathematics; Alpha Sigma Vlpha; Math Club, ' 51- 54, Secretary, ' 52- ' 54; B.S.U., ' 52- ' 53; r.W.C.A. Treasurer Freshman Council, ' 51- ' 52; POTPOURRI Business Manager, ' 52, Organization Editor, ' 53; A.W.S, Judiciary Member, ' 52- ' 53; A.W.s. Undergraduate Award, ' 52- ' 53; Alpha Sigma Al(. ha Treasurer, ' 52- ' 54; Student Senate, ' 62- ' 54; POT- POURRI Editor, ' . " ii; Purple Jackets; Kappa Delta PI; Dormitory Council, ' 52- ' 53; POTPOURRI Court, ' 54; Y.W.A. Senior Hall of Fame. WINNIE RUTH HUTSON, Baton Rouge, Home Eco- nomics Education; Euthenics Club, ' 51- ' 54; Demon- ettes, ' 51- ' 52, Treasurer, ' 52, Lieutenant, ' 52- ' 53, Presi- dent, ' 53- ' 54; Davis Players, ' 53- ' 54; Alpha Psi Omega, ■53- ' 54; Baptist student Union, ' 51- ' 53; Big Sister ' 52 •53- ' 54. I, (UTS FAIR HY.V.MS, Natchitoches, Industrial Arts; Tableaux, ' 49, ' 52, ' 53; Dance Group, ' 52- ' 53; Gym Team, ' 49- ' 52- ' 53; Fencing Team, ' 52- ' 53; Weight Lifting Team, ' i8- ' 53. JERRY WAYNE II.KS, DeRidder. Pre-Medicine-Biolo- gy; Sigma Tau Gamma; student Senate, ' . " .l- ' . ' .i ; Sigma Tan Gamma, Recording Secretary, Vice-President, Presi- dent, ' 53- ' 54; Beta Beta Beta, Treasurer; Dormitory Council Vice-President, ' 51- ' 52; Vice- President Sopho- more Class, ' 51- ' 52; Interfraternity Council, ' 5S- ' 54, Vice- President; Distinguished Militarj Student, ' 53. Senior Hall of Fame. Fifth Row: WKsLKY P, JACKSON, .jr., Le e sville, Journalism; Phi Mu A ' pha; Hand. ' 48 ' 51, ' . " .: ' .- ' " . I ; Demonaires, ' 50 ' 51, ' . " ,:;-•;, i ; " i ' ui rent Sauce, " Feature Editor, ' 49, Sp Editor, ' 50- ' 51; Collegi Singers, ' 51; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, ' 61 - ' 63- ' 54. HELEN LOIS JACOBS, New Orleans, Mathematics; I ' " 111] itol V I ' olinell. ' 51. HUNTER BURDETTE JENKINS, Lake Providence. In- dustrial Arts; ROTC, ' 50- ' 53; Hand. ' 60; Industrial Arts Club, ' 53 - ' ■ " .::. I ' AVK DEL JOHNSON, Chestnut, Uppei Elementary; Jf.W.A. -Program Chairman, ' 52 ' 53; Freshman Commis- s i. Devotional Vice-President, B.S.U., ' 52- ' 53; Presi- dent B.S.U. -Summer, ' 53; Enlistment Vice-President, B.S.U., ' 53- ' 54; Hiy Sister, ' 52- ' 53; Purple Jackets; A.W.s. Treasurer, ' 63- ' 6 I. Sixth Row: LLOYD FREDERICK JOHNSON, Glenmora, Account- ing; I ' i Omega Pi. EDWARD LEE JORDAN, Natchitoches, Mathematics and i ' li sj,s; Sigma ' r.ui Gamma; ROTC-Captaln, ' 63. FAY JORDAN, Natchitoches, Primarj Education; i pha Sigma Alpha. ROBERT B. .11 stiss. El Dorado, Ark.. Health and Physical Education; Lambda Zeta; Vice-Prestdenl Sophomore Class, ' 49; Band, ' 49-60; ROTC; Drill Team. 50 ' 6 1 . Phi Kappa Epsllon, ' 51 r F Koiuthl Qnlnn, Student Bod] President. First Row: DAVID BEARD KENDRICK, Natchitoches, Social Sci- ences; Sigma Tau Gamma; Gym Tram. : ' . years; De- bate Team President; Pi Kappa Delta-Honorary Debate Society, President. JIMMY HOB KEY, Winnfield, Art; Phi Kappa N ' n; Band, ' 50; Orchestra, ' 50- ' 51; College Singers, ' 50- ' 53; Phi Mil Alpha, ' 53. CARL KAY RIGHT, Haynesville, Health and Physical Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa; student Senate. ' 53- ' 54; Secretary Phi Epsilon Kappa, ' 53- " 54; Reporter " X " Club; Math, ' 52- ' 53; Manager Football Team, ' 51; Man- ager, Track Team, ' 52. JIM KINNTSON, Jena, Accounting; PI Omega ri ; ItOTC Drill Team. ' 51-T.4, [title Team. V.2- ' 5 I. Second Row : JOB M. KOONCE, Little Rock, Ark.. Business Adminis- tration; Swimming Team, ' 52- ' 54. ALBERT JOSKFH KOFP, New Orleans, Physical Edu- cation; Southern A.A.I ' . All-Round Gymnastic Champ. ' 48, ' 50, ' 51; South-western A.A.TJ. All Round Gymnastic Champion, ' 51. HARRIETTS DIANE LACOl R. Alexandria, Musio- Piano-Voice ; Sigma Alpha Iota; Chorus, ' 53-54 ; Band, ' 53; Big Sister. ' 53. HAROLD E. LAROCX, Zwolle. Industrial Arts; Sigma Tau Gamma; N.S.C. Gym Team. 4 years; Captain of Gym Team. ' 52- " 53; New man Club; Dormitory Council, ' 5 2 - ' 5 4 . Third Row : IMOGENS LEACH, Vivian. Business Education; Delta Sigma Epsilon. MARTHA ANN LEACH, Leesville, Business Education: Big Sister. ' . " . 1 - ' r. 2 ; Delta Sigma Epsilon, Treasurer. ' 52. President. ' 53; Pi Omega Pi, ' 52- ' r.:i: student Senate, . " •_•- ' . " i :; ; Pi Omega Pi Treasurer, ' 53; Pan Hellenic Treas- urer, ' 5 3. BAE LEGGETT, Pineville, Nursing. VIOLA LEWIS, Delhi, Primary Education; Freshman Commissioner, ' 52; TWA Puhlicity Chairman, ' 52- ' 53; YWCA ' 52- ' 53; Mission Study Chairman. TWA, ' 53- ' 54. Fourth Row : FRANK I . LONADIER, Montgomery, Chemistry. MARY JANET LCDWIG, McDade, Nursing. HENRY P. LYLE, Brooklyn. N. Y. ; Health and Physi- cal Education. PATRICK HENRY LYONS, New Orleans, Business Ad- ministration; Newman Club; " N " Club; Varsity Base- hall; Pi Omega Pi; Dramatics; Davis Players. Fifth Row: JAMES BYRON McCAIN, Rosepine, Music; Freshman B.S.U. Council, ' 50- ' 51; Executive B.S.U. ' Council, ' 51- ' 54; Phi Mu Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi, President, ' 52- ' 53; Col- lege Singers, ' 50- ' 54; Baud; " Oh! Sussana " Musical, ' 51; Orchestra; President B.S.U., ' 52- ' 53. HORACE K. McCANN, Cheneyville, Health and Physi- cal Education. BILLY RAY McCOY, Logansport, Agriculture; Demeter, President, ' 53- ' 54; Secretary-Treasurer. ' 52- ' 53. JOHNNY CLINTON McFERREN, Marthaville, Indus- trial Arts. SENIOR CLASS 73 First Row : FRANCES E. Mi-LAIN, Campti, Accounting; Pi Omega Pi, Secretary and Historian; purple Jackets, ' 6S- " B4; Dormitory Council; Big Sister, ' 52; POTPOURRI Staff: Aquatic Club. JAMBS GILBERT McMURRY, Winnfleld, Industrial Arts; Phi Kappa Nu. JOHN V. MARK KLI.I Kappa Nu. uiipti Industrial Arts; Phi JOANN M. MASSEY, Natchitoches, Business Education, .Second Row : SVSIK MAE MAT.HIS, Montgomery, Home Economics Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Chorus, ' 61- ' 53; Euthen- ics Club, Reporter, ' S ' J- ' SS; President, ' 53- ' 54; Big Sister, ' 52- ' 53; " Current Sauce " Reporter, ' 52- ' 53. POLLARD HUGH MERCER, vVinnneld, Business Ad- ministration; Phi Kappa Nu, Sergeant-at-Arms and Corresponding Secretary; Band, ' 50; College Singers, ' 50- ' 52; Demonaires, ' 50- ' 52; Gymnastic Team. ' 50- ' 54; ROTC, ' 50- ' 54; Dormitory Council, President, ' 53- ' 54; I ance i ' ommittee. AMANDA MERRILL, Zachary, Nursing. LOUISE MILES, Quitman, Nursing. Third Row : HARRY LANK MILKY, Campti, Upper Elementary Edu- cation: B.S.u. Council, ' 53; FT. A. Vice-President, ' 53- ' . " .4. N. SUE MILLER, Oakdale, Upper Elementary Edu.a- tion: College Singers, ' 52- ' 54; ROTC Sponsor. ' 53; Cen- I.a Maid, ' 52: Big Sister. ' 51 ; Helta Sigma Epsllon, Chaplain, ' 51 - ' 54. ROBERT LAMAR MILLER, Natchitoches. Chemistry; Swimming Team, ' 50; Student Senate. ' 51; Inter-Fra- ternity Council, ' 5l- ' 52; Representative Sigma Tau Gamma National Conclave, ' 52; President Sigma Tau Camnia. ' 52; President Junior Class, ' 52: Student Coun- cil, ' 52: S.F.L.C.U. Representative. ' 52. BARBARA ANN MONTGOMERY, Hodge. Primary Edu- cation ; I ' emonettes, ' 51- ' 53. Fourth Row : MICKEY JOAN MORROW, Elizabeth, Home Econom- ics; Dormitory Council; Freshman Commissioner, ' 52: Wesley Foundation. Vice-President, ' 53: VW. ' A; Soph- omore Counselor, ' 53; Euthenics Club, ' 51; Secretary, ' 53- ' 54; Vice-President of Sophomore Class, ' 52- ' 53; Purple Jackets. CHARLES E. NOKRIS, Bastrop, Industrial Arts. ROBERT WARREN NORRIS, Bossier City, Business Administration; ROTC, ' 5 " - ' 53: Band. ' 50; BMOC, ' 52- MARJORIE ANN NORSWORTHY, Provencal, Musi,; chorus College Singers; Band; Orchestra; Sigma Alpha lota, Vice-Presidi nt, 53- ' 54. Fifth Row: NORMAN L. OLSON, Los Angele Calif., Nursing. CLAIRE PARSONS, Shreveport. Nursing; Chairman Recreation Shreveport Division, ' 51- ' 53; Most Valuable Players Award Softball, ' 52, Shreveport Division; Big Sister, ' 51; Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, and Ten- id Team, T. l - ■ 5 4 : Capt ain Tennis Team. ' 51- ' 64, Shreve- port Division. BOBBIE PATTERSON PERKINS, Bossier, Home Eco- nomics; Pi Kappa Sigma. ALICE MARGARET PHELPS, Natchitoches, Home Eco- nomics; College singers. ' r 2 - ' 5 4 : Circulation Manager ol " Current Sauce, " ' 51- ' 52; Big Sister, ' 52; Euthenics Club. ' 5i- ' 54: Delta Sigma Epsllon, Corresponding Sec- retary, ' . " ,:;- ' . " , i Sixth Row : LOUVESTA MARIE PRESLEY, Gorum. Home Bc o om - Irs; Big Sist.r. ' 52- ' 64; Euthenics Club, ' 5 1 - ' 5 4 : TWA Treasurer, ' 53- 54; h. s.u. Execeutlve Council Secretary, ' 53--5I. MARY ANN PROCHASKA, Alexandria. Nursing. KATHLEEN C. PRUDHOMME, Bermuda, Primary Edu- cation; Newman Club, ' 50- ' 54; College Singers, ' 50- ' 54; B ' g Sister, ' 62; Helta Sigma Epsllon, Secretary, 52, MAYO K. PRUDHOMME, Bermuda, Business Admin Is ' i iiniii. Sigma Tau Gamma; college Singers 74 Anne Hungerbeeler, Potpourri Editor. First Row: JAMBS RONALD QBINN, Sarepta, Mathematic Freshman President, ' 50- ' 51; Outsanding Freshman, T ' 51; Sophomore President, ' 51- ' 52; Student Body Vic President, ' 52- ' 53; Student Roily President, ' 53- ' 54; Ka pa Delta Pi, ' 52- ' 54; President Phi Kappa Nu, ' . " .J- ' . ' . lsi i.t. rot. ' . ' 52- ' 53; Captain ROTC, ' 53- ' 54. Seni Hall of Fame. JAMBS HAYWOOD RACHEL, Natchitoches, Busine A ' 1 rninist rat ion. ,1. A. CHICO RAMLREZ, . ' alio Rojo, Puerto Rico; B ology. JERRY W. REDD ELL, Forest Hill. Mathematics; Ka pa Delta l ' i Member [ntramura] Basketball Cham] ' 52- ' 53; Math Club; B.M.O.C.; ROTC; Kappa Delta Treasurer, ' 53- ' 54; Honor Court. ' 53- ' 54; Dormito Council, ' 52- , 54; intramural Representative, ' 52- ' 54. Second Row: JACQUELYN ROARK, Natchitoches, Nursing. FRANCES LAVERNB ROYSTON, Natchitoches, Pri mary Education. BEA Rl ' MSKV. DeRidder, Primary Education; Fresh- man Commissioner, ' 51- ' 52; Sophomore Counselor, ' 51- ' 52; Cen-La Fair Court, ' " ■ 1 - ' " • :; : Sigma Sigma Sigma. Treasurer, ' 52- ' 5: ' ; Tan Hellenic Ropresenta tive. ' 52- ' 5: ' . ; Judiciary Board, Junior Repr esentative, ' 52- ' 53; Senioi Representative, ' 53- ' 54; YW ' CA; ROTC Sponsor, ' 53; President West Varnado, ' 53- ' 54; Purple Jackets, ' . " ' 2 ' 54, Vice-President. ' 53- ' 54. JOB I). SALTZMAN, Kaplan, French Education; stu- dent Senate, ' 50- ' 52; Freshman Commissioner, ' 52; •current Sauce, " Associate Editor, ' 51; " Current Sauce " Editor, ' 53; Phi Kappa Nu, Reporter and Editor of ••Newsletter. " ' 5l- ' 54; Newman Club, Reporter, ' 50 52; Alpha Phi Epsilon, Vice-President, ' 52 53. Third Row : ROBERT GLENN SANDERS. Woodworth, Agriculture; Demeter; Gym Team, ' 50- ' 53; Aquatic Club, ' 51- ' 52. WANNA ItKTH SANDERS, Alexandria, Business Edu- cation; YAVCA, ' 52; Alpha Phi Epsilon, ' 52- ' 53; Pan Hellenic Council, ' 52- ' 54; Pan Hellenic Award, ' 53; Pur- ple Jackets, ' 53- ' 54; Pi Omega l ' i. ' 53- ' 54; " Current Sauce " Associate Editor ' 52- ' 5:i; POTPOURRI Business Manager, ' 54; Student Body Treasure], ' 53- ' 54; Big Sis- ter. " 53; Kappa Delta Pi, ' 53- ' 54; Phi Mu Alpha Courl ' 53; Miss POTPOURRI, ' 54; Senior Hall of Fame. PEGGY T. SCHMIDT, Shreveport, Medical Technology; Hand. ' 50- ' 52; Beta Beta Beta. ' 51- ' 52. WILLIAM CLAYTON SCHMIDT, DeRidder, Physics and Mat hematics. Fourth Row: BILL W. SHAW, Elizabeth, Industrial Arts; Council, ' 50- ' 51; Industrial Arts Club President, GENIE M. SHAW, Colfax, Business Education; Sigma Sigma, Student Senate, ' 53- ' 54. GLADYS SHAW, Tioga, Upper Elementary Edu B.S.U. Executive Council. ' 52- ' 53; Big Sister. YWA Secretary. ' 53- ' 54; Purple Jackets, Treasur ' • " ' 4. SI E SHAW, Hanna. Health and Physical Education; Physical Education Majors c ' luh. Fifth Row: DICK SILLAVAN, Alexandria. Business Education; Pi i Imega Pi. KATHLEEN SIMMONS, Natchitoches, Upper Elemen- tary Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Demonettes, ' 53- ' 54; Big Sister, ' 52- ' 53. MARJORIE SINGLETARY, DeRidder, Government; Newman Club, 1- ' 5 1; Freshman Commissioner ' 51 - ' 52: -Messiah, ' 51. ' : Z HMS Pinafore, ' 52. O. A. SLATER, JR., 1:, decline. Chemistry. B.S.U ' 52- ' 53. Si gma cation : ' 52- ' 5 1; cr, ' 53- SENIOR CLASS Aifr ki kilk 75 •ll i i; ow •I ( K E. smith, Atlanta, Soi lal S i net : i allege Sing- ers, ' 5S; Dormitory Council, ' 53- ' 54; Outstanding Pledge of Phi Kappa Xu, ' 53; Phi Kappa Nu. JUNE i. SMITH, Laredo, Texas, Nursing. MARILYN L. SNODDY, Bunkie, Borne Economics Big Sister, ' 52; Majorette, ' 50 ' 51; Treasurer PI Kappa Sig- ma, ' 52 ' 53; Cen-La Maid, 51; Corresponding Editoi PI Kappa Sigma, ' 51; State Fair Maid, ' " -; Kappa Delta I ' i. ' M ' 53, Social Chairman, ' 52; Newman Club, ' 50; Euthenlcs club, ' 50- ' 53, Social Chairman, ' 51; Dormitory ■ louncil, :. " I ' ll I I.I.I I ' SORBET, 1 ;. . i ■■ 1 1 ii . . Chemistrj Second Row : VIRGINIA SPELLERS, Bastrop, Bng ' ish; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Ri gisl rar, ' 53- ' 5 I. EDDIE KAV SPURGEON, Chopin, Upper Elementarj Education; Freshman B.S.TJ Council, ' 51- " 52; B.S.U. Quartet, ' 51- ' 54; B.S.U. Executive Council, ' 52- ' 54; Col- lege Singers, ' 52- ' 55. MILDRED MIDDLETON STEPHENS, Port Banc. Pri- mary Education: Purple Jackets; Davis Players; Phi Kappa Sigma; B.S.U.; Dramatics; Parlor Story, ;hosts. Night .Must Fall. Blight spirit. Moor Born. BARBARA SUE STEPHENSON, Leesville, Mathemat- ics; Wesley Foundation, Vice-President, ' 52; Freshman ' ' n lissioner, ' 52- ' 53; Math Club Vice-President, ' 53- ' . " .I; Sigma Sigma Sigma Treasurer. ' 53- ' 54 : Kappa Delta I ' i Se. rctaiN . •:,::-■:, 1 ; Band ' 51, -. " ,2. .53. Third Row: NORMAN E. STOTT, Olla, Industrial Arts: Lirill Team ROTC Commander. NANCY MAE STI KD1V.VNT, Shreveport, Nursing. FRED M. SULLIVAN, Ashland, Agriculture; I ■• PATRICIA ODILK SDLUVAN, Clayton, Nursing; Pi Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row : ROBERT J. SUTHERUN, Haughton, Agriculture. AIM. Is E. TEEKELL, Hineston, Industrial Arts and Social Science. MERLE ' . THOMAS, Rosepine, Journalism: Westmin- ster Club Secretary and Treasurer, ' 53- ' 54. .JOHN E. THOKN1II1.I., Crowville, Business Education: ROTC Battalion Staff, ' 53- ' 54; Outstanding Cadet ROTC Summer i ' amp. ' 53. Fifth Row: PAT SHELBY TODD, Nati hitoches, Business Adminis- tration; Phi Kappa Nu; Swimming Team, ' 50- ' 51; Gym Team, ■ ' •l : R( ITC, ' 50- ' 64. JOCKI.YN TOWNSEND, Shreveport, Nursing; Delta Sigma Epsilon. ROBERT ADRIAN VBRCHER, Derry, Historj H. HURRA ' S WALKER, Drj Prong, Health and Physi- cal Education; Sigma Tau Gamma Vice-President; Phi Epsilon Kappa Vice-President; Captain Track Team, ' 53; Ml G.S.C Track Team. ' 52 53; " N " Club, ' 51- ' 53. Si th How: OAKY c. WARREN, Benton, Industrial Arts. BETTY K. WHATLEY, Pleasant Hill, Business Educa ti.ui. Theia Sigma Qpsllon Treasurer, Big Sis- ter. ' 62- ' 63; Euthenlcs Club, ' 52- ' 53. JACK IK A. M ill IK, Leander, Accounting and B Administration; Phi Kappa Nu; B.S.U., ' 61 ' 54; BMOi ' 52 ' 54, Vici President, ' 53 ' 64; Dormitorj Council, ' . " ::. II. CARLYLE WIGGINS, Natchitoches, industrial Arts. 76 SENIOR CLASS Don I ' iiilev, President of Student Senate ami Sauce " Editor, First Row : CHARLES . WILLIAMS, Good Pine, Accounting and Business Administration; Pi Omega Pi. GERRY PERRY WILLIAMS, West Lake, Primary Edu- cation; Bi Sister, ' 52- ' 54; Alpha Beta Alpha, ' 51- ' 53, Parliamentarian, ' 52; Demonettes, ' 51- ' 53; Secretary ol Demonettes, ' 62- ' 53; Canterburj Ciub, ' 50- ' 53. WANDA LAMONA WILLIAMS. Provencal, Primarj Education. CAROLYN LORAIN E WILLIAMSON, Shreveport, Sec- retarial Science. Second Row: I ' AXTON GEORGE WILLIS, shrov.port, chemistry and Biology; Phi Kappa Nn; Freshman Vice-President, ' 49- ' . " .ii; Beta Beta Beta Vice-President, President, ' 51- ' 52; Gymnastics, ' 52- ' 54, PATSY A. WINKLER, Olla, Home Economics. Pi Kappa Sigma; ' 50- ' 51-Euthenics Club, Demonettes; Dormitorj Council; i ' i Kappa Sigma Vice-President; Wesley Foun- dation; YU ' i ' A; " Current Sauce " ; ' 51- ' 52; President Eu- thenics Club; Demonettes President; Society Editor of " Current Sauce, " Euthenics Club Award; ' 52- ' 53- ' Secre- tary I ' i Kappa Sigma; Kappa Helta Pi; Purple Jackets; state Fair Court; Student Senate; Alpha Phi Epsilon; AWS Publicity Editor; Purple Jacket Award; ' 53- ' 54, President I ' i Kappa Sigma; Vice-President Kappa Delta i ' i: s .iety Editor " Curreni Sauce " ; Pan Hellneic Edi- tor; POTPOURRI; Senior Hall of Fame. ANN WOOD, Winnfleld, Upper Elementary Education; Vice-President Alpha Sigma Alpha, v. - ' Si: Cen-La Court Maid, ' 53; Pan Hellenic Representative; Dormi- tory Council. MARY JEANETTE WOOD, Natchitoches, Upper Ele- mentary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Freshman Commissioner, ' 52- ' 53; Wesley Foundation Secretary, ' 51- ' 52; Dormitory Council, ' 53- ' 54. Third Row : MARTHA LOUISE WRIGHT, Clayton. Primary Educa- tion, GERALD GORDON YOUNG, Natchitoches, Music; Sig- ma Tau Gamma; ROT. ' Band, ' 50; Chorus; Demonaircs; ' 51; Band; Orchestra; Int. i-Fraternity Council ; Student s.-nate; Band. ' 51- " 54; Demonaires, ' 51- ' . " 4. 77 First How: • CARROLL ADKINS, Coushatta; Physics. • JANICE HELEN ANURESS, Logansport; Home Economics. • NADINE ASH- LEY, Harrisville. Miss.; Business Education. ■ BARBARA ASWELL, Choudrant; Nursing. • CHARLES 11. AMDs. Natchitoches: Agriculture. Second Row : • BERTIE AUSTIN, Eros; Health and Physical Education. • ED BACILLA, Shreveport; Speech. • CLARA SUE BAG- GARLY, Hodge; Nursing. • GEORGE W. BAILEY, St. Maurice: Social Studies. • NIHLA ANN WETZEL BAKER. Alexandria; Nursing. Third Row: • WILLIAM C. BAKER, Shreveport; Upper Elementary Edu- cation. • ELOISE BARRON, Sicily Island: Nursing. BOBBYE BASS, Wisner; Nursing. ■ ROBERT CAREY BATEMAN. Franklinton; Agriculture. • SON BATEY. Wisner; Physical Education and Uppei Elementary Education. Fourth Row: • MARJORIE BAM.EY. Colfax: Nursing. • BOBBY L. BEE- BE, Lena: Health and Physical Education and Upper Elemen- tary Education. • GLORIA M. BENNETT. Bernice; Nursing. • SHIRLEY BENTON, Batchelor: Nursing. • JACK G. BICE. Galvin: Business Education. Fifth Row: • RONNIE CLIFTON BONIAL, Alexandria; Pre-Engineering. • PEGGY BONNER. Lake Charles; Nursing. • CAROLYN BOUTWELL, Winnsboro; Physical Education. • FRANCES RUTH BREEDLOVE, Natchitoches; Secretarial Science. • CHARLES ROBERT BRILEY, Natchitoches: Agriculture. Sixth Row: • KENNETH M. BRISTER, Bastrop; Industrial Arts Educa- tion. • CLAY BROCK. JR.. Winnfield; Upper Elementary Edu- cation. • RUSSELL C. BROWN, Calvin; Industrial Arts. • MORRIS A. BRUCE, Natchitoches; Health and Physical Education. • ELLACE J. BRUCE. JR.. Vivian; Physical Educa- tion. Seventh Row: • MADOLYN BRYAN. Sieper; Upper Elementary Education. • l. KI.YN BRYANT, Goldonna; Upper Elementary Education. •MARTHA KEATING BRYANT, Alexandria; Nursing. • JANE ALICE BUSH, Reeves: Home Economics. • BILLY DOYNE BI II. Ell. Pineville; Chemistry. Eighth Row: • II. A. BUTLER. JR.. Beaumont, Texas; Physical Education. • MARY JOAN BYRD, Baton Rouge: Nursing. • JOELLEN CAGLE. Columbia. Miss.; Nursing. • DAN B. CARR, Winn- field; Health and Physical Education. • BETTIE CHLOE CAR- TER. I rania; Home Economics. Jack Sharp, President and Anne Turrans, Secretary. First Row : • nc J CHAMPAGNE, Mt. Airy; Industrial Education • l MO MICK CHANDLER, Pollock; Uppei Elementarj Education, GU CHEEK, Many; Business Administration •BARBARA CHESSON, Winnfield; Nursing. ■ MARTHA COLDWELL. West Monroe; Primarj Education. S«-«-oncl How : •I. RAYMON COLLIER, Atlanta; Pre-Dentistry. " Hill COLLINSWORTH, Bryceland; Health and Physical Education. ■ COLVIN, Bernice; Nursing • HAZE1 RAMSEY CONEDO, Monroe; Nursing ■ JOHN t CORLEY, Many; Accounting. Third How : •JERRI: RUSH CROCKER, Natchitoches; Pre-Engineering. • Bill IK JEAN lio 1 I I . Grayson; Education. ■ DONNA i I UK AN, Minden; Nursing. ■ DAVID ALLEN DAI TON, Campti; Engineering. • MAR1 KATHRYN DANIEL, Shrev. port; Nursing, Fourth How : • MARCIA DAUZAT, Pitkin; Music. ■ DORMAN W. DAVIS, Leesville; Industrial Arts. • SYLVIA INELL DAMS. Greens- burg; Marketing and Retailing. • BILLIE JEAN DEMPSEY, Cotton Valley; Nursing. • BEVERLY DeVILBISS, Roanoke; Nursing, Fifth Row : • LESTER L. DEVILLE, ill.- Platte; Business Administra- tion. • JOHN EDWARD DICKERSON, Shreveport; Industrial Arte. • LYNELLE SI K DOWDEN, Kisatchie; Primary Educa ii, .n. • JOHN Dlliin DOWNING, Baker; Physical Educa ii,.„. • BOBBYE DUGGAN, Many; Nursing. Sixth Row : • c, LYLESD1 RHAM, Cheneyville; Medical Technology. • I I N J I ANITA DURRETT, Hornbeck; Nursing. • FLOYD L. ELLERMAN, Winnsboro; Industrial Education. • JERRY G. EPPERSON. Baker; Physical Education. ■ JOAN K ANS, ( ' ampti : Accounting. Seventh Row : • MARILYN EVANS, Bernice; Nursing. • ROSE FARRAR, I.illie; Nursing. • DORIS FISHER, Pelican; Nursing. • JANE FLORY, Bossier City; Nursing. ■ JUANJTA FOLSE, Thibo- daux : I pper Elementarj . Eighth Row: •BETTY FOOTE, Cheneyville; Nursing. • MERLIN A. FOSHEE, Provencal; Business Administration. " J Y ( I FRANCES. Jena; Nursing. • JOHN LEVY FREDERICK, Natchitoches; Business Administration. • GERALD FURR, Wisner; Health and Physical Education. JUNIOR CLASS 79 mm ■ " (X t ii First Row : • LEDORE GALLIEN, Natchitoches; Business Administration. • ELOISE HOLT GALLOWAY, Natchitoches: Social Science. • DONALD R. GILL, Elizabeth: Physical Education and Upper Elementary Education. • PAT GIVENS, Pineville; Nurs- ing. • CONNIE GONZALES, Gonzales; Nursing. Second Row : • ELIZABETH GOODWIN, Baton Rouge: Nursing. • VERA GRAHAM, Alexandria: Speech. • GUS E. GREENE, DeRidder; Business Administration. • SUNSHINE MARIE GRIGG, Ash- land: Nursing. • BETTY GRIGSBY, Minden; Nursing. Third Row: • BOBBIE MERCER GRIMSLEY. Monroe; Nursing. • CURTIS D. GROS. Sulphur: Health and Physical Education. • V. RAY GUILI.ORY. Eunice: Business Administration. • M. LAMAR GUY, Lecompte; Sociology. • CARNEY RUTH HALL, Guey- dan; Nursing. Fourth Row: • MARY NELL HAMILTON, Alexandria: Nursing. • J. BRIAN HANCHEY, DeRidder; Health and Physical Educa- tion. DIANA HARRIS. Baton Rouge; Nursing. • NORMA GENE HARRISON, Lake Charles; Mathematics. • JAMES B. HAYES, Shreveport; Physical Education. Fifth Row: • E RL T. HAYNES. Springhill: Physical Education. ■ POLLY HAYS, Many; Business Education. • WILLIAM THOMPSON HILL. Saline; Agriculture. • GLORIA F. HODGES, Lafayette: Health and Physical Educatio n. • CURTIS F. HOGLAN, Pit- kin: Music Education. Sixth Row : • ROBERT T. HOOKER. Hamer, S. C; English. • VIRGINIA LEE HOUSTON, Sarepta: Home Economics. ■ JO HUBLEY, Many: Medical Technology. • JERRY HUMPHREYS, Colum- bia; Nursing. ■ LUCILLE ILES, Alexandria; Nursing. Seventh Row : • DORUlin WILLARD IRBY. Monroe; Nursing. • HUGH ZIP " JOLLEY, Natchitoches; Government. • FREDDIE MERLE JONES, Shreveport: Health and Physical Education. • PA- TRICIA NELL JONES. Jena: Music. • FRANCYSE JOWERS. Roanoke: Primary Education. Eighth Row: • ROBERT 1). JOYNES, Newllano; Social Science. • WILDA KENNON. Jena: Nursing. • GLADYS R. KIEFFER, Goldonna; Mathematics. • NANCY FLOY KIMBRELL, Zwolle; Home Economics. ■ NANCY ANNE KING. Winnfield: Primary Edu- cation. Hen Slngletary, student Boilj Veep. Firsl Row : • It 1 1 LIE J. 1 VMBRIGHT, Pitkin; Home Economics ■ Rl B I VMPIN, Bronson, Texas; Nursing. • MARJORIE I VNDRY, Napol iville; Nursing ■ OPH1 I I INEZ I VROl X, Zwolle Nursing. ■ GAR1 V M I Wlil il-. Hall Summit; Business Administration. Second Row : • LYRIA LAWRENCE, 1 eesville; Primarj Education. " DAV1 E. LAWSON, New Orleans; English Educi n. BOBB I. II Mil. Shreveport; Business Education. • PATS1 LEACH, ivian; Business Education. • MANUE1 PAU1 LENA, Bunkie; Business Vdministral Third Row : • BLANCH IE LEE LEWIS, Elmer; Business Education. ■ C. DAVID I I W IS, W innsl ; Mathematics. ■ MAR " LINDSE1 Franklin; Nursing. [RENE LONG, Elmer; Primarj Educa lion. • SI DIE I OOMIS, I layton; Mathematics. Fourth Row : • JF.Rm D. McDONALD, Vnacoco; Industrial irts. • JOYC1 LaBORDE McDONALD, Shreveport; Nursing. ■ NANETT1 McDONALD, Greensburg; Upper ElemenUrj Education •VIRGINIA MeDOWKI I.. Purl Mien; Nursing. • MAR EVELYN McDI FFIE, Crowville; Nursing. Fifth Row: • CHARLES RUSSELL McINNIS, Hornbeck; Biology. • G. 1 [NE McMICKLE, Natchitoches; Primary Education. •JOHNNY STEVE MARSHALL, Foresl Hill; Mathematics. • LAREE MARTIN, Plain Dealing; Nursing. ■ VIRGINIA MARTIN, Winnfield; Secretarial Science. Sixth Row : • WILBERT W. MASON, Shreveport; Music. • VIRGINIA 1. MAXFIELD, Lake Charles; Primarj Education. • Jo NNl I MEARS, PineviUe; Nursing. ■ MARGARET MESMAN, New Orleans Nursing. ■ JEANETTE R. METHVIN, Natchitoches; Business Kduration. Seventh Row: • J SMS MEYER, Shreveport; Art. ■ MARTHA I 5 N N MID- DLETON, Pleasant Hill; Medical Technology. ■ DONALD EARL MILLEN, Bossier City; Physical Education. ■ DORIS ROARK Mil. IKK. Wesl Monroe; Nursing. ■ MONA GREY MILLER, Natchitoches; Business Education. Fighth Row : •STERLING MAJORS MIN1IKY Natchitoches; Chemistry. • EMOGENE MONKS. Welsh; Home Economics. • GERAL- DINK MOREAU, PineviUe; Nursing. • NELL MORGAN, Shongaloo; Primarj Education. ■ Nil l MORRISON, Ruston; Nursing. JUNIOR CLASS i m ?M First Row: • PAT MURPHY, Tallulah; Nursing. • BILLIE RUTH NEAL, Ferriday; Nursing. • JEAN NOBLE, Winnsboro; Upper Elem- etary Education. • GERALD M. NOTO, New Orleans; Business Education. • JOHN C. NUGENT, Colfax; Business Education. Second Row : • GEORGE A. OUBRE, Garyville: Pre-Law. • MIGUEL PAC- HECO, Punta Marias, Puerto Rico: Biology. • SARA PARIS. Mansfield; Nursing. ■ ROBERT PENDER, Natchitoches; Health and Physical Education. • GEORGE ROY PERKINS, DeQuincy; Upper Elementary and Health and Physical Educa- tion. Third Row: • HELEN PERRY, Lafayette; Nursing. ■ MARIE PERRY, Shreveport; Nursing. • ELIZABETH ANN PEVEY, Amite; Nursing. • BARBARA PIERCE, Angie: Nursing. • ERLENE POWELL. Colfax: Business Education. Fourth Row: • TOMMY RAGLAND. Haynesville; Music Education. • TRAVIS EDWARD RANDLES. Fort Worth, Texas: Social Science. • CHARLENE RAY. Winnfield; Home Economics. • LEOLA RAYMOND, New Orleans; Nursing. • GALE W. ROBINSON, Hornbeck; Industrial Arts. Fifth Row: • JEAN ROBINSON, Shreveport: Medical Technology. • ELGIE ERNEST ROGERS, Saline; Mathematics. • JIMMIE R. ROG- ERS, Saline: Industrial Arts. • BUCK L. RUSSELL, Many; Mathematics. • KIRBY DEAN RYLAND, Alexandria: Busi- ness Administration. Sixth Row: • MONA PAULINE SANDERS, Shreveport; Nursing. • 0C- TAVIA DARE SANDLIN, Natchitoches; Business Education. • GWENDOLYN SELF, Anacoco; Nursing. • JACK SHARP, Natchitoches; Speech. • BUDDIE SHAW, Jamestown: Indus- trial Arts. Seventh Row : • DANNY SHEHEE. Ringgold; Music. • ANITA PAULINE SIGLER. Elizabeth: Primary Education. • GERALDINE FAYE SIMMONS, Shreveport; Nursing. • BEN BENOIT SINGLETARY, Winnfield: Chemistry. • BETH SMITH. Eros; Journalism. Eighth Row: • BILLY J. SMITH. Heflin: Business Administration. • JACK W. SMITH, Shreveport: Nursing. • LOUIS MARION SMITH, Eros; Industrial Arts. • ROLAND L. SMITH. Sulphur: Phys- ical Education. • JUDY SOBERT, Labadieville; Nursing. Billy Baker, Sports Editor of " Current Sauce " and standby of News Bureau. Firs! How : •JOHN FRANCIS SPATARO, Bossiei City; English. •JAMES EAR1 SQUYRES, Natchitoches; Industrial Vrts, • mm; 1 ! SAXON SQUYRES, Natchitoches; Uppei Elementar) Education. ■ BIL1 STANBERRY, Haynesville; Agriculture •l oN ll STEPHONSON, Shreveport; Uppei Elementar] Education. Second Row : • WAYNON S. rARTER, Drj Prong; Business Edu n • ROBER r LOWEL1 I 1 1 M. aterproof; Health and Phys ical Education. • HORACE RA " V IK L. Hineston; Music. • UK I I IK Jl N THOMAS, Shreveport; Nursing. • lit DD " V THOMAS, Coushatta Health and Physical Education. Third Row : •FLEMING KI I N IIKi l S. Ringgold; Social Science. • UUIME THOMPSON, Wate rproof; Home Ee nics. • CHARLES SECKKST TISDA1.K. i-n«: I PP e. Elementary Education. ■ GLENDA TOMS. Saline; Nursing. ■ VNN1 I ' OKK VNS, Shreveport; Sp :h. Fourth Row: • MICHAE1 EDWARD TORRANS, Shreveport; Industrial Vrts. • MAR1 E. Hi KER, Baton Rouge; Nursing. ■ DAVID F. TYLER, Mansfield; Physical Education. ■ ROBERT W. [ " YLER, Chestnut; Biology. ' BEVERLV VOLLMAN, Monroe; lll -III;;. Fifth Row: • Ml IK Ml RREL WALKER, Drj Prong; Physical Educa- tion. • JIMMYE NN W 1 I . Natchitoches; Home Economics. • RILEY K WALLINGSFORD, Jamestown; Business Educa- tion. • MAR! ANN WALTON, Bastrop; Piano-Organ. • SEARLE T. WALTON, Bossier City; Health and Physical Education. • DAN WATERS. Dodson; I pper Elementary Edu- cation. Sixth Row: • MARGARET WEBBER, Vivian; Nursing. ■ MIKE WEBER, Alexandria; I pper Elementar) Education. " TOMMY K X WEST, Zwolle; Business Administration. • STEVE J. W I SI BROOK, Many; Music Education. • HI BERT E. WHATLEY, Jamestown; Industrial Arts. • JOSH MAVIS WHITEHEAD, I ake Providence : Nursing. Seventh Row: • FRANKIE WHTTFORD, Natchitoches; Primarj Education. • WooDKow FREDRICK WHITFORD, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary Education. • JO WILLIAMS, Alexandria: Business Education. ■ BILLIE WAYNE INSTEAD. Ringgold; Home Economics. • JOE I). WITHERS, Hornbeck; Agricul- ture. • CHARLES . Wool . Natchitoches; Pre-Dentistry; Biology. Fighth Row: • ARCHIE R. WORSHAM, Coushatta; I ppei Elementary. • M. EUGENE WRIGHT, Mam: Business Administration. • VERMS C. WRIGHT. Many; Accounting. ■ MARGARET YOUNG, Shreveport; Nursing. ■ SARA NELL YOUNGER, Natchitoches; Music Education. • MICE EMELIA ZENTER, Sili!e : Primary Education. JUNIOR CLASS im Ai r n 9 h 83 .Moore, President and Mar Catherine Gordy f Viee President of sophomore Class. First Row: • CAROLYN FAYE ADAMS, Sikes: Primary Education. • CAROLYN SUE ALEXANDER, Bossier City; Nurs- ing. • MYRTLE ALLEN, Baton Rouge; Nursing. • JERRY LEE ANDERSON, Leesville; lipped Elementary Education. • BETTY ARNOLD. Baton Rouge; Nursing. • LOIS JEAN ARRINGTON, Dry Prong; Home Economics. Second Row : • PEGGY ARRINGTON. Shreveport; Nursing. • ELIZA- BETH AULDS, Natchitoches: Business Education. • ADRI- ENNE AVERITT, Jacksonville, Fla.; Nursing. • PAULA ANN BABIN. Baton Rouge, Nursing. • MERVYN S. BALD- WIN, Oakdale: Business Administration. • MIXON BANK STON, Dry Prong; Chemistry. Third Row: • LAURIE BARILLIER ERINE BASCO. Gorum: Franklinton: Nursing. " ville; Pre-Engineering. guez, Puerto Rico; Business. OP. West Monroe; Nursing. Baton Rouge: Nursing. • CATH- English. • SHIRLEY BATEMAN, GEORGE JAMES BELTZ, Lees- GUILLERMO A. BIDOT, Maya- ANNE CHRISTINE BISH- Fourth Row : • MARILYN BLAGG, Minden; Medical Technology. • OS- BON BLAKE, Goldonna: Business Administration. • THOMAS BLANKENSHIP, Natchitoches; Industrial Arts. • ALICE CECILLE BOBBITT, DeQuincy; Nursing. • FAY E. BOOK, Buras; Social Science. • JACKIE BOURG. Jonesboro; Nursing. Fifth Row : • J. N. BOURGEOIS, Lockport; Physical Education. • HELEN BRADFORD, Winnfield; Business Educa- tion. • DELANO R. BRISTER. Sieper: Industrial Educa- tion • NANCY LELAH BRODNAX, Bastrop; Home Economics. • CATHERINE BROOKS, Tangipahoa; Nurs- ing. • LESTER RAY BROSSET, Derry; Social Sciences. Sixth Row : • JO DONNA BROWN, Natchitoches: Business Administra- tion. • BESSIE LAVERNA BURKETT, Converse; Nursing. • JOHN C. BURNS, Leesville; Business Education. ■ NAN- CY PATRICIA CAMPBELL, Coushatta; Nursing. • LAW- RENCE MEREDITH CARNAHAN, JR., Cloutiersville, Agriculture. • BILLY HUGH CATES, Converse; Industrial Arts. Seventh Row: • WILL ALLEN CATES, Converse; Industrial Arts. • BAR- BARA CHEEK. Many. Home Economics. • LaVEDA CHERRY. Taylor, Arkansas; Nursing. • CLYDE J. CHES- SON. JR., Vinton; Health and Physical Education. • SARA ELIZABETH CHILDRESS, Mansfield; Primary Education. • CAROL CHRISTENSON. Shreveport: Medical Tech- nology. Fighth Row : • NICK MARTIN CICARDO, Alexandria; Business Admin- istration. • JANE CLABORN. Bossier City; Primary Education. • 11. DEAN CLARK, JR., Leesville: Music Edu- cation. • MELVIN GENE CLARK, Vowell ' s Mill: Business Education. • LINDEN D. CLAYBROOK. Logansport; In- dustrial Art-. • CAROLYN CLEMENTS. Vivian; Business Education. 84 SOPHOMORE CLASS Fii t Row : • VEN [ " ON ROY I i ultl RN, 1 1 • -t nt... k. Physical Educa- tion. • }0 I COKER, Harrisonburg; Journalism I Ml ROLL II. CONVERSE, Uexandria; Industrial Arts • DORIS WN REE II. Logansport; Secretarial Science. •HERMAN CROSS, Vidalia; Business Administra tion. ' PAUl M.i.l I CULPEPPER, Jonesboro; Accounting. Second Row : • PEGCi DEAN, Springhill; Nursing. • SHIRLEY YVONNE DEAN, Montgomery S S. 1, ' iu-i-. • AL- l JAMES II. HI II I . Natchitoches; Pre-Medicine. • Jl l DELCOMYN, Alexandria; Business Education. • w l i DEW, Natchitoches; Business Administra- tion. HAROLD l K DOWDEN, Many; Business Ad ministration. Third Row: • BOBB1 l o s. Alexandria; Nursing. ■ JOHN WAN ZER DRANE, Forest; Mathematics and Physics. ■ MAZIE DRANGUET, Natchitoches; Speech. • TED DUGGAN, Florien; Industrial Arts. • DeWITT D. Dl NCAN, PineviU. Industrial Arts. ■ GLYN DELI EBARB, Zwolle; Health and Physical Education. Fourth Row: • JAMES A. ENLOE, Pineville; Business Administration. • BETTYE GAI1 EPPERSON, Baker; Nursing. ■ JAMES SHERILL EPPERSON. Baker; Industrial Arte. • BAR BAR ANNETTE EVANS, Saline: Home Economics. • ROY NASH FAIR, Shreveport; Industrial Arts. ■ RUDOLPH F. FANTA, Westlake; Accounting. Fifth Row: • DOT FARMER, Pineville; Speech. • BILLIE FINCHER, Monro,-: Home Economics. ■ MILTON C. FITZGERALD, JR., Alexandria; Business Administration. • MINNIE FON I l. Hessmer; Nursing. • PAULINE FONTENOT, Lake Charles; Nursing. • CHARLOTTE ANITA FOSTER, Cal- houn; Nursing. Sixth Row : •POM FRARY, New York City, N. Y.; Sociology. • JOHNNIE Mil ISE FRAZIER, Winnfield; Primarj I.I v. in..... • ERMA LEE FREELAND, Gueydan; Music Education. • THEODORE R. FRISCH, Mora: Industrial Arts. • DONALD FULLER, DeRidder; Music Education. • J. B. KILLER. Montrose; Physical Education. Seventh Row: • URENE FI TRE1 I . Do Prong; Nursing. • BILLV G AD- DIS, Belmont; Pre-Engineering. • JiHIWi GARLAND, Sligo; Business Adminstration. • EUGENIA GARLING- TOY Dr) Prong; Nursing. • BETTY LOU GARNER, Mont- gomery; Primary Education. • JIMMI W. GAY, McDade, Agriculture. I igh Hi Row: • I ANET C. GIBBS, Natchitoches; I pper Elementarj Edu- cation. • Jl NE MARII GLEASON, P..rt Sulphur; Art. • BETTV i . GODWIN, Chestnut; Home Economics. • AL- LISON GOLDSBY, Mansfield; Industrial EducaUon. • l in CATHERINE GORDY, Wisner; Medical Tech nolosy. I WK.II (.OSS. Tr.m-yhania: Home Economics. 85 _ v u BOH wmmmmm Nancj Kimbrell, Sophomore Counselor. First Row: • GLORIA GRAY, Natchitoches: Primary Education. • BARBARA JEAN GREGORY, Urania; Business Educa- tion. ' ALPHA LEAH GREMILLION, Bunkie: Nursing. • DOT GUILLORY, Forest Hill; Primary Education. • MILLIE HALDERMAN, Alexandria; Nursing. • GUI- ANNA HALEY, Belmont; Nursing. Second Row : • MARGARET HANSON, Rosenine: Business Education. • MARIANNE JEANNE HARWELL. Shreveport; Nursing. • JIMMYE DEE HATCHER, Sikes: Business Education. • JO ANNE HAYES, Urania; Nursing. • A. JUNE HEN- DRIX, Alexandria: Nursing. • RUTH HERRON, Oak Ridge; Primary Education. Third Row: • LaNELL HINES, Center Point: Home Economics. • CINDY HODGE. Mora; Business Education. • ONETA L. HODSON, Raceland: Chemistry. • JUDITH MARILYNN HOLLOWAY, Alexandria; Business Education. • OLIVE ANN HORN, DeQuincy; Nursing. • HELEN HUDSON. Springhill; Nursing. Fourth Row: • BETTY LOU HURST. Bastrop; Secretarial Science. • MACK JAMES, Boyce: Agriculture. • BARBARA JOHN- SON, Pioneer: Upper Elementary Education. • BARRY LYNN JOHNSON, Shreveport; Business Administration. • CHARLES EUGENE JOHNSON, Alexandria; Mathema- tics. • NORMA FAYE JOHNSON, Sieper; Dietetics. Fifth Row: • JEANIE JOHNSON, Alexandria: Nursing. • LINDA GAYLE JONES. Shreveport: Art. • ROBERT HERMAN JONES, Simsboro; Nursing. • VIRGIE ANNICE JONES, Shreveport: Music Education. • JAMES B. JORDAN, Robe- line: Business Education. • R. PRESTON KINCHEN, Ham- mond; Government. Sixth Row: • A. GERALD KING. Plain Dealing: Social Science. • BOBBY L. KORNEGAY, Winnfield: Accounting. ■ WAN- DA ANN LaCOUR, Colfax: Business Education. ■ MAR- GURITE LAMPIREZ, Lake Charles: Nursing. • LUCILLE LARK. Springhill: Nursing. • JERRY LYTELL LAVES- PERE, Alexandria: Physical Education. Seventh Row: • ROBERT LEE, Bossier City: Forestry. • WILLIAM REESE LEE, Shreveport; Social Science. • DALVIN C. LEGGETT, Natchitoches: Business Education. ■ JOE BAILEY LEM- MON. Jefferson, Texas: Nursing. • DOUGLAS C. LEONE. Zwolle; Pre-Engineering. • JAMES WILLIAM LITTLE, Bossier City: Physical Education. Eighth Row: • ANN EVA LOUGHRIDGE, Flora; Secretarial Science • JACK EZEL LUCIA. Innis; Home Economics. • RICH- ARD DURWOOD McBRIDE, Natchitoches; Industrial Vrts Education. • JACK PARNELL McCAIN, Natchitoches; Business Administration. • GEORGE MeCONATHY. Gibs- land; Health and Physical Education. ■ BOBBY HI El McDONAl.I). Converse: Industrial Arts. SOPHOMORE CLASS First Kn : •D RALPH McDONALD, Shi. v. ,...n : Industrial Arts. • CLAl DETTE McGEE, Jena; Nursing. • LOUVENIA Mi GEE, Bossiei City; Nursing. ■ VAN K McGRAW, Derryj Agriculture. • [RGIE McGl MM H irrison- burg; Music. ■ JUSTINE McMURRY, Winnfield; Homi Economics. Second Row: • I ANE McPHAIL, Shreveport; Biology. ■ Jul IN III in Mi I S RE, Nati hitoi hes Pre Veterinarian. ■ AROl S N CLYD1 UN M MUM V Bossiei I ity; Nursing. ■ JOHN . M INNING, Kaplan; Nursinp. • I ARRS KOI WD l KSII l . Man) : Musii . ■ JOHN I . M ASS1 S . N itchitoi hes; Accounting. Third Row : • ANN M A LUIS. Montgomery; Nursing. ■ Gl S W AYN1 MAXEY, Zwolle; Business Administration. ■ JADWIN V. MAYEAUX, Moreauville; Health and Physical Education. • J ( Ml MKARKS. Carnpti: Industrial Arts. ■ JANK I YVONNE MELTON, Winnfield; Medical Technology. • WILBURN Mil I IK. Natchitoches; Upper Elementary. Fourth How: •J. I). MONTGOMERY, JR., Bellw 1; Agriculture. • HARRY BISHOP MOORE, Goldonna; Business (Admin- istration. • ROGER K i Mix iKK. Converse; Industrial Arts. • CLARENCE M. MOORMAN, Mans6eld; Upper Elementary. ■ CHARLES MORROW, Pitkin: Arts Education. ■ JAMES B. MORROW, Elizabeth; Agri culture. Fifth Row: • DORIS MORTON, Mansfield; Nursing. • ELOISI MOR- TON, Campti; Home Economics. ■ PATSY RAE MOSS, Provencal; Primary Education. • MARILYN lit I ' ll Mill TER, Alexandria; Home Economics. ■ RAYMOND NAILS, Coushatta; Business Education. • BEITS .11 NE WPII R, Converse: Nursing. Sixth Row: • ANN NASH, Alexandria; Home Economics. ■ 1 1 I I 1 1 NICHOLAS, Shreveport; Nursing. • JOYCE E. NORS- WORTHY, Florien; Secretarial Science. • ROBERT ORBAN, New Brunswick, New Jersey; Business Admin- istration. • ALEAN OXLEY, Fisher; Nursing. • RAFAE1 PACHECO, Santurce, Puerto Rica; Pre-Engineering. Seventh Row : •FRED MORGAN PACKARD, Melville; Art. • MELBA PAGE, Flora; Nursing. • VIRGINIA PALMER, Mansfield; Nursing. • JAMES REVEINE PARKER, Irving, Texas; Business Administration. • GLENDA PEARCE, Zwolle; Government • MARICELIA DIANI PEPPER, Logansport; Primary Education. I i Mith Row: • ALFREDO PEREZ, Cabo Rojo, Punt.. Rica; Business Ad ministration. • MAX II. PETERS, Waterproof; Pre-Medi cine. • ANN PHILLIPS, Mam: Home Economics. • JOHN L. PITTMAN, Natchitoches; Electrical Engineering • KITH PITTMAN. Durant, Miss.; Nursing. ■ WILLIAM 11. PLUMB, JR.. Shreveport; Industrial Art-. •i oL » mM itAKkA Cindj Hodge and Fay Jolinaon, Sophomore Counselors and B.S.U. standouts. First Row : • LOUISE PONS, Shreveport; Art. • DOROTHY MIG- NONETTE PORTER, Shreveport: Nursing. ■ GENE POR- TER. Winnfield: Health and Physica l Education. • VIVIAN PRUDHOMME. Bermuda: Primary Education. • HUGH C. PURSER. Vinton: Mathematics. • EVELYN LaFAY RATCLIFF, Rayville: Home Economics. Second Row: • RICHARD A. RAY. Alexandria: Art. • JEFFERSON C. REID. Pitkin: Upper Elementary. • MARJORIE REY- NOLDS, Baton Rouge: Nursing. • SARAH RITTER, Many- Nursing. • MARGARET MARIE ROBIN. Sulphur: Ac- counting. • JOANNE BEVERLY ROBINSON, Memphis, Tenn.; Health and Physical Education. Third Row: • WILLIAM H. ROBINSON, Shreveport: Journalism. • CHARLES NUMA ROGE Cloutierville ; Agriculture. • ELAINE ROGERS. Saline; Music. • THOMAS E. ROG- ERS, Saline: Physics. • IMOGENE ROLLER, Natchitoches; Home Economics. • JOHN ISAAC SANDERS, Hornbeck; Agriculture. Fourth Row : • OWEN E. SANDERS. Hornbeck; Agriculture. • MAX OLIN SASSER. Mansfield; Business Administration. • RUTH IRIS SCHECH, Bush; Nursing. • S. T. SELF, Anacoco: Agriculture. ■ BETTY RUTH SHAW. Taylor; Nursing. • ROBERT H. SHIVOR, Wisner; Physical Edu- cation. Fifth Row: • JIMMIE SHOWS. Ragley; Business Education. • LINDA SHOWS, Natchitoches: Nursing. • NELLIE FAYE SIKES. Winnfield: Primary Education. • NELL SLACK. Sarepta; Secretarial Science. • EULA VIVIAN SMILEY, Woodworth: Nursing. • JO ANN SMITH, Benton, Nursing. Sixth Row : • PAUL MAURICE SMITH. Verda; Physical Education. • RICHARD SMITH. Bastrop: Business Administration. • SHERRIL RUTH SOWERS. Pineville; Health and Phys- ical Education. • BILLY STEELE, Oxford: Physical Edu- cation. • MARIBEL STEWART. Mer Rouge: Primary Edu- cation. • NAN STILL. Denham Springs: Nursing. Seventh Row: • JAMES R. STOKER, Mansfield; Business Administra- tion. • GEORGE H. STROUD. Benton: Business Admin- istration. • HOWARD STROUD. JR., Many: Upper Elem- entary. • MARY BESS STROUD, .Montgomery: Physical Education and Upper Elementary. • MARTHA ADELE STUCHLIK, Kolin; Nursing. • ROBERT E. SYLVEST, Franklinton; History. Eighth Row: • CHARLES ALBERT TASSIN, Jonesville: Business Edu- cation. • ETHEL LOUISE TAUZIN, Natchitoches; Home Economic . • DENCIL TAYLOR, Newellton; Speech. • DOROTin THOMAS. Ball; Nursing. • ORRON FELD- ER THOMAS. Ashland: Physical Education. • JACKIE THOMPSON. Boyce: Nursing. 88 SOPHOMORE CLASS First l{ « : • GERALD I ' .. TILLEUX, Shreveport; Business Adminis- tration. • LOYCI [ " ODD, Natchitoches; Business Educa tion MARGARET TOWNSEND, Natchitoches; Primary Education. ' JOSEPH N. VERCHER, Gorum; Business Education. • IM VEULEMAN, Many; Nursing. • THAN IS A. VICKERS, Zwolle; Agriculture. Second Row: • MARGIE LOIS VINCENT, West Lake; Primarj Educa ii,.n • FRAN ES W ALKER, Pollock; Nursing. ■ 1 m WALL, Baton Rouge; Nursing. • BEVERLV WASCOM, Corbin; Nursing. • l IO YVONNE WELCH, Natchi- toches; Secretarial Science. ■ II W NN ANN WHAT1 EY, Pollock; Business Education. Third Ro« : • CHARLES I. WHITAKER, Bastrop; Health and Phys- ical Education. • BETH I WHITE, Dodson; Nursing. • LAWREN I II Willi I. St. Petersburg, Florida; Busi- ness Administration. ■ WAYNE WILKERSON, Natchi- toches; Agriculture. • JESSIE I.F.E WILKINSON. Vl.-x- andria; Upper Elementary Education. CONNIE MAI WILLI Wis. Elizabeth; Nursing. Fourth Row: • BETTY WILSON. Alexandria; Dietetics. ■ BOB W AYNE WILSON. Alexandria; Industrial Arts. • BETTY LOl WOMACK, Baton Rouge; Nursing. ■ WILLIAM S. Wool). Winnfield; Industrial Arts. ■ KENNETH JOSEPH WOODLE, Zwolle; Business Administration. • HAROLD l. WRIGHT, Florien; Business Administration. Fifth Rom : • KATHRYN WRIGHT, Zwolle; Home Economics. • TROi K. YARBROUGH, Coushatta; Business Administration. • HELEN i) NG, Oakdale; Nursing. • GORDON KIN I ZABASKY, Lena Station; Health and Physical Education. Anyone for tennis? in ' .8 ■ ti " T V . - 1 fcjp — I _ ♦V-s 1 ii«ur|HB J . . jwrf z M r n ■■|MBM| — M m - n .• M U First Row: • MARY ABNEY, Shreveport; Nursing. • ALICE POPE I MS, Westlake; Home Economics. • ELIZABETH ADAMS, Coushatta; Secretarial Science. • CLARA MARIE ADDINGTON. Natchitoches: Nursing. • JO ANN AINS- WORTH, Natchitoches; Secretarial Science. • BILLIE RAE ALBRITTON, Baton Rouge; Upper Elementary Edu- cation. Second Row: • CHARLOTTE ANN ALFORU. Many; Secretarial Science. • JUANITA ALFORD, Many; Business Education. • BOBBY ALLEN ALOST. Alexandria; Health and Physical Educa- tion. • ANN ARLEDGE, Campti; Elementary Education. • GLYNN ELLIOTT AVANT. Pollock: Accounting. • CAROLYN FAYE AVERY, Jonesboro; Journalism. Third Row: • HENRIETTA BAKER, Alexandria: Secretarial Science. • NAOMI JEAN BARFIELD. Hico; Nursing. • BENNIE GEORGE BARRON, Pineville: Industrial Education. • BAR- BARA HARRIET BARTLESON, Ft. Myers. Fla.; Medical Technology. • RAYMOND A. BATES. Baton Rouge: Pre- Engineering. • SAMMIE RAY BATES, Castor; Physical Education. Fourth Row: • BETTYE LEE BEASLEY, Haynesville; English. • CLARA LOUISE BELL, Forest Hill; General Curriculum. • BILLY JOE BENEFIELD. Natchitoches: Health and Physical Edu- cation. • VERA MAE BENTLEY. Vivian: Upper Elemen- tary. • FREDDIE R. BOZEMAN, Belmont: Pre-Law. • MARY E. BREVELLE, Oakdale: Home Economics. Fifth Row: • CHARLOTTE EMILY BREWTON, Goldona: Upper Elementary. • MELBA DELORES BROUSSARD, Colfax: Nursing. • BETTY JEAN BROWN. Krotz Springs: Nursing. • FRANCES NELL BROWN, Bastrop; Physical Education. • HESTER IRENE BROWN, Alexandria: Journalism. • HILDA ANN BROWN. Alexandria: Nursin g. Sixth Row: • MARLENE JOYCE BROWN, West Lake; Secretarial Science. ■ RICHARD G. BROWN, Converse: Health and Physical Education. • MARJORIE LEE BRUMLEY, Many- Nursing. • DANIEL BLAINE BUMGARDNER, Ringgold; Physical Education. • ALBERT B. BURNHAM, Bossier City; Music. • RAY G. BURNHAM, Haynesville: Music. Seventh Row : • MARILYN KAY BUSBICE, Eros; Secretarial Science. • JEAN BUSWELL, Coushatta: Secretarial Science. • CAROLYN BYRD. Springhill; Music Education. ■ JERRY B. BYRD. Shreveport: Journalism. • ROGER BYRD. Mont- gomery; General Curriculum. • MARY MILES BYRNE, Shreveport: Primary Education. Eighth Row: • LARRY LAMAR CALHOUN, Castor: Accounting. • VAUGHNCEIL CALHOUN, Pitkin: Nursing. • JOSE- PHINE LOUISE CALLIA. Powhatan: Nursing. • SAMUEL JOSEPH CALLIA, Powhatan: Nursing. • MARY ANN CANTERBURY. Florien; Primary Education. • AGNES E. CANTRELLE. Harvey: French-Spanish. Ninth Row: • AUBREY JACK CAPELAN, Shreveport; Business Admin- istration. • OLIVE G. CARROLL, Natchitoches; Home Eco- nomics. • MARJORIE CARTER, Shreveport; History. • MARY ESTELLE CARTER. Forest Hill; General Curric- ulum. • RUPERT LONNELL CARTER, Hall Summit; In- dustrial Art-. • ELIZABETH CASON, Coushatta; Upper Elementary Education. FRESHMAN CLASS 90 Pelii in . I ppi i I I ' in ' hi. ii j II l ' l . Ferridaj Busi LEE CH ASE, Wati r| I • r , in i ii i in i First lto» : • ROSEM IO Ml AMBERLIN, I ducation. • SHIR] Et LOl I mesa Administri a. ' D ANIEL Health Bnd Physii al E dm ation. I I ii, Pineville; Industrial Arts • K I W AR I HI R ( Mil lih KS. ..I. ih. i. Genera] I ui lum. DAVID EU- GENE CHRISTMAN, Clarks; Upper Elementarj Educa- i Second Row: • Kl III K ARDO, Uexandria; History. ■ I AROLYN si | ( | | ki |i. Alexandria; Nursing. ■ E. Wll I II (liil I II K. Bermuda; Primarj I ducation ■ I ' llll II ' JO- SB I ' ll ( (U I INS, I arose; Soi ial Studies, ■ N N CON LAN, Shreveport; I pper Elementarj Education. • ROY I l K CON] AY, reston; Forestrj Third Row: • El o I s I CONLEY, Shreveporl Accounting. • DOROI in ERNESTINE I 001 EY, Mora; Sei retarial S ience ■ M li lll ANNE CORLEY, Coushatta; Secretarial Science. • JOE Del AYNI I ORMB I I . Wati r f; Business Ad- ministration. • J. I). COURTNEY, JR., Ida; General Cur- riculum. • K K I ADAIR COX, Benton; Business. I ..III ill liini : • N CRAWFORD, wmnsboro; Physical Education • 1 lild RODNEY CROCKER, Natchitoches; Geology. • VIRGINIA Ml i ROSSNO, Doyline; Home Economics. • ill Mil IS GER l l» i HI Ml ' . M.i. ih. mil.-: Music Edu- cation. • HERMAN REGINALD (HI Ml ' . Ringgold; In dustrial Arts. ■ ELVIS If 1 Cll. ERHOI SK. II. llin; Genera] I lurriculum. Fifth Kom : • LESLIE JOHN DAIGLE, Houma; Business Administra- tion. • BESSIE MAE DAVIS, Baton Rouge; Business Edu- cation. • JAMES L. DAVIS, Florien; Agriculture. • VVONNI DAVIS, Grangeville; Nursing. ■ JOCELYN ANN DELCAMBRE. New Ilieria: IMiN-i. ..I Education. • l. l JEAN DERRICK, Many; Pre Medicine. Sixth Row: ■BILL ' S I. DERRICK, Mam: Business Administration. •ELSIE MARIE DeWOLF, Iowa; Secretarial Science. • MAR III DDCON, Shreveport; Nursing. • M lfi JANE DOrOHTV. Ravvill,-: Nursing. • JERRY DOl(. I AS, RayviUe; Nursing. • M lf(.ll (.If ( I inn (.1 S Clarks; Business Education. Seventh Row: •JOHNNIE MERLENE DOWDEN, Kisatchie; General Curriculum. • VIRGINIA RUTH DOYAL, Alexandria; Nursing. ■ BRENDA K i DRISKILL, Berwick; Nursing. • MWii ( AROL DuBOIS, Colfax; Business Education. • M Ki GA1 I I HI i II AMP, Mansfield; Secretarial Science. I iv. lull Row: •MILDRED LOUISE ECKHARDT, Winnsboro; Home Economics. • JANICE KYLE EDWARDS, Fryeburg; Phys- ical Education. • SARAH EVELYN ELLISON, Noble; Nursing. ■ PEGGY ANN ENLOE, Saline: Secretarial Science. • DONALD GENE EVANS, Bastrop; Industrial Arts Education. • JOHN H R Ei | s. Jena; Upper Elementarj Education. Ninth Row: • Hl ' GH FAIR HUH. ( olfax; Physical Education. ■ ALEX FERRY, Alexandria; Biology. • ROSE MARIE FERTI I I Leesville; Business Education. ■ ANN LOUISE III PATRICK, Shreveport; Nursing. • RANDELL AARON FLETCHER. Verda; Agriculture. • VIRGIE MiHHNI FOI DS, innsboro; Nursing. " al Worsham, Vice President; Bennj initli. President; and Robert Oehler, Secretary. $9f ;- y AM I i:« ( iixr z— s - First Row: • MARTHA JEAN FOOTE, Tullos; Health and Physical Education. • EVELYN FORD, Mansfield; Physical Educa- tion. • HAROLD L. FORD, Bastrop: Medical Technology. • CAROLINE W. FOSHEE, Natchitoches: Nursing. • JOHNNYE JO FOSHEE, Natchitoches; Music. ■ MAX STANLEY FOSTER, Castor: Business Administration. Second Row: • DOROTHY ANN FOX, Mitchell; Business Education. • BETTY JO FREE, Pleasant Hill: Nursing. • DOUGLAS DEAN FREE. Pleasant Hill: Health and Physical Educa- tion. • EDWIN ANDREW -JACK " FREEMAN. Hodge: Mathematics. • MYRTLE JACQUELINE FREEMAN, Shreveport; General Curriculum. • BARBARA GAMBRELL. Ferriday; Secretarial Science. Third Row: • RAY EDWARD GAMMILL, Shreveport: Business Ad- ministration. • CELA GANDY, Manv: Secretarial Science. • FANNIE MARIE GARB, New Iberia: Nursing. • FRAN- CES GARCIA, Zwolle; Dietetics. • ELSIE MAY GARRETT, Bastrop: Medical Technology. • SARAH DARWENIA GERMAN. Many: Music Education. Fourth Row : • MARILYN L. GIBSON, Vivian: English. ■ PAULA CA- MILLE GILBERT. Minden: Primary Education. • RUBY NELL GORDY, Winnsboro: English. ■ GLENDA GORE, Plain Dealing: Secretarial Science. • BEVERLY JOSE- PHINE GOURDON, Natchitoches: Dietetics. • JERRY DA- VID GRAHAM, Port Sulphur: Industrial Arts. Fifth Row: • THOMAS E. GRAY, Natchitoches; Industrial Arts. • LINDA JEAN GREENE, DeRidder: Primary Education. • LOUISE GREER, Marksville: Nursing. • CHARLOTTE MARIE GRIFFITH, Grand Cane: Secretarial Science. • ANNE MARIE HAIGHT. Natchitoches: Secretarial Science. • ELAINE HARDEE. Campti: Nursing. Sixth Row: • EVELYN FRANCES HASKINS, DeRidder: Nursing. • GLYNN LAMARR HAYNES, Springhill: Business Ad- ministration. • HANNAH MARIE HAYNES, Natchez: Medical Technology. • PAULA HAYNES. Princeton: Pri- mary Education. • SHIRLEY ANN HAYS, Many; Nursing. • PEGGY SUE HEEL, Shreveport; Nursing. Seventh Row : • JERRY BRADFORD HENDERSON. Bastrop; Physical Education. • MARY VIRGINIA HENDRY. Newellton; Ac- counting. • SHELLY M. HENNIGAN, Saline: Business Ad- ministration. • PEGGY JO HERRIN, Alexandria; Nursing. • JAMES CAMERON HILL, Natchitoches: Pre-Engineer- ing. • NORMA LEE HILLMAN, DeRidder; Nursing. Fighth Row: • BRIAN HOWARD HINES. New Verda: Agriculture • INER CAROL HINES, Bethany: Art. ■ WILLIAM AN- DREW HOLCOMB, Many: Pre-Engineering. • BOBBYE GWEN HOLMAN, Flora; Business Education. • BESSIE SUE HOOPER, Deville: Nursing. ■ MARY ALICE HOP- PER. Columbia: Primary Education. Ninth Row: • LENA MAE HORTMAN, Rocky Mount: Secretarial Science. • ALICE LUCILLE HULLS, Newellton; Home Eco- nomics Education. • LOLA FAY HUMBLE. Wisner; Busi- ness Education. • REGINALD ALFRED HUMBLES, De- ville: Pre-Engineering. ■ LARRY GENE ILES, DeRidder; Biology. • BETTY RAE IRBY. Plain Dealing: Primary Education. FRESHMAN CLASS 92 First Kom : • RUSSELJ ERNES! 1SAACKS, Newton, Texas; Agricul- ture. • .11 MA I!- J KSON, Springhill; I ppei Eli men tar) Education. I 11)11 I JEFFERS, Vinton; Journalism ■ LOUELLA JENNINGS, Vivian; Music. • ROMA II N NINGS, Nati hitoches; Business Education. ■ I ' ' . ' I I I IM I m I ORES JOHNS, Alexandria; Nursing. Second K« « : • ( II VR1 ES II DRED JOHNSON, l!..-ir,.,, : Physical Edu ci • I ii Hid I UN J. JOHNSON, Oakdale; Business Edu cation. ■ NE1 DA LEA JOHNSON, I olumbia; Nursing. •SANDRA JEAN JOHNSON, Sbreveport; Nursing. • ROSEMARY JOHNSTON, Mansfield; Secretarial Science • BOBB F. JONES, Winnfield; Business Administration. I I. . . . I ItiiH : • EDITH JONES, Zwolle; Business Education. ■ .11 1 1 III JONES, Bastrop; Nirsing. • EDDII M» FORDAN Natchitoches; English Education. • ASHTON PAUL JOY- MS. Newllano; Musi. Education ■ k Mil PFIS1 I I! k AMMER, New Orleans; Business Administration. •HELEN ANN KEITH, Little Rock, Arkansas; Health .....I Physii ..I I- ducation. Fourth Itovt : •JOYCE LYNN KENNEDY, Zachary; Journalism. • PEGG Kl III KERR, Baton Rouge; Nursing. " JULIA MAYE kl C. Marion; Nursing. ■ GERTRUDE ELOISI kKl MM, Hackberry; Nursing. • I ' i N N 1 AFF1 I I I . Mans- field; Nursing. ■ JANE 1 i ASTER, Ferriday; Secretarial Science. Fifth l»..» : •CAROLYN VIRGINIA LANGSTON, Pollock; Nursing. • I AVELLE LOIS LANGSTON, Pollock; Upper Elemen- tarj Education. ■ ERNIE LLOYD LEDET, Pori Sulphur; General Curriculum. • Mil ION PICKETT LEE, Harmon; Physical Education. • SAM THOMAS LEE, Harmon; Physical Education. • ROSE FRANCES LENA, Bunkie; Secretarial Science. Sixth Row: • ESTHER JOYCE LINDSAY, Baker; Nursing. • SARA ol ETA I OCK ARD, Oak Grove; Nursing. • R U THOM AS lot KWOOD, Nixon, N. J.: Accounting. ■ MOZEL LOFT- IN, Coushatta; Pre-Medicine. • LACEY MILTON LOFTON, PreDental. • MELVIN LONG, Alexandria; Social Studies. Seventh Rom: • TOM H. LONG, Winnfield; Speech. • GEORGE OLIVER LOVETT, Baton Rouge; Pre-Engineering. • SIDNEY GAY M.i LL, Sondheimer; Primarj Education. • HI I n JEAN McCARTNEY, Hanna; Art. ■ DON RAY Mc- CAUGHEY, Vinton; General Curriculum. • WILLIAM MARION McCONNELL, Springhill; Industrial Arts Eighth Row : • CHARLINE M. McCOY, Hall Summit: Nursing. • (.1 EN RA " J McDONALD, Mitchell; Health and Physical Educa- tion. • V, NELL McDONNOLD, West Lake; Secretarial Science. • MILDRED BEATRICE McELVEEN, Ana Nursing. ■ Mil HAEL McELWEE, Campti; Industrial Arts • DOROTIH McFARLAND, Alexandria; Vocal Music Edu- cation. Ninth Row: • SALLIK Jl M.GKHKK. Baton Rmi " .-; 1 ,, p er Elemen- tary. • ANNE ELIZABETH McKENZIE, Shreveport; Nurs- ing. • RALPH Mel ANAHAN, Florien; Business Admin- istration. • DOROTHY K , Mel AREN, Cypress; Home Economics. • JO ANNE McNEILL, Hackberry; Nursing •CLIFTON JAMES McNEW, Ferriday; Health and Physical Education. Hit Weber, Freshman cheerleader. Jtfk dm L fc • • nf r 1 y ■ f - L HJLtzk First Row: • HUEY McPHEARSON, Marthaville: Mathematics. • FLOY ANN MACKIN, Shreveport; Medical Technology. • CAROLYN MAGEE, Franklinton ; Nursing. • EVA DEAN MAGEE, Converse; Medical Technology. • JOAN MA- LONE, Monroe: Nursing. • BARBARA V. MARTIN, Mora; Business Education, Second Row : • FREDERICK JOHN MARTINEZ, Baton Rouge: Health and Physical Education. • GRACE MAE MECHE, Abbe- ville; Nursing. • VERNICE MEGASON, Marthaville: Home Economics. ■ MARY E. MELDER, Glenmora; Health and Physical Education. • MAX MERCER, Winnfield; Ac- counting. • DeWITT MILAM, Cotton Valley; Geology. Third Row : • JEANNETTE MILAM, Pineville; Nursing. • MARGARET MAE MILKS, Broadhead, Wisconsin: Nursing. • BOBBY LYNN MILLER, Natchitoches: Industrial Arts. • JOHN MILLER, Campti: Piano. • JOHN WRIGHT MILLER, DeRidder; Art. • LOU ELLA MILLER, Basile; Nursing. Fourth Row: • GAYLE JOCELYN MIMS, Fryeburg: Nursing. • MARI- LYN KAY MIMS, Hornbeck; Business Education. • MARY LEE MITCHELL, Boyce; Nursing. • MARTHA RUTH MIZELL. Bogalusa: Home Economics. • MARJORIE LOUISE MOFFETT, Quitman: Nursing. • HOWARD E. MONK, LaCamp; Accounting. Fifth Row : • BILL ELISHA MOORE, Oil City: Physical Education. • ELMER ELLENDER MOREAU, Pineville: General Cur- riculum. • BEVERLY JEAN MORGAN, Shreveport; Nurs- ing. • DON C. MORGAN, Baton Rouge: Pre-Veterinary. • GEORGE WESLEY MORGAN, Chestnut: Business Ad- ministration. • LAMAR MOTT, Glenmora: Health and Physical Education. Sixth Row: • NAOMI LOUISE MOTT, Glenmora: Upper Elementary. • ADRIAN MUSSELWHITE, Oberlin: Upper Elementary. • ELAINE MYERS. Glenmora: Upper Elementary. • BOB DON NASH, Bayside, N. Y.; Pre-Engineering. • EDWARD GEORGE NASS, New Orleans: Industrial Arts. • BAR- BARA S. NEAMES. Baker: Nursing. Seventh Row: • CATHERINE IRMA NETTLES. Bunkie; Secretarial Science. • JOHN DAVID NOLES, Heflin; General Curri- culum. • JUNE EVELYN NORMAND, Alexandria; Nurs- ing. • SUE CAROL ODOM, Haynesville; Music. • AUDREY FAYE OGDEN. DeRidder: Nursing. • MARILYN DAWN OLDENBURG, Monroe: Nursing. Eighth Row: • VIRGINIA OLIVER, Campti; Nursing. ■ BILLY J. OS- BORN, Bastrop: Pre-Forestry. • EDNA LOUISE OS- BORNE, Oak Ridge: Nursing. • NELWYN IRETA OWENS, Ruston; Nursing. • DEWEY PAGE, Natchitoches; Physical Education. • NICK A. PANOS. Alexandria; Business Ad- ministration. Ninth Row: • NORMA LaVERNE PATE. Heflin: Mathematics. • JERRY RONALD PAYNE. Alexandria; Music Education. • PA- TRICIA L. PAYNE, Natchitoches; General Curriculum. • GRAHAM O. PEAVY, Leesville: Business Administra- tion. • FRANK ALBERT PETTY, JR.. Man-field: Library Science. • JOHN E. PICKERING. JR., Selman City, Texas; Physical Education. FRESHMAN CLASS First Row : • CARMINE PISCOPO, Natd bes; Government. ■ FLO II I EN I ' oU ELL, Pleasanl Hill: Primary Edui ation. • l TON Bl ANCH Uli Pott III. JB . Ashland; ( bemistry. ■ I II KI I S I PRES1 EY, Belli I; Buain( Administration. ' l l RABB, Waterproof; Elementar) Education, ■ MOl I II 10 R Willi). Pollack; II I co nomii - Second Knu : • BETn RASBERRY, Quitman; Xui-ii . • Bl in M I RAY, Hefiin; Nursing. ■ V tt Kill). Bastrop; Physical Education. • RODNEY R. RHODES, Natchitoches; Indus. m., I Arts • ( I ARISSA GR I RI II VRDSON, I oil u Home Economics. ADA SI I ROA( II. Monroi Nm-ins. Third How: • Kim ROBERTS, Mora; Uppei Elementary. ■ I ARRl ROBINETTE, Campti; Pre-Dentistry. ■ JOAN VIRGINIA ROBINSON, Fisher; Secretarial Science. ' BARBARA l( ROBSON, Natchitoches; Mum, Education. • R. I . RODRI- i.l I. N,» Orleans; Engineering. • JANE RODR1 CI EZ, i i Orleans; Nursing. Fourth How : • MILDRED DELORES ROGERS, Pelican; Home I co uomics ' BOBB1 NADARA RUSSELL, Logansport; Nurs- ing. • MOZE1 I I HI SSE1 I . Ville Platte; Nursing. ■ ROM RYAN, Effie; Business Education. ■ ROCHELLE " ROBBIE " SANDLIN, Shreveport; Nursing. • NORMA CECILI SAR TORI. Pineville; Nursine. Fifth Row : •SHIRLEY CAY SAUCER, Stamps, Ark.: Nur-., • PATS! SI ARBOROUGH, Linville; Health and Physical Education, ■ MAR1 I ANE SHAMB1 RGER, Jena; Musii Piano. • CHARLES LEONARD Sll AKHONO. I .,-,■,„ ■: Pre-Enninwring. • PA IS 1 ) SHEHANE. Nat, -hit... h, • ; (.,,, eral Curriculum. ■ I A A MUFFET SHEHEE, Ringgold; Physical Education. Sixth Row: • CECIL K. SHI ER, Wisner; General Curricul ■„, • BETTY SIBLEY, Natchitoches; Primary Education. ■ ED- MI III DALE SIGLER; Elizabeth; Industrial Art- • M Alii LOl SIMMONS. DeRidder; Elementary Education. • BENNY E. SMITH. Winnfield; Business Education. • BETH LOl SMITH. Coushatta; Business Education. Seventh Row : • BEVERLY J WE SMITH, Shreveport; Nursing. • I ARO IYN SI I SMITH, Many; Upper Elementary Education. • MERRILL TEMPI E SMITH. Pascagoula, Miss.; Journal- ism. • OBER G. SMITH, Boyce; Nursing. ■ ROBER MM SMITH, Lawhon; Physical Education. ■ SOPHIA I RSI I SNELL, Anacoco; I pper Elementar] Education. I i- lull Row: • l ,I( IE JEW SPARROW, Colfax; Hum,,,- Education • JOEL J. SPEIGHTS. Mam: PlnM,.,l Education ■ DORO- THY JANE SPENCE, Mansfield; Elementary Education • JON I AUK, STARR, Minden; Journalism. ■ FLOYD M STEPHENSON, Bastrop; Business Administration. SHIR- LEI JEAN STEWART, Leesville; Secretarial Science. Ninth Row: • J WHS LEWIS STONE. J,,,.,: I T Elementarj Edu cation. ■ MARTi ()P I STONE, Ferriday; General I -,, mulum. • THOMAS KW STRAUGHAN, Winnfield; Hum,,.— Administration. • SYLVIA L. STROOPS Minden- Nursing • Jo NN STKOTHER. Him-Mon: Primary Edu- cation. • JOHN C. SIT CHLIK, Kolin; Industrial Arts Eester Brown, actress and journalist. f- m jp. r -rjk , » 3J3 ki AJm tL- __ ; • JOHN SILAS SULLIVAN, JR., Zachary; Pre-Ministerial. • JOANN TARVER, Many: General Curriculum. • DO- LORES A. TAYLOR, Many; General Curriculum. • HENRY COOK TAYLOR, Natchitoches; Pre-Engineering. • JOHN PALL TAYLOR, Mansfield; Accounting. • DOREE ANNE PEER, Shreveport; Agriculture. Second Row: • AUDRIENNE THIBODEAUX, Flora: Business Education. • I1ARLES N. THOMPSON, JR., Oakdale: Business Ad- ministration. • BEVERLY JEAN THORESON, Shrevepo rt; Music Education. • BETTY JOE THORNHILL. Crowville; English. • BETTY JO TILLEUX. Shreveport: Art. • RAY TIMM, Little Rock, Ark.; Physical Education. Third Row : • MARGARET ELAINE TISDALE, Eros; Nursing. • CARLA MARIE TOLAR. Natchitoches: Social Welfare. • IRENE TREVILLION, Waterproof; Accounting. • SHIRL TRILSCH, Greenwood; Upper Elementary Education. • SHARON LYNN TYNES, Fisher: Secretarial Science. • ROY ANDERSON UNDERWOOD, JR., Bossier City; General Curriculum. Fourth Row: • MINNIE LOUISE VARNADO, Natchitoches; Nursing. • MARY LOUISE VERZWYUELT. Boyce; Nursing. • DON- ALD RAY VIGEE, Crowley; Engineering. • MARILYN WAGLEY, Many; Journalism. • MATTIE ANN WAGLEY. Natchitoches; Education. ■ JUNE WAGNER, Natchitoches; Speech. Fifth Row : • BILLIE SUNSHINE WALKER, Haynesville: Secretarial Science. • J. CLOYD WALKER, Rayville: Music. • TOM L. WALKER, Pleasant Hill; Accounting. • WELDON R. WALKER, Jonesboro; Business Administration. • MARCY ELLEN WALLACE, Verda: Social Sciences. • NANCY LUCRETIA WARD, Leesville: Medical Technology. Sixth Row : • CLOIS LEA WARNER. Columbia; Nursing. • MARTHA ANN WASHINGTON. Vivian: Elementary Education. • CAROL ANN WATSON, Doyline; Home Economics. • III RTON DEWEY WEAVER, Flora: Pre-Engineering. • CHARLES DELAINE WEAVER, Natchitoches; Industrial Art-. • MAGDALENE WEBER, Alexandria: Upper Elemen- tary Education. Seventh Row : • GEORGE KENNETH WHATLEY. Olla: Industrial Arts. • SALLY WHATLEY, Pleasant Hill: Upper Elementary Education. ■ JO ANN WHEELER. West Lake; Music. • WANDA SUE WILBER. DeRidder: Library Science. • LENA MAYE WILKINS, Benton; Medical Technology. • FANNIE DARLENE WILSON. Forest Hill; Nursing. Eighth Row: • ELODIE ANN WINCHESTER, Morgan City; Secretarial Science. ■ JOYCE ANN WOMACK. Columbia; Secretarial Sconce. • BERNA DEAN WORSHAM, Alexandria; Nurs- ing. • PATSY ANN WORSHAM, Tullos; Nursing. • FAN- NIE MURIEL WREN, Erath: Nursing. • OLIVIA ROSE WRIGHT. Baskin; Nursing. • MONA ZACHERY, Proven- cal: Primary Education. FRESHMAN CLASS 96 CH YOU HANDSOME DEVIL! ' features POTPOURRI BEAUTIES RATE TV THE STORY IN SEQUENCE The pictures above tell the story of how the 1954 Pot- imm kki Beauties were selected. Various men ' s organizations on the campus nominated 33 girls from which the top ten were selected by Mr. Jim Williams. Secretary of Monroe Chamber of Commerce; Mr. Bert Root, owner of Monroe Glass Company; and Mr. Albert Ringo. owner of Ceil-Et-Albert House of Beauty. The girls were selected on the basis of beauty, poise, and personality in that order. Through the courtesy of Mr. James A. Noe. owner of Station KNOE-TV. and Mr. Harry Arthur, Program Di- rector, the beauties had the added distinction of being presented over a 30 minute TV program. 100 i a • m Wyr J il ' liis esLinda fortes Miss Doris Gahagan IS Miss Alpha Leah Gremillion %%« s+ . 7j| a? £ 3? v • - V .- % C Miss Betty Lou Smith , p Miss Audrienne Thibodeaux _ o m h i og U 5 £ P 4 ¥ SS POTPOURRI Among iht- glitter of icicles and Potpourri ' s, the lOtli annual Pot- pourri Ball was held on December 12th carrying nut the Christmas theme along with that of " Potpourri Through the Years. " Climaxing the evening ' s galny was the presentation of WANNA BETH SANDERS, as Miss Potpourri 1951. She was selected by the Potp tl Staff on the ha-is of leadership, personality, and service to the school. The entire stall i proud to have such an outstanding senior hear the title name of N.S.C. ' s yearbook. Uso presented at this time was the PoTPOl RRi Court composed of four senior girls chosen on the same qualifications as Miss Potpourri. They were: Hazel Davis. Eddy Gene Elliott. Frances Griffin, and Anne Hungerbeeler. THE COURT: Frances (irittin. Hazel l a is. Wanna Hcth Sunders, Miss POTPOURRI; Eddj Gene Elliott, Anne Hungerbeeler. ▼ 1 t J ' ll a» ' fL n I JOSEPH G. BARKATE JAMES RONALD QllNN EDDY (;ENE ELLIOTT PATSY A. WINKLER SENIOR JERRY WAYNE ILES HALL WW BETH SANDERS CHARLES BEECIIl M HOI. LOW U ll l l (,|{ ;e l) IS OF FAME BETTY WILSON Cen-La Queen Qiiee ft L ROSE NELL EPPERSON State Fair Queen ANN PHILLIPS Homecoming Queen JANE GAINES Sweetheart of Lambda Zeta POLLY HAYS Sweetheart of Phi Kappa Nu BOBBY HALE Rose of Sigma Tau Gamma - MERR; ISTdUffil JUST ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY J(- £ 1 ■V _ . t h i tary JWl SM v - .- ' J, - ihtetics TV O R T H W E S T E R N ' S DEMONS 138 SHARE G. S. C. TITLE 139 Coaches II. Alvin Brown, Charles I ' . Thomas, Harrj Turpin, Walter Ledet. AND COACH TURPIN IS SELECTED Co-captains Joe Barkate ami DiiHlc Downing. ' COACH OF THE YEAR 1 9 As a climax to the brilliant show put on by the Demons during the 1953 football season, Harry " Rags " Turpin was selected " Coach of the Year " in the Gulf States Conference. The honor was fitting and more than proper for the NSC mentor. To most of the Northwestern student body, local supporters and opponents, the announcement of " Rags " to the honorary po- sition came as no surprise. Coach Turpin took over his Demon squad with just 16 of his players lettermen, a host of freshman talent undeveloped, and a few transfer students. From this maze of material he molded the 1953 Demons. The selection of Turpin came on December 8 at a -meeting of GSC coaches. Coach Turpin accepted the highest honorary posi- tion a GSC coach could have with modesty, giving credit to his assistants, Coaches Walter Ledet and H. Alvin Brown. Coach Turpin had high praise for his 1953 team, calling it one of the " best teams — menially, physically, and morally " in the history of Northwestern State College. And he should know, he helped make them so. Playing two platoon football will) .1 team alternating each quarter, the NSC Demons were defeated 7-0 l Centra] Slate College l Oklahoma, orth c tei 11 could do nothing right. Constanl fumbling and hap-hazard tack- ling made the contesl a slow, long-drawn oul affair. Vfter the Demons bobbled the ball on the first pla from crimma°;e. Central recoxeicd and marched for a touchdown. Quarterback Bill Dutton accounted for the score, and hall- hack Gerald ( ' heck kicked the extra point. %CI ioiss •-• , ...•■■.-- -■ _ WC8 " ' oft L - " ' it, f-0 »I»rf " " ' Wah ° " " " ' « rf c Below: Hey! You ' re m i jroinf; anywhere. Moitom: Oli. Lord. I ' ve had it now. Below: Nab, you can ' t have it. Itoltom: On In- waj l Klorj ! Don. Dun ' tin inn. ftS£ _. . rtnfttfl ' :.- ' . " ■ " . 41 fWrWRSm tuo« n v.: ■ The Demons redeemed themselves in t he sec- ond contest with Lamar Tech by marching to a 12-6 victory over the Cardinals. Rabid rooters, who showed up for the game even though expecting the worst, found a new spark in the Demon furnace. A shifty-speedy half- back paved the way for the Demons. Running from the split-T formation, un- known until this time to the Purple and White, Jack Bice cradled a pitch-out and skirted around left end for 45 yards and pay dirt. Again in the early part of the third canto, Bice intercepted a Tech pass and streaked 55 yards to score. Everyone was surprised at the results, ex- cept the players who dug in for the victory. ' Look! A flying Cardinal. " Here, let me help you " Red. " 142 Top: " Gorgeous George " NeNew is pinned. Above: " Put your little foot right here. " " Ride ' em Cowboys ' In surpassing the MeNeese State College Cowboys, 20-6. the Demons showed a strong improvement in hustle and team play. Led by James McNevv and Don Millen, NSC romped freely. Northwestern scored the second time they got their hands on the ball. A pass from James McNew to John Abies accounted for the tally. Don Millen. a brier in the Cowboys ' saddle all night, added the second T-D in the third quar- ter. McNew scored the last tally. George Per- kins booted three extra points. Fans outside the NSC metropolis now seemed to be catching on to the fire and spirit that these boys were generating. 14? pa " " " - ' 14 ,fc n Sc co» a «, ■ O " 10 ' " A - With a never-say-die, come-from-behind atti- tude that was the Northwestern trademark dining the 1953 season, the Demons defeated the Louisiana College Wildcats 9-7 in the an- nual Cen-la Fair football game. George Per- kins came off the bench in the last 30 seconds to kick a field goal that supplied the Demons with their slim margin of victory. Clyde Chesson scored early in the first period from ten yards out, but the Catmen of La. College drove back and held a 7-6 halftime lead. Late in the final quarter, Jack Bice re- turned a punt 50 yards and put the Demons into scoring position, and thus set up the game- winning boot. Northwestern was now definitely in the race for the G.S.C. crown. Tin- posse arrives . . . loo late. Choke! v8 J ■■■■t Top: " I want you. " Lbuv : HroilitM-h love. Tech runs interference for the I)oiiion . Top: " McINew cornea through. " Above: " One big bapp family. ' 1 Great La. Tech, fielding its four equally bril- liant teams, found out very quickly that it only needs one team to win a hall game. NSC showed tlif arch-rivals that fact by downing them 15-7 in the State Fair contest. Clyde Chesson was the hero as he did vir- tually every feat required of a good hack. He scored the first T-D lor NSC and was a work- horse the entire game. James McNew scored the second touchdown in the third period, and Earl Haynes kicked a fourth quarter field goal to insure the victory. The score was not indicative of the hall game. The Demons completely out-played the Techsters in every department. And they still called it an " upset " ???? 145 .. .„■■ Every eye in the GSC was centered on the Demon turf when the NSC team met South- eastern. The outcome of the conference could have heen settled in that dilema. However, the Demons lost 27-19. The Lions were greedy for victory and scored three touchdowns in the first nine min- utes dI play before Northwestern buckled down. From then on, it was a hard-fighting Demon machine trying desperately to come from behind. NSC surged with Searle Walton scoring late in the first quarter on a 41 yard jaunt. James McNew added another tally in the second period on a 75 yard punt return. Each scored a glory marker in the last half. Below: " . . . And then I lunged ;it him. " Bottom: " You old meanv vou! " " An Bed! You ' re pulling his leg. " ' -«. vt ««» « WELCOME ALUMNI {T|)c Current PSm " Cut System " M««t; For Student Body DEMONS SUP B Symphony $,) f or Tueidoy Aftrrnoon SL1 12.7 RS Ga u me ' or Demons fo ' pou.ri SloH Nom.d By Editor niid the rain and mud, before a homecoming crowd, NSC scored quicklj in the first period and held onto that lead to suh-due the Northeast Stale Indians. 7-0. Northeast proved surprising hard to heal due to the " dual " factors ol " being up for the game ' and the condition of the held. Searle Walton, hard charging fullback whose late season spurts helped the Demons immensely, cracked over from the one yard stripe. The extra point tr was good. The grads wanted to see more but were content with the ictor . Northwestern treked to Lafayette and tin- Southwestern campus for its last game " I the season. In beating the Hull- dogs 12-7. NSC had to come from behind. SI. I scored firsl in the initial period when halfback Roth intercepted a Mi New aerial setting up the tally. running drive gave them the T-D. In the second half of the contest, the Demons fired their pitch-forks and tallied twice to dash the SI. I hopes oi an upset. Don Milieu scored in the third quarter and 1 New tossed an I!! ard pass to John bles in the fourth for the touchdowns. HOMECOMING COURT First row: Floye Bogan, Queen Anne Phillips, Linda Jones. Second row: Alpha Leah Cremillion, Wanda Gribble, Nancj Kins. f ■ £ f £. f S ib -i lv k J jvr ALL IN ALL. IT WAS THE BEST Football history of Northwestern State College added a chapter to its annals which, in all probability, will set a precedent for the future. Unlike the previous season, the Demons wore the wraps of a new ball club. When last season defeat came in the final quarters, this year, victory was strengthened in that period. When once an injury riddled grid team hobbled onto the turf, a strong, stout, well-conditioned crew bore the Purple and White colors marvelously. Thus Northwestern earned its share of the Gulf States Conference crown, and every day quarterbacks retold the marvelous feats of their favorite player. He was a hero pos- sibly unsung by the sports casters, or maybe he was the sub who knocked heads with the first string charges in everyday scrimmage. None the less he was a part of the es ' prit de corps that wore the Purple and White jerseys. Conversation spouted among the admirers of the gridiron sport. The look was toward the future, and the Demon warriors of next season. An offer to play in the Shrimp Bowl in Galveston, Texas excelerated the morale, hopes and wishes of the NSC metropolis. However, the offer was declined. It was enough to know that the offer was made. Besides having Coach Turpin selected as GSC ' " Coach of the Year. " Northwestern placed three players on the All-GSC first team, a fourth of the number selected. Don Millen. John Abies, and Bob Tatum garnered the honors, and were only a few of the many who made NSC prominent. A share of the GSC crown ... a well groomed team ... an offer to the Shrimp Bowl . . . three berths on the mythical GSC team . . . honorary " Coach of the Year " award . . . were the pleasant tales told of Demon football and the 1953 season. 148 f £ i! £ 1 ' FIRST l«( . left l rigrht: Walker, . .lull, Loften, Smith, Bice, Pickering:, Ford, Milieu, HcNew, Dnpree, Little. SECOND ROW: Biking, Knotts, Simon, Butler, Wbitt, Chase, Barkate, Tatnm, CosteUo, Bourgeois, Bates, Dubois, Mallei THIRD ROW: Downing-, Henderson, Sells, Johnson, aJost, Simpson, Bailes, Bankston, Perkins, niton. (.. Maynes, Bate- man, Tyler. FOURTH ROW: Robinson, Langrldge, ( hesson, B. Haynes, Abies, Collins, Parker, Reed, P. Henderson, Lock- wood, Hickman, Uodtaette, Carr, Howard, Epperson. FOOTBALL SEASON IN YEARS CHEERLEADERS " Bit " Weber, Nell Slack, Jo Hubley, Bobbj Bass, Mas Mercer, Jerrj Noto. - % ISt I ik [%$£■ SB 5 3t £{. ' !■; 7 vj ' ' r ?■ Sr. ■ " . «t ' " jS ' -i« ' ' -i ' . - » i STATE FAIB H EEN AND COURT: 15ae Gremillion, Eddy Gene Elliott, Gene Jensen, Sudie Loomis, Queen Rosa Nell Creel, Patsj Winkler, IJea Ramsey, Genie Shaw, Mona Grey Miller. STATE FAIR AND CEN-LA COURTS CKN-LA MAIDS Firs) row: Velma Reeves, Mona (irey Miller, Doris Gahagan, {neen Betty Wilson, ISalis Andrews, Hose Marie IVrtitta, Jane Lancaster, Second row: Uil Weber, Adrian Musselwhite, Alpha Leah Gremillion, Mnrv Lou Simmons, Mnri Catherine Gordy, Erlene Powell, Wanda Gribble, Ann Wood. t • ftr c V " a H V kfl Br ' 1 F ■■■J Fm W K kiS l B- 1 K 3 1 1 r r l First row, left to rielii : Tom ;« ' rg« " , statistician, Brown, Davis, Lilley, Hililehniiifl. Walker, Colllnsworth, Kiifnc ( hristmas, manager. Second rn» : Knliic, McConathy, Handles, Langston, Shaw, Thomas, Coach C. I . Thomas. DEMONS TIE FOR G.S.C. TITLE Northwestern State College had one of its greatest seasons in the history of Demon basketball, compiling a sensational 23-9 record. I nlikc previous seasons, the Purple and White did ex- ceedingly well in Gulf States Conference competition, copping a share of the GSC crown with an 1 1-1 mark. Against independent opponents and in the NAIA state playoff, NSC boasts an 11-8 CO. M ( . I . I HUM showing. Perhaps the greatest feat of the season, other than the tie in the Gulf States, was capturing the Midwest Invitational Tournament in Terre Haute. Ind. dining the Christmas holidays. In that tour- ney, the Demons heat the best of the small college basketball teams. Wheaton, Central Missouri State, and Findlay College were the " Giants " downed by the Thomas crew . Opening the season on a road trip into Texas, NSC fell to the North Texas State Eagles, 7 ( )-73. The Eagles had to put down a vicious last quarter scoring assault b) the Demons to end the game. In Dallas, Texas the next night, the Mustangs shelled 31 points through the nets in the final ten minutes to stomp the De- mons. 90-71. 1953-54 SCHEDULE NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. NSC. .73 .71 .94 .85 ,79 .56 .81 .62 .70 .80 .71 .68 .82 .58 .76 .81 .89 .81 .64 .75 .92 .80 .87 .71 .62 .75 .77 .70 NSC. NSC. NSC. NAIA ....60: ....67 . ... 50 North Texas State 79 Southern Methodist 90 Lake Charles AFB 55 Southern State 54 Southeastern Okla 68 Southeastern Okla 63 Central College 58 Arkansas University 71 Wheaton College 62 Central Missouri State 78 Findlay College 68 Spring Hill 73 Northeast State 65 McNeese State 51 Louisiana Tech 69 Centenary 66 Louisiana College 71 Louisiana Tech 73 Loyola University 69 Southwestern 65 Louisiana College 67 Northeast State 62 Southwestern 82 Spring Hill 60 McNeese State 38 Southeastern 83 Centenary 70 Southeastern 62 PLAYOFF Southeastern 64 Southeastern 64 Southeastern 54 GEORGE McCOXATHY Forward Brown, and a personal performance. 152 JIM THOM A Forward KEN sum inter til. 1. COIXIN8WORTH Guard l)l( K UKOW N I • il N. S. C. STARTS SLOW Double-Bubble, no less. With seven days of rest. NSC journeyed i " la ette ille. Ark. and met their third defeat .il the hands of the I niversitv (if Arkansas. -( 2. A substitute, Don Prumbo, was the Razorbacks hero in cutting down the Demons. Eager lor victory, the Natchitoches squad re- turned home for their nexl tilt. Guard Dick Brown and Center Lavelle Langston, combined to score ' . ' ' point- and thus lead the Demons to an eas) 85-54 -laughter of Southern State. Plav- ing again at home on consecutive night-, the Northwestern team split a series with Southeast- ern Okla. State, taking the first 79-68 and drop- ping the second, 63-56. I o nights later, the Demon- came on with an air tight zone defense ami a smooth fas! break- ing offense that gained them an easj 81-58 vic- tor) over Central College of Missouri, North- western then laid off for ten days in order to prep for the Midwest Tourne) on December 28-31. t I ' erre Haute, the Demon- defeated powerful heaton College of Illinois, 70-62. The Demon- had to come from behind to do it. Wheaton held a 15-32 advantage at the end of the third quarter, hut NSC ran awa with them in the fourth. 153 Easy there men, it ' s only Teeh. •Kill it. " CAPTURE MIDWEST TOURNAMENT Bill Collinsworth ' s driving lay-up in the final two seconds of overtime, gave Northwestern a semi-final victory over Central Missouri State, 80-78. The reg- ular game ended in a 67-67 tie. Forward Waple Lil- ley made two final field goals at opportune moments in the overtime period. Lilley ' s haskets put the De- mons out front 76-75 and 78-77. Northwestern won the Midwest Baskethall Tour- nament by edging Findlay (Ohio) 71-68. in the championship game. George McConathy put the game on ice for the Southerners with a one hand push shot in the last three seconds. Both teams fought evenly in the first quarter, but Red Thomas ' Demons exploded in the second stanza for a 44-32 lead at in- termission. Findlay closed a 14 point gap to one sole point in the final quarter, but the Demons came through. George McConathy and Bill Collinsworth were named to the All-tournament team. After a 14 hour bus ride to Mobile, Ala. from the tourney the Demons found the Spring Hill Badgers Takes two to tangle Fellows! . . . The Ball? " Two more. to be too great an obstacle as they succumbed to a 73-68 defeat. Playing their first GSC game of the year. North- western caught fire in the third period and carved out an 82-65 victor) over Northeast State College in Monroe January 5. In their second conference tilt in Lake Charles, the Demons roped the McNeese Cowboys, 58-3 1 . Northwestern grabbed an early lead and headed McNeese throughout the game. Opponents started to notice NSC as a title con- tender when the Demons defeated defending cham- pions Louisiana Tech on their home court, 76-69. The contest va a rough and rowdy affair with a to- tal of 55 fouls being committed. Vn overflow crowd was on hand to watch the white hot Demons humble their traditional rivals. Centenary College. 81-66. Coach Thomas ' speedy, ball-hawking troops wrapped up the crucial contest tor all practical purposes in the first period when they fired 28 points through the strings while limit- ing the bewildered Gents to a dozen. 155 TYNKS MLDEBRAND Guard WAPI.E LILLE) Forward Ml KKELL WALK Kit Guard WIN 1 1 , LOSE ONE The Demons picked up two more GSC wins by defeating Louisi- ana College and Louisiana Tech. Ken Shaw and Jim Thomas paced the Demons to victory over the Pineville crew, 89-71, and the whole Demon team out-clutched the Doggies in an overtime period to pocket a hard-earned win, 81-73. A visit to New Orleans between semesters found the Demons dropping a close contest to the Loyola Wolfpack, 69-64. The Natchitoches boys literally ran the Pack off the floor in the first period by commanding a 17-5 lead at the end of the quarter. The Jesuit te am then made i comeback and finally sub-dued the Demons. Continuing their winning ways in the GSC, Northwestern made it six and seven by downing Southwestern, 75-65 and Louisiana College 92-67. NSC came alive in the second and fourth periods to take the first win. and romped freely against the Wildcats for that victory. INoh evervone hold hands. .: oi«;k dams Forward TKAVTS RANDI.ES Forward I. I I.I-I-; LAN ' GSTON ' ' I1 IT JAMBS I M hi Guard IN G.S. C. PLA Y Still building up their GSC record, the Demons (lumped Northeast State, 80-62, and Southwestern Louisiana. 87-82. in a double overtime. Northwest- ern stomped the Indians readily, but had trouble in downing the Bulldogs on their home court. The Demons were behind until the third quarter. ' S(! stormed back rapidly to close a 37-29 gap. The De- mons went ahead 57-56 in the fourth quarter, and from then on the two squads handed the lead back and forth until the dual seconds ol the second over- time. In a non-conference game. Northwestern reserves rallied the Demons in a last quarter surge to desti the Badgers of Spring Hill College, 71-60. Substi- tute center. Travis Randies hit two fielders and dis- played stellar defensive play in the final -tan a while teammate George Davis put on a Fane) dribbling exhibition. •M»- Big Chief Indian! " What a Ml-up! ( 1( -I7-18) BUT DROP N.A.I. A. PL A YOFF Mighty McNeese ' s vaunted defense couldn ' t func- tion as the Demons throttled the Cowboys, 62-38. And in the next contest, the NSC chances of an un- disputed first place position were shot as South- eastern Louisiana defeated the Demons in an over- time, 83-75 for their first conference loss of the season. Taking on the Centenary Gents in Shreveport. the Northwestern team came from behind to down the host team, 77-70. This victory lifted the Demons ' morale and the following Saturday night, NSC earned a share of the GSC championship by beating Southeastern, 70-62 before the Natchitoches fans. On March 1, Southeastern and Northwestern be- ban the best two-out-of-three game series to deter- mine Louisiana ' s representative in the NAIA Tournament in Kansas City. In the first tilt on the Northwestern court, NSC gave the Lions every pos- sible chance to score and they did. The Lions took the game, 64-60. TRI-CAl ' TAINS Davis, Shaw, Hildebrand. Thomas pushes a jump shot. Walker goes high for a rebound. iillin-vMn ill stalls against Southeastern. 1 1 1 IiIi ' Ih ;iml lai - one in. TO SOUTHEASTERN Two nights later in Hammond, tlie fired-up North- western Demons managed a 67-64 victory over Southeastern effecting a 1 -1 deadlock in the playoffs. Ken Shaw and Jim Thomas paced the Demons with 23 and 20 points respectively. Northwestern closed out it- -ea-on in the rubber game of the NA1A playoff, by losing 54-50. SLC led all the a : L2-8 at the quarter; 24-22 at the half; 39-33 at the end of the third period: and then the final four point margin at the end. Three days after the NAIA playoff, the GSC office announced its All-GSC teams. Four of NSC ' s five starters made one of the three teams and the fifth got an honorable mention. Named to the first team hy GSC coaches was Bill Collinsworth. Ken Shaw was placed on the second squad and Jim Thomas and Dick Brown made the third string. George MeCon- ath received an honorable mention. Thus Northwestern ended one of the most suc- cessful basketball campaigns in recent years. The) won the Midwest Tournament, gained a share of the GSC championship, and placed four on the Ul-GSC teams bringing a successful season to a successful close. ' Bill! Hi.- basket -on. " st row, left In right: Steele, Oubre, Haiti, I. niton, Doak Walker, Hickman. Second row: Hildebrand, Chesson, Col- linsworth. Smith, Bice, Broussard, Purser, Claybrook. Third row: Ledet, Childress, Itankston, Thomas, McConathy, ley, .Murrell Walker, Davis, Christmas. Fourth row: Wilson IJ.vrd, Modessette, DuRTrnn, Simon, T ee. DEMONS ARE The 1953 edition of the Demon track and field team made one of the best records ever established in the history of track athletics at N.S.C. Northwestern ' s ' 53 team, led by Captain Murray " Doak " Walker, won five conference triangular meets and lost only one. They also won the Northwestern Relays and the Gulf States Conference meet to be crowned champions of the G.S.C. for 1953. Other outstanding performers on the team were Mixon Bankston, G.S.C. shotput champion; Jack Bice, holder of the G.S.C. broadjump record; Ronald Byrd and Ted Duggan, who tied for first place in high jumping; and Clyde Chesson and Lacey Lofton who tied for first in the pole vaulting event. The broad jump title is held by Bill Collinsworth while Leroy Gillain claims the 880 championship. Waple Lilley and Doak Walker are both members of the record holding mile relay team while Walker is also 440 yard champion. Murrell Walker and M. B. Childress are the other members of the mile relay team. Dennis Rider holds the G.S.C. two mile championship and record. 160 1954 SCHEDULE March 20 NSC, SLI, SLC at Hammond March 27 NSC, La. Tech, McNeese al Lake Charles April 3 NSC Relays al Natchitoches April 10 SLI Relays at Lafayette April 1 I -NSC, SLI. Northeast at Mon- I DC April 22— NSC. Northeast, La. College at Alexandria 29 NSC. SLI, La. College. La. Tech at Ruston Maj 8— NSC. SLC. La. College at Natch- itoches Ma) 15 — Culf State Conference Meet at Hammond DOAK WALKER i io Yurii Champion JACK BICE (. • Broadjump Record Holder S3 G. S. C. CHAMPS IN TRACK MII.K RELAX CHAMPIONS Doak Walker, Mnrrell Walker, Waple Lilley, SI. B. Childress GYM TEAM First row, left to right: Jerry o( », Barry Johnson, Venton Cobum, John Hicks. Second row: Al iiopp, I ' --.I i Sanders, Harold Laroux, Kill Normaiiil, W all, Iitvit, I l line) I la, Coacll John I ' is copo« Third row : Hcnn Walton, David Kendriok, Johnn Dickenson, Team Captain Warren liauth, Soini Martinez, .Foe Cormett. 162 GYMNAST C S COACH JOHN PISCOPO When the 1954 Potpourri wenl to press, the Northwestern State College gymnastic team was vigorously preparing foi its spring competitive schedule. The Demon gymnasts an meeting FVxas ami 1. Texas I riiv «-t — it . and Mississippi Southern on the collegiate agenda and the Gulf, Southern, and Southwest championships in . .l . competition. The gymnasts have an enviable record " I foui straight vears as Southern A.A.I . champions with the squad placing high in oilier Southwest competil ion. The 1954 spring schedule is as Follows: Gull . VI . at Texas and M. March II: Mid-South Invitational at Natchitoches, March 24: Southern . .l . at New Oilcan-, piil 6; and the Southwestern . .l . meet at It. Worth. Texas, .pril 10. The team completed a highh successful exhibition season in the fall with 15 show- being staged throughout Louisiana Iligli Schools. Top: The ancient arl of fencinj Left: Archerj ;i» portrayed l the " Men in Bronze 163 V4 y l M 1 Mk • r 1 m ; First row, let! to right: Henry Kyle, assistant coach, Bill Noniiiinil, ■Sill Van Steenwyk, Karl Kammer, Robert Kodrigue, Henry Walton, Coach John I ' iscopo. Second row: Tony Koonce, DeWitt Mi ' ain, Jon Larry Starr, I ean Clark, Kay Tinun, Dennis Rider, learn captain. Tommy Kagland, manager. TV. S. C. Northwestern State College ' s swimming team finished its swimming sched- ule with a record of two wins against five losses. The 1954 team will suffer the loss of only two men since this year ' s squad was made up primarily of fresh- men. Team captain Dennis Rider and Tony Koonce will he lost to the Demon tankers before the ' 55 season rolls around. NSC faced stiff competition during the past season with teams from Texas and Florida furnishing the strongest opposition. The past year ' s squad was composed of nine swimmers and four divers. However, the future is bright for Coach Piscopo and his swimming Demon- fish since the 1955 team will find seven freshmen from the ' 54 squad returning with a year ' s experience under their belts. L954 SCHKIHJLK NSC. . . .53; Little Rock Boys Club. .31 NSC ()!■: Custavia Vdolphus 20 NSC... 32: Texas V M 52 NSC 22: Southern Methodisl ...60 NSC... 2 ' ): I ' I niversit) . ...55 NSC 30; Florida State 54 NSC. . . .30; Texas University 54 Like a feather. Like a (Mi S W I M M I N G TEAM Northwestern State College 19.VI swimming team rap- tain Dennis Rider. Ijeft In rinlit: Coach Lorant Brittain, Koliert Martin, Ka. Guillory, Jon Larry Starr, Bill Stanliur.v. GOLF AND Top men, Guillory and Stanburv. sWa? The Northwestern State College golf squad of 1954 was made up of two lettermen from last year ' s team, Bill Stan- bury, 1953 captain, and Hershel Russell. The three new members of the 1954 team are Ray Guillory, winner of the Air Force Medal Tournament in Japan in 1952, Robert Martin, and Jon Larry Starr. The spring schedule calls for matches to be played against all Gulf States Conference teams except Louisiana College and McNeese State. The season ends with the GSC tournament at Southeastern Louisiana College, May 14-1 5. Left to right: Alvin DeBIieux, John Batten, Hike Forrans, John Spataro, Richard Smith, Jinxmj Hill. Raj Gammill, Clyde Fulton, Claj Brock, and Coach John Merrill. TENNIS ith only one returning letterman hack, from last year ' s squad newly-appointed tennis coach John Morrill had a big rebuilding job to gel the Northwestern State College net- men ready tor the Gulf States Conference race. I nusually good weather phis nine top-notch candidates made the job a lot easier. The squadmen began workouts ea 1 1 in February with positioning being determined l an elimination round-rohin. The tennis season began on March 6 with the NSC crew going into the race wearing the lahel of " ' dark horse. " How- ever, win, lose, or draw the NSC tennismen gave a good account of themselves during the 1954 season. miki: TORRANS Captain ZS fr X BASEBALL AT N. S. C. SCHEDULE March 23 N.S.C. vs Alex. AFB March 24 N.S.C. vs Barksdale AFB March 25-27 N.S.C. vs Southeastern Okla. March 30 N.S.C. vs Barksdale AFB Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr I 1 N.S.C. vs Centenary College 1 3 N.S.C. vs Southeastern La. I 7 N.S.C. vs Alex. AFB I 9 N.S.C. vs McNeese State 1 10 N.S.C. vs Southwestern La. 1 13 N.S.C. vs Northeast La. 1 14 N.S.C. vs La. Tech 1 21 N.S.C. vs La. College 1 23 N.S.C. vs Southeastern La. il 24 N.S.C. vs Centenary College il 27 N.S.C. vs Centenary College 30 N.S.C. vs McNeese State May 1 N.S.C. vs Southwestern La. May 5 N.S.C. vs La Tech May 6 N.S.C. vs Northeast La. May 8 N.S.C. vs La. College May 10 N.S.C. vs Centenary College COACH AIA ' IN " CKACKER " ISKOWN Spring Practice. Batter up. 168 Football: Everybody ' s favorite Top: CROSS COUNTRY RUN, left to right: Robinson, Fleming, Tor- runs, Vercher, Johnson. Bottom: Ronald lt r l presents award U winner Ben Vercher. 1NTRAMURALS AT N. S. C. The Intramural program at Northwestern was organized to provide an athletic program for stu- dents not able to participate in varsity sports. Ml men enrolled at NSC are eligible for intramurals, but men on varsit) squads are not allowed to par- ticipate in the intramural -port corresponding to their varsit) sport. Tin- year ' s standout- were the Hotshots. Jerry, I li ln " l know yon cared. Singh-tar »ink» n«- BASKETBALL Qveeh It First row: Carolyn Alexander, ISett.v Sim Boydstun, Dorothy Carnahan, Kallierinc Elliott, Donita Gothard. Second row: Francis (irittin. Poll] Hajs, Martha Ann Leach, Kathleen Prudhomme, Wanna Beth Sanders. Third row: Alcidie Thompson, Margaret Townsend, Patsy Winkler, Ann Wood, Kadierine Wright. PAN- HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS The Pan Hellenic Council is composed of the five so- rority presidents and two representatives from each group. Polly Hays President The primary purpose of the Pan-Hellenic Council is to promote harmony and co-operation among all Greek let- Francis Griffin Vice President ter associations and to pass rules and regulations for the welfare of the system. k i HKRiNK Elliott Recording Secretary Each year the Council presents an award to an under- graduate woman who has shown herself worthy through Patsy Winklkr Corresponding Secretory scholarship, character, and sincerity of purpose. An award is also presented to a freshman girl making the highest Martha Ann Leach Treasurer academic record. Hav s and her " ves-m« ' ii. Suit-able for a picture, Ann? r II f rirsi row, left to ri v; lit : Dale Branch, Jerry lies, Gilbert MeMurry, Ben Singrietary. second row: Richard Smith, lti l Wilson, Charles Wood, Archie Worsham, Vernls Wright. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL The Inter-fraternit) Council . . . where the cards go on O K K I ( ' . E K S the table . . . passes rules and regulations governing all fra- lernit a Hairs . . . sets dates for rush parties and initiations. Promotes friendh fraternit) rivalr 5 . . . Led b) Zeta ' s Dale Dale Branch President Branch, with Tau ,|err lies, the right hand man. and Singletar) of Phi Kap taking eare of the book work . . . (kkkv [les V( , p Tes ifa nl joined b) two representatives from each of the fraternities . . . Had a good year in creating a more congenial relation- ship among the three fraternities. Ben Single! m Secretary-Treasurer This picture look- posed . . . Musi l - a good storj . . . m PHI CHAPTER Ian, June Delcomyn, Jane Gaines, Chick Graham. First Row: Fay Book, Ethelyn Cloutier, Nancy Con- Second Row: Carole Hines, Billie Lambright, Imo- gene Leach, Sue Miller, Patsy Payne, Alice Mar- garet Phelps. Third Row: Bill Powell, Kathleen Prudhomme, Mrs. Bill Rue. Jane Simpson, Margaret Townsend. 176 M Mi III NN i.i: ( rrr-itlrnl lon t to DSK. I ). S. E. . . . llit ' oldest sororit) on the campus . . . guided l able Martha nn Leach and Vera Graham . . . proud ol its main R.O.T.C. sponsors. Sue Miller. Erlene " Bill Powell. Jane Simpson, Kathleen Prudhomme, and Jane Gaines ... Well known for their parties, and lovelj spring formal . . . proud to claim as members . . . vivacious li e Phelps . . . speech-ster Vera Graham . . . dancers Jane Simpson and Jane Gaines ... fun-loving la Book... Lambda Zeta Sweetheart. Jane Gaines . . . good-looking [mogene Leach . . . The Delta Sigs are known for their song fests. which features the talent of Ef Cloutier, Jane Clai- borne, and kat Prudhomme. Quite a group! OFFICERS MARTHA W LEACH President VERA GRAHAM Vice President IMOGEN] LEACH Recording Secretary VLICE PHELPS Corresponding Secretary ETHEL ' S ( I.(U TIER Treasurer MRS. Illl I HI E v Jim Hull and ilu- Pink Ladies. V I fe 3 S FRANCES GRIFFIN President Al the Theta Theater. These girls are hard to heat . . . the group is a fine mix- ture of fun, seriousness, and talent . . . They are proud to claim European traveler Betty Sue Boydstun. a wheel in the Wesley Foundation . . . Dorothy Carnahan, member of Alpha Beta Alpha and Kappa Delta Pi . . . President Fran- ces Griffin, associate editor of the Current Sauce and mem- ber of the Potpourri Court . . . Bobbye Hale. Rose of Sig- ma Tau Gamma . . . Pat Hankins and Anne Torrans, national debate champs . . . Demonette president Winnie Ruth Hutson, and Potpourri beauty Jo Anne McWilliams. Noted for their ability to get things done, the Thetas are a very popular group on the campus. OFFICERS FRANCES GRIFFIN President DOROTHY CARNAHAN First Vice President BOBBYE HALE Second lice President JANICE ANDRESS Secretary BETTY K. WHATLEY Treasurer Don ' t you like the show, Betty Sue? K A l» l» A C II A l» T E ■ in First Row: Charlotte Ann Alford, Janice Andress, Second Row: Clarice Creech. Juanita Folse. Bobbye Betty Sue Boydstun, Dorothy Carnahan, Doroth) Ma|l , ,,.„ Ha nkins, W innie Ruth Hutson. Cooley. Third Row: Jo Ann McWilliams, Adrian Mussel- white, Anne Torrans. Bett K. hatley. 179 u ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER First Row: Carolyn Alexander. Dee Dee Barmore, Hester Brown, Joyce Coker. Sarah Cook. Mazie Dranguet. SECOND Row: Rrenda Kay Driskill, Gayle Duchamp, Belie Joy Gallender, Marilyn Gibson, Donita Gothard, Sudie Loomis. Third Row: Dot McFarland. Sallie McGehee, Virgie Mc- Guffee. Virginia Martin. Jeanette Milam. Bobbie P. Per- kins. Fourth How: Dr. Yvonne Phillips, Ann Rodriguez, Lydia Stauffer. Mill) Stephens. Patsy Sullivan. Anne Whatley. 180 Pi Kap . . . celebrating its Silver Vnniversarj . . . boasts R.O.T.C. " Little Colonel ' " Sudie Loomis and Sponsor Gin- n Martin . . . President PatSJ inkier. Purple Jacket, anil Societj Editor . . . talented songbirds. Virgie McGulTee and Dot McFarland . . . actresses Mill) Stephens and Ma- ?ie Dranguct . . . those gals with the masks, fencers Donita Gothard and Hester Brown ... beaut) Ginrij Martin... hi-steppin ' Ga le I )uchamp . . . brains and love of fun com- bined in Marilvn Snodd and Sarah Cook . . . preX) i l Past Varnado, Dee Dee Barmore ... Renowned for their rollicking slumber parties, annual frat party, and their a with II oats, the Pi Kaps have a whale of a good lime in the " little house mi the hill. " ' OFFICERS PATS ' W INK! ER President DONITA GOTHARD Vice President i VROLYN ALEXANDER (ll G Recording Secretary BOBBIE PATTERSON PKRKINS Corresponding Secretary VIRGIE McGI FFEE Treas,,,,-, YVONNE PHILLIPS Sponsor Ho« do ou like these Chicks? CHICKS 5 Smile for the camera. Alpha Sig . . . reviews a memorable year . . . full of fun and good times and many accomplishments, mainly new furniture . . . led by Katherine Elliott Hoglan, R.O.T.C. Sponsor . . . Distinguished by outstanding Anne Hunger- heeler. Potpourri editor and Purple Jacket . . . boasts " Miss Potpourri " herself. Wanna Beth Sanders, also Stu- dent Body Treasurer and Purple Jacket . . . red-head Mona Grey Miller. State Fair maid and Student Body Secretary . . . Cen-La maid Ann Wood . . . Nancy King and Floy Bo- gan. Homecoming maids . . . Proud of its Potpourri beauties. Mary Mitchell and Betty Wilson . . . talented Janis Meyer, artist supreme, and . . . Delores Taylor, who sings like a lark . . . these gals know how to have a good time . . . ramp parties, havrides. frat parties, and their unforget- able spring formal. OFFICERS k M H KRINE ELLIOTT HOGLAN President ANN WOOD Vice President BARBARA JO CHEEK Secretary ANNE HUNGERBEELER Treasurer VIRGINIA SPILLERS Registrar WHS. ROBERT EASLEY Sponsor Cinderella and Prince Charming. V S I I ' SI CHAP T E R AIA I- ' ikst Row: Nanc) Brodnax, Barbara Cheek. Carolyn Clements, Billie Fincher, Johnnie L. Frazier, Beverh Gour- don, Barbara Gra . Second Row: Oneta Hodson. nne Hungerbeeler, Bettj Hurst. Nelda Johnson. Sandra Johnson. Peggy Kerr. Nan- ex King. Third Row: Janis Meyer, Mona Grej Miller. Man Mitch- ell. Marilyn Motter, nn Nash, Louise Pons, Margaret l! " l in. Foi urn Row : Barbara Robson, anna Beth Sanders, ( - tavia Sandlin, Pats) Shehane, Nellie Faye v ike . Kathleen Simmons, Virginia Spillers. Fifth Row: Dolores Taylor, Loyce Todd. Mar Verzwy- velt. Marx nn Walton. Ann Wood. 183 Ill ALPHA ZETA CHAPTEK First Row: Alice Adams. Mary Bellew Bailey. Tommie Blackbourne, Doris Bolin. Eloise Conley. Annette Cook. Martha Corley. Mary Ann Cronin. SECOND Row: Bessie Mae Davis. Billie Dougherty. Mil- dred Eckhardt, Joan Evans. Rose Marie Fertitta, Salvinia Kertitta. Enna Freeland. Doris Gahagan. THIRD Row: Fannie Garb, Mary Catherine Gordy, Anne Haight, Sue Harville. Jimmie Hatcher. Shirley Hays. Ruth Herron. Jo Huhley. FOURTH Row: Patricia Jones, Nanc Kimhrell. Carolyn Langston, Jack Ezel Lucia, Justine McMurry. Dean Ma- gee. Marilyn Minis, Eve Mouton. Fifth Row: Jean Noble. Sue Odom, Bea Rumsey. Genie Shaw. Muffet Shehee. Anita Sigler, Betty Lou Smith. Bev- erlv Jane Smith. Sixth Row: Barbara Stephenson. J Ann Tarver. Dee Thompson, Billie Walker, Dee Winchester. Jeanette Wood, Berna Dean Worsham. Kathryn Wright. 184 Bel i li - cards were stacked. Tri Sigma . . . led through a successful ear In capable Poll) Hays, who also u ields the ga el at Pan Hellenic meet- ings ... proud of it beauties, Dot Gahagan, Belts Lou Smith, and Beverl) Smith ... rah ! rail! girl. Jo Huhle ...senators Iar Catherine Gord) and Genie Shaw... Brains Barbara Sue Stephenson and Martha Ann Corle ...Well known lor their friendliness, these gals have in- terests galore. . . from directing student activities, as Bea Rumsey. Purple Jacket and President of West Yarnado and Nam kimbrell. sophomore counselor and Weslej Foundation prex) receiving a big share of honors . . . Phi Kappa u Sweetheart, Poll) Hays, B.O.T.C. Spon- sor Dot Gahagan . . . big group, who can work or pla equall) well, and have fun doing it! OFFICERS I ' Ol.n II U President l i [DIE THOMPSON I ice President SI I II IJ ll.LK Recording Secretary |( i I Corresponding Secretary BARBARA SUB STEPHENSON Treasurei I I MOl 1 1 in Sponsoi I Tri Siu i;.i - . 2 1 2 Zeta . . . oldest Fral on the campus . . . organized waj back in L924 . . . prex) Dale Branch also pounds the gavel For Inter-Fraternitj Council meetings . . . ll known foi I heir different and delightful parties . . . has i il- credit sw immers, ruggei alien and " Possom " Mi la in . . . Dave Dalton, ole twinkle-toes, himself. . . Each jreai has the Famed Zeta Room Fall Formal . . . this ai reviving the old custom of the informal spring part) ... a sorl of Zeta Roundup . . . proud owners " I a new fral i n. all decorated in green ami white ... all in all. a group thai enjoys cadi other ' s companj and know - how to have a " ikI time. OFFICERS Dale Bran h President Ronnie Bonia! Vice President Ch ui i s ood Secretai | in mi orsh m Treasun Dr. V.LAN CROSB1 Spo M EMBERS Firsi Row: K ■ n ii i - Hernial. Joe Cormett, Uan II. Crosby, Dave Dalton, Lester De ille. Sj i ond How : George Geistwhite, Robert ECinchen, [ " oid Long, De in Mi- lan. Dun Morgan. THIRD How : Floyd Stephen-on. Henry (look Taylor, Gerald Tilleux, Don- ald Vigee, Charles ood. Vrchie orsham. DALE lilt N II l ' rr .iih ' lll 1 2 Ill N U CHAPTER First Row: Bobby Alost. John Batten. Gerald Carter. Dan Chase. Norman Childers, Carroll Converse. Larry Crocker. Second Row: Jerry Crump. Wayne C. Dew. John E. Dick- erson. Ted Duggan, Robert Easley, Harold Ford. Gale Hearn. Third Row: Curtis Hoglan, Larry G. lies. Barn Johnson. David Kendrick, Harold Laroux. Lacey Lofton. William McConnell. Fourth Row: Eugene Mallet, Larry Marshman, Robert Miller. Jolmm Pickering. Billy Plumb. Bill Prather, Mayo Prudhomme. Fifth Row: Jack Sharp, Richard Smith, Robert Sylvest, Ed Thompson. Mike Torrans. Murray Walker. R. W. Wil- son. Eugene Wright. 188 I In- sin has il I ' nl Siiinia Tau . . . only national fral mi (lie campus ... is proud l recognize as its own such notables . . . Tumbling team captain, Harold Laroux . . . Hipsters David Kendrick. Jack Sharp, John Batten, and Barrj Johnson . . . led b) capable Jerr) lies, also a student senator . . . including those men who make musie. Curtis Hoglan, Demonaire leader, and Gerald (barter . . . Mike Torrans, captain of the tennis team and intramural champion . . . POTPOl RRI Or- ganizations editor Richard Smith ... track star Doak Walker ... " wheels " in the purtj uniforms, Mayo Prud- homme and Gerald Carter ... irresistible Red Miller... Jackie Simpson and Stanley Knotts. football favorites . . . well-konun lor their terrific parlies . . . their annual White Rose Dinner Dance . . . and for jusl being the grand " roup o| em s lhe are. OFFICERS .IKKKN II KS President DOAK l KER Via ' ' Mills HOGLAN R, utJ,nu Secretan DWID KENDRICK Corresponding Secretary EUGENE WRIGHT Treasurer ROBERT I SI n Sponsor II ICIO II. I Prenlilenl § 2 Bobbye Hale. Rose of Sigma Tan. 2 2 Pollj Hays, Phi Kappa Nu Sweetheart. The Phi Kaps . . . largest on the hill ... in their twenty- fourth year. Boasts athletes Glj nn Haynes and Sonny Mer- cer . . . Demonaires Jerry Payne, S. W. Dickerson. Jackson Beebe. and Ben Singletary . . . President of Student Body Ronald Quinn, Veep Ben Singletary, Sophomore Prexy Harry Moore, and Frosh boss Benny Smith . . . Senators Clay Brock and Vernis Wright . . . Honor Court Justice Jackson Beebe . . . Sweetheart Polly Hays, sorority presi- dent . . . and Gordon Fairchild, sponsor deluxe. Active in intramurals . . . parties for the sororities . . . Sweetheart dance bigger and better than ever . . . Admired by all for their annual spring barbecue . . . Called time out during Yule season to carol and to help underprivileged families ... A great group of men who »vork to have a good time. OFFICERS BEN SINGLETARY President GILBERT M, MURKY Vice President ED BACILIA Secretary VERNIS WRIGHT Treasurer GORDON FAIRCHILD Sponsor Now boys, one at a time. f vt i • ., M . -4 3«V ' w ' fc 1 }f — J +i " L ! Wm- 0 hM .., Jhv 4fi . v BIHMI mI m ■Hl IK ' , ' ' m ALPHA C H A I» I E R mil First Row : Carol Adkins, R. A. Barth, Bobby Bass. Jack- son Beebe. Ben Brewton, John Brewton, Cla Brock, . F. Bryant. SECOND Row: Raymon Collier. Paul Culpepper. Elvis Cul- verhouse, Alvin DeBlieux, S. W . Dickerson, Gordon Fair- child. Gerald Furr. Jimim Cay . THIRD Row: Ray Guillory, Jimm) Hill. Bobby Jones. Jim Bob Key, Garland Lawrence. Bobb) Leach. Jack McCain. Ralph McLanahan. Fourth Row: Gilbert McMurry, Hugh Mercer, llarr Moore. John Noles. Robert Oehler, Jerr) Payne, Gene Por- ter, Ronald Quinn. FIFTH 1 ow: Dean Ryland, Buddie Shaw. Benn) Smith, Jack Smith. Thomas Slraujihan. le Terr . Pat Todd, I Cloyd Walker. Six hi Row : W eldon alker. Dan Water-. Burton W eaver, Paxton Willis. Bill Wood. Harold Wright, Vernis Wright. 191 rganizattons 193 THE i 1 TV " CLUB ATHLETICS First row: John Batten, Thomas Broussard. Second row: George Davis, Gale Ileum. Third row: Tynes Hildebrand, Carl Bay Kigrht. Fourth row: .Joe Koonee, .1. D. Killer. Fifth row : Ken Shaw. Murray Walker. MEMBERS Bob Durham .James Enlow Jerry Epperson Thomas George Billy Harll Earl Haynes Tynes Hildebrand Stanley Knotts Alan Langridge Jerry Lavespere Robert Lee Waple Lille) Bill Little Lacey Loftin Henry Lyle Pat Lyons George McConathy Elmo Martin Mixon Bankston Joe Barkate Jack Bice Sammy Booras Tommy Broussard William Bryant Ronald Byrd Morris Bruce Dan Carr Clyde Chesson Eugene Christmas Dean Clark Linden Clayhrook Jon Clemens Bill Collinsworth A Ivin DeBlieux Dudley Downing Ted Duggan James Modisette Miguel Pacheco George Perkins Hugh Purser Dennis Rider Herschel Russell Ted Simon Roland Smith Bill Stanberry Billy Steele Jim Thomas Mike Torrans Doak Walker Murrel Walker Henry Walton Bob Weaver Don Wineman Gordon Zahasky FACULTY MEMBERS B. B. Boyd, A. L. Ducournau. C. E. Dugdale. D. G. Fulton. L. S. Miller. S. W. Nelken. C. F. Thomas. H. F. Turpin, W. P. Ledet. HONORARY MEMBERS J. Aillet. H. A. Brown. Dr. J. S. Kyser. P. C. Marx, G. W. Nesom, J. Piscopo. H. L. Prather. J. Schultz. Reviewing the year ' s record. I cti iii right: Hildebrand, Epperson, Walker, Rider. OFFICERS ' m s Hildebr wi President Dl NNIS RlDER Vice President Ml RRELL WALKER Secretin Jerri Epperson Treasurer The " N " Club is an athletic organization whose mem- bership consists of those men who have lettered in any one of the four major sports or in any one of the three minor sports and have been recognized as winning that award through the annual " N " Club calling during each spring semester. The purpose " I the " A ' " Club i-: To promote in ever] proper and constructive wa the athletic interest of North- western Stale College among its student-, faculty, alumni, and friend-: to stimulate true Demon spirit; and to foster a more perfect union, based upon mutual friendship and common ideal- amon« the wearers of the " A. " ! ' ,!.. ill in the side pockcl. It ' - iuiIn a game. Holm. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA •It t right : l)a is, Edwards, Kimbrell, l r. Rogers. First row: Mary Sue Bellew, Clay Brock, Madolyn Bryan, Evelyn Bryant, - " «« llr , an, • Carolyn Byrd, Betty Carter, Kstelle Carter, Marjorie Carter. Second row: Sara ( h- dress Frances Claffle, Maxie Cooper, Daisy Cox, Mar, Ann ......... Virginia Crossno, Hazel Davis. Dorothy Dezendorf, ISillic Payne Dougherty. Third row: Lynelle Dtwdm. Barbara Jean Edwards, Barbara Evans, Juanita Folse, Juamta George, Janet Otibbs LaNell Goss, Paula llavnes Ruth Herr.m. Fourth row: Anne Hungerbeeler, Jenevie Jackson Patricia Jones, lave Jordan, Nancy Kimbrell, Viola Lewis, Irene Long, .Nan- ette McDonald Gilbert McMurry. Fifth row: Susie Matins, Harry Kane Mdey.Neu Mori; in Mickcv Morrow, Jean Noble, Barbara Robson, Thomas Rogers, Beatrice Rum- «,, Octavia Sandlin. sixth row: Jack Smith, Marihel Stewart, Charles Tassin, Anne IN nans, shirl Trilsch, Ann Wood, Jeanctte Wood. Tlic- V. L. Roy Chapter of the Future Teachers of America is a pie-profes- sional organization for those students who plan to teach. It is affiliated with both the Louisiana Education Association and the National Education Asso- ciation: and its purposes, in general, are the same as those of the parent or- ganizations. The F.T.A. seeks to give teachers in training practical experience in working together in a democratic way on the problems of the profession and the community. F F I C E R S BARBARA JEAN EDWARDS President HARR LANE MILEY ' ' " ' President NANCY KIMBRELI Secreta, D II C I o N -.1 Patsj Winkler. Kappa Delta I ' i i- an honorary professional society for teacher- and pro- specti e teacher-. The aims of the organization are to foster professional spirit h high scholarship, professional fellow-hip of men and women in education, and to improve democratic education. Gamma Phi Chapter was begun on the Northwestern State College campus on Ma 11. L934. Miss Mattie Woodward is presently serving as counselor. OFF] C E K S BYRON Mc( I President PATS WINKLER Via President BARBARA STEPHENSON Secretary JERRI REDDE1 I Treasurer 11 ™ L DAVIS Historian EDUCATION KAPPA DELTA PI l. iii in riulii: Stephenson, McCain, Dun-. {Tinkler. Left to rig-lit: Hildebrand, Barkate and Furr. PHI EPSILON KAPPA PHYSICAL EDUCATION Phi Epsilon Kappa, the only national professional fraternity for male stu- dents and teachers of physical education, was founded at the Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union. Indianapolis. Indiana, on April 12. 1913. Alpha Pi Chapter was installed on the Northwestern State College campus April 28. 1951. when the Men ' s Physical Education Cluh. long active as a local organization, received its charter as a member chapter of Phi Epsilon Kappa. OFFICERS JOSEPH BARKATE President l I RRAY ( DOAK) WALKER Vice President CARL KIGHT Secretary TYNES HILDEBRAND Treasurer First row: Joseph G. Barkate, Beebe, Sammy diaries Booras, Delton K. Brady, Ellace Bruce, William F. Bryant, Jr., Ronald James Byrd. Second row: Dan Carr, George A. Davis, Glyn Dell Kbarb, Jerry Epperson, Gerald Furr, Donald Gill, Brian Ilanebey. Third row: Gale L. Hearn, Tynes 1$. Hildebrand, Kobert E. Justice, Carl Kay Kigiit, Donald Millen, George Perkins, Kobert Shivor. Fourth row: David Tyler, Billy Murray Walker, Walter Murrel Walker, Gordon Zabasky, 198 I It i: i: C I E : i Upha Beta Upha, the onlj national, co-educational under-graduate Li- brary Science Fraternity, was founded al Northwestern State College on Ma) 3, 1950. Upha Chapter, of this college, was granted its chartei the same day. The fraternity claims as its own, members who are concerned with the pur- pose " I i noting library developmenl throughout the nation ... and one national officer, the treasurer, I ' ai Hankins. OFFIC F. R S DORIS GAHAGAN ' ' ' ■ " ' ■■ " ' FLEMING rHOMAS ' ice President ROBERT jm NES Treasure! JOHN ( GENT Recording Secretar) DOROTHTi I K IIW Corresponding Secretary First ruw : Catherine Basco, Marj Sue Bellew, Tommie Blackbourne, Dorotlij Carna- lian, Daisj Cox. second row: Bessie Mm- Davis, Doris (■ulnisiin, I ' at Hankins, Barbara Johnson, Wanda Jordan. Third row: Kobert Joynes, Nell Morgan, Johnnj Nugent, Frank Petty, Marej Wallace, Gerrj iVrrj Williams. Sitting, l - r t i.» riuht: I taming ThftnUM. Dorli (..ilmuun. Johnnj Nugent. Standing:; I mle Black! rne, Robert Joynes. l «.roiii. Carnah n. ALPHA BETA ALPHA 199 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA .eft to right, first row: Marjorie Norsworthy, Sallie -l Foster. Standing:: Marcia Dan at, Carolyn Attains. First row: Carolyn Adams, Marj Ann Cronin, Marcia Dau .at, Sallie Jo Foster. Second row: Annice .Junes, Harriett! ' LaCour, Marjorie Norsworthy, Mary Ann Walton. Third rim : Sara Nell Younger, Alice Zenter. Sigma Alpha Iota is a national honorary, professional fraternity for women. which has as its purpose the advancement of music in America. OFFICERS SALLIE JO FOSTER President MARJORIE NORSWORTHY Vice President CAROLYN ADAMS Secretary UK I DAI ZAT Treasurer M U ' cix? I irst row: OarroU Adkins, Jackson Beebe, Mas Barns, Dean Clark, Alan Crosby, Charles Crump. Second row: s. W. Dickerson, John Drane, Paul Joynes, Jim ISoli Key, Bryon McCain, Wilbert Mason. Third row: Sterling Minturn, V. E. Noonan, Owen Phillips, Danny Shehee, Raj Teal, Put Todd, S. J. Westbrook. Plii Mn Vlpha i- a national, honorary professional fraternity, which has a its purpose the advancement of music in America. Of special interest to those at Northwestern was the fraternity ' s participation in the Shreveporl produc- tion, " Travotore " and the Mardi Gras Ball given again this year by this or- ganization. This group tours the state each year giving representative pro- grams of music in various schools. OFFICERS m I.N PHI! 1 IPS President MAX 111 RNS I ice President s w. DICKERSON Treat « ILBERT MASON Secretary PHI MU ALPHA Left to ri hi : McCain, Phillips, Hums, mill Dickerson. M I First row: Tommie Blackbourne, Itel t sue Boj dstun, M innie Kutli Hutson, Second row: Sterling Miiitiiin, -lark Sharp, Dr. I dlmi West. ALPHA T) O f Alplia Psi Omega is the Largest national honorary dramatics fraternity in the nation. Northwestern ' s Delta Eta Cast (Chapter) was re-organized in 1953 mm y l §i m with a membership of nine. Aimed at t lie betterment of the College Theater. the entrance qualifications are somewhat more rigid than its sister group. Davis Players, [ eft to right: Minturn, Sharp, Boydstun. OFFICERS fcl ■ JACK SHARP Cast Director HETTY SUE BOYDSTUN Stage Manager STERLING MINTURN Business Manager DRAMATICS a 2 first row: Alice Adams, Janice Andress, Lois .Iran Arlington, Man Elizabeth Bre- velle, Nancj Brodnax, Jane Basil, Gerrj Carroll, Bettj arter, Barbara Cheek. Second row: Leeta Joj Coffey, Bobbye Jean Collins, Virginia Crossno, Mildred Eckhardt, Eddj Gene Elliott, Katherine Elliott, Barbara Brans, Billie Eincher, Bettj Godwin. Third row : La Nell i.m , Barbara Gray, La Nell nines, Alice Halls, Norma I ' uj Johnson, Nancj Klmbrell, Billie Lambright, .lack Ezel l.ucia, Sosie Mathis. Fonrth row: Vernice Megason, Martha Mi ell, Emogene Monks, Mickej Morrow, Eloise Morion, Marilyn Motter, Doroth) McLaren. Justine McMurry. Ann Nash, tilth row: Alice Phelps, Lou- vesta Presley, Mollle Ramba, Evelyn Ratcuff, Charlene Ray, Dolores Rogrers, Imogrene Roller, Ethel Louise Tan in, Alcidie Thompson. Sixth row: (and Ann Watson, Bettj Wilson. Billie Winsteal, Kathryn Wright. The Euthenics Club, organized in 1926, has since become one " I the most outstanding departmental chilis on the campus, due to its work as a unit and the leadership ability shown 1 its individual members. Its purpose, indeed, is to develop leadership and foster sociability among its members. OFF! C E K S JANE HI Sll President BARBAB 1 VNS i Pi ndenl IK KEY MORROW Secretar) BETTIE CARTEB Treasure, EUTHENICS CLUB I. cl! to rigid : ( arter. Evans, Hil-li . Morrow. H O M E E C O N O M I C S I t First row: Bertie Austin, Alar; Sue Bellew, Thais ISeter. Carolyn Sue Bout well, Frances Biovxn, Ann Crawford, Joyce Delcainbre, Janice Edwards. Second row: Martha Foote, Evelyn Ford, liar Gremillion, Eleanor Bendrix, Gloria Hodgres, Judy Boneycutt, Freddie Jones, Helen Keith. Third row: Mar Melder, JoAnne Robinson, Pats} Scarborough, Sue Quinn Shaw, .Mullet Shehee, Siierrill Sowers, Mary Bess Stroud. PHYSICAL ED OFFICERS MARY SUE BELLEW President FREDDIE JONES Vice-President BERTIE AUSTIN Secretary-Treasurer HELEN KEITH Reporter PEM CLUB llic PEM Club, an organization for women Physical Edu- cation majors, was started at Northwestern in 1935. The purposes of the club are to develop an awareness of the importance ol health, physical education and recreation in our modern society; to promote the interest of students majoring in health, physical education, and recreation: to develop among the students a realization of their responsi- bilities to the profession of health, physical education, and recreation: and to co- operate in the work of state and na- tional organizations. The Westminster Club is the organization of the Presb - some, co-operative Christian experiences and training in terian Church, established at colleges and universities, to worship, study, recreation, and social fellowship, as a part of provide students with opportunities and facilities for whole- normal church life. First row: Tommie Blackbourne, Jane Claborn, Boh Kinchen, Max Peters. Second row: Betty Jo Tilleux, Gerald Tilleux, Slerle Thomas, Marj Stone. WESTMINSTER CLUB OFFICERS BOB KINCHEN ' Moderator GERALD TILLEUX Vice- Moderator MERLE THOMAS Clerk R E L I G I U S R E L I G I O H S ( ) F F I C E R S BETTY SUE BOYDSTUN President MICKEY MORROW Vice President VONNI W ELSH Secretan l III K S Treasure! WESLEY FOUNDATION ?-$ First rn : Marilyn VS$agg, Bettj Sue Boydstun, Delano Brister, Mu Hums, Dean ' k, Bobbye Curtis. Second r « : (mil Eppersr.n, Donald Fuller, Darlene George, Nanoj Kimbrell, Dun Morgan, Mit-kej Mormw. Third row: .nl - Robinson, Anita Sigler, Barbara Stephenson, Miiriliil Stewart, l$ni Tatum, fvonne Welch. The Wesley Foundation Council guides the religious activi- Mvk ti lead them to deeper spiritual understanding ami in ties of the Methodist students on the campus of V S. C. It true Christian living among others. The Canterbury Club is the student organization of tin- members are guided in religious, cultural and social develop- Episcopal Church, on the College Campus. Through discus- ment. Membership is open to all interested students enrolled sion, study, worship, recreation, and community service the in the college. CANTERBURY CLUB OFFICERS FKWk I ' KTTY President ED SS I ice President RODRIG1 EZ Secretary-Treasurer RELIGIOUS lir-i row. Iiii !.. right: Mervyn Baldwin, Hester Brown, Edd] Gene Elliott, Elsie Garrett, Robert Dun Nash, ■-;« I Nass. Second row: Patsj Payne, Irani. Petty, Ann Rodriquez, Dnr- bara Spence, Patsj Sullivan, Margaret Townsend. Third row i Gerrj Perrj iUiams, harles Wood. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION EXECUTIVE COTJNCIt First row: ISettj Carter, Leeta Joy Coffey, Dudley Downing, Barbara Jean Edwards, Barbara Evans, liillie Fincher. Second row: Cindy Hodge, Charles Holloway, Faye Del Johnson, Norma F. Johnson, Blanchie Lee Lewis, Irene Long;. Third row: Byron McCain, Jerrj McDonald, Aline McMickle, Harry Lane Mile.v, Louvesta I ' restlev, Eddie Ray Spurgeon, Hay Teal, The Baptist Student Union, composed of all Baptist Stu- dents at Northwestern, strives to deepen the spiritual lives of its members by enlisting them in activities of the local Baptist churches. Sponsored by the Southern Baptist Con- vention, it was first organized on this campus in 1927. Pic- tured here are those members of the Executive Council and the Freshman Council. I KKSIIMAN COUNCIL First row: Louise Bell, Marilyn Busby, Sam Callia, David Cliristmnn. Margie Douglas, Peggj Knloe. Second row: Hugh Faircloth, Ann Fit .- patricU, Fanny iarl . Rub) Nell Gordy, Hanna Ha.vnes, Bobbie IIol- man. Third row: Dorothy McLaren, Marilyn Minis, George Morgan, Sophie Snell. US K E L I G I O 1 S U .. club of Catholic Culture and Catholic Fellowship, the Newman Club i- organized in order " to deepen ili - spiritual and enrich ili - temporal lives of ii- members through a balanced program ol religious, intellectual, and social activities. " Ii functions to weld the Catholic students into a common union, assisting the college and students whenever possible. ( » F F I C E R S ED BA( II I President JOHN l K( M II ' ' " ■ President MARGARE1 ROBIN Secretary I.Ol El LA Mil I Hi Treasurer l-irsi row -. Pegg) Arlington, Marj Abney, Babbj Most, Ed Bacllla, Catherine Basco, i " n Book, Dolores Broussard, Mar] Byrne, gnea Cantrelle. Second row: Marjorie Car- ter Ruth Cicardo, Nancj Conlan, Bloise Conley, l)a i l Dalton, Joycelyn Delcambre, Donald Blfert, Juanita Folse, Cela Gandy. Third row: Frances Garcia, June Gleason, Beverlj (. " union, Rae GrenuUion, Raj GnUlory, Eleanor Hendrlx, Fair Hyams, ( harles Johnson, lluuli JoUy. Fourth row: Karl Krammer, I..mui Laffltte, Harold Laroux, Rose Frances Lena, Patrick Lyons, Johnnj Marcelli, Frederick Martinez, Wilber Mas " . ■loliiin Massey. Fifth row: Lonella Miller, June Norman, Jack Piscopo, Margaret Robin, Bob Rodrigue, Rochelte Sandlin, Marjorie SIngletary, John Spataro, Ethel Tauzin. ivili row: ! ' ■ Thompson, lt - c-rl Thoreson, Marj Verawyvelt, ! ■,• Winchester. l, .ii to rig-lit: Broussard, Robin, Marcelli, Father Jullnni Miller. NE WMA N CLUB 207 ' - l [.eft to right: Seated. McLain, Lena, Brunei-. Standing:: llar- ille, Williams, Sanders. P I OMEGA P I BUSINESS The purpose of this fraternity is to encourage, promote, extend, and create interest and scholarship in the fields of Business Administration and Business Education, and to reach the ideal of service as the basis of all worthy enter- prises. The requirements of membership in Alpha Nu Chapter, installed at Northwestern State College in 1938. are a " B " average in business and a high scholastic average in all other subjects. OFFICERS MANUEL LENA President CHARLES WILLIAMS ( ice President FRANCES McLAIN Secretary MARTHA ANN LEACH Treasurer First row: Hay Itoswcll, Juan Evans, Sue Harville, Poll} Hays, Fred Johnson. Second row : Jim Kinnison, Martha Ann I, each, .Manuel Lena, Pat Lyons, Prances MeXain. Third row: Wanna Beth Sanders, Dick Sullivan, Charles Williams, Vends Wright. 208 A ; R I C l L 1 I R I ( ) F lie E R S Kll I. McCOV President J M h MORROW Secretary ( l N RABB, JK Treasure D E ME TER kin-Hun, ' , li ' ii in right: Galiagan Lee, l mi Sullivan, Joe Pullig, Jerrj Smith, l wi Bamburg, Wilfred Broussard. Standing 1 : S. W. NelkJne, Bill McCoy, Roj Fair, Noland Rabb, James Morrow, Hill Stanbnry, isnii Sander, 11. J. Young, The Beta Chapter ol Demeter was chartered at Northwest- ern State College in 1935. having met all the standards re- quired li the national organization which was founded earlier at Southwestern in Lafayette. Organized to promote hetter farm practices, the fraternit) derives it- name from the ancient goddess of the soil. Demeter. Serving as a liaismi bod) between the actual teaching of agriculture at the college and on the campus. Demeter serves a an integral part of the gi i culture Department and is a very active organization. Beta Beta Beta is a national honor society for students of the biological sciences. Its purpose is to stimulate sound schol- arship, promote the dissemination of scientific truth, and to encourage investigation in the life sciences. Tri Beta members are well known for their exhibits which are placed in the biology building. I hej tr to combine a pro- gram of work and relaxation for the enjoy ment of all. BETA BETA BETA First row, left to right: Jackson Beebe, Willia m West, Charles W I. Raymond CoUier. Second row: l r. Outland, Jerrj Ues, Jean Robinson, Mr. Combs, Catherine Basco, Marj CathiTinr Gorily, Dr. Kruin. F F 1 C E H S JACKSON BEEBE President II I.I VM WEST I « President MARTHA MIDDLETON Secretary JKKKV II KS Treasure) DA VIS PLAYERS Left, to riffht: Sharp, Boydstun, and Mintutn. First row: Ed Bacilla, Tommie Blackbourne, Hetty Sue Boydstun, Delano Brister, Ma- .ie Dranguet, Barbara Jean Edwards. Second row: Vera Graham, Pat Hankins, Win- nie Kuth Hutson, .lini Bob Ke,i, Pat Lyons, Sterling Mint urn. Third row: tiale Robinson, Jack Sharp, Betli Smith, .Millie Middleton Stephens, Gerald Tilleux, Anne Torrans. Davis Players is the oldest dramatic organization on the campus. Founded in 1925 and named for a former Language Instructor, the club has come to be recognized as a leader in developing and encouraging dramatic talent. In it ' s second of re-organization, Davis Players is near the full membership of thirty persons, as stated in the Constitution. OFFICERS JACK SHARP President STKKLINC 11NTUKN First Vice President BETTY SUE BOYUSTUN Second I ice President D R M A ckn o wledgmen Is The I ( ). 1 1 ' oti ' oi nisi i a( la-i completed. Into ii has gone the work of nol o!il I he students w hose name appear on the staff, I ml also the woi k ol hundreds oi people w ithoul hom the I took would never have I tern completed. I he editor and stafl therefore would like to sa) " thanks to all who have had a pari in this, another representation of studenl life al Northwestern. Vnd, especiall) to the following, do we express oui sincere appreciation: The Benson Printing Company, especially Mr. W. . l en on. Jr., who added 1 1 1 « • final touch always, and Mr. Ralph Langreck and Budd) Shaw who made our sta in Nashville so wonderlul and helped so much with the layouts, and Bill Baggetl who designed the Opening Section. The stall ' of the Shreveport Engra ing ( lompan) for their splendid work and cooperation, particularly Mr. P. E. Dozier, Jimni Cobb, Ed Birchett, and Marie Da i-. Mr. Curtis Guillel for the touch of true artistr) he contributed to features, classes, and organizations. Mso Gu ( " heck and e a St les for their excellent help on the photographic copy. Mr. John ( " . Merrill who proved to be a real sponsor gh ing u much needed advice and keeping our spirits up when the going gol rough. President H. Lee Prather and the other administrative officers for their help- ing hand and assistance during times of trial. Mr. James . oe for ha ing our beauties judged oxer T. . and Mr. Harry Arthur for his direction and supervision oi the contest. The College Business Stall for its advice and help along lines of financial worry. You, the Student Body, for your constanl support and generous co-operation in man) w a s. And, last, hut certain!) not least, the firms and folks whose advertisements filled the necessary gap in fund- thai made tlii hook possible . . . the) are youi sincere friends. Ma) we again a to those mentioned above, you have our heart-fell thanks. THE ST Ml 1400 STUDENTS CAN ' T BE WRONG! Meet Aunt Tab and Uncle Vic MEALS— SHORT ORDERS SODA FOUNTAIN LE RENDEZVOUS COLONIAL FLOWER SHOPPE F.T. D. Flowers By Wire 422 Second Street Phone 2796 ENJOY NAKATOSH SPECIAL COFFEE Always Fresh — Always Good Roasted and Packed in Natchitoches By The NATCHITOCHES COFFEE AND SYRUP CO. NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA COURREGES SHOE STORE Smart Footwear for College Men and Women SHOES AND HOSIERY New Second Street Natchitoches BUTLER-HORTON COMPANY General Electric Appliances Phone 333 I 139 St. Denis Street Natchitoches, Louisiana A. DeBLIEUX SON Only Exclusive Ladies ' Ready-to- Wear in Town 406 Front Street NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA TODD ' S " A Friendly Place To Buy " NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA QUALITY SHOE STORE Quality Shoes For All the Family " Known For Better Brands " 756 Front Street NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA MORGAN LINDSEY INC. 5c to $ 1 .00 The Stores of Courtesy HOTEL NAKATOSH The Students of Northwestern are Always Welcome We Make Special Rates for Parties NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA CANE THEATRE " For Your Pleasure " Where you will always find a Cheerful Welcome With sincere appreciation of your past favors, we extend our heartiest congratulations to the Northwestern State College of Louisiana, fac- ulty, and student body, for this edition of the Potpourri POPULAR PRICES HEALTHFUL YEAR-ROUND AIR-CONDITIONING NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA ( omniim en ts of CITY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OF NATCHITOCHES EXCHANGE BANK OF NATCHITOCHES PEOPLES BANK OF NATCHITOCHES Members: NATCHITOCHES PARISH CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION MEMBERS FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FROM THE L. 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KAFFIE, Incorporated Pittsburgh Paints and Products NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA de VARGAS JEWELRY 624 Front Street NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA BEST WISHES KWCJ NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA Meet Your Friends At Murphy ' s Restaurant Air-Conditioned KC STEAKS - FRIED CHICKEN HICKORY SMOKED BAR-B-CUE JOBBERS Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco, School Supplies L H. JOHNSON WHOLESALE Phone 2812-21 14 THE SOUTHERN COTTON OIL COMPANY Manufacturers COTTON SEED PRODUCTS HIGH GRADE FERTILIZERS NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA C.E.COLLINS AND SONS FARM MACHINERY— APPLIANCES HARDWARE Big Enough to Serve You Small Enough to Know You Phone 5524-5525 Natchitoches You Can Pay MoreBut You Can ' t Buy Better Phone 3677 NATCHITOCHES MOTOR COMPANY Home of the Oldest Ford Dealer in Louisiana Corner of Front and Lafayette Streets " Greatest Car Ever Built in the Low-Priced Field " Natchitoches, La. COMPLIMENTS OF VESTAL, INCORPORATED Represented by GEORGE MATHER THE COLLEGE BOOKSTORE Carries a Complete Line of PRACTICAL DRAWING COMPANY SCHOOL OFFICE SUPPLIES GOOD FOOD D : OR " P I EASE CHIC DALI o U t i 1 john Sexton co AGO— LONG ISLAND CITY— PHILADEL AS— ATLANTA— PITTSBURGH — DET BOSTON— SAN FRANCISCO S PHIA ROIT COMPLIMENTS OF TOM BAKER " York Air-Conditioning " COBB CHEVROLET CO. Texas at Third Street Phone 2338 NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA COMPLIMENTS OF HORTON GAHAGAN INSURANCE AGENCY Fire, Automobile - Casualty - Bonds W. E. BROCK, Manager NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA " Our Policy Is Your Protection " Phone 2101 -21 81 ALDREDGE JEWELERS KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS Elgin Hamilton Bulova Benrus Watches All Kinds of Jewelry and Watch Repairs BROWN-ROBERTS HARDWARE and SUPPLY COMPANY, LTD. Wholesale Only ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA Kelly-Weber Co., Inc. WHOLESALE GROCERS PRODUCE, FEEDS Phone 2361 400 College Ave. Natchitoches, La. BECK MOTORS OLDS — CADILLAC Sales — Service A. G. BECK, Owner 1404 Washington Street Phone 3333 FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR CAR GO GULF ROBERT BREEDLOVE Distributor GULF OIL PRODUCTS Phone 2025 or 2745 Natchitoches CLECO Your Natural Gas Company CENTRAL LOUISIANA ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC. PROMPT — COURTEOUS — DEPENDABLE COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND HOWARD LUMBER COMPANY Building Material Headquarters Phone 2341 NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA NATCHITOCHES LUMBER YARD, INC ♦ Phone 2747 ♦ 812 Washington Street NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA Setting the Date? ...then IT ' S TIME TO MAKE ANOTHER — for our camera to cover the story of your wedding ! Your entire wedding story told in enchanting pictures! From home- to church — to reception — our photographer captures every highlight in a series of happy, unposed, natural candids that preserve the beauty of the day forever. Set the date with our studio now. . . stop in today or call for an appointment. GUILLET STUDIO Second Street Phone 2381 L ompittnenCd 4 EARLE C. PARKER, INC. Manufacturers of Uniforms HOUSTON 3, TEXAS C ongra tit Cation 3 to Jhe J- otpourri S taff jror a I tl femora bte Lyearbooh STUDENT BODY NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE is::;::::: SSSIISBSSB m ■ ■■ ■■■ «■ ' ■ ■«■■«»■ •■ •»« " N «Br iB J. B. BDYDSTUN (jeneral CcHtractw A BUILDER WITH INTEGRITY SPECIALIZING IN MODERN SCHOOL BUILDINGS P.O. Box 290 Natchitoches, La. ENGRAVINGS ARE BY HREVEPORT inn M P A N Y SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA A Mewnarable Year • Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of the Northwestern State College for completion of another out- standing year of accomplishments. • The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book and one which portrays the high lights of memorable activities. • Neither time, effort nor expense have been spared to provide you with a permanent record, attractively presented and complete in every detail. • To preserve the photography and literary efforts of the Staff, the best grade of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. • We are proud that the 1954 Staff selected us to help design, print and bind the " Potpourri. " We have earnestly endeavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. BENSON PRINTING COMPANY NASHVILLE 3. TENNESSEE 6: a A Sm »iif " " :v -JV m m WMMM WiWi •.■; ' , •;•--• .. ■__ - A ' ! § m? s ' SsSJvSSiim I »g imwm- II ,:. ' ■■ » " m Wmm YA him. « ill in

Suggestions in the Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) collection:

Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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