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MM w • }} ■fc -%x " -i " V 5 -y . , (? -. - •y». v r r S ? PvxC3gi LaUo • THE 1953 THE YEARBOOK OF NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE AT NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA HOUSTON DAVIS • EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MARIE TILLEUX • ASSOCIATE EDITOR LUCIAN SPATARO • BUSINESS MANAGER MY HEART IS ALWAYS WITH YOU, LOO-ZE-ANA LOO-ZE-ANA • v WHERE DREAMS ALL COME LRUE DOWN WHERE THE BANJO IS DOWN RINGING ■J J±Yi! WHERE THE MOCKING BIRD IS SINGING ■■ DOWN WHERE THE SWEET MAGNOLIA BLOOM T • " ■■JfcJ ' " ■ % V " i suf - -»- ' — cSS aS - ■ : u v ». V u m £r ir™ BENEATH A SOFT, PALE MOON WHEN YOU ' RE SITTIN ON THE LEVEE AS THE EVENIN ' SHADOWS FALL YOU CAN HEAR THE FROGS A-CROAKIN " AND THE NIGHT BIRDS PLAINTIVE CALL FOR A MOMENT THERE IS SILENCE SEEMS THE EARTH HAS CEASED ITS SPIN THEN A MOVEMENT IN THE CYPRESS AND SHE ' S TURN-IN ' ROUN ' A ■ G I N SOON THE DIMLY LIT STAR CANDLES FROM THEIR HIDIN ' GIN TO CRAWL WHEN YOU ' RE SITTIN ' ON THE LEVEE AND THE EVENIN ' SHADOWS FALL. [ E i DICATION Because she lias dedicated twenty-seven years of her life teaching and inspiring those students who have passed through the portals of Northwestern State College; Because she has won our admiration and love hoth as a teacher and a friend: Beeanse she possesses those humane qualities which make her an esteemed personage unforgettable to the thousands taught by her; Beeanse she has touched the heartstrings in a fashion that reawakens sentiments which ring strong and clear; Because she herself is a great Loiiisianian and takes pride in her nati « ' state. We respectfully dedicate the L953 POTPOURRI to MISS CATHERINE ZIMMERMAN WINTERS 17 THE PRESIDENT P n.iilw -L J j..l • (1 UUlJlUDXti .J J. l lll J. A lHJs 0. Ul i • .. . . .. .PRESIDENT-. . .PRESIDENT. . .PR] ID ;. . . . . .PR [DENT. . .PR . . . , . .] P. r. . .PRESI DENT. . .? . . . .PRESI . . ] F IT. . .PRESI1 , . T. . .PRE I 3IDENT. . SI PR] r. . .: ] )ENT. . . .] .... INT. . .P . . .PRE . NT. . . ' RESIDENT. . .PR3 . . . . . . r . . • • • ,ji • • • It is the task of education today to train young men and women for successful living in the most complex society the world has ever known. Our college must not fail to do its full share in this noble and difficult task. That remarkable success has been attained in the past is clearly proven by the thousands of our graduates who have attained distinction, not alone in the field of education but in every other business and profession as well. I trust that I may be pardoned for the pride which I take in the fact that I have coached at this college in their undergraduate days, the Chief Justice of the Louisiana State Supreme Court, the Lieutenant Governor, the Dean of the College of Education at Louisiana State University and the Secretary for Student Work of the Southern Baptist Convention, to mention but a few of the many instances in which outstanding contributions in a wide variety of fields of service have been made by those who have gone this way. Their success should be to us at once an inspiration and a challenge. But as we prepare here for triumphant living in the future, let us endeavor here and now also to taste of living at its very best. Thus our college life may be not only a joyful adventure but also a valuable experiment in harmonious democratic living. And our college community can become an ideal laboratory for training in the arts of good citizenship. It is the province of the POTPOURRI staff to preserve for future years the many facets of our college life. This is a task worthy of the very best efforts which may be put forth in that behalf. For our college life too, has become more and more complex with the passing of the years. But we have unbounded confidence that the staff of 1952-1953 will more than measure up to the high standards set in former years. When I was a student the editors of the annual placed beside the picture of each senior, a brief comment somewhat in the nature of an evaluation of the contribution made to University life by that student. And I recall that each member of the senior class lost no time in turning to his picture to learn what comment his college career had evoked. Might I suggest that day by day each of us give serious thought as to what might be a deserved comment on our contribution to the life of our college, were that practice followed here. Let staff, faculty and students alike, strengthen the resolve to enlist all our time, talents, interest and efforts in making the record of our college life one of which we may be justly proud in the distant years when we view in retrospect the pages of the POTPOURRI for 1952-1953. H. LEE PRATHER 70 DEANS KATHLEEN GILLARD Dean of Women DUDLEY G. FULTON Dean of Men CLARENCE E. DUGDALE School of Arts and Sciences GEORGE T. WALKER School of Applied Arts and Sciences JOHN B. ROBSON School of Education Vr :i ADMINISTRATORS HAL E. TOWNSEND Director oj Mens Housing LEROY S. MILLER Alumni Secretary J. P. STRAUGHAN Auditor JOHN C. MERRILL Publicity Director DUDLEY G. FULTON Director of Student Relations HARRY H. TURPIN Athletic Director OTIS R. CREW Registrar GRIFFIN TAYLOR Business Manager 23 Left to right: S. W. Nelken, Harrison J. Young, Hal E. Townsend. Left to right: Olive Cooper, Grant Kenner. AGRICULTURE SYLVAN W. NELKEN Department Head WILLIAM G. ERWIN Department Head BIOLOGY ART... OLIVE COOPER Department Head tit ' , mm NOBLE B. MORRISON Department Head BUSINESS Left to right: Rene Bienvenu, Ralph Combs. Gordon Fairchild, Wil- liam Erwin, Harry Barr. George Ware. First row: Ruth Bruner, N. B. Morrison. Janell Farris. Second row: Robert H. Easley, Kenneth Durr, George T. Walker, Allan T. Steele. 24 Left to right : H. J. Sudbury, Cecil C. Graham, A. B. Simpson, Dean John B. Robson. Lucille T. Carnahan, Leo T. Albritton, John A. Jones. F. A. Ford Fust row: Charles Thomas, Melba O ' Quinn, Elisabeth Cunningham Jean Maeys, John Piscopo. Second row: Harry Turpln, Walter Ledet. Guy W. Nesom. H. Alvin Brown. Paul Marx. E I) U C A T I O N JOHN B. ROBSON Department Head RUBY S. DUNCKLEMAN Department Head HOME ECONOMICS HEALTH AM) PHYSICAL EDUCATION GUY W. NESOM Department Head WALTER J. ROBINSON Department Head INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Left to right: Ruby Dunckleman. Frances E. Halm. Eola P. Rooks. Mary E. Roberson. Marie S. Dunn. Left to right: Roy Clark. Walter J. Robinson. Roland Nagel. 25 First row: Eve Mouton, Mamie Bowman, Corinne Saucier, Edna West, Mary McEniry. Second row: A. G. Alexander, G. W. Dunnington, E. B. Doering, John C. Merrill. Third row: Donald Graham, Ellis G. Shields. First row: Irene Pope. Hazel Shea, Olive Roberts, Dorothy Keyser. Second row: J. Mitchell Reames. Johnny Mallory, R. A. Hoffpauir, Jr., Eugene Watson. LANGUAGES A. G. ALEXANDER Department Head CARROLL G. KILLEN Department Head MATHEMATICS Left to right: Glynn J. Corley, Sam W. Shelton, Dr. Elsie T. Church, Carroll G. Killen. Edwin Miller. LIBRARY SCIENCE EUGENE WATSON Department Head LT. COL. JAMES W. BOWMAN Department Head MILITARY SCIENCE Seated: Major Angus Weydell, Lt. Col. James W. Bowman, Capt. Horton Bransford. Standing: M Sgt. Jack Stiles, M Sgt. Delbert Griffith, SFC Philip E. Trout, SFC Francis Moore, SFC Randolph Dahl, M Sgt. Clyde Cannon. 26 First row: Paul Torgrimson. May Beville. Ann Biggs Sara Gu tar. She, rod Towns. Second row: Dwight G Davis. Joseph Carlucci. Elea- nor Brown. Lorane V. Brittain. Donald Glattlv M U I SHERROD TOWNS Department Head F. G. FOURNET Department Head PHYSICAL SCIENCE First row: Lorraine Means. Beverly Andre. Hilda Bumham. Dorothy lay, an. Second row: Barbara Odom. Tiny Callender. Eleanor Keller. NURSING HILDA BURNHAM Department Head JOHN S. KYSER Department Head SOCIAL SCIENCE First row: Alfred Ducournau. F. G. Fournet, Alan Crosby. Se;oni row: Bert B. Boyd. A. K. Deason. Louis Cusachs. First row: Bruce Mason. George Stokes. Dewltt T. Tarlton. Second row: Catherine Winters. LeRoi EversulL. John Duffy. Third row. Yvonne Phillips. John S. Kyser a»«Bw- Mw — ■■■ — Z 27 ACT V 28 T E •it III 1 m fc if « rS • ' E2ff a. THE STUDENT COUNCIL LELAND LANGRIDGE President RONALD QUINN Vice-President WINNIE DOWDEN Coed Vice-President MARY SUE BELLEW MARY LOUISE MURPHY Secretary Treasurer As has been the primary objective of preceding student leaders, the Student Council sought to elevate school spirit among the Student Body. Methods used in promoting this were in the forms of pep-rallies, assemblies, and various other activities which sought student participa- tion. The Council saw need for mor activities which would not only involve N.S.C. students but would include high school students from the surrounding areas. The beginning of educational rallies was sought by this group of student leaders. What could be so important? Ooh. la la! Look at the book, Lowell! 30 At the Annual Homecoming Dance the Student Council presented to the N.S.C. Student Body and Alumni, Buddy Morrow and his Orchestra. This was the firsl time a name band has been engaged for this occasion. The usual duties of the Council were performed in an excellent manner. The group worked Seated: Quinn. Dowden. Langridge. Murphy, Starnes. Standing: Manning, Singletary. Miller. Not pictured: Bellew. jointly with Louisiana College and Louisiana Tech to stage the Cen-La Fair and State Fair festivities. Again it was the cooperation of this group with student governing bodies of other state colleges that kept alive the Student Federation of Louisiana Colleges and Universites. This group worked constantly for the good of their fellow students and deserve a heart ' , congratulation for their efforts. 31 THE STUDENT SENATE The legislative branch of Student Government, which has as its goal to make Student Government more representative and conducive to student interests, had a very progressive year in this its fifth year of existence. The Senate besides carrying on its legislative program, has undertaken the sponsorship of the Student Film Program. This program, carried on by a com- mittee of Senate Members, endeavors to bring such films to the campus which have a educational as well as entertaining value. It was in the fall semester that the Senate received its charter for the operation of this film program after hav- Seated. left to right: Leach. Saltzman, Rose, Davis, Kyser, M. Tilleux. Standing, left to right: Phillips, Bacilla, Batten, Torrans, Berlin, Bellipanni, Finley, Vercher, Ray, Hodge, G. Tilleux, Peavy. Not pic- tured are Sharp and Nielsen. HOUSTON DAVIS President HARDY ROSE Vice-President JOE SALTZMAX Secretary-Treasurer ing petitioned for it in the preceding semester. By all records it seems that the Senate has been very successful in the operation of this program. Another task which falls upon the shoulders of the Senate which is also out- side of its legislative duties is the compiling and editing of the Student Hand- book which is released bv the college as a quarterly, and issued to the incoming student of the college. The Senate was fortunate to have Dr. John S. Kyser as their faculty advisor since his assistance and advice proved to be very valuable in the successful carrying out of their program. John S. Kvser Everybody ' s dead on their feet. What happened to the Speaker? 33 HONOR COURT JAMES YERGLER Chief Justice Organized during the 1946-47 school year, the Student Honor Court is com- posed of seven justices nominated by the Dormitory Councils, selected by the Honor Court, and approved bv the advisory Board. Created as the disciplinary body of student government, the Honor court has the delegated power to act in the event of violations or infractions of the rules which govern the conduct of men students on the campus. With the purposes of building higher standards of citizenship on the campus among the men students and to equitably admin- ister justice through a student sponsored tribunal, the court, in itself, serves as a definite step forward in the trend to a more responsible student government. First row: Melvin Luse, James Yergler, Velma Reeves. Secretary; Second row: Edgar Stephens, Houston Davis, Charles Holloway. Not pictured: Dave Carson, James Bonsall. ASSOCIATED WOMEN ' S COUNCIL CLAUDINE BOX President The A.W.S. Executive Council Dormitory representatives to the A.W.S. The A.W.S. Judicial Board The Associated Women ' s Students, an organization of all women students registered at the college, is governed by its officers known as the A.W.S. Council. The object of the council is to promote, in cooperation with the Dean of Women, the intellectual, social and spiritual welfare of the Women students, to develop in the students a deep sense of self-responsibility, to instill a spirit of cooperation and friend- ship; and to uphold high social and academic standards among Women students of the college. Highlights of A.W.S. activities are the annual " Christmas at Home, " the Backward Dance, and the annual Spring Convocation, at which time awards are made to outstanding women students. 35 PURPLE OFFICERS MARY CLARK President CLYDIE MAE BEACHAM Vice President BARBARA BREMER Secretanj BETH TRAMMEL Treasurer ■r- -■ . - - i IMMWgMMMMW 93: Left to right: Rumsey, Bremer, Marmande, Trichel, Winkler, Stephens. Boydstun, Vick. Elliott, Trammel, Clark, Beacham, Corry. Smith, Thompson, Lucius, Box, Dowden. MEMBERS Clvdie Mae Beacham, Claudine Box, Betty Sue Boydstun, Bar- bara Bremer, Mary Clark, Dorothy Corry, Winnie Dowden, Eddy Gene Elliott, Claire Lucius, Genevieve Marmande, Bea Rumsey. Evelyn Smith, Thelma Ruth Stephens, Dorothy Thompson, Peggy Trichel, Beth Trammel, Louise Vick, Patsy Winkler. 36 I ■ MISS CATHERINE WINTERS JACKETS Talking it over Adorned in purple and white, colors depicting loyalty, the Purple Jackets have portrayed service, as they have served willingly and tirelessly as the official hostesses of the college, making of themselves an ageless tradition. Highlighting this year was their trip to Monterey. Miss Catherine Winters and Mrs. Eola P. Rooks co-sponsored this group. Planning for Monterey 37 THE CURRENT REPORTERS BETTIE CARTER MYRON FLEMING PATRICIA HANKINS SUSIE MATHIS MARJORIE REYNOLDS RITA SCHEXNIDER MERLE THOMAS ANN TORRANS MARGARET NELL WEBER PATSY WINKLER JACKIE THOMPSON Reporter A special attempt was made by the editors and staff members of the 1952-53 Current Sauce to make the college paper a true " friend of the students " — a paper which would give them as complete as possible a coverage of campus news as well as advice and support through editorial columns. The whole staff worked whole- heartedly and with tireless efforts, always keeping this goal in mind. Somehow, they feel that they accomplished what they were attempting to do, and that the students did enjoy their college weekly. Contrary to the situation which existed prior to the past year, the paper, under the editorship of Joe Saltzman, had a fairly large staff of hardworking, competent and conscientious people. John Spataro, sports editor and business manager of the Sauce, and Wanna Beth Sanders, associate editor, are to be especially commended for the many hours of hard work which they devoted to the Sauce. Without these people ' s help the editor could not possibly have managed. Of course, the year was not altogether perfect. As usual, the staff had its ups and downs. There were always such worries as late cuts and mad scrambles due to shortage of copy, but these things were soon accepted as being unavoidable. The year brought enjoyment as well as work for the staff. There were the annual dance sponsored by the Current Sauce, a banquet and parties sponsored by Alpha Phi Epsilon, local journalism fraternity, and field trips to Shreveport. All of these events served as incentives to work with pride on the Current Sauce. 38 SAUCE M » II BILLY BAKER Sports Reporter We put out a good paper last week HOUSTON DAVIS Editor LUCIAN SPATARO Business Manager Left to right: Barbara Cheek, Lora Faye Kemper, Gerald Tilleux, Velma Reeves, John Spa- taro. Barbara Stephenson. THE MARIE TILLEUX Associate Editor JACKIE CHEEK Feature Editor The first complete section being reviewed ' 5 3 POTPOURRI STAFF BARBARA CHEEK GUY CHEEK JACKIE CHEEK HOUSTON DAVIS BARBARA EDWARDS CHARLES ERTELL PAT HANKINS JO HUBLEY ANN HUNGERBEELER NELDA JENKINS LORA FAYE KEMPER VIRGINIA MARTIN MARY MURPHY VELMA REEVES JOHN SPATARO LUCIAN SPATARO BARBARA STEPHENSON GERALD TILLEUX MARIE TILLEUX LOUISE VICK PATSY WINKLER JOHN SPATARO Sports Editor LOUISE VICK Pan-Hellenic Editor ANN HUNGERBEELER Organizations Editor NELDA JENKINS MARY MURPHY Class Editors PAT HANKINS Snapshot Editor GUY CHEEK Student Phr,tt f)raiihei It all began in June. Journeying to Nashville, Tennessee, as the guests of Benson Printing Company, were the editor, associate editor and business manager. A budget was drawn up, a time schedule made and at the end of the week, the layout of the 1953 Potpoukki with the exception of the opening section was complete. The open- ing section had to wait until a check could be made on the available photograph it- material from the State Department of Commerce and Industry. After much correspondence during the summer months, the photographic copy was obtained and forwarded to Benson so that the layout of the opening section could be drawn up making the first step toward the 1953 Potpourri complete. Came September and the actual work began. Class pictures were taken and proofs were shown. When the prints were returned there was a mad scramble to complete the class and organizations sections before the Christmas holidays so that we could beat the deadline on Benson ' s cash award offer for the completion of fifty pages of manuscript copy. We made this minimum requirement plus a few pages and received a cash award of eleven dollars. After the Christmas holidavs work went on smoothly until January when we lost our associate editor, Marie Tilleux. who graduated. This loss, however, proved to be only physical since Marie, as an alumna, continued to help in the editing of the yearbook through her being employed by the Shreveport Engraving Company. By the last of February all of the photographic copy was in the hands of the engravers and in mid-March the first shipment of cuts was made to Benson and the final shipment date was set to be the last of March. This left one month for the pub- lishing of the book. The staff worked hard and when the work was finished only a few faces that were present when the work began were absent at its completion. The goal of the staff was the completion of the 1953 Potpourri in time for an early delivery to the students. And so here it is — the finished product, right off the assembly line composed of the editor, staff, Guillet Studio, the Shreveport Engrav- ing Company and Benson Printing Company. 41 ' DWIGHT DAVIS Heralding the Christmas Season Sporting new uniforms, the Northwestern State Band under the direction of Dwight Davis added color and real Demon spirit wherever they went by their maneuvers on the field and their outstanding bursts of music to spur the cheering during the game. At the end of the football season the marching band converts and becomes the concert band. Their spring concert in the Fine Arts Auditorium and their open air concerts of summer days are truly musical highlights of the year. THE BAND OF The Alma Mater N.S.C. ' s Majorettes MEMBERS Carolyn Adams, Carroll Adkins, Janice Andress, William Bader, Jackson Beebe, ( ' ••■ Beltz, Alice Bobbitt, Delano Blister. Gerald Brown, Max Burns, Dorothy Carnahan, David Carson, Gerald Carter. Betty Chapman, Barbara Cheek, Dean Clark, [lose Nell Creel, Mai Ann Cronin, Millie Davis. Barbara Dickerson, S. W. Dickerson, Marcia Dauzat, Rol Dowies, Robert Dwyer, Barbara Edwards, John Eichler, Salvina Fertitta, Erma Freeland, William Groves, Curtis Hoglan, Gene Jensen, Berry Johnson, Francyse Jowers, Kamal Kathy, Harriette LaCour, Tommy Latham. John Manning, Wilbcrt Mason, Myron McCain. Virgil McGuffie, James Meaux. Nelda Morrison,, Raymond Nails, Marjorie Norsworthy, Fred Packard, Owen Phillips. William Plumb, Dorothy Porter, Richard Ray, Arthur Reid, Mildred Reid, Thomas Rogers, Jardy Rose. Hcim-IicI Russell, Betty Shaw, Anita Sigler, Danny Shehei Jack Shook, Joan Slay, Barbara Stephenson, Peggy Jo Taylor, Henry Teekel, Jacquline Thompson, Lorraine Vaughn, Connie Williams, Gordon Young. NORTHWESTERN Gaietv on Front Street As limber as they come! THE SYMPHONY First Violins Sara Guitar May Beville Julia Pace Second Violins Don Glattly Linda Shows James Hyde Linda Corley Virginia Oliver Ann Arledge ♦Faculty Violas Evelyn Smith Jerry Fuller Cellos Barbara Brittain Nelwyn Potter Marjorie Norsworthy Gloria Jean Salter Basses Owen Phillips Curtis Hoglan Dorothy Corry Earline Fuller John Miller Bassoons Peggy Jo Taylor Roy Graham Oboe Hardy Rose Clarinets Carroll Adkins Marcia Dauzat Lorraine Vaughn French Horns Byron McCain James Beltz Trumpets Jack Shook Gordon Young Trombones Max Burns Dave Carson Percussion Thomas Latham Kamal Kathey Piano Eleanor Brown Librarians Carroll Adkins Marcia Dauzat A violin solo by Miss Guitar Carlucci conducts the orchestra Under the able leadership of Joseph Carlucei the Northwestern State Symphony has proved itself to be one of the finest music organizations of its kind in the state. Besides giving its formal concert this vear, the orchestra joined forces with the choir in the annual presentation of the ' ' Messiah. " Other activities of the group included participation in the commencement ex- ercises and supplying the music for the Dramatic De- partment ' s production of " H.M.S. PINAFORE. " JOSEPH CARLUCCI She plays a Grand Piano An overgrown Cello THE CHOIR DONALD GLATTLY Director The College Singers, under the direction of Mr. Donald Glat- tly is an organization of singers representing all the schools in the college. It is not a group of music majors, but people who like to sing. The " Singers " have gained much recognition during the past vear for their fine performances. They have made a number of appearances here on our campus, as well as other places within the state. The annual presentation of the Messiah is one of the out- standing activities of the Singers. It is attended each year by a number of students and adults from this and surrounding areas. The many scheduled performances of the group has brought them to the attention of the Louisiana Elks, who have asked them to represent them at their annual convention to be held in St. Louis this summer. This will be the groups second time to attend the National E.ks Convention. We congratulate the Singers and Mr. Glattly for the fine work they have done in representing our school throughout the state and wish them the best of luck for a successful trip to St. Louis. 46 The annual presentation of the Messiah MEMBERS Carolyn Adams Gervais Aldredge Adrienne Averitt John Batten John Burns Max Burns Peggy Callia Sam Callia Dean Clark Ethelyn Cloutier Mary Ann Cronin Alvin De Blieux S. W. Dickerson Barbar Edwards Carolyn Foshee Erma Freeland Donald Fuller Jimmye Hatcher W. C. Hughes John James Annice Jones Owen Jordan Lora Faye Kemper Jim Bob Key Dottie Kirkland Martha Ann Leach Toby Livingston Byron McCain Virgie McGuffie Wilbert Mason Sue Miller Emogene Monks Marjorie Norsworthy Alice Margaret Phelps Owen Phillips Kathleen Prudhomme Mayo Prudhomme Vivian Prudhomme Bennie Ray Hardy Rose Betty Shaw Danny Shehee Joan Slay Jack Smith Eddie Spurgeon Delores Taylor Ray Teal Loyce Todd Jimmye Wall Mary Ann Walton S. J. Westbrook Claudia Williams Sarah Nell Younger Alice Zenter The College Singers a r % 47 HARDY ROSE Director DEMONAIRES With a flair of showmanship, a fine vocalist, smooth arrangements of new and old popular tunes, and Hardy Rose as leader, the Demonaires took the spot- light at the all-college dances and numerous private functions. The Demonaires with many current hits on their program for each dance can certainly be compared to the top name bands of today. Standing: Clark, Carson, Burns, Carter, Hoglan, Young. Seated: Beebe, Manning, Dickerson, Adkins, Rose, Batten, Kathey, Adams. Phillips, Jimmye Wall — vocalist. MEMBERS ELWYN ADAMS CARROLL ADKINS JOHN BATTEN JACKSON BEEBE DAVE CARSON GERALD CARTER DEAN CLARK S. W. DICKERSON JOHN MANNING OWEN PHILLIPS HARDY ROSE JIMMYE WALL WALTER BURNS CURTIS HOGLAN GORDON YOUNG KAMAL KATHEY 43 " The niftiest little swordsman in all of Gascony " AUBREY CAVENDISH, III DRAMATICS This year the drama group welcomed Dr. Edna West, a renown figure in the field of dramatics. Dr. West has certainly proved that she is worthy of all the praise that has been given her. She began her first year here with a comedv " the Royal Family. " The comedy satirized the Barrymore family and every one enjoyed this change from many of the previous productions. A fantasy was also presented to a select audience. " The Wonder Hat " with a cast of acclaimed troupers was a treat to all who saw it. The winter production, " Night Must Fall. " a murder thriller ran for three nights. Contrary to popu lar customs the play was presented in the Little Theatre because of the intimacy of the setting and plot. Yes, as the curtain draws down on this, another successful season for the drama department, the faculty and student body are eagerly awaiting the notices of a new production. Congratulations and orchids are in store for the actors, stage hands and Dr. West for their splendid year. The encore promises to be even more enjoyable and when the curtain rings up next fall, everyone will anticipate and receive another wonderful production. MARY HENDERSON Soprano ARTIST SERIES The Northwestern Artist Series com- mittee in conjunction with the Natchi- toches Concert Association has succeeded in bring " to the campus a varied and enter- taining program of well known artists. In selecting the program for the year, the committee seeks to arrange a balanced and varied program which will have wide ap- peal and interest among the students. Through the Artist Series program stu- dents are given the opportunity to see and hear well known artists, thus supplement- ing their college experience culturally. THE ROBERT SHAW CHORALE AND ORCHESTRA : I I i ■ B6 fj A " MONIQUE de la BRUCHOLLERIE Pianist MARINA SVETLOVA Premiere Danseuse ST. LOUIS SINFONIETTA, PAUL SCREIBER Conductor 4L W r 3 i DEMONETTES N.S.C. ' s marching pep squad once again completed a successful year, after marching along beside the band, and leading the crowd in the Demon yells. The group was composed of: MEMBERS Adrienne Averitt Tommie Blackbourne Jes sie Blewer Dixie Bradford Patsy Carter Jane Claborn Gail Epperson LaNell Goss Mary Catherine Gordy Oneta Hodson Mildred Holderman Kaydonna Hill Bobbye Hale Winnie Ruth Hutson Nancy Kimbrell Margaret Lampirez Barbara Montgomery Clydean Madden Louvinia McGee Clarice McDaniels Janice McDaniels Barbara Nelson Bobbie Nash Nelwyn Potter Gerry Love Perry Velma Reeves Marjorie Reynolds Gay New Evelyn Ratcliff Ruth Iris Schech Linda Shows Gloria Schumaker Nell Slack Sherril Sowers Nan Still Mary Beth Stroud Jeanette Thornberg Kathryn Wright Billic Winstead RIGHT: Top: Caldwell ' s mounting stairway. Center: State Fair appear- ance. Bottom: Alex ' s brighter day. OFFICERS TOMMIE BLACKBOURNE Field Captain WINNIE RUTH HUTSON Lieutenant GLORIA SCHUMAKER Lieutenant Realizing the need for college trained officers in the armed forces of the United States, the government established on the N.S.C. cam- pus, in 1050, an R.O.T.C. unit of the United States Army Artillery. The unit has steadily grown in size and is now composed of five bal teries. This year, under the command of Cadet Lt. Col. David Carson and the guiding hands of Lt. Col. Bowman and his capable stafT, the battalion has accomplished a great deal in preparing men for their jobs in the future, both as citizens and soldiers. O DAVID CARSON Cadet Lt. Colonel R. O. T. C. COLOR GUARD Left to right: Gerald Tilleux, George Pickett. Vernis Wright. Garland Lawrence. BATTALION STAFF OFFICERS First row: Cadet Lt. Col. David Carson. Cadet Lt. Col. Sponsor Louis. ' Vick. Second row: Cadet Maj. Ben Duhon. Cadet Lt. Donald Finley. Cadet Maj. Ronald Gilliand. Cadet Lt. John Batten. 53 Stacking arms BATTERY A A Battery, commanded by Cadet Capt. Lowell Starnes, captured the banner for best drilled battery of the fall semester. Selection is based on inspection and conduct of drill and parades. Other officers of Battery A are Cadet First Lt. Ronald Quinn, Cadet Second Lt. Ronald Byrd, Cadet Second Lt. Gerald Carter, and Cadet Second Lt. Hugh Mercer. MEMBERS Ed Bacilla George Beltz Jack Bice Delton Brady Guy Cheek Raymon Collier John Cunningham Peyton Cunningham Alvin Deblieux Barney Duff Myron Fleming John Frederick Donald Fuller Oral Griffin Murray Hall Brian Hanchey Wilmer Johnson John Jordan James King Stanley Knotts Bobby Kornegay Alan Langridge Garland Lawrence Waple Lilley Douglas Logan David Luckett Jack McCain Van McGraw William McGraw Robert Miller Wilburn Miller James Modisette Harry Moore Charles Morrow Owen Phillips Billy Plumb Gene Porter James Rachal Dennis Rider Gale Robinson Jimmie Rodgers Jack Sharp Robert Shivor Jack Simpson Ben Singletary John Spataro Billy Steele James Thomas James Trumps David Tyler Murray Walker Steve Westbrook Hubert Whatley Charles Whitaker Henry White James Wiggins Wayne Wilkerson Robert Wilson Sammy Wilson Eugene Wright Gordon Zabasky 54 ; -f - : " -f • -f ' . ' •■Wl H f Harold Adams Eugene Angell George Bailey Mixon Bankston Lonnie Bennett Osbon Blake Lawrence Carnahan Dave Dalton Lester Deville John Duke Floyd Ellerman James Epperson Kenneth Everett Merlin Foshec Melvin Frame Donald Gill Kenneth Gillespie Clifton Gilmore Richard Grant John Gremillion Billy Hart Charles Hartwell Gale Hearn Tynes Hildebrand Horace Humble L. C. Hunt Tommy Kehoe Edward Krieger Jerry Lavespere Melton Lee Talmadge Lee Glen Long Horace McCann James McNeil Guy Maxey Jadwin Mayeau Donald Millen Robert Miller Gerald Noto Rafael Pacheco George Perkins Winston Perry Gerald Pugh Bennie Ray M. D. Ray Jefferson Reid S. T. Self Bill Shaw Richard Smith George Stich Ben David Vercher Zane Walker Johnny Wheat Phil White Lawrence Whitt MEMBERS BATTERY B Battery Drill B Batterv, under the command of Cadet Capt. Robert Durham, ran a close second in both scholar- ship and drill, losing the scholarship banner by only a thousandth of a point. Other battery officers are Cadet First Lt. James McCain, Cadet Second Lt. Gerald Kehoe, Cadet Second Lt. David Kendrick, and Cadet Second Lt. Robert Justiss. I m ► MEMBERS Charles Alford Alvin Antley Roy Barker Lew Barron Bobbie Bass Ray Bonnegent John Boogaerts Tommy Broussard Jo D. Brown Morris Bruce James Bunning Gerald Buxton Dan Carr Wiley Champagne M. V. Childress Venton Coburn Bolton Collins Red Cook Donald Copenhaver Jerry Crocker George Davis Paul Doumite Ted Duggan Howard French Bobby Fruge Jimmy Gay Tom George Bauza Gonzales John Hicks Curtis Hoglan William James Hunter Jenkins Fred Johnson Robert Joynes Robert Kinchan Mac Landry Lloyd Lee George McConathy Jerry McDonald Raymond McFadden Roger Moore Gerald Moss Miguel Pacheco John Penton Tommy Redd Francis Rhodes Dallas Roper Paul Ryder Ted Simon Donald Simpkins Jerre Smith Paul Smith Jimmie Stoker Waymon Tarter A. J. Telotta John Thornhill Pedro Velez J. Vickers Murrell Walker Riley Wallingsford Henry Walton Gary Warren Dan Waters Carney Watts O. D. West Donald Whithorne Chester Williams Harry Willis Column left— March! BATTERY C C Battery, commanded by Cadet Capt. Sammy Booras, having won the banner for highest scholastic average in the spring semester of last year, has had the privilege of carrying that banner during the 1952 fall semester. Other battery officers are Cadet First Lt. Jerry lies, Cadet Second Lt. Charles Holloway, Cadet Second Lt. Bobby Earnest, and Cadet Second Lt. Ben Brewton. BATTERY D D Battery, under the present command of Cadel First Lt. Joseph Barkate, was formed in the fall semester and has not yet had the opportunity to take as many honors as the older batteries, but its pres- ence will be known in the future. Other officers of Battery D are Cadet First Lt. James McMurrv, Cadet Second Lt. Edward Jordan, Cadet Second Lt. Pat Todd, and Cadet Second Lt. Wallv Hotho. Forward, march! MEMBERS Tommy Adams Earl Allen Charles Aulds James Bailey Marvyn Baldwin Lonnie Bates Julian Batey Ronald Bonial Clay Brock El lace Bruce John Burns Horace Butler Bill Cates Will Cates Nick Cicardo Jon Clennons Jack Cobb Norman Coleman Joe Crouch Bob Dwyer William Edwards Johnnie Emmons James Epperson August Fabiano H. Goldsby James Hayes William Hickman Bill Hicks James Jean John Jones Aubrey King K. L. Landry Herbert Law Rafail Loubricl Bobby McDonald David McDonald John Maricelli Jackie Mears Charles Massey C. J. Myers Raymond Nail Robert Norris Bobby Nutt Mayo Prudhommc Hugh Purser A. J. Ramirez Jerry Reddell Billy Sandlin Danny Shehee Richard Smith George Stroud Harold Sullivan Or ran Thomas Kenneth Wormack Harold Wright Vernis Wright Troy Yarborough Robert Younger 57 HEADQUARTERS BATTERY The Headquarters Battery, commanded by Cadet Capt. Cecil Nielsen, is also the crack drill team of the R.O.T.C. unit at Northwestern. It is composed of cadets with exceptional drill ability, but membership is voluntary. The drill team represents the battalion and also the school in all special events. MEMBERS Delano R. Brister Gerald F. Brown William Bryant Milton Burts Linden Claybrook Billy Collingsworth Carroll Converse Wayne Dew Dewitt Duncan Andrew Ensiminger Roy Fail- John Garrison Robert Hooker Walter Hughes L. C. Hunt Charles E. Johnson Thomas Kehoe Joseph Kelley Coy Kile Jimmie Kinnison 58 Billy J. Lampkin Patrick H. Lyons James Meaux J. D. Montgomery Floyd McBride Durwood McBride Charles Mclnnis Robert McMullen S. T. Neal George Pickett Thomas Rogers Owen Sanders Odis Sanders Norman Stott Howard Stroud Robert Sylvest Gerald Tilleux Joe Withers Charles Wood William Wood ■■Ill mm u C A «-tCUK £«J« 1 First Row: ISAAC ABRAHAM, Mansfield; Business Education; Newman Club; Davis Players. BERTA LEORA ADAMS, Coushatta; Primary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Demonettes, ' 50; College Singers. ' 50- ' 51; Vamado Council, ' 52; Sophomore Counselor, ' 51- ' 52; Y.W.C.A. Council, ' 51- ' 53. MARJORIE ELIZABETH ALBERT, Thibodaux; Health and Physical Education; P. EM. Club, ' 51; Newman Club, ' 51. GERVAIS ALDREDGE. Natchitoches; Primary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma. President. ' 52- ' 53; Big Sister, ' 51; Pan Hellenic Editor POT- POURRI. ' 51- ' 52; College Singers, ' 50- ' 53; Historian Reporter of Kappa Delta Pi, ' 52- ' 53; Davis Players, ' 52- ' 53; Vice President Pan Hellenic Council, ' 52- ' 53. PATSY RUTH ALEXANDER, Sterlington; Home Economics; Treasurer Euthenics Club, ' 52- ' 53; Wesley Foundation, ' 52- ' 53; Vesper Council. ' 52- ' 53; Y.W.C.A., ' 52- ' 53. BILLIE ALFORD, Shreveport; Nursing; Vice President Senior Class. Shreveport Division, ' 51- ' 52; Treasurer Student Government Association, Shreveport Division, ' 52. DOROTHY W. ALLISON, Saline; Primary Education. Second Row: LONNIE JAMES AUSTIN, Winnfield; Upper Elementary Education; De- meter Club. VIRGINIA ANN BALL, Alexandria; Primary Education; Pi Kappa Sig- ma, Pan Hellenic Representative, ' 52- ' 53; Best Pledge of Pi Kappa Sigma, ' 51. JAMES R. BARNES, Provencal; Upper Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi. CLYDIE MAE BEACHAM, Blanchard; Business Education; Demonettes, ' 49- ' 5U; Student Senate. ' 49- ' 51; Sophomore Counselor, ' 50- ' 51; B.S.U. Social Vice President. ' 50- ' 51; Pi Omega Pi ' 51- ' 53; Kappa Delta Pi. ' 51- ' 53, President, ' 52- ' 53; Purple Jackets, ' 51- ' 53; State Fair Maid ' 52- ' 53; B.S.U. President, ' 51- ' 52. FANNIE PINKSTON BELKA, Natchitoches; Primary Education. MICHAEL J. BELLIPANNI, JR., New Orleans; Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu; Student Senate, ' 52- ' 53; Football, ' 45, ' 50, ' 51; " N " Club; Phi Epsilon Kappa, ' 52- ' 53, Guide, ' 53; Battery Commander R.O.T.C., ' 51- ' 52; Honor Cadet R.O.T.C. Summer Camp, ' 51. BERNICE DALE BLANKENSHIP. Pleasant Hill; Upper Elementary Ed- ucation; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Registrar, ' 51- ' 52; Big Sister, ' 51- ' 52; Dormi- tory Council, ' 52; Aquatic Court, ' 52. Third Row: CARLENE ANNE BLUM, Morgan City; Nursing. DORIS ELAINE BOLIN, Singer; Home Economics Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Dormitory Council, ' 50- ' 51; Big Sister, ' 51- ' 52; Euthenics Club— Vice President, ' 51- ' 52, President, ' 52- ' 53; Kappa Delta Pi; B.S.U. Council, ' 52- ' 53; A.W.S. Vice President, ' 52- ' 53; Y.W.A. President, ' 52, ' 53; A.W.S. Judicial Board; Miss POTPOURRI Court. ' 53. JAMES T. BONSAL L, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary Education; De- meter Club; R.O.T.C, ' 50- ' 52, Officer; Honor Court, ' 50- ' 52; Dormitory Council, ' 50. CLAUDINE HAZEL BOX. Shreveport; Home Economics; Secretary- Treasurer Freshman Class, ' 50- ' 51; Dormitory President, ' 50- ' 51; Student Senate, ' 50- ' 51; Freshman B.S.U. Council, ' 50- ' 51; Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class, ' 51- ' 52; B.S.U. Council, ' 51- ' 53; Sophomore Counselor, ' 51- ' 52; A.W.S.. Treasurer, ' 51- ' 52— President, ' 52- ' 53; Y.W.A. President, ' 51- ' 52; Euthenics Club, ' 52- ' 53; Purple Jackets. ' 52- ' 53; State B.S.U. Council. ' 52- ' 53; Miss POTPOURRI Court. ' 53; State Fair Maid. ' 52- ' 53. BARBARA JEAN BREMER. Glenmora; English Education; Alpha Beta Alpha — Secretary. ' 52- ' 53, Reporter, ' 51- ' 52, Representative to National ' 52- ' 53; Big Sister, ' 51- ' 52; Purple Jackets— Secretary, ' 52- ' 53. SHELBY RUSSELL BROOKS. Jena; Upper Elementary Education; Gym- nastics, ' 50- ' 53; Sigma Tau Gamma. MARY JO BROSSET. Deny; Biology, Pre-Med; Dormitory Council, ' 50- ' 51; Band, ' 50- ' 51; Big Sister. ' 51; Beta Beta Beta— Reporter, ' 52, Secre- tary, ' 52- ' 53; Newman Club. J. P. Johnston. Vice President, Lowell Staines, President, and Betty Nix, Secretary. First Row: DORIS MADALYN BROWN. Pleasant Hill; Primary Education; Y.W.C.A. — Treasurer, ' 51- ' 52; President, ' 52- ' 53 DOROTHY LOUISE CANAFAX, Alexandria; Nursing; Class Reporter— Alexandria Division. ' 50- ' 51; Beta Beta Beta HESSLEY. D. CANERDAY. Calvin; Upper Elementary Education. THERESA JAMISON CHAPMAN, Pleasant Hill; Primary Education. VICTOR WOODROW CHASE. Pleasant Hill; Physical Education. ARTHUR E. CHAUVIN, Ferriday; Agriculture. CHARLES HUDSON CHAUVIN. Ferriday; Health and Physical Educa- tion; Phi Epsilon Kappa. Second Row: BETTY SUE CHOATE, Natchitoches; Business Education and Upper Elementary; Alpha Sigma Alpha — Secretary, ' 50- " 51, Vice President. ' 51- ' 52, President, ' 52- ' 53; Freshman Commissioner, ' 49- ' 50; Big Sister, ' 50- ' 51. MARY EDNA CLARK. Alexandria; English; Sigma Alpha Iota— Treas- urer, ' 5l- ' 52. President, ' 52- ' 53; Award for highest average — Freshman girl, " 49- ' 50; Woman Student. ' 49- ' 50; Purple Jackets Award, ' 49-50; Most Outstanding Under-Grad. Woman, ' 50- ' 51; B.S.U. Music Director. •19- ' 51, Devotional Vice President. ' 50- ' 51, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 51- ' 52, President, ' 52- ' 53; Purple Jackets — President, ' . r 2- ' 53; Lesche Award, ' 50- ' 51; Miss POTPOURRI Court. ' 53. MARY SYLVEST COLLINS, Franklin; Social Science. DOROTHY RUTH COOK, Robeline; Mathematics. JAMES T. CREIGHTON, Oakdale; Industrial Arts. SARAH ELIZABETH CUTRER. Robeline; Upper Elementary Education; Pi Kappa Sigma— Vice President. ' . r )2- ' . " 3; Demonettes, ' 50- ' 51; Chorus. ' 51- ' 52; Dormitory Council, ' 52- ' 53. ANNETTE DAILEY, Extension; Library Science; Alpha Sigma A Big Sister, ' 51; Alpha Beta Alpha Vice President, ' 52- ' 53; Kappa Delta Pi. T iird Row: IVA LOIS DAVIS. Evans; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. ' 50- ' 52. LAWRENCE HOUSTON DAVIS. Shreveport; Chemistry; Phi Kappa Nu— Vice President, ' 52- ' 53; Dormitory Council. ' 52-53; Aquatic Club, ' 49- ' 52 —President. ' 52. Mariners. ' 53; A.W.S. Court. ' 51- ' 52; lnter-Frat Council. ' 52- ' 53; Honor Court. ' 52- ' 53; Student Senate, ' 51 - ' 53— President. ' 52- ' 53; Associate Editor POTPOURRI, ' 51- ' 52, Editor, ' 52- ' 53; Senior Hall of Fame EVELYN LORRAINE DAWSON. Baton Rouge; Nursing; Secretary- Treasurer Sophomore Dorm; Secretary-Treasurer class of Nurses. Vice President Class of Nurses, Treasurer Louisiana Association of Student Nurses. WANDA JUANITA DORTCH, Rodessa; Nursing. JEANETTE DOWDEN. Natchitoches; Business Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha — Treasurer, 51- ' 52; Pan Hellenic Representative, ' 53- ' 53. WINNIE OLLIE DOWDEN, Cypress; Home Economics; B.S.U. Council. ' 50- ' 52— Publicity Director. ' 51- ' 52; State B.S.U. Council. ' 52; Current Sauce. ' 50; Big Sister, ' 51; Euthenics Club Reporter, 51; State Fair Court. ' 51, State Fair Queen, ' 52; Kappa Delta Pi— Vice President. ' 52. President. ' 53; Coed Vice President. ' 52- ' 53; Purple Jackets, ' 52- ' 53; Stats A.H.E.A. Treasurer College Clubs; R.O.T.C. Sponsor. BEN E. DUHON, Baton Rouge; Speech; Lambda Zeta— Reporter, ' 52- ' 53; Student Senate. ' 51; Swimming Team, ii- .M ; Cynin.rin 1... Cheerleader, ' 51; " N " Club, ' 50- ' 51; Aquatic Club, ' 50. 65 First Row: SUE ANN DUPREE, Choushatta; Upper Elementary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Big Sister, ' 51. LILIAN ELAINE DYKES. Baton Rouge; Nursing; Class Treasurer, Shreveport Division, ' 51; B.S.U. Publicity Chairman, ' 51; State Womens Enlistment, Vice President, ' 51- ' 52; President Shreveport District of B.S.U. , ' 52. JOHN BARNES EICHLER, Shreveport; Government; Band Manager. ' 49- ' 51; Newman Club Corresponding Secretary, ' 50; Freshman Commis- sioner, ' 50. FON LAVERN ELLIOTT, Robeline; Business Education; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Pi Omega Pi. ERNESTINE EMMETT, New Orleans; Nursing; Student Council Treas- urer, ' 51 Shreveport Division. JOHNNIE C. EMMONS. Mansfield; Physical Education; Football. ' 48- ' 51; Baseball, ' 49- ' 52; Track, ' 48- ' 52; " N " Club. CHARLES H. ERTELL, JR., Port Sulphur; Health and Physical Educa- tion; Phi Kappa Nu; Westminster Fellowship President. ' 50-53; Reporter Phi Kappa Nu. ' 51- ' 52; POTPOURRI, ' 51- ' 53— Snapshot Editor, ' 51- ' 52; Interdenominational Council, ' 51- ' 52; President of Phi Epsilon Kappa, ' 52- ' 53; Square and Compass Club. Second Row: WILLIAM JENKENS ERWIN, Natchitoches; Biology; Beta Beta Beta, ' 51- ' 52; Treasurer Beta Beta Beta, ' 52; Debate ' 52. MARION WILTON FINUF, JR., Shreveport, V.I. Education. NALBRO CHARLES FRAZIER, Winnfield, Agriculture and Social Sciences. SAM HENRY GALLAGHER, Alexandria; Industrial Arts. JO ANN GANDY. Many; Upper Elementary; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Re- cording Secretary, ' 52- ' 53; Big Sister, ' 51- ' 52; B.S.U. Council, ' 52— Training Representative, ' 52; Y.W.A., ' 52- ' 53. H. RONALD GILLILAND, Rayville; Industrial Arts Education; Phi Kappa Nu; R.O.T.C. AAA Medal. ' 52; Cadet Major, ' 53. JUNE ANN GISSLER, Artesia, New Mexico; Nursing; Delta Sigma Epsilon; President Shreveport Nursing Division, ' 52. Third Row: ROSA MAE GODWIN, Jonesville; Nursing. BARBARA GRAY, Vivian; Library Science; Delta Sigma Epsilon. O. J. GREMILLION, Alexandria; Social Science Education; Phi Kappa Nu; Brick Shack Council, ' 51- ' 53. RAE RITA GREMILLION, Alexandria; Health and Physical Education; Cheerleader, ' 51- ' 53; Maid of Honor Cenla Court, ' 51; Dormitory Coun- cil, ' 52- ' 53; Newman Club; Physical Education Majors Club. JAMES L. GRESHAM. Mooringsport; Industrial Arts; Lambda Zeta— President, ' 52- ' 53; Inter-Fraternity Council. WILLIAM C. GROVES, Natchitoches; Music; Phi Mu Alpha; Chorus. ' 50- ' 52; College Singers, ' 50- ' 52; Band, ' 52. JOHNNY H. HAYNES, Springhill; Health and Physical Education; Football, ' 49- ' 52; Track, ' 49- ' 50; Physical Education Majors Club; " N " Club. Fus i Row: EMMA HEBERT. Abbeville; Nursing; Newman Club. ' 49- ' 50. FRED HOLICE HELTON, Grayson; Biolcgy Education; Beta Beta Beta; Math Club— Vice President. . " .1 ELEANOR B. HENDRIX. Pineville; Physical Education; Newman Club; Physical Education Majors Club — Secretary, ' 52. PATSY ALIECE HENRY. Troup. Texas; Nursing. BARBARA JEAN HICKS, Port Sulphur; Primary Education; Big Sister. ' 51- ' 52; B.S.U. Executive Council. ' 52- ' 53; Young Womens ' Auxiliary — Vice President. ' 52- ' 53. HILREY FULTON HOLMAN. Campti; Industrial Arts. BEULAH M. FOSTER HOLT. Natchitoches; Primary Education. Second Row: LAVERNE P. HOPPER, Ringgold; Upper Elementary; Delta Sigma Epsilon; POTPOURRI Beauty. : :i; Lambda Zeta Sweetheart, ' 52- ' 53. LOIS LAJUAN HUST. Shreveport; Primary Education; R.O.T.C. Spon- sor. MARTHA JAMES. Waterproof; Primary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma. J. P. JOHNSTON. Benton; Industrial Arts; Phi Kappa Nu; Junior Clasj Vice President. ' 51-52; Senior Class Vice President. ' 52- ' 53. LARRY W. JONES. Coushatta; Business Education. MARY ELLEN JONES. Shrevepoil; Nursing. VIRGINIA ELLEN KLINE. Shrevepoil; U| i Third Row: JAN IS S. LANDRY. Robeline; Primary Education; Spanish CI Acappella Choir. ' 44-45; B.S.U., ' 44- ' 45. LELAND A. LANGRIDGE. JR.. Shreveport: History; Phi Kappa Nu— Treasurer, ' 51- " 52; Outstanding Freshman Award. ' 49- ' 50: Student Sen- ate, ' 49- ' 51, Vice President, ' 50- ' 51; Freshman Commissioner, ' 50- ' 51. Vice President. Newman Club — President. ' 50- ' 52; Inter-h Council — Vice President, ' 51- ' 52; President of Brick Shack. ' 53 President Student Body, ' 52- ' 53; Vice President. ' 51- ' 52; Current Sauce. ' 52- ' 53; " American College Student Leaders, " ' 52; Senior Hall of Fame. THOMAS J. LATHAM. Ferriday; Music; Phi Mu Alpha; Band, " 49- ' 53; Orchestra. ' 49- ' 53. MAXINE H. LECKBAND, Trout; English. ANNETTE L. LIGGIN. Bernice; Social Welfare: Big Sister, Demonettes. ■49-7 0; POLLY SCOTT LINDSLEY, Boyce; Primary Education; Pi Kappa Sigma. MYRON W. LOCKEY, Monroe; Health and Physical Education; Sigma Tau Gamma; Phi Epsilon Kappa, ' 51- ' 53; " N " Club, ' 50- ' 53; Aquatic Club. ' 50- ' 53; Captain — Swimming Team, ' 53; Wesley Foundation, ' 50- ' 53. 67 First Row: PATSY LEROY LONGLOIS. Flora; Business Education; Alpha Beta Alpha, ' 51- ' 53, Treasurer, ' 51- ' 52, Corresponding Secretary, ' 52- ' 53; Pi Omega Pi, ' 52- ' 53, Reporter; Kappa Delta Pi. BARBARA LOVE, Shreveport; Nursing; President Junior Class Shreve- port Division; President Senior Class Shreveport Division; Member Student Council Shreveport Division. CLAIRE ANNELLE LUCIUS. Florien; Library Science; Alpha Sigma Alpha— Historian, ' 52- ' 53; Big Sister, ' 51- ' 52; Alpha Beta Alpha— Vice President, ' 51- ' 52— President. ' 52- ' 53; Purple Jacket Club, ' 52- ' 53; Kappa Delta Pi; State Fair Maid. ' 52. MELVIN EUGENE LUSE, Ida; Accounting and Business Administration; Cadet Captain — Battalion Adjutant; Pi Omega Pi — President, ' 51- ' 52; Honor Court, ' 52- ' 53. HENRY P. LYLE, Brooklyn, New York; Health and Physical Education. WILLIAM L. McDERMOTT, Clarks; Business Administration. MARY McKEITHEN, Shreveport; Nursing. Second Roxc: LOIS McPHERSON, Robeline; Business Education; Demonettes, ' 50; Pi Omega Pi. ROSE MARIE McRIGHT. Glenmora; Primary Education; Pi Kappa Sigma; Demonettes, ' 50- ' 51; A.W.S. Judiciary Board, ' 51- 53; Dormitory Council, ' 51; Big Sister, , 51- ' 52; B.S.U. Council, ' 51- ' 52; A.W.S. Corre- sponding Secretary, ' 52- ' 53. JOAN McWILLIAMS, Hall Summit; Nursing. GENEVIEVE T. MARMANDE, Houma; French; Delta Sigma Epsilon— President, ' 52- ' 53; Newman Club, ' 50- ' 53; Freshman Commissioner, ' 51- ' 52; President Pan Hellenic Council, ' 52- ' 53; Purple Jacket, ' 52- ' 53. VIRGINIA ANN METCALF, Shreveport; Health and Physical Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma — Best Pledge, ' 49, Recording Secretary, ' 51- ' 52, Vice President, ' 52- ' 53; Aquatic Club, ' 49- ' 53— Secretary, ' 50- ' 51; Sophomore Counselor, ' 50; Physical Education Majors Club, ' 50- ' 53; Student Senate, ' 51; Dormitory Council, ' 51- ' 52; Kappa Delta Pi. JOHN BUTLER MIEARS. Springhill; Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu; Freshman Football, ' 40; Varsity Football, ' 41; Captain Football Team, ' 45- ' 46; Track. ' 40- ' 41- ' 45- ' 46. JOHN WILLIAM MOTTER, Alexandria; Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club— President, ' 50- ' 51. Third Row: MARY LOUISE MURPHY, Bossier City; Upper Elementary Education; Pi Kappa Sigma— Editor, ' 52- ' 53; College Singers, ' 50- ' 53; Chorus, ' 50- ' 53; POTPOURRI Class Editor, ' 51- ' 53; Dormitory Council, ' 52; Student Body Treasurer, ' 52- ' 53. GAY NEW, Lafayette; Nursing; Demonettes, ' 53. CECIL P. NIELSEN, Shreveport; Government; Phi Kappa Nu; Pi Kappa Delta Vice President, ' 51- ' 52; Freshman Class President, ' 49- ' 50; Varsity Debate Squad, ' 51- ' 53; Student Senate, ' 52- ' 53; Battery Commander R.O.T.C, ' 52. BETTY LEE NIX, Benton; Business Education; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Y.W.C.A. Treasurer, ' 52- ' 53; Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class, ' 52- ' 53. BEN GEORGE O ' NEAL. Shreveport; Industrial Arts; Phi Kappa Nu. GERTRUDE OWENS, Lena Station; Nursing. GLORIA ANN PARIS, Mansfield; Nursing. Va. Metcalf— N.S.C. ' s Mermaid. _ F)rst Row: AUDELL ANN PEAVY, Leesville; Sociology; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Big Sister. " 51- ' 52; Theta Sigma Upsilon. President. ' 52- ' 53; Pan Hellenic ' . Recording Secretary. ' 52- ' 53; Student Senate. ' 52- ' 53. GLYNN ELLEN PENNINGTON. Shreveport; English; Pi Kappa Sigma; Big Sister. ' 51; Homecoming Queen. T 1; Kappa Delta Pi; Current Sauce Staff, ' 50. DON FRANK PHILLIPS. Glenmora; History; International Religious Club. ' 49- " 50; Demonaires. ' 50- ' 51; Band. ' 49- ' 50; Orchestra, ' 49- ' 50; College Singers, ' 49- ' 50; Math Club, ' 49- ' 50. DORIS M. POLK. Glenmora; Primary Education CAROLYN PRICE, Mansfield; Health and Physical Education; Agnes Morris Dormitory, President, ' 49; Freshman Commissioner, President. ' 50; Physical Education Majors Club, President. ' 51; L.F.C.W.R.A., ' 49- ' 53. WANDA PUCKETT, Pittsburg, Texas; Nursing; Demonettes, ' 49. EVELYN PYLE, Shreveport; Upper Elementary Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Student Senate. ' 50- ' 51; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Secretary, ' 52- ' 53; POTPOURRI Staff, ' 51- ' 52. Second Row: CARL E. RACHAL. Alexandria; Upper Elementary Dormitory Council, ' 50- ' 52; Inter-Dormitory Council urer. ' 51 - ' 52. MILDRED RAMBIN. Natchitoches; Nursing. LEARY BRAXTON RATCLIFF. Shreveport; Mathematics President; B.S.U. Council; B.M.O.C— President. Phi Kappa Nu; Secret a rv-Treas- Math Club, KATHLEEN L. RAY, Lecompte; Home Economics: Pi Kappa Sigma; Band, " 50- ' 51; Chorus. ' 50- ' 51; Big Sister. ' 51- ' 52; Pi Kappa Sigma— Sec- retary. ' 51 - ' 52. President. ' 52- ' 53; Pan Hellenic Council, Secretary, ' 52- ' 53; Euthenics Club. ' 51- ' 53. VELMA LEA REVES, Jena; Business Education; Honor Court. Secretary, ' 52- ' 53; Wesley Foundation, ' 50- ' 53; Dormitory Council. ' 51; Demonet es, ' 51- ' 53; Big Sister. ' 51; POTPOURRI. " 53. ESTHER LUCILLE REMONT. Cut Off; Nursing. Sigma; Demonettes. ' 50-51; Big Sister, " 51- ' 52; Pi Kappa Sigma, Keeper BEVERLY SUE RHODES. Long Leaf; Business Education; Pi Kappa of Archives, ' 52- ' 53; Pi Kappa Sigma, Assistant Treasurer. ' 51- ' 52. Third Row: MATTIE BETH RICHARDSON. Colfax; Upper Elementary. JUNIOUS FLOYD RICKETTS. Natchitoches; Industrial Educ.v HARDY N. ROSE. Shreveport; Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha; Band. ' 49- ' 53; Orchestra. ' 49- ' 53; Chorus. ' 50- ' 53; College Singers. ' . " ' Demonaires, ' 49- ' 53: Leader Demonaires, ' 52- ' 53; Phi Mu Alpha. Vice- President, ' 51- ' 52; Student Senate. - 51- ' 52, Vice-President, ' 52- ' 53; Inter- dormitory Council. ' 51. LYNN RUTLEDGE. Lecompte; Primary Education; Pi Kappa Sigma. KATHRYN SALARD. Cloutierville; Primary Education. D. JOE SALTZMAN, Gueyden; French; Phi Kappa Nu. Reporter; Stu- dent Senate. ' 51 - ' 53, Secretary, ' 53; Associate Editor. Current Sauc Current Sauce Editor. ' 53; Alpha Phi Epsilon. Vice-President; Newman Club. Reporter; Freshman Commissioner. ' 52. BENARD CLAUDE SAMSON. Alexandria; Business Education. 69 First Row: BENNY LYNN SANDERS. Chestnut; Upper Elementary Education. GLORIA ANN SCHUMAKER. Monroe; Nursing; Beta Beta Beta; B.S.U. Devotional. Vice-President, ' 50; Dormitory Council. ' 50; Link Staff, ' 50; Student Council, President Alexandria Division; ' 50- ' 52; Demonettes Field Lieutenant, ' 52. BESSIE BELL SERRETT, Hamburg. Arkansas; Music; Sigma Alpha Iota. SARA J. SHELL, Winnfield; Business Education. BILLY DON SIBLEY, Nederland, Texas; Business Administration; Phi Kappa Nu. EDWARD O. SILL. Shreveport; Vocational-Industrial Education. R. D. SKAINS, Winnfield; Upper Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; ROTC. ' 50- ' 52, Commissioned O.R.C. Second Row: CAROL LYNNE SMITH, Robeline; Business Education. EVELYN MUSSELWHITE SMITH, Pleasant Hill; Music; Purple Jackets. H. JOYE SMITH. Many; Home Economics; Euthenics Club, ' 50- " 53; Y. W.A.— Publicity Chairman, ' 51- ' 52, Treasurer, ' 52- ' 53. JOHNNY R. SMITH, Coushatta; Social Science; Phi Alpha Theta; New- man Club; Debate; Drama. RITA F. SMITH, Coushatta; Biology; Beta Beta Beta— Vice-President. ' 52- ' 53; Newman Club. LUCIAN PETER SPATARO. Bossier City; English; Editor Current Sauce. ' 51- ' 52; Newman Club. Vice-President, ' 51- ' 52; President, Freshman Com- missioner, ' 51- ' 52; President, Alpha Phi Epsilon, ' 52- ' 53; POTPOURRI. Business Manager, ' 52- ' 53; Tennis, ' 52- ' 53. LOWELL EDMUND STARNS, Crowley; Government; Phi Kanpa Nu; Canterbury Club. ' 50- ' 53; Student Council. ' 51- ' 53; President Junior, ' 51- ' 52; President, Senior Class, ' 52- ' 53; " American College Student Leaders, " ' 52. Third Row: EDGAR L. STEPHENS. McNair, Mississippi; Biology; Lambda Zeta; Honor Court, ' 52- ' 53; Newman Club, ' 52- ' 53. THELMA RUTH STEPHENS, Leesville; Primary Education; Sigma Sgma Sigma; B.S.U. , Freshman Council, " 50- ' 51; Demonettes. 50; Dormitory Council, ' 50- ' 53, President, ' 52-53; College Singers. 50-53; B.S.U. Execu- tive Council, " 51- ' 53; Sophomore Counselor, ' 51- ' 52; Cen-La Maid, ' 51; Band, ' 51; Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary, ' 52- ' 53; Purple Jacket; State Fair Maid. ' 52. MELBA LORRAINE STEWART, Robeline; Secretarial Science. ANNIE RUTH TAYLOR, Jena; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. ' 50- ' 53; Y.W.A., Vice-President, ' 51- ' 52— Social Chairman. ' 52- ' 53; Dormitory Council, ' 51- ' 53; B.S.U. Council, ' 52- ' 53; Cen-La Maid, ' 52. ARLIS E. TEEKELL. Hineston; Social Science and Industrial Arts. SALLY ORENE THIBODEAUX. Flora; Library Science; Big Sister, ' 51- ' 52; Demonettes. ' 52; Alpha Beta Alpha. Treasurer, ' 52- ' 53. DOROTHY L THOMPSON, Sikes; Primary Education; Freshman Com- missioner, ' 51- ' 52; Big Sister, ' 51- ' 52; POTPOURRI Staff, ' 51- ' 52; Varnado Council, ' 52; B.S.U. Executive Council, ' 52- ' 53; Purple Jackets, ' 52- ' 53; Miss POTPOURRI Court, ' 53. Before the Ball. First Row: LULA MAE THOMASON. Mangham; Primary Education. MILLICENT M. THOMPSON , Good Pine; Library Science; Sigma Sigma Sigma — Keeper of the Grades, ' 52- ' 53; Big Sister. ' 51- ' 52; Kappa Delta Pi: Alpha Beta Alpha — National Treasurer. ' 52- ' 53, Chapter Parliamen- tarian. ' 52- ' 53. CLARICE MARIE TILLEUX. Shreveport; Art; Freshman Class, Secre- tary, ' 49- ' 50; Sophomore Class, Secretary. ' 50- ' 51; Demonettes. ' 49-T 0; College Singers, ' 49- ' 50; Sophomore Counselor, ' 50- ' 51; Westminster Fel- lowship Vice-President. ' 52- " 53; Inter-Faith Council, ' 52- ' 53; A.W.S.. Social Chairman, ' . " l- ' 52; Kappa Delta Pi; State Fair Court. ' 50, " 51, ' 52— Maid of Honor. ' 52; A.W.S., Judicial Board, ' 52- ' 53; Student Senate, ' 49- ' 53— President, ' 51. Vice-President, ' 51- ' 52: A.W.S. Award— Outstanding Senior Woman. ' 52 POTPOURRI Court. ' 52; POTPOURRI— Feature Edi- tor. ' 50- ' 51, Editor. ' 51- ' 52. Associate Editor, ' 52- ' 53; " American College Student Leaders, " ' 52; Miss POTPOURRI, 1953; Senior Hall of Fame. BETH TRAMMEL. Vowell ' s Mill. Business Education; Big Sister, ' 51- ' 52; Pi Omega Pi — Treasurer, ' 52- ' 53; Kappa Delta Pi; Purple Jacket. Treas- urer, ' 52- ' 53; East Varnado Council. Secretary-Treasurer, ' 52- ' 53. PEGGY ANN TRICHEL. Campti; Medical Technology; Delta Sigma Epsil- on — Vice-President. ' 52- ' 53; Big Sister, ' 51; Secretary-Treasurer of Aquatic Club. ' 51- ' 52; Beta Beta Beta; Purple Jackets. JAMES TURNER. Springhill; Physical Education; " N " Club; Football. ' 49, ' 50. ' 51. ' 52; Football Team Captain. ' 52; Track. ' 49, ' 50, ' 51. ' 52; Inter- Dormitory Council, ' 52. LORRAINE VAUGHN. DeRidder; Music; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Fresh- ii.. hi Commlsslonei ' 49; Newman club. Secretary, ' 50- ' 51; Band I urer, ' 50- ' 51; State Fall Maid, ' 49; Cen-La Qi. ' i Maid. " 51- ' 52; POTPOURRI Beauty. ' 50, ' 52, ' 53. Second Rmr PEDRO ANGEL VELEZ. Rio Piedras. Puerto Rico; Health and Physical Education: Phi Epsilon Kapa; Gymnastic Team. ' 50- ' 53. LOUISE VICK. Vivian: Busineses Education: Pi Kappa Sigma— Sergeant- at-Arms. ' 51- ' 52. Social Chairman. , 52- , r ) 3; POTPOURRI B Northwestern. ' 52; Current Sauce Society Editor, ' 51- ' 53; Alpha E psilon; POTPOURRI— Art Editor. ' 51, Feature Editor, ' 52; Pan-Hellenic Editor. ' 53; A.W.S. Social Chairman, ' 52- ' 53: Dormitory Council; Purple Jackets; R.O.T.C. Lieutenant Colonel Sponsor; State Fair Maid, ' 52; Phi Kappa Nu Sweetheart, ' 52- ' 53; Senior Hall of Fame. TOM W. WEAVER. Chestnut: Industrial Arts. HEBER WILLIAMSON WELLER, JR., Natchitoches; Physics; Sigma Tau Gamma; Student Senate, ' 51- ' 52; Canterbury Club— President, ' 51- ' 52. SUSIE L. WHEAT, Montgomery; Physical Education, and Elementary Education; Young Women ' s Christian Association. PAXTON GEORGE WILLIS. Shreveport; Biology; Phi Kappa Nu; Fresh- man Class Vice-President, ' 49- ' 50; Beta Beta Beta — Vice-President, Presi- dent, ' 51- ' 52. WANDA LEE WRIGHT. Many; Business Education; Pi Omega Pi. Third Row: JAMES E. YERGLER. Cissna Park. Illinois; Accounting; Basketbal ' 53; " N " Club. ' 50- ' 53; Honor Court Justice. ' 52- ' 53, Chief Justice. ' 52- ' 53; Pi Omega Pi, ' 52- ' 53— President. ' 52- ' 53; Senior Hall of Fame. 7J IUW15 First Row: CAROLYN C. ARMSTRONG Alexandria Nursing JAMES A. BAILEY Forest Hill Industrial Education BETTY BAILIFF Springhill Nursing MARY LANE BAILIFF Heflin Home Economics DON BAMBURG Coushatta Agriculture Second Row: JOSEPH GEORGE BARKATE Sulphur Health Physical Education ROY DONOVAN BARKER, JR Fenton Health Physical Education DOROTHY DEE BARMORE Alexandria Nursing LARRY C. B ASCO Natchitoches Business Administration JOHN T. BATTEN Natchitoches Accounting Third Row: MARGARITA BAUZA Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Medical Technology MARY SUE BELLEW Homer Upper Elementary Health Physical Education MELBA RAE BENNETT Baton Rouge Nursing VIRGINIA BENNETT Dodson Nursing THAIS RUTH BETER New Orleans Physical Education Fourth Row: TOMMIE ADELINE BLACKBOURNE Shreveport Library Science BETTY SUE BOYDSTUN Natchitoches Speech DELTON BRADY Atlanta Health Physical Education BENJAMIN L. BREWTON Goldonna Mathematics HENRY DALE BRANCH Dubach Industrial Arts Fifth Row: THOMAS JOSEPH BROUSSARD Abbeville Upper Elementary AGNES FEAZEL BROWN Pleasant Hill Nursing WILLIE JO BRUCE Monroe Nursing MARTHA KEATING BRYANT Alexandria Nursing WILLIAM F. ' •Casey " BRYANT New Llano Health Physical Education Sixth Row: MARY LOUISE BURNS Ruston Nursing WALTER MAX BURNS Leesville Music Education W. D. BUSH Many Mathematics JERRY R. BUXTON St. Amant Upper Elementary RONALD JAMES BYRD Shreveport Health Physical Education Seventh Row: ROMA JEAN CALDWELL Many Nursing ALICE VIRGINIA CARPENTER Waterloo, Ark. Nursing DAVID L. CARSON Shreveport Music GERALD R. CARTER Winnfield Music LOR1ECE CARTER Natchitoches Upper Elementary Eighth Row: RUTH HARBER CHICOSKY Shreveport Nursing PATSY RUTH CHRISTY Pineville Nursing FRANCES CLAFFEE New Orleans Upper Elementary JOANN CLEMENTS Vivian Primary Education ETHELYN M. CLOUTIER Bermuda Primary Education 72 i I I: BILLY COLLINS .. Agrlcull HOBBYK JKAN CO] I ON Robi Home Eco ANNETTE COOK Ringgold nce IIAKVKY (.KKALDCOOK SARAH ANNE COOK itlon Second Row: DOROTHY ANNE CORRY An Music DAISY COX Natchltoi Primary Educal KERRY A. CROCKER Pic ; i ik MARY ANN CRONIN Leesville Music JOE M. CROUCH Bii ' H ' .illh Physical Education Third Row: BOBBIE SUNSHINE CURTIS AJexandi la Dietitics JOMAE CUNDIFF Shrevepm I Nursing MARY KATHRYN DANIEL Shrevc; Nursing EVA LOU DAVIS Jonesville Nursing GEORGE A. DAVIS Florien Health Physical Education Fourth Row: HAZEL DAVIS Ringgold Upper Elementary ROBERT BUFORD DeBLIEUX Natchitoches Art JERRY CARROL De YEIDE Houma Industrial Arts DOROTHY DEZENDORF Natchitoches Primary Education S. W. DICKERSON Leesville Business Education Fifth Row: ANNE DIER Baton Rouge Nursing BOB J. DWYER Natchitoches Business Education BOBBY EARNEST Alexandria Mathematics BARBARA JEAN EDWARDS Baton Rouge Upper Elementary EDDY GENE ELLIOTT Lake Charles Home Economics Sixth Row: JIMMIE EMMONS Natchitoches Social Welfare JOHN W. ENGELHARDT Many Industrial Arts Education GLORIA BOYD ETHRIDGE Alexandria Home Economics SALVINIA ANN FERTITTA Leesville Business Education DONALD R. FINLEY Olla Journalism Seventh Row: MYRON JACOB FLEMING Ferriday Journalism SUNSHINE FLEMING Gibsland Nursing SALLIE JO FOSTER Tallulah Music Education DORIS GAHAGAN Hall Summit English JANE ELIZABETH GAINES Westlake Health Physical Education Eighth Row: JUANITA DARLENE GEORGE Shreveport Social Science DOROTHY L. GILLESPIE Wildsville Primary Education SUE GILLILAND Liberty. Mississippi Nursing ELOISE GOSDIN Simsboro Nursing DONTTA GOTHARD Bossier City English Robert Miller. President, and John Batten. Vice-Presi- dent 2ft??2 UUWIS kd First Row: BARBARA GRAY Natchitoches Home Economics BILLY GRAY Sibley Upper Elementary ORAL RYLAND GRIFFIN Gorum Upper Elementary SUNSHINE MARIE GRIGG Ashland Nursing ELLEN BONNER HAMBY Oak Grove Nursing Second Row: PATRICIA HANKINS Coushatta Speech VIRGINIA ANN HANKS Shreveport Nursing CAROLYN SUE HARVILLE Leesville Business Education BILLIE JO HATCHER McNeil, Ark. Nursing GALE L. HEARN Forest Hill Health Physical Education Third Row: L. WAYNE HENNIGAN Marthaville Health Physical Education BARBARA HERRON Oak Ridge Primary Education TYNES HILDEBRAND Fisher Health Physical Education ANNE HILL Alexandria. Secretarial Science DARWIN C. HODGE DeRidder Business Education Fourth Row: GLORIA F. HODGES Lafayette Health Physical Education CHARLES B. HOLLO WAY Forest Hill Mathematics JUDY MARION HONEYCUTT Harrisonburg Health Physical Education YVONNE HORN (Mrs.) Montgomery Upper Elementary WALLY VINCENT HOTHO Natchitoches Biology Fifth Ro W.- CLARENCE HUGHES Hombeck Upper Elementary ANNE HUNGERBEELER Shreveport Mathematics JERRY WAYNE ILES DeRidder Biology (Pre. Med.) LUELLA E. CURRY INGRAM (Mrs) Winnfield Nursing DOROTHY WILLARD IRBY Shreveport Nursing Sixth Row: HELEN LOIS JACOBS New Orleans Mathematics JAMES H. JEAN Mansfield Agriculture HUNTER BURDETTE JENKINS Lake Providence Industrial Arts NELDA JEAN JENKINS Winnfield Secretarial Scence FREDERICK JOHNSON Business Administration Seventh Row: REBEKAH ANN JONES Rocky Mount Nursing D. FAY JORDAN Natchitoches Primary Education EDWARD LEE JORDAN Natchitoches MRthetmatics Physics JERRY R. KEHOE New Orleans Health Physical Education DAVID B. KENDRICK Natchitoches Social Science Eighth Roto: JIMMY BOB KEY Winnfield Upper Elementary JOSEPH M. KOONCE Little Rock. Arkansas Business Administration HARRIETT DIANE LaCOUR Alexandria Music Education EMMA DAISY LARD Lecompte Nursing CHARLENE LARK SDringhill Nursing 74 ia-iBB i?k First Hon-. HAROLD I LAROUX Zwolle HERBERT LARRY LAW Oil;. Indu IMOGENS LEACH B ■ Education MAKTHA ANN LEACH Leesvllle B itlon KENNETH uav LEE Robellne Industrial Second Row: RAE LEGGETT I Nursing C. DAVID i.ku is Wlnnsboro Mathc natics FRANK LONADIER Montgomery Chemistry MARY JANET LUDWIG . .... McDade Nursing PATRICK H. LYONS . .. New Orleans Business Administration Third Row: PEGGY LOUISE McADAMS Lake Providence Nursing JAMES BYRON McCAIN .Rosepine Music HORACE E. McCANN Cheneyvillc Health Physical Education BETTY LEE McCARTY Price, Texas Nursing LaZELLE McCONATHY Anacoco Nursing Fourth Row: JOYCE LaBORDE McDONALD Shreveport Nursing LILLIAN McKENZIE Pineville M " v JAMES GILBERT McMURRAY Winnfield Industrial Arts Education JOHN V. MARICELLI Campti Industrial Arts JOANN M. MASSEY Natchitoches Business Education Fiith Row: JOANNE ELIZABETH MEARS Pineville Nursing BOBBIE MERCER Alexandria Nursing HUGH MERCER Winnfield Business Admin ' stration AMANDA MERRILL Zachary Nursing RICHARD GLEN METHVIN Natchitoches Industrial Arts Sixth Row: BETTY LOUISE MILES Hodge Nursing ROBERT LAMAR MILLER Natchitoches Chemistry SUE MILLER " Oakdale Health Physical Education Upper E ementary ILA MAE MILTON Wa ker Nursing LOVIE MONTGOMERY Natchitoches Business Education Seventh Row: GERALDINE MOREAU Cloutierville Nursing RUTH GOOD MORELAND Ferriday Nursing NELDA L. MORRISON Ruston Nursing GERALD WAYNE MOSS Provencal Upper Elementary BOBBYE MAXINE MURPHY Homer Nursing Eighth Row: BILLIE RUTH NEAL . . Ferriday Nursing CHARLES EDWARD NORRIS Bastrop Industrial Arts ROBERT WARREN NORRIS Bossier City Business Administration MARJORIE NORSWORTHY Natchitoches Music CLARICE OLIVER Benton Upper Elementary Nurses ' ( miMiltation ■ ULTUUriS First Row: JEANNE OWENS Lena Nursing ALEAN OXLEY Fisher Nursing LONA CLAIRE PARSONS Shreveport Nursing BOBBIE FA YE PATTERSON Bossier Home Economics ISABEL PEARCE Alexandria Nursing Second Row: GERRY LOVE PERRY Alexandria Primary Education HELEN PERRY Lafayette Nursing ALICE MARGARET PHELPS Natchitoches Home Economics MARTHA LOUISE PHILLIPS Pineville Biology BETTY ANNE PITTMAN Pineville Nursing Third Row: LOUVESTA M. PRESLEY Gorum Home Economics MARY ANN PROCHASKA Alexandria Nursing KATHLEEN C. PRUD ' HOMME Bermuda Primary Education MAYO K. PRUD ' HOMME Bermuda Business Education JAMES RONALD QUINN Sarepta Mathematics Fourth Row: SUE QUINN (Mrs.) Hanna Health Physical Education HAYWOOD RACHAL Natchitoches Business Admhvstration J. ALBERTO RAMIREZ Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico Biology JERRY WILLIAM REDDELL Forest Hill Mathematics JACQUELYN ORELL ROARK Natchitoches Nursing Fifth Row: BARBARA ARNOLD ROGERS Minden Nursing MARY ELLEN ROYSTON Natchitoches Primary Education BEA RUMSEY DeRidder Primary Education BETTIE ANNE SALTER Carthage, Texas Nursing MONA PAULINE SANDERS Shreveport Nursing Sixth Row: ROBERT G. SANDERS Woodworth Agriculture WANNA BETH SANDERS Alexandria Business Education EMMA JANE SANSON Wildsville Nursing MARY LOU SAXON Ferriday Home Economics RITA SCHEXNIDER Kaplan Nursing Seventh Row: WILLIAM CLAYTON SCHMIDT DeRidder Physics MARY De SCHWAB Bossier City Nursing RACHEL HELEN SEAL Franklinton Nursing DAN SELF, JR Anacoco Mathematics BILL W. SHAW Elizabeth Industrial Arts Eighth Row: KENNETH L. SHAW Holton, Ind. Health Physical Education GERALDINE SIMMONS Shreveport Nursing MARJORIE SINGLETARY DeRidder Government MARGARET SLOAN Bossier City Nursing BILLY JEAN SMITH Heflin Business Administration 76 f£9 £ First , ' .. JACK SMI III PATSY Hi ' i II s.mi i ii . - Winnfleld N 11 1 MARILYN II (||. ii 5NODDY Bunkio Home Ei o run. i. ii sorbet . Robi LYNN STEPHENS Bonlta Nursing Second Row: BARBARA STEPHENSON Leesvi ' .lr Mathematics NORMAN E. STOTT Olla Industrial NANCY MAE STURDIVANT , . . . Shreveporl DONNIS EMOGENE SULLIVAN Shrev. -, Nursing FRED SULLIVAN Ash!and Agriculture Third Row: PATSY SULLIVAN Clayton Nursing PEGGY JO TAYLOR Shreveport Medical Technology HENRY MEL TEEKELL Coushatta Upper Elementary MERLE C. THOMAS Rosepine Journalism MARCIA THOMPSON Keatchie Nursing Fourth Row: PAT THOMSON Marshall. Texas Nursing JOHN E. THORNHILL Winnsboro Business Education NELDA THURMAN I Mrs. ) Shreveport Nursing PAT SHELBY TODD Natchitoches Business Administration FLORINE JOCELYN TOWNSEND Shreveport Nursing Fifth Row: FRANCES VIRGINIA TRUITT Logansport Nursing MARY ELIZABETH TUCKER Baton Rouge Nursing ROBERT ADRIAN VERCHER Derry History BEVERLY VOLLMAN Monroe Nursing B. MURRAY WALKER Dry Prong Health Physical Education Sixth Row: JOAN WALKER Amite Nursing GARY C. WARREN Benton Industrial Arts NIHLA ANN WETZEL Alexandria Nursing BETTY K. WHATLEY Pleasant Hill Business Education BELDON J. WILLIAMS Shreveport Pre-Engineering Seventh Row: NELLOIS WILLS Pollock Nursing PATSY WINKLER Olla Home Economics ANN WOOD Winnfleld Upper E ' ementary FREDA FAITH WOODHATCH Rosepine Primary Nursery School MARCIA WREN Minden Secretarial Science Eiglith Row: MARTHA L. WRIGHT Clayton Primary Education G. GORDON YOUNG Natchitoches Music FEROL LAQUITA ZABASKY Lena Station Nursing Fair lime ill Alexandria! First Row: HAROLD L. ADAMS Mansfield Pre-Engineering DELIA MONEL ADCOCK Shreveport Physical Education JOSEPH CARROLL ADKINS Coushatta Music BETTY LOU AINSWORTH Natchitoches Primary Education CHARLES A. ALFORD Winnfield Business Administration Second Row: DONNA IRENE ALLEN Minden Nursing JANICE ANDRESS Logansport Home Economics MARGARET ARNOLD Baton Rougs Primary Education NADINE ASHLEY Harrisville, Miss. Business Education BARBARA JEAN ASWELL Choudrant Nursing Third Row: CHARLES B. AULDS Natchitoches Agriculture ED. BACILLA Shreveport Speech WILLIAM C. BAKER Shreveport Upper Elementary Education BOBBIE JEAN BARNES Provencal Upper Elementary Education ELOIESE BARRON Foules Nursing Fourth Row: LEW Q. BARRON DeRidder Industrial Arts BOBBYE JEAN BASS Wisner Nursing BOBBIE BASS Winnfield Mathematics SON BATEY Wisner Upper Elementary Education MARJORIE RUTH BAXLEY Co fax Nursing Fifth Row: BOBBY L. BEEBE Lena Health Physical Education Upper Elementary JACKSON L. BEEBE Lena Biology-Chemistry GLORIA BENNETT Bernice Nursing LONNIE BENNETT Pineville Physics FRANKIE BENOIT Gueydan Primary Education Sixth Row: SHIRLEY BENTON Batchelor Nursing JACK GLYN BICE Calvin Business Education RONNIE C. BONIAL Alexandria Pre-Enginsering PEGGY JOYCE BONNER Lake Charles Nursing JOHN J. BOOGAERTS, JR Alexandria Business Administration Seventh Row: MARY ELLEN BOOZMAN Natchitoches Business Education BETTY BRADFORD Georgetown Nursing PAT BRILEY Abbeville Secretarial Science KENNETH M. BRISTER Bastrop Industrial Arts BARBARA BRITTAIN Natchitoches Sociology Eighth Row: CLAY BROCK Winnfield Upper Elementary GERALD F. BROWN Pleasant Hill Agriculture RUSSELL C. BROWN Calvin Industrial Arts A. MORRIS BRUCE Natchitoches Health Physical Education ELLACE J. BRUCE Vivian Physical Education Mickey Morrow, Secretary, and Ben Singletary, Presi- dent i £ 2 TSi C • ■ of) firnntfies First Row: JOAN BRYANT Goldonna Upper Elementary Education KATHERINE M. BUCKLEY Natchitoches Secretarial Science PEGGY BURKES Baton Rouge Nursing BILLY JOHN BURNS Anacoco Government JANE ALICE BUSH Reeves Home Economics Second Row: BILLY DOYNE BUTLER Pineville Chemistry H. A. BUTLER Beaumont Physical Education NORMAN C. BUVENS Many Accounting MARY JOAN BYRD Baton Rouge Nursing JOELLEN CAGLE Columbia. Miss. Nursing Third Row: DOROTHY S. CARNAHAN Cloutierville Library Science JAMES EDWARD CARPENTER Calvin Business Administration DAN CARR Winnfield Health Physical Education MARY ALICE CHANDLER Pollock Upper Elementary Education WILCY JOSEPH CHAMPAGNE Mt. Airy Education Fourth Row: EMILY CHAUVIN Ferriday Health Physical Education GUY WILLIAM CHEEK Many- Business Administration LEETA JOY COFFEY Ashland Home Economics L. RAYMON COLLIER Atlanta Pre-Dentistry BOLTON COLLINS Coushatta Agriculture Fifth Row: BILL COLLINSWORTH Bryceland Health Physical Education ANN COLVIN Bernice Nursing JAMES COOK Haynesville Forestry DONALD COPENHAVER DeRidder Industrial Arts ROSE NELL CREEL Joyce Upper Elementary Education Sixth Row: BILLIE JEAN CROWELL Clarks English JOHN CUNNINGHAM Natchitoches Business WILLIAM PEYTON CUNNINGHAM Natchitoches Business Administration HELEN LEE DAKE Gilliam Nursing MARCIA DAUZAT Pitkin Music Seventh Row: SYLVIA INELL DAVIS Greensburg Marketing Retailing BEVERLY ANN DeVILBISS Roanoke Nursing ERNEST DEES, JR Pollock Upper Elementary Education BILLIE JEAN DEMSEY Cotton Valley- Nursing JO ANN DeSOTO Pelican Business Education Eighth Row: LESTER L. DEVILLE Woodworth Business Administration BARBARA DICKERSON Winnfield Nursing JOHN E. DICKERSON Shreveport Industrial Arts Education ROYCE ANNA DOSHER Harrisonburg Library Science JOHN DUDLEY DOWNING Baker Physical Education 79 First Row: BOBBYE LYNN DUGGAN Many Nursing JOHN PAYTON DUKE Bastrop Physical Education VIVIAN JUANITA DURRETT Hornbeck Nursing WILLIAN F. EDWARDS Many Health Physical Education DONALD ELFERT Cheneyville Industrial Arts Education Second Row: FLOYD L. ELLERMAN Winnsboro Industrial Arts KATHERINE ELLIOTT Glenmora Home Economics JERRY EPPERSON Baker Health Physical Education JO A N EVANS Campti Accounting MARILYN EVANS Bernice Nursing Third Rorv: KENNETH G. EVERETT DeRidder Industrial Arts ROSE FARRAR Lillie Nursing MARGIE IMOGENE FARRINGTON Plain Dealing Nursing DORIS FISHER Pelican Nursing JANE FLORY Bossier City Nursing Fourth Row: BETTY JOE FOOTE Cheneyville Nursing MERLIN A. FOSHEE Provencal Business Administration CHARLOTTE ANITA FOSTER Calhoun Nursing ELIZABETH FREDIEU Canipti Home Economics JACKIE FUNDERBURK Many Speech Fifth Row: GERALD P. FURR Wisner Health Physical Education LEDORE GALLIEN Natchitoches Business Administration ELOISE HOLT GALLOWAY Natchitoches Social Science BETTIE JOAN GIBSON Baton Rouge Nursing DONALD R. GILL Elizabeth Physical Education Sixth Row: LOUIS GILLESPIE Pineville Forestry PATRICIA ANN GIVENS Pineville Nursing CONNIE B. GONZALES Gonzales Nursing BETTY GOODWIN Baton Rouge Nursing GUS E. GREENE DeRidder Accounting Seventh Row: ALPHA LEAH GREMILLION Bunkie Nursing FRANCES GRIFFIN West Monroe Journalism BETTY JANE GRIGSBY Minden Nursing M. LAMMAR GUY Lecompte Sociology BOBBYE HALE Baskin English Eighth Row: CARNEY RUTH HALL Gueydan Nursing MARY NELL HAMILTON Alexandria Nursing LOLLIE MAY HAMETT Jonesville Secretarial Science JENNINGS BRIAN HANCHEY DeRidder Health Physical Education JAMES B. HAYES Shreveport Physics Sophomore Royalty Reigns + 1 e ? C £) ... vS, fr| k _ o(i kumffies First Row: EARL HAYNES Springhill Physical Educal ion POLLY HAYS Many Business Education DORIS ANN HENRY Sulphui Primary Education MILDRED FAYE HICKS RobeHne Primary Education CURTIS HOGLAN Pitkin Music Education Second Row: ROBERT THOMAS HOOKER Hamer. S.C. Bush less Administration OLIVE HORN DeQuincy Nursing VIRGINIA L. HOUSTON Sarepta Home Economics LOYCE STACKS HOWELL Shreveport Nursing JO HUBLEY Many Medical Technology Third Roto: HAYES O. HUFFMAN. JR Pineville Pre-Dentistry H. LUTRELLE HUMBLE Baton Rouge Business JERRY LYNN HUMPHREYS Columbia Nursing WINNIE RUTH HUT30N Baton Rouge Home Economics Education LUCILLE ILES Alexandria Nursing Fourth Row: GENE JENSEN Waterproof Primary Education FAYE DEL JOHNSON Chestnut Upper Elementary HUGH " Zip " JOLLEY Natchitoches Government FREDDIE MERLE JONES Shreveport Hea ' th Physical Education MATTIE JEAN JOWERS Montgomery Upper Elementary Education Fifth Row: HASINE KAMAL KATHEY Shreveport Music PATRICK C. KELLEHER Boosier City Pre-Engineering JOSEPH PATRICK KELLEY Natchitoches Chemistry LORA FAYE KEMPER Shreveport Music WILDA KENNON Jena Nursing Sixth Row: VERNON A. KERRY Goruni Business Education CARL RAY KIGHT Haynesville Health Physical Education JAMES B. KING Bearunont Journalism JIM KINNISON Clarks Accounting GERALD B. KIRKPATRICK Heflin Physical Education Seventli Row: BILLIE JEAN LAMBRIGHT Pitkin Home Economics RUBY OTHELL LAMPIN Bronson. Texas Nursing MARJORIE ANNE LANDRY Napoleonville Nursing OPHELIA LAROUX Zwolle Nursing GARLAND R. LAWRENCE Rnggold Business Administration Eighth Row: LYRIA LAWRENCE Leesville Health Physical Education LLOYD LEE Alexandria Industrial Arts MICHEL GEORGE LELONG Coushatta Agriculture WAPLE LILLEY Marthaville Physical Education VIRGLE VIOLA LEWIS Delhi Primary Education a a. a A pjf 81 First Row: BETTIE JEAN LOFTIN Shreveport Nursing DOUGLAS ALLEN LOGAN Hef lin Health Physical Education GLENN AARON LONG E:mer Pie-Engineering SUDIE LOOMIS Clayton Mathematics Education NANCY RICHARD LYLES Cheneyville Nursing Second Row: AVON McBRIDE Minden Journalism JERRY D. McDONALD Deweyville. Texas Pre-Engineering NANETTE McDONALD Greensburg Social Welfare VIRGINIA MCDONNELL Port Allen Nursing MARY EVELYN McDUFFIE Crowville Nursing Third Row: JOHNY CLINTON McFERREN Marthaville Industrial Arts BILL McGR AW Lecompte Pre-Engineering CHARLES RUSSELL McINNIS Hornbeck Biology FRANCES E. McLAIN Campti Accounting G. ALINE McMICKLE Natchitoches Primary Education Fourth Row: MARGARET LAREE MARTIN Plain Dealing Nursing VIRGINIA MARTIN Winnfield Secretarial Science WILBERT W. MASON Shreveport Music CHARLES ALBERT MASSEY Ferriday Vocational Agriculture SUSIE MAE MATHIS Montgomery Home Economics Fifth Row: MARGIE MESMAN New Orleans Nursing JEANETTE METHVIN Natchitoches Business Education JANIS MEYER Shreveport Art MARTHA LYNN MIDDLETON Pleasant Hill Medical-Technology DONALD EARL MILLEN Bossier City Physical Education Sixth Row: JOYCE MILLER Denham Springs Nursing MONA GREY MILLER Natchitoches Business Education STERLING M. MINTURN Natchitoches Chemistry EMOGENE MONKS Welsh Home Economics BARBARA ANN MONTGOMERY Hodge Primary Education Seventh Row: NANCY MONTGOMERY Goldonna Upper Elementary NELLIE JOYCE MORGAN Shongaloo Primary Education MICKEY JOAN MORROW Elizabeth Home Economics PAT MURPHY Tallulah Nursing LENIN MURRAY Bell wood Forestry Eighth ' Row: JEAN NOBLE Winnsboro Upper Elementary ALBERT D. NORSWORTHY Many Chemistry JOHN CLIFFORD NUGENT Colfax Accounting GEORGE A. OUBRE Garyville Pre-Law JO ANN OWENS Boyce Nursing To The Rescue! f o-(3 firnntfies First Row: MIGUEL PACHECO Punta las Marias. Puerto Rico Biology SARA LaVERNE PARIS Mansfield Nursing GEORGE ROY PERKINS DeQuincy Health Physical Education BETTY PEVEY Amite Nursing BARBARA PIERCE Angle Nursing Second Row: NORMA RUTH PITTMAN Durant. Miss. Nursing MILLIE ERLENE POWELL Colfax Business Education GERALD G. PUGH Triumph Pre-Engineering NOLAN L. RABB Waterproof Industrial Arts HAZEL ALICE RAMSEY Dubach Nursing Third Row: BENNIE H. RAY Port Sulphur Pre-Engineering CHARLENE RAY Winnfield Home Economics LEOLA MARY RAYMOND New Orleans Nursing DORIS REED Goldonna Secretarial Science ARTHUR JAMES REID Amite Medical Technology Fourth Row: FRANCIS ALVIN RHODES Benton Health Physical Education DORIS GLYNN ROARK West Monroe Nursing GALE W. ROBINSON Hornbeck Industrial Arts ELGIE ERNEST ROGERS Saline Physics JIMMIE R. ROGERS Saline Industrial Arts Fifth Row: DALLAS EMILE ROPER Natchitoches Journalism CHARLSIE ROSS Many Secretarial Science FRANCES ROYSTON Natchitoches Primary Education BUCK RUSSELL Many- Mathematics PAUL R. RYDER Alexandria Agriculture Sixth Row: OCTAVIA DANE SANDLIN Natchitoches Business-Speech GWENDOLYN SELF Anacoco Nursing JACK SHARP Natchitoches Speech B. L. SHAW Jamestown Industrial Arts GENIE SHAW Colfax Business Education Seventh Row: GLADYS SHAW El Paso. Texas Upper Elementary Education DANNY SHEHEE Ringgold Music MARY SHIPP Franklin Nursing SYLVAN ROY SIBLEY Natchitoches Business Administration KATHLEEN SIMMONS Natchitoches Upper Elementary Education Eightli Row: BEN B. SINGLETARY Winnfield Chemistry ALBERT D. SMART Leesville Business Education JACK E. SMITH Winnfield Social Science LOUIS MARION SMITH Eros Industrial Education RELAND LESLIE SMITH Sulphur Physical Education 83 First Row: SARAH JUDITH SOBERT Labadieville Nursing JOHN FRANCIS SPATARO Shreveport English VIRGINIA SPILLERS Bastrop English EDDIE RAY SPURGEON Cloutierville Upper Elementary JAMES EARL SQUYRES Melder Forestry Second Row: BILL STANBERRY Haynesville Agriculture DONALD STEPHENSON Shreveport Upper Elementary EUNICE STEVENS Baton Rouga Nursing NORMA DELL STICKELL Colfax Nursing LILLIAN FRANCES STRICKLAND Amite Nursing Third Roiv: HAROLD SULLIVAN Castor Industrial Arts WAYNON S. TARTER Dry Prong Accounting ROBERT LOWELL TATUM Waterproof Health Physical Education HORACE RAY TEAL Hineston Music BUDDY THOMAS Coushatta Health and Physical Education Fourth Row: FLEMING A. THOMAS Ringgold Social Science ALCIDIE THOMPSON Waterproof Home Economics CHARLES SEGREST TISDALE Wisner Upper Elementary GLENDA MAURINE TOMS Saline Nursing ANNE TORRANS Shreveport Speech Fifth Row: DIANA UGGEN Baton Rouge Nursing LOIS ELIZABETH WAILES Natchitoches Nursing MURREL WALKER Dry Prong Health and Physical Education JIMMYE ANN WALL Bastrop Home Economics RILEY RAY WALLINGSFORD Jamestown Accounting Sixth Row: JOLENE WALTERS Belcher Secretarial Science MARY ANN WALTON Bastrop Music DAN WATERS Dodson Upper Elementary CARNEY CLIFTON WATTS Zachary Health and Physical Education MARGARET NELL WEBBER Vivian Nursing Seventh Row: MIKE WEBER Alexandria Education BILLIE LOU WELDON Many Home Economics O. D. WEST Glenmora Physical Education STEVE J. WESTBROOK Many Music Education HUBERT ELMER WHATLEY Jamestown Industrial Art Eighth Row: JACKIE WHITE Leander Accounting JOSIE WHITEHEAD Lake Providence Nursing FREDDIE WHITFORD Natchitoches Upper Elementary DONALD WHITHORNE Oak Ridge Business Administration JANE FLOYD WILLIAMS Alexandria Primary Education Batter Up Of) flOTTltfieS Firs! Row: WANDA L. WILLIAMS Provencal Primary Education SAMMY W. WILSON Lecompte Mathematics JOE D. WITHERS Hornbeck Agriculture CHARLES ASHER WOOD Natchitoches Pre-Dentisti v JEANETTE WOOD Natchitoches Upper Elementary Second Row: JACQUE V. WOODALL Minden Nursing SARA NELL WOODALL Natchitoches Music ANITA WORSHAM Tullos Nursing ARCHIE R WORSHAM Coushatta Upper Elementary EUGENE WRIGHT Many Business Administration Third Row: VERNIS C. WRIGHT Many Accounting ROBERT E. WRIGHT Buffalo. New York Health and Physical Education MARGARET YOUNG Shreveport Nursing ALICE ZENTER Grand Cane Primary Education .jLf 1 - r ' Jiii, . ] ■ I ' - ' W it ■ f " lesruueji u First Row: • CAROLYN FAYE ADAMS. Sikes; Music O CLARA MARIE ADDINGTON, Natchitoches; Nursing • CARO- LYN SUE ALEXANDER, Rodessa; Art • MYRTLE LEONA ALLEN, Baton Rouge; Nursing • JERRY LEE ANDERSON, Leesville; Business Education • LOIS JEAN ARRINGTON, Dry Prong; Home Economics. Second Row: • LOIS NADINE AUDIRSCH, Choudrant; Nursing • ELIZABETH AULDS, Natchitoches; Business Educa- tion • BERTIE AUSTIN, Eros; Physical Education • ADRIENNE M. AVERITT, Sumpter. S.C.; Nursing • MERVYN S. BALDWIN, Oakdale; Accounting • MIX- ON BANKSTON, JR.. Dry Prong; Chemistry. Third Row: • JOE BARBER, Zwolle; Industrial Arts • JUANITA ANN BARBEROUSSE, Natchitoches; General Curric- ulum • LAWRIE LELL BARILLIER, Baton Rouge; Nursing • CATHERINE BASCO, Gorum; Medical Tech- nology • WILLIAM RICHARD BASSETT. Winnfield; Industrial Arts • LINDA MENSCH., Shreve- port; History. Fourth Row: • SHIRLEY CAROL BATEMAN, Franklinton; Nursing • BETTY ALICE BELL, Mer Rouge; English • GEORGE JAMES BELTZ, Leesville; Music Education • PATRI- CIA ANN BIELKIEWICZ. Alexandria; Nursing • LLOYD JACK BILLARD, La Salle, Illinois; Account- ing • ANNE CHRISTINE BISHOP, West Monroe; Nurs- ing. Fifth Row: • MARILYN BLAGG, Minden; Medical Technology • OSBON BLAKE, Goldonna; Business Administration • THOMAS A. BLANKENSHIP. Natchitoches; Pre- Engineering • JESSIE MARIE BLEWER. Campti; Nurs- ing • ALICE CECILLE BOBBITT, De Quincv; Nursing • HERMAN BONSALL, Saline; Business Education Sixth Row: © FAY BOOK. Buras; Library Science • VIRGINIA BOULWARE. Jonesboro; Nursing • JACKIE BOURG. Jonesboro; Nursing • J. N. BOURGEOIS, Lockport; Physical Education • CAROLYN BOUTWELL. Winns- boro; Physical Education • DIXIE BRADFORD, Jones- ville; Business Education. Seventh Row: • HELEN GRACE BRADFORD, Winnfield; Business Education • BETTY JEAN BREITENBERG. Natchi- toches; Art • DELANO ROOSEVELT BRISTER, Sieper; A ccounting • A. J. BRITT. JR.. Many; Business Ad- ministration • NANCY LELAH BRODNAX. Bastrop; Home Economics • CATHERINE LOU BROOKS. Tangi- pahoa; Nursing. Eighth Row: • LESTER RAY BROSSET, Derry; Social Science • MADOLYN CHRISTEEN BRYAN. Saiper; Social Science • EVELYN BRYANT. Goldonna; Upper Ele- mentary • BETH BUNDY, Benton; Secretarial Science • BESSIE LAVERNE BURKETT. Converse: Nursing • JOHN CURTIS BURNS. Leesville; Business Education. Ninth Row: • MILTON LEE BURTS. Bavtown, Texas; Speech • NANCY PATRICIA CAMPBELL, Coushatta; Nursing • LAWRENCE MEREDITH CARNAHAN. Cloutierville; Agriculture • BETTIE CHLOE CARTER. Urania; Home Economics • PATSY RUTH CARTER, Minden; Nursing • BILLY HUGH CATES. Converse; Industrial Arts. 86 . 5i - iHNM cil Fii I Rov • WILL ALLEN CAT1 • NORMA MANDA ' i ■ i Hi P • 1:1.1 1 v JEAN CHA1 • BARBARA CHEEK, Manj . h ■■■ • CIIKHHY. Taylor. Aikan ;a • I I ' • Dl " • I I ' ll CHESSON, JR Vinton; Pi ■ Second Ro 1 • M. B CHILDRESS Pelican; 1 ation • CAKOI. ANN CHRISTENSON Technology • nick MARTIN CI RDO I ll-MITJll fill ! icul • JANE ' 1 lem ral un li ulum • II DEAN CLARK .lit Musi, Edui at . Ml 1 V i ' . GEN1 CI HK Vo ■ • Mill: Buslni 1 Third Row. • LINDEN D. CLAYBROOK i • CAROLYN CLEMENTS. Vivian; Bu ine 1 • JON W. CLEMONS Nati • Itoches; Physical Educal • MARJORIE FAYE CLOYD. U • Nursing • VENTON R. COBURN. Hornbeck; Physical Educ;. • DONNIE MAY COFFEY. Chestnut; [ndu trial Fourth Row: • JOYCE COKER. Harrisonburg; General Curriculum • NORMAN E. COLEMAN. Benton. Business Adminis- tration • CARROLL CONVERSE. Alexandria; indus- trial Arts • MARGARET SUE COOPER. Robeline; N ing • VIRGINIA LOU COWART. Alexandria: Business • DORIS ANN CREECH. Logansport; Business Educa- tion. Fifth Row: • VERNON E. CRNKOVIC. Noble; Agriculture • HER- MON O. CROSS. Vidalia; Industrial Arts • FRANCES ANN CRUMP. Havnesville; Health and Physical Edu- cation • PAUL McGEE CULPEPPER. Jonesboro; Busi- ness Administration • JULIE MARIE CUSACHS. Natchitoches; General Curriculum • DAVID ALLEN DALTON. Houston. Texas; Geology. Sixth Row: • SUE DAVENPORT. Logansport; Upper Elementary • DORMAN W. DAVIS. Leesville; Industrial Arts • MILLIE DAVIS. Clarence; Primary Education • SHIRLEY YVONNE DEAN. Montgomery; Upper Ele- mentary Education • ALVIN JAMES De BLIEUX. JR.. Natchitoches; Pre-Medicine • JOSEPH DOUGLAS De LONEY. Natchitoches; Accounting. Seventh Row: • WAYNE C. DEW. Natchitoches; General Curriculum • LYLE HENRY DILLMAN. New Orleans; Pre-Engi- neering • HAROLD DEAN DOWDEN. Many; Business • LYNELLE SUE DOWDEN. Kisatchie; Business Edu- cation • ROBERTA IRENE DOWIES. Elizabeth: Pri- mary Education • BOBBY CAROL DOWNS. Alexan- dria; Nursing. Eighth Roir; • MAZIE DRANGUET. Natchitoches; Business Educa- tion • DeWITT D. DUNCAN. Alexandria; Industrial Arts • MARLENE MARIE DUNCAN, Forest Hill; Nurs- ing • TED E. DUGGAN. Florien; Industrial Arts • JAMES ADOLPH ENLOE. Pineville: Business • JACK ENSMINGER. Wisner; Biology. Ninth Row: • GAIL EPPERSON. Baker; Nursing • JAMES SHER- ILL EPPERSON, Baker; Industrial Arts • BARBARA ANNETTE EVANS. Saline: Home Economics • AUG- UST JOSEPH FABIANO. Empire; Pre-Engineering • ROY NASH FAIR. Saline: Physical Education • JOE RAY FARALDO. Colfax: Health and Physical Educa- tion. Faye Book. Vice President: Nancy Kinilirell. Secretary, and John Manning, President, iBsrunea u V ill k First Row: • DOROTHY FARMER, Pineville; Speech • BARBARA FEDRICK, Shreveport; Business Education • MINNIE MURPHY FONTANE, Hessmer; Nursing • MARY PAULINE FONTENOT, Lake Charles; Nursing • JOHNIE LOUISE FRAZIER. Winnfield; Primary Edu- cation • HILLMAN WAYNE FREDIEU. Deville; Biol- ogy. Second Row: • ERMA LEE FREELAND. Gueydan; General Cur- riculum • HOWARD R. FRENCH. Dodson; Upper Ele- mentary tDONALD RAY FULLER. De Ridder; Music Education • J. B. FULLER. Montrose; Physical Educa- tion • LILLIE LORENE FUTRELL. Dry Prong; Nursing • BEBE JOY GALLENDER, Ferriday; Secretarial Science. Third Row: • BETTY JUNE GALLIEN, Natchitoches; Business Edu- cation • JOHNNY GARLAND. Sligo; Business Admin- istration • EUGENIA GARLINGTON, Dry Prong; Nurs- ing • BETTY LOU GARNER. Montgomery; Primary Education • JACK GARRISON, Shreveport; Account- ing • JIMMY WEAVER GAY, McDade; Agriculture. Fourth Row: • THOMAS HENRY GEORGE. Bastrop; Industrial Arts • DORIS JEAN GIBSON, Goldonna; Nursing • CLIF- TON DOUGLAS GILMORE, Wisner; Education • JUNE MARIE GLEASON, Port Sulphur; Art • BETTY CAROL GODWIN. Chestnut; Home Economics • MARY CATH- ERINE GORDY. Wisner; Medical Technology. Fifth Row: • LaNELL GOSS. Transylvania; Home Economics • GLORIA GRAY, Natchitoches; Primary Education • ANITA LOIS GREEN, Bel: Accounting • HERSCHEL H. GREEN. Springhill; Agriculture • BARBARA JEAN GREGORY, Urania; Business • TROY LEE GRISSOM. Winnsboro; Nursing. Sixth Row: • CURTIS D. GROS, Sulphur; Physical Education • DOT GUILLORY. Forest Hill; Primary Education • JEAN GUNTER. Goldonna; Business Education • GUIANNA ANN HALEY, Belmont; Nursing • MIL- DRED HALDERMAN. Alexandria; Nursing • MURRY L. HALL, Bienville; Industrial Arts. Seventh Row: • BOBBY RICHARD HAMM. Alexandria; Speech • PAUL RAOUL HAMPTON. Sulphur; General Cur- riculum • MARGARET HANSON. Rosepine; Business • PAT HARLESS. Lake Charles; Chemistry • NORMA GENE HARRISON. Glenmora; Math-Phvsics • ELAINE ESTELLE HART, Kentwood; Nursing. Eighth Row: • CHARLES ORLEANS HARTWELL. New Orleans; Geology • MARIANNE JEANNE HARWELL. Shreve- port; Nursing • JIMMYE DEE HATCHER. Sikes; Busi- ness Education • JO ANN HAYS, Urania; Nursing • PAULA HAYNES. Princeton; Nursing • KAYDON- NA HILL. Opelousas; Nursing. Ninth Row: • LaNELL HINES, Center Point; Home Economics • CINDY HODGE, Mora; Business Education • ONE- TA LOUISE HODSON, Raceland; Chemistry • JUDITH MARILYNN HOLLO WAY, Alexandria; Upper Element- ary • HELEN HUDSON, Snringhill; Nursing • L. C. HUNT. Rosepine; Mathematics. 88 W . jSk Ijf ©fl?M Am 1 ' dir: ■ I • | Row: • 111 I I S I ' M II • MARIAN J( IMHOI I ■ Ing • NANCY ALICE JACOB • MACK .1 iMl-.s Boyci i ' • Ml lii • • WILL] FIELDING JAMES Boy i Hi lltl • NANCY KAI Ml E 1- N JAM Li- Science. Secoml • ' • BARBARA a JOHNSON brarj s, i • BETTY FRANCES JOHNSON, 5 ling • CHARLES EUGENE JOHNSON, Alexandi a M matlcs • NORMA FAYI JOHNSON Sleper; Home Economics • WILMER MARION .JOHNSON. Ml Pre- 1 ' • IK JOHNSTON. All Third Row: • MARTHA MAE JOHNSTON. Benton: Secretarial Science • JOHN PAUL JONES. JR.. Benton Administration • LINDA GAYLE JONES. SI Art • PATRICIA NELL JONES. J. • ROB- ERT HERMAN JONES. Simsboro; Nursing • VIRi.II ANNICE JONES. Shreveport; Music-Piano. Fourth Row: • FRANCYSE AMANDA JOWERS Roanoke; Primary Educat ion • TOM AQUINAS KEHOE. New Orleans: Geology • NANCY FLOY KIMBRELL. Zwolle; Hi Economics • AUBREY (;ERALD KING. Plain Dealing: Business Administration • NANCY ANNE KING. Winn- field; Primary Education • DOTTY KIRKLAND. Wls- ner; Music. Fifth Row: • MARY ANN KOCCOS. Shreveport; Secretarial Science • BOBBY -KID ' - KORNEGAY. Winnfleld; Ac- counting • MARGARET LAMPIREZ. Lake Charles; Nursing • BILLY J. LAMPKIN. Many; General Cur- riculum • CATHERINE LUCILLE LARK. Springhill: Nursing • JERRY L. LAVESPERE. Pineville; and Physical Education. Sia th Row: • PATSY LEACH. Vivian; Business Education • MEL- TON LEE. Castor; Health and Physical Education • ROBERT LEE. Bossier City; General Curriculum • WILEY G. LEE. Chestnut; Agriculture • JOE BAIL- EY LEMMON. Jefferson. Texas; Nursing • DOUGLAS CLINTON LEONE. Zwolle; Pre-Engineering. Seventh Row: • MARY GRACE LESTER. Baton Rouge; Nursing • BLANCHIE LEE LEWIS. Elmer; Business Educa • TOBY JEAN LIVINGSTON. Los Angeles. California: General Curriculum • LAURA IRENE LONG. Elmer; Primary Education • ANN EVA LOUGHRIDGE. Flora: Secretarial Science • JACK EZEL LUCIA. Innis; Home Economics. Eighth Row: • DAVID STAFFORD LUCKETT. Alexandria: Busi- ness Administration • RICHARD DURWOOD McB- RIDE. Natchitoches: Pre-Engineering • JACK PAR- NELL McCAIN. JR., Natchitoches; General Curriculu-n • MILDRED iMIKKTEi McCOMBS. Shreveport. Nurs- ing • CLARICE McDANIEL. Shreveport: Nursing • JANICE McDANIEL. Shreveport. Nursing. Ninth Row: • BOBBY HUEY McDONALD. Converse; Industrial • D. RALPH McDONALD. Shreveport: Pre-Engi- neering • CLAUDETTK McGEE. Jena: Nursing • PLENNIE LOUVENIA McGEE. Bossier Citv; Nursing • VAN COOK McGRAW. Derrv; Agriculture • VIR- GIE McGUFFEE. Harrisonburg: Music. yearly affair u leslnuea First Row: • ROBERT ALLEN McMULLEN, Crescent City, Florida; Mathematics • JUSTINE ELEANOR McMURRY. Winn- field; Home Economics O JAMES WILLIAM McNEIL. Pineville; Art • CAROLYN CLYDEAN MADDEN. Bossier City; Nursing • JOHN AUGUSTUS MANNING. Ill, Kaplan; Nursing • J. SAMMY MARLER, Boyce; Pie-Engineering. Second Row: • WILLIE ANN MATHIS, Montgomery; Nursing • GUY WAYNE MAXEY, Zwolle; Pre-Engineering • JACKIE DOLES MEARS, Campti; Business Educa- tion • JAMES R. MEAUX, Kaplan; Medical Technol- ogy • ELIZABETH L. MILLER. Baton Rouge: Nursing • WILBURN MILLER. Natchitoches; Upper Element- ary. Third Row: • J D. MONTGOMERY. JR.. Bellwood; Agriculture • HARRY B. MOORE. Goldonna; Business Administra- tion • ROGER RAY MOORE. Converse; General Cur- riculum • RUTH ANN MOREAU. Alexandria; Nursing • CHARLES WAYNE MORROW. Pitkin; Industrial Arts Education • JAMES B. MORROW. Elizabeth; Agricul- ture. Fourth Row: • DORIS MORTON. Mansfield; Nursing • ELOISE MORTON. Campti; Home Economics • MARILYN RUTH MOTTER. Alexandria; Home Economics • C. J. MYERS. Glenmora; Health and Physical Education • RAYMOND F. NAILS. Coushatta; Business Education • BETTY JUNE NAPIER. Converse; Nursing. Fifth Row: • ANN NASH. Alexandria; Home Economics • BOB- BIE ANNE NASH. Cheneyville: Upper Elementary • S. T. NEEL. Negreet; General Curriculum • BARBARA MERLE NELSON. Stonewall; Nursing • HALLIE MA- RIE NICHOLAS. Avery, Texas; Nursing • TOMMIE LORECE NICHOLS. Gorum; Upper Elementary. Sixth Row: • JOYCE EVELYN NORSWORTHY, Florien; Secretar- ial Science • GERALD M. NOTO, New Orleans; Busi- ness Education • RAFAEL PACHECO. Perto La Marios Puerto Rico; Pre-Engineering • FRED MORGAN PACKARD. Melville; Pre-Engineering • MELBA PAGE Flora; Nursing © VIRGINIA RAYE PALMER. Mans- field; Nursing. Sevejith Row: • PATSY JUNE PEAK. Walker; Nursing • JOHN W. PENTON. Sulphur: Industrial Arts • WINSTON F. PERRY, Baton Rouge; Business Administration • ANN PHILLIPS, Manv; Home Economics • MARY ALICE PHILLIPS. Shreveport; English • GEORGE BLAIR PICKETT, New Llano; History. Eighth Row: • WILLIAM H. PLUMB. JR.. Shreveport; Industrial Art • LOUISE PONS. Shreveport: Art • DOROTHY PORTER. Shreveport; Nursing • GENE PORTER. Winnfield; Health and Physical Education • JO ANN PRESTRIDGE. Natchitoches; Secretarial Science • LOIS PRICE, Dry Prong; Business Education. Ninth Row: • VIVIAN PRUD ' HOMME. Bermuda; Primary Educa- tion • JOE THOMAS PULLIG. Ashland; Agriculture • AUDREY RACHAL. Flora; Nursing • DOROTHY RACHAL, Hall Summit; Primarv Education • EVELYN LAFAY RATCLIFF. Ravville; Pre-Medicine • RICH- ARD ALBERT RAY, Ale xandria; Art. 90 jLi £®2 First Rov • TOMMY ECIL REDD, Plnevllli PI I • JEFI ERSOM CUB I IS R] mentarj • MILDRED REID Amlfc • MAH- JORIE ANN REYNt MM. Batoi • MAHY ELLEN REYNOLDS, Shrevei • PATSY HUTU REYNOLDS Bastrop Sei Science. Seen, id I;, • CLARISSA GRACE RICHARDSON. Colt.,- ii Economics • SARAH RITTER, Mai • JO ANNE ROAHK Wlnnfli d N : • HOBBY R ' i EN. Saline; Pre-Englneerlng a im-.-.ik BRUCE ROB- ERTS. Alexandria; Pr I ng • MARGARET ROBIN. Sulphur; General Currlculu Third Hi in • THOMAS E. ROGERS. Saline; Physics • Jl CLAUDE HOST. Kaplan; Physical Education • KIRBY DEAN RYLAND U( Buslni nistration • .JOHN ISAAC SANDEKs Hombeck; Agriculture • ODIS MARVIN SANDERS. Zwolle; Industrial • OWEN EARL SANDERS. Hornbeck; Agriculture. Fourth Row: • BILLY D. SANDLIN. Bienville; Physical Education • GERALD DALE SE3REN. Many; General Curriculum • S. T. SELF. Anacoco; Agriculture • JANE A. SCHAEFER. Buffalo. Minnesota; Primary Education • RUTH IRIS SCHECH. Bush; Nursing • BETTY RUTH SHAW. Tavlor; Nursing Fifth Roto: • HELEN ANN SHEPHERD. Mer Rouge; Elementary Education • ROBERT HENRY SHIVOR. Wisner; Physi- cal Education • JIMMIE I DORA SHOWS. Ragley; Business Education • LINDA SHOWS. Natchitoches; Nursing • LaVERNE SIAU. Natchitoches; Nursing • ANITA PAULINE SIGLER. Elizabeth; Primary Edu- cation. Sixth Row: • NELLIE FAYE SIKES. Winnfield: Primary Educa- tion • KATHERYN SIMMONS. Kurthwood: Library Science • TED REED SIMON. Kaplan; General Cur- riculum • DONALD RAY SIMPKINS. Dodson; Gen- eral Curriculum • JOANN SKINNER. Florien; Busi- ness Education • NELL SLACK. Sarepta; Secretarial Science. Seventh Row: • JOAN SLAY. Many; Music • EULA VIVIAN SMIL- EY. Woodworth; Nursing • JO ANN SMITH. Benton: Nursing • MARY ELIZABETH SMITH. Eros; Primary Education • MARY LOU SMITH. Zacharv: Secretarial Science • RICHARD PAUL SMITH. Colfax; Forestry Eighth Row: • T. RICHARD SMITH. Bastrop; Art • JEAN SOUTH- ERLAND. Winnfield; Nursing • SHERRIL RUTH SOWERS. Pineville: Health and Physical Education • J. T. SPARKS. Robeline; Chemistry • MARILYN STANBERRY. Natchitoches: Home Economics • BILLY STEELE. Oxford; Physical Education. Ninth Row: • MARIBEL STEWART. Mer Rouge: Primary Educa- tion • GEORGE NELSON STITCH. New Orleans: Geol- ogy • MARY NAN STILL. Denham Springs; Nursing • JAMES R. STOKER. Mansfield; Physical Education • GEORGE HAROLD STROUD. Benton; Business Ad- ministration • HOWARD STROUD. JR.. Negreet; Gen- eral Curriculum. What do we have here? es hjuea u First Row: • MARY BESS STROUD. Montgomery; Upper Ele- mentary • MARTHA ADELE STUCHLIK. Kolin; Nurs- ing • ROBERT E. SYLVEST, Franklinton; History • CHARLES ALBERT TASSIN, Jonesville; Upper Ele- mentary • ETHEL LOUISE TAUZIN, Natchitoches; Home Economics • DENCIL R. TAYLOR, Newellton; Pre-Ministerial. Second Row • BETTY THAXTON, Natchitoches; General Curricu- lum • DOROTHY THOMAS. Alexandria; Nursing • ORRON FELDER THOMAS, Ashland; Physical Edu- cation • JACKIE THOMPSON, Boyce; Nursing • M. JEANNETTE THORNBERG, Alexandria; Nursing • GERALD EMERSON TILLEUX. Shreveport; General Curriculum. Third Row: • LOYCE TODD. Natchitoches; Business Education • MARGARET TOWNSEND. Natchitoches; Primary Education • ROBERT WATSON TYLER. Chestnut; Physical Education • BEN DAVID VERCHER. Campti; Agriculture • JOSEPH VERCHER. Gorum; General Curriculum • MARILYN WINONA VEULEMAN. Many; Nursing. Fourth Row: • TRAVIS ALLISON VICKERS. Zwolle; Pre-Engineer- ing • MARGIE LOIS VINCENT. West Lake; Primary Education • FRANCES NAN WALKER. Bentley; Nurs- ing • MARY ELIZABETH WALL. Baton Rouge: Nurs- ing • PEGGY DEAN WARMACK. Springhill; Nursing • BEVERLY JEAN WASCOM, Walker; Nursing. Fifth Row: • JO ANNE WEAVER. Natchitoches; Nursing • BETTY JEAN WELCH. Newellton; Home Economics Eiucation • LOUPEARL WELCH. Oakdale; Piano • LLWYNN ANN WHATLEY. Pollock; Business Education • JOHN- NY WHEAT. Winnfield; General Curriculum © CHARLES WHITAKER, Bastrop; Physical Education. Sixth Row: • BETTY JOANNE WHITE, Dodson; Nursing • CECIL PHIL WHITE, Alexandria; Business Administration • HENRY WHITE, Bastrop; Pre-Medicine • JOHNNY WAYNE WILKERSON, Natchitoches; Argiculture • JESSIE LEE WILKINSON, Alexandria; Upper Ele- mentary • CHESTER DAVID WILLIAMS. Lafayette; General Curriculum. Seventh Row: • CONNIE MAY WILLIAMS, Elizabeth; Nursing • E. CLAUDIA WILLIAMS. Natchitoches; Business Educa- tion • HELEN LOUISE WILLIAMS, Alexandria; Busi- ness Education • LILA JO ANN WILLIAMS, Alexan- dria; Business Education • BETTY WILSON. Alexan- dria; General Curriculum • ROBERT WAYNE WIL- SON. Alexandria. Industrial Arts. Eighth Row: • NINA MAE WINBERY. Urania; Nursing • BILLIE WAYNE WINSTEAD. Sibley; Home Economics • BET- TY LOU WOMACK. Baton Rouge; Nursing • BENNIE RUTH WOOD. Coushatta; Physical Education • WIL- LIAM J. WOOD, Winnfield; Industrial Education • EDNA LOLITA WORRELL, Quitman; Nursing. Ninth Row: • HAROLD M. WRIGHT. Florien; Industrial Arts • KATHRYN WRIGHT. Zwolle; Home Economics • ROBERT YARBROUGH. Alexandria; Industrial Arts • TROY KENTON YARBROUGH, Coushatta; Business Administration • HELEN FAY YOUNG. Oakdale; Nurs- ing • MILDRED ELEANOR YOUNG. Natchitoches; Music Education. 92 Z E A T U R M.TtLLEUX • 1-1 b H Ph C 5 C 5 4 _ i i •J ' . U O S 5 Miss Pal Brilt Miss Barbara Brittain y Mrs Jackie (beck Miss J ul if Cusiicbs Miss Toby Livingston Miss Virginia Martin Miss Pat Murphy Miss Lorraine Vaughn H PS D O On H O Cm CO CO c i en The S Til I Hall oi Fame I CEN-LA FAIR QUEEN Miss Rose Nell Creel i flm m tf ■ WJlwm jM B L K STATE FAIR QUEEN Miss Winnie Domlen HOMECOMING QUEEN Miss Gene Jensen iM EASY DOES IT •V ■£■ li ) je - ■■q v Q At tc CO WktS vaK .V r V V r n u 2 iY.TT. rrr-r ■■■■ rrrrrf «■ i rr M » i ' Of A 1 v NEW RECRUITS — THEY ' RE STILL SMII ING ■ $i ft ' W I ' A, a, rv « s v S f r " W V M-lZSm Northwestern lakes Upset Over G ' ulenarv, 72-64 Demon Conquer Gent Jin [iter I om I ftm$m »-» • mm G R E K 136 First row: Genevieve Marmande. President: Gervais Aldredge, Vice-President; Audell Peavy, Recording Secretary; Betty Sue Choate, Corre- sponding Secretary; Kathleen Ray, Treasurer. Second row: Virginia Ball, Betty Sue Boydstun, Barbara Gray, Frances Griffin, Sue Miller. Third row: Bea Rumsey, Wanna Beth Sanders, Alcidie Thompson, Patsy Winkler, Ann Wood. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The Pan-Hellenic Council consisting of the presidents of the five sororities and two representatives from each sorority, governs all sorority affairs, sets rush rules and rushing days, with its primary purpose that of promoting har- mony among the different sororities on the campus. " According to a recent survey . It ' s in the book. I . 3 ' _ The Inter-Fraternity Council was organized with the purpose of creating a more congenial relationship among the three fraternities on the campus. The group is composed of the three fraternity presidents, and two representatives from each of the frats. The Council passes rules and regulations for directing all fraternity affairs, including rushing and pledging. «4 A 1 First row: Ronald Quinn, James Grcsham, Robert Miller, Dale Branch, Houston Davis. Second row: Robert Durham, Gale Hearn, Gilbert McMurray, Charles Wood. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIT OFFICERS RONALD QUINN President JAMES GRESHAM Vice-President ROBERT MILLER Secretary-Treasurer Did vou hear the one about . . . Joke Book Dinner music The style of the year Something interesting Viewing the year ' s style GENEVIEVE MARMANDE President DELTA SIGMA EPSILON LEGEND Founded: 1914. Miami University. Phi, 1926. Colors: Olive Green and Cream. Flower: Cream Tea Rose. First Row: Bettv Alice Bell, Fon Lavern Billard, Alice Cecille Bobbitt, Fay Book, Jane Claborn. Ethelyn Cloutier, Julie Marie Cus- achs. Second Ro a : Janell Farris, Barbara Gray, La Verne Gresham, Margaret Hanson, Olive Ann Horn Leach. Imogene Leach, Martha Ann Third Row: Toby Jean Livingston, Sue Mil- ler, Alice Margaret Phelps, Jo Ann Prest- ridge, Kathleen Prudhomme, Jane Shaffer. Bettie Anne Salter. Fourth Row: Peggy Ann Trichel, Lorraine Vaughn. OFFICERS GENEVIEVE MARMANDE President PEGGY TRICHEL Vice-President KATHLEEN PRUDHOMME Recording Secretarxj LELIA MOORE Correrpondinj Secretary MARTHA ANN LEACH Treasurer JANELL FARRIS Sponsor Under the capable leadership of " Peppy " Marmande, the DSE ' s have known a rewarding year of fun and work. This is a lively and gifted group which includes such lovelies as Jo Ann Prestridge, Lavern Gresham, and Lorraine Vaughn . . . the wit and talent of Fay Book . . . dancers deluxe Jane Gaines and Jane Williams . . . Miss Potpourri, outstanding Marie Tilleux . . . excellent swimmer, Toby Livingston . . . Sue Miller, Battery Sponsor of R.O.T.C. . . . Senator Martha Ann Leach . . . Debator Chick Gabbert, and many others, who all together comprise this talented, industrious group who know how to entertain, make friends, and have a wonderful time! 141 Can-Can Show boat audience Where are the cotton bales? __ Our own little pickinninnes GERVAIS ALDREDGE President SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA LEGEND Founded: 1889, Virginia State Teachers ' College, Alpha Zeta, 1928. Colors: Purple and White. Flower: Violet. First Row: Berta Adams, Shirley Bateman, Mary Sue Bellew, Doris Bolin, Annette Cook, Mary Ann Cronin, Bobbv Carol Downs, Sue Ann Dupree. Second Row: Barbara Annette Evans, Joan Evans, Salvinia Fertitta, Erma Lee Freeland. Doris Gahagan, Jo Ann Gandy, Mary Cather- ine Gordy, Carolyn Sue Harville. Third Row: Jimmye Hatcher, Polly Hays, Jo Hubley, Martha James, Nancy Kimbrell, Lyria Lawrence, Jack Ezel Lucia, Justine McMurry. Fourth Row: Virginia Metcalf, Nelda Morri- son, Jean Noble, Dorothy Porter, Bea Rum- sey, Genie Shaw, Anita Sigler, Joan Slay. Fifth Ro a : Thelma Stephens, Barbara Step- henson, Alcidie Thompson, Millie Thompson, Jeanette Wood, Kathrvn Wright. OFFICERS GERVAIS ALDREDGE President VIRGINIA METCALF Vice-President JO ANN GANDY Recording Secretary MARY ANN CRONIN Corresponding Seer,; BEATRICE RUMSEY Treat EVE MOUTON Sponsor The largest sorority on the campus . . . Claims as its own Cheerleader Jo Hubley . . . Majorette Mary Ann Cronin . . . Doris Bolin, Vice-President of A.W.S. and a member of the Potpourri Court . . . Battery Sponsor of R.O.T.C.. Bea Run . . . Dorm presidents Dee Thompson, Nancy Kimbrell, and Thelma Ruth Stephens . . . Beauty Justine McMurry . . . Gervais Aldredge, seasoned actress of N.S.C. stage . . . State Fair Maid Thelma Ruth Stephens who also serves as Purple Jacket Veep . . . Swimmers Lvria Lawrence, Virginia Metcalf, Joan Evans . . . On Phi Mu Alpha Court, Barbara Sue Stephenson . . . Recog- nized as the smart ones, the Sigmas are the proud possessors for the second consecutive year of the Silver Candlesticks, given the sorority with the highest average . . . Full of life and active in all campus activities, these gals are well known and well liked b ,T everyone. 143 His best girls Frosty the snowman Now where did she go? 144 Talking it over AUDELL PEAVY President THETA SIGMA UPSILON LEGEND Founded: 1907, Kansas State Teachers ' College. Kappa. 1928. Colors: Rose and Silver. Flower: Rose. OFFICERS AUDELL PEAVY President JANICE ANDRESS Vice-President DOROTHY CARNAHAN Recording Secretary BETTY SUE BOYDSTUN Treasurer MARCIA DAUZAT Editor IRMA STOCKWELL Sponsor Fikst Row: Janice Andress, Betty Sue Boydstun, Bettv Jean Breitenberg, Dorothv Carnahan, Marcia Dauzat. Second Row: Frances Griffin, Bobbye Hale, Pat Hankins, Clarice Oliver, Audell Peavy. Third Row: Mary Alice Phillips. Betty What- lev. Fun, talent, and seriousness all wrapped up into one group . . . These hard working gals are never too busy to find time for a song, laughter, and a good time . . . Proud to claim for its own Betty Sue Boydstun, president of both the Davis Players and Wesley Foundation . . . Student Senator Audell Peavy and Mary Alice Phillips . . . Frances Griffin, Feature Editor of the Current Sauce . . . Janice Andress and Marcia Dauzat, officers of campus religious group . . . Pat Hankins. Cen-La Maid . . . Recognized for their varied interests and genuine friendliness, the Thetas are well known on the campus. 145 Looks comfortable Oh — stop it now I ' d like some, too The Ladv in the moon KATHLEEN RAY President PI KAPPA SIGMA LEGEND Founded: 1894, Michigan State Normal College. Alpha Delta, 1928. Colors: Turquoise and Gold. Flower: Forget-Me-Not. OFFICERS KATHLEEN RAY President SARAH CUTRER Vice-President PATSY WINKLER Recording Secretary SARAH COOK Corresponding Secretary MARILYN SNODDY Treasurer YVONNE PHILLIPS Sponsor First Row: Carolyn Sue Alexander, Virginia A.nn Ball, Sarah Ann Cook, Sarah Cutrer, Rose Farrar, Bebe Joy Gallender, Donita Gothard. Second Row: Lora Faye Kemper, Polly Scott Lindsley, Sudie Loomis, Gene Jensen, Jeanie Johnston, Virgie McGuffey, Rose Marie Mc- Right. Third Row: Carolyn Madden, Mary Louise Murphy, Bobbie Faye Patterson, Glynn Ellen Pennington, Beverly Sue Rhodes, Lila Lynn Rutledge, Marilyn Lucille Snoddy. Fourth Ro.v: Louise Vick, Patsy Winkler. Famous far and wide for those parties they give in the house on Pi Kap Hill . . . This vivacious, talented group boast Beauty Lora Faye Kemper . . . Dancers Bebe Joy Gallender and Gene Jensen ... Phi Kappa Nu Sweethart and R.O.T.C. Little Col- onel, Louise Vick . . . Rose Farrar, president of the Nurses at N.S.C. . . . State Fair Maids, Marilyn Snoddy, Patsy Winkler, and Louise Vick . . . Actress Milly Middleton Stephens . . . R.O. T.C. sponsor Glynn Ellen Pennington . . . Mary Murphv, Stu- dent Body Treasurer . . . Gene Jensen, Homecoming Queen . . . Purple Jackets Patsy Winkler and Louise Vick . . . talented artistic Carolyn Alexander . . . singer Virgie McGuffie . . . spon- sor Yvonne Phillips, who maintains order while having a whale of a good time herself. 147 TTLE RED HDDL HDU5E Morning teacher Let ' s not look at anyone else ' s paper School was never like this As soon as the bell rings BETTY SUE CHOATE President ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA LEGEND Founded: 1903, State Female School, Virginia. Psi Psi, 1931. Colors: Red and White. Flowers: Asters and Narcissus. First Row: Elizabeth Aulds, Bernice Dale Blankenship, Beth Bundy, Barbara Cheek. Carolyn Clements, Margaret Sue Cooper, Dorothy Dezendorf. Second Row: Katherine Elliott, Jane Flory, Barbara Gray, Oneta Hudson, Anne Hunger- beeler, Betty Hurst, Martha Mae Johnston. Thtrd Row: Fay Jordan, Nancy Anne King, Dottie Kirkland, Jeanette Dowden Lang- ' •idge, Claire Lucius, Ann Mathis, Susie Mae Mathis. Fourth Row: Jeanette Methvin, Mona Grey Miller. Marilyn Motter. Ann Nash, Evelyn Pyle, Patsy Ruth Reynolds, Sarah Ritter. Fifth Row: Wanna Beth Sanders, Nellie Fave Sikes, Kathleen Simmons, Virginia Spillers, Ann Wood, Mildred Young. OFFICERS BETTY SUE CHOATE Presii ANN WOOD Vice-Presii EVELYN PYLE Recording Secret ANNE HUNGERBEELER Treasurer CLAIRE LUCIUS Histo MRS. EUNICE KENNEDY Sponsor MRS. ROBERT EASLEY Sponsor Housed in the bright sparkling Alpha Sig House which proud- ly displays its new " Alpha Sigma Alpha " sign . . . The Girls are famous for their rollicking frat parties and the camp parties on Saline Lake . . . Well-known on the campus for their hospitality and love of fun, led bv versatile Bettv Sue Choate. thev include such notables as Claire Lucius, president of Alpha Beta Alpha. Purple Jacket, and State Fair Maid . . . Marilyn Motter, B.S.U. Council member . . . Euthenics Club officers Katherine Elliott and Susie Mathis . . . Anne Hungerbeeler, organizations editor of Potpourri and member of AWS Judicary Board . . . Phi Mu Alpha Court members Wanna Beth Sanders, Nancv King, and Dottv Kirkland, who is also well-known for her song-bird and dancing talents . . . popular Mona Gray Miller, AWS secretary . . . Mildred Young. Cen-La Court maid, and Wanna Beth Sanders, Associate Editor of Current Sauce . . . the gals who harvested the first class pledge crop this year . . . full of life, full of fun. 149 Looks like a pix from LIFE What a merry crowd Thev will come home! 150 LaVERNE GRESHAM Sweetheart of Lambda Zeta JAMES GRESHAM President LAMBDA ZETA First Row: Eugene Angell, John Boogaerts, Henrv Branch, Lester Deville, Bobby Hamm. Second Row: Hugh Jolley, Henry Walton. Donald Whithorne. Charles Wood, Archie Worsham. OFFICERS JAMES GRESHAM President EDGAR STEPHENS Vice-President BEN DUHON Recording Secretary DALE BRANCH Treasurer LONNIE BENNETT Chaplin ALAN CROSBY Sponsor Ronnie Bonial and Lonnie Bennett the honor roll boys . . . Bobby Hamm, outstanding in speech activities, and John Bo- ogaerts, Jr., un-predictable wit, both were members of the " ' Roval Family " cast. The man who holds the Zeta purse strings, Dale Branch. On the Honor Court two years, Edgar Stephens, also the Veep. Jimmy Gresham, this year ' s prexy, and Ben Duhon, member of the R.O.T.C. staff, both members of the NSC gym team. Archie Rudolph Randolph Worsham, strong armed man behind the paddle . . . Henry " Tugger " Walton, participated in this year ' s SEAAU and a diver on the swimming team. Lester " Chico " deVille, Zeta minute taker, and Chuck Woods and Zip Jolly the party goers and givers. Lambda Zeta Fraternity is the oldest Greek letter organiza- tion on the campus ... in its twenty-ninth year. Noted for their annual formal rush function, the Zeta Room and for the many excellent spring parties. Boast three Ph.D. ' s among honorary members, Dr ' s Crosby, Mason and Ware. T51 The Mystic Ball To us- Our best girls s - . 152 BILLIE LAMBRIGHT Rose of Sigma Tan ROBERT MILLER President SIGMA TAU GAMMA First Roa: Charles Alford, John Batten, Shelby Brooks, Milton Burts, David Carson, Gerald Carter, Carroll Converse, Dean Dow- den. Second Row: Robert Durham, William Ed- wards, Gale Hearn, Curtis Hoglan, Jerry lies, Edward Jordan, David Kendrick, Stanley Knotts. Third Row: Harold Laroux. Myron Lockey, William McGraw, Gerald Noto, Fred Pack- ard, William Plumb, Mayo Prudhomme, Paul Ryder. Fourth Row: Jack Sharp, Jack Simpson, Jerre Smith. Richard Smith, Robert Sylvest, Michael Torrans, Bob Wilson. Sammy Wil- son, Eugene Wright. OFFICERS ROBERT MILLER President JERRY ILES Vice-President JACK SHARP Corresponding Sea JOHN BATTEN Recording Secretary GERALD CARTER Treasurer ROBERT EASLEY Sponsor Those friendly, energetic guys who love a party and give ter- rific ones . . . Famed for their traditional White Rose Dinner Dance, which was never better than this year . . . Taus of all trade include Prexy Robert " Red " Miller, who also wields the gavel at Junior Class Meetings . . . Captain of the swimming team, Myron Lockey . . . Gym team members Harold Laroux, Captain, Bob Sanders, Shelby Brooks, David Kendrick, Jack Sharp, Jerry Noto, and Manager Sammy Wilson . . . Dave Car- son, Cadet Lt. Colonel of R.O.T.C. . . . Cheerleaders John Bat- ten, Jack Sharp and Jerry Noto . . . Those men who make music, Gerald Carter and Curtis Hoglan . . . Keeper of the Chickens, James Jean . . . Debator David Kendrick . . . Athletes " Doak " Walker, Billy Hart. Red Smith, Jack Bice. Curtis Gros, Buck Anderson and Gale Hearn . . . Good looking Paul Ryder All in all, the Taus manage this business with ease and are never too busy to have a good time. 153 Dreamy dancing The food ' s good here Now boys — only two apiece n Hftrm ' " i n v ft a a o o L " LOUISE VICK Sweetheart of Phi Kappa Nu RONALD QUINN President PHI KAPPA NU First Row: Carroll Adkins, Ed Bacilla, George Bailey, R. A. Barth, Bobbie Bass, Jackson Beebe, Mike Bellipanni, Rudv Ber- lin, Benjamin Brewton, Clav Brock. Second Row: Wiley Champagne, Raymon Collier, James Cook, Houston Davis, Alvin DeBlieux, S. W. Dickerson, Jack Ensminger, Charles Ertell, Gerald Furr, Ronald Gilliland. Third Row: John Gremillion, Hayes Huff- man, J. P. Johnston, Jim Bob Key, Leland Langridge, Garland Lawrence, Jack McCain. James McMurrv, John Manning, John Mari- celli. Fourth Row: Sonny Mercer, Harry Moore, Cecil Nielsen, Gene Porter, Carl Rachal. Bennie Ray, Joe Saltzman, Buddie Shaw, Robert Shivor, Ben Singletary. Fifth Ro a " : Lowell Starnes, Homer Thomas, Pat Todd, Dan Waters, Johnny Wheat. Charles Whitaker, Jackie White, Paxton Wil- lis, Bill Wood, Vernis Wright. OFFICERS RONALD QUINN President HOUSTON DAVIS Vice-President LELAND LANGRIDGE Corresponding Secretary LOWELL STARNS Recording Secretary GILBERT McMURRY Treasurer RENE BIENVENU Sponsor The politicians of the campus . . . " Wheels " include Leland Langridge, Student Body President . . . Right hand man Ronald Quinn . . . Senior class prexy, Lowell Starns . . . Sophomore president Ben Singletary . . . John Manning, who pilots frosh class meetings . . . Houston Davis, President of Student Senate and Senators Ed Bacilla, Rudy Berlin, Cecil Nielsen, Joe Saltz- man, and Mike Bellipanni . . . These boys do their part in keep- ing the campus informed with Joe Saltzman as " SAUCE " editor and Houston Davis, editor of the Potpourri . . . Well represented in athletics with Joe Barkate who bagged GSC honorable men- tion . . . Swimmer Alvin DeBlieux . . . Southwestern A.A.U. Tumbling Champ, John Hicks . . . Gym team members Sonny Mercer and Leland Langridge . . . Copped Intramural Football Championship for ' 52 . . . Annual barbecue the best of a host of good parties given . . . Sweetheart Formal which was bettei- than ever this year . . . The largest frat on the campus ... A great bunch of guys. 155 ■■■■■ " ? ■■ ■ A T H LET C 1952 FOOTBALL SCORES N.S.C 7; Central Okla N.S.C 12; Lamar Tech N.S.C 13; McNeese N.S.C 0; Louisiana College . . . N.S.C 0; Louisiana Tech N.S.C 0; Southeastern N.S.C 13; Mississippi Southern . N.S.C 13; Northeastern N.S.C 0; Southwestern . .35 .32 . .22 .19 39 .20 .34 Praying for a miracle THE 1952 FOOTBALL Coaches Ledet , Brown and Turpin I ■ r 1 Ml ft- flK-- WMk ' m I ■ A mw WCt J ' vi ' r ' { t i F Jf I, 1 B« ' ■ n A-- . - §r r .| .m . . § u v s JT tf ST ' ' ' ' ■ ' JHT " ,m _ H m T f f WlMm I j pf ■w MrJ J ! M • j fm A , 9 1 % 1 ■ ll ' " ' ' ' • ' " • ■ ' Footballs faded rather dismally into the background of student life during the year 1952-53 and the lack of spirit generated by the oblate spheroids was matched only by the poor record chalked bv the Demon gridders. A drab fall-winter season touched off by a lone Northwestern victory of one-touchdown caliber and a knotted ball game down Louisiana College way . . . this was foot- ball history in a nutshell for ' 52- ' 53 look- ing from the Demon side of the field. Punctuated periodically with a splash of brilliant play and rekindled spirit, the year ' s gridiron days wove together into a pattern of dull fabric unbecoming the fiery, spirited torso of Old Man Demon. The Demon gridders were seemingly plagued with unprecedented ability to sustain injuries consistently, a good case of " don ' t cares " and a constant barrage 158 fvf .r.f f f f r l 71 fefiF I 7S ia46i,6i ss ' 3, ' ,3U (74, J 3% . Wf£ V ' ' ' 1 i ■ ' Vi ! B 4 The Squad of alibis. However, the more tolerant or optimistic of the season ' s listless fans believed that it was " just the breaks " and that Ladv Luck just deserted the Demons at crucial moments. At any rate, the " breaks " came constantly and they were always against Northwestern and there were certainly a lot of " crucial " moments to keep Lady Luck on the move. Out of the disappointing pictures of football this year emerged one signifi- cant fact, however. And it may be a good sign. Northwestern bested the record of the year before when the Demons managed to grab a single victory. During 1952. the Demons went beyond this and chalked up some kind of new record. They not only won one game, but tied one. Welcome, Lady Luck! SEASON AT N. S. C. 159 ■ 4 flV9Vvl :0-CAPTAIN ELMO MARTIN Tackle CO-CAPTAIN JAMES TURNER Back JOHNNY HAYNES End LEON FULLER Fu llback DEMONS STRADDLE A Screeching Halt! 160 Going around an end Central Oklahoma was the first op- ponent of the injury riddled and the Purple and White took the ure of th tors from the S ■■ state by the t 7-0 margin. The Demons looked ragged in this, then first .nter. but played a rugged d Sive gami d the Broncos in l throughout the entin garni pt foi one long drive they kindled in the thud quarter that was finally extinguished on Ha 1 lemon 1.) yard line. Northwestern scored late in the initial p xiod on a pass from quarterback Dai Carr to halfback " Red " Smith that net- ted 32 yards. Carr set up the score when he intercepted a Bronco pass on then 15 yard marker and raced back to the op- ponents 29 before finally being brought down. Smith converted and the Demon defenders took over the spotlight for the rest of the encounter. Joe Barkate and " Red " Smith were outstanding on the Demons defensive platoon as they constantly kept the op- ponents running game at a stand still. OKLAHOMA BRONCOS JOHNNY BUCK Back BOB TATUM Guard A. J. TELOTTA Guard CLYDE CHESSON End 161 IMM A Wildcat breaks through DEMONS In the Demon ' s fourth encounter with Louisiana College in the Cen-La Fair game played in Bolton Stadium before a crowd of 6,000 fans, the Demons showed much improvement over their previous games but still lacked the extra punch to score and were forced to settle for a 0-0 with the Alexandria eleven. The Demons outpointed Louisiana College in all the statistic columns except passing and racked up 13 first downs to the Wildcats 8. Four times the Demons drove deep into Wildcat territory only to be stopped by a stubborn goal line stand by the hustling Louisiana College team. The first Demon drive came late in the first period but the 69 yard march was halted by a fumble on the Wildcat ' s 19. In the second period the Demons started on their own 30 and drove to the Wildcat ' s 18 before they dug in and held the Demons on downs. In the second half the Demons again started rolling and beginning on their own 24 drove into the Wild- fat territory and down to their three CEN-LA FAIR MAIDS Standing, left to right: Rumsey, Chauvin, Caskey, Shows, Gremillion. Miller. Seated, left to right: Powell, Wilson, Young, Phillips, Creel, Lamb- right, Hank ins, Taylor. •}■ « I » m |x- STALEMATE WILDCATS WADE BASS Tackle BERNIE DUFF Center ALAN LANGRIDGE Guard EARL HAYNES End A word from the wise yard line only to be held by the tough Louisiana College defense. The Dem- on defenders then held the Wildcats and they were forced to punt from deep in their own territory. Raymond McFadden then returned the punt to the Wildcat 34 and again the Demons were threatening. George Perkins and Leon Fuller combined forces to move the ball down to the five where the Demons decided to try the aerial route into T.D. land. M.D. Ray while attempting to pass was set back twice and when the ball went over on downs it was resting on the 15. Louisiana College ' s only threat came late in the final period after they had recovered a Demon fumble on the 35. The Wildcats took to the air and moved to the 15, but an interception by " Red " Smith ended this drive as the final whistle sounded. Not this time STATE FAIR GAME Louisiana Tech scored in each of the first three periods to roll to a convincing 22-0 victory over the hapless Demons in the annual Slate Fair Clash in Shreveport. The Demons controlled the play most of the second period with M. D. Ray ' s passes hitting their mark for large chunks of yardage. How- ever Ray was hit hard attempting to pass from the 20 and fumbled with Tech pouncing on the pigskin on the 13. Tech wasted no time in tak- ing advantage of this miscue. James Oliver was the Bulldog that found the scoring path this tim? and the Techsters held a 15-0 lead at the half time. Another fumble in the third period gave Tech another score. Northwestern controlled the ball throughout the final period but couldn ' t muster up a scoring drive. M. D. Ray ' s passing was at its best in this game but the Demon receivers failed to hang on to the pigskin. Everybody wants the ball If we could onlv score • QUEEN and COURT Left to right: Clydie Beacham. Claudine Box, Louise Vick, Thelma Stephens. Queen Winnie Dowden, Maid of Honor Marie Tilleux, Marilyn Snoddy. Claire Lucius, Patsy Winkler. Now Coach! Halftime Ceremonies 4fW • tv MnK " jl TED SIMON Guard JIM BRUNNING End JIMMY STOKER End CHARLES MASSEY Guard TOP: The Captains meet BOTTOM: Did you get him? LAMAR AND After downing Central Oklahoma, NSC waded into hot water and was never able to completely recover from the burns. The Demons traveled to Beaumont, Texas where they were taken in by a speedy Lamar Tech eleven by a 35-12 margin. The Texans were lead by scat back Sammy Car- pender who accounted for four of the Cardinals five TD ' s on runs of 1, 7, and 4 yards and a 10 yard aerial to towering end Bob Frederick. The Purple and White squad showed much improve- ment over their first showing, but lacked the speed and offensive spark that was furnished to the Lamar team by their four top notch passers who gained 153 yards through the air to the Demons 66, by the aerial route. NSC lead the Beaumonters in the first down department 16 to 14 and in the yards gained rushing 176 yards to 170 for the Cardinals. The Demons scored their first tally in the second stanza when " Red " Smith climaxed a sustained drive that began on the Demon 46 yard line with a two yard plunge to " TD land. " Lamar made the score 20-6 at the half, however, as they scored their third TD just before the intermission. Northwestern again broke into the scoring column early in the fourth quarter when George Perkins sweeped around end for 20 yards and a score. This game pitted two completely different offenses: The Demons " T " formation, that kept constantly hit- ting away for short 3 to 4 yard gains and the Lamar single wing that would be stopped for three to five plays, only to break away for 20- or 40 yards when they did find an opening. DUDLEY DOWNING Center DAVID TYLER Guard JACK COBB End ELLACE BRUCE Center McNEESE . . . THE VICTORS The McNeese Cowboys downed the Demons in NSC ' s first con- ference game by a convincing score of 32-13. Although NSC lead in first downs in this game they lacked the fine break away runners that McNeese boasted. Jules Derouen, McNeese ' s all-conference back, started the Cowboy attack off early in the opening stanza with a 42-yard dash through the entire Demon team. After this NSC played the visitors on even terms the remainder of the first quarter, but the Cowboys were not to be corraled for long and Dickie Breaux broke lose swivel hipped his way for the second Poke score early in the second quarter. Jesse Castete scored from the two yard marker just before int ermission to give the McNeese crew a 19-0 half time lead. It took the Cowboys almost a quarter before they could muster The Demons play leap-frog . . . another score but it was Derouen again that found pay dirt late in the third period to move the visitors further ahead of the hapless Demons. Early in the final period Val Sweeney hit Dickie Breaux with a 25 yard pass in the end zone and ended the Cowboys ' scoring for the night. The Demons came to life late in the final period and drove 72 yards for their first score. The drive was lead by Fuller, Bice, and McFaddin and was ended when Leon Fuller plunged over for the two. The Demons kicked off and held the Pokes for three downs on the ten. Ted Simon then blocked the attempted punt and Darrel Wiggins scooped the ball out of the air and scored from the two. " Red " Smith converted and the score ended 32-13. while the Cowbovs make the touchdowns. DEMONS VS. SOUTHERNERS from a yard away to climax a 60 yard second quarter push. Both of these scores were made on a Southern eleven which was knocked off its feet from the opening play and seemed too surprised to muster any sort of defense against the Demon horde. Smith scampered through the bulky Rebel team without a hand being laid upon him. The offensive drive leading to Fuller ' s touchdown was a series of sharp, quick opening plays which made the Southerners look like little boys caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar. Out of bounds Southern must have scored again. Having tasted defeat only once this sea- son, the Mississippi Southerners invaded Nor thwestern to meet the Demons who iron- ically enough had won only one game dur- ing the season. On the night of the game, the crowd in Demon Stadium was smaller than usual be- cause the Student Body during the preced- ing week had risen in protest of Coach " Rags " Turpin and his coaching methods and the Demon losing record. It was generally con- ceded that the Demons would be mauled by the high stepping Southerners. As the game got underway the underdog Demons, possibly spurred by the recent crit- icism of their coaching staff, threw the crowd into bedlam by scoring two touchdowns and an extra point before the heavily favored visitors could scratch the scoreboard. Scoring touchdowns for the Demons were Roland Smith with a 70 yard comeback from a South- ern punt and Leon Fuller who bulled over The Freshman star Wait till I get my hands on you The Southerners however roared back and at the half time the score stood deadlocked 13-13. The long rest didn ' t quite restore the Demons starch and the Southerners steadily movd in front after the third period began. The visitors went ahead for the first time after a 42 yard drive with Rouchon charging over from the six. Southern ' s fourth score also in the third quarter, came after an 82 yard shove. This one paid off on Jarrel ' s 30 yard strike to Elmo Lang. Southern finished off its night ' s work with two fourth quarter tallies — one on Jarrel ' s 3 yard pitch to Pepper, the other on Ed Kaiser ' s five yard sweep with only 40 seconds left. Final score N.S.C. — 13; Mississippi Southern — 39. JACK SIMPSON Tackle DARRELL WIGGINS Tackle E. L. CHRISTIAN Guard STANLEY KNOTTS Guard You ' twisting my leg INDIANS . . . The Noii-hwestern Demons with stepped enthusiasm after their brilliant stand against Mississippi Southern next journeyed to Mon- roe to play the Northeast Louisi- ana State College Indians in a non- conference tilt. The Demons were a slight fa- vorite in this game. The game pro- vided a brother duel that pitted N.S.C. ' s quarterback, M. D. Ray against Northeast ' s pivot man, Lloyd Ray. The Demons enjoyed a 13-7 edge at the half on the strength of touch- downs by M. D. Ray and Roland Smith, M. D. Ray scored from one yard out in the first period and Smith got his tally on a 17 yard run in the second quarter. The Indiana fighting from be- hind in the last half mastered the Demons however by a score of 20- 13. Everyone was in on this play. LIONS . . . FEAST ON DEMONS |« to DAN CARR Quarterback JERRY EPPERSON Center GARY HICKMAN End ROBERT SCHMERHEIM End Returning to the campus from North East State, the Demons rested up and licked their wounds be- fore next journeying to Hammond to tackle the Lions of Southeastern who were strong contenders for the Gulf States Conference Crown. Upon arriving in Hammond the Demons were still in high spirits although it was generally admitted that this team from Northwestern had very little chance to pull an upset over the heavily favored Lions. Hit ' em low and hit ' em high Southeastern Louisiana College Green and Gold eleven took a 19-0 victory over a fighting but outclassed Demon team. The victory was the fourth Lion win over the Demon ' s in as many seasons and gave the Lions a Golf States Conference mark of two vic- tories and one tie. All the scoring came in the open- ing and final periods. In between, the Demons put up a determined attack, driving deep into Lion territory on the passing combination of quarter- back M. D. Ray to Clyde Chesson and the hard running of fullback Leon Fuller. ■■■■■BHB 3 Pi i . ■.,.. .V RAYMOND McFADDEN Back JOE BARKATE Back ikvfcj. A BITTER DEFEAT... A mammoth parade, an alumni luncheon and election of alumni officers was the program preceding the gridiron battle the Demons and the Bulldogs of Southwestern, the climax of Northwestern ' s Homecoming day. The game began at 2: 15 p.m. after the presentation of Miss Gene Jensen as Homecoming Queen and a fanfare from visiting high school bands. Combining a running passing attack, the Bulldogs The Bulldogs tearing things up 172 HOMECOMING COURT Standing, left to right: Pat Murphy. Jolene Walters. Patsy Peak. Seated, left to right: Jimmye Wall. Queen Gene Jensen. Mary Koccos. HOMECOMING, 1953 shoved across scores in the first three periods and added two in the fourth to run roughshod over the Demons 34-0. Northwestern threatened several times but couldn ' t punch the ball across the goal line. Four N.S.C. Demons made their final appearance on the gridiron. These Demon seniors were Leon Fuller. Johnny Buck. James Turner and Johnny Haynes. This game concluded the 1952 Demon football season should prove themselves to be a winning team next year. with an unimpressive record of one win. one tie and seven losses. With new talent, returning experienced lettermen and the elimination of the two platoon system, the Demons JACK BICE Back BILL LITTLE Tackle S. N. BOURGEOIS Back ROLAND SMITH Back BASKETBALL SEASON Perched upon an admirable record, the Demons of North- western State College had its greatest season in the three years that Coach " Red " Thomas has been tutoring the bas- ketballers. Although the Purple and White hold a record of 22 wins against 10 defeats, the Demons could have risen to even greater heights had they not slumped toward the closing half of their stiff schedule. As every product of Northwestern is, this team was built around speed on the fast break with constant running. The accent was on scoring rather than defensive feats. Every victory garnered by the Northwestern crew was a result of team play. There was no individual star to command the laurels of the entire team. Sometimes several ball-hawks would hit consistently but seldom on outstandingly. If the team work was good, then the result would be glory; if the team-work faltered or failed to click then the Demons would go down in defeat. Every squad member was an intricate part to the team. The record, an enviable one indeed, was racked up mostly against independent teams. As usual, the Demons did not make a big showing in the GSC. However, they were able to concentrate enough effort to beat every team in the con- ference at least once. The Purple and White captured a tie for third place with a 7-5 won and loss record. Against team not in the GSC, the Demons knocked off a 15-5 mark, a considerable better conquest than the conference play. Coach Thomas was working with a squad composed mostly of sophomore lettermen. The only face missing from last season ' s quintet was Artie Ranew, a lanky forward who graduated. There was only one senior in the Purple and White camp. Jim Yergler, a hold-over guard from the days of H. L. Prather, acted as captain in his final year as a Demon. The starting line-up didn ' t belong to any special player, it was a sifted crew which ran onto the court each game. A hungry Demon five, anxious to blaze into competition, ran onto the court at Beaumont, Texas, November 29, to tangle with Lamar Tech. The Techsters threw up a blockage and edged the Demons 64-60. However, the Purple and White avenged that earlier defeat three days later by stomping the Texas team on the Demon home court, 61-48. The Natchitoches boys paced by newcomer George McConathy and Ken Shaw made sure their first loss was not to be repeated on home grounds. They captured an early lead and did not stop in- creasing it until the tilt was secured. A rampaging Demon basketball quintet led by George Davis, racked the nets with uncanny consistency in the second home contest of the season and humbled a Northeast crew, 91-51. The Thomas men then journeyed to Magnolia, Ark. where Seated: George. Walker, Lilley. Hildebiand. Davis, Collinsworth, Booras, Christmas. Standing: Barker, Collins. Enloe, McConathy, Shaw, Thomas. Yergler, Coach Thomas. 1 9 5 2- ' 5 3 they rolled to their third consecutive cage victory in four starts. They out-pointed the Southern State Muleriders, 73-64. Shaw, the Demon towering pivot man flashed his fancy hook shot and notched enough one hand push shots to take scoring honors for the night. The next two games were a trek into Texas and a suc- cessful one at that. In College Station, Texas, the Northwestern State College basketeers battled a highly touted Texas A M squad from behind for three quarters but surged out in front in the fourth period to stun the home town rooters and gain a major upset of the early season. Waple Lilley and Sammy Booras were the heros of the brilliant fourth period, as they took charge and sent the Demons to victory. Appearing in Huntsville, Texas, the next night, the Purple and White toyed with Sam Houston State for three quarters, then got down to business in the fourth and by the end of the contest had com- pletely routed them 85-69. Returning home, the Demons cagers breezed through a Southern State defense for a quarter and a half but gradually slowed down their scoring punch and almost faltered before the Muleriders. It was a frantic Demon quintet which clung to its slim lead of three points in the fourth period and as a result tucked away another victory, 67-64. Riding the crest of a steadily growing winning streak, a high flying Northwestern five, although rather rusty for two quarters, managed to pull Coach Thomas and his boys Who blocked who Pardon me 175 out of a 34-34 tie with E. New Mexico University at the half- time, and thus notch their seventh consecutive win. George Davis sparked a third quarter Demon outburst by hitting for 15 of the Purple and White ' s 29 points. Sam Houston State was the next opponent on the Demon schedule. And they were the next means of victory for the Natchitoches boys. The Purple and White were never pressed in this contest. Coach Thomas cleared the bench in the latter half, while ten of the twelve Demons broke into the scoring column. The Sam Houston game was typical of the Demon brand of playing. They lacked the finesse of a polished ball club, but their hustle left nothing else to be desired. It had marked their play thus far through the season. From the opening whistle, they were on the run, and the final bell found them still going strong. This fine spirt dropped short in the GSC tournament, which took place on the Centenary College cam- pus during the Christmas holidays. Too long a Christmas vacation and the ailments of Ken Shaw and George McCona- thy, aided in the cause of a dismal showing against South- western in the opening round of the tourney. The Demons were knocked out of top ring bracket by falling 70-59. How- ever, Northwestern did bob McNeese 66-48. in a drive toward the consolation crown. The Demons eased into fifth spot by edging Northeast 53-51 in the finals of the consolation round. Muriel Walker, helped the locals cushion their lead with a 17 point contribution. With a brief 11 day rest to strengthen themselves from the energy sapping midterm examinations, the Northwestern squad squeaked out a thriller from Mississippi Southern 77- J1M YERGLER Guard SAMMY BOORAS Guard The Demons were on the ball this night The Demons at their best KEN SHAW Center GEORGE DAVIS Forward GEORGE McCONATHY Forward 75. Driver George Davis and Murrel Walker teamed with un- orthodox Ken Shaw to give the Demons this upset defeat. Northwestern almost saw the triumph go out the window at the six minutes mark in the final period when Jeep Clark fired refused to be stopped and the Purple and White came back a field goal to knot the tally at 69-all. But Davis and Walker to regain the lead and take the win. The Demons chalked up their thirteenth victory when they dumped the touring Mexico All-Stars 79-61 in a clumsy basketball game. The winners got off to a slow start specializing in bad passes and shots. After scraping out a bare 16-14 lead at the first period, the Demons improved slightly as the game progressed. However, the vic- tory followed the Mexican pattern of play and the entire game resembled a high school scrimmage. Most of the field goals made by both teams came as a result of hap-hazard free-lance type of play. Northwestern Demons had to scrap every inch of the way to stand off the Camp Polk Armadillos and beat them by 57- 52 score. Not until the final two minutes did the men of " Red v Thomas clinch their hard-won victory. Earlier the soldiers had pulled to within one point of Northwestern in the second period within two points in the fourth. Once again it was a team win, with Shaw high with 10 points. Five days later, the Purple and White crushed the Louisiana College Wildcats by a 66-46 talley. The difference between the teams was made in the second quarter. Northwestern hit for 15 points while the Wildcats got only 8. La. College was flat throughout the last half and the Demons continued a steady stream of points while Coach Thomas shuttled sub- stitutes into the fracas. The Demons took the measures of the Southeastern Lions while racking up their 16th win in 19 starts. The rampaging Thomas lads took an early lead and held it throughout the game. Coach Luther Marlar ' s Lions came to within five points at ti mes but really never threatened. The victory marked the second Gulf States Conference win for NSC five. Ken Shaw paced the Demons with 23 points. Then the slump came that rocked the Northwestern crew, and started them on an eight game spree of sluggish playing. The Centenary Gentlemen invaded the campus and hit for 45.9 per cent of their field goals from the floor to blaze pass a hapless Demon quintet which hit for a mere 27.6 total. Big Jim Thomas was easily Northwestern ' s stnadout in this 73-59 loss. Aside from bucketing 16 points for the best Demon effort, it was his back-board work and defensive play after the sec- Holding! tftfVI ' i « ife 6. BASKETBALL 1952- ' 53 JIM THOMAS Center TYNES HILDEBRAND Guard BILL COLLINSWORTH Guard ond quarter which saved the Purple and White from further embarrassment. The lanky forward connected on half of his 12 tries at the basket. Southwestern turned the Demons over onto their second loss by rolling unhampered to a 73-54 GSC win. The Bulldogs grabbed a 17-12 first quarter lead and extending it to 41-19, coasted the rest of the way. And that was the second setback. A still droggy Demon basketball quintet, trying to recover from a two game set back, appeared rather sore and rusty in numerous spots but managed to cling to a 6 point lead and cake the Wildcats of La. College. They continued this frantic pace against the Southeastern Lions but still flopped, 69-59. Unlike the Lions who played a consistently good ball game, the Demons never showed any spark. They hit only 23 per cent of their shots from the floor. The traditional rivals, La. Tech were the next club to bounce the Demons around. A 70-62 win for the Ruston lads provide the first victory gained by a Tech crew in three years. The Purple and White fought doggishly to surge back into the win column, and almost did so when they muzzled the Bulldogs of Louisiana Tech, for two quarters, but faltered in the final frame. Thus, the fourth defeat in five years. A Demon basketball five, finally showed strong signs of shrugging off the losing ways that have plagued them in the last seven contests and busted the Cowboys of McNeese 77-64. Bill Collinsworth paced the Purple and White with his fancy floor-work and his high point total of 20 points. The victory gave the Demons an over-all record of 18 wins against 7 losses. Northwestern jumped back at the Southwestern Bulldogs with pitch-forks pointed and jabbed them to make up for two earlier defeats at the Hammond lads hands. This brief two game win jot was cooled off when the Spring Hill Badgers boomed into town. Using deadly long shots, the Badgers re- sounded in the fourth period with constant tally to overcome a Demon lead and take the contest. A road trip into the states of Mississippi and Alabama proved to be a good compromise for the Demons. Mississippi Southern went into an 8 minute freeze, and then racked up Coming around Flying feet BASKETBALL a 55-50 victory, to avenge an preceding Demon upset. The Demons stood beneath the bucket all the time talking with one another and the opponents. Southern ' s two guards Jack Gallagher and Jeep Clark, bounced the ball back and forth laughing and joking with the officials, coaches, and opponents. The next night in Mobile, Alabama, the Demons withstood a late rush by Spring Hill and went on to whip the Badgers 76-72. Shaw and Collinsworth topped the Demon scorers with 23 and 21 points respectively. Northwestern ' s crowning glory resulted from the last two regularly scheduled games. Two brilliant victories over Louisi- ana Tech and Centenary College. With revenge in their eyes and a fiery pitchfork in their hands, the Demons of North- western State College gigged the Bulldogs of Louisiana Tech 80-78. in the Demon gymnasium. It was the Purple and White 21st conquest against 9 defeats. Bill Collinworth whose exploits as a fancy ball-handler have been coming to the fore pocketed scoring honors for the night by hitting for 8 field goals and 15 out of 16 attempted free throws. He constantly kept the Demons out in front by the slim margin that was so earnestly needed. In the other win of marked distinction, Northwestern flogged the Centenary Gentlemen, 72-64. It was an upset, but the Demon never were contested for the lead. The Demon had built up a 10-0 margin before the Gents could even tip their hats and bucket one point. Bill Collinsworth, once again lead the scoring with 23 points. The victory was one that lifted the spirit of the student body to unexpectable heights. Had the regular scheduled game been the end of the season, the climax would have been great, but as it was the Demons went to the State NAIA tournament and there they bowed out of the basketball picture, by falling before the Gents of Centenary 65-59. BOLTON COLLINS Guard ROY BARKER Forward You can ' t get George down Two for sure 180 SCHEDULE 1952-53 WAPLE LILLEY Guard N.S.C GO N.S.C 61 N.S.C 91 N.S.C 73 N.S.C 58 N.S.C 85 N.S.C. N.S.C. N.S.C. 67 80 86 N.S.C 53 N.S.C 78 N.S.C 77 N.S.C 79 N.S.C 57 N.S.C 66 N.S.C 67 N.S.C 59 54 80 59 62 N.S.C. N.S.C. N.S.C. N.S.C. N.S.C 77 N.S.C 83 N.S.C 64 N.S.C 50 N.S.C 76 N.S.C 80 N.S.C 72 Lamar Tech 64 Lamar Tech North East State 5] Southern State 64 Texas A M Sam Houston 69 Southern State 64 East New Mexico Sam Houston 64 McNeese North East State 60 Mississippi Southern 75 Petroleos Mexicanos 61 Camp Polk 52 La. College 46 Southeastern Centenary 73 Southwestern 73 La. College 74 Southeastern 69 La. Tech 70 McNeese 64 Southwestern 62 Spring Hill " 1 Mississippi Southern 55 Spring Hill 72 La. Tech 78 Centenary 64 NAIA PLAYOFFS N.S.C 59; Centenary 65 Hester couldn ' t keep up with Thomas Does this make it 26 or 28? 181 OTHER SPORTS TRACK • BASEBALL • GYMNASTICS AQUATICS • GOLF • TENNIS is: TRACK Coach Walter Lcdot and managers SCHED1 LE March 21— S.L.C.; La. Tech; N.S.C. at Natchitocl March 28— N.S.C. relays at Natchitoches. April 1— McNees; S.L.I. ; N.S.C. at Natchitoches. April 8— N.S.C; Northeast: La. Tech at Ruston April 11 — S.L.I, relays at Lafayette. April 18— La. College; Centenary; La. Tech; N.S.C. at Ruston. April 23— S.L.C.; La. College; McNeese; N.S.C. at Hammond. April 29— La. Tech; S.L.I. ; N.S.C. at Lafayette. Mav 9 — Gulf States Conference meet at Ruston. As the Potpourri goes to press there is a bright outlook for a successful sea- son for the 1953 edition of the Demon Track team. First row: Davis. Broussard. Gros. Smith. Collinsworth, Walker. Bice. Franklin. Rider. Second row: Haynes. Lilley. Turner. Howell. Anderson, Poole. Hart. Wilson. Durr, Beychok. Third row: Bunda. Buck. Hildebrand. Walker. Wiggins. Deville. Telotta. Modisette, Willis, and Coach Walter Ledet. 59 ?M «A ©GO h85i,M 69 8 ) 57 ,p 72 J, 80 £f 63 jpl Aft . G5 v V " 8 , j Blj 50 J • I 75 | 74 83 ' | KS-; S2 4 ruL z: ii BASEBALL ' ._ SCHEDI LE | 9| P April 10 N.S.C. vs Centenary f 1 April 11 N.S.C. vs La. Tech April 17 N.S.C. vs McNeese April 18 N.S.C. vs Southwestern i M April 21 N.S.C. vs La. College J f 4% I April 24 N.S.C. vs Southeastern May 1 N.S.C. vs Centenary May 2 N.S.C. vs La. Tech May 6 N.S.C. vs McNeese May 7 N.S.C. vs Southwestern May 12 N.S.C. vs La. College May 15 N.S.C. vs Southeastern J COACH ALVIN " CRACKER " BROWN Since our time schedule on the Potpourri calls for the completion of this section of the book by the end of February we were unable to give you the results of the 1953 Baseball season at N.S.C. First row: Davis, Cuebas, Hearn, West, Watkins, Ramirez, Worsham, King, Cunningham, King, Logan, Wineman. Second row: Cunningham, Pacheco, Martin, Cusachs, Oubre. Bruce, Shaw, Wood, De Ville. Watts, Bryant. Fuller, Ranew. Third row: McCoy, Briley, McCann, Rhodes. Gray, Law, Broussard, Lyle. Smith, Johnston, Shaw, Emmons, Booras. j f. J f r t If J f I Men of Brawn This year ' s Gymnastic team has continued in the light of previous squads. The SAAU champions who have captured the crown for the past three years are dubbed to repeat this feat again this season. GYMNASTICS Thus far, in exhibition season, the Demon gvm- nasts have earned the title, " The Traveling Salesman of N.S.C., " bv successfully completing a tour into all sections of Louisiana. They performed shows at Bas- trop, Lecompte, Bolton, Lake Charles, Vinton, and filled in a special engagement at the LEA Program in New Orleans. A Climax to this exhibition season was the " Home Show " which seated a record breaking crowd. Coach John Piscopo ' s show-men have played before over 6,000 spectators on this tour, and they did without causing the college any expenses. As the Potpourri goes to press, the gymnasts are preparing to defend their SAAU crown. They will sponsor the SAAU Gymnastic Championship which will be held on the N.S.C. campus, April 16, 1953. Plans are being made to attend the Southwest AAU meet in Fort Worth and a Triangular Meet featuring Dallas Athletic Club, University of Texas, and North- western State College is in the process of birth. The prospects of this year ' s team are very high, there is indeed quality in the team, and there is prestige in N.S.C. ' s " G " men of 1953. Seated: Duke, Hyams, Velez. Sanders. Laroux, Gresham, Brooks. Noto. Hicks. Standing: Coach John Piscopo. Batten. Willis. Barber. Dickerson. Wilson, Sharp, Mercer. Duhon, Branch. Walton. 185 -ZL ' AQUATICS Northwestern ' s 1953 edition of the swimming team has been termed the greatest squad ever to splash the water at NSC. Already twelve records have fallen in the Demon Natatorium as the Purple and White crew has completed three-fourths of its schedule. The competition has been strong, yet the tankmen have never failed to come up with a top-notch performance. There are two meets remaining on the Northwestern schedule, one of which the Demons are sure to win, and the other, the chances are very high for victory. Coach John Piscopo ' s mermen have conquered Southern Meth- odist University and Texas A M, two teams that placed high in the Southwest Conference Relays at Waco, Texas. The only loss in dual meets this year came at the hands of Florida State University, a high ranked team national- ly and one of the best crews of the South. The Purple and White entered the SEAAU meet held in Atlanta, Georgia and placed four th in a field of approximately 15, which represented the cream of the Southern crop of swimmers. The success of the swimming squad, under Piscopo, has steadily increased. He can well be proud of his 1953 Demons for their winning qualities he has instilled in them. And Northwestern may well measure their worth by their fine showmanship. MYRON LOCKEY Captain First row: Henry Walton. Mike Torrans, Tony Koonce. Tommy Kehoe, Horace Humble. Red King, Alvin De Blieux. Second row: Coach Piscopo. Dennis Rider. Dean Clark. Myron Lockey, Lyle Dillman, John Cunningham, Peyton Cunningham, Gale Hearn. Buddy Lyle. 186 This is what happens when you win We defeated SMU this day Humble in the middle of a dive SCHEDULE N.S.C 42; Little Rock Boys ' Club .26 N.S.C 53; Little Rock Boys ' Club 22 N.S.C 45; Southern Methodist 39 N.S.C 33; Florida State University 51 N.S.C 48; Texas A M .36 N.S.C 42; Texas University 42 N.S.C 44; Texas A M .4(1 187 GOLF Propects for the 1953 Demon Golf team were not too high. Early season practices were hampered greatly by the February and March rains. Coach Lorane Brittain had only two returning lettermen to work with, Bill Stan- berry and Paul Ryder. These two, plus squad-men Pat Kelly, C. L. Hataway, and Jack Sibley, form the Purple and White representatives in the Golf field. While the team doesn ' t aspire to the heights of pros, they do how- ever hope to look to the future since the team is still young. C. L. HATAWAY Number one man. Left to right: Brittain, Sibley, Kelly, Hataway, Ryder, Stanberry. l ri »■■ ■■■■■■k BOB DURHAM Number one man. TENNIS With three returning lettermen, the out look for the Northwestern State College Tennis team is modest. IV tices have been brief due to the continuous flurries " 1 ram during early March and late February. Back on this year ' s team are the three members who played second, third and fourth positions on last year ' s team. Bob Durham, Lucian Spataro and Michael Lelong, are expected to pace the team against GSC competition. Other players trying for berths are Mike Torrans, Pedler Edwards, John Batten, Ed Jordan and John Spataro. Kneeling: Durham, Torrans, Batten. Spataro. Standing: Coach John Duffy, Lelong. Jordan, Edwards, J. Spataro. 189 BILLY STEELE Cross Country run champ. INTRAMURAL SPORTS Top: Women ' s Basketball. Bottom: Volleyball Champs. Men ' s Basketball. Butch and Thais— Ping Pong Champs. Wiley Champagne scores for Phi Kappa Nu. ORGANIZATIONS immtm OFFICERS LEON FULLER President SAMMY BOORAS Vice-President TYNES H1LDEBRAND Secretary GEORGE DAVIS Treasurer EUGENE CHRISTMAS Reporter MURRAY WALKER Sergeant-at-Arms WALTER P. LEDET Faculty Adviser First row: Harry Anderson, Sammy Booras. Second row: Johnny Buck. Leon Fuller. Third row: Johnny Haynes, James Turner. Fourth row: James E. Yergler. " N J J CLUB MEMBERS Harry Anderson Joe Barkate Wade Bass Jack Bice Sammy Booras Tommy Broussard Morris Bruce Johnny Buck Ronald Byrd Dan Carr Bill Collinsworth John Cunningham Peyton Cunningham George Davis Dudley Downing Bob Durham Johnny Emmons Jerry Epperson Leon Fuller Bill Gray Bill Hartt Johnny Haynes Gale Hearn Tynes Hildebrand Robert Justice Jerry Kehoe Carl Knight Alan Langridge Talmadge Lee Michael LeLong Waple Lilley Myron Lockey Douglas Logan Pat Lyons Elmo Martin M. D. Ray Dennis Rider Paul Ryder Ken Shaw Roland Smith Lucien Spataro Bill Stanberry Bob Tatum A. J. Tellotta Michael Torrans James Turner Murray Walker Murriel Walker Bob Weaver O. D. West Jim Yergler MEMBERS IN FACULTY B. B. Boyd A. L. Ducournau C. E. Dugdale D. G. Fulton W. P. Ledet L. S. Miller S. W. Nelken C. F. Thomas H. H. Turpin HONORARY MEMBERS J. Aillet H. A. Brown Dr. J. S. Kyser P. C. Marx G. W. Nesom J. Piscopo H. L. Prather J. Schultz It ' s in the Book! Left to right: George Davis. Sammy Booras. Leon Fuller, Tynes Hildebrand. Murray Walker. The " N " Club is an Athletic organization whose membership consists of those men who have lettered in any one of the four major sports or in any one of the three minor sports and have been recognized as winning that award through the annual " N " Club calling during each spring semester. The purpose of the " N " Club is: To promote in every proper and construc- tive way the athletic interests of Northwestern State College among its stu- dents faculty alumni and friends: to stimulate true Demon spirit: and, to foster a more pe rfect union, based upon mutual friendship and common ideals, among the wearers of the " N. " ATHL E T I C S Half-time relaxation. ALPHA PHI E P S I L O N The purpose of Alpha Phi Epsilon, local honorary journal- ism fraternity at Northwestern State College, is to unite in a fraternal way students who are interested in working on the staff of the Current Sauce. The organization is relatively new on the campus, having been started in the spring semester of 1951. Membership is through active participation in the work on the Current Sauce. Each year the group sponsors an all-college dance and a fraternity banquet. Billy Baker Joe Saltzman Bettie Carter Wanna Beth Sanders Guy Cheek John Spataro, Don Finley Lucian Spataro Frances Griffin Merle Thomas Kaydonna Hill Margaret Nell Weber Red King Louise Vick Marjorie Reynolds Patsy Winkler First row: Billy Baker. Guy Cheek. Don Finley, Frances Griffin, Kaydonna Hill. Second row: Red King, Marjorie Reynolds, John Spataro. Merle Thomas, Louise Vick. Third row: Patsy Winkler. Margaret Weber. LUCIAN SPATARO President JOE SALTZMAN Vice-President WANNA BETH SANDERS Secretary BETTIE CARTER Treasurer - I (I YIME MAK BEACHAM President WINNIE DOWDEN Vice-President THELMA RUTH STEPHENS Secretary BOBBY EARNEST Treasurer KAPPA D ELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi is an honorary professional society of teachers and prospective teachers, which aims to foster pro- fessional spirit in maintaining high standards of scholarship, to develope professional fellowship among men and women in education, and to improve democratic education. Gamma Phi chapter was established here May 11, 1934. FACULTY MEMBERSHIP Dr. Leo T. Albritten Lucille Carnahan Margaret Colvin, Ruby Dunckleman Marie Dunn Dr. W. G. Erwin Dr. F. A. Fo.d Ruth Geistwhite Dr. Kathleen I. Gillard Alvin Good Dr. John A. Jones R. G. Markham Mary McEniry Martha Parks Dr. Walter J. Robinson Dr. John B. Robson Dr. Eugene Watson Mary Weller Mattie Woodward Mary Winters First row: Gervais Aldredge. James Barnes. Doris Bolen. Annette Da:ley, Bar- bara Herron. Second row: Claire Lucius, Byron McCain. Betty Nix, Glynn Ellen Pennington, Ronald Quinn. Third row: R. D. Skains. Marilyn Snoddy. Millie Thompson. Marie Tilleux. Beth Trammel. CHARLES ERTELL President JOE BARKATE Vice-President GEORGE DAVIS Secretary WILLIAM BRYANT Treasurer Faculty msn.bsrs: Thoma s. Turpin, Brown, Nesom, Ledet, Marx, Piscopo. Not pictured: E ' kins, Melder. PHI EPSILON KAPPA Phi Epsilon Kappa, the only na- tional professional fraternity for male students of physical education, was founded in 1913. Alpha Pi Chapter was installed at Northwestern State College in 1951. Members not pictured include Billy Christmas, Robert Justiss, James LaRone, Dennis Rider, and David Tyler. Other officers are: Murray Walker, Sgt.-at-Arms; Mike Bellipanni, Guide, and Ronald Byrd, Historian. Faculty sponsers are Paul Marx and Guv Nesom. First row: Roy Barker, Mike Bellipanni. Sammy Booras, Delton Brady, Ellace Bruce, Johnny Buck. Ronald Byrd. Second row: Dan Carr, Charles Chauvin, Johnny Emmons. Jerry Epperson, Gerald Furr. Donald Gill, Brian Hanchey. Third row: Johnnie Haynes, Gale Hearne, Tynes Hildebrand, Gerald Kehoe, Carl Kight. Waple Lilley, Myron Lockey. Fourth row: George Perkins, James Turner, Pedro Velez, Murray Walker. Walter Walker. Carney Watts, Robert Wright. C ' LAIRK LUCIUS Pre .idenl ANNETTE DAILEY Vice-President BARBARA BREMER Recording Secretary SALLY THIBODEAUX Treasurer ALPHA BETA ALPHA Alpha Beta Alpha, the onlv national, co-educational under- graduate Library Fraternity, was founded at Northwestern State College on May 3, 1950, for the purpose of promoting library development throughout the nation. Alpha Chapter, of this college, was granted its charter the same day. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS Mrs. Lucille T. Carnahan Mrs. Johnnie Mallory Miss Agnes Clark Miss Irene Pope Miss May Hammett Miss Olive Roberts Miss Dorohy Keyser Dr. Eugene P. Watson Mrs. Ora Williams First row: Tommie Blackbourne. Barbara Bremer, Dorothy Carnahan. Annette Dailey. Royce Dosher. Second row: Barbara Gray. Patsy Longlois. Claire Lucius. John Nugent. Gerry Perry. Third row: Sally Thibodeaux. Millicent Thompson. Fleming Thomas. fr SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha Iota is a national, honorary fraternity for women, which has as its purpose the advancement of music in America. The SAI ' s are active in promoting recitals, musi- cal programs for entertainment, and working with Phi Mu Alpha in making the annual music festival a success. MEMBERS Carolyn Adams Mary Clark Dorothy Corry Mary Ann Cronin Marcia Dauzat Sally Jo Foster Pat Jones Harriet LaCour Marjorie Norsworthy Bessie Serrett Mary Ann Walton Sara Nell Woodall Mildred Young Alice Zenter First row: Carolyn Adams. Mary Clark. Mary Ann Cronin. Marcia Dauzat, Sally Jo Foster. Second row: Pat Jones. Harriet LaCour, Marjorie Norsworthy. Bessie Serrett. Mary Ann Walton. Third row: Sara Nell Woodall, Mildred Young, Alice Zenter. MARY CLARK President DOROTHY CORRY Vice-President SALLY JO FOSTER Secretary ALICE ZENTER Treasurer JACKSON BEEBE President OWEN PHILLIPS Vice-President PHI MU ALPHA Phi Mu Alpha is a national, honorary professional frater- nity, which has as its purpose the advancement of music in America. Of special interest to those at North was the elaborate Mardi Gras Ball which was given again this vear by this organization. The group makes trips to the vari- ous high schools throughout the state, at which time a repre- sentative program of music is given. MEMBERS DAVE CARSON Secretary CARROLL ADKINS Treasurer John Batten Delano R. Brister Max Burns Joseph Carlucci Gerald Carter Alan Crosby S. W. Dickerson Bill Groves Curtis Hoglan Thomas Latham John Manning John Manning, Jr. Wilber Mason Byron McCain Sterling Minturn Emerson Plauche Mayo Prudhomme Bennie Ray Hardy Rose Dan Shehee Ray Teal Paul Torgrimson S. J. Westbrook First row: Delano Brister. Max Burns. S. W. Dickerson. Bill Groves. Thomas Latham. Second row: Byron McCain, John A. Manning. Sr.. John A. Manning. Jr.. Wilbert Mason. Emerson Plauche. Third row: Hardy Rose. Danny Shehee. Paul Torgrimson. OFFICERS Jim Yergler President Fred Johnson Vice-President Fon Elliott Secretary Beth Trammel Treasurer First row: Beachman, Trammel, McPhearson, Wright. Elliott, Longlois, Leach. Second row: Durr, Luse, Johnson, Sillivan, Odom, Yergler, Lyons, Wilson. The purpose of this honorary fraternity is to encourage, promote, extend, and create interest and scholarship in the fields of Business Administration and Business Education, and to reach the ideal of service as the basis of all worthy enterprises. The requirements of membership in Alpha Nu Chapter, installed at Northwestern State College in 1938, are a " B " average in business and a high scholastic average in all other subjects. PI OMEGA PI BETA BETA BETA Beta Beta Beta is a national honorary biology fraternity which emphasizes a threefold program: stimulation of sound scholarship, dissemination of scien- tific knowledge, and promotion of biological research. Begun on this campus as Beta Phi Alpha, it became a national fraternity in 1949, adopting the present name. First row: Ware. Bienvenu, Wood, lies. Collier, Helton, Erwin. Second row: Erwin, Middleton. Brosset. Taylor, Hubley, New, Canafax. Schumaker. Smith, Foster, Salter. Combs. Barr, Fairchild. OFFICERS Peggy Taylor President Rita Smith Vice-President Mary Jo Brosset Secretary Mr. Ralph Combs Faculty Advisor OFFICERS David Kendrick President Cecil Neilson Vice-President Pat Hankins Secretary-Trcasii rer Ann Torrans Recording Secretary Seated: Pat Hankins, Cecil Neilson. Ann Torrans. Standing Donald Graham. David Kendrick. PI KAPPA DELTA In 1951 Pi Kappa Delta, a national honorary forensic society, established a chapter on the N.S.C. campus. A required amount of participation in forensic tournaments qualifies a student for membership. This year Mr. Donald Graham, our new forensic director, served as faculty advisor, helping advance the pur- pose of the fraternity, that of creating an interest in forensic acttivities on the campus. Honorary members are President H. Lee Prather, A. G. Alexander, and Dr. C. E. Dugdale. Organized in 1948 for the purpose of promoting interest in Mathematics at Northwestern, the Math Club serves as an agency of activated study, furnishing opportunity and encouragement in its field; it has also been a determining factor in promoting higher scholarship achievements. MATH CLUB Seated: Glyn J. Corley. Sam Shelton. C. G. Killen. Elsie T. Church. George E. Miller. Standing: Barbara Stephenson. C B. Holloway. Braxton RatclifT. Bobby Earnest. David Lewis. Carl Kight. Anne Hungerbeeler. OFFICERS Braxton Ratcliff President Bobby Earnest Vice-President Anne Hungerbeeler Secretary Charles Holloway Treasurer I EUTHENICS CLUB The Euthenics Club, whose membership consists of Home Economics majors and interested non-majors, was organized on this campus in 1926. Since then it has become one of the outstanding departmental clubs at N. S. C. The purpose of this organization is to promote professional spirit, develope leadership and foster sociability among its members. Janice Andress Lois Arrington Mary Lane Bailiff Claudine Box Nancy Brodnax Willie Boydstun Jane Alice Bush Bettie Carter Leeta Joy Coffee Bobbye Collins Iva Lois Da ' ds Winnie Dowden Gloria Ethridge Barbara Evans Natalie Faith Elizabeth Fredieu Betty Godwin MEMBERS Lanell Goss Barbara Gray Darlene George Virginia Houston Lanell Hines Norma Faye Johnson Nancy Kinbrell Billie Lambright Justine McMurry Jack Ezel Lucia Susie Mathis Emogene Monks Marilyn Motter Mickey Morrow Eloise Morton Ann Nash Glenna Pace Bobbie Patterson Alice Phelps Ann Phillips Louvesta Presley Charlene Ray Kathleen Ray Joye Smith Marilyn Snoddy Lovie Montgomery Annie Ruth Taylor Alcidie Thompson Ethel Tauzin Jimmye Wall Billie Lou Weldon Betty Jean Welch Billie Winstead Patsy Winkler Kathryn Wright First row: Janice Andress. Lois Arrington, Mary Lane Bailiff. Claudine Box. Nancy Brodnax. Jane Alice Bush, Bettie Carter. Leeta Joy Coffee. Bobbye Collins. Iva Lois Davis, Winnie Dowden, Gloria Ethridge. Second row: Barbara Evans. Elizabeth Fredieu. Darlene George, Betty Godwin, Lanell Goss, Barbara Gray, LaNell Hines. Norma Faye Johnson, Nancy Kimbrell, Billie Lambright. Jack Ezel Lucia, Justine McMurray. Third row: Susie Mathis, Emogene Monks. Lovie Montgomery, Mickey Morrow, Eloise Morton, Marilyn Motter, Ann Nash. Bobbie Patterson, Alice Phelps. Ann Phillips, Louvesta Presley, Charlene Ray. Fourth row: Kathleen Ray, Joye Smith, Marilyn Snoddy, Ethel Tauzin, Annie Ruth Taylor, Alcidie Thompson, Jimmye Wall, Betty Jean Welch, Billie Lou Weldon, Patsy Winkler, Billie Winstead, Kathryn Wright. DORIS E. BOLIN President EDDY GENE ELLIOTT Vice-President KATHERINE ELLIOTT Secretary PAT ALEXANDER Treasurer 204 DORIS BROWN President BOBBYE CURTIS Vice-President YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOC. Y.W.CA. has as its purpose the civic, social, and religious advancement of students on the N.S.C. Campus. This organ- ization is world-wide and inter-denominational and strives to create peaceful relationships among peoples of all nations by building better leaders for tomorrow ' s world. MEMBERS BOBBYE COLLINS Secretary Berta Adams Pat Alexander Mary Sue Bellew Betty Carter Annette Cook Dorothy Corry Rose Nell Creel Marcia Dauzat Barbara Evans Betty Godwin Anita Green Barbara Gregory Barbara Herron Barbara Hicks Virginia Houston Francis Jowers Nancy Kimbrell Viola Lewis Aline McMickel Ann Mathis Nell Morgan Mickey Morrow Bea Rumsey Mary Lou Saxon Lillian Strickland Merle Thomas Sue Wheat Kathryn Wright Sponsor, Mrs. Weber BETTY NIX Treasurer First row: Berta Adams. Pat Alexander. Mary Sue Bellew. Annette Cook. Dorothy Corry. Rose Nell Creel. Marcia Dauzat. Barbara Evans. Second row: Anita Green. Virginia Houston. Francis Jowers, Nancy Kimbrell, Viola Lewis. Aline McMickel. Ann Mathis. Nell Morgan. Third row: Mickey Morrow, Bea Rumsey, Mary Lou Saxon, Genie Shaw, Lillian Strickland, Merle Thomas, Sue Wheat. Kathryn Wright. -mi ki ' i 205 p %fy OFFICERS Alice Zenter President Jeanette Wood Vice-President Alcidie Thompson. Secretary- Treasurer First row: Ed Bacilla, Bobbie Curtis, Virginia Houston, Faye Dell Johnson, Ophelia Laroux. Second row: Viola Lewis. Genie Shaw, John Spataro, Barbara Stephenson, Ray Teal. Third row: Alcidie Thompson, S. J. Westbrook, Charles Wood, Jeanette Wood. FRESHMAN The Freshman Commissioners are chosen each spring from the members of the Y.W.C.A., the Newman Club, the B.S.U., the Wesley Foundation, and the Canterbury Club on the bases of scholarship, fljlVTlVTl tTCjI TT T? service, and character. The purpose of this organization is to co- operate with the religious organizations on the campus, to help with registration, and to be of service at all times. WESTMINSTER CLUB The Westminster Club is the organization of the Presbyterian Church, established at colleges and Universities, to provide students with opportunties and facilities for wholesome, cooperative Christian experiences and training in worship, study, recreation, and social fellowship, as a part of normal church life. First row: Tommie Blackbourne. Charles Ertell, Bill Erwin, Oneta Hodson. Second row: Toby Livingston. Merle Thomas. Gerald Tilleux. Marie Tilleux. OFFICERS Charles Ertell President Marie Tilleux Vice-President OFFICERS Bob Tatum P Barbara Stephenson . ..Vice-Pri Jeanette Wood Si Max Burns Treat First row: Pat Alexander, Janice Andress. Mary Sue Bellew, Betty Sue Boydstun. Delano Blister. Second row: Max Burns, Dot Corry, Darlene George, Nancy Kimbrell. Susie Maths. Third row: Mickey Morrow, Jean Noble. Barbara Stephenson. Bob Tatum, Jeanette Wood. WESLEY FOUNDATION The Wesley Foundation Council guides the religious activities of the Methodist students on the campus of N.S.C. It seeks to lead them to deeper spiritual understanding and to true Christian living among others. The Canterbury Club is the student organization of the Episcopal Church, on the college campus, devoted to religious, cultural, and social development. At its meetings guest speakers from the faculty and elsewhere lead student discussion on varied topics. CANTERBURY CLUB First row: Barbara Brittain. Betty Jean Chapman. Eddy Gene Elliott. Anne Hill. Second row: David Luckett. Gerry Perry. Lowell Sternes. Margaret Townsend, Beldon Williams. OFFICERS Eddy Gene Elliott President Lowell Starnes Vice-President Barbara Brittain .Secretary-Treasurer w 1 kEM i First row: Doris Bolin, Claudine Box, Mary Clark, Winnie Dowden, Don Finley, Barbara Hicks. Second row: Charles Holloway. Faye Dell Johnson, Byron McCain, Aline McMickel, Braxton RatclifT. Gladys Shaw. Third row: Eddie Spurgeon, Thelma Ruth Stephens. Annie Ruth Taylor. Ray Teal, Dorothy Thompson, S. J. Westbrook. t The Baptist Student Union, composed of all Baptist Students at Northwestern, strives to deepen the spiritual lives of its members by enlisting them in activities of the local Baptist churches. Sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention, it was first oi-ganized on this campus in 1927. Pictured here are those members of the Executive Council and the Freshman Council. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION First row: Jerry Anderson. Adrian Averett. Carolyn Boutwell. Betty Carter, Barbara Gregory, Jimmie Hatcher. Second row: Cindy Hodge. Faye Johnson, Patricia Jones, Francis Jowers. Blanchie Lewis, Marilyn Motter. Third row: Thomas Rogers, Sherril Sowers, Ben David Vercher. Betty Welch, Lou Pearl Welch, Harold Wright. M ex NEWMAN CLUB As a club of Catholic Culture and Catholic Fellowship, the Newman Club is organized in order " to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of its members through a bal- anced program of religious, intellectual, and social activities. " It functions to weld the Catholic students into a common union, assisting the college and students whenever possible. OFFICERS Ed Bacilla President John Cunningham Vice-President Ai.cidie Thompson Secretary Peyton Cunningham Treasv rer First row: Marjorie Albert. Catherine Basco. Margarita Bauza. Faye Book, Mary Jo Brosset. Dorothy Carnahan, Ethelyn Cloutier. Peyton Cunningham. Second row: Royce Dosher, Jack Eichler, Don Elfert, August Fabiano, Betty Fredieu. June Gleason. Rae Gremillion, Eleanor Hendrix. Third row: Doris Ann Henry. Jo Hubley. Freddie Jones. Margaret Lampirez. Leland Langridge. Jackie Lucia, Pat Lyons. John Maricelli. Genevieve Marmande. Fourth row: Wilbur Mason. Kathleen Prudhomme. Margaret Robin, Joe Saltzman, Marjorie Singletary. John Spataro. Lucian Spataro, Edgar Stephens. Peggy Trichel. EI) BA II l i I ' - . JOHN CUNNINGHAM ci Pre ident ALCIDIE THOMPSON Secretary 209 J. B. BDYDSTUN (je Herat Contractor A BUILDER WITH INTEGRITY SPECIALIZING IN MODERN SCHOOL BUILDINGS P.O. Cox 290 Natchitoches, La. CANE THEATRE " For Your Pleasure " Where you will always find a Cheerful Welcome With sincere appreciation of your past favors, we extend our heartiest congratulations to the Northwestern State College of Louisiana, fac- ulty, and student body, for this edition of the Potpourri POPULAR PRICES HEALTHFUL YEAR-ROUND AIR-CONDITIONING NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA 400 STUDENTS CAN ' T BE WRONG! Meet Aunt Tab and Uncle Vic MEALS— SHORT ORDERS SODA FOUNTAIN LE RENDEZVOUS NICHOL ' S DRY GOODS COMPANY Home of QUALITY MERCHANDISE 512 Front St. Dial 2413 FRESHY BREAD The Bread That Won The Blue Ribbon Award The Town ' s Freshest STANDARD BAKERY Time out for Coke • OltHO UNOIt AUtMOIHT Of IM« COCA COLA CO« ' «NI IT NATCHITOCHES COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY NATCHITOCHES LUMBER YARD Phone 2747 812 Washington Street Natchitoches, La. COURREGES SHOE STORE Smart Footwear for College Men and Women SHOES AND HOSIERY New Second Street Natchitoches AMERICAN DEPARMENT STORES " We sell as we advertise — Always for Less " Phone 2230 Front Street Natchitoches, La. You Can Pay More But You Can ' t Buy Better NATCHITOCHES MOTOR COMPANY Home of the Oldest Ford Dealer in Louisiana Corner of Front and Lafayette Streets Phone 3677 Natchitoches, La. " Greatest Car Ever Built in the Low-Priced Field " WEST BROTHERS DEPARTMENT STORES frd NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA HOTEL NAKATOSH The Students of Northwestern are Always Welcome We Make Special Rates for Parties NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA CADDO PLUMBING SUPPLY COMPANY HUGH B. ROBINSON, Owner PLUMBING AND WATERWORKS SUPPLIES Wholesale P. O. Box 3158 Shreveport, Louisiana Compliments of Your Feed and Seed Dealer NATCHITOCHES SEED STORE Phone 2151 P. O. Box 296 NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA COMPLIMENTS OF HORTON GAHAGAN INSURANCE AGENCY Fire, Automobile - Casualty - Bonds W. E. BROCK, Manager NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA " Our Policy Is Your Protection " Phone 2101-21 81 MILLER AND SALTER BUS LINES " Friendly Service " " SPECIALIZE IN CHARTER SERVICE " Phone 2522 Jonesboro, Louisiana TODD ' S " A Friendly Place To Buy " NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND QUALITY SHOE STORE Quality Shoes For All the Family " Known For Better Brands " 756 Front Street NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA ■■MK , THE AMERICAN SUPPLY CO., INC Phone 4017 P. O. Drawer 1672 ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA Industrial, Mill, Plumbing, and Heating, Heavy Hardware, Contractors ' Tools COMPLIMENTS OF PARKER UNIFORMS EARLE C. PARKER, INC. 1717 West Webster Houston, Texas COBB CHEVROLET CO. Texas at Third Street Phone 2338 NATCHITOCHES. LOUISIANA When Your Clothes Are Unbecoming To You, They Should Be Coming To Us COMMUNITY CLEANERS Phone 2229 I I 5 Bossier Street Natchitoches, Louisiana BUTLER-HORTON COMPANY General Electric Appliances Phone 333 I 39 St. Denis Street Natchitoches, Louisiana COMPLIMENTS OF GULF OIL PRODUCTS ROBERT BREEDLOVE Distributor H AND H CONTRACTING COMPANY, INC. P. O. BOX 5605, Bossier City, La. Phone 3-4052 P. O. Box 74, Natchitoches, La. Phone 3414 Roads, Bridges, Drainage, Land Clearing, Levees, Piling, Ponds, Pasture Development ENJOY NAKATOSH SPECIAL COFFEE Always Fresh — Always Good Roasted and Packed in Natchitoches By The NATCHITOCHES COFFEE AND SYRUP CO. NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA HOWARD LUMBER COMPANY Building Material Headquarters Phone 2341 NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA W. J. RILEY SUPPLY COMPANY 3000 Louisville Avenue P.O. Box 1772 Phone 6171 MONROE, LOUISIANA SAVE MONEY SAVE TIME SHIP BY TRUCK NATCHITOCHES TRANSFER CO. CARL HENRY Natchitoches Phone 2440 BECK MOTORS OLDS-CADILLAC Sales - Service A. G. BECK, Manager 1404 Washington Street Phone 3333 CONGRATULATIONS SALLEY GROCER CO., INC. 65 Market Street SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA Barrett Bonded Roofers Carrier Air-Conditioning DOWDEN ' S Roofing and Metal Works Anything of Sheet Metal WM. E. (BILL) DOWDEN, Manager 1225-27-29 Texas Street Phone 3707 BILL ' S ESSO STATION Cafe and Air-Conditioned Courts 24 Hour Service CLARENCE, LOUISIANA DOUG ' S STEAK HOUSE Air-Conditioned Phone 2626 128 CHURCH STREET BRIGHT AND SON Cleaners and Laundry warn GOOD FOOD FOR PLEAS ED GUESTS john Sexton co. CHICAGO— LONG ISLAND CITY— PHILADELPHIA DALLAS — ATLANTA — PITTSBURGH — DETROIT BOSTON— SAN FRANCISCO Your Wedding Is Our Specialty Call Guillet, We Go Anywhere MEMO travel th SILfERLIMR routes and SAVE the difference! CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS Natchitoches Is Proud To Be the Home of You Students During Your Stay at Northwestern. 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Bakers of WONDER BREAD AND HOSTESS CUP CAKES C otnplunenls of CITY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OF NATCHITOCHES EXCHANGE BANK OF NATCHITOCHES PEOPLES BANK OF NATCHITOCHES Members: SA " C- " CC-ES =- : S- Z.I-- ' .3 -CwSE aSSCC a " Cv v = v = = RS E ERa, :e=CS " S$ Ra CE CC :: C : - Z COMPLIMENTb OF JOHNNIE RUSH ' S CAFE AND HOTEL SUPPLY 1225 h- . r- O O O o |o ClRCtg: 1 c L onaratiilationi lo Jlic f otnoitrrl taf-f sror a t f femora ble Ly ear booh STUDENT BODY NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE JOBBERS Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobaccos School Supplies Notions, Pipes, Candies, Drugs, Etc. L H. JOHNSON WHOLESALE (Phone 28 I 2-2 I 14) Best Wishes To the College Students COMPLIMENTS OF BROWN-ROBERTS HARDWARE AND SUPPLY CO., LTD. WHOLESALE ONLY ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA FOR DINING ROOM AND KITCHEN EQUIPMENT VISIT BUCKELEW ' S SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA COMPLIMENTS OF WILSON B UICK COMPANY 1412 Washington Street Phone 3934 When Better Automobiles Are Built, Buick Wil Build Them ALDREDGE JEWELERS KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS Elgin Hamilton Bulova Benrus Watches All Kinds of Jewelry and Watch Repairs L on a ra tu la tioi i J AUSTIN BRIDGE CO. DALLAS, TEXAS FOR SMOOTH, ECONOMICAL, CAREFREE HOME MANAGEMENT USE NATURAL GAS AUTOMATIC APPLIANCES CLECO Your Natural Gas Company CENTRAL LOUISIANA ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC. Automatic Gas Range Automatic Gas Water Heater Automatic Gas Refrigerator Automatic Gas Clothes Drier Dependable Service Natchitoches, Louisiana S. AND H. KAFFIE, Incorporated Pittsburgh Paints and Products NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA Rainbow Flower Shop F. T. D. Flowers For All Occasions 917 Washington Street Phone 2246 BEST WISHES KWCJ NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA THE NATCHITOCHES APOTHECARY Where Pharmacy Is a Profession, Not a Sideline Phone 209 I Prudhomme Building Natchitoches, Louisiana Meet Your Friends At Murphy ' s Restaurant Air-Conditioned KC STEAKS - FRIED CHICKEN HICKORY SMOKED BAR-B-CUE Kelly-Weber Co., Inc. WHOLESALE GROCERS PRODUCE, FEEDS Phone 2361 400 College Ave. Natchitoches, La. REED ' S TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE Royal Typewriters Victor Adding Machines Sales, Rentals, Repairs 327 Jackson Avenue Alexandria, Louisiana J. J. SMITH CO. Floor Waxes, Floor Cleaners, Floor Machines Sanitary and Janitor Supplies 2600 Florida Street P. O. Box 2224 BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA WILLIAMS ' PHYSICIANS ' AND SURGEONS ' SUPPLIES P. O. Box 706 Shreveport, Louisiana Phone 4- 1 425 TWIN CITY PRINTING COMPANY Printers - Stationers Office Outfitters MONROE, LOUISIANA E. W. SCOTT a in tin a L on tra dor " Good Paint and a Good Painter Saves You Money " P. O. Box 369 Phone 2477 NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA lid Lyntu Jhe d-test V INSTITUTIDNAL FDDD SPECIALISTS ALLEN FOODS, INC ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI bd LASCO AND ALLEN ' S PRIDE BRANDS COMPLIMENTS OF DON THEATRE DOYLE MAYNARD Owner THE COLLEGE BOOKSTORE Carries a Complete Line of PRACTICAL DRAWING COMPANY SCHOOL OFFICE SUPPLIES COMPLIMENTS OF TOM BAKER " York Air-Conditioning " COMPLIMENTS OF BEST YET ICE CREAM CO, 864 Washington St. Phone 2630 COMPLIMENTS OF THE FRIENDLY STORE MORGAN LINDSEY INC. 5c to $1.00 The Stores of Courtesy 1 de VARGAS JEWELRY 624 Front Street NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA P C DRUG CO. ' For Leadership, Look to the Leader ' A. R. McCLEARY Owner 204 Front Street Natchitoches FROSTED FOODS 1624 Southern Avenue SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA FINE FOODS A PLACE TO SPEND A GRAND EVENING TRIANGLE CAFE Highway 20 Natchitoches FOR THE ICE CREAM THAT IS A TREAT VISIT ZESTO SHOP 400 Second Street Natchitoches " HE ' S ON YOUR STAFF NOT YOUR PAYROLL " Here ' s the Hillyard Maintaineer to give you expert help on FLOOR TREATMENTS Talk over your floor maintenance program with a Hillyard Maintaineer (Floor Expert) today. Get the benefit of his years of specialized ex- perience. Learn the Hillyard way to safe attractive floors and save costs as much as 50%. Call E. B. TERRAL The Hillyard Expert in the Louisiana Territory PHONE 742 or WRITE 315 VERNON ST., RUSTON, LOUISIANA ST. JOSEPH, MO. ACKNOWLEDGMENT The publication of a yearbook cannot be accomplished without the aid, ad- vice and cooperation of many individuals and business firms. The editor and staff of the Potpourri wish to acknowledge their indebted- ness and obligation to the following: The Benson Printing Company, especially W. A. Benson, Jr., E. W. Benson and Dan Eadie, for their splendid job of making layouts and printing the annual. The staff of the Shreveport Engraving Company, particularly Mr. P. E. Dozier, " Pap " Dean, and Jimmy Cobb for their splendid work and cooperation and also for the time given for the selection of the 1953 Potpourri beauties. The State Department of Commerce and Industry for loaning us the major portion of the photographic copy which appears in the opening section. Mr. J. C. Guillet, Jr., the best of photographers, for his excellent work and interest in seeing that we met our deadlines for photographic copy. Mr. Donald Glattlv for his permission to use the lyrics of his " LOUISIANA " in our opening section. Mr. John C. Merrill, our faculty adviser, for his much needed advice and for keeping us in the proper paths of procedure. President H. Lee Prather and the other administrative officers for their helping hand and assistance during times of trial. The Cui ' rent Sauce for the publicity given our press-child. The College Business Staff for its advice and help along lines of financial worry. Our Advertisers for their support which was a great financial aid. The Student Body for its willingness to cooperate with us. To all of these foregoing we express our sincere thanks. THE STAFF tu toaraphs arapi Engravings by SHREVEPORT ENGRAVING CO., Shreveport, La. Designed, printed, and bound by BENSON PRINTING CO., Nashville, Tenn. I

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Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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