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V v " V- r v, ' v. jv 4 . i fc§UIMAf COLLECTION i 1 4?, m A T £ R • • H R e T D V r — we Know noT where our paths mflv go US STILL BUT THOULT UPHOLD ■-T uncHnncinc thou • • • miDST CHARGES UflST . URSWERUED FROm TO THEE, OUR flLITIfl IllflTER, We took a few million classes . . . threw in a couple o ' thousand field house sessions . . . added the dash of several dances . . . plus a good sprinkling of the ex- citement of athletic contests . . . with just a touch of studying . . . We jumbled all these things together for some thirty-six weeks, and out came the 1949-1950 school year. We worked, played, loafed, and romanced ... all to the tune of " Yea, Demons! " Now that the actuality is over, all we can do is reminisce joyously about the happy times of this mid-century year. JAN-AN Le BLANC, Editor FIRAL LEE RYDER, Business Manag COLLEGE OTPOURRI D ED I C ATI n Because his character reflects understanding, we have found in him a friend . . . Because his instruction inspires intellectual growth, we have found in him a teacher . Because his goals are ever-heightened by realization, we have found in him a challenge A friend, a teacher, a challenge . . . A MAN among men. m DR. LEO T. flLLBRITTED COLLEGE DR. G. w. mcGimv A MESSAGE FROm THE PRCSIDEHT This annual was prepared by you and your fellow students and was designed to record the year ' s happenings at North- western State College. It is my opinion that the Editor and her able assistants have done an excellent job of recording college life as it existed en the " Hill " during this mid-century year. It is a fine thing to have a pictorial and word-record of your student days. In the years ahead you will turn the pages of this book with much pleasure and satisfaction as you recall familiar scenes and faces. Pleasant memories of happy days gone by will be a source of endless satisfaction. A friend is among our most valuable possessions. You have made many friends during the year and some of these friend- ships will become stronger with the passing years. In other cases, time will fade or weaken these friendship ties, but your POTPOURRI will tend to revive and enliven them as often as you turn its pages. The book will be a source of pleasure to you; and may I say — yes, express the hope — that your children and grandchildren perhaps, turning the pages of this book, will be influenced to cast their lot with North- western State College. To be associated with Northwestern State College is to learn to love the " Hill. " In fact, there is something fascinating about the columns and old Caldwell Hall that grips the imagination. Perhaps this intangible something has been a potent factor in making Northwestern State College. Graduates and ex-students know that we have a great college and we are proud of it. Those who have passed through its halls of learning have done their bit. Its future rests on your shoulders, in a large measure. We fondly hope that you will not only hold fast the high standards and splendid record already achieved, but that you will aspire to make Northwestern State College even greater. In closing may I say that my year as Acting President has been filled with strenuous work and grave responsibilities; nevertheless, iv has been a pleasant year. The friendly young men and young women students; the cooperative faculty; have helped to make my burden lighter. May we pool our efforts and work as a united band of scholars, to carry forth the torch of learning from the " Hill. " May we dare to dream bigger dreams; may we dare to venture forth into unchart- ered areas; may we carry on the glorious motto that NORTHWESTERN IS THE MOTHER OF LEARNING IN LOUISIANA. G. W. McGINTY, Acting President THE ADminiSTRATION CLARENCE E. DUGDALE Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences JOE N. GERBER Director of Student Personnel MARTHA GANNAWAY Dean of Women DUDLEY G. FULTON Associate Director of Student Personnel LEROY S. MILLER Secretary of Alumni Association STEVE HARMON Director of Publications THE RDmmiSTRATIOn JOHN S. ROBSON Dean of the School of Education GEORGE T. WALKER Dean of the School of Applied Arts and Sciences OTIS CREW Registrar GRIFFIN TAYLOR Purchasing Agent JOHN JACKSON Auditor HARRY TURPIN Director of High School Rallies - FflCULTV DEPflRTmeilT A. G. ALEXANDER Department of Languages GUY W. NESOM Department of Health and Physical Education SHERROD TOWNS Department of Music AUGUSTUS C. MADDOX Department of Mathematics IV X ' LELA TOMLINSON Department of Home Economics JOE HENDRICKSON Department of Aviation NOBLE B. MORRISON Department of Business HEADS FRANCIS G. FOURNET Department of Science GRAHAM PRICE Department of Nursing JOHN B. ROBSON Department of Education JOHN S. KYSER Department of Social Sciences EUGENE P. WATSON Librarian OLIVE COOPER Department of Art SYLVAN W. NELKEN Department of Agriculture WALTER J. ROBINSON Department of Industrial Education ■ Left to Right: Flores, Neilson, Gamble, Smith, Finley, McMullan, Barkate, Bishop, Alexander, West. With the Federation of Louisiana Colleges THE and Universities no more a dream, but now a reality the Student Council of Northwestern c , i- I. J- I j ,i • x- • x a. L GABE BARKATE President btate College displayed their active interest by inviting the colleges of Louisiana to this campus dennis McMullan Vice-President for their Convention. MARILYN FINLEY Coed Vice-President Awards were presented by this group to the Audrey smith Secretary deserving students of the college; elections were jo johnson west Treasurer, Fall capably handled upholding the tradition of dig- ALIDA BISHOP Treasurer, Spring nity and harmony of the college. LADDIE ALEXANDER Senior Class President Other varied activities of the COUncil were GENE FLORES Junior Class President executed in a manner befitting the trust put in jimmy cox Sophomore Clas s President this group by their fellow Students. CECIL NEILSON Freshman Class President 26 GABRIEL BARKATE President MARILYN FINLEY Coed Vice-President DENNIS McMULLAN Vice-President s t u d e n t council Left to right: Alexander, West, Bishop, Finley, Nielson, Flores, Gamble, Smith, McMullan, Barkate HB 27 194635 T H £ ARCHIE SINGLETARY President JACONETTE DAVIS Vice-President STUDEI1T SEIIflTE Left to Right: Cannon, Langridge, Sledge, Tilleaux, Poole, Brasseaux, Singletary, Davis 28 First Row, Left to Right: Rambin, Beecham, Davis, Singletary, Strickland, Tilleaux. Second Row, Left to Right: Gamble, De Keyser, Howell, Poole, Flores, Cannon. Third Row, Left to Right: De Keyser, Langridge, Sledge, Brasseaux, Patton. Operating as a constitutional body for the The Senate also worked with the Student first time since its organization, the Student Council to carry out the new form of govern- Senate, under the leadership of Archie Single- men f outlined last year. The sixteen upperclass- tary, continued its policy of representative gov- men anc | f; ve f res hmen rounded out a progressive ernment. year by proving the power of the legislative During a topsy-turvy year, the group improved body in working towards the student interests, student recreational facilities by such means as sponsoring informal dances in the Student Cen- OFFICERS ter. It introduced several amendments to the archie singletary Presided Student Constitution, subject to approval by jaconette davis Vice-President the Student body. RETTA STRICKLAND Secretary 29 JAMES POOLE Chief Justice The purpose of the Honor Court is to pursue the building of higher standards of citizenship among men students at Northwestern State. The court serves as an impartial body working to equitably administer justice. Selected on the basis of character, scholar- ship, leadership, and interest in student wel- fare, the students serving as justices are chosen by the court from an eligibile list of appointees presented by the mens ' dormitory councils. This year James Poole served as Chief Jus- tice. He was selected by his fellow justices to take the helm. THE HOnOR COURT Seated. Left to Right: Anderson, Gray, Williford, Poole, Anderson Standing, Left to Right: DeKeyser, Melder, Lamborn 30 Left to Right: Smith, Smith, Hays, Clark, Craft, Marmande ASSOCIATED UJ HI E H ' S CO U n CI L The Associated Women Students Is an or- ganization of all women students registered at the college. The purpose of the AWS is to pro- mote the intellectual, social, and spiritual wel- fare of the women students. Annually this organization sponsors a " Christmas at Home " in Varnado Hall. The big event of the year is the spring convoca- tion, where awards are given to the outstand- ing women students on the campus, to the sorority having the highest scholastic average, and to the dormitory having the highest scho- lastic average. The Purple Jackets also present an award to the outstanding sophomore girl at this time. MARTHA LOU CRAFT President 31 MEMBERS First Row: Katherine Andrews, Sara Pat Andry, Myrtle Ann Babin, Alida Bishop. Second Row: Bobbie Cooley, Jaconette Davis, Nelda Davis, Marilyn Finley. Third Row: Mary Maricelli, Ann Montgomery, Joy Norris, Retta Strickland. PURPLE JACKETS 32 OFFICERS EMILY WILLIS President MARTHA ANN PIXLEY Vice-President RETTA STRICKLAND Secretary MYRTLE ANN BABIN Treasurer Service to their college being the primary thought of this group of twenty-one girls, they will be seen around the campus on special occasions with a cheery smile to top their colorful purple and white outfit. In their ca- pacity as official hostesses of the college the girls are called on to usher at all Artist Series programs, to show new students and visitors the interesting spots on our campus, to help on registration days, and to do just about anything which may be of service. Needless to say the girls do so willingly and tirelessly. New members are called into the club, which holds the distinction of being the oldest honor organization on the campus, at a very impressive assembly during the spring semester. The girls are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and loyalty to the Alma Mater. Without a doubt they have become an integral factor in the making of a bigger and better Northwestern. At It Again MISS CATHERINE WINTERS Sponsor 33 Top: How did this gang get here? Above: Did you say sports? Top: So that ' s how it ' s done! Above: The wheels talk it over Into the 1949-50 volume of the CURRENT SAUCE are combined the efforts of varied editors, staffs, and busi- ness managers, with Singletary holding the reins the first semester and Murphy the second. " Change " was cer- tainly the motto of the year, as almost nothing the paper began with finished the year — from faculty advisors to the lowest staff member. However, the new eight-page " rag " was still read eagerly on Saturday morning, innumerable special edi- tions from Homecoming(s) to April Fool ' s Day — made the reader wonder just what was coming next. The usual troubles ran rampant — not enough ads, insufficient copy, no reporters, etc. — but, in spite of the troubles, the year ' s publication was gratifying. Archie Singletary signed his name as Editor until ap- proximately mid-semester, when he resigned and Bob Murphy was chosen to fill the vacancy. Murphy, in turn, relinquished his position as business manager to Don Morgan. The staff members were too numerous and varied to be named; included, however, in the line-up were J. C. " Chuck " Tillman, Mai Levee, Louis Farmer, Jerry West, Louise Harris, Clayton " Bo " Taylor, Dot Taylor, Pat Leone, Jan -an LeBlanc, Essie Gabbert, Jean Weeks, Wesley Jackson, and Joe Sterkx. Highlighting the year were pertinent editorials and the Letter-to-the-Editor column, which dealt with diversi- fied subjects from St. Patrick ' s Day to administrative problems. Thus, for the most part, the SAUCE has merely com- pleted one more extremely successful year in the life of a college weekly. STAFF ARCHIE SINGLETARY Editor First Semester BOB MURPHY Editor Second Semester J. C. TILLMAN Managing Editor MAI LEVEE Associate Editor JOE STERKX News Editor LOUIS FARMER, JERRY WEST Sports Editors WESLEY JACKSON Feature Editor DON MORGAN Business Manager ANNE FREEZE, LOUIS FARMER Ad Managers ELVIN LIGHTSEY, QUENTIN JORDAN. . Circulation Managers STEVE HARMON Faculty Advisor 34 THE CURREIlTSflUCE ARCHIE SINGLETARY Editor First Semester BOB MURPHY Editor Second Semester DON MORGAN Business Manager Left to Right Weeks, Davis, Levee, Murphy, Morgan, Jackson, Cash, Taylor, Tillman THE 1950 POTPOURRI JAN-AN LeBLANC Editor Left to Right: Leone, Morgan, West, LeBlanc, Flores, Mahan, Harris, Ryder, Murphy FIRAL LEE RYDER Business Manager LOUISE HARRIS Associate Editor 36 Top: Sports, but for sure! Above: What is it now? Top: Take it easy, Joe Above: Hard working staff! STAFF JAN-AN LeBLANC Editor LOUISE HARRIS Associate Editor FIRAL LEE RYDER Business Manager PAT LEONE Organizations Editor LAURA MAHAN Class Editor BOB MURPHY Sports Editor Sixteen people suddenly found themselves confronted with the publication of a yearbook in October. Most of the planning had already been completed; the dummy was there, class pictures had been snapped, and a tentative schedule had been drawn up — all by the original staff. But changes by the dozens were necessary — a new theme, new artwork, a new beauty section — and all had to be completed by spring. And the staff had to iearn what it was all about before much could be done. Somehow or other, however, the dummy was finished, the Pot- pourri Ball was staged, the beauties were selected, and work began. Then the crash came — no photographer, a new office, numerous drop-outs on the staff, debate trips on the Editor ' s part; conflicts for the few remaining staff members. Deadlines came and went. Anxiety was characteristic of all who entered the office. Finally, all photographic copy was in — and then, the glorious day when the manuscript copy was finished! Thus, the 1950 POTPOURRI was completed. Jan-an LeBlanc, otherwise known as " Chief, " managed to create and coordinate the confusion simultaneously. Eugene Pender and Firal Lee Ryder bal- anced the books; Louise Harris was " jack-of-all-trades " — the assist- ant editor; Pat Leone did everything from taking care of the organi- zations to dub as editor when necessary. Carol Clark was the artist. Bob Murphy handled athletics; Joe Choate the features. Wyatt Westbrook, Edgar Stevens, Ed Adrian, — and last, but not least, " Curtis " produced the pix. Others who contributed were Laura Mahan, Raymond Flores, Don Jones, Dave Lawson, and Eunice Eden. And now — all that can be said is — The book is here! 37 SPEECH Top: " The Black Cat " comes to life Above: Practice makes perfect More to a play than meets the eye The 1949-50 school year saw the speech department extend its program farther into the fields of drama and radio, led by Mr. Donald A. Carr, new member of the department. Two major productions were the brightest spots of the year. LIFE WITH FATHER was presented in the fall, while a musical comedy, COLLEGE WIDOW, was given in the spring. The latter was staged in cooperation with the music department. A variety of student-directed one-acts were also a part of the year ' s activities. This year for the first time a series of radio dramas were broadcast from the college workshop. Under the Carr shows how its done V 10 .,.;« $: ! ft , $ - 1 ji H A Q nil ' mill i jiiiiiiiittin P] • Mn ===== --- --- T — ■=. Father Luke greets unwelcome guests as Mother Dee just hopes . . . direction of Mr. Cam, membes of the radio classes drama clinic and festival for schools of the sur- presented radio adaptations of selected Edgar rounding area to complete a program designed to Allan Poe short stories. give diversified training to those interested in The department also sponsored a high school Speech. All ' s well that ends well Northwestern ' s Days And they didn ' t believe a word of it! Under the direction of Miss Julienne Martin, new forensic coach, the NSC varsity squad continued on its trail of glory during the 1949-50 year, copping three debate champion- ships and numerous places in individual events. Jan-an LeBlanc and Julia McBroom, Senior Women ' s division, added two trophies to the squad collection. The team won first at the Louisiana College meet, the Abilene Christian tourney, and the annual Northwestern tournament held here in March. McBroom opened the year by taking a superior rating at the University of Alabama discussion tournament. Climaxing the year ' s events was the trip to Washington, D. C, for the second annual Georgetown University Invita- tional Tournament. Northwestern ' s delegation, composed of LeBlanc and McBroom and Jimmy Johnson and Luke Petro- vich, competed with universities and colleges from through- out the United States, and made an excellent showing. During the year, the team members also worked with Miss Martin in staging three forensic meets, both high school and college. The season was very successful, both from the standpoint of debate and individual events. Other members of the squad were: Laddie Alexander, Ray Erwin, Basil Kolb, Nettie Jo Baker, Jo Pennington, Cecil Nielson, Marion La Shirah, Billy McCornick, Betty Gibson, and Mariorie White. F R £ n S I c Martin gives the scoop to the troops! W Mi e 3 KrW 40 GENE FLORES Director DEmOllfllRES Under the direction of drum-beater Gene Flores, the Demonaires continued to furnish the rhythm for all-college dances, private parties, and other ac- tivities. Sporting new matching uniforms, the group, en- larged to a record size, advanced and progressed throughout the year. Something new was added when the department-sponsored dances furnished money for new music to provide varied tunes for college hops. Sonny Fisher did the vocals, aided by others at special times. As " Sophisticated Swing " blares forth . . . 41 .M4Jt£5, aidjL itii h ? ? f Hfli H I if ! y p 1 1 •. « ■■nn Look at them go! nORTHUJESTERITS B fl n D State Fair showoff 42 Besides offering good musical enjoyment to ful zest and pep to the lagging spirit of N.S.C. spectators at football games, the band, under fans. their able director, Dwight Davis, added color- Off the campus the Northwestern State Band And the band played on DWIGHT DAVIS Director has represented the college at the annual State Fair and CENLA festivities. Their performance in parades and halftime ceremonies of football games in conjunction with the Demonettes proved complimentary to the college and Music Department. On the campus the band has provided musical assemblies, presented concerts and definitely proved that N.S.C. has a well rounded musical program. 43 CHOIR DONALD GLATTLY Director Only under the capable direction of Donald G. Glattly could over one hundred voices blend so perfectly. This group of vocalists is considered one of the best trained and noted musical groups in Louisiana. Much of Mr. Glattly ' s success is due to his wonderful personality which enables him to achieve the best work from his singers. Highlighting the Christmas season was the pres- entation of Handel ' s beautiful " Messiah. " This an- nual program has become a must to students, townspeople, and out of town visitors. A smaller group of more experienced choristers make up what is known as the College Singers. These more select few travel through the State pre- senting a delightful musical program. Because of their excellence they have become well known throughout the state. These two groups should be highly commended for giving so tirelessly and unselfishly of their time for the enjoyment of music lovers. 44 t J College singers give out with strains of Silent Night The Messiah once more highlights the Christmas Season -j :s a_, ' . fin ■ iT 45 Practice, practice, and more practice T H E svmPHonv In its second year under the excellent direc- tion of Val Hill, the Northwestern State Sym- phony Orchestra has made strides in becoming a veteran and polished group of musicians, whose performances continue to win more praise and acclaim. Highlighting the activities of the fall was the presentation of Handel ' s " Messiah " by both the Chorus and the Symphony. During the year the group also distinguished itself by its numerous concerts and programs before the student body and the general public. With a total of forty members the orchestra consists of students in the music department as well as a number of non-music majors and Natchi- toches musicians. The organization itself is bare- ly three years old, but its progress under Mr. Hill marks it as a highly creditable group. Mr. Hill, an accomplished violinist, is a grad- uate of the American Conservatory and Nebras- ka University. Along with his wife, he has pre- sented many programs in Natchitoches and other cities throughout the state. 46 VAL HILL Conductor Birdseye view of concert! « i ll l ' " 0t A 39fl K mm A, ? Mf " I f CLASSES at ! ' • 49 THE SEI1I0R CLASS OFFICERS LADDIE ALEXANDER President HERBERT CHERRIER Vice-President ANNE KEYES Secretary-Treasurer Cherrier, Keyes, Alexander £2£ First Row: • MARIE ANN ABATE, Lake Charles, Business Education; Pi Omega Pi; Newman Club. • HELEN ABRAMS, Sikes, Upper Elementary. • NAILOR J. ADAMS, JR., Georgetown, Agriculture. • ROBBIE SUE ADAMS, Coushalta, Business; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Wesley Foundation. Second Row: • ALBERT GEORGE ALEXANDER, Natchitoches, Speech; Sigma Tau Gamma. O NELL ALLEN, Winntield, Speech; Northwestern State Players; Davis Players; POTPOURRI; Debate; Demonettes; Student Sen- ate; YWCA; B.S.U.; Alpha Psi Omega; Chorus. • ROBERT ALLEN, Florien, Social Science; Lambda Zeta; " Cur- rent Sauce, " ' 46- ' 47; POTPOURRI, Business Manager, ' 49; Chorus; Honor Court, Clerk of Court, ' 47- ' 50. • ERNEST FRANK ANDERSON, Elizabeth, N. J.. Accounting; Lambda Zeta; Pi Omega Pi; Honor Court. Third Row: • JAMES B. ANDERSON, Florien, Mathematics. • KATHRYN ANDREWS, Many, Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Big Sister, ' 48; Purple Jackets. • ANDRE LEON AUBRY, Brooklyn, N. Y., Marketing and Retailing. • NETTIE JO BAKER, Coushatta, Speech; Alpha Psi Omega, Secretary-Treasurer. Fourth Row: • MAX ANN BAMBURG, Marthaville, Music; Band. Orchestra, Chorus, ' 47- ' 50; Y.W.C.A. • GABRIEL J. BARKATE, Sulphur, Mathematics; Phi Kappa Nu, President, ' 49; President, Student Body, ' 49; Interfraternity Council, President, ' 49. • MARGIE BETH BARNETT, Plain Dealing, Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Vice-President, ' 48; Big Sister; Demon- ettes, Secretary, ' 47; Kappa Delta Pi; Purple Jackets; POTPOURRI Maid, ' 48. • CARLEY R. BASCO, Gorum, Home Economics. Fifth Row: • JOHN A. BASKIN, Mangham, Music; Phi Mu Alpha; Or- chestra, College Singers, ' 47- ' 49; Chorus, ' 47- ' 49. • BOBBIE BATCHELOR, Ringgold, Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • CHARLES LEE BATES, Calvin, Business; " N " Club; Basketball. • GLADYS BATES, Castor, Primary Education. Sixth Row: • MYRTIS BATES, Castor, Home Economics. • PAUL T. BEAUREGARD, Echo, Business Administration. • CAROLYN F. BENNETT, Cottonport, Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Newman Club, Treasurer, ' 49- ' 50. • CECIL BENNETT, Bastrop, Sociology; Band, , 48- ' 49. Seventh Row: • DEWITT BENTON, JR., Monroe, Biology; Demeter; V.F.W. • ALIDA MARIE BISHOP, St. Amant, Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma, President, ' 50; Freshman Commissioners, Presi- dent, ' 48; Senior Advisor of Freshman Commissioners, ' 50; New- man Club, Vice-President, ' 49; Purple Jackets; Band, ' 47- ' 49; Eu- thenics Club, Secretary, ' 49; Big Sister; A.W.S., Social Chair- man, ' 49; Dormitory Council, ' 47- ' 48. • JUNE BLANKENSHIP, Coushatta. Business Education. • MARY ELLEN BLANKENSHIP, Pleasant Hill, Home Economics; Euthenics Club. 51 THE SEMOR CLASS First Row: • BILLIE FRANCES BLAZIER, West Monroe, Spanish; Band ' 44; B.S.U. ' 46-4?; Demonertes ' 48; Kappa Delta Pi; Current Sauce ' 46- ' 47. • BOBBY L BOGAN, Shreveport, Business Administration; Sigma Tau Gamma • CURTIS BOOZMAN, Natchitoches, Health and Physical Education. • JIMMY BRADSHAW, Vivian, Social Science. • DONALD J. BRASSEAUX, Henry, Chemistry; Phi Kappa Nu; President Fresh- man Class ' 46; President Sophomore Class ' 47; Cheerleader ' 47- ' 49; Newman Club; Lambda Delta Lambda. • MERLE L. BRAYO, Leesville, Business Education; Freshman Commissioner- Band ' 47- ' 48; Y.W.C.A. • FRED E. BROWN, Tioga, Accounting. Second Row: • KENNETH C. BROWN, Zwolle, Industrial Education. • JOHN HENRY BRYDELS, Alexandria, Accounting. • ROY A. BUTCHEE, JR., Lake Charles, Business Administration; ' N " Club- Varsity Football. • ROBERT M. BUTLER, Longville, History; Kappa Delta Pi, ' 4?- ' 50, Treasurer; Phi Alpha Theta, Treasurer ' 4?- ' S0. • CLARE CAIN, Bastrop, Speech. • ROBERT BRUCE CANNON. Alexandria, Industrial Arts; Phi Kappa Nu. • JACK B. CANTERBURY, Florien, Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club. Third Row: • D. C. CARPENTER, Goldonna, Social Science. • HAROLD R. CARPENTER, Bastrop, Business Administration; Band. • LOVICE A. CARRINGTON, Lisbon, Industrial Arts; Student Senate ' 48- ' 47. • WAYNE B. CASEY, Mountain Grove, Missouri, Industrial Arts. • JULIA ELLEN CASH, West Monroe, Business Administration; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Omega Pi; Alpha Phi Gamma; " Current Sauce " ; POTPOURRI; Demon- ettes; B.S.U.; W.R.A. • DEAN E. CASON, Ringgold. Biology. • ALLEN W. CASSIDY, Jennings, Speech; Newman Club, President ' 49; Alpha Psi Omega. ULILOE 52 _ First Row: • OLIVER C. CAVER, Homer, Business Administration; Sigma Tau Gamma; " N " Club; Varsity Tennis. • HERBERT ALVADO CHERRIER, Brooklyn, N. Y., Mathematics; Kappa Delta Pi. • NELLIE IRENE CLARK, Blade, Mathematics; Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary, ' 49; Sophomore Counselor, ' 48; Mathematics Club; A.W.S., Vice-President, ' 49- ' 50. • SHIRLEY JEAN CLARK, Winnfield, Accounting; Pi Omega Pi; Band, ' 47- ' 50; Orchestra, ' 48- ' 50; Modern Dance Club, ' 47- ' 48; Big Sister. Second Row: • THOMAS WILLIAM CLARRY, Cincinnati, Ohio, Aviation Ad- ministration; Aviation Club, President, ' 49; Marine Corps League, Chaplain. • RUSSEL H. CLOUSER, Lake Charles, Accounting; Wesley Foundation. • ROSEMARY COCKMON, Shreveport, Medical Technology; Beta Beta Beta; Lambda Delta Lambda; Band. • GRACE MARIAN CO FER. Shreveport, Home Economics; Euthenics Club, Social Chairman, ' 48- ' 49; Northwestern State Players, ' 46- ' 47; " Current Sauce, " ' 47- ' 49; Vice-President, Junior Class, ' 48; POTPOURRI; Chorus; Pi Kappa Sigma; B.S.U.; Y.W.A. Third Row: • GEORGE D. COLE, Minden, Chemistry. • JANICE COLEMAN, Homer, Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • BETTY JANE COLLINS, Marthaville, Home Economics. • JORGE O. COMAS, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. Health and Physical Education. Fourth Row: • FAYE HYNUM COOK, Monroe, Primary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; College Singers, ' 48- ' 49; Wesley Foundation. • BOBBIE JEAN COOLEY, Mora, Upper Elementary; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Purple Jackets; Kappa Delta Pi; Dormitory Council, ' 49- ' 50. • LAURA COPELAND, Leesville, English; Band; Orchestra; College Singers; " Current Sauce; " POTPOURRI; Alpha Phi Gamma; Dormitory Council, ' 48- ' 49; Chorus. • HARRY VERNON CORLEY, Alexandria, Accounting. Fifth Row: • HORACE A. CORLEY, Alexandria, Accounting; Lambda Zeta; Pi Omega Pi. • ROBERT P. CORLEY, Coushatfa, Health and Physical Edu- cation; P.E.M. Club. • BILLIE JEAN CORRY, Arizona, English; Y.W.C.A., Vice- President, ' 47; Wesley Foundation; Library Club, Vice-President; College Singers. • WILMA ALINE CRAIG, Vivian. Primary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Treasurer, ' 48; Big Sister; Student Council, Treas- urer, ' 48. Sixth Row: • PATRICIA ANN CROSBY, New Roads, Primary Education; Pi Kappa Sigma; Chorus. • VICTOR RABB CROSS, Ferriday, Business Administration; Quar- termaster, V.F.W. • WILLIAM E. CROW, Monroe, Business Administration; V.F.W. • IMA GENE CRYDER, Frierson, Primary Education. Seventh Row: • DOROTHY DALE, Pineviile, History; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Big Sister, ' 48; Phi Alpha Theta; Kappa Delta Pi; Panhellenic Coun- cil, ' 49. • RUTH YVONNE DALE. Colfax. Mathematics; Alpha Sigma Alpha. • SAMUEL BURL DAMPIER, Trout, Agriculture; Demeter. • TOM H. DANIEL, Glenmora, Mathematics; Sigma Tau Gamma. 53 THE SEI1I0R CLASS First Row: • ERNEST G. DAVIS, Ferriday, Social Science. • JACONETTE DAVIS, Shreveport, Art; Theta Sigma Upsilon, Vice-President ' 48- ' 49; Purple Jackets; Demonettes; B.S.U.; Panhellenic Council ' 49; Vice-Presi- dent Varnado ' 49; POTPOURRI; Chorus. • JOHN A. DAVIS, Many, Biology; Lambda Zeta; V.F.W.; American Legion; Newman Club; Chorus. • NELDA DAVIS, Ringgold, Primary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Purple Jackets. • ODILE DeCUIR, Marksville, Primary Education; Kappa Delta Pi. • DEWITT DEES, Vivian, Aviation Administration; V.F.W.; Aviation Club. • W. L. DEES, Gladewater, Texas, Accounting. Second Row: • ROBERT DEKEYZER, Boyce, Pre-Medicine; Sigma Tau Gamma; Lambda Delta Lambda; Beta Beta Beta. • THOMAS BRUCE DEKEYZER, Boyce, Health and Physical Education; Sigma Tau Gamma; Beta Beta Beta; Student Senate, ' 49; Honor Court, ' 50; P.E.M. Club. • THOMAS H. DELOACH, Winnfield, Business Administration. • DORIS NELL DENHAM, Ferriday, Music; Theta Sigma Upsilon, President, ' 50; President Panhellenic Council ' 50; Big Sister ' 47; Band ' 46- ' 47; College Singers ' 46- ' 49. • DICK O. KELLAR, Cotton Valley, Health and Physical Education. • MARJORIE D. DOGGETT, Natchitoches, Business Education; Pi Omega Pi. • RICHARD CLIFTON DUGGAN, Many, Business Administration. Third Row: • FRANCES DULIN, Mitchell. Social Welfare. • MERCER B. DUNN, Natchitoches, Industrial Arts; Secretary Industrial Arts Club; Secretary lota Lambda Sigma. • KATHLEEN DUPREE. Coushatta, Business Administration; Vernado Hall Coun- cil, ' 49. • SAMMY A. DYSON, Bossier, Biology; B.S.U. Council ' 48- ' 49; College Singers ' 47- ' 48. • JOHNNY EASON, Clarks, Health and Physical Education; P.E.M. Club. • FRANCES JUANITA EBARB, Zwolle, Upper Elementary. • HULIN D. ELKINS, Minden, Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club. 54 First Row: • THOMAS RAY ERWIN, Raton, New Mexico. Accounting; Vice-President, Pi Omega Pi; Debate Team; Tennis Team • CYNTHIA ANN FAIRCHILD, Iberville, Upper Elementary. • LEONARD W. FARR, Mandan, North Dakota, Business Edu- cation; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Omega Pi; President. Board of Di- rectors of Vetstown Co-op. • JUDITH ROSE FERGUSON, Leesville, Primary Education. Second Row: • PRENTIS L. FERGUSON. Atlanta, Agriculture. • BARBARA FINLAY, Harrisonburg, Music. • MARILYN FINLEY, Shreveport, Music; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Vice-president; Band, ' 46- ' 47; Demonettes, ' 47- ' 48; Big Sister; College Singers; POTPOURRI, ' 48- ' 49; Kappa Delta Pi; Student Senate; Secretary, A.W.S.; Purple Jackets; Co-ed Vice-President ' 48- ' 50. • SARA GALE FISHER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Upper Elemen- tary; Delta Sigma Epsilon, Corresponding Secretary, ' 47- ' 48, Vice- President, ' 48- ' 49; A.W.S. Judiciary Board; Junior Damatics, ' 44. Third Row: • ARCHIE HELEN FLOWERS, Glenmora, French. • MORGAN DUNNAM FORD, Pineville. Biology; Lambda Delta Lambda; Kappa Delta Pi. • WILLIAM E. FORD, Natchitoches, Industrial Arts Education; Sigma Tau Gamma. • TRAVIS E. FUNDERBURK, Alexandria, Biology; Lambda Delta Lambda; Beta Beta Beta, President, ' 49. Fourth Row: • JEAN LEVELLE FURR, Wisner. Home Economics. • KENNETH M. GANEY, Trout, Aviation. • GLORIA GATES, Winnfield, Music; College Singers; Band, ' 48; Orchestra, ' 49; Chorus; Demonettes, ' 47- ' 48; B.S.U. Council, ' 49; Homecoming Maid. ' 48; Big Sister, ' 48. • REGINALD W. GATES, Elmer, Pre-Veterinary Medicine; Lamb- da Chi Alpha. Fifth Row: • MARY ANN GAUNT, Texarkana, Texas, Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Corresponding Secretary; Big Sister; Pan- Hellenic Representative; Varnado Hall Council; Varnado Rep- resentative to A.W.S. • MARY FRANCES GIRLINGHOUSE, Harrisonburg, Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • WILLIS GOLDSBY, Mansfield, Agriculture; Demeter. • BRONIS ELAINE GRAY, Vivian, Music; Band; Orchestra; College Singers, ' 47- ' 50; Y.W.C.A., ' 47- ' 50; Band Secretary, ' 50. Sixth Row: • JAMES N. GRAY, Alexandria, Social Studies. • JOHN N. GREENE, Pendleton, Oegon, Government; N.S.C.; Debate Club; Speakers Bureau. • JULENE GRIFFIN, Monroe, Education. • PATRICK HARRINGTON, Alexandria, English. Seventh Row: • MARCIA HARRISON. Montgomery. Health and Physical Edu- cation; Pi Kappa Sigma. • KATHERINE HAWKINS. Minden, History-Social Science; Phi Alpha Theta, President, ' 49- ' 50; Kappa Delta Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation. • PAT HAYS, Urania, Social Studies; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Keeper of Grades, ' 49- ' 50; Student Senate, ' 48- ' 49; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta, Vice-President, ' 49- ' 50; A.W.S. Council, 48- ' 49; Secretary, A.W.S., ' 49- ' 50. • REGGIE A. HEBERT, Montegut, Industrial Arts; " N " Club; Newman Club; Four-Year Letterman. 55 THE SEI1I0R CLASS First Row: • RICHARD C. HENDERSON, Glenmora, Health and Physical Education; P.E.M. Club. • KATHRYN HENRY, Lake Charles, Home Economics; Pi Kappa Sigma. • GERALDINE HODGE, Mora, Home Economics; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Euthenics Club; Big Sister. • SAM S. HOLLADAY, Columbia, Health and Physical Education; College Singers; Kappa Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation; P.E.M. Club. • RUBY JEAN HOLLIMAN, Varnado, English; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta; Sophomore Counsellor; Vice-President, Kappa Delta Pi. • WILLET C. HORNSBY, JR., Bastrop, Business Administration. • MAXCY G. HOWE, Stonewall, Industrial Arts; Demeter; Industrial Arts Club, Sec.-Treas. Second Row: • ERNEST O. HOWELL, Richmond, Calitornia, Health and Physical Education; Vice-President Phi Kappa Nu ' 48- ' 49; President P.E.M. Club ' 48- ' 49; Vice-President " N " Club ' 48- ' 49. • JOHN HURLEY, Oak Grove, Business Administration; Phi Kappa Nu, Cor- responding Secretary; Wesley Foundation; POTPOURRI Staff ' 49- ' 50; " The Wes- leyan " Staff ' 48- ' 49. • MATTIE JACKSON, Montgomery, Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • CARY JOHNSON, JR.. Natchitoches, Social Welfare; Lambda Zeta, Presi- dent ' 48; Secretary-Treasurer Inter-Fraternity Council ' 48. • GAYNELL JOHNSON, Otis, Primary Education; Big Sister; B.S.U. • GENEVA JOHNSON. Chestnut, Primary Education; Christian Workers Al- liance; B.S.U. Council. • ROBERT OWEN JOHNSON, Shreveport, Business Administration; Vice-Presi- dent Sigma Tau Gamma ' 49; Varsity Football ' 46- ' 48; Varsity Baseball ' 46- ' 48. Third Row: • MARY JEWELL JOHNSTON, Benton, English; President Alpha Sigma Alpha ' 49- ' 50; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta. • RICHARD F. JOHNSTON, Shreveport, Business Administration; Phi Kappa Nu. • LEONARD JONES, JR., Trout, Upper Elementary. • ALVIS C. JORDAN, Robeline. Business Education; Y.W.C.A.; Y.W.A.; Choir; Demonettes. • HAROLD WAYNE JORDAN, Florien, Health and Physical Education. • JIMMIE MARIE JORDAN, Robeline, Biology. • JOHNNIE JORDAN, Natchitoches, Art. First Row: • 9UENTIN A. JORDAN, Robeline, Business Administration. • ANN C. JOYNER, Minden, Upper Elementary Education- Biq Sister. ' 48: Y.W.C.A. Representative. • PED C. KAY, JR., De Ridder, History. © MARGARET ANNE KELLER, Tallulah, Home Economics- Big Sister, ' 47- ' 48; Euthenics Club. Second Row: • GRAVES C. KENNEDY. Start, Health and Physical Education. • ANN ELIZABETH KEYES, Waterproof, Home Economics- Sig- ma Sigma Sigma; A.W.S. Dormitory Council, ' 46- ' 48; Secretary Freshman Commissioners, ' 47; Science Club; Big Sisters- Y W - C.A.; Secretary, Student Body, ' 48- ' 49; Vice-President ' Kappa Delta Pi, 49- ' 50: President. Euthenics Club ' 49- ' C0- Secretary Senior Class, ' 49- ' 50; B.S.U. Council; Freshman ' Scholarship Award. • ROSE KHOURY, Sulphur, Home Economics; Freshman Com- missioner; Euthenics Club; Newman Club. • LEON WESLEY KIERBOW, Minden, English. Third Row: • WARREN E. KIMBRELL Natchitoches. Accounting. • AUDREY J. KING, Jena, Primary Education. • BASIL KOLB, Natchitoches, Speech. • JOHN J. LACY, Monroe, Speech. Fourth Row: • REYNOLDS H. LAMBERT. Sorrento, Health and Ph seal Education; President. P.E.M. Club. • CLIFFORD E. LAMBORN, JR.. Canton, Ohio, Accounting. • PEGGY HALL LANDREAUX, Coushatta, Primary Education. • JOYCE MARIE LANDRY, Gonzales, Business Education- Vice- Fresident, Sigma Sigma Sigma, ' 49- ' 50. Fifth Row: • FRANCIS D. LASSITER, Jena, Business Administration. • DOROTHY ANN LAWRENCE, Alexandria, Business Education. • BYRON M. LEACH, Hornbeck, Accounting. • MRS. BYRON LEACH, Hornbeck, Business Education. Sixth Row: • MICHAEL B. LeBLEU, Leesville, Industrial Arts. • JAMES K. LEE, Natchitoches, Agriculture; Phi Kappa Nu- Demeter. • ADRIEN LORRAIN, Melder, Industrial Arts- Sigma Tau Gam- ma, House Manager, ' 48- ' 49; Historian, ' 48- ' 49; Newman Club- Freshman Commissioner, ' 46- ' 47. • ANNA MORAN LYLE, Mansfield, Business Education. Sevenlh Row: • BETTY LOU McCLOY, Winnfield, Health and Physical Edu- cation; Demonettes; P.E.M. Club. • MILTON McLANAHAN, Florien, Health and Physical Educa- tion; Lambda Zeta; P.E.M. Club; Chorus. • WILLIAM H. McLEOD, Leesviile. Biology; Lambda Delta Lambda. • DENNIS McMULLAN, Springhill, Business Administration- Phi Kappa Nu, Vice-President, ' 49- ' 50; Secretary Inter-Dormitory Council, ' 49; Vice-President, Student Body, ' 49- ' 50- Counc ' l- man-at-Large, ' 49. 57 THE S E n I R CLASS First Row: • JOYCE MACK, Lake Charles. Health and Physical Education; President P.E.M. Club ' 49- ' S0. • MARY MARICELLI, Campti, English; Purple Jackets; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta. • BETTY REE MARICLE, Pitkin, Home Economics; Euthenics Club ' 47- ' 50; Y.W.A. ' 47- ' 50. • MRS. JEAN ATKINSON MARSHALL, Forest Hill, Home Economics. • BETTYE H. MARTIN, Shreveport, Primary Education; President Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation. • MARTHA FRANCES MARTIN, Shreveport, Business Education; Big Sister; Y.W.C.A. Wesley Foundation. • EMOJEAN MATHEWS, West Monroe, Home Economics; Freshman Commis- sioner. Second Row: • GEORGE L. MAYO, Otis, Industrial Arts. • GWEN MAYO, Tioga, Business Education; Secretary Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Y.W.C.A. • JOE MELANCON, Trout, Industrial Arts; Band; Industrial Arts Club. • EDDIE E. MELDER, Glenmora, Mathematics; President Square and Compass Club ' 48. • HELEN MELDER, Glenmora, Business Education; Pi Kappa Sigma. • JOHN ROBERT MITCHELL, Crowley, Business Administration; Pi Omega Pi; Vetstown Alderman ' 49. • FRED R. MOORE, Lake Charles, History. Third Row: • MRS. GLORIA SMITH MOORE, Coushatta, Home Economics. • JAMES EDMOND MORELAND, Powhatan, Biology; Lambda Delta Lambda; Beta Beta Beta. • DON HAVERS MORGAN, Alexandria, Government; Sigma Tau Gamma; Sports Editor, " Current Sauce " ' 49; Tennis ' 48- ' 49; Wesley Foundation. • HOWARD KENNETH MORROW, DeRidder, Agriculture; Demeter. • BILLIE WRAY MOSS, Natchitoches. Business Education. • ROBERT D. MURPHY, Paris, Illinois, Business; Sigma Tau Gamma; Alpha Phi Gamma; Student Senate ' 48- ' 49; " Current Sauce, " Business Manager ' 48- ' 49, Editor ' 50. • FREDA NEAL, Montgomery, Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Wesley Foun- dation; Y.W.C.A. First Row: • ALFONSO NICOSIA, Smithfield. Pennsylvania, Health and Physical Education; " N " Club; P.E.M. Club; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball. • HUEY F. NOLAN, West Monroe, Health and Physical Education. • GWENDOLYN NORSWORTHY, Shreveport, Art. • SAMUEL JAMES OGDEN, Mer Rouge, Biology. Second Row: • FRANK C. ORTON, DeRidder, Accounting; Pi Omega Pi. • DORIS TROTTI OWENS, Simpson, Upper Elementary Edu- cation. • JOE PARKER, Deville, Upper Elementary; Kappa Delta Pi- Phi Alpha Theta; B.S.U.; Y.M.C.A. • WILMER W. PARKER, Natchitoches, Business Education. Third Row: • ROBERT EARL PARROTT, Natchitoches; Latin-English; Kappa Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation; Lesche Club Award, ' 49. • CLYDE LEWIS PATTERSON, Mooringsport, Biology; Lambda Zeta. • O. H. PATTERSON, Mooringsport, Biology; Lambda Zeta; Chorus. • CLARENCE PATTON, Robeline, Upper Elementary Education. Fourth Row: • WYNELL L. PEAVY, Leesville, Business Education; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Dormitory Council. • EFRAIN PEREZ, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, Industrial Arts- Social Studies. • JAMES I. PHARIS, Vivian, Social Studies • MARTHA ANNA PIXLEY, Haynesville, Upper Elementary Education; Secretary-Treasurer, A.W.S., ' 47- ' 48; Kappa Delta Pi; Judiciary Board, ' 47- ' 50; Vice-President, Purple Jackets, ' 49- ' 50; Kappa Delta Pi Award, ' 49. Fifth Row: • JAMES M. POOLE, Natchitoches, Social Studies; " N " Club; Honor Court; Phi Alpha Theta. • DORA ANNE POWELL, Natchitoches, Home Economics; Theta Sigma Upsilon, Pan-Hellenic Representative, ' 49- ' 50; Euthenics Club, Reporter, ' 48- ' 49; Alpha Phi Gamma; N.S.C. Speakers; Y.W.C.A.; Town Girls Organiiation; Davis Players, ' 48- ' 49; B.S.U.; " Current Sauce, " 47- ' 50. • ANTOINETTE H. PROVENZANO, Donaldsonville, Music; Band; Orchestra; Chorus. • KENNETH PRUDHOMME, Bermuda, Agriculture; Demeter. Sixth Row: • THURMAN C. PULL EN, JR., Marthaville, Biology. • MARIANNE RAINS, Shreveport, Primary Education; Secretary, Theta Sigma Upsilon, ' 49- ' 50; Dormitory Council; " Current Sauce, " Society Editor, ' 49- ' S0. • HOPE RICHARD, Franklin, Health and Physical Education; Pi Kappa Sigma. • BETTYE ROAN, Oakdale, Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Vice-President, Dormitory, ' 47; A.W.S., ' 47. Seventh Row: • RALPH E. ROPP, Natchitoches, History; President, Sigma Tau Gamma, ' 49- ' 50; Vice-President. Freshman Class; Cheerleader, ' 45- ' 46; Business Manager, " Current Sauce, " ' 45- ' 44; Debate Club; Student Senate, President, ' 48- ' 49; Speaker ' s Bureau, ' 48- ' 49. • RANSOM E. ROTH, Kenosha, Wisconsin; Physics-Mathematics; President, Lambda Delta Lambda. • ABRAHAM WYNIE ROY, New Orleans, Accounting. • SAMUEL RUBIN, JR., Monroe, Health and Physical Education; " N " Club; Varsity Football, ' 48- ' 49; Varsity Baseball, ' 49- ' 50; Aquatic Club, ' 49- ' 50; P.E.M. Club. 59 THE SEI1I0R CLASS First Row: • EARVIN RYLAND, Alexandria, Social Sciences; Phi Alpha Theta. • WILLIAM PARKS SANSING, Forest Hill, Health and Physical Education; Sigma Tau Gamma; Newman Club; Aquatic Club; P.E.M. Club. • BETTY SCANLON, Beaumont, Texas, Speech; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Alpha Psi Omega. • CHARLENE SHAW, Ringgold, Home Economics; Treasurer A.W.S.; Euthenics Club President ' 48; Freshman Commissioner ' 47; Purple Jackets ' 47- ' 49. • MRS. JULIA SHULER, Natchitoches, Speech; Alpha Psi Omega; Freshman Commissioner ' 47- ' 48; Big Sister; Secretary Wesley Foundation; Vice-President Y.W.A.; Band; Davis Players. • LILLIAN ANEMONEE SIBLEY, Many, Primary Education. • MAXINE SIBLEY, Florien, Secretarial Science; Wesley Foundation Council ' 47- ' 49; Chorus; Band; Y.W.A. Council. Second Row: • DIXIE ALLENE SILVERS, Maplewood, Medical Technology; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Beta Beta Beta; Wesley Foundation. • ARCHIE SINGLETARY. Winnfield, Journalism-English; Phi Kappa Nu; V.F.W.; Alpha Phi Gamma; " Current Sauce, " Sports Editor ' 48, Managing Editor ' 49, Editor ' 49; Judge Advocate, V.F.W. • BARBARA SLAWSON, Mansfield, Primary Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha. • MARLIN R. SLEDGE, Ringgold, Health and Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu; Phi Mu Alpha; Band ' 46- ' 50; Demonaires ' 47- ' 50; Inter-Dormitory Council; P.E.M. Club; Student Senate ' 50. • AUDREY E. SMITH, Shreveport, Business Education; Treasurer Alpha Sigma Alpha; Big Sister; Chorus; Junior Dramatics; A.W.S., Treasurer, Council Mem- ber; Dormitory Council, Vice-President, Sophomore, Secretary-Treasurer Varnado; POTPOURRI Staff; " Current Sauce " Staff; Demonettes ' 47- ' 48. • BARBARA JEANNE SMITH, Many, Business Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha. • BETSY NINA SMITH, Colfax, Education; Delta Sigma Epsilon, Sgt.-at-Arms, President; Pan-Hellenic Council ' 47- ' 48; A.W.S. Council; Federation Committee; Dormitory Council. Third Row: • NADINE SMITH, Sikes, Home Economics; Kappa Delta Pi; Big Sister; Purple Jackets ' 47- ' 50; Euthenics Club ' 46- ' 50; B.S.U. Council, Sec.-Treas. ' 49. • EARL DURWOOD SPEIGHTS, Clare, Chemistry; Beta Beta Beta; " N " Club. • YVONNE SPENCER, Lake Charles, Upper Elementary. • FREIDA SQUYRES, Lisbon, Library Science. • DOYLE R. STEPHENS, Urania, Industrial Arts. • MARJORIE STEPHENS, Leesville, Medical Technology; Demonettes. • ANN STERKX, Alexandria, Social Welfare; Pi Kappa Sigma. 60 U F IPS Mangham, Medical Technology; First Row: • JOE A. STERKX, Alexandria, Business Administration; Sigma Tau Gamma; Associate Justice, Honor Court; Fraternity Secre- tary; Pi Omega Pi, Treasurer. • CLAUDE L. STOUTAMIRE, Tallahassee, Florida, Health and Physical Education; " N " Club; Physical Education Major ' s Club. • RUDOLPH E. TARVER, Winnfield, Health and Physical Edu- cation. • CLAYTON L. TAYLOR, Jena, Journalism, Sigma Tau Gamma. Second Row: • KATHERINE E. TAYLOR, Winnfield, Primary Education; De- monettes. • REX H. TAYLOR, Shreveport, Business Administration; Sigma Tau Gamma; Marine Corps League; State Players; College Sing- ers; B.S.U. Aviation Club. • CHRISTINE TESTA, Waterproof, Health and Physical Educa- tion. • DONNA MAE THOMPSON, Waterproof, Mathematics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Big Sisters; A.W.S. Council; President, Newman Club, ' 49; Judiciary Board; Math Club. Third Row: • EVERETT T. THRUMOND, Calvin, Mathematics. • WILLIAM E. TIMON, JR., Natchitoches,, Mathematics; Lamb- da Zeta; Kappa Delta Pi; Lambda Delta Lambda; Interfrater- nity Council; " Current Sauce; " Vice-President, Lambda Delta Lambda. • DOT TULLOS, Chatham, Music Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha: Chorus; College Singers; Band; Big Sister; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil; Sweetheart, Phi Kappa Nu, ' 48. • OLAN DEAN TYLER, Zwolle, Accounting. Fourth Row: • MARYCARL UNDERWOOD, Beta Beta Beta; Big Sister. ' 48. • EDITH USSERY, Georgetown, Social Welfare. • HARMON WALKER, Pollock, Business Education • JUNE KATHERINE WALLACE, Verda, Home Economics; Big Sister; Euthenics Club; Purple Jackets, Treasurer, ' 48; B.S.U. Council. Fifth Row: • BLANCHARD L. WARD, Pineville, English; Kappa Delta Pi; Debate ' 47. • H. H. WATSON, JR., Shreveport Physics- Phi Kappa Nu. • MARY F. WELLER, Natchitoches, English; Phi Alpha Theta. • MILDRED WELLS, Alexandria, Journalism. Sixth Row: • BILLIE JO WEST. Shreveport, Art; Cheerleader, ' 47- ' 48- ' 49; Treasurer, Student Council; Dance Committee. • MAGDA WEST, Leesville, Home Economics. • CLARENCE H. WIGGINS, Natchitoches, Industrial Arts; V.F.W. Post; Industrial Arts Club. • GLENN WILLIAMS, Shreveport, Health and Physical Educa- tion; " N " Club; Varsity Baseball; Physical Education Major ' s Club. Seventh Row: • EMILY D. WILLIS, Doyline, Social Science; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Treasurer, Y.W.C.A.; President, Big Sisters, ' 47; Freshman Commissioner, ' 47; President, Sorority, ' 48; President, Pan-Hel- lenic, ' 48; President, Wesley Foundation, ' 48; Purple Jacket, President, ' 49; Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi, ' 49; Phi Alpha Theta, ' 49. • GEORGE L. WILSON, Alexandria, Physics. • MRS. MILDRED N. WILSON, Ball, Business Education; Queen, Northwestern Day, Alexandria Game ' 48. • CAMILLE WINDHAM, Trout, Business Education. Eighth Row: • CECIL F. WOOD, Campti, Agriculture. • CLAUDE E. YOUNGER, Pineville, Industrial Arts. • WINSTON R. YOUNGER, Natchitoches, Industrial Arts Edu- cation. • SUE ZENTER, Grand Cane, Music; College Orchestra, ' 47; Big Sisters, ' 47; College Singers, ' 48- ' 49- ' 50; Kappa Delta Pi, ' 49; B.S.U. Council, ' 49. THE JUniOR CLASS OFFICERS EUGENE FLORES President DONALD RAY Vice-President SARA PAT ANDRY Secretary-Treasurer Ray, Flores, Andry 62 km First Row: • LARUE ADAMS, Shreveport, Music Education; Band; Orchestra. • J. R. AKINS, Haynesville, Health and Physical Education; Sigma Tau Gamma. • HAROLD ALBRITTON, Downsville, Health and Physical Education. • SARA PAT ANDRY, Alexandria. Medical Technology; Pi Kappa Sigma; Purple Jackets; Beta Beta Beta; Lambda Delta Lambda; Sophomore Counselor. Second Row: • LOIS ARCHER, De Ridder, Primary Education. • JAMES T. ARNOLD, Pitkin, Industrial Arts Education; Industrial Arts Club. • ALVIN R. ATWOOD, Natchitoches, Social Science. • JIMMY ATWOOD, Alexandria, Social Science. Third Row: • BEVERLY BABB, Westlake, Secretarial Science; Freshman Com- missioner; Big Sister; Wesley Foundation; Y.W.C.A. • MYRTLE ANN BABIN, LaPlace, Mathematics; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Purple Jackets; POTPOURRI; Sophomore Counselor; Y.W.C.A. • ALVIN J. BAILEY, Natchitoches, Aviation Administration. • CHARLES L. BARNETTE, Robeline, Chemistry. Fourth Row: • HELEN BELISLE, Many, Library Science. • HUBERT E. BELISLE, Many, Industrial Arts; Lambda Zeta; In- dustrial Arts Club; Band. • PATRICIA BISHOP, Lake Charles, Social Welfare; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • VIRGINIA BLACKBURN, Glenmora, Elementary Education. Fifth Row: • CAROL BLANKENSHIP, Oakdale, Health and Physical Education; Theta Sigma Upsilon. • GEORGE BOOKER, Basile, Music; Band; College Singers. • BURT BOONE, Homer, Industrial Arts; College Singers. • JEAN BOWER, Monroe, English; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi. Sixth Row: • VICTOR C. BOYD, Campti, Chemistry. • MARGUERITE BOZEMAN, Oil City, Business Education; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Demonettes; Chorus. • JACK P. BRANCH, Little Rock, Arkansas, Health and Physical Education; Swimming Team. • JAMES H. BRANNON, Sulphur, Mathematics; Phi Kappa Nu. 63 THE JUI1I0R CLASS First Row: • JO ANNE BRANTLEY, Alexandria, Secretarial Science; Pi Kappa Sigma; Pan-Hellenic Council. • JOHN BREWTON, Goldonna, Agriculture. • GLADYS BRITT, Saline, English. • LELAND BRITT, Saline, Business Education. • ROMA GENE BRODNAX, Bastrop, Business Education; Sophomore Counselor; POTPOURRI. • GUS O. BROUSSARD, Campti, Industrial Arts; Lambda Zeta; " N " Club. • INITA BROWN, Wisner, Business Education. Second Row: • PATRICIA BROWN, Lake Charies, Music; Wesley Foundation. • SHIRLEY BROWN, DeRidder, Business Education. • GEORGE BRUSER, Minden Business Administration; Phi Kappa Nu; " N " Club. • ROBERT R. BRYANT, Newark, N. J., History. • JOY NELL BUTLER, Alexandria, Health and Physical Education. • WALTER E. BUTLER, Tallulah, Social Science. • NORMAREEN BUVENS, Many; Music; Chorus; Band; College Singers Third Row: • ETHELYN W. CAIN, Pitkin, Home Economics; Aquatic Club; B.S.U. Council; Euthenics Club; Demonettes. • WILLIAM E. CARPENTER, Calvin, Social Science. • CHUCK CASTAING, New Orleans, Accounting; Lambda Theta; Cheerleader; Gymnastic Team. • PHILIP CHERON, Buras, Industrial Arts. • DORIS G. CHESTER, Natchitoches, Business Education. • CAROL CLARK, Natchitoches, Primary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • FRED CLARK, Coushatta, Business Administration. Fourth Row: • JUANITA COLE, Florien, Upper Elementary; Honor Roll, Freshman and Sophomore. • STEPHEN COLE, Minden, Accounting; Phi Kappa Nu. • GAYLE COLGIN, Mooringsport, Business Administration; Lambda Zeta. • BILLY COLLINS, Atlanta, Agriculture. • ROY CONNELL, Dubberly, Biology; Demeter. • HOMER COOK, West Monroe. Music; Phi Mu Alpha; Band; Col- lege Singers. • JOE COOLEY, Longville, Business Education. 64 First Row: • KIRKLAND COURTNEY, Mansura, English. • MARTHA LOU CRAFT, Leesville, Mathematics; Sophomore Coun- selor; Freshman Commissioner; B.S.U. Council. • WANDA CRAFT, Leesville, Upper Elementary Education. • HARRY CREECH, Bossier City, Health and Physical Education; Varsity Football; Baseball; Physical Education Member Club. Second Row; • FRANK CRIPPEN, Winnfield, Accounting. • DON DANOS, Raceland, Health and Physical Education; Foot- ball Letterman; Physical Maior Club; " N " Club. • LLOYD DANOS, Raceland, Health and Physical Education. • BRUCE DAVIS, Baton Rouge, Health and Physical Education; Varsity Basketball; Physical Education Major Club. Third Row: • REGINALD R. DAVIS, Florien, Agriculture. • SAMUEL BOYER DAVIS, Shreveport, Marketing and Retailing; Varsity Track. • BERYL LYNN DELOACH, West Monroe, Music; Pi Kappa Sigma. • HAROLD GLEN DENNING, Alexandria, Health and Physical Education; Lambda Chi Alpha. Fourth Row: • RANDALL A. DETRO, Harmon, Library Science. • BETTY DEZENDORF, Natchitoches, Health and Physical Education. • JEWELL 0. DILLARD, Robeline, Chemistry. • CLINTON R. DOBSON, Chestnut, Art; Phi Kappa Nu. Fifth Row: DRISCOLL, Natchitoches, Mathematics; Theta • MARY ALICE Sigma Upsilon. • GUAYNELL DUNSWORTH, Mansfield, Primary Education. • MALCHUS EAVES, Edinburg, Mississippi, Industrial Arts. • BOBBIE ELKINS. Shongaloo, Social Science. Sixth Row: • CLIFFORD LEROY ELLARD, Bastrop, Chemistry; Sigma Tau Gamma. • GLORIA NELL ELLIOTT, R.N., Ringgold, Nursing. • BARBARA NELL EMMONS, Pleasant Hill, Home Economics. • YvONNE EWING, West Monroe, Library Science. Seventh Row: • LOUIS FARMER, Shreveport, Business Administration; Sigma Tau Gamma; Cheerleader; " Current Sauce " ; Football Manager. • ELAINE FERGUSON, Coushatta, Music; Orchestra; College Sing- ers; Chorus. • EUGENE FLORES, Shreveport, Government; Phi Kappa Nu; Fresh- man Class Vice-President, ' 47; Sophomore Class President, ' 48; Junior Class President, ' 49; Band President, ' 49; Drum Major, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50; Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra; Demonaires, Leader, ' 48- ' 50; College Singers; Newman Club; Interfraternity Council; Student Council; Honor Court Citizenship; Phi Mu Alpha. • VERNA FAYE FORTENBERRY, Rayville. Home Economics. Eighth Row: • CURTIS LEO FOSHEE, Natchitoches, Industrial Arts. • ANNE FREEZE, Shreveport, Business Education; Pi Kappa Sigma. • ESSIE GABBERT, Alexandria, Upper Elementary; Delta Sigma Epsilon; " Current Sauce " ; Debate Club; Freshman Dormitory Coun- cil; POTPOURRI Staff; Northwestern State Players. • ROBERT HOWARD GATES, Elmer, Pre-Medicine. 6$ THE JUI1I0R CLASS First Row: • JEANNETTE GEORGE, Mangham, Primary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • ANNIE GIBSON, Natchitoches, Primary Education. • JACKIE GIVENS, Winnfield; Health and Physical Education; Sigma Tau Gamma; Football Letterman; Physical Education Major Club; " N " Club. • DEE GOETZ, Shreveport, English; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Alpha Psi Omega; Spanish Club; Northwestern State Players. • BETTY LYNN GOLDSBY, Harmon; Primary Education; Dormitory Council, ' 49. • RUTH D. BRAY, Trout, Upper Elementary. • RAY GUILLORY, Eunice; Bussiness Administration; Newman Club. Second Row: • CHARLES A. HAGOOD, Shreveport, Accounting. • BARBARA HALL, New Iberia, Medical Technology. • EVELYN HOLLIS HALL, Bossier City, Music Education; Pi Kappa Sigma; Cover Girl, Pandemonium; College Singers; Beauty, ' 47; First Beauty, ' 48. • JACK HALL, Coushatta, Business Administration. • LOUISE HANCHEY, Lake Charles, Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • WILLARD EUGENE HARLAN, New Verda, Social Weltare; Lambda Zeta; Chorus. • EDWINA HAPER, Cheneyville, Health and Physical Education. Third Row: • VIVIAN ELAINE HARRiS, Olla, Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Big Sister. • JERRY HARVILLE, Danville, Industrial Arts. • MILLER HENDERSON, Denham Springs, Social Science; Phi Kappa Nu; Band. • THOMAS LATTIER HENNIGAN, Marthaville, Industrial Arts. • MARY LOU HINES Alexandria, Physics; Pi Kappa Sigma- Aquatic Club, ' 47- ' 50. • EVELYN HOFFPAUIR, Lake Charles. Primary Education. • MYRTIS HOLLIMAN. Varnado, Primary Education. Fourth Row: • TOMMIE HOLT, Natchitoches, Mathematics. • JOAN HOUGH, Bossier City, Speech; Alpha Psi Omega. • FRANK GRADY HOWELL, JR., Cotton Valley, Economics. • CHARLES HUGHES, Leesville, Business Education. • BEN HUNTER, Minden, Health and Physical Education. • MARNA HYNUM, Monroe, Primary Education. • BARBARA JACKSON, Bastrop, Upper Elementary . ' First Row: • BOBBY JAMES, Athens, Agriculture; Phi Kappa Nu. • WILLIAM JENNINGS, Pleasant Hill, Industrial Arts Education. • FRANCES JOHNSON, Vivian, Primary Education. • JAMES JOHNSON, Glenmora, Social Science. Second Row: • JIMMY JOHNSON, Starks, Speech; Pi Kappa Delta; Alpha Psi Omega; Varsity Debate Squad ' Honor Court Justice; Vice-Com- mander V.F.W. • CORNELIA ELIZABETH JORDAN, Natchitoches, Art. • JACK LEON JORDAN, Natchitoches, Health and Physical Edu- cation. • ANN KELLUM, Bogalusa, Primary Education. Third Row: • ADA LEE LANGSTON, Woodworth, Home Economics. • JAN-AN LEBLANC, Houma, Chemistry Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Newman Club; Beta Beta Beta; Freshman Commissioners; Alpha Phi Gamma; Lambda Delta Lambda; Kappa Delta Pi; " Current Sauce " Staff; Varsity Debate; Pan-Hellenic; POTPOURRI Editor, ' 50. • CARL LECKBAND, Trout, Biology; Beta Beta Beta. • MAI LEVEE, Shreveport, Journalism; Delta Sigma Epsilon. Fourth Row: • FRED LINDSAY, Choudrant, Health and Physical Education. • LESLIE LUM, Longstreet, Accounting; Sigma Tau Gamma. • CAROLYN LYNCH, Bastrop, Social Science; Wesley Foundation Council; Y.W.C.A. • MARY LOUISE McBRIDE, Natchitoches, Business Education; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Wesley Foundation Council. Fifth Row: • JULIA McBROOM, Shreveport, Speech; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Debate Squad; Big Sister; President, Freshman Dormitory. • HERSHAL McCONATHY, Florien, Health and Physical Education; " N " Club; Health and Physical Education Majors Club. • JOHNNY McCONATHY, Briceland. Health and Physical Educa- tion; " N " Club; Health and Physical Education Majors ' Club. • BILLY McCORMACK, Ringgold, Social Science; Sigma Tau Gamma; Honor Court. Sixth Row- • JOHN E. McCOY, Shreveport, Biology-Chemistry. • PAULA McDANIEL, Olla, Upper Elementary; Wesley Foundation. • WILLIAM L. McDERMOTT, Clarks, Accounting. • WILMA RAE McELVEEN, Anacoco, Home Economics. Seventh Row: • GLYNN McLAMORE, Montgomery, Accounting. • KATHLEEN McNAMARA, Maplewood, Spanish; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • BOBBY McNUTT, Cheneyville, Business Administration; Phi Kappa Nu. • BARBARA R. McWHORTER, West Monroe, Health and Physical Education. Eighth Row: • EPHEN J. MACALUSO, New Orleans, Business Administration; Phi Kappa Nu; Newman Club; Alpha Psi Omega. • MARY CATHERINE MAHAN, Monroe, Michigan, Primary Edu- cation; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • BETTY JO MARTIN, Shreveport, Music; Sigma Sigma Sigma; College Singers; Newman Club; Big Sister; Dance Band. • GUINEVERE MARTIN. Natchitoches, Upper Elementary Education. THE JUI1I0R CLASS First Row: • JAMES H. MARTIN, Natchitoches, Agriculture. • LOITA MARTIN, Vivian, Business Education; Demonettes. • ANGEL D. MARTINEZ, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico; Business Administra- tion. • LINDA MASON, Keatchie, Upper Elementary; Theta Sigma Upsilon, Freshman Commissioner, ' 48; Vice-President Sorority , ' 49; Pan-Hellenic Representative, ' 47. • MARY MAXWELL, Delhi, Business Education. • L. J. MELDER, Glenmore, Accounting. • MILDRED MILEY, Bogalusa, Primary Education. Second Row: • ANNE W. MONTGOMERY, Bellwood, Social Science Education; Purple Jackets, ' 49; B.S.U. Council, ' 48- ' 49. • ADA MOREFIELD, Natchitoches, Piano, Voice. • BESSIE MORGAN, Saline, Music; Theta Sigma Upsilon. • LILLIAN LOIS MORRIS, New Orleans, Primary Education. • ZONA MORRIS, Delhi, Home Economics; Theta Sigma Upsilon. • JEANETTE MOSES, Leesville, Primary Education. • JOY NORRIS, Hall Summit, Music Education; Music Representative on B.S.U. Council; Purple Jacket; College Singers; College Trio. Third Row: • JAMES OAKES, Homer, Business Administration; Sigma Tau Gamma. • JOYCE O ' BRIEN, Vinton, Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha. • DON G. ODUM, Manstield, Business Administration. • DOROTHY YOUNG OLIVIER, New Iberia, Business Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Honor Roll, ' 48; Treasurer Sorority, ' 49; Dormitory Presi- dent, ' 49; Purple Jackets, ' 49. • LINWOOD H. OUZTS, Minden, Health and Physical Education; " N " Club; Health and Physical Education Major ' s Club. • JANETTE O. PACE, Centerville. Business Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; Student Senate, ' 48; Vice-President Varnado, ' 49; President Varnado, ' 49- ' 50. • HYLAND D. PACKER, Melville, Mathematics; Freshman Commissioner, ' 47- ' 48. Fourth Row: • JIMMIE F. PARKER, Vivian, Business Education; Demonettes. • JAMES C. PARIS, Leesville, Accounting. • FRANK J. PASQUA, Gonzales, Biology; Demonaires; Band; Orchestra. • DEWITT PATTEN, Bossier City, Health and Physical Education; " N " Club. • JOHN PATTON, Oxford, Health and Physical Education; " N " Club; Letter in Track, ' 47- ' 48. • DOROTHY JANE PAUL, Trout, Home Economics. • EUGENE PENDER, Alexandria, Accounting; Phi Kappa Nu; Alpha Phi Gamma. 0 9l %f C) , I r 68 First Row: • HENRY W. PERE, Houma, Industrial Arts. • WALTER PETERSON, Janestown, Agriculture; Demeter. • LUKE A. PETROVICH, Buras, Government; Lambda Zeta; Alpha Psi Omega; Brick Shack Dormitory Council. • CARL PHARR. Kilgore, Texas, Industrial Arts; Sigma Tau Gamma; Industrial Arts Club; Commander V.F.W. Second Row: • DORIS JEANNE PINE, Natchitoches, Mathematics; Delta Sigma Epsilon. • BETTY CLAIRE POLK, Winsboro, Music. • THOMAS POOLE, Winnfield. Sociology; Lambda Zeta; " Current Sauce, " ' 47, ' 48; Northwestern State Speakers; College Singers. • PATRICIA ANN POWELL, Pleasant Hill, Primary Education. Third Row: • JOHN C. PRINCE, Winnfield, Accounting; Phi Kappa Nu. • DAISY M. PRUDHOMME, Bermuda, Music; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Newman Club; Freshman Commissioner, ' 49. • MAX W. PUGH, Logansport; Music; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Band; College Singers; Orchestra: Baptist Student Union; President B.S.U.; State President B.S.U.; Y.M.C.A. Treasurer; Freshman Commissioner. • HENRY M. PULLIG, Ashland, Agriculture; Demeter. Fourth Row: • LOUIS RAINS, Belmont, Social Science. • NEWLYN RAINS, Naborton, Upper Elementary. • DONALD T. RAY, Winnfield, Accounting; Phi Kappa Nu; Treas- urer Phi Kappa Nu, ' 4?; Vice-President Junior Class, ' 49. • CORNELIUS L. REID, Natchitoches, Health and Physical Educa- tion. Fifth Row: • EARL V. RHODES, Natchitoches, Social Science. • GERTRUDE RICE, Sulphur, Home Economics. • JO NELL RICHARDSON, Mansfield, Business Administration. • NELL RICHARDSON, Alexandria, Social Science. Sixth Row: • SARAH RICHARDSON, Jena, Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Chorus; Y.W.C.A. Council. • LOVIE RICKS, Florien, Primary Education. • LUCILLE ROBERTS, Natchitoches, Music Education. • KATHERINE NELL ROGERS, Gilbert, Upper Elementary; Pi Kappa Sigma; Sophomore Counselor. Seventh Row: • WILSON W. RONDA, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. Health and Physical Education. • WALTER J. ROSHTO, Alexandria, Business Education. • ANN RUTLEDGE, Pineville, Home Economics; Pi Kappa Sigma. • FIRAL RYDER, Pineville, Business Administration; Siqma Tau Gamma. Eighth Row: • WALTER S. SANDEFUR, Natchitoches, Health and Physical Edu- cation. • CORNELIA SAPP, Monroe, Health and Physical Education. • CLYDE SASSER, Deville, Agriculture; Demeter. • VIRGINIA R. SCANLAN, Mansura, Music. 69 THE JUI1I0R CLASS First Row: • NETTIE SCARBOROUGH, Natchitoches, Upper Elementary. • ROSE MARY SCARDULLA, New Orleans, English; Newman Club; Dormitory Council, ' 47; Spanish Club; Debating, ' 47. • HELEN SCHELETTE, Flora, Health and Physical Education. • JUDITH SCHNEIDER, New Orleans, Health and Physical Education. • DOROTHY SCOTT, Boyce, Business Education; Delta Sigma Epsilon • LEE SELF, Many, Music; Lambda Zeta; Phi Mu Alpha; Demonaires; Band; Orchestra; College Singers. • CLIFFORD SELLERS, Clarks, Accounting. Second Row: • RICHARD E. SISEMORE, New Orleans, Business Administration. • DANIEL D. SKINNER, Florien, Chemistry. • MARTHA M. SKINNER, Lucedale, Mississippi, Nursing. • AMY LOU SMITH, Delhi, Home Economics. • JACK SMITH, Maplewood, Mathematics. • MARTIN SMITH, Shreveport, Industrial Arts. • RAY SMITH, Marthaville, Mathematics. Third Row: • WILLIAM A. Lambda Zeta. SMITH, Mooringsport, Health and Physical Education; • MRS. JEAN SNEAD, Atlanta, Home Economics; Vice-President Y.W.C.A.; Euthenics Club. • L. W. SNIDER, Natchitoches, Biology. • JANICE W. SORBET, Robeline, Business Administration. • MARY LOU STATHAM, Amite, Spanish; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Fresh- man Dormitory President; A.W.S. Council. • LAYTON STEPHENSON, Bastrop, Business Administration; Lambda Zeta. • EDNA MARGUERITE STEVENSON, RN, Athens, Nursing. Fourth Row: • MARY F. STOKES, Ferriday, Primary Education. • RETTA STRICKLAND, Natchitoches, Health and Physical Education; A.W.S. Sophomore Award, ' 49; Purple Jackets, ' 49; Kappa Delta Pi, " 49. • SCOTT T. STRICKLAND, Natchitoches, Agriculture; Lambda Zeta; Interfraternity Council; Demeter; Marine Corps; Chorus. • DELORES SUTHERLAND, Westlake, Music; Y.W.C.A. Treasurer; Big Sister; Freshman Commissioner; Wesley Foundation; College Singers. • DOROTHY TAYLOR, Shreveport, Speech; Alpha Psi Omega; Davis Players: " Current Sauce. " • WILDA R. THOMPSON, Ferriday, Business Administration. • PHILIP J. TIMOTHY, Slidell, Health and Physical Education. 70 First Row: • NELL TONEY, Alexandria, Business Education. • WANDA JEAN VICK, Viviain, Business Education; Band; Chorus; " Current Sauce " ; Big Sister. • SARAH J. WADSWORTH, Bastrop, Primary Education; Pi Kappa Sigma. • BOBBIE D. WAGGONER, Jena, Medical Technology. Second Row: • ROBERT A. WALKER, Chestnut, Industrial Arts. • MAXINE WALLACE, Jena, Chemistry. • EMERSON C. WALTERS, Winnfield, Accounting. • MILDRED M. WASSAN, West Monroe, Health and Physical Education. Third Row: • FRANKIE WATSON, Lake Charles, Primary Education. • BILL P. WEAVER. Natchitoches, Business Education; " N " Club; Basketball. • JAMES J. WEAVER, Natchitoches, Health and Physical Education. • TOM W. WEAVER, Chestnut, Industrial Arts. Fourth Row: • BOBBY WEBB, Natchitoches, Biology. • ANN WEBSTER, Oxford, Business Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha. • THEDA WELCH. Natchitoches, Music Education. • JERRY WEST, Natchitoches, Chemistry; S : gma Tau Gamma; Var- sity Football; Varsity Basketball; " N " Club; " Current Sauce " ; Marine Corps League. Fifth Row: • MICKEY WEST, Leesville, Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Euthenics Club. • MURREL WHATLEY, Pineville, Industrial Arts. • VIRGINIA L. WHITE, Winnfield, Music; Band; College Singers; Sophomore Counselor. • FLORENCE WILCOX, Shreveport, Health and Physical Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Women ' s Physical Education Major ' s Club. Sixth Row: • BELDEN WILLIAMS, Shreveport, Aviation Maintenance. • L. C. WILLIAMS, Anacoco. Social Studies. • RANDALL WILLIAMS, Grand Cane, Accounting; Phi Kappa Nu. • DON M. WILLIFORD, Shreveport, Business Administration; Mathe- matics Club; Dormitory Council, ' 4?; Honor Court, ' 49. Seventh Row: • PERRY WILSON, Ferriday, Industrial Arts. • THOMAS C. WIMBERLEY, Coushatta, Health and Physical Edu- cation; Health and Physical Education Major ' s Club; Aviation Club; Wesley Foundation. • AVIS JEAN WINDHAM, Trout, Social Science. • PATRICIA WINTERS, Alexandria, History. Eighth Row: • WILHELMENA WISE, Lena Station, Biology and Pre-Medicine; Band. • BERNARD WOOLEY, Alexandria, Biology. • MRS. IDELLA R. WOOLEY, Alexandria, Business Education. • SHARON WRIGHT, Zwolle, Business Education. • KENNETH YANCEY, Jonesville, Business Administration. 71 THE SOPHOmORE CLASS OFFICERS JACK GAMBLE President ROBERT JUSTISS Vice-President BETH McGUFFEE Secretary-Treasurer Justiss, McGuffee, Gamble 72 %- . :x f fV First Row DOLORES ABRAHAM, Music De Ridder JANETTE ABRAHAM, Upper Elementary Mansfield ED. L. ADRION, Accounting Alexandria PEGGY ALEXANDER, Health and Physical Education .... Hodge MARTHA JANE ALLEN, Nursing Ville Platte Second Row HARRY ANDERSON, Business Administration Tallulah MARY JO ARMSTRONG, English Gallion AMOS C. AUSTIN, Accounting Shreveport MELBA BAMBURG, Primary Education Natchitoches RAYMOND BAMBURG, Health and Physical Education . Chestnut Third Row SAMMIE JEAN BANKS, Business Education Mooringsport MARILYN BARNETTE, English Plain Dealing CARMEN BASCO, Upper Elementary Gorum CORLISS BASCO, Secretarial Science Gorum SADIE BASCO, Upper Elementary Flatwoods Fourth Row MARY JOYCE BEDGOOD, Nursing Atlanta, Texas JOHN WILLIAM BENTLEY, History Vivian WEBSTER BERLIN, Accounting Alexandria ANITA BISHOP, Nursing Minden ANN BOLEN, Business Administration Alexandria Fifth Row CHARLES T. BOOKTER, Pre-Law Bossier City SAMMY BOORAS, Health and Physical Education .... Shreveport BILLY G. BOYETTE, Industrial Arts Winnfield GORDON BRADSHAW, Health and Physical Education . Ash Grove, Mo. HAZEL BRANNAM, Health and Physical Education Bunkie Sixth Row LAMOURIE BRANTLEY, Primary Education Goldonna RAMONA BROSSETTE, English Shreveport ALVA MAE BRUMFIELD, Business Education Coushatta BEA BRUSCATO, Child Development Monroe PERRY BRYANT, Social Science Goldonna Seventh Row MARY BETH BUCKLEY, Home Economics Natchitoches FAY BULLOCK, Health and Physical Education Glenmora WILLIE A. BUMGARDNER, Pre-Dentistry Ashland PATSY J. BURKE, Health and Physical Education Gretna JEAN BURKHALTER, Music Ringgold Eighth Row VERNA MAE CALCOTE, Home Economics Bunkie LEROY CALDWELL, Business Administration Delhi HENRY CAMP, Music West Monroe DAVID CARLEY, Chemistry Zimmerman LEWIS CARLEY, Business Administration Zimmerman Ninth Row ARTHUR CHAUVIN, Agriculture Ferriday NORMA JEAN CHEVES. Upper Elementary Alexandria GEORGENE CLAXTON, Music Bossier City PATSY ANN CLEMENT, Secretarial Science Minden PATSY ANN COBB, Primary Education Shreveport 73 THE SOPHOmORE CLASS First Row DOROTHY COLLINS Atlanta Home Economics NOLAN R. COMAS Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico Health and Physical Education RALPH GEORGE COMBS Natchitoches Pre-Medicine EVERETT COODY Pollock Accounting ROBERT COOK Ringgold Agriculture GRACE ELAINE COOLEY Longville Home Economics ELIZABETH A. COX New Orleans Speech Second Row JAMES R. COX . . Natchitoches Business Administration MINNIE LEOLA CRAFT Kisatchie Home Economics ROBERT CREWS Jena Mathematics KERRY CROCKER ... Natchitoches Pre-Engineering MARY RUTH CROOKS Walters English FAY RAY CRUMP Marthaville Home Economics C. L. CULPEPPER .... Natchitoches Pre-Engineering DOROTHY CUNNINGHAM Mansfield Accounting Third Row JOHN C. CURTISS Negreet Biology CECIL P. DAVIS Many Business Administration JO LYNN DAVIS Alexandria Primary Education MARY BELLE DAVIS Jonesville Home Economics THERESA DAVIS Ferriday Primary Education KATHLYN DAWKINS Bastrop Library Science MARY DEAN Colfax Home Economics THOMAS A. DEAN Calvin Pre-Engineering Fourth Row JO ANN DE BATE Bunkie Health and Physical Education JEFF DE BLIEUX ... Natchitoches Pre-Engineering GORDON T. DELANEY Forest Hill Accounting THOMAS J. DE LOUGHRY Brooklyn, N. Y. Aviation KATHERN DHEIL Longville Chemistry — Mathematics ALVERNA DOCKENS Leesville Social Science PEGGY DOLES Jones English CLYDE DOYAL Lecompte Pre-Law 74 First Row FRANCES E. DUCK Haynesville Home Economics WAYNE DURR ... Marthaville Health and Physical Education JAMES W. DYER Lecompte Health and Physical Education MARY RUTH DYESS Marthaville Music Second Row PATSY EASON . . HAZEL GLORIA EBARB RAYMOND L. EBARB EUNICE EDEN . . RUTH ANN ELLENDER FRANCES ELLIOTT LEO ELLISON . . . LANNIE R. FLETCHER MARTHA MAE FORTSON DORIS FOSHEE . . NICHOLAS L. FRAGALA WALLACE FRYER . . Library Science Home Economics Agriculture Upper Elementary Third Row Library Science Home Economics Health and Physical Education Business Education Fourth Row Many . . Noble . . Ebarb Lake Charles De Ouincy . . Olid Natchitoches Colfax Primary Education Primary Education Industrial Arts Health and Physical Education Fifth Row JERRY FULLER . CAROLYN FULTZ EVELYN GANDY . GLYNN GARDNER JACK T. GASTON ELIZABETH GEORGE BETTY JANE GIPSON JUNE ANN GISSLER ROSA MAE GODWIN . ANDREW M. GOLDEN . LORICE GORUM . . GEORGE N. GRAMMER Music Health and Physical Education Home Economics Music Sixth Row Health and Physical Education Secretarial Science Home Economics Nursing Seventh Row Houma Natchitoches Bastrop Little Rock De Ridder Mansfield Many Ferriday El Dorado, Ark. Bastrop New Orleans Artesia, New Mexico Nursing Mathamatics Home Economics Chemistry Jonesville Florien Glenmora Benton MILSTEAD L. GRANT Eighth Row ALLEN GRANT Leesville Music Leesville Mathematics MAURINE GRAY .... ... Bastrop Library Science PATTY GREEN ... Homer Health and Physical Education Ninth Row BILLIE GREER Springhill Chemistry JACOUE GUNN Natchitoches Special HENRY HAND ... .... Harrisonburg Health and Physical Education SHIRLEY HARP Bastrop Primary Education 75 THE SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row ROBERT G. HARPER Lecompte Business Education SALLIE HARPER Crowville Library Science LOUISE E. HARRIS West Monroe French MARY ESTELLE HARVEY Zwolle Business Education JOHN WILLIS HAYNES Saline Agriculture IRENE HERBERT Cameron Chemistry MARILYN HELTON Shreveport Nursing CHERI ANN HOLIDAY Zwolle Medical Technology Second Row KATHERINE E. HOPKINS . Tallulah Library Science EMMETT P. HORN, JR Robeline Mathematics MRS. YVONNE HORN Montgomery Upper Elementary MARY JO HOUSTON Bastrop Art GLORIA JEAN HOWARD Pitkin Home Economics DANIEL HULL Bossier City Music KENNETH A. ISGITT .... Converse Industrial Arts WESLEY P. JACKSON Leesville Journalism Third Row WILLIAM LEE JAMES .... Woodworth Accounting WANDA C. JOHNIKEN Mansfield Home Economics HIRAM JOHNSON Tioga Pre-Dentistry JANICE HOPE JOHNSON ... Bunkie Health and Physical Education LOUISA L. JOHNSON Chestnut Medical Technology WILLARD H. JOHNSON ..... Many Business Administration LOYE JONES .... _ Minden Pre-Medicine WILDA ANN JONES Longville Upper Elementary Fourth Row ANDREW JOYNER Coushatta Industrial Arts ROBERT E. JUSTISS ... ... El Dorado, Ark. Health and Physical Education JOSEPH W. KEMP, JR Ethel History JO EDITH KENNINGTON Hall Summit Secretarial Science DAVID G. KOCH Keokuk, Iowa Sociology BOBBIE KORNEGAY ..... Dodson Primary Education DONALD C. KUHN Tallulah Agriculture DOROTHY LANGRIDGE Shreveport English 76 I First Row JAMES LA ROUE Zwolle Health and Physical Education BARBARA LAWTON Vivian English BOBBY LEE LEACH Shreveport Business Administration MAXINE H. LECKBAND Trout Biology Second Row RUTH LEE Winnfield Social Welfare SIDNEY LEE Shreveport Business SUE LEE Lake Arthur Music PATRICIA ANN LEONE .... Zwolle Mathematics Third Row RUBY L ' HERISSON _ . Colorado Springs, Colo. Health and Physical Education ANNETTE LIGGIN Bernice Social Welfare ELVIN LIGHTSEY Delhi Health and Physical Education OUINCY RAE LINCECUM Bossier City Health and Physical Education Fourth Row JOHN LYLE Brooklyn, N. Y. Business Administration HAZEL JEAN LYONS Crowley THOMAS L. McCAUGHAN Lake Charles Health and Physical Education ANTOINETTE McFARLAND Coushatta Spanish Fifth Row NORMAN McFERREN Marthaville Agriculture BETH McGUFFEE _ Harrisonburg Home Economics LAVERNE McHALFFEY ... Bossier City Music Education NELDA McLAREN Leesville Upper Elementary Sixth Row OAROLYN McLEAN Homer Health and Physical Education DALLAS RAYMOND MADDEN Ringgold Accounting CARL MADDRY Homer Business Administration NED MAHFOUZ Natchitoches Pre-Medicine Seventh Row PATRICIA MARMANDE Houma Home Economics CHARLOTTE L. MARTIN Lake Providence Medical Technology RONALD C. MARTIN ... Natchitoches Social Science JOHN MASSINGILL Many Aviation CHARLENE MELTON WILLIAM MEYERS JAMES MICHAEL . BEVERLY ANN MILES BOBBY MILLER JAMES M. MILLER BETTY MILLSPAUGH Eighth Row Nursing Social Science Business Administration Secretarial Science Ninth Row Social Science Health and Physical Education Minden Braithwaite Minden Venice Toro Little Rock, Ark. Natchitoches Home Economics NANCY MONTGOMERY Springhill Nursing 77 THE SOPHOmORE CLASS First Row ALLISON MOORE . Goldonna ..,,., , _ Business Administration WILLIAM T. MOORE Goldonna Business Administration DUDLEY MORRISON Leesville Business Education BLANCHE MORROW Bastrop Secretarial Science L A. NEWMAN, JR. . Natchitoches Business Administration BARBARA O ' BRIEN Opelouses Nursing MARGARET GENE OHLSEN St. Joseph Primary Education JEANNE L. OLIVER Bastrop Health and Physical Education BETTY ORGERON . . Port SuIphur Primary Education Second Row GLORIA OWENS Homer Primary Education PATRICIA ANN PACKER Leesville ANTONIO PEREZ PAGES . . . US . ' C .... Ponce, Puerto Rico Pre-Medicine BETTY SUE POLSON Fullerton Home Economics NITA PORTER Leesville Home Economics GERTRUDE PRATHER Natchitoches Medical Technology HAMILTON PRESTRIDGE . . ..... Natchitoches Chemistry EDDYE JEAN QUINN . Shreveport Child Development HERMAN QUIROS Cartago, Costa Rica Pre-Medicine Third Row ARTIE RANEW. . . . . Tallahassee, Ha. Health and Physical Education ZELDA RAWLS Marthavilie Home Economics ESTHER REMONT .... Cut Off MARGARET REYNOLDS . . UrSm9 Memphis, Tenn. DONALD G. ROBINSON . . P . eeC Jonesboro Accounting SHELTON H. ROBINSON Danville Government THOMAS S. RODGERS P | ain Dealing Agriculture ROBERT M. RUSHING Ashland Chemistry BEN RUSSELL Natchitoches Business Administration Fourth Row MAYME R. SCHOONOVER Lake Charles ELIZABETH SEEGERS .... US ' C Haynesville Secretarial Science LA VERNE SEPULVADO ... Zwolle Upper Elementary MELVIN H. SHAW Natchitoches Industrial Arts LOUISE SHEPPARD Hodge Primary Education CHARLES SIMMONS Homer LUCY CAROL SINGLETON Alexandria Home Economics DOLLIE SMITH Bentley English DOY C. SMITH De Ridder Pre-Engineering 76 First Row E. S. SMITH, Accounting Alexandria JOY SMITH, Home Economics Glenmora NELLENE SMITH, Primary Education Sikes SUE LYNN SMITH, Home Economics Florien WANDA SMITH, Secretarial Science Leesville Second Row JIM STANFORD, Geology Shreveport ALEXA STOTHART. Business Education Coushatta GLORIA STRONG, Music West Monroe NADINE SUTHERLIN, Primary Education Haughton SUE TALBERT, Primary Education Port Sulphur Third Row EDITH TARVER, Home Economics Harrisonburg BILL TAYLOR, Art Bossier City PEGGY JOYCE TAYLOR, Music Stamps, Ark. ARLISS TEEKELL, Social Science Hineston WANDA THOMAS, Primary Education Shreveport Fourth Row HELEN THOMPSON, Mathematics Ferriday BOBBY THORNTON, Business Administration Mansfield J. C. TILLMAN, English — Journalism Mangham VICTOR H. TOMPKINS, Pre-Engineering Many ELVA SUE TUCKER, Mathematics Haynesville Fifth Row TOMMIE JEAN TULLOS, Library Science Winnsboro MARY JO 1URNAGE, Business Education Zwolle ALVlN TURNER, Pre-Engineering De Ridder KERMIE VALENTINE, Industrial Arts Mitchell LORRAINE VAUGHN, Music De Ridder Sixth Row ELSIE JOAN VELA, Upper Elementary Buras DOROTHY VERCHER, English Clarence ROBERT R. VOORHEES, Business Administration .... Monroe CHARLES WALLACE, Accounting Leesville JAMES T. WALLACE, Agriculture Montgomery Seventh Row MARY LOU WARING, Secretarial Science ...... Bastrop EDWARD WATKINS, Health and Physical Education . Haynesville PATRICIA WAY, Business Administration Port Sulphur LIBERINE WEDGEWORTH, Home Economics Zwolle BARBARA WEST, Business Education Hodge Eighth Row B. F. WESTBROOK, Health and Physical Education Provencal MARJORIE WHITE, Medical Technology Castor RALPH WHITE, Business Education Alexandria W. J. WHITEHEAD, Business Education Clerks NELL WHITTEN, Music Winnfield JOYCE WIGGINS, Secretarial Science Oakdale Ninth Row BETTYE WIGGINS, Upper Elementary Chestnut LEROY WILLIAMSON, Accounting Port Sulphur JANE WOLCOTT. Home Economics. Slidell CHARLES WILLIS, Social Science Vidalia FRANCES WOODALL, Home Economics Shreveport GERALDINE ZABASKY, Home Economics Lena THE f R £ S H m fl n CLASS OFFICERS CECIL NIELSEN President HARDY ROSE Vice-President MARIE TILLEAUX Secretary-Treas urer Rose, Tllleaux, Nielsen 10 First Row Business Administration Nursing Nursing MANUEL ALVAREZ-LLANEZA . . . . Aviation Maintenance CORA BELLE ANDERSON . . Typing HAROLD L. ABADIE . LAVONNE ALDREDGE BILLIE ALFORD . . Lions Lufkin, Texas Shreveport Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico New Orleans ROBERT W. ANDREWS BILLY G. ARMSTRONG MILLICENT ARNOLD MALCOLM AYMOND LUCILLE BACLE . Second Row Health and Physical Education Business Administration Nursing Pre-Engineering Nursing Third Row Manchester, Connecticut . ' . Benson Logansport Alexandria Mangham TRAVIS BADGLEY . FAYE BAILEY . . LEONELLE BARRON ROMER BARTH . MARIE BASS . . Ashland DeRidder Boyce Port Sulphur Leesville Pre-Pharmacy Nursing Primary Education Business Administration Medical Technology Fourth Row Accounting Business Administration Nursing Business Administration Physical Education Fifth Row WINFREY M. BLAIR Winntield Upper Elementary JO ANN BOGGS ... Shreveport Social Welfare MERLENE BOND .... McLeod, Texas Nursing JAMES T. BONSALL ... Saline Agriculture VERNETTE BORDEN .... Oak Grove Nursing CLYDIE MAE BEACHAM VIVIAN D. BEAUDION . ORLEAN M. BECKETT . RUDY C. BERLIN . THAIS R. BETER . . . Blanchard Natchitoches Bossier City Nederland, Texas New Orleans MAXINE BOWDEN ANN BOWER . Sixth Row Nursing Hope, Arkansas Monroe Music HENRY D. BRANCH Waterproof Industrial Arts CHARLES L. BROWN Natchitoches Upper Elementary GENE BUTTS Springhill Health and Physical Education WILLA DEE BYLES . JASPER D. CALDWELL DAISY CANFIELD . JACK T. CARTER . Seventh Row Music Accounting Nursing Marthaville Wisner Price, Texas Natchitoches Pre-Medicine FRANCES CHANDLER .... Shreveport Psychology BETTY SUE CHOATE . ELEANOR M. CLARK JERRY CLARK . . . Eighth Row Business Administration Secretarial Science Natchitoches . Winnfield McDade Business Administration MARY CLARK Alexandria Music FAYE COLEMAN _ Natchitoches Secretarial Science 81 THE f R £ S H m fl n CLASS First Row CHARLOTTE COMBS Natchitoches English WILLIAM C. CONERLY Bellwood Forestry DAN H. COOK Florien Agriculture MARY LOUISE COPELAND Hope, Arkansas Nursing MAC D. CRAFT Kisatchie Forestry ELDON CRAWFORD Enterprise Physical Education MARY LOU CRUICE New Orleans Nursing PATRICIA CRUMP Shreveport Mathematics HOUSTON DAVIS DeRidder Pre-Engineering Second Row ANITA DODSON Bossier City Health and Physical Education JUANITA DORTCH McLeod, Texas Nursing MARY ANN DOWNING Shreveport Secretarial Science ANITA DUPREE Shreveport Secretarial Science ROBERT DURHAM Shreveport Music VERNON G. EDEN La Ceiba, Honduras Business Administration PEGGY EDGECOMBE Nairn Secretarial Science HUEY P. EDWARDS Winnfield Business Administration JOHN BARNES EICHLER Shreveport Kre-Law Third Row FRANCIS ELKINS Brookhaven, Mississippi Nursing FON LAVERN ELLIOTT Many Biology BYRON HUGH ELLISON, JR Natchitoches Journalism HELEN ELROD Logansport Nursing JOHN G. EMBRY Shreveport Science ERNESTINE EMMETT Noble Nursing NATHAN ENGLADE Reserve Social Science ROBERT EPPS Sarepta Health and Physical Education LORETTA FALCON R ayn e Nursing Fourth Row AGNES V. FEAZEL Pleasant Hill Nursing BETTY FLO FEW Vivian Secretarial Science ANNETTE FILOSTRAT Alexandria Journalism RAYMOND A. FLORES Shreveport Spanish NOELIE FONTENOT Ville Platte Music TED FRANCIS Alexandria Nursing LYNN FRY Natchitoches Secretarial Science SAM WARNER GALLIEN Natchitoches Business Education CIRCE GAMBLE Marthaville Mathematics 82 First Row WILFORD GARCIA, Industrial Arts Caborofo, Puerto Rico NANCY D. GARDNER, Art Mooringsport JAMES C. GETER, Business Education Robeline JANET GOETZ, English Shreveport JO ANN GOOCH, Music Shreveport Second Row BETTY GOYNE, Home Economics Shreveport CECIL GRAY, JR., Business Administration Natchitoches HAROLD L. GREENE, Engineering Belcher SUNSHINE GREMILLION, Business Administration Shreveport PEGGY HARDY, Nursing Longview, Texas Third Row LEE HARGRODER, Pre-Engineering Minden KATHLEEN HARPER, Secretarial Science Caripito, Venezuela JOAN HART, Nursing Shreveport DOROTHY ANN HAYES, Nursing Shreveport JOHNNY HAYNES, Mathematics Springhill Fourth Row WILLIAM L. HAYGOOD, Journalism Dixie PEGGY HAYWOOD Secretarial Science Shreveport EMMA MARIE HERBERT, Nursing Abbeville FRED HELTON, Biology, Pre-Dentistry Grayson PATSY ALIECE HENRY, Nursing Troup, Texas Fifth Row W. L. HERON, Industrial Arts Castor MARORIE HOFFPAUIR, Nursing Indian Bayou J. L. HOOPER, Physical Education Baton Rouge MARJORIE HORN, Business Education Flora LOUISE HUNTER, Nursing Coushatta Sixth Row LA JUAN HUST, Music . Shreveport VIRGINIA LOU INGRAM, Elementary Education . . Birmingham, Alabama DORIS ANN JAMES, Spanish Shreveport BILLIE JEANNE JONES, Nursing Shreveport SYLVIA JOHNSON, History Hineston Seventh Row MATTIE JEAN JOWERS, Home Economics Montgomery RAY N. KELLY, Business Administration Alexandria ELIZABETH LOUISE KOCH, History Keokuk, Iowa FARAH LAGRONE, Nursing Lufkin, Texas LELAND A. LANGRIDGE, JR., Pre-Law Shreveport Eiqhth Row CLEOLA LAROUE, Accountinq Zwolle WYNONA LAWRENCE, Nursing Atlanta, Texas MARY ANNETTE LEE, Art Shreveport VIRGINIA LEMEUR, Nursing Lake Charles WILLIAM W. LEONE, Education Zwolle Ninth Row PIERCE LINDSEY, Health and Physical Education Bastrop VIRGINIA LOCKARD, Home Economics Forest GENEVIEVE LONG, Nursing Georgetown LETHA LOU LOVELL, Upper Elementary Atlanta RUTH LUTHER, Home Economics Many Tenth Row C. A. McCOWN, Accounting Fouke, Arkansas RUBY JEANNE McKINNEY, Primary Education Shreveport KEN MAGGIO, Health and Physical Education Natchitoches JOYCE LEE MAIER, Upper Elementary Bossier City APHRODITE MAMOULIDES, Chemistry Crowley THE F R £ S H 111 fl n CLASS First Row MARALENE MEREDITH . Shreveport Secretarial Science VIRGINIA ANN METCALF . Shreveport Medical Technology GERTIS MILLER Basile Nursing RAY MILLS Alexandria Accounting ELIZABETH MITCHAM _ Natchitoches Home Economics ALMA JO MONTGOMERY Joinerville. Texas Nursing JULIA MOONEY ... Dodson Primary Education HENRY MOORE Shreveport Pre-Medicine JOHN WILLIAM MOTTER Alexandria Industrial Arts MARJORIE MYRICK . DOROTHY NESBITT . Second Row Business Education Alexandria Shreveport Business Administration GLEN NETHERY Olla Health and Physical Education CECIL P. NIELSEN Shreveport Pre-Law JOHN L. NORWOOD ... Converse Pre-Medicine GERTRUDE OWENS ... Lena Station Nursing GERALD L. PAGE . . Winntield Industrial Arts Education VICTORIA PAGE ... . Flora Business Education GLORIA ANN PARIS ... Mansfield Nursing Third Row MELVIN W. PHENIX Baton Rouge Business Administration BOBBIE DELL PIPER Bossier City Nursing BOBBY PLATT 0xford English CIRO J. POLLACIA . . DeRidder Bus iness Administration WAYNE C. PONDER ... P | easant H ill Industrial Arts CHARLIE H. POWELL . F | orien Health and Physical Education WALTER H. POWELL .... Florien Health and Physical Education AILCIA CLAIRE PRATT Natchitoches Accounting CLAIRE NELL PRIMOS ... Shreveport Social Science Fourth Row WANDA NELL PUCKETT Daingerfield, Texas Nursing MARY HELEN PYLE Shreveport Elementary Education CARL E. RACHAL Alexandria Mathematics JOYCE C. RAMBIN Shreveport Social Science MILDRED RAMBIN Natchitoches Nursing BILLY RANDALL Olla Health and Physical Education GRACE SUE RICHARDSON ... Shreveport Secretarial Science MATTIE BETH RICHARDSON Colfax Mathematics RICHARD RICHARDSON .... Jonesboro Health and Physical Education g€ £-£ 84 .9 , ? O First Row ROBERT RICHARDSON, Pre-Engineering Crowviile ALFRED PAUL RICKS, Health and Physical Education .... Jonesboro JESSE B. RIKARD, Agriculture Atlanta MARTHA BEA ROBISON. Secretarial Science Ringgold HARDY ROSE, Music Shreveport Second Row ALBERTIA ROSHTO, Upper Elementary Alexandria J. W. SANDERS, Mathematics Larto RAUL SANTIAGO-RUIZ, Agriculture Guayanilla, Puerto Rico EUNICE SCHELETTE, Primary Education Flora MARTHA SEEGERS, Nursing Carthage, Texas Third Row THURMAN D. SEWARD, Business Administration .... Plain Dealing RAYMOND D. SHILLING, Forestry Gorum PATSY SHORT, Primary Education Jamestown GEORGIA ANN SLACK, Nursing Springhill FRANCES SLAYTER, Primary Education Livingston, Texas Fourth Row KATHERINE SMITH, Social Studies Boyce MARY ELISE SMITH, Music Shreveport WILLIAM H. SMITH, Health and Physical Education Jena LOIS M. STEELY, Secretarial Science Clarks EDGAR L. STEPHENS. Mathematics McNair, Mississippi Fifth Row GRACIE M. SULLIVAN, Nursing Plain Dealing HAROLD J. SWILLEY, Medical Technology Winnfield MARY LYNN TEEKELL, Nursing Coushatta ALMA THOMAS, Nursing Atlanta, Texas MARY GRACE THOMAS, Nursing Maplewood Sixth Row DONALD R. THORNTON, Pre-Law Sikes BETTY TIBBALS, Secretarial Science Springhill CLARICE MARIE TILLEUX, Art Shreveport ELIZABETH ANN TOOKE, Health and Physical Education . McDade BILL TURNER, Chemistry Flora Seventh Row GARDNER VAUGHN, Music West Monroe PEDRO ANGEL VELEZ, Health and Physical Education . Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico GLORIA VOS, Mathematics Shreveport MELBA WALLACE, Nursing Mississippi MARY KATHERINE WARDLOW, Nursing Cason, Texas Eighth Row RAY WEBB, Agriculture Many NORMA JEAN WEEKS, Business Administration Shreveport ALMA LEE WHATLEY, Nursing Hope, Arkansas SUSIE WHEAT, Health and Physical Education Montgomery KATHLEEN WHIDDON, Nursing Merryville Ninth Row MARY ELLYN WHIDDON, Nursing Merryville JERENE WILLIS, Nursing Ruston WILLIS G. PAXTON, Pre-Medicine Shreveport DONNA E. WILSON, Nursing Utility MARY FRANCES WOODRUFF, Nursing Shreveport Tenth Row SUNSHINE WORSHAM, Nursing Shreveport MARY WORTHINGTON, Nursing Prescott, Arkansas GUINELL WRIGHT, Nursing Logansport IDABELLE WRIGHT, Secretarial Science Shreveport S. L. WRIGHT, III, Biology Crowley JAMES YERGLER, Accounting Cissno Park, Illinois 85 FEATURES COLOR R V RE January iu, 1950 .Hiss Jan-an -k Blue, Editor .x urri •western State College ' .ochea, oi.lsiaria Dear Kiss he Blanc: Attached are the photographs of your beauty queens. cccr,,ittee of Magazine staff neuters has studied ird has asked oe to tell you that they wish to rate the following as the top six in their judgment. I am listing then in the order of selection. yiist nlace - -ft,, Karian Cofer ' Second place - 2, ' Jane Allen Third place - , 5, Jo Ann Tooch Fourth place - ?3, Jo Ann Brantley Fifth place - 06, Evelyn Mollis Hall Sixth place - - 11, Hope Richard The committee of Judges attempted to rate the top five in order of their selection plus one alternate. I have attached also a photograph of the staff members who judged the pictures. They are Ray Samuel, Assistant lai azine Kditor; ' " .us Levy, Kagazine Art Director; Feggy Kengls, Magazine feature writer-photographer. 1 trust that this will serve your purpose, i caimot close this letter without saying that you certainly have a lovely group of girls pictured here. Warren C. Cgden lAgazine editor OVER MILLION READERS EVERY SUNDAY THE BEAUTIES FIVE MEN ' S ORGANIZATIONS on the camp nominated fifty-eight coeds as beauty contestants, out of which sixteen were judged as the leading beauties and favorites for 1950. A REPRESENTATIVE GROUP of nine male stu- dents made the selections from the contestants ' appear- ances on the stage. PHOTOGRAPHS of the lovelies were then sent to the staff of The Times-Picayune, New Orleans States Color- gravure Magazine for ranking according to photogenic appeal. Three members of the magazine staff deliberated over the photographs to choose six girls as the leading beauties. IN THE FOLLOWING PAGES are shown the 1950 POTPOURRI beauties and favorites. r ■■■ ' :. ' ■■ • , fe, ' MARIAN COFEH ELIZABETH ABRAHAM MAREIA HARRISON JANE ALLEN KATHRYN HENRY JOYCE O ' BRIEN JD ANN GDDCH ALEXA S. OSBORNE NELL RIEHARDSON JD ANN BRANTLEY FREIDA SQUYRES MARTHA SKINNER EVELYN HQLLIS HALL RETTA STRICKLAND LORRAINE VAUGHN HDPE RICHARD Left to Right: Davis, Finley, Bishop, Willis, Johnson, Tullos, Levee, Strickland, Melder. Miss Potpourri breaks through as Editor LeBlanc reaches for bouquet Numerous Christmas trees, balloons, and crepe paper provided the setting tor the 7th Annual POTPOURRI Ball in December when Jo Johnson was presented as Miss POTPOURRI of 1950. Se- lected by the yearbook staff, Miss POTPOURRI and her court of eight maids reigned over the Christmas dance as the crowd danced to the music of the Demonaires. Members of the court were: Jaconette Davis, Marilyn Finley, Alida Bishop, Emily Willis, Dorothy Tullos, Mai Levee, Retta Strickland, and Helen Melder. MISS POTPOURRI, 195D 100 r JO JOHNSON Natchitoches Parish Library Natchitoches, Louisiana SENIDR HALL DF FAME ■ s That H.oUey Freshman Crew UP TO THIRD FLOOR, BOYS X - n a c w s fa- B ft lit 1 Ef 0rM K -q ' wm RLfh ' k » BALLROOM DANCING IN THE ROUGH v • BUT WAS IT WORTH IT? ■1 £ Demon ?HchforKs . . and Bull Jo j Claws: tfafaVss From DILUTED MARTINIS ■ NOW, THIS SCALP TREATMENT I NU mmi 4 KIN TO GERBER, MAYBE | ' 1 II tile Hill Country " in a... FOUR WHEELS AND FIVE GALS v M BREAD LINE PATRONIZERS THIRD PERIOD WEDNESDAY RUSH E—« Aayfc wck j. . . H ighlights of the.. -_— ___ MM MAIN STREET CRUISER t »! Day for READY FOR THE GRAND MARCH Sway te De ire Way ATHLETICS M 11 ' « K » ■ i ■ I Win or lose, the bubbling spirit of the peppy Demon Cheerleaders never faltered. Even in +he face of over- whelming odds, their undaunted spirit suppressed their disappointment. Drawing loud and rousing cheers from a sometimes lagging student body, these six really put their all into building up team morale. CHEERLEADERS [ MEMBERS: Chuck Castaing, New Orleans; Jo Johnson West, Natchitoches; Raymond Flores, Shreveport; Betty Flo Few, Vivian; Jack Gamble, Minden; and Nita Porter, Leesville. 130 . ' : • ' • ; .-- MEMBERS: Annette Liggin, Helen Elrod, Jane Wolcott, Dona Wilson, Julia Mooney, Georgia Slack, Clydie Mae Beecham, Emojean Mathews, Nelda McLaren, Mildred Rambin, Rosa Godwin, Antoinette McFarland, Anita Dupree, Juanita Dortch, Beverly Ann Miles, Louisa Johnson, Joyce Rambin, Sadie Basco, Wanda Puckett, Kathleen Whiddon, Joan Boggs, Elsie Vela. Margie Hoffpauir, Kathleen Harper, Sarah LeGrave, Lavonne Aldredge, Ida Louise Hunter, Joyce Melton, Carmen Basco, Genevieve Long, Marie Tilleaux, Vernetta Borden, Martha Seegers, Elva Sue Tucker, Patsy Cobb, Mary Frances Woodruff, Kath- erine Taylor, Peggy Alexander, Nancy Gardner, Gwen Wright, Merlene Bond, Liberine Wedgeworth, Jeanne McKinney, Emma Hebert, Bobbie Piper, Peggy Doles, Jerlene Willis, Julia Cash, " Tex " Wardlow, Margaret Gene Ohlsen. d e m o n c t t e s OFFICERS Left to right: Nelda McClaren, vice-president; " Tex " Wardlow, lieutenant; Emojean Mathews, president; Julia Cash, Captain. These forty smartly-clad lassies, under the direction of Mr. Ellis Shields, provide a certain amount of sauciness to half-time shows with their performances at all home football games plus the Louisiana College game at Alex- andria and the Tech game in Shreveport. Their intricate and eye-catching movements lend a great deal of color and prestige to Northwestern State. While only three years old, the Demonettes are al- ready recognized as one of the smartest marching squads in the state, and are fast gaining in popularity. 131 COACHING STAFF Assistant coaches Ledet and Brown, head football coach Tur- pin, figuring it out on the board. Rags " puts on the heat FOOTBALL 132 p a . ■f4T SI V 3 ' | : ; J • V 1 . Front Row, left to right: Beck, Bateman, Carter, Fuller, Fragala, Creech, Givens, Taylor, Young, Losey. Second Row, left to right: White, Robertson, Harper, Akins, Lindsey, Ropp, Nicosia, Smith, Emmons, Crump, Tanner. Third Row, left to right: Manager Catha, Hooper, Calvert, Howell, Cole, Epps, Thomas, Haynes. Fourth Row, left to right: Coach Turpin, Sibley, Cope, Lancaster, Davis, Don Danos, Moore, Hebert, Lloyd Danos, Coyle, Coach Brown. Back Row, left to right: Milam, Butts, Willis, Harlan, Huckaby, Keaton, Dan Poole, James Poole, Pharis, Berlin, Baker. SCORES NSC 7 Central Oklahoma State 6 NSC 31 Northwest Missouri State 14 NSC 7 Louisiana College 6 NSC 13 Southeastern 25 NSC 21 Louisiana Tech 28 NSC 28 Mississippi Southern 67 NSC 31 Union University 14 NSC 14 Southwestern Louisiana Institute .... 27 NSC 19 East Texas Baptist 14 Manager Strawberry Catha, Handy-man Tobe keep the team in clean diapers, 133 Hebert swoops in for the Icil NORTHWESTERN CENTRAL OKLAHOMA STATE When the cleats were hung up — five wins and four losses. One was another stinging defeat by arch-rival Tech. But the Demons won over Louisiana College in the first annual Central Louisiana Fair Football game — and Buddy Lancaster, leading ground gainer in the powerful Gulf States Confer- " Dogs " debut at first game ence, had been named to the Little All American squad by an Associated Press poll, to the first-string line-up of the Gulf States Conference team. Starting off the season with a " limited " backfield, the Demons rode the Oklahoma Broncos to a close 7-6 finish. A pass, Lancaster to Coyle, in the first quarter constituted the only NSC tally. Bobby Davis booted over the first extra pointer of the season. Oklahoma scored late in the fourth quarter but failed to make the extra point. PHILLIP WHITE Senior back, Co-Captain FRANCIS BAKER Freshman Tackle Wha ' hoppen! NORTHWESTERN .... NORTHWEST MISSOURI Venturing to the " ya gotta show me " state for their second intersectional game of the season, the Demons did just that, registering the most decisive Missouri State defeat in 12 years. Final score: 31 to 14. Members of the squad will remember this trip and associate with it the nervousness some of the team imposed on Harry Truman ' s bodyguards by maneuvering within hand-shaking range of the Pres- ident, who was in town for a political pow-wow that weekend. HAROLD TANNER Freshman Back BUDDY COPE Junior Back JOHNNY EMMONS Junior Back BUSTER KEATON Senior Tackle I MERRICK YOUNG Freshman End MAC CARTER Sophomore Tackle JACK HUCKABY Junior Tackle LLOYD DANOS Sophomore Guard ii CHflmps FIRST CEI1TRAL LOUISI I NORTHWESTERN LOUISIANA COLLEGE 7 6 An unusually strong Louisiana College eleven, utilizing the coffin-corner kicking of Lowe, several times threatened to overtake the 7-0 first guarter Demon lead. However, the defense, sparked by Nicosia, Keaton, Huckaby, and Crump, succeeded in keeping the Louisiana College kitty caged. Bateman all the way 136 DON DANOS Junior Guard JOHN ROPP Sophomore Back Ann fair Queen Jane Allen and Court The Northwestern touchdown resulted from a smooth reverse play, Bateman carrying the ball. Following interference from a mowed-down line, Bateman capitalized on the key block of Ropp, bat- tered his way across for the only Demon tally. Davis ' kick between the uprights proved to be the winning point. What Hole? Louisiana College Quarterback Cicero, battered about all night by the Demon line, managed to sneak over from the one-yard line following a pass interception by team-mate Spruill in the third guar- ter. Buddy rolls One for Crump Southeastern ' s Lions wrecked the annual Home- coming festivities for Demon supporters, handing the Demons a 25-13 trampling for their initial de- feat of the season. Buddy Lancaster was an outstanding figure in the entire Demon lineup, scoring both touchdowns for the Purple and White — the first in the opening HomecominG 1949 BOBBY DAVIS Sophomore Back AL NICOSIA Senior Back I ' ) Queen Kathryn Henry and Court minutes of the game on a 3 I -yard sprint from off- tackle and the second shortly after halftime with the most sensational run of the day, a 69-yard jaunt to paydirt. Although the Demons held a slight 7-6 edge at halftime, the downstate eleven controlled the pig- skin the entire second half, chalking up three touch- downs and statistically outclassing the off-par De- mon squad. Seniors Nicosia, White, Howell, Hebert, Coyle, Robertson, and J. Poole were appearing in the final homecoming contest of their football career at Northwestern. Special guests for the Homecoming fete were members of the 1939 Demon grid team, only squad in NSC history to have an undefeated, untied sea- son. GEORGE PHARIS Sophomore End STEPHEN COLE Junior End BILL BARNIDGE Junior Tackle JOHNNY ROBERTSON Senior End — Co-Captain Queen Alida Bishop and Court STATE Registering their most outstanding per- formance of the ' 49 season, the game in which the Demon eleven displayed the finest teamwork and most aggressive spirit, North- western qave scrappy Louisiana Tech their worst scare of their championship year be- fore bowing on an aerial interception in the last thirty seconds of play. Final score: 28-21. After Tech had held the spotlight the entire first half and Demon fans had virtually Every year we do this NORTHWESTERN LOUISIANA TECH • • 21 28 FAIR ruined all available crying towels, the Purple and White made a sensational comeback in the second half to tie the touted Bulldogs. Had it not been for a heartbreaking inter- ception in the last minute of the contest, the Demons would have succeeded in eliminat- ing an eight-year jinx held by the Bulldogs over Demon squads. Highlighting the game was the incompar- able passing of Johnny Emmons behind the near-perfect protection of a spirited line. Emmons completes Smelling salts, please! Where ' s that seven cents you owe me, Bub? ART " BUDDY " LANCASTER All GSC. Junior Back NORTHWESTERN . MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN JACK MOORE Freshman Center 28 67 In spite of Lancaster ' s two dashes of 84 and 75 yards for Demon touchdowns, the mighty Mississippi Southern team hurricaned its way to a wide-open scoring victory. The Demon squad suffered a record defeat at the hands of a conference contender. Hebert intercepted a fumble and raced across the goal line for the initial touchdown of the game, and Ropp scored on a pass from Emmons in the last seconds of the game, but in between — Southerners, Southerners, Southerners! Line Play -• BILL LOSEY Sophomore End REGGIE HEBERT Senior Guard DAVID COYLE Senior Back J. R. AKINS Sophomore Center NORTHWESTERN UNION 31 14 Undermanned Union University from Tennessee threatened to upset the Demons during the last home game of the season. At the short end of a 14-13 half-time score, the Purp le and White eleven smashed across two more touchdowns in the last periods to chalk up a 31-14 win. Scoring were Lancaster, Pharis, Beck, and Taylor. Tanner and Bateman made scoring territory, were called back on penalties. Lancaster scores by a knee (watch my nose!) NORTHWESTERN SOUTHWESTERN 14 27 second stanza ' s opening moments, James Beck, hard-charging fullback bucked the line for the sec- ond Demon " TD, " and Bobby Davis made his sec- ond conversion of the day. Johnny Emmons unleashed a terrific passing at- tack in the second half and accounted for I 73 yards and I I completions out of 33 attempts, but none were good enough to add the needed points. JAMES BECK Sophomore Back ERNEST BATEMAN Sophomore Back Playing their last Gulf Coast Conference foe of the season, the Demons spurted to an early 14 point lead over the Bulldogs of Southwestern, with Art Lancaster going around end in the first quarter for 18 yards and the first score of the game. In the ' HA 1 f v I k I A ► I 4 v-frt L 4 y ■ if ' 71 JT J a ■ » And a right to the jaw NORTHWESTERN . EAST TEXAS BAPTIST The final gridiron game of the season, highlighted by a 74-yard punt return by Tanner, an 85-yard score by Emmons, a two-yard plunge by Beck, and a pass interception by Nicosia, was a Demon win, 19 14 19-14. . . A tough year, but we ' re still new to the tough Gulf States Conference League . . . maybe in a couple of years. . . . The Demons defeated four of the five out-of- state teams on the 1949 schedule, including Cen- tral Oklahoma State, Northwest Missouri State, Union University, and East Texas Baptist College. The loss was to Mississippi Southern. BOBBY SMITH, Sophomore Guard. SAM HARRH Sophomore Guard; JAMES TURNER, Freshman Back; THOMAS CRUMP Sophomore Guard- Sophomore Back; JAMES POOLE, Senior End; HUEY THOMAS, Sophomore Tackle; WILLIAM CALVERT, Freshman End. ' ROYCE TAYLOR, ■■■ Looking at ' em for 37 years BASKETBALL A late-in-the-season slump ... a second place in the Gulf States Conference, but a successful season, nonetheless. In the opening tilt of the season, the big and fast Demons trampled the Barksdale Air Force Sk yraiders, I I I to 47. Next victim was Texaco Town 70-66. Texaco Town boasted such stars as Tussie Waggoner and Ocie Richie, both former NSC cagers. A tough battle. Our Third victory was over the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks. The Demons took an early lead, maintained it through the fine shooting of Stoutamire and Johnny McConathy. Ex-Minden H. S. man Outi Everybody likes a good ball game SEASON RESULTS NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC I I I 70 72 87 67 64 57 40 69 58 57 54 65 61 72 71 40 43 54 54 57 44 55 74 53 60 Won Barksdale Field . Texaco Town . Stephen F. Austin Barksdale Field . Austin College . Spring Hill . Arkansas Tech . U. of Tulsa . Centenary N. W. Oklahoma Southwestern La. La. College . Loyola of South Loyola of South Southeastern La. Spring Hill . Miss. Southern La. Tech . Miss. Southern Centenary Southwestern La. Southeastern La. La. Tech . . . La. College . Southeastern La. Centenary 18, Lost 8. 46 66 56 57 40 45 51 45 66 49 32 46 51 40 50 64 Al 41 57 62 61 49 60 58 58 The " General " l!;e Season Record: Gulf States Conference Record: Won 10, Lost 6. Jodie receives watch for excellent play SEC0I1D PLACE The Demon ' s fourth win was easily won over e Barksdale Skyraiders for the second time by a score of 87-57. Ranew and Williams led the scoring with I 3 points each. The Demons journeyed to Austin College at Sher- man, Texas, to take on one of the stronger small college teams of Northeast Texas and defeated them 67-41. Winning with comparative ease, the Demons spurted to a 29-23 halftime score and were never headed as they put on a spectacular second half show and walked away from the Texans. Stouta- mire led the way with 25 points followed up by Hershel McConathy with 14. This marked the Demons ' fifth straight win. Taking on the first conference team, the Demon cagers trimmed the Springhill quintet 64-46. The Badgers put up a game fight against the quick- breaking Demon squad only to be outfought all the way. Putting on a spectacular display of shooting ability, the Demon cagers took their seventh straight win from Arkansas Tech. Boasting one of tallest quintets in the nation, Arkansas Tech was highly favored be- fore game time and adding to the odds were the absence of Demon stalwarts Stoutamire, Ranew and Yergler. Final score, 57-51. " Hongry " tips off to Jodie f ff k in THE GULF STATE ' S EOnFEREIKE The McConathy boys, Johnny and Hersche Cheerleader " Chuck " Castaing ' King " Jodie For Two iVN- « .. ■ : ■ . ::::■ ' . ' - ' If ? 1 4 r - ' IP ' 1mm L " 8 M y l A J| Going on the road to the Enid tournament, the Demons tripped Centenary, 69-66, Northwest Okla- homa, 58-49, and lost to the University of Tulsa, 45-40. The Demon cagers let it be known that they would be the team to beat in the Gulf States conference when they trounced Southwestern Louisiana ' s quintet 57-32. At the beginning minutes of the game, South- western pulled out strong but the sharp eyes of Johnny McConathy and Linwood Outz faded the hopes of the Buiidogs. Outz led the scoring with 19 points with McConathy just behind with 16. This boosted the Demon ' s record to 10 wins in I I starts. Northwestern ' s eleventh win was undoubtedly the hardest fought tussle ever witnessed against Louisi- ana College. Jumping to an early lead, the Wild- cats held on until the last ten minutes of the contest which was somewhat marred by rough play on the part of both teams. Johnny McConathy led high scoring honors by bucketting 15 points and followed up by Stoutamire with 14. This win gave the Demons three conference wins in a row, and surely headed for the top spot in the conference. The Demon ' s fourth and fifth straight conference wins were easily won over the Loyola Wolfpack 65-61 and 61-41. Stoutamire paced high scoring with 23 and 20 points, with Outz in second position with 15 in the first and Hershel McConathy with 19 in the second Having one victory on the road, the Demon quintet took its second by defeating the Southeastern squad. The Lions made a game out of it in the first ten minutes of play, as the two teams battled on even terms, but the sharp-shooting of Hershel McConathy and Outz gave the Demons a 31-21 halftime edge. In the second half, Stoutamire and Outz teamed up to drop in 26 points between them, as the North- westerners ran away with the game. Stoutamire was high point man with 22, followed by Outz with 18. In a fast breaking game, the Demons tripped the Spring Hill College squad for the second time by a score of 71-64. High scoring honors went to Stoutamire who hooked 18 points with Johnny McConathy right behind with 15. A ' Jodie " fakes ' er Northwesterns first conference defeat came when the Missis- sippi Southern Southerners tipped the ever fighting Demon squad after a hard fought battle that finally ended up with a score of 47-40. Tripping Louisiana Tech 43-40, the Demon squad boosted their conference lead to eight victories while only losing one. Little All-America " Jodie " Stoutamire took high scoring honors by copping 16 points. The big slump of the season was now underway when the Outz for two more It ' s in! Outz for another two! Demons dropped their second tilt to Mississippi Southern. Early in the game " Big " Jim Willis left the court when he received a deep cut over the eye. Stoutamire took scoring honors with 21 points and Mississippi Southern ' s Gallagher in the runner-up position. Our second straight loss was to Centenary College after a hard fought battle with a score of 62-54. Centenary ' s Gentlemen played inspired ball in the second half breaking the Demon ' s 32-30 lead at half- time. Although heavily guarded, Stoutamire managed to score 20 points taking high scoring honors. Soing for three road games, the Demons took their third, fourth and fifth loss, losing to South- western, 61-57, Southeastern, 49-44, and Louisiana Tech, 60-55. In the last three contests, the cagers of NSC beat La. College, 74-58, lost to Southeastern, 53-58, and won over the Centenary Gents, 60-55. Northwestern State College ' s 1949-50 basketball squad amassed a total of 1588 points in 26 games compared to 1452 for all opponents. The tie for second place in the conference was through a 10-6 record. Heading the list of Demon scorers was Claude " Jodie " Stoutamire with 428 points on 173 field goals and 82 free throws. Stoutamire ends a brilliant cage career at Northwestern and his replacement will be the chief worry of the Purple and White mentor next season. He played in only 23 of the 26 games. Other players sharing in the Northwestern scoring parade include Johnny McConathy, 290 points; Lin- wood Oufz, 223; Hershel McConathy, 205; Artie Ranew, 133; Buddy Bates, 107; Jim Willis, 75; and Jim Yergler, 63. Although not taking too active a part in the battles this season Randall Williams, Walter and Charles Poweli, Dan Poole, DeWitt Paten and Eddie Moore gave out with their all for the Purple and White. Pick ' em up, Buddy INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Name of Player 1. Buddy Bates . . . 2. Hershel McConathy 3. Johnny McConathy 4. Eddie Moore . 5. Linwood Ouzts . 6. DeWitt Patten . . 7. Dan Poole .... Pos. FGA FGM FT FTM TP PF G 122 41 43 25 107 38 F 180 93 27 19 205 33 C 290 122 86 46 290 63 G 13 2 6 3 7 18 G 239 93 68 37 223 82 F 23 5 4 3 13 13 G 12 4 Tot 4 als 1 9 6 1 1490 Name of Player 8. Charles Powell . 9. Walter Powell . 10. Artie Ranew ll. Claude Stoutamire 12. Randall Williams 13. Jim Willis . . . 14. Jim Yergler . 647 497 284 1588 456 Pos. FGA FGM FT FTM TP PF G 1 1 2 2 G 2 1 1 1 3 2 C 152 56 30 21 133 42 F 303 173 152 82 428 60 F 18 12 8 7 31 5 G 62 22 50 31 75 59 G 73 27 19 9 63 33 ' Played in only 23 of 26 games this season. High Point man in Gulf States Conference for second straight year. if V I TRACK Coaches Turpin and Ledet With such top track talent back as LIC Champ Claude " Jodie " Stoutamire in the hiqh jump, Buddy Lancaster in the sprints, and John " Splinters " Pat- ten in the hurdles, the Demon spike crew will be strong contenders for crown-wearers in the Gulf States Conference. As the POTPOURRI qoes to press, such men as Haines in the pole vault, Harris in the high jump, and Harp in the sprints show blue-ribbon form. Front row, left to right: Williams, Butler, Haines, McHallfey, Givens, Comas, Poole; Second row, left to right: F. Moore, Holmes, Young, Jack Moore, Turner, Tanner, Carter, Harp; third row, left to right: Harris, Hooper, Stoutamire, Patten, Beck, 8ateman, Barnidge, Anderson, Baker; back row, left to right: Haynes, Catha, (Manager), Losey, L. Danos, Butts, D. Danos, Taylor, Sibley. S s £ »(HLEriC0£(T. ' tfhUTi: KPf n?f . ' BASEBALL Without the services of Bobby Johnson and Jim Willis, 1949 pitching stars, the 1950 Diamond-squad will be hard-pressed to repeat last year ' s perform- ance. As the POTPOURI goes to press, the mem- Coaches Bradshaw, Marx, and head coach " Cracker " Brown bers of the squad, with a few weeks work-out be- hind them, are preparing to visit the Centenary Gentlemen. Front row, left to right: Albritton, Del Toro, Powell, Reuben, Nicosia, Macaluso, Williams, De Villa, Brooks; second. row, left to right: Creech, Lindsay, Fuller, Graham, Watkins, Madden, Wycne, Emmons, LjRue, Nolan, Martin; back row, left to right; Bradshaw, Marx, Brown, Lyle, Weaver, Williamson, Outz, Davis, Cole, Ranew, Calvert, White, Pharis. Front row, left to right: Coach John Piscopo. Robert Vorhees, Ben Duhon, Henry Pere, Ken Howard, Jeff Hennesy, George Bruser, Manager Ernest " Slim " Howell. Second row, left to right: Guy E. Waller, Fred " Sonny " Hoff, Jack Branch, Milton Gunn (captain), Leo Ellison, Hamilton Prestridge, Myron Lockey, Leland Nunei, Jack Gaston. Strengthened by returning lettermen Jack Branch and Micky Gunn, captain for the 1950 squad, the Demon Tankers lost two contests by one point, ended the season with a 5 win, 4 loss record. Such teams as the Dalias Athletic Club, Southern Methodist, Texas A M, Vanderbilt, Baylor, and various Navy teams have learned to respect the Northwestern Pool performers. Boosted by Arkansas athletes, Coach Piscopo has indeed one of the strongest aggregations in the South. Among his stellar performers are Sonny Hoff, who ranked fifth in the nation in diving from the AQUATICS COACH JOHN PISCOPO W f Ln H ft jP?3 IB KSBr Clown Fryer 10-meter board last year, the record breaking team of Bruser, Vorhees, Gunn, and Branch, and Myron Lockey, who set several college and pool records this season. Lettermen for the year are: Gunn, Branch, Du- hon, Lockey, Gaston, Hennesy, Hoff, Ellison, Bruser, Vorhees, and Manager Howell. Divers Hoff, Hennesy, Gaston l949- ' 50 RECORD NSC . . . 41 Dallas Athletic Club 34 NSC 37 Memphis Navy 38 NSC 38 Dallas Athletic Club 35 NSC 32 S. M. U 43 NSC 37 Texas A. M 38 NSC 52 Baylor 23 NSC 43 Memphis Navy 32 NSC 43 Vanderbilt 32 NSC 33 Pensacola Navy 42 Southeastern AAU Meet — 5th Place Record breaking relay team GOLF Number one man Ryder Coach Lorrain Brittain ' s team will really miss ting in many hours at the country club getting ready " Slammin " Sammy Anthony this year. As the POT- for conference competition. Ryder seems to show POURR! goes to press, the green-hounds ar put- promise for this year. Bennett, West, Bryant, Ryder _ __ COACH HAVARD Front Row, left to right: Corley, Hunter, Durham. Back Row, left to right: Chamberlain, Morgan, Erwin. Chamberlain is improving rapidly, should come up with several wins this season. Hunter, although new to the college courts, is expected to give all oppo- Netmen Chamberlain, Morgan, Erwin nents a staff contest. Coach Havard is also looking to Roy Gravel for several Conference wins. With holdovers Erwin and Morgan, coach Ha- vard wili have a strong conference team this year. t £ n n i s The 1950 edition of the Gymnastic Team, under the able direction of Coach John Piscopo, did much to draw favorable attention to NSC. Led by ' 49- ' 50 Southern Ail-Around Gymnastic Champion Al Kopp, the squad includes: Burt Babcock, Sonny Hoff, Dale Branch, Chuck Castaing, Bill Barnidge, Ken Howard, " Kayo " Gremillion, Ben Duhon, Richard Hen- GvmnflSTics teaih derson, Gene Flores, Lee Reese, Joe Holley, Pat Harrington, Jim Brannon, Fair Hyams, Jack Gaston, Leland Langridge, Cecil Neilson, Kellar Dick, and Manager Ernest " Slim " Howell. £ i % 1 WT j w 1 1950 SOUTHERn flflU CHnmpions GREEKS Pflll-HELLEniC counciL OFFICERS The Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of the nell denham President fjve sororj+y presic |ents and two representatives JO ANN BRANTLEY Vice-President r , , rr . . trom each group. I he otticers are chosen in rota- MARY JEWEL JOHNSTON Secretary tion, each sorority holding the presidency in its BETSY SMITH Treasurer turn for one year. The local Pan-Hellenic is a ALIDA BISHOP Corresponding Secretary member of the National Pan-Hellenic Con- MEMBERS ference. First R ow: Sara Pat Andry, Alida Bishop, Jo Anne The Pan-Hellenic Council governs all sorority Brantley, Dorothy Dale, Jaconette Davis. affairs. It was organized for the purpose of pro- moting harmony amona the different sororities Second Row: Nell Denham, Mary Alice Driscoll, ,, , . ,. . , , on the campus and passing the rules and regula- Marilyn Finiey, Mary Jewel Johnston, Pat Leone. tions for the welfare of the system. Each year the Third Row: Julia McBroom, Pat Marmande, Council sponsors a tea for the freshman women Jeanne Oliver, Dona Mac Thompson, Betsy Smith. students. 164 OFFICERS GABRIEL BARKATE Presided SCOTT STRICKLAND Vice-President RALPH ROPP Secret ary MEMBERS First Row: Laddie Alexander, Robert Allen, Gabe Barkate, Robert Cannon, Ernest Howell. Second Row: Cary Johnson, Ralph Ropp, Scott Strickland, Jerry West. The Inter-Fraternity Council was established on this campus in 1938 to create a more con- genial relationship among the fraternities. The Council is composed of the three fraternity presi- dents and two representatives from each or- ganization. The Inter-Fraternity Council has the authority to settle those matters of controversial nature which may arise among the fraternities. It has the power to pass rules and regulations concerning fraternity actions. H1T6R-F RflTERniTV C0UI1CIL 165 DELTA S I G IH fl EPSIL0I1 BETSY SMITH President Founded: 1914, Miami University. Phi, 1926. Colors: Olive Green and Cream. Flower: Cream Rose. OFFICERS BETSY SMITH President MAI LEVEE Vice-President GERALDINE HODGE Secretary MYRTLE ANN BABIN Treasurer JANELL FARRIS Sponsor MEMBERS Opposite Page First Row: Myrtle Ann Babin, Ann Bower, Jean Bo wer, Marguerite Bozeman, Bobbie Cooley, Jo Ann DeBate, Fon Elliot. Second Row: Janell Farris, Betty Flo Few, Sara Gale Fisher, Lynn Fry, Essie Gabbert, June Ann Gisler, Jo Anne Gooch. Third Row: Sunshine Gremillon, Jacque Gunn, Dorothy Hayes, Peggy Haywood, Irene Hebert, Geraldine Hodge, Betty Koch. Fourth Row: Ruby L ' Herrison, Mai Levee, Esther Lewis, Pat Marmande, Mary Louise McBride, Julia McBroom, Marlene Meredith. Fifth Row: Dorothy Nesbitt, Doris Jeanne Pine, Betty Claire Polk, Nita Porter, Daisy Prudhomme, Eddie Jean Quinn, Joyce Rambin. Sixth Row: Betty Scanlon, Mayme Rae Schoonover, Dor- othy Scott, Mary Elise Smith, Mary Lou Statham, Lor- raine Vaughn, Jean Weeks. Sing it again! Look pretty, please fL2fL ft P H I CHAPTER JUST IN PASSING . . . The Delta Sigs ... the smartest ones . . . hold Pan-Hellenic scholarship award again this year . . . with such people as Myrtle Ann Babin . . . new Purple Jacket prexy, Julia McBroom, debater extraordinary, who ' ll hold the gavel next year, and Betty Koch, 167 straight " A " freshman . . . who should wonder? Besides the brains the DSE ' s get around ... if you don ' t believe it, glance at Nita Porter and Betty Flo Few, Cheerleaders . . . Mai Levee, Zeta sweetheart " . . . and Jogie Gooch, freshman beauty. S I g m A S I g m A S I g m A ALIDA BISHOP President Founded: 1889, Virginia State Teach ers College. Alpha Zeta, 1928. Colors Purple and White. Flower: Violet. OFFICERS ALIDA BISHOP President JOYCE LANDRY Vice-President ERIN MAYS Recording Secretary MARY ANN GAUNT Corresponding Secretary BETTY MILLSPAUGH Treasurer EVE MOUTON Sponsor MEMBERS Opposite Page First Row: Robbie Sue Adams, Millicent Arnold, Carolyn Bennett, Patricia Bishop, Jo Ann Boggs, Frances Chand- ler, Carol Clark. Second Row: Eleanor Clark, Janice Coleman, Wilma Craig, Patricia Crump, Kathlyn Dawkins, Ruth Ellender, Mary Ann Gaunt. Third Row: Jeanette George, Billie Greer, Louise Han- chey, Shirley Harp, Louise Harris, Pat Hays, LaJuan Hust. Fourth Row: Ann Keyes, Joyce Landry, Sue Lee, Jean Lyons, Kay Mahan, Laura Mahan, Betty Jo Martin. Fifth Row: Charlotte Martin, Erin Mays, Carolyn Mc- Lean, Katie McNamara, Barbara McWhorter, Virginia Metcalf, Betty Millspaugh. Sixth Row: Eve Mouton, Margaret Jean Ohlsen, Jeanne Oliver, Alexa Osborne, Jeanette Pace, Pat Prince, Betty Roan. Seventh Row: Judith Schnieder, Gloria Vos, Pat Way, Mickey West, Emily Willis, Marjorie White, Virginia White. " " 0 tf ggfc O ft © Jm ft fi P 15 d ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER JUST IN PASSING . . . The largest " gang " . . . treasurer . . . Bettye Jo Martin bangs the ivories u , r n i i i x c v A -M- for the Demonaires . . . Jan-an LeBlanc . . . de- boasts ot Purple Jacket prexy tm Willis ... bates, edits, and wins a national scholarship ring Janette Pace, leader of Varnado and future pres- . . . Louise Harris, a gal of a dozen talents . . . ident of AWS . . . Alida Bishop, Student Body Pat Cameron, song bird. 169 THETfl S I G IH fl UPSIL0I1 NELL DENHAM President Founded: 1907, Kansas Stale Teachers College. Kappa, 1928. Colors: Rose and Silver. Flower: Rose. OFFICERS NELL DENHAM President LINDA MASON Vice-President MARIANNE RAINS Secretary JO NELL RICHARDSON Tr FRANCES JOHNSON Editor IRMA STOCKWELL Sponsor MEMBERS Opposite Page First Row: Rosemary Berger, Carol Blankenship, Patsy Ann Clement, Jaconette Davis. Second Row: Mary Alice Driscoll, Julene Griffin, Bobby Hurley, Virginia Lou Ingram. Third Row: Frances Johnson, Linda Mason, Bessie Mor- gan, Ann Powell. Fourth Row: Marianne Rains, Jo Nell Richardson, Amy Lou Smith. Loyalty! Must be funny! KAPPA CHAPTER JUST IN PASSING . . . These are the gals who usually lead the group . . . Jaconette Davis, artist and vice-president of the Student Senate . . . can be heard singing for miles around after soror- ity meeting on Tuesday night . . . Prexy Nell Den- Marianne Rains, who claims editor-president Sin- gletary as her man . . . Bessie Morgan, who will ham and Veep Linda Mason, the " Rag Mops, " guide the Theta ' s next year. 171 PI KflPPfl S I g m R .. p- J N 1 V $ 1 JO ANNE BRANTLEY President Founded: 1894, Michigan State Norma! College. Alpha Delta, 1928. Colors: Turquoise and Gold. Flower: Forget- me-not. OFFICERS JO ANNE BRANTLEY President HELEN MELDER Vice-President EVELYN HOLLIS Recording Secretary PAT LEONE Corresponding Secretary EUNICE EDEN Treasurer RUTH BRUNER Sponsor ELIZABETH JANE HARPER Sponsor MEMBERS Opposite Page First Row: Sara Pat Andry, Thais Beter, Ann Bolen, Pat Crosby, Beryl DeLoach, Mary Ann Downing. Second Row: Anita Dupree, Eunice Eden, Ann Freeze, Evelyn I — !ol Us Hall, Jean Harper, Marcia Harrison. Third Row: Kathryn Henry, Mary Lou Hines, Audrey Hoff, Pat Leone, Beth McGuffee, Helen Melder. Fourth Row: Nancy Montgomery, Blanche Morrow, Bob- bie Piatt, Hope Richard, Ann Rutledge, Lucy Carol Singleton. Fifth Row: Emma Ruth Smith, Ann Sterkx, Edith Tarver, Sara Jane Wadsworth. All play and no work . . . _ _ JUST IN PASSING ... The Pi Kaps are the girls who combine beauty and brains . . . check Eve- lyn Mollis Hall, the married gal . . . Jodie Brantly, this year ' s president . . . Nell Richardson . . . Hope Richard, Sigma Tau sweetheart . . . Marcia Harrison . . . Homecoming gueen and Phi Kap sweetheart Kathryn Henry ... all who ' s pictures ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER appear in the beauty section ... or versatile Pat Leone, who next year will head Pi Kap, Pan-Hel- lenic Council, and will serve as AWS vice-presi- dent, besides being a Purple Jacket ... or Eunice Eden, a spry young miss, who maintains an al- most straight " A " average and still finds time for plenty of activities . . . and Sara Jane Wads- worth, the entertainer. 173 ALPHA MARY JEWELL JOHNSTON President S I G m A ALPHA OFFICERS MARY JEWELL JOHNSTON President MARILYN FINLEY Vice-President DEE GOETZ Secretary DOT OLIVIER Treasurer MARILYN BARNETT Registrar MARY BETH BUCKLEY Editor JEANNE CLAXTON Chaplain PEGGY SANDIFER Historian JULIENNE MARTIN Sponsor MEMBERS Opposite Page First Row : Margie Beth Barnett, Marilyn Barnett, Mary Beth Buckley, Betty Sue Choate, Jeanne Claxton, Dor- othy Dale. Second Row: Yvonne Dale, Evelyn Deavers, Frances Duck, Marilyn Finley, Dee Goetz, Janet Goetz. Third Row: Betty Goyne, Mary Jo Houston, Wilda Jones, Ruth Lee, Julienne Martin, Joyce O ' Brien. Founded: 1903, State Female School, Virginia. Psi Psi, 1931. Colors: Red and white. Flowers: Asters and Narcissus. Fourth Row: Dorothy Olivier, Gloria June Owens, Peggy Sandifer, Martha Skinner, Audrey Smith, Barbara Smith. Fifth Row: Dolly Smith, Elizabeth Anne Tooke, Dorothy Tullos, Ann Webster, Florence Wilcox. PSI PSI CHAPTER JUST IN PASSING ... The Alpha Sigs ... the ones whose house rocks with song and dance . . . with attractive sponsor Julie Martin leading it all . . . aided by prexy Mary Jewell Johnston . . . Marilyn Finley, Coed Vice-President . . . Audrey Smith, Student Body secretary . . . beauties Martha Skinner and Joyce O ' Brien . . . Dot Oli- ver, next year ' s prexy, the gal with brains . . . Dee Goetz, the actress . . . Dolly Smith and Peg- gy Sandifer, the mischievous ones. 175 L A 111 B D fl Z £ T R SCOTT STRICKLAND President OFFICERS SCOTT STRICKLAND President GAYLE COLGIN Vice-President GUS BROUSSARD Secretary ERNEST ANDERSON Treasurer WILLARD HARLAN Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS Opposite Page First Row: Robert Allen, Ernest Anderson, Amos Austin, Sus Broussard, Charles Castainq, Gayle Colgin. Second Row: James Cox, Dudley Davis, John A. Davis, Ponder Davis, Willard Harlan, George Hayes. Third Row: Cary Johnson, Ronald Martin, John Massin- gill, Thomas McCown, Milton McLanahan, Luke Petro- vich. Fourth Row: Lee Self, Ray Smith, Layton Stephenson, Bobby Thornton, Robert Weimar. The life of a pledge Zeta roundup ALPHA CHAPTER JUST IN PASSING ... The Zetas ... the oldest Body Vice-President . . . Ronald Martin, base- Greek organization on the Hill . . . are proud of bailer and 1951 POTPOURRI editor . . . many Luke Petrovich, debater and coming Student happy memories of the traditional Zeta Room Body prexy . . . also new Zeta leader . . . " Chuck " and Bar-Fly Ranch parties . . . " Andy " Anderson, Castaing . . . cheerleader and future Student a Yankee with Honor Court prestige. 177 s i g m a t r u g a m m r RALPH ROPP President OFFICERS RALPH ROPP President ROBERT JOHNSON Vice-President JAMES OAKES Secretary DONNIE ROBISON Treasurer JOE STERKX Corresponding Secretary JOHN OSBORNE House Manager MEMBERS Opposite Page First Row: J. R. Akins, Laddie Alexander, Harry Ander- son, Malcolm Aymond, Ernest Bateman, Bobby Bogan, Walter Butler, Chris Caver, Arthur Chauvin. Second Row: Harry Creech, Kerry Crocker, Bruce De- Keyzer, Clyde Doyal, Bob Durham, Louis Farmer, Ray- mond Flores, Billy Ford, Morgan Ford. Third Row: Nicholas Fragala, Travis Funderburk, Jack Gamble, Jack Givens, Crayton Hall, Thomas Hennigan, Joe Holly, William James, Hiram Johnson. Fourth Row: Robert Johnson, Donald Kuhn, Dave Law- son, Adrien Lorrain, Leslie Lum, Bill McCormick, Jules Mayeaux, Ray Mills, Don Morgan. Fifth Row: Robert Murphy, James Oakes, John Osborne, Carl Pharr, Jack Robertson, Donnie Robison, John Ropp, Firal Ryder, Bill Sansing. Sixth Row: Charles Simmons, Bobby Smith, Joe Sterkx, Clayton Taylor, Rex Taylor, James Williams, Gene Uhr- bach, Jerry West. No gambling, please Social life as only the Taus can have it N U CHAPTER JUST IN PASSING ... The guys at the frat gan, West, Farmer, Ryder, Taylor (Bo), and Sterkx house ... the only frat house at NSC, that is ... athletes Bateman, Creech, Givens, Harlan, . . . Fall prexy Ropp and brother John carry out Anderson ... the only national frat on the Hill the family tradition . . . journalistic Murphy, Mor- . . . Laddie Alexander, big wheel in SFLCU. 179 PHI K A P P A n U GABE BARKATE President OFFICERS GABE BARKATE President DENNIS McMULLAN Vice-President ROBERT CANNON Secretary DONALD RAY Treasurer MARLIN SLED GE Sergeant-at-Arms DONALD BRASSEAUX Intramural Representative ARCHIE SINGLETARY Reporter JOHN HURLEY Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS Opposite Page First Row: D. P. Adams, Rudy Berlin, Charles Bookter, Billy Boyette, James H. Brannon, John Brewton, George Bruser, Gene Butts. Second Row: Robert Cannon, Steve Cole, Ralph Combs, Clinton Dobson, Johnny Emmons, Gene Flores, Wally Fryer, Leon Fuller. Third Row: Jack Gaston, George Grammer, Ray Guil- lory, Jerry Harville, Johnny Haynes, Willis Haynes, Mil- ler Henderson, Fred Hoff. Fourth Row: Ernest Howell, John Hurley, Bobby James, J. P. Johnston, Richard Johnston, Don Jones, Joe Kemp, Leland Langridge, Elvin Lightsey. Fifth Row: Billy Losey, Ephen J. Macaluso, Ned Mahfouz, Dennis McMullan, Bob McNutt, William Meyers, Cecil Nielsen, Eugene Pender, Carvel Prince. Sixth Row: Donald Ray, Dickie Richardson, Paul Ricke, Ed Seward, Tyrus Sibley, Marlin Sledge, J. C. Tillman, H. H. Watson, Paxton Willis. fcfcft J i ALPHA CHAPTER JUST IN PASSING . . . Twenty years old this Demonaires leader Gene Flores . . . Aquatic year ... a gala rush party to celebrate . . . King Ralph Combs . . . diver deluxe " Sonny " Prexy Barkate and V-P McMullan held down the Hoff . . . the Texas trio, two Sibleys and a Berlin same Student Body posts . . . Sauce Editor and . . . school spirit supporter Brasseaux . . . ath- Senate Prexy Singletary . . . the baton-twirling letes? . . . dozens of ' em. 181 ORGnnizflTions CUTHEHICS CLUB The Euthenics Club was organized on this campus in 1926 to promote professional spirit and cooperation, to foster sociability among students doing Home Economics work, and to develop culture. Home Economics as a basis for a career offers an opportunity to work toward two professions, a temporary one — wage earning, and a permanent one — homemaking. OFFICERS ANN KEYES President ELAINE HARRIS Secretary EVELYN SANDY Treasurer ANN KEYES President 184 MEMBERS First Row: Carolyn Bennett, Ethelyn Cain, Chlora Dell Conerly, Minnie Craft, Marion Cofer, Faye Ray Crump. Second Row: Mary Belle Davis, Mary Dean, Gloria Ebarb, Verna Fortenberry, Jean Furr, Eve- lyn Gandy. Third Row: Betty Jane Gipson, Mary Girling- house, Betty Goyne, Elaine Harris, Gloria How- ard, Mattie Jackson. Fourth Row: Betty Ree Maricle, Pat Marmande, Jean Marshall, Emojean Matthews, Beth McGuf- fee, Zona Mae Morris. Fifth Row: Dorothy Paul, Betty Sue Poison, Zelda Rawls, Gertrude Rice, Sarah Richardson, Jean Snead. Sixth Row: Sue Smith, Edith Tarver, June Wal- lace, Liberine Wedgeworth, Magda West, Jane Wolcott. Not Pictured: Wilma Dance, Margie Kellar, Lo- rene Watt, Mickey West. 185 THE " II " CLUB OFFICERS CLAUDE STOUTAMIRE President JAMES POOLE Vice-Presideni DeWITT PATTEN Secretary AUBREY L. HANES Treasurer HAROLD HARLAN Sergeant-at-Arms HERSHAL McCONATHY Reporter CLAUDE STOUTAMIRE President The N Club, one of the most distin- guished and " best known " organizations on the campus is composed of letter- men in any of the seven sports con- nected with Northwestern State. One of the most active organizations on the campus, the N Club sponsors an- nually the " N " Club homecoming, the homecoming dance, and concessions at sports events. MEMBERS Opposite Page First Row: Charles Bates, Sammy Booras, Jack Branch, George Bruser, Donald Danos. Second Row: Leo Ellison, Jack Gaston, Jackie Givens, Reggie Hebert, Ernest Howell. Third Row: Bobby Johnson, Hershal McConathy, Johnny McCon- athy, Al Nicosia, Linwood Outz. Fourth Row: DeWitt Patten, John Patton, James Poole, Artie Ranew, Earl Speights. Fifth Row: Claude Stoutamire, Jerry West, Glenn Williams. Not Pictured: Bill Barnidge, Ernest Bateman, Marion Benson, David Coyle, Mac Carter, Bobby Davis, Angel del Toro, Dale del Toro, Leroy Ford, Micky Gunn, Aubrey Hanes, Harold Harlan, Jeff Hennesy, Jack Huckaby, Arthur Lancaster, Sid Morrell, Johnny Robertson, Eugene Rogers, Jack Sibley, Bobby Smith, Huey Thomas, Phillip White, Jim Willis, Bob Wilson. The Officers Gab Relaxation the N Club Way M b BQi _| H H mm Hi H H 1 H H ML MM 1 J T p r r ft b 1 4w 7m 186 187 HAL E. TOWNSEND Director Men ' s Dormitory Government consists of separate par councils elected from each men ' s dormitory and a central governing body composed of members from each of the smaller groups. Under the supervision of Hal E. Town- send, Jr., the government serves in a disciplinary and supervisory capacity over all men ' s dormitories. the men ' s Top: BRICK SHACK COUNCIL Left to right, Back row: Melder, Anderson, Cason, Davis. Front row: Timothy, Smith, Westbrook. Bottom: FRAMES COUNCIL Left to right, Back row: Townsend, Meyers, Reese, Harrington, Odom. Front row: Cheron, Broussard, Flores. INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL Lett to Right: Howell, Macaluso, Smith, Davis, James, Brasseaux, Gray, Whiteard, Townsend, Odom, Flores. 1 i W k. CASPARI COUNCIL Left to Right: Bateman, Stoutamire, Bates, Howell. WEST BARRACKS COUNCIL Back Row, left to right: Tillman, Nolan, Austin, Bliss. Front Row: Robinson, Clark, Macaluso. INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL Ernest Howell, Ephen Macaluso, Bill Smith, Andy Davis, Bobby James, Donald Brasseaux, James Gray, W. J. Whiteard, Hal Town- send, Don Odom, Gene Flores. BRICK SHACK COUNCIL Eddie Melder, Ernest Anderson, Dean Cason, John Davis, Phillip Timothy, Bill Smith, Westbrook. FRAMES COUNCIL Hal Townsend, Henry Meyers, Lee Reese, Pat Harrington, Don Odom, Phillip Cheron, Gus Broussard, Gene Flores. CASPARI COUNCIL Ernest Bateman, Claude Stoutamire, Buddy Bates, Ernest Howeil. WEST BARRACKS COUNCIL J. C. Tillman, Huey Nolan, Amos Austin, William Bliss, Robin- son, Fred Clark, Ephen Macaluso. SOUTH BARRACKS COUNCIL Steve Harmon, Henry Sibley, James Moreland, Dan Hull, Charles Castaing, William Whiteard, James Michaels, James Gray, Ken- neth Ganey. NORTH BARRACKS COUNCIL Robert Justice, B. L. Ward, Herbert Cherrier, Milstead Grant, John Brydels, William Cronin, Bobby James, R. C. Henderson, Allen Grant. DORmiTORV C0UI1CIL DORMITORY COUNCIL SOUTH BARRACKS COUNCIL NORTH BARRACKS COUNCIL Back Row, left to right: Harmon, Sibley, Moreland, Hull, Castaing. Front Back Row, left to right: Justice, Ward, Cherrier, Grant, Brydels. Front Row: Whiteard, Michaels, Gray, Ganey. Row: Cronin, James, Henderson, Grant. FRESHmnn commissioncRS MEMBERS First Row: Beverly Babb, Alida Bishop, Willie Bumgardner, David Carley, Dorothy Cunning- ham. Second Row: Jerry Fuller, Sally Harper, Gloria Howard, Wanda Johniken, Pat Marmande. Third Row: Ronald Martin, William Meyers, Betty Millspaugh, Daisy Prudhomme, Dolores Suther- land, Lorraine Vaughn. OFFICERS BEVERLY BABB President JERRY FULLER Vice-President LORRAINE VAUGHN Secretary-Treasurer ALIDA BISHOP Senior Advis The purpose of the Freshman Commissioners organization is to co-operate with the religious organizations of the campus, to help the " Big Sister ' s " program and to be of service at all times. Freshman Commissioners are chosen each spring from the freshman members of the New- man Club, Y.W.C.A., and Y.M.C.A. on the basis of scholarship, service, and character. 190 V. UJ. C. A. MEMBERS Beverly Babb, Sally Harper, Betty Jo Martin, Betty Claire Polk, Maxine Sibley, Jean Snead. MEMBERS First Row: Burt Boone, Billie Jean Corry, Jerry Fuller, Reggie Gates, Carolyn Lynch. Second Row: Ronald Martin, Mary Louise Mc- Bride, Bob Parrot, James Poole, Maxine Sibley. Third Row: Dixie Silvers, Retta Strickland, Delores Sutherland, Emily Willis. UJ £ S LE V f o u n d a t i o n ■ li SMI .? SIS OFFICERS MEMBERS ALLEN CASSIDY President First Row: Harold Abodie, Delores Abraham, Jannete Abraham, Sarah Pat Andry, Gabe Barkate, Leonelle Bar- EPHEN MACALUSO Vice-President ron ' Carliss Basco, Carolyn Bennett, Alida Bishop, Donald Brasseaux. PAT MARMANDE Secretary c JO n n u. -»l i j. ■ ai second Row: Kamona Brossette, Charles Castamg, AI Cassidy, Patricia Crosby, Gloria Ebarb, Raymond Ebarb, CAROLYN BENNETT Treasurer i l d r- l i i c I J I a c I r a John ts. bchler, Joe bnglade, Lovette ralcon, Cene Mores. DELORES ABRAHAM Corresponding Secretary Third Row: N. L. Fragala, Ted Francis, Ray Guillory, Mar- cia Harrison, Kathryn Henry, Rose Khoury, Joyce Landry, Leland Langridge, Jan-an LeBlanc, Mai Levee. The Newman Club is a club of Catholic Cul- Fourth Row: Ruby L ' Herrison, Adrain Lorrain, E. J. Mac- aluso, Pat Marmande, Angel D. Martinez, Katie McNam- ture and Catholic fellowship, organized in non- ar3i Bob McNutt, William Meyers, Curtis Miller, James Catholic colleges and universities in the United Fifth Row: Betty Millspaugh, Joyce O ' Brien, Gertrude States. The purposes of the Newman Club are Owens, Frank Pasqua, Doris Jean Pine, Daisy Prudhomme, Herman Quiros, Hope Richard, J. N. Roge, Bill Sansing. religious, educational, and social. Activities of Sixth Row: R. Santiago, Betty Scanlon, Rosemary Scar- the club include communions, discussion study dulla, Helen Schelette, Mary Lou Statham, Ann Sterkx, Dorothy Ann Taylor, Christine Testa, Dona Mae Thomp- clubs, retreats, parties, picnics and dances. son, Lorraine Vaughn. n e w m n n club 192 MAX PUGH President The Baptist Student Union was organized on this campus in 1927. The primary purpose of the B.S.U. is to connect the Baptist students on the college campus with the local Baptist Church. The mem- bership of the B.S.U. is composed of the student members of the Sunday School, Training Union, Young Women ' s Auxiliary, and the local Baptist Church. The work of the B.S.U. is directed by an executive council and is under the leadership of the Student Secretary and the pastor. ■ B. s. u. councu OFFICERS MAX PUGH President DAVID CARLEY Promotional Chairman BETTY COLLINS Vespers Director MARTHA LOU CRAFT . . . Women ' s Enlistment Vice-President SAMMY DYSON Men ' s Enlistment Vice-President EVELYN GANDY Secretary BARBARA HALL Y.W.A. Representative SALLY HARPER " Chain " Editor ANN KEYES Publicity Chairman CHARLOTTE MARTIN Social Vice-President ANN MONTGOMERY External Relations Director JOY NORRIS Sunday School Representative MARGARET JEAN OHLSEN . . . Training Union Representative JOE P ARKER Devotional Vice-President NADINE SMITH Treasurer JUNE WALLACE Student Center Hostess SUE ZENTER Music Director Not Pictured: BILLY SIMMONS Missions Director DORIS CARRUTH Student Secretary VIRGINIA CARLTON Faculty Advisor REVEREND TROY WHEELER Pastor Advisor MEMBERS First Row: David Carley, Betty Collins, Martha Lou Craft, Sammy Dyson, Evelyn Gandy. Second Row: Barbara Hall, Sally Harper, Ann Keyes, Charlotte Mar- tin, Ann Montgomery. Third Row: Joy Norris, Margaret Jean Ohlsen, Joe Parker, Nadine Smith, June Wallace, Sue Zenter. 193 PHI ALPHA THETA MEMBERS First Row: Robert Butler, Dorothy Dale, Katherine Hawkins, Kaskilena Hays, Ruby Jean Holliman. Second Row: Mary Jewel Johnston, Mary Mari- celli, Joe Parker, James Poole, Emily Willis. Not Pictured: Jules Mayeaux, Ervin Ryland, Mary Weller. Faculty: Dr. Duffy, Mr. Good, Dr. Kyser, Miss Porter, Mr. Tarlton, Miss Winters, Dr. McGinty. MEMBERS Back Row, left to right: John Baskin, Billy Weller, James Ogden. Seated, left to right: Ruth Ellender, Aphrodite Marmoulides, Bob Douglas, Mary Weller. CnnTERBURV CLUB ALPHA PHI G A IH m A MEMBERS Second Row: Robert Murphy, Anne Powell, First Row: Julia Cash, Laura Copeland, Louise Archie Singletary, Clayton Taylor, Dorothy Tay- Harris, Jan-an LeBlanc, Erin Mavs. lor, J. C. Tillman. asr - — u OFFICERS Alpha Phi Gamma, honorary journalism fraternity, was sstablished at Northwestern State College March 14, ARCHIE SINGLETARY President ]92 7. Iota Chapter was reactivated in the summer of 1948 after having been inactive for several years. JULIA CASH First Vice-President The purpose of Alpha Phi Gamma is to recognize in- dividual ability and achievement in journalistic pursuits in JOE CHOATE Second Vice-President colleges and universities and to promote the welfare of ERIN MAYS Secretary the college through journalism. 195 ELM mwt Afcfcft OFFICERS MRS. MARIE DUNN President ANN KEYES Vice-President EMILY WILLIS Secretary ROBERT BUTLER Treasurer MAMIE BOWMAN Counselor Gamma Phi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, national honor society for men and women in the field of education, was installed at Northwestern State College on May 10, 1934. The purposes of Kappa Delta Pi are: to foster profes- sional spirit in maintaininq high standards of scholarship, to develop professional fellowship among men and wo- men in education, and to improve democratic education. MEMBERS First Row: Myrtle Ann Babin, Margie Barnette, Billie Blaz- ier, Jean Bower, Robert Butler, Herbert Cherrier, Nellie Irene Clark, Mrs. Juanita Cole, Mrs. Faye Cook. Second Row: Bobbie Cooley, Dorothy Dale, Nelda Davis, Mary Alice Driscoll, Leonard Farr, Marilyn Finley, Morgan Ford, Pat Hays, Geraldine Hodge. Third Row: Sam Holladay, Ruby Holliman, Katherine Hawkins, Mary Jewel Johnston, Ann Keyes, Jan-an Le- Blanc, Mary Maricelli, Gwendolyn Mayo, Ann Montgom- ery, Janette Pace. Fourth Row: Joe Parker, Robert Parrott, Wynell Peavy, Martha Anna Pixley, Rosemary Scardulla, Nadine Smith, Retta Strickland, William Timon, Blanchard Ward, Emily Willis. Not Pictured: Helen M. Abrams, Leo T. Allbritten, Clio Allen, Mamie Bowman, Geraldine Brice, Loraine Brittain, Lucille Carnahan, Julia Cash, Dorothy Cohen, Ruby Dunk- elman, Marie Dunn, Mrs. Jack Fisher, F. A. Ford, Ruth Geistwhite, Joe N. Gerber, Mrs. Joe N. Gerber, Alvin Good, Elizabeth Horton, J. A. Jones, R. S. Markham, Eve Mouton, Harold D. Murphy, Mrs. George Parks, H. Lee Prather, Max Pugh, John B. Robson, S. W. Shelton, Joy Sparks, Joe Vance, G. T. Walker, June Wallace, Eugene Watson, Mary C. Wilson, Mattie Woodward, Fannie Zenter. KflPPfi DELTA PI 196 PHI mU ALPHA OFFICERS founded October 6, 1898 at the New England max pugh President Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. allen grant Vice-Presideni Gamma Rho Chapter was established at North- ,,_.. CD -««„ d j- c western, May 24, 1942. HOMER COOK Recording Secretary ' ' JOHN BASKIN Corresponding Secretary First Row: John Baskin, George Booker, Henry PAUL TORGRIMSON Treasurer 3 ' Camp, Homer Cook, Gene Flores, Jack Gaston. GENE FLORES Historian lee self Warden Second Row: Allen Grant, Dan Hull, Wesley Jack- HENRY CAMP Supreme Councilman SOn, Max Pugh, Lee Self. LORRAIN BRITTAIN Faculty Advisor Not Pictured: Lorrain Brittain, Dwight Davis, Phi Mu Alpha is a national honorary profes- George Ellison, Donald Glattly, Don Phillips, sional music fraternity which has as its purpose Frank Schneider, Jerry Suddath, Paul Torgimson, the advancement of music in America. It was Sherrod Towns. 197 OFFICERS JOHN MITCHELL President Fall Semester FRANK ORTON President Spring Semester JULIA CASH President Spring Semester RAY ERWIN Vice-President GWEN MAYO Secretary JOE STERKX Treasurer N. B. MORRISON Sponsor Pi Omega Pi is a national honor fraternity for students majorinq in Business Administration and Business Education. Alpha Nu Chapter was estab- lished on this campus in the fall of 1938. pi o m £ g n pi 198 The aims of Pi Omega Pi are service, progress, loyalty, and scholarship. MEMBERS First Row: Ernest Anderson, John Brydels, Julia Cash, Shirley Clark, Marjorie Doggett, Thomas Ray Erwin. Second Row: Leonard W. Farr, Clifford Lam- born, Loita Martin, Angel Martinez, Gwen Mayo, Don Odum. Third Row: Frank Orton, Janette Pace, Wynell Peavy, Dorothy Scott, Joseph Sterkx, Olan D. Tyler, Harmon Walker. BETA BETA BETA OFFICERS TRAVIS FUNDERBURK President JAMES MORELAND Vice-President BARBARA HALL Secretary EARL SPEIGHTS Treasurer SARA PAT ANDRY Editor MARY CARL UNDERWOOD . . . Corresponding Secretary BOB GATES Historian Beta Beta Beta, honorary biology fraternity, was begun on the Northwestern State College campus as Beta Phi Alpha. In the spring of 1949 Beta Phi Alpha became a national biology fra- ternity and the name was changed to Beta Beta Beta. The purposes of this fraternity are: To stimulate interest in the Biological Sciences, to promote a fellowship among those scientifically inclined, and to encourage and sponsor projects of individual research. MEMBERS Seated: George Ware, Sara Pat Andry, Arlene Norsworthy, Marjorie White, John Curtis. Standing: T. C. Pullin, Travis Funderburk, Morgan Ford, Robert DeKeyzer, Dr. W. G. Erwin, James Moreland, Bobby Gates, H. L. Barr. 19? OFFICERS JOSEPH SMITH President WILLIS GOLDSBY Vice-President M. S. HOWE Secretary and Treasurer WILLIAM HANBERRY Sergeant-at-Arms DUDLEY DAVIS Reporter ROY CONNELL Parliamentarian WILFRED BROUSSARD Degree Captain Demeter fraternity was founded at Southwest- ern in Lafayette. Beta Chapter was chartered at Northwestern State College in 1935. The purpose of Demeter is to promote better farm practices. The fraternity derives its name from the ancient Greek Goddess of the earth, Demeter. D E m ET E R MEMBERS First Row: J. Bonsoll, Roy Connell, S. B. Dampier, Willis Goldsby, M. G. Howe. Second Row: J. H. Martin, N. McFerren, W. F. Peterson, H. M. Pullig, T. Rogers. Third Row: Scott Strickland, J. B. Smith. Not Pictured: N. T. Andrews, B. Bowie, Broussard, W. Cockerham, O. L. Coffee, Dwight Davis, R. R. Davis, M. Gunn, W. Hanberry, A. S. Lauret, E. B. McCain, S. W. Nelken, T. Rougeau, C. Sasser, M. Thompson, Hal Town- send, G. Wyche, H. J. Young, Sr. 200 inDUSTRIflLPRTS CLUB OFFICERS MELVIN H. SHAW President CARL PHARR Vice-President WILLIAM JENNINGS Secretary JOSEPH N. ROGE Treasurer KENNETH ISGITT Publicity Agent WALTER J. ROBINSON Faculty Sponsor WILLIAM H. BLISS Co-Sponsor The Industrial Arts Club was organized Sep- tember, 1947, under the direction of Walter J. Robinson, head of the Department of Industrial Arts. The purposes of the club are: To unite all persons maioring or minoring in Industrial Arts and Industrial Arts Education; To foster and pro- mote the development of Industrial Arts and Industrial Arts Education in Louisiana; To pro- mote and facilitate social activities for its mem- bership; To develop an active interest in industrial life and methods of production and distribution. MEMBERS First Row: Jack B. Canterbury, Phillip Cheron, Hu- lin D. Elkins, Kenneth H. Isgitt, William Jennings. Second Row: Joe Melancon, John W. Motter, Carl Pharr, Wayne C. Ponder, Joseph N. Roge. Third Row: Melvin H. Shaw, Kermie Valentine. Not Pictured: Laverne Ray Evans, R. D. Latham, Joseph C. Lestage, Doyle B. Stevens. 201 MEMBERS Back Row: Dees, Singletary, Pharr, Thompson, Hall, Younger. Front Row: Snead, Crow, Davis, Wiggins. OFFICERS CARL PHARR Commands JAMES RAY JOHNSON Senior Vice-Commander CRAYTON HALL Junior Vice-Commander TOMMY THOMPSON Ouartermaster EARL SPEIGHTS Adjutant ARCHIE SINGLETARY Post Advocate JAMES WILLIAMSON Chaplain BILLY SNEAD Surgeon MIKE LEBLEU Officer of the Day CLAUDE YOUNGER Patriotic Instructor BILL WIGGINS Service Officer VICTOR CROSS Legislative Officer DeWITT DEES Guard Barnhill-Ayres V.F.W. Post Number 7610 was organized on November 7, 1946. The post was named in honor of two former N.S.C. students, Wilbur Barnhill and Edward Ayres, who were kill- ed in action during the Second World War. UETERflnS OF F0REIGI1 WARS ' V ' .: ' - t ■ ■ " ' A • ■ ■ LflmBDfl DELTA LfllTlBDfl MEMBERS First Row: Jerry West, Travis Funderburk, James Moreland, George Cole, Donald Brasseaux, Gabe Barkate. Second Row: F. G. Fournet, Louis Cusachs, Mor- gan Ford, Sara Pat Andry, Mary Lou Hines, R. E. Roth, Robert DeKeyzer, George Morris, B. B. Boyd, A. L. Ducournau. MEMBERS Seated : Mrs. L. W. Snider, C. G. Killen, Virginia Carlton, A. C. Maddox, G. J. Corley, Robert Winegeart, Irene Clark. Standing: Dona Mae Thompson, Gloria Vos, L. W. Snider, Hyland Packard, Eddie Melder, Yvonne Dale, Jack Smith, Mary Lou Hines, James Mohr, Fred Helton, Milstead Grant, Elva Sue Tucker, Robert Crews, Tommy Holt, Mattie Richardson, Arlene Norsworthy, Emmett Horn. Not Pictured: Kathern Dhiel, W. M. Hewitt, Patricia Leone, Don Phillips, Russell Whittington. m A T H CLUB ADUERTISEmEIITS in flPPRECIATIOIl The 1950 POTPOURRI is at last completed. Into it has gone the work of not only the students whose names appear on the staff, but also the " blood, sweat, and tears " of hundreds of people without whom the book would never have been completed. We therefore would like to say " thanks " to all who have had a part in this, another representation of student life at Northwestern. And, especially to the following, do we ex- pres our sincere appreciation: The Shreveport Engraving Company ... to Mr. P. E. Dozier, Mr. Bob Smith, and Mr. Ed Birchett . . . for their unlimited understanding, patience, and co-operation when everything looked black . . . The Benson Printing Company . . . which, through the efforts of Mr. W. A. Benson, Jr., added the final touch always . . . The numerous advertisers who responded generously, and whose firms or products you see represented on the following pages . . . Mr. Curtis Guillet, who took the majority of the photographs for the book, for always being willing, at any time, to lend a helping hand . . . Dr. G. W. McGinty and the other administrative officers, who gave us much-needed guidance on numerous matters . . . Mr. Steve Harmon, our faculty advisor, who knew and recognized our problems and helped us to cope with them . . . And then to you, the student body, for your constant support and gen- erous co-operation in many ways . . . Again, to all, we say " thanks " . . . THE STAFF W. J. 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GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA COURREGES SHOE STORE Smart Footwear for College Men and Women SHOES AND HOSIERY New Second Street Natchitoches Compliments of KOLLEGE KORNER Compliments of a FRIEND Neighborhood custom • OIHEO UNDER AUTHORITT OF TH[ COC COI COM NATCHITOCHES COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY CADDO PLUMBING SUPPLY COMPANY HUGH B. ROBINSON , (Owner) WHOLESALE Ultra-Modern Bath Fixtures, Kitchen Sinks, Water Heaters, Copper Pipe and Fittings, Water and Gas Pipe, Valves and Fittings, Septic Tanks, Drain Tile and Sewer Pipe Water Works Supplies, Fire Hydrants, Hub End Gate, Valves and Service Goods Let Us Assist You in Planning Your Bath Room 1800-2-4-6 Texas Avenue, Shreveport, La. FOR THE BEST IN BUS SERVICE GO CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS 400 STUDENTS CAN ' T BE WRONG! Our Sea Food is Tops SHRIMP— SHORT ORDERS HOME-MADE PIES LE RENDEZVOUS Phone 2-0901; Res. Phone 2-7050 HEMENWAY-JOHNSON FURNITURE CO., INC. 500 Barksdale Blvd. BOSSIER CITY, LOUISIANA WEST BROTHERS DEPARTMENT STORES NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA CITY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA We are interested in the growth of NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 50 Ways Finer for ' 50 NATCHITOCHES MOTOR COMPANY Home of the Oldest Ford Dealer in Louisiana Corner of Front and Lafayette Streets Phone 2688 Natchitoches, La. BRIGHT SON Sanitone Dry Cleaning REPRESENTATIVE ON CAMPUS " Where Pharmacy is a Profession — not a SIDELINE " McCLUNG DRUG CO. Telephone 2461 Natchitoches, Louisiana DALME ' S LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Phone 2333 Phone 2334 NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA ECONOMY GROCERY Check Our Prices Before You Buy We Always Sell for Less MRS. MAUDE JACOBS SAFETY CAB COMPANY For Safe, Courteous, Friendly Service Call 3274 PEOPLES MOTOR COMPANY Dealers for Studebaker Cars and Trucks Telephone 3310 Natchitoches, Louisiana Best Wishes to the Students at NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE FROM CLARK MILEY PACKING PLANT Quality Meats at Reasonable Prices! Mill Street Natchitoches, La. THE CITY OF NATCHITOCHES " Home Town " to the students of Northwestern State College provides the most outstanding and courteous police force in the South. FRANK M. KEES, JR Mayor HUBERT GRENEAUX Commissioner of Finance RYAN HORTON Commissioner of Streets Parks WOODROW PRUDHOMME Commissioner of Utilities GRIFFIN TAYLOR Commissioner of Health CADDO BUSINESS MACHINES Underwood-Sundstrand-Elliott Fisher Office Furniture and Supplies Phone 2-0364 429 Crockett Street Shreveport, Louisiana COMPLIMENTS OF GREEN ' S HOTEL SUPPLY COMPANY SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA RAINBOW FLOWER SHOP Now located at our new shop right off the campus. FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Call 3300 or 2438 Natchitoches, La. COMPLIMENTS OF ALEXANDRIA FRUIT CO. ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA PATRONIZE NORTHWESTERN COLLEGE BOOK STORE Always Use MASTERPIECE PAPER AND TABLETS When Available There is no Substitute for Quality COMPLIMENTS OF THE STUDENT BODY ASSOCIATION NORTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE PRINTED BY BENSON PRINTING COMPANY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE ENGRAVED BY SHREVEPORT ENGRAVING CO. SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA tu toaraplt arap I , 1 » 4 R£-M«M PfPiBi ■■ i mmmJ

Suggestions in the Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) collection:

Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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