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Hi III Hi roflflH ftWni (W« ri 3_y y ' ? $ 6Us f uUJ m fl T £ R ux .P. Dobsorv Jr., Editor ike Stothart,Bu5.Mgr v v ;v • 4 A 02T u arui£4 ■■■■ all work nno no plav mane ■ ■ i OSTLUND SHOWING THEM THE RIGHT WAY TO HIT IT PHYSICAL EDUCATION IS AH ESSEnTlflL PART OF OUR COLLEGE LIFE THESE ARE TYPICAL DORMITORY SHOTS AND ARE SELF-EXPLANATORY wS!! We the staff have had as our purpose +6 create a yearbook which is truly representative of life at Normal. In a sense we have departed from the usual " theme " of past volumes to give you a modern annual. If you consider the 1943 POTPOURRI a welcome change, then we will be justly rewarded for our efforts. With this objective we present the 1943 POTPOURRI... TO THE MANY FORMER NORMAL STUDENTS WHO ARE NOW SCATTERED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD AND ACTIVELY ENGAGED V IN THE STRUGGLE OF THEIR COUNTRY AGAINST THE FORCES OF EVIL, THIS • • 1943 POTPOURRI IS DEDICATED IE ID CAT FT 1 Under the guidance of Dr. Joe Farrar many changes have been made during this college year. The greatest of these was the selection of Normal as a Navy Flight Preparatory School. Much credit goes to him for having the foresight of making the arrange- ments to get this school. DR. JOE FARRflR, PRESIDED A.B., M.A., Ph.D. The President ' s Home Caldwell Hall lia i Two important new members were added to the administration this year when Dr. Andrew W. Hunt was chosen Director of Student Welfare, and Mrs. lona Berry was appointed Dean of Women. Their first project was the changing of rules regarding date nights. A great loss was felt when Dr. Marvin S. Pittman resigned as Director of Instruc- tion in February to become President of Georgia State Teachers College. DR. ANDREW W. HUNT Director of Student Welfaie MRS. IONA BERRY Dean of Women DR. MARVIN S. PITTMAN Director of Instruction S. J. SIBLEY Business Manager W. S. MITCHELL Registrar H. LEE PRATHER Director of Athletics 122] The library T H E F A C First Row: C. Cunningham, Towns, Ostlund, O ' Quinn, Woodward, Taylor, Stovall. Second Row: Hunt, Pittman, Dey, Coclcfield, E. Cunningham, Dunclcleman, Fox, Phelps, Toy. Third Row: Crew, Ropp, Pinkston, Robinson, Owen, Bowman, Mouton. Fourth Row: Mason, Winstead, Kyser, Clapp, Hammett, Cole. Fifth Row: Barr, Saetre, Easley, Dowdy, Cohen, Culp, Peters, Davis. Sixth Row: Marx, Brittain, Dugdale, Hickerson, Cooley, Smith, Hargis, Morrison. Seventh Row: Watson, Smith, Ford, Cheves, Miller, Carver, Jones, Killen. 1:4; First Row: Berry, M. Winters, Blair, Sudbury, Alexander, Ducournau, Fournet. Second Row: Mitchell, Hopper, Webb, Haynes, Browne, Wright. Third Row: Cooper, Kelly, Hanchey, Hanchey, Tarlton, Haupt, Odom, Hussey. Fourth Row: Colvin, Skipper, Good, Rob- son, Haupt, Allen, Saucier. Fifth Row: Easley, Faulk, Allen. Sixth Row: Dyson, Porter, C. Winters, Sexton, Eastland, Kendrick, Mouser, Maddox. Seventh Row: Prather, McCook, Smitherman, Terrell, Colvin, Parks. [25] McSwain, Griffin, Thomas. Ike STUDENT The Student Body Association was formed on the Normal campus sixteen years ago to permit the students to regulate all matters pertaining to stu- dent life that do not interfere with the policies of the Administration. The Student Council, executive of the Associa- tion, is composed of fourteen members, eleven elected and three coming from campus religious organizations. The Council has supervision of the other student organizations in matters pertaining to general student welfare. Two major programs were carried out by the Council during the 1942-43 session of the college. The first was a successful campaign to increase, both in number and length, date nights for women students. The second was the sponsorship and co- ordination of student participation in the war effort. McSWAIN KENDRICK THOMAS HOWELL [26] STUDENT COUNCIL C. M. McSWAIN Student Body President SAM KENDRICK ' The Current Sauce " Editor G. F. THOMAS, JR Student Body Vice-President JOHN HOWELL Student Body Representative MARY KATHRYN GRIFFIN . Student Body Secretary-Treasurer JOHN MEAGHER Student Body Representative TOXY BOURN Senior Class President THEOPHILE SCOTT Student Body Representative ALDEN VIGE Junior Class President MARY ELLEN CALDWELL Y. W. C. A. TOMMY THOMPSON Sophomore Class President ANNA BELLE LANDRY Newman Club E. P. DOBSON, JR. ' Potpourri " Editor J. E. TULLOS Y. M. C. A. GOVERNMENT GRIFFIN MEAGHER vV- !----i - — -IwWL [27] ■ 2 - E. P. DOBSON, JR., Editor DON MIKE STOTHART, Business Manager 7A tip©o THE STAFF E. P. DOBSON, JR Editor DON MIKE STOTHART Business Manager and Associate Editor SAM KENDRICK Copy Editor RUTH HOCHENEDEL Associate BETH FUNDERBURK Associate CURTIS GUILLET Photographer JACOB LEICHNER Office Assistant CHARLES CUNNINGHAM Faculty Adviser J Current Sauce OFFICIAL STUDENT PUBLICATION OF NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 6. CAMPUS BEING ORGANIZED FOR PARTICIPATION IN WAR WORK Fei Betty Bell 1943 for Victory urda In addition to of her coi: 43 annual v. ball. Miss Bel! was Ci Potpourri by the ed »ne 1943 annual and her photograph will lead the feature section of the book. The ten beauties will be ranked by an artist of n prominence. The beauties and maids were chosen from- a list of local coeds which was submitted to a commit- tee composed of women faculty members. The list was compiled by Potpourri officials and nomina- vere made by various mem- f the college faculty and Staff. The committee designated :ls from the list as beauties and tne as Maids for Victory. The twenty coeds chosen as beauties and maids are as fol- lows: Beauties: Dede Hart, Anne Smith. Mariraret French. Patsy Sibley, Ixiuise Hawkins, Mari- I ti Callemlcr. Billie Elston, Vir- ginia Lea Marmandv, Mrlb.i Jean Pope, and Melb.i Law Maids: Judy Ed Langenstein, Willis. Thetis Tri.ailm.ll «l,irl»v R«k« lull - i » f »H " f V i 4 Tt I - Kendrick. nve lec- tturer on inaia on tne American pianorm, " wtu aaar I students, faculty and others here on Monday, Nov. 9, at Ijeet Monday tensive ere last harge of of the com- be fired in l room of the Monday night ■nts f all cam- is will be the tudent Welfare the direction of Hint, at dinner. operation on the : al war enter - udent participation Is authorities feel is ry. ' The Red Cross Surgical Dressing Room has been in opera- tion for several weeks but many oeds are not yet participat- ing in this activity. Miss ( ' oolry has issued a call for local students to tithe their free time for national defense. Recommending that 108 hours of the 168-hour week be devoted to such necessary items as sleep, meals, classwork, etc. Miss Cooler points out that every local student should devote at least one tenth of the remain- ing 60 hours, or six hours, to participation In war work. The dinner Monday night will quicken the pace of mobilization of local students. Each president who attends the dinner will have an opportunity, to learn of. and help make, plans for the enrolling of every member of his organiza- »mp activity for national defense. The number of man-hours spent by the members of each organiza- . »yj r m Kj " 9. Weber, Fargerson, Leone Hawkins. SAM KENDRICK Editor n ' aqer anc LOUISE HAWKINS Business Manager and Associate Editoi EDITH WEBER Society Editor NADYNE FARGERSON Reporter GRACE KING Reporter DORIS LEONE Reporter DON MIKE STOTHART Reporter CHARLES CUNNINGHAM Faculty Adviser 129] CHARLES CUNNINGHAM ' Potpourri " and " Current Sauce " Adviser. First Row: Tarver, Vosburg, Griffin, Landry, Simpson, Clyde. Second Row: Sylvest, Clay, Edgerton, Buatt, Smith, Davis, David. Third Row: Caldwell, Kuhn, Worley, Ewing, Gunn, Roach, Colle. PURPLE JACKET CLUB With the distinction of beinq the oldest honor organization on the campus, the Purple Jacket Club, having a complement of ten sorority and eleven non-sorority women, serves the college and student body as their official representatives, and in other capacities whenever called. To many people it seems that their work is done while functioning as a body, but each girl strives as an individual to better her service toward the college, and to uphold the traditional themes of loyalty and service that are so ever-present in each year ' s group of Purple Jacket girls. At the end of the year the members choose new girls from the Sopho- more and Junior classes to replace those who graduate. Selection is based upon scholarship, leadership, willingness to serve, and loyalty to the college. [30] M U S C The Swing Kings have played an important part in the college life of Normal students for many years. This year more than ever they did their part by providing entertainment for the college and donating their services to many charities. This year ' s Swing Kings were badly hurt when some graduated and others were called into the armed forces. This year ' s members were: Crowell Eddy, leader and first trumpet; Milt Chapman, tenor sax; Elliott Ginsburg, alto sax; Charles Raggio, alto sax; Sammy Griffin, tenor sax; Willard Hollenshead, string bass; Doris Leone, pianist; Lester Cifreo, trumpet; Russell Cronin, trombone; and John " Bully " Howell, drums. The Swing Kings. [31] The band ' s three majorettes. David, Hall, Callender. With Dwight G. Davis beginning his second year as director, the 50-piece concert and march- ing band opened its season as successor to one of the most colorful and musically excellent or- ganizations of its kind in this section. In spite BAN D of heavy losses in personnel to the armed forces the 1942-43 band managed to maintain that reputation. Appearing at every home football game and travelinq to Shreveport for the State Fair grid classic, the local musicians came to be hailed as a favorite in the Ark-La-Tex area. Director Davis and a number of key men entered the service at the end of the first se- mester but, with Gilbert T. Saetre directing, the band continued its good work. Throughout the year, the band was praise- worthy as both a musical and a public service organization. The 1942-43 Concert Band. i 1 jj 1 rrn till is 1 ' t yU SSWw lwfl Pi ii EQBiM •T . The 1942-43 A Cappella Choir CHOIR The fifty-voice A Cappella Choir was hard hit by war-time limitations as to travel and person- nel, but Director Walter Mason ' s group gave complete satisfaction in a number of local ap- pearances. Justly famous as the oldest and finest such group in the state, the choir was warmly received by campus and community audiences. One road trip, to Shreveport during the fall semester, was also a pronounced success. Director Mason, in his second year on the campus, is to be congratulated for his success in holding together one of the campus ' outstanding musical organizations in spite of the difficulties now facing all normal aspects of college life. Director Mason. [33] DRAMATICS ? A The spring 1942 production of the Davis Players was Kaufman and Hart ' s " The Man Who Came to Dinner, " directed by Thera Stovall and presented on April 15 in the Normal Auditorium. Later it was given at Camp Livingston for the Red Cross. THE CHARACTERS MRS. ERNEST W. STANLEY GERTRUDE HERREN MISS PREEN DOROTHY CLEVELAND RICHARD STANLEY ROBERT PALMER JOHN JAMES CRATON JUNE STANLEY VIRGINIA LEE MARMANDE SARAH LUCILLE POSEY MRS. McCUTCHEON EVELYN DAVIS MRS. DEXTER JOY ALSTON MR. STANLEY HARVEY LAING MAGGIE CUTLER MARY ELLEN CALDWELL DR. BRADLEY LEONARD KIMBRELL SHERIDAN WHITESIDE DENNAN HOLMES HARRIET STANLEY ELAINE CARVILLE BERT JEFFERSON JAMES TAYLOR PROFESSOR METZ CECIL CLARK THE LUNCHEON GUESTS ALBERT SAUCIER, HURLEY TRIPP, A. C. WILLIS MR. BAKER LEON DUNN EXPRESSMAN GARLINGTON FEAZELL LORRAINE SHELDON MARY ADAIR NICHOLSON BEVERLY CARLTON CHARLES ROBERTS WESTCOTT CLAUDE BOOKTER RADIO TECHNICIAN MURRY RUSHING NINE YOUNG BOYS . DAVID KENDRICK, JERRY SUDDATH, HERMAN TAYLOR, JOHN BATTEN, ROY BUCKLEY, CAMP- BELL PROUDFIT, NORMAN FLETCHER, JAMES HICKS, BOBBY PARROTT BANJO JERRY POOLER DEPUTIES . BILL EASON, RALPH McFARLAND, C. G. SNODDY, JR. A PLAINCLOTHES MAN ROGER SHERMAN The fall 1942 production was Philip Barry ' s " Hotel Universe, " presented on November 4, with Annetta L. Wood directing, in the Normal Auditorium. THE CHARACTERS STEPHEN FIELD JAMES TAYLOR ANN FIELD VIRGINIA LEETE PAT FARLEY CHARLES ROBERTS LILY MALONE BETTY BELL TOM AMES VERNON WARREN HOPE AMES GWENDOLYN SYLVEST NORMAN ROSE DENNAN HOLMES ALICE KENDALL y PEGGY MYERS FELIX .... JY. TOMMY THOMPSON s The winter production was Joseph Kesselring ' s " Arsenic and Old Lace, " presented January 30 and February 7 in e Normal Auditorium, under direction of Thera Stovall. THE CHARACTERS ABBY BREWSTER MAXINE BELL THE REV. DR. HARPER JAMES LOUT TEDDY BREWSTER . . DENNAN HOLMES OFFICER BROPHY GARLINGTON FEAZELL OFFICER KLEIN J. E. TULLOS MARTHA BREWSTER LILLIAN BELL ELAINE HARPER VIRGINIA LEE MARMANDE MORTIMER BREWSTER TOMMY THOMPSON MR. GIBBS A. C. WILLIS JONATHAN BREWSTER JAMES CRATON DR. EINSTEIN ROGER SHERMAN OFFICER JOE O ' HARA DUCOTE C. G. SNODDY LIEUTENANT ROONEY JACK THOMPSON MR. WITHERSPOON VERNON WARREN Second Performance CHARLES ROBERTS) 7 te 1942- 943 £eaJch " The Man Who Came to Dinner " 1. The Man takes charge of the Stanley ' s home. 2. About to get rid of Lorraine. " Hotel Universe " 3. Evening at the Hotel Universe. 4. Ann ' s guests leave. " Arsenic and Old Lace " 5. Teddy prepares to leave for the asylum. 6. The aunts dressed for Mr. Hoskins ' funeral. • Jr , © J ± ■ la Ji ■ I jM 1 " ' As uJ ue First Row MARJORIE ARRON. Natchitoches; Home Economics; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Euthenics Club; President, Panhellenic; President. Delta Sigma Epsilon. JOHNNIE AUSTIN, Grand Cane; Agriculture; Demeter; Treasurer, Pi Delta Epsilon, ' 42- ' 43; Vice-President, Pi Delta Epsilon, ' 4l- ' 42; Vice-President, Demeter, ' 42- ' 43. SHIRLEY BACKES, New Orleans; Social Studies; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Newman Club; Panhellenic Council, ' 4l- ' 42; President, Theta Sigma Upsilon, ' 42- ' 43; Sec- retary, Freshman Commissioners, ' 39- ' 40. VERNA LOU BARNES, Ferriday; Home Economics; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Fine Arts Club; Euthenics Club. BETTY BELL, Franklin; Language; Pi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Psi Omega; Davis Players; Y. W. C. A.; President, Pi Kappa Sigma; Society Editor, " Current Sauce " ; Fine Arts Club. DOROTHY BELL, Dry Prong; Language; Sigma Sigma Sigma. Second Row ALAN L. BIENVENU, Bossier City; Liberal Arts. LOUISE BLACKBURN, Bogalusa; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Y. W. A. FLORENCE BLAKE, Varnado; Home Economics. TOXY BOURN, Haynesville; Business Administration; Sigma Tau Gamma; Foot- ball, ' 39- ' 42; Track, ' 40- ' 43; President, Sigma Tau Gamma; President, Senior Class; Student Council, ' 42- ' 43. ELIZABETH BOZEMAN, Natchitoches; Speech; Pi Kappa Sigma; Order of Demosthenes; Spanish Club; Debate. BELLE BROWN, Wisner; Music; A Capella Choir; Madrigal Singers; Fine Arts Club. Third Row MRS. GERALDINE F BRICE, Natchitoches; Commerce; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Omega Pi; B. S. U. ANITA CLAIRE BURKE, Rayville; Upper Elementary. MRS. BERNICE BURNETT, Provencal; Language ZULA BURNETTE, Sikes; Language; B. S. U. Council; Spanish Club. MARY ELLEN CALDWELL, Shreveport; Social Studies; Phi Alpha Theta; Phi Gamma; Kappa Delta Pi; President, Y. W. C. A.; Vice-President, Purple Jackets, ' 42- ' 43. SYBIL CAMBELL, De Ridder; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. Fourth Row BETTY CAVENDER, Dalton, Georgia; Home Economics. BILLIE CHEVES, Natchitoches; Speech; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Debate; Order of Demosthenes; Dramatics; Spanish Club. HELEN JUANITA CLAY, Opelousas; Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; Vice-President, Alpha Sigma Alpha; Euthenics Club; Wesley Foundation; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. DOROTHY CLEVELAND, Boyce; Speech; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Davis Players; Debate; Order of Demosthenes. PATRICIA FAYE CLYDE, Alexandria; Music; Kappa Delta Pi; Freshman Com- missioner; Glee Club; A Capella Choir; Purple Jackets; B. S. U. Council. THELMA PRESLEY, Toro; Commerce; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi, W. A. A. Fifth Row ANNE LEA COLLE, Pascagoula, Miss.; Home Economics; Kappa Delta Pi; Euthenics Club; Wesley Foundation; Purple Jackets. MRS. JUANITA WALKER CRADDOCK, Winnfield; Speech. RUSSELL WINFRED CRONIN, JR., Leesville; Music; Phi Mu Alpha; Swing Band; A Capella Choir; Band. CLARENCE CRUMP, Haynesville; Social Studies. MARCILE CULPEPPER, Homer; Home Economics. MRS. LINNER BROADWAY DALE, Vowell ' s Mill; Upper Elementary. t 38] First Row MRS. SADIE MASGIO DARK, Natchitoches; Commerce; Newman Club. JULIENNE DAVID, Natchitoches; Commerce; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Purple Jackets; Panhellenic Council; Majorette. JANE DAVIS, Texarkana, Ark.; Commercial Education; President Wesley Founda- tion; Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi, ' 42- ' 43; Pi Omega Pi. JOY LEA DAVIS, Leesville; Music; Alpha Sigma Alpha. DOTTIE DEE DlCKERSON, Winnfield; Upper Elementary. MRS. EDITH L. DOERR, Natchitoches; Home Economics; Theta Sigma Upsilon. FRANCES DRAKE, Natchitoches; Home Economics; Pi Kappa Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; Euthenics Club. CHARLES B. DURHAM, Atlanta; Chemistry; Sigma Tau Gamma. Second Row WANDA EARNEST, Shreveport; Foreign Languages. CROWELL C. EDDY, Lake Charles; Music; Sigma Tau Gamma; Band. STELLA SUSAN EDGERTON, Coushatta; Home Economics; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Secretary, Euthenics Club; Secretary, Delta Sigma Epsilon; Purple Jackets. DOROTHY LILLIAN ELSTON, Haughton; Library; Pi Kappa Sigma; A Capella Choir. MAMIE ELIZABETH ELSTON, Shreveport; Social Studies; Pi Kappa Sigma. GASTON ENGLAND, Winnfield; Basketball, ' 40- ' 43. LE ROI E. EVERSULL, Boyce; Sigma Tau Gamma. MIRIAM MAE EWING, Innis; President, Kappa Delta Pi; President, Purple Jackets, ' 42- ' 43; Secretary-Treasurer, Canterbury Club, ' 40- ' 43; A Capella Choir; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Third Row ALLEYNE FERGUSON, Oil City; Sigma Sigma Sigma; President, Pi Omega Pi; Treasurer, Sigma Sigma Sigma. BEATRICE FLETCHER, Coushatta; Health and Physical Education. NANNIE BELLE FLOWERS, Calcasieu; Home Economics; Euthenics. F. G. FOURNET, JR., Natchitoches; Liberal Arts; Sigma Tau Gamma. DOROTHY LEE FRENCH, Monroe; Upper Elementary. HELON FRIDAY, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary. BETH FUNDERBURK, Winnsboro; Primary; Pi Kappa Sigma; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 4l- ' 42. LYVONNE GERMAN, Many; Library; Wesley Foundation; Band; Spanish Club. Fourth Row ALBERT W. GERSON, Monroe; Agriculture Science; " N " Club; Football and Track. FRANCES GIBSON, Montgomery; Physical Education; Pi Delta Epsilon. MADGE GIBSON, Jonesville; Upper Elementary; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Band; Freshman Commissioners; Y. W. C. A.; Wesley Foundation. BARBARA GILLIS, Alexandria; Music; Pi Kappa Sigma; A Capella Choir; Wesley Foundation. ELLIOTT GINSBURG, Vivian; Music; Sigma Tau Gamma; Phi Mu Alpha; Band; Vice-President, Phi Mu Alpha, ' 42- ' 43. VERDIE GREMILLION, Simmesport; Music; Band; Glee Club; Newman Club. SADIE GREZAFFI, Batchelor; Home Economics; President, Euthenics Club, ' 42- ' 43; Newman Club; Pi Delta Epsilon. MARY KATHRYN GRIFFIN, Vivian; Music; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Treasurer, Purple Jackets; President, Sigma Sigma Sigma; Pan-Hellenic Council; Secretary- Treasurer, Student Body; A Capella Choir. CJ a Jx First Row SARAH GRIGG, Simmsboro; Primary. CHARLES T. HALL, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary; Phi Kappa Nu; Pi Delta Epsilon; B. S. U. Council, ' 38- ' 39; Davis Players; Freshman Commissioners; A Capella Choir; Cheerleader, ' 40- ' 4 1 . MAXINE HALL, Mansfield; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. VIRGINIA DALE HARLAN, Winnfield; Chemistry; Pi Delta Epsilon. VIOLET HAYS, Hornbeck; English. LOUISE HAWKINS, West Monroe; Music; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; A Capella Choir; Band; Madrigal Singers; Co-Editor, " Current Sauce, " ' 42; Business Manager, " Current Sauce, " ' 42- ' 43. Second Row HELEN HENSON, Converse; Kindergarten-Primary; Pi Kappa Sigma; A Capella Choir; Y. W. C A. GERTRUDE HERREN, McDade; Primary; Associate Pi Delta Epsilon; Davis Players; Wesley Foundation Cabinet. RUTH HOCHENEDEL, Alexandria; Mathematics; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Pan- Hellenic Council, ' 42- ' 43; Vice-President, Theta Sigma Upsilon; Cheerleader; Newman Club Council; W. A. A. Cabinet, ' 4 1 - ' 42. GRACE EVA HOLLAND, De Ridder; Music; A Capella Choir. MARJORIE ABNEY HOLLIS, Alexandria; Social Studies; B. S. U. Council; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. DENNAN HOLMES, Kilgore, Texas; Social Studies; Lambda Zeta; Interfraternity Council, ' 42- ' 43; President, Davis Players, ' 42- ' 43. Third Row EMMA LEE HOLT, Sieper; English; Kappa Delta Pi. POLLY JOHNSON, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary. S. AUBREY KENDRICK, Natchitoches; Social Studies; Sigma Tau Gamma; " Current Sauce " Sports Editor, ' 4l- ' 42; Editor, ' 42- ' 43; Davis Players; Varsity Debate, ' 39- ' 42; Student Council, ' 42- ' 43; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. NELL KENDRICK, Jena; Primary. THELMA KENNEDY, Baton Rouge; Home Economics. ELAINE KILLEN, Natchitoches; Music; Alpha Sigma Alpha; A Capella Choir; B. S. U. Council; Band, ' 39- ' 4l; Women ' s Glee Club, ' 39- ' 40. Fourth Row CHARLINE KILLGORE, Lisbon; Health and Physical Education; W. A. A. Cabinet, ' 42-M3; Y. W. C. A.; Davis Players. ANNA BELLE LANDRY, Port Allen; Home Economics; Purple Jackets; Student Council; President, Newman Club, ' 42-43; Euthenics Club; Who ' s Who Among Students of American Universities and Colleges. HARVEY LAING, Mer Rouge; Social Studies; Freshman Commissioner; Vice- President, Wesley Foundation, ' 40- ' 4l; Davis Players; Vice-President, Y. M. C. A. ROSA DEE LATTIER, Natchitoches; Commerce; Pi Omega Pi. HERLENA LE BLANC, Innis; Language; Vice-President. Spanish Club; French Club. WYONE M. MACE, Provencal; Kindergarten-Primary. Fifth Row GERRY MANNING, Calhoun; Upper Elementary; Band; A Capella Choir; Madrigal Singers. ELISE MAYEAUX, Moreauville; Home Economics; Newman Club; Euthenics Club; French Club. MERCEDES MAYEAUX, Plaucheville, Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Newman Club. FLORENCE McCREA, Jefferson, Texas; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Wesley Foundation. VIRGINIA McCREA, Vidalia; Primary; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Band, ' 39- ' 4l. WILLIAM EDWIN McDERMOTT, Bossier City; Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu; Football, ' 39- ' 42; Basketball, ' 39- ' 42; Track, ' 39- ' 42; Co-Captain, Football Team, ' 42; Who ' s Who Among College Students of American Universities and Colleges. Olkje First Row HAZEL McDONALD, Lisbon; Primary. LOUISE McGARRAHN, Many; Upper Elementary. GRETCHEN McLEAN, Alexandria; Primary; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Secretary, Sigma Sigma Sigma ' 42- ' 43. COLEN M. McSWAIN, Alexandria; Chemistry; Sigma Tau Gamma; " N " Club; Football and Track, ' 3?- ' 43; President, Student Body, ' 42- ' 43; Student Council, ' 4l- ' 43. JOHN PAUL MEAGHER, Shreveport; Physical Education; Sigma Tau Gamma; " N " Club; Interfraternity Council; President, Sigma Tau Gamma, ' 41 - ' 42 ; Foot- ball and Track, ' 40- ' 42; Student Council. VIOLA MARIE MILEY, Franklinton; Home Economics. ETOILE MOBLEY, Robeline; Music; Alpha Sigma Alpha; A Capella Choir; B. S. U. FIFI MODICA, Bossier City; Commerce; Newman Club. Second Row BILLIE MOISE, Oakdale; Primary. CORINNE MONDELLO, Powhatan; Home Economics. EARLE INEZ MONTGOMERY, Bellwood; Upper Elementary. ALLENE MOODY, Campti; Home Economics; B. S. U. Council. RUTH MORPHIS, Good Pine; Commerce; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Pi Omega Pi; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Junior Dramatics. MARY NEAL MOYERS, Winnesboro; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Dra- matics Club; La Cercle d ' Unite. MARGARET IRENE MAYERS, New Oxford, Pa.; Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Davis Players; Euthenics Club. PATRICK CARY NATION, Minden; Agriculture; Phi Kappa Nu; Pi Delta Epsilon; Demeter Club; " N " Club; Football and Track, ' 39-42. Third Row JOHN S. NICOSIA, Smithfied, Pa.; Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu; " N " Club; Football, ' 4l- ' 42. MARRY ANN OGDEN, Mer Rouge; Music; Pi Kappa Sigma; Canterbury Club. CREOLA OGLESBY, Verda; Mathematics. MARIE ORR, Forest Hill; Upper Elementary. LEAH JANE OTBERG, Crowley; Education; Junior Dramatics. VIRGINIA DOROTHY PALMER, Summerfield; Home Economics; Glee Club. MARIE ANNE PORCHE, Weeks Island; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; New- man Club. GEORGE L. PARKS, JR., Natchitoches; Music; President, A Capella Choir; Madrigal Singers; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Fourth Row INEZ PAUL, Buckeye; Upper Elementary. LA VERNE PEARCE, Zwolle; Home Economics; Secretary, B. S. U. Council, ' 42- ' 43; Euthenics Club. LURLINE PICKETT, Coushatta; Mathematics; Y. W. A.; Y. W. C. A. WILLIE B. PITTMAN, Plain Dealing; Home Economics. DOSWELL H. PLUNKETT, Pelican; Mathematics. CAROLYN ELIZABETH POWELL, Pleasant Hill; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. HENRY LEE PRATHER, JR., Natchitoches; Physical Education; Lambda Zeta; Vice President, Lambda Zeta, 42- ' 43; Football, ' 42; Basketball, ' 4l- ' 43. THELMA PRESLEY, Toro; Commerce; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; W. A. A. Cabinet. 141 I Xh_j£ First Row RUPUT PULLIG, Ashland; Chemistry. RUTH PULLIG, Bryceland; Commerce; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi. BETTYE G. RABURN, Saline; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Y. W. C. A. BRUCE LEON RASCOE, Haughton; Commerce. RUBY RAWLS, Marthaville; Home Economics. RAYMOND RHODES. Saline; Physics. Second Row AZEAL RHODES, Saline; Upper Elementary; Y. W. C. A.; Vice-President, Lunitae Club; President, La Cercle d ' Unite, ' 4l- ' 42. LELAND RHODES, Saline; Physics. HELEN INEZ RIDDLE, Coushatta; Speech; Junior Dramatics, ' 40-41; Davis Players, ' 42. LADELLE RIDDLE, Jonesboro; Upper Elementary. JOYCE RIVET, Natchitoches; Commerce; Pi Kappa Sigma; Pi Omega Pi; Freshman Commissioner; " Current Sauce. " DOROTHY LEE ROACH, Wisner; Music; Kappa Delta Pi; A Capella Choir; Purple Jacket Club; Wesley Foundation. Third Row CHARLES ALLAIN ROBERTS, Rodessa; Speech; Lambda Zeta; Alpha Psi Omega; Freshman Commissioner; Newman Club; Davis Players. JAMES MURRAY RUSHING, Ashland; Math. Science; Lambda Delta Lambda, President, ' 42- ' 43; Davis Players. RUSSELL, NEELY, Grand Bayou; Social Studies. ETHELYN RUTLEDGE, Cheneyville; Kindergarten-Primary. EVELYN RUTLEDGE, Cheneyville; Kindergarten-Primary. MRS. JOE SANDERS, Homer; English. Fourth Row MARTEAL SANDERS, Springhill; Upper Elementary. AMELIE SCHEPPF, Madisonville; Social Studies. KATHLEEN SCOTT, Winnesboro; Upper Elementary; Pi Kappa Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta. KATHRINE SCOTT, Winnesboro; Mathematics; Pi Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Theta; Kappa Delta Pi; Aquatic Club, ' 4l- ' 42. THEOPHILE SCOTT, Natchitoches; Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu; Student Council; Captain, Football Team, ' 42; Who ' s Who Among College Students in American Universities and Colleges. JANET SHIVELY, New Orleans; Health and Physical Education; Pi Kappa Sigma; President, Canterbury Club; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univer- sities and Colleges. Fifth Row PATRICIA SIBLEY, Natchitoches; Speech; Delta Sigma Epsilon. GERMAINE SIEMANN, Moreauville; Kindergarten-Primary; Newman Club; French Club. ADELAIDE CONLEY SMITH, Boyce; Speech; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Phi Gamma; Freshman Commissioner; Varsity Debate, ' 39- ' 43; Asso- ciate Editor, " Current Sauce, " ' 42; President, Newman Club, ' 4 1 - ' 42; President, Order ot Demosthenes, ' 41 - ' 42. MARJORIE SMITH, Allwanerque, New Mexico; Health and Physical Education; W. A. A. NELLIE FAY SMITH, Melder; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. THOMAS PAUL SOUTHERLAND, Bossier City; Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu; Football, ' 41 - ' 42; " N " Club. [42] First Row LUCILLE SPURLOCK, Moreauville; Library. KAREN SUE STEWART, Hall Summit; Music. MARY JEAN SWIFT, Elmer; Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma, ' 42- ' 43, Vice-President, Pi Delta Epsilon; Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class; Newman Club; Euthenics Club. JUANITA SWOR, Montgomery; English. GWENDOLYN SYLVEST, Dodson; Social Studies; President, Phi Alpha Theta; Vice-President, Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Psi Omega; Davis Players; Purple Jackets; Freshman Commissioner. WILLIE EDNA TARBUTTON, West Monroe; Physical Education. MARION THIAC, Napoleonville; Language. G. F. THOMAS, JR., Natchitoches; Liberal Arts; Secretary, Sigma Tau Gamma, ' 42- ' 43; Interfraternity Council; Varsity Debate, ' 39- ' 42; Student Council, ' 42- ' 43. Second Row WADDY L. THOMLEY, Coushatta; Commerce. GERRY THOMPSON, Baton Rouge; Primary; Band. PEGGY THOMPSON, Baton Rouge; Primary; Band. LUCILLE TISON, Pollock; Music; Kappa Delta Pi; A Capella Choir. VIRGINIA TOMS, Saline; English. J. E. TULLOS, Winnesboro; Commerce; President, Y. M. C. A.; Davis Players; Student Council, ' 42-43; B. S. U. Council, ' 4l- ' 42. RUTH TURNER, Sullivan; Business Administration; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Pi Omega Pi. IRMA WALDRON, Oil City; Primary; Sigma Sigma Sigma. Third Row CLOTILE WALKER, Manstield; Home Economics. WILMA AWLEEN WALTERS, Grayson; Upper Elementary; B. S. U. Council. ELIZABETH WARDLOW, New Orleans; Physical Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Panhellenic Council. JEWELL WATSON, Olla; Commerce; B. S. U. Council; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; President, B. S. U., ' 42- ' 43; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. MARJORIE WELLS, Colfax; Business Administration; Pi Omega Pi. NELLIE WHITE, Vivian; Social Studies; Sigma Sigma Sigma. BEVERLY WHITTINGTON, Bossier City; Kindergarten-Primary; Sigma Sigma Sigma. MARGARIUTE WILLIAMS. Robeline; Home Economics. C!-J) [43 1 .XKje First Row GEORGE E. ANTIE, Rosa; Agriculture; Demeter. J. G. BAILEY, Monroe; Music; Phi Mu Alpha; Band; A Capella Choir. TOMMY BAMBRICK, Houston, Texas; Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu; Varsity Football. FRANCES BARNES, Bossier City; Library; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. LILLIAN BELL, Natchitoches; Speech; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Secretary-Treasurer of Davis Players, ' 42- ' 43. GLORIA JOY BERNARD, Franklin; Upper Elementary; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Newman Club. Second Row JOYCE BIXBY, Plaquetnine; Social Studies; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta. HENRY BOLLIER, Sarepta; Chemistry; Phi Kappa Nu. COLLEEN BRASHER, Simpson; Commerce. MARGERY BUATT, Crowley; Upper Elementary; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Purple Jackets. BETTY BYRAM, Tallulah; Upper Elementary. MAVIS CADE, Sulphur; Home Economics; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Euthenics Club. Third Row VIOLA CARAWAY, Logansport; Chemistry; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Panhellenic Representative, ' 4 1 - ' 42; President of Alpha Sigma Alpha, ' 42- ' 43; Treasurer of Panhellenic, ' 42- ' 43. J, C. CARLIN, Sulphur; Chemistry; Phi Kappa Nu; Varsity Football, ' 4l- ' 42; President of " N " Club; President of Phi Kappa Nu, ' 42- ' -13. ELOISE CASON, Plain Dealing; Primary. ROSE V. CHEMINO, Bunkie; Commerce; Newman Club. CECIL WILLIAM CLARK, Cameron; Pre-Medical; Phi Kappa Nu; Pi Delta Epsilon; Junior Dramatics, ' 40- ' 42; Wesley Foundation; Harris Club; French Club; Order of Sophocles. SUN RAY CLOUD, Chestnut; Pre-Medical. Fourth Row DOROTHY COLEMAN, Jena; Library; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Girl ' s Glee Club; Spanish Club; B. S. U. Council. HOMER COLEMAN, Dunn; Agriculture; B. S. U. Council. MARJORIE COLLIER. Campti; Upper Elementary; Delta Sigma Epsilon. LORRAINE COLQUITT, Shreveport; Primary. JUANITA CRAIG, Vivian; Physical Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma. JAMES MILTON CRATON, Minden; Commerce; Phi Kappa Nu; Pi Omega Pi; Davis Players. Fifth Row LUELLA DAVIS, Coushatta; Commerce. NORENE DAVIS, Natchitoches; Primary. SARAH NELL DEAN, Winnfield; Upper Elementary. E P. DOBSON, JR., Chestnut; Exact Science; Lambda Zeta; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Editor of " Potpourri, " ' 43; Student Council; President Lambda Zeta, I943. MARJORIE DOLAND. Grand Chenier; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. HELEN LOUISE DUPREE, Shrevepoit; Upper Elementary. I 44 I First Row NATHAN DURHAM, Minden; Chemistry; Sigma Tau Gamma. EILEEN ADDISON, Florien; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. RUBY ELKINS, Minden; Primary. BILLIE ELSTON, Shreveport; Home Economics; Kappa Delta Pi; Euthenics Club; Secretary of Pi Kappa Sigma, ' 42- ' 43. GARLINGTON FEAZELL, Dodson; Speech ; Junior Dramatics; A Capella Choir. ESTHER GEORGE, Lake Charles; Upper Elementary; Kappa Delta PI. KATHLEEN GREGG, Campti; Commerce; Newman Club. MARGARET GRIFFIN, Oberlin; Music; Sigma Sigma Sigma. Second Row SAMMY GRIFFIN, Vivian; Music; Sigma Tau Gamma; Phi Mu Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; President of Freshman Class, ' 40- ' 4l; Vice-President of Sophomore Class. ' 41 - ' 42; Vice-President of Junior Class, ' 42- ' 43; Interfraternity Council, ' 42- ' 43; Band; Swing Kings; Historian of Phi Mu Alpha. HOPE GRISSOM, Shreveport; Library. EDLEEN GUNN, Gilbert; Music; Pi Kappa Sigma; Purple Jackets; Vice-President of Pi Kappa Sigma, ' 42- ' 43; Secretary of Pi Kappa Sigma, " 4 1 - ' 42; Freshman Commissioner, ' 41. MRS. CHARLES T. HALL, Natchitoches; Physical Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Majorette, ' 40, ' 42. JO JO HALL, Benton; Commerce; Pi Kappa Sigma; Queen of President ' s Birthday Ball, ' 42. OPAL HALL, Ringgold; English. BILLY HICKS, East Point; Exact Science. HELEN E. HILL, Vidalia; Primary. Third Row THOMAS ELMO HILL, Mansfield; Pre-Medical; Sigma Tau Gamma. WILLARD HOLLENSHEAD, Haynesville; Music; Freshman Commissioner, ' 41; Band, ' 40, ' 42; Choir, ' 40, ' 42; Swing Kings, ' 40, ' 42; Warden of Phi Mu Alpha, ' 41, ' 42; Sergeant-at-Arms of Sigma Tau Gamma, ' 42. JOHN HOPPER, Natchitoches; Pre-Medical; Lambda Zeta; Pi Delta Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; Interfraternity Council; President Lambda Zeta, ' 42. THELMA HOUSTON, Sarepta; Upper Elementary. JOHN BAKER HOWELL, Shreveport; Business Administration; Sigma Tau Gamma; Student Councilor at Large; President of Band; President Sophomore and Freshman Classes; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. CARLTON JOHNSON, Cotton Valley; Physical Education; Phi Kappa Mu; " N " Club. SARA FRANCES JOHNSON, Natchitoches; Primary. EDNA EARL JONES, Bogalusa; Upper Elementary; Glee Club; Choral Reading Club. Fourth Row NOLIA KNOTTS, Napoleonville; Upper Elementary. HELEN KOONCE, Natchitoches; Home Economics; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Eu- thenics Club; Historian of Theta Sigma Upsilon, ' 42- ' 43. EDITH KUHN, Tallulah; Music; B. S. U. Council; Purple Jackets; Secretary of Sophomore Class, ' 41, ' 42. MELBA LAW, Vivian; Primary. VIRGINIA LEETE, Alexandria; Commerce; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Pi Omega Pi; Davis Players; Debate. CATHERINE LOFTIN, Rodessa; Home Economics. VIRGINIA LOOMIS, Clayton; Physical Education. NOELLA LYONS, Homeplace; Upper Elementary; Pi Kappa Sigma. [IJUu lA m First Row MILDRED McCAN. Effie; Commerce; Glee Club; President, Junior Dramatics. CHARLOTTE MacCURDY, Alexandria; Home Economics; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Euthenics Club; Treasurer of Delta Sigma Epsilon. EVELYN McCANDISH, Minden; Music. FRANCES McCULLER, Mansfield; English. ROSE MARIE McMULLAN, Orange, Texas; Home Economics; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Euthenics Club; Westminster Club. VIRGINIA LEA MARMANDE, Houma; Commerce; Theta Sigma Upsilon. Second Row GEORGIA M. MAYEAU, Cottonport; Home Economics. RUTH MILES, Pleasant Hill; Commerce. WANDA MITCHELL, Coushatta; Commerce. RUTH MONGER, Welsh; English. ESSIE MOORE, Vivian; Social Studies. MAXWYNNE MOORE, Shreveport; Social Studies; Sigma Sigma Sigma. Third Row ELAINE MORELAND, New Era; Commerce; Band. LOYCE MORGAN, Jena; Mathematics; Junior Dramatics. LINDA LEE O ' BIER, Shongaloo; Primary; Secretary of Glee Club. LOIS O ' NEAL, Pineville; Primary. CECIL OWENS, Hilly; Social Studies; B. S. U. Council, Treasurer. SCREVEN PINCKFORD, Colfax; Commerce; Y. M. C. A.; Wesley Foundation. Fourth Row LOUISE PINCKLEY, Bunkie; Primary; Theta Sigma Upsilon. LURLINE PONDER, Pleasant Hill; Commerce. ANNIE THERESA PROVENZANO, Donaldsonville; Art; Le Cercle Francais; Order of Sophocles; Nawman Club; Junior Dramatics; Circulation Manager of " Current Sauce " ; Circulation Manager and Reporter, W. A. A.; A Capella Choir; Glea Club. VIRGINIA RAYNER, Alexandria; Home Economics; Kappa Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation Cabinet; Euthenics Club. MARTILLE ROBINSON, Bastrop; Commerce; Pi Kappa Sigma VICKY SANSING, Forest Hill; Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma. Clk_£ c3 ' j HJu £Li_jQ_A-A First Row GRACE SANSING, Harrisonburg; Upper Elementary. MARY SASSER, Pineville; Primary. ELSIE BILLIE SAYES, Angola; Commerce; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation; " Current Sauce " ; W. A. A. MARY POYNTER SCHWING, Plaquemine; Social Studies; Theta Sigma Upsilon. JEAN SIMMONS, Shreveport; Language; Sigma Sigma Sigma. MYRTICE SIMPSON. Shreveport; Upper Elementary; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Phi Alpha Theta; Purple Jackets; Band; A Capella Choir; Panhellenic Council. SARA JAME SIMPSON, Natchitoches; Commerce; Alpha Sigma Alpha. AGNES SMITH, Winnsboro; Social Studies; Alpha Sigma Alpha. Second Row WILDA RUTH SMITH, Converse; Speech; Alpha Sigma Alpha. RITA STERKX, Alexandria; Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma. BEVERLY STEWART, Heflin; Social Studies; Phi Alpha Theta; Kappa Delta Pi. ZOLON STILES, Springhill; Phi Kappa Nu; " N " Club JAMES HERBERT TERRY. Harrisonburg; Commerce; B. S. U.; Y. M. C. A. DIXIE TARVER, Oak Grove; Library Science; Purple Jackets; B. S. U. Council; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Spanish Club. WILLIAM EDWARD TIMON, Natchitoches; Mathematics; Lambda Zeta; Inter- fraternity Council, ' 42- ' 43; Sports Editor of " Current Sauce, " ' 42- ' 43. MANETTE TOMLINSON, Coushatta; Upper Elementary. Third Row HAZEL TONEY, Alexandria; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. JANIS ELAINE TOOKE, Shreveport; Commerce; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation; " Current Sauce " Staff; W. A. A. KEMP TUCKER, Leesville; Business Administration; Sigma Tau Gamma. JOHN ALDEN VIGE, Opelousas; Commerce; Phi Kappa Nu; President of Junior Class, ' 42- ' 43; Secretary-Treasurer of " N " Club, ' 42- ' 43; Marshal of Newman Club, ' 42- ' 43; Student Council, ' 42- ' 43; Interfraternity Council, ' 4l- ' 42- ' 43; Vice-President of Freshman Commission, ' 41 - ' 42 ; Historian of Newman Club, ' 41 - ' 42; Football, ' 40- ' 42; Baseball, ' 41; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universit ies, ' 42- ' 43. JEAN VOSBURG. Mer Rouge; Kindergarten-Primary; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta; Purple Jackets; Vice-President of Y. W. C. A.; Wesley Foundation Cabinet; Harris Club. BURSON O. WAFER, Saline; Commerce. M. D. WALLACE. Conversa; Agriculture; Junior Dramatics; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; B. S. U. Council; President of Volunteer Band. MARJORIE WARNER, Natchitoches; Primary; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Davis Players. Fourth Row ROSEMARY WATTS, Jonesboro; Home Economics; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Presi- dent of Junior Dramatics Club; Euthenics Club. EDITH M. WEBER, Dunn; Liberal Arts-Speech; Junior Dramatics, ' 40- ' 4l; Davis Players, ' 42- ' 43; " Current Sauce, " ' 41. MAXINE WESTBROOK Florien; Home Economics. CAROGENE WHITE. Jena; Commerce. MARGARET LOUISE WOOD, Powhatan; Upper Elementary. NORMA WORLEY, Haynesville; Pi Kappa Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; Purple Jackets. HOWARD A. YOUNG, Merryville; Chemistry; Sigma Tau Gamma; Y. M. C. A.; Freshman Commissioner, ' 42; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. GAYNELL YOUNGBLOOD, Powhatan; Upper Elementary. [47] fm iy W Ml c i ' n n u_i 4)Jn_j _rn GJuje_JLJL£L i_A First Row ELIZABETH ALLUMS Ringgold Primary CLYDE S. ANDREWS Vivian Pre-Engineering MATTSYE MAE AUSTIN Mooringsport Primary JANICE BARLOW Natchitoches Commerce MARJORIE SHIRLEY BARRE New Iberia Physical Education GLORIA BAYARD Franklin Physical Education JOHN ISHAM BEARD Lake Providence Commerce JOY BELL Campti Commerce CARL BENTON ALICE BLACKMAN . . CLAUDE W. BOOKTER MILDRED BOONE CLYDE BOSTICK . . . MILDRED ALICE BRADLEY NORMA BRANTLEY . . FERN ZADE BREMER . . . Second Row Physics Home Economics Pre-Law Liberal Arts Social Studies Home Economics Commerce Home Economics Mobile, Alabama Manifest . . . Bossier City Homer . . . Natchitoches . . . New Iberia .... Goldonna .... Glenmora HELEN FAYE BUSHICE Eros English IRENE CHAMBERS Natchitoches Commerce LESTER CIFREO Baton Rouge Music MILT CHAPMAN Shreveport Music Fourth Row RAY CLAWSON Winnsboro Physical Education MARIE CLAYBROOK Logansport Commerce GLORIA BETTY COFFMAN Shreveport Home Economics ALICE COLLIER Oakdale Commerce LOIS COLLINS Coushatta Commerce VIRGINIA COOK Alexandria Social Studies DOROTHY CORNE Port Sulphur Commerce MARY COX Sarepta Upper Elementary Fifth Row TRUEMAN CRAWFORD cast Point Physical Education MARIE CROSBY New Roads Commerce DAVID CURRY Springhill Commerce Third Row DOROTHY BROCK _ Natchitoches Home Economics SARAH ELIZABETH BROWN Shreveport Primary ELIZABETH BUILTERMAN Many Library EVELYN BURFORD Mansfield Commerce DORIS DANIELS .... VIRGINIA DAVIS . . . . BEVERLY DOMINGEAUX ANNIE DE LEE .... DOROTHY DE LOACHE . Pre-Medical Social Studies Commerce Library Business Administration Mooringsport . . Alexandria Gonzales . . . Clinton Keafchie 48 1 First Row FRANK DE LOACHE Keatchie Commerce CLINTON ROSS DOBSON _ Chestnut Pre-Engineering ALICE DURR _ Marthaville Home Economics LEON P. DUNN _ Shreveport Physics MARY FRANCES EDGERTON Coushatta Commerce BETTY C. ELDER Shreveport Primary JO ANN FAITH Winnfield Liberal Arts MARY FRANCES PEW Natchitoches Music Second Row TAYLOR FINLAY, JR Winnfield Social Studies JAMES L. FOARD New Orleans Social Studies DORIS FORD Oakdale Music 0. T. FORD Pineville Physics MARGARET FRENCH Minden Special MARJORIE FRENCH Monroe Primary H. T. GARNER Ida Commerce JOHN WILTZ GIBBS Natchitoches Pre-Law Fourth Row RITA KATHRYN HENRY Athens Social Studies PAULINE HOLLAND Shreveport Commerce NORMA RUTH HOLCOMBE Shreveport Commerce VERA HONEYCUTT Provencal Upper Elementary MAURINE HOLTSCLAW Greenwood Primary JEROME BASIL HOWARD . . . Many Commerce WINFRED HUBLEY ......... Many Speech MILLARD HUDSON »N I . ■ ' De Ri rr: .■■Enc,i,h CO " De Ridder " . ' English .... , f. erse . . . Campti . . Pelican Natchitoches LETA MAE ISGITT JAMES JACKSON W rjXr . Vy , Commerce HELEN DAWN JOHNIKEN . . . | fj ' t English BOB M. JORDAN , , Commerce HELENE KILGORE Plain Dealing Upper Elementary ELIZABETH ROSE KINCHEN _ Watson Home Economics GRACE KING West Monroe Languages ROSE LANGENSTEIN Shreveport Commerce Third Row Home Economics Pre-Engineering Natchitoches . Alexandria . De Ridder WINNIE GIVENS . J. C. GUILLET .... NORMAN HANCHEY . Mathematics LYNNA HOOD .... Jena Commerce MILDRED HARPER Campti Commerce VERLIE HARPER De Ridder Primary H. G. HAWTHORNE . . Pelican Business Administration EDNA RUTH HEARRON Minden Music FRANK M. LAMPKIN DORIS LE BLANC . . IMILDA LE BLEU RAYMOND LEDET . . Sixth Row Physical Education Social Studies Home Economics Tioga Vivian Abbeville Commerce DORIS LEONE . . Zwolle Music MARY LESTER .V . ±T. , Coushatta Music HAROLD LEWING ....,..., Many Social Studies - . ALTA LEWIS - . E F Primar JAMES H. LOVE . . MARTHA ROSE LUNDAY . LOUISE McALPIN bessie j. McCartney RALPH McFARLAND . . . GLYNN McLAMORE . . . MARJORIE McLEOD . . . HARVEN S McKINNEY . . First Row Agriculture Home Economics Home Economics Commerce Physical Education Commerce Physical Education Social Studies Monterey Pelican Port Arthur, Texas . . . . Marthaville . . . Alexandria Monterey ... Shreveport Boyce Second Row PATSY McMURRY Winnfield Home Economics LAWRENCE MAY Hebert Commerce IRMA MAYEAUX Cottonport Music FARIS MICHAEL Natchitoches SADIE LEONA MILEY . Franklinton Primary ANNIE SUE MILLER West Monroe Speech MARIE MILLER Haynesville Physical Education MARGUERITE MONKS ... Welsh Home Economics Third Row BONNIE JEAN MORROW Haynesville Home Economics CALVIN L. MURPHY Dubach MAURINE NEEL JULIA PACE . Commerce Music Shrevepcrt Natchitoches FAY PERKINS . . . IRMA PETERSON . MILLING PIERSON JANE POLEMAN . Natchitoches Natchitoches Natchitoches Natchitoches Mathematics Upper Elementary Social Studies Business Administration Fourth Row MARY ELIZABETH POU Shreveport Primary GERALDINE PRICE Alexandria Art CHARLOTTE OUINN Converse Art BILL PULLEN Natchitoches Agriculture IDA MARY RAGAN Thibodaux Commerce HERMAN RANDALL, JR. Ville Platte Physical Education MELBA RUTH REEVE .... Jamestown Home Economics SARA LEE REEVE Welsh Upper Elementary Fifth Row Library . Winnfield Braithwaite . . . Amite ELOISE RICHMOND ... EARLIE MAE RIGAUD ELIZABETH CLAIRE RUSSEL Home Economics WILLIE DEE RUSH Alexandria Home Economics ROBERT RUSTON Merryville Chemistry GLORIA ST. JOHN Homer HERMAN SAIZAN Baton Rouge Music MILDRED SANDERS . . . Eunice Liberal Arts .JJJnue. oj jpJru urru J}UE-_[lJijOLJi First Row JAMES SALTER Zwolle Liberal Arts LISSO RUSSEL SIMMONS Simms Social Science RUTH SISK Winnsboro Kindergarten- Primary LYN WILLOW SLAWSON Mansfield Commerce EDITH SLAYDON De Ridder Primary DORIS SIMPSON Arcadia Upper Elementary W. ALARIC SMITH Bossier City Business Administration DONALD F. SMITH Sarepta Commerce Second Row ED. SMITH Natchitoches Liberal Arts CLARA GRACE STANLY Louisville Home Economics DON MIKE STOTHART Vivian MARY ANNE STRICKLAND Mansfield Home Economics MARJORIE TABB Bethany Music MARY MARJORIE TOLER Natchitoches Commerce LARY TOWNSEND Harmon Agriculture MINNIE LEA TAYLOR Olla Home Economics Third Row CHESTER L TATUM Converse Pre-Engineering JOHN D. THOMPSON De Ridder Chemistry TOMMY THOMPSON .... Baton Rouge Pre-Medical RUTH THREATT Shreveport Library ELLA BESS TOMLINSON Natchitoches Commerce MARJORIE JANE TRAMEL Many Commerce HERLEY JAMES TRIPP _ Springhill Physical Education MARY AGNES TURPIN Shreveport Commerce Fourth Row AUDREY TYLER Many Commerce LA VERNE WALE Woodworth Commerce WAVALYN ANNE WALKER Natchitoches Agriculture CLARICE WARE Haynesville Commsrce VANDENE WEDGEWORTH Zwolle Home Economics FREDDIE WELCH Winnfield Commerce PERLA ANNE WILLIAMS Golden Meadows VONCILLE WILLIAMS . Home Economics Rayville Fifth Row A. C. WILLIS Woodworth Commerce E. M. WILLIS Natchitoches Business Administration LANELL WILSON Calvin Home Economics COLLEEN WOODS Pineville French-Liberal Arts IVAN WOODWARD Baton Rouge Commerce MADGE YOUNG Gonzales Commerce I 51 ] First Row WILLIAM D. ADKINS Grand Bayou Commerce ANNETTE ALDERMAN Shreveport Journalism GLORIA MARIE ALFRED Many Primary NORMA RUTH ALLRED Haynesville Commerce WILLIAM ARIE Cotton Valley Commerce ROSALIND ATKINS Shreveport Commerce WYATT ATKINS Arcadia Commerce Second Row VELMA AVANT Atlanta Speech ALLIE LEE AYCOCK Pineville Home Economics SHIRLEY MAY BABIN Laplace Home Economics GEORGE BAILEY Natchitoches Pre-Engineering WILLIAM ARMISTEAD BAINS Stonewall Pre-Engineering EVELYN BAIRD Bossier City Commerce POLLY BALLARD Pleasant Hill Secretarial Science f cj y . Third r ° w GABRIEL jJ£sEPH r AJ?IC9rE Sulphur " _ Gt C Business Administration e ij f j X -£ T y ,J_K JAMES BASCO Gorum Agriculture JUANITA BASS Alexandria Health and Physical Education SIBYL WORTH BOGAN Castor Special GLORIA BOND Haynesville Commerce EXA BOONE Shreveport Home Economics KITTY BORDELON Alexandria Business Administration Fourth Row LYNDOL BOSTICK Natchitoches Commerce HAZEL BOUNDS Rocky Mount Home Economics - xy J r W h SUE BRADLEY v niw beifo Home Economics - -p ! Wo K- i MARY FRANCES BRIGHT N4tr1»it cl %» .£, ck . Commerce ! vM e2.l I -,» - ( ETTA BREADWAY Leesvllle Commerce JESOLYN BUMGARDNER Ringgold Home Economics JUANITA BURNETT Shreveport Commerce jCJLaAA First Row SARAH BURNHAM Haynesville Commerce Commerce Shreveport Mansfield ANN BUSH .... LOIS BUTLER Commerce MARILYN CALLENDER Haynesville Second Row Physical Education Social Studies Music MELBA CAMPBELL MARCELLE CARPENTER CHRISTINE LEA . . Shongaloo Bossier City Dry Prong Pre-Medical PENELOPE CLARK . Alexandria Music Third Row JULIA COLLIER . . -4 T- Oakdale . Physical Education , SHIRLEY COLLIER Campti Upper Elementary MARY SUE COLLINS .... ... . , Commerce LAURA COPELAND . . . . Chemistry MILDRED COURTNEY Music Colfax Pre-Medical Chestnuf Pre-Medical Natchitoches Fourth Row Coushatta Leesville Mansura RUTH DEAN SHIRLEY MARIE DOBSON MARGARET DRAKE . . RUDOLPH EASON . . JULY EDWARDS . . LORRAINE EVANS MATTIE LOU FARALDO PEGGY FARRAR BETH FLETCHER . BETTY JANE FOLSE MAXINE FRYE . . . Monroe . . . Many Natchitoches . . . Colfax Natchitoches ... Colfax New Orleans . . . Minden Commerce Fifth Row Chemistry Commerce Commerce Commerce Sixth Row Spanish Physical Education, Home Economics Home Economics Seventh Row Physical Education Home Economics Commerce Secretarial Science Eighth Row GLORIA GAUTREAUX . . Home Economics MARTHA VIRGINIA GERMAN Commerce CLAUDINE GODWIN . . Upper Elementary BARBARA GRAVES Music Ninth Row NORMA CHRISTENE GREEN Dry Creek Commerce HILDA GUILLORY .... Natchitoches Commerce RUTH GUILLORY Natchitoches NOVICE FRYE . . . DOROTHY LEE FUTRELL MARY RIVES GALLASPY MELBA JEAN GARRETT . Shongaloo . . . Colfax . . Pelican Haynesville New Orleans .... Many . Jonesville Winnsboro JOHN GUILLOT Pre-Engineering Tenth Row NELLIE HARDIN De Rldder Commerce PATRICIA HARRISON . . . „ , Commerce RUTH HARRISON ... 0akda , e Speech MILDRED M. HART Commerce Bunkie Ridder Montgomery . . Oakdale Natchitoches .i-Lk e First Row MARY JO HAWORTH Alexandria LEON HEMPHILL . BETTY JEAN HENRY . TOSSYfc LEE HEWITT . MARIETTA HINTON . CLINT HOSSETT, JR. GERTRUDE HOLLAND JEANNE HOLTSCLAW Mathematics Commerce Upper Elementary Second Row Physical Education Mathematics Home Economics Commerce . . . Wisner Lake Charles . . Kurthwood . . Alexandria . . . . Venice Shreveport . . Shreveport Third Row BETTY JANE HOPPER Natchitoches Commerce EVA CILLE HORTON .... Rocky Mount English LOLA PEARL HORTON . Elm Grove Home Economics MILES HOUEYE _ Amite Agriculture Fourth Row AL HUGHES Sulphur Biology HENRY ELLA HUNTER Coushatta Commerce BARBARA HUSSEY Natchitoches Commerce ROLAND HUSSEY, JR. . . . _ Natchitoches Chemistry GEORGE ISAAC BOBBY JANTZ Fifth Row Biology . . Sulphur De Ridder Physical Education SUE JOHNSON Grand Bayou Science BOBBY JANTZ De Ridder Physical Education Sixth Row CONNIE JONES Harmon Commerce GLADYS MARIE JONES Mangham Home Economics VERNA MAE JONES Shreveport Library VERLYN JORDAN Florien Primary Seventh Row ELIZABETH KEEGAN _ Natchitoches Home Economics HERMAN E. KELLUM Haynesville Chemistry LOUISE KEY Homer KATHLEEN KILLEN Natchitoch Speech Eighth Row V JOYCE KILGORE Lisb Commerce ' ADELE KNIGHT _ Boyce Home Economics CIRO S. LAMPO De Ridder Pre-Medical ANNA LANGENSTEIN ... Shreveport Pre-Medical Ninth Row Commerce Physical Education Upper Elementary Commerce Tenth Row Sociology Pre-Journalism J. C. LEDET LOUIS FRANCIS LEDET JOY LINZAY MYRTLE LITTLETON . . ELIZABETH LOCKE FREDDIE LOGAN . . . WILLA VEE LOVELL . . Music JIMMY LOUT Shreveport Speech Lutkin, Texas JJ-J} eJL} jrujur CJLclA First Row NANCY ANN LYNN • Homer Commerce FANNY JULIA LYONS Homeplace Physical Education PATRICIA LYONS New Orleans Home Economics CATHERINE McCARTY Newellton Business Administration ELSIE McCOY Logansport Upper Elementary CAROLYN McEACHERN Haynesville Commerce ALBERT G. McKER Chemistry Second Row S CLAIRE MADISON Slidell English MURIEL MONCLA Moreauville Spanish VIRGINIA MARTIN Tallulah Physical Education UK)ILLE MATTHEWS Vidalia Social Studies FELIX JERRE MERCER Winnfield Physical Education VEONIA MILAM Natchitoches Commerce GLORIA MILES Pleasant Hill Commerce m mm. Third Row MARIAN MORGAN Oakdale Physical Education DOROTHY MAE MOSES De Ridder Library MARIAN MARIE MORSE Marrero Commerce DORIS NEAL . £■ Montgomery Commerce GORDON C. NEELY Grand Bayou Commerce CATHERINE NELKEN Natchitoches Commerce ILA NICHOLS Boyce Speech Fourth Row MARGARET NOLES Heflin Commerce GEORGE NOMEY, JR Jonesboro Commerce CROCKETT NORRIS Natchitoches Pre-Engineering WALLACE NORRIS Converse Agriculture WILLIE VEE NUGENT Dry Prong Social Studies MARJORIE O ' NEAL . . . . A . ' Neville Home Economics PHILIP ORR, JR f J ' J • • J • N Stf ir 2 es WsJti- First Row LEOLA PALMER Shreveport Commerce VERA FAYE PARKER t Logansport Commerce MARGUERITE PERKINS Cotton Valley Commerce LOIS REVEIRA Raceland Home Economics Second Row MARGARET PILKINTON Elm Grove Commerce DOTTIE PINCHBACK Leesville Pre-Dentistry LOU MAY PRATT Natchitoches Chemistry MARY BESS PRESTRIDGE Columbia Commerce IMOGENE PROTHRO Natchitoches Commerce BETTYE ROBERTS Alexandria Home Economics CARO )L YH RJOSSEL . Commerce Third Row Speech Amite X Y 1 JOHN ED RUSTON Merryville Chemistry EDNA MARIE PERRIN Ponchatoula BETTY REYNOLDS Pre-Nursing DOROTHY FAYE PERRY Jamestown Home Economics JOE PIERSON Natchitoches Shreveport Music ELIZABETH REYNOLDS Lisbon Primary CLEMMIE SAUCIER New Orleans Commerce HARRY SCHILLING Mobile, Alabama Pre-Engineering ALIENE SCHUMAN Olla Commerce Fourth Row FRANKIE SEXTON Sarepta Commerce JANIE RAY SHAFFNER Shreveport Commerce FRANCES SHARP Mooringsport Library MARY LYNN SIEGERS Haynesville Home Economics CARRIE NELL RODGERS Plain Dealing JEANETTE SLAID Logansport Upper Elementary ESTELLE SCHERZ Keatchie JIMMIE SLAWSON Mansfield Commerce ! d. I r " H . -- 13 - t ilLaAA_ First Row CLARE WEBB SMITH Hanna Primary JAMES HAROLD SMITH Shreveport Music OLLIE SMITH Colfax Commerce THOMAS GLENN SPARKS ... Robeline Science and Mathematics Second Row JOHNNIE SPRAWLS Bienville Home Economics LYNN STEED Good Pine Journalism MAMIE STERKX Alexandria Physical Education BERNICE STEPHENS Leesville Commerce Third Row DANA JEANNE SUDDUTH Shreveport Commerce MARJORIE SUTHERHN Haughton Commerce KERLIN CASPARI SUTTON Natchitoches Journa ' ism MARY SYLVEST Dodson Social Studies Fourth Row JOHN TARLTON Natchitoches Mathematics LOTTIE DELANE TARVER Columbia Commerce EUGENE ARISTIED TAUZIN Natchitoches Pre-Medical RUTH THOMAS At , anta Home Economics Fifth Row LULA MAE THOMASON Mangham Commerce FRANCES MAE THOMPSON Dunns Commerce ERLINE TREADWAY R ayne Commerce THETIS TREADWELL Shreveport Commerce Sixth Row BETTY TURNER Homer Home Economics ELIZABETH VAUGHAN Mer Rouge Commerce JACKIE VOORHIES New , beria Art DORIS MARION WALKER Ashland Social Studies Seventh Row DOROTHY WILLENE WALKER _ Holly Ridge Primary EVELYN WALKER Grand Bayou Commerce DOROTHY WARREN ol | c;ty ANNA LORENE WATTS . . Natchitoches Home Economics Eighth Row MAGDALYNN WATTS Good Pine Home Economics WILLIAM T. WELCH ... Natchitoches Social Studies MARY ANN WESTALL Homer Chemistry MAVIS WESTBROOK Florien Primary Ninth Row LOIS WILLIAMS . . . ' Shreveport Home Economics MARGARET WILLIAMS Winnfield Home Economics [57] £- s L L 7tJL J LA J -y . =r A — -- — ■— — Z CjL H - ' y . -£ " ?—y ,_. £ _ LtiZ v - u. — £_ - •?v e- y n-e lu - -XzJL; T ' istAS r.L-p ' - y The photograph of A. Varga and drawing on the Division Page are reproduced through the courtesy of Esquire. iX THK MAGlAZINK FOR MKN 919 NORTH MICHIGAN AVENUE C HICAGO Messrs. E. P. Dobson and Don Mike Stothart Editors, 1943 Potpourri Louisiana State Normal College Natchitoches, Louisiana Dear Messrs. Dobson and Stothart: I bend low from the waist to 1945 Potpourri for honoring me with the pleasant task of judging its beauty contest. Here is one man ' s choice, in order of selection: Margaret French Melba Law Billie Elston Louise Hawkins Virginia Lea Marwanae Pat Sibley Melba Jean Pope Marilyn Calendar Dede Hart Anne mith Quite without regard for any comparative ranking of them, I ' d like to say simply that the ten girls constitute, collectively, a bevy of American beauties showing character ana personality in their features, and all seem to have tnat spark of intelligence that makes for a truly charming woman and without which mere facial beauty is a meaningless thing. Cordially ours, m • sasy£ + iyr rv . ? ■» .,-■» . ? • MISS MAHGAHET FRENCH MISS BILLIE ELSTOIV 1 ■ ' ' ntrF [ffl H F, I l- ' - : " ■■ ■m r L£ MISS MEIBA LAW MISS LOUISE HAWKINS MISS VIRGINIA LEA MARMANDE - MISS MELBA JEM PDPE MISS MARILYN CMLENDER MISS AM SM MISS DEDE HART M s s 943 ettu d5etl D VJ The " Potpourri ' s " First Annual Beaut y Ball was held in the field house at which time " Miss 1943 Potpourri " was announced. Her court was made up of the 1943 Potpourri Beauties and ten maids. The ball was the idea of Don Mike Stothart and was staged under his direction. Miss Bell was selected by the Editor. THE 1943 " POTPOURRI " BALL Sponsor, Miss Betty Bell; Maids of Honor, Jean Simmons and Happy Keegan; Maids, Judy Edwards, Rose Langenstein, Em Willis, Thetis Treadwell, Shirley Backes, Julienne David, Etoile Mobley, Marjorie Warner, Fanny Lyons, and Verna Lou Barnes; Beauties, Dede Hart, Ann Smith, Margaret French, Patsy Sibley, Louise Hawkins, Marilyn Callender, Billie Elston, Virginia Lea Marmande, Melba Jean Pope and Melba Law. b le SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP • PERSONALITY • M ARJORIE AARON EDWIN McDERMOTT MARY ELLEN CALDWELL GEORGE PARKS ■in«2WH HALL OF FAME LEADERSHIP • COOPERATION • DEPENDABILITY • MIRIAM EWING THEOPHILE SCOTT MARY KATHRYN GRIFFIN GWENDOLYN SYLVEST THE STATE FAIR MAIDS ARE OUT FOR VICTORY UH. I ■■■HHB B i V HMBHHMHBansa HHB ea Cheerleaders at State Fair. DEMONS Playing an important part in the impressive string of victories won by the Demon football squad this year, Normal ' s six energetic and capable cheerleaders rendered invaluable service to the school and established an enviable reputation for themselves. Austin, Miller, Robinson, Hochenedel, Bookter, Pope. wmam First Row: Carlin, Southerland, Randall, Gerson, Meagher, McDermott, Kilpatrick, Woodward, Nation, Bambrick. Second Row: Brown, Davis, Scott, Landry, Richie, Carbo, Vige, Tinsley, Ledet, Benton, McFarland, Eason, Turpin. Third Row: Dunn, Perkins, Johnson, Bollier, Tripp, Lutgring, Burley, Thompson, Haile. T SB W S CLUB The " N " Club is another old and outstandinq organization on the Normal campus. The " N " Club is an honor organization for athletes who have received a letter in one of the varsity sports. As in previous years, the present " N " Club has approximately forty members, all of whom have met the reguirements of scholarship and ability which the organiza- tion enforces. Quite a few " N " Club men have graduated only to return later to accept positions with the college. Among these men are Presi- dent Joe Farrar, Harry Turpin, J. W. Webb, H. J. Colvin, L. S. Miller, S. W. Nelken, and A. L. Ducournau. [83] Benton picks up a few yards that help win the L. I. C. crown. FOOTBALL STRATEGY RESULTS N ormal 0; L. S. U. 40 Normal 13; East Texas Normal 26; Sam Houston Normal 68; Camp Beauregard Normal 10; Tech Normal 7; Southeastern Normal II; Southwestern N ormal 0; Ouachita 6 [84] Coaches Brown and Turpin. THE 1942 SEASON r 7 V|fii 76 »-lK ri T r ' 1 VI Carlin, Bambrick, Nation, Johnson, Benton, Carbo, Vige, Scott, Bourn. Clawson, Rhodes, McSwain, Courtney, Arie, Randall. Johnson gives Tech those " State Pair Blues. !S i»F 4jl MIL Bambrick through center spells defeat for Sam Houston. r - w £ i Ju. Southerland, Hughes, Thompson, Burley, Ledet, Davis, Tinsley. L. S. U. was rough! Hanchey, Dunn, Dickerson, Woodward, McFarland, Tripp, R. Eason, B. Eason. Carbo stumbles with the help of two Techmen. THE 1942 SEASON Normal, 0; L. S. U., 40 The Demon football team was an unknown quantity when it traveled to Baton Rouge for the season ' s opener against L. S. U. Although the backfield was known to be strong, the line was largely composed of sophomores. But the locals, while losing, 40-0, to the powerful Tigers, showed themselves to be surprisingly strong. Featuring the passing of Alvin Dark, Ole Lou had little diffi- culty in scoring enough points to win easily but the Demon line held together well throughout the game. A Normal drive produced a threat early in the second half as Bambrick and Benton carried the ball 53 yards without losing the oval, but a fumble on the L. S. U. 7-yard line ended the threat. Normal, 13; East Texas, Opening their home season, Coach Harry Turpin ' s charges won their first victory of the season when they outscored East Texas, 1 3-0. The Texans stayed in the air throughout the game but failed to cross the Normal goal line. The Demons scored in the second quarter when Ed McDermott intercepted a Texas pass and raced 25 yards for a touchdown. Early in the third quarter Tommy Bambrick added the local eleven ' s second touchdown when he climaxed a 54-yard drive with a three-yard dash through the line. Davis added the extra point. i mumHMHH Davis ' educated toe rubs salt into Tech ' s wounds. Normal, 26; Sam Houston, 7 For the second consecutive week the Demons stayed at home to meet and beat a Texas team. The Sam Houston Bearcats went down, 26-7, as Normal took its second victory. Scoring twice in the first half and twice more in the third and fourth quarters, the Demons dispelled all doubt of their scoring punch. The coaches used re- serves freely and concentrated on passing. Sam Houston scored from the two-yard line late in the fourth quarter after a Demon back fumbled an intercepted pass at that point. Normal, 68; Camp Beauregard, Several starters were on the bench nursing in- juries when the Camp Beauregard squad invaded Scott gets in a " Lions ' pen. " Natchitoches to play the Demons but the remain- ing first-stringers, aided by freshmen and other reserves, were good enough to score ten touch- downs and overwhelm the soldiers, 68-0. Normal, 10; Tech, 6 The Demons ' most important game, that with the Tech Bulldogs, was played this season at the State Fair in Shreveport for the sixth consecu- tive year. The Bulldogs were riding the crest of an untied and unscored-on season, with a formidable offense that had riddled all previous opposition. The Normal eleven kicked off, quickly took command of the game, and scored in the closing minutes of the first quarter as Johnson went over from the Tech 15-yard line. Davis converted and the Tech goal line had been crossed for the first time. In the second quar- ter the locals scored again when Davis split the upriqhts with a field goal after the Bulldogs had staged a determined goal-line stand that pre- vented another touchdown. The Techsters scored in the third period when a pass-interference rul- ing set the stage for a 10-yard run that carried across the Normal zero stripe. The attempted conversion was blocked. The fourth quarter was uneventful and the final score showed the De- mons still in the lead, 10-6. Normal, 7; Southeastern, 6 The Demons continued their drive for the Louisiana Intercollegiate Conference champion- ship with a close 7-6 win over the Southeastern Lions as the two teams battled on a muddy Nor- mal field before a small " N " Club Homecoming crowd. The Demons scored first when Scott went seven yards for a touchdown in the third guarter. Davis converted. The Lions romped back down the field to tally soon after the Nor- mal touchdown but failed to convert. Four Lion penetrations of the Normal 10-yard stripe in the fourth guarter left the outcome in doubt until the final whistle but some timely defensive work on the part of the Demon line saved the day. Normal, I I; Southwestern, 6 The Demons assumed the role of underdogs once more as they traveled south to Lafayette to play Southwestern ' s big, experienced sguad for the championship of the Louisiana Intercol- legiate Conference. The Bulldogs boasted a better record against mutual foes and were play- ing at home but the Normal eleven dominated the game from the opening kick-off. The Demons scored on the first ten plays of the game when Bambrick bulled his way across the downstate zero stripe. Southwestern came back to tie the score at 6-6 in the second guarter but after that the outcome was never in doubt. In the second half Davis booted a field goal to give the Demons the lead and later Ed McDer- Carbo and another gain for Normal. The toss before the first home game. mott snagged Votier, of the Bulldogs, for a safety and two points that made the final score I I -6 in favor of Normal. Normal, 0; Ouachita, 6 With the conference championship in their possession, the Demons traveled to Arkadelphia, Arkansas, for their last game to take on the formidable Lions of Ouachita College. A sec- ond-guarter shoe-string catch of a 20-yard pass was good for a Ouachita touchdown and the margin of victory between two evenly-matched teams. L S. U. ' s Dark stopped cold by the Demons. EyEfs J » , t .y r iy;t »» » » J »» i rt « ' . « « ' T THE 1942 TRACK SEASON Southwest Relays, held in Lafayette, the Normal team made a strong showing against some of the top-ranking teams of the Southwest. A dual meet with Louisiana Tech in Ruston followed with the Demons more than doubling the score of the Bull- dogs. Another dual meet, with Southwest- Coach Harry Turpin ' s 1942 track team was, as em in Lafayette, was not so successful, as the Nor- usual, a power among the small college teams of mal representatives were shaded in a fast contest, this area. Opening their unusually short season The Louisiana Intercollegiate Conference meet at the Southwestern Relays, the Demon spikemen was held in Natchitoches in 1942 and the Demons won one dual meet and lost one before taking ran a close second to the powerful Bulldogs of second-place honors at the annual L. I. C. meet. Southwestern. Tech and Southeastern finished, Although no championship was awarded in the far behind the leaders, in third and fourth places. Johnson wins the 220-yard dash. Carbo and Techman in photo finish. Carbo, Botiong and Southwesterner in a close one on the high hurdles. TENNIS 1942 L. I. C. CHAMPS The 1942 tennis team continued its domination of L. I. C. tennis circles, begun in 1939, by sweeping to a third consecutive championship of the three-year-old conference and thus gaining permanent possession of the L. I. C. championship trophy. The undisputed victory in the conference tournament, held at Alexandria on May 15 and 16, climaxed an undefeated season of dual meets within the conference. Dual engagements with the powerful Ada and Durant, Oklahoma, squads were the only matches lost by the Demon racqueteers. WILSON _ ANGLE BOLTON Perry Angle, Normal ace, and Billy Bolton, playing number two for the Demons, won their second conference doubles championship at the L. I. C. tournament and both men turned in outstanding performances in singles throughout the season. Angle won third place in singles at the tourney, behind Ken- neth Wilson who took second-place honors. Wilson was a consistent winner in the number three position throughout the season. Earl Williamson, playing number four, was new to the team but won several matches in dual meets and ad- vanced to the guarter-finals in singles at Alexandria. Wilson and Williamson contributed to the Normal victory with a fourth place in tournament doubles competition. Williamson, Wilson, Kyser, Angle, Bolton. MEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION In keeping with the campus-wide war- time preparedness program, every man at the college who was eligible for military service was required to enroll in a daily physical education class this spring under the direction of Coach Alvin " Cracker " Brown. The class program was designed to toughen local men students for military service. That it did. The first nine weeks of the course were devoted to basketball and gymnastics competition while the last nine weeks were given over to track and swimming. An added feature was the military drill competition between the various teams into which they were divided. With attendance requirements strictly enforced, practically every enrollee was subjected to the entire course. Although the program was the most extensive ever staged here, errors were few and the course was definitely a great step forward in men ' s physical education for non- majors. Removing the phy- sical education classes from the category of the insignificant inconven- iences common to all cur- ricula, the new program came to be regarded as an essential part of the training given men by the college. Mini PHYSICAL EDUCATION • • PANHELLENIC COUNCIL The Women ' s Panhellenic Council is composed of three representatives from each of the five sororities and tends to foster a friendlier attitude among the sororities. Each year it sponsors two social events, a tea in the fall for the new women students and a formal dance in the spring. OFFICERS MARJORIE AARON President SHIRLEY BACKES Secretary MARY KATHRYN GRIFFIN . . Vice-President VIOLA CARAWAY Treasurer BETTY BELL Reporter First Row: Aaron, Backes, B. Bell, D. Bell, Caraway. Second Row: Clay, Corne, Funderburlc, Griffin Hochenedel Third Row: Marmande, McLecn, Simpson, Wardlow, Willis. MEMBERS MARJORIE AARON Delta Sigma Epsilon MVRTICE SIMPSON Delta Sigma Epsilon EM WILLIS Delta Sigma Epsilon MARY KATHRYN GRIFFIN Sigma Sigma Sigma GRETCHEN McLEAN Sigma Sigma Sigma DOROTHY BELL Sigma Sigma Sigma SHIRLEY BACKES Theta Sigma Upsilon RUTH HOCHENEDEL Theta Sigma Upsilon VIRGINIA LEA MARMANDE Theta Sigma Upsilon VIOLA CARAWAY Alpha Sigma Alpha HELEN CLAY Alpha Sigma Alpha ELIZABETH WARDLOW Alpha Sigma Alpha BETTY BELL Pi Kappa Sigma BETH FUNDERBURK Pi Kappa Sigma DOROTHY CORNE Pi Kappa Sigma [99] DELTA SIGMA EPSILON Delta Sigma Epsilon was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, September 23, 1914. Phi Chapter was installed at Louisiana Normal College in 1926. OFFICERS MARJORIE AARON President STELLA SUSAN EDSERTON . Rec. Secretary VERNA LOU BARNES .... Vice-President FRANCES BARNES . Corresponding Secretary CHARLOTTE MacCURDY Treasurer ) ft jUhl First Row: Aaron, Babin, F. Barnes, V. L. Barnes, Cade. Second Row: Collier. Crosby, M. F. Edgerton, S. S. Edgerton, Farrar. Third Row: Gibson, Hart, Keegan, McCurdy, McCrea, McLeod. Fourth Row: McMullen, Nelkin, Poleman, Saucier, Simpson, Willis. MEMBERS 1943 Marjorie Aaron, Verna Lou Barnes, Stella Susan Edgerton, Virginia McCrea, Patsy Sibley. A2E Colors: Olive green and crean Flower: Cream tea rose. 1944 Frances Barnes, Mavis Cade, Madge Gibson, Charlotte MacCurdy, Mary Joy Payne, Myrtire Simpson. 1945 Marjorie Collier, Marie Crosby, Mary Frances Edgerton, Rose Marie McMullen, Marjorie McLeod, Em Willis. 1946 Shiiley Babin, Peggy Farrar, Mildred Hart, Elizabeth Keegan, Catherine Nelken, Jane Poleman, Clemmie Saucier. PATRONESSES Mrs. C. C. Stroud, Mrs. L. J. Alleman, Mrs. Mattie Breazeale. FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Annetta L. Wood. 1100] SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Sigma Sigma Sigma was founded at Virginia State Teachers College, Farmville, Virginia, in 1898. Alpha Zeta Chapter was installed at Louisiana State Normal Col- lege in 1928. OFFICERS MARY KATHRYN GRIFFIN .... President GRETCHEN McLEAN . Recording Secretary MARY JEAN SWIFT Vice-President VICKY SANSING . Corresponding Secretary ALLEYENE FERGERSON Treasurer First Row: AMred, Bell, Bordelon, Cobb, Collier, Courtney, Craig, David, Davis. Second Row: DeLoach, Fergerson, Ford, Frye, M. Griffin, M. K Hall, J. Holtsclaw, M. Holtsclaw. Third Row: A. Langenstein, R. Langenstein, Morse, McLean, Pou, Sansing, Sasser, Simmons, St. John. Fourth Row: S M. Sterkx, R. Sterkx, Swift, Tabb, Warren, M. Williams. V. Williams, Woods. MEMBERS Dorothy Bell, Margie Cobb, Alleyene Fergerson. Mary Kathryn Griffin, Gretchen McLean, Mary Jean Swith, Beverly Whittington. 1944 Juanita Craig, Margaret Griffin, Vicky Sansing, Rita Sterkx, Jean Simmons, Bebe Hall, Gloria St. John, Julienne David. 1945 Alice Collier, Doris Ford, Ann Smith, Voncille Williams, Colleen Woods, Virginia Davis, Eloise Rich- mond, Rose Langenstein, Mary Elizabeth Pou, Margie Tabb, Dorothy DeLoach, Mauneen Holtsclaw, Mary Ethel Sasser. 1946 Norma Ruth Allred, Kitty Bordelon, Mildred Courtney, Jean Holtsclaw, Anna Langenstein, Dorothy Warren, Maxine Frye, Margaret Perkins, Margaret Williams, Lynn Steed, Mamie Sterkx, Marion Marse. FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Thera Stovall. 2 2 2 Colors: Purple and white. Flower: Violet. U01] THETA SIGMA UPSILON Theta Sigma Upsilon was founded at Kansa s State Teachers College, Emporia, Kansas, in 1907. Kappa Chapter was installed at Louisiana State Normal College in 1928. SHIRLEY MAE BACKES RUTH HOCHENEDEL OFFICERS . . President MARGERY BUATT Secretary Vice-President JOYCE BAXLEY Treasurer i 3 PP First Row: Aycock, Austin, Backes, Barre, Baxley, Bell, Buatt, Cleveland. Second Row: Doerr, Elder, Y a ' th, Faraldo, Folse, French, Hayworth, Henton. Third Row: Hochendel, Holcombe, Hubley, Koonce, Leete, Locke, Marmande McEachern. Fourth Row _Morphis, Pereira, Pinckley, Sanders, Scherz, Sharp, Smith, Warner, Watts. 1943 jf ui a 02T Shirley Mae Backes, Ruth Hochenedel, Dorothy Cleveland, Adelaide Smith. 1944 Jackie Kelsoe, Joyce Baxley, Lillian Bell, Maxine Bell, Ruth Morphis, Margery Buatt, Virginia Leete Helen Koonce, Mary Painter Schwing, Virginia Lea Marmande, Louise Pinckley, Marjorie Warner. 1945 Rose Mary Watts, Mattsye Mae Austin, Jo Ann Faith, Betty Elder, Marjo rie Barre, Margaret French, Norma Ruth Holcombe, Evelyn Bierford, Wintred Hubby, Mildred Sanders. 1946 All ie Lee Aycock, Mrs. L. C. Doerr, Betty Jane Folse, Mary Jo Hayworth, Mattie Lou Faraldo, Maritta Henton, Elizabeth Locke, Lois Pereira, Frances Sharp, Carlin McEachern, Estelle Scherz. FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Hope Haupt. 102] PI KAPPA SIGMA Pi Kappa Sigma was founded at Ypsilanti, Michigan, November 17, 1894. Alpha Delta Chapter was installed at Louisiana State Normal College in 1928. OFFICERS BETTY BELL President BILLIE ELSTON . . rtf ' X . . . Secretary EDLEEN GUNN Vice-President FRANCES DRAKE . Correspondir g Secretary . Treasurer mWSK First Row: Atkins, Bell, Bozeman. Bradley, Bush. Corne, Clark, F. Drake, M. Drake. Second Row: Elstcn, Few, Funderburk, Gallaspy, Gunn, Hall, Hopper, Horton, Lynn. Third Row: N. Lyons, F. Lyons, P. Lyons, Martin, Ogden, Ragan, Palmer, Pratt, Rivet. Fourth Row: Robinson, Kathrine Scott, Kathleen Scott, -. Segers, Turpin, Vaughn, Voorhies, Worley. MEMBERS 1943 Betty Bell, Elizabeth Bozeman, Frances Drake, Dorothy Elston, Elizabeth Elston, Beth Funderburlt, Barbara Gillie, Mary Ann Ogden, Joyce Rivet, Kathleen Scott, Kathrine Scott, Norma Worley. 1944 Billie Elston, Edleen Gunn, Jo-Jo Hall, Noella Lyons, Martille Robinson. 1945 Dorothy Corne, Frances Few, Ida Mary Ragan, Mary Agnes Turpin. 1946 Rosalind Atkins, Sue Bradley, Ann Bush, Penelope Clark, Margaret Drake, Mary Rives Gallaspy, Betty Jane Hopper, Lola Pearl Horton, Fannie Lyons, Patricia Lyons, Nancy Ann Lynn, Virginia Martin, Leda Palmer, Lou Mae Pratt, Mary Lynn Segers. Elizabeth Vaughn, Jacqueline Van Voorhies. PATRONESSES Mrs. Lillian G. McCook, Miss Mary Winters, Mrs. Lily Ducou:nau, Mrs. Chris Hayne. FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Debbie Pinkston. 1103] nKi Colors: Tourquoise blue and gold. Flower: Jonquil and forget-me-not. ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Alpha Sigma Alpha was founded at State Female School, Farmville, Virginia, in 1901. Psi Psi Chapter was installed at Louisiana State Normal College in 1931. OFFICERS VIOLA CARAWAY President JOY LEA DAVIS . . . Recording Secretary HELEN CLAY Vice-President LOUISE HAWKINS . Corresponding Secretary GLORIA BERNARD Secretary First Row: Ballard, Barlow, Bayard, Bernard, Bright, Brock, Callender, Caraway, Cheves. Second Row: Clay, Davis, Domingea Guillory, Hawkins, G. Holland, P. Holland. Third Row: E. Kill en . K. Killen, Leone, Miller, Mobley, Neel, Rodgers, Rush, Sayes. Stephens, Tooke, Treadwell, Walker, Wardlow, Young. u, Graves, H. Guillory, R. Fourth Row: Simpson, Smith, ASA Colors: Red and white. Flowers: Aster and narcissus. MEMBERS 1943 Gloria Bernard, Bill le Cheves, Helen Clay, Joy Lea Davis, Louise Hawkins, Elaine Killen, Peggy Meyers, Etoile Mobley, Elizabeth Wardlow. 1944 Claire Alexander, Elizabeth Brock, Viola Caraway, Billie Sayes, Sarah Jane Simpson, Agnes Smith, Janis Tooke. 1945 Janice Barlow, Gloria Bayard, Dorothy Jane Brock, Beverly Domingeau, Barbara Grisham, Ruth Guillory, Pauline Holland, Evelyn Horn, Doris Leone, Maurine Neel, Annie Sue Miller, Dorothy Jane Selby, Willie Dee Rush, Ella Bess Tomlinson. Madge Young. 1946 Polly Ballard, Mary Francis Bright, Marilyn Callender, Barbara Graves, Hilda Guillory, Gertrude Holland, Susan Jones, Kathleen Killen, Carrie Nell Rodgers, Bernice Stephens, Thetis Treadwell, Doris Walker, Peggy Wilkes. FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Clio Allen. PATRONESSES Mrs. W. E. Brock, Mrs. A. Hargis Mrs. Grace Himel, Mrs. Harry Suddath. [104] INTERFMTERNITY CODNCIL The Interfraternity Council was orqanized at the college in the spring term of 1938 to create a more congenial relationship among the fraternities on the campus. The organization is composed of three elected representatives from each of the three social fraternities on the campus and directs all fraternity affairs, especially those matters in regard to rushing and pledging, and has the authority to settle matters of controversial nature which arise among the fraternities. First Row: Carlin, Griffin, Holmes. Second Row: Hopper, Meagher. Third Row: Timon, Thomas, Vige. OFFICERS JOHN MEAGHER President J. C. CARLIN Vice-President JOHN HOPPER Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Lambda Zeta Dennan Holmes, John Hopper, W. E. Timon. Sigma Tau Gamma Sammy Griffin, John Meagher, G. F. Thomas, Jr. Phi Kappa Nu J. C. Carlin, Carlton Johnson, Alden Vige. [105] LAMBDA ZET A 4 Lambda Zeta was founded on the Louisiana State Normal College campus in 1924 as a local social fraternity. OFFICERS JOHN HOPPER President LEE PRATHER . . . MILLARD HUDSON . . . Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President ' Al First Row: Atkins, Bradford, Cunningham, Dobson, Hanchey, Holmes, Hopper. Second Row: Houey, Hudson, Jordan, Lampo, Love, Nomey, Norrid. Third Row: Norris, Orr, Prather, Pullen, Richter, Roberts, Saucier. Fourth Row: Shehane, Stothart, Sutton, Timon, Walker, Wallenburg, Willis. MEMBERS 1943 Lee Prather, Charles Roberts, Vernon Warren, Dennan Holmes. AZ 1944 John Hopper, W. E. Timon, E. P. Dobson, Jr. 1945 Millard Hudson, Albert Saucier, Norman Hanchey, J. H. Love, Jack Norrid, A. C. Willis, Bob Jordan, Don Mike Stothart, Jim Walker, Ellis Wallenberg. 1946 Roy Shehane, Ciro Lampo, George Nomey, Wyatt Atkins, Phillip Orr, Ben Bradford, Miles Houey, Billy Pullen, Kerlin Sutton, George Briley, Jack Richter, Crockett Norris. [106] SIGMA TAD GA A Sigma Tau Gamma was founded at Warrensburg, Mo. June 28, 1920. Nu Che r apfer was installed at Louisiana State Normal College on January 29, 1929. OFFICERS JOHN MEAGHER . . President G. F. THOMAS, JR. . . . Secretary TOXY BOURN Vice-President KEMP TUCKER .... Treasure. ROBERT EASLEY Faculty Adviser First Row: Anderson, Beard, Bourn, Brown, Burley, Citreo, C. Durham, N. Durham. Second Row: Ginsburg, Griftin, Guillet, E. Hill, F. Hill, Hollenshead, Howell, Hussey. Third Row: Kellum, Kendrick, Lout, McFarland, McSwain, Meagher, Michael, Miller. Fourth Row: B. Eason, R. Eason, Eddy, Eversull, Pierson, Richard, B. Ruston, J. Ruston. Fifth Row: Sherman, Slaid, Smitn, Snoddy, Tarlton, Tauzin, Thomas, Thompson, Tucker, Young. MEMBERS 1943 Toxy Bourn, Charles Durham, Crowell Eddy, Le Roi Eversull, Gary Fournet, Elliott Ginsburg, Sammy Griffin, Sam Kendrick, John Meaqher, C. M. McSwain, James Richard. 1944 H. B. Burly, Nathan Durham, Elmo Hill, Williard Hollenshead, John Howell, Robert Ruston, Donald Smith, Tommy Thompson, Kemp Tucker, Howard Young. 1945 Paul Harvey Anderson, John Beard, Lester Cifreo, Bill Eason, James Foard, Curtis Guillet, Faris Michael, Harry Miller, Ralph McFarland, Roger Sherman, C. G. Snoddy, Harold Tinsley, Ralph Ward, Ivan Woodward. 1946 Billy Brown, George Callahan, Billy Dickerson, Rudolph Eason, Cleveland Greer, Huey Harris, Freddie Hill, Roland Hussey, Herman Kellum, James Lout, Joseph Pierson, Harold Rhodes, John Ruston, Hines Slaid, John Tarlton, Eugene Tauzin. Colors: Blue and White. Flower: White Rose. •v Tr [107] PHI RAPPA NO Phi Kappa Nu, a local fraternity, was founded on the Louisiana State Normal Col lege campus on October 17, 1929. SCM OFFICERS J. C. CARLIN President T. P. SOUTHERLAND CLAUDE BOOKTER . . . Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President aim -1 First Row: Arie, Bambrick, Barkate, Benton, Bookter, Bollier, Carbo, Carlin, Craton. Second Row: Clark, Clawson, Crawford, Curry, Dobson, Dunn, Ford, Gerson, Gibbs. Third Row: Hughes, Isaac, Johnson, F. Ledet, R. Ledet, Lewing, McDermott, McKee, Nation. Fourth Row: Nicosia. Schilling, Scott, Smith, Southerland, Styles, Tripp, Vige. MEMBERS 1943 Morris Carbo, Ed McDermott, Theophile Scott, T. P. Southerland, John Nicosia, Albert Gerson, Pat Nation. 1944 Tommy Bambrick, Henry Bollier, J. C. Carlin, Ernest Davis, James Craton, Carlton Johnson, Zolon Styles, Alden Vige. 1945 Carl Benton, Claude Bookter, Ray Clawson, Truman Crawford, Raymond Ledet, Clinton Dobson, Purvis Landry, Harold Lewing, Ralph Shelton, David Curry, Leon Dunn, Q. T. Ford, John Gibbs, Cecil Clark, Jr., Frank Lampkin, Hurley Tripp. 1946 William Arie, Gabriel Bark ate, Joe Cavanaugh, Skeets Courtney, Al Hughes, George Isaac, Bobby Jantz, Francis Ledet, J. C. Ledet, Albert McKee, Harry Schilling, Alaric Smith. I KIV [108] PHI MU ALP Gamma Rho Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha was founded on the Louisiana State Normal College campus May 28, 1941. The fraternity is a national honorary organization which has for its purpose the promotion of American music. Sigma Chi Alpha became affiliated with Phi Mu Alpha after three years of being a local fraternity. OFFICERS MILT CHAPMAN President JAMES BAILEY . . Corresponding Secretary ELLIOT GINSBERG Vice-President LESTER CIFREO ' ' . . . Treasurer BOB JORDAN Secretary WILLARD HOLLEfJSHEAD .... Warden LORRANE BRITTAIN . Supreme Councilman HA First Row: Bailey, Bostick, Bradford, Brittain, Chapman, Cifreo. Second Row: Cronin, Davis, Eddy, Finley, Gauthier, Ginsberg. Third Row: Griffin, Hollens- head, Jordan, Lout, Mason, Parks, Perrin. Fourth Row: Raggio, Saizan, Smith, Stothart, Sutton, Thompson, Winderweedle. MEMBERS 1943 Russell Cronin, Crowell Eddy, Elliot Ginsberg. 1944 James Bailey, Sammy Griffin, Willard Hollenshead, John Parks. 1945 Milt Chapman, Lester Cifreo, Bob Jordan, Charles Raggio, Herman Saizan, Don Mike Stothart, Clyde Bostick, Taylor Finlay. 1946 James Lout, James Smith, Kerlin Sutton, Ray Perrin, Herman Gauthier, Ben Bradford, Bailey Winder- weedle, John Vergil Thompson. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Lorrane Brittain, Dwight Davis, Walter Mason, Sherrod Towns, Gilbert Saetre. S»MA [109] PURPLE JACKETS OFFICERS MIRIAM EWING President MARY ELLEN CALDWELL Vice-President ANNA BELLE LANDRY Secretary MARY KATHRYN GRIFFIN Treasurer MISS CATHERINE WINTERS Faculty Sponsor First Row: Buatt, Caldwell, Clay, Clyde, Colle. Second Row: David, Davis, Edgerton, Ewing, Griffin. Third Rov Gunn, Kuhn, Landry, Roach, Simpson. Fourth Row: Smith, Sylvest, Tarver, Vosburg, Worley. MEMBERS Margery Buatt, Mary Ellen Caldwell, Helen Clay, Patsy Clyde, Anna Lea Colle. Julienne David, Jane Davis, Stella Susan Edgerton, Miriam Ewing, Mary Kathryn Griffin. m Edleen Gunn, Edith Kuhn, Anna Belle Landry, Dorothy Roach, Myrtice Simpson. Adelaide Smith, Gwendolyn Sylvest, Dixie Tarver, Jean Vosburg, Norma Worley. [110] THE WESLEY FOUNDATION A home away from home — that is the Wesley Foundation on Normal campus. It is here that students of the Methodist and Christian denominations seek under- standing guidance and counsel for the living of these days. It is here that they may come into a broader and fuller interpretation of Christianity. It is here — in the Wesley Foundation Center in the Student Religious Building — that they may meet both old and new friends and enjoy a real fellowship. First Row: Chandler, Clay. Davis, German. Second Row: Herren, Hopper, Kinchen, King. Third Row: Pace, Pinckard, Rayner, Sylvest, Vosburg. WESLEY FOUNDATION COUNCIL JANE DAVIS President HELEN CLAY Vice-President MARY SYLVEST Secretary JOHN HOPPER Treasurer BETTY ROSE KINCHEN Worship JEAN VOSBURG Personnel GERTRUDE HERREN Recreation GRACE KING -. Publicity LYVONNE GERMAN Peace Education VIRGINIA RAYNOR World Friendship EVELYN DAVIS KIMBRELL Drama HELEN CLAY Bible Study JULIA PACE Music SCRIVEN PINCKARD Church Relations MAMIE J. CHANDLER Director, Wesley Foundation REVEREND CARL F. LUEG Pastor, First Methodist Church [ill] THE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is a youth organization for Baptists in higher institutions of learning, sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention. It is a unit in both the State and Southwide Baptist Student Union and is composed of all Baptist students who are members of the Sunday School, Training Union, Young Women ' s Auxiliary or local Baptist Church. It was organized on the Louisiana State Normal campus in 1927. Its work is directed by an executive council and committees which make up the larger Council under the leadership of the pastor of the local church and the student counselor, who is maintained by the church. This year, for the third con- secutive year, the Normal B. S. U. reached the standard reguirements for First Magnitude Baptist Student Union, which is guite a distinction and achievement. First Row: Burnette, Clyde, Coleman, Harris, Hoi] is. Second Row: Killen, Kuhn, Miller, Moody, Owens. Third Row: Pearce, Terry, Wallace, Watson. OFFICERS JEWELL WATSON President HOMER COLEMAN Enlistment Vice-President MARJORIE ABNEY HOLLIS Devotional Vice-President ALLENE MOODY Social Vice-President LaVERNE PEARCE Secretary CECIL OWENS Treasurer PATSY CLYDE Music Director J. HERBERT TERRY Publicity Director MARIE MILLER Baptist Student Director ELAINE KILLEN Town Representative VERA JONES Sunday School Representative ZULA BURNETTE Training Union Representative EDITH KUHN Y. W. A. Representative M. D. WALLACE Volunteer Band President PROF. H. J. COLVIN Faculty Representative MISS JOSEPHINE HARRIS Student Counselor REV. TROY V. WHEELER Pastor, Natchitoches Baptist Church [U2J NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is a club of Catholic culture and Catholic fellowship, organized in non-Catholic colleges and universities of the United States. The purposes of the Newman Clubs are religious, educational and social, in that order. Activities of the club include cooperate communions, discussion study clubs, retreats, parties, picnics and dances. The chapter of the Newman Club at the Louisiana State Normal College was established in the fall of 1935. First Row: GremilHon, Grezaffi, Hochenedel, Lamdry. Second Row: Sansing, Smith, Swift, Vtge. OFFICERS ANNA BELLE LANDRY President ADELAIDE SMITH First Vice-President RUTH HOCHENEDEL Second Vice-President SADIE GREZAFFI Recording Secretary MARY JEAN SWIFT Treasurer VICKY SANSING Corresponding Secretary VERDIE GREMILLION Historian ALDEN VIGE Marshal CHAPLAIN Reverend Father L. R. Aycock FACULTY ADVISERS Eugene Watson Mrs. W. H. Pierson Mrs. Frances Phelps I 113 J THE Y. M. C. A. The Young Men ' s Christian Association exists on the campus of the Louisiana State Normal College for the purpose of bringing interdenominational as well as denominational students in contact with a wholesome group of young men who are striving to achieve a balance between religion, the mind, and the body. Left to Right: Tullos, Finlay, Pinckard, Young, Wallace, Laing. B KID YM ¥ M OFFICERS J. E. TULLOS President HARVEY LAING Vice-President TAYLOR FINLAY Program Chairman M. D. WALLACE Secretary SCRIVEN PINCKARD Treasurer HOWARD YOUNG Social Chairman FACULTY ADVISERS Mr. Corley, Mr. Maddox, Mr. Tarlton. [114] The Freshman Commission is an organization, the membership of which comes from the Young Women ' s Christian Association, the Young Men ' s Christian Association and the Newman Club. Members are elected during their freshman year and serve during their sophomore year as representatives of the college and in other capacities when called upon. First Row: Bayard, Cook, Corne, Crosby. Second Row: Finlay, French, Howard, Hubley. Third Row: King, LeBleu, McLeod, Miller. Fourth Row: Monks, Salters, Slawson, Willis. OFFICERS GLORIA BAYARD President JAMES SALTERS Vice-President GRACE KING Secretary-Treasurer CATHERINE WINTERS Sponsor MEMBERS Gloria Bayard, Virginia Cook, Dorothy Corne, Marie Crosby, Taylor Finlay, Margaret French, Barbara Grisham, J. B. Howard, Winifred Hubley, Grace King, Imelda LeBleu, Marjorie McLeod, Marie Miller, Marguerite Monks, James Salters, Lyn Willow Slawson, A. C. Willis 111 I PI OMEGA PI The purpose of this honorary commercial fraternity is to encourage, promote, extend and create interest and scholarship in the field of commerce, and to teach the ideal of service as the basis of all worthy enterprises. The requirements for membership in Alpha Nu Chapter, installed at Louisiana State Normal College in 1938, are a B average in commerce and high scholastic average in all other subjects. naao First Row: Craton, David, Davis, Ferguson, Lattier. Second Row: Leete, Morphis, Presley, Pullig, Pivet. Third Row: Tooke, Turner, Wells. OFFICERS ALLEYNE FERGUSON President ROSA DEE LATTIER . . Secretary-Treasurer RUTH TURNER Vice-President JANE DAVIS Historian MARJORIE WELLS Editor n a n MEMBERS Jane Davis, Alleyne Ferguson, Thelma Presley, Marjorie Wells, Ethel Holder Kelly, Ruth Morphis, Julienne David, Virginia Leete, Rosa Dee Lattier, Dwight McCartney, Mrs. L. C. Brice, Mildred Smith, N. B. Morrison, Bill ie Sayes, Jerry Love, Mary Jo Terril, Ruth Pullig, Joyce Rivet, Ruth Turner, Robert Easley, C. M. Mouser, Janice Tooke, James Craton. [ 116] KAPPA DELTA PI Gamma Phi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in education, was organ- ized at the Louisiana State Normal College May I I, 1934. It is a professional as well as honorary society. Its purpose is to encourage high intellectual, scholastic and professional standards, and to recognize scholarship and ourstandina contributions to education. First Row: Bailey, Caldwell, Clay, Clyde, David, Davis, Drake. Second Row: Elston, Ewing, George, Griffin, Hawkins, Holt, Dr. Hunt. Third Row: Mrs. Hunt, Presley, Pullig, Rayner, Roach, Sayes, Scott. Fourth Row: Scott, Smith, Stewart, Sylvest, Tison, Tooke, Vosburg, Worley. OFFICERS MIRIAM EWING President HELEN CLAY Secretaiy GWENDOLYN SYLVEST . . . Vice-President JANE DAVIS Treasurer NORMA WORLEY . . . Recorder-Historian MEMBERS Miss Clio Allen, Joyce Baxley, Miss Mamie Bowman, Mrs. Geraldine Ferris, Mary Ellen Caldwell, Juanita Helen Clay, Patricia Clyde, Miss Dorothy Cohen, Anne Lea Colle, Miss Esther Cooley, Mrs. Elia B. Culp, Jane Davis, Julienne David, Miss Dorothy Dowdy, Frances Drake, Mrs. Ruby S. Dunckleman, Billie Elston, Miriam Ewing, Dr. F. A. Ford, Esther George, Mr. Alvin Good, Neva Graves, Sammy Griffin, Louise Hawkins, Emma Lee Holt, Dr. Andrew W. Hunt, Mrs. Andrew W. Hunt, Mrs. Ethel Holder Kelly, Mr. A. C. Maddox, Miss Eve Mouton, Dr. Marvin S. Pittman, Mr. H. Lee Prather, Thelma Presley, Ruth Pullig, Virginia Rayner, Dorothy Roach, Billie Sayes, Kathleen Scotf, Kathrine Scott, Miss Nellie M. Senska, Mr. A. B. Simpson, Adelaide Smith, Beverly Stewart, Gwendolyn Sylvest, Lucille Tison, Janis Tooke, Jean Vosburg, Mr. Eugene Watson, Miss Mary Winters, Norma Worley. KAn [ 117] DAVIS PLAYERS OFFICERS DENNAN HOLMES President GWENDOLYN SYLVEST Vice-President LILLIAN BELL Secretary-Treasurer First Row: B Bell, L. Bell, Cleveland, Craton, French, Herren. Second Row: Holmes, Kilgore, Laing, Leete, Marmande, McDonald. Third Row: Riddle, Rushinc Sherman, Snoddy, Stovall, Sylvest. Fourth Row: Thompson, Tullos, Warner, Weber, Willis, Wood, Roberts. MEMBERS ally Beli, Lillian Be% Ma ind((Bell, Dorothy Cleveland, James Craton, Mary Frances Edf erton, Makgaret French, Garlii ;rton, »Ma»garet h rlihe l ilgore, Mrs. jjgton Feazell, Trudy Herren, Dennan Holmes, Evelyrfj IGmbrell, Harvey Laing, Penny McDonald, Mickey cCann, Virginia Peete Peggy Myers, Virginia Lee Marmande, Helen Riddle, Charl%s Roberts, Murry Rushing, Roger Sherman, C. G. Snoddy, Miss Thera Stovall, Gwendoly n. Sylvest, James Taylor, Tommy Thompson, James Tullos, Vernon Warren, Marjorie Warner, Edith Weber, Miss Annetta Wood. •Members of Alpha Psi Omega. I 118] IN APPRECIATION If the 1943 " Potpourri " has proved itself a worthy supplement to those " Potpourris " which have gone before, much of its success must be accredited to the following persons who have given their valuable time and untiring energy. We wish to express our sincerest appreciation to: Mr. E. R. Newcomb of Alexandria, La., who contributed the portraits for the class, beauty, and organization sections. Mrs. Daisy Abbott, Miss Charlie Bridges and Mr. P. E. Dozier and the staff of the Shreveport Engravinq Company for their many helpful sug- gestions and fine work. The Benson Printing Company, particularly to Mr. Dan Eadie and Ed Benson who had the will to stick it out with so many changes from the original plans. Mr. Charles Cunningham, Faculty Adviser of the " Potpourri, " who took care of the financial worries and contributed much time and helpful advice. Special thanks go to those merchants whose advertisements follow this page, since their contributions mean much to any annual. THE STAFF. [i;v] SCHUSTER ' S WHOLESALE PRODUCE CO. Incorporated Quality Our Motto WHOLESALE PRODUCE AND FRUITS We Buy and Sell Fresh Fruits and Vegetables In and Out of Season Telephone and Telegraph SCHUSTER ' S 500-508 Commerce Street Telephone L. D. I SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA ALDREDGE JEWELRY COMPANY We Pay Market Prices for Old Gold EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING Next Door to Hotel Front Street NATCHITOCHES, LA. CIRCLE POULTRY AND LIVESTOCK FEEDS KALMBACH-BURCKETT CO. Incorporated Shreveport Baton Rouge Kay-Bee Field and Garden Seed NEWCOMB STUDIO ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA EXCHANGE BANK OF NATCHITOCHES 1892-1943 51 Years Continuous Service RESOURCES DECEMBER 31, 1942 OVER $1,850,000.00 Member c fh scleral Deposit Insurance Corporation HAROLD KAFFIE ARTHUR C. WATSON H. S. COBB President Vice-President Acting Cashier SYDNEY KAFFIE C. R. WHITEHEAD Vice-President DIRECTORS: Asst. Cashier T. G. BARNES HAROLD KAFFIE B. S. SWETT J. H. HENRY, JR. SYDNEY KAFFIE • O. W. TRABER H. L. HUGHES D. C. SCARBOROUGH ARTHUR C. WATSON COX DRUG COMPANY " WHERE YOUNG PEOPLE CONGREGATE " Second and Amulet Streets Natchitoches LEVY DRUG CO. THE REXALL STORE Cara Nome, Lentheric Preparations Phone 2431 Natchitoches STANDARD BAKERY Natchitoches, Louisiana MAKERS OF MEL-O-TOAST • ALPHABET BREAD The Loat That Contains the Vitamins B, D, E, G COMPLIMENTS SOUTHERN DAIRY SUPPLY CO. HOUSTON, TEXAS Who are proud of the fact that Louisiana State Normal College ' s dairy is equipped with Creamery Package Bottle Washer and Bottle Filler and Capper, both of which were recently installed by us. THE NORMAL BOOKSTORE Carries a Complete Line of MASTERPIECE Notebook Paper, Binders, Tablets, Drawing Paper, Construction Paper, Water Colors, Poster Paints, Etc., Purchased From PRACTICAL DRAWING COMPANY DALLAS, TEXAS STANDARD PRINTING COMPANY Incorporated PRINTERS STATIONERY AND OFFICE SUPPLIES Alexandria, Louisiana COURREGE ' S SHOE STORE Smart Footwear for College Men and Women SHOES AND HOSIERY Front Street Natchitoches SEXTON SERVICE OFFERS YOU The only nationally advertised brand of foods prepared exclusively for the in- stitutional market. ▼ The security of endorsement by all the leading trade associations in the institu- tional field in the United States. The facilities of the only wholesale grocery company operating plants in the two principal American markets — Chicago and New York. " As rendered by America ' s largest dis- tributors of number ten canned foods, a distinctive service on a complete assort- ment of quality foods packed in this insti- tutional size container. ▼ Home recipe pickles, relishes and con- serves from Sexton Sunshine Kitchens — delicious and appetizing. Carefully selected coffees — blends re- sulting from years of careful study roasted fresh daily at Chicago and Brooklyn. " A selection of your needs from the largest inventory ever assembled for the particular needs of those who feed many people each day. J2H SEXTON ■=» Eatabliahed 18S3 Edelweiss Quality Foods CHICAGO DALLAS BROOKLYN THE CITY OF NATCHITOCHES Wishes the Faculty Members and the Entire Student Body a Continued Success THE BEST SMALL CITY IN THE SOUTH EDWIN L. McCLUNG, Mayor A. F. ORTMEYER, Commissioner of Streets and Parks G. H. PIERSON, Commissioner of Finance GEORGE SUTTON, Treasurer THE PEOPLES HARDWARE AND FURNITURE CO. Sells things that please the college students Front Street Natchitoches, Le THE RENDEZVOUS Steaks, Lunches and Short Orders At College Corner MRS. SHUBER, Mgr HADDAD GROCERY STORE Service Station and Cafe We handle everything the student needs Normal Ave. Phone 2812 HUGHES DRY GOODS CO. Collegiate Clothes for Men and Women NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA DRINK cca IN BOTTLES COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA GULF PUBLIC SERVICE CO. OPERATING THROUGHOUT LOUISIANA AND TEXAS WE HAVE A FULL APPRECIATION OF WHAT THE LOUISIANA STATE NORMAL COLLEGE MEANS TO US Let Us Serve You Natchitoches COMPLIMENTS OF KEEGAN ' S LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING Phone 2333 Natchitoches, La. THE NEW DRUG COMPANY Elmo Cosmetics Hollingswor+h Candies Second Street Phone 2386 WE DELIVER WE NEVER SLEEP A Phone Call Brings Us on the Run! SAM GONGRE TAXIS Day Phone 2950 Night Phone 2441 NATCHITOCHES, LA. Compliments of LAKEVIEW MOTORS Incorporated DEALERS Phone 2517 Natchitoches, Louisiana WEST BROTHERS DEPARTMENT STORE We Carry a Complete Line of Wearing Apparel for the Entire Family WE CLOTHE THE NORMAL COLLEGIANS S. E. WEST, Manager Natchitoches, Louisiana COMPLIMENTS OF EDWIN L McCLUNG, JR. MAYOR MORGAN LINDSAY 5c to $1.00 " The Store of Courtesy " Something for Everyone NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA COMPLIMENTS OF A. DEBLIEUX SON Only Exclusive Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear in Town NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA JOHN ACKEL ' S GROCERY THE BEST OF FOODS AND REFRESHMENTS At the Corner of Normal and Jefferson LAY ' S ICE CREAM FACTORY Manufacturers of LAY ' S BEST YET ICE CREAM Phone 2630 Natchitoches, La. Washington St. SMITH BILLIARD HALL MEET THEM THERE Phone 2957 St. Denis Street Natchitoches ALLDAY ' S COFFEE SHOP French Drip Coffee Plate Lunches, Cold Drinks Phone 2543 512 New Second St. NATCHITOCHES SEED STORE Garden, Flower and Field Seed Purina Chows NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA Phone 2151 P. O. Box 296 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND WINBARG ' S D ispensers of Fine Foods Remember Us for Your Fraternity and Sorority Parties NATCHITOCHES, LA. Front Street - ' hone 2336 NATCHITOCHES LUMBER YARD Phone 2747 108-1 10 Washington Street Natchitoches, Louisiana BUY WAR BONDS CITY BANK TRUST COMPANY NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA CAPITAL, SURPLUS, AND RESERVE $200,000.00 MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION C. L. KRIEGER, President MRS. LUCILLE KELLY, Asst. Cashier J. H. BLANCHARD J. C. CARNAHAN G. S. MITCHELL OFFICERS DIRECTORS G. H. PIERSON, Executive Vice-President GEO. H. HIMEL, Asst. Cashier J. C. DeBLIEUX A. A. FREDERICKS C. L KRIEGER G. H. PIERSON D. T. TARLTON DR. R. S. ROY THE AMERICAN CHAIN STORES Wearing Apparel for the Normal Boy or Girl Front Street Natchitoches HANCOCK ' S P C DRUG CO. 204 Front Street NATCHITOCHES ' MOST MODERN AND COMPLETE DRUG STORE Prompt Delivery Phone 2355 KELLY, WEBER AND COMPANY INCORPORATED WHOLESALE GROCERIES AND PRODUCE Manufacturers of FISH BRAND FERTILIZER LAKE CHARLES MANY NATCHITOCHES LEESVILLE OAKDALE EUNICE T H E PEOPLES NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA BANK Resources December 31, 1942, Over $1,994,000.00 OFFICERS R. O Hicks, F ' resident Jas. B. Tucke r , Vice-President Morris Aaron, Vice-President J. F. Hill, Cashier Hertzog DeBlieux, Asst. Cashier Mrs. Clive Glover, Asst. Cashier DIRECTORS C. V. Cloutier Morris Aaron J. F. Hill J. 1. -riedman L. H. Johnson S. W. Nelken R. O. Hicks A. G. Lawton Jas. B. Tucker MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND PRINTING We Print Fraternity, Sorority, and Social Stationery and THE CURRENT SAUCE THE NATCHITOCHES TIMES Phone 2727 Mrs. E. P. Cunningham, Publisher and Editor John H. Cunningham, Business Manager DAMERON-PIERSON CO. Limited MANUFACTURING STATIONERS AND OFFICE OUTFITTERS Stationery, Office Furniture, Printing, Lithographing, Engraving, Blank Book Making, Mimeograph Duplicators and Mimeograph Brand Products, Special Library Binding " Everything for Your Office " RAymond 1204 400 Camp Street New Orleans, La. THE NORMAL COLLEGE BOOK STORE BOOKS, SUPPLIES, AND SCHOOL MATERIALS We Supply the Student from Elementary School Through College MISS PAULINE JOHNSON, Manager ENGRAVINGS FOR THE 1943 OLE MISS BY 1 J 1 1 SHREVEPORT. LOUISIANA a " 8- v 2 A (ft p h i n t i n g c o m p a n y tv n a s h v i ll t s (ft 8- Jr 1 t ■ f ». ' % AWT •- . , p ' V 1X ' " f S V r jskV X Warn H J_ 31 wBXl Wssk mm ■ m

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Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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