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3 rfj aziia m i i u m rs . - i - , l - r a IZSaZ ... J 1 o I LOUISIANA COLLECTION u L L E J L R B O O K l r J wr,. . KENT BUCKINGHAM EDITOR PUBLISHED » B ' i THE 942 ITTING PERFECTLY INTO A PICTURE THAT WILL LONG REMAIN WITH THE STUDENTS OF THE LOUISIANA STATE NORMAL COLLEGE, MISS DEAN VARNADO AND MISS MARTHA FELTUS ARE TWO WHO, BY DEVOTING THEIR UNFLAGGING ENERGIES, HAVE INSTILLED INTO THE MULTITUDE OF GIRLS WHO HAVE BEEN UNDER THEIR LEADERSHIP THE QUALITIES AND TRAITS SO DESIRABLE IN WOMANHOOD. A REWARD TO THEM IS THAT THE REMEMBRANCE OF THEIR WORK WILL LONG REMAIN WITH THE COLLEGE. • • • • Lh 1 18 P676 19M2 MISS DEAN E. VARNADO MISS MARTHA FELTUS r ru UJ s A SENSE WE HAVE DEPARTED FROM THE CONVENTIONAL " THEME " OF PAST VOLUMES, BUT ON THE OTHER HAND WE HAVE UTILIZED A MORE ENCOMPASSING APPROACH ONLY OF THE STUDENTS THEMSELVES AND THEIR CAMPUS LIFE. IT IS WITH A FEELING OF HOPEFULNESS IN HAVING ACHIEVED THIS GOAL THAT THE STAFF PRESENTS THE 1942 POTPOURRI. • • • ! THE FIELD HOUSE GIRL ' S GYMNASIUM . . . - jg 2%, ■ BSe Wl Qi SS 52?.i5 ■ M. K - SQi Ky - ■P rnBm ' ■ t L» vfih ' ■ - ! .» ,W- 3 v. CALDWELL HALL THE NATATORIUM 1 I Named to the post of president of the Louisiana State Normal College on March 3, 1941, Dr. Farrar has, in this short time, completely remod- eled all phases of work at the col- lege and instilled a new feeling of attainment into the work of the col- lege. With the revision has also come rewards. A major result of Dr. Farrar ' s work has been the restora- tion of the college to the approved list of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, a position the college has not enjoyed since 1939. DR. JOE FARRAR, PRESIDENT A. B., M.A., Ph.D. [55] T H E A D N S T N DIRECTOR OF INSTRUCTION BUSINESS MANAGER DEAN OF WOMEN DIRECTOR OF STUDENT WELFARE COUNSELLOR OF OFF-CAMPUS WOMEN DIRECTOR OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS MISS DEAN E. VARNADO Dean of Women DR. MARVIN S. PITTMAN Director of Instruction S. J. SIBLEY Business Manager I 16] R 117] E. Wright, Howell, Schlernitzauer, MacCurdy, Decoteau and T. Wright of the Council are caught in a discussion in the field house. The term " Student Government, " as used on Normal campus, means much the same as at other institutions. The Student Body Associa- tion, organized fifteen years ago, was formed to permit the students to regulate al! matters per- taining to the student life of its members that do not interfere with policies enforced by the Administration. Each year ' s Association has as its governing body the Student Council, which acts as the executive of the Association and has under its supervision the other student organizations. The Council is composed of fourteen students, eleven of whom are elected by the students, with three memberships coming from the three religious organizations on the campus. Headed by the vice-president of the student body, the Council is made up of the president and secretary of the student body, three rep- resentatives-at-large from the body, the heads of the Senior, Junior and Sophomore classes, the editors of the two college publications, and the representatives from the Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A. and the Newman Club. [18] THE STUDENT COUNCIL Left to right: T. Wright, McSwain, Stahls, Smith, Howell, Schlernitiauer, E. Wright, Decoteau, Butler, Hodge, MacCurdy, Buckingham. OFFICERS ONEIL DECOTEAU Student Body President ERNEST WRIGHT Student Body Vice-President MARY LEDA SCHLERNITZAUER .... Student Body Secretary TED WRIGHT Senior Class President TOXY BOURN Junior Class President JOHN HOWELL Sophomore Class President KENT BUCKINGHAM Editor of " Potpourri " CHARLES STAHLS Editor of " Current Sauce " RALPH BUTLER Student Body Representative DWIGHT MacCURDY Student Body Representative C. M. McSWAIN Student Body Representative FREDA LOWRY Y.W.C.A. Representative BARTOW HODGE Y.M.C.A. Representative ADELAIDE SMITH Newman Club Representative I is» I THIS PAGE IS INSERTED HERE IN RECOGNITION OF THOSE NORMAL STUDENTS WHO ARE NOW, OR SOON WILL BE, IN THE ARMED FORCES OF THE UNITED STATES " The Boss " marks out a cross-country course for two ' 42 students . . . Instructors Ev cerning level fight . . . Sun-tanning while waiting for their turn in the air tin Organization of numerous courses connected with Civilian Defense and the national war effort has just begun on the Normal campus. One course, however, has been offered for two years and, to show the degree to which the college has entered the world conflict, we have selected this course for explanation. Not including the seventh class of the Aviation course (now in session), one hundred and fifty students have completed primary training at the Municipal Airport of t • 1 u r ♦ • . • the city of Natchitoches, and, of the number that have completed the semester-long course, seventy percent have volunteered for the air forces of the nation. Of that seventy percent, nine out of ten are now active in the Air Corps of the armed forces. The percentage that has been set by this one course should be a goal for other units in their work on the campus. [20] Brothers Charles and Paul Stahls, " Current Sauce " Editor and Business Manager. The 1942 Pctpvurri The yearbook of Louisiana State Normal, carrying the title " The Potpourri, " is issued to the students shortly before the end of the Spring semester, and, in each issue, attempts to place before the students a recount of that particular year, so that they may in later years refresh the memories of the college at which they pre- pared for their life ' s work. We, the editor and staff of the 1942 " Potpourri, " hope that when each student reviews this annual in later times he will offer to himself the decision that a success- fully complete pictorial story appears before him. Tke Current Sauce The " Current Sauce, " official publication of the stu- dent body and of the Alumni Association, is a weekly four-page newspaper edited on the campus and oper- ating under the motto: " Here shall the press the stu- dents ' rights maintain, unawed by influence and unbribed by gain. " Editor Stahls, after completing half his term in office, appointed Sam Kendrick and Louise Hawkins co-editors, since his resignation to join the armed forces left that position vacant. With the opening of the Fall semester, the paper ' s format was changed from its customary seven-column size to the more modern five-column tab- loid style. Editor Kent Buckingham 121 1 THE STAFF Front: Montgomery, Adams, Cald- well, Alexander, Sanders, Cook. Back: Posey, Gibson, Myers, Pro- veniano, Lanqley, Earnest, Little, Carlin, Rivet, Brown, Stothart, Sompayrac, Burt, Fargerson, Na- bours. Angle, Kendrick, Smith, Bell and LeBlanc at work. EDITORIAL STAFF CHARLES G. STAHLS Editor-in-Chief ADELAIDE SMITH and CARROLL POUNCEY Associate Editors SAM KENDRICK Sports Editor BETTY BELL and LOUISE HAWKINS Society Editors ELOISE WHITTLESEY . News Editor SHIRLEY LINDSAY Campus Editor MARY ELLEN CALDWELL Radio Commentator FEATURE WRITERS: Juanita Burt, Peggy Myers, Rivers Rhodes, Perry Angle, Nadyne Fargerson, Jane Davis and Florine Works. REPORTERS: Aileen Sompayrac, Alice Sue Brown, Joyce Rivet, J. C. Carlin, Wanda Earnest, Kent Buckingham, Marion Lindsay, Kathleen Little, Eulora Adams, Don Mike Stothart, Lucille Posey, Tommy Thompson, Vivian Langley, Carolyn Cook, Virginia Cook, Claire Alexander and Harriet Hawthorne. BUSINESS STAFF PAUL F. STAHLS .... Manager HAZEL LeBLANC Assistant Manager SECRETARIAL WORKERS: Betty Beaird, Virginia Lea Marmande, Mary Ann Barr, Jo Jo Hall, Jane Wilton, Louise Pinckley, Jessie LeBlanc, Doris Gleason, Cora Lee Gibson, Loree Tatum, Beth Davil, Violet Patterson, Nell Nabours, Ann Montgomery and Mildred Sanders. I 22 J Faculty Adviser R. L. Ropp Both of the publications of the Student Body Association, " The " Current Sauce " and " The Pot- pourri " are financed through monies derived from student funds. The publications, each under the super- vision of an appointed faculty ad- viser, are headed by student-elected editors, who are assisted by sepa- rate staffs composed of students Charles Cunningham Any time — day or night — Stothart and Dobson at work (?). Always a beauty on the staff — Margaret French puzzles Cunningham. ' Gosh, look at those women " — Forsyth and that motionless typewriter. chosen by each editor for willing- ness and interest shown in the pub- lication. The two publications, since they are student ventures, abide by poli- cies that long have stood. The " Current Sauce " prints the students ' views and news from their angle, while the " Potpourri " records for the students the history of their ac- tivities during the year. THE STAFF KENT BUCKINGHAM Editor DON MIKE STOTHART Assistant Editor COLEMAN FORSYTH Copy Editor MARGARET FRENCH Class Editor E. P. DOBSON, JR Office Assistant SIDNEY GREMILLION Organizations Editor CHARLES CUNNINGHAM Faculty Adviser [2M PURPLE JACKET CLUB With the distinction of being the oldest honor organization on the campus, the Purple Jacket Club, having a complement of ten sorority and eleven non-sorority women, serves the college and student body as their official representatives, and in other capacities whenever called. To many persons it seems that their work is done only while func- tioning as a body, but each girl strives as an individual to better her service toward the college, and to uphold the traditional themes of loyalty and service that are so ever-present in each year ' s group of Purple Jacket girls. At the end of the year the members choose new girls from the Sophomore and Junior classes to replace those who graduate. Selec- tion is based upon scholarship, leadership, willingness to serve, and loy- alty to the college. Top: Burt, Butler, Caldwell, Ewing, Gremillion. Bottom: Griffin, Harris, Hilliard, Lambert, Landry. I -Ml Left to Right: Lowry, Lester, Gremillion, Caldwell, Butler, Smith, Ewing, Lambert, Ricks, Hilliard, Burt, Griffin, Bramlett, Scheri, Harris, Schlernitiauer, Shaw, Sylvest, Ledet, Landry. SHEILA CALDWELL BRAMLETT Vice-President JUANITA BURT ADDIE BUTLER MARY ELLEN CALDWELL MIRIAM EWING SIDNEY GREMILLION Treasurer MARY KATHRYN GRIFFIN MEMBERS ERLINE HARRIS President WINIFRED HILLIARD JUSTINE LAMBERT ANNA BELLE LANDRY BETTY WILLIS LEDET AVA LOUISE LESTER WANDA LOWRY MISS CATHERINE WINTERS, Faculty Sponsor MARIE LOUISE MARIN ADA LEE RICKS ADAIR SCHERZ MARY LEDA SCHLERNITZAUER KATHERINE SHAW Secretary ADELAIDE SMITH GWENDOLYN SYLVEST Top: Ledet, Lester, Lowry, Marin, Ricks. Bottom: Schen, Schlernitiauer, Shaw, Smith, Sylvest. f25] ANNETTA L. WOOD DEPARTMENT HEAD Scenes from " Love Rides the Rails. ' ONE OF TWO MAJOR PRODUCTIONS THIS YEAR-LOVE RIDES THE RAILS, OR WILL THE MAIL TRAIN RUN TONIGHT? It More from " Love Rides the Rails. " With four championships and two second-place awards in tour- naments attended prior to the annual Louisiana speech meet held on the campus in March, the -forensic squad set an all-time record in early-season wins during 1942. Sorting off with top honors in the junior women ' s division of debate, first in women ' s radio and two second places in debate at the East Central State College tournament at Ada, Oklahoma, the college speakers continued their winning streak by capturing a championship in radio speaking for women at the Baylor Uni- versity meet in Waco, Texas, and in senior women ' s debate at the Mid-South tournament at Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Virginia Leete and Norma Ruth Holcombe won the first-place trophy in junior women ' s debating and Mary Ellen Caldwell was first in women ' s radio speaking at the Oklahoma meet. Carolyn Cook and Mary Ellen Caldwell were awarded second place in senior women ' s debating and Virginia Cook and John White won second in the mixed division at the Oklahoma tournament. Miss Caldwell added another championship in radio to give the local college speakers the only first place at the Baylor meet, while Adelaide Smith and Billie Cheves added to the laurels won by the college this year when they defeated teams from seven states to take the championship in senior women ' s debate at the Mid-South tournament. S. F. Thomas, Jr., and Aubrey Kendrick made good records at the M ill sa ps College tournament at Jackson, Mississippi, and at the Oklahoma and Texas meets. Teaming together for the Arkansas tournament, Thomas and John White advanced to the semi-final round before being eliminated. Adding three first and three second places to their long line of wins at the Louisiana Forensic and the Southern Association of Teachers of Speech Tournaments, the Demon debaters closed the 1941-42 season with a total of seven championships and six second places. DEBATE White outlines the case . . . Debate champions of 1942 — Virginia Leete, Norma Ruth Holcombe, Adelaide Smith, and Billie Cheves . . . 1942 lettermen — Sam Kendrick, Adelaide Smith, Billie Cheves, Carolyn Cook, and G. F. Thomas, Jr. . . . Coach Ropp instructs Mary Ellen Caldwell in radio technique. u s c Of the musical organizations active on the campus, two are outstanding — the seventy- three piece concert and marching band, under the direction of Dwight G. Davis, and the A Capella Choir, composed of fifty-five voices, and led by Walter S. Mason. In his first year with the Demon band, Director Davis has made many obvious improvements. While playing for sporting events on and off the campus, the band flashed an organization resplendent in new uniforms, with their maneu- vers on the field and numbers from their seats adding color and enjoyment to the events at which they appeared. Ju st now closing out its concert season, the band has received many compliments, which might justly be turned in Director Davis ' direc- tion, regarding its improvement. The new lead- er has devoted his full energy toward developing a well-balanced, well-trained organization which seems destined to be regarded as among the best in the history of normal bands and one of the best to be heard at this time in this territory. With the activities of the Choir curtailed somewhat — in comparison to last year ' s organi- zation — it has remained for Director Mason, also new on the campus, to partially satisfy the de- mands of many persons with a season of short appearances and concerts. Given a bit more time to become accustomed to the new leader, the choristers should enjoy even more wide- spread fame as an A Capella Choir — already distinguished by being one of the first of this type in the state. THE SEVENTY-TH REE PIECE CONCERT BAND ■MB MBMI IS323 „ »-4ft i Til B.JHLJI « THE FIFTY-FIVE VOICE NORMAL A CAPELLACHOIR The Band ' s Three Majorettes. OFFICERS OF THE BAND WARREN ALLEN President JETT RICKS Vice-President ELEANOR RAMSEY Secretary-Treasurer PAULINE HOLLAND Librarian GEORGE JOHNSON Student Director • OFFICERS OF THE CHOIR GEORGE PARKS President MARY KATHRYN GRIFFIN Vice-President PATSY CLYDE Secretary-Treasurer BILLY BROWN Librarian [29] I. 2. 3. The Taus have their tamale suppers — the pep meet- ings have their entanqlements — and the D. S. E. ' s have their grass skirts — give us the skirts. 4. Three of the boys rest up before the Southeastern game. 5. Included in the Fair — a trip to the Washington-Youree. 6. " Come on up, Red — Martha ' s gone. " 7. Result of the Louisiana College in- vasion. 8. Varnado tea. 9. " Sure they ' re good — look who made them. " 10. Beauty rests after victory — Bambrick dreams over his Southeastern touchdown. I I. Scene from " Deep Purple. " 12. " My Heart Belongs to Daddy " — Richey and Mobley. 13. Tech Student Senate entertains the Normal Council. 14. Freshman pulchritude. 15. Barbara Gillis vocalizes with the Swing Kings. I. Rugcutters Lester and Stothart. 2. Oh, give me a home — wandering fellows Carbo, Wright, and Marx. 3. A-p-p-o-g-g-i-a-t-u-r-a! My gosh, what will they think of next? 4. Another trip for Harold — off to the Tech game. 5. Two some Nation and Cobb. 6. More fresh- men, but definitely not pulchritude! 7. Tri-Sigma invades the Corner. 8. Roast hawg a la A. S. A. 9. Sunshine sufferers at Shreveport. 10. " I want my picture in it! " O. K., Hoch. I I. Catching some of the bugs we have for dinner. 12. At the Youree again. 13. Gerber speaks between pep numbers by the band. 14. Hmmm — wonder who ' s kissing him now? 15. For one time — more boys than girls. ■ m ■ • ««. fcvi. ' [2 I. Night course — Field House lab. 2. Admiring Dr. Farrar ' s watermelon technique. 3. Drummer Bully with two ardent fans. 4. Bama introduces the ' 41 varsity. 5. Lucky seven on either side of freshman beauty Mildred Sanders. 6. What Eason ' s knittin ' in a bundle for Britain. 7. Assembly. 8. Legs, etc. 9. Signals, Stance, Stands. 10. Taylor, Carbo, Wright, Morris and Bambrick minus, among others, Lawney, Eylers, Law, Whitehead and Rhodes. II. The Normal band in the Shreveport parade. 12. Self, Nance, and Shugg take a rest during an Alpha Sig party. 13. Looks like the return of the Gladiator era. 14. Dramatic club members, advisers, and lookers-on discuss " Love Rides the Rails. " 15. Eleven p. m. — Brick-shack coffee time. I. A bit different line for Mac and Starnes. 2. Pi Kap pep float. 3. Fine Arts Ball king and queen. 4. Strictly posed — such as this really doesn ' t go on! 5. Kiss me, doggie — I ' m Mozart Martin! 6. Animal photo. 7. Soldiers chorus. 8. Unusual — four girls — two WHOLE boys. 9. And then he KISSED me — right there! " 10. Congregation waiting on the Tech special. II. Receiving the pleadings of a lowly initiate. 12. Horseplay — as usual. 13. No suitable caption found. 14. Sweeney pushes the little tree over for his dirl. 15. Dogdom woes. I. Side view of a rare view. 2. For a few the night is still young. 3. Dinner digestion at different angles. 4. Home- coming parade. 5. Cokes at the Normal Mint. 6. Which to pity — the girls or the soldiers? 7. The result of all this: a feeble outburst of cheers. 8. Gerber and Ropp entertain the freshman beauty. 9. Next stop — Field House. 10. Canine rooting section. II. " Prof. " Davis. 12. Per Ripley Tuesday night. 13. " Then against Centenary ' s Gentlemen, etc., etc. . . . " 14. Christmas pageant. 15. L. to R.: Army and Navy bound (t hey hope not). I. Grand Marrch at the N Club Homecoming. 2. Sadie Hawkins Pinckley — Little Ted Yokum Wright. 3. Fall styles. 4. Phi Kap dance. 5. " I swear I was framed. " 6. De-icers. 7. " Current Sauce " coed staff. 8. Tri Sig Homecoming float. 9. Anna and Nellie bend an ear to the war news. 10. " Current Sauce ' s " Kendrick with Mrs. Leete ' s Virginia. II. Fratricide. 12. Fantasmia Goria Zeidman. 13. D. S. E. Hawaiian party. 14. The Purple Jacket " N. " 15. Letting down the ropes — two faculty skating fans. 4 w 1U GlaU First Row E. ADAMS. H. ADAMS, ALLEN, ANTILLEY, BOYD, BRICKELL, BROWN, BURFORD, BURNS, BURT BUTLER. Second Row • ATWOOD, AYCOCK. AYMOND, M. A. BARR, CAILLOUET, CAMPBELL, CANNON, CARVILLE, CHANDLER, CLARK, CHAPMAN Third Row M. E. BARR, BASS, J. BELL, M. BELL, COLVIN, COOK, COOPER, COURSEY, CROWE, CURRY, DECOTEAU Fourth Row • • N. BELL, BLUNT, BOLTON, BORDELON, DURR, ELDRED, ENGLISH, EYLERS, FINLEY, FISHER, FLOURNOY. LEFT PAGE • EULORA ADAMS, Jonesville; Commercial Education; " Current Sauce " Staff, o HARLEY ADAMS, Chestnut; Agriculture Science; President of Demeter, 1941-42. a WARREN W. ALLEN, Winnfield, Social Studies; Sigma Tau Gamma; Sigma Chi Alpha; President, Band, 1940-42; President, Sigma Chi Alpha, 1940-42; Vice-President, Sigma Tau Gamma, 1941-42; Inter-Fraternity Council, 1941-42. • WIL- LIE LOIS ANTILLEY, Montrose; Home Economics; Wesley Foundation Cabinet. • MILDRED ATWOOD, Trout; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Y. W. C. A.; Secretary of Euthenics Club, 1941-42. • MAX- INE AYCOCK, Pineville; Home Economics; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Euthenics Club; Women ' s Council; Dormitory Council; Y. W. C. A. • ALLAINE AYMOND, Effie; Commerce. • MARY ANN BARR, Columbus; Commerce; Davis Players; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; R. O. Council; " Current Sauce " Staff. • MARY ELIZABETH BARR, Natchitoches; Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi, 1941-42; Euthenics Club; Correspondence Secretary, Alpha Sigma Alpha, 1941-42; Wesley Foundation Cabinet, 1939-42; Fresident, Wesley Foundation, 19X0-41; Band; Aquaiic Club. • CHRISTINE BASS, Plain Dealing; Upper Elementary; Y. W. A.; Y. W. C. A. o JACK BELL, Marthaville; Agriculture; Science; Demeter. • MAE BELL, Flora; Physical Education; President, W. A. A., 1941-42 • NONA BELL, St. Maurice; Primary. • MRS. EMMA BYRNES BLUNT, Nate i- toches; Art. • BILLY H. BOLTON, Shreveport; Agriculture; Science; Demeter; " N " Club; Tennis; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, " 1941-42. • MAE BORDELON, Hessmer; Library; French Club. RIGHT PAGE • CAROL BOYD, Campti; Home Economics. • JUNE BRICKELL, East Point; Library Science; Sigma Sigma Sigma; " Current Sauce. " • DeLANEY BROWN, Shreveport; Commerce; Pi Omega Pi; Y. W. C. A. • ELIZABETH BURFORD. Gloster; Home Economics; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Fine Arts Club; Junior Dramatics, 1939-40; Treasurer of Euthenics Club, 1939-40; Euthenics Club, 1939-41; Dormi- tory Council, 1939-41; Secretary of Women ' s Council, 1940-41; Pan-Hellenic Council; Treasurer of Theta Sigma Upsilon; Secretary-Treasurer of Senior Class; Y. W. C. A. • J. B. BURNS, Anacoco; Agricul- ture-Science; Demeter. • JUANITA BURT, Bogalusa; Language; Alpha Fhl Gamma; Purple Jacket, 1940-42; " Current Sauce, " 1940-42; President, Women ' s Council, 1941; Vice-President, Purple Jacket, 1941-42; Order of Demosthenes; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; B. S. U. Council; " Who ' s Who Among Students [38] in American Universities and Colleges, " 1941-42. • RALPH E. BUTLER, Port Sulphur; Physical Educa- tion; Sigma Tau Gamma; B. S. U. President, 1941-42; Student Council, 1941-42. • CECIL MAY CAILLOUET, Port Barre; Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; Euthenics Club; Pan- Hellenic Council, 1939-40; Secretary, Alpha Sigma Alpha, 1940-42; Vice-President, Kappa Delta Pi; " Potpourri " Staff, 1939-40. • BETTY CAMPBELL, Jennings; English; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta; T. H. Harris Scholarship Association, 1938-41; Davis Players, 1939-41 " Potpourri " Staff, 1940-41; President of Phi Alpha Theta, 1941-42; Secretary, Delta Sigma Epsilon 1940-42. • ERLENE CANNON, Wisner; Music; A Capella Choir; Women ' s Glee Club; Wesley Foun dation. • ELAINE CARVILLE, Plaquemine; Health and Physical Education; Theta Sigma Upsilon President, Freshmen Commissioners, 1939-40; Treasurer of Newman Club; President, Theta Sigma Upsilon 1941-42; Davis Players; Vice-President. W. A. A., 1941-42; Cheerleader, 1939-42; Professional Club; " Pot pourri " Staff, 1940-41; " Current Sauce, " 1938-41. • MARY GRACE CHANDLER, Haughton; Upper Elementary. • ROBERT L. CLARK, Jr., Many; Commerce; Sigma Tau Gamma; Pi Omega Pi; Secre- tary, Sigma Tau Gamma, 1941-42; President, Pi Omega Pi, 1941-42; Vice-President, Senior Class, 1941-42. • CLIFFORD MATAS CHAPMAN. Clarks; Physical Education; Sigma Tau Gamma. • RUTH COL- VIN, Mansfield; Commerce; Pi Omega Pi; Vice-President, Pi Omega Pi, 1941-42. • CAROLYN COOK, Alexandria; Upper Elementary; Debate, 1938-42; Y. W. C. A.; " Current Sauce. " • HAZEL COOPER, Boyce; Upper Elementary. • FLORINE COURSEY, Robeline; Home Economics. • JOYCELYN CROWE, Oak Grove; Upper Elementary; Kappa Delta Pi. • SALLIE CURRY, Harrison- burg; Home Economics. • ONEIL DECOTEAU, Ponchatoula; Commerce; Sigma Tau Gamma; Presi- dent of Student Body, 1941-42; President of Junior Class, 1940-41; President of Newman Club, 1940-41; President, Men ' s Dormitory, 1940-41; Cheerleader, 1940-41; Secretary-Treasurer, Louisiana Associated College Students, 1940-41; Vice-President, Men ' s Council; Student Council, 1940-42; Chaplain, Sigma Tau Gamma; Newman Club Council, 1939-42; Davis Players; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, " 1941-42. • JO EVELYN DURR. Marthaville; Commercial Education. • GLORIA ELDRED, Oakdale; Home Economics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Fine Arts Club; Aquatic Club. • MAX ENGLISH, Lisbon; Chemistry. • DOROTHY EYLERS, California, Missouri; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Cheerleader, 1938-42. • RALPH MONROE FINLEY, JR., Natchitoches; Science; Lambda Zeta; President, Lambda Zeta, 1941-42; President, Inter-Fraternity Council, 1941-42. • MARION FISHER, Le Blanc; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • FRANCES FLOURNOY, Haynesville; Upper Elementary; Phi Alpha Theta. 4 1943. (39] ' lite. Glate First Row . . FOLDS, FORSYTH, GARRISON, GASPARD, HARRIS, HEMPHILL. HENDERSON, HILLIARD, HOBGOOD, HODGE, HOLLIS. Second Row • • GEORGE, GIDDINGS, GIDLOW, GOLSON, HOPPER, HUGHES, HYAMS, JAMES, JOBE, ALBERT JOHNSON, AUSTIN JOHNSON. Third Row • • GREEN, GREENING, GREMILLION, GUNTER, G. JOHNSON, H. JOHNSON, M. JOHNSON, O. JOHNSON, R. JONES, WESLEY JONES, WILMA JONES. Fourth Row • • HALL, HARDBERGER, B. HARPER, C. HARPER, KIMBRELL, LaCOUR, LAMBERT, LANGLEY, LANGLOIS, LANTRIP, Le8LANC. LEFT PAGE • ZELLA L FOLDS, Westlake; Library. • COLEMAN FORSYTH, Forest Hill; Commercial Education; Sigma Tau Gamma; Treasurer, Sigma Tau Gamma, 1941-42; " Potpourri " Staft, 1941-42; Y. M. C. A. • JANETTE GARRISON, Shreveport; Primary. • JAMES W. GASPARD, Alexandria; Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu; Football, 1939-41; Baseball, 1939-41; " N " Club, 1939-41. • TOM GAYLE GEORGE, Independence; Commerce; Phi Kappa Nu; Varsity Football, 1939-42; Track, 1939-42. • WILLIE BELLE GIDDINGS, Coushatta; Primary. • CORALIE GIDLOW, Kinder; Primary. • ROSS GOLSON, Cal- houn; English. • VERA ETTA GREEN, Rayville; Physical Education; W. A. A. Cabinet. • HELEN GREENING, Manstield; Primary; Pi Kappa Sigma. • SIDNEY M. GREMILLION, Shreveport; Pri- mary; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Phi Alpha Theta; President, Alpha Sigma Alpha, 1940-42; Treasurer, Alpha Sigma Alpha, 1939-40; Purple Jacket Club, 1940-42; Treasurer, Purple Jacket Club, 1941-42; Vice- President, Phi Alpha Theta, 1941-42; Vice-President, Pan-Hellenic Council, 1940-42; President, Pan- Hellenic Council, 1941-42; " Potpourri " Staff, 1938-39; Y. W. C. A.; Freshman Commissioner, 1939-40; Vice-President, Dormitory, 1940-41; Women ' s Council, 1940-41; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, " 1941-42; Kappa Delta Pi. • HALLIE H. GUNTER, Elmer; Home Economics; Euthenics Club, e CHARLES T. HALL, Montrose; Upper Elementary; Phi Kappa Nu; Pi Delta Epsilon; Glee Club, 1938-39; B. S. U. Council, 1939-42; Davis Players, 1938-42; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 1939-41; Freshman Commissioner, 1939-40; A Capella Choir, 1939-41; Cheerleader, 1940-41; Men ' s Council, 1941-42; Vice-President, Men ' s Dormitory, 1941-42. • F. MAX HARDBERGER, Montgomery; Chemistry. • BEULAH MAE HARPER, Cheneyville; Kindergarten Primary. • CORINNE HARPER, Cheneyville; Kindergarten Primary. RIGHT PAGE • ERLINE HARRIS, Olla; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Treasurer, Euthenics Club. 1939-40; Presi- dent, Euthenics Club, 1940-42; Purple Jacket Club; President, Purple Jackets, 1941-42; Secretary of Dormitory Council, 1939-40; ' Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, " 1941-42. • BEATRICE HEMPHILL, Wisner; Primary. • DOROTHY HENDERSON, Denham Springs; Foreign Language; Kappa Delta Pi; Junior Dramatics Club; French Club; Spanish Club; Y. W. C. A. • WINIFRED FAWN HILLIARD, Shreveport; Upper Elementary; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta; Secretary-Treasurer of Phi Alpha Theta; Purple Jacket Club; B. S. U. Council; Band; T. H. Harris Scholarship Foundation; Vice-President of T. H. Harris Foundation. 1941-42. • MILDRED HOBGOOD, 140) Pleasant Hill; Upper Elementary. • BARTOW HODGE, Winntield; Physics; Lambda Delta Lambda; President, Y. M. C. A., 1941-42; B. S. U. Council; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, " 1941-42. • PERRY HOLLIS, Pineville; Health and Physical Education; Track; B. S. U. Council; Y. M. C. A. Council; " N " Club. • JAMES B. HOPPER, Natchitoches; Commerce; Lambda Zeta; Wesley Foundation Council; Golf, 1940. • BEVERLY DUMESTRE HUGHES, Metairie Ridge; Social Studies; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Debate, 1938-39; Women ' s Council, 1939-40; Secretary- Treasurer, Sophomore Class, 1939; Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Class; Freshman Commissioner, 1939; Vice-President, Theta Sigma Upsilon; Newman Club. • ADELINE HYAMS, Natchitoches; Physical Education; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Modern Dance Club; Glee Club; Band; W. A. A.; Newman Club. • JEWEL AILENE JAMES, Colfax; Commercial Education; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi, 1941-42. • SARAH PAULINE JOBE, Natchitoches; Commercial Education. • AL- BERT A. JOHNSON, Rosepine; Agriculture; Demeter. • AUSTIN W. JOHNSON, Simpson; Agricul- ture. • GEORGE L. JOHNSON, Norton, Kansas; Music; Sigma Tau Gamma; Secretary, Sigma Chi Alpha; Davis Players; Student Director of Band; Choir; Boys ' Glee Club. • HORACE C. JOHN- SON, Simpson; Commerce. • MARY VIRGINIA JOHNSON, Grand Bayou; English-Library; Le Cercle Francais; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; Wesley Foundation. • ORA H. JOHNSON, Natchitoches; Home Economics. • RUBY JONES, Franklinton; Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Y. W. C. A.; Euthenics Club; Treasurer of Euthenics Club, 1941-42; Chaplain of Alpha Sigma Alpha, 1941-42. • WESLEY JONES, Montgomery; Liberal Arts. WILMA LEE JONES, Benton; Upper Elementary. • LEONARD KIMBRELL, Natchitoches; English; Alpha Psi Omega; President Order of Demosthenes; Davis Players; Art Editor, " Current Sauce, " 1940-41; Art Editor, " Potpourri, " 1940-41; " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, " 1941-42. • EDWARD LaCOUR, Grayson; Chemistry; Phi Kappa Nu. • JUS- TINE RUTH LAMBERT, Innis; Home Economics; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Vice-President, President, Kappa Delta Pi; Purple Jacket Club; Secretary, Euthenics Club, 1940-41; Vice-President, Women ' s Council, 1940; Vice-President, Episcopal Students, 1938-39; President, Episcopal Students, 1939-40; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; Vice-President, Dormitory Council, 1940; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Univer- sities, " 1941-42. « VIVIAN M. LANGLEY, Welsh; Foreign Languages; Phi Alpha Theta; Freshman Com- missioner, 1939-40; President of French Club, 1939-42; Newman Club; " Current Sauce " Staff. • JEANNE LANGLOIS, New Roads; English; Library; Theta Sigma Upsilon. LESTER LANTRIP, Natchitoches; Chemistry; Pi Delta Epsilon; Wesley Foundation. • HAZEL LeBLANC, Vivian; Commerce; Pi Omega Pi; Alpha Phi Gamma; Editor, Pi Omega Pi News; Treble Clef Club, 1939-40; Y. W. C. A., 1939-40; French Club, 1939-42; " Current Sauce " Staff, 1940-42; Business Manager, " Current Sauce, " 1942. 4 ma. [41) 7,4e Senior GlaU First Row . . LEDET, LESTER, V. LEWIS, W. LEWIS, MIZELL, MONCLA, MONTGOMERY, MURRELL, NABOURS, NANCE, NEWBERRY. Second Row • • LITTLE, LOFTIN, LONG, LOVELL, NOBLE, NUNEZ, OWENS, R. PALMER, T. PALMER, PARTON, PATTERSON. Third Row • LOWRY, McCartney, McCoy, marcello, peace, perkins, pickett, pine, porter, posey, pons. Fourth Row • MARTIN, MAYER, MESSA, MILLWEE, REED, RICHEY, RICKS, ROSS, SAMEC, SCARBOROUGH, SCHERZ LEFT PAGE • BETTY WILLIS LEDET, Natchitoches; Home Economics; President, Delta Sigma Epsilon; Purple Jacket; Newman Club; Vice-President, Pan-Hellenic Council; Fine Arts Club. • AVA LESTER, Coushatta; Music; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Purple Jacket Club; Vice-President ot Alpha Sigma Alpha; Band; Choir; Fine Arts Club. • VIRGINIA ALICIA LEWIS, Pelican; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • WAYNE LEWIS, Simpson; Physical Education; Basketball, 1938-39; Baseball, 1940-41. • KATHLEEN LITTLE, Leesville; English-Library; " Current Sauce " ; French Club. • PHILIP LOFTIN, Coushatta; Mathematics; Phi Kappa Nu. • CATHERINE LONG, Jena; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • VERLON LOVELL, Winnfield; Physical Education; W. A. A. Cabinet. • WANDA LOWRY, Haynesville; Foreign Language; Kappa Delta Pi; Purple Jacket; President, Y. W. C. A.; Stu- dent Council, 1941-42; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, " 1941-42; B. S. U. Council; Secretary of French Club, 1940-41; Secretary of Religious Organizations ' Council; Dormitory President, 1940-41. • DWIGHT McCARTNEY, Marthaville; Commerce; Pi Omega Pi. • LUCILLE McCOY, Winnfield; Commercial Education; Pi Kappa Sigma; Pi Omega Pi. • VIVIAN MARCELLO, DeRidder; Home Economics; Secretary, Newman Club, 1940-41; Treasurer, Newman Club, 1941-42; Euthenics Club. • GEORGE NATHAN MARTIN, Columbia; Agriculture; Science; Phi Kappa Nu; Demeter; " N " Club; Football, 1938-40; Track, 1939; Student Manager, Football, 1941; Vice-Presi- dent, " N " Club; Vice-President, Demeter; President of Caspari Hall. • SOL B. MAYER, Pineville; Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu; Football, 1938-42; Track, 1938-42. • ADELE ROSE MESSA. St. Bernard; Primary; Theta Sigma Upsilon; French Club; Newman Club; Freshman Commissioner, 1939-40; President of Women ' s Council; W. A. A.; Vice-President, Dormitory, 1941-42. • LOIS RUTH MILL- WEE, DeOuincy; English; B. S. U. Council; Y. W. C. A.; Junior Dramatics. RIGHT PAGE • DOROTHY MIZELL, Forest Hill; Physical Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; W. A. A. Cabinet; Pro- fessional Club. • LEONIE A. MONCLA, Moreauville; Biology; Pi Delta Epsilon; President, Newman Club; French Club. • ANN MONTGOMERY, Delhi; Commerce; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Fine Arts Club; Band, 1939-40; Y. W. C. A., 1938-40. • MILLICENT MURRELL, Crowley; Physical Education; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Newman Club; W. A. A.; French Club. • NELL NABOURS, Many; Commerce; Theta Sigma Upsilon. • VELMA NANCE, Dixie; Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Euthenics Club; Fine Arts Club; Vice-President, Euthenics Club, 1941-42; President, Westminster Foundation. • [42] LULA NEWBERRY, Rayville; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; " Potpourri " Staff, 1939. • DOYLE NOBLE, Converse; Physical Education; Professional Club; W. A. A. • ALFREDA NUNEZ, New Orleans; Physical Education; Pi Delta Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Newman Club; W. A. A. Cabinet; Professional Club; " Current Sauce " Staff; Dance Club. • VIRGINIA OWENS, Leesville; Speech; Debate; Order of Demosthenes; Davis Players; Y. W. C. A.; Freshman Cabinet. • ROBERT PALMER, Natchitoches; Business Administration; Lambda Zeta; Wesley Foundation Cabinet, 1941-42; Band, 1938-41; Secretary-Treasurer, Lambda Zeta, 1940-41; Vice-President, Lambda Zeta, 1941-42; Vice-President, Junior Dramatics, 1939-40; Davis Players, 1940-41. • THELMA PALMER, Natchitoches; Primary; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Cheerleader, 1939-42; Fine Arts Club. • IVA EARL PARTON, Lake Charles; Primary. • VIOLET PATTERSON, Shreveport; Upper Elementary. • ADELE PEACE, Toro; Physical Education: W. A. A. Cabinet. • JULIA PERKINS, Clarks; Primary; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A. • JOHN S. PICKETT, JR., Many; Business Administration. • JO ANNA PINE, Natchitoches; Speech; A Capella Choir, 1938-40; Order of Demosthenes; Y. W. C. A.; Davis Players. • VERMELLE PORTER, Winn- field ; Social Studies. • LUCILLE E. POSEY, Shreveport; Commerce; Davis Players; Business Manager, Davis Players; Junior Dramatics. • SHIRLEY E. POTTS, Natchitoches; Speech; Davis Players; Order of Demosthenes. • MARY LUCILLE REED, Lake Providence; Primary; Theta Sigma Upsilon. • CHARLES RICHEY, Urania; Music; Sigma Chi Alpha; Vice-President; Men ' s Chorus; A Capella Choir; Male Quartet; B. S. U. Council; Y. M. C. A. • ADA LEE RICKS, Mansfield; Music; Kappa Delta Pi; Purple Jacket Club; A Capella Choir; Girls ' Trio; Women ' s Glee Club. • DEALVA ROSS, Natchitoches; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • FRANCES WOOD SAMEC, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Upper Elementary; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Newman Club; " Current Sauce. " • CLEMENTINE SCAR- BOROUGH, Natchitoches; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • ADAIR SCHERZ, Keatchie; Com- merce; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Spanish Club; Treasurer, Theta Sigma Upsilon, 1939-41; Dormitory Council, 1939-40-41; Purple Jacket Club; Secretary-Treasurer, Pi Omega Pi, 1941-42; Secretary, Theta Sigma Upsilon, 1941-42; Y. W. C. A.; Junior Dramatics, 1939-40; Fine Arts Club. 4 1942 [4J J GlaU First Row . • SCHLERNITZAUER, SCHUMACHER, SEXTON, SHAW, STONECIPHER, SWAZEY, SWEENEY, TATUM, TAYLOR, TEDDLIE, THARP. Second Row • • SHELTON, SIMMONS, SIMPSON, SMART, TILLEY, TOMLINSON, TRULY, TUCKER, TURNER, WALKER, WALLER. Third Row A. SMITH, J. SMITH, MELBA SMITH, MOZELLE SMITH, A. WARD, K. WARD, E. WARNER, J. B. WARNER, WARREN, WEBB, WEST, WHATLEY. Fourth Row . . - , .,.,, STARNES, STOKES, WHITE, WHITLEY, J. WILLIAMS, M. WILLIAMS, WOOTEN, WORKS, E. WRIGHT, T. WRIGHT. LEFT PAGE • MARY LEDA SCHLERNITZAUER, Shreveport; Commerce; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Pi Omega Pi; Freshman Commissioner, 173?; Vice-President, Y. W. C. A.; Purple Jacket Club; President, Sigma Sigma Sigma, 1941-42; Secretary-Treasurer of Student Body, 1941-42; Women ' s Council; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, " 1941-42; Student Council, 1941-42. • ED- WARD ALBERT SCHUMACHER, New Orleans; History, Health and Physical Education; Phi Alpha Theta; " N " Club; Aquatic Club; Football, 1939-41. • NEOMA SEXTON, Minden; Home Economics Euthenics Club. • KATHERINE SHAW, Ringgold; Home Economics; Freshman Commissioner, 1939-40 T. H. Harris Scholarship Association; Secretary, Y. W. C. A., 1940-41; Treasurer, Y. W. C. A., 1941-42 Vice-President, Women ' s Council, 1940-41; Euthenics Club; President, Wesley Foundation, 1940-41; Purple Jackets, 1940-42; Secretary, Purple Jackets, 1941-42; President, T. H. Harris Scholarship Association, 1941.42; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, " 1941-42. • JAMES LEO SHELTON, Winnfield; Social Studies. • ELAINE SIMMONS, Gretna; Upper Elementary. • BEN TALBERT SIMPSON, Arcadia; Agriculture; Phi Kappa Nu; Demeter; President, " N " Club; Foot- ball, 1938-41. • W. F. SMART, Logansport; Commerce; Phi Kappa Nu; Band. • ANITA SMITH, Washington; Primary; Newman Club. • JUANITA SMITH, Winnsboro; Physical Education; Pi Delta Epsilon; Secretary, Pi Delta Epsilon, 1940-41; Secretary, W. A. A. Cabinet, 1941-42; W. A. A. Professional Club; Dance Club, 1940-41. • MELBA SMITH, Winnfield; Commerce; Y. W. A.; Y. W. C. A. • MOZELLE SMITH, Trout; Upper Elementary. • LLOYD E. SNIDER, JR., Shreveport; Music; Band; Aquatic Club. • CHARLES STAHLS, Natchitoches; Liberal Arts; Phi Kappa Nu; Alpha Phi Gamma; Feature Editor, " The Current Sauce, " 1939-40; Editor, " The Current Sauce, " 1940-42; Vice-President. Order of Demosthenes, 1941-42; Davis Players; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, " 1941-42. • C. L. STARNES, Libuse; Agriculture; Science; Demeter; Football, 1939-41; Baseball, 1940-41; Basketball, 1938-41; Track, 1938-41; Vice-President of Senior Class, 1940-41; " N " Club. • GEORGE A. STOKES, Winnfield; Social Studies. RIGHT PAGE • WINTON STONECIPHER. Magnolia, Arkansas; Music; Sigma Chi Alpha; Choir; Band; Drum Major; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. • EVELYN SWAZEY, Jena; Physical Eduction. • JAMES E. [44] SWEENEY, Shreveporf; Commerce; Football, 1939-41. • MAREE TATUM, Noble; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Y. W. C. A.; Women ' s Council, 1941; Debate, 1938-39. • GERALDINE TAYLOR, Dry Prong; Library Science. • ALICE T. TEDDLIE, Olla; Home Economics. • VIVIAN THARP, Mansfield; Physical Education. • JAMES GARDNER TILLEY, Mansfield; Commerce; Lambda Zeta. • JUDITH TOMLINSON, Natchitoches; Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha. • ELAINE TRULY, Hall Summit; Commercial Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Omega Pi; Phi Alpha Theta. • EDWARD TUCKER, Goldonna; Commercial Education; Pi Omega Pi. • MYRTLE TURNER, Jena; Physical Education; W. A. A. • CLARA WALKER, Oil City; English; Sigma Pi Rho; Phi Alpha Theta; Kappa Delta Pi; Secretary of Sigma Pi Rho; Women ' s Council, 1940-41; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Y. W. A.; Junior Dramatics. • MARGARET WALLER, Haynesville; Physical Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; W. A. A. Cabinet. • ATHALIE WARD, Natchitoches; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • KELLY WARD, Gilbert; Music; Sigma Chi Alpha; Band; A Capella Choir. • ELVA WARNER, Grayson; Library. • JAMES BERTENE WARNER, Natchitoches; Biology; Vice- President, Wesley Foundation, 1939-40; Wesley Foundation Cabinet, 1941-42; Y. M. C. A. • LINA WARREN, Lismore; Home Economics. • SYBIL WEBB, Robeline; Upper Elementary. • GUINELL WEST, Leesville; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Y. W. C. A.; W. W. A.; W. A. A. Cabinet, 1940-41. • CLOTHILDE WHATLEY, Pleasant Hill; Commercial Education. • JOHN WHITE, Jena; Liberal Arts. • MARJORIE WHITLEY, Robeline; English; French Club. • JUANITA WILLIAMS, Natchi- toches; Home Economics. • MARGARET WILLIAMS, Anacoco; Commerce; W. A. A. • EDD WOOTEN, Temple; Commerce. • FLORINE WORKS, West Monroe; Physical Education; W. A. A.; Professional Club; W. A. A. Ca binet. • ERNEST WRIGHT, Guin, Ala.; Agriculture-Science; Phi Kappa Nu; Demeter; Vice-President, Student Body; Student Council, 1939-42; Varsity Track, 1938-40; President, Phi Kappa Nu, 1940-41; Varsity Football, 1939-42, Captain, 1941-42; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. " • TED WRIGHT, Guin, Ala.; Agriculture-Science; Phi Kappa Nu; Demeter; President, Senior Class, 1941-42; Co-Captain, Football; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. " 4 1W [45] 7 e LslCid d First Row AARON. ABNEY, ANGLE, AUSTIN, BACKES, CHEVES, CLARK, CLAY, CLEVELAND, CLYDE, COBB, COLEMAN, COLLE, COLLINS. Second Row • T. BARNES, V. BARNES, BEAIRD, BELL, BLAKE, COOK, CRADDOCK, CRONIN, CROW, CRUMP, CULPEPPER, L. DALE, M. DALE, E. DAVIS. Third Row • BORDELON, BOTZONG, BOURN, BOZEMAN, BREWSTER, J. DAVIS, J. L. DAVIS, M. DAVIS, N. DAVIS. DENNIS, DICKSON, DRAKE, DUPONT, DURHAM. Fourth Row BROWN, BUCKINGHAM, BUTLER, BYLES, D. CALDWELL, DYER, EARNEST, EDDY, EDGERTON, ELSTON, ETHEREDGE, K. EVERSULL, L. EVERSULL, EWING. Fifth Row . O M. CALDWELL, CAMPBELL, CARTER, CAVENDER, CHACHERE, FLETCHER, FLOWERS, FRAZIER, FRENCH, FUNDER8URK. GERMAN. GERSON. GIBSON, GILLIS. LEFT PAGE • MARJORIE AARON, Natchitoches; Home Economics; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Euthenics Club. • MAR- JORIE ABNEY, Alexandria; Pre-Law; B. S. U. Council; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. • PERRY ANGLE, Shreveport; Mathematics; Sigma Tau Gamma; Tennis, 1941; " Current Sauce, " 1941-42; Davis Players, 1940-42. • JOHN- NIE AUSTIN, Grand Cane; Agriculture; Demeter; Y. M. C. A. • SHIRLEY BACKES, New Orleans; Social Studies; Theta Sigma Upsilon. • THELMA BARNES, Provencal; Commerce. • VERNA LOU BARNES, Fer- riday; Home Economics; Delta Sigma Epsilon. • BETTY BEAIRD, Converse; Commercial Education; Pi Omega Pi; Reporter, T. H. Harris Scholarship Foundation; Junior Dramatics; W. A. A.; " Current Sauce " Staff. • BETTY BELL, Franklin; English; Pi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Psi Omega; Secretary, Davis Players, 1941-42; President, Pi Kappa Sigma, 1941-42; Order of Demosthenes; " Potpourri " Staff; " Current Sauce " Staff. • FLORENCE BLAKE, Varnado; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • MRS. PHILIP BORDELON, Natchitoches; Commercial Education. • WILBUR BOTZONG, Tioga; Chemistry; Phi Kappa Nu; " N " Club Secretary; Basketball; Track. • TOXY BOURN, Haynesville; Business Administration; Sigma Tau Gamma; President, Junior Class; " N " Club; Student Council. • ELIZABETH BOZEMAN, Natchitoches; Commerce; Pi Kappa Sigma; Order of Demosthenes. • WILLIAM BREWSTER, Shreveport; Business Administration. • WILLIAM L. BROWN, McDade; Agriculture; Demeter. • KENT BUCKINGHAM, Bogalusa; Liberal Arts; Sigma Tau Gamma; Band, 1939-41; Freshman Commissioner; Y. M. C. A.; Wesley Foundation; " Current Sauce " Staff, 1940-42; " Pot- pourri " Staff, 1940-41; Editor, " The Potpourri, " 1941-42; Student Council, 1941-42; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, " 1941-42. • ADDIE BUTLER, Winnsboro; Primary; Pi Kappa Sigma; Purple Jacket Club. • OLA MAE BYLES, Natchitoches; Commerce. • DAVID CALDWELL, Saline; Agriculture; A Capella Uhoir. • MARY ELLEN CALDWELL, Shreveport; Social Studies; Vice-President, Alpha Phi Gamma; Purple Jackets; Vice-President, Y. W. C. A.; " Current Sauce " ; Debate. • SYBIL CAMPBELL, Sugartown; Home Economics; Euthenics Club, o MARILYN CARTER, Marthaville; Home Eco- nomics. • BETTY CAVENDER, Dalton, Ga.; Home Economics. • R. ELDON CHACHERE, Eunice; Agricul- ture-Science; Phi Kappa Nu; Demeter; Football; Baseball; Freshman Commissioner; Newman Club; Newman Council, 1941-42. RIGHT PAGE • BILLIE CHEVES, Natchitoches; Speech; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Debate; Spanish Club; Order of Demosthenes. • HORACE E. CLARK, Commerce; Phi Kappa Nu; Cheerleader, 1941-42. • JUANITA HELEN CLAY, Opelousas; Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Treasurer, Alpha Sigma Alpha, 1941-42; Kappa Delta Pi; Euthenics Club. • DOROTHY A. CLEVELAND, Boyce; Speech; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Order of Demosthenes; [46) Dramatics. • PATSY CLYDE, Alexandria; Music; A Capella Choir, 1939-42; Freshman Commissioner, 1940-41; Girls ' Glee Club, 1940-42; Secretary-Treasurer, A Capella Choir, 1941-42; Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cabinet, 1939-40; B. S. U. • MARGIE COBB, East Point; Primary; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • JAMES H. COLEMAN, Dunn; Agricultural; B. S. U. Council; Y. M. C. A. • ANNE LEO COLLE, Pascagoula, Miss.; Home Eco- nomics; Physical Education; Euthenics Club; W. A. A.; Aquatic Club. • CATHERINE COLLINS, Shreveport; Home Economics; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Aquatic Club; Euthenics Club; Treasurer, Delta Sigma Epsilon. • EDDIE MAE COOK. Natchitoches; Social Studies. • JUANITA WALKER CRADDOCK, Winnfield; Speech. • RUSSELL W. CRONIN, Leesville; Music; Sigma Chi Alpha; A. Capella Choir; Band. • BETSY CROW, Hanna; Home Economics. • CLARENCE CRUMP, Haynesville; Social Studies. • MARCILE CULPEPPER, Homer; Home Economics. • LINNER BROADWAY DALE, Vowell ' s Mill; Upper Elementary. • MARCELLA DALE, Colfax; Upper Elementary. • ELIZABETH DAVIS, Minden; Physical Education. • JANE DAVIS, Texarkana, Ark.; Commercial Education; Wesley Foundation Cabinet; A Capella Choir, 1939-41; Y. W. C. A.; " Current Sauce " Staff. • JOY LEA DAVIS, Leesville; Music; Alpha Sigma Alpha. • MARY SUE DAVIS, Bastrop; Physical Education. • NORENE DAVIS, Natchitoches; Primary. • WANDA DENNIS, Hodge; Commercial Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • KATIE DICKSON, Coushatta; Home Economics. • FRAN- CES DRAKE, Mitchell; Home Economics; Pi Kappa Sigma; Euthenics Club. • STELLA DUPONT, Welsh Language; French Club; Newman Club; Spanish Club; Glee Club. • CHARLES B. DURHAM, Atlanta Chemistry; Sigma Tau Gamma. • BETTY DYER, Shreveport; Primary. • WANDA EARNEST, Shreveport Language. • CROWELL C. EDDY, Lake Charles; Music; Sigma Tau Gamma; Sigma Chi Alpha; Band Choir; Swing Kings. • STELLA SUSAN EDGERTON, Coushatta; Home Economics; Delta Sigma Epsilon • DOROTHY LILLIAN ELSTON, Haughton; Library; Pi Kappa Sigma. • NORMA LEE ETHEREDGE, Pleasant Hill; Primary. • KINGSTON E. EVERSULL, Boyce; Social Studies; Sigma Tau Gamma; Newman Club; Band. • LE ROI EVERSULL, Boyce; Social Studies; Sigma Tau Gamma; President, Canterbury Club, a MIRIAM EWING, Innis; Music; Purple Jacket Club; A Capella Choir; Treble Clef Club, 1939; Secretary-Treasurer, Canterbury Club, 1939-42; W. A. A. • BEATRICE FLETCHER, East Point; Health and Physical Education; W. A. A.; Professional Club; Junior Dramatics; Order of Demosthenes. • NANNIE BELLE FLOWERS, Cal- casieu; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • MARY C. FRAZIER, Grayson; Commerce. • DOROTHY LEE FRENCH, Monroe; Upper Elementary. • BETH FUNDERBURK, Winnsboro; Primary; Pi Kappa Sigma; Pan- Hellenic Council. • LYVONNE GERMAN, Many; English Language; Band; Wesley Foundation Cabinet. • ALBERT GERSON, Monroe; Agriculture-Science; Demeter. • FRANCES GIBSON, Montgomery; Physical Edu- cation. • BARBARA GILLIS, Alexandria; Music; Pi Kappa Sigma; A Capella Choir. [47] 7,6e First Row GINSBERG, GREMILLION, GREZAFFI, GRIFFIN, HADDOX, KILLEN, KILLGORE, KNIGHTEN, LAING, LANDRY, LANE, LATTIER, LARSEN, LeBLANC. Second Row • M. HALL, O. HALL, HANCHEY, HANLON, HARLESS, LESTER, LOWRY. F. McCREA, V. McCREA, F. McCULLER, W. McCULLER, McDERMOTT, Mcdonald, Mclean. Third Row . . haw .™, HERREN, HOCHENEDEL, HOLMES, JACKSON, McSWAIN, MacCURDY, MAGGIO, MANASCO. MANNING, E. MAYEAUX, M. MAYEAUX, MEAGHER, MESSER. Fourth Row M. JACOB, W. JACOB, G. JOHNSON, P. JOHNSON, D. JONES, MILEY, MITCHELL, MOBLEY, MOISE, MONDELLO, MONTGOMERY, MOODY, MOORE. MURPHY. Fifth Row L. JONES, KEITH, KENDRICK, KENWORTHY. KEYS, MYERS, NEELY, NICHOLSON, ODOM, ORR, PALMER, PARKS, PAUL, PEART. LEFT PAGE • ELIOTT GINSBURG, Vivian; Music; Sigma Tau Gamma; Sigma Chi Alpha; Band; A Capella Choir; Treasurer of Sigma Chi Alpha. • VERDIE GREMILLION, Simmesport; Music; Band; Girls ' Glee Club; New- man Club. • SADIE GREZAFFI, Batchelor; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Freshman Commissioner, 1940-41; Newman Club. • MARY KATHRYN GRIFFIN, Vivian; Music; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Secretary- Treasurer of Junior Class; Vice-President, Sigma Sigma Sigma; A Capella Choir. • EDELINE HADDOX, Columbia; Home Economics. • MAXINE HALL, Mansfield; Home Economics. • OPAL HALL. Ringgold; English. • EVELYN HANCHEY, Elizabeth; Music. • RUTH HANLON, Shreveport; English; Theta Sigma Upsilon. • BETTY HARLESS, Lake Charles; English. • LOUISE HAWKINS, West Monroe; Music; Alpha Sigma Alpha. • GERTRUDE HERREN, McDade; Primary; Davis Players; Wesley Foundation Cabinet. • RUTH HOCHENEDEL, Alexandria; Mathematics; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Newman Club; W. A. A. Cabinet; Cheerleader, 1940-42. • DENNAN HOLMES, Kilgore, Texas; Social Studies. • JANICE JACKSON, Delhi; Upper Elementary. • MARGARET JACOB, Natchitoches; Physical Education; W. A. A.; Spanish Club. • W. P. JACOB, Robeline; Mathematics. • GEORGIA LEE JOHNSON, Forest Hill; English; Spanish Club. • POLLY JOHNSON, Coushatta; Upper Elementary. • DOROTHY MAE JONES, Mangham; Physical Edu- cation. • LEONARD JONES, JR., Trout; Upper Elementary; Y. M. C. A. • JANE KEITH, Alexandria; Music; Delta Sigma Epsilon; A Capella Choir; Girls ' Trio. • NELL KENDRICK, Jena; Upper Elementary. • TOMMY KENWORTHY, Natchitoches; Pre-Medical. • ROYD KEYS, Winnfield; Speech; Y. M. C. A. RIGHT PAGE • ELAINE KILLEN, Natchitoches; Music; Alpha Sigma Alpha; B. S. U. Council; Band; A Capella Choir. • CHARLINE KILLGORE, Lisbon; Health and Physical Education; Davis Players, 1940-42; W. A. A. Cabinet; Y. W. C. A., 1939-42; Professional Club; Junior Dramatics, 1940; Women ' s Council, 1940-41. • MERRELL KNIGHTEN, Minden; Agriculture Science; Phi Kappa Nu; Demeter; Basketball, 1939-40. • HARVEY LAING, Mer Rouge; Social Studies; Wesley Foundation Cabinet; Vice-President, Y. M. C. A.; Treasurer of R. O. Council; Junior Dramatics. • ANNA BELLE LANDRY, Port Allen; Home Economics; Purple Jackets; Euthe- nics Club; Newman Club; French Club. • HAZELDINE LANE, Winnfield; Commerce. • ROSA DEE LATTIER, Natchitoches; Commerce; Pi Omega Pi; Newman Club. • LaVERNE LARSEN, Monroe; Physical Education. • HERLENA LeBLANC, Morgania; Language. • DOROTHY LESTER, Shreveport; Home Eco- nomics; Theta Sigma Upsilon. • FREDA LOWRY, Haynesville; Commerce; Pi Omega Pi; B. S. U. Council; [48] Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. • FLORENCE McCREA, Naborton; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • VIRGINIA McCREA, Vidalia; Primary; Delta Sigma Epsilon. • FRANK H. McCULLER, Bossier City; Mathematics and Biology. • WILLIAM L. McCULLER, Bossier City; Mathematics and Biology. • EDWIN McDERMOTT. Bossier City; Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu; " N " Club; Varsity Football, 1940-42; Basketball; Track. • HAZEL McDONALD, Lisbon; Primary; Davis Players, 1941; Junior Dramatics, President, 1941; Y. W. C. A. • GRETCHEN McLEAN, Alexan dria; Primary; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • C. M. McSWAIN, Alexandria; Chem- istry; Sigma Tau Gamma; Student Council, 1941-42; Football, 1940-42; Track, 1940-42. • DWIGHT MacCURDY, Alexandria; Foreign Language; Sigma Tau Gamma; President, Spanish Club; President, T. H. Harris Scholarship Association, 1940-41; Y. M. C. A. Council; President, French Club; Student Council; B. S. U. Council; President, Freshman Commissioners, 1940-41. • SADIE MAGGIO, Natchitoches; Commerce; New- man Club. • CLARENCE A. MANASCO, Kisatchie; Agriculture Science; Demeter; Y. M. C. A. • GERRY MANNING, Calhoun; Upper Elementary; Band; Glee Club. • ELISE ANNE MAYEAUX, Moreauville; Home Economics; French Club; Newman Club; Euthenics Club. • MERCEDES MAYEUX, Plaucheville; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; French Club; Newman Club. • J. P. MEAGHER, Shreveport; Physical Educa- tion; Sigma Tau Gamma; Vice-President, Junior Class, 1941-42; President, Sigma Tau Gamma, 1941-42; Football, 1940-42; Track, 1940-42; Inter-Fraternity Council, 1941-42. • BONNIE MAE MESSER, Alexandria; Upper Elementary; Theta Sigma Upsilon. • VIOLA MILEY, Franklinton; Home Economics. • MARY ETHLYN MITCHELL, Coushatta; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • ETOILE MOBLEY, Robeline; Music; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Band; Choir; B. S. U.; Y. W. C. A.; Freshman Commissioner, 1940-41. • BILLIE MOISE, Oakdale; Primary. • CORINNE MONDELLO, Powhatan; Home Economics. • EARLE INEZ MONT- GOMERY, Bellwood; Uppar Elementary. • ALLENE MOODY, Campti; Home Economics. • EVELYN CLIO MOORE, Provencal; Mathematics; Kappa Delta Pi; T. H. Harris Foundation. • MARTRA MURPHY, Natchitoches; Health and Physical Education; W. A. A. Cabinet; Dance Club. • MARGARET I. MYERS. New Oxford, Pa.; Home Economics; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Euthenics Club; " Current Sauce " ; Vice-President, Episcopal Students; Junior Dramatics; Band. • RUSSELL N. NEELEY, Grand Bayou; Social Studies. • MARY ADAIR NICHOLSON, Natchitoches; Speech; Alpha Psi Omega; Secretary-Treasurer, Alpha Psi Omega, 1941-42; Vice-President, Davis Players, 1941-42; Order of Demosthenes. • LeVONNE ODOM, Mooringsport; Upper Elementary; Theta Sigma Upsilon. • MARIE ORR, Forest Hill; Upper Elementary. • VIRGINIA DOROTHY PALMER, Summerfield; Home Economics. • GEORGE PARKS, JR., Natchitoches; Music; President of A Capella Choir. • INEZ PAUL, Buckeye; Upper Elementary. • BILL PEART, Alexandria; English. [491 First Row • PERKINS, PLUNKETT, PORCHE, PRESLEY, PROTHRO, SCHEPPF, SCOTT, SIBLEY. SIEMANN, SLEDGE, A. SMITH, D. SMITH, M. SMITH. Second Row • RUPERT PULLIG, RUTH PULLIG, RABUN, RABURN, RASCOE, N. SMITH, SORBET, SOUTHERLAND, SPOERRI, SPURLOCK, SUTTON, SWIFT. SWOR. Third Row RAWLS, A. RHODES, L. RHODES, R. RHODES, RIDDLE, SYLVEST, TANNEHILL, TARBUTTON, TARVER, TATUM, THIAC, THOMAS, THOMLEY. Fourth Row • • ROACH, ROAN, C. ROBERTS, N. ROBERTS, ROBERTSON. G.THOMPSON, P.THOMPSON, TISON, TOMS. TULLOS. TURNER, WALDRON, WALKER. Fifth Row • • RUSHING, EVELYN RUTLEDGE, ETHELYN RUTLEDGE, SANDEL, SANDERS, WALLACE, WELLS, WHITE, WHITTINGTON, WOODARD. WHITTLESEY. LEFT PAGE • LOUIS R. PERKINS, Leesville; Agriculture. • DOSWELL PLUNKETT, Pelican; Mathematics; Y. M. C. A. • MARIE ANNE PORCHE, Weeks Island; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. 1939-42; Newman Club, 1940-42. • THELMA PRESLEY, Toro; Commerce. • NAOMI PROTHRO, Robeline; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • RUPERT PULLIG, Ashland; Chemistry. • RUTH A. PULLIG, Bryceland; Commerce. • Z. C. RABURN. JR., Farmerville; Agriculture Science; Phi Kappa Nu. • BETTYE RABURN, Saline; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; Y. W. C. A. • BRUCE RASCOE. Haughton; Commercial Education. • RUBY RAWLS, Marthaville; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • AZEAL RHODES, Saline; Upper Elementary; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. • LELAND RHODES, Castor; Physics. • RAYMOND RHODES, Castor; Physics. • LADELLE RIDDLE, Saline; Upper Elementary. • DOROTHY LEE ROACH. Wisner; Music; A Capella Choir; Women ' s Glee Club; Wesley Foundation; Women ' s Council. • LURENE ROAN, Montrose; Physical Educa- tion; W. A. A. • CHARLES ALLAIN ROBERTS, Rodessa; Speech; Lambda Zeta; Alpha Psi Omega; Newman Club; Davis Players; President, Order of Demosthenes; Freshman Commissioner. • NELL ROBERTS, Many; Home Economics. • EDGAR ALLAN ROBERTSON, Nebo; Chemistry. • JAMES MURRAY RUSHING, Ashland; Chemistry; Lambda Delta Lambda. • EVELYN RUTLEDGE, Cheneyville; Kindergarten Primary; Aquatic Club. • ETHELYN RUTLEDGE, Cheneyville; Kindergarten Primary; Aquatic Club. • W. L. SANDEL, Florien; Commercial Education. • MARTEAL SANDERS, Springhill; Upper Elementary. RIGHT PAGE • AMELIE SCHEPPF, Madisonville; Secondary. • THEOPHILE N. SCOTT, Natchitoches; Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu; Varsity Football, 1940-41; Track, 1940; Baseball. 1940; " N " Club; Newman Club. • PATRICIA SIBLEY, Natchitoches; Speech; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Order of Demosthenes; Debate; Spanish Club. • GER- MAINE SIEMAN, Moreauville; Kindergarten Primary; Newman Club; French Club. • DOROTHY SLEDGE, Couihatta; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • ADELAIDE SMITH, Boyce; Speech; Theta Sigma Upsllon; [30] Alpha Phi Gamma; President, Newman Club; President, Order of Demosthenes; Student Council; Associate Editor, " Current Sauce " ; Freshman Commissioner, 1940-41; Debate; Purple Jacket. • DOYLE SMITH, Moor- ingsport; Commerce; Pi Omega Pi; Freshman Commissioner, 1939-40. • MARJORIE O. SMITH, Albuquerque, N. M.; Physical Education. NELLIE FAY SMITH, Melder; Home Economics; Euthenics Club; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. • GLENN SORBET, Robeline; Home Economics; Euthenics Club. • TOM PAUL SOUTHERLAND, Bossier City; Physical Education; Phi Kappa Nu; Football. • OTTO SPOERRI, St. Bernard; Mathematics. • LUCILLE SPURLOCK, Moreauville; Library. • IONA SUTTON, Natchitoches; Social Studies; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Spanish Club. • MARY JEAN SWIFT, Elmer; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Secretary, Sigma Sigma Sigma, 1941-42; Secretary, Newman Club, 1941-42; Euthenics Club. • JUANITA SWOR, Montgomery; English; Span- ish Club; W. A. A.; Debate. • GWENDOLYN SYLVEST. Dodson; Social Studies; Alpha Psi Omega; Davis Players; Purple Jacket; B. S. U. Council; Freshman Commission; T. H. Harris; Freshman Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. • WILLIAM M. TANNEHILL, Urania; Pre-Engineering; Sigma Tau Gamma. • WILLIE EDNA TARBUTTON, West Monroe; Physical Education; W. A. A. • OLIVE TARVER, Natchitoches; Home Economics. • LOREE TATUM, Noble; Physical Education; Professional Club; " Current Sauce " ; Dramatics Club; W. A. A.; Dance Club. • MARION THIAC, Napoleonville; Language. • G. F. THOMAS, JR., Natchitoches; Pre-Law; Sigma Tau Gamma; Debate, 1939-41; Golf, 1940; Inter-Fraternity Council, 1941. • WADDY THOMLEY, Coushatta; Commercial Education. • GERRY THOMPSON, Esterwood; Primary. • PEGGY THOMPSON, Esterwood; Primary. • LUCILLE TISON, Pollock; Music; A Capella Choir; Girls ' Glee Club; B. S. U. • VIRGINIA TOMS, Ashland; English-Mathematics. • J. E. TULLOS, Winnsboro; Commerce; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 1940-41; B. S. U. Council, 1940-41; Junior Dramatics. • RUTH TURNER, Minden; Commerce. • IRMA WALDRON, Oil City; Primary; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • CLOTILE WALKER, Mansfield; Home Economics • MARTIN WALLACE, Converse; Agriculture, Demeter. • MARJORIE WELLS, Colfax; Commerce; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Pi Omega Pi; Secretary, Dormitory Council, a NELLIE WHITE, Vivian; Social Studies. • BEVERLY GLYNN WHITTINGTON, Bossier City; Kindergarten Primary; Sigma Sigma Sigma. • E. S. WOODARD, Natchitoches; Commerce. • MRS. MAX M. WHITTLESEY, Shreveport; English; Alpha Phi Gamma; " Current Sauce, " 1940-42; A Capella Choir; Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. [51] " Ike GlaU First Row . . „.« »,. AERTKER, ALEXANDER, ALLEN, ARNOLIE, BRAY, BROCK, BROWN, BUATT, BURNETTE, BUTLER, BUTTER, BYERS, BYRAM. Second Row . . AVANT, BAILEY, BAXLEY, D. BELL, M. BELL, CADE, CARAWAY, CARLIN, CARSON, CASON, CAVER, CHEMINO, CHILDRESS, CLOUD. Third Row . . W. BELL, BENNETT, BERNARD, BERRY, BLACKBURN, R. COKER, S. COKER, COLEMAN, COX, CRAIG, CRATON, CULPEPPER, DARROW, DAVID. LEFT PAGE • ALNA ABINGTON, Grand Cane; Primary. • JOYCE AERTKER, Alexandria; Primary. • CLAIRE ALEXANDER, Natchitoches; Commercial Education. • JOHN ALLEN, Homer; Music. • BEATRICE ARNOLIE, Port Sulphur; Upper Elementary. • JAMES AVANT, Calhoun; Agriculture. • JAMES BAILEY, Monroe; Music. • JOYCE BAXLEY, Plaquemine; Social Studies. • DOROTHY BELL, Dry Pronq; Language. • MAXINE BELL, Natchitoches; Speech. • WILSON BELL, Franklin; Chemistry. • EDWINA BENNETT, Many; Home Economics. • GLORIA BERNARD, Franklin; Upper Elementary. • PAULINE BERRY, De- Ridder; Commerce. • LOUISE BLACKBURN, Bogalusa; Home Economics. • IRMA BOATNER, Harrison- burg; Upper Elementary. • IRMA BOND. Roseland; Commerce. • BEBE BOUANCHAUD, New Roads; Physical Education. • HELEN GAYLE BOZEMAN, Winnfield; Commerce. • MARJORIE BRADLEY, Sarepta; Physical Education. Fourth Row . . BOATNER, BOND, BOUANCHAUD, BOZEMAN, BRADLEY, DAVIS, DEAN, DICKERSON, DOBSON, DOERR, DOLAND, DONALDSON, DOWDEN. DURHAM. RIGHT PAGE • HELEN BRAY, Zwolle; Home Economics. • ELIZABETH BROCK, Natchitoches; Home Economics. • ANNA FRANCES BROWN, Hornbeck; Commerce. • MARGERY BUATT, Crowley; Upper Elementary. • ZULA BURNETTE, Sikes; English. • MARJORIE BUTLER, Bunkie; Secretarial Science. • ERAINE BUTTER, r -52 ] Long Leaf; Physical Education. • BILLIE BYERS, Gilliam; Upper Elementary. • BETTY BYRAM, Tallulah; Upper Elementary. O MAVIS CADE, Sulphur; Home Economics. • VIOLA CARAWAY, Logansport; Chem- istry. • J. C. CARLIN, Sulphur; Chemistry. • ELOISE CASON, Plain Dealing; Primary. O GUY CAR- SON, Pitkin; Pre-Medical. o CHRIS CAVER, Homer; Business Administration. • ROSE CHEMINO. Bunkie; Commerce. • FRANCES CHILDRESS, Haynesville; Upper Elementary. • SUN RAY CLOUD, Chestnut; Commerce. • ROSELYN COKER, Sumter, S. C; Commercial Education, e SHIRLEY COKER, Sumter S. C; Library. • DOROTHY COLEMAN, Jena; Library Science. • NORMAN COX, Natchitoches; Mathematics. • JUANITA CRAIG, Vivian; Physical Education. • JAMES MILTON CRATON, Minden; Commercial Education. • SARAH CULPEPPER, Homer; Commerce. • JUANITA DARROW, Sarepta; Upper Elementary. • JULIENNE DAVID, Natchitoches; Commerce. • ATTWOOD H. DAVIS, Winnfield; Commerce. • SARAH NELL DEAN, Winnfield; Upper Elementary, e DOTTIE DEE DICKERSON, Winnfield; Upper Elementary. • E. P. DOBSON, Chestnut; Pre-Engineering. • JANE DOERR, Natchitoches; Com- merce. • MARJORIE DOLAND, Grand Chenier; Home Economics. • ELWOOD DONALDSON, Dry Prong; Agriculture Science. • MARJORIE DOWDEN, Zwolle; Speech. • NATHAN DURHAM, Atlanta: Chemistry [53] 1U First Row . . ™, EVANS, FARGERSON, FEAZELL, FLANAGIN, HALL, E. HANCHEY, N. HANCHEY, HASSAN, HAWTHORNE, HEMPHILL, HERNDON, H. HILL, T. HILL. Second Row . . , FORE, GARRETT, GEORGE, GHOLSON, HOLLAND, HOLLENSHEAD, HOPPER, HOUSTON, HOWELL, INGRAM, JETER, C. JOHNSON, L. JOHNSON. ird Row . . C. GIBSON, M. GIBSON, GILL, GRAY, M. GRIFFIN, S. GRIFFIN, S. JOHNSON, E. JONES, T. JONES, JULIAN, H. KENDRICK, M. KENDRICK, KINCHEN, KNOTTS, KUHN. Fourth Row . . ,,„ : „ GUNN, GUNTER, HAILE, F. HALL, J. HALL, LAW, LAWLEY, LEETE, LEWIS. LOFTIN. LOVE. LYONS, McCAN, McCANDLISH LEFT PAGE • BILLIE ELSTON, Shreveport; Home Economics. • EVELYN A. EVANS, Natchitoches; Secretarial Science. • NADYNE FARGERSON, Longstreet; Speech. • GARLINGTON FEAZELL. Dodson; Speech. • ELOISE FLANAGIN, Natchitoches; Commerce. • LENORA FLORES, Pelican; Home Economics. • HAZEL FORE, Grayson; Primary. • C. D. GARRETT, Rodessa; Pre-Medical. • ESTHER GEORGE, Lake Charles; Upper Elementary. • ROBERT GHOLSON, Homer; Music. • CORA LEE GIBSON, Natchitoches; Primary. • • MADGE GIBSON. Jonesville; Upper Elementary. • BETTY JEAN GILL, Pleasant Hill; Commerce. • • WARREN GRAY, Loqansport; Commerce. • MARGARET GRIFFIN, Oberlin; Music. • SAMMY GRIF- FIN, Vivian; Music. • HOPE GRISSOM, Shreveport; Library Science. • EDLEEN GUNN, Gilbert; Music. O SUSIE LEA GUNTER, Goldonna; Upper Elementary. • WILLIAM HAILE, Ansley; Pre-Medkal. • FANNIE VONNE HALL, Coushatta; Commerce. • JAMES HALL, New Iberia; Commerce. RIGHT PAGE • JO JO HALL, Benton; Commerce. • ETHEL HANCHEY, Elizabeth; Music • WILEY NORMAN HANCHEY, DeRidder; Mathematics. • RUTH HASSAN, Trout; Upper Elementary. • HARRIET HAW- THORNE, Provencal; Speech. • ANNIE LEE HEMPHILL, Wisner; Kindergarten Primary. • MARIETTA I J1 I HERNDON, Pleasant Hill; Upper Elementary. • HELEN HILL, Vidalia; Primary. • ELMO HILL, Mans- field; Pre-Medical. • GRACE HOLLAND, DeRidder; Music. • WILLARD HOLLENSHEAD, Haynesville; Music. • JOHN HOPPER, Natchitoches; Pre-Medical. • THELMA HOUSTON, Sarepta; Upper Elemen- tary. • JOHN HOWELL, Shreveport; Business Administration. • BETSY ANN INGRAM, Shreveport; Primary. e GRADY JETER, Minden; Pre-Medical. • CARLTON JOHNSON, Cotton Valley; Physical Education. • LLOYD JOHNSON, Grand Bayou; Chemistry. • SARA FRANCES JOHNSON, Natchitoches; Primary. • EDNA EARL JONES, Bogalusa; Upper Elementary. • THERON JONES, Franklinton; Agricul- ture. • HILDA JULIAN, Marthaville; Home Economics. • HAZEL FLORENCE KENDRICK, Shreveport; Commerce. • MARGUERITE KENDRICK, Haynesville; Upper Elementary. • BETTY ROSE KINCHEN, Watson; Home Economics. • NOLIA KNOTTS, Napoleonville; Upper Elementary • EDITH KUHN, Tal- lulah; Music. • MELBA LAW, Mansfield; Primary o DELLA LAWLEY, Winnfield; Music. • VIRGINIA LEETE, Alexandria; Commercial Education. • T. J. LEWIS, Simpson; Commercial Education. • CATHE- RINE LOFTIN, Cotton Valley; Home Economics. • GERALDINE LOVE, Grayson; Commerce. • NOELLA LYONS, Homeplace; Upper Elementary. •MILDRED McCAN, Effie; Commerce. • EVELYN McCANDLISH. Minden; Music. 1U First Row . • « » . McDADE, MacCURDY, MAGEE, MARMANDE, NABOURS, NEWBERRY, OBER, O ' BIER, ODUM, O ' NEAL. OSBORN, OWENS. Second Row • . MARTIN, MAYEAUX. MIDDLETON, MIEARS, MILES, PAGE, J. PARKER, N. PARKER, PARKS, PEARCE, PIERSON, PINCKARD, PINE. Third Row . . MIMS, MITCHELL, MONDAY, MONTEGUT, MOORE, PONDER, POPE, POWELL, PROVENZANO, PRUETT, RAMSEY, REPPOND, RHODES. Fourth Row • o MOORE, MORELAND, MORPHIS, MOSS, MURPHY, RIGAND, RIVET, ROAN, ROBINSON, M ROGERS, V. ROGERS, ROUSSEL, SALTER. LEFT PAGE • NORA ALICE McCANTS, Fisher; Physical Education. • ADELINE McDADE, McDade; Home Economics. • CHARLOTTE MacCURDY, Alexandria; Home Economics. • FANNIE DORIS MAGEE, Converse; Upper Elementary. • VIRGINIA LEA MARMANDE, Houma; Commerce. • MARGIE MARTIN, Minden; Physical Education. • GEORGIE MAYEAUX, Moreauville; Home Economics. • MOISE MIDDLETON, Marthaville; Home Economics. • BUTLER MIEARS, Springhill; Physical Education. • RUTH MILES, Pleasant Hill; Upper Elementary. • DON MIMS, Natchitoches; Agricultural Science, o JOHN MITCHELL, Montgomery; Agriculture. • BETTY LOU MONDAY, Vivian; Primary. • MARJORIE MONTEGUT, LaPlace; English. • ESSIE MOORE, Vivian; Social Studies. • MAXWYNNE MOORE, Shreveport; Liberal Arts. • ELAINE MORELAND, New Era; Music. • RUTH MORPHIS, Goodpine; Commerce. • HOWARD MOSS, Bogalusa; Mathematics, e E. A. MURPHY, Natchitoches; Commerce. RIGHT PAGE • LOUISE NABOURS, Many; Physical Education. • GENEVA NEWBERRY, Minden; Physical Education. • ALTA LEE OBER, Shongaloo; Primary. • LINDA LEE O ' BIER, Shongaloo, Primary. • CHARLES ODUM, Mansfield; Business Administration. • LOIS O ' NEAL, Pineville; Home Economics. • MONTEZ OSBORN, Pleasant Hill; Home Economics, o CECIL W. OWENS. Athens; Social Studies. • ZILDA FAE PAGE, Robe- no I line; Business Administration. • JOHN CHARLES PARKER, Natchitoches; Commerce. • NELL PARKER, Natch- itoches; Primary. • JOHN PARKS, Natchitoches; Music. • LaVERNE PEARCE, Zwolle; Home Economics. ROBERT MILLING PIERSON, Natchitoches; Commerce. • SCRIVEN PINCKARD, Colfax; Commerce. • JACK PINE, Natchitoches; Chemistry. • LURLINE PONDER, Pleasant Hill; Primary. • MELBA JEANE POPE, Shreve- port; Pre-Medical. • CAROLYN POWELL, Pleasant Hill; Home Economics. • ANNIE PROVENZANO, Donald- sonville; Upper Elementary. • JOHN PRUETT, Natchitoches; Upper Elementary. ELEANOR RAMSEY, Shreve- port; Primary. • REV. G. W. REPPOND, JR., Marion; Speech. • RIVERS RHODES, Natchitoches; Speech. • EARLIE MAE RIGAND, Braithwaite; Upper Elementary. • JOYCE RIVET, Natchitoches; Commerce. • RALPH ROAN, Montrose; Commerce. • MARTILLE ROBINSON, Bastrop; Commerce. • MAGGIE ALICE ROGERS, Plain Dealing; Upper Elementary. • VIVIAN ROGERS, Vivian; Home Economics. • ELMIRE ROUSSEL, La Place; Upper Elementary. • O. L. SALTER, JR., Zwollt; Chemistry. H7 J iijuO First Row . . s A ns, ng SAYES, KATHLEEN SCOTT, KATHRINE SCOTT, SELF, SHAW. STRICKLAND, STROTHER, TARVER, TEMPLE, TERRY, THIGPEN, TIMON, TOMLINSON. Second Row . . SHOCKLEY, SHOWALTER, SHUGG, SIKES, SIMMONS, H. SIMPSON, TONEY, TOOKE, TUCKER, TURNER, TYLER, VEULEMAN, VIGE, VOLTZ. Third Row . . I. SIMPSON, M. SIMPSON, SLACK, A. SMITH, D. SMITH, W. SMITH, VOSBURG, WAFER, WALKER, WALLACE, WALLENBERG, WARNER, WATSON, WELDON. Fourth Row . . sompayrac SOUYRES, MRS. MACK STEWART, MACK STEWART, STILES, STOCKMAN, WHITEHEAD, WILLIAMSON, WILLIS, J. WILSON, K. WILSON, WORLEY, WYCHE, YOUNG. LEFT PAGE • VICKY SANSING, Forest Hill; Home Economics. • BILLIE SAYES, Angola; Commerce. • KATHLEEN SCOTT, Winnsboro; Upper Elementary. • KATHRINE SCOTT, Winnsboro; Mathematics. • MERLE SELF, Leesville; Commerce. • HELEN SHAW, Jamestown; English. • THOMAS LYNARD SHOCKLEY, Haynes- ville; Mathematics. • DAVID J. SHOWALTER, Natchitoch es; Commerce. • JUNE SHUGG, Natchitoches; Liberal Arts. • CHLOE SIKES, Winnfield; Mathematics. • JEAN SIMMONS, Shreveport; Language. • HAROLD SIMPSON, Arcadia; Agriculture. • IDA EMILY SIMPSON, Monterey; Upper Elementary. • MYRTICE SIMPSON, Shreveport; Upper Elementary. • ROLLIN SLACK, Springhill; Physical Education. • AGNES SMITH, Winnsboro; Upper Elementary. • DORRIS LYNN SMITH, Dallas, Texas; Commerce. • WILDA SMITH, Converse; Speech. • AILEEN SOMPAYRAC, Natchitoches; Commerce. • MARGUERITE SOUYRES, Lisbon; Commerce. • MRS. MACK P. STEWART, Chestnut; Upper Elementary. • MACK P. STEWART, Chestnut; English. • ZOLON STILES, Springhill; Agriculture. • J. P. STOCKMAN, Florien; Liberal Arts. RIGHT PAGE • LEONA STRICKLAND, Castor; Kindergarten Primary. • CLIO STROTHER, Georgetown; Commerce. • 158] DIXIE TARVER, Oak Grove; Library Science. LOUIS TEMPLE, Winnfield; Liberal Arts. • JAMES H. TERRY, Harrisonburg; Commerce. • RAY THIGPEN, Natchitoches; Ch emistry. • W. E. TIMON, Natchitoches; Pre-Engineering. • MANETTE TOMLINSON, Coushatta; Upper Elementary. HAZEL TONEY, Alexandria; Home Economics. JANIS TOOKE, Shreveport; Commerce. • KEMP TUCKER, Leesville; Commerce. • FLOYD C. TURNER, Minden; Agriculture. • WILMA TYLER, Coushatta; Commerce. • AUBREY VEULEMAN, Many; Agriculture. • ALDEN VIGE, Opelousas; Commerce. HENRY VOLTZ, Washington; Music. • JEAN VOSBURG, Mer Rouge; Primary. • BURSON WAFER, Saline; Commerce. • O ' QUIN WALKER, Chestnut; Agriculture. • M. D. WALLACE, Mitchell; Agriculture. • ELLIS A. WALLENBERG, Natchitoches; Physical Education. • MARJORIE WARNER, Natchitoches; Home Economics. • JEWELL WATSON Olla Com- merce. • S. M. WELDON, Pitkin; Chemistry. • JOAN WHITEHEAD, Natchitoches; Social Studies. • EARL WILLIAMSON, Vivian; Commerce. o O. C. WILLIS, Rodessa; Pre-Medical. • JANE WILSON, Shreveport; Commerce. • KATHLEEN WILSON, Vinton; Social Studies. • NORMA WORLEY, Haynesville; Mathematics. • ELIZABETH WYCHE, Benton; Commerce. • HOWARD A. YOUNG, Merryville; Chemistry [59] 1U GlcuU First Row • • ADDISON, ALLISON, ALLUMS, ALSTON, ANDREWS, ANTHONY, BROWN, BRUCE, BUILTEMAN, BURFORD, BURNHAM, BUSBICE, CARGILE, CHAPMAN, CIFREO, CLARK. Second Row • . — BARLOW, BATES, BAYARD, BEARD, G. BELL, CLAYBROOK. VAN CLEAVE, COBB, COBRA, COCKERHAM, COFFMAN, A. COLLIER, M. COLLIER, COLLINS, CORNE. J. BELL. Third Row . . 8ENNET, BLACKMAN, BOOKTER, BOONE, BOSTICK, COURTNEY, COX, CROSBY, CRUMP, CURRY, DANIELS, E. DAVIS, L. DAVIS, V. DAVIS, DE LEE. LEFT PAGE • EILEEN ADDISON, Florien; Home Economics. • BILLY ALLISON, Tullos; Pre-Engineering. • ELIZA- BETH ALLUMS, Ringgold; Primary. • JOY ALSTON, Rodessa; Speech, e CLYDE S. ANDREWS, Vivian; Business Administration. • SYBIL ANTONY, Negreet; Secretarial Science. • MATTIE MAE AUSTIN, Mooringsport; Kindergarten Primary, e JANICE BARLOW, Natchitoches; Commerce. • LAURA BATES, Natchitoches; Commerce. • GLORIA BAYARD, Franklin; Physical Education. • JOHN BEARD, Lake Provi- dence; Commerce. • GLYNN BELL, Ringgold; Commerce. • JOY BELL, Campti; Commerce. • VIOLET BEN- NET, Jonesville; Secretarial Science. • ALICE BLACKMAN, Manifest; Home Economics. • CLAUDE W. BOOKTER, Bossier City; Social Studies. • MILDRED BOONE, Homer; Music. • CLYDE BOSTICK, Natchi- toches; Social Studies. • NORMA BRANTLEY, Goldonna; Library. • LOIS BRAY, Zwolle; Home Economics. • MARY FRANCES BREDA, Natchitoches; Home Economics. • FERN BREMER, Glenmora; Home Economics. • DOROTHY BROCK, Natchitoches; Home Economics. • BESSIE BROWDER, Shreveport; Commerce. Fourth Row . • — . BRAY, BREDA, BREMER, BROCK, BROWDER, De LOACHE, DOBSON, DURDEN, DURR, EDGERTON, ELDER, FAITH. FARALDO, FEW, FINLEY. RIGHT PAGE • BILLY BROWN, Homer; Music. • VERA MAE BRUCE, Marthaville; Secretarial Science. • ELIZABETH BUILTEMAN, Many; Library. • EVELYN BURFORD, Mansfield; Library Science, o JANELLE BURNHAM, Haynesville; Kindergarten Primary, o HELEN BUSBICE, Eros; English. • YVONNE CARGILE, Monroe; I 60 1 Social Studies. • MILT CHAPMAN, Shreveport; Music. • LESTER CIFREO, Baton Rouge; Music. • CECIL CLARK, JR., Cameron; Pre-Medical. • MARIE CLAYBROOK, Logansport; Secretarial Science. • EVA VAN CLEAVE, Colfax; Commerce. • ELAINE COBB, Pleasant Hill; Home Economics. O VIVIEN COBRA, Hornbeck; Secretarial Science. • MAVIS COCKERHAM, Shreveport; Pre-Medical. • GLORIA COFFMAN, Shreveport; Home Economics. • ALICE COLLIER, Oakdale; Business Administration. • MAR- JORIE CLAIRE COLLIER, Campti; Music, o LOIS COLLINS, Coushatta; Commerce. • DOROTHY CORNE, Port Sulphur; Commerce. • FAYE COURTNEY, Ida; Upper Elementary. • MARY ESTHER COX, Sarepta; Upper Elementary, o MARIE CROSBY, New Roads; Commerce. • HERMAN CRUMP, Marthaville; Com- merce. • DAVID CURRY, Springhill; Commerce. • DORIS DANIELS, Mooringsport; Pre-Medical. • EVELYN DAVIS, Haynesville; Commerce, o LUELLA DAVIS, Coushatta; Commerce. • VIRGINIA DAVIS. Alexandria; Social Studies. • ANNIE DE LEE, Troy; Library. • DOROTHY DE LOACHE, Keatchie; Busi- ness Administration. • CLINTON ROSS DOBSON, Chestnut; Pre-Engineering. • MARY EVELYN DURDEN, Monroe; Music. • ALICE DURR, Marthaville; Home Economics. • MARY FRANCES EDGERTON, Coushatta; Commerce. • BETTY ELDER, Shreveport; Primary. • JO ANN FAITH, Winnfield; Liberal Arts. • WINNIE FARALDO, Colfax; Secretarial Science. • MARY FRANCES FEW, Natchitoches; Social Studies. • JOHN FINLEY, Shreveport; Music. [61 I 1U First Ron • • FINLAY, FLOYD, FOARD, D. FORD, Q. T. FORD, FOSTER, HEBERT, HENNIGAN, HENRY, HILL, H. HOLLAND. P. HOLLAND, HOLTSCLAW, HONEYCUTT, HOOD, HOOVER. Second Row . . MARGARET FRENCH, MARJORIE FRENCH, FRIDAY, GANDY, GARLAND, GARNER, HORN, HORNBEAK, HOWARD, HOWELL, HUBLEY, HUDSON, HUSSEY, ISGITT, JETER, JOHNIKEN. Third Row . . GERLACH, GIBBS, GIPSON, GIVENS, GLEASON, GREGG, JOHNSTON, JORDAN, KENNON, KILE. KILGORE, KING, KINNEY, LA FLEUR, LAMPKIN, LANGENSTEIN. Fourth Row • wHAMNER, HARPER, HARRELL, HARRISON. HAWTHORNE, HEARRON, LAWTON, LEACH, D. LE BLANC, J. LE BLANC, LE BLEU, LEE, LEONE, LESTER, LEWIS, LINZAY. LEFT PAGE • TAYLOR FINLAY, JR., Sikes; Business Administration. • DOROTHY ERLINE FLOYD, Jena; Secretarial Science. • JAMES L. FOARD, New Orleans; Social Studies. • DORIS FORD, Oakdale; Music. • T. FORD, Pineville; Mathematics. • BEULAH MAE FOSTER, Provencal; Primary. • MARGARET FRENCH, Minden; Secretarial Science. • MARJORIE FRENCH, West Monroe; Primary. • REBA FRIDAY, Creston; Secretarial Science. • ORENE GANDY, Bellwood; Upper Elementary. • JULIAN GARLAND, Noble; Secretarial Science. • H. T. GARNER, Ida; Commerce. • GEORGE GERLACH, Natchitoches; Pre-Engi- neering. • JOHN W. GIBBS, Natchitoches; Pre-Law. • RITA GIPSON, Alexandria; Secretarial Science. • WINNIE GIVENS, Natchitoches; Home Economics, a DORIS GLEASON, Cotton Valley; Upper Elemen- tary. • KATHLEEN GREGG, Campti; Commerce. • ALINE HAMNER, Hall Summit; Home Economics. • VERLIE HARPER, DeRidder; English. • MARVIN HARRELL, Natchitoches; Mathematics. • ELIZABETH HARRISON, Creston; Business Administration. • H. G. HAWTHORNE, JR., Pelican; Commerce. • EDNA RUTH HEARRON, Minden; Music. RIGHT PAGE • NELL HEBERT, Houma; Chemistry. • EARNEST RAY HENNIGAN, Winnfield; Commerce. • KATH- RYN HENRY, Athens; Social Studies. • MOZELLE HILL, Natchitoches; Physical Education. • HELEN 162 1 HOLLAND, DeRidder; Home Economics. • PAULINE HOLLAND, Shreveport; Liberal Arts. • TAURINE HOLTSCLAW, Shreveport; Primary. • VERA HONEYCUTT, Provencal; Upper Elementary. • LYNNA HOOD, Jena; Commerce. • EVELYN HOOVER, Bunkie; Commerce. • EVELYN HORN, Many; Library. • JEAN HORNBEAK, Mer Rouge; Secretarial Science. • BASIL JEROME HOWARD, Many; Commerce. • IVA LEA HOWELL, Winnfield; Home Economics. • WINFRED HUBLEY, Many; Speech. • MILLARD HUDSON, DeRidder; Chemistry. • BARBARA HUSSEY, Natchitoches; Business Administration. • LETA MAE ISGITT, Converse; Liberal Arts. • ELMER JETER, Minden; Physics. • HELEN DAWN JOHNIKEN, Pelican; English. • ELIZABETH ELAINE JOHNSTON, Sieper; Commerce. • BOB JORDAN, Natchitoches; Commerce. • MARY FRANCES KENNON, Minden; Secretarial Science. • OPAL KILE, Temple; Secretarial Science. • BETTY KILGORE, Plain Dealing; Upper Elementary. • GRACE KING, West Monroe; Language. • HAROLD KINNEY, Provencal; Special. • MARY LA FLEUR, Oakdale; Primary. • FRANK LAMPKIN, Tioga; Commerce. • ROSE LANGENTEIN, Shreveport; Commerce. • MARTHA SUE LAWTON, Natchi- toches; Liberal Arts. • CUPID LEACH, Mooringsport; Special. • DORIS LE BLANC, Vivian; Social Studies. • JESSIE AMELIA LeBLANC, Scott; Music. • IMELDA JEAN LeBLEU, Leesville; Home Economics. • MAXINE LEE, Florien; Biology; Chemistry. • DORRIS CLAIRE LEONE, Zwolle; Music. • MARY LESTER, Coushatta; Music. • ALTA LEWIS, Epps; Home Economics. • JOY LINZAY, Lecompte; Home Economics. I6i] GlaU First Row . . LITTLE. LOVE. lunday, McCartney, mcginty, MclLWAIN, MONKS, MORGAN, MORROW, MOSS, MURPHY, MUSE, NEEL, NEILL, NORRED. Second Row . . ..■.- — McLAMORE, McLEROY, McMULLAN, McMURRY, MADDEN. NORRIS, O ' OUINN. PACE, A. PARKER, G. PARKER, POLLARD. PHARRIS, PHILIBERT, POU. Third Row . . MAGEE, MARICELLI, MAYEAUX, MELTON, MILAM, MILEY. G PRICE, O. G. PRICE, PRINCE, PULLIG, O ' JINN, RACHAL, RAGAN, RANDELL, RAYNER. LEFT PAGE • ROSE BETH LITTLE, Leesville; Music. • J. H. LOVE, Monterey; Agriculture. • MARTHA ROSE LUNDAY, Pelican; Home Economics. • BESSIE McCARTNEY, Marthaville; Social Studies. • YVONNE McGINTY, New Roads; Secretarial Science. • VERNELLE MclLWAIN, Columbia; Kindergarten Primary. • HARVEN McKINNEY, Boyce; Social Studies. • GLYNN McLAMORE, Montgomery; Business Administration. • JAMES McLEROY, Montrose; Liberal Arts. • ROSE MARIE McMULLAN, Campti; Home Economics. • PATSY McMURRY, Winnfield; Home Economics. • OPAL MADDEN, Hall Summit; Home Economics. • MARIE MAGEE, Montgomery; Commerce. • JAMES MARICELLI, Campti; Physics. • IRMA MAYEAUX, Moreauville; Music. • LANELL MELTON, Winnfield; Commerce. • MATT MILAM, Winnfield; Liberal Arts. • SADIE MILEY, Franklinton; Kindergarten Primary. • ANNIE SUE MILLER, West Monroe; Speech. • HARRY MILLER, Natchitoches; Physics. • MARIE MILLER, Haynesville; Physical Education. • SARAH JANE MILLWEE, De 0 " incy; Science. • INEZ MIMS, Natchitoches; Home Economics. • WANDA MITCHELL, Coushatta; Secretarial Science. Fourth Row A. MILLER, H. MILLER, M. MILLER, MILLWEE, MIMS, MITCHELL, M. REEVE, S. REEVE, RHODES, RICE, RICHMOND. ROBERSON, RUSH, RUSTON, SAIZAN RIGHT PAGE • MARGUERITE MONKS, Welsh; Home Economics. • LOYCE MORGAN, Jena; Home Economics. • BONNIE JEAN MORROW, Haynesville; Home Economics. • MARGIE L. MOSS, Gladewater, Texas; Secre- tarial Science. • CALVIN MURPHY, Dubach; Commercial Education. • MURIEL MUSE, Natchitoches; I 64 I Commerce. O MAURINE NEEL, Pelican; Commercial Education. • ADELE NEILL, Natchitoches; Com- merce. • JACK NORRED, Converse; Commerce. • MARIE NORRIS, Tullos; Commercial Education. • JAMES O ' QUINN, Colfax; Special. • JULIA PACE, Natchitoches; Music. • ANNE PARKER, Converse; English. • GORDON PARKER, Many; Business Administration. • GEORGE POLLARD, Pitkin; Commercial Education. • JOCIE PHARRIS, Robeline; Secretarial Science. • JEAN PHILIBERT, Grand Cane; Physical Education, o MARY ELIZABETH POU, Shreveport; Primary. • GERALDINE PRICE, Pineville; Art. • OLIVER GLYNN PRICE, Converse; Agriculture. • GLENWELL PRINCE, Winnfield; Home Economics. • BILLIE PULLIG, Ashland; Commerce. • CHARLOTTE OUINN, Converse; Art. • ANNIE BELLE RACHAL, Natchitoches; Home Economics. • IDA MARY RAGAN, Thibodaux; Commerce. • HERMAN RANDELL, JR., Ville Platte; Chemistry. • VIRGINIA RAYNER, Shreveport; Home Economics. • MELBA RUTH REEVE, Jamestown; Home Economics. • SARA LEE REEVE, Welsh; Upper Elementary. • MARJORIE RHODES, Bellwood; Upper Elementary. • NORMA VIONE RICE, Batchelor; Commercial Education. • ELOISE MARIE RICHMOND, Winnfield; Library Science. • DORA JUNE ROBERSON, Ville Platte; Music • WILLIE DEE RUSH, Alexandria; Home Economics. • ROBERT RUSTON, Merryville; Chemistry. • HERMAN SAIZAN, Baton Rouge; Music. [65] GlaU First Row • • SALTER, SANDEFUR. SANDERS, SANSON, SAUCIER, SHAW, SYLVEST. TABB, TALBERT, TARVER, J. TAYLOR, M. TAYLOR, THOMPSON, THREATT. TOMLINSON. Second Row . . SHERMAN, SHUGG, SISK, SLATER, SLAWSON, SLAYDON, TOWNSEND, TRAMEL, TRAVIS, TRICHEL, TURPIN, TYLER, VINES, WALE, J. WALKER. Third Row • D. F. SMITH. E. D. SMITH, G. SMITH, L. B. SMITH, L. A. SMITH, S. SMITH, W. WALKER, WARE, WEDGEWORTH, F. WELCH. L. WELCH, A. WILLIAMS, D. WILLIAMS, P. WILLIAMS, R. WILLIAMS. Fourth Row SNODDY. SPINKS, STANLY, ST. JOHN, STOTHART, STRICKLAND, V. WILLIAMS, WIMBERLY, A. WILLIS, E. WILLIS, WILSON, WOOD, WOODS, WOODWARD, YOUNG, YOUNGBLOOD. LEFT PAGE • JAMES SALTER, Zwolle; Chemistry. • EDITH SANDEFUR, Montrose; Commerce. • MILDRED SAN- DERS, Eunice; Commerce. • GRACE SANSON, Harrisonburg; Upper Elementary. • ALBERT SAUCIER, New Orleans; Physical Education. • DORIS SHAW, Ringgold; Secretarial Science. • ROGER SHERMAN, Haynesville; Commercial Education. • BLANCHE SHUGG, Natchitoches; Liberal Arts. • RUTH SISK, Winnsboro; Primary. • JACKIE SLATER, Robeline; Commerce • LYNN WILLOW SLAWSON, Mansfield; Commercial Education. • EDITH SLAYDON, DeRidder; Primary. • DONALD SMITH, Sarepta; Commer- cial Education. • E. D. SMITH, Natchitoches; Speech. • GENEVA SMITH, Trout; Music. • LELA BELLE SMITH, Winnfield; Music. • LELIA ANNE SMITH, Benton; Liberal Arts. • SHIRLEY SMITH, Rodessa; Upper Elementary. • C. G. SNODDY, Bi.nkie; Special. • NORMA SPINKS. Jamestown; Art. • CLARA GRACE STANLY, Leesville; Home Economics. • GLORIA ST. JOHN, Homer; Art. • DON MIKE STOTHART, Vivian; Business Administration. • MARY ANN STRICKLAND. Mansfield; Home Economics. RIGHT PAGE • MARY SYLVEST, Dodson; Commerce. • MARJORIE TABB, Bethany; Primary. • JERELYN TALBERT, Keatchie; Social Studies. • EDWARD TARVER, Winnfield; Commerce. • JOYCE TAYLOR, Dry Prong; Home Economics. • MINNIE LEA TAYLOR. Olla; Home Economics. • TOMMY THOMPSON, Estherwood; [66 1 Pre-Medical. • RUTH JANETTE THREATT, Rochelle; Library. • ELLA BESS TOMLINSON, Natchitoches; Commerce. • LARY TOWNSEND. Natchitoches; Physical Education. • MARJORIE JANE TRAVEL, Many; Primary. • ATRELLA TRAVIS, Many; Home Economics. • GEARLINE TRICHEL, Coushatta; Commerce. • MARY AGNES TURPIN, Shreveport; Commerce. AUDREY TYLER, Many; Commercial Education. • EDWARD LEE VINES, Many; Secretarial Science. • LA VERNE WALE , Woodworth; Commerce. © JIM WALKER, Vivian; Agriculture. • WAVALYN WALKER, Natchitoches; Commerce. • CLARICE WARE, Haynesville; Secretarial Science. • VANDENE WEDGEWORTH, Zwolle; Home Economics • FREDDIE WELCH, Winntield; Commerce. • LOREE WELCH, Robeline; Secretarial Science, o ANN WILLIAMS, Shreveport; Secretarial Science. • DATHENE WILLIAMS, Winnsboio; Physical Education, o PERLA ANNE WILLIAMS, Golden Meadow; Home Economics. • ROSE MARY WILLIAMS, Flora; Physical Education. • VONCILLE WILLIAMS, Rayville; Home Economics. • WESLEY WIMBERLY, Campti; Special. • A. C. WILLIS, Woodworth; Business Administration • EARL WILLIS, Forest Hill; Agriculture. • LANELL WIL- SON, Calvin; Home Economics. • DORRIC WOOD, Natchitoches; Pre-Medical. • COLLEEN WOODS, Pineville; Liberal Arts, e IVAN WOODWARD, Baton Rouge; Commerce, o MADGE YOUNG, Gomales; Commerce. • GAYNELL YOUNGBLOOD. Powhatan; Upper Elementary f67] u u ■ Tfc Ma 35 is Pi v f ' •TL . ' 4. , M?4 Lei i • i t)$ 4 Z U -es t is ONEIL DECOTEAU ERLINE HARRIS LEONARD KIMBRELL JUSTINE RUTH LAMBERT [78 J SELECTED BY A FACULTY COMMITTEE MARY LEDA SCHLERNITZAUER KATHERINE SHAW TED WRIGHT •Leadership • Scholarship Extra- Curricular Activities ERNEST WRIGHT ti K i$$ rang] B mi jj First row: Turner, D. Morris, McDermott, Starnes, Sergeant-at-Arms, Carbo, Botzong, Secretary-Treasurer, Meagher, Miears, Johnson, Bollier. Second row: Angle, Kilpatrick, Bambriclt, Scott, J. P. Morris, Chachere, Schumacher. McSwain, Carlin, Bolton. Third row: Martin, Vice-President, T. Wright, Harrison, Vige, Simpson, President, Bourn, Gaspard, Nation, E. Wright, Brown. HISTORY The Normal N Club, honor organization for athletes on the campus, is another of the few organizations of this type that has lasted throughout the years. To gain membership to the body, the male student must first let- ter in one of the varsity sports in which Nor- mal teams engage. As in previous years, the present N Club has approximately forty members, all of whom have met the requirements of scholarship and ability which the organization enforce. Quite a few N Club men have graduated only to return later to accept positions with the college. Among these men are President Joe Farrar, Harry Turpin, M. R. Weaver, J. W. Webb, H. J. Colvin, L. S. Miller, S. W. Nelken, A. L. Ducournau, M. T. Cheves, R. I. Davis, G. E. Miller, Walter Ledet and Gaiennie Hyams. FACULTY N CLUB MEMBERS Seated: Davis, Ducournau, Hyams. Standing: Weaver, Nelken, Cheves, Turpin, Miller Webb, Ledet. [83] On the strategy end — Assistant Coach Cracker Brown, Trainer Doc Marx and Head Coach Rags Turpin. THE 1941 SEASON: Raising a little before the Southwestern game. Students and other supporters follow a Demon drive. NOT ENOUGH TOUCHDOWNS Captain Bama Wright is caught watching his fellow- gridders at work. THE RESULTS Normal . . . . 44; Delta State Teachers .... Normal . . . . 6; Centenary 6 . • 7; Louisiana College Normal . . . . 0; Louisiana Tech 10 Normal . . . . 6; Southeastern Louisiana ... Normal . . • • 7; Mississippi Southern . . . .21 Normal . . • ■ 7; Ouachita College 6 Normal . . . . 0; Southwestern Louisiana ... 6 BAMBRICK BOLLIER BOURN BROWN CARBO CARLIN SCOTT SHOWS FOUR SOUTHWESTERN TACKLERS HIS HEELS CHACHERE GASPARD GEORGE GERSON HARRISON JOHNSON [86] KILPATRICK LEWIS McDERMOTT McSWAIN MAYER MEAGHER BAMBRICK DRIVES THROUGH ENEMY LINE FOR SEVEN YARDS AND A FIRST DOWN MIEARS MORRIS NATION NICOSIA RUTHERFORD SCHUMACHER I 87 I Touchdown pley against Southeastern — Bambriclc goes over a strictly muddy goal line. SCOTT SIMPSON SOUTHERLAND STARNES Doc Marx works over an injured Demon. THE GAMES Normal, 44; Delta State Teachers, Natchitoches, La., Sept. 19, 1941 Head Coach Harry Turpin ' s squad opened the 1941 season minus 1 heir usual college following because of the delay of school ' s open- ing, but the Demons, witnessed by 3,500 U. S. Service men and additional fans from the town of Natchitoches went through, around and over the Delta Eleven to garner 14 points in the first period, a like number in the second, 10 in the third and 6 in the final quarter. Pat Nation started the scoring with a dash around end early in the opening period, with Tommy Bambrick adding another six points with a line drive just before the whistle. Quarterback Ted Wright converted both extra points. Meagher, on an 18-yard pass from Vige, went over for the first Demon touchdown of the second period, Taylor converting. McSwain scored just before the half on a beautiful run of 36 yards and Taylor again came out of the line to convert. The Statesmen went to their half-time showers 28 points short. ■ . Wll STILES, SWEENEY, TAYLOR TOWNSEND, TURNER, VIGE E. WRIGHT, T. WRIGHT, ZEIDMAN Sophomore Carlton Johnson opened Normal ' s scoring in the second half when he rang up six points on an eight-yard sweep. Ted Wright made it three for three when he again split the uprights for the extra point. Another three points came off the toe of Taylor, who regis- tered a field goal from the Delta 27 when a Normal drive bogged down. The Demons chalked up only one marker in the fourth period, this time on a combination play by Sophomores Brown and Vige. Brown, starting from own 43, went to the Delta 17, but was forced to lateral to Vige, who carried the oval over. A bad pass from center ruined the extra point try. The Demon ' s one weakness against the States- men turned out to be pass defense. Delta completed twelve out of twenty-three attempts for 144 yards, but couldn ' t follow up their aerial gains for scores. Normal, 6; Centenary, 6 Shreveport, La., Oct. 4, 1941 In the first Louisiana Intercollegiate Confer- ence tilt of the season the Demons and Cen- tenary ' s Gentlemen divided the scoring, ending up in a 6 to 6 deadlock. The Normal line kept the gates closed to Gent backs, who had to rely on several severe penalties in order to cross the Demon goal. Normal ' s score came when Theophile Scott made a 96-yard return of the second-half kickoff for a touchdown, but Taylor had no chance to con- vert when a fumble on the pass from center caused Bambrick to attempt a run, the Demon MANAGER MARTIN ASSISTANT MANAGER GIBSON back being stopped hardly two feet from the Gent Goal. Centenary ' s touchdown came as a result of two first downs and two pass interference penalties on the Demons, the scoring being made on a play from the one- yard line. Their attempt at conversion was wide. Neither team threatened for the remainder of the game, with most of the gains registered being by the Demons in one final drive into Centenary territory. Normal, 7; Louisiana College, Natchitoches, La., Oct. 10, 1941 Paced by Theophile Scott ' s brilliant play for the sec- ond successive week, the Demons remained undefeated when they downed a fighting Louisiana College eleven 7-0. The game ' s lone marker came in the first quarter when Scott took a lateral from Bambrick, Demon spinnerback, on the Wildcat 40, and, behind beautiful blocking by Normal linemen, raced over for the score. Bambrick set It didn ' t always take FIVE Demons to stop one Tech Bulldog. Southwestern ' s captain calls the toss . . while the basses boom out a march. up the play with an 18-yard dash through center. Ted Wright converted to give the Demons their game- winning total of seven points. The Demons were in Wildcat territory continually during the second half, but were unable to score on any of their drives. Louisiana College ' s heralded Waldo was an impotent star for the Cats, for it was impos- sible to crack the strong resistence shown by the Demon line under the leadership of Captain Bama Wright. Normal, 0; Louisiana Tech, 10 Louisiana State Fair, Shreveport, La., Oct. 17, 1941 " Hello Shreveport — goodbye Tech, " was the cry of the Normal student body when the Demons met the Bull- dogs of Louisiana Tech in the annual State Fair gridiron classic. The cry was denied, however, when the Dogs trimmed the Demons 10-0. Following the opening kickoff, the Demons started a bruising drive straight down the field, the offense, how- ever, halting on the Bulldog 12-yard line after three consecutive first downs. Ted Wright ' s attempt at a field goal was wide, the oval going over to Tech on their 20. After being penalized 15 yards for holding, Tech was forced to kick to Scott, who made a 38-yard return. The Demons rang up a first down on the Tech 20 as Scott passed to Bama Wright, but again the Tech line held and Ted Wright ' s second attempt at a field goal Starnes, with two men hanging on, scores on the Southerners. It 71 79 S4 S3 50 ?4 49 ?6 fip THE FRESHMAN TEAM First row: Ledet, Pooler, Wilson, Thompson, Hertzon, Jeter. Second row: Randeli, Eason, Clawson, Landry, Young, Verbus, Tinsley, Dunn, Woodward. Third row: Burley, Townsend, Cooley, Dickerson, Tripp, McFarland, Warren, Clay, Benton. was low. ino penetrations or scoring threats were made by either eleven during the remainder of the first half. With a 15-yard technical penalty at the opening of the second half, the Demons found themselves in a hole from which they did not emerge to make a scoring threat. The Bulldogs capitalized on their chance, and, in the late minutes of the third period, scored three points on a field goal after a series of passes had car- ried them to the Normal 13. Action up and down the field took up the major portion of the final guarter until Normal began filling the air with passes in an attempt to pull a victory away from the Bulldogs. This failed, however, and the Dogs, in one final drive, went to the Normal one, from where Michael carried the ball over and then split the uprights for the final point of the day. THE FRESHMAN GAMES The Normal Imps, baby brothers to the varsity De- mons, also had a season split with victories, ties and losses. Under the direction of Coach Walter Ledet the Imps downed Centenary ' s freshmen 21-0, lost a 6-0 heartbreaker in the mud to Magnolia A. M. while playing without the services of several first-string men, waded to a 0-0 draw with the Tech frosh, and closed their four-game schedule with a loss 6-0 at the hands of the S. L. I. Bullpups in Lafayette. Coach Ledet has developed an aggregation that will greatly bolster the Demons in their 1942 season, par- ticularly in offensive play. Ledet turned out a line heavy in weight and stubborn in their defense, and placed behind them a smooth-working set of back that will later endanger any college ' s goal line which these gridders face. Normal, 6; Southeastern Louisiana College, Hammond, La., Oct. 31, 1941 MUD! Those students unable to journey to the South- eastern game missed the wettest and one of the closest Demon games of the season. Quite a bit of surprise came to the spectators when the Lions ' vaunted aerial attack worked even in the rain. This attack, made pos- sible by the exchange of balls after each play, carried Southeastern into scoring position on four occasions, but here the ground defenses of the Demons went into action and prevented any scores. Normal played a steady, driving brand of ball on the slippery gridiron and scored on Bambrick ' s drive from the half-yard line just before the game ' s end. Taylor ' s charge through the Lion forward wall to block their at- tempted kick was the play that set up the score. Scott also provided a nice " thrill play " when, after his kick from behind his goal was blocked, he snatched the ball from Lion linemen and streaked the oval out to the three-yard line, from where the Demon back made his second attempt good and booted the ball out of danger. As in the Delta game, the defense against passes al- most got Normal into trouble, for were it not for four beautiful goal-line stands by the forwards, the South- easterners might have been on the other end of the 6-0 score. Normal, 7; Mississippi Southern, 21 Hattiesburg, Miss., Nov. 7, 1941 First-half jitters might, in two ways, be blamed for the defeat of the Demons in Hattiesburg by the Mis- sissippi Southern eleven. Perhaps the Demons were a 191 ) bit " off " after two long road trips, and, on top of that, they faced a jittering, dashing little halfback who also had an eagle eye when the pinch came and who shot two perfect scoring passes when the Mississippians were unable to further penetrate the Demon line. Late in the first half the Demons got going and showed the Southerners a brand of football they couldn ' t cope with. Four passes close to the goal dropped through the intended receivers ' hands, however, and the Normal drives were checked. Later it remained to Starnes, Normal end, to account for the Demon score. Starnes took a pass on the Mis- sissippi three-yard line and refused to be downed by two Southerners, who hung on while he fought his way over the goal. The conversion by placement made it seven points for Normal against fourteen for the De- on ' s opponents. Mississippi came back with one more scoring drive and brought the count to 21-7, handing the Normal aggregation their second defeat of the year. Normal, 7; Ouachita College, 6 Natchitoches, La., Nov. 21, 1941 N Club homecomers were treated to an exciting grid- iron battle when the grads saw the Demons eke out a win from Ouachita College on Normal field. The De- mons came in second in yards gained and first downs registered, but finished in front on points with a 7-6 score. Captain Bama Wright accounted for the De- mon score when he took a long pass from Scott and raced over the goal standing up. Ted Wright con- verted in the last seconds of the first half. This incident was an almost exact duplication of the game between the two teams last year, when a last-minute pass netted the Demons enough points for a victory. Ouachita threw a scare into Demon supporters when, in the fourth pe- riod, the Tigers scored from the three. Their attempt at conversion failed, however, and the Arkansas eleven was downed, 7-6. Schumacher goes up in an attempt to block Southwestern ' s punt. Johnson takes one of Scott ' s bullet passes. Normal, 0; Southwestern, 6 Natchitoches, La., Nov. 27, 1941 Bowing before the Bulldogs of S. L. I., the Demons closed out the 1941 season holding third place in L. I. C. standings. Southwestern ' s winning marker came in the second period upon the interception of a Demon pass, followed by a completed pass and eight line plays by the Dogs. For a moment it looked like no score, for the Lafayette boys failed to go over on three running plays within the 5-yard stripe, but chalked up a 6-pointer on the fourth attempt. Annual event preliminary to the Southwestern game — burning of the Bulldog. The Shreveport parade and the bench as Tech scored the final points of the day. T. Wright blocks Southwestern ' s extra point try. The Demons missed the pass combination of Scott to Bama Wright and the play of James Sweeney on the defense, for Wright was inactive with an injured leg, and Sweeney was on the sidelines with a chest injury sustained in the Hattiesburg game. Bulldog defenses cracked repeatedly, however, when Normal forwards opened holes to allow Demon backs to chalk up nice gains, but the only scoring threat the Demons made was checked when, on third down, they were penalized from the one-foot line and lost the scoring chance. The De- mons picked up 199 net yards and 12 first downs to I I yards and 7 first downs for the visitors, but could not develop a scoring punch. E. Wright on his six-point dash against Ouachita Coach John S. Kyser uses some of his technical words on the boys. T E N N S The Demon netmen were well justified in claiming the L. I. C. Championship by being the only team undefeated in confer- ence competition. While winning eight meets, they lost only three, these three being to non-conference teams. A trip to Lafayette in the late spring to enter the Louisiana Intercol- legiate Conference Tennis Tournament found the Demons on top. Angle and Bolton won top honors in doubles, while Angle placed second in singles. Bolton, veteran member of the team, racked up the best record for the season by winning a total of ten matches while losing only two. Prospects for the 1942 season are very bright with the return of three lettermen. A promising addition is Earl Wil- liamson, who comes up from the freshman squad. ANGLE BOLTON W ILSON Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal RESULTS 6; Centenary 2; East Central Oklahoma 2; Southeast Oklahoma 5; Mississippi State 6; Louisiana Tech . 6; Louisiana Tech 6; Centenary 4; Southwestern . . 5; Mississippi College 5; Millsaps . ... 0; Louisiana State 3; Southwestern . . . HARRIS 1. Solemn faces — the ghost of the Southwestern Bulldog. 2. Raymond Breazeale and Instructor Evans with their first-semester flying class. 3. The Swing Kings (see 9). 4. Theta Sigma Upsilon throws a big party for its new pledges — cokes. 5. Besmeared Phi Kappa Nu neophytes. 6. Half-time pause — and the band ' s S. L. I. formation. 7. Yeah — even went to a few classes. 8. Potential Toscaninis — Sigma Chi Alpha initiation 9. are the cause of these exhilirated expressions. McDermott and Botzong reach for a high one. THE SQUAD BASKETBALL I h m Seated: Sanders, England, Ford, Morris, Townsend, Perkins, Ward, Pooler. Kneeling: Easley, Knighten, Elkins. Dupree, Crawford. L. Prather, Benton, Verbus. Standing: Coach Prather, Love, Botzong, Haile, Nicosia, Hudson, Richie, W. Prather, McDermott. Warren, Assistant Coach Cheves. THE SEASON Starting his 29th season as Normal ' s basketball coach, H. Lee Prather found his 1942 edition of the team ex- tremely shy in regard to experienced men. Only two lettermen — Botzong and Morris — returned from the team that won the L. I. C. Co-championship in 1941. Coach Prather was forced to rely on a squad top-heavy in sophomores and freshmen. This lack of experience was clearly evident in the opening games of the year, but as the season progressed a definite improvement could be noticed. The games that the Demons lost were usually lost by comparatively close scores, usually only five or six points separating them from their opponents. In the L. I. C. race the Demons finished fourth, winning two and losing six for a percentage of .333. In all games played against college opponents the Demons dropped eleven engege- ments while winning five. A new addition to the schedule of the season was a series of games with teams from nearby army camps. The Demons were victorious in all seven of these en- gagements. [97] RESULTS THE GUARDS Kneeling: Pooler, Nicosia, Love, Townsend, El kins. Standing: Haile, Richie, W. Prather, Warren. Normal . . . ... 30; Oklahoma .... .... 38 Normal . . . 35; Oklahoma .... .... 42 Normal . . . 52; Arkansas .... .... 28 Normal . . . 46; .... 22 Normal . . . 32; La. Tech .... .... 38 Normal . . . 30; Centenary .... .... 35 Normal . . . ... 38; .... 32 Normal Normal 47; La. Tech Normal 38; Southeastern 56 42 59; La. College 56 Normal 32; Loyola 46 Normal 49; Southwestern 54 Normal 33; Southwestern 38 Normal 56; Southeastern 60 Normal 48; Loyola 62 Normal 53; La. College 31 THE FORWARDS Left to Right: Crawford, Sanders, Benton, Knighten, Ward, Perkins, Morris, Ford, L. Prather, England, Dupree, Verbus iv U rJ A C T N SIX SCORING SHOTS: Haile at Pineville, Crawford at Ruston, Morris against Southeastern, Benton at Ruston, McDermott at Ruston, Richie at Ruston. Botiong scores the first two points of the L. I. C. season. I A Left to right: Hot feet of Taylor, Carbo and Gerson. Normal ' s trackmen opened their 1941 season in a bit- too-tough competition when the Rags-Turpin-coached men met Louisiana State University, North Texas Teach- ers and other big squads in the Southwestern relays held on the University campus in Baton Rouge. Unable to capture any first places, the Demons rolled up their share of seconds and thirds and at no time were com- pletely outshown by the major track teams entered in the meet. In a triangular meet with Southwestern and Loyola in New Orleans, it took a tie for first in the broad jump and a victory in the mile relay, the last two events on the card, for the Demons to gain a winning total of 48 points to Southwestern ' s 46. Loyola came in third in the field of three, but that ' s nothing — the Wolves amassed 41 points, at that. Only seven points separated the first and third-place teams, and that is the story of a very close meet, decided only on the last two events. First places went to Webb (100-yard dash), Botzong (120-yard high hurdles), Carbo (220-yard low hurdles), Red Lee (pole vault), Cummings, who split a first with the Loyola broad-jump entry, and the mile relay team of Mayer, Walker, E. Wright and Webb. Additional points were 94 2 Bama noses out Southwestern ' s entry. garnered through second and third places by Hollis, E. Wright, Carbo, who placed in four events to walk off with 12 points and top scoring honors, Webb, Allen, Tay- lor and Starnes. Playing host to Southwestern and Centenary, the De- mon thinclads had an easy time in rolling up 71 1-2 points, followed by the Bulldogs with 52 1-2 and the Gents, who eked out I I markers. The Demons went out to win right from the first and were never headed. Carbo again led the way in points, amassing a total of 12 1-2 from a first, two seconds, a third and a tie for third. Bama Wright provided the most beautifully run race of the afternoon when, in the last four feet, he overcame the lead of the S. L. I. entry to take first place in the 440-yard dash. Other Demons who took [100 j TRACK COMPETITION Starnes throws a loop in the javelin. Botzong and Carbo take first and second places in L. I. C. hurdles. Red Lee goes over a high one. first places in their specialties were Lee, Tyler, Botzong, Webb, Hollis, Carbo and the relay team of Mayer, Walker, Wright and Webb. Hollis, Walker, Taylor, Bourn, Carbo, Webb, Starnes, Bollier, Nation, McSwain, Gibson, and McDermott added points through second and third places. Entering the L. I. C. meet held by S. L. I. in Lafayette, the Demons were conceded to have the top aggregation, Burnell Webb takes the L. I. C. hundred. Hollis cleanly outdistances all opposition as he breaks the tape. Gerson to Wright — L. I. C. relay. Tyler goes over. but disaster struck when the extremely rough South- western track caused Bullet Webb to pull a leg muscle in the 220-yard dash after he had bested other entries in the 100-yard event. The loss of Webb ' s usual first- place points in the 220 and the loss sustained by the relay team racing without Webb as anchor man enabled Southwestern to walk off with meet honors with 82 1-2 points, followed by Normal with 69 1-2 points, Cen- tenary with 7, Tech with 4 and Southeastern with a score of I. First places were taken by Webb, Lee and Botzong, while Carbo, McDermott and Hollis took sec- onds and thirds. Led by Zolon Stiles and Carlton Johnson, the fresh- man track squad entered several meets during the year, included in which were the Southwestern Relays at Baton Rouge and tiffs with freshman teams from L. I. C. col- leges. J ohnson and Stiles expecially show much promise on the cinders, and others who scored points in fresh- man meets include Free, James Taylor, Glover, Dunn, Rutherford, Brown, Lutgring, Findley and Crews. THE FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM Stil. Johnson BASEBALL One of the few hits we got Cracker Brown ' s 1941 nine ' s season was a disastrous one, for the Demon diamond crew dropped every one of their engagements — four to Southwestern Louisiana Institute, four to Louisiana Tech, and three to the Centenary Gentlemen. Lack of interest in baseball on the campus by the students has resulted in a curtailment, to a degree, of the sport, and it is not now listed as one of the major varsity sports. developed into one of the still fewer runs we made. Moving fast, but not fast enough. The Normal pitcher sends one down the middle. Ted Wright starts a slide into third. ACTIVITIES-SPORTS HEALTH EDUCATION NTRAMURALS W. A. A. Right: Guy Nesom, head of the Physical Education Department, with Elizabeth Cunningham of Women ' s Physical Education, and Intramural Director Walter Ledet. AND ALL FOR THE PLAY AND RELAXATION W ffBBfln HOURS OF PRACTICE BUT A LOT OF FUN SAKE OF ANOTHER TROPHY H OFFICERS SIDNEY GREMILLION President BETTY WILLIS LEDET Vice-President MARY LEDA SCHLERNITZAUER . Rec. Secretary ELAINE CARVILLE . . . Corresponding Secretary BETTY BELL Treasurer MEMBERS BETTY WILLIS LEDET .... Delta Sigma Epsilon VERNA LOU BARNES . . . Delta Sigma Epsilon ELMIRE ROUSSEL Delta Sigma Epsilon BETTY BELL Pi Kappa Sigma ADDIE BUTLER Pi Kappa Sigma BETH FUNDERBURK Pi Kappa Sigma ELAINE CARVILLE .... Theta Sigma Upsilon SHIRLEY BACKES .... Theta Sigma Upsilon BEVERLY D. HUGHES . . . Theta Sigma Upsilon MARY LEDA SCHLERNITZAUER Sigma Sigma Sigma JULIENNE DAVID Sigma Sigma Sigma MARY JEAN SWIFT .... Sigma Sigma Sigma SIDNEY GREMILLION . . . Alpha Sigma Alpha VIOLA CARAWAY Alpha Sigma Alpha AVA LOUISE LESTER .... Alpha Sigma Alpha MIMLL c PIJ ' First Row: Backes, Barnes, Bell. Second Row: Butler, Caraway, Carville. Third Row: David, Funderburk, Gremillion. Fourth Row: Hughes, Ledet, Lester. Fifth Row: Roussel, Schlernitzauer, Swift. ri u 1 1. The Women ' s Panhellenic Council is composed of three repre- sentatives from each of the five sororities and tends to foster a friendlier attitude among the sororities. Each year it sponsors two social events, a tea in the fall for the new women students and a formal dance in the spring. tun nnnnnn First row: Aaron, P. Barnes, V. Barnes, Becnel, Bozeman. Second row: Cade, Campbell, Collier, Collins, Crosby. Third row: M. Edgerton, S. Edgerton, Gibson, Hughes, Hyams. Fourth row: Keyser, Keith, Lambert, Lawton, Lawney. Fifth row: Ledet, McCrea, Mac- Curdy, McGinty, McMullen. Sixth row: Moss, Neill, Payne, Rice, Roussel. Seventh row: B. Shugg. J. Shugg, Sibley, Simpson, Whitehead, Willis. DELTA HI Delta Sigma Epsilon was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, September 23, 19 14. Phi Chapter was installed at Louisiana Normal College in 1926. [ 112] OFFICERS BETTY WILLIS LEDET President JUSTINE RUTH LAMBERT. . . .Vice-President BETTY CAMPBELL Recording Secretary BETTY NELKEN .... Corresponding Secretary CATHERINE COLLINS Treasurer MEMBERS 1942 Betty Campbell, Adelaide Hyams. Justine Ruth Lambert, Betty Willis Ledet. 1943 C. C. Aaron, Verna Lou Barnes, Catherine Collins, Stella Edgerton, Jane Keith, Marilyn Keyser, Vir- ginia McCrea, Betty Nelken, Patsy Sibley. 1944 Frances Barnes, Marie O. Becnel, Mavis Cade, Jane Calhoun, Madge Gibson, Charlotte Lawney, Charlotte MacCurdy, Mary Joy Payne, Elmire Roussel, Myrtice Simpson. 1945 Gayle Bozeman, Marjorie Collier, Marie Crosby. Mary Frances Edgerton, Emily Lou Hughes, Mar- tha Sue Lawton, Yvonne McGinty, Rose M. Mac- Mullen, Marjorie Lawless Moss, Adele Neill. Norma Rice, Blanche Shugg, June Shugg, Joan Whitehead, Em Willis. PATRONESSES Mrs. C. C . Stroud, Mrs. L. J. Alleman, Mrs. Mattie Breazeale. FACULTY ADVISER Miss Annetta L. Wood. rsuii Colors: Olive Green and Cream. Flower: Cream Tea Rose. OFFICERS MARY LEDA SCHLERNITZAUER . . . President MARY KATHRYN GRIFFIN . . . Vice-President MARGIE COBB .... Corresponding Secretary MARY JEAN SWIFT . . . . Recording Secretary ELAINE TRULY Treasurer MEMBERS 1942 June Briclcell, Gloria Eldred, Mary Leda Schlernit- zauer, Elaine Truly, Margaret Waller. 1943 Margie Cobb, Wanda Dennis, Alleyne Ferguson, Mary Kathryn Griffin, Gretchen McLean, Mary Jean Swift, Ruth Turner, Nellie White, Beverly Whittington. 1944 Dorothy Bell, Marjorie Butler, Juanita Craig, Ju- lienne David, Margaret Griffin, Harriette Haw- thorne, Geneva Newberry, Vicky Sansing, Jean Simmons, Jane Wilson, Elizabeth Wyche. 1945 Fern Bremer, Daisy Brown, Alice Collier, Virginia Cook, Eva Lee Ferguson, Doris Ford, Opal Mad- den, Maxwynne Moore, Bonnie Jean Morrow, Dora June Roberson, Ann Smith, Voncille Williams, Colleen Woods. PATRONESSES Mrs. R. B. Williams, Mrs. J. H. Williams, Mrs. Edwin L. McCLng. FACULTY ADVISERS Miss Thera Stovall, Mrs. June Mahan. First row: Bell, Bremer, Brickell, Brown, Butler. Second row: Cobb, Collier, Craig. David, Dennis. Third row: Eldred, Ferguson, Ford, Margaret Griffin, Mary K. Griffin. Fourth row: Hawthorne, Madden, McLean, Moore, Morrow. Fifth row: Newberry, Roberson, Swift, Stovall, Smith. Sixth row: Simmons, Schlernit auer, Sansing, Truly, Turner. Seventh row: Waller, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Wyche. 5 II SIGMA SIGMA Colors: Purple and White. Flower: Violet. Sigma Sigma Sigma was founded at Virginia State Teachers College, Farmville, Virginia, in 1898. Alpha Zeta Chapter was installed at Louisiana State Normal College in 1928. [1131 First row: Austin, Aycock, Backes, Baxley, Bell. Second row: Bjatt, Elizabeth Burford, Evelyn Burford, Carville, Cleveland. Third row: Doerr, Elder, Faith, French, Holcombe. Fourth row: Hanlon, Haupt, Hochenedel, Hubley, Hughes. Fifth row: Langlois, Law, Leete, Lester, Koonce, Marmande. Sixth row: Messa, Messer, Montegut, Montgomery, Nabours, Pinckley. Seventh row: Reed, Samec, Sanders, Smith, Scherz, Warner. MEM SIGMA OFFICERS ELAINE CARVILLE President BEVERLY D. HUGHES Vice-President ADAIR SCHERZ Secretary ELIZABETH BURFORD Treasurer MEMBERS 1942 Maxine Aycock, Elizabeth Burford, Elaine Carville, Beverly D. Hughes, Jeanne Langlois, Adele Messa, Ann Montgomery, Nell Nabours, Mary Lucille Reed, Frances Wood Samec, Adair Scherz. 1943 Shirley Backes, Dorothy Cleveland, Ruth Hanlon, Ruth Hochenedel, Dorothy Lester, Bonnie Mae Messer, Adelaide Smith. 1944 Joyce Baxley, Lillian Bell, Maxine Bell, Shirley Black, Margery Buatt, Melba Law, Virginia Leete, Virginia Lea Marmande, Peggy Montegut, Louise P inckley, Doris Lynn Smith, Marjorie Warner. 1945 Mattie Mae Austin, Evelyn Burford, Jane Doerr, Betty Elder, Jo Ann Faith, Margaret French, Norma Ruth Holcombe, Winifred Hubley, Helen Koonce, Mildred Sanders. FACULTY ADVISER Miss Hope Haupt. mm Theta Sigma Upsilon was founded at Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Kansas, in 1907. Kappa Chapter was installed at Louis- iana State Normal College in 1928. [ 114] Colors: Rose and Silver. Flower: Rose. 9 OFFICERS BETTY BELL President ADDIE BUTLER Vice-President EDLEEN GUNN Secretary NOELLA LYONS . . . Corresponding Secretary KATHLEEN SCOTT Treasurer MEMBERS 1942 Phoebe Bowman, Addie Butler, Marie Louise Marin. 1943 Betty Bell, Elizabeth Bozeman, Frances Drake, Dor- othy Elston, Elizabeth Elston, Beth Funderburk, Barbara Gillis, Helen Greening, Helen Henson, Mary Ann Ogden, Janet Shivley. 1944 Billie Elston, Edleen Gunn, Jo Jo Hall, Noella Lyons, Joyce Rivet, Martille Robinson, Kathleen Scott, Kathrine Scott, Aileen Sompayrac, Lillie Rob Sterling, Norma Worley. 1945 Yvonne Cargile, Dorothy Corne, Mary Frances Few, Mary Ida Ragan, Mary Agnes Turpin, Ann Williams. PATRONESSES Mrs. Lillian G. McCook, Miss Mary Winters, Mrs. Lily Ducournau, Mrs. Chris Hayne. FACULTY ADVISER Miss Debbie Pinkston. I .fl fi ft © is A s First row: Bell, Butler, Bowman, Bozeman. Second row: Cargile, Come, Drake, B. Elston. Third row: D. Elston, E. Elston, Few, Funderburk. Fourth row: Gillis, Greening, Gunn, Hall. Fifth row: Henson, Lyons, Ogden, Ragan. Sixth row: Rivet, Robinson, Kathleen Scott, Kathryn Scott. Seventh row: Sompayrac, Sterling, Turpin, Williams, Worley. P I KAPPA 5 I G I Colors: Turquoise Blue and Gold. Flowers: Jonquil and Forget-Me-Not. Pi Kappa Sigma was founded at Upsilante, Michigan, November 17, 1894. Alpha Delta Chapter was installed at Louisiana State Normal College in 1928. [115] € £ A 4 First Row: Alexander, Allen, Barlow, Barr, Bayard, Bernard. Second Row: D. Brock, E. Brock, Byers, Caraway, Cheves, Clay. Third Row: Caillouet, Davis, Gill, Gremillion, Hawkins, Holland. Fourth Row: Horn, Jones, Killen, A. Lester, M. Lester, McDade. Fifth Row: Miller, Mobley, Myers, Nance, Parker, Rush. Sixth Row: Rhodes, Ramsey, Selby, Self, Simpson, Smith. Seventh Row: Spence, Sutton, Tomlinson, Wardlow, Young. OFFICERS SIDNEY GREMILLION President AVA LOUISE LESTER Vice-President CECIL MAE CAILLOUET . . Recording Secretary MARY ELIZABETH BARR . Corresponding Sec ' y HELEN CLAY Treasurer MEMBERS 1942 Mary Elizabeth Barr, Cecil Mae Caillouet, Sidney Gremillion. Ruby Jones, Ava Louise Lester, Velma Nance, Judith Tomlinson. 1943 Billie Cheves, Helen Clay, Joy Lea Davis, Louise Hawkins, Elaine Killen, Peggy Myers, Etoile Mobley, lona Sutton, Elizabeth Wardlow. 1944 Claire Alexander, Carolyn Allen, Gloria Bernard, Elizabeth Brock, Billie Byers, Viola Caraway. Betty Jean Gill, Adeline McDade. Eleanor Ramsey, Rivers Rhodes, Sarah Jane Simpson, Wilda Ruth Smith. 1945 Janice Barlow, Gloria Bayard, Dorothy Jane Brock, Ruth Guillory, Pauline Holland, Evelyn Horn, Mary Lester, Annie Sue Miller, Willie D. Rush, Dorothy Jane Selby, Merle Self, Mary Spence, Ella Bess Tomlinson, Madge Young. PATRONESSES Mrs. W. E. Brock, Mrs. A. Hargis, Mrs. Grace Himel, Mrs. Harry Suddath. • FACULTY ADVISER Miss Clio Allen. ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Alpha Sigma Alpha was founded at State Female School, Farmville, Virginia, in 1901. Psi Psi Chapter was installed at Louisiana State Nor mal College in 1931. [ 116] Colors: Red and White. Flowers: Aster and Narcissus. OFFICERS RALPH FINLEY President JOHN PAUL MEAGHER ERNEST WRIGHT Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS RALPH FINLEY Lambda Zeta JAMES HOPPER Lambda Zeta CHARLES ROBERTS WARREN ALLEN Lambda Zeta Sigma Tau Gamma JOHN PAUL MEAGHER Sigma Tau Gamma G. F. THOMAS, JR. .... Sigma Tau Gamma PAUL STAHLS Phi Kappa Nu ALDEN VIGE Phi Kappa Nu ERNEST WRIGHT Phi Kappa Nu First Row: Allen, Finley, Hopper. Second Row: Meagher, Roberts. Stahls. Third Row: Thomas. Vige, Wright. fl NCIL The Interfraternity Council was organized at the college in the Spring term of 1938 to create a more congenial relationship among the fraternities on the campus. The organization is composed of three elected representatives from each of the three social fraternities on the campus and directs all fraternity affairs, especially those matters in regard to rushing and pledging, and has the authority to settle matters of contro- versial nature which arise among the fraternities. [ U7J First row: Ballard, Cunningham, Cot, Finley. Second row: Gerlach, Hanchey, Holmes, James Hopper. Third row: John Hopper, Hudson, Palmer, Parker. Fourth row: Roberts, Tilley, Timon, Wallenberg. Fifth row: Warren, Willis. OFFICERS RALPH FINLEY President ROBERT PALMER Vice-President VERNON WARREN Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS 1942 Ralph Finley, Norman Hanchey, Jim Hopper, Rob- ert Palmer, Frank Simmons, James Tilley. 1943 Thad Ferrell, Otho Harrison, Dennan Holmes, John Hoppe r , Charles Parker, Lee Prather, Jr., Charles Roberts, Ver non Warren. 1944 Bill Barnhill, Marvin Boydstun, A. L. Bowers, Nor- man Cox, Buddy Holder, Pat Lawney, Leroy Mil- ler, Jr., W. E. Timon, Ellis Wallenburg. 1945 Basil Ballard, George Brown, John David, G. P. Gerlach, Millard Hudson, Tony Manich, Albert Saucier, Jim Walker, A. C. Willis. FACULTY ADVISER Charles Cunningham. L I I I I I ri I j i i Lambda Zeta, a local fraternity, was founded on the Louisiana State Normal College campus in 1924. r U8i Colors: Green and White. OFFICERS JOHN MEAGHER President WARREN ALLEN Vice-President ROBERT CLARK Secretary COLEMAN FORSYTH Treasurer MEMBERS 1942 Warren Allen, Ralph Butler, Clifford Chapman, Robert Clark, Oneil Decoteau, Coleman Forsyth, George Johnson, Joseph Krider, Scriven Swett. 1943 Perry Angle, Toxy Bourn, Kent Buckingham, Charles Durham, Crowell Eddy, Kingston Eversull, Le Roi Eversull, Elliott Ginsburg, Aubrey Kendrick, Dwight MacCurdy, C. M. McSwain, John Meagher, James Richard, Billy Tannehill, G. F. Thomas, Jr., Alton Townsend. 1944 Johnny Allen, J. N. Brown, Chris Caver, Sammy Griffin, Elmo Hill, Willard Hollenshead, John Howell, George Krider, Howard Moss, Rollin Slack, Ray Thigpen, Kemp Tucker, Henry Voltz. 1945 John Beard, H. B. Burley, Billy Byrd, Fred Clay, W. E. Cooley, John Dickerson, Bill Eason, Purvis Landry, Ralph McFarland, Matt Milam, Harry Miller, Herman Randell, Roger Sherman, Don Smith, C. G. Snoddy, Jr., Johnny Thompson, Tommy Thompson, Harold Tinsley, John Verbus, Ralph Ward, A. L. Wilson, Ivan Woodward. FACULTY ADVISER Robert Easley. First row: J. Allen, W. Allen, Angle, Beard. Second row: Bourn, Buckingham, Clark, Caver. Third row: Decoteau, Eddy, K. Eversull, L. Eversull. Fourth row: Forsyth, Hill, Hollenshead, Howell, Johnson. Fifth row: J. Krider, MacCurdy, McSwain, Meagher, Milam. Sixth row: Moss, Sherman, Slack, Smith, Snoddy. Seventh row: Tannehill, T. Thompson, Thigpen, Tucker, Voltz. SI li IN 111 I1MM1 Colors: Blue and White. Flower: White Rose. Sigma Tau Gamma was founded at Warrensburg, Mo., June 28, 1920. Nu Chapter was installed at Louisiana State Normal College on January 29, 1929. [119] I 3 T First row: B. Bell, J. Bell, Bookter, Botzong, Carlin. Second row: Carbo, Chachere, Clark, Craton, Donaldson. Third row: Duco, Gaspard, Gibbs, Hall, Johnson. Fourth row: G. Jeter, E. Jeter, Knighten, Loftin, McDermott. Fifth row: Martin, Mayer, Rabun, Scott, Smart. Sixth row: Southerland, C. Stahls, P. Stahls, Terry, Turner. Seventh row: Vige, Warner, E. Wright, T. Wright. P II Phi Kappa Nu, a local ' fraternity, was founded on the Louisiana State Normal College campus on October I 7, 1929. r 120] OFFICERS ERNEST WRIGHT President BILLY BELL Vice-President J. C. CARLIN Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS 1942 Jack Bell, Horace Clark, James Gaspard, Ross Golson, Philip Loftin, George Martin, Sol B. Mayer, Bill Smart, Charles Stahls. Paul Stahls, Ernest Wright, Ted Wright. 1943 Wilbur Botzong, Morris Carbo, Eldon Chachere, Merrell Knighten, Ed McDermott, Z. C. Rabun. Jr., Theophile Scott, Tom Paul Southerland. 1944 Tommy Bambrick, Billy Bell, Henry Bollier, J. C. Carlin, James Craton, Elwood Donaldson. John Duco, Warren Gray, James Hall, Grady Jeter, Carlton Johnson, Dwight Morris, Zolon Stiles, James Taylor, James Terry, Floyd Turner, Alden Vige. 1945 Carl Benton, Claude Bookter, Ray Clawson, David Curry, Leon Dunn, Q. T. Ford, John Gibbs, Elmer Jeter, Raymond Ledet, Jerry Pooler, Emory War- ren, Walter Young. I 1 P P I I I Colors: Red and White. Flower: Charles Russell Rose. OFFICERS WARREN ALLEN President CHARLES RICHEY Vice-President GEORGE JOHNSON . . Recording Secretary MILT CHAPMAN . . Corresponding Secretary ELLIOTT GINSBURG Treasurer MEMBERS 1942 Warren Allen, George Johnson, Charles Richey, Winton Stonecipher, Kelly Ward. 1943 Russell Cronin, Crowell Eddy, Elliott Ginsburg. 1944 John Allen, James Bailey, Robert Gholson, Sammy Griffin, Willard Hollenshead, John Partes, Ralph Rousseau, Henry Voltz. 1945 Billy Brown, Milt Chapman, Lester Cifreo, Thornton Flnley, Bob Jordan, Gordon Parker, Charles Rag- gio, Herman Saizan, Don Mike Stothart. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Lorane Brittain, Dwight Davis, Walter Mason, Edwin Shannon, Sherrod Towns. IH ft s II A First row: J. Allen, W. Allen, Bailey, Brittain. Second row: Brown, Chapman, Cifreo, Cronin. Third row: Davis, Eddy, Finley, Gholson. Fourth row: Ginsburg, Griffin, Hol- lenshead, Johnson. Fifth row: Jordan, Mason, Parker, Parks. Sixth row: Raggio, Richey, Rcusseaux, Saizan, Shannon. Seventh row: Stonecipher, Stothart, Towns, Voltz, Ward. ii mil Colors: Black and Red. Sigma Chi Alpha was organized on the Louisiana State Normal College campus in 1939, and is an honorary music fraternity. At present the fraternity is petitioning Phi Mu Alpha, national fra- ternity, for membership. [121 I First Row: Antilley, Barr, Butler. Second Row: Chandler, Davis, Fargerson. Third Row: German, Herren, James Hopper, John Hopper. Fourth Row: Palmer, Salter, Shaw, Warner. OFFICERS MARY ELIZABETH BARR President ELAINE KINCHEN Vice-President MARJORIE BUTLER Secretary JIM HOPPER Treasurer LYVONNE GERMAN Worship Chairman KATHERINE SHAW .... Personnel Chairman NADYNE FARGERSON . World Friendship Chmn. JANE DAVIS Bible Study Chairman MRS. IRVING ZEIDMAN . . . Drama Chairman IRVING ZEIDMAN . . Peace Education Chairman BOBBY PALMER, LOIS ANTILLEY Recreation Chairmen GERTRUDE HERRON, BERTENE WARNER . . Public Relations Chairmen JOHN HOPPER . . Literature and Training Chmn. O. L. SALTER .... Church Relations Chairman MISS MAMIEJ CHANDLER Wesley Foundation Chairman REV. CARL F. LUEG .... Pastor, Natchitoches Methodist Church TB n L III FOUNDATION The Wesley Foundation on the campus offers to students understanding counsel and guidance and a Christian interpretation of life. It seeks to lead students into active participation in the church. It links Methodist students on state campuses with Methodist students on church-owned campuses through the Methodist Student Movement. The Wesley Foundation Center in the Stu- dent Roligious Center is a place where students may c6me at any time to meet their friends and enjoy the fellowship of kindred minds. I 122 I u OFFICERS RALPH BUTLER President JEWEL WATSON . . . Enlistment Vice-President WINIFRED HILLIARD Devotional Vice-President MARJORIE ABNEY .... Social Vice-President LOIS RUTH MILLWEE Secretary ALTON TOWNSEND Treasurer PERRY HOLLIS Publicity Chairman CHARLES RICHEY Music Director ELAINE KILLEN Town Representative FREDA LOWRY . . Sunday School Representative CECIL OWENS B.T.U. Representative WANDA LOWRY .... Y.W.A. Representative J. E. TULLOS Magazine Representative MISS JOSEPHINE HARRIS . Student Counsellor PROF. H. J. COLVIN . Faculty Representative REV. STANLEY E. WILKES Pastor, Natchitoches Baptist Church First Row: Abney, Butler, Colvin. Second Row: Harris. Hilliard, Hollis. Third Row Killen, F. Lowry, W. Lowry. Fourth Row: Millwee, Owens, TuMos, Watson. 1H BAPTIST STUDENT ANION The Baptist Student Union, an organization sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention, was organized at the Louisiana State Normal in 1927. It is a unit in both the State and South-wide Baptist Student Union, and is composed of all Baptist students who are members of the Sunday School, Training Union, Young Women ' s Auxiliary or the local Baptist Church. Its work is directed by an executive council and committees which make up the larger council, under the leadership of the pastor of the local church and the student counsellor, who is maintained by the church. This year, for the second year in succession the Normal B.S.U. reached the standard requirements for First Magnitude Baptist Student Union, which is quite a distinction and achieve- ment. I 12) I First Row: Carville, Chachere, Decoteau. Second Row: Gremillion, Landry, Marcello. Third Row: Mayeaux, Moncla, Rivet. Fourth Row: Smith. Swift, Vige, Warren. N II A N The Newman Club is a club of Catholic culture and Catholic fellowship, organized in non-Catholic colleges and universities of the United States. The purposes of the Newman Clubs are religious, educational and social, in that order. Activities of the club include corporate communions, discussion study clubs, retreats, parties, picnics and dances. The chapter of the Newman Club at the Louisiana State Normal College was established in the fall of 1935. I 12-1 I OFFICERS ADELAIDE SMITH President ONEIL DECOTEAU First Vice-President ANNA BELLE LANDRY . . Second Vice-President MARY JEAN SWIFT . . . Recording Secretary VIVIAN MARCELLO Treasurer ALDEN VIGE Historian ELDON CHACHERE Marshal ELAINE CARVILLE Registrar VERDIE GREMILLION Chorister JOYCE RIVET Lectur LINA WARREN Jeweiry Agent LEONIE MONCLA Recorder ELISE MAYEAUX Librarian CHAPLAIN Reverend Father L. R. Aycock FACULTY ADVISERS Eugene Watson Mrs. W. H. Pierson Mrs. Frances Phelps i: l 1 OFFICERS WANDA LOWRY President MARY ELLEN CALDWELL .... Vice-President PEGGY BARNES Secretar KATHERINE SHAW Treasurer FREDA LOWRY Program Chairman JUANITA BURT. . . Personal Service Chairman MARJORIE ABNEY Social Chairman EDITH KUHN Chorister EDLEEN GUNN Pianist CHARLENE KILLGORE . Morning Watch Chmn. JANE CALDWELL Devotional Chairman MARY ANN BARR Publicity Chairman FACULTY REPRESENTATIVES Miss Dean E. Varnado Miss Leora Blair Miss Minnie L. Odor 1 I I YWCA I Top: Abney, Burt, Barr, Barnes, Kuhn. Bottom: Caldwell, Gunn, Killgore, F. Lowry, W. Lowry, Shaw. I . I , 1 , The Young Women ' s Christian Association of Louisiana State Normal College is a member of the Young Women ' s Christian Association of the United States of America and a participant in the World ' s Student Christian Federation. The Y.W.C.A. was begun at Louisiana State Normal College in 1911 by the Union of the King ' s Daughters and the Devotional Circle, two organizations for creating greater fellowship among the women students and the faculty and drawing them closer to their Creator. The purpose is to unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God, to determine to have a part in malting this life possible for all people and in this task to seek to understand Jesus and follow Him. YAACA Top: Hodge, Hollis, Keys. Center: Laing, MacCurdy, Thigpen, Tullos. Bottom: Plunkett, Stonecipher, Wallace. 1 i I 1 OFFICERS BARTOW HODGE President HARVEY LAING Vice-President J. E. TULLOS Secretary PERRY HOLLIS Tr M. D. WALLACE Church Relations Chairman WINTON STONECIPHER . . . Music Chairman DOSWELL PLUNKETT Pianist RAY THIGPEN Social Chair ROYD KEYS Athletic Chair DWIGHT MacCURDY. . . .Publicity Chairman FACULTY ADVISERS Mr. Corley Mr. Maddox Mr. Tarlton [ I . The Young Men ' s Christian Association exists on the campus of the Louisiana State Normal College for the purpose of bringing interdenominational as well as denominational students in contact with a wholesome group of young men who are striving to achieve a balance between religion, the mind, and the body. I 126 1 ND j YM W ' OFFICERS MARGERY BUATT President ALDEN VISE Vice-President ROLLIN SLACK Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Peggy Barnes Margery Buatt Billie Byers Madge Gibson Edleen Gunn Willard Hollenshead Betty Rose Kinchen Virginia Lea Marmande Peggy Montegut Charles Odom Cecil Owens Zilda Page Joyce Rivet Elmire Roussel Vicky Sansing Rollin Slack Alden Vige Jean Vosburg Norma WoHey Howard Young FACULTY ADVISER Miss Catherine Z. Winters FRESHM A First Row: Buatt, Byers, Gibson, Gunn. Second Row: Hollenshead, Kinchen, Marmande, Montegut. Third Row: Odom, Owens, Page, Rivet. Fourth Row: Roussel, Sansing, Slack, Vige. Fifth Row: Vosburg, Worley, Young. n o y y i s s The Freshman Commission is an organization, the membership of which comes from the Young Women ' s Christian Association, the Young Men ' s Christian Association and the Newman Club. Members are elected during their freshman year and serve during their sophomore year as representatives of the college and in other capacities when called upon. y i A ■ ■■ First Row: Brown, Clark, Colvin, Daray. Second Row: Davis, James, Kelly, Lattier. Third Row: Le Blanc, Lowry, McCartney, Morrison. Fourth Row: Mouser, Pullig, Scherz, Schler- nitzauer. Fifth Row: Smith, Truly, Tucker, Turner, Wells. OFFICERS ROBERT CLARK President RUTH COLVIN Vice-President ADAIR SCHERZ Secretary-Treasurer HAZEL LE BLANC Editor DELANEY BROWN Historian MEMBERS Mrs. L. C. Brice Delaney Brown Robert Clark Ruth Colvin Dorothy L. Daray Jane Davis J. C. DeBlieux Robert Easley Alleyne Ferguson Clara Ingram Jewel James Ethel Holder Kelly Rosa Dee Lattier Hazel Le Blanc Freda Lowry Dwight McCartney N. B. Morrison C. M. Mouser Ruth Pullig Adair Scherz Mary Leda Schlernitzauer Doyle Smith Elaine Truly Edward Tucker Ruth Turner Marjorie Wells P I 1 P The purpose of this honorary commercial fraternity is to encourage, promote, extend and create interest and scholarship in the field of commerce, and to teach the ideal of service as the basis of all worthy enterprises. The requirements for membership in Alpha Nu Chapter, installed at Louisiana State Normal College in 1938, are a B average in commerce and high schol- astic avera ge In all other subjects. OFFICERS JUSTINE RUTH LAMBERT President CECIL MAY CAILLOUET Vice-President MARY ELIZABETH BARR Secretary JEWEL JAMES Treasurer BETTY CAMPBELL .... Recording Historian MISS MAMIE BOWMAN . . Chapter Counsellor MEMBERS Miss Clio Allen Mary Elizabeth Barr Mrs. Thelma Bishop Bla lock Miss Mamie Bowman Cecil May Caillouet Betty Campbell Helen Clay Miss Esther Cooley Joycelyn Crowe Mrs. Elia Boudreaux Culp Miss Martha Feltus Dr. F. A. Ford Mr. Alvin Good Winifred Hilliard Jewel James Katheryn Jobe Mrs. Ethel Holder Kelly Justine Ruth Lambert Mr. A. C. Maddox Clio Moore Miss Eve Mouton Gertrude Palmer Mr. H. Lee Prather Ada Lee Ricks Miss Nellie M. Senska Mr. A. B. Simpson Elaine Truly Miss Mary E. Winters First Row: Barr, Bowman, Caillouet, Campbell. Second Row: Clay, Crowe, Culp, Feltus. Third Row: Ford, Good, Kelly, Lambert. Fourth Row: Maddox, Prather, Ricks, Truly, Winters. KAPPA DELTA P I Gamma Phi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in education, was organized at the Louisiana State Normal College May I I, 1934. It is a professional as well as honorary society. Its purpose is to encourage high intellectual, scholastic and professional standards, and to recognize schol- arship and outstanding contributions to education. First Row: Beaird, Bell, Caldwell, Clark. Second Row: Collier, Milliard, Holcombe, Isgitr. Third Row: Johniken, Linzay, MacCurdy, Miller. Fourth Row: Moore, Nunez, Shaw, Squyres. Fifth Row: Thompson, Tyler, Vosburg, Worley. OFFICERS KATHERINE SHAW President WINIFRED HILLIARD Vice-President MARY ELLEN CALDWELL Secretary TOMMY THOMPSON Treasurer BETTY BEAIRD Reporter MEMBERS 1942 Winifred Milliard Alfreda Nunez Katherine Shaw 1943 Betty Beaird W. M. Bell Mary Ellen Caldwell Dwight MacCurdy Gwendolyn Sylvest 1944 Wilma Tyler Jean Vosburg Norma Worley 1945 Cecil Clark, Jr. Alice Collier Norma Ruth Holcombe Leta Mae Isgitt Helen Dawn Johniken Joy Linzay Marie Miller Evelyn Moore Marguerite Squyres Tommy Thompson FACULTY ADVISER A. L. Ducournau T. H. HARRIS S ' 1 J 11 L ARSHIP ASSOCIATION The Association ' s purpose is to promote co-operation between students and faculty; to promote high standards of scholarship and character, as well as to improve student life at the Louisiana State Normal College. Members of this group are selected by a faculty committee and approved by the State Board of Education after careful consideration of character, leadership and scholarship. A B average must be maintained to keep this scholarship. Mem- bers of this organization retain membership for life. OFFICERS BETTY CAMPBELL President SIDNEY GREMILLION Vice-President WINIFRED HILLIARD Secretary VIVIAN LANGLEY Treasurer MEMBERS Mary Ellen Caldwell Betty Campbell Sidney Gremillion Winifred Hilliard Vivian Langley Eddie Schumacher Gwendolyn Sylvest Elaine Truly Clara Walker FACULTY ADVISER Miss Catherine Z. Winters First Row: Caldwell, Campbell. Second Row: Gremillion, Hilliard. Third Row: Langley, Schumacher. Fourth Row: Truly, Walker. pbi i l r 1 1 1 1 n i Pi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta was founded at the Louisiana State Normal College on March 21, 1934. The fraternity is a national honorary organization which has for its pur- poses the study of history and the promotion of interest in the subject. Mem- bership is selective, bids being issued on a basis of high scholarship in history and other academic work. ;ling: Adams, Avant, Sparks, T. Wright, Nation, Wallace, Lee, Manasco, Martin. Standing: Johnson, Austin, Gerson, Knighten, Bolton, Nelken, Townsend, Brown, Sfarnes, Veuleman, E. Wright, Chachere, Turner, Bell. OFFICERS HARLEY ADAMS President MARTIN WALLACE Reporter GEORGE MARTIN Vice-President ELDON CHACHERE Degree Captain ALBERT JOHNSON Secretary-Treasurer ALTON TOWNSEND Sergeant-at-Arms SYLVAN NELKEN Faculty Adviser MEMBERS Harley Adams Johnnie Austin James Avant Jack Bell Billy Bolton William Brown J. B. Burns Eldon Chachere Joe Dees Albert Gerson Otho Harrison Albert Johnson Merrell Knighten Amos Lee Clarence Manasco George Martin Pat Nation S. W. Nelken Charles Reams Talbert Simpson Clement Sparks C. L. Starnes Sherman Tatum Alton Townsend Floyd Turner Aubrey Veuleman Martin Wallace Tracy Weems Ernest Wright Ted Wright n j i i ri I J 11 The Beta Chapter of Demeter Fraternity was organized at Louisiana State Normal College in November, 1935. It is a national professional organization having as its purpose the promotion of agriculture and scholarship among its fellow students and to create a closer relation to farm, home and community life. [132] IN APPRECIATION If the 1942 " Potpourri " has proved itself a worthy supplement to those " Potpourris " which have gone before, much of its success must be accredited to the following persons who have given their valuable time and untiring energy. We, of the staff, wish to express our sincerest appreciation to: Mr. George Atkinson of Minden, La., who contributed the portraits for the class, beauty, and organization sections, and who particularly lent his ability toward giving instruction and helpful advice about pho- tographic work throughout the book. Mrs. Daisy Abbott and Mr. P. E. Dozier and the staff of the Shreveport Engraving Company for their cooperation and work. The Benson Printing Company, particularly to Mr. Ed Benson, since the revision of the book from the original plans caused quite a headache (not only to Ed). Mr. Charles Cunningham, faculty adviser of the " Potpourri, " who took care of the very limited funds and contributed helpful advice at every turn. Especial thanks to those merchants whose advertisements follow this page, since their contributions mean much to any annual. Charles Stahls and Sam Kendrick, editors of " The Current Sauce, " for generous treatment in their paper, and for being good neighbors. 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KALMBACH-BURCKETT COMPANY Incorporated Manufacturers and Distributors of CIRCLE FEEDS Corn Millers — Flour — Grain — Hay — Seeds 1200 Block Dalzell Shreveport, La. OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND PRINTING We Print Fraternity, Sorority, and Social Stationery and THE CURRENT SAUCE THE NATCHITOCHES TIMES Phone 2727 Mrs. E. P. Cunningham, Publisher and Editor John H. Cunningham, Business Manager EXCHANGE BANK OF NATCHITOCHES 1892-1942 50 Years Continuous Service RESOURCES DECEMBER 31, 1941, OVER $1,450,000.00 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HAROLD KAFFIE President SYDNEY KAFFIE Vice-President T. G. BARNES J. H. HENRY, JR. H. L. HUGHES ARTHUR C. WATSON Vice-President DIRECTORS: HAROLD KAFFIE SYDNEY KAFFIE D. C. SCARBOROUGH O. W. TRABER Cashier H. S. COBB Asst. Cashier B. S. SWETT O. W. TRABER ARTHUR C. WATSON HOTEL NAKATOSH The Students of Normal are Always Welcome WE MAKE SPECIAL RATES FOR PARTIES Natchitoches, Louisiana NATCHITOCHES COFFEE AND SYRUP COMPANY St. Denis Coffee, Nalcatosh Coffee Quick Delivery SIBLEY ' S STORE AND STATION GROCERIES AND GOOD GULF OILS Remember us for your Fraternity and Sorority Parties 612 Normal Ave. Natchitoches WINBARG ' S D ispensers of Fine Foods Remember Us for Your Fraternity and Sorority Parties NATCHITOCHES, LA. Front Street 1 ' hone 2336 HADDAD GROCERY STORE Service Station and Cafe We handle everything the student needs Normal Ave. Phone 2812 THE NU DRUG COMPANY Second Street Elmo Cosmetics Pangburn ' s Candies WE DELIVER Phone 2386 ARDIS AND COMPANY SHREVEPORT, LA. Tile Bathrooms, Walls and Floors, Pore hes, Drain boards, Mantels, Store Fronts, Marble Work of All Kinds TRI-STATE TILE AND MARBLE CO. Incorporated Phone 3-8441 1413 Fairfield Shreveport, La. COX-PIERSON DRUG COMPANY " WHERE YOUNG PEOPLE CONGREGATE " Second and Amulet Streets Natchitoches COLFAX LUMBER AND CREOSOTING CO. COLFAX, LOUISIANA SEXTON SERVICE OFFERS YOU ▼ The only nationally advertised brand of foods prepared exclusively for the in- stitutional market. ▼ The security of endorsement by all the leading trade associations in the institu- tional field in the United States. ▼ The facilities of the only wholesale grocery company operating plants in the two principal American markets — Chicago and New York. " ▼ " As rendered by America ' s largest dis- tributors of number ten canned foods, a distinctive service on a complete assort- ment of quality foods packed in this insti- tutional size container. ▼ Home recipe pickles, relishes and con- serves from Sexton Sunshint Kitchens — delicious and appetizing. ▼ Carefully selected coffees — blends re- sulting from years of careful study roasted fresh daily at Chicago and Brooklyn. " ▼ " A selection of your needs from the largest inventory ever assembled for the particular needs of those who feed many people each day. J2H SEXTON ■ » EiUbllih«l l»S3 Edtlwtif Quality Foodl CHICAGO DALLAS BROOKLYN THE CITY OF NATCHITOCHES Wishes the Faculty Members and the Entire Student Body a Continued Success THE BEST SMALL CITY IN THE SOUTH EDWIN L McCLUNG, Mayor A. F. ORTMEYER, Commissioner of Streets and Parks G. H. PIERSON, Commissioner of Finance GEORGE SUTTON, Treasurer RAYMOND E. BREAZEALE, INC. FLYING SCHOOL TEACHING AVIATION TO NORMAL STUDENTS NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA NATCHITOCHES LUMBER YARD Phone 2747 108-1 10 Washington Street Natchitoches, Louisiana 1 £a f iavirL fl ay 1 II ll u V £li ievep,ait, JlGuidiGHG d ttfLC- Ce } m

Suggestions in the Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) collection:

Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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