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BXUBIUS 7 ' t m i mm It is the aim of this volume of the Potpourri to preserve with- in its pages a treasure-trove of memories that will be held dear to the hearts of all who leave these portals of learning. It is the wish of the staff that the in- fluence of Alma Mater permeat- ing this production, be carried onward through life by each out- going clciss. I Francis Gary Fournet Master of Science Whose occupancy of the positions of teacher of physics and supervisor of credits has made him known and loved by all — whose lively interest in all phases of college work has been directed toward the upbuild- ing of the institution, we respect- fully dedicate this issue of The Potpourri. w I. THE COLLEGE II. CLASSES III. ORGANIZATIONS IV. ATHLETICS V. VANITY FAIR i i. i J ♦ iM THE COLUMNS m THE ROAD TO KNOWLEDGE K O UJ I a. o z c o tr o o o H o Q - c- r Miimt!y ! ' ii TRAINING SCHOOL « d A CORNER OF THE LIBRARY m ' W 1 ■ .« " •• ' • .-3 B 1 1 1 1 ■M - ' - ' i V n .v ' a lpl jS I Ul oc HI I z UJ Q. o i RED RIVER BRIDGE I r " SPRINGTIME i ' .-ti m jl jjj - PRESIDENT V. L. ROY i m m 3u Jilrmuriam R. W. BOYSTUN m m N S N v. ICi s S s s s N S tr ' f f •s S s s s s s s s s s s N s s s s s s s s s s s N s s s s L JkkjLJSL... Miss Aseneth Worthington, A. B. Sixth Grade Critic Teacher Miss Estelle Cockfield Instructor in Penmanship MissTXNNiE Laurie Pujos, A. B. Instructor in English MiLEY E. Downs, B. S. Assistant Professor of Political Science William R. Horton, B. S. Assistant Professor of Natural Science , H. Lee Prather, A. B., LL. B. ' Director of Physical Training and Professor of Political Science. E ■m ' r ' -S ' :- (37) s ' V ». S INI Is SI s ISi Isl s s s I ' l |s s ivi l s N s s V V s Francis Gary Fournet. M. S. Profruor of Phytic Mrs. Orra Carroll Williamson 1 ' ourth Grade Critic Teacher u ILLIAM HaNSSLER. Associate ProfcMor A. B. E _ of the Romance Languages Ml Charles A. Wagner. A M. Associate Professor of Elducation Miss Elma Werner. B. Mus. Instructor in Piano Miss Scharlie Russell Instructor in iJbrary Science Ixl (38) xx ' Miss Mamie Etheredge, M. A. First Grade Critic Teacher Miss Mary E. Trousdale, B. S. Third Grade Critic Teacher Miss Martha Feltus, A. M. Dean of Women Professor of History Miss Helene Sliffe, A.B., Ph.B. First Grade Critic Teacher C. B. BOLAND Instructor in Penmanship Albert George Alexander, A. B. Associate Professor of English and Speech I s s s N S s « (39) urn utl9i Miss Thelma Zelenka. A. B. AMitlant Professor of Physical Education Miss Bess L. Henderson. B. S. Instructor in Home ELconomics Miss Florence Toy Instructor in Piano S. M. Byrd. a. B. Associate Professor of English DeWiti I almadce Tarlton. A.M. Assistant Professor of Social Sciences Augustus Carlyle Maddox. A. M. Professor of Mathematics (40) AA1nr XX - - XX Ar r f F I I S s s s s s s s s s N S s s s s s s s s. s s V s s N s s, s ' 1 " I iiiBr " " •di-jabk ci-ik: ! Miss Hope Haupt Assistant Professor of Art Miss Anna Ruth Nuttall, A. B. Instructor in English and Penmanship Miss Bertha Violet Haupt, A. B. Second Grade Critic Teacher ri Ira Francis Heald, A. M. Professor of Education IS i t fe Alexis Voorhies, Jr., B. S. rtr Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Science Paul Weiss, Ph. B. Associate Professor of Education g[ : FACULTY ' i ' il :iA:_iiJ8«Kiaai-s (41) j-. Miss Obdulia Velasquez. B. A Intlrucior in Spanish Miss Ora Allen Lutructor in Ait Miss Ida M. " ' ounc, A. M. Asil. Professor of Elducaiion Albert A. Fredericks. B. S. Asst. Prof. F ural FxJucation Robert Whitthorne Winstead A. B. Associate Professor of Latin Alvin Good. A. M. Professor of Social Sciences N s 1 (41) n V s s s s S s s s N s s S. J. Sibley John Edward Guardia, B. S. Associate Prof, of Geography Miss Katherine Price, B. Mus. Instructor in Music William White Tison. A. B. Associate Professor of Chemistry ■ i s 1 s s 1 . issLenora Ellen Johnson, A.M. Sixth Grade Critic Teacher R. W. Frary, B. S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics g.»g 6 n - ' ' jJhl npSBh ' l i rFACULTY C llllBliHI (48) kk -W A rt A S V S V s N S s 4i.iy ir x y 7rf Fi i AA T N S s s Mrs. Lillian G. McCook ln»tiuclor in Public School Music Miss Georgene Hughes. A. M. Profrttor of Psychology and Education Mrs. Olive E. Proudfit. B. Mus. AsiitlanI Professor of Voice and Solfeggio H. J. Sudbury. M. A. Associate Professor of hlducation and Psychology Horac E DwiGHT Martin. A. M. Professor of English and Speech Lucius Oli er McAfee. A. M. Professor of F.ducalion and Psychology (44) F M F ;r F Miss Dean Edwards Varnado, B. S. Associate Professor of History Miss Augusta Nelken, B. S. Assistant Principal Training School Miss Margaret Watson Weeks, B. S. Professor of Home Economics George Williamson Associate Professor of Biology and Physiology George C. Proudfit Director of the School of Music and Professor of Viohn J. O. Pettiss, a. B. Director of Extension (45) I If Mfi . - ' V Si N V s V N s N S s s N s N S N S V Miss Jane V. Kice. M. S. AMisiant ProfcMor of Dome iic Art Miss Inez Allen. A B. Invlructor, Lxtciuion Division Miss Edna Slaughter ' Instructor in Penmanship Jesse Charles Hazzard. Ph.D. Profnsor of Fuiglish Ralph L. Ropp. B. S. Asm Prof, of Ejiglish John S. Kyser. A. B. Assutaiu ProfcMor of Geography V S V s s s s s s V V (46) T X I li V x z TnTT 1 S N» N S N N S S s N S s s V N S s s s s s s s s s s s s s s Is S I L. J. Alleman, a. B. Professor of Education i Miss Mary Frances Davis, A. B.. B. L. I. Asst. Professor of English and Dramatic Art Miss Gussie Lee Teague, A. B. Asst. Professor of English Mrs. Eva Browning White Instructor in Physical Education — -ftr- — • I s s s s s s s s s s s N s s jpjBi m i s s s (47) Mrs. I. 1. Kaffie Official Stenographer Miss Tess Zimmerman AMistanl Librarian Mrs. a. a. Fredericks Src ' y KxIrnMon Divition Mrs. Sudie M. Lawton Secretary to PresidenI Rupert H. Cooke Purchasing Agent Miss Floy Robbins Fifth Grade Critic 1 cacher i (48) f M f W F J M W ' rfTK s N S s s •s S N s s s N S s s Mrs R. W. Boydstun Postmistress Miss Lucille Pearson t r Registrar I! W. H. Trisler Superintendent of Grounds Mrs. Hattie B. Hays Matron, Men ' s Dormitory J. Q. Bridges Night Watchman fe =-v- I (49) s s s s s s s s s s s s N V. N. S N S Is i lAiJfe •• x x rr 1,. [■ ' .. Grkhn Farm Over»ccr Mrs. William Hanssler Sirwardrs J. H. Caspari Book Store Manager Mrs. J. E. Holt. R. N. Graduate Nurse M. D. Crosby Laundry Manager Miss Gladys Breazeale Chm. Publicity CommiMee Si s s s S S N (60) s S S s s s s s s s s •s s s s s! s s s s N s I enior ci ass JeanNETTE Wemp President P. O. Robertson Vice-President IvA Mae Pierce Sect ' ]f-Treas. BRIEF. The students should be given unsupervised control of Current Sauce. MAIN ISSUES I. Do students own Current Sauce? II. Should Current Sauce be issued as college advertising matter? III. Can college students be depended on to use discretion in publication? PROOF ON NEGATIVE SIDE Students should not be given unsupervised control of Current Sauce, for I. Students do not own Current Sauce, for A. They merely pay for their subscription. (Refutation) B. Even if they do feel that they own Current Sauce, a privilege is no longer a privilege but becomes a menace when it injures that for which it was granted. II. Current Sauce should be used for advertising matter for the college, for A. The college is judged by its student publication, for, 1. The public learns of its activities and organizations in this manner. 2. It is an example of the students ' ability in practical work. B. It is the most enticing means of creating an interest in the school, for 1. It appeals to the humorous and social as well as the intellectual side. (Refutation C. Although it is argued that the public will think less of the school and the students ' ability when they do not publish the paper without supervision, this is a weak argument, for 1. Supervision is necessary for distinctive style. 2. There is little technical instruction in journalism. 3. Practical work is the most effective method of instruction, for a. Solutions can be found for real problems instead of imagi- nary ones. 4. We accept with gratitude assistance and supei ' vision in other new fields of endeavor. Why not in this? III. College students can not be relied upon to use discretion in publication, for A. The staff is too transient for every member to be capable of doing the type of work desired, for 1. Personal likes and dislikes enter into the selection. 2. Lack of familiarity with the student body on the part of the present staff prevents a wise selection. B. Although they may be mature, they lack the practical knowledge for such work. C. It takes intensive and extensive supervised training to make a successful editor. (Refutation) D. It may be argued that the faculty supervisor is a fogy; but it is a weak argument, for 1. It does not prove that students should not have supervision. 2. It does not prove that the paper would be better without a super- visor than it would be with a broader-minded individual to supervise the work. 3. A capable supervisor is much more easily selected from the faculty than a capable student from the student body. CONCLUSION I. Since the students do not own Current Sauce, but merely subscribe to it; II. Since the Current Sauce should be used as college advertising matter, and hence should be used in the most attractive form and should contain the most interesting and instructive subject matter; III. Since college students can not be depended on to use discretion in publication; therefore students should not be given unsupervised control of Current Sauce. —IVA MAE PIKRCE. i s s s s V s (53) s s jlT ' " " M ' x y T T i A y X X y I N N S s s s s s N s V S s s s N s s s s s s s i Zelda Allen . . Natchitoches Math. - Phy Sci S«cr t«ry Math. Science Club. d »i!h an rnviablr rvrnnr of trm ' rnt. rliU f«n »«y. " Why. no. I h«v» t. r. i-ht ■■ with thr »»mr irrmriuusnra n a nchularly biHik rrport or ntuin Shr ilr ' l«r » h»r mar- ral. jrct n " b Kly rvcr aw it • in thr rainy uranon. 8h» ' i nil hand who makp to littU .inr rxpiTtn twirr ton murh « urW friiiii Utffii. Faf.LYN ByRD . . Natchitoches Math. - Soc. Sci. Claa Editor for Potpourri. Shf will always l - rfnn-ml crnl bm-au c of hrr rradv ■niilr in itrrclinK. Thr rla a of wi h for you. Evrlyn. (urc in yuur ' n prufr««iun. and latrr in lifr yuor ' iTn dmirr. ■ lilllr homr in thr muon- taint of VIrvlnia with the man of your .hoicrl Letha Gibson . . Harrisonburg Math. ■ Science Clique-Claque. E. L. S.. VJc«-Pre». of Y. W. C. A. Dirrctnrn of mnnnrr and of •pr«rh charar- tiTitr thin capablr ynunu woman. Therr art- not mBn KirU that ha r nt» " line " and iiKi ai. ' .- t intor.-Ht ni.-n ; l.i-thl trlla thr l u«lnc « what ohf think and iCfti l. ith It Hit iincrrity of purpuae a» well an h -r d«t ' rininaliun maka- I.rtha a valuabli ' otudcnl and innun- hrr ■urreat in ■•M.hinir or uhat.v rr lifr work •(hi- under- tak.v J. D. Hand .... Cou hatta Engliih • Soc. Sci. Captain Football and Track Team. E. L. 5.. Oration. Y. M. C. A. Ambition, •■••upli-il with innat. ' rnpnrity fi r hard work, lenil- nucrcp-n to hl» every effort. Th«- only failure known in John Dee ' » record WB in hi-a combat with Cupid. In whirh hf beramr the victim of little Dan ' n (kllful urchery. T. Gordon Hughes. Natchitoches Engliih - HistoT]) S. A. K.. Clique-Claque. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Cla» Vice-Pret. T. G. i an in eti-rat4- artrurr and an uptimut in spile of it. Never faillnir to i|Ue tion a point if at all po»«ll le. he never forirelii the final dvcirion In rrifard to that fact — a truly irreat aiart for a bu»ine»» man. The Normal Colleite eount« him unv of it« mo t valuable friendu and expecta irreat thinir of him. Catherine Jones . . Mansfield Math. ■ Engliih E. L. S., Clique-Claque, Honor Council Chairman. Faculty Rep. " ( " •o axk Mii » Jonea- ehe ran tell you. " i» freiiuently heard herraboutn. Nobody en- tertains the leant doubt of her ability to annwer all reasonable and nome unrvaaon- alile iiuentionii. In the correctenl and mo»l approved manner A iien»e of humor and a hearty lauirh makri her a jolly rnmpanlan 1 V (64) s s s. i fnt ' ' ri ' • -■ ' JLlL i S s s s s N N S s s N S s s N s s s s Si s N N N S S s Johnnie Manning . Natchitoches Maih - Science Math. -Science Club, President, Stu- dent Body Cheerleader, Potpourri Business Manager. Isn ' t it obvious from the verv an-le ■■■■ ■•- mortar-board that Johnny is individual? Yet he does not let his special variety of blonde handsomeness interfere with his work, »or above all thinjfs. he is a Kood student. A leading spirit in the Glee Club, the Orches- tra. Y. M. C. A.. Potpourri, and the cheer- ing squad, he has eiven his time and energy for the student body, and the lasting good of L. S. N. C. G. W. McGlNTY Math. - Soc. Set. M. C. C. Parliamentarian, Math.- Science Club, Potpourri Staff, Busi- ness Manager of Current Sauce. A pile of notebooks, a haughty smile, and a hustling walk — that ' s McGinty! He ' s, too busy with classes and such college activities to bother much with girls, but he does love to argue with them in business. It has been said, on doubtful authority, however, that he has rubbed up against Main walls at noon a few times, in just as practiced fash- ion as any Normal man. Mrs. George Moffett . Gandy Music - English Editor-in-Chief of Current Sauce, Orchestra, Glee Club, and Choral Society. This versatile lady can warble a ditty or wash a dish, hold forth on a deep sociological problem or render a Chopin selection, per- form Shakespeare scenes, or manage a hus- band. She does them all well and caps the climax by editing Current Sauce. " Artie " is a general favorite, with her capability and good looks. Elmira Montgomery . . Delhi English - Soc. Set. Clique-Claque and Y. W. C. A. A straightforward method of attack of ill problems she meets, and an indomitabl? spirit of courage are hers. She has a genius for discussion and an astonishing way of getting good results where most people despair of getting any. With all her busy- ness. " Miss Montgomery " finds time to be very popular with her friends. Clara O ' Quinn . . Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. Clique-Claque. Clara has the readiest, cheeriest grin im- aginable and a nonchalant way of driving up in her Fo ' d just as the last bell rings! Al- though she can be frivolous, her grades show that she has many serious thoughts. Clara is living in a jazz age. but nothing hurries or worries her at all. neither has she bobbed hair. Violet Perry Ida English - Soc. Sci. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Clique-Claque President. Unselfishness is Violet ' s besetting sin. She seems upon first acquaintance too quiet and studious for her own good: those who know her find that she is strikingly clever. A combination of an earnest way of tackling any thing, and a shy. twinkly-eyed smile has endeared Violet to her associates. (55) m | j y x x x x xyxy x7i I s s N S s s s s s S. s s s s s s s s » N s N s S i fffwJh A I A Maf. Pif RCE . . Marthaville hngliih - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. Dramatic Club. Y. W. C. A Clique-Claque. Cla SMrvlary, Vicr-Pr i4«nt. Shr ■t-kii..w liMlirra irratrfuiiy numrroua c«. riamalion- »( " Oh. rxruar mr. I thoueht you werr a frmhirl " and turn around to wrilr a t Tm paprr or •ell llrmhry-bars fur Y. W. - rithrr with aa ca»c or efficiency nu Ph. H. could achieve. Pel ican Percy O. Robertson , falh. - Science Vice-Pret. of Math. -Science Club, frea. a( Y. M. C. A.. Vice-Pre of Clad. Current Sauce Staff. Clee Club. Choral Society. Buaineaa Man- ager el Dramatic Club. " I ' l ' -lOlTice. " likf hi» name. ma count ) M • If happy in the poaneaoion of a faculty ' i •leiving iroo l newn or had with e |U l intlitf erenri ' . No temper. Ktuid i taice-prva- ence, and irraceful manner no wonder he i» very much run after h the flapper con- tiiik-ent ! Mrs. L. Roystun . Natchitoches Rural liducalion Critic of Rural Life Club. Nothintr dutintu thin biir-henrti-d. enencetic lady in her pursuit of knowlcdite or ac iiui itiiin of friond . She ran always find a Joke, no matter how r eriou» the profe . •or. nor doe nhe he»ilate. on account of • aid prof to lauk ' h her incorriirihle lauirh. . ' ' he Clin Ket " perfectly furiout. my d«««r! " vsith ei|ual di reKnrd of per «c»n and place. Fred J. Rushing Mangham Rural hJucalion E. L. S.. Clique-Claque. Prat, of Y. M. C. A.. Glea Club. Dd you ever hear him ■inir. " Swtnit L iw, Sweet Chnr-i-ot " with the CliklubT Re ' the beat rolleiie boy and Jolly Kood fellow yoii ran picture. He i» a reiiular dml and n fine family man Makcuerite Stewart. Natchitoches Math. ■ Science Choral Society. Editorial Editor lor Currant Sauce. Clothe are not her ••ole pamiion- " I ' nrle .Inrk. " Rrowninu. Lucille ' babien. and Huirh Wnlpote are a few bri ide . I.ady Lack love Mariruerite. for she can lo»e her ' kerchief or her beloved Ford, and either will come hack noi e the wome for wear. Ruth Vernon . . Chesbrough hnfilish - Soc. Sci. Clas President, Pra . of Cliqur- Claque. Editor-in-Chief of Pot- pourri. Current Satice Staff. Inter- collegiale Debate. Y. W. C. A. Faculty Rcptoentative. Kuth ia addicte l to hard wards, but nut hopelepuly. iiecau«r mhr in ju t aa fond of play; in which reapect i he ia the hiirirrat little paradox at Normal. Bib. hrown ♦yea. hlnnde hob. and puiuant face make her one of the mont attractive persona to look upon. s s s s •s s s s N (66) W fiffFFffffifff nti V Mrs. H. J. Sudbury, Natchitoches Home Economics Another one of the versatile, home-sister- hood is Mrs, Sudbury. She is a uenius at farminif. home-ec. mother-inK. an l keepinK up with Professor " Husband. " Neither her cool white frocks nor her calm disposition are ever the least bit rumpled, even after a hard day in lab. What an efficient and pleasini? teacher she could be. if her .sphere of life were not already chosen! JeaneTTE Wemp . Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. Class President, Dramatic Club. She is dignity itself as Senior President and continually suffers from conscientiousness. but she is a human joy on the gym. floor. Daintiness and grace embodied. .lean wins admiration from everyone in everything she does. Prefacing her sage remarks with " But. Dr. Hazzard, don ' t you think-a-? " Jean takes the hardest English classes with seeming ease. She keeps herself sylph-ish and shadowlike with constant overwork. Walter S. Mitchell Many English - Soc. Sci. President Student Council, ' 24. K I U He is even more level-headed than he looks. See Senior writ large across his massive brow? Although he tends to take life too seriously, he never lacks a large circle of friends. The latter say he is wise and dignified; certainly. Normal faculty agree to say amen to that, because his record sheet is a forest of " A " s. " m V s s. " V V Mr. Roy: " Why so late, Mr. Prather? " Mr. Prather : " Last night my wife presented me with a boy. " Mr. Roys " She ' d have done better to have presented you with an alarm clock. " Mr. Prather: " I rather fancy she has, sir. " On the Bulletin Board: " If the gentleman who took my psychology notes from the cloak-rack will return them before exams, no questions will go unanswered. " Miss TeaguE: " In your story, I notice you make the owl hoot, ' to whom, ' instead of ' to whoo ' . " GeraldINE: " Yes, this is a Boston owl. " (57) lA. y y I fiifrffrfifffi Ffifi N N N S S S N N f Ml t t I J Li It x z t TX f S S s s s N N. S s s N S s s s s s s V N s s N s s s s s s i SENIORS i 4Vr x Trf ! s s s s s s s S s V V s s N N s s s v. s i I r f f w Junior Class Melba Bouanchaud President LoRiNC Terrill Vice-President Alice Joffrion Secrclarx) »t.. To An Assembly-Cutter. (With apologies to William C. Bryant.) Whither with books galore, On tip-toe across creaking floor, Far clown the hall dost thou pursue Thy solitary way? Vainly the searching eye Might mark thy distant flight and on thee si)y, As darkly painted down the hall, Thy figure floats along. Seekest thou a room where noises cease. And thou canst study there in quiet and peace, Or " Coopers " just beyond the Normal gate Where sandwiches and steaming coffee wait? There is a Power whose care, Teaches thy way up two flights of stair Where thou shouldst let thy weary foot steps k-ad Lone wandering, but not lost. Thy brain hath worked at deep things all th;; day. Hard laboring on thy part to make an " A " Yet stoop not to temptation waiting there, Beyond the portals at the hall ' s long end. Up stairs is one who leads in lusty song, So urge thy lagging steps and join the throng. And scream among thy fellows; soon shall end, Thy day of toil and thou canst claim thy rest. Thou ' rt gone! The abyss of stairs, Hath swallowed up thy form beset with cares. Deeply hath sunk the lessons that are given. And shall not soon depart. He who stands at the stairway ' s height. And guides the student in uncertain flight. In the way up that thou must tread alone. Will lead thy steps aright. —JUDITH CARVER. 1 (61) Louist: Abel Home L Franklin ome c.conenuci A. of I ' . ' ir ' President C ' liciu " - Claques. " Sincar and Worthy. " Valf-rif. Allen . . Shrcvefwrt Home Economici Ciirn-nt Sauce Staff. CliqueClaqueH. " A very fcnilr hrarl and a food conacianca. " r. A. Baker .... Homer Malh. -Phy. Sci. M. C. C. Student Body PreHldent. Qtee Club. Quartot. Choral Sot-U ' ty. Varsity F ' oolball. Hii8eball, and Traik. " Faded Old Love Letter . " Camille Barrett . New Orleans Home Economici Cllquf Plaque and Y. W. C. A.. Current Sauce Staff. " Busy at a baa. " Florence Blanchard. Bogalusa English - Latin Cliqiif Claque. A. of 1 . Pre«. " Well, you ■••, " Melba Bouanchaud, New Roads Englith - Soc. Sci. S A K. and A. of P. " On with the dance! " (62) K JL S s Mrs. Lucille Caffery, Natchitoches English - Soc. Sc ' i. S. A. K. " Like father, like daughter. " Lucille Colvin . Dubach Home Economics E. L. S. " Very meek and mild. " LOTIS De BlIEUX . Natchitoches Music - Art Dramatic Club, Clique-Claque, Associ- ate Editor of Potpourri. " A second Bernhart. " Mary Lucille De Lony, Natchitoches Art- Soc. Sci. Clique-Claque. " Gone (to teach) but not forgotten. " Alice Joffrion . . Lecompte Home Economics Clique-Claque, Junior Class Secretary. " Waxes fat on Normal diet. " Alice Kemper . . . Schriever Home Economics Clique-Claque. " Likes to study. " |al-JP-- «l-j|kiiBiJi-Hi:k| J (63) fi f ' ' ' f I OMMIF. MiLLICAN . . Decrford f.ngliih ■ Soc. Sci. ( ' liqiii-ClaqiiH unil Y W " " Hai natliing to •ay. " M. G. Richardson. Denham Spring English - Soc. Sci. M. ( ' . ( ' . unci Y M { ' . A. " U ' Rick ' without wealth. " Willie Sudduth Opelousas Kngliih ■ Soc. Sci. E L. S. rhftrlcaiU ' r. ittud( nl Hotly ( ' he»»rl»»!uler. (;!••»- ( " Iiili. Vnrsitv Fotil- ball. " Always making a racket which h calU aingint. " LORINC Tf.rrill . . Allen Home hcononiici S A K " A Cook for thr reftt of her life. " Gervais Trichel . . Shrcvcport I ntermeJiate K, I.. S.. A. of I ' .. Catholic Hiblt- c la s. " A pur Grecian type. " Alma Waller . . Tangipahoa Home Economic Cllque-Claqiie VlrePres., V V C. A. " Thrre ar« few thai dare dttpuir her word. ( 64 ) f £ N S S Pratherites, Fall ' 23 Motto : " A touchdoVfn is not made b ) ic ing; neither is success. " Colors: Green and White Flower: White Rose OFFICERS: Charles Chauvin President Mary V. Coon Vice-President Sarah Reno Secrelar ) Elizabeth Martin Potpourri Editor The Physical Changes that Take Place during the Adolescent Period. Since education is based largely on physical traits, and since physical traits laigoly determine conduct, it is very necessary that we, as prospective teachers, know what physical changes take place at certain periods of growth, especially during adolescence. It is important that we know the nature of these changes because, as it is well known, the better we understand the physical traits, the more thoroughly will we understand the individuals with whom we have to deal. By gaining such a knowledge we can all the better render service to society and humanity. The period of adolescence is one marked by many vital changes in the individual. Growth during this period is of special significance, because it is then that one under- goes the changes that largely determine his futurfe development. It is during this stage that the youth forms the habits and ideals that so profoundly influence his later life. The changes that take place during adolesence are. of course, mental and moral as well as physical, but I shall deal only with the physical. The outward appearances of the adolescent are very significant. Boys and girls, but especially boys, become very awkward, this being the result of the nature of the increase of the muscles and bones which grow lengthwise and out of proportion before they begin to fill out. Awkwardness may be noticed in the way the boy runs, plays, and acts. There are numerous internal evidences also of the appearance of this stage. The development of the heart and arteries is signficant. The heart muscles increase greatly in size and in number of contractible fibres, so that the volume of this organ is radically increased in proportion to the lumen of the arteries through which it forces blood. Alternation in voice is one of the most obvious and characteristic symptoms of this period. The face likewise undergoes an important change, lengthening and broad- ening noticeably. The brain increases little in weight but grows immensely in power. The change in the lungs appears in the increased volume. The air sacs become longer; hence much more air is taken in. Adolescence, then, is a period of intensification of all growth processes, the period of transition to physical maturity. As termed by Inglis, " It is the flood tide of develop- ment. " These changes account for the new instinctive tendencies and new emotional experiences which come to occupy the center of the psychic stage and so largely dominate the conduct of the adolescent. —GORDON CLOUTIER. (65) J J II Neva Anthony . . . Many IntermeJiale C. I.. C. and Y. V. ( ' . A. ■ S«»«t and modrcl U this chlM. " Ruth Ard . . St. Francisville IntermeJiaU M. C. ( ' .. and Y W f A " A piratant laii U Ruth W love h«r, and that ' ihr truth. " Louise Arnandez . New Iberia Engliih ■ Soc. Set. S A. K.. and A. ..f P " Sh« ' witty and ah ' wiac, H r limit arc Iha akiea. " N.1 S (6ff I f_] Daisy Babin .... Crowley Crammaf 1 S. A. K.. and A. of P " To bring happincaa to thes« that not. " havr It Helena Babin . . . Crowley Grammar S . K , and A. of V. " A merry hrart makath a che«r(ul countananca. " BuLA Mae Ballard . Marthaville InlermcJiatc C. L. C. and Y. W C A " With laughing ryra and roay chavki, Shr win a (Hand whrna ' rr ih apaak . " V KEZ I s. S s s s s s s N S S S s N N s s V s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s JLL ' Mattie Barmore " Mattie is tall with heart so true, Whate ' er you ask she tries to do. ' loLA M. BlaNCHARD, Natchitoches Pnmax ' s S. A. K. " A small representation of the real thing. " Joe Bordelon . . . Mansura English - For. Lang. S. A. K. and Choral Society. " Let the world slide. " Echo Enola Boudreaux . . . Intermediate E. L, S. and A. of P. " Full of the joy of life. " Mrs. L. p. Breazeale, Natchitoches f. Primary M. C. C. . " Silence sweeter than speech. " Mrs. Wood Breazeale, J- — Natchitoches ■ g English - Histor]) E. L. S. • " Well deserved popularity. " ffi mfiRiTEr (67) y ' i Gracf. Brou vsard . . Lorpauville Crammar S A K anil A. of I " . " Trur modrXy is • ditcvrning (raca. " Hazf.l Brown .... Marksville Intermediate M {•. C. and A. of P. " The tr«Bte t h ppin t com (ram aclivily. " Martha Brown . . I ' angipahoa Rural Education .M C. r. and Y. W. ( ' . A.. M. C. ( ' . Vice-I ' n ' w.. F ' ull. ' Tl. SocnMarv. Spring 1 . Crilic. Full. : ' :{. " To all lh» world ihou art thr %»ma. " Beatrice Buck . . Evergreen Engliih • Soc. Sci. S. A K. and Y V. ( " . A., Maskelball T. ain. LM. " Willinc and ablr. " (68) NOLA BUNN • Eros Crammar M C. V. " A fo »a y and aporly on . Who i» always lull of f jn. " Clara Bell Cameron . Patterson English - Soc. Sci. M (■ ( ' and A. of P. " Wh»r» lh»r» ii a will, tharr it a way. " m i i f f f f irt s, s s N S S S N S N S s s s s s Alva Campbell . . Monterey Rural Education E. L. S. " She was more than usual calm. " Mary Chapman Archibald Grammar S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. " Chatter, chatter as I go. " Charles Chauvin . New Iberia Math. - Ph . Sci. S. A. K. and A. of P., Basketball and Football, Class President, ' 23. " !f it doesn ' t concern you, leave it alone and paddle your own canoe. " Jessie Ray Cheshire, Plain Dealing I Ttter mediate C L. C. " Always a smile and pleasant word for all. " Inez Clark . . . Lecompte Primary C. L. C. and Y. W. C A , C. L. C. Vice-President on " Cheerily, merrily, I go my way. " Lucille Cloutier , Campti Primary S. A. K. " She knows the art of bein g kind. " Lac£ Sc PL Ig ' •PHATHERITES ' S CSs iyiL ' ll ' lll}l ' liUi ' ll ' t ' lll|l!inil ' l ' lilll!i ' iiL ' lllill!l ' fttH ' l ' Uii| ' l1iH ' i!U ' ll ' l ' ll (69) m V i f Mi ' ' ' £ 1 tJ%J -w yy liiCi x V s s s s V S s s V s s s • s s s s s s % ' PRATHERITES Cfl! (70) TT Clara M. CoLQunr . . Mira InlrrmeJiale l ( S aiKl Y. W. C. A. " Ntvrr 6o»m thin( by halv . " Maky V. Coon . . . Monroe Primar}) S. A. K. hikI Y V C. a., Class Vice- President " Excels all others both in b «uly, and in this thing called ' doing your duty ' . " Dorothy Corley Alexandria Intermediate K I,. S an. I Y ( " Br sure you arr right, then go ahead. " Alla M. Courtney. Grand Cane Intermediate Y. W. ( ' . . . uud ( ' horiil Km ifiv K I, S. Krtttnr. Spring. ' 23. " Here is a quiet little dame. In all her studies she wins lame. " Nettie Mae Dunn . . . Clinton InlernieJialr .M. (• (• nuil Y. W. ( ' . A " Tiny and bright. " WiLDA Douglass . Olive Branch Intermediate ' I. ' aud Y. W. C. A. ( ' . L. C. P:U1- tor. F 11. ' 23. Potpourri SUIT. " 24. " She openeth her mouth with wisdom. And speaketh a word of kindness. " N i f r? Mi ' ' F i in t: I s s s. s s N s s s s s s N s s s N S s s s N s s s s s s s » Eleanor Egleston . Shreveport Primary S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. " Do the right whatever betides. " F. H. Fancher . McCaol, Miss. English - Soc. Sci. Contemporary Life Club. " The man of one thing, of one object, is the man for success. " - ; . m I Eunice Fisher . . Evergreen English - Latin M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A., M. C. C. Vice-President. " Engaged by Edison as a living talking machine guaranteed never to run down. " Alice Fleniken Grangeville English - Soc. Sci. . E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. .f PS " Gently she speaks. " I Doris Franklin . . Kilbourne Music -An S. a. K. Secretary. .- ■ " Pleasant and dependable. " Audrey Gates . . Alexandria ,_.. Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. " Audrey is a girl of glee, She ' s always singing cheerily. " m l ' PRATHERITES l!i:U!ltlllli!l!ll (71) - f If f Mi f f ililf 1 S S N S s s s s s s s s s s s s N s s N s s s. s H J%PRATHERITES ljPB5jCiH Lal ' Ka Hand . . . Coushatta Jnlerniedialc M. V. «■ and Y V T A. " Lovr livrt on nd haft « powrr to birft . Mrs. C. Harrington Vidalia IntermeJiale K I.. S. I ' ri ' s . Spring. ' 2: . ir« ' l ' r ' s. WIntiT. -ii. " A jolly word, a plratant (inila. She ha thrm rrady all the whiU. " AuBYN Harris . . Chencyville Primary M. C. C. an l Y W. ( ' . A. " The hand that follow inlcllact can achieve. " Ernest L. Hart . . Pmevillc XIath. - Science I !. ' Ctpraiis ' nureaii Student. " Hr takrth lo bookft likr a duck to watrr. ' GroRciiA Howell Spring Hill Primary E. L a. and Y. W ( A A hard workrr «nd a ffood •tudrnt. " Lynn Jones . . Natchitoches A uiic - Arl S A. K. l»re«ident. Fall. - : " Good humor track charm to l« l, 5 ' .ill makes new conquests and nialntakn Ih past. " s s s s 1 (72 ) Grace Lebo . . Shreveport Primary) K. L. S. and Y. VV. C. A. " Neatness first, last, and always. " Vic Lirette .... Houma Primary C. L. C. Vice-President, A. of P.. ' 23. " Contentment opens the source of every joy. " Elizabeth Martin . Shreveport Primar]) E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A., Class Pot- pourri Editor, 1924. " Duties fulfilled are pleasures in her memories. " Alice McCoy . . Primary Blanchard E. L. S. " She is a McCoy With a heart of joy. " Florence McKinnon . Zwolle Primary Vice-Presi dent, E. L. S., Y. W. C. A., and of Class; B. L. S. Quartet and Potpourri Editor for Class. " Very sweet, very tall. Always gentle, kind to all. Ernel Mims . . . Winnsboro Primary Y. W. C. A., Vice-Pres., M. C. C., M. C. C. Quartet, Potpourri Editor, Class Representative. " Once your friend, always so; Ask for help, she ' ll not say no. " (73) ! ! lfi ' PRATiRiTE? CS Alma Mirk . . . Thibodaux Englith ■ Soc. Sci. r I. ( ' . umi A. of V. Shr vow lo b« an old maid, but ju l wait — and are. " BeiTIE MuRRELL . . . Colfax Home Economics M. C. r. and Y. W. ( " . A. " My crowB i in my heart and net on tny head. " Louise Nesom . . . Ne«om English - Soc. Sci. M r ( ' and Y W. r. A. " I ay jtiil what I think, and nolhinc morr or lesa. " Lottie Newman Hall Summit Crammar M r C and Y W. C. A. " Let u» do the work before ua. " Lillian Norton . . . Homer Primarif M { ' . C. " Aa frank at rain upon cherry bloaaoma. " EIarl R. Parker . . . Simpson Rural Education K. L. S. " Ilr doe well who doe hi beat. " N (74) ' " , , TT Jewell Parker . . Simpson Intermediale E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " Good humor is the health of the soul. " Winnie Parker . . Sunny Hill Rural Education M. C. C. " Love and you shall be loved. " Meda Paty Ida CranimaT E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " Too true to flatter, Too kind to sneer. " Jewell Peace . . . Leesville Primary E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " Her name denotes her character. " Evelyn Pellerin. Breaux Bridge English - For. Lang. E. L. S. and A. of P., Potpourri Editor for French Circle. " I leave no stone unturned. " Philip Prevost . . Mansura English - For. Lang. C. L. C. and A. of P., C. L. C. Pres., Fall, ' 23, Varsity Football, ' 22 and ' 23. " Phillip is a studious boy, A mother ' s pride and joy. ' I PRATHERITES Clli V i .ii ' «gv -. -ja K ' ..; it:«. ' j.--..,-. « -„-■ ■ ,:-.i .-.- ? :i : ' •■_■:■ i (75) Iff i Sarah I KNAU . . Oak Grove Inlfrntediale C. L. ( . I ' ulponrri K» ' |K)rti ' r. ' 23. C B»n S« ' iT«-tj«ry " Ch. ihift life on Normal Hill! Sadie Reynolds . . . Grove I nIermeJiate M. C. C. and Y. V ( " Always in a hurry. " Maude Rogers . . Grand Cane Math. - Science K L S " She mixed rraaon with pirakurr. And wisdom with mirth. " Bessie Romero . . New Iberia Grammar S. A. K and A. of I ' . " Srnsiblr and kind, A b«ttrr frirnd wr cotild not find. " Madeline Roshto . Montgomery Primar}) M (• (• and Y V i . " A simpU, kindly mannrr. " Marcelle Ricard . Natchitoches Engliih ■ For. Larig. .M (• ( ' . Crilir. Kail. 23. " And Frrnch she spok lull (•|rr . ' (76) ' rrrff f , m S s s s s s s s s s s s N S S S N S S S S s s N S s s s s s Lena Shaughnessy . . Carroll Inlermci ' iaic M. ( ' . ( ' . and Y. VV. ( ' . A. " Gay and happy and sweet is she, A noble soul we know her to be. " Clarence Soileau . Ville Platte Rural Education E. L. S. " The eyes of men converse as much as their smiles. " Emmie Smith .... Carroll English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A., M. C. C. Vice-President. " She wanders as in a dream, A pleasant one, too, it would seem. " Kate Stafford . . Cheneyville Grammar S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A., S. A. K. Editor, Winter, ' 22. " Always ready to help anyone. " Gertrude Stockstill, Bayou Chene Primary) E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " None know thee but to love thee. None name thee but to praise thee. " Sophie Thibodeaux . . Houma Primar}f S. A. K. and A. of P. " Good as anybody, better than some. " Seltz GremilLION . Plaucheville Rural Education President C. L. C. " Seltz is a ladies ' man. He wins a smile whenever he can. " I-UJ . (77) It t ♦ BlROlE TrISLF.R . . Natchitochcf Muiic ■ Art K. L. S. " Why .hould 1 worry r Rftiik Iyler . . Alexandria Primar}) M. C ( ' ajul Y. W. C. A.. M C. C. HriKkettiall Team. ' 23. " Th reward of on duty l Ik powar to fulfill another. " Myrtle: Walker . Morgan City IntcrmvJiate I I. C. Critic. SpriiiK. Editor for Potpotirrl. ' 21. Faculty KepresenUttve. Full. ' 23. " Wise from ihr crown of her hecia up. " Mrs. V. Westbrook. . . Marion (Jrammar M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A.. Cumiit Sauce STmH ' ■•. ' ■; r ' lutu I ' ti uIiti i imi mer. ' 2. ' . " Alw«y« a word o( ihecr and lympalhy. " Elzie Williams . . . Campti Rural Education . I V (• and Y. W. C A " Think much and hold your tonrua. " WlLUE WOODARD Castor Intermediate C. L. r " Life it what we make It. •tpacially on Normal Hill. " Kate Worthy „r- . . Jack»on Intermediate L. S. Critic. " A t ' i ' l (l l v ' ll kucccod wkara ' cr aba goaa. " h V (78) fff F ff 1 R i I V V s s s N S S S N s s s N N S s s s s N S s S s s s i f i i i r€ k k . I s s Pathfinders Winter 23 Motto: " Our glor ) consists, not in never failing, but in rising every time D;e fall. " Colors: Pink and Silver Flower: Larkspur OFFICERS: Roy Hyde President Lenora Forshag Vice-President Joyce Hickenburg Sec ' )-Treas. The Schools and Democracy The future of America and of the world depends upon the schools of to-day. Civili- zation beckons to the public schools to carry her beacon light higher and higher in the steady march of humanity. Each true, loyal American looks forward to the little red schoolhouse on the hill to instil the highest and loftiest sentiments of patriotism into the hearts of " Young America. " To-day no other nation in the world has free schools that are common to all classes of children, rich and poor, high and low. Our common schools are not merely for the people, but they are of the people and by the people. The spirit of Democracy issued her call, and to-day our schools are absolutely necessary to the preservation and growth of our free institutions. They are the best friends of the children of the poor; they have been the main prevention of classes and castes in American society by leveling up instead of leveling down. The common schools are the safe-guards of freedom and the true nurseries of intelligent patriotism. They are the great means of assimilating our vast foreign population and teaching these children to love the country of their adop- tion. It is in the school that American Democracy finds its most complete expression. In this great institution the people of every race and creed and station in life meet on common ground and clasp hands in a united purpose. America needs for the future a big, forward-looking educational program. The doctrine of peace and good citizenship must be instilled into the hearts of the future manhood and womanhood of America. In this way only will the ideals of a peaceful humanity and a prosperous civilization be attained. The schools must teach De- mocracy. After all, what is Democracy? It is essentially a religious ideal — " Thou shalt love the Lord thy God ; thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. " One would be ' I ' om- pelled to go a long distance to find a better expression of our Democratic faith. Love spells Democracy, and Love at bottom is Freedom. Fellow classmates, we are soon to become a part of the great teaching force of America. Upon our shoulders will rest the responsibility of making the schools of this great nation what they should be — outstanding Democratic institutions for the moulding of the minds and hearts of the future leaders of our commonwealth. May we teach the inspiration of true Democracy, and may we be able to instil this ideal into the lives of the boys and girls who come under our supervision. — WYLMA EARNEST. (79) s s s s s s s s s s s N S s s s M K ' YftUiIfiiif M£ £ g i gijf JosiF. D Aaron . . Natchitoches F.nglith ■ Soc. Sci. S K. A qul«t voice, a pl «»ant mann r. SiMONE AbADIE Wall ace Grammar K. (. S ami A. of F " Earnest •ndeavor i cvrlain to bring reward. " L. J. Alleman. Jr., Natchitoches Math. - Science S. A. K. and Glee Club. 23. " Jally !•• Ida Authement . . . Houma Home Economici C L. C. and A. of I ' " I ' vr said that w lav her — how can I say mora 7 " Madge Bahm Areola InlcrrticJialc M. (■ ( anil Y. V ( A. " Always (ha sama afFactionata (iri. " Cornelia Baker . Natchitoches Math. Nat. Sci. E. L. S. " Collrf days arr always your happi«sl days. " s V " S (80) f ZFl A,f n I FF IFJFFi JOL f s s s s N S S s " s N S s s S N S m Robert Bateman Franklinton Rural Education Y. M. C. A., Treas. Rural Life Club. Fire Brigade, Glee Club, Choral Society. " A man that ' s silent nor proclaims his wants Gets more than him that makes loud com- plaints. ' Ruth Marie Besson. Port Arthur, Tex. Math. - Modern Language E. L. S. " Undefeated in her attempts, And unequalled in her achievements. " Pauline Bounds . Plain Dealing Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " Happy, lively, and full of fun. " Helen Broussard . Loreauville Intermediate S. A. K. and A. of P. " Laugh and grow fat. " Melvia Brown . . . Jonesville Rural Education E. L. S. " She always proves a friend to you. " Mildred Buce . . Winnfield English - Soc. Sci. j C. L. C, ' 23, Contemporary Life Club, I ' 24, Vice-Pres., Contemporary Life Club, ' 24. " Fair and sweet. " [iilllll lll4 ' ll ' llllill!lllllllll llllillt illlllllllllllililllMilt ' " " ' " IS n m s N S N S N S (81) m, t N S N N s Bkktha Bush .... Hoga Intermediate M. C. C. " What I waft, 1 am and always will t «. " EIdna Caillouet . . Lockport French ■ Art HYench Cirfle. " Ska ia •• in «h a a lamb But as happy a a lark. " F.DNA Chance . . Intermediate Bunki S. A. K. Sec., ' 23. Critic. 24. S. A. K. liuHki ' tbHlI Team. " A thing of beauty ia a joy lorrver. " CORINNE ChaTELAIN . Mansura Rural Education M C. C. Basketball. A of I ' " Some may talk and aomr atop. But I talk on foravrr. " Hazel Cockfield . . Vidalia Intermediate C. L. C. I ' res.. Fall. ' 23. Secretary. Spring. ' 24. Currftit Saui-) Staff. " I like to b« firit, for it five mm happineat. " Helen Cook . . Natchitoches I ntermediatc S. A K and Choral Club. A good aport. m N s s (82) JW f n ' TtPLTT s s N S S S S N S s. S N S s s N S s s s s s s s s s s s s s s Mrs. Pearl Corkern, Natchitoches Home Economics S. A. K. " Honest labor bears lovely face. " Lena Cross .... Ferriday Home Economics fc E. L. S. " My name does not denote my manner. " Ottice Dark .... Dodson Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. " Dark is my name, but sunny is my disposition. " Maggie Davis . . . Rosepine Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. " When the Prof, is around, what ' s the use of talking? " Murphy Davis . . DeRidder Math. - Science M. C. C. Choral Club, Football. Basket- ball and Track. " From athletics you cannot keep me away. " Nettie Deen . . Alexandria " Rural Education Rural Life Club and Y. W. C. A. " A countenance wreathed in smiles. " KM I S s s s s s N S s N S S S S s s s s. s I (83) Jessie Dry . . . Natchitoches J " I Inlermediale K. .. 8. anil Choral Sort««ly. " t am never far away. " Stklla DkWitt . . Alexandria Inlermediale K. L. S. and Y V. C A. " Lit holdt lilr, lauthtrr, and jay. " L. Alton Durand. St. Martinsville Math. - Science S A K. and A of P. " To thinr own tall b» lru». " Bessye Dykes . . . Pineville Inlermediale K. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " Oui be found atudylnf whan thara ' t nolhinf rUr to do. " Wylma Earnest . . Houma English - Latin S. A. K.. ParllamenUry Law Class. Latin Club Pres.. Y. W r Fiuiiltv IJ.prfsentatlve. Vint«M " Induatrieua hablU with hrr raiga. " (84) Aetna Elkins .... Lill Crammar M C. C and Y V C A " I am tall, but my aim rrachri hithrr. le I 4 s s s s k s. N S S S s s s s s s s s s s yQ Mrs. J. G. Fancher, McCaol, Miss. English - Soc. Sci. Contemporary Life Club. " Semper Fidelis. " Mercer Fletcher Coushatta Home Economics S. A. K. " Oh! those delicious dinners. " Leonora Forshag . . . Amite Intermediate M. C. C. Editor, Y. W. C. A., Class Vice-President. " What ' s the use of having a tongue that ' s not in use ? " Maurine Garrett, Plain Dealing Intermediate S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. " Not only her hair but her smiles remind one of a sunny day. " Laura Geeary . . . Melville English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. " Chatter, chatter as the days go. " Mathilde Goldman . Monroe Primary S. A. K. Parliamentary Law Class. " Some are noted for the gift of mind, Some are noted for the loss of time, But I am noted for this tongue of mine. " mmmi % (85) XT S s N s s Maktma Gonsol ' lin, New Iberia Intermediate S. A. K. and A. of P. " Wlisl %h» lacked in iir thr made up In good nature. " Ray Godwin .... Kcddell Engliih - Soc. Sci. S. A. K " JutI a Ray of happincaa. " Leonne Gouaux . . Houma Engli • Soc. Set. S. A. K. Potpourri Editor. F ' «rliiiiiien- tary Law Clush. . . of 1 ' . Kuoilty Kei - resi-ntallvf. Winter. Student Ilody SpiTftary. Honor Council. " Eiic «din( wiae, lair apokan, and pvrauJMllnt. " Bkulah Hanson . . Keatchie Home Economics M. C. C. and Y. V. C. A. " An aaceplion to iha rule, — Red hair drnolo high lampar. ' Agnes Hardison Shreveport English • Soc. Sci. K. L. S. •| may not leva, I may not hala. " Claude Hart . . Natchitoches English • Soc. Sci. M ( ' . r • ' Evarythlnf conua to him who waila. " (86) ' §f fF f I f f f fJt I j m S F F F r F F F Iff if u ■ o__x J I s s N N " s s Frances Hazzard . Natchitoches Primary E. L. S. " Let not books interfere with pleasure. " Joyce Hickinburg . Cheneyville Intermediate S. A. K. Treasurer " A girl of perpetual enthusiasm. " Inez Hinton . . . Shreveport English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. " Of a sweet disposition. " Kenner Ollie Hirtzler . Crammar M. C. C. Current Sauce Reporter. Y. W. C. A. " Bonny brown eyes are the eyes for me. " Ruth Huckaby . . . Castor Intermediate != C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. " A better friend we could not find. " L Ruth Hurst . . New Roads C. L. C. Treasurer, A. of P. dependable girl. " s s s s s s N s s s s s s s s V, s s (87) i 1 M i M i MvRll.s JONI-:s . . Franklinton Inlermcdiale K. L S.. V V. C. A., and ChorHl. " An altrui !. Camelia Jordan Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. S A. K. " Sociable and kina. " Hazel Jordan Cheneyvillc Crammar S. A. K aii.l Y W f A " A diamonil in the roufh. " Agnes Juneau . . Alexandria Intermediate M. C. C. Hiid A. of I ' . " Laufh, and the world laughs with you. " Annie Kline . . . Pioneer Intermediate M. C (• and Y. W. C. A. " I car not (or books. " Ii.RNEST Landry . . Patterson hngliih - Soc. Sci. M ' arHlty Koofhall " Ttie sort whose company you ' ll always •njoy. " s s s s s s s s IN (88) F f f f F r Minnie Landry . . Klotzville Inlermei ' ialc V. L. ( " ., A. of P. Pies. " Loyal to her Society. " Olga Laurent . . . Edgard Crammar E. L. S. and A. of P. " My desire is to win success. " Verna LeBlanc . . Monroe Primary S. A. K. and A. of P. " There are not many things that have the power to bother this happy heart. " Estelle LeCompte . . Bourg Intermediate E. L. S. and A. of P. " In steady pursuit of knowledge. " A. G. Lee . . . Cotton Valley Rural Education I 1 i Rural Life Club. Fire Bri gade. " V r W. C. A. " The Master of his Fate Hazel Leone . Zwolle English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. and " Of a shy Y. W. C. disposition. ' A. WJIi- ' - ' j h, %m Ui (89) ' f i i f I I N N s s s S s s (90) Mattik LtviNS . . Ml. Lebanon Primar}f ( ' onleiniuirar ' I. Iff Chib. Y ( " IdUn khr »hunt. " Mary Sue Logan Priniar]) Bfnt on S. A. K. Trt-asiirpr ' Fritnd ar maort valuable than book . ' Clemence Loup Wallace Crammar E. I- S and A of P " A small reprrtrntation of ihr raal thinf. " Roy Hyde . . . Chesborough Engliih - Soc. Sci. M. C C. Pres.. Y. M. C. A.. Vice- Pren.. Current Sauce Staff. Class Pres. Quiet and eaay foing. " Marguerfte McAnn . Haughton Engliih - Soc. Sci. S A K " The ffood is but the braiitiful in action. Alexa McCain . . Montgomery Englith - Soc. Sci. K L S . Y V. C. A President. " A awretar (irl navar lived. " 1 Ub. rtfiiiifffi f f fF . Hl •• fZJL. l ■■ i s, s N s s s s N s s S S s s N S s s s s s s s s s s i Mrs. Inez McClure . Leesville Primar}f M. C. C. Secretary, Dramatic Club, Class Po ' pourri Editor, Winner in Declamation Contest. " She forsook home and child for an education. " LiNNIE McGlNTY . . Ringgold Intermediate M. C. C. " Duty first! " Alton McGrew . . . Magda Rural Education E. L. S., Y. M. C. A. Treas. " A Daniel come to judgment. " Ada Mitchell . . . H Rural Education E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " A curious girl is Ada Mitchell. " omer Ida Moore Pelican English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. " Provided a woman be well principled, she has dowry enough. " Ruth Moore Primar}f S. A. K. " Honest, now, — did he 7 " M onroe ■ ' " -I s s s N S MT ' - ' ' riiMnri (91) s s • ' x y jKANFTrK NF.WBURY . DcKidder Inlermcdiair ( I.. (• and Y W C A. " A tru« Chritttian t rl- " Lillian Noel Donaldsonville hngliih ■ Soc. Sci. f. L. r. FarllainMitHrian. Kditor. Cur n-iil Saiire Reporter. Vice r res.. A. of P. Treasurer, ( " luh Reporter. Current Sauci ' . " Hifh Bmbilioni found h r . " Thllma Nolan Primary Boyce ■ I, (• " Gocd nalurr U worth morr than Wnowledfr. " (92) Ruby Oakley . . Spring Hill Inlermtdiatc K 1, S " Li(c meant morr than vnrrr pivacura to mr. Mary Pope Ogilx ie . . Benton Intermediate S. A. K. and Y. W. C A. " A (vntir mannar and a firm nalurr. " Vera Penny . . . Alexandria Intermediate K 1. .- It 11(1 Y V (■ A " Shr mounts thr ladder round by round. " • f , m w% N S s s s s N N N Is s s s s s N s N ■ s s N N S S I Viola Perry . . . Lecompte English - Soc. Sci. V. W. C. A.; Vice-Pres. S. A. K.; Choral Club; Mixed Quarti-t, Summer ' 23. " Ambitious to succeed. " Walter J. Pierron, Morgan City English - Ph s. Sci. M. C. C. and Y. M. C. A. " Where is Hallie? " Nell Porter . Zwolle Math. - Sci. Y. W. C. A.; Acting Chairman of De- votional Com. of Y. W.; E. L. S. Da- claniation, ' 23. " What ' s the value of being always the same? " Ethel Pourciau New Roads I nlermediaie C. L. C. and A. of P. Dainty as a rose. " Myrtis Price . . . Pollock Grammar C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. " A dear girl whom we all love. " AdELE PrudHOMME Bermuda Primar}) S. A. K. " Merry as the day is long. " L (93) f Lucy Richardson. Lake Charles Home Ec. S. A. K aiul Y W C. A " Manir »lilch t I makr as the A»yi com» and fo. " Rrline Roger Napoleonville InlermeJialf C. L. C. Cheerleader; Secty. nf A. of P.; Pres. Foster Literary Club. ' 23. " Pcac rulft (hr day when rraton nilri the mind. " Mabel Russel Noble Math. - Science K. L. S " Mubrl Riiatrl U never in « hufttl«. I LA Singleton Coushatta Intermediate S. A K. and Y. W. C. A " I am little, but I am here jual thr aamc. " Clarence Soileau . Ville Platt e Rural Education Freiu h CircU ' and A of P. " Self-truat it the essence of heroism. " Lesley Spinks . . . Pelican Music and Engliih C. L. C " There U life In hi eyes And nuaic in hi lonfue. " (94) f f i . s s IS s Mary Stewart . . . Koran Px ' imar ' C. L. C. " Always ready to be heard. " Heloise Stiefel . . . Bourg InlermeJiale E. L. S. and A. of P. " Strong of mind and character. " O ' Leta Stoker .... Many Rural Education Rural Life Club Editor, Y. W. C. A. " Never changing. " H. S. Tally .... Bogalusa Rural Education Vice-Pres. of Rural Life Club. " Always ready. " Clarence Tauzin, Natchitoches Rural Education Rural Life Club. " Few things concern him. " Annie Lee Taylor . Red Oak Primary M. C. C. Treasurer; Y. W. C. A. " A merry heart that laughs at care. " [ IB ' ; ' PATHFINDER5= g tx. {lUlllll l!KIILMininililH|)!!l«im||IH|i|ii{i|i|lli||| |i|| HiiirKlHilnliUliilliill (95) i ii im i m 1 OuriM BvJiS I KDDLIK . Winnfield fc ■ I i Home hiunomut S A K ' lnd p«ndence p rftonified. " Gertrude Thigpen. Marthavillc Primar}) K I. S " Virtue l( its own rfward. " Ida Ihompson . . Red Prong Englith - Soc. Set. ContPniporary Llfp CIul). Y i A smile is a color which love wears, and cheerfulness and joy. " Katie Lou Twilly Pineville Intermediate K. L S : Y. W. C. A.; rurr««nt Snticp Slafr " May her will be as strong s her body. 5 Ha .f.l Varnado . Osyka, Mitt. Spanish - English K I S and Y. W. ( ' A. " No matter what comes or go . Her smile will weather the storm. " Dodson Violet Waters . . Crammar M. C. r and Y. W. C. A ' Shv ha won Ihr heart of many, r»pec tally Jvanaonnv. " (96) ffl fl s s s N N s N S s IS ' s s s s X s s s s s S MatTIE WeaTHERFORD. Lecompte Intermediate C. L. C. A laugh is worth a thousand groans in any market Norma Wells . . Longstreet Grammar M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. " Silence is sweeter than speech. " Bessie White .... Selma Grammar C. L. C. Quartet. ' 21. " True modesty is a discerning grace. " Nellie White Plain Dealing Intermediate S. A. K. " Nellie White is a girl whose aim has height. " Bertha Wilson . . Bienville Intermediate M. C. C. " Her sympathetic nature echoes her speech. " J. D. Wilson . . . Mitchell Rural Education M. C. C. " You know that ' s true. " ■PATHFINDERS ' (97) u lAJL ¥ TT ' TTTTFr F ilk Wealthy Clarke Sr. Joseph Home Ec. S. A K and Y. V. C A " I n«v«r l»»r. ' John Zentlk lol Rural EJ. E. L. H. and Y M C. A without a mumur. " . ( V.- Mrs. White: " Everybody should learn to swim. " ■ f ff " I ' ll say so. " replied Lucille Reiber. " The more some of those folks submerge, the better the pool looks. " ♦ KeecaN : " You sit down on every joke I write. Mr. RopP: " Well. I wouldn ' t if there was any point to them. " ¥ 4. ¥ " How do you know that Perkins didn ' t go to college? " " Why, he said he knew Babe Ruth when she was a chorus girl. " ¥ " I hope you are not afraid of microbes. " apologized the paying teller as he cashed Miss Price ' s check with soiled currency. " Don ' t worry. " said the teacher. " A microbe couldn ' t live on my salary. " » (98) « l AA 1nr - F F r I S s S N S S S S S s s s V s s N s s s N s N S s s s I ' ' if £ irf Harbingers, Spring ' 24 Colors: Yellow and White Motto : " We ' ll find a n a f to make one. " CLASS OFFICERS: Flower: Shasta Daisy Mary Mobley President Mrs. a. L. Ducournau Vice-President Maud Files Secretar}) Barbara Giles Potpourri Editor Common Sense Often when I hear people speak of " good old common sense, " I can not help think- ing of the student who, receiving her grade slips (consisting mostly of " D ' s " and " E ' s " ,) invariably announces to the world, " Well, maybe I haven ' t got much book sense, but I sure have got lots of good old common sense. " This same student will also hold forth in this fashion: " I never study. If I did, I guess I could pass straight ' A ' too. " It is unfortunate that common sense is given such a meaning. It is a splendid thing if taken in its broadest significance, but as defined by many students, common sense is an ability to " get by, " to appreciate jazz, to be a good dancer, and to scorn anything that pertains to study or to " high-brow stuff. " Again, it is the opinion of some that common sense denotes only skill in cooking, sewing, and other manual arts. In short, this term as used by most people has led one to think, " If that ' s common sense, thank Heavens I haven ' t any. " Common sense, to my mind, signifies not one ability, or a few abilities, but an all- round ability as regards affairs of the everyday world. The individual with common sense knows how to fit into every situation with tact and understanding, can act quickly in an emergency, think clearly and concisely, can interest himself in other people ' s in- terests, and converse intelligently. He must have a clear knowledge of the practical things of life. Common sense is a necessary and very valuable acquisition. No matter whether one be a teacher, lawyer, poet, merchant, or just an everyday laborer, he will have need of common sense in order to fit his place in the world. But one must not get the idea that common sense is the only thing worth having. The ability to live in an imaginative world as well as in a practical, everyday one is equally important if not more so. Common sense should supplement, not take the place of this ability. Dreamers and idealists have often proved to be some of the greatest types of individuals the world has produced. Practical idealists, individuals who posses a combination of the idealistic and practical, of common sense and the rather different type of sense characteristic of the dreamer, are greatly in need. Let us strive for com- mon sense, but let us first of all know of what the thing for which we are striving consists. —BARBARA GILES. (99) s N N V N S S V s s s N s s s S V N S S N S s « )lt Mi M jr a i i rlt JLl Lucille Achee . . . Meeker hngliih ■ Soc. Sci. S A K. Taket lo book like a boy lo picft. 1 Ll t Alleman Napoleonville EnglUh - Latin A. of P.. S. A. K. Parliamentary Law ( " last . Latin Club F ' res.. Bible Class. DraniatU- (Muli. " In work hr Tindi h r trrat st pIcaBura. " Clara Andrews Mcr Rouge Intermediale S A K. KuKiiiess Mana fr for Pol- l)oiiiri. Art Kdilor for Polpoiirri. " A (ood (liidant, ■ hard workrr, and a ■ inccr friend. " ( 100) Stella Ancelle. Breaux Bridge English • French S. A. K.: A. of P.; Vire Pr. ' s of Frenoh ( ' ircJH " Of an escrcding vivacieua manner. " Vera Bankston, Washington Parish Crammar v M. C. C. " Unastuming in thougbt and manner. " •v. s Maurice Barnes . . Minden s N Intermediate 8. A. K. " Romantic in ditpoeilion. " -J m c: S s s s. s s s s N S S S N S S s N S s s s s s s s i Annie Beatty Lake Charles Intermediate S. A. K. " Born to be loved. " Hazel Bell . . Pine Prairie Intermediate E. L. S. " Slow of speech. " Addie Bennett . . . Bernice English -Soc. Sci. E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " I wonder if you will still be talking. " Evelyn Blakewood . Minden Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. " Hasn ' t much to say, but we know she ' s there. " Esther Boggs Plain Dealing ' Ire Interm M. C. C. and ' Silence has a po ediate Y. W. wer of C. A. its own. " ne Brewer Intern Contempora r saying nothing y ediaie y Life Du can 1 Winnfiel Club. d " By ass for wise (101) L j- ' ' Floren(F. Brown. White Castle InUrmeJiale M. C. C. and Y W C. A. ■ " SweH and »hy. " Ct_ARA Brunson Mangham I ntermediatc K L. S and Y W. C. A.. Kaskethall Team. " Lively in cii«| o ition and action . " Eleanor Bull. Lake Providence Crammar E. L. S and Y V. C. A. " Lauffc and frow fat. " Floy Burkk .... Rayville Intermediate K. L. S and Y. W. C. A.. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. ' 24. neleRHtp to Blue Ridge, ' 23. Choral Society. 23. " Duty firit. " Flora Blrris . . Franklinton Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. " Of a itudioua natura. Bernice Bush Pleasant Hill Muiic -Art (■ 1. ( ' and Y. W. C. A. I " Gaatly ah apaaks. " (102) 11.1 Jf r? f i t M f t iff if J M fffjrFFrfir ' ' i . a S s s ■ s s • C. O. Byrd .... Bogalusa Rural Education Rural Life Club and Y. M. C. A., Fire Brigade. " Every man is the architect of his own fortune. ' Mearine Chambers . Sicily Island Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " A friendly smile for everyone. " Ollie Chambers Sicily Island Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A., E. L. S. Edi- tor, Winter, ' 23, Treasurer, Fall, ' 23. " Good nature is worth more than knowledge. " Ella Keener Charleville, Grosse Tete Primar}) S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. " Shine out, little head, running over with curls. " Julia Chenet . Thibodeaux Primar}) C. L. C. and A. of P. " Life is a mirror; smile at it. " M. T. Cheves Natchitoches History - Ph ). Sci. C. L. C, Baseball, ' 23 and ' 24, Track ' 23 and ' 24, Basketball. ' 24. " A noble fellow. " V s " S s N (103) fl j f jr jr JF 0 f ( 104 ) LORINK C HILDS Oakdair Inter me dtatf S. A. K. and Y V C A " She dorth w«ll who do th hrr best Constance Coker Bryceland Crammar E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Maude Cole . . . Merryvillc Engliih - Soc. Set. C. L. C. and Y. W C. A. " H»r nutur nrv r v»rim» " Leo Compton Meeker Inlermedtale 8. A. K. Tij ' asiirJT " Most divinely fair. " Isabel Contois . . Alexandria Home Economics K. L. S.. Y. W. C. A. Treasurer ' ' TJB m ftplrndid ihinf in woman to ttudy housrhold good. " Crystal Cooke . Primar]) . Verdi M. C. C. anil Y W. C A " Who d «» T ve» well nrrdi not anotbor ' praiae. " i 4i i -Vi«f- iUiv.K Stella Cooper . . Hope Villa English - Soc. Sci. M. ( ' . V. and Y. W. C. A. " The eyes are the windows of the soul. " Merle Corley . . . Campti English - Latin Critic of Latin Club. " Who mixed reason with pleasure and wisdom with mirth. " Mae Couvillion Cottonport Intermediate S. A. K. and A. of P. " She will fill well her niche in the world. " Mabel Darwin . . Shreveport Rural Education Rural Life Club and Y. W. C. A. " A quietly serious lass. " Jewel Dean .... Boyce English - French S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. " Gifted with a becoming reserve. " Bessie Dearing, Hillsboro, Ark. Grammar E. L. S. " Learning was sweet till love came in. " m ; HARBINGERS §1 i ( 105 ) Ir- N N S LenoRA DeaTON Kinder 1 Inlermcdialc fi S. A. K and V V C A. W find in li(r exactly what w put in it. " Louise de la Houssaye, FranLlin I nUrmeJiate .S. A. K. gel a letter to-day. " Lillian De Laune. Napoleonville intcrmcJiaie C. L. C. and A of P.. C L C Cheer- leader " I freet you with a smile. " Cassie Denson . . Winnsboro Intermediate K L. S. Basketball Teuin A ftoiind mind in m sound body. ) Mary Louise Dey. Natchitoches hnglish - Latin K. I. S iitui Latin Club, " Our worth is not to ba niMsured by our • tatue. " M ary L. DOIRON Primary Ba ton Ron g " s . K. Hnd A (if P. " T rua happineftft conei doinc flo€ d. • la I lone in s u ( 106) £ S i i f i i x s s S s s N s s s s s s N s s Mrs. a. L. Ducornau. Natchitoches Primary Business Manger of Potpourri for E. L. S., ' 24, Class Vice-Pres., ' 24. " Fair and fair and twice as fair. As fair as any may be. " Elizabeth Drake . St. Joseph English - Latin S. A. K., Y. W. C. A. and Latin Club, Latin Club Secretary, Fall, ' 23. " Infinite riches in little space. " Pauline Dunlap Leesville Primar}) S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. " Not afraid of work, but not in sympathy with it. " Sallie Durbin . Plain Dealing S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A., S. A. K. Vice- Pres., Spring, ' 23, Choral Society. " She ' s not so bashful as she looks. This maid who cares a lot for books. " Perla Mae Evans . . Elmer S. a. K. and Y. W. C. A. " Acquire not only learning, but the habit of learning. " Elizabeth Farrar Zachary Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " A maiden never bold. " 1 (107) J fi s s S S s s s N s N V. S S N S s s I Maude Files . . . Oak Kidgc hngUih - Soc. Sci. M. ( . C. and Y W. C. A.. M. ( ' . ' . V( « Pn ' «.. Fall. S. Y. W. ( ' . A. Sec- r«»tary, lK l« KHte to Hlun KlcUe. C1h»h St-crptary. " 24. A day in April nrvrr camr to twrvl. " Leona Flieller . . Nalalbany Engliih ■ Soc. Sci. S. A. K and A. of P. " Alway in •lylc. " Blanche Freeman Collinston IntcnneJiale .M ( (• and Y W V. A.. M. V. C. Chorister. " An earnot rndcavor i certain of all blr «int . " Bessie Frey . . . Mangham InterntcJiate E L. S. and Y. W r K I. s Basketball Team " An athletic la»». ' I ' .li abrlli Zelma Galyean InlermcJialc r. L (• " A quiet, induttriou maid. Barbara Giles . . . Adeline English ■ Latin A. of P. and I atin Cliil). S. A. K. Critic. ' 2. " ?. Editor. " 23. Parliamentary Law (Mass. ' 23 and •24. Latin rinli Se -ty Treas.. " 23. Pn-sidfiil. Winter. ' 2i. SiTK. at . rms. Spring. 24. ( " la.sK Kdilor for Potpourri. ' 24. Class Secre tary. " 23. Current Sauce Staff, " 24. Faculty Representative. Spring. ' 24. " Succcu i made of Can ; failur o( Can ' t . " (108) rrr F f f I Inza Gillentine . . Gueydan English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. " A mingling of wisdom and love. " Bettie Glaze Bunkie English - Soc. Sci. " My favorite temple is an humble heart. " Selma Grimmer . . Maringouin Grammar C. L. C. and A. of P. " I do what I please. " Yvonne Guillotte . Rosedale English - French French Circle. " A merry heart maketh a joyful countenance. " Gertrude Halpin . . Crowley Intermediate S. A. K. " Oh, to dress all day, and dance all night! " Norma Duhe . . St. Gabriel Intermediate C. L. C. and A. of P., C. L. C. Basket- ball. " Still waters run deep. " (109) J " i i ■TTP i MarJORIK Harp . . Alexandria •-njj fj i - Soc. Sci. K. L. S and V. W. C. A.. H litar in Chlff of Potpourri. K. .. S. C ' horlHter and Tr»Misiir r. ParltanHMilary Law ( ' la«s. • " H profilt moftt who »ervr» bttftt. " Nellie Harp . . . Arcadia Crammar E. L. S. Editor ' Eye» of piercing blue. " Nell Harvey . . . Frceland Intermediate C. L. r. " A m«rry a h«r shadow i lonf. " Effie Hawthorne Engliih - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. " A naturr not easily disturbed. ' Anita Haydel . . . LaPlace Primary E. L S and A. of P. " She shall not live in vain. " Raye H eider .... Urania Rural hJucation Uiiral Llfp Club. " Why should I b told anything? " (110) QQ5[ ' i I s » s s s s s s s N S S. S N S s s s s s s s s N N Novis Henry .... Arcadia Crammar E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " The same wherever you see her. " Lawrence Hollier . Opelousas English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. and A. of P. " There ' s daggers in men ' s eyes. " Jena s " Co c — - ' S-i Clyde Holmes . . . Music - Art S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A., Choral Society, ' 24. " Content is best expressed in smiles, not words. " Hazel Holton . . . Wilmer Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. " With untroubled eyes she looks on the world. " Effie Hood . . West Monroe Primary S. A. K. " Life is too short for books. " Maggie Mae Hortman, Hortman Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " Content with whatever life may offer. " I (111) jn ' fi I M i ff ■OS Kthf.l Hortman . . Hortman Inlermediaie K L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Not •■ quiet •• the lookft. " Lucille Houston . Shreveport Primaryf S. A K Critic, fall. ' 23. " A (ricnd to all. " Adele Hunter . . Waterproof Englith - Soc. Sci. S. A. K and Y. W. C. A. (112) " Her brifhl rye haunt m« • till " Edgar Johnson . . Grant Englith - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. unci Y. W. C A., and Choral Glee Cluh ' Did ' tt thou lo ail in brightncftt not real lor thinkini ol aoma and c woma ouldal n? " Elm A Lois Johnson M( snroe Primarjf K. L. S. VicePres.. fall , ' 2:? " Modraly and i|uirt go hand in hand. " Maud Jones . . . Mangham Inlcrmediatc E. 1, S and Y. W. C . A. 1 " Tba wiaast oltan apaali the Uaal. " 1 N IS ' n S Is » H ; m Ruth Jones . . . Forest Hill Primar}) C. L. C. Basketball Team. " Modest doubt is called the beacon of the wise. " Rosalie Kelly . . . Houma Primary C. L. C. " Her hearty face repels the tanning wind. " Louise Kevlin . . Ponchatoula Intermediate M. C. C. and A. of P. " Self-possession born of knowledge. " Thelma KirBY . . Harrisonburg Primar}) E. L. S. " A twinkling eye bespeaks a good nature. " Norma Lambert Tan gipahoa English - Soc. Sci. Y. w. c. A., M. C. C. Tre isurer. Choral Society. " Never in a hur ry. " Retta Lambre . . Natchitoches English - Soc. . Sci. S. A. K. " Heart and hand that mc )ve together. " Iwi ' Jft- ' ' J hM mf Ul g ' : HARBINGERS tC SI Mk JH (113) lnANCF-s Lancford Rayville Engliih - Soc. 5ci. K. I.. S. hMitor, Cnrn-nt Hauce U« ' |H»r- tur. Y. V. (• A Caljliu-t. DelcKate to " Sh» is laithlul to hrr duli ». " I DNA Latham . Winri«boro IntcrmeJiaU- K I. S. Flo Llla Laiham . . Franklin Home Economici S. A. K. Serg ' l at-arms. " Thiit lho»c full rye» mifht vindi»tr«tlrd hr. " Inez Lavergne .... Iota Inlermediale E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " Gentian »« ■ wofn«D i • thin« to be ad.nirad. " Vivian LtDoux . Baton Rouge Engliih - French S. A. K. " The l»t word In ophi • tica tion. " r LLIE Lee I ara gua U Comaguey Province. C uba Grammar K I. S ami Y V. C. A. t ' lilS!. I re». " Tha Pilot ol our Fr« h man yaar. Ik ( 114) s s S s s s Gladys LeJeune . . Jeanerette English - For. Lang. S. A. K. t % s s s s N s N s s s N S N s s f s . ' f f " I count no hours but happy ones. " Dorothy Leopold . Grand Cane QTammar S. A. K. and Choral Club. " Oh, this learning, what a thing it is! " V Clara Leysath . . . Noble ' Intermediate j E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " I have put away childish things. " Altha Littell . . Opelousas Math. - Science Math.-Science Club, S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. " Her constant companion is humility. " Eva Loe .... Mansfield Primary E. L. S. " A quiet grace in her movements. " Mabel Loveland . . Patterson English - Soc. Sci. ??7 ' ' iSF ' 5npr- ' i? iiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiii id (115) (r .r i, Ruby Lowe .... Minden Jntcrniediati- S. A. K. N«v r a worry, never a car . " JeannETTE Lucak Shreveport Intermediate S. A. K. Editor, ' 23. " Molt trntational firl. " T wiLA Lumpkin Lake Charles Englnh - For. Lang. SerKeant-at-ArniB. Lalln CluJ) " N«v»r in a hurry. " V. Purvis Mangum . . Castor Math. - EngUih " The force o( hi own mrrit makes hit way " Florence Martin . . DeKidder Intermediate M. C. C. " Large in heart ai wall a in body. " Mildred Martin . Donaldsonvillc A of r.. C. L. C, Parliann ' iitury Law, " 22. Choral Cluh. 22. C. L. C. Treas.. " 23. SetreUry C I. C . 23. C. L. C. Hasketball. ' 2.1 " And what ' her chief delight? " " To dance and laugh, my lord " i V V ( 116 ) fl Rena Massony . . Waterproof Home Economics S. A. K. " She was more than usual calm. " Josephine Mayfield . Shreveport Home Economics S. A. K., S. A. K. Chorister, ' 22, ' 23, Sec ' ty., ' 23. " All hearts your captive, yours yet free. " Bettye McCain . . Dubach Rural Education E. L. S. " Her ways are ways of pleasantness. " Edwin McCain . . . Dubach Math. - Science E. L. S. " Honesty, manhood, and good fellowship are in thee. " Edna McDonald . . Winnfield Music -Art C. L. C. Chorister and Basketball Team, Y. W. C. A. Choir Leader, Pot- pourri Art Editor, ' 24. " Music has charms to soften rocks Or bend a knotted oak. " Ella M. McElveeN, Franklinton Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " Gentleness has a charm all its own. " jflniHHiiy.iu Bii riUiiiiiiiHiiii BL t iaT- ( 117) A A i xx y 8n V V V V S S s s S s s s N N s N S s s s LiLLA Mae McRlvee . Homer English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K " Calm and tarciM amid tli Iroublvd 4ay. " Fa A McKay . . . Sialy Island Intcrniediale W E. I. S. " Mfidcsty ollrn hdri merit. " Cecilia McReynolds . Monroe English - French S. A. K. . ' iiKl Y V, C. A. " Whpn thr ha paitcd it was lilt the caa»- ing ol exquisite music. " Louise Melancon . DuichtovN-n fntermediate K. Is. S. and A. of P. - . , " Studious and eager to laarn. " Emily Miller . . Waterproof English ■ Soc. Sci. 8. A. K. ' Purr 1 and A ndividua of P. lily. " Ruth M IXON Nalc hitoches " - Primarjf R. A. K. ■A dear hii •. queer little. • weel 1 lllr f.rl. " (118) , 4 y tUf ' ' f i iff fJM M J J M J s s s s s s N N S S N s S s s s s s s s s s if f if - ' tni i Mary Mobley . . Alexandria Qtammat E. L. S. Pies., Orator, Parliamentarian Y. W. C. A. Undergraduate Represen- tative, Delegate to Blue Ridge. " It ' s right because I say it ' s right. " Gladys Montgomery . Bonita Crammat E. L. S. " Life is a serious proposition after all. " Jewell Moore . . Merryville English - For. Lang. Y. W. C. A. and C. L. C. " Modesty is the grace of the soul. " Wylis Moreau Bordelonville Math. - Science C. L. C, Basketball Team. " Would that the world knew .ny greatness. " Rena Moresi . . . Jeanerette ra ' w Malh. ' English m S. A. K. Editor, A. of P. " Her lively looks a sprightly mind disclose. " Louise Morgan . . Alexandria ■ =t£-: Primar}) - je E. L. S. " There was more in her than I could think. " g| ' HARBINGERS ' i c ltl!l!ll pi!):iiHf|ni|i i;iiii! UMummmmimHiAiMliii (119) Otdtrnm 1 ijfii jf l M j jrfjri s s s 1 " Is s s s s s N s s s I i!l Annie Morris . . West Monro Priniaf}) S A. K " Few words indicate ji wealth of witdom. MiCAELLA MOUTON . Kayne Intermediate K. L S. and A of p. " Sh» i( exempt from • IriU. " WiLLE Jones . . Longstreel Cranimar M. C. S. lind Y V C A " Of slaUly ttature. " Ada Napper Hico Grammar E. L. S. " Sweel flowcrrl of the shade. " Marv Virginia Nesom . Nesom Math. - Latin Latin Club antl Y. W. V. A. " Strong minds are often those of which the world hears least. " Rebecca Newell . . Ncwelhon Intermediate S A K. and Y. W. C. A. " A girl of perpetual smiles. " Iv V V V V V s i V ( 120) m s s Ella Mae Odom . . . Bernice English - Soc. Sci. Y. W. C. A., E. L. S. Basketball Team. " We speak an infinite deal of nothing. " Ella Pagluighi . . Lockport Intermediate S. A. K. and A. of P. " Let gentleness my enforcement he. JuANiTA Parker . Baton Rouge English - Soc. Sci. Y. W. C. A., Secretary of Contempo- rary Life Club. " Securely she pursues the path of sweet success. " Inez Parrot .... Noble Intermediate E. L. S. " No timidity found here. " Mrs. U. BumGARDENER, Ringgold Grammar M. C. C. and Y. W. C. " What ' s in a name ? " A. Bertha Phillips. Denham Springs Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. Of a happy nature am I. A. • (121) CONCFTTA PiRARO . New Ibrria Home hconomici S. A. K. ' f(rr man cam woman, and th hat b««n after htm cv«r ftinca. Nena Plant .... Doyline Muiic - Art C. L. C. " Mutic brrathra from hrr lacr. ' ' susi USIE Pond .... Crowley Inlcrniediatc M ( ' . C. and Y. W. C. A. " Thrrr l» worth in rffort, (ho ' it (o unr«war(l 4i. ' Zula Pullin . . . Chestnut Intermediate Y. V (■ . . SprKfant-atArms, E. L. S. " What ' the u»r of c ' tting antry? " Willard Lf.dbf.TTER Arcadia IntermcJiate S. A. K. " Rrnrath the turiac yeu f nd her trua worth. " Harriet Readmimer. Natchitoches English - Lai in S. A. K.. Lntin Cluh Trean., Potpourri Editor for l.;itin riiih. " Of an mcrllrnt mind s s s s V V i:- V 1 ( 122) ♦. i liMIIIillJfgjTJ Jf N S N N N S N s s N s s s s N S N S S s N s N S s s TheO ReEDER . . Haynesville InlcTtiKixalc Y. W. C. A., E. L. S. Chorister. " Still trying to grow up. " Lucille Reiber . . . Crowley English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. Treasurer, President. " Facts are stubborn things. " Ruth Revel .... Dubach English - Soc. Sci. Y. W. C. A., E. L. S. Treasurer. " A bonny lass and free from care. Her voice is sunshine everywhere. " ElLLEEN RiTTER . . Abbeville English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. " Common sense is an uncommon thing. " Frank A. Robert . Opelousas Math. - Ph . Sci. Potpourri Editor for Math-Sci. Club. " Bashfulness is an ornament to youth. " Lucille Robert . . Winnfield English - Soc. Sci. ' ' -=5- W. C. A. and C. L. C. " Good nature and friendliness well expressed. " E llfl (123) if Mfi i Alice Koussel . . I ' laqucmmc Intermediate A of v.. C. I.. C. Crltli-. Kail. J.l. ( " hnnil ' 22. " V Cod , how (ha can talk. " Nannie Sanders . . Mcrryville Intermediate Y. W. t " . A.. Honorary Member S. A. K . Chorister of Rural Life Club. Choral Cluh " Thrrr was mora in her than I could think. " Chryssie Schwartz Franklin Grammar S. A K " A ihy little thine. " Hallif Scott . . . Winnsboro Engliih ■ Soc. Sci. K. L S . Mt nibershlp Comniitlee of Y. V. C. A " WrII vcr»ed in the art ol love. " Sallie Shaddock . Lake Charles English - For. Lang. S. A K " Why worry? LIU i thort aad »w»«t. " Barney ShEHANE . Natchitoches Math. - Science M. C. C " Irish by naturr and Irish by name . " (124) i s • s s s N s s N S s» S N S s s s s s s s s s s s s s s i Lena Shively .... Saline Primary S. A. K. " Meek and gentle is this girl. " Vera Small .... Many Grammar E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. ' The mask of silence often conceals much wisdom. " Blanche Smith . Primary f rt f A i s s s s s s s» s M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. A mind innocent and quiet. ' h, Helen Smith . . Mandeville Primary E. L. S. " We do not always speak when we think. ' Taylor Smith Natchitoches %. Math. - Science Math.-Science Club. " The proper study of mankind is man. " ThELMA SmITHA . . St. Joseph - —--: Z. Intermediate sTk. K. and Y. W. C. A. " The wise are silent. " fe«- g --,t (125) s :: s s. s s s N N s s j K ' yn ' iffifff ' ffT - ' iiO LionnkSplncer . . Shrcveix rt hngliih - Soc. Sci. M r. C. " A swrrl nature ii many limrt blvttrd. " Gertrudk Spillman Jackson IntermeJiate iiKi c " Wikdom U much brttrr than gold. " Mildred Stephens . Provencal Primarrf C. L. r Maskclliall " Shr i young and of ■ modaal nalura. " Beatrice Stewart . . Intermediate M. C. C. " My crown ii callml conSrnt Sibley Bern ICE Stroud . Plain Dealing Intertm •diate c. L. C and Y. V. C A. " A wp«t vole Is onr of lifr ' i bUtainta. " J D. " I ALLY . . Rural ILc E. L ucalion S. Isabel 1 dar do all thai m ay b«com« a man " (126) II A C, 1 s s N S S N S S N S s s ' f if s s s s s s s I Camille Templet . St. Gabriel Intermediate C. L. C. and A. of P. f " There ' s mischief in her eye. " Myrtle Thayer . . Alexandria Intermediate S. A. K. Vice-President. " Not fat, but pleasingly plump. " L. A. Thompson . Montgomery English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. Cheer Leader, Secretary. Track Team and Fire Brigade. Beulah Tisdale . . Bogalusa Grammar C. L. C. " Blessed is the man whom thou choosest. " f Thelma Tisdale . . Bogalusa Grammar C. L. C. " When in doubt, keep quiet. " L Blanche Toy . . . DeRidder Music -Art M. C. C, Choral Society, Orchestra. IHiiililMiH ■»«««■-• ■n j» _ ' . (127) S ji ' Smii i £ f i i I i Mf f fi i i XPt f ' n N s V V V V 9 MlNF.R A IkuxiLLO. Napoleonville InlermeJiale ( I. C. and A. of I ' " PUaaurr I admir , bul work I low. " Eva Underwood . . Mangham Crammar E. L. S. " Each mind ha ita own method. " I V V V N Nl N.! s s s Mary Vaughn . . Greenwood Crammar S A. K. " A casual vole with tbrillini iail " Elizablth Verdel Bogalusa Grammar V. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. " Duty and todajr ar oura. " Ruth Vinyard . . Ponchatoula Home Economic M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. ' Hang aorrow? " Irma Yarborough Columbia | A uMc -Art i S A K. and Y. W. C. A. " Acting accompliahrt morr than spraking " ( 128) V V V s r f F F i f F i s s " N N S S S N s s N s Is s s N Mildred Wallace . Shreveport Pnmar ' s C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. " Calm and cool. " Mary Evelyn Watkins, Monroe English - For. Lang. Y. W. C. A., S. A. K. President, Vice- President. " If life is a mirror, then life is all fair to you. " m Ethel Watts . . . Minden English - Latin S. A. K., Latin Club Vice-Pres., S. A. K. Parliamentary Law Class, Y. W. C. A. An ounce of knowledge is worth a ton of cribs. " Velma Lee Watts . Winnfield Primary Y. W. C. A., C. L. C. Chorister. " There is nothing in the world worth getting excited over. " I M. R. Weaver . . Natchitoches Intermediate ' - M. C. C, Football Team. " Excelsior ! " Esther Webb . . Pralrieville " __ Intermediate _ .- M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. " J? " Of a sober, sedate nature. " L (129) s N N N. S s V V s s s s N N S. S s s s N S s. N S s s I A. ' f IfIff f - ? KuBV Lii Wkkks . . Bethany Priniarji K. L. S Hiifl Y. W r. A. ' ' Sicklied over with » pair ca»t of thought. " C. B. Whipp . . . Oi) lousa$ Rural Education Kuial Life CIuli ami Y V C . Km- " All thr world will »my, ' This it a man. ' Nellie WnrrE Plain Dealing Inttrmediatc C. L. C. " Soil a ih memory ol bunrd low. " Raymond Whitehead. Natchitoches Math. - Science 8. A. K. " Yoiinf Irllowt will be young (•llowt " Hazel Whitener . . IHIi abcth Intermediate C. L. C. " A maid po a ted of wlllingnoaa. " Auline WHnriNCTON. Bossier City ' Primar]) - S. A K. BjuikothaU. Y W i " A tru« friend i» forever a friend. " V s V V V V V V V V V ( 130) XTEzZ t S s s s N N S S N S S S N V s s s s s s s s s £ M Jf M I I . Lydia Wilkinson Gramercy K Crammar p " Speech ClOVIS WiLLARD . . . Dubach Intermediate B. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " I place love above learning. " Beth Williams Natchitoches Home Economics ; S. A. K. Editor. " Hence, loathed melancholy ! " HARBINGERS ' ' ' ' " ' ' Tiiliil KIM I . " Here he lies, poor Jimmy Beggs- Misplaced trust in D. H. eggs. " ■r TT r T First Girl: " Are you sure your folks know I ' m coming home with you? " Second Girl: " They ought to. I argued with them for a whole hour about Some girls are so dumb that they think the Mayflower Compact is some kind of rouge. rf ' Marguerete (at Miss Werner ' s recital) : " What is that charming thing she is playing? " " ' Gladys ' A piano, y ' dub? [JLL. (131) »v •% Wilsonians, Summer ' 24 ( 132) •• r X i S S — Motto: I " Impouihlc 1% Un-American " Colors: Pink and Grey Flower: Carnation s s OFFICERS: V L. B. RUSHEON PreiiJent I DaLTON v. Mouton yict-Preudent j SvBiL Williams Secretary V.I vl America, the Torchbearer of Civilization. S Seven years ago, udniist scenes of horror and chaos, there was rung from the soul of u hero fh«- ii ' words: " To you from falliiiK hands We throw a torch. Me yours to hear it liiKhl If ye hreak faith with tliose who die We shall not sleep, tho " poppies blow III Flanders Field! " • You know what the response to this challeiiKe was. Today America is hearing and must answer a similar yet inlinitely greater call. Down the centuries, from civilizations long decayed, rings the echo of the same words. It is the command of the ancient Egyptians, whose torch of civilization, held aloft in pride and grandeur, once illuminated the world ' s horizon; it is a plea of the Chaldeans, whose torch in former days llamed so brightly, only to flicker and hurn im mort ' ; it is a cry. too, from the Greeks, whose glory it was once to raise on high a gleaming torch whose scintillating rays penetrated the far corners of the globe. i V I One hears more plainly the plea from the peoples of Western Europe, whose torch | ' tv. today, sputtering and flickering feebly, threatens to be forever extinguished. The Spirit of America, the Soul of a people, will not allow this challenge to go unanswered, nor will it fail to guard well that which has been entrusted to her. That this Flame, the sacred heritage of a mighty nation, may he perpetuated, V America must do three things. She must he a leader in world peace; she must maintain I the highest education system; and she must be the shrine of the Christian religion. ' from whence the Gospel of Christ shall be carried to the uttermost parts of the earth. Kxpressing his faith in .Vmerica. Wotwlrow Wilson said. " It is my dream that as the years go on and the world knows more and more of America, it will drink - at the fountain of independence and liberty in Ameri a and be renewed; that it also will turn to .Vmerica for those moral inspirations which lie at the base of all freedom; and that .America will come into the full light of day when all shall know that she puts human rights above all other rights ami that her Hag is not only the flag of America, but of humanity. " I do not know that there will ever be a declaration of independence of mankind, but I believe if any such document is drawn up that it will be in the spirit of the American Declaration of Independence and that . merica has lifted high the light which will shine unto all generations and guide the feet of mankind to the goal of justice and libertv and peace. " — GERALDINK WALL. i I s N N S S S S N S N S N S s s V N s s s V V s N s s S i ff i f I i M M firf k A EOLA BaRBEROUSSE . Intermediate E. L. S. and A. of P. Atlanta Palmer Beauregard, Alexandria PrimaT}) E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Johnnie Berry . . . Keithville English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Cecile Bonner . . Haynesville Intermediate E. L. S. Claudia Borel . . New Iberia 7 Grammar S. A. K. and A. of P. Hazel Bowden . . Grand Cane " " -i Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. ' v?f -: j ' i--y ' - (133) I V s •s s V s s s Si s s s s s s s s s s V S N V s s s s j iV, . f MiI f iifirltkM A i 77 7q V V s s N S N S V s V. V s s s V s V s s N s s V s w J i| ADF.LLK Braden . . . Jennings apaniih ■ Soc. Sci. S. A. K. Acnes Brice . . . Gibsland English - Soc. Sci. K I. S. HiKl Y. V. C. A.. Potpourri Staff. Alice Broussard . New Iberia Intermediate S. A K. and A. of V. John Nick Brown . . Homer Rural Education S. A. K. CJioral Clnh. Football. Tra k. iiUHeball. r.l. Myra Byrne . . . Shreveport Grammar M. C. C. ' Daisy Carlock . . . Oakdale ' Music -Art .M ( (• and Y. W. C. A. ( 134) s lA -f • -L_£ S s s N S S S N s s s N s v N S s s s s s s N N S s s s 1 i ♦ 1nr ' ' ' iii ff f f fi £r t ij iUL Nellie Caulking . New Iberia Intermediate S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. K Susie Connell . . Grand Cane Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Ormie Coon Jena Grammar M. C. C. LoNiE Creech . . Logansport Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A -j- ' f m i Elizabeth DeLony, Natchitoches Math. - Soc. Sci. Math.-Science Club, Choral Society, summer, ' 23, S. A. K. Parliamentary Law Class. Teresa A. Drago . New Iberia -- ' -a Intermediate S. a. K. and A. of Bi ««-JkkK:kh:ki H:d- ' .rii-|.d«h:i-iii.--lb: ¥1 i ■«lMB. ,.t,rS " .AV. .J;. :- -■ £i_ (135) y f £ I j ffJTrl ' s s s s s s s s s s s s V s s s N s XflfT f W f A N •n S N S S s» s N S N» S S. N S S S S s s s s s s t U| Marik 1 . Draco New Iberia Inlermcdiale S. A. K. Aline Dreyer . . . Patterson Prifuar}) M C. C. and A. of I ' . SSb Jack DuCOURNAU . Natchitoches Math. - Science S A K. Debater, 1923. P Vivian Duplantis . . Bourg InlcrmeJiate K 1. S. ami A. of P. EmerIC DuPUY . . Alexandria Rural Education Hnral Lif.- Club and Y. W. C. A. Palma Fair . . . Coushatta Primary M. C. C. 1 N S s N S s s R %, 1 ' ■ 1 (136) •V- rifiFfiffffff f ' f f f f f i . JL X s s s s s s s s s s s N N s N S s s s s Nina Mae Freeman . New Iberia English - Soc. Set. S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Fannie Lee Francis . Shannon Primar}) M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Maydie Gaddis . . . Pioneer English - Soc. Sci. C. L. C. riw ife Lillian Gallion . Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. Nellie Gilbert . . Bryceland Rural Education Rural Life Club and Y. W. C. A. s Samuel Greneaux . Marksville Math. - Ph}f. Sci. - M. C. C, Fire Brigade - T™ - • (137) f s s s s s s s s s s s N s s N S s s s. s m f M f iIiIi HlVA GURNEY .... Bakrr Primar} K L. S iind Y W. ( " . . Bfxle Hagan . . Cramniar fcM. C. C. Oakdale Crowley Engli»h - Soc. Sci. S. A. K.. Trt ' siirc r. S. A. K.. spring. 2R. Vl(e-Pr«»t . full. ' 2 . (MaKs Krtitor for INttpourrl. DcKiddcr HELMA Heard . . Intermrdiatr S. A K. w r Sam Jeansonne PlauchevilU Malh. ■ Ph}f. Sci. C. L. C. and A. of P.. Fire BrlRade and Choral Society. IvRY Jordan .... Florien Primarjf M. f ( ' and Y V. C. A. .2% J (138) ¥1 1 f f s S S S S s iS s s s s i: i S s N s s V. I tS £5 ' ' i N X s s N s s s s s s s s s s s S s s s s i FrANKIE KeES . . . Pineville Pn ' niarij S. A. K., Vice-Pres., winter, ' 23. LiBBY Landry . . . Patterson English - Soc. Set. M. C. C. and A. of P., Choral Society. Marguerite Lavendar, DeQuincy Music - English C. L. C, Chorister. Bernice Mabry Noble Intermediate E. L. S. Elvera Martinez . . Zwolle Grammar E. L. S. and A. of P. Amber McGee . . Coushatta Primary _. ' S. A. K. Ss toK -lhri l " liiiJ (139) s s s s s. N if f f M f ff i (140) fclsTFXLt Michel New Iberia English - Soc. Sci. S. A K S. C. MiZELL Ki Rural Education Itural Life Club and Y. M. C. A. Pauline Moore . Natchitoches Engliih - Latin S A. K iiii.l Latin Club. DaltON MoUTON . . Carencro Math. - Phy. Sci Math. Scl. Club and A. of I . Vice- President Class Bernice Naul . . . Bayward English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. Jessie O ' QuiNN . . New Verda Home Economics E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. i:: mtfrFfti frtl Ai 1rtr ' irf ♦ A I s V s s •s s s s N N s N s s N S s s s s s s s s s s s s I Ruth Pure . . . Westwego Primary E. L. S. and A. of P. Clara B. Prickett . Winnsboro English - Soc. Set. E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A., Y. W. C. A. Social Committee. r Audrey Rabb .... Ajax Crammar ' S I , ' E. L. s. Mary Helen Reynolds Ida Grammar S. A. K. Clara Dean Rush . Alexandria -■ ' j Primary Y. W. C. A.. Vice-President S. A. K., Athletic Reporter for Potpourri. L. B. Rusheon .... Eros SmM ofh. - Science - M. C. C. and Y. M. C. A.. Class PTes: ik ' ik-i-l I S s s s s s s N N, S s s s V s s N s V s v s (141) » i i t I ii i f f f f f ' " fA kK X . f F f i f « Maril Saltlk . . . Ncgreet tnternieJiatc M C. C. hihI Y. VV. C a. Ollie Sanders . . Mcrryville Home Economics S A K SaRTOLA Sa ' OIE . Bflle Rose French - Engliih Cercle Krancais atul A. of I ' ., Pres. CpitI. ' ttancalB. ' 23. Class Editor for Potpourri. Ina B. Shaw . . . Loranger Cramwar M. C. C. and Y V ( 142) Annie Kate Smith Crowley English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. and A of P.. Treas S A. K. fall. -23. IsoLA Smith .... Verda Grammar E. L. S. 1 aIJ Xffi f i t I s V, s Nl N s s s s s i Ida Ruth Stewart . St. Louis English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. Mrs. Archie Taylor . Oakdale Grammar M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. OuiDA Taylor .... Fulton Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A., M. C. C. Pot- pourri Editor. Harry TURPIN . . Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K., Varsity Football. Elva Vining .... Amite Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Geraldine Wall, Centerville, Miss. English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. (143) s s s s s j 4 9t iifiiif i i gf i f T77 M M 1SL± s N N S sl s s N s N N S s s N s N S S s •! Mkrf.diih Wallis . Primary S A. K and Y W ( ' . A Mary Warren . Lake Providence Priniary E. . S ;m.l Y W C A Boyce Sybil Williams . . hUermtdiaU- K L. 8.. S. ' LTfUry, f«U. liS. Class Sci-retHry. Lucy Winstead . . . Primary M . ( ' . C. and Y. V. C. A Delhi Hazel Woodard . . . Primary E. L. S. and Y. V C. A Boyct ( 144) fc I s Houma " s s s l: s s £ f r? s S N N S s s s J it if ' f i f fi f f ' tfkK j: tT f s s s s s N S N s s s s s s s " N N s s i [J Jt i s Utopians Winter 24 Motto : " The world, our field. " Colors: White and Gold Flower: Chrysanthemum OFFICERS: Mary Louise Netterville President Frances McClung Vice-President J. E. Barham Secretary The Last Stage of Evolution The finding of King Tutankhamen ' s tomb has brouglit us back to the clays of three thousand years ago. We gaze at the old king ' s possessions and marvel that these wonderfully preserved relics correspond in so many ways to the various articles of modern times. A bond has been formed between us and the old king who lived ages ago, because we are able partly to understand the sentiments and desires that were similar to ours. The rapid advance of scientific exploration and discovery up to this time has not revolutionized the entire world. Not enough has happened as yet to sever the common understanding and feelings that we share with our less enlightened ancestors. Now is the time that I wish to confront you with a problem which has been the source of much worry and pondering on my part. Why will men of today devote their time in excavating old tombs that after all have not such a tremendous effect upon the advancement of the race? Why do they not devote their time in shaping the channels of the future evolution of man? Do they not see the disastrous end that he is destined to reach? Consider yourself an unearthed mummy three thousand years from now. The change that would greet you would be far greater than found by King " Tut " on his return to the world today. The citizen of 4923 will have exhausted the source of scientific lore. There will be little left of interest to discover. He will have reached what the inventor calls the end of everything. His legs, from constant non-usage, will have begun the process of withering to mere appendages. He will have no incentive to walk, because there will be machines of all kinds to convey him wherever he wishes to go. There will be moving side-walks awaiting but the command of the pedestrian to take him to his destination. The general use of hands will have passed out of custom, because self-starting electrical machines will do all work. When one wishes to see an object miles away, he will select from his assortment of optical instruments the lens adjusted to that range. He will by this time have so mastered the control of sound waves that he will be able to communicate with persons on the other side of the earth. This will be done by the ear without any aid of instruments. Food will be taken in such concen- trated form that meals will have been abolished. The experiment in prolonging life will have been perfected, and the span of existence will have been greatly increased. He will never be subject to fatigue, as scientists even now are beginning to discover methods for banishing the tired feeling. Life then will contain no surprises and will be uninteresting because there will literally be " nothing new under the sim. " Com- pressed air will be available, and man will be able to sail in a special aeroplane to other planets. He will visit different parts of the universe and will no longer delight in wondering whether life exists on the various planets, for he will already be in full possession of all this knowledge. Consider, then, the future citizen of 4923 and judge for yourself whether the pro- blem of the future evolution is not more important than delving into the long-forgotten past. Could not science accomplish better results, if instead of desperately trying to convince man that he sprang from the ape, it devoted its attention to the modification and outcome of the last stage of evolution? —MERLE TRAHAN. ( 145) ' m jnT s s s s s s s s :: s s s s s s s s » ' « I Annette Abraham. Natchitoches IntcrmeJiate M. r. C. Willie Alridge . . . Reason Jntcrmediate C. L. C. Lyda Aldredck . Pleasant Hill Malh - Science S A K. Zelma Armstrong . .. Idi Crammar S A, K iind Y. W. C A Fla ia Baker .... Rub Inlermediale C. E. BarhaM . . . Dubach English - Soc. Sci. t C. L. r Class Sec.-Treas . ' 23. I ( 146) V r- rtiiFft t F F i f f f s s Pauline Barham . . English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. s s s s s s s s s s N s s s V Ila Bee Barnett . Plain Dealing Intermediate M. C. C. Valentine Barrow, Cotton Valley 1 Primary E. L. S. Vivian Barthelemy, Donaldson ville Intermediate S. A. K. and A. of P. Ruth Beaubouef . Alexandria English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. Evelyn Borne . . Plattenville Intermediate E. L. S. and A. of P ' (147) nil r„: r • ' • ' . • y AT r M M ■ y I M MI i i A ■s. s s s s s V s s s s s V s s s s i Helf.n Bourgeois . . . Paulina Englnh - Sac. Sci. Kr.Tiih Cinlo uiwl A of IV Mary Braduock . . Grayson Home hconomici K L. S. and Y. NV. C. A.. Dramatk ' riiiM. fall, 23. J. C. BrLNGELL .... Ruby Rural Education E. L. S. Llla Broussard . . Monterey Rural Education Rural Life Clab. ¥ t Fdna Mae Brown . Sibley. Miss. Priniar] S A K and Y. V. ( ' . A. Lola Brown . . . Evergreen Engliih - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. (148) 1 [Jkj 9tf ii ii i £ S s V V •S S N S N S s i r S s N N N S N rf k s s s s s s s s s s s s s s I Virginia Broyles . . Kentwood CrammaT S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Hazel Buce . . . Winnfield English - Soc. Sci. Contemporary Life Club. Sarah Jane Buck Evergreen English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Mattie May Buller, Ville Platte Intermediate C. L. C. and A. of P. Nancy Byrd .... Peason Intermediate C. L. C. Georgia Campbell . Monterey Rural Education Rural Life Club. -.ih: ».--hbf-l I s s s N S S s s (149) iVy x x ]rff: s s s s s s N s s s •s A4 7 I V v., V, S, V V V V, S, n| V SI si s s s s s s s s s V V V s s s si Verna Campbell . . Hornbeck Math. - Science Mutli Scienro Cliil). Y. W ( ' . A. Leslie Carter . . . Morrow Crammar M. r. C. and Y. V. C. A. Gertrude Cartwright. Oakdale Intermediate S. A. K. KOSE ChatELAIN . . Mansura Inletmediate M. C. C. and A. of P. CuMiE Clark . . . Coushatta Intermediate .M. C (• and Y. W. C. A. Minnie Cochran Mcrryville Home Economici S A K. and Y. V. C. A, (160) Z t§ iifiii i M f F IT F , f f i f £ iff s s N N S s s s s s s s Herman Coles . . Leonville Math. - Science C. L. C. and Y. M. C. A. Helen Coney . . . Jonesville Crammar E. L. S. ' i Bertha CoNSONERY, Napoleonville Grammar M. C. C. and A. of P. Erline Coyle . . Cotton Valley Intermediate M. C. C. 11 I I. W. Crawford . Harrisonburg Math. - Phy. Sci. Math. -Science Club. Marjorie Crawford, ' " L- - — Donaldsonville " ' ra-j-fc Intermediate l ' mM ' jMwd ' Jt hm l (151) S s s N S s s s i f Mf f Jf i Mlff% S S S N I J ' Sn 1 f f i 1 f s s s s s s s s s s N N S N. N S V s s s N N V s s s s s I E. M. Creel . . . Sunny Hill Englnh - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. A Crouzillac . Livonia Crammar S. A. K. and A. of P. Mary Cunningham, Natchitoches Englith - Soc. Sci. S A K. V ' ernice Cutrer . . . Many Engliih - Soc. Sci. K. I.. S. and Y. W. C. A. Fern Da ' is Glendalc Music - Art S A. K. Hllf.N DeaTON . . . Kinder InUimedialc S. A K. and Y. W. C A (152) S s S s s K f r " ' , A A %v ' f i i i f i i rt Vk S s s s s s s s N S N s s s s s s s s. s s s s N N s s s i Laura Decuir . . Marksvilk Inlcrmci ' iaii: M. C. C. and A. of P. Hilda Dill . . Donaldsonville Primary S. A. K. and A. of P., Current Sauce Staff. Neva Duckworth . English - Soc. Set. Wax; A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Winnie Duggan . . . Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. fBRIDGET DuPUIS . . . Paulina English - Soc. Sci. French Circle and A. of P. Faye Ealy .... " Sfe Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Noble jkl g f ff I s s s s s N S s s s s s s s N S s :: s N s s N» N N S S S J ' ' f i M i jf f i iiijrt k (153) s s s s s s Si JkJ f •70 s ' V Lily Bf.lle Eastep . . Homer •i Inlermediale S Wd ( ' I ' ' »■ " ' ' - ' A. 1 [ .LEANOR Ejvtman . Grand Cane Is. Primary E. L. 8. und Y. W. r. A. s S s Pi K Annie Lee Fen NELL . Opdousas X Crammar V ■ S. A K and Y. V C. A s EIdna Flanagin . . . Intermediate Hanna M. C. C. Daisy Fleniken . . Gran geville Intermediate Contemporary Life Club, Y w ( " . A. Zetta Fontenot . . Ville Platte Crammar 1 C. L. C. 1 li S (164) • i f N S i XT ' XA V s V s s s N s s N S N S s N S S s s s s s s s s s s s s s Dora Lee Foreman . . Doyline |»l English - Soc. Sci. Dramatic Club, Y. W. C. A. LULA Franklin . . Natchitoches Intermediate S. A. K. Lillian Frederick . . Paulina English - French French Circle. Bessie Galloway . . . ZwoUe Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Louise Gannon . . . Reason Intermediate C. L. C. m Elizabeth Gehringer, I Napoleonville Intermediate C. L. C. and A. of P. Wm :: ' UTOPIANS fli Lli!)iiilblKli)liillL ll)il!!)lll (155) 1 s x x r x7iiy s s s s s s :: s s S S s •s N " S s N N N S N S N s s s s s s s s s s I I MakcIK Gibson . . Waterproof English - l aiin I tln Club and Y. W. C. A. ' .ILBF.RT . . Napolconvillc Intermediate C. L. C. and A. of P. Beatrice Gooch . . Abbeville Intermediate C. L. C. and Y V C A Archie Jowers . . New Verda Rural Education M. C. C. IVout Thklma Greer . . . Cramnutr j| (• I. ( and Y. W C A. L. R. GremILLION. Jr. . Crowley r ' Math. ■ Phy Sci. E. L. S. and A. of P.. Football Tiara. 1 s iS ( 156 ) s s s s k s « ■ f n M f f f f JOSIE GUIDROZ . . . Lockport English - French French Circle and A. of P. Eva Hammett . . . Campti English - Soc. Sci. Treas. of Contemporary Life Club. LORETTA Harkins . Natchitoches Intermediate S. A. K. Hazel Hatcher . . . Clinton Home Economics M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. ,j Mamie Hatcher . . . Clinton Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. t Nellie Hatten . . Goldonna " English - Soc. Sci. C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. lillil{||li ' ll ' llillll|l|l1PIIRIITI ' ' lllllll|lilllllll ' llll :i (157) J 4 y X ' ' i I . s k «y b| Jewell Heard . . . Homer Intermediate ' I. C. nnd Y. V. C A. HeTTIE Hebert . Lake Charles Intermediate S A K ;iii(l V W ( ' A Mary Hicks . . . Jamestown ■ La6n - EngUih r.atin Club and Y. W. C. A. Cora Lee Hill . . Natchitoches Muiic -Art S. A. K. Omie Hogg .... Grayson English - Soc. Sci. K. L. S. and Y. W. t . A. Celeste Hollinshead. Evergreen Intermediate S A K. and Y. W A UTOPIANS " PIS; J(j (168) « TQ5 f f f i £ f i N N S In s (i Helen Holton . . . Wilmer |bI " , English - Soc. Set. M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Esther Houston . . Elizabeth Home Economics M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Gertrude Jenkins . Jennings English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Elizabeth Johnson . Glenmora Intermediate C. L. C. Marjorie Johnson . . Crowley Intermediate S. A. K. Arual Jones . . Natchitoches Intermediate M. C. C. (159) 15 if Mif If ii ' r f s N V Leah Acnes Keller . . Bunkie Engliih - Soc. Sci. I ' roM. rontoiiiporury Life ( ' lull. Pot- lK»urrt Staff ZuLA Mae Kennedy. Tangipahoa English - Soc. Sci. M C. r. and Y. V ( ' A. May KornEGAY . . Plaquemine Primary M. r. C. and A. of P Dorothy Keyser . Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. Marguerite Lay . . . Homer Inlermtdiale C. L. C. and V. V. V. A. Aline Lee . . . Alexandria Primary S. A. K. (1«0) I « » M » M I s S N N S i 1= 7 r s s s s V s s s s s Annie Laurie Lyles . . Primary M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Bell Mary Lindsay . . Shreveport Inlermediate M. C. C. and A. of P. Helen Lyles . . Cheneyville Primary S. A. K. le Mary Lou Lyles . . . Bunk Math. - Science Math.-Science Club and Y. W. C. A. Dramatic Club. k Mary Mabry .... Peason Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. I AbBIE MaRSTON . . Coushatta Intermediate S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. ;; UTOPIANS - ' A (161) aa ' I F s s N s s s s s s b| Pauline Matthews Urania Home Economici 1. ■. and Y. V. ( ' A. Frances McClung. Naichitochei English - Mutic S A. K.. Choral Society, Claiw Vloe- Preaident. Honor Council. Hattie Mae McFerren. Natchitoches Spannh - Math. S. K LoRELLE Melton . . Lisbon InldTmediale .M ( ' C. and Y. W. C. A Amy MenDOZA . . Jeancrcttc Primary V. I. ( ' and A. of P. Mary Messick . . Marksville Interniediale M ( C. and V. W. C. A. ' I (162) s s I Emily Mae Miller. Natchitoches | ' English - Soc. Sci. A41nr s s •s s s s N S S s s s N s s s N S V s s x y ' Fm S. A. K. Flarcie Miller . . . Crammar E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A Flori onen ! • 5 Gladys Millet . . Gramercy English - Soc. Sci. C. L. C. and A. of P. I Zelma Mills . . . Winnfield English - Soc. Sci. Contemporary Life Club. f Velma MizelL . . Forest Hill Intermediate S. A. K. Critic. Iola Moss . . . New Iberia S. A. K. and A. of P. — l JH Ji ' j .I.J -I . (163) Dl s y fii MaRCF.LLF. Muller . New Iberia Eingliih - For. Lang. S A K . C ' hoisler for A of l». VicciE Naul Baywood Engliih - Soc. Sci E. L. S. Agnes Neck . . . Mansura IntermeJiatc M. C. C. Oli ' e Nelson . . Shreveport Primary I i (• I. (• JUKI V V (• A. I s I i w 1 K.ATHERINE MUNSON. Cheneyville Inlermediate A. K. Maude Muscrove . Pelican Intermediate 1 E. L. 8. s N S ( 164) i t s TF N S S S S N S N S s s s s s s s s V s s s s s S Mary Louise Netterville, Vidalia Math. - Science S. A. K .; Class President. Alline Norman . . Winnfield English - Soc. Sci. Contemporary Life Club. Edna Mae Pierson . . . English - Soc. Sci. C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. Iowa Adley Pepper . . . Jonesboro English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. and Y. M. C. A. Ruth Pharis . . Natchitoches Music -Art S. A. K., Class Secretary. Katheryn Polk . . Bogalusa English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Es£r £1B (165) ' I V s s K K s H " UTDPiAN5 §::W IS iicrw- 11 1 f jy J A f Hi ' r i f iJ i ITTl !v ' V V V Si V s N S s s N S s KHF PoRET . . . Marksvillp French - English M. C. C. and A. of I ' . Orpha Prevost . . Mansura French - hngliih French Clnle und A of P Helen Puckett Cheneyville Intermediate S A K. and Y. V. C. A. DOLIE RaMBIN . . Powhattan English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. Jewell Reeves . . . Inlermediale M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A Reeves OCTAMA Rickey Natchitoches Engliih - Soc. Sci. Coiiicinporary Life Club. (166) w • .«k ffl s si N S s s s s s s s s s s s N s s , ry . " Della Roberts Opelousas £15 jrammar S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Lucille Robertson . Fordoche Primary E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Isabel Rodrigue . Napoleonville Iniermediaie C. L. C. and A. of P. rll p 11 ' - Ethel Roger . . Napoleonville Iniermediaie C. L. C. and A. of P. I I Sara Rogers . . Grand Cane Latin - English Latin Club and Y. W. C. A. Nellie Rush . . Alexandfif English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. Current Sauce Reporter, Edi- tor, winter, ' 23. (167) s s s s s s s s N s •s s ff 0f J JfiMM Ifl ' Xl TXl V V V s n! V V N s KoY Sanders .... Dodson Rural Education Rural Life Club and Y M. C. A.. Fire Hrlgnde. Stella Se ario . . . Galvez Grammar M. l r. and Y. V. C. A. Hdrye Simmons . Napoleonville InlermeJialc C. L. C. and A. of V l.ois Sinclair . . . Longstreet Intermediate S. A. K. Dorothy Smith . . Joncsville Latin - hngliih Latin Clul) and Y. W. ( ' . A. Fan IF. Smith .... Pelican Math. - Science Math.-Science Club. «r V s V 1 (168) AA XT f s s s s s s s N s s s ' f IS. s 2 NlTA Smith Eros Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Sadie D. Smith . . Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. Gertrude Stanford . . Carrol Crammar M. C. C. Irma Lee Stanford . . Carrol Intermediate M. C. C. Louise Stewart . Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K., Choral Club ' 23, Dramatic Club, ' 23 and ' 24, Mixed Quartet. Cur- rent Sauce Staff, ' 23 and ' 24. Rosalie Stickley . . Gueydan Home Economics ' r S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. " U- V (169) f M f ii £1 s s s s N N S s N M S S Gwendolyn Stroup . Dcstrahan I nIcrmcJialc PW C L. C. and Y. V. C. A. Stuart . . Fcrnday Priniar}! E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. IrENF. StuakT Donaldsonville IntermediaU- S. A. K. t. B. SyLVEST . . . Franklinton Engliih ■ Soc. Set. Dramatic Club. Y. M. C. A. JeweIxT AYLOR Jonesboro Home hcononiui M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Clothilde Thevenet. Breaux Bridge Lngltsh - for. Lang. Ki.nili (MriK- and A of I L ( 170) I s s ir M 14 I s £r W M S N S S s s S S s s s s s s s s s Cynodie TircuiT . . Morganza Intermediale M. C. C. Marie Toups . . . Lockport Grammar S. A. K. and A. of P. Merle Trahan . . . Houma English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Gladys Walker . Natchitoches Music - Art S. A. K. and A. of P. W. D. Walker . . . Wyatt Math. - Science M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Ruth Wathen . Donaldsonville English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. and A. of P., Current Sauce Staff, summer, ' 23. Albertine Luquette . . Rita Intermediate — J S. A. K. and A. of P. fej-i ' i ' ' ' ;;; aih,,-. .r i . I litTrtiirr tf-JH.a ' f!, I iifiSiii (171) E» 1 V S •s S s s f I ( a f ii iiirit a s s s s s V s N S s N S s s MiK A Watson . . Harnsonburg Primar}) E. L. S. and Y W C. A. Anna Mae Allen. Donaldsonvillc Home Economic S. A. K uiid A. of P. Garnet Wells . . Alexandria Primary K. L. S. and Y. V. C. A. Maky Whipple . . . Bourg Prinmrii French Circle and A. of P. Camille Wimberly . . Campti Primarj) K. L. S. Ralph Wooley . . Lecompte Math. - Science Math.Science Club. Elizabeth Yarborouch, Powhatan Muiic -An S. A. K. (172) I I d I h 7 y fTt kjk . JL S s s. s s •s s s s s s s s N s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s i Climbers, Winter ' 25 Motto : " Not on top, but climbing. " Colors: Pink and Green Flower: Sweet Pea OFFICERS: Kearney Keegan President Neil Oliver Vice-President Nellie Gill Sec ' -Treas. The Satin Slipper Cotter ' s Ball was to be Saturday night, and everyone was going — everyone who had been fortunate enough to receive an invitation. " Surely someone will buy me! " exclaimed the little satin slipper, from its seat on a bronze stand among the other shoes in the show window of Brickman ' s Shoe Store. It had sat there all last season and while satin had been the height of fashion. It still sat there this season, and satin was still being worn. All of the other shoes in the show window had been sold and replaced many times by others, but the little satin slipper remained. Everyone admired it, but no one bought it. Why wouldn ' t some one buy it? " It can ' t be my price, " wept the satin slipper, " because I ' m cheaper than lots of my friends who were sold last season. I ' m a number three, and today all the ladies wear number three ' s. Whoever heard of a satin slipper getting gray hair in a show window? — What a disgrace! Oh, the joy and the pride cf being worn, of actually con- taining a foot with toes, real live ones! " At ten o ' clock the mayor ' s wife, while passing Brickman ' s, stopped and looked at the display of shoes. " Just the thing! " she exclaimed pointing to the little slipper. Then she entered the store. " At last, at last, " shouted the satin slipper, " I ' m to be bought, to have a home, to be worn, to be put to some use. I ' ve had to wait all this time so that I might belong to Pepper Center ' s most popular woman. I see it all now — everything comes to those who wait. " Fifteen minutes had gone by. The mayor ' s wife came out of the store with a box of shoes. Oh, the crushed hopes and the shattered dream of the satin slipper! The week-end passed, and the little slipper remained, but Monday brought everyone back to work. " Re-arrange that show window, Pat, " commanded the manager of Brickman ' s Shoe Store. A half hour passed and the process of fixing the window display began. The satin slipper was carelessly thrown upon the counter. " Throw this in the trash can, " said Pat, handing the little satin slipper to the janitor. And in two minutes the little slipper lay in the garbage can. It wept and wept, but no one could help it; it had met its unpreventable doom. The little satin slipper never knew that the reason for all its misery was the lack of a mate; it was only a sample slipper. —MERCEDES RAY. (173) i ' Smttf i i f i i if Mf f fifi iiirit i s s s s s s s s s s s s s s v» N s s s N s s I ■• N I Mary Aix KR .... Belcher Muiic - Art S. A. K. Pauline Alexander . Oil City Home Economici S. A. K. Lillian Aly . . . Newellton Intermediale S. A. K. Jewell Andrews . . Crowley " I Engliih ■ French Frances Alexander . Tallulah Inter mediate S. A. K. and Y. V ( A HoRTENSE Allen . Naichiiochcs Music -Art I M ■ C. (174) 1 ( [ JL S s s N S S N N S N % V s s s s s s s s N N s s s £S . i 1 i ftrfk :xi loNE Armstrong . Hunter Home - Economics M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Alma Authement . Lockport Math. - French French Circle Katherine Averett. West Monroe English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. GaRNETT Baker Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. Gertrude Bamberg Ashland English - Soc. Sci. Ernestine Barfield, Logansport Home - Economics M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. ■lipBHillMlilil. ' CLIMBERS V Biewniimi! miBlBl i (175) s v.. V In J 4 1yy X iIi IfI i Mi f iiii liSsinzr i i ' f f ' 1 s s N s s s s s N s s s s N S s s s s i t I Louisr. Haklow . . . Rrmy Engliih ■ For. Language Fren« ' h Circle and A. of P. KosALiE Barnes Natchitoch« English -Social Science S. A. K Marguerite Bartels . Gretna Primarif K. U. S and Y W C A Malue Bateman Franlclinlon Home Economics KuBY Bateman . . Franklinton Grammar M. C. C. NoviA Dee Bayne . . Chestnut English • Soc. 5ci. M. C. t " . 1 s s s N N S s (176 J N s s s. i j 4 ir ' ' f i ££ f f M M iyrffAx AAlnr " ' ' i I f if if I ir€kk . I N S N s s S N S N N N s s s s s s s N s s s s s I vian Kathleen Beazley . . Vi C. L. C. Claire Becnel . . St. Gabriel Intermediate C. L. C. and A. of P. Pearl Beeson . . P itkin Music - Art C. L. C. Edwina Belanger Primary C. L. C. Houma Abie Berry . . Natchitoches Math. - Phy. Sci. Math.-Science Club. Sara Berry . . . Winnsboro English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. (177) I S S s S s s s s s s s s s s N S N S s s. i i i f S f £ f I f i f ii k ' i f f f i if d I s s s s s N S S N N IN S S N N s s s s s s s N s s K s I Rthh Hic kham . . . Chfion Home Economic M. ( ' . r. Pkaki. Bicnf.r . . . Pollock English - Soc. Sci. S A. K. Sybil Block . . . Alexandria Home Economii s S A K :in(l Choral Chili. Leslie Adaire Wells, CJrand Cane K L. S. iiii.l Y. V. C. A Bern ICE Bouanchaud. New Roads English - Soc. Sci. S. A K. Jeanne Boudrfjvux . New Iberia English - French • ' ik ' l S K and A of IV (178) 4y M, ,j L iiir f irf A omics W. C Nc ence Opal Breeden Liverpool Home Econ C. L. C. and Y. EuNA Brewton Math. - Sc . A. itchitoches Hr E. L. S. Pauline Brignac . . Paulina Grammar C. L. C. and A. of P. Eva Mae Brooks Franklinton F Home Economics M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Estelle Brown . . Shreveport Home Economics S. A. K. Leatrice Brumfield, Sunny Hill Primary 3 fc. M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. IBBiaiill lllBiil 1 -- ' ] (179) N S s K s s N N s s if ff ii fiiiififfffr % s s s s s N s s s N I b| Gladys Burrow . . Merryville Inietmci ' xaie a A. K and Y V ( ' A. URLINE Bush Pleasant Hill Music - Art Mercedes Callaghan. Alrxandria Intermediate S A K. Flossie Carroll . . . Ako Home Economic E. L. S. Viola Carter . Lake Arthur Prin tar}) S. A K. Eugenie Carville Plaquemine Engliih - Soc. Sci S A K. HI Id A of p. f is N (180) 1 1J 4 )py X JAl Kt ff . .V77 frfkJk . 1 s s N s s s s N S " S S N S s s s s s s s s i I Mildred Castleman, Oak Grove L Iniermediaie Beatrice Chapman . . Bunkie Math. - Science Math.-Science Club. Ethel Chauvin . . . Lottie Primary E. L. S. and A. of P. Bessie CleMONS Natchitoches English - Social Science Contemporary Life Palma Coody . . . Longstreet English - Social Science M. C. C. Gertrude Creaghan, Hope Villa -;■ Math. - Science M. C. C. l-l-JB- ' -x-i-JkkbiZklUkI -■-1 Bi ■■.■■a-- Tti-?- V :r ,-.,■■ , •,.„., a,(;i4.0i:i« :j,.V..V ,.,4tV . (181) I s s s s s s s s s s s s s s v S V s s s I J " yrf f y J y r A j fjf;; ST if r F F f F iJi If s N s s Nf.dra Cromwf.ll M onroe ■ %XLIMBER5 CS ( 182) Primar]) S. A. K. Lome Coon Jena Cranimar M (• (• Edmf.e Colton Natchiioches English • Social Science Contemporary l.lfe KOBLRT ClLBERTSON. Natchitoches Math. - Science Math Science Club. William Culbertson. Natchitoches Xtalh. - Science Math.-Science Club. I A A Mae Curry Natchitoches French • Engliiii French Circle fFFFFF f r W F F i i £ I . ■Til r N N S S s Is 1 f Effie Daigle Primafs Lottie E. L. S. and A. of P. LeONIE Darcantel, New Orleans Home Economics C. L. C. Mabel Darwin . . Shreveport Rural Education Rural Life Club and Y. W. C. A., R. L. C. Reporter for Current Sauce, Editor spring, ' 24. Christine Davidson, Summerfield Intermediate ' r C M. C. C. Beatrice Davis . . . English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. lili Belmont Mary Ena Dean . . . Boyce Home Economics S. A. K. (183) N. s s s s s s 5; 1 ! I " ' A 1 V s N 1 i b.1 1 M f I f J f Jf i M i £ , ' fm S S S S S S s N S s N S s s s» s s s s s s s s iiwf r tuSIE DUBUS . . . Abbeville Englnh - Soc. Sci. PR (• I. ( and Y V (• A John Dunbar . . Washington Rural Education Y. M r A Ida Bell ELasley . Tangipahoa Ctammar M. C. C. Gladys Edmonds . . Bernice English - Soc. Sci. lb K. L S. Irma Edmonds . . . Bemice Enginh - Soc. Sci. K. L. S. Addie Mae Eubanks. Mer Rouge Inlermedialt E. L. S. (184) f S V S V r N 1 jMfMiMMMeWM AA 1nr • • • x z rf ♦ I s s s s s s s s s s N s N s s s V N S V s •s s s s N N s s s s i Lucille Fogle . . . Minden Primary) M. C. C. and Y. M. C. A. EuLA Fendlason Intermediate S. A. K. Folson I! i Margaret Flood Shreveport Music - Art S. A. K. and Choral Club. Elise Foote . ' fPI? ' . Kaplan Math. - French S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Inez Fornaris . English - Soc. Set. S. A. K. Morganza Josephine Fragala . Rayville m ' Lsi-Jntermediate -i-r S E. L. S. and A. of P. ■■■„. (185) I s jk.K m " ' ' i f f if fff(. s s s s s N s s s s N s f S S N S S N N S S S V V V s s s i t f :j«%CUM8ER5 ' iP i|i I Mattif Francis . . . Mclder Englith - Soc. Set. I.. ( ' . uiiil Y. W. ( ' A Bfrnice Frederic . . Paulina Home Economic • I, ( ' Bessie Frere . . . Franklin Engliih - Soc. Sci. S. A K. E.DDIE Frew Melville Engliih - Soc. Sci. C. L C. RuFus Funderburk . . Reeves Math. - 5cienir M. C. C. and Glee Club. Blrnice Fuqua . . . Ashland English - Soc. Sci. M ( ' . C. ffi s s N s s s s s s (186) |j 4 y yX X r • li Flo de Generes . Alexandria Primary Joke Editor for S. A. K. Ida de SausSURE . . Morrow English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Anne Dixon . Belcher Primar]f S. A. K. Clarice Dodson, Plain Dealing InieTmediate M. C. C. LeTITIA DoIRON Baton Rouge Intermediale S. A. K. Jewell Dowell . Pleasant H ' " Intermediate •■ C. L. C. k.- - 1 (187) f jr r jr wf s s s s s s s s lS s s s s s s N s s s V s N V s s s s N N Neluk Gill .... Homer linfiliih - Soc. Sci. C. I.. C and Y. W. C. A.. Clium Ekiltor for ) ' t)iiHHirrt. Viola Golns rovcncal English - Latin Latin Club. Syl lA Gonsoulin Levert Home Economics S. A. K. Martha Grayson Winnsboro .!■ " ' fcjg InlcrmeJiale " E. ' L. S. luul Y W (■ A Mabel Green . . Oak Grove IntermeJiale C L. (■ 1 KDA Green . . . Oakdalc Malh. - Sciaici ' 1, C. and Y. W. « (188) x fXT s s s s s s s s s s N s s s s s s s s s N s s s s s s I JJ fff i i i f JO 3_ J. M. Greer . . . Haynesville PWs- Nat. Science M. C. C, Varsity Team. Prentiss Greer Haynesville M. C. C, Football Team. Lucille Grey . . Long Leaf Intermediale Mabel Guerre . New Orleans Math. - Science S. A. K. Joanna Gunning . Shreveport Home Economics S. A. K. Bertie Hall Pitk in Crammar C. L. C. (189) I N s s S s s s s :: s s s s y yX X X LoTTit Mae Hanks. Botsier City Muiic - Art S. A. K. LJUY Harkness .... Hcflin Math. - Science M. C. C. DoRETHA Harris Primary M. C. C. OIU Nettie Hart . . . Sunshine Inttrmidate C. L. C. and A. of ' . Eunice Harvey . . Star Hill Primar} C. L. C. Helen Hawthorne . Provmcal Engluh - Latin E. L. S. (190) r I M M I M it% s s s s s s N s N S S S s WiNNiFRED Haydel, St. Gabriel Intermediate C. L. C. and A. of P GUSSIE Heffner . . Crowley Home Economics S. A. K. and A. of P. Earl Henry .... Heflin English - Soc. Sci M. C. C. Katherine Hicks . . Neita Cr, ammar M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A., Dramatic Club. Jim Hightower .... Ida Grammar S. A. K. and A. of P. Lucille Hill .... Benson Latin - English Latin Club. U M S 1 " i: ■■ 7 " - -• ' ■T ' . aS MmM (191) JA. Vr ffi ff t r i I frrtfTFi S s s ::i III i Harrif.t Holden Bogalusa Home Economici M I ( and Y. M. C. A. Hazel Hood Saline Intermediate M. C. C. luul Y M C. A. LuLA Mae Humphrey . Boniia Home Economici E. L. S. Hilda Jackson . . Lecomptc English - Soc. Set. S, A K. :: Willie Mae Jackson . Monror Crammar S. A K Verna Jenkins . . Elton Math.. Nat. Sci. V 1. S . Trettn.. spring. ' " a s (192) A ,A.k ' i y i f g SUL w ' w ' • f 41 JL S s N S s s s N S S s s s s V s s s s s i Margaret Johnson, . Longstreet Crammar S. A. K. Nettye Johnson . . Livonia Primary E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Ernestine Johnson, Longstreet Grammar S. A. K. Myrtle Jones . . New Roads English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. and A. of P. Pennie Joyce . . Coushatta Home Economics Contemporary Life Club. Kearnie Keegan . Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K., Class President. (193) S i J f T W JT ir T FiJ T X N N N N IS I 1 S N s s s s s s IS i b| Vera . . . fA InlermeJialc S. A K. Pincville Ethll Kelly . . . Wmnfield linglish ■ Soc. Set. S A K Ruth Kelly . . . Choudrant Priniar C. L. (V and V V A La Delle Kendkick. Hayncsville Iniermeiiale E. I.. S. MARCUERriK KiLLEN. NatchilochM Home Economic jl Henrietta Koons . Haynesville fi| Latin - English Latin Club. K rcuMiERi iCW (194) M w r f r m ' JfLJHLL r s if J f Lee KornEGAY Plaquemine Intermediate M. C. C. Myrtle Kramer . . Franklin English - Latin Latin Club and Y. W. C. A. Ruby Laird . . Natchitoches English - Latin M. C. C. Lucille Lambert . . Grammar C. L. C. and A. of P. Hester Irf ' JI - JfJIhrfcifkJfclhJfal Lucy Lampo . . . Patterson Primary M. C. C. and A. of P. Marie Theresa LeBlanc, j - Paincourville French - English W S iBi French Circle and A. of P. S " " CLIMiER5 S I s s 1 s s V s N (195) k jr £ i i l-i-JB ' l Athalik Lf.Compte Bourg Engliih - French French Circle and A. of P. Ola Lee .... Bel I wood Enfliih - Soc. Sci. K I. S Agnes Lemoine Hessmer I niermediatc M. r. ( ' and A. of P. Miriam Leopold . . Berwick English - Soc. Sci. S A K fill i Gladys La Pointe . . Homer Grammar S. A K and Y. V. C. A. Ivel G. Lewis . . . Lcwiston Grammar .M (• " Hhd Y V ( ' A I Is S i: N I (196) ■ " » N. ' % N r ifT» X V N N :: s! s s s s N s s s N S s s s s s V s s s s S Lucille Lipp . . . Oak Grove Intermediate C. L. C. Kathleen Long . . Winnfield English - Soc. S ci. Contemporary Life Club, Y. W. C. A. f- Grady Lowe . . . s aline 1 Math. - Sci. M. C. C. Mike Lucia . . Lutcher English - French M. C. C. and A. of P. Irene Lucky . . . Music - English S. A. K. Lucky Ethel Mace Gloster Grammar S. A. K. m ; ' CLIMBERS ' g Cgl IaJ (197) i i il ff I s s s s s s s s. s s N s s s s s % s N s s s s 5 rrrx f ftf f f % S N S V i CLIMBERS ' g llj INEZ MaRCHAND . . Weiwego Craniniar M ( . ami A. of P. Obf.d Martin . . Natchitoches Maih. . Phy Sci Math.-Scieno ' Club. Edith Matherne . . Wallace hnglish - Soc. Sci. Dramatic Club. A. of P. Lester Mayfield Shreveport Home Kconomics S. A. K. Lucy B. McCorquadale. Natchitoches Primarjf S A. K. Beadie McCoy . . . Saline EnglUh ■ Soc. Sci. S. A. K. : • ' ■- — ■ ■ - - • ' - ' (198) X if ff . s N N N 8 Letty McReynolds Monroe English - French S. A. K. Henry McTyre . Natchitoches Rural Ed. Rural Life Club. I Cecil Miller . . . Dry Creek Math. - Science Dramatic Club. Dora Miller ri 1 Reeves English - Soc. Set. M. C. C. Jl ' Inez Miller . . . Shongaloo Home Economics M. C. C. JosEPHA Millet . . LaPlace _ Grammar E. L. S. and A. of P. S OHM : ' N s N s s s s s V s s s V. N (199) s s il f f f f ff i rrf fJ fXI% a N S N S s N S N X S S s s s s s s s Opal McCrary . . . Wisncr Inlermcdiale E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. V IRCINIA McCrary. Lake Arthur Primary C. L. C. Bessie McDonald . Sugartown Intermediate C. L. C. Cleo McDonald . Bossier City Englith - Sol. Sci. M. C. C. If V V N S s s " S s (200) ExiE McInnis . . . Peason Primary •i i L c. L. Madeline McKnicht Crowley intermediate S. A. K l-X.I ■J JlkT- f s s s s N s s S s N N X S s N N S S s i Olive Miscar . Denham Springs Grammar M. C. C. Chrystal Monk . . Mind Intermediate M. C. C. en Margaret Monk . . Leesville Primary S. A.K. Iris Montgomery . . Bonita Grammar E. L. S. « Clayton Moore . Natchitoches English - French S. A. K. Gladys Moore . . . Minden Home Economics E. S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. y ' m s. s s s N s s l :jl«i:j»i:jh;i» l ' iil L _ (201) N S fl i f fl Zb? n m x V V V s. ' I s s Kthki. Morgan . . Oakdalc Home hconomics I. ( and Y W ( ' A. Mar l URPHY . . . Vivian Inlcrmcdiate C. L. C. Minnie Mae Murphy. Natchitoches Engliih - Soc. Sci. S A. K. Olive Leigh Myatt . Monroe Printar} S. A. K. M-iJ- -ib-i-l s s V V s V I %CLIMBER5 l Ciy Dora Norris . . Oakridge Intermediate M. C. C. KosY Nunez . . . . Erath Primary (• 1, C and A of p. knS s (202 ) I s s s s s s s V s 0 xx s s s s V N S s s s. s N s s s N s s s s { Nettie OdEN . . . Greenwood Inlcrmediale E. L. S. Nannette Ogden . Mer Rouge E Intermediate E. L. S. Neil T. Oliver . . Natchitoches Nat. Sci. - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. Pauline Olmstead Monroe English - Latin S. A. K. ViRGiE O ' NiELL . . Thibodaux Primary C. L. C. and A. of P. Opal Orr . . . Cheneyville Primary S. A. K. Tz SLr p ' GLIMBERB ' V IE tik£bMm»iamiBi ■sa (203) 1 x x x x x fff ♦: S •S s s % s s ' s s s s s N s s s s N s N N N N S S S f f i ' f f f I Makguerite Owen . . Peck Inltxmeixaic K. .. S. Hazel Page Robcline English ■ Soc. Sci. 8. A. K. Myka Parkek Jena Crammar C. I-. (• L ' RsrN Perkins . . Math. ■ Ph},. Sci. Ilrainatir Club. Reeves James Peyton .... Jena English - Spanish M. C. C. Sadie D. PiERSON . Natchitoches Home Economics S. A. K. (204) r t r M F i M 1 f trf k k . I S s s s s s s N S s s s N s s N S s s s s s s s s s s s s Alice Randol . . . Wilmer English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Dorothy Randolph, Plain Dealing Intermediate C. L. C. Doris Ratcliff . . Blanchard Primar}) - ■- S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. - Mercedes Ray . . . Houma English - Soc. Sci. C. L. C. Margaret Reese Oak Ridge Cramar M. C. C. Nona Reynolds . . — " - Intermediate S. A. K. Kind er ( 205 ) I s s s s s s s s s s s s. : s s s. s s s N S S s s : f 1 i f i f f lirtX i l_ X X s s N s s s s N S S N N N S Ns N S s s s s s s V N s s W| WiLLiK Rkynolds . Oak Grove InlermediaU C. L. C. Gladys Richard Port Allen Intermediate S. A. K. Ruth Richardson . . Minden Home - Economici S. A. K. anil Y. V c A Cora Rivet . . . Plaquemine Intermediate M. r C. FLORtNCE Robinson . Winnsboro L, Engliih - Soc. Set. Gladys Rougeon . . Lecompie Intermediate fcte- kb ■! E. L. S. (206) Ja W F W F i if ftr€ ♦ A S S ESPERANCE ROUSSEL . . Hester CTammar French Circle and A. of P. Lois Swindle . . Plain Dealing Intermediate C. L. C. 0. Margaret Sutherlin, Shreveport English - Latin Latin Club. Edith Sudduth . . Opelousas Math. - Science S. A. K. Mildred Stroud, Plain Dealing English - Soc. Sci. C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. LiLLiE Strickland, Baton Rouge Primary) S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. L c ■41 i s s s s s V s s s s s s s s s s :: s s s s V s s s V s s. s i J! 1 f 1 iJTf kjta J , , ffffffffff ffl s s s s s N S S N» S N S N S S V N s s N s s N S I -vr K % ' CLlMBEHS ' ' UpBisC a Naomi Sandefur . . . Minden Latin • Engliih Latin Club aii.l Y V (• Ruth Sandlin . . . Hortman Intermediate C. L. V. Mildred Sanoie . . . Crowley Engliih - French S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A.. Chorister for S. A. K. Aline Scarborough . Robeline Primar}f S. A. K. Truett Scarborough. Natchitoches English ■ Soc. Sci. S. A. K. and DrainHli - Clnh, Honor Council. Glee Club. Kathryn Scott . . Winnsboro Muiic - English E. L. S. V (208) 5 i 4 " n AA1nr xx T AA I s s s N S S s N ' s S s s N N s N S S s s N N N S s s s Margie Scott . . . Bastrop English - Soc. Set. M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Elizabeth Scougale . Crowley Intermediate S. A. K. Nella Segura . . New Iberia • English - French S. A. K. and A. of P. Drucie Mae Senn . . Lillie Crammar M. C. C. Vertner Sevier . . Tallulah " Intermediate S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Velma Shackleford . Minden ' • Home Economics S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. I CLIMBERS M M M I IUMmiMIH i d MM iHHittl (209) - -J 41 ' ' l ff f ffffiirf ffl s s s V s s s s s s s s s s s s s » N s N S I I r f i i f F s N jN |s N S s S s s s s s s i S 3»%CLIMBER5 3» ai MiLDRKD Shaw . . Jeancrclte EngUih ■ Math. S. A. K Arline Sherman . Hayncsville Intcrmtdiale K. L. S. Ladelle Sherman . Haynesville Crammar K. L. S. Mary Shipp .... Wisner Intermediate E. L. S. I A Sibley Robrline Math. - Science Mnlh. -Science Club. Viola Sibley .... Bogalusa Home Kconomici 3. A. K. and Y. W. ( A Z 1 N S S N S S s s 1 ' (210) « , lAA - z f f f f irt k Jk . ffl s s N S s N S S S N S s s s s s s s s s s s s N N s s s Maggie Sims . . . Natchitoches Intermediate S. A. K. Edith Simmons . . . Bolivar Rural Education M. C. C. Edith Thompson . Oak Grove Intermediate C. L. C. Flora Thornton . Haynesville Intermediate M. C. C. Anaise Torian Patt erson English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. Lillian Turner . . . Minden =3r Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. g ; GLIMBER5 WKBIiiilillflBIB (211) ! V s s N S s s s s Si s s s s s V •s s s V s s " S J i ' yrr l V y ' iri M: ' • t s N s N % s s N s s s s » V Si Si !i I Kathkyn Smith Bossier City Crammar S K anil Y. W. ( ' . A. JEWELL Smith . . Meiryville Primarif S. A K. iind Y V (• A .tflK Lecomple DoKA Smith .... French - Engliih ' h Cirrle and Y. W. C. A Myrtle Slocum . , InlrrmeJiate S . K. Kinder WiLMF.R Simmons . . f.nglish ■ Soc. Sci .M ( . C. Grant Marie Samson Mix French • Englith C. L. C. and A of V life (212) i s y ' ' S S s s s s s s s s s i;:r N ' s S s s s si si Si s| i ApE7 f S s N s s N N S s s N s s s s s s s s s s s s f if , , . X A s s Helen Statham . Lake Charles Intermediate S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. i ' Anna Blanche Statham, M Lake Charles Intermediate S. A. K. Meta Stewart . . Alexandria M. C. C. Hazel Spring . Muldon, Miss. Intermediate E. L. S. m Leon C. Spears . . . English - Latin M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Lill le «?AmY Solieau . . . Ville Patte " English - French »! ! French Circle and A. of P. Lr -femja. _,, ---liilil (213) lli 9 1 s s. s s s s s s s. s N N 111 jl k fH f y f 2Z mt Ak ' U y 77 S N N N S N S S N S S s s s s s s N N V s s s s b| OlcA Pitrk .... Weswego Engliih - Soc. Set. K. L. S. Ruby Pftre Bourg French - English French Circle and A. of F. Walter Powell .... Ajax Math. - Science C. L. C. MaTTIE Pratt . . Natchitoches Home Economics 3. A K. j Marv Pringle . . . Lecompte English - Social Science S A K. MaURINE PrYOR . . . Lisbon Home Economics K L. S. « (214) iA. f r s Mi f A J 1 1 JL f , M r ' y 11 II i I s N S S s s N s s N S s s s s V s ft Louise Vallee . . Abbeville English - Soc. Set. C. L. C. and A. of P. Agnes Vaughn . Trinity, Texas Home Economics E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. ,_ r U MaRCELLA VerreT . Ville Platte ' • French - English French Circle and A. of P. Ella Viallon . . White Castle I Intermediate w-r • i k— y- C. L. C. and A. of P. lif ' ' - Lydia May Vix . . Mandeville English. - Math. E. L. S. Inez Wansley . . Mansfield - English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. ' CLIMBERS (215) i M M mT s N S s N S S V s s s s s s s N S S s s s ra Ai ! V.I X V S N S N N S s IN ■s s s s s s s s s s s s s I i i i f f f i A 41 s. s N s s N s JUANITA Waring . Lake Charles Iniermeixait S. A. K. Ruby Warner . . Forest Hill Inlermediale S. A. K. Alpha Webb . . Harrisonburg Crammar H L. S. Gladys Webb . . Harrisonburg Crammar K. L S. Evelyn Webster . . Crowley English - Soc Set. S. A K Inez Weeks .... Slagic Primar]f K s s s s s s s •s s N (216) 0nrt77 i A Jl N. s s s s s s s N s s N s s s s s V s s DeCarma Welch . . Denver English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Edith Whetstone . . C»ilbert Intermediale M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Mary Wilcox . . . Franklin CrammaT S. A. K. Eda Wild Elton PrimaT E. L. S. Frances Williams . . Erath English - Soc. Sci. ■ S. A. K. and A. of P. Gladys Williams . . Elizabeth Primar}f C. L. C. V s s s N X N Is y-r— CLIMBER5 ' lil||l|IIIIIIIU ' IIIIIUIIII!|iUMl ' L ' illMIIII lllllllt l ' IUIIllll ' ll ' l ' l ' U lllllll l ' l (217) s s s If ' i I i f JLJBki JS. I s nr s! V s s s s N s s s i Katf Willis . . . Forrst Hill intermeJialc S. A K. iKciF. Williams . . Ringgold Piimaf f M C " . C. Carrie Willis . . Forest Hill Inlermtdialc S A K Irma Wilson . . . Oak Grove Intcrmeiiate CI. (• Jessie Nell Wimberly. Longstreet Engliih - Soc. Sci. ft tf M (-. C. loNF. WooDARD .... Boyce E.ngliih - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. X N. (218) S N S s s s s X V s V s s V V f. A IPC i . £ fi s S s N In s ' s s s s s s N S s s s s " IS ' s N N s Majorie Wyche . Plain Dealing Primar}) C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. Rosalie Yarborough, Columbia Home Economics S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Louise Yawn . . . Merryville Primary) S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Mary Napier . . . Patterson English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. 1 It--- ----- (219) x ir x y x yf ♦: s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s N s s s s s s s i illi s| s CAMPUS EXPRESSIONS n " (jchkI iiiornliiK. iny love. " " You Just don ' t know. " " Hopp to tell you I did. " " Some people are no queer. " " He li« JuHt nuirvelouH looking- " " Gotta Ko pnictlce. " " TakeM a man to do that. " •Kill It; don ' t let It suffer. " ■Ha% ' e you seen the package list? " •Don ' t think I didnt. •cause I did. " ' That was some giirgeouH box. " Did I get a spei-lal? " " Has anybody got an old crust of bread? " Tnj starving to death! " ' Gl ' me a bite. " ' My soul, stew again! " ' Now. isn ' t he just precious? " •That library will kill me yet. " " Mow iiiany points did you miike? " " Take II under him; he is so easy. " The harder I study, the less I get. " " Come on with those ' tacks. ' " " That ' s a go Kl looking girl, believe n«e. " " Watch out. fellows, Miss Keltus is coming. " " Shoot the zip. " " Take my laundry for me? " " Lord! there g oes that screech owl. " " I ' m almost Insane. " " Post me a shower? ' ••And that just slays nie. ' " Gee! I wish I was home. " " I ' m broke. " " Got a date tonight? " " Thrills and heartburns! " " Spring has came. ' s v. s S Hear Yourself as Others Hear You " Talk the Knglish language. " ' .Mexaiider. ■ " No. it ' s morning; I haven ' t eaten my breakfast yet. " — Bridges " Oh. you people are so afraid you will hurt yourselves! " — Zelenka. " .Meet the needs of the children. " — Johnson. •You don ' t get the fine points. " WInstead. ■Say! Isn ' t that dandy! " — Ropp. " So to speak. " — Weiss. Pure and simple. " Guardla. " Tliis is your problem; solve it. " — Etheredge. " .Vnnihilale the ambitious annexive. and . " — Hazzard. " Don " ! mind making it hundreds and hundreds of times. " - Slaughter. " Now. let ' s be honest. " --Maddox. " All right; do you want me to sing it any more? " - Mrs. Proudflt. • ' You have violated the laws of this institution. " — Roy. •You can ' t get something for nothing. " -Foumet. " Quoth the maiden. I dont know. " " — Hughes. " There ' s not a doubt in my mind as to that. " I ' rather. " " You ' re a bunch of naughty children today. " McCook. " Hot Johnny! " — Voorhles. " Pass out quietly, please. " — Russell. " That darned bazoo! " — Byrd. " The point I ' m making Is . " — Alleman. " Govern yourself accordingly. " — Feltus. " I ' ll pitch you out of the window! " Alexander. " Theoretically, but jiol practically. " — Downs. " Who will discuss that point? " Young. " Now for the minimum essential. • ' — McAfee. " Psychic activity. " — Oood. " Sing this my way, people. " — Proudllt. " Now, this Is on the lesson. " - G. Williamson. ••( ' lass, wake up! " — Vamado. •William, behave! " — White. N S (220) J m .1 1 1 1 r A " »f. 1. r ORGANIZATIONS ■i i % f r Clique-Claques MOTTO: " At learning ' s fountain it is srveet to drinl(. But ' tis a nobler privilege to thinl(. " Colors: Black and Gold FloWER: Black-eyed Susan Officers : FALL TERM Violet Perry President Alma Waller Vice-President Elmira Montgomery Secretar}) WINTER TERM IvA Mae Pierce President Florence Blanchard Vice-President Estelle Cockfield Secretary SPRING TERM Estelle Cockfield President Letha Gibson Vice-President Alma Waller Secretary • N N S s s s N S N s s, s s s s s s s V s V s s s s ii s s PROGRAM S T • • I • " Louisiana Literature 1. Three Types of Louisiana Literature Nora Berry 2. A Story Illustrating French Literature Alma Waller " Desiree ' s Baby, " by Kate Chopin I v 3. Music Florence Blanchard 4. An Illustration of Negro Literature Mary Smith " How Mr. Lynn Lost His Tail, " by James Wilkinson w 5. Selection from " Sonny " Lavenia Yearwood V 6. Quartet, " Louisiana " .... Misses Millican, Pierce, Smith, Perry 7. Reading, " The Ladder " Letha Gibson ( 223) ? h s s N i ml Seekers After Knowledge s V PRh: IDKNTS: - I Al,L IKKM. 1923 Mlasie Breazealk Diviuon I Mary Evelyn Watkins Division II Lynn Jones Diviiion III S WINTF.R TKRM. 1923-74 EUZE HaUTOT Division I » Louise Roberts Division II Ethel Doiron Division III S SPRING TERM. 1924 Mabel Guerre Division I Lucille Reiser Division II s Old-Fashioned Southern Program S NOVEMBER 17. 1923 1. Carnival Dance Mabel Guerre 2. Reading, " The Old South " Willie Mae Jackson 8. Debate: " Resolved. That the Growing E conomic Independence of Woman Is To Be Rej retted " — Affirmative: Bernice Bouanchaud and Inez Fornaris; Negative: Gladys Walker, Lucy Bell McCorquodale. 4. Piano Solo Elsie Foote 5. Life of Sidney Lanier Lutitia Doiron 6. Levee Song Gladys Moore, Eugenie Carville, Minnie Cochran, Gertrude Cartwright. 7. Social Life in the Old South Maggie Lewis 8. Earlv Historv of New Orleans Williard lyedbetter 9. Chorus: Madeline McKnight. Sadie Pearson. Gladys Richard. Rosalie Yarborough. Martha (Jonsoulin. DeCorma Welsh. s s s s s 10. Reading Elizabeth Scougale H. Margaret of New Orleans (paper) Lucille Baas 12. Guitar Solo. Old Southern Songs Mildred Shaw 13. Life of Margaret J. Preston Concetta Pirari) 14. Vocal Solo Kearney Keegan — Leonne Gouaux. (224) AAJnf •xx zrn r i I S s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s N s s s Tf I s s V s s V s s N. ' s s CO s Ll V o s O -1 u. LU N V s v. Q. s O V z -1 H Z S CO O X V s s s " s V s V ' N s s Ifl " Yfif I £ ijrf s s s s s s s Eclectic Literary Society N Presidents FALL Francis Lj ncford Divltion I Mary MoBLtv Diviuon II WINTLR Ollie Lee Divinon I Mary Warren Divhion II SPRING % Acnes Brice President N s S PROGRAM FOR FEB. 9. 1 924 s 1. Instances of Nepro F ' aithfulness durin r and after the V Civil War Evelyn Borne 2. The Negro Farnicr. His Problems and His Prospects . . Sara Berry S 3. Nejrro Song Miss Price S S Be Vocational Rather than Liberal " — Affirmative, Bessie (lalloway; Negative, Verna Jenkins N 6. Life of Henry Grady Josephine Lattice 4. Debate: " Resolved, That the Education of Negroes in the South Should 5. Negro Spiritual Clovis Willard and P ' loy Burke 7. A Story, " Called to Account by a Negro Preacher " . . Evelyn Gurney 8. Editor ' s Paper Agnes Brice 9. Critic ' s Report Frances Hazzard (228 ) J ± fo 1 N N S s S N S V il AA 1nr X rf ♦ A i s s s s I s s s s s s s s s N s, s N s s s N S s s s s s s s N s s s s s o " Yfifi f f f irt s s s s s s s s s N s s , s s in Modern Ciiltiire Club s s s N N S s s s s Purvis Mancum Roy Hvdk Geraloine Wall . . F-RNtsT Landry Presidents: FALL WINTKR Diviiion I Division II . . . Diviiion I Division II SPRING Adley Pepper Diviiion I ElocAR Johnson Diviuon II PROGRAM FOR NOV. 17, 1923 1 . Afres of Man Interpreter Edith Whetstone CHARACTERS: Nurse. _. Florence Brown Lover Clara Bell Cainoron Soldier .Mr. Greer Judge „.„ Mr. Rusheon DeclininK Age _ Mr. Perkins Old .Man Nettle Dunn 2. Seance Katherine Hicks CAST: Hamlet ' s Ghost Rufus Funderburg Ludy Matbeth ' s Ghost Lucy Lanipo .Mark .Vntony ' s Ghost .Mr. (Jreer Portia ' s Ghost Lucile Fogle 3. Discussion : " Resolved, That Bacon Wrote Shakespeare ' s Plays " — AfTirinative _ Uos»- Chatt-line Negative Harriet Holden 4. Scene from " The Merchant of Venice " CAST: Gobbo _. Flora Burris Lancelot Lee Kornegay 5. Shakespearean Theatres Louise Kevlin 6. Play Casket Scene CAST: Bassanlo Bertha Phillips Portia _ Annie Laurie Lyies Nerissa Cora Rivet Gratiano Margie Scott 7. Contest Shakespearean Wedding Conducted by _ Beatrice Stewart 8. Chorus: " Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes " (232) V V s ' V V V V V V V V V V V V V s V V V V V ' v F f f i f i f f i i i tJt k% A y w Ai I " Sn 9 i £ f f i f irt ki XT f ■rf ' A A %■ s V s N s s s s s s s s s Caspar! Literary Society Officers: FALL TLRM. 1923 M. Cheves PrcsiJenI WIN IKK ILKM. 1923-24 Gertrude Spillman Preiident SPRING IKRM. 1924 P. J. Pre OST PrcsiJent World War Program NOV. 1 0th. 1923 L Life of Woodrow Wilson Elizabeth Thompson 2. Vocal Solo, " Just A Baby ' s Prayer at Twilight " . . . Ethel Rog er 3. Work of the Red Cross Willie Reynolds 4. Important Events of the World War Ruth Kelley 5. Incidents of the World War Edna Gilbert G. Important Generals of the World War : (a) Von Hindenburg Pauline Matthews (b) Pershing Maydie Gaddis (c) Foche Lillie Bell Eastep 7. Recitation, " Vive La France! " Mercedes Ray 8. Tattler Editor 9. Report of Critic Is s IN K S X S V V V (236 ) I ' f Hi i A s s N s s N S ■« Si S S s s s s. s s V s s s s z o z o I- I- o o tu X H H O _l u. (O 6 s s s s X N N S s s s s. s i 4 X ir M i t M jLJiy s s s N N s s V I S; m 3 _l O 111 s s w N ' ' £ r f f f f s s s N N o z X o QC lU o I ' ' ' ' ' I J M M M. TFtTTTTT x x r r i i ' J2 I y! f rt k A . s s s s s s N N s s s s N s s V s s s s s s s s s s s s s I ■D -J u z _l 111 x I V s s s V s s s s s s s s s s s s s s N s N S. s j y A infT ; ' ' ' .tX ' ' - - : ' ife-xi ,. (0 u i o z o o UJ Ui o I iAI HONOR COUNCIL J M i Xx . I THE POTPOURRI STAFF i " ' . ' . i : ' » k%! Y. W. C. A. N S s s N S S s N V m Officers. 1923-1924: Agnes Brice President Elise Foote Vice-President Marjorie Scott Secretary Catherine Smith Treasurer Committee Chairmen : Pauline Olmstead .... Program Mary Lyles Membership | Nell Porter Devotional Katherine Averett Social Willie Mae Jackson . . Social Service Camille Barrett . Current Sauce Reporter Inez Miller .... World Fellowship Opal McCrary Publicity Louise Mitchell .... Under-Graduate Representative " The purpose of this Association shall be to associate young women in personal loyalty to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord ; to promote growth in Christian character and service through physical, social, mental and spirit- pal training; and to become a social force for the extension of the Kingdom of God. " The Y. W. C. A. of the Louisiana State Normal College grew out of a small band of Christian workers who found such pleasure in devotional services that they persevered until inspiration and guidance in the form of an efficient and faithful leader came to direct their course. This leader, Miss Dean Varnado, has continued to encourage and help those and other girls in their constant efforts to make the organization a power in its work for Christ until it has now more than three hundred active members. It ranks first among the Y. W. C. A. ' s of the colleges and universities in the state in its activities. This year the Y. W. C. A. has done much to improve conditions on the campus, and to give the students a deeper insight into the meaning of Christian service as well as a broader view upon life and its problems. Bible Study classes have been organized, Morning Watch is held daily, and weekly prayer meetings are conducted in each of the dormitories. The organization sent four delegates to the Student Volunteer Convention held in Indianapolis. It will have four delegates in the Blue Ridge annual Y. W. C. A. convention for the regular course and one to remain the entire sum- mer. All worthy causes have been supported loyally by the entire group of girls. One of its most interesting activities is that of supporting little Clara Hyde of the Ruston Orphanage, whom the Y. W. C. A. has adopted. (251) tw s ill JE i MrmeM»jmjp0m X UJ IT a. u. O n o a. UJ I H u. O (O X UJ o u. u. o H I ■ Apostleshfp of Prayer Officers, 1923- ' 24: Florence Blanchard President I Louise Barlow Vice-President ' Edna Gilbert Secretary Marie Therese LeBlanc Treasurer Elize Alleman Chorister ' LiBBY Landry Director of Singing Sartola Savoie Potpourri Editor Hilda Dill Current Sauce Reporter Committee Chairmen : Hilda Dill Publicity Louise Abel Social Service Vic Lirette Reception Florence Blanchard Prayer Meeting Anna Mae Allan .... Refreshment Louise Barlow Program The Apostleship of Prayer was founded at Vals, in France, on December 3, 1844, by Rev. Francis Gautrelet. It was first extended to cultivate an apostolic spirit in the young Jesuit students who were then preparing for the Missions. Extended by them to the villages, hospitals, and other institutions in that neighborhood, it soon spread throughout France and shortly after propagated in other European countries and in the foreign missions, whither the young men were sent. The congregation of Bishops and Regulars approved the statutes of the association in 1866, from which year may be dated the rapid growth in this country. At present there are over seventy thousand Local Centres in every part of the world aggregated to the Apostleship of Prayer. There are eight thousand Centres in the United States. " The Messenger of the Sacred Heart, " a monthly magazine, is published in several ■ languages and circulated throughout the world. Another means of keeping up the active communication among all members and directors is through the " League Leaflets " which are also monthly issues. The Apostleship of Prayer is a league constituted by a union of groups of the faithful in every part of the world, whose membership pray and work together with Christ as their head and the source of their zeal and devotion in order to continue the mission which He gave to the Apostles, of promoting the glory of God and the welfare of souls. It is based on the following principles found in the Scriptures: 1. Prayer is the chief means by which God wishes us to cooperate with Him in saving and sanctifying souls. — 1 Tim. 11-1. 2. Prayer, always useful for salvation, is most fruitful when made in common with others.— St. Matthew 18, 19, 20. 3. Prayer is most certain of its object when constant and persevering. - St. Luke 18, 1-7. 4. Prayer is most acceptable to God when it is sincere and recommended by our good works.— St. Matthew 8:21. The aim of the Association is properly termed by its statutes, universal — that is, one that every Catholic can and should strive for, one that embraces every other good object, and one that can be attained in some measure by every good work accomplished. The means employed to attain this object are, in general, prayer, whether mental or vocal, and good works of all kinds offered in union with the Heart of Christ our Lord. (253) ■s ' f f :f Ci N s N V N S V t! Y. M. C. A. CABINET r Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ' A N Officers, 1923-74 Adley Pepper Presidenl WiLMER Simmons Vke-Presidenl Ralph Shaw Secretary W. D. Walker Treasurer Committee Chairmen: V. P. Mangum Program Committee W. D. Walker Finance Committee P. O. Robertson Membership Committee s ■ ! Fundamental and Distinctive Principles 1. To bring every student to face for his character and his career the full claims of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. 2. To assist in developing the loyalty of students to the Church by urging them to join the local church of their preference and to participate regularly in service and worship. 3. To create a college consciousness favorable to a vital and reasonable faith. 4. To recognize and utilize this college consciousness in a way not unlike its utiliza- tion in social life, athletics, and other activities. 5. To offer the fullest opportunities for the expression of undergraduate initiative and control. 6. To make possible in the most effective manner the influence of all Christian students on all the non-Christian and indifferent students. 7. To afford a natural meeting place for all Christian faculty men of the college for religious work with all the students. 8. To reach most naturally and vitally our friends who come as students from other lands. 9. To afford the benefits which come from organic union with similar bodies of students in other colleges throughout the country and with the World ' s Student Christian Federation. 10. To represent a thoroughly interdenominational spirit and to train men of all denominations to work together. 1. To maintain the help of influential Christian alumni who are members of the Church of Christ, through an advisory board, responsible to the students and loyal to the entire objective of the Association. 12. To inspire men to give up their whole lives to the propagation of the spirit of Jesus Christ in the solution of social problems and in the evangelization of the world. 13. To afford to Christian students the training given by summer conferences and other gatherings held each year. 11 1 l5 (255 ) Fffff ff-ff A M t 1 . z B 1 H z ■■■ T . ■ 2 a: UJ UJ 1- z J J :) — Z oJ Q t- -0 t- 6 z to J D --- V) UJ 1- 1 J «« ii i if ' - s w % ■■ ' t - VaK lfi ' - " . d. ' rxAfCt ... l -. ' ■ ' iu ' -m !» ' ■ ' .• ' ' (■• ' , ' - -k. . - -. ' - DELEGATES TO BLUE RIDGE CONFERENCE s s X s s s N s s IITII 4 yi x r xxx fF f fffff f f r F F I F £ F . if i f i I s s s s s s s N s. s N s V A MOUNTAIN STREAM AT BLUE RIDGE Ai i i i i if Hi IMf fi i li f z o uj ft K 3 X • z z 5f J SiLu i« 3 S 3 V 1 £ E o U CO (0 OB 1) z z t 5 K Z H UJ 5 o ' a- 5 ;j jj .■ k- ' J — O Q 3 ' 5 2:d J ■ u. 23 -J _] J UJ -5 O i- Q uJ I 3 " O o CO S u UJ UJ o i UJ a U UJ 3 a: c c o o .£ .c a Q. o o K K •S « UJ u UJ o i»j ' — ? z . 5 . , " a: S 5 T ■?:i2Pc3uJ t 5 cc in X uJ Z 2 5 U. k. a o O b a. Q fc . •- " 2 . OS O Q O • Q i«J 3 HL p ae UJ I ,_ UJ 2 Oqquj g 5 " . J " -1 , W uJ J ' _: u 0. -J .■■i; ; Glee Club Program S s N S s s s S s s s Selected From Glee Club Winter Song Bullard Honey, I Want You Now Coe Leslie Spinks, Tenor Rita Underbill Moonlight on the Lake White Creole Love Song Smith Luther McKnight, Tenor Exhortation Cook Song of Steel Spross Dusky Lullaby Gilberte Silver Threads Among the Gold Banks Yachting Glee Culbertson Serenade Bliss Good Night Gabriel Lesley Spinks, First Tenor Thos. a. Baker, Second Tenor Quartet (Mrs. Proudfit, Soprano) Rosary Nevin That Old Gang of Mine Henderson Indiana Moon Selected T. A. Baker, Tenor Pal of My Dreams Roat Carolina Mammy James Medley of Southern Airs Vaughn Friends of Yesterday Simpson Lunatic Love Song Bliss Suppose the Rose Were You Brudder Brown Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes Hush. Chillen, Hush I Met Her Juanita Kearney Keegan, First Bass John A. Manning, Second Bass SOLOISTS Blanche Toy, Saxophone Valse Erica Wiedoefts Saxophobia Wiedoefts Saxema Wiedoefts Olive E. Proudfit, Soprano Holiday Scott Bell Song from Lakme Delibes Chrysanthemum Salter To a Messenger LaForge Geo. C. Proudfit, Violin Caprice Viennoise Kreisler Scherzo Tarantelle Von Goens From a Cane Brake Gardner Souvenir Drdia Romance from II Concerto Wieniawski Orchestra Mr. George C. Proudfit Director Instrumentation and Personnnel : First Violin: Ross Maggio Overton Roy Second l iolin: Cora Lee Hill Camille Barrett Saxaphone : Blanche Toy Ernest Landry Brass : Cecil B. McClung Edwin L. McClung Clarionet : Florence Toy Drum : Judson Baker Piano : Mrs. Olive Ellsworth Proudfit Mixed Chorus Mr. George C. Proudfit, Mrs. Olive Ellsworth Proudfit, Director Accompanist During the year the Mixed Chorus appeared in the following cantatas: Rose Maiden (one hour, thirty minutes) Coiven The Risen King (thirty-five minutes) Schnecffer Olaf TrYGVASSON (forty minutes) Crieg The Messiah (one hour, forty-five minutes) Handel S S ' N S N % s s s. V s s s s - N N N N S s s s s s s s s s N S s s s s s s 1 o 03 o CO O O 1-5 J3 a m I- UJ ffl ! l " W i a i i a o B c s JS c o s I Q. O UI X 1 = ou (0 «i K UI I Tn S k M f ifi M f i£ Miii rV ' fAl Hi if f f s s N S s s s s s a. o T3 O O O " ,,; CO V 1 CQ % c s 3 cs !W J 0) Q 1 1 UJ H v! O X xx f i f J f f i ' s N S N N S S N S S s s s en IS) _i o o z I- o m UJ I I- i i 1 kk y, f ' ' ' ' I s N s s s s s N S S N s S •s N S s s s s Si S s s N S s s s I ELISE. HAUTOT Prettiest Cirl 4,4 i,r 11 iw ' w V s s s s s s s s ■% %. L. K GKKMILLION Af 05 Manl ) Do}) SHELION KILLEN Best Bo}} Athlele L BESSIE FRERE Best Sport ELIZABETH SCOUGALE Freshest Freshman HAZKL WOODARD Sunnicit D ' uposition ESTELLE BROWN A os St)flish Ctrl • is VIVIAN LEDOUX Worst " T IPO-Timer " MARGARET FLOOD ' ' Cutest " Ctrl rf f jF JOHN MANNING Most Popular Student RALPH L. ROPP. B. S. Moat Popular I eacher SYBIL WILLIAMS Best Ctrl Dancer RENA MORESI Biggest Heart-Breaker f f f ff f f£ f MAK ' MOBLh.Y. Har J- Boih J JKANKIIK KU 1 H l.VCAH, Most S.nli,ucntal SELTZ GRF.MILLION KLZIK WILLIAMS Lounge-Lizard Touch-Me-Nol DRF.W WILSON Woman- Holer 4r RUTH VERNON Mo i Intelligent Student • ••• . The Long and the Short of It J. Blanchard Cunningham Nedra Cromwell c i . iJ F I f i f 1 ' HARD-BOILED SENTIMENTAL PRETTY SPORT HEART-BREAKER ' WH rt m s s s ' s • LLLLUJJJJi£i.M ' f f t f. TXI i l •♦j. ' PURE JOYS INVITE US ' IN S MfftFFFF TTJZF A A 1nr X X " I S s s s s s s s s s N s •s V N s s s V s N s s s s s N S I s i " The Heart That Has Truly Loved Never Forgets " , a i iii i a i i i i f M ii i li Hi i i m 6AJ X a o z z UJ I H u. O UJ tr o ill 2i I a irr " Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms ' I m JO. x f f f s s s s s s N s s s N S s s s V s s s N S S S s s N s H n ui I (0 z UJ Q H O O z o o UJ I I- ' Ifi NORMAL ' S FUTURE PRESIDENT (Alice Lee Swain) MAY DAY FESTIVAL s PRINCESS NATCHITOCHES (Mary Cunningham) MAY DAY FESTIVAL i iii F F PRESIDENT OF NORMAL V. L. Hoy. Jr. MAY DAY FESTIVAL s s, N s v. N S N S N N S s s s s 1 b J I I» ALL KINDS AND CONDITIONS OF MEN f ifi f J f i f f ff f GREAT SPORT WHILE IT LASTS f I M t £ i M ii cAI K Z UJ H Z UJ K Z O o I 0) J •WORK IS OER. DAY IS DONE ' KURANT SASS VOL. XI. Published by the students of Louisiana State Normal College. NATCHITOCHES, LA., APRIL 1st, 1924. NO. 11. t? UL - cO V ' KURANT 5A55 " STUNT Sass Staph Speak Soundly, Sing Sweetly; Students Smile The supposed adviser for the Kurant Sass (you know whom we mean) but in reality only an endur- ed evil, did his very best to make a speech in assembly on the very day the Kurant Sass Staph had charge. He got no further than opening his mouth. Can one blame the students for rebelling openly, when the same mud-slinger had been thrust upon them so often before? Shakespeare was hishly right when he said some have speakers thrust upon them. In fact, the entire Staph had warned him that he was willfully endangering his life; but he was determined to go through with it, if it cost him his good looks, which it nearly did. With such a miserable beginning we were afraid the program would fall through, but so well have the servants of the people performed their duty that loud, ringing, echo- ing, and furious applause broke the deadly noise as he vamoosed. A drill was given that would have been worthy of William G. McAdoo. Mr. William Jennings Perro, (see Idiot Ral Paige), supreme flunky, introduced each member of the Staph in turn with an effective speech of presentation. The grandest march of the sea- son was enacted by the wise peo- ple who gave the program. There was little music besides the hum- ming, whistling, singing, and talk- ing of everybody in the auditorium, including the actors themselves who supposed to be giving a panto- mine. Such a little thing as that made no difference, however. After a chorus by the entire Staph, headed by Mufat, the latter made a speech. She didn ' t say anything that the reporter could take down, so if it is not remem- bered, you can ' t read it here. Our illustrious Maggie talked on anything and everything from base- ball to marbles. He is such a great athlete! Songs, readings, and ditto were in turn given by the other members of the Staph. The speches were good because they were so bored, and the Sass Staph acquitted themselves admir- ably and poorly. The Sass Staph showed its ef- ficiency during the last part of the program when it actually stirred up the news, brought in by the reporters, in a large pot and turned out a perfectly pink portion of Sass. All the students stood or sat with their mouths wide open while this marvelous feat was taking place. This method of producing an edition is a new discovery, and Kurant Sass has exclusive patents on the process. No doubt all the leading papers of the country will soon be clamoring for rights to pro- duce their editions in this same manner. The actors interpreted their parts awfully well. They laughed when they were supposed to be serious, but of course, that ' s all right. Reporter has no more vocabu- lary; so the program was ended here. Yours Truley, X. Y. Z., Etc. a kl u o o M Vx 0) J3 1 u c u CO CO %J 0) J 3 O c j:: c = :3 1 o 2 - O 0) o c — « £ C ■ - a; to _ I c z: ' 1 .= c u be = .r: c « -c S C 3 W 0) C CO u c ■ c - a; _ w a. — w rt tn •- •:; c — c — - o ::: = " ■• Is w 0) o OJ o o o - tt Z- 3 J- -3 S c o c b. 3 — 04 X c CO 3 o c o o - J3 O ■c c 04 E o 3 O c E u 3 o - " O) e ■ Co tC O C 4, O 04 jC •- ec — 2 H 04 JZ J ©3 04 Mr. Roi distRibutiNO duMtoNoRMAl studeNts And loudlu AutKo tfTi C HEW NORMAL STUDENTS ATTEND MOST WONDERFUL CONCERT STUDENTS GIVEN NEW LEASE ON LIFE — FACTS REVEALED The social phase of life, so highly developed at Normal, manifested itself Saturday night in the at- tendance of the lyceum in Natchitoches which at- tracted much attention in all parts of the musical world. Promptly at seven-thirty, limousines purred softly at the door of the Social Room, and young women of the College, beautifully attired in opera wraps, and escorted by handsome (?) Normal men, stepped inside and were driven to the magnificent opera house. The crowd was large but Normal students easily secured the Fifty Dollar Seats, as Mr. Roy had kindly reserved them beforehand. The world famous " Rainbow Orchestra " played selections of startling classic beauty. Mr. Roy, with his characteristic love for certain kinds of music, requested the playing of " Beale Street Mamma, " but it was not until Mr. Alexander vehemently seconded the request, that it was granted. Mr. Roy ' s desire for pep was such that he deliberately distributed, between numbers, slices of gum to the Nor- mal Students, loudly authorizing them to " Chew it! We are from Normal, and we ' re here to show who we are. " At the close of the concert, students rode around a while to enjoy the night air and the moonlight. As dawn. was breaking, they returned to the Hill, ready to begin a new day of Social activity. At a meeting of the entire student body at 6:22 , Tuesday morning, April 1, Mr. Roy presented the fol- lowing rules: (1) The library is to be used for Social Purposes only. Please do not expect to study there as the books are to be used as screens only. (2) Students are asked to leave their lights burn- ing in their rooms all day so that there will be plenty of light on all subjects. (3) Girls are urged to take advantage of the many opportunities they have for car riding. (4) Girls are urged to use the lower floor of Main for a Parking Station, where they may station their " Catch. " (5) Students are to pay no heed to the various bells but to arise and retire as the spirit moves them. Meals will be served any time requested. (6) Students are especially urged to make their subjects subordinate to everything else and to con- centrate on a good time. (7) The baskets in the halls are not to be used as receptacles for gum wrappers, Hershey wrappers, etc. These are to be strewn in the halls and the baskets used for dunce stools. (8) Students are asked to walk on the campus and keep off the sidewalks. The grass will grow back, but the sidewalks won ' t. . . TALLtST. MR. ROY KRAZV KORNER {•acuity Statistics BigKeHt nirt Mr. McAfee Most Sentimental MIhh Pujoa niKK( Ht Lounge Lizzard Coach Prather Worst LadieH Man Mr. Good Best Dancer ..Miss Johnson Most Pep Mias Young URes Most Slang Mr. Byrd Tallest ™ Mr. Roy Fattest Miss Price Shortest „ Mr. Tarlton Laziest Miss Nelken Most Ignorant Mr. Hopp Smallest Feet Mr. Downs Freshest Mr. Frary Higgpst Joy Killer Miss Zelenka Biggest Woman Hater. Mr. Kyser Most Stylish Miss Hughes Most Loveable Mr. Voorhies Sunniest Disposttlon....Ml88 Russell Laugher Mr. Horton Biggest .Man Hater Miss Davis Most Graceful Mr. Hanssler Ugliest „ Miss Toy Cutest Miss Etheredge Typical Flapper Miss Ora Allen Best All Round Miss Nuttall Wildest „ Mr. Alleman Most Frivolous MIsk KcHum Dainllost Miss Worthington .Most Athletic .Miss Teaguc Most Sarcastic .Mrs. While Biggest Chatterbox .Mr. Pettiss Most Talented. ...„ Mr. Fredericks Youngest.- Mr. Williamson Slouchlest Miss Henderson Worst Two-Timer. Miss Slaughter Biggest Heart-Breaker Mr. Moland Most Classic Mr. Winstead Tamest Mr. Proudftt Shrewest Mrs. Proudfit Easiest Qrader Mr. Alexander Kindest Mr. Foumei .Most Interesting Mr. Weiss I ' unk Historian .Miss Varnado Black Kyed Sheik Mr. Sudbury Most Formal English ...Mr. Wagner Gruffest Mr. Tison Best Swimmer Miss Weeks Fastest Walker Miss Velasquez Wittiest Doc Stroud Most Handsome Dr. Huzzard Biggest Baby .Mrs. McCook Best Jazz-Performer. Miss Werner Most Vivacious Miss Bertha Haupt Poorest Speaker Mr. .Martin Vou.Y ' riesl ] Wtniimsorv Mr pnoudvT THE ASSEMBLY NOTES NEVER AR U£ w -tk LUOMENI OR -bpy to ipAINS ARE DASS Nd. -pR. HaIZLARD kt Because of the students having to see the same old faces on the platform. Mr. Kyser was made the victim of their discourtesy on the third Wednesday of the fourth week. He chose for his subject, " Polygamy, its Shakespeare Rele- gation to the Psychical Colleges and Universities of the United States and Canada. " " I am here, " he said, " because I can ' t help it. Some are born to be great, others achieve success, while some have duty thrust upon them. I am of the latter, and whereas my first public and psychic philological disappearance will cause no comment, except in your Sassy Paper, I want to con- gratulate you on your — words fail me — College Journal. " The metonomy of this institu- tion is vociferous in its praises. Its praise, like Cleopatra, comes from the lips of those that know him. " Shakespeare was a brilliant fel- low. Strange to say, he was English. I ' m sure you are pro- bably surprised at that; it is the latest statistics I assure you. Only recently have geologists, archaeo- logists, and anthropologists dis- covered that amusing fact. They unearthed a green mound, former- ly taken as a mere heap of mud and sand, and found in it un- disputed evidence that Shakes- peare was English. They found the word ' jolly ' written on every thing in the mound, and in ad- dition discovered a walking stick, a pair of tweed trousers and walk- ing boots, and a monocle. What could be more English, I ask you. than others of the same nature? " Canada lies to the north, northwest, and east, all depend- ing on where you stand when you say it. It is a large country, usually red or yellow. United States is green, and so are all the people. The Canadians are descendants of Shakespeare while we are descendants of Columbus. That is why we sing a song en- titled, ' Columbus got jammed in our Ocean. ' " A College is a little university. It is relegated to a university but not so immense. In fact, the im- mensity is the one real difference between the two. " When will the bell ring? I think you like to hear me so well that you bribed the janitor! But I refuse to talk more. " I want only to summarize: Psychically and geographically, a social group is purely Canadian because it came from the indis- putably English Shakespeare. The green Americans, as we are called, will soon progress to red. when new worlds are discovered. You have been kind to listen, and I know you have enjoyed my talk with the greatest of animosity: so I ' ll say ' you ' re welcome, ' and retire gracefully. " ' r - jj vAsj j?. - ' iyi(krfi§rrf SEN. DOWNS DELIVERS DASHING DOCUMENT Islands ' Immediate Independence Impresses Intelligent Instructor. PASHING SENATOR. c Washington, D. C, April 1.- Headed by a Republican In- surgent of the Reed group. Senator M. E. Downs of Louis- iana, formerly an instructor in the Louisiana State Normal College, a special Senate Committee began an investigation last Friday to ascertain why the Philippine Islands have so long been held in abject slavery l)y this highly civilized nation. The inquiry, which is expected to rival the oil investiga- tion, was ordered Friday after the delivery of a dashing document by Senator Downs, in which he insisted on im- mediate independence for the poor, down-trodden peoples of the Islands. It is expected that on completion of the investigation Senator Downs will be appointed chief liberator by Presi- dent Coolidge and will leave immediately for the islands where the cocoanuts and bananas grow. No doubt but that the name of Downs will go down in history as designating one of the outstanding figures of the world. The following is the complete speech delivered by Sen. Downs before the Senate, which will be of interest to the Louisiana State Normal College students: " Ladies and Gentlemen! It was with much deliberation that I decided to follow the course that made me the great oustanding figure in American Politics that I am today. " Ladies and Gentlemen! Perhaps you do not know that I was once a great singer, the rival of Caruso. I have toured Central and Northern Louisiana and there became quite famous through the rendition of the song. " Yes, We Have No Bananas. " While in the city of Natchitoches, the musical authorities of the Louisiana sub-Normal College were enrap- tured with my wonderful voice and — hired ft- ej J, 1 16 ori the spot. However, it was soon dis- A» - covered that my political ability far surpass- ed my melodious singing qualities, and I was elevated to the Chair of Political Science jC and United States History especially that • - portion denoted as Old World Background. Fellow countrymen! This was indeed a great advancement; nevertheless I did not give up my Music; for on numerous occas- A sions I was called upon to cheer the great y _ sea of upturned faces by singing my old , favorite, above mentioned, during Assembly period. 8 $xS x8x$ y$ $xS $ K$x$MSx$ S $ » ' K Play A Saxophone! Be Noisy! will teach U how PIalj a AXopW — MrB rcI. MR. BYRD Room 15 V ' ■ " if ill 9 " = S iE •= a C9 . ' §5 a • - _ M c 3 = - .= EC _ » ■ » = w 1 1 ? £ ? I •3 35 i St I « £5- = [Hi • - 1 = 5 (- C £ • « ji S c t, -o ■ " • £ = £5 Is I 5 « i L : 22 " c A " u Ek 5. 5 = 1 9 ' 1 " ■ is ' c - « ■ = ° ■ c j - £ S 1 t E- »£. Ii; i = i.; - s I4f £X ■5 . 5 ' • ■c EX z Q O X D 2 ■S ' 5 ■ O Z H UJ H Z o Ql 2 a 5S a:»2 ■555.! b H C ' S s a § § a. -i s D zr-F2 PROFESSORS HANSSLER AND McAFEE DEBATE HAI 5LER_M.VArEE DEBATE: A very interesting debate was held on the second Monday of last week in the Normal Natatorium. The question rebatad was: Dissolve that the ah-Nornial girls use more rouge than they do powder. Professor Wilhemina Hanssler discussed the positive-affirmative side and Petty-gogue Lucius Olivia McAfee recussed the minus-negative side. The most withstanding arguments advanced by Mr. McAfee were based upon facts given in minimum essentials. The speaker on the affuriouK side gave the most unconvincing ar- guments when he biased his statements on late Parisian society. It was such a heated debate that the water on the brains of the faculty began to boil and this dignified mob, sitting on the front rows (as usual,) were repelled to retire to the rear and stand at the door with tlie freshies. Those who were not asleep, dreaming, study- ing, or writing heard the following points on the affurious side: " By chancing to glance at this benign as- semblage of young ladies, " said Mr. Hanssler, " and seeing the rosy hue of the complexity ya. ya, complexion I can not see how my misguided opposer could offer any indefinite points. " Furthermore, from statistics gathered from the three drug stores in town the amount of rouge sold tripled the sum of powder sold. " Here again who has ever heard Miss Feltus complain of the surplus amount of powder on the visage of the damsels, but the flaming red and orange has to be condemned. " Professor McAfee rebuckled in these words: " Er, the other day I took, er, that is to say I saw some young local sheik take a young lady, er, back to the hill and a shower of rain chased them. When she arriv- ed in Main she took out her, er, . . Just what is it called? Oh! yes her de-vanity, looked at her sweet self and sighed " I still have a layer on! Luckily I had put three layers on! " He also refuted Mr. Hanssler ' s drug store statistics by saying that according to the Laun- dry statistics they boil- ed the wash rags for three days and then al- lowed the water to evaporate er-er-er leav- ing a precipitate of powder large enough to whitewash all the trees on the campus. He further stated that the matrons had com- plained to Mr. Roy that they could not recog- nize all of the girls with the powder wash- ed off. n.ip K I l.r 2n IT-. Car Hot T |M6 IE KOLEGE KONTRIVES KUTE KOARSES Prominent Professors Promise Plenty of Persistent Practice. Car Hopping I 6 Units A study of the science of hop- ping freight cars, the principles involved, tlie movements neces- sary, and the mental control con- ductive to accurate eye measur- ing of distance and the proper use of certain muscles. Fall Quarter Miss Price Car Hopping II 9 Units A practical application of the principles of the first course to self-excited and separately excit- ed engines. Application with ref- erence to speed control and re- versibility of cars. For Seniors only. Laboratory Fee, $2.00. Winter Quarter Miss Price Love Making 1 1 Unit A study of the special methods adapted to College youths. Practi- cal observation of faculty mem- bers and student-lovers and a crit- icism of their methods. This course given with the view point toward eliminating crudeness in love making, and making the Col- lege men and women adept in the practice. Every Quarter Miss Young Prerequisite: Library I. Love Making II 1 Unit A continuation of the first course in lov e-making with the view point to rounding out the rules. Moonlight walks in the sunshine will be a feature of this advanced course. Lessons illu- strated by instructors. Every Quarter Kyser Zelenka Prerequisite: Love-making I. Snake Shooting 2 Units A course in the principles of accurate aiming, gun toting, and reloading. No textbooks required, since the class will assemble on the banks of Chaplin ' s Lake every, afternoon at four. Eminent experienced teachers. Spring Quarter. Messrs Byrd, Ropp, Alleman, Weiss, Frary, and Miss Davis. Prerequisite: Flower Picking or Frog Gigging. Futurist Singing A study of the fine art of song without the notes or tune. Results in training a voice as natural as a mocking bird. Well known singers whose liquid notes ring over the halls of Main. Results guaranteed. Ladies ' lessons free. Every Quarter Professor Downs (Substitute Mr. Fournet.) Prerequisite: Saxophone. Flower Picking 8 Units The gathering of the wee small wild flowers on the campus and arrangement of same into artistic attractive bouquets. These will be .sent to hospital patients, and a dainty bouquet will be placed on Mr. Roy ' s desk every morning. The grace of presentation of a bouquet will be taught. For young ladies only. Spring Fall Quarters Mr. Poland Prerequisite: Folk Dancing. Whitewashing V2 Unit A new course in the principles of making black white. The ma- terials that should be used in mixing the whitewash and the scientific application of the same to faces and fences. Every Quarter " Sam " (The Janitor) Aesthetic Frog Gigging I14 Unit A course designed to acquaint the students witli the graceful movements that are a part of the nature of the professional frog gigger. The course sets forth the viewpoint and present day meth- ods of procedure. Frequent night excursions. State adopted text: " Gigging and Giggler ' s Gorgeous Gigging and Gagging. " Spring Quarter Mr. Sudbury Prerequisite: Rope Jumping. Rore Jumping A study of the cause, nature, and origin of rope jumping. How to stand on your two feet and jump up and over without losing your balance. Especially recom- mended for people of over weight. Spring and Winter Quarters Mr. Alexander Prerequisite: English I. Housekeeping. A course in the practical pro- blems of modern housekeeping and their remedies. Special train- ing in the use of the rolling pin and newspaper. A study of the ' ■oad to man ' s heart and pocket- book. Term theses on " How to Get Money From Husband or Wife " required. Every Quarter Mr. and Mrs. Proudfit Prerequisite: An engagement ring. Barbering To meet the growing demand for the barber, this new course has been organized. Ladies and gentlemen admitted. A study of th- " principles involved in the pineapple. Feather Edge. Pompa- dour, and Bald-head cuts. Practi- cal experience had on the campus, where the class will charge only ten cents (10c) for each experi- mental victim. Every Quarter Tarlton, Pujos, and Martin Prerequisite: One course in the permanent wave. Girls Are Given the Right to Paint Plentifully; the Real Purpose of College Presented. Miss Martha Feltus, dean of girls and women, thus addressed them, Saturday: I know as well as you do, that the girl who wears perpetual youth on her cheek in a flaming or orange-colored circle is the one who will get along in this world. Say what you like or hear what you can ' t help, but keep this car- dinal principle with you, and vig- orously apply plenty of rouge. I admit that this will be more ex- pensive, but success should never be counted as expensive. And I guarantse that success will follow the girl with rouge on her cheeks! I will hire a profession- al rouger to set up a shop in the Social Room of Model where the uninitiated may learn the art. Any of you Shreveport girls may apply. ■ ' The next white principle to remember is powder. Every spot on your face that is not red or orange must be white. Put it on in layers; so that if misfortune should happen to one, you still have others to fall on. And that reminds me, if you fall, do U gracefully. Wear all the jewelry you pos- sess every day in the week. If you haven ' t enough, be sure to borrow fiom your neighbor. Her permission isn ' t a necessary fac- tor if you know where she keeps it. Now. I think Mr. Roy has al- ready touched upon your social life, but I will say this. You need never ask my permission or see me about any thing you want to do, short of settling down with your husband on the campus! I am kept as a mere figure-head in this institution, as a means of quieting the fears and presenti- ments of over-anxious parents. This is the day when the people are in power, and it is up to you to do as you please. If you desire to cook or curl your hair in your room, don ' t hesitate to use the electricity there at your disposal. You must not turn out your lights when you leave or when you go to bed, for nothing is so cheerless as a dark dormitory. Wear silks and satins to school if you can afford it; and when you graduate, get the finest white dress New York or Paris can of- fer, for we are not graduating teachers, but brides in the main. We don ' t want you to teach over three months after gradua- tion. If you follow all the rules above with regard to rouge, pow- der, and jewelry, I promise you it won ' t be long until you will be led to th ' altar of hap))iness by some young man. I will gladly be your advertising agent if you ' d like to buy a man, for I have notiiing else to do. There is nothing else I have to say, and the big thing I would like to leave with you today is that you do as you pleas? entirety and always! " Miss Feltus was given a large ovation, and the hall rang with the repeated bows that constitut- ed her encores. m ROPP CAUGHT FLIRTinC WITH THC WIDOW HR.ALEXANDER TAKE5 Hi5 DAILY I GRAND CONCERT Miss Katherine Price will ap- pear in Concert tonight. April 1. She will be accompanied by the Pantomime Jazz Club, with Miss Mary Frances Davis, head knock- er, Little Spinxie at the Har- monica, Sud, Rich, and Bake playing tin pans, cow horns, and shell combs, respectively. Among the numbers will be: Casey Jones, Barney Google, Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean, Steam- boat Bill, Aggravating Papa, and in fact, all known songs about " MEN. " LATEST SCANDAL Glee Club was " rotten-egged " off the stage at Pineville. Mr. Ropp is flirting with a widow. Miss Varnado has advertised for a life companion. Mr. Kyser has jilted Miss Zelenka. Mr. Pettiss seeks the hand of an Indian Princess. Miss Haupt reported engaged to the Prince of Wales. Potpourri Staff on a strike for higher wages. Y. W. Shop is run by a grafter. Mr. Roy borrows Mrs. Law- ton ' s horse for daily rides. Mr. Byrd has bought a Saxo- phone, piano, stock in the T. P. Railroad, and has installed a party line telephone in his home. Mr. Alexander has lost fifty pounds dancing by Wallace Re- ducing Records. The wedding bells are heard ringing for Scott-Pierron. McGinty refuses to speak to any woman. P. O. Robertson is suing a faculty member for breach of promise. Miss Walker got to class on time this morning. Jeanette Wemp expects to make an A in Voice. Mrs. Moffett and Mr. Mitchell motored to Many together. Iva Mae Pierce is blondining her hair. Letha Gibson has been seen admitting boys through the back door of the Library at night. Marguerite Stewart accepted a New Ford from members of the Faculty. Evelyn Byrd had a fight with a high school pupil. Mrs. Sudbury rides with all the men except her husband. Zelda Allen is giving instruc- tions in the permanent wave. Catherine Jones broke up English seventeen class, quarrel- ing with Mr. Alexander. Ruth Vernon ' s intellect was found in a paper sack. Messrs. Edwin and Cecil Mc- Clung will sell their business to Normal and will spend their leisure transferring the girls to town for refreshing and cooling drinks. WANTED! Some One to Corres- spond With. Young Ladies Preferred. Lovingly yours, MR. PETTISS Bf ef To The Frrh ' in p, )Mi«w M«. ' v|lu AS« V I ELECTRIC APPLIANCE COMPANY Electrical, Automotive, Radio Fixtures Dppositf llie Custoin Housi- 406-416 Canal St. New Orleans. Ln. COMPLIMENTS OF Magnolia Paper Co. HOUSTON. TEXAS Wlii-n yiiu waiii your W.itilit-s anil Jewelry repaired, see C. L. NELMS Satisfaction (Jiinninteed. St. Denis Street Natchitoches. La. PAR ICI TFLA ROOM AND Gin SHOP . iiiusii Theatre HuildinK NATCH ITOrUKS. I.dllSIAN A Nelken Mercantile Co. GENERAL MERCHANDISE Telei)hoiie .No. 58 NATCHITOCHES. LOUISIANA .1 I) liusca W. T. CiinniiiKliaiii RUSCA CUNNINGHAM Attorne )s-at-La ' W 20.1 St. Denis Street Telephone Is NATCHITOCHES. LA. J. O. GUNTER AUorne])-at-Laii Telephone 306 Williams Building N. TCHIT()CHKS. L. SCARBOROUGH CARVER . ' i Uotnc fi-at-Laxe I ' hone 114 NATCHITOCHES. I.()CISI. N A l:ducaUonal Pu Itim Del r}i Projecton Harcol Motion Picture industries Harcol HnihlinK 61i) Karonne St NEW ORLEANS. LA Shreveport Potato Chip Co. 6(H; Western Avenue Salted Peanuts. Salted .Mnionds, Salted and Shelled Pecans. SHllEVEPOUT. LOUISIANA Scroggins ' I ransfer Company When you want to travel. Call ScroKKins! Telephone 362 N.VTCHITOCHES. L. Sanitary Barber Shop .lOHN A iNTOON. 1 ' rop In Ainusu Theatre Building | Natchitochf.. " ;. I .OUISIANA WEMi ' LUNCH ROOM For Quick Lunches and Telephone Orders. Call Phone 108 NATCHITOCHES. LOUISIANA JAMES B. TUCKER Insurance. Hrokerane and Heal Estate Notary Public Phones: Office. 91 ; Residence 141 NATCHITOCHES. LA H. LF i ER HUGHES Atlorne})-at-Lati ' Telephone 213 Williams Bldg. NATCHITOCHES. LA Brf.azf.alf. Brelazfalk Allorncys-al-Lau Phone S.1-W N ATCHITOCHKS. LOCI SI ANA V ( 326 ) DR. I. I. KAFFIE — Dentist — Amusu Theatre Building Phone No. 145 Phone No. 255 NATCHITOCHES, LA. C. B. McCLUNG Attorne ;-al-LaiD Office in Hedges Building NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA O. L. YOUNG TRANSFER " Fords That Go and Come " Telephone 42 NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA MICHAEL ANTOON On the corner near the T. P. Depot Groceries, General Merchandise NATCHITOCHES, LA. JEFF AARON ' S TRANSFER We give the service the public asks for. Telephones 312 - 108 NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA JULIUS AARON SON General Merchandise - Building Supplies Country Produce Bought and Sold Telephone Nos. 222 and 122 NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA We Specialize in Good Clothes for Men and Women Always Something New SEMMELMAN ' S Natchitoches, La. G. F. THOMAS INSURANCE AGENCY Hedges Bldg. Phones 326-352 NATCHITOCHES, LA. GIBSON ' S BARBER SHOP Quality Work Quiclfl Done Next to Hedges Bldg. NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA DR. JOS. BATH — Ph )sician — Office in Elks Building NATCHITOCHES. LOUISIANA PRUDHOMME CAFE Quick Lunches BEST COFFEE IN TOWN Ladies given courteous attention Near T. P. Depot, Natchitoches, La. DR. J. W. McCOOK — Dennis — Exchange Bank Bldg. Phone 269 NATCHITOCHES. LA. Diplomas Engrossed Visiting Cards, 25c a dozen C. B. BOLAND Normal Station, Natchitoches, La. Calumet Tea Coffee Company 409-411 W. Huron Street CHICAGO IMPORTERS OF TEAS AND COFFEES. Distributors of Brosia Meals. (327 ) f F f F F SERVICE GARAGE :- Attention Mr. Wood Breateale. I huve own d u STAR Cur for th« ' past flfclit niDiittis an i uin iMitln-ly SHllstlpd with the service that thin far has Ki%en ine. For the price c»f the car I do not believe that a per«on c-ould make a mistake in inveBtin. in a STAR. R. M. Cooke. Pur. A ent. Slat ' Nnrilial CnlleKe S. A. DIPALOA " Charlie ' s " Dealer in Groceries, Fruit and Confectioneries —Transfer for Freight — Shoes repaired by Goodyear machine NATCHITOCHES. LA MRS. P. C. ROGERS Exclusive Millinery SILK HOSIERY AND NOTIONS Across from Inn Hotel Natchitoches, Louisiana The Court House Cafe (Incorporated i We cater to Normal Girls. OrcJer your Sandwiches and Feast Supplies from Us. —WE DELIVER FREE- Natchitoches. Louisiana Kj)car Levy D. L. Suiwath AMUSU THEATRE LKVY SLM)I)ATII. .ManaKors Seating Capacity, 600 NATCHITOCHES. LOUISIANA Jensen Barnhill KVERYIHING IN DRY GOODS for College Boys and Girls .Make Our Store your headquarters. PHONE 160 Natchitoches, Lou isiana Robert E. Aldredge JEWELER Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairing Complete line of Diamonds. Jewelry, and Watches. Gifts that Last — Service, not Excuses 304 FRONT ST. Natchitoches. Louisiana Morgan and Lindseys Variety Store For Dishes. Tinware. Granileware. Hosiery. Candies and small Hard ware Toilet Articles and Laces. FRONT STREET Natchitoches. Louisiana ( 328 ) P " OR SHEET MUSIC AND BOOKS— GO TO The G. Schirmer Music Company AT GRUNEWALD ' S 733 Canal St. New Orleans, La. Teachers ' and Pupils ' Materials a Specialty. HEDGES ' , Inc. Real Estate and Contracting — Capital stock, $40,000.00 — We Build Anything We Sell Everything NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA — Printing — THE WORTHWHILE KIND We print anything except money and stamps. Send us your orders. Natchitoches Times C. M. CUNNINGHAM, Proprietor Natchitoches, La. Phone 112 CITY The Ho PHO Natchitoches GRC me oj Go iCERY od Eats ■ 429 Louisiana NES 302 QUALITY CRACKERS AND CAKES The Vories Baking Company NEW ORLEANS, LA. SAM MAGGIO TWO STORES Groceries and Confectioneries of All Kinds. EXPERT SHOE REPAIRING — All shoes called for and delivered — On Corner near Normal NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA We are agents for one of the largest fur houses in the country. Top prices paid for furs and hides. See us first. U. S. Army Store WELL-WORTH MERCHANDISE Let us dress you a lot better for a lot less money. ' Phone 391 NATCHITOCHES, LA. ICE CREAM The Perfect Food — BESTYET— Manufactured by Lay ' s Candy Ice Cream Factory NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIAN.A. ( 329) Levy Drug McClung Drug Company Company THE REXALL STORE " Stationery and Toilet Articles Drugs Stationery Soda Water Ice Cream Candy Kodak Films " 92 " Hair Tonic f OR RADIOS AND SUPPLIES PHONE No. 131 McCLUNG ' S Natchitoches, Louisiana 1 eiephone 361 Natchitoches, La. 1 he Hughes Dry Goods Company L H. JOHNSON Dealer In " The Home of Good Clothes " GENERAL MERCHANDISE WAl-KOVER QUEEN QUALITY SHOES Peters Shoes a Specialty If It ' s Wearing Florsheim Shoes for Men Apparel for Men and Women. We Have It— TWO STORES Front St. next to Exchange Bank Phone 104 Phone 1% PHONE No. 101 NATCHrrocHES, La. ( 330 ) fgfgffFiiff ifff W SUNBEAM Consumers ' Biscuit PURE FOODS Company ■ 1 —THE WORLD ' S BEST— New Orleans, La. Used by Discriminating People Everywhere The Best of CAKES, CRACKERS, AND CANDIES. S S S S s s Austin, Nichols Company INCORPORATED Manufacturers and Distributors NEW YORK— CHICAGO Our Stock is Always Fresh. Baked Hourly. If you want QUALITY AND SERVICE Ask for Consumers. Caddo Arms and THE HOUSE OF QUALITY ( Cycle Co., Inc. SPORTMEN ' S Fowler Commission Company, Inc., of ■ w HEADQUARTERS Louisiana s s s Distributors for Rawlings and Wilson ' s Sport and Athletic Goods. FLOUR GRAIN FEEDS HAY k._ 1 610 Milam Street Shreveport, Louisiana Shreveport, Louisiana (331) .4 X Bank of Commerce and Trust Co, Mansfield. Louisiana Over 2yi Millions of Drpotiti A Strong State Bank Bk.n Johnson PreuJcnl C AMPBLLLS MLRI 1 BREAD and CAPII AL CAKF S Standards of Qualities Sold b]f Crocen Campbell Baking Co. SHREVEPORT. LA. Crawford. Jenkins Booth, Ltd. SHRKVKP ORT. LOUISIANA iVhoUsalc Crocen Cotton Factors DISTRIBLTORS OF Royal No. 10 Soft Wheat. Snow Drift Soft Wheat. Fiddle Bow and Leader Self-Rismg Flours. Lime and Cement. Day Builders ' Supply Company, inc. BUILDING MATERIALS Manufacturers of " DA GRADE " MILLWORK Alexandria. Louisiana Frost-Johnson Lumber Company ALL KINDS AND GRADES OF LUMBER Campti Mill Campti. La (.Natchitoches Parish) S. Y. Gillan Co. Educational Publiihen MILWAUKEE. WISCONSIN We |iiil)li. li up-to-diite KeronI svh- KMiis for High Schools and for CJrade Schools. Mayne ' s Class Kecitution Ueiords, .Attendance KeKisters. Final Kecord of Standings for High School. Kinal Record of Standing for Grade Scliool. Term Records, Repiirf Carils VlKIIt KOK CATALOt.. John Van Range Company I V . utritious Kai to Digal A BRLAKFAS T FOOD For the touch of the tongue h Has the Taste RICE-OLA Is all Rice, including Bran Polish Vitamincs Kice-O-La Food Co.. Inc. CKOVILHY, LA. Equipment for the Preparation and Serving of Food CINCINNATI. OHIO ( J32 ) fi i fff S N S s s s s s s N s Rantz Engineering Machine Works (incorporated) Refrigerating and Ice Making Plants Continuous Pipe Coils THE SOUTH ' S FIRST WELDING PLANT 41 14-24 Carrollton Avenue New Orleans, Louisiana Cedlailhy ' s IFtmrataiE Hams -Bacon -Lard .jlLiKeThem Better Nature ' s way with tree ' ripened fruit is our way with Puritan Hams and Bacon. Just slow, patient mellowing. No hurrying, no forcing. Thus the natural, delicious flavor an d tender ' ness are retained. Puritan lard is 100% pure leaf — selected leaf, rendered in open kettles, then slowly chilled in the package. It has the grainy texture and creamy rich purity that mean best results in cooking. ThcTasfcTclIs TheCuddhy Packing Co. U.S. A Makers of Puritan Hams— Bacon — Lard X S S V V s s ( 333 ) i ' 9 iifiii f i Mif igM. Natchitoches Motor Co., Limited Morris Aaron, Prnidcni D. ' . Br iazeau . V ' iccPmidrni J. B. Prf.5S8URC. Sccrctary-Managrr PROM PI EFFICIENT RELIABLE LINCOLN - FORD - FOF DSON C ars Trucks Tractors A ccessories •DRIVE IN " FILLING STATION Cor. Front Lafayette Sts. Night and Day Service NATCH rrOCHES. LOUISIANA ROBERT J. PHILLIPS Insurance Agent ALL KINDS Telephones No. 8. 455 and 233 NATCHITOCHES. LOUISIANA ( 334 ) i The girls of today will be the housekeepers of tomorrow. Most housekeepers are good cooks. We like to present the merits of PERFECTION FLOUR the best Plain Soft Wheat Flour on Earth and PIKES PEAK FLOUR the best self-rising Flour on Earth, and MRS. TUCKER ' S Best Shortening on Earth, to the school girls of today so that they may follow the example of good cooks of today, tomorrow . You w ill find all of these brands alw ays reliable. Yours truly, Foster and Glassell Co. (LIMITED) ( 335 ) m w f f M F y OUR CORRESPONDENCE PAPER Should be selected with the same care and good taste you use in selecting your clothing. It should be distinctive and at the same time have that air of quahty and refinement that is asso- ciated w ith persons of good breeding and edu- cation. Made in all styles to suit each individual; you will find your particular style of correspon- dence paper among the many that are now on display at the N orma 1 Book Store %E - LET YOUR STATIONtRY REFLECT YOUR PERSONALITY IVe Handle MONTAGS FINE PAPER (336 ) y iF f f ff ' For Successful Home Baking the right choice of baking powder is essential — a baking pow- der that, in addition to raising the dough in just the proper manner, adds nutritive value to the food. When you use RUMFORD ' The Wholesome ' ' BAKING POWDER everything you bake will be more wholesome, more delicate in texture, more delicious in taste than ever before. Rumford al- ways produces the same perfect results at reasonable cost. Rumford restores to fine wheat flour the nutritious and health - giving properties removed in the process of bolting. Rumford makes bake days an unqualified delight to thousands of successful, happy housewives, because Rumford results in real baking perfection. Each can contains an order for a Practical Cook Boof(, compiled b]) the Principal of the Boston Coolfing School. THE RUMFORD COMPANY, Providence, R. I. ( 337 ) ririfwFfF NEW PERFECTION mih SUPERFEX Burners Its complete Cooking Service makes this NKW PERFECTION, with Superfcx B urners a year ' round oil stove. As fast and clean as Gas as convenient as a cook stove can be made — with beautiful design and enduring finish. FOR SALE BY THE Standard Oil Company of Louisiana New Orleans. La. Alexandria. La. Baton Rouge. La. Lake Charles. La. Shre eport. La. IIIIMIMIIIIIIIIMIMIHIIIIIIIIMIMIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIHIIIIIIIIHII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIHIMIIIIItlllllllllUIIIIMIIIIHIIIIIIMMtlllllMUIIMItlltllllllllllllMI CRANE Plumbing Fixtures for Homes of Comfort CRANE Co. II48S. Peters Sl NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA Establiihed 1855 (Branch of Chicago. III.) (338 ) ' if £ . . Standard Bakery The Bakery for Quality and Quantity RAISIN BREAD, GOLDEN CRUST BREAD, WHOLE WHEAT BREAD, AND THE BEST OF ROLLS, CAKES AND PIES BAKED EVERY DAY. We. deliver to all parts of the Town. WE FURNISH NORMAL COLLEGE ITS BREAD J. J. Johnson, Manager NATCHITOCHES. LOUISIANA W. F. Taylor Company Wholesale Grocers Feed EXCLUSIVE BRANDS: Del Monte Canned Fiuit and Fish Hirsch Bros. Pickles and Condiments Hart Brand Canned Vegetables Fruits Red Cross Tomatoes Gold Leaf Calendar Flour Western Cartridge Co. Shells Keystone Steel Wire Co. Fencing We are here to serve ou. A line, a ring or a jvire starts our snappy service. Phone 166 NATCHITOCHES, LA. Phone 302 SHREVEPORT, LA. ( 339 ) y jr t Louisiana Railway Navigation Co. " Short Line Through Louisiar a " SHREVEPORT BATON ROUGE ALEXANDRIA NEW ORLEANS Through Pullman Service and Fast Freight Schedules For information regarding Fares, lickels. Baggage. Pullman Reservations and Freight Iraffic. call or write nearest 1 raffic Representative. J. N. Campbell General Freight Passenger Agent SHREVtPORT, La. S. D. Powers Soliciting Passenger Agent Shrevxport. La. (340) ' If f F F f f if f i f f fmt h ' .. I V s Winbarg Brothers Staple and Fancy Groceries Everything for Feasts, Lunches and Sandwiches Phone 36 Phone 1 36 NATCHITOCHES If, IL! eeHtigied H dBi am ana oacon Its Uniformly Excellent Quality Never Varies. Vv n CL Wilson Co. y y IN NATCHITOCHES It ' s the Peoples Hardware Furniture Company ' ' " The Winchester Store " Edison and Columbia Phonographs We Have New Records on Sale Twice Monthly TELEPHONE 210 ES ' PM ' S 6 ur£Bloon| SOLD BY Jos. W. Vestal and Son Little Rock, Arkansas (341) M MMy " f t m M V IV. N IS K i 7777777777777777777Ar?T ffi t N S N S N S N S N S S S s i i 1 C. H. ROGERS " 7 ie Meat Man " Natchitoches 1 ransfer Co. FRVJSH PORK. BEEF. MU 1 TON. VEAL AND SAUSAGES. 1 PHONE 440 We meat the Normal—why not you PHONK 363 NArCHITOCHES NATCHITOCHF.S. LA. lEXAS PAPER COMPANY DALLAS. TEX. J. A. Styron Engraving Company Wedding Invitations Announcements Cards, and Fine Stationery. MANUFACTURERS OF Wrapping Paper Paper Bags Paper Boxes Sales Books Paper Specialties Penonal Creeling Cards for All Special Da]fi. — Write or wire ui for Price — SHREVEPORT " Saliifaclory for 40 Years " ( 34: I) . . gi f ff i i tJt i f f f f f THE Chas. H. Elliott Co. Largest Engraving House in the World COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS CLASS DAY PROGRAMS CLASS PINS AND RINGS Dance Programs and Invitations Menus Leather Dance Cases and Covers Fraternity and Class Inserts for Annuals Fraternity and Class Stationery School Catalogs and Illustrations Wedding Invitations Calling Cards Seventeenth St. and Lehigh Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. S. H. Kaffie ' s Department Store " Ask Vs, We Will Probabh Know " We carry largest line of DRESS GOODS AND READY - TO - WEAR in this City. AGENTS FOR Paul Jones Middies and Dresses The Famous Phoenix Silk Hose Selby Shoes for Ladies Munsing Wear for Ladies and Gents Special Attention to Mail Orders. Telephone No. 25 NATCHITOCHES. LOUISIANA America ' s Largest Distributors OF NO. 10 CANNED GOODS For forty years the leading specialists in supplying the institutional table. Current price list on request. John Sexton Co. Wholesale Grocers CHICAGO Branches at Strategic Shipping Points A CHOCOLATE BISCUIT — deliciously filled with a smooth vanilla sugar cream the combination of which is known only in Sunshine Hydrox Biscuits MADE BY Loose- Wiles Biscuit Company (Branches in over 100 cities) V r i (343) J£Ji££MJ S3L4. NEW ORLEANS SEAFOOD CO. 1228 Decatur Street New Orleans. Louisiana OUSTERS FISH SHKIMP CRABS Every Food that Crows in the Sea Phone Hemlock 87 Simmons Oil and Refining Company (incorporated) Petroleum and Its Products General Office : WARD BUILDING SHREVEPORT. LA. Oklalioma City Mill Elevator Co. Millers arid Cram Dealers Oklahoma Cmr. Oklahoma Maker of that good •HKLIOTROPK • FLOUR II takes (he gue»f out of Biscuit Making. For Sale b ) Foster Glassell Co. (limited) Shreveport Natchitoches Albert Mackie Co. (Limited) NKW ORLEANS. LA. Wholesale Dealers in Fancy Groceries. Fruit. Produce. Candy, Etc. Sole dislribulors of the " BURT OLNKY " BRAND of Canned Goods - ihe Best Fruits and Vegetable Packed. Also " FLINE ' S " — the finest Milk Chocolate in the World. " We make a specialty of supplying the needs of Schools, Academies, Coilrgrs, and Institutions. (344) ffiiiFFFfffiff ! % COMPLIMENTS OF Goode Cage Drug Company (incorporated) Wholesale Druggists and Druggists ' Sundries SHREVEPORT, LA. Libby, McNeal Libby The. Recognized Quality Products CANNED FISH MEATS - VEGETABLES MILK AND FRUITS There is no guess in buying Libby ' s Food Products The Quality Is Canned in the Can. Discriminating housewives always call for Libby ' s! F. F. Hansell Bro. (limited) New Orleans, Louisiana School, Office, Church and Auditorium Furniture FILING DEVICES AND LOOSE-LEAF OUTFITS School and Office Supplies Boolfs and Stationery WE SPECIALIZE IN THE EQUIPMENT OF CAFE- TERIA, LUNCH ROOMS, BOARDING DEPART- MENT OF COLLEGES SCHOOLS — ALSO DEAL IN JANITOR ' S SUPPLIES. The Luboat Glassware Cork Co. (Limited) NEW ORLEANS. LA. (345) S. AARON. Prciidcni V. L. ROY. Vice-Prcidcnl Merchants dC Farmers Bank IJ STABLISHED IN 1913) Capital and Surplus, $70,000.00 We aill appreciate a share of your business. TELEPHONE 242 NATCHITOCHES. LA. We Want Your Business— The Peoples Bank NATCHITOCHES, l . Th V Capital Stock, paid in . . . Undivided Profits, all earned $30,000.00 $60,000.00 (346) r F r F f f i f ff ff ff m s s s s s V N s s RALSTON PURINA CO., Inc., Prop. St. Louis, Missouri Manufacturers of CHOWS IN CHECKERBOARD BAGS For a well balanced feed for dairy cattle we have found none that will give better results than PURINA COW CHOW. (Signed) Farm Department, State Normal College, R. H. COOKE, Club Manager. For Sale fci; Foster Glassell Company, Ltd. Natchitoches, Louisiana Telephone No. 161 Telephone No. 431 W. R. ROACH COMPANY Grand Rapids, Mich. PACKERS OF THE CELEBRATED RED HART BRAND OF CANNED F RUITS AND VEGETABLES Distributors : W. F. TAYLOR COMPANY Natchitoches, La. Served by STATE NORMAL COLLEGE, Natchitoches. La. ' Just Ask The Normal " — That is the best recommendation that we can give you. x! ! (347) x xy I J Hensgen-Peters-Smith Company Importers and Wholesalers of Food Products HOMK OFFICK: SI. LOUIS Excluiivi- Diitributors of INSTITUTION. HOTF.L. RRSTAURANT AND CLUB SUPPLIES At-La$t-A, Chic. Trabon. and H. P. S. Brands are without equal. St. Louis as a distributing point is the brst in the United States. ». Avoyelles Wholesale Grocery Co. (LIMHFD) Alexandria. La. Eunice. La. Ville Platte. La. BuNKit. La. Natchftoches. La. Snow Drift and Fiddle and Bow Hour Red Star Roasted Coffee Green Coffee Rice and Groceries Royal No. 10 Flour — WF. SRLL TO MKRCHANTS ONLY— ( 348 ) f f f f f Schuster s Wholesale Produce Co. ' -QUALITY " — OUR MOTTO Wholesale Fruits - Produce and Commission Merchants 508 Commerce Street Telephone No. 983 WE BUY AND SELL FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES IN AND OUT OF SEASON. Telephone, Telegraph or Write SCHUSTER ' S Shreveport, Louisiana EXCHANGE BANK Organized 1892 Capital, Surplus and Profits, $1 70,000 " A Bank of Personal Service " NATCHITOCHES. LOUISIANA (349) I Th. » Natchitoche« Enterprise " A Home Paper " Officii 1 Organ City, Panth and School Board. Job Hork - Prinling ■ and Engravini; Mrs C 1. BrfaZF.ale, Editor-Prop. Bridendall Studio ALEXANDRIA. LA. W ' c made the Pictures in this Book H ' b f not lei ui niaifc }fours? WE SPECIALIZE IN KODAK WORK BY MAIL. LIEBER ' S FRONT ST €]i We have Suits that suit. Cj We order Suits that fit. We sell most everything to w ear. OUR ri ici:s are Riciin ll ' tO.oii inakoH you u i t« n( Kraphor or II l»ookki»eppr — a $500 education for llfio total ' A Ctroat .VdvortiHinK Offer A $75.00 S -holarshlp Free! ino (t ' ac-luTH and II. S. RraduatPH are wanti ' il for positions! Writ - Walden ' s Business College Alkxanokia. La. MoVKOf., I . Wlii-n ()ti iliiiik of StTvIci ' . think of til.- I . KKV1K V. Our Filling Station Is waitinK to serve you day or nlKht. " We Never Close " You can have an hour a day with a Chevrolet. Lakeview Motor Co. INCORPORATEi) F honr 417 Washington St. NATCHITOCHES. LA. SERVICE To maintain, unfailingly, a standard of quality that makes good that is Service. To maintain a fair and equitable price lo all that is Service. I he management of any business is mirrored in the Service rendered. An organization which puts profit ahead of Service cannot endure. Standard Printing Co. (IN(ORPORATKI)) 4th and Beauregard Sis. Telephone 123 Allxandria. Louisiana (350) THOROBREDS !SH(. DAIRY RATION HERD OF PUREBRED JERSEY COWS at the Louisiana State Normal, Natchitoches, Louisiana — fed on TEMPLAR Dairy Ration Proven by Test To Be the Best by Your Own State Normal College MORE MILK-LESS FEEDING COST The Red Belt on ever bag is )our Guarantee of uniform High Quality. Jl-l ' LJl THIS ANNUAL PRINTED BY Gladney s Print Shop PRINTING - ENGRAVING ■ BINDING 1 1 1 y fTySii ' CU KB Ell j " ; pnjBiiiiii! r( ,. ' VA ' i ■ mil im EC _ V_-A 1 1 BB ED H Ni yJ S irf " s 1 j J .-j 1 1 J f ' r y-. t N j V E HURRTi r s College Annuals 1 and s " ■ s High Class Publications s • N ' [Our Annuals Have Won National Honors In All-American Elxhibit Each Year.] " BATON ROJJQE, LOUISIANA s Is! (7th Port of U. S. A.) Telephone 2 00 440 Florida St. s s I (351) ri iy ' ' f J M ' ' ' m I I(ouiiiw1ibinI encravino COMPANY GLAPNEt) PRINT SHOP N S h n 5) W ' f .- i PH V f. . ' ft ' .av li .■. ' .. . • ■ - Bd

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