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RUSSELL LIBRARY %H Northwestern State ci® College Natchitoches, La. M £$a m M £ 51 Vy ' X £x LlBRIS I PRINTED BY GLADNEY ' S PRINT SHOP SPECIALIZING IN COLLEGE ANNUALS BATON ROUGE. LA. POTPOURRI L uisiana State Normal College Natchitoches, Louisiana 1923 orewor d IN these pag es we have endeavored to present every phase of College; to mingle the joys and sorrows, the tears and laugh- ter, of life at Old Normal. If, in later years, this Potpourri should lead you, as former Students here, to recall familiar scenes, dear faces, the serious life and the gay; if it should bring to mind fond re- membrances of your Alma Mater; we shall count as nought the work andlhe sacrifice that went into its making, and shall con- sider our efforts gloriously crowned with success. A 1 L8 P676 1923 The Staff Ruth Vernon Editor-in-Chief T. Earle Johnson Associate Editor Ruby Wells Art Editor I. C. Strickland Business Manager- society Literary Editors Clique-Claques . . . Bernadette Langla S. A. K. . . Alice McClung, Dot Barstow E. L. S Mrs. Delight Tassin M. C. C. . Eunice Thompson, Ernel Minis C L. C. . . Clara Barron, Edna McDonald Society Art Editors Clique-Claques . . . Bernadette Langla S. A. K. . . Clara Andrews, Ethel Futral E. L. S Ruby Wells M. C. C. . Sattie Bustin, Hazel Patterson C. L. C Wanna Adams Society Business Managers Clique Claques Bernadette Langla S. A. K. . . Anna Sutcliffe, Alice Lee Swain, L. J. Alleman, Jr. E. L. S Mrs. Wood Breazeale, Nora Colvin M. C. C Ernest Landry, Mamie Starns C. L. C Lottie Montegut, Lucia Foret Religious Editors Y. W. C. A Florence McKennon A. of P Bernadette Langla Y. M. C. A T. Earle Johnson Class Editors Seniors Thelma Zelenka Juniors Marguerite Browne Torchbearers Evelyn Byrd Westbrooks Ivy Miller Feltusonians .... Lottie Montegut Royals J. O. LaPrairie Prathe rites Daisy Babin Pathfinders Marjorie Harp Athletic Editors Men .... Forest Hedges Women . . . Bertha Stone J TO ohn Edward Guardia Bachelor of Science WE AFFECTIONATELY DEDICATE THIS VOLUME OF THE POTPOURRI Mr. Guardia was graduated from the Louisiana State Normal in 1903. In 1908 he joined the faculty of the Practice School of the Normal and in 1919 became a member of the regular faculty, with charge of the work in geography. Recently he was graduated from the Uni- versity of Chicago with departmental honors and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Mr. Guardia is a loyal Louisianian and a faithful, enthusiastic teacher, loved and re- spected by faculty and students alike. Order of Books 1. THE COLLEGE 2. CLASSES 3. ORGANIZATIONS 4. ATHLETICS 5. VANITY FAIR THE COLLEGE PRESIDENT V. L. ROY (12) (13) THE SENTINEL PINE LOMBARDY POPLAR TRAINING SCHOOL (24) o n O Z Ql 111 UJ _J (0 o _j o a. cc o CD CC hi I h cc HI Q Z (28) LETTERS GALORE Miss Martha Feltus Social Science Dean of Women L. J. Alleman Teacher Training Director Miss Dean E. Varnado History George Williamson Biology and Physiology Miss Margaret W. Weeks Home Economics Miss Augusta Nelken Training School Asst. Principal Miss Anna Ruth Nuttal English Miss Mary J. Cowling Physical Science Albert A. Fredericks Rural Education Alvin Good . . Social Science Miss Aseneth Worthington Education Miss Louise A. Wilson English Horace D. Martin . . English Miss Yolande Melanson French Mrs. Adelia D. Miller Home Economics Miss June Morris Natural Science Miss Flora M. Adkins Music Miss Jessie C. Bourne Domestic Art Miss Pearl F. Davies . Music S. M. Byrd .... English Miss Florence Durrett English Miss Olive E. Ellsworth Music Miss Mamie Etheredge Education Miss Inez Allen Extension Division aip — i ' 1 Tr , F p»VM 1 «v»» ' " M FACULTY Mrs. Esther W. Hart Foreign Language Miss Bertha Haupt Education Miss Hope Haupt .... Art Miss Georgene Hughes Education Lucius 0. McAfee . Education Mrs. Lillian G. McCook Music Miss Bertha M. Parkin Music John 0. Pettiss Extension Division George C. Proudfit School of Music Director Miss Edna Slaughter Penmanship H. J. Sudbury . . . Education Miss Mary E. Trousdale Education IF VML HlfliPIIW " " 1 " Miss Thelma L. Zelenka Physical Education John Edward Guardia Physical Science Paul Weiss Education Augustus C. Maddox Mathematics Miss Sadie Joffrion Physical Education Miss Lenora E. Johnson Education Roy A. Grouch . . Education Principal Practice School H. Lee Prather Physical Training, and Political Science Miss Scharlie Russell Librarian William W. Tison . Chemistry Mrs. Orra C. Williamson Education R. W. Boystun Manager of Book Store S. J. Sibley Treasurer £irS MVITMmiT i lTlJ I JJ Alexis Voorhies Mathematics and Science A. G. Alexander English Miss Elizabeth Wilby . . Art Francis G. Fournet . Physics Robert W. Winstead Latin William Hanssler Romance Languages Chief of Fire Brigade Rupert H. Cooke Purchasing Agent Mrs. Wm. Hanssler Stewardess Miss Lucile Pearson Registrar Miss Sudie Merritt Secretary to President Mrs. A. A. Fredericks Sec ' y. Extension Division Miss Tess Zimmerman Asst. Librarian Mrs. Hattie Hays Matron Men ' s Dormitory W. H. Trisler Superintendent of Grounds G. T. Crosby Laundry Manager J. Q. Bridges Night Watchman L. E. Green . . Farm Overseer Miss Pauline Eason Graduate Nurse Miss Gladys Breazeale Chm. Publicity Committee Seniors Class Officers: Esther Hart President A. L. Ducournau Vice-President Annie Laurie Pujos Secretary-Treasurer Thelma Zelenka Potpourri Editor The Feminine Ideal HE emancipated woman must not lose sight of the purposes of emancipation and believe the tools more important than the thing for which she was to use them. She must not forget the imperative demands the nation makes of her. She should con- tinue to socialize her home and give it the quality of stimulation and joyousness which makes old and young seek it gladly and freely. It is her duty to give her child the proper moral training which will develop him into a real citizen. I doubt if there is today a more disintegrating influence at work — one more fatal to sound social development — than that which belittles the home and the position of woman in it. As a social institution there is no other so far-reaching. Women are learning that nothing worth-while is accom- plished without self-denial, routine, disillusionment, and even half-realiza- tion. The pain and struggle are not what take the heart out of a soldier ; it is telling him that his cause is mean, his fight in vain. Show him a reason and he dies exultant. Woman is the world ' s one permanent soldier. In war as well as in peace she goes on with her fight daily. She sees the glory in giving life for life ; she goes to battle, like the soldier, with a new understanding. The endless details of her life, its routine, and its restraints have a reason now, as routine and discipline have for a soldier. She sees, like him, that they are the only means of securing the victory bought so dearly — of winning others. When the children are launched into life, rendering service to the world, then begins the last stage in a woman ' s career. She is still in the prime of life, with many years in which to recoup herself for all her sacrifices. She sees her children happy and contented men and women. What, then, is left for her? She may now enter once more into public service, enriched by great experiences. The grandmother of old, sitting at home, knitting to idle away the moments, no longer exists. She of today is a leader in some active club work, struggling always for the betterment of society. With the true feminine ideal before us, we are reaching out into the millenium of womanhood. Women are following the true ideal, training themselves for their share in the responsibilities of the nation, rearing healthy sons and daughters, keeping worthy homes, occupying leading positions in educational and philanthropic movements, utilizing their time wisely, choosing socially and not selfishly. (From Thelma Zelenka ' s address, as Faculty Representative) c SENIORS -tffi Thelma Zelenka . . . Houma Class Editor of Potpourri, 1922; Faculty Representative, Fall ' 22. At Thelma ' s Christening many fairy god- mothers were present to bestow gifts, with not one unbidden or disgruntled fairy to modify or mar the whole. These many gifts of nature she is always willing to use in the service of others. Her accomplishments range from teaching esthetic dancing to the domes- tic arts of cooking and sewing. The subject of her discourse as Faculty Representative when she took her A. B. degree was " The Feminine Ideal " . She means to be an em- bodiment of this. Thelma is now a member of the faculty in the Department of Physical Training. Gertrude Fuller . . . Dubach C. L. C. Basketball; Potpourri Editor for Juniors and Seniors; Editor-in-Chief Current Sauce in 1922; Secretary Clique-Claques. Her hair of pure sunshine is far less bright than her disposition. Along with a sunny one she possesses a sweet smile that wins everyone. She is strong and self-reliant, open-hearted and free, yet has a quiet air of reserve. Enthusiasm and loyalty are her most beautiful qualities and the source of her popularity. Alfred L. Ducournau Natchitoches C. C. Pres.; President of Student Body; " Vice-Pres. Senior Class; Business Manager of Current Sauce; Baseball Team. His character is that of a leader, and all his affairs he rules with a steady hand and in a most business-like manner. Everything that he says is forceful and to the point, and never does he fail to bring about the desired result. The Student Body recognized his efficiency by electing his President. As the Business Manager of the " Current Sauce " he does his work like an experienced business man. Bernadette Langla New Iberia Potpourri Editor for the Clique- Claques ; Current Sauce Staff. Bernadette is a most conscientious girl. She puts forth every effort to do her best and upholds the right in every way. The respect that the girls have for her conscientiousness was shown when they elected her as the first House President of " C " building, a position which she filled with great efficiency. She is a most wholesome girl, for she works while she works and plays while she plays. Esther Wemp Hart Natchitoches Winner of Oratorical Contest in 1922; Vice-President of Clique- Claques; President Senior Class. She acts as teacher and student both, and equally well as " Signorita Esther " or " Senior Esther " . She is versatile and beli eves that work and 1 pleasure go hand in hand, that we need both to lead an effective life. Endowed with a superior intellect, she masters any- thing that she undertakes. She proved a worthy President of the Senior Class in the Fall Term. Annie Laurie Pujos New Orleans Secretary Clique-Claque; Secre- tary of Senior Class; Editorial writer on the Current Sauce. Annie Laurie is small, but so are all valuable articles. She wins the admiration of all by her willingness, her cleverness, and her keen judgment. Her character is one of strength and depth. Her nature varies from the sub- lime and submissive to the extreme and severe. Her deliberative judgments tell of the workings of a very analytical mind. She loves to learn; yet she believes that a hand- ful of common sense is worth a bushel of learning. She has both. Yolande Agnes Melanson New Iberia Clique-Claques. Her friends all know her as " Mademoiselle " . She plays the double role of teacher and student. As a student, she is conscientious in her efforts to learn; as a teacher of French she is not easily surpassed. The social group is enlivened by her ready wit and clever French sayings, for when she says, " Quand je donne un coup je le donne, " we all agree. Caro Williamson Natchitoches Clique-Claques. Caro laughs and the world laughs with her. She doesn ' t give a care who does or who doesn ' t. Her curly hair and big bright eyes make her very attractive and striking in appearance. She may seem frivolous, but behind her frivolity there is that deep sound reasoning of a superior intellect. She seems to be indifferent to learning, but watch her, for she knows it all. Kathryn Sanders Merryville Kathryn is worth her weight in gold. She is a genius in Domestic Art. Her sweet voice is one of her many charms. There is nothing that she cannot do efficiently. She was the enthusiasm of the Practice Cottage, and some day will be not only the enthusiasm but the queen in a cottage of her own — with a king also. J UNIORS Class Officers: Ruth Vernon President T. G. Hughes Vice-President Alma Byrd Secretary-Treasurer Margurite Browne Editor for Potpourri Junior Class History 1. And behold, it came to pass that in the year nineteen hundred and twenty a band of mighty men and women entered the gates of the Louisiana State Normal College ; yes, mightier by far than any other band that had entered that land before them. 2. A leader was chosen after they had entered this land, and they were given the name of Freshmen, and they did grow and prosper and wax exceeding joyful. 3. And behold, the virtue of their leader brought them great success, and they did accomplish much. 4. And it came to pass that in this land they did have battles to fight and were besieged on all sides. 5. And behold, the besiegers did repent, but the wrath of the Freshmen was visited upon them and they were sore afraid. 6. And it came to pass that the valor and courage of the Freshmen made the terrible Seniors crawl to their own homes in fear and trembling. 7. And behold, because of their great strength and wisdom they were led to a better land, and they were called Sophomores. 8. Again, there was battle and strife ; some fell by the wayside, and some continued in prosperity. 9. For thirteen score and ten days did thev continue in the land of bells and beans, and they did gather an abundant harvest of knowledge and experience. And their names were spoken by the Professors. 10. And for four score and ten days did they rest from their labors and gird themselves for the coming battles. 11. It came to pass that on the eighteenth day of September, nineteen hundred and twenty-two, that they returned to the land of knowledge, and they were called Juniors. 12. But, behold ! they had decreased in numbers ; their strength was not great, yet did all men look upon them with envy. 13. And again did they have battles to fight and many fell by the wayside. 14. But it came to pass that the President and the Faculty did look with favor upon their accomplishments. 15. And the President said, " Verily, verily, this class is of great renown. " 16. Grant them therefore many privileges that they may labor more gratefully. 17. If they ask favors of you, they must be granted. 18. And when their labors shall be finished, they shall be led into a land flowing with milk and honey, and be called Seniors. " 19. And all the people who heard marvelled greatly 20. And said among themselves " Verily, such is the reward of true virtue. " —v. r. v., historian. 0. P. Babin .... Dutchtown Rural Education Clique-Claques; Editor-in-Chief of Cur- rent Sauce 1923; Honor Council 1923; Student Discipline Committee ' 22- ' 23. " His praises come from the lips of those who know him. " Miriam Carver . Natchitoches Math. - Science " She has a heart to resolve, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute. " Hixie Davidson .... Dubach English - Social Science Clique-Claques. " Knowledge is more than equiv- alent to force. " G. J. Dugas .... Belle Rose Math. - Science Clique-Claques; Vice-President Junior- Senior Organization. " May you never murmur without a cause, and never have a cause to murmur. " G. F. Gauthier . Bordelonville Math. - Science Varsity Football Team, ' 20, ' 21, and ' 22. " Not afraid of work, but not in sympathy with it. " Forest Hedges . . Natchitoches Math. - Science Clique-Claques; President of Student Body, Fall ' 22; Cheerleader Winter ' 23. " A taster of wine, with an eye for a maid, Never too bold and never afraid. " L. 0. Roark Grayson Rural Education Clique-Claques. " There can be no excellence without great labor. " TtfflisrrmeruunMfetimrm—- J0NI0RS | mm OUNIORsl Carrie Montgomery . Hortman English - Social Science Clique-Claques. " Hitch your wagon to a star. " Fred Rushing . . . Mangham Rural Education Clique-Claques; President Y. M. C. A. " Whose armour is his honest thought and simple truth his utmost skill. " Lois Simmons .... Oakdale English - Social Science Clique-Claques. ' " Tis better to be wise and not seem so, than to seem wise and not be so. " Mrs. H. J. Sudbury Natchitoches Home Economics " There ' s nothing ill can dwell in such a temple. " Ruth Vernon . . Chesbrough English - Social Science Clique-Claques; Y. W. C. A.; Pres. M. C. C. Fall ' 22; Vice-Pres. Clique-Claques Fall ' 22; Editor-in-Chief Potpourri ' 22- ' 23; President Junior Class; Current Sauce Staff; President Clique-Claques Spring ' 23; Honor Council ' 23; Student Discipline Committee ' 22- ' 23; President Student Body Spring Term ' 23. " A true, honest student, a friend to those worthy of friendship. " Jeannette Wemp, Natchitoches English - Social Science " A girl of cheerful yesterdays, and confident to-morrows. " Mollie Zenor .... Patterson English - Social Science " Life may be a grand sweet song for some, but it is written in ragtime for many. " D. E. Sikes . . . Natchitoches Rural Education " The man who can calmly wait is master of the situation. " J. C. Strickland Harrisonburg Math. - Science Clique-Claques, President Spring Class ' 22; President E. L. S., Winter ' 22; Vice-Presi- dent Contemporary Life Club, Winter ' 21- ' 22; Potpourri Staff, ' 21-22; Math-Science Club; President Glee Club, ' 22; President of Contemporary Life Club, Spring ' 22; Busi- ness Mgr. Potpourri, ' 23 ; Glee Club, ' 23. " His future is aglow with possi- bilities. " Alma Byrd Benton Grammar Clique-Claques; Y. W. C. A.; Chorister Y. W. C. A. ; Secretary Junior Class. " Her twinkling eye doth but her nature show, for a merrier lass we do not know; none but her- self can be parallel. " Marguerite Brown Natchitoches English - Social Science Clique-Claques; Current Sauce Staff, ' 22; Secretary Clique-Claques Fall ' 22; Potpourri Editor for the Junior Class. " Her career is a mirror in which we can see the traits of a typ- ical student, true friend, and ideal companion. " Louise Abel Franklin Home Economics Clique-Claques; A. of P.; Vice-Pres. A. of P.; Leader of Bible Class; House President, Student Government, in " C " Dormitory. " Patient persistent effort is often the price of success. " Mrs. Hilton Holland Natchitoches Math. - Science " To do is to succeed. " T. C. Hughes . . . Natchitoches English - Social Science Clique-Claques. " Every deed that i sessing is paid fc of daily effort. " worth pos- by strokes TORCHBEARERS FALL 72 MOTTO : " To you we throw the torch; Be yours to hold it high. " Colors — Purple and Gold Flower — Chrysanthemum CLASS OFFICERS: Annice Fincher . . President Carlon Cason Tessie Hart . . Vice-President Sarah Shuman The Gift of the Poet Secretary Treasurer ATURE speaks to the poet and he understands. He can express and interpret her meaning. He gives us symbol and sign. The poet looks upon a blade of grass and it is transmutted into a banner of joy. He sees the last leaf upon the tree and it be- comes the emblem of mortality. The dawn, the night, the stars are gateways for him to pass into ineffable splendor. He sends us messages, translations, interpretations. These are the gifts of the poet. Sometimes we are too weary to note the beauty that is about us. We live in a material world, and cold facts surround us like a stone wall. Poverty and care are forever with us blinding our eyes. But the poet with the gift of his imperial phrases can drive them forth like thieves into the night. It is the poet who can lift us " With silver wings To those radiant realms afar, Rounded by the rainbow ' s rings, Lighted by a throbbing star. " We are borne across the Aegean Sea, past the isles of Greece, to that fabled land where heroes dwell, Achilles, Ulysses, and the mighty Hector. Per- haps, we are carried to those lotus lands where " music softer falls Than petals from blown roses on the grass. O rest ye, brother mariners, we will return no more. " The poet has kept for us the vision of the past. The roses of the past still bloom for us, the snows of yesteryear st ill glisten, and the queens of long ago still live in our hearts. They are the poets who have caught the beauty and ensnared it in the golden meshes of their words and given it to us. Helen remains still the fairest woman in the world. That face " that launched a thousand ships and burnt the topless towers of Ilium " has the immortal bloom of beauty upon it. The hapless queen still " waves her love to come again to Carthage " . The poet summons us to nobler things. He calls us to the heights. Ever before us floats the standard. The poet carries it high — that standard of high ideals, liberty, faith, truth triumphant. " Poor are the gifts of the poet, Words that like kisses fall, Nothing but words! Words like a trumpet ' s call, Words that should have been birds, Words that are winged prayers. Words that should have been floivers, Words that should have been stars In the eternal skies. Wreaths that the victor wears, Crimsoned with ivounds he bears. These are the gifts of the poet, Nothing but words! " —CATHERINE JONES, Faculty Representative. m x r mm mm mr mmmmim ' Alpha Averett Monroe S. A. K.; Choral Society. ' The same whenever you see her. ' Myra Lee Batchelor Ringgold m. c. c. ' Like box makers ■ — more noise than work. ' Walter Bishop Saline M. C. C. " Honesty, manhood, and good fellowship are in thee. " Mrs. Mary Brown Natchitoches m. c. c. " Whatever she does, she does in a manner v orthy of her. " Mattie Bryant . . Moringsport e. l. s. " Oh, for one more dance! " Sattie Bustin . . Natchitoches S. A. K. " Grace was in her step; Heaven in her eyes. " Mattie Campbell . . Monterey E. L. S. " Duties fulfilled are pleasures in her memories. " Gotha Campbell . . Oak Grove E. L. S. " She ' s kindness to everyone. " Hazel Campbell . e. l. s. Monterey " A maiden possessed of willing- ness. " Carlon Cason . . Independence M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. " Her friends are legion. " Marshal H. Carver Natchitoches s. A. K. " A descendant of Apollo. " Marie Conerley . . . Anacoco e. l. s. " Her ways are ways of pleasant- ness. " Ruby Craton Minden M. C. C. " Science is the greatest art of conversation. " Mary Alice Cutler . . Grayson M. C. C. " Nothing endures but personal qualities ' Doris Davis Tremont E. L. S.: Y. W. C. A.; Orchestra; Choral Society. " Of an excellent and unmatched wit. " Bert Davis Rosepine M.C. C; Glee Club. " Full many a woman I ' ve eyed with best regards. " Alberta De Blanc New Iberia S. A. K.; A. P. Literary Editor; Catholic Bible Class. " She has won the hearts of many. " Elvira Dufresne Montz E. L. S.; Catholic Bible Class; and A. of P. " The world seeks such as she. " Regina Dugas . . Paincourtville C. L. C; A. P. " A friend to all she knows. " Beryl Dupuy . . . Marksville M. C. C; A. P. " Oh, this learning; what a thing it is! " Annie Fincher . . . Mansfield E. L. S. Treasurer; Class Sec ' y. " Strong minds are often those of which the noisy world hears least. " Sadie Fletcher . . . Delcambre Y. W. C. A.; S. A. K.; Basketball; Choral Society. " So wise so young, they say, do ne ' er live long. " Emma Adele Frere . Franklin s. A. K. " A soul of beauty in a mold of clay. " Ora E. Hatcher .... Zwolle E. L. S.; Chorister; Y. W. C. A. " What a jolly world we live in. " Ammie Dell Hall Sicily Island E. L. S.; Y. W. C.A. " A quiet mind is richer than a crown. " Tessie Hart .... Thibodaux S. A. K.; A. P. " I say just what I think, nothing more nor less. " Elizabeth Hess . . . Kleinwood M. C. C; A. P. " A quiet tongue shows a wise head. " Eva Hauffpauir . M. C. C. Benton " Serious minded, and a steady worker. " Agnes Hogan . . . Cheneyville Y. W. C. A.; C. L. C. Basketball " I have a heart for every day. " Bernice Hollinshead Evergreen S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A. " Good humor is the health of the soul. " Goldbert Joubert . Ville Platte E. L. S. " Good thoughts his only friends; his wealth a well spent age. " Effie Lee Jones . Natchitoches m. c. c. " She talked with musical voice and softly laughed. " Bessie Jones . . Grand Chenier c. l. c. " She wants what she wants when she wants it. " Viola Holt Robeline c. l. c. " Diligence is the mother of good luck. " Elva Horn Atlanta E. L. S.; Y. W. C.A. " Full of the joyful life. " Emma Le Compte . . . Bourg E. L. S. " Be good and you will be lone- some. " Gladys Lallande . . New Iberia A. P.; S. A. K. Basketball Team. " A lady whose form is upborne by a lovely mind. " Audrey Martin . . . Ringgold m. c. c. " A face that ' s best by its own beauty drest. " Thelma Matthews . . Pelican C. L. C; Y. W. C. A. " A deed of honor did thee ever please. " Myrtle McGraw . m. c. c. Morganza " Good things always come in small packages. " Addie McNeil Monroe S.A. K.; Y. W. C. A. " Sublimely mild, a spirit without spot. " Therese Michot . M. C. C. Marksville " Serene and pure amid the trou- bled day. " Effie Montgomery . . Lafayette E. L. S. " Smiling they live, and call life pleasure. " Janice Murphy . . Shreveport C. L. C. Art Editor; Potpourri Joke Editor; Class President of Current Sauce. " Well versed in the arts of love. " Mrs. L. D. McCollister Bastrop M. C. C. " She forsook home and husband to pursue the higher forms of knowledge. " Alma Newman . m. c. c. Lula " Silence beyond all speech, a wisdom rare. " Inez Odom Winnfield E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. " Her thoughts and conduct are her own. " Ruth Orlano White Castle E. L. S.; A. P. " An open-hearted maiden true. " Ada Preslar . . . M. C. C. Coushatta " There ' s nothing worthy of care — nothing! " Elizabeth Prichard Harrisonburg E. L. S. " How poor are they that have not patience. " Mattie Pope Ringgold m. c. c. " A dependable girl. " Camie Richard ... St. Gabriel E. L. S. ; A. P. " By saying nothing you can pass for noise. " Mabel Riche .... Evergreen A. P.; M. C. C. Basketball Team. " A god-like mind soars forth in its delight. " Ruby Roubieo Campti S. A. K.; A. P. " I love Love — though he has wings. " Sara Schuman Eunice S.A. K. ; Orchestra. " I cannot change as others do. " Jeannette Schuman . . Eunice S. A. K.; Orchestra. " Well versed in the arts of love. " Nettie Stinson .... Saline c.l. c. y. w. C.A. " An uplifting soul through which youth breathes influence. " Carleen Starns Independence M. C. O; Y.W. C. A. " Much wisdom goes with fewest words. " Gladys Talbot . . . Jonesboro c. l. c. " True modesty in discerning grace. " Violet Tate .... Eunice S. A. K. " Come what, come may. Beulah Teekell . Carroll M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. " Good humor is the health o f the soul. " Inez Triche .... St. Gabriel C.L. C; A. p. " Ever ready » Audrey Thornton . . Coushatta m. c. c. " A touch of Nature ' s genial glow. " Mary Turner Homer S.A. K.; Y. W. C. A. " And e ' en her failings lean to virtue ' s side. " Aline Villerman . . New Iberia S. A. K. " Possessed of many charms and virtues. " Lloyd Walker . . . Jonesboro M. C. C; Y. M. C. A.; Glee Club. " Knowledge be sought only, and so soon sought, as for him knowledge had rather sought. Louise Webster . e. l. s. .Pelican " Good nature and good sense will ever join. ' Gladys Whitehead . . . 011a M. C. C. " Whatever she does, she does in a manner " worthy of her. " Clifford Wilson . Natchitoches s. A. K. " And still the wonder grew, that one small head could carry all she knew. " Ruby White Westlake S. A. K. " Music, when soft voices die, vibrates in its memory. " Mary Whittington . . Areola S. A. K. " She is happy and filled with the joy of living. " Glennie Wynn . . . Gibsland E. L. S. " So blythe, so calm, yet eloquent. " Roberta Young . . . Opelousas C. L. C; President of the A. P. " A searcher for knowledge. " N J[ ja w 7 WESTBROOKS Winter ' 23 Motto — " T ie door 0 Success is labeled PUSH. " Colors — Lavender and Purple Flower — Pansy Ollie Wyble . . . President Linnie Hart . . . Secretary Mrs. Grace Rogers, Vice-President Ethel Strickland . Treasurer The Teacher and the Community O person should seek to be a teacher whose motive is selfish. There is nothing in the vocation to invite a person of such a spirit, but there is everything to induce one who seeks the wel- fare of his fellowmen. No profession offers a wider field for the practice of true service, such an opportunity to be a blessing to mankind, so broad and fertile a means of doing good. The teacher should come into friendly and familiar relations with the parents of his pupils — with the whole community, in fact. The old system of " boarding around " which was practiced a generation or two ago in country districts provided for this friendly contact in a very effective way. Under our present day conditions, with the industrial and economic independence of the members of families, and the modern sources of amuse- ments, it is not always easy to cultivate the personal acquaintance of parents in their homes. This often results in misunderstanding. Many things come up in school which the teacher understands thoroughly but which parents, because of meager information, do not comprehend. It is the most natural thing in the world for a child to tell his own side of a story, and equally natural for a parent to believe his child. If a vital con- tact could be maintained between the school and the home, there would be fewer misunderstandings. Many a teacher spends years with pupils whose parents he has never seen, and in whose homes he has never visited. Certainly, such a situation is not an ideal one. Schools and homes should work together in calling forth those tastes which give to many lives their highest significance. True enough, the school is the teacher ' s first duty, but he must also be a helpful factor in community enterprises. The city teacher who goes out on Monday morning to teach his school and comes back to his home each week-end will never be an influential factor in building up community life. The rural school teacher has unusual opportunities for social service. Nowhere has he a wider field for original effort. He should aid in all local activities and assist in every get-together movement. The welfare of the children of the community, their health and happi- ness, are of vital importance. A teacher should, therefore, have the ability to supervise organized play. There is no better place for providing moral and social instruction and setting up high ideals than on the playground or in school clubs under wise direction. He should co-operate with all agencies whether public or private, conducting civic, educational, social and recreational activities. What is still more important than that, the teacher and the community should be concerned with Lincoln ' s and Washington ' s birthday celebrations and similar events in memory of the men who have made American history. They should co-operate in conducting pageants on Memorial, Independence and Armistice Days, and help in organization of glee clubs and orchestras. The school cannot be effectively developed without co-operation. Wher- ever the community spirit burns brightly, the busy teacher is rewarded by the cheerful efforts and rapid progress of the boys and girls under his supervision. — Alice McClung, faculty representative. Eva Aiken Le Compte Intermediate E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A.; Secretary E. L. S. ' 22; Treasurer Y. W. C. A. ' 22- ' 23; Secretary E. L. S.; Parliamentary Law Class ' 22. " Not so bashful as she looks. " Agnes Allen Iota Home Economics E. L. S. Y. W. C. A. " Constancy carried to perfection is her devotion to Home Eco- nomics. " Cora Ambrose .... Hortman Rural Education E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A.; and the Choral Society. " Says little, thinks lots. " Myrtle G. Aymond, Alexandria Intermediate E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A.; President of Y. W. C. A.; Delegate to Blue Ridge, Summer ' 22; Editor of E. L. S., Fall ' 22. " Best all-round girl. " Wilbur Beauregard . . Rural Education Echo E. L. S.; A. of P.; Track Team; Football Team. " Looks intelligent, but you can ' t always sometimes tell. " Mrs. Tennie Lou Bracklin Minden Intermediate c. l. c. " Ambitious and Worthy. " Clara Britain . . . Coushatta Music and Art C. L. C; Y. W. C. A.; the Choral Society; C. L. C. Chorister, 22. " Care never will hurt her — let ' s be merry. " Joy Brock Alexandria Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " Always the first to break the startling news. " Harriet Brown .... Oakdale English - Art s. A. K. " A lively good-humored disposi- tion and an excellent heart. " Beatrice Bullard . . . Castor Intermediate C. L. C. and Y. W. C.A. " True-hearted, whole-hearted, faithful, and true. " Gladys Burk halter . Ringgold Intermediate M. C. C; President of M. C. C. Society during Winter of ' 23. " A dependable girl. " Elaine Burleigh . . Gibsland Primary E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A.; E. L. S. Critic in ' 22. " Her joy with everyone she shares. " Evelyn Byrd . . Natchitoches Math. - Soc. Sci. Class Editor for Potpourri, 1923. " The mildest manner and the gentlest heart. " Mamie Cargill Boyce Home Economics S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. " Mam ' e is determined to be a Cook(e) yet. " Belle Compton .... Roanoke Math. - Nat. Sci. C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. " Calm and patient amid the trou- bles of Normal. " Thelma Cloutier, Natchitoches Music and Art " Open-hearted, steadfast, and true. " Fannie Pearl Colquitt . Mira Grammar M.C.C.; Y. W. C.A. " She doeth well who doeth her best. " Nora Colvin Dubach Primary E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A.; E. L. S. Basketball 1922; Current Sauce Staff 1922; Potpourri Staff 1923; Choral Society. " Sober, bright, and industrious. " Curry Couvillion Bordelonville Math. - Phy. Sco. C. L. C; Fire Brigade; Football Team, 1921-22. " An honest countenance is the best passport. " Sula Culpepper .... Heflin Primary M.C. C; Y. W. C.A. " She has a heart with room for every joy. ' Mary Lucile Delony Natchitoches Music and Art e.l. s. " Silence is her watchword. " Mary M. Dudley . . . Jackson Primary E.L. S.; Y. W. C.A. " Silence is wisdom, philosophers say. ' Myrtle Evans . . Independence Primary M. C. C; Y. W. C. A.; Bible Study. " She laughs, but does not grow fat. " Harvey H. Faircloth . Colfax English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S.; E. L. S. Parliamentary Law Class, 1922; Current Sauce Staff, 1923. " One could say everything good of him. " Vivian Fortson . . . Fortson Rural Education E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A.; E. L. S. Basketball Team, 1923. " With her quiet smile she has won many friends. " Ethel Futral . . . Port Barre Intermediate S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A.; the Bible Study Class; Potpourri Staff. " Never in a hurry. " Rossie A. Graham . . Intermediate Noble E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A.; Secretary E. L. S., 1922-23. " All good and gentle grace meet in her. " Elise Guillotte . . . Rosedale English - Soc. Sci. C.L. C; A. of P. " She is a contradiction of the adage, ' Nobody loves a fat per- son ' . " Ollie Hanks . . . Bossier City Intermediate C.L. C; Y. W. C.A. " Her hair is like the red, red rose. " Harie Harper . . . Primary Chestnut C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. " So good and kind. " Linnie Hart .... Alexandria Intermediate E. L. S.: Y. W. C. A.; E. L. S. Basketball Team, 1922; Current Sauce Staff, ' 22- ' 23; E. L. S. Secretary, ' 22; E. L. S. Girls ' Quar- tet, ' 22; President E. L. S. New Division, ' 22; Parliamentary Law Class, ' 22; Secretary of Westbrook Class. " Diligence is the mother of good luck. " Cloyce Hays Athens Primary B.L.S.; Y. W. C.A. " Ever faithful, ever true. " Dae Hinson Quarwell Math. - Science E.L.S. " The heartstrings of some will shake. " Artie Hogan .... Glenmora Intermediate C.L. C; Y. W. C. A. " Hail to thee, blithe spirit! " Eva Houston .... Simsboro Intermediate E. L. S. " Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit. " Hazel Hubbard . . Plaquemine Intermediate S.A. K.; Y. W. C.A. " She decides on the right and sticks to it. Mrs. Althea Johnson, Campti Grammar c. l. c. " Live to learn, and you will learn to live. " Louisa Kemp . . . Natchitoches Intermediate s. A. K. " A safe companion and an ex- cellent friend. " Carmen Kennedy . . . Minden Intermediate M. C. C; Y. W. C. A.; M. C. C. Parliamentary Law Class ' 22. " What shall I do to reduce? " Minden Ida Mae Knighton Primary S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A.; S. A. K. Treasurer, 1922; Current Sauce Staff, 1922. " She herself is sweeter than the sweetest thing she knows. " Lucy Mae Latham . . Felixville Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. " True blue. " Belle LeBlanc . . . Abbeville Intermediate " A striking personality, and so conscientious always. " Helen Lesche .... Ringgold Primary c.l. c. " A pleasant, smiling face. " Jessie Lesche .... Ringgold Primary M. C. C. " The same, wherever you see her. " Mable Glenn Life . . . Minden Intermediate S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A.; S. A. K. Treasurer, 1922. " Learned and witty; jovial and gay. " Isabel Major Livonia English - For. Lang. m. c. C; A. of P. " Our French Girl. " Alice McClung . . Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K.; S. A. K. Critic, 1922; Potpourri Staff, 1923. " And wearing all that weight of learning so lightly, like a flower. " Daisy McGuire . . Primary C.L.C. Castor " As full of spirit as the month of May. " Ruth McNamara . . DeRidder Grammar E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. " Successful in all undertakings. " Lillie May Reding . . Pelican Home Economics C. L. C; Y. W. C. A. " Large in heart as well as in body. " Margaret Meginn . Alexandria English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. " Those about her shall learn the perfect way of honor. " Thelma Meredith . Alexandria Intermediate E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. " A girl of perpetual smiles. " Dorothy Merritt, Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. m. c. c. " Her life is full of laughter. " Ivy Miller .... Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K.; Class Editor for the Potpourri, 1923. " In each of our hearts she holds a place. " Hilda Mire Duplessis Grammar E. L. S. and A. of P. " A girl whom we all like. " Rosa Miscar .... Hope Villa Intermediate E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. " She always does her outside reading. " M. J. Mizeel Bogalusa Rural Education E. L. S.; Y. M. C. A.; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 1922-1923. " Can be found studying when there ' s nothing else to do. " Adele Moncla Moncla Grammar M. C. C: A. of P.; President of A. of P.. ' 21- ' 22; M. C. C. Treasurer, ' 22; A. of P. Treasurer, ' 22; M. C. C. Secretary, ' 22; M. C. C. Parliamentary Law Class, ' 22. " Her lively looks a sprightly mind disclose. " Clara Moore .... Roanoke Home Ec. S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A. " Industrious habits in her bosom reign. " Carlos Moreau . . Bordelonville Rural Education C. L. C; Varsity Teams in Base- ball, Basketball, Football, and Track. " A class athlete — lives off the fame of his name. " Sophie M. Muller . Home Ec. . . Iota E. L. S. " Her heart is true as steel. " Mabel Nelson . . Independence Primary M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. " Why worry ? We live only once. " Lalla Victoria Nesom, Clinton Intermediate c. l. c. " Constant in what she takes in hand. " Clara O ' Quinn . . Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. s. A. K. " A good friend is one ' s nearest relation. " Aline Pearce Bunkie Intermediate M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. " Grace is in her steps ; Heaven in her eyes. " Violet Perry Ida English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " She comes to her task as to a sport. " Wilma Pierson . . . Tallulah Grammar S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A. " She is a friend of us all. " Winifred Pirkle . . Shreveport English - Soc. Sci. s. A. K. " Hang sorrow; let us be merry. " Evelyn Pourciau . New Roads Grammar c. L. C; A. of P. " True ease in writing comes from art, not chance. " Mildred Pitchford Bossier City English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C; Y. W. C. A.; Choral Society, 1922. " Industry can do anything that genius can. " Vera Rains .... Marthaville Primary E.L. S. " Modesty is the grace of the soul. " Eva Rathbun Minden Intermediate s. A. K. " Gloss of fashion and the mould of them all. " Lucille M. Reine . Grammar La Place C. L. C; A. of P.; Secretary of the C. L. C. " She ' s a jolly good fellow. " Mrs. Grace Rogers, Shreveport Grammar C. L. C. E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A.; E. L. S. Vice-President, Fall ' 22; Critic, Winter, ' 23. " Her voice was ever soft and low, an excellent thing in woman. ' W. C. Rundell . . . Oak Grove Math. - Science C. L. C. " A careful student — careful not to overdo it. " Angie Sanders . . . Hagewood Rural Education M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. " Let nature be your teacher. " Norma Sanders . . . Simsboro Primary E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A.; E. L. S. Treasurer, 22. " The bashful blush her snowy cheeks did dye. " Mary G. Savoia, Donaldsonville Intermediate C. L. S. and A. of P. " The practical woman counts. " Lillian Schexnayder New Iberia Primary S.A.K. " Her constant beauty doth inform stillness with love, and day with lights. " Jennie Belle Simpson, Monroe Grammar S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A.; S. A. K. Basketall Team, ' 22; President S. A. K. ' 22; Vice-Pres. Student Body, 1922; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1922- ' 23. " She dwells among us with a queenly dignity. " Mary Sims . . . Natchitoches Intermediate m. c. c. " A face with gladness overspread. " Lorree Schull .... Belmont Home Ec. E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. " As dainty as they make ' em. " Hedwyck Stahl . . Coushatta Primary M. C. C; Y. W. C. A.; M. C. C. Secretary, 1922; M. C. C. Girls ' Quartette, 1922. " She hates dumpy people. " Mamie Starns . . Independence Intermediate M. C. C; Y. W. C. A.; and Bible Study Class. " She knows, and knows that she knows. " -tlMtlMdMmmitttUMWTKEMtMttttlt Bertha Mary Stone Home Ec. Homer S. A. K.; S. A. K. President, ' 22; Parliamentary Law, 1922; Cur- rent Sauce Staff, 1922; Choral Society. " For big blondes she holds a special affection. " Ethel Strickland Baton Rouge Home Ec. S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A.; Class Treasurer; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; S.A.K. Parliamentary Law Class, 1922. " Smooth runs the river whose waters are deep. " E. Talley Bogalusa Rural Education E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " Zeke has many times attempted love, but never yet fallen in. " Lillian Tassin .... Wallace Grammar E. L. S.; A. of P. " She does little kindnesses which most of us despise or leave un- done. " Mary A. Tenney . Cedar Grove Home Ec. M. C. C; Y. W. C. A.; Treasurer M. C. C, ' 22; M. C. C. Parlia- mentary Law Class, ' 22. " In Home Ec. she excels. " Gertrude Thayer . Evergreen Intermediate M. C. C; Y. W. C. A.; Bible Study; M. C. C. Basketball, ' 22, ' 23; M. C. C. Parliamentary Law Class, ' 22; M. C. C. Editor, ' 22. " Her greatest ambition is to be a basketball coach. " Viola Thayer . . . Evergreen Intermediate M. C. C; Y. W. C. A.; M. C. C. Basketball, •22, ' 23, Captain ' 23; M. C. C. Secretary ' 22; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Bible Study; M. C. C. Parliamentary Law Class ' 22. " In all games, nimble and swift. " Levia Elizabeth Thomas Winnfield Home Ec. S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A. " She sets THEIR hearts a whirl. " Elise Thompson . . Oak Grove Intermediate C. L. C; Y. W. C. A. ' " Tis Curiosity — Who hath not felt its power, and before its altar knelt? " Elizabeth H. Townsend Mt. Olive, Miss. Eng. - For. Lang. M. C. C; Y. W. C. A.; M. C. C. President in 1922. " There is unspeakable pleasure attending the life of a student. " Lucy Tubre Bunkie Intermediate M. C. C; M. C. C. Basketball in 1922 and 1923. " A genius in Basketball. " Basken A. Tullos . . . Wyatt Math. - Science M. C. C; Y. M. C. A.; Varsity Baseball and Basketball Teams. " Doesn ' t go around with the boys much; likes to study. " Cecil Hart . . . Natchitoches Intermediate c. l. c. " Willing and able. " George M. Parker Natchitoches Rural Education M. C. C. " A hard worker and a good student. " Mabel Russell Noble Math. - Science e. l. s.; y. w. c. a. " She never lets anything dis- courage her. " Gervais Trichel . . Shreveport Intermediate E. L. S.; A. of P.; the Catholic Bible Class. " Each mind has its own method. " Josie Vining Forest Eng. - For. Lang. C. L. C, and Y. W. C. A. " Another like her could not be found anywhere. ' Lelia Walker . . Morgan City Intermediate C. L. C; C. L. C. Vice-President in 1922. " Happy and cheerful, always working. " Hazel Webre Houma English - Soc. Sci. C. L. C; A. of P. " Carlos said so. " Gladys White .... Gold Dust Intermediate C.L..C. " A diamond in the ring of acquaintance. " Anne Williams . . . Home Ec. S. A. K.; Y. W. C Kentwood " Daughter of the Gods, divine- ly tall and most divinely fair. " LaVergne Williams Powhattan Primary s. A. K. " She never stops talking. " Mary Willis . . . Simsboro Primary C. L. C; Y. W. C. A. " Smiles, ever sweet and sincere. " Ouida Wallis Houma Primary S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A. " Her music the fiercest grief can charm. " Dora Word Baskin Math. - Science E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. " Zealous, yet modest. " Ollie Wyble Melville English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S.; President E. L. S., ' 22 and ' 23; Class President. " ' Golly ' likes the ladies fair. " FELTUSONIANS Spring ' 23 Motto — " Out of School Life into Life ' s School " Colors — Green and White Flower — Sweet Pea Alice Lee Swain, President Lucille Kennon, Sec ' y-Treas. Out of School Life into Life ' s School ELTUSONIANS, let us look into our crystal, recall our past days on Normal Hill, and then see what the future holds. Look ! Can it be possible that those belligerent, unruly Freshmen are none other than ourselves? Yes, there we are — all of us. What an experience we are having in our first few months away from home ! Before we realize it, our first year has slipped by, and now we see ourselves returning to our Alma Mater. How different things are ! We are eager to start with our work. We are happy to be with old friends. We are anxious to push on toward our goal. Time passes. We see ourselves one bright, sunny June morning — our last day on Normal Hill. On our faces are smiles, but not the same care-free, irresponsible smiles that had been characteristic of our earlier days. The smiles we see are interwoven with sadness. We are leaving the scenes which the past has made so dear, the spots of our joyous school days, the close friends who have made our lives happier because of their comradeship and unfailing sincerity. Normal has cherished us in honor and in faith. She has guided our thoughts, our actions. She has fitted us to cope with Life. We are now ready to enter Life ' s School. Need we be sad? Need we be afraid? The crystal is black for a moment. Ah ! we are separated now. Some scattered all over the state. Some have even ventured to other states, but as a whole we are learning the lessons taught by Life. We have entered a far larger and greater school than we had any idea of — Life ' s School. We are learning the lessons of duty to others and of sacrifice ; we are developing a desire for finer and higher things. All these and many more are the Lessons of Life. One more story let the crystal tell before we enclose it in its silken case. Many years have passed. The class of Feltusonians is back at Normal, gathered from far and near. Loyalty is in our hearts. We raise our songs to Normal, offering praise and thanks for by-gone days of precious memory. The crystal is covered. Its purpose has been served. Feltusonians, we have a trust to keep, a duty to our Alma Mater — in Life ' s School. — Alice Lee Swain. Wanna Adams . . . Glenmora Primary C. L. C. Art Editor for Winter Term. " A gocd name is worth more than great riches. " Vivian H. Alexander Port Allen Primary c. L. c.; A. of P. " She has an amiable smile and innocent eyes. " Valerie Allen . . Shreveport Home Ec. m. c. c. " A girl in a million. " Gussie Applebaum . . LeCompte Primary S.A. K. " They are rich who have friends. " Edna Buras Buras Math. - Nat. Sci. E. L. S. " Tis better to talk wisdom in one language than nonsense in five. ' Linnie Byrne ... St. Gabriel Music - Art C. L. C; A. of P.; Vice-President C. L. C, winter ' 22. " Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom. " Thomas A. Baker . . . Homer Math. - Phy. Sci. Football and Baseball Teams. " Tom is a good sport and an ardent lover. " Velva Baillio . . Alexandria English - Soc. Sci. e. l. s. " The same wherever you see her. " Linda Barr Vivian Grammar E. L. S. " Still waters run deep. ' Clara Barron . . . Cheneyville Primary Y. W. C. A.; C. L. C; Literary Editor for Potpourri. " Modest and quiet. " Dot Barstow . . . Cheneyville English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. Potpourri Editor for ' 22- ' 23; A. of P.; Parliamentary Law Class, 1922. " Keep industry and honesty thy constant companions. " Adelene Betty .... Intermediate M. C. C, and A. of P. " Slow but sure. " Amite Maud Blackman . . . Grayson English - Soc. Sci. m. c. c. " I ' m little, but oh my! " Effie Badeaux . . Garden City English - For. Lang. m. c. C; A. of p. " Let us learn to be content with what we have. " Melba Bouanchaud New Roads English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K.; A. of P. " Let us be what we are, and speak what we think. ' Gladys Boyd . . . Natchitoches Intermediate m. c. c. " Softly speaks and sweetly smiles " Yvonne Brady .... La Place English - For. Lang. S. A. K.; Secretary A. of P. in spring of ' 22. " She is blest with the happy faculty of being good-natured. " Della Broussard . . Abbeville Primary A. of P.; Secretary C. L. C, fall term of ' 22; Vice-Pres. of Class. " Your eyes do menace me. " FELTUSONIANS % Melissa Burleigh . . Opelousas English - Soc. Sci. A. of P.; S. A. K. Critic for the fall term. " There is no policy like politeness. " Lovon Caskey Arcadia Intermediate E. L. S. " Lovon — a synonym for cheer- fulness. " Elizabeth Carter Baton Rouge Grammar c. l. c. " Genius is the capacity for evading hard work. " Felicia Chennault . . Gilbert Intermediate S. A. K.; Choral Society. " Cute and small, and liked by all. " Louise Clements . . . Oberlin English - Soc. Sci. Choral Society; Chorister C. L. C, spring ' 22; Editor C. L. C. in fall of 22. " A laugh is worth a thousand groans in any market. " Effie Lee Cook .... Pelican Home Economics C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. " If smiles were dollars, she ' d have a million. " Audrey Corley . . . Le Compte Intermediate C. L. C; Y. W. C. A.; Treasurer C. L. C, fall term of ' 22. " Coquettish, but wise. " Lotis DeBlieux . . Natchitoches Music - Art s. A. K. " A merry heart maketh a cheer- ful countenance. " Mary Belle de Vargas Natchitoches Primary S. A. K. " A ray of sunshine. " Gertrude Ellender . . Bourg Intermediate e. l. s. " Trust not him who has no music in his soul. " Loyce Emmons Sykes Primary C. L. C; Choral Society. " As full of spirit as the month of May. " Alva B. Estes . . . Alexandria English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. " A man to be relied upon. " ■IW ■ ' « » ■ I— »HJ»JMIMI ■ ' •NBA . i ' u«ii Reva B. Fenton .... Fenton Home Economics C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. " Timid and modest, and quiet too. " Lola Ferguson .... Gibsland Intermediate S. A. K. " I am not of many words. " Addie Ford .... Natchitoches Primary e.l. s. " She is very odd. " Lucia Foret Raceland Intermediate A. of P.; C. L. C. Business Mgr. for Potpourri, ' 22- ' 23. " He doeth much who doeth a thing well. " Lillie Franks .... Minden Primary M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. " Her kind deeds reflect as in a mirror. " Marie Louise Giles . Intermediate Adeline S. A. K.; Y. M. C. A. ' She talks with her eyes. " trw i tw wiM) r mt wi mir vt immrr T rwuM mn Natalie Grayson, Natchitoches Primary e. l. s. " Her voice is soft, her lock is mild. " Louise Grove Vinton Intermediate C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. " I didn ' t hear; what was that? Sarah Gueno Crowley Eng. - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. Secretary, winter of ' 22. " Beauty provoketh thieves soon- er than gold. " Mellie Harrison . . Mangham Intermediate M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. " Smile and the world smiles with you. " Alida Haydel .... La Place Primary E. L. s.; A. of P. " Sweet and gentle. " Lucille Higdon Tioga Home Ec. M. C. C. Basketball Team. " Her eyes are full of laughter. " Odessa Harris . . . Simsboro Primary c. l. c. " A smile and a kind word for all " Olive Hammett . . Natchitoches Music - Art M. C. C. " She always wears a pleasant smile. " Henry Jordan, Jr. Natchitoches Math. - Phy. Sci. c. l. c. " One cannot always be a hero, but one can always be a man. " Katherine Irion . . . Bunkie Intermediate S. A. K. " With mirth and laughter, let old wrinkles come. " Edwina Ives . . . Hall Summit Intermediate Chorister E. L. S., fall term ' 22. " Her better does not breathe upon the earth. " Idella Lehman McDonoughville Intermediate c.L. c. " Thou hast cleft my heart in twain. " Thomas Earle Johnson Monroe Eng. - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. Vice-President, Spring 1922; E. L. S. President, fall 1922; Winner of the Mattie O ' Daniel Medal, 1922; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 1922- " 23; Potpourri Staff, 1922- - 23; Current Sauce Staff, 1922- ' 23; Alternate in the Inter- Collegiate Debate, 1922. " They say all great men are dead, and I ' m not feeling well. " Lucille Kennon . . . Minden Intermediate Y. W. C. A. ; S. A. K. Critic, fall terra 1922; Class Secretary for spring term 1923. " Fair and fair, and twice as fair as any may be. " Wilma Kent Blanks Eng. - Soc. Sci. C. L. C. ; Y. W. C. A. " She is faithful to her studies. " Maud King Simsboro Primary c.L. c. " There is mischief in her eye. " Mary King Columbia English - For. Lang. S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A. " Never do for yourself what you can trouble another for. " Jeannette Levy . . Morgan City Primary m. c c. " To be rather than to appear. " r f FELTUSONIANS Wwrm t iim» ' A. D. Lucius . . Wightman, Tex. Math. - Phy. Sci. E. L. S. " The making of a good man. " John Thomas Lucas White Castle Rural Education c. L. c. " Awfully shy ! " Katherine Michie, Mer Rouge Intermediate S. A. K.; Y. W. C A. " My eyes just won ' t behave. " Lottie Montegut . . La Place Grammar A. of P. : Editor of C. L. C, winter term of •21- ' 22; Asst. Business Mgr. for C. L. C. ' 21- ' 22; Secretary of C. L. C, spring term ' 22; Vice-Pres. of C. L. C, fall ' 22; President of C. L. C, winter " 22; Business Mgr. for C. L. C, ' 22- ' 23; Class Literary Editor ' 22- ' 23 ; Parliamentary Law Class ' 22; President of A. of P. ' 22- ' 23. " When a friend, a friend indeed. " Winifred Montgomery Bastrop English - Soc. Sci. Y. W. C. A.; Vice-Pres. S. A. K. fall term ' 22; President S. A. K. winter term ' 22- ' 23. " Generally speaking, Winnie is generally speaking. " Maude Moore Ausley English -Soc. Sci. e. l. s. " Joy and duty never conflict. " Shirley McKnight McComb, Miss. Intermediate M. c. c. " Be true to your work, and your work will be true to you. " Nan Mears . . . Natchitoches Intermediate s. A.K. " Teach not thy lips such scorn, for they were made for kissing. " Tommie Mears . . Natchitoches Intermediate s. a. K. " Her eyes reveal the beauty of her soul. " Marcelle Millet . . La Place Primary E. L. S.; A. of P. " Another quiet lass. " Thelma Morgan . . Kentwood Eviglish - Soc. Sci. S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A.; the Bible Study Class. " Gentleness is a virtue of womanhood. " Ruby Moore .... Merryville English - Soc. Sci. C. L. C; Y. W. C. A.; Member Parliamentary Law Class. " Success comes to those who labour. " Jeanne Marshall New Orleans English - Soc. Sci. e.l. s. " A careful student. ' Eva Moon .... Cheneyville Intermediate c.l. c. " Modesty is the grace of her soul. " Alice Maund .... Jennings Intermediate S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A. " She is faithful to her books. " Agnes Maund .... Jennings Grammar S. A. K. " Success comes not by wishing, but by hard work bravely done. " Virginia Morrow . . De Ridder Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. " Good nature and good sense must ever join. " Dorothy Munson . Cheneyville Intermediate s. A.K. " A good name is to be treasured. " Myrtice Nelson . . Le Compte Intermediate C. L. C; Y. W. C. A. " She has a smile for every body ' Eloise Patrick . . . Glenmora Intermediate C. L. C. Girls ' Quartet, in spring term of ' 22. " A light heart lives long. " Vera V. Poe .... Glenmora Primary c.l. c. " There ' s language in her eye, her cheek, her lip. " Louise Phillips . . Grand Cane Grammar S. A. K. " Let this describe the indescribable. " Tommie Price . . . Alexandria Intermediate Y. W. C. A.; President C. L. C, fall term of ' 22. " Health and cheerfulness mutually beget each other. " Kathleen Price . . Alexandria Primary Y. W. C. A.; C L. C. Girls ' Quar- tette, spring term of ' 22. " Individuality itself. " Lilly Guidroz . . . Primary Lockport E. L. S.; A. of P. ' An industrious soul. ' Mae Rayburn Barham Home Ec . E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. " Steady and reliable. " Elbert L. Reding . . . Pelican Math. - Phy. Sci. M. C. C; Y. M. C. A.; Glee Club, 1923. ' Thou loves i, but ne ' er knew love ' s sad satiety. " Kermit Roberts . . Osyka, Miss. Rural Education C. L. C. and Y. M. C. A. " I am tame, sir. " Addie Robicheaux . . . Rayne English - For. Lang. S.A. K. " A man ' s task is always light if his heart is light. " Elizabeth Rogers . . . Bastrop Math. - Phy. Sci. Y. W. C. A.; Sec ' y Y. W. C. A. ' 23; Editor S. A. K., fall of ' 22; Pres. St. Mary ' s Guild, winter ' 23. " Perseverantia omnia vincit. " Laura May Slay . . Cheneyville Intermediate s. a. k.; y. w. c. a. " As quiet as they make ' em. " Ruth Smith Benton Intermediate S.A. K. President Branch Society, 1921; Vice-Presi- dent Y. M. C. A., 1921; S. A. K. Secretary, Fail 1922; Delegate to Blue Ridge, 1922; Class Editor of the Potpourri in 1922; S. A. K. ; Basketball, 1923. " Nor is the world ignorant of her worth. " Evelyn Smith Bernice Intermediate m. c. c. " If diligence leads to success, she is on the right road. " Alma Stafford . . Cheneyville Grammar Y. W. C. A.; S. A. K. Basketball. " Let us beware of losing our enthusiasm ' Nettie Steinwinder, Livington Primary E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A.; Choral Society. " There ' s music in all things if men had ears. " Willie Sudduth . . . Opelousas English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. Cheerleader, spring and fall of 1922: Cheerleader Student Body, spring 1923; Glee Club, 1923; Varsity Football, 1922. " Deah, me! " Anna A. Sutcliffe . . . Monroe Primary Y. W. C. A.; Vice-President of S. A. K., winter ' 22- ' 23; Business Mgr. for Potpourri for S. A. K. " Her very name is charm. Winonah Sutton . . Arcadia Intermediate e. l. s. " Her very frowns are fairer far than smiles of other maidens are. Alice Lee Swain . . Shreveport English - Soc. Sci. Y. W. C. A.; S. A. K. Chorister, winter 21- ' 22; Choral Society, ' 21- 22; Asst. Business Mgr. Potpourri, ' 21- ' 22; Business Mgr. Pot- pourri, ' 22- ' 23; Joke Editor Current Sauce, ' 22- ' 23; Society Editor Current Sauce, ' 22- ' 23; Society Editor Current Sauce, ' 22- ' 23; Parliamentary Law Class, ' 21- ' 22; President of S. A. K., fall ' 22; Vice-President of S. A. K., winter ' 22- ' 23; President of Class. " Folks will like her anywhere. " A. Z. Thomas Math. . . Natchitoches Science C. L. C; Member of the winning Inter-Society Debating Team, in 1923. " The world is still ignorant of its greatest men. " Birdie Trisler . . Natchitoches Music and Art e.l. s. " Vanity is thy name. " Ruby Wells .... Alexandria Music and Art E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. Vice-Pres 22- ' 23; Potpourri ' Art Editor ' 23 E. L. S. Art Editor in ' 22- ' 23 Secretary Student Body, ' 22- ' 23 " Creative art demands the service of a mind and heart. ' Eunice Thompson . Shreveport Home Economics Y. W. C. A.: Choral Society; Delegate to the Blue Ridge Convention, Summer ' 22; Secre- tary of M. C. C Spring, " 22; Literary Edi- tor of M. C. C, ' 22- ' 23. " Learning by study must be won, it was ne ' er entailed from sire to son. " Gertrude Thigpen, Franklinton Primary e. l. s. " A sweet attractive kind of grace. " Leesie Terrell .... Dodson Primary M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. " Cheerful looks make every dish a feast. " Lillian Wren Vivian English - Soc. Sci. Pres. C. L. C, fall term of ' 22; Vice-Pres. Student Body, winter term of ' 22- ' 23. " A great deal of talent is lost in this world for want of a little courage. " Nell Womble . . . Winnsboro Home Economics E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. " She is known for her neatness. " Iris White Norwood Intermediate m. c. c. " I ' m quiet — but I ' m here just the same. " -xEcaxrwuzEMi, f FELTUSONSANS Sara Wadsworth . . Bogalusa Grammar M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. " Worrying never was worth while. " Cynthia Walker, Natchitoches Grammar M.C. C. " Always ready! " May White Clinton Intermediate " I ' ve never seen anything worth getting angry at. " The Feltusonian Class Song Replying to the Graduates (TUNE OF " CALL ME BACK, PAL O ' MINE) The day you longed for Has com.e to you now, Has brought the dream goal to your view; You are leaving the scene That the past has made dear, The spots where as friends we roamed. When you leave Normal Hill And you go far away, Will you thing of us then as to-day ? Let us roam once again Down the hall of old Main, As we did in the days gone by. Always think ivhen you ' re gone Of our dear L. S. N. With a loyalty changeless and true; There is sadness to-day In our hearts as ive say, Dear friends, Westbrooks, farewell! Royals summer 73 Motto : " He attains what he pursueth " Colors : Pink ayid Green Flower : Pink Rose Charles E. Chauvin President Alma Hughes Secretary Mrs. Clementine Harrington Treasurer The Freshie Who Said " Humph! " IN the beginning of the session when work on Normal Hill was new, there was a freshie in the midst of the howling halls, who didn ' t care to work. She was a howler herself, and was most excrutiatingly idle. When anybody spoke to her, she said " humph! " — just humph, and no more. The first week a sophomore with an English 2 in her hand said, " Freshie, Freshie, come on and study grammar with the rest of us. " " Humph, " said the freshie, " I don ' t like to study ; " and the sophomore went away and studied English grammar. The third week a junior with a pen in hand said, " Freshie, Freshie, come on and practice ' pen. ' with the rest of us. " " Humph, " said the freshie; " I didn ' t come here to work " — and the junior went away and wrote. The fifth week a senior said, " Freshie, Freshie, it is study hour; come on and study with the rest of us. " " Humph, " said the freshie, " I haven ' t cracked a book yet, " and the senior went away and studied. At the end of the sixth week the freshie got her slips. They said, " D ' s and E ' s for you. " " Well, " said Sophomore and Junior and Senior, " Freshie, you had better hump yourself, humph and all, or finals will find you minus a point. " " How can I make a point now, " said Freshie, " with all these D ' s and E ' s? " " Well, " said the others, " those are your very own grades brought on your very own self because you have been most ' xcruciatingly idle. Get out your books and study, and try to raise some of those D ' s and E ' s to A ' s and B ' s. " But Freshie never caught up with those first weeks she lost, even though she came out of the excruciating idleness, and humphed herself — humph and all, and made a point by finals. . —A " Just So Story, " by Mrs. J. B. Strother. Leola Anders Dodson Intermediate M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. Ruth Ard ... St. Francisville Intermediate M. C. C. Camille Barett . . New Orleans Home Economics E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Amanda R. Bass . . . Urania Rural Education c. l. c. Jessie Ray Cheshire Plain Dealing Intermediate c. l. c. Charles E. Chauvin New Iberia Math. - Phy. Sci. S. A. K.; A. of P.; Baseball and Football; Class President. Thelma Rush . . . Alexandria English - Soc. Sci. s. A. K. Lee C. Russell .... Urania English - Soc. Sci. m. c. c. Chorus. Clifton R. Sanders Marthaville Math. - Phy. Sci. M. C. C; Y. M. C. A.; and Fire Brigade. Ruby M. Sheppard . . . Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Jena Taylor Smith . . Natchitoches Math. - Science s. A.K. Mrs. J. B. Strother Natchitoches Primary M. C. C; Class Treasurer. Clarence Tauzin, Natchitoches Rural Education E. l. s. Monnie T. Cheves Natchitoches History - Phy. Sci. C. L. C; Basketball; Track. Mayme Cochran . . Merryville Gramma? ' C. L. C; Y. W. C. A. Belton Colvin . . Natchitoches Math. - Nat. Sci. c. l. c. Nettie Dunn Clinton Intermediate M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. Mary Dyson Amite Intermediate m. c. c. Irmanie Farley . Natchitoches Primary M. C. C. Iree Formby . . . . Mitchell Primary C. L. C; Y. W. C. A. Doris Franklin . . . Kilbourne Music - Art S. A. K. Secretary. Allie Catherine Gaddis Pioneer Primary c.l. c. Emily Gaiennie . . Le Compte Intermediate c. l. c. Laura Mae Harris . . Pelican English - For. Lang. E.L.S.: Y. W. C. A. Lola Horn Atlanta Intermediate E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A.; Basketball Team; Choral Society. PJI ' V! 11 p!?m mill 1 , ' , ROYALS Alma Hughes .... Oakdale Home Economics S. A. K. Secretary Fourth Term. Vivian Jones . . . Shreveport Rural Education C. L. C; Choral Society; Y. W. C. A.; Class Editor, winter ' 22- ' 23; Secretary C. L. C, fall ' 23; C. L. C. Basketball Captain. Grace Kelley Huntington, Ark. Primary E. l. s. J. O. LaPrairie Deville Math. - Phy. Sci. M. C. C; Y. M. C. A.; President Society, winter ' 22- ' 23; M. C. C. Parliamentarian, fall ' 22; Glee Club; Member Honor Council; Class Editor for Potpourri. Jewell Leach . . Natchitoches Primary e. l. s. Alice McCoy .... Blanchard Primary e. l. s. Gertrude McHenry . . Zachary Home Economics s. A. K. Olive McLanahan . . Floreen Music - English c. l. c. Monte Massart . . Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. e. l. s. Ada Mitchell Homer Rural Education E. L. S. and the Y. W. C. A. Gladys Mixon Saline Grammar M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Wilma Montgomery . . Kaplan English - Latin M. C. C; Y. W. C. A.; Member of the Latin Club. Winnie Parker . . Sunny Hill Rural Education M. C.C. Clarks Hazel Patterson . . Intermediate M. C. C; Basketball Team win- ter term ' 22- ' 23; Vice-President M.C.C. Society, winter term ' 23; Art Editor for Society for the 1922- ' 23 Potpourri. John Payne . . . Natchitoches Social Science S. A. K.; Varsity Baseball. Cleve Quarles . . Natchitoches Rural Education M. C. C; Football Team, ' 22. Vera Readhimer .... Saline English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. and the Y. W. C. A. Madeline Rogers, Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. m. c. c. ir x imJtJHU T 7 x xrrn-vr m jiiirr r jjjrj i y i Mrs. Delight Tassin K Hammond Primary E. L. S. Editor for Potpourri; Current Sauce Staff. Loring Terrill .... Oakdale Home Economics S. A. K. Alberta Thigpen . Franklinton Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Helen Thomas Slagle Primary E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. Ruth Vining Amite Intel-mediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Audra Wingo . . . Hall Summit Primary M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Myrtie Wingo . . Hall Summit Primary M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Pratherites Fall ' 23 Motto: A touchdown is not made by kicking; neither is success. Color: Green and White Flower: White Rose Seltz Gremillion President Joseph Bordelon . Vice-President Katie Lou Twilley Secretary-Treasurer When A Fellow Needs A Friend! HE title, " When A Fellow Needs A Friend, " may be appropri- ately applied to the situation in which a person finds himself when called on to make his first impromptu speech in Public Speaking class. Words cannot express one ' s feeling on such an occasion. It is not fear ; fear is milder. Everyone understands perfectly that not a member of his audience wants him to fail. Then why should he become nervous when he is before an audience? Try as one may, the awful situation remains the same. The speaker comes before his audience with the expression of a martyr on his face. He feels as if his last friend had forsaken him, and on the impulse of the moment blurts out a few unrelated sentences, falters, swal- lows hard, and searches vainly for something else to say. He stands there, figits, and swallows hard again. Will that three minutes never pass? At last the time is up ! He dives for his seat with perspiration on his brow and a look of relief on his face that sometimes makes us wonder if such cruelty should be inflicted on man. But we always decide that is is better, by far, for " a fellow to be in need of a friend " in the college class-room than when he goes out into the world to assume the responsibilities of life. — Hazel Jordan. Louise E. Arnandez New Iberia English - Soc. Sci. S.A. K. Daisy Babin Crowley Grammar S. A. K. Editor for Potpourri; A. of P. Helena Babin .... Crowley Grammar S. A. K. and A. of P. Bula Mae Ballard, Marthaville Intermediate C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. Odessa Ballard . . Marthaville English - Soc. Sci. C. L. C. and the Y. W. C. A. Mattie L. Barmore . Archibald Grammar M. C. C. ; Y. W. C. A. r wr w m wm i Mjr wrwrww9ntwrw mmmi - «■■ 1 1 —— -.-. -—•-—. Dixie Berry . . . Natchitoches Music and Art M. C. C. Lessie Blackman . . Intermediate c.l. c. Gilbert Iola Mae Blanchard Natchitoches Primary s. A. K. Lydia Blanchard, Natchitoches Primary S.A. K. Joseph Bordelon . . Mansura English - For. Lang. Secretary of Class ; Fire Brigade. Enola Boudreaux . . . Intermediate E. L. S. and A. of P. Echo Ella Kate Boydston Intermediate S.A. K. Coushatta Della Bradford . . . Holloway Intermediate m.c. c. Mrs. L. P. Breazeale Natchitoches Primary M. C. C. and A. of P. Mrs. Wood Breazeale Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. e. l. s. J. C. Bringell Ruby Rural Education e. l. s. Grace Broussard . . Loreauville Grammar S. A. K. and A. of P. Helen Broussard . . Loreauville Intermediate S. A. K. and A. of P. Ella Mae Brown . . Coushatta Intermediate S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Hazel Brown . . . Marksville Intermediate M. C. C. and A. of P. Martha Brown . . Tangipahoa English - Soc. Sci. Vice-President of M. C. C; Member of the Y. W. C. A. Melvia Brown . . . Jonesville Rural Education E. L. S. Josephine Bryan, Natchitoches English - For. Lang. S. A. K. m mmm mmMmmtm 9 Beatrice Buck . . . Evergreen English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A.; S. A. K. Basketball Team. Nola Bunn Eras Grammar m. c.c. Clara Bell Cameron Patterson English - Soc. Sci. Member of M. C. C. and A. of P. Alva Campbell . . . Monterey Rural Education e. l. s. Mary Chapman . . . Archibald Grammar S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A. Ella Keener Charleville Grosse Tete Primary S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A. Corinne Chatelain . Mansura Rural Education A. of P.; M. C. C. Basketball. Allie Clark .... Mer Rouge Intermediate Secretary of the C. L. C. Lucille Claverie . . Evergreen Intermediate s. A. K. Gordon Cloutier . . . Campti English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K.; Orchestra; Glee Club. Lucille Cloutier . . . Campti Primary S.A. K. Hazel Cockfield . . . Vidalia Intermediate c. l. c. Ashton Coco Mansura English - Math. c.l. c. Clara Colquitt Mira Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Helen Cook . . . Natchitoches Intermediate S. A. K.; Cheerleader, fall ' 22. Mary V. Coon . . West Monroe Primary S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A. Dorothy Corley . . Alexandria Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Hattie Corley . . . Alexandria Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. hi Inez Clark Le Compte Primary c.l. c. Alla Mae Courtney Grand Cane Intermediate e.l. s. Marguerite Courtney . Campti English - Soc. Sci. s. A. K. Ottice Dark Dodson Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Maggie Davis .... Rosepine Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Murphy Davis . . . De Ridder English - Soc. Sci. President of M. C. C. ; Varsity Basketball Team. Dewitt F. Dark .... Dodson Rural Education M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Stella DeWitt . . Alexandria Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Wilda Douglass . Olive Branch Intermediate C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. Stephen Ducote . . . Hessmer French - For. Lang. c. l. c.; a. p. Vaunciel Duke Kelly English - For. Lang. s. A. K. Eleanor Egleston, Shreveport Primary s. a. k • y. w. c. A. Inez Etheredge . . . Alexandria Primary S. A. K. Isyl Ferrin . . . Ponchatoula Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Eunice Fisher . . . Evergreen English - For. Lang. Vice-Pres. M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. Alice Fleniken . . Grangeville English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Mercer Fletcher . . Coushatta Home Economics S.A. K. Willie Aline Fluitt, Columbia Intermediate S. A. K. and Y. W. C A. Oral Freeman . . . Jonesboro English - Soc. Sci. m. c. c. Audrey Gates . . . Alexandria Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Annie Mae Gaar . . . Dodson Grammar M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. Stella Griffith . . . Oakdale Music and Art C.L. C. Seltz Gremillion . Plaucheville Rural Education Pres. C.L.C. Laura Hand .... Coushatta Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. 31 warn •MiMtiMJtMMMItmCKmKtr Hayes Hanchey .... Grant Math. - Phy. Sci. Y. M. C. A. ; Basketball Team. Kinney R. Hanchey, Dry Creek Math. - Phy. Sci. Y. M. C. A.; Basketball Team. Aubyn Harris . . . Cheneyville Primary M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. Claude A. Hart . . Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. m. c. c. Mrs. C. Harrington . . Vidalia Primary Vice-President E. L. S. Joyce Hickimburg . Cheneyville Intermediate S.A. K. Pearl Himler .... Jennings English - For. Lang. S.A. K.; Y. W. C.A. Effie Hood .... West Monroe Primary s. A. K. Georgia Howell . . Spring Hill Primary e. l. s. Alma Hughes .... Oakdale Home Economics S.A. K. Evelyn Jackson . . Oak Grove Intermediate C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. Mary Belle Jackson Coushatta Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Bernice Jones Bonita Grammar E. L. S. Lynn Jones . . . Natchitoches Music and Art s. A. K. Stella Jones . . . Franklinton Grammar E. L. S. Y. W. C. A. Beatrice Jordan . . . Chatham Intermediate m. c. c. Hazel Jordan . . . Cheneyville Grammar S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A. Agnes Juneau . . . Alexandria Intermediate M. C. C. and the A. of P. Eloise Kelley . . Baton Rouge English - For. Lang. m. c. c. Mae LaCour Mansura Grammar m. c. c. Grace Lebo .... Shreveport Primary E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. Vyc Lirette Houma Grammar C. L. C. and A. of P. Mary Sue Logan . . Primary S.A. K. Benton Elizabeth Martin . Shreveport Primary e. l. s. Florence Martin . . De Ridder Intermediate m. c. c. Alexa McCain Elton English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Pearl McCarthy . . . Urania Rural Education c l. c Roy McCoy Bienville Rural Education E. L. S.; Fire Department. Lennie McGinty . . . Ringgold Intermediate M.C.C. Alton McGrew .... Magda Rural Education E. L. S.; Y. W. C A.; Rapides Reporter. »- w3» m m m M wrwmrr rm M Mrs. Inez McClure . . Leesville Primary m. c. c. Florence McKinnon . . Zwolle Primary Y. W. C. A.; Vice-President of Class; Editor for Potpourri. Bertie Millican . . New Verda Primary C. L. C; Y. W. C. A. Ernel Mims .... Winnsboro Primary M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. Alma Mire .... Thibodaux English - Soc. Sci. C. L. C; A. p. Bettie Murrell .... Colfax Home Economics M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A Jeannette Newbury, DeRidder Intermediate C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. Lottie Newman . Hall Summit Grammar M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. Louise Nesom Clinton English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. T helm a Nolan . . Primary c. l. c. Boyce Ruby Oakley . . . Spring Hill Intermediate E. L. S. Delia Palmer .... Hornbeck Primary E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. Meda Paty Grammar E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. Ida Earl Parker .... Simpson Rural Education e.l. s. Jewel Parker .... Simpson Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Jewel Peace .... Leesville Primary E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. Evelyn Pellerin Breaux Bridge English - For. Lang. e.l. s.; A. P. Willie Pierce . . . Sunny Hill Intermediate m. c. c. Philip J. Prevost . . Mansura English -For. Lang. c.L. C; A. of p. Marcelle Ricard, Natchitoches English - French m. c. c. Sarah Raneau . . . Oak Grove Intermediate c.L. c. Sadie Reynolds . . . Intermediate m. c. c. Minden Maude Rogers . . . Grand Cane Math. - Science e. l. s. Bessie Romero . . . New Iberia Grammar s. A. K.; A. of p. Madeline Roshto, Montgomery Primary M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. Lucy Richardson . . Choupique Home Economics S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Mabel Russel Noble Math. - Science e. l. s. Lena Shaughnessy . . Carroll Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Lena Shively Saline Grammar S.A. K. Ila Singleton . . . Coushatta Intermediate S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. t g nm — ■■■■!■ Emmis Smith Carroll English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Myrtle Smith .... Mangham Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Mabel Sauvage . . White Castle English - Soc. Sci. C.L. C; A. of P. Kate Stafford . . . Cheneyville Grammar Editor S. A. K. ; Y. W. C. A. Mildred Stevens . . Provencal Primary C.L. c. Laura Stilley .... Pineville Home Economics m.c. c. Lonie Stilley .... Pineville Rural Education M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A Gertrude Stockstill Bayou Chene Primary E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. Willie Strange . . Natchitoches Math. - Science S. A. K.; Varsity Football. Sophie Thibodaux .... Houma Primary S. A. K .; A. of P. Ada Traylor .... Rayville Grammar M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. Harry Turpin . . Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. Varsity Football Team. UUJAJU1 mmmmmtm Katie Lou Twilley . . Pineville Intermediate E. L. S. Rettie B. Tyler . . Alexandria Primary Y. W. C. A., and M. C. C. Basketball Team. Ora Vincent Kelly Intermediate s. A. K. Myrtle Walker . Morgan City Intermediate c.l. c. Mrs. Vernessa Westbrook Marion Grammar M . C.C. Elzie E. Williams . . Campti Rural Education M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Berta Wilson .... Bienville Intermediate m. c. c. Drew J. Wilson .... Mitchell Rural Education m. c. c. Willie Woodard .... Castor Intermediate c. l. c. Kate Worthy Jackson Intermediate E. L. S. Pathfinders winter 73 Motto : Our glory consists, not in never falling, but in rising every time ive fall. Colors: Pink and Silver OllieLee President Walter Pierron ......... Vice-President Barbara Giles Secretary Ashton Freeman Treasurer College Spirit OLLEGE spirit is the development of that which begins in high school and is known as school spirit. It is not inherited, neither is it engendered by adherence to ancient traditions. In fact, we are dependent upon ourselves to acquire that most vital factor of college life. In the past, boys and girls have been known to destroy property or violate laws when they were unusually happy, and to call this college spirit. But this was a perverted form. College spirit is the love and reverence we hold for our school. It makes us do all we can to make the world at large think better of our institution. It inspires us to be worthy of our college, and to attempt to make successful every project which our college is promoting. College spirit makes us fight with our teams. In fact, it is that element which makes us remain loyal to our Alma Mater long after we have ceased to play an active part in her affairs. College spirit prevents us from doing certain things. It helps to keep us from breaking rules and from developing the wrong attitude toward our instructors. It prevents us from defacing or destroying school property, especially that in the one room which we should feel is our home for nine months of the year. College spirit keeps a student from being noisy or ill-bred in public. If anyone has graduated from a good college and failed to get the spirit of the institution, then he can not hope to be truly successful in life. — Mary Mobley. Lenesse J. Alleman, Jr. Natchitoches Math. - Science s. A. K. Elize A. Alleman Napoleonville Latin - English S. A. K.; A. of P.; President of Latin Club. Lovie Adams . . . Haynesville Primary c. l. c. Winifred Arlington Zimmerman Primary S.A. K. Simone Abadie . . . . Grammar E. L. S. ; A. of P. Wallace Josie D. Aaron . . Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. S.A. K. Clara Andrews . . Mer Rouge Intermediate S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A.; Art Editor for Potpourri. Stella Angelle Breaux Bridge English - For. Lang. s. a. k • A. of p. Ida Authement .... Houma Home Economics C. L. C. and A. of P. Jewel Bagley . . . Keatchie Grammar M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Cornelia Baker . Natchitoches Math. - Nat. Sci. S L S M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Madge Bahm Areola Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. ♦Deceased. Gaston Baucom .... Homer Math. - Science S.A. K. Ellie Banister . . . Columbia Intermediate S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Ruth Banister . . Mt. Hermon Intermediate e. l. s. Vera M. Bankston . Sunny Hill Grammar M. C. C; Y. W. C. A.; and M. C. C. Basketball Team. Mattie Barr Campti Primary m. c. c. Pauline Bounds . Plain Dealing Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. !■■■■■ ■■■- — m ■ ■ «»■»■»■«! I PATHFINDERS Evelyn Blakewood. . . Minden Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Ruth Marie Besson Port Arthur, Tex. Math. - For. Lang. e.l. s. Addie Bennett .... Bernice English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. and the Y. W. C. A. Nellda Bell .... Simsboro Intermediate e. l. s. Hazel Bell . . . Pine Prairie Intermediate e. l. s. Robert W. Bateman Franklinton Rural Education m. c. c. Mildred Buce . . . Winnfield English - Soc. Sci. c.l. c. Clara Belle Brunson Mangham Intermediate E. L. S. Basketball Team. John Nick Brown . . . Homer Math. - Science S.A. K. Florence Brown . White Castle Intermediate m. c. c. Marjorie Boyum. . . . Jennings Home Economics S.A. K. Esther Boggs . . Plain Dealing Intermediate M. C C and Y. W. C. A. Eleanor Bull, Lake Providence Grammar e.l. s. Dalton Burch . . Franklinton Rural Education M. C. C. Basketball Team. Flora Burris . . Franklinton Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Bernice Bush . . Pleasant Hill Music and Art C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. Bertha Bush Tioga Intermediate m. c. c. Floy Burke Rayville Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Isabel Contois . . . Alexandria Home Economics E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Iola Cooper Rayville English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. and the Y. W. C. A. Stella Cooper . . . Hope Villa English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. and the Choral Society. Mae Couvillion . . Cotto-nport Intermediate S. A. K. and A. of P. Lotos Cox Rosepine Special Course m. c. c. Cornelia Crawford . . Bienville Primary m.c. c. Edna Chance Bunkie Intermediate S. A. K. Basketball Team, and Secretary of Branch Society of S. A. K. Julia Chenet . . . Primary c.l. c. Thibodaux Constance Coker . . Bryceland Grammar E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Maude Cole .... Merryville English - Soc. Sci. Y. W. C. A.; C. L. C. Basket- ball Team. Nettie Colvin . . . Grammar E. L. S. Bernice Leo Compton Meeker Intermediate S.A.K. Ollie Chambers . . Sicily Island Intermediate Potpourri Editor for E. L. S. Mearine Chambers Sicily Island Intermediate E. L. S. Basketball Team. Jewel Dean Boyce English - French S.A. K. y. w. C.A. Willie Davis .... Columbia English - Soc . Sci. S.A. K. Jessie Dey .... Natchitoches Intermediate E. L. S. and Choral Society. Cassie Denson . . . Winnsboro Intermediate Capt. E. L. S. Basketball Team. I— —— — p% PATHFINDERS Elizabeth Drake . . St. Joseph English - Latin S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Irene Douciere . . . , Intermediate c. L.C. Dorig Lillian DeLaune Napoleonville Intermediate A. of P.; C. L. C. Basketball. Louise de la Houssaye Intermediate S. A. K. Franklin Nettie Deen .... Alexandria Rural Education E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Mary Louise Dey .... Fisher English - Latin E. L. S. and Choral Society. □vrwrww Mrs. Alfred L. Ducournau Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. e. l. s. Norma Duhe .... St. Gabriel Intermediate A. of P.; C. L. C. Basketball. Jack Ducournau Natchitoches Math. - Science S.A. K. Debater Winter Term. L. Alton Durand St. Martinville Math. - Science b. A. K. and A. of P. Pauline Dunlap . . . Leesville Primary S. A. K. Sallie Durbin . . Plain Dealing Grammar S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A.; and the Choral Society. _ .TTryrrrrrmrwrwrwrrrrrm ■ wrwimmrwM vrrwM mr i. I f. immmrrwrtMiiMM PATHFINDERS v ti M rruwiMLH uitmjr rw mrrmMijuiMim ri UMil M Ktim£tMMtrWEKtM U; l Wylma Earnest . . . Houma English - For. Lang. S. A. K. and the Y. W. C. A. Aetna Elkins . . . Grammar m.c. c. Lillie Maude Files .... Oak Ridge English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. and the Y. W. C. A. Leona Flieller . . Natalbany English - For. Lang. S. A. K. and the A. of P. Leonora Forshag . . . Amite Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Blanche Freeman . Collinston Intermediate m. c. c. Maurine Garrett Plain Dealing Intermediate S. A. K. Chorister; Basketball. Zelma Galyean . . . Elizabeth Intermediate c. l. c. Maydie Gaddis Pioneer English - Soc. Sci. c. l. c. Berley Funderburk Natchitoches Math. - Science s. A. K. Bessie Frey Mangham Intermediate E.L.S. Ashton Freeman, Natchitoches Math. - Physics S. A. K. ; on Varsity Team in Football and Basketball. Voorhies Gibbs . . Shreveport English - Soc. Sci. S.A. K. Barbara Giles .... Adeline English - Latin S.A. K. Class Sec ' y, fall term; Critic S. A. K., winter term; S. A. K. Parliamentary Law Class; Sec ' y-Treas. of Latin Club in fall and winter terms. Inza Gillentine . . Gueydan English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. and the Y. W. C. A. Bettie Glaze Bunkie English - Soc. Sci. m.c. c. Mathilde Goldman Primary S.A. K. Monroe Leonne Gouax Houma English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. and the A. of P. Ray Godwin Reddell English - Soc. Sci. s. A. K. Marie Grigsby . . . Winnfield Primary c. l. c. Selma Grimmer . . Maringouin Grammar C. L. C. and A. of P. Julia Gueydan . . . Gueydan Math. - Soc. Sci. c. l. c. Yvonne Guillotte . . Rosedale English - For. Lang. c. L. C; A. of P. Gertrude Halpin . . . Crowley Intermediate s. A. K. Duncan Hart . . . Chesborough English - Soc. Sci. m. c. c. Walker Harrison . . . Verda Rural Education E. L. S. Nellie Harp Arcadia Grammar e. l. s. Marjorie Harp . . Alexandria English - Soc. Sci. Y. W. C. A.; Chorister for the E. L. S.; Class Editor for the Potpourri. Agnes Hardison . . Shreveport English - Soc. Sci. e. L. s. Beulah Hanson . . . Keatchie Home Economics m.c. c. Nell Harvey .... Freeland Intermediate c. l. c. Anita Haydel .... La Place Primary E. L. S. and A. of P. Burris Hays . . . Natchitoches Math. - Phy. Sci. S.A. K. Novis Henry Arcadia Grammar e. l. s. Velma Henry Monroe Music and Art s. A. K. Clarence Hinkie . . . Pelican French - Phy. - Sci. M.C. C. Inez Hinton .... Shreveport English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Ollie Hirtzler .... Kenner Grammar M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Laurence A. Hollier Opelousas English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. and the A. of P. Lottie Holloway . Primary m. c. c. Olla Ethel Hortman . . . Hortman Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Maggie Mae Hortman . Mmden Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Lucile Houston . . Shreveport Primary S.A. K. Ruth Huckaby . . . Intermediate c.l. c. Castor Adele Hunter . . . Waterproof English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Ruth Hurst .... New Roads Grammar C. L. C; A. of P. Freddie Hyde Fluker Rural Education M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Roy E. Hyde . . Chesborough English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Lillie Mae James . . Mangham Intermediate E. L. S. Francis Johniken . . . Pelican Intermediate e. l. s.; y. w. c. a. Elma Lois Johnson . . Monroe Primary E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. Bessie Johns .... Stonewall Intermediate e. l. s. Maude Jones .... Mangham Intermediate e.l. s. Myrtis D. Jones . Franklinton Intermediate E.L. S. Ruth Jones .... Forest Hill Primary C. L. C. Basketball Team. Willie Jones . . . Longstreet Grammar M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. Camelia Jordan . Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. s. A. K. Leona Jordan . . . Cheneyville Primary s. A. K. Rosalie Kelly . . Primary c. l. c. Houma Ruth Elaine Kelly Baton Rouge English - For. Lang. M. C. C. Cheerleader. Thelma Kirby . . Harrisonburg Primary e. l. s. Ina Kitchen Clarke Intermediate c. l. c. Annie Kline Pioneer Intermediate M. C. C. Evelyn Klein . . Lake Charles English - For. Lang. S.A. K. Lila Mae LaFitte . . . Pelican Home Economics m.c. c. Norma Lambert . . Tangipahoa Primary M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Retta Lambert . . Natchitoches English - Soc. Sci. s. A. K. AuraLamkin Clay English - Soc. Sci. m. c. c. Minnie Landry . . . Klotzville Intermediate C. L. C. and A. of P. Ernest Landry . . . Patterson English - Soc. Sci. M. C. C; Varsity Football. Frances Langford . . Rayville History - English E. L. S. and Y. W . C. A. Verna LeBlanc .... Monroe Primary S. A. K. and A. of P. ' irxrrMinunjtmnm m bbiwjh j r rmm w n TwrwrrwrwrrrTmnrTrrwrrrrnrrTTrrmtTlM Jwrwrwrrrrwrrmnmrr Uutmrvrrnrrm . " ■ »! ' " I P W WFPT ' l l in I ESTELLE LeCOMPTE . . . Intermediate E. L. S. and A. of P. Bourg Willard Ledbetter . . Arcadia Intermediate S.A. K. Vivian LeDoux . . Baton Rouge English - For. Lang. S.A. K. Ollie Lee . Baragua Comaguey Province, Cuba Grammar E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A.; Presi- dent of the Pathfinders. A. G. Lee ... . Cotton Valley Rural Education M. C. C. and the Y. W. C. A. Gladys LeJeune . . Jeanerette For. Lang. - Soc. Sci. S. A. K.; A. of P. Hazel Leone Zwolle English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Inez Lavergne Iota Intermediate e. l. s. Lucille Linder . . . Oakdale Intermediate E. L. S. and A. of P. Altha Littell . . . Opelousas Math. - Science S. A. K. Basketball Team. Eva Loe Mansfield Primary E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. Flo Ella Latham . . Franklin Home - Economics S. A. K. Basketball Team. Mildred Martin Donaldsonville Grammar Treasurer of C. L. C; A. P. Bernice Mabry Noble Intermediate e.l. s. Twila Lumpkin . Lake Charles English - For. Lang. S.A. K. Jeannette Ruth Lucar Shreveport Intermediate s. A. K. Olga Laurant .... Grammar e. l. s.; a. of p. Edgard Clamence Loup . . . Grammar E. L. S.; A. of P. Wallace Edna McDonald . . Winnfield Music and Art Editor C. L. C; Y. W. C. A.; Basketball Team. Bettye McCain .... Dubach Rural Education e. l. s. Edwin McCain .... Math. - Science E. L. S. Dubach Marguerite McAnn, Haughton English - Soc. Sci. s. A. K. Rena Massony . . . Waterproof Home Economics S. A. K. Josephine Mayfield Shreveport Home Economics s. A. K. Ella May McElveen Franklinton Intermediate E. L. S. Eva McKay . . . Sicily Island Intermediate E. L. S. Cecilia McReynolds . . Monroe English - French S. A. K. and Y. W. C A. Louise Menville . . . Houma Intermediate S. A. K. and A. of P. Louise Melancon . . Dutchtown Intermediate E. L. S. and A. of P. Emily Miller . . . Waterproof English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. and A. of P. II ■! ■! Ruth Mixon . . Natchitoches Primary S.A. K. Manda Mae Mitcham . Bernice Intermediate S.A. K. Mary Mobley . . . Alexandria Grammar E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. V. Purvis Mangum . . Castor Math. - English m. c. c. Gladys Montgomery . . Bonita Grammar e. l. s. Jewell Moore . . . Merryville English - For. Lang. C. L. C; Y. W. C. A. w-m mrjmm m m m m m m m j mw% M Jf - MM • mm r t m mmat I Priscilla Neal Castor Intermediate Annie Morris . . West Monroe Primary S.A. K. Ida Moore Pelican English - Soc. Sci. e. l. s. Rena Moresi .... Jeanerette Math. - English s. A. K.; A. of p. Wylis Moreau . . Bordelonville Math. - Science C. L. C; A. of P.; and Varsity Basketball. Ruth Moore Monroe Primary S. A. K. Olive Nelson . . . Shreveport Primary C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. Ethel Newberry . . . Rayville Intermediate C.L. c. Rebecca Newell . . . Newellton Intermediate S.A. K. Lillian Noel . . Donaldsonville Grammar C. L. C; A. P. Treasurer, and Current Sauce. Ella Mae Odom .... Bernice English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A.; Basket- ball Team. Mary Pope Ogilivie . . . Benton Intermediate S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. ESTELLE OVERSTREET . . . Ansley Intermediate e. l. s. Pauline Owens . . Haynesville Primary c. l. c. Inez Parrott Noble Intermediate e. l. s. Vera Penny .... Alexandria Intermediate E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A. Madeline Perret . . . Edgard Grammar E. L. S. and A. of P. Jeraline Perry . . . Ringgold Grammar m. c.c. Bertha Phillips Denham Springs Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Nena Plant Doyline Music and Art C. L. C. Basketball Team. Ruth Pollard .... Leesville Music and Art B.L. S. Susie Pond Crowley Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Ethel Pourciau Mix Intermediate c.l. c. Nell Porter Zwolle Math. - Science E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. 3 mmmmmmmmmmmm PATHFINDERS Adele Prudhomme . Primary S.A.K. Bermuda Walter J. Pierron Morgan City Math. - Science M. C. C; Y. M. C. A.; Vice- President of Class; Glee Club; Fire Dept.; Choral Society — Voted wittiest boy in school. Claribel Prickett . Winnsboro English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Myrtis Price Pollock Grammar C. L. C; Y. W. C. A. Reba Preslar Atkins Intermediate m. c. c. CONCETTA M. PlRARO New Iberia Home Economics S.A.K. Ruth Revel Dubach English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Lucille Reiber .... Crowley English - Soc. Sci. S. A. K. and Choral Society. Theo Reeder . . . Haynesville Intermediate c.l. c. Harriet Readhimer Natchitoches English - Latin s. A. K. Kate Rains . . . Natchitoches English -Soc. Sci. E.L. S. Mrs. G. C. Quarles Natchitoches Primary m.c. c. Chryssie Schwartz . Franklin Grammar S.A. K. Tom Roy Mansura French - Physics s. A. K. Alice Roussel . . . Plaquemine Intermediate C. L. S. and A. of P. Erline Roger . . Napoleonville Intermediate C. L. C. and A. of P. Lucille Roberts . . Winnfield English - Soc. Sci C L. C. Eilleen Ritter . . . Abbeville English - Soc. Sci. c.l. c. Thelma Smitha . . St. Joseph Intermediate S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A. Esco Simmons . . Mt. Herman Rural Education M. C. C; Football Team. Sallie Kate Shaddock Lake Charles English - For. Lang. S.A. K. Lera Shively . . . Primary S. A. K. Saline Barney Shehane, Natchitoches Math. - Science m. c.c. Hallie Scott . . . Winnsboro English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Oleta Stokes .... Robeline Rural Education E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Mary Stewart . . . Primary c.l. c. Koran Mildred Stephens . . Provincal Primary C. L. C; Basketball. Heloise Stiefel .... Bourg Intermediate E. L. S. and A. of P. Fay Steele Oxford Intermediate E. l. s. Lesley Spinks .... Pelican Music and English C.L.C. Helen Smith . . . Mandeville Primary E. L. s. Clarence Soileau . Ville Platte Rural Education E. L. S.; A. P. Lelia Sowar Norwood Primary M. C. C; Choral Society. Leonne Spencer . . Shreveport English - Soc. Sci. m. c. c. Gertrude Spillman . . Jackson Intermediate c.l. c. Lester Spinks Pelican Rural Education e. l. s. Houston Tally . . . Bogalusa Rural Education e.l. s. Bessye Dykes .... Pineville Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Bonnie Summers Denham Springs Music and Art M. C. C. and the Y. W. C. A. Jason Stringer . . . Hornbeck Math. - Science e. L. s. Bernice Stroud . Plain Dealing Intermediate C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. Ray Alice Streeck . Hammond Primary S.A.K. Annie Lee Taylor . Coushatta Primary M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. Ruth Taylor . . . Martin r Tenn. Home Economics S. A. K.; Choral Society. Ezel Teer Ravenwood Intermediate c.l. c. Ouida Bess Tedley . . Winnfield Home Economics S.A.K. Camille Templet . . St. Gabriel Intermediate C. L. C. and A. of P. Myrtle Thayer . . Alexandria Intermediate S. A. K.; A. of P.; S. A. K. Chorister. Ida Thompson . . . Dry Prong English - Soc. Sci. e. l. s. Ardis Thompson . Montgomery English - Soc. Sci. E. L. S.; Y. M.C.A. Marguerite Todd . Primary Bastrop S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Blanche Toy . . . . De Ridder Music and Art m. c. c. Minerva Truxillo Napoleonville, La. Intermediate C. L. C. and A. of P. Beula Tullis Tioga Intermediate m. c.c. Mary Evelyn Watkins Monroe English - Soc. Sco. S. A. K. and the Y. W. C. A. Violet Waters .... Dodson Grammar M. C. C; Y. W. C. A. Meredith Wallis . . . Houma Primary S.A. K. Mildred Wallace . Shreveport Primary C. L. C; Y. W. C. A. Elizabeth Verdel . . Bogalusa Grammar C. L. C; Y. W. C. A. Eva Underwood . . Mangham Grammar E. l. s. Velma Lee Watts . . Winnfield Primary C. L. C. and Y. W. C. A. Ethel Watts Minden English - For. Lang. S. A. K.; Y. W. C.A. Mattie Weatherford Le Compte Intermediate c.l. c. M. R. Weaver . . Natchitoches Intermediate M. C. C; Football Team. Esther Webb . . . Prairieville Intermediate M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Ruby Lee Weeks . . . Bethany Primary e.l. s. Raymond Whitehead Natchitoches Math. - Science S.A. K. Beth Williams . . Natchitoches Home Economics S.A. K. Ophelia Williams . . Dubach Intermediate E. L. S.; Y. W. C. A.; Basket- ball Team. Clovis Willard .... Dubach Intermediate E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Garnet Wells . . Alexandria Primary E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Norma Wells . . . Longstreet Grammar M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. AULINE WHITTINGTON Bossier City Primary S. A. K.; Y. W. C. A.; and Basketball Team. Hazel Whitner . . . Elizabeth Intermediate c. L. c. Hazel Woodard . . Primary Boyce E. L. S. Lillian Woods Saline Grammar M. C. C. and Y. W. C. A. Irma Yarbrough . . . Columbia Music and Art S. A. K. and Y. W. C. A. Johnnie F. Zenter . . . . Rural Education E. L. S. and Y. W. C. A. Iota Grayce Lee Fuller El Dorado, Ark. English - Soc. Sci. s. A. K. Clique-Claques Motto : " At learning ' s fountain it is sweet to drink, But ' tis a nobler privilege to think. " Colors : Black and Gold Flower : Black-Eyed Susan OFFICERS FOR FALL TERM: Carrie Montgomery President Ruth Vernon Vice-President Marguerite Browne Secretary-Treasurer Clique-Claques History INCE there was a sufficient number of juniors and seniors in attendance this year, it was thought that a literary club could be formed from them alone. A meeting of these two classes was called and after a long discussion it was decided to organize such a club. The following Saturday a meeting was held of all those wishing to do society work during the fall term. Officers were elected ; then a committee on name and motto, and also a committee to draw up the constitution were appointed. The committees reported. The names that had been suggested were read out, and Clique-Claques was adopted, for the programs were to be largely round-table discussions. The words, Clique-Claques, mean an as- sembly of talkers. The motto, flower, and colors were chosen, and the constitution was read and adopted. Regular meetings, with many interesting programs, have been held every other Saturday. The nature of the club being social as well as literary, one social gathering is to be held each term. For the fall, this took the form of a banquet at the Wemp Hotel. — Bernadette Langla. CHARTER MEMBERS: Louise Abel Hixie Davidson 0. P. Babin A. L. Ducournau Alma Byrd G. J. Dugas Marguerite Brown Esther Hart Bernadette Langla L. 0. Roark Yolande Melanson Kathryn Sanders Carrie Montgomery D. E. Sikes Annie Laurie Pujos Ruth Vernon Jeanette Wemp Seekers After Knowledge FALL TERM OFFICERS: (Old Division) Alice Lee Swain President Melba Bouanchaud Vice-President Ruth Smith Secretary Addie Robicheaux Treasurer Lucille Kennon Critic Josephine Mayfield Chorister (New Division) Bertha Stone President Winifred Montgomery Vice-President Doris Franklin Secretary Nan Meares Treasurer Melissa Burleigh Critic Ouida Wallis Chorister History of S. A. K. HE Seekers After Knowledge Literary Society was organized in the year 1890. Up until then there were no societies at the Normal College. The need of some work of the kind was seen, and the matter taken up at a faculty meeting. Professor Himes agreed to take it upon himself to interest the students in literary work, and on the twenty-eighth of October the first meeting was held with Professor Himes as president and sixty-eight charter members. The interest soon became so great that by the end of that session S. A. K. had a large and active membership. The society has progressed very rapidly from year to year. At the opening of the fall term, 1922, it had the largest enrollment known in its history. Although three additional literary societies have been organized, S. A. K. will ever be called the " mother society " of the college. — Alice McClung. S. A. K. Roll Gallion Aaron Josie D. Aaron Winifred Abington Elise Alleman L. J. Alleman Clara Andrews Stella Angelle Gussie Applebaum Lucille Appleby Louise Arnandez Alpha Avrette Daisy Babin Helena Babin Gaston Baucom Ellie Banister Dot Barstow Lola Mae Blanchard Melba Bouanchaud Ella Kate Boydstun Yvonne Brady Josephine Bryan Grace Broussard Helen Broussard Ella Mae Brown Harriet Brown Eleanor Buck Beatrice Buck Melissa Burleigh Mamie Cargill Mary Chapman Ella Keener Charleville Edna Chance Charles Chauvin Felicia Chennault Lucille Claverie Doris Cloutier Lucille Cloutier Gordon Cloutier Leo Compton Mary V. Coon Helen Cook Marguerite Courtney Mae Couvillion Marguerite Daspit Willie Davis Jewel Dean Alberta de Blanc Lotis DeBlieux Louise Delahoussaye Mary Belle de Vargas Elizabeth Drake Jack Ducournau Vauncile Duke Pauline Dunlap Alton Durand Wylma Earnest Eleanor Eggleston Inez Etheridge Sadie Fletcher Leona Flieller Willie Aline Fluitt Doris Franklin Emma Adele Frere Berley Funderburk Lola Ferguson Ethel Futral Maurine Garrett Amy Gates Voorhies Gibbs Barbara Giles Mary Louise Giles Ray Godwin Mathilde Goldman Leonne Gouaux Sarah Gueno Gertrude Halpin Ben Harris Tessie Hart Burris Hays Velma Henry Joyce Hickimburg Pearl Himler Bernice Hollinshead Effie Hood Lucille Houston Hazel Hubbard Alma Hughes Adele Hunter Katherine Irion Lynn Jones Camelia Jordan Leona Jordan Lucille Kennon Louise Kemp Mary King Evelyn Klein Ida Mae Knighton Retta Lambre Flo Ella Latham Verna LeBlanc Mary Ledbetter Vivian LeDoux Gladys LeJeune Gladys Lallande Altha Littell Mary Sue Logan Jeannette Ruth Lucar Twila Lumpkin Rena Massony Agnes Maund Alice Maund Josephine Mayfleld Marguerite McAnn Alice McClung Gertrude McHenry Addie McNeil Cecelia McReynolds Nan Meares Kate Michie Emily Miller Ivy Miller Maggie Mae Mitcham Winifred Montgomery Ruth Mixon Clara Belle Moore Ruth Moore Rena Moresi Thelma Morgan Annie Morris Dorothy Munson Rebecca Newell Mary Pope Ogilvie Winifred Perkel Viola Perry Louise Phillips Wylma Pierson Concetta Piraro Adele Prudhomme Eva Rathburn Lucille Reiber Lucy Richardson Ruby Roubieo Addie Robicheaux Elizabeth Rogers Bessie Romero Harriet Readheimer Thelma Rush Kathryn Sanders Jeannette Schuman Sarah Schuman Sallie Kate Shaddock Chryssie Schwartz Lena Shively Leah Shively Ha Singleton Laura Mae Slay Ruth Smith Marye Smith Thelma Smitha Alma Stafford Kate Stafford Jimmie Stafford Bertha Stone Ethel Strickland Ray Alice Streeck Anna Sutcliffe Alice Lee Swain Violet Tate Ruth Taylor Bess Teddlie Loring Terril Myrtle Thayer Sophie Thibidoux Levia Thomas Marguerite Todd Harry Turpin Ora Vincent Aline Villermine Meredith Wallis Ethel Watts Ruby White Raymond Whitehead Auline Whittington Anne Williams Beth Williams Evelyn Watkins Mary Whittington Irma Yarbrough Eclectic Literary Society FALL TERM OFFICERS: (Old Division) T. Earle Johnson . . . , President Mrs. Grace Rogers Vice-President Eva Aiken Secretary Norma Sanders Treasurer Edwina Ives Chor. Catherine Jones Critic Myrtle Aymond Editor (New Division) Linnie Hart President Lilly Guidroz Vice-President S. E. Tally Secretary Annice Fincher Treasurer Theo Reeder Chor. Elaine Burleigh Critic Gervais Trichel Editor E. L. S. History N 1893 the S. A. K. Society had become so large that its members and the faculty decided that a rival society must be organized if the best results were to be accomplished. By mutual agree- ment one half of those not charter members severed their con- nections and organized the Eclectic Literary Society, with Miss Dollerhide as the first president. They were such splendid workers that they were able to defeat their first opponents, and thus began a series of brilliant victories for the society. E. L. S. was very proud to have another medal added to the list this year by T. Earle Johnson, who won the Mattie O ' Daniel Medal for parlia- mentary law practice during the fall quarter of 1922. The members of the society, aided by their able and enthusiastic adviser, Miss Wilson, are living up to their motto, " Labor Is Worship " , and have won the reputation of being among the most earnest and faithful workers in the school. — Mrs. Delight Tassin. E. L. S. Roll Simone Abadie Eva Aiken Agnes Allen Cora Ambrose Myrtle A ymond Velva Baillio Cornelia Baker Ruth Banister Linda Barr Camille Barrett Wilbur Beauregard Hazel Bell Nelda Ball Addie Bennett Ruth Marie Besson Enola Boudreaux Pauline Bounds Mrs. Wood Breazeale J. C. Bringall Joy Brock Melvia Brown Clara Bell Brunson Mattie Bryant Eleanor Bull Edna Buras Floy Burke Elaine Burleigh Alva Campbell Hazel Campbell Mattie Campbell Lovon Caskey Mearine Chambers Constance Coker Nettie Colvin Nora Colvin Carrie Connely Isabel Contois Iola Cooper Dorothy Corley Hattie Corley Alia Mae Courtney Willie Davidson Doris Davis Mrs. A. L. Ducournau Nettie Deen Mary DeLony Cassie Denson Jessie Dey Mary Louise Dey Stella DeWitt Marjorie Dudding Mary Dudley Elvira Dufresne Bessie Dykes Gertrude Ellender A. B. Estes Dennie Estes H. H. Faircloth Henrietta Ferguson Annice Fincher Addie Ford Frances Ford Vivian Fortson Bessie Frey Audrey Gates Natalie Grayson Rossie Graham Lillie Guidroz Ammie Dell Hall Agnes Hardison Marjorie Harp Nellie Harp Mrs. C. Harrington Laura Mae Harris Walker Harrison Linnie Hart Ora Hatcher Alida Haydel Anita Haydel Cloyce Hays Novis Henry Dae Hinson Laurence Hollier Elva Horn Lola Horn Ethel Hortman Maggie Mae Hortman Eva Houston Georgia Howell Edwina Ives Lillie Mae James Frances Johniken Elizabeth Johns Elma Lois Johnson T. E. Johnson Bernice Jones Bessie Jones Catherine Jones Myrtice Jones Maud Jones Stella Jones J. G. Joubert Grace Kelly Thelma Kirby Frances Langford Olga Laurent Inez Lavergne Jewell Leach Grace Lebo Emma LeCompte Estelle LeCompte Ollie Lee Lucille Linder Hazel Leone Eva Loe Clemence Loup A. D. Lucius Bernice Mabry Jeanne Marchall Monte Mossart Elizabeth Martin Alexa McCain Bettie McCain Edward McCain Alice McCoy Roy McCoy Ella Mae McElveen Margaret Meginn Alton McGrew Florence McKinnon Eva McKay Ruth McNamara Louise Melanson Thelma Meredith Marcelle Millet Hilda Mire Rosa Miscar Ada Mitcham M. J. Mizell Mary Mobley Gladys Montgomery Ida Moore Sophie Muller Maude Moore Ruby Oakley Inez Odom Ella Mae Odom Ruth Olano Estelle Overstreet Delia Palmer E. E. Parker Jewel Parker Inez Parrot Meda Paty Jewell Peace Evelyn Pellerin Vera Penny Madeline Perret Violet Perry Ruth Pollard Nell Porter Elizabeth Prichard Claribelle Prickett Mae Raeburn Kate Rains Theo Reeder Ruth Revel Camie Richard Mrs. Grace Rogers Maude Rogers Mabel Russell Norma Sanders Hallie Scott Loree Schull Helen Smith Myrtle Smith Clarence Soileau Faye Steele Nellie Steinwinder Heloise Stiefel Gertrude Stockstill Oleda Stoker Jason Stringer Willie Sudduth Wenonah Sutton Huston Tally S. E. Tally Mrs. Delight Tassin Lillian Tassin Clarence Tauzin Alberta Thigpen Helen Thomas Ardis Thompson Eda Thompson Gervais Trichel Birdie Trislei Katie Lou Twilley Eva Underwood Lois Webster Ruby Lee Weeks Garnet Well Rubv Wells Clovis Willard Ophelia Williams Nell Womble Hazel Woodard Dora Word Kate Worthy Ollie Wyble Clennie Wynn J. F. Zenter Ollie Chambers Modern Culture Club FALL TERM OFFICERS (Old Division) Mrs. Elizabeth Townsend Martha Brown .... New Division) . President Thomas Baker Vice-President Aline Pierce Hedwyck Stahl Secretary Viola Thayer Sattie Bustin Treasurer Adele Moncla Evelyn Smith Editor J. 0. LaPrairie History of M. C. C. T was in 1902 that the two societies, S. A. K. and E. L. S., realized that they had too many students enrolled. It was then that thirty-nine members, some from both S. A. K. and E. L. S., banded together and called themselves the Modern Culture Club. Immediately they entered all contests. Although M. C. C. was an infant in years, she was not in enterprise and executive ability. Out of the three contests held, she won two ! With this encouragement, the members of the new society put their shoulders to the wheel and in the next year again won two out of three of the laurels. By this time the membership of M. C. C. equaled that of the other societies. In 1906 she received a frieze for the girls ' chorus. Since then, many friezes have been won by her, all of which form a border in the hall of the Modern Culture Club. Other things were won by her in the years that followed, but the most exciting year was 1914. After all contests were held and the winners announced, M. C. C. was found to have made A Clean Siveep! That ' s the way we speak of the year 1914 in the history of M. C. C. 1922 proved another victorious year for her. She won the frieze for boys ' quartette; W. A. Lawrence of M. C. C. won the Mattie O ' Daniel medal in parliamentary law practice, and he and M. G. Richardson won the debate. The girls helped heap up the laurels for M. C. C. by winning in basket- ball. Since 1919 she has held the championship in girls ' basketball. — Eunice Thompson. M. C. C. ROLL Valerie Allen Annie Lee Anders Lola Anders Ruth Ard Effie Badeaux Madge Bahm Jewel Bagley Thomas Baker Vera Bankston Mattie Barr Mattie Barmore Myra Lee Bachelor Robert Bateman Adeline Beatty Dixie Berry Walter Bishop Maude Blackman Evelyn Blakewood Esther Boggs Joseph Bordelon Gladys Boyd Delia Bradford Florence Brown Hazel Brown Martha Brown Mary Brown Nola Bunn Dalton Burch Gladys Burkhalter Flora Burris Bertha Bush Sattie Bustin Clara Cameron Thelma Carr Carlon Cason Corinne Chatelain Clara Colquitt Fannie Colquitt Stella Cooper Lotos Cox Cornelia Crawford Ruby Clayton Sula Culpepper Mary Cutler Ottice Dark T. D. Dark Bert Davis Maggie Davis Murphy Davis Nettie Dunn Beryl Dupuy Mary Dyson Aetna Elkins Myrtle Evans Irmanice Farley Isyl Ferrin Maude Files Eunice Ficher Mercer Fletcher Leonora Forshag Lillie Franks Blanche Freeman Oral Freeman Annie Mae Ga? r Inez Gillentine Bettie Glaze Olive Hammitt Hayes Hanchey Kenney Hanchey Laura Hand Beulah Hanson Aubyn Harris Mellie Harrison Claude Hart Duncan Hart OUie Hertzler Elizabeth Hess Lucille Higdon C. V. Hinkie Inez Hinton Lottie Holloway Freddie Hyde Roy Hyde Mary Jackson Effie Lee Jones Willie Jones Beatrice Jordan Agnes Juneau Eloise Kelley Ruth Kelley Carmen Kennedy Lizzie Keys Ina Kitchen Annie Klein Mary LaCour Norma Lambert Annie Lamkin Aura Lamkin Ernest Landry Ethel Langford J. O. LaPrairie Lucy Latham Glynn Lee Helen Leche Jessie Lesche Jeanette Levy Isabel Major Purvis Mangum Audrey Martin Florence Martin Hazel McBride Leona McBride Inez McClure Linnie McGinty Inez McGraw Myrtle McGraw Shirley McKnight Tommie Mears Dorothy Merritt Theresa Michot Ernel Mims Gladys Mixon Adele Moncla Wilma Montgomery Virginia Morrow Betty Murrell Mabel Nelson Louise Nesom Alma Newman Lottie Newman Ouida Nolly Martin Parker May Parker Hazel Patterson Aline Pearce Willie Pearce Odessa Pepper Jeraline Perry Bertha Phillips Walter Pierron Mildred Pitchford Mattie Pope Ada Presslar Reba Presslar Laura Price Robert Price G. C. Quarles Mrs. G. C. Quarles Georgia Rains E. L. Reding Celeste Regard Vera Reidheimer Sadie Reynolds Marcelle Ricard Mabel Riche Madelaine Rogers Madelaine Roshto Lee Russell Agnes Sanders Lena Shaughnessy Barney Shehane Ruby Shepherd Mary Sims Esco Simmons Blanche Smith Emmie Smith Evelyn Smith Leila Sowar Leonne Spencer Hedwyck Stahl Carleen Starns Mamie Starns Beatrice Stewart Laura Stilley Leonnie Stilley Irene Strother Bonnie Sumners Annie Taylor Beulah Teekel Mary Tenney Lessie Terrell Gertrude Thayer Viola Thayer Exa Thomas May Thomas Eunice Thompson Audrey Thornton Blanche Toy Ada Taylor Lucy Tubre Baskin Tullos Beulah Tullos Elizabeth Townsend Rettie Tyler Ruth Vining Cynthia Walker Violet Waters M. R. Weaver Sether Webb Norma Wells Vernessa Westbrook Iris White May White Elzie Williams Berta Wilson Clifford Wilson D. G. Wilson Audra Wingo Myrtis Wingo Lillian Woods Sara Wordsworth Caspan Literary Club FALL TERM OFFICERS: " A " Division " B " Division Tommie Price President Lillian Wren Lelia Walker Vice-President . . . Lottie Montegut Della Broussard .... Secretary Vivian Jones Emily Gaiennie .... Treasurer Audrey Corley Agnes Hogan Editor Louise Clements Clara Britain Chor Nina Plant W History of C. L. C. HEN we look at the Caspari Literary Club of to-day and see its progressiveness and initiative, we wonder whether it has gained prominence only in recent years or whether it has taken many years in which to acquire it. Although this club has the same firm foundation that the long-standing societies have, credit is due the untiring efforts of its members, for it was not until 1917 that the Caspari Literary Club was formed. It was necessary for the three societies doing literary work at Normal in 1917 to be relieved of part of this work ; so the new society was organized for lower students. To its members, Caspari Literary Club is of great significance. The word " Caspari " brings to their minds many past experiences and the reverence with which they have always beheld the society. Caspari was the name of an influential citizen through whose influence Natchitoches was selected as the site for the school. Captain Caspari did much to protect and promote the interests of the school. He died in 1915, and it was in respectful remembrance of him, two years later, that the Caspari Literary Club took for itself his name. In 1918, because of the decrease of the student body, the Caspari Literary Club united with Mortar Board. The High School students sepa- rated their literary work from that of the Normal students in 1919. It was then that the Caspari Literary Club became a higher society with S. A. K., E. L. S. and M. C. C. In 1920, the Club won first place in the inter-society debating contest, and also in the inter-society declamation contest. The society receives honors each year. Her members can see a bright and successful future for her and will do all in their power to make these dreams come true. — Clara Brown. 1 ■■■. C. L. C. Roll Lovie Adams Wanna Adams Vivian Alexander Neva Anthony Ida Autheraent Bula Mae Ballard Clara Barron Amanda Bass Mrs. Lillie Bracken Clara Britain Delia Broussard Mildred Buce Beatrice Bullard Bern ice Bush Julia Chenet Jessie Ray Cheshire Monnie Cheves Allie Clark Inez Clark Louise Clements Ashton Coco Hazel Cockfield Maude Cole Belton Colvin Belle Compton Audrey Corley Curry Couvillion Shephen Ducote Lillian DeLaune Irene Douciere Wilda Douglass Regina Dugas Norma Duke Lucia Foret Iree Formby Allie Gaddis Maydie Gaddis Emily Gaiennie Zelma Galyeau Laura Geeary Seltz Gremillion Stella Griffith Marie Grigsby Selma Grimmer Louise Grove Julia Gueydan Elise Guillotte Yvonne Guillotte Ollie Hanks Marie Harper Ernest Hart Nell Harvey Ray Heider Artie Hogan Viola Holt Ruth Huckaby Ruth Hurst Clara Ingram Ruth Jones Vivian Jones Henry Jordan Rosie Lee Kelly Wilma Kent Maude King Minnie Landry Vyc Lirette John Lucas Belle LeBlanc Mildred Martin Thelma Mathews Pearl McCartney Edna McDonald Ollie McLanahan Clara Merrit Bertie Millican Alma Mire Eva Moon Lottie Montegut Effie Montgomery Jewel Moore Carlos Moreau Wylis Moreau Myrtis Nelson Olive Nelson Lillian Noel Thelma Nolan Jeanette Newberry Pauline Owen Eloise Patrick Nina Plant Vera Poe Ethel Pourciau Evelyn Pourciau Phillip Prevost Myrtis Price Katherine Price Tommie Price Lillie Mae Reding Lucille Reine Sarah Reneau Narcissus Riser Eilleen Ritter Lucille Roberts Erline Roger Alice Roussel Myrtle Russel Mary Saviar Mabel Saurage Lester Spinks Gertrude Spillman Beatrice Stephens Mildred Stephens Mary Stewart Bernice Stroud Ezel Teer Camille Templet A. Z. Thomas Elsie Thompson Thelma Tisdale Beulah Tisdale Inez Triche Minerva Truxillo Elizabeth Verdel Fannie Walker Myrtle Walker Mary Wallace Mildred Wallace Velma Lee Watts Mattie Weatherford Nellie White Hazel Whitner Lydia Wilkinson Mary Willis Willie Woodard Hazel Webre Lillian Wren Roberta Young Y. W. C A. Cabinet Myrtle G. Aymond . . President Elizabeth Rogers . . Secretary Ruby Wells . . Vice-President Eva Aikens .... Treasurer Dennie Estes . . . Under-Graduate Representative COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN: CAMILLE BARRETT LOUISE GROVE . . ETHEL STRICKLAND RUTH SMITH . . . . . Devotional World Fellowship . . . Reception . Social Service VIOLA THAYER Social SULA CULPEPPER .... Publicity FLORENCE McKINNON . . Potpourri MARGARET MEGINN . . Current Sauce ROSTER OF MEMBERSHIP Aiken, Eva Abington, Winifred Allen, Agnes Ambrose, Cora Andrews, Clara Anders, Lola Aymond, Myrtle Barrett, Camille Barron, Clara Barmore, Mattie Banister, Ellie Bankston, Vera Ballard, Odessa Bounds, Pauline Ballard, Bula Mae Bagley, Jewel Baillio, Velva Blackman, Lessie Blakewood, Evelyn Boggs, Esther Bradford, Delia Britain, Clara Brock, Joy Brown, Florence Buck, Beatrice Bull, Eleanor Burkhalter, Gladys Burleigh, Elaine Burris, Flora Bush, Bernice Bush, Bertha Burke, Floy Byrd, Alma Campbell, Gotha Cargill, Mamie Cason, Carlon Charleville, Ella Keener Chapman, Mary Clark, Inez Cochran, Mayme Coker, Constance Cole, Maude Colvin, Nora Compton. Belle Conerly, Marie Contois, Isabel Cook, Effie Lee Coon, Mary V. Cooper, Iola Cooper, Stella Corley, Audrey Corley, Dorothy Corley, Hattie Craton, Ruby Culpepper, Sula Dark, Ottice Davis, Willie Dean, Jewel Deen, Nettie DeWitt, Stella Douglas, Wilda Drake, Elizabeth Dudley, Mary Duke, Vauncile Dunlap, Pauline Dunn, Nettie Dykes, Bessye Earnest, Wylma Emmons, Loyse Evans, Myrtle Ferrin, Isyl Fenton, Reve Files, Maude Fisher, Eunice Fleniken, Alice Fluitt, Willie Aline Formby, Iree Forhag, Leanora Forston, Vivian F ' ranks, Lillie Futral. Ethel Garrett, Maurine Gates, Audrey Gillentine, Inza Gar, Annie Mae Graham, Rossie Grove, Louise Hand, Laura Harp, Marjorie Harrington, Mrs. C. Harrison, Mellie Hanks, Ollie Harris, Aubyn Harris Laura Mae Hart, Linnie Hays, Cloyce Henry, Velma Himler, Pearl Hinton, Inez Hertzler, Ollie Hogan, Agnes Home, Elva Home, Lola Hubbard, Hazel Hunter, Adele Jackson, Evelyn James, Millie Mae Johnson. Elma Lois Jones, Myrtis Jones, Stella Jones, Willie Jones, Vivian Jordan, Hazel Kennedy, Carmen Kent, Wilma Langford, Frances Lambert, Norma Lamkin, Aura Latham. Lucy Mae Lebo, Grace Lee, Ollie Leone, Hazel K. Life, Mabel Littell, Altha Loe, Eva McBride, Leona McCain, Alexs McDonald, Edna McElveen, Ella May McKinnon, Florence McNamara. Ruth McNeil, Addie McReynolds, Cecilia McGinty, Lennie Meginn, Margaret Meredith, Thelma Michie, Kate Millican, Bertie Mims, Ernel Miscar, Rosa Mitchell, Ada Mixon, Gladys Mobley, Mary Montgomery, Wilma Montgomery, Winifred Moore, Clara Moore, Jewell Moore, Ruby Morgan, Thelma Murrell, Bettie Nelson, Mabel Nelson, Myrtice Nelson, Olive Nesom, Louise Newbury, Jeannette Odom, Inez Ogilvie, Mary Pope Palmer, Delia Parker, Jewel Rathbun, Eva Paty, Meda Peace, Jewel Pearce, Aline Penny, Vera Phillips, Bertha Pitchford, Mildred Pond, Susie Porter, Nell Price, Kathleen Price, Laura Price, Myrtis Price, Tommie Prickett, Claribel Rains, Vera H. Reding, Lillie Mae Revel, Ruth Richardson, Lucy Rogers, Elizabeth Rogers, Mrs. Grace Roshto. Madelaine Russell, Mabel Sanders, Norma Scott, Hallie Shaughnessy, Lena Sheppard, Ruby Shull, Loree Simpson, Jennie Bell Smith, Emmie Smith, Evelyn Smith, Myrtle Smith, Ruth Smitha, Thelma Stafford, Alma Stafford, Kate Stahl, Hedwyck Starns, Carleen Starns, Mamie Stilley, Leonie Strickland, Ethel Streeck, Kay Stroud, Bernice Summers, Bonnie Sutcliffe, Anna Swain, Alice Lee Teekell, Beulah Tenney, Mary Terrell, Lessie Thayer, Gertrude Thayer, Viola Thomas, Helen Thomas, Levin Thomas, Eunice Thomas, Ida Townsend, Elizabeth Traylor, Ada Turner, Mary Twilley, Katie Lou Tyler, Rettie Verdel, Elizabeth Vernon, Ruth Vining, Josie Vining, Ruth Wadsworth, Sara Wallace, Mildred Waters, Violet Watkins, Mary Evelyn Watts, Ethel Watts, Velma Lee Webb, Esther Wells. Garnet Wells, Norma Wells. Ruby White, Mary Whittington, Auline Willard, Clovis Williams, Ophelia Willis, Mary Wingo, Audra Wingo, Myrtie Womble, Nell Woods, Lillian Woodard, Hazel Word, Dora Yarbrough, Irma Zenor, Mollie z o I- o o z I- n cc I o w z 111 O o z D o ■ !l;I;lsls ;l: !l;l[w Y. W. C. A. CABINET A. of P. Officers Lottie Montegut President Miss Louise Abel Vice-President Lucille Reine Secretary Lillian Noel Treasurer Minnie Landry Chorister Roster of Members: Simone Abadie Louise Abel Vivian Alexander Elize Alleman Ida Authemot Effie Badeaux Adeline Beatty Wilbur Beauregard Enola Boudreaux Yvonne Brady Delia Broussard Grace Broussard Helen Broussard Hazel Brown Linnie Byrnes Clara Belle Cameron Corine Chatelaine Charles Chauvin Julia Chenet May Couvillion Lillian Delanc Stephen Ducote Norma Duhe Elvira Dufresne Regina Dugas Beyrl Dupre Alton Durand Gertrude Ellender Leona Fleiller Leonne Gouaux Seltz Gremillion Selma Grimmer Julia Gueydan Elise Guillot Yvonne Guillot Tessie Hart Anita Haydel Alida Haydel Elizabeth Hess Ruth Hurst J. G. Joubert Gladys Lallande Retta Lambre Minnie Landry Bernadette Langla Olga Laurent Verna LeBlanc Emma LeCompte Estelle LeCompte Gladys LeJeune Lucille Linder Vic Lirette Clemence Loup Mildred Martin Rena Massony Louise Melancon Yolande Melancon Terese Michot Emily Miller Marcelle Millet Alma Mire Hilda Mire Adele Moncla Wyllis Moreau Rena Moresi Lillian Noel Ruth Olana Evelyn Pellerin Madeline Perret Ethel Pourciau Philip Prevost Celeste Regard Lucille Reine Camie Richard Mabel Riche Erline Roger Bessie Romero Ruby Roubeio Mary Savoia Sartola Savoie Clarence Sailliau Heloise Stieffel Lillian Tassin Camillie Templet Sophie Thibodeaux Inez Triche Hazel Webre Roberta Young I fc ifM r cc in o u. Ll o Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Officers: Fred J. Rushing President T. Earle Johnson Vice-President M. J. Mizell Secretary S. E. Talley Treasurer Committee Chairmen: Lloyd Walker M. J. Mizell Burt Davis A. D. Lucius Dalton Burch Roy A. Grouch Burt Davis H. H. Faircloth Kinney Hanchey Duncan Hart Clarence Hinkie Roy E. Hyde T. E. Johnson J. 0. LaPrairie Glynn Lee A. D. Lucius Membership Roll: M. J. Mizell E. L. Reding Fred J. Rushing Kermit Roberts C. R. Sanders Taylor Smith Jason Stringer S. E. Talley Ardis Thompson Baskin Tullos Lloyd Walker Elzie Williams Y. M. C. A. CABINET ' .v ■ . ' ■;, : m D -I O w o Current Sauce Published bi-weekly by the students of State Normal College, Natchitoches, Louisiana. EDITORIAL STAFF: Fred J. Rushing Editor-in-Chief Catherine Jones Associate Editor A. L. Docournau Business Manager T. E. Johnson Asst. Business Manager Annie Laurie Pujos Editorials O. P. Babin Athletics Ruth Vernon Exchange Editor Marguerite Browne Assembly Alice Lee Swain Jokes Emma Adele Frere Jokes REPORTERS: CLIQUE-CLAQUES Carrie Montgomery M. C. C Elizabeth Townsend E. L. S Linnie Hart C. L. C Lillian Wren T. E. Johnson Y. W. C. A Elizabeth Rogers S. A. K Alice Lee Swain Y. M. C. A M. J. Mizell Bertha Stone A. of P Bernadette Langla CURRENT SAUCE during 1923- ' 24 has endeavored to support a policy which was agreed upon early in the fall term. Current Sauce serves as a bond to unite the Normal College students, the alumni, and the students of the high schools of the state. It links the college with the students ' homes. It hopes to present to its readers matters of current interest, questions requiring grave consideration, matters of importance both to Normal College students and to its readers over the state. It wishes to entertain, to amuse. It is a means of self-expression for the students. It is the official organ of the student body and the alumni. Each on the staff has done his part to carry out this program effec- tively. It has been the aim of the management to issue Current Sauce on time, to make the appearance of the paper attractive, and to publish such articles as will be of benefit, whether of information or entertainment to its readers. Whatever success Current Sauce has attained during this year has been due in a great measure to its faculty adviser, Mr. S. M. Byrd. He has given the paper the benefit of his time and experience. Current Sauce has just turned the corner of the avenue leading toward success. To continue this success the paper must not depend upon the work of a few students. It must gain the interest and sympathy of the student body, and the student body must support its burdens by contribu- tions to Current Sauce. CURRENT SAUCE STAFF Orchestra Mr. George C First Violin: Gordon Cloutier Rose Maggio Jeanette Schumann Cello: R. W. WlNSTEAD Bass : R. W. BOYDSTON Cornet: Cecil B. McClung C. E. Hooper Trombone: Roy E. Teddlie Mrs. W. H. Proudfit, Director Second Violin: Aline Pearce Lucille Roberts Katherine Sanders Annna Sutcliff Tuba: Jas. E. Dezendorf Clarinets: Blanche Toy Ernest Landry Virginia Morrow Euphonium: Edwin L. McClung, Jr. Holland, Pianist Choral Society Mr. George C. Proudfit, Director, Mrs. G. A. Moffett, Accompanist. SOPRANO Marianna Alford Elize Alleman Stella Angelle Odessa Ballard Marguerite Browne Martha Brown Floy Burke Felicia Chennault Allie Gaddie Helen Cook Maydie Gaddis Alia Mei Courtney Martha Gonsoulin Marguerite Courtne; Leonne Gouaux Ottis Dark Olive Hammett Lotis DeBlieux Jessie Dey Mary Louise Dey Gertrude Ellend Willie Aline Fluitt Addie Ford Doris Franklin Wilma Kent Norma Lambert Dorothy Merritt Virginia Morrow Gladys Montgomery Ella Mae Odom Clara O ' Quinn Erline Rogers Maude Rogers Bessie Romero Alice Roussell Mary Savoia Velia Sowar Ethel Strickland Delight Tassin Ruth Taylor Mary Thomas Eunice Thompson Blanche Toy Ruth Vernon Meredith Wallis Myrtis Wingo Lola Anders Beulah Mae Ballard Delia Bradford Helen Broussard Edna Chance Stella Cooper Sallie Durbin Aetna Elkins A. G. Alexander Thomas Baker C. L. McClung Robert Bateman Joseph J. Bordelon Dalton R. Burch ALTO: Loyce Emmons Alice Flenniken Vivian Fortson Laura Hand Marjorie Harp Vivian Jones Eloise Kelly Ruth Kelly Delia Palmer Viola Perry Lillian Schexnayder Lena Shaughnessy TENOR: M. J. Mizell W. J. Pierron Lesley Spinks BASS: Ashton Coco Edwin McClung George M. Parker L. C. Russell Nellie Steinwinder Bernice Stroud Anna Sutcliffe Alice Lee Swain Mattie Weatherford Maurice Welch Audra Wingo Dora Word Lester Spinks Houston Talley Johnnie Zenter J. D. Talley S. E. Talley A. Z. Thomas r H CO LU I o DC O Glee Club THE Louisiana State Normal College Glee Club does not boast of age or ancestry, but of worth and artistry. This year the glee club has surpassed all expectations, not only in the matter of available material but also in actual achievement. Those who have been fortunate in hearing any of its concerts will testify to this without any qualification or reservation. Throughout its two tours over the state of Louisiana the L. S. N. C. Glee Club has met with such splendid success and elicited such high commendation as entitles the organization to a rank second to that of no other college glee club in Louisiana. Not only the great variety of its programs but the superior selection and rendition of the numbers are proof positive to this effect. Our sincere appreciation for the success of this organization is hereby tendered to Mr. Rupert Cook, business manager; Mr. George Proudflt, quartet trainer; Mr. A. A. Alexander, director; Mr. Winstead, cellist; and all others who contributed toward its success. Glee Club Roster a. g. alexander director r. h. cooke manager 1st Tenors: 1st Basses: D. E. Sikes Fred Rushing Lester Spinks L. J. Alleman E. Landry T. Baker Walter Pierron T. E. Johnson 2nd Basses: c - R - Sanders George Proudflt 2nd Tenors: Prof. A. Crouch A. Coco A. Z. Thomas E. L. Redding W. Sudduth J. O. LaPrairie H. H. Paircloth D. Burch R. H. Cook J. Cloutier Mrs. Moffet Accompanist Mr. R. W. Winstead Cellist Mr. George Proudflt .... Violinist Miss May McElvin Reader Miss Blanche Toy Saxophone Soloist Louisiana State Normal College Glee Club — 1923 Program — PART I. 1. Love ' s Old Sweet Song " Molloy (Glee Club) 2. " We Meet Again To-Night, Boys " Anonymous (Glee Club) 3. " Don ' t You Cry, My Honey " A. W. Noll (Glee Club Quartet) 4. Violin Solo: a. " Romance " Wieniaiski b. " Souvenir " Dardella c. " Scherzo " Van Coens (Mr. George Proudflt) 5. " Mighty Like A Rose " Nevin (Glee Club) 6. Reading, " When Jack Is Late " J. M. Berry (Miss May McElvin) 7. Saxophone Solo — Miss Blanche Toy. 8. String Trio, " June Barcarolle " Tschaikowsky (Messrs. Proudflt, Winstead, and Mrs. G. Moffit) 9. " Catastrophe " N. B. Sprague (Glee Club) ■ — Intermission — PART II. 10. " Just For To-Night " French (Glee Club) 11. Piano Solo, " Prelude, Op. 3, No. 2 " Rachmaninoff (Mrs. George Moffet) 12. Reading, " Their First Marketing " (Miss Mae McElvin) 13. " Juanita " Rearranged (Glee Club Quartet) 14. Solo, " At Dawning " Cadman (Mr. A. Z. Thomas) 15. " Fairy Moonlight " Old German Song (Glee Club) 16. Cello Solo, " Orientale " Caeser (Mr. R. M. Winstead) 17. A Few Facts Concerning the Louisiana State Normal College (Mr. Roy A. Crouch) 18. " Good Night " Buck (Glee Club) FS r " ' v. w _ 101 i 1 « K 1 r — H ,1 M ■ r f f N ■ ' J il ( Hu xJar " TL LifJt i 1922 FOOTBALL SEASON SUMMARY. The victory over Southwestern Louisiana In- stitute on Thanksgiving Day brought to a close one of the most successful football seasons in the annals of Normal athletics. At the beginning of the season the prospects were far from b right and because of the fact that all other teams in the L. I. A. A. had a wealth of experienced material, Normal was given a very low rating. The loss of Coney, Her- bert Killen, Shelton Killen, Richardson. Overbey, Smith, Stafford, Maricelli, and Manning of the 1921 team was keenly felt. But the unexpected return of Strange, Captain Gauthier, and Free- man together with the addition of Stringer, Mangum, Simmons, Davis, Landry, Chauvin, and Faircloth from the new men made the outlook decidedly brighter. THE L. S. U. GAME. After a perliminary game with the Natchi- toches team the Normal journeyed to Baton Rouge to give battle to the Tigers. And a real battle it proved. The Tigers finally won by a score of 13 to 0. The second touchdown was scored almost as the final whistle sounded, and was the direct result of a blocked kick. LOUISIANA COLLEGE GAME. Before a large crowd assembled at the Central Louisiana Fair at Alexandria, the team played its first association game. Louisiana College showed considerable strength in this game, and it was only after the hardest kind of a struggle that Normal turned in a 20 to victory. The line plunging of Freeman and Walker and a 90- yard run for a touchdown by Chauvin featured the game. Many Normal rooters and friends were among the spectators and gave great sup- port to the team. THE L. P. I. GAME. The greatest game ever played on the Normal field and the greatest victory of the year was the scoreless tie with L. P. I. With a veteran team coached by Billie Dietz of Purdue Univer- sity fame, and with a weight advantage of about thirty pounds to the man, L. P. I. was figured to roll up a heavy score. But the Normal team played football as it should be played and the final result was a scoreless tie. Walker and Strange were injured in this game and were un- able to play against Centenary the following week. THE CENTENARY GAME. Before a large crowd at the State Fair the only association game lost went to Centenary by a score of 28 to 7. The loss of Strange and Walker was keenly felt, especially as Centenary had a weight advantage of thirteen pounds to the man and an almost unlimited number of substitutes available. Centenary scored early in the first quarter and was then held until the third quarter, when Normal ' s line, weakened by injuries, was unable to withstand the attack of Centenary ' s offense and three touchdowns were added. Normal ' s score came as the result of a fumble on an attempted pass by Farrell, Cen- tenary ' s flash, which was recovered by Landry, who raced 40 yards for a touchdown. The de- fensive work of Freeman w as especially promi- nent throughout the game. THE ARKANSAS AGGIES. One of the cleanest and most sportsmanlike teams ever seen on Normal field was that of the Agricultural School of Magnolia, Ark., which was defeated by Normal by the score of 26 to 0. The contest was not at any time close, as Normal scored soon after the game started and was never in danger. The score at the end of the first quarter was 19 to 0. The attack of the visitors was featured by the use of the for- ward pass. TULANE FRESHMAN GAME. On Armistice Day the Normal met a Tartar in the Freshmen of Tulane University, finally winning a hard contest by the score of 7 to 0. A fumble soon after the game started, aided by the excellent punting of the Freshmen, kept the Normal on the defensive throughout the first half. And the continued excellent punting, with effective line plays, gave the Freshmen the edge in the second half until near the close of the fourth period, when Coach rushed his re- serves into the fray and the touchdown and victory resulted. A fitting climax to the season was the 13 to 6 victory over our ancient but friendly rival, S. L. I., on Thanksgiving Day. Coach Mobley brought to Normal field a well coached team of veterans, especially adept at the passing game. They were opposed by a team not quite so ex- perienced, nor quite so adept at the passing game, but far superior in smashing line plays. Normal received the kick-off and by a series of irresistible line and off-tackle drives carried the ball within the shadow of the S. L. I. goal. A series of unfortunate penalties totaling 4 5 yards ruined the chances of a score and bo demoralized the team that S. L. I. w ith a well- timed and well executed forward pass attack succeeded in making their lone touchdown, but missed the try for point. Early in the third quarter Normal got the ball and again began a march to the goal which was not stopped until the last white line was passed by Walker, who followed Freeman eight yards off-tackle for a touchdown. Baker drop-kicked the goal on the try for point and the score was 7 to 6 in Normal ' s favor. And so it continued until the final moments of the game when a long forward pass, Couvillion to Freeman, an on-side kick with Freeman again on the receiv- ing end, put the ball within scoring distance. A forward pass to the goal line made as the whis- tle sounded, was intercepted by an S. L. I. back, who was tackled with such force that he fum- bled, and a Normal persey encircled the ball for a touchdown. Baker failed on the attempted drop kick for point and a great game ended 13 to 6. Perhaps the most pleasing feature of the season is the loyal wholehearted support ac- corded the team by students, alumni, faculty, and citizens of Natchitoches. Pleasing indeed were the banquets tendered to coach and team by President Roy after the L. P. I. game and by the Rotarians after the close of the season. The following earned the coveted football " N " and sweater for the season ' s play: Gauthier, Captain; Freeman; Walker; Bishop; Couvillion; Moreau; Faircloth; Suddath ; Prevost; Strange; Landry; Chauvin; Davis; and Baker. Others who did excellent work and deserve honorable mention although not participating in enough games to earn letters, are: Quarles, Stringer, Mangum, Simmons and Weaver. Tur- pin also did excellent work in non-association games in which he was eligible to play. With the expected return of several of this year ' s men and the increasing interest of Al- umni and friends of the Normal in athletics the future is full of promise. It would be the height of injustice and in- consideration if at this point no reference was made to the excellent scientific training given the available material, and to the all pervading inspiration afforded the players by their coach, H. Lee Prather, through whose manly influence and indefatigable efforts men of 2 or 3 years ' football experience were pitted with such splen- did showing against football players of many years ' experience, as hundreds have witnessed at the L. P. I. and Centenary games. To say that the entire Normal College is proud of Coach H. L. Prather, is putting it mildly, for he is looked up to not only as an expert athletic coach but as a man — every inch of him. L. S. N. IN ACTION AND REPOSE After Bucking the Tulane Freshmen Weaver Stringer Freeman Mangum Strange Prevost Gauthier Walker Simmons Quarles C. Moreau Davis Bishop Faircloth COUVILLION Turpin Baker Chauvin SUDDUTH Landry Coach Prather Basketball Squad Davis Smith Stafford C. Moreau Burch Tullos H. Hanchey Cheves K. Hanchey (Couvillion and Gauthier should have been photographed also.) Basketball The basketball season this year has been of very great interest because of the support and enthusiasm shown by the student body as a whole. The fight for places on the team was hard and bitter. The five men of last year ' s squad succeeded in being named the Varsity, but their places were hotly contested by six or seven other players. Due to Coach Prather ' s illness, the spirit of co-operation did not manifest itself through- out the season. However, we consider the season highly successful because of our splendid showing against other strong teams in the state. One of the hardest series was that against Centenary, the Normal losing two in Shreveport and two at home, but at no time during any of the four games was the Centenary quintet entirely out of danger. Marshall College was defeated by the Varsity and substitputes without any unusual effort. Jefferson College came to Normal with a strong fast team, but were subdued in two lively games. The claws of the Louisiana College Wildcats were neatly trimmed for two out of the four-game series, one game at home and one at Pineville being won by Normal. We succeeded in getting the much-fought-over " goat " of our most heated rival, Southwestern, for three out of the four-game series, the winning of which gives us much satisfaction because of the rivalry which exists between us. M. C. C. Basketball Team Viola Thayer, Captain Forward Gertrude Thayer Guard Vera Bankston (Sub.) Forward Lucy Tubre Guard Hazel Patterson Running Center Rhettie Tyler (Sub.) Center Lucille Higdon (Sub.) Guard Gladys Burk halter Jumping Center Corinne Chatelaine Forward E. L. S. Basketball Team Contenders for Championship Cassie Denson, Captain Running Center Clara Belle Brunson Forward Katie Kavanaugh (Sub.) Running Center Mearine Chambers Guard Bessie Frey Guard Vivian Fortson (Sub.) Guard Myrtle Smith Jumping Center Ophelia Williams (Sub.) Jumping Center Ella May Odom Forward C. L. C. Basketball Team Vivian Jones, Captain Jumping Center Mildred Martin Running Center Ruth Jones (Sub.) Running Center Norma Duhe Forward Edna McDonald Guard Maude Cole (Sub.) Guard Mildred Stephens Forward Nena Plant (Sub.) Forward Lillian DeLaune Guard S. A. K. Basketball Team Alma Stafford, Captain Guard Ruth Smith Forward Edna Chance (Sub.) Guard Leona Jordan (Sub.) Running Center Auline Whittington Running Center Clara Belle Moore (Sub.) Forivard Beatrice Buck Guard Maurine Garrett Jumping Center Alt ha Littell Forward THE CRICKETS (faculty) lost to THE LIGHTNING BUGS (students). ' w ' «a » ? " n vw DC Q - %{ H X Oi H- 1 k 1__ ■» PL, 5 GO CO 1 %- 1 U 1 1— 1 ® J 5 UJ 1 a, § e Oh W X 1 H I- I o -I Ll CO z o _l HI 0. HI X H H Z 0. _l a: 5 LU DC L. a. o Camp Fire OHELO! That symbolic sound has penetrated into the depths and resounded in the very crevices of Normal Hill. Camp Fire is spreading its arms out far and wide, and it has touched Normal College and there left great enthusiasm for its growth. A visit of Miss Edith Kempthorne from the National Head- quarters of the Camp Fire Girls created a great interest in the Camp Fire Organization at Normal. That interest manifestated itself in a course organized in the Physical Training Department. It was offered during the summer, under the leadership of Miss Thelma Zelenka. The course was enjoyed by fifty-two young women of the summer school and proved so successful that it was given a definite place in the curriculum. It was given primarily to train leaders who would organize Camp Fire throughout the state. The course consisted of lectures on Camp Fire Organization, a study and actual performance of the activities of Camp Fire, with demonstrations of the working of the different crafts of the organization. The range is as broad as life. The Law of the Camp Fire Girls, namely : " Seek Beauty; Give Service; Pursue Knoivledge; Be Trustworthy ; Hold On to Health; Glorify Work;and Be Happy! " leads towards the goal of balanced, efficient young womanhood. An organi- zation with a program like that deserves a place in every high school, junior or senior, in the land and should be encouraged. Normal College is encouraging it and training leaders to help spread its ideals among the young girls of the state. Normal College fosters those ideals of the Camp Fire which make for better womanhood, which emphasize the dignity of work as a primary con- dition of happiness, the necessity of keeping in good health as a personal duty and as an essential to success in any field, and the spirit of comrade- ship as a condition of happiness. The beautiful surroundings of Normal Hill afford an appropriate back- ground for Camp Fire scenes and Council Fires. The class last summer enjoyed one hike out into the woods, and much fun in cooking. The course culminated in an attractive Council Fire at which Camp Fire honors were conferred. Camp Fire upholds the true American ideal and articulates perfectly with the conception of modern education. It reinforces the teachings of the school by practice outside of school hours. It offers specific Americani- zation honors and honors in patriotism, which supplement school training. In view of the nobleness of the results of Camp Fire work, Normal College has included it among its many activities. ■ k Zk S . v - ■-! wm Ki £ ft S-- ' «J PO! , ¥imm ?i J ' . . » »■ ! m 1 p i 1 1 w 1 1 sifefi! So-- . 3 l ' v 1 1 111 til ■ 4 $S$t , " : ' €- € ■- ' . :■ m gflg ' jW pr __ ___ ;.« fcSi ■ »3 ... " • 1 :;■ - I: m f ■ ' 3 W8. x4 L k tfiGM ' l Isfifc -% ' Ul .1 a f B jFgsjir ' r » v- m ■ +■ A- »• ■■ ' £ ; ' if fit VN.f «W.f —-—-— n m Maskers Make Merry on Normal Hill HE CARNIVAL FETE in the gymnasium, under the auspices of the Physical Training Department, far surpassed in brilliancy and enthusiasm any other student activity given at Normal College. The chatter of maskers was broken by the sound of a trumpet. The herald, Miss Belle LeBlanc, pro- claimed, " Day by day in every way the Normal is growing better and better " . Next he announced the arrival of the king of the Normal Realm; then that of his queen with her maids. The king entered with his dukes, preceded by the page, who carried the jeweled scepter on a satin pillow. The page was little Miss Mary Kathlyn Caffery, who looked charming in her page suit of blue and gold, and a pretty black hat with beautiful blue plume. The king was Mr. Folse Gauthier, who wore a regal costume of much elegance, and a crown of jewels on his curled wig. The queen was Miss Wylma Pierson, one of the prettiest girls at Normal. She wore a beautiful gown of white satin with side draperies of real lace and a graceful panel that hung down the front. Her girdle was braided with pearls, and strings of pearls hung from it. The waist was studded with pearls, and pearls were draped on her shoulders. Her robe, nine yards long, was made of cloth of gold embroidered with rhinestones and pearls in pretty flower designs. A collar of beautiful gold lace stood up gracefully behind, with strings of pearls hanging in the form of a cape. The maids were Misses Lucille Appleby, Doris Franklin. Lillian Schexnayder, Ge rvais Trichel, Mary King, Ida Mae Knighton, Eva Rathbun, Effie Hood, Lucille Kennon and Emily Gaiennie. They wore gowns of beautiful colors. As the maids approached, the dukes stepped forth to meet them, in costumes of brilliant hues. These were: Messrs. Ashton Coco, Murphy Davis, Curry Couvillion, Nick Brown, Tom Baker, W. L. Reding, Alton Burch, Carlos Moreau, Freddie Smith, and Walter Pierron. The tableaux were scenes from fairyland. The subjects of the first tableau was, " Where are you going my pretty maid- " The maids were Misses Inez Hinton. Earline Rogers, Louise de la Houssaye, Ollie Lee, Mary Warren, and Myrtle Thayer. The parts of men were acted by Misses Blanche Toy, Lorine Childe, Lucille Reiber, Maurine Garrett, Pauline Dunlap, and Lucille Houston. The maids looked coquettish in their fluffy tarlatan skirts of bright colors and black bodices with tiny white net waists show- ing above the black. The men wore black bloomers with smocks of blue and tan, and hats cocked to one side of the head. Mistress Mary and her flower garden of " silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row " formed the next picture. Mistress Mary, Miss Celeste Regard, wore a costume of pink tarlatan with ruffles of pale lavender. The pretty flowers were dressed in attractive costumes of crepe paper cut into petals. The red rose was Miss Concetta Piraro; pink carnation, Miss Elizabeth Drake; yellow tulip, Miss Ray Alice Streeck; poppy of golden hue, Miss Mildred Martin; blue bell, Miss Viole Perry; modest violet, Miss Thelma Rush; Ruth Smith was the green foliage which added splendor to the flowers. Miss Marjorie Addington, of Shreveport, gave a Spanish dance by special request. The herald announced " Aladdin " , who appeared holding his wonderful lamp. Miss Jewel Dean made a very pretty Aladdin in her Chinese suit of yellow decorated with Chinese symbols of black satin. She bowed pracefully before the king and queen and rubbed her lamp. At that instant seven maidens appeared, dressed in Oriental costumes. They were Misses Gladys Le Jeune, Vivian Le Doux, Ruth Marie Besson, Hazel Woodard, Elise Hautot, Annie Kate Smith, and Amy Gates. They wore purple tunics over long bloomers made of cloth of gold. Boleros, Turkish girdles, and beaded head bands completed the costumes. Confetti was distributed among the maskers, and the orchestra began music for the grand march, which was led by Misses Gladys Breazeale and Thelma Zelenka. Each masker passed in review before the king and queen, bowing as he passed. Two prizes were awarded, one for the prettiest costume, the other for the cleverest. Miss La Vergne Williams won the former; Miss Aetna Elkins the latter. The prize costume that Miss Williams wore was of lavender tarlatan made in colonial style with three fluffy skirts and a tight-fitting basque, which came to a point in front. She had a beautiful corsage of sweet peas of delicate shades. Sweet peas were grouped in bunches on the skirt. The top of the waist was finished with pretty ruffles that fell off the shoulders. She wore a very becoming poke bonnet lined with peas and tied with a pretty bow under the chin. She carried an old-fashioned bouquet of sweet peas, with a pretty paper frill. Miss Sarah Gueno was one of the prettiest maskers in her dainty frock of lavender tarlatan. The beauty of the old gym., the loveliness of the costumes worn by the guests, the general atmosphere of richness and beauty, and the carnival spirit will ever be pleasant memories. —THELMA ZELENKA. THE QUEEN— Miss Wyima Pierson Li] Z w o ID z o oc X H z LU Q DC O (T UJ O LU I- )ii t » i H . h Q Ul • z - o s 2 3 • co • CO z MISS LAVERGNE WILLI AMS— Prettiest Costume MISS SARAH GUENO— Attractively Dressed ! -carLSM. ! ERNEST LANDRY AETNA ELKINS W- 2 iii i J " ! !WML fw " 1 c Freshman Flapper ' s Frenzied Fiction (Letters by Lillian Noel) DEAREST PEG: I ' ve reached the much-talked-of Normal at last. I ' m simply wild about the place. It ' s absolutely gorgeous, and we can do just anything we please. Let me start at the very beginning. First, Mr. Roy, the president of this college, met us at the station in a Cole-S. He had two of the best looking boys with him that I ever saw. One was his son (that ' s the one I was with), and he ' s awfully good looking. There ' s a large dance pavilion between " A " and " B " dormitories, and when we arrived there was a big dance going on, given by S. A. K. frat. The decorations were simply beautiful, and they had the best jazz band, and oh! Peg, the most wonderful evening dresses you ever saw in your life. And, Peg, I ' ve been taken into C. L. C. sorority, and I ' m so thrilled. These moonlight nights certainly don ' t go to waste up here, because Mr. Roy is so good. He lets us have his car just any time we want it, and he furnishes the gas and everything. And, besides that, he told us that whenever we wanted to give parties, his parlors were at our disposal. Isn ' t that sweet, Peg? I ' m so glad I have bobbed hair, for Mr. Roy just adores girls with bobbed hair and short skirts. In fact, that ' s the way to make a hit with him. You just ought to see the good looking boys up here. And they are so nice. Why, Peg, I ' m so sick of candy the Normal boys sent me that I don ' t want to see a candy box ever again. Most of them have the dearest racers and just take us out riding all the time. I met the best looking boy up here. His name is Kermit, and he ' s so wonderful. He just rushes me to death and has a Marmon racer, and, Peg, he ' s perfectly gorgeous. (I really believe he ' s beat Jack ' s time.) Well, Peg, I must stop, because Kermit is waiting outside our dormitory for me. We ' re going horseback riding in the pine woods. I hear him whistling now. That means I must go. Write to me, Peg, lots of times. Love, LILL. MY DARLING JACK: I just wish I could be with you right now, ' cause I ' m so awfully lonesome for you. I ' ll be so glad when Christmas comes to be with you again, Jack. I ' m almost starved for candy, Jack. I wish I had that " Whitman Sampler " you gave me when I left, but course that ' s all gone now. Jack, there are just lots of cute boys up here, and they just smile at me when I pass them, but, Jack, I just turn up my head and don ' t even speak to them. I simply can ' t study a-tall. All I do is to sit and think of you, dear — I have your picture right in front of me all the time, and each night I dream of you the whole night through. Jack, dearest, I do love you oh, so very, very much, and I can ' t help crying at times ' cause I miss you lots. I must go now, dear, but I could sit and write to you forever. Lots and lots of love, from Your LIL. SWEET MAMMA: I ' m so lonesome and blue, and I don ' t want to stay up here another minute. Please send me the money to come home on, because I simply can ' t stay any longer. And, Mamma, I ' m almost starved. I want some fried chicken and lemon cake, and can ' t you send some oysters to make a cocktail? And send some chili and every- thing you can think of. Oh yes! Mamma, I just must have two new dresses and a hat. And, Mamma, please send me another pair of $5 hose like those you bought me just before I left. Really, Mamma, there is no more news; so I reckon I ' ll say bye-bye. Bushels of love from your homesick little girlie, LILLIAN. Louisiana State University AND Agricultural and Mechanical College BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA Thomas D. Boyd, A. M., LL. D., President To Louisiana Young Men and Young Women:- Your State University offers you general advantages second to none ; it offers you special advantages the best of all. General educational advantages may be had at any first-rate institution ; the additional assets of life-long associations and friendships are gained only at one ' s State University. L. S. U. men and women are rich in knowledge ; they are richer in associations and friendships. You, as a Louisianian, very likely expect to spend your life in Louisiana. The place, then, for you to go for your higher education is the Louisiana State University. L. S. U., rich in service, rich in tradition, rich in the record of her alumni, is entering upon an era of even greater usefulness and achievement. With the completion of the magnificent new plant, now in course of construction, your State University will offer you advantages unexcelled. The time to enter is the present, that you may be among that host of your fellow Louisianians who will soon take possession of this splendid new home in which Louisiana ' s sons and daughters will be nurtured and enlightened and then sent forth into the State to continue the constructive leadership in community, parish, and State affairs now in the able hands of those who have already gone forth from L. S. U. ' s bosom. For the general catalogue or special information about any department, write us. THE REGISTRAR, University Station, Baton Rouge, La. Foster Glassell Company (LIMITED) Wholesale Grocers and Cotton Factors NATCHITOCHES, LA. SHREVEPORT, LA. Pike ' s Peak " Sweet 16 " Perfection Heliotrope Dauntless FLOUR -If you have not been giving us your business, you do not know what service means. -We want your business. We ship by motor boats to all points on Cane River each week. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS FOR J AX — It Satisfies — Telephones 161 - 432 J. L. Baker, Manager Crystal Ice Bottling Company Telephone 52 Telephone 52 NATCHITOCHES, LA. Drink. cm W ' IN BOTTLES Delicious and Refreshing l!llll!ll!lllll!llllllllllllll!lilllllilllllilH Robert J. Phillips Insurance Agent ALL KINDS Telephones Nos. 8, 455, and 233 NATCHITOCHES, LA. nilll!lllll!ll!l|l J. A. Styron Engraving Company SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA -Wedding Invitations, Announcements, Cards, and Fine Stationery. -Personal Greeting Cards for Christmas and the New Year. Special prices on Invitations and Cards. —WRITE US— A BIG, WELL-ASSORTED STOCK OF DEPENDABLE HARDWARE SO NEAR YOU IS A CONVENIENCE AND A SAVING IN SUPPLYING YOUR WANTS. Hardware, Mill Supplies, Agricultural Implements, Western Road Machinery, Paints, Oils, Sporting Goods, Cutlery. " Let BROWN-ROBERTS Be Your Warehouse " Brown-Roberts Hardware Supply Co. WHOLESALE ONLY ALEXANDRIA, LA. Exchange Bank (ORGANIZED 1892) CAPITAL, SURPLUS, AND UNDIVIDED PROFITS $156,000.00 A. W. Watson, President J. S. Stephens, Vice-President T. G. Barnes, Cashier L. P. Cloutier, Assistant Cashier G. H. Himel, Assistant Cashier OUR CUSTOMERS RECEIVE THE BEST SERVICE AND BANKING FACILITIES. If you are wise, you will learn to Save! Schuster ' s Wholesale Produce Co. " QUALITY— OUR MOTTO " WHOLESALE FRUITS, PRODUCE and COMMISSION MERCHANTS 508 Commerce Street Telephone No. 983 WE BUY AND SELL FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES IN AND OUT OF SEASON — Telegraph, Telephone, or Write — SCHUSTER ' S Shreveport : : Louisiana Your Correspondence Paper iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH — Should be selected with the same care and good taste you use in selecting your clothing. It should be distinctive and at the same time have that air of quality and refinement that is associated with persons of good breeding and education. — Made in all styles to suit each individual; you will find your particular style of Correspondence Paper among the many that are now on display at the Normal Book Store LET YOUR STATIONERY REFLECT YOUR PERSONALITY. We Handle Montag ' s Fine Paper INSTITUTIONS DESIROUS OF PROCURING AN APPRECIABLE SAVING ON THE BET- TER GRADES OF FOOD HAVE PLACED THEIR STAMP OF APPROVAL ON Edelweiss Food Products THE EVER INCREASING NUMBER OF IN- STITUTIONS SPECIFYING THIS BRAND YEAR AFTER YEAR, EVIDENCE ITS HON- EST MERIT, AND HAVE MADE IT THE ACCEPTED INSTITUTIONAL STANDARD (§ § §) §) § John Sexton Company Wholesale Grocers CHICAGO MIMIi:illlllMIIIIMIIMIIIIMMIMirilMllllllllllil|i|IIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIMMI ' llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllill|ill|i|i:il ' lilllllMIM|i||l|i|IIIIIIIMMIIIIMIMIIIIIIIII!l Designated Depository of the Normal College Alumni Association, Normal College, Police Jury, Parish of Natchitoches, Parish of Natchitoches School Board, and the City of Natchitoches. Identified ivith all Progressive, Public, and Charitable Movements of the Parish. Capital Stock, paid in $30,000.00 Undivided Profits, all earned .... $60,000.00 CHECKING ACCOUNTS SOLICITED Savings Accounts, Interest Paid Semi-Annually — Interest Paid on Time Deposits. We Want Your Business! The Peoples Bank Perfect Baking Results The first essential of success in home baking is to employ a leavener that is pure and dependable — one that raises evenly and gives the bread and cake the right texture and appetizing appearance. The purity, uniform strength and perfect keeping qualities of RUMFORD THE WHOLESOME BAKING POWDER insures whiter, sweeter, lighter cake and hot breads — it raises the baking just right and restores the health-giving properties which fine wheat flour loses in the process of milling. Try RUMFORD next baking day, and you will know why prominent food experts commend it as a healthful and economi- cal leavener. Every housewife should have a copy of " The Rum ford Way of Cookery and Household Economy " , by Janet Mc-Kenzie Hill and Christine Frederick. We will send it free upon request. • • Rumford Company Providence, R. I. To those folks who appreciate quality to such extent that they are satisfied with nothing but the best of everything, this message is directed. ...QUALITY... We have come a long way down the ages since the time when we made our own soap, knit our own socks, spun our own yarn. This is an age of effic- iency. An age, too, when quality counts. In the matter of food, particularly, quality is paramount. Reichert ' s Perfection Flour A whole-wheat, beautifully milled product, adapt- able to the plainest or the most elaborate recipe. Ideal for fancy breads and pastries, cakes and biscuit. The expression of quality in terms of flour. Pike ' s Peak " Tailor-Made " Flour In this flour, the leavening is mixed in just the right proportions to insure perfect success in every venture. A time-saver, too. And its quality is its chief asset. Mrs. Turner ' s Shortening To any recipe employing either of the above flours use MRS. TUCKER ' S SHORTENING, even as a substitute for butter. A 100 percent vegetable shortening. NOT a " compound " . Economical and satisfactory. — Distributed By — Foster Glassell Co., Ltd. WHOLESALE GROCERS SHREVEPORT NATCHITOCHES S. Aaron, President V. L. Roy, Vice-Pres. Merchants and Farmers Bank ESTABLISHED IN 1913 Capital and Surplus, $70,000.00 NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA We Will Appreciate a Share of Your Business. V lllll|M) The Avoyelles Wholesale Grocery Co. LIMITED Alexandria, La. Ville Platte, La. Eunice, La. Bunkie, La. Natchitoches, La. Snow Drift Fiddle Bow Pied Pipe? ' Flour- GDI Red Star Roasted Coffee Green Coffee Rice Groceries —WE SELL TO MERCHANTS ONLY- Natchitoches Transfer Company Phone 440 The Hughes Dry Goods Co. " The Home of Good Clothes " WALKOVER AND QUEEN QUALITY SHOES JJw 7JV v » IF IT ' S Wearing Apparel for Men and Women WE HAVE IT— vjw w Front St., next to Exchange Bank Telephone No. 101 C. H. Rogers " The Meat Man " FRESH PORK, BEEF, MUTTON, VEAL, AND SAUSAGES. — Wholesale and Retail — We Meat the NORMAL— Why Not YOU? NATCHITOCHES, LA. Telephone 363 Telephone 363 THE ANNEX " THE EXCLUSIVE LADIES ' SHOP " -The Place Where Style, Quality and Women Meet- NEXT DOOR TO OUR DRY GOODS STORE- Telephone No. 160 Jensen Ba nihil 1 Telephone 160 Telephone 160 NATCHITOCHES, LA. The Ch as. H. Elliot Company UNUSUAL CREATIONS IN ENGRAVING AND PRINTING School and College Stationers and Jewelers —IDEAS, SERVICE, AND QUALITY— We make the Rings and Society Pins for the State Normal College. LET US SERVE YOU! Consumer ' s Biscuit Company NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA The Best of Cakes, Crackers, and Candies OUR STOCK IS ALWAYS FRESH— BAKED HOURLY. IF YOU WANT QUALITY AND SERVICE, YOU WILL ASK FOR CONSUMERS Hensgen-Peters-Smith Company Importers and Wholesalers of Food Products HOME OFFICE: ST. LOUIS EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORS OF INSTITUTION, HOTEL, RESTAURANT, AND CLUB SUPPLIES. At-Last-A, Chic, Trabon and H. P. S. Brands are without equal. St. Louis as a distributing point is the best in the United States. Cudahy ' s fitan TheTasteTells McHTlS The Cudahy Packing Co. Standard Bakery THE BAKERY FOR QUALITY AND QUANTITY -Raisin Bread, Whole Wheat Bread — and the best of Bread, Rolls, Cakes and Pies baked every day. -We deliver to all parts of town. We furnish the Normal College their bread. J. J. Johnson, Mgr. NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA Louisiana State Normal College NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA Serves Teachers, Superintendents, Supervisors, Schools, Communities, and Churches Through THE DIVISION OF EXTENSION DEPARTMENTS OF Correspondence Study Extension Classes Visual Instruction School Service Home Reading Courses Institutes Teachers ' Appointment WRITE FOR THE BULLETIN WHICH TELLS HOW. Libby, McNeal Libby The Recognized Quality Products Canned Fish, Meats, Vegetables, Milk, and Fruits. There is No Guess in Buying LIBBY ' S FOOD PRODUCTS THE QUALITY IS CANNED IN THE CAN. Discriminating Housewives Always Call for LIBBY ' S ! IT TAKES FAR JlNDJWIDE Geography for Beginners By Edith Porter Shepherd Principal of Warren and Avalon Park Schools, Chicago, 111. Just adopted by Texas and Montana as a third grade basal text, also by leading cities, such as Chicago; New York; Philadelphia; Los Angeles, California ; Springfield, Massachusetts ; Rochester and Niagara Falls, New York ; Trenton, New Jersey ; Opelousas, La. ; St. Landry and Webster Parishes, Louisiana, have adopted it; also, hundreds of small towns all over the country. Why? Because the book with its interesting text and pictures is a happy introduction to geography and a joy to the child. Send for Descriptive Folder with Illustrated Sample Pages. Rand M9Nally Company 536 E. CLARK ST. CHICAGO, ILL. MORRIS AARON, President D. W. BREAZEALE, Vice-President J. B. PRESSBURG, Secretary-Manager Natchitoches Motor Company, Ltd. PROMPT - EFFICIENT - RELIABLE Ford : Fordson : Accessories Authorized Dealers — FORD — Sales and Service Authorized Dealers — Fordson Tractors -x- " DRIVE IN " FILLING STATION Night and Day Service Cor. Front Lafayette Sts. NATCHITOCHES, LA. IN NATCHITOCHES It ' s The People ' s Hardware Furniture Company " The Winchester Store " v 4 - -jw JjW EDISON AND COLUME1A PHONOGRAPHS New Records on Sale Twice Monthly Shreveport Potato Chip Peanut Co. Manufacturing Wardlaw ' s Products Shreveport, La. VENDING MACHINES SALTED PEANUTS SHELLED PECANS POTATO CHIPS We Sell to the State Normal College State Normal College V L. ROY, President NATCHITOCHES. LOUISIANA March 14, 1923. Louis Grunewald Company, Inc., 733 Canal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. Dear Sirs: The State Normal College is using 18 Steinway pianos, including a Concert Grand. These pianos have given the highest satisfaction. Some of them have been in use several hours daily for forty-six weeks per year during the last thir- teen years and are still in excellent condition. Very truly yours, V. L. Roy, President. VLR SM W. F. Taylor Company (Incorporated) Wholesale Grocers TELEPHONE No. 166 (at our expense) OUR TERMS— ALWAYS " CASH " Our Mail, Telephone, Telegraph and Service Answers Your Command. NATCHITOCHES — Two Houses- SHREVEPORT A FEW NATIONALLY KNOWN BRANDS WE CONTROL Delmonte Canned Fruits Hart Canned Vegetables Dunbar ' s Molasses Rosebud Matches Gold Leaf Flour Hirsch ' s Pickles Condiments Sweet Pure Flour Calendar Flow- United Auto Casings Western Ammunition Red Crown Meats, Jellies and Jams Van Camp ' s Soups Clint Ford Cigars Burnett ' s Extracts Temple Garden Extracts, Spices " Nucoa " Cliquot Club and Shivar ' s Ginger Ale Bird Brand Shortening F. F. Hansell Bro., Ltd, School, Office, Church and Auditorium Furniture ; Filing Devices and Loose-Leaf Outfits; School and Office Supplies ; Books Stationery. CARONDELET STREET NEW ORLEANS : : LOUISIANA Crawford, Jenkins Booth, Ltd. Fine Biscuits SHREVEPORT, LA. Wholesale Grocers and Cotton Factors Vories Baking DISTRIBUTORS Company —of Royal No. 10 Soft Wheat, Snow Drift Soft Wheat, Fiddle Bow and Leader Self-Rising Flours. DEALERS — In Lime and Cement. NEW ORLEANS, LA. Oklahoma City Mill Elevator Co. MILLERS AND GRAIN DEALERS Oklahoma City, Okla. MAKERS OF tha t good " Heliotrope " Flour IT TAKES THE GUESS OUT OF BISCUIT MAKING -For Sale By — Foster Glassell Co., Ltd. SHREVEPORT, LA. NATCHITOCHES, LA. If It ' s Baseball Goods, Tennis Goods, Fishing Tackle, Athletic Equipment, or Anything in Sporting Goods, WE HAVE IT! Rapides Sporting Goods Co., Inc. ALEXANDRIA, LA. Calumet Tea Coffee Company 409-411 W. Huron St. CHICAGO e— oo oo — IMPORTERS OF Teas and Coffees i — 00 00 — J Distributors of BROSIA MEALS Brown Coal Company MEMPHIS, TENN. •K • Miners and Shippers of the Best Grades of Steam and Domestic COAL TT 7T 7T 7S " — Wire or Write Us for Prices and Freight Rates — For Your School Annual — For Your Commencement Invi- tations — For any kind of Fine Engrav- ing or Printing — — Write — Chronicle Publishing Co. Alexandria, La. Southern Coal Co. (Incorporated) Miners and Shippers of High Grade Steam and Domestic COAL — 1417-22 Bank of Commerce and Trust Bldg. MEMPHIS, TENN. The New Orleans Seafood Co. Producers -Wholesalers n □ Fish Oysters Shrimp Turtles Crabs Crabmeat Frogs, Etc. □ □ NEW ORLEANS, LA. H. J. Heinz Co. Anything That Is HEINZ Is Safe To Buy! Texas Paper Co. DALLAS, TEXAS Manufacturers of Wrapping Paper Paper Bags Paper Boxes Sales Books Paper Specialties " Satisfactory for 39 Years " Campbell ' s Merit Bread and CAPITAL CAKES STANDARDS OF QUALITIES Sold by Grocers □ □ □ □ Campbell Baking Company Shreveport, La. E. C. Mounce Jewelry Company, Inc. Watchmakers Jewelers Engravers Opticians ALEXANDRIA, LA. We make new things of old, in Silver, Platinum and Gold. Interstate Electrical Company ANY AND EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL We will Appreciate Your Business. SHREVEPORT, LA. Simmons Oil and Refining Co. (Incorporated) PETROLEUM AND ITS PRODUCTS To Be Sure of the Best- Buv Our Products. General Office: WARD BUILDING Shreveport, La. Goode Cage Drug Company Shreveport, Louisiana WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS COMPLIMENTS OF Goode Cage Drug Co. (Incorporated) Young ' s Transfer FORDS— THAT GO AND RETURN We give the Service that the Traveling Public has the right to expect — Telephones : Office, 42 Residence, 267 Natchitoches, La. Leopold Levy Son GENERAL MERCHANDISE WE HANDLE $SIX SHOES FOR MEN Phone 612 614 Front St. NATCHITOCHES, LA. SAM KASSED " JUNK DEALER " □ □ New and Second-Hand Furniture BOUGHT and SOLD □ □ We ' ll Tan Your Hides " □ □ Third Street Phone 368 Natchitoches, La. Norris Cash Grocery Where Cash Buys For Less EVERYTHING TO EAT Natchitoches, La. Front St. Phona 366 L. H. Jonnson Dealer In General Merchandise Peters Shoes a Specialty Florsheim Shoes for Men NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA. LET G. F. Thomas WRITE YOUR INSURANCE All Kinds Known to Man Phone 326 Phone 352 Natchitoches, La. PRINTING! The Worth While Kind WE PRINT ANYTHING EXCEPT MONEY AND STAMPS — Send Us Your Orders — Natchitoches Times C. M. Cunningham Proprietor The Wemp Hotel American Plan SHORT ORDER BREAKFAST Visit Our Lunch Counter NICE CLEAN, AND MODERN Front Street Natchitoches Adopted for exclusive use by the State of Louisiana Grave ' s Muscular Writing A Graded Course in Penmanship Books I to VIII and the Teacher ' s Manual Within the two and a half years since their publication, these new books have been adopted for use in more Southern schools than all of their competitors combined. It is be- lieved that they have received wider recognition than any other books by .1 Southern author. W. S. Benton Co. Publishers AUSTIN, TEXAS F. F. Hansell Bros. Distributors NEW ORLEANS, LA. N. B. — Re-adcpted for five years ' use in Texas, December 8, 1922. Southern School Book Depository, Inc. Wholesale School and College Text Books Box 1064 DALLAS, TEXAS BANQUET BRAND PRODUCTS MACARONI SPAGHETTI NOODLES VERMICELLI Wholesome and Nourishing Made from the Best Wheat America Grows BY THE Shreveport Macaroni Manufacturing Co. SHREVEPORT, LA. " The School and College produces the best Home makers — and Frost- Pine Quality- Lumber makes the best Homes. " Frost Johnson Lumber Company CAMPTI, LOUISIANA M. L. Bath Co (Limited) Manufacturing Stationers Printing Lithographing Embossing Office Furniture Fixtures Filing Systems Shreveport, Louisiana for Sheet Music and Books GO TO The G. Schirmer Music Co. AT Grunewald ' s, 733 Canal St. New Orleans, La. □ □ □ □ Teachers ' and Pupils ' Materials a Specialty when you want the real thing in Sport Equipment YOU INSTINCTIVELY THINK OF 130 Carondelet St. NEW ORLEANS LA. A CHOCOLATE BISCUIT deliciously filled with a smooth vanil- la sugar cream, the combination of which is known only in SUNSHINE HYDROX BISCUITS MADE by Loose-Wiles Biscuit Co. (Branches in over 100 Cities) LIEBER ' S Front Street □ □ — We have Suits that suit. — We order Suits that fit. — We sell most everything to wear. □ □ OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT! Winbarg Brothers STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES wjw JJv JJw Everything for Feasts, Lunches and Sandwiches. Jv Tf wJV Telephone Nos. 33 and 136 NATCHITOCHES, LA. McClung Dru Company Drugs Stationery Soda Water Ice Cream Candy Kodak Films Telephone No. 361 NATCHITOCHES, LA. LEVY DRUG COMPANY " THE REX ALL STORE " Stationery and Toilet Articles " 93 " Hair Tonic TELEPHONE No. 131 Edgar Levy D. L. Suddath Amuzu Theatre LEVY SUDDATH Managers Seating Capacity, 600 GET THE HABIT! It ' s a Good One. BUY YOUR Shoes, Dry Goods and Furnishings FROM Chas. Unter Son The One-Price Store 408-410 Front St. NATCHITOCHES, LA. S. A. Dipaola DEALER IN Groceries, Fruit and Confectioneries. TRANSFER FOR FREIGHT Shoes Repaired by a Goodyear Machine. Natchitoches, Louisiana James B. Tucker Insurance, Brokerage, and Real Estate Notary Public Telephone Nos. : Office, 99 Residence, 141 NATCHITOCHES, LA. Antoine Ackel Dealer in General Merchandise v v v 4 v » 4 v Country Produce Bought and Sold rjn rin rjn 4- v t v -J- 130 Jefferson St. NATCHITOCHES, LA. Sam Maggio Groceries and Confectioneries —OF ALL KINDS— Expert Shoe Repairing Shoes Called For and Delivered Natchitoches, Louisiana S. H. Kaffie FOR ANY AND EVERYTHING -We carry the most complete line of Dress Goods in this city. Also, we sell School Supplies and Notions. -We are agents for the Paul Jones Middy Blouses and the Munsingwear Underwear. Special attention given Mail Orders. Paul A. Ducournau -Insurance and Real Estate — Front Street Phone 157 P. 0. Box 223 Natchitoches, La. The Station Cafe Near T. P. Depot Regular Meals Quick Lunches Best Coffee in town Phone 385 Natchitoches J. D. Rusca - W. T. Cunningham Rusca Cunningham Attorney s-at-Law 203 St. Dennis Street Natchitoches, Louisiana Dr. J. W. McCook — Dentist — □ Office : Exchange Bank Bldg. Telephones 269 and 149 Natchitoches, La. Lays Candy Kitchen —In our new place on Front Street we serve the best Ice Cream. -And we make the best Home- made Candy and such other specialties as we are famed for. Natchitoches, La. Courthouse Barber Shop Where you receive First-Class Work and Courteous Treatment. across the street from the courthouse Jim Dipaloa ' s Garage Automobile Bicycle Repairing Phone 329 Jefferson St. NEAR T. P. DEPOT Scroggins Transfer Natchitoches, La. When you want to Travel, Call SCROGGINS! Telephone 362 Voiers Hyams PRESSING CLUB — Cleaning, Pressing, Alterations — Men ' s and Ladies ' Coats Relined. Order from us and Save from $5 to $10 on a Suit. TELEPHONE No. 333 The Gift Shop Fresh Candies and Cold Drinks are always served. The unusual little gift for a friend is sure to be found here. In the AMUZU BUILDING Igleharts The Leading Variety Store Telephone 287 Front St. A. DeBlieux Son —ALWAYS THE NEWEST— Milliner and Ladies Ready-To- Wear Telephone 186 Front St. The Peoples Barber Shop Good Work Quickly done Give Us a Call Hedges Building Prudhomme ' s Store General Merchandise, Staple and Fancy Groceries Telephone 105 Front St. Carver Scarborough Attorney-At-Law Telephone 114 Jeff Aaron ' s Transfer We Give the Service the Public Asks For Telephones 312-108 Natchitoches, La. C. L. Nelms —THE RELIABLE JEWELER— Hedges Building Let Us Repair Your Jewelry J . O. Gunter Attorney- At-Laiv, Notary Live Oak Building Natchitoches, La. C. B. McClung Attorney-At-Law Hedges Building NATCHITOCHES, LA. The Natchitoches Enterprise " A HOME PAPER " Official Organ City, Parish and School Board Job Work, Printing and Engraving Particular Work for Particular People Mrs. C. L. Breazeale, Editor and Proprietor City Drug Co. —PHARMACISTS— Telephone 43 The Service Garage (Incorporated) DURANT MOTORS INC. Durant Star Cars St. Dennis St. Telephone 335 Pullin ' s Garage Repair and Recharge Batteries We Weld Anything Any Time Phone 417 Washington st. Mrs. P. C. Rogers ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE INN HOTEL MILLINERY AND KINDRED LINES Palace Market Everything in the Meat Line Country Produce Bought and Sold Telephone 379 JOHN GARZA, Proprietor ROY J. BEARD, Pres., Sales Mgr. H. C. TAYLOR, V. Pres., Gen ' l Mgr C. T. SKAINS, Sec, Mgr. Eng. Dept. TAR ENGRAVING HOUSTON -FORT WORTH TEXAS THE SOUTH ' S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF (HottttttPttrnttrttt 3ttuttatttma •prngrattta (Elaaa SUttga anil Pitta iHrfoala m b iEtttblntta jFratrrttttg dlrmrlrtj 9tplmttaa att (Errttfiratpa ll lll lll lH lll lll lll lllg lll lll lll lllg lll llltaillgalllgilll lll lllfl i iii iiiwiii iiiwiiiwiii iiiwiiiwiiiwiiwiii iii iii iiiwiiiwiii iii iii iii iii iiia J. M. ALDERSON Louisiana Representative THE MARK OF QUALITY THIS POTPOURRI PRINTED BY Gladness Print Shop PRINTING - ENGRAVING - BINDING WD HURRY College Annual an( High Class Publications BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA (7th Port of U.S.A.) Telephone 2300 440 Florida St. f I cArhslry creates beauty; it express- es ideals in their most charming con- ceptions; Artistry makes the imagina- tion to soar a thousand years into the future, it amasses fortunes, builds castles, populates nations, beautifies our every day life, and finds its noblest ex- pression in the modern annual. We are artisans -the creators oP artistic year books. •» « » T SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING @ TORT WORTH — DALLAS -HOUSTON • I -NVN - JV "

Suggestions in the Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) collection:

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Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


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Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern State University - Potpourri Yearbook (Natchitoches, LA) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


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