Northwestern Oklahoma State University - Ranger Yearbook (Alva, OK)

 - Class of 1951

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Northwestern Oklahoma State University - Ranger Yearbook (Alva, OK) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 148 of the 1951 volume:

'Z 1 If 'vWCf"!?t','! "Y f1"'17 f lew 'N ' X- - -NYM V ' i S NZ fl Z, I' i A "1 X5 ,W 1 Q 5 . ' . 1. 'J ' 5' 2? K 2 j if I 5 .,.. '35 ' ' 5 ' x . ' ff' fx . 1 .1 ik N . ., 1f'fw Q if . Q A wwe za. A tx is!! X ef' K ' ' I 1 - ' , nn, ' ' . 1 N , 5 R Q , Ag . A gf Ll 12 I V'- I L " :V- 1 Y' we , e ,fr If if ., --. . ,, 4: fl, -ww., -....:...,.,,,, I x ? li ', l , li 1 .-' L A 1. V. . , ,-' 1 , - X' 1. V, E, . . f , ' .' 'J ' i ' ' f'1'SLIii: '- H 5,.'S:: 5-mfg, " if Si- S Q X 'Lffwf-11,1 '. ix: x ,,..,,, K S., -. ,jfigfa --1 Lf: ,-51'--'g N 1' .t3,,' V1 - 1: J - 1 . L,1,' 'Q is . V1 r- S Lg 5? Q , fk - fx .- EQ: X 3:f 'N X 'KTA . Q ' i 'ggi 'gm if 112.59 j 5 152 Q, fx - + ,': -1 Q K f.z,g.4 . " ff A QF' v.,........,.1.r V .fi Zi' MM, :ASQ X w be X . .. A : A .-J, . V . Ex ,Cwrzs an 4 f A x ZZ Nw Y Q - -"V+ .- i 1 Y X Q sgkw, A 'nl M N x 4, . 5 , x ' ,K - :M ,C -Q '-V lf! S im V' t frK if: gg, .11 .f Q Q 3? if .. if ' xv ' 455 .via ,X f ' a X981 gh' X iw 7, ' ' '1 " ,bs X gt, :er is iii 56, E- o gm ,. E 3 Z ,, 7 ,-, W ,Q . ss- - yo om,-if 5. f, k 1 w.,w.Mf5 L., Q , .L 1 f ,. :ffm ,-5 3 "x, . wi- heyy ww , Y I ,, EP, VA, ,2i,faig5,k1km ,. fu, - f ,, l ,.,. .M '1x5.,fy5, " H 'Wi 'QQA ::' :L f W' " Ti K' KA., ,, lax, M .. T 1 5, ,QM E? s 23:23 at 5 'nil S XE , ' -RMQQSW ' get 'clark Q 9 Iwfi Q 4 s 53 5 V cwfiiiivf fliyf W gi . f. ' 1 we X of it 55555 ,JM Y, .Q vw F R '34 my .V s o f. 1 A W6 . if X L F 2 E - ,ro mos t o on , so W, 1 f . jing, JM, 5 Nor THOfE A1.oNE delusion that Qfiir, f , L security, ,Bur ALSO ro THXV SE who 3 f L to the ideals of wfyjdom, A-E A ., n- , f scientists, scholars, trust, who know that trust standing can show to they must prepare 'TO THESE, whose task is 4. 1 - I I A W., . their of power begun, whose lives shall be cast as tmder M into the inferno ot I rance, power, and fear, but from whose ashes peace flesh sacrifice tothe . .L E1Qjfi+.l, fw f . A of hatred, can beget K 2yAif1?iif'f?iif4"i3iA5' ' K their minds, efforts, and emotions ,.,o 2 ' J' if -' tx rs, preachersk statesmen, ' il Xl A 3 fx A , wg' know that peace is on mu l only where clear, unprel 'ed under- ' I I V, .1 - A . f, e A f ' . , 2 , the people asm V fare, wboglggggiaythat Q, ,JI 343,173 2 71 1 - A f future generations, groping for truth, shall catch anclfan toglife the spark of Justice . . 1 the gggqgge 's1. 7 R w' 'stag A ' , K ."Qny.3 L " . 1,3 - 'lk' , ' dv ' iv f S ' 3' 3' f'a 1 . sl- . rf' ' ' .gf-'57, , K 491 wir 'I' .V -.Q , 5. "'? 'inf ' ' ' vm . 4, ,T "' r V , QL 1 ,v ' f ' '- 1: ,faw + sq ,A A , ., :nf Q sinh '2..Yif,.x?i.A:LxdAvyg!'b -a .Q , Jigs . . JJJ1. mfs. 'f 'L -ai' . y' 5 5' ' . Q k r ' Wy X I " i I l , . 4 Nl Mu, L' A W F 4 'W . A P 4 W ,mm . ,, 'Q '- 'ig IA 4 -MM 4 - ' wif' " 1 WW K f -swk U B 3 audi ' M "' - -'- ima- 4-H 1 . ,412 A- 'u . A . - 4 H . A W' I f .7 , 'f ff ff .- FQ, A H A .A +1 'Q ff1 . A 1 2 .ff ' Q sg 43 ff 16 - N ,wxljidlvv i J-Ssgskitx Q- , lei? Q W h V6 L. t ink- inf. Y kkkk 3 ff- A--yr, A - K 3,,i,,mx: M , :f J .N-, ' -.- g ui, ZW . A Q -M ' f A ,vig .J mg? ' ,fd ,S-gh A I, rf ff? ' .Q ,,- t -',,?,' 1' s A " va' ,- 9- if jj . A f --,Af 1 .3 in Q .i1 fi " 'f' ' '- erm -i5f f"'fff N 4 - . 2'15f?ef-Af Er- wg. T' Wlv 'Q ' Y 4 A w- v' an 1, 'X wx . ,ik A , jf: ' is 'V ' Y' F ' - ' " 'f V im: Q33 5 ' Qs,-iii7'ff , Mk N. s 1 . ..: wi- -x, 'Y -Q . - 1 - , - ,- rf ., I.. iff I 1 Q Q 4 X , , ig dy l- E v g .. . Llwixg.. 7Q7m"WliP' W4 . , fa 1-1 . ff Ti 1- S Q- . ' rl fs ,H if is wif 'JT F L' ' N1 4- " Q J ' A ' v if xv -.w Q' . v , ' , ,s :lk , ,' AQ X 'Sl x , XX L . W 5 ' x K I I. nk 1 'rl L . 1. , . N...,,. J., if ' 4 ., .1 .ffl rn. .- it 1 . in .i? , - ,. . Q, , Q, D,- 'x if" V NN 5, . Q '35 A 5" 'R 'fl 'fy K J. .df 115 ,. 9. 'Y u 7? A fx 5' ' ,,,, Y, 'W f, , , ' 'mf fr , 7 , ,xv 1 I .Q ' f . - .-Q .gk A .fr F A . , ,7, A 1 , -f Q, fav K,-aww, . ,,, , ' 'fu .. av- va RasggLei5J8,H A V: wr 'V 'ip' gf Y C Mn" . haf 6... b ,fu W - me pw ' Vflfk.. ,wx . -4.. PRESIDENT SABIN C. PERCEFULL SA as been President of Northwestern State College for eight years,having assumed this position in 1943. Vitally concerned with all college problems, President Percefull is always willing to discuss any college matter and is willing to lend a helpin hand in every way possible. BIN C.. PERCEFULL h 9 He served as Dean of Faculty in l923, was Acting-President in the summer of i928 and was again Acting-President from to February, l936. April, l935, He received his A B d . . egree from Baylor University, his A. M. degree from Brown University, where h l ewas a Marsten Scholar. He is a so a graduate student of lowa State Univer ' of Texa sity and the University s. N orthwe stern fe l es fortunate in h Mr. Per f ' aving a man such as ce ull for president. C075 Dean of Administration DR. T. C. CARTER The demanding role of Dean of the college is filled by Dr. Carter, professor of biology, who shoulders many responsibilities. His iovial spirit and keen sense of humor make him well-liked by the student body. Dr. Carter has the distinction of having served on the NSC faculty longer than any other member employed at present. He has held his present position for 43 years, since 1908. K I V. k.VV I I E . ie' their individual problems. education and psychology. Dean of Women DR. MYRNA BOYCE Dr. Boyce is outstanding asa guide and counselor always ready with a friendly word. A versatile personality she is known for her inspiring and educational class lectures Besides serving as dean of women, Dr Boyce IS actively engaged as professor of history. Dean of Men C. E. CAMPBELL Well-qualified forhisposition as deonofmen Mr Campbell enioys associating with students and helping them with One of his many duties is serving as co ordmator of the counselors. In addition, he is associate professor of mericangtlssvciallion of niversifg gbrofessors CK ROW: Mr. Gully Walters, Mr. C. E. Campbell, Mr. David Mackie, Dr. Frank Wadley, Dr. Joe Melton, Mr. Wistar Newby, Mr. Jones Graves. FOURTH ROW: Dr. J. V. L. Morris, Mr. Stanley May, Mr. Charles A. Parker, Dr. Anna B. Fisher BA Mr. F. H. Hickman, Dr. T. C. Carter. TH I R D ROW: Mr. John N. Cameron, Mr. David Pierce, Miss Gladys Julian, Mrs. Maud A. Drake-Bingham, Miss Ruth Genuit. SECOND ROW: Miss Wilma Ernst, Miss Zelda Thomas, Mrs. Kristine Brown, Miss Bess Chappell. F RON T ROW: Mr. Ralph Strete, Dr. W. S. Vance, Mr. John B. Stout, Miss Kathrihe Mires, Mr. W. D. Leslie, Miss Bennie Henry. M EMB E RS N0 T P lCTUR E D: Mrs. Ophelia Beard, Miss Afton Bilby, Dr. Myrna Boyce, Miss Mattie Lyday, and an associate member, President Sabin C. Percefull., Perhap's no other group in America has been more influential in securing and maintaining standards of high scholarship in our colleges and universities than has the AAUP. The aim of the association is to work for intel- lectual freedom in education and to further the inter- ests of the teaching profession on the college level. The local chapter is affiliated with the American Association of University Professors. -6- OFFICERS- MR. JOHN B: STOUT . . .... . DR. W. S. VANCE. . . . . . MISS KATHRINE MIRES . . MR. W. D. LESLIE .... . MISS BENNIE HENRY. . . DR. JOE MELTON . . . . . MRS. KRISTINE BROWN MR. RALPH F. STRETE . . . . . President . . Vice President . . . . . Secretary ........Treasurer ......... Reporter Executive Committee ,ll QU OUUCT BACK ROW: Sylvester Clifford, Jerry Pierce, Bill Robertson, Dr. Joe Melton, Dick Shepherd, Herbert Niles, Steve Dale. SECOND ROW: Kitty Starcher, Lenora Hutcheson, SEATED: Betty Payne, Lee Haley, Vesta Rundle. Directors of school spirit are the members ofthe Student Council, a representative Jody made up of three members of each college class. The Council makes plans tor improving conditions and character of student life and represents student opinion in col- lege matters. This year the Council sponsored freshman initiation, Sadie Hawkins week, many dances and inaugurated OFFICERS LEEHALEY............... .....President BILL ROBERTSON . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice President BETTY PAYNE. . . . ..... Secretary VESTA RUNDLE . . . . . . Treasurer something new--an all during the Christmas season The spirit of progress of the Council this year was embodied inthis huge sign that was erected on the highway, visible to all motorists entering Alva. The Council, working with the Alva Chamber of Com- merce, constructed this sign and plans are under way for more signs to be put up with the help of Alva civic clubs at other entrances to Alva. THE FRIENDLY CITY OKLAH Dov. 7243 WES AURICE HUGULEY Registrar The Registry Office is one of the most versatile spots onthe campus.Veterans find Elsie Tate can help them with many of the problems that arise concerning the G. I. Bill. Lila Grace Chritton is the person to see when a student needs a transcript made. Besides her other duties, Miss Huguley often saves the day by giving a perplexed student od- vice concerning enrollment,payment ofenrollment fees, room and board fees, or by transcribing the courses and credits of some student who attended N.W.S.T. College back in 1910. The Registry Office is also Northwestern's post office. Students and teachers molce a daily stop to pick up their mail. Eflegisirgbffice Imogene Tyree, a part time worker in the Registry Office, is getting advice from Miss Huguley, registrar. 'Qtr W' ,Hg .Aviv Q 5' wi S! I 23 ll is N EF , ,hs T '1 N , 5 niors ,ce SYLVESTER CLIFFORD President Alva English and Speech MAX BRADLEY Vice-President i Anne ARTHUR FAULKNER Physical Education Tfeflsvfer Alva Speech in MAXINE HAGER' Secretary Hardfnerf Kansas Business Education S w 0-. ..4ulv0' .,..,. DON CAMPBE LL Woodward Physics OPAL CHENOWE TH Mooreland Elementary Education GENE COCKRUM Elk City Business Education 1, , . I all lj? M, JERRY CROCKE TT Powhuska Biology GENE CRUTCHFIELD Dacoma History STEVE DAL E Folleh, Texas Sociology 'M 1-qw fl KITTY STARCHER Tulsa Art KATHRYN BUCKLEY Kiowa, Kansas Chemisiry .I0 ANN CALDWELL Moore-land Home Economics Q., 755 QS Qs' A 493 'Q' W9 in-f' , 'l S , I, CECIL D. CONAWAY Waynoka Hisiory LYL E COUCH Helena Hisfory ILA CRANMER Cherokee Economics N 'H-237' JIM T. GILMORE El Reno Physical Education MARIE GOEKEN Cherokee Piano MRS. ALICE A.GORDY Alva Elementary Education MARY LOU HAINES Spencer Elementary Education ROY HENDRICKS Beaver Vocal Music ALICE VIDA HILL Alva English 12 l uihgim if id t W ft ,ii , ff w we ROSE KRIVOHLAVEK Enid Spanish and History ROSCOE LANTELME Gage Mathematics WENDALL B. LEWIS Amorita History 'iii GLENDA MCCULLA Coldwater, Kansas Home Economics WESLEY MALLORY Alva Instrumental Music EMMA NICHOLS Alva Elementary Education ENNIS HOSKINS Pond Creek Physical Education LOU JOHNSON Clarksville, Texas Mathematics and Chemistry RAY KITCHIN Mdrland Mathematics L: gf: iw' 'W 635 X., 45 fs . '5 'Ki' "K I '45-Rf :sph n'-0l"'li- 'IU' H Wh' ,, , i BILL LiNIHAN Alva Physical Education LILLIE MAHAN Enid Elementary Education D ON MCCRO RY Alva Speech CHET NICKELSON Freedom Biology and Chemistry HENRY PARSONS Alva Industrial Arts DORIS PAUL Alva Spanish DON REITZ Cherokee Business Administration CATHERINE REYNOLDS Alva Eiementary Education HOWARD RE YNOLDS Alva Mathematics M,-1 . K M . , A It-!f1f?3JfsZ:51 .M YT., I .A 5 -W ' ' sf' W M gig 'ii I 19? I- 'X '1 -x'i?E123vF1?'2Ei.:I, , WK, . egg- 5, yr ' ,,-21" , .1 5 4' . , I 'ia Q I sf ,W i XUSMQ. J ...,.. , ,,.. N. . Q.. .... . 5 5 11' .gt 'X S , 5 - " " '? ,.' 5 3 ,J muitgggagx , ,S , wc 93 ,iy tgm v 9 , 5W ..,,:,,.i f u . A , AQ!-XJ I " ,.-' A, ,fag riff ii . , 1iS'lwQ:Qi9f:1ik - ' fisfxsr 5? My w,,sm,: 'Y , I .sakf ingfmarfielfkgffcf 39,22-I :mt V ' lisa gn Ft:-if I " fit A-is :Q xx --L, I 1- MMS' 5 2 ' f - ., fwf2r'wQ' 551, f ,-weqAfe,:5f tw isps 1 xg, of - ,M ,3,,,,.m,,t,,.c,ff,1fQ 'wmv . fi fir 11 :Q mm . ,, ., ,.f,Mmw1 mc -73,s?:2,q'f5'1siw ' ' S N3 Wx' 1,5 .11-gg .-,A s fe-A Y Q who it il Q3 1 5 'Q ij ,A f 4 we 51 Q , as iff! :Wi 1 ', Af s. in VERNON POLK Bartlesville Vocal Music JOSE PHINE PORTER Alva Biology ARCADIO M. RAMI REZ Waynolca Spanish CU RT RIGGENBACH Alva Mathematic s DENNIS ROUNTREE Fairview Physical Education BILL ROWLEY Ringwood History E RNESTINE SHIRM Buffalo Home Economics CAROL SMITH Alva Sociology HOWARD SMITH Alva Industrial Aris MANN A. TRICE Alva English and History SCOTT TUXHORN Helena I'II sfory CAMPBELL WARREN Affica, Kansas Biology and Chemistry Ku www 1 Wi f"f""""' wnlnaggf ,K in A RICHARD HEATQN CONRAD KNOX CLIFFORD MORRISON Capron Alva Alva Industrial Arts Chemistry - Post Grad BIUIOQY gm ,- f X I E7 -1 Ni .arm I Q' I I I 54 ,fmt - ggi to M , 9' Ryo 'WV ma. , I cfm' A ""f' I A rrrr . A A I E ..,, 2 zgQ5,, .,,i :,,, ,. 'Q .:, ' ii' NL I rr Rr RRrrr I kv'h - 3' 'VQR CHARLES PETERMAN DON REIMAN FRANCIS IDUTCHI WALGAMOTT Alva Alva Alva Physics and Math Physics and Mqfh History 1 W N Im wlf QM , I 'xii .r Q.. ,Aaah- 'Diff , Warm DONALD WEAVER LILLIAN WELTY BOB WHARTON PAT WHITMER Mulder KUHSUS Aline Aline Turpin History Elementary Education Biology Music A ' nr 'V L, j ,K ,, .lf 1 4Vkf CEL ESTIA WILLIAMS ELLA JEAN WILLIAMS MURIEL WILSON M- H- WYCOFF Afva Befya Alva Claremore Math Home Economics Commeffe MMI' uni ors JOHN ALLEN RIDER President Arneff DOYLE STRONG Vice-Pres idenf Beaver IMAGENE TYREE GENE SULLIVAN Treasurer SGCFMGIY Alva AIYU LEE ATHERTON Turpin JIMMIE ATWOOD LOUIS C. BELTER Alina Byron VERNON BERRY Capron sais- BROOKS BRALY Buffalo P JE KENSW Y BR NN Rx:Exc..n,.,, Buffqfo OWNRIGG wal' 8. DONNA Alva 47'-an LONNIE BURNS VESTA MAE RUNDLE Vaci Alva Alva ffl JOY 'CR 'Wad WQN LEO CARTER BETTY CLIFFORD Beaver Alva EMMA JEAN CARTER DOROTHY COLDWATER Beaver - :R Liberal, Kansas LORENE DEVERY , 5 Alva E DFWS LENA Dup R Jglllfoclvlarrl Dqcomo AU 1 , ,v ,JV ' X, WILMA ERDMAN Copron MARY LOUISE ELMORE LOINE GATES DON GUILD Alva Amorifa Alva -3:9':i,1. I A aug J, C, HE55 LEON HIBBS Alva Beaver 'gif' LEE HA,-EY HAZEL HIGHFILL Alva Dacoma Y M-:NOX ROBERT HUNTER Felt JR' R0 HOW' BER 'MT CHELL WW: i fa T JE Ss U p 0. W LX .1 K JUNE KESSINGER Alva KENNETH KILLION PHYLLIS KINGSLEY CUPWN Nash LESLIE M. KROB Aline W' NADINE KUNZMAN C. B. LARISON MARY LEDESMA Woodward Alva Capron Rxyff N NMi:3n5 MPEloXdY' ow' ' QS RlCHARD MILLER Enid 713355 1342551 ew--rf dd M A 'AY A H. ev- , sr 2 X, S X as 3 i I 1 1 ,Q ,wk Q , H H si W ,jf 5 W 3 'f '77 W +i22sf212eeisiEesfQiiQrY?f2. f' fl 151: fisirmsoifzsgzzg? 4, ,fs A M m,fei,.xq..5,,ig,Q W . S 1 M' 1 5 K "E.:-2:I:5..vE:','.:.- 4 F! ,A ig F: 1 7?2ii5fi2Zi3?2'f? x I '- do Ad,. 2 ROLAND MEYER Cherokee L 0,3 IGOWMOLZ U , Kansas PAULINE MOLZ GIFFORD GEORGE MCCLAFLIN RUTH ANN MCCRACKEN DAILE NFUENSCHWANDER Kiowa, Kansas Cherokee Cap,-on Sfidham -21 DOYLE PENDERGRAFT FRANKLIN PEUGH, Jr. Hollis Alva BILLIE NEWKIRK HEI-EN JU PEUGH Amorifa Alva TOM PIERCE Oklahoma City CLA PVS YTON ON PHI GQ POIN D Henweno ge DEXTER I DEW ANN RANDALL GEORGIA ANNE REDMAN I PAUL REID VERLIN RICHARDSON Alva Alva ' Alva Gage DARREL SCHAEFER HOMA LEE SCHAEFER DUANE RUDY Alva :Q Alva Alva -1- ,i.k -V154 , ,iitfjfgp .,'Af, - . A 5.'2,g:? ,r Q ' : 'K V - ' : -f nf' .: - H f :ga V . 1i1E13Q.,,W L 'fx Q Q, V .Q A 1' 212r:i12fl'?f5f1fSS , 'Q-55,1w-t'-'Lfm X dvfsyfgigpsi. LYLE SCHONLAU GENE SCHANBACHER Carmen Rossfon ER HAFFL R. SC Pauls Vasf TON e ANG Y i LETHA SMITH Thomas J -V' SLP' .41-funn JAMES SOMERS LAWRENCE STAUFFER DONNIS STEBENS Cleo Springs Cherokee Cufmen , ff if X CLAYTON THOMPSON RONNIE THROCKMORTON I LESLEY sTlNsoN BOB VAN 0500'- Rosston Jef oRo GEORG REV.,A. L. WAFF Alva E WALL . AIvo 24- MARY ANN WHITE LEROY WILLIAMS JIM WILSON FORREST YATES, .Ir Boise City Belvo Waynoka EImwood Sopfrom ores "QSM lfW s X g 'li' BILLY ROBERTSON President Pond Creek S63 8 MARY Louise GEORGE AL wooos ' FREDA GENTER Secretary-Treasurer Vice-Pres idenf SeC'efUfY'Tf9USU"9' 2nd semester Enid '57 semesfef Manchester 6099 25 is xx n DALE BARROWS Aline WILFRED M. BATES Alva BEVERLY BEARD Knowles EDDIE BROOKEY Henryefto JERRY BROWN Alva TOM BROWN Alva JOE CHASTKA Oklahoma City DEWAYNE COTTR ILL Alva DICK CUMMINGS Enid lin-ez' DOUG FOLTZ Driftwood HENRY B. FRANZ Alva MARILYN FREEBURG Carmen 'Wee' 1 .wk W"'5'L'1e?f5?45f!iiw FEWWSW' 5? , ,M U 'uv-v-uv' 'spd GEORGIE DUNHAM Cherokee ARTHUR DURKEE Waynoka STAN E. EDWARDS Kiowa, Kansas d9bv, j :fm li T. . 'liter ' . ' M, 1 5 2 - ,, A ,9:Q'5j5.fSgsg . 1 11 A :pig-3i:?s, 1 wi, . .. ,., buy! qt, ggi, ,5,.g.p:ga:,'f? 212211 , 5.1 Q '5 -x f .rf -.,.. 4 I 4 . - -Q sw faiaeifg . "ff Us 1. f' 1 - . 1' ai 'ff-rf ' M BETTY ER ION May MARINUS FLUX Alva TOMMY FOLKS Arnett sw V513 .--has me OLEN GRAY Capron CLARENCE HARDY Gage MARGARET HARDGROVE Alva NEAL HASSINGER Boise Cify LYNN HEASLEY Alva EARLENE HEATON Alva 17 'V' ei DEAN GIBSON Freedom PAT GRANGER BATY Alva JOE GREGORY Alva Wal' 4"". W' fl JERRY HE PNER Selman JULIAN HERNDON Alva BILL HIGHFILL Alva LENORA LEA HUTCHESON Cherokee VESTA IRION Nash JOYCE JON ES Woodward ,FYXXX si CAROL MELTON Alva DORRIS R. MELTON Alva BILLY MOEHLE Enid l 1 Q DENNIS KAISER Alva ARLENE LARISON Buffalo GENE LEWIS Manchester SHIRLEY MCARTHUR Alva JOHN MCNEELY Quinlan TOWANDA MALLORY Alva 0. TOM NILES Hillsdale DONALU PENDERGRAFT Cherokee JEAN PH E L PS Hooker JERRY PIERCE Oklahoma City LYNN PUFFINBARGER Byron FRANK RICKE Alva BETTY LOUISE MOREY May FORREST NELSON Alva BER T NE UE NSCHWANDER Stidham MAX RITTER Woynoka MONTE ROACH Follett, Texas BETTY LOU ROGERS May l g 7 1 2-1, 3 : 3 ,wg w ge- 5-E -:,,:,:fw:gg,I,5:,3fs '-eg5,,gs.jm3,5:g ' ig Q I .5-kf'i9:C5 jQi'55"gfq :Fc :az . wrLLrAM SCOTT . 9 a SQA ASA Q, . fm, f- Alva an A ' 1 , . A Jor-:N scRlPs1cK A QW Kam, Kansas ' aaa RAYMOND SMITH A , , T . ' Higgins, Texas A 5 ',,. . A. Wjiigpzgfm: V' 1 ' ' ,g5'?M15,g-'gic:'Ef if I7 .V.V A if A- . 'lik - iff' Ffv cms,- iliiiuwulu ,,Y, , I Se .L E - 1 . In K . ,J - 5 . W Y 2 f2,.gQ r r i 7 ': . 7' Af T , T, J L MAURINE KILE STINSON Beaver HOOVER TROUT Follett, Texas GEORGE SPELLMAN Alva EUGENE TUCKER Jet DOVIE VANDERHULE Lookout CLARA WHARTON AI ine JAMES KASSIK Alva RICHARD MURPHY Enid ROBERT PETERSON Enid Frasbmczn BRUCE GRAVES Presidenf Alva HARVEY RE EG Vice-Pres idenf Aline NELDA ELMORE HEASLEY Sec refary- Treas urer Alva RUBY BARKER Alva LOWE LL BATY Alva BENNIE BENSON Cherokee WILMA BENSON Alva ROBERT BOND Knowles PATSY BOSWELL Avard VIRGINIA BRADLEY Aline BOB BROWN Hillsdale KENNETH BROWN Cleo Springs HELEN BURKES Carmen JOY CAMERON Alva JUANITA CAMPBELL Balko 'ir' l"'Hv" 931699 IGM! gn?" I 'Q II QW: e,MW ,. Sui' K.. , I .1 sw fx 'V 'F 1' Y wi, 1' Y FQ LESTER CARDEY Alva DEAN CHAFFIN Dacomo CLAY CLINESMITH Cleo Springs JACK COCHRAN Carrier SHIRLEY CRIDER Hillsdale HARVEY DeWlTT Carmen ROSE DOLL Ringwood BURL DOWELL Byron MUR L DONE LL Byron CHARLES DUDLEY MOV ALLEN FAULKNER Alva PAUL FETTKE Alvo CAROL GEORGE Manchester EARL GEORGE Manchester ORVAL GLENN Aline DUANE GOYEN Seiling JUNE GRIGSBY I Alva PAUL GROSS Quinlan LARESSA GUILD El Dorado, Texas DIANE HAMBURG Lamont BILL HENDRICKS Driftwood ORAL HE NSLEY Hardtner, Kansas MAXINE HIBBS Alva SAM HILL Tulsa .R A. :T f ffiflx -54353525 is 4 fgfcfr 1,2 .ij jd 13 5- 61 hm GLEN HIPSHER Cleo Springs JERRY HUGHES Enid JOAN HUTCHESON Nash RUSTY INGRAM Fame JIM JACKSON Alva WILLIS JACKSON Alva LUCILLE JONES Knowles LENA MAURINE KINGSLEY Nash MARY JUNE KUNZMAN Capron JEANETT LANE Forgan PAUL W. LARISON Alva DON LlESWALD Alva ELNA LITTELL Special Student Alva VELMA LOHMANN Special Student Alva LOMA GAIL LOUSCH Coldwater, Kansas PAULA MART IN Amorita HARRIETTE MATTESON Alva RUTH ALICE MOREFIELD Alva MAEBETH MORRIS Mooreland PHYLLIS JUNE MCCULLA Coldwater, Kansas LUCY NEUENSCHWANDER Stidham MAX NICHOLSON Ashland, Kansas HERB NILES Cherokee TROY O'HAlR Laverne Q, .ME .im M -' vf--'- f -,A,-, I-.,,.ez:sz1ez,fgzgf:7 1 Ifwgsgpim ' Walk-W M .... I.:-nr" ' ggiiw ..... w 59 55 33252 5515" .. My fel-:Jax wif, I. W f Q, aw, ,, .. an-992A-Www I , . Q:wwQ,fez:fz1f,. i4?3i4s2'12,,-'ff ' . -WWE ' S 161, i:I'..:1 X, P X Egg ,-f 1 Q? 32 K -fer 91 5' 32 is 5 125 x 5 5 'I' L Q, if , L ,M egg Q me y 25 W 12 , X 5 W Q 2 Nay: missy 'fmggasisiiyzsig A .ff 'K A W I Q I J' Q 'B E' , , ,M 2 ,gig 2 P I W ai Egg K X if 9 'fqxfzitjg 4 M 12 1 W , E QM xx ix, . ,-we ., 5 i i Aff'ffQffQff?l,- I yi' ix i5:.. ..':E:52f::' E ., , . ,... -P+ Q, " Q ' ' -mf-.., f z:gg:s.gf1?5f"2g4i?sEQ ' ff .f - -, '. 2 i . . 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SHEPHERD Ames BOB SIMON Alva JOHN SLACK Carmen LEWIS SLATER Orienfa NORRIS SMITH AIva MONA RUTH SPENNER Ringwood LAVONNA SPRAGUE Beaver BILL STOUT Alva DOROTHY STRAWN Hardfner, Kansas EDWIN TERRELL Woodward NETTIE JO VANDRUFF Alva JEANNINE WALKER Woynoka PHILLIP WALTERS Alva IVALEE WAUGH Rossfon MOLLIE WEAVER AIva 140- 5 1' I I V x .N BEVERLY WHITE DEAN WHITE WAYNELL MALLORY WIEBENER Woodward AI ine Alva FLOYD WILLIAMS DONALD WOODS Belvo AI ine I I BETTY ZAHORSKY V'RG'L CHANCE KENNETH GRUENWALD acoma A Iva Lover ne gf Q-'f f-"""' , A,-,Aff-"'!"""' Qi' , , 1? .4 .' in A ff :rg 5., Q W ' as E' E, w f 1 1 V E 'fn-'e's 1 I al n If 'vn'f5n5g1!r',.pg5,g5,3 ,G .Q f 5 f f f F "vgg!gjg',,I9'f2v'J'f ' 'I Misa!! f IAQ fav : sw-4 F, r ,r 'I fs' , ' A B -:'-' 1 f' ,. 1 '5'v" , ,:lL,A . Q 7 K .-,A . ZX- ie .ZE ., A , ' of f M 5 fukin gp," 5:5432-1'-if lg? 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Mg. 12,1 cf, if Q I I 1' I 4 , ?gg5i':ni ' ' 'rbi' O v 35 :ii yr' 'I' Jfjl ffff "Rf nf V, 5, rf, 5 5 1 " are ' rw fri, af'-W d f ff vf v ffifiv v f-s i " 'W ' vii ' 2 1 fi iii. 52 B i A ,. 9 V, ,. . f . ' LA pun ,. ww. an-an fbucaiion I In 5 M f ,KHQQ-iefhl , iff Y' HORACE MANN kappa Qefta BACK ROW: Darell Baltz, Steve Dale, Jerry Crockett, RayKitchin, Bill Rowley, Charles Campbell, Sabin C. Percefull. FOURTH ROW: Elsie Tate, Dorothy Coldwater, Howard Reynolds, Earl Geis, Patsy Faulkner, Al Rundle. THIRD ROW: IlaiCranmer, Kathrine Mires, Carol Prentice, Bess Chappell, Ruth Genuit, Hulda Groesbeck, Edith Gorman.SECOND ROW: Imagene Tyree, Ruth Ann McCracken, Glenda McCulla, Faye Summers, Vesta Rundle. SEATED: Wilma Ernst, Lou Johnson, Margery Clyne, Kitty Starcher, Wesley Mallory. STUDENTS NOT PICTUREDg Jo Ann Cqldwgll, Sylvester Clifford, Wesley Mallory, Eugene Cockrum, Mary Lou Haines. Kappa Delta Pi isanational honorary society in edu- cation. Delta Eta Chapter was established on the Northwestern State College campus January ll, I936. Members are selected from those students in the Junior and Senior classes who rank among the upper fifteen per cent in scholarship and who have con- tributed to college activities. The national society was founded in l94'l'l atthe University of Illinois, created by the members of the University Education Club who were eager to pro- mote education as a science and to promote a closer bond of fellowship among those dedicated to the pro- fession of teaching. -441 OFFICERS MARGERYCI..YNE.......... .......President MILTON LEHR . . . . . . . . Vice President KITTY STARCHER . . . . . . . . . Secretary WESLEY MAIQLORY . . . . . . . Treasurer JOHN B. STOUT, Professor of Edu- cation and Director of the Training School, has held his present position since 1937. As head of the Teacher Placement Bureau, Mr. Stout aids Northwestern students in securing teaching positions. His degrees of study include an A.B. from South- western State College, a B.S. from the University of Oklahoma and an M.A. from the University of Chicago. .45- J. V. L. MORRIS, Professor of Education, has been a member of the Northwestern faculty since 'l923. He has an A.B. de ree from Harvard University and X.M. and Ph.D. degrees from Columbia University. A sponsor of Future Teachers of America, he is very conscientious in his effort to guide promising young teachers. C.E. CAMPBELL, in addition to be- ing Dean of Men,is Associate Pro- fessor of Education, and Advisor of Veterans.Having been active in many fields of service, heiswell qualified for his position that he has held since 1933. He has an A.B. degree from Phillips University, an M.A. from the University of Colorado and was a student at the University of Toulouse, France. He has also made advanced study at the University of Colorado. JONES GRAVES, instructor in in- service training, is well-known throughout the northwestern district ofOklahoma for his invaluable assist- ance to hundreds of high school and grade school teachers. He is also instructor of Audio-Visual Education on the Northwestern campus. Having held his present position since'l947, he holds an A.B. degree from Phillips University and an M.A. degree from the University of Oklahoma. 149.- MATTIE LYDAY, Assistant Professor of Education, is known for her friendly smile and congenial spirit. Usually found in the Horace Mann building with some of her elementary pupils, she is always willing to give advice concerning teaching to college students. She holds a B.S. degree from George Peabody College and an M.A. degree from Columbia University. She has been affiliated with Northwestern State College since 1931. AFTON BlLBY, o Northwestern graduate, is also an instructor in the Horace Mann Training School. Her experience with elementary pupils qualifies her as an excellent guide for students seeking positions in the elementary field. After receiving her A.B. degree from NSC she obtained her M.A. degree from Columbia Uni- versity. Miss Bilby has been a member of the faculty since 1929. EDITH W. HIGGINBOTHAM Assistant Professor of Education, has held her position on the faculty since 1927. An instructor of the Horace Mann Training School, Mrs. Higginbotham holds de- grees including an A.B. from Phillips University and an M.A. from Colorado State College of Education. F Teachers from Woods, Alfalfa, Harper, Garfield and Maior counties attended a textboolc workshop here dur- ing October. Mr. Jones Graves and True Emerson of the Oklahoma Department of Education were in charge of the worlcshop. Representatives from fifteen textboolc companies demonstrated their wares to large numbers of attending teachers. Professor .lones Graves of the education department demon- strates the proper manipulation of a film strip proiector. The audio-visual department also possesses three motion picture proiectors, all equipped for sound, a Taylor spotlight and a large multipurpose opaque proiector. Education students learn the proper methods of carin.g for machines and selecting and using audio-visual materials. Northwestern's film library now contains more than 55,000 worth of films and is being steadily increased. Films are avail- able to schools and other organizations in this area. A.. The Teacher Placement Bureau, under the able direction of Professor Stout, supplements efforts of department heads to place worthy graduates in desirable positions, to assist teachers in the field to gain advancement, and to assist school executives in securing the best teachers available. Professor Campbell, always busy, checks a student's notes to determine what understanding the teachers-to-be are gaining of child psychology, Mr. Campbell maintains that you must learn children before you can teach them. Here Glenda McCulla goes over a teaching contract with Professor Stout. -4 Fzdure Keaclicrs of f 'Emerica BACK ROW: Franklin Peugh,Jr., Lee Atherton, Art Ramirez, Ray Kitchin, Scott Tuxhorn, Mitchell Hoag, Darrel Baltz SECOND ROW: Mary Ann White, Lois Molz, Pauline Molz, Lenora Hutcheson, Joyce Jones, Dovie Vanderh0le,AI Rundle FRONT ROW: Imagene Tyree, Helen Jo Peugh, Bill Rowley, Cecil Conoway, John Allen Rider, Vesta Rundle. Lectures by outstanding educators and educational films have con- stituted a large portion of the activities of the Future Teachers of America organization on NSC's campus this year. The Northwestern chapter was formed in 'I938 and is sponsored by the National Education Association to foster a professional spirit among those planning careers as teachers. All students rank- ing above average scholarship are eligible. OFFICERS GENE COCKRUM . . . . . .... . . . . . .... . . . President HELEN JO PEUGH . . . . . . . Secretary-Treasurer JOHN ALLEN RIDER - . . . . . . . . . . . Reporter DR. J.V.L. MORRIS. . . . . . . . . Sponsor .4g... ,L yn, ww-SM . . 1 X v xwf A fm-fm' www-ayzsxfawggggzrsffg fr. 3 -1. 4 Y+f-Huw 1-ww, ff . fw 5 A K? 11 W. ,Misa ,ug a"""""P'f-W., K 755 W5 ,J 4 I ' A ' 5 E :EQ " li 2 x. .. wma, K I if BESS CHAPPELL, Assistant Professor of Art, has been a mem- ber ofthe NSC faculty since 1945. Well-qualified for her position, She f008iVOCl Cl B.S. degree from N. E. Missouri State College, an M.A. from Columbia University and has done graduate study at the Slcowhegan School of Sculpture and Painting, Columbia Uni- versity and the University of Colorado. Always friendly and courteous, Miss Chappell takes great pride in her students and their accomplishments. A fine arts department on the third floor of Jesse Dunn A group of students visit the depart- ment during one of its two annual exhibits. They are admiring some aluminum trays and pieces of weaving done by NSC students. The depart- ment stages an exhibit once every semester. may be visited at any time. Paintings, drawings, obiects of handcraft and many interesting art works may be found there. Northwestern offers a full schedule of art work. A typical scene in the art laboratory finds a group working on oil portraits. C- lnstmmenlcal' LI5fC WILLIAM F. DEUSINGER, Associate Professor of Music and head of the music department, is aiwaysbusywith his many duties. Teaching private lessons, conducting music classes, directing the band, and taking an active part in the field of music give him busy days, but days that are never too full for a friendly spirit and the time for any little problem of a student. A talented violinist, he was a student at the New England Con- servatory of Music,did advanced violin study with Eugene Gruenberg Z and Felix Winternitz and was an artist student of Andre Morin, Paris, France and Franz Kneisel, New York City. He has been affiliated with NSC since 1936. THE RANGER TRUMPETEERS are a popular musical group at Northwestern. Having made many public appearances they are always energetic and enthusiastic, enioyed by every audience. Pictured are Pat Whitmer, accompanist Dennis Kaiser, Clayton Poindexter and Wesley Mallory. -5 1.. 95 1? ui wi "f i: f - " 'kin Vf,i,.V, in N l ,lim Calhoun, Dick Johnson, BACK ROW: BillWillioms, .l.L. Reed, DorrisMe ton, Maxine Hibbs, Wesley Mallory, ,lake Scl-ialfler, Towandu Mallory, Brooks Braly, Virginia Rohrsn FRONT ROW: Phillip Walters, Margaret Hardgrove, Phyllis Dennis Kaiser, Carol Melton, Nadine Kunzrnan, Pauline Molz, Wilma Erdman, GEORGlA ANNE REDMAN, Drum Maioretfe 'I I 4.322 ' A . , ' 1 AQ X 'x Rom-.dd Boxwell, Clayton Poindexter. MIDDLE ROW: QStoggered5 Leon Hibbs Bob Brown, Harry Kearns, George Spellmun. Larry Heaton, Linn Bhnkenship 1 McC.uHo, Jean Rucker, Donnis Stebens, Georgia Anne Redman, Dcle Hossinger 1 Lois Molz, Shiriey-Crider, Beverly Beard TER DIANE HAMBURG FREDA GEN JUANITA CAMPBELL Twirlers ' ' GQ H . I Q2-'I Y :V . 5 , . h .1 .I -53- icmo MAURINE KURSHILDGEN, Piano Instructor, is the latest newcomer to the Northwestern faculty and has already established herself as a congenial, well-liked person and an artistic musician. Having received her B.M. and M.M. degrees from the University of Oklahoma, she came to NSC in the summer of 'l950. In addition to her heavy schedule of private piano lessons, Mrs. Kurshildgen is sponsor of the MacDowell Club. Mr. and Mrs. Kurshildgen are shown here in the new piano studio in the Fine Arts Building with one of Northwestern's two new Steinway grand pianos. The entire music department moved from its quarters in Herod Hall to the Fine Arts build- ing last fall. Now the entire west side ofthe third floor houses the piano department and soundproofed practice rooms sporting new Hamilton upright pianos. Ten new uprights were added to the department along with the new Steinways. -54.. MR. AND MRS. J. WESLEY KURSHILDGEN l T Vesta Rundle Marne Goeken, Jake Schaffler, Pat Whitmer, AI Rundle, Lawrence Stauffer Maurlne Kurshlldgen Carol Melton Wesley Mallory fseated.J aczoweff 0.3.35 Organized in 1930 on the Northwestern campus by Mrs. Lois Binkley, the MocDowell Music Club, com- posed of NSC piano students and ex-piano students, strives to attain goals of appreciation and perform- ance on the 88-keyed instrument. Purposes of the club are to promote good music in the school and community, to acquaint its member- ship with the less known phases of music and to gain an appreciation of the great masters through an illustrated study of their lives and works. MocDowell meets monthly, at which times the various phases of music, in all its beauty and mean- ing, are presented and discussed. Popular indulgences of the club this year have been listening to records and viewing motion pic- tures concerning music. OFFICERS ALRUNDLE.......................Presiden-t CAROL MELTON . . . . . . . . . . . Sgcrgtary-Treasurer MAURINE KURSHILDGEN . . . . . . . . . . . . Sponsor r - Qfocal' asf M Miss Ruth Marie,Genuit is always busy in her studio helping some vocal ensemble, giving a private lesson, or teaching a class, or perhaps she is directing the choir on the stage. Miss Genuit serves as guest director and iudges many contests in this area. She is Assistant Professor of Music and holds a B.M. degree from Kansas City Conservatory of Music, an A.B. from Kansas City University and an M.M. from Northwestern University. She has also studied at the University of California and Columbia University. Northwestern is proud of its outstanding vocal music director! The Choir, under the direction of Miss Ruth Genuit, does a great deal of hard work and has a great deal of fun rehearsing in the Fine Arts Building. Putting on the production, "H.M.S. Pinatore," with the help of the speech and physical education departments, is a shining eicample of their efforts. Each spring the Choir makes tours to highschools in northwestern Oklahoma and southern Kansas. These"missions of good will" induce many students to come to NSC. When outstanding choirs are being' discussed, one may be sure that the NSC Choir will enter the conver- sation. 1 , eg, y 5 Q i ,ti,' ' L f 5 5 if f zu if gi if BACK ROW: Max Nicholson, Gene Marlatt, Carl Shelton, John Scripsick, Jake Schaffler, Roy Hendricks. THIRD ROW Sam Hill, John Burns,Ruth Genuit, George Spellman, Dennis Kaiser. SECOND ROW: Donnis Stebens, Phyllis McCulla Lena Kingsley, Moria Spenner, Rose Doll, Ernestine Shirm, Jeannine Walker, Waynell Wiebener. FRONT ROW: Vesta Rundle Vesta Irion, Mary.Ann White, Pat Baty, Jean Rucker, Carol Melton, Glenda McCulla, Rita Roessler. .55... RANGER MALE QUARTET, popular group on the NSC campus,is always ready with smiles and gay songs. Much in demand for public programs, the Quartet always leaves an enthusiastic audience still applauding for more. Northwestern is proud of its musical hit! VERNON POLK L Vernon Polk, first tenor, Doyle Strong, second tenor: George Spellman baritoneg Sam Hill, bass. Vernon presents his outstanding senior recital during January, just before leaving for the Armed Forces. Popular os a soloist, Vernon was known on the campus as one af the most outstanding voice students ever to attend NSC. . . . .,. -Y together fora sing session. This Girls' Sextet was organized on the campus this year and has been much in demand for public appearances. Among their many performances this year, the Sextet sang over station KC R C, Enid. -5 1.. alicia Iii Qlzia BACK ROW: Muriel Wilson, Edith Gorman, Carol Smith, Ruth Genuit, Wilma Ernst. SEATED Shirley MgAnl-.uf Mary Louise Elmore, Dew Ann Randall, Vesta Rundle. 8- Theta Phi Beta sorority first appeared on the North- western campus to take its place among the honorary Greek organizations in November, 1939. At that time a group of fourteen girls banded together to increase the appreciation of music. Social events ofthe year include a Founders Day Dinner, a Christmas party and a spring formal dance. Thetas seek to advance and improve music appre- ciation on the campus, all musical programs being actively supported by the sorority. OFFICERS SHIRLEY MCARTHUR ........ . . . President PAT WHITMER ..... . . Vice President VESTA RUNDLE . . . . . Treasurer WILMA ERNST . . . . Sponsors EDITH GORMAN RUTH GENUIT' Qramatics MAUD A. DRAKE-BINGHAM, Associate Professor of Dramatics, is a graduate of Northwestern State Teachers College and ofthe Columbia College of Expression, Chicago. She has an O.B. from Lyceum Arts Conservatory, Chicago and an M.A. from the University of Oklahoma. She is'nationally prominent for her work in the dramatic field. The two major productions this year were the Gilbert and Sullivan light operon "H.M.S. Pinafore", and Clement Dane's "A Bill of Divorcement". Pictured below are scenes from "A Bill of Divorcement". gs.vll1:ff"'fi if Home W of . .welcome e o'm9 Belly, CAST OF CHARACTERS Hillary Fairfield ....... SYLVESTER CLIFFORD Sidney Fairfield . . . . . . . . . . . . . RUBY BARKER Margaret Fairfield . . . .... MOLLIE WEAVER Aunt Hester ..... . . . BABE OVERSTREET Kit Pumphrey . . . . . . HARVEY BILL REEG Gray Meredith . . . . . ARTHUR FAULKNER Doctor Alliott . . ...... DON MCCRORY Basset .... . .......... . VIRGINIA BRADLEY 59- iww YW, Y, I BACK ROW: Harvey Reeg, Richard Miller, Lee Athertonp Leslie Stinson, Sylvester Clifford. THIRD ROW: Arthur Faulkner, Phill ip Walters, Carl Shelton, Jerry Pierce, Lillian Welty- SECOND ROW: AI ice Vida Hill, Mary Ann White, Diane Hamburg, Virginia Bradley, Ruby Barker, Maurina Stinson, Billie Newkirk. SEATED: D0nMcCr'ory, Betty Clifford, Earlene Heaton, Dennis Kaiser. Maud A. Drake-Bingham. Lift 12 Qiieafre Northwestern s Little Theater is composed of students on the campus with boundless, well directed interest and activity in the dramatic field. This organization is located in the new Fine Arts Building and boasts of the finest facilities in the state. Annually the Little Theater presents two major productions. This yearthey have presenteda highly successful "HMS Pinafore" and a three act drama, "A Bill of Divorcement . - Other than these two busy assignments, "Winterset," "Emperor .lones," "When the Sun Rises," and "Joan of Arc" have been presented as cuttings from great plays under students' direction. lt's been a great year for a great organization as all members have worked together to climb higher the ladder of success. OFFICERS President .... ....... E ARLENE HEATON Vice President . . . . . BETTY CLIFFORD Secretary . . . . . DENNY KAISER Treasurer. . . . DON MCCRORY 169.- "" L NK, W H3 W M A H .fjlgifgsf Am K VK., , kg, "Y . -- .pf K,,7w' fm ww: "ln:""'h-n... -WW' zu, W1.1+5,' f ,fQ,fi:fggw" ' 'M' , gqefcggm.. wt, JW? Q3 0' .5ifEi?i!1?' ' I ,,..5,5a:f if f , L 4 if E s""'ff , .ww K' , V 1. ,M ' iff ' ,Y 1 Mi ,,:,,,:r -. QQ ' it 5 ,ni 5 1-.N wi A if ,ff uv. ,I ,W Nj' ag ' ,K gy , 4 A5 Wm ,WW vf"k I .W "'n""' mi QA QQ K ' K M.. -1-M... ry A J., , 0 M ,Q-E,g,M.L, VMQ N .. 1 N. -fu., . We K W, "- 1.,, ' W Q3 95' s 'mm mgsuwv- K Q -1. ,aging V ff ,,,g:7u."'-A MW ' ' QM W ff? ' "Q", W' -:-,wx-.-an -Q, M 55 N uhm, 4 mf- A -ms' fb: gf' gn-Q., NNT. ir. ""':u'ggn.., :W 'QF' in 'Hum' fs, ' :Quai-qw? I ."'a"-..,f'n':-"q:.a1'.""-QQ ""' -22512-..':-"t N- ha K wx. Q a.:,""' A-'W ..-A'."",f' s,4,,-5-311,-144,,h.... ml, MQ Wm . ' "Rm, X lgf' ,S 'qu 'efQ.,llu"u.,'-"lu aww- .,':u"'s..gfs"",,:-'Z'..,,,-u.Z's. Enviar-r"'n"u...,'--. .gf---ff-. hs .gf N- 'ul"'Q-' . 4 1, ' 7-"iff" 'Nu 4 ""'.4'Ilv 'K Magik Mfg a sh. .- ..lj , "'lln'--'ir-.?,' an ,Wg gen' Q55-vb' 9, was ' fm-.. ' L: ' v A m Q ! ei M"'f1-" .iq .fp ,,, iw E f WL Q A 1 5 1 i S W ,SX f xlpfi . UQ. , ,Ah .4 - M QUGXWJY-fg ' , , wwS'gH'J1 'f "W-'V' .' A ,i,,..:,N,- W f f -. , PWW., ' , ug- , 1 A V . Q A , W 1 JJ ' , . , x . W W 1 Y - 1 1? V 'L ,J 1 1512: ' 1 W g. V. A E ,R 'K jg Q . , - 'fw - , W, QA X . 5 OPHELIA BEARD, Instructor in Home Economics, graduated from East Central State College and took her M.S. at North Texas State College, Denton. Mrs. Beard has been with us since 1948, setting a standard for the well-dressed WOHIGY1 on the campus and preparing young women for home life. omezconomics EVA WOOD is employed temporarily as instructor in foods and nutrition to f-ill a vacancy that occurred at the opening of the fall semester. Mrs. Wood, a graduate of N.S.C., has done graduate study at Oklahoma A8.M College and at Iowa State Colle e. Her friendliness has won her manyfriendsduringthisbrieftime. The Home Economics Depart- ment instructs the girls in the proper methods of clothing selection and construction and in meal planning and prepa- ration. Also it guides them in many other home duties as well as gives them the proper experience necessary for teaching. The girls prepare delicious refreshments for the campus visitors who are participating in contests here or attending meetings. A casual walk past the door of the home economics kitchens often tums out to be a tanta- lizing experience. Zn usfrz The Industrial Arts Department helps young men and women learn to build and upholster furniture, make various useful household articles from wood and metal. This department often constructs stage properties and other necessary equipment for other departments. Mr. May and Mr. Walters are iustly proud of the products their students make. A-sg, , ., i.:.S1,i,, .fg5w 'fi 55, ,4f'f5l.gfFiE5L g - 0 '- ,r sziwfvfa V5f-Simi , .' 1. ' GULLY WALTERS, Instructor in ln- dustrial Arts, another graduate of N. S. C. received his Masters at Colorado State College. He has held his present position since 'l948, and is well liked by students and faculty. 'al' girls I rfb.. STANLEY W. MAY, Professor of In- dustrial Arts, heads that department which is noted for its excellent wood- working proiects. P rofe s s or Ma y practices what he preaches--the com- bining of art and utility in life. He is a graduate of the School of Industrial Arts,Oshkosh,Washington, and has an A. B. from N.S.C. and an M.A. from the Colorado State College of Education. Ome fconomic5 BACK ROW: Lillian Welty, Mona Spenner, Rose Marie Doll, Eva Wood, Pauline Molz, Lois Molz, Marilyn Miller. SEATEDJ Glenda McCulla, Lenora Hutcheson, Jo Ann Caldwell, Ernestine Shirm, Dovie Vanderhule. The Northwestern Chapter of College Home Eco- nomics Clubs was organized September, l937, and is now affiliated with the National Organization of College Home Economics Clubs. The membership for the current year is twenty members. Club activities for the year include a Christmas party, a formal dinner for guests, and a tea honoring the senior members of the organization. This year's programs have been built around the theme "Home Economics as a Basis for a Career." Several speakers have appeared before the group. Emphasis is also given to training in social ethics. Membership is open to all women students. ERNESTINE SHIRM . . LENORA HuTcHEsoN Dovle VANDERHULE Joov CALDWELL . .. OPHELIA BEARD .. OFFICERS . . . President Vice President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer I Sponsor -65- lan uages anb Ssoarnafism rm, -v . w,,y 4-,gr xef tgg - -,1- ,Q . me ,-.. f W -my, , g,,f'g,1, if , 'if - ' ik ,Y L, -. V - if SK.. if: .Mfmwf Wm? 'QQ 3 Q ggi? ,L DAVID E. MACKIE, head ot the iournalism department and instructor of English, is known for his un- ceasing efforts to boost every de- partment of the college and to publicize its achievements ever since his arrival here in 1947. He earned his A.B. at the University of Iowa, his B.J. and M.E. at the University of Missouri. ...66.- ' , yg, .,, ' f 1 'H . H ff, 7 ' , wi, - I ,. L 1 L 1 1 A - 'iv-iw My i : ' 1 tszffA"i . , mega . Q ' ' iris ' i . " ji. 'ef fm. , ns ' I. ,Q - . 5 237 'Y' . hy 'Avi -1 f.. .a' 'xlvii jf, : - I ' if f 7, 1:51-,,4?l' 4515 M1523 Q 1 .gig f 4 .v Hfkfwiig 23-,gfgf ew, Q . 1 w.,y,:,Qf,, :V f Q f. Jgt , 'i ig4.i,gQQ,. -. , Q., -, Q. we ,asffflrwg x - ..,,. . . -Wf.,',.wQ'ffm'w2il5 3 W 'Sf 9 f.lf,'szfsmQ.Qi? W JEAN M. HOLLAND, head of the department of foreign languages, has been a member of NSC's faculty since 1928 and is distinguished for the high quality of her work and her sincere nature. Miss Holland re- ceived her A.B. and M.A. degrees at the University of Oklahoma qnd did additional graduate study at Middlebury College, the National University of Mexico and the Uni- versity of Texas. WILLIAM S. VANCE, Professor of English, is head of Northwestern's capable department of English. He received his A.B. degree from Baylcr University, his M.A. from Harvard and his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He has done additional work at the University of California. Although a comparative newcomer, Eresent position since 1946, his sly umor and wisdom have become o legend. BENNIE HENRY, Associate Pro- fessor of English, received her A.B. at the University of Oklahoma, her M.A. at Columbia and has done additional graduate study at the University of Colorado, the Uni- versity of Chicago, the University of California and the Bread Loaf School of' English. She is loved for her sparkling wit and sympathetic understanding. GLADYS JULIAN, Assistant Pro- fessor of English, has served NSC since 1945. She is extremely de- voted to the literature which she teaches. A graduate of NSC, she obtained her M.A. from George Peabody College and has done graduate work at the University of Colorado. 1-x Q X fi fesg i? Qi H LS 33 T3 M I, 1 in vi H ii I U S ll gl F Q -2 oarb of fab iicaiions BACK ROW: W. S. Vance, Bennie Henry, David Mackie. FRONT ROW: George Spellman, lmagene Tyree, Richard Heaton. Members of the Board of Publications are chosen by the NSC Student Council, but function as a separate unit. The Board is the governing body of student publications on the campus, including the Ranger Annual and the Northwestern News. All problems that arise concerning these publications are taken to the Board for discussion and action. The Board makes the final decision on the editor and business manager of both publi- cations and approves the selection of staff members. s Dr. Vance, Miss Henry and Mr. Mackie are the faculty advisors of the Board. lmagene Tyree served as chairman this year. The Board of Publications meets regularly once each month. .53- fr-M 1 E Z .,...! V 2 'khiffv X, ,gi fx!-W g-'ff' ,egg YT? ...QC was 4--Q Qax fm, ang STANDING' Bill Rob . ertson, Sports Edif0I'i Sylvester SEATED: Donnis Stebens,Sports Editor, Vesta Butler, Clifford, Assistant Editor, Joyce Davis, Poster: Editor-in-Chief, lmagene Tyree, Organizations Editorr Al Rundle, Class Editor, Pauline Molz, Typist. Lois Molz, Typist. - The editorial staff wrote copy, gathered informa- tion k ' ' , ept in contact with and classes, and set up the campus organizations pages of your annual. The business staff handled the financing of ,the annual-sold advertising, sponsored the king and queen contest, auctioned a watch. Richard Miller headed this staff. Being an artist himself, he inspired other staff artists in the painting of posters, laying out ads, etc. The entire staff wishes to extend thanks to students and faculty ofN.S.C.and to the businessmen of Alva whose cooperation made this book a reality. BELOW ARE: Carl Shelton, Staff Artist, Betty Clifford, Staff Artist, Kitty Starcher, Staff Artist, Stan Edwards, Assistant Business Manager, Richard Miller fseatedl, Busines Manager, Joy Cameron, Typist, wrryrreil weibener,Typasr, Phyli' s is McCulla, Poster. nnudf 5 ,pw ,av A striking example of Carlyle's "true university" is the college library which houses more than 36,000 volumes. Being a selective government depository, the library receives a valuable stream of bound and unbound government publications that constitute a separate department. Much specialized material is available here for research. The library has an entirely modern, air-conditioned reading room, four floors of stacks, periodical reading room and equipment to serve students, faculty, and townspeople. A66 FRANCES DU VALL, well qualified for her position as librarian, has held her present position since 1947. Always willing to help in the search of a "certain" book, Miss Du Vall is known for her efficiency. She received her B.S. degree from Central State College at Edmond and her M.A. degree from George Peabody College. I EDITH GORMAN, reference librar- ian, has been on the NSC faculty for three years and is in charge of the government documents. Known for her keen sense of humor, Miss Gorman is versatile and energetic. She holdsa B.S. degree from Kansas State Teachers College and an M.A. degree in library science from the George Peabody College. w5o's W6 in gimerican Cfolfe as BACK ROW: John Allen Rider, Edgar Fielder, Georgia Anne Redman, Wesley Mallory, Lou Johnson, Richard Mmm, Dennis FRONT ROW: M. Am anb McCracken,lmagene Tyree,Vesta Rundle, Glenda McCulla. These students were selected for "Who's Who" from the upper fourth ofthe iunior and senior classes. Qualifications considered are the student's scholarship, his leadership and cooperation in academic and extracurricular activities, his citizenship and service to the school and his promise of future usefulness. Names and biographical data ot the students selected appear each year in the annual publi- cation ofWho's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. More than six hundred universities and colleges in the United States are represented in the Who's Who directory. Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities was established at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in 'l934. -73- WILMA ERNST, Associate Professor of Commerce has charge of the accounting and business de- 327 atlfiemaiics an A QjOU?IU2l'C4 portments. She has been at Northwestern since l940, and holds her B.S. from the Oklahoma College for Women and her Master of Commercial Education from the University of Oklahoma. Miss Ernst also has had summer graduate study at the University of California. Her constant ef- forts to boost Northwestern are sincerely appre- c iated. fte KRISTINE BROWN, Instructor in Mathematics, has an A.B. degree in Education from Colorado State College and an M.A. degree from Columbia University. Mrs. Brown has been a member of the North- western faculty since 'l947. She is always willing to ,help the students "figure ' things out. Miss Ernst is shown here in the business machines department demonstrating the new automatic mimeo- graph machine one of the new machines recently ZELDA THOMAS, Instructor in Commerce, has the typewriting and shorthand departments. She received her B.S. from Arkansas State Teachers College, her M.S. from Oklahoma A 81 M College, and has done additional graduate study at the University of Oklahoma. A fac- ' V ulty member here since I949, Miss Thomas is another af Northwestern's newer teachers. She is known for her courtesy and efficiency. KATHRINE MIRES, Assistant Professor of Mathe- matics,has been at Northwestern since 1942. Her B.A. and M.A. degrees are from the University of Arkansas, and she has also had additional graduate study at the University of Minnesota. Always a triendly person, Miss Mires is well-liked by the student body. 'J' f-44511 ff? MYRNA BOYCE, Dean of Women and Professor of History, earned her A.B., A.M., and Ph.D. at the University of. lowc- She has a large background of learning, not only in history, but also in art, music, and literature. Her brilliance and force- ful speaking have made her known as one of Northwestern's most inspiring classroom teachers. , I' ' if K. WADLEY, of History and Government, completed his Ph.D. at Northwestern Uni- versity. Frankness and simplicity mark him as an earnest, capable, unpretending instructor and account for his campus popularity. CHARLES A. PARKER, Associate Professor of His- tor , is a graduate of Hendrix College, received his M.S. at the University of Oklahoma and has done additional grad- uate work at Columbia Uni- versity. Since 1939, when he took his present position, he has patiently tried to create in students' minds a true pic- ture of the world and its problems. Sociaffvcience DAVlD W. PIERCE, Professor ofHistory and head of that department, has held his present position since 1926. He is a Christian scholar witha purpose. He earned his M.A. at the University of Oklahoma after completing his A. B., requirements at Hendrix College. FRANK H. HICKMAN, instructor of Economics,came to us in l949,and has already established himself as a man ofvitality and intellectual ity. Hailing from England, he possesses a B.A. and M.A. from Cambridge and also earned an A.M. at the University of Miami. ii'KiTiW2'S -. : 11 eg ' QU' Q Xpigslflwigsg we "'.h t ' h ' 'W 3:gg3fQiQR,v' 1r1-f I 255 4- Hr . x , ,Q - .wg V fe, 6, ., , . . ,. ...-' - 14,4 V , 1 f ,. f if 'fx . . " gc . . gig, 5 ' . DR. THOMAS C. CARTER, besides serving as Dean of Administration, is if A ",,' f z'fTV.1g,,iV, Professor of Biology. A graduate of NSTC, he received his M.A. degree ,,,,E5y -""V - ' gz. if jj. from Colorado State Teachers Col lege and his Ph.D. from the University ofWisconsin. Dr. Carter is an inspiring teacher--a gentleman and a scholar. - ' "v: 4 il 5' Pictured is a small section of the NSC Museum which was created through the spirit and pride of Dr. Carter. This museum is one of the most complete in northwestern Oklahoma. The bird col- lection adds nature's color to the large room which boasts assortments of everything from bones and skulls to ancient firearms. It is here that Dr. Carter keeps his rattlesnakes--visitors are warned not to handle specimens, they might be alive! 5 ignqg rf" " W Q 1 ,yn V ,.-,-HQ Vg at D JOE W. MELTON, Professor of Chemistry, earned his B.S. at the Stephen F. Austin State College, his M.A. and Ph.D. atthe University of Texas. He shows a lively inter- estinanything concerning chemistry, which, from his point of view is anythingfromcomicbooks totomato plants, to hydrogen, to musical instruments. We are convinced that he is a logical thinker anda "good ANNA B. FISHER, Professor of Biology, got her A.B. at the Uni- versity of California, her M.S. at the University of Chicago and her Ph.D. from the University of Okla- homa. Since 1927 at NSC she has been exuberantly expostulating on the importance of backbones, iellyfish and tree Ieqves. Joe." JOHN N. CAMERON, Professor of Physics, a graduate of NSC, re- ceived his M.S. from the University of Oklahoma. He is highly respected by the entire student body--takes an interest in all college affairs. Mr. Cameron has held his present position since l926: it will be to the credit of Northwestern if he holds it for as many years more. DEAN LESLIE, Instructor in Chem- istry since 1949, received his B.S. here and his M.S. at Oklahoma A 81 M College. He is living proof that youth and spirit work an en- thusiastic response from the school- goers. RALPH F. STRETE, Professor of Geology, took his A.B. and M.A. degrees at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, and has done graduate work at the University of Chicago. This quiet, shy man is well-liked by the students and he seems to recipro- cate the affection. 1111 F 'gr 1' H ' 3' ' Wm . W1 v H Y W Wg. ' - -- 'qw M' N ' rv .,. af. U ,r 1 iR.and MRS. ENNIS HOSKINS nd Studie- AvvmLwmweeme..,.,., Innis pretends to study whil ,etty reads a magazine an tudie explores a Mothe ioose book. between glance t the birdie--, The Kamp i amous for its hospitality n ideal which "Hoot' ollows to the lost gasp. WLM gf? sa 1 MR. ond MRS. NELSON DUTTON and children. Nelson is off to another day at school--if the road is navigable-and is saying goodbye to the family. Kollege Kamp is noted for its young marrif couples, its poor roads, and its friendl ness. his composed of 53 apartments mac 4 from converted army barracks. Kolle Kamp isasmall community and asa in mo: small communitiesthere are house partief visits, partnership gardens, gossip se sions and a genuine feeling of conge iality. Children, dogs, and cats provii plenty of daily adventure and entertai ment. 3 79- f i . "5 4 VW' l ' fbi., kan ,FUNYMMTRI MRS W n---' . - u ' - L. Mliiotllllerl-ol Shockliy H' Ho"'3Glrlorhar ofclzllll-looN H005 son Hall ,K -mfg 'bf' . Q i K . .r,, W. an S Riu -wg: MRS. VERA BRADBURY School Nurse MISS CAROL PRENTICE MRS. ARTHUR FAULKNER Secretary to President Percefull Sgcrgiqry fo Deon Campbell ffngineers kim, J- R- MOORE L. H. CAMPBELL Superinfendenf, Building J- T- LOONEY Custodian Maintenance Night Watchman A CHARLES EDWARDS F. M. CLINE Custodian Gardener ROBERT ORINGDERFF MOSS HEAVILIN Custodian Custodian WRAM WATT C- A- BATES w. L. HICKMAN CUSfOdiOf1 Engineer Gardener Homecoming, 4 ,K nf i ,- if , f Q lv ' P V Qf 1 .Hg 1, M Q I ' i 55 V ML S , , Q., , LL-. ,V. 'L H MQW? M l E he tx ,-A , Q fra., M. aw 3 '92- ,:. f 1 Q 14 bank up 1 lv, fu w by K , , vwmrg k wa. . 3' xi is :ef 4, ' .. , A .. , 1- k f , 5 K l, T WV- K ii' 4 X V ' Q Xi - Ni ?.-m g V ,' 1- Q 6.2, r Q- 3 L 1 , 1 - .. aff 3: ywwfl. . ,k L:f,f'i, gk. Sw 1 'bike xi 1 ug hwy v,,,5k ,,,x,'S 1gf Qu - utr, 5 Q ni HAH W Af .3 -in ,, wiv V. -,H X. .5 it SM' gg wg k ? 1 W 3 , " L " . l S V x , Q 3 H ff 1 ,M L fi ,iam ii, ff , 1 -mirf zu y , rr HUB!!! 4 7 , 659' Iii-3' W' K 1 9' 4 -. -Qafgk-:mf J fm ,W 'V' 'Q' 1 H I 'f 1. 5 Z X Q ,. ?f .AVN , fw"5 A s X , . xx gf if-A Ks "x DoRo1HY BAYLESS MARY Louise ELMORE Attendant Anendanf BEAUTY . . . Heaton, Bayless, Elmore -85 VICKI H LL A nnual Queen I BETTY ZAHU'i"" PAT GR d f AN Affen on Affengti? BATY 2,33 JERRY BROWNRIGG h Annual King OYLE STRONG WENDALL LEWIS D Afiendan' Affendant HS M, . M Eff is K gl g ,gf A , lf' ,Mp L YW. 1, . f ,- , ,M - " V . 31 f' 4 fl ' 'am K 4 .. vw , gs A " Q f .. W - ia V V M X L . L J IEE- f -Y 1 ' ' W-MJUY CAMERON 5 i ,W M G, - ,A X U ,f--- - A fag A W y , f m I2 y Nw' ,H ex 3 F .K Q i s L f. A, . .. .ig-"K -xg A T2 9532 V .vm K, wwf..-f.w 'MQ-in 'K' 'I i Mwwvfis-'-X ., ,W . , . Niiqagnwi, ,, ., . . dv. ,Q , 'A vs'- Ssa' ' R611 .tim A-, 39' ss' fm 7 , A ,i 4, , -. ,..,.-1-WW, I N., Q q L ,awww-w- A I ,D nL"'F1'-1-4 , W K W ..s .M A ' . .M V-.J Sis 2I'..fa... P" "?"""-1 3 A -3--Wk i ,,,.i..,.,. , M A "A "' MWF! i ffx-5 'M' '-N-25975 ,,A..YQ' A , . .va x -. - ..-, - .- . ,....-. A,,,,.N. ,,., x .m-,,, :www Nw Q L' .www-'X Y: " A 5 . ,M -W . . n ' -'nw -XY' Q , 1 . ' N . -A "KZ K , L . . . , ' xgfh' ,1..y.,f ' wi: E 'sf Y . L ' 4 ,A WM 6 .- , WW -LL' QF rx, s BACK RUW: Coach Highfill, Hoover Trout, Bill Del'-lass, John McNeely, Kenneth Gruenwald, Max Bradley, Murl Dowell, Kenneth Brown, Jack Klick, DeanWhite, Coach Johnson. MIDDLE ROW: John Schwarts, Gene Sullivan, Al Woods, Milford Sharp, Burl Dowell, Duane Goyen, Bill Moehle, Tom Niles, Roy Kitchin. FlRST ROW: Leo Eck, Jimmy Atwood, Bill Stout, Lewis Slater, Bill Highfill, Monte Roach, Glen Hipsher, Troy O'Hair. Look at those heads of hair! And they were fond arei as rough as they look. The freshmen football members were some of the outstanding players who strove to keep up the spirit ofthe Castle on the Hill. fr nur' vw-nrvwfiw-W .... Bill Greggs and Coach Highfill, standing in front of some ofthe Northwestern's trophies, look at the ball used in the last game of 1949, in which the Rangers beat East Central 'I4 to 6, in one of the upsets of the year. True to tradition, the Rangers again played heads-up football, giving all comersahard fight For the conference crown. CLEAL HIGHFILL, Coach of Intercollegiate sports since I946, took his A.B. degree from Northwestern State College and has made a good record for himself here. He has proved his ability to make outstandzing athletes of the boys whom he coaches. Having been awell known Oklahoma ball player, he knows his work and his words mean something. WISTAR NEWBY, Assistant Pro- fessor of Health Education heads the Health Education Depart- ment. He holds an A.B. degree from Friends'University and an A.M. from the University of Michigan. He has held his present position since 1943 and has an interest in improving health through proper applica- tion of physical education. ff ache WALTER N. JOHNSON, Jr., Assistant Coach, graduated last year from N.5.C. with a B.S. degree. He has been a promi- nent sports figure at North- westem and feels at home as coach here. 'sv 'X' - , Mr . ' Ne d - Wby - haf' one f""'9 'S D h S more T HighschPl'epora,io,:l'PlQxed b . 1 Code Si col BGSIQ Ior fhg y Problem Assistof' ns' soY nn efbau N,5.C s mis. Yds Win '52 O bull team Tollrnqmem: Ihvifqfiorznf I5 0 U ww! lo 'G -91 Ni it S ? FRONT ROW: Dick Highfill--Coach, Gene Schanbacher--Guard, Jerry Brownrigg--End, Troy O'Hair--Halfbac Ennis Hoskins--Guard. S E C ON D R0 W: Dennis Rountree--Quarterback, Ed Brookey--Guard, Robert Sowards--Guang Travis Rector--Halfback. THlRD ROW: Gene Tempelton--Center, Dean Nay--Halfback, Don Phipps--End: Ronalc Throckmorton--Fullback, Robert Hunter--Tackle. BACK ROW: Lyle Couch--Tackle, RayKitchin--Tackle, Jim Gilmore- Tackle, Joe Harrison--Tackle. NO T PIC TU R E D: Bill Linihan--End, Bill Stout--Halfback, Bob Wheat--Halfbacl: Bill Hemingway--End, Doyle Pendergraft--Center. Eleven men on a Held. This short phrase says little, but Northwestern football fans will always remember the year 1950-51. This was the year the Rangers showed that school spirit can and DOES mean something. Yes, the eleven men on a field ,this year showed that cooperation and team work can work wonders. Coach Highfill and Coach Johnson, to say nothing of Northwestern's student body, can well remember this year, tor though there may be years when we will win more games, there will never be a year that we will play better football. NW 13 . . . . . . Panhandle Aggies 7 Nw 27 . . . ..... Southeastern 21 NW 7 . . . . . . Bethany College 0 NW T4 . . . . . . Southwestern UCS-l 19 NW 21 . . . . . Friends University 20 NW 7 . . . ....... Central 33 NW 22 . . . . . . Northeastern I2 NW 6 . . . . . . East Central l2 NW 3 . . . . . Southwestern 7 it NT ROW: Jack Strahorn--Center, Leo Eck--Halfback, Bill Bayless--Guard, Walter Johnson--Coach FND ROW: Bill Greggs--Guard, Albert Goyen--Guard, Jeff Landreth--Halfback, Al Woods--Halfback D ROW: Kenneth Gruenwald--Fullback, Kelley Askew--Quarterback, Ben Koop--End, Wilber Cheap--Half- BACK ROW: Hobart Muller--Halfback, Toby Alley--End, Leo Carter--Tackle, Bennie Benson--Center President Percefull presents Bob Wheat and Bill Greggs with miniature gold footballs in acknowledgement of their having been placed on the first team of Oklahoma's all-Conference team. Ray Kitchin and Bill Linihan were placed on the second team, and Jeff Landreth was given honor- able mention, an honor, all Northwestern agrees, that was well deserved. -9 This is what makes a ball team--hard work .V by and time. As can be seen here the Rangers if V i g w kii wgg lkijg are going to mean business in the game-- l f : " Rangers are rough and ready. ' 5 r I iy. y 42 .I , ' .' ' 9 A -' i 'T ' ., "5 1 94- ,9 .re gg. -' 2. X' - qw. T vi 1' " ' '1ffhf.,f:Sff i w 1 + p Tfii' ,Q ii Q -S .4 fs 1 KS! W A XD? 1 A' N W fl .ilwii 35 H 525' V ,, ii Q21 ,Q sf fi K2 Q, 1. Ht 2 . fi. ' x , 5 QQ 1. M 5 M. 3 Q, ng 4 is :sf 55 fe? Q. ggi , 'A 1 ' ff EQ? V - an H . 1 1-3 t M . sw any N' mbmvf mi . . t Kg 2131.5 x N ,Q Pi MT' ' is J' ,. +-W' g ,wr elif. Q W MW i mv W Z 1 'i . r 2 Q. Rza? 1 a 'Q M I 4' 1 Q fm - W I ' ' f y "5" Yiwixiizrex :W V: ,Q - f --11 1 ,, it 'i 'fr G 6 ' K' 'Wil owl 4. filww 11 FQW: , F :-V H f 1 13- '5s, ,.,-, This is the result of the training. This pass interception shows that the Rangers alwoysplay heads-up ball. Here the Rangers are on their way to another win through team work. Standing by the new Ranger bus is Coach Highfill and bus driver Jack Bates. The bus is not only used by the athletic teams for their trips, but is also used by the choir on tours and by various other school groups. It has a capacity of 39 passengers who ride in comfort and luxury. W Yi' I 'I --.T We 1 . .JJ 4 Wu., If X . 5 Q 9 . N X. 1 E' W' ag? TW i U Nmlxitf ' OKLA f,More, More,Rangers RIDE, RANGERS, RIDE T Dedicated 'bo Mr. Wm. F. Deusingerw-"for his inspiring musicianship." ast with Spirit , Ride, ,Ride, Rangers Ride, And we will win this game to - night. i E, Score, Score, Rangers Score. And we will win just like be - p fore. i J Y 1 I 1 3 t,Fight, iFight,Rangers right! Tiff! vii-fffiil i if f .J Bill Robertson, Earlene Heaton, Stan Edwards, Joy Cameron i Y It you are looking for someone with true ha r Spirit on th? campus, you 7 i i ..r-'rl-E ,mm . ll mar' .. . 1 r.. ' E Y N, . iv. ' Y- ' E p ' -.ln anci creatinglpep and spirit f the boys playi ' the game. ii Y it I ide and fight some more! Ride! Ride! i Ride, Ride, Ride? Y lx P P 7 7' I7 Q I 'f 3 E 'f 3, VH l LEFT TO RlGHT: 28--Hobart Muller: 63--Kenneth Brown: 23--Max Bradley: 38--Toby Alley: 68--Leo Carter: 65--Bill Linihan: 88--John McNeely: 00--Milfred Sharp: 60--Don Phipps: 58--Dean Chaffin: 13--Tom Niles: 'll--Kelly Askew: 44--Lewis Slater: 22--Glen Hipsher: 55--Troy 0'Hair: Coach Johnson: Coach Highfill. NW 39 . . . Southwestern UCSD NW 48 . . . . Panhandle A 81 M 341535 Bal l Southwestern .. .....Central ..........Central ....PanhandleABnM NW 52 ...... Tabor College East Central . . . Friends NW 50 .......... Friends Northeastern . . . O.B.U. NW 32 . . . Southwestern fKsj . . ..... O.B.U. Southeastern NW 55 .......... Sterling Southeastern East Central NW 46 . . . . . Emporia . . .... Phillips Northeastern NW 57 . . . . .Drury Southwestern . . . Phillips LEFT TO RIGHT: 63--Kenneth: Brown: 6'l--Bennie Benson: 99--Kenneth Gruenwald: 62--Bill DeHc 00--Jack Cackran: 44--Lewis Slater: 60--Burl Dowell: 64--Bill Stout: 22--Glen Hipsher: 62--Sam Hill: . Troy O'Hair: 33--Monte Roach: 27--Lynn Puffinbarger: Coach Johnson. X1 5 0 W Max Bradley lleftl, senior from Aline, was elected honorary captain of the 'l950-51 Ranger basketball squad. "Long John" has an outstanding sports record behind him at Northwestern, having participated not only in basketball but' also in baseball and tennis. Below are some shots ofthe scrappy Rangers in action. It is evident that, although lack- ing in height, they are full of speed and spitherinktum. Win or lose, they play a hard ballgame. , -- --- H1539 ligsical' fbucaiion BACK ROW: ,Virginia Rohrer, Earlene Heaton, Lenora Hutcheson, Edythe Burket, Ernestine Shirm, Jeanette Lane Betty Rogers, Freda Genter, Phyllis McCulla, June Kunzman. FRONT ROW: Nadine Kunzman, Wilma Erdman, Joyce Davis Juanita Campbell, Jean Rucker, Donnis Stebons. This group of girls are the maiors and minors of physical education in this college. They take part in the many J activity classes under the leadership of Miss Patterson. Some ot the sports engaged in are basketball, bad- -agua minton, volleyball, kickball, softball and tennis. During the summer term these same people may be seen "bask- ing in the sun" while enrolled in swimming class. This group sponsors intra-mural tournaments each semester. MISS INEZ PATTERSON, instructor of Health Edu- cation for women, has a B.S. and M.S. degree from Oklahoma A 8. M. Miss Patterson, familiar to all because of her sparkling personality, is the sponsor of the P. E. Major-Minor Club, Zippers,and the Ranger Square Dance Club. Each year she trains one square for exhibition purposes. She is also well known throughout the state asa Square Dance Caller. .93.. A5ocltiBifion Square dancing is a popular co-recreational activity on the Northwestern campus. Miss lnez Patterson is the prominent caller. The Exhibition Dancers are always in great demand for entertainment. They tour nearby towns and were a feature attraction on a WKY Television Show. Jean Rucker, Jimmie Burt, June Kunzman, John Burns, Jeanette Lane, Ernestine Shirm, Scott Tuxhorn, Earlene Heaton, Donnis Stebens, George Spellman, Carl Shelton, Carol Melton, Bill Scott, Edythe Burkett, Dennis Kaiser, Joyce Davis, John Scripsick, Loine Gates. OFFICERS DON REITZ, President EARLENE HEATON, Vice-President DONNIS STEBENS, Secretary CARL SHELTON, Treasurer ' ., , , ,uw-ff ' J, D F5 Zippers Pictured are June Kunzman, Beverly Beard, Freda Genter, Joyce Davis, Lou Johnson, Edythe Burket, Donna Burns, Donnis Stebens, Jean Rucker, Marilyn Miller, Nadine Kunzman, Wilma Erdman. CHEERLEADERS: Earlene Heaton, Joy Cameron. Pat Granger Baty Knot picturedl. Helping to create true Northwestern spirit is this pep organization for girls. Zipper members give their support by attending all home games and are willing to give their time and effort to all col- lege activities where they are needed. ln conjunction with the Wranglers, the Zippers stimulate and lead the cheering section at the various athletic events. The organization was reorganized on the NSC campus in 1946 and school cheer leaders are chosen each year from its membership. OFFICERS LOU JOHNSON .... ......... .... P r esident DONNIS STEBENS. . . . . .Vice President FREDA GENTER. . - - - Secretary DONNA BURNS .,,, . . Treasurer INEZ PATTERSON . . . Sponsor 100- rangfers FOURTH ROW: Clay Clinesmith, Harry Kerns, Henry Franz, Bill Robertson. THIRD ROW: Stan Edwards, Duane Rudy John Burns. SECOND ROW: Jerry Brown, C. A. Parker, Neal Hassinger. FIRST ROW: Steve Dale, George Spellman John Scripsick, Bob Brown. NOT PICTURED: Paul Gross, Herb Niles, Bob Brown, Leroy Williams, Bob Wharton, Chet Nickelson, Phillip Walters, Curt Riggenboch, Richard Heaton, Jack McGee, Roscoe Lantelme. The Wrangler Pep Organization was activated in I934 for the purpose of encouraging pep on the campus of Northwestern. This past year the Wranglers sponsored numerous after game dances. Trips were taken to Winfield and Edmond for football games, and Enid for the basketball game. The social highlight of the year is the annual Wrangler Spring Formal. The WrangIerQueen was Miss Joy Cameron, daughter of Professor and Mrs. John N. Cameron. The red iackets of the Wranglers are the visible symbols of pep and good will at Northwestern. O F F I C E R S First Semester Second Semester President ..... ...... B OB BROWN . . . . STAN EDWARDS Vice-President .... ..... J OHN SCRIPSICK . . . . . BILL ROBERTSON Secretary-Treasurer . . . GEORGE SPELLMAN . . . . . GEORGE SPELLMAN Reporter.. . ...- STEVE DALE . . . . PHILLIP WALTERS Sponsor . . . C. A. PARKER . . .... C. A. PARKER -101 ' 0:1215 BACK ROW: Robert Hunter, Gene Tempelton, Doyle Pendegraft, Jeff Londreth, Bill Bayless, Ennis Hoskins, Jack Strahorn. THIRD ROW: Kelly Askew, Bennie Benson, Ed Brookey, Al Woods, Troy O'Hair. SECOND ROW: Larry Sanchez, Hobart Muller, Ben Koop, Toby Alley, Ronald Throckmorton, Jerry Brownrigg. FRONT ROW: Coach Johnson, Gene Sullivan, Bill Greggs, Max Bradley,Ray Kitchin, Dennis Rountree, Leo Eck. The membership of the"'N"Club is composed of athletes lettering in any sport at Northwestern. Admittance is gained after being approved by the organization and upon completion of a strict period of initiation. The fact that the "N" Club has furnished all awards and iackets to lettermen for the past five years, is ample proof that this organization has been quite active on and off the campus. OFFICERS DENNIS ROUNTREE .............. President BILL GREGGS . . . FirstSemester. . Vice President JEFF LANDRETH. .Second Semester. Vice President RAY KITCHIN .................. Treasurer MAX BRADLEY ................. , Secretary COACH JOHNSON . . . SPODSN' -102- 3 2 i 1 , Pictured above is Monte Roach ileftl and Jerry Brownrigg frightj, the two hard hitting Northwestern boxers,squoring off against each other. At the left is Jerry Brownrigg holding a trophy he received as the outstanding boxer of the Oklahoma Golden Gloves Tourna- ment. Jerry won the Oklahoma lightweight title and then advanced to the semifinals of the National Tournament in Chicago. After this toumament he was selected as a member of the Chicago team to fight a group of New York City boxers in an inter-city match at Madison Square Garden. Jerry is popular wherever he goes, and the best wishes and admiration of Northwestern are always with the smiling, slugging southpaw, who has achieved so many great goals for himself and Northwestern. r Top Boxer nvmaw,a.mwsmfm.1.4 ,-.. WW, -U, vm mwvviw. - fa: an A 1 , e: E :ff 3 'E Q Swv. +1 -7 ww " ,: gwfv' -ws f SM '?:2:S ..'4?. ' .. , ' -- -- f-fc-,:f1.p,..,: YA 2 , ? fm- W :f . -H qfqrwwm.. ' Q Vfigw-swfi.mesgvfw-weww' V V3 ,- ,., A-::A- ,. , fewfssfff xl - - YQ , K 2' Efiiggsfsfgggwgggiiwwk g ' : I .mp -1.-w -- -: f f ,KA yfmzsza I ,,:, . :wit ffgzsxwmegewgfu-V, ' ,QA-191'eg2fQs5f1sif??'5-ffi'i1522imz's.!f.?- , ff wg-I V,.. X.. f ,W fm, . ggigf 2 W ww 7- 7 ef 'f iw, .,,,,W.,g,.,WW.m,v,,., . , M . m,.,A.,,, - 21432137 ,ff Nw? 'Q 7 7 X, wwxww, ,wwf-f-,,,,Af , f223lWwA 2 V ggi M3351 VKLW .. was lv 5 f Q 4? :km .W Eff K . :ug Qfsfsgg f 1 ,WE K 1.8 al 'M as 'ENE MQW? V -- .ff L,,, :W ,,,- . 'e:1,:"F':a2 x , 1 -gf NM? ,W W i A61 ww 4,m ugg 2, , .sk 1 W1 A-,EMF-'32 fffim -Wig 2,5 .. . A ,EL +- 'ii .K ,M 5 5529451 f 13 ggiyggwf xzgvgg 33, af 4 :iw wg? Sw 1 J' 'f ani 2 N i,?"7if:' ' f-: ' W 5 ffmgg :,. - 1:1 v' L. , Q, M, , . S51 ,"'.:,, gl gfgvi Q Q ZIA 'PSHE 1, ' W L. . A i f . W -,,e-- .fs-riaz' 1?f5s35?q" lim. m5 5 + wx, 5, fi 6 is 9 sky, it gn 3,5 QM 3, V- 4 is is S1255 ,M X, fam Lien 'V' N M, X x-114 i xx- W fa W- ww WN , f ima, 1 5451 Q ,, f 1. gf 3' Hr 4 'K' V ' A wiifwigzw wemnmwyki fs? r F wffm. -- .K ., W.. . I Q , 1,121 1 fs 2, 2 P A Q, X t 5 Y M ' H 1 ' f 8 v , 5 K mm, Q S 42 2 X , S gg f M .Q , Q W is A Q , x 5 Q K 3 ? 2 if 5 1 , if S N25 Q1 Q 1 ff ,wjt 31? 'W Wg? A X 1 ig nf ,, L in ,fi V, , , Lf , . I . Q, 1. Q , ,- , w ' H 1: K full : fix Q is N 2 M - fl' 'gf L my ' . K 2 a ' W' ' in n. -.': v:..1.: ,-f:1s13isggr,f:gWf4.i '22,-1::15f'::f"2h. ,A fvfviifelpwf Ji. -, ' : ':'.:2Sf2-V A fv N if 5' fl., V 'QM las ffoffw ,a?f'4Yf:ffefsgs?wf22s1 gifgsqfwgiii , Sr-1 A X' 1, 2' A Q N, K1 9 HF " 4 ,K 2 Y V 'S-Shiiszwfiw wi-SHA - M.:-,Q-.11 A W 2 . ::,. Z . 1 W fx J Ag 3 , ,sg-'gg 3 .k km .. 5. NM . V'-zwffsk ' ,xfig.i-M9251 59,3630 : Asa 3 122,- 1' ba, f W af 1 A Q K 'T ' ,:gif2.,,i. 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FRONT ROW: Maxine Hager, Mary Ledesma, Jo Ann Caldwell, Mary Lou Haines, Doris Kragh. NOT PIC' TURED: Laressa Sample, Darlene Taylor, Virginia Rohrer, Muriel Wilson, Mrs. Beard. Alpha Sigma Alpha, a national sorority, has as its obiects the physical, spiritual, intellectual, moral and social development of its members. Gamma Gamma chapter was installed at NSC February 23, 'l9'l6. Each year the Alphas sponsor a full program of activity, including a Founders' Day Banquet, Christmas Dance, Mothers Day Banquet and a student formal, along with many other interesting activities. OFFICERS JODY CALDWELL .... ........ ...... P r esident MARY LOU HAINES . . Vice Presidenf MARY LEDESMA . - ..... Secretary CAROL SMITH . . . . . . Registrar MAXINE HAGER . . ,,,, Edifo, MURIEL WILSON . . . . . Chaplain OPHELIA BEARD . . . Sponsors AURICE HUGULEY 106- ,gggfla f 1 , - ff Y 7 . fi :M wgMW :z Es'a'ff 'uf S - ' .2 . Q5 4' MP1 " -va ' ,fl .. .4 I Qelfa 5 'gmaffpsi fan BACK ROW: Maurine Stinson, Rose Orene Jordan, Mollie Weaver, Edythe Burket, La Jean Eubank. THIRD ROW: Joyce Davis, Diane Hamburg, Betty Payne, Dorothy Strawn, Vesta Butler Rundle. SECOND- ROW: Kathrine Mires, Nelda Heasley, Walnell Wiebener, Ruth Alice Marefield, Halriette Matteson, Wilma Ernst. FRONT ROW: Dorothy Coldwater S irley McArthur, Dew Ann Randall, Mary Elmore, Earlene Heaton. Enthusiasm, gaiety, and friendship mark Delta Sigma Epsilon sorority as its members carry out a full program of activities during the 'year. Dances, at Christmas and in the spring, parties,and observances compose a busy year that is climaxed in the spring with the Rose Formal Dance. Founders' Day and Mothers' Day are observed, Christmas and birthday parties are held with alumnae members, and the student directory for the college is published by the chapter each fall-- to mention only some of the activities. The Delta Chapter of Delta Sigma Epsilon was organized at NSC on April 4, 1916. Formerly the Shakespeare Club, the sorority holds its aim in developing well-rounded per- sonalities and encouraging high scholastic attainment among its members. OFFICERS DEW ANN RANDALL . . . . . . ........ . . . . . . President MARY LOUISE ELMORE ....... . . . . . .Vice President DOROTHY COLDWATER . . . . . . . Secretaries VESTA RUNDLE SHIRLEYQMCARTHUR- - . . . - Treasurer 108- li 1 ' 521778 if ,., 1 . L.- pf' -bw 1 ' 5 - 5 L , - , S222 i f . ' Q '+g ' 1 '. s ,V . , 9VfU' '5" Wmif. Z x UU s S K' XM X mn vw, x ' QfU1's'm'f m 'X aus, Agia gkxillx ' Y pf 4Jgwg ! l Egfr! ,Ing 4 lv H Y N H 4 1,94 gi 1 X 3 W ,. M Y al P 123: fm 6+ ,X - 4 X 1 xg I gf, , W-..4nw-A 3 , R 1 1 1 f , Z i L. 1 gp 3 J '2- " " ff l . . fi N. Q W P ffif, ' ' th v Y V w -N. gg , . HW AH ,Ulf cgi? i K --"""""", fu ii' -" . xm- '-W . M, ,nji fhg K ' . LQ ,........ K , km ,- Q , A 1 iN 3 . ' Vx- Qw + if "- ,iff .. W 1 J, QQ . ff if , wr Q , K x Q . :,, "1 x ,.,,, Q , - .Rib -rg , E 4 . Q5 1, is K af 5 ff 'ik fi-4 f g wa? , f ng- ! , ,. ram is Q F 1 37',5iappa5ig,ma BACK ROW: Donnis Stebens, Paula Martin, Afton Bilby, Irene Ratzlaff, Dorothy King, Billie Newkirk. FRONT ROW: Margaret Hardgrove, Dorothy Bayless, Lou Johnson. Pi Kappa Sigma was organized at Ypsilanti, Michigan, in 1894, with Beta Chapter being installed at Northwestern State College in 1899 by Mrs. Alice Lundie. It has the prestige of being the old- est of the four sororities on the campus. Pi Kappa Sigma's purpose is to encourage high ideals, scholarship, friendship and service to the college and the student body. OFFICERS DOROTHY BAYLESS . . . ........... President, First Semester LOU JOHNSON .... ..... P resident, Second Semester Vice President, First Semester DONNIS STEBENS ........ . . bVice President, Second Semester MARGARET HARDGROVE . . . .......... Secretary-Treasurer AFTON BILBY ........ . . . . . Sponsors MATTIE LYDAY 110- 4 44, 44445, 5: ' I 4 4 l ' 5:'4255:4'.4i4S,4g245 0'4" fl l'l4' 1' n 40 l'4'454'4"4 4' nfglg I gl fl I pf l4f5g3Q95f4'45,,J 4 4 4, ,4, , 4 . f'4'4'4 4 ,4,4 ,494 I'-'45'4'4'5 4 4 4 4 If ,4p44 4 llll44 ,4 I 4 ,lnlfl ,Q '4'4' 4' 'I nngfazp 4' 55 4'4'4"l 422gE5g:E,E,4:'l ',4:glglQ4 4' 0.1 i '4'4 44' B 'lf I !,4'4 4 ' ,f5f224222"4'e '4'4'42d,Q!'i,lgglp 4' ' 50" 4 4 4 fi L ' -7' ' s2E?""i22'-..-4's!S:f:'.- "' 4 A - Q P4'4f'f'4l' '42 4'4'l 4' " Mmm. ,4 F4 I 1 l 4 I 4 ' iahieia' , 4 4 4445345 4' 7 fglgg, I W5 g,'f,i I ll I ,,, an . l g f it I Qflgsfgpf , 'Y AY ,L .. 41 4 4'44' ' . , my ,A '- W I 4 I ., 5 , if . 6. ,M lager, fn, f 4. V, by ,Q 4 Aa, 'U 4 '44 A . ' 44 4 4.12 '4 4 44. ' -r. 414: 1 1' 4 ey-1 ' V2 V ,413 1 f 8 79 1? wig., pk :W ,. 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' . .Fl 4 fn, . ...s-44, , , ,. - 4 ' g94'I'4' '45 4 g 4,4"a' Sigma Sigma Sigma BACK ROW: June Kunzman, Pat Whitmer, Rose Marie Doll, Lenora Hutcheson. THIRD ROW: Phyllis McCulla Joan Hutcheson, Patsy Faulkner, Jean Rucker, Mary Louise George. SECOND ROW: Ruth Genuit, Joyce Jones Betty Zahorsky, Nadine Kunzman, Wilma Erdman, Edith Higginbotham. FRONT ROW: Marilyn Miller, Lois Molz Glenda McCulla, Pauline Molz, Carol Melton. Sigma Sigma Sigma was founded April 29, 1898, in Farmville, Virginia, and now has forty-two active chapters. Xi chapter was installed at Northwestern State College, December 1, 1915. Sigma Sigma Sigma is a professional group whose purpose is to emphasize college activities and scholarship as well as the social side of student life. The organization constantly strives to stimulate high endeavor, to develop leadership, to promote unselfish cooperation, and to create a friendly spirit in all human relationships. One of Sigma Sigma Sigma's best known traditions is that of selecting a sweetheart each year from the young men on the campus. OFFICERS President .... . ........... ........ L OIS MOLZ Vice President ..... ........ . . LENORA HUTCHESON Recording Secretary .... ..... P AULINE MOLZ Corresponding Secretary . . .... CAROL MELTON Treasurer ...... .... . . . MARILYN MILLER Sponsors ......... ......... R UTH GENUIT EDITH HIGGINBOTHAM Alumnae Advisor . . . . . MRS, ARTHUR FAULKNER 112- 479 ...X x ' V 4 if Ke ,wx if M. W N.- Ah' -K1 M 'Z' f x ww 3-3. 1 W Til: 1- ' ' 'f""-Q '. ' L, Eh M h ' -11, fx 3 Uv 6 and 2 ,n ',. ,M . " 5' In .f ff kwuizan A' ., 'bg K XLT? J Q E I elk ,M -+ M 2 'Z 'V UW: AV S 2 A 2 lg f i x 7 ' f K L ,t a. Q Tx --V, R 3 1 3 i i Sigma Kan gamma E BACK ROW: Robert Hunter, Gene Schanbacher, Kenneth Angell, Phillip Walters, Jerry Hepner. SECOND ROW: W. D. Leslie, Stan Edwards, Lee Haley, Dale Rittenhouse, Jim Jackson, Bob Simon. FRONT ROW: Doyle Strong, Tom Pierce, Jerry Pierce, John Loesch. Sigma Tau Gamma is theilargest men's fraternity in its fleld. Founded at Warrensburg, Missouri in June, 1920, the fraternity is a member of the National Inter-Fraternity Conference. The principles of Sigma Tau.Gamma are to promote scholar- ship and leadership, and to build citizens of tomorrow through the use of "cooperation, consideration and character." The highlightofthe many social activities of Gamma Chapter is the annual Spring Formal at which time the "Rose of Sigma . Tau" is crowned.Pictured attheleft isMiss Bonita Throckmortan from Capron, Oklahoma, who was this year's "Rose of Sigma Tau" from Gamma Chapter. I OFFICERS JERRY PIERCE ..... . . . . . . . President TOMSPIERCE . . ...... . Vice President JOHN LOESCH . . . . . . . . Secretary DOYLE STRONG . . . . . . . Treasure B0N'T'T THROCKMORTON w. D. LEsLlE . . . . . . spouse: "Rose of Sigma Tau" 114- gf 'D l ?Af.HC ROW: Dick Shepherd, Chester Nickelson, Lyle Couch, Earl Joseph, Don McCrory. FRONT ROW: Geo pe man, Leland Allen, Howard Nixon. 'ge Organized on the Northwestern campus as an independent fraternal organization in 1938, the Delta Tau Gamma fraternity was founded by eleven Northwestern students. The fraternity strives to achieve the ultimate as a social organization and to improve social and educational facilities. Delta Tau's social highlight of the year is the sweetheart dinner-dance held in honor of the Delta Tau Gamma Sweetheart. Weekly meetings are held to discuss social conditions on the campus and an informal dinner A is staged each month. OFFICERS HOWARD NIXON . . . . . . . . . . . President, First Semester LELAND ALLEN . . . . . . President, Second Semester 115- livlid Qmega Babe Overstreet, Mrs. Bingham, Carl Shelton, Arthur Faulkner, Darrel Ray, Earlene Heaton, Don McCrary. Not pictured are Edgar Fielder, Glenda McCulla, Sylvester Clifford. Alpha Psi Omega, National Honorary Dramatic Fraternity, is the society for those who have clone outstanding work in the field of Dramatics. Because of the strict requirements for membership in this organization, few students may become members before their senior year, therefore, it is impossible to maintain an active chapter on the Northwestern State College campus. Gamma Rho cast or chapter has been on the campus for eighteen years. Members are vitally interested in the organization, and they maintain an active interest even though the chapter cannot have regular meetings. Membership in Alpha Psi Omega will always be the goal of every industrious member of Little Theatre. 116- :EEE-:g?.y3ixn,.V .. ?. .. hg gf - .X I My V My . K V. . al.V,.2V. ...Q,5g5.VV: V . . 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The membership is composed of all Baptist and Baptist- preference students on the campus and includes the following unit organizations: Sunday school, B.T.U., Y.W.A. and Noon-Day Watch. Each spring the B.S.U. sponsors a banquet for all students as a climax ofthe year's activities. The banquet this year was held on April I2. -l18- ' OFFICERS MITCHELL HOAG, JR ..... . . . . ...... . . President JEANETTE LANE . . . ........... Vice President JEANNINE WALKER . . . . .Second Vice President LESLEY STINSON .. .. . . ..... Third Vice President ELLA JEAN WILLIAMS . . . . . . . . Secretary-Treasurer KENNETH MILLER ... . .Sunday School Representative LILA GRACE CHRITTON . . . . . B.T.U.Representgtive MRS. WM. RUFUS GORDON . . . . .... J. Church Advisor PROF. DAVID W. PIERCE- - - - - - FCC'-llfY Adlliio' REV. W. E. WALKER . . . . . . . Pastor Advisor I vtubmt Cfhrisfian Qissociation BACK ROW: Frances Du Vall, Mitchell Hoag, Paul Gross, Gene Flux, Ruth Ann McCracken, Edith Gorman. FRONT ROW: Towanda Mallory, Htarriette Matteson, Wesley Mallory, John Allen Rider, La Jean Eubank. The Student Christian Association is the unofficial name for the National Student Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A. The merger of the two groups tool: place on this campus in the tall of 1946. The Student Christian Association in interdenomi- national and international. The program obiecttves. as adopted by the National Assembly December 27, 1946, are: To uphold standards of our Christian faith and heritage. To develop more mature and lasting personal re- lationships and build democratic customs on the campus. To take active social responsibility in school and community. To increase world unity and world brotherhood. "No one could tell me where my soul might be I searched for God, and He eluded me, I sought my brother out, and found all three." OFFICERS I WESLEY MALLORY ......... President TOWANDA MALLORY ..... Vice President JOHN ALLEN RIDER . .Secretary-Treasurer RUTH ANN MCCRACKEN .Devotional Leader ROSE KRIVOHLAVEK ........ Publicity FRANCES DU VALL . ........ Sponsors EDITH GORMAN -119- Qflfzsfegiqunbaiiov BACK ROW: AI Randle, Mary Elmore, Pa l Gro ,Ph'Il' W lters, V' ' ' Br dl , 5 . Heasley, Harriette Matteson, Scott Tuxholrn, Geal FlslxxlpRullh Ann Ml:rCl':l:clcenrRiTtll1 AEEBMv.l?relE3Yd.NI:lgl6lNE'l3gV3 E""l9"" Hecfonf Bob Slmafll Cdrl Shelton. Wesley Mallory, Towanda Mallory, and the sponsor, Mrs. Jones Graves Wesley Foundation is a national student organization sponsored by the Methodist Church with chapters in State Colleges and Universities. Wesley Foundation strives to link the students' school life with church life and presents a varied pro- gram of activities throughout the year. Sunday School at the First Methodist Church, a Sunday evening meet- ing for discussion and fellowship, and numerous social events during the year, including district and state meetings,are attended by members. Hayrides and picnics usually find their way into the varied schedule. -120- OFFICERS CARLSHELTON ........... EARLENE HEATON . . . . . Vice WESLEY MALLORY . . . . . . . . . TOWANDA MALLORY . . . . . . . President President Treasurer Secretary fs. ,al ri' , G JP A' 'iii' A4 I jjj' ' L Bmg s" gs lilHlld 6 ,A I V me 6 1 , K , 5 A S R . . ' K b., ?dl'M6I'J Cooperative p4AAociation Grain Feed Coal Produce AppHances Pehnleum Products STATIONS ALVA ASHLEY AVARD CAPRON HOPETON NOEL Ph0"0 436 Fourih and Barnes Alva, Oklahoma , 122- 'F' nl-""' Ilton of-tk Grew up with Northwestern 58. Years of Service 'I893 - 1951 fover 1,000 students have been employed herei ' U0 'ff I K if PM mm. DRUGS Illonfof-th Five Stores in One SCHOOL BOOKS A THLE TIC GOODS FOUNTAIN GIFTS I X- , . igegprtf X' IV I Diamonds f Watches 5 1 Jewelry E Home of quality since 1893 dll!! Holler lllillfs Made-Rite Feeds Honey-Bee Flour CHEROKEE, OKLA. ALVA, OKLA. Central National Kanlz "The Personal Service Bank" AL VA oncl. AHOMA 124- Telephone The A Cf llouton Iumber Company Complete Building Service 'I 13 620 ALVA, OK LAHOMA Chi A1174 Pullic Terminal flealaftor Cv. Phone 616 We buy and store all types of grain. Elevator Capacity 2,000,000 bu. Phone 617 Rue Krotlcem C'onAt1-action Co. General C ontracting and Transit-mixed Concrete X Office Phone 290 - Plant Phone 1428 615 Santa Fe I 1 Sclaulcmaclner brag The Rexall Store RECORDS JEWELRY - DRUGS COSMETICS 405 College Phone 78 Hotel Kell EW NORTHWEST UKLAHOMA'S FINEST HOTEL Phone 'I457 NEIL B. BLUMBE RG, Manager 5rh 81 Barnes lloyd if Company CASE KRAUSE STUDEBAKER Phone 164 Phorw 163 Our Hobby is "Satisfied Customers " Cameron Z . 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Fast, Dependable Factory Engineered Parts Truck Service Dodge-Plymouth Cars Dodge "Job-Rated" Trucks DODGE - DEPENDABLE SERVICE - PLYMOUTH ALVA Phone 150 427 Barnes food:-iclc P1ain6ing and Heating Co. AIR counmoumc and SHEET METAL WORK SALES and SERVICE 324 College Phone 143 1 HYDRA-MATIC DRIVE Chas G Bird Mgr. HYDRA-MATTIC DRIVE S I Silver Anniversary . 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Suggestions in the Northwestern Oklahoma State University - Ranger Yearbook (Alva, OK) collection:

Northwestern Oklahoma State University - Ranger Yearbook (Alva, OK) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern Oklahoma State University - Ranger Yearbook (Alva, OK) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern Oklahoma State University - Ranger Yearbook (Alva, OK) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 93

1951, pg 93

Northwestern Oklahoma State University - Ranger Yearbook (Alva, OK) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 92

1951, pg 92

Northwestern Oklahoma State University - Ranger Yearbook (Alva, OK) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 8

1951, pg 8

Northwestern Oklahoma State University - Ranger Yearbook (Alva, OK) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 8

1951, pg 8

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