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5 2 i if 5 H 1 , .e ai 5 E E 21 5 5 S 3' 3 ,lv A HQ, the .geniot gfau af mwzzwum JW sczmz pecfcate To out patent: and . . . Um .Spanum LORENA WHITEHE LEWIS FOUTS ORM, N in 4 'JUN 5 T1 HRC U G51 af ff 1 X NH. S S gf' f ff . 2 X K , iff , Y , if 42 ' ' K X Q fW aaa painfecf Zffze way Jawa Zfze aaacf in fain 'Le Juccedd. 275 "' QQ HL Lille 'pgjbkai' KXQ , T H EEF! ' P8 'if Haw-'f 1 , Y 193 , ,bw " J f? Q 49 Au eluded' Sfacfq Jaffa amf guna . . With seven courses of study at your disposal you at least have a fair chance at an education, so you go to Spanish class to-maybe improve your English or you go to the Library just to browse. Mrs. Schneider is happy to assist stu- dents in their pursuit of knowledge. A secret-she Wants us to read more and talk less. Sciencei: Social auf fbwnailic . . It makes little difference whether you sit in Mr. Fouts' class and study the Theory of Social Reform or go to Mrs. Hollingsworth and learn to be a con- tented house wife. It's the same old story, Classes! Cramming! Exams. Sfnofz--fbfulaefz. 74ainin9 . . Along with other classroom activities, safety is not forgotten ffedidlance . . Under Mr. Gi1bert's guidance the boys cuss and discuss the laws of physics. rqfdgoup. sins-.M Hurrah for the Cooks! Long may they live, so We can eat! HE .5- ,Q.':.LE,Q3,'j' ..,..Q.'?.lVT ' 'www-M: sw I FN Xw -' In uni efrewzingglack.. This is our cheering block. One of the most active and important organizations in Northwestern High. About seventy-five boys and girls helped cheer the "Tigers" to victory. Annie, Dash and Mark, encouraged by Miss Richards, did a spendid job in fostering good sportsmanship. sczmz pam . . . "TIGERS ROAR,, To inform the students of the outstanding events of Northwestern High School has been the primary purpose of the "Tigers Roar." It has been the aim of the Staff to represent every class and every organization as much as possible. In addition it has kept the students supplied with Northwestern High School gossip, a bit of humor, feature articles, and current news. PAPER STAFF Editor . . ......... ............. . .. Mark Varnau Assistant Editor ..... ........ P at Goodier Business Manager .... ......... K ent Harrell Distribution Editor . . . . . . Shirley Anne Berry News Reporter ..... ...... E verett Rude Society Editor .... ...... P at Kessler Assistant Society . .. ..... Jack Krise Humor Editor .... . . . Phyllis Morgan Gossip Editor . . . . .............. Juanita Dossett Art Editor .... ......................... D on Coy Sports Editor . . , .......................... Bill Miller Copy Editors ....... . . . Ronald Galloway, Carol Ann Wright Mrs. Schneider Sponsor ............. .................... Production Manager .... ................... M iss Richards ea-A Book . . . PANORAMA From a jumble of words and pictures to a finished year book has been the work of the Panorama Staff. It has not been easy. Every member of the Senior Class has had some interest in preserving the History of Northwestern High School for the 1950-51 school year. Ads were so- licited, subscriptions were taken, then we were knee-deep in pictures fMr. Adams made us all have a new lookl, pictures were assembled, copy was written, and now you have the Panorama of 1951. MAJOR STAFF Editor ............. . . . Frank Wilson Assistant Editor ..... . . . Clyde Wilson Business Manager .... ....... J oe Pence Art ................. . . . Ruth Ann Dillon Sports .......... ..... ..... G e ne Harris Subscription Manager ................................... Betty Burt Lay Out ............................................ Gary Lybrook Grace Ann Lovelace, Mary Jo Lowe, Ruth Ann Dillon Advertising ....................................... Louis Thompson Activities ........,............................. Dash Brunnenmiller Uaqanigwiiam . . THE SUNSHINE SOCIETY The Sunshine Society is a national organization of all high school girls organized for the purpose of spreading cheer and comfort to the needy and joy and happiness to the shut-ins. The society is a good example of how girls work together for the good of the community. The Northwestern Chapter of the Sunshine Society, under the guid- ance of Mrs. Hollingsworth, is a vigorous and worthy part of this national- ly recognized organization for high school girls. OFFICERS President ....... ........... . . . Mary Jo Lowe Vice-President ....... ......., P at Goodier Treasurer ............. ........ J oan Andrews Recording Secretary ..... .... ll Iary Lou Helmuth Corresponding Secretary . . . ........ Connie Klein THE HI-Y The Hi-Y is a nationally recognized organization for all high school boys. Its purpose is to build Christian Character, and to secure a better understanding among the boys. Under the guidance of Mr. Dean, the Hi-Y, with the help of the Sun- shine, sponsored an after game dance after the Windfall game. This was one of the main social functions of the year. Errett Nutt and his orchestra were there furnishing the music. The Hi-Y boys had two swimming parties at Kokomo Y. M. C. A. OFFICERS President ........ ........... . . . Bob Whitehead Vice-President .... . . . Frank Wilson Treasurer ....... . . Floyd Conwell Secretary .... . . . Abe Kessler Uaganigdiawi . CHOIR The Music Department is up and coming. An instrumental ensemble furnished music for the Senior play with numbers before the play and be- tween the acts. On Friday, October 27, six members of the Choir went to Indianapolis. They rehearsed in a thousand voice choir and sang in the evening for the State Teachers' Association session in Cadle Tabernacle. The members who went were: Judy Tarkington, Paula Bailey, Janie Smith, Elmer Byers, Ronald Hartman, and Eugene Bray. The chorus was directed by Don Craig of New York. The band played for the home basket ball games, lending their support to the Tiger team. January 19, an ensemble from the Choir sang for the luncheon meeting of the Life Insurance Underwriters in Kokomo. For the Clay Township Farmers' Institute on February 6, the Boys' Chorus sang in the morning and Meriam Johnson and Ronald Hartman played a cornet duet. In the afternoon the brass quartet played and the Choir sang a group of three numbers. The brass quartet, Carolyn Freeland, Pat Henry, Dave Shearer, and Ronald Hartman, played on February 14 for the Howard Township Farm- ers' Institute. In the Solo and Ensemble Contests in Kokomo on February 17, Linda Brower was rated Excellent in Group V in Saxophone solo. The brass quartet were also rated Excellent in Group III. Sunday evening, March 4, the Girls' Chorus sang at the Judson Bap- tist church. March 13, Carolyn Freeland and Pat Henry played cornet duets for the Clay Township Farm Bureau. Friday night, March 16, the Spring Concert was given in Memorial Hall in the Kokomo Courthouse. The Grade school band and chorus par- ticipated. Numbers were presented by the High School Band, Boys' Chor- us, Girls' Chorus, and Choir. All the organizations, 155 students, com- bined to present the final number. The Choir took part in the Kokomo District Choral Festival on April 6. Mr. Glen Stepleton of Muncie Central High School was the Guest Con- ductor of the Festival Chorus. Band members also assisted in the com- bined band made up of members from the schools participating in the Choral Festival. BAND Guliwml... GLEE CLUBS Front Row: Mary Jane Lantz, Shirley Berry, Nancy Whitacre, Connie Klein, Sandra Ingles, Shirleen Baughman, Joy Klinger, Mary Anne Byrum, Patty Fawcett, Mary Lou Ware, and Zonia Smith. Second Row: Joan Scott, Hildegarde Schroeter, .Jeanne Stover, Sharon Wilson, Shirley Amos, Margie Long, Bonnie Gillam, Carolyn Freeland, Lois Wilson, Evelyn Martin, Sue Oyler, Lonita Bontrager, Wilma Gerhart, and Joan Montgomery. Last Row: Mr. Hershberger, Barbara Sholty, Bonita Yater, Elaine Wilson, Jane Smith, Mary Lou Helmuth, Becky Garrison, Paula Bailey, Judy Tarkington, Patty Henry, Shirley Greene, Patty Obermeyer, Jeanette Scott, and Jo Powers. Front Row: Conrad Etherington, Jack Krise, Ronald Hartman, Meredith Bailey and Elmer Byers. Second Row: Buddy Elleman, Mark Varnau, Keith Thompson Fredrick Hilligoss, Eugene Bray, and Mr. Hershberger. JUNIOR HIGH CHORAL GROUPS l'il'Nt linux' Ilvuxllm I"l':w1-V, Iizly While-h4-1111. I':llfy NlIll'lilI'A. l,1m!.l. ,Xllullw-xxx, Nl,u'sh:l 'I':lmv!1l1 U4-H3 Nm- Wulh N1 lllhl Yum-Irv Wm-IH. Mm W:1I'n-, ,lrlm-I NY:-1-lu. .lr-:mlw l'ut1'vIl, GV:n'4- 'I'lmnmw1u1, Ihxlxnn- ilullt. Huw Yunnan:-1' 'I'Im'd Rum Nlnllmu mw'l11w'w, Sh.n'm1 Sqnplu, S1-wmnl Hmm: I':ll thlftull, NI:1l':.11'1-I K1-lniull. N1.1l'1'- Nlnsml .Um-!Iw llwvr-Ill1..yu..lsmw l'r-Inu NIIIII4 Ihlllllvlb. N1:n'gm'ln lmlmln- lflnlmfq Huw f'ul1Iv'4-11. I":1ll'5 Vux. Xlurxzm, I"lt Ihflxlm. IS:u'I1:n':q Sulnv-rx1NI:. Nulufgx .Il S ,X L Aung ',. ln:-11 Ii4ux'.I:u1r1-5 Illxlum Ilolmhi ll:1l'lm1l1, Xlnlxln 'I'1ml1f' Ifwlty Huw. .l'1l14l liluxxn-V. IMI- lfmlwv. Ilxznm .Xmlu-xxx Ium mmf. I.:n'ry Funk. lb:n5Im1 Almlw-II, .Iqmn-Q Sf'wtt4 Jlllllllll' Ulllillll. Vuy. .lu-ly 51:1-fm Iflmul Rum: Ku K1fH,x l':muw1:4 In'--IX XIII: lun.-Q4 linux, Hmmm- Hlnh:-rl. 511--hm-I lfuuilllg. .IA-rry Vulxxu-ll. nm lkmglll. S:u11Il:4 Imllz. Hmm Klzl-V, Num ll.u'1rIl:Hr Inulu Kant:-r Rum: l'IxMyl1 Pululmzm, 'I'un1t:u Fr-wm-Ilg Kulhlx-v-11 Wnulvy, lflmvn, Shawn Y:zl1-I, Vznlrlf-111 Ilwxxn. ulyn limllum' .lsuz--Q liudlwg, l.11y Winlm-I1 NI:nl'lh:1 S1u':1lwr, 41wmBalld1fal2amAam.. Hildy Haines . . Oli via ......... Queenie Smith . Chuck Haines . . Frankie Brown . Mrs. Haines . . . Cora Haines .... Willie Vermin . . Jerome Haines . Clarence Weeger Doctor Prescott Cassandre Cholmundeley . . . CAST . ....... Marylin Wood Grace Ann Lovelace Dash Brunnenmiller . . . . Bob Whitehead . . . . . Chuck Daily . . . . . Joan Andrews . . . . Kay Featherstone . i . . . Gene Harris . . . . Gary Lybrook . . . Clyde Wilson . . . Bob Parkhurst . . . . Betty Hicks 'l uniaa pun" Q . 2 l l I E E 5 Distracted. Maddened. That's what the innocent father is. And who wouldn't be? He's forced to live in a house with a neurotic ex-pugilist who starts fighting whenever a doorbell rings! And Mr. Haines is always standing near when it does ring. Not only that, but a strange Miss Chol- mundeley-as dizzy and stupid as they come-has taken up her abode. It all happens on the night of the Junior Prom, when Hildy comes down with the measles, and everybody in the Haines residence is quarantined. The ill-assorted couple who call on Mr. Haines tbelieving he is a psycho- analyst! are unfortunately in the house at the time. It is really Chuck's fault, though. Innocently enough, in testing out his printing press, he ran off some handbills proclaiming a DO YOU THINK YOU'RE INSANE- ARE YOU LOSING YOUR MIND ?-SEE DR. HAINES and that brought forth results-in the form of mental patients. Hildy can't attend the Prom, of course, and after she and Queenie had struggled so hard on the date angle, too. And now, beautiful cousin Cora is probably using her charms on Willie. Not that Willie is such a "prize", the girls had palmed him off on Cora in the first place, in favor of more glamorous dates. But how can a person carry on love plots when she's measles-afflicted? Well, there comes a time when the quarantine is lifted, and romance and youthful schemes can have a field day once more. The pugilist-dizzy- dame pair can leave, too. They've fallen in love in the meantime, and it isn't long before they come tromping back to the house to announce their engagement! But the blow that just about kills everybody lands when Mr. Haines comes down with the measles! .Seaton .Enola 4auua4J Za STORY OF THE PLAY Mr. Morlock, a fidgety, nervous, grouchy old goat who doesn't like anything but money, won't let his family do anythingg always gripes about his pains and aches, feuds with everyone and he won't let daughter Mary, 20, become engaged to Joe Lanconi because Joe's papa is poor. In short, he's a drip of the worst sort. Mr. Morlock, who's known as P. U. to his few friends ithat stands for Philip Ulyssesj, says if Mary weds up with Joe it'll be over his dead body. Luigi says if they don't it'll be over his. So round and around they go. Luigi konks out and so does Mr. Morlock. Lucifer, the rounder-upper of lost souls from "down-below", drops in- pitchfork and all-to take Mr. Morlock to the lower regions. Mr. Morlock now realizes what a heel he's been. If he only had another chance. If only-then Milderd the maid awakens him. He had spent the night on the sofa. It's all been a bad dream. He didn't die and neither did Luigi. Needless to say, a very reformed Mr. Morlock makes vast promises, okays the wedding, and peace finally reigns at the Morlock's. Mrs. Morlock . . . . Mr. Morlock . . . Jessica ...... Luigi ...... Mary .......... Miss Akers .... Martha ...... George Plew . . . Lucifer ........ Miss Frinck .... Mrs. Schmaltz Joe Lanconi .... Mildred ...... Mr. Black .... Jake ....... Dr. Brown . . . 'Wed 14d4uaeJ" CAST . . . . . Joan Andrews . . . . . Gary Lybrook Dash Brunnenmiller . . . . . Clyde Wilson . . . Marylin Wood Mary Jo Lowe . Kay Featherstone Joe Pence . . . . Elmer Byers . . . Betty Hicks . . . Martha Smith . . . . Frank Wilson . . Ruth Ann Dillon . . Louie Thompson Leon Parkhurst Gene Harris 'Q' T if ffl!-Q f E.. T-an 0 1 fzf-ff-X . , --gf-R.,-M 5333- f- .b -fm P . :::. . :.f- ' 2 ,::.. ., i g. . A - .. ::'1 :-:2 -11 lli 552. ,A - ,." AA 115- " ' """ ' "",F"- . S - K -tes: . " ' ' ' ' "iE . ,. . ,: , . ., ' .A enum X , O is X M 5 X zz, . , ' "': i. 3 f ,,:- 5 .i1e5:3'i'j.,,3 4" Q ' X A',A , J' ' ,S , 1 - XX 1 N K , 5 N ef ' Y Y ' , : ia - ' ' U aa, ' u K W..-nv" , . ':- v u , . ' gg i M 9' L 0 0 I 'big N B Wflm ' K Ex A M frfkf-5-K 5 X ff 4 X x AX' S' 4-WAY TOURNEY CHAMPS First Row: Eugene Bray, Bob Whitehead, Coach Tom Dean, Abe Kessler Floyd Conwell and Jack Smith. Second Row: Dick Dillon, Gary Lybrook, Joe Pence, Clyde Cox, Frank Wilson, Rudy Schroeter and Richard Williams. "Northwestern Tigers". That's what all the country side is talking about. "Did you hear about the Tigers on their seven-game winning t k? s rea ." Such were the remarks that were made by our fans after the 4-Way Tourney. The Tigers showed a tremendous amount of speed as they passed by Eastern's Comet's 51-48. The Tigers received the trophy, which was their first real athletic achievement in their three-year history. They also won three places on the All-Tourney Team. Rudolf Schroeter, Senior Forwardg Clyde Cox, Junior Centerg Gary Lybrook, Senior Forward. v "TIGER PATHH T This year, as in pre- vious years, Northwes- tern High School is proud of its Basketball Team. Our Tigers start- ed an l8-game schedule with a 45-22 victory over Galveston. This was fol- lowed by Coach Toni Deanis chargers heading for their second victory ofthe season by downing Rochester 61-30. Clyde Cox poured 23 points i through the hoop with nine buckets trorn the field and live free tosses. Northwestern didn't have its way about things a- gainst Prairie. Tom Dean's towering Tigers had to shoot the works against a tricky Prairie zone defense to lead l4-l3 at the end oi the first quarter. The Tigers had to fast break like mad to run up 58 points to Prairie's 33. The Powerful Tigers swamped previously unbeaten Western by 66- 32 margin to continue their merry way on the victorfs path, Lybrook and Cox pounding the Panthers into submission. Each "cashed in" seven field goals. During the first quarter the Westerilers kept up and were edged at the first stop 11-10. After that they could not match the speedy Tigers. Northwestern stretched its un- broken string of victories to five by squeaking past Windfall 40-38. 'fAbe" Kessler's bucket at the last minute saved that ball game. The Northwestern Tigers again won an- other game by carefully dropping in 1 58 points to Young Americas 22. The Tigers romped to their sev- enth straight triumph of the season by dumping Converse 49-37. Next on the schedule was the 4-way tourney in which Western, Eastern, Sharpsville and Northwestern participated. Northwestern Tigers rolled to their tenth straight victory without a loss, by drubbing the Eastern Comets 57-38. It was the Tigers' second win over the Comets in a week, as having defeated them 51-48 in the 4-way tourney. Coach Tom Dean cleared the bench to give everybody a chance to play as the Tigers rolled over Sharpsville Bull- dogs 71-53 for win No. 11. Joe Pence and Ru- dolf Schroeter both add- ed 14 points, with Clyde Cox contributing 16 . points, in this game. by sweeping the Western Panthers 49-44. The Tigers trailed at the end of the first period 10-11g the score was tied 21-all at half time and the winners led 33-32 at the end of the third stanza. Coach Tom Dean's Tigers rolled to another victory, scoring 61 points and Windfall scoring 48. Next on the schedule is Eastern, who, beaten twice before, came back to see if they could win their third game with us. But somehow or the other they lost again in a tough bat- tle 53-51. Frankton was the next stop on our schedule. The Tigers again came home with another net victory 48- 30. Joe Pence and Clyde Cox led the scoring. Northwestern cracks Bunker Hill Stall. Northwestern led at the half 13 to 10. At the 4th quarter the score looked something like this: Northwestern: 32-Bunker Hill 21. Lapel's once-beaten quintet dumped North- western Tigers from the unbeaten rank 45-41 in the Noblesville Armory. lt was our first loss in 12 games. Tigers won their 12th game in 13 starts The Tigers gobbled up the Summitville Goblins to the tune of 48 to 44 in a net battle at Summitville. Crispus Attucks handed the Tigers their second loss of the season. The At- tueks Tigers poured in 30 points to our 10 at the end of the half and when the final gun went off we were 16 points shy of a tie. Northwestern Tigers Closed out their season with a 48-44 victory over the Camden Red Devils. Coach Tom Dean's club finished the pre-tournament season with 18 wins against two losses. TIGER JOE PENCE Senior Guard HAROLD KESSLER Senior Guard FRANK WILSON Senior Center GARY LYBROOK Senior Forward RUDOLF SCHROETER Senior Forward CLYDE COX Junior Center TWELVE FLOYD CONWELL Senior Forward ROBERT WI-IITEHEAD Senior Guard EUGENE JACK BRAY SMITH Junior Junior Guard Forward RICHARD DILLON Junior Forward RICHARD WILLIAMS Sophomore Forward THE CUBS Front Row: Gail Conwell, Ray Graber, Lowell Creason, Jay Graber, Harold Cox, Paris Ousley and Buddy Elleman. Second Row: Coach Tom Dean, Max Bark- er, Jack Hahn, Richard Williams, Dick Dillon, Mr. Bray, Jerry Lane, Floyd Sewell, Wayne Moss, Fritz Klein and Coach Louie Fouts. We are indeed proud of our Future Tigers. They closed the season with a very fine record. The Cubs won 13 out of 20 scheduled games and were also victors in the Tri-County Tournament. THE FUTURE TIGERS Front Row: Student Manager Joe Wright, Tom Grinslade, Keith Rinehart, Lloyd Gray, Dickie Obermeyer, Mark Daily and Student Manager Meredith Bailey. Back Row: Coach Jim Barnhart, Jack Behny, Harley Green, John Pohlman, Jackie Sewell, Paul Philabaum, Jon Dubbs and Kenny Fawcett. . The freshman team lacked only one game of playing a full schedule this year, including one tourney. The season started 05 with a one-point loss to Galveston, which was one of the ten games that were decided by a point margin of five or less. The future Tigers won only three of these close ones, but one was against Marion in what was perhaps the best game of the season, followed by the second game with Peru, which turned out to be a 43 to 39 thriller. Usually playing schools much larger than Northwestern, the future Tigers piled up a total of 536 points in 18 games for an average of 29.8 points per game against the opponents' 31.3 average. MILE RELAY CHAMPS Gary Lybrook, Clyde Cox, Coach Tom Dean, Richard Williams and Bob Whitehead. Track has become an important sport at Northwestern. Important in that we won our first trophy. Clyde Cox, Gary Lybrook, Richard Will- iams and Bob Whitehead clipped off the mile relay in three minutes, fifty two and five tenths seconds. This same team, with the assistance of Rudy Schroeter and Paris Ousley, won first place ribbons in meets held at Wes- tern, Greentown, Peru, Tipton, and Elwood. Blue Ribbon Winners of the 1949-50 track season were :-Clyde Cox, Bob Lawson, Ted Graves, Gary Lybrook, Paris Ousley, Joe Pence, Rudy Schroeter, Fred Wheeler, Frank Wilson, Richard Williams and Bob White- head. Second place winners :-John Allen, Clyde Cox, Ted Graves, Gene Har- ris, Gary Lybrook, John Metcalf, Paris Ousley, Joe Pence, Rudy Schroeter, Richard Williams, Fred Wheeler, Frank Wilson and Bob Whitehead. CROSS-COUNTRY First Row: Paul Philabaum. Mark Dailey, David Young, Dickie Obermeyer and Eddie Hunt. Second Row: Coach Jim Barnhart, Paris Ousley, Jerry Lane, Frank Wilson and Chuck Dailey. During the past few years Cross Country has held a very minor place among the sports at Northwestern. It is the desire of the Athletic De- partment to develop this sport so that it might take its place along with the other major sports. Chuck Daily, a senior, is the only veteran member of the team. Banda!! N 4 1 Front Row: Jay Graber, Bob Whitehead, Abe Kessler, Harold Cox, Ray Graber, Ted Eads, Gail Conwell and Elmer Byers. Second Row: Mr. Bray, Student Man- ager Bill Miller, Floyd Conwell, Rudy Schroeter, Clyde Cox, Coach Tom Dean, Joe Pence, Gary Lybrook, Coach Louie Fouts and Student Manager John Young. in fqclfian KN K E. 750 HA'-of Q . l?ese.v-ve X, 5582 Q-Raves CDHKHQ 'im A MEr1c,w" SIA QS anim '7eam4 ERVIN BASEBALL Back Row: Kenneth Rinehart, Delbert Bell, Donald York Thomas Whitt James Scott, Howard Long, Dickie Gillam, Dayton Murell John Young, Jimmlt Gillam, Larry Cook. Front Row: Ronnie Gilbert, Dem Smith Glyn Wilson Wan dell Clingenpeel, Harold Eads, Jerry Conwell, James Bray Alden Sink Ervin Ervin Ervin .... Ervin .... Ervin .... 6 Eastern . . . .14 Jackson . .. 9 Western ...10 Union .. . . 8 Howard . In Me New ERVIN BASKETBALL Back Row: Mr. Kenneth Cooke. coachg Delbert Bell, Thomas White, Howard Long, Dayton Merrell, Dickie Gillam, Donald York, James Byrum. Center Row: Glen Wilson, James Bray, Jimmie Gillam, Kenneth Rinehart, Gerry Odell, Wendell Clingenpeel. Front Row: Cheer Leaders, Tonita Fewell, Evelyn Pohlman, Judy Mason. A veteran basketball team composed almost entirely of eighth graders completed a very successful season with 12 victories suffering only four defeats. Ervin. . . . .38 Mississinewa . . . . .18 Ervin. .. . . .48 Jackson . . . . . Ervin... ...31 Marion Ervin. . . . . .24 Western . Ervin. . . . . .37 Eastern . . Ervin... . . .53 Union ... Ervin. . . . . .35 Howard . . Ervin. . . . . .23 Tipton . . . Ervin. . . . . .51 Eastern . . Ervin... ...37 Jackson Ervin... ...43 Western Ervin. .. . . .30 Kokomo tCentralJ . . . . . . Ervin .... . . .33 Peru ............... . . . Ervin .... . . .30 Howard fCounty Tourneyl Ervin .... . . .32 Howard ............. . . . Ervin .... . . .25 Union . . . . . . . COUNTY CHAMPS IN BASEBALL First Row: Jimmy Barko, John Odom, Lee Smith, Leo Helmuth, John Beachy, Jonas Miller, Lewis Hochstedler, Melvin Beachy, Charles Wheeler. Second Row: Wilbur Miller, John Weeks, Paul Sapp, Russell McCauley, Jimmy Seitz, James Harmon, Robert Ross, James Allen, Danny Sewell, Jerry Christie, Richard Bont- rager, George R. Davis, coach. The Howard Junior High Baseball Team completed its third straight year Without a defeat. The string of victories reached 22 as the 1950 season ended with seven victories and no losses. John Henry Beachy served two years as pitcher without a defeat and was ably assisted by his brother Melvin to complete the battery for most of the games. This rec- ord gave the team the Howard County Grade School Conference Champ- ionship again for the 1950 season. COUNTY CHAMPS IN BASKETBALL T00 w '-M First Row Yell Leaders: Linda Lovegrove, Mary Lou Newcom, Marjorie Dublos. Second Row: James Allen, Melvin Beachy, Leo Helmuth, Charles Wheeler, Jonas Miller, Danny Sewell, John Weeks. Third Row: Jimmy Seitz, James Harmon, Jimmy Barko, Norman Sommers, John Odom, Ernie Rakestraw, John Henry Beachy, George R. Davis, Coach. The Howard Junior High Hornets topped oil' a successful regular season by winning the County Tourney held at Galveston in February. With 17 wins and 1 loss during the regular season, the team defeated each team in the county at least twice, held double Wins over both Central and Roosevelt of Kokomo, and single victories over Tipton and Elwood Junior Highs. The single loss was at the hands of a powerful Peru five at Peru. 5-yQPSfALQNQ' TH E HJ Q i-lxfxffxwf ' 57259755 1 lk ,Lf dk M f XXX S-ff Q S xx' 1 V L y XX X 39 X N R f f XX J W. W. LINDLEY Superiniendent of Schools 7 GEORGE DAVIS Howard Principal HILBERT E. OWEN Ervin Principal DELOS SPRAKER Ervin Township Trustee ADMINISTRATION R. W. BRAY, Principal Northwestern Social Guidancc CAROL ODOM Clay Township Trustee RAYMOND F AWCETT Howard Township Trustee KENNETH COOKE E1 v1n Coach THOMAS E. DEAN Northwestern Coach Mathematics Physical Education VIRGINIA DEAN Ervin Grade 4 MENNO Howard 6-7-8 JAMES R. BARNHART Northwestern Commercial Physical Education RUTH A. BOLTON Ervin Home Economics 6-7-8 5, --Q i I-OTTI - : Ervin bl- H Grade j ,. :-: A .: ep iiff f A C 1 I 1 Howard Grade 3 HENRIETTA BHOCKUS LEWIS B. FOUTS Northwestern Assistant Coach Social Studies' Mathematics ELLEN GARRISON Ervin Grade 2 GENEVA HOLLINGSWORTH Northwestern Home Economics Physical Education URSAL HOOD Ervin Grade 1 FRED HOOD Ervin Grade 5 JOHN W. HORNER Howard Grade 5 J. EDWARD GILBERT Northwestern Agriculture, Chemistry VIRGIL E. HERSHBERGER Northwestern Music FRANCES PATTERSON Ervin Music ALICE E. RICHARDS Northwestern Commerce English HELEN JUSTICE Howard Art CARL LEITER Howard 6-7-8 ELSIE B. MILLER HAZEL L. RUSH Ervin Art ELEANOR B. SCHNEIDER Northwestern English Library Howard Grade 4 DORA H. MISHLER Howard Grade 2 'QV i CLARA WEAVER Northwestern English Spanish LORENA WHITEHEAD Northwestern Mathematics Latin amz GALE REINF JOPS HA PPD' '- ' 5. 5 ,vlv .v N is i I : f.,:5 A.2 QI-IF STEP HIGHER uamdvnv Howard Music Howard Grade 1 QQ' MARILYN SONNER FLORENCE I. TROYER Ro GLLFS GALLERHI mm was + Two 'VEB 'DAT LODl!lf - A Dli?g':'ok THANKS We Wish to thank our many friends, the business concerns of Kokomo and surrounding community, who have purchased space in our year book. They have made possible the Panorama of 1951. We also wish to thank all students and faculty who have so graciously assisted us. Our apology for the errors and omissions which We have not discovered. Senior Class of Northwestern 1. .. Eg-1:rF STLLQFNT- X-T139 E 5, frlfq-,, xvuLv'N'f,,, NMWQ X f gg If ,V M I I f if f, . J E C fwfr f ff -T 41 X I - . l H ' X f i, 'K ff? if f 5 Q3 k fjf ' QP ff , .- GRADE 1 Fur! linux X13-'v Il-llwmty. Xlgnrxln l"r1m'z', Sim:-mn Mont- 'I'In1rnl Hou: lilmf 1211121-rllh, IH-435' liwln-I4-up Ymntu liruwn, Curl gurl'--U, Illllp RI414l.AliI', timuluw 'l'v'wy4-V, 'l'4-nldp Wim-A Kuxlm' Hxlllulnllzm, Pllillp liuflng th-uw t'n:m. .I1-:ln S11l':nIuAl', Sully S111 Rzllw-ll'.1xx, lffmlly Wlmllvlnzlfl, IH-:my l5l'l:I:n-- N--'mul Rim S'-lil. .llulv Ann 'I'l'nlIln'x'. Ml-N 'I'ruy1-V. l"ullVIh Row: Ihuhhy l':m,l Nnullllu-rw. Iluxu-I' SfI1.4Iw1'. .lllnllllx Yun Slwlilv, lllwh:u'11 Ulxull. Nlillj Jiun- R41-ull. 'l'I'lIlllilll Kr-ilu-, .hm I:lII'l, l"l'1-mhliv Wlnfluxx, IH-llluv ilwllwilll .Xlxluvltv 1il':ll1. 'l'ul11 Y:-urn. .lsm S-'ull lima:-. NI:u'llyn Slunlr-y, Nlllu' l':nl'luAV lflu-rt. H-mx Sannuirn Iiyrum. Mary Ann Hzwnmu. .Ilniy Mxlh-V llzulq-y, I':m1:-In liusllw, I,:1l'1'y l':Ihl'l'l!l!lI1lll. 'l'ummy Hlllillll, Mm' I u'ln:u'.: 1'-mulll. Iiwlnrl Wlullm-11-, .Indy Iivll, I.:awrr-nw-- Z1-hrluu. tim H111-In-5. .luv All'-1:4 Mn-I':wI I'1m1sm'v', l.z1x'Vy HJll'flIlIIIl, Allu-rl llllj' l'm'I1-V, Hllllll lfxvs. NI:1l',x' RI1rl'p:':ll1, .lump Vhlxlu. Xliwu- Svlulwn-I:-lg K4-mlm-Ih Uylwlg I.uvln1z Ii:-II. l"u11l'Ih Ibm: ll:Ll'ulml Nllllvr, Sn-vnxnl Run' lislxxlllza lfvws, lmnlu K'hiQm, .I-xywv Smk, lln-lx-, IM-nun lhn-lmvlg l"x':u14-vs York, Marla Nlxwmu, 111-luv l'l Xln'::m't. SI:-114-V, Alruwhv-1:1 Hush-x, .lulm limwn. lI1II3 Ifmwlllxp. tmur-13 Vmmif. lilm-khurn, .luywv Ihwllnrs, Nun-'y Iimw-l'. Maury Ilulu-Vt Hn'null1:'z-l', Nlwli Yummy .llulitll l'l'ilugh- Nllvlivx Xlwm Iuluq- Ru Q luv: 1' ' ' , A . , , f., , , l,nm-I, .hula kvrlmfi, Jillllvh Andre-m:-. vm- 'l'r111-11, 'l'him Run 1i:u'1'5 Hlll1fl'l'F. AI1H'm'11 Blillvr' Allwh:uvl GRADE 2 Fil-at Hun: Ii1'w:lA'II:' Slllllh, Rmlm-1' Ualmrn, lmvnl Jn-ukins. Rllwy. FtlHl'llI Row: lfllslv llm-lnslf-1114-u-, Vqnml Ann llul-un Iil4'h:n'ml Hmm-Ii, 'l'lmn1z1s ISIIVI. Iiillixf IN-lx'yI11plu-. I"I4lw:u'nl Ge'ul'gL'1- Rulnwt Sunnis. Ii:n'ln1 Vox, Mary I.ulx Nvlvlll. K1-itll llul Sm':nlivl', .Imms l511ll1l':lu'vl', S1-1-mul Ruwi Milam- J:1l'x'lw, lilorizu, .l. limi:-r. .XH11-rt l':1::v. Imlx Ann S4-llultz. liuxm-xl1:1l'y Klmm-I' llfwsvtt. Slllrlvy .Um Mzlsl. l!:u'h:n':u 'I'uhl+s. .Xrla-lin Funk, Hmm- Slwlwln-11 Yun M:-If-V, Fllllx Hmm' Kunnlz- K1-ssl:-l', Ilixin- In-:I :uni Wulih. Ihmhluy .Im-ksull. Wnyln- Cul:-Q, lrmn Ymlvr, 'I'hlx'd lilllv-. l2:u'lw:1l':1 .lu Ilznllum, .Klum llm1tl:1:vl'. .Im-nun' 1,411-, lim' Rum' .lfllllvs July IH-:SX S"Vll'Hll. .lnlm All:-ll. Vyllthlil Iirlln lv:u':x. ,Xml lin--IvsIm!I1-1', Shlrln-y .Um lin-znvlly. Iim':1 ll, Mlshln-1' nm-nmllln-l'. .lnllz-I Sm- INl1'1'zul1lvy. Iillly ,l:u'ksm1A H4-nry liilmuvrivll. 'l'4-:u-Ilvl, Nut In pl-'llllv-. .llnixllx S:m114 .Umm Ihwll-tl:-lg Nizulwmlnl Mill:-l', l'yuthi:1 Am: RII4-y, l,:u'l'y -rr l"ll'rl lion' lnnmzn .low-S, .Iam-I Sum' .lm-lwml. l'v-um' Iizulmq Ruxim- Iizlluwmvli, l':um-1:4 llnltuu. .llllllllj tlzlyluh litluvllv Sprml I,1lnI1-:nn Yurli, M:1l',lul'l1- Mr-Ivuli. Ml1'h:n'l lf:-wx-ll, 1'1n':l lizldvlx Imp.R1win:m1SImlty, I.:u'l'y Yun I!v'i:':I4-..l11wly Illluh-lx, l"m1Vll1 l':4ll,x Rows. 1h-m':4- Sullllvr-. S4-4-nnui Ruw: H1-x'vx'Iy t'l'uwsm'4-. Huw: Ke-nm-1h Axnllv-ws, lin-li Illlnlim, R:l.l1uh Ni11l'llIblll'. l':u1l Jimmy Slum-lmmznlu-lg Vi-'lay Il:ur'Im:m. .lzmivv Ih-m'yA Hug' Wmxlr lhuhf-I-wll, SIN-rrlll Vrls-1', l4ll!'lrllIl!' Nlxlh-r, l.yu-lul lluml, Nm I1-V C'll'uI'l1'4lIm'lil'x .llulx W4-lfl1,.I:lm-I KiZ1'I'.SlIl'l'I'Y Rlslvxmlxly mzm Sv-nz-II. Jinlmy Yutr-V. Sim-u-n, Mrs, 4i:ul'l'is4nl, Nut Pu Rl:fllulv4Sv1iltI1, Sufu'I1':1. D31-ll 'Fhir-1 Rum: J, Wuynl- Puhlnmn. tum-41 Mary .lamp Iiurma, llzlry Iirmkum, GRADE 4 lfiwl Rmvt Slirurnn 'l'ulvlws. l,m':1in4- V1-gin, lbmnizi- uJslmi'ii. Kzirl Cul:-s, Flnyll Vox, .lzmu-s Fr-ia-r. Jusvlili l,uup, William lliniiu Slmwis. l':n'ul 'l':uylm', .lumlitli linuiitimrl-i', Nmiwy Willis. l4'l1-mini. Rmnzm Gii1:'vi'ir-li, Jzinii-s liriilgrm-S, lfkmrtli Row: limi Xlln. llnlilrzius-i'. Nulzi. l4'!'IIZl'l'. Sw-uml Row: Km-ith I.:ii1s4'lw. nil- Ulu-i'lxif-yn-i', Rugs-i' Vun Mi-tm-V, .lusf-pli Ouslm-y. liiwlizml lublsii- l'J1l'1lVl'l'll, lh-tty Ymll-V, Ilixiv Mnrrisl Rnsmilin lislsull, lil':ll1u'l'. G4-Fry YVlllls. Ri1'll:ii'1l Mllll-r, Kmiulml S1-wi-II. lwvllg Nuruli llnfla-l.l4-V. .lxum-v Amlrl-ws, lizirl SUlllllll'I'S, llznryll Alll-li, Ilunmm. Nm in pil-tiirv. .lulm llmwlislwlli-i', .lxwla Willis. Xlrs, Mill:-r. 'l'li1i':l Ruw: Yvrl lllwlislf-ill:-IL liif-li:ml Stn-4-ll-i'. llullunl linw: I", J. ll:ul1-i', G:n'm-I Gray, .l:uli1-m- f'llllg't'IlUl'l'l, 1-V, L:u'i'y Juv Jam-lisnn. Alive- Milli-V, Juywv Olli-ll, Smillm lizull-x l'l:ii':nl4-lv t'uwg'ilI. Iimniitu. Wimliivig .lumly Slim-iiizilu-i'. SIPVUII lim-li linw: l-'Vivi' Dunkin, l,:xi'ry llzulsc-nl'lm-lc. liilly llmwnin 'f Iii'-lrml '4 mlm- Nl-ii-ilvn lmutliziiii Nlilllllm- Rim: Jam:-s llzirmmi. IA-nu Gray. Mil-lim-l Dullimi, .lnvnlx llzirlln I.ll1lWll-. . ,u . .. . V Rnluln. Russ, W1-lllun .loin-s, ill-i'n1:1u Pil-kvtl, Bvlljzlniiii Ruling' B:u'i'y Rimlenoilr. Edward Evvs, MVP. Dvnn. GRADE 5 l"ll'st, Row: lilsun 5U!Illll1'l'S, ll:u'l'y R:llwstl':lw4 Czirnl Mille-r. XV. Hurnn-ri tm-:win-I': lluvill N4-lhml, Gurmlun Whit:-zvl. RI4'il.lIti Elsie l'mx'4-ll. Nunvy l'ul1ll'm-11. IZ4-tsy Russ. Mziry .lu llilz-y. l'lx:n'lc-s Crips-. lflusrvm- LJIWIHIUI, .lr'1'I'y Y:l::1'V. ll:ll'l'3' 4lSlim'l1. 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Jenn Smith, Lurettu. lic-rlw-1'sm1, Alifv Shaw. .lznnlvs Ilzlnivl, Cumlr- l.l11lwip: "hill , I I iIlli!'l'lllll'f'i, l.lnll:L limwvr. .limmiv l'r:ula-r. l"u1u'th Rim: I-'rr-cl H1 l Bill 'uv ' ' ' -- ' vm, y Y 'k. 1:1111 Mlllvr, Amin-u Mullin. liwllny R1-dmllilgr Szlmlrzm Zz-llrimr, M:n'1'i:n. Svnlt. llzlvnl llruwn, Kr-nmwll l4'1'm-luml .Ian-li Yuungr. Nu! illl'illli4'li, linhluf- Aiulw-ws, Harry illlllllll :VfiLI'gJll'0l. Grofe. GRADE 6 1lI'N1 111111: l':11ry f11:11'li15. 1':1'l11Il 111l1l'1ll'1'. l11':11-11 S111111111-rs. 5111111111 151111I1':1::4-11 .1:111vt XY:-1-ks. Mlss 51111111-1', I1-114-111'1', 'l'11l 14 11l114' 1'1l11l'11, .X1111 W:11'1', .l:1111'Il4- NV:-wks. Kay W111l1-111-:111, I11111A Ruwt ll:-:111 141111511111, J:11114-4 N11l11-12 1.111y11 'l'111111111Q4111. 1111-11 l'1 Il 1'1':1z1-1', S1-1111111 Huw: S:111111':1 11Jl111i111r, 1':1l 11:1s11111, 511112 1-11. lmz- S111I111, .1i111 1,1111u, l'111li11 Ii1111::1-12 XV1l11111' 8111111111-1'-, 1111 11111111vI1y. .X111'1- lmsw-tl, 111'g111111 1I11s11-111-11 81111141111 S:11111. R1111' 1: S:111111':1 1,1111::, 1':111'i1'1z1 111-1111, 1111111 A1111 IN1-421111111-11, C1111w1-11, Row 21: Mws 1l1lH1l. -111111s111': N1:11'111:1 S1Pl'Il1i1'I', 11111 H :11-1-11 S111- 1'11x1'ui1I. A1111:11u-111- 111'11w11111:, 1111111111111 1101111111111-1'. 14'1111':1, l':11'111 W11111', 1,v1111:11-11 511111153 111:111:1 A11111'1'Wi 1'11 1N11111.1. 1'1-I1 :11111 811:11-1111 Y:11v1'. Row '!: 1111111111 11111115 llivk 1lIl41l'1', .1:11111-s 111115. Mrs, 1':11l1-1-51111. 5111111f111'. Huw 1- 1111 111111114 1111111111 WI1114-111'11i1-1' N114'11:11'1 11111111111-11 A4111 V1':11:4u11. Imv Ki11L:'. l,:11'1'y 11:1.1'1'1'1I. 111111111 111'111'j. 1'1'1'1'y N11-l1':1II, 5111111 111-1 Y:111 111'1Ll:J'1l', .111l1ll'j' 1111111-1'ts1111. 11111111111 Bl'll1W1l1il'1', .1111'1'5 l"111-11i11:1', D:11111y 131111111-y, N:1111'y 1i41111u111t, 1111111111111:'1':111111-11 GRADE 7 Iflul lhlxx Huw Nvll liVn'g1-A-, Hmmiv Hunt, Hzxrslm 'l'wml1 Hmm, Hu----II Nl1'1':z1ll1'5, llrmlu Srwwfl I'-Illl NWI' liUT"'l'Y lil'- llll- 'Wifi' Fllv' Wullv. Lllniql. Xlulrvxxh, Hllllllil Iiusm- 1'uIdl'4-xl. SI:-pin-11 45:1-lull, YI4-Im' S:-In'n!I. lixlpvln- Imush. .Ivrry 1'I1l'isll4 NIu'Ih.L 'l'Im1nlmm, lfrelry FUN, S4-vulnl Ruwi NIV. ICM-I-Qui, limi- Vuurtlu linux: I.Iu54l llvlstv-tl:-r, HI'-11 lim-Ixft--1Il1-1-. liulu-rl 4'l'll'l n Rllm. Alulilw Nlm'::n:, Xinru- Nlusun. .Juno IH-lm-, Sl1:n'm1 lil-'Izumi Fl-11-11 Rwlu-rt lirwrw, Ihyhlvy Smith, Ilznrwlx Mmm llumun, Sh:u'm1 K+-mI:lIl, l':u!ll:'l:l livhlly, l':l1ll Hlllsnll, 'I'hll'nl :m1lv-l'y. R11-hnlwl limullwzuf-l'. Willnll' NTHMV, Fu-mu! Run: Num Ii.uImzm. Rllgl Kim-V. .lluly Mzmm. Lou f'Iill:'1-np:-1-I, Ifhlulil- Ikyrum, lim-lx Huw: .Xllmu Yunmcz. lm-luv ul:-1'. .luzm 1115, Hwtu Hubs. 1'I1:l1'l4-me Wlnvs, Llly XVi1l114'1'. 1'h:l-v-,.l:nl1m-5 Huh' llllliuuw, Krvuwl' Iiwllllfgv, .I:m1w- Swutl, Huw' zlllm-I' Hum' S11-vw I-Illims, I4'1'z-4h!u- Sink. lllwn NVilsuu. llurry h:n':1, livlltlv-y. l"l':alzf-we 121115. l'iYl'U'll Pnilllnzlll. N112 Vcmlu-, spoil 1:11-llullr. Hm1l1x1l4-kilIlu'l'1 I'n'l'v1'1nIi Vlmu N11-twlll' W lull ' , .. , x , . . 4 4-nn - sur, Rui In plr'I11l'1': Km KI-II5, l5l'l:1I:1 l5:1II::llx'la. GRADE 8 HOWARD ,Q .,:.,.-.-eel.. x:,5:. ' - z Q if 1, S? y tl lrrr r 2 .... , iz 3: 8 '51 MJ 1. Uv if-lv ' ' My Q 1-J. ...3 , ' 4 'pt Q -. . ,M 5 A, W ......-fa . l Y x 2 ? if , , 4 W M Q ax 211- QI ,. . av FM, Z y Q ie. 'T as-. , V- A5 93 K Z Y 'Y i, Q ,z ,',::1i1,:: ,Ifi52 + ' YQ? Mk? ,Q ,4., , '53 J 17 1 as iii Q 5 James Allen Jimmy Barko John Henry Beachy Melven Beachy Wilma Bontrager Nancy Jo Bourne Jerry Burt Marjorie Dubbs James Harmon Leo Helmuth Annette Hesselman Lewis Hochstedler Silvia Hostetler Geraldine Johnson Connie Krise Linda Lovegrove Jerry Martin Jonas Miller Jerry Nelson John Odom Marilyn Osborn Donna Ousley Ernest Rakestraw Charlotta Schroll Jimmy Sietz Eddie Smith Marcella Smith Barbara Somerville Donna Trottier Clara Troyer Norman Summers John Weeks Jack Kratzer Charles Wheeler Martha Whitzel Mary Lou Newcom Delbert Bell James Bentley Carolyn Bolinger Janet Brower Patricia Brown James Byrum Elaine Etherington Tonita Fewell Jimmie Gillam Dick Gillam Donald Harmon Tyrone Heinmiller Ronnie Hite Howard Long Joan Lybrook Dayton Merrell Jegihy Odell , aron Odonnell Kenneth Rinehart Janet Rodkey Shirley Ross Alden Sink Dean Smith Marvin Townsend Ronald Waldron 'I'homas White Kathleen Wooley John Young Donald York Robert Graves J :Ma Q we ,,,. ,sf ' ,L-I ff 2 Q NF" as f A S Q X ' . GRADE 8 ERVIN if . .:,. :..: Q -:aa- i 2 ,lf '-'--: I a 5 lim ,.,l , rrr,f ' S 5 Ni Si si ,Q z yxjfff si if 5 f 'Ml' ? Ffa' 3? 'Z A 1 94 .5 5 Iwi V ,msg . - fx UWM. ,L S THE WEARERS -OF THE GREEN We, the wearers of green, commonly known as fresh- men, have assembled here at Northwestern to idle away four years of our lives. After two weeks of getting ac- quainted with one another we elected Dave Young as pres- ident, Lloyd Gray as vice-president, Mary Lou Ware as secretary, and Keith Rinehart as treasurer. We chose Miss Weaver and Mrs. Schneider as sponsors for the year. Nancy Whitacre proved a delightful hostess when she entertained with a Halloween party at her home. Ghosts! Goblins! and Witches were there in great number. Motto: "Opportunity is Rare, and a Wise Man Will Never Let It Go By." Class Colors: Maroon and White. Class Flower: White Rose. qaedfunen Shirley Amos Meredith Bailey Shirleen Baughman Jack Behny Marilyn Behny Beverly Bausom Jerry Brown Anna Byers Marianne Byrurn Ruby Carlisle Donald Coate Harold Cox Mark Daily John Dubbs Kenneth Fawcett Patricia Fawcett Lloyd Gray Shirley Green Harley Green Thomas Grinslade Carolyn Hite Eddie Hunt Mary Kessler Robert Kinney Connie Klein Joy Klinger Robert Mast John Miller Margie Nelson Dick Obermeyer Patricia Obermeyer Jackie Osborn Shirley Osborn Paul Phillabaum Harold Pickett John Pohlman Keith Rinehart Hildegard Schroeter Jackie Sewell Lillie Shaw Zonia Smith Margie Stahl Jeanne Stover Mary Lou Ware Nancy Whitacre Sharon Wilson Joe Wright Rozella Yager David Young Max Sommers Roy Grider S ,iw ' 1:52 . 5 c is st 1 fn :--- ., , ---:: f ' . M FP' , f f .. - 'Q' elra ,,,. 'ai,:gE:f'2:.,,'Qf.2 -.- .-:I .,-. b .:5. - I X' ' " as gr 5 Q wifi . tty 2 0 I f 39 Q t, 1 . E A gp as X erm-ai all . qv , T" an X 5 ae:-M s-. 'fi T-HE SOPHISTICATED SOPHOMORES The Sophomore Class, eager to show the upperclass- men that they had really become sophisticated, started the year with a bang. They chose Jay Graber, Sea-Roam- ing Sailor Gray Jackson, Bonnie Gillam and David Sum- me to lead their class. They also chose Miss Richards as sponsor and Mr. Dean co-sponsor. The class of '53 took active part in the school carni- val, and sponsored a skating party. During the second semester they really started to Work, taking over the candy and ice cream concessions. Look for us in the Panorama of 1953. Motto: "Hitch Your Wagon to a Star." Flower: Red Rose. Colors: Red and White. S Paula Bailey Clara Bontrager Lonita Bontrager Richard Bragg Robert Brown Richard Cottrell Gail Conwell Lowell Creason Ted Eads Conrad Etherington Buddy Elleman Carolyn Freeland Wilma Jo Gearhart Bonnie Gillam Loren Goddard Jay Graber I. Ray Graber Blaine Graves Jack Hahn Mary Lou Helmuth Pat Henry Fredrick Hilligoss Sandra Ingle Fritz Klein Peggy Koontz Jerry Lane Margie Long Evelyn Martin Forest Metcalf Wayne Moss Paris Ousley Sue Oyler Johanna Powers Leotus Powell Jeanette Scott Joan Scott Floyd Sewell Harold Schafer Barbara Sholty Janie Smith Margie Smith David Summe Richard Williams Lois Wilson Rebecca Garrison THE JOLLY JUNIORS "Don't itch for success, scratch for it." That's the motto of our Junior Class, and we are really scratchnig. Planning for our Senior Tour seems all important this year. With the help of Mr. Gilbert, our sponsor, we have been busy selling pencils, booster plates, autograph books, ice cream and candy bars. When class officers were chosen, The Honorable Mr. Cox was chosen as president to rule over our class meet- ingsg Mark Varnau as his able assistant, the note taking department was handled by Pat Kesslerg Betty Dean to control the cash. QWe noticed that Betty Dean wore new clothes to school every day.j The two big events of the year that we are looking forward to are the Junior-Senior Reception and the Jun, ior Class Play. Motto: "Don't Itch for Successg Scratch for It." Class Colors: Red and Blue. Class Flower: Red Rose. Max Barker Bob Beeler Shirley Berry Eugene Bray Bob Carson Don Coy Clyde Cox Judy Damon Betty Dean Dick Dillon Juanita Dossett Bob Dyar Don Eads Dick Eller Becky Frier Ronald Galloway Pat Goodier Kent Harrell Ronald Hartman Meriam Johnson Shirley Johnson Pat Kessler Dick Kinney Jack Krise Mary Jane Lantz Naomi Lawson Bill Miller Nancy Miller Phyllis Morgan Joan Montgom Everett Rude Dave Shearer Wesley Smith Judy Tarkington Mark Varnau Darlene Widner Elaine Wilson Carol Ann Wright Bonita Yater Martin Young John Young -. -:-:2' fig -.'- 5 :EI we , - ".' 'css W A - Q' quqzzl l"' - 1 . 3 X 1 R "QL -:g:,:- ,A M - - 4. i do ye y X A Vuzi ,,,,. .-'r N Q: cfs' ,ai.,.EI.:s: fi. if P rams 1 . Q?- S ,-1' f ' ,Q , ---.. ...l- ij g . I, i e se isi J S .,,-- '54 'it " tf N . - ff z . ,.:. K' t 3, , ,: 1, s' . H K' "THE FLOWER OF YOUTH GRADUATES. THE BLOOMING IDIOTS LEFT." On Friday, August 27, 1948, we boarded the yellow school busses and were headed for a place called Northwestern High School. Coming from three different schools, we found the new environment strange to us, but Mr. Bray gave us the low-down on the new set-up and all went well. Dur- ing our first year, Joan Andrews reigned as Carnival Queen. The day arrived when we were considered upperclassmen. With this promotion came the privilege of producing the Junior Class Play, plan- ning the Junior-Senior Party, and editing the monthly school paper, "Tigers Roar." During our junior year Ruth Ann Dillon and Clyde Wilson joined our ranks. Ruth Ann entered from Greentown and Clyde from Kokomo. Exams were over and now we are the big-rods of Northwestern High. Coming back to school on August 25, 1950, the Seniors realized that a most eventful year loomed ahead and that this was their one last look at Northwestern High School. Work was begun on the Senior Class Play, the Panorama, and the School Carnival. Two Seniors reigned as King and Queen of the School Carnival, hon- ors went to Dash Brunnenmiller and Bob Whitehead. The Seniors in their Class Play, "Rest Assured", certainly gave us a grade-A performance. A great many personages were on hand to con- gratulate Mrs. Schneider for a work well done. The Senior Class Officers were chosen. Bob Whitehead was elected president, backed by Joe Pence, vice-president, Bonna Mae Mast, secre- taryg and Joan Andrews, treasurer. The class officers received excellent advice from Mrs. Whitehead and Mr. Fouts. The state senate had "the privilege of our presence" during one of their meetings. Some visited the monument, some went shopping, but all ate lunch at the beautiful Atherton Center at Butler University. A tour through Indiana Girls' School at Clermont completed our day. Last but not least in our year's activities were the many parties we had. Among the most enjoyable get-togethers were the after-play parties at the homes of Gene Harris and Chuck Daily and the Weiner roast and hay ride at the home of Clyde Wilson. Then came Class Day, Baccalaureate, and Commencement and we said good-by to dear Ol' Northwestern High. On May 3, 1951, we came back to take another look-Oh no, we board- ed the bus that was to take us to Niagara Falls. And our very last look came when we arrived home from our trip. Dear folks This is positively the last time, but-after all- ROBERT WHITEHEAD President Entered From Kokomo Chorus 2. Class Officer 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y Officer 2, 3, 4. Class Play 3. Paper Staff 3. Annual Staff 4. Basketball 1, 3, 4. Baseball 3, 4. Football 1. Track 1, 3. JOE PENCE Vice -President Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4. Class Play 4. Annual Staff 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Track 1, 2, 3, 4. JOAN ANDREWS Treasurer Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4. Sunshine 1, 3, 4. Sunshine Officer 3, 4. Class Play 3, 4. Paper Staff 3. Annual Staff 4. Cheering Block 3, 4. BONNA MAE MAST Secretary Glee Club 1. Class Officer 1, 4. Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4. Annual Staff 4. Cheering Block 3, 4. Seniors DASH BRUNNENMILLER Glee Club 1, 2. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Yell Leader 2, 3, 4. Class Officer 1, 2. Sunshine 1, 2, 3. Class Plays 3, 4. Paper Staff 3. Annual Staff 4. Student Council 3. ELMER BYERS Chorus 3, 4. Class Play 4. Baseball 3, 4. FLOYD CONWELL Chorus 2. Class Officer 1. Hi-Y 1, 2. Hi-Y Officer 1. Student Council 2, 3. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Track 1, 2. RUTH ANN DILLON Entered from Green- town 3. Glee Club 2, 3. Chorus 2, 3, 4. Yell Leader 1. Sunshine 3, 4. Class Play 4. Blu-Tri 1, 2. Cheering Block 3, 4. BETTY BURT Glee Club 1. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4. Sunshine Officer 3. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Paper Staff 3. Annual Staff 4. Cheering Block 3, 4. WAYNE COATE Track 1, 3. Student Council 2. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Annual Staff 4. CHUCK DAILY Chorus 1, 2. Class Play 3. Band 1. Paper Staff 3. Basketball 1, 2, 3. Baseball 1, 2, 3. Track 1, 2, 4. Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4. KATHRYNN FEATHERSTONE Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4. Class Play 3, 4. Cheering Block 4. Annual Staff 4. BETTY FLEENOR Sunshine 2. GENE HARRIS Entered from Kokomo 2. Glee Club 2. Chorus 2. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y Officer 3. Class Play 3, 4. Paper Staff 3. Annual Staff 4. Baseball 3. Track 1, 3, 4. Student Manager 2. Football 1. Cheering Block 3. HAROLD KESSLER Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Track 1. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y Officer 4. Chorus 2. Student Council 3. Class Officer 1. Paper Staff 3. Annual Staff 4. GRACE ANN LOVELACE Glee Club 1. Chorus 1, 2, 3. Yell Leader 3, 4. Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4. Class Play 3. Band 1, 2, 3. Annual Staff 4. SHIRLEY FORD Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4. BETTY MAE HICKS Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4. Band 1, 2, 3. Class Play 3, 4. CAROLYN LOVEGR Chorus 1, 2. Sunshine 1, 2. MARY J O LOWE Glee Club 1, 2. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. OVE Sunshine Officer 4. Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4. Class Play 4. Band 1. Paper Staff 3. Annual Staff 4. Cheering Block 3, 4 GARY LYBROOK Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Chorus 1. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Class Play 3, 4. Annual Staff 4. WILLADEAN POWELL Chorus 1. Sunshine 1. RUDOLF SCHROETER Class Officer 1, 2, 3. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Chorus 1. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Paper Staff 3. Annual Staff 4. KEITH THOMPSON Chorus 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3. ROBERT PARKHURST Chorus 2. Class Play 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2. Track 1, 2, 3, 4. MARILYN RODKEY Glee Club 2, 3. Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4. Annual Staff 4. MARTHA SMITH Class Play 4. LEWIS THOMPSON Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Paper Staff 3. Annual Staff 4. Class Play 4. Student Council 2. GERALD WALDRON Hi-Y 4. FRANK WILSON Class Officer 1. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y Officer 4. Class Play 4. Paper Staff 3. Annual Staff 4. Student Council 1. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Baseball 1, 3. Track 3, 4. Cross Country 4. CLASS OFFICERS CLYDE WILSON Entered from Kok Hi-Y 3, 4. Class Play 3, 4. Band 4. Paper Staff 3. Annual Staff 4. Cheering Block 4. MARYLIN WOOD Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. omo 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4. Sunshine Officer 2. Class Play 3, 4. Annual Staff 4. Class Officer 2. Cheermg Block 4. President ....... . . . Bob Whitehead Vice-President . . . ........ Joe Pence Secretary ...... . . . Bonnie Mae Mast Treasurer .......... ..... ............ J 0 an Andrews Motto-"Always Forward, Never Backward." Colors-Royal Blue and White. Flower-Red Rose. Sponsors-Mrs. Whitehead and Mr. Fouts. H-mf XM-Jo xx ,X'Q,'3 ffl -' wwf' THINGS f X ff '49 gg ff ! f C,LlC1ifff fif f z , X W ff X L im f ' ff X llN " 5 1 ,K , ff, fffiiii ff ? X., l I Clyde Wilson and Frank Wilson-Editor and Co-Ed- itor of yearbook. Very important people Cat least to the yearbook staff.J To have a yearbook we must have school. To have a school we must have teachers. Here We have them at a disadvantage. wwf M2 A I-'TE WSC gpg- TIME snack ' Q PNN Tlliaourla ,3!,, , 4 Q , b , Q 'E 5 an ,NN Www K 'mf .SDPHUMORE an Domus mme 12055 5, g,' f' N HN:.::::: xx ms . Q . Z xr Zankfil. 1 SNK? X' P51 Bgckj -4 W 3 :-' -ff 'N 2 ? ' W' is Q w if Q 1.015 ,L 'E .,.""'f'f Our hats go off to the school bus drivers. They have driven hundreds and hundreds of miles. Their one desire is to take us to school and return us to our homes safely each day. George Hartman, Glen McCain, Jim Daily, William Kinney and Clarence McCauley. :Si ,- -,wag-::f:qE--'fg - - -az's:.:gg::,Mgr-. X A kms .X 5"3gg,.f." ,Q :Q ffii?-, , ,FST f'i32ii.Ql, 'Q Th i J, K J . K :.- xx is Q TX ..,- 1 ........ - xt-rx X I. ,X .X 5 . ....,. WN ew ,. -X W 'Fx .,.- W RXSVXY ,JA X X I e 'R X My 1 X A X2 NNY is , ,X X X , X , N i X, im Q, gs H N' Xb bi 'Hx QW Menno Miller, George Coan, Dick Cunningham, Roy Ebersole, John Littler, John Durr and Jim Barko. fkfw' Mr. Spraker, Ansell Brower, Dean Long, CW. White now drivingb, Max Oyler, Eddie Tow, Harold Gillam, Harold Eller, Kenny Long and Gene Hite. mam A, g Q MRS. MASON MRS. BARNHART Just try to please 175 hungry people and you will realize that our cooks have a tremendous job. Barney believes in the old saying, "Woman's work is never done." His never ending job is to sweep, to dust, and to empty waste paper baskets. "BARNEY" We are sorry to have omitted pictures of Mr. Louthain and Mr. Kennedy Mrs. Raymond Riley, Mrs. Wilson Yager, Mrs. Garrett Andrews and Mrs. Frank Elliot. Hot lunches are available daily at the Ervin and Howard Grade Schools. From all reports they are both delicious and nutritious. Mrs. Jeanette Cripe, Mrs. William Kennedy and Mrs. Gertrude Kerkoff. PROPHECY It is now the year 1971 and as we by chance were strolling through Central Park in New York City we noticed an unusual crowd had gathered for an informal meeting. Being rather curious we wandered over toward the crowd. As we drewnear we discovered that the Class of 1951 of North- western High School was having a. reunion. We had arrived at just the right time. The members of the 1951 graduating class were called upon to make a report to the class concerning their present whereabouts. Coming up to the front was a very attractive young matron who spoke in her bewitchingly shy manner, "I am president of the Dash Dog Food Co. At night I devote my time to the theater, appearing under the name ' "Queenie' ." 7 I ' Betty Burt Schroeter was next on program. Betty reports "Rudolf, and I and our six children live in a weather beaten shack in the red hills of Missouri. Rudolf was unable to attend the reunion, he is employed in the fishing worm .factoryg he has to feed the birdies, you know." "I work for the Sleepytime Mattress Co., testing mattresses for them. I sleep all day and all night. The practice in school came in handy for me", says Bob Parkhurst. Bonna Mae Mast appears carrying a sign, which read, "Bonna Mae Mast's Exclusive Models." I have one-hundred and fifty beautiful girls. Two of my most famous ones are Willadean Powell and Betty Fleenor. Betty gave up her sailor and devoted her life to the art of modeling. Just then Marilyn Wood hurried by. She said, "I must be on my way home. I now live on a ranch in Texas and my plane leaves in one hour." We decided to accompany her to the airport. We hailed a taxi and were on our way. We sat talking of the different occupations the ones we had seen so far were in, when the taxi suddenly stopped, the driver excitedly asking us if we were from Kokomo and Northwestern High. He then explained that he was Elmer Byers and that the ride would be on him since he was on his way to the park. Elmer was now six-feet two and weighed around two hun- dred pounds. We saw Marylin to her plane and watched it take off, then as we started back towards the thoroughfare, we saw a big factory and the name on the front, Thompson St Coate's Breweries, Inc. The names hit a spot in our minds so we stopped to see if they were the two boys we knew in school. Sure enough, and because he was glad to see some old schoolmates, President Coate gave us a tall sparkling glass of T 8a C. "The Beer That You'll Enjoy." We noticed a big sign immediately after we left T 8L C Breweries, Inc., that was advertising Coney Island. Since we had heard so much about it, we decided to visit it. A ticket seller to the Fun House who was yelling at the top of his voice and selling tickets like mad, caught our attention. Af- ter looking him over, we recognized him as Gerald Waldron. He told us as soon as he got off Work he intended to bring his Wife and join the rest of the class in Central Park. After arriving at our destination we saw a big lanky fellow approach- ing us. We thought at first it was a man from Mars, but no, it was the one and only Frankie Bob Wilson, the all-star center for the Minneapolis Tigers professional basketball team. Shirley Ford, now Stockberger, comes hustling in with her husband, Norman. They came in their own B29. Norman has made his career in the Air Corps, and Shirley has followed him all around the country to keep him in line. Their fourteen children are quite proud of their Poppa General. Marilyn Rodkey is now singing duets with Margaret Truman in the Metropolitan Opera House. She is going to give a performance this after- noon under the name of Gilda Cassandra. Some people say she is better than Cass Daily. We find the Abe Kesslers' watching their six little off-springs, Abe Jr., Joe, Nedra, Mary Kay, Glen, and J eanetta. Abe is now farming in the hills of old Kentucky, where he makes his own moonshine. If you'll remember Carolyn Lovegrove, she's the one that wore sweat- ers to school. She is finally married to Roland Riley. They now own a sweater factory called "Carolyn Riley Sweaters", 100W Wool. She models sweaters for the buyers. From what we hear, they have made quite a for- tune at the business. Gary Lybrook is now in Montreal playing ice-hockey with the Canadi- ans. He was a coach for the Kokomo Speed Kings, but since he had a chance to play in Montreal, he bade Kokomo goodbye and started to bang a putt around. Keith Thompson now owns the Thompson Home for skaters in Frank- fort, Kentucky. He found that down in Kentucky they loved to skate. He also found himself a nice little girl down there who says, "You little ole honey chile, you." Somebody said that Mary Jo Lowe is now coach of the world's famous girls' basketball team, "LoWe's Loveliesf' They have the World's record of not winning a game. . Gene Harris is now the father of five children. Gene is the president of the Kokomo branch of the Cuneo Press. Shirley is a busy person, keep- ing Gene and the little Genes in order. Betty Mae Hicks is married and her husband farms a farm near Peru, Ind. Betty now weighs 110 and is 5' 2". You never saw such a change. I guess it's the farming that does it. Bob Whitehead won 2'B1,000,000, on a quiz program. He and Carol Ann live in a mansion near Abe and Juanita. They have triplets. Three girls. Their names are Winkin, Blinkin and Nod. We see Kay Featherstone has changed. She has short hair and weighs about 199 lbs. She works as a beauty operator in Kokomo, Ind. She de- cided to marry the boy from Deer Creek. They have four children. Ruth Ann Dillon is now a librarian here in New York. Remember how we couldn't understand her because she talked so fast? She now talks slowly and quietly. When we met her this afternoon she spoke, but since then she hasn't said half a dozen words. Floyd Conwell is in the hog business. His little wife Bonnie goes out every morning to feed them. Floyd said, "If she would feed them in the morning he would be glad to feed them in the evening." They have three lovely children, Floyd Jr., Lloyd, and Connie. The last time that we heard, Dick Whitacre had a basketball team. Annie sat on the bleachers for a couple of ball games, but found it quite bor- ing, and decided to start being yell-leader for the Whitacre Whiz Kids. Joe Pence is a retired Major League Baseball Commissioner. In his time he broke Babe Ruth's Home Run Record. By the way, Joe still has his Model A. The last time we heard, Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Daily had their tenth child. Remember how Chuck told everybody that he wanted twelve kids when he got married? I make another prediction, if Mr. and Mrs. Daily stay in good health, Chuck's dream will come true. We find Joan Andrews Wheeler and Fred attending the reunion. They are blessed with one child, who is a brain like her mother, she is the only girl that plays on the varsity basketball team. So you can see her father just couldn't stand to see her talents go to waste. It seems like that there is one person missing. Oh yes, I believe it is "Old Charleston Step Wilson." We remember him as Clyde Wilson. He runs an Arthur Murray's Dancing School in Logansport, Ind. QHe must of had some appointments that were impossible to leave.J He had been teaching Arthur some new steps he learned at NHS. President Whitehead called the business session to order. The class voted that the reunion was to meet every ten years. After the meeting was over the class spent the rest of the day in visiting. THE SENIOR CLASS WILL OF 1951 I, Mary Jo Lowe, will to Eugene Bray my position as oiiice girl the fourth period, so that his dad can be with him more. I, Chuck Daily, will to Ronald Galloway my ability to make a joker of himself in Louie Fout's government class, and not being called down for it. And to Jack Smith my seat in the sixth period study hall. To Paris and Peedad my previous experience on the cross country team. I, Carolyn Lovegrove, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will to Bonnie Yater my position as cafeteria cashier during her senior year and the ability to get along with John Young and Everett Rude. Also to Pat Goodier the ability to get away with talking continuously to Juanita Dos- sett during Mr. Fouts' government class. I, Harold "Abe', Kessler of weak mind and soft body, will to Bobbie Beeler the right to flip paper wads Without being caught. Also to Jack Krise part of my height to be taller than Jerry Lane and Clyde Cox next year. I, Joe Pence, of weak mind and sound body, will to Juanita Dossett my ability to get along with Abe Kessler without being engaged to him. To Max Barker I will my ability to get away with gutted mufllers and to Ronald Hartman I will my ability to play first base on the team. I, Willadean Powell, of firm mind and weak body, will to Patty Kessler my thin body and height. Also my ability to read shorthand and write themes for Fouts. I, Betty Fleenor, of firm body and healthy mind, will to Joan Mont- gomery the ability to get bawled out by Gilbert about every other day and my ability to come to school most of the time. I, Gerald Waldron, being of sound mind and body, will to Donald Eads my front seat in government class, without shedding one tear. I also will to him the best of luck through his entire senior year. I, Wayne Coate, being of sound mind and weak body, will to Shirley Ann Berry my ability to get to town every night and to Kent Harrell my height and physical status. I, Kay Featherstone, will my seat in third period study hall to Elaine Wilson so she will be sitting across the aisle from Eugene Bray. I also will her my ability to doodle in sociology class without getting caught. I, Marilyn Rodkey, will to Richard Eller the rest of the knowledge left in my government and commercial math books. I, Bonna Mae Mast, will to Judy Tarkington my ability to get one boy friend and to keep him. I, Gene Harris, will to Martin Young my ability to drive 90 miles an hour to school, and to have all night card parties, and to drive my father's car when he is gone. I, Clyde Wilson, will to Judy Damon my pep and vitality to be used at all basketball games. I, Shirley Ford, will to Meriam Johnson my ability to get shorthand. Being of sound body and weak mind, I, Ruth Ann Dillon, will to Phyllis Morgan my ability to be Mr. Dean's helper, and for her not to make any mistakes, as I made so many. And to Becky Frier I will my sociology book and the ability to argue with Mr. Bray, which I didn't. I, Marylin Wood, being of thick and unsound mind, will to Bob Dyar my ability to not talk during second period study hall. Having a small body but smaller mind, I, Grace Ann Lovelace, will to Nancy Miller my government book. And to Pat Goodier my ability to get married before she's out of school. I, Rudy Schroeter, being large in stature but small in brains, will to Bill Miller my ability to stay out of trouble in Gilbert's classes. Also to Clyde Cox my ability to work solid geometry problems. I, Betty Burt, will to Mary Jane Lantz my ability to walk in a lady like way. Also my worn out sociology seat. Being of sound mind and strong lungs, I, Joan Andrews will to Betty Dean my front row seat in the cheering block. May she put it to good use. To Jack Smith I will the ability to remain on good terms with Mr. Fouts so he won't pick on him all the time as he did me. I, Bob Parkhurst, being of weak mind and strong back, will to John Young all my stray girl friends. To Everett Rude my masculine figure, and to Jack Krise my ability to sleep anytime, anywhere. I, Bob Whitehead, of sound mind, will to Carol Ann Wright of unsound mind, my ability to be friendly with Kokomo girls. Also my red convertible and all that goes with it. To Gail Conwell my position as chief bench warmer, on the basketball team. I, Floyd Conwell, will to Bob Carson, my ability to keep my big mouth shut in Mr. Gilbert's class and to leave Barker alone. Also to Dave Shearer, to get one beautiful girl and keep her. Being small in stature but large in brains, I, Frank Wilson, bequeath to Mark Varnau my ability to out-argue, singlehanded, all girls in sociology class. And to Dick Dillon the seat on the basketball bench willed to me by Tom Varnau. Pass it on when you're through with it, Dick. To Dave Young my captainship of the cross country team. I, Lewis Thompson, will to Max Barker my weak body and intellectual mind, also my ability to stay sober all the time. Being of sound mind and body, I, Dash Brunnenmiller, hereby will my extra weight to Darlene Widner, hoping she can find a better place for it than I could. To Bob Mast my gift of gab, since he needs it. And to the sophomore and junior boys the nickname, "Dashy Babe." I, Gary Lybrook, being of unsound but unsoluble mind, hereby will to Richard Kinney my ability to play varsity ball in his senior year. Also to Ronald Hartman the right to go steady with Judy Tarkington. I, Elmer Byers, being of insane mind and unstable body, will to Don Coy my ability to be an angel, but a devil in the senior class play. And to Naomi Lawson my ability as a baritone to sing second bass in the mixed choir. I, Betty Hicks, of weak mind and firm body, will to Joan Montgomery the ability to get bawled out by Gilbert about every other day, also my ability to come to school most of the time. Genuine, Lifetime KOOL VENT Ventilated Aluminum AWNINGS A Parrrr anen r, Practical and Eraraarairal lrrraarraaar ln Year 'round COMFORT Modern, colorful BEAUTY Allaraaurar PROTECTION Fon sg-rgg HOME! r Cliff Fouts, Dealer 1315 North Washington St. KOKOMO - - INDIANA CALLOWAY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE Service on All Makes Ranges, Refrigerators and Water Heaters Commercial and Domestic 602 North Washington St. Phone 5079 Kokomo, Indiana SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. Kokomo, Indiana Compliments of MURRAY 8: DAVIS Phone 3185 Kokomo, Indiana FOR BETTER USED CARS- DAUGHERTY'S FURNITURE COONROD MOTOR SALES STORE 202 East Markland Phone 5750 COMPLETE WE BUY, WE SELL, WE TRADE HOME FURNISHINGS 413 North Washington St. Phone 6226 Kokomo, Indiana HUTTO DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Off Street Parking Union and Markland Phone 23952 Kokomo, Indiana DUKE'S RESTAURANT 112-14 E. 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"Your Chevrolet Dealer" Kokomo, Indiana BARBARA ANN SHOP Where the Fashion Wise Come to Economize 921 South Main Street Kokomo, Indiana Compliments of HARRY L. DALZELL GENERAL INSURANCE 918 South Main Phone 8233 GARRISON ORCHARDS APPLES and CIDER East Sycamore Road Kokomo, Indiana MASON MOTORS, INC. FORD CARS and TRUCKS 3 Corners Sycamore at Market Kokomo, Indiana Compliments of AMERICAN LAUNDRY KINNEY TRANSIT LINE, Inc. MOVING AND STORAGE Phone 4220 Kokomo, Indiana E. C. MAST F U R N I T U R E FLOOR COVERING Telephone 58 Greentown, Indiana MAIN MEAT MARKET AND LOCKER PLANT S. End Webster Street Phone 4010 Kokomo, Indiana DUNN'S PAINT AND BODY SHOP 227 South Union COMPLETE WRECKS REBUILT PALMER'S JEWELRY COMPANY "Kokomo's Friendly Jeweler" 101 E. Sycamore Phone 22505 HEAVY DUTY WRECKER SERVICE Phone 7880 Kokomo A N Y T I M E I-Ii-Way Service North on State Road 31 N0 JOB T00 LARGE FOR US LINCOLN FINANCE CO., Inc. Kokomo, Indiana Compliments of VICTORY CYCLE COMPANY Columbia and Roadmaster Bicycles 104 S. Union Kokomo Phone 9717 PROMPT RADIO REPAIR CENTRAL SERVICE SALES CO. 219 West Jackson St. Kokomo, Indiana Phone 9696 DONSON'S SERVICE STATION SUNOCO GAS PRODUCTS AND ACCESSORIES 1237 West Taylor at Phillips Phone 9885 Res. 7285 Compliments of CARL HYNDS DRUG STORE Kingston's Corner Corner of North and Webster Compliments of LORENZE MUSIC STORE Instruments, Sheet Music 8z Accessories 119 South Main Kokomo, Indiana Compliments of COFFEL CLEANERS 206 West Mulberry Kokomo - Indiana Compliments of MASON REALTY CO. Real Estate, Loans and Insurance 117 W. Mulberry St. Kokomo, Indiana SWEET BOOK STORE GREETING CARD STORE Kokomo, Indiana KOKOMO ELECTRIC HATCHERY Wm. W. Ullman "BETTER BABY CHICKS" Indiana U. S. Approved Pullorum Clean Compliments of ELECTAIR, INC. 1520 N. Washington Street Kokomo, Indiana Wayne Feeds Poultry Supplies C- H- NEWMAN FOUNTAIN SERVICE 501509 N' Buckeye St' PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES Phfme 7211 113 North Union G. E. KESSLER 8z SON GENERAL HAULING Phone 8477 Kokomo, Indiana KOKOMO SALES CO., Inc. "Wiggs and Smith" PLUMBING AND HEATING 118 So. Union Kokomo, Ind . l...,.. MH"6I1: Pb 555 DON HUDSON GROCERY Greentown's Home Owned Grocery and Meat Market Open Every Night Phone 50 Greentown Compliments of HUNSINGER COAL AND LUMBER COMPANY Phone 255 Greentown, Indiana Compliments of Your Appliance Store BUD'S SALES AND SERVICE Greentown, Indiana Phone 68A Stanogas Dealer Compliments of HUDSON BARBER SHOP Phone 119 Greentown, Indiana ,AMDN5 Fmkwov' ifohtf CRIPE MOTORS, INC. PONTIAC CARS Dollar for Dollar You Can't Beat a Pontiac Phone 277 Flora, Indiana ESSERMAN'S D-X SERVICE FIRESTONE-GOODYEAR Car-Truck-Tractor Tires Flora, Ind. Phone 202 H 81 H AUTO SALES AND SERVICE Phone 37 Burlington, Indiana "BEST WISHESH Class of 1951 HAMSTREET'S FARM AND HOME SUPPLY Point At Jefferson and Sycamore LANTZ BROS. HATCHERY GENERAL MERCHANDISE Day Old and Started Chicks Plevna, Indiana ROACH'S D-X SERVICE STATION TIRES AND ACCESSORIES Young America CLAUDE LYBROOK 8: SON REGISTERED ABERDEEN ANGUS Kokomo, Indiana Rural Route 1 Phone Burlington B. W. SEAVER 8z SON Producers of Quality Hybrid Seed Corn 620 and 449 4 Miles West of Kokomo on Indiana 22 Phone 8535 8615 TODD HYBRIDS Phone 88 Burlington, Indiana Compliments of RICHARD HATCHERY Galveston Phone 2455 J UDSON GROCERY GROCERIES AND MEATS Phone 25095 Kokomo, Indiana KRISE'S GROCERY STORE Young America SCOTT'S SHELL SERVICE Goodyear and Goodrich Tires, Batteries and Accessories Phone 9120 W. A. Scott, Prop. Compliments of DELMAR INN PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE STATION Galveston, Indiana LYLE BROWN GENERAL INSURANCE Farm Loans 11W Interest Galveston - - - Indiana Compliments of BAHLER GRAIN AND FEED CO. A Complete Service In Grain, Coal, Feed, Seed, Grinding and Mixing Bahler's Hi-Fort Feeds a Specialty Better Feeds for Less Money Galveston, Indiana BURLINGTON CAFE Fountain Service, Dinners, Short Orders Home Cooking Home Made Pies Our Motto: "Quality and Service" Burlington, Ind. Phone 44 SNEPP 8: FAGER SPORTING GOODS KOKOMO, INDIANA JOHNSON'S SERVICE Corner of 18 and 35 Galveston, Indiana Lubrication - Oil - Motor Tune-Up Brake Service Sinclair Products Ned Johnson and Wm. Lynch Compliments of DR. LLOYD CARTER DENTIST Bringhurst, Indiana Flora and Cutler Phone J OB-OBJ ECTIVE COURSES Accounting and Secretarial Courses designed to give definite, specific preparation for desirable, promising positions. Free Placement Service KOKOMO, INDIANA, COLLEGE CThe Indiana Business College of Kokomoj OYLER'S DRY GOODS STORE Burlington, Indiana Phone 150 - Sinclair Products Complete Service BURLINGTON HARDWARE BIEGHLER Sz SON ONE-STOP SERVICE Burlington, Indiana Goodyear Tires and Delco Batteries Phone 124 Phone 63 Junction 22 an 29 Burlington, Ind. HAHN SHELL SERVICE STATION LUBRICATION and WHEEL BALANCING FOOD BANK Complete Locker and Grocery Service Galveston, Indiana Phone 2675 Compliments of THE REXALL STORE William F. Dutchess, Prop. Galveston, Ind. Compliments of DONAHUE'S HOME SUPPLY Kokomo, Indiana TED ARTHUR LIVESTOCK HAULING Kokomo, Indiana Phone 8005 "YOU CALL, WE'LL HAUL" GLENN BAKER 8z SON BUYERS OF POULTRY AND EGGS 314 South Union Phone 6575 Kokomo, Indiana Compliments of TWELVE MILE STATE BANK GALVESTON BRANCH Galveston, Indiana EAT AT TEN PIN CAFE RECREATION ALLEYS 500 N. Main St. Kokomo Ph. 2-1434 Home Ph. 9231 HIGHT MOTOR SALES USED CARS BOUGHT AND SOLD E. J. Hight, Owner 800 E. Markland Kokomo, Indiana Compliments of ACME STUDEBAKER Kokomo, Indiana Compliments of OAKLEY GROCERIES AND MEAT MARKET B A R BARNARD A R D LUMBER COMPANY All Kinds of Building Material, Tile, Cement, Posts, Coal and Builders' Hardware BURLINGTON and SEDALIA C. A. PETRO 81 SON HARDWARE AND IMPLEMENTS GREEN TOWN, INDIANA Electrical Appliances and Supplies JOHN DEERE--IMPLEMENTS--NEW IDEA HARDWARE FARM STORE E. Main St. N. Meridian WARNER'S SERVICE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Young America E. E. LANDIS CO. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER DEALER Phone 311 Flora, Indiana L. M. CHITTICK 8: SON JOHN DEERE QUALITY FARM EQUIPMENT Flora Tele. 179 FURNITURE, RUGS, CARPETS AND LINOLEUM D. E. CRIPE' 8: CO. Flora, Indiana CASSVILLE GOODRICH COMPANY GRAIN-COAL-FEED-SEED Grinding and Mixing FARM SUPPLIES Phone 8207 BRIGHT NATIONAL BANK Flora, Indiana Compliments of CASTELLO GARDENS BAKER'S GROCERY GROCERIES AND MEATS Cassville, Indiana Phone Kokomo 8461 PIONEER QUALITY HYBRIDS Robert Wertz Fl R. . 1 Compliments of Ora R G. R. OLDHAM-VETERINARIAN Burlmgtonf Indlana Waupecong Phone 78B MARTIN BROTHERS EVERYTHING FOR CAR AND HOME Russiaville Phone 60 Compliments of RUTH'S BEAUTY SHOP Russiaville Compliments of PEERLESS PLUMBING 81 HEATING 2411 N. Washington Kokomo, Indiana Compliments of A. J. HATFIELD WATCHMAKER ED DAVENPORT MARATHON TANK SERVICE Phone 21973 Kokomo Compliments of LADD SOYA, Inc. Bunker Hill, Ind. BUYERS AND PROCESSORS OF SOY BEANS COMMUNITY BUTCHER HOUSE CUSTOM BUTCHERING PROCESSING Beef Sold by Quarters 1 Mile South and 1 Mile East of Waupecong Phone 39F22 Amboy Clark Mast For Smart Wearing Apparel You Deserve The Best. That's Why We Recommend The SEVENTEEN SHOP 212 West Walnut St. Kokomo - - Indiana Compliments of SHROCK BROS. DRI-GAS CO. PERU PRODUCTION CREDIT CORPORATION OLSEN 8z EBANN 216 No. Main St. Kokomo Jewelers for Thirty Years DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY and SILVERWARE STANDARD FOOD MARKETS GROCERIES AND MEATS 612 East Taylor Phone 7183 Kokomo, Indiana JACK MAHER 8z SON KOKOMO MEN'S p at CLOTHING M660 2 2 Furnishings-Hats-Shoes ceu l Sesviiiuff-92'-co' 5' 219 We phone THE WEED PATCH Famous Spanish Hot Dogs and Hamburgers GOOD COFFEE AND PIE 400 E. Markland Ave. Harry and Nada FREED SALES CO. RUSCO-STEEL-WISCO-DOORS Sun Master Aluminum Awning 722 So. Brandon St. Kokomo COMPLIMENTS RAYL BROS. CABINET 8: FURNITURE CO. Furniture Kitchen Cabinets DuPont Paints 2024 North Wabash Ave. JOHN THOMAS CO. FURNITURE and FUNERAL DIRECTORS Prompt Ambulance Service Phone 13 and 130 Galveston Compliments of FARMERS COAL CO. 210 W. Monroe Kokomo - Indiana REID'S FLOWERS KOKOMO 1420 W. Mulberry St. Phone 7767 Kokomo, Indiana INDIANA We Telegraph Flowers "Personalized Floral Service CHARLES BIEGHLER'S BARBER SHOP Burlington, Indiana Compliments of PARROTT'S MARATHON SERVICE Kokomo, Indiana VERMONT GOODRICH GRAIN COMPANY DAVENPORT CIGAR STORE 122 West Mulberry St. Cigars-Candy-Soft Drinks Billiards Baseball Scores TROYER'S WELDING Percy Troyer, Prop. Arc and Acetylene Welding Distributor for Indiana Oxygen Co. 517 N. Buckeye Phone 7552 Kokomo, Indiana MAST 8z PICKETT FUNERAL HOME Greentown, Indiana Phone 33 WINSLOW'S YOUR NEAREST FOOD STORE Open All the Time 1300 N. Phillip Kokomo, Indiana ELLIOTT INSURANCE AGENCY D. M. Agness INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Greentown, Indiana BURLINGTON LOCKER PLANT YEAR ROUND CURING and SLAUGHTERING Phone 17 Burlington, Indiana CHEVROLET BUICK MANN CHEVROLET, INC. Phone 156 Flora, Indiana DAIRY LUNCH CAFE Invite You to Try Our Delicious Fried Chicken Dinner Every Sunday The Place of Hospitality and Good Food Sandwiches and Short Orders Phone 148 Burlington, Indiana SHELLANE DEPENDABLE BUILDING BOTTLED GAS IN HOWARD COUNTY MATERIAL SOFT WATER SERVICE GALvEsToN LUMBER co., Inc. 219 W. Sycamore Phone 27 Kokomo, Indiana Phone 5511 Galveston, Indiana TENBROOK SALES, Inc. Let Tenbrook Sales, Your Stano-Gas Dealer, Take Care of You. Cooking, Water Heating, Refriger- ation, and Home Heating. We have Gas Ranges from 399.50 up, Water Heaters 379.50 up, and Silent Servel Refrigerators, 3249.50 Use Stano-gas as an All-Purpose fuel Kokomo-Phone 5575 Compliments of JOE KORBY, SR. 81 SON SCHWENGERS BROTHERS BAKERY 107 North Union Street Kokomo, Indiana MONUMENTS-MARKERS Quality - Low Cost - Large Display DON CALDWELL Phone 188R3 Bunker Hill, R. R. 1 Compliments of JOHNSON'S BARBER SHOP Kokomo, Indiana BLUE CROSS DRUG STORE Corner Mulberry and Buckeye Opposite Frances Hotel Kokomo, Indiana KEEP IN STEP WITH JOHANSEN SHOES From THE LA MODE SHOP THE GISMO RESTAURANT Welcomes All Athletes and Parents of Howard County North Buckeye Kokomo, Indiana FRITCHEY MOTORS SALES and SERVICE Kokomo, Indiana HAWKINS AUTO 81 HOME SUPPLY 218 North Buckeye St. Kokomo, Indiana REPORTS FOR ALL SPORTS RUDY'S CIGAR STORE 116 W. Mulberry Street Kokomo, Indiana HILL'S SNAPPY SERVICE "FAMOUS HAMBURGERSN 214 N. Buckeye Kokomo, Indiana Compliments of PAUL J. MILLS AGENCY 106 West Mulberry Phone - - - 2-7122 THAYNE BEALL COMPLIMENTS Inc. OF G E N E R A I I' I R Ia s TIIII 210 West Superior DEMOCRATIC Phone 25436 KOKOMO, INDIANA EE CRESCENT DAIRY COMPLIMENTS VISIT OUR OF AIR CONDITIONED C 0 A D Y DAIRY BAR C 0 A '- KOKOMO, INDIANA KOKOMO, INDIANA KENNY'S FAMILY STORE Greentown BOTANY NAP SWEATERS Fashion Craft Shoes HIGHWAY CAFE GOOD FOOD-LOW PRICES QUICK SERVICE Greentown, Ind. Phone I Compliments of GREENTOWN AUTO COMPANY YOUR FORD DEALER SCHROCK'S AUTO SERVICE Skelgas Sales and Service Day 44-Phone-Night 234 Greentown, Indiana Compliments of COX CONFECTIONERY Greentown, Indiana IIOME FURNITURE STORE ALBERT MILLER SL SONS Used Furniture Upholstering Greentown, Indiana GREENTOWN DRY CLEANERS CLEANING, PRESSING, and HAT BLOCKING Greentown, Indiana KOONTZ'S GROCERY GOOD FOOD-FAIR PRICES 1901 No. Lafontain Kokomo, Indiana Phone 9969 Whfrt See. Dunk? Contributions-- FIRST NATIONAL BANK MELVIN MYERS ROY SMITH DR. G. M. WAGAMAN JACK YARIAN RUSSIAVILLE STATE BANK The Kokomo Tribune Serving the People of Howard County and Surrounding A for One Hundred Years. The Armstrong Landon Company KOKOMO, INDIANA Lumber - Mau Work - Hardware . Plumbing Electric Appliances and Supplies Farm Machinery and Implements HARDWARE FARM STORE MILL 101 W. Sycamore St. West Superior 318 E. Monroe St. STAR ROLLER MILLS, Inc. Manufacturers of Perfection Flour and Just Right Feeds SEEDS - FEEDS - FERTILIZER - FENCE AND FARM SUPPLIES Phone 19-A BURLINGTON, INDIANA First In Savings First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Kokomo MILLER PACKING COMPANY PORK--BEEF--VEAL--LUNCHEON MEATS ws BUY ALL CLASSES OF LIVESTOCK DAILY What's a Picnic Without a Coke? Y xg L lovvuo won AUINOIIH of nu coc..cou comm: n 1 3 , - SHlRLEY'S HOME FURNISHING COMPANY HOME OF FRIGIDAIRE AND MAWAG MAYTAG FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Phone 21411 1101 North Washingto St t KOKOMO, INDIANA ,Jxulll 1 WILSON AUTHORIZED FORD IMFLEMENT TRIZSJJORS SALES FARM IMFLEMENTS AUTHORIZED DEALER WOODS BROS. CORN PICKERS of CASE POWER FARM SiL'E:BINES'TRASl1'ffCE MACHINERY - FORD TRACTORS GENUINE CASE PARTS AND SERVICE FRAIECIS TIZQCTOR Kokomo, Indiana 810 North Armstrong St. Kokomo, Indiana Phone 4726 519 North Buckeye Phone 3119 F ARMALL TRACTORS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS McCORMICK IMPLEMENTS INTERNATIONAL FREEZERS REFRIGERATORS Parts--Service Bilsland-Pearce ffyour International Dealer" 615 North Washington Street Ph 6116 KOKOMO, INDIANA Ed Roll Tire Service U. S. ROYAL TIRES BUELL AIR HORNS PHILCO PRODUCTS GENERAL MERCHANDISE 111 North Washington T I ph 3117 KOKOMO, INDIANA I Young America Feed Mill and Merrell's Seed Service COMPLETE FEED IGRINDING AND MIXING SERVICE FULL LINE OF FEED - SEEDS - FERTILIZERS and OTHER FARM SUPPLIES Young America Feed Mill Telephone 2652 Seed House, Telephone 2699 KOKOM0, INDIANA R R 2 TOM KNIPE FLORIST Kokomo, Indiana Compliments of SINGER SEWING CENTER 122 West Walnut Kokomo - Indiana BANNER FLOWER HOUSE 1017 South Buckeye St. Phone 4611 Kokomo, Ind. Courtesy of COLDREN ROOFING and GENERAL CONTRACTING Phone 8495 Chet Coldren EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME Main and Markland ARTIE'S TENDERLOIN HARDWARE VARIETY 932 South Main St. 922 S. Main St' Kokomo, Ind. Phone 9938 THE NICHE HABERDASHERY 923 South Main St. Complete Line of Mens' Wear and Work Clothing Compliments of the LIGHT HOUSE DRIVEIN 1 mile South on 31 Kokomo - Indiana Bolinger Brothers CSherman and Howardj ELECTRIC WELDING Machine Shop OLIVER FARM EQUIPMENT Sales and Service Manufacturers of FARM WAGONS - IMPLEMENT TRAILERS and SPECIAL UNITS Consult Us About Your Farm Needs WINDFALL INDIANA PHONE ss WELL DRILLING KOKOMO GRAIN AND and FEED COMPANY, Inc. SUPPLIES 1215 West Jefferson ELECTRIC WATER SYSTEMS y Kokomo, Indiana WATER HEATERS Phone 8142 UPRIGHT FREEZERS GRAIN FEEDS 12-18-25 Cu. ft. FENCE J. B. ORTMAN FERTILIZER GRINDING 31 SONS MIXING R. R. 1 SEEDS Kokomo, Indiana I FARM SUPPLIES Phone 2-3427 SALT M H ' HSSCY' 3I'I'lS TRACTORS - COMBINES - IMPLEMENTS SALES and SERVICE KOKOMO IMPLEMENT CO. 115 WEST JEFFERSON ST. PHONE 8208 HI-GRADE CLEANERS KOKOMO'S LEADING CLEANERS 213 S. Main Street Home Owned and Operated Waldo Finley, Mgr. Rock Phosphate Limestone-Dust LOWELL BURT 8z SONS Rural Route 2 Kokomo, Indiana Phone 8627 Special Fertilizers - Driveway Stone Compliments of CROSS BROS. TILE CO. Phone 18-A NEW LONDON Compliments of TAYLOR FURNITURE CO. 427 West North Phone 25208 Furniture, Appliances and Special Order Rugs Compliments of McCLAIN DRAY LINE 779525-,I FENN LUMBER COMPANY Kokomo Phone 4780 Compliments of KELLY STANDARD SERVICE Markland and Home Avenue Phone 9068 "FOREST LODGE" One Mile North of Kokomo, Ind. Joseph C. Formanek, Prop. Phone 9835 MYGRANT'S MUSIC HOUSE "EVERYTHING IN MUSIC' 121 West Mulberry HERFF -JONES CO. Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA FURNITURE-RUGS Carpets and Linoleum D. E. CRIPE 8: CO. Flora, Indiana Compliments of RUDY'S DRUG STORE Greentown, Indiana WASHINGTON MOTOR SALES 107 S. Washington Street Kokomo, Indiana Phone 6177 Ralph Walker, Proprietor oopuag Suiplgnqog xpa.1M Compliments of HYNDS DRUG STORE "Kingston's Corner" Kokomo, Indiana Ol BUOLICI HEICINEIQI Pug ACIOH Compliments of N0-LSSINIVD DUNLAP TIRE SERVICE WARNER'S SERVICE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Young America, Indiana Compliments of THE KOKOMO WRECKAGE CONWELL IMPLEMENT CO YOUR JOHN DEERE DEALER Phone 2-7442 Kokomo, Indiana PHOTOS- ADAMS STUDIO KOKOMO, INDIANA PRINTING- THE HATHAWAY PRINTERY COATESVILLE, INDIANA COVER- HECKMAN BINDERY, lnc. NORTH MANCHESTER, INDIANA PLATES- MID-CENTRAL ENGRAVING COMPANY KQKOMO, INDIANA M-m'f.Vv is- --. V "V ...f V -- 'a,-,5,,f..- , . , . K Y ,V ..,, , uf " H VV- r- - 11'fv1-asm. -f, f"-W'-. V :--f-V . ..-:V , . 5 V. G ,:-V ,rag-fa as-.k,.3BE, V, 4 V V... .V . - . -,, ,,, -...,- ., R-. V - .-.- -- . . Vv.,VV. 3.2: ' ff' , 12' - -: TE 544' ""'M' ' . , , . A V- A . L -. n Q- " i- W5 'f 4 K 4 2 'm ,n w 'L' MH: .:2,..'f 5 :ff f ff'?:T1 -,7f:'2.: ,. , ,. Q. 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V 1 VHP ,fn-.M-fAff"" Vw L V - ' ' - I . p .jx-: , -- :fp , ,- - ' , Vi'-ljfff, - V -1:

Suggestions in the Northwestern High School - Panorama Yearbook (Kokomo, IN) collection:

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