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r5V,4,,. . Y f 1 xii" 1 -' ..,,,.L . ,, 4 ,,, , IA 5' 5 2' 1 ' bfi, ' ..'1 ag' - 1- L ' -41 - , fi. , V. if . A 5? fp . , i.if T"l ' 1 u ' X up .Q Y J .fr 4 , W, F '52 ff' SQ 6 'Pg , J 4 Y 1 I t 4' K . ,l r, 1' H' . '. ",. 5,5 H J. H v ' fw 1 ' ii-4 A. fr1'1L', 35216 VFP' ' 'ffl-f ' A 1 Q ' 4 , . X jwz. I Ifxl. rd . .Sym P' 2+ uk 'N '44 Q. - w af 1 if ' - 5- f, :L ' 'Qs Trf' A ,,4. ' .L BWV J f Ykfgr- .N 1' sf "Rl, '. N, .+. -if ' ,hr ,. ,T W1- vrtk QE., ' .J'-19" X. f' 'S - ' ' rg". ,," , 'fa' '-' as - nf . 1- 'L ' 5' " " , ' il LJ 1. sz , ..', Fifi.. . . mg. , V ff. Ni' nv' LH " ,. '71 V I' , , .- I N 'V' I- ,Y I .. . ,, ,, 4. , . N U - , ll, . :gn g ' ll " ,.f , ,. T , . A naw A.lf.. 5 , 9'f'f.i.1 . , ' . , 1 , X ,im H Pl H fufa- Y mf- H.. 'LA . I . up A 1- . , .- lv Q h .5 ' I I h v- q r as" 'W . Y -1 , .V Yi -4 W a 1 W- - we Y 5, 11 J., , 33: 'W' , I A , ' -f ,v . ' Q JPN- 'V - , g, , J 'N "'1'-"'.'. 71 , ji'- , 5 f - i, . 35-hi '-L 4 ' . . fa gf QQ' 'LM' fi .lin ,aff .4 112' . ' V- --"WT", V -133.1-H'-, ', 'N Q., -. .- -?. ' 1' L' 'f " ' ff -i.,rl.i',iUl-11 'si ?gffA'.' ' 'hfwvfv -V1 ' , , 1, ' 5 Q. ,-' ' f .-ie". ' rf - I- ATV- - 9 V, , I V '- A ' N " L: A S'-.1 jk-I-,. RG"--f'k .P ,. Hr ., . .. -n 'L ,gf . Tfflgl, , " --H .n .W A- - ' " ' - '-' M ' ' :LP M- - if 1 . , " ' .y.fff.K,yL.g f'.LY'-i,,.j3 A-.15 'fm 5 - .vxdq .Y -Y .- I- , h..,, :ML ..! ' M11 K' .11-V, f -- SJ ' -"wwf 1 . 13, ,gkf y -2 li .Q 'frm ,z 1 .Q 25Q"fEy 'Jai-gf--'I ,lv - 1 W A 1' try- 'Hifi 'gf' ' - 31 wg-fA': .:4.c" A .- H '- - . M-if f A J Q. .I .':V .wut L M UNI., r I 1' I. . ' 1 if-" Film I ' . '--'F , " -' 1-: x .,, H , .A Q . -, .jg-,rg . f ,V 4 f:'jj.H - : ...fig W' ,,'.-f -. 1 4' if ' '- 7-,,. .'f:J' ' -'25 . re- '9f".. . .'-' , f ' -,, fm- T :fav ' ' . ,. ., f. . ,En '-E3 , A , f -u,,--vfvt-QJY -1 -7,5 .11 ., ' 1- ' .g ---r...,-li---. TNQ -I". J ' WN- A 0 yu.: ,,' ' 9' il' 1 A , . 1 . Lg-sg' 5., .'-kj , gi! , 4, 'Q-Vw, , . ' ' nl If M ,' 'v "N I 4. I fa: .cf 'Q -vyvvf'-, A - Jgrm.: :Ti ., ' Kali? Y . 1. ,.,, F " ' , sf' Ty' . -. Q ' . 1 ,J -I uf' , . g ' ,4 f 51: Qrxif- .V rn-A t .rv I -. A 4 ., y- , -,q.gL. '1 we . K- Tu- I-life .,j'A.--4 . I 1,1 , N wh It J it N,-Mr-Q. , 'H T Q I-rg - - 1. Q ,,,.,.-- 'ff 1ff.wff-i- . . - . 915- -.. I x ELA U I. . y Tiff' 'wx - V. H ",- 'ze 4 . ' ' 'V' K' ', VM- . '1 ' L3 If . .I 1 xh . ' Q. , -ff.--'fw ,, 14. .. - .Pg all .. -- gl- - , -33:1 rp ' ' A , .. 4 .21 . , , - -. . p s', 3 '. - 1 v --fl AA i t31.m,e?!r.- .N . Y. f' . " A Y' -.. .. H " Q 1 I. ' . .M -- - . ,A E A , Y- A 3 - sf, X :fi .FF-fkfmi Z pf? F352 ' ' Q" , -- rw .- vi:-?'Q16' 1 ' -- -5---. Q 4-1. -.1 9,5 Il Y- . -'. ' - 4 1F'!F?"' ,Qf..i.- -.'f"3fP-is-e",'-:LI +5 ' ' . .- A-., fp -f.qs,,r .-654 ' .ff . .gif 1, nf g.-nf . '- - ' , - -- L .V -.. 'yr' Yf-.N . 1 4, 1 , 4'l:2f"j 'V' ' If .4 . 4 , ' 4 . nj - '? n -V, ' lg- .7 1,5 4 . A vw H- 'N' 1 1' F-"fl Q! 5-Q .H ' "4 . LV -. 1 iQ-Ku ,. , r " - 1-Y L, , . 'r' 'x-,Tri ' -'FW' -L '45, ,Q-V ' - . "wif w z-fi.. l-.9 af A K J nk -'ex ,II , w- 1 i :U U ...Lf -.f - w,5g.j :fc 22' A "E, I I.-V X ' 54 " ' 4, 4- . Q N Am ,. 1- 'HL' g y- 1 1-J: FM I - ' ,- "' .fi , 1" 3. y nga- i Y' - n -- ,-gmt I ,, l .I ' , .-Q J . , M A I 'W - i 'N , ' 1' . -' . 'AH f-E fm nonwsswz My ff? Q 4? QW LUQUT -A-,QQ Ewa Zak? ' g Wfkgggiaz? Q X fa 0O55'6:l:!4 QW QQ MA Q25 IUHEWUHD It has been said that the strength of a nation can be gauged from an examination of its schools. Using this as a basis, We have every reason to be confident of our nation's strength. We have seen our basic curricula changed: we have seen our stu- dents Iimpingly move about our walls after physical fitness classes: and we have seen our students invest 25150000 in their country. This yearbook attempts to picture some of these changes. The yearbook itself has changed: has become smaller. and yet we hope that it gives a picture of these changes. CUHIEHIS JANUARY CLASS . . 8 ACTIVITIES . .20 HOUSES . .36 .IUNE CLASS .42 SPORTS . .60 FEATURES . 68 ADMINISTRATION My greetings and best wishes to the mem- bers of the graduating classes of January and June. l hope you have enjoyed your jour- ney through Northwestern as much as we have enjoyed having you with us. May you continue to prosper, to grow mentally and morally, and always remember that great men and women of history were those who did little things exceedingly well. The annual combines the efforts of teachers and pupils in the fields of art. liter- ary composition. advertising. and sales. and only the harmonious coordination of all can result in a book of superior quality. My greetings and best wishes to the graduates of the January and June. 1943, classes. My compliments to the faculty sponsors and to the staff members whose efforts have made this yearbook possible. C. G. Burns J. G. llfolber MISS l'I.Ul'liII MR. VARR MISS Sl'lIlNIlI.IiR MR. S'I'0I.I. MISS URTII MISS FOX MISS YYN MISS lllPIII'IR'I'Y The war has made it necessary for counselors to readjust their own thought quickly and to assimilate reams of information on the entrance requirements of the various branches of the armed services. Since the upper classmen are now required to take pre-induction courses and physical fitness. every pupil's program had to be replanned. We are trying to accelerate the programs of those qualified and to plan boys' programs so that, if possible. they can be graduated before being drafted. We work hard and long on the various war projects. Above all we are trying to help the students solve the many new problems with which they are confronted and to keep ever before them the fact that. though they have many immediate needs to meet, they are still preparing themselves for the many years ahead of them when peace has come again. Vera Fox. Page Five Page Six NORWESTER EDITORS SVII.-Xl'l"l'Il.lll'1Rfil':l! Sl'llNYAl.Xl RILXSUX liilihul' Assiwiznli' liilitm' .Xsalstulll lfililul' On this page appear the pictures of the editors of the I9-43 Norwester. Al Schaufelberger, Don Schwalm. and Jim Reason wore deeper the well- marked "Norwester Trail". trekking from the beauties at Craine's to the cn- graver's and the printer's establishments, all the while concerned with weighty matters, such as dummys, deadlines, halftones, and that blond at Craine's. Pat Butler went quietly crazy trying to meet the various deadlines, while Margaret Kaplanian headed the typists who turned almost incomprehensible hen tracks into clear legible copy. Nick Kantgias did a remarkable job of meeting the need for greater sales, and Shirley lVlcDonald headed the group that brought in over S200 worth of advertisements. Too much credit cannot be given to the art editors, Betty Metzger and Betty Starr. for art work that truly and effectively expresses the theme of this year's Norwester. lll"I'l.I'2R K.xx'rr:ms KAI-I..-xxmx l XICIJUNALIJ STARR Mli'l'Zfil'IR ESTEH H HESUHU IH UJUHUS HHU IH PICTURES UE THE STUUEHTS UE HUHTHUTESTEHH, THEIH HSTIVITIES H H U T H E I H HSSUHTPEISHHTEHTS UETHUIT T943 A, 1 . n 4 T P .U Q., ,YJ , - i X ' 1 1,1 .. n -. ' , Vi.-q., Q ' 1 ,- 5 ' ' In I , vs' '- 1- ' " .. ,ur i Q. ,, ' fif'H'A2 .Q '4 . 5 v.. "' fazii5s'fT7'J,f' 1, .. , ' " P-L 11 .'1 . kg ,Q-1, -V ,I Wm" sr "' A' . , ,A ,, I u . J? .. , .., I .,Yv,,,.,J,.,5imj: ,,.w,::.......Vi 1 h . 'I -. :IWW-'.f ' ' H1 .Au-1 1 4. ' i ,i ,V X: : 1 ' .. A I vi ' ' fe. ,x fy- -. xi , 4,4 , .T ' 3, gf , Y -- f"'sfg'i z t,..Pi'?! YJ ' 4 ' V 1, s B, T 1 -4. I 'lv 1 '- in-1' L f I '.+: , ,r, "',' ' - B, .1-14 14,113 qffqfr' u .5 wi-. .' 1" .LA1-:' ".1' 1.95, wifi . " , , J, -' 5- 'A -TW 'I' -1-ig, 1 922. - A ' Zi. . Q , In! Q.. TL, 3,15 D , 3 3, f. 'H ,SJ fl, H 'N 'Zff5!'3f his A ff 'V -45" i wh Q-'JM ,. .fax Y! D - f ,1 ,, ,,,.. lf. Q ., ':. V, I-A ' X .-Vfx... W. 1, 1 -,l L- ' 1" X' .' . 1 Y 4' - Jim. U . yu ,w . 1 P M.. ' I H L. '1,"u.: ' ' ".w,f3 ' ' -.-,:'.' L57-' L. -I : . .Rf 4 mi",-if 1' ,- Q 1 ' ie- M 1 F , v ' - - -f I V wr- -A Y 2 -a.,,L:,!'- J f ,,- l 'V ' -- r e 5,7 ' """T' .' 1, , .g. 9- greg: A . - Q? 'M - if qu ,'q.v -V .Jw - 4 , : " X ' as E . l . 4 .5 V Q! : P , ., 2 T. ' , ,. ' in, 'I 4 P1 ' '- I Y1 , . ,Nl ,,, r, I 1 . L ,M V A :tr , . ,za g , ' ' V ' H K I r. 4 . ni fl, H R M I . I --I . - L., ,l . l . ' 5 C-L' ?',-1' 2 E 1 .- v. -u -p 5, , 1 34.1, "1 an A J lit A 1"' 1.., I . v p E ,ff Il 'I i 1 i P v V , Xl., ,H 1 1- , -. 4 . 1 v .vw , . , HB1 1' . I :J i ' . J ' N 1 J' - 1 : M.. . m .. ,. - Y 1 f 5lfOC735'Uj4 F0007 JANUARY C L A S S OFFICERS sm 31 vm: l'rcsuln-nt l'AMI'BEl.l. HLRMAN Scare-t.n5 I lemsurrr C LA S S C O LO R S Cardinal and Sfraw C L A S S M O T T O Nof for ourselves alone JERRY GURMAN-Treasurer. January Class: Captain, Varsity Tennis Team: Treasurer, "N" Club: Honor Roll: President. Badminton Club: National Honor Society: City Tennis Champion. JIM CRAWFORD Knot picturedl-Vice-Presb dent, ll0: Varsity Swimming Team: National Honor Society: President, "N" Club. LOUIS CAI.FlN-Northwest Masquers Club: Vice-President. Debate Club: Student Council: Vice- Prcsident, National Honor Society. RHODA HENERY-A Capella Choir: President, Girls' Business Club: Colt Staff: Student Council. BOB EDMONDSON-President. Student Council: President. National Honor Society: Radio Dramatics Club: Debate Team: Captain, Cross Country Team: Track: "N" Club: City Mile Champion: City 2-Mile Record Holder. MARY KRAMER-Radio Dramatics Club: Nor- wester Staff: Library Staff: 12th Grade Honors: Treasurer of Helen Keller House: National Honor Society: Co-President, 102. MAL STAMPER-President. January Class: Edi- tor. 1942 Norwester: Captain. Varsity Football Team: National Honor Society: Debate Club: N Club Honor Roll. JEAN SIMON-Captain, Girls' Basketball Team: Girls' Tennis: Vice-President, G.A.A.: Captain. Girls' Golf. BOB ROSE-Vice-President. Student Council: Marching Band: Dance Band. DON POKORNY-Debate Club: Orchestra: Marching Band: Information Council: Norwester Staff: Student Council. ICIHXIUNIJSON SIMON STAMPER KRAMER GVRMAN ROSE IIENERY PUKORNY K'Al.l"lN Page Eleven Allen. Mary Ruth Allen. Phyllis Archbold, Helen Avery, Ethel tiirls' Gulf Team lluusn- Swimming ILA Luuclietni tliriiniittee Stumlent Council Barrington. Thelma Virginia Advertising Blnimgvr. " Nurwester" Cum l.atutle lhplmun Blosk, lrene Stmup Clulx lluuse Bziskrtluill Brown. Marilyn liirls' tiult' Teznn Burling. Lois l" l'r-li cll Club Cairns. Violet Campbell, Henry Christ. Charles Cole. Margaret llmun- Roll Becker. Edward Atlrertisiug Stzitl, "Ntll'WCSlCl'n from l'in1ntrx "N" Cluli i Brown. Bette Mmlern llznucc t'luln Browne. Ernest R. 0, 'l'. t'. Othcer Byrd, Hoyt Varsity 'l'r1rclt Tcnlu Sclinul lligli ,lump L' lluuse Bzisketlmll Calhn. Louis Vice-l'rc's., Naltiutml Society Stuilt-nt l'ouucil Archbold, Grace Charlotte Girls' Gulf Team Bageris. John Stumlcut Council Vice-l'rr:s., SIlJllll5ll Club Cum Lznult ljiplunm Billington, Joyce Colt Stutt Brown. James lluuse: 'l'rack Freshman lfootlmll Bulkley. Lonnie Sandra Byrge. Henry Hugh lump. Campbell. Betty Humn- Class Secretary Library Statf Yice Pies., llelutte Cluln Carr. Margaret llousc- llztsketliull Christopher. Bessie Service Club llcllcuic fluli Coleman. Sterling House Truck Cavanaugh. Roslin Ellen ll. Ricllunls Club Clayton. Joseph M. Crank. Hazel Crenshaw. Howard Varsity Track "N" Club Vocational Crnnmittee Current. Gloria Larricia Sturlcut Fnuncil A Capella Choir Davis. Marion I.. Dickson, Elizabeth Duggan, Pat Cir s' llusincss Club 12-A Class Day Cnmmittcr Edmondson. Bob Vrcsiclcnt, Stuilcnt Cnuucil City lllilc tilllllllllltlll City 2-Milt' Rccuril llulilcr Foster. Jean Marie Georell. Carl P. lluusc llnskctbzill Perfect Attendance llnnor Rall Gordon, Sarah Girls' Haskctball Girls' llnckcy Girls' Tennis Green. Fred, Jr. Croogloff. Adele Library Staff Service Club Darke. Virginia Student Council Davis. Richard R. Dietrichstein, Edgar President, Spanish Club Fencing Club Eckert. Thomas R. Fears. James A., Jr. National llunor Society "N" Club Summa Cum Laude Diplo- H18 Fry, Eunice E. Glise, Anna Mae Graham. Muriel Greentield. George Cruden. James A. Varsity Swimming Team "N" Club Service Club Daskalakis, Emmanual George Varsity Swimming Team "N" Club DeRosia. Evelyn I. Doremus. Donald P. Sdrvice Club Eddy. Elaine A Cappella Choir French Club Flurur. Virginia Gaines. Thelma Dance Club Goldstein, Betty Magna Culn l,:tutle Graham. Robert Ofiicc Clerical Staff llunnr Roll Cult Stal? Gregory. David House Track Griflin. Janice Patricia Hall, Irene M. Hearn, Ann 'lNrv:iSiircr. llelcn Keller llmisc lll'IElll'lY1Zlll. I2-A Yuczitiiii l'omn1ittce Herrmann. Richard llzmce lluml ll0llCCl'l llziml Hill. Wesley lfntlllriill Hollingsworth, Wright E. N Jirslty linntlmll lluusc Swimming Isovitz. David Jackson. Marie Jennings. Marshall Gurman. Gerald l'ity Tennis Vhzimpiun 'lire:isui'cl'. ll-A l'l:iss SE'-fl'l'l1ll'j', "N" Cluli Hampton, Aillieen Seriicz' l'lulr Heidtman. Howard Svriice l'lul1 Hespeler, Ray Hilton. Shirley i':in1Ci'z1 flulu 'l'r'ensui'er Hollis. Paul llnys' filce Fliili llousc Bziskctlizill Jablonsky. Norma Servivc flulv Jambeck, Walter Cult Sian Johnson. Annie Lucille Track Jones. Dorcie Mae Jones. Geraldine l'nmmenr'r'mr'nt l'tvrnn1ittt'i' A fi3l'l'f'll5' lilmlf ful! Stall Service Vluli lfreucli Klub Guth, Patricia L. Harrison. Lena Henery. Rhoda l'rr'si1li'nt. Girls' llusinrss Vluli l'rf'sirli-vit. A Vzippr-llxi Vlmii' Stiult-nt l'mlnt'il Hill. Lovica Xnrsity Swimming 'llK'Ill'l1 Stiult-nt l'nunt'il Nznirmzil llmmr Sucirty Hoeft. Barbara-Ann Hutchison. Janet l.iln':iry Stull 'l'i'v:isiii't'i'. lil! Jackson. James James. Henry P.. III Svrvict' Fluli fum Lznnlc Johnson. Walker Thomas. Jr. llnu-r lfmitluill llnnse llaskrllmll llnnsc 'l'r:irk Karl. Gloria l'irt'ulntiun Mgr., "'l'l1r- ful!" Girls' Business Vluli National llhlllll' Society Keeler. Charlotte Mae Sc-t'vice l'lulm Kelley. Keith Keramedjian, John Nut iimul llnnor Society llmmr lliplumzl "N" llltlln Kirkendall. Dale Prmn l'mnntittt'f' Kramer. Mary Vu l'rrsitlr'nt, llll l'rt-sitlvnt, llztrliim llrztmz l'lnIu Nntinitztl llunul' Snt'ir'l5 Kruse. Stanley B. lt l'ul R U 'li l' Nztlirmatl l limm' Society l't'c-sizlvitt. Statmp :tml Coin l'lulm LaMond. Marilyn Lanier. Charlotte Elizabeth Love, Altha Larue Spnnisli l'lulx Latin l'lulr Lyons, Jacqueline Kelley, Eleanor Janet 'l're:tsureif, 179 .lltmur lhplnntn Kelley. Stanley Tennis Team Kimble, Dorothy Beatrice Sl'l'YlCl' l'lt1lu H Sclwlxtrsltip Lilllllllllllff' Knezek. Elizabeth Marie lluuse- Swimming 'l'c-:tm Cult Staff Krieger, Lawrence . y William mea Kuhn. George W. l'l't'Sitlvnt. Rimscx't'll 'l'r:tck mul liztselmll Sttulont l'uuncil Landers. Elmer Lewis, Kathleen Lundberg. Elsie MacDonald. Jean Honor Rnll llunrc Kellman, Milton Kennedy, Joan Kingsbury. Robert D. Kovach, Elizabeth Mary l'i'r-wiilent, lille-n ll, Rich- ztrtls flulm Service Vluli 'lil'l'.l5ll!'Cl', .219 Kruse. Stanford fuptnin, R. 0, T, F. Nzttiunztl lluutu' Society l'rt'siile-nl, l'nitcil Artsnwn Club Lake, Frank Allan Landmann. George DeWitt Lim. Patsy Secretary, 202 I.unclwm1 Committee Lykes. Johnnie Mae llnust' Husketlrall Manko, Walter G. Manury. George A Vappella Choir Matthews. Florence McCormick. Clayton McGowan, Pearl Eugene Meade, Allan Minified. Ruth Moir, Ellen Morse. Robert Fulton Mosshamer. Samuel Edward llrzinizitics l'luli l'rvsi1lc'nt, Spzmi-ll Alcnmrinl l'muniittcr' Oskoian. George Gregory l'll1l Maras. Esther May. Yvonne 'l'i'f'uSi1i'ci' of li. A. A. tiirls' Ynrsity 'livimis Tv. HH Martin. Elizabeth Pearl McCague, John Charles McCullough. Richard J. MfCutrhen. Darlene McKitrick. Nellie Melkonian. Byron Hai l'r'rft'ut Attviirliiiire Mitchell. Helen Moszel fllmlcru llqincv l'liili Moon, Agnes Volt Stull Girls' llusincss lilulv Mosley. Gordon L. lluiisv 'l'l'!lCli Yareity Truck Nyberg. Leatrice 5 Otto. George 12-A Social lknnniittvc 8 liirls' llusiiuws l'luln McNair. Bessie Jane Si'l'via'c' l'luli Miley. Gertrude Jo Mitchell. Martha Morrissey, Anna Mae Moss. Eva l2f1X Yucziti nvllzi l Mectings O'Connor. Ada Mae Otto. Mary Palen. John P. Phillips, Harold 'l'r:ick llzisvluill Prover, William llzind Si-rvicc Club Quigley. Jesse l.i1vt.un. R. O. l.t. Sturlvn! l'uimcil Amlrwlisiiig Art l'lulr Rice. Jean Richards. Robert Thomas Roop. William Curtis Rowe, May Srrvivv Cluli Salzwedel. Betty Jane llnuso Swiinming 'IK mi Perry. Patricia Girls' Business l'luli Vlxiss llziy Oniiniittvv Pickard. Helen Pruitt. Audrey Elizabeth Service' lilulu Rea. Bertha Rice, Norma Roberts. Loretta Laurene Svrvicc l'lnln Rose. Robert B. National llmlor Society l're'sirlc'nt. l.lnciwln llmlst- l'r'r.-siilciit. llzmil Rowe, Orrilla Sapp. Cherry L ce Schlcy. Estella Gertrude Schmude. June l'r'i'ft'i'l Atlvmlzirlcc llmisv l'rmni1i!lL'c ufllllllllltllll flulm Petrie, Elizabeth Pokorny, Don Secretary, lnfurmi lr ll l'uunril Vice-I'rr'sidr'nt, ZN Pryor, Eloise Senior Orclicstrzi Spanish Flulr Reading. Ruth Marion l.ZfA Social Fmmui QL Girls' lhisincss l'l111 "Full" Stuff Richards. Lawrence R. O, T, C . fJi.l'il'K'I'S' fluln Ailjutzuit of Sclioo nil Robertson. Russell Rosengren. Robert Cyril Rowley, Jean Sawicki. Dorothy S Schnaar. Herbert Fencing Vliili '- W L.. . . Schriver, Madelyn Shelton. Howard Ilehnte Team Radio Drztnmtics Cluli Speakers' Bureau Sielaff. Shirley Girls' Business Club Student Council Stmril. Leroy Service Cluli Junior Band Senior Blind Smith. Donald Gelbert "Coll" Staff Solomon. Josephine Spierling. David N. Footluall llziselizill Trerisurer, 204 Stewart. Bennie Thompson. Barbara Thornton. Sylvia M. Scott. James Tennis Team Badminton flulv Shivers. Doris Anne Spanish Clulu Simon. Jean Elaine President, G. A, A. Boar Vice-Pres., Senior Class Sklar, Barbara Ann l.:itin Clulu llnnur Diploma National llnnor Society Smith. Richard G. Sosnick. Ann Stamper, Malcolm President, Senior Class Captain, Fnntlmll Team tl Editor, 19-ll " Nnrwestetf' Stovall, James W. Thompson. Betty Jane "Nnrwester" Staff Torbet. Bruce Spanish Club Radio Stnlf Scott. Robert E. IA. Colonel R. 0. T. C. President, Officers' Club 12-A Dues Committee Siegel. Marvin Simonds. Don John "Cult" Staff Smith. Anne Smith. Robert l. Band Student Vuunril Swimming Team Sparks. Doris Stewart. Melba Tarrant. Henry H. Orchestral Thompson. M. Catherine Field llnekey Torikian. Rose A Capella fhoir Trusel. Jack Herman Vizzini. Michael R. 0. T. l'. Rillr: Team R. U, T. C. flfllCL'I' "Nnrwestvr" Stull' Washington. Annabelle Lee Weiss. Dorothy Westfall, Virginia G. Williams, Cleveland Wynneparry. Harry Service Huh R. U. 'l'. lf. Tupper. Jeanne Presirlenl. .204 Secretary, Nzitioiial Society Wallace. Mattie E. Washington. Nellie Weldy, Eileen N. Whitus. Elsie Wilson. Mildred S. lluusc llaiskctluill Yazejian. Edward Foutlizill "N" lllulx Yiu'-l'i't'siili'lli. .211-l Zakem. Ton A. Scrvlrt' fllllll VanBuren. Clifton R. O. 'I'. l'. Non'l'0mm llonur Stuflvnt i'oum'il Lee Naitimisil llmiui' Suriciy 'Frank 'l'r:mi Ward. Christine Nutimiril llonoi' Suciely l'rcsiilcnt, llelnzitc Vlulm Watson. Barbara B. Welphy. Shirley H. Whitworth. Rosana lluusc Bnskctlizill Winn. Parke Yorke. Shirley M. Yoczitimizil flUllll1llllCl' lfrcnch Ululi 4 - 5' ' 'N i .gg , -HT' : 1.. .' , . , , . lv Q 1 ,. 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V El-.1-Q, I r T? 1 1 47' .145 , ff I-aj' 1 , .- W, I 11, 1 1 1 1 - 1 V + A' Qs Ky! -A QP '51 gr V . , .-,J 'f . 4 . 1 -' ...Fu 3- V I df . 1 f' .' . l Aifikfg -V3 , .. , 1, QW F430 10003565 4 07 F9007 ,FE Q4 g F7 Q X E 1 X . ui: U, . N. . 1' Mrs, lllxllwrl. lllrri RADIO DRAMATICS CLUB Almost daily, heart-broken sobs. shrieks, gunshots. and cries of "Murder" issue from the broadcasting room, all attributable to the Radio Dramatics Club in their efforts to learn the uses and techniques of broadcasting. If a teacher desires a portion of her course dramatized. she simply calls upon the Radio Dramatics Club: and, prestof it is done. The fall term ofiicers were Mary Kramer, president: Berta Mae Anderson. vice-presi- dent: Virginia Moore, secretary: and Bill Hollingsworth, treasurer. Spring term officers were Bill Hollingsworth. president: Virginia Moore, vice-president: Pat Butler, secretary: James Reason. treasurer: and .lack Cole. publicity manager. Record announcers were Pat Butler. Jim Reason and Bill Hollingsworth. Specialty broadcasts were handled by Kay Manders and Virginia Moore. Mr. Raymond Ford was sponsor. RESOLVED: A'The eye of a potato is more useful than the hole in a doughnut". , . . But it wasn't all comedy in the Debate Club. Much time was spent considering "the pros and cons" of present day political problems. Not only was the post-war era definitely settled. but "Dutch treats" were pronounced correct and entirely honorable. The fall term officers were Christine Ward. president: Louis Calfin. vice-president: and Berta Mae Anderson, secretary-treasurer. Spring term officers were Jack Cole. presi- dent: Dorothy Benish, vice-president: and Elaine Baker. secretary-treasurer. The Club is proud of its many members who annually graduate with honor diplomas and of its eight members who belong to the National Honor Society. Mrs. Hulbert is sponsor. Paar' Twenty-two Xl ll: I R Xltl Signup:-r, ,l. Ibri-ws. l'1I'.rl lx'0Tx'I ll. Allilviwwil. XX llolliugswurtll, Xl. Kr:ilm'r. X Xl I' l' llllll ' X' ruml li' UT A, .lul'geiisL'll, K. Xlxmilus, l l':u'k. Xlr. lfurnl. ff Trails, I Rnuismi. lf1'v.vI li'n:u: ll. llr-iiisli, l', Spin ww, ll. .-Xmlerwii, l'. XY:ii 1 I.. lulhu. ,l. l':u'k. l lliitlr 4 .Siviflnl lx'uh': ll. l.1 Iltllll, ,l :in N. -lulin. l. NN lille. l.. I rygxu li. linker, ll. Ilurr. R. linker T ' 1 lx' 1 K llcrry. ll. l'irkul'll5. -l. XYilsn .l'IllI, Xl , . "fmt lfufv: IC. llurrt-nln'rg, A, Yun Yxilkerilxr-i'g. Ii, Stark, Ii. 'Vx-urnam, li. llnsknlakis. Sre- uul lx'n':v: Miss Ilugenre-iilz'r, XY, Fink. R. lllauivillt-, R. Nloml, I.. llzlly, Y. xyllilllfllif. l'Ii iril Ifrrru: li. NI cl 'nrmirk, lf 'zintr-rs, 42, Kuhn. l'ir'I lx"'r'i M. Kamriliaui. R. ,x ir. I lr-lrley, A. l.m'r', S. Yam lip kv. I, Rumuhr. N. IIl'illlk'I', l'. IurcI1Iic'lil. ,Yi'i'ulnl' lfmv: I., Ilcclli. IC. Mvlmzlll, ,I. XYilsun. K. Near. lriillffll lfirw: li. I.1llltI' mann, II. 'l'm'lu-t, F, I"au'rei'. I' l ikr F ' 1 I I.. Ne-well. M. Ilutlel. Ii. Pry- I. NY. S:ullt'r, li. Milvy. ililllifil lfmvi Mr. Migilzll, Il. Fiirlniinrr-, I' K'rrmic-r. if Iiryzmt, 'l', Low, ER LU The German Club enjoyed 'Afun-a-plenty" during the l942-43 school year. This group of approximately fifteen students, under the sponsorship of Miss Bogenrieder, planned many outings, such as skating parties, picnics and canoeing trips. While these friendly get-to-gethers served to promote good fellowship, the Club exists primarily to promote an interest in the Germany which existed before the establishment of the present Nazi government. During the fall semester. the president was Barbara Newman: Van Valkenburg was vice-president: Betty Stark, secretary. and Ed Durenberg, treasurer. In January. Betty Stark became president. She was aided by Larry Daly, vice-president: Ed Durrenberg, secretary: and Werner Fink, treasurer. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club is a busy, bustling group which brought Pan-Americanism and Spanish culture before the students of Northwestern. Reorganized under the sponsorship of Mr. Migdal, the Club became a chapter of the Metropolitan Pan-American Spanish Clubs, and in June. played host to representatives of other clubs of this larger organiza- tion. Club meetings centered on round-table discussions and the production of short plays designed to spread Spanish culture. Many Spanish songs were also learned and sung. President Shirley Van Dyke led the meetings and was assisted by Vice-President Carl Farrar. Georgia Newell wrote the minutes, and Mary Kaprilian kept track of the treasury, .. lJit'!r"cis!cili. ' I Ii. Rose. XI. 'I'I1uuismi. I.. Ililtuii. I. Ilxivls, l Rani! .I. limb: Iwrs, Il, 1'u4Inui'c', . T. Ilnvis, XY. Riellie. II ff B N Northwestern's Band set up for itself the task of strengthening its reputation as a school organization. Under the directorship of Mr. H. Wood, it successfully accomplished this and proved it at our annual Spring Concert. The timely slogan for the I9-I3 Concert was "Music for Victory." Selected from the band was a super clarinet quartet, consisting of Margie Thomson, Christine Patridis, Jerry Cook, and Jim Miller, which has participated in programs over WXYZ, concerts for the USO, and is now entered in a contest spon- sored by the National Music Conference. The entire band marched out on the football fields and succeeded in adding inspiring music and color to the gay scene. Aside from gaining good experience at practices, the members had many line times on the side. The slogan of the orchestra is A'Music for every child and every child for music." Mr. I-I. Wood, the director, has tried to give the forty-two members a fundamental knowledge of musical literature, both classical and modern. The orchestra plays for activities of all kinds, graduation exercises for day and night school, patriotic gatherings, Christmas and Easter concerts. and assemblies. The Ensemble group. picked from the members of the A orchestra. has played for radio programs. assemblies, and house programs. There is no attempt to produce professional players. but merely to give the students the opportunity to enjoy good music. The students with exceptional talent. however, are encouraged in their ability. Paar Futnty-four ills. AI. U Ilaivizui. II, R A. SIIIIIII, A. Xkorlliy, l'1'r.rl Roch: Mr. ,I. I':umon. 'I' ik N hi 'i.- hl. .'l:mln'migli. 'I'. 'I'uriwr R, Slixillr-r, Y. St'llIlVlIl1l'lfl'lIIlIH , , ,. Nl, Izrlm, .X, Wrllsl Xl. I Y. lluwic. Xl. l'urlel'. NI I'ix lor. NI. IInrlu'i': .Y4'r'nml Ii'u7u I'. I':ilri ieliey, II Iiziciiie. Y.'I'llilIips, I'. IIl'nugh Agnew Ii. I'ryui', I. 'I'iuIwii'Ic3 'l'1lirll ' iris If I'Iirk Nl , I Iirziinxiril. I'. I-.ckli-in. I.. Tim v R Illis If Ivzilker, II. XVei1Ini:ui, Y. I.en pnlil. II, II:-spr-It-r, XI. Kim. I. Psalm. U. NY:iIIis3 l"nnrtli lx'ml' If. Seliiieler. I'. Xlulvillill. II Sklar. I., Alon:-N, R. Ifillnumlsuli Il. Smith. Yam Ilurvn Il Melzaieliiii. lx, hmulnixm. ,I. Ilmk II. Schmitt, Ii. Iluswy, NI Rln-:iuruci lfifili li'.m': II. 'I':ir rauit. .I. Miuisfirlil. I.. Miller IJ. Ikikmiiy. I.. 'I' A. XYm' thy, V. XYIiitmker. A, Smith li. Stark. II. Ilr-witu'i'. ,I. I':iler sim. 5. lirmlun. lfi'r.rI lx'ir:u: Xlr. II. Vxiiiiimi Instr. Mgr.. II. Sklzir. I'. Mill xiliill. li. Sclleler. II, XXI-inliilgiii I. 'I'mIwick. U. kkiiills, I.. l'.iIm Xl. IXHH. NI. Ilqirln-V, II. Iles Irlii XI Iliimnil I' I in 'ieklu' I.. Tiinliersi .X'l't'ulul li'uTi'I li .Mllieug If. I'ryur. lf, I I.iik. Il I'iiiIuiui'i'. I.. Trp gxir, Y. I.t-npnlil ' ' ' R l'iI mnmlsnli, Y. llowiv, S, liimltm Xl. 'I'xiylm', II. 'I':iri':ui!: 'lililri li'u:l': ,I. Mziiisfirlrl, ll. Rus:- Nl. 'I'In:insrni. If I':iti'i4Iis, 'I' Tul'nl'i', If YYIiilIuki'i', l'. Ilruuplll Y. Phillips. R. Shziller, Y, Seliim melfrimig. IJ. Rzlciiie. M, Tulluss A. XXI-llsg l"uur!li li'u:4': T. ,lnki If. IY:iIkL'r, XI. Rlli-ziiinlr. II Selimitt. AI, funk, II. lliissy. I. Ililtmi. XI. I'ui'tc'r, II. l'ukol'ny I.. juries. ,l. Slauiluruiigli. lfiflli Hurt-2 ,I. Vnnliaitis. ll. Ulmiiixiii. NY ' IJ:-witl. II. 5IL'l':1ll'IIlll, K. Howl num. I.. Xlillrr. AI, I':ntersmi. I' Yam Iiureii. Il. Smith, Rl. I':iIm lllluas l'U'.f1 lx'n':x': Ill, Ilvllull, A. Run ins, S. Iliril, Il. Ilurr, In. llzirlf I 'lll ll. . ,I. I' tu. IC. Ilzkrr. IC, Ifitzgm-i':nI1l, M. XY:-im'i't. l'. Hurt, St'-'tultl Hurt-: Il. J, Ilurrismi, I., 'I'I'5'Kill'. I.. S1mc'l'kr, II. llrclnil- lor, Ii. Rnlnsziy, Il. Rive, ll, lin'- I ISI II I miller, .. IIA-yl'e'is. Tlrinl Mm-: Xl, Ilunn. I' Ilitll' 1' Ilunt 4' Vilmn I vlulmslun, M, 'I'i'uhn, II. funle mnrr. I'. U'lIaig:ui, R. Mawson, A. AIIlCIii'lIZIt', ,I., IJ, Slut'- quzirnll. I'-l'I'.Yf lx'nm': F. Hug, A, Ifinn, .I. I,iIl'Iit'I', II. 'I'imni, I". llit-Imam, Ii. Ilill, R. Ilu :ml lx'im'Z N. Nt-ull. II mu-, R. IJ llrining, IP. heliwulm, A. llaisty, I. Ilull, R. 'I'r:islt'5. Third lfmui Il. Miller. ,I. Y Martin, l', IXI Ilzmiinunll, tie, J. Ile: me -' I zisiui, . .L-ggzit. I'. . ,,.. nt, Ii. Ik-sniunil. Sn'- . Ixsper- resser, II. Pink, R. :ul Xvaigivllcr, l'. zirtin, bl. Ashley, ,I, A. llurkley, l'. Ny' n:ii'ee, Every girl on the campus is a member of the Girls' Athletic Association. governed by an Executive Board of the captains of all girls' athletic teams and three representatives from each grade-room. Under the presidency of Jeanne Proctor. all Houses were kept informed of sporting events and other items of athletic concern. Jeanne was assisted by Bette Dorr, vice-president: Edna Hartman, secretary: and Elaine Baker, treasurer. Mrs. Mildred Dunn was faculty sponsor. Naturally, disappointment followed the cancellation of the traditional banquet, the awarding of plaques. and the installation of officers: but we understood,-rationing. Compensation came with the successful G. A. A.-HN" Club Dance. Today, particularly, we are proud of this organization which typifies the ideals of physical fitness so necessary in America. II ll I- Northwesterrrs new lettermen were again initiated amidst much blood and gore. In addition to this very gruesome initiation. the "N" Club held its traditional outing. Together with the G.A.A., it sponsored the Girls' vs. Boys' Basketball Game and the G.A.A.-UN" Club Dance, both of which were great successes. The officers for the fall term were Jack Parker. president: Frank Bielman, vice-presi- dent: George Kuhn, secretary: and Bob Edmondson, treasurer. Spring term officers were Erank Bielman, president: Jack Parker, vice-president: James Timm, secretary: and Bob Hill, treasurer, Coach James Demaree is the sponsor, Page Twenty five ELLE I L B The purpose of the Hellenic is to unite students of Greek descent with other students who are interested in Greek culture, tradition and customs. This term. because most of the members are employed after school. the club has had but few meetings: however. a party is being planned to complete the term and the election of officers will take place at this time. Ofhcers for the term are: Archon, Minerva Chalapis: vice-Archon. Mary Syrios: Scribe. Mary Ann Timmins: Strategus, John Bageris. The Latin Club. known as "Comitia Romana" to Latin students. is the popular language club which sponsored the Pan-linguistic Festival during the Christmas season. lt was organized to enable Latin students to become better acquainted with each other and to promote a lasting interest in Roman culture. Officers for the fall term were Jordan Drews, president: Patricia Butler. vice-president: Jean Eubank. secretary-treasurer: Lucille Richardson. program chairman: and Louise Tandy. entertainment chairman. Spring term ofhcers were Louise Tandy. president: Lucille Richardson. vice-president: Georgia Newell, secretary: Emanuel Isaacs. treasurer: William Baxter, program chairman: and Betty Baker. entertainment chairman. Miss l. Black is the faculty sponsor. Ixukmn-s, .. a us, ,, ii tl-, Ilit-tn-Ii, Y, l,n-upulil, If. Isauu 'If Il:ii'1'ingnm. IC. I-'ry l'i1'rxi lfnru: Nl. Zuiwlges, Mis Iiugm-ln'ie4Irl', SI. Vlinlzipis, Nl Spins. Xl. llrzillus. ,Sbrnr Ix'n:l-: A. l'Iiristi:m. II. l'l1ri tnpIu'l', A. l':ip:istt-Iilmmm. 5 llzilnskns, lf. lhltlziyciliilxis, I Nlussuulle. 'I Iriml li'im': I Iixlskzllzlkis, l'. I'uim'rs, I . . , . N limi I luln lfnrxl IXIUTUI l.. Rirlizirmlsun, I lin-ws, l'. llutler. ,I. Iiwlmiik .Yvmliil lx'n:r': Il. Sklar, II Slmlfer. I.. Tsunlg, li. Stun yluziril. li. Ni-tu-ll, AI. Spzilrlim, .l. Nlnrtin, Tlurrl It'4m': ll lux! lt'u:t': I'. Keller, V. XY.u'iI. I Klttssmittt-, NI. l-ervnxum-. II. Ictllrt, I', Ilutlt-rg ,Srnuzil ltu:t'I ll AI:n'rni'tI, ii. Xliley. VI. Ilantll I il. W, Y:ultt'II, .-X. Ile-:irm-, li. wi-II, II. Ixzmnnsktl Illini lime: I tinltlte. XI. ,IHIHINI-wll. I4- Iltrncs, II. llullllm-Il, I. XY5tn.u1. Xl Iftutell, K.. Ilttnlrl. lnxv! lt'tlri'I S. 'I'up:.tI. A. Weeks. Il XX tl R Ixtllxxm II im , , I Iiurrlt ul lx'u:u: Sgl. llnnelli, ll. lay It, Il. NIttl'l't'Il. IC. I'r:ttt, II. Nltvrr II. Ilttleltings, K. Nt-nr. l llulluilx. Igv, l. lloltiwlx. .Xrrf A' " , . XYrigI1t, I RAR ST F "Who is the Allied general in charge of North African operations?" asks the forlorn student. or. "What is the Ruml Plan?" For such demands. the Library Staff has ex- panded its clipping files to include a War Information Center with specific war folders. The staff members report for duty one period each day, each having his own assigned task to perform. Under the direction of Miss Winton and Mrs. Murdoch. two and a half hours' credit are given to those who fulfill all requirements. Here is one group who are faithfully on the job ten hours a day, helping find reference material and pleasure reading. and offering assistance to students and faculty members alike. R. .T. . RIFLE TE Northwestern's R.O.T.C. Rifle Team is one of the best in Michigan. For years it has consistently ranked among the first ten in Sixth Corps Area Matches. lts primary purpose is to provide a means of improving marksmanship and of sustaining interest in rifle firing. Teamwork and good sportsmanship are also developed. The members of the Team are Richard Wood, Bruce Mayer. Clifford l-lolforty, .lack Taylor. Benjamin Vvlright and Andrew Weeks. Like teams before them. this team has won championships. These boys are lst Regiment Champions and rank fourth in city competition. These honors are won by competition between schools. in the Hearst Trophy Matches. and Sixth Corps Area competition. The boys owe much to the brilliant command of Sgt. Rocco Bonelli. United States Army. Page Twtnty stutn AM xi.-2 '-, I'Iit'l1-s, Siielss. .X, IIiiikt', '.'.'t,'...: Xliallwi. K. I".iii.ii, li. I'it'kx'ri II Springs. KI, Smith. '. . out I , N, -, , wait, Nli lmx. slitting, II. lliiit. CAPELLA CHOIR Under the direction ol Mrs, Bernice Vwlagoner. and accompanied by Mr. NV, liox. the A Capella Choir established an enviable record for the year. Not only did they contribute to our general assemblies, broadcast over the public address system, give concerts. carol in the halls at Christmas time. and sing at all graduation exercises, but were guests ol' the Northwestern XVomen's Club. Kiwanis Club, and the Requiem at the Masonic lem- ple, singing with the All City Chorus and the combined choirs ol' Vylayne University. Oflicers for the fall term were Rhoda Henery, president: I.ouise Tandy, yicefpresident: Ifrances Phelps, secretary: and Ciordon Pickering. treasurer. Ofhcers lor the spring term were louise Iandy. president: Muriel Iiuller. secretary: and l.ucille 'l'urner. treasurer. MGDERN DANCE CLUB 'lihe Modern Dance Club, sponsored by Mrs. Carty. meets each Tuesday. 'lihis select group ol' graceful, rhythmic Hgures have highly developed senses of balance, imagination and rhythm which enable them to create interesting compositions and patterns in move' ment. 'Iihe Club always contributes its talents to Northwestern's annual musical concerts and is already planning new dances for next year. Our School taltes pride in the Dance Club and welcomes its bewitching entertainment. Ofhcers lor the year were lVlartha Vkleinert. president: and Elaine Baker, secretary. t' ilittwiltf muh! Iwrrf Ii'if:t" I. Ililgriiiluit, I-Q Itultx I Xlli X Ixtlil NI Host-iilit-ig, KI. I'iiilli'r, I. 'llintly ,I. Nlutlq. I., 'liulut-I. VI. Young QI. Xlarlts. X. Ia-I-, XY. Iixiu, Y Iaittttle. Mutuiil Ii'tf:t': I. Ilus pos Xi. Islliiigtoii, ll. Iliglitielil Xl. K.ipitli.iii, .X, SI Iiaginm. I' I. Illiym-sy I. Iliiiimoiifl, I'.. Ilurk uiltlt I' Iltllntt I' XI IIIN Ixins, II. Iivyliwlils, XII. Ifllx lliirtl li'tt:1'. Nlrs Nlhigiit-il NI Illitlel. II. Ilowiiliioelft. ll. II.iv lt-inert. AI. 'I'Iioiiips-iii, I. Rirli .ii-Ist-in. I., Iiiiagos. lwfiullz Iwxt' R. Nltotiilit-lg. Il, lit-.iudi5, II Ihiiliiig, I'. .X lXilIi.inis, I'.. II vig lx Ili got--I, -.X, I.5t-usr I. l'iitlp.ttin'k I XX llttll 7 I'IlI I YI lwivl Ii'if:t-' IC, Iltl-it-. If. Ifttl gt-ialtl, If, II.ilit'v, Xl, XYt'ill4'vt Nmtiiiil li'if.'t': Il. I't-iiliie, I' Siuitli. IC. Ilaitmgtii, R. Nlooie lliiiil Ii'itft'. XI. AI. II-uiiglileu. I' I"it1yi.iliit'Is. XY Rttuell, IZ, ,Ii-I tviwii. lwutllli li'if:t'. XI. .Kim l'n'.tl lmft-1 I.. Ilultmxm, .I. lolz-. II. l'uwInwi't'. I'. Ilutler. ,I. la. gsm. xl. III:lil', ,I. Ilrvws, .Yvrnlltl lfurv: I., Spot'rIu', A. I'sti-pllzuum. KI. Ilressit. ,I. IIIZlII', II, Shut lIc'wm'tI1, I'. U'II:ug:m, Y. IIlt4I tllvslml. lfnzvf li'uf1': If. Kenin'tI5. ll, l.e wxillvn. 5. Ilzlluskxu, S. l.aIly, ID, Iliglitieltl. II. XXX-lfe. I.. Ypot-rke, I.. Iloltiuqm, XY. Xlnrk Ivy. .M'4'4Ill4l Ix'nTr': -I. II1't'ws, NI. II:ul'lleIn't', I'. Iltttlvr, II. Apple l ole, INFORMATION COUNCIL Last fall, two of the school's hardest working and most valuable organizations were merged into one. with identical officers and the same sponsor. Miss l-ydia E. I-loltman, These are the Information Council and the Service Club. Now. before a student can hope for an assignment at the information desk. he must have served at least one semester learning the rules of the corridors as a guard on hall duty. In addition to the most obvious work of the organization, namely the dispensing of information at the desk. the duties of the Council are varied: selling Northwestern book-covers and stickers. football. track. swimming and basketball tickets. arranging the showcases in the halls. making the IO-B's feel at home when first they arrive here. dispensing general information. and answering countless sane and inane questions. being but a few. IC LU Meetings were held in the auditorium throughout the year. in which good will and co-operation were stressed. At these meetings outstanding members were awarded their hard earned Service Club pins. This year a new system was put into effect whereby deserving members received one hour's credit. The officers were president. C. Butler: vice-president. .lane l.ogan: secretary. Helen Cudmore. Miss l.ydia Holtman is the faculty sponsor and ex-president. Jack Cole is the student counselor. Fall oflicers were president. Jack Cole: vice-president. Jordan Drews: secretary, Pat Butler: recording clerks, J. Blair, H. Cudmore. are, Y. Ifilliiigttni, .I, .lout-N, .I, "Say, when's the next basketball game?" "I-Iow'd the Student Council election turn out?" To such queries. smart students around Northwestern answer. "Read 'The Colt'." For twenty-seven years "The Colt" has appeared regularly as the oflicial news organ of the student body. Articles are assigned and rated by points according to their quality. The editorship. held this year by Marguerite Brauer, is an honorary position being awarded in recognition of work well done. Associate editors for the spring and fall terms respectively were Florence Picking and Agnes Moon. Mr. A. B. Keenan is the faculty sponsor. One of the most indispensible clubs in School is the P.A.R. Club. This group of technicians in training make themselves useful in many ways. Some of their varied duties are handling all movies, all radio programs, all record announcements. staging programs. and supervising the technical part of all graduation exercises. In the title of this organi- zation. the P stands for projection. A for auditorium. and R for radio. Because of the fact that both of its chief technicians were called into the Armed Services, the Club is now supervised by eleven students. two of whom are girls. Stanley Stoyanoff is student manager. and Mr. Austin Cline is faculty sponsor. ' 'rn 1 417 " . l l I l"1v'.vt lx'urr'i S. llirll, li Klwlvi' ,l. llillmgtun. M. llr'im'r. K. Karl. R. Rezuling, M. Seliriwr M ul R i R 1 in xx 'Xl Hurts. IP. join-s. li. l!r'ullir'l1l lf. Kraimnw, ll. Stovall: 'lllrrl li'.mf: IJ, Tsikessiam. ll. llzirnes l. XY3iu:m, Mr. Ki-enum. ,I lllziir, Y. lillinglun, I.. Kuhn lfirxl li'n:r': ll. liulnlfulv, Nl Timmins. Mr. Vliue, Nl. Km mer. li. llussin: .S'rcuml limi' 5. Sluyaiiuuff. li. lliirrt'iilwerg R Rr in Xl Vliaulxipis, R ' llaiiiviiler. ll. llinklr. A. l'5lk:is mr: Ii. Ilxii'lx.ux:nx. ll. N Iauyv. Xl, li.xrrott, lt. NIH: ll Iillllms. Nl, lrlixxlmx Xl. txxll A, Kelxl. .Xfmml Rim-. R 'Il Ulxxm-sxzxn, Nl. ,l. lit-I-erts. r on, S. NYilniut, ll. llqxi' xix I lxtli-nlrxek. ll. Nlclxxqxxix. mul lf. Srlllrs. XI. Rmxt-lx, unix r. 'l'llirtl lx'tf':x': N. l'.xl xx xl I N XY:xsilx-xxwki. -I. Sinkex. I lglintxlx, .I. Slxixxxxxrl-Q. 5. llzx It Ixx Il I xii R Ilrlglxt, IJ. llxxrrisnix. ll. xx Il X, .Inns-s, Xlr. lfux. lux! lx vi Miss Izxlxxaixls, li. I lun xxx I. lnxlxrr. R. llvsvxiuixxl. l. lx. I-:xtlt.xi'mI, Klip XX. X l x Yrmflfl lx'iv:x': 'l'. String Ilill R lrzxluxux, GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Cxirls' Cilee Club sang its way up the scale to new heights this year. l-lardly a school activity passed that these members were not invited to participate in. At the annual Christmas concert they were received with much enthusiasm. A select group of girls from this organization is known as the Girls Trio. These members have been starred not only here in our own school, but over the air, and at other city functions. However. it has not been all fun. for the members spent many hours under the coach- ing of Miss Staucey Edwards before they were pronounced successful. One of the main purposes of the club was to add music in the war program. for through it comes a real spiritual relaxation which is essential during such strain and stress. This they have suc- cessfully accomplished and to them the school pays tribute. BOYS' GLEE CLUB This year over one hundred boys were added to the Music Department as a beginners Boys' Glee Club. Under the direction of Miss Straucey Edwards. the Club figured prominently in the annual Christmas Concert. this year dedicated to our parents. Witla so much emphasis on physical ntness. these boys got plenty of training besides their gym work. Since good tone quality can be produced only when posture is erect, regular daily exercises to strengthen the back muscles became routine. Approximately one-third of the School is singing at the present time, and as a result much goodxvill and fellowship has resulted. .. ,. ":xrkiix, 'I'. Rielxzxixl xuwy. XY. Nzxsun. XY. I FALL 4111-e11 I Utitglm I Il1l1 STUDENT COUNCIL The fall term opened with Bonnie Replogle wielding the gavel. She was supported by an interested. energetic Council which completed all of its duties and participated in several voluntary drives in an efhcient manner. Vwlhen the time came to say good-bye to the other departing officers. Chuck Travis. Marian Ciressitt. Ina Baxter and Wiln1.1 Wilson. Bonnie relinquished the gavel to a mite of a girl named I,ouise Tandy. who, in her first term. had proved so capable that she was elected to this high ofhce in her second term on the Council. The new Council was installed and soon was solving school problems quickly and accurately. 'Iihe other new officers. Ina Baxter. Vvlilliam Doss. Iiay Manders. and Girard I.'P1bbe. also fulfilled their position capahly. SPRING t11l1-. fs, 1.'I1'1,1.1-', kf 1i.....i.-.- I.. 'I':1114Iy, I. II:1xt1'1. XV. IMA II. -I11111'N. ,I. Xlack. .Xfrifflil l1'n:1 , . I. I.1l11.114Is, I. lL111ilw1', I. gms, Ii. I'.1I111o111Is1111. llrrltl l1'1'f1 I.. IY.1I5, II. Xl:151'1'. AI1111111I. I 1... .X. Us-1-ks, I'., 511111l1. ,'IIl'.ff l1'nr1': XY. llncc, XY. XYII sim, if 'I'1:111s. II, lit-plug NI. Ilrt-ssltt. I. II.1xtt'1'. lx Xl.111tIev's: .Stvivrlil l1'.1:1': XI1 s 5I1'l'1'i:1111. XI. 'I'I111111s1111, I SpHt'l'k1'. I'. l'1vl11stv11'k, Y. ll:11Ix Ii. I'Q1I111i111tls1111. Y. l.1'1'. I 'I'.111fI5. V. II111-lt: lhnil l1'1'. I., t'.1Iti11. ti, I.'.1bl1t'. l', Y 111 II111'r'11, Xlr. Xlt'li11i11111-ss, I l'11'.1'I I1'u:1'Z I I 1114111 I V111 N Xl, Iw11l1111. nl, II:-rrp, II, 51.111 I I II:111'iso1l.15. IIlll'1I1'lI. II. K.111 II11x1111e, Klr. XII-tv11111111-N., Klux XIz111.1l11. X. Inu, U, -IIII111-1111 STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS RICI'I.tN1I.I-I lI.XX'I'lull tilil-.SSI'I"I' XYILSHN NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Ifirxt li'tw:t-: 'l'. llmrittgtim, I. Tnpper, R. Rose, l.. Calfin, B. Eclniontlsou, J. Simon, Mrs. Adams. .81-4-,md lt'mc': Xl. Kramer, I., 'l':utrly, P. l,im, G. Karl. I'. Butler, I., Hill. B. Goldstein. I". Allen, A, Ilearn. If 'I'lmliipsoii, If XY:ti'tl. 'liltird lfnntz I.. llurlimz, I.. 'l'rygai'. II, St. john. Y. I.:-opolrl, ,I, Iltirman. XY, Doss. II. Iiorr. IC, Ilaker. ll. Sklar. 'I'. Ilacli. l'lurrfIr River: M. Renton. IC, Moss, 42. l.Ilt'l1ll1IIllHl. II. I'rawI'ortl. NI. Ilztskalttkis. xl. I"z-ztrs. Ii. .-Xreltlmlil, R. Scott. A. lilise, 'I'. Zttkvm, Iii-frli li'mt': Il. Replogle. l'. fNIcK':iiigli:tii. ,I. Iii'i':tlm-iljiqtii, S. Kruse. S, Kruse, A. SelianfelIucrgvt'. ,I, Ilztgeris, hl. llrews. Ii. Ilartnixtn. National l-lonor Society members are always chosen with utmost care, on the basis ol' Character, Scholarship. Leadership and Service. The student members of all the SchooI's organizations and the teachers vote on the candidates: and this year thirty-six outstanding students were selected. Oflicers elected for the fall term were John Scopis, president: Louis Calfin. vice- president: and Jeanne Tupper, secretary. Spring term officers were Bob Edmondson. president: Jordan B. Drews. vice-president: and Betty Dorr, secretary. Much that the Society is today. it owes to Mrs. Ella Adams, its sponsor. All members Ieel it their duty to live up to the Society's motto-"Noblesse Obligef' Page 'Ii hirty-three l I GIRLS' BUSINESS CLUB The Girls' Business Club enjoyed a most successful year. The first semester oflicers were Rhoda l-lenery. president: Meredith Paton, vice-president: Martha Weinert. secre- tary. and Thelma Wlaite, treasurer. The second semester officers were Thelma Wlaite. president: Janet St. John. vice-president: Loretta Trygar. secretary. and Ellie Fitzgerald. treasurer. As usual. Miss Ruth Randall. the popular commercial teacher. was sponsor. The meetings were splendidly attended and greatly enjoyed. The successful drive for old records. later given to the U.S.O.. was celebrated with a roller skating party. A gaily colored afghan and scrap books for the soldier boys were made. .O. T. C. CFFICERS' CLUB livery Wednesday after school finds the snappy members of this club assembled in their headquarters to form decisions on promotions, discuss and adopt new and better ideas concerning the R. O. T. C.. and plan various special activities. The following are the ranking ofhcers: Lt. Col. Clifford Holforty. Major Clifford Keirce. Capt. James Brooker. Capt. Bruce Mayer, Capt. Robertliaves. First l.t. I-larry Ramsey, First l.t. Andrew Weeks. First Lt. Don Pitz. Junior ofhcers are: Second l-ts. Joe I-lolt, Harold Hutchings. Keith Near. Jack Bur- ridge. Cieorge Korby, Bill Taylor. Paar Thirty-four I'. Kit-1't'1'. T. tinrrlml. Ifr'r.vl li'fv:t-3 S. llirtl, XI Ihu temniIIt'i'. T. XYIllte. R. Ilnu cry, XI. XYt'llu'it. II. Iluku A. iiztglnm. ,Xrmulfl li' t I I'lit1ge1':tIvI. If Ilueft, Ii l':uI XI. R4-zuling. I'. Ili-uiiglt, S I":tt1Ikl1el'. I.. vIil'jI12ll'. NI Ilixu 'llrml li'n:t': ml. St. llm I 51v:tt'ruu. U. hlmles. II. SIIII I II. XYilIi:ims. XY. Wilson. I Snnck, II. XIs'l't1IrI1 li XII Iimlflzlll. l"nnrllt It'w:t': Il. Itt rlvlis. Nl. 5t'In'ix't'r. I., XIt'l'tIf Inq, I. Ilaxlt-I'. II, .-Xmlt-rstil I7. Ili-nish. I'. Ihizlblau. tiles-itt, VI. lui-pi-1, I'. Ihm l"H'.tI li'fv7t': 5. Klnw, 5. Ixiu 1 R. Scott, KI. Quigley. ,M .' li I lfffivi If. Ilrt-nu. I'. Rllllm II. Xlzlycrs. R, Ifzlxt-s I' II4I forts. 'llmrl li'uft': Il. Shi :tl It 1 .ti'uh'1i2 ll. Mrllger, knit is. Rl. Kxtplzuiizui. A. S iiiiftlluger. S. Nlcllunzilzl, D r ws i ni, l', llutler, Sm'- i r ll. lliglihcltl, ll. Starr. Xl llctlilf l' N N llliil l'Iu'rfl li'tm'I MVS. RI'- 'X:ui1lL'r. ll. Ili'r'lnillr'1', N 4: 0, ll. lirrmiller, R, Xlmiii ll ll. laissitr-i'. Miss Kuhn. I mtl: It :ei ,l. l'rnetur, A. igen ui R. Ruseiilmvcli. li. l imilrll Nl Vit itt ll ll I li Nl l we. M. Lyneli. lfiftli I r I VN mln ki. ,l. lliilly, ll. Piper, l nth l l lr l li 1. flllllll. T. Vk'lIitr'. l . I ' 'SS , . UH' 'eiskottt-ii, Y. Blume. ,. 'H '. .. "'attiir'r. NORWESTER STAFF Police Headquarters was alive with the startling news of sabotage. It was reported from a reliable source that there was an underground movement being carried on in Detroit. The Martindale Building, Room 180, was the center of this activity. Strange lights and continuous movement was reported taking place late at night. When the police raided the hideout, they found a tall German, probably the ring leader, diligently work- ing on a strange book and assisted by a strange American named Reason. It was later found that this German. with the short, blond, brush cut. was known in social life as Baron Von Schaufelberg. On close examination of this book. the A'Norwester", it was found to have photographs of a large number of people, supposedly "Spies". These "German Spies". it was later found. had contributed more than 3134.000 worth of NVar Bonds and Stamps. Northwestern students are far from being German Spiesf We, these "German Spies", thank the "Norwester" Staff for their splendid work on this book. Until you have had some connection with the editing of a book, you have no idea of how much work is involved in it. The Staff was very ably lead by Al Schau- felberger, a genius if there ever was one. Schauf and his able assistant, Jim Reason, could be seen at almost any time downtown pestering the printer, haunting the engraver, or flirting with Miss -4- of Craine's Studio. "Killer" Kantgias was ci'rcuIatz'ng about school doing everything in his power to sell A'Norwesters", and to make salesmen out of some of those students he had on his staff was a job in itself. The job of seeing that all articles in this book were in on time and "perfect" was given to Literary Editor. Pat Butler, and, boy. was that a job! Margaret Kaplanian did a fine job as Stenographic Editor, while Shirley McDonald held up the Advertising end of it and did a fine job in supporting the "Norwester". The Art Department had two very fine gals in there who turned out some very good work. Although new at the business, the 'iBettys"-Metzger and Starr, came through like Busters Gang. These people lead. Some because of experience, some because of skill, and most because of both. But they only lead. What would an army do with only Generals? The priuules are the soldiers that win the war, so don't give all the credit to the Editors. The staff is the very back bone of the book! D,...,. 'T' S O- RU Q 49, 43 if V6 KV 5 La 'k Q10 486 09 033615 +1 F BAKER BVKER BERRY BI"l'l.ER IDICSMUNIX HVRMAX IIORR IDRENVS MCUNT VERNON HOUSE i 'Under the guidance of Pat Butler and George Berry. co-presidents, Mount Vernon House has faithfully bought stamps and bonds each week to help buy jeeps and tanks and ammunition for'-the boys at the front. Our service plaque is already crowded with the names of our members in the armed forces. Weekly, too, we've brought our pennies to buy candy for the boys in appreciation of what they are doing for us. The peppiest House in school could not have shown a better spirit. ' Fall term officers were Elaine Baker., president.. and Ruth Buker, secretary-treasurer. Doris Carr is the secretary-treasurer for the spring term. ' PERSH'l.NGlHOUSE When the new co-presidentsof Pershing House, Betty Dorr and Edward Desmond. were inducted, each receivedia portion of the gavel from the past president, James Craw- ford. Then, each past officer in turn. handed'o,ver his office to his successor: Jerry Gurman. the vicefpresidency to Jordan Drews. and Edward Desmond. the secretaryship to Thelma Fisher. This is the true spirit of Pershing House, "Share and share alike". Under these able oiiicers and Mr. C. E. Carr, the counselor, the House has led in stamps and bonds, in basketball, scholarship, and other fields of endeavor. Page Thirty-eight A I ROOSEVELT HOUSE Under the leadership of Nick Kantgias, the members of Roosevelt House weathered another war year. Facing courageously the many problems that have arisen. the other officers, Sheila Hird, vice-president: Edna Hartman, secretary: and Ralph Johnson. treas- urer, have been a great aid in the Stamp and Bond selling. Roosvelt House successfully published several issues of the "Teddy Gazette", in which the famous exploits of many of the members were depicted. As the famous radio commentator, Walter Vv'inchell, would say, "Orchids to Miss Clough, the able counselor of 102"'. She has done a great deal for us and we can never hope to repay her for all the wonderful work she has done. BETSY ROSS HOUSE Under the friendly counseling of Miss Doherty, Betsy Ross House completed another happy and successful year with Jean Lee presiding and Charles McCaughan assisting. Several fine assemblies were held with school and patriotic songs aplenty. House mem- bers, though more serious than before. maintained their peppy spirits. The many vacant seats constantly bring to mind the boys in the armed forces, and those remaining have faithfully dug into their pockets to buy defense stamps. Officers for the fall term were Jane Logan. president: Patsy Lim. secretary, and Charles McCaughan, treasurer. The officers for the spring term are Jean Lee, president: Charles lVlcCaughan, vice-president: Shirley McDonald, secretary, and Leslie Lowe. treasurer. KI'llN KRAMER KAXTGIAS IIIRD LOGAN l,lM Llili Mt-f'Al'llIlAN Page Thing mne Page Forty REASON PROCTOR SMITH room! 'l'l'l'PER YAZEJIAX SPARRUW Sl"l'HERl.ANlJ LINCCLN HQUSE The chief activity of Lincoln House this year was the sale of stamps and bonds, stressed chiefly because it is the only way we can show our deep appreciation to the two hundred boys from this graderoom now in the armed services. We are also proud of the fact that twenty-Eve percent of our boys are taking R.O.T.C, training and that ten percent of our boys and girls are on the honor roll. Oflicers presiding this term are Etheldria Smith, president: Gwendolyn Poole, vice- president: Doris Schoenberg, secretary: and Sue Saunders, treasurer. Fall term officers were James Reason. president: and Jean Proctor, vice-president. JANE AUSTEN HOUSE House 204, named after the great writer, Jane Austen, has progressed steadily this year under the leadership of its officers. Its members have taken an active part in school ac- tivities and have not neglected their patriotic duties. Three times 204 has been first in the sale of stamps and bonds, Once it was lOOf4, a goal which it is aiming to achieve regu- larly. Two of the students of this house, Malcolm Stamper and Barbara Storgaard, were awarded scholarships to the University of Michigan. Stamper was president of the January uary graduating class and also captain of the football team. wma-ma Y as. Xue' lux! It 1 Il lhtttlti XI fit 1 IP Ili ltltx, I. Ili 145. l,. lillt. Il, Smith, .X't'.'.u1tl lt'w:t'I X In ' " 'K llthtiu II Xlt tlls, I. XN5ttt.ttt. ',..4x t' vs, , lt' it . . . E lttxl It Nl III ttl t Ittttatt II Nlttttllux ith I N tlt l llulgtiul it Nt nl li t l DAQ Ina! lt I ltn lx l lhtt lit. II, Jong.: 1, . .tt-ot. I I'.ttts'n, If. Ss'lti'ot'tIt-I, lf. Kim. N multi It t l I itfgtt tltl Nl I xnrh. lx, Nlauvut, Nl. l'ullt't. I Xt-ut-ll. QI. I.t't'. flltltl lxlttvl I XYulson, AI. lmttimts. I. Nlt "1 ., 'lv.i. . t - - ' vs' ,5 I ONO STUDENTS 'l'he students here pictured have won the envy and admiration of the student body and the praises of the faculty. 'lihey are the groups who have earned l8 honor points or more. A few faces are new, but the majority are veteran members. 'l'o be among this select group requires a sufficient amount of gray matter plus hard. tedious work. perseverance. determination, and a driving ambition. Honor points are tallied by results of report card markings, an "A" counting five points, a HB" counting three points. and a counting one point. Besides winning the praises of the entire school, and being able to face card markings with smiling faces. these members can well complete the year with that feeling of a job well done. Absent when the eleventh grade picture was taken. was Jane Baker, an all "A" student. 1Jt.lLIt' 1, l I lftlflff om 'E ,W fl' . A 'H '-3'-1 r '1 -f-' ,a , .1 4 '1 -' 1- J 7 I M I ,XI X IIIX1 1 1. 1 1 .X , . 5, A 4? u 'fn X ak ,. X . 1. '-all '- . ' l 1. 1 Q' .M ' ' X . - f '31 'Y"'1 1 1 nf Y' . . X if - . :iii 'XXX XX .- If X 5 X if 1- if 'I' 1 1 , J. .- ,. ,La 'C .X-1. 1... f 1 'F -.4 .M 1 I .fu ,V dvd 5' 1. '1 b X ,H . .- A. 215' 34?-, H 155' Y .Az 5 -1-? '. 1'L.1 , X .F.:.- 55,1 . . ,X ','f'-5:25.91-,Z " ,,,,.. -. ., 5 351 -. 1 X 5g..X' X XXXX:.X.'.X:-..XX.LX: , " XXX X LX . X..w11...,g,,- 5 X 11' X . X A GX .-ix' .g .1.' 1 .1 'L-1571? A ' '7 , LX., .X.X 3. 1. !l"' 1 71.13F . N.. , .1e"."' ' YF E' , . ... . Y. r E Y H' qi Qt i G 'if' in 5: X .4 4 -ky 1 11,19 1!'X mx Eff .. ,nr mn 1' 1 'W X 1'-1 fa- af- -1- "vz.1'A'w-1 4.- W3- 1.45 Wx?- GEMM' 3- if wb 1 . 1 Q..X92,g.5,x,1 i i 1 1 if XX. .I' 1 1-A :Y . -15 .. 1.--.I1 u A 1-:Lf-X.-6 X . X. . X LX X X:.f gli.:- gsu Ziff? SHI ' . -4i'?lF. .X L., 'V 51' 1-XLX-XX ZX: X 'ff 17 5-..X X. '. .' -15.13 ' . 'fee . .Xe ...- 1... -1 al 1, X-7 -.., X, .11 1 in ui.. .-'bv 9 .,..- --p -4 n -1 .1.- ws-X . , X K, . L X . 1. I ri 2 . -nf .L-:ell ,, 1-5 'if X11 11' E' 15' faJ7Jx" ..r X 1.1 vig. Lw5111:L'1 1' 1'1" 3' . 1 " if .1zgf'i11r1f11. ,1 1 " f' . A 1-Af?" 5'fA6f1i' A 1 Gulf!-'-Q37 ef ' .' ' ' . ' 1. ',ff565f.. ' ,9 1' gg ' z .Q .f"-,' Z' v' .- VX '1 'tl .' ij 'tn v.X Xa-X 'L Q X-g X X X 1' 1 5' XQQ ' -'ff ' ' "" ' -1 1+ iff' .. X -YQ. 7 1 I :r uf ,if'f.i.... . ' 1 .. 'tef- ,' P' 'ffY,S5NT".g" 1 1' '- 1 ,Wulf- - ' ' 'F -" ' .-.'-LW 1 if . 1-1 : 2 - -- XX 1'-X. .1 1 - ' XX, 4 5 ,YX ZL 'X X . . 1XX.x.L:XXXX? X 15 - .- q .1 . 1 g 1 ,,X. 31-',. X , X",-5' -1 'fn-X ..Xg X . 1-2. V --.-1f'f31Pj .17 . 1 ,, qfg,ff.,-1 . - .1 -. - 1- , - X1 ".-filwi .,f 1 T ' ' ,- fl- ' 1 1' Lf. V .1 . ' 1.11 . 13 1 . 531.1 ' ' 1 ,Y 'j . 'V 'ri I . 1 1 1 V i -4.2 r 1 gif X X X 1 ' .' 71 . ' . :M " mb XX .1 :X X . X XX XX,.X. 1. 1 , T5 . 1 . E " VH X, .X ,, , em . .A . "iw-'f ' rf ' wx 1,4 . 1 . ff. 'P '11 , ' 1 5 1 ti.. 1 Aki? 'E , 1X,, 1 ,, .Xi 1X .,i . 1u,a1fX: - F! .. XA. .X 1X A -1-jr .41 . -, 1' 11,2 1, '., .11 Z. 1.933105 " .. f,.f'--P '51 iff '-:i. ,LL . iin .5735 :M XX XXI . .... ,XXJF X X .. QX . .X XX ' .1 ., X 1 1 , . 1 I .. ,. X .1' X., ivif' - ' .f , L-L11 T, 3 . X ,X . 1 .1 fi. 5 -4- .1 sz 'lg -. X llrx-A 5 w.i"l,5.31P . ,fm - 4 4.11, 1 .ss L:.'h1'1.. X4 1 . Q- I uk .g '11'1q. .14 ggi 1. . -1.-z 5551451 1.. ' X -.",,hQE.,' .11 ,:1.w- . 4 'ht-1.1 1 X 519 ,,ig+'i'? X . A11-1'.X-5 -fggg . . M.. VL, A X 1-H. 55..- X . f . XX X.-Higgs . I :X 1-X1-1. Xfggi- XXX X ..f"'l1v1.- Q' 51...- F 4.11-"-'Z .i mf. ' +9112 nj. 1.1 11,1 ...Q s 4. .L .v, . I .1 , 1 X mf 1. 'n Q, if W Q!O05'-7671! if 8 J U N E CLASS OFFICERS PARKER l'R0i"l'UR HARTMAN l'UI.l'I l'rn-siclvut Yice- ljl't'4llll'llL Secretary Trezxsurrl' C L A S S C O L C R S Royal Purple and Chartreuse CLASS MOTTO When duly whispers low "Thou musf,' the youth replies, "I can." gFryfr I NICK KANTGIAS-Circulation Manager. Nor- wester: President, 102: Co-Editor. Teddy Gazette: Inter-House Council: Student Council: House Basket- ball: Service Club: Radio Dramatics Club: Gallant. ELAINE BAKER-Secretary, Dance Club: Nation- al Honor Society: Secretary-Treasurer, Debate Club: Swimming Team: Chairman, Publicity Committee: President 109: Norwester Staff: Secretary, Student Council: Treasurer, G.A.A.: Latin Club. LOUISE TANDY-President. Student Council: National Honor Society: President, Latin Club: Pro- gram Chairman. 204: Perfect Attendance: President. A Cappella Choir: Chairman, 12-A Motto Commit- tee: Magna Cum Laude Diploma: Information Coun- cil: War Records Committee. JEANNE PROCTOR-President, G.A.A.: Vice- President, 12-A Class: Tennis Team: Norwester Staff: Magna Cum Laude Diploma: Perfect Attendance: Spanish Club: Vice-President, 226: Swimming Team: Senior Play Cast. JACK PARKER-President. 12-A Class: Presi- dent, "N" Club: Captain, Boys' Swimming Team. BETTY DDRR-President, 110: Secretary. Na- tion Honor Society: Dance Club: Debate Club: Nor- wester Staff: Chairman, 12-A Social Committee: Swimming Team: Vice-President, G.A.A.: Perfect Attendance: President. French Club: President. 109. BILL HOLLINGSWORTH-Chairman. 12-A So- cial Committee: Manager, Radio Staff: President. Ra- dio Dramatics Club: Chairman, Study Hall: House Committee: Inter-House Committee: Gallant. PAT BUTLER-Co-President, 109: Literary Editor, Norwester: National Honor Society: Presi- dent, Service Club: Vice-President, Latin Club: Li- brary Staff: P. A. Announcer: Debate Club. EDNA HARTMAN-Secretary, 12-A Class: Chair- man, War Records Committee: Captain, Swimming Team: Dance Club: National Honor Society: Secre- tary, G.A.A.: Cum Laude Diploma. JACK COLE-Treasurer, 12-A Class: President, Service Club: Colt Staff: President, Debate Club: Pub- licity Manager, Radio Dramatics Club: Student Coun- cil: School Play: Spanish Club: Chairman. Dues Committee: President, Information Council: Nor- wester Staff: Student Counsellor, Service Club. 1I0l.l.INflSVl'UR'1'll l'RUt"l'0R TANIJY IIARTMAN KANTGIAS BAKER PARKER BUTLER COLE DURR Pnnn Fn I 6: Adams, Elois Marie Spanish Club Adams. Pat Varsity Tennis Latin Flulv Service Club Alexander. Archible Alvin. Edna l'olt Staff Anderson. Nedra Maxine St'l'x'it'r' Clulm Baker. Elaine Corabelle President of 109 Nsilimml Hmmr Society Sut'rct:n'5 uf llzincc Cluln Barnes. Isabel E. Becht. Eleanor Bell. Walter W.. Jr. l"u0tli:ill Track Boxing Berlin. Jack L. Adams. John Agnew. Ineza A. Allsteadt. Elizabeth Anderson. Berta Mae Se-cy.-'l'i'c-als., Delvrilc Clulm x,lCErl'l'P14., Radio Drama- tics l'lulu Yicr-Pres., Girls' llnsiness l'luli Ashley. Jack "N" fluli Banks. Lois Bartlett. Ann M. Becker, William C. Benish. Dorothy Jean Vice-Pres.. Debate l'lnlx Girls' Business Flulv Varsity Su'inm1iug Berry. Edward Thomas Adams. Mamie E. Alrey. Rhea A. Allwardt. Marjorie Jane Anderson. Gertrude Service Flnlu I2-A Fnmmeiicenic-ii! Vnnimittee Badralt. Harry Barber. Mary Sruiur Orchestral Senior Build Baurle. Martha ll-A Committee Nnrwester firculntinn Staff l.:itin flulx Belt. Dorothy E. Berault. Edward J. Berry. George A. f'n-Presiri-rut, 109 llelnate Club Golf Team Beutenmiller. Mary J. Blackstone. Margaret Bomka. Mary Ellen Spzinisli l'luli llzulmintmi Vluli l'l1:iirm:m. Srlmlaislir l'imimitlt't' Bradfielcl. Barbara A. Sluinisli l'luli Assl. liclilnl' of full llmist' Uunniitlr-0 Brogdon. Laura E. l"ir-lwl llnclavy llziskvllmll Broz. Mary Ann llvlrilr' lilllll Urlicc Stull' Buker. Ruth Eileen Sc-4'l'0l:i1'y. lllll liirls' llusiness flulu llc-lmalr' Vluln Burridge. Jack H R. U, l.l. Rillr' lvxim Butler. Joseph V. Caldwell, Rose Mary Service l'luli Beyreis. Pat i Bielman. Frank lillllillll, inrls lmlf 'Presitlent nf " N Club li. A. A. Executive Bnarrl Yzirsity lfootlmrill Xui'n'i-sim' LAll'ClllZlllUllS'1lff Blett. Katherine A Capps-llzi l'lmir l'l1ntngr:ipliy l'Iulu 109 Art Llhllllllllfff' Bourne. Leigh Shulcuit i1llllll!'ll Smile-nt 'l'r:it'k Nlaiiizigcr llaiskvtlvall Mzuizigrcr Brining. Richard Lincoln flulv Ynrsily Swimming 'l't':im Xm'wr'str'r L.ll'ClllZlfi0llSfSll1f Varsity Bnskctlmll Bohrer, Marie A. Bowen. Barbara full Stull 1.2-A Sclml:irsliip l'm1miit 101' lluusn lluckcy Broaden. Berniece H. Brooker. James Edwin Brough, Peggy Jean R. U, T. l'. Uhicers' Flulr Rauliu Stull Budds, Frank Bundy. Frances Eleanor liirls' Business Cluln Bush. Barbara ll-A lirics l'nn1n1ittc'e Butler. Pat Campbell. Shirley Jean Srrvivv flulr Girls' Business Flulr Urcl1t'slr:i ll-A Social l'iimmittcc Buhagiar, Charles J. 12-A lluvf-2 llnuniillrr' Service Vlulm llmior Roll Burke. Audrea B. A frtlupe-llzi i'l1oir Sciwice Vluli Butler, James M. Butts. Mardell Ellen ll. Riclmrrls Flulz lluuse llzisketlmll ful! Stuff Carter. L uther J. Varsity Track Ilouse llzlskvstlmll Carter, Mildred Chalk. Gwendolyn Chisolm. Ollie Clark. Josephine G. Service flulr Cole. Jack Wesley ILA 'l'i'e:isui'cr l'r0si1lc'n!, lleluitc Chili Sciwiet' Clulr Cook. Vertell Girls' llockey Teixm Craig, Corrine Crawford. Kathryn Cutler. Julius Varsity lfrmtlunll Dean. Bonnie Elaine Sttulvnt Council Radio llmmzities House Committee. llI9 Castleberry, Joy Chambers. Ethel Christian. Athena Service' l'lul1 Coddington, Mary Coleman. Catherine Bernice Cooper. Robert Crawford. Gertrude Croskey. Bernard Davie. Mary DeMoss, Doris Mae Chalapls. Minerva l'. A. R. Stull' Varsity Tennis Squsul Presimlvnt, llcllenit' l'lulm Checks. Mildred Clark. Beulahlee Service Vluln llnust' llovkvy Tvaun 12-A l'llll1lI'IC1lCFl'llCIll Urnmiillcc Colbert. Freddie Mae A Vzippvllat l'lmir Coleman. James X :truly I mek St-l'x'ict' Flulv Cormier. Phyllis Spanish l'luli Crawford. Kathlyn Dorothy Cunningham. Betty Student I'mmt'il Girls' lluSint'sS l'lul: Davis. Leon Swimming Tcsim ILA Flaws lla! Foviiniittrr Der Boghosian, Sonia Spanish Vluln Derryberry. Dale DeThomas, John Dixon. Jack Dubin. Julius Dunne. Francis Edwards. Frank Ellis, Ralph Wm. Farnstrom. Mary Ann k'lll'iSlm1lS l'nnce'rt Figgins. Leota Fisher. Garfield Slnrlvnt Fmiiicil l'. A. Stuff l', A. R. t'luIi DeSanto, Gilda JoAnn Dctloff. Marcella ti, A. A. lixeciitivc Board l.2'A Ynczitiunzil li0l11l1llill'C Xmnvstvt' Stull' Dorr. Betty Ann Vu-l'i'csiile-tit, llll Secretary, Nzitionail llinmr Society Yice'-l'l'e'sitlviil, li. A. A. Duffy. Jane Durrenberg. Edward Frederick l', A. R. Stat? Kit-rnian Fluli Eldredge. Jack Falk. Earl Farnum. Ruth Fingers. Margaret Fitzgerald. Eleanor L. Ylft'-l'resiilent, 18h 'l'l'e-Aisiirer, Girls' lliisiness Fliilr Stutlcnl t'unneil Desmond. Edward F. C'u-Pres., Sec.-'l're:is.. llll "N" fluli Gulf Tecini Dileanis. Jeanette llzinev flnlv Drews. Jordan B. l,:itin l'lnli Nxttionzil llimm' Sm-is-ly Service Fluli Dunn. Alice Edmundson. Rosebud Jane Student Vonncil l'ult Staff Senior 0rcl1t'sti'at Ellington. Virginia Fandel, Richard Field. Betty Jane liirls' lfielil llockrcy Fink. Werner Treasurer. German Clnli Spanish l'lulx Flournoy. Minnie I.. Flunder. Phil l'. A. R. l'lnlr l'. A. Staff Fuller. Muriel I A Fzippellzi l'l10t1 Gagnon. Ann Marie A Fappella fhnir Girls' Business Clnli Gauras. Helen Gitlin, Vera D. Latin Flulv Lilmrary Staff Goldsby, Wilbur Graves. Leraldine Hockey Team Service Vluh Grillin. Delphine Madeleine Full Staff Service l'lula llousr' llaskrtlvall Gwizdz. Frank Hammond. James W. Varsity llaskctlsall Baseball "N" Vlulm Freude, Alfred Wesley Fuller. William Track Gales. Barbara George, Mary Ellen Goff, Harvey Goldstein. Ida Magna fum Laurie Green. Olive Elizabeth Christmas lluicert Gross. Saul Service Vlulv Hall. Ada llnckt-y 'l'r'am Baskvtliall Te-am Harkless, Dorothy Fuller. Elaine Frances Spanish l'luli Gach. Theodora National llunur Society li. A. A. Rr'pre'se'nt:ltivr Galvin. Robert L. 1942 Manager, Swimming Train llnnsc Ilaskr-tlvail Germaine. Margaret I,ilurary Stall' Goldon. lsrail Irving l'aplain of l'lir'r'r l.r':ult'rs llunst' Swimming Goodwin. Catherine Marilyn Ellen ll. Riclmrtls flnli Gressitt. Marion Ann Secretary, Stuflmlt l'nuncil lnfnrniatitm 1'mincil liirls' liusitit-ss Flnlr Gumore, Jean E. Hamilton. Joyce l.ilurary Staff llnnsv Sports Norwustcr Stall' Harrison. Betty Jean Stntlcn! l'nnnCil ii. A. A. llnarrl ll-A l'nlur fllllllllllHCl' Hartman. Edna' 1-lm, uf gum. Xiwwr-stci' l'irct1l:ttitmt1 Hatherly. Helen V. 1043 ' Musqners l'luI. Fziptxtin, Girls' Siiinnning 'l't-:un Nsitiuiiail lltmtur Society Hawkins. Flora Marie liirls' llut'kt'y A t':tp1vt-lla llllllll' Hellin. Audrey Estelle 5t't't'it'v l'lul1 Iluusv llxtsketluill, 1811 Hennessy. Richard John lil! llmist' l'otnnlittt't' Hinltle. Betty Lou llmist' Sports Hoff. Charles Holforty. Clifford l'rt'sitlt'l1t, R,U.'l'.C'. Ufii- rers' lllulx Vatptztin, Rifle 'l't':im House. Daniel Hudson. Vivian I tliu Vluln l'nlt Stull Huntington. Gladys E. Hayward. Helen lluust' lihlllllllllvf. ltll llilt Stull' Heinonen. Juanita 1.2-A i'llI1lYl'Il'llCt'lll0Ill Vuln- mittee Hinds. Pauline M. Hird. Sheila Xill'l"l'l'l'Sllll'lIl. lil! IIA Social t't-itittiiltvt' li. A. A. l'Ixt't'iitive llunrtl Hogan. Dorothy Jane lloust' l"it'ltl lluckcy Hollingsworth. William E l'rt-sitleut, Rutlin llrztnmtits l'llllu ln t lmirmzlll, ILA Suciztl ii4llllI'lllUl'1' Student Bluiizigt-t'. l'.A. System Howell. Janice Hunt. Ralph W. l'ltlli Swininiing 'l't':im Isaacs. Emanuel 'I'rt':isurt'r, Latin Vlulu St'rx'it'e Vlulr Stull' Hatjioannou, Telemachus C. Hedges, Sheldon B. llaiskctlutll lftmtlntill Helmrich. Jacqueline Hinkle. Basil Marshall l'. A. li. Stall Hisle. Barbara Hogan. Richard Hooey. Bernice Huddleston. Verna Mae Svtwict' flulw l'Ixt'ct1tix'c lluzirtl. 1112 K'li:xirm:in, ll-A Mt'nmriztl i'tmnnillt'v Hunter. Gloria l.2fA Scltulztrsliip l'unm1it- tt't' Sttttlvnt l'twilnt'il l.iln':try Stuff Jacob. Josephine Girls' llusint-ss Flulx Atlv. Staff, "Nm'wcstt't"' James. Eileen Jarrett. Russell L. Johnson. Ralph llonsc 'l'rc:isnrer. llll Jones. Gloria Girls' Business Club Juomu, Lillian Kantgias, Nick President. ltll Sales M :iimgetz Nnrwestcr Slllflflll l'nnncil Kettelson, Allen R. King. Doris J. Kocher. Virginia xl2lSlllll'l'S Fluli llouse Fonintittees Kopp, Gloria Louise Lilirnry Stall' Jamo. Martha House Committee Johnson. Barbara Service l'lnln Johnston, Mary Isabel Jarrard, Hazel Colt Staff Johnson. James St-niur llnnil Jones, Betty Senior Motto l'tll'lllTllll0C llonsr- l'nn1niittr'r' Jones, Thelma Kaminski. Helen Keirce. Clifford John lllllllillll, R. 0. 'l'. if Utlicers' l'lnli Kightlinger. Roberta Anne Senior Bzmrl Senior Orchestra Kim, Virginia Louise llnnsc' Fnmmitter, ltll lfreitch Flnli Blnsquers Club Kogan. Shield Kourtjian. Wallace Swimming Team Fheer l.e:itler Girls' llziclmintnm Josephs. Lenore Kanaga. Lynn l'luli Kemperman. Preston Kim. Esther Latin Vlulv St-ninr Urcln-atm Kitely. Charles Kooe. Yee Wing "N" Vlnli l Varsity llzlsvliill Kvamme. Elaine Volt Stal? John Lambrose. Criss J. Lee. Richard C. Nuys' tilur' l'luli Lemons. Juanita J. lluuse llasketlnall Varsity llaskrtliall Leo old. Yolette P National llunul' Surlcty l.atiu l'luli llrclicst ra Lipkin. Seymour Loiselle. Lorraine l.ilu'ary Stall lloust' llztiltvtluall Rita Lowe. Mary Florence Mack, ldell Manarino, Mary Martin. Charles E. "N" fluli Varsity lfuutliall 'l'e-am 1.2-A C'umnu-ncernent Fum- mittee Lattu re. Vivien E. Service Fluls A Vappella Choir Leitz, Margaret Lemons. Marjorie Earline House Basketball Yarsity Basketball Lewis. Brown Student Council Lofrin. Billie Love. Betty Lynch. Myrtle Service l'lulu Lee, Jean Pres., Betsy Russ lluuse Student Council Etlitur-in-Chief uf .ZU2 House Paper Leland. George Leonard. Harriette Deliate iiillll Link. Bernie Logan. Jane Student Uouncil Vice-Pres.. Service l'lulw ti. A. A. Board Lowe. Leslie 'l'reasnrv:r. 202 1.2-A Social t'm1nnittce Maas. Geraldine Girls' Swimming ti. A. A, Board Maddox. Mildred Eugene Mallos' James Varsity lluekey Team House llasketluall Team Scrvite' l'luli Maras. Effie Mason. Walter Lilurary Staff l.atin l'lnli Track Tcani Markstrum, Roy Mawson. Ruth Varsity Basketball liirls' Golf Team li. A, A. Board Maxwell. Stewart McChesney. Ruth Service l'luI1 lluust' llziskctlrzill lluusm' lfirlwl llm-kt-v McGurk. James Varsity Swimming Teznu Pres.. llc-lsy Russ lluusm- McLean. Margaret M. Messervey, Edwin Milley, Nadine Mitchell. Ruth L. lficltl lluckey Morosky. Dorothy Morton. Richard W. Nmvveslci' Art Stull Murphy. Dorothy L. full Stuff Yztrsity ll:tske'tlv:All Yursily llnvl-cry McCaughan. Charles Wayne Yicvfl'i'1'si4Irttt, 2112 Nxniuiial llmmr Society Cult Stull' McConnor. Delores E. Mclsaac. Ruth Elaine Meister. Virginia M. Nl:wqiiers Vluli Michael. Peter Miltiadis. Ernest Moore. James Clark Service flulx Morrish. Roberta D. Mossontte. Andrea Newell. Georgia "Scril1:t", lizttiu Vlnlw Secretxtry. Siixniisli l'lnlv l.il1rziry Stull McCauley, Elaine .X l':rpln-llai Vhnir Yziixilp Swinnning McDonald. Shirley L .'Xclrr'l'!iwilig Xlziimgrl' Nurwtwtrl' Siva.. llrlsp Russ llullt McLean. John C. Merritt, Frank Mickens. Bernice liztptuiii. liirls' lluckr' 'Vcauu Mitchell. Marguerite Louise Latin Vluli Moore. Jane Morrow. Alice A Maplin-ll:i l'lmir Morley. Jack E. A Lxppella Klint: Stuileut llil'eclm' Newton. Mary Alice Spanish Vluli Nr-rvive' fluli Nicks. Ruth A Fzinpt-lla Choir Nystie. Charles V. Varsity lfimtlunll "N" liluln O'Neill, William A. Panayotides. Elizabeth Paton. Meredith Girls' Business l'lulv Pearsall. Donald Raymond A l'nppcll:i l'lulir ful! Slilff Penny. Emily Jean Poole. Gwendolyn Vice-l'resi4lent, .230 Pratt. Ernest Clell R. ll, 'l'. t'. Rifle Illfillll Racine. Don 'll-nnis 'l'e:un 'l'rt-:isiircr nf Student lliuncil Se-ninr llauul :ind Orclicstrzi Nowry, Irvine Wesley. Oake. Robert Ong, Clifford Charles Cluli Varsity lfontluill Pankey. Sidney L. liuuse Bzisketlmnll A Cappella Choir "A" Band Patridis. Christine llnnd liirls' Business Cluh Pearson. Ora Vivian llnuse Field lluckey Piper. Helen Adele Nurwestrr Staff A Clippellzl Choir Dance Club Potts. Eleanor Price. Alvin Mefford Student Uuuncil Varsity Tennis Team llnsketlmll Team Rauch. Virginia Ann l.ZfA C'nnunencemcnt Committee Nutt. Lorraine Owens Latin Club Spanish Club Olson. Shirley Ruth Service Fluh lNlr:nuu'ial lknnniittcv Owen. Shirley Parker, Jack B. l':ipt:iin, Swimming Team Vice-Pres., "N" Clulw l're:-Iiclent, Senior Class Payne. Forrest Pender. Vivian I. Pitz. Donald R. O. T. C. Officers' Clulv Senior Baud Student Council Powell, Doris Procter. Jeanne S. Vice-Pres.. Senior l'l:iss President of G. A. A. Varsity Swimming Tenn: Rawlins. Norma Renton. Marian National Honor Society Service l'luln Student Council Reynolds, Hazel G. Richey. Bill Roberts. Bruce B. 1.2-A Bzisketlmll 'l'r::im ILA lines Committee Rosenbrock. Ruth Marie Norwester Stntf A fzrppella Choir liirls' lloulnle Trio Rushing. Helen St. John, Janet Vice-President, Girls' Business f'lulu National Honor Society Varsity Swimming 'l'e-:im Scheibner. Daniel Schulz. Dora Scurlock. Del Vene Replogle. Bonnie Jean President of Student l'ouncil National llonor Society Norwester Statf Rheaume. Mary Lee Senior Band Senior llfCllt'SlY'il Latin fluln Ried, Aldridge llouse Track House Fnotliall Rogers. Aloma Roufos, Alice ti. A. A. Huzircl Ryan. Harriett Sauer. Elfriede Schoenberg. Doris Delphine Secretary. 2.21. t'onnneilcr'nwnt t'nnnnitt Schwalm. Donald Sewell. Hazel P8 Replogle. Bryson E. Stud:-nt Athletic Manager Rhodes. Sylvia Roberts. Blanche Rosenberg. Melvyn A l':ippcll:i Vhoir Rumohr. Irene Saddler. Willie Schaufelberger. Albert A National Honor Society ll:-lnnte Flulx Varsity 'IK-nnis Schroeder, Elinor Scott. Henry Shahfer. Pauline Shaheen, Edward Shampo. Kenneth Joseph Shelton, Dolores Smith. Etheldria Florena l'1't'sirlt'ut lloust- Nm'tllvvvslt-i'1i lbrum 51:15-we-1 Altnlt-rn llxulrm' lilulr Smith, Samuel Snell. Mary Margaret Sommerville. Chester Sperht. Arline Starks. Leroy M. Storgaard, Barbara Mae Srs'l'e-larry. Lanin l'lul, Sm'rx'irv Fluln Tappy, Leatrice Sherman. Charles Serge Smith. Joseph Smith. Vera Kirmith Ilmisc Barska-tlrzill Yursity llnskctluill hurl- Mlm- l lulr Snoek. Irene liirle' linsinvss Vlulv Sopko. Clara Spoerke. Louise C. Stuilvnt Council 12. A. A. Honrrl Nwwvstcl' Stull' Steele. Elyard Sutherland. David C. Shanks, Shirley Simmons. Elsie Smith. Richard Y'n'silv l"nnllrtll Smith. Virgil A. Snyder. Margaret Sparrow. Patricia M l'u-I'rt-sinlviit, ,lamv Au tin lluust- Seci't-t:il'y, liirls' llusmt l'lnli lit-lame' 1 lulu Staffin. Corinne Service- l'luli Girls' llucke-3' 'l'c-:un Stoball. Lillian Tandy. Louise A. lb-l'l'csirlx'llt, ,lzuw Austen l'i'cs.. Student l'uunt1l l louse llusketlmll lfmitlixlll Thayer. Evelyn Srt'x'icu liluli Nntilmzil llunur Soc: llns X Ftpptllt Illini Tigay. Harvey Timm, James L. 'l'i'c'1isi1rt'l'. l'luli Vznptziiii Frm- t'o1u1try 'I'i'v4isili'ei'. III4 Tousignant. Betty Trygar. Loretta li't':isiii'ci'. 11. A. A. Svry.. Girls' llusinrss Vlttln Nxiliuiizil ll:-um' Sncivty Tyree. Leota Virtanessian. Virginia Vltuil' K'lul1 Walker. Mary Walsh. Raoul D. l" srxv tluill Weeks. Andrew Wheeland. Dorothy Jane Whitlock. Phyllis Ida I-'ie-lil lim-key Tipper. Doris Troup. Gloria Tulloss. Martha Van Valkenbu rg. Vizzini. Phyllis Alice Walkowski. Mildred Walton. Audrey Weinert. Martha Mae llincc l'li1li l't'csitle'lil, 1 X Secy., Girls' Business Vliil- lj-A l'nnnm-noe-ixiriit l'mnn1ittc-e White, Thelma L. Tobin. Betty Lou Truhn. Margaret Vziptxiiii Girls' Yairsity Tennis 12. A. A. lixt-riitivv limi:-nl ll A Piillln-ity m..mnmi.-t- Turner. Flora Van Wagoner. John Ysirsity li:uki-tlnill Vliili Ya ii-4 ity 'I' c'iiii ir- Wagner, George David Wallace Audrey Weaver, Robert Weiss, Catherine Whitlock. Trene Q Pres., l-urls Hiisim-NN l'lnlv g'1flS llllalllfia lltlll U Ik-little llluli Nwwestet' SHUT 'vzitimizil fuliiiliitlm' lixulinintmi Vluli Wicks. Juanita Camellia Wikoffv BCYIY A Qippvllxi Choir Secretary. lillen ll. Rich- zirzls Vlul: Williams. Felix A. A llippcllii llllljll' lluust' Truult Willis. Johnetta Elizabeth St-1'viCz' l'luli lluusr- llzisl-ccilmll Wilson. Mary Worthy. Eunice Althea Varsity lluckey Siluml Yursity lluskctlmll All Pity "A" Ui'clics!r:i Young. Frederick A. Frirpurnl, R, ll, T. C. Williams. Frances Willsie. Marguerite Winters. Marguerite Wright. Mary Belle Zebley. Roberta Spanish l'luln Williams. Sallie E. Wilson. Marian Jean llelizite fluli Varsity Swimming 'l'r:nn Spanish Cluli Woodruff. Lois Ethel A llipprllzi l'huir Yeck. Norene Martin. Charles W. "N" l'lulv. ' ,A cu 4 n 1-.- -..-.,' . A F- ir f 1, 5 , . 1 .lf fx ' ' . ' -. - In H, ., 1 ,,s 4 ,J v 5 K 1 yn- . . ' - n ". 4 1 Ay a ' Y V I .,.v...Q,, i Tififsfgwffm :- 'za-1,1 '--v'f1,i:jpn:--mad :M . F . ""k -, 'Q--" x.. 'f ,-' F , H lc ., Mahi- 2144 4. QM-54 All-V,--A if -.QE rfsix J yu . J .."L4 z- .M -' .g.:L J? ,. wa Jig:-w-'1,+ A 'N may giMW-Q t 'v":' Q Q '.p,"'AA.i V , " 'W ,.,Q -- ,,."" . . J. A :f!."-1-91. , J-1" ,A 4 -' .. rifv-.K--L, :J 34:5 ' . dell' 5 1TI,gm 1?-m"f4f. :., .'1vg.'g9gy, aff. , , rfg- ZA' 1.,I' . Tngf'7igMfA:vQT:M.'1v.v I.-1, .A - P'-iw A-9.1.41 . 1 ' ,u.-"""1, - ,LL 1, 43 -fi may W 3 4 mg. , in 1 , , , W 3 'Iva Y. I ' .. - ,ms xx F1 'i '- ' 1' g., 1- F3 34.1-fi ' hr. . ,. c,1.,+..- -..,'- v ' if 23615.12 , E. 4 'H"',Q'f L14 7-':"f--- Lff 'I fa . -. ., 14 V 1 1 "1 ,nf l ."w1' X f M :'- ' -' V '-.Q'. v .1 1 . 4 11. .5.fvz'15g.'w:-,I e . r 1- I 1, 4-Ai . . 17,-M . l 1 ' 335-1se, f'f4"1+7f'a ,iq 5994?-1i491"f - -4 f - A' 5, 5" 4 I ?'4W'T-if 1 Q ' 4 ' ' , - 'M . K- . . ' 4.,. 'F ,N """'1v -Ah . Mg xg W 1 . A If 7 X -,:'.J"' .1 Q ' . l , x . HQ,-U , -.JL e ff" ' , 5 , it ' 'FM leg. .Minn .. , V .1-if-. . ,ggi . . V ' 4 pl. ' 1.:"1 u Q - lt " W f' 4 ' 3 ,Sz I we . -.,1""1' , . v' . . 1 l' j- 4- .lv ' er f vqqn, ' ' I WMM: . -- , '- rl NK .:A.,qA,, ' H 1: 2- 1. . 'Q - K -' a1w'Ev:nTL ' , , . Q I -. , 4' H' ' I lv' 4 v 5 4' L . -. , Y 1,1 Fm, "JL . , , E- .fy , 'Q :".f v' Z ' , Y , ,. ,, ii. , . 5 J ,Q f'-i.'-1.7.1. . A R. ,Q .3 "f -4 Ti ,1.r:y5-,L,-3ni'- rf E .f.g,,9,, 3 lfvn 5 uf , 3 v. ,, 1 ff w .Lf +- .vm ' , - 4 'I --474eras.:g i A ' L55 :Qyif'x!f" fig, 5 ,Q -. WJ , 4 xr 1' ' wg.. 3, , X A t 'I L nw f , :Q K iw' fn ' W' X .,. 1 'I Z!! i , 1. A QLKL' t' -fl xv- Mt' ,4 1 Y 4 . 1 .1 15.5 ' 'WN ' 1 e " ' ., A vc, -- . mi' 35' ' ' ni 'kg f9.2,.i Q .V I . 1-1-gV1g, .. ' V -,I . 1. . u . - H. .y '54 ' A ' I.-'.-2 Y -"' .-:fra .,f.r1a fi' 2 S' ,.f,..5 Ti A V vm, qi. .. ,GJLQA-454, L5 -1 .-., .'E14.:, - , M ,. . 'A 'L m bkf ., ,,.,, 53, A bf 5 xl? in Q 'Pri' 1-' 651. 5 I Q H .. ,A 1 1 .H-M., w , ' r Q 1. .,., , - , f . 'all ,J . Y' f i r- Q V ,. ,M . 1 3 A . .. 1-nj, 37-?FxP'i,w:1L 45-Q I , T -1 V 44, PPDQW P79007 F599 ZUOCUHUJ +1 .,,.., .. ' ,. .s.. s. .. l'i1'.t'l liwrt' lst'.llt'tlI: ll. lliiii SIN. In ll It itlimt t I ihlt lx l.ulult-5, VI. Hiller, lx liiivllx I lliktltkt X lxlk Iliu R 1 uituiuu lx Ixnurl, : , . I I R. llrt'sst'i'. ll. l'i ' tg' N ru, v . . , . ler. A. I.xeli:ulk. SWI ING E M Northwestern's swimmers had it much their own way this year except when their perennial rivals. XVestern High. defeated them 57-34. lVlost of the points were scored hy Captain .lack Parker and Jim lVlcGurk who. swimming in five events. won seventeen consecutive firsts. Other letter winners were Crawford. Brining and Cfruden who devel- oped his style enough to become the team's leading diver. The spring program of meets included military swimming skills, such as swimming under water and swimming with heavily loaded packs. GOTB LL TE Mal Stamper captainecl this year's team through a very successful season, After bowing I3-0 to U. of D, High in the opening game. the Colts finished a diflicult schedule unde- feated. The high point of the season was the 6fO win over a highly favored Mackenzie team, Here the linemen smothered the Stags' passing attack. while Don Schwalm drove through late in the game for the touchdown. Charles Nystie was named All State Tackle. He. Prob Vorpagel and Mal Stamper were the outstanding linemen: Hal Pink. Don Schwalm and Dick Dresser were the hackfield men who drew the cheers. The team finished second in the west side race, limi SlxIll'lLL'U llztxis, tv. Iirzmt, ll, Helm. XX e:tvt'l': .Yin untl lx',f:t': t ii it h Xlillvr. .X. llastx I tluwleii lt'.f:t': II. Se-ttt. t. Nlaitm XY. IX'iltsli'. Xl. Stziiupt-r, X 1'lt-ll:lu. V. N5sIit'. I". llirlivinli .Mwwritl Ii'ff:t': .X. lI.qiklt-i, lx uk, l.. t..tIIt glit-l'. t'. Hug: llrinl fu V4 itll III lui Il Ni il vi- i N, Xezill, lx. Hal-h. l Ill:-lit R. Smith. Ii. Yan liau. I lfziliesp lftmrlli lt',i7.4g IL R. ii Ingle. R. 'lit-:islt-5, l.. I4 In-s. l Xlxiukrv. XY. I tu vs '1- l llmi, ut ith li l.iiivll:eigt'r. li. l".mei'lt. -I. itil Ill l.:uirw. l. l'.iikel', ,I. Xlvfiulk I'.. I'iuk4'rtnn. .X. lmikitu I mlm l"ir.rI li'o1:': ll. Pink. R. Dresser, J. Ashley, j. Holt. R. 'l'c-asley. .Yrrnnd li'o1v: R. lialvin, ll. Ram- sey, J. Hzimnwnil. F. Bielmzm, R. Knight, ,l. Dixon, Third Row: Vuzieh Bishop, J. llaminni. C. Ong, ll. Avnclikinn. ll. johnson, l'. Sumnwrville, G, Harvey. lfuurflz li'n':n: fi, Black, M. Mend, J. ls.i.u. ll. I , .. N. Micknelizui, T. jnuml. l'l1'.v.' li'u':1': liozwll Russell, R. linker, A. Film, R. lislmonclson, I.. Bourne: .Tl't'0ll4l lfmv: I.. llougliton, E. Scott, If Vain Hu- ren. J. Timm, E. Steele, I.. Daily. BASEBALL TEAM Although this article is written well in advance of the actual playing season, early practice sessions indicate that the "Colts" will put a strong "nine" on the field this year. Coach Sam Bishop has an almost complete team of lettermen returning. The pitching should be good with such veterans as Jack Ashley, Alan Barkley and Jack Dixon doing the hurling. Joe Holt will be back on the receiving end, and the inneld and outfield will be studded with such experienced players as Ron Teasley. Hal Pink. Dick Dresser. Jim Hammond and Frank Bielman. The much discussed "dead" ball will doubtless make for lower scoring and tighter fielding, but we are confident that our "Colts" will adapt themselves to the situation, and we wish them "good luck". CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Unable to beat their ancient rival, Cooley, in three dual meets and in the west side championships. Northwestern finally triumphed over them in the city meet. the score being Southwestern first with a 32. Northwestern 71, and Cooley 76. At the close of the season, the lettermen, Bob Edmondson, James Timm, Alan Finn. Romeo Baker, and John Keramedjian, met and elected James Timm captain. George Kuhn's ineligibility was an unexpected blow. but the new men came through in good style. Their showing testifies to the ability of their new coach, Mr. James Russell. Bob Edmondson set a new mark of 9:41 :8 for two miles on the new Palmer Park course. Reploge 9 lleilges. far Hire: I. '. '. sell. ll. llwssel. ll. Repluglt' lltrklvy, l., llourmx i l BASKETBALL TEAMS John Damian, Joe Evans and Ralph Fennell are the top players of a lOth Grade Team that went through four games undefeated. Cooley. Southwestern. Ghadsey and Wilbtir Wriglat all fell before them. Much of their success is the result of James Russell's expert coaching. The llth Grade Team went through the season undefeated. "Sparked" by Dick Dresser. this quintet smothered all competition. lt was a high scoring outfit with such other stars as Hal Pink. Ron Teasley and Alan Finn. And this is by no means the end. Vklhat a lZth Grade aggregation it will be next year! Although losing several games, the llth Grade Team did very well. Working with inexperienced material. his time divided between two teams. Coach James Demaree produced a combination that showed steady improvement and lost the last two games by only two points. The Team "clicked" because of the fine co-ordination of all players. Van Wagoner. Barkley. Biehlman. Dixon and Captain Hammond. who was also high scorer. lam Szxtu-four . . H. . .nu 1 fmt" l'1r'.rI It'u:i': ll. It-.islet ll. l l'1r'.vl lihrrt li. Selli-ts, I. Ill In I lx 1 X in XX :gum-1. dl I :n11t'l'oil. Al. llalmtttll, l l van ll Nl ni X ill l l llmirllt: l. liuurk. R. l"t'mu'll, l lllqmclixirtl. ll. -lultii-rim, Il. Ru A. l'lnl1, A. fXN:ullkl:u1. rlvtcll l lleln:u'ee. .Nrfnilil Ii'n l YYlu-t'l1'i', Il. Ruins:-5, ll. 511-1 x I, llznnmuml, I . Hug. X Prnt 5. Mel.:-iulf-ii. .Mwnril :Cv 1 tfmeli Al. ll1'vu:u'et-, ll, R lri-it l'. llir'lm:tn, il, kan Xkagoin-i'. X I-:rxl li'n':i': ll, lllnncliairil. A. l'ric:', ll. Bnllingtun. ,l. llem- zuree. Srmmi Kuw: J. Yam NYM!- uner. .l. l"ussm'r, A, Sclmnfcl- lierger. I'n'.vt li'n':i': M. VN rsiiwrt, l.. jnhnstmi. l'. Amlams. M. Kaplan- izm, T. Unch. ,Yvmud Raw: Il. llcnish. M. Chzilaipis, N. Trnlfizin, ,l. l'rnChlr G Gilmour BOYS' TENNIS TEAM It is a tribute to the popularity of tennis that there is to be a season at all this year. Because of war conditions, it is diflicult to get all materials. The Colts have a team that is well fortified with top-flight, experienced players. Among those returning from last year are John Van Wagoner, Don Racine, Al Schaufelberger, Alvin Price, and Jim Reason. Coach Demaree will again be on hand to help with his valuable experience and knowledge. This year's Colts will have to "go some" to duplicate last year's record, but we are sure they can do it. GIRLS' TENNI TEAM The tennis team began a good season this year with all the girls out in line trim. With a line up of four schools for competition, Captain Margie Truhn set a fine example of sportsmanship for her team. With only three veterans back again this year, the team started almost from scratch. The returning members were Pat Adams, Minerva Chalapis and Jeanne Proctor. Lois Johnston, Cirace Gibson, Margaret Kaplanian, Theodora Ciach and Lois Hilgendorf were the girls who joined the squad. Mrs. Mildred Dunn is the faculty sponsor to whom the girls give their thanks for fine coaching ability. Page Sixty-five II mlxiit 4' Rum I , . . ililiolfl. l'. Ilt'x1't'ls, Ii. Xlclniiwilll .5'rru11il . . . . Ju xi. II. 1XI't'IlIml4I. II. Nvuoii. GIRLS' HOCKEY TEAM Witlm only four seasoned players returning. the Girls' Hockey Team encountered the usual difhculties which beset any team that is new and unaccustomed to playing together. Although lacking in experience. under the coaching of Miss Elsie Watson. the girls played a fast game and showed plenty of enthusiasm and good spirit. Of the five games played. but one was won. However. the Reserve Team forecast better things to come next year by winning four oi' its five games. Yes, things are "looking up", and prospects are bright for next year. Bernice Mickens was captain of the team. GIRL' GOLF TEAM The girls' golf team was again under the expert guidance of Mrs. Prudentia Carty. She coached the team to a succesesful season. and much credit is due her. Pat Beyreis' good play in the matches shows that she had practiced well. A great deal of credit should be given Ruth Mawson. Helen Archbold, Grace Archbold and Dorothy Block. The team had matches with Central. Highland Park, and Southeastern. and then played in the city finals. All in all. the girls really did .1 line job. and we hope that they will do as well next SCJSOYI. I 1 Stxlu-six u . 1. I.. Ina ll. Sena-Il, VII.. Nlqielu-its., I, Iii I linrri X. ,Inge s 3 . 1. . I I xm ut NI II iight ii. II. II, Ret-tlt-r. I . llnimp-ml. .X II.tll. XI. RIA I I x, Ilunl li'f::i' . 's 'at lx, If Xliliittim-lil, I" Krug In ':': 4. .Xgiwxy . ll Iliirwl. A. XXUHII5, I.. Ilmi Ii II 'liirklm-. II. Xleflaiiiuitt. Nlilli-5, I'. Ihirl. Ii. Maxx-1-il. Nl 1'Ilt'l'i'y, NI, Imlimiis, I-anti-Ii Il mu. I: vi li'.f:uZ alias XY.uts:-xi, YI. Sl. Illn, II. -IiIIu'rt. NI. Xartxlliz-f I ii. NI. glillit-rl. I'.. Iwtfgc-i'.il:I. X Xlarkle, I,. Irygzir. .Srumzil l,. I . I.. Alnlliismi. -I. NX ulsmi, I'.. I I I iikin l XI in X X 4.. I lk 1 'XI n -ke infix-, VI. .Ilinsm1, WI, I.u mx. 'llfl H ii 'NI I II L Iliitiiiau. I'.. Iluil. Il. Iic'ii1sI1,Il, 'XI rqiiaimlt, NI, Ili':ipei'. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM This year the girls' basketball team again fought their way through a diHicult schedule. Under the guiding hand of Mrs. Mildred Dunn, the team went far. Captain Nadine Milley had good support from Hazel Tickle, Althea XVorthy, Ruth Mawson and Minnie Cherry. The highlight of the season came when the boys' basketball team played the girls. The fellows dressed as girls. and although the sacred rules of basketball were broken, it was really a fine game. The N Club and the G.A.A., co-sponsors of the game. had a healthy pile of "mazuma" as proceeds from the big turn-out of Northwestern students. GIRL' SWIMMING TEAM The members of the girls' swimming team, captained by Edna Hartman. once again plunged into a new season of work and fun. This year the team practiced diligently on stunt swimming until they attained the agility of dolphins. They learned how to make cart wheels and how to form other water patterns. On May Zl. the team and repre- sentatives of the swimming class. under the friendly and capable sponsoring of Miss Elsie Watson, put on a aquacade. At this affair the members performed a mock mar- riage ceremony. a three ring circus, and a buggy race, besides other remarkable feats. Music for the aquacade was supplied by one of the local bands. . ,: ' " . i. , 1: 4. . . in li'n7i'2 I'. illiign . ilu 'IIN-ll. VI. l'rm'Iiir, If. v n 1 e .V L T v. V 1 . V 3 ' L ' " . ,. ' ' Q-' '-Vp' " v Q' V gf ' ' - .4 A 'M ' f,V .N -V .- ' H 'V 1: - 4' V V .V az V,.'i -4, ' VHF V1 - V . V C-, V , . V V VV V . .. V V. Y - I ' V Hx. V "QL, .V V. - - ' f' V. V .gl .4 I .,,, if V, -. 1 ' V' V, 3 V' I ' ,I V ' 5 1 . ..e,, V , L V-V,N1',3,j2,,,-I, 1 - . J- LVVfVV'V.n, N V -4. V Q. 4 . ' V V" 4.1 lg " Q 'rs V V vx.-V I ' 'B . -V A , I ' V V T-,.Y If ' VV,-V1 ,V W 'V 'P t V ' If graze . Ve-'VL V . - xl ' V V. "1'Q..'-tif' Lv. .-N.-41 ' '1.',. " V 1 F Y V V . V V. JH! ' :V 1-' ,,- ,., Q, C I , Y . , . " 'Z ' 'I' Vfr,-K, V gV+- -f 1 . PQ, VV 1 ,V V V V j--I ' .VJ V 5-'Saw-' .V ' ' ffm' 2 ' f Va F ' ' 1 A VV"-1 VVJ7, J I V V , ' I V L Vx V. .. W' V 2 f"' 9. um if' ft' likflif , -V' " a K"-'Ji " . - VVVQ-...Lil V W . HV .V is:-.V .2 E f .. I W. V V.-. -, V1 ,J Qt-K -S n . if-4 F11 4' ..Z ft' -V 'if'-7 - -55,3 . I., ,. VV.. X ., 1' Lili . , ' 'WVV 'V' r . . VA.. , V ,Vr .VV A. -1 15 ,,,V" 1. kv- WV :.V-V .V5'.4ffV 1 .5 .. V5 . ,l,.A Ji' s 'M .z ?' .- V 1. 4 ' N. sn. i?Tf'. ' nV.- ' sf -la --V 3 A' ' f V. V' Vw. fs ..,.- wi -jiri' :MV Z1 '- V.. V an f A V 1 .WV I -V. 'A Vv 'Vx E.. ,gif 1 n .EF 0 V . vu ' ' x if . i '. ,:' . 2 ' V ,gm V Hg. ," I 1' 4 V V W A xl.. '. ' ks' - l' , h H! SVA 1 V f "W , "wi 'VV --Vx, V N.. . -V , , ,1 , 'V . .V. ' , V' 'V' ..V V V ' V V Ag... V V ' .:, -' V flv 5 ' 1. '. . - PU' V V 'g V X V . "' . I ' V, U' V Q ' 4 V . 2 ' Y V . v ' 4 U V Yf'!V'V,f7 '. .nj . 1 " V' I' 5 I' . V' ' ' "' I - 1 , L , .VV aj Z-- - b x G A UA ,I u V V I X V . V .I- RI-. Q I V I ..u V i Q 5 vb , V V V - . 'X Y R' -V . , ,- V , ' VV . VV V . " I V lf' . - iv . ' . b lg . V ,1h.Vl,. , V' . , . r': if ' 4 ,Vgwfg-,-V VVV,,VV1'gTfWf-1' 1, .Vg Tai .,V '-' Q, 34 'F 13, V V, - ax - V V I .sr . ' if A A ,. I , I' V-V ' 1 V r ,IV -V ' V 'Lx 1,7 41 VVV -11-'fV ..f ' V' V V ,' 'f Y s " 'P '1 Vp.: 5V ,L -...O ' . YA .".f?V .V . I . V - V W, .rf , -. ...X 'z I4 V V4 .V V ' ' ' .M Y Ay .255 r in V 1, V. A! V in ' ff Aki. H 1 :il 'ff' 5 t' '2' fl-'if' :Qi "'1VV"-f1Ve'f"QZg' fx-LP" 9,5145 Vw .v 1 -1-V gg, 'Va gg A' MQ. .V-- 'i, ' .I-x-11 ,- 'ff Vf .,'1V -" 'Y' ' I V UV wg . VY'-if . V! - V-- V 'Z " -1 V V ... VV V is -Kg Y 1 " A 5: Ir'-- .'V4..'-" ,. " .Vk VV . IV A ,V54rAgV..v,: ,HE A, .V 14 . ,, VV-V .Vw ,.-pf-1 Vindllv' V win. .-',.l,cVfV'-g,V.,VVV 3.1-' fy, J V :VV xx 'nv V31 .5157 :VT4 Q, , V' V ...,ivA.,, V-W.. 2 i-.'3.,..V ,TE ,. V V V V Y - A. 3 a V - V .,. M , V , Vt, . - V 5, MV Q, . 1 xx .V ff V V .gf . F3 v-1 2, 7' 4-pgqb 0007 f7?0f77 BONDS STAMPS 003363 we DISSERTATION ON A ROAST WEENIE In recent weeks there has been much discussion about weenie roasts. The general conclusion, I am sorry to report, is that these outings are not only useless, but even destructive. This opinion has been formed by some of our greatest minds, but it seems that none of them has ever been close to a hot dog, roasted or otherwise. CWhen I say "roasted", I refer to the hot dogs, not the owners of the minds.j Because the Commit- tee for the Investigation of Weenie Roasts is so greatly misinformed, something should be done to enlighten them. I, then, shall champion the cause of the lowly weiner. Let us imagine that we are invited to a weenie roast. This is just plain wishful think- ing on our part, for we don't know anyone who would invite us. For this reason, we shall hold our own shindig. There is a great deal of enjoyment to be derived from the purchasing of the essentials, such as weenies, a roast, and a bottle opener. This is especially true if you have nothing to do with it. Once having obtained the funda- mentals, let us venture forth on our little voyage. Our destination lies about ten C105 miles distant: therefore, there is a definite need for some mode of transportation. Having called roll, we discover that there are twenty-six people and two cars. Now that we have arrived at our destination, the roast is the thing. I don't like roasted hot dogs. In fact, you've guessed it: I don't even like hot dogs. With this thought foremost, I unwrap my portable nine course dinner, which I always carry with me. fSemper paratus: except February which has twenty-nine.D This creates a state of utter confusion, which was admitted to the Union in 1807, and we all decide to play football. During the next twenty minutes, eight people are disabled, which makes the trip home much more comfortable. One of the more thoughtful members of our little clan has brought a portable vic- trola, victable portrola, vactable portfolio, which plays all the latest records. It also has a tendency to repeat-to repeat-tO repeat. However, those of you who can dance. may pass many enjoyable hours this way, as far as I am concerned: while those of us who do not dance, may simply pass. There is still another pastime peculiar to the Weenie roast, that of sailing flattened marshmallows. The proceedure is something like this: Take one mashed marshmallow and throw it violently into the air and then forget about it. Next, take your date, or any- one handy, and look for the marshmallow. You'd be surprised how many people are lost this way. Now, to get back to the people whom we left dancing to the portable vic- trola, victable por-3 come now, let's not go through that again. These poor souls, except Harry who is a heel, have given vent to their emotional energy to such an extent that all of my vitamin pills are gone. Also. all of the hot dogs are gone, and, after a few minutes of deliberation with myself, I decide that we should be gone too. At this point, I am confronted with a serious problem. There are still twenty-six people and two cars: consequently, there is still a definite need for some mode of transpor- tation. Once home, I find that everyone has had a very good time: that is, except Harry, who never has a good time. So you see, kiddies, that the weenie roast is a very important custom. For this reason, I am sure that on next election day, November 4, you will all vote "YES" on the question, "Shall the Weenie roast be perpetuated?" ROBERT ROSE Paar. Sc Uenry 55 5? i fr - em , .,,. A v , ' f' f if . is rt , if ' -, 11,1-I To you graduates-you who have al- ready earned a generous measure of success - we offer our sincere congratu- lations. We hope that for many years you will again and again enioy the photo- graphic portraits we were privileged to make for this book and that the training you have received will bring you new and greater successes to make the future truly happy for all of you. ,nesiunios I d STROH BUILDING, DETROIT 28 ADAMS AVENUE, WEST 91:5 Also 525 Harrison Street, FLINT ' f X 5 1 I, w All 'fl W I T t"'rf! ,C s f' I , N 0, 'Lf W fl , ui ' if sf 'J MM- ! -'Q' lag J V ,,, ,Y . ?! 4 X X' .3'ffg,, , 1, ty Nlpdff N ' UW A x C3 1 "1 '. 's ei' A " Q N V1 .WWW 5 HN Q I o ihg g Cx. . s N X cifr . A ' f' A ' W ' . I N r f 5 4, 'gp YSNQO I' Wm ' t l Z, U lpxiii- ,ff ' S' V , Rte N55 5 ' W , - j Xa f n ef' un t Ji i H 9 J 4 A w vi IV . x A M Q ' A fm' u ll 1 af! xt L - wxrri f R "Y . XR xxw' 1 I N ig .uv I 1 H H ll' T Q , --ff" 1- .9 WEST WARREN CONFECTIONERY 3374 West Warren Avenue Potent Medirines, Tobacco, Ice Cream Notions, School Supplies, etc. DEMPSEY'S MARKET 1710 Merrick The Complete Foodstore TY. 4-8936 THE DIEPRINT COMPANY Quality Printers J. H. Bek TY. 5-2823 PATTERSON SERVICE STATION Mobilgas - Mobiloil Tire and Battery Service - Accessories TYLER 4-8950 8140 LAYNTON at Yicknhurg NORTHWESTERN SWEET SHOP Hot Dogs -- Hamburgers A Sodas AND "Juke Box" STINSON FUNERAL HOME 5455 Tillman Ave. 'I X . 4-800-n TY. 4-R900 BEVERLY'S PHARMACY McGraw at 25th Fountain Service Drugs and Sundries Prem-rll tl nu f lly I 1 I l Pane Seuentu-four HAMWAY'S COMPLETE MARKET 4303 Tireman FRASER DRUG CO. 7406 Grand River Ave. For. Lothrop Detroit Compliments of CHARLES FURNITURE Co Complete Home Furnishers 7360 Grand River Ave. lil r tl-2100 lI'v Tclrgraph FRANK J. YOKES CITY FLORAL SHOP 5711 Grand River 1'rmnN IlrIiw'r' . 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You'Il find working conditions pleasant and associates congenial . . . stable employ- To lemf' more about 'lm ment with manv opportuni- lnterestlng war worlc, con- ' gulf your Counselor, or ties for advancement. visit the Employment Office, 1365 Cass Ave. MICHIGAN BEll TELEPHONE COMPANY Page Seventy-six r 'f mm- 13-5,l'gy5s14qn1q-gygsfx C0m1Jlime1ltS of "Flowers add to our joys and comfort us in our sorrows, and in ROGERS 8: GRAN ADA THEATERS wartime we will need them more than ever." Y HENRY FORSTER Fine Flower Gifts lllllllll!!llllllllll me Zeller Jporis fougomeni No matter what the sport is "GO RAYL EQPIPPEIV' Over four generations of sportsmen, young and old, have experienved the added value of knowing' that "FROM RAYIIS COMES TI-IE RIGHT EQUIPMENT FOR ALL SPORTS," and what they own from Ra.yl's will give lasting satis- faction. That's the only kind that Rayl's sells. Complete Team Outfitters A A f ' A we 3 con STA Page Seventy-seven Phone 'IW ll-r 3-0400 aml FLORENCE YOKES HUHIP Flowers for all occasions Portraits 8006 Grand River at Columbus Studio Quality l De""i"Mlch' l HINKSTON STUDIOS PHOTOGRAPHERS eff' - 7447 Grand River Ty. S-4480 ACCOUNTANTS NEEDED IN WAR AND IN PEACE A very real shortage of qualified high school graduates to till accounting posi- tions exists today. There is an urgent need for women accountants. l WALSH offers a time-saving, inten- sive Accountancy Course in evening school classes beginning September 13, 1943 Serve your country and insure your future by preparing in evening school classes at WALSH for important and high salaried accounting positions in war and in peace. A i WALSH INSTITUTE A professional, coeducational school of Accountancy and Business Administration 120 Mudlmm Ave.. lla-lrolt l'A. 5130 Write or 1-ull iinmecliutely for details about this prat-tit-al course. RU BY'S MARKETS 4701 Moore Place 5400 23rd TY. 4-9663 TY. 4-9667 V Fruits, Vegetables Groceries, Meat Beer, Wine This space cosi me 54.00, so look at if, Gol Dern Ya! A Friend Have your angels had the Dee-Tees lately? If not, try MISS GREENES private tutoring Ponies for all subjects Page Seventy-eight r W ' "7--' Y L' -1 -,.' 4-:Z A '- WV 35 I 4 U f Y czilzj ' O fm 9 V .,.... K ,72 f 63319 ' W f' , -' Lf V M WI: "":4-f , f K .ss-'-.'-1'-A 144'--'W F F' W ' 'Q -I '-u ' f' ,, -- f . f 472 ZA . '.-4 WPS? 51531 1' It ",-- ' 1'-21 ru' I . A ff '12 ' -r V ' 73? ?11!.'i'Zf1S--.' , 'r -:fp 'QQ "y d, j ' 1 T-gfnfl .1 f 4 gif "g,,7,7aj,2l -'J' PM u , r.,7 lx ,fhfffg 9 mf 3 fr ffffffj W 4411: 32' -'5:.:T--! x'mL-!i-55-.l1'il.l'5S fa' .. D m f .,,-' XY f c,,4g.', r fjfz E , 1' , ,121 A , :i.+ -ARK 'E-.5-,wx 5,q:s!,'7. ' f" kt Lax? A f fvf, ,,, f fy f, f ' '- ,, 1, , 1-' , .- If fl? -1 "X f 2 ,Ax 'FA L' rf gn , J, ' ll mf fff -af, 'r: 7?E: 'f tm' M,-.-0, A ,, , .4d,',y'!,',f:?G if if 'f ,f - 1Erg.2xgH:f22'.1'.'.A ' U? ff l!,.,gyFf ,Q X1 Xf f , '32 .,..Q'5. .41 y.:y,h -1-gvff' 1 I y u w .lf 'f 141' 5f'."'f-f?'?"3' Q 5-' I, , , - I 0 1,4 .1,f,. .x. 4+ - .- f fl ,-of ,Q'l,7,,, I, x - 4 ,fvmlw 44 ,Ia-.. '-x...-3-':.,, 'Q' 'fu 'fl g,,L,I',I..'-V5 'K-if , l .0 Njiiaqw-955475412 ifiyfh-I . .Jig ' f O gggffff , -' ,, f f 'T"Z'91 ' W 4i56' : .fy fn. ' ' ' Z -, -:':g5' ,, 1-, , ,, "L ' 1- 5 Cffgf '.2ffA'3'a5vi.,42?.q' ,ff Q4-'f1'pr : fy'-127 , .v M17 ,l I I Wm ZLL.. ,','...,,, 'WM' Jqkq k, I., 4.5: I " 'J T '- ' ,'-- J- 'HX ' 'Isla 'v- gf? ,G .zf,f?faga2w5g.q.,5f:.' tw, I ,fy ,ffp-+'5q,7 f ww f' H ' - ' .-1" UTM nw'-x.1"f1i-21' 0 ' 3 f . , HG 'X Q "' " - ' I-xi' !I'. -""-'fx fr! ' ,f -, f f M V 1.1, J -1 . . -".- '41 .y-- X iff' .mf-.4 ww ff ff f , -: ffz4Muf.: f. I . 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W, ENGRAVE s ,wwmkg MAKE-f?5 OF HALFTONES ETCHWGS flkgj COLOQ 121206555 PLATES f.f, ,.::sgO3 -:. 'L' ,, 1. ,ff --' : is-GL 317-'fiii COMME CIAL ARL STUDIO " 'V' XE Q-QQ HV? :Q ,e. , I 'll I Yu v-0 'Y ' Mfg 955'- f FZ .-4, n1'f"' ,'-ff7,L. A 775776 AND MECHANXCAL D WING K' PHOTO DETOUCHINGQ' .706 K7'-Hg-'-Q62 -jicm' cr Co. 573 .Sel?eEZ6IjfEj'zevel Defmf' 'M"Ch- RandaZ2g37g3199 Tffssilx' p4"',','g'N.-J H1 .fx- '-1:0152 -- .A .x-jg' -pX.L 4 1-1' 0 i '62 -T tg-X , . Y, K K f , 1 A A , ' I Q - V -95 ,., - Y 1 Q - X nf fqyy l vi ,,,,.4i3:f f X ,, 1 Q b - J Xl, A,-:X x x , ?f-f z , A cLc'?'x. xi- P rf, -Q - 3- -f - 4555 ' , , 1, if - , if-r ., NN -vw 3 f K XX M -1 bis, O , ' 154 K "!"'X - f.,-:- ' Ai: -'f V Page Svuvnly-ninv FOOTBALL GAME Dear Harry: It is certainly too bad that you were unable to attend Saturday's football game, for it was really a joy to behold. It is for that reason that I am taking this opportunity to let you know what you missed. Of course, the official report will be in the papers, but they may miss one or two important points. To begin with. I am a bit vague on the events of the first half, because I didn't arrive until the second half. However, I did manage to learn that the score, at the end of the first half, was six for one side. and nothing for the other. As a matter of fact, it might have been the other way around: I'm not sure. Between the halves, everybody gOt up and walked around the field twice. As a result of this, nobody had a good seat when he returned. I, for one. didn't have any seat, so I didn't see much of the second half, either. Aside from the game on the playing field, there were several other games going on in the stands. One of these, I later learned, was an intricate little thing called "Pass Amos". This game interested me to such an extent, that I inquired into its history. It seems that, once upon a time, there was a little jerk by the name of Amos. CHay uno pequeno gerko quien se llama Amoso, as the Spanish say it.J At the various football games, he made himself so obnoxious, that the spectators in the top row of the stands, where Amos always sat, passed him, hand to hand in a manner none too delicate, to the spectators in the bottom row. The latter passed him back to the top again. and this action was repeated until the fans lost track of Amos entirely. Most likely he was stuffed under the bleacher seats and was eventually swept up with the rest of the rubbish. So much for the history behind this popular pastime: now for the modern version. In this case, the subject's name does not have to be Amos. In fact, it is not even requisite that the subject have a name. He is firmly grasped by someone in the top row and thrown through the air at someone in the bottom row, who. in retaliation, Cor any other languageb, heaves him back to his original position. These operations are repeated until the victim's neck is broken and an army of first-aiders descend upon him in a deliberate attempt to seal his doom. Another interesting sidelight of football is the cheer leader. It is his function to direct the vocal efforts of the crowd in such a way that they will be most effective. He boldly takes his stance in front of the fans and the cheering begins. It is inspiring and gratifying to hear the unanimous response to his actions, as the crowd shouts, "Down in front". This is not the desired result, however: so, undaunted, the cheer leader tells the audience in no uncertain terms that they are to help the team to victory with cheer number forty-two. Nobody knows this cheer, so it must be explained. At the count of four, everybody must rise and count from twenty to seven, and back again to twenty, by two's. As anyone can see, this will put the "old fight" back into our team. As the cheer leader counts to four, everybody responds at once, and the stadium is filled with the supervised outlet of emotions, of which any cheer leader might be proud. Yes, at the count of four, every single person in the stands emits, boisterously, the school battle cry, "Down in front". This unexpected reaction so disheartens our little leader of the cheer, that he goes the way of Amos. Of course, you remember what that is, but if you don't, it's your own fault for not paying attention. Well, Harry, that's about all that happened, except for the game itself, which looked like all the others to me. If. perhaps, there is some little detail which you do not quite understand, don't come to me with your problems: I'm sick of the whole business. Dubiously yours. Bob. Page Eighty NEW CLASS Dev and Evening School I We specialize in ladies' dresses WAR EMERGENCY COURSES Uncle Sam Needs You Right now it would seein to he the part of good citizenship to put aside long- runge educational planning and train for immediate service. This is almost an obligation. Luc-k of properly trained help is ham- pering the war effort---over 700 needed in one 2lgSlli'y alone. Stenogruphers, typists. calculating xnuchine operators, 11Cl'0lllllEllliS, ete. Special streamlined eourses for men und women preparing for War Emer- gent-y positions. Courses require S weeks, 16 weeks, and 20 weeks. de- pending on content. Phone CA. 1205 for catalog. -ef' ' 'X O Plmnt' . CA, 1205 for Infurumtinn Detroit Business University l'nitwl Artists Bldg. lfllltlrv Illtll Floor CROSSTOWN CLEANERS 1311 Lysander TE. 1-6333 Call for and Deliver I Do you have trouble breaking leases? Call on MAYHEM. Incorporated Dislocations, fractures, concus- sions our specialty. Wide selec- tion of goons from lst, 3rd and 5th hour classes CLASS RINGS 34.95 up Easy terms PEACOCICS Jewelers Opticians 7314 Grand River at Grand Blvd. Do you suffer from loss of appetite after a full meal? Do you feel out of breath after running up eight flights of stairs? That's TOO bad. BLAND PRINTING COMPANY RAndoIph 6150 . . 230 W. LARNED STREET . . DETROIT Page Eighty-one CAP iff az WILLSIE AND GOWN and the ju -"Grads" m' wearing tio PAUL A. WILLSIE Q W FORT STREET DETROIT MICHIGAN 35 wxmw 'xx S , K? E355 ,lyy . N 'F r Q., , wmss fxmmmi T0 THE AMERICAN YOUTN With your learning, he sure to master the art of living, working and playing with your fellow coun- trymen. A nation's intelligence and civilization can be measured by the ability of its citizens to work and live together peacefully and make progress, re- gardless of race, creed or color. We issue United States War Saving Stamps and Bonds. KEEP ON BUYING THEM Nloses L. Walker E'iCl?-Pl'f'.Vflll'IIf-71l'l"llS1U er L. C. Blount Secretary-General Mzzrzzzger Charles H. Mahoney President-General Counsel Dr. R. Greenidge Vice-President-llfledical Director THE GREAT LAKES MUTUAL INSURANCE CU. Detroit, Michigan Page Eighty-four NORWESTER STAFF Editor S Al Schaufelberger Associate Editor S , Don Schwalm Assistant Editor Jim Reason Literary Editor , ,r... Pat Butler Girls' Sports Editor Sheila Hird Boys' Sports Editor , Larry Daly Editorial Staff Sponsor , S, S S ,,,, ,s,,s,,,, , ., Mr. Thomas F. Weiskotten Staff: Marion Ciressitt, Shirley McDonald, Jack Cole, Jean Proctor, Jordan Drews, Alice Jorgensen, Vvlilma Wilson, Virginia Ellington, Ruth Rosenbrock. Circulation Manager Nick Kantgias Circulation Sponsor Miss Betty Kahn Art Editor , Bette Metzger Art Editor se Betty Starr Art Sponsor , E , e ,S , L , W Mr. Jules Trattner Staff: Betty Bremiller, Betty Lassiter, Barbara Bremiller, Isabel Alexander, Harrison Clark, Roberta Morrish. Advertising Manager . Shirley McDonald Advertising Sponsor S L . ,E , , ,,,e. e,,s,,e,,... . , , , , ,,,t ,Mrs, Emma Roscow Staff: Earl Fisher, Jr., Athena Christian. Joyce Hamilton, Carolyn Meehan, Vir- ginia Berberian, Dorothy Neloms, Rose Kalamian, Helen Adele Piper, Evelyn Campbell, Loretta Martin, Thelma E. Davis, Mary Lowe, Dorothy Bek. Page Eighty-fiue a 4 'L 2. :fa 4 x'.1 Q , V , f ,. H., 1 -14 ,.... 1.1, Y N., ,.a. 2, , , . W.. 1. vw .'. Y, ,. F. 4 .,w ,..,,:-- T o G R A E, 7. 1 H. ur as ' v . 2,1-s. 4 v A.,-U nf - . .VT .1 . Y 1' lj 5 , 5 vi '-Q, -,qhw , A z'y.f'i1:F"5f1 ' I , lg'-5,5.',g,x n 'ffm s-."4 -f-'M vs ' -fqff ., .X " ,i gr A. ' f aj'-eg ff' 'X' . 4: - ' X im if .-6. , .WT X ,- 'A ' I rx ' W3 V P 1 i . , I., .. , ' 1' I -V1 . ... , . , lg A .41 . 1 . vf A ht , I . u I 1 'R' ,I X , -. gf' .. " 1 ' A x . JE' v I ' 5 f 1 A . Q , 1 ' jr I C R .f..- .1 7 , ' Q I x 1 v -L. '4 - ' . Scif' W" --, '.'r11n9'X, . . W r Ji. . , 4 . 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Suggestions in the Northwestern High School - Norwester Yearbook (Detroit, MI) collection:

Northwestern High School - Norwester Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern High School - Norwester Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern High School - Norwester Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern High School - Norwester Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern High School - Norwester Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Northwestern High School - Norwester Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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