Northwestern High School - Norwester Yearbook (Detroit, MI)

 - Class of 1942

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Northwestern High School - Norwester Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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Josephine Solomon, liaggpagovy, Earline Smith, Irene Ringel, Dave Beardsley, Harriet Anderson, Charles Roberts, Theodora Gach, Bonnie Replogle, Laurel Jalrglxy, Mary Kramer, Muriel Lazarus, George Berry, Ward McCreedy. VL . .ADVERTISING STAFF X Manager .,.....,,.....s....s,...,,s,..,ss,. A ,ss,...,...,.,-,,s,sssss. , ,,,,,.sssrs,....,...s ,Thelma V. Barrington Staff: Ed Becker, Richard P. Smith, Elaine McCarlg, Thelma Uqnes, Virginia Ber- berian, Ruth McChesner, Virginia Gaiser, Marise Tabor, Betty Dorr, Elaine Baker, Gerry Kain, Carolyn Eppler, Josephine Jacob. Arleen Ackerman, Alice Gurganian, Betty O'Brien. CIRCULATION STAFF Co-Managers ...,..... . .t.tssss.tst....ts,.....,..... 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Bette Jane Hance Staff: StanfordVKruse, Stanley Kruse, Alverna Sykes, Alfreda Sauer, Harold Fritch, Thomas Bozzi, Leonagd.Collins, John Bageris, Vene Westfall. , - . ,ik 4 ,,, ff 5 1 A rge Om Hundred Six ' H if 'f " ,. 'L N -,.- - -. 4 Y " V J- rf . , .... as , 7. ' AA--. - YALL-- ..., .-4.1: - 1 -4- GREAT LAKES MUTUAL INSURANCE CUMPANY A NIICHIGJXN INSURANCE DEPAR'l'NlEN'l' 'rumen IS A HRANCIAI mrlflcls IN YOUR sxsc:T10N 'ro smwlz You Gives Frcc Nursing Service to its Policyholdcrs l,ifc Insurance in force more than S13,000,000.00 Assets more than SS400,000.00 1 HOME OFFICE 301 EAST VV.-XRREN AVENUE DETROIT. MICHIGAN Puqv Om' llmlr 1 I1 ,. . x , ing dancing in a hurry. ML 'E g A .1 JP ' P u. , A . , U-- ' SSUUNE, ORTALATIFIEIR . Nfi1iJ , E I MR. and MRS. HARRY HUBER BARBARA GRIMESD are honeymoonang 4 X 'tw aboard Harry's sloop in Lake Huron. . , N .,. , xi. , ' x F x LAUREL JANDY has just received an honorary degree at Columbia University , N Q for her wonderful work. X' I KATIE JETT, Writer of those populariimusical works "Rhapsody in Chartreuse" and "A Cute Snoot", Written especially for Laurel Jandy, has just received the Nobel I Prize for music. ,. l . KRS . C1962D DICK SMITH just graduated. MRS. WARREN McDONALD CBERYLE OBERSOND is nursing her husband's big toe which he injur.ed,in the Detroit Lions' game Sunday. He is reserve water boy for that team. . H JUANITA CROSBY has started a dating bureau to simplify matters somewhat, for young hopefuls waiting to date her. . z . MOEK McGUIRK is still trying to get- his letter. HARRIET ANDERSON has started ,a school of Modern Dance and is trying to U' give aches and pains to some of her young hopefuls. ' E DAVE BEARDSLEY and BETTY BURNHAM have started going' steady for the 26th time. s. bk I IRENE RINGELX just swam to Hawaiian Islands to find out who Pearl Harbor is. JACKIE KNOTT is still changing her mind about men. I- JOHNNY MCCOLL is out in Hollywood starring in that new Dorothy Lamour I production, "Sarong One." MALCOLM STAMPER is undergoing a period of convalescence, having suffered 1 a nervous breakdown from trying to divide his attention among engineering. football and ELEANOR MOORE. It seems that Ellie was jealous of the coach. E ff EDNA MAE THOMPSON and JANE WEAVER are with Arthur Murray teach- if 4 Page One Hundred Four ' 1 I 'JH AA' i--it A --+ -Y'---Ai' c- - 'A - .HRW "'?"f fit A ZW? ' 'h , , , 'fi ,.n 1 . 1PRo1F1L1Es IRENE RINGEL a shapely blond a grand gal does a lot of swxmmmg-Super glamorous smrle--does some Jumpmg PAUL BUKER Really a wolf at heart a mxghty smooth dancer and what a lme' Nlce blond hair a keen dresser ELEANOR MOORE Sharp dancer very attractnve knows what she wants and usual ly gets xt neat dresser lrkes food hates weight you figure rt out JACKIE KNOTT Thls kxd s good bram materral apprecxates a good Joke and lots of fun We like her feather cut fnew hanr doJ not dew All rn all a grand um versally llked gal HARRY HUBER What physxque really hero worshxp stuff More or less bashful very athletic Cfootballj a guy wlth a future EDITH PHILLIPS-Nnce gal sweet wxth pretty halr and eyes a born leader-gets good marks too BARBARA GRIMES A real Amerxcan grrl lots of fun a Huber fan mce figure personalxty plus LAUREL .IANDY A scholastrc standmg of hrghest rank remarkably efficlent a shorty wrth lovelylred haxr DAVE BEARDSLEY Nnce personalrty temperamental as all get out loves to tell people off and gets away wxth xt lnkes Burnham and buggmg CONN A grand speaker black wavey halr makes a charmmg hostess good ader MARION MURDOCH Tough stuff blond blue eyes studxous too Patronxzes Fraser Drugs lrkes to throw paper wads KATIE JETT Up and commg young musxclan holds lots of oflices rn and around Northwestern a bxt shy BETTY BURNI-IAM Changeable character mce haxr and eyes neat clothes-a but fickle but really lovely DO CRAIG Sleeps 1n classes always handmg out clgars makes clever cracks and come backs basketball whxp JOHNNY MCCOLL God s glft to women cute brush cut Lots of fun-drrves hke a oo -N- 4 1' 1-vi: wwf fy I I l l f 1. ' ' . Page One Hundred Than yi If R. E. RIPLEY DRUG STORE Prescriptions Our Specialty 2846 14th st., at Temple Detroit, Mich. 5 WATERFIELD-HEATH' 2252125 ,Q ,.5f'?53iiT'Z5"Z'I.!.HF5'..0 M W PHONE TY. 4-9824 Compliments of SCALE'S TONSORIAL PARLOR Ladies and Children Invited 4510 Milford Ave. Detroit, Mich. Compliments of HENRY FORSTER FLOWERS FISHER BUILDING MADISON 4050 DETROIT TAYLOR'S MARKET FOODS OF EXCELLENCE 3 DELIVERIES DAILY ' LOUIS J. CLEAGE, M. D. PHYSICIAN 8: SURGEON ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY X-RAY 4224 McGraw Avenue Detroit. Mlvh. Phones: 0576 Res.: Tyler 4-6809 Offwe: Tyler 5- Hours: Daily 11-12 A.M.: 2-4, 7-9 P. M. Phone 'I'Yler 5-3055 7559 Gfllllll River Except Sunday Ig J' ., ll Q lid I ' . ' 3 'r 5 ' - I lr W BAKER'S SUPER SERVICE gl J I iv GAS AND OIL AND GREASING , A Frzend K Milford at Stanford ,Il ' Y R , Phone TY. 4-8957 IW' DETROIT, MICH. ff ' Page One Hundred Two fy-.. JQI X, s-" n .,.'1. A-C19 xj! 'K "W:--. 5 if-1 R251 X Xmx. x xmw was S 1 , X 'K x'mAW 'S V . 'N Q x 1 'gig A M. Y 1 Li ' 'Hum fgnd' 5 -4, . . A ins- .- Ln ' ,gg l. r.. . A ,Q T" SHREWD 'll'AlLlEN With very little difficulty you can detect the supposedly "Shrewd Talent" in and around Northwestern. If he's a better than average athlete he can be seen sporting an "N" sweater and boasting loud and long of his accomplishments, chiefly for the benefit of the women. His favorite snack is a juicy hamburger with a chocolate malted and after school he's readily found at the bowling alley or at the "Y" playing ping pong Ccommercialj. He's tops in dress usually carrying the latest fashion to the limit, such as a large brimed hat fappleh, a bright bow tie, a thunderbolt coat reaching to his knees, 40-10 pegs that can't be taken off without greasing the heel, and hair that would make Veronica Lake green with envy. His collection of jive records are his pride and joy, with "Tangerine," and "One Dozen Roses" being his current favorites: and Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman his swing kings. His line is strictly polished and frequently used. When asking a girl for a date he makes her feel like she's the only one and a lucky one at that, and you can bet if the date's at eight, he'll show up an hour early and take over the house. But what would this world be like if we didn't have in our midst a character like the shrewd talent. If the world was composed of squares it would be mighty dull. How- ever, the only solution is to strike a happy medium half way between a square and a cat. Eleanor Moore. FRED A- ANDERSON Funeral Director OLIN DRUG STORE PHONE COLUMBIA 4294 PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS ' S08 E. WILLIS STREET 3603 Third Ave., Cor. Brainerd Phone 'l'Eluple l-8186 We Give The Public What They Want DETROIT At A Price They Can Alford To Pay Office: CALIIIIIN' 0539 GEORGE'S PLACE 4734 GRAND RIVER Hours: 9 to 7 Dully DR. WM. H, LAWSON Optometrist and Optician REFRESHMENTS AND CANDY Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted 23 YEARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE 1308 Brondwny ut Gratiot CA. 6539 JUKE BOX MYSIC Room 202, Tobin Bldg. Q Edge Ninety nine T Page N inety- Vggfgr D,-56 A 51 RAndolph 6150 TR. 1-5140 BLAND PRINTING CO. LEWIS BUSINESS COLLEGE Printing ofAlI Kinds VIOLET T. LEWIS, Pres. 5450 John R. Detroit, Michigan 230 W. Larned St. Detroit Phone 'I'Yler 5-0400 I PALMER LEE RADIO SALES AND SERVICE PLQRENCE YQKES ' 8045 LINwooD AVE. . Cormw Molltgolmm. Flowers for all occasions """" 4'8"45 S006 Grand River at Columbus Popular and Classical Records Albums and Single Detroit, Mich- l RlEVCOlLlLlECTllON 1942 was a year that everyone went to the first night foot-ball game, the Cooley slaughter, Fraser's for Pepsies, Sander for specials. It was a year when girls borrowed boy's argyle sweaters, or wore their own long ones, 3 inches from the bottom of their skirts. It was a year when never a Saturday night went by without wolfm' at St. C1regory's. Week days and Sundays it was the Oasis. It was just another year that "Moek" McGuirk tried to get eligible for his letter, and a year that "N" Club initiations were especially gruesome. It was a year when the hero who was wolfed and worshipped was Harry Huber and the I-Ii-Lites came out with its juicy gossip every Tuesday. It was a year when the girls still had Club meetings and the Bow-Tie Club gave its bi-weekly hay rides. It was the year P Buker set a new goal for wolves to aim at and Bubbie Grimes was the real American girl o her class. It was a year when everyone said "moldy", "shrewd"-I'm fo'ced' to-and fellahs wore "thunderbolts," mammoth "apples" and 40-l0-pegs. It was a year everyone sang "Chantanooga Choo-Choo" and stuck their nickles in the juke box for "Jersey Bounce' and "String of Pearls:" it was when everyone stayed to see Glenn Miller for live shows. It was the year Jackie Knott was city-wide girl reserve president and a year when the crop of steadies included Dave Beardsley and Betty Burnham, Eleanor Moore and Mal Stamper, Betty Zoe Kirk and Art Schroeder. It was a year that had its traditions, its peculiarities and its convention which miie it a pretty sharp year, and you'll have to admit-the 42 grades are a mighty fine bunch of kids. Marion Murdoch. eight DETROIT COMMERCIAL COLLEGE , SIXTH FLOOR, BOOK BUILDING, WASHINGTON BOULEVARD 5 " M gn ' Modern Classrooms in an atmosphere of Beauty and Refinement Une year and two-year business courses. designed exclusively for the purpose of training graduates of high schools and l colleges for 21 successful career in business. 40th year, Sept. 14 to June 24 For advice regarding registra- l tion, apply to the liclucational Director. 602 Book lluilding. hay School and .Evening School Bulletins on request. RA 3880. No agents nor solicitors are employed by this l'ollf'ge. l1l'I'l'IIUl'l' l'OMMI'IlU'lAL l'UIil,EGlG GENERAL ASSEMBLY October JU, 19,41 The stzulrfnts standing in the eenter aisle are taking vourt testimony at 1717 to .2110 'll'1Il7L , R. J. Maclean, President. Miss Lola Maclean, Educational Director i The Early Morning March 'Twas the tramp of feet that awakened me. Upon the dusty road, But it took the horsemen's clatter To bring me from out my abode. There in the still clear dawning, I-Iurrying ever on- Was a troop of hearty soldiers. Coming. going. then gone. As I lay down again on my pillow, I thought of these bravest of men: Who were going to Hght for their country. Perhaps never to come back again. They were asking from us no quarter. Their enemies they'd give none: They were entering the battle together, And they'd light, not as many, but one. My sleep then was sound, And from troubles 'twas free- For I knew those brave soldiers Vvlere lighting for me. By Betty May Near. Page N inety-seven iff zz WILLSIE CAP GGVVN . . and the june "Grads" are wearing them Service by PAUL A. WILLSIE CO. 451 W. FORT STREET DETROIT, MICHIGAN L 'wpngmw M - X I ,Avi ACI fr Nw 'V , i mggib 373- , 159 96Wl1f'3g5, 'T 'sp-4 , W! A 4' X. ,. ' .1 ',,..fI, JV 5 TI H Q24 H! xv K- ', QA Business training is a profitable investment-the longer one uses it the more valuable it becomes. The acute shortage of young people equipped for good office positions and the treniendous amount of National Defense production centered in the Detroit era make this Elll especially advantageous time to prepare for a place iII business Ol' IIOVQITI H1911 l. service. High school graduates will advance faster if they supplement their academic education with specialized training. And business training enables young people to make an effective contribution to America's war effort. Thorough. practical courses- Secretarial, Accounting, Gregg Shorthand, Stenograph, Business Administration, and othersgare available in the schools listed below. Visit the school, note its facilities, and observe the work in the various departments. Schools at S040 Joy Road, near Grand Rivers-- at 3240 Gratiot, corner of Mackealso in Pontiac THE BUSINESS INSTITUTE Downtown School, Michigan Bldg., 220 Bagley, Detroit "LARGEST BUSINESS AND SEGRETARIAL SCHOOL IN MICHIGAN" Telephone Randolph 6534 for prospectus l I Tl 'I' Y . -I-0033 STINSON FUNERAL HOME COURTEOUS SER VICE Sulee A. Stlnnon I wire-ct ress 5455 Tillman Ave. Detroit, Mich PHONE TY. 4-3664 A. S. WRIGHT REAL ESTATE -INVESTMENTS 4712 W. Warren Ave. Room 204 Detroit, M ich. TOWN FLORISTS 7708 GRAND RIVER, cor. whitney Ave TYIef 4-7045 Wllllnm 0'Connor. Manager TYIer 4-2895 ROSE BEAUTY SALON Complete Beauty Service 7420 Fourteenth Street Detroit, M 1 Block North of Blvd. ich. Page N inety-three EARL I. FISHER Funeral Director 2141 W. Grand Blvd. TY. 441 1 SHIRTS BEAUTIFILLY DONE PONS HAND LAUNDRY 5732 GRAND RIVER Milllllllg' and Dnrlllllg Free INVESTMENT SALES CO. 11830 LIVERNOIS AVE. Late Model Cars Bought and Sold Phone TYLER S-3210 fliensun Eezrutg Shop Latest Hair Styles and Permanent Waving Mr. Benson. Prop. 5161 35th STREET DETROIT, MICH. PHONE TY. 5-7092 REPAIRING HUGH F. BARRINGTON ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Wiring for Light, Heat and Power 6071 Stanford Ave. Detroit, Mich. Compliments of A. G. WRIGHT FUNERAL HOME AND PILGRIMS MUTUAL AID SOCIETY 505 E. Hancock TEmpIe I-2816 Maintenance and Repairs For Factory, Business or Home STATE SERVICE CO. 2631 McGRAW Free Inspection Capt. E. 0'B1-ien Page Ninety-two X! 5 p . Y...-.... - K ,.-"f" - - ', l!.--1- H , ,ff " - 'Mi . A 4 , ' , 451' " M' ' n ??ftk""f--l V ret: N ,g. gs-ff ,x r ltn 'Q , Page Ninety JL me Better :Sports fpugomeni Over tour generations of sportsmen, young and old, have experienced the added value in sports equipment that comes from the knowledge that each individual item that Rayl's sells is a product of recognized quality at a. fair price and fully guaranteed. Complete Team Outfitters for All Sports VVQ invite you to visit our new team room filled with the latest equipment. Hank Ulmer is in charge. Just phone Ra. 4301! and make a date with Hank. A fi GRISWC - con STt D , A Prompt Service on Alterations GILMORE,S RESTAURANT Home Cooked Dinners LEONARD T. BROWN CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER Home Made Pies TYler 7-9005 ' 8350 Grand River DETROIT, MICH PHONE TRINITY 2-6630 l l 439 Melbourne Ave. Detroit, Mich. WE TELEGRAPH FRANK J. YOKES City Floral Shop Louis W. Sieg PHARMACET Prompt Deliveries 7400 14th Ace., Cor. Lothrop Detroit 5711 GRAND RIVER TYIer 6-2100 PM To you graduates-you who have al- ready earned a generous measure of success - we offer our sincere congratu- lations. We hope that for many years you will again and again enioy the photo- graphic portraits we were privileged to make for this book and that the training you have received will bring you new and greater successes to make the future truly happy tor all of you. rdlfif llll.,llf 28 ADAMS AVENUE, WEST C-:S-5 Also 525 Harrison Sfreef, FLINT DAD'S CLEANERS DYERS 2840 MICHIGAN DETROIT. MICH. I.Afuyette 3199 Formerly Known as "Boston Cleanerv Compliments of George A. Watson Drug Store 4403 TIREMAN AVE. TYLER 4.1163 St ull i o ll ml Ho me Po rtraifs of Q u ol i ty HINKSTON STUDIOS PHOTOGRAPHERS 7447 Grand River TY. 5-4480 DAY LIGHT BAR-B-Q . 7530 GRAND RIVER Y The Daylight Bar-B-O is prepared by experienced chefs. A trial will 1 eonvinee you Compliments of HAMWAY'S MARKET 4303 Tireman Avenue SPECIAL REMODELING ANI! REPAIRS FRED D. JONES Carpenter and Gen. Contractor TYIer 5-1084 7518 AMERICAN AVE. Detroit, Mich. ELTON , EDJ 01111-1--MA1lIs0n 5020 Res.-!lA1IInnn 50lIl B LOYD L. AMILTON UNERAL OME. 7334 TWELFTH STREET Near W. Grand Blvd. Detroit, Mich. X TYLER 5-2186 4510 COBB PLACE Between 28th and 30th TIREMAN FLOWER SHOP I FRESH CUT FLOWERS I-'UNERAL DESIGNS Potted Plants - f'0l'Nlll:'l'H ANIIIIICXV and HICSSIIG IEWYN I,I'llllI'It'IUI'S W 1 Page EightyAseven Page Eighty ACCOUNTANTS BAIILY NEEDED Requests for young men and women with basic accounting training to fill available positions in accounting far exceeds the supply. There is an urgent need for Women Accountants! Walsh offers a war-inspired, time-sav- ing, intensive Accountancy Course be- ginning July 6, 1942 at 9:30 a.m. Walsh men in military service find ac- counting training recognized when se- lections are made for officer training in army and navy finance departments. Write or call immediately for details about this practical course. WALSH INSTITUTE .-I profe.vsiun1l1l, roet!'um11'm1ul .vrlnml nf Arl'a1rntam',v and BIIIIIIQYYX .'ItIHI4-IIIIXIVtlfitlll 120 MADISON AVE. CADILL.-il' 5130 llc-trait, Ml:-hlyrnn For Friendly Service LIGGETT'S DRUG STORE OUINCY AND GRAND RIVER Compliments of CHARLES S. B L O N D Y State Senator TEmple l-0899 METROPOLITAN FUNERAL DR. T. C. CANNON SYSTEM DENTIST INSURANCE Senator Fhurles C. Dlpggs. 7411 Grand River' Ave. President TYler 4-0060 l Tlminus Hunlmond, Set-y. X Tren. i DETROIT, MICH. Home Uthce: 689 Mack Ave. Detroit, Mich. Best wishes to the graduates from II. I.. GIIIINSIIEN 00 1214 - 18th Street -SIX 1 N: P I K JZ, "ff ki 7X 5 -'F' l f A XZ: swoY HOUR5 HISTORY IST HR. ALSO ,M A Ii of ff 5 mf , gf' 'g I . ' Q' :A - ... Y I f 1 4.,,,, I fl 7 . is M pp , 1 F422 'AQ 3' ' A it Q Va Nr an -- -- p- gg, ' J 'LLP LLL ' L ' -1- I. 9: LLLK 1. i mi I A 47 4 gl: Q l THf3 ' 1 PR0l'4 ' ...Fa 4153 G -....- .... ---Q55 .,. J 1 .... - ., n -.l ui , . - if' .,.:o" -A I - 6 x 'ML' 'I l-1 i. ' , ff Z I. :mm NE vw -Q., Q - - X 1-HgnA5 39125 H fx Gl'?",.'2 ., A T1 5 V A211 ?l7J MEN K XX f E3 M A 54.-Q SPORT CLHSS ? ns up , CI f Q Shea , QL LD N2 ff 3 W X J, ffggegagfg - ,L 'Y X V 2' If f --A - -LH"--Y- ng A' :, - V f f'T4 1 ' A . K fi if - Q, A g' ' f T ,fwvvfgf 1 A A , 1 'A A - 1' , ' ,V " '23 . V 5 :wi f, - ,ff " i 1 -J rw ',,ff.4f ff, ffgfia A 141144, 2 A 'ff , X, . All ff ,ff 'C' 4 :f-J'-ff, . " ffm 'K -f 'ffff 9,71 5, W ' ff" wx, U ,4- E NGRAVEPXS MAKER75' OF HALF TONE S E TCHINGS COLOP PPOCE SS PLATES COMME CIAL AIII'-, STUDIO A TISTIC AND MECHANICAL D WING KJ PHOTO PETOUCHINGQ' fiayiggsfym-p2'11JfcrC0. ADDRESS - ' PHONES .573 may swf De"0"'- 'MWA' f2and0fpf.097a-1199 Q F ' L X - 'N 3 N 2 Page Efghfy-Ih l IIETIIOIT BUSINESS UNIVERSITY Summer Term Begins June 29 One-year diploma courses - two-year collegiate courses THE DETROIT BUSINESS UNIVERSITY appeals to those interested in preparing for business appointments above the average-to ambitious, purposeful people willing to put forth the extra effort and complete the more comprehensive courses necessary to qualify for the better grade of positions where opportunities for advancement are practically unlimited. Principle You Can Instruct En Masse but in Education You Guide Self-Directing - Individuals. Plan INDIVIDUALIZED INSTRUCTION -a unique plan of instruction built up during over eighty years' experience in training for business positions. The student is gradually put "upon his own" as he advances until at the completion of any course he is working as a self-directing individual on his own initiative. In con- nection with this plan a staff that regards itself as a group of helpers to those who will help themselves to learn. High School Graduation with Acceptable Grades Required for Entrance -ASK FOR A CATALOG- 'Dt' 7 H01 7' ' ' UNITED ARTISTS BUILDING-BAGLEY AT CLIFFORD Entire Tcnth Floor Cadillac 1205 MRS.. ,H lUGHlElR'll'NY9S VISIT Page Eighly-two One fine spring morn Mrs. O'Hougherty thought She would visit the school to see how her kidlets were taught. Upon entering the doors of Northwestern High She was amazed by the army of boys marching by. "They're just the 'Rotes' " a student explained. "Rodents in school!" the poor woman exclaimed. "You'll find the lnfo desk right up there, Just follow your nose and take that stair." With these final words the pupil departed. And left our explorer wise but faint-hearted. Attempting to find her way through the halls The woman was stopped at each corner by calls. "Have ya gotta pass?" "Wotcha doin' round here?" The questions increased Mrs. O'Hougherty's fear. Then a horrible odor assailed her senses, And broke down the last of her defenses: Mrs. O'Hougherty threw up her hands with the scream: "This is the limit, with all that I've seen, There's nothing worse than this horrible scent, On retreating from here l'm sincerely bent." So saying she left, but we think she's a crab, Cause that smell she complained of was only the Lab. By Betty May Near. i pp L M U A any xx ,L H fi Q if' x 3 , ,l JV N 9 x' , SYDNQQ ov ,,- no 46-' W . Q W 9 X I K X ci, E QQERINITIHTION E mm ,Won QB A-JEEP' u 'Q R- ' " I f-U'-4 'Nf ' 'G -F U xii " ? f rf' 95' . 'wi - ' if VE' fx E! WX in 7 s E5 HI, 9 C-'BI a Q T.-as jj f.f'?D-"--5,3-F U - a fs 15 - Y, W EST FELL' 1 9 , V 3 C 3 A3 CONN5 if r c' X! .J I -all 4 X N X ff Q7 DHNCE ? W5 f fmgi? f XQFSI 55212 O1 f .x EL Wi'-2 'O ' X" fsjbc in HEY fo J A 0 wa L! Q5 axpC,fg3J'lQ,f ' -,:.... K f r Q -' " - St I f x lf' gil , Xi WJ! Q 1- N Q H gimp, A in ,,- x-- 'BELL I Tw ' X- FEATURES Click! "Oh, you wouldn't dare print that, would you?" was the well-known phrase around the Colt campus. It got so bad you couldn't trust your best friend. They say that candid photos show you the way others see you. and more than one person came near doing something drastic because of the "aw- ful" result of an innocent looking con- traption like Ll camera. But they have always said. "Beauty is skin deep", if that is any consolation. N ' l 771 Jn W' Page Sevenru mne gf. flmzlol 'g A f ff SIOUUSZ AL YXKGHT' JR Uwrvlu 0151171 ln Apindf 1751101 age X 'W -Sas? o'J qw fffffs' JJ NX 1 to lfighl, I"i'r.rl li'm'i': anger li. Fitzgrinlil, M. I,umlc". I. Rnlgel, I.. 4 I Klaus. l'. 0 Ilzigzun. M. inc- I I'rnctur, Ii. Ilzirlnizm, u nsun, IJ. Ilrnisli. Third mi I Trygnr, ,l. St. john, E. er Il A. Clarke, II. Ilurr. from I ff to Ifiyllil. l"i'r.vl Row: u UI ,I. Ilelper, II. Wil- nms 1 liu'ni:m, M. lllaynnrul. Kim! ill l,, Lzuninman. Ser- n Rm: I. Simon, C. Beach, rcker Y. Iiziisrr, Y. May. II Sawxcl I. VVhitlnck. Third rn M llaiskalnkis, M, Foznrs, orse! A. M. U'f'onnnr, ,I. cniurle I.. Mclmnn, M. E. !lmk1 I Ruhr-rts. Fourth Rmr: N Ilumu l'. VV:ix, IJ. Sparks, s M Dunn, D, VV:-hnrr, D. GIRLS, SWIMMING SPLASH!!! Northwestern's Girls' Swimming Team dived into an unusually tough schedule this season and once again emerged victorious-no defeats against their record. Captained by Irene Ringle, managed by Olive Priestly, and coached by Miss Elsie B. Watson, the girls met every Tuesday and Thursday from 3 :OO to 5 100. in the school pool. Here the feminine splashers practiced strokes and diving and soon acquired the agility of dolphins. Much credit is due to Phyllis O'Hagan, Betty Reno. Mary Jane Houghton, and Eleanor Fitzgerald in diving: to Irene Ringle, Margie Coates, Gerry Maas, Dorothy Benish. Betty Dorr, Marcia Roper and Edna Hartman in the crawl stroke: to Loretta Trygar, Harriet Clarke. Margaret Clark, Barbara Larkin, and Dorothy Langer in the breast stroke: and to Jean Procter. Jeanette Lumley, Gloria Mastin, Lovica Hill and Phyllis Hunt in the back stroke. IBADMINT 'IZCILIJIBS Watch the birdie! and away we go on that fast and furious pace set by the Badminton Club. Beginning in December a great deal of fun was had by all the members during their weekly meetings when they played against each other and became acquainted. Because of the diHiculty in arranging inter-school matches, none were held during this season. However, Cierry Gurman and Jean Simon exhibited the best playing ability. The members of this co-ed organization must supply their own equipment and know how to play. Ofhcers for the season were Gerry Gurman, president: Jane Helper, secretary-treas- urer. Mrs. Mildred Dunn is the sponsor. . 1' In !l?""f . ,, G . 0, N .V ' ' nl ' ,' 'ii 1l2f.'7f"D 3 um, B. Larkin, M. .S'1'rumI lihm' lKnr4'lA f 1 f- 47, L4 if ga J. VYarhnrtun. Second Row: M. Brown, G. Archliuld, ll. Archliold, Il. Block. First Raw: l.. Bloink, F. Tlmmp- son, R. Mitchell, G. Edison, S. Hale, L. Perry, l.. Graves, B. Mickens. Second Razr: J. Foster, J. Tunstall, C. Beach, B. Lar- kin, E. Ford, M. Maddox, Miss Vvatson. Third Rau-2 N. VVelsh, A. Hall, H. Smith, A. NVorthy, B. Becker, J. Worthy, Capt. P. Menzel, R. Knurtjian. Fourth Row: J. Degan, B. Rr-efler, R. Bodnar, E. Anderson, D. l.. Murphy, P. Whitlock. 9 L Under the coaching of Mrs. Prudbtia Carty and the leadership of Jean Simon, who acted as the team's captain for the year, the Girls' Golf Team completed another successful season. Although the teamwwas entirely new and inexperienced, these workers showed great spirit in all their matches. The tcam's schedule for the year included matches with Denby, Hamtramck, Cooley, and Central. Together with the boys, they played a two-ball foursome against Highland Park, but, after a hard battle, their opponents came out on top. TRL, HUCKEY Under the fine leadership of Miss Elsie Watson and captain Jo Worthy, the girls of the Hockey Team had a good season, with the total of two games won, two tied, and one lost. ii 7 "This season was one of the best in the last six or seven years," stated Miss Watson, sponsor. I The girls showed enthusiasm, good spirit, and excellent team work throughout every game. The outstanding players were Captain Jo Worthy, fullback: Edith Martin, right inner: Katherine Thompson, left inner: and Shirley Hale, halfback. The captain for next fall hasn't been chosen as yet, but we are sure that she will be everything we expect of her. Page Sevenly-six First Row: P. Beyreis, J. Simon, ,l. YVortllyg M. fhalapis. 1, ,fl . A I F. ,-9 f I il .. '- ' N xl' Frmn lvfl lu right, First Raw: lJ.Bcnislt: ll. Chayicl M. Lapa- cn: M. 'l'ruhnp J. Simon. .Wennd Rirw: U, Priestleyg J. Helper: 1. Proctor, M, Syrios. Third lx'u:v: From l.rfI In ltiylit, I" 1f07K'i l.. Perry. M. lNlayn:ml, J. Si- mon, Mrs, M. llnnn, M. New- ton, R. Vlylle. V. Barnes, Set'- oml Hun-1 M. Brown, J. lirillin, ,l. WYurtlly. M. llnnenn. A. Worthy. lb. llnrst. ,l. llelper. 'Third Rmv: Nl, Vherry, S. Unr- dnn, l'. llrnnhun, M. l.t-nmn, S. Hinds, M, llrzmt. liIRLS'TENNlIS With a schedule of six games and with only three veterans back from last year's tennis team. Captain, Marion La Paca faced the task of molding a balanced and winning combination. This year's squad, coached by Mrs. Mildred Dunn, consists of Captain, Marion La Paca. Jean Simon, Jo Worthy, Dorothy Benish. Mary Syrios, Minerva Chalapis. Betty Chayie, Jane Helper, Pat Adams, Yvonne May, Jean Proctor, Ina Baxter, Gloria Morgan. Sara Gordon, Margie Truhn. and Olive Priestley. Many pitfalls may lurk in the distance but the team and the school hope for the best-a championship team. GIRLS, BASKETBALL Northwestern's Girls' Basketball team was undefeated again this year, marking the third year they have completed the season as an undefeated team, ' The basketeers were captained by Jean Simon, an outstanding leader. Nancy Ander- son and Jo Worthy were also unusually skillful at their respective positions. The captain of the reserve team was Janice Griffin, and this team also completed an undefeated season. The Varsity team consisted of Jean Simon, Sarah Gordon, Minnie Cherry, Nadine Milley, Martha Newton, Norma Duncan, Nancy Anderson, Jo Worthy. Page Seventy-Hue 0 The N Club, living up to its high standards of sportsmanship, enjoyed a banner year under the competent guidance of faculty advisor Mr. James Demaree. The highlights of this year's club activities were a hay ride, co-sponsorship of a dance with the G.A.A., the sale of book-covers, and several initiations. Leaders of the club for the fall term were Jim Crawford, president: Harry Huber, vice-president: Gerald Gurman, secretary: and Doug Trites, treasurer. For the spring term they were Don Craig, presidentg Jack Parker, vice-president: Dave Beardsley, secretary: and Bob Edmondson, treasurer. Absent from the picture is one of the club's prominent members, Harold Mensch. Upon entering Northwestern every girl automatically becomes a member of the Girls' Athletic Association. This organization is sponsored by Mrs. Mildred Dunn, and the oflicers are president, Jean Simon: vice-president, Irene Ringle: secretary, Marian La Paca: and treasurer, Yvonne May. The G.A.A. Board sponsors all intramural and extra-curricular sports for girls. Every Wednesday during record members sell frost-bites and the proceeds are added to the Sports Fund. The Ci.A.A. combined with the "N" Club in sponsoring a dance. The season was ended with a banquet at which new officers and team captains were elected. Plaques were awarded to the houses that won the most games among inter-mural competition, and these were presented at the banquet. .M XX . ,rf , From Lfff fu Right, lfl'1'.tf Row 'l'. Merry, fl. Gui'm:m, j. Craw ford, E. Becker, j. l'm'kL'r, G Kuhn. .5'm'n1nI Row: M. Stamp er, D. Schwzilm. ll. Vruig. Il Bcardsley. li. Ruse-ngrcn, R Lumley. llilllifll Rucv: I". Biel mam. l'. Xyslie, J, BICVJIKIIC. R li4lmonsmi, ll. Dezulmnn. I Timm, ,l. lh'lll2lI'CC'. From Le-fl lu Right, l"ir.vl Iffrrv V. Barnes. J. llelper, I.. Try gnr, T. lizicll, ll. Vliziyiv. A llroke. .S'm'nl1r1 160121: li. Mcllzui lVl. Bursvl. .l- Simon. .l- Sl. John Xl. Haynnrcl. Third li'u1v: ll R, Rc-plngle. M. Coates, E. llc l'unacl1ie. lfnnrtlz Huw: Al. Proc hir. I. Ringvl, H. Kaminski, M l.:iP:iCa, E. llnrtmmi, li. Arch lmld, Mrs. M. Dunn. Ivy, li. SCIIHIPY, M. J. llmxpzlzlmi, Hans. ll. Amlersoii. j. XYortby. lr Ill lj! if nryfhl, Hr. Hurts: ll Hu Ill IQ j. All-xzunlt-rg lf. I 1 l in I R Xl ll lr ll I fl If rlrflll l'n ti ICMA" Xl I 11 ill I: ll. Seolti ll. Mill'- n In l li mal . .S nl I . . X1 h le X N hiutillt X in XX ne n-r' I Itt"i'nu . .Vkslrunig li. ' l'l' :Tu 1 i'n'i" . t' 1 ' x'rgt'l'Q J. , , . . an . B U Y S 9 lL lF The curlailment of the production of golf equipment and golf balls has not affected the play of the boys' Varsity Golf Team. Although "our boys" did not fare very well in the fall tournament, they were in there fighting every inch of the way in the spring match play. The team was coached, as in previous seasons, by Mr. Bert Maris. Captain Dick Buechler was the only veteran returning from last year. The newcomers, J. Alexander, G. Berry, Ed Freeland, Roy Markstrum, and Ed Desmund, are being counted on heavily to bring another championship title to Northwestern. Q B Y 9 T lE ll Faced with a serious shortage of tennis balls and handicapped by inclement weather, Coach Demaree has produced a team that ranks among the best in the city. Starting in the middle of April, Northwestern's tennis players played long and hard under the hot sun, or often amid cold rain. The team consists of Jerry Gurman, one of the best players in the city: John Van- Wagcuner, playing number 2 singles: Mickey Guerrier, number 3 singles: and Don Racine, Stan Kelly, Andy Check. Al Schaufelberger, ancl Alvin Price. Page Seventy- three CCR SS UNTRY Northwestern's uncoached, un-sung Cross Country Team this year turned in the best record compiled in recent years. With George Kuhn, Capt. Bob Edmondson, James Mack, James Timm, and Ed Becker finishing in that order, Northwestern captured second place in the West Side and Hfth in the City Meet. Having only one veteran on the team, Northwestern was not expected to qualify in the gruelling two and a third mile meet held annually at Rouge Park. The newcomers. however, came through in fine shape, and the team made a very good showing. With four out of the five best harriers returning next year, Northwestern's outlook is indeed bright. T R A K With a second place in the city indoors, and a still stronger team competing outdoors. Northwestern bids fair to have one of the stand-out scholastic track teams in Detroit. The Colts started by crushing Southwestern, Centrali Mackenzie, and Redford, losing only to the Cooley team that later won the city title. Congratulations to Bob Edmondson, indoor city mile champ. George Kuhn, Tate Houston, James Timm, Ed Becker, Bill Dunell, Bill Kelm, Howard Crenshaw, Ed Rosen- gren, James Polk, and the others who have helped make this a banner year for North- western, the school of champions. First Row: L. Daly, F. Martin, A. Schaufelherger, C. Hzulmurd, E. Becker, G. Kuhn. Second Row: J. Timm, C. Vanlluren, B. Edmondson. J. Kemmciljian, 1. Mack. From Left fu Right, First Row: E. Desmond, G. Kuhn, Ii. Mos- ley. V. Siimson, H. Crt-nshaw, A, Lyons, W. Rockerfeller. Sm'- nml Row: I.. l'arter, J. Arnold, S. Havard, R. Davis. J. Fears, R. Poke. Third Razr: S. Bishop. R. Fennell, S. Keramedjiah, R. Erimonson. J. Timm, A. Schnufel- lferger, H. Cleveland. Fuurtll Row: VV. Dunnell, B. Ke-lm. H. Byrd. S. Ayler, E. Rosengren, V. Spight, E. Becker. lf :ln ltll I: llilllllf, l'n'.rl li'u':t': I Rilrll I, Seupis, XY. SIN-els. li.i.4n R, 'l'i-:xslt-in .Sirrmlll ink, If Syrius, ll. ti IL If Ilitwsr-i. .X. Ilztrkley. Il Ill iii: llrlrtl lin:-'I ,I. Yilll gun: I Raeslvli-. II. IM-:ul mn I lltmlnnl I lift nu 1111 Ill! in rfgrlli, l"l'1'.rI li'rI7t'Z len 3 li, Ili-sinmulg li. ll Vlilisir-g I.. I-rztnlg II, lIllIlIIS I llluekl Il. Nlefulr ill I 4 tell l.:mry. .Swulrfl li I X Iinn: l'. llzmuslii .I. x In II I'inI-tg li. lYaIton: II It I lm: ll, Smith: IP. lirliuy, llvlrfl li'-wus DI. llnltl I llx tin: R. Yr:11l.ei:Ir': I.. -N- lflxl i I .Xshlvyz ,I, Ilqnu ml I3 Ili-Aulninlll II. Ilrcssm'l'Z ASlKlE'lF AL TIEAM To open the I9-IZ basketball season. Southeastern defeated the Colts by the close score of I8-l7. The only veterans to return for duty this year were Captain Don Craig and Charles Roberts. More defeats were to follow, but the true Colt spirit again showed itself in the game against U. of D. High when we won 45-16. The game against Central High ended in a 35-35 draw. l.ater Cooley Hivgh, our favorite rivals, handed the Colts an earned victory, the score being 36-23. Richard Dresser headed the list of top scorers this year with a total of 84 points to his credit. Jim Hammond was second with a total of 44 points. SE ALL TEA Despite the fact that it was hard hit by graduation, the baseball team has shown as much promise as any in recent years. With Bill Deadman, the only returning letterman, capably filling his job as captain, the boys have been playing aggressive heads-up ball. The start of the season, as was predicted. saw a weakness in the pitching staff, but even this has been better than expected. 7 f I - Af' ot... -n:"'. V f Hy fy AJ' 'giyauj --7 I D 4 1 gh Jeff' ' Z 4 lfiaavt Raw, Siliingz ll, l,espcr- zinee, l.. Collins, J. Cr:iwfin'1l, J. Parker, J. Hull, D. llerrmamn, J. Mcliuirk. J. Maclionalml, R. S. Vooper, if VYax, Bl. Ilziskala- kis. .S'r'ramI Rim: Kln'l'li'ny: Vnpt. ll. Trites, R. Ellsworth, j. Mc- l':igne, lf. Martin. P. Ciesinski, .l. frnden. ,l. Butler, R. Galvin Alung. Tliirrl li'uvi', Sluzlilhlgy: E. Linn. J. Picking, Cuaeh lizniry, R. Hunt, R. llrining, A. Hasty, W. Purdy, R. Pugsley, N. llan- nu. l"i' Rorfiz li. llrown, S. Solis, V. Nystie, ll. Menseh, ll. Hu- ber, ll. Beznwlsley, M. Stznnper, ll. Vorpxigel, R, llnrnnizin. Svmiirl Raw: Fimcli Bisliup, W. tlohlshy. l'. linker, R. Ilnvis, ll. Grant. li. Andres, l'. Vruig. NY. Bierley, li. Rice, Vnzxeh Maris. Tliiril Rurv: YY. llnn- nell. B. llill. IJ, Spierling, ll. Smith, C. llnne. R. NV:ilsh, XV. Hill. Fuurtli Ruin: ll. Suther- lunil, II. Scott, ll. Sehwulln, F. llielmzm, W, llollingsworlli, l., 'I':ii':iskiewicz. R. llezulmzin, A. llairkley, ,l. McColl, li. Rosen- gr:-n. , 1 fxxl S MTN TEA After a great swimming season in 1941, our Northwestern mermen were determined to regain the championships in 1941. Six veterans led the team to high honors. Hats off to Captain Douglas Trites, Jim Mfqmuirk, Jack Parker, Jack lVlcCague. Ray Lumley, Jimmy Crawford and the rest of the Colt Swimming Team! Coached by Mr. Wallace Laury, these boys removed their contenders one by one until the last meet, and then put up a grand light only to lose to Western High School. They tried their best and took fourth place in the Metropolitan League championships. They have not lost their Hghting spirit, though. and will go on to greater victories next year. 0011113 TEA At the beginning of the 1941 season, Coach Sam Bishop was faced with the problem of creating a football team capable of winning part of its games. With only two lettermen, Capt. Harry Huber and Steve Solis, returning from last year's co-championship squad. the Colts, nevertheless, defeated Southeastern, last year's East Side champions, in their opening game of the season, in a game marked by outstanding defensive play, Southeastern failing to carry the ball past the Colts' 30 yard line. After a defeat by Western, Northwestern defeated Chadsey. Then followed defeats by Central, a stirring battle with Mackenzie won in the last half by the Stags, and defeats by Cooley and U. of D. High. The prospects for next season seem better, with a majority of this year's letter- winners returning. Page Sevenly SP RTS Always No. l on everyone's list of "special" doings were the sports events. No matter what important date came up we always managed to put it off until after "that important game." We cheered till we were hoarse and sang "Hail, hail Northwestern" until we knew it backwards. Win or lose, they were our "boys" and they never failed to display the fine sportsmanship typ- ical of the Colts. Page Sixty-nine ,, 1 - ifbf- M42 f i Lf' fi FREE sc H09 fy f . L ..,. f - I JI U ' ,IIIlIlIIIlIlI1IHL 'l X :--Q '-' l" - pl I NAM I U -1, R51 -x :'f', 1!A M WHIIM I rm - -1rwaw ll sw .. lx L Nr- ummm m IIMIIIMII l1il,.,.flHW R 'X " , I' . 80977 53" ,, 'Il z ' 1 F LN P ' 'W' Iiiil 5i'4Mlgfi l R a X4 n lppfi Illllmllmll N ' 1 ' " 71 f 5 ...:fi' ... Q 3 'J' Um ,amz 539, .gf vp af QQ E' Mmm .53 E :P , :Aw M nnMll""' zz Q. , ' ' - 5 - r , . X I -EIV 1 K QEEXHLVSA ga Illia X- , - Af 1 A X X- f jfk lm ' ri' in X fx f 'D ff'-.Al 'X m f ll ff --A- , .1 - 1' ff ' fi Zbx ,fa , M wi I Ilqgj!-lg: - P ' X' "'Y ff' , V '-r., i -N H? Q Lffffwffzbvff 1 g ' Qfaixgg ..-E-+ Xa -W!" L -1 2-+1-K x -ai X - ""' ' ' 5 -.1.- ,Ri ,yiii Q ' -- " 9 , X X i E' -K Y '-W , ? K ' .-. -1-v 6 Wdt?1yfmE ua lllwlgfd 75 affix gcluccgllgbilzpglzlzlgbczi GLYEIE A,00'lZfL., P S y h . ,J j W ' My jf up, Ubff' VPU! K2 ff. ZAFRAS ZAFIZ.-X13 HAMANN NEAR HELEN KELLER HDUSE Helen Keller House has for the last time graduated a solid commercial class. For the second time in its history. a student received a scholarship to Wayne University and a Great Lakes Scholarship was also received. The recipients were Mary Charatis and Ruby Johnson respect'xLe1,y,.,,fIiy-o of the most out Landing commercial students among the June graduates were oQanXd Mary Zafrgsw.. The house offtcers of the fall class were acting president, MaQf Zafras: secretary. Jeannette Fitzgerald: treasurer. Ann Hearn. The spring class House ioflicers were presi- dent. Martha Hamann: vice-president, Betty Near: secretary, Eleanor Fitzgerald: treas- urer. Mary KramerIiTT As can be imagined, Miss S. A. Clough's guidance contributed largely to their suc- cessful year. DNE HUNDRED YEARS llN ONE HUNDRED WORDS One Hundred Years in one hu.ndred words! It is impossible. We do not attempt it. An institution a century old commends respect. No telescope in 1842 revealed what now we see in 1942. A few elementary schools and then a high school added: and following. the old hotel on Jefferson: next the building on Capitol Square: then Old Central: now eighteen high schools and a multitude of intermediate and grade schools: and, added last and crowning all--Wayne University, conspicuous among the noblest universities of our land. A name is but a name. and soon forgotten: an influence, who can measure, who control? Within the easy recollection of all, these names stand out among the many- Wales Martindale, Charles Chadsey. and Frank Cody. Upon the brow of the last must rest the chief honor: for during the trying, growing. mass-production years, he guided. inspired, and directed all. Northwestern's worthy contribution to our City system's fame we hail with pride. Again three names stand out--E. L. Miller, B. J. Rivett, and C. G. Burns. We name it education, but who can know it in the absolute? Informative it must be, and inspirational, with ever the forward look. Ill. D. Jerome Page Szxty seven at-V 45' tw fi, M T . V lE R N 0 N Mt. Vernon started the fall term off with "a bang" with some wonderful leaders as oflicers. Barbara Grimes swung the gavel: Betty Burnham stood by in case the load got too heavy: and the money was kept in good order by Harriet Anderson. The most out- standing thing of the fall semester waftthe qommunity singing held each Wednesday led b H ' A d . ' 'B . y arriet n erson ff, The spring term, not, to be ougdone, eected Harriet Anderson, president: Shirley Conn, vice-president: and! BetL',Chayie as :ecretary-treasurer, Under the guidance of Shirley Conn, an excellent program of Big Sisters for the little homerooms was introduced and carried out. j Mt. Vernon would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Vyn, our advisor, for everything that she has done for us. P lE R S ll-ll ll N G Pershing House, Mr. C. E. Carr, counselor, started the fall term with as fine a group of oiiicers as any house could want. They were Paul Bu.ker, president: George Charatis, vice-president: Don Craig, secretary-treasurer. During the course of the term, Mr. Carr was taken ill. Mr. Sullivan, one of the chemistry teachers, took his place and did a splen- did job. The elected officers for the January term were Dave Beardsley. president: Jim Crawford, vice-president: Edward Andres, secretary-treasurer. Jack Cole had charge of the program committee and Gordon Grant the board committee. NN x X x mu ES BURNHAM ANIJERSON CONN X BL KER CHARATIS BEARDSLEY CRAWFORD Page Sixty six MT. VERNON X QMVWQGQ, PERSHING Y IR O O S IE 'V IE lL T During l942, Roosevelt House was building itself up by concentrating all of its energies on the war victory effort. The officers for the fall and spring terms were presidents, Don Leonard and Ward McCreedy: vice-presidents, Harold Mensch and Fred Martin: secretary-treasurers, John McColl and George Miller. Its members have been practicing constant self-discipline. They have a new Honor Roll Club which is increasing the number of honor students. A conversation committee is daily limiting the waste, and a special Defense Stamp Committee was inaugurated. .IIANIEAIUSTIEN A pall of sorrow hung heavy over Jane Austen House this year with the sudden and unexpected death of our beloved Counselor, Mrs. Emily T. Watson: yet grief stricken we have carried on with the kind and understanding help of our new house mother, Miss Louise Orth. All our girls showed great willingness to CO-Operate with the oflicers, who for the fall term were Edith Phillips, president: Irene Ringle, vice-president: Thelma Patterson, secretary: and Olive Priestley, treasurer. Spring term ollicers were Irene Ringle, presidentg Olive Priestley, vice-president: Christine Ward, secretary: and Betty Tyler. treasurer. ,f 2 , ,, rf. 1:9 1 LEONARD MENSCII Mr'C'REEl7Y MJRTIN ROOSEVELT JANE AUSTEN l l'flll.l.lI'b K1Nul.! V"7 RINGLE PRIESTLEY Page Sixty-Eve .. .. ... Q I W... -..- -5 - ' 1 .-,g. rl Ji i v I i 5 fl 4 4 l 5 U al 5? 5 4 ,ix i 1 ha .Nt 'l . W , .qv 'U I ,f , , f , . , 114 ' OTT IIENSTREET MOORE r JANDY N y ,X Ge BETSY ROSS LINCOLN SIMMONS SCHLENKER RQBERFS SCl PIS il l 1 M' lv BETSYROSS Patriotism was the motto of Betsy Ross House this year. Under the leadership of Miss Vera Fox, the house counselor, it made rapid progress. Upholding this motto. we purchased a beautiful American Flag and cleaned our Flag of 1776. The successful selling of our famous N.W. pins continued with success. The president of the fall term was Jackie Knott: vice-president, Betty Hemstreet: secretary, Laurel Jandy: and treasurer, Betty Kirk. The gavel in the spring was handed to Eleanor Moore: Laurel Jandy became vice-president: Shirley Knebusch, secretary: and Jean Locke, treasurer. 'i-":+.. lL ll N CC 0 L N Lincoln House took over with its usual predominance in house athletics by winning the house basketball championships. The various varsity teams have this year, as in years before, many Lincoln House men among their number. Many scholastic honors have been captured by members of 226 in the past year, not to mention the many Lincoln House men in the service of the United States armed forces. The officers for the fall term were president, George Simmons: vice-president, Albert Schlenker: secretary-treasurer, Phil Swensson. The ofhcers for the spring term were president, Charles Roberts: vice-president. John Scopis: secretary-treasurer, William Roop. Page Sixty four CDUSES .. Qwfpw "Always something happening." That was typical of our houses. We ate apples and frostbites. read our "Colts" on Thursday and, occasionally, did our lessons. The usual noise at record was terrific. and the dither over important notices and announcements was really i'something". On Tuesday there was always the close race between the graderooms to excell the others in the sale of defense stamps and bonds. ...A -,T .- I . fuJJJuv..f', 1 i .JB .4 J" Page Sixty three l KRUSE hmmm WL ' l I Paqc, Sixlq-Iwo I f W ' man. Dons Margaret Secretary, Dance Club G. A. A. Board Cum Laude Diploma West. Shirley Williams. Arthur Senior Band Wilson. Herbert Forum Club Latin Club Varsity Track at Aw ,L if -J-oUl"' f Worthy. Josephine Varsity Basketball G. A. A. Board f Girl Reserves I' K Yates. Bill Dues Committee Wesley. Virginia Charlotte Wheeler. Maryellen Spanish Club Norwester Staff Williams, Lenzie Track Boxing Champion Wilson. Bill C. West, Helen Doris Girl Reserves S. I. C. Member Whyte. Mattie Cornellia Girl Reserves, Excelsior Williams. Virginia Wiseman, June Chairman, House Commit- tee Commencement Committee Wright, Eleanor Louise Wright, Lillian Eleanore Secretary, Service Club Girl Reserves, Ever Loyal Scholarship Committee, 186 Service Club Norwester Stal? Young, Karl Service Club Young, Mary Louise Treasurer, Girls' Business Better Relations Committee Club Spanish Club Girl Reserves, Gamma Chapter Latin Club . ffnwhfl L Z3fF35-,MUY Zebley. harine Zinstain, Gerald W. ylC"'I'es'dcn"' lil" . ' Captain Fencing Team Secretary, Executive Board, Radio Dramatics Club Girl Reserves National Honor Society f' Q , f g if F t ' Zitney, Mary Ann - I My ,' Cum Laurie Diploma l llance Club Girls' Business Club -1 lf .4 Thomas. Edna Thompson, Edna May Fawn Club President, Girls' Business Club Girl Reserves G. A. A. Board Th9U1P50n, Jack Tookey, Anita Hi-X, Blue Chapter T0Wl'lSfl1d' OH Annette Tripoli, Adele Josephine TUCIYFY- Ethel f unstallf Joy Geraldine ff, Senior Orchestra Girl Reserves Turner, James Utley, Joan French Club Badminton Club Honor Roll Verpoort, Elizabeth Jane Girls' Business Club agner, om MW 4 xp, s x-NX' ls! a Jessie , , l :S fwifuijr -, , nic! ,borus we , 'I Walberg. Robert Bruce files Thompson. Elizabeth 1 a Ol flllfllllllttfflf To ?. 1 Trusler, Helen Jean Turner, Charles Senior Band Senior Chorus A Cappella Choir ff Tr urer, M0 Tyler, Bgqy' x Co 'rrqa Y 'a Effort Gir U usiness Club Valleau, Jeanne Marion Service Club Vick, Evelyn Rae Service Club Walker, Audrey B. Ward, Walter T. Weaver, Jane Secretary, 186 Treasurer, G. A. A. Vice-President, Girls' Busi- ness Club Tyson. John Vasiloff, Marie Voorhees, Mary Walker, Dorothy Pe Girl Reserves Watson, Jane Hellen Band Wehner, Dorothy Socall, Wilma Mae Spence. Marion llnnw l'nmmittr-u Steele. Verona Moilurn llance Vlnli In ff. ii iw?" TU if Stevenson. Mathilda Service Vinh Storck. Norman Sullivan, Shirley J. Sylvester. Annie Airrelean Girl Rt-wrvt-s, livvr l,nyal Takessian, Victoria 'l'n-:mm-i', Ellen ll. Rish- arcls l'lnln Fawn Fluh llnnst- l'ivnnnittt-t- Taylor. Helen liirl Ri-2-t-rvvs, lfivvr Scninr l'hnrns Loyal Terhune, Robert William Solomon, Al. M. Spencer, Allene llnnir: Cntnliiiltre Steinke. Elaine Lois Stimetz. Albert Ili-Y Storgaard, Lorna National llnnnr Society Student l'unncil tiirls' llonlilc Trio Sutton, Olive L. Vapnain, Svrvicc Cluli Syrios, Chris l lnnsc F1 mtlrilll Greek Clnlm Varsity Basketball, and Baseball Tate, Clark Svnior ,lnniur llunse Taylor, llcinse llonse Ilunse Batiul Bnnil Baskt-tlvall Jeremiah Fun! hall llaskelliall Truck Frank Terry, Barbara Lois Sparrow, Harold St. Clair. Rosemary llonse l'ummitte-e Stephenson, Grace Stockmeyer. Bill Officers l'Iuli Captain, R. 0, T. F. Lad' 1 V,'A., ,,.' ' J ,. 9 in " ti Sudom, Marie Sophie "A" Orchestra Cult C'irculation Manager Service Fl! J , , ji 1.146-""Lj 'AY Sykes. Alver a et President. t lllh Tabor, Marise Alvena Summa Cum Lanile Stntlfsnt Council Latin Flnli Taylor, Elizabeth Tennis Team Terhune. John Edwin Thero. James S. A Capella Choir ,fb WM, Scopis, John Varsity Basketball Vice-President, 226 President, Hellenic Club . H1 . ,af-T t .J l r 1 1' i. I SequiheQ Betty Sheets, Bill Varsity Basketball Simmons. George W. F. Captain. Varsity Debate Team Vice-President, National Honor Society President, 226 Slater, Shirley r All City " " i s ii Girl R .ei ' ver , Spani Q.. Scott, Thomas Shannon, Marjorie Mae Shippee, Thomas Mouse Sports Simon, Mary Fawn Club Ellen H, Richards IZA Committee Club Slayton, Mary Louise llouse Committee 1, " Girl Reserves Norwester Statf 12A Committee S smith, Earline Smith, Frank , Smith, Jane Smith. Mary Ellen Smith. Richard Smith, Hedy Senior Band V sity Hock X X' Smith, Juliette Smith, Mary Elizabeth Girl Reserves. Ever Loyal Service Cluh Scurtu. Margaret Shaver, Jean Secretary. Alpha Lh ipter, Girl Reserves Vice-I'rcsident, Alpha Cliapter Sigel, Paula Sims. Wallace Service Club House Sports Smiley. Virginia Latin Club Smith, Erma Smith, Helen J Smith. Margaret Eliza beth Service Club Smith. Mary Irene Service Club i XX xx Q li l Smith, Shirley Emmetta Sobrln, EW 1 Rasmussen. Karen Richardson. Betty Robinson. Eugene Lurher llouw llnsketlnzill lluniv lfuutluilll Service l'luli Rodger. Jack llH:lK'l'l'. R, U, 'l'. V. l.l, liululwl Roland. Ruth Si-ninr l'llm'ns liver l.ny:il Kiirl lh-se-i'vn-s Rutherford, Margaret Svcrc't:n'y, A Clippcllu flluir Stuila-nt l'nunCil Sucixil ilnnniittec' Sarnovsky. Julia Nnrwc-sh-r Stull Serviri- Vluli ff! i .lx 1 1 If Sawvel. arbara Jeanne Vice-l'l'vsi4li'm. A i':ippi-lla Chnir Secretinry-'l'i'c:isui'i'i', Girls' llnnlilc: 'l'riii IZA lim-H illPll1l'llllll'Q' Schley. Richard Rillious Service Vlnli lluusi' lfnutluill Schroeder. Arthur. Jr. l,l'l'Slll1'lll, R. 0, 'l'. V. Uliivz-rs Vlnlr l.icixl.'l'nlmn'l lli-Y Rathburn. Mary Lou liln"u'y glwlli i-lgdl. Irene nrl Reserves. Executive Pres. Capt. Varsity Swimming ,li0lll'l1 l'ri-siclcnt, 204 Robinson. Marita Svrvicc Clnli Sm-nim' Flmru- Iicllrr R nee- Relations Vuuncil we Rodgers. Horace xillCt"l',l'l'SlllL'lll, l"nrnn1 Flnli l..lllIl Vlnli Spanish flnli Rosario. Calvin M. Saltzman, Mary lk-lnne lfluli IJA Committei- llunnr Diplmnzi Sarris. Samuel Greek flulm Schiebner, Shirley Schneider. Paul Schroeder. Kathleen Reschke. Robert lfootluill 'l'c:im llieY, Blue Chapter Badminton Club 5 s Roberts. Charles K ' President. 226 Q Nlqrsiiyl llzisketlmll J A, ii 1 lj - ij.3'Ql.ffffU5'J' Robinson. Marjorie G. A. A. Rodriguez. Esperanza Ross. Samuel R. Student Council 'l'i'easnri'r, Forum f'lnli School lhqiresentntive, Dramatic l,CClZlY1'l1lllUll Sampeer. Eugene K 9.-8 -L 'gr'-ks D ,....,fuLL1 Saunders. Mabel Better Race Relalions Council Senior Chorus Schlaf. Rita Schreiner. Vera Secretary, A Cappella Ulmir Secretary. Studeui f'nuncil Vice-l'rc-siilcnt, Beta Clmp- ter, liirl Reserves Schwartz. Lillian l'resiilv:n1, Ellen ll. Rich- ards Chili llnnor Diploma House- Scliulzn-ship flim- mittee Nutt, Rachel Owens Ordentlich, Martha Papastephanos, Agamem- non A. National Honor Society Hellenic Cluh A Cappella Choir Patterson, Calvin Peilet. Mary Fawn Club Knitting Club Library Staff Picard, Jeanne Library Staff Pollack, Leo Spanish Club Preston, Hellen Service Club Primeau. Pearl Rita Punske. Marion O'Brien, Betty J. Norwester Stal? Page, Evelyn National Honor Society Norwester Stal? Pappas, Gus Frank Patterson, Phyllis Pettit, Betty Jean Colt SIRH Forum Club Pigott, Gloria Library Stall Pollock, George Priebe, tty Co cement Committee Glrl Business Club .' ice Club Prough, Dorothy Girls' Business Club Northwestern Masquers Senior Play 1 Aww Raeside, Thomas Hi-Y Varsity Basketball House Swimming Odell, Robert Service Club Panagopoulos. Joy Hellenic Club Service Club Patrick, Bob Masquers Club Pegram, Thomas W. Peurach. Theodore Pinkston, Richard A. Football Team Forum Club Porter, Madeline Service Club Treasurer, Home Room 5 Priestley. Olive Treasurer and Vice-Presi dent, 204 Executive Board, A Cap pella Choir Secretary. Girl Reserves Beta Chapter Pruitt. Thomas V. A Cappella Choir House Track House Basketball Ramey, Geraldine Senior l'horus Maxwell. John M. K. N McConner, Norma Elaine Girl Reserves, liver Svrvicv l'lulm McGarvah. Joan Swimming 'l'c':un Badminton Flull 1 Meritt. Marjorie ' Honor Rnll l xxl Miller, Bernice Elizabeth llmisc llnckc-y llunfac lla:-zkctlmll Mooradian, Zora Miracle Bunk Flnlr Morgan. Gloria S. Varsity 'l'L-nnis 'll-:ini llctte-r Rance Rt-lzitinns Cnmniitlec Mortslield. Doris Newman. Althea llunur Rnll Nicholson. Treva lillvn ll. Ricltzirils Flnlx Fawn i'lulz Maynard. Raymond McCreedy. Ward Prvsifle-nt. H13 l"nunder Bc-llur Rance lions Cunnniitcu Mzumger, Lflnistmas Fair Relen- Jt, 411 tvrg?IVizginia liirls' Bnsilicris fluli lxqcutive lluurtl 180 ciuiwcstvr Stall' 4' X Merry. Ted Fziptnin, Tennis Team Student llnuncil Club Miller. Geor . l' " Q-nt. pzinis Clulx l s :ln S :try-'l'rt-xiwurm' 10.2 Moore. Eleanor l'rL'siclent 211.2 Stnmlvnt Council Girl Reserves, Alpha Morgan. Richard German Clulv , X . M W Murdoch, Marion S1 ullent Council Executin- lionrcl Iiirl Reserves, Gamma Vlmpter IZA Publicity Committee Newman. Eugene Nietrepski. Irene McConachie, Elizabeth G.A. A. Executive Board Cum l.:iutle lliplnnm McFadden. Annie Eliza- beth '1'rvasin'er, Home Econom- ics Club Mensch. Harold "N" flulx 7 Hi-Y run, , f Football Team- ' C r W7 Miles. Levy M. Senior Band Marching Band Miller. Margaret I. Natinnal llunor Society liernmn Flnlm French Club Moore. Mary Margaret Moriarity. James First Lieutenant, Ofticcrs' Clulm Forum Clulr Near, Betty May Vice-l'r4:sident, 186 Norwester, Stenogrnplmic Etlilnl' 12A Commencement Com- mittee Newton, Martha Varsity Baskctlmll 'l'ezun Norman. Madeline Sumnm Cum Laude Debate Tcznn Latin Club 1,1 Lake. Gloria Pauline Lamontagne. Orell John A Cappella Choir Langer. Dorothy Spanish Club Varsity Swimming Team Dance Club Larsen, Helen L. Lebowitz. Geraldyne 3 Senior Productions Treasurer, Norwest Masquers Service Club Linn, Emerson Hi-Y XYhite Chapter Swimming Team Lloyd, Betty Joann Camera Club Lubnik, Alec Mack, Dorothy Janice Helenic Club Treasurer, Ever Loyal Girl Reserves Latin Club Mangurian. Virginia Executive Board 202 WK Lannom, Lawrence I. W ,,!.x,f K. if V l' if Lazarus, Muriel Secretary-Treasurer, Debate Club Treasurer, Radio llramat- ics Club Information Council LeClear, Laura National Honor Sociey' Lipschitz, Klara Secretary. Radio Statf Executive Board 20.2 Service Club Lockeg ,Jean Allison Girlfiliescrves, Gamma Cyhapter Qfjezisurer .202 Spanish Club ir", Ll'qas,,-F red 51: V r 1" Q N4 Maddocks, Betty Executive Board, 202 N. Y. A. Martin, Don La Moria, Dolores John LaPaca, Marion Secretary, G,A. A. Dues Committee Captain, Tennis Teani J 4"'i KJ ji Leary. Marion Leiter. Hannah Girl Reserves, Gamma Service Club Llewellyn. Ruth A Cappella Choir Miracle Book Vlub German Club Long, Wilhelmina MacDonald, James C, Swimming Team IZA Prom Conimittce Gold Chapter Hi-Y Makowsky, Marion Patricia Service Club Martin, Edith L. Hockey Team Colt Staff Chairman, House Fnmmil- tee v Ma ' . Fred Martin, T ', Jr. Matheson. Eleanor V Service Cl 1 l Mir Club xx LJ - - Jirasek. my J Stude C A C :el IZA s ay .onnnittee Johnson, Stella Marie Girl Reserves Basketball Team Tennis Club Josephson. Mildred M. Kaufmann, Rita R. Student Council Girls' Business Club Kelley, Ernest J. i Kerr, James I IiitY Gold C pter Color Cu 1 ttee Kinnunen. Inez Marie A Cappella Choir Senior Chorus Kirkby. Robert Clyde President, White Chapter, Ili-Y Badminton Club House Sports Kne ch, l Gi R-' ' s, 'tn Chap' 1 S ry, 202 I 'lass Day Committee Kontas. Theodore J. A Cappella Choir Johnson, Charles Jones. Edna Kain. Gerry Girls' Business Club Norwester Stal? Executive Board 186 Kazangian, Jennie Service Club 202 Activity Committee Kelley. Frederick N. Cadet Sgt. R. U. T. C. Khoury, Victor Elias Kirk, Doris 1Hpsfritrf'd"'V 4 I Knott, Jac eline Jane President, D ate Club National Honor Society President, Br.-tn Chapter, Girl Reserves Kubat. Lois up Johnson. Rufus Varsity Football :nnlTr:1ck Middleweight Boxing Champion R. O. T. C. Oiiicer, Riile Team Jordan, Dempsey Colt Staff Greek Club Katchadoorian. Albert Perfect Attendance Keiser a IAA Luncheon Committee Service Club lllouse Committee. 202 Kelm, William Clifford King, Edward Kirk, Elizabeth Zoe National llunor Society Treasurer, Alpha fm' Reserves V-f Student Council ' ,ff Knapp, Lowell F. Kolk, Ann Vice-P eside QWl.atlh Club Freitci Cflbl 4 b 12A 'ommencement Committee Kuster. Arthur J. f X ll j it Ji' s LEO f l Griggs. William , School Boxing Champ Service Club Hamann. Martha Pres., Helen Keller House Alpha Chapter, Girl Reserves Girls' Business Club Hfisen, Warren Edward Harvey, Robert William Helper, Jane G. A. A. Member Secretary-Treasurer, Badminton Club Varsity Tennis Team Hinkle, Betty Social Committee, 202 House Committee, 202 Hornsby. Ruth Latin Club House Committee, 202 Hunt, Phyllis Varsity Swimming Team French Club Honor Roll Gulbankian, Sada National Honor Society President, Latin Club Girl Reserves JMMX Hamilton, Elizabeth Excelsior Girl Reserves Club Marquisettes Harris, Bernice Vivian Haw, Richard lli-Y Gold Chapter Henry, Flarry Band House Football House Basketball Hochman, Nathan "A" Orchestra A Cappella Choir Howell. Margaret House Basketball Hunter, Madge N-'Yff' Jamieson, Julia B. 202 Social Committee Se ,ice Club G. fA. Jandy, Laurel -' Secretary, 12A Class! President, X' A Ca ella'Cho' p , Secretary, Naqti nl Honor Society " 1 5 4 Jamieson, William. Jr. Varsity Football Varsity Track Basketball Team Jarrarcl. E. Bowlii ' am Hale, Shirley Jean Modern Dance Club Hockey Team Girls' Business Club Hance, Bette Jane House Committee Art Editor, Norwester Harrison. Norma Eloise Girl Reserves Camera Club Service Club Hayward, Thomas W. Hilton, Nora Varsity Swimming Team Service Cluh House Swimming Team Hogan, Ned Harland Hueseing. Pearl Band lf' 1 l r , if Irwin, John A.. Jr. Jamison. Dorothy Ann House Sports i Jett, Catherine Vice-President, Student Council National Honor Society President, Alpha Girl Reserves Fifer, Doris linskm-llxzill 'IR-nm Hirl Rt'st't'vt'e- Swvivt' K'l11lr Flannery. Bertha Latin Vlnln Forbes. Mary Jean Se'Crct:iry, Fawn Vlulu Foreit, Howard llnml Ut't'lit'xI rn All Pity Urclwstrsi Fuson. Vera l":iwn Vluli Gantte. Beatrice 1 1lT11l'I'Jl 1 lulu Spmiisli l'lul1 Gatt. Helen lillt-11 ll. Riclmrtls Gilmcr. Constance Veronica Graff, Rencc Mmm l'mniniHt-tv Svcrt- 'y,ll"rt'nt!l1 Vlulr Gray. Philip IJA Mt-muriul Vmnniittt-t: Viet'-l'i'i'si1l1-lit, Service Club Finkel. Rosalie f f I N 1 , , 4 - ' A Floyd. John Ford. Estelle l.:itin fluln llocke-y Team Foster. Jane Yairsitg llockq lt"ll1l llx':u11:iticS l'luIl lltlllNl' llziskt-tlmll Gagne, Mary IJA l'mnn1ittt'c Garrison, Mamie l.:itin l'lulJ lin-1' Loyal Klirl lit'sCrws St-rx'it't' fluln . if rr ' . ny Jfdf, yftyxov Gavras. Frances llllllfit' llockvy 'I'vzim Ginste. Marjorie fe"7fff " .,w Graham, Paul Greene. Elizabeth M. lixrt-lsinr Girl Rt-serves Fischer, Esther Virginia A Cappella Choir Senior Orclicstm St-nior Hand Foder, Marcheta Varsity Swimming Team Senior fhorus Ford, Madge Freeland, Eddie lIi'Y, Kirsty Fhziptel' liulf Tvzmi Gambrell. Jennie Ruth Latin l'luli llouse Fmnnlittee President, Ever Loyal Gir Reserves Garrison. Robert Dale 'l'rerisi1rt-r, lli-Y lllnt' fllnptci' German. Duane Goff, Olivia l :tin Flnlm Gray, Janice lixcclsim' Girl Reserves Gritlin. Ollie Lucille Excelsior Girl Reserves Service Club Dahlstrom, Jack E. DeBro, Juanita Marion Spanish Club Chairman, House Commit- tee-109 Girl Reserves Demetrulis, Andrew Commander, N. NV. R. T. C. Unit Officers Club 12A Dues Committee 0. DesPlaines, Phyllis Fawn Club Better Race Relations Committee Dorion, Ruth Bernice Scholarship Committee Draper, John Mitchell A Cappella Cl1Oi1' Vice-President, A Cappella Choir IZA Luncheon Committee Eagleton, Betty Jane Spanish Club Norwcster Staff Elliott, Harold Evan , Ruth Faber. Jean Girl Reserves, Alpha Chairman, Art Committee, 109 Day. Stanley Degan, Joyce Lillian German Club Dance Club Varsity Hockey Dempsey. Laura Mae Norwester Staff Service Club Dillard. Harriett l e C m i e 'r 1. Douglas, Margaret A Cappella Choir All City "A" Orchestra Miracle Book Club Dunlap, Shirley Jane Girls' Triple Trio Dramatics Club Ecton, June L. Senior Chorus Ellwood. Mildred Evans, Thelma Mae A Cappella Choir Ferrell. Ralph Band Deadman. Bill 'ii-1 Baseball Basketball National Honor Society Deline. Joan DeRosia, Mary Virginia Dodds. Beulah Service Club Miracle Book Cluli Downie. Betty liirl Reserves, Alpha House Committee Library Staff Dunn, Fred Qi Eliot, Joan V Girl Reswffcs Spanish,fClub Servyy' Club ff l Ernst. Clarence Evers. John H. Varsity Baseball Basketball House Football Fick. James Hi-Y, White Chapter Byrd, Rosetta Carson. Bernadine l'rt'sult'nt. Fawn t'lnlu lluusc t'un1mittcr' Chapman. Ludie l'rt"-iclt-nl "A" tlwln-str:i All Pity "A" tlrcht-stra tiirl Ri-st-rvt-s Chennault, Daisy Cleveland. Dorothy lnfurnlatiixn t'mwt'il tiirl Rr-serves f, J, ff,9.,1 at t 1 , nl" . lift Cobb. Ada Marie tiirl ltr-st-t'vt's Svrvirt- t'lnli Conn. Shirley V l'1'l'SillL'lll, Student i'llllIlCl Natinnzll lln io! Sntitfty lst ref-irlt-Ah 5 f VN'olv r' -itll Sfmt' '73 - Copeland. Evelyn tl. A. A. Craig. Don l'l'1-sitlviil, "N" Vlnlu Varsity llaskrtliall l'rt'r4itlt'nt, lllnt- iqlllllllff, lli-Y Cumming. Mary Eliza- beth Latin t'lnli Assistant t'aptain, St-rvicc t'lnlm Nm'wt'stt'i' Stall' Carey. Josephine Louise National llnnor Society Vict--Presitlviit anil Sevres tary, Service Club Girl Reserves. Alpha Chap- tvr x 'J f r' I Carson. Lillian llanct' Vlulv Service t'lnli Chayie. Betty Se-crctary-'l'ri'asurer- l 09 Exec ire- ' . ti.A.A. Yar ' y i' Hearn ,C - Clarke. Harri nn Treasttrcr, rman Chili Yars ty ' 'naming Team l.a i ull Clock. Ellen Jean Svcrt'taryATrt-asnrt-r, Span ish Vlnli llanre t'luIi llfnxsc f'un1n1ittt'C Cole. Audrey C. Svrvire' Clnlr Riding t'luli - if lluusc Connnittc .1 Cooke. Adele liitcrztry Editor, Nnrwestcr Vice-l'resirlont, Alpha t'l1apter, fiirl Reserves National Hnnnr Society ' pot Copp, Betsy Cripps, Edwin Cyphers, Jean Carlisle, Harold B. Chamberlain. Frederick D Check, Andrew Varsity Tennis 'l't'am French t'lnl. Varsity Footliall Cleage, Anna llnnsc Basketball ff IM, 4. riff 1' , to "1" HMT Cloud, Pauline Miles Norwcs or Staff aff c7.JZf741.,?j, Coleman. ar tiirl Reser cs Wm Cooper, Robert S. Varsity Swimming 'l'i:am Student Council Asst. Stage Technician Covington. Cornell A Cappella Choir llouse Swimming 'l'cam Crosby, Robert L. Senior llantl X. Dabney, Clara Mae Girl Reserves Service Club Bernstein. Bill Hi-Y Clmpter Blackman, Maude Blevins, X a P. Berry. Dorothy Blaine. Madalyn Marie Bethel, Virginia Senior fling-ug Senior Urclieslrn I I Bland, Doris Swendolyn l'rc-nch Vinh Nritimizil llqgm' Society . f y' "' ,f ff .1 W! Block. Frances X A Vzippella Fhnir 'A Latin Cluh x 'il . 'N ' , N X C J N 1, Bodnar. Rosalie M. BOPM- DP0l25Sif Secretary, Spanish Club Q hvrus Varsity Field Hockey Team Forum Club Bowen. Harry rx Brader, Virginia Dance Clulm Spanish Club House fommittee j,f91f"', B rown. Bruce X. Bozzi, Thomas Nnrwester Art Staff Bradford, Gloria V. Trcznsurer. Latin Cluh Nurwester Staff Service Clulr Q I' X e O I K Brown, Christopher Student M anagvr, Sports Student Fnuncil Treasurer, IZA Clams Brubaker, Dorothy Burke. Patricia Bussey. Barbara Brunkley. Mamie Excelsior Girl Reserves Burks, Kennedy L. 5 I "Buzenberg. Eddie e. 1 Hi-Y Gold Cliapter ST Varsity Baseball ' Service Clulr ,fd Bodkln. Betty House' llunimittee Girl Rr-serves French l'lulr Borset, Margaret Jane G. A. A, lixecutive llunrd Fencing fluli Badminton fluli W7 Braceful. Fannie Bright, Charles Harold. Jr. Latin l'luln Senior fhorus Browne, Marie E. Budde, Helen W. Burton, Bellaustyne Byrd. Georgia iiirl Ri- rvr: All 1" I I'ii - il ws! rn rl Allen. Barbara l.?A l.mli'l1i'rm i'nnimittt'r- llirl llrwf-i'xr-. ful! Stull 0rEe Addelson. William YicPfl'i'r's.. Kifflllilll l'luli R. 0, 'lf lf Sill!lPlli lmxigiit' of lAlI1Cl'll'll Allen. Katherine Anderson. Harriet E. l'I'l'Hilif'lll, IUU Nziliunsil llnmii' Sucirtg l'ri-siilvnt. lizmimzi Girl licwlwcs Andrews. Mary Katherine Asher. Nancy Nurwr-slr-1' Art Staff Se'ri'ii'c' Vluli Sr-slim' lizinil llrvwling l'luli Ayoub. Elizabeth lwtin Vlulu lliw-siulcnl, l'Al'l'1lQll Vluli l.3A lluvs Cummiftci' Bailey, Vuralene Rachel Girl lli-si-rx'r-N. l'lxt'rilsirii' Svniin' l'l1urus Barber. John I 1 1 I ," 1 Beardsley. Dave l'rcs1rl1'li!, IIA Vlxiss l'rr'sialf'n!. llll l'rz-sisli-nl, iinlal Vlmplri' Ili Y Beers. Dorothy Louise Bell. Phyllis Swiniming 'l'c:m1 Badrak, Anna Bair. Peggy Stiiili-nl flmiiril l,iln':u'5 Nuff li'z':wulr'i', lmmlllzi hill lieSt'i'x't's Barning. Vera llmisr' i'4mn11itti'f' Seri ict' llllllh Svuiur l'l1m'us Bearinger. Corrinne llflllki' lluckey Bell. Colette Bergsma. Ruth Elene UA lliu-s lliuiirviiiter' Keller Kult Stull llig Sister lllilllllllllfflrliili Alexander, Ernestine Anderson, Doris M. llfvu-0 Swimming 'l'c:im Scrvici' fluli ,fl Vi Andres, Edward N:ltirin:il llnnor Sncicry I'i-esirlent. Blue flizipiei' Ili-Y Varsity lfiintlmull Auty. Eloise Girls' Iloulrlt' Trio A lliplvella Vliuii' lluusv llziskctlmll Bailey. Morris Warren St-uinr Bzinrl Urclicstrzi Baird. Andrew Svuirii' Hand llziselinll llIl!!1hlC'lll'0llK'llt Fmnmittcc lirny llmptcr ll:-X Beach. Charmian Kath- ryn Varsity Field lluckvy 'llC'1ll1'I l'mn l'lilli llxulniiutim K'liili QL it Becker. Elizabeth Yzirsily lfitrlil lluckey 'l't'a1n Spanish l'li1li Fawn Vlulr My Bell. Peggy Evelyn Service Vluh Bernard, Clara X v CX , IE , L IE B S 1 I ' N, C gy ., 6 , is D,,.A,. SCCIVIS KNUT'IX MOORE iRlNt'iEl. fri BROXVN fl L,-v"'! 61.1 1' 'vt' X IRENE RINGEL-Vice-President, G. A. A.: Cap- tain Girls' Varsity Swimming Team: Program Chair- man. Beta Chapter, Girl Reserves: President, Execu- tive Board, Girl Reserves: IZA Prom Committee: Vice-President, German Club: Secretary, Girls' Busi- ness Club: Vice-President, Jane Austen House: Pres- ident. Jane Austen House: House Sports: Knitting Club: Perfect Attendance: Chairman. Vocational Committee. ELEANOR MOORE-President, Betsy Ross House: Alpha Chapter, Girl Reserves: Norwester Staff: Girls' Business Club: Honor Roll: Northwest Masquers: Student Council: French Club: Chairman. Scholarship Committee, Girl Reserves: Ring Chairman, Girl Reserves: Vocational Committee: IZA Prom Committee. JACKIE KNOTT-Vice-President, June Class: President, Information Council:'President, Beta Chap- ter, Girl Reserves: President, City-'Wide Girl Reserves: National Honor Society: President Debate Club: Chairman Cap and Gown Committee: Treasurer. Betsy Ross House: President, Betsy Ross House: Cir- culation Manager, Norwester: Cum Laude Diploma. LAUREL JANDY-Secretary, June Class: Secre- tary, National Honor Society: President, A Cappella Choir: Secretary, Information Council: Vice-Presi- dent. Gamma Chapter, Girl Reserves: Perfect At- tendance: Summa Cum Laude: Secretary. Betsy Ross House: Vice-President, Betsy Ross House: French Club: Norwester Staff. Page Forty-six tmp is iw 'c CATHERINE JETT-Vice-President, Betsy Ross House: Inter-club Counselor. Alpha Chapter, Girl Reserves: President. Alpha Chapter, Girl Reserves: Secretary City-Wide Girl Reserves: National Honor Society: Vice-President, Student Council: Marching Band: Cum Laude Diploma: Chairman, IZA Social Committee: Latin Club: Spanish Club: l2A Prom Committee. HARRIET ANDERSON+National Honor So- ciety: President, Gamma Chapter, Girl Reserves: President, Mt. Vernon House: President, Dance Club: G. A. A. Board: Cum Laude Diploma: Student Council: Secretary-Treasurer, Mt. Vernon House: Chairman. IZA Luncheon Committee: Inter-club Counselor. Gamma Chapter, Girl Reserves: Norwester Staff. SHIRLEY CONN-National Honor Society: Chairman Class Day Committee: President, Student Council: President, Girls' State: Magna Cum Laude: Vice-President, Mt. Vernon House: Varsity Swim- ming Team: Beta Chapter, Girl Reserves. DAVID BEARDSLEY-President. June Class: President, Pershing House: Vice-President, Informa- tion Council: "N" Club: Varsity Football: Debate Club: Student Council: Hi-Y. JOHN SCOPIS-Hellenic Club: National Honor Society: Varsity Basketball: "N" Club: Vice-Presi- dent. Lincoln House: IZA Committee. BRUCE BROWN-Student Council: Treasurer. June Class: Student Manager, Sports. The graduating classes of Northwest- ern are always outstanding. but the June class was undoubtedly one of the "sharpest" in all respects. Endowed with many fme students in scholastic achievements as well as in sports, the faculty and undergraduates alike re- gretted to see them leave. As their colors they elected SUNRISE and ARMY GREEN and strived to live up to their motto, "CHARACTER IS THE ONLY TRUE DIPLOMA." DAV1 Bl ARINI I Y JACKIL KNOTT BRUCE BROWN LAUREL ,JANlJYljV' e 1 d t '11,-casurer Secreteryfju. ,QWVMA "f A ,Q X IL Page Forty Eve Jf6f7 4-3 T OA f f C A Ay i l 7 I QV X, 'x - A L, f Q! W WW v .wf -11 'Soy 41-I X Ns 640 . ' A Y 0 "'l'glu'i'HflZlWliL-"Q-lm' ' 3:22 IIE? Q59 ' f ff 1 s s if 3 ig f ff' " ' fa s::3 QF- :FE E ,g 1 f yf vf jf T2 ,ai 5 ,-. ,r " - - ,Umlllmll JHIIIIYIVI ,' E iw 5 Il 1 UI I 'muah " ---. 1- lu mu mu ' 5 K' .......s - 4 Um.. luuum n num Q -Im-1 -ri:-1-llln-i K m u , mu g nun Y A -1 'i ' , 4.1 a " u'Am ' FRuTscH 'E Cilffn- 4 p in iwcdfofzgbn Ull?1df zcffcw Udffffbid 5571 oun, Unzflucan Acfzoofd, I qv Iforry- four i I' rn an lrfl In rigllzt, l"i'r.vt Ii'.r:i': RWESTE STAFF Thanks to the administration we had Room l8O for the Norwester office this year. ln October, after school hours, Room 180 was converted from a peaceful t???l English classroom of Mr. Weiskotten into a mad house. As the room changed, so did the people who worked in it change. Fellow workers started calling editor Mal Stamper "Ol' Man Spinoza" as his "locks" became greyer day by day. Assistant editors Don Schwalm and Al Schaufelberger deteriorated pound by pound at a rapid pace. URTE'the enormous pressure of sales and complaints from Stamper, Jackie Knott and lVlary Zafras languished and wilted las all delicate flowers willl .... The turmoil ceased instantly. however, when the Norwester showed its bright cover about in the halls. Along with the above mentioned, Betty Near, Thelma Barrington. and Betty Jane Hance could be seen lounging about in the halls an-d campus smoking big black "Victory" cigars. and signing Norwesters with a certain gleam of pride and satisfaction in their eye for a .job well done. The success of this book, however. does not fall completely on the shoulders of the editors .... far from it. Those pupils who make up the different departments, the peof ple whose pictures you see below are the back-bone of the book. These people can be especially proud of their work on this. one of the best of Northwestern's yearbooks . . . . ' , .: "How may I obtain a picture of an asterophyllites?" . . . "Where is there a map of Tanna Tuwa?" . , . "Do you know of any books by Theodor I-lerzl?" . . . These are not questions taken from "Information Pleasenz they are examples of some of the questions which the members of the Library Staff are asked every day. To become a member of the Library Staff of Northwestern, pupils ust be able to accept responsibilities, be co-operative and have a good scholastic standing. Staff members are taught general library technique, reference methods, and the use of t ibr ry to the best advantage. rcgr.l-- ...f,..l. ,af -...A..l,..f.... L..-1... -.-J 1,-f.,.. -,.,,.. . ...,.C,,1 -L ,-.D" helped this year to t Xlr llolllg li. j. llzmeeq ll. Rey' ioltlsg U, l'l'ler-tlryp Y. llrtlwi' tulip Nl lkllllerp l.. .lzilulgq A. iinkvl A. llc-znlll l'i. Nlcl':n1lr3l Nlr. kYr'iskoIlm'll, .Slvrmlil lfufvt 4 Xl. llvtlulli Xl. ll:u1l'l4': Xl. Kixnm-r: Al. Sl. Alulmg I., 'l'ryg.ii'1 ll. lh':nlfm'il: l'. llutlerg 'l'. lint-lug lf. VN'l'iglll3 Y. llililallvsluii. l'l:iril li'w:i-: l', lit-5 rt-is: Y. luis:-rp li. linker: li, Paige: ll. Kirk: li. l'lp1ul4'l'2 ll. llurrg l'. Spzivriiwq li. Nloon-, lfuiwlli limit: l Knoll: li. l'l:iglt-lmig l. l':u'k: lf. Smith: A, .lorgt-ti , . in, ll lxnnnn-ki: Il. M. Nezir: XI lunlva: ll. lkl. Alnlrrsuilg Xl Zzifmsz Nl. Snltzinzln. lfiflll li'm't'I M. l.:tZzil'lls1 ll. Rt'pltiglt'1 Nl. Stzunpt-l'L N. Klllllpflilhl ,l. l':ii'1'y3 ,l. Rvtisuni T. lizirrlng lung 'X Sfllillllit'l'lvL'I'Q11'l'Q Il. loin-sg li. l'okorn3: 'l'. lioui. Srrth li'im-: Xl. Tzilinig QI, llzug- ll, 1-risg R Smith: l.. A. llzirkln-3: st'llWillIll. J l'n.i'l li'i::i'3 l. Nl:illm'i', R. lin km, 1. Xvziril, lf. lung, l. liuistlmvn, M. Rnllilnnn, l'. llt'tgc'1'. .X'i'i'mnl li'im'1 A, llt':il'll. Xl. filling ll, Foy, Nl, Krzlmt-l'. XI l.nlvmml, l'. lllltlx'i'. llfzril li'1fri': ti. llniitn-r. IJ. Ili-nisli. l'.. M4 iw, ll. lille, ,l. llt':li'1l, l. liek-aiii. Ifuu rlll lin:--: llul ll ,l I". Xl: rlmll, ,l. Klilignnll, lf. llm' iirli, li.. lll'lIIl, l.. Wiukla-i', Y. XYrslt'y, ll. llvnli, li. lVililon. 1" ,rn 'Lv . 'f' , " .. .t drtfiilw lfrum Lrfl lu Nifllil, lfirsl Row: ll. llxiywlirnl, Xl. Xlillr-r, lf. Moore. l'. liuyre-is. lf. Aymllv. .S'rr'ami li'i1:i': B. Biialkin, V. iiziiser. ,l. l.:irseii. li. liniilfielil, Nl. Mtirilucll. ll. llaiskins. 'llllrtl lx'u:i'Z B. lhirr, 1, liriliin. R. lirnif. S. Russ, Y. Kirin, li. lip- pler. First Row: R. Llewellyn, A. llc-urn, Y. May, ll. Miwtsiield, M. Miller. IJ, Lxmgur, .S'4'z'om1' li'ufi': S. lliilluinkiaii, A, Yan- Ynlkenliurg. l. Ringel. Y. XYuoil- ruff. H. A. Vlzirke, Tlnrzl Ruin! R. Elliott, li. lJiii'i'uiiln-rg, G. Kuhn, li. Kuhn. M. llaiskalzikis. XV. Fink. Ifuiirili Now: Miss liugenrieiler, E. Heinz, VV. Ad- zlelson. ,l. Goldstein, ll. NVeliner. '1 -1' The French Club, sponsored by Miss St. John, has been engaged in several worth- while activities during the school year. The club has held its meetings about once a month with Elizabeth Ayoub presiding as president. The other officers are as follows: Virginia Gaiser, vice-president: Renee Graff, secretary: and Betty Dorr, treasurer. The club sang, French carols in the graderooms during the Christmas season and also participated in the Linguistic Festival, a Christmas program which was held in the Library. The girls in the club have knitted and sewed several garments for French refugee children. Surely the attitude and activities of this group counteracts the idea that French will not be spoken after the present war. Since the German Club was re-organized three years ago, it has been very active. Miss Bogenrieder. the sponsor, has done more than her share in sponsoring various excursions to Cranbrook, Alger House. and a WWJ broadcast at the studio. This year the club took part in the Pan-Linguistic Festival. The ofiicers during the first semester were Margaret Miller, president: Irene Ringel. vice-president: Elizabeth Heinz, secretary: and Harriet Clarkb treasurer. During the second term Margaret Miller and Harriet Clarkr,continued their respective positions as president and treasurer. with William Addelson as the new vice-president, and Doris Mortsfield as secretary. Page Forty-two GlIlRlLS91DUlUlBlLlE A new addition to the Northwestern music department this year is the Girls' Double 'l'rio. 'l'he members are hrst sopranos, Lorna Storgaard and Eloise Auty: second sopranos. Barbara Sawvel and Shirley West: altos. Kathryn Nlanders and Audrey Kehl. 'lihe Double Trio sang on the lVlacDowell broadcast presented by the Board of lldugation in March. They have been busy preparing performances for the Army Camps throughout Michigan and always stand ready to assist in any school activities. RA ICO RAMATICS lLlUlB l'he purpose of the Radio Dramatics Club is to give its members an opportunity to learn and use the technique of radio broadcasting. 'l'he event of the year was the purchasing of pins for each member. The elected oficers were Bob Edmondson. president: Fred Martin. vice-president: Berta Nlae Anderson, secretary: Muriel Lazarus, treasurer: Mary Kramer, publicity manager. , . IMI It'n't" li, Auly, l., Stuff Lt ll N XXX-st, A. Keltl. Sri' ul I ll Nt l N l l t'n't" , ,Jung .. 21 xx tl lx Xl.milr'1s. I m I II In It'ir1I:I, I"ir.t'I Ii'mt': XI Nnltnlttt. Y. iiztiser, Y. XI 1 5 Xlr, Ifmwl, ll. M, Antler tl NI l'tl:tl'us, Xl. Kl':nllt'r. X 1I I I II v ny, 'll 1 th 'ri -. .t'tt 1, . 'v l 1 Il, Smith, ll. lmlrlmtlrlsmt, tl tm l., ,l.iuswn. .J n I w A, ,f Page lforly l H- A -. -:X-' 1 , - . ,B JMC If jirzisek. ll. Piper, .. . . ,. . , lil, A. Zitiivy, X if N QC "Cro into your dance," says Mrs. Carty. and the graceful rhythmic Hgures of the Modern Dance Club begin their symphony of motion, creating vivid compositions and patterns in movements. Being a member of the Dance Club requires a highly developed sense of rhythm, balance and imagination and an active interest in the dance. It gives one, in return. unequalled grace and poise. Headed by Harriet Anderson as president, and Doris Weidman as secretary for both the fall and spring terms, and capably sponsored as ever by Mrs. Carty, the Northwestern Dance Club has done more than its share, but not more than has been heartily welcomed. toward the entertainment of the school and the city. At the 12A Mother and Daughter Tea and at the Senior Dance students of Northwestern were given an opportunity to see the club perform. At the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and at the Spring Concert the group presented their bewitching entertainment to an even greater number of people. lE TNG lLlUlB3 Gne of the most fascinating sports offered the students of Northwestern High School is fencing. Under the direction of Miss Beatrice Merriam, the Fencing Club is always a serious contender for the city high school title. In it have been produced such outstanding fencers as Byron Krieger, state foil champion, Paula Sweeney, women's state and mid-west foil champion, and others who soon promise to win wider acclaim. The Club is composed of about ten members who meet each Monday and Thursday at 2:15 in Room 22. Here they go through their routines in preparation for meets with other fencing teams in the city. This year's elected officers were Larry Krieger, president: James Kirk, secretary-treasurer: and Peggy Borset, G. A. A. representative. ll. Selinztztr. ,l. Rezisim. I-Crum Luft ft: ltilitlllf, Firxf lfoff. l. Hagan. Xl. XYciiiert. Y. Steele Ii. I il. Tunstzill. .Yt't'rvr1tl li'tm': i i S lltlr B lliziyie, Ilnrtl Iioru: lD.iXi'ei niziii, Y. Ui':tilei', ll, Aiult-rsoii fy W 1124 liz-gf! -eff' t.S'1umli't1g1 in frtnitl J. Kirk. l Ziitstniii, li, Ilietriclistt-iii, U Alnlmsoii, Xl. llriiwst, Miss All4I'I'illI'lI, J. lisirlies, l.. Krvigti Init li.f.'.' I. l.imIy. II. Eau tel, N. II 4. I' t-st. Ix, XI.imIt'ls. ,I. Ullvn I.. I'ilNt'IIl'l'. III. Iinlllvl' Itlltl I. Ilouglzls. II.'wt'llyll. Srtuutl li'w.'u: A. III. finlliioil. I. Illfwlt, tl. I'iit-silt-5. Nl. latin Its, I., llullvly. I". Phillips. I. Ilimlttm-in IC. XIi'l':ittli'y. Ii. int.-. Ili Illillip-. I. l'.x.uiN. IJ. Illrist. nil li'.1:.-: lx. I-alily. lu. XI. I'ulIt-1. If. I7l4'Ix-ull. AI. . ii......,.....t. lc. ite...-.t. iz. ,ln-.. NVQ tk, Y Srlut-im-i'. lwfulllr li'u7.'I I Xlukvlis, ti. 4' I. ' Ixoiitus. ll. 'l'urm-r, l.. ,lznisst-11, R. II:-spa-ler. It. Smith. S. Ruse. II. Huy l'ifllr li'n'rt': S. Moss liinic-r. I". Mzlrlin. ,l, 'I'l1t-ru, I Zur-lust, If I'uvilip.:I1vtl. ll. Ifmwt-s, -I. Xlollt-5. ,I. llruptrt. I XV.llI.r'I. , l il . 1 I .- ' 0 I lrnul lvl in lxiylfl, I-'fr'.rl 1i'n7t': I 1 NI. Ilxtuwll, V. llleisttir. II. S. alles, X. Kucllt-l'. IC, iNI4ioi't-. Ii. I 4-lumvilf. IC. lit-Inu, .S't't'-will lx ffv: II NI.irIt-Illini. NI. I.5ltc'l1. XI. Xliiltlm-Ii, II, II.iIlit'l'I5. Ii. Xlantleis. I '. Sltwllvi. Ii. l'r:tw I ul. I. 1.tlxin 'llinil li'ff:.': II. Ixvlm, ll Niiilll. .I. IHIII3, X. Itmlins, -I. I'rt-I-It-i', Y. Kirll. li. talk. -I Smith. Il tiiillt-tlgt' I rnrlli Ii'n:i': I.. ,I:inast'n, I". Blair tin. R. I'. iss A. l.ultt-s. IJ. I'rtuigl1, R. Smith. IC. lllzttliesoii, I mick. S. KItissll:l1lIt'l'. l'. IV:ix. K .,,-s 1, WMJ.. 4CAlPlElLlLA I' ll Northwestern oflers no higher musical honor than membership in the A Capella Choir. livery vocal student sets this as his goal of achievement in high school music. 'lo be accepted. one must not only be able to sing well, but must be Willing to give up long hours for rehearsals. at the same time maintaining good scholarship. 'I'his year has been a busy one for the Choir, filled with numerous public appearances in addition to school engagements. lt also has been the first year under the direction of Mr. John Otten. He has given the group such preparation as will enable them to Gt easily into the musical side of the world into which they are graduating. Iiall ofncers were Bob Guy. president: Barbara Sawvel, vice-president: Vera Schreiner, secretary: and Cieorge Cfharatis. treasurer. Oflicers for the spring term were l-aurel Jandy. president: John Draper. vice-president: Margaret Rutherford, secretary: and Ray Hespeler, treasurer. UIRTHWIEST MAS IIE CCILIUIB 'I'he purpose of the Northwestern Masquers Club is to promote interest in the technique of dramatics. Under the sponsorship of Miss Ann l-ukes, these boys and girls have become highly proncient actors and actresses, some of them being chosen to take parts in the pageant play recently produced at the Masonic Temple. 'I'he Club meets every Tuesday at 2:l5 in Room 222, Where discussions of and practice in dramatization are carried on. From its membership is chosen the cast to take part in the annual school play. 'lihis year's duly elected oflicers were l.ouis Cfalfin. president: Fred Martin. vicee president: .lane Duffey. secretary: and Geraldine Liebowitz, treasurer. 'f Putin Thirty nine ELLEN . ,MJHAR LIU The purpose of the Ellen H. Richards Club is to help other girls to become more interested in home economics and to be of useful service to various organizations such as the Red Cross. The club meets every Monday under the sponsorship of Miss Collins, and, with the aid of student teachers from Vvlayne University, these girls have solved many problems concerning good housekeeping. In addition to their regular activities, they take trips each year to different places of interest, such as the Home Service Dept., the Detroit Edison Company, and various manufacturing companies. The club is affiliated with other Home Economics Clubs in the city. The oilicers for the spring term were president, Lillian Schwartz: vice-president, Betty Kovach: secretary, Jane Brachell: treasurer. Victoria Takessian. ' Under the leadership of Miss Kahn, the Fawn Club has shot far ahead in lines of service. This club has achieved its purpose of promoting sociability and creating new inter- ests among the girls by knitting, by going on field trips, and by working out projects for the soldiers. The fall oflicers were Vivian Teague, president: Mary Peilet, secretary: Bernadine Carson, treasurer. For the spring term the oflicers were Bernadine Carson, president: Pat Perry, vice-president: Mary Jean Forbes, secretary: Madelyn Schriver, treasurer. l"l'rsf Raw: ll, Mcfoy, l. Nii- elic-ll. l.. Snlmnou, ll. limi, l'. Angilley, ll. Vzilmlwell. .Yf'l'0llli li'u:r': l.. Sl'l'lWlll'lZ. K. Vivianu. Y. Boyd. Y. Tzikeisiau. H. Ku' unch. Tlliril Now: B. llnllins. ll. fhrist. ll. Kogrlsrllutz. B. lYiku1'f, A. joseph, j. liruehe.-l. J. Eastman. I", Namliiun, ll. Tuttle, ll. " ' ll. Keating, M. Fora s. . 'L nghue, Xl. Kuhn. 1"lAl'.i'! Raw: ,l. Reade, l". Jusfrpli. 1 Lai- snn, Sammi Row: V. 'l'L':1guP. lr ll Lal' kins. Tliiril Raw: Bl. Simon, Nl. Peilet, ll, XYehnr:r. B. Dun- Comitia Romana, the Latin Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Norris, is one of the most popular clubs in Northwestern. Its purpose is to further interest in Latin culture and customs. One of the Club's most successful undertakings was its participation in the Pan- l.1nguistic Festival, the members becoming Roman citizens for a day. An important function of the club is to coach backward Latin students. The fall officers were Consul Primus. Bob Ciuy: Consul Secundus. Cieorge Simmons: Scriba. Christine VVard: Quaestor. Sada Gulbankian: Aedile, Ann Kolk. Spring oflicers were Consul Primus, Sada Ciulbankiang Consul Secundus, Ann Kolk: Scriba, Pat Butler: Quaestor, Gloria Bradford: Praetor, Jordon Drews: and Aedile. Horace Rogers. ' it The Spanish Club, under the direction of Mr. Novitz, meets once every month. The purpose of the Club is to acquaint its members with the customs and habits of the Spanish speaking countries. At each meeting some person connected in some way with these countries speaks to the Club or entertains the group with Spanish songs. The meetings are essentially educational and always a lot of fun as well. The ofhcers for this year are Sam Mosshamer, president: John Bageris, vice- president: Rosilee Bodner. secretary: and Winthrop Donnelly. treasurer. Our hats are off to Mr. Novitz and to the officers for their guidance through a successful year. A7 Z A l'u'.i'l li'u'.'u: l., 'l':inily. IC. Ayinili. li, lir'iillm'4l, lf Vllitrtl, l'. lint ler Ill, Rlu-ntinic. ,S'1'm1itlIi'n7t': M. Young. ll, A. l'l:irkt-. R. Klztwsnn, li, lhikt-r, li. Sklar. Miss Nm ris. 'flrinl li'mi': A. Knlk Xl 'l" ' ' ' ' . . ininims, ti., tlizilk, P.. .Xiiiln-r-ini, 5. tii1llumki.ui. lt, Mr lunatliir, R, tiny. l".fnrll1 li'-Irv: .X. X'iit:ilit-ilisiil. Al. llrruw. T. XI lhriiiiigluli ll lluilgi-ix R ii..f...i.,, i'.. thi. if. ii.ia.iQ. ' VI X7 yrf 1 ' L ,A r5 l' li'ff:i-3 Y. llrauler. lf. Pluck. ,' ti. Xltlli-1. Xl. Xa-vill, ll. .luck sun. 5, Xliiwliaviier. .Xu-.fiiil li'.f:.-: S. X iiillpkm-, ll. l.:ingt-r, Nl. Hin- -',. esltf. li. lllctaiiizteliit-. I., lim-lit. v -f' Il. l'ii-lutril, l', lxlllillilllgll. S. Q tnniplit-ll, ll. Smith. 'l'lr1'r:l li'uri': l. Nl.illm'y. li. l'l'j'lll'. ll. lftiller. Nl. 'l'rriiei', M. lJ:irt'y, -I. liliut, 1, lvtl. ,l. l.iit'kr', II, l'lsl1t'r, l'nnr!lr li'ii1i'Z Al. XYnrtlly, li. Sllix' t 1 I 1-rs, H. lltuk 'r. X. lll: gzi. 1 . Smith. ll. Win-illlnzill, R, lliulniir. 4. Tliluilil, l.. .'Xliu'i'n:itlly. ll. lmigletili. l'll'llr li'n:i': lf. lies lminil, ti. l.:in4lv1i:in. ,l. fiwlv. l.. l'iill'iek. ll. Inlet. ll. Rmlgt-rs. l llzigt-i'i-a, l,. .l:xnsst'ii. R. ,lnlm sun, l. llti-lriehsteiii. I. l':irr:ir Si F1-'EV f .f A Y sf' X , Y N . A Y 1 X ex First Row: R. linker, IC. ll:iI:e1', W II. I-iurnlizmi. ,I, Vrusliy, Il, lfny, h' 'f'. YYarrI. XI. S.iItzm:m. .Simnzrd lx'.::'i-: l',fSp.n'rmx'. Ii, .'Xn:Irrsmi. H. .Mille-iwrii, IJ. Benisli. XI. I.:i- 7:iruS. Ii, Yurkslint. Ylnril li'.m: fi. Berry. I". Ilullrert. II, Ilnwns, II. I.c'onfn'rI. ,I, Kuaztl. S. Sni- ilr-rmaii. I'. linker. l"uurtll li'im-: ID. I'okm'ny. Il, Bl'Ill'IISII'j. M. Stzunper, IJ. Smith, ID. I.r-mi:ii'iI. I.. Czilnil. ' c I-" 1 . ff r.vtII?07i': M. l'Imi':11is. E. ' I'I1mnpso:i, IJ. Vmiistncli, I. Rin- gvl, M. llzmiunn. .Sl0l'01HI Kimi: li. Simmons. R, Kziufnixnm, K. h Zzifras. E. Moore. -I. St. john. I.. Trygzir. R. linker. 'lilifrd Rmu: J. Small. B. I'unningIiam. A, Xlrmil, I'. Sparrow, R, Kaur!- ji:u1. M. Xluraloch, KI. Yi-unc. II, I-Ir-ckmaul. I'lUIH'lIl Now: II. -Izivksini. II. Amlersuii, I', Fur- rzm, I.. NA'i1lilgi-inutli, A. Smith, ,I. Cravr-ins. R. lleilcry. Ififlll lfufuz Miss Nuns. IC. lllaillin-son, IJ. Pmugli, V, X"i0l'1lKlllI'l. Miss Rzlmlall, IJ. Higgs. M. jolm-emi. X' I J . The Debate Club, one of Northwestern's most active organizations, has been functioning since 1920. The main purpose of this group is to give its members an opportunity to express their ideas by the means of some very lively debates. The Club progressed rapidly during the fall term under the able leadership of President Juanita Crosby, Vice-President Betty Burnham, and Secretary-Treasurer Bernice Coy. The annual Mother's Tea, a club tradition. was held during the spring term under the watchful eyes of President Jackie Knott, Vice-President Christine Ward, and Secretary- Treasurer Muriel Lazarus. Mrs. Hulbert has been advisor to the Club since 1936. GlI'lRlLS9 BUSINESS CLUB Under the sponsorship of Miss Randall, the Girls' Business Club had a highly successful year with Dorothy Comstock as president: Jane Weaver as vice-president: Irene Ringle as secretary: and Edna Thompson as treasurer. The club is composed of eleventh and twelfth graders who are studying commercial subjects. Its purpose is to raise scholarship, help others, and promote social activities. Its motto is "Scholarship, Service. and Society." ln the way of social gatherings the girls have had date-nights, hayrides, and dances. Along the lines of service. the members X have contrilffuted Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to those in need of them. 1 I . I . Page Thirly-six .0 ' ' NH lt'u7t': H. Siviiinou-, ln .lim s vu, ll, Pirlmnnflsoll. .5'1't'nllfl' Iwrv: ll. fini, ll. Slu-lion, A. X 'n'l:tln-tlisut. R, lfurrl. ,l. titiltl tent. lrwm lrfl In lt'ml1I, l":'1.rl li'mt': In. .Xftuml lw.t. 5. Ros., ll. ilsmi, R. lhllkston, ll. Rovlg tl f, lttlm-r. 1, Rn-Jtllv. fi. min N. I 511 kit, lf. llmlnttr, l.. limtglt f 1 'l'he Debate Team has completed its fifth year under the direction of Mr. Raymond Ford and the successful results are conclusive evidence of his competent leadership. 'l'he debating season takes place during the fall of the year and this season proved to be a most successful one for the team. Competing with other schools, the team finished second in the city contest. Northwesterns debaters this year were George Simmons, captain: Lee Janssen, Bob Edmondson. and Robert Guy. During the year lf?-41-42, the Forum Club. under the sponsorship of Mrs. Keppel. Miss Barker and Miss Pursell. has been conducting its meetings on Wednesdays at 2:15. for the purpose of holding open forum. Vv'ith George Simmons as president. the club has had many interesting discussions about current world affairs. Peggy Bair takes the minutes. and Sam Ross is the club's treasurer. Such questions as "Where Japan Will Go Next?", and 'iGermany's Spring Offen- sive", are among the subjects upon which the ten members have voiced their opinions. These questions are of importance to all of us. The Forum Club plays an important role for all students interested in discussing current events. iitlt. A., Hrs, A. ms. l E J I R..CO..T..CC. OFFICERS The Oflicer's Club meets once a week in order that they might discuss future plans for the Northwestern unit of R.O.T.C. The club is led by Arthur Schroeder, the only student in the history of Northwestern High School to become a Lieutenant Colonel. The club makes the laws and standards that an R.O.T.C. Cadet has to live up to in order that he may stay in the unit. Part of these meetings are always put aside for instructions by their President on the technical subjects of military tactics and training. lRlIlFlLlE TEAM If you wish to see some straight shooters, you really should see the R.O.T.C. rifle team in action. They took second place in the 6th Corps Area meet. The rifle team is under the direct supervision of Sgt. Elek, who has charge of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps: but once the boys start shooting in a match, they are on their own. The R.O.T.C. does not give letters for shooting, but marksmanship shields are given when a member attains a score of 350 out of 400. g-J First Ix'u:r: B. Stocklneger. lst Lt., Vupt. A. lk-nietrulis, Cnlmicl A. Schroeder. Colonel J. Rmlger. ,l. Moriarty, lst IA. lI"" ' K" '7uIl .Szionr iam. S. ruse. -1 A. '. ln nalrfl, .Znl l.1., R. VVe1ul- l ll y 1 lzunlt. Zml l.t.. S. lxrusv, Znil Lt.. B. Scott. .fml l.t. C. llolforty, R. Mundy. l l l First Rmr: A. Dc-metrulis. F. Kelly. R. XYemllamlt, G. Smith, ,l. Rodger. .b'l't'UlIli lfmr: rl. Shcpp, j. Quigley. V. VVestfall, .- .nw 1 ' ,gf . - fr I-I A I. ,q,., s x.- ' .1 . A-S I D-' L if ,. lfmm I.rfI In Riyflll, l"i'r.r! lfnrri Nl. Viziecio. Il. llliriilmtn. IE. Sinninlis. I', linker. A. Yarte lreiliiui, Bl. l'ookt', Klrw. I'ilI:l Atlnnis. .Srrunzl li'u1t': S. l"r:itlliS. II, M. Miller, M. Miller, A. Vtmki-. I., hlnncly. K. Znfrats, NY. l"rz-viiiztll, I.. Slnrgzmrtl. Ii. Iamg, X. llurnett, I'.. RIINCIIIIINIQI. Ilnrtl nv: Ii, l'liillips. S. tittllnmltmu. lx'. S. Vinum, II. Illziml. Y. St-Iiirin ur, R. K:ipl:uii:m. II. Kirk. ,I. Vrnsliy, ul. Kimtt, Xl. IlII1II'5IlI'4- I"nnrlll li'u':i': II. l'JtlI-tilts. I.. YYnltlgt-niutll. li. Alrtt. If. An-It-r sun, S, Ht-mgi. WI. Vxttvy. II, .xllf rl:-rsnll, I.. l'I1I. lf. l':tgi-, Xl. Zn Irzts. lfffllt li'mt': II. Kitty, A. I':tp:isIt-plinnmi, IC, A111111-s, ll. Ia-mmril, II. lit-nrlinsul. II. Rimp. Al, linltlsttin, fi. 4', ll. 5.'..,,i.. lffrxl li'u7t'2 ll. l'ukm'l1t'y, III. 'I':iylur, Il, 'I'c-rm'r, II. Iiiissi-5. R. Ilix. VI, Illll'1I. .S'rrwmI Ii'tf:t'I II. I-1-rt-it. NI. Rlieatum-. S. lIut'l1m:tn. Ii. Iiulzttul, Xl. Ilrzttix itril, Y. lllztgai, I". l'-ISl'lll'l', Ii. Rusrliiuski, A. Aekernizm, Y. I,t-upolcl. -I. Xl:u'lli't'gm'. lv. Iilzmil. 'Ilm-il li'rf:t'i I'i. l"IIl gm-rzilfl, li, Nlzustitl. Il. tuiiistiwk. I.. 'I'inilit-rs. I.. Ville. I.. l'Il:ip man, IC. st'llllK'Il'I', I., 'I'ryg:ir. ll, Sklar, IXI. I'urtt-r, M.'lu-r. Iwfurlli lfimt: S, l'olem:tn. I'. Iluttglzis, T. Nt-ilnliug, A. XYUI' llly. H, Iiilniomlwn, V. Smith, I. 'IW-ilwick, II. l'tiwliiim't-. II. lllllly, Y. Ilvlllrl. I'. ICt'klt'in, S. llirulnmo, l"1'fIh lfmw: ,l. Ulizttiiati, N. Iloelimmi. I". NWI- liztms. IJ. Itueiltv, R. Ilarlim, ,I. Motley. ,l. I':ir4Iitl:tl. AI. Hiro l.imn, Il. Xlanshrlil. W, Slztrli. It. II. l'nl1pL'T. . ' ' I f ' . X , '7r'-'TT"'C'? I- 'I .L--rf NATIIUNAIL IHICOJNCOI SCQDCCIIIETHY The Northwestern Chapter of the National Honor Society held its induction cere- monies in .January and again in June. Members were chosen from the students in the IZB and IZA classes on the basis ol' character, leadership, service. and scholarship. To be considered for membership. a student must be in the upper third of his class in scholarship: he is then rated by his graderoom, the clubs to which he belongs, and by the faculty. However. the nnal decision rests with a council of ten faculty members. The chapter officers for this year were Bob Guy, president: George Simmons. vice- president: l,aurel Jandy, secretary. The Faculty sponsor is Mrs. Iilla Adams. X W The Concert Orchestra. under the direction of Mr. John A.. Otten since 1938. has become one of the best-known organizations in the school. Members are advanced musicians of the highest caliber that can he found. This goes far in forming the well-balanced orchestra which Northwestern has. During the past year the Concert Orchestra has played at all the important school affairs and is always especially outstanding at all Commencement Exercises. The Orchestra has a board of ofhcers consisting of Mr. Otten. director: I..udie Chapman, president: Marion Brainard. vice-president: and Don Racine, secretary. Page . X.- ,f- ' Thirttf Ihre. 'I f' 'Y 'l 1Ot11 GRADE HONORS l'r'frm lm!! t.: lx'1'y1ht. l"lr,tl lily.-3 l,. Solmwm, ll, lxitwl. S. XYilmot, .X. lx:w:u'1.m. Xl, llroun. .X4'i-.tml lime-1 lx. Mel lzim, X. XNooilr'i1H, l,. Rirllzirilsi-n, H. Stump, R. Al1ij'llJlI'4l, Xl. Kziplxmiztn. 11th GRADE HONORS lfrrml l.r'-H lu li'ig1l1I, l'rr.s'l libgp: Al. l.c't', lr, lglmly, lt. 5i'lli'ot'rli-r, Il, S1m'g:u1r'il. M. Rll4'il!ll1ll', A. Rugc-i's. .S'wrnmI lfufvc AI. llem- oltcn. Ql. XYil-im. ll. Ili-ir. Y I,e..i-ol-l. bl. Sl. ,lnll1v. l,, ilirjgixr, l.. Spweilw. llliril lx'ff:.': Xl. lful lm-r. ll. Iliploigle. Xl, llnmmis. il. l'roC!i-r. R, liiltwlmlson, Nl. 'IK-rn cr. lfnifrlll li'nti'2 XY. lines, ll. llezui. U. julivisini. A, Srliziiifrl llerger. hl. 'I'xmm, Y, Kirn, gl, llrews, XV. Fink. 12th GRADE HONORS l'rnm lmff In Ififllll, lfnal lfifq.-3 ll. 'l'5lt'r. Y. Scl11'rini'1, ll. l'rii- lie. ll, Sauxel. l'. Alrtt, li. l.:l Klorirn. A. ll:ull':it'k. .S4i'4'i:ml lx'fm': ll, lalllgt-l', Xl. Miller, lt. Ayoulr, .l, Vl'l':xvel'. lf. lllurlt, A, Vmvmmlw, lC. Solvratn, A, Na-wnlnn. A. Ileztrn. lll, Sxtllzmstn. 'l'l1i1'rl lx'nrrZ l.. plainly. l'. .Xlli-ii. l.. Sttwpzzmril. ll. A. l'l.ixkr-, l., llurling. .X, Krall-c. ,X .X-'lw1'ytigivl. li. YY:n'rl. Xl. llurvlfvcll. U. Karl. lronrtlr lfffrri S. liiilli:inl'u.il1. Sl. l.. Young, ll. vl. Slack. R. llrznf. R. BL'r'kt'l'. lf, Smith. ,l, llzxrvj. ,l. Solinimn, Xl. Xu1'ln.ux, R. St. Vlztir, ill. filfrzls, ill. lir:um'i', lfifih li'nri': ll. Yates, ll. Sim moms. ml. l"t':irs, VV. Roop, M, Slznnper, 'l'. Scott, ,l. llztgeris, ,l. Kerumz-fljizm. R. lVl:tyn:trtl. ll. Ilnflgers. ll. Green. K. Kelly. .l. ' , 'RmlHt'x'. Al. Suupis, li. Alolmson. Wff' I. 794 fx i V lnf ll Q Q' f,"l i Membe Pip in one's grade group of Honor Students is one of the highest honors that can he -11 tained by a boy or girl in Northwestern High School. These groups are boys and gi s who have earned at least sixteen honor points or more under a scoring plan wherein an "A" counts five points, a "B" counts three points, and a "C" counts one point. Diligence. perseverance, everlasting hard work plus a generous sprinkling of brains are the qualities which in the last analysis determine the students right to membership in these groups to which all may aspire but few. indeed, are chosen. The entire school honors and praises these boys and girls, but for them the satisfaction of having attained is its own reward. Lltlt' Tfviirruefttm 0 0 0 Lights! Cameraf Action! There's the PAR Club going to work again to help put over another Student Council dance, or any activity around school, for that matter, that requires work. This club is a volunteer organization of boys that run motion pictures in classes, manage lighting and scenery for plays, or the lights and public address system for dances. This club is under the direction of Mr. Joseph K. Boltz, who is assisted hy Mr. Sam Sniderman. The purpose of the club is to give the boys belonging to it a chance to show their talent in making scenery, effecting lighting, and giving all-round service to the school. Northwestern's work is from sun to sun, but the PAR Club's work is never done! A CCHTIN BA The main project of the Marching Band for the last two terms has been to raise funds for new uniforms. Through Student Council functions, club contributions, and apple sales. the Band will have the new uniforms by the next football season. The Band has been under the direction of Mr. B. Rosen since he came to North- western from Pershing in the spring of 1941. Although not so large as heretofore, the Band is modeled after prominent college bands and features many new formations. l.ed by Chief Drum Major Don Pokorny, the Band will be in top form to lead the football team to victory next football season. l'ir.v1 li'u:t-: R. jnltnson, A. rm-lies, S. Sui4lt-i'm1m, l'. lflttn tler. S, lin'-N, .Srmnril li'nft': j. ll. t,..,..-, lc. mrxt-ii. le. s, t'....,. vt. lll, llolll, Il. T't'it'l', lf. llassin. 1 l'rr.rl li'u:.-: l', llut-sing. li. Smith. ll, I'oknrny, Nlr, Il. Rim-ll, Xl. l3t'NRIIClll'l', Il. Kopp Nrrwulrl lhnrui R. llix. Xl. Rlu-ztutur, A, VN'illi:tms, XV. jones, ll. l"m't'il, lf. ll:li'fou1, R. Sllilf- ax ft-r, T. lit'llllt'tl3'. .l. Wlzttsun, l'. 'N l':nlritlis, 'llrirfl lfnftti A. Aeker mam, If VVillisnns, li. VV:ulkt'r, H. Mayo, XY. Tilulvs, li. Miles, ll. Vlullils, S. 1iirol:tl1to. fl. Smith, lf, Rttwlliltski, A, Alotis. ll. Rtmp, l"nurtli lt'm't': ll. lltts 5 sry. l.. lliltmt. ll. Smith, J. XX'ortlt5, S. llwvlwlmt. ll, Slt'w:tt't. V. Stmk, l'. Nliekens, R. Sitter, R. Smith, lf. Rust-ngrrli. R. ll. l'ouper. lfiflli lt'u7tt: ,l. lill'0lJlHW. A. Mt'AtIm'y, l.. .l4nll's, ll. Smith, IJ. l'itz. U. l':u'1er, V. 'I'uriu'r, R, Rose. I". l"ulli'r, R. ll'Nt'il, A. llztirtl, ,l. l':tl'tlilt:tl, , XY. l':n'tt-r, Y. Long. M . k , 3 '-"f'x4"'! . .5 ,L C' Page Thirty J First Row: l'. lluker, .l. McColl 'llr X -k' ' 1' f'Ii'tr'tli' ll . . 4 pta .n, 1, . . s, Fwy. .S'4'i'muI Ii'u:i'1 J. Stewart A. II:-xirn. R. Buker. I.. .IJH'NIj' NI. Xl:urkm'itx. B. NI. Hiller Tlilirzl' lx'n7i'Z Bl. l.:iz:irus. ,I Knott. I.. l'Ill. Il. l'IvveI:mtI II. Burulizmi, J, Vrusliy, G Maas. l'Al7IH"ll Rmb: VY. I'urily IJ. Pokmwiy, VV. St-nzik. Il Iii-urdsley, IJ. I.eon:u'tI, M. Das Iizilzikis. Ifinavt ltmvz V. llzmii-ls, 'M Ilrowu, I.. Ilnltmzm. M, Ku ntiusv. XV. Blarkley. Sm-vml Ron' H, Sutton. ,I. l'nli-. N. lirmvu I X It Nl-V RMATII IUNCCIIIL 'AService to the School" is the motto of every member of the Information Council. In fulfilling this policy, the Council has undertaken management of bulletin boards. showcases. and the finances connected with school functions. The council owes a great deal of its success to George Charatis and Jackie Knott, presidents of the fall and spring terms, The information desk, prominent in the main hallway, is the headquarters of the Council. By approaching the desk and questioning the member on duty, a student can get any information about the school and its enterprises. Through Mr. D. Aptekar's influence and the co-operation and efforts of every member, the Information Council has been able to give its service to all school activities. SERV CC CCILIUIB VAIPTATNS The Northwestern Service Club has made outstanding progress in the past year. The main objectives of the Club are service to the school in the corridors, and the acquainting of the student body with the school regulations. This helps in promoting good citizenship and co-operation among the students. Each semester a general meeting is held in the auditorium, and, at this time, hall guards who have contributed loyal, outstanding service are awarded pins. The officers for the spring semester are Jack Cole, president: QQQQIQL vice-president: Eleanor Wright, secretary-treasurer: and Marion Renton, record clerk. Miss Lydia Holtman is the chairman of the faculty board. I ,I. T:'etx'rs. I. ililey. II. 1'0- llrird lfufr: II. l'iuIninri-. Ii Tlvaycr. NY. I'urrI5', ,I. flirty II. Henry. Nl. Smith. l"ni41'Il: lfnfvz Nl. Ri-utmi. II. I':lII-tins ,I. Rzmisey, IC, VVriglt1. STlUlDlEINT COUNCIL 0lFlFlIClElRS AUTUMNi sPRiNG EIJMUXDSON JETT BAKER RUSH JANSSEN w r lL lll Now in its twenty-sixth year of publication, "The Colt," under the sponsorship of Mr. A. B. Keenan, continues to bring pleasure to the entire student body. Numerous articles are centered around scholastic activities, news of clubs, sports. humor, and gossip. In the past years, the reporter who has had the highest number of points to his credit has ordinarily become the editor of "The Colt" for the succeeding term. However, the old method was suspended this term and a board of directors now takes its place. This board is made up of Sheila Hird, Marguerite Brauer, and Agnes Moon. 'f ' rf' , .X M V F .1 ffvfl IV ly . ., .I l"1'r.tI li'uw: fi. Vliin, A. Munn, J. Morris, li. Mans, S. llirrl. .Sll'l'Ill1ll li'n'1:': M. Ili':nler, B. Allen, li. llzmlenl, Ill. Smlnni, Y. Mamgnriun, ll. Schlunker. Tlzirrl li'u:a': A, Selilenker, ll, jnrrlnn, Mr. Km-min. lf. liicliellnznim. .- TTUDEN ll X If l' nuff 1i'n:i': Y. Xlny lu-r, Y. Selireinrr, li. Guy. S. llnin. ll. lluluer, K, Zufrns. IJ. Rzieiuv. Srforlll Huw: P. Xlxulwlncks. KI. rl iiiff, Xl. llzimzum, li. H:tkel'. . i XY. VK'ilsm1, J, l'rnslly. H- Moore. li. l"itZp1L'x':ilal. Tllirll , lffmti IJ. Melaillmigli, ,l. Yule. ll. Ronin, IJ. lleilisll, l'. Jett, M, Tzilmoly J. vVilll1K1'llS, li, -Inlin- sun. l'l01H'flI Items: ll, Smith, In Alxmssen. I.. Krmagn. ,l. Berry. Nlr. Kleiluinness. R. l'llnumwl- sun. XY. l'mnlt-r, ll. Ilvzmlslry, S. Russ. It was way back in the year 1921 that Mr. Rivett decided that there was a definite need for a student organization to promote a better relationship between the faculty and student body and to give that body a voice in the government of our school. Since then, Northwestern has never been without an active and efncient Student Council. The Council during the fall term was under the direction of its very able president, Shirley Conn. Bob Edmondson succeeded her in the Spring, and, with such fine sponsors as Mr. Wolber, Miss Merriam and lVlr. lVlcGuinness. the Council has made rapid progress. This year it accomplished a complete "house cleaning" of the trophy cases, the sponsoring of the famous school dances, the selecting of the 12A Celebs, the awarding of the scholarship medals to outstanding graduates, the purchasing of a beautiful American flag and the contribution of four hundred dollars toward uniforms for the Band. The operation of the Used Book Store might well be called its most important function. The Council is steadily moving onward with a high vision ever before it. the vision of an even greater Northwestern. 5 lap I i X N E l"r m l.i'fl In Rig1h!, l'iir.vI lfuzuz l" B:lkt'1'.l'. Jett. R. limlumnrlsun, . Ruse. I.. jxmssen. .S'1'rmnl lfafv: li. llunter. R. Kulifmam, ll. l'l11mingli:in1, ll. King, li. VViIlizimS. li, Smith. 'l'11ir1l lfzmtz R. Lllyle, l', llnir, ll, Kirk. li. X Replngle, . l. 'l':llmr, ll. .lirgisz-lc. Y. Seltreiucr. lfnurlll lfuru: XY. Doss, l.. llzily, Il. Rzieille, ll. IKrmvn. ti. Kuhn. ll. I-'islu-r. lfifill Ii'tm'Z Xlr. YYrmlln'r, l', Tru' vis, lb. Pity. N, Kxmlgins. U, Jnlmsmi, A. Hasty, Miss B, Merriznu AUTUMN SPRING ...W , ACTIVITIES "Hey, Gang, are you going to the Student Council dance?" "What time does the Forum Club meet today?" Yes, these were by-words around the campus. Never a dull moment. If it wasn't a dance, it was a meeting or an assembly. These activities sure did keep us busy, but they were lots of fun. These were the things that have made Northwestern dear to us and enshrined its memory forever in our hearts. Page Twenty seven Y- -.-Y.-,..,,- ,,-,. -V -- 4 - - K.. -.........mA.. 4. A, ,, ,....m.,. ... ,Q 'Ql g 1 Z 1 , , 'JK X .1 '5- Y X X ,A 1193 - ,KJV , X - , f: 1 I K 12 u s E , I XX H15 1115 lllU'll?15y 172 W Qmznmazi way, aqdfdd 0116 1IlHCfz1zngfc1'i 581612612 C1126 YQGHINUHQYEQS are QIZUZV 5 ix IZA Social Committee Edith Phillips and Don Leonard, co-chairmen William Senzick Rita Ciaccio Margaret Cooke Betty Hemstreet Charles Craig Luncheon Kathryn Zafras, chairman Bernice Coy Jo Warburton Mary Charatis Betty Jane Miller James Haines Raymond Sitter Dottie Higgs . James Gumley X MDA' Class Day 6 Robert Guy. chairman Alex Vartabedian Eunice Anderson Dorothy Comstock Edna Ruschinski Pat Holmes CCOMMII Memorial Harry Huber, chairman Harold White Kay Connolly Elizabeth Kirn Elsie Long Motto Mary Jane Wagner, chairman Art Croci Hortense Caldwell Neville Tate Color Jane Hamblen. chairman Orlando Falvo Betty Woodward Thelma Patterson Nancy Anderson Dues John McColl, chairman George Charatis Marvin Holloway Al Schlenker Shirley Franks MAGNA CUM LAUDE Eunice Anderson Mary Charatis Juanita Crosby Dorothy Comstock Shirley Franks Wilma Freeman Joseph Goldstein Robert Guy Betty Lou Hasseler Eleanor Hurvich Elsie Long Betty Mae Miller CUM LATUDIE Dill? Victorial Blaga Betty Burnham Helen Calkins George Charatis Dorothy Christ Marghuerita Ciaccio Catherine Connolly Margaret Cooke Bernice Coy Patricia Curran Welker Drumm James Haines Betty Hemstreet Ruby Johnson Rose Kaplanian Irma Kopasz Elaine Krieger Evelyn Kuznitsoff Mildred Markovitz Alice McFadden TTIE Ann Kaplan Ruby Johnson Josephine Stewart Vocational IES Betty Burnham, chairman Helen Jackson George Simmons Mildred Markovitz Eleanor Hurvich Dave Beardsley Nessie Brown Donald Young Thelma Schwartz Wilma Freeman Publicity Lawrence Steinke, chairman Robert Benyas Betty Lou Hasseler Jeanette Fitzgerald Commencement Betty Mae Miller, chairman Betty Donoghue Bob Gulledge Dorothy Christ DIPLOMAS Edith Phillips Sidney Rose Helen Stevenson Lois Uhl Alex Vartebedian LOMAS Edna Ruschinski Josephine Stewart Neville Tate Margie Winter Lois Wohlgemuth Mary Charatis Lois Uhl Juanita Crosby Edith Phillips Elsie Long Betty Jane Miller SPECIAL HUNUR Michigan Plaque L ,,,,,, -eee S FEV? Solis Student Council Medal ...L ii... e -- eeeaeee L0iS Uhl Wayne University Scholarship eeeeaee Mary Ch3r3IiS Lgfjn Medal Y V,,A-, C or A L. Eunice Anderson S Page Twenty-five Trent, Ervin Marice Trites, Robert Douglas House Basketball Urpila. Helen House Committee Vanover, Rosemerry V. Vusich, Gloria Watson, Elnore Mary Weiss, Hildegarde Service Club White. Harold L. Track Team Cross Country Winkler. Lilliemarie A Capella Choir IZA Commencement Committee Wohlgemuth. Lois National Honor Society Alpha Girl Reserves Girls' Business Club Wygert. Mary Jane Varsity Swimming Dance Club Chairman, 12A Motto Committee Varsity Swimming Ustick Jr.. Nicholas F. Vartabedian. Alexander National Honor Society Treasurer, Red Chapter, Hi-Y Latin Club Wagner, Edith V. Dance Club French Club Watson, Robert Elwood Welles. Lindsey F. VVhite Chapter, Hi-Y Willerford, Dorothy Ann Girl Reserves Winter, Margie llonor Diploma Perfect Attendance Woodward, Betty Young Jr., Donald C. Uhl, Lois National Honor Society Information Council Magna Cum Laude Van Cleave, Marjory Vlerick, Eleanor Warburton, Josephine Beta Girl Reserves 12A Luncheon Committee Golf Team Weber. Howard L. House Track Varsity Track West, Ola Johnette French Club Senior Chorus Girl Reserves Williams, Robert Gordon Wischow. George William yy , QVL5, Wright, Eugenia Girl Reserves House Committee Zafras. Kathryn Vice-president, Student Council National Honor Society Secretary, Gamma Girl Reserves 'F 4 Schumacher, Carlotta IZA Play 1-louse Committee Simpson. Clara Mae Dance Club Service Club Norwester Slapinskas. Mildred Snyder. Roy W. Spurck. Peter Convert Band Marching Band llonor Roll Stevenson. Helen Margaret Magna Cum Lauile Motto Committee lLA,A. Executive lioaril Swensson. Phillip R. Tate, Betty Jean Service Club Girl Reserve Teeters, Jack F. Captain, Service Club Chorus Thomas, Esther Norwestcr C. Schwanz, Thelma Marie Senzik. William J. IZA Vocational Cunnnittee Gold Clizimter Hi-V Sitter. Raymond Louis Secretary Rt-sl Chapter, lli-Y Band Smith. Charles N. Track Team Senior Band Sommers, Laura Evelyn Steinbrueck. Mildred C. Stewart. Josephine Information Council IZA Dues llnnmittee liumma Girl Reserves Sylvester, Robert L. Rerl Chapter, lliAY Honor Roll Tate. Nevelle Ethel Excelsior Girl Reserves llouse Committee Service Club l Y Information Council 12A Social Committee Skart, Alice A Capella Choir Fencing Club Service Club Smith. Dorothy June Spanish Club Vice-president, Excelsior Girl Reserves Service Club Sparks. Dorothy Fay Steinke. Ernest Lawrence Gold Chapter, Hi4Y Chairman, IZA Publicity Committee Stewart, Joyce House Basketball House Hockey Syrios, Deno Teague, Vivian Vandora Terner, Dorothy Eleanor Thomas' Dorothy Marie l'nncert-Mns1t'r, All-City lligh School, All,City Banquet. and Northl western Orchestras 12A Commencement Cum- mittee Thompson, William F. Trent, Clotelle R,0.T.C. Nelson. Jane President, Archery Camera Club Swimming Team Club Oswald. Shirley House Committee Payne. Lillian Elizabeth Service Club Girl Reserves Picotte. Bernard Arthur Gold Chapter, HifY Varsity Baseball Price. Warren F. Quates, Warren Jack Ramsey, Harvey W. Reade. Joyce Fawn Club Roy, James Henry Scandary, Virginia A. Niemi, Calvin Paton, Jeane Senior Chorus Girls' Glee Club Phillips, Edith Marion President, Girl Reserve Executive Board President, ,lane Austen House National Honor Society Plass, Virginia Alice Pryor. Georgia Lee Library Committee-204 Excelsior Girl Reserves Radford. Dorothy Rand, Kenneth Reed, Bernice Vernell Ruschinski, Edna Jean National Honor Society Vice-president, Alpha Gir Reserves Band and Orchestra Schlenker. Albert Henry Editor, Colt Vice-president, Lincoln House Red Chapter, Hi-Y I O'Bryan. Patricia Patterson, Thelma M. Secretary, Jane Austen House 12A Color Committee Pickard, Dorothy Maria Swimming Team Girls' Business Club G.A.A. Board Posner. Violet May G.A.A. Board Service Club Radio Drumatics Club Pyles. Alvan Duane Rahn, Ruth E. Bowling Team Rapoport, Gladys Assistant Editor, Colt Norwr.-stef Spanish Club Rose. Sidney A Capella Choir Norwester Forum Club Sayed. Nancy Schueler, Marie Louise Kopasz, Irma E. Sttult-nl Council lloust- llockey House Vonunitluc Kuhn. Edward J. German Club Miracle Book Vlnb St-nior Chorus Latture. Alyce Thelma Varsity Basketball Service Vlub lixcvlsior Girl lQt'survt'S MacArthu r. Arthur N. Krieger, Elaine Ruth lfum Laude Ptrrfcct Attentiance Kuznitsoff. Evelyn l'utn Laude Diploma Service Club Leonard, Donald J. l'rt-sitlent, Roosevelt llouse National llouor Society Vice-president Executive Board, lli-Y Markovitz. Mildred Information l'ouncil French l"lub IZA l'onnnittt'c Martin, Marianne Ruth Maxwell, Mary Lee McCullough. Frankie McWilliam. Virginia Constance l2A Motto Volnliiittee Miller, Betty Mae VlCL"lll'l'Sl4lL'lll Gamma Girl Rt-svrvus National Honor Society flllZlll'l'llllll, 12A lltlll'l!l'll'IlC0- rm-nt Vommittec Moore. Janet Louise Service l'lub ltvvr lioyal hirl Rt-si-i'ves Morton, Allen McFadden. Alice L. lirench Club Program f'otumitte'e l'um Laurie Mee, Irene May Miller, Lucille Moore. Willie Mae Napolitan. Frances M. Fawn Club Krieger, Robert Dale Laston, Rosie Lee Service Club Girl Reserve Long. Elsie Elizabeth National Honor Society Magna Cum Laude Library Stan' Martin. Gladys Excelsior Girl Reserve McColl, John A. Treasurer, IZA l'lass Vice-president. Roosevelt House Secretarv, Gold fhaptd' Ha-Y ' McKinney. Sylvia Miller. Betty Jane National Honor Society IZA Luncheon Coniniittee House Basketball Moore, Helen Moorhead, John Arthur Nelson, Ellen Mae Varsity Basketball Badminton Club French Club Higgs, Dorothy Elizabeth Hilgendorf, Ruth Beta Girl Reserves Girls' Business Club Activities Chairman-202 Hodges, Donell Senior Chorus Art Committee Norwester Holmes. Patricia Jean French Club 12A Class Day Committee Miracle Book Club Huber, Harry Schwartz Club President, White Chapter, Hi-Y Captain, Football Team Hutchins. Gloria Mae Colt Detroit Youth Assembly Service Club James. Doris Colt Johnson, Linares B. Kapecki, Marian Theresa Kaprilian, Aram Killough, Irma Girl Reserves Hoeft. Richard l. Horbal, Harry H. Humer, Frank J. Hyde. Anna Lois Service Club Jenkins, Alberta Girl Reserves Johnson, Ruby Service Club Great Lakes Scholarship IZA Dues Committee Kaplan, Ann Cecilia A Capella Choir House Swimming House Tennis Kaurtjian, Rose Varsity Swimming Team Varsity Hockey Team Girls' Business Club Kirn, Elizabeth Margaret Beta Girl Reserves l2A Committee House Basketball Hines, Lora Lee French Club "Nutshell" Stal? Girl Reserves Hollaway. Marvin IZA Dues Committee VVhite l'hzipter, lli-Y Howlett, Thomas William Hurvich. Eleanor Library Staff Honor Diploma French Club Jackson. Helen Vice-president, Spanish Qlb Girl Reserves G.A.A. Executive Board , X ywj J. W lf Johnson. Emmeline Helen Service Club Joseph. Adela Ellen H. Richards Club Kaplanian, Rose National Honor Society Magna Cum Laude Keating. Helen Marie Fawn Club Kogelschatz. Dolores J. Ellen H. Richards Club 1 i Fair, Minnie Dance Club Fischer. Helen Louise Spanish Club House Art Committee llonor Roll Fowler. Dorothy Virginia Freemon. Wilma National Honor Society IZA Vocational Committee Honor Diploma Georgi. Shirley Elia Alpha Girl Reserves National llnnor Society Chairman, Art llnniniittee Goldstein, Joseph National Honor Society Summa lfnm Laude Debate Team Gumley, James Roy Presirlvut, Gray Chapter lli-Y Prom Committee 12 Luncheon Cmnfnittce f If X , y , ,arf V I Hagerstrom. Alice Service Club Hamblen, Jane Chairman, Color K'ommit- tee French Club Girl Reserves Hayes, Wallace Blue Clmpler, Ili-Y Falvo. Orlando A. Coll Service Club Executive Board, Pershing House Fitzgerald, E. Jeannette Secretary, l lelen Keller llouse Bulletin lloarfl Committee Program Cliairmzm I 1 Franks, Shirley Jean National llonor Society Gamma Girl Reserves Honor Diplonia Fuller, Betty Ann Spanish Club Service Club Girolamo, Salvadore Marching llaml lluuse Football llanee Band Faubert, Lucille French Club House Sports Fostor. Leigh Gordon Freedlander, Elaine Galvin. Raymond Archery Club Golden. Lois X I Grimes, rbara Jeanne Guilfoil, Jgyce Presirl it, Gamma Girl Re House Committee SCFV l'resident, Mt. Vernon llouse Vice-president, IZA Class Guy, Robert Kenneth President, R4-il Chapter llivY Presiilent, Latin Club President, A Capella Choir Haines. James R. Service Club llonor Diploma Hager, Betty Jane Hall, John Peden Varsity Swimming White Chapter, Hi-Y Hamilton, Gladys Anita Hasse t ou Var I3 tball .A. Board rl Reserves Heinz. Elizabeth E. Hemstreet. Betty Ann Lilxrary Staff Vice-president, Betsy Ross Executive Board-186 House Secretary, German Club Student Council IZA Social Committee -I 1 n I I I , I I I. 'I I I I I I ....J. Cardinal, Joseph Francis Senior Band Senior Orchestra Christ. Dorothy Melinda President, E. Il. Richards Club A Capella Choir Honor Roll Cole. Helen Cooke. Margaret National Honor Society President, Radio Drama- tics Club Treasurer, Beta Girl Re- serves , I .Pax Coy. Bernice S. Secretary-treasurer, Debate Club Secretary, Information Council Beta Girl Reserves Cravens. June Marilyn Norvrester Girls' Business Club House Committee Crosby. Juanita Secretary, 12A Class President, Beta Girl Re- serves Yice-president, Student Council Deedler, Clifford J. House Sports Drumm, Welker Honor Roll House Committee Eansor. Shirley Mae Executive Board-186 erxicc Club S ' ' Chairman, Home Room- Q 176 Charatis, George President, Information Council Vice-president, Pershing House National Ilonor Society Ciaccio. Margherita National Honor Society G.A.A. 'tl . irl serves Comstock, Dorothy Ruth President, Girls' Business Club Treasurer, Ileleu Keller House Treasurer, Executive Board, Girl Reserves Cooper. Vivian Service Club Girl Reserves Crabb. Dorothy L. House Basketball Crayton, Stenetta French Club Service Club Better Relationship Coun- sel Curran, Patricia Girls' Business Club Riding Club Charatis. Mary National Honor Society Girls' Business Club Wayne Scholarship Cole, Alfred Eugene Connolly, Catharine Gamma Girl Reserves Radio Dramatics Club Cum Laude Cotton. Jean French Club House Sports Craig. Charles Earl Varsity Football "N" Club 12A Social Committee Arthur Chapter, Hi-Y Prom Committee Motto Committee Croci, Gold IZA IZA Darcy, Spanish Club N orwester Marjorie Ann Donoghue, Elizabeth Jane Doty, Robert Vice-president, Fawn Club IZA Commencement Com- mittee French Club Dulfy, John C. I louse Committee Edward, Shirley Elaine Tennis Team Duncan, Annie Charlotte Service Club Ever Loyal Girl Reserves Edwards, Blanche Maurine Girls' Glee Club Girls' Friendly Society Abate. Marie Lucy Anderson. Nancy Captain, School Basketball Team Girl Reserves G.A.A. Executive lluznrrl Bandalene. Kalman Beasley. Mary Dance i'lnl. full Norwestrr Berger. Charlotte Library Staff Blaga. Victoria Florence Senior Orchestra I'nncr'rt Orchest ra Spanish t'lub Boyer, Arthur Purdon Buckwalter. Mildred Mae Burnham, Elizabeth Pearl l'resiih'nt, Alpha Girl Re- serves Vice-president, Mt. Vernon llonse Secretary, National llnnor Society Calkins. Helen M. A Capella Choir National llonor Society French Club Adair. Betty Eileen Service Club Spanish Club Arter, Claire Belle Barnerte. Verna Mae National Honor Society Alpha. Girl Reserves Captain, Service Club Bedor. Robert Quintan Berry. Mildred Bloetscher Jr., Carl Brooks. Pauline Buchner iiirl Reserves Buker, Paul President, Pershing lions Vice-president, National llonor Society Executive President, Hi-Y Cady, Elizabeth Frances Campau. Jack L. Anderson. Eunice Charlotte National Honor Society Debate Club Latin Club Auerbach. Molly G..-X. A. Bean, Johnnie Bell House Committee House Sports Service Club Benyas. Robert A. House Basketball Colt Photographer Service Club Black, Marjorie Ann Bowler. Clarence Theodore Perfect Attendance Brown. Nessie Beta liirl Reserves Dance Club l2A Vocational Committee Burgess, John E. K' Caldwell, Hortense Secretary, Ellen ll. Rich- ards Club Secretary, Excelsior Reserves French Club Campbell, Hattie Elizabeth Service Club Girl 1 tl IE Ll is B , s J s til'Y CROSBY Bl'Kl'IR ZAFRAS IIUBER COM STOCK CI'IARA'l'lS GRIMICS MCCOLL PHILLIPS BARBARA GRIMES-Vice-President and President of Mount Vernon House: President, Second Record: Three terms President Homerooms: Vice-President, IZA Class: President, Gamma Chapter, Girl Reserves: Inter-club Counselor, Gamma, Girl Reserves: Chair- man, Cap and Gown Committee, Honor Roll: House Basketball: Chairman. House Committees. PAUL BUKER-Hall guard- Vice-President Hi-Y. Jold Chapter: Varsity Track. 2 terms: Varsity Foot- ball. Z terms: Student Council: Norwest Masquers tcharter memberls Information Council ,3 terms: Debate Club: School Play. leading role 1941: Vice- President, National Honor Society: Co-editor "Hi- Lites", 2 terms: President of Pershing House: Perfect Attendance: President of January Class, 1942. EDITH PHILLIPS-G.A.A. Executive Board: Hon- or Roll since 10B: Girls' Glee Club: Senior Chorus: A Cappella Choir: Program Chairman of Jane Austen House: President of Jane Austen House: Vice-Presi- dent of Gamma Chapter, Girl Reserves: President, Executive Board of Girl Reserves: National Honor Society: Co-chairman of 12A Social Committee: Magna Cum Laude Diploma. BOB GUY-President of the National Honor Society: President of the Red Chapter, NW Hi-Y Clubs: Pres- ident of the Latin Club: President of the A Capella Choir: Magna Cum Laude Diploma: Co-editor of the I-Ii-Y paper, "The Hi-Lites": Corresponding Sec'y of the Student Council: Chairman of the IZA Class Day Committee: Varsity Debate Team: Treasurer and Vice-President of Latin Club: Varsity Octet: Chief Engineer of Public Address System. 1 GEORGE CHARATIS-President of Information Council: National Honor Society: Vice-President of Pershing House: President of Hellenic Club: Treas- urer of A Cappella Choir: Hi-Y, Red Chapter: Cum Laude Diploma: 12A Prom Committee: 12A Dues Committee: Inter-Club Council :' Senior Chorus: Per- fect Attendance: President of I-Iomeroom 212: Colt: Science Club: Scholarship Chairman of 110: Varsity Octet: P. A. Staff. Page Sixteen KATHRYN ZAFRAS-National Honor Society: Vice-President, Student Council: Four terms on Stu- dent Council: Chairman of Council Installation: Sec- retary, Gamma, Girl Reserves: Radio Dramatics Club: Chairman Scholarship Committee, Helen Keller House: Girls' Business Club: Honor Roll: Chairman 12A Luncheon Committee: Colt Staff: Perfect Attendance. DOROTHY COMSTOCK-Executive Board Treas- urer, Girl Reserves: Treasurer. Alpha Chapter, Girl Reserves: President. Girls' Business Club: Radio Dra- matics Club: G. A. A. Board: Scholarship Chairman. Helen Keller House: Treasurer, Helen Keller House: 12A Class Day Committee: 12A Prom Committee: Bulletin Board Committee, Helen Keller House: Mag- na Cum Laude: Colt Staff: Editor House Paper: 10B Hockey and Basketball: House Coordination Committee. l JOHN McCOLL-Information Council, two years: Vice-President, Information Council: Varsity and Freshman Football: Vice-President. Roosevelt House: Treasurer. 12A Class: Secretary, Executive Board, Hi-Y: Secretary. Gold Chapter, Hi-Y: Chairman, 12A Dues Committee. JUANITA CROSBY-Secretary 12A Class: Presi- dent, Beta Girl Reserves: Vice-President. Student Coun- cil: four terms Student Council: Secretary-Treasurer. Vice-President, and President of the Debate Club: Information Council, National Honor Society: Sum- ma Cum Laude: Colt Staff: Norwester Staff: Library Staff: Senior Chorus, Interclub Counselor Girl Re- serves: Chaitman, House Committees. HARRY HUBER-Vice-President. Roosevelt House: Captain Varsity Football: Varsity Football Team, three years: All-city Football, First Team: All-state. Third Team: President, White Chapter. Hi-Y: Honor Roll: Vice-President "N" Club: Spanish Club: Chair- man Memorial Committee: Receiver of 12A Spade: Student Council: Track Team. JANUARY The January class really had a "fine" bunch of kids. They supported all the activities we had in school and pitched in to help. In sports and scholarship they excelled and did much to uphold their motto "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty". Their colors were the beautiful combination of Royal Blue and White. Y 'h l i Ir i PAUI BUKI R BARBARA IRIMEQ JOHN MCCOLI. JUANTTA CROSBY Pies! lent Vice Pie idcnt 'l'1'easui'er Secretary r Page Fifteen r ..l 5 1 f 1 5 I 1 a S 4 5 4 5 I 1 r i 2 f 2 I 5 2 1 5 f f 1 4 S? ,.al..,, um. .fff vnu .ffvv nnvp mu fffff-ff 1 wmmww num , x "W 'K"" """ W' "m"""0Q2 E 1 Ov L' , A " ' 3 C 'ii' X 3364 de EMM fm Ziyi ,W WMV O 1 Q5 S .. ' 41l1c6k276l60M?6ipn1Q"-Jfffftyhfffycrg I Q Q gcYaQ11n w,7WiMLZ1WMWJ-06421 , f 1 2 Wm Mffffzw W WWW! ff f N india!!!-4715 QlfV1l '2AdZfN M110 72305 Z flflfw WT fwffi . . s i f f f WW fffx V f fvsffgg X 'I A 1 : AE C ' I - OLLIN5 8 I 5 Zlfiif75Cl?ffIEZ1!UYa,IZL ZUEHZZLULZIZZIJUIQ Mfwwfflsffwfifffwfffif- 'age I' uurteun "gn" U ES ER MALCULXI STANIPICR Editor in fhief DONALD Sl'lHYAl.M fissm liilitnr AI. Sl'lIAl'l"l'1I. .XsaiSK.llll iii' r JAKAKIIC KNU'l"I' f'irc'ul:itinn Manu Y " f NKVL ITURS Possunt. quod possunt--They can because they think they can. Thus evolved the 1942 Norwester by honest effort and arduous toil of nine competent and efficient staff heads. Staff membership was initiated by recom- mendations from faculty members after display of outstanding ability and work. Appointment as staff editors was bestowed upon these stu- dents because of interest and energy exhibited in per- forming the duties necessary for editing such a book. Mal Stamper, ably assisted by Al Schaufelberger and Don Schwalm, set up dummy copy, read proofs, and performed countless tasks involving long hours of pre- cise, wearing labor, and constant trips from studio to printer to engraver. Betty Jane Hance was overseer for completion of appropriate, appealing art work. Adele Cooke planned, assigned, followed up, and F' corrected all written material requiring much concen- tration and energy, and Betty Near directed its prepara- tion for the printer. IS A av ZA ms Ci1'culutimi IVIIIIIJIHUI' Jackie Knott and Mary Zafras, rc- sponsible for sale of the book, han- dled all cash, gave out and rounded up tabs. 'Qhelma Barrngg, adver- tising head, went out after ads and really brought them in. They believed they could do it and they did it! AIJELE COOKE BETTY NEAR BETTY HANCE THELMA BARRINGTUN Literary Editor Stenugraphic Editor Art Editor Advertising Manager " 'if 1 4' - - " Page Thirteen C. G. Burns Page Twelve ji NIISTRATIU '-'Ff'1's-9 The future of our democracy, all democracy, is being decided today- not only on the field of battle, but in the schools of the nation. I have faith in your courage, your intelligence, and your ability. I have every faith in the future be- cause it will be in your hands. One hundred years ago, our forefath- ers, responsible for public education. could not see the gigantic struggle which would involve the nations of the world. That they set up an educational system sound in philosophy and flexible for growth is abundantly evident in the citizens turned out by the schools. To them and their successors goes the ever- lasting credit. J. G. lVoIber CCOUNSIEILUJRS That "no one liveth unto himself" becomes truer as time goes on. Interplay of personality brings zest to living. The joy of counseling lies in just this. We thank the youth for the inspiration that they bring. M. D. Jerome. for Counselors. aaayw l.SlI'Ufl'll at fable? S. A. Clough, C. Yyn, J. U. NVollncr, C. ii. Burns. Y. Fox. l,. Ortll. Q.S'trln1liHgfJ R. C. Stull, C. E, l':u'r, M. Il. hlerunie. 0 llilflfllilly Courage unfailing. resourceful and sweet, Cllieery and radiant, exquisite, neat, Dainty in person. formed like A bird ligliting but briefly: off Witli A word. llappy lier spirit: let us not grieve: Vilnteli lier take flight: give her Godspeed. Ready her smile: steady her hand Guiding and leading: firm in her stand: Clear-eyed lier seeing. gentle and kind: lfriendly lier hearing: gracious lier mind: Clentle liei' spirit: let us who need luisliion our striving after her deed. Beatrice M erriam. Page Iileren Page Ten Emily Tiruesdlale Watson September 11, 1876 - September 24, 1941 Our Unforgettable F riencl ' Emily Agnes Truesdale was born in Olean, New York, but spent her girl- hood in the college town of Geneva, a city of wide shady streets and dignified old homes, in the delightful finger-lake region of Western New York. Many of her happiest memories clustered around her girlhood home, and she revisited it frequently during her later life. It is easy to picture a winsome, blue-eyed child with golden curls, who grew up happily in the gracious atmosphere of a cultured home. Hers was a goodly heritage of high standards of character and scholarship. The foundations of her life were built on the best traditions American ancestry and the Amer- ican way of life can offer. Shortly after graduation from Wells College at Aurora, New York, she married William Watson, an Episcopalian clergyman, who had graduated from Hobart College in Geneva. Three boys were born to them, William, Tom, and George. Those busy, happy years of her married life were filled with rich experi- ences of joy and service. We know that she poured out the precious gifts of her warm, loving personality, all her untiring energy and boundless enthusiasm, into her home and family, as well as into the broader activity of her husband's parish and all the contacts of a clergyman's life in a large city. Wherever the Watsons lived, whether in New York, Montana, or Michigan, they made many lasting friendships, which Mrs. Watson found time to cultivate and cherish all the rest of her life. Emily Watson brought to the art of successful living an unusually whole- some and integrated personality, a happy sense of humor, and, most of all. inner strength and serenity built on a very vital and deep-rooted faith in the spiritual realities. To her guests she was the charming, perfect hostess: to her family circle and intimate friends, she was a delightful, stimulating companion: to every contact she brought the gift of a kind and understanding heart. Her years as a rector's wife, especially in the social and charitable duties of a city parish and. particularly, in her work with "Girls Friendly" societies, served as unconscious and effective preparation for her position as a counselor of Jane Austen House at Northwestern High School. Most of us knew Emily Watson only in the years after her husband's death had compelled her to add the burdens of an exacting profession to the responsibilities of motherhood and homemaking. She never permitted herself the luxury of self-pity or morbid grief. She at once faced with resolute courage the changed circumstances of her life and showed to the world the cheerful, lovely face which smiles down now from her picture on the walls of Jane Austen House. Of those twenty-three years as a counselor, Mr. Rivett, speaking at the Memorial services, which the Student Council held in her honor, paid her the following tribute: "Mrs. Watson was an ideal woman for the position of counselor because she herself possessed all the virtues which she tried to inculcate in the lives of the girls under her direction. She was a leader in all activities for the improvement of the school and for the happiness of teachers and pupils. One of her chief characteristics was her unselfishness and her great desire to be of service to others." Under her picture in the 1932 Norwester, which was dedicated to her, are these words: "To Emily Watson who has devoted herself to the furtherance of student interests and ideals, and whose gift to us has been a warm affection and a beautiful friendship." To the great company of those who loved her she is still our unforgettable friend and our hearts will ever echo the words, "whose gift to us has been a beautiful friendship." Anna K. Keppel 'lqvw' ' 1 -1- -f NORTHWIESTIERN SIPIEAIKS In the Graduation Exercises Eternal God: Here, today, in an hour usually replete with joy and gladness, weifeel a sense of loneliness, for one we loved is not, and we stand before Thee mute and helpless to say the things we feel. In the presence of Death we are always left stunned and silent. for Death is the very threshold of eternity: and. standing there, we know Thou art not far removed. Yet, there is no despair, no hopelessness, in this our loneliness which the Shadow of Death made as it passed by. Rather do our spirits rise in thankfulness for the life with which he touched us all so intimately: and, remembering the beauty of that life, the inspiration of his leadership, the self-sacrificing quality of his love, we, too, with the calm assurance of the poet would say, "God's finger touched him and he sleeps". Invocation delivered by Thomas F. Wez'skotten. In the Meniorial Service Rare is the man who utilizes each minute of time allotted him. I knew such a man. I dipped into his store of wisdom and experience as his helper. I knew the goal he set for himself: "A Life of Service to Youth." I saw him spend himself in the attainment of that goal. I knew him as a man of mercy, the first to visit the sick teacher. I knew him as the scholar, the prolific reader. I knew him as a citizen. He never failed to vote. His supreme effort came with his year's service on the draft board. But it was only the culmination of his long participation in many civic groups. I knew him as the administrator, able to put his finger on any piece of vital information. I knew him as the counselor, bestowing deserved praise and tactful rebuke. I knew him as a friend. who loved us all, but mostly boys and girls. I knew him as a man of deep religious conviction. Not a hair's breadth did he swerve from what he knew to be right. His light goes on, a flaming torch to light our way. Joseph G. Wolber, Assistant Principal. In the Northwestern Colt Mr. Rivett was interested in everything and concerned about much. He led and never drove. He was never idle, nor yet too busy to listen patiently to any problem brought to him by teacher or student. He was human, and those who worked with him saw his eye twinkle at many a human foible. He was appreciative, and never failed to praise where the sl' htest thing to commend was present. His corrections were considerate of the feelings oigothers. Truly in him years brought the philosophic mind. Albert B. Keenan. In an Alumnus' Letter "If the development of Northwestern High School is a work of quality. Mr. Rivett deserved the credit. In any piece of quality workmanship the thing that distinguishes it from one of pseudo-quality is that it possesses a part of the workman's heart. Mr. Rivett gave truly of his heart, and inspired those associated with him to do likewise. For, although he was not conspicuous in his service, that is to the casual observer, he, in reality, was at the core of Northwestern life." Philip McLean, Class of June, 1941. Page N ine Page Eight BYRUN J.. RIVETT H879-19425 Byron J. Rivett was born in a simple home in Shepherd, Michigan. When high school days came, he was graduated in St. Louis, Michigan. His thought set upon teaching, he trained at Michigan State Normal College Here he first received his accolade as a finished pedagogue. Years passed by, during which he labored hard as an administrator, As superintendent at Homer and at River Rouge. Quiet and happy joy came with his marriage to Mabel Vandeburg. Broader fields of service opened to him when he came to Detroit. Here he taught in his chosen field of chemistry at Central High. Later Northwestern High School's new portals opened wide. As head of its chemistry department he found a valued niche. For many years he acted as advisor to the school's athletic teams. Continued study at the University of Chicago brought him advancement. Upon his broad shoulders fell the work of assistant principal. In one short year fate challenged him to his utmost effort, For he assumed the chief role in the school drama, as principal. he swift flowing years drew him into ever-widening activity. To a Master of Arts degree was added an honor degree in education. New duties, discharged with quiet efficiency, brought fresh honors. He served cheerfully on numberless committees of educators. Through study and experimental courses he tested curriculum trends. Champion of vocational guidance in school, he saw new ways. He urged civic groups and important citizens to help with advice. Every graduate could count on his personal counsel, kindly interest. Unstintingly, he devoted himself to the underprivileged child. At school the needy student was supplied with clothes and books. Among the city's poor he worked for years on children's aid. he clubs he found time for devoted themselves to civic improvement. Their members were leaders drawn together to work good. Ministers and church groups found in him a ready helper. Every avenue of good infiuence to and from the school was kept open. Former teachers, alumni, and clerks were included in his school family. They were invited to school functions, all finding a friendly welcome. Thousands of Northwestern's alumni can testify he served them fully, The debt of all of us whom he left in his prime is incalculable. Beatrice Merriam. , F 1 : -5 5 F. .v ff- Page Six L . ,,,.- .o . , . To Byron J.. Rivett The gentle race of men, how strong they were, Devoted to their homes, a center true: They knew the way to peace in unselfed work For those less fortunate: they did not shirk The daily calls a citizen must answer, Unflagging in his zeal to help and serve. Somewhere they learned the quiet, kindly way Of listening to fretful, fearful souls Who do not understand such patient men. These little men see not the steely strength The moderate retain in their composure. Thus, when the sunlight smiles on us enough To bring us such a pleasant, gentle man, So modest, self-effacing, quiet, grave, With shy reserve, so sensitive, yet sane. We feel the blessing of his faith in all, His tender care for children, insecure, His guidance keen and penetrating, clear. His steady aim to dwell within the light Intelligence and love alone make bright. We feel these gifts, this light, this love we shared, This genial current of a gracious life: We speak our gratitude for trust reposed By him in pupil, teacher, counselorg We pledge ourselves to shoulder, one and all. The many duties from his mantle fallen. Beatrice Merriam MN W EMORlAM '87 ui E WW C01 During the past l00 years, from the days of the little red school house to those of the modern high school of today, education has made much progress. This year book is a symbol of that progress. It is a record of your activities, which, when all summed up, result in a well-rounded education, designed to prepare you to give, in the near future, much-needed aid to a stricken world. Because of the im- portance of Education in a democracy and in celebration of a century of a free and liberal school system, We have chosen this 100 years of progress and effort as the theme of our book. Malcolm Stamper Editor lEONTlENTS Wailea January Class ------ 14 lletivities -------- Eli June Class ------- 44 Hnuses -------- BE Spnrts -------- EB Features -------- 7B 108 6 ELQQRWESTER Hetrnit, Nl A HEEUHH UE EVENTS EHUNI SEPTENIHEH 19111 Tll JUNE 1942 HEEIJHHINS THE TWENTY-EISHTH YEAH UE UUH SEHllIlL'S HISTUHY. PHESENTEH HY NIIHTHWESTEHN HISH SEHUIJI. I JAv Q KN I ,SX 'Y MM 6' vp aj, 7 ' 9' Ill. I .Adi fi 5 .a,u - - 5 U fs I Qs. - 6 To the men and Women in our country LY 11 + 2 DIEDIICCATIION ' r 6 E04 ing knowledge among our people, to these, W Q 6 'lg Q 1 the never-tiring leaders of education, we dcdi- 6 8 Q cate this book. , X new 3 i 0 W U! I. Q9 ff' 34921 , .QA -o t- 'A ' "f Q" ' ' ,,- Y K 0 11 S 7774i s t 1 1 i xy E-ja Who dedicate their lives to the task of spread- va 'rv' 'lf' iii' 1 I "" ff N "V 1 , I 1 Hr V x A9 J 'X 1V Ji Q I w XX, I b 'V I W mf' Y I W hw l , .V A NXIN ev . ' Xi :H b I If js! , V 1. A' 1 'X .N 1, N J .f x X , IQ! wwf! ' "3 ff cm-cj' L9 ' gg , r 'jk V1 V -, Rik yx VJ N 10 7 L 40 I. X V ,, I A A '. J. f ' ' ' X ff ' M 1 x 1 f' gl ,X-A V lv :I :,'. V .-- -" ,, I x J, f Bmflmxai ig, Y " ' ls iikihr ' 1 i M5 glmnle ., M ' If ,-r f ' . - vf - 1' J - A fb, E XX ' J! 7F YV jj JZ' I ' -H ff V fffy f' V , I Q , A J x . . '5"Vj,1A J li Q f I f X64 s .A X 11.1, , X' X , f- g ' ' , , 0152042 A ' ff ' X H .f?Q,QTJ!,f,, ,- XTX-ffl 71' 'iff' 1 17- 9 ol if , Wifi! If W al W" Q 1 1 k TW ' i QM M MW Gy My Wifi? P , ' fi E . is' kgs Ikmwwilce digg Ilincefmg gfwvefrnmmcanmfz email mankind, SCIHUQHS conf Qcdlmcmfiiwim emccmvmn' nge 0100 Of' X757 X 7 SJ ff! 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Suggestions in the Northwestern High School - Norwester Yearbook (Detroit, MI) collection:

Northwestern High School - Norwester Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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Northwestern High School - Norwester Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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