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HE MEMBERS of the Student Council Wish to express to the Students of Northwestern High School their sincere appreciation for the co- operation the students have shown in support of the various school activities during the current school year. They also feel certain that this fine co-operative spirit will continue in the future. BILLY VVREFORD. j, l . , . r' qxx l v . ' . , ,, , . . - - lmrflu- ll-mplm lclt quite llU1101'L'Cl to pose lor thc Camm- K man. Now wc ask you, is this tcclmiquc, or is this W Z lL'Cll1llf1lICl f ti Q , w 3 W . N 1 -,.,---1' . , x ' ' f-4-'iff A 5 N fi X I 5 M . Ka If N . , . j - F4 G . - L , .,,, I ,--515' Q , -1, ' F3'13: 'f ff: K. V: , f1f:,3gQ,',- ,. , JP? ' iEl:Eg551Es512j"- V, A :lad hand is always offcrcfl hy linrl "Sliz1dow" Gross- S" . . ., . . - wcll. Wu were wfmclc1'1rig it 11 Could lvc his lm-st glrl. ' I Page Ninefy-in 'l mf' 'gig A l lfStill more exams. Sl ferr A .4 9 Ifkx if V . 9 November 2AStudent body looks droopy after ordeal. 2-G. A. A. throws dance. No men wanted? l F !. S-I2-A's up to something again at another meeting. 10-Ferndale out-talks Northwestern in first debate of SCHSOI1. I2-Cooley defeats Northwestern in City football play-offs. Cooley, 135 Northwestern, O. 17-18-Northwestern enjoys the operetta. "The Prince of Pilsen" is ahly presented in auditorium-Did you see Ernie? Z-L-Fintex Trophy for best-dressed UD football team. Z-l-Northwestern out-argued hy Redford in second deliate of the season. Z9-Still another Student Council Dance, CThe same fellows in the same stag linel. 30-Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pies and dancing. STUDY ACCOUNTANCY and BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION in a professional school teaching Pace Courses. An intensive one-year day school course will prepare you to secure a beginning position in a business office. Our placement department will assist you. Additional evening classes while you are employed will enable you to secure 'your diploma in Accountancy and Business Ad- ministi-ation. If you secure employment after graduat'on from high school, you may study your entire course in evening' classes. Fall Semester Begins September 17, 193-1 Write or call in person for further information VVALSH INSTITUTE OF ACCOUNTANCY 120 Madison Ave. CA. 5136 A professional school of Accountancy and Business Administration. Approved by the Michigan Department of Public Instruction. LURIE BROTHERS MARKET l QUALITY FOODS l Northwest's Busiest Food Store 8450 GRAND RIVER Euclid 4937 A New Field for the High School Graduate X SCHOOL OF PORTRAIT 5 PHOTOGRAPHY l DAY AND EVENING CLASSES Practical Training in All Branches For Information Call Saturday, 1-4 P. M. l Don't Telephone: Call in Person l l NATIONAL ART STUDIO 2033 PARK AVE. Page N inety-seven LLIIH E. This comment upon a skillful and successful effort carries a significance as deep as its simple sincerityg it voices an appreciation for ercellenceg we have grown accustomed to it with increasing appreciation 5 it is the terse compliment for which we. as individuals, worlcga phrase which we, as an organization, hear. SERVICE NGRAVING OMPANY-DETROIT 356 EAST CONGRESS STREET Page Ninety-sight 15- ZZ- 31- ,Q' 1 Sr 9 lg QE- '-E " 5 rkfg ' Y ' A fr K -R A 5 ,Ig U -4 ,Q lil fit il-4 .Q 3 1 December Mclllhone goes to church. 12-A play, "Dirty Hands." Cast excellent. Northern defeats Northwestern in third delwate-whata team! Bill Allan and Althea Sorenson double for Santa Claus and the Mrs. The decorations and the orchestra were nnrque. School closes for Xmas-ex'eryl1ody rests. Vlhata nite! KNhata nitcl FREE EMPLOYMENT AFTER GRADUATION THE CALCULATING INSTITUTE 543 Insurance Exchange - Randolph 4440 Learn to Operate Marchant-Monroe Comptometer Burroughs and Typewriter All in One Course DAY AND EVENING CLASSES COMPLIMENTS l o f HUDSON CLEANERS ' 2641-51 JOY ROAD EUCLID 7000 l l Wilmac Printers, Inc. P R I N T I N G AT PRICES THAT ARE RIGHT Rubber Stamps - Office Supplies 2745 GD. RIVER - CHERRY 2745 Page Ninety-nine HENRY FORSTER Fine Flowers 'Q' Fisher Bldg. General Motors Bldg. 6535 Grand River Ave. Next Door to Ferry Field Theatre DR. B. H. GATES Registered Optometrist Eyes Examined - Optical Repair Service The new, scientific, drugless method of fitting glasses for the Aid of Vision and relief of headache Open Evenings till 8:00 Garfield 0806 GIRLS! STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN! Croquignole Permanent Waves With Beautiful Natural Setting Waves and Ringlet Ends 53.50 Your Pin Money Will Buy Your Next Permanent Wave at THE CROQUIGNOLE SALON 1795 Holden at W. Grand Blvd. MADISON 0640 Some Popular Lies l'1n crazy alninlt you. I'll drop in and pay you Ivack next week I told ht-1' just what I thought of her. lion' Sweet you look. l'l'll awfully sorry, luut i have El dale. STYLERITE 9l1i HATS 1-Dependable Quality 2-Correctly Styled 3-Unequaled Values A Hat Made-to-Order Is Real Comfort Hats Cleaned the Sanforized Way by STYLERITE EXPERT HATTERS 9137 Grand River at Joy Road Phone EU. 6675 Page One Hzzndred Garfield 3928 Open Evenings PENN INGTON "Will Save You More on Your Pennies" FURNITURE OF QUALITY 8736 Grand River Detroit, Mich. "All great men are dead and dying, and I don't feel so well myself"-Lowell Kreig. January l-Whata morning! VVhata morning! 2-School opens. The student body, rather ble:ii'y-eyeil, sleeps thru its classes. Seniors hand shovel to 12-B's. Senior Dance 4 ifclockg Ilinnt-i some people. Northwestern out-talks Ham- of season 2-l. Can the student 5- 10-Commencement 2:15g OZISQ A great day for Miracles never cease. tramck in last debate body stand it? 15- 15-New Term. Q 28kP. G's condescend to attend classes. NYhat a bore to teachers. Z9-Seniors again oil political machinery for action-officers nominated. 3-Free Press presents Football trophy for NYest Side Championship. February 5-More politics. 12-A election. Everybody happy? L! 15-Student Council olficially receives new officers. "" Z3-Dr.'s Riccard, Flynn, and Franklin gave a trilogy on religious tolerance. Council entertains student body for Z5 cents per person -Ho hum- Z3- l O AMERICAN SCHOOL OF ART GINN CHEVROLET, INC. ' 9260 Grand River "Earn While You Learnv 1 j 11 Years of Service in this Locality l SIGNS, SHOW CARDS, POSTERS, SILK i New and Used Cars EU. 5300 SCREEN. AIR BRUSH DESIGN, COM- ' o MERCIAL ART, FASHIONS, INTERIOR f DECORATION. PAPIER MACHE, . PLASTIC ART S. 8a S. HARDWARE Resident or Correspondence Courses QUALITY HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS Modern Methods Easy Terms DUDLEY LOCKS BOYDELL PAINTS l CLASSES THE YEAR ROUND 1 7531 GRAND RIVER X 7665 Grand River EUclid 1886 l Garfield 8844 1 Page One Hundred One Getting Ready for Graduation, Confirmation and the Big Doings Later? These milestones in your life will carry with them memories that will be ever so much sweeter when your FROCK, your HAT, your SUIT, or what not in feminine apparel will come from Francine F rocks. Reasonably Priced the Francine Frock Way FRANCINE FROCKS 2565 West Grand Blvd. at 12th Street OPEN EVENINGS BIADARIE BEATTYSKI UD will prophesy your fllUl1'C Telephone ...... . . ....... ..... d isconnected LOCZIIIOII . .we don't know GRADUATES! Frame Your Diploma and Class Picture NOW! SPECIAL PRICES WE DO FRAMING OF ALL KINDS. The Frame Shoppe 107 East Grand River Avenue Euclid 2915 Garfield 6034 CM- 4652 OPP- Amis Furs 0 0 the I Graduates of . . . LOUIS W. SIEG i PHARMST l NORTHWESTERN HIGH SCHOOL 7400 14th Ave., cor Lothrop, Detroit Courses in LAW ' ENGINEERING PHARMACY COMMERCE YI YOUR SERVICE Ed twisc-guyj Rzlwson XYhat you don't know, you soon will. One Hllndrea' Two APPLIED BUSINESS LIBERAL ARTS Are Offered by The Detroit Institute of Technology - and the - DETROIT COLLEGE OF LAW 303 Y. M. C. A. Bldg. Ran. 6121, GRAND CIRCUS PARK . if- L , .T -L-57? -ez.,-3:5-.-faqs, , .-'f,-314.-1-fi.':', 141.111 1-1, H ,A . .., 31 ' . ffv- ... rg .-- . , , , A " JEaf,,y 3. - - - -- JA . .-211.-iI:P.,7 f . 1.-'-'-'gf-'-,Las 3 Sf' : wi- f vx jx MaI'CI'I D 0 A I s. f 2-Northwestern paclilles way In City tank title. ' !' S-Alumni liouncl-U11 at Cirancli: llallromn. N V 'A 16-Northern clowns Northirestcrn in Iiasketltall sei I 1 I V I 5,1 X at Naval Armory-Z2-20. I iff- Za, l7-johnny Young asks Mary Klacllonztlrl to liroin lnt I-2 , V 1 dm ,-,h 1.61 d.. L4 m.Yk-.SW TLYH .1 Xxgl,-3i:gc,r ,ggi w T.. Osamu it s e ia a atc. 59. ,A it I Z4-Northxyestern downs Hamtramck in lvasketliall ri tls t ' -' ,ft-125.3- v. Q my Armory to take third place. - ' ' 30-School out. Easter vacation, lint no raliliits, mostly chicks I A - I 6 .eff - . ...- April 9-School opens. Everyone gushes forth in spring clothes. 13-Friday. And the non-superstitious go to the Student Council Dance. Quite an air with kisses and ginger ale. 23-12-A's meet again and dance afterwards. 30-Students hold their breaths while teachers mark cards. 30-First baseball practice. And it looks like another cham- plonship. I - -.f,..f . 't" I C - '--- I R I' 'Q PLETE- . - I . p I1 my . .,,, Rim., T' . 5: . W it is T ' I.i'i'i,fE'H. , I gli "HIRE II'Jrmii if 1 T E' A:-L K ii 5:1 ti' . ,RMU wnmm3:h:3:gq,z-.14-'W . L- im - ' 'w Y Y I ose .Gag IIICI' COMPLETE SERVICE PRINTER 3101 Monroe Avenue cor. McDougall Fitzroy 4500-4501 -4502 DETROIT - MICHIGAN Page One Hundred' Three For Sodas - Sundaes Light Luncheons Visit n i hams oulunural DRUG STORES GRAND RIVER AT BLVD. You're Always Welcome Gifts . . . Novelties Pocket Leather Goods The Watkins Shops Fisher Bldg.-David Whitney Bldg. Detroit Fisher Building David Whitney Bldg. MAdison 3566 RAndoIph 0583 ll hy Hand Writing Expert A-Xlvsencc excuses of any kind-cheap. write yoiir myn? Harriett Fritchey will do th Q Juli. Fine Bargains in Slightly Used Portable and Standard Typewriters All Makes Sold, Rented or Repaired Special Rental Rate to Students Detroit Typewriter Co. Emma L. Stepke, Mgr. 319 State St. RAndolph 4102 Taylo1"s Market Foods of Excellence Dependable Delivery Service 7559 Grand River Avenue GArfield 3955 Human Talking Machine Odds and Ends Office On exhibition al any lime. Isabelle Lansky at your scrxicc Northwesternitesl Maintain your reputation as the best dressed students in Detroit. Keep your clothes cleaned and pressed for all social functions. We are Ready to Serve You 'iiaballe Cileaners 86 Byers, Zinc. GArHeld 0900-1 7719-27 Linwood Seniors l See Our Snappy Suits For Graduation Reasonably Priced BOND CLOTHES l Gd. River at Joy Rd. See Stanley Open Evenings Page One Hundred Four NN'hcn it's said I 77"" """" '7' " W' IMF I h I A ARTHUR C. KRENZ Zngfer jtsriigyot OI men' FINE TAILOIIING III?mmIII1iIy FISHER BUILDING IIICCFIJIITIC. Q I it IH Look what XYCSIQ5' Haokcnzic is up to. 2 42 I'-kg V French ,SHKIQNO ' Fffrw5.:E?,0 , I XYes ey bsaicf-"CIh." ggilg x I A E A I FINE QUALITY GIVES ADDED ENJOYIVIENT I 5 5 9 I I ALASKA ICE CREAM I In Our Famous I Chocolate Ice Cream ' Bensorps fHollandD Royal Dutch Chocolate is used exclusively. THE STROH PRODUCTS COMPANY I 909 East Elizabeth Street I CAdiIIac 5840 Detroit, Mich. IE l ssss E- I- IIII EAEEIEEE YI, EEC , Page One Hzmd DEDTCATTUN To Northwestern The institution which for twenty years has prepared the youth of the northwest area of lletroit, we dedicate with reverent feeling this 193-l Norwester. The ground upon which the huildings stand shall ever he held in high esteem hy the Alumni. The inspirzition which North- western High School has provided to her graduates will ever guide them through their individual endeavors. May the high staiidzircls of scholarship and the ideals of service and co-operation continue Ur develop worthy and useful citizens. E . , , .,,, -....4. ARE You PLANNING A PARTY f 112 'r",4 i A f ? AA A A of A r Ballroom and Dining Room is available at moderate rentals 0 l IONIC TEMPLE Grand River and Chope Tleplzone GAI'fi6ld 4 7 4 0 ddS gf Q55 , V I -il ll' ' . .qi A , a ' Mein Q af' N -Gi ve' Tr Yu, X, HJ r gn iw I xii if i i ,, s f xx l . I Question: , XYhat could James McCallum be thinking so X f strenuously about? t IS Answer: Getting a date-maybe! Wi' 'l' if ' jf gy Macksey Bros. Finest Meats L t C t 1 owes os ffff .3 X 1 Ferry Park at 15th 6343 14th ' i ' ' 9 i ,JVL For Your Benefit Consult Ph Ph Muriel Frankfurth thinks maybe clocks XYCl'Cll'f EU?:Ti?l EUZIES such a grand invention-especially when it's out- 2665 Cleaners sf Tailors 2665 side papa's bedroom door. 2556 Ferry Park I We Call For and Deliver Page One Hundred Seven Le GRAND CHIC PARISIEN SCHOOL - of .. Drcssmaking - Designing - Tailoring Millinery - Furs - Interior Decorating LICENSED DIPLOMAS For Men and WVomen For the Experienced, Also Beginners Professional Instruction of the highest efnciency obtainable in every subject of Dressmaking, Tailoring, Millinery, Furs, De- signing, Creating, Measure Taking, Drafting Patterns, Grading, Cutting, Fitting, Sewing. Model Making, Juvenile and Misses' Apparel, Lingerie. Theatrical and Carnival Costume. Corsetry, Embroide1'y, Color Harmony. In- dividuality in Dress. Sketching. Styling. Buy- ing, Interior Decorating, Commercial Display. Teaching, Etc. Any subject may be studied separately or in combination. We Teach Le Grand Chic Parisien System Always a fashion leader: Assuring accuracy. speed. cut. fit, line, style, prestige. Adaptable to every change in fashion. Le Grand Chic Parisien System is essentially important and necessary in producing with accuracy and ease the present and coming fashions of fitted lines, curves and Hares. A Profession Not Over-Crowded Skilled Designers and Creators are Scarce Let us explain to you the many O1l1JOl'- tunities, large salaries and incomes derived from the above professions, conceded the finest of fine arts and accomplishments. No other profession gives an equal degree of fame, social prestige and monetary 1'eturn. Limited Number Accepted All desiring to take advantage of this oppor- tunity to acquire a strictly professional knowl- edge of the highest character should make application at an early date. Each Student Brought Into Actual Practice Individual instruction day or evening. Tuition, weekly payments. Information cheer- fully given. Call, telephone or write for interview. 601 Donovan Building 2457 Vlfoodward, cor. Duffield PHONE: CADILLAC S973 PARAMOUNT MARKET QUALITY MEATS GROCERIES FRUITS and VEGETABLES 8862 Grand River Phone EU. 5849 We Deliver Do you have trouble in getting to sleep? llo you hear the coo-coo at 3 in the morning when you are just getting in? Read the scandal column in the Colt. Rccominendcd by those who know- SENIORS, ATTENTION ! The student body of the Detroit Business University compares favorably with those of the best colleges of the country. High School graduates and college people have been quick to recognize the advantage of attending 11 school of business giving instruction only to selected groups with high qualifications and presenting courses broad enough to develop a trained business sensef And the business man is quick to appreciate the fact that when he calls the D. B. U. Placement Bureau for office help, he is sure every applicant will have at least one year of special college training in addition to a High School Education, and be capable of exercising more or less mature judgment. 'ff' 6 ' Business Administration O and Have you any enemies? . . , I hecklc . . . l EXSCUUVG S9C1'9t3Ti31 hiunt . . . l get in peoples hair. Prerequisite, High School Graduation Small charge of one soda. Approved by Department of Public Instruction Eilfl fSl'1adOWD GFCSSWEH. 'Individualized Instruction Plan Page One Hundred Eigbz Write for Bulletin DETROIT BUSINESS UNIVERSITY United Artists Building Entire 10th Floor May E ' -l-VVe get a ltreak today-Another Council llanee. ' ll-IZ-Presentation of "Grumpy" XN'as it Colossal! 14-12-:Vs struggle through final exams. If the teachers have spring lever, tl1ey'll graduate. , X dll lR4The shovel is handed to the new lZ-l3's. 21-22-Undergraduates take tinal exainsg lZ-A's prepare for the hig day. 2.3-Graduation in the morning, followed lay a luncheon, 2+-Final marking-Teachers' motto, "They shall not pass." 25-Pupils return for report cards. lt "Looked Like a Beau- tiful Day" in more Ways than one. .- j.::::Q5 " ',h x l x mln-ul 'IIIIIP .. gain, ' 1 H:-mm I --.attt:::::.. QQ in ug 'i":E'l'l?! , .::" 1 r r S, ' fax... -gflsw? X, XX , X 'IQ . N 4E5::!1 :L 'K' if ,.4giiEf':::5' ,,. f3?Z'1:f , 'QEESQEEEQEL '. tQ:f":4 1' .sffq 1 'I tue:-J V X AW . DETRGIT A T l l Tin- only :nrt sulnml in the lit-tmit :tit-it otferintl the umm' t-xvltteivv 1 atlratitzlzles so twat-tittatl to tlu- ultimzitp sttvt-css of thi- tiuvtlertl art sttulvnt. ln-li:liti'ltl piftnliuttst- stutlitts liwtiti-tl in tht- ln-xtrt ot' vwty- tliinzl wtn'tliu'litle, stint!!-tl by it 1-otiiplt,-tv t-otnplvtnent of it1wtm4'tu1's with piuvt-ti ability, pttwlde sttttly laiwilities tn-wt' in tin- tniiltlli-rwest. To the sttult-nt wisliitn.: to pt't-p.t1't- tin' at r'a1'ei-t' Fino Arts or tn provide :t eultnrail Iiiti-lcgmtttitl, Awtitleltiy txtfelwi 1. A fin-nity nf mitstuniiini: i-xt-ellen:-e with :tn etlut- ui' the rttlt-s ot' the gntno. 2. lixvltisive and sintphhetl instruction tttetlmtls, for one to tio fur in very little time. IZ. Small groups so thtt instructors may apply so impm'uint tu a epniplete lllltl8l'SIU.1lilIIUl, v -1. Full, part-tinie, :intl e-venins instt'ut'tion in ull lu'unr'lies tit Finn- :intl t' Art, Fashions, lnlt-riot' Dw'tti'1itiot1, Desiutnugt, l'otiitnet'ciu1 Lt-tterin: :intl the Sign Arts. An proulatn may lie 1tt'1'.ttip4t-tl no tnutte-1 lion' mu:-li time tlu- student wivlit-s to tit-vote. An ttppoi-tttnity lu develop along: thi' lint-. he-st -uni-ti to le' qnirvnn-nts. thus enabling: one to urrivt- ut the plotesstunztl point in tlis- shortest possible tune. N fi. An outlet for student m-i'l'ot'ts, so tlnit nlwn 1'e.tdy to vstalilislt at X studio or to enter tin- studio ot' utmtiif-i' the stutlvnt is in at position tw--' to pit-:ent to prnspertlve t-ntplvvyt-tx prui-t1t'iil t-xwnples ol' tliv typ: ot' wink int' wliivii lu- is willing to p.ty. Tiiptoiutlilv tnotiem tm-tlmtls ot leaeliitn: .intl of itpplivzitlon-tilwuys in tune wltlt tlw tn-tul ot titt- l titties. This mimi-1, optfn tht- year ronnvl, otiilrs tiuriug tin- stutzini-r tnuntlw, in ittlrlition to its 11-gzttlair i'ut1'1r'ulz1, ttvtln--tilt: nutrloot' t-hives ol' .i ntituli- so itttt-rt-sting: tu the Fine Art stutlent :intl ut tlii' utmost itnpin'ttnc't- to ilu- sttult-'nt ot' l'utntnsl'r-itil Art. Atliiitionzil inttirniaitiun ttlnilly l'u1'nlMlivil upon 1-1-init-st. NV1'itn'. plmln- or, lu-ttt-r still, will at our sttulios. DETROIT .ART ACADEMY Atop Metropolitan Bldg. lit-it-tttI'ot'c otii-ivtl in loiittitowizil or l the llvtroit Art i-xveptionail knowl- niakinu it possibil- tlie piwsotlxtl ttttu-li Q. si ACADEMY Q.. l 33 JOHN R ST. l At head of Farmer RANDOLPH 5130 1 Page One Hundred Nine ij' A ' ff 0,,w,9Lf J . ffli 'ff -L1 5 W up -Q, e fi t L! 'C' ffl-siqf VWVV A uw" V4 fi V I,-,vm .u if ' N 2 f ,y.4f+1X"" 1 1 b N , . . 6 I , 1 Q-Q lily 35. ,1 - ' JA! ,A Members of the class of fanu y, 1934, Wish to f L' expr s their airpreciation to t a lty for their i gain i ademic trai ' g, for the friendships S W, ba erein mad and for the many felds in . Fr ' e exp s has been afforded us. s i Iva!!! Best es a d clear sailing to future graduating X Viv W classes of N ortbwestern! yi THE ANUARY CLASS I . f V. 4 bl' ,nw nf. .h 5, W , , J J if x3 X ,, HN J' J sx X 'xii J A fu r Q K 1 A ' vt' X J A ' LZ! ggi ee, 1 C ze cc' N Y." . 1 AN - U" ft N s. :fm-1 i aw"""' Hi f f 7 f' J in , ,1 , 4 J t ' .I 4 ,1 ' -, 4 " :I 444A . 43 1 f I Q I . 7 , pl - jg--v 1.5 Lf X 1 -nl I ,L L '4 I Q 1 ., - X X 5 J f ' QD '1 e 5 ' ' 4 Page One Hundred Ten -fr' A ,uf Tx' , V. !L!fK !L QZLU Y 1' iv- 1 if 9XMOPdF Qbdfff' V ' 'X f ', ,H C ' , ,. dfbxfufsluf-151. V ' -I , ' C ,lfucgfdk l W - ,X f33' f ,f f V 1" ff, I ' ' .f K, , " J - " 4' 7 ff iff ' X A ' ' V x f -f - Wf'W'ZZ ivam-J,u'MMjCV f ' ' ' , - , , A , ' lfQ,,z1,fy,1."., 4-2!rvg?f f I A A f,L,CLl4flC!4f,mJv :" A -,,f-':-,..ff- ' ' iff Q"ffU:,1 , 1-f 94' ' 'l J' 7c9,lZZ:f' v,. L5,- . 1 1 ,, H 171471 331' j K C- 'J g, f,Ql' LH f f fu - 57' -iff A, , , fccuff ff gd U . L. I M!! ,I L J L V 4414!-gg C ZH'-4 ,Mx fl W, 1Qzf7u 2F . 131 ,ffm 7 fwwfd 6 ,f 5 vff ' 17, VSMJC6 'av' f lV!0pr,c4fZ27 'jj' ff ,Q 2 . tg ' - f .N f N 'X ' Mwwgzj- . if 1 1 -- - L ,,.4 ji. Lf fi ' A jl,,c917:gfijfT-riff? K- ' bg in ' L- Ziliwww ff f ' f ff I i R:F "f'h-s X' ' 5' - . L11 A 1 x, lg CD Lfgjfbf " N J ,ax .v xx EK 7 V , V V ' KQV Q W A . j . " I 4' it W? 6,4 . ' vX,X,, .fff'Nw ' F 4 ' ,ff , Kf,',! . 1 xgqil if f X J M NU Vjyjlf . g Th sf - .1 .4 buf H ,f 'N Wuf X! 'V ' t e I dy I g on.h if M ' ' ' V Awww kd VW Lf h !'i' ' g .,, y ! A Z.M,.wf 44 XV 27 N, swf ' g, rp . ix . V -. . ?,m,f W ' M' QXWM lx ff fffw JH V . 5' -If 4. , , f l f J 1 ,Xu If x , I, X 1 U. , I 1 V , M ff 37 f if J N Q r . "I, f - 5 Q ffm" ' I , .- OW f f Q0 ,f l Nw V, , ' fl V I Ji V "A. f lll' x , ' ff N D Q7 ' X 74 Mr? , , , W fw3L0fy!,1J wif I X fm 5 5 ff h1xf..x, .Ah mdnuix-Andq.nn.:..u4..N-u-mmuuu..,Q.f- 11 , . , ,I A 1 A1 9 l Y v. 7X 4" ,, I ff ,"Q,,',,-,f . J ,'.-, .J J , Y r.., 'wx 'X' . , . ay., I 1 i 4 I L . I I E . i L v 5 L r v 7 r I 1 1 1 E 5 f P E r I v 'I 5 5 r v 1 1 i S I l 4 L r s I 1 I 1 1 1 5 1 WILLIAM CLARK DOOLITTLE Ein jlltlsmnriam XYilliam Clark lhinlittle, a mathematics instruc- tur in Xiirthwestern High Schiml fur the past nineteen years, cliefl early Sunday iuivrning, April 29, 193-l, a victim tif pneumiinia. liurn un a farm just nutsicle Kalainzmiu, he was educated in Xliestern State Teachers' Cnllege annl the University of Michigan. While leaching in lletrmt, he had taken special cnurses at the L'ni- versity uf lletriiit, unly ti, gratify xt desire ti, make a lvetter teacher tif himself. Graduating frum the L'niversity uf Michigan, he first taught at the ulcl lletruit L'niversity Sclwul until callecl hack lu Kalamazi-ti liy the illness ul- his father. :Xfter his fathers cleath he liveil with his mother and taught at Kalamaziiii High Scheml fur une year. The next year he juurneyerl tu liletruit again and liegan teaching at Northwestern High Schciiil in Septeinlier, 1913. ln cullegfe he was known as "Hill" tu his friends angl lhmley tu tlnvusands uf acquaintances. His days were crnwflenl with many respousiliili- ties, nevertheless he always twink time to lend a helping hand ttf rt friend nr stuflent. Nnrthwestern has lust a valued and much lie- luved teacherg the students have lnst a kindly and Sympathetic guideg the teachers have lust a friencl whuse cuoperative spirit anil unclerstancling will he greatly missed. His close friencls feel they have lust a lirother. His journey is cuimileted, hc is gone from our miclst, lvut his wurk lives un. R. E. Rmiixwi-tix, Page Twelve BYRON RIVETT Prinfifial JOSEPH G, VVOLBER .l.v.ri,rIt'111f Pl'l.llt'1f'!'lf GREETINGS The 1'rincipal's Message Northwestern High School completed its twentieth year recently. Nearly eight thousand graduates have passed through its doors into higher institutions of learning or into com- mercial and industrial fields. Thousands of others have profited by study here, although circumstances prevented graduation. These numbers are indicative of the inHuence Northwestern High School has had and will continue tri have in Detroit. l'arents are to be congratulated that they have made a high school education possible for their children. Pupils should appreciate the opportunity afforded them. May both continue cooperation with the faculty, and may success reward this cooper- ation l B. J. Rrverr. Northwestern Chronicle 1933-34 The following teachers have been added to Northwesterns staff during the past year: llorothy Swygard ............................................ Commercial The following teachers have left during the past year: Gladys Hirt .,.....,.................................... Leave of Absence Edna Lyon ..... .... '1 'o Southeastern High School Edna Tungsten .... ....... T o Cooley High School Hope Yorys ........................... ...,.... T o Pershing High School The enrollment in September, 19.3.3 was 3,53-l. and in February, 19.34, 3,515 There were 300 students graduated from Northwestern in the Class of January, 1934. The May Class will number 500. The outstanding event of the year was the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the school. A dinner was held at the NYomcn's City Club on February 12, 1934 with Mr. E. L. Miller as the guest of honor. Speeches were made by Mr. Frank Cody, Super- intendent uf Schools, Dr. Hurt Shurly, Member of the Board of Education, Mr. E. L. Miller, and several members of the faculty. Miss May Iaehnig, Head of the English Department, acted as Toastmistress. One hundred and sixty-four teachers, clerks. guests, and former members of the faculty were present. Adams, Ella B., Mrs. Lalin Baisinger, Burton Jleclz. Draw. Barget, Harry Marlziuv Shop Bntterslwcc, Olga English Benson, Earl F. Hixtory Bering, Marie .-X. Clark Bishop, Sam Health lfdziraiioiz Black, Isalwella M. Latin, X ,f 'l . f r-"P" Blumenthal. Joseph C. English H , X, Bi igenrieder, Gertrude Englislz Boltz, Joseph K. --1 rt Bovill, John Conzuzercznl-Ci-z'zrs Bragg, Gertrude, Mrs. .-lsxistant Bookkecpcz' Bright, Cora E. ElIg1i.Y!l Bw ikaw, lieu tra, Mrs. rllizxit' llrown, Marie L. Englixlz Burgess, Louis G. .llmizml Trainiiig Hvad of Vorafional Dfff. Burgmau, Selma, Klrs. Sfczzografvlzer llutler, Klartlm .-X. Englixlz Carr, Clilford E. History Carton, Hazel H., Mrs. Sfazzixh Carty, .-X1'tl1ur T. Ilualflz Edlzuafiolz, Caxauaugli, Catharine .-I djnxfmczzl Clark, Ella M. Biology Clarke, Mary E. Hmltli Eduratioiz lzgfline, Austin M. 1 P lz yslux Clough, Susanna A. lloiixo I'1'i11fif'al Ci nmcly, Mildred Xl. Fivzirfz Cooper, Elsie E. Lnfiii-Ilmfl of Forvigzz Laizguagt' Dc'ff. llalizitt, Gracia, Mrs Cullzllicwzcll llawson, Janet Ilivfiliuli l'Jol1crty, Ella, Mrs. Co111111i'rfial fx I 85255, ' fr' rf l lohcrty, Katherine L-0IIIIIICl'L'1l'li Doolittle, XYITI. C. ,llaflzvniatirs lioyle, .Xnue H00k'lCL'L'f'l'I' lluuu, Klildrcd, Hrs. lluultlz Education Elliot, Mary Sawing Emmons, Deda L. Homo Science Film, I. Irene History Page Thirteen Fox, Yera E. House Prillrifal Ge-eson, Edna. Mrs. Sjwvriz IlIIf'I'0'Z'L'lIlL'llf Gettemy, -lulia E. Puhlir' S1'u'ahi11g 'Gilpin, A-X. R, Plzyxiograplzy Head 0fBiologyDufl, Gregg, Nellie .-X. C0 III mcrrinl Guentller, F11 mimics K l. A-lrf Hogue, Virginia E. C l1'l'h' Hollinger, Albert H. Biology Holtman, Lyrlizl li, Hi.vli:1'.x' HuFfman,l'rucluiiliaL'. Health I-fdnraliuu Head of Girls' llvnllh Ed1l4'Ufl0l1 Hulbert, XYacle U. lllaflzenzatirx laehnig, May S. English-Head uf English Duff. Jerome, Myron ll. Home Priurifvrzl Page Fourteen Kanouse, Marion C. .llrlthcnzalzrs liecnam, :Xll wrt B. lfuglixh liL'llllllL'l', Yernetta, Mrs, Hixlory Keppel, .Xnnu li.. M1 s. l1i.vlm'y Lelimzm, Ruse L. lflljllhfll Lmwleii, .-Xlice M, ,U1z.fiufllr'i1rl uf ,llIl.Ylf l7l'f'l, l-uc'lke, Clizis. NY. Ll: III 1m'rrir1! Maas, Leo S. llrnllh lfrlzzrrrfzlffz Mziicliclrr, ljiimcu. Mrs, Lw111111.'f'i'lill Maris, llerl Ilralfh lfrl'11l'nfinn HUGH' of Hagar' l'luulIh lfrlzzrcriiuzz Maris, lirlnzl, Mrs. Ihnviglz Q Marklcy, XYayne Hislory Matthews, Florence rlfrzllzvrlzrrfiuv McGuinness, I. P. Clzemistry Merriam, Beatrice English Meston, Vera V. Librarian Miller, Roy KI. Zlfusic Moye, Margaret Sparzislz Munro, Casswell N. House Prizzfifal Nelson, Lelia S. English Nielsen, Emma, Mrs. GCVIIIUII L," G A cv 431 LWJ10, V Norris, Nonna A. Latin OlBflCH, Harry A. ll0llZlIl6'l'Cll'lI - Head nf Commerrial Dept. Urth, Louise H l5f0l'j' Povlitz, Grace. Mrs. Cunrnieruzal Remington.. Richard rllaflzenzafzcs Scott, Karl E. Englixlz Searcr, Elizabeth Englixlz Sisson, Frederic G. Biology Smith, Dorutliy L. Chief Clark Snyder, Gladyp M. Q! 1 A 'E :RTI W I !Ste'rens, Florence. Mrs. Hixtory-Hcad of History Daft, Stoll, R. Carl .-lrtviizg Home Stoll, Violet, Mrs. Biology Sullivan, Patrick GfI1'Illl.Yll'j' Sxrygaril, Domtliy Mrs. L ozrzmerrzal Tilton, N. Edith Ifzzglislz Ungers, Gertrude Ellflllill Yyn, Clarissa Houxu Pr'1'm'ifal Xlade, XYillard M Physics ljflllllffll Xlatson, Elsie B. I-lcaltlz Eduratioiz TEACHERS WITHOUT PICTURES ji . - 7 ,V H. k , Barbara l"terson, Eleanor . Afuftf.. omf qzfo-graplly Lfommorcial Joyce, Kathleen St. John, Helen Couzuiorrial Fl'CIICl1 v XX'atson, Emily T.. Mrs. lluuxc Prirzrifial .. , . - XX llcy, l hyllls G. lflzylixlz Xllilswii, 'lean XY, Giwfifnlfilly Xlilson, Sherman R. Cl1L'll1lSfl'y"I'IUCld Of Sflfllif l7Cf7f. XX'i11tim. Grace E. l.zlv'urn1u Xlbodbeck. Bernice ll. Biology Y4..i11iglnre, Florence gllallienzafzrs Page Fifteen A I. I: .J Lx Q . 21: Lvl' ff 1 TE , . , . . :- ,p, . .,,,.,-, . ' . f:-JI,f,-rm..- X , , . inf" -gf-'ul' ' '. 1 . ., -, - ,Q ,-"4-'-in L - w . .,1, . 1 .1 .nl '- I 5 fy, . 1.1 J, .v A9 ' ,K . .q1..3- , , .1 -. 5--u, '. . 1: ' , ' wg X, -vllxjgvxr-V H1 , , F- .. ir Ij!".'f1:i "ff f-11 'E' Ljifllb' f . Q: v7 lf ' J' -1 Tlvi E, , L.-.V uf I A at YQ' I 50? - 24-3- il ' Iwi Z 51 . K io? 1'-"1 Thi :Q A ,Q ' . 52. nlfx 4 ' V5 ' li. we V' mf. M 3.5, me .gnu an f x. f 4. . V1 . . . . V 2A - r.'1'5 .., 4- x - 'J .J..- x ..'x"'V. '4 71 Jiffy .iq-.A .. 'Ax' .V ,-.: A -. . ,, 1. . N :. .A1,..,v.. I 1. 1 , ,l'ff1. X r , . u 1 4- . , A. x x . x.. y ,mx - 1 1 ,lg ' A ,Fl 1, V . 4 rv, 51 QM., IQ 1 . . .155 ,C-Q .fn r,' rl L1 Q, K1 Yu w f"f52Sf:,A3.. . ff 1'f . vm '62 3, F' Elf f. - ge-1: 'V M, ' L -I. , .1 .,4." HUB A- ' . i.. s .'! 1 I 44 f,' . .wg v u f , f-rf. , n . 11? , ,o.. . "- - mph 1 wi., M M 1 3 Class Dances Commencement Class Day 12-A Dinner . Page Eighteen ?dgE'l"U!17l??i1"T . "E" " JANUARY CLASS ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Social ..,. Dress .. Motto .... Dues . . . Dinner . . . Memorial .. Colors ........ . . . Commencement .... ................................Lowell Krieg COLORS Blue and Gray President: V Gordon Templm Treasurer: Edmund Rzxwson Secretary: Fred Arzt MOTTO To strive, to seelc, to find but not to yield Yi -President: Patricia Smyth Sponsors: SOCIAL EVENTS NI ' Yyn Nl ss Clouzli . . . .November S, December 6, January 10 D" "" H January 10 January 10 .i. . .Patricia Smyth . . . .John Harris Edmund Rawson .Elsa McClelend . . . . . .May VVl1yte . . .Laura Salway . . .Jack McElhone Milton Abell - Sampson. House Sports. Business. Kate Adams - Central. Summa Cum Laude. Business. Lonnie Adams-Condon. House Sports. Hillsdale College. Robert Adams-Tappan. Traffic Club: Hi-Y Mlhite: Colt: Nor- wester: 12-A Dues4 Committee. University of Michigan. Elizabeth Y Andrews4An- gell. Business. Fred Arzt - Angell. "N" Club: House Sports: School Hockey. Golf: Secretary 12-A Class. University of Michigan. Herman Auberlin- Q Jefferson. 12-A' Social Committee. University of Michigan. Margaret aclior - Con- don. H s orts. Business. lllartha Iane Barber - Condon. Library Staff. University of Miclu- gan. Eugene Beals-Sampson. House Sports, Business. Norma Bell - Pattengill. House Sports: Colt. Business. Christine Berry - New Zealand. Girl Reserves, Business. Earl Berwick-Hutchins. Odds and Ends: De- bating: "Dirty Hands": Chairman 12-A Class Day Committee. Cum Laude. Oberlin College. Iletty Beveridge - Eastern. Fencing Club: Riding Club: House Sports. Michi- gan State College. Fannie llikos-McGraw. lletr-oit Business Uni- versity. Virginia Blagaallac- kenzie. Home Science Club, Secretary. Michigan State College. Mary BoswellfHutcl1ins. Girl Reserves: House Sports, President: Stu- :lent Council: Norwes- ter: 12-A Social Com' mittee. University of Michigan. Robert Brandt - Angell. Hi-Y lVhite, Secretary: School Basketball: Stu- dent Council: Odds and Ends: Colt. Stanford University. Duncan Brauer-I I Northern. University of Detroit. I lurothy BrickmangMc- Graw. Detroit Busif ness University. Jean Brooks - Condon. Golf Club: Norwester. Summa Cum Laude. Michigan State College Jessie Brown - Munger. House Sports. Business. Clara Brunauer 3 fleffer- son. Business In- stitute. lYathena Burk 4 Marr. Business. Rose Calder4McMiv:hael. Business. Cora Camp - Iefferson. House Sports: School Swimming: Odds and Ends. University of Michigan. George Cairns - Marr. "N" Club: House Sports: School Swim- nnng, Captain. Uni- versity ot' Michigan. Carl Chalk - jefferson. House Sports: Band. NVayne University. Alma Jane Clark-Esta- brook. Cum Laude. lVayne University. Mary -jane Clark - Pat- tengill. House Sports. Albion College. Ellen Cloko- Pattengill. 12-A Dues Committee. Cum Laude. Nursing. Ashley Coburn - Patten- gill. Hi-Y NVhite: House Sports: School Golf: Colt: Odds and Ends. Antioch College. Helen Coupland - Pon- tiac. Girl Reserves: House Sports. NVayne University. Helen Craig 7 Condon. Glee Club. Business. Edna Crook - Los An- geles. California. Cum Laude. NVayne Univer- sity. Lyman Crysler-Condon. House Sports: School Golf. Business. Christine Cntliill - Gold- berg. House Sports. Business. Dorothy Davis - jeffer- son. Business. Helen Marie Davisi-M0 Michael. Girl Re- serves: Fencing Club: House Sports: School Basketball, Tennis: Colt. University of Michigan. Page Nineteen XYillie Dawkins - Marr. Band: Orchestra. XYayne University, Marie DeBolski - Samp- son. Business. XYinifred Dc Grasse - Sampson. Glee Club? House Sports. ADetroit Conservatory ot Music. Porter Dillard - Mc- Michael. House Sports: School Track. XVayne University. Sophie Dombrowski- Sampson. House Sports. Cum Lautle. Husiness. Elizaheth Doolittle - An- gell. Tfnivcrsity of Detroit. xirlnla Doughty - Angell. Girl Reserves: House Sports. Business. Dorothy Dover -Q Marr. Girl Reserves: House Sports: Oflds anfl Ends. Detroit Business Vmversity. Evelyn Dreivitz-Akron, Hhio. Orchestra. Cum Laude. Xursing. Xellie Feinlierg-Hutclr ins. Library Stat? Detroit Business Uni- versity, Charlotte Fischer+XYelt. ster. Glee Club: House Sports: "Prince of Pilsenf' Business. Helen, Fischer - Angell, Business College. Jack Fisher - XYestern. llandg House Sportsg School RiHe Team. Notre Dame Univer- sity. Page Twenty Ye ra Fleming-Hutchins. Business. Paul Flynn - Coltlllurg. "N" Cluhg House Sports. Vice-President. Presidentg School Base- ball, Basketball. Detroit Business Institute. Barbara Foltz 4 llarr. Girl Reserves: Golf Cluhg House Sports: "Dirty Hands." H Cunt Laurie. L'nlvers1ty ol Michigan. Lillian Forest - Pattenv gill. Business. Marion Foster f Galil- lweru. Business. .-Xllvert Fortune 4 Angell. Bancl. French College nf Music, Louise Frank-Xazaretli. tiirl Reserves: House Sports. XYayue Uni- versity. Catherine Frencli-Marr. liirl Reserves: House Treasurerg School . Basketbal ennis:", Xorxvest 3 "Dirty lllan sux-X Coin 'lui ICC nt Crnnnuttet. tu Lautle. Micliipau Stat College. Annes Frexv - Estahrook. "Prince ot l'ilsen." llusiness. Harriett Fritchey 3 Hutchins. fiirl Re- serves, Vice-l'resi1lent: Cult, Associate Erliturg Xl-rivester. House liilitori 11A llress Committee. University fit Xliclilpan. Emma Gaston f Coullon. Girl Reserves: Golf Club: House Sports. St. Augustine Collcue, Richartl Getson - Elles- saning. ll-A Dinner Coinntittee. Business. Roltert Gillies-3lCGraiv. House Sports. XYayne University. Lillie Gordon - XVingert. Howard University. Earl Gresswell - Marr. Hi-Y Red: House Sportsg School Tennisg Odds and Ends: 12-A Commencement Com- mittee. Rice Institute. Edna Gross - Patten- gill. House Sports, Secretaryg Student Council, Secretaryg Orchestra: 12-A Dues Committee. Summa Cum Laude. Business. Virginia Hall - Condon. Business. Edward Hansen-Angell Cum Laude. Business. john Harris - Hutchins. "N" Clubg Hi-Y Red Secretary: House Sec- retary, Vice4President: Student Councilg Sum- ma Cum Laude. Uni- versity of Michigan. Georgia Harrison -Cona vlon. Business. jean Hauck - XVingert. House Sports. llnsiness. .-Xllison Haw -- Tappan. Business. Lucile Heiser - Marr. Business. llertha Heller-Hutchins. House Sportsg Library Staff. Cum Laude. Detroit Commercial College. Donald Helwig - Gold- herg. House Sports. Itusiness. Ruth Hicks -Savannah. Georgia. Fisk Uni ver- sity. Irene Higgenson-Patteir gill. Michigan State College. Minnie Hillman--Samp- son. Tuskagee Univer- sity. Elmer Hinkins - fleffer- son. House Sports. lVayne University. Virginia Hlav:icekfCon- don. Library Stalt. University of Michi- gan. Mildred Hoffman - Pat- tengill. Girl Re- serves: Odds and Ends. Cum Laude. Business. Charles Holzberger - St. Agnes. Business. Harold Hopkins-Mo Michael. Michigan State College. Virginia Hougliton-Air gell. Girl Reserves. Vice-President: School Golf: Odds and Ends: 12-A Dues Committee. University of Michi- gan. Ruth Hume-Pettengill. Glee Club: House Sports, Secretary: Odds and Ends: 12-A Dress Committee. Ford Hospital. Alicle Irvine-Ptnfell. Providence Hospital. Elvira Jackson-XYingert. House Sports: School Hockey. Fisk Univer- sity. Norman Kanaga-Angell. Odds and Ends: 12-A Memorial Committee. Summa Cum Laude. University of Michi- gan. Elizabeth Kari?-Angell. Girl Reserves, Secre- tary. G. A. A.: House Sportsg School Golfg University of Michi- gan. . , ..., 1 'Z Q 2. all QW' .C . . .2- 6 2 ' If "9 T- 1, -7" liertrude Kinor-lVin- gert. liusiness. John Kellogg-Mo Michael. School Foot- ball. University of Michigan. lilenn lieiinei'ly-l'zitten- . , . gill. linsiness. l'ziulus Keppel-Roclies ter, Xen' York. Hi-Y Refl, Treasurer: House Sportsg Chairman 12-A Ring and Pin Commit- tee. Albion College. Leonard Kiefel-Hutclr ins. Hi-Y Rerlg House Sports: School Foot- ball, Baseball. XYayne lfniversity. Carolyn Kile-Marr, Girl Reserves: "Dirty Handsng 12-A Social Committee. Northwest- ern University. lluth King-Jefferson. Business. Louise Knight - Jeffer- son. Girl Reserves: House Sports: Colt. Cum Laude. lYayne University. Ethel KOE1llgf-SIill1I?SOl1. Library Starf. Business. Irene Koski-Goldberg. Cum Laude, Business. Lowell Krieg-Hutchins. Hi-Y Red. Treasurer, President: House Secretary, Vice-Presi- dent: School Skating. Debating: Xorwesterg Summa Cum Laude. University of Michigan, Dorothy Lang - RIC- Michael. Girl Reserves: House Sports, Secre- taryg Colt. Cum 1 Laude. XVayne Univer- sity. Isabel Lansky-Angell. Odds and Ends: Ur- chestra: 12-A Dinner Committee. Summa Cum Laude. Detroit Conservatory of Music. janet Lathrop-Mo House Sports: Colt. Michigan State College. Royston Lawrence-Gold berg. Cum Laude. Gen- eral Motors Institute. Alex Lawrie-Angell. Glee Club: House Sports: "Prince of Pilsen". Business Institute. Bruce L:iwsonfCv0l:lberg, "N" Club: House Secretary. Treasurer: School Hockey, Traclcg Norwestcr: 12-A Dues Committee. Cum Laude. XVayne Univer- sity. Mzie Lois Layne-Mir Michael. Ypsilanti Nor- mal College. Margaret Leller- Hutchins. Girl Re- serves: Odds and Endsg Coltg 12-A Dress Committee. ,Cum Laude. University of Michigan. Jack Lemmon+Nexv Bal- timore. "Prince of Pilsen". Wayne Cui- versity. Korman Lewandowski- Pattengill. Lawrence Institute. john Liebrnan-Patteir gill. Business. Margaret Lintlau-Marr. Girl Reserves: G. A. A. House Sports: Odds and Ends: 1.2-A Social Committee. Business. Marion Lockwood-Gold berg. House Sports. Business. Edward Loehr - Marr, Business. Laurence Love-Nortlr ern. Glee Club. Uni- versity of Southern California. Page Twenty-one Michael. Girl Reserves: Sadie Lyuhenovitch- Pattengill. Business. Charles MacDonald- Pattengill. Hi-Y Redg House Sports. Cum Laude. University of Michigan. Helen MacDonald- Grand Rapids. Business. XVesley Mackenzie- Angell. 12-A Class Day Committee. Cum Laude. Michigan State College. Frank Madden-San Jacinto, Texas. Hi-Y Red. Treasurer, Presi- dentg School Basket- ball: Student Councilg Norwester. Columbia University. Fred Mallon - Hutchins. Club. Secretaryg House Sportsg School Football. Baseball. Uni- versity of Michigan. Ruth Maltby - Goldberg. House Sports: School Swimming: Orlcls and Ends: Library Staffg 12-A Commencement Committee. Cum Laude. Wiayne Univer- sity. Richard Mapley A Jeffer- son. Band. Business. Richard Markham - Mc- Michael. House Sportsg "Dirty Hands". Southern Methodist College. Pinnie Ma.rshallf-XX'in- I gert. Cvlee Club. Busi- ness. Elsa McClelen:l-Angell. G. A. A.g House President: School Golf, Captaing Norwester, Assistant Editor: Chairman 12-A Dinner Committee. Cum Laude. University of Michigan. Donald McCracken-Am gell. House Sports: School Football. Cum Laude. University of Michigan. Y Y B Angus N p -1 ' , Hi- ' Hou 5 s. 'nivcr'i of ' oitf I el Page Twenty-twp Herman McDonald- Cass. Business. Jack McElhone - Hutch- ins. Student Council. President: Colt, Editorg Odds and Ends, Assistant Ecli- torg "Dirty Hands"g Chairman 12-A Com- mencement Committee. NVayne University. Curtis McGhee-Bellaire. House Sports: School Cross Country. How- ard University. Frank McGliunen--Gol1l- lverg. House Sports. University of Michi- gan. Thomas McGregor- Hutchins. House Sports. University of Michigan. Donald McGuigan - Mc- Graw. House Sports. Business. Margaret Mcliniregllur- fee. House Sportsg School Basketball. Hockey: Udds ami Ends. Sparrow Hos- pital. Lester McIntosh-Hutclr ins. Hi-Y Redg House Sportsg School Swim- ming. University of Michigan. XYoodrow McLean- Northern. House Sports. NYayne lfni- versity. lean n e- McXVethy-Pat ten gill. Business. Hildegarde Meister-Mo Mvichael. Orchestra. XX ayne University. Franklin Miller-Tap pan.. Linrary Staff. Business College. Dorothy Milligan - Esta- brook. Cum Laude. Wiayne University. Grace Minasian - Samp- son. Business. John Miserofsky-Mum ger. "N" Cluhg House Sportsg School Foot- ball, Swimming. Uni- versity of Detroit. June Mooreh-Goldberg. berg. House Sportsg Student Councilg Odds and Ends. Cum Laude. Business. Helen llorgan 3 Gold- berg. Odds and Ends. Business. Iames AAIOSXIET'-HllfChl115, Business. Arthur Moskowitz - Mc- Michael. House Sports. University of Detroit. Stanley Mullin - IIC- Michael. House Sportsg School Track. XVayne University. Margaret Murphy - Jet'- ferson. G. A. A.g House Sportsg Library Staff. Business. Patil Murphy - Marr. House Sportsg Band, Business. Alice Neff-Lincoln Park. Business. Harold Norman-Hutch ins. House. Sports. XVayne ,University Lee O'Rourke -- Mc- Michael. House Sports. Business. Lucille Papaze - Hutch- ins. House Sportsg School Golf: Stage Craft. Art School. Sam Papo - Northern, House Sports. NVayne University. Ronald Patterson - Cass. "N" Club: House Sports: School Track, Cross Country. Alieln- gan State College. Dorothy Perry M Patten- gill. Business. Laura Peterson-Condon. Library Staff: Glee Club: Odds and Ends. Business. XVilla Mae Pierce-Mum ger. Glee Club. Harlem Hospital. Harold Podolsky - XYil- sori. House Sports. XVayne University. Doris Porath - Mc- Michael. University of Michigan. Theresa Preblich - St. Agnes. Glee Club. Business. Bernice Proctor - Gold- berg. Girl Reserves: Treasurer: School Swimming: Odds and Ends: I2-A Motto Committee. Summa Cum Laude. Michigan State College. Irma I Rautell-Hutchins. House Sports: "Prince of Pilsen". Business. Edmund Rawson - Tap- pan. Hi-Y XVhite, Vice- President: House Treasurer: Colt, Assistant Editor: Nor- wester, Editor: Treas- urer 12-A Class. Cum Laude. University of Michigan. Vada Reid - Lapeer. House Sports: Orches- tra: Band. Business, Karl Reuschle - Beloit, XVisconsin. House Sports. Business. Margaret Reynolds-M c- Graw. Business. Ruth Richmond - M: rr. llusiness. Lois Rickerman-A ngcll, lYayne University. Richard Ries - Angell. House Sports: School Football. XYayne Uni- versity. Robert Ries - Angell. liEll1ClQ House Sports. XVayne University. Howard Rigley f Gold- berg. General Motors Institute. Alex Robinson -- Gold- berg. Queen Univer- sity. Doris Robinson - Jef- ferson. Business. Bernard Rosen - Angell. House Sports: Band: Orchestra. XYayue Uni- vcrslty. Glenn Rosenau - Angell. Hi-Y Blue, Treasurer? House Sports: School Swimming: 12-A Social Committee. University of Michigan. Harry Rosenblum- Sampson. House Sports: School Baseball. Uni- versity of Michigan, Dorothy Rotter - lef- ferson. Business. Allen Russell - Mc- Michael. Hi-Y Grey, Treasurer: House Sports: Schoolliockey. University of Michi- gan. Laura Salway-Goldberg. Girl Reserves: House Sports: Chairman 12-A Color Committee. Busi- ness. Frank Sargent - Hutch- 1ns,- 1 Prchestra: Ilanll. llusiness. Coiicrtta 4 Sayeil-lgiasterti. lylee Qluh. Business. Jack Schlee f Hutchins. House Sports. llnsi- ness, Albert Sclilierler -f Min- neapolis. Minnesota. House Sports: Band: Urchestra. University of Butialo. jack Schmelz - Angell. House Sports: Odds and Ends: 12-A Color Committee, Cum Laude. Oberlin College. Dolores Schroeder- Nazareth, Girl Re- serves: Odds and Ends. Business. Don Seide - Pattengill. House Sports: School Cross Country. Track. Business. Louis Selik 7 Goldberg. Colt: "Sonia". Busi- ness. Marie Semrath - Gold- berg. Cum Laude. Business. Mary Shamlian-jFrank- lin. Detroit Business University. Grant Slianklin - Mc- Michael. Business. Ethel Shearer - Tappan. Girl Reserves, Presi- rlentg Ii. A. A.: School Tennis. Student Coun- cil: Odds and Ends, Editor: 12-A Social Committee. University of XYisconsin. Page Twenty-three Betty Smith-Central. Business. Jack Smith-Tappan. Hi- Y Red, Business. Patricia Smyth - Angell. House Treasurer, President: School Swimming: Student Council, Secretary: Colt: Vice-President ll-A Class. XYesteru State Teachers' Col- lege. Joyce Snyder - Patten- gill. Girl Reserves: House Sports: School Tennis. Commerce. Adeline Sochowicz - As- sumption. Girl Re- serves: House Sports. Marygrove College. Marguerite Sommerville -Goldberg, Girl Re- serves: House Sports: Odds and Ends. Busi- NESS. James Spaulding-Angell. Hi-Y lVhite: House Sports. Union College. James Spence - Central. House Sports. Busi- ness. Laura Spencer 3 Angell. Girl Reserves. Secre- tary: House Sports, Vice - Presirlent: Nor- wester: 12-A Class Day Committee. Sum- ma Cum Laurie. L'ni- versity of Michigan. Betty Stahl - Cooley. Business. Jesse Stewart - Condon. House Sports. Fisl-1 University. Mildred Stoilrlard-Gold berg. Girl Reserves: House Sports: School Tennis: Student Coun- cil, Business. Beatrice V Stokes-Pattern gills Girl Reserves. Business College, Page Twenty-four Alina Strong - Nolan. House Sports. XYiley College. Mary Jane Sunilerlancl-- Marr, liirl Reserves' House Sports: Qlxlflfls and Enils. Business, Frank Suriauo 7 XYest- ern, Business, Marjorie Sulplien- Hutchins. Business. Louise Taylor f Samp- son, House Sports. Howaril University. Gorllon Teinplin 3 Esm- lmroolc. "X" Clulr, Pres- ident: House Sports, Yice-llresiile-ut. llresi- fluut: School Football. Captain. llasketliall, 12-ll Spwile: l'resiileiit 12-.X Class. Business. V.. . ,. illigiin I erry f Marr. House Sport-. lillsi- ness. Loretta 'l'ouceyfTnpp:ui. Business. lean Tron ifMarr. Busi- . - l ness. Donzilrl lfrquliart 5 Pat- tenuill. House A Sports. Lawrence Institute. Elizalieth lfttiuu fG.ml1l- lierg. Glee Club: House Sports. Treasurer: Hilils anil Ennis: 12-.X Dues Committee, 'Sum- tnii Cum Lautle. lYayne lfniversity. Virginia Yan llroclclinf Pattengill, House Sports. Business. Vivian Yarilou - Esta- lirook. llirl Reserves. Xl ayne Cuiversity. Elsie Vierregg - Angell. House Sports: School Swimming. Nursing. Kathleen Yorpagel - Mc- Michael. Odds and Ends: 12-A Dinner Committee. Business. Doris Voss - Nazareth. Girl Reserves. Busi- ness. Protea ll'aller-llllngert. Glee Club: House Sports. Business, Uliver XValton - Angell. Hi-Y Red: House Sports. Business. Virginia lYard - Angell. liirl Reserves. Secre- tary, Treasurer: Odds and Enfls. School Golf: 12-A Dress Committee. Cum Laude. University of Michigan. Lucille Xlargoivski- Nazareth. Business. Ilcltvina lYarner - Bay City. House Sports. Cum Laude, Business. Paul lVykoff - Mc- Michael. Band: 12-A Motto Committee. Sum- ma Cum Laude. lhiayne University. Harry lVeinberger- XYestern. lVayne Uni- versity. Natalie XYest - Berkley. House Sports: Baud. Detroit Art College. Roliert lYitkop + Jeffer- son. House Sports: School Track, Cross Country: Colt. Xllestern State Teachers' Col- lege. Mav XVl1yte-MCMiChael. Girl Reserves. Presi- ilent: House President: Odds and Ends: "Dirty Hands": Cliairman 12- .-X Memorial Commit- tee. Cum Laude. Busi- ness. Mary Wiegancl - Esta- nroolc. Wayne Univer- sity. Martin XVillhahn-Marr. House Sports. Busi- ness. Maude lVilliams - Mc- Michael. Business. lYarren Awkermau- Sampson. School Track, Cross Country. Business. Louise Blackman! Sampson. House Sports: Odds and Ends. XYayne Univer- sity. Kenneth Bogartflhnteu- gill. Business. Arthur Borrusch g Pat- tengill. House Sports. Business. Ulysses Brown - XX'in- gert. Glee Club.. De- troit Institute of Mu- sic. lYilliam Butler - Pitts- burgh, Pennsylvania. Carnegie Institute. Rosalie Caraway-Jeffer son. Business . John Carson - Condon. House Sports: School Track, Football. Uni- versity of Michigan. John Catton 4 Angell. Business. Gerald Conover 4 South- eastern. School Golf, Captain. Business. Norman Cross -- Angell. Band: Orchestra. Busi- ness. Loren CurtiskPattengil1. House Sports.. Univer- sity of Detroit. Frank Dicks f Jelterson. House Sports: School Football, Track. Dun- stan University. Leota Diggs - Sampson. Business. i . l Herbert XViIson-Angell. "N" Club: House Sports: School Golf, Cilptaiu, Hockey, Skat- inir. University of Michigan. Lloyil XYilson - Tappan. Hi-Y Rerl: House Sports: School Basket- ball: ll-A Dinner Com- mittee. Michigan State College. Natalie lYolskcfMuneer. House Sports. Nursing. Shirley ll'atson - Marr. llusiue-Q. SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Katie Iiisenstein - Day- ton, Uhio. Business. Jacque Farmer - Mc- M ichael. XYayne Cui- versity. George Farris-JeHersou. Business. John Fletcher !Toronto. Canada. House Sports. Business. Dorothy Hamiltonf Northeastern. Business. Percy Harman - Jeffer- son. House Sports: School Swimming. Cum Laude. Business. John Helliesan -v Marr. House Sports. Busi- ness. Alice Hoffman - Gobl- herg. Business. . Aaron Jacobs-Hutchins. House Sports. hhvilliil Institute. Maurice Jalin-Jefferson. House Sports: School Track. XYayne Cniver- sity. Elwood Keifer - Jeffer- son. Business. Joseph Ker - Hutchins. Business. Frances Krug - Patten- gill. Business. James Love - Angell. House Sports. XYayne University. Elizabeth Lundgrun--Bay City. Girl Reserves. Business. Arthur XVoodwartl-P:it- tengill. House Sports: School RiHe Team: Sturlent Council: 12-A Commencement Com- uuttee. Summa Cum Laude. Oberlin College. Beatrice lVrigl1t-JetTer- son., Odds and Ends. Business. Meyer Zolkower-Angell. House Sports. lVayne L lliverslty. XYilliam Mathews- Hutchins. lYayne Cui- xcrslty. Francis Mcllowell f Al- pena. Albion College. Helen Moore - Angell. House Sports: Student Council: Odds and llnils. Cum Laude. Business. Earl Xewkirk - Central. House Sports. Embalm- ers' College. Szulie Xouhan - Mc- Michael. Business. Julius Novick-Hutchins. Business. Frederick Pattersonf Sampson. House Sports. School Track. Business. Robert Peterson-Hutch ins.'House Sports. Business. Robert Prange - lYayue, Indiana. ' Club: House Sports: School Football, Hockey, Baseball. Uni- versity of Detroit. Fort UN., Carl Ragland -Xlingert. House Sports. Busi- ness. Lillian Raven - Angell. Business. llale Roberts-Hutchins. ll-A Dues Committee. Summa Cum Laude. lYayne University. Margie Russ - North- eastern. Business. lYilliam Sharpley-Hanv tranick. House Sports: School Track, Business. Etlward Sirmons-North eastern. Urchestra: Band. Business, Arthur Slaterfllolellmerg. House Sports: School Hockey. Business. Frank Sophia - Cass. Business. Jack Speed - Marr. Business. Grant Speicher - Pat- tengill. Business. Marguerite Squire--Gold berg. Business. George Stoker - Tappan. "N" Club: House Sports: School Cross Country. XVayne Uni- versity. Leo Stoner - Southeast- ern.. House Sports. Business. George lYeaver - Mc- Michael. House Sports: School Hockey. Busi- NESS. lYilliam XVhite s Mc- Michael. Business. David XYoehler - Marr. Hi-Y XYhite, Treas- urer Fencing Club: House Sports. Colum- bia University. Fred Xlbodbriclge -7 Mc- Michael. University ot Detroit. Jane XYoods - Sampson. Glee Club: House Sports. Tuskegee Uni- versity. Minnie Zumberg-Hutch ms. Cum Laude, Busi- IIESS. Page Twenty me A I. I: .J Lx Q . 21: Lvl' ff 1 TE , . , . . :- ,p, . .,,,.,-, . ' . f:-JI,f,-rm..- X , , . inf" -gf-'ul' ' '. 1 . ., -, - ,Q ,-"4-'-in L - w . .,1, . 1 .1 .nl '- I 5 fy, . 1.1 J, .v A9 ' ,K . .q1..3- , , .1 -. 5--u, '. . 1: ' , ' wg X, -vllxjgvxr-V H1 , , F- .. ir Ij!".'f1:i "ff f-11 'E' Ljifllb' f . Q: v7 lf ' J' -1 Tlvi E, , L.-.V uf I A at YQ' I 50? - 24-3- il ' Iwi Z 51 . K io? 1'-"1 Thi :Q A ,Q ' . 52. nlfx 4 ' V5 ' li. we V' mf. M 3.5, me .gnu an f x. f 4. . V1 . . . . V 2A - r.'1'5 .., 4- x - 'J .J..- x ..'x"'V. '4 71 Jiffy .iq-.A .. 'Ax' .V ,-.: A -. . ,, 1. . N :. .A1,..,v.. I 1. 1 , ,l'ff1. X r , . u 1 4- . , A. x x . x.. y ,mx - 1 1 ,lg ' A ,Fl 1, V . 4 rv, 51 QM., IQ 1 . . .155 ,C-Q .fn r,' rl L1 Q, K1 Yu w f"f52Sf:,A3.. . ff 1'f . vm '62 3, F' Elf f. - ge-1: 'V M, ' L -I. , .1 .,4." HUB A- ' . i.. s .'! 1 I 44 f,' . .wg v u f , f-rf. , n . 11? , ,o.. . "- - mph 1 wi., M M 1 .VELL KREIG Page Twenty-,fix ELSA MCCLELEND EDMUND RAXVSON JACK MCELHONE ETHEL SHEARER GORDON TEMPLIN JANUARY CLASS CELEBS LOXYELL KREIG His scholarship record, debating ability, house and class leadership have made him an outstanding member of his class. I ELS.-X MCCLELEND Her gracious and unaffected manner and willingness to co-operate in every school endeavor made her a popular leader in all activities. EDMUND RANNSON His cordial friendliness and his versatile accomplishments in school work and publications have made him well-liked among his classmates. JACK MCELHONE His admirable poise and executive ability shown in publication work, Student Council, and in class activities have gained for him the respect of his fellow classmates. ETHEL SHEARER Her amiable disposition and her generous and willing contribution to every phase of school life have brought her numerable friendships with both students and teachers. GORDON TEMPLIN His unusual athletic ability and successful guidance of Lincoln House, "N" club, and the Senior class established a fine record of leadership. S S +I 5 -A INT sw.. .. E www LIL 44-Q-Q-41-6 f ' vaginas up 1uw'w,,. , .Q.Q.Q-4NH'l xxxxx N S . l 5' ff- . fyiif 1'- : -A lit' O " , Qi fi PM t 1' ., 6 I ie ' QQQW 49- 4? wi saqliwidl sell-'X RHYTHMIC REVIEW OF '34 :Xs we stepped from our cab in front of the theatre there was a fine drizzle of rain. .Xu excited crowd was issuing thru the theatre doors to witness the opening performance of "The Review of '3-l", in which is depicted the present status of the members ot' the North- western graduating class of january, 193-1. XXe entered and while being taken to our seats the face of the usher seemed fzuniliar- Arthur XX'oodward, of course. llis extensive R. U. T. C. training is not entirely useless after all. The lights dim and the house darkens. :X moment of silence, the orchestra bursts into an unusual arrangement of "So i-Xt Last lt's Come To This!" The instant the "spot" was thrown on the conductor l recognized him. The program announced Francois le llruitf- well maybe, but when l knew him he was .-Xl Fortune. The orchestra swings into a pianissimo arrangement of "Tiptoe Thru the Tulips." The curtain parts to show a meadow. :X slim, poetic, young man with flowing black hair, is singing passionately to a bit of dainty femininity as they come tripping along. XX'hy, it is ,lack McElhone and Helen-Marie llavis. The old eyebrow finally got him. XX'ith the playing of "XX'agon XX'heels" we see a peddler's wagon crossing the stage. .-Xtop it sits a man, by his own word the mind ot' the century, whose superb intelligence and intellect is expressed in his work. lt is Frank Madden. XX'e marvel at the way he calls his wares, so melodiously, "Fresh Fish!" The orchestra suddenly stops, and from the stage we hear raucous squeaks which bear a slight resemblance to "Turkey in the Straw." XX'e see a barn dance in full swing. Music is being furnished by the Barnyard Trio composed of Berwick, Mallon and Keppel. There is a group of farmers and their wives present. Among them we recognize liick Markham and Margaret Leller. Margaret seems to like cabbages. Another couple present is Fred Arzt and Elsa Mcfleleud. The next strains heard from the orchestra are those of "Honeymoon Hotel." .X romantic young couple are waltzing lo the registration desk. The tempo changes and the girl begins to sing "Me and My Shadow." How familiar that sounds-oh, Laura Spencer and Earl Gresswell. Suddenly the performance is interrupted by a most uncanny groan. As the lights went on we saw Virginia XX'ard who had fainted dead away-the orchestra crashed into the Chorus of "I -lust Couldu't Take lt, Baby!" XX'ith the playing of "Just :X Gigolo" a tall, sad-eyed blond appears. The scene represents the Eastern Star Cafe. .-Xs he sings his soulful song, Gigolo Rawson throws pale roses at the ladies until he sees a desolate but prosperous looking Titian haired maiden seated at a corner table. "Ah, my love, you have come," and he dashed over to May XX'hyte. .'Xshley Coburn, master of ceremonies, announces the first act of the floor show. The Hawaian dancer, Harriett Fritchey, appears. As she goes thru the paces of her scintillating rhythm, Lowell Kreig, captain of the fleet, "Ego," sitting at a nearby table, looks yearningly at the charming dancer who spurned his love. XX'hale oil is his cargo-we hear rumored. Next to Kreig's table, we see Virginia Houghton and llob Adams having a discussion with the waiter: Virginia does insist that Bob have his daily glass of milk. A hush fell over the assembled group as the next soloist, Mary "Two Loves Have l." XX'e noticed that her hngers were crossed as slyly at a tall, dark gigolo. to sing winked Boswell, began she turned and upon the stage crying the board ot censors. the stage by the head Once again, the performance is interrupted as a woman dashes "stop this show." lt is none other than Pat bmytli, president ot Before the axe she is carrying does any harm, she is carried oft janitor, Gordon Templin. :Xs the curtain rises for the last scene, we see Ethel Shearer and Lloyd XX'ilson tearing madly around in an interpretive dance. The orchestra is divided into two sections, one plays "The House ls Haunted" and the other "You Nasty Man." They are the proprietors of the "Butterfly Dancing School," and are teaching their pupils the "Mosquito Masquerade." As the dance ends, the entire class appears on the stage for the grand finale, the orchestra accompanying with "Auf XX'iedersehen." A last shout is heard from Xirginia Houghton, "limb, have you your rubliiers on?" and the curtain falls. Page Twenty-.fewri xx- MAY CLASS ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Social... .... Dress. . . Motto . . . Dues ..... Luncheon. . Memorial ..... Colors ........, Commencement .... COLORS CJmnge and SHver Pre-sulent: t Hugh X all Treasurer: Xlvillinm Allan Secretary: l tl l 3. 'larrc Eur 'ess MOTTO "Tl1erewarcIforatI1ing well done is to have doneihn SOCIAL EVENTS Three Class Dances ........... February 21, April 23, Commencement Class Day .... 12-A Luncheon Page Thirty ll Xllcs. Klouffh M215 M ay May May H E311 I K P l L Marx Mdclloxiulsl N .............AlfredJonas Mary M acDonald . . . . .Fern Griffiths . . . . . . .William Allan . . . . .Mary Kelkenney ......l. L. Cooper . . . .lean Knight . . . .Robert Keim Jane Abele-Toledo, Ohio. Girl Reserves: Nor- wester. Arlington Hall. Iessie Adkins -- South- eastern. Business. XVillian1 Allan-Jelferson, "N" Club: Hi-Y Red: House Sports: School Football, Hockey: Stu- dent Council, Treas- urer: 12-A Class Treas- urer. University of Detroit. Matilda Allison - Mc- Michael. Business, Lewis Amlie - Marr. Hi-Y Grey, Secretary: House Sports: School Swimming. 'University of Michigan. Robert Aratafletfferson. XYayne University. Jean Archbold - Majr. Glee Club. Business. x Ena Ashton - 1551.-rump House President: 12-,1i'fL Dues Committee. Sum- iness. X- -,.-f- I ma Cum Laude. 1 kenneth Avery - Mc- Michael. Hi-Y Grey: House S orts: School Golf: fBus'1ess. Freida Bailey - McMi- chael. Glee Club, Sec- retary-Treasurer, Presi- dent. Ypsilanti Nor- mal College. Irene Baker - XYestern. University of Detroit. Dorris Bangert - East Orange, New Jersey. House Sports: School Tennis: Norwester: Odds and Ends. Arts and Crafts Guild. Marian Barber - Mc- Michael. NVayne Uni- versity. Mary Jane Barbey-Mo Michael. Cum Laude. XVayne University. Sylvia Barnett - Fair- hope, Alabama. Girl Re- serves: Fencing Club: Glee Club: Library Staff: House Sports: Odds and Ends. XVayne Ifniversity. Harry Barter-Pattengill. House Sports: School Basketball. University f Michigan. : 4, .. ,, -S sw it -V Betty Barton-Pattengill. Glee Club. Business. Caris Beatty-McMichael, G..-X..-X.: House Sports, School Swimming: Stu- dent Council: Nor- wester: 12-A Luncheon Committee. University of Michigan. Alfred Beautloin - IIC- Michael. Business. Robert llegenian-Ieffen 5011. Hi-Y Rerll House Sports: 12-A Memorial Committee. Detroit In- stitute. Fred Bemister - Angell. House Sports. Bus- IIICSS. Marjorie BenneyAIeffer- son. Business. Grace Benson - McMi- chael. House Sports. Business. Beatrice Berman - Mc- Michael. House Sports. llusiness. Carrie Bethel-Sampson. House Sports. Drexel Institute. Don Beyreis - Angell. Art Club: United Arts- men, President: Odds and Ends: Norwester. Detroit School of Art. Florence Bloom - Picker, Business. Betty Bone--McMichael. House Sports, Vice- Presirleut. Business. William Bone - McMi- "0ll3'6l. Udited Arts- nteuggwl-Iouse Sports: School Bsas-ketball: fltlds and Ends. Pratt Institute. Helen Booker - XVincert. lloston Conservatory. Frances Botsford S Mc- Michael. G. A. A.: House Sports: School Swimming, Hockey: Colt: Chairman 12-A Class Day Committee. Highland Park Junior College. Clinton Braidwoodg Snover. House Sports. Michigan State College. I L ii I tle South- v n., ' id, XVayne Stephen Brewster - Hutchins. Michigan State College. Rodelle Broderk -- Mc- Michael. Fencing Club: House Sports: Odds and Ends. Sargeant's Dramatic Academy. Alice Brown - Cooley. Business. Georgiana Brown - lef- ferson. Library Statt. Ilusiness. Ianet lil"0XVl1JBlCxIlCl1Zkrl'l. Business. Pauline Brown - Mc- Michael. House Treas- urer. Business. Page Thirty-one Donald Bucholtz - Mc- Michael. Business. Ernest Buchsbaum - Mc- M ichael. University of Michigan. Marcia Bump - McMi- chael. Nursing. Eleanor Burgess - lef- ferson. Girl Reserves: Fencing Club: House Sportsg Odds and Ends. Highland Park junior College. Garrett Burgess - Mc- Michael, House Sports, Secretary-Treasurer: School Swimming: 12-A Class Secretary. Mich- igan State College. Orma Burns - Marr. Glee Club: "Prince of Pilsenf' Business. Frank Burpee-Jefferson. House Sports. Business. Audrey Burton-Roches ter. Business. Ida Klarie Bushafletfer- son. Business. Helen Butlancl-For-lson. House Sportsg School Basketball. Michigan State College. James Cain - Gadsden, Alabama. House Sports. lVayne University. Pauline Cain - Gadsden, Alabama. Fisk Uni- versity. Doris Calrlwell - McMi- chael. G. A. A. Girl Re- serves. Vice-Presiclentg School Hockeyg Stu- dent Councilg Colt, Associate Editorg 12-A Social Committee, Cum Laude. Business. ...Ae .. , Mary Frances Callah 1 at- Hutchins. Business. Oflette Campagne - Hutchins. Business. Mary Campbell - Mc Michael. House Sports Business. Elbert Carpenter - Mc- Michael, Hi-Y Redg Ritlel Club, Yice-Presi- dent: House Sportsg Oil-'ls and Ends. Uni- versity of Michigan. Ernest Carpenter - Mc- Michael. "N" Club: House Sports: School Football. Michigan State College. f. jf Pansy Carr-McMichael Glee Club. 'Detroit Business University. Richarrl Carrigan-Marr House Sports. Univer- sity of Michinan, Clayborne Carson - Mc- Michael. House Sports: School Track. lX'ayne University. Erlxvarrl Carson Q Mc- Michael. House Sports: School Track. XYayne L'niversity, X. Thomas? Carter - Patten- gill. United Artsmeu. Secretaryg Hi-Y Rerl. Vice- resitlentg House Sport gOdcls and Ends: Norwe er: 12-A Social Committee. XVayne University, Valeria Chambers - Mc- Michael. Library Staff: House Sports: Odds and Ends. Detroit Business University. lYilliam Chapman - Mc- Michael. School Foot- ball, Hockey. Business. Veneita Chase-Hutchins. House Sports. Business. Page Thirty-I wo M tt-lf Sidney Cheresh-Central Detroit Institute of Technology. Robert Clark - McMi cliael. University of Michigan. Henry Cleage - MCM1 chael. Orchestrag School Baseballg 12-A Dues Committee. lVayne University. Phyllis Clements - Tap- pan. Business. Kathleen Clink - Cooley Business. Morton Cohen - Mcllli chael. Odds and Ends lYayne University. Harriett Colton - Mc- Michael. Business In- stitute. Erlaine Conway - Wiri- gert. XVayne Univer- sity. A i Lyrl Cook - Central. BL ess College. - S J. L. Cooper-Jefferson. "N" Clubg House Sports, Vice-President, Presidentg School Bas- ketball, Tennis: Chair- man 12-A Memorial Committee. Chicago Y. M. C. A. College. Betty Corbett - Redforrl. House Sports. Busi- ness College. Mary Ellen Cork - Mc- Michael. Girl Reserves, Treasurer: Library Staffq House Sportsg Colt: Odds and Ends. Detroit Business In- stitute. fleane Cottrell - McMi- chael. Glee Clubg House Sports, Secre- taryg School Swimmingg Odds and Endsg Colt: 12-A Dues Committee. XVayne University. Robert Coughlin-Angell. Rifle Team, Secretary: Colt, Editor: Odds and Endsg 12-A Luncheon Committee. Cum Laude. Michigan State College. zyilj . '- Betty Cra'l'f,Y-Fort Mia le, Indiana. Business. Margaret Crawford - Northern. Girl Re- serves: Glee Clubg Colt. Business. Kenneth Creerlon - Cass. Business. Violet Cronk - Pitts- Burg, Pennsylvania. Orchestra. XVayne University. Robert Curtis - XVarren County, Ohio. House Sportsg School Track. Vifilberforce College. Edward Czarnecki - Mc- Michael. House Sportsg School Hockey. Uni- versity of Michigan. iw Lois Darby -- Tappan. Odds and Ends. Busi- ness. Eleanor Darcy - St. Theresa. University of llichigan. 1 :ci I Li' MMV, f 8ll 'gy Gar- Sel . is ness. i QAM L Ann David- McMichael Glee Clubg "Prince of Pilsenf' Cum Laude Business. Mildred Davis - Mc- Michael. Business. Donald Dever-Laketield, Ontario. Michigan State College. Helen lrjlllilfflghxilllgftfi. Phllllf-F At! Iubc s XYayne University, lillollwsi. Mary :lane Fit-ltl -- Mc- ,, Michael. Riiling Club: .Kita K-Uocli - lilltllilll- Girl Reservusg Colt: l"'5'nCN- "Gruinpy." Lhiivcrsity of Michigan. l'hei'esa lloxrnt-y -- Hun- ter. li. .X A.: House - President: School Hoc- Relvecca Fielrlsffliastcrn. key, Captain, llaskut- Girl Reserves, Tuslra- llallg Student Council, gee Institute. Secretaryg ltclrls antl Lndsg 12-.-X Memorial Committee. llusiness. llernaril Finenian - Cen- lloris Drunnnonil - Mc- lrgl' Hllubc Flmrii xliclnsl Hnginrgg lirumpy. Unixersity ' ' ' ' " nf Michigan. Roliert Duncan-'Ieffen son. Oflils anrl Ends: ll-A Motto Committee, Summa Cunt Laude. llusiuess. Martin Dupree f McMi- chael. House Sports. Michigan State College. Richard Eiserman - Hutchins. l-li-Y XYhite: House Sportsg Nor- wester. Summa Cum Laude. lfniversity of Michigan. Ellen Elvert 4 Iefferson. Oilils and Ends. .Xkron City Hospital. Lucille lirnericl-: - Mc- Michael. Business. James Emerson -- Ainity. XYayue County Airport. XYilliam Frat - Mungei' Business. Max liuhank-Northern. lfniversity of Mich- igan. Ethel Fink -4 McMichael. Business. Elenora Fischer 7 XYest- ern, filee flulmg House Sports. Business. Yirginia Fleming-lloul ing Green, Kentucky. Odds and Ends. llnsi- ness.. Imo Fonner4McMichael. Glee Cluhg Septetg Girl Reserves: House Sports: "Prince of l'ilsen." Cum Laude. Ypsilanti Xornial College. Mignon Ford - MCMif chael. Ypsilanti Xor- mal College. Gertrude Foster a Mc- Michael, Ypsilanti Xor- mal College. Harold Foster 4 Chicago, Illinois. Fencing Cluh. llusiness. Oscar Fountain - fleller- son. Cluhq House Sports: School Swim- ming. Track. Detroit Institute of Technology. Eleanor Frank - Mc- ' , T .' . -Mantua I:an.,T3m,an' Michael. business. llusiness. ' Paige Thirty-three Mandel Frankftirth- Mc- Michael. Girl Reservesg G. A. :Lg House Sports: School Tennis: Colt: 12-A Dress Committee. Cunt Laude. Albion College. Maudice Franklin - Con- don. Glee Clubg House Sports. Ypsilanti Nor- mal College. Douglas Fr e-Hutch' . ' 'ersity of X Mic i n. ,I flulia Freeman - Corn- merce. Business. Robert Friedenberg' 5 Hutchins. University of Detroit. Iirlmond Fuller - Mc- Michael. Glee Clubg "Prince of Pilsenf' Detroit Business In- stitute. . f. if fl '.e',fl-0 'uf'-A11 l Mary NIargare agnon- Mchlichael. usiness. Edith Garrison - Mc- Michael. YVayne Uni- versity. llargaret Garsicle - Jef- ferson. Business. Conrad Gatewood - Can- ton, Ohio. House Sports. 'Columlna le niversity. Roberta Gerrarflilrlutch- ins. Business. Marguerite Gillespie - Sampson. Glce Cluhg House Sports. Knox- ville College. XVatson Gilpin - Mc- Michael. Hi-Y XYhite: Colt, Assistant Editor: 12-A Class Day Coin- mittee. University of Michigan. Page Thirty-four Sylvia Gittlenian 3 XVest- ern. Business. i .J Nr., K.-4.44 Darviil Golrlsniitli-Hutch' ins. llusiness. George Goldstone - Hutchins. Science and Radio Club: Hi-Y Red, Secretary: Norwesterg ll-A Commencement Committee. University of Michigan. Harry Gololmisky-l-lutclv ins. House Sportsg Colt: "Grunipyg" ll.-X Color Committee. er- ris Institute. 0 Jud.- NVV LV 'bt' NYillie Gordon - Condon. Trade School. Philip Goslee - McMi- chael. lland: Oilals anrl Ends. University of Ohio. Millicent liotch v North- eastern. Business. 5 H x ' - Mc- ha ayne Vui- fe sity i N S . 'Y Pm 5 7. a ft X sg, Ex . .1 N ,. t of "5 st ft 5 'SXQRX joseph Gray g Munger. "N" Clulig School Hoc- lcey, Baseball. Busi- ness. Richard Gray 4 llenhy. Business. x ,K iw Dorothy Green g , MGX . . . I A, 5 Y Nlichael Glte Secretary-Treasure Library Staff. Vide 'ii University. ' . t 3 Dorothy Gregory Hutchins, e Sports. 'Bi ess, Postellcr Gresham - Mc- Graw. Business. Tressie Gresham - Mc- Michael. Glee Cluhg House Sports. Ypsi- lanti Normal College. Stephen Gribb - Blchli- cliael. -House Sports. University of Detroit. Fern Griffiths -- McMi- chael. House Sports, Treasurer: Chairman 12-A Motto Committee. Cum Laude. lVayne University. Melha Grimes - W'ingert. Fisk University, XYilliam Groff - RIC- Michael. Albion Col- lege. ! . Beverly Guilloz - Mc- Michael. Library Staff. XYayne University. Lucius Gunn - McMi- chael. Business. Y! Robert Hahn - Potter- ville. Michigan State College. Ralph Haisenleder - New Baltimore. Norths western College of Op- tometry. xhvilllillll Hampton - Swift. Fisk University. Stuart. Hamlin - Mac- kenzie. Business. Richard Hanberry - llc- Graw. Business. Bert Hanna-McMichael. Hi-Y Red: 12-A Lunch- eon Committee. Uni- versity of Michigan. Dorothy Hanna 4 Mc- Michael. House Sports: Norwester. Cum Laude. Business. Alexander Hannah 4 Glasgow, Scotland. 'University of Mich- igan. U Harold Harris 4 Hutch- i . Bus' .- LL V Marie Harris 4 Rich- mond. Library Staffg 12-A Dress Committee. Cum Laude. Business. Ted Hart 4 Ashland. Kentucky. XVayne Uni- versity. Josephine Haske 4 Mc- hlichael. Glee Club. Detroit Business Uni- versity. , ' mr-Je Edward Hawes-Condon. Odds and Ends. Uni- versity of Michigan. Inez Hayes 4 Sampson. Girl- Reserves. Business. Earline Hemm 4 Ieffer- son. Glee Club. Wfheaton College. :lean Hendry 4 Mchli- chael. Business. ' A7 Iohn Hetinessyl- Angell. Radio .ahd Science Club,"Vice-President. liradilrence Institute. I-' Hal Herrick 4 Highland Park. House Sports. Business. Evelyn Hetherington 4 McMichael. House Sports. Burrougl-i's Business School. lithel Hickman 4 Nc- Michael. Business. Kllcnn Higgins 4 Angell. llusiness College. Lawrence Hyslop 4 Mc- Michael, University of Rl icliigan. lieorue Jitlllus 4 Patten- gilln House Sports, lluslness, ai' james 4 .-Xnelcu, ! f ll' tl .Xl Hoffman 4 Marr. House Sports. XVaync l'niversity. . I flwt liorotliy in c- Nlicha Cir Re vesg tilee lub' ' im: :lt s r mls: Nor- we. . u mess In- L' 1' H ' Sports: It 1 S 1 . Ivy Hood 4 Romeo. House Sports. llusiness. llutli Hopkins 4 llc- Xlicliael. House Sportsg Colt. Michigan State College. llowartl Horton 4 Nlurr. Business. llarhara Houtz 4 Reil- forrl. Girl Reserves: tlrlcls and Endsg 12-A Committee. State College. their . Qqt f llelen Howard 4 Grosse l'oint. 12-A Luncheon L'ommittee. Business. james Humphreys 4 Mc- Michael. Fencing Club. jYayne University. f 1' V' '- -,V , ' 1' lYillian1 Huinphrey 4 Hutchins. House Sports. University of Texas. .Xriel Hurlhurt 44 l'atten- gill. Design School. i J . ssl K' y K ..,,q M timid L-i'm11-Maxiieiigei. Houi'LSportsg School Hook University of Southern California. North Carolina. Hi-Y XYliite, Secretaryg "N" flulig House Sports: School Tennisg Sturlent Councilg Xorwester. l'niversity of Iietroit. ,Q - ' nun K F4 I 114 Paul jzins 4 Mchlicliael. House Sportsg School cross Country. Elm- hurst college. Iivelyn Intros 4 Mc- Xlicliael. Girl Reserves: Stage Ciewg Student council, Secretaryg Coltg Noiwesterg Otlds find Enclsg ll-.-X Social L'oinmtttee. Cum l.:iufle. Ilusiness. tiortlon Jewell 4- Mc- Xlicliael. liilfllffglc In- siitlltth llorotliy Iolinson 4 Pat- tengill. Business Col- lege. tit-raltline IOllllS0llfxlIlC- lsenzie. llusiness. llc-len Johnson 4 Bic- Xlichgiel. Lioniinerce. hhilllliilll ,lolinson4South- western. R. tl.,T. L13 Xlkiyue University. ' r .-Xlfrecl,louas45lcNlichael. Hi-Y Red. Presirlent: House Sportsg School Basketball: Student Council. Vice-Fresh clent: Coltg Chairman lj-A Social Committee. Wiayiie University. llorothy Jones 4 letier- son. Hdfls and Ends. lletr ll sin ss Col- rt he Yictor jones 4 hlcGi'nw. ll ui: Orchestra, l usiness. ' M M766 five l Page T irty- .. .Muriel .Fi-ani-4:..f.i. i XVayne Jones - Marr. Cvlee Club, Secretary: House Sportsg Colt: "Sonia," Murray State College. Marjorie Joyce 5 South- western. Detroit Busi- ness University. Charles Kalil - Holy Redeemer. House Sports. Business. :lack Kaminska - Red- ford. House Sports: School Tennis. Business. Della Kane-St. Theresa. Norwester. Marygrove College. Mary Louise Kannally- Angell. House Sports. Wayne University. Philip KanatfHutchins. House Sports. Univer- sity of Michigan. Katherine Kearns - Hutchins. House Sports: Odds and Ends. Cum Laude. Highland Park Junior College. Mary Iillen Kearns - Hutchins. Odds and Ends: House Sports. Summa Cum Laude. Highland Park Iunior College. Inola Kees - Pattengill. Detroit Business Uni- versity. Robert Keirn-llattengill. R. O. T. C.: Rifle Club. President: "Dirty Hands:" "Grumpy:" Chairman, 12-A Com- mencement Committee. Michigan State College. 3' ,lack Kelchner - Mc- Michael. House Sports. Business. Mary Kelkenney - Mc- Michael. Girl Reserves: G. A. A.: House Sports. Treasurer, Secretary: School Swimming: Colt: Chairman 12-A Lunch- eon Committee, Mich- igan State College. Page Thirty-six XVilliam Kelley - Mc- Michael. Business. lliilma Kennedy e Con- flon. Business. Richard Keppeler - Mc- Michael. Rifle Club: House Sports. Busi- ness. Florence Keywellgllurv fee. House Sports: School Swimming: 12-A Dues Committee. American Institute of Photography. Betty Kiesel Q Mc- Michael. House Sports. Detroit Commercial College. Frank Kiesterfjefferson. House Sports. Law- rence Institute. Opal Killebrew-Condon. Business. Margaret Kinsella - Mc- Michael. Glee Club: House Sports: Colt. Marygrove College. Emma Klingert - Mc- Michael. Fencing Club: House Sports: Odds and Ends. Cum Laude. University of Michigan. .lit Loi Lois Knaupe flow., ,LJ Business. v f:f'FlJ O e Q' ' l itirx James Kniffin e Patten- gill. House Sports. Michigan State College. Jean Knight-Hutchins. Girl Reserves: House Sports: Norwester: Chairman 12-A Color Committee. Michigan State College. XYilliam Knotts-Chicago. Illinois. University of Illinois. u K.- bi-l Lois Kothe-Angell. Girl Reserves: Library Staff: Colt. Commer- cial College. Catherine Krehl - RIC- Michael. G. A. A.: House Sports: School Swimming: Norwester: 12-A Commencement Committee. Michigan State College. Anna Krogh - lVesterri. House Sports: School Hockey. Business. X . Min ' Kuretzky-Hutch- i . Glee Club: House ortsg Library Staff. ' ess. X Helen Laird - Mc- Michael. Glee Club: "Prince of Pilsenf' Business. Bertha Langham-Ietlfen son. Glee Club: "Prince of Pilsenf' lVayne University. lVayne Lanier - Patten- gill. "Happiness:" "Grumpy" Business. .-Xlbert Lau-Hutchins. House Sports. Business College. Richard Lee - Northern. Rifle Club: RiHe Team: "Grumpy" University of Michigan. Dave Lefkovitz-Cen- tral. XValsh Institute. Ernest Lehman - Ann Arbor. Orchestra. Business. Meyer Leih - House. Sports. XVayne Uni- versity. Roberta Leiter - Mc- Michael. House Sports. Business. George Lennox - Mac- kenzie. Business. . Al I Q A Ruth Lex er -- Mc in ' - Michael. Glee Club: Septet: House Sports: School Swimming: Odds and Ends: "Prince of Pilsen." University of Michigan. Elaine Lewis - Mc- Michael. Business College. M'alter Lewis - Mc- Michael. House Sports: School Track. Business. Annie Lukes - Mc- Michael. House Sports: Odds and Ends: "Grumpy" XVayne University. llary MacDonald - Hutchins. G. A. A., President: House Pres- ident: School Basket- ball: Student Council: Norwester: 12-A Class Vice-President. XVayne University. Bernice MacDowell - Long Beach,California. Business. Loraine MacGregor-Mo Michael. House Sports. Business. Jack MacLeod - Mc- Michael. Colt, Associate Editor. Cum Laude. University of Michigan. John MacLeod - Mc- Michael. Colt. Carnegie Institute. Edwardine NacNeill - Cass. House Sports. Business. Dorothy Maddox-Cow don. Business. Elizabeth Malone - Con- don. XVayne Univer- sity. Lucille Manler-Cooley. Norwester. llusinuss. 0 Jane Mayer-St. Mary's Academy. tilee Cluhg Library Staff: Ufhls aiid-Emls. lVayne Uni- versity, l.eunaril Martin - Rosc- ilale, kansas. Busi- ness. Corinne Marvin -- Red- loril. Business School. Nelson Mashatt - Con- don. House Sports: School Track, Cross Country, Michigan State College. M'illiain Mason -- Mc- Michael. Hi-Y Red. University of Michigan. Iohn Massey - Mc- Michael. Hi-Y Grey. Michigan State Col- lege. Iileanor Matznick 4 Mc- Michael. Girl Re- serves: House Sports. Detroit Commercial College. 4'f11, gt' i Rosemary McCall a Mc- Michael. Business. Ian x HTL' na- t,0il . ' 'hite, 'i - res nt: House f . ' 12-A Social nittee. Business. IJ 1 McCoughan - Ford Trade School. House Sports. Business. Louise McCracken-Mc- Graw. Business. Reta McDonough - Mc- Michael. Girl Reserves, President: G. A. A.: House Sports. Vice- ' esirlent: Odds and s. Cyn Laude. riiversityf f llichigan. ,lean Mcfliiiiiiiess - Sf, Marys tilee Cluh, Septet, Vice-President, President: Fencing Club: Colt: "Prince of l'ilsen:" 12-A Social Conimittce. Ypsilanti Normal College. Robert, Malloy - Mac- kenzie. Norwester, Art Lditor. Art School. llnwaril Ales-Sci' 7 Mc- Michael. Hi-Y Red: House Sports. Mar- quette University. ,lames MidilletonfSamp- son, Glee Club: House Sports, General Motors Institute. Leacla Miller-Hutchins. House Sports: School Swimming. XVayne University. Louise Milliner - Hot Springs. Arkansas. Business. Charles Moilei'-Angell. House- Sports. Univer- sity ot Detroit. Edwin Moon - Angell. Fencing Club: House Sports. Earlliam Col- lege. Martha MorganfHutch- ins. G. A. A.: House Sports. Business. Doris Morley - Mc- Michael. Business. Gertrude Moroney -- XYestern. Michigan State College. Irene . orrell - Ho Spot: , Treasurer:O . and 1 s: ch- eon ittee. M'ayne Uni er ty. Thelma Morrison-Soutlr eastern. Business. Page Thirty-:even Joscphl. Mosher .4 llc- ,oiaafwrefsw Virginia llosshamer 4 llchlichael. House Sportsg Odds and Ends. Michigan State College. Virginia llott 4 Hc- Klichael. House Sports. Yice - Presiclentg Stu- rlent Council: Odds anfl Ends: 12-.-X Dress Conunittce. Xliayne Cniversity. Dorothy xl1lllI'0E-IAHIV caster, Pennsylvania.. lfniversity ot lletrolt. Peter l bach 4 KICA M'ch . Business Iune Murray 4 Royal Unk. Business College. Stefan Kluzyka 4 Cass. Glee Cluh. .-Xssiunption College. Emile Nagher 4Mc- Blichael, School Crops Country, llusiuess, Joseph Nelsou4.-Xngell. Hi-Y Blueg House Sportsg School Track. Michigan State College. Flora Nicholas 4 Mc' Michael. Glce Cluhg House Sports. Social XVorkers' College. Elinore Nugent 4 Mc- Michael. Business, " ', af ff . v Q Nancy Oliver4Redford. Odds and Ends. XYayne University. Maxine Osbourn 4 Com' merce. Business. Page Thirty-eight Ann Ostrowski 4 Holy Redeemer. House Sports. Ypsilanti Nor- mal College. Iohn tiltt 4 Mel ' 'l. Cuiversity o gan. I Carolyn tjwsley 4 Toronto. Canada. Toronto Business Col- lege. Harry lhulgett 4 Jeffer- son. Ritle Clnh, Treas- urerg fltltls antl Enrls. Michigan State College. Dorothy Paine 4 Kic- Michael. llusiness. Chester Palmer 4 Ble- Rlichael. House Sports: School Hockeyg 1.2-A lines Committee. Gen- eral Motors Institute. Syliil Parilo -FCQINIOII. Emmanuel Missionary College. W-41,..lfUi ' Mary Jane Paterson- BIcXlichael. House Sports: Colt. Michigan State College. John l'aull4RIcNlichael. Udfls anrl Ends. Ilusi- ness. Glenrlora Payne 4 Samp- son. Business. Dorothy 1'C3fCC4H utch- ins. House Sports: Udds and Bust' ness. 'fi ' 1J...4 ff ' VC.. . fi . 4 4 Glatlys Peat 4 Condon. Girl Reservcsg Fencing Club: House Sports. Secretaryg School Hockey. Michigan State College. Florence Peck4XVindso r, Ontario. Business. Donald Peel4McMichael. Business. XYilliam Pepper4Hutch- vins. gusiness. 4 lain '. J 4' 1 1 Marian Petrequin Hutchins. G. A. A.: House Sportsg School Swimming, Captain, Tennisg Odds and Endsg 12-A Dues Com- mittee. XVayne Uni- versity. Sylvia Piaskowski 4 MC- Michael. School Golf. Business. Guelcla Pike 4 Angell. House Sportsg Colt. Albion College. Richard Pillon4Assump- tion. XVayne Univer- A Norma Pioc11f!Hutchins. G. Af-'A.g House XY Spo sq! hool Tennis, Gblj? immingg Coltg Nor sterg 12-A Social Cpriirnittee. University of Michigan. Gordon Pitcher-Angell. Hi4Y Grey: House Sports. Michigan State College. XValter Poole 4 Cass. lVest Virginia State College. Lelah Porter 4 Grand Rapids. Business. 1 Hen in ' A ll. B i . Elizabeth Preblich 4 St. Agnes. Business. Junior Price 4 Condon. Business. Y Clair Prince-Pattengill. "Lucky Iadef' "Sonia3" 12-A Class Day Committee. Busi- ness. Robert Pryor-Hutchins, House Sportsg 12-A Dinner Committee. Cum Laude. XVayne University. Sara Puekovitsky-Nortlr ern, Detroit Business College. Robert Putnam -- Jeffer- son. House .Sports YVayne University. XVilliam Quarles - llc- Michael. School Track, Business. 0 floe Rachlin - McGraw. House Sports. Busi- ness. Homer Randall-Patteiv gill. Glee Club, Octet: Stage Crew: "Lucky Jade." Lawrence Insti- tute. Stuart Reed-Iefferson. University of Spring- field. Richardean Reeves - Eastern. Glee Club. Business. Isabel Riendeau-Winch sor Ontario. Business College. lx.. Cecilia Rites - Mc- Michael. Business. Helen Riopelle - Mc- Michael. Glee Club. Business. Dora Roberts - Mc- Michael. Business. Jane Roberts - Tappan. House Secretary, Sports: Student Coun- cil, Secretaryg Oilils :incl lintlsg 1.2-A Luncheon Committee. University of Michigan. Liuell Robinson 7 Con- don. Art School. .Xnnzi Roby - Sampson. Hmslem School of Nursing. Rozena Rockefeller-Riu Xlichnel. House Spnrtsg School Hockey. llusi- ness llomer Rockholcl f Recl- ford. Hi-Y XYhiteg House Sports. Busi- lltss. Jacqueline Rogers - Mc- Michael. House Sports. Business. Lawrence Rorem -- Mc- Michael. "N" Clulng House Sports, Secre- tary-Treasurerg School Swimming, Basketball. Football: l2-A Com- mencement Committee. University of Michigan. jean Ross - McMichael. XYayne lfniversity. john Rouse!-St.. Louis, Missodri. Business. john Ruffin - Condon. House Sports. Busi- IICSS. Eileen Ryback-Hancock. XYayne University. Marjorie St. Goddard - McMichael. House Sports, Secretaryg Colt. University of Michigan, Sylvia Samoss - Mc- Michael. Cum Laude. Business Institute. ,,,A Helen Sanders - Mc- Michael. School Hockey. Business, i Rose Szunlerson+lYest- ern. Iiusiuuss. Evelyn Szingster - llc- llichziel. Business. Dennis Sante-Catholic Central. lland. Busi- ness. Dorothy Sziuinlersflef- ferson. lYziyne Uni- versity. Ioseph Scheck -- Angell. House Sports. Busi- ness. XYilliarn Schenck - llc- Michael. XVayne Uni- versity. Violet Schmidt - Mac- kenziei Odds and Ends. Elmhurst College, Robert Schroeder -- Mc- Michael, XVayne Uni- versity, Arthur Schultz!Hutch- ms. Business. Lillian Schwerak - New Haven, Connecticut. 12-A Dress Committee. YVayne University. Harold Sevener-Hough- ton. House Sportsg School Track. Univer- sity of Detroit. ,1 4. Mabel Shafer -- Mc- Michael. Business. Page Thirty-nine Paul Shahinian - Mc- Michael. House Sports: Student Council: Uclcls and Ends. University of Detroit. Milton Shalda - Mc- Michael. Business. Kenneth Sharp - Mc- Michael. House Secre- tary: 12-A Motto Com- mittee. Business. llorothy Sharpe - Mc- Michael. House Sports: Odds and Ends. Busi- IIESS. 1 U ,I -tty Jane Shenk f Mc- t M el. G..-X..-X., Vice- ' dent: School Hoc- k D , Swimming: Colt: I2-A Memorial Coni- viittee. Cum Laude. Highland Park junior Coll e an ea . Ralph Shepard - Mc- Michael. Cunt Laude. Business.. Betty SherrattfHutch- ins. Girl Reserves: G. A. A.: House Sports: School Basket- ball: Odds and Ends: 1.2-A Color Committee. Michigan State College. Stephen Shieko - KIC- Graw. House Sports, Business. ft ..!L,,.f'."x.vt, -X L!W1'i Pb Marjorie Shippy -1 ,Cocge . Afliijrlt-R9Sterres: 'I gland' mls .Edi- "1Jirty 12-A Class Day inhi- niittee. Husiifess. . A 4 Theresa Shusta - Con- don. G. A. A.: House Sports, President: lie- hating: Odds and Ends: 12-A Commence- ment Committee. Mich- igan State College. lxathryn Siggins - Mc- Michael. Glee Club: llouse Sports: Odds and Ends. Business. Ruth Sitter-McMichael. Girl Reserves: Colt: ll-.X Motto Commit- tee. Business. Harvey Skene-McGraw. Business. ' Page Forty XYalter Smart - Mc- Michael. Business. Bette Smith-Iefferson. Girl Reserves, Treas- urer: Colt, Editor. Cum Laude. Antioch College. Dorothy Smith 3 Cen- tral. Business. Stanley Smith - Mac- kenzie. XYayne Uni- Ycl'SltX'. Betty Suellfl'lymouth. House Sports: School Baslcethall. Michigan State College. Roberta Spargo - Mc- Michael. Girl Re- serves, Detroit 'Coni- niercialyfvollyeqg. l 1 'l tsiiitati Bernice Stafford 4 Mc- Michael. House Sports: twldrls and Ends. XYayne University. Gladys Steele 3 Hutch- ins. XYayne University. ' ' ' I it t . Frederick Stellliergerf Iistahrook. Kirksville ' Osteopathic College. Christine Stephen-Muir ger. House Sports. XYayne University. Florence Stephens-XYin- gert. House Sports: School Baslcethall. St. Augustine College. -rs Myr 't ett - Mc- Mi a Bus' ies' mc S s lefterson. ise S o s I 5 .ji ts , ' .Y ep . . ight Co lege. Joanne Stewart - Mc- Michael. House Sports: School Swimming: Colt: .12-A Class Day Committee. University of Michigan. Richard Stiff - Angell. House Sports. Michi- gan State College. John Stirling - Mc- Michael. "N" Club, Secretary: House Vice- President, President: School Football, Bas- ketball, Track: 12-A Social Committee. Uni- versity of Michigan. Elizabeth Stockell-Nash- yille, Tennessee. Mich- igan State College. Adelaide Sylvesterahlc- Michael. House Sports: Odds and Ends. Busi- ness. John Tainsh - Angell. United Artsmen: Or- chestra: Norwester. Detroit School of Art. - 4 ! I. fk Betty Tait--Tappan. De- troit Business Univer- sity. Dorothy Tate - Mc- Michael. Business. lack Thirjung - Samp- son.. House Sports. Business. Grace 'Thomas - Mc- Michael. Business. Thoxn son-JePier- son. Ridin Club: Odds and Ends. University of Michigan. Dora Thornburg--Marr. Girl Reserves: Library Staff: Colt. XVayne University. Stewart Torrey - Mc- Michael. Business. Frank Tout-Angell."N" Clubg House Sportsg School Indoor Track, Outdoor Track: Cross Country, Captain: 12-A Memorial Committee. University of Detroit. Harry Tower 3 Hutch- ins. House Sportsg School Baseball. Michi- gan State College. Henry Treis 3 Munger. Rifle Club: Ritle Teaing House Sports: Nor- wcster. University of Detroit. i f V ' Margaret TrylJus3Con- don. House Sports. University of Detroit. Alicia Trygar3Chatlsey. Glee Clubg House Sports: 12-A Social Committee. CL1HlL?lLiClC. Business. l J lilo blJenSL- . c- w C 1. Gi, lub. SIIIESS. X Stephen Turner 3 Con- clon. XVayne Univer- sity. Rex Linseltl 3 McGraw. House Sports. Busi- ness. Eleanor Urquhart3Pat- tengill. House Sports: Odds and Ends. Uni- versity of Michigan. lack Cshnian 3 lilc- Michael. House Sports: Odds an cl E n tl s 3 "Grumpy," lVayne University. rlugh Vail 3 Hutchins. "N" Club: Hi-Y XYhite. Presidentg House Vice-President: School Tennis, Captaing Stu- dent Council, Presi- dentg 12-A Class Presi- dent. Cum Laude. Albion College. Daul Yan Buskirk3Mar- shall, Montana. Hi-Y NVhiteg House Sportsg Norwester. XYoi-chester College. ll :orinne Veu Casdvic3 Northern. F e n ci ri g Clubg School Basket- ' hall. Beauty School. I ,lolin Van Horn 3 Mc- Charles lYatrous 3 Mc- M ichael. House Sports. lil'lSlIlCSS. jlfua-I .Xrley Yan Rlt'CI'+l,IittCll- gill. House Sports. llusiness. ' f ' r "7Z4:.44f .f .WV Aww XYiIlJur Van Otteren 3 Grand Rapids, Hi-Y Grey: "N" Club: House Sportsg School Tennis, Football: Colt. L'nivei'sity of Michigan. XYzilter Yeach 3 Mc- Michael. House Sports: School llaseliall. .-Xlhion College. Michael. School llase- liall. llusiness. Raynionel lY:itson 3 Mc- Michael, llouse Sports. Michigan State College. Yernell XYatsou 3 East- ern. St. Augustine t ollege. Richarrl XYestcott 3 Mc- Michael. House Sportsg S c li o o l Swiinmiug, llasehall. University of Michigan. Wait: 641-if 3 'H Q e C, 1 Q It 0 V -Mffvfl VCZlll3-Ii'Hl.!Cl1- Milton XYestphal 3 Mc- Slll-. House 5I'0ff5- Michael. Business. llusiness. - r f ' -- at-3 W , V fHerhert lVheeler 3 An- Hrleu Ninir--.fl el. yell. House Sports. H3 u 'iness. s ' i Li, .. '. Harriet XYalker 3 Mc- Michael. House Sports. llusiness College. Lillian YValker 3 Mc- Michael. House Sports: School Swimmingg Nor- wester. Cum Laude. llusiness College. X ancy XValker 3 Mc- Michael. Odds and Ends. Albion College. Corrie hhyiiffllcxllilllilll- uoga. Tennessee. llusi- ness. lloris XVard3McMichz.eI. Ci, A. A.g House Sports. Grace Hospital. Mathilcle XYarner 3 Mc- Michael. House Sports. XYayne University. ,QX Alice XYathen 3 Mc- Michael, Library. Business. Ruth XYhite-Southwest- ern, Clee Club: House Sports. Business. Lily XVhitton 3 Mc- Michael. House Sportsg School Swnnmingg Nor- wester. Business. Nan XYhyte3McMichael. Business. Mae XYilliains 3 lVin- gert. llusiness. i, Annie XYilson 3 Com- merce. Detroit Busi- ness University. KYoodi'ow XVilson3Esta- brook. Glee - Club: House Sports. Busi- ness. - 1 .ri I f Q 44,-ge,-' - i. a X , lack XYiltze 3 Marr. House Sports: School Swimming. Hockey: Student Council. T0- ronto University. Marian XVinter - Mc Michael. Business. Dick XYonnacott-Marr House Sports. New York University. Ruth XYorthy-Cleveland, Ohio. Business. John Young-Pattengill House Sports. Michi gan Stale College. Doris Zander - Geth- semane. Colt. Business. Norma Zander - Mc- Michael. Business. SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES David Barlow - Durfee. Business. Donald Beck - Sampson. House Sports. Busi- ness. Arthur Bender - Samp- son.. House Sports. Business. Gordon Birchard-Cen- tral. House Sports: 12- A Ring and Pin Com- mittee. Columbia Cui- versity, Robert Brett - Mc- Michael. Business. Charles Brown - Esta- brook. House Sports. Business. Harry Cassie-Northville. Business. Duncan Clarkson - Tap- pan. House Sports. University of Michigan. flames Davis - Mc- Michael. House Sports. Howard University. - Edward Dettling - Chi- ' . . . V gago, Illinois. Busi- , A jrdilness. 'r - James Doyle - Tappan. f lf" ' "N" Club: House f Z4 . I XVilliam Ful Ta I , B A Sportsg School Base- ball. Business. LaVere Edwards - Tap- pan. Business. Margaret EennAPatten- gill. Business. ege. Angus Gantt - XVingert. House Sports: School Football. Temple Uni- versity. Tune Geyman-Central. University of Michigan. Etheridge Gilliam - Bir- mingham, Alabama. Business. Frank Graham - MC- Michael. House Sports. Business. Leland Green-McGraw. Business. Lester Greenholtz - An- gell. Business. Robert Hardy a Marr. Detroit Institute of Technology. Ralph Howard - Mc- Michael. House Sports: School 'Bracky Baseball. Busin 1 N 1' in s Jautchins. Oixgtiesgftfoilgge. Milton Idnes - Condon. House Sports. Busi- ness, Ethel Keywell - Mc- Michael. Glee Clubg House Sports. Sar- gent's Dramatic Acad- emy. Harold Kling - TYalker- ville Institute. Busi- ness. Feeney Knight-Cooley. Business. Leo Kubacz -- Alliance. R. O. T. C. Business. Angus McGarvah-Pat- tengill. Business. Norman McNairn - Hutchins. Business. Crittenden McSwain - Northern. Hi-Y, Presi- dent: House Sports. NVest Virginia State College. Mary Menninger - Cooley. Business. Victoria Miceli-Tappan. House Sports. Busi- ness. James Patrick - Angell. House Sports. Busi- ness. Michael. Odds Ends. McLean's ness School. i L tute. 1 ., . 1 tv' nibal, Missouri. Business. -, Mildred Zook - May Patterson - Mc- Michael. House Sports. Business. Ralph Podany - Patten- gilln House Sports. Business. Iohn Poppenger-House Sports: School Foot- ball. University of Michigan. Francis Quigley - Cath- olic Central. House Sports. A Northwestern University. Iane Reiseger - Mc- Michael. Business. Goldie Robertson - To- ledo, Ohio. XVayne University. Jack Scott-St. Theresa. University of Michigan. Mary Scott-McMichael. Glee Club. Provident Hospital, Chicago. Iames Sidick - Highland Park. House Sportsg School Baseball. North- western University. Adolph Simkunas - Mc- Michael. University of Detroit. Roberta Smith - Mc- Michael. Glee Club. Business. Bernard Stackpole-Mo Michael. Business. Leonard Stewart-Marr. Business. i ' Tan Gordon Tregoning -- Mc- Michael. House Sports. Business. Allen Venable-XVingert. House Sports. Busi- NESS. Esther Vorpagel - Com- merce. Business. Mc- and Busi- e. hug Naza- Arnold Zicnert 1 reth. Lawrence ' Insti- Angelina Zugras-Harb Glee Clubg House Sports. 1 L .1 fl' 'L W WD. xx The May Class extends heartiest wishes to the under- graduates of Northwestern. hoping that they, too, may derive much pleasure as well as knowledge from their high school years. VW: wish also to express sincerest gratitude to our faculty, who, through their untiring willingness to co-operate, have endeavored to prepare us for the future. r 5 CARIS HEATTY XYILLIABI ALLAN DORIS CALDXYELL ALFRED JONAS BIURIEL FRANK MAY CLASS CELEBS CARIS BEATTY Her xivacitv and keen interest in school activities is expressed in her scholarship, in her participation in athletics, in Student Council, and Norwester work. XNAILLIAKI ALLAN His vvork on the Student Council, his scholarship record and extra curricular activities and his inanv friendships acclaim his aliility and versatility. DORIS CALDXVELL Her pleasant niien and her desire to co-operate effectively resulted in an acknowledged place on the Student Council, the Colt, in Girl Reserves and house activities. ALFRED JONAS The genial may in which he co-operates lirought him pleasant associations and many friends in the Hi-Y, in class activities, on the Student Council, and the Colt. MURIEL FRANKFURTH Her charming personality and her ehfectiveness as a scholar in school endeavors have won for her the deep regard of her friends. EYELYN JATROS The capalile way in which she has served as a memlier of the Student Council, her scholastic standing, and her ivillingness to co-operate are admired lvy her classmates. NX",-XRIJ IARIES His scholarly attaininents, his quiet, unassuming' manner, and the earnest way in which he shares in school functions gives him a respected position in the May Class. MARY MCDONALD Her qualities of leadership are demonstrated hy the many positions she has held in house, class and athletic organizations. Her demure and charming personality have made for her a host of friends. HUGH VAIL His aliility as a leader in the Student Council, Hi-Y, House and 12-A class, his scholarship and his participation in athletics have placed him as a leader ot his class, JANE ROBERTS Her scholarship standing, her ellficient work on the Student Council, in the house, and on the Odds and Ends have won recognition of her ahility. EVELYN IATRUS XYARD JAMES MARY RlelJ1lNALlJ HUGH YAIL IANE ROB s I ntl' V 'T' J . 'JF ., I ,es X' v., ' it I ,J if F' ' I - f LE U ,J , gl. . I-E, I - vi - , P - 5,744.1 I 5. v 03. f ' - rr . Q L-.- "f'fll. ua!!f7J.C.f, I f 7 -., - tx ,pf I X "if-5.1. Robot Revelations "Good afternoon, sir. I am the Fullerlirush man. Now I'xe-" and the caller's profes- sional smile melted into a look of unlielieving. ' So it was that professor George Goldstone invited salesman Tom Carter in. After tales of how each had realized his aspirations, the conversation drifted to high school remi- niscences. "I wonder what ever happened to Ruth Lepper7" mused Tom, dreamily, "Say," responded the professor, "let's find out what has happened to some other mem- liers of the class of 'J-I, Now I have a Init of an invention here- Robot", he called, and I responded at once. After my telegraph apparatus had Iieen connected and final instruc- tions given me, I rose with a crescendo into the atmosphere, travelling a mile a second, As I felt the prick of the needle, I dropped, pianissimo, to the ground, and found myself in what you mortals call a graveyard. .Xt the sound of a mournful wail, I lieheld Rolvert "Ollie" Iluncan, emitting tears, which fell into some drooping liuttercups in his hand. "Uh death, where is thy sting? My love hath forsaken me. Kita!" After a minute-long leap, I found myself on the porch nf a "Cottage Small liy a Water- fall." lthen I heard a thunder-like thud, I peeped through the window. Angus KIcGarvah lay in a liattered heap on the floor, with the awesome figure of Theresa llowney standing alvove him, "That will teach you who's laoss", she lvellowed. I was waltzing down "The lloulevard of llroken Dreams," I stopped liefore a shop whose window contained two woe-Ivegone figures. :Xliov e the door, :i sign read: Second-hand Shop for Xtorn-out Gigoloes, The Figures were none other than Clare l'rince and Alfie Ionas. Xthen I zoomed into the loliliy of Grind Hotel, there was Blary Klaellonald, and lwehind her, with luggage in hand, stood llouglas Ifrede, a dashing figure in his liellhop regalia. Mary was here to attend the International meeting of the Hook-a-man Cluli along with -lane Aliele, lloris Caldwell, and lean Cottrell, who were registered at the same hotel. As I walked into the kitchen, I heard, "XYoe is me, woe is mt-"4X'irginia Xlott is still trying to make Soop. That night, I entered into the merry-making of the dining room to find Mary Kelkenney the featured attracton of the floor show. tfXlthough she has Mae Xtest characteristics, "no-one comes up to see her anytime".j Then a crash of dishes resounded throughout the room, and all eyes focused upon johnny Young, who emerged from the slightly disordered mess on the Hoor. Gazing aliout at the more than happy guests, I saw Caris Beatty and Hill Allen dining together, in a rather secluded corner, That's enough to prove that Bill is putting to use the dues he collected in '3-l. At "One Minute to One", I whirled away, and at the time when most people are having their "Coffee in the Morning", I landed with a forte hang in the laundry of the Fisher HY". The crew of janitors, Johnny Stirling, bl. I.. Cooper, and Lawrence Rorem, stood in an excited group. lly lwreaking into their midst, I learned that they were attempting to rescue their fellow worker, Garrett llurgess, who had thoughtlessly attempted swimming practice in a scruli pail. The head janitor, Hugh Yail, was murmuring, "llon't lllame Me". On to Switzerland, and l came to a halt in the midst of a group of khaki-clad men. . Captain Holi Keim roared orders at a mile a minute even though the lesser privates, Iilliert Carpenter, Ntilliam Chapman, and lioli Coughlin paid no attention at two miles a minute. Hut such is life in the Swiss Army. :X charming reporter, Muriel lfrankfurth, dashed up to me when I arrived in New York, and wished knowledge of my travels. I learned that she was slaving away on a newspaper, whose editor they call lid. For the Second time, I landed on another porch, and the name-plate read: Shippy. .-Xu Odds and Ends party was in full progress, and some of the odds and ends present, were ,lane Rolnerts, Rodelle Broder, Marian I'etreriuin, Mary Kannally, and Annie Lukes, who was staging a scene from "Gi-umpy". I hopped downtown from there, to witness the talked aliout shopping district of Iiletroit. Upon entering "Kennedy's Clothing Store," I saw the owner leaning over the counter, and singing to Norma Pioch, a clerk, "Everything I I-lave Is Yours". Oddly enough, I found ,lim McCallum still a reluctant lvachelor. He continues to make the rounds, trying to get a date, liut the whole thing ends with ,lim setting home, "All Alone." For the "Last Round-Up", I discovered Ilud Yan Otteren with lleverly Guilloz. The con- versation caused a short circuit and I fell with a splintering crash to the ground. .5733 5, uns .-Ln, if . - . I ?5' ' W g g . gl ll' fu il i Q5 E I I iffy, . ri I cf me Ji NODLJEITEII COPYRIGHT QDMDUNID QTA mgorg EL,fA MfcLsLsNn HONOR ROLL JANUARY CLASS 1935 .-X. Alirani, l.. Amlie, R. Armstrong. gl. Ash ley, J. llatten. E. Blue, 1. Boigan, H, llrandt ti. llruee, Il. lirunner, G. Bump, C. Cameron R. Childs, ,l. Crupi, ,lJ. llanz, C. Darling, A Douglas, F. Edwards, R. Emmett, A. England Y, lie-itz, VI. Gerard, X. Green, R. tiumpherg E. liiuzezynski, R. Hartwell. I. Huis, XV Humphrey, J. Irwin, XY, Ienkin, RI. Kurtz L'. Langland, D. Lilly, E. Lindsay. Y. Lud wig, G. Blanne, I. Mather, R. Millantler, I Nlitchell, Xl. Klustain, D. Munro, H. Orrell I. Penna. Tl. Ramsay, B. Rhoder. M. Roehlin P, Scroggie, H. Shada, E. Smith, M.. Smith E Sorensen, C. Stassiek, J. Stickels, Z Strumhas. E. Sturdy, F. Tihbet, XY. Trash f ' -- X -' s- XV. Van Yerlc, I.. XYhite, XV. iVref0rd. Hlfdirraiioiz ix the only lIIft'l't'.yf 'zeiwllzy the deep. rolzfrnll- ing au.i'iely- tif Hn' Tlmuylzlfnl mrilif'-XYHN1iiil,i. l,HlLl.II'S. Nnrtliwestern wtifers three cuurses uf study, the General, the College l'reparatury and the t'pmmercial, Each individual pupil shtiuld carefully study the ciiurses uttered and then select the une which meets his needs and desires. The schmil can then serve him etiectively. There have lieen many changes in curriculum and faculty since l9l4. New sulijects have lieen added tu meet the changing eciinuniic and sucial order. As we have more leisure than uur ancesturs, training in its wurthy use is tif vital inipurtance. Reading, music, art, and all ptissilile athletic games are a part uf the high schufil course. Tuday we recognize that the fprmatiun tit' character is the supreme and all inclusive end of education. The haliit tit' eu-tiperatiun, so essential to all priigress, must lie develttped. The school aims tu estalilish a sense mt' siicial unity and resptinsiliility. stressing the ulvligatitnis as well as the privileges tit citizenship. Iiach pupil is recwgnized as a separate and distinct personality and helped to a lvetter and finer expression of life, With these general aims ut the lletruit l'ulilic Schufils in mind the Nurwester staff attempts tu sketch briefly the activities of each grade. The lirst halt' ut' fine's Senior Year is interesting and eventful. liy the time the pupils reach the twelfth grade they have, to stime extent, determined what their major interests in schmfl are. The sulijects ciliered challenge the imaginatitin as will as create a demand itir lietter cuncentratiun and haliits tif study. Nu matter which ctiurse uf study is pursued every pupil is required to take certain sulvjects that have lreen deemed advisalile for a well rounded high schrml educatirin. A selectiun may lie made in almust every department as there are many une semester cuurses offered which give F-eniur Credit. Extra-curricular activities play a significant part in the average 12-l3's life. Late in the semester they meet fur the first time as a class for the purpose of electing a representative whit receives the spade from the graduating class. This same spade, which turned over the First piece uf sod upon which Northwestern is liuilt, has been handed to the 12-B representative lii-annually fur the past twenty years. The significance tit the ceremony impresses all who witness it. lfrum the twelfth grade the majority of uur student leaders are chosen. They serve in responsilile positiuns on the Student Cuuncilg as editors tit the various pulilicationsg they 4 play the leads in athletics, plays and operasg they represent the schoul at many community enterprises and stirne tif them are called upiin to serve as aids in an over liurdened scliiiul unit, i-L 1 , HONOR ROLL MAY CLASS 1935 J. ll:-acli, 0, llernstein, S. liethel, A. Blat- nikott, R. Illooin. XV, llrueniniif. 1. llrunner. NY. Cannon, C. Cavanaugli, I. Cole, I. Corbin. E. Coswell, I. Coykendale, P. Deeley, B. Donald, A. llunkctt, D. Gamble, M. Golrlsby, F. Felton, H. Fox, J. Greenberg. F. Griffin, F. Hall, R. Hardies, J. Hendrick, E. Henning. F. Henry, H, Higpfenbortom, I. Isaacs, Bl, Ievne, .-X. Jinkner. Rl. Iinnett. H. Iolinson. Xl. Kling, E. Langtry, Y. Leland. C. Loethen. XY. Loika, C. McNeil, T. Middle-miss, G, Mills, P, Miner, M. Munro, R. Murphy, l'. Murray, Rl. Myers, A. Nutt. K. Palmer, I. Peasley. ll. Schuheiner, A. Snidernian, H. Srakn, ll. Stuart, C. Yan Bnskirk, R. NYermntli. I. XX'illiains, J. XY0lher, Nl. lYolski, ll. XYo0lin:in "'Ti.r Clflltillfllttll f0l'Ill.Y H10 CUIIIIIIOII 111 ind fztxl 11.1 ilu' lzvig ix limit flu' I1'1'i"x lIIt'llllt'f1.H -11 Ol'l2. Entrance into the eleventh grade niarks for the pupil an important Change. Not alone docs it mean transferring froin sccfnnl In first ructird, hut hy this time thc pupil has had sutticicnt opportunity in which to adjust himself lu the high school curi'iculuin and tu take part in the various extra-curricular activities. lt is in the eleyenth grade that the qualities of leadership lit-gin lu show. Tln- pupils active participation in extra-curricular atiziirs, thc type and standard ol' his scliiilarsliip, and the general attitude toward his fellow student, the faculty, his class wurk, and his interests indicate his growth. .-Xn attempt to recognize and clt-yclop tlit- aliilities of thc individual, mental, physical, social, and moral, is madc hy the faculty and many pupils seein lu lie aware of thc effort and willingly co-operate. The pupils haw rt-ached thc stage where they art- iiitt-rusted in what they may he ahle to do after their high sclwol training and what their ptrsiiiial and economic limitations are. This results in a more serious attitude toward sclimil work, HONOR ROLL JANUARY CLASS 1936 I., .Xltln-tt. .X, Akerinan. I. .-Xnnal. ll. liowtrs, .X. llus, F. llreuclnnan. C. Ilroilers, lf. L'.iiiivi'uii, Il, fziiiilmlit-ll. Lil13l'lC:'. li. COBR- lin, I. Your-iles, F. Damaske. E. Dego, A. Ilunald, ll, llrakos, Bl. Evans. N. Fine. XV. lfiiilqlit-iiiui'. S. iioltllieiu, I. Hagerman. I. Hartwick, tl. Hawley. Xl. Hill. R. Hines. BI. llohfnirin, l, l'loH'int-yer, C. Hohner. K. Ienlcins, L. Klowsnwski. F. lioester, R. Lahhy. E. Lan- -ing. ll. LeLaurcnt. R. Lenz. B. Linn. .fX. Healer, ll. Meeker, E. Milner. E. Hinkoff, H, Morrison. R. Nelms. B. O'IJay. E. Ommen, Page, Ii. Pierce, J. Pomeroy, G. Richardsen, F. Sliauf. S. Smith, Xl. Sorenson. I. Trotlian. I. Yzuiilunherg, D. Y-Arrast. D. NYagner. Page Forty nine ll fill! ill HONOR ROLL MAY CLASS 1936 IL. Amliio, Xl. llasse, ll. llcrrinucr. L. li-:V rcthcig fl. llloom, L. Ilrcuhan, ll. lluchta, llinwlick, A. lltitler, N, llnycrs, S, Cohen, H lmvis, ll. Davis, R. llcppel, S. llorcmus, L IIfmi'tni'1ii l llulg P F - - 34 U EIS. 1. zitlnccr, L. Fink he-iiiur, 41. l'lint, J. Frmlliiiierc, T. Goslee, XY limss, A, llczitli, Xl. Llevcstrcyr-lt, R. Holrlrr l.. llnulmcr, C. jackson, L. Kznizitga. R. Kil Il1lll'lL'li, M. Lrivison, Il, Lawson, I. Lewis L. Liner, Rl. Lung, I. AlflClJ0l13l1i. E. UCCUI lun, XY. Klcllonougli, Xlerclccl, E. Millencler l.. Klugge, S, Hrstrarliiis, H. Putman. B. Roos F. Rnlil, S. Tml, ll. Uiiwlrl, ll. Yan Kunrcn hl. Yncnh, Y, NYintliing, l-, XYomlwo1'tliy. 'wilful' nr ln'Ht'r gif! FUJI Im' L7-lflfl' flu' ri'- fzrlilii' llniu In lulznli and 1'11.vlr11uf our j'U1IfIIf'HYCICliR4l. Tht- mziiii whit-ctiw ul' thc tt-nth grznlc pupil, :isiclu l'i'4iin piirsning xi course nf study, is tt, lit-ciiiiiu zicqtiziiiitt-cl with tht' many tlcpzirtiiiciits ui sclwiil life :incl thc wide range of k'Xll'Il'k'lll'l'lCUlllI' zictixitics whivh Nurlliwi'stci'1i uffcrs. Tlivrt- is :in :ilniwst rzifliczil cliaiigv in thc plain ut study which high school offers as CUll'lli2ll'k'fl with that -il' st-cuiiilziiw' scliiinls, 'lin niticlify this Ctlllfliiltlll thc pupils arc :iiflccl his 1110 gnultsimiiiii iiriiicipal in st-lt-cling siilyiccls, .incl iii' xi scrics of class incutings, Qiivsliinis ill- priiiiv iiiiiiiwtaiicn- In thc tenth grzult-i' arc cliscussvcl at thcsc incutings. Rui pupils flu nut iinly rt-cuixc :issistznicc in thi- zicaclcmic ticlcl, lint thcrc is also :in :ithlutic Cniirsu, Simi-is .Xiiiil':iis:1l, in which tht' sturlvnt litcmnc-s ilC1lll2lllllL'fl with unch lirzincli fir zitlilvtic ciiclcxwii' ln thc xziriwl acnpv uf ixti'zi-curricular zictixitics which Nnrtliwestcrn offers, thcrc is znnplt' U1hIHII'ltlllllj' ini' nach pt-i'siiii tu ntilizc his iiiilivicliial tzilcnts. lt is lll11NlI'l2ll1L for 11 tt-nth Qixiflt- stiiclcnt tu zisci-rtaiii in which Fit-lcl his intcrcsl lics, :md hy ci,i-npwiititiii with :mil cniistrinitixr- vzilnv ln this :ictixity his luzn'lci'sliip :ilvility is flt-tcriniiit-cl, HONOR ROLL JANUARY CLASS 1937 -l. .Xii-icrsuii, Xl, .X1'iiisIr1ni:, Il llcll, Nl iztim.-ii. 1:.ql:li-Q. ic, im-igig. A, immii, N' Tliicriii. fl. Liiilnll, lx. Ilirtciihzicli, 5. Ilulml- zicrsk--, R. lirisiiiii, S. Fltfgcrnlil, ll. Fleming, S. tinrrctt. lf. lim-liy, l, tirccn. ll. Kirin-rsrni, li. Hurst. li llmikiiis, ll. llcxiinfui, bl. Hin, liins, R. llwlly, ll, l'liirninu. llurninq, -l. Huxiiliii. R. Hiiri, xl -lnlct-l, 'I. vlzninsmi, X liust-fic, R. liusltwslqy, XY. Lzirt-zni, BI. Lav- crty, Litlcu,-ll. Xlnviiclifiwski, Xl. Klcflintic A. Xlitchcll, M, Xloorc, X. Hints. ll, lllscn. l'. l'wlI:ml, l. l'ivst. XY. Rzulviiriru. li. Szunlt-rs X. N-ln-ill. lx, Nclllcnlxcrt, l. binirnis. C. 5111111- sun, Ii. Smith, Nl. Smith. F, Su-plicn-, ll. Stcplluiis, .X. Str:ii141llJui':4, R, 'I'liuiii:i1lsoi1, Nl XYliitv, Page Fifzy " T11 all .f .sz x n t' fnifmltliiuiz nf i':'u1'y .vliilu ix lin' lfllflllll uf ifx ,vnuffl."-lliiiniixl-Ls NES FROM U1'ERIiT'1fX "PRINCE Ulf PILSFXH .XXII Page Fiffy-on Page Fiftyefour Mount Vernon House P1't'.riiiL'11t ............ Mary Boswell Vice-Prcxidcut ....... Mary Forsyth President ......... Theresa Downey Vice-President .....,., Shirley Bain Pershing House Pl'c.ridrl1l ........ Malcolm Connard Vice-Prz'sidcl1t ........ J. L. Cooper Pruridmit. ............ I. L. Cooper I'ifc-President ...... Robert Emmett Mount Yernon is the only house which claims the distinction of having been in the same room since the year .Northwestern History began. ln January, 1914, Mount Yernon came into existence with fifty-four members, under the presidency ol Muriel llrake. Now, twenty years later, Mount Vernon houses four hundred and torty students, with Mary lloswell and Theresa llowney as presidents of the fall and spring terms, respectrrely. The high record ol' Mount Yernon scholarship has kept pace with the growth of the house. Mount Yernon's social events are an important lunction of the house. During the past year, there were two house parties and two teas. The girls showed a hue spirit of co-operation in their social service work, athletic en- deavors, and in the untiring work ol the house committees, Who, ill every way, made the grade-room attractive. XX'ith as hne a principal as Miss Clarissa Yyn, and the excellent leaders of the past twenty years, ex ery Mount 'Vernon undertaking has been worth while and in keeping with tlie motto, Hl5.1'fIl.t' firm fi1'olu1i"4tl1e outcome proves the deed. Officers r.a1.1. SPRING 1,F'l'.Yldi'llf ............. ...Mary lloswell I"ri'.ridvl1! ...........,.... Theresa Downey IYIM'-1Jl't'.t'l'!ft'llf .. . ...... Mary Forsyth l'it'v-Pzurztieizt .. . ....... Shirley Bain Y'1't't1.rm'w' ..... ..... l iatherine French Trva.r1z1't'r ..... ...Rhea ,lane Caston ,f - in V N ,X X House Motto "IIT lcurzz :mf fur .rrliool hui for life." l'ershing House was organized at the close of the World War under the principalship of Mr. Munro, the name being taken from one of our greatest American heroes, ,lohn ul. Pershing. lYith Mr. Maas' coaching, Pershing triumphed in house swimming, and basketball, but lost to Lincoln House in football, and to Roosevelt House in track. Pershing again holds the intramural plaque. llecause of the large number of boys in l'ershing: this term, all those whose last names begin with were organized into a new division called New Marshall. Ernie Gregory was elected President, joseph Gibson, Vice-Vresidentg XYillier Green, Secretary, and Matson Gilpin, Treasurer, Pershing was most fortunate in securing entertaining programs throughout the year. These were possible only by the co-operation and ability of such students as Charles Geiger and Richard Eiserman. OHICCTS 1-'ALL sl'RlX1l Pl'v.ridt'11l .............. Malcolm Connard I'i'e.ridt'111' .................... J. L. Cooper I'ire'P1'e.ridei1f ....... ...... D l. L. Cooper Vive-P1'f'.ridu11t ...... . , .Robert Emmett .Yerrrln1'y-Ti't'axi1rur . . . . .Robert Emmett 5't'rrrfai'y-'c1' . . . . .Garrett Burgess Betsy Ross House Prc.ridcnt .......... Elsa McClelend Vice-Pi'c.vi7dt'1it ...,... Virginia Mott President ........ Mary MacDonald Vice-Pl'c.riu'c11Z ..... Rita RICDDl10lIRl1 Roosevelt House Praridciit ............. Lowell Krieg Vice-Pi'c.r1'rIc11t ...,..... John Harris Prvndcnt ......... E. XVarren Hart Vice-Prcsidmzt .......i. Iames Irwin Twenty years ago, a group of girls organized in room 203, and chose Betsy Ross for the name of their graderoom. In the national flag, they found their symbol and colors. The motto, We j1lm'ib11.v lllllllllu Call with one purposej, was selected because it conformed to the general idea of the symbol. This year, under the leadership of Elsa Mcflelend and Mary MacDonald, Betsy Ross has upheld the high principles on which the house was founded. True to tradition, 203 excelled in scholarship. Betsy Ross girls this year ended the depression by giving a party in the form of a radio broadcast for all members ot the graderoom. Throughout the year fine programs were provided by the able chairman, Florence Kevwell. As for athletics, the girls of 203 are well endowed with a lighting spirit. Many Betsy Ross representatives were on the varsity hockey, swimming, and basketball teams. CHICCTS FALL SPRING Prvridezzi' ...... ........ E lsa McClelend Prusidezzf ............... Mary MacDonald Vice-Pre.rz'dc11t. . . . . .Virginia Mott Vice-P1'erz'dc11z' . . . .... Rita McDonough Secretary ...... ..... I Jorothy Lang .5-L'4'1'L'f!'ll'j' ....... . . .Mary Kelkenney Trcaszzrei' . . .... Mary Kelkenney TI'CCI.l'lll't'I' . . .... Irene Morrell Through the willing co-operation of Mr. jerome. and the encouragement ot its otticers, Roosevelt House has this year achieved considerable success in attaining a sense ot honor and personal freedom consistent with good work. In publication activities, outstanding work for the "Colt" was done by Jack McLeod, for the "Odds and Ends" by Jack McElhone. Roosevelt House furnished the debating team with two active membersg James Irwin and Lowell Krieg. E. Warren I-Iart was captain of the swimming team: and Edwin Lindsay led the spring tennis team. Roosevelt boys contributed generously to other school teams. The keen Fighting spirit of the house manifested itself by winning first place in house swimming and track, also, the honor roll has been consistently large. The members wish, in conclusion, that subsequent years may find Roosevelt House as worthy of its name as it is today. Officers JANUARY MAY President ............,...... Lowell Krieg President l ............... E, VX'arren Hart VIic'E-PI'0.Y'ld0Ill ...... .... I ohn Harris Vice-President .,.... .... I ames Irwin Sern'tary-T'rUa.v111'c1' . . . .... Bruce Lawson Secretary-T1'eas1m'r . . . . , .Irving Isaacs Page Fifty-fre gb 3 Y 4. Av' Q A . , 4 S - .m,., .- X ,-V.-Q-.P ,, vw .N I -.ez .. 5 1 . .N , .9 .. -.X x 1 X ,X Q :hx -n px. X N.. X HN , Q . 1 M X. N. Q ,A ,M gg. X W, X 'S www .xx ,, .N NX N .. ., N M 1 - K .xx ,. Qs, XYQ 5 , Qx ml. Q 1 ...S lx Ng xux W. ., , X A -.Ig , Page Fifty-six 1 1 Jane Austen House President ........... Patricia Smyth Vice-President ........ Betty Rubner President .......... Theresa Shusta I'i:c-P1'esir1c11t ..,... Ieanne Trothan Lincoln House Prcsidwit ........., Gordon Templiu Vice-P1'c.ri'dcnt ........ Iohn Stirling Prt'.vidvnf ...... ..... fl ohn Stirling I'1':c-Prnvitlmif . . . ...., Hugh Vail "XYe'll ne'er forget, we'll ne'er forget. -lane Austen, jane Austen, XYe'll love thee for aye." For twenty years, this song has represented the sentiment of the girls who have called ZU1 their house. ,lane Austen is one of the few graderooins which has existed since the opening of Northwestern High School in 1914. Qn February 12, ,lane Austen House celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the school by inviting the nrst house principal, the first house president, and many former students who are now teaching in Northwestern to speak to the girls. The precedents of ,lane Austen House have not changed radically from year to year, and will never change completely. Graderoom 201 has always been outstanding in athletics and scholarship, and the many accomplishments ot' 'lane Austen girls are largely due to the capable supervision of Mrs. Emily Watson, the house l'rincipal. Qfficers FAL1, sPR1NG Prmvziduiif ...,.. ...,.... P atricia Smyth 1JI't'X1'dClIf ..... ...,..... 'l 'heresa Shusta Vin'-P1'v.vidc11f .. ....... Betty Rubner Ivlift'-Pl'L'SfdCl1f. .. .... Jeanne Trothan .5't'rri'tary- ...... ...Betty Lou Ringle .S'urn'ft11'y ...... ...... I ane Roberts Tl't'ilXlU't'I' .. .... Elizabeth Litting T1'en.v1r1'e1' .. .... Margaret Sass Lincoln House, the oldest of the boys' houses, again distinguished itself by active participa- tion in every phase of school life. Mr. Carl Stoll, acting principal of the house, has instilled in the boys a deep respect for the benefits to he derived from Northwestern High School. XYith this hrrn purpose before them, the boys of Lincoln House achieved an excellent record in every field of endeavor. Executive ability was displayed with the election of Gordon Templin as president and Edmund Rawson as treasurer of the January classg Hugh Vail president of the May class, and William YVreford president of the Student Council. Edmund Rawson, editor of the Norwester, and VVi11is Scudder, assistant editor ol the Odds and Ends, represented the house on publications. Lincoln House was also well represented on school athletic teams, and in the intra-mural football championship. OHICCTS sEPT1zM1:ER MAY Prexidcnz' ..........,..... Gordon Templin Prv.ridi'l1t ...... ,,.. . ..,lOhn Stirling V-ire-Pruridt'nt .. ...... John Stirling Virc-President .. ......... Hugh Vail Sur1'efar'y ,..... ...Lawrence Rorem Secretary .... .... X Yilliam 'Wreford Trea.v1zr't'r . . .... Edmund Rawson Trt'a.v1n'cr . . . . .Lawrence Rorem bsc , Sf z1..,,a'r! g gygg y gggg gg Helen Keller House President ............. May X'Vhyte Vice-Prc'si'dent ...... Margaret Esser President .............. Ena Ashton l'fCv-Pr'r,w'4li'i1l ....... Isabel Simmons We have had a fine and prosperous year under the guidance of our house principal, Miss Clough, and our two presidents, Helen Keller girls have been entertained by two splendid parties. The second was a house warming celebrating the completion of the work by the CXV..-X., which has transformed the graderoom. Our room has been enlarged and the front wall is adorned by several attrac- tive posters. The House boasts of having several girls on school publications. Those on the Colt staltg Catherine Stone, Carol Vlillianis, and Isabel Simonsg the Odds and Ends Staff, Barbec- Lawson, Dorothy Dover, and Evelyn Slurdyg and the Norxvester Staff, House Representa- tive, Betty Rhoderg Sales, Jean Penna and Evelyn ,latrosg Typists, Margaret Esser and Helen Hartford. Special mention should be made of the fine work Helen has done. VVe are the proud possessors of tivo hockey cups and two basketball cups, and have been successful in other sports as well. The scholarship standards in 186 are steadily rising. Officers May lNhyte ..... ...... P resident ..., ...Ena Ashton Margaret Esser .... .... X 7ice-President. . . .. .Isabel Simons Edna Gross .... .... S ecretary .... ...Gladys Peat Kate Adams... .. .Treasurer .... ,,,, l Hetty Rhoder Page Fifty-seven ef. X Q , A J 2 , , ' :A-3 ' fx s Q E . Page Sixty Tack Mclilhone, President Mary MacDonald, Vice-President Iane Roberts, Secretary Theresa Downey, Cor. Secretary lVilliam Allan, T1'ea.rm'cr Fourth row: Knight, Beneman, NVoodward, Ashley, Cheever, Jonas, lVilliams, Stoddard, Boigan Third row: Mr. McGuinness, Donald, Caldwell, Shearer, Gregg, Sorensen, Kurtz, Tones, Beatty, Miss Merriam. Second row: Verrast, Iatros, Vail, Maellonald, Mclilhone, Roberts, Allan, Downey. First row: Lindsay, Cusac, Mad- den, Hartwell, XVreford, Pop- pe-nger. THE STUDENT COUNCIL The only representative liody oi the pupils of Northwestern High School is the Student Council. lt has done much to lienent the school. In the fall semester, under the leadership ol' -lack Klclilhone, the Council sold footliall tickets, bought shoulder straps for the li. O, 'lf C., and conducted the sale of lwannc-rs, Other olticers of this alile liody were Mary MacDonald, vice-presidentg Jane Roberts, recording secretaryg Theresa llowney, corresponding secretaryg and Bill Allan, treasurer. lt is the duty of each council to undertake the sale of hooks in the second-hand book store, to elect the Celelis from the January and May graduating classes, and to award two scholarship medals, one to the senior girl and one to the senior boy having the highest scholarship average for the three years of high school work. This Council gave money for the support of needy Northwestern pupils to purchase hooks and clothes, and also have given to Mr. Rivett all the proceeds of their three dances for his fund for the needy. :X lloxfttot contest was thc main feature of the second dance, the winners of which received a prize. The third dance was attended by no less a personage than Santa Claus who gave all those present candy canes. A grand march was led hy the Senior class treasurer and vice-president. The decorations of these dances were given to other organizations in the school which had use for them. The spring Council also accomplished a great deal, particularly by aiding the departments with supplies and other services expressly needed. Under the leadership of XX'illiam NX'reford, this year's council was one of the best Northwestern has had. :Xt the installation of the Student Council, Mr. Scott gave a very interesting and unusual talk, The Council went to work at once to live up to the expectations of the teachers and the student hody liy planning three dances all of which have lreen given with the determina- tion to forget monetary gains. The aim has lieen to give the students a real good time and :tt the same time to maintain the high standard of entertainment for which the 'Council XVm. NVreford, President Alfred Jonas, Vice-President Evelyn Iatros, Secretary Elthea borensen, Cor. Svt'1't'tio'v- ,Tames Ashley, Trea.rurfr First row: WVi1liams, Mitchell, Pop- penger, Tames, Darling, Cusac. Hartwell, Cheever, Shaninian, XVagnor, Lindsay, Gregory. Second row: Boswell, Mott. Gregg, Sherratt, Caldwell, Norning, Stoddard, Tones, Guest, Boigan, Verrast. Third row: Mr. XVolber, Miss Merriam, Beatty, Ashley, Iatros, NVreford, Tonas, Sorensen, Turtz, Mr. McGuinness. we-.s,.v . , e . . ,- . THE STUDENT COUNCIL is noted. Although the Council this term was composed almost entirely of inexperienced members, the various representatives were started to work immediately, giving their serv- ices the first days of this semester to direct the incoming pupils about the school and to open the second-hand book store which has been a real aid in past times, To carry out their plan of aiding the school they have given fifty dollars to Mr. Rivett's needy fund, presented the school library with several volumes of greatly desired books, endowed the Physics department with a microphone which has been a great aid in further- ing experiments and adding attraction to auditorium activities, donated fifteen dollars to the Art department, presented money to beautify the cooking room, had the French Flags cleaned and bought this department a map, This Council has adapted a plan of student identification which has proven quite success- ful. As there is always a group of anti-social individuals who are guilty of theft in every school, it is hoped that this plan will dimi'nish stealing. .-Xll students are given a small card which enables the pupil to return to the library after going home, while at the same time it eliminates undesirables from school. ln case of any accident this card tells who the student is and where he belongs. Failure to carry it at school will bring drastic punish- ment. The Student Council sincerely desires that the students will cooperate as it is for their own good, by carrying these cards with them at all times. Furthermore, the school issued cards for athletes which permits them to re-enter school for practice, and the council has even gone further to stop abuses in the school by introducing the system of stamping books, Acting in a representative capacity, the Council sent representatives to the Detroit Stu- dent Association. This was an excellent movement as it gave student opinion to the City Council and the Club XYomen who were attempting to create public opinion in the eitort to save the schools, The Council hopes to continue to serve the pupils ot Northwestern in an ever widening sphere of activities. N U 4 Page Sixty-one 'X NORWESTER STAFF 1934 Editorial Staff Edmund Rawson Editor ........... ............,.... . . . Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Literary Editor. Art Editor ..... I'l-.All lllzx ,. . 4 , - I.nwcII Kring! I Hn'1'ur.lz,x1'Hn' I'.lll'l'UIQ ..,.,. .... . liuys' Sl'4lll'l' Iillllltl . , . . i1IRI.S 5I'4PR'lX I".Ill'liHR I'I1n'+ii RliI'ICI'NlfN'I'.X'l'lYllNI x.. . I l',R5HIN1. .........,,................... Mr Yiaiexux IQtlUSliYl'1l.'l ., Ili-Trsy Rum l,iNmi.N .,... .IANIQ ,-Xrwi-lx I'Ir,1.i-.x I'Xl'.l,l,l-.R l'iuun-' IQIQXIII-Qlix qliohurt Iininn-Ill Iwi 1-:in Trothzxni .Elsa McClelend . . . . Norma Pioch Harriett Fritchey . . .Robert McRoy ,..Xtn'ma Pinch .,.i"llllll1 Korthzils ,..XX'iIIian1 Harris ..,..L'ariS Iicatty ..,NUiSl'lI1 Greene . . ,Ivan Brooks ...,.XN'ard -lamp-S ,.L'nthcrinc Krchl ...-lorry XViIIiamS ,..Klary Smith ..,I3ctty Rhodcr ....Rlary ISOSWCII i.liIl.lIl XY:rIItt-r, I.iIy xvillllllll xlalwl Kliug i'I'nin'11Y .,... . . .......,...,...,.,.......... Illun Beyreis I'1'i:1.1t'I'1y SKHN . ...'l'mn Carter, 'It-:in Iicnna, Iirniu Gregory Business Staff lhwlxiaea Kl.xx,x1.l-.1:. .. .,................,..... Ct-urge Goldstunc .XIn'lik'i'1N1Ni, ....,. ,,.IirImunc'I Rawsfni, XYilliam Harris l.IllCL'l'l.,X'll1lX. , . ..,.......,.,......... Ilulla Kuna S.x1.icx. ....,. ..,..,,..... .... I ' Icnry Tries Sales Staff Virginia Ilusxu-II, -Ioan .-Ximclc, Mary Klztclhmalci, Nusa XYcrmnth, I.iIy Xxlililfltll, Xlzlrlha XYflIski, Ihlris Hnrncr, Ilrucc Lztwsun, Joseph Kflizmct-, Kathryn French, pXIl:tn Ihniglas, Hugh I-Iiggcnlwottcnn. iYI'lwl , .................,. ,............. .......... H C lun I-Iartfnrd LKI:irg'ii'ut Iisscr, Evelyn Introsl Art Staff liwimcrt Hclluy, Imris Iiangcrt, Kathcrinc Iimwn, .Xlnia Crmycrsc, I'iIL'2illHl'H. Fisclicr, Iirniu lirugrlry, Ilomthy Hanna, Nizilrul Kling, ,It-an Knight, Iflurinc I,aL'rwix, Kiargarct Smith, Ed. Ycach, Grace XXX-sserling, Faculty Advisors Niisn Guenther Mr. Sullivan Nir, Iilfltz Miss I-Irvltmzm I I Page Sixty-two Front row: Mr. lloltz, liortlials, Treis, Friteltey, Harris, lleatty. Ravi-son, Klefleleiiil, i Krieg, liocll. tloltlstone, Xlelvoy, Sullivan. Seeonrl row: Xliss Iloltinan, Y. Roswell, XI. lioswell, Krehl, Smith. Trnthan, XYolske, lYermntli, XYarner, Kline, l'enn:i, Rhotler. Xlaellonalil, Wialker, Smith, Kliss Guenther. Third row: Gregory, Atlanis. lanies, llouqlzis, Chance, Iieyreis, lftrter. l'easley, Hieeen- lvottom, Emmett, Green, lllne llaek row: Hiilliains, lisser, jatros, .-Xhele, Snyder, l.aC'roix, Hartforil, lfiseher, Converse, Hanna. Knight, llroxvn. XYesserley. llanuert, Xliinroe. NORWESTER The 1934 Xorxvester stalt consisted ot an almost entirely new group of students under the leadership of Edmund Rawson, editor, and Elsa Klcflelencl, associate editor. Though inexperienced, these students were willing workers. The ii ork of editing, photographing, and designing the l93-l Norwester was an enjoyalile task that will long he rememlwered hy the group of students who participated in its puhliction. Trips were made to the photographers, printers, and engravers to acquaint the staff with the entire process of putting out a year hook. Several new features in staff work were added this year to create a stimulative force in both advertising and circulation, Tivo snh-statis were established to handle pulilicity: poster publicity was in charge of the United ,-Xrtsmen, headed hy lilon lieyries, and Tom Carter headed a group which presented slides and skits in the auditorium during record. Advertising was also handled in a different manner. George Goldstone was appointed hnsiness manager, directly in charge of advertising, circulation, and puhlicity. ln former years, a separate stalt was appointed for each ot these duties. This year, however, puhlicity and circulation were enlarged upon, while advertising was promoted hy having each start memlier an "ad getterf' This resulted in the solicitation of an un- usually large numher of advertisements, a tact which has made this edition financially possihle. - The Circulation staff, which comprised the entire group, was divided each month into two teams, the team selling the most hooks receiving a party at the expense ot the losing team. The Norwestens purpose of pulmlishing a complete record of the entire school year was including in its pages a division devoted to the Underclassmen. The fine cooperative work of the staff is due largely to the faculty advisors: Bliss Lydia E. Holtinan, who was in charge of the literary yvorkg Mr. Patrick Sullivan, who handled the husiness matters: and Bliss Florence Guenther and Mr, Joseph lloltz. who directed art and pnhlicity work, 1 I 'i l l Page Sixtystfwee l Ethel Shearer Marjorie Shippy First row: I. knight, ti. Halllierg. fl. Mayer, A. Lukes, E. le'rquh:irt, E, lhiruess, Y. XYycoff, C. XYycott', D. Marlin, T. Tipton, ll. Donald K Second row: A.. Sorenson. M. Coken, M. Petrequin, G. Jordan, R. McDonough. YV. Scudiler, M. SluPI15'. R. Duncan, A. Abrams, E. Carpenter. B. Houtz, R. Coughlin. T. Downey Third row: Mr. Bqoltz, R. Gustafson, N. Oliver, I. Hinkins, V. Schmidt M. Klein Page Sixly-four I. Roberts, A. Sylvester, M. Litke. D. Primeau, I. lYl..eary, J. Nail, X., Tilton. i CDDS AND ENDS, 1933-34 Despite the depression, the stati' of the Odds and Ends has succeeded, during the past year, in maintaining the high position held by the magazine for many years, Two issues of the Odds and Ends, those of November and December, 1933, were submitted for judg- ment to the Columbia Scholastic Press Associations critical service for literary high school publications. As has been the case for several years, the Odds and Ends was awarded first place. The magazine represents the type of publication the Odds and Ends staff has been turning out for years. The theme of the two issues awarded honors by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association carried a patriotic keynote. The first issue was based on the NRA and its accomplishments, and the second was written on the CXY.-X. These issues were the sub- ject of many compliments received by the Odds and Ends staff, among them a con- gratulatory letter from the Superintendent of Public Instruction of the State of Michigan. The original purpose of the Odds and Ends was to serve as a clearing house for creative work of all kinds, to he submitted by any or all members of the school. This policy has been adhered to with marked success. The magazine not only provides a fertile field for the development of literary talent, but also offers a wide range of opportunities for experience in business management, advertising, and the various phases of publishing. The interviews appearing in recent issues of the Odds and Ends were those with Ethel Barrymore, Tito Schipa, and Amos 'n' .-Xndy. Book reports, poems, short stories, sports stories, sports articles, essays, and features complete the literary offering. The editor-in-chief during the fall season was Ethel Shearer, with Marjorie Shippy editor during the spring term. Robert lluncan, former literary editor, is now assistant editor with XYillis Scudder. Miss N. Edith Tilton acted in the capacity of general ad- visor with Mr. -loseph K, lloltz handling the art work, Robert Coughlin Bette Smith First row: Rosenberg, Stone, liilpin. Field, Rlacheml, Smith, Coughlin, Caldwell Golohisky, Frankfurth, Gregory Second row: Sitter. Simons, Coykenrlall, Jones. St. fioiltlarfl. Rleeker, Cork. jordan, XVil1iams. Cottrell, MeGuinness, Iiothe, Porlzikowski, Munro, Miss Guenther . Third row: Vezina, Danz, Davis, DeGraaf. Cannon, XYood, Vail, Stirling, Duncan, Cheever, Mouncey, Pike, Shenk, llotsford COLT The Colt is one of the publications of Northwestern High School, and has gained distinction through the many years of service it has given the school as an official news- paper. At the time of the Colt's origin, it was a very small sheet and was one of the few school papers in the city. Gradually it was enlarged and improved, for, as Northwestern grew and expanded, it was necessary to have a larger paper so that all the news of the school's activities might be published. The primary aim of the Colt is to supply the stu- dents with information about other students, teachers, and school activities. However, the Colt also plays an important part in acquainting the parents with the school life of their children. An outsider may gain an intimate picture of a school in action by a brief perusal of its school paper, and it is with this thought foremost that the Colt is published. The Colt strives to give unbiased accounts of school happenings, and prints amus- ing articles as well as informatory ones. Perhaps the most popular item with the students is that called the "Tantalizing Truths." The identity of the author of this column is un- known, and it is his duty to gather bits of personal and amusing information about the students. Other regular features are the student biographies, which are interviews with illustrious 12-A's, and articles about various 'teachers of the school. The past year has been a successful one for the Colt, Under the leadership of Robert Coughlin during the first term and of Bette Smith during the second semester, nine issues were printed. XX'ith the exception of the editors, there was little change in the staff during the two terms. Doris Caldwell and Jack McLeod have each served two terms as associate editors, and have done a very creditable piece of work in this capacity. NVallace Rosenberg and XYatson Gilpin have been efficient business managers. Publicity was furnished by the United .-Xrtsinen under the direction of Ernie Gregory. Mr. A. If-. Keenan again acted as faculty advisor. Page Sixty-five E if Aff an Ni ui ff , XX 1 I S 'ff' " ,,, X Q2 Q1 A XX 5 N 1 xv XX I f x m '- , K 2 W ff' 1 R5-AX ! ff' 3 X I If if Af. E 4 I E ' I.:-f gl! E j- I I , 3 if s .A .P -A,. l f '- A - V N 1 5 E ' f 3 E ' ' , q 'A --f4q V f 2 Afzz., a ' N 2 1 if' .A .MA I . X 5 42' I? 7 J, W Z0 1 54 Z 1 by Klr. Miller. CAST Xlr. Andrexv liullivan t ....... Mr. lirnest Heron. .. Rllflflutlli ...... . ..... Nlr. Jarvis ......... Xlr. Yalentine lYolfe llr, Xlaclarun ........ licblc .... . . Nl:-11'11len .,...... Il.111's011 .,......... Virginia llullirant ... Mrs. Xlaclarcn ..... 5usan Miller the music. CAST Charles Siinpsoii .... ....... Arthur Nye ,... .,.... blames Hartley Pllyster. Andrew Irans ..,...., Carrie Simpson .... l'earl Faireloth ..,. Nlarian lrans .. fx N S'- ,, x Page Sixty-six - . 1 ' r . - - 'F was lllossom .... . .... ... DRAMATICS l GRUMPY .Ns a courtesy to the Hay, 1934 Class, "G1'u1npy" was produced May llth and 12th under the direction of Miss Gettemy. It is a mystery story, involving a diamond robbery and the clever unravelling of the crime by an aged man. :X unique feature was the running of the play thru in continuous manner with no interinission. The elaborate staging was ar- ranged by Klr. Holtz and the music furnished .James McArthur Jay XVarren Hart . . . .XVayne Lanier ..Harry Golobisky . . .. , . Bernard Fineman . . . . . Robert Keim ...Frank Duncan . . . . .Iaek Ushman . . . Richard Getson . . . .Richard Lee ......-Xnnie Lukes .Mary Jane Field .Mary MacKenzie DIRTY HANDS "Dirty Hands," a clean comedy, had its hrst production in lletroit in honor of the january. 19.34 class, on lilecember 15th and loth. The plot had to do with a young woman who wanted her husband to dress up every eve- ning and sit in the parlor. He preferred to work in the basement on a collai'-button ma- chine that he had invented, The conllict arose oxer his hands. The play was directed by Kliss julia E. Gettemy, Mr. joseph K, Holtz furnished the stage settings, and Nlr. Ray Id. Richard Markham .. . . . .Robert Keim ...Jack Nlelilhone . . . . Earl Berwick ... . Barbara Foltz .... . . .Carol Kile . Nlarjorie Shippy .. . . . . May XVhyte Catlxcrine French E Berwick I. Irwin L. Krieg Mr. Scott, coach DEBATING TEAM After the call for debaters had been sounded and the tryouts completed, Mr. Karl Scott, the coach, selected the four people whom he believed best qualified to argue for Northwestern. This squad was composed of Earl Berwick, Lowell Krieg, James Irwin and Theresa Shusta, alternate, with Ashley Coburn as student manager. They possessed a handicap for forensic work, namely inexperience. This was partially offset by the speaking ability of the group. The team was quick to realize the importance of the handi- cap, and began working immediately on the negative side of the proposition, "Resolved, That All Radio Broadcasting in the United States Should Be Done in Stations Owned and Operated by the Federal Government." A second incident strongly impressed the im- portance of working upon the debaters. Mr. Scott announced that he had drawn the names of the four schools to be encountered in the league debates. The schedule was as follows: First, Ferndale, second, Redford, city champions for two yearsg third, Northern, and fourth, Hamtramck. Undaunted, the team passed through a series of practice debates in which they met fourteen different high schools. The debaters were then invited to participate in the state-wide tournament held at River Rouge as a prelude to the league encounters. It was here that the Northwestern team received recognition for its strenuous endeavors, the Colts alone in the entire tournament remained unbeaten. The debaters successfully out- talked both of their opponents, the two teams that River Rouge, their host, had entered into the contest. The stage was then set for the Ferndale debate, but alas, the laurels were awarded to the opponents in a one judge decision. Then, in rapid succession, the Northwesterners were conquered by both Redford and Northern by two-to-one decisions. In the last en- deavor to reward Mr. Scott for his strong determination, the debaters, at a home debate, won from Hamtramck by a two-to-one vote. Another debating season ended maybe rather unsuccessfully as far as laurels are con- cerned, but the knowledge gained by the debaters is invaluable. Page Sixly-rm i CJ. A. 21111 row: Cutllill 7 ' A. , Frankfurtll, Pet requin, Donalil, llunn, Meeker, Cleland, Lynn, Sherratt, Mrs Thompson, Mc 1St row: Tipton, wen, MacDonald Shank. Downey, Soren , Stoddard, Krehl STAK iii CREXY lfrfint row: Nlr. Holtz. Clwilmvith lirccr, Salisky, Brencman, Cline IZ.icl: row: H'l,irien, Mansfield, Mc- i .Xi'Il1m', 'lf llurt, I. Hart, lotts ligivlf. LIHRAXIQY STA-XFF Ifmnt row: Hliivacek, Podsikowski, Jones, Cook, Meeker, Lloyd, lfovur, Listur. Breuckman, MC- Neil, Nliilflli- row: Barber, Campbell, fl'l.cary, Harris, Abrams, Linn, lim-ll, C. Ostrowmki, Sylvester. lfrirnutt, fllixer, llcclltel. li.-ck row: Klxse Huston, ifiruen, Stem-iisoii, 'l'lmrnlwrg, Jett. Hurst, Xluiiiicuy. lliggcnx, Ostrowski, liquui-roll, Klnycr, liotlls, Miss N P XYintun. CLUB uint row: Xlr. Maris, Tout, Hart, Ynil, fonnziril. J. Stirling, XV Steilinu, Linrlsay. Nr. Czirty. Iiilfllu row: Gibson. Pink, Cooper. Rm-um. Doyle, Y:inOttern, Em mst, lircy. Kelley, James. qick ww: illziyes, Allen, Fountain llemimqwny. Greenberg. Carpenter. Darling, NYi'cford. DuFour, Schol It-ulverg. 1 age Sixty-gigfwl FENCING CLUI5 Hack row: Mr. Maris, Hoffman. Moon, Lotfnn, Loomis, Foster. XVooil, Schniclermzin, H umphrey. Front row: Smith, Ilnffmun, Yen Cxistlver, Ilurgess, King, Riley, Davis, Stoddard, Il gi r n e t t. Klingert. RIFLE TEAM Back row: Zzileski, Gowanloclc. xXYO0l'lXVZH'l'l, Sherman, Horningg, Keppler. jackson. Front row: Coughlin, Lee. Curlrcnv ter, Sgt. rlifilflli, Pnliiqe-tt, Tren, Keim. SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLCI5 Fifth ron: Cottrell, Ilzurtrin, Layne, Stoddard, Howey, Scott, Maddox, Osborne. Reeves, Milton. Brunnes, Sturdy, Castle, Ramsey. XYest, xVlllI1llTl5, Lowe. Fourth row: Dietrich. Iones. Mac- Kinnon, YYurmuth, Gillespie, Nicholas, Meeker, Zugras, Utt, Ilicc, Langlmm, Allison, Jones, lYilliams, Franklin, Pitts, Xl'oo1lall. Third row: Beasley. Tryliue, Stephen, David, Laird. XVorth, Pollock, Carr. Tullos, Dutclier. Hinkley, Powell, Fuller. Buckner. Berry, Mathews, Keating. Second row: Czittrell, Graff, Fon- ner, Lepper, Stuart, Houncey, Brosch, Bailey, lICGuiness, Green, Fisher, Bogie, Hotfman, Barnett. Mrs. Brokaw. Front row: Iolinsun, Gresham, lY:1l1er, Smith, Kinsella, Riopellc, Ilrown, Ilethul, Gregg, Preston. Slogin, Dixon, Schmidt. SENIOR IZOYS' GLEE CLUB Top row: Stokes, Schneifler, Keller. Dietrich, Xllayne, Jones, Langtry. Cannon, Blue, Sherrnan. Ander- son. 2nd row: Miss Lowdcn, Szmnneki, Elliott, Trent, P. Stone, Perry. Iloman. Graham, Brule, Duncan. Stanton. lst row: Pollard, XYood, H. Stone, Boothroycl, Borrusch, Blunzihzi. Palmer, XYcst, XVall. Page Sixty-nine Nm. MR. RIVETTS CIVIC CLASS B :X N D Ruvlrliclc, Goslee, Klub sowski, Jones, Ficlrl, k'l1i-L-vcr. Dietriclq. Gizun- llicr. IYooilwzird, Incli- Ton, NYilliams, Striflclanml, .iiuzim Virnclle, Hlmr- yuluzlte, Kelley, Phillips, Stephens. Donaldson, Rlnrtin, Szittlc. Olivnr, .-Xli-xzimler, Iirule, Hig- ginlmttom, Imric, Gilliam. Sullivan, McGee, llriil- wcll, Gallrmt, Shieko, Klumlrlxxs, Lcinii1q:r,'I'ag- gart Irvine, Clznvvt, Ku pp I UXY,-X Ll IIRARY I-IEI.l' llmk row: Izicqurs 4P'R:i:', Richmonll, llal- lcn, Mead, lfrmit row: Rouisrlen. Xlm rieun, li r 0 w n lmnllry. ORCHESTRA lriruun, Iloigmi, Munro, Riclmrclson, Keppeler, y l-fatty, Phillips, Cronk, Jerome, Coweron. Szy- mzmski, johnson, Blami- lmff, lirule,Jacl1son, Len- mzin, Ruclfleck, Mcfal- lum, Klum, .XllZlLZl1OS, XYil- lclfur-l. Sinipson, Tawsh, llolxclziy, Treggzir, Blil- liulic, lleach, Alcxandcr, Zniiilcr, Clnvet, Sante. Nlclilliee, Hayls. Panas. Hull, Hartley, Page Sevenly GIRL RESICIQYIQS l"1rst'1'ow: Kuthc. S11ul1l:1r1l, lluutz, Sllllfll, Stone,ARlcllu1w11gl1, l':1l1l- well, fork, Sluppy, fork. S 13 C 0 ll Il 1' 0 wi jzltms. lf11IIr1', RlllNlcl', l:uw:1111l11wsli1. F11'l4l, Ii11i14l1t, l'lLlllI1IJlll, ll:11'-111-11. 'l'I1u1'11- lmurg, ll. Sitter, Il. Sltxvr. 'l'l11r4l 1'm1': lf1'z111l1I'111'1l1. lh-sum, Slwrrutt. Sp:11'141m, I! r,11 ll 11 c r, St1'i11g4c1'. l1L11'guas, lkwlx, Klutz- llll'lfC, llovvsr, l7111111u1'. 1'411111'll1 run: Ycrrnxt, Xlzxtllullnlcl, Nlcflulrc, lillnv, llulinluy, Su1'u11- 5011, Kurtl, lY1Ill:1111s. llnwwull, ll11ll:111'cll. HI-Y-XX' ll ITE First row: Nr. Alc1'u1nc, Nlurzloclc, Nllicflllllill, Hgnrtwcll, Dlenkin, James, Cvllplll. Scconcl row: Lily. gxtlilllli, lfrnhcr, Lee, Ynil, Lucas, Rulvinm11, lllul- nikoff. Tlxirsl row: Kortlmls, llxlrris, Kel- Icr, XY1'igl1t, l.I1mn1f, lliggcnlwoi- tom, Chants, Irwin. I-I I -Y-I QIQEY Front row: Mr, Sisson. Bllfllllillll, Amlie, Bills, ll111'tlcy. Zerluy. Bailey, Huck row: l'oppu11gcr, Hart, llriflu- wcll. Rauh. Russell, Korash, Baker, Tracger. Ycntes, Heal. HI-YARELJ Front row: lieyreis, G11l1lsto11c, Carter, 'l0Il!lS, Krieg, Knight, lRClllCl1l'D2iCl1. 2nd row: Munroc, Luwrir, liiillllll, XVreforrl, Begenlzlll, Snitzingcr, Lansing. Back row: Sharp, Irvine, Carpen- ter, Mason, Messer, Mills, lJZl1'l- ing, Kiefel. Page Seventy-one . OFFICERS i Front row: Padgett, Lee, Coughli-n Keim. llztvitlge, Carpenter, Treis llarher Sccontl row: Coon, Zulouf, Gor slou, Iacksuu, Sherman, Keppeler johnson, Love, Sudekun, Booth ruycl. Thiril row: DcYoung, Petchesky tiolilen, NYoo1lward, Hemingway llzttustziflt, Slieztrcr, BOTTI-lSCl'l Zteuert. Fourth row: Kliug, Clark, Geist llonth, XYrigl1t, Farris, Richard son, XX'ilsou, Cohen. Fifth row: Brown, Horning tluwanloelc, Greer, Lanurc. ,A .1 I RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS The prime iwtii'11use uf the li. O. T. C. is i1i'ep:tt':itiwii, not only for mil civilian life :ts well. lt teaches the cadet respect, itlteclience, teamwork, and itary lite, lrut courtesy, The First two years are 11 liasic course, which iuclucles instruction of military courtesy, first aid, and inztrkiuauslup. ' The ztdvitucetl cimurse is :I inure cletailecl study uf stuflies :intl :tilfls the stutly of maps, cumlvztt priileipztls. :incl musketry. Again Nurthwesteru has reasini to Ive pmtitl uf its unit. At the thir the preceding teenth annual Ifielcl llay, the Cult unit wun first place fur the ninth time: also winning the largest Illlllt- Iier ut' trcipliies ztwartlecl. Culuuel .-Xrehie XX'igle fit' Nnrtlmesteru was given command of the entire Ifieltl llzty. Captain IRULIQIZIS Stewztit, who was judged liest otticer in the city, cominancletl the einupauy which wun the Ifmery XY. Clark Banner, the Graham-l'aige Cup and the ,Xnuis lfur Truiiliy, Lieutenant lfflwartl Lung ctnurnandecl the winning platutm that receivecl the Walker Trophy fur platmni clrill. In ztclclition tu these ztwztrtls, North- western hail the highest percentage of attenclziuceg :incl wuu the Red Arrow hy the Michigan Nzttiwnztl Guard, for the ninth tiiue. A cup for having the Cup, donated Iwest military hand in the city :intl the Itetruit Times Cup fin- lit-ing the City Honor High School were alsti :twztrtletl li: the Nurthwestern unit. The R. U. T. C. again ztssumecl the S1'HllStDI'il'II1l ul lmth the Ritie Team Cluli, which :ire still in ptissessinn uf the Hearst Trophy. The fullowing electedi Captain Rttliert Keim, Fresiclentg lieutenant Flliert Carpenter, X Lieutenant Harry 1':tflgett, Treasurer, Lieutenant Rultert Cuughlin, Secreta tenant Richarfl Lee, Range Officer. The R. O. T. C. alsu performs a service tu Northwestern lay acting fctotlwall and liasketlmall games. This year a special duty was given them lty that of inspecting lockers at certain periods, :intl llriuging all articles f lockers to his utliee. R. O. T. C. MEMBERS Allslioiise. Antlerson. .Xu-Iersun. Arnnltl, .Xtkinsim. llatten, llezil, Ileil- itztnylc, llzintler, Ile-re, lleyreutlier. lllnlnn, llriees, llriney. llrown, llurell, Vzirlisle, Liarliss, Casts, l'l1ynuwt-tli, tqnwell, Critics, kitlllilltlgllitlll, t'uyler, lilztrwnu-l, F. lrluvis, Irl., NI, llnvis, XY, Davis. lh-I"nrest, llell. lltnial-ismt. Fflininiils, lflli-itt, liuuel, lfeltliliqiit, lflnuu. Iiuster, lfrziulvlin. Ifu-litlln, Hur-ly. tlrztllzun, Ilnriline, Ilelnis, Irlerustein, Ilisey. llisey. Iluffinau, Hom, Hunt. lztcksnii. Jack- son, Innes. Ilorniupg. Hiivziter. Ilnwe. vluluisou, Johnston, Iorileu. Kelly, Iiissner. Kriu, l.:iI7ehr, I.ztiuII- ilin, Lzinning.'suii. I.e:ith. Leven- suu. Levine. Lewis, Linileniuller, l,unp4, Klxtcllnimlil. Hztlieete, Massey, Xlzty tielll. Klezirs. Blume, Bloul, Nate, Newman. Peacock, Reeves. Reeeuer, Rieliurilsuu, Rrmlntisrm, Rullins, Saxiiltrstni, Sfivitskie. Schull, Selteiufniske, Stlinuil, Sullivan. 'i1ut, Sehrny, Snuuns, Sloan, Street. lliaslce, llizttroui. Xkiest. Xliitliers, Wiil sou. llbuton, XYriuht, Young, Zztleskt, ttiull, rv 3 and the Rifle titlicers were ice-President: v and Lieu- HS guards at lfr. Xkiollierg uuncl in open Left to right: lVl1eatly, Tainsli, , Fanslow, XYilbur, lmltz, Holmes, ,kb Wheatley, McCart, Halmra, lleyreis, Gregory. s UNITED ARTSM EN THE UNHED ARTSMEN The United Artsinen, like all good things, grew from necessity, and was formally organ- ized September, l933 as a service cluli to Northwestern. Ernie Gregory was the leader under the Student l'ulmlicity Cnion code, then later, a new code was conceived. called the Northwestern Art .-Xssociation, hnally developing into the United Artsinen, with lion lleyreis wearing the Presidents smile, :Xt the Thursday meetings, the Colt is represented lay lirnie Gregory, the Qdds X Ends liy l-lank Haltora, the Norwester lty llon lleyreis, and the Student Council hy Frank Xlheatley. The aim of the cluli is professional pulwlicity service, eliminating haphazzard display. All the puhlicity is done after school hours. Many requests outside of school have lveen made and lilled, some of which are: l'osters lor Xtestern Arts Convention: Y. Xl.C.A.g Nurses Visiting Association, and lllustrations for National lfnglish llooli. ,loseph li. lloltz is the Cluli Advisor. O ART CLASS The art work for the Norwester is done lty the .Xdvanced .Xrt Class under the super- vision of one ol the n1oSt lteloved teachers of Northwestern, Florence M. Guenther, and is on a purely competitive lwasis. This necessitates alusohite unity of effort and also means that students who have had only three or four semesters of drawing must do work coin- paralile to professional standards. This year the literary staff suggested a theme. It liecame a prolfleni of the Art group to develop that theme. ldeas slowly crystalized into form, and it was finally decided to do the division pages photograiiliically. Small models were made of clay, paper, tin, and other materials, then set up, and photographed. More than a month of class time was devoted to the project: l-ut lwesides that, many patient hours of outside work were required, together with countless evenings at the en- graver's, where the photographing was done. And so, the results reproduced here are the Howering of a great co-operative spirit, the key-note of the "old attic". XXX-sserliiiu. l ' X .Tm . xy -W at .. J ga .. ART CLASS E. Fisher, ll. KlcRoy, H. Smith. M. liling, I. Knight, D. Hanna. F. La Croix. K. llrown. E. Gregory. Miss Guenther, D. lianeert. lf Converse. E. Yeach, G. Page Seventy-lbree Page Sevenlyefour SPECIAL HONORS limi-vi-1 KlCRUj'iXYlW11 zi Vasc for a lwninting' snlvinittccl to the tlmwi- slww. Students who had their essays accepted from Northwestern to be entered in the National Citizenship Contest lirilrr-i'l .Xrzila l7r:uiccs l31ilsl'm'c'l liilccn liylmck iirwclwii Nlills-nwwii the School O1'zitm'ical Cnntcst, ,lznnus li'xx'iii-will tln- llistrict Extuinpt11-zlizunis fimicst, Liliziin- Kviwkus-xx'mi the Scliwul llcclzunnlinn Cmitusl. JANUARY 1934 HONOR GRADUATES Summa Cum Laude Kuta' Aflanis nl can I3 rrimks lfclnn Gross ,lulin Harris X111-inzui Kanaga lizirl Berwick .Xlina ,lane Clark Ellen Cloke Suphic lilonilrroski lfvolyn Drewitz llarlvzira Foltz Catherine French lfclwarcl Hanson lk-rcy Harman licrtlia Hr-llcr Xlilrlrccl Hrillinan I.nwcll liricg lsalwcl Lzinksy ,laincs l.m'c llcrnict' Vrrrclm' CUI11 Laude Louise Knight lrcnc Koski llrirotliy Lang Raystim Lawrence Brncc: Lawson Margaret Lcflcr Charles MacDonald XYcsley MacKenzie Ruth Maltlvy Elsa Mcflclcncl llzilc Rolrerts Laura Spencer lilizalwcth Utting A-Xrlliur Wboclwarcl l':inl NYyckoff llonalcl McCracken llorothy Milligan juni: Moore Edmund Rawson .lack Schmelz Marie Semrath Yirginia XYard liclwina XX-EIYIICI' Hay XN'hyte Minnie Zumlvgrg SPECIAL HONORS E. XX'arren Hart-is now City Breast Stroke Champion. Gurdon 'l'emplin-was chosen for the :Xll-City Footliall Ttznn. Malcolm Cnnardgwas Chosen for the A-Xll-City lfiintlvall Team and tor the .Xll-Liity Iilasketilall Team. Students who won the City Champion Medley Relay E. XX'arren Hart' XYillian1 l'ineh Stuart Truinlile The Northwestern Swimming Team was awarded the Harvey ll. XYallace Hugh Yail, Edwin Lindsayfflass :X City Clixunpioiis, Tennis l,liiuivles. J, I-. Cooper. XX'artl -lzune:-fflass li City Champions, Tennis llnuliles. XYilliain ll, :Xllan Ena Asht c'11 1 Mary jane Barlwey Caris Beatty Frances Hotsford Ernest Buehsbaum Eleanor Burgess Doris Caldwell Elliert J. Carpenter Pansy Carr Roliert Coughlin Ann David Roliert Duncan Mary lane Field Muriel Frankfurth Edith Garrison Watson Gilpin George Goldstone Philip Goslee Fern Griffiths Robert Hahn Dorothy Hanna MAY GRADUATES HONOR DIPLOMAS Marie Harris Edward Hawes Ivy Hood llarlwara Houtz Lawrence R. Hyslop XYard James Evelyn -latros XYayne Jones Katherine Kearns Mary Ellen Kearns Mary Kelkenney lean Knight Elaine Lewis Mary MacDonald .lack MacLeod Howard B. Messer Leada Miller lrene Morrell Dorothy Munro Peter Murlwaeh ,lohn F. Ott Rnliert Pryor jane Roberts -lean Ross Sylvia Samoss Dorothy Saunders William Schenel-: Roliert Schroeder l'aul Shahinian Milton Shalda llornthy Sharpe lletty ,lane Shenk Ralph Shepard lietty Sherratt Marjorie Shippy Ruth Sitter Christine Stephens Bernice Stafford Alicia Trygar Hugh Vail l-lelen Xvlllll' Lillian XYalker Trial why, 1'This list is not authentic. nor dots it fllSCI'iI'l1ill2lIC between Cum Laude anil Summa Cum Laude ljiplumas, heeziuse of the fact that the awards will not be rnzule until after 1YHlJliC3flUl'l. Page Seventy ,i...:. .1,-g v FOREWURD XYith the edition of this book another year in the his- tory of Northwestern has been brought to a closeAa year presenting new companionships, achievements, ideals, and hopes for the future. As this is the twentieth anniversary of the school, the Norwester staff has endeavored to record this year's activities and accom- plishments as a memorial. The theme selected for the occasion of Northwesterns twentieth birthday is "History casts its shadow far into the land of song," from Longfellouds "Outre Mer." The theme expressed to the staff the idea of the debt we owe the past, and the hope we have for the future. This idea is conveyed through the division pages designed by the art department, and photographed by Robert lXIcRoy. A record of the accomplishments of Northwestern students in their class activities, their clubs, their athletics, and their scholastic attainments is herein pre- sented. The Norwester has strived this year to be more truly representative of the student body, and therefore has introduced the under-graduate division. The honor students of each grade have been photographed and a brief resume of each groups major interests has been given. For the purpose of compiling a permanent memorial of the past year, the Norwester staff began in the fall of l953 to undertake this enjoyable task. Through the line co-operation of the editorial staff, the art staff, the advertising staff, the photographic staff, and the publicity staff we present to you the l934 Norwester with a sin- cere regard for your satisfaction, and the hope that each succeeding Norwester may improve upon the preceding edition. THE EDITORS. .JLLQ7 ,V ,dxf C 4 4-'. 2- ig., 31 'P' 4 2 ..,,- ' Q3 Front row: Gibson, Kiefel, C. Rice. Connaril, Schollcnherg, Teniplin, Popp:-iiger, Pink, FOOTBALL CAPTAIN Carson, Rorem. S i V: M , Y , Q A , I , -Y 1 h, Gordon Templin econt ron oore, Pioch, Chapman. Getter, Ries, Lule, Miserotsky. Pollard, Bariie. Third row: Mr. Maris, Baden, XYatte-rs, Eveshevski, Hills, I. Riee, Mead, Carpenter, Haberkorn, lxelloktl. Mr. Bishop. Back row: Ynekrich, Baker, llaldie. Stirling, Halloran, Mitchell, missing, Allan, l 3 l I Page Seventy-eigfrl ,. Us Football 'lhe tnotliall team repeated its perlurmance of 1933 liy again winning the Xtest Side championship. lllaying at the Cooley held in a nuii-league game, the Red and Gray team, with three regulars missing from the lineup, was defeated, Lawrence Rnrem Scored the lone Colt tuuclirlnwn on a sixty-live yard run, Xtestern, the Colts' next opponent, was on the short end of the score when rain stopped the gatne in the fourth quarter. -lohn Stirling and Xtilliam .Xllan each tallied in the lltlrtl jieriwfl. lhe hrst liwnie game was played against Cass Tech. Un a line plunge from the one yard line, Xtilliani :Xllan scored in the latter part of the first half. lilisplaying their hest llirtn of the season, the Colts staged a rally in the last half which accounted for three more touchdowns. Two of the oldest rixals in the city met when Eastern and Nurtliwestern clashed the lwllwwnig week. .-Xn unchecked march clown the held Ivy the Colt gridders lvrought the first twuclicluwn. Carlyle Rice was instrumental in scoring the second touchdown. .lesse Corona, star Eastern liack, liattered the Northwestern line, lint the line held. An added feature of the season was the game played lietween the Eastern "li" Cluli and the Northwestern Cluli at llerry Field to provide for scholarship funds, .-Xltliotigli lioth teams had scoring chances they liattled to a scoreless tie. The Colts virtually clinched the Vest Side title when they defeated Southwestern. Northwestern scored in the first quarter, and a prior punt in the second period put the liall in position for another score, lint vloe Xtilkis, Southwestern hack, intercepted a Colt pass and ran eighty-tive yards for a touchdown, Northwestern scored its second touchdown on a pass, from Ray Xtatters tu john Stirling in the last three minutes of play which gave Northwestern the victory. The Cults waited until the final quarter of the Mackenzie game to stage a thrilling rally, scoring three touchdowns in rapid succession and winning the game. Malcolm Connard, diminutive Colt quarterback, received a pimt and ran eighty yards to score the first touch- down of the perud. A pass from Rice to Connard lwrought the hall to the two yard line, and Rice cracked the Stag line to score. Two more passes thrown hy Rice to Connard decided the game. John Stirling First row: Stirling, Mead, Reise, Miserofsky, llorlen, Geiger, Templin. Second row: Pink, Connard, Schollenherger, Back row: Rice. r- I If " ' F f Y ' 41 f ' '- 1 Football In the City championship playoffs the Red and Gray eleven was defeated by Cooley and Northeastern, respectively, in the U. of D. stadium. The Cooley game, played on a snow-covered field, proved to be a punting duel between Robert Cooper of Cooley and John Stirling of Northwestern. Cooper scooped up one of Stirling's punts and raced from mid-field for the first score. Northwestern, relying on its passing attack, was defeated when a Colt pass in the latter part of the game, intercepted by Cooper, resulted in a second touchdown for Cooley. The Northeastern game, played the following week, was the final tilt for the Colts. A forty yard pass from Peter Denys to Adam Filipczak gave Northeastern the only score of the game. Gordon Templin, Iohn Cole, and Carlyle Rice received honorahle mention on the all state team. Captain Gordon Templin and Malcolm Connarcl were named on the all city eleven. Due to the fact that there are not enough veterans returning next year, no captain has hem elected. There will he a captain chosen hefore each game, u SCOYCS Northwestern ... ... 6 Cooley . .. .....Z7 Northwestern .. .. .12 VVestern ... ... 0 Northwestern .. . . .1-1 Eastern .. ... 0 Northwestern .. . . .20 Cass ..... . ... 0 Northwestern .. . . .18 Mackenzie .. , . . 13 City . Championship Playoffs Northwestern .. ... 0 Cooley ....... , . .13 Northwestern .. . .. 0 Northeastern . . . . . . 6 4... I Page Se venty-nine Page Eighty s., SXYIMMERS lst row: Tom Miller, Stuart Trumble, Robert Emmett, Bill Pioch, Robert Hartwell, XX arren Hart. 3 2nd row: Oscar Fountain, Robert Pollard, Andrew Clark, Robert Lertole, Garrett Bur- gess, Fred Rheaume. Sril row: Coach Leo Haas. Richard XYescott, Billy Brink. Robert Pasten, Donald Tinham, Bill XYret'oril, Frank llreuning, Mr, Klaris, Athletic Director. BOYS' SWIMMING The Colt Swimming team ably coached by Leo Mass retained the city acquatic title, The Red and Gray natators won all of their meets by large margins. The team triumphed over Central, Western, and Cass Tech in dual meets. In a triangular meet the Colts scored a complete victory over Cooley and Eastern gaining titty-two points to Cooley's twenty-nine and Eastern's eight. The Northwestern team led in the preliminaries of the city meet by qualifying in every event. The Northwestern medley relay team, comprised of Stuart Trumble, 'William Pioch, and wan-en Hart, established a new city record of 1:292f5. lluring the city meet held in the Northwestern pool, the Colts piled up a total of thirty- tive points, while Southeastern, the runner-up, gained only twenty points. The team lacked individual Stars but the combined strength of the Red and Gray team accounted for the Colts' time record. Even though no city records were broken at the meet, Captain XX'arren Hart retained his city breast stroke title. The upset of the meet was the defeat of Northwestern's free style quartet by Northern. A final spurt by the Northern team gave it a three yard advantage over Northwestern at the very finish. Although North- western was supposedly weak in the diving event, john Lang exhibited his best diving form of the season and was awarded hrst place by the judges while his teammate, VVilliam Brink, tinished second. Northwestern is very proud of her swimming team, for out of thirteen attempts at the city title they have been champions ten times. Northwestern N orthwestern Northwestern N orthwt-stern Northwestern SCORES . .56 Central . . . ..52 Cooley . Eastern . . . H54 XYestern .... . .52 Southwestern U02 Cass Tech .. CITY MEET Northwestern ..,.......... Southeastern ...... . Highland l':u'k ..., . ll Front row: Klr, Carly, Pink, Linflsay. Conuarel, Yail, Cooper, Mr. Hari Bank row: Gihson, Allen, Street, Shirller, Rive, Stirling, Rorent. BOYS' BASKETBALL The nucleus ot the winning hasl-:ethall tt-:tm wats forniecl with the return of several veterans from last vt-ar. Coach Liarty rlt-serves high recognition for his ettieient handling of the team. The team was one of the hest ones produced in Northwestern. Every league game was won hy large scores except the one with Central, The two teams were on even terms, hut the superh form of Rohert itlclntosh helped tht fentralites to eke out a victory over the Colts, The remainder ot the schedule was eotniiletecl without a defeat. The team was comprised of Malcolm Connarcl, Hugh Yail, Edwin Liiitlsav, gl. L. Cooper, and Charles Pink. Malcolm Lionnarcl was the captain. In the City Playoffs at the .-Xrmorv, the Colt quintet was defeated hv Northern in the semi-lfinals. The game was fast and thrilling from the very start. Northwestern, though he- hinfl during the hrst quarter, improved and was ahead hy a slight margin hy the end of the first half. lluring the latter part of the game the Colts staged a valiant rally, hut to no avail, and the game ended as Hugh Yail scored the final goal for Northwestern two points hehind their opponents. The game with Hamtramck, the following night, gave the Colts thirrl place. The Colt quintet outplayed the Cosmos throughout the entire game. The Final game verified the fact that this team was one of the tint-st that Northwestern has had. Northwestern .. 29 Soutliwestt-rn . Northwestern . Z5 XXX-stern ..,... Northwestern h. .. 58 NYilhur Wright .,.. ... Northwestern .. 15 fentral . . . . . . , Northwestern . . 29 Chadsey . Northwestern .. Z9 Cooley .,.. . Northwestern .... ... -ll Klaelienzie ... Northwestern .,.. .. -19 Lf of ll. High Northwestern .. 54 Reclford , , . . .. PLAY OFFS Northwestern . 20 Northern .... Northwestern . 30 I-lamtramck . Xion Lost Per Cent S Z .820 Page Eighty-one ob X BOYS' TRACK Left to rightflrirst row: Ragland, Sherman, Durant.-lllose-iiliei'g, Scott, Quarles, Mashatt. Second row: liorthals, fiackson. Love. Dufour. Williams, Fountain, Hannali, Smith. Lumpkin. Mr. Bishop. Third row: Hanrlsor, liowzirrl. Carson, Penick. Ainos, Qlllllllf, Tout, Maxwell, Nelson. Page Eighty-two INDOOR TRACK The Xorthwestern indoor track team remained undefeated in three dual meets. The Red and Gray Thinclads triumphed over XYestern, Southwestern, and Cass Tech, piling up a total of 210 points while titty-tire points were scored against them. In the Cass Tech meet, held in the Northwestern gym, the Colt relay team broke a record of eight years standing. XX'illiam Quarles was a consistent winner for the Colts, placing in the shot put, thirty yard dash, 224i yard dash, and running as anchor man on the relay team. The Cults, conceded a slight chance to win the City track title, placed third with 21 5X6 points. Hamtramck, the defending champions, retained the title with a score of 375 points. The Northwestern boys who won their events were Ralph Howard, who easily outclassed his opponents with a toss tif forty-tour feet two inches, and Nelson Mashatt, who won the half mile race, Second places went to the relay team, Irving Dufour and Jack Durant in the -1-ill, and Xtilliam Quarles and Lander Scott in the 220. The 1933 outdoor track team placed third in the City meet held at the University of De- troit stadium lay scoring seventeen points. Hamtramck upset predictions hy capturing the outdoor title. The Colts won all their triangular meets, and won the VVest Side title with a total ut tity-one points. SCORES Dual Meets Northwestern . . , , .72 Vifestern . . . . . 23 Northwestern , . . . .OR 2X3 Southwestern . Z6 V3 Northwestern . . . . .6910 Cass Tech. .., 25 2X3 City Meets Hamtramck. . , .... 3753 Central ..... ....... 2 2 Sffr Northwestern 21 5X6 '9 ltr lfirst row: Xlr, Klaus. Connard. xxicgumti Kbllfbl lll'5'lU- Slflwli, HU1I1lllH'C5'e- liflmm l'ink, tiihson. St-eontl row: llerg. Scuililer. Stirling, Sltieiller, Rice, Pack. Yeaeh, llriney, Stealy. ,,u BOYS BASEBALL The fine pitching of Carlyle Rice and the comliined liatting power of the whole team enabled the Northwestern hasehall team to win the City chzunpionship. Playing against Mackenzie in their first league game of the season, the Colts displayed weak hitting power. The game developed into a pitching duel lietween George Rlnuroe, of Mackenzie, and Carlyle Rice, Colt southpaw. The Stags were allowed only six hits. The Colt nine edged out XYestern in an exciting eight inning game. Leonard Theisen. NrVestern hurler, put the Cowlioys ahead in the eighth inning, lint Rice renewed the Colt attack that won the game for Northwestern. Commerce and Southwestern were next defeated hy the fine teamwork ot the Colt team. The Red and Gray team was forced into an extra inning to conquer the Chadsey nine. Three hits and an error brought four runs for the Colt liatters in the eighth inning. Northwestern finished its league schedule hy winning its game from Cass Tech. Rice held the Mechanics to three hits, striking out, six men. The first game of the City championship series. played against Southeastern, resulted in a complete victory for Northwestern. A home-run hit lay Xyilliam Riley, -lungaleer third baseman, started a fifth inning rally which was cnt short when Rice struck out Donald Brewer to retire the side. Before the largest prep crowd ot the season, the Colt slnggers lilanked Cooley in the City championship game played at Navin held. Northwestern scored one run in the first, second, and fifth innings and added more in the seventh. Rice showed his hest form ol' the season, striking out nine Cardinal liatters. The excellent coaching of Mr. Maas hrought the team another championship title. O nf., Page Eighty-three TIOYE' IIHCKEY llottmu row: llrmvn, llinex, XYelg:m4l, l':xlme1'. Capt., llnth, Xlurray, liolyillztrrl. Trip row: Maria, eo:tel1g Hart, Huy, lixztrncelci. Loughlin. Clmluxiaxm, Zoumlxaris, .Xi'ltlnxtall. Page Eighty-fozzr CROSS COUNTRY Back row: Smith, Jeffries, Bethel, Iessop Mosley, Mr. Maris. Front row: llashatt, Quien, Tout. ISHS Nugllcr. CROSS COUNTRY .xlllltlllgll the cross cmintry team did not retain the City cl1a1muiunsl1i1w, it hilished a Cluse seetiml. In dual meets the Cult cwntestzmts uutraii Sciiitliwesteim, Chadsey, XYeste1'u, and C1159 Tech. These xictwries gave Nm'tl1xx'este1'11 the XXI-St-side cliampiouship, and enabled it to emnpete in the City lfinals, held in River Runge Parlc. The Cult l'UllllCl'S were: Nelson Klushall, lfrank Tout, L2lXYl'C1'lCC It-lT1'ieS, Iatnes Bethel, Irwin llufnur. The Cult team was :tlvly cw1tCl1ed hy N11 Maris. Frank Tuut was captain wt' the team. SCORES X1vrll1weSle1'11 . .. .. ,23 Chadsey ......... ,.., P4 5 SLilltl'lNYCSlCl'll . . . . . .32 NUl'll'lXX'CSICl'Il ... .. ,211 hh-L'FlL'l'll ....-19 Cass .... .UH Nrrl'lllXYCSlC1'11 ,.. ...59 lufl team ............... 03 .lrd team .. .,. .72 CITY MEET Niwtliwesterlt ... ...92 Futttlieztslern ... ...37 Redffvrcl ... . , .105 O BOYS' HOCKEY ,Xltlmugli the lwckey team was ll?lll1llCZ1lbllCCi hy the absence of several l'CQlllZll'S, it made a time slwuwing. The single vietury was :wer Chadsey in the hrst game. Mackenzie, North- eagteru, Cass Tech, and Highlzmcl 'ark Succeeded in scoring ll21l'l'OVV x'iCto1'ies river the Red :md Gray puck Chasers. The Cults llUWL'X'C'l', tied Smltlixvesterll and llenlmy to take Second 1-lace 1111 the XXI-St Side. The team vas ciw:1cl1ed hy Klr. llert Maris. Chester Palmer proved hw cztpztllilitx' as Cztptain uf the tea lfy scwriug a large mtmlver of the Cult goals. X1 mTll'lXYCS'lCI'11 N 1 n'thweste1'11 SCORES Chadsey .... Mackenzie ..................., .. 3 Nitrthwestern NUI'lIl'lCHStL'l'll . .1 . ,........ .... . , ,2 Northwestern Scmutliwestern ................. .. l Nurtliwestern Cass Tech .. . .. . ...., . . . .. .. 3 Xmwtliweitertl llenlmy ...,. .. .... ....,..,. . . l Xw1'tl1wester1t High T'ark . ... .. ,... . ..... ..: .. 1 .x.' if ack row: Edwards, lYilson, Miller. Front row: Hougland, Crysler. Hr. Maris. BOYS GOLF The Northwestern golf team climaxed another season liy winning the XYest Side championship. The title, which was originally awarded to Mackenzie. was given to North- western after Mackenzie was found to have used an ineligible player. The toll team, with Gerald Conover and Herliert Xtilson as co-captains, lost only one match during the season. In the playoffs for the City championship, Northwestern was tied for fifth place. The splendid record of the team was due to the excellent coaching of Mr. liert Maris. director of boys' athletics. SCORES Northwestern ,.... 11 Xlkystern . . . 1 Northwestern Mackenzie .. 0 Northwestern Chadt-sy ...... . 5 Northwestern Southwestern .... tl CITY MEET Northwestern tied for fifth place. BOYS TENNIS :Xggressiveness on the part of an inexperienced team, having only two veterans, enztliled the Colt netters to win the West Side tournament without losing a match. ' In the City Championship playotls, Captain Hugh' Yail and Edwin Lindsay won the City Class A team title, while NYard -lames and -l. L. Cooper took the Class li title. Hugh 'Vail almly led the team through a successful fall season and Edwin Lindsay was elected captain of the spring: singles team. . SCORES Northwestern Chadesy . l Northwestern. .. .. 5 Cass .... ll Northwestern. .. ,. 2 NVestern .... 1 'Northwestern .. .. 3 Mackenzie .... ... ll Northwestern... .. 5 Southwestern 0 Northwestern Commerce .... ,. . tl Front row: Lindsay, Hr. Scott. Vail, llcick row: James, Cooper, Van Ottern. Darling, Krimins Page Eigbzy-five CONTENTS GREETINGS DEDICATION FACULTY JANUARY CLASS MAY CLASS UNDERCLASSMEN HOUSES ACTIVITIES SPORTS FEATURES Front row: H. Rutland. H. Hicks. H. llraidwood, T. Sliusta, E. Stoddard, R. Sellinan, ll. Edwards. T. Downey. Sevontl row: M. NYillif0rd, R. XYest, C. Yen Casdvie, li. Sherratt, V. Ludwig, N. Jarriat, Y 5 Page Eighfy-fix L. Snell, lr. Cadillac. GIRLS' BASKETBALL This year the girls' haskethall team was largely composed ol new material. There were only three experienced players left from the previous 1932 team, which had played every game undefeated. Theresa Shusta, who captained this year's teamg Theresa Downey, and Margaret Xiilliford were the only veterans who remained to play this season. The faculty sponsor of the team was Mrs. llunn, who coached the girls with untiring etfort, and was, herself, an ardent enthusiast of this sport. One of the most interesting points in the games that were played this season was the new two-court system, which was used throughout the entire playing season, The basketball court was divided into two courts with the three guards and the three forwards in their respective positions. This eliminated the running center, hut the jump center was replaced hy any of the forwards who stepped into the ring at the beginning of the game to receive the throw-in, This new system more closely resemhles liaskethall as it is played by the lioys. The game proved to be much faster and more interesting to the spectator. The girls approved of this new type of play because it offered more action and free playing. Many fine players were developed under these rulesi Betty Cadillac, Helen Butland, and Ruth Sellman. The Northwestern girls' basketball and swimming teams held joint Contests against Cass and Southwestern. Tickets were sold which entitled the buyer to witness both the lvasketliall game and the swimming meet at one fee. The game started at 3:00 o'clock and the swimming meet at 4:00 o'clock, enabling the spectators to see both events economically. There were large turnrouts for these affairs, and the crowds seemed to thoroughly enjoy this arrangemment. SCORES Northwestern. .. Northwestern, .. Northwestern. .. Northwestern. .. T IN orthwestern. .. Northwestern. .. Southwestern . Commerce .. Cooley ...... . Highland Park Southwestern . XYestern ..... It i ii ' 'IIT' -fy". A l lfront row: lleatty. tiiistafson, Sweat, Krehl, Petrequin, NYIiartrin, Forsyth, XYaIker, llmirtl-I, Second row: Iiotsforfl, VI:-rk. Pioch, Moore, Riley, Hallnfrig, Jackson. Templin. Third ron: Ilonalil, Lynn. Cottrel, Cotton, Stiekel-, liurtl. Collins, Mis-. XYats.on, ,..L4--" .fi ' GIRLS SWIMMING Once again Northwestern upheld her reputation for producing some ot the liest girl swimmers in the city. To lead them in their meets, the team was fortunate in having as their captain, Marion Petrequin, an outstanding diver ot' recognized aliility. Caris lleatty and Mary Forsyth free stylists, and Lillian Xtalker, liack stroker, were other prominent Coltettes who helped to establish the Fine record of this year's team. The Northwestern girls' swimming team participated in hve meets, winning all liut one. The girls were victorious in the contests with the teams from Cooley, Southeastern, Eastern and Hamtramck, winning all but the contest with Cooley liy large margins. The girls were, however, defeated by the team from Highland Park. In the meet held at Cooley, the Colt swimmers met with keen competition lint suc- ceeded in winning the meet. The Coltettes were especially eager to win the match held ir. the Highland Park pool, and although our girls showed a hue fighting spirit, they were forced to recognize the superiority of the Highland Park team, the 1933 champions. The team was well represented in the diving matches. Marion lletrequin carried off first place in every rneetg and Ada Janet Clark, Beryl Jackson, and Ruth Gustafson, all fine divers, gained many points for Northwestern in this event, Miss Elsie VVats0n, the coach, has many fine prospects who will have an excellent opportunity to regain the championship for Northwestern next year. She deserves a great deal of praise for the many hourssof coaching spent with the team, and it was she who was responsible for the fine showing which the girls made. SCORES Northwestern .... 4655 Highland Park 8394 Northwestern .... 82 Eastern ...... Z9 Northwestern .... 78 Cooley ...... oo Northwestern .... 9-I Hzinifraiiick . . -I5 Northwestern .... -I3 Southeastern . 8-I Page Eigfuy-raven l GIRLS' HOCKEY Left to right: Gladys Peat, Elvira Jackson, llargaret 1IcGuire, Jan- ice XVharton, Theresa Shusta, Frances Botsford, Betty Jane Slienk, Margaret Kurtz, Betty Stoddard, Ruth Selman. Betty Sweat, Margaret XYillerford, :lean Roth, Theresa Downey, Captain. GIRLS' HOCKEY Cass Tech and Southwestern were the only teams who competed with Northwestern girls' hockey team during the fall season. The Coltettes were victorious in lioth matches. The rainy weather made the hockey held so muddy that the other regularly scheduled games could not lie played liefore the season ended. However, the girls, with Theresa Downey as their captain, did mit let the weather dampen their ardor. Each afternoon they practiced drilililing and passing and conducting the regular indoor routine. The remaining games scheduled for the fall season were played off during the Spring. Miss XYatsiin who coached the hockey team picks the girls from the house hockey tourna- ments. .-X hockey party was given at which lletty Sweat was chosen to lead the team to victory next season. O GIRLS' GOLF Mith Elsa Mctilelend as captain, the girls' golf team completed another successful season. Other meinliers of the team were Peggy .lane Murray, Norma Pioch, and Virginia Vyard. The girls, all veterans uf the 1933 team, participated in the league contests with Central, Highland l'ark, Northern, and Cooley. .-Xlthfiugh they did not win all their matches, due to the co-operative spirit which prevailed, the girls enjoyed worthwhile competition. :Xt the end of the season, a twoeliall foresiime was played with Eastern. ln this meet, the lioys' and girls' grill' teams of Northwestern played as partners against Eastcrns combined teams. This match was unanimously voted the most enjoyalile one of the season. Miss Huffman was thc girls' coach, and it was under her direction and supervision that the team carried on its activities. ' GIRLS' GOLF Front row: Silvia Piaslcowski, Yir- ginia Houghton, Virginia XYarCl. Elsa Mcflelend. liaelc row: Betty Karp, Norma l'ioch, Peggy Murray, Lucille Papaze, Doris XYarner. Page Eighty-eight . l 335' lf - 5 gl - 1, xx w I Tj'-Q If fl 'J X NYar1'cn Hart Mcttin-' 1 If at EJ X N to defcnfl his cityNln'c:.i trol 1 ll N 'Ziff ' ist 7' WI! xr "lf, ' W I ' xg, X 'A lf S. -N. 'I ll 4. - 'N Z NN! Q X Atl f 4. , f N I e -if fl 11 xx f ,pf-l-'gg' ' X: J 1- I fig--41,7fj Ji glfn 4 AQ, flj 5 f Fla 4 --Fo E O ND STR-me Fall 43 -Uv lg ml 1 Klernlmr- 5 uirlf I lis team U1-u ll ix uhm thu' :ln-1 llvnmn- Ntmtc Slylr zmrl sklllf Z L' lo ' uf-3 Q Oinixml Y FY 9 mixrlrvx- QS 4 XVell, well, liilly XY1'cfor4l :ous in 5 ' J-bn 3 l Vw X for deep water zulvcnturc. and lin-'ls ' lib XT-,l l " f' relative. ' V 'All ' J N 4 5 ff? ' if ' . fc Y-w,. -5-,flm P yi-lx, bg l ' . 1 VX' ,D MyS'u.u'l1 Art fflrtx' 11-vivra thc watur ,...2v- lll l K-Yxrxf-E. '12, xxx ,Q hh Z' W f N wt rxwfv- fllilfl ,I ' ' . 'I .l L? f M fa n., A r f , A H T l f - -1 --'Y '- " "A fa , 7 " 522 - ,wg P- N ' x 6 fb 7 ,Z -.iii ll , Wy! :iw-if 3 N6 ' 5 'M' ii- - -1' gf 'N Ju ly mlm W- llllll lllll ul-WL lx WML gwg' .,q.aj"" ii lk! W kz:L v-ul' C 1 Q 1' 1 '1 1 !' .-," Y. 5: ' - f , , ,- ' "' "- :lc .zu 5 nw ulvcs 51 f' 'fb ' ' " f5:fi':l:ljwfu11.E1l,3l1lz:.',f1'3? lilg ' :op luv: 11-piro F ff? awfh Page Eiglvty-nine -Q.. Tvztronize Our Advertisers The start of the Noiwwstcsi' takes this opportunity to acquaint the student body with the fact that, without the aid of the riuauciztl lmclqiiig of our advertisers, this edition of the Nor- westcr could not be made possible. Therefore, your whole- hearterl support and co-operation are necessary. Wlheuever 21 purchasc is made: iii the store of any one of our advertisers, will you kindly mention his ad in the Norwester? This will aid our advertisers iii checking the results they get from their Norwvstci' mls. Page Ninety-tn'0 mir Annual wiH axwa f - - Li provide uou win a f digiinct remembrance , of uourdearegt gchool , friendf and palg of to-daL1. urf nag been affreat O pleagure to produce the photographic porLra1tS for tnig Annual ancl we gincerexu thank uou for uour appreciated, atrorwado F o 6?-:yawn ff Cfma jimmy Z5 Xfdamf 144111 ."" "Cl-ferry 4050 Lletrofb rgerybimi ' 5461119 VDIU ' I fBebroit4f P IN lv Page Ninety-four -i -- W- - -4-v t 'T'- -2. I .i L 0 W E S T HUGE DoUBL1-3-DIP CONES AT 3' R E N TA L Country Club Ice Cream Co. 'LQ at R AT E S 4581 Joy Road 1164 Linwood 11852 Grand River S15 UP New and Used "Repairing Our Speciality" Wife Buy Typewriters Acme Typewriter Service 329 Grand River IV. CAd. 2899 LARGE VARIETY OF FLAVORS Hot Fudge Sundaes Malted Milks coNGR.iTtii.ATioNs, C W NoRTHwEsTERN: on your winning athletic teams. PROPERS DEPT. STORE WVithout healthy bodies you can't win games either in school or in life. To build healthy bodies, buy your food at THE GRAND EUCLID MARKET, INC. 8372 Grand River Avenue GAr1'ield 9046 NVe Deliver 7551-55 GRAND RIVER C31'd block above Blvd.j WHITHER TEACHERS? The xersatile faculty ot' Northwestern High School has inany a suppressed desire while correcting papers far into the early hours of the morning. Ot what are these noble instructors thinking while they are impatiently reprimanding -lohnny for chewing gum and Mary for neglecting her homework? The English department seeins to hate teachers who dream of other things, Miss Butler would like to pick dandelions in the helds of Great Britain tif they have clandelionsj, to put on the graves of her favored English writers, Mr. Scott would be a criminal lawyer with this inscription in his otlice, "The attirinatiye llears the llurden ot Proof." Mathematics doesn't give our teachers much expression for their desires. Miss Youngloye wishes to bicycle over the mountains of Scotland. Miss Mathews might sell Fuller brushes but we don't know if she can knock on doors. ln our History department we have Miss Holtinan who would raise strawberries entirely by ignoring the economic law of diminishing returns. Mr. Carr tells us he would fish- for what, we think? Mr. and Mrs. Stoll of the Exact Sciences aspire to chicken raising and those activities connected with farm life, you know. Miss St. john really should not hay e to teach French but should he permitted to fence to her heart's content. And our very artistic Miss Guenther would swell the halls of the Metropolitan Opera Company with her high UC". Our hardworking Mr. Markley would lie happiest chasing the Hapshurg ghosts in and about Yienna trusting his etliciency at paddling canoes, Mr. Mkillier would lie a research engineer and is practicing on the students of North- western-searching and researching! Our insurance agent, Mr. Reinmingtoii. would go South for a good tan and disappoint his "fain" students who just can't understand those theoruins.

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