Northwestern High School - Norwester Yearbook (Detroit, MI)

 - Class of 1930

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Northwestern High School - Norwester Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 180 of the 1930 volume:

H 1 H 4 A 3 L ? P ne F -2 2 1 E 5 G E F1 if I Q 5 5 A 25 wr S 1 l i 4 5 3 .A C 'A -I 12 V1 Fe 1' 's J wpwbl QU Q3 :mf 4 f , iw X - f, 1 isiqf r U E!---L BIIIS :ZW I Xl' 4 A I li FT' 5 'E Lgf 1 g.' TA ' .f lfggf- Wg. .f-, .-, g,,1qf,. 49' ' Q ', .4 . ' Q. 4, -. . js.: 49- 3. 45, Q-. ,,-,go Q . V' I' W .ws QQ- X' , ,Q wig, Y . i' fuk l 'M-1, -l..:, ,l . ,,, Qfbtif. ,fm lv. -.zu M A fr- mf 1,, 5.-1, H1 im' iv W 12. ' 11' vi' -. av-Lg' ' W' 2' L 5 up 'fx I aa 1 "1 256' -.,'-!J51'QF1i- . if' p, I' .v f'.LiQf . .. iv- - 1 :. N rj. J 'Q' 4 ' r V'-v.: . -'."u.' r ..' .. - 4 . . 5 77 ff' Q-22 3 1. f L N. 1 , J ,. -...M -3 -14: gvv - 7' v 1, ' 1 ' -A 'Q ' Q . ' Zz! ,i ' .rc M -i f . u- .-lv' 'L . ' . -. .3351-ffm-6 Mig' w zfiw- , ,:f,-1,532 -Q: A .mi -I, ,141-xixf ,RTI Ii' ' . dp., .4-J., I, gf ,. -' ',,.,g, If v lin, , :ff W if f l- g . -'UQ 1912 1,. ' 1 -J '4i"e fr -'Ei :V m i ' ,J f N . , vw 'Z 5 vw 3, .51 Q .ll ., gs, Y ., , I ,R , ' . .X ,is , ' ' fr .3-" vi 1 -.31 ,' , -'QQ X -, - -W .. 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Mu f f 2.4 v- - v w" .. - .4 ' - W ' HL A Nw' 5:-im, , - 1' -'M"'3'1'lf" ' '- --1 if-,ff f' L 'f x -ZLS-'.'4, 412. ,',, 5' mf-3: gm-5 . iv,-,,5i A . q ' -15,553 n H H 5-5113 g rp ' V, . . f 1m,g:..Q.. ,,'7.., -1- . I i, ' X 3 E jp- ,fri-y i74 -1x.H.J-1?-.,f' ar , '-ff-'.1',Hf .30 we-A . 1 -1- 'Q Yu - 1 'tags 'LF lik! Elwltlxe lglsxgm -. 5, fwk We WA fo -3, 1.' df 114- -1-. 4' g?c,.Jf. ffL1tu.r-g'1ffv'4-:iff r1afff.,f,, rg-gf.,2'.-.': - 1" -"q :ul .3- g -- ' hu-JKV,-f.-1-.9-,fy.1,.-Ui:' 1- fRK'+Rfv2-8-LM , if :QC .,.5.f5,,, egg-mg. 41 ' ' 5 r 1 'dbg-I TT A JZ, 5' "U . , 1 Q I A ,e- A. - 14:9 -. 1..., , ,.,. , . N ,. W, . .4 .!,, H , 1 g , ' 551- lx 11 rd 3' ' f .wf ' , :L..'c. ' H: Q, 01:31 Vg, , ' Lzfqll' 515- A' if M- .. J rmfff' - 1 PW" 1-1 -A 5-w A." .Q'ALi?' ,,i5fB1 fifTf'I'.1i1 3, fi -iff, Lf:2w'f?f" ai-,F '?'+'uall'f-le new T' - fy V'!'5 - W 5' 'Ik-"ffx?z'Sf'!,a ' vi- "5':v:'fe'?' 43' 5,177.3-i-' 22 a-V ,::i -' The NGEEESTER E50 1 ' Cepyriglil NSG Sidneyilick Elitcr Bulk Gppenheim Asst. Editer EST E A.,-3. Ni "4, ' -"' z pgg 'f-,A jf, A ,i ff' 1 ,fxrzgik .' ig x. 'E if .. +ve , 'J i. x " ' -- -. 'fs .5 N e FQ .A.,2 Q. x 4 fa.: . Lf?-F V' QS" l ' M" " . THE YEAH B00lQ or IGIITIIYESTEIPE li GH SCHGGL nernolrvnelcrslct. VIII. .IG l95'0 f' i DEDICATION To our teachers for their patient efforts in behalf of our leaming, for the hours of special instruction, for their interest in our activities, for their companionship and theinpart in all our victories, we the members of the senior class, dedicate this sixteenth editon of the Nonwnsnn. A il 1 Hi 9 o PREFACE 0 0 The Nonwssrnn staff has enjoyed its extended efforts to compile a pictorial record of the year's activities at North- western High School. In addition to the loyalty that a Northwestern student can- not help but possess, the staff, after keep' ing in close contact with the school's achievements, has acquired a boundless enthusiasm and a profound admiration for Northwestern. It has been the constant purpose of the staff to transmit that en- thusiasm to the following pages. l 1 69 CONTENTS FACULTY JANUARY CLASS JUNE CLASS ORGANIZATIONS FINE ARTS SPORTS FEATURES IN MEMORIAM InmnanmI11muluunuunuun ROBERT STRICKROOT JOHN VxNcnN'r 0R'roN NBWAL MARGARET THOMAS ANNA BELLE BEARD EDWARD EGAN EARL WICKBY LENA AELLIG ROGER BRADLEY NATHANIBL BB1.LxNGs1.aY 1-IF'- J -in XX!!! 191 41 X Q1 ffdfff,ff I. :P I -.4.-jd i,',,,.... I' . f ,, Aw' 2- 5 vs 'L 1-xgiht.-. J -. x XE Gif Dux 5 Ti,-"""f' E N T ,X ' 0 L 55 E-f-' 'Q' I- 0 -90 iii- 75 12215 F5-lim I 7 1 1 L .. - -. 1-V--r--..:...-' ..a.... , ,W f V -....+.. -.-E' .Y.. T, -t 1 ' I 31 f ,M , 4 o fge Jlcuffg When all brute man could feed his stirring mind Was what his eyes perceived or he had felt- The thoughts that stripped his beasthood off still dwelt In prefbirth night. But when his life entwined With other lives, he found himself a Man. Then many trod as one, with lasting trace, On Ways where years the single tracks erase. And what for ages men alone began, The multitude erects-the House of Thought. There is, for all who care, a place to fill- For they with truth give strength and they with skill Make fair. But men whoubuild must first be taught. How strong the house is reared depends, at last, On how men grasp the lessonsiof the past. K 5onnefl0 Sq: JamelO my Qjimx 'uWs W'W' QQ? ORIS STCWHRT W KVM' 1 IQ" I vi fm ikg mini H lr.XL T1i iw. 'Quan-f..s Byron j. Rivett, Principal Sadie M. Alley, Ass't Principal john E. Porter, Ass't Prinnipal H1411 989 ' r OWN? ,I ax X ,sa .a.a IIHIQTWI .lllQ3f iT 7fQiZDlEMm5i,- NORTHWESTERN CHRONTCLE CHAPTER 16 September, 1929 to june, IQ3O The following new teachers have been added to Northwestern's Staff during the past year: Ella Carson, Mathematics Albert Keenan, English Marjorie Decker, Health Education jane Mett, Helath Education Helene Harley, Health Education Margaret Moye, Foreign Language Erwin Hogle, Commercial Dorothy Philbrick, Library Doris Hustedt, Chemistry Louise Orth, History Marion Kanouse, Mathematics Eleanor Wardwell, English We regret to note that the following teachers and clerks have left during the same period: Geraldine Brasie-Leave of absence Irene LampkinATo Redford High School Venus Cadwell-Leave of Absence Caroline Leonard-Leave of absence Harlie Catherman-To MacKenzie High Marion Maddock-Leave of absence School Suzanne McFarland-'To Cooley High School Doris Cline-To Board of Education Place' Philip Nichiman-'To Northeastern High ment Bureau School Amy Coats-Leave of absence Dorothy Roehm-To Cooley High School Marjorie Decker-To Northeastern High Ethel Walkerefo MacKenzie High School Eunice Grover-To Redford High School Ruth Yostsffo Western High School Theresa Kelley-To Cooley High School Selma Burgman-Leave of absence The enrollment in September, 1929, was 4,26z, and in February, IQBO, 4,242. There were 216 students graduated from Northwestern in the class of January, 1930. The june class will graduate 467 students. Of this number, approximately twofthirds have entered higher institutions of learning to further satisfy their quest for knowledge. During the month of October, Northwestern purchased 40 acres of land in the Detroit News Reforestation Plan. Northwestern's three publications, the Noawnsrss, Odds and Ends, and Colt brought new laurels to Northwestern when the Michigan Interfscholastic Press Association conf ferring at Ann Arbor, awarded Northwestern the "Sweepstakes Cup." This award is made to the school gaining the greatest number of points through its publications. North- western having placed first, three times, permanently keeps the Chimes Cup. On November 15, 16 and 18 Northwestern's youthful talent submitted Vanity Fair. Thirtyfthree acts were given, seevn of which remained in the final contest. The entire mu- sical comedy was original, and was written for the occasion. Much of the music was composed and all of it was arranged by the artists. The graduation class of January completed its social functions with the commencement banquet held in the school lunch room, january 22. In February, The Romantic Age, written by A. A. Milne, was presented. The play, produced under the direction of Miss julia E. Gettemy, introduced a new feature, that of a matinee given in addition to the three regular evening performances. The year's debating was most successful, Northwestern winning city championship and being second in state, only to Clawson, by whom we were defeated in the debate finals held at Ann Arbor. In sports, Northwestern won more than half of all events entered into. Records set by us number more than all other city high schools together. llil r", ff 'rl ' VW fi-'5 ,ff-will WT! Mf? Ts!lIl.'llVWP'ilw DEPARTMENT HEADS 6- O"5"" May jaehning Elsie Coop r Harry O'Brien Florence Stevens Sherman Wilson Lewis Burgess Archie Gilpin I rudential Hoffman Bert Maris Alice Lowden l16l 'Q ff 'r'1'r'I I' New 'wr' Nr .zmwhi Lfjiwwml 'dmv .f-F+- W --P. 5 ' - v -...X . " XP I I . 'xxx , -ff, K I !, I -.X ll " ' X 1 .XX I X! iqrxs ' - ' . U Y .l a is as . -- have A. .9 K ,P A - A 9. - 5 ' - H, ADJUSTMENT DEPARTMENT Catherine Cavanaugh-Head Ruth Mulvena COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Harry O'Brien-Head Mrs. Gracia Da Ratt Mrs. Ella Doherty Katherine Doherty Nellie Gregg Erwin Hogle Kathleen Joyce Charles Ludke Grace Maichele Eleanor Peterson Ruth Randall Mrs. Hope Vorys ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mae jeahnig-Head Katherine Ainsworth Margaret Avery Mrs. Iris Bascomb Olga Battersbee Joseph Blumenthal Gertrude Bogenreider Cora Bright Marie Brown Martha Butler Kenneth Dean Mrs. Agnes Donovan Mary Dunnigan Mrs. jean Ferris Edna Fitton Julia Gettemy Albert Keenan Rose Lehman Mrs. Ruth Maclnnes Beatrice Merriam Lelia Nelson Elizabeth Seaver Edith Tilton Mrs. Edna Tingsten Gertrude Ungers Olive Waggener Eleanor Wardwell W. M. Washington Mrs. Ruth Whipple Phyllis Wiley EXACT SCIENCE Sherman Wilson-Head Cecil Addington Austin Cline Doris Hustedt J. P. McGuinness Carl Stoll Patrick Sullivan Willard Wade HEALTH EDUCATION DEPARTMENT QBOYSD Bert Maris-Head Samuel Bishop FACULTY Arthur Carty Harlie Catherman Carl Holmes Emil Katz Leo Maas Joseph Schwall Malcolm Weaver HEALTH EDUCATION DEPARTMENT fGlRLSD Prudentia Huffman-Head Mrs. Mildred Cheney Mary E. Clarke Mildred E. Hardy Helene Harley Elsie Watson HEALTH COUNSELOR Jane Mett HISTORY DEPARTMENT Mrs. Florence Stevens- Mrs. Mary Aikin Mrs. Helen Bauer Earl Benson Clifford Carr Irene Finn Mrs. Gladys Hirt Lydia Holtman Anna May Hughes Mrs. Vernetta Kemmer Mrs. Anna Keppel Mrs. Rita MacKenzie Wayne Markley Louise Orth Mrs. Rachel Ryman Margaret Walker Charles Watkins INDUSTRIAL ARTS Louis Burgess-Head Burton Baisinger Harry Barget Joseph Boltz Charles Braun' Mary Elliot Deda Emmons Florence Guenther Albert Losey Mrs. Edna Maris Shirley Simpson Frank Spicer Eva Strickland LALGUAGB DEPARTMENT Elsie Cooper-Head Mrs. Ella Adams Isabella Black Hazel Hart Mary Howes Mildred Maloney lwl Head Gertrude McGrain Margaret Menard Margaret Moye Muriel Netzorg Mrs. Emma Nielson Nonna Norris Hazel O'Donovan Helen St. john Karl Van Dyke MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Sadie M. Alley-Head Hildegard Beck john Bovill Mrs. Mabel Bovill Edna Bromley Ella Carson Blanche Covey Virginia Daniell William Doolittle Wade Hulbert Marion Kanouse Flora Linn Florence .Mathews Richard Remington Gladys Snyder William Wentworth Mrs. Madge Wood Charles Wyman Florence Younglove Music DEPARTMENT Alice Lowden-QHead Agnes jackson Roy Miller Mabelle Newell NATURAL SCIENCE A. R. Gilpin-Head Barbara Barker Ella Clark Albert Hollinger Frederic Sisson Mrs. Violet Stoll Bernice Woodbeck LIBRARIANS Vera Meston Dorothy Philbrick Grace Winton CLERKS Marie Bering Mrs. Ruth Bourcier Margaret Buchta Anne Doyle Virginia Home Mrs. Grace Langs Alice Mather Dorothy Smith Edith Spindleman Eva Symes C60 fge ag Marg Qfagg The young are quick with love for things of Mind. Athirst for life, they come and the World gives dust To quench their thirstg the ashes of souls to blind And blot their dreams. Young men must learn distrust Of bitter minds whose faith in Man was slain By meng of them who weigh all things with scale Of gold: and men who vibrate to one strain- The present note. Youth's faith in self is frail, For all its talk, and needs the year's gift-strength. The somberfeyed and Gold-God spurners dare Not heed the sneering old or doubt, at length, Shall brush with Death away what youth finds fair. Let youth retain ideals: lt is not meant To see through eyes of minds that pain has spent. -5' Vi 1 GLASS 9 1'i -will I ff VII I I lll iIt I7IBlEIls's s T .IANIUARY IZA CLASS ACTIVITIES Miss Susanne Clough, Miss Doris Cline, Sponsors CHAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES Ring and Pin - --ff-f' f Dues - f Class Day f Picture Social f Supper - Commencement f Memorial f Colors f SOCIAL EVENTS Informal Dance - f'f- f Senior Prom Class Day f f Commencement Day I10I Kimball Northrop f George Kyes Corinne Tilton f Kenneth Berkaw Mary jane Compton Marjorie Hedgecock f f Paul Esser Kenneth Jewell - Helen O'Day f December IO f January IO January I7 - January 22 v I Q,m' VIMSWQIII lfTX1m-E JIANUARY CLASS UFIFIUCERS 053. ... Cl rlcs Courvill P d C Harriet je1mings,ViccfPre de t PhlSh p S ety BdKcys,'I'rc H7111 'Q - v - U ' fmllllk v 7-XR. ,ai-ae ! IY TIIIZSY ' SYITWLVI IEMIIQN. C X 2 rf -'ff '3 'S 3 ' ,.., 1 X . 5 JADELMAN H.ALPERT A.ANZlCK is tl' 5 . PB ON DBAILIE EBAIRD mir J IGP I 1 JBALDNER RBARFKNECHT WBAY 0?-1. .. Q 5 2 I 5 SBECK RBECKER WBEEMAN H 5 . 4 S KBERKAW LBERTRAND SBETHEL HBIELFIELD EBIK05 BBISHOP l22l JOSEPH ADELMAN--Angell5 House Football C3'55J House Tennis C4'85j Business. HARRY ALPERT-Business ANTHONY ANZICK--General Motors Technical. ROBERT BACON-Gayo Mills. Wiscon.sin. DOROTHY BAILIE-Marr5 G, A. C.5 Caryatides5 House Baseball C355 House Basketball C4f855 House Archery C755 School Basketball C75j School Track C755 College of City of Detroit. ELINOR BAIRD-Angell5 Caryatides CP45, Vice- Presuient C3'455 G. A. C. Cse855 Treasurer C6-755 Forum C855 VicefPresulent C855 House Swimming C2'-455 House Track C355 House Basketball C4f855 House Hockey C855 House Tennis C755 School Swim' ming C555 School Hockey C855 House President C855 Student Council C755 Norwester C755 12A Ring and Pin Committeeg Hall of Fame C955 University of lllinois. JACK BALDNERfManistee5 Forum C855 House Treasurer C85. REGINA BARFKNECHT -Jefferson Intermef diate5 Cercle Francais Csf855 President C655 Secref tary C751 Treasurer C855 12A Commencement Committee5 Detroit School of Applied Art. JAMES WM. BAY-Wingert5 HifTC1f85, President C255 VicefPresident C45' Treasurer C655 Herodotus C255 President C7f855 Socii Romani C3'455 House Track C3-755 House Social Chairman5 12A Ring and Pin Committee5 Chairman of Exectiuve Com- mittee of Miller Book Nookg College of City oj Detroit. SADIE BECKfSpelman Seminary. WILBUR BECKERfAr1gell,' HVT C155 House Track5 School Track and Cross Country5 12A Social Cornmittee5 Michigan State. WILLIAM BEEMANfStrathmoore5 Science and Radio Club C7-855 VicefPresident C855 School Def baring C855 Norwester C6f755 IZA Class Day Come mittee5 College of City of Detroit. KENNETH A. BERKAW-Hzttchlns lntermeiliate5 HifT Torch Kee'WahfKe CI'-1,51 Secretary C255 Treasurer C355 President C455 House Swimming C4f755 Student Council C855 Colt C755 Vanity Fair C855 The Romantic Age C855 Business Manager of "Erminu:"5 Chairman of IZA Picture Comrnittee5 Hiff Blue C7855 Treasurer C555 Viceflyresident C655 President C755 Lister Csf855 Parlramentarian C855 Business Committee 12A Plays C6f855 College of City of Detroit. LOUIS W. BERTRAND--Angell5 Hi-T Blue,- House Colf C755 House Baseball C755 City College. STIVERSA BETHEI.fSampson5 Home Basketball C655 House Hockey C6-755 House Track C755 House Tennis C855 College of City of Detroit. JEROME BIELFIELD--Hutchins lntermediateg- House Baseball C855 House Tennis C855 House Golf C855 Odds and Ends C7'H55 University of Michigan. ELIZABETH BIKOS- McCraw5 Business. BESSIE L. BISHOP-Angell5 CaryatidesC3f455 G. A. C. C7855 Forum C7-855 University of Michigan. 'CSV C Nl lf iii vx if-MII lj lll IIXTXLV III Sv RALPH BLACKMANACondon Intermediate House Basketball 15-755 House Baseball 1755 House 'Track 1855 College of City of Detroit. BASIL BLA'I'NIKOFFfGarfield5 House Golf 1555 School Speed Skating 17-855 Stanford. DORIS BLOMfClei'eland, Ohio5 Glee Club 141855 Vanity Fair 1855 Business. CLADYS BLOMFIELD-Monnier5 Home Science 161855 Olivet College. RUTH BEATRICE BLOONI-jefferson Interrnef diateg Home Science 1755 Ontario Ladies' College Whitby, Ontario. EVELYN BOOTHAAngellg Bios Club 14-755 Art Club 14f755 Herodotus 1I'25j House Basketball 14455 University of Michigan. FRANK X. BRAUN-German High Schoolg Uni' versity of Detroit. SARAH BRODY-Sampsong Herodotus 1155 Girls' Business Club 17-855 Business. DELORES BROWNASampstin5 Amici 16f855 So- dalcs 171855 Student Council 134555 The Romantic Age 1855 Vanity Fair 1855 12A Ring and Pin Corn- rnittee5 String .S2uartet5 College of City of Detroit. ELECTA L. BROWN-McGraw5 Socii Romani 13f555 'Treasurer 1455 Secretary 1555 Bios Club 15f655 Sodales 16-855 House Baseball 135' Captain5 House Tennis 1455 Student Council 1855 Colt 1355 Odds and Ends 161855 Audite 1755 Literary Editor 1855 12A Color Comrmtteeg Business. MARGUERITE BROWN---Franklin5 Socii Ro' mann 1465: Bios Club 1sf655 Sodales 15f855 Treasurer 1855 Odds and Ends 16-855 Audits 1655 joke Editor and Audite Literary Editor 1755 Vanity Fair 1855 College of City of Detroit. QIEAN GLEASON BURGESS-Marr5 Caryatides 11'-35: Socxi Romani 1345: Glee Club 12f655 G. A. C. 17f855 House Tennis 12f655 House Hockey 1455 Erminie 1755 Detroit Teachers' College. VELLA BUTLERYGrand Rapids Central High Schoolg Forum 14f855 Vicefljresident 16f755 Glee Club 17-855 Pre'Medics 1755 Business Club 1855 House Baseball 1355 Colt 1455 All City Glee Club and Chorus 1755 Business. LILY BEATRICE BYRDSONG-McGraw5 De- troit Teachers' College, -IEWEL CAMERON-Angell5 Soczi Romani 13415: Herodotus 11455 Caryatides 131455 'Treasurer 1455 G. A. C. 15-855 Secretary 1855 Forum 17f855 Nor' wester 175: 12A Dress Committee5 Hillsdale. WILLIAM HENRY CAMPBELL- Condong Hi-'I' 10855 Forum 17-855 Colt 1655 Publicity Agent for "Erminie"5 University of Detroit. VIRGINIA CARLEN--St. Vincentsg Herodotus 11455 Secretary5 Bios Club 1s-855 House Baseball and '1'rack5 School Skating 14'75j Business. HELEN W. CARRfPattengill5 Art Club, Treasf urer 1655 Business. 15' F Wh If-S' if QBLATNIKOFF RBLOOM 5 EBRAUN SBRODY D BROWN E.BROWN- ' MBROWN JBURGESS LBYRDSONC M CAMERON iid' 2' J H wig le' .. A Q s in VCARLEN H CARR , fir- , Nia, . -Q' vfgll Dsl, 'al 3 ' x. f'fTN.l.V'llI' 1 ncasrsa acmumbn ncimn VCLARK RCQLEICH BCULE H COMPTON J. COOPER CLOURVILLE of-Q. -40 I"I,COU5E MCRAIG GCURRENT MDAWSON ADEHAIT 'ITDENNIS L.D'WK1K LDGRR WDDMANDWSKI 24l1 MARGARET CASTER-McGraw. PERNARD CINNAMONW Business, PRESTON CLARK'-Arlgell5 "N" Club5 House Baseball C135 House Track C3635 School Track Cs'735 College of City of Detroit. VIRGINIA SCHMIDT CLARKfFranklin5 Pon' tiac Normal College. RICHARD COBLEIGI'If Contlong College of City of Detroit. BLANCHE COLE -Coldberg5 House Hockey5 Odds and Er1ds5 Business. MARY JANE COMPTON- Angellg Alice Free- man Palmer C2f435 President C435 Alcott C.r83: Forurn C835 Vice-President C335 House Swimming C435 House Hockey C435 Manager of House Debates C6035 Odds and Ends C4635 12A Chairman of Social Committee5 Michigari State College. RAYMOND COOPER- Pattengillg Hifi' C.1f83i Secretary C735 President C835 Forum C7'83Q Treasurer C835 House Football C635 House Basketball C735 House 'Track C635 House Baseball C735 Student Council C735 Norwester C6-735 Vanity Fair C6-835 12A Dues Committee: School Band5 All City Bandg College of City of Detroit. 5 CHARLES ,l. COURVILLE-Angell5 Hifl' C1133 President KeWahkee C335 President Blue C635 HN' Club C7f835 Lister C6-835 Treasurer C835 House Baseball C3435 Basketball C335 Football C835 Swim' ming C2, -131 School Swimming C5f835 Student Coun- cil C7-83, President C835 House Debating Manager. 12A Class Presidentg College of City of Detroit. MARIE COUSE-Marrg Caryatides C1f435 Secre- tary5 Girls' Affiliated Club C5635 College of City of Detroit. MILDRED CRAIG-Wi1igert5 House Basketball arid 'Track5 Lincoln Hospital, Chicago. GLOSTER CURRENTA Wingert5 House Track C735 House Baseball C735 College of City of Detroit. MARJORIE JANE IDAWSON-Angell5 Alice Freeman Palmer C9435 Secretary C435 G. A. C, Csf835 Forum C7f835 House Secretary-Treasurer C835 12A Social Committee5 College of City of Detroit, ALICE MARGARET DEHAITE-fstabrook5 Cirls' Business Club C7'835 House Bowling C735 Business. THAD DENNIS-Wingert5 Club5 House Basketball C2f335 House Football C2-835 House 'Track CI3: House Secretary-Treasurer C835 Michigan State College. LORRAINE DE WICKfPattengill,' Glee Club' House Basketball C435 House Track C735 "NfarthaA'i "Errninie"5 "Vanity Fair"5 Detroit Business lu: stltute. LOUIS ELMER DOERRV--'Angell5 HifT C3631 Treasurer C435 PT8'MEdlCS C1835 President C73f Vice-President C835 House Track CSD. C735 School Track C735 Cross Country C63, '835 Student Council C735 Odds and Ends C835 IZA Supper Committee: Hall of Fame C735 College of City of Detroit. WALTER DOMANOVVSKI-Condon lnterrnef diate: Norwester CfZ'7,' Sport Editor C6-73. v ,sl 17 3 , ...1a?Tl - V'WY '9lll YL ! N.LV'lII'! CLARENCE DONNER-Hutchins Interrnediate5 Hifi' Red Chapter 17f855 House Baseball 1755 Colt 175' Business Manager 1855 12A Class Memorial Cornrnitteeg University of Detroit. MARIAN DUNCAN--Angell5 French Club5 College of City of Detroit. HUBERT DYER- jejferson Intermediateg House SlI'i111Y71l71gj House Golf5 School Swimming. HELEN ELDER-Earl Grey, Winriipeg, Canada! G. A. C. 1sf855 Art Club 14755 VlCC'P7CSlLlC11f1S5f Black .Quills 14"i5,' Chairman Art Cornrmttee 1:1155 Noriuesterg Odds and Ends 16f855 First prize ulienejits of Inventions of Eclisonug College of City of Detroit. REVA ELLASA Angellg Socii Rornani 1155 Black .Quills 1.3455 Colt 1sf755 "Vanity Fair" 1855 Alf bion College. MARY ALICE EMMETT!Patten ill' Glee Club Q . 10855 "Vanity Fair" 1855 Michigan State- College. GEORGE ERHARDT-Pattengillg University of Detroit. EVELYN ERTELT- Patteng1ll5 Business Club5 Business. MABEL iisirrsirewrtchriifrii mgh, oakland, Cai' j'ornia5 Nurses Training School. PALMER ESSER-Angell5 Art Club5 Radio Science Club5 Hall of Farneg Schiller Club 13-555 Vice-President 1555 Michigan State College. EVELYN FALK-Pattengillg Home Science Club 1855 College of City of Detroit. ETHYL FENTON--Pattengill5 House Basketball 12'455 'Tarreyton Hudson. MARY FERGUSON - Western High5 Black Qluills 13'-45: G. A. C. 15-85, Greek Club 17f855 VicefPresiderit 175: President 1855 House Baseball 1355 House Track 1355 House Basketball 1555 School Tennis 13f755 Captam1755 Colt 164355 News Editor 1755 Editor'infChief 1855 12A Social Cornrnittee5 Hall of Fame 1855 University of Michigan. JOHN FIELDS' -Wingert5 House Baseball 1155 Cross Country 1255 House Track 1355 School 'Track 1355 House Football 1455 Norwester 1155 Hampton Institute. WILLAM FILBEE "Contrary Mary" 1755 Odds and Ends 4f85 Srage and Screen 17-855 Hall of of Fame 11555 12A Scocial Committee' University of Michigan . ADA FLEMING-Marrg Alice Freeman Palmer 1I'455 Home Science 1855 Harper Hospital. VIRGINIA FLEMMING -Noble5 Girls' Affiliated 151655 Bios 17f855 Los Leones Espanoles 17-855 Presif dent 1855 House Hockey 155, 1755 House Archery 1755 House Scholarship Committeeg House Social Corn' niitteeg Colt 14'755 Hall of Fan1e5 College of City of Detroit. VIRGINIA FLORY -Marr5 Home Science 185i Detroit Teachers' College, 7 CDONNER MDUNCAN H.DYER HELDER RELLAS MEMMETT GERHARDT EIRTELT M, ESPEY u 3-gn 5 Hessen emu Lrsuron M rsncuson mains WFILBEE AFLEMINC ,VFLEHMING VFLORY 'Q if --ff in QW! . -. fr-+-Wx--. I5LVf1llQf5bZsW.5Nmltsw e nfottr e.rnAskR umscnrtn C.CHfNT .. sf r1.ciu.i:sPie reciiiesriz 05... ' ii I ST? B.cRAaow M,cRAr1AM ggi' ? , was ' I w,cuY HHAECER 5 in V J C Q , 5 . D.nAYts i..HAYi:s PIFRASER ' rt . - NLIBSON Q i " ,s I ,J 5, x .5 B.GOLDl'1AN JLRAY BHARRIS HHAZILTON 6I MARY ALICE FOLEY-St. Vincents5 Home Science C6f815 Corresponding Secretary5 Wisconsin. BESSIE FRASER-Angellg Le Cercle Francais C7715 House Baseball C215 Business. MARGARET FRASERfAngell5 House Baseball CIf215 House Hockey CI'31j House Basketball C1f315 House Track CI'21j School Hockey C3'41j School Basketball C2-315 Michigan State College. JEAN FREEMYER-Schenectady High, New Torkg Cercle Francais C6-715 Sodales C6f81, President C815 Arnici C815 Colt C6f715 12A Ring and Pin Corn- mittee5 Olivet College. CHARLES GHENT-Marr: Red Chapter Hifl' C7f815 Secretary C815 House Swimming C2f815 House 'Track C315 House Football C815 School Swimming C615 Norwester C715 "Contrary Mary"5 "Vanity Fair"5 12A Social Comrnitteeg Detroit College of Law. MARY GIBSONfMarr5 Caryatides CI'21j House Basketball C415 House Golf C615 Norwester C5f615 University of Michigan. HAZLE GILLESPIE-Goldberg5 Business College. ROBERT GILLESPIE4-College High5 IZA Supper Committeeg Michigan State College. BERNARD GOLDMAN-Angell5 PrefMedics C5f815 College of City of Detroit. BETTY GRABOW4Hutchins Intermediate5 So' dales Csf815 House Basketball C2f415 Audite C715 Editor C715 University of Michigan. MARIAN GRAHAM-South East jr. High5 South Bend, Indianag Girls' Business Club C7'815 House Bowling C715 House Hockey C615 Business. JANETTE GRAY-f Pattengill5 Sodales C5f815 Student Council C6f51g Executive Board C815 12A Class Colors5 Second Prize P. T. A. Essay Con- test5 College of City of Detroit. WILLIAM GUY!-Angell5 Hi-'Y C1f415 Treasurer I-11: "N" Club Csf81, Secretary C315 House Baseball C1'31i House Track C2'-11: School 'Track Csf715 Cross Country C6f815 Captain C815 House President C815 12A Ring and Pin Co-mmittee5 Michigan State College. HAROLD HAEGERf-McCrawg Business College. BENJAMIN HARRl?Highlami Park High5 Michigan State College. DANIEL HAYES-Wingertg House 'Track C215 House Baseball C715 House Swimming C815 Howard University. LUCILLE HAYES-Angellg Spanish Club5 College of City of Detroit. MARY HAZELTON-Northeastern High5 Girls Business Club C7-815 Greek Club C815 Socii Romani C3f415 President C415 jefferson Debating C3f415 "Vanity Fair" C815 r2A Dues Cornmittee5 Busif 71653. 4 . M -Quo . F1 ,will QIVTX .Mi 5 7 111-Q HAROLD I'IEA'I'I'I-'- Condon Interrr1ediate5 Busi- ness. MARIORIE HEDGCOCK-Angell5 Lister C5f855 Amici C4'85j President C855 House Tennis C155 House Track C155 House Baseball C1f355 House Base lgetball C455 School Hockey C6f855 House Secretary C755 Student Council C255 C355 C855 Executive Board C855 Secretary C855 House Debating C4f555 Norwester C4655 Colt C7'85f Assistant Club Editor C755 Chair- man 12A Supper Cornrmttee5 "Vanity Fair" C455 Chairman InterfClub Conference C655 House Social Chairman5 Dancing Recital C35, C55, C755 College of City of Detroit. MILDRED I'IEINRICHfNazareth5 Girls' Busi' ness Club C7f855 Schiller Club C3'45j Business. MARIE I'IESPENTHAL+Franlqlin5 Girls' Busif Club C755 Business. WARREN HOCKENBERRY-Winterhalter5 Hi-'T C7f855 Forum C7-855 PrefMedics C655 Cross Country C855 College of City of Detroit. FLORENCE HODGES-Pattengill5 Amici C4'85j Sodales C555 Micliigari State College. GENEVIEVE I'IOLBENfje5jterson Intermecliate5 Girls Business Club C6-855 Treasurer C75. Secretary C855 Glee Club C855 House Hockey C855 House Archery C655 House Committee5 Business. GLEN HOWELL-Sarnpson5 jefferson Debating C2655 Treasurer C4455 Lister C855 House Tennis C555 House Debating C955 12A Dues Committee, College of City of Detroit. ELISE HUMPHRY-Winterhalter5 Girls' Glee Club5 Home Science Club, President C855 House Baseball5 House Swimming5 House Basketballg "Lucky Breakng "Vanity Fair" C855 Michigan State College. NORMAN HUMPHREY-Hutchins Interme- diate5 House Baseball C255 School Football C755 Michigan State College. MARGARET IRVINEfEstabroolq5 Business. WILLIAM IRVINE-Angell5 HifT C6f855 House Track C655 Business. EUGENE JACKSON---Hutchins Interrnediate5 12A Dues Committee5 Albion College. ELIZABETH JACOBS-Pattengill5 Business. ALVIN -IENKS-Sarnpsong House Basketball C255 C355 House Track C355 Cross Country C355 Albion College. HARRIET AIENNINGS-Hutchins Intermediate5 Amici Csf855 Vice-President C855 Lister C7f855 Vice' President C85, House President C855 VicefPresident C655 House Debating C3455 School Debating C655 12A VicefPresident5 First Prize Chemistry Essay C755 University of Michigan. KENNETH ,IEWELL-Bellevue Heights, Syracuse, New 'Yorlg5 Hi-T5 Socii Rornarii5 Glee Club C2f85i President C855 House Swimming C2f855 Chairman Debating C855 "Sweethearts"5 "Martha"5 "En minie"5 "Vanity Fair" C855 IZA Chairman Memo- rial Comrnittee5 University of Michigan. IRENE JONAS-McGraw5 Cercle Francais C5f85, Secretary C655 Treasurer C755 President C855 12A Class Day Committee5 Detroit Teachers' College. 7 'W .dill fs ' C f E . .G C HIHEATH nrieoccocx rineiunicn if ff' nncsreurnsi wriocncnsennv FHODGCS Sr ,X L. i '5' QHQLBM cuoweii enunrnar .. N I'1LIMPHRY HJRVINE WIRVI EJACKSN EJACDBS AJCNKS HJENNNCS NWA5 'W ix., Af' T T' " i -X wx- l I flllZ-SW NLVLNMI - EJONES SJONES . f GKEITH TKELEMEN - fs 5514-'rm t fu . 9 GKINNUNLN K.KllAG Ou. ' In . . i. NXOONTZ GKYES RLAPI VLKROCH RLACEY JLAPIDES 4 . J.KElf1 AKING -.4, Wk, -,., thc' y nxtzwsoncz RKROLL JJ-AK! . ALARKN l28l ELEANOR JONES-Goldbergg PTC'MEdlC.N IIVBD. STUART H. .lONESwAngellg Club 46,851 House Golf C855 Swrmrmrig lolg Georgia Technical College. HOWARD KEIM-Nrtrth High, Denver. Colo' radog Michxgizn State College. GLADYS ISABELLE KElTHANeirnas,- Girls' Abfhliated Club is-olg Detroit Business l.'nx1'erstty THERESA KELEMEN-Nobleg Sodales l4fl'l7,' Business Cojg Auditeg Business. ALTHEA KINGA McGrc1wg House Track: House Baseballg House Tennisg House Basketball, School Track. GEORGE B. KINNUNENfGoldbergg Clulrg House Baseball fI'7lj House Track 12'i'll House Football Ml: School Football llllg School Reserve Football lolg :JA Social Cornmirteeg House Basketball Q3 .Hg Allegheny University. KATHERINE MARGARET KLAG f- Condon lntermediateg Bios Club Log School Golf 1.155 Busi- 71655, NADINE KLEINSORGE--Hutchins lntervneiliateg Girls' Business Clubg Detroit Business Institute. MARY JANE KOONTZ-Angellg Caryalulcs C3f4Dg President C451 G. A. C. lsfbllg Vice-President C6f7Dg President lfljg House Basketball 1415 House Secretary C835 House Debating lo-7lg Colt lafslg 12A Social Cornrnitteeg Lister K7-855 Hillsdale College. HERBERT WALTER KROGH-Angellg Hif'Y fjjj House 'Track f6f8lg House Basketball I7 I. House Baseball Q72 Southern California. NORMAN KROLLfPatter1gillg House Football fslg House Baseball foftilg House Basketball lo-855 House Tennis Cblg School Reserve Football 17M Detroit Business Institute. GEORGE D. KYES--Angellg "N" Club is-HJ: Forum C7fHJg House Baseball lglg House Football C-il: School Baseball C9735 School Football loflllg School Skating C2405 12A Class Treasurer, Um- uersity of M1'chigan. ROBERT LACEY ---- Hutchins lnternieduttug Albion University. JOSEPHINE LAKE--McGrawg G, A. CT. 1635 Bios Club f5jg Socu Romani kqlj House Baseball f1'3li House 'Tennis fill: House Archery lil: House Basketball C3Jg School Tennis fS'7l, School Hockey C6f83g Chairman of Social House Corn- rnitteeg Business. RALPH S. LAMIE-'Ypszlantig College. JOSEPH H. LAPIDES---South Bend junior Highg House Baseball Cojg House Basketball 14'-za. House Tennis f7Jg University of Southern California. ALICE LARKIN- Marry Business. 'Q X4 f'Ar aussi-gorfuefigr saia1fI!.e.rlvais9afar. DAN LYSETT--Angellg Hi-T 11455 "N" Club 1855 House Baseball 11-355 House Football 1455 School Skating 1555 School Football 16f855 School Baseball 1755 Carnegie Technical. WILLIAM L. IVIACFARLAND---Angellg House Football 144855 Alma and Ohio State University. ROBERT C, MAIR-f Condon junior H1gh5 Ceollge of City of Detroit. KENNETH NIA-IORH Fenton Hxgh5 "N" Club 17'855 House Baseball 124455 House Track l575J School Football 14-755 Leland Stanforil. PEARL MARSHALL- Georgia Normal5 College of City of Detroit, VIOLA MARTENS Nazaretlig Art Club 16-H55 Secretary C755 VxcefPresulent 1855 G. A. C. 174555 House Treasurer 1655 12A Pictiure Commttee5 Valparaiso University. DORIS MAUL - Mfirrg House Swimming 1355 School Traclq 1755 Norwester 16'75j 12A Dues Com' rmttee5 Unwersxty of Mtchrgan. STUART McCALLUM-Pattengillg Hifi' C3455 Vicefl'resulent 1555 House Basketball fS'75j House Swrmming 16-855 House Baseball 175: House Tennis 1S'755 House Golf 1755 University of Michigan. JOHN IVICCOLLOUGH-Nobleg Forum 1855 H1-'I' 12'.j5f Hifl' Blue f7'85f House Swimming 164355 House Baseball 1755 School Swimming 1855 College of City of Detroit. ROBERT LARSEN-Noble5 House Tennis 1sf755 House Golf 1555 12A Ring and Pin COTHWIIICCQ College of Cnty of Detroit. BARBARA LEAVENS-Webster5 Detroit Bust' ness Institute. VIRGINIA LEE-Nobleg Sodales f.j'85f Secretary 16-755 Amin 16-855 Student Council c3'S55 Mary' grove College. HAROLD LEIPHAIVI-fGolilberg5 Spanish Club 12f455 Treasurer 1455 "N" Club 17f855 Treasurer 1755 President 1855 House Basketball 1:4455 House Baseball 1555 House Track 1455 School Basketball 1855 Odds and Endsg University of Southern Calif forma. RUTH LEMKE- Conclon5 Business. FLORENCE LIEBLEIN-jefferson Interrnediateg Art Club 174455 Business. VALENTINA LITVINOFF - Patzengillg Arr Club 1ofB55 Lister fo-H55 House Debating 155: School Debating 1655 Dance Recital 13755 Business. CHRISTINE LORIIVIERY College High5 House Swimming 1655 Business. RICHARD LOVE Condon Intermetliatcg House Baseball 154355 College of Cnty of Detroit. ii 4... , . 4 S - D.LYSETT KMAJOR , iv f I UHAUL R.LARSEN 5 .31 'os so I V HLEIPHAN ,ax vurviuorr 19 ll VLHACFARLAND RHAIR LHARSHALL VHARTENS P' SWCALLUH J.H'COLLOUCN . 3.44. BLEAVENS VLEE R.LEI"1KE ELIEBIIIN CLORIMER R.LOVE ,v-fi'-' 'M ' Nl flll w ss W! .f' - L " xl A X I Nl' C.l'1 DONALD SIFKAY EHINKOFF uf:- TMITTER if ' C is 'ni in 4 'ir "Xt EM DOWELL GMEYER5 is fiat XWM E Nl JHITCHELL l'I.H'l'lJFFiE JHIUY dl!! is 74' XX F HITCHELL 3: WHOUSER K .NORTHROP Kin? H. 0'DAY HDKRENT JDRIANS HDRWICK CLINTON MCDONALD-'-Noble5 Forum C755 Odds and Ends5 College of City of Detroit. ELLSWORTH McDOWELL-Marr5 Hif'l'5 School Band CI'65j 5'Romantic Age" C855 "Vanity Fairl' C7855 "Martha"5 Northom, Illinois,' Michigan State College. MARY ELLEN MCDUFFEE-Noble5 Socii Ro' mani C3'45j School Golf C655 Hillsdale College. JEAN McKAY-Washington Junior High, Port Huron5 Socii Romani C455 Sodales C5'855 House Basketball C455 House Baseball C555 House Hoclqey C755 House Debating C5f655 Colt C54555 12A Mernoe rial Committee5 University of Michigan. GERTRUDE OTELIA MEYERS-Sampson! House Basketball5 House Baseball5 House Hockey, Captain C6'755 Business. JOHN EDWARD MlLEYAHancoclC5 Hifi' Ci-45: House Baseball5 House BaslCetball5 Witteriberg. EMMA MINKOFE-Sampsoru Herodotus C152 French Csf855 Business Club C7f855 College of City of Detroit. JOHN D. MITCHELL-West Technical High, Cleveland5 Forum C7'85Q Business. PAUL T. MITCHELL-Pattengill5 Michigan State College. THELMA MITTER--Condon Intermediate5 Al' cott C6-855 VicefPresident C855 Bios Club C555 Busif ness Club C6f855 President C7f855 Novice Swimming C555 Student Council C7'855 Odds and Ends C6'75j 'kVanity Fair" C555 12A Ring and Pin Committee5 Business. MAXWELL MORRISH-Estabroolqg College of City of Detroit. WILLIAM S. MOUSER-Sampsong Hifl' C1455 Hall of Fame C455 Lister C6f855 Hifl' Red C855 Jeffer- son Debating Club Cr-s5j President C3f455 Vice- President C555 House Debating C6f755 Student Coun- cil C4-655 School Debating Team C855 12A Play C855 "Vanity Fair" C855 College of City of Detroit. KIMBALL NORTHROP'-Angell5 House Tracks Swimming5 Golf5 School Tracly Student Coun- cil Treasurer5 Odds and Ends5 Chairman of 12A Ring and Pin Committee5 University of Michigan, HELEN O'DAY-Pattengillg Amici C4'855 Treasurer C855 Le Cercle Francais C6f755 Los Leones Espanoles C855 Girls' Affiliated Club C355 House Basketball C451 Student Council C3f85, Executive Board C4-855 Chairman 12A Colors Committee5 College of City of Detroit. HARRY OKRENT- Hutchins lntermediate5 House Swimming C6f855 House Football C6f855 House Track C655 House Basketball C755 University of Detroit. JEAN ORlANS7Central5 Los Leones Espanoles C7-855 Amici C85, Corresponding Secretaryq Student Council C855 12A Social Committee5 College of City of Detroit. ELEANOR HILDEGARDE ORWICK--Angellg Socii Romani C1-255 Sodales C4'85j Secretary C85. President C655 Greek Club C6f855 Hall of Fame C755 Norwester C755 Audite C4'85Q Editor C555 12A Ring and Pin Committee5 University of Michigan. HELEN PAGE-Pattengill5 Sodales C7855 Detroit Teachers' College. I is E5 1 ' ' " v . - 1 Nv'+l1z53eisnii V1 vi - - SYLVIA ROBINS'-Angell5 Socii Romani C135 House Basketball C635 Novice Swimming C335 Nor- wester Staff C6-735 Business. BETTY ROBINSON-?vIarr5 House Swimming C335 Unwersity of Michigan. CATHERINE ROBINSON --Franklin5 Girls' Busi- ness Club C7'll3j House Baseball C535 Detroit Busif ness Institute. IRENE ROCHE- Pattengill5 House Basketball C635 House Baseball C935 House Archery C535 House Representative Girls' Athletic Association C73. BEATRICE SYBIL ROSENFELD-Sampsori5 Cen' tral High5 Socii Romani C3f435 Sodales C6f?l35 Greek Club C6-835 House Basketball C435 Hockey C5f635 All House Debating Tean15 College of City of Detroit. STANLEY RLISZKOWSKI-Clippert5 College of City of Detroit. RUTH SAUNDERS- Condon lntermediate5 Home Science C635 House Basketball C435 Commerce. PHILIP SCHAUI'NERfNIarr5 HN" Club5 House Track C335 House Football C3'43: School Football C6-835 School Track CP73: School Hockey C4f835 President of Wilsiiri House5 Secretary of 12A Classg University of Michigan. BERNICE SCHEER-M41rr5 Alice Freeman Palmer Cz'-13: Amici C7f2'l35 Sodales C5f835 Treasurer C735 VicefPresident C835 House Basketball C635 House Debating C6f735 12A Supper Committee5 Detroit Teachers' College. PAUL PARKER-Pattengill. AUSTIN PATRICKfGrandmont5 House Football C4f835 12A Dues Cornmittee5 University of Detroit. ELIZABETH PHILLIPSfPattengill5 Home Science Club, Treasurer C 635 President C73f House Baseball C235 12A Dues Committee5 Business. ELAINE HELENA PLUES--Hutchins5 Alice Free' man Palmer C3-435 Treasurer C43j Detroit Teachers' College. FRED PRESTON-Estabrook. KENNETH RAYNER7Hutcl1ins Intermediate5 Science and Radio5 House Baseball Crf735 House Basketball CI'83j House Football C.1'83j House Track C2f835 House Golf C535 House Tennis C735 House Swimming C635 All House Basketball Csf835 All House Baseball CS'73j All House Football C6f835 Chairman of Athletic Activities C635 Michigan State College. MILDREI3 LOUISE REPP--Estabrook5 House Basketball C635 College of City of Detroit. IRMA LORENA REUSS--Pattengill5 Schiller5 Bios5 Business Club C5-335 House Track5 Detroit Business Institute. MARCELINE M. ROBERTSON i Pattengillg Le Cercle Francais C635 Girls' Afhliated Club C6-835 Soilalcs Csf835 Treasurer C635 President C735 Nor- wester C4-535 12A Memcrrial Committee. 3 - C- 113 . SRUBINS BROBINSUN -5 5 ,Se 'ie' LROCHE BROSENFELD 5-so 1 "Z lr? -va -i 49' an ,fl Y Ti!! EBAUNDERS JSCHAUPNER .. -Q-Qc. A 'X Hmmm Amnicx . . h :nuns mission .xv MREPP LREUSS LROBINSDN .15 N SRUSZKUWSKI BSCHEER E .PHILLIPS KRAYNER MROBERTSON i -r 5 A - Xglffs ze l lallfxu l N.LEllFi'W5s NSCHLEEE Q -'af 'Q LSCHOLLETT W .2 ' ' . i" WSHATTOCK J SNYDER nscmor K.scr1NfLL . G bt . 7 8 gl. L.scnwAnrzetK Ascuttv csrim Rsmrn RSNYDER DSOPCR HSPENCER ASPROTT H.5TEVEN5 1 S ,P my 5 ASTIGLEMAN I'1,5TOTZ JSTRADLEY nl MILDRED SCHLEEDE-Strathmoor High Schoolg Spanish Club 17-855 G. A. C. 15'f755 House Tennis 1655 School Tennis 1855 University of Michigan. BERNARD SCHMIDT-Hutchins Intermediateg li Schiller Club5 House Football 1655 House Trac 14'75f House Basketball 1555 12A Social Committee5 College of City of Detroit. KATHERINE SCHNELLvPattengill5 Le Cercle Francais 14f755 Girls' Affiliated Club 1751 Detroit Business College. LAURA CAROLINE SCHOLLETTA-Marr5 House Tennis 12'655 House Hockey 1755 Detroit Business College. LUCILLE SCHWARTZBECK --Angell5 Lister 15f855 Glee Club 15-655 Chairman of Program Com' mittee5 House Debating 11'25Q School Debating 154555 Norwester 1755 Miiimi University. ALICE VIRGINIA SCULLY'-Pattengill5 Home Science Club, Treasurer 1855 VicefPresulent 1655 House Hockey 1655 Business. WANDA SHATTCJCKYMKITTQ Orchestrag 12A Play and Operag Olivet. CATHARINE SMITH--Greeni'ille5 Herodotus 1155 Caryatides 12'45j Secretary 1455 G. A, C. 1s'855 House Swimming 1655 House Hockey 1655 Albion College. RUTH LAVINA SMITH-Angell5 Alice Freeman Palmer 12'45: Girls' Affiliated Club 151855 Forum 1855 Hillsdale College. JANET SNYDER-Angellp Caraytides 1355 G. A. C. 14-855 House Baseball 1255 House Swimming 1355 School Swimming 14-555 House VicefPresuIent 1355 Secretary and Treasurer 1qf755 Norwesrer 1S'75j 'AMartha" 1'-5-755 "Errninie" 1755 "Vanity Fair" 14-855 I2 A Class Day Committee' Glee Club 13f855 Detroit Conservatory of Mllsic. RICHARD SNYDERfAngell5 Hif'Y5 Forumg Par' liarnentar1an5 House Swimming and Coljf School Swimmingg House Treasurer5 Student Council5 12A Ring and Pin Committee5 University of Michigan. DON SOPERfCass Technical5 Bios Club 171855 Science and Radio 175: House Baseball 1655 Cross Country 1755 School Track 1855 House Debating 1555 Michigan State College. MAY SPENCERfwPatteng1ll5 Bios Club5 Business Clubg Detroit Business Institute. ANNIE P. SPROTTfAngell5 University of Def troit. HELEN LUCILLE STEVENS-Estabrook5 Spanish 17f855 Glee Club 1sf855 Debating Team 1.155 Odds and Ends 16-855 Hillsdale. ALAN STIGLEMANfPattengill5 House Football 1855 House Swimming 1855 University of Nlichigan. MARION M. STOTZ--Angellg Soilales 1sf855 Greek Club 16'-855 V1CC'P78SlLl671I 1855 House Hockey 1455 Audite 1sf755 12A Rmg and Pin Com' mittee5 College of City of Detroit. JAMES A. STRADLEY-Pattengillg Glee Clubg House Football 1655 House Baseball 1755 House Golf 1755 Varsity Rifle Teamg 'KMartha"5 "Erminie"5 "Vanity Fair"5 G. M. I, T. ' 'L ,ff 5 c Y ,- . - 'it' NIVTIIQWW NIP!! I Nm: JAMES WILLIAM TAYLOR-Wingertg Cross Country C755 All City Band C2f755 All City Or' chestra C4755 School Band C1f755 School Orchestra C4-555 College of City of Detroit. LUCILLE TEMPLETON-Newberryg Nurses' Training School. HARRY TESCHKEfPattengill5 House Baseball C555 Business. JOHN THOMPSON--Sampson5 House Track C2'65j 12A Class Day Committee' College. of City of Detroit. ROBERT H. THOIvIPSONfAngell5 Lister C6855 HifT Red Chapter C6855 Treasurer C755 President C855 House Golf5 House Debating Team C755 "Vanity Fair" C855 12A Social Cornrniteeg 12A Play Business Committee C6-855 Chairman Lister Publicity Committee C855 Band C5655 All House Debating Tearng College of City of Detroit. ROBERTA THOMPSON-Frankling Socii Ro' mani C3f455 Greek Club C455 Secretary and Treasurer C6'75f Lister C6855 Secretary C855 House Secretary C855 House Debating Team C4-555 School Debating Team C0855 Norwester C6f755 "Contrary Mary" C755 12A Dues Comrnitteeg College ofCityofDetroit. HAROLD THOMAS THORNTON+College Highg House Indoor Baseballg University of Detroit. CORINNE TILTON- Condon Intermediateg So' dales C355 Art Club 631755 President C655 Forum C855 Odds and Ends Cs-855 Literary Editor 4655 Assistant Editor C655 Editor-infChief C855 Chairman 12A Class Day Committee' College of City of Detroit5 University of Michigixn. KATHRYN TIVY--Hutchins Interrnediatet Girls' Athletic Club C6-855 House Swimming CI'25,' School Swimming C355 "Erminie"5 University of Michigan, School of Music. GENEVA STRANEY-Louisville Girls' High SChool5 Alcott C855 Chairman of Fountain Com' rmtteeg Green Brier. EDYTHE E. SUFFRON- Seattle. Wttshirigtririg Le Cercle Francais C355 Odds and Ends5 University of Tvfichigan, GEORGE PITMER SWAN- -O. W. Holmesg Hi-'I' Club5 Odds and Ends, Circulation NIanager5 Colt Circulation Stajfg 12A Commencement Com' mitteej University of Michigan. LAWRENCE TAGER -Condon Interrnediate,' Bois Club C3f355 Treasurer Cs-755 University of Michigtiri. MARGARET TAINSH Angell5 Le Cercle Franf cais C3f45g House Hockey C2-355 Dance Recital C755 College of City of Detroit. RALPH H. TALBOT- McCraw5 junior Rifle Club, Secretary C755 Vice-President '855 President C055 House Secretary C7855 House Vice-President C955 R. O. T. C. First Lieutenant C555 Captain C755 Nfaior C855 Lieutenant Colonel C055 12A Dues Cornmitteug Detroit College of Law. DOROTHEA MAE TANNER- Cleveland, Ohio,- House BaseballC4-655 House Hockey C5755 House Iiaslqetball C755 L'Vanity Fair", Business. OTHELA TATE-Northern High5 College of Chiropody. ELVIRA MARIE TAYLOR-Pattengill5 House Social Committee C755 Entertainment Committee C855 Detroit Business University. I ii 33 J.TAYLOR 1. JTHOHPSON i s 4' f si 'fa A wb . PLTHORNTON .- GSTRANEY LTAGER DTANNER T. lla: Y HTESCHKI RTHOMPSON R.Tl'!il'lP50N K.TNY l Aft LSUFYRON ' GSWAN MTAINSH R.TALBOT 0.TATE E.TAYLOR r" 'IW TBEIF -Q -T, ATREACY R.VAN D' SAND CIIADE PTURRENTINE H.VAN NGUHUYS BWACENHEIH +1 . FWATKINS LWICKHAN BXAVITZ D.WELL5 QP xiii F . N GWOOD HZAWADA L5 :Q fl' ff", J 4 f EUTKEN C.VEACH is i H WARD in ms. NJ s. xl HWHITACRE 'Q I. gr w . F.WRI CH T WZIHHERHANN ALICE TREACYfEstabrookg House Hockey C35g Business. PORTIS TURRENTINE-Winterhalterg House Football C7'85g House Track C5f75g "Vanity Fair" C85g University of Detroit. ELSA UTKEN-Condon lnterrnediateg Girls' Busif ness Club C7f85g House Basketball C855 Business. RUTH VAN DE SAND4Goldbergg Socii Romani C3f45g Detroit Business University. HERBERT VAN NOUHUYSfHutchins lnter- rnediateg Hi-'Y Blue Chapter C555 Odds and Ends C4'55i Ad MUHUEET 155. ROBERT CLIFTON VEACH--Pattengillg "N" Club: Bios Clubg House Baseball C1f35g School Baseball CSf75j Western State Normal. CHARLES E. WADEfBarbour Intermediatcg Spanish Clubg House Tennisg School Track C555 Business. BERTHA WAGENHEIM-Pattengillg Le Ccrcle Francais C9855 Business Club C6fB5g House Basket' ball C6f85g School Track C755 Business. HERTHA WARD4Goldbergg Socii Romani C355 Girls' Business Club C85g House Basketball C855 Norwester C75j Business. FRANCES WATKINS-jefferson Intermediateg Detroit Teachers' College. DOROTHY WELLS-Angellg Alice Freeman Palm- er C2f45, Secretary C45g Girls' Athletic Club Cqf85g Treasurer C85g Forum C7'85j 12A Social Cornrnitteeg Hillsdale College. HOWARD WHITACRE-Winterhalterg Business. LEONE WICKHAM--Niwthiiille High Schooll House Baseball C255 House Basketball C3f85g House Track C35g School Track C455 School Hockey C455 Reserve Basketball C655 School Golf C755 Cult C6-75g University of Hcidelburgg University of Wisconsin, GRACE EILEEN WOODfPattengillg Alcott C0855 House Swimming C155 House Track C45g House Baseball C25j House Basketball C4, 6, 855 House Tennis C35g School Swimming-C3. s, 755 School Track C455 School Hockey C6-85g House President C855 Norwester Co'75: YZA Supper Committceg Girls' Athletic Board C6f75. FRED WRIGHT4Estabrookg University of Detroit. BEATRICE YAVITZ4Hutchins lntermediatcg jejferson Debating C455 House Basketball C6f75g House Swimming C5f65g Norwester Csf6f75g Col' lege of City of Detroitg University of Michigan. HELEN ZAWADA-Angellg Alice Freeman Palm' er C2f45g VicefPresident C45i Girls' Athletic Club C6f85g Forum C85g College of City of Detroit. WILMA ZIMMERMAN-Pattengillg Hillsdale. l34l K " 'I r KNTlWZ'fi'ii - Q17 lilzlliisrif lll t Millie i s Corrine Tilton Charles Courville Harriet Jennings CELEBS ACH semester the Student Council selects from the graduating class ai number of people who, by their outstanding work in school, club and house activities, have earned the title of celebrities. The title is won entirely by merit and is considered one of the highest honors that the school can bestow upon the members of the class. The record of each candidate is read before the Student Council and then-a vote is taken. The number of celebs is determined by the size of the classg thus, there are six people chosen in january and ten in June. Marjorie Hedgecock Kenneth Berkaw Thelma Mitter l 37 l I r WW' 1 -Q' Iwi J if ulr 1fw-W RN if fx-.jnxsy Sozmv, 3 R+? ' x..f 1 'W' "H 5 2 xr. 1, 1.x , L, ii 3 ' i i 5 i 1,4 gr . f ,X H ' ' rwN,,,2, 5 ' :Mu s v ,W M' 1- V 1 H, .,.., nf! -'-BL-tunnis hx' ' MW' A' H ,-,,..,,,. 2 ' QQ' 'H' 3 1, N Aw Ng A 3 X gf-S R, Ex. 1 .N"--.annwvf ! x ,Q-"ff, k gr A-Ax N E 363 'v"'i' v , -XQWV:-Q4-f'Y"1X Fx gamllgxiliiafllhif III '4L N '1m-Q 1' TW Fu' "1 I . I V3 I I I i 4 X A 1 Wvgbfai-rf b : 1 ee 1 L f N I I 0 ka 'I ', i 1 , -, -1 W .' " S . F-,TT I F. .-.,,. Q I 2 1 L ,Q cik LM ..--...,,.... ED POTS PRlET0R'l C5 u f 1 113711 J o fge uns Qiicygg Did Man outfgrow the beast to wear serf's chain? Be free! Reject the tyranny of Art, Of books, of Thought: for he who is all brain Lives half a lifep who gives to words his heart Becomes for men an alien thingg to toil Creatively, is but a higher phase Of brutish round-to be mere fertile soil. Let Will to Strength and lust of gold give place To joy in senses, thrill of health. Forget That stars and Earth and Man have candleffates. Take all you can out of Today and let Vast truths alone. Where mental straits Are dim, thought's light on things, had best be turned Whose full significance can be discerned. mm 'r-I ' x Z will ' f 1 0- 'EMI f 'X ,fi A I X xgx i ,A W fl - v N , , , ' x , 1 D , . l ,f' l ' V' l "Q , V A 4. L 3 Q W ' 1 A n A ' - X .IIUNIE I2A CLASS ACTIVITIES Miss Susanne Clough, Miss Clarissa Vyn, Sponsors CHAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES Ring and Pin f-fffff-f Dinner Class Day f Commencement ' Social f Dress ' Motto f Memorial f Color f SOCIAL EVENTS Informal Dance f f'ff - 12Af12B Mixer f Senior Prom f f Commencement Dance f f I 40 I f Ruth Kurtz f Viola Jones f Eleanor Wood Charles Rogers Robert MacClaren Gerd Gamborg Sidney Velick - john Boden Louise Crispen f May 6 f May 20 f June 6 f june 18 1 , r "i 'fi' Vqkll Nf.lIr9Y2 'iaul1EVT mm X BVUNJE CLASS UJFFIIKCIERS Wesley Hurd, Pre d t Gerd Gambo 5, V P d t Don Willc Secret john Gross T full Y-'Q M 'TFT wie airy ,sq-will Ql7T5.Vf.lBT l2s!'I.'15 ldiimlm . JADAMS JALCOCK y 0 As S 4 8 X LADAH5 I VAILHIDALII mncznzn +1- OIJ A g HAUYYIIL C 1 K ' A ..-. mm nmrin -Q. Y . ' 'Ui I g- V ' . cmniunzn wums IIAILET 1 ,4 DMM!!! LSAT I 4 JOHN S. ADAMS- Angell5 H1-'Y C1'31J President C115 VicefPresident C215 House Basketball C4f815 Chicago Worsham College. LOIS ADAMS- -Nobleg Bios Club Csf61g Business HERBERT G. ALBRIGHT-Pattengillg House Bas' ketballg College of the City of Detroit. JAMES ALCOCKfHutchtns5 House Track C815 House Swimming C815 University of Detroit5 Un' itiersity of Michigan. GORDON ROSS ALLEN-GoIdberg5 Hi-T Crf415 College ofthe City of Detroit. MYRNA ,IOSEPHINE ANDERSON-Pattengill: Herotlotus CI'21j jefferson CI'21j 12A 'I'reasurer's Committeeg University of Detroit, MARGARET ANN ANGERER-Franklin: House Bowling C615 Harper Nurses' Training School CHARLES ANNANfBathgate Academy of Scot' land5 Odds and Ends5 Business. VALINDA PEARL ARCHIBALDf Ontario5 House Bowling C815 House Archery C815 Business. WILLIAM AUPPERL4Avonrno1e, Pa.5 Uriiverf sity of Michigan. LLOYD BAILER- Sampson5 Schiller C3'815 School School String .Quartette C1-415 First Prize in the Chemistry Essay Contest C615 House Baseball C615 House Debating C815 College ofthe City of Detroit. RUTH MARGARET BAILEY -4 Hamtramck Highg University of Detroit. BONALEE BAKER-Leslie5 Sodales C4-615 Herodof tus C215 jefferson Debating Club C115 House Ar' chery C4'81j House Bowling C815 House Debating C61g Odds and Ends C5415 College of the City of Detroit. ROWE A. BALMER --Hutchins5 Hifi' Grey Chap- ter C7f815 House Football Ci-715 House Swimming Csf715 House Track CH15 House Golf C6815 House 'Tennis C6f515 Norwester C515 Odds and Ends C5'615 House Baseball C715 House Basketball C815 College of the City of Detroit. DOROTHY E. BARNES-Estab'ro0k5 Home Science Club C4-815 President C81g Business. GERALD BARRINGER-e-EstaI'rrook5 "N" Club C815 House Baseball Cr-515 House Track C6f815 House Swimming C415 School Football C815 Business WILLIAM HARRIS--Winterhalterg House Base- ball CI'41j House Basketball CI'41j College of the City of Detroit. LILY BATCHUM--jejfersong House Swimming C61. . ffm? rawwexivw + ? lIkl.C 1. l .. 1 JMU, .. fb GOEFFREY ALEXANDER BAXTER-College Highg Glee Club C4f855 House Tennis5 House las- ketballg House Baseball5 "Serenade"5 "Vanity Fair" C755 12A Class Day Comrnitteeg University of Michigan. MARY K. BAXTERf-Carrollton High, Carrollton, Ky.5 Home Science Club C44555 Vice-President C755 Treasurer C85. DONALD BEACH- Pattengill5 House Baseball C655 Business. DOROTHY BEESONfMcFarlane5 House Bowl' ing 1655 Burroughs School. 'IAMES A. BELLU Pattengill5 College ofthe City of Detrolt. LEILA BENSON'--Pattengillg Globe Trotters C851 Business. BERIOUHI BERBERIAN-Highland Park5 Art Club C355 Business. AGNES CATHERINE BERGINfSt. joseph's Academy, Ailriang Ohio, House Basketball C755 Marygrove College. ERSON B. BERNSTEINM Hutchins5 House 'Ten nis 144555 House Basketballg School Track5 Student Manager C855 School Orchestra C655 University of Michigan. SYLVIA BERRISV- Balchg College of the City of Detroit. ROBERT B. BICKMAN-Pattengill5 12A Ring and Pm Conimitteeg University of Detroit. ANNA F. BILLS-Hamtramck Highg House Hock- ey5 House Basketballg House 'Tennis5 Colt C64555 College of the City of Detroit. WILLIAM BLACK--ejejlersong College ofthe City of Detroit. EDXVARD G. BLOSS Angellg Hifi' Red Chapter Ci-H55 Secretary Co55VicefPresii.lent C755 President C855 Art Club C7585 Norwester Cqf855 "Vanity Fair" C15, Stage Nfanagerg "Romantic Age" C655 Pub' licity Manager5 "Martha" C655 Stage Manager5 Stage Craft Crew C4651 Manager C555 Hall of Fame: Albion College JOHN BODEN--Marr5 Hif'Y Blue Chapter5 "N" Club C4-855 Secretary C855 House Basketball C155 House Football C755 House Baseball CP35: School Basketball C3-855 Varsity Captain Cs-755 House Presulent C755 Student Council C255 Colt C7f855 11A Memorial Committeeg University of Michigan MABLE FRANCIS BONE'---Houghton5 Business Club C655 House Basketball C4455 House Swimming Ci5: Dance Recital C455 12A Ring and Pin Com- mitteeg Detroit Business Institute. ELLA BOOKER' Wiiigertg Herodotus C155 Michi- gan State Nonnal College. IEASTMAN C. BOOMER f Pattengillg House Football C2455 Odds and Endsg Coltq William and Milfs' College. JZ. Q S H ' lv' 0 A V H-ww R i - -is TT 5 . I: ' J igs' cuxm nnkxm nnunn My x -fa , , 1 ui' I4 .MILL LICNSON AIIRGIN CIERNSTEIN .. ..4.. f Q- avian 'cz-it ' we 3.lRMS IBICKHAN AIILLS !.ll.055 JIODEN ,as .C .,. LIGOKUI QBOOMER , i V I imllW'44"i' e I f-will SVI IIIQ QTSIII ei7IN1V'lll'Q-Q xx OBOWLUS RIROUNSTIIN " fx: 4 N LBROWN 0?-1 YLBRWCN HBUCKNZR I ,f L WHVNC 'UBRUWII L 1 If I ,Q 23- if HBRAIDCL DMUOHI 'OMKHANAN ?' 1 CIIMTGI f I44I MAXINE BQWLUS -Mnrrg Home Scxence Club C6f85g Prestdent C85,' Busmess. BETH JOAN BRACONIER--Hutcbxnson Hxgbg Buffalo, N. 'I',g Alcott 16185. C. A. A. Bolml C75j Glee Club C6f85g House Avchevy C65g Nomce Swnmf mmg C655 School Golf C75j School Tennxs C355 Colt C7f85g 12A Dinner Comvmtteeg Busmess College. MILDRED D. BRAIDEL-'SL Tberesag Busxvwxa Club Cf7e75j House Hockey l7lp Detroxt Busmess Unwerszty. WILLIAM R. BRANNEY-College Hnghg Hn-'Yg Detroit Comm ercml College. BURNEICE B. BROCK Fmnlqlmg Buxmess Club C7'85,' Dance Recmtal C455 Buxmexs College, DIXIE BRUOMEfAClarlq.wxlle jumor Hzgb, Tem1.,' Busmess Clubg Lxbmry Staff C3-455 Busmcsx. RUTH BROUNSTEIN--Novtb Hxgb, Nylxg Um' 'verxuty of Nfmnesota. ERNEST C. BROWN -- Mxtcbell. Imlunmg House Baseball C65g Detrmt Commercml College. JEANE BROWNA- Pnttengnllg Los Leonex Exfumoles C7f85g House Baxebull C255 House Secretary-Tmxxf uverg House Debatmg C855 IZA Class Day Com' m1tteeg Detroxt Teachers' College. MILTON BROWN- College Hngbg Mxchxglm State College. HAROLD .IAIVIES BROWNEfSt1atbmrJ1v1 Hlgll, Glee Club C.l'85f V1cefPvesulent C752 I'16S1LlC11I C3455 Los Leones Espanoles C6'255,'.'Md7lIld.I C455 "Er- m1n1e" C655 "Serenade" C855 "Vamry Four" CHL 12A Social Committeeg College of the Cnty of Def trout. OLIVE BUCHANAN - P. S. IZI. New 'Torlqq House Baxeball C35g Detroxt Busmess Unxvemty. MARIE M. BUCKNER f-Trafalgar Hxgb. Tmful. julgar, Imlg Home Smence Club C855 Fmnlqlm College, ROBERT W. BUELICK--Goldbergg Herodotus Ill: House Swimmmg C45j Ferns Instxtute. PEARL CALOGERIDESVWmrerlmlterg House Hoclqey C3-455 House Btlslqetball 165g Buxmexx. CLARENCE M. BURTON-Hutcbmsg House Basketball C4455 Umvemry of Southern Calxformu. LILLIAN BURTON--Ham1emLm,' Business Inf stxtute. -IEAN CAMPBELL-Hutcl1ms,' Home Scxence Club C4f?'l5g Secretavy C'75j Con. Secretary 485. Alcott C855 HETTYIIHICH C65g Tpsxlanti No-rmal. 'Q fvj-iivcjnns ions. -, , -HRX . Ny .l! ' 1 Slll Lflxiflltw KENNETH CAMPBELL--jejfersong House Track 1255 College of the City of Detroit. HELEN K. CARY-Pattengillg Sodales 17f85g Busif ness Club 161853 House Hockey 135g House Basket' ball 165g House Archery 1455 School 'Track 1455 Colt 154555 Mtasic. ETHEL M. CAVETTEANortherng Cercle Fran- cais 17f85g College ofthe City of Detroit. FLORENCE HARRIET CHAPMAN-Goldbergg Business Club 17f85g House Basketball 15f75g House Bowling 1655 Business Institute. HELEN EILEEN CHASE-West Guilford. Ont.g Socii Romani 13455 VicefPresident 1455 Lister 15455: Parliamentarian 1855 House Debating 154555 Busif 71955. VICTORIA BARBARA CI'IECINSKYfC0ndortg Schiller Club 13f65g House Hockey 135g Providence Nurses' Training School FRANKIE L. CHERRY-Sampsong College of the City of Detroit. MARVIN J. CHRISTIANSEN-McGrawg Span' ish Club 16fB5g Vice President 175j Forum C7e85j House Track 111555 House VicefPresident f75j President 1855 IZA Dinner Committeeg Business. LESLIE CLARK-Gaines Highg College of the City of Detroit. WILFRED CLARK-Nobleg House Football 15f75g College of the City of Detroit. ALICE MAY CLAUS-Highland Parlqg Business. MARY EDNA COATS-Wingertg Detroit 'Teach' ers' College. NOREEN COGLEYYPattengillg Art Club 165: House Baseball 1255 House Bowling 1855 Odds and Ends 165g School Band 13f75g College of the City of Detroit. ALICE ELIZABETH COLTON-fArnherstg Home Science Club 185g Detroit Business University. KATHLEEN COMRIE-St. Theresa: Spanish 16-855 Detroit Teachers' College. ARTHUR CONEY-Estabrooltg "What Anne Brought Home". HAZEL EVELYN COOKfAngellg Business Club 165g Michigan State University. ALBERT ALCON COOPER-Northeasterng House Baseball 1555 House Football 1755 House Track 1755 House Basketball 185g Business. all K,CAM8fLL H.CARY LCAVETTE HLHASE VLHCNCINSKY I - X A in ECHEMY PICHIISTIANSEN JLLARK .340 1 I9 . -. ,.. " Q ' Rl" -. H.CflATS lr i ALOLTON KIDHIII ALODPZR CL 45 ll l MIHVI SWSIINW 'ht 'E- ccor: sconoou JZ'- no RLRISPIN 'I Ami.: wma' .s... I I.Df.HARL1T A.DILLON HLURNWILL QIqi!!Il, Ldfkmlfqx Y RDAVIOGE I46I CHARLOTTE R. COPEfMarr5 Business Club C7-815 Detroit Business Institute. ANTHONY CARDALAgCuster5 Bios C7-815 U.ofI'. MAHALA CORNWELL--West Lancaster, Pa.5 Amici C6-815 Corr. Secretary C715 Secretary C815 House Archery C4-615 House Basketball CS'71, House Swimming C515 House Track C415 House Hockey C515 School Hockey C715 School Track C615 House Vice-President C315 President C815 Student Council C6-715 Vice-President C715 "Romantic Age" C815 "Vanity Fair" C815 'KWhat Anne Brought Horne". 12A Social Cornrnitteeg College of the City of Detroit. LOUISE CRISPEN---Ruddimang Lister C4-815 Alice Freeman Palmer C1-415 Secretary C415 Alcott C4-815 House Debating C4-815 Student Manager C815 IZA Chairman of Color Cornrnittee5 University of Michigan. HELEN M. CURTIS+'I'ornpkins5 jackson County Normal. LEO CZYZEWSKI---Ruddima115 House Track lil: House Football C5-715 University of Detroit. ANN CATHERINE DALEfStrathmoorg Art Club C6-815 G. A. A. C7-815 House Basketball C3-715 House Track C115 House Swimming C3-515 House Bowling C415 House Baseball C3-515 School Swim- ming C715 12A Social Co'mrnittee5 Albany College. BILL DANT-Marr5 House Basketball C2-615 House Track CI'i1j House Baseball C2-615 School Football C5-715 Student Council CI'21j School Basketball C815 12A 'I'reasurer's Comrnitteeg University of South- ern California. RONALD DAVIDGEAHalifax Academy5 House Basketball5 School Hockey C815 House Secretary- 'Treasurer5 University of Detroit. MARION DAVIDSON-Marrg Dancing Recital C2-615 College of the City of Detroit. EUDORA DAVIS-Sarnpson5 Art School, LEONARD A. DAVIS-Nobleg House Swimming Cs-615 House Baseball 141. IRENE DEIVIAREST4Germantown5 Lister C71, Amici C815 House Hockey C715 House Basketball C715 House Debating C7-815 Odds and Ends C7-815 'Ypsi- lanti College. MARION DEVER-Wingertg Albion College. DOROTHY -IANE DEWEEY-Angell5 Glee Club Cr-815 Vice-President C715 "Erminie" C615 "Vanity Fair" "Serenade" C815 Sullins College, C71. ALICE DILLON-Condom Detroit 'Teachers' Col- lege. AMELIA DINATALE--Condon5 Glee Club C4-815 Detroit Institute of Musical Arts. DOROTHY DOUBfAngell5 Alcott C6-815 Corr. Secretary C715 Lister C6-815 Alice Freeman Palmer C3-415 House Tennis C5-715 House Swimming C615 House Debating Cs-815 Student Manager C81, Franklin College. Z-f "' ' I r'WlllW'i"i C if- 1711! I 1 . 'aint i NVTNV ,.. iw 'G' 'H' Nfss , v V 1' s ,ag .L 4 V is f ,FX ' ' f ' - .X if 1 Al I 1 al 5' ' I l L A - 1 Q efffll lla icuii is LOTTIE A. DRASCHNER-Ruddirnan5 Schiller C4615 Maude Royden C1fz15 Home Science Club C4f815 House Baseball C315 House Hockey C4-615 House Basketball C71f House Track C515 Odds and Ends C815 Michigan State College. DORIS DRUMMOND-Marrg House 'Tennis C511 House Bowling C515 KATHERINE DUKES-Bay City: G. A. C. C5f815 President C815 Odds and Ends Csf615 Forum C7f815 "Lucky Break" C615 College ofthe City of Detroit. LEONE DUNCAN-Westerng Art and Craft In stitute. MARJORIE DINN-Sault Ste. Marie. WINIFRED DUNN-Sault Ste. Marieg Girls' Business Club C6'815 House Bowling C815 Bransorne Hall. JAMES ROBLEY DUNNINGfPattengtll5 "N" Club C315 Glee Club CI'71j House Football C3'S1j House Baseball C615 House Golf C615 School Foot' ball C715 "Sweethearts" C215 "Martha" C41j "Er- minie" C615 House VicefPresident C715 University of Michigan. RALPH EDWARDS-McFarlane5 House Football C31, C51g Business. LILLIAN EICHELBARGER- RUTH ELLEN EICI'IELBARGERfPattengill5 Senior Girls' Glee Club C7f815 LeCirlce Francais C615 Library Stag C21, C715 "Vanity Fair" C515 House Hockey C41, C6-715 House Basketball Cs1, C715 School 'Track C615 "Serenade" C815 University of Michigan. LEAHLA ENDTER-Snyder Park junior High, Springfield, Ohio5 Home Science5 Art School. DORIS MAE ENEIX-Warren High School, War' ren, Minnesotag Senior Girls' Glee Club C5f815 Detroit Teachers' College. CELIA EPSTEINfAngell5 French Club C6815 Senior Girls' Glee Club C4f815 "Serenade" C81. MALCOLM EVELETH-Northerng Odds ancl Ends C5f615 University of Michigan. PAUL FACKLER-College Highg Michigan State College. RAYMOND FARKAS-Pattengillg School RifIe Team C7f815 University of Detroit. LEROY FARNUM-- VIOLET MAY FIELDS-Wingert5 Girls' Glee Club C1f815 House Hockey C315 College ofthe City of Detroit. .LBINNING 47 3 4 fj if KDIKES smvuuws. mcrztamotii -Q-4. L C- ... ,.. . "EQ, e .Cf LINDTER omix 4 LW' I av ,,5 . . ncvnufrn mcxun I , vngms v 'D' ' 2:1 emi! Ds lf Ill SL I N.l.V'lll'N FIINSTERWALD BFLINT .9 1 1 UOSTER HFREED LFREEDMAN Q?-4 . A si CGAHBURD UGARRISON S.GARZA VFORNEY LFRAZIER I . 4' ' I 4,16 ornttnm 48 FRED FINSTERVJALD--Hutchinson5 Hi-7' Gray 16-855 House Swimming 155, 1755 House Baseball 165, 1855 University of Pennsylvania. BARBARA FLlNTfNorthern Highg Girls' Busif ness Club 17f855 President 1855 House Tennis 1755 Michigan State College. VERA FORNEYfHutchins5 Art Club5 Business IRENE E. FOSTER-College High5 Girls' Business Club 1855 House Hockey 1655 House Basketball 16'75f College of the City of Detroit. MARION K. FRANKFORD Pattengill5 Art 16-855 House Hockey 1555 House Swimming 1251 House Debating 1855 Olivet College, EARL FRAZIER--Estabrook5 Socii Romani 1455 House Basketball 185, HERMAN S. FREED--Hutchins lntermediate5 Science and Radio5 House Baseball 1655 House Bas' ketball 165, 1855 School Baseball5 Colt 1655 Orchestra 141655 University of Detroit. ELMER FREEDMAN-Condon Intermediate5 Col' lege ofthe City of Detroit. DOROTHY MAY FREEMAN-Angell5 Caryaf tides 12'35,' Girls' Ajfliated Club 14-855 House Basketball 1655 House Bowling 1855 Odds and Ends 17f855 Hillsdale College. BELVA FRITCH-Angell5 Arnici 17f855 Vice' President 1855 House Swimming 125, 145, 1655 School Swimming 145, 165, 1855 Water Carnival 145, 1855 House 'Treasurer 1855 G. A. A. 1755 "Vanity Fair" 1455 "What Annie Brought Home" 1855 l2A Social Committee5 Albion College. IDA GAL-Pattengill5 Glee Club 11'-15: House Base' ball5 House Hockey 1655 House Basketball 1655 'Ypsi- lanti. GERD GAMBORG-Angell5 Herodotus 121355 Treasuerer 1255 Hall of Fame 1355 Alice Freeman Palmer 1355 Amici 14f855 Secretary 1655 President 1855 Schiller Club 151655 VicefPresident 1655 Lister 1855 House Swimming 135, 1555 School Golf 155, 1755 House President 175: Student Council 13-655 Executive Board 14f655 VicefPresident 1555 Odds and Ends 15f655 12A Vice-Presidentg 12A Dress Com' mittee5 Preparatory College, Oslo, Norway. CARL GAMBURD-Mt. Clemens High5 Uniuer sity of Detroit. ERNEST C' NTZ'-Wingert5 .lejferson Debating Club 1455 cretaryffreasurer 1455 1 ARLAND Wingert5 PrefMedics seball 1655 House Basketball 1655 Business DAVID ALLEN GARRISON-Marr5 Hifi' Gray 16f855 House 'Tennis 1455 House Baseball 1155 House Basketball 1655 School Tennis 16f855 House Vice- President 1855 Student Council 1755 House De- bating 1855 Chairman 1655 Colt 13'65j Odds and Ends 17f855 MayFestival 125: 12A Social Committee5 University of Detroit. SANTIAGO GARZAfSt. Mary's Academy Col- lege ofthe City of Detroit. JACK W. GEBHARD-Pattengill5 12A Colors Committee5 College ofthe City of Detroit. Q 9 f ARDIS GlBSONAAngell5 Maude Royden CII145 VicefPresident C41: Secretary C215 Treasurer C315 G. A. C.5 House Hockey C115 House Swimming C11 C315 House Basketball C115 School Swimming C4-815 House Secretary C715 President C815 12A Memorial Committee. ELMINA GIBSON-Wingert5 Socii Romani C2f815 House Hockey C615 House Track 515 Teachers' Col- lege. JOE GOLDBERG-Colt Publicity Manager5 R. O. T. C. First Lieutenantg House Baseball C61, C815 House Golf C615 House Basketball C815 House Track C41. C61, C815 University of Detroit. RUTH EDITH GOLDBERG-Sampson5 Latin Club C315 Business Club C6f715 Detroit Business Institute. ROSE RAE GOLDBERG-Sampson5 Latin Club C315 House Baseball C215 Girls' Business Club C715 Detroit Business Institute. BIRDIE GOLDBLATT-Angellg University of Michigan. FANNIE bl. GOLOBlSKYhHutchins Intermediate5 House Bowling C61, C815 Odds and Ends C715 College of the City of Detroit. SHEILA MARY GOODNOW-College High5 Business Club5 House Swimming C615 Detroit Business University. BERNICE BELLE GORDON-Northeastern5 So- cii Romani C1015 Louisiana State University. SARA JEAN GRANT-Pattengill5 Senior Girls' Glee Club C7-815 LeCercle Francais C615 Library Staff C21, C815 "Vanity Fair" C715 "Serenade" C815 College of the City of Detroit. DOROTHY GREEN-Condon Intermediate5 House Baseball C31, C415 House Basketball C3'81j AllfHouse Basketball C815 School Basketball C815 House Tennis C615 University of Michigan. GLORIA GREENHUT-Sarnpson5 Art Club C41615 Black .Quills CI'21j Herodotus C3'14: Schiller C6'71j House Vice-President C315 "Vanity Fair" C515 Wicket's Fine Art School, FRANK LOUIS GREGOR-Pattengill5 Socii Ro- manig Los Leones Espanoles5 House Track CIf515 House Baseball CP315 House Basketball C215 School Golf C41, C61, C815 Carnegie Technical. EDNA GREGORY-Wingert5 Nurses' Training School, New York, N. T. ' WILLIAM GREGORY--Business. RALPH E. GRIFFIN-Marr5 House Baseball C515 House Basketball C21, C41, C615 C815 House Football C5'715 School Basketball5 Ohio State College. JOHNG ROSS-Almont Hi h5 " " Club 8 g N C 1: House Tennis C615 School Reserve Football C515 Varsity Football C715 House Secretaryffreasurer C815 12A Treasurer5 College of the City of Detroit. HARRY GUEST-Pattengill5 What Anne Brought Home5 Carnegie School of Technology. LGIBSON YR F r JLOLDBERC yy ncomsxnc acotoatm ' ' :Al km 5 . scodouow acoauou .3-+0 T - . ar osauzn conktnnut ,,,,- r' . V ' AI. :IA Nl.. 5 ,Q ex. Li S , ,,., 5 V ga ,- I maroon ncasconv vtcacconv g J 'F-.. .b I If ' ,LLEROSS 5H.GLlZST 4911 ,ff is is .Jes . . v -XR . I '1.VflIIZ5llbMf'R?NLNm1irs acucims rtcunrun I is 5 F' P scunvlrz, 5 l Ir 5 I 3 . 5 Q 5. .. ggi 2 nous: ruumconu uwuzcrn A1-mu. .:.iuu.u. KIIAHLN J 0 .mnnncn vtrwwzn .mmcocn H59 Ha f- i . A . Hmnsua I g ovruunfrougj e R K us.. .J t'-els W ' 'F' . ' - 5 "H" gi. Am i' f, M SOI SERVIT GUGAS Parnassus High5 House Bas' ketball 165. MAXWELL GURMAN--Hutchins5 jefferson Def bating 111155 Parliarnentarian 1215: House Foot' ball 135, 155, 1755 Captain 175: House Basketball 145. 1655 Captain 1655 House Baseball 1655 Captain 1655 House Track 115. 135, 195: House Tennis Manager 1655 School Tennis 1.15. 165, 1855 Cdhtdm 1115! SFIIUUI Basketball 1855 School Cheerleader 16f855 Colt Sport Editor 19-655 Editor in Chief 1755 Student Advisor 1855 University of Michigan. SIMON GURVITZ- -Sarnpson5 House Basketball! 1855 House Debating 1655 College of the City of Detroit. ROBERT GUSE-Estabrookg Glee Club 1if?'l5: So' cial Committee 1755 House Tennis I.-155 "Sweep hearts"5 "Martha"5 Palmer Chiropractic School. IONE HABERKORN-Angell5 Detroit Conserva' tory of Music. HOWARD HAEGER-TvIcGraw5 PrefMetIics 1.1- 65 College ofthe City of Detroit. ALMA HALLAEstabrook5 Business Club 16f755 House Basketball 1655 House Hockey 165. JESSIE MABEL HALLfHutchms Intermediatc LeCercle Francais 17-855 College of the City of Detroit. KENNETH HAMLINYPattengill5 University of Detroit. JOHN HENRY HAMMER-Marr5 HifT Gray 14f855 Treasurer 1755 VicefPresident 1855 House Basketball 16f855 House Baseball 1255 Manager House Tennis 1655 School Tennis 145, 165, 1855 Stu' dent Council 12f35, 17f855 Executive Board 1755 President 1855 Colt 1555 12A Dinner Committee' College of the City of Detroit. WILLIAM O. HAMMER-Marr5 Hifi' Gray 164555 Secretary 1855 House Baseball 1155 House Tennis 1655 House Swimming 135, 155, 1755 House Track 1655 School Tennis 175, 1855 House President 1855 12A Ring and Pin Comrnittee5 College of the City of Detroit. JOAN L. HANCOCK-Marrg Bios5 College of the City of Detroit. HERBERT HANSEN-Hutchins Intermediate? College ofthe City of Detroit. GEORGE S. HARRIS-Hutchins IntermecIiate5 Hi' 'I' Gray 151855 PrefMedics 174555 House Track 1851 School Cross Country 1755 School Track 17-855 University of Michigan. VERNE HAUGHTON- House Football 1255 House Baseball 1155 House Swimming 11f455 School Swimming 1655 Detroit Institute of Technology. JANET HAWKEfCollege High5 Amici 174553 House Basketball 155: House Track 1655 House Basketball 1555 House Track 1655 House Archery 1655 School Basketball 16-855 Captain 1555 School5 Hockey 1755 School Track 1655 G. A. A. 17-855 Ypsilanti Normal. MARTHA LOU HAWKINS-Ritddiman,' Socii Romani 1255 Odds and Ends 15-655 Sodales 15f655 12A Dinner Cornmitteeg University of Michigan. DANIEL B. HAYES-Wingert5 House Track 1255 House Baseball 175: House Swimming 1855 Howard University. 'W 2 muf f 'NIV VIIQNC I V1 LVIIIVQ-Q LOUIS HAYMANfBalch5 House Baseball C655 House Basketball C855 University of Detroit. GENEVIEVE LOUISE HEAL-Marr5 Maude Royden C2'45,' President C2655 G. A. C. C6f855 House Bowling5 IZA Ring and Pin Cornrnittee5 New Tork Business College. FREDERICK ALEX HEBERTfEstabr0ok: Hif'Yf Gray C6-855 House Basketball C65, C855 Detroit Technical College, T. M. C. A. HAROLD HEYDON-Redforclg Hiff-Gray C6f855 Treasurer C855 House Football C555 House 'Track C955 House Baseball C655 School Football C755 School Baseball C855 Olivet. THOMAS HEYDON-Estabrook5 House Baseball C255 House Football C455 C655 House Basketball C45, C655 C855 Manager C855 House Tennis C45, C65, C855 Manager C855 "The Lucky Break" C655 Michigan State College. HARRIET NEIGER I'IICKSfMCGraw5 Herodo- tus C255 House Debating Cs-655 Norwester Cs-855 jefferson Debating C3f455 Secretary C455 Spanish Club C6f855 College of the City of Detroit. PARAMORE HICKS-Glee Club5 House Trackg House Baseball5 House Basketball C2f455 School Football C2-35. IRIS HIGGINS-Ursaline Acaderny5 French Club C3f455 University of Detroit. MARGARET LOUISE HILL-Marr5 Sodales C4'65j G. A. C. C5f855 House Basketball C555 House Archery C655 House Swimming C25, C455 Odds and Ends C4-855 12A Treasury Committee5 College of the City of Detroit. ELIZABETH E. HINZ-Orion5 Home Science C855 House Swimming 435i Schiller C4e85f Detroit Busif ness Institute. CHARLES W. HOCKENBROCHT-Paxtonville, Pa.5 House Football C655 University of Detroit. CAROLYN MARIE HOFFMAN-Marr5 Alcott C6f855 President C855 Bios C5-855 Secretary C655 Vice' President C755 House Secretary C855 New 'York Busif ness College. MARTHA HOFMEISTERM-Sebewaing High, Sebewaing, Michigan5 Schiller C5f85. ELVIRA HOLM-jefferson Interrnediate5 Girls' Business Club C6f855 Secretary C855 Schiller Club C855 Business. MARGARET HOWES- ELEANOR MAE HOWITTfPattengill5 French Csf655 Girls' Business Club C655 Art School. GEORGE HUBERiAngeIl5 "N" Club5 House Baseball CI'3lJ House Track C355 House Football C255 C455 House 'Tennis C35, C555 School 'Track C55, C755 School Football C65, C855 House Vice-President C855 Secretary-'Treasurer C65. HAZEL HUNT-College High5 Business. Q rn! t I Lnavruws cunt mcscm' w e 'F 5 is W Q HHEYDON TZHIYDGW HHIGK5 L i M fl' I. QT 5 5' .L F f iles I A HPICKS HIGGINS K l'l.HlLl. ,ll 14 H- ' , ,., LWNZ CHICKENDROCHT C.l'10fl'HAN 'F ...Q .5 ng 5. zgnnofnrisrra uiom 'S swam sill ,iq QYf' V MW." flklll Slfx f l ai J 57 IIl WVl lV'5ll's v . WMMTIK AMUTYUN UJRWN JJHWN A L 'C ,.5 I V JJKVINI IMCOIS Qi. A-JDHUTSTON l 5 wnunn ru-mmson 5 WINIFRED ELLEN HUNTER-Marrg Business Institute. WESLEY V, HURDvStrathrnoor5 Hifi' C64955 Club Cj'ill5j House Track C255 Cross Country C35, CS5, C755 School Track C-45. C65, '855 House Vice' President C455 C655 Secretary C555 President C7fl'l5: Odds and Ends C855 12A President. ROY HUTCHISON-College High5 House Foot' ball C55, C755 School Hockey C65. C855 Business. AILEEN HUTTON4McGri1w5 jefferson Debate ing C355 House Archery C655 Mary Grove. DOROTHY .IUNE IRWlN4Marr5 Lister C6455: Secretary C855 Sodales C5f855 Vice-President C855 LeCercle Francais C755 House Secretary C855 House Debating C5f655 Manager C7-H55 School Debating C7'85j Colt C4'65j Assistant Club Editor C655 "Serenade" C855 Dance Recital C4'65f Odds and Ends C75i Senior Glee Club C75 12A Motto Cornrnitteeg Mt. Holyoke or Radcliffe. JENNY IRWIN-Uni1'ersi'ty of Micliigari JANE IRVINE-Business ISABEL JACOBS-Lincoln jr., High. Duluth. Minn.5 Business. MARGARET E. JASON-Moore. MARY A. JENKIN-Angell5 House Hockey C6f85,' House Basketball C5'575 House Bowling C6f85 College ofthe City of Detroit. ALLAH V. JENKINS-Arthur Hill High, Saginaw5 House Basketball C755 Indiana University. RUTH M. JEYNES-Pattengill5 "Vanity Fair" C555 Dancing Recital C455 Oberlin. ALLAN JOHNSONAHutchins5 Globe Trotters5 House Debating C25, C45, C655 Odds and Ends5 Business. FLOYD JOHNSON-Goldbergg Clubg House Basketball C45, C65, C855 House Baseball C655 C855 School Football C855 Reserve Football C655 House SecretaryfTreasurer5 12A Treasury Committee. RAYMOND E. JOHNSON-Hutchinsg House Basketball C655 Detroit Technical. AMY J. -lOHNSTONfAngell5 Girls' Affiliated Club C5-855 Los Leones C6-855 Herodotus CI'52f Spring Concert C4'S5j House Archery C4-655 School Tennis C6f855 School Golf C755 Detroit Commercial College. DOROTHY JONES-Angellg Girls' Ajjliliated Club5 Alice Freeman Palmer C3-545 House Tennis Ci5, C755 House Swimmif1gCJ5. C555 House Treasurer C355 House Debating C655 C855 Mzisical Concerts Crf355 12A Treasurers' Cornrnitteeg College of the City of Detroit. VIOLA JONES-Estabrookg Glee Club CI'C'55j Sec' retary C3f455 Librarian C7'85f Herodotus C155 Al' cott C7'85j G. A. A. C755 House Baseball C35, C555 School Hockey C55, C755 School Track C45. C655 School Skating C35, C55. C751 School Basketball C55, C755 House Basketball C355 House Archery C555 House Secretary C4f555 "Vanity Fair" C55, C755 "Errniriie"5 IZA Dinner Comrnittee5 'Ypsilanti Normal. ,-,,.i-f- xg? , . IXI IIIIZ-SW 'Ill 'WVlN'h1lis-- SOCOTA S. AIORDON-Wirigertg Howard Uni' versity. IRMA -IORGENSEN-Pattengillg Business Insti- IILIC. JACK JULL-South School, Tharns, New Zealand, HifTfRecl 164555 Los Leones Espanoles 17f855 Colt 17f855 College of the City of Detroit. VICTORIA D. KAPECKI-McGraw5 House Suiimming 1355 House Archery 1655 House Hockey 1455 House Track 1655 School Track 1655 Nurses' Tmiriing School. ALEXANDER KATZ-New Torlqg House Base' ball 15-855 House Debating 161855 Odds and Ends 174455 Pre-Medics 17f855 12A Ring and Pin Corn' rnirteeg College ofthe City of Detroit. DAVID KEEVER-Hutchins Interrnediate5 College of the City of Detroit. RICHARD S. KELSO-Pattengill5 Albion College. WILLIAM R. KEMP-Wingert5 House Football 135, 155, 1755 House TTt1Ck175j University of Detroit. GERALDINE M. KEOWN-Pattengillg Glee Club 115, 17,855 House Hockey 1655 House Basketball 1555 Norwester 15f655 "Vanity Fair" 1755 "Serenade" 1855 Business University. VIRA KERSNICK-University City High, Uni' versity City, Missouri. KATHLEEN C. KIEFER-Marrg Schiller 17f855 Globe Trotters 1855 Glee Club 15f855 House Archery May Festival 165, 1855 Girls' 'Trio 17f855 "Erniinie" 1655 "Serenade" 1855 Business College, CORA L. KIMBALL-Goldbergg Herodotus 12-535 Norwester 1sf655 12A Social Cornrnitteeg Business. CLIFTON KING-Hutchins5 Science and Radio: Business. EDWARD KIRBYfAngell5 Hi-Tfwaniega 11'45j Forum 1855 Secretary 135: VicefPresident 1455 House Tennis 1355 Odds and Ends 17'85f Colt 1If255 College of the City of Detroit. CHRISTINE KIRSCHENHEITER 7 Sarnpsong Schiller 14f855 Girls' Business Club 16-855 Business. MARVIN KLEIN-Neinas5 "N" Club5 House Football5 House Baseballg School Reserve Baseball5 Varsity Baseball5 House SecretaryfTreasurer5 College of the City of Detroit. DOROTHY MARIE KOEHLER+Angell5 Horne Science 154555 Glee Club 1155 House Tennis 155, 1755 Michigan State College. VIRGINIA M. KOTHE+Angell5 Herodotus 1155 French 151655 Alcott 14'85f House Hockey 1655 House Tennis 145: House Archery 15-755 School Tennis 164355 School Golf 1755 House Secretary 1555 Student Council 1352 Detroit Commercial College. .XJ V .' TEN . 7 is S, . 1 WI TIIVZSW !lIlf"!LNm1lu - - -I -B' ' rmunu mmm.: mwskrz for if .Q , wi - A A OUWCCR RLANDAU LLATTA . ' ' A A ,,:: gs. gi -Q ? sv, ' . ' 1 he ,fl .. i ' Hx r 45135. . H Luz mem t.i.zrrLtn 05... F' W . . ' A sc. I My any x wucur Lurrzn umm "V , I K .1 2. F .. d M, ik H tl .V f ' ZLETT lwnosmr ILLIPSITZ . f or-G. . I: I. , .V 'Q K X . mMlV gyms 5 nocnwooo . .L it Qf5z?:iQ?1i.i.gff? 5411 HENRY GARLAND KUHNfCondon lntermcf cliateg House Footballg School Baslqethallp School Baselmllg School Trackg School Reserve Footlrallg Howard University. EDWARD KUNKLE -Busincs s RUTH KURTZ4Angellg Amici C5-BX Secretary f7lg Schiller fjcflilg Secretary Kolg C. A. A.T7EdSll7E1 C7fHJg House Swimming Csflilq Reserve Hockey l7J,' House VicefPresident C7jg President Clijg IZA Chair- man of Ring and Pin Committeeg University of Michigan. OLEDA LADUCER- Hartford Pulilic Hxghg Busi- ness College. RAE LANDAU-Pattengillg Glee Cluh flfljj Business. LEONA LATTA-Hardingg Bios Cjnnj LeCercle Francais C-il: Detroit Business University. LOUISE LEE-'Tuscolag Home Science C7f8lg Busi- ness. MARGUERITE L. LEETE-Marrg LeCercle Fran' cais 1412515 House Basketball H735 Business. EARL LEFFLERvCondong University of Detroit. KENNETH LEHEUP-Pattengillg Glee Clulrg House Trackg "Lucky Brealfg "Serenade"g North' ern Illinois College. LOUISE LEPPERgCondon Interrnediateg Art Club C6-855 Lister Uefllj Water Carnival C-OJ House Archery f4lj Odds and Ends C6-8X Pulrlicity Manager C7f8jg 12A Class Day Committee. KENNETH LESTER- Busmess ZETA R. LETTfGolclbergg Business Cluh Q7f8Jg Alcott 17-855 House Basketball Q7Dg House Archery fell: Norwester f5f8Jg Business. ROBERT LINDSAY-Pattengill. EDITH LIPSITH-Brockton Highg Business FLOYD W. LOCKWOOI3fMcGraw5 House Foot' ballg House Basehallg House Basketballg School Footballg Alma College. ELOISE LOGAN-Hutchins lntermediateg Odds and Ends Q5'SJg Alhion College. RUSSELL LONG-Condon Intermediateg R. O. T, C. Lieutenantg Coltg Leland Stanford University' b MARGARET MARY LOVEfAngell5 Herodotus C1'355 VicefPresident C255 Secretary C355 Socii Ro' mann C3-555 'Treasurer C555 Hall of Fame C955 G. A. A, C7-855 House Tennis C755 House 'Track C655 House Basketball C755 Managerg School Golf C55, 1755 Captain C755 House Assistant Secretary C355 'Treasurer C855 House Debating C655 12A Ring and Pin Comrnitteeg College ofthe City of Detroit. FELICIA LENORE LUBOWfHutchins Inter- rnedmteg Soci Romani C3f455 Library Staff C555 Rid' ing Club C7f855 House Debating C855 University of Michigan. HILDEGARD LUECKHOFF-Wingertg Schiller C4-855 Secretary C7-855 School of Arts, Berlin, Ger- many, JENNIE STELLA LULKO--Assumptiong Schiller C7'85j Business. WILLIAM MACAULEY+Marr5 House Swim' mini: CS5. C755 House Basketball C45, C65, C855 Uni' versity of Michigan. ROBERT MAC CLAREN - HifT5 Odds and Ends, Chairman Social Committee C855 University of Michigan. WILLIAM T. MACDONALD-Nobleg Univerf sity of Detroit. EMMIE LEE MACKfWingert5 Nurses' 'Training School, VERA HELEN MACKfMarr5 Schiller C5-855 VicefPresident C855 House Debating C855 College of the City of Detroit, BARBARA MANCHESTERAHutchins Inter' mediate5 Alice Freeman Palmerg Herodotusg Girls' Business Clubg 'I'reasurer5 Business. DALE E. MAPLE-Marr5 Glee Club"C1-255 Presi' dent C255 Senior Orchestra C5-855 House Basketball C655 Curtiss Flying Service. LEONARD F. MARKS-Nobleg Detroit Business Institute. HARLYN EDAN MARSHALL-Pattengillj Los Leones Espanoles C6f855 Collegeof the Cityof Detroit. ORVILLE RAYMOND MARTIN-Angellg Hi' T-Keewahlgee C1f455 House Track C355 College of the City of Detroit. ,IESSIE A. MASSEY-Franlqling Business Institute. WILLIAM J. MASSEY, jr.,-Angell5 General Motor's Tech. RUDOLPH MATTSON-Rudyard High5 Hifl' C2155 College of the City of Detroit. NOEL MAXAM-Hutchins Inte1mediate5 House Track C1355 School Track C45, C65, C855 Odds and Ends C1-55, C7'85f Assistant Editor C75i Editorf infchief C855 Club C4f855 Art Club C3f455 Hif'YfGray C4-855 President C655 City Presidents' Council5 Lister C5f855 Parliarnentarian C655 Detroit HifP1ess Club, VicefPresident5 Student Council C3-655 Executive Board C4-655 President C655 Hall of Fame C655 School Cross Country C35, C555 "Vanity Fair" C355 School Productions Business Staff C3'65j Business Manager "Lucky Break" C555 "Romantic Age" C855 Dartmouth University. Iss S' 'F I f a kill?-i :: Q I Mg.. -' PLLOVE .l.Lll.K0 4 S , 5 'iv st, I if 'Ii . WMACDONALD if' .fl .C i sriancnzsrrtn HMARSHALL -awk? i. Nh Ni I riunow mutcririorr . fp f 'A L -I 5 . wnauuitv n.n-fcimm xxx: truce vmcx err- . ' I omru i..r1Anna . ,, .fag - 'Q-'4, sq x omnrin .imssev F ' 4 4 Q IHATTSUN N.l'lAXAH 'Q v"'ii"i" M' J f-milf ! ' LWIIIQI MZMIIIFIVI mar ia.. N v 1- . 'T 'ri GIFCARTY YQ-I ' rinf mvnt wt' F? 'Q uv I . -ar' , , if M.M'TYRE -Q Jlnzniisbcn 'mfg s. 5 A . 'X N . 4 ' N.M'CABl G.H'CARTER :ie -7 V f 7 5. tn-cuntnrs mfoormto , E. V' 4 . so A mfncsson enfnmnon lk! so-sun cnucnzn lg!! mmz mznnnt . .mnri nmrzns X 'Ki' Jig? I M ' QC .. Qgnf -. ,fy 2 , ... AMKILI NORMAN MCCABE-Estabrcwolgg University of Southern California. GRACE MCCARTER- LEO GERALD MCCARTY-McGrau1. LAURENCE MCCLEMENTS-eMarrg HN" Club C6f81g Hiff C31i House Baseball C11, C315 House Basketball C21, C415 School Baseball C51, C715 School Reserve Basketball C615 Student Council C4f61p School Orchestra C1f61g Michigan State College. FRANCIS W. MCDONALD-Winterhalterg Odds and Ends, Exchange Editor C7f31g College of the City of Detroit. HENRIETTA MCINTYRE-Belmcmnt Highg Busi 11558. ALMA NICKESSONV---Langston Highg House Bas- ketball: Business Institute. EARL C. MCKINNON-Estabrookg House Swim' ming C5f61g Northwestern University. MILDRED MCTYRE-Eastern. KATHRYN R. MEADYGoldbergg House Swim' ming C4'S1j School Tennis C615 'Ypsilanti College. CHARLES STUART MEAGHERfHutchins In- termediateg Orchestra C1-615 House Swimming C31, C51, C715 College ofthe City of Detroit. JULIA EDMUNDS MEDDAUGH--Hutchins Inf terrnediateg Bios C815 House Swimming C415 House Hockey C815 House Bowling C815 University of Michigan. RAY MEITZ-Nazareth Lutherang Business. IRENE BURROWS MERRELL-Marrg LeCercle Francais C7'81j Dance Recital C41, C61, C815 "Sere- nade" C815 College of the City of Detroit. IRAS ALBERTA MERRIMAN-Highland Park Highg High School of Commerce. JAMES METH McGraw-Odds and Ends CWSP: Colt, News, Editor C815 Norwester C815 Business. MARJORIE MEYERMSampsong Schiller C7f81g House Basketball C71g House Track C515 Business. ANGELO MICELI-Winterhalterg House Trackg "Vanity Fair"g University of Detroit. 'S .fre--A A X . 'Nlff To ' XZ "l!. f' - Q ,. i'9f l I QQQ, y4i Ill X I y iwlf . MARY L. MICHNIEWICZ- Assumptiong Nfaude Royden Qjf.i5g Girls' Business Club f6f35g House Hockey fsf85g House Basketball i655 House Track C-15: School Track 1655 Norw6Sff' l6'?l5: BU-Si' ness. ELIZABETH E. MICHA --lejfersong Business. CLAUDIA MIKULIAK-Number Seveng Busif ness. A L F R E D M I L K I E - -lohnstown, Pennsylvaniag School Foothullg junior Vorsityg School Baskethallg University of Detroit. RUTH ANNA MILLER4Bennett Highg Greek Cluhg French Cliihg College of the City of Detroit. VIRGINIA LOUISE IvIILLERfjejferson Inter- mediateg Girls' Business Club L6f85g Business College. ARTHUR MILLIGAN-Gmylingg Hi-TfRed C1f25 C555 Student Councilg Michigan State University. ERNESTINE MILLS'-Siimpscrng Business. TVIILDRED MARY MILLSfPattengillg Home Sciencep House Baskethallg House Swimming: Business. DOROTHEE L. MILOCH-Assumptiong Herodo- tus 1155 Business University. FLORENCE 1. MITCHELL-N. W. S. S.g Hero' dorus 1255 House Swimming Q25: Captain C455 House Hockey Q75g House 'Tennis 665g School Swim' ming l4f65g Business University. LESLIE MITCHELL-Hiitchins Intermediateg Hi- T-Blue Q4-85g Treasurer-Secretaryg Business. BARBARA K, MONTEE f Wingertg House Hockey Q6'75g House Bowling i655 House Basketball 175g Evangelical Deaconess Hospital. FRAZIER NIOOREW Wirigertg House Track f65g School Cross Country 1655 School 'Track C75g College of the City of Detroit. SIDNEY NIOORE--Track C1655 Business. WALTER G. MOOREfAngell5 Hiff-Blue Q7-85: Science and Radio C7-85g College of the City of Detroit. FRANK MORAN Business. .IAMES MORTIMERgWestern Highj House Baskethullg University of Detroit. M '- f if 1 :Elph . nr, , V B I M HMICHNIEWRCZ E NICHA CMIKULIAK 1. It .mi , . AHILKII RHILLER YHILLCR . , v ,L ' V X .2 ' 'I AMILLIGAN LHILLS N HILLS .. 5. . -F is UMILOCH FMITCHELL l..F'llTCHELL BMONTIE EHOORE GMOORE . Ii en ' we 5 . YLNOUM EHORAN JHORTIMCR Is7I fi-i W' Y fi wx-, x ,S agfiwf1!i7llIW'6u!!ll.XQSLEHIV SEQC . ' . Bitte , X' J' A AMUSIAL CNEIDHAH , . - NNCWLAND SNICHOLSON qfg. 5-.. 5 ' A 'fax V' JNISBET RNQRWN 1 NDLESON ihuzv nrAu.w.n I is I JMURDOCH ' 3 DNELSON L15- . 4 LNIKRANT T RDBERSCHULTI 5 um: A If sw-H JM.. Y - . ILPALM ll S811 EDORA MORTON-Wingert5 House Track C4655 House Basketball Csf755 House Archery C855 House Tennis C855 School Track C655 School Basketball C855 Detroit Teachers' College. THOMAS A. MOWBRAYfWinterhalter5 House Track C355 C555 University ofMichigan. jEAN ELIZABETH IvIURDOCHgMarr5 rzA Treasurers' Comrmttee5 Wicker School of Fine Arts. ALICE MUSIALfAngell5 Girls' Business Club5 House Hockey C655 House Baseball C35- CS5g School Reserve Hockey C755 Odds and Ends C755 University of Michigan. CHARLES NEEDHAM-Pattengill5 Business. DOLPHUS NELSON-Estabrook5 School Basketball C855 Reserve C655 University of Michigan. MILDRED NEWLAND-College High5 House Track C655 Business. SAMUEL NICHOLSON-Business. ETHEL NIKRANT--St. Rose's5 LeCercle Fran- cais C4-855 Herodotus C1f255 Caryatides C1f255 Art Club Csf655 House Golf C655 House Tennis C655 School Golf C755 Odds and Ends C4'65j Colt C855 "Vanity Fair" C45, C655 University of Detroit. ,IANE F, NISBET-Marrg Girls' Business Club5 Colt C455 Henry Ford Hospital. FHYLLIS CLAIRE NOR'TON+Mar'f: Alcott C4-855 Schiller Club C6-855 House Secretary C6f855 12A Dress Cornrnitteeg Michigan State College. RICHARD OBERSCHULTE - Nazareth Lu' therang Schiller C355 Science and Radio C855 House Basketball C855 Valparaiso University. NORMAN L. OLESCN-Pattengillg House Foot' ball C355 Cs5, C755 House Baseball C655 C855 House Golf C65, C855 House Ba:ketl'all C855 University of Detroit. RUTH OPPENHEIM-Sampson5 jefferson De- bating C355 LeCercle Francais C.4:855 VicefPresident C855 Lister C7f855 House VxcefPresident C255 House Debating C4-855 Chairman C6f855 Norwester C7851 Publicity Manager C655 Assistant Editor C7'85f 12A Motto Cornrnitteeg All House Debating Team C65, C855 Detroit Business Institute. ROBERT PAGE-Business. IDA E. PALLEY-Hutchinsg Odds and Ends C755 College of the City of Detroit. FRED PALLIAER-Fochg House Baseball C655 House Golf C65. RICHARD S. PALMf,Iejferson5 "N" Club C6'855 VicefPresident C855 House Football C555 House Swimming C4-855 Captain C7f855 House Vice- Presiderit C7f855 12A Social Commxttee5 College of the City of Detroit. X I r Q5 UW55'- f .1-mll'S' ff? 1 .1 I Q f i ll m l- lV'IlT lDA BETH PALIVIER-Franklmg Girls' Business Club 14-855 Business. GLADYS M. PANTON-Angell5 Amici 17-855 Alice Freeman Palmer 13455 House Baseball 12'45j House Bowling 16-855 Captain 161855 House Swim' ming 195: School Golf 1755 House Vicefljresident 1355 Student Council 1855 12A Ring and Pin Corn- mitree5 National Kindergarten and Elementary College, Evanston. lll. GEORGE PARROTT-W Angell5 Socii Romani5 Radio arul Science Clubg HWY Blue Chapter5 Col- lege of the City of Detroit. DANIEL PASKIEWICZ-Clipperg House Swim' ming 1755 House Baseball 1655 12A Ring and Pm Committee5 University of Detroit. HARRY PAULL--Angell5 School Baseball 1555 College of the City of Detroit. EDNA W. PAYTON-Newmarket High School5 Newmarket, Ont.5 Alice Freman Palmer 1455 French Club 1655 House Archery 1455 School Hockey 1555 Norwester 1s-655 Dance Recital 1655 College of the City of Detroit. ROYAL E. PEAKE-+Marr5 Lister 16-855 President 1855 Herodotus 111255 Hall of Fame 1255 Socii Ro- mani 1555 Censor 1955 Hifl' Grey Chapter 17f855 House 'Tennis 14f65,' House Debating 151855 All House 1855 Norwester 17-855 School Oratorical Con- test 1855 I2 A Class Day Committeeg University of MlClllg1ln. NOBLE PECKHAM- Mcl7T,' Forum 17f855 Hifl' Blue Chapter 13f855 VicefPresident 1855 Socri Ro' marii 12-45: President 1.455 House Tennis 1455 House Golf 1455 House Swimming 15f755 House Track 1555 House Basketball 1855 Student Council 17f855 Odds and Ends 15-655 12A Supper Co'mmittee5 Albion College. VIOLET M. PEERBOLTE-South Strathm0or5 Greek Club 134555 Norwester 15f855 12A Memorial Comrnittee5 Dance Recital 1655 College of the City of Detroitg Business College. SYDNEY PELLERW--Philadelphia, Pa.5 University of Detroit. ABRAHAM PELTON-Goldberg House Golf 1655 12A Treasurers' Committee5 College of the City of Detroit. FLOYD PENICK-Wxr1gert5 Club5 House Baseball 1255 House Football 1655 House Basketball 1255 House Track 11f655 School Track 16-855 Michif gan State College. GEORGE PERRY -Goldberg Lister 17f855 House Debating 1855 University of Michigan. FREDERICK PETERSON--Angell5 House Base' ball 11455 School Football 14-855 House Secretary mul Treasurer 1855 12A Color Comrnittee5 Unroerf sity of Southern California. HUGHES PETERSON- Condong House Track 1555 House Football 1755 College of the City of Detroit, MARBELL F. PETERSON-Irfan Niountam High School. GERALD PHELAN--St. Theresa5 Socu Romani 1l'45,' House Debating 1855 University of Detroit. GEORGE PICKETT-Estabrookg Business lnsti- HUC. i,PAi.r1r:n 5, . 'Y D.PA5ZKIEWlCZ RPEAKE il . is 4 X S.PEu.En MPUZRSDN llwl crmrou cmmorr F , . Nu? n.PAuLL :.PAY'toN . X n.P:cio-:An vmfnnotrt 5 lziflil WJ . X. A.PEL'l'0N rrcmcx its n I .5 nrrrtnsou H.Pl:TEnsoN 5 5 J p . cn-run cncum ,4-U M. xc 5 4 " "' V 'xvtii ' v 'Fi mow LPOOCH fr 1' 1 VAPUWRIE i AWN - HRA! sol I . LRHEA I 1 nnosmson ' LGUAGLINI :Pi- LRIIIUPZ. P A nmol Vb" n I . 1-LQUAY N1 .mums :nocnwm ARUSEN ELEANOR PIOCH Hutchms I7lfKT17'l6dlLll'C, Bust' ness Cluh 154515 Vxceepresulent l7'tIllj Alcott 154115 ' Girls' Glee Club 15,715 House Track 1.:fH1, House Baseball C415 House Tenms 14f61g House Sll'171'l1V1l111.l li'7lJ House Baslgetlvall 1'i'71g Norulester 10441, Busmess. LOUISE C. PLUTVIIVIERY - Arlgellg Herotlotus 11415 Secretary 1315 VlCE'I77ESlkICYlI 141g Hall of Fame 1415 Odds and Ends 151815 Girls' Glue Clulv 1111, Socu Romam 13-81g Presulent 1615 Alcott 131, Busmess. MARY PORTER-Angellg Herotlotus 111215 Socn Romam 1sf61,' Alcott 15f?l1g Secretary 181g House Swimmmg l4'7lf Gwls' Clee Clulv 1115 Secretary 'Treasurer 111g School Golf 1sf71g Otltls and Emls Csflllg IZA Soczal Cormnxtteeg Smxth College. WILLIAM POWRIE flvlarrq Norwester 171515 'xVamty Fav" ,'W1ClQEY Art School, ELIZABETH QUAULINIP- Easterng French Clulv, Busmess. HAROLD QUAYf LaSalleg Ururersxry oj Nltclu- gan. HELEN RABEfPatter1g1ll,' Busmess Cluh 181, House Bowling f7f81g Busmess. MAC RACHLlNflvlcGrawg House Baseball 12f61g House Basketball lzfbjg School Baslqethall 181,- Michigan State College. JEROME RAIKE-Kalamazoo Centralg Schxller Club f7f8jg Kalamazoo College. EUGENE RHEA--Goldbergg House Football 16181, House Basketball 13415 House Baseball 1'3'i1,' House Swxmming 1615 Umversuty of Detroxt. EARL RHEAUME-St. 'Theresag House Track lkllQ House Football CVSDQ School Cross Country 171g School Track C815 Busmess. JAMES RICKARD -Sampsong House Football 171g All-House 171g House Swmrrnmg is-715 House Golf C815 House Tennis 1815 House Track l71: House Basketball 181g College of the Cnty of Detroxt. DOUGLAS ROBINSON4CvoldlWergg House Foot' ball C61g "Martha"g Stage Crewg Mxchngan State College. WILLARD ROBINSON ---Tawas Clty Hxght Bust' ness. EVA ROCKIVELLAEstalvroolqg Home Sctence Clulwg House Bowlmg 181g Business. CHARLES A. ROGERS--Pattengxllg Luster 1411115 Presrdent 1715 V1CK'PTCSlLICTlI 181g Parlnamentanan lil: Hi-T Grey Chapter 14-815 Presxdent 1715 Stu' dent Counczl 13f41g House Delvatlng 131415 House Chairman 181g AllfHousc Delvatmg 14.15 School Def baring 15-81g Odds and Ends 1515 Norwester l71,' 12A Commencement Commxtteeg Extempore Speech Contest 1615 University of Mxclugan. EVELYN ROMEY-Pattengdlg Schxller Cluhg Business. Czty of Detront. -J ss ', , 1 1 lf 1 ' ABRAHAM F. ROSEN--Angellg College of the ,. A-5 gg -- vQbs - fff' s ' 'FN5W1ffT - mt1dlVT5!.llo l5 T lll WLVFPWIW IRVING ROSEN--Hutchins5 Spanish Club5 House Basketball 12f855 House 4Track11f755 House Baseball 12455 University of Michigan. MARCIARET A. ROSSfAngell5 Soclales 16-855 Secretary 1855 Greek Club 15-855 Albion College. ERMA ROSSIE-Goldberg5 House Swimming 1555 Business. LAAURICE ROTHSTEIN--Hutchinsg House De- bating 1855 Michigan College of Mining and Tech' nology. ROYCE ROWE'MllTT5 Business. MERTON R. RULEfMarr5 House Baseball 12f655 School Hockey 13f855 College of the City of Detroit' .IANET RUNYEON-Angell5 Los Leones Es. panoles 17-855 Herotlotus 1g1'455 Alcott 1855 House Archery 1455 House Golf 1655 School Golf 15-755 Odds and Ends 14-655 University of Detroit. LILIAN RUSSELL-Angell5 French Club 19855 Secretary 185: G. A. C. 1655 House Track 1455 House Tennis 1655 Odds and Ends 14f655 College of the City of Detroit. HAZEL C. SAMLlEL-Condon5 Business Club 15-855 House Swimming 1655 House Hockey 15'755 House Basketball 15-755 House Bowling 16f855 School Golf1755 G. A. A. Board 17f855 Business. MARY JEAN SANDERSONfAngell5 Socii Ro' mani 13f455 House Basketball 1655 Captain.5 House Secretary 175: House President 1855 Dance Recital 1l'75Q "Vanity Fair" 1755 12A Dinner Cornrnitteeg University of Southern California. IRENE SARY-Monnier5 Business Club 1855 School Hockey 1755 House Basketball 141855 House Hockey 1655 House Bowling 1655 House 'Track 1755 School Basketball 1355 Business. MAY SASSv-Marr5 Business. CHAUNTAL C. SAUNDERS-Angellg Alcott 16'855 President. Treasurer 1855 LeCercle Francais 14f555 House Swimming 1355 School Swimming 14-S55 House 'Treasurer 175: "Vanity Fair" 175: Water Carnival 14f855 Hall of Fame 175: Castle' onfHudson, Tarryton, N. T. DONALD W, SAWYER-Estabrook5 Boy's Glee Club 12f855 Secretary 1255 House Baseball 14f85: House Basketball 16-855 House Swnnrmng 1755 Manager 1855 House Basketball 16f855 Manager 1855 House Swimming 1755 House Track 1sf755 House Secretary, Treasurer 1755 House President 1855 House Debating 1655 "Martha" 1455 "Erminie" 1655 "Serenade" 1855 All City Glee Club and Chorus 12f855 Dartmouth College. JOHN SCHANG-Condon5 Bios Club 1855 Uni' versity of Detroit. GEORGE SCHNElDERfHutchins5 Schiller Club 17f855 University of Detroit. LILLIE SCHRAEDER- Pattengillg Schiller Club 17f855 President 1855 "Erminie" 1655 "Serenade" 1855 College ofthe City of Detroit. CHARLES SCHULMAN-Pattengill5 House Base' ball 1i'75: House Football 15-755 House Basketball 13f755 University of Detroit. 116 -I 5 'F ' .. y ,E .. .45 .,- I Zi - LROSEN HROSS EROSSIC If 5 Ti ,f.. , i 5 " s I ,.,s2'f 'V MROTHSTUN RROWE HRULC f f 5 . 5 P 5 g 5. - ier . 1' 3 P K My W . V .5 . . , JRUNYEON LRUSSELL H.SAHlIL fi.. 'H .. it . 5 .4 s X hm.. N3 H . we 51 . ss -.:.,L. I--1, - Vi 0' PLSANDEBSON LSARY C.SASS lI:ff"" -tt" , ' if gli 5 .cswmtns IISAYIYCR Jscnmc I V ,f l l :ja an "rc 'F 5: 1 'f A 5 5 5 it it ls- . I - H Q ' f ,'j,4"'?f 4, we '5" , i Ill -ali-sf - WV'lIlZ9ES!Il'X1V Nmli-s - CYRILLE L. SCHWARTZ'-Hittchinsf French Club C7'85j Odds and Ends C655 University of Michigan. DAVID SCOTT+Pattengill5 Hiff C4fi'l55 Vice' President C755 President C855 Forum C7'C'l5j Pres' ident C855 Socii Romani CP455 Treasurer C355 House Track C3-755 House Basketball C6-855 Mana' ger C855 Odds and Ends C655 Norwester C7-H55 11A Class Day Committee5 Albion College. ALICE SEEFRED-Arsenal Technical. Indianapoi lis, Ind.5 Abwhtlf Ann Brought Homcf' College oj the City of Detroit. ELIZABETH E. SHEETZ-john Morrow School, Pittsburgh, Pa.5 Girls' Business Club C7-855 Busif ness. ROBERT SHEPARD-Greenfeld Farkg West Point Military Academy. MARGARET A. SHERMAN-Pattengillg Bios Club C3f855 President C6f755 Detroit Business Um' versity. MARGARET I. SHERRIN--Pattengill5 Globe Trotters C855 Detroit Teachefs College. SHESHANA SHNITZ---Hutchins5 Business. VIRGINIA SHY+Clipper5 Girls' Business Club C6855 Business. HAROLD SIELOFF-St. .Iohn's5 "N" Club C6f855 Secretary and Treasurer C755 President C855 House Baseball C6f855 House Basketball C3f855 School Foot' ball C3f755 House President C855 12A Commence- ment Committee5 Valpariso University. JACOB SILL?Hutchins5 College ofthe City of De' troit. ARCHIE SIM-Scotland5 Business LOUISE SIMMS-Wingertg House Track C1f355 School Track C3655 House Basketball C655 House Archery C75i School Basketball C755 Uriiversity of Michigan. KENNETH SIMS- SAMUEL SINILA' --Business BOYD SISSON-Business AUDREY C. SMITI'IfEstabrook5 Alice Freeman Palmer C1'45j Treasurer C45. ETHEL V. SMITH-Hutchins Intermediate G. A. A- C3'75i SCCTCWVN C3'-15: Treasurer Csf655 Refiref serttative C755 House Track Czf855 House Baseball C2f455 House Tennis C2'-45: House Archery C455 House Swimming C155 House Basketball CI'85j Cap' tain C355, C755 AllfHouse Basketball C3f755 Captain C755 School Swimming C1f855 Manager C1-855 School Track C455 House Treasurer C755 House President C855 Dance Recital C455 Ncrrwester Clf855 "Vanity Fair" C555 12A Ring and Pin Committee5 College of the City of Detroit. 1 ar t '3V'WW-'SRI WV' N171 E, v SHERILL D. SMITH--'Marrg Girls' Glee Club 144515 "Vanity Fair" 1715 First Prize5 Detroit 'Teachers' College. MURIEL C. SMO'I'HERSf-leffersong Socii Ro- mam 151715 Sodales 174515 House Basketball 1541: - R' House Bowling 12515 House Archery 12515 University If ofNIichigan. 5 "f" J' fm, Q. Y ALICE SMOTHERS fM1ller5 House Hockey 151615 , House Basketball 171: House Swimrning 14-715 -' House Bowling 13515 House Archery 13515 House Nsnolnma AJMOTHFRS Baseball 1115 Business. LLOYD SOCALLfWinrerl1alter5 Business. : ' MAR ORIE SOMKIN-Winterhalter' Schiller I i 17'71: House Basketball 1615 Water Calrnival 1415 5 W A School Hockey 1515 School 'Track 141: Odds and Ends 5 1 1515 Uriirersity of Michigan. ' E 4 'T' I . KENNETH SORENSONfCollege H1gh5 House Basketball 16451. GENEVIEVE E. SPENCER--Angell5 Alice Free' mari Palmer 141: Bios Club 151815 Secretary 174515 Nfichigari State College. ' , GEORGE A. SPENCERfAngell5 Science and Radio Club 12515 House Football 1515 House Base- KSORENSON ball 141: House Basketball 1612515 Michigan State ' College. FRANK STAUB' -Goldberg Orchestra 134515 Col' lege of the City of Detroit. Gznucm ESTAUB DOROTHY STEDMANfWin!erhalter5 Cirl's Glee Club 13-415 "Martha"5 "Errninie"5 D. B. I. JEANNE MARIE STEELE--Leslie5 Herodotus -an-Q0 11f215 Cercle Francais 13f415 Alcott 154515 School Swimming 131415 Water Carnival 1315 'Romantic Age"5 "Whitt Ann Brought Home" 12515 11A Corn' menccrnent Committee5 Cass High School. MARTIN J. STEEANAC- Marr5 Hifl' 161815 R. O. T. C. 164515 House Baseball 164515 House Football 17-715 House Basketball 164515 House 'Track 15-715 "What Anne Brought Home"5 College of the City of Detroit. ELEANOR STEVENS-Marr5 Bios Club 13515 Le Cercle Francais 16-I51. DORIS STEWARTfPatte1igill5 Alcott 154515 Art Club 17'rII1j House Secretary5 Student Council 15-715 Executive Board fs'715 Narwester 161815 IZA 'I'reasurer's Cornrnitteeg High School of Commerce, DOROTHY M, STlRLINGfAngell5 Girl's Glee Club 111, 16-P515 Vicefpresident 1115 Accornpanist 164515 Dance Recital 1215 "Vanity Fair" 1715 Water Carnival 1515 Norwester 154115 "Serenade" 1815 'Ypsilanti College. BOYD STOCKMEYERN Patterigillg Hifl' 1112515 MTQM 11519114945 Forum 174515 House Basketball 1215 House Football 16,9515 All-House Tennis 141: House Swimming 1315 House Baseball 124515 School Basketball 16f815 House Secretary 1615 House 'Treasurer 1815 Colt k7'tIl1j 12A 'I'reasurer's Cornmittee5 De Poirso. ROHERTA STOCKWELLfCollege High5 Cercle Francais 164515 Odds and Ends 14-2515 Colt 1615 Detroit 'Teachers' College. EMMA P. STRASDINfGeorge Fordg Girl's Busif ness Club 174515 Odds and Ends 1815 House Base- ball 1415 Business. if A tries at sg' i .mms nsrzrsnaz l63lI , -5 -X ezsfn ffw . . ff fvElI' .L7 ' Will Willlfit lvwlmw C HSTRICK CJTREKLMD B.S'fR0lf ff H sl ' Z .Y 1 .M umm .tmaor nmoa lf' ,gl fp 5 . . .4 'v V T A .2 . . 4 HTEICHHAN H.TlLflR LTEHPUN sg... 5 5 V, T' '25 ' L.TH0l"lAS AIHOHPSON U.Tl'lOHfSON K is 2 5 n ew 7' 51 1 ' t k 2 , rf, . H.THUI!MAN TIILLIY VTIHBIRS. .I 5. 9, ., . nmsm in 5 64ll MARGUERITE A. STRICK-St. james Lutheran, Socu Romani C2f5J5 House Hockey C4655 House Bowling CBQ5 House Archery Clllg Schiller C6'l'll5 Detroit 'Teachers' College. CARROL H. STRICKLAND -- Paine College High School, Gag College ofthe Cnty of Detroit. BESSIE STROUP--Business RUTH E. TAGERACondon5 Art Club C6315 Bios Club Csf8J5 VicefPresulent C6J5 President C825 Col- lege of the City of Detroit. -IOSEPHINE TALBOT--Marr5 Bios CllLl7'C3'4lf Secretary C435 Le Cercle Francais C4'8lj Art'Club C5-855 School ColfC6-815 Colt C4l5 12ASocial Com' mittee5 Vassar College. AARON TAYLOR-Paterson, New jersey Col' lege ofthe Cnty of Detroit. MARGARET F. TEICHMAN-Marr: Schiller Club C895 House Basketball 5SchoolSw1mrnmg C4405 House Swirnrning5 House Tennts5 House Baseball5 Water Carnival5 Albion College. MARION TEI.FERfMarr5 Alice Freeman Palmer CMD: Alcott CWD- EDGAR F. TEMPLIN---Estabrookg Busxness. LORRAINE A. THOMAS--jeffersong Globe Trotters Club C835 Detroit Business Institute. ALBERT THOMPSON-Wxngertg House Track CIJ, C6'7Jj House Baseball C7J. DORIS THOMPSON'f-,lejfersrrn5 House Bowling C815 Globe Trotters Club C8J. HOWARD W. TI'IURMANYAngell5 House Baseball5 Business, THELMA M. TILLEYA George Fordg Gxrlfs Glce Club C2j5 Busmess Club C205 Busmess. VERA E. TIMBERSfWungert5 House Track C635 House Basketball C7J5 House 'Track Czl. Cell. C695 School Track C6-815 House Bowling C6-335 School Track C715 Michigan State Normal College. BETTY TINSLEYfEstabrook5 House Basketball Cs-83. BETTY TOWNSEND- -College of the City of Detroit. ELIZABETH TRATTNERfSampson5 French Club C4-BJ5 Secretary C715 President CBJ5 Art Club C5f8J5 Secretary C7Dj House Debating Csf8j5 College of the City of Detroit. --e 5. 5 "Q . V'-1 I 'NM e'r c Y ,- v , 'Qtfis ffiliwb IVY! 1 Nye: FAYE E. TRUMBLE-Pattengillg Socii Romani 1zf35g Sodales 17-855 House Hockey 195g House Bas- ketball 1455 House Swimming 1465: Odds and Ends 13-55g College ofthe City of Detroit. FLORENCE M. TUREK-St. Casimifs Parochial: LeCe1cle Francais 17-85g Odds and Ends 15-651 College of the City of Detroit. RUTH TURNER-McCrawg Business Club 15-85g G. A. C. 14-655 Business. IRENE j. TUROWSKIfSt. Casimir'sp G. A. C. 15-65g House Basketball 1555 Business Club 15f85j Business. WILLA MAE LJNDERWOOD-Wingertg Thales Debating Club 115g House Track 175: House Base- ball 1355 Lincoln Hospital. HARRY VAIL-Hutchinsg Schiller Club 165g Col' lege of the City of Detroit. CHARLOTTE VALLADE-Angellg Sodales 17'85g Business. ERWIN VALMORE-Marrg Hifi' Blue Chapter 1855 UN" Club 1855 House Football 16f85g All' House Football 16-855 House Baseball 11-54g House 'Track 11f35g School Track 17-855 House Vice'Presif dent 1855 12A Social Committeeg University of Michigan. EDGAR VAN DYK-Pattengillg Science and Radio Club 185. College ofthe City of Detroit. SIDNEY VELICK-Bartlesville, Oklahomag House Track 15-65g House Treasurer 1755 House Secretary 1855 Lincoln House Record 1Editor5 185g Odds and Ends 165g Norwester 17f85g Editor 1855 Hall of Fame 175: Chairman of 12A Motto C0mmlIlCCj Colurnf bia University. MARJORIE VOORHIE-9-Wethersyfield High, Connecticutg Business College. BUHL WALBRIDGE-College Highg House Base' ball 1655 House Basketball 185. NORMAN WARGOWSKY---Nazarethg Valpa- 'riso University. FLORENCE E. WEAVER-Uniiversity High, Chi' cago, Ill.g Chicago Business College. ROBERT WEBBERg.Quincy, Hancock, Michigang Business. DAVID WEISENFELD-Hutchins. College ofthe City of Detroit. EDITH F. WELLAND-Goldbergg Detroit Business University. HARRY N. WELLAND-Goldbergg College ofthe City of Detroit. 'U ! 'iw Yi! , Lnunm Lrunowsm 'G s-. in R . CVALLAM N: Q s S.VELlCK I NNIARGOWSKI T 'I' f . m m 65 'F . 7. :.-3.3, g A ETUKIK RTURNCK. s . f WJMUCKWOOD H.VAlL ,Q A of 'X - .QM 'ww LVALHORI IVAN DYK V x fx . I 1 1 D .' an. ' HVOORHIIS IWALBRIDCC Xegib X44 X Q EWIAVIR KWEBBIR J' if Eg... 2 .. 1 'fl ' 1 st ' LVIILLAND H.WllJ.AlQ -f i 5... S 5 mt, . --if N f'lElll' sl.7llIlF? ' Nmissi-3 - 5 5' . 5, A . . Q i ' X ,s I ...NJ ,I 6A twins: nwcxun Amuuzv nwnm: w.wicmun nwitcox D.WlLLl E .WILLIAHS l'1.WlLLlAY'lS ss... :I 11 .Q 5 'A H ...P Q Q .5 5 g My A Q JJ' - A: :.wn.sim unison V in 5 5 c.woi.rt twoon moon .F . Q ff I Ne F-J , . Y- JK 5 nwooimmrn owmcm' sr.vcuu.ouis 'ss 11 EDWARD WERBEfBl4SI71CSS FANNIE E. WEXLER-HiAtchins Intermediate: Los Leones Espanoles C855 House Basketball C7'85, University of Michigan. ANNA BELL WI-IALEY-Lincoln lnstitute5 Con- servatory of Music, Detroit. IVIARGARET WHITE-HiLtchi1is5 Bios Club C355 House Track C2f655 House Baseball C4-655 House Swimming C555 School Track C655 School Skating C3f755 Detroit Business University. WILLIAM A. WICKHAM -jefferson Interme' diate5 House 'Tennis C755 House Football C7'85: House Basketball C655 House Baseball C6f755 School Basketball C7f855 IZA Ring and Pm Committeeg College of the City of Detroit. MARGARET WILCOX-4Atlritin fr., Highg Globe Trotters C855 Dance Recital C455 Business. DON M. WILLE -'Hutchins Intermediate' 'IN' Club C6-855 Secretary C855 House Football C3f555 House Swimming C4f85g House Baseball C64555 House 'frafli C455 House Golf C655 House President C6f755 Norwester C855 Lincoln House Record C6655 12A Secretary5 De Paw University. ERNEST G. WILLIAMS-McGrauf5 College of the City of Detroit. MUIR WILLIAMS-'fejjl'erscin Intermediateg Girl's Business Club C855 House Basketball C655 House 'Tennis C555 House Archery C655 School Basketball C4'85j School Hockey C5-755 School 'Track C4'65Q House Treasurer C855 C. A. A. Rep.5 12A Dinner Committee5 Detroit Commerical College, EDYTHE JOYCE WILSONALeslie5 Herodotus CJ5. ETHEL OLIVE WILSCJN4Marr5 Girl's Alfhliateil Club C855 Los Leones Espanoles C755 Michigan State College. MADELEINE VJOHLGEMUTH-Marrg Los Leones Espanoles Csf655 House Basketball C755 House Bowling C855 House Debating C5f65g Chair' man C7f855 College of the City of Detroit. CLIFFORD H. WOLFE-Marrg Herodotus CI'25j Secretary C255 Glee Club C 31755 'Treasurer C755 Odds and Ends C7'85j "Martha" C455 "Errninie" C65. "What Anne Brought Home"5 12A Memorial Committee5 College ofthe City of Detroit. ELEANOR VIRGINIA WOOD-Winterhtilterg Herodotus C2355 President C355 House Bowling C855 French Club C755 Art Club Cs-855 House Vice' President C355 Student Council C855 12A Class Day C0mmittee5 Middlebury, Vermont. RUTH MARGARET WOOD-Sampson: Greek Club C6f855 Dance Recital5 Wittenberg College. HELEN WOOLFENDENfPattengill5 Alcott C6f855 Globe Trotters Club C855 P. Cv. High School of Commerce. DORIS Y. WRIGHT-St. Theresag Socii Romani C5'355 President C855 Girls' Business Club C7'85g Marygroiie College. FRANK YENELOUIS-Blocklick, Pa.5 Business. 9 A , H tite ..,-. fiif , - A f-midi T1V.!Qfii' T!L IJCIXRIINN FRANK YENNY-McFarlane5 PrefMedics C4f515 College of the City of Detroit. SOL YOLLES-Sampsong House Basketball C4f815 House Track C615 House Baseball C6f815 House Tennis C815 College of the City of Detroit. JAMILLA ROSE ZAKO-McGraw5 College of the City of Detroit. JEAN ALBERTA ZANDER-Angellg Socii Ro rnani CP515 VicefPresident C315 Alcott C6-815 Treasurer C715 VicefPresident C815 Forum C7f815 Band C715 Orchestra C1-815 Herodotus CI'-31: Dance Recital C2415 Hall of Fame C715 12A Dress Com- n1ittee5 Wittenberg College, Springfeld, Ohio. BENJAMIN F. ZIMMERMAN-Marrg College of the City of Detroit. ALFREDA L. ZURHORST-Jefferson Intermef diate5 Wittenberg College. EDWARD E. BLACKSTOCKfG0ldberg5 Bios Club C5-165 Hifi' C1415 Glee Club C715 House Base ball C2'41i Colt C4-815 Odds and Ends C715 Business ALFRED BUCHBAUM-Sampsong House Swim' ming C615 House Tennis C71, C815 House Baseball C7f815 House Basketball C815 College of the City of Detroit. ALBERT DRESNER-Wm. Nottingham. VIRGINIA M. CLAYPOOL-Morenci5 Glee Club C81. WILLIAM FOX-Hutchins5 House Golf5 House Swimming5 House Tennis5 School Golfg Captain C715 College of the City of Detroit. KARL COUYOUMJIAN-Goldberg5 odds and Ends C6f815 Curtiss Wright Mechanic School. CHARLES D. CREED-Goldbergg Glce Club C4-815 Secretary C71j Treasurer C815 House Baseball C615 School Reserve Football C71f "Sweethearts" C21Q "Martha" C415 "Erminie" C615 'LSerenade" C815 Michigan State College. GILBERT GLOVER-Jefferson Intermediate5 Busif TICSS. BEATRICE IRVINE-Bay City, Michigan5 G. A. C. C7f81. JOHN HUFFfWoolstock, Iowa5 Iowa University. SADIE KLEIN-Marr5 Socii Romani C3-415 House Bowling C615 House Tennis C515 College of the City of Detroit. ARTHUR LADUCER-Hartford Public Highg House Football C41, C615 House Baseball C515 House Golf C51. 67 1 1.23: ,,,,1,, It I 3' I I V - b i K 1.. ITYCNNY 5.YOLLIS JEAKO ri f i . JIANDER l1lffflf1AN AIURYMST FRANCIS A. McGUIREfWinterhalter5 Business. EDWARD E. MAINE, Jr.,-Angell5 House Foot ball C21, C41, C61, C815 House Baseball C315 Hous- Golf C315 School Golf C515 School Skdfl7lg'C21j Busif ness. PETER MARTYNIK---R1tddiman5 Business. ARTHUR PALMERfHannibal High School5 Hi- 'Y Gray Chapter C7'81j House Basketball C815 Col- lege of the City of Detroit. CECIL SCHEIDgCollege High: Business. ISADORE PlTKOWITZhCass Tech5 Business. RAYMOND REED-Hutchins5 Spanish Club5 House Golf C715 House Football C515 House Baseball C315 House Track C1'81j University of Detroit. EMERSON NORTON-Simmons Uniuersityg House Basketball C6-71. JOHN SPENCER-Findlay High School, Findlay, Ohio5 Socii Romani C5-815 House Debating C815 Norwester C7f315 IZA Dinner Comrnittee5 Harvard University. MILTON R. ZANDER-Pattengillg Wittenberg College. JANE ZANTIS-Bolton High School. LENA ZANTIS-Bolton High School5Art Club5 Detroit Business Institute. HERBERT THOMPSON-Lincoln5 Club C7f815 House Track Cz1, C41, C615 School Track C6'B15 Business. ffffi- ' " v f SVI Zfw wlll N17 Niall:-we so w l68ll CELEBS WESLEY HURD, for his fine efforts in behalf of Northwesterifs athletic teams, for his good work in house activities, and his leadership in the senior class. MAHALA CQRNWELL, for her fine efforts in behalf of Northwesterns athf letic teams, and her leadership in house activities. NOEL MAXAM, for his fine work in behalf of Northwesterifs athletic teams, his work on publication, his leadership in student activities, and for his high scholastic standing. RUTH KURTZ, for her good work in behalf of Northwesterns athletic teams, her leadership in house activities, and her high scholastic standing. JOHN HAMMER, for his fine efforts in behalf of Northwesterns athletic teams, his leadership in student activities and his high scholastic standing. -vfi' V :A as ffmlmf lB!'lllZSl'Ze'Il.Xflxmlrs CELEBS ARDIS GIBSON, for her excellent workin behalf of Northwestern's athletic teams, and her leadership in house activities. CHARLES ROGERS, for his Hne work in behalf of Northvvestern's debating team, and for his leadership in student activities. DOROTHY IRWIN, for her good work in behalf of Northvvestern's debating team, and her work in student activities. JOHN BODEN, for his excellent work in behalf of Northwestern's athletic teams, his leadership in house activities, and his high scholastic standing. GERD GAMBORG, for her leadership in house and 12A activities, her great interest in student activities, and her high scholastic record. 69l ,fm fx' 1 ,w Lf OMSCS The quick and dull meet here where tools of th ought Are given them who shall be lords, some day, Of men: where skill in mental things is taught With manhood but a few short years away, They seek the means whose minds have dreamed of end Who will tomorrow build with intellect, The common plane of mastery transcend, Today, in scholarship. Who will direct ln later years the swelling streams of gold, While young display the seeds of mastership That mark the potent man, the stern and bold. Thus all beloved by life attain, with slip Of years, their fate. So here, where all are met, The young choose ways on which their lives afe SC . . ' 2. AL :Ll-r..'.Q' f' 'A ., " ' , ,. 1 r .- .,5--,Qt -1-,v,,. ' . VF .1-V 11' . V g . t l ,. , V1 X , , 1 "' - .1 -. - - n , 1 q,,. A , 1. . A . ' . 1-.- -.A . . . 'j .:T:'I' j, .f J, - 1, X -- xg - ---1 -v- A, ?g -- - Nef- 'J 7 - -it , Y QL, V, , I Y... gi ff v I ,k Y Y U., v " v :lift X .fl Zim!!! WLVlN.LV'ilusi-- MOUNT VERNON HE symbol of Mt. Vernon House, the spinning wheel, which symbolizes "Industry," has been spinning busily during the past year through the untiring efforts of Miss Vyn and Mrs. Hirt. The house has been rightfully proud of its swimming team which brought the inter' house cup to Mt. Vernon. Moreover, with Mahala Cornwell, Louise Crawford and Maude Bright on the hockey squad, Helen Curtis, jane Cadwell, and Madeline Crawford on the swimming team, and with a large turnout for all of the house sports, Mt. Vernon feels that the girls have helped carry out the house motto, "A Sport for Every Girl." However, athletics are not Mt. Vernon's only interest. Ruth Davenport, Dorothy Beasley, Martha Boyd and Doris Blum had leading parts in all of the musical productionsg while Mahala Cornwell and Dolores Brown were featured in the 12A plays. The house debating team had quite a successful year having participatied in the semi finals. The chairmen, Louise Crispen and Helen Chase had a very able team composed of Eleanor Blum, jeanne Brown and Winifred Busha, Affirmative, and Madelyn Coe, Grace Boman and Dorothy Cook, Negative. The coaches were Mrs. Bauers and Mrs. Ferris. The girls have kept up their social side with a Mt. VernonfPershing party, a 12B-12A party, and two Freshmen Frolics, all of which were very successful. Thus, the girls of Mt. Vernon have upheld their motto, "The Outcome Proves the Deed." 1 4 , l l I . Baird, Pres. fallg Miss Vyn, Cornwell, Pres. spring, Dawson, Cross, Clements, Brown 117111 t Q-ml T317 MQ 45 1117 Nlvi s - lPlERSll-MNC HOUSE HIS has been a year in which Pershing House has contributed much to the school. VJilliam Becman made the varsity debating team. Bill Dant and Allan Campbell were on the varisty football team. John Boden was captain of the varisty basketball team and Harry Curtis proved one of the fastest swimmers in the state. Harold Brown took a lead in the opera Serenade, and Ken Berkaw took an important part in The Romantc Age. Charles Courville was president of the january graduating class. In the intrafinural affairs Pershing House was less fortunate. A victory over Marshall started the football season with a bang, but the tide turned, leaving Pershing high and dry. Although Pershing won individual swimming meets with Wilsoia and Roosevelt, she came out next to last in the allfhouse meet. Barnard, Anger, and -I. Adams were the star swimmers. Cooper, Balmer and Barrington made the track team, passing good. It was in basketball that Pershing's star rose. Every team came through with a long roll of victories. Due to a late start, the Pershing debaters had a string of bad luck. There can be no fault found with the team or with Jerome Choinski, the chairman. Altogether, this has been a year of achievement for Pershing House. , Q fi 1 Boden, Pres., Fall, Mr. Munro, Christiansen, Pres., Spring. Baldner, Davidge, Booth, Berkaw llvsl ,f 'TFKTW ri i . ailtslfikl l!ZilkiMl.il7Tassl9 lliwa joaixi or like NDER the guidance of Miss Suzanna A. Clough and with the splendid leadership of the house ofhcers, joan of Arc has completed another successful year. The officers were assisted by able committees headed by enthusiastic chairmen. The debating team, composed of Irene Demarest, Dorothy Doub, Barbara Herron, Dorothy Foege, Patricia Graham and Marion Frankford, while not entirely successful, put up a splendid fight in defense of the Yellow and White. This year, Joan of Arc has had more individual athletic stars than successful house teams. Hockey, basketball, swimming and bowling championships were lost in spite of noble efforts. However, janet Hawke, Loretta Glover, Marjorie Hedgecock and Alice DeCou starred on the school hockey team, while Ardis Gibson, Emma Grikscheit, Belva Fritch and Daisy Donald brought honor to the house by means of their swimming ability. joan of Arc was well represented on the school golf team by Gerd Gamlforg, and on the school basketball squad by Janet Hawke and Loretta Glover. , The social events of the year have been many. A "Get Acquainted Party" was given for the QB class. A joint party with Marshall was a marked success due to the efforts of the combined social committees: Carolyn Hoffman, Dorothy jane DeWees, Bob Hamilton and Thomas Hayden. Finally, a novel party, planned by Irene Foster, was enjoyed by the girls in March. 1 s ' , 2. ' ' , i " .x , 1.-' ix .. .. E W V , P it Gamborg, Pres., Fall, Miss Clough, Hamilton, Fritch, Donald, Hoffman, Gibson, Pres., Spring ll74l ,N-mir 1 Wai miss Q , 1 f,."' TT T H 1 , K Ai! 1 X v W r-Q. 4, , X -X l f Q ig, .X 1 X l .N N ' . y 1 X f "X K M 1 4 Q A 1 Q J' 1 A L A X ' MARSHALL HOUSE ARSHALL HOUSE under the excellent supervision of Mr. lviunsell has maintained its reputation and has had a very successful year. Marshall House was very sorry to lose the services of Mr. Holmes, who was director of intrafmural athletics. However, Mr. Catherman took over the coaching with the result that an inexperienced football team won third place. The swimming team won the championship, with Bob Doran and Fred Finsterwald starring. The track team kept up the good work by placing second. In basketball Mzirshall House was very successful, placing four teams in the play-offs. The QA team reached the finals but was eliminated in the championship game. The tenth grade team won the school championship. Therefore, the house has hopes of retaining the intrafmural house shield which it has held for the last four years. The Marshall House debating team composed of David Garrison, Marshall Glaser, Fred Gollbach, David Habif, David Hall, and Albert Friedman and coached by Mrs. Bovill and Miss Lehman, qualified for the semiffinals. The house is well represented on the school teams: Edward Downs on the debating team, Robley Dunning, jack Fundis, Charles Golinske and Harold Heyden on the football team, Fred Gruezke and Thad Dennis on the track team, Max Gurman, William Hammer and David Garrison on the tennis team, Otto Gutowsky on the basketball team, Raymon Goetzke and Frank Gregcr, golf team, John Hammer, president of the student council and Max Gurman on the Coltfliditor. The social event of the year was a dance with joan of Arc House. This was made possible through the efforts of the social committees of the two houses. Guy. Pres.. Fall, Mr. Munsell, Hammer, Pres.. Spring Dennis, Dunning, Garrison, Gross livsl , v u swim 41-' X 1-MII srrfimaiififsll artsy-iw BIETSY ROSS II-IIUIUSIE ETSY ROSS was able to accomplish much during the past year, not only because of the cofoperation of all its members, but because of the untiring efforts of Miss Vera Fox. The possession of the coveted scholarship cup during the fall term is evidence of this cofoperation. Betsy Ross also had her full share of honors in the athletic Held. The house hockey team and the second basketball team won the girl's championships, while the Hrst team lost the championship by a narrow margin. The graderoom is proud of its many athletes on school teams: Bessie MacCracken, captain of the girls' hockey team, and Viola jones and jose' phine Lake, players, Margaret Mary Love, captain of the school golf teamg and Ruth Kurtz and Jennie Irwin, outstanding members of the swimming team. Dorothy Irwin, besides being chairman of the house debating team, has consoled the house for its loss of the debating cup by her splendid work on the school debating team. Several awards found their way to Betsy Ross, the attendance medal going to Irene jonesg the scholarship medal to Harriet Jennings, and the third prize in Vanity Farr to Florence McMann. The most notable achievement of the house committee is the acquisition of a beautiful reproduction, The Student, by Rembrant. The social events included a 9B'12A and a theatre party given for the 12A's by the 12B's. urlsg Jennings, Pres., Fallg Miss Foxg Kurtz, Spring. Love, MacCracken, Irwin, Koontz l76l 5 ' ' 'KRm'fiiN - mir Talll as Lflimlrw i s ROUSIEVELT HOUSE HIS year Roosevelt House held up the high standards which have become traditional under the leadership of Mr. Jerome. In football Roosevelt, of course, won first place, although, by bad luck, it took only third in track and fourth in swimming. Making up its losses, Roosevelt then took a strong second place in basketball. The teams were ably coached lay Mr. Maas, assisted by Mr. VanDyke, who was unable to devote his full time to the house because of his injured back. Roosevelt contributed six stars to varsity football, George Huber, Bud Kyes, George Kinneunen, Floyd Johnson, William McClintock and Dan Lysett. To varsity basketball the house yielded Lafollet Leckner and Fred Jacobs. both high point men in several games. To varsity swimming Roosevelt gave Chuck McKinley, and to varsity track Captain Wesley Hurd, Norman Lawton, David Logan, Noel Maxam and George Huber. Roosef velt Debating Team came very close to getting into the semiffinals. However, in a special debate, Mount Vernon defeated the Roosevelt debaters. Both Lindsay and Litchfield were on the allfhouse team, which testihes to the calibre of Roosevelt debaters. Kenneth Jewel was chairman. Members of Roosevelt House were active in other school affairs. Wesley Hurd was president of the June graduating class. Noel Maxam was the very romantic Prnice Gervase of The Romantic Age. Kenneth Jewel and Goddard Light took part in the opera Serenade. Hurd, Pres. fallg Mr. Jerome, spring Huber, Kunkle, Jewell, Johnson l77l -- r r' 'V .m i iizslia w iir Lfrv-il-si , CLARA BARTON ll-llUUSlE LARA BARTON has been greatly handicapped during the past year by changes fmade in the grade rcom principals. Miss Dorothy Roehm had been principal for one year when, at the beginning of the spring semester, she was transferred to Cooley High School as head of the For eign Language department. Miss Rachel Newcomb, ofthe Mathematics Department, look her place as house principal. Miss Doris Cline, Miss Roehm's assistant, left in the middle of the fall term to accept a position as head of the Girls' Placement Bureau. Miss Cline was succeeded by Miss Hildegarde Beck. The debating teams were partially triumphant this year in their encounters. The house is'proud of Ruth Oppenheim who gained a place on the AllfHouse Debating team. Other members of the teams were: Rosalie Resnik and Kathryn Robinson who with Ruth upheld the negative side, and Bettina Rightmire, Harriet Roberts, and Ruth Rabinowit: who upheld the affirmative. The bowling championship banner has a prcrninent place in the graderoom. The winning team was composed of the following girls: Hazel Samuel, Gladys Panton, Marjorie Sell' man, Irene Sary, Grace Schmidt, Esther Meyers, Helen Rabe, Eva Rockwell, Dorothy Prior, and Anne Pareimsky. With the exception of a QB "Get Acquainted Party" sponf sored by the seniors, there have been no large social gatherings. Lorraine Salot represented Northwestern in the National High School Orchestra. Phyllis Norton and -lane Saunders were chosen as R. O. T. C. sponsors. Saunders, Pres., Fallg Miss Rhoemg Sanderson, Pres.. Spring. Murray, Myers, Petersen, Norton lval I X 'T ' -V X ws V-aialf w mi r ialll f f ials m WILSON HOUSE UNDER the excellent leadership of Phil Schaupner and Don Sawyer and with the guiding hand of Mr. Sickley, Wilson House has completed a successful year. Wilson House is rightfully proud of its athletic record which was due to the house spirit and the expert coaching of Mr. Bishop and Mr. Weaver. In spite of the poor start in football, james Rickard and Hughes Peterson were named on the AllfHouse team. In swimming Wilson House was close on the heels of the leaders, taking third place. Fred Mueller, Myron Rosenthal and Noble Peckham showed up well. In track, Wilson House placed high in both lightweight and heavyweight events. Raymond Roe and Earl Rheaume starred in their events. Wilson House qualified two teams in the basketball playfotfs. The debating team, composed of Bruff Olin, Maurice Rothstein, Gerald Phelan, Royal Peake, Milton Rabinowitz and George Perry won the championship by defeating the ,lane Austen team. The coaches, Mr. Hulbert and Mr. Watkins, as well as the members of the team, deserve much credit for their success. Wilson House has also maintained a high standard of scholarship. The house has been well represented on the varsity teams: Vaughan Pierce, Phil Schaupner, and Richard Palm on the football squad, Hugh Rea, Tony Rachlin and Dolphus Nelson on the basket' ball team, Earl Rheaume on the Cross country team, and Raymond Roe, Sidney Moore on the track team. sr ' Schaupner, Pres., Fallg Mr. Sickleyg Sawyer, Pres.. Spring. Palm, Peterson, Roe, Northrop lvvl f vurlwwa-irx , frail Ti7.lllZY5 ' TTIiRim ss s JIANE AUSTEN HE girls of jane Austen house have once more exemplified their motto, "Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm," by their achievement during the past year under the capable guidance of Mrs. Watson. Ethel Sm th, captain, with Eileen Wood, Louise Simms, Betty Tinsely, Fannie Wexler and Bertha Waggenheim, successfully defended the basketball championship, while the Erst three placed on the AllfHouse team. Moreover, jane Austen placed Louise Simms, Suzzanne Sh:nk and Muir Williams on the school basketball team: Eileen Wood, Muir Williams and Margaret Wickam on the hockey teamg Ethel Smith, Eileen Wood, Georgia Waters and Louise Shafer on the swimming team. The house has been exceptionally fortunate in debating this year. Besides having Ro' berta Thompson on the school team, the house team, composed of Dorothy Tryon, Sylvia Sorola and Reunelle White, Negative, and Maefred Sheppard, Martha Wolski and Eliza' beth Trattner, Affirmative, with Madeline Wohlgemuth, chairman, and ably coached by Miss Covey and Mr. Keenan, brought the silver plaque to the house by being runnerfup to Wilson. Socially the year has been very successful. One party was given for all new members and house officersg later a I2B'I2A party was given, and also a 12A Mother and Daughter tea. The jane Austen girls have continued their policy of service by donating a drinking fountain to the school which was designed in the art department by jane Austen students. Wood, Pres., Fallg Mrs. Watson, Smith, Pres., Spring, Thompson, Van Dyke, Tackabury, Stewart l8Ol V ll r QRTm' X, ,wl'Ql7'i?WZf?if 27 'II MNH -s - o LTNCOLN HOUSE IN LINCOLN HOUSE, when some team has won, they are wont to say, 'LOpen the windows, now YELL, so Marshall can hear." There were plenty of occasions for this during the past year. Lincoln's victories made the house second in house football, second in house basketball, and first in house swimming, and first in house track. This superiority was due equally to the excellent coaching of Mr. Schwall and to the inherent talent of Lincoln House men. The house debate team met with difliculties, but its only veteran, Stanley Taylor, won a place of glory on the allfhouse team. Robert Ward was chairman, and Mr. Sisson, Mr. Addington and Mr. Dean coached the team. The remarkable feature of the year was the ardor with which S. Velick and D. Willie made the Lincoln House AntifVice Association and Society for the Prevention of Home' work an important factor in school affairs. This organization Cal succeeded in reducing the amount of homework to which Lincoln men are subjected, and Chl provided a bureau for the dissemination of information concerning examinations. Lincoln House boasts of the only house publication in the city, The Lincoln House Record. This year it is being edited by Sidney Velick. In addition, the house boasts of Harry Sieloff, captain of the football team, Willis Ward, allfcity end and holder of the World's Interscholastic High Jump Record, and Clifford Wolfe, leading man in the 12A play. The house grieves at the tragic death of its secretary, Robert Strickroot. 1 Willie, Pres., Fall, Mr. jones, Sieloff, Pres., Spring, Talbot, Velick, Stockmeyer, Valmore ll8Il1 vgcynigqjiong Birth sows in us some seeds that root and thrive, And some that find dead soil. lt is but wise To work to keep the fitter growth alive. Yet strength-enamored youth should not despise The slighter talents: Thoughtfdevotees should Seek out the lifefremolding, thrilling sports And join the full-formed, healthy brotherhood. The bitterflipped, whose selffturned view distorts Their weight of other men, should strive to feel A pleasure in the human contacts free From mental clash, for social walks conceal A world of undreamed values and the key To happiness. Nor is it strange men find, As Nature meant, no growth except through kind 5 K XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX lflfffnfllyll' X XX X Km Q I II! 5' Yxlx ,pil xl: QMQMVV t un- ,1 q Www 31 1, - X-5 n ' ff L-. 'FIIIIIIIllllllII.lllIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIII 4' if M -QF Q- ,Ni J I lUHU'mmw""HmllllllWlIilW'U"" ' Ll I 'l,lu.l'gl"' " xx Nt 4' , , I, 'Q pw Hgh QE n Imiywl 1 lllillll MN 4 1 . Ai if vllnulllliwml lllqxlm, Mil 1? X 'pu.1 .r wr. lllmu , . 5 ,W IU! f K' 'KE 1- : 'illlllmmmmmmNNW' ""ll"-", nit :VIA WN Aa f 1 g 1:7 A rmrmluluww' 1 1 ' I UH'rW,?1' 5f ,',l.'5fm r A l W4 lidmlmmmm i I I I jx: M1 fl, J, .:A. MMINIIIWJNMW I1 ' 'H lff' ,i ,A X 1 ,,,,,,,fV'-IEQ 4 Xmggmlnsm. wi Fl ,Y-1.iM pw ,! 1 .k, 1Um,,lmm Hmwfff 1x 1 1 4,.,1+ + A fa ffm. u,1 ll1nI,qW IW! , Will! "4", VP 1 V A .W if WW"'ff'1,'nf,,1 X Y "1"lTf',, ,4 ,lmwlmnml kim fflllqywu 'xxvlwy I ' 1: XE N ' 1151! iyHI! - - 6 xr! ,J W W':Wff"1f'! VV Mr' 'HM 1 4 f X vw" ,. ,f Q, 21 N 1 - , X I 4-V . 'kk Igillliill Z ,Z , 4533 9 32. 4? 49 X ,4Ws's.,em. af Q' 25.1 Nr x ,E E .mill XSkN' .x XYXXXWXXXXXXXX 111111111ll0l111111111 11111011 1111111111111111111 llll I N 'W' EIU 'HEL Daz x gumIIIllllmlmlllmllllunllllllllllllllllllnlnlllllluulmi STAFF SIDNEY VELICK EditorfinfChief RUTH OPPENHELM f ' f Assistant Editor ROYAL PEAKE f f f Photographic Editor ZETA LETT f ' Assistant Photographic Editor ETHEL SMITH f GODDARD LIGHT f MAXWELL GURMAN JOHN SPENCER f DOROTHY TRYON DAVID SCOTT f VIOLET PEERBOLTE Girls' Sports Boys' Sports - Sport Advisor House Representative House Representative House Representative House Representative EDWARD BLOSS f f Business Manager JACK KAPLAN HARRIET Hxclcs f Advertising Stajf f Advertising Staff MARY MISCHNIEWICZ f f Secretary MARTHA WALSKI f Typist ELEANOR PIOCH - f f f Typist Advisors-Miss HUGHES, Miss GUENTHER, MR. STOLL, MR. BOLTZ. Art Staff-HALDAIN GRESEY, DORIS STEWART, JUANITA CRIPE, DOROTHY PULVER, CECILE SALWAY, RUTH VICSTBIN, RUTH SAss, BERYLE LESLIE, WILLIAM POWRIE, PHYLLIS DOOLEY, ALEX KRIEGER, WILLIAM JUSKIEVICE, FLOYD HALE, HERBERT TOD. 'Q , XQMW fi N , gf' 'I' lil, MQILY an lf lxlr lll wl- . f' 3' 3 X' 3 T' Ti 'i- Y ,XJ 1 X X ,' Y X xx A X . If X' ix ' ,ll 1.' N 1' ,, A . f X Q N ' - A g Awvp Y , , N S A C , ' 4 wx NORWESTER STAFF SIDNEY VELICK EDWARD BLOSS Editor The Noawssraa has always been the wandering waif of the school. Without a continuous staff, without a permanent oliice, it has been deprived of the pleasure of heirlooms and traditions. This year, the Noizwesnm has carried on business in an exfchemistry lecture room that is fitted with running water to moisten postage stamps and gas for abused and shop worn editors. Fifteen years ago when the Noawasrak was founded, the main purpose was to encourage nascent literary talent. When the Odds and Ends and Colt took over the literary side, the Non' WESTER began striving to present a pic' torial record of the year's activities. The only year that the Noawnsreiz failed to Business Mgr. appear was in IQI8 when war conditions made publication impossible. This year the staff was completely reorganized. It had already gone through several stages of development. The number of members was cut down to a minimum, every possf ible merging of positions was made. As a result, the staff members were more eiiif cient and at the same time were in closer contact with the general progress of the work than in previous years. In addition to the change in staff, Miss Anna May Hughes became the new faculty advisor. Mr. Carl Stoll, Miss Florecne Guenther and Mr. Boltz continued their positions as advisors of business and art respectively. 1 l First Row: Wolski, Lett, Spencer, Oppenheim, Velick, Peerbolte, Bloss, Tryon, Wood. Second Row: Hicks: Michniewicz, Kaplan, Smith, Scott, Pioch, Peake, Stewart, Light. Third Row: Miss Guenther, Mr. Stoll, Miss Brasie, Mr. Boltz, Miss Hughes. Hill 'Q Masai , - sa- NI TIIYQSW 1 yas , STAFF Corrinne Tilton Edimr Fall 'Term It is in the glossy pages of the Odds and Ends that Northwesterns budding young authors first break into print. The stories, essays, and poems of the Odds and Ends have entertained a vast reading public for seven years. Every issue since the first in iozg, has shown improvement. In januf ary, io27, Miss Edith Tilton took the faculty helm and swiftly guided the magaf :ine into national prominence. This year the Odds and Ends calmly annexed an All' American rating as one of the four best high school literary magazines in the United States. The Odds and Ends is ODDS and ENDS Noel Maxam Editor Spring now the mecca of good English students. It publishes everything from travel arf ticles to epigrams. In times of prosperity and literary activity it vaunts seventyf two pages, and in normal times it averages around forty-eight pages. A large stall' of high pressure salesmen infest Detroit business circles for advertising. More salesmen impress upon the school the inf trinsic merit of the magazine. The Odds and Ends oiiice is a veritable hive of acf tivity. Proof readers, copy readers, typists, department editors, business managers, and faculty advisors vie with each other in work accomplished. Firxt Row: McDonald, Kirby, Riekse, MacClaren, Stockwell, Maxam, Tilton, Ayers, Huber. Doerr. Koit, Filbee, Howard. Second Row: Katz, Outland, Tashjian, just, Clark, Smith, Logan, Velick, Lepper, Hoey. Douglas, Barfnecht, Kehring. Third Row: Miss Tilton, Wolfe, Tozer, Stevens, Hill, Waterbor, Blum, Irwin. Brown, Brown, Cole, Webster, Elder, Raimi, Mr. Boltz. Fourth Row: Leitert, Leipman. Blackstock, Freeman. Plummer, Bloom, Lee, Waterman, Currie, Thompson, Soeder, Garrison. Fifth Row: Share, Couyoumjian. Bielfield, Krehl, Herron, Strandell, Siebuska, jull, Blake, Annan, Ried, Battenfeld. 'Q r 4 s. if Q 'Si ,JA Gurntan. Fall Term Ferguson Grikschcit, Spring Tenn Anderson THE COLT STAFF This winter, at the annual meeting of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, the Colt, Northwesterifs bifweekly news' paper, was awarded first place, class A, in the national contest. The award was the climax of a period of intensive develop- ment and innovation. The first issue of the Colt was published in 1917. The first staff consisted of only six members. The alumni, as well as the student body, was urged to contribute to the paper. As time went on, the Colt improved steadily in quality and size. For several years it had been close to an All-American rating. Then in the:Fall of this year a change was made. The paper was put into the hands of the journalism class, who accomplished the cherished ambitions of the past. The new Colt contained enough personal columns of good natured nonsense to please the most exacting student body. Ralph Frank's cartoons graced the feature page. Under "Mushy" Gurman and Mar' garet Ferguson during the first semester, and under Alice Steele, Gilbert Anderson and Emma Grikscheit the second semester, the eaglefeyed, repertorial staff allowed nothing to escape it during the school year. First Row: Tainsh, Steele, Anderson, Salot, Frank, Ferguson, Gurman, Donner, Lake, Meth, Wright, Brandt Second Row. Mr, Keenan, Miss Dunnigan, Taylor. Stockwell, Shearer, Stockmeyer, Braconier, Grikschcit Higgs, Cary, Downey. Miss Guenther. 'Third Row: Hanelin, Durr, Bills, Friedman, Hansen, Tromlcy, Hatten Hcusinger, Hinds, Goldberg, Colbridge. ll Sill 'Q , 1 , mrwfqx :Al i 4 ifalll xl.VTN.lV'lIl'!1"x STUDENT COUNCIL ORTHWESTERNS Student Counf cil is made up of grade room repref sentatives, who were formally installed in office at a newly instituted service this fall. One of their lirst activities each semester is the management of the Used Book Store and again in the middle of the semester English Classics are sold. The Student Council Dances are always enthusiastically at- tended by the student body. The 9 B's are welcomed and oriented to North' western through the o B Mixer, sponsored by the Council who present the school activities to the bewildered freshmen. An all activity bulletin hoard which was pref sented by the Girls' Afhliated Club is kept upftofdate by this group also. The Red and Gray Hand Book, an endless service of information, is its yearly publif cation. As the Council aims to further every worthy phase of school life, it en- courages athletics through the sale of season tickets for the football and basket' ball seasons. The Northwestern banners are another undertaking that helped to create school spirit. It also sponsors a club merchandise sale. In order that it may come into more intimate contact with the student body suggestion boxes are placed about the school and on certain days a council member may be inter' viewed in the halls. Through the council Northwestern was one of the first schools of the city to cofoperate with the Detroit News in its Reforestation program for Michigan, by contributing Sioo.oo. Schof larship is further rewarded by a special cum laude seal for the honor diplomas, while further recognition is given to allf round students who are chosen as celebs by the council. Fmt Row: M, Hedgecock, D. Garrison, J. Orians, L. Kelley, M. Cornwell, VicefPres., C. Courville, Pres. Lysett, Sec., D. just, Treas., H. Shearer, R. Stickroot. Second Row: Mr. Porter, E. Spencer, j. Hammer, H. O'Day, N. Peckham j. Cadwell, K. Berkaw, F. Gee, Miss Alley. Third Row: A. Ford. W. Ways, -I. Gray, V. Pierce, T. Mitter, A. Milligan, E. Brown. Fourth Row: W. Chamberlain, E, King, H. Wells, D. Stewart, H. Patton. 8811 ' ' " 'Q' s . svm mzal bali B elf !! i t X HALL OF FAME ig' TUNE 1192.9 First Row: jean Kreg, Amicig john Campbell. HifYfKee-wghfkeeg Annette Rudolphi. Greek, Maxine West, Norwesterg Garnet Waggoner, Alice Freeman Palmer, Winston Hill. HifYfGray, Betty Phillips, Home Science. Second Row: Lorena Renshaw, Caryaditesg Jeanette Seeker, G. A. C., Helen Hilhorn. Alcottg Kenneth Hart' well, Lister and Hi-Y-Red, Hildegarde Orwick. Sodalesg Louis Doerr, PrefMedics, Dorothy Cook, Forum, Thelma Mitter, Girls' Business Club, Olga Trattner, French. Third Row: jack Peckham, "N", Virginia Flemf ming, Spanish Club, Robert Lake, Colt: Corrine Tilton, Odds and Ends, Marshall Glaser, Socii Romanig jack Baldwin. HifYfWaneagag Edward Berg, HifYfBlueg Carolyn Murdock, Maude Roydeng Noel Maxam, Student Council. Membership in Northwestern High School's Honorary Society, The Hall of Fame, is the greatest honor that can be conferred upon students engaged in the activities of the school organizations. Each organization is entitled to nominate every semester a member who has main' tained a high scholarship rating, and has made an outstanding contribution to both the club and school affairs. JIANUARY Jr 93 o First Row: Elizabeth Trattner, Art, Bessie Doig. Herodotusg Dorothy Wells. Forumg Robert Thompson, Hi- YfRed, Mary .lane Koontz. G, A. C., Charles Rogers, Lister and HifYfGraygGrace Woodley. Maude Roydeng jean Zander, Alcott, Alma Harbican, Alice Freeman Palmer. Second Row: Kathryn Lake, Caryatidesg Irene Jonas, French, jack Kaplan. Pre-Medicsg jean Freemyer, Sodalesg Margaret Sherman, Biosg Margaret Ferguson Coltg Robert Chapin. Socii Romani, Erna Lysett. Student Council. 'Third Row: Sidney Velick, Norwester, Marjorie Hedgcock, Amicig Williaim Filbee, Odds and Ends, Elise Humphrey, Home Scienceg Robert Wessels, HifYfBlue, Marion Stotz, Greek. Not m Picture: Robert Hill, jefferson, Harold Rossano, Spanish, Phillip Schizupner, ll89ll V l av' f fs-mall l7TY7.lIl5f Sill .- J series. Formality in delivery the outstanding characteristic judges used it as the basis for decisions. Both losses were to or less informally: and the decididing factor was the temperament of the judges. DIEIBATIING Northwestern, with thirteen points to its credit, won the city debate series but the title was waived because the one point margin over six other Detroit teams was not considered sufhcient. The subject of debate throughout the season was: "Resolved that a judge or a board of judges should be substituted for the jury in all trials in the state and municipal courts of Michigan." The teams engaged in ten debates and lost only two of them: to Central early in the city series and to Clawson later in the state and organization was of the team and the most of the favorable teams that spoke more Northwestern entered the state series as one of the 64 seheols left of the original 265. There were seven regular debaters during the first half of the season nda no two teams were exactly alike. Roberta Thomp- son, Glen Howell, William Beeman and William Mouser graduated with the january class, leaving only three debaters, Dorothy Irwin, Edward Downs and Charles Rogers to bear the brunt of the six state elimfnations. Although the three survivors had never cebated together before, the critic judge, Professor SUMMARY fCITY SERIES Proposition: Resolved, That a judge, or Board of judges, Should be Substituted for the jury in all Trials in the State and Municipal Courts of Michigan. Nov. 8nNorthwestern neg.: Redford aff. e-won. Team: R. Thompson, E. Downs, W. Beeman. Nov. 22 -,Northwestern neg.: Hamtramck aff. won. Team: D. Irwin, E. Downs, W. Beeman. Dec. 6eNorthwestern aff.g Central neg. lost. Hcefan Thompson Mouser Howell IQOI Team: W. Mouser, G. Howell, C. Rogers. Dec. 2O7NOfthWESCCfD aff., Norhern neg. won. Team: W. Beeman, G. Howell, C. Rogers. E '- , www v X feeflllif ..ll'!75Tf5'SIl3iil lliwssx ' DEBATING P. H. Scott, gave them the decision over Pontiac on February 14. In two weeks time the team shifted to the negative and defeated Flint Northern. Mr. Melvin P. Hart awarded the decision. Having demf onstrated its ability to win both sides of the argu- ment, the team assumed the affirmative side again, and beat St. Anthony, the state parochial champions. On April 11, Cheboygan, last year's state champions came down to Detroit and went home with a 3 to o defeat. Prof. J. K. Pollock, Principal F. HI. DuFrain, and Superintendent M. R. Keyworth were the judges The state final debate was held at Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, on April 25. Clawson upheld the negaf tive side and was given the decision by the judges. As a result of the state series, Northwestern won its fourth Free Press wall plaque and its second state finalist trophy. Dorothy Irwin, Charles Rogers and Edward Downs received watches from the Detroit Free Press as testimonials of individual merit in def baring. A victory over Clawson would have made Northwestern the first school to win the state debating championship twice. Edward Downs will be back nexJ year to form the nucleus of a team. Mrs. Ruth Huston Vvlhipple who has coached most of Northwesterifs successful debating will coach the team next year. SUMMARY?-STATE SERIES Team fD. Irwin, C. Rogers, E. Downs Sante Proposition as in City Series Feb. 14' eNorthwestern aff., Pontiac negwwon. Feb. :SH Northwestern neg.: Flint Northern affi- XVOII . fvlar. 14e- neg. won. Mar. 28W Northwestern aff., Detroit Northern Northwestern aff., St. Antnony neg: H won. April ii Northwestern aff., Cheboygan neg.--M won. STATE FINAL April 27 fNorthwestern aff., Clawson negilost. l91l Mrs Whipple Rogers Irwin Downs I x 4fl"kvJ F4 ' , 'ifiiimllm' X f-will Q17 f i f lM5"37NIl X i s L 'Nlwxlrs-s CONTEST WTNNERS ORTHWESTERN'S local oratorical contest was held early in March, logo. Out of six contestants Royal Peake was awarded first place for his oration on "The Meri' ace of War." Chalmers Ayers, who spoke on the "Life of Theodore Roosevelt" took second place. In the sub-district contest at Redford, Royal Peake was defeated. The local declamation contest for ninth and tenth graders was also held early in Mzirch. There were forty entrants. After three elimination contests, Gordon Shapiro, who def claimed Wendell Phillips', "Touissaint L'Overture" was awarded first place. Second honors went to Beatrice Oppenheim. In the suhfdistrict contest, Cooley High School took first place. Owing to a misunderstanding there was no extemporaneous speaking contest held. Northwestern's last oratorical victory was in 1925 when Earl Gremmel won the city chamf pionship and placed third in state competition. No Detroit speaker has reached state competition since then. This year Northwestern continued its series of victories in the state chemistry Essay Contest when Sidney Velick and Harriet Jennings won first and second place respectively, the verdict having been vicefversa the preceding year. In the Trafhc Essay Contest sponsored by the Detroit Police Department, Roberta Stockwell won second place in city wide competition. Royal Peake, Harriet Jennings, Sidney Velick Beatrice Oppenheim, Gordon Shapiro. Roberta Stockwell loll Grace Boman A 'r wr' E- its tiflllyii ST!!! A Lf' HOUSE DEBATTNG JANE AUSTEN WILSON First Row: Trattner, White, Shepherd, Tryon First Row: Olin. Peake, Rothstein. Second Row: Second Row: Wolski, Mr. Keenan, Sorola, Miss Mr. Hulbert, Rahinowitz, Phelan, Mr. Watkins Covey The annual inter-house debating competition was conducted by Miss Waggoner. The question for debates was "Resolved that the United States should adopt a policiy of free' trade." As a result of the preliminary contests, Wilson, jane Austen, Marshall and Mount Vernon competed in the semifinals, Wilson and jane Austen tied in the Hnals, the decision going to Wilson House, because of its previous record, the first boys' house to win the honor. Presentation of awards was made at the Debating Banquet. TEAMS MOUNT VERNON Eleanore Blum Irene Demerest Miss Rundle-Coach jean Brown Mr. Markley-Coach Winifred Busha ' M ARsnALL Madelyn Coe Dorothy E. Cook Mrs. Bauer-Coach Mrs. FerrisfCoach I ERSHING jack Baldwin john Berkenheir Irving Coblcn: Robert Crispen Lloyd Bailer Jerome Choinski Mr, HogleACoach Mr. Wyman "Coach loAN or ARC Dorothy Doub Barbara Herron Dorothy Foege David Garrison Marshall Glaser Fred Gollbach David Habif David Hall Albert Friedman Mrs. Bovill-Coach Miss Lehman 'COdCl1 BETSY Ross Lillian Jewell Vera Mack Dorothy jones Kathryn Lake Esther Keller Evangeline johnson Miss Black4Coiich Mrs. Phillips--Coach Marion Frankford ROOSEVELT Patricia Graham Thomas Lindsay li os ll jacob Keiden Alexander Katz Goddard Light Edward Litchfield Lawrence Kelly Mr. BlumenthalfCoach Miss O'DODOVklUYCfJllFl1 CLARA BARTON Bettina Rightmire Harriet Roberts Ruth Rabinowit: Ruth Oppenheim Rosalie Resnik Katherine Robinson Miss Barker-Coach LINCOLN Robert Ward Wayne Wiegand Stanley Taylor Leslie Timms john Spencer Humiston Walker Mr. Sisson-Coach Mr. Dean-Coach S sf- is-i 4?ilII'3l.7 1X!.lll!a1-A Slllf3!l51 Ws ALCOTT CLUB First Row: Miss jaehnig, Plummer, Doub, Saunders, Treasg Porter, Sec., Hoffman, Pres., Zander, Vice' Pres., Stewart, Cor. Sec., Howey, Wood, Wright, Miss Wiley. Second Row: Clements, Edwards, Saunders, Dant, Lett, Woolfenden, Steele, Resnick, Waggoner, McCarter, Hilborn, Mitchell. Tl-md Row: Gool, Graham, Truhn, Norton, Pioch, jones, DeCou, Pierce, Kothe, Braconier, Murray. Fourth Row: Cook, Runyan, Waters, Campbell, Rightmire, Crispen, Huesinger, Woodley, Ortwinc, Emig, The Alcott Club strives to promote scholarship, leadership and friendship. Each semester Alcott awards two scholar' ship medals, one to the girl in the graduatf ing class who has maintained the highest scholastic record throughout her high school careerg the other to the club mem' ber who has the highest scholastic rating for the semester. The Alice Freeman Palmer Club was organized in 1025 for junior girls, the object being to develop character and to promote service and loyalty. An outstanding achievement was the pref sentation of a picture to the school. They also have contributed money for the Miller Book Nook and baskets of food to needy families. ALICE EREEMAN PALMER First Row: Shafer, Treas.g Bertram, Merrel, Sec., Harbican, Corr. Sec., Petoskey, Sec., Gee, Pres., King, Pres.g VanDyke, VicefPres.g Corr. Sec., Phillips, VicefPres., Rooks. Holiday, Treasg Bouker, Second Row. Miss Hughes, Eniex, Howes, Wiet, Spencer, Phelps, Berak, McGarvah. Hoyden, Frost, Warrick. Mrs, Bauer Third Row: Angnve, Allen, Brown, Morrin, Kling, Johnstone, Fundis, Barnett, Kohort, Schwartz. ls-il Q as Q.: .-hee-. l V'lIlQIlll LV' View - ART CLUB Fwxr Row: Lepper. Lysett, Sec., Hansen, Treas.g Trattner, Sec.: Martens, VicefPres.g Hotten, Pres.: Frank, Sass, Comiskey. Second Row: Mr. Boltz, Talbot, Litvinoff, Bloss, Litvinotf, Dooley, Dale, Miss Guenther. Third Row: Blake, Frankford, Wood, Forney, Tager, Stewart. Hopkins. The Art Club was organized to further an interest in art. To this end the mem' bers give an annual bazaar, attend exhi- bits, have lectures by outside speakers, and enjoy numerous social events. The Club also contributes material to the Art Department. The Amici Club promotes scholarship, participates in many social activities, and tries to live up to its motto "Deeds, not Words." The greatest achievement this yearwas the sale of Northwestern Seals. The club also gives a medal each semester to the graduate with the most perfect attendance. AMJIKCT First Raw: Shearer, Fritch, VicefPres.g Kurtz, Sec.g Jennings, VicefPres.g Gamborg, Pres., Cornwell, Secg MacDonald, Corr. Sec.g Brown. MacDonald. Second Row: Herron, Young, Clark, Dinwiddie. Donald. Rensliaw, Sutherland, Waterbor, King. Third Row' Demerest, Hodges, Grikscheit, lviacCracken, Hawke, Panton, Lake. Ml '-f-fun v'q 4 I 7 l N f-all lf'75I?.lMf 'E li " XiV'lIVims- , BTUS First Row' Hancock, Snay, Spencer. Hoffman, VicefPres.g Sherman, Pres.g Mr. Hollinger, Tager, Pres., Hill. Cordola, Trcas.g Spencer, Second Row: Carlen, Zimmerman, Porter, Tager. Gerken, Soper. Korinek, Men' ninger, Somers. Third Row: Fleming, Berger, Kilpatrick, Reuss, Schang. Reuss The Bios Club is composed of students interested in science of life. They pro' mote sociability and a deeper interest in health and plant and animal life. This is accomplished through discussions, held at the club's meetings, of different topics of biological interest and through trips which have been taken to Belle Isle, River Rouge Park and Parke Davis Plant. The boys' quartette and girls' trio have assisted jointly on many programs about Northwestern. They have also, upon ref quest, sung for various organizations not connected with the school The boys' quartette received Honorable Mentioii in the Vanity Fan competition and sang at the january commencement banquet. Three of the members are jun: graduates. BUYS AND GllRlL'S QUARTETTS Fmt Rowg Davenport, Beasley, Kiefer, Stirling. Second Row: Light, Stradley, Brown, Jewell l96l 'Q ' -fa-W" QW , ir i X well WNV ll! -'dwfwllus s L. l ?,l'l,'F , 1 ,,- . ,C -f ff ' N f I ,'l IX xl! ,ff T lr, Z .' 1 45 - A, - n ,Y , - , I U i CARYATlllDlES TRTANGLE First Row: johnson, Mitchell, Taylor, VicefPres.g Merckle, Treas.g Malone, Pres., Sec., Lake, Pres., Lerchen, Jewell, Vice-Pres., Koontz, Sec.g Hampshire. Second Row: Mosser, Bossardette, Moore, Kehrig, Blumner, Platz, Lawson, Cogsdill, Keller. Third Row: Lewis, Barnes, Jackson, Shearer, Renshaw, Lask, Saunders, Zimmerman, Knight. The Caryatides, a Girl Reserve Club, derived its name from the Greek Maidens on the Acropolis, who were known for "Cheerfully Serving." Striving to live up to this ideal they have as their aim to "face life squarely," and as their slogan, "to find and give the the best." Cariatif dies works with the Maude Roydon Club. The activities of the Forum club during the past year include three museum trips, and interesting travel talks during club meetings. Five speakers have been sponf sored for auditorium gatherings including judge Guy A. Miller and Prof. Frank Kemmer.Nine books have been given to the Miller Book Nook which the club sponsors. FORUM First Row: Cameron, Scott, Pres., Wells, Snyder, Par., Cook, Sec., VicefPres.g Bay, Pres., Compton, Vice' Pres.g Cooper, Treas.g Dawson, MacClaren, Treas.g Miss Finn. Second Row: Baird, Tilton, Bloss, Smith, Mitchell, Butler, Husinger, Bay, Zander, Peckham, MacDonald. 'Third Row: Strichroot, Witter, Reule, Mit- chell, Hockenberry, Bishop, Wells, Par., Wells, Owen, MacDonald, Sec., Pres. W . ff? wlllW, ,ami 'V ' Wf lllhi-fdelll. if I NIV lll QM - , . rs s 1' .-' v - . 1 f , f x' Q - If X , X .X ' A 4. . M 1 A l Y 1 h H V N 'Y Y G. A. C. First Row: Irvine, Skeel, Treas.g Lee, Sec., Dukes, Pres.g Lee. Ferguson, lnterfCluh Repg Murdock. Sermid Row: jones, Martens, Thompson, Durr, Wziger, Trombley, Thornburg. Tliirrl Row: Johnston, McLaren, McLaren, Gibson. Freeman, Heal, Hill. Not Present: Koontz. Pres., Baird, VicefPres.g Cameron. Sec.g Wells. Treas., Hubbard, Girls' Afiiliated Club, a branch of the Young Womens .Christian Association, has for its purpose "To find and give the best." One of the club's recent contribu- tions has been a splendid bulletin board for the Northwestern Building. Each spring a mother and daughter banquet for the entire school is sponsored by the club. The Girls' Athletic Association strives to promote the general students health interests, and provides and encourages means of participation in some form of sport for every girl. An administrative board, consisting of officers and house representatives, plans the social and athletic program and aims to further the purposes of the organization throughout the school. G. A. A. First Row: Knight, Fritch, Kurtz, Treas.g Irwin, Sec., Gibson, Presg McCracken, Phillips, Second Row: Wilson, Dale. Love, Samuel, Braconier, Miss Hardy. 'Third Row: jones, Smith, Flynn, Hawke, Burgess. Qfll 'O X4 'fl rwllW'4"iii N ,ff-all sz ifllvgsf lfalllg tffviirss GREEK CLUB W a Fmt Row: right, Sec.. Treats., Bleming, Sec., Treasg Stotz, VicefPres.g Ferguson. Pres., Blum. l res.g Tozer, Vice-llresg Orwick. Smmd Row: Friedman, Shipley, Beamer, Meyer. Elliott. Third Row: Wyatt, Rosenleld, Fauber. Wood. The Kaloi Kai Agathoi, better known to nonfmembers as the Greek Club, was organized for the purpose of increasing the knowledge of Greek Literature and Art. Interfclub scholarship is promoted by a gavel awarded each semester to the or- gaznization showing the greatest scholastic improvement. The Herodotus Club is an organization of students, who are interested in History. Its purpose is to stimulate and maintain interest in the subject. History reports, trips to the museum, and discussions make the meetings hoth interesting and enter' taining. HERODOTUS CLUB First Row: Brodcr. Brown, Sec., Doig, Pres., Bounker, Gamar. Second Row: McCormick, Hendrickson, Snyder. Vice-Pres., Wild. Wiillich, Treas. lwl M' v -Y q - 1-Mlll sy s Nlll al TNlV'III' lKlElEfVVAHflKlEllE CHAPTER ll-lllfY r i 1 Firxt Raw: Wocliler, Davenport, Dinwiddie, Secq Mitchell, VicefPrcs.g Ireland, Presg Drury. Serrmd Rnwi Dean, Hurston, Hill, Terry, Stuckey. The KeefW1ihfKee and Wziiiezigzi junior chapters of the HifY are composed of ninth and tenth graders. The purpose of hoth clubs is uto create, maintain and ex' tend throughout the school and com' munity the high standards of Christian character." HILY WANEAGA First Row: Phillips, Stewart, Giesey, Bailey, Baldwin, Taylor. Second Row: Armstrong, Leitcrt, Snodgrass, Schaefer, Korthols. lwol Wfffs ,eff-fav err mimi. -, 'PXNT will .V l sly 'Nl' V l mall! H11-Y GRAY CHAPTER First Row: Heydon, Treas., Hammer, Sec., Hotten, VicefPres.g Rogers, Pres., Frank, Pres., Sec., Hammer, Trcas., ViccfPres., Maxam, M. Benson. Second Row: Peake, Sawyer, Olsen, Martin, Hebert, Finsterwald, Micheals. Tlimi Row: Harris, Martin, Plamer, Hansen, Brant, Nichols, The Red, Grey and Blue chapters of the HifY Club of Northwestern have worked together in their various activities. In the past year they have taken over the business of both of the 12A plays, the opera and Vanity Farr, the allfschool musical comedy, all of them successfully. The Hi-Y's work as business managers consisted mainly of administering the seat reservations and managing the box office. Outside of school they have ushered at graduation exercises, have held a party for for underprivileged boys, providing many of them with clothing. ll-llll ,Y RED CHAPTER First Row: Chapin, Wicgand, Swan, Taylor, Sec , Ward, Sec.. VicefPres., Bloss, Vice-Pres., Pres., Thomp- son, Pres., Ghent, Treas., jull, Hockenberry, Doerr, Mouser. Second Row: Eaman, Cogsdill, Blake, Donner, Chew, Brown, Bouhlcer, Mr. Porter, Bleimeister, Sawyer, Mody. wmv- ' N . if mill s f lllbf-ra !'Il. l Nl' rm K Q , "un v ' " fnei ix, i,Z.,l , fi X l , . l IX ' ffl wb' w "' ' I A 3 A 1 ' h U' ' ' ,X Hll 'Y BLUE CHAPTER First Row: Bergin. MacClaren. Harris, Crawford, Treasg Scott. Vice-Pres.. Pres., Cooper. Pres.. Wessels, Sec., Berkaw, Courville, Boden. Second Row: Hurd, Mitchell, Brockway. Treasg Parrot. Peckham, VicefPres.g Bay. Wells. Mr. Keenan. Gutowsky. Third Row: Snyder. Campbell, Meier, Burnham. Bertram, Persons. Wzilker, Stefanie. During Lent the three HifY chapters co' operated in managing Sunday afternoon Forums at the Y. M. C. A., and ushered during Good Friday services at the Grand Riviera Theater. Social gatherings have inf cluded parties with the girls' clubs: Amicii, Alcott and the Girls' Affiliated Club. The Home Science Club derives much enjoyment in preparing and serving at various teas, luncheons and banquets about school. A Mothers' Tea and a fare' well party for the 12A members are other activities of the group, under the guidf ance of the Misses Emmons and Strickland. HOME SCllENCE CLUB First Row: Connelly, Foley, Corr. Sec., Scully, Phillips, Baxter. Vice-Pres., Treasg Humphrey, Pres., Camp- bell, Rec. Sec.. Corr. Sec., Dunn, Treasg Falk, Fleming, Barnes, VicefPres. Second Row: Miss Emmons, Cram' ton, Bloom, Howe. Mills, Draschner, jane, Corr. Sec.g Flory, Miss Strickland. Third Row' Woodhead. Burke, Blomheld, Lee. Endter. Welling, Koehler, Rockwell. eff-ffo NV: . -. ' 1-XFX- . fgvi sly 'gig Niyllliivs slIEElFlFlERSON DEBATTNG CLUB First Row: Howe, Sec.fTreas., Greenwald, Karp, Treas.-Sec., Malone, VicefPres,, Litchfield, Pres., Brown, Pang Hill, Sec.fPrcs.g Oppenhcim, Richards, Eneix. Second Row: Guest, Drury, VicefPres.g Mosser. -Iohlen, Mitchell, Birenholz, Schlesinger, jernes, Bidinger. The jefferson Debating Club is the junior dehatng club of the school. Its purpose is "to introduce publicfspeaking and debating to beginners". The club offers preparation for house and school debating and many of the members later join Lister. Le Cercle Francais is an organiziation of students interested in the French langua ge. This year the club dedicated a French library in Room, 152, to the memory of Helen Konkol, fourth president of Le Cercle Francais, who died in August 1926. LE CERCLE FRANCATS First Row: Guest, Owen, Barfknecht, Treasg Jonas, Pres., Trattner, Sec.,-Pres., Oppenheeim, Vice-Pres., Trcas., Nikrant, Russell. Sec., Herron. Wzird. Second Row: Miss Netzorg, Olsen, Turek, Hall, Ossman, Cash, Katcly, Urquhart, Stockwell, Miss Maloney. Third Row: Salot, Wood, Stevens, Talbot. Merrill, Waterhor, Lysettc. Hudson. Tainsh. Duncan. Fourth Row: Schwartz, Dinwiddie. Leete. Stocker, Comport, Branton, Miller. l 103 iirsl i lvi W a'Vfwi.-ss X lLllS'll'lER First Row: Blum, Mouser, Chase, Par.g lrwin, See., Rogers, Pres., Vicefljresg Peake, Pres.: Courvillc, Treas.g Berkaw, Pang Jennings, VicefPres., Thompson, Sec.: Ayers, Treas. Second Row: Miss Younglove, Light, Douh, Gamhorg, Maxam, Schwartzheek, Olin, Koontz, Brockway, Litvinolf, Mrs. Whipple. Third Row: Rightmire, Taylor, Crispen, Thompson, Hedgcock, Lepper, Perry, Tryon, Crispen, Waggener. Fourth Row: Barfknecht, Busha, Howell, Oppenheim, Beeman, Robinson, Downs. Listens interest in debating has been very evident during the past year. Teas were served after the varsity's home def hates to the opposing teams and the house dehaters also were entertained. The Ser' vice Committee assumed responsibility for the school debating preparations. Los Leones Espanoles interests its mem' hers in Spanish and international affairs by acquainting them with the life and char' acteristics of the Spanish speaking counf tries. These aims are attained by playing games, presenting playlets and holding discussionsf--all in Spanish. LOS LEONES ESPANOLES First Row: Wilson. Marshall, Rosen, Shepard, blull, Howey, VicefPres.g Rossano, Pres.. Treas., Hoffner, Christensen, VicefPres.g Stevens, Lougheed. Second Row: Higgs, Hicks, Wexler, Pietkwitz. Dailey, .I0hnston, French, Fishheck, Sorola, Batson. Third Row: Miss Moye, Runyeon, Hayes, Craig, Schlecde, Woll'e, Murdock, Lenuerts, Kimmel, Miss Hart. Fourth Row: Hurston, Raef, Skeel. Merriam, Orians, Brown, C'Day, Clink, Gorman. Not Present: Flemming, Pres.g Kennedy, Treas. l 104 l . - , . er 2' Z v - . rr' 517 Tal! lIl9l-i'ES!lIl.l' if I N17 IE .- MAUDE ROYDEN First Row: Roberts, Sec., Boyd, Treasg Anderson, VicefPres.g Barron, Pres.. Treas.g Woodley, Pres., Dorsey, Sec., Olver, Vice-Pres., Hawkins, Sarchet, Berman, Second Row: Smart, Lapp, Davies, Condon. Rice, Chockley Sitter, Barnhart, Gewert, Cash. Third Row: Smith, Erickson, MacDonald, Allen, Shaffer, Pfluke, Davies, Selman, Meyers. The Maude Royden Club is a unit of the Girl Reserves of the Young Womens Christian Association. The motive of this organization is to aid its members to grow in health, knowledge and spirit, to face life squarely and to find and give the best. The purpose of the Girls' Business Club is to raise the scholarship of its rrembers, create interest in business methods and in sozial activities. An interest in art is shown by purchase of pictures for the school and visits to art exhibits, potteries and the Art Museum. GllRljS lBlUSllNlESS CLUB First Row: Luke, Samuel, Holm, Sec., Pioch, VicefPres.g Flint, Pres., Manchester, Treasg Weiner, Treas. 1 Bills, Avedean. Second Row: Mrs. DaRatt, Worlds, Hill, Dunn, McLaren, Wilson, Turner, Hocking, Kusuare, Micliniewicr.. Third Row: Pxirtovich, Tilley, Sheetz, Stroup, Hopkins, Wolski, Long, Kirsclienheiter, Whyte v Chapman. Fourth Row: Frxiniatis. Charbonneau, Carbarry. Rabe, Sary, Palmer, Cary, Hovvitt, Foster. Hall. Fifth Row: Turowski, Turner, Koeppler, Somers, Shy, Hoffman, Strasdin, Wright, Lett, Musial. W M 7- V Wwfii . 5'il5lIl WT 'lialglfil s lPRlEfMElDllCS Fmt Row: Mr. MacGuiness, Beamer, Wessels, Keidan, Stobbe, Moore, Second Raw: Ward, Harris, Bloss, Bounkcr, McGrann, Chapin, jones. Third Row: Share, Korinek, Striclcroot, Kaplan, Bonner, Doerr, Hill, Smith. The members of the PrefMedics Club Schiller Club was organized for the form a group of future doctors and nurses. students of German. Features of interest They are organized for the purpose of during the past year include various prof bringing together students with a com' grams given in German, the presentation mon interest to discuss advances in the of a picture to the German classroom medical field. Numerous instructive ex' and a donation of German books to the peditions are made to further this interest. library. SCHHLLER First Row: Mack, Mack, Kiefer, Norton, Gollbach, Pres., Lueckhoff, Sec., Hansen, VicefPres., Wurst, Treas., Meyers, Kurtz, Sec.g Eaman, Gamborg, Vice-Pres. Second Row: Radin, Keidan, Mussnig, Grikscheit, Buchman, Schroeder, Somkin, Grether. Third Row: Smith, Walker, Bailer, Gamroth, Morrow, Hofmeistcr, Grcenhut, Strickt. Hinz, Domkin, Mrs. Nielson. Fourth Row: Dchatz, Raicke, Elson, Pevoz, Schneider, Draschner, Kirchenheiter. Lulko, Ruschinski, Wurst. H1061 ? ,ff 'I r KWW - -Q' ,-MII QV '3+flW'6s'lIl if I NIV iii s-s - N - ' - , - v 1 1 'X 4? X " v C ,ff 1 if R " f ' ll W 7 . ' X , I 1 , if sciiENciigy,fi'iSiiiiJ RADIIO cinuia First Row: Madgett. Moore. Parrott. Reed. Esser. Be The purpose of the Science and Radio Club is to promote an interest in Radio and Science among the students of North' western High School. The members are mostly students who are interested in and intend to take any of the engineering courses given by the leading colleges. CUILIH. Second Row: Mr. Cline, Peacock, Perkins, Mr, Wade. Socii Romani is composed of Latin students of all courses. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in Roman customs and ideas, and to more closely unite the Latin students on a common ground. Social gatherings are held and charity work is done also. SUCH ROMANII First Row: Howe, Rigley, Scribus, Clazer, Redman, Consul Miiiorg Chapin, Censorg Leviant, Howie, Wright, Consul Major, Plummer. Olmstead. Second Row: Mrs. Adams, Owen, Gibson, Chockley, Switalska, Cham' berlann. Mothcrsill, Parrot, Leipziger, Preston. Miss Norris. 'Third Row: Barnes, Karp, Whately, Eneix, Robins, jackson. Spencer. Brown. Mcllarvah. Fourth Row: Morin, Mansure, Warrick, jacob, Scarborough, McCulloch. Condon. lwvl The Sodales Club, the Senior Latin Members of the library staff render a -- i'irFmWfi1W is i l f IMS ifsli lNlV'lIl'si-s .X SUDALES First Row: Lee, Robertson, Brown, Treas.g Scheer, Vice-Pres., Orwick, Sec., Freemyer, Pres., Switalska, Pres., Irwin, VicefPres.g Brown, Beamer, Treas.g Steele. Second Row: Miss O'Donovan, Rosenfeld, Myers. Stotz, Harbican, Wheeler, Hack, Smothers, Miss Cooper. Third Row: Brown, Gray, Fauber. Grabow, Trumble, Tozcr, Hampshire, Lerchen. Club, was organized in 1919 for the purf pose of enabling students of Latin to bef come better acquainted. The club pub' lishes Audite, the foreign language magaf zine, each semester, the proceeds of which are used for the Sarah Sheehan loan fund. service to the school by assisting the li' brarians, teachers and pupils, as well as acquiring a prefvocational training in li' brary practices. Only pupils of satisfacf tory scholarship and citizenship are eligible for staff work. lLlllBRARY STAFF Q i Q First Row: Gregory, Lapp. Miss Winton, Crandall, Grant, Hurvich. Mather, Keidcn. Hicks. Birenholz, Miss Philbrick. Second Row: Micholns. Brown. Ellas, Miller, Compton. Miss Meston, Cook. Hurston. Finley, Sievert, Bleinteister. 'Q M V' ' al"WffW u ,fre as A-sei gs y A u ld! li1 '.ll9'-f i ll! tfwmiimsss GLOBE TROTTERS First Row: Gidlow. Parrott, Trcasg McCormick, Sec.: Gregor, Pres.g Weiner, Garrison. Wardrop. Second Row: Barr, Mitrin, Moore, Seaver, Zimmerman, Hockenbrocht, Wheeler. Third Row: johnson, Shier, Buelick, Miller. lvlaine, Lipsitz, Lareau. The Globe Trotters' Club was an or' ganization which flourished for a short time at Northwestern High School in ioi8. It was revived this semester under the direction of the Natural Science Def partment. The purpose of the club is to sponsor field trips and to bring speakers to Northwestern High School to speak on world travel. The stage crew put in a season of un' usual activity this year. It designed and prepared the setting for eight onefact plays, two elaborate threefact plays prof duced by the Senior Class, Vanity Fair and the opera. In addition it managed the lighting and made all necessary scenery changes for every performance. STAGE CREW as 9.5 First Row: Reed. Robinson, Kerns, Maine. Second Row: Mr. Cline, Mr. Bolt: 109 ll ec RESERVED OIFIFIICERS TRAINING CORPS NLY Kipling could properly describe and appreciate the R. O. T. C. Anyf one who has heard the snapping, staccato commands and has seen the prompt, inf telligent obedience cannot doubt the value of the R. O. T. C. The R. O. T. C. was organized in ioio. It was created with the purpose of giving students fine carriage and- good physique. Two years' intensive training whips the men into fine military form. The Northwestern Unit has won national honors repeatedly, and is one of Detroit's best groups. The Unit always makes a fine showing on the Field Day, held annually, when the nine units of the city vie for rating as City Honor High School. This excellence is due, not to luck, but to the fine spirit of the men, the work of their ofhcers, and the ability of their instructor. The most credit is due to Sergeant john Tkacik, U. S. A., Ser- geant Tkacik has drilled Noi'thwestern's R. O. T. C. ever since its organization, and has consistently turned out men of the highest type. The ofhcers at present are: Captain lvlartin Stefanac, Battalion Adjutant Goldberg, First Lieutenant Smith, First Lieutenant Kiedan, Second Lieutenant Farkas, and First Sergeant Olin. The Northwestern Rifle Team has held the city championship for seven conf secutive years. Two cups are permanetly in Northwestern's possession and the team has won one leg on the third cup. In ions Northwestern won the National Intercollegiate Rifle Mzitches. The team Fmt Row: Hart, Lang, Rosenberger, Soop, Bernstein, Hoffman, Niedzwiecki. Owen, Bowman. Norman, Keever. Second Row: Slack, Stewart, Goblent, Hall. Graves, Davidge, Robinson, Grantham, Watson. Long. May, Fisher. 'Third Row: Wall, Sy nes. Fanning, Flanigan, Szymanski. Buzin, Palmer. Stigleman, Weidman. Moore. Connolly, Fourth Row: Ways, Dombrowski, Wigle, Schmidt. Vail, Partyka, Erdman, Fry, Rigley. Wetmore. Fifth Row: Bees. Drew, Bott, Dickinson, Pattison, Kolodsiek, Zienert, Stoner. Sixth Row: Goldberg. Spearman, Faudman, Smith, Mason, Glick. Darling, Shipman, Wigle, jatras. Seventh Row' Kerns, Whittaker, Farkas, Norton, Sparr. Erwin, Olin, Zumberg, Smith, Walker. lluoll ,fa-sv , -1 QQFVE. --ffzees- X f J.7'lllZ1-Ski ll! LVl LV'1lrw R. O. T. CC. OlFlFllClERS First Row: Cadet Lieut. Co. Talbot, Tech. Sgt. Tkaeik, U. S. Army. Instructor, Cadet Capt. Stefanae, Cadet First Lieut. Keidan. Battalion Adjutant, Second Raw: Cadet Second Lieut. Zumberg, Cadet First Lieut. Smith, Cadet First Lieut. Goldberg. which won city championship in IQBO, was composed of Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Talbot, Qteam captainlg Captain Stehmae, Lieutenant Kiedan, Lieutenant Zumberg, and Sergeant Kerns. The memf bers ofthe Hearst Trophy team are: Cap' tain Martin Stefanae lteam captainl, Lieutenant Kiedan, Lieuteant Goldberg, Sergeant Wiiys, Sergeant Kerns. Captain Martin Stefanac and Lieutenant Kiedan will represent Northwestern for the Two' Man team city championship, Field Day. This year the rifl: team again brought Northwestern's R. 0. T. C. into national prominence by taking second place in the National Willi11111 Randolph Hearst Trophy Contest. There were 149 schools in the competition. Many of them, such as Culver and Kemper, were leading military acadamies. Northwestern is the first Michigan school to gain such an honor. RlllFlL.lE TEAM Firxt Row: Goldberg, Zumberg, Talbot, Sgt. Tlcacik, Stefanac. Keidan, Smith. Second Raw: Stewart, Kerns, Farkas, Sparr, Lang, Wetmore. Third Row: Ways. Olin, Erwin. Spearman. III Qfine vig There is in Man expression's need to hold The potency of things he feels and sees Which dull the senses and themselves grow cold When locked within the mind. Through Art Man frees From selfish grasp sensation's wealth: Stream's pace, Bird's song, star's drift, breath's measure, pulse's beat- All point to rhythm's rule in life, embrace The essence of the Dance and Music. Sweet Things are too often transient-gone while still We merely taste of them: applause, a passing girl's Shy smile, the rare magnetic moment's thrill. And Art and Drama steal from Time these pearls. Thus Man, in passing, takes from years choice fruit Which love keeps fresh and age cannot pollute. -S- . X515 .iffjlwl , ' Fawn f f-NY I7-M ,.,n,A!:lf l 7! .fl , 1 4'-N-, , Qi f I 'KV' H if 2 4-f:1v:'ff?S'?'gi'Z"'53'R '- X , 1 ' A fy 20:4 , RJcLVo0Sl27W 1 f " 'fl Q17 1 if Mi fi xll LVNMIQ- , K Twp Serenade- Sawyer, Jewell, Stewart, L1glxt, Curtis 4 Canter 'fWl1l1t Ann Brought Home-Guest, Cornwell, Wolfe Borrmnfffhe Romarmc Age '-Mzixzim, Brown llwl 'Q Z Vanity Fair Chorus performed: and then down to New Orleans, where an amusing rubberneck tour took place, a brilliant Spanish dance, a chorus, and a grand finale. There were more than one hundred players in the cast. A board of judges awarded prizes for the best acts. Sherril Smith was first with a catchy xylo- phone solo. Doris Sampson in a song and dance act took second prize, Elizabeth Mc' Mann, a dashing Spanigh dancer, won the third prize. Sherril Smith, Elizabeth McMann VANll'll'Y FAIR Vanity Fair was a rather novel departure in high school productions. Originally inf tended to be a vaudeville show, the number of acts entered was of such quality that the seven best acts were selected and a plot written around them. A musical comedy was the result. The first scene was laid in the Grand Central Station, New York, where the first plot thickened and a red cap chorus did its stuff. Next was an unusual winter scene at Banff, Canada. Following that, the scene shifted to a small town grof cery store in Arkansas where a hick band The Centerville Town Band C A S T William Mouser Mary Hazelton Lorraine DeWick Louis Westman Ellsworth McDowell Clarence Gaiesky Marguerite Honeywell Mary Owen Elizabeth Owen Sherrill Smith Portis Turrentine 1 15 l 179 if 'WVVIIZSWG fxlymlglllkts .9 THE ROMANTIC AGE january 12A Class Play The Romantic Age, by A. A. Milne, was the first dramatic return of the IQ2Q'IQ3O season. Owing to a series of annoying but inevitable delays, it did not get on the boards until February I4 and 15. But it was worth waiting for. It was the most im- portant play from a literary and dramatic point of view that has been given at Northwestern in several years. The play was unusually well performed. Dolores Brown was adequately lightfheaded for a girl lost in day dreams. Noel Maxam was enthusiastically gallant as the hero. Ellsworth Mac Dowell's deep bass voice and willowy figure were perfect for the part of the old man, and Eugene jackson, who ate cheese and spoke at the same time, played his part to perfection. The settings and advertising posters were taken care of by Mr. HI. K. Boltz, and the music by Mr. Roy Miller. The business end of the production was managed by the Hi-Y Club under Mr. Albert Hollingers supervision. Miss julia E. Gettemy directed the production. C A S T Gerx ise Millory f f f f Noel Maxam Mellisande f - Dolores Brown Bobby f Kenneth Berkaw me - Mahala Cornwell Mr Knownlt it f f Ellsworth McDowell Mrs Knownle f if Mary jane Koontz Martin Susan -. 4 f Eugene jackson Alice the Mud f f -Ieanne Steele The Boy fffffffff Robert Wordrois fl uohll T'0 - I 17' ' W' '1 'if N f-will Q 7TlLf.1l1Q5f fSTTT? Timm . ,L WHAT ANN BROUGHT HOME june, 1930, Class Play Wlitit Ann Brought Home, 1930 june class play, was presented on the evenings of May IO and 12 under the direction of Miss julia Gettemy. It is a rollicking farce' comedy dealing with a middle class family in a village in Northern Indiana. There are three daughters in the family, two of whom have suitorsg there is an unclefan enterprising business manfffand the father and mother. The scene is laid in the living room of the Bennett house where Mr. and Mrs. Bennett are found on a summer eveningi The oldest daughter, Anne, has gone to a neighboring town on an errand and returns with a husband. The husband, Dudley, is an impractical fellow and a dreamer. The play settles around his imcompatibility with the Bennett family. He finally wins their good graces by transacting a business deal which makes the whole family wealthy. There is much human interest in the play, and many amusing characters, which account for its successful run on Broadway in IQ28, and similar successes wherever it has been produced. C A S T Mrs. Sam Bennett f - Alice Seeford Mr. Sam Bennett f f Alfred Ott Nina fffff f - f Belba Fritch Anne, the eldest daughter 1 f f f Mahala Cornwell Alma, the youngest daughter f f qs., f f f f .Ieane Steele Dudley ffff- f , + f Clifford Wolfe Herb Hardcastle f f 1 fd, 3 .- 1 - f Harry Guest Uncle Harry - f 1 - - Robert Ward -I. K. Raymond ffffffff ' 5 f f - Arthur Coney 1111711 'S WJ!! 1 if! 7 QV T571 Nr .af fl L lla-1-nl. A :awww , -1 .6 L - -cc ,ff C Y 1 Y ,X i 'T v "3 5x, ,I ' V j ,V ' ,ff f iff 1 g V 1f T, l All , A nn ,gl rn" 1 in A ' , .Tx - V Duke of Santa Cruz ' ' Carlos Alvarado, Baritone of the Madrid Opera f f Romero, Chief of the Brigands f f f Lopez, Lieutenant of Brigands Gomez, a Tailor f f f SERENADE HIS year being one of Victor Herbert revivals, North' western entered into the spirit of the movement. The music department presented the fifteenth annual opera, The Serenade, with great success. In iozo this same opera was performed before six enthusiastic audiences in the new Northwestern auditorium. This year the opera was no less successful, inaugurating a policy of Saturday matinees instead of the previous Monday performances. The curtain rises on the oilice of the Royal Madrid Brigandage Association where the bandits are contemplating an attack on the Duke of Santa Cruz. The Duke in the meantime, is trying to keep his ward, Dolores, away from her adorers. Alvarado, a baritone of the Madrid Opera, CAST Harold Brown Robert Sawyer f Kenneth Jewell Goddard Light f f Cornelius Scott f f f f f , 1 HIISH .fm vw ii s - SERENADE has become her postillion in order to be near her. The Duke mistakes an old opera singer, Colombo, for the lover of his Dolores and imprisons him, placing Dolores in the Convent of St. Ursula. Gomez, a tailor, who hopes to win Dolores by a song, seeks refuge from the Duke in the convent. Dolores escapes with Alvarado and the Duke is forced by Romero, the bandit chief, to consent to their marriage. Yvonne, a dancer, who has been seeking to win Alvarado frees her father, Colombo, and then gives her hand to Lopez, lieutenant of the brigands. Under the direction of Miss Lowden and through the dramatic assistance of Mr. Young, from New York, the opera was one of the finest ever presented at Northwestern, C A S T Colombo, an old Opera Tenor ' f 1 Don Sawyer Dolores, the Duke's Ward Dorothy Beasley Yvonne, CoIombo's Daughter Mary Stewart The Mother Superior f Ruth Davenport lilwil QRWL - j I Qlflx' ' aiklll WVTWV' Q- j R ill L If Xb ,, jx Y R nh -f llhx 3 'X SENHUR ORCHESTRA Fmt Row. lvleagher. lvioore. Bernstein, Clements. Krieger, Asarn. Owen. Bailey. Goetzke. Sass, Sernml Run' Miller. Snyder, W.rg.1r. Leichtag. Caster, Paddon, Shattock. Hawkins. Zander. Salot. Tlunl Rim' Fisher. Stauli. lvlaule. Camplield. LaRose. Elliott. Cogsdill. lviclienney. Lemon, Music students hecome eligihle for the senior orchestra when they hecome io As Under the direction of Mr. Roy lviiller, the orchestra provides the musical hack' ground for the operas. plays and com' mencement exercises. Lorraine Salot and Richard Wolf represented the orchestra in the national High School orchestra at Atlantic City. Meiiilwers of the junior orchestra are taken from the ninth and tenth grade classes. The work is a foundation for the senior orchestra. Mr. Roy Iviiller, who played for two seasons with john Phillip Sousa. is the director. The junior orchestra appears annually at a spring concert given hy the junior organization in the school auiitoium. jllUNlIOR ORCHESTRA Firxr Row: Maller, Holfrichter. Brown. Aulph. Knisel. jordan, Bassett. Hall, Lawson, Sccmiii Row, Henley, Fonncr, Knight. Proctor, Salway, Willerford. Tl-md Row: Alexander. Fishkind. Lweenherg. Graves, Engle. - AMW f 'YV N ,-mal1'QTVT lllyiv fill 'l T imm STRING TENSTEMIBTLTE I I Left to Right: Dolores Brown, Richard Wolfe, Peter Tainsh, lsidore Weiner The band consists of liftyfone pieces. Like the orchestra, the band is under the The membership of the string quartet has not changed for two years. Richard Wolfe, a member of the quartet, is a mem' ber ofthe Allfcity quartet, which was the only quartet invited to Atlantic City for the National High School orchestra conf vention last February. direction of Mr. Miller, who incidentally directed the best army band in Europe during the late war. The hand plays at fooiball, basketball and baseball games, rallies and parades. BAND Firxt Row: Raskin, Mair, Waha, Ruddick, Loisel, Michaels, Bogart, Goldblatt, Elliott, Bush, Mclntosh, McLean. Second Row: Buchanan, Coggan, Dorfman, Locatis, McAfee, Snarey, Comrie, McGrann, Cogley, Daley, Gyvis. Thompson. Third Row: Wagner, Beach, Maule, LaRose, Kilgour, Sawyer, Campfield, Tromley, Sopcr. Fourth Row: Whiteley, Peters, Fishkind, Bigham, Feldscher, Fry, Taylor, Murphy. Fifth Row. Davies, Cogsdill, Cooper, Truscott, Williams, Gold, Marston, Lind, Miles. Preston. 'O X4 v n , Mimi' ff-will 'ff ' WV .lllh"6n'lIl M1 NIV lll -i- -,, as-A-as - . 5 T '- -...te " Y Xin' X ax , AQ X v X v yx-,VS X ff f X X ' 'X r' ' K if A L W hi hm A U' X Y - GHRLSW SENIOR GlLlElE CLUB First Row: Turnhill, Dear, Freeman, Wright, jones, Lihrariang Ortwine, Sec., Treas., Devcees, Social Chair' mang Saunders, l3res.g Grant, Carhary, Clark, Second Row: Edwards, Wadell, lvlcFerran, Uvuen, Sehley, Keifer, llraconier, Luke, Pinch, Gordon, Prout. Third Row: Miss jackson, Butler, Keown, Emmett. Davenport, Beasley. Sterling, Accompanistg Wills, Eiehclharger, Smythe, Fields, Fourth Row: Irwin, Stewart, V1CC'l,fCS., Snyder, Sec,g DeWiek, Stevens, Wannamaker, Emex, Thompson, Downs, Yerex, Watson. The Girls' Senior Glee Cluh during the last year hroadcasted over WJR from the Unitarian Church and appeared at Cass Community Church. It presents a concert each june and sends representatives to the May Festival at Cass High School. Mary Stewart was a representative at the Chif :ago convention. The Boys' Senior Glee Cluh was orif ginally organized as a part of the school curriculum. With the Girls' Senior Glee Cluh, it gives an annual Christmas Conf cert, and supplies memhers to the casts of musical productions. Kenneth .lewell represented the cluh this year at the Music Supervisors' Convention in Chicago. BOYS, SlENllOlR GlLlElE CLUB First Row' Lind, Taylor, Wolfe, Stradley, Jewell, Browne, Cuse, Light, Lelrleup. Second Row: Wollie, Pomeroy, Neilson, Armstrong, Baxter, Dunning, Thompson, Burge. Third Row: Farnum, Creed, Gaietsky, Whittaker Scott, Gritman, Hicks. Uizzl v 5 , fif' Af-'oTS'7WV'lWlll-will 'lVN'h1lle-X - , I ix 1 X i as L V F- , ,f f , - W T ' X N ' t . . f . , X g , 5 I 1' 1 4 p A 1 Y nr, f Q U n . , X GllRLS' JIUNIIOR GLIEE CLUB First Row: Horn, Gavcburd, Wresche, Lawson, Sec., Grether, Pres., Valrance, Workman, Stewart, Robins, Second Row: Woods, Bright, Willeyord, Green, Earnshaw, Fromer, Bogle, Honor, Miss Newell. 'Third Row: Barnes. Fox. Lcichtag, Gagnon, Fundis, Hawley. Ellerby, McKee. Fourth Row: Forton. Strandell, Hicks, Holiday, Harrington, Fenu, King. The Girls' junior Glee Club is directed by Miss Mabelle A. Newell. Its sixty' tive members from the ninth and tenth grades have taken part in the Christmas Concerts and have sung in several houses. Each year a concert is given in june, and members are sent to the May Festivals. The Boys' Junior Glee Club, directed by Miss Alice M. Lowden, consists of thirty members. It takes part in the annualChristf mas Concert and collaborates with the Girls' junior Glee Club in the june Concert. It gave a supper party, followed by a movie, for the girls at the Fisher Y. M. C. A. BOYS' QHUNJIOR GLEE CLUB First Row: Dwyer, Selik, Beers, Covert, Bebb, Henrikson, Randall, White, Bell, Schening. Second Row: Whaw, Ankeny, Hughes, Buchner, Goldman, Rigley, Bailey, Alexander, Hofmeister. Third Row: Burton, Booker, Long, Bajus, Aldridge, Schonfeld, Ahell, Schultz, lml gxkfgfeficg What Ages watched the human body form! Saw slime move up the scale, grow lungs, desert The swamp, reach massive size, then change with storm And icefage cold-its ugliness convert lnto a cleanflimbed type. And did they note The brain, which only came to strength when Man Stood straight, and to whose service men devote The love once body got? What folly can Men not conceive? This change of masters brings New wages: health passed by for intellect. Thus thought, when sent aloft on weakened wings, Soon wearies, reels, and flutters down unchecked. Lay siege on health, of all men's loves the best, And capture thought and joy, among the rest. , C1 - V Kgxx 7 ' V g Z F- 5J"1"'7" S- Q1 QR rf W bb :b X Y n wrn 1 Nrwvs- Aaimllld' 18. .ll!41-Xfiblll X' L ' Alva X X ,, 'f'T tag VE! ' X i viii- x - r s . X. , X. J 1-fe' I 1 ,f Vs sg .. .c , 5 I nwff 1, ! A ' .-.l, ,,,,,n,,s Q A l A s 1 , 's ATHLETIC HISTORY MATHEMATICIAN has Hgured out that it would take more than a hundred years for the Detroit high schools to catch up with Northwestern's record. Athletics at Northwestern began in 1914. The football team started by playing only freshmen and reserve teams from other schools and, despite this, lost most of its games. The next year, how' ever, Northwestern stepped out into high society and took on varsity teams, winning all but one of the games. Since then 1 the Colts have won seven city football chan1pionships. They started a winning streak in 1924 and took five city championships in a row. They have been state champions twice, sharing the honor with Muskegon in 1927. Among the out' standing players that North' western has produced are the two Heston brothers who are showing promise at the University of Michif gan, "Snitz" Ross and John Hackett who are starring on the U. of D., team, and Ernie McCoy and Marshall Boden who won their footf ball letters at U. ofM. Northwestern has also ' taken a lion's chare of bas' ketball titles, having won seven city championships and four state championships. The most outstanding bas' ketball player ever to play on a Colt team is Ernie McCoy, who captai11ed the 1925 team and later went to Michigan where he led the 1928 team to the big ten champion' ship. The Colts also lay claim to what is generally accepted as the outstanding bas- ketball team ever deveioped in Michigan, the 1928 champions. Northwestern swimming teams have annexed eight of the ten annual city chamf pionships thus far held. Dick Spindle, '25, captained the University of Michigan big ten champions of SZQ. Durr, Boldt and Mr. Marvis 1112611 Walker also swam for Michigan. The out' standing swimmer at Michigan State this year is Horace Craig, captain of a Colt city, state and Midwest championship swimming team. Northwestern's trump card has always been track, in which fifteen city titles, seven state titles and six Midwest titles have been won since 1916. It is not necesf sary to delve deep back into the past to find its stars, although in IQ24 the half mile relay team broke the world's interscholastic record. Practically every city record is held by a North' western man. This year's team alone boast of Willis Ward, the World Inter' scholastic High jump champion, Wesley Hurd, the holder of the MidfWest mile record, and Raymond Roe and Noel Maxam hold' ers of the city half-mile and pole vault records ref spectively. Cne of the most outstanding weight men that Northwestern has prof duced is Leroy Dues, the national junior shot put champion. This year the athletic department, through the HN" club, made a signili- cant innovation. A fund was established to send Northwestern athletes, of meritorious scholarship, thru college. The purpose was to avoid the dangers of professionalism that have ap' peared in several colleges in recent years. During Easter vacation an elaborate dance was held to establish the fund and it was nobly supported. It will become an annual event. Mr. Bert Mavis, North- western's athletic mentor, was largely responsible for its success. This is the last year that Northwestern participates in state and midfwest athletic contests, following the policy of the Detroit High School League. ,1 -ivru V Timm' 1 vi' - Oliver, Curtis. McKinley, Ziegel, Germaine Mr. Maas, Coach Palm, Capt, SWIMMING The 1030 swimming team won the City and state championships but lost the mid' west meet unexpectedly by two points to Northern. The championships came after two years of terrific competition against Highland Park's national championship teams. Livingston Oliver broke the city record, for the hundredfyard free style, made by Craig of Northwestern in 1927. Chuck McKi11ley took the hundredfyard breast stroke in every meet but the MidfWest. Curtis took several Hrsts in the hftyfyard free style, beating out Ballard of Northern in the city meet. The diving was done by Earl Gormaine and Captain Richard Palm, who also swam in the winning relay. Great success was not apparent at first, but after a few duel meets the city championship loomed ahead. All the seven duel meets were won by top heavy scores. The captain elect for 1931 is Livingsf ton Oliver, who swam on the varsity team in his freshman year. SUMMARY W t QPU- N. W. Opp. QS em' ' ' '4" ' Eastern ,....... .... 5 2 12 Redford . ...., .... 3 71 26 . 1 Central ......... .... 5 6! 8 Highland Park' ' ' "" 38 26 Southwestern ........... 58 6 Northern ----'-b-4--'-- 33 31 First Row: W. Moon, H. Bush, R. Doran, Capt, R. Palm, C. Courville, L. Oliver, C. McKinley, E.Gormaine. Second Row: Mr. Maris, M. Sherman, R. Snyder, W. McCollough, H. Curtis, F. Mueller, Mr. Maas. 11171 4n'rii'r'lltsW'Wi'i Nr , IH- - X. 3 in X.. FX X ,lahfllsi A K .fligglif 45. 4, af . ldlllg FOOTBALL With only five veterans back from last year, Coach Bishop moulded a team that that was to face three powerful state elevens in addition to a strong city schedf ule. The first Eve games were taken brilf liantly. The sixth game, with Muskegon, ended in'defeat. It seemed to take the morale. nom the team, since not another point y asiscored after this game. In the next game, with Central, came another defeat, this time entirely unexpected. Highland Park, the city champions, then defeated the Colts for the first time in football history. The state champions, Benton Harbor, completed the disaster. For the first time in six years since Sam Bishop took the helm, Northwestern failed to take the Metropolitan championship. SUMMARY om' . Sept. 28 Northeastern o Oct. Hamtramck 7 Oct. Eastern ...,.. o Oct. Southeastern 6 Sielolf Huber Campbell Keyes Kinnunen Schaupner First Row: Pierce, Feldsher, Huber, Fundis, Barringer, Sielofi johnson, Crawford, Dunning. McClintic, Dant, Palm, Griuezskc. Second Row: Batson, Heydon, Ward, Lysett, Campbell, Schaupner, Golinske, Gross, Kyes, Ziegle, Kinnunen, Petersen, Zaharski. Third Row: McFall, Buenger. Harris, Robb, Mr. Carry, Mr. Maris, Mr. Bishop, Burgin, Fisher, Spomer, Borland, Thompson. lln8Il 'Q . 'r em' - rs f N fawlldff 'Bl lllhbwill. f l minus, -X - , .Y--' X' ' Q ,QA ga v -. - FT x il 5 - " X ff I ' X , ,i l ,. 'iw ' , A 4--57 g A Y i nuigwn, Y - , ' S A L l lF0O'll'lBA.lLlL Captain Harold Sielolf suffered a broken collar bone in the second game of the sea' son and was forced to miss the next Eve games. He starred in the four games he played and his management from the bench earned the position of allfcity bench captains. Phil Schaupnbr played a stalwart game at tackle and arded the position on the allfstate teihng. The other tackle position was filled by George Huber, who was placed on the allfcity team. Gerald Barringer, at guard, like' wise placed on the allfcity eleven. The passing combination, Golinske to Ward, was responsible for many touchdowns. s SUMMARY ' N.w. OPP. s Oct. Northern ....,....., .,...... o Nov Muskegon .. I3 ' X i Nov Central ..,...,,,.. 6 Nov. Highland Park 6 Nov Benton Harbor ....... . 26 . ' Dant Palm Golinske Fundis Lysett Ward . TN? thi: 1' . The Hamtramck Game ll 129 l wr 1 vi 1' if rim Nr ,iagillgL!L,AiIi955'QS.ili. 4 . Xiallleaws X TRACK This year the Colt track team was probably the most balanced team ever put out by a Michigan high school. Every dual meet was taken by an overwhelming score. The city title was a walkfaway, and the Midfwest was taken after a keen struggle with Froebel High, of Indiana. Five veterans formed the nucleus around which Coach Weaver built the team. The outstanding star of the year was Willis Ward, who set a new Interscholastic World High Jump Record of six feet, four and onefhalf inches. His ability in the hurdles made him high point man in both the City and Mid-West meets. Captain Wesley Hurd, with three years of varsity experience, ran a consistently fast mile, close to the record time of 4:37 which he set last year. Raymond Roe upset all the critics when he won the city half mile, breaking the city record set by Thompson, of Northwestern, in 1929. Another record breaker was Noel 'Top Row-Pleaume, S. Moore, Ward, Center-Wilson. Lawton, Bottom Row-Cogan, McCord, Valmore lrsol Aafiff' 'EW' '1 'Nfl Nr TRACK Maxam, the holder of the state standing high jump record, who vaulted II, 5M" in the city meet. Sidney Moore, who himself has vaulted 11' 6", was bothered all season by minor in- juries. In the weight events, Jack Fundis had things all to himself. Earl Rheaurne, Eugene Wilson, Herbert Thompson, Erwin Valmore and Norman Lawton were consistent point winners. SUMMARY Northwestern 77 ...... Western 18, Jan. 16. Northwestern 85 ...... Redford 1o, jan. 24. Northwestern 88M..Southwestern 6M, Jan. 31 Northwestern 8394 .Central HK, Feb. 7. Northwestern 82 ...,.. Highland Park 13, Feb. zo CITY MEET Northwestern SI r..... nearest competitor 17M. MIDWEST Northwestern 3,5 ...... nearest competitor 30 115. '1'0p Row: Hurd, Maxon, Fundis. Center: Stobbe, Thompson. Bottom Row: F. Moore, Fisher, Gruezke ll 131 l ffnriwr' ' 1 'V 'klllg i Q Jj!llf'Xl.fflN.l5lIlR Q 3 6-L ' - .- g..,,4,s, V Lcchncr, Jacobs Boden Rachlin. Coyne, Gutowski BASKET BALL TARTING out the season with only two lettermen, Captain John Boden and Hugh Rae, Coach Carty built a well rounded outfit which finished in a tie for first for the West Side Honors with Southwestern and Highland Park, Southwestern later winning the West Side playfoff. Nine players were awarded letters. They were: Boden, Lechner, Jacobs, Burgin, Gulvansky, Rae, Nelson, Rachlin and Stockmeyer. In the Hrst game of the season the cagers defeated the Alumni, 17 to io. In the next game the Colts lost to the City Championship Northern quintette by the sccre of 26 to 8 in a itorvleague game 'VARSITY TEAM i 4 First Row: Leckner. Coyne, Rea, Boden, Burgin, Gutowsky, Racklin, Jacobs. Second Row: Mr. Mans. Peterson fmanagerj. Stockmeyer, Roase, Nelson, Dant, Managerg Carty. Coach. ll?-ll - ' NTWUNYN 1-will Ql7Ti 'lll - ill lfTXlV'1l1' - ,X .e - Rea. Nelson. Bergin. Carry. R.1chl111, Dalit. Burgin BASKET BALL The Colts opposed Weste1'11 in their first league game and downed them zo to io. The Colts won another thriller the following week 21 to zo. The Red and Gray team finally hroke their onefpoint jinks, downing Southwestern 23 to 21. Central was the next victim, to the tune of 18 to 15. Cooley was then taken into camp hy 24 to 16. The Colts, however. here ran into tough luck, losing to Highland Park 18 to 11, which put them into a tie for first place. In the playfolf the Colts drew Southwestern and dropped a heavy thriller, 15 to 14, to end their season. Leckner and .lacohs were honored hy heing selected for AllCity teams. RESERVE TEAM Merckel. Anderson, Gurman, Rea, Armstrong, Boase. l 133 ll fiffw r 'NW' miie X ,af -ml: L .. a As L Mini? ii lll. aaa iflilwliw ,C i I CROSS COUNTRY FTER dominating city cross country for five consecutive years, the Colts came through this year to win the state championship. It is the first state cross country title to come to a Detroit team. The Colts took second place for four consecutive years, and in IQ28 they were only four points behind the leaders. Wesley Hurd and Captain Bill Guy were the only letter winners from last year. The time trials were held on September 26, and Ennis Stafford proved to be the most promising of the new men. The three quadrangular meets were taken by large scores, with Wes Hurd starring. In the city meet Hurd took third, Guy eighth, Stafford and Rheaume also placed. Eastern, the nearest competitor, was beaten by twentyfhve points. In the state meet, Northwestern nosed out Kalamazoo for the title. Hurd made a sensational comeback by beating Otto Pongrace, the national mile champion. The local meets were held on Bonnie Brook Golf courseg the dis' tance was close to two and onefhalf miles. Malcolm Weaver Coach Cross country running has always served as foundation work for Northwestern's championships track teams. The distance running developes wind and endurance and form. Almost invariably the good cross country winners star in track. Coach Weziver has several men who give promise of upholding Northwesterns laurels next fall. Among them are Raymond Roe, city, state and midfwest half mile champion and Thomas Lawton, a consistent point winner in the mile. CITY AND STATE CHAMPIONS i A ,xi i V t i' ' ' ' , A r' M , L ii, 5 ,. ,. , I .i,, A ' li- ' A . ' Ti. - f ' . ' ,Q-.i '.'i if Ei :ff . K I as .I ' I i f s U - a to ,af 'ffl V- ' .1351 Q W ' , , ,W E x - . I Guy fCapt.,l Hockenberry, Stafford, Becker. Rheaume, Hurd ll 13-il 'Q - no Hxfmllf ' -Nasa- 4 A' gv!f,llxXxV ' 'Y , X I! I-Q! X- 1 rsx- wx , .gf if NyAllIg.ryf.,nlll lf: my il, s F BASEBALL-1929 l ITH four ,letter men from the preceding year Coach Sam Bishop organized a team that went through the baseball season with only one defeat. The Colts started off the season well by thoroughly trouncing Highland Park. Cliff Veach connected for a home run and Larry McClements from the mound only permitted five hits. They next took down Western. In this game McClemei1ts proved his ability at bat as well as pitching. With the bases full he hit a double bringing in three runs. He held them down to only four hits and made eight stick outs. Every' body made at least one run in a walk away game against South' A western. Sam Bishop The Colts then met Cass for their first and only defeat. Marcus Com' Greenlee who was responsible for many of their runs, was ill and the team suffered from this loss. Northwestern got live hits while McClements held Cass to a mere four, but two errors in one inning gave Cass the run by which she won the game. Veach hit his second home run of the season with a hard drive into left field. Burgin hit a triple and Grenlee pinchfhitting in the last inning hit a double but died on base. The next two games were won from Central and Cooley. Cass vron the City Champion' ship. SUMMARY April IQ f Northwestern IO f f f f Highland Park 1 April go f Northwestern IO f f f Western 4 June IO Northwestern 18 f f Southwestern 1 June I7 Northwestern 2 f f Cass Technical 3 june 24 Northwestern 4 f f f Central 3, june 31 Northwestern 8 - Cooley 1 First Row: Mogge, Coyne, Golinski, Leckner, Burgen, Jacobs, MacDonald, Rachlin, Olsen, Haydon. Second Row: Aiken, Ziegel, Barland, McClintick, Whiteley, McKnight, Wilson, Speier, Lawrence, Bishop fCoachl llssl ,. ff-i-T iifnt. 7 ,- , 'SLV ' 'QLVIIQZSYZMI S! l Nlwlll i X HOCKEY TEAM l l First Row: Mr. Maris, Davidge, Peckham, McNahh, Brandt, Hutchinson, lvIacDonald. Ivlopps, Mr. Catherman. Second Row: johnson, Pollett, Pasel, Huth, Walsh, Rule, Gillies, Fletcher, Student Mzinzigerg Owen, Schaupner. Coach Catherman's hockey team this year led the league during the iirst part of season. But a month of inactivity, with no ice to practice upon, put the team off form. The season ended with six vicf tories, five defeats, and one tie. Don MacDonald placed on the allfcity team. The Colts captured the city skating title for the third consecutive year and gained the third leg on the H. Welvher trophy in the annual meet at Belle Isle. Bud Keyes, holder ofthe city two twenty mark, won this event hut did not equal his time of last year. SKATHNG TEAM First Row: Mr. Maris, Phillips, Walsh, Gih, Keyes, Minner, Rohillard, Owen. Kistler, Mr. Catherman Second Row: Gross, Peckham, Rule, Roe, Batson, jameson, McNahh, Mclieever. Hutchinson. iI36l Y - H' 3pLMffT'Tx+X. vwwi! 'X WW? -'Hill YL I NLVWII' C TENNUS Fnmt Row, -I. Hammer, Gurman, W, Hammer, Back Row, Garrison, Williams, Hollinger CCoachl. Hunter The prospects for having a champion' ship tennis team this year are very promisf ing. Last year the team won all its sched- uled city matches and defeated Northern in a close contest for the city champion' ship. john Hammer was responsible for many of the Colt's victories but was def feated in State competition. So far three matches have been won. With Captain Russell Armstrong, Chas. McKinley, Fred Goetzke, Fred Zief gel and Tom Brown hack from last year's team, Northwestern is expected to have the strongest golf team that has ever ref presented the Red and Gray. The Colts at the time of publication have met only one team, Western, whom they have defeated, ii to i. GOLF Left to Right: lvlcliraw, Brown. McKinley, Coetzke, Armstrong, Burgess. Coach 1373 Nizfllw t wyiirss t s "N" CLUB First Row: Fundis, Kline, Dant. Sielolf, Rae, Moore, Hurd, McKinley, Palm. Second Row: McDonald, Major, Varin, Veach, Wiiterhor, Northrop, Guy, Wille, Ziegel, Mr. Bishop. Third Row: Dennis, Penick. Sehaupncr, Kycs, Wiesentliiil, Gormaine, Huher, Burgen, Fourth Row: Clark, Oliver. Leipham, Boden, Maxam. Courville, McClements, Ward, McCord. The "N" Club is composed of letter' winners in foothall, hasehall, track, swimf ming and basketball. The cluh is striving to keep the scholarship hasis of its mem' hers up to a high plane, and to promote cleaner athletics. At all athletic events the "N" Cluh endeavors to keep the sportsmanship of hoth sides up to a high standard. ciniisisn Lisa-inisiasx ',,,tg The cheerleaders are as much a part of every athletic game and rally as the teams themselves. A Northwestern stuf dent cannot imagine an important event without the three Ihdia ruhher cheer' leaders, Kunkle, Gurnian and McKnight leaping to his mind. Their enthusiasm is everywhere and their melodious voices move the rafters. ni? 3 ' V - -in-LL K.-n v-A Kunkle Gurman, McKnight s 9 A ,f Sill 1 1 Sims-,X as HOUSE SPORTS THERE are ten houses in the school, live of them for boys and five for girls. Each house has approximately four hundred members who are taken alphabetically from the school enrollment. The rivalry is intense. Each house produces a foot' ball team, twelve basketball teams, a swimming team, two track teams and twelve baseball teams. The house with the highest average standing is given pos' session of the house plaque until the next year's season is completed. To gain per' manent possession of the plaque it is rumoured that a house must win it sixteen times, so that very likely it will be the last half of the twentieth century before the plaque stops circulating. Of the four years that the plaque has been in existence, Roosevelt House has taken it twice, Marf shal once and Pershing once. Incidentally, Roosevelt has taken five of the thirteen house football championships, and has taken second place the other eight years. ALLfHOUSE FOOTBALL TEAM A. Patrick f f f Left End A. McGarvah f - Left Tackle A. Stigleman f Left Guard J. Rickard f Center L. Kabbouch f f Right Guard J. Woods f f Right Tackle E. Valmore f W. McComber Right End Right End E. Knapp f ' Quarter M. Klein f Half Back L. Varin f f Half Back D. McClellan f Full Back Roosevelt Football Team gd House Champions First Row: Klein, LaDuser. Hutchison. Second Row: Kabboush, jackson, Kerr, Kanpp, jameson, Macomber, MacFarIand, Mr. Maas. Third Row: Hunter, McComb, McGarvah, jatrose. Leckner, McKinley. K If 'rl M'4 ff Ml "7 ' 'lf lllh P41 !lll. l ' NIV ll: w f,"iun ' " 2- is 5 X F- ' V X li . N. . . b I . k I I xx . '- 'X X l A nh A 1 W , ,- S H -QV '- Liisieotiv ' OTBALLQRUNNERS tip First Row' Yeomans. Turrentine, Zander, Woelke, Stefanac, Varin. Stoekmeyer, Wilson. Stiegelman. Valmore Smith. Sucrnid Row: Sehwall Ccoachl, Trattener. Williaims. Taylor. Stiegelman. Spiers. Smith Thomas. Telfer. Smith, Mr. jones. This vear Roosevelt House won the Foothall Championship. Under the suf pervision of Mr. Nlaas, they completed a hard season, undefeated. Two tie games were played, one with Lincolng the other with Pershing. Lincoln House took second place, having suffered two defeats. The Roosevelt team received miniature foot' halls in addition to house letters. This year each house had twelve has' kethall teams. After totaling all the points, Roosevelt's teams took lirst hy a wide margin. The Lincoln House l1fA team won the elimination tournament held to determine the hest of the sixty house teams. The new system was instituted hy Mr. Maris to allow everyone to play haskethall. LHNCOLN BASKETBALL Q QHAMPHUNS Left to right: Wailhridge, Spencer, Stefanac QCaptainl. Sieloff. Sorenson. Stafford, Schwall lffoachl. l140ll ff? was . V we- it RENEW ! ! Swim .c HOlUSlE TRACK CHAMPHONS N .1 Fivst Row: P. Hicks, A. Frazier, W. Fisher, R. Hotten. Second Row: K. Haynes, H. Green, W. Ewing, Mr. Munsell. This year the Marshall House heavy' weights and the Lincoln House light' weights won the interfhouse track com' petition. Gerald Barringer and Lawrence Turner were high point men in the final meet. New records were set hy William Fisher, Eugene Wilson, Raymond Roe, and Frazier Moore. Marshall House won the swimming title this year with Lincoln only two points hehind. Myron Rosenthal, of Wilson, was all around Champion. Marshall won all its dual meets and in the finals, hroke the twofhundred yard free style relay record by fourffifths of a second, breaking Lincoln's long winning streak. HOUSE SVVIIMMJINO CHAMPIONS 4462! First Row: Golden, G. French, C. Gilbert, F. Finsterwald, Dyer. Houghton. Second Row. Mr. Catherman, Doran, Goodyear, W. Hammer, Mr. Munsell. 41 T af -as .pr as 2 f f-QT! lWLVfIlWiZW15NmimsX GIRLS ATI-ILETIC I-IISTORY HISTORY of girls' athletics in Northwestern High School includes girls who have made names both for them' selves, their teams and their school. No real history was made until 1919 when the girls placed second in city swimming. On this team swam Margaret Woodbridge, who covered the fortyfyard backstroke event in thirty seconds, for a world's record. Also in 1919 jane Austen House won the first girls' intra' mural basketball title. . In 1920 and 1921 the girls swimming and basket' ball teams finished in the runnersfup positions for the city title. It was also in 1921 that the first inter' house swimming meet was run off. joan of Arc easily outclassed the rest of the field in this meet. Hockey was first started as a varf sity sport in IQ23, the Coltettes finishing in second place. In 1924 we End that Margaret Eamon, than a ninth grader, was stareing for the hockey team. She later turned out to be one of the best girl athletes that Northwestern has prof duced. In 1925, the G. A. A. was first organized, under the sponsorship of Miss Lampkin. During the years 1926-29 Northwestern was favored with three sets of sisters, the Felske's, the Eamon's, and the Derby's. All of these girls were responsible for putting the girls' athletics where they now stand. During the years that they attended school, the girls' athletic teams that they played on had a better showing than at any time in Northwestern's history. In 1926 we find Margaret Eamon presif dent of the G. A. A. She was also a mem' ber of the basketball and hockey teams. Her sister Emily was on the hockey team while both of them starred for the tennis Miss Huffman 141-ll team. Hilda Felske was on the swimming, basketball, and hockey teams. In 1927, Margaret was captain of the hockey team, while her sister was captain of the basket' ball team. Both Marietta and Virginia Derby were on the hockey, track and tennis teams while Virginia was also on the basketball, and golf teams. Virginia was captain of the tennis team. Dorothy Felske was on the swimming team and was high po nt scorer of the city meet. The swim- ming team finished in a tie for first place honors, the first championship the swimming team had ever won. In IQ28, we again find Virginia and Marietta Derby playing hockey, basf ketball, track and tennis, and also engaged on the , skating team. Marietta was chosen captainfelect for hockey. She was also captain of the track team. Virginia was captain of the tennis team again and was also chosen captainfelect for basketball. During this year we End the girls winning the city skating and track championships. Also Es' ther Challove winning the City Interscholastic Tennis Title. The Coltettes were also runnersfup for the city title in basketball, hockey and swimming, thus completing one of the best years in their history. Dorothy Felske was on the hgekey and swimming teams again while Emily Eamon was on the hockey team in her last semester here. In 1929 the girls won the city hockey title. The girls' skating team retained their city championship and the girls' golf team won the city champion' ship only to lose it because they had used an in- eligible player. The swimming team was again runnerfup to Highland Park for the city title. I E - r wr' ' 'V v ef-Y-ir' ' , -essfaiifff fffff'i',?r wx. - ,rf kg I ff V, I XX l l -. XL T 1 4, - A 1 A nf X , ' 5 Y 5 K Al Cr 1 X Agaf lvfllgl JL l f 'xlllllwm V OTRLSS SCHOOL HOCKEY W N 71TH the coming of the hockey season, Northwestern cherished the ambition to retain the championship cup. After much hard practice under the able guidance of Miss Hardy, and later of Miss Watson, the team advanced with great strides toward a victorious season. The games started in the latter part of September and continued throughout October and November. The Coltettes won all games, the one with Highland Park proving the most spectacular of the season. Due to exceptional team work, the girls won West-Side championship, defeating Southwestern yo. Then came the final clash with Hamtramck. Both teams showed good defensive and offensive lighting in this speedy combat, but in the end, the Maroon and White defeated the Red and Gray by a score of zfo. Bessie MacCracken who acted as captain last fall, has also been chosen as captain for the team this year. The girls comprising the team in the fall were: Muir Williams, Eileen Wood, Mahala Cornwall, Viola jones, Bessie MacCracken, Josephine Lake, Lorena Ren' shaw, Margaret Woickham, Lretta Gluver, Irene Sarey, Marjorie Hedgecock and Janet Hawke. Northwestern also placed two girls on the allfcity team. These were: Bessie Mac' Cracken and Josephine Lake. Those receiving honorable mention were: Eileen Wood, Viola jones and Muir Williams. : . , ' J Z ' V 1, N.W. OPP N.W. Redford .....a..,. ..,...... Q2 N' 5 Southwestern ....,,. ,,.,....... o 3, Central .....,, ....... 4 . o 3 Cooley ........,e,,,e,,e ...,.....,. o 1 Western... ..... ...,., o 5 Highland Park ......... ......... . .I 3, Opp. N.W. Hamtramck .......... .......... 2 o Left to Right: Lake, Williams, Renshaw, Wood, Cornwall, Jones, Wickham, Fraser, Hawke, Hedgecock, , Gary, MacCracken CCaptainJ ll-ssl Z Rl llIW'4'i-'T ,f ,Q-.ali-s fissr f L bail a larms - SCHOOL SWTMMTNG HE Coltette swimmers ended their successful season by placing second in the City Meet. There were few veterans back this year, so it was practically a new team that took to the water in the hrst meet. Many new swimmers, who now rank among the best, have been developed. The Coltettes initiated the season by defeating Northern, who has always been a formidf able foe. Throughout the remainder of the season, the Northwestern aggregation was such that the mermaids succeeded in adding successive victories. However, the dual meet with Highland Park gave quite a setfback to the Northwestern prospects of gaining the City Title. Eileen Wood, backstroke star, proved of exceptional value to the team, but due to graduaf tion, was able to take part in only two dual meets. During this short time, however, she acquired enough points for a school letter. The City Title fell to Highland Park, while Northwestern received a close second. The diving proved to be extremely exciting. Captain Ardis Gibson, defending champion, showed her versatility in winning this event, defeating Mary Gilmour of Highland Park. Others who starred were: jane Campbell, jane MacDonald, Emma Griksheit, Ethel Smith, and Helen Curtis. The successful season of the mermaids is due to the hard practice on the part of the girls, the excellent leadership of Ardis Gibson, and the remarkable coaching of Mrs. Cheney. SUMMARY Opp. N.W. Opp. NW. Redford . .... 36 89 Northern 22 oo Central .. mph 84M Southeastern . , 34 Q3 Western 8 1 1 1 Southwestern . . S2 72 V Opp. NW. Highland Park. . .... ,.... . QI 36 4.5 Top: Edwards, Wickham, Snith. johnson, Oak, Crawford, Dale, Kimmel, MacDonald, Grikscheit, Gibson. Bottom: Fritch, Cadwell, Woods, Kohenen, Saunders, H. MacDonald, Waters, Irwin, Donald. Montce. Curtis Kurtz. IlI44l ,gm 1- 5 'Q . - -. . i -Niivsff??N- ,wil'Q! NIVTE lll'Y!' vii -s . SCHCCL BASKETBALL HE girls' basketball team met with very moderate success this year as far as winning games goes, for it won only two contests out of a schedule of six. However, the season was a success when the development of players is considered. Viola jones, janet Hawke, Edora Morton, Louise Simms and Lillian McLaren were among the outstanding stars. Much new and promising material was uncovered, and although many players will be lost through graduation, high hopes are entertained for the coming season. The Red and Gray sextette was not an aggregation of individual stars but rather a squad which relied on team play. After many weeks of grilling practice, the girls started the season by trouncing Redford. Throughout this game, teamwork and speedy passes played a great part and resulted in leading the Red and Gray to victory. Next they encountered Commerce and succeeded in greatly outplaying these opponents. The coaching was under the skilled guidance of Miss Mildred E. Hardy, herself a former star. She is greatly responsible for the splendid display of sportsmanship that was main' tained throughout the entire season. Towards the end of the season, the team suffered the loss of a valuable player, Muir Williams. She was injured early in the season and was unable to take part in the last games. Many girls were winners of the school "N" award. These were: janet Hawke, captain, Viola jones, Bessie MacCracken, Edora Morton, Lillian McLaren, Margaret Murray, Loretta Glover, Martha Higden, Lonetta Kuhn and Louise Simms. Those receiving the reserve letters were: Muir Williams and Dorothy Green. SUMMARY Opp. N.W. Opp. N.W. Redford .....s.,s. ...,..,.,, 1 5 22 Commerce ..... .. .......... 5 1 9 Central ......,,....., . . .,,... I4 ro Western .............. .......,., 2 6 I2 Highland Park.. .... ,,.,, , H33 16 Southwestern... . 40 6 Hawke, Morton, Shenk, McLaren, Simms, Higden, MacCracken, jones, Cornwell, Glover, Williams Murray, Green, Kuhn. ll-ssl 5 f wvl' r 1' X ,ffnmidi .fff.,IrQ?isrP2YaILASLEIIS -side GIRLS' SCI-IOOL OOLIF CITY CHAMPIONS Although golf has just recently been initiated into the school sport program, it has proved to be most popular among the many partcipants. Fourteen girls, seven of them veterans, comprised the team for this year. The city meet was held at Rackham Course, October 5. The Coltettes carried off the championship with many points to spare. This was a bit unexpected, since they had succeeded in winning but one of their dual meets. Last year, because of the ineligibility of one of the players, they were forced to forfeit their title, but now Northwestern has acquired the cup. The low scorers on the team were Jeanne Willson and Ellen Anne Murray. Jeanne placed fourth among individual scorers in the city meet. Eleven of the girls who went out for golf this year were winners of the scarlet They are: Ellen Anne Murray, Marion Clark, Beth Braconer, Jeanne, Willson, Gerd Gamborg, Mary Porter, Janet Runyeon, Josephine Talbot, Haziel Samuel Gladys Panton and Margaret Mary Love, captain. The other players who helped to win honors are: Amy Johnston, Virginia Kothe, Bettina Rightmire and Ethel Nikrant. Due to the efforts of Miss Prudentia C. Huffman, the coach, golf has been most successful this year. Not only have the results of school golf been encouraging, but a start has been made toward house tournaments. GIRLS' SCHOOL SKATING CITY CHAMPIONS This year has again been a victorious one for our school skaters. Under the coaching of Miss Huffman, our girls captured the City Championship cup for the third successive year. The relay team, comprised of Emma Grikscheit, Viola Jones, Mary Oak and Margaret White, placed first in the final meet. However, the meet was decided by Viola Jones and Emma Griksheit, who won second and third places for fancy skating. The rest of the squad consisted of Ann Dale, Hazel Johnson, Erna Lysett and Grace Broquet, who should be complimented for the faithful way in which they turned out in the subfzero weather. Praise is also due to Miss Huffman, who has coached the girls so well, thatgthey-carried off the cup for three consecutive seasons. GIRLS' SCI-IOOL TENNIS The call for prospects for this year's tennis team was answered by about twenty girls. Through a process of elimination, the following eleven were chosen to represent the Red and Gray: Evelyn Gurman, Suzanne Shenk, Janet Hawke, Bonnie Harris, Virginia Kothe, Beth Braconier, Dorothy Green, Margaret Thiele, Bessie McCracken, Pearl Finkman and Evangeline Johnson. Although very few veterans are back this season, the girls are practising hard and are showing consistent racketfwielding. Consequently, they are looking forward to a victorious season. A practice match was held with Cooley Cwho had a tennis team for the Erst time this yearl and the Coltettes succeeded in winning all but one match. Other matches have been scheduled with Western, Southwestern and Redford. The team, this year, is being coached by Miss Watson. She promises bo be an excellent coach and hopes to bring the girls to the top in the ensuing season. l146l gv 1 'V X o 'SLVTw 7.Il6Qff 5 lllq l XlV'llI'! GOLF Left In Rxght: Porter, Samuel, Johnston, Braconier, Gamhorg, Love, Nikrzmt, Murrzay, Runycon, Pnnton Clark, Talhot SKATING 1 Knight, Johnston, johnson, Broquet, Forbush. Grikscheit, jones, Oak TENNIS Jr 929 Rudolphi, Lake, Wessman, Ferguson, Schleede, Grikscheit, Kothe, johnson ll 147 Il fi If' vkcjfq - i - VN 'lf sf'f-'of' -In I Ze . ' .- . ff-will 'rr . of if lllh - fa lllo I-IUIUSIE SPORTS Hockey House hockey has now become a very lively sport. Miss I'Iardy's untiring work and encouragement to the teams individually has resulted in an improvement among them. The intrafmural tournaments were a great success. The games were played on Ferry Field. The competing teams were well matched in every case, making the outcome doubtful and interesting to the spectators. Defensive and offensive work was superior to that of teams of previous years. As a whole, the standard of hockey, as revealed in these games, has been noticeably higher than in the past years. The fall season of hockey was ended in grand style. Betsy Ross proved the conqueror. Good team work, which is essential, helped Betsy Ross girls accomplish their aim, that of winning the cup. The girls playing on this team were: G. Meyers, captain, L. Kuhn, R. Katrieb, M. Jenkin, E. Johnson, M Jacobs, M. Michniewicz, J. McKay, A. McCormich, F. Mitchell and F. Jewell. "' Basketball With every house having extremely large turnfouts this year, the intramural basketball season was one of the most successful and interesting of all time. Many of the teams were strong, but Jane Austen, with Eve of last year's championship team back, was tied with Betsy Ross for the title. The final game was of intense interest, for the score was even throughout. In the last quarter, the Jane Austenites gave a final spurt and won the game by the same score as that of last year-2047. The girls who comprised the winning team were: Ethel Smith, captaing Eileen Wood, Louise Simms, Fannie Wexler, Betty Tinsley, Bertha Waggenheim and Margaret Teichman. This was not the end of Jane Austen's honors for she succeeded in having three of her girls placed on the Al1fHouse team. They are: Ethel Smith, who was chosen captain, Eileen Wood, and Louise Simms. The remainder of this team consisted of Dorothy Green, Mahala Cornwall and Loretta Kuhn. Basketball has been gaining more and more popularity and now looms as the most in- viting field for house athletes. Swimming The girls participating in this sport greatly outnumbered the turnfouts in previous years. Under the able guidance of the school team, house swimming was made very exciting and lively. Much future school material was developed from these participants. Those placing the highest in the preliminaries qualified for the finals. In this meet, Mt. Vernon girls piled up the greatest number of points and incidentally became the permanent possessor of the cup. Joan of Arc was second and Jane Austen came third. The girls who were most outstanding are: Dorothy Scott, Marie Tingstead, Isabel Witter, Betty Beyer, Mary Porter, Doreen Collins, Grace Broquet, Isabella Caller, Phyllis Black, Helen Shearer and Mary Montgomery. II148l ' ' NWUYY w 1-m l'Sl VT 3L7lliW5T!NI Nlffxm - BETSY ROSS HOQCKJEY P f N I n4g '.",.xf-:Ls r'?1"sxc. ' Fmt Row: Kxtnclw. .l.u:olws. Tvicycrs, Iv1cCormick, Kuhn, Jewell, Sccmni Row: hlvlliklll, johnson, Mlss Hardy, KChl'll1g, Ivhchnxcwicl. Not Present: F. Mitclxcll, ANJE AUSTEN BASKET BALL From Luft to Iilgllff Smith, Captain: Simms, Tclchmnn, Wcxlcr, Wcvod, Txnslcy. MT. VERNON SWIMMING L. Fmt Row: Black, Barnes, Colhns, Berman, Broquet. Second Row: Copcmnn, Beyer, Brown, Burncttc. E 1-:QE ff' ' lr 'i'i-'T liflxf IYYX af- - f za , -fa- N ,gmlal .Lf .lll9E5'4f i 'I. L lxiElIIEiEs cLveQv6l,f Glxovfgfvivegfevn CAS a Senior would say itj QF anne Qamfvgeff When lads no longer practice on the green And sunny meadow we call Ferry Field, When your familiar walls no longer lean Above us lovingly, our hope and shield, We will remember you, Northwestern. When "Meet me at the Cannon" sounds no more ln youthful earsp when we no longer swing Across the campus for the fun in store, The laughter, and the girls' blithe gossiping, We will remember you, Northwestern. When medals, plaques, and banners lose their thrill And, in the attic, trophies gather rust: When "red and gray" upon the last long hill Mean autumn colors soon to trail in dust, We will remember you, Northwestern. When "Silver Bell" and "Sleepy Hollow Tune" Are echoes faintly heard through piled up years: When we forget the classmates of this June And the goodfbyes we could not say for tears, We will remember you, Northwestern. When the bronze tablet with our heroes' names Cannot be read for Time's corroding hand: When boys no longer linger to play games Upon the spot where now your loved walls stand, We will remember you, Northwestern. Fostering Mother, you are more than roof And brick and stone, and windows to the sun! Kindler of fires in youthful hearts, the proof That Galahads still ride, and bays are won, Farewell! . . . Remember us, Northwestern! llsvl 6 . k, ,., " ,- . .ss x. ., - 4 ! 1-f ' 5 f Z .Y , gi" .,,,.., - - if, ,, - '?' Q 31- .1- x .3 -5 .f,,-4 1:12,-'Q fp?-E'--4 gf ?- -'H , X f ! Z ff? ff2' f ?Zf f f ff I, f f f f QQ, f 2 'N ffa'w4"-Q' Z' 4 612 I 's,,.,':-.ZNf!f ? .r"f,.2 f 'y0'fN,f f X ?,f f f ? 'Q'-gas X ff XW M yi -f Ma if? X ff NR k ff 'H Q? Af M ! Z! 1 1, fQy jf gl Y X Q54 .2 K f ff! , I gf if I f5 "' 22 -2 22? fd. 22 ,aff-7' , Z ff wif y 3 ,Z , I 1 574' if Z 1 f X, f Ivy fx' 1'5' 6 Ziff W 2 ff? , ,X , ji' ff 2 'S i Q 'WUT ll ?f Z Z 6 5 ? 5? ,596 5 if' ' X l 2 X yr fa! I if f f gg Z2 Z f f 'X X, 2' if fzgfrf Q,- K Q 1 V' fi ,asf 2- j - 1? YA f ' 45' :1 1 E 5.5 x - ' 1 X - -f- -. '5 ,,, A 0 . -- -5- M 727' Y-5 -W ' ' L4 Tig-:Z T 1 f L - 227 ' ' LF' I '. ?f Ti. -ff 5, L - L 'gigs . 3 "' " ' lg-lf?l:9LM'i Lg" , -' , 9X -EET' - 55 .es K 1 g . 'Q - ' -,MA 1.1! T, L ,i ""! K , -F. . . - - V ,,, f ,-- f 5 - fx, ' 2, ,a n g , ,Q ..,. 5 if ' -- ' "1 ' Y ,ft f, ff ' , Q' f ' Q , , f , I . , . , -. .M Q2 f ,ff , f . ff gf - f-' f f ff -gf f .- ff 497 J fx' , ' , , .f -7' f Q -f 4' f - ' - , ' - N '2 - " , " ff f' X fir-4 ' '-.- , 5 6 ? - " ' , ,, 5 gf' , ' ,,i1-- , K' Aff f nf ,Q 'f X' ' ,, ,A 21'-.1'.f - of , f J ' '.4K,5,'12f..ff, 4 , ,-- , R, ,, ., ,ff , . , ,ZI f. f " - v' Q ly, fg -' .:'A.-ff V f ' , f ff., ,, - . .. V v ff., , , 4 A 1 Z, -3 ' x , V my X., fy, jf , --1-4- fy , ' ,fgf "fi , . .. , f 4 7 . y, V .M Q 4,1 . , X f, M x , 1.74 .f 4 Jg4', X ,, 1 X-f if f X , fL5 2- ff ? ,, Q 1 4 .4 ,il 24, ' ,4 5, f y, f, , ,, - h 'f,,f fr 4 ' . ,ff A23 f 9 7 7 K, I Qf . ,, . 1 f 'gf .3 , K f , I f Z ,'4:f5ir':', xf, ie: Z ' 'nh W' n f J Z 2,2g yi? 1 ,,., - at Wy, . ',1-5: iii 5'?Z3z p 1- , vw W I' 1""' l4"' '77 2 "1 ' 'J Yu ' 7,411 1 I ,, f: ,i X X lx, JJ, X MQ.. ,, .1 , ., Z ., f - ,,, . Zfy .Li -4 V' .'.f, -- 'fy- l L , 1 ?,?! 'f3if"5Q 7' 5 f lf' 'A "gf - .Aff 5 4. fffjf ff .52 f f 4. .47-L ? X . 4.4 3 , 7 - ,. ,g ,dj f fff, ffiffi 4 My -1 U, '?ff1 " ' , fl? 212--"'3 , Y :N- r ing:-ffi -,'5' '54 3 fzffl 2 f. blk ,Jw 51- f f' 'iz Q.: ff' ' ff f Z 4fzzF V ' N lim A ,f,11, X 2.533 li, , - 1. 33 f ff 'Kp U f - 1. 7 r ,ew ' -.14 ff,! f 5 13: ,ff 1, ,, "' ff f . ' ' Qfff' f-' fp - ff ff- ifffx .J V, ,f f ,7 .23 ,y .I ' ,2,:ff , f , ,4'f,f il ff ,,f ' Q f - -',, gp, 47 ' ff, , , f , -,-X.- - . , ,44 f. ff f ff , "1" . ' 4,20 I f ,cv iii: 'fff' - i 722 41' f. ' , :. 1,2 .7 .-- , , pf' ff,'.f,, L 5: 5 Q, , Q- -in . ff- 313-Z , 1 - ,f' 1- 12? -.4 '57 5121? ff ' Q ' ' ,f' ff' fffzai 1 ' 1' 4, ' ' "':c2f ,J , ,lf - j 72, F 1 ' 7- , . ' -4,3'L- '15 45327 7.21, Af- 1 1 'f:f3,. f f . .if ,f ff-fp ff ,4 Z ' 122' ff ' " -,..11'Z A ' . , 11 -.. ff , 1, 'pf ' 1 , , I ., ' " - 44: ,. -k Ixu- .f' f ' 4 g n. nm 3 fff ' x 5 ' ll r Ykllm' Q I' X Immlfi liifiisll. - HTGHLTGHTS CF 1930 EBRUARY: There is a quaint custom in this school of singing each morning in the auditorium such songs as "Roses Are Shining In Picardyng and it is our shameful duty to report that Lincoln House was severely reprimanded for harmonizing too artistically yesterday morning. But Northwestern is a musical school, for at all hours of the day special arrangements of popular songs may be heard coming from the boys' locker room. All this month they have been trying to sell us Nor'f westers, after getting us out of classes for club pictures. The camera balked at snapping the Grey Chapter of the HifY. ARCH: Rudy Vallee's Maine Stein Song is being sung continually by the repeal and modification elements around school. Scandals are rife, for john Hammer was seen at the tenth grade dance. just today there was a fire drill while we were having an economics test. Strangely enough, everybody came back in and got A's. Yesterday the Odds Ee? Ends surprised the school by coming out this month. The poetry in the Colt is no worse than usual. PRIL: Those blue polo shirts with orange ties, how they brighten up these dull April days. But where have the girls' ankle socks disappeared? This is truly a month of great happenings, for on one night the opera "Serenade" was presented and the debating team won the State semifinals. Lo and behold! Wilson House won the intramural debating trophy from a girls' house-and the Wilson athletes blushed. Oh, cruel fate! Why makest it thou to rain during Easter vacation? AY: It was made known to us today that we have futures before usg but let us forget about futures. There are ball games to attend to, and occasional interviews with grade room principals who remind us that it is very late in one's career to let one's marks drop. And every day a person must wait hours to achieve a tennis court. Lo, again, the polo shirts have turned to silk and Clifford Wolfe has become a matinee idol in "What Ann Brought Home." UNE: This is the last opportunity to use up second hand irregularity permits, for these are hectic days. The good old R. O. T. C. today brought home several trophies, more or less, and they may be pawned for much ready cash. And the good old Odds and Ends received an AllfAmerican rating. The heat is terrific. Christmas and Easter clothes are being dragged out for the "prom," Sentiment flows right and left as Nor'westers are proffered for autographs. It is very nice Fo linger in the halls. Can it be true that soon the portals will close against us orever? 1930?--'Why, that was the year I graduated. lrsal 'Q Viv-ww P W 'LISP s 4 1, 3 N :4 L ip A 4......,..-1'-'-:4M,.,,r,-:nhl V-...ummm ,, Y mv if A + fi? ' 3 7-Nor. R Ig GREAT MoriirsT3 IN H1 STORY X NAL' Q85 .16 3 ,K Y 'fyym ln... 1' 515311 Q Aff., 4 r V' 1' ilkwisr ,fi-H? ' 'lla v if-'A fs-.., ix ,,1g+QilldLJlB..All.9b dull., af bizllleais .X HIGHLIGHTS of 1930 EPTEMBER. It is the day after Labor Day, but from now on every day will be labor day. The teachers have regained their strength during vacations in Europe and they are starting out by cracking grim jokes in class. That sunburn still itches and it is torture to wear a tie. Already studies are interfering with foot' ball. What we need is a good rest and plenty of chocolate sodas. CTOBER: The teachers seem to be enjoying school very much, but it is October, and one can't study in October. From afar comes the sounds of fiendish laughter from club initiations. There is much cause for rejoicing, because this is the Edison Jubilee and we have a one dayfvacation. Yesterday there was a freshman mixer, and Harold Sieloff came to school with a tie and a clean face. The Parent' Teacher's Association is studying child problems. We must refer to it on tomorf row's math assignment. OVEMBER: By this time we are wearing overcoats at the football games, and now and then somebody's melodious voice arises from a bearskin or raccoon coat, W-or sadly enough-rabbit. At the Olympia the "Miracle" is being presented and Charles Rogers was so severely frightened that he stopped talking. Now the senior class is becoming serious and its committees are infesting the school. In a mock election Charles Bowles was elected Mayor of Detroit, while in more important circles Charles Courville became president of the january class. The midfsemesters loom. No school on Thanksgiving Day. ECEMBER: One recovers but slowly from the midfsemesters and one can hope but feebly for the Yuletide and vacation. The publications stir one's pulse a trifle by being noted the best combination in the state, but tennis can no longer he played, there is, as yet, no skating, and football is past. One gazes drearily at leaden skies, and since there is nothing better to do, studies. One's delicate nerves are wracked by musical programs in the auditorium. George Huber, it is rumored, studied all night on New Year's Eve. ANUARY: Wes Hurd today wrung tears from the audience of a basketball rally and Mushy Gurman gave the audience a big laugh by showing his face. Already the debating team is showing great powers of persuasion. But has anv- hody noticed Belva Fritch, the people's choice, or Don Wille, Northwestern's most generous spender? Oh, those new long dresses! What curves thereof! How they flare in the wind! l1s4l -w -f -vwxv , fulfil YVAIIZBMT IIL lff fzulmwx ,f I M MA,x , A 'FF . e Q ' 4, , W f m 3 V Kms 13 j l H , cm:a'fofsvwA E gf x IF YOU I N Q. ,Jff ' EQ0ofVlTiwE2ET?Qg 11 X I- . X - .--,, kv 5 Lf rw FW? miiw Wk, ' ' V ff' -T: N 7 Y ', ig liz 5.1315 A g ' ici. laik' 4 ' " A 'H' Q h K ' - s K A . 3 i , I kr 'ru L I A ' Tw' Q fp x 'L .5 . x ,F ,, M W , . My U . W , lA in Qiiwlx-Jqihf gf V? K , ffm Y QQ . . ' .' ",n' H ' , f 4 is Y. Walk - I . gif! ms: F if fix? p . 1 f . , -K Q ASP. f O", fm -M '- ao X A -X - Q V 6 x 5 V, 3 A IL, i ww -5 , mi A ' ' "U af H1553 1'-Q mr vilfy Nr is A v'1-"ti is of-f "fflff T' on 1, ix ,Qilllb.L!lK,-4. LIBYQL, ILLUSTRTUS GRADUATES SAMUEL BISHOP-Domestic Science Club CD85 C2f165, Pastry Department5 Aesthetic Dancing C8f 94055 Quiet Hour Sewing Circle CI'Q5j Ladies Home journal C85, Baby Editor5 Representative to Baseball Umpires Protective Association C655 Champion Hair Puller5 Chiropractofs College. NOEL DEVOID MIXEM-House of Correction5 Locker Room .Quartette C85, Sopranog janitor C955 Heavyweight Checker Team C555 janitor Roosevelt House5 Lightweight Debating C855 Odds and Ends janitor C1155 Advanced janitor's Training Schoo.l. MAHULA CORNWELL-Hula Hula Club C15f 1655 House Track C115 pound shot put55 Girls' Football Team C1f75, Secretary C855 One Hot Hour C955 The LaPalina Girls C955 Champion Ukulele Player C455 Woman's Detention Home. CARL STOLL-Purple Gang C3'45, Chief Pineapple Thr ower5 School Track C76 pound hammer thrower5 Cz-55 Varsity Poker Teamg The Alchemist Cchie odor maker C855 Smith's Live Wire Salesman School. SHANTY SAUNDERS-Quiet Hour Sewing Circle C3'65j Bible Class C1f855 Recitude Club C755 Leader of Hymns C455 Prayer Leader C855 Pilgrims Progress C85, Female Lead5 Chariman Soul Savers Committee5 Aimee Sernple McPherson's School For Girls. FERDINAND SIELOFF-Reform School5 Tappaf Hafaflfeg, Chief Tapper5 Intra-mural Necking C3'955 Walljiower on Dancing Team C155 Cheer' leader Roosevelt House5 Chief Thunder Maker in Macbeth5 Sing Sing Institute. Y. EASTMAN BOOZER-Coon Sanders Night Hawks, Firs Oboe Player5 String Sluartette CSaxaf phone55 Music Editor, Shoemaker's .Quarterly General Motor Family Party C855 Lucky Strike Institute. FILBERT PEAKE-'Yes Man's Club C7l, Chief Wrist Patter5 Soda jerkers C755 Daily Refreshment Chairman C1'755 Beatrice Fairfax Column, Colt C1-751 'tHe Who Gets Slapped"'.C455 Nursemaid Training Institute5 Business. MARY PORTER-Engagement Breakers' Club C1-855 Fiancee to Hifl'-Red Chapter5 Girls joy Riders CQ'lO'I 155 joke Censor, Odds and Ends C155 "Nellie, The Beautiful Sewing Machine Girl" C855 None Cum Laude5 Electoral College. l1s6lI MUSHY GORMAN-Carrot Munchers C355 Lettuce Nibblers C4li Chief Chef5 Golf Team CCaddy55 Bantamweight Debating C9f1o55 "The Phantom of the Opera" C355 Barber College. SIMEON FORCEPS VELICK-Backward Child- ren's School5 Society for the Prevention of Home- work C55, Treasurer C855 Illustrius Latin Student's Guild C1f1155 Wornarfs Home Companion C855 Daily Tagablatt C055 "Neither Maid, Wife, Nor Widow" C855 Chairman Boy's Garter Com' mittee5 Lost Souls Redemption Bureau. DAVID ORIFICE SCOTT-Head Chauffeurg School Track CTwo Mile High Hurdles C351 Editor Daily Check List C4f555 "Ex-Wife" C75, Male Lead5 Senior Dues Collector5 Osteopath University. LOVE MARGARTE MARY-Three Hours For Lunch Club C1'1055 Treasurer C955 Billiard Team C455 Girls jui jitsu Wrestling Team C855 Student Council C855 Head Womna, "Babes in uoy-land" COne of the Babes55 Correspondence School. MARVIN BRUTUS CHRISTIANSON-Back ward Latin Class C1-955 Girls jack Team CHalf- jark55 School Baseball CBench Representative5 485: Norwester, Fly Leaf Editor C455 "Little Miss Mufetng Green's Old Folks Home. REBBECA KURTZ-Doty5 Woman's Suffrage League C3f455 DeltafHanda-Poker C1f2f3f4f5f6-7f8f 95, As- sistant President5 Girls' Wrestling Team C355 "After Dark" C855 "La Giocondau C11f12- 1355 Chorusg Poor House. EPIC BLOSS-ParentfTeachers Association C455 Dishonorable Society C9 semesters55 Underwear Salesmen's Club C455 House Mascot C1f2'3f4fgf6'7 8-9f1o55 "Ten Nights in a Barroomn C855 Chairman Investigation Committee5 Pan Handler's Trade School. ELIXIR VALMORE-Geometry Student's Co' operative Association, Corresponding Secretary5 School Track C15-'Yard Dash55 Pershing House Gazzatte C45, Head Man5 "Love Will Find A Way" C85, Male Lead5 Deaf and Dumb Institute. ANNIE MAY HUGHES-R. O. T. C.5 Ladies Auxiliary, Substitute Pass Word Makerg Girls' Boxing Team C455 Maxwell House Coffee Sippers C955 The Importance of Being Earnest C855 McPher- son's Beauty College. lf HQ . f vp-I fivix. X A vfiff' , is QMQE 7 ,- Q! 194519-v -f ill. stf LX! mr s , TLLUSTRTOUS GRADUATES . in , 24 4.6.1-J - T T r W2 4 T r ' P30 a as 4 1- ' xx 3' t L , 5 A H gi ia if rm Ki-'ll - as 2. ' , ff 2 E? 1 t i 7 2 1 f I C,5TOLLi HCPRISTIANSON rmixrn mi l 1 ff 56 t HLUVE C. ' wi' 4 3 Q . jf ,fa ,-is .17 V , . H" T ' ' T I ' E 1 fgi f 'r 5 ' mme lf'-PORTER T T f :loss snnsmir xaobzta , , . . ' 11 K I www r l gsf' g3Q'f'?if2. J 5 .. .. ,. . . .,,,. 1 . t E ,.' N Eg i ,ggi-,L ,M Q ' My as if uf: 1 .FEES ' tl it X Sill" f ., , V li MY ' Q: DRUG! ' LGLIIHAN SNELEK THE SOCIETY EOR THE PREVENTION OE HOMEWORK The Society For the Prevention of to the members by the club, instead of Homework, formerly the Anti'Vice vice versa. The club motto is. do not do Association, is made up of all the 15 today what you can do tomorrow. The semester men of Northwestern. The club president of the club assigns one member meets twicea day and dues are distributed to do his homework each day. Top Row: Blank, Ward, Valmore, Blank. Bottom Row: Ways, Wille, Velick Qmascotj, Mr, jones, Sieloff, Vail. lllsvll x fr' II'QVTQLVTII!ZWE5!Il'aL7TNl5llIN1w ,1 Th Lb y Tl Phys1csLal'ort y RUSH ,Q fwwuw v S WIWVIWV 1Il!Ti ' R!UQ W5lP'lllw-Q X L The Typewriter Cl The Machine Shop H1593 Old Tim6fS--1924 Ii 16011 fvoni5E.. , QM, vevfigevfb rt N5 E hope that you have liked the book and that you will appreciate it as a unique history of your school activities. VVe are proud of our past that has helped to make a success of this book. VVe are grateful to all clubs For their cooperation and we send our greetings to our friends, the alumni. VVe especially congratulate the graduating class vvho are about to receive their well earned diplomas. VVe urge you to preserve them- Framing is the best way and the Frames we have ordered For the Northwestern class will be given at the usual discount Van Cuyler Official Photographer to the Nor'wester 3110 West Grand Boulevard is U2 lllozll ay After You Graduate GREGGS SHORTHAND-TYPING BOOKKEEPING-SECRETARIAL Don't bring any tuition money to start. It isn't necessary-Perman- ent Free Employment Dept. for all graduates- Sessions dailv except Sat. Evening school every Mon., Wed., Frif Call phone or write for catalog. For superior training, attend Mich- igan's Largest School of Private In- structions-The business college that Does Not Use blackboards. One of the Most Highly Accredited ' Schools in America GABVIN INSTITUTE wooDARD AT ALEXANDRINE ll I c'KEY's FO R QUALITY C'0n1pli111w1Is Qf Suits of avy lue for Graduation f Double Breastecl Suits are in goozl clemancl illltl the coat looks sowell when worn B K cn. with white flannel trousers. ln single breasted style also "Hire Brirk ox Quality and Cl1ararIf'r" with two pair of trousers 12844 Greenfield Ave S25 ts ' A ' to ' Hogurt h 4600 . ,C 0 U I533Wushington Blvd. Wilber F. l,0rku'nml, Clasx of 'Z-I Adioininq Hotrl Statler ll16sl GABEL RISDO BELLE ISLE MILK Famous Jersey Ice Cream is used daily in over 100,000 homes Sl'l'l'1lfllfIl' and mmlvrzz nzvtlzorls an' vm- fJl11,w'1l to gfiv' you the hrs! Ollflll-Illlhfll For M ILK fall XN'nlnut ....., 1793 Longfellow ...... 2000 Melrose ...... 4200 Rc-clforcl ...... 0460 Hogarth ..,..... 9556 Arlington ..... 4420 For lm: c'ma,x1x1 CIIIIH . fills:'IrI.L.wwf'Ar-xrlingum 4429 C fi, wb JB FERRY FIELD THEATRE Grand River at Grand Blvd. Czlrrosxfronz gVorlh'w1'sl1'rn lligh Sfhoolj PRESENTING THE BETTER TALKING PICTURES A Motz'0n Pirture Theatre that is a Credit to the Community II16-III llffice Employment . . . is congenial. It is well paid at the start and it affords excellent opportunities for advancement to those who are thoroughly qualihed. You can qualify for a good position in our Day or Evening School. Complete high school and college course if you can. But include, by all means, practical training in accounting, shorthand, stenotypy, bookkeeping, typewriting or calculator that will enable you to answer the question, "Whal Can You Do!" lVlany college graduates have difficulty in finding employment because they cannot. answer this question. Woodward Avenue Branch, 4709 Woodward at Forest, Detroit joy Road Branch, 5040 Joy Road at Grand River, Detroit East Side Branch, 3240 Gratiot at Mack, Detroit Other Branches in Pontiac and Saginaw Main School. Entire Institute Bldg., 1333 Cass Avenue. Detroit "Michigan's Largest Business and Secretarial School" If you are interested in business training, plan to visit The Business Institute school near- est you. Or Phone Randolph 6534 for latest prospectus of courses. Metal and Wood Circular Saws -:- Mitre and Dado Heads -:- Planer Knives Paper Knives -:- Wood and Metal Band Saws -:- Shear Blades Hack Saws -:- Files SAW Xt SPEClAlTY CCRP. Machine Knives and Shear Blades Ground Saws Repaired 937 Larned Street. East Detroit. Michigan TASTY PIITATC CHIPS Try Tfafsftfy Shoe String Potatoes The Tasty Line 1570 HOLBROOK AVE., DETROIT Phone Northway 2304 Formerly MICHIGAN PCTATO CHIP CIIMPIINY Our process of manufacture makes our chips very light and easily digested. Guard your health and eat The Tasty Brand. ll16slI Child Combin ate receiving these charmin oung children. They are so simple rang ment. yet preci s I i though f s lly P ren's G i f t to M 0 th e r S 1 .00 atign Pgtted Mothers appreci g gifts from y in ar- ou n ' h re ented by you J A fheht nK child t alll nf Q, 2312 'lk Mpc.-N wx gh' IUHN B KEN Ev REITMEYER' Fine Quality gives A dded E ' 72 njoyme Alaska Z U S SUNS Distance no object. We can deliver flowers any where the Mercury Way fguarantecd servicej In our Famous Chocolate lcc Frcam FREESE INSURANCE AGENCY BENSURVS fff0'flfAN"7 ESTABLISHED mm Royal Dutch C hocolatc is used cxvlusivcly. The Stfoh Products C0- 909 E. Elizabeth St. ' DETROIT ' I cAamac Ag 5840 GRAND BLVD. AT HAMILTON NURTHWAY 4550 ll 166 H y I I 7 Joseph S. Ga, nler' COMPLETE SERVICE PRINTER 3101 Monroe Ave.. cor. McDougall Phone Fitzroy 4500-1 Detroit, M GEELHOGD COMPANY PHOTO ENGRAVERS 43:0 :PQX 0' E'i"'l-15-3 42 MILWAUKEE WEST NORTHWAY II99 M6731 D0 You Know Alva llunn? Why not drop in and get acquainted ? He wants you to know the facts concerning his Jewelery business. Here are a few of them: Values here that will create no end of comment . . . Prices of great significance to economical shoppers . . . lntense valuefgiving on quality merchandise . . . He is outdoing all competition with prices . . . Value, for value, price for price, you will do better here . . . Let your visit to this Store be a treasure hunt for excellent values . . .You hit the bull's eye every time you makea purchase at this Store. . . Prices Detroit here that put no trying task on your purse. , . One ofthe Associated Low price is the favorite candidate here Five Jewelers . . .The sky is the limit in valuefgiving Stores 1 ALVA IlUNN'S JEWELRY S'l'0llE And Optical Department 23 'Ii?"1i'L.'lusLTZZZ 4614 GRAND RIVER AT FOURTEENTH Glxndale 7334 0UR INSURANCE . . . YIIUR PROTECTION a 23 ITE'-" me Q 6-"?'J. J. Leslie Clark Class of '30 Representing CITIZENS MUTUAL i DORR W. FRISBEE AGENCY AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE CO. 30:1-iFleor Howell, Mich. David Stott Building ll168ll E take pleasure in congratulating the June l930 Class at Northwestern. . .and to extend sincere good wishes for your happiness, and for success in whatever undertaking next comes your way. W Ill! S 1225 - 1235 WOODWARD AVENUE We specialize ,d,,,.,.4 s f on repairs of Strap ,,,,,,,'f10h,l-Tsliio. and Bracelet Watches 1 , Lf gflfll Q X . . . also Jewelry repairing D Special discount to High School Students D lvilliam J. Trost JEWELERS 306 Capitol Park Bldg. Griswold and State Street Phone RAndolph 1506 Ask Edward Bl ss. who is our Sp i l Rep K tive about us. All kinds of Fresh and Salt Water Fish Lobsters Frog Legs l Clams Oysters Shrimps i and all kinds of l Sea Food THE L. SOLOMON FISH CO. Wholesale and Retail 18 BROADWAY MARKET-DETROIT RAndolph 1689 - 0417 - 1741 lllfwll Two llumlrod and Tllirty-fivo High School Iiraulualios Iinrollod Last Ye-au' . . . They chose the D.l3.U. Secretarial and Business Admin- istration courses for one or several of the following reasons I I I ,X svlvrl blll!it'lll lmcly UlliyilillilSt'il1lUigI'lllillilll'SUI'l'Uiil'l11'lN'UIlil'l'llI'lliiL'1iiIliilQ'SL'l'4llll'x1'5 III .X 11-mgiiizwisi-lioul zippmvvri hy thi- Siam- i,L'Il2lI'lllll'lli ul' illliliil' illSiI'lN'ii4lIl. HI iilwlilral'vm'ugi1im'1Ihyulhi-rcolin-gi-s'-flliv li. I, li. l'. is aliiilizlli-fl with ihm- Aiitiligilll Smlv NlJl'IIllli Kiulli-gin l4l Hui 5000 pi-:sons liaivm- Irvs-ii giuiclllzilm-il fruni this iiill'llUli5 insiiiuiiun iIlK'ill4iilljQ such Il1lllll'S aissrivizili-il with thc- lnsmry ul l,l'll'Ull als lwniwl, Kiullzi-iis, l'i'mx'li-y, llllrlsmi, l'4ihm-r, llail'l1mlz1h':1iirl illHlfiI'l'fiS of olhvrs. S .X ihumuili mllm-wqrmlv1-urrivuluni ami ii wail mIzi4'm'lm'i1l iPlII't'LllI, L R . Corner Entire 2nd and 3rd floors ofthe Grand River Ave. and SquareDealBlock park place over Millers No Branch Schools Operated Tho Now faillo llod C. C31'31T121g'O 23? CO. lloauls FAST 0ulboar1I WHOLESALE M N . -'B A Dl0f0l'S -A ' lFliI'.1z i Q I2 -,: .v"??. 1 Cy X xt-13-,O V' Get that 5, Finest ' - 'li Fruits Vegetables and thrlu of A 1' AJ me of ' 'Z i'i. ff b d Produce flashing out oar speed boats -3 on the I in the F 9 water YQJ city QUALITY AND SERVICE 1472 Adelaide St. Caille Motor Co. Phone Rand. 3781 City Sales Room 6210 Second Blvd. Represented by HARRY VREELAND Class nf 1921 ii'7Oii :- Wcyhing Bros. -' Manufacturing Go. Official Jewelry to the Northweyierfz Hzglz Selzool Michigan's Leading Manufacturer of EMBLEMATIC GOODS, CLASS PING, RINGS GRADUATING MEDALS, PRESENTATION JEWELS, TROPHIES, ETC. Speezkzl Derzgns amz' Samples on Applz'eaZz'on MAIN OFFICE ANU SALESROOM 1507 IVfmrl11r1l .A17.'f'lI1lt' Tlzird Floor .A1IIll1.S Fur Bldg Detroit, Michigan .llanzzlaffzzrznq Plan! Gralmf al .llrllougal II171l1 gf ufogvqiogg . QZQAL 986 45 M ' A- iw--f ' X XX F'2t.vn1u W ,W wma. VNQAM, Ziggy ' . Lan '70 f ' WWMQJWS1 Cach 5, gif QAJWW O mfg '6 QQJMQZ 'P 2 vm . of T Qfwwggwmf ffwm-,wM,1 W Ceugarwb Za dQk 'ao 74141 gg .H W M ' - - - V- F Y A 'W' ' S 5 h F a I1 I F F ! E E I, N r I .4 L F ,. 2 1 af V ,J Y ! F: a 5 4 M i 5 ,, 5 k E is M z E 3 X. L B. 5 E

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