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H . Y-, E,-,,-Q. W- N, it , :,?..E,4,..-me-Q. w f'-- f - 4' ., 41' ""9-1 I .f 3 y SJ 1-..'fs-1. .-P 'WA ' 'A jx ' , ab. . 5-. 'Bao' 4' W- e"f'-S1 ,dszaf 1' 'i. ' tr-,gi V 5121 5 6312. ' 1 672532 '-19?-f -l2?? -' '-4' ' .v . ,ef ':1ki5.f5i"a:1I' E'?f:..i?e ., , L F ., , . . , f 1' -g f lfli hg 5 .1 .Q f 5 -swf 1'1a. :f1'1f1:,g2: -' 'gsf ,:-fa . . -. 'ill' few "T ' gi- f, 1 :JM-r "'-'1-f1'f1'f 'a:.,.9:.F'i4f, N- ' ' ' ' ' 1 -55.-fi - ' . q . V . T is .11 K.- .- , V- 91? ff: -Y fi- 1 H ,. f 1. ' Z'f?f5'?i3f'i?' r' " L95 .- A' . i -A ' lfafffif if- 337' ' . LTI' E. V,-' A ' -' ..-Qi Ya cup, J ' as 6 2273: f - I i i - A S: Ai. I J L f h Lia y I gli- - .f sf - j 1 , Vg.,-if-' Y-12:5 +1 ,.a. P , :gt 1 ,QQ , l . .QE . M .sys 15 1- ' sf.: ,Yr - f 4 ,-. 1. -fr, -,,. , fr M -.2.'..f-lx, - X wif v.:1, , V' " PET:-i . f-.ffv Y f . SL :gr-3 N. sf. -vat-,Jn-Y 2 'fifgfi' .1 . 2 1.52123 F: 'C 11- Q L ' sf' L ,L p ..f:.f-::,Q1,5 K1 335'-L. -- f 45:12-.rf -.1f:h-z- . 2 A i . 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LQ n '- 1 2 ff? fl l ':g:-F? -f 1' 1' fy. 4 ...,,,jf,f' 1 X:-4' A Bin. . Jiff- x -t i'a51w:?e ' ' "gb ,jig 2 ,imiiiii E 5-3 xi QR E? 5 1+ S1 Ei lf 3 X W zu 5 Hi. 1 5 Q1 iif gf 'V 2? ,J 5 5 ?'E 5 rx uv S Q 2 42 :E 159 'r N an fx 19 ff :aa 15 g. e, 3 ig ,QS if sf E . l'l , ' A ri f X I ' 0 ' M rf' l EX LIBRIS j Iflil -'IFN A I 3 . -..- 111 I5, EI? 'E ln U . SK.: 'E' 'fri n- 5 'il sf , WAN. 6? , mm QI ' 'D ORKDESGERQ Gris NZEHR, Boom or moxgsnmzs GERJTI 11.1611 SCHOOL Drsanoscs, nscmanmr VOL-.i4. 1928 W ,R ,,,, W, -, 5 Gin Elulia 1. Cmttrmg WHOSE CHEERFUL PERSONALITY, UNBOUNDED ENTHUSIASM, AND UNTIRING EFFORTS HAVE CONTRIBUTED GREATLY TO THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF NORTHWESTERN, WE DEDICATE THIS BOQK. ... R Q "' i ' i n1i 1 I1 'D 3:11 I iif1151 ilu - 1-It 11 - .Q l Q 1 Iif ni' - l Q -Ji 7 i ini I C Q 3 -Q - f 1' i ...xii I 9 7 i l ins J 4 N this book is recorded the 'iii 1 progress of' Northvvestern.ahistory -1 of which we are justly proud. As J . . . . tr I those about us in our civic life look to i a "Greater Detroit," so do we see a 1 I "Greater Northwestern" rising from I 1 l past victories and achievements. J 3 I J Steadily, the Red and Gray has kept . 1 apace with the advancement of this I : J dynamic city, and novv, having had a part in this advancement, we go forth led by that unconquerable spirit. That the associations and Friendships which we treasure may be more lasting, and that the memory of this last year of a happy underf graduate life at Northwestern may be more vivid. vve present this volume, a Book of Memories of l928. 1, -V l I' , Cn TE-NTS Z-' SECTIONS FACULTY JANUARY CLASS JUNE CLASS ORGANIZATIONS FINE ARTS SPORTS ALUMNI FEATURES S F I , V I: I S I I ' ? 5 I 5 I 5 rr 5 4 E I CH L 5 e 3 tl 2 ll HOUSES 9 A ' I I If 5 r If L E r ll I I l If F ' STAFF Editor - f - f Business Manager Assistant Editor Picture Editor f Sport Editors f Art Editor Feature Editor f House Editor f f GWO f f OAS f f 00-9 f SIDNEY WOOLNER f HARRY BENJAMIN f ANNE SORENsEN THOMASENE LEWIS , I JEAN BOTSFORD 1 DON ERSKTNE f FERRIS TAYLOR f f f CLEM ALE MARGARET TIERNEY Assistant Business Manager DOROTHY NYQUIST Publicity Manager f f f RAYMOND EISERMAN Assistant Publicity Manager DOROTHY PAPE Circulation Manager f f f HAZEL WOODLEY 50 Advisers-Misses Dunnigan, Guenther, Seaver Mr. Boltz, Mr. Stoll ' X J 5 , ,sms QQ- is 1' ,. ff!! ,X wi' V ' R.. f- f f, zsiff ssw , 'Q , Lf: ,'L. k A . x Q' 'Lb ' .0 QI.. L 1 af 5- . . ., , " bi , f 1 ls, , - f,-. -ifv'if.,, L 5:5 4:'3f"j 3 M 1. ,- 491 ' X ,2 k We .. ,"4.13' A Y fy 1, . 3" rj. Z' , A ' v l 1' . '-'3' A A-'ff gf-N, an "JE: A S ,'f5'V A-Q4 i,,'j . L' -'ef'--35-xi! Lf :f' "H '3ui'Ym'X- Li "ws W' 5':fi i ff' 5 fb f'l'QfaAi, ,. ' 4: Q' 1 4: ' .1 fmt. . ' -af ,': x 1? " Q14 ,, .-, lf," ' vpn:-"A -wi .pzEf,,g.iw4' ivaicq, 1: ,Q ww-:gf 5 W 'f.a:4,?4. 1-nf , - 55 1 g1,g, ,.-. 'f,,1vyy4.w: 'Q 154, ,,,,r 1- 1.17-f T41 -1. .ff V .. 1, :,-- I. 4, K -W- , 1-r if 'L Vgi'.1' :n...T . , '4L,,:',' V' jjlzf , Fvfmg " '1-5131: 5' fg.,k.,:c.'.w -jr -, H 4' Q. Q' ,:' ri Ai.-f:4,'1'Xf ,Q ':f':'4f ffl, ' H ,Ag , ,Xf3,.,. ,h Q X , L2 ,X ",g4...Q' 55,5132-A .A V ,QA ,ng -,J . 4 ,,L,f,. pvft '. 2 'Ffh Y-li' 1 1. I ' 4m,4 Y Q ?gff,3,, 245:21 .- . ' QV' ,il Z A ' f " ' , 1-g,l4fia,3 ,l Y' A ' v . Q l9' ,.fQgll":" ' 1 ,Aj few?" " 5 ggi, 1, :J,L,.. 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FL if ,V 'if 4 A-'i-"2 V 'fH5'iff1 'ln D :H 'G fr 'fl .a ,Q-,P .r- '1'gliiTT,J5V 4 r,Y1,-.M : Qi 1-Fw---,,-f fy ?f,2ljf?!',v1, -. r.'.3'a: 93 -iff? ei 1 rf- :'.'?: , '. 1?'l,'L,ss f 5' 1- fi, 11 ,, Lf Q 5, -3' , "Tb 5 'M L li-'i:y9':f fi L is uri, 5' F, we w pf 535: in i ic QP f-v'F1f13Q 1 '5 if 'ff'-,f f S ii. 1415 'iii "1 . fy-2 Eg, 9115! 21,134 ' 92 2.41-2-Af'3"1 1 jf, ..eA- 1225-br.,-gf, Q '21, -+I. 1-214' j"f "v, 1- V 5. iff f'3f1.5'f" 4Ef,f,i5,-6 'C P R :.:Anf,5 1 I-f .3 'n,,,f,-5, - 'mga -N 45 X 'yr Vi-'dy ,fi ,lm 4' v I+ 4. PM 'fl .:: , 3-',,::,3Q,g',' fr gg bf " 'Q-'ffi 1-zfsr.-, - 5 . Q FQIQQQI ' V wjffi-Q1,. . ., -1, Q., 1 1 , :V 'Q-' . V, fi .,:..,fv W. 3 A it - ' gl' . R, , 'i '9 x,,Q,m.. . 1 , .1 '- '-. E531 W-4 .- , , , , , in qw- uv, 1 ,. M M, f 1 . , ' zi 4 pr.: 7-1-mf, ' ' L -1: Q1 gray-5, , 'f1bvy,,. '!'FEx.,gg: 1:1 vi,g,gf,, I 'f ,g':,..Ax ' mb- if '51 5 w -1 , ,135 J' I 4 V, Z,'fQ'13,fl' . v A -V. ,Wk 9 Vg ,f,'-fr-F, -g vi sei: , - Q V A ,..5 vu- ,g:,.j,. ,U . he ,, 'L -N. , f- 'w :la H i- . K LW, .'+", V' ,ff f a 'P P" -ur la l u . n-- ,- ,mms MNSI? s l BYRON J. RIVETT, Principal NORTHWESTERN CHRONICLE CHAPTER I4 May 1, 1927 to May 1, 1928 CFaculty directory on pages I5 and 16D The enrollment by houses for September, IQ27, follows: Mount Vernon ov.,,,,,,,e. 1 H487 Pershing .,,rr,.,,.,r.,,rrr ..r,,,.r , .. Joan of Arc .,,,.,rr, ,,,,., 4 79 Marshall ,.r.r,,,.,,,,,......r,r....... Betsy Ross ,,,.,,, ,rs,r 4 76 Roosevelt .,r,,..,,,,r ......,,, Clara Barton .1,,.,rr,. .1,r, ,,,r,, 4 2 7 Wilson ,,.,,,r, .,1,rr,.rr,t ,..,tV... Jane Austen rrt.t,,r,,s,,, ,,,5o1 Lincoln ,,,rr.,,t,.,,,rr,..,,.,,t Miss Cavanaugh ,,rr... ..... Totals, H , ,,,,r,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , ,,, M4470 The performances by Music and Dramatics Departments were as follows: Vanity Fair, given during the first semester, Detour, the June 12A Play, Martha, the School Opera. The number of graduates for June, 1927, was .,,,,,,..,c,,,,,,..,, 379 The number of graduates for August, 1927, was 7,9 The number of graduates for January, IQ28, was .V,Y ,,.., 411 419 439 381 417 33 Page Thin C Img ----, ,QUT E, ,-gi E r'-r"rralO7 SAME M. Al.LIfH' .IOHN E. PORTER Axxmtanl Prmmpul Axxxxtant Pmzclfml Nfuthevmltlm DEPARTMENT HEADS Al ICI' M, Lowmaw I3rzR'l'l1.M.AR1s M.AE S. UIAHHNIQ: Allumxe E.Gu,1-m ELSIE C130I'ER Muxu' Health Edumtum Enghsh Natural Sucnfc Lmlgmlgfs Lows BVRHIIW FIORENCIE S'r1fx'ENQ Smtmmw Wmsow Nhzmml Arrx f1lXIOTN Exact Scxcnccx 4' Fffum 1 P1wnHNTm HL'FFh1.NN Health EJuu1rxm1 H.uuu'O'Ba1Fx Cmnrnurfmi T'l""'T3lC5I W--'if' --fir P- .... ii ADJUSTMENT DEPARTMENT Catherine Cavanaugh-Head Margaret Whitlock COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Harry C'Brien-Head Gracia DaRatt Mrs. Ella Doherty Katherine Doherty Nellie Gregg Kathleen Joyce Charles Ludke Mrs. Grace Maichele Eleanor Peterson Ruth Randall Ina Rundle ENGLISH DEPARTMENT May jaehnig-Head Katherine Ainsworth Margaret Avery Carlisle Bigger joseph Blumenthal Gertrude Bogenreider Cora Bright Marie Brown Martha Butler Agnes Donovan Mary E. Dunnigan Mrs. jean Ferris Mrs. Edna Gedson Julia Gettemy Mary Frances Graham Lucille Kelly Rose Lehman Mrs. Ruth MacInnes Mrs. Marion Maddock Beatrice Merriam Lelia Nelson Elizabeth Seaver N. Edith Tilton Mrs. Edna Tingsten Gertrude Ungers Iris Videan Olive Waggoner Mrs. Eleanore Wardwell William Washington Mrs. Ruth Whipple EXACT SCIENCE Sherman Wilson-Head Geraldine Brasie Austin Cline Louisa Ridgeway Carl R. Stoll W. M. Wade Verne Wyble FACULTY HEALTH EDUCATION CBOYSD DEPT. Bert Maris-Head Samuel Bishop Arthur Carty Carl Holmes Emil Katz Harry Lennox Joseph Schwall HEALTH EDUCATION CGIRLSD DEPT. Prudentia Huffman-Head Mary E. Clarke Marion Dunbar Irene Lampkin Vilena MacDonald Elsie Watson HISTORY DEPARTMENT Mrs. Florence Stevens- Mrs. Mary Aiken Ludlow Barnes Olga Battersbee Mrs. Helen Bauer Clifford Carr Kenneth Dean J. Irene Finn Gladys Hinmon Lydia Holtman Anna Hughes Mrs. Vernetta Kemmer Mrs. Anna Keppel Mrs. Rita MacKenzie Wayne Markley Frances Norton Louise Orth Mrs. Rachel Ryman Charles Watkins INDUSTRIAL ARTS Louis Burgess-Head Burton Baisinger Harry Barget Joseph Boltz Charles Braun Albert Losey Frank Spicer Mary Elliot Deda Emmons Florence Guenther Mrs. Edna Maris Shirley Simpson Eva Strickland LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Elsie Cooperffiead Mrs. Ella Adams Isabella Black Hazel Hart Agnes Houghten Mary Howes Head LANGUAGE DEPART MENT-Cont'd Caroline Leonard Mildred Maloney Gertrude McGrain Muriel Netzorg Mrs. Emma Nielson Nonna Norris Hazel O'Donovan Dorothy Roehm Helen St. john Sarah Sheehan Karl Van Dyke MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Sadie M. Alley-Head Hildegarde Beck john Bovill Mrs. Mable Bovill Edna Bromley Blanche Covey Virginia Daniell William Doolittle Eunice Grover Wade Hulbert Laura jones Flora Linn Florence Matthews Rachel Newcomb Richard Remington Esther Smith Gladys Snyder Ralph Twitchell William Wentworth Charles Wyman Florence Younglove Music DEPARTMENT Alice Lovvden-Head Agnes Jackson Roy Miller Mabelle Newell Sally Swain Helen Martin NATURAL SCIENCE A. R. Gilpin-Head C. J. Addington Barbara Barker Ella Clark ' Doris Cline Albert Hollinger Violet Peacock Frederic Sisson Patrick Sullivan jean W. Wilson Bernice Woodbeck LIERARIANS Grace Winton-Head Vera Meston Ethel Walker Page Fifteen I x n - - - .41-ll' IL,l" ""' B 5 , W 4' xiii 1.K'.TTllO7T M.--. - --. -0 vi I- , I FACULTY CHANGES May 1, 1927 to May 1, 1928 The following new teachers and clerks have been added during the past year: Cecil J. Addington ,r,, joseph K. Boltz e,e,.e, ee.,,e Venus W. Cadwell Mary Clarke . . ..W......................V.......Natural Science and Chemistry .Art .Health Education Health Education Amy L. Coats. .. Mathematics Marion Dunbar . Health Education Mary Frances Graham English Carl L. Holmes . . ...Health Education Wayne A. Markley . . . ..., History Frederick G. Sisson .. .... Biology Patrick D. Sullivan .Biology Olive Waggoner ..... .. ..... English Ethel Walker. . . . ..... Library Albert Losey. . .... Vocational Ludlow Barnes. ..... . .... History Mary E. Dunnigan English Agnes Houghton .. . . , English Emil Katz. ..... ....... . .. Health Education Frances Norton. .. ..History Louisa Ridgway.. .Chemistry Ina Rundle , . . . . Commercial Rachel Ryman. . . .. History Ruth Huston Whipple . .English Dean Joki ....... . . Assistant Bookkeeper Virginia Hogue . . .Clerk Edith Spindleman .. .... Clerk Sally Swain . .. . . .. Music Helen Martin... . . Accompanist The following returned from a Leave of Absence: Olga Battersbee .. .. .... ., . . .... . . ..History Muriel Netzorg . . ........... Language The following teachers and clerks left during the past year: Marie E. Beveridge.. Howard P. F. James... . . Hazel Jackson . john P. McGuinness. Edith J. Rauch . . . Norma Schwendener . Marquis E. Shattuck . . Ethelwyn R. Verschaeve Margaret G. Walker Milma Wickstrom. .. . Robert E. Wiley. . Alice M. Wyman .. Anna E. Holt. . Kathryn Brady... Helen Gardner. . Cecilia Goodrich... .. . .. Eleanora Konarske . .. Dorothy P. Massnick . . Page Sixteen Transferred to North Strathmoor Transferred to Western ResignedfMarried Transferred to Cleveland Intermediate . ResignedmMarried .Leave of Absence Transferred to Board of Education Transferred to Western Leave of Absence Leave of Absence ..Transferred to Eastern Transferred to Redford Leave of Absence Transferred to Lincoln Attendance Transferred to Board of Education ........Resigned-Teaching at Clinton School Transferred to Northern .Transferred to Foch Intermediate 512393 I1 ,- TIT I l I li-I. V'-"' l I-rr , M B ,x,BT! G'-J I. 1l 0 ' l.z:rzu3l077 '. 5.0 JVM cel - Mr. Shattuck Mrs. Rauch Miss Schwendener Mr. McGuiness Miss Jaehnig Miss Clough Miss Huffman Mr. Munsell FACULTY CHANGES Mr. Marquis Shattuck, who was made head of the English department at Northwestern in September, 1923, was promoted to the position of supervisor of English in the Detroit public schools in January, 1928. Miss Mae Jaehnig was transferred from Northwestern to the Detroit City College in September, 1927. She returned to Northwestern as head of the English department after the promotion of Mr. Shattuck. Mrs. Edith Rauch, who had acted as graderoom principal of joan of Arc House since September, 1920, was married to Mr. Ross Sanford on January 9, 1928. After a brief honeymoon in New Crleans, Mr. and Mrs. Sanford returned to Midland, Michigan, where Mr. Sanford is employed as efficiency engineer in the Dow Chemical Company. Miss Susanna Clough, formerly connected with the history department, was elected graderoom principal to take the place of Mrs. Rauch. . Miss Norma Schwendener, during a leave of absence from the girls' athletic department, has been teaching at the Columbia University, New York. Miss Prudentia Huffman, organizer of G. A. A., was placed in charge of the North' western girls' athletic department in September, 1928. Mr. John McGuiness, who was made graderoom principal of Marshall House in Septemr ber, IQ23, was transferred in January, 1928, to the Cleveland Intermediate, where he now is acting as boys' counsellor. Mr. William H. Munsell, a teacher in the chemistry department, is now graderoom principal of Marshall House. Page Seventec "'- 'lxn ll! -..---5- ,.... V 4 8 ,, , so V Q 15' 4 kLT.IL'llO1f' ,' 5 + DUT TRU DY MARK P? BILL Lows R JERRY XJXJ. A QUARTETTE HULLY MERRY VAN Egh :,, N. -,Q 1-,,. 1, , 5 ,J W5 1 , , ,J -, , -eg, f ' .BZF x Q f-"ii, - fav, ' ' .If-'fiz V. ,W - xi-' 'Pr , '. , Q ., 'W , 3 , :,:- fxv-. . ,f 1, ,cis K my f .-, Mu, , 1.55, ' , Pl ,, JL fgivffi Q: 1 '- kk' nf ' 5.934 .. , H1-U, . e , ,ggi ,. ,"i,gi, . ,,,,. ,A .waz -v. ,.,. L T. ?-: J .L -,,- ' gift- , f A. 'KQQQ f 5 . Lf, , K, - .W 1-Sufi , Fmf :.g.m, ,r -' ,-A l' im. ,.,, fy . . ,1 'F Nm? ,1 ,, .3,q,..,-V .W ,.: xi e lfw ' 1 ' li? 'Y , . w M . 'U 2 Ri? V ,. . 3, A, ,4,,,. ,7, , lm, , M. W 4,6 7 -3. r me 1 YU , -' 5 .Nfl :Y V. 534, , ' 5 5 EI. ,....ff X .V-,M Q, K f'f'?.K 'fi 1 1 .2 H-' ' 12. if -3:1391 ' ' fi ,fre 34. , e1f1,4f.2 -v ...A , , vw K' 'K' E" ., ,n u. .V 'lfm Q' ,, -1, 3,- E 4, , .' ' fu' +- JA,-,F 1. f!11Af'd"f W. 1, ,,,,+,. J 4. Q, A""G.W .,,, 3 2 I . . ., v , 43. .' Q, fi' , nf' F, If Qi Q Ti ,,U, ,H an ,,, 1 JW g ,V ' ., T ,- an . f 4, -,Q 5, KV.: t 15 .ffm V 'Riffs Sm' ,- 'tidy W Y mf, Af .. rf,- f -1 -z 1' ,fa A :.M?,g,. ,. 41 r,, B-. , 'T rf- 1 , gm, , 2 'J V ,, ' . QI: . ,Q M , 5 4? -mix. 11. 2 75, V ii ' 732: ' 'igfv " ,NIS ' 'nw' - . v K ,. 4 512 5. H55 Q KU. , , f , L , . " ii. ,.- , - 5,221 .- , ra. ,, Q- , , 5. 4 .. 4,7 111,- ,Q . 1 I 1 44' ' A Q fs 6, ffl. 1 e . A fi I ,Tit , 1 5 ' 1 2 , 594 W5 Y. A "fi E Q1 , ,, ,, , -,.,? ""7E3b " ' ,, . SV ' A' 1 ' ww 1 1 fi. VE. G f .. .1 k Q :, X . "gg , . fx..- ? 4 I 4 ..' ,, f v T T5 3 ,J 1 5 fs 'R ,, ,s Q .5 ,E f, 4 -,L ff.: - 1 ,fi 5,34 . 1 r H fy"""7" 7.T i T 8 a-fs1" 1T'15 'f 1 un U. 'WIOY' l 1 . 1 l , james Telfer Lorraine Graham Dean joki john Martin President V1cefPresident Secretary Treasurer JANUARY CLASS Morro "Knowledge is Powerl' Coroas Buff and Orange The graduates of January 1928 attended their first 12A meeting with fluctuating hearts and at that time nominated their candidates for office. At the next meeting, the above four proved victorious. The deplorable day for the intelligence test arrived,and, after a nightmare of squares and circles, the crestffallen and triumphant filed into 201 where the committee chairmen and members were announced. Three weeks later there wasa 12A Mixer where, despite the newness of the enterprise, the "mixing" was successful. Although some clung tenaciously to the agefold superstition of "bad luck on Friday the thirteenth," there was a grand turnfout at the 12A Prom on January 13, and no accidents occurred. Class Day was a triangular arrangement this year. The Erst and essential part of the exercises was the traditional handingfdown of the spade by Helen Aulph to Don Erskine. There followed a playlet entitled "Sham," which included Kenneth McCallum, Thelma Shaw, James Curts, and Forest MacQueen. The second angle of this triangle was the unveiling of the fountain memorial in the main Northwestern corridor. The third and most delightful angle was the dance in the girls' gym. The class banquet was held on January 24 in the lunch room. After this, with joseph Howell as toastfmaster, there ensued the program which was as a book divided into five chapters: the Hrst chapter, a Freshman in Northwestern, was given by Rae Gardner, Dean .Ioki presented the second, Scholastic Honors, Howard Worden gave the third, Athletic Honors, Sidney Woolner followed with the fourth chapter, Famous Charactersg this was succeeded by chapter V, a toast to the boys by Marie Wagner, a toast to the girls by Kenneth McCallum, and a toast to Northwestern by james Telfer. Mr. Rivett conf cluded the program with an advisory speech. The next night was commencement. After a worthfwhile address by Mr. Edwin L. Miller, the graduates received their diplomas among which were seventeen "Summa Cum Laude" and twentyfeight "Cum Laude." They had commenced. Page Nmztcm :Samoan ' U1 xx -,,l---' I11 Xl' 7,51 I, I 4' v ' mzzr.:nl07? ', -0 A, V Bu us 5 'wwf Q 3- Ll, Z S, Hmmm A huutw C Buowzu K Bun n Hum F fm: M.. u, N FK-futon XX, ,-. VN 1 is . it P E Bm um n 9 'Ji :ang L3 Blum. V5 ' . : isa! I 'X 5 P X .P Our- nail' fl Bn nxvrrm H lluwin J mms C Bun A 41 lx th um If' Nxruf G Bc-cm F 4. 'na F Bw ww D hnvum Rf um new E l'nuon.wN P1 Cuanurnrz 'ugr Tzrmrv ,mn u -valor '- l "" 'in nu' DOROTHY MARIE ADAMS-Estabrook5Girls' Ajiliated Club C4f855 Sodales C5f655 Alice Freeman Palmer CIf35g Colt Staff C3f655 IZA Ring and Pin Committeeg College of City of Detroit. ANNABELLE AGREN-Goldbergg Greek Club C4f855 College of City of Detroit. WILLIAM ALLAN-Hutchins Intermediate5 Odds and Ends C3f755 College of City of Detroit. ERDA AMSTUTZ-Angell Schoolg "Messiah"5 Detroit Conservatory of Music. HELEN AULPH-McGraw5 Greek Club C4-85, Vice President C755 Amici C5f85, Corresponding Secretary C655 House President C855 House Debating C3f555 Colt C3-655 Norwester C4-75, Circulation Manager C6f755 Chairman, 12A Picture Committee5 College of City of Detr0it5 University of Michigan. MARGARET AVIS-Saginaw Central High5 H ome Science C855 College of City of Detroit. ELEANOR BAERS-Marr5 12A Social Committee5 Business. CHARLES H. BARNES+Winterhalter5 University of Detroit. ERNEST BATESON-Pattengill5 College of City of Detroit. JOHN E. BEBB- Hudson5 Basketball C55 C755 Baseball C55 C755 Track C855 Football C855 Michigan State College. CARL BECK-Sampson5 Track C45 C65 C855 Business. ALICE E. BENDER-University High of Ann Arbor5 Circle Francais C7855 Basketball C655 Michigan State College. SANFORD E. BENNETT-Hutchins5 Pre-Medics C6-855 Track C555 Odds and Ends C3-85, All-inffun Editor C3f65, Publicity Manager C655 College of City of Detroit. CONSTANCE BIDWELL - Hutchins5 Home Science Club C5f85, Secretary C75, President C855 Girls' Affiliated Club C5f855 12A Class Supper Comrnitteeg Detroit Commercial College. GORDON LYALL BIRNE-Goldberg' R. O. T. C.5 Baseball C555 Reserve Baseball C755 12A Supper Committee5 College of City of Detroit. RICHARD A. BLIXBERG-Angell5 Forum C855 Swimming C7f855 Norwester C755 12A Treasury Committee5 College of City of Detroit. KATHLEEN BLUM-Angell5 Sodales C4'85, Presif dent C855 Lister C6-85, VicefPresident C855 Swimming C75j House Debating C35 C55 C75 C855 Odds and Ends C7-855 Norwester C655 Assistant Chairman, 12A Ring and Pin Committee5 College of City of Detroit5 University of Michigan. RUTH BLYTHE-Pattengill5 Business. ALICE BONNER-McGraw5 Sodales C355 Los Leones Espanoles C355 Business. JULIA AUDREY BONWITiSchenley High School, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania5 Sodales C855 Le Cercle Francais C7f85, VicefPresident C855 Odds and Ends5 Business Manager of 'LAudite"5 "Vanity Fair"5 University of Michigan. CHARLES BOOKER-Wingert5 College of City of Detroit. GLADYS BOOTH-College of City of Detroit. FRANCES CLARENA BOYD-Angell5 Glee Club C1f755 Girls' Ajflliated Club C6f855 "Robin Hood"5 "Maid of France"5 "Sweethearts"5 "Creation"5 "Holy City"5 "Messiah"5 AllfCity Glee Club C355 Tpsilanti. PATRICIA MARJORIE BRENTON-Marr5 Alcott C4-855 Los Leones C2-85, Secretary C55, Vice-President C6f75, President C855 Track C255 "Messiah"5 12A Class Suppersg Detroit Teachers' College. KATHRYN BRILLHART-Barbour5 Rifle Club5 Ypsilanti. HARRIET BRODY-Southeastern High5 Spanish Club C4f855 Northwestern Girls' Business Club C755 Detroit Teachers' College, ELINOR E. BROWN-Cedar Run School, Cass City, Michigang Colt Staff Odds and Ends Staff Business. FREEMAN H. BROWN-South Portland High School, Maineg Hi-'Y C4f855 Forum C85, President C855 Lister C855 R. O. T. C. C3f655 House Debating5 12A Social Committee5 Ohio Weslyan. MARY CYRENA BROWN-Marr5 Alice Free- man Palmer C1f455 University of Michigan. DOROTHY BRYDEN-Angell5 Sodales C7185 "Audite"5 Detroit Teachers' College. ELOISE BUCKNER-Wingert5 'Ypsilanti State Normal. MAUDE BURTON-Pattengill5 Le Cercle Fran' cais C455 Girls' Affiliated Club C6f855 Sodales C6f855 Odds and Ends C255 "Audite"5 Detroit Teachers' College. JESSIE BUTCHART-Marr5 Le Cercle Francais: Girls' Business Club C5f85, President C855 Business. RALPH CAMPBELL-Angell5 House Baseball C35 C55 C755 House Football C45 C655 House Track C655 Baseball Reserve C755 School Football C855 Michigan State College. EDWARD R. CAROLIN-Cass Technical High School5 House Swimming C655 House Football C755 House Basketball C7f855 University of Detroit. MABEL CARPENTAR-Wingert. Page Twenty-one 522222 f Q YT - . ,L W -1. " f' l I1-Al' X no 5 X 5 u-5 . , 4 will m:r'rxlO7T?..- .mum - M l Arun.: M Focumm L F ,4 ,.. .A 6 W2 , 7' ,H X x gi MT f' . ff' ',1g,,,. eg g. in sq 1, .4 Arm I 1-wrm funn, . 1: L., f ,K . ty fa DVQWA T umumn K Gfghow N Lmpem 'HN Y S Conan. I? Dunn mu L Cunnan Page 'fwemyflwa -I -..-.. ,, W . -,gi---n U.. 4 i 8 . I 4"' rr --...D 'wsmfi L+. -0 .5 - GRACE EDITH CATTON-Angellg Sodales Q6-82 Home Science Q82 Detroit Teachers' College. LEO CAVANAUGH-Hutchinsg "N" Club Q6-82 House Football Q82 School Cross Country Q5-72 School Track Q6-82 Notre Dame. HARRY CAESAR-Central High Schoolg Detroit College of Pharmacy. CATHERINE CLARK-Pattengillg Girls' Affili- ated Club Q7-82 12A Color Committeeg Detroit Business University. HAROLD CLINTON-St. Theresasg University of Detroit. DE FORREST COLLINGE-Pattengillg Hi-T Q1-82 Secretary Q22 House Football Q61 Q82 House Track Q62 Dennison University. MARYON CONNOR-Marr: House Baseball Q1-62 Basketball Q1-62 junior Baseball Q1-42 Tennis QI'4li Detroit Business Institute. KATHERINE COOKERLY - Minneapolis, Minnesotag Le Cercle Francais Q5-82 Girls' Rifle Club Q6-82 Treasurer Q6-82 Baseball Q52 Q72 House Secretary-Treasurerg 12A Treasurer's Committee: University of Michigan. LOUELLA M. COYLE-Port Huron High Schoolg New 'York School of Arts, JACK CRAIG-Winterhalterg College of City of Detroit. JAMES H. CURTS-Arthur Hill High School, Saginawg Pre-Medics Q7-82 House Basketball Q52 College of City of Detroitg University of Michigan, ELEANOR DECKER-Eastern H ighg Northwestern Business Clubg Business. MARK DENBY-Ellisg House Football Q7'Q2 12A Treasurer's Committeeg Business. HARRY DERBY-Marrg Hi-T Q4-72 House Basket- ball Q3-52 Reserve Basketball Q72 Track Q62 House Basketball Q42 House Swimming Q62 University of Southern California. RICHARD DE ROSE-Pattengillg junior Hi-'I' QI-22 Pre-Medics Club Q3-62 House Swimming Q1-62 House Baseball QU Q3D Q72 House Football Q4-62 House Track Q32 12A Social Committeeg College of City of Detroitg john Hopkins University. FRED DIMOCK-Pattengillg Triangle Club Q22 Treasurer Q22 Hi-'I' Q3-72 House Golf Q72 House Track Q42 Colt Staff Q52 College of City of Detroit. BISMARK DRITTLER-Hancock Central Highg "N" Club Q82 School Basketball Q7-82 University of Detroit. RALPH DUKES-Bay City Central High Schoolg University of Michigan. EMILY RUTH EAMAN-Marrg Alice Freeman Palmer Q3'4li Alcott Q5-82 House Basketball Q5J Q72 House Swimming Q62 House Tennis Q52 House Baseball Q32 junior Track Q12 School Tennis Q52 School Hockey Q41 Q6J Q82 School Basketball Q62 House Vice-Presidentg Student Council Q3j Q6-82 Secretary Q62 Vice-President Q82 12A Class Day Committeeg Wellesley College. EMANUEL EISTEIN-Northeastern High School: Club Q72 School Swimming Q5-62 House Basketball Q42 House Swimming Q3-42 University of Michigan, LOUISE SALLIE ENSMINGER-Pattengillg Alice Freeman Palmer Q1-22 Sodales Q4-82 President Q72 Novice Swimming Q42 Hall of Fame Q72 Odds and Ends Q6-82 Circulation Manager Q72 Literary Editor Q82 "Audite" Q82 Publicity Manager Q82 12A Motto Committee- University of Michigan. MARGARET ERTELT--McGrawg Northwestern Business Clubg Business. ESTHER FAIR-Wingertg Northwestern Girls' Business Club Q6-82 Business. LEONARD FEALK-Central High Schoolg Univer- sity of Detroit. HOWARD FETTES-Hutchinsg Hi-'I' Q3-82 House Golf Q42 House Basketball Q72 School Golf Q6-82 12A Class Day Committeeg University of Michi- gan. SYLVIA E. FITCHETT-Winterhalterg Business. BERTHA FLACH-Hutchinsg Girls' Affiliated Club Q6-82 Treasurer Q82 Greek Club Q82 House Hockeyp House Basketballg Detroit Teachers' College. LILLIAN FLINKER-College of City of Detroit. RUTH FOSTER-Houston College: High School of Commerce. RAE GARDNER-Monnierg Alcott Q4-82 Treas- urer Q52 Secretary Q62 House Swimming Q55 Q72 House Baseball Q62 Colt Q6-72 School Swimming Q52 Q62 House Secretary Q62 Treasurer Q72 Presi- dent Q82 House Debating Q72 Student Council Q5-72 Vice-President Q6-72 Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation Qj"7J, Secretary Q6-72 Chairman, 12A Social Committeeg College of City of Detroit. TRAVERSE GARDNER-Pattengillg College of City of Detroit. ELDA GIELOW-Nobleg Detroit Teachers' College. MARY GILBERT-Estabrookg Alcott Q2-82 Detroit Teachers' College. STANLEY GORSKI-Assumptiong University of Detroit. CLIFFORD GRACEY-St. Petersburgh Highg Ohio University. ' LORRAINE E. GRAHAM-Marrg Alcott Q4-82 Secretary Q62 President Q82 Student Council Q5-7D Q82 Vice-President, 12A Classg College of City of Detroit. ' Page Twenty-three cameo: ' 'll g-nr X x n I -1. " 5 f, f 4- 0 50 X . "5 - , ' ' u:!:nlO7T .rum - 1 . f 2 .f mf' r l 5 an 5 -1, rx, vz X .4 Aw? um, , Pi View-sm! Wi I-s1q:'f.x 'I' R T! Q Q , .52 Q nf . ,, T fx S X Q, J X 1 5, WF' ' 5 wvwwf Eml"'N'M , mum' YMMLW: A wg p x g- K K ,. '- ' 0 'if ,sf . if 5,9 2 iss: wig? " iig? ffsiglegm fg ., U n7,u1,L u www: J Huuzu D 1.r.N.,un 'K D Nmu 4 ' : fi-I' A . ,gs'..L. H t "" M . " Mum.. .V mnr 'WIS F L. 1.1: umm: f L-wx., v. X' .wa i fvvmx L' T. x. X, 4 Lrolzuvw Page Twcmyffour t 17 ---- 5,5 lic' -,,'1 . i Ti' 5 I ri 'Li' L C, -0 ' ti' VIRGINIA GRANT-Hutchins5 Art Club C5f81, Secretary C61, President C715 Girls' Affiliated Club C7'81j Odds and Ends C715 Norwester C815 "Vanity Fair"5 12A Ring and Pin Committee5 Wicker's Art School. FLORENCE GREEN-Central High School5 North' western Business Club5 Business. HARRIET ESTHER GREENiTpsilanti High School5 Detroit Teachers' College. PAULINE E. GRIBLING-Angell5 Alice Freeman Palmer C1f215 Sodales C4'81j Girls' Affiliated Club C7'81j House Novice Swimming C415 Odds and Ends C6f81, Circulation Manager C71, Chief Proof Reader C815 Audite Staj, EditorfinfChief C815 12A Motto Committee5 University of Michigan. JOHN PHILIP HACKETT-+Marr5 Boys' Glee Club, and "N" Club C6f815 Football C415 Track C515 Swimming CIf815 Football C815 Track C815 Operas- "When johnny Comes Marching Home," "Sweetf hearts", "Robin Hood"5 University of Michigan. ELIZABETH HALL-Eldorado High School, Eldor- ado, Illinois5 Glee Club C215 Basket Ball C11, Captain C615 House Treasurer C315 City College. SYLVESTER HALL-Wingert5 junior Track C1f315 House Track C4'61j Track C'7'81j House Basket Ball C5f715 House Swimming C815 House Football C815 Howard University. HARRY RUSSELL HARDING-Marr5 Hiff C6f815 House Basketball C615 Swimming C4'81j Track C815 Golf C3-515 Chairman of Entertainment Committee5 Ring and Pin Committee5 College of the City of Detroit. JAMES HARE-Angell5 GifT C4f815 Baseball C315 Basketball C215 Track C41: Election Committeeg Midway5 College of the City of Detroit. C. KING HART-Noble5 Hifi' C4f815 Science and Radio C6f815 Colt Staff C5'71, Assistant Circulation Manager C61, Circulation Manager C715 College of the City of Detroit5 University of Michigan. DAVID G. HART-Tappan5 Forum Club C815 Glee Club C7'81j House Basketball C41, Odds and Ends C4'51: Advertising Manager C51: Albion College5 University of Michigan. EDITH HARWITH-Hutchins Intermediateg Rifle C5f715 Spanish C5f715 Basketball C4'61j Tennis C5 Business Chairman C815 Odds and Ends C2f815 Treasurer's Committee5 University of Michigang General Editor C615 Exchange Editor C7f815 Circuf lation Manager C7f81. WILMA HARWOOD-Unionville High School5 Home Science Club. ELEANORE HASBROUCK-Franklin School5 Rifle C51! Spanish C5'71J Bios C31j President of Rifle Club C71! Basketball C41 C615 Track C315 Swimming C21: HUCRSV C41 C61: Rifle C51 C71: OCldS and Ends, "Albin Fun" Editor C61 C71 C815 Business Institute. MATHILDA HEIMAN-Sampson5 German Club C515 Caryatides C21 C315 Basketball C41 C61 C815 Hockey C815 Teachers' College. ROBERTA CORINNE HENRY-Warren Senior High School, Warren, Ohio5 Amici Club C51 C815 Lister Debating Club C6f815 Rifle Club C5f715 Glee Club, VicefPresident C815 Rifle Team C51 C715 Odds and Ends C5-81, Assistant Art Editor C51, Art Editor C61, Assistant Editor C6f815 Vanity Fair5 Social Committee5 Tudor Hall, Indianapolis, Indiana5 National Park Seminary, Forest Glen, Maryland. RONALD HIND-Southeastern High School5 University of Detroit. MABEL HOAR-Angell5 Home Science and Spanish5 Harper Hospital. MARJORIE M. HOWEY-Pattengill5 Rifle Club C7-815 Forum Club C7f815 Los Leones Espanoles C3f81g Secretary Los Leones C815 Rifle Team C715 Commencement Committee5 Teacher's College. ISABEL F. HUNTER-Marr School5 Alice Free- man Palmer C21 C31, Corresponding Secretary C315 Alcott C4f815 Black .Quills C61 C715 junior Hockey Team C215 School Hockey Team C41 C61 C815 House Track C31 C515 School Track C315 Post Graduate Course5 Detroit Teacher's College. LORRAINE HUSS-College of City of Detroit. MAMIE JIRASEK'Estabrook School5 Northf western Business C7-81. A. DEAN JOKI-jefferson Intermediate5 Hifi' C6f815 Student Council C71 C815 Vice President Hif'Y C815 Treasurer Student Council C815 Swimming C615 Odds and Ends C815 Business Manager5 "Master Salesman" in Vanity Fair5 Secretary, I2A Class5 Albion. HILDA M. JONES-Pattengill School5 City College. HALLIE KELLER-Arsenal Technical High, I ndian' apolis, Indiana5 Greek Club C51 C61 C715 Alcott C815 Publicity Manager5 House Treasurer C615 House Committee, Chairman C51 C715 House President C815 House Debating Team C715 Colt C41 C51 C615 Ring Committee C815 Commercial College. DOROTHY KEMNITZ-Wingert5 Sodales C4f815 Norwestern Girls' Business Club C6f815 Vice- President C815 Norwestern Girls' Business5 Track C115 Norwester, Secretary and Typist C7f815 Audite C815 Correspondent. LYMAN KENNEY-Albion, EUGENE KIMBALL-Angell Grade School5 Hifl' CGrey Chapter1 C5f815 Science and Radio Club C615 University of Detroit. MARIAN KOGELSCHATZ-Noble5 Marygrove ESTHER KONKE-'Ypsilanti Norman College. BETTY KORELL-Condon Intermediate5 Forum Club5 Michigan State Normal. HARVEY KREIPKE-Goldberg Grade School5 Track C61 C81. JULIUS KULKIN-Condon Intermediate5 Sodales5 Science and Radio5 PrefMedics5 Swimming C6f815 Baseball C715 City College. ALBERT LANGTRY-Angell Grade School5 Pre- Medics5 Science and Radio5 Secretary C61, President C71, Vice-President C81 of Science and Radio Club5 Baseball C51 C715 Track C41 C615 Basketball C715 Ring. and Pin Committee5 College of the City of Detroit. GLEN G. LECKNER-Estabrook5 Los Leones Espanoles Club5 House Basketball C615 House Swimming C5f6f71, Captain C71: House Baseball C6f815 House Football C7f915 School Swimming C7-815 State College. HAROLD W. LEHEUP-Pattengill5 Glee ClubC5f 815 AllfCity Glee Club C615 Hi-Y Club C71: Forum Club C915 House Track C115 12A Play "Behind the Lines" C715 Opera "Sweethearts" C715 Midway C915 City College of Detroit. Page Twenty-five Elia? --- Q n . ,L f f -'- "v'?' l "' -0 '1 , -gt . 1 11 l:I:T.1"il07T ,W-.', June - , L 4mm,,.4.m za 1 ,sm M A . N v C .A ! hu. vm v N-H ...U , P1 N1 Ugcuuun qMmiur.1w Ni 'hmvu ll K , "L+ z I Q 6 ' t 'F ,w.1fQ,.yn if 1 ,E '4' 1' ' YULKKXX M- xii i A- In , wg. xxx.. , ,Q I 4 Q an W NW ,W .,f'1MfM.ff.. L M, Qu, . H irnw 1' L., Zf' 1 :- U Vllf rm? J MN ul. il ,5 .- bar. ,Aix fs 'K I Q KF PM x x-max' V1 Wu F Nam v Cfhmavrsxxv FZGILMLQD W Gsm :NE Page Twmryux 4u1J l.1.'i'ilO15 l ---- 'W n W 1 M -1-"":l l:Lr Y: - pkg an A A ESTHER ISABELLA LINCK-Hutchins Inter' mediate5 Business University5 University of Michigan, HAROLD LINDSAY-McGraw5 "N" Clubg Hifl' Club5 Basket Ball C315 Baseball C11 C315 Football C41 C615 Track C21 C815 School Baseball C51 C'71j School Basketball C41 C615 School Football C815 House Treasurer C6f715 President C815 12A Chair- man, Commencement Committee5 University of Michigan. JUDITH LIPA-Dwyer5 Business Club C615 Col' lege of City of Detroit. MARY LISCH-Lakewood High School, Lakewood, Ohio5 Girls' Glee Club C4f815 Business Club C5f615 Business. WILLARD LORENZ- GEORGE ROGER LOUYS-Angellg Science and Radio Club C815 House Golf C715 House Tennis C715 House Football C815 College of City of Detroit. LUCILLE C. LUNDGREN-Hutchins5 Alcott C6f815 House Basketball C4f615 House Baseball C715 House Tennis C815 IZA Treasurer Committee5 College of City of Detroit. SHERL MACK-Marr5 "N" Club C7'9lI House Swimmingg School Swimming C715 Alma, ARLENE MACKENZIE - Winterhalter5 Nurse at Harper Hospital. JANET MAC QUARRIE - Franklin5 Election Committee C815 Odds and Ends C5f815 Post Grad' uate Course, High School of Commerce. FORREST MACQUEEN - McMichael5 HifT C3-815 House Baseball C2f715 House Football C6f815 Business. FOREST J. MALOTT, JR.-Jejferson5 Los Leones Espanolesg "N" Clubg House Swimming C41 C615 House Basketball C715 Reserve Football C615 School Football C815 University of Detroit. EVELYN MANN-Angell5 Spanish Club C715 Girls' Affiliated Club C6f815 InterfClub Counsellor C71, VicefPresident C715 College of City of Detroit. JOHN E. MARTIN-Marrg Hiff C5f81, Vice' President C815 House Track C715 School Track C715 Colt Staf C615 "Vanity Fair"5 "Sweethearts"5 Treasurer, IZA Class5 University of Michigan. MARCIA MASLEN-McGraw5 Girls' Affiliated Club C5-81, Secretary C615 President C7-815 Girls' Glee Club C5f615 Sodales C4f615 Greek Club C815 Business Club C615 House Rifle C615 House Treas- urer C815 Odds and Ends C5f615 "Sweethearts"5 12A Class Day Committee5 Detroit Teachers' College. MALCOLM MCCABE-Estabioolg L05 Leones Espanoles5 House Baseball CII215 Student Council5 General Motors' Institution of Technology. JEAN MCCALL-Estabrook5 Sodales C4f615 Alcott C7f815 12A Social Committee5 Detroit Teachers' College. KENNETH J. MCCALLUM-Pattengill5 Los Leones Espanoles C4f615 Hif'Y C5'815 Colt C315 Odds and Ends Cs1: "Vanity Fair"5 Student Council C315 12A Class Day Committee5 Michigan State College. MARGARET McKAY-Pattengill5 Business Club5 Business. RUTH MCMINN-Condon5 Business. IRA MIDDLEBROOKS-Condon5 College of City of Detroit. ANTOINETTE MILLER-Condom Lister C4f815 Home Science C7f815 Secretary C815 'Ypsilanti State Normal. ROSS W.MILLWARD-Goldbergg House Swim- ming C3f815 Basketball C5f615 Baseball CI'41j Swimming C7-815 College of City of Detroit. MANLEY MITTON-University of Chicago. ESTELLE MORIN-Estabrook5 College of City of Detroit. LOIS E. MOORE-Hutchins5 House Basketball C615 "Messiah" C615 Business. DONNA MURRAY-Estabrookg Business. VIRGINIA MUSGRAVE-Jejfferson5 House Def bating C415 "Vanity Fair"5 Detroit Teachers' College. ELIZABETH H. NAREY-Pattengill5 Greek Club C4-81, President C815 Caryatides C2f61, President C5f615 Triangle C2f615 Girls' Affiliated Club C6f815 House Debating C715 12A Social Committee5 University of Michigan. GEORGE NAUYOKAS-Northern High5 House Football C815 House Basketball C715 Business. VICTOR NAUYOKAS-Northern High5 House Track5 House Basketball5 House Baseball5 Business. MARGARET E. NEUSCHAFER-McGraw5 Art Club C3f815 Los Leones Espanoles C2f815 "Vanity Fair"5 Art School. WILLIAM NUTTALL-Pattengill5 HifT C1f815 House Baseball C515 12A Treasurer Committee5 College of City of Detroit5 Purdue. GEORGE OLMSTED-Central High School5 House Track C615 House Swimming C615 College of City of Detroit. RUTH N. OLMSTEAD-McMichael5 Le Cercle Francais C4'51i Forum C815 House Swimming C615 Detroit Teachers' College. WALTER OSBORNE-Hancock5 House Football C115 House Baseball C215 Business. Page Twentyfseven 622291 fi '1 I ,-'iq'--g li" 1 V .1 I 1 -0 K 0 0 l:I1!'aTZ"l IOYT wtf' ., ,A .... fy ,,. ,. W4 A f , . . -J U ,mm v .U r. ' l E .gn-.Y ' 4. .P 4: 3 FTM- W - . F "5 -fsf lgfzf X wr X, fm r v, G ,, 4 1 11' Tmx ur, ,a .mx-,Un L ,s- Nmwu Page Twmrwenghz 522299 LL 'WIO1' MI l 7 'sn i . iv-""1T" +:: rg l 5 GUNDELLA OTTATI-McGraw5 Forum 655 House Track C15 C35 C555 House Basketball C45 C65 C855 House Baseball C55 C755 House Rifle C55 C755 House Hockey C855 Detroit Teachers' College. DOROTHY OWEN-Angellg Le Cercle Francais C6855 Scientific and Radio Club C7f85, Secretary C855 k'Sweethearts"5 Sodales C4f555 Student Council C555 Girls' Glee Club C5f855 12A Supper Committee5 Connecticut College for Women. GRACE E. OXLEY-Marrg Sodales C4'855 Amici C3f85, Corresponding Secretary C75, Scereraty C855 House Track C555 House Swimming C5f75g House Baseball C5f755 House Basketball C45 C65 C855 Track C65 C755 Hockey C65 C85, Captain C855 House Secre- tary C65, President C755 12A Treasury Com' rnittee5 Detroit Teachers' College. MURIEL JULEEN PALASKY-Angellg French Club C3f455 Ford's Nurses Training School. LOTUS PALMER-Marr5 Tri C C2f455 French Club C4f655 Student Council C255 Detroit Business Institute. MILTON B. PEASLEY-Lansing Central High5 House Football C855 Michigan State. MARGARET PECKHAM-Marr5 House Debate ing C755 Sodales C4f855 College of City of Detroit. MARION E. PEZET-Pattengill5 Athletic Assof ciation Board C655 Track C55 C755 Swimming C555 Basketball C45 C65 C85-House Baseball C35 C55 C755 Hockey C45 C855 House Treasurer C855 12A Memorial Committee5 Business. FRANCES H. PIGARD-McGraw5 University of Detroit. HELEN PIPER-'Angell5 Detroit City College. ELMER POLZIN-jefferson Interrnediate5 12A Ring and Pin Committee5 Concordia College. AGNES I. PURINTONA-Marr5 Sodales C4f85, VicefPresident C7'85j House Treasurer C755 House Secretary C855 House Debating Team C755 Norwester C5-755 Audite C855 12A Ring and Pin Committeeg College of City of Detroit. MARION READI NG-Condon Intermediate. AILEEN REICHLE-Pattengill5 Los Leones Espanf oles C2f85, Vice-President C55, Secretary C6'755 "Creation" C355 'Ypsilanti State Normal. THERESA REICHLE--Angellg Bios C755 Business College. DOROTHY REUSS-Pattengill5 Los Leones Es an' oles C2'65j Track Team C255 House Debating Team C755 "Enter the Hero" C755 "The Deceivers" C755 Detroit City College. MARIE REIBEN-Noble5 Girls' Business Club C6f855 Spanish Club C6-855 Business. INA RISDON-Pattengill5 Los Leones Espanoles C2f855 House Track Team C255 University of Detroit. MARION E. ROBERTSON-jefferson Intermed- iate5 Sodales C3'45j French Club C6-755 Art Club C3f85, VicefPresident of Art Club C655 Vanity Fair C855 'Ypsilanti State Normal. VIRGINIA RUMNEYfPattengill5 French Club C2'85j House Baseball Team C255 Dramatic Recital C35- LYLE RUSSELL-Condon lntermediate5 House VicefPresident C655 Student Council C755 12A Social Committee5 LelandfStanford. NEVIN SALOT-Angell5 Band C6f755 Science and Radio Club C6f855 Detroit City Ccllege. HELEN SARGEANT-Estabrookg Business. EDMUND SCHOEPFER-Pattengillg Tennis C455 Basketball C555 Golf C755 Business. HERBERT VAN SCOTT-C0ndon5 House Foot' ball C45 C65 C855 House Baseball C35 C55 C755 Alma. LELA SEABAUGH-Goldbergg junior Amici C3f455 Le Cercle Francais C6f755 Greek Club C855 Detroit Teachers' College. HAROLD C. SHAFER-Pattengill5 Hi-'I' C6'855 PrefMedics C5f85, President C855 Track C355 Swim' ming C6f855 Football C655 12A Memorial Corn' mitteeg College of City of Detroit. RUBY SHAPER--Hutchins5 Business. THELMA SHAWwMarr5 Alcott House5 Sec' retary C855 Norwester Staff C6f755 Chairman, 12A Color Committee5 University of Michigan. FRANKLIN SHEPARD-Noble5 HouseSwimming C5f655 Business. DOROTHY SHOQUIST-Goldberg5 Science Club CI'25j Spanish Club C1f355 Forum C855 Detroit Business University. LEAH SILK-Hutchins5 Northwestern Business Club C6f855 Detroit Teachers' College. JOHN SMEARMAN-Wilkinsburg5 Business. RAYMOND A. SMITH-Hancock5 Hifi' C3-755 Schiller C755 House Baseball C5f755 House Track C6f855 House Basketball C755 House Football C65 C85, Business. ROBERT I. SNYDER-Angell5 Hifi' C4f75, Vice' President C755 House Football C655 House Swimming C3'65j Swimming C7'85j House Treasurer C855 12A Social Comrriittee5 University of Michigan. EDITH SPINDLEMAN-House Basketball C45 C65 C755 Hockey C855 Basketball C45 C655 12A Ring and Pin Committeeg Business College. Page Twenzyfn ne , 'lllll i 17 N 5' vpj- -V -"- flfn guns I - . 1' oi ,A 0 X X "t lgzzvn IOY? .......', 5 A Jour A V CIVJ A iwmm v H ..r.nw-,x v 1? 3 'R arf' fp. 4' Q 4 ' x 'I Y 4. H u M.: . 1. . Q 5 , . 4 M, 4 51 'NVVY IXLULLWSQH X ' 'Q Q u s , ' : Y I -' : f :L . J 2' V N" Z F ' . nf , ww 'E - A, V ,,,-f- ,, -. X my V K W . H1 ,-ws. .' Emawtm. X fl .' . wmv!-',E I'n ..r1-l. .IWC V? Wu.: 01 1 i .,,. ii f F 945 1 ,.v:.-c.-,sf Bw..,f,wrv N 55' gh up X sw S3241 cwwp. Q. Q., 'Ewan rw' nv. MN if F . P . ' x mm. x ls X X x w 1. WX N N uwm,-mn - U. ' ff G Puge Thmv 1 -1.'i-Ill '-I-', N 75. 'YN F ,bull l3IlTaI1'llO7G. M ,-..L,,', -0 'el -E LILLIAN STANDER-Hutchins5 Schiller C4-755 House Swimming C455 School Swimming C555 Detroit Teachers' College5 University of Michigan. KENNETH E. STECKER-Hutchins5 Science and Radio C5-855 Forum C855 House Track C655 Colt C4-555 12A Ring and Pin Committee5 College of City of Detroit5 University of Michigan. NODA STEFANOFF- JUNE STEINBERG-Angell5 Northwestern Busi- ness Club C4-855 Business. GEORGE C. STEINBRECHER-Marr5 House Swimming C655 University of Detroit. LOWELL STELLBERGER-Estabrook5 College of City of Detroit. HELEN STRAUSS-Pattengill5 Le Cercle Francais C2'85j Detroit Teachers' College. FRED L. STRICKROOT-Noble5 Pre-Medics C5-85, Secretary C7-855 House Swimming C4-655 Swimming C6-855 Chairman, 12A Motto Com- mittee5 College of City of Detroit. AGNES STUART-Wingert5 Le Cercle Francais C4-655 House Hockey C855 Detroit Teachers' College HELEN SULLIVAN-college of city of Detroit. ELEANOR MAE TALBOT-Akeley Hall, Grand Haven5 Business. MARGARET LOUISE TEAGAN - Angell5 Northwestern Business Club C5-855 Business. JAMES TELFER-Hutchins5 Hi-T C5-755 "N" Club C855 House Baseball C15 C35 C555 House Basketball C35 C555 House Football C65 C855 Basketball C6-755 Baseball C755 House Secretary C755 House President C855 President,12A Class5 College of City of Detroit. LEWIS THEAKERwPort Huron High5 Business. JAY THOMAS-Hutchins5 Basketball C155 Business. JOHN B. THOMSON-Sampson5 Scientijic Club5 College of City of Detroit. ROSE TRIES-eBusiness. MARY HELEN TYRE-JeJJerson5 Girls' Affiliated Club C6-855 College of City of Detroit5 Butler University. PHYLLES VOKES-Winterhalter5 Black .Quills C755 House Track C5-755 House Basketball C5-755 Hockey C45 C65 C855 House Treasurer C6-755 Athletic Com- mittee C5-755 Detroit Teachers' College. JOHN C. VORIES-Goldberg5 College of City of Detroit. MARIE WAGNER-Marr5 Alice Freeman Palmer C1-35, Treasurer C1-355 Alcott C4-855 Girls' Glee Club5 House Secretary C855 All City Glee Club C555 12A Chairman, Memorial Committee5 University of Michigan. LORNE C. WALTERS-Southeasterng House Football C4-655 House Track C4-855 House Basketball C755 School Football C855 Northwestern University. CHESTER DEAN WEAVER-Angell5 Sodales5 House Basketball C455 Odds and Ends C555 Lincoln House Record C2-35, Assistant Editor C25, Editor C355 Stajf C5-655 Student Adviser C755 12A Treas- urer's Committee5 University of Michigan. ROSE WEISS-Condon5 Science and Radio C4-555 Sodales C6-755 College of City of Detroit. KATHLEEN WEMP-Angell5 Greek Club C6-855 Art Club C5-855 President C855 Junior Arnici C5-655 Colt Staff C5-85, Art Staff Arts and Crafts. JACK WESTCOTT-Pattengill5 College of City of Detroit. MARION WILCOX-College of City of Detroit. CORA WILSON-Jeferson5 Detroit Teachers' College. MARGARET WINGERT-Angell5 Los Leones Espanoles C4-555 House Swimming C455 University of California. EVELYN WITTENBERG-JeJferson5 Home Science Club C6-85, Treasurer C855 Detroit Teachers' College. CHARLES J. WOLFE-Marr5 Hi-T C7-85, Treas- urer C75, President C855 Glee Club C7-85, Secretary C855 House Track C455 Cross Country C455 Track C55 C755 Lincoln House Record C5-755 Colt C655 "Sweethearts"5 "Vanity Fair"5 12A Supper Committee5 College of City of Detroit. MARJORIE EVELYN WOOD-Pattengill5 So- dales C4-555 Amici C555 House Swimming C455 House Baseball C55 C755 House Track C65 C755 House Basket- ball C855 House Tennis C755 School Track C755 School Swimming C4-855 House Treasurer C15 C855 12A Treasurer's Committee5 Detroit Teachers' College5 University of Michigan. SIDNEY H. WOOLNER-Marr5 Glee Club C4-85, Vice-President C855 All-City Glee Club C555 Hi-'Y C5-85, Secretary C65, President C755 Lister C6-85, President C855 House Tennis C55 C755 House Corresponding Secretary C855 House Debating C55, Manager C753 School Debating C65 C755 Lincoln House Record C555 Ass't. Circulation Mgr., Colt C655 Odds and Ends Staf C65, C755 Norwester Staff C4-85, Ass't. Advertising Mgr. C45 C55, Business Mgr. C65 C755 Editor C855 "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"5 "Sweethearts"5 "Vanity Fair"5 Chairman, Ring and Pin Committee, I2 A Class5 University of Michigan. BEN WOONTNER-Marr5 College of City of Detroit. HOWARD T. WORDEN-Miami High School, Miami, Florida C455 Hi-T C4-855 Secretary C755 Football C455 Basketball C5-755 Track C655 Reserve Football C655 School Football C855 School Golf C5-755 Colt C4-655 Publicity Mgr. C655 Norwester C6-755 Ass't.-Chairman, 12A Social Committee5 Student Council C7-85, President C855 University of Miami5 University of Michigan. GEORGE WURSTER-Marr School5 "N" Clubg Football C2'4li Basketball C4-655 Track C2'4'65f Baseball C4'65f School Football C6-855 House Recording Secretary C755 Vice-President C855 Michigan State College. Page Thirty-one """' f'n lin' I C -1 3 i .-...D i f D7sfi. U Ysiuia THELMA YANKA!Condon Intermediateg Home Science Club C7fB1g Business College. KATIE YECK-Gagetown High Schoolg Business Club C815 Basketball C81. MARY YOUNG-Tilden Schoolg Forum Clubg VicefPresident, Forumg Girls Affiliated Clubg Baslqetballg Harper Hospital. CHARLOTTE ZAVITZ-Noble. DOROTHY ZISLER-Easterng Northwestern Busi' ness Club C4'71j Business. OLIVE ZELLER-jefferson I ntermediate. LOUIS BARSTOW-Marrg "N" Club C8f91g School Football C71g House Presidentg Norwester CP81, Sport Editor C3f81g United States Naval Academy. Page Thiviyeiwu RALPH E. FOWLERANobleg Officefs Club C815 House Baseball C215 House Rifle C41g School Rifle C6-81g Ohio State College of Chiropody. JAMES P. MOYA-Stuyvesant High School, New 'York Cityg College of City of Detroit. CATHERINE E. MURBACH,-Condong History Club C21g Schiller C415 House Baslqetballg House Baseballg Business. ARTHUR K. KUSCHEWSKI-Hutchinsg Business. HUGH RICHARDSON-Hannemang House Rifle f31: School Rifle C4f81g R. O. T. C.g Detroit College of Law. RAYMOND A. VOSS-St. jamesg House Baseball C2f41g House Track C41g House Basketball C3f41g House Tennis C515 Business. ' f a g E I- , "' nur SZ k , A Q I r - U If r . X W ,f o r-71r::n'alOY' - -,. ,.,.E,,,- iif no ' IT Y-El . CELEB JANUARY CELEBS Every semester it is the duty of the Student Council to elect to the position of "celeb" those persons from the graduating class who have brought the most honor and recognition to Northwestern High School. The method by which these people are elected takes into consideration their leadership in school, club, and house activities, as well as their scholarship. Popularity plays no part. The class history and scholarship record of each candidate are read before voting, so that the whole council has a clear idea of the contribution which each has made to the school. In this way a fair election is obtained, wholly on the grounds of merit. Ten celebs are selected from the june class and six from the January class, in proportion to the smaller number of graduates. The following students have been chosen from the class of January, 1928: HELEN AULPH, for remarkable scholastic achievements, activity in clubs and publications, and leadership in Mt. Vernon House. EMILY EAMAN, for scholastic standing, and exceptional participation in athletics, clubs, publications, and the Student Council. RAE GARDNER, for scholarship, and general leadership in clubs, athletics, the Student Council, and joan of Arc House. LORRAINE GRAHAM, for high scholarship, work on the Student Council, and leadership in clubs and the january class. JAMES TELFER, for line scholarship, leadership in the january class and Lincoln House, and activity in athletics. SIDNEY WOOLNER, for outstanding scholarship, prominence in debating and dramatics, and leadership in clubs and publications. Page Thwryfzhrzc 312232 rs n I , ---- , .. - B ,, , e .. :,.0f .M f-f,' 1T 5 Fr. 1 'LQ W DIRECT mom PARADISE N5 'WQQQEA N04 X TOVWN :dw B' P! " X ' Z5 wf Q- l A 4 f X u Y 4,1 NO THROAT IRRITATION 9 T w .. "WHATS WQBQSYNW' RACKETU 'WQQXW1 HERE frm Sinn- ur-1 - 'f I Ulf fr or f I P - til g : . i 3 l -U. l 1 - : I T O 1 - l nr 9 o'- - lui 2-"'-"" il 1lI GHG! ' D 2 mill , 5- g LL -mor 1' U'-' N if W lui -1. I utr N ,-.1 u' I 4 0' --'ni 1 'L ,O 'vi , , , , A Addison Knight Dorothy Sample ' Harry Benjamin DeForrest Eveland President VicefP'resident Secretary Treasurer J U N E C LA S S CLASS MOTTO MOM of scl1ool's life into life' CLASS COLORS Silver and Blue SOCIAL EVENTS April 16, IQ28,,, L, ,L,L,L,L .,L.,L, , June 1, 1928., June 9, 1O28,,. June zo, 1928 ...L,,,, June zo, 1928 ...L,,LL s schoolf, ,First IZA Mixer ,,,,,,I2A'I2B Prom L,,,,,Class Day Commencement Class Luncheon Page Thivryfjiue Z I--I. '11 in n Q I A gr ,-.. A , U , P 'gf' - ,, 1. " ,- Juni G' , x - l cm... 54 .jfffk if .f .W . K iw.: CWI-A-uw n5q,.,g,.4.... l Iu.w,'uoN.Y H hN.1m1 . Obkuw-In 3 g V il 2 f w A. . vw X x-, h Pl ivan Q tum 1. . X l pnkkmcevz is Vfhwim Uv Bimini-4 CBINSON VIQLDND V bneners N L bU:4.Uz ,gf " ' . 64 : ' , 1 N W , -. K W .. 53 1 , 4 g- , , 2 ,z ' hi' 1 'A ll , X ,., 7 - 1 '. ,, ' g k ,A . 5 .mN,,,4R,.., Q 3i.,.,m,4 Q Qmsgg M SLN-K C bmw.: u Esuu1fNNPD nge' Tlxzvrswm -- J YT '-"' Ai Iii' rv - -I ," ':..310ef C-, 5 to EDWIN B. ABATE-Marr5 Vanity Fair5 Business. R. SOL ABLECOP-Garfield5 House Baseball C55 C7-855 House Basketball C7'85j Business. DOROTHY E. ADAMS-Franklin5 Sodales C5-855 Rifle Club C3-455 Ferry Hall, Lake Forest, Wiscon- sin. ESTHER AGREN'-Goldberg5 Greek Club C5-855 College of City of Detroit. REGINA ALBERT-Montreal High Schoolg Busi- ness Club C4'85j Black .Quills C6-755 House Baseball C455 House Tennis C655 Odds and Ends C4-855 Business. VIRGINIA ALDAG-Royal Oak High School5 Art Club C7-85, Secretary C855 Business. CLEM W. ALE-Hutchins Intermediate5 Lister Debating Club C6-855 Hi-T C7'85j House Tennis C65 C855 House Vice-President C855 House Debating Team C65, Manager C855 Norwester, Feature Editor C7-855 12A Ring and Pin Committee5 College of City of Detroit. CLIFFORD H. ALEXANDER-'Yale junior High5 House Baseball C65 C855 House Football C755 House Swimming C755 12A Social Committee5 Business5 Michigan State College. WILLIAM ALLAN-Hutchins Intermediateg Odds and Ends C4-655 College of the City of Detroit. DOROTHY ALLINGER-Goldberg5 Bios C6-85- House Basketball C255 12A Social Committeeg Detroit Teachers' College. RUTH E. ANDERSON-Lutheran High School, Spartanburg, S. C.5 Dunbar Hospital for Nursing. WILLIAM F. ANDREWS-Lincoln5 House Track C45 C755 R. O. T. C. C1-25 C6-855 School Rifle C855 School Skating C655 U. S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, Conn. ROSE ANTONICH-Hamtramck High5 G. A. C- C5-65, Secretary C655 Girls' Business Club C5-855 Business. IRWIN ARMSTRONG-Marr5 Business. L. MERL ARNEY-Eastern High5 Business. THOMAS B. ATWELL-Hutchins Interrnediate5 House Baseball C45: House Basketball C551 House Track C655 House Secretary-Treasurer C855"Detour" 5 University of Detroit. MARGARET AYRAULT-Western High5 Forum C7-855 Sodales C4-855 House Baseball C45 C65 C85, House Basketball C35 C55 C75, House Track C455 House Tennis Champion C455 House Hockey C755 School Reserve Basketball C65 C855 School Track C455 School Tennis C45 C65 C855 Audite, Literary Editor C855 12A Ring and Pin Committee5 University of Michigan. VIRGINIA E. R. BACHOFEN-Marr5 Detroit Teachers' College5 University of Michigan. MAX BADER-Pattengill5 Hi-T C6-855 Schiller C6-855 House Football C35 C555 House Track C555 School Track C755 Cross Country C855 Colt Staff University of Detroit. FRIEDA BACKUS-Hutchins Intermediate5 Bios C6-855 Baseball C455 Detroit Teachers' College.' MARY A. BARIKIAN-jefferson Intermediate5 G. A. C. C5-85, Inter-Club Representative C755 House Baseball5 House Basketball5 Michigan State Normal College. MORTON H. BARRIS-Central Inter-High, Marion, Indiana5 Los Leones C855 House Basketball C25 C455 House Baseball C255 House Football C355 School Reserve Football C55 C755 Norwester Staff5 University of Michigan. RUTH E. BARTELS-Angell5 Alice Freeman Palmer C255 Forum C655 Detroit Teachers' College. BETTY BECK-Marr5 French Club C6-855 College of City of Detroit. DOROTHY BECK-Sampson5 Northwestern Busi- ness Club C6-855 Odds and Ends C7-855 Creation C255 Spring Music Festival C655 Library Staff C655 Detroit Conservatory of Music. HARRY BENJAMIN-East High School, Roches- ter, N. T.5 Hi-T C6-855 Lister C5-85, Secretary C755 House Baseball C45 C65 C855 House Tennis C65 C855 House Vice-President C755 House President C855 House Debating Manager C655 Colt C5-75,Circula- tion Manager C65, Business Manager C755 Nor- wester C5-85, Feature Editor C65, Business Manager C855 Secretary, 12A Class5 University of Michigan. MARGARET BENNER-Barbour Intermediate5 Detroit Teachers' College. WINIFRED BENSON--Pattengillg Carytides C2'45j Business C855 Black .Quills C555 House Basketball C755 House Baseball C655 Business. CHARLES BENSON-Angell5 Triangle Cr-255 N Club C7-855 House Baseball C25 C455 House Track C755 School Baseball C65 C855 School Hockey C855 College of City of Detroit,' University of Michigan. LUCILLE M. BERGER-Goldberg5 Los Leones Espanoles C6-855 Detroit Business University. ADOLPH BERNHARD-Sampson5 Forum C7-855 Schiller C6-855 House Swimming C555 House Baseball C655 House Track C455 junior Orchestra C155 Senior Orchestra C2-455 University of Detroit. RALPH S. BERNSTEIN-Northern High5 House Debating C855 College of the City of Detroit. HARRIET BINKLE-Harbor Beach5 Bios C5-855 Le Cercle Francais C5-655 Norwester C7-85, Secretary C855 Kalamazoo Normal. MARIE S. BLACK-Theodore Roosevelt junior High, Syracuse, N. '1'.5 Amici C6-855 Lister Debating C7-855 House President C855 C2-65 House Debating5 School Debating C7'85j 12A5 Dues Committee Winner, Oratcrrical Contest, 19285 Taylor Univer- sity, Upland, Indiana. CLAIR BLAINE-Southeastern High5 Michigan State College. RALPH BLANCHARD-Marr5 Glee Club5 House Baseball C455 House Tennis C455 "Sweethearts" C855 Detroit Teachers' College. Page Thirty-seven --- was UQ - , '1 - 1 ' if S I . ' . M f 1- C 50 X , 1. - K11'::nzlO7f his v 'VW The A Eno-vw Obosaarwn ka' 'r H bcgswmer Hb-wgwmlv Lbuvrou Kba-.nfequ G Brunei . fig V ,i , 1 , i 1' sh . c on... z mm..-4 rim:-mm I A ,sm K Af SQ ' A ' ' , . 155 Q' ,Q 1, A A QW' 'X I '- I A 5 , . Ifwvgg Fbormltl fllfwtimlw CKQRLSON 1 ' Miif' ' f ,, I 4 i as , . Q Q . , , Y . .,, 1, 3, - G YY' 74 f. 4 Afsii: if ai f1L.,f.L3m. Ttneafwm CCM: IIHRRLUJN Wbauzoa " , 6741 .2 ' 'X ' gf, at N , , t 5' 'fi' 1 ,f , 1 ' Z Z' . .,: - f V wr- Q-fig z ' 1 ucumnw Alum. nuwmu Femmes' RC:-N-me 7Comtl'JuY ru Tfwlm-.ghr - 1--- ,,n - .,,, - J, . It DOROTHY BOLES-Frar1klin5 Los Leones Espan' oles C4f655 Business. AGNES BOOKER-Wingert,' Business. GLADYS BORN--Noble5 Girls Business Club C7f85, VicefPresident C855 Bowling Club C755 Business. CATHERINE BOSSARDET-Hartland High School, Hartland, Michigan5 Detroit Business Institute. HELEN BOSSARDET-Hartland High School, Hartland, Michigang Music. BEATRICE L. BOUCHARD-Rogers City High5 House Baseball C655 Librarian. ELIZABETH BOUTON-Angell5 Glee Club C7-855 "Martha"5 University of Michigan. KATHRYN LYNN BOWMAN-Little Gap, Alberta, Canada5 Caryatides C1f45, Secretary C3f455 G. A. C, C5f85, Secretary C65, Publicity Chairman C6f75, Club Musician C85, Vicef President C855 Colt C5f85, News Editor C65, Editor- infchief C75, Exchange Editor C855 "Creation"5 Chairman, 12A Class Day Committeeg College of City of Detroit. SEWARD BOYD-Central High5 Michigan State College. FRED BOYER-Northern High5 Hifl' CGray Chapter5 C4f855 junior Hif'Y' C255 House Track C6f855 College of City of Detroit. HELEN E. BRICKER-Angellg Art C6f855 Glee Club C5-85, Social Chairman C75, Odds and Ends C55, Art Sta-H' C555 K'Martha"5 "Vanity Fair"5 May Festival C855 Post Graduate. ROBERT BRIGGS-Wingertg College of the City of Detroit. CARL A. BROWN-Sampson5 Bios C6f85, Vice' President C855 Hiff C6f855 Business. EDNA C. BROWN-Eastern High5 Commerce High School. ALEXANDER J. BUENANO--St. Mary High School, Oakland California. MARION BURLEY-Eastern High5 Forum C7f855 House Hockey C75: House SecretaryfTreasurer5 House Debating C855 Post Graduate Course. RUTH J. BURSTEIN-Sampsory Business. VILLA BURTON-Winterhalter5 Alcott C6-85i Los Leones Espanoles C6f855 House Basketball C75: University of Michigan. IRVING BUSH-Marrg N Club C855 House Swimming C5-655 House Basketball C555 House Football C555 School Reserve Football C755 School Reserve Swimming C5f655 School Swimming C7f855 Colt C355 University of Michigan. FRANCES BUTLER-Grand Rapids Central High5 Forum C7'85, Treasurer C75, VicefPresi- dent C855 Business. ANN CAIRNEY-Franklin5 G. A. C. C4-855 Home Science C7f855 12A Social Committee5 Detroit Commercial College. ALEX CAMPBELLA-Hutchins Intermediate5 Hiff C3'85, Secretary C45, VicefPresident C55, President C75j Student Council C855 Orchestra C3f455 12A Commencement Committee. JOHN CAMPBELL-Angell5 Lister C4f85, Secref tary C65, Treasurer C75, President C855 Student Council C75, Treasurer C755 School Debating C6'855 Colt C2-455 Odds and Ends C7'85, Business Manager C855 Chairman, 12A Ring and Pin Committee5 University of Michigan. CHARLES CARLSON-Elmoor. ROBERT CARLSON-Hutchins Intermediate5 House Track C655 School Cross Country C5-755 School Track C6f855 Michigan State College. VIRGINIA CARPENTER-Winterhalter5 House Hockey C755 House Basketball C755 Michigan State Normal College. TRACY CARRABIN-Hutchins Intermediateg House Football C55 C75 C955 House Baseball C55 C755 House Swimming C555 Business. LORAINE B. CHARLTON-Estabrook5 Thales C2155 Herodotus C3 55 Lister C4f655 Detroit Teachers' College. ABE CHEROW-Northeastern High School5 Bios Club C6-855 House Debating Team C855 College of the City of Detroit. WILLIAM CLEMENTS-McGraw5 Orchestra C1f355 University of Detroit. ARLEEN CLINK-Gaylord High School5 Amici C6f855 House Basketball C55 ALFRED C, COMFORT-Sampsong Hifi' Red Chapterg College og' City of Detroit. FLORENCE CONLEY-Williamson High School5 Bios C5f85, President C65, Secretary C755 G. A. C. C555 House Swimming C555 House Debating C85. RAE CONNER-Northville High School, North- ville, Michigang Bios C6f755 Los Leones C5f65g College of City of Detroit. THEODORE CONNOLLY-Sault Ste. Marie High School5 University of Detroit. Page Thirty-nine - ,VT - I xlill ,, xl - .x . r'rr::rrzlOY' - ,..-,-, WV, A i +n. , ,Q,, Q 4 A X R I Qownnu Lwnwrw JL-vu wwf-fl. ni .M-.1-L.. rf1..sL-ur .,. . , , W 'x ' 1. , v m,v,,,.u. .1 pm., f V , 1. J nmw -M,-,A.,v,f 4 ' fin , Vim - , ww Q' 5' , 1 5 X if 1 25 vi' T -S5 4 ,L F fix., , ',p..,. .flqg Dlwilnnr Dfw!-:Gunn EFAY J frugbixtw U fm 1,-fr zxyw- Q i 35 is 5 5 J . - ,,,,,, , r,,,,,, Nw- :NV 1. . nnwnr -' YY-::. 'f " ' . X X Q P1 Fwm 14.11-N Page Fuvly YT .. "" i ll! W - .l 1. IETIZIOYT L. ,,,,, .. W4 '. mort. ELIZABETH CONRAD-+Allegany Union and High School5 Home Science C7f81, President C815 12A Dinner Committee5 Michigan State College. LA DONNA CONROY-Angell5 Forum C7f815 junior Amici C3f415 House Basketball C6f815 House Baseball C615 Odds andEnds C315 Detroit Teachers' College. JEAN E. COOK-McGraw5 Art Club C5f61 C815 Glee Club C3f815 Los Leones Espanoles C815 "Sweethearts"5 "Martha"5 "Vanity Fair"5 All City Clee Club C61 C815 Creation5 Art Course at Cass Tech5 Chicago School of Fine Arts. KLETUS M. COOPER-Palm Beach junior High School, West Palm Beach, Florida5 Odds and Ends C815 Strayers Business College, Washington, D. C. DOROTHY COUNTER-Angell5 Home Science C815 House Hockey C715 House Basketball C815Odds and Ends C215 Business. J. CLAIR CONVERSE-Sampson5 Lister C3f515 Thales C21, VicefPresident C215 House Debating C31 C51 C815 Buisness EUGENE COWAN-South High School, Grand Rapids5 House Basketball C415 Business. SUSAN CURTIS-Wingert5 Cheyney, Pennsyl- vania. MARY H. DANIELSON-College High School5 Business. ROBERT DAVIDSON-R. O. T. C.5 Band5 Col- lege of City of Detroit. DOROTHY DAVIES-Pattengillg Vestojf Serova Dancing School, New York. JACK R. DAVIS-Hutchins Intermediate5 Hif'Y C6-815 Glee Club C7f815 House Debating C6-815 "Vanity Fair"5 K'Martha" University of Michigan. JULES DAVIS-Russell5 House Debating C615 Odds and Ends C3-715 University of Michigan. STERLING DEEHR-Angell5 N Club C7f81, Vice' President C71, President C815 House Football C11 C31 C715 House Basketball C415 House Track C415 House Baseball C215 School Reserve Football C515 School Reserve Basketball C615 School Basketball C815 School Baseball C41 C61 C815 12A Dues Com- mittee5 Michigan State College. AGNES DEMAROIS-Goldberg5 Harper Hospital. MARIETTA DERBY-Marr5 House Baseball C41 C61 C815 House Basketball C51C715 House Swim- ming C51 C715 House Tennis C711 House Track C61 C815 School Hockey C51 C715 School Basketball C815 School Tennis C815 School Track C815 School Skate ing C51 C715 House Secretary C815 Norwester C615 University of Michigan. ARIEL DICKS-Noble5 Northwestern Business Club C615 Hockey C715 Odds and Ends EDWARD T. DODGE-Winterhalter5 University of Detroit. MILDRED DOEBLER-Sarnpson5 Detroit Busif ness Institute. -IUANITA C. DONNELLY-Hunter College High School5 Amici C5f81, Corresponding Secref tary C715 Lister C7f815 House Debating C6-815 Chairman C815 Odds and Ends C815 College of City of Detroit. THEODORE M. DORSZ-Assumption5 Uni' versity of Detroit. GUST DULAS-Central High School, GAIL G. EASTCOTT-Marr5 Library Com' rnittee5 'Ypsilanti State Normal. LOUIS ECKER-Farmington High School5 College of City of Detroit. JEANETTE I. EDELMAN-Dwyer5 Greek Club5 Bios5 College of City of Detroit. LOUISE EDENSTROM-Condon Intermediate5 Greek Club5 House Baseball5 Detroit Teachers' College. CATHERINE ELLIOTT-Marr5 Girls' Business Club5 Business. DOROTHY ELLIOTT-Marr5 Schiller C4-81, President C815 Rifle C5-615 House Rifle C51! Harper Hospital Nurses Training School. ABRAHAM EPSTEIN-Angell5 Orchestra C1-315 University of Detroit. DONALD ERSKINE-Hollywood High School, Los Angeles, California5 N Club C4f81, President C715 Student Council C815 House Track C315 School Track C3f81, Captain C7-815 Reserve Football C715 House President C715 Norwester C5f81, Boys' Sport Editor C7'81j 12A Social Committee5 University of Michigan. DE FOREST EVELAND-Hutchins Intermediateg Reserve Basketball C615 School Basketball C815 Treasurer, 12A Class5 University of Michigan. DONALD FAIRCHILD-Flint Senior High School5 Business. ELINOR FAY-Scott High School, Toledo, Ohio5 Marygrove College. JESSIE W. FEHLBERG-Monnier5 Schiller C4'71l President C615 Conservatory of Music. DOROTHY FELSKE-Marr5 Alice Freeman Palmer CIf31, President C315 House Basketball C51 C715 House Tennis C415 School Swimming C21 C41-C61 C31: Sch00l Hvdify C31 C51 C71: School Tennis C415 School Track C615 House Secretary C715 Odds and Ends C415 "The Detour"5 "Vanity Fair"5 Aquatic Carnival C61 C815 12A Social Committee5 University of Michigan. MORRIS FINKELSTEIN-Goldberg5 Orchestra C2'815 College of City of Detroit. Page Forty-one ,I ,R .. ! FklTY K W lvwumv. Nr Lu ,S a nmfwvf c :,q-in-sw B 'Q . x mf . dl .- 1 smgenu f a E R uwnellf 'Q .J Q Q 3' r 2' X 1 f 'li 'S N Q 1 xJHw.c,sn-r DNNLL turfnrsv u J Cwuq-fu nifuusw Cu,rn aw- v fn- 1 """ ' W n SI if - -'1" '+1.r 5 YWVBIOI JOE FISK-Pattengill5 HifT C4f855 House Basketball C655 House Baseball C655 College of City of Detroit. PAUL R. FLESHNER-Mattoon High School, Mattoon, Illinois. BERNARD FLETCHERaCondon Intermediate5 House Track C55 C755 All City Glee Club C4f555 St. Stephen's, N. T. RICHARD FLETT-Nardin Academy, Buffalo, N. T.5 House Baseball C25 C455 University of Detroit. MARGARET FLINN--Goldberg5 House Basket' ball C35 C55 C755 House Track C45 C655 School Track C45 C655 House Baseball C655 House Hockey C755 Detroit Teachers' College. FLORENCE FLYNN-Hutchins Intermediate5 12A Colors Committee5 Oberlin College. ARLENE M. FRASER-Angell5 Alice Freeman Palmer C1f455 Jr. Alcott C555 House Basketball C755 House Tennis C555 House Baseball C855 House Hockey C755 Odds and Ends C351 Michigan State College. FRANCES FREEMAN-Angell5 G. A. C. C6-855 Glee Club C7f855 "Martha"' Hillsdale College. MARY FREEMAN-Estabrook5 G. A. C. C6-755 Home Science C4f75, Corresponding Secretary C75. JAMES FRENCH-New Avier High School, Winnetka, Illinois5 Art Club C7f855 Business5 University of Michigan. JEWEL FRIGGENS-McGraw5 Detroit Teachers' College. LAVERN FRITCH-Chesaning High Schoolg House Baseball C5f755 House Football C655 House Track C6'75j University of Michigan. ANNE FULLER-Northern5 Schiller C6f855 Herodo- tus C255 Detroit Teachers' College. HAROLD FULLER-Pontiac High School. ELIZABETH GAMBORCFVestheim pikeskole, Oslo, Norway5 Senior Girls' Glee Club C5f65, State Contest C655 May Festival C655 Schiller C5f85, Secretary C65, President C755 G. A. C. C6-85, Treasurer C85. WALTER GAMRATH-Sill and Gethsemane Parochial5 Detroit Business University. MONTREVILLE GANTT4Wingert School5 College of City of Detroit. CHARLOTTE GARRISON-Angellg Bios C455 Los Leones Espanoles C5f855 Girls' Glee Club C45 C55 C855 Amici C855 House Tennis C45 C655 "Martha"5 "Vanity Fair"5 May Festival C855 Music. ROBERT H. GATHMAN-Central High5 Thales C255 Junior Hifi' C1f255 Odds and Ends C7f855 General Motors Institute of Technology. CHARLES GENTRY-Balch5 Art Club C7f855 Hiff, Red Chapter C6f855 House Tennis C355 Colt C655 12A Luncheon Committee5 College of City of Detroit. ALICE GOLDBLATT-Eastern High School5 Girls' Business Club C5f855 Schiller C5-855 House Tennis C755 Detroit Teachers' College. MAURICE GOLDSMITH-Northern High5 Forum C7-855 PrefMedics C7f85, President C855 Cross Country C35 C555 University of Detroit. LEONARD H. GOLDSTEIN-Lincoln High School, Lincoln, Nebraska5 Pre-Medics C7'855 Science and Radio C7-855 University of Nebraska. EJ NER J. GOTBERGiGoldberg5House Swimming C55- EARL W. GRAHAM-Marr5 Lister Debating C5-85, Parliarnentarian C855 House Baseball C655 House Debating C6f85, Manager C855 Norwester C7'85,' 12A Ring and Pin Comrnitteeg College of City of Detroit. ESTHER GRANT+Condon Intermediate5 Busif ness Club C655 Schiller C6f855 Business. WILLIAM C. GRANT-Wiley High School, Terre Haute Indianag R. O. T. C. C4f855 Detroit Institute of Technology. FLORENCE GREEN-Manuel High5 French Club C6f855 College of City of Detroit. EUNICE B. GREGORY-Wingert5 Business. RANDOLPH GUIBORD-Western High5 House Baseball C655 House Football C555 House Tennis C855 College of City of Detroit. ERDINE GRIFFITH-Alice Freeman Palmer C1f25, Secretary C255 Amici C3f85, President C755 Lister C3f855 House Debating C25 C455 School Debating C755 House Treasurer C75i House Presif dent C855 12A Ring and Pin Committee5 University of Michigan. JANET C. GULLAND-Marr5 Detroit Teachers' College. ALICE M. GULLEN-Grand Rapids Union5 Sodales5 Herodotus5 Art5 Greekg Colt C65, Adverf tising Staff C655 College of City of Detroit. GEORGE R. GUSTAFSON-Goldberg5 House Swimming C55 C75. HOMER H. HAGGERTY-Angell5 Schiller C5f655 Science and Radio C7'85j Gray Chapter HifT C5f85, Secretary C75, VicefPresident C855 House Swimming C755 Stage Crew C5'65, Stage Manager "Vanity Fair," "Martha," "Detour"5 College of City of Detroit. DAISY L. HALL-Van Dyke5 Girls' Business Club C5f855 House Hockey C755 Caryatides CIf255 Junior Track C255 Colt Typist C755 Board of Directors C855 Business. Page Fortyfthree n I, n iw ,Il I'--fl !-'I' P-4 , .FYI I I 1 l t'fr:1n'alO7' ' -0 ' . 4 C uw-ne.. I Nm-an Q Hm..snN hmmm. w Hman.. , Q. A X Kwnvzv-nun E Hmm--4: Dwcwe Qnsucuzu A 1-I 'll' .I - ' , 1 1 1' f 54511.11 Dwmvznqn rfruuzmif quam nm C Jnsnaunb ll Ju:-umm. L H k N Dfl R 'Q 1 L ' f ,. ., . i n 5 uuuzmw Mmmxrrz CJewcvr zuw-fm.. WHWZLEU1 P Jnmq .mirmm 9 9 . ,.,, r N ... f 1 fig: , 3 X V www-4 - T lm-nu ll .reunion Page Furtyffmu -i Dl2D2 Y1 'f ll! -,,l ' Y 555, Y I ii '.f:....'s.:s,.0T?L 5,0 i f CATHERINE HAMILTON-McKee's Rocks High School, McKee's Rocks, Pennsylvania5 Business. CHARLES E. HAMMER-Pattengill5 House Tennis C6-815 House Basketball C6f815 School Tennis C815 College of City of Detroit. GERDA FROST HANSEN-Winterhalte15 Black Sluills C4'71, Parliamentarian C711 College of City of Detroit. OLIVER HANSON k Momence Community Momence, Illinoisg College of City of Detroit. ' WILLIAM HARLTON-Angell5 Forum C7f815 College of City of Detroit. JAMES O. HARRIS-Hutchins Intermediate5 Student Council C615 House Football C11 C71 C915 House Track C21 C41 C61 C815 House Basketball C21 C41 C61 C815 House Baseball C21 C61 C815 House Secretary and Treasurer C615 House Vice-President C1015 Detroit City College and Detroit College of Law. KATHERINE HARTLAND - Pattengill5 Le Cercle Francais C6f815 Colt C6f81, Ad Manager C815 Detroit Teachers' College. ELIZABETH HAWKINS-Angell5 G. A. C.5 House Debating C7f815 Business. JEANETTE HEAD-Pattengill5 Glee Club C7'815 Library Committee Chairman5 Norwester Staf C815 "Martha"5 Albion College. DOROTHY HEINE-Frankenmuth High School5 Northwestern Girls' Business Club C7-815 Black .Quills C615 Business. ARNE W. HELLGREN-Angell5 Orchestra C6-715 May Festival C615 All City Orchestra C6f815 All State Orchestra C815 "Martha" C815 House Basketball C815 Detroit Conservatory of Music. JANE HELMEL-Hutchins Intermediate5 Sodales C4f615 Alcott C5-81, 12A Treasurer C71, President 815 Student Council C815 Chairman Color Com' mittee5 University of Michigan. PHILLIP L. HENDERSON-Hutchins Intermed' iate5 Hifl' C4'61,' Art Club C915 House Swimming C6f815 House Baseball C7'Q1j Norwester C'7'Q1j University of Michigan. DOROTHY HENDLEY-Junior G. A. C. C1'215 Alice Freeman Palmer C2f315 Los Leones C4'815 Rifle Club C5f815 Forum Club C5f815 House Rifle C515 School Rifle C5f815 College of City of Detroit. LESLIE HENDRA-Sampson5 College of City of Detroit. JOHN C. HERBST-Hutchins Intermediate5 Lister C4'51i Forum C7f815 School 'Yell Master C'7'81j House President C815 House Secretary and Treasurer C715 School Debating C5-615 House Debating C3-415 House Baseball C215 House Basketball C815 House Golf C6f815 House Tennis C615 Odds and Ends C7-81, Publicity Manager C7f815 "Vanity Fair"5 L'Martha"5 12A Social Committee5 University of Michigan. LOLA M. HICKS-Northeastern5 Queen Esther C1-41, VicefPresident C3'4l: House Basketball C1f215 House Baseball C1f215 Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa. EMMA HINTZ-Pattengillg Junior Amici C2-615 French Club C6f815 Girls' Glee Club College of City of Detroit, University of Michigan. HAROLD HINTZ-Wingert5 Business. DAVID HOLTZMAN-Sampson School5 Uni- versity of Michigan. SAMUEL HOLTZMAN-Soldan High School, St. Louis, Mo.5 House Track C715 College of City of Detroit. MARION L. HOPSON-Jej'erson5 House Swim' ming C515 House Golf C5f615 Penn Hall. ZENA HORNIMAN-Manistee, Michigan5 Spanish Club C5f615 Business. FRANK ROY HOUGH-Angell5 House Swim' ming C515 Hi-T Secretary C1-215 Odds and Ends, Literary Editor, C1f215 Colt C7f815 Spanish Club C815 College of City of Detroit. MARGARET HUENKE-Pattengill5 Los Leones Espanoles C5f81, Secretary C815 Junior Amici CI-41, Secretary C31, Vicefl-'resident C415 Norwester Staff C815 12A Treasurer's Committee5 Detroit Teachers' College. AVA R. HUNT-Bexley High, Columbus, Ohio5 Caryatides C3f415 University of Detroit. MABLE HUNTER-Beach School, Smith Creek, Michigan5 Northwestern Girls' Business Club C615 Junior Amici C415 Business. WILLARD HURLBUT-Winterhalter5 House Swimming C4f715 House Baseball C815 Michigan College of Mines. MARGARET HUTH- THOMAS IRWIN-Sandusky High, Sandusky, Michigan5 Forum C7f815 House Football C715 Business. CHARLES H. JASNOWSKI-Estabrookg Reserve Cross Country C31 C515 House Track C51 C815 House Basketball C815 "Vanity Fair"5 Univer' sity of Detroit5 University of Michigan. REGINA JASNOWSKI-Estabrook5 University of Michigan. CLARA JEWETT- ELFRIEDA JOHN - Hutchins Intermediate5 French Club C6f815 Alcott C6-815 House Vice- President5 12A Social Committee5 University of Wisconsin. PAULINE JOHNS-Davison High5 Glee Club C7f815 All City Orchestra5 Harper Hospital. RUBY JOHNSON-Wingert5 Detroit Teachers' College. Page Forty-Jive - , F7 -1--I. . 1' gl h gl , ,- 1 1' . 7 no 5 X x lxit - f'1IHT3lO7N V AWK, W- il , iv U JKIAINSGN .2 Vg. 'V . 1 N fi , 1 -ff , 9 '- ' ,w if i ., g ag- .5 x rl x N ni tx-un wks-av flu 52 W I ' ' 5 I, 5 , s mvrw nmzmwnwmyvrm . mmf r1.m,,N nn...L,m 1 , 6 WY.. S VV J' vi W K - , ,Q ,521 .gk , mlm rum D awp- rv .-men vw .WLM N Kaovug 'a' 'E E Q g "4 Q Q if -H K 3 ' K . iafsggibfx . " in Na -mM,.4-,. wgmg - ' L viii: y 1 m 1 ff Y , L 5 , fi ff V - ...a,?f" "" N" . L .3 RP .f f..y.f 'fy ' i L I Q-rmu J lmxum C Leqooerran, L, Lcmzv IQ Luwnz L,Lzunem 'age Fmrvfnx -:Q f f YT , t. ---- 'Q lun l Q l-- 1 Pl B V ' I I W ,4f. I li'?1i1zglO7" - . ......-. W., Mig no I -T RUTH ANNA JOHNSON-Wingertg College of City of Detroit. VERA JOHNSON-Columbus Indiana, Highg Business. HELEN MAY JOHNSTON-Hutchins Intermed' iateg Bios Q85g Glee Club Q7'85g Rijlery Q65g Hockey Q75g "Martha"g Detroit Teachers' College. LLOYD JONESMHuron School, Toronto, House Swimming, House Golfg House Baseballg House Debatingg Odds and Endsg "Detour"g College of City of Detroit. BARNEY KATZMAN-Sampson Schoolg House Baseball f45i Columbia Extension University. MARY ELIZABETH KARY-Estabrookg Junior Arnici Q1'35g Black Quills Q65g House Baseballg House Basketball, House Trackg Detroit Teachers' College. CAROLINE KELLY-Angell Schoolg Caryatides Q3'45g Girls' Afhliated Club Q5'85, Secretary Q75, President Q85g House Baseball Q25,' Colt Q7'85g Business. OSCAR KELLEY+Monnierg House Swimming Q4'75j Football Reserve Q75g Track Q85g College of City of Detroit. HURLBUT DAN KENNEDY-Winterhalterg Sodalesg House Swimming Q3'75g House Baseball Q25 Q45 Q65g Member of School Business Stafg Michigan State College. HELEN KERRUISH+Marrg Business Club Q7'85j Junior Amici Q3'45, Vice President Q45j Alice Freeman Palmer Q2'35g College of City of Detroit. ELEANOR KINDRED-North High School, Wor- cester, Massachusettsg Le Cercle Francaisg Pre' Medics Clubg School Tennis Q7'85g House Basket' ballg House Debatingg House Track, House Baseballg Detroit Teachers' College. FLORENCE KIRBY - Jefferson Intermediateg G. A. C. Q6'85g Glee Club Q6'85g "Martha"g College of City of Detroit. JOHN KIRSCHENHEITER-Pattengil'g Schillerg Business. WILLIE MAE KING-Condon Intermediate, House Trackg House Baseballg House Basketballg School Trackg Detroit Conservatory of Music. LEONARD KLATT-Goldbergg Detroit Institute of Technology. RUTH KLEIN-Marr, Bios Q3'45i Black .Quills Q5'75, Secretary Q65g Science and Radio Q85g House Debating Q6'85g Odds and Ends Q85. ADDISON L. KNIGHT-Hutchins, Hi'Tg N Club, House Footballg School Baseball Q65 Q85g School Basketball Q5'85g House Treasurerg President, IZA Classg Business. BESSIE KNIGHT-Pontiac Webster Junior High, Los Leones Espanoles Q85g House Hockey Q75: Track Q65g Detroit Teachers' College. DOROTHY KNITTER-Condon Intermediateg Business Club Q6'85g Business. DONALD KNOX-Pattengillg House Baseball Q4'85g House Basketball Q7'85g House Track Q75: House Golf Q85g IZA Social Committeeg Purdue University. MARION ADELE KOCH-Gulf Park Collegeg Home Science Clubg Michigan State College. MILDRED KOLAR-Condon Intermediateg Cary' atides Q1'35g Girls' Affiliated Club Q5'85g Hillsdale College. SYLVIA KRELL-University of Michigan. NELSON KROPIK-Condong Hi'T Q85g House Baseball Q25 Q45 Q65g House Basketball Q35 Q55 Q85g House Football Q75, Colt Staf Q75 Q85,' Michigan State College. DEANE LA BONTE-Hi'T Q65g Glee Club Q4'85g 'kSweethearts"g Business. MILDRED GRACE LA CROIX-Pattengillg Art Club Q4'65g Le Cercle Francais Q3'45j Forum Q7'85,' School Hockey Q6'85g Norwester Q5'65g Marygrove College. IRENE LA PEARL-Ninas Junior High, North' western Business Clubg House Rifle Team Q75g Business. DOROTHY MAXINE LAHIFF-Condon Inter' mediate, Detroit Teachers' College. JOHN LAMB-College of City of Detroit. WALTER LANE-Wingert,' College of City of Detroit, University of Michigan. LLOYD LARDER-Harding High School, Bridge' port, Connecticuttg House Track, College of City of Detroit. JANE LAURIE-Angell, Detroit Business Institute. CHARLES A. LEADBETTER-St. Agnes School, N Club, House Football Q15 Q35g House Swimming Q15 Q35 Q55g House Track Q15 Q35 Q55g House Basket' ball Q25 Q45 Q65 Q85g Reserve Football Q551 School Football Q75: House Secretary 'Treasurer Q85g Odds and Ends Q7'85g Norwester Q85g 12A Treas- ury Cornmitteeg Mercersburg Acadernyg Univer- sity of Michigan. GORDON LEARY-Cathedral High Schoolg University of Detroit. ' HOWARD LEAVER-Noble Schoolg House Base' ballg College of City of Detroit. LEO LENNOX-E. A. Guest School, Bios, House Track Q35j Business. Page Forry'seven 1 ,-'-""' l-r " 5' -, I 1' H l2lL'aZE1l07T i ',-0 . .111 - vs. nl wov- w Lum: Fr m , V--.,.,,,.1,.. ew, an X, , X I v 14. fl Mun run lmluvagu L Lrww T L.. .ac R um rsnuvbi ' "' -134 5 ,y In 3 ,- I, J? X 4 ,,,, 5 4 J L awum 1, uv Q 1 Lion B M' Ne X1 .. H, X 'S Q 3 X ix ,, Swv ,Rik F l "' V'Xux.w4v. IBN L YYCAD-1 Lrlsapi' fl KJNIGH . P Q' :N ,'+. mn - N l'!nQ.:g,D Y2Y'Ilrznmy "' Fil :. Pups Fnfzy-ugh! .,,,,,,, , U1 . .IT I-1 . - 5 .. if ,-.... .......0f i f ROHMAGERTRUDE LEVERTON-Pattengill5 Thales C1f35, President C155 junior Amici C255 Herodotus C3f455 Black .Quills C5f755 Lister C4-85, Secretary C855 Hockey C755 House Debating C45 C855 Odds and Ends C855 "Vanity Fair"5 Dance Recital C6f855 IZA Luncheon Committee5 Detroit Teachers' College. BERNICE LEWIS-Angell5 Northwestern Busines-Y Club C6f85. LINA E. LEWIS-Eastern Highg Boston Conservaf tory. THOMASENE LEWIS-Sampson5 Sodales C5f855 Vice-President C855 Audite C7-855 Norwester C5f85, Picture Editor C7'85j 12A Motto Committee, College of City of Detroit5 University of Michigan. ROBERT LINEBAUGH-Goldbergg Los Leones C555 House Basketball C25 C45 C855 House Football C355 School Football C55 C755 Baseball C65 C855 House President C855 12A Ring and Pin Committee5 University of Michigan. RUTH BARBOUR LINTON-Hutchins5 Le Cercle Francais C455 Black izuills C655 House Swimming C355 House Baseball C55: House Basketball C655 House Track C655 School Hockey C55 C755 Colt C6-85, News Editor C75, Editorfinfchief C855 "Vanity Fair" University of Michigan. WARNNETA C. LITTLE-Flint Senior High5 Forum C75 C855 Treasurer C855 Black .Quills C55 C655 House Basketball C555 House Baseball C855 Detroit Teachers' College. JULIAN L. LOFLANDwjefferson5 HifT C75 C855 Lister C75 C855 House Track C755 House Tennis C855 Cross Country C755 School Track C855 Rijlery C75 C855 Colt C6f85, Sport Editor C75, Assistant Editor-inf chief C855 Norwester C855 "When Johnnie Comes Marching Home," "Inside The Lines"5 R. O. T. C. Regimental Adjutant C855 Dartmouth. JACK N. LOUGHNER-jejfer.on5 Hifl' C75 C855 University of Michigan. LEAH JOSEPHINE LUCKY-Angell5 G. A. C. C75 C855 Caryatides C351 Marygrove College. EDITH E. LUTES-Bennett High School, Bufalo, New Tork5 Bios C6f855 G. A. C. C855 Michigan State College. ELLA RACHEL LYONS-Pattengill5 Alice Free- man Palmer C25 C355 Sodales C45 C655 Greek Club C4f85, SecretaryfTreasurer C55, VicefPresident C755 G. A. C. C75 C855 House Rifle C655 12A Motto Committee5 Highland Park junior College5 Cornell. MARION MACDONALD-Hyde Park High School, Cincinnati, Ohio5 Sodales C4f85, Secretary' Treasurer C7f855 Audite C7'85j 'Ypsilanti State Normal College. DOROTHEA CARLTON MAC LEAN-Angell5 junior Arnici C1f35, VicefPresident C15, President C25 C355 Los Leones C6f85, President C855 Thales C2f455 Student Council C555 Science and Radio C655 House Baseball C45 C655 House Swimming C25 C455 House Debating C655 Odds and Ends C1-35, Assistant Business Manager C355 Norwester C855 'lThe Def tour"5 IZA Ring and Pin Committee5 Marygrove Collegeg University of Michigan. MARION MACLEOD-Louise, Canada5 Thales C1f355 Herodotus C255 Black .Quills C5-75, Treasurer C655 Lister C4f85, Secretary C655 House Baseball C355 School Track C2f655 School Hockey C75: Colt C7'85f "Vanity Fair"5 12A Color Committee5 Michigan State Normal. BERNARD MACNEIL-Condong Tri C C5f655 Business. MARGARET MACQUAID-Hutchins Inter' mediate5 Albion College. WILLIAM A. MADDOCK-Hutchins5 University of Detroit. THAIS A. MAGRANE-jeferson5 Home Science C855 Business. WINIFRED MAIDMENT-Angell5 Alice Free' man Palmer C1f355 House Baseball C255 House Basketball C455 Business. MARY MARROW-Frankling House Baseball C25 C45 C655 House Basketball C65 C755 House Track C25 C 45 C655 School Swimming C855 Business. EDWARD MARTENS-Nazareth Lutheran5 Bios C6f855 Colt C6f855 Valparaiso University. MARCELLA MATGEN-Marr5 Los Leones C6f855 Marygrove College. ALICE MATHER-Sampson5 Thales C1f45, Secre- taryfTreasurer C35, Vice-President C451 Herodotus C3f45, VicefPresident C455 Science and Radio C5f655 Lister C5f855 Black .Quills C755 House Debating C35 C455 House Debating Manager C75 C855 Colt C555 Odds and Ends C855 Detroit Teachers' College5 University of Michigan. LEONARD MATHIESON-Highland Park High School5 Michigan State College. RAYMOND MATTSONwCondon5 House Bas' ketball C855 Business. BORIS MAY-Garjield5 Business. LILLIAN MCCADIE-Northeastern High School5 Detroit Commercial College. KARL MCCLUSKY-Deckerville5 College of City of Detroit. FREDERICK I. MCCOSH-Angel5 Business. WAYNE MCDONALD-Angell5 Hi-'Y C5f855 House Track C35 C55 C755 House Tennis C855 College of City of Detroit. RUTH MCINTOSH-Hutchins5 Science and Radio C6f85, Secretary C855 House Swimming C35 C55 C755 House Track C35 C555 School Swimming C855 House Treasurer C855 University of Michigan. RUTH MCPHERSON-Estabrook5 Glee Club C6'85, Secretary C855 5'Vanity Fair"5 "Sweethearts"5 Parksville College. CHARLES MEADE- ROGER MERRICK-Hutchins5 H ifT C7f855 College of City of Detroit5 University of Michigan. MILTON MERTZ-Neinas5 University of Mich- igan. Page Fortyeriine DZDCDDZ ql. X Ni , . " n ,-fn ' 5 , 1 -0 5 , A ' 'x if Lxln tET.Z1'ilO7f t,, 1-Ty, ' , gx -A 4 Q A ,, LEIZV gy 'iv A' P ,hs 'Nu ,.,. K, ,I .K ,. , r..,..1 uf 'Q 1 Q' . U ,, K ,' : " 1 UM. nl L nv . NHL- w,v..,, fw fr fri .- 22, 1222552 : fx X Q ?3j?Lfi,, 4555252 R121 'T A 4 tw "-up Jtxwfu K Q' 0 ' 'U -.- 3 ., U ,. K 1-vs . mmf.. -A.,..m. 1 '.-.r..,.Qn - . gg 4 ff. faves, 535: ' 5 :vig , :et 9 ' 0 P! K -E1 Ji'-won U. .4 PWD. ' ZR .J .- i. rl.. ' L 'f , ,qc N Pugc Fnfly on -,. 1 xii: Y'7""2loI """ ' 'R -118 DON MILLER-Noble5 Hif'Y C7'85j Los Leones C7'85j Business. RAYMOND MILLER-Angell5 Science and Radio C6f855 University of Detroit. GENEVRA MITTER-Condon5 Business C6f85,' Bios C4f85, Secretary C755 Glee Club C4f85, Social Chairman C855 Odds and Ends C3'45i Colt C4f655 Norwester C855 "Vanity Fair"5 "Martha"5 Business. VICTOR G. MITTER-Condon5 Glee Club C3'855 Secretary-Treasurer C45 C 55 C65 C75, President C855 House Football C35 C55 C755 "Robin Hood"5 'LWhen Johnny Comes Marching Home"5 "Sweethearts" AllfCity Glee Club C45 C655 "Creation"5 "Messiah.'5 LEE MONTGOMERY-Je,0'erson5 House Debating C3'85j House Debating Manager C55 C655 Odds and Ends C355 Colt C5f65, Sport Editor C655 Lister C5f85, Parliamentarian C555 Student Council C6-85, Executive Board C655 House President C755 12A Class Day Committee5 University of Michigan. GWENDOLYN W. MORGAN-Birmingham High School5 PrefMedics C7f855 House Rifle C655 Ford Hospital. BURKE MULDOON-College High School5 Uni' versity of Detroit. MARION E. NAGEL-Pattengill5 House Basket' ball C55 C755 Business C555 Detroit Business Uni' versity. MARIE NELSON-Pattengill5 Business Club C5f85, Secretary C75, President C855 Detroit Business University. ROBERT NEWHOUSE- HARRY NEWMAN- ROBERT A. NIENSTEDT-Ar1gell5 Reserve Football C555 School Football C755 University of Michigan. MARY JANE NOTHAFT-Sampson5 Alcott C6f855 Bios C3f85, Secretary C65, President C755 House Treasurer C855 Norwester C7'85j 12A Commence- ment Committee5 Detroit Teachers' College. RUTH NOYES-Canton, North Carolinag Greek C6f855 Bios C855 Colt C855 Ohio State University. MARY ELLEN NUCKOLLS-South Denver High, Denver, Coloradog G. A. C.5 Colt C5'655 Odds and Ends C7f855 College of City of Detroit. DOROTHY NYQUIST-McGraw5 Alcott C855 Bios C7'85f Greek C3f85, President C855 House Secretary C655 Norwester C7f855 12A Ring and Pin Com' mitteeg Michigan State College. ETHEL OBERHOLTZER-Barbour5 Business C6f85. RUTH M. OBERSCHULTE-Nazareth Lutheran Los Leones C7f855 Detroit Business University. SALLIE OGLETREE-Hamtramck High School. CHARLES OHNO-House Debating C5f655 Student Council C6f75, Executive Board C755 Lister C6-85, Treasurer C855 House Swimming C455 Colt C6-85, Sport Editor C75, Assistant Editorfinfchief C855 House President C855 12A Ring and Pin Com' mittee5 College of City of Detroitg University of Michigan. CECIL OLSEN+Baraga High School, Marquette, Michigan5 House Baseball C655 Northern State Normal. JOHN OLSON-Pattengill5 House Track C555 House Basketball C855 Business. EDWARD ORIANS-Hutcl1ins5 N Clubg House Football C551 School Football C755 Business. RUTH OTTO-Angell5 Art Club C855 Greek Club C3'855 Norwester C855 12A Luncheon Committee5 University of Michigan. WANDA PALKA-St. Francis5 Business. DOROTHY PAPE-Pattengill5 Junior Amici C1f45, Secretary C3f455 Forum C7'85j Alcott C855 House Baseball C455 House Basketball C755 Reserve Hockey C755 Assistant Publicity Manager, Norwester C7'855 12A Memorial Committee5 Albion Collcge5 University of Michigan. FRED PAPE-Moore. LAURA PARCELLS-Grant High School, Port' land, Oregon5 Black Quills C5f75, VicefPresident C65, Art Club C855 Greek Club C7'855 House Basket' ball C755 Norwester C855 University of Michigan. HELEN PARKERf-Franklin High School, Los Angeles, Californiag Business. WENONA PASCOE-Wingert5 Cercle Francaise C3f455 House Baseball C65 C855 House Basketball C855 House Hockey C755 Commercial College. JEAN PASTORIUS-Kingsville High School: Kingsville, Ontario5 Detroit Teachers' College. HELEN PATCH-Maumee High School, Maumee, Ohio5 Forum C755 House Basketball C755 Business. MARY PERKINS- GORDON PERKISS- RUTH E. PETERS-Hutchins5 Alice Freeman Palmer CI'-45: Alcott C7f855 House Basketball C55 C755 House President C855 Chairman, 12A Luncheon Committee5 College of City of Detroit5 University of Michigan. LOIS PFLUKE-Rome Free Academy, Rome, New 'Y'ork5 Archery C855 'Ypsilanti State Normal College. Page Fiftyfime EZ 'Q I1 .. I-0 I -,.I-.'- ' ', K K ,MFNS Y I , U f f 1' ' ' IYAZQZGIOYT 150 -WI - ,Q Ah. I 0 is v M' ru.. 1 ur r- Lu ,-4 vm: -1, J fr Q , 5 2 4 ' , if .L , J NI .x1.,x. 4 rum Rims.-Nw 1 wudw w fw x s . S x I ,, i' , - ' I NF? uni y. w U 'L-HMM Q Q X.. r J rw-,V ,Um 4 :sm-V .:2f.:..vf.A, 'Ss-Q 1, L r 'X gy re f Qs N r s1.,,f4,., nn-W.. o :Nm H lzlfvvsmv DMEQQ 1.1. TH077 .1 n . 'S -ie' ,,,. - on 5 A 5 Q .5 rv '," 'f:.' . ..-M ., i f MARION PFLUKE-Rome Free Academy, Rome New 'York5 Archery C855 'Ypsilanti State Normal. JUDSON PHELPS-Tilden5 House Swimming C755 12A Picture Committee5 College of City of Detroit. ELIZABETH PIETKEWICZ-Williams5 Schiller C5f855 House Track C2-655 House Basketball C655 House Baseball C45 C655 School Track C65 C855 Albion. ELIZABETH POTTERwGoldberg5 Detroit Busif ness College. EDNA POTTS-Pattengill5 Bios C855 House Hockey C655 House Basketball C755 Business. DOROTHEE POYYPattengill5 House Basketball C2'75j House Baseball C35 C555 House Rifle C655 School Hockey C455 College of City of Detroit. EVELYN PRAMSTALLER-St. Theresa5 Northf western Girls' Business Club C6f855 Detroit Business University. VERA PRESSER-Goldbergg Schiller C5f75, Secref tary C65, Treasurer C755 Girls' Business Club C655 Business. NORMA PRICE-Condom 'Ypsilanti State Nor- mal. JAMES PRITCHARD-House Football C355 Def troit Business Institute. CHARLES RAPP--Angell5 Forum C855 "The Detour"5 College of City of Detroit. MARION K. RATLIFF-Hanneman5 Le Cercle Francais C6f85, President C755 Sodales C4:855 Student Council C6f855 House Swimming C455 School Swimming C55 C655 12A Treasury Committee5 Marygrove College. NELL RAY-Colgate High School, Oklahoma5 Business. JAMES A. REA-Marrg House Baseball C2'85j House Basketball C65 C855 Michigan State College. AUDREY REDDIX-Wingert5 'Ypsilanti State Normal WILLIAM REKSHAN-Nobleg House Swimming C755 College of City of Detroit. E. VIRGINIA REMER-Central High School, Omaha, Nebraska5 College of City of Detroit. ALEXANDER RENNIE-Pattengill5 House Track C6-sp. RUTH REPP-Estabrook5 Schiller C75 C855 College of City of Detroit. JOHN RICKARD-Shortridge High School5 Uni' versity of Michigan. NORMAN RINGE- JEAN ROBERTSON-Nobleg Los Leones C4'855 Rifle Club C55 C655 House Baseball C2f655 House Track C2f45g House Rifle C5f755 Design School. HELEN ROBINSONv-Goldbergg G. A. C. C7'B5j Greek Club C5f855 Black Quills C5-755 House Track C25 C455 School Track C455 Tpsilanti State Normal. JUANITA ROGERS-Athens High School, Athens, Illinoisg Bios C855 House Debating C855 "The Detour"5 12A Social Committee. SAM ROMER-Hutchins Intermediate5 Thales C 355 Library Staff C7'85j College of City of Detroit5 University of Michigan. PATRICK J, RONAN-Condong R. O. T. C. CIf655 United States Military Academy. DOROTHY ROOSEVELT-Estabrook5 Detroit Business Institute. AARON ROSEN-Hutchins Intermediateg House Basketball C3f955 House Football C4'85j House Track C4'85f House Baseball C35 C555 School Baseball C755 University of Michigan. ARTHUR ROSENAU-Angellp Hif'T C6f855 House Swimming C4-755 School Swimming C7'85j IZA Luncheon Committee5 College of City of Detroit. MAX ROSENBERGv-Hutchins Intermediate5 So- dales C655 College of City of Detroit. EDWARD ROTH-Estabrookg Greek Club C7f855 Assistant Treasurer, 12A Classg Student Council C855 University of Detroit. WILLIAM R. ROTTMANNA-Pattengill5 Hifl' C7-855 House Rifle C5f855 Michigan State College. RHODA RUBIN-fColfax, Pittsburgh, Pennsylf vani.:5 University of Michigan. EDYTHE RUSKIN-Northeastern High School5 Schiller C7'85j Herodotus C455 Business. DORIS RYAN-Marrg University of Detroit. OWEN SACKETT- Page F ifzyihree --- ' n - I, -,.------ . . V 4- . 1 ' -.F f 0 5 , 'fi ' ' 4 .xi nz:r'nlO77 TWQ.-ll , 1 3 , W Q ff 1 B K 5 . L I ! Q if S v, I T ng 'f N if v sq-M M. D sqm 2 Q Swnunm F 5'-HvHf'04 . a :gk i 1 ' A fl "X L:'vLvrlu1 M 'xmkuvb 1-.,., 1 ww-.W f..,r-hi f if E Su an rf 3 54-awk rw gum 5 -' wwmx .lm 'K M' 0 , .F J G Slhmlyrrl w S . -L ' E . J ' mm.. ,cu u C1 Snwru HSMMH L: 5: vuw sz lruuuk R Smzmw w sp. .uw f f' X xg.: ., X Rf 0 F. Sf: mum- .M Vugv Flftvffnm 1--- ,, V7 C , -MQ' - UD - I :nu if 'J' 'wssofi 5 -.-fs '3:T'.5 + VERA SAHULKO-Ruddeman Junior High Schoolg Rifle Club Q5f62 Sodales Q6f71g Pre-Medics Q7f81, SecretaryfTreasurer Q82 House Track Q61g Odds and Ends QSIJ Colt Q5f62 Norwester Q7f82 College of City of Detroitg Northwestern Uni' versity. DOROTHY SAMPLE-Hutchins Intermediateg Alcott Q4f82 Greek Club Q3f42 Alice Freeman Palmer QIe41, Treasurer Q12 President, Girls' Athletic Association Q7f82 House Baseball Q42 House Basketball Q62 School Basketball Q61 Q82 Executive Board, Student Council Q62 House President Q72 VicefPresident, 12A Class, Uni' versity of Michigan. AL SCHNEIDER'-Hutchins Intermediate, National Orchestra Q72 University of Detroit. MARGARET SCHULTZ-Ruddemang Michigan State College. WARD SCHULTZ-Pattengillg Thales QIf22 Lister Q6f81, Treasurer Q72 Forum Q7f81, Parliaf mentarian Q71, President Q82 House Treasurer Q72 House Debating Q5f82 Social Committee, 12A Classg College of City of Detroitg University of Michigan. EMMA SCHUMAN-Great Falls High School, Great Falls, Montana, Schiller Q5f82 Business. EDWARD SCHWARZ- DOROTHY N. SCOTT-Sampsong 'Ypsilanti State Normal. KATHRYN SCRIBNER-Highland Park High Schoolg Home Science Q5f82 Business. MILDRED SEED-Hutchins Intermediateg Los Leones Q6f82 House Basketball Q5-72 Business. FRANCES SEIPP-Columbus High School, Columf bus, Wisconsing Alcott Q7f82 Girls' Athletic Association Board Q7f82 House Basketball Q62 House Track Q62 House Archery Q72 House Base' ball Q82 School Basketball Q6f82 School Tennis Q6f82 School Track Q62 School Hockey Q72 House Secretary Q82 "Vanity Fair"g 'Ypsilanti State Normal. WILLIAM S. SELLMAN-Angell, Science and Radio Q82 House Swimming Q62 House Football Q52 House Debating Q62 Brooks Flying Field. SOLLY N, SELTZER-Hutchins Intermediateg Science and Radio Q82 House Rifle Q41 Q62 House Tennis Q82 Reserve Football Q71: Colt Q5'72 Odds and Ends Q6f82 Nofrwester Q6f82 R. O. T. C. Q3f71g Chairman, 12A Picture Committee, Post-Graduate, RUTH SHAPIRO-Angellg Girls' Business Club Q6-82 Business. EUGENE SHARPE-Hutchins Intermediateg Hif'Y' Q7-82 Schiller Q7f82 "The Detour"g College of City of Detroit. SYLVESTER C. SHEA-University of Detroit High Schoolg N Club Q5f81, Secretary-Treasurer Q7-81, VicefPresident Q82 House Football Q1f32 House Track Q1f72 House Basketball Q2f82 School Football Q51 Q72 House President Q82 House Golf Q6f82 House Baseball Q2-82 Mercersburg Academy, University of Michigan. FREDERICK SHEPHERD-Hutchins Intermediateg Greek Club Q5-72 Bios Q82 Post-Graduate. HARVARD SHEPHERD-McGraw, House Rifle Q1f22 School Rifle Q32 R. O. T. C. QI-71,' Uni- versity of Michigan. ALICE M. SHIELDS-Winterhalterg Alcott Q6-817 Art Club Q7-82 House Treasurer Q82 "Vanity Fair"g 12A Social Committeeg Business. MARJORIE SHIELS-Highland Park High Schoolg House Baseball Q4f82 House Hockey Q72 House Basketball Q72 House Swimming Q42 Business. JOSEPH H. SHIMMICK-Hutchins Intermediateg Rifle Club Q3f81, Treasurer Q82 House Rifle QI'71j School Rifle Q82 "Inside the Lines"g "Sweethearts"g University of Detroit. JOHN SIEGER-Southeastern High School, Hi-T Q5f81, Treasurer Q82 Los Leones Q6f81, Treasurer Q82 House Football Q41 Q62 School Football Q82 Lincoln House Record Q5f72 12A Social Com' mittee, Michigan State College. GERTRUDE SIMANCEK-House Hockey Q31: House Swimming Q62 School Hockey Q51 Q72 School Basketball Q82 College of City of Detroit. NANCY B. SIMPSON--Clinton High School: Home Science Q6f82 Nurses Training School. J. JAY SLAKTER-Utica Free Academy, Utica, New Torkg Odds and Ends Q82 University of Michigan. HARRY SLOTTER - Hutchins Intermediate: House Baseball Q2f62 House Basketball Q2-82 House Football Q5f72 College of City of Detroit. GEORGE SMITH-Southeastern High School: House Basketball Q42 House Swimming Q52 House Track Q72 House Golf Q82 Detroit College of Pharmacy. HELEN M. SMITH-Southeastern High Schoolg Lister Q5f82 Business University. ANNE SORENSEN-Pattengillg Alice Freeman Palmer Q1f21, Secretary Q12 Junior Amici Q42 Amici Q82 Forum Q7f82 House Baseball Q42 House Track Q42 School Track Q42 Junior Hockey Q12 House President Q72 Norwester Q5,81, 1-10,455 Representative Q51 Q61, Assistant Editor Q7-82 12A Treasury Committeeg University of Michigan. DORIS SPAULDING-Angellg Caryatides Q62 Black Quills Q72 Greek Club Q6-82 College of City of Detroit. MURIEL SPICER-Northeastern High Schoolg Girls' Affiliated Club Q4f82 Business. URSULA E. SPRAU-Hutchins Intermediateg Girls' Affiliated Club Q7f82 Ypsilanti State Normal. RICHARD SPRUNK-Condong House Track Q42 School Hockey Q72 Business. ROBERT SPRUNK-Condong House Swimming Q72 House Tennis Q82 School Hockey Q72 "The Detour"g Business. CYNTHIA STARK-Hutchins Intermediateg Amic i Q5f82 Art Club Q4f61, Secretary Q62 House Basket- ball Q72 House President Q82 Colt Q4-62 Nor' wester Q7f82 IZA Class Day Committeeg College of City of Detroit. FRANCES STEFANAC-Lelandg Amici Q3f81, Secretary Q82 Colt Q5-62 Norwester Q82 College of City of Detroit. Page Fifiyfjve ---- -,, ul' UUU V7 - 'S I f . l ""' X , ---N on I 1 1 ' uzu:r.'3lO77l...:... '. 5.0 MH - , C 'Et - F Suv-N41 .. 5 2-,af-.. ,x 1 -v fm 1 1 v rihuuu K I1.m:4.+f ...W ..- P-1 lat Nr 4 -4 .-vrwuw .- LH, .www L wx y 1- .X as wp. rK.f-,wqu-x I 4-.www .k.,,u rTnw-ff N. W IL un nn L wmv s. 1. Norm-, E Yuovmvzaf 4 .4-"F" '., Q X ff I i zfg. 'N X1 . T we-'un FI Vn6n1N v Tw fm J vm Dau. W ll -X SE . is L x-lmms-A 2 Wm-twang R- wnmmra t-Lvms5U1r'vFvN P age Fnfzyfxnx DQ lllll . if 1 N111 1.1. 'ITIIOYT JULK U1 L . l "" 1 . ."' U l 5 EDWARD STEINKE-Milan High School. CHARLES STEPHENS-Hutchins: House Track C6f8Ig School Track C855 University of Detroit. HAROLD D. STERLINGfClarenceville High Schoolg Detroit Teachers' College. SATIA STEWART-Carstensg College of City of Detroit. LAWRENCE STEYSKAL-Condon. ROSE STOPP-Derry High School, Pennsylvaniag Forum C8jg Detroit Teachers' College. HOWARD STOWELL-Angellg Science and Radio C7'8,, Treasurer CSX 12A Treasury Com- mittee: Olivet. HUGH STROHMER-Nobleg junior Hifl' Czjg House Swimming C5'7lj University of Michigan. MARION SWYKERT-Hutchins Interrnediateg Detroit Teachers' College. ELLEN F. TALBERT-Wingert. RUSSEL TAULBEE-Montana High Schoolg Los Leones C855 University of Detroit. FRANCES TAYLOR-Custerg Art Club C5f8jg Detroit Teachers' Collegeg University of Michigan, OLIN TAYLOR-Angellg House Track C3'5jg Kalamazoo College. KATHRYN E. TEBEAUX-Monnierg junior Amici C2'3Dj College of City of Detroit. JACK W. TEUBERT-Marrg House Track C435 Student Council C7'8D, Executive Board C835 Norwester C7'8Dj 12A Picture Committeeg Uni- versity of Michigan. CHARLOTTE THAYER-Estabrookg Alice Free- man Palmer Crfzjg Alcott C3'8J, Corresopnding Secretary C7J, Treasurer C8Dg Bios C7'8,j Lister C6-855 House Basketball Clfgjg House Rifle C555 Colt C3'8D, News Editor C6J, Feature Editor C7J, Assisf tant Editor C815 12A Ring and Pin Committeeg University of Michigan. GEORGE R. THOMAS-Condon: Hifl' C7'8Df House Swimming Cgjg House Recording Secretary C7f8lg Norwester C5f8Jg Cheerleader C4'8Df Chair- man, 12A Motto Committeeg College of City of Detroit. ESTHER THOMPSON-Marrg Amici C6f8jg Black .Quills C5f7D, President Csjg House Debating C8Dg College of City of Detroit. PAULINE THOMPSON-Angellg Forum C5f8D, Secretary C7f8Dg Sodales C5-BD, President C815 Colt C7'8Jf Norwester C855 Assistant Editor, Audite C855 College of City of Detroit. MARGARET ANNE TIERNEY-Central High Schoolg Girl Reserves C5f6Dg House Debating C655 Colt C7'8Dj House Editor, Norwester C7'8lj Uni' versity of Michigan. WALTER TOEDEBUSCH-Nobleg Business. HELEN M. TOMPKINS-jefferson Intermediateg Schiller C3'j'J,' House Basketball C5f7Dg Business. JULIUS TRATTNER-Sampsong Art Club C6f8Jg House Debating C835 Colt C6f8D, Art Eritor C75 Publicity Manager C8jg "Vanity Fair"g Editor' Lincoln House Record C835 12A Ring and Pin Comrnitteeg University of Detroitg University of Michigan. KATHRYN TREIS-Almont High Schoolg Girls' Business Club CSD! House Basketball C6Jg House Track Business. ELEANOR TRICK-Angellg Sodales C5f6DgNorf wester Staff C7f8Dg Detroit Teachers' Collegeg University of Michigan. LORRAINE A. TROMLEY-Angellg House Football CI'7Jj House Swimming C3'7Jj School Skating C6f8Dg Band CI'Q,j Orchestra C2'QDj Alma. ROSE TURNBULL-Iejferson Intermediateg Busif ness Club C6f8Dg Business. VIVIAN TWIGG-Condon Interrnediatej Busi- ness Club C8jg "Vanity Fair"g Detroit Business University. JOHN C. VANDALSON-Hutchins Intermediateg Michigan State College. GERTRUDE M. VICTORSON-Central High Schoolg Northwestern Girls' Business Club C7'5Jj Business. MILDREDE VOGTLIN-Angellg Le Cercle Fran' cais C6f8D, President C855 House Debating C815 Colt C7-Bjg "Martha"g Michigan State College. JOSEPHINE WALKER-Condon Intermediate: Girls' Business Clubg Business. LOUISE WALSH-Western High Schoolg Girls' Business Club C5f8lg Business. GERALD L. WARDELL-Bay City, Michigang Norwester C855 College of City of Detroit. SHIRLEY A. WARNER-Nobleg Los Leones C4'7lj Forum C7f8jg Alcott C855 House Rifle C615 Business. EDNA WASSERMAN-Hutchins Intermediateg Girls' Business Club C5f8J, Treasurer C7'8lj Nor' wester Colt C8Dg Business. Page F if tyfscven ' n cocoa: is - - . ,-ff'-'fl ip-Dr X .0 X ug . I, 1 0' tL'f.I1'll077i -- .KO - Hr - . Q' X X ,L:, zh, . m X 1 if k ' '3"r f IP .,,,. 0 Nu .vw bw .-an . ru., Lwmmn - awww Q.. Kwcnbhli I rxwuuu A nw 5 .1 nw Nwfm... r r wif,-ul Q., wmwwr Page Fxfzylight -iuiT-.-TZ . llrr , 6 , 5 X u YF 4.1111 klflfiloyfs - 1,0 'i-gi? fl ,, RUSSEL H. WEAVER-Montpelier High School, Montpelier, Ohio5 House Track CSD5 School Track H855 Detroit College of Pharmacy. GEORGE WEINSTEIN-Goldbergg House Debate ing C82 College of City of Detroit. DORIS WEISS-Pattengill5 junior Amici c1'4,j Schiller 1761, President C6j5 Norwester C855 College of City of Detroit. LEOLA WENNER-Franklin5 Detroit Teachers' College, RALPH WHAITE-Central High School, Scranton, Pennsylvania5 House Football C7j5 Pennsylvania State University. LILYBEL WHITE-State Normal School, Mont' gomery, Alabama. ALICE WHYTE-Pattengill5 Black Quills C755 Girls' Business Club Q7f8D5 PrefMedics C7-855 Business. PIERSON WILLHAHN-Hancockg Hi-'Y C4-655 School Track H1255 House Track C2f6D5 House Debating C45 C635 College of City of Detroit5 University of Michigan. MURIEL WILLIAMS-Estabrookg Detroit Busi' ness Institute. JACK WILSON-Angell5 House Debating CSD 5 Manager Q82 Odds and Ends C855 Lincoln House Record Q8D5 College of City of Detroit. THOMAS WIGLE-Condon Interrnediateg String .Quartette C5f8D5 House Tennis C655 College of City of Detroit. HARRY WIMMER-Estabrook5 House Swimming C505 Business. ARVIN W. WISEMAN-Hutchins Intermediate5 Los Leones C6f8J5 Science and Radio C7f8j5 House Swimming C5f6J5 House Football ISIS School Swimming Q5-755 House Treasurer5 University of Detroit. HAZEL G. WOODLEY-Angellg junior Amici fI'4Jj Black .Quills Q5-755 G. A. C. C7f8j5 House Basketball f7Dj Student Council Q7f8D5 Colt C5f6J5 Circulation Manager, Norwester f7f8D5 12A Class Day Committee5 Hillsdaleg University of Michigan. EARL WRIGHT-Hutchins Intermecliate5 Art Club C7f8D5 Hifi' C855 House Corresopnding Secref tary CBD5 Colt Staff CSJ5 Norwester C7815 Stage Manager l7f8D5 College of City of Detroit. ELLSWORTH H. WRIGHT-Clippertg Business. JEANETTE WRIGHT-Notre Dame Academy5 Black .Quills f5f6D5 Lister Q7'8J5 House Debating Q5f8j5 Colt C815 Marygrove College. GERALDINE WRIGHT-Romeo High School, Romeo, Michigan5 Business. NAOMI WRIGHT- Cicero High School, Indiana! House Basketball f3'5li House Track C5j5 Detroit Teachers' College. DOROTHY WROBBEL-Condon Intermediate5 Girls' Business Club QIJ5 Business. JOHN BRUCKNER-Huntington Park Union High, Californiag University of Detroit. JACK W. GLEESON-University of Detroit High School5 University of Detroit. BESSIE GRANT-Southeastern High School5 Home Science f7f8j, Secretary QSD. IRENE JARECKI-Condon5 University of Mich' igan. MARGARET RENTENBACH - Southeastern High Schoolg Home Science C855 Detroit Teachers' College. NELSON SKINNER-Angellg College of City of Detroit. JAMES A. YOUNG-McGraw5 College of City of Detroit. - Page Fiftyfnine . ,,,. ,N n H -.. --ll .- -L . l.K"T,'l IOY' Juuc l Kqfu lzvu Bowman Dolwrm Fusvtl M"'W CELEBS N i Romsaw blnucur Nnnv B:-:anew beg L-uemucu Jam Cqmaatu. f Do.. Enuu-an JUNE CELEBS DOROTHY SAMPLE, for active participation in athletics, and leadership in Clara Barton House and the june class. DOROTHY FELSKE, for participation in athletics and dramatics. KATHRYN BOWMAN, for scholastic standing, activity in clubs, and leadership on the Colt. CHARLOTTE THAYER, for work on the Colt, and activity in clubs and house athletics. MARIE BLACK, for activity in debating and oratory, and leadership in Mt. Vernon House. ADDISON KNIGHT, for active participation in athletics, scholarship, and leadership in Roosevelt House and the june class. ROBERT LINEBAUGH, for leadership in athletics and Roosevelt House. DON ERSKINE, for scholarship, and leadership in athletics and Marshall House. JOHN CAMPBELL, for exceptional scholarship, ability in debating, and leadership in clubs and the Student Council. HARRY BENJAMIN, for his line scholarship, excellent work on publications, activity in clubs, and leadership in Perhsing House and the june class. Page Sixty ,,.4 'Gi' ,U ew' YLQ fiiii Ei, . '51 E ' X-Siff 3. W., 01:- 4,1 345443 .,., ,, 5 :L my 1 f 21511 'Wf 1' 5 . X. . A 1 re, M44 .SY K .i Q i .A I .-gg "f,,.w,.av ,J,k., Q .lil ,, , I. .2 1725? 'Elan fir 'J qu. . qv, 47, " ,.-.Y ,A 11,1 1-' 1 Y , w 'c Q 1' 'f J,-, l wif iQ' , 9? 191- A XM A, u--ivan:-M 11 """' Tlin 5--a' -A -sr I. 4'.w.db 1:z:rzt'alO77MM M...-1 -0 'el - Helen Aulph Katherine Cookerly Miss Vyn Marie Black Marion Burley MT. VERNON Fall Term Officers Spring Term HELEN AULPH ,,...,., ,,,,,,,,, P resident ,,.,,,,,.,..,, ,,,,,,,,,, M ARIE BLACK MAHALA CORNWALL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, VicefP'resident ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.,... K ATHERINI: DANT KATHERINE COOKERLY. ,,,,,.., ,,., S ecretavy-Treasurer. ,. . . ,,,, ,,,, M ARION BURLEY Student Council Representatives: ALICE BALDWIN, DEI.oIzEs Bixowrsr, AND HELEN Cuivris. Miss Sadie M. Alley organized Mt. Vernon house in 1914, when Northwestern High School was merely "a school" and had no reputation such as it possesses today. The girls chose as their symbol the spinning wheel, thus signifying industry. The house president has always woven the colors of her class on a miniature spinning wheel, until recently when Miss Gladys Hinmon, assistant house principal, presented the house with an antique wheel on which the colors are now tied. Throughout the last year Mt. Vernon's activities have been in many fields: debating, scholarship, athletics, social events, and music. The girls have applied the industry necessary to maintain the principles of the spinning wheel. Vitally important to Mt. Vernon girls is scholarship. Although this year the house has slipped back a trifle, she is usually at the top. On an average of at least every third semester, a Mt. Vernon girl has won the Alcott scholarship medal. "Exitus Acta Probatu fthe outcome proves the deedj is the Mt. Vernon motto, and it has proved true in many cases. The treasury has been aided greatly by some of Helen Cook's moneyfmaking schemes. At Christmas the girls did some service work at North' ville Sanitorium. Recently the year's debating season was concluded with Mt. Vernon ranking rather low. The debaters were: affirmative team, Lillian Davey, Esther Challove, Florence Bagnallg negative team, Alice Baldwin, Marion Burley, and Florence Conley. Marie Black, house president, was a member of the school debating team. Not only scholastic achievements and interests have employed the Mt. Vernon girls, a "GetfAcquainted" party for new members, a joint party with Pershing house, and the I2B'12A dinner comprise the social events of the year. "One sport for every girl" is a slogan adopted by the graderoom recently. The house missed the house swimming meet by two points, but carried off highest honors in house hockey. Myrtle Carleton, star basketball guard, was chosen for the city team. Never before have committees worked harder than the committees of this year. Mary jane Compton, in charge of the program committee, has arranged several novel programs. One of her plans has been to procure a speaker from each graderoom to relate the history of his house. There have also been faculty speakers who have told something of the history of Northwestern. The art committee members have succeeded in introducing beauty into the house. The most effective decoration is a shield, that of the coatfoffarms of the Wash' ington Family. n - Page Sixtylonc G2 ' L ,,,, N 1: -' q f - .HSICI I-'rr rw V77--L 6 1 0 5 X u 1 will r'1"nl01 r Louis Barstow Harry Benjamin Mr. Munro Harry Benjamin Clem Ale PERSHI NG Fall 'Term Officers Spring 'Term Louis BARSTOW , .. ..President .r....,, . ,,.,,...,, HARRY BENJAMIN HARRY BENJAMIN .. . ,,,,,, .VicefP1esident ,,,, . ., ,,,, .. .CLEM ALE Secretary-Treasurer. .. .. , .THOMAS Arwuu. Student Council Representative-JOHN CAMPBELL, JULE AYERS, AND ALEX CAMPBELL. The fall term of 1927 and the spring term of 1928 will always be remembered in Pershing House as championship terms. Our new coach, Mr. Lennox, began the football season with six veterans of the team of last year and a large squad of new players. At the beginning of the season, it was seen that Pershing would be a real contender for the football championship. Due to the guidance of Mr. Lennox and the allfround hard playing of every player, especially Campbell, who later was put on the school team, Pershing won the football championship, losing but two games. Barr, Clugston, Collinge, and Cruzet made the "allfhouse" team. The most disastrous record was made in swimming. Pershing finished last. Neverthef less, Fred Crebbin, who also swam on the school team, established a record in the ioo yard breast stroke. In track, Pershing nnished third place in the heavyweights, and second place in the lightweights. On the school crossfcountry team, Pershing furnished Captain Burgess, Bader, and Carlson. On the indoor school track team, Carlson in the mile and Burgess in the 440 yard were the class of the city, each taking a first in the city Hnal track meet. At the midfwest track meet and the National meet, Pershing was well represented in Burgess and Carlson. Still under the tutoring of Mr. Lennox the basketball season started with another chamf pionship in sight. The heavyweights lost but one game, the very first, to Roosevelt by the score of 24f26. They won the heavyweight championship. The team was well coached and played as a unit, there being no individual star. The lightweights Bnished in third place, also having a good team. The debating team under the capable coaching of Miss Younglove Hnished one place higher than last year. With an excellent turnfout for the tennis, golf, and baseball teams, Pershing has an eagle eye on the interfhouse cup. The social event of the year was an afternoon party with Mr. Vernon House. Page Sixty-:wo 535292 flf 'lu Ili' I-W Ilylll j ip N X' 8 V651 ,gl - f.i I. "TL, ...bli iw - , R TE - . 1NAIL .tw-or 1' I Rae Gardner Gloria Greenhut Miss Clough Erdine Griffith Marion Dudley JOAN OF ARC Fall Tem Officers Spring 'Term RAE GARDNER ,,,,,,,,,, ,,..,,., P resident ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.., E RDINB GRIFFITH GLORIA GREENHUT ,,,. . ....VicefPre.sident ,,,,,,., ,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,.,. M A R ION DUDLEY ERDINI3 GRIFFITH ,,.i,, .. ,,,,,,, Secretary ,,,,,,,,,, . ,,,,, . DORA HAMILTON VIRGINIA GRANT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,. 'I' reasurer ,....,,,,,,,,,,,, . ,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,, M A RIETTA DERBY Sudent Council Representatives-GERD GAMBORG, EMILY EAMAN, LORRAINE GRAHAM, JANE HBLMEI.. A peculiar coincidence in the history of Joan of Arc House is the fact that both presif dents have been sisters of former house presidents. Erdine Griffith is the sister of Dorothy Griffith, house president in 1926, and Rae Gardner bears a similar relation to Helen Gardner, house president in IQZS. It seems to run in the family. Joan of Arc, under the guidance of a new graderoom principal, is striving for new laurels. Mrs. Rauch has departed, leaving dear memories behind. In her place has come Miss Clough, kind and understanding, who is being ably assisted by Miss Cline. The house is flying new colors. The red and black of former years have been replaced by gold and white, the Bourbon colors, borne by the traditional Maid of Orleans. joan of Arc has had a successful social season. Perhaps the most enjoyable affair was the farewell party given in honor of Mrs. Rauch, shortly before her departure. On this occasion she was presented with a wrist watch by the girls of the graderoom. At the beginning of each term, a QB mixer was given. Our latest social activity was a St. Patricks Day party with Clara Barton House. The girls of joan of Arc have been active in the various school and house sports. Dorothy Felske was captain of the school swimming team, and Ardis Gibson won the medley relay and took second place in the city meet. Emily Eaman, the Derby sisters, Kathleen Hart, Margaret Fraser, and Ruth Donald represented Joan of Arc on the school hockey team. Through the untiring efforts of our house team, Joan of Arc has made good in debating.. In the final debates, Marshall House was defeated by Joan of Arc with scores of 3fo and 2fI. The trophy cup which was won from Betsy Ross has found an honored niche in joan of Arc. Since this is the third time it has come into the possession of the house, it will remain there permanently. Mary Hazelton, Dora Hamilton, and Marjorie Hedgcock were members of the affirmative teamg Betty Hawkins, Juanita Donnelly, and Helen Hilborn were on the negative team. Juanita Donnelly and Helen Hilborn were placed on the allfhcuse team Page Sixtyfthree 4 QQ - Q--- , 'S .17 Y su' ,-is---r- i-. . I- B . . .. f, 4. I' --'mt' , Y -,Lrg .Gun 'gl .. ...W :T 50 Don Erskine Arthur Gloster Mr. Munsell John Herbst James Harris MARSHALL Fall Term Officers Spring Term DONALD ERSKINE President ,,,, .. . .,,, ,,A.. . ., .Joi-IN HERBST ARTHUR LSLOSTER Vice-President, .. . . JAMES HARRIS JOIIN HERBST , . .. . SCCTCIEl1y'rI-TCUSUTCT ,,,,,, ,,,, . . ,,,, FRANCIS DOOLITTLE Student Council RepresentativesfRoIsERT HAYES, RAYMOND EISERMAN, JOHN HAMMER, DONALD ERsKINE, HUGH HARRIS. With the departure of Mr. McGuinness, whose sincere loyalty, character, and devotion were recognized by all, Marshall House appeared for a time entrenched in dismay. How' ever, cooperating with his able successor, Mr. Munsell, the boys of the house of Purple and Gold have kept those colors on glorious heights. Through the notable instruction given by Mrs. Bovill, Miss McGrain, and Mr. Sisson, the debating team landed at the port of second place. After losing only one debate through' out the season, Marshall was defeated in the Hnals by Joan of Arc. The members of the team were: afhrmative, Sidney Erwin, Irving Filler, and Earl Graham, negative, Robert Holiday, Glen Howell, and Arthur Gloster. Irving Filler received the distinction of becoming a member of the allfhouse team. By the Hne coaching of Mr. Wiley and Mr. Holmes, Marshall House gained second honors in football, swimming, and basketball. The lightweight basketball team again became champions. The members of this illustrious squad are: Dickson, Easton, Heiden, Ford, Gurman, Gibson, Everett, and J. Erman. In competition with Wilson House-Marshall's neighborly antagonist-the latter won, including basketball, seven of the nine games. As a result the "Little Brown Jug" became almost a permanent Hxture of Marshall House. Even though the Purple and Gold has flashed far ahead in house athletics, Marshall has, as usual, contributed much talent to the school teams. Aside from the swimming team, all the other team captains are members of Marshall House. These Hne leaders of whom the house is justly proud, are: Fay, football, Erskine, track, Doolittle, basketball, Deehr, baseball, Gloster, tennis, and Grimm, golf. This year the first joint graderoom party of boys and girls in seven years was staged by Marshall and Clara Barton Houses. This was achieved through the efforts of the house presidents, Dorothy Sample and Donald Erskine, assisted by Miss Wiley and Miss Hu man. The house enjoyed some real entertainment given by Jack Herbst, Eugene Foster, and Stewart Hecox. The early victories of the baseball, tennis, and golf teams promise to round out a most successful year for Marshall House in spring sports. Page Sixryffoiu F -- YT Ulll ' J 8 Il- g ' ' 'xi 1 i -' - -E' LIS' r ET' , , I I 1"x.CL FWTKHIOYT .. .- f ig -0 r sl- - T Hallie Keller Wendella Meads Miss Fox Wendella Meads Elfrieda John Fall Term Officers Spring 'Term HALLIE KELLER ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, . President ,,,,,,,,,, . . . ...WENDELLA MEADS WENDELLA MEADS. .. .. ,,,,,,, V1cefPresident.., .. .. ,,,,,,, .ELFRIEDA JOHN JEAN HUGHES .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, . Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, . JEAN HUGHES MARCIA MASLEN .,,,, ,,,,,, . .. .. . ,,,,,,, Treasurer, ,,,,,, .. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, RUTH MCINTOSH Student Council Representatives: JEAN KREG, VIRGINIA LEE, AND VIRGINIA KOTI-IE. BETSY ROSS During the past year Betsy Ross House has had a record of which any house could be proud. The many committees have done splendid work for the house. The following girls were committee chairman during the fall term: program, Marion MacDonald, social, Alice Mather, scholarship, Rohma Levertong music, Wen della Meadsg art, Eleanor Kindred, manners and morals, Mary Jane Koontz, athletics, Anne Ingalls. The oflicers for the spring term appointed the following committee chairman: program, Dorothy MacLean, social, Marion MacDonald: publicity, Marion MacLeodg athletics, Anne Ingalls: music, Rohma Leverton, manners and morals, Margaret Huenke: house, Ella Rachael Lyons, scholarship, Grace Kottke. In athletics, Betsy Ross won her share of the spoils. The basketball team won the school championship. The members of the team were: Jean Laux, captain, Willie Mae King, Mary Marrow, Jean Hughes, and Ruth McMillan. For the Hrst time since our house has been organized, we have had a hockey team which worked hard to bring the cup to our house. Jean Hughes was the captain. Betsy Ross House also won the interfhouse archery championship. The team, which did splendid work, was coached and captained by Miss Watson and Virginia Kothe. Although Betsy Ross had a very good debating team, the cup won last year was lost to Joan of Arc after a hard fought contest. The members of the afiirmative team were Rohma Leverton, Jean McKay, and Eleanor Kindred: the negative speakers were Ruth Klein, Valentina Litvinoff, and Harriet Jennings. Much credit is due to the able coaching of Miss Covey and Miss Black, and the capable management of Alice Mather. The two outstanding social events of the season were the Adam and Eve Party and the party with Roosevelt House. The joint party with Roosevelt was a tremendous success, and everyone had an enjoyable time. Much credit is due to Miss Fox, the efficient principal of the house, for the good record made during the past year. Her ideals have been a source of inspiration to the girls. Page Sixzyfjivc --.... ,,Y7 L. Ulll . -Nmlof Bu r an - 1 I ' 'R' . '- " D B ' n 7 1 0 ff. .. ' X wwf... A ' K0 . , . -sl , Harold Lindsay Robert Linebaugh Mr. Jerome Robert Linebaugh Charles Leadbetter R OOS E V E L T Fall Term Officers Spring Term HAROLD LINDSAY. ,,.... ,,,,,,, P resident ,,,,,.,..r,... ,,,,,,,,, R OBERT LINEBAUGH ROBERT L1NEBAucH. ,,,,,,,,,,..,....,.. VicefPresident ,,..,,,,,,,,,,,..,,.,,..., WESLEY HURD ADDISON KNIGHT ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,,...,.... S ecretaryf'I"reasu're'r .,,,,,,,,,,,....,, CHARLES LEADBETTER Student Council Representativeshjol-IN LAW, DEAN JoK1, CHARLES MERCKEL, NOEL MAXAM, EMU. KRAMER, JACK MCILVAIN. Under the friendly guidance of Mr. M. D. Jerome, who has been principal of Roosevelt House since IQZO, the followers of the "strenuous" president have held their own during the past year and maintained a leading position among Northwestern's houses. The officers have carried on the program of the year efficiently and, by both example and leadership, have done a great deal in promoting house and school spirit. The basement graderoom, which has always been the source of plenty of school athletic material, has been an exceptional one this year. Bob Linebaugh, spring term president, captained the 1927 state championship football aggregation. Harold "Snake" Lindsay, fall term president, gained renown as allfcity and allfstate guard during the 1926f27 basket' ball season, and Addison Knight, popularly known as ,'LAddie,' gained the same position on the 192728 selections. Addison has also starred for two years as back'stop on the baseball team and brings a final honor to Roosevelt as president of the June graduating class. The Roosevelt track team gave three valuable pointfgetters to the school outfit: Wesley Hurd, milerg James Meldrum, 440 yard dash man, and Jack Mcllvain, weight man. These three were in a large measure responsible for Northwestern's capturing of the city, state, and midfwest championship. Always among the leaders, the red and blue teams have never taken a last place in any sport, and notwithstanding the loss of Coach VanDyke, who has turned out Roosevelt champions and built up a remarkable record for the house since 1920, the Teddies have had quite a successful year in athletics. The house athletic placque now rests in Roosevelt, but Pershing is running neckfandfneck in the race to place the name upon it. Roosevelt gained a second place in football, second in basketball, third in track, and third in swimming, and has made a fairly good start in baseball and tennis. Mr. C. J. Addington has been lected to the position so successfully filled by Mr. Van Dyke. The Roosevelt graderoom windows are green with flowering plants and vines, which have been contributed by members of the house. These are solely the care of Mr. Jerome. Scholarship is the main issue to every wearer of the intrafmural R, therefore one might observe the hcnor roll composed of seventyffive names and also the house motto, "No one quality assures success," which decorate the front blackboard. Page Sixzy-.ux , T--- r fy 3 lil - .1f'rl l if Tl 8 ,Hlliq 7 1 0 ,, ..I ' i ,-..,,,,,,. -1. f ,O , , , L2 - b rev-+'ralOf l Dorothy Sample Gladys Panton Miss Brown Ruth Peters Jane Saunders Fall Term Officers Spring Term DOROTHY SAMPLE ,,,,,, ...,,,,,, P resident ,,,,,,,.,,.....,,, .,.,.,... R UTH PETERS GLADYS PANTON .,r.,,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,..., V icefP'resident ,,,,,,,. . , ,,,,.,,,,,, JANE SAUNDERS AGNES PURINTON ...,r,,,,,,,,.,,,.,......, Secretary ,....r,,,,..., .,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, F RANCES SEIPP MARION RATLIFF ....,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,v,,,,.. 'T veasurer ...r,,,.,,,,,,,.....r,,,,,,,.,,, JANE NOTHAFT Student Council RepresentativeshMARIoN RATLIFF, EVELYN NEILSON, VIRGINIA PHILLIPS. Once more in an endeavor to uphold the standards of the silver and the blue, the girls of Clara Barton have brought to a close a most successful year under the guidance of Miss Brown. In scholarship Clara Barton has set herself a new record, having held, since last September, the ninth grade scholarship plaque and the cup, for several markings. The girls on the honor roll were awarded silver pins engraved with blue crosses, and the all A's the same pins with guards. For the first time in several years the members of the debating team had been within sight of their objective: at the semifinals they were tied for first place, and then aftera long hardffought struggle, under the coaching of Miss Waggoner and Miss Barker, they dropped to fourth place. The affirmative team was supported by Clive Rockey, Stella Rose, and Bettina Rightmyerg the negative, by Ruth Oppenheim, Betty Remer, and Juanita Rogers. Bettina Rightmyer and Juanita Rogers placed in the uallfhouse' team The girls have shown praiseworthy house spirit and enthusiasm in every line of sports, and, although they have not come out on top, they still hold their unmarred reputation of good sportsmanship. Much credit is due all the girls who have supported the house hockey, swimming, basketball, archery, track, and baseball teams. Clara Barton has also been well represented on the school teams, placing Grace Oxley, captain, and Frances Seipp on the hockey team, Dorothy Pape, Evelyn Neilson, and Mae Rhoder on the reserve team, Dorothy Sample, captain, and Frances Seipp on the basketball team, Virginia Roberts and Irene Savy on the reserve team, Jane Saunders and Edna Rice on the swimming team. The social committee, with Dorothy Sample as chairman, sponsored many social events, the most outstanding of which was a party with Marshall House, the iirst of its kind to be held in several years. Page Sxxryfseven E D, J - t . 'E ' 1 9 .' ... Wi E -,. 50 - A. cl' , , A r'v'nlO1 r Lee Montgomery Ignatius O'Toole Mr. Sickley Charles Ohno Emerson Schenk WILSON HOUSE Fall Term Oficers Spving 'Term LEE MONTGOMERY ,,,,,,,, A.,..... P resident .....,.,,,.,,.,.. ,,,,,,,.,.. C HARLES Omio loAN'rlus O'TooLE ,,,,,,,,.,..,,,,,,,...,, Vice-President ,,,.,,,,,.....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A, EMERsoN Sci-mul: WARD SHULTZ .,,,,,,, ..,,,,,,,..,. ,,,,,, Se c retaryffreasurcr ,,,v,A,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,, J ACK PECKHAM Student Council: WILLIAM MOUSER, CHARLES Ormo, KIMBALL NORTHROP, CHARLES ROGERS, EDWARD ROTH Wilson House, organized in 1923, has, like Detroit, come step by step up the ladder of greatness. Although the top has not yet been reached, the house is nearer its goal than it has been for several years. Like the majority of other houses, in Wilson, various committees supervise the activities. The committees have done exceptionally well this year: the decoration committee headed by Murray Raynorg the entertainment committee consisting of Ed Sauble and Charles Rappg the scholarship committee headed by Norman Ringeg the sport committee headed by Kenneth Raynor. The Scholarship Committee has inauguarated a new list called the "Seeker," which contains the names of those students who received more than twelve, and less than fourteen honor points. The list was suggested by Mr. Sickley, who first became acquainted with it during his gradefroom principalship at Central. Wilson does not only compete for intrafmural championships but also competes with Marshall House. This competition has as its object, a jug. This jug is painted in two colors: onefhalf in Marshalls colors and inscribed with an the other half in Wilson's colors and inscribed with a The house which wins in a WilsonfMarsha1l struggle, in any activity, keeps the jug until it is defeated by the other house. It is then carried over to the winning house to remain there until they are defeated. To review the season's results: the debating team argued up to the quarter finals, the heavyweight basketball team took third place, the football teams did the best they have since the origin of the house, the swimming team splashed into third place, and the track team, though it did not place high, gave great promise for next year. Perhaps the reason that Wilson has taken few championships is because so many men are furnished for school teams. There are many "N" men in the house and Wilson is justly proud of them. Since many of the men will be back next year, Wilson has reason to lay great plans for the future. Page Sixryfcight J 5 ., 5-- --..- ,, V7 .. , I , ' - .1 -r " ,M ' 7 1 Anne Sorensen Eleanor Wood Mrs. Watson Cynthia Stark Alice Shields JANE AUSTEN HOUSE Fall 'Term Officers Spring Term ANNE SORENSEN ,..,,,,. ........ P resident ,,,,,,,,,,.. .,,,.i,.,.i C YNT1-nA STARK ELEANOE Woon ...,.,,, .,....,, V icefPresident ,,.,,,,. ........... A LICE STEELE THELMA SHAW ........,..,. .....,,. S ecretary ,,..,........... ...,,,,,,,,,,,, B ETTY Sruaas MARJORIE WOOD ..........,......,..,...,. Treasurer ....,.,,.....i.,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,...... ALICE SHIELDS Student Council Representatives: HAZEL WOODLEY, ELEANOR WEMP, AND MARGARET SMITH "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm" is the motto of jane Austen House. Effort in all departments of school life has been the aim of the girls in zor this year. The Colt circulation has had new stimulus under the spirited captaincy of Jeanette Wright. The Norwester sales have been kept up to the championship number of buyers of last term through the efforts of Anne Sorensen and Cynthia Stark. The Odds and Ends has with every issue shown the brisk cooperation of Jane Austen House through the artistic and breezy illustrations which have come from the paint brush of Maxine West, Eloise Shuert, Kathleen Wemp, and Ferris Taylor. Athletically, the house has been among those who "also ran." Nevertheless, one cup won through physical force adds to the adornment of Jane Austen House. We have prospects of retaining this, the baseball trophy, which we have had for two consecutive years. The house announces with pride the following enthusiastic participants in school athletics: hockey-Phyllis Vokes, Edith Spindleman, and Gertrude Simancekg basketball- Elizabeth Stewart, Edith Spindleman, and Gertrude Simancekg swimming-Marjorie Wood, Eileen Wood, Eunice Taylor, jean Steele, Ethel Smith, and Janet Snyder, track- Eunice Taylor, Helen White, Margaret White, Marjorie Tompkins, Eileen Wood, Elizabeth Stewart, Beryl Twigg, Jean Thompson, and Gertrude Sims, skating-Helen White, Margaret White, and Helen Tompson. "Play while you play" is another slogan of enthusiasm. Parties and getftogethers have, as always, added to the spirit of friendliness. The best social event of the year was the Christmas party, probably because Christmas time is the best of all the year. The six debaters,- Mildred Vogtlin, Esther Seed, Lucille Stevens, Jeanette Wright, Roberta Thompson, and Esther Thompson-exemplified the enthusiasm of the room for public speaking. There was an unusual number of volunteers, so it was comparatively easy for the coaches, Miss Bogenrieder and Miss Daniell, to select the girls who proved such a credit to the house. "The year's at the spring" when this article goes to print, and what the days may bring forth before the June graduate takes her leave is "a tale to be told." May the officers of the house see fresh honors crown their splendid efforts, and may the same spirit of enthusiasm and cooperation carry on both with them and with Jane Austen House. Page Sixtyfnine an 1 uit: Y'T7BlOl Y 1-'-' 'fn pin' James Telfer George Wurster Mr. Jones Sylvester Shea George Thomas Fall 'Term Officers Spring 'Term JAMES TELEBR . . .,,. President ,,,,,.,,,.., . . . SYLVESTER SHEA GEORGE WURSTER ,,,,,,,,, VicefP'resident ,,,, . .. RAY WALKER SIDNEY WooI.NEI1 . . .. ,Corresponding Secretary. ..EAI1I. WRIGHT GEORGE THOMAS. . .. . . ...Recording Secretary .. ......GEORGE THOMAS HOWARD WORDEN . ,,,, ,,,,, 'I' reasurer ,...r... , . ,,,, AIWIN WISEMAN Student Council Representatives: JACK TEUBERT, PAUL WELEAN, AND DUDLEY SMITH. A Greater Detroit goes hand in hand with a Greater Northwestern. Lincoln House naturally expects to share in this expansion and also to have a part in bringing it about. Meanwhile, in the past year, the house has kept well to the front and perhaps has already contributed something to a bigger and better school. This year's debating team deserves credit for furnishing stiff resistance to the opposition. Our debaters were: affirmative, P. Smith, G. Sparr, and J. Wilson, managerg negative, G. Weinstein, D. Soper and J. Trattner. Miss Rundall and Mr. Boltz were the coaches. Once again Lincoln House has furnished a majority of the R. O. T. C. members, besides having several of its officers. Although the boys from 226 were compelled to occupy the cellar position in football, still they have not taken a longftime lease. Moreover, they intend to rise to their former glory at the first opportunity. Lincoln, with Ray Walker and a strong supporting team, walked away with all the swimming honors available. The house also captured first place in both light and heavy' weight track, Wurster, Shea, J. Thompson, and J. Ward winning consistently. In basketball, Lincoln took a second and a fourth place besides supplying the captain of the "allfhouse," Sylvester Shea. The call for baseball, golf, and tennis has been issued, and there has been a hearty res' ponse. We are sure that Lincoln House will give a good account of itself in these sports. Lincoln has also furnished athletes for school teams. Among them are: L'AllfState' Shea, "All-Cityl' Walters, Wurster, Sieger, Weldon, and Tulke in football, Ray Walker, Weiss, Wiseman, Walters, and Wisenthal on the swimming team, Jaydell Thompson, national mile champion, Whitney, Weaver, and Ward on the track squad. For the spring semester, the editor of the "Lincoln House Record' is Julius Trattner, Paul Welban being his assistant. The record for scholastic achievement in the house has been high, and we venture to hope that it has improved a little over last year. The boys of Lincoln House extend their thanks to Mr. Jones, gradefprincipal, and to Coach Schwall for their part in whatever success we have attained. x Page Severity .. vfffffy X: lf -,f:'.' j L '-5555 .Z 'fi ' f Pe! 5 "s"J5?'i uf il . XFX-gf':"j 'R Qglkiisif. -.'3.i:".'if in fs., ' 'VL '-1 :-if 4- -1 ' 'iff "Q-2 9 fc :V mug as 'Xia .ye 'il X ., , f L I L, '52 Y' e" v, -1 Lx.. ffsifi? f, ff3,1Ql s .Lf wa :5 1-xi Q 'ff gf 2... lg WST. .. TF, :gi . Qi L 1,3 3.5 . fl 4' 'SY' nv" .. ,. ,A- A 4".:4a-41 1 . ,-, A , ' W 'tiki . ., -. if by F... 5 ,--. ,. .. .,,g..v , . ,.... .E W ,,, M 5. Az, - -.,-Qi, . . W.. f 1 .fjf , gm L.. 've I... .xv ' was ln. " . .. 5,14 vi.. ..1 .nw 1. S... 4 . - vafwfiw K, , ,I , . ,. -, W., .. ., ,MM 1:5 'mfs' 12:5 ' ' 11: M",-f3.L'?f'-' -.. - use , H' Www.. .-. ,ig,,,..5 1 5, , -' W ., 'f'Wh,.f'L,1'-2 f -wh ' fr, -4-:51L":9"' : :Fair ,Q . ..,. ,,,, -M3 unit -rj - :va-T,j41v1 5-, -we Q: f .., .-.,. - 5, 1, 4 'A-nb.. .5 2311 . :Q ff, legit . , .Fe Lei. ' VL'-E1f??E6 fi : -, we 'ifffkf' . . - 'gn Q35 3--W -f. pw - rv 1 ' ' 3' :J 'W , be mi 75:1 fx1A':z1m 4. ff. TA: 'Q' wt ,, . , Az ff f -':,. Qvff, .455 -ff ' A+ ,x'1?1,,, ' "M I 3'1i.gfa- " f If-fab E' ' .QQ W. rl,-xl J .- F 375, if ' TY' iiiifi' , if ifygf, - K ,ff , ' " fl? 1 K ffl 'E wif.. 51. Af- - ...., .. 'Q -pf.. .. Q2 wr-5.4, . l1.fg:E?-Lis 924, ga . "'.Ef'ffQ- wi ft---me Lf, s..-,Jw .f , .-x.f.- 5-U: ...fy ' N.. ,f,,, ,Q ev Nr- 'wa' X .nl A '53 '- ' ..1 -1'-A'-H' Y-If , ,.feef:4 -. . .,,- .. 'Z .J V -A st" 4: T, k '- mg.. N, . Hg, if,'.f'55 , ' 1: Aa .QQ 4j?igfaqQ,, 1 219, sf, 5.-2 - K ,112 . E.: ti ':' g-4'F:": re av . V "fit: Lf: 'PTTS 151 JWW "ref :, fe Hg: ' E-1 fxj- gy . . 1-y ,'-A 1. fzf.. .I .2 .. A.. .af I :M , '7 5: Q' . 2? L. : Q 3? 'I "':f'?I.?f.- Q' . ' N QW . -va :nw-1, 7: Q7 ' My wg" ffm gy ki'! Q.. Rik. Til. W? 1111? wi. - JE Kia? Q15 ., 114: 1.1531 idx' ' ww mid., ,I Q-' P- ' - R ,- .." 41 1 fn... .14 ' :wa- w , A P'.f A ,AY Gb .f V. X ,,, 1 M. T L 1. 44 A.-. ',. W M?" X , 1 'I Q ,ijm Qi: 1.5 PZ' ,k iq, . -fp . ,Nev ' Q f... A.,-fu w ,. , . . . ,X ,Zi ,K 1 5 1 f 'f" 4+ rw! 1, i' v I r 52-P. W J x L l ,. i.. . . -41 51.2 4 114 4 LQ, - if? 512 " 241' Tir .,., 'ff QI Wi' 'U 'Q 9.1, .s .Vs ,-, 3.15 A, :.'?,1'Q.' A f r N . .ff -Q-3 i . , if L 1 t .Q K , -fr.. on r1"'zlO1 --- ---- an . CLUBS Clubswthe seasoning for the four year menu of academic routine. Those who Hnd athletics unattractive, or who are unable to take active part in athletic activities, find, among the many organizations within these walls, a valuable means of utilizing their hours of recreation, and many who have made their letters in sports End an interest in some less strenuous pursuit. There are many nonfathletic people at North' western, and because of the large population at school, they are unable to make intimate acquaintances and to enjoy school life-for they meet their friends for only a short time in their few classes, Northwestern holds many opportunities for these people, for it contains many clubs and organizations. The advantages of these nonfathletic organizations are many: new friends, definite interests to relieve the strain of worry over studies, and, above all, training which will be of value in the years after graduation. The organizations have a social gathering every semester, sponsored by the Greek Club, at which the latter presents a gavel to the club which has made the greatest increase in scholarship by the second card marking. This past year they have held two very interesting events, the "Midway," and the "All Club Dinner." The Lister Club was asked to plan the programs for these occasions, and they accomplished the task very successfully. The former, the "Midway," was held in November, every club participating fixed a booth in the gymnasium, and gave a little performance with the help of two barkers. This seems a longfpast event, but to many it brings humorous memories-noise, laughter, and barkers! -each trying to outdo the other in testing his vocal chords. Ch yes, and the remarkable prize fight in the middle of which one of the combatants had to stop to powder her nose. There was also an exciting bull Hght, and Ella Cinders with her freckles, and several other famous characters from the comic papers. All the booths were very nicely fixed, and the acts very well done, thus causing much competition among the barkers in trying to draw the largest audience. And after those individuals were quite hoarse and everyone had had many laughs and shocks, the gavel was presented in a very clever way to the Home Science club by the Greek club. On April 26, 1928, many students were seen coming to school at 3.30 P. M. After investigating this very unusual occurrence, it was discovered that that was the night of the "All Club Dinner." All the organizations met in room 268, and, with Sodales in the lead, proceded in single Hle up to the lunchroom. The menu will not be mentioned, but it seemed to agree with all. When everything had been consumed, including the delicious dessert, and the actors for the entertainment to follow had made their exit, everyone was told to proceed to the auditorium. A The president of the Girls Business club presented a lovely picture to the school, and the exfpresident of Forum presented several books to add to the collection they have started in the library. After these presentations were made, a play written by Don Lloyd, our famous writer for the "Odds and Ends," was given. The title was "Much Ado About Clubs,"and thirteen clubs were represented in the play, the gavel was presented to the president of the Jefferson Debating club in a very unique way. The organizations of Northwestern have a national reputation. From a nucleus of five clubs has grown the present body of over thirty organizations and activities. At present they constitute the most popular form of extrafcurricular activity. Page Sevemyfont "' UD ' n uni i-uuu l,.,. 5- 5 - -N xi f K W - . I. 1 ITYIHTZIOZ' LA--- . ,E 'f-0'i ' ALCOTT Top Row: V. Burton, V. Norton, J. Nothaft, M. Smith, R. Peters, E. Neilsen, V. Kothe, A. Shields, D. Pape, C. Saunders. Middle Row: Miss jaehnig, D. Nyquist, M. West, M. Telfer, M. Compton, E. Allen, H. Hilborn, D. Hamilton, F. Weldon. Bottom Row: L. Revels, E. Eddy, W. Meads, J. Helmel, Miss Wiley, A. Ingals, D. Sample, F. Seipp, R. Birdseye. Fall Tenn Spring Term Lorraine Graham . President. . .. .Jane Helmel Marie Wagner . V1cefPresident .. .,.,.. Ann lngals Thelma Shaw . . . . Secretary .. .... .. Elenore Eddy jane Helmel . .. .. Tveasurer ,, , , , Charlotte Thayer Charlotte Thayer . .. ..Cm"respondmg Secretary .. .. Wendella Meads Purpose: To further friendship and charitable work. Full Tam ALICE FREEMAN PALMER Swing Tam, Mary jane Compton. . . . President. . . . . . .. Phyllis Norton Ruth Smith . .. . . ...... Vice-President .. .. .Dorothy Thompson Dorothy Wells ...., ,. . .. .. . ....,. Secretary ...... .. ...... .. . .... . .. ...... Louise Crispin Elaine Plues , . . ..... .. .. . Treasurer. .,.. .. .. ...... .. .. ......Audrey Smith Purpose: To render service to thepschool, both in maintaining a high standard of scholarship and in taking an active part in the activities of the student body. Top Row: Miss Hughes, B. Manchester, D. Plues, G. Panton, D. Huber, D. Daul, B. Rightmeyer, E. Payton, D. jones, Mrs. Bauer. Bottom Row: G. Spencer, G. Wilcox, J. Clark, L. Crispin, P. Norton, A. Smith, I. Witter, M. J. Copeman, A. Wright. Page Szvcntytwo '39 l l-1 mmol '-.'. 5- g 'S -to AMICI Top Row: H. Cook, G. Thomas, H. O'Day, G. Gamhorg, M. Hedgcock, J. Botsford, J. Kreg, O. Crawford. Middle Row: R. Donald, 1. Penman, Mrs. Tingsten, Mrs. Bovill, E. Hoffmeyer, M. Black, F. Stefanac, C. Everling, C. Garrison, F. Hodges, C. Stark. Bottom Row: J. Dunlap, E.Thompson, C.Goulet, .I.Donnelly, E.Grifhth, A.Baldwin, H.Haw, A.Sorensen, J. Hughes, F. Bagnall. Fall Term Spring Term Erdine Griffith .....,,....,,,....... .,,., P resident.. ,. ,,,.. , , .,,..... Alice Baldwin Alice Baldwin ......,. .VicefPresident... . .. .,.,.,.... ........ . .. jean Hughes Grace Oxley ,............. ,. ,,,.. Recording Secretary ..........,, . .,,..,. Frances Stefanac Juanita Donnelly .,....... ,,,,.,.., .. , ., Corresponding Secretary .... . ., . ,. , ...jean Dunlap Jean Hughes ..,........,...,,,....... . . , ,,.,,... . . Treasurer ..... , ,...... ,,,.. .... . . Helena Haw Purpose: To promote scholarship, friendship, and character. Fall Term ART CLUB Spring Term Kathleen Wemp. . ...,..,, ,,,,,, President ,,,,.,,,, , .,..... .Palmer Esser Margaret Neuschafer ,,,,... H ,, ,,,,,,,, Vice-President... , ,,.,,,,. ....,,Helen Elder Marion Boyd .......,. ..,..,.,,.,,,,,,,,,, , ,.,,,, , , ,,,,,, Secretary ,,,,., , ,,,,,,,,,.,..,, ..., ..... . V irginian Aldag Helen Carr .. . ,.,..,.,.. ,, ,...,...,, ,,,,,,,,., , , Treasurer ,,,,, ,,,, ,...... .,,,,,..,.,.,,,.,.......... ,,.. ..,,..., H a r r y Alpert Purpose: To promote the cause of art throughout Northwestern High School. Top Row: C. Tilton, M. Smith, I. Busha, L. Parcells, E. Thorne, F. Taylor, E. Wright, G. Greenhut, P. Henderson, M. Robertson, R. Otto, A. Markowicz. Middle Row: C. Gentry, E. Booth, B. Cottom, J. French, F. Taylor, 1. Howell, Miss Guenther, R. Frank, H. Bricker, N. Maxam, E. Shuert, il. Cook. Bottom Row: V. Grant, A. Shields, V. Aldag, H. Alpert, H. Elder, P. Esser, D. Wemo, J. Trattner, M. Neuschafer, M. Boyd, M. West. Page Scvcmyftlmree T-- ' 'z DIi --" l"U' B: 5 . , ,T Q .1 , Q W 4' I f.'f'TUT1lo7s .--L -. ' -0 al ,T BIOS CLUB Top Raw: F. Marcotte, E. Booth, C. Brown, Mr. Hollinger, KI. Culp, H. Saunders, L. Berns. Second Row: E. Martens, G. Spenser, E. Stevens, j. Talhot, K. Klag, R. Schwartz. L. Lotta, M. Sherman, L. Adams, F. Conley, D. Cooper. Third Row: L. Tager, D. Allinger, R. Noyes, H. Binkle, M. White, M. Clemens, M. L. Koenis, B. Keohane, H. White, j. Lake, E. Brown, M. Brown, L. Lennox. Bottom Row: F. Shepherd, C. Thayer. D. Nyquist, J. Nohle, G. Mitter, NI. Fleishans, J. Nothaft, B. Dudley, E. Lutes, F. Backus, E. Bodine, V. Corlen. Fall Term Spring Term jane Nothaft President . Jack Williams Fred Shepherd Vzcefljreszdent . . . . Bert Dudley Florence Conley . Secretary . .. . Genevra Mitter Bert Dudley Treasurer . . . john Fleishans Purpose: To create and maintain a wider interest in plants and animals. NORTHWESTERN GIRLS' BUSINESS CLUB S,,,,,,,, .Mm Fall Term jessie Butchart . Presrdent . . . .Marie Nelson Dorothy Kemnit: VicefPres1dent . Gladys Born Marie Nelson Secretary . . Rose Antonich Edna Wasserman . 'Treasurer . ..... . . . . .. Edna Wasserman Purpose: To promote business-like methods and social activities for the girls who will enter business. Top Row: D. Gilhert, R. Thompson, H. Kerruish, G. Stopp, E. Oherholtzer, A. Whyte, M. Brandt, B. Lewis, T. Landeaur, M. jirasek, W. Benson, D. Knitter, E. Regner, S. Laurent. Middle Row: A. Behrendt, O. Counter, G. Hope, C. Rosenbaum, I. LaPearl, V. Twigg, E. Pramsteller, R. Shapiro, G. Victorsen, H. Busha, M. Prior, R. Albert. Bottom Row. C. Elliot. D. Hall. E. Wasserman, R. Antonich. C. Born, J. Butchart, M. Nelson, D. Beck. D. Heine, j. Walker, V. Benson, D. Wrohhle. Page Seiwvityffum ""' ' 4 Ili' unll ,,.'. 5- g f if f Q I. - . 1' l ri1':1rial07' . --L-..,-- 1-731 ' 'T'-El -T CARYATIDES 'Top Row: D. Brown, R. Burnett, G. Woodley, J. Sutherland, P. Rhoda, E. Beach, N. Kirk, D. Schultz, V. Hampshire. Bottom Row: E. McAfee, L. Jackson, Miss Walker, S. Jewell, L. Renshavv, H. Shearer, K. Lake, M. Lerchen, Miss Holtman, A. Taylor. Fall Term Mary Jane Koontz.. . .. . . Elinor Baird . .... . Catherine Smith .... Jewell Cameron .. .. ... . ..... Mary Lerchen.. Purpose: To find the people everywhere. Fall Term Freeman Brown. Mary Young . .. . Pauline Thompson Frances Butler . .......... .. President . VicefP'resident .. ..... Secretary .......,.. . . .. :T-'TCt1SlL7C7'.. , . Song Leader ...... .. ........ .... .... . . . best in everything, and to give one's be FORUM .. .. Presidente... st in service to God, to the . VicefP1esident. .. ..... .. . ....... .. .. .Secreta'ry.... .. .. ..fTreasure'r. . ....... . . ............ .. Spring Term .......Helen Shearer .......Kathryn Lake ..Lorena Renshaw ..Lillian Jewell .. .Mary Lerchen community, and to Spring 'Term .Ward Schultz . .Frances Butler Pauline Thompson .Warnetta Little Puvposes To create interest in civic and historical events, and give opportunity for individual development and expression. 'Top Row: R. Stopp, H. Thursby, E. Challove, A. Campbell, M. Ayrault, M. Goldsmith, I. Campbell, C. Rapp. Middle Row: A. MacKinnon, A. Funk, A. Bernhard, V. Butler, D. Conroy, C. Meade, M. Burley, M. Kemnitz, E. Waugh, C. Lister, D. Pape. Bottom Row: S. Warner, E. Sauble, W. Little, D. Hart, P. Thompson, W. Schultz, F. Butler, J. Herbst, A. Sorensen, R. Blixberg, Miss Finn. Page Seven tyffire r'1"'nzlO7 --- ,, 'T - nv - . ---gi . G. A. C. Top Row: D. Wells, L. Lucky, K. Wemp, B. Hawkins, E. Wemp, A. Cairney, C. Wheeler, R. Smith, J. Seeker, j. Snyder, R. MacMillan, M. Schleede, C. Smith, J. Cameron, B. Bishop, D. Freeman. Midrlle Row: H. Harding, G. Keith, M. Ferguson, M. J. Koontz, F. Flynn, O. Hammer, G. Gliess, F. Freeman, U. Spraw, M. Rhoder, M. Houk, P. jackson, M. Crouse, J. Lake, V. MacCrackin, S. Spaulding. Bottom Row: E. Hale, E. Lutes, H. Rohinson, E. Gamhorg, M. E. Nuckolls, K. Bowman, C. Kelley, M. Lalonde, L. Campbell, E. R. Lyons, H. Woodley, M. Barikian, Miss L. Holtman, E. Baird. Fall Term Marcia Maslen President .... Evelyn Mann . . V1cefPresident Caroline Kelley Secretary .. Bertha Flaeh . Treasurer . Purpose: To hnd and give the hest. Fall Term Betty Narey . . President . Ella Rachel Lyons . V1cefPresident . Grace Thomas . Secretaryfrfreasurer Spring Term Caroline Kelley Kathryn Bowman Margaret Lalonde Elizabeth Gamhorg Spring Term Dorothy Nyquist Annette Rudolphi .....Evelyn Neilsen Purpose: To promote interest in Greek literature, and sociahility among those who are studying the Greek language. 'Top Row: E. Agren, E. Dodge, B. Flaeh. Mitldlc Row: F. Shepherd, J. Edelman, A. Cullen, L. Parcells, Miss Cline, Miss Roehm, L. Seahaugh. R. Thompson, R. Otto, R. Noyes, E. Dawson, E. Roth. Bottom Row: D. Lloyd, V. Norton, H. Rohinson. A. Rudolphi, E. Neilsen, E. Narey, E. Lyons. D. Nyquist, M. Maslen, A. Agren, G. Thomas, T. Mandelaris. Page Sevevitynx x 99 ' n Inu' lull l-.. 5- g " Q HEROTODUS 'Top Row: J. Eaman, V. Forsyth, B. Beyer, E. Potts. M. Crawford, G. Ark. Bottom Row: D. Rafter, M. Livermore, C. Perrin, M. Glaser, Mr. Dean, L. Plummer, C. Clinton, W. Potts. Fall 'Term Spring Term Eleanor Wood ...... President .. .. . ..Marshall Glaser Fred Gollhack ........ ViCE'PT8S1dCHI ..... . Louise Plummer Marshall Glaser .... . .. . Secretary . . . .-.Charlotte Clinton Louise Plummer. . . Treasurer . .. ....... . .. ..Calise Perrin Margaret Mary Love. ............... . . . .. Correspondmg Secretary . . ...Eleanor Potts Purpose: To stimulate and maintain interest in history. HlfY fBlue Chapterj Spring Term james Bay. .. .. . .. .... President Stuart Mc Callum . .. . . Vice-President Richard Hollingsworth . .... . ....... . Treasurer Raymond Eiserman ..... ...... ...... . . . Secretary Top Row' K. Bryant, R. MacClaren, E Berg, A. Bowles, H. VanNouhuys, R. Cooper, D. Scott, D. Boillotat, N. Culp, H. Culp. Bottom Row: j. Pomeroy, K. Berhaw, R. Hollingsworth, J. Bay, Mr. Titus, Mr. Munsel, S. McCallum, R. Eiserman, C. Courwille. Page Severity! ere: --- ,,n s '----1 -f sl A . f'r'n2l07 H l fY fGrey Chapterj Top Row: H. Hammon, C. Lister, bl. MacLean, E. McDowell, Radke, R. Hichack. Middle Row. W. Hill, W. McDonald, M. Kemnitz, E. Sharpe, VI. Prince, E. Kimhall, J. Fleishans, C. Brown, R. Rottman. Bottom Row. L. Meilreggor. H. Crandy, j. Fisk, W. Meier, Mr. Holtz, Mr. Titus, H. Haggerty, N. Maxam, T. Partridge. Fall Term Sprmg Term Alex Camphell Presrdent William Meier Dean joki VicefPresiderit . Homer Haggerty Milton Kemnxtz Treasurer Harold Grandy Homer Haggerty Secretary joseph Fisk Purpose of all Hi-,T Chapters To create, maintain, and extend, throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character. H l 'Y flied Chapterj Full Term Spring Term Charles Wolfe President Rohert Hayes .Iohn Martin V1C8'PT6SlLlEHI Francis Hulhert Francis Hulhert Secretary William Blakeney Rohert Wright Treasurer jack Sieger Top Row: R. Merrick, E. Lewis, A. McKinnon, A, Rosenau, F. Crehhon, C. Rose, Lofland, A. Comport. Midille Row G. Thomas, S. Woolner, H. Benjamin, Clem Ale, F. Sauhle, j. Loughner, S. Koepke, R. lilixher. D. Miller, ul. Coleman, E. Wright, M. Crise. Bottom Row. Donaldson, L. Doerr, J. Sieger, F. Hullvert, R. Hayes, R. Titus, W. Blakeney, R. Beck, R. Wright, C. Clinton. llnge Sevenfvfergli! U9 luu null ' 5- 5' ---- ri YT .. Q .. -34 , . ,. -- ,-.. ....:..o7- HW, 911' HlfY fKee Wah Ke Chapterj Top Row: J. Eaman, C. Woodward, F. Ghent, W. McGard, F. Gollbach, M. Glaser. R. Ward, N. Bunker. Bottom Row: J. Downey,C,McKinley,R.Wessels,W.Crawford, Mr.Dean, Mr.Titus, R.Meier, E.Gihson R, Crispin. Fall Term Sprmg Term Kenneth Berkaw., .... President. . . .. .... Robert Meier james Bay .... . . . .VicefPresident .,William Crawford Lester Mitchell . .. . .. .Secretary .. ,,.. .. .james Parsons William Guy . . . Treasurer , Lester Mitchell HlfY CWaniega Chapterj Fall Semester Spring Term Charles Ivlerckel Prerszderlt . .John Boden john Boden.. .. . . . VicefPres1dent , ,,,, Edward Kirby Edward Kirby , , . . Secretary ,, .. ., .. , ,,... . Richard Shultz Louis Doerr . . . Treasurer ,, . ,.,,,.... , . ..Ogden Venn Top Row: C. Tumer, F. Lister, T, Smith, G. Stobbe, L. McCall, R. Harris, J. Baldwin, R. Adams, R. Chapin. Bottom Row: B. Stochmeyer, A. Milligan, Ogden Venn, R. Shultz, 1. Boden, Mr. Titus, E. Kirby, C. Mahler, L. Bailey. Page Seventy-mn: 1--- ' n nie' If - .':llll -, -1 - , I 1' U '1.11:rrF-zl07'r . .- .,- ii-' K0 5 - 'T -- HOME SCIENCE CLUB Top Row: H. Kelsey, F. Muir, D. Black, A. Bender, R. Saunders. W. Lee, D. Counter. Miritile Row: Miss Emmons, G, Cattan, KI. Noble, T. Magrane, M. Koch, M, Mogge, K. Scribner, KI. Marrow, H. McRobbie, Miss Strickland. Bottom Row: A. Cairney, N. David, L. Campbell, V. Hadden, B. Grant, E. Conrad, A. Sculley, C, Bidwell, B. Rowmer, E. Wittenberg. Fall 'Term Spring Term Constance Bidwell President Elizabeth Conrad Frances Morris V1cefPresident . Alice Sculley Antionette Milhs Secretary . Bessie Grant Evelyn Wittenberg Treasurer . Betty Roemer Ruth Thompson Corresponding Secretary . Ruth Thompson Purpose: To be of service in all the social activities ofthe schoolg to improve social entertainments in the home. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Fall Term Spring Term Marion Ratliff President Mildred Vogtlin julia Bonwit V1cefPresider1t Ada Tjabring Dorothy Owen Secretary Olga Trattner Virginia Roberts . Treasurer . . Louise Fisher Purpose: To enrich the study ofthe French language and the country of France by means of varied programs given in French. Top Row: M. Doig, I. Talhert, F. Seaman, T. Landauer, R. Barfknecht, M, Squires. Middle Row: Miss Netzorg, H. Irving, R. Ingher, V. james, I. jonas, A. Bender, L. McKay, E. Hintz, K. Hartland, Miss St. john. Bottom Rowg E. Taylor, E. Kindred, L. Fisher, M. Ratliff, Ada Tjahring, M. Vogtlin, E. Robertson. V. Roberts, D. Owen, -I. Bonwit. Page Eighty DQ ln s ' l.r.'nl07e M1 ..- --..- ,, V7 .. F,...ullfl g-up X Y 175' ,-5 . I. 1. -'ra ...M .-0 I ,, el -. LISTER DEBATING CLUB Top Row: E. Challove. C. Ale, H. Smith, J. Lofland, J. Seeker. R. Blixherg, J. Kreg. A. Gloster, M. Black, F. Fleming, C. Rogers, C. Thayer. Middle Row: E. Grifhth, Mr. Bigger, R. Barfknecht, J. Ayres, M. Hedgeock, L. Montgomery, H. Hilhorn, J. Prince, D. Hamilton, J. Burger, A. Mather, W. Schultz, J. Donnelly, R. Hayes, Miss Youngloye. Bottom Row: F. Bagnall, H. Benjamin, C. Ghno, R. Leyerton, Camphell, A. Baldwin. S. Woolner, K. Blum, J. Herhst, H. Cook. E. Graham, M. MacLeod. Full Term Spring Term Sidney Viloolner President . John Camphell Kathleen Blum.. .. . . VicefPres1dent Alice Baldwin Harry Benjamin Secretary . . Rohma Gertrude Leverton Ward Schultz . Treasurer . . . . Charles Ohno Jule Ayres Parlmmentarmn . , , Earl Graham Purpose: To Create an interest in debating through the fellowship in eluh activity. Fall Term Spring Term Patricia Brenton President Dorothy MacLean Rohert Wright VicefPre.s1rlent Joe Groesheck Marjorie Howey Secretary . . Margaret Huenke Jack Sieger . , Treasurer . . . . Harold Leipham Purpose: To further the interest in the Spanish language and people, and to promote a general social interest. Top Row: A. MacDonald, D. Miller, M. MacRae. J. Fleishans, H. Grandy, F. Hough, G. Rowland. R. Taulbee, F. Hulhert, V. Fleming, S. Koeplce, A. Demarais. Midclle Row: R. Wright, C. Whitney, V. Burton, M. Barris, D. Bowles, A, Wiseman, L. Berger, G. Leclcner, D. MacDonald, R. Milbey, L. Turner. Bottom Row: O. Rockey, C. Boden, D. Gregory, M. Huenke, J. Groeslueck, M. Matgen, H. Leipham, D. MacLean, I. Evans, M. Seed, S. Warner, C. Garrison, J. Cook, Miss Leonard. Page Eighty-unc cocoon .,,, 'sn 1 , ' 1.1. 'rn IOYQ s. l "N" CLUB Top Row: Mr. Maris, C. Rose, B. Drittler, W. Ctto, C. Benson, T. Dennis, J. Peckham, D. Paul, C. Whitiiey, E, Orians, Mr. Bishop. Bottom Row: A. Rosen, R. Milhy, S. Shea, A. Knight, M. Hachzidorian, S. Deehr, S. Fay, D. Erskine, J. Mcllvain, G. Leckner, F. Malott, C. Leadhetter. Fall 'Term Spring Term Don Erskine , President . . Sterling Deehr Sterling Deehr . Vice-President .. .. ...... . Sylvester Shea Sylvester Shea . . .. Secretaryffreasurer . .... ................ M r. Bishop Purpose: To promote the interests of good citizenship and fair play in athletics, and to raise the standard ot athletics hy means of friendly competition. PREMEDICS CLUB Fall Semester Spring Semester Maurice Goldsmith President . . . ...Maurice Goldsmith Chairles Merckel .. VicefPres1dent .. . .... .. Charles Mcrckel Vera Saihulko . Secretaryffreasurcr . ..Vera Sahulko Purpose: To study the prohlems of medical students and doctors in order to help students who plan to take up the medical profession. Top Row: H. Hager. L. Doerr, A. McKinnon. L. Goldstein, F. Hannosh. Bottom Row: D. Kindred. F. Yenny, Miss Ridgway, M, Goldsmith, V. Sahulko, C. Merckel, H. McLean. Page Eighlv tum panama .-. f-in Q 1. .-in l-'--I . 1 X M ...,5' I i ,-. .if . ,Q ' LL 'LQIOYN -'Ulf SCHILLER CLUB 'Top Row: E. Ruskin, E. Gritscheit, E. Gratn, G. Kottke, P. Esser, J. Kirschenheiter, H.Tomkins, R. Repp, H. Lueckhoff. Middle Row: C. Merckel, Miss Grover, R. Herman, G. Momtie, G. Gleiss, D. Gruenwald, W. LaLonde, H. MacLean, E. LaLonde, B. Schmidt, Mrs. Neilson. Bottom Row: I. Reuss, A. Fuller, V. Presser, E. Sharp, D. Elliott, M. Kemnitz, M. Endress, E. Gamborg, M. Funk. Fall 'Term Spring Term Elizabeth Gamborg . .. .President , .Dorothy Elliott Katherine Murbach . .......... . . VicefPresidenr . . Marie Endress Vera Presser ,,,.,,.. , ,, , Secretaryffrelisurer ,, ,, . . . Milton Kemnitz Purpose: To further interest in German literature, and to provide German entertainment. SCIENCE AND RADIO CLUB Fall Term Spring Term Allan Stecker. ..... . . .President .. . Allan Stecker Clarence Mumma ..,. . ,, ,VicefPresident . . Clarence Mumma Ruth Mclntosh .. .. .. Secretary .... Ruth Mclntosh Howard Stowell . .. , ,, Treasurer ,, , , , , Howard Stowell Jack White .. .. ,,.. ,.,,.,, , , . . ..... SergeantfatfArms ,, ,, .. , ., . ,, jack White Purpose: To stimulate interest in science and give opportunity for individual development and expansion. 'Top Row: Mr. Cline, S. Seltzer. S. Sellman, R. Curtis, A. Wiseman. J. Fleishans, L. Goldstein, H. Haggerty, D. Stovall, C. Clinton. Bottom Row: V. Clark, H. Irving, C. Mumma, R. Mclntosh. A. Stecker, H. Stowell, D. Owen, xl. White, R. Klein, Mr. Wade. Page Eightythre: an .uull lir 5 - ----f f, n Y . . LL g ,--n I s I I. ,Acts u:r.:t'sl07? -0 Q ., 'el f SOCH ROMANl Tofu Rc B. Reule. E. Olsen. Millalltf Row' Mrs. Adams. D. Boillotot. M. Sanderson. C. Moon. Al. Zander. E. Gihson R. Thompson. M. Lane. C. Phelan. B. Switalska. H. Heminway. Miss Norris. Boltmn Row' IJ. Stephens. A. Voeglin. M. Thompson. V. Phillips. B. Rosenfeld. N. C. Clinton. L. Plummer. A. Thompson. VI. Mitchell, Fall Term Mary Hazelton Consul -lean Zauder VlCC'C071.Slll Raymond Cooper Scnlm David Scott Quziestcw ,lean Mae llarrah Cenxor Catherine Clark Nmitiux Purpose To encourage interest in study ol' Lati history and to loster social lile among pupils n. to acquire studying Latin. ODALES greater familiarity with Fall Term S Kathleen Blum President Agnes Purington Vice-President Marion MacDonald S6C7UIl17y':TTCzLSIl7t'T Purpose To hrlng the girls in higher Latin classes into a closer relationship with each oth uv C. Rogers. H. Chase. M. Strick. F. Trumhle, F. Sorg, E. Frazier, F. Luhow, A. Rieky, S. blehnson, , D. Scott. bl. Burgess, Peckham. E. Brown, Sprmg Term Nohle Peckham Virginia Phillips Electa Brown Charlotte Clinton Louise Plummer Beatrice Rosenfeld loman customs and l Spring Tenn Pauline Thompson Thomasene Lewis Marion MacDonald er. 'Top Row M. Brown. l. Kehemau. l. Mcllarvah. B. Franowitz, VJ. Lee. Al. Gray. D. Adams. M. Ratclitfe, M Rohertson. F. Hodges. Mitliilt' Row Miss Sheehan. B. Baker. M. Ayrault. V, Lee, M. Hill. M. Stotz, A. Schwartz. B. Scheer, H. Page. E. Schuhiner, Miss Cooper. Iimiom Row. C. Catton. j. Bonwit, P. Crihling. K. Blum. M. MacDonald. P. Thompson. T. Lewis. L. Ens- minger. li. Kemiutz. H. Orwiclc. ima- 1fi,if.,t.,.i.., QZEZBS -,,1"ll g .- Top Row: R. Lake, F. Hulbert, E. Martens, F. Hough. Second Row: E. Myers, E. Hale, O. Hammer, M. E. Nuckolls, M. Funk, M. Ferguson, J. Erman, J. Thomson, B. Wright, R. Ellas, K. Hartland, M. Vogtlin, P. Thompson, A. Funk, R. Noyes, M. MacLeod. Third Row: M. Gurman, M. J. Koontz, J. Hughes, Miss F. Guenther, W. Little, C. Rosenbaum, K. Cookerly, C. Everling, Mrs. Ferris, E. Wright, A. Baldwin, J. Bentley, J. Kimmel, D. Irwin, M. LaLonde, C. Kelley, F. Fleming, V. Black, J. Talbot. Bottom Row: M. Vastbinder, C. Merckle, F. Bagnall, H. Heinmiller, A. Gloster, C. Thayer, J. Lofland, K. Bowman, H. Benjamin, R. Linton, J. Trattner, R. Frank, H. Irving, C. Ohno, H. Cook. THE. FALL TERM Faculty Advisers-MRs. FERRIS, Miss GUENTHER, MR. BOLTZ EXECUTIVE BOARD Editor'infChief ,............ ,,,.,......... K ATHRYN BOWMAN Business Manager, ........... ..... . ..HARRY BENJAMIN Advertising Manager .........,........ VICTOR STEFANAC Feature Editor ............... .....,.. C I-IARLOTTE THAYER News Editor .............. .............. R UTH LINTON Sport Editor .................. .....,.. C HARLES OHNO Circulation Manager ........ ....... C HARLES CLINTON Publicity Manager ....,....................... RALPH FRANK STAFF Art Editor ......... ........,............... J ULIUS TRATTNER Asst. Sport Editors..JEAN HUGHES, JULIAN LoELAND Staff Photographers..EDwARD MARTENS, EDWARD HERRIGK Exchange Editor ....,.............,,.. HARLAN HEINNIILLER Reporters: A. Baldwin, R. Birdseye, R. Ellas, C. Everling, E. Hale, O. Hammer, F. Hough, M. Houk, M. Lalonde, F. McCluskey, L. McKay, E. Wemp, H. Harich, J. Bentley, A. Gloster, M. MacLeod, H. Irving, M. J. Koontz, H. Cook, A. Carlind, M. Vastbinder, P. Thompson, N. McLellan. Art Staff: Kathleen Wemp. Ad Staff: K. Hartland, E. Kirby, Eamon, F. Lerminez. Probation: E. Brown, J. Eamon, F. Lerminez, V. Butler. Typists: D. Hall, C. Kelley, L. Meitz, M. Crise, F. Bagnall. Coll' SPRING TERM Faculty AdViS6fSiMRS. FERRIS, MISS GUENTHER, MR. BOLTZ, MR. BIGGER. EXECUTIVE BOARD Editorfin-Chief .................................... RUTH LINTON Assistant EdIfOfS..CHARLOTTE TI-IAYER, CHARLES OHNO Acting Asst. Editor ........................ JULIAN LOELAND Business Manager .............. ......... C I-IARLES CLINTON Assistant Business Manager .... HARLAN HEINMILLER Advertising Manager .............. KATHRYN HARTLAND Circulation Manager .................. CHARLES MERGKLE Sport Editor ................. .............. A RTHUR GLOSTER Girls' Sports ...............,...................... JEAN HUGHES Exchange Editor ..........,,.......... KATHRYN BOWMAN Publicity Managers RALPH FRANK, JULIUS TRATTNER STAFF Asst. Publicity Manager ..,............. .... H ELEN IRVING Staff Photographer ...............,...... EDWARD MARTENS Copyreaders: F. Bagnall, H. Cook, M. Lalonde, M. MacLeod, P. Thompson. Reporters: J. Bentley, R. Birdseye, M. Dale, R. Ellas, C. Everling, F. Hough, M. J. Koontz, F. McClusky, L. McKay, M. Vastbinder, M. Vogtlin, M. Gurman, J. Erman, A. Funk, M. Bader. Art Staff: G. Morlan, W. Crawford. Advertising Staff: R. Weiner, H. Orwick, R. Lake, V. Black, J. Kimmel, I. Leider. Circulation Staff: J. Wright, D. Irwin, C. Hudson, M. Funk, A. Funk, E. Myers, R. Noyes, J. Bentley, W. Busha, J. Craig, J. Groesbeck, E. Wright, H. Wright, F. Hulbert, S. Selic. Probation: C. Harris, Alice Baldwin, K. Cookerly. Page Eightyfjivc Staff. .. ..., .. ,,,,,,. BOE GATHMAN, VIRGINIA GRANT, I F i -'- 'D n --6' -,gn-:l g-r , 'Ll' 59 ug . f. 17 0' nz:r.:nlO7T 7A.,'.JJ K fl - . Back Row: M. Doig, H. Brown, J. Howard, M. Black, D. Huber, H. Elder, H. Alpert, Slakter, E. Leschinsky, F. Trumhle, H. Oakman, J. Kreg, E. Wemp, A. Riekse, D. Just. Middle Row: Miss Guenther, C. Tilton, D. McDonnell, R. Klein. R. Leverton, A. Mather, K. Blum, M. Nuckolls, S. Seltzer, Miss Tilton, N. Maxam, L. Revels, D. Hock, L. Russell, Runyan, E. Nikrant, K. Cooper. Front Row: T. Atwell, J. Bonwit, R. Blixherg, C. Leadbetter, M. Compton, J. Ayers, M-. West, K. Wemp, J. Camphell, E. Shuert, J. Herhst, R. Alhert, L. Jones. Udds wil Ends FALL TERM SPRING TERM Editor . . . ..... JOSEPH HOWELL Asst. Editor R. CORINNE HENRY Business Manager DEAN JOKI LOUISE ENSMINGER PAULINE GRIBLING . .KATHLEEN BLUM . JULIA BONWIT Fourth Copyreader . . . . JEANIE HOWARD . JULES DAVIS, DON LLOYD . .. ..MAXINE WEST Staff: NOEL MAxAM, ELOIsE SHUERT, FERRIs TAYLOR Cartoonist .. .... . . . .. ..... ELMER LESCHINSKY Literary Editor First Copyreader Second Copyreader Third Copyreader Staff . . . .. . Art Editor Business Staff ......,,,. , ..... J. WHITELEY, JEAN KREG, HARRY ALPERT, DAVID JUST. Publicity Manager .. .. . . . JACK HERBST RAYMOND FREY. Circulation Manager ..... . .,.,.... ...... E DITH HARWITH, MARGARET WICKHAM. All'in'Fun Editor ..... ...ELEANORE HAsERoUCIc Stage and Screen ............... SANFORD BENNETT, THOMAS ATWELL. Head Typist , . . .JANET MACQUARRIE Staff: REGINA ALBERT, DOROTHY MCMICHAEL, DOROTPIY BECK, ARIEL DICKS, KATIE YECK. Advisers: General . N. EDITH TILTON Art .F. M. GUENTHER Puhlicity . . . .J. K. BOLTZ Page Eighryxix Editor. .................... . Assistant Editor .. Business Manager .. .. Literary Editor .... . First Copyreader .... . Second Copyreader... Third Copyreader ..... Fourth Copyreader ......... . Fifth Copyreader ..... Circulation Manager ........ , AllfinfFun Editor ..... Stage and Screen ...,.. Sport Editor .... ........ Exchange Editor .... Ad Manager... . Publicity Manager ....... . .. Cartoonist .... ..,JULE AYERS MAXINE WEST .......JOHN CAMPBELL .......MARY COMPTON .. ..... CORINNE TILTON ,..,.,...JEANIE HOWARD DOROTHY MCCONNELL ..........FAYE TRUMBLB ,........RUTH KLEIN TVTARGARBT WICKHAM ..,....THOMAS ATWELL . . ........... LLOYD JONES CHARLES LEADBETTER .. .... .JULIA BONWIT . .. ..DIc1c BLIXBERG .JACK HERBST .ELMER LESCHINSKY Literary Staff: DON LLOYD, NOEL MAXAM, MARY ELLEN NUCKOLLS, SOLLY SELTZER, RUTH DONALD, VIRGINIA HANSON. Business Staff: JEAN KREG, HELEN OAKMAN, LILLIAN RUSSELL, ALICE RIEKSE, ALICE STEELE, LILLIAN MCLAREN, HARRY ALPERT. Art Staff: ELOISE SHUERT, HELEN ELDER, KAY WEMP Allfin-Fun: LORRAINE REVELS, CHARLES MOON Stage and Screen: JAY SLAKTER, ETHEL NIKIKANT Type Staff: DOROTHY HOCK, HELEN BROWN, KLETUS COOPER, REGINA ALBERT, DOROTHY Mc' MICHAEL. Publicity Staff: RAYMOND -FREY, BOE GATHMAN Advisers: General . .. .. . N. EDITH TILTON Art . . F. M. GUEN'FHER Publicity .. K. BOLTZ crease: ... ' 4 ,N n L .. f. "' "7" if Q -Ld" . 1 xdl l.!.""llO7' Top Row: P. Thompson, J, Dunlap, W. Domanowski, M. Barris, E. Taylor, J. Groesbeck, H. Binkle, P. Henderson, E. Trick, J. Peckham, J. Head, M. Robertson, E. Graham, J. Bonwit, G. Thomas. Middle Row: Mr. Stoll, Miss Seaver, M. Bartholomew, V. Sahulko, M. Gibson, J. Lofland, M. Huenke, D. MacLean, E. Wright, M. Hedgcock, E. Neilson, J. Teubert, F. Stefanac, C. Stark, Miss Guenther, J. Nothaft. Bottom Row: Miss Dunnigan, G. Thomas, H, Woodley, C. Ale, E. Eddy, H. Benjamin, T. Lewis, S. Woolner, A. Sorenson, D. Erskine, M. Tierney, J. Botsford, S. Seltzer, D. Pape, D. Nyquist. NORWESTER STAFF Editor . .. ..,,. .....,., S IDNEY WOOLNER Assistant Editor .,..,. ......... A NNE SORENSEN Picture Editor ...,...,.,,.....,.,......... THOMASENE LEWIS nA Pictures ...,..........,..,,..... ELENORE EDDY Club Pictures ,... JEAN DUNLAP, JACK TEUBERT Snaps ,..,,,......,,.,,,,.....,.,,,,,,.... ANNA WASSMER Girls' Sport Editor ........ ,,,., ,.,....... J E AN BoTsI'ORD Boys' Sport Editor ,.........,....,..... .......... D ON ERSKINE Staff: MARJORIE HEDGCOCR, ETHEL SMITH, EUNICE TAYLOR, WALTER DOMANOWSKI, JOE GROEZSBECK, MARCELINE ROBERTSON. Art Editor ............. .............. ............ F E RRIS TAYLOR Assistant Art Editor ............ ...., E LWOOD THORNE Staff: HARRY ALPBRT, MARION BOYD, HELEN CARR, BEssIE COTTOM, RALPH FRANK, RAY' MOND FREY, FRANK PENICR, ELOISE SHUERT, KATHLEEN WEMP, MAXINE WEST. Feature Editor ...........................,........,. CLEM ALE Assistant Feature Editor ...,... ...,, S OLLY SELTZER Calendar Editor .............. . .............. VERA SAHULKO Music and Drama ................., MARGUERITE SLANKER Editorial Staff: JULIA BONWXT, JEANETTE HEAD, MARGARET HUENKE. Literary Staff: FRANCES STBFANAC, GRACE THOMAS, PAULINE THOMPSON, ELBANOR TRICK. Business Manager ...........,. . ....... HARRY BENJAMIN Assistant Business Manager .... DOROTHY NYQUIST Publicity Manager .................. RAYMOND EIsERMAN Assistant Publicity Manager ........... DOROTHY PAPE Staff: PHILIP HENDERSON, RUTH OTTO, LAURA PARCELLS, GERALD WARDELL, EARL WRIGHT. Circulation Manager .............. .,..... H AZEL WOODLEY Assistant Circulation Manager ........ JANE NOTHAET House Editor ...............,............ MARGARET TIERNEY House Representatives: MURIEL BARTHOLOMEW, MARY GIBSON, DOROTHY MAC LEAN, EVELYN NBILSON, CYNTHIA STARK, MORTON BARRIS, EARL GRAHAM, JULIAN LOIILAND, JOHN PECIcf HAM, GEORGE THOMAS. Secretary .................,...................... HARRIET BINKLE Typists: FREDA FREEDENSON, ANNE FULLER, GENEVRA MITTER, THELMA MITTER, DORIS SCHNEIDER, DORIS WEISS. Advisers: Art ...........,... .........,.,.. , FLORENCE GUENTHER Business ,............,,..... .. , ,,,....,.. CARL STOLL Literary: MARY E. DUNNIGAN and ELIZABETH SEAVER. Publicity ..... ..... . ...JOSEPH BOLTZ Page ElghIy'5CUCYl ll Y 512353 515 n - i .. .i."". U -rr , " , X ., . f .4 0 ' l:l."'J' 7 ' ,0 -Tut , 'gl .mf -..L '-rf! ,r Marie Black Erdine Griffith Lucille Schwartzbek Raymond Eiserman Jule Ayers Mr. Bigger John Campbell SCHOOL DEBATING After the tryouts in the fall, Mr. Carlisle Bigger, coach, chose the following students to represent Northwestern on the school debating team: Jule Ayers, Marie Black, John Campbell, Raymond Eiserman, Erdine Griffith, and Lucille Schwartzbek. Jule Ayers and John Campbell were the only veterans of the group, although the others had had some experience on intermediate or house teams. Under the system inaugurated this season, no definite aiiirmative and negative teams were organized. The best qualihed individuals made up the team at each debate. How' ever, every member of the team debated at least once during the season. The subject for debate was: L'Resolved: That the direct primary should be abolished." Starting the season November 18, Northwestern's affirmative team, upheld by Erdine Griffith, Lucille Schwartzbek, and Jule Ayers, debated Southeastern at Northwestern. The result was a afr victory for Southeastern. A negative team composed of John Campbell, Raymond Eiserman, and Jule Ayers presented that side of the question at Central on December 9. Again the opposing team was proclaimed the winner by a zfr decision. The afiirmative team, on its second appearance, January 15, met Eastern in the Indians' auditorium. The team, composed of Marie Black, John Campbell, and Jule Ayers, put forth one of the strongest arguments heard in the city league during the year, but was defeated. The Hnal league debate was held in the Northwestern auditorium on January 27. Northwestern's negative team, with the same group, debated Western, and, contrary to the jinx that had followed them throughout the season, won by a 21 vote. Page Eighty-eight 522593 .-, Y? T17 Y ' -,, il,I UD 5 1 1 6 ,Mp , ,. ,e .. aazwf -+A ff JOAN OF ARC DEBATING TEAM Top Row: M. Hazelton, B. Hawkins, M. Hedgcock. Bottom Row: Miss Cline, H. Hilborn, J. Donnelly, D. Hamilton, Miss Lehman. HOUSE DEBATING This year has been another exceedingly successful one for interfhouse debating. All the teams have worked diligently and certainly deserve a great amount of praise. Some of the graderooms that formerly held back came up to leading places in the semiffinals. Many students have become more experienced and have pronted through this activity. "The City Manager Plan of Government" was the subject selected for the debates this year, and it proved to be a very interesting and desirable one because of its application to the needs of our city, Detroit. The excellent work of Miss Gladys Hinmon, chairman of interfhouse debating at Northwestern, was a strong factor toward the successful season. Four teams emerged victorious from a series of interfhouse debates. The winning teams were: Clara Barton, Joan of Arc, Wilson, and Marshall. The two former houses had scores of twentyfone while the latter two graderooms had scores of nineteen. The coaches of these four leading houses were as follows: Clara Barton, Miss Waggoner and Miss Barker, Joan of Arc, Miss Cline and Miss Lehman, Wilson, Miss Roehm and Mr. Hulbert, Marshall, Miss McGrain, Mrs. Bovill, and Mr. Sisson. In the semifiinals Clara Barton and Wilson were eliminated, leaving Joan of Arc and Marshall to fight for the house championship. From the closely contested finals both Joan of Arcis negative and aflirmative teams emerged victorious with the negative score of 3fo, and the affirmative score of zfr. By virtue of her victory Joan of Arc keeps the debate cup permanently, having gained the championship twice previous to this year. On March 13, following the debate for the championship, a banquet was held as a conf clusion to the season. All members of house debating teams, the coaches, and others connected with the debates attended. Alice Baldwin acted as toastmistress for the occasion. A very enjoyable time was had by all. All the debates were enthusiastically attended, and fine school spirit was shown. A year as successful as this one, if not more so, is anticipated for 1929. Page Eightyfnine 41 Q2 'i l ll n g -..-.. , 77 , ,. 17 B W I-I qiow'-- L17 TW I 4' xl lgIl'aTI'llOYf' L0 'il , Top Row: Helen Curtis, Charles Merckel, Dolores Brown, jack Mcllvain, Don Erskine, Raymond Eiserman, Virginia Phillips, Edward Roth. Middle Row: Charles Rogers, Mr. Porter, Virginia Lee, Alice DeCou, Katherine Koethe, Miss Brown. jack Teubert, Margaret Smith, Evelyn Nielsen, Miss Alley. Bottom Row: jane Helmel, Marion Ratliff, john Campbell, jean Kreg, Robert Hayes, Alice Baldwin, Noel Maxam, Eleanor Wemp, Hazel Woodley. STUDENT COUNCIL With Howard Worden as president, Emily Eaman as vicefpresident, Alice Baldwin as secretary, and Dean joki as treasurer, the Student Council began its work for the fall semester. The officers were ably assisted by Miss Alley, Miss Jaehnig, Mr. Porter, and the executive board consisting of Helen O'Day, Jean Kreg, john Campbell, Robert Hayes, Marie Wagner, and Charles Ohno. The Student Council of Northwestern always aims to improve the scholarship, promote good will among the students, instill loyalty to the ideals and traditions of Northwestern, and to contribute to its physical, moral, and spiritual growth. The Council's activities commenced with the first day of the school term: information desks were maintained, Red and Gray handbooks were sold, a used book sale was conf ducted, football programs were sold. Complete control of all Red and Gray material was given to the Council. A ninth grade mixer was sponsored by the Council in October, the captains of the various athletic teams were introduced, faculty and student speakers were heard, and the school songs and yells taught. The Halloween dance for the ninth and tenth graders, and the Christmas dance for students in the eleventh and twelfth grades were colorful and enjoy' able affairs. After selecting the celebrities and establishing a fund for needy students, the Council concluded its enterprises for the semester. The officers for the spring term were: president, Robert Hayes, vicefpresident, Alice Baldwin, secretary, Jean Kreg, treasurer, John Campbell. On the executive staff were: Marion Ratliff, Gerd Gamborg, Eleanor Wemp, Jack Teubert, Noel Maxam, and Kimball Northru . Noel Isiaxam directed the sale of used books at the beginning of the term. Emphasis was placed on the improvement of scholarship in the school, and John Campbell acted as chairman of a committee for that purpose. Suggestion boxes were placed in each building, and jack Macllvain was appointed chairman of a group to provide a contest bulletin board for every graderoom. An appropriate program for the ninth grade mixer was arranged by Donald Erskine. On March 16, the ninth and tenth grade students were entertained at a jolly St. Patrick's day dance. The Council, after sponsoring an eleventh and twelfth grade frolic, presented each member of the debating team with a medal. Page Ninety --san 'Q n '- W!-Ni-Ffl l if X -,,6w5' ru-5 . . .ll " "rk.- - i ..T.x' - .u E - . IJ.. TUO7' l LIBRARY STAFF Top Row' C. Poellet, B. Franowitz. A. Mather. A. Irvine, Miss Walker, G. Booth, Miss Meston, K. Couf younyian, E. Weber, S. Romer, C. Lalrorge, N. Lutfhorough. Top Row' R. Loranger, A. Bender, J. Grant, C. Boden, Miss Winton, R. Eichelherger, F. Luhow, F. Bachus, M. lviather, E. Hanson. MAUD ROYDEN Twp Row: J. Howards, V. Grifhths, R. Hammer. C. Murdock, L. Draschner, D. Scott, E. Rumpel. Middle Row: H. Schmadeback, E. Durr, A. Phipps, M. Nicld, D. Battershee, A. Parimski, K. Woodhead, A. Gibson, V. Yerex, L. McLaren. Bottom Row: M. Dudley, J. Kimmel, H. Lusn, M. E. Thompson, J. Summerville, A. Steele, K. Lee, J. Thompf son, E. Frank, K. McLaren, H. Steele. Fall Term Sprmg Term Kathryn Lee . . . .. Preszdent . . . . Genevieve Heal Josephine Thompson . . Viceflnfesident . Kathryn Lee Alice Steele . . Secretavy Ardis Gihson Jean Summerville .. . . ...Treasurer . Virginia Yerex STAGE CREW Top Row: V. Clark, H. Wright. J. Fleischans, H. Haggerty. Bottom Row: Mr. Cline, A. Stecker, P. Esser, E. Wright, H. Krause, Mr. Boltz. Page Ninety-one 1 Deacon lllll , 6 - 5 T17 n I i F :Ia ' if , Tl' Y i I . I 1' - - nur.:nlO7? L 1 -0 el f HALL OF FAME, JUNE l927 Top Row: E. Wickeyv Art Club, H. ShdfCf'P78M8d1C.Y, K. Stecker---Science, L. Ensminger-Sodales. Middle Row: R. Peak--'Herodotus, M. Kumer---Alice Freeman Palmer, H. AulphiCreelg Club, J. Bay---H1-T, R. Snyder-Hi-Y, L. McKay-Black Quills, C. Clark-Socn Romani. Bottom Row: E. Koch--Schiller, M. Fenely-Business Club, R. Batie-Lister, H. Tackabury-Amici, j. Thompson'-G. A. C., E. Robinson--'Los Leones, I. Creed--Home Science, F. Herrmann-Lister. THE HALL OF FAME The Hall of Fame, now an established institution of Northwestern, is recognized as the highest honor offered in any Held of activity. The goal of each member of school organizaf tions is to be placed in this distinguished group. The credit for the original plan is due to Miss Florence Younglove. Believing that the awards conferred at the time of graduation conveyed no lasting honors, Miss Younglove presented her ideas to Lister Debating Club, who, in turn, introduced the Hall of Fame to the school. The purpose of the organizaf tion is "to give due recognition to the students of allfaround ability in Northwestern." The system of naming candidates to the Hall of Fame is supported by the clubs of the school. HALL OF FAME, JANUARY l928 'Top Row: C. Merckel-HifT, M. ComptonwAlice Freeman Palmer, S. WoolnerALister, A. Langtry- Ii 2 Science, E. Baird---Caryarides, C. Wolfe-Huff, E. Narey-Greek Club. Middle Row: M. Maslen-G. A. C., F. Brown-Forum, P. Gribling-Sodales, M. Endress-Schiller, K. Berkaw---Hif'Y, G. Gamborg--Herodotus, M. HoweyYLos Lennes. Bottom Row: J. Bonwit-Cercle Francais, L. GrahamfAlcott, C. Bidwell-Home Science, E. Griffith!- Arnici, Nothaftf'---Bios. Page Ninety-two UU P- on ""' T15 n I 5' ,-f. I if , T' 5 W. ' u 1 ff 15113 u1r.:nl07? .Mi -0 'fl - . 1st. Sgt. H. Shepherd. Ist. Lt. E. Sprague, 1st. Lt. J. Lofland, Major J. Shimmick, Staff Sgt. I. Tkacik, U. S. A., Instructor, Capt. R. Strauss, ISI. Lt. R. Talbot, znd Lt. P. Ronan, lst. Sgt. M. Young. RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS Down in room zo, tucked away in what was once a locker room, are the headquarters of a widely acknowledged but little known Northwestern Reserve Officers' Training Corps Division. This division was established in Northwestern in March 1919 under the act of Congress of 1916. Sergeant Tkacik, who is a topfsergeant in the regular army and a captain in the infantry reserves, has been the instructor, and it is hoped he will remain with us in the future. That he knows what he is about is shown by the fact that the Northwestern Corps, in competition with the eight other Detroit high school reserve corps, have won the distinction of honor high school three times out of seven. They have won five Held days out of a possible eight in competition with the same schools. The last three were won in succession. The R. O. T. C. Held days have been held at Navin Field. Before the day arrives various elimination contests are held to determine which three schools shall compete in the Hnal meet. About the three most interesting events from the humorist's standpoint are the tentfpitching, wallfscaling, and equipment race. In the equipment race the teams start out with most of their clothes and equipment strewn over the ground. The object is to run to one puttee, put it on, run to the shirt, put it on, etc. The best dressed and fastest is the winner. Other events are shooting, platoon drill, best cadet and best oflicer drills. Northwestern has provided the three best cadets and the four best ollicers in eight years of competition. Last year Northwestern won, among other prizes, the Army and Navy Cup, The Hudf son Motor Car Company Cup, and The Free Press Cup. A third leg was won on the One Hundred and TwentyfFifth Infantry of the National Guard Assembly Cup. Greater Northwestern owes a great deal to its R. O. T. C. Page Nmzryfrhrcc cocoa: --- , I1 N .17 ,'-in l.-- , T-T ,.-.e.57 I . 1.1.33 l07" Ju- f R. O. T. C. Top Row H. Simms. R. Young, C. Neuman, R. Main, E. Williams, W, Ewing, F. Kaiser, C. Barnes. C. Meyer E, Haismgton. -I, Lotigren, A. Erwin. -I. Smith, K. Couyoumjian. E. Ling. Second Row: AI. Hough. R. Snelgrove. N. Warrick, L. Vail, D. Judd, P. Smith, G. Walker, L. Ballard. EI. Stradley, Mac Lean, H. Kerns, C. Sims. V. Douglas, G. Knox. M. Foster, R. See. Third Row: C. Walters. W, Sulton, R, Shepard. B. Olin, R, Blake, C. Darling, D. Gourlay, F, Buenano. S. Donahue, R. Nersesian. C. Getty. C, Koch. G. Sparr, C. Creed. H. Anderson. Bottom Row N. Fitzmaurice, C. Tressler, A. johnson, M. Stigleman, A, Thurston. V, Hanson, O. lvlitcham. D. Livermore, T. Anderson, A. Vann, W. Smawley. F. Hehert. R. Long. R. O. T. C. Top Row N. Zurnherg. E. Bees. j. Thompson, W. Mc Cuire. H, Smith, A. Aylsworth, j. Taylor, M. Crut- cher. Keidan. O, Mitcham. W. McQueen, Bethel, Mulliiis. C, Brinker, C, Weissman, C. Adams. R, Tyrel. F. Lasota, W. Andrews. Second Row S. Hamway. R. Walker. B. jaeohs. E, Edwards, H. Tyler, A, Trueman, A, Milligan. C. Easton. L. Talhot, AI. Donaldson. S. Edholm. C, Spencer, W. Richards, N. Ramsey, R. Meitz, DI. Connally. J. Downey. F. Wall, Tliml Row E. White, L, Berkowitz, M. Bond, R. Bristol. C. Gourlay, L. Partee. Z. Farkas, S. Romer. S. Garrison. ,l. Wliite. E. Brown. T. Hill, UI. Wilson, L, Schmidt. F, Allan. Bottom Row, M. Stefanac, A Cordola. H. Slotnick, D. Keever, E. Weidman. M. Bowman. W, Dickinson l, Bernstein. C. vlatros. R. Van Deventer. L. Owen. B, Butensky. H. Scholhe. Page 'Qlvxerv-limi Deanna ... wl'll g-up ll! g I I1 - ml'-N '-1: 0' lgH,TaIL"fllo7T 5 '. kg- . Top Row: P. Smith, J. Thompson, M. Young, J. Mullins, J. Keidan, C, Brinker. Bottom Row: N. Warrick, Stradley, Lt. E. Sprague, Capt. R. Strauss, Capt. J. Shimmick, Lt. R. Talbot, Lt. J. Lofland, W. Andrews. BOYS' RIFLE TEAM The Rifle Team of Northwestern, like the proverbial donkey, does much good but gets little thanks. It has made Northwestern so great that it is the envy of all the other schools in the city. So great is this envy that should anyone enter a school and announce he is from Northwestern, he would be liable to suffer a sudden and violent death. It has made a greater Detroit in spreading its name throughout the states in the national competitions. The coach of this greatly respected but greatly feared team is none other than Sergeant Tkacik, instructor of R. C. T. C. He has been the coach since the Hrst team was organized in 1926. The members of the rifle team are chosen from the members of the National Rifle Association, the headquarters of which are at Washington, D. C. The matches are shot under N, R. A. rules. About one hundred of the one hundred and fortyfhve R. O. T. C. members belong to the association. They have their own officers as follows: Hugh Richardson, president, Richard Strauss, secretary, and Joseph Shimmick, executive officer, The members shoot in the rifle gallery in the R. O. T. C. room. The range is fifty feet, and Winchester caliber 22 rifles are used. Medals are offered for various degrees of excel' lence. The promarksman is made of bronze. The marksman is made of silver, while the sharpshooter is of gold. Nine sets of targets must be shot for nine bars which are attached to the sharpshooters medal. The first four of these are shot prone, the next three sitting, and the other two kneeling. A set is then shot in the standing position. A blue enameled medal is awarded for this. This blue enameled medal represents the expert rifleman. A bar attached to this denotes the distinguished rifleman. About ninety per cent of the members are marksmen, sixty per cent are expert riflemen. Roosevelt House had the house champion team last year. The school team has been city champion for five consecutive years and won the National Interfscholastic Championship in 1925. Page Ninety-five 1 """ f- , , in -1... - DD L.. 5 any M13 g:..,1lO1f .iW, ' A ,I A X X h AT NIAGARA Wo .1-loo. SKINNEY JACK MA JM 1 I Y , Q NEXT LEAGUE of Nmoms I VAITING PONTIAC BOUND , N , HE WQULD PAST 'FENSE i-A 1.4 g I V Woo? Xwoof N. H MES-S Lama VE Bucf MEN Page Nmcry-mx li 1 e .. Q.. -1 ----. .-A ,rj Y .4 px 2-QQ C ,. 1. . 1,- , ,Av '. .5 '11 if ' V 1 A W ,C . wwf, Ax 5 Lua., -' 1 1-' fA:1fga,jp"'i" ,521 ,A mfaf' -f-'Wm WMM f-APf'Q'f-ww 535,-1SrLi1ZP'a 41 K-er,-fwfrmga-, ' . cf, ,- ,. P: :H H: -, .1 -M W s Ghmgfxmvg .,,,,pw,f -.rf M- ev, kMw.,.w44 'gf-",.L',Jxwf,, L, gg , ,w. ?,, . .1 ,, P' ,, A 1 f s. '?57 Jw SQA. xlkf-'?'Zq.1 A Wg. -5- A251 uf- 19-iF-J'4.:1a JL v 5: f f 'T 'Wx 1 My Y H.:+.w ,I-41f"s:f-fly? :ff 3.5,-gan 43 wg, 3 .mi lfs -"qgQ21i"Ag.f fg,a9s.fZ,,f4' Wfwmv G-3- 'L Q A 1" 9i15Wi65',.F'f,1: 'figrgk-1f'75T:+'c A. ,gay-g'5af CMQ1 S- N Q ,X f'av?'Q1g4'S fww- '- ga- f ,, ww Q 1 , " ,rv ,215-5 + 25, f ' V my mm' ,ai Q ' : vi 31' - , N ' 5 - -V , My ,f 1'xw,-sgagm, 11,5 W. Q-5455 , ,:5,:,4g2e5wgaw:Q3yfagi'? viafiiwifw Hmfkw -1i.,w5'wfi1a 1 53 1 fh P 1 wg zxgNw19jT1Hgggw,gme . 5f.:1e1,:.:a. ., x fhsv - M X. -' w:fw:Wg. - wx "1 1 -1' - ? ' A ' 5 If g ff .fx xv: 'f ,LA yr. is :V y f QW- 4 . 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TIT 8 gf l i u' ,uvnil--I if , TL . .5 I 1 I. 4 .un k?l'aII'll077, .. 1 L0 'el -T l VANITY FAIR Detroit waxed curious when she heard the suggestive title of Northwestern's allfschool entertainment, "Vanity Fair". On Friday, Saturday, and Monday, November 18, 19, and 21, her curiosity was appeased. Thackeray himself would have marvelled had he seen the eleven super acts given under the title of his masterpiece. The curtain rose on Northwestern's band, splendidly attired in their new uniforms of red and gray. Their two selections, "Boston High School Cadets" and "New Hartford," evoked great applause. , Next, Joe Howell very fittingly appeared as l'The Master Salesman" in a playlet of that name. Rather boastfully, he expounded his theory of master salesmanship to his pretty, gumfchewing stenographer, Virginia Musgrave. As if by fate, in order to prove the practicability of his theory, a rancher in the person of . V Dean Joki strode into the oiiice and made known his inf tention of buying an Earthworm tractor. After the salesman had discoursed long and persuasively on the qualities of his tractor, the rancher, growing impatient under the anxiety of missing his train, unwrapped several packages and produced a gun, at the muzzle of which the salesman did as he was told and with few words. With a great deal of noise, "A Busy Morning in a Hollywood Studio" was ushered in. Apparently Gloria Swanson and Douglas Fairbanks were in quest of some dancers for their next picture. The manager of the studio, Kenneth McCallum, being bigfheartecl, hired all those who tried out. The pianist, Miss Swain, made a very attractive male assistant. There were two bareffooted newsboys, Marjorie Warfeul and Ruth Linton, two greasyflooking, black Topsys with striped dresses and kinky hair, Marion MacLeod and Julia Bonwit, four Arkansas travelers, who looked more like waxfdoll farmerettes, RohmafGertrude Leverton, Ruth McIntosh, Jean Bentley, and Jean Kreg, Helena Haw, Billy Magee, and his Irish girl friend, - Lucille Carleton, two sailors, Vivian Twigg and Ruth sea, a band of pretty feminine pirates, Ethel Nikrant, Vio Jeynes, on deck in a heavy la Forsythe, Rebecca Herman, Page Ninteyseucn l "" 'fn 1-i - .K--I' i "'- I l VANITY FAIR jean Hughes, Mary jean Sanderson, and Carol Smythe: a bunch of pickaninnies including Eleanor Baird, Amy Johnston, Elaine LaLonde, and Ethel Smith: four frisky bellfhops, Marjorie Hedgcock, Elizabeth Irey, Margaret Malmquist, and Helena Haw: and lastly two blackfbottoming chorus girls, Dorothy Felske and Ellen Melia. "Vignettes" was a beautiful pageant illustrating the various ages: Egyptian, Greek, Gothic, Renaissance, and Modern. Charles jasnowski, in the character of reader, sat enthroned on the side,in front of the curtain,and spoke of the passing time. Elwood Thorne was the cruel slave driver, and Wilbur Anderson the slave at the time of pyramid building in the Egyptian age. Eunice Taylor and Helen Elder were beautiful, marble statues of Grecian sculpture. Margaret Neuschafer was the wrapt churchfgoer of the Gothic era,and Donald Blake, the churchfwarden. The Renaissance was a whirl of color, music, and dance, including Ida Marie Busha, Virginia Grant, Gloria Greenhut, Valentina Litvinof, Noel Maxam, Laura Parcells, William Powne, Marion Robertson, and Howard Ulrich. Alice Shields represented the modern era. "A Night in june" was a beautiful moonlit night and a crowd of young men and women gathered together for a party. The boys' chorus welcomed the girls with the "Song of Greeting." Ruth Davenport, Nancy McClellan, Genevra Mitter, and Janet Snyder marvelled at the moon and sang"Silver Moonfhnishing with the girls' chorus. During a special chorus, four couples danced. The boys sang the "Riff Song." Ruth Current and Richard Hollingsworth must have been lovers,for they were in the moonlight. At any rate, they were called in and were asked to sing "Desert Song." The finale was "Your Land and My Land" during which everybody produced miniature flags,and a large one was rolled down from above. The girls in the chorus were: Elise Allen, Helen Bricker, Jean Cook, Ruth Current, Dorothy Daniel, Ruth Davenport, Helen Harding, Corinne Henry, Alice Martin, Nancy McClellan, Ruth McPherson, Genevra Mitter, Thelma Mitter, Alice Poland, janet Snyder, Louise Solomon, Florence Weldon, and Betty Stubbs, accom' panist. The boys were: Randall Ahern, Edgar Barrett, Drue Blakesley, Jack Davis, Robley Dunning, Robert Guse, john Hackett, Kenneth Hartwell, Richard Hollingsworth, Kenneth Jewell, Frank Kidner, Herbert Knab, Emerton Smith, Louis Wetsman, Charles Wolfe, and Sidney Woolner. Prizes were offered by the committee in charge of Vanity Fair for the three best short acts presented. From a large number of contestants, the six appearing as entrefacts were Page Nmzxy-:ight an j Y' f, """ - 'T ln! . - . :"7l . 11, TJ- B p V05 X I, 1, l Nu, 'f rifmrt 'rko - ,. -El - . rr'-W'nlOf r VANITY FAIR chosen. The Collegians, including jack Herbst, banjo, Eugene Foster, piano, and Edward Stanton, softfshoe dancing, sang, danced, and won the first prize of Sio. At this time Jack Herbst and Eugene Foster popularized "Oh, How We Love Our Alma Mater." Harold Krause xylophoned his way to the second prize of 57.50. The Male Quartette, consisting of Sidney Woolner, Frank Kidner, Richard Hollingsworth, Louis Wetsman, accompanied by Arnold Weisman, pianist, took the third prize of 355. After a series of entertaining, sentimental, and humorous songs, Frank Kidner and Sidney Woolner, appearing in fan' tastic costumes, set about to kill one another. The other three entrefacts were worthy of honorable mention. Brown's Petite Serenaders-Dolores Brown, Carl Brown, Jessie Culp, Don Cooper, John Fleishans, assisted by Charlotte Garrison, soprano-appealed by their classic nature. The Jazz Orchestra-Edwin Abate, Stuart Hecox, Graham Palmer, Ellsworth McDowell, Robert Davidson, conducted and assisted by Victor Mitter, bari- tone-appealed by their getfupfandfdance nature. Lastly, but byall means funniest, was Derwood Landt in a monologue, in which he evoked much laughter by his antics as a mother of three children, and by his, "Now scooch over, johnny, and let Mother sit in the middle. That's a good boy." On Saturday night, after the show, the football team appeared on the stage as state champions, having won the decisive game in the afternoon. On Monday night, the prizes were awarded to the winners of the entrefact contest. Vanity Fair was under the direction of a faculty committee consisting of John E. Porter, Alice M. Lowden, Prudentia Huffman, Florence Guenther, John Boltz, Roy M. Miller, Rita MacKenzie, and julia E. Gettemy, chairman. The electrical effects were arranged by Kenneth Stecker, Allen Stecker, Palmer Esser, and Edward Marrow. The scenery and lighting effects were designed by Joseph Kinner Boltz and executed by the stage craft class. The stage manager, Homer Haggerty, was assisted by Robert Hotten, Arnold Johnson, Joseph Stanton, james Downey, Wilbur Anderson, and Garth Wonch. The business committee consisted of John Martin, Charles Wolfe, Hurlburt Kennedy, William Clements, and Elenore Eddy. Page Nmcryfnm F V DZ -' I 8 X 5' ,,,,- ' U7 Q.. if B . nun' ,-in' I -Ir N 'Z , Cn.-I ! 4.xLD m:r.:1rglO7? - -fwii ,O .mir -'T 'fl n DRAMATICS Dramatic interests at Northwestern took a somewhat different turn this year. Owing to "Vanity Fair" there was no threefact play the first semester but the effort was centered on onefact plays which were oEered as entertainment for various occasions. "The Master Salesman" hy Upson played by joe Howell, Dean joki, and Virginia Musgrave was contributed to "Vanity Fair." This was repeated for the Ladies Missionary Society of the Grand River Avenue M. E. Church. "The Finger of God" hy Percival Wilde and 'LForhidden Fruit" by Smith furnished a program held for the honor students of all the grade rooms. "Uncle jimmy," by Zona Gale, "The Last o' the Lowriesf' by Paul Green, and "Thursf day Evening," hy Christopher Morley were given in a recital. "Sham" hy Frank Tompkins furnished a part of the January Class Day program, while "The Conflict" hy McCauley was given before a class of Public Health Nurses of Teachers College. These offerings hy the Dramatics Class have done a real service in furnishing desirable entertainment. "Thursday Evening" was repeated for the Business and Professional Womens Club of Royal Oak and for the Redeemer Lutheran Church of Detroit. A signal honor to dramatics came to Northwestern when Charles Boesen won the Bon' stelle Scholarship in acting. He won the contest late last year and has been pursuing a course at the school this year. f'The Detourf' by Owen Davis, a threefact play depict' ing the life of the common people, was presented May 4, 5 and 7 under the auspices of the june Graduating Class. The scene is laid on a Long Island truck farm owned by Stephen Hardy, a man bound to the soil. His one aim is to get more land. This objective is not shared by his wife Helen, who is ambitious to send their daughter Kate to New York to study art, in order that her life may be easier than her mothers has been. The girl is eager to go. Tom Lane, a young neighbor, is busily engaged in making money so that he can marry Kate. The four are moving forward to fulfill their desires when one day the village magistrate, Ben Glenny, appears and puts up a "Detour" sign in front of the house, and in an hour the lives of these four are Page One Himdred Danone -- inn UQ '7 .. 5 g ' ,Ili ' I Ili! X , ,H57 f W 1. -- wa-,:ovvM 1 1-0 rial f deflected and entirely changed. The characters mentioned and a New York Artist and his wife, with an antique dealer and his son, make up the cast of nine. The play, which is considered Mr. Davis' best, is more emotional and required more of the actors than former plays have done but was given an adequate production by the follow' ing cast: Stephen Hardy r,,ic,,c, .,,,.., C HARLES RAPP Helen Hardy ,cc,c.c., c,,c,,c J UANITA ROGERS Kate Hardy .r.,c,cc ,,c, D OROTHY MACLEAN Ben Glenny ,..,,c,, ,,,c,,, E UGENE SHARPE Tom Lane ...,.,,,,c, .,.c.c, F RANK SHELTON Dana Lamont c,,..r ,, c,,c,,, LLOYD JONES Dora Lamont .ca, . ,,c,, .DOROTHY FELSKE Weinstein ,,,,..rr,,c,,c ,,,,,, T HoMAs ATWELL Jakie, his helper ,,c,,,, , ,,c,,, c,,,,,, R OBERT SPRUNK The dramatics efforts of the year were concluded by a bill of onefact plays: "And There Was Light," "His Return," "The Closet," given for the honor students, and a recital, "Changing Places," 'LThe Last Silk Hat," 'lPierrot's Mother," by the dramatic class. The dramatic activities were all directed by Miss Julia E. Gettemy, who was ably asf sisted in setting by Mr. J. K. Boltz, and the stage craft class, in publicity by Miss Florence Guenther and the art class, and in music by Miss Alice M. Lowden. Mrs. Rita Love MacKenzie has had charge of the general publicity and business. The productions of the year show a new variety but the standards attained in other years have been nobly maintained. The remarkable growth of the public speaking department has been due almost entirely to the work of Miss Gettemy. The advantages derived from these courses are so numerous that the student who expects to do any forensic work what' soever considers the study a requisite. In the fall of 1926 a dramatic course, in addition to the regular work, was oEered to the student body and met with instant approval. The department has grown steadily, until now three teachers are required to fill the demand for this training. A - Miss JULIA GETTEMY Page One Hundred One . ---- ' n gg 1 T IDI - . mug! ! lnvr B F 5 X f 1 r o .. .. "A ., L., -0 , , -al , , YTWHIOI -1 MARTHA The music department under the competent direction of Miss Alice Lowden presented its thirteenth annual opera, Friedrich von Flotow's "Martha," March 23, 24, and 26. This, Northwesterifs first attempt at Grand Opera, was an undertaking worthy of high praise. Both the faculty and student body are pleased with and feel immensely proud of the accomplishment. Its popularity was indeed warranted: this year's cast was the most responsiveg the music was the loveliest and most attractiveg the chorus was the best in volume and tone quality we have ever produced. In fact, the chorus, instead of being mere blocks of wood as is often the case, acted their parts and seemed to live in the play as much as any of the other characters. Although high school students haven't the voices and skill to produce such an extensive work perfectly, we consider "Martha" an overwhelming success. BRIEF SYNOPSIS OF PLOT Lady Harriet, maid of honor to Queen Anne, tires of court life, she and her friend Nancy disguise as peasants and join the servant girls seeking employment at the Fair. They are hired by Plunkett and Lionel, wealthy farmers, who grow to love Betsy Ann CNancyj and Martha CLady Harrietj respectively. Ultimately after an entertaining and lively bit of action and reaction the usual happy ending takes place. CAST OF CHARACTERS Lady Harriet ..... . Charlotte Garrison Nancy.. ....,. .. . . . .. Ruth Current Sir Tristan, Lady Harriet's Cousin- John Herbst Lionel ..... ..., . Richard Hollingsworth Plunkett ..,. .. .. ........., Sidney Woolnei' Sheriff of Richmond Kenneth Jewell First Footman .. ..... Eugene Foster Second Footman .......... Clifford Wolfe Three Maidservantse-lean Cook, Genevra Mitter, Ruth Davenport Page One Hundred Two .'.'.1 , X' Q , . gg - If i - , 2 U .nz D? V , , I ' l W 1' 0 r'Tw:':1gl07' WW, ,,A ', no - - CHORUS OF LADIES, SERVANTS, FARMERS' WIVES, AND HUNTRESSES: Elizabeth Bouton, Helen Bricker, Jean Cook, Ruth Davenport, Lorraine DeWick, Frances Freeman, Mary Hartford, Jeanette Head, Emma Hintz, Helen May Johnston, Arla Kantlehner, Betty Kirby, Elizabeth Lehan, Alice Martin, Genevra Mitter, Eleanor Niemetta, Janice Ray, Jeanette Secker, Janet Snyder, Louise Solomon, Dorothy Steadman, Ada Tjabring, Mildrecle Vogtlin. Albert Bowles, Harold Brown, Edward Clapp, Charles Creed, Maxlield Davey, Jack Davis, Ralph DeWick, Arthur DeSaix, Robley Dunning, Robert Guse, Frank Shelton, James Stradley. ORCHESTRA Sally Swain at the Piano First Violins-Dolores Brown, Abraham Epstein, Charles Meagher, Donald Sass, Wanda Shattuck, Martin Stefanac Second Violins-Carl Brown, Arne Helgren, Harry Lewis, Albert Staats. Viola ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ., .,,. ...,,..,... . ., ...,...,.., , . ,..,,,,,,...,..,,,.,. i..,..George McArthur Cello ,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, M a ry Louise McIntyre, Lorraine Salot Bass ,,,,,,,,, ,, A, ,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,r,..,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Heywood Gantt Trumpet ,,,, ,,,,, ,r.,,ir...,r,.,......., F o rrest Tromley, Don Soper Trombone ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,...,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,i William Crysdill Clarinet .,.., ,,,,, .......... R o y Miller, Clayton Leman Flute ,i.,.....,, ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,. N oble Peckham Bassoon ,,,, ,.,,,.......,,,,,r,..,r.,....... J ean Zander Percussion ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,..,..,,..,,..,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, H a r old Corcoran STAFF DIRECTOR-Alice M. Lowden Ass1sTANTs Mabelle Newell, Roy Miller, Agnes Jackson, Sally Swain CosTUMEs Mary Elliott, Edna Maris, Shirley Simpson vs, Miss ALICE LOWDBN Page One Hundred Three an :nu li on ---- ,, 11 , f ,-.....'::.::..-,TMC -. 1.0 SENIOR ORCHESTRA Director-Alice M. Lowden First Violins: D. Brown, L. McClements, A. Epstein, A. Schneider, M. Finkelstein, C. Meagher. D. Kroll, W. Shattock. M. Caster, P. johns, M. Stefanac. G. Bernstein, C. Meyer, L. Chesnut, W. Beard. Second Violins: A. Staats. H. Lewis, W. Mines, H. Egan, H. Freed, G. Roth, M. Rachlin. Viola: G. McArthur. Bass: H, Gantt. Flute: Noble Peckham. Trumpets: F. Tromley, L. Waterman, E. Clapp. Saxapliones: D. Blakesly, M. Masillia, F. Stauh, J. Zander, N. janitzke. Dfumsz H. Corcoran. Piano: j. Snyder, l. Filler. JUNIOR ORCHESTRA Director-Roy M. Miller Fmt Violins: W. Arehlwold, F. Asam. E. Attarian, T. Bailey, W. Clements, R. Goetzke, C. Himes. G. Hart, A. Krieger, R. Miller. E. Strem, I. Wiener, R. Wolef. Second Violins: E. Brown. H. Dehash. bl. Hawkins, L. Martin, F. Meinsinger, L. Owen,V.Pierce, A.Sayers. E. Tait. Cello: M. Mclntyre. R. Sass. String Bass: L. Salot. Piano: E. Wagar. Flute. H. Bush. .l. Guest. Clarinet: C. Bassey. M. Engelhuher. C. Lemon. E. McAfee. 'Trumpet' L. L.1Rosc. P. Sawyer, R. Sawyer. Page On: Hundred Fam 1' 512202 flfn lil' i ' 1 ' 1.13-BIOY' - -'Ulf I STRING QUARTET Donald Sass, Angelo Miceli, Miss Lowden, George McArthur, Carl Brown. BAND DlTCCEOT+ROY MILLER Flutes: N. Cogley, D. Elliott, D. McIntosh, R. Utting. Clarinetsf N, Baker, E. Buck, J, Dorfman, A. Fortune. R. Jacobs, H. Margolis. E. McAfee L. Nichols F. McKinney, R. Michaels, J. Raskiri. E. Williams. Saxophones: L. Carr, A. Cleage, M. Coggan, D. Cooper, C, Creedon, M. Davey, R. Davidson, R. Guse. F. Hulbert, R. Mair, M, Masillia, K. McClusky, McLaren, E. Nelson, R. Thompson, VanDalson. J. Zander Tmmpets: D. Beach, B. Bigham. H. Borutzke, E. Clapp, C. Daugherty, J. Eaman, L, Feldseher, L. LaRose, H. Lewis, M. McGrann, 1. Reid, E, Rheaume, R. Sawyer. D. Soper. j. William Taylor. F. Tromley L. Waterman, G. Wagner. Horn: A, Schimmel. Baritone: H. Heinmiller. Tromlvones: R. Alt, W. Cogsdill, R. Cooper, C, Ghent. E. Lind, R. McCormick, G. Truscott, QI. Whitelev Basses: L. Davies, l. Cold, R. Mapley. Percussion: W. Busby, H. Corcoran, QI. Davies, C. Irwin, E. McDowell, C. Whitney. 1 l Page One Himdved Five n - "'1" ' f I -0 r'r'ml07 GIRLS' SENIOR GLEE CLUB Top Row V. Janes, L. DeW1ek, A. Kantlehner, J. Thompson, D. McDonald, R. Turnhell, O. Dunlap. Second Rowe C. Epstein, bl. Cook, A. Poland, H. Johnston, -I. Burgess, A. Martln. F. Freeman. T. Mitter, C. KSLIYIISOTI, D. Blom, M. Vogtlrn, E. Hintz, F. Weldon, S. Smith. Tlnvd Row' B. Krrhy, KI. Head, H. Harding, E. Lehan, M. Hackett, E. Humphrey, R. Gardner, A. Tjahring, H. Kelsey, M. Do1g,G. Engel, E. Heinmiller, E. Bouton, H. Bricker. Bottom Row R. Davenport, R. Current, L. Stevens, R. McPherson, j. Snyder, L. Solomon, B. Stuhhs, Miss -IiICkSOl1,MlSS SVx'.1lI'1,c:. Mutter, D. Daniel, P. -Iohus, M. Tuck. BOYS' SENIOR GLEE CLUB Top Row. A. Bowles, R. I7eW1ek, H. Browne, A. DeSaix, B. Craih, KI. Davis, P. Currier, C. Wolfe, J. Stradley, I. Hogan. I. Chilson, L. Wetsmzxn. Bottnln Row: 'Cf Creed, R. Hollingsworth, E. Barrett, M. Davey, K. Jewell, Miss Lowden, R. Dunning, R. Guse. E. Clapp. D. Blakesly. K. LeHeup. Page O-nu Hundved SIX --- r YT E . ---- , . - g - xxj 8 i .lu -.: ' if 2 X 1' JUNIOR CHORUS Directors-Mabelle Newell and Roy Miller Top Row: J. Guest, C. Bassey, J. Armstrong, P. Cordone, C. Taylor, G. Sight. Middle Row: Miss Newell, H. Hansen, V. Fields, M. Bridgewater, M. French, M. Shipley, G. Heins, M. Artsinson, M. Gorelick, E. Beach, M. Thompson, Mr. Miller. Bottom Row: M. Freeman, H. Hupp, E. Kinneman, F. Colbridge, B. Howey, M. Stewart, R. Fowler, F. Strandell, S. Strong, E. Mack, B. Reuss. THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT The music department of Northwestern has, as usual, played a vital part in the school activities. The most outstanding contribution of the year, in fact the finest thing the department has ever done, was the Christmas concert. The junior and Senior Glee Clubs and Choruses, singing unaccompanied Christmas carols, and the combined groups, singing the "Hallelujah Chorus," presented a program of great musical value. The Glee clubs and senior orchestra contributed numbers to "Vanity Fair." Also, the music department may feel justly proud of this year's opera, Flowtow's "Martha," given March 9.3, 24, 26. The feat of producing a standard opera is no mean accomplishment for high school students. The participants included a chorus of about Hfty, accompanied by the orchestra. On Northwestern night, March 18, at Grand River M. E. Church, the entire program was given by the Senior Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs, the combined chorus and string quartet. The Junior Girls' Glee Club sang at the Brewster Pilgrim Congregational Church, April 22. The Northwestern String Quartet proved the source of entertainment at various other church and community affairs. The Northwestern Band created much enthusiasm at games and rallies, proudly appearing in their new red and grey uniforms. Incidentally, the band has developed astonishingly during the past year, its number has increased from twentyffive to approximately sixtyfhve. Both the junior and senior groups sang in the AllfCity Festival at Cass Technical High School, May 11. The season ended with the spring concert and a recital given by the piano and voice culture classes. Page One Hundred Scum ""' 717 8 Iii' - an--fi lif' , ,s"" lf! ng Q -'Q 'v -,if ,G Sue Q p, sg - Y 1 xi 1.1.'1'1lOl' .1 on NATURAL DANCING Lf r. w N ...iT One Hundred Exght ffl an on HHU 0 RT . ,,,, ,gn i, 1i"'t-'-r. ':' 'W JT B ' of ,sm ttmof "' 4 si fi 4-P' M Mr, Bishop Mr. Weaver Mr. Maris Mr. Carty Mr. Lennox COACHES SAM B1sHoP, the Colt mentor, is one of the hardest working coaches at Northwestern High School. Mr. Bishop came to Northwestern, following his graduation from Western State Teachers' College, in September, 1924. Under his leadership as coach, Northwestern's football team has attained a place reached by few schools. It is a well known fact in Detroit that any football team coached by Sam Bishop will know and play real football. MALCKJLM B. WEAVER came to Northwestern in September, 1928, following his graduaf tion from Western State Teachers' College. His first year as track coach brought the city, state, and midfwest championships to Northwestern High School. This year he has developed a formidable team, which has already won the city and midfwest indoor meets. BERT G. MARIS has been the dominating factor in Northwestern's phenomenal athletic success since the school was opened in February, 1914. Mr. Maris came to Northwestern High School from Notre Dame, where he was track and basketball coach as well as athletic director. At Northwestern he has coached many championship teams. Northwestern High School is indeed fortunate in having Mr. Maris as athletic director. ARTHUR HREDH CARTY, one of Northwestern's own great athletes, was graduated from Alma College in june, 1926. The following September he was made an athletic coach at Northwestern High School. The 1928 state championship basketball team bears witness of Mr. Carty's coaching ability. The future of our basketball teams seems secure with "Red" Carty at the helm. HARRY LENNOX, baseball coach, came to Northwestern High School, in February, 1924, from the Community High School, Dundee, Illinois. The popularity of Mr. Lennox at Northwestern is largely due to the personal interest he takes in the boys under his super' vision. The championships won by his teams speak for the success of Mr. Lennox as a coach. Page One Hundred Nm: '--lll -, '1 - I , ,- .T.fYZU'Llo2X - - 6 1. : 2 wifi' . M Malott---Halfback Walters-Fullback Campbell-Halfback RosefHalfback Page One Hundred Tm Mcllvain-Center Top Row: Clugston, Manager Perkiss, Sieger, lvlalott, Coach Bishop, Nienstedt. Second Row: Worden, Shea, Mowbray, Diskey, Collis. 'Third Row: Peckham, Major, Mcllvain, Leadbetter, Hackett, Orians. Bottom Row: Fay, Walters, Wurster, Captain Linebaugh, Rose, Lindsay, Oxley. FOOTBALL SUMMARY The 1927 football team was one of the best teams that ever represented Northwestern. By finishing the season undefeated, the team won the city championship for the fourth consecutive time, and gained one leg on the new Cornell trophy. In addition to that, the team secured a joint claim on the state title with Muskegon, the Hrst time since 1917 that Northwestern has won such an honor. At the beginning of the season, Coach Bishop found himself with five letter men, including Captain Bob Linebaugh, Stanley Fay, Clark Rose, George Wurster, and Sylvester Shea, along with a dozen or so reserve men and a flock of green material. Before the first game, October 8, Coach Bishop had developed this motley group into a fairly smoothfworking football machine, which thoroughly outplayed the Southeastern team,and handed them the short end of a 47 to 3 score. The following week, on October 15, Western also fell before the thundering Colts with a score of 28 to 6. Saginaw was defeated October 22, by the close score of 9 to 7. Eastern was the next victim, October 29, the score being 25 to o. On November 5, the muchftouted Highland Park team was sent home, defeated by a score of 16 to o. Central was beaten on November 12, 21 to o. In the final game on November 19, Northern went down under a score of IQ to o. - , F , .L A nv - -r ,f" :,:.s7f ,M E 5 1 gait SAGINAW EASTERN On October 15, Northwestern defeated the strong and much feared Saginaw Eastern team, this time by the close score of 9 to 7. A safety, scored in the first quarter, provided the margin of victory for the Colts. Pendell attempted to punt from behind his own goal line, but was blocked by the Colt captain, Bob Linebaughg however Pendell recovered the ball behind his goal, thus giving Northwestern a safety. Ragged passing characterized Saginaw's attack, and the play was mostly in the Orange and Black territory. In spite of this, the Colt gridders seemed unable to get going until the third quarf ter when "Whitey" Walters hit the line for two yards and a touchdown. Wurster continued his accurate booting and made the score 9 to o. It was in this quarter also that Saginaw showed up well and carried the ball deep into Northwestern territory, but before the goal line could be crossed, the Colt team braced, and with a deter' mined attack,carried the pigskin back into safe territory. The Saginaw score came in the last quarter when Koepke, Saginaw Captain, recovf ered a fumble and ran 25 yards for a touchdown. Pendell kicked the extra point. The outstanding player for the Colts was "Ed" Orians, tackle, who repeatedly tore through the Saginaw line and nailed the ballftoter for a loss. S X gtk ses X 'i-2,5 it T in Worden--End Leadbetter Guard Diskey-Guard Lindsay .Quarrerbac ClugstoniCente'r O p 'l , , Q YT l-- i x !" , We .0 , ,rj OxleyAH al f back Peck ham-.Qitarterback Sieger-Guard Fay-Halfback Mowbray-Tackle Page One Hundred Twelve HIGHLAND PARK The most exciting and the best game of the season came on November 5, when North' western's lighting gridders handed Highland Park a crushing 16 to o defeat. The game was played before a record crowd, and both bands entertained during the half. Both teams were very effective in punting, but Northwestern completely outclassed the Polar Bears in passing. In the opening period the Colts were in scoring position several times, but two unforf tunate breaks prevented a larger score. How' ever, toward the close of the first quarter Walters crashed through for a touchdown, and Stan Fay kicked the extra point. Following a scoreless second period, the third quarter opened with a smashing attack by High' land Park, which carried the Coltmen back to their own 5 yard line where the Polar Bears lost the ball on downs. Fay made a beautiful 55 yard punt, which carried the ball into safe territory. The period ended with the score still 7 to o. In the fourth quarter, Fay kicked a field goal from the IS yard line, making the score IO to o. Soon after, "Snake" Lindsay increased the score to 16, when he plunged through for a touchdown from the 1 yard line. This closed the scoring, as the kick for the extra point failed. Every man on the team could be complimented for his playing in this game. , aa J 4 'C '--- 'Q nun - .""'l .- 'L B W fill I ITTTHSIOYR WY, ,A F1111 k0 5 'T 'fil - - NORTHERN In the last game of the season on November 19, the Red and Gray team crushed the last obstacle in its path for city and state championship and trounced Northern to the tune of IQ to o. In the first quarter Northern held the Bishop' men, and the period ended without a score. After wavering in the first quarter, the Colts, led by Clark Rose and Ralph Campbell, who alternated in carrying the ball, marched deep into Northern territory where Rose went over for a touchdown from the 1 foot mark. Fay kicked the extra point. In the third quarter Northwestern advanced far into Northern territory, but were unable to score, as they didn't seem to have the extra punch necessary to push the ball over. Two touchdowns were scored in the fourth quarter, first, when Lindsay went through from the 5 yard mark, and again when Lindsay tossed a nice pass over the goal line to Fay. Rose and Campbell, using the same style, plunged through tackle at will and were easily the outstanding players of the day. Although he didn't star in this game, Fay added to his fame as an allfround backlield man. On the line Hackett, Orians, and Shea stood out. SUMMARY Northwestern ,,rrr,,,,, Southeastern Northwestern ,,,,,,,,., Western ,.,.,r rrrrr r,,,, Northwestern t,,,,,,,,, Saginaw ,,,,r,,,,, Northwestern r,,,,,,, . Northwestern ,,r,,,,,,, Northwestern ,,,,,,.,,, Northwestern ,,tt,,,,,, Eastern., Highland Park tt,,,,,.,. Central ,,,,tt,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Northern ,, . Linebaugh-End Orians-Guard Shea+End Hackett-Tackle Page One Hundud Thi 'l f n "" T. nie' -wi ' UU ll- gg 1 ' nv "Jim ' ,W W MV. -6 ' . 5 U 'Top Row: Coach Carty. Hayes, Leipham, Ferguson, Manager Perkiss, Mr. Maris. Bottom Row: Eveland, Milby, Knight, Doolittle, Hachadorian, Fay, Deehr. BASKETBALL Without suffering a single defeat the Colt Basketeers romped through the most suc- cessful season in years and ended in a burst of glory by annexing both City and State championships. The team exhibited some of the best and cleverest cofoperative team work that any prep school has ever shown. Northwestern won her first four games easily, beating Western 2I'I'7, Eastern 2'I'IO, Southwestern 26f5, and Cass g,g,f7. Keeping up their successful start, Carty's quintet trounced Central 28f9, College High 47f9, and Northern 2716. In the Northern game both teams agreed to use only reserve and second string men, since it was expected that these teams would meet for city championship. Northwestern eliminated Highland Park 2414. On March 9, Northern, champion of the east side, and Northwestern, champion of the west side, met at the Olympia to fight it out for the city championship. Accuracy of shooting and a splendid defense won the title for the Colts 2718. On the preliminaries to the state championship battle, Grand Rapids Union bowed to Carty's fast, wellftrained squad, and the Colts monopolized all the action, winning easily, '5O'IO. ., 'a F-. , D K ' . Y- 4 ., ll :., f ' Doourr LE -- Forward EVBLAND-Center MILBY-Forufard Page One Hundred Fourteen comma: fx5n ...- lint---I li . 6 ,..5' cw 1 -ea 5J.:.0TQ -K ii? it Vnbz ,L C . ,gnl m l . . 'xii' 5 LEIPHAM1GUdTd KNicHT+Guard HAYES-Forward The next night Doolittle and his men met Port Huron for the second of the preliminary games. A knowledge of the Red and Gray plays and combinations enabled Port Huron to tie the score three times and to hold Northwestern to a onefpoint lead at the half. The second half however showed clearly the superiority of the Colt quintet, and they emerged victors, I8'IO. Captain "Dink" Doolittle was high point man. Then came the final game with Jackson High for state championship. The teams were closely matched, and both played fast, good basketball, but shifty passing, accuracy in shooting, and a holefproof defense put Northwestern on top, 14f1o, and gave the team the championship of Michigan. Eveland was high scorer with nine points. Doolittle, Eveland, and Knight made the Hrst all city team, and Doolittle and Eveland placed on the first all state team, with Knight on the second. SUMMARY NCQ? Championship Games 5. . ..2I Western ........ .17 . g.,.,: , N. W ...... 21 Eastern ............ io 'A' f N. W. .... 26 Southwestern 5 N. W ..... 3,3 Cass .................. 7 ff " A NA. N. W ..... 28 Central ............ 9 V 1 T N. W ..... 47 College High .... 9 - """j .. 2 ,E N. W ..... 27 Northern ,,........ 16 fr' 5 . , N. W ..... 24 Highland Fark I4 i ily N. W ..... 27 Northern ....r..... 18 3 State Championship Games 'c 2 J N. W ..... 30 Grand Rapids..1o N. W ..... 18 Port Huron ...... IO N- W -.f. -I4 J3-CkSOI'1 ............ IO HACHADORIAN-Guard FAY-Forward Page One Hundred Fifzeen - Yi "-" ' -if ""' L-r on f , .I A 'Top Row: Gordon, Dennis, Clark, Ward, Huber, Penick, Seros, Fisher. Middle Row: J. Ward, Guy, Adams, Smith, Coleman. Maxam, Moore, Pomeroy, Grimm, Thompson. Bottom Row: Coach Weaver, Mcllvain, Hurd, Burgess, Meldrum,Captain Erskine, Whitney, Mumma, Loff land, Northrop, Mr. Maris. TRACK Coach Weaver had few hopes of winning any championship in track as the season opened with only three eligible lettermen: Captain Don Erskine, Thad Dennis, and Clifford Whitney. However, when the first meet arrived, the squad was found to be as strong as previous teams. jaydell Thompson proved to be one of the finest distance men in the country, winning the national indoor meet. Another find was James Meldrum, who has developed into an excellent quarterfmiler. W. Ward, a freshman, improved steadily from the beginning of the season, and is now rated as one of the best highfjumpers in the city. F. Penick displayed some fine form in both hurdles, and much is expected of him next season. Bob Carlson did some excellent running in the mile, taking Hrst place in the indoor city meet. George Seros proved himself to be one of the fastest dashfmen in the city. The team was fortified by four polefvaulters, Northrup, Maxam, Moore, and Pomeroy, all of whom were consistent at ninefsix. jack Mcllvain and Oscar Kelley were the weight men but neither were able to break any records. Huber, in the hammerfthrovv, promises well for the future. A newfcomer, Grimm, has the earmarks of a real javelin throvver. u P In-...4. ERSKINE DENNIS Human Hurdles -'Sprints-Relay HurdlesfHigl1 jump Weights Page One Hundred Sixteen '53 J 3 Moons GUY Nom-HRUP Pole Vault Half Mile Pole Vault Bill Burgess, an eleventh grader, who ran some fine quarter miles, took Hrst in the national indoor meet. Hurd another promising distance man, has one more year to run. Thad Dennis, an extremely clever highfjumper, took third place in the national indoor meet with a leap of 6 feet 1 rfz inches. Guy, in the half mile, proved his ability to force any man in the city. In the 440, Don Gordon proved his worth by picking up one or two points when needed most. Carter Smith, a very small man, won points in both the dashes and hurdles. Captain Don Erskine was unfortunate in pulling a tendon in the Northeastern indoor meet. This eliminated him for the remainder of the season. The track season has proved a great success and the team gained an enviable record in having won all its dual meets by large scoresg also it has won the city and midwest indoor meets and has taken second place in the national meet. City Meet Indoors-For the eighth time in nine years, Northwestern has won the city indoor track championship. Northeastern, led by Eugene Beatty, took second place. Several records were broken in this hardfcontested meet. In the absence of Captain Erskine, who was forced out of the meet by an injuryg Thad Dennis took second in both the hurdles and the 3,0 yard dash. He was forced to take third place in the highfjump, however as Sampson of Cass, and Ware of Hamtramck leaped 5 feet II inches to a new 'E WARD THOMPSON MAXAM Hurdles-High jump Half Mile-Mile Pole Vault Page O-nc Hundred Scvemee ?--- -in .. . ' - 1' DU I-l.',:lll ,,,1', B I --T I ful lglhjflloyfii, ,-W4 ',,0 i ll! - , g A - WHirNi:Y Bu amass Slsxos CARLSON Mile Sprints-Relay Sprints-Relay Mile record. Burgess, a quarterfmiler, outran Smith of Cass in a thrilling race. jaydell Thompf son, of Northwestern, continued his record breaking pace, and set a new record in the half mile. In the mile run Bob Carlson took Hrst place beating out Ecknovitch of Northf eastern, who was favored to win the event. An exceptional record was set by Turoscholf of Cass when he threw the shot io feet 7 inches. MidfWest Meet Indoors-Northwestern men were unfortunate in the midfwest meet and barely nosed out Northeastern for first place. The individual star for Northwestern was Thad Dennis who copped second place in both the low hurdles and fifty yard dash and tied for third in the high-jump. Burgess lost the quarter mile to Moxley of Columbus Central in the record time of S2 7'IO seconds. Likewise, Thompson lost to Arnold of Western in another recordfbreaking performance. Nevertheless, the team came through with enough secondary places to win the meet and retain the championship. National Meet Indoors-Northwestern, represented by Burgess, Meldrum, Carlson, Hurd, Dennis, and Thompson, again placed second in the national meet at Evanston. Burgess and Thompson won the 440 and mile respectively, while Dennis took several points in the dash and the highfjump. Hurd gained fourth in the mile run, but the relay team failed to place. Pamcic MELDRUM Huw MCILVAIN Hurdles-Relay Sprints-Relay Half MilegMile Weights Page On: Hundred Eighteen U1 .. "" TIT llu V- , llglll i uzp X Tl B W-5' ,g 1, -5 .- wmnor a -o 'Te-fl ? 'Top Row: Mr. Maris, Eligh, Walker, Kalbfleisch, Crebbin, Rosenau, Bush, Knechtges, Snyder, Coach Lennox. Bottom Row: Weisenthal, Palm, Oliver, Wille, Berkaw, Courville, Walters, Radke, jones. SWIMMING Weakened by the graduation of such swimming stars as, Craig, Boldt, Michaels, and Grandy, the chances of winning the city championship did not seem any too bright. However, the gaps in the swimming squad were hlled, and Hackett, Schink, Grebbin, Wille, Kennedy, Bush, Oliver, Wiseman, Snyder, Jones, Walters, Weisenthal, Ridell, Whyte, Walker, Strickroot, Radke, Hurlbut, Rosenau, Gritman, Hartwell, Oxley, and Captain Kingsley were presented by Coach Wiley as the team which would try to retain the championship. Western. The Colts opened the season by defeating the Cowboys to the tune of 5610, showing as much power as in former years. The Red and Gray tanksters carried off every Hrst, allowing but two second positions to Western. Southwestern. The Prospectors were thoroughly outclassed 58f8. As in the previous meet every first honor was taken by the Colts. Southwestern succeeded in capturing but one second place. Northeastern. The Red and Gray mermen continued their run for city honors by defeating Northeastern. The Falcons took first place in the loo yard breast stroke, but were unable to place hrst or second in the other events. Redford. The Huskies downed the Colts, 39f27. Northwestern took only three first places, the rest of her points being accounted for by the second and third positions the team took. just after the Redford meet, Mr. Wiley was transferred to Eastern, and Mr. Lennox became the coach. Highland Park. The Highland Park natators gave the Colts a sound trouncing 5of12, the second in Hve years. Northwestern was able to gain only one Hrst place. City Meet. For the hrst time in seven years, the Colt aquatic squad lost a city meet, taking second place, however. The Polar Bears piled up 58 points to the Colt's 28. Alf though losing the meet, the Red and Gray was consoled in having the high point man of the meet, Captain Claude Kingsley. State Meet. Highland Park's tank men took the meet, Northwestern placing third. The Colt zoo relay team, Kingsley, jones, Oliver, and Walker, set a state record. Mr. Lennox, thinking the Colts would not have much chance in the nationals, did not send anybody to represent the school. It may be also noted that Highland Park took the national meet. Although the school did not take the honors, nevertheless it was gratifying to Northwestern that the champions of the country came from a Detroit high school. Page One Hundred Nmctcm 1--- f " - no 5 A 1' 8 I-I 'CII - - I W ,km mrguoyss is -0 'gh --7 Top Row: Coach Lennox, Benson, Veach, Hachadorian, Rafino. Middle Row: Fay, Knight, Linebaugh, Deehr, Watson, Otto. Bottom Row: Doolittle, McClements, Kyes, Hannenberg, Waterbor. l927 BASEBALL When the call for baseball volunteers came, there wa a great turnout. Veterans of 1926, Folger, "Bud" Watson, Lindsay, and Deehr, responded as well as several new prospects. Commerce-April 22. Northwestern completely defeated Commerce with a score of I8'O. The Colts held the Auditors down to one hit. Western-April 29. The Colts, in their second victory, beat the Cowboys gfo. The chief features of the game were Folger's and Watson! pitching, and Lindsay's and Rosen's fielding. Hamtramck-May 6. This game, which Northwestern won with a score of 54, was forfeited to the Cosmos because, unfortunately, the eligibility list that is sent before each game failed to show the name of "Bud"Watson, an eligible player,who played the entire game. Southwestern-May ro. In this game the Colts suffered their first defeat, losing to the Prospectors 3f1. Both teams were evenly matched, but Southwestern played a little better and therefore won the game. SoutheasternwMay 13. Northwestern downed the Jungaleers 54. The weather was suitable, inspiring pep in both teams. The game was well played by both sides. Cass Tech-wMay 17. Both teams played under a serious handicap in a steady downpour of rain. The Mechanics gained an early lead, and hung on in spite of all opposition. The Colts lost 21. Northern- May zo. The Eskies were swamped r4fo, Northwestern playing a flawless game. It was a superb revenge, for Northern had robbed the Colts of a state championship claim in football, and had ruined their chances for the city basketball title. Highland Park-May 27. The Polar Bears succumbed to Northwestern I'O. The main feature of the game was Deehr's homer which cleared the left field fence and scored the winning run. It was the longest hit ever made on the Highland Park field. Northeastern-june 3. The Falcons were defeated yr. Folger's pitching, Doolittle's hitting, and Webster's homer with a man on base aided the winning of the game. Redford-June 7. The Huskies were in the lead the first four innings, but the excellent hitting of Doolittle, Webster, and Deehr won the game for Northwestern by scoring four runs in the fifth. Knight showed by his excellent receiving that he was the best catcher in the city. The Colts won 50. Central-June ro. The general superiority of the Colts over the Trail Blazers was proved when Northwestern defeated Central I3'O. The chief features of the game were the Colts' splendid hitting and a sensational catch and throw by Doolittle. Unquestionably Northwestern would have taken the city championship in baseball, if it had not been for the unfortunate circumstances of the Hamtramck game. This is evident from the fact that Northwestern defeated every team in the first division. Much praise should be given to Mr. Lennox, who produced such splendid results in coaching the team. Page One Hundred Twenty an J YT - . lllvl 1.-nr 1 8 , ,,.ll' Y f, 1f I ,. .. rf hffqfff- Y. no - , - ill - . rn-"'rralOf .1 Top Row: Barris, Dewey, Murphy, Bush, Chapman. Middle Row: Coach Carty, Colman, Sieloff, Patterson, Hicks, Kuhn, Burger. Bottom Row: Gardner, Connor, Kelly, Tulke, Smith, Seltzer, RESERVE FOOTBALL Much of a team's success depends upon the reserve material behind it. This was brought out in this season's championship football team by the fact that many of the first string men had won reserve letters the year before. Very little is seen or heard of the men on the reserve team, but they are out working every night, trying to win a place on the hrst team. The reserve team plays the same city schools on Monday that the first team plays on Saturday, and usually on the opposite Held. The 1927 reserve team continued the success of the past two years and went through the season without losing a single game, although a scoreless tie was the result of one hardffought game. In the Hrst game of the season on October ro, Coach Cartyls team met Southeastern and defeated them by a score of 35 f o. George Peterson starred on the line, but the backheld honors were evenly divided. The following Monday the Colts journeyed to Western, enjoyed a track meet at our opponent's expense, and returned home with a 31 f o victory under their belts. Eastern held the Colts in the first half, which was scoreless, but in the third quarter the Northwestern reserves got under way and put across four touchdowns, which made the Hnal score 24 f o. Sieger starred. On October 31, a practice game with Hamtramck resulted in a scoreless tie. Central went down the following week under a score of 24 f o. The Highland Park game, on November 7, was characterized by some ragged playing on the part of both teams, but this fact made the game quite exciting as it ended with a score of I3 f 6 in favor of the Colts. In the last scheduled game on November 21, the Colts snowed in the Eskimos in true Northwestern style by a score of 21 f o. To climax the season the AllfHouse team, coached by Mr. Lennox, completely defeated the reserves by a score of 15 f 2. The reserves were unable to do anything against the powerful AllfHouse team. This shows the wealth of material in the house teams. Page One Hundred Twcntyun: 922222 --. ----I , , .. sazw r gm ,, V7 H -va V . , .,,. 1 I f f 1. ".' . ago -' , J., -Q. A h CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Cmch Addington, Gordon, Lofllmd, Hurd, Burgess, Bader. Thompson, Maxxum, Conch WC2lN'Cl. TENNIS TEAM Gurnmn, Hummer. Glostcr, Gregory, Hccox, GOLF TEAM Coach Burgess, Hcrbst, Grimm, Ford, Fox, Tvicllvuin. Babb, Mzlirmc, Um l'ivm.!w.! Tuwxrvfm-U 1 Q? ma 1 lol' T- I ---- ,,v1 H. 'Q L 5 -.-fa - CROSS COUNTRY The 1927 cross country team was another one of the many successful teams which have upheld the prestige of the Red and Gray. The boys on the squad work harder than in any other minor sport, and in return they receive very little recognition from the student body. Getting the team into condition for the two mile grind is a very diflicult task, but it was ably accomplished by Mr. Addington and Mr. Weaver. The team was one of the best that ever represented Northwestern, gaining an enviable record by winning every meet in which it participated. The defeated schools were: Western, Eastern, Southwestern, Highland Park, Cass, and Northern, and the Colt harriers climaxed the season by romping off with the city meet on November 4. The awards given this season were changed. Each of the first five men in the city meet was given a six inch HN" with a three inch "C" on either side and an arrow -through all. Each of the other deserving men received the customary three L'C's" joined by an arrow. The five men who received the six inch awards were: Captain Bill Burgess, Bob Carlson, Wesley Hurd, jaydell Thompson, and Max Bader. The other members of the squad, who proved very consistent throughout the season were: Mumma, Gordon, Maxam, Grandy, Lofland, Warren, and Thomas. Northwestern should be proud of a team of this calibre, and the men on the squad are fully deserving of all the praise that can be given them. TENNIS This year's tennis team is one of the best ever put forth by Northwestern High School. Half of the scheduled games have been played off, and the team has been victorious in all of them. Western was defeated by a 4f1 score, while Ferndale, Southwestern, and Pontiac failed to gain a point, losing by ifo scores. Art Gloster, captain and most valued player, is the only veteran on the team. The other racquetfwielders are: Douglas Gregory, who is playing a fast game, Max Gurmang Stewart Hecox, and Charles Hammer-all point winners. The team has been under the management of Mr. Hollinger. Through his efforts, arrangements have been made for the team to play Youngstown, Ohio, at Youngstown, May 19. This will be the first time a Red and Gray net team has journeyed out of the state. With half of the schedule remaining, Northwestern is looking forward to continued success in the future. GOLF In View of the fact that Ernest Grimm was the only veteran from last year's squad, Mr. Burgess, as coach, was somewhat handicapped at the beginning of the season. How' ever, many candidates answered his call for golfers, and a team was formed consisting of: Grimm, Fox, Ford, Beard, and Ayers, and reserve material represented by Mcllvain, Wim' mer, Herbst, Bebb, and Main. The first match of the season was lost to Highland Park with a score of rrfr. Constant improvement has been the result of this first loss, however, and the team is now showing some real form, which seems to insure the prediction that the end of the season will Hnd the Colts near the top. Page One Hundred Twenty-rhvcc an lun ..-- , , 'T ,- f ' "l'1" ' T' ff - L- - -0 ' T"'l""TT3l0I RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM Top Row: Mr. Marrs, R. Hamilton, M. Klein, S. Cohen. Bottom Row: R. Armstrong, F, Halpern, F. Shelton, O. Gutowsky. L. McClements. HOCKEY AND SKATING TEAMS Top Row: Mr. Maxris. Serensky, Rule. Schaupner, Sprunk, Keyes. Bottom Row- McClure, Ford, Peckham, Gregory, Holliday, Benson, Sprunk. PERSHING HOUSE FOOTBALL TEAM Top Row: Centre, Backus, Boomer, Cruzett, Coach Lennox, Cooper. Adelman, Connnrd. Mzcidle Row: J. Babb, Alexander, Collinge, Chase. Clugston, Barr, Bush. Bottom Row: Cavanaugh, Adams, Brown, Dant, R. Belnb, Cohen, Connolly. Z5 ME. ,xx - -. Page On: Hundred Twenty-four an xii' 'QIO1 r l ---- f-n iu' RESERVE BASKETBALL As usual, Northwestern's reserve basketball team was of the same high calibre as those of previous years. Our team faced the stiifest opposition, and yet came through with only two defeats. Much of the credit is due to Arthur "Red', Carty, as it was through his coaching that the material was developed. The team earned the respect of all through their willingness to stay late hours and practice. The squad was composed of the following players, most of whom will be back next year: Kline, Halparin, Otto, Gutowsky, Hamilton, Ruiiino, Cohen, Barry, Shelton, Boden, Grapentine, Varin, Stockmeyer, McClements, and Blackburn. The scores of the most important games are as follows: N. W .,,,,,.,.,,,, II Highland Park ,.,c,,,., I3 N. W. ..., 8 Cass ..,..,.. .. .....2I N. W ...,....,,.,, 26 College High ,.,, ,.,,. 3, N. W ..... ...18 Eastern... .. .. 6 N. W ..... . ..., 18 Central ...................... II N. W. .... .. IS Western... ..... ........I4 N. W ...,......... 18 Southwestern ............ IS N. W. . .... 28 Northern ...... . .. .....I6 HOCKEY AND SKATING Hockey, although a new sport, aroused much enthusiasm and brought out many volun, teers for the team. Finally a team was made up of Captain Peckham, McNabb, Gillies, Ford, Gregory, Benson, Schauphner, the Sprunk brothers, Rule, Holliday, and McClure' and was coached by Mr. Farlowe and Mr. Maris. Since only Gillies and McNabb had experience in the game, and the Colts had little chance to practice, the team was slow to organize. Though defeated in their Hrst game with the Cowboys rfz, the pucksters came back strong, and defeated the Prospectors 7fo, the Huskies 2f1, the Polar Bears sfo, the Trail Blazers 6fo, the Mechanics 34, the Cosmos I'O, and the Falcons I'O Cforfeitl. Then came the finals at the Olympia for city championship. The Colts were defeated by Northern in a close game 3f4, but retained second place when the Eskies were trounced, the following night, by Western. Most of the team will remain next year, and if sufficient support is given, they expect to take the championship. Skating is a sport in which the Colts had not previously excelled, but this year North' western, contrary to the expectations of all, took the city championship, defeating Northern by one point. The members of the team are: "Doug" Gregory, Hayes, jerenski, Ross. Gregory took second in the 220, Jerenski, second in the 440, Hayes, third in the 880, Ross second in the mile, the relay, composed of all four, second. HOUSE FOOTBALL With every house having extremely large turnouts the intramural football season was 5 9 this year, one of the most successful and interesting of all times. There were many strong teams in the Held, but strongest of all was Pershing, who fought gallantly and hard all season and gained as a reward the coveted interfhouse football championship. The splendid defense exhibited by the line kept the opponents from scoring heavily, while the fast offensive piled up the points that landed Pershing in first place at the end of the season. With football gaining more and more popularity with each year, the football competition between the graderooms is becoming the most attractive and inviting field of endeavor for house athletes. Not onlydoes the system of athletic contests between the graderooms greatly increase the competition between the various houses, but it has been proved an excellent method of discovering and training future school material. Page One Hundred Twenty-yive SZ v' 1.1. QIOY' Ml R -U T n 5- .L ,-i."'f I-r , ""' n' X ., I. 1. --'mr . .. 2-0 --T-'al ll Top Row: A. Gihson, R, Evrette. J. Erman. Bottom Row: Mr, Ivlunsell. R. Easton, M. Gurman, R. Dickson, O. Ford, D. Heiden. Coach Holmes. LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL The interest in interfhouse haskethall has been nearly as great as that shown in foothall. Each of the graderooms had a large turnfout for the court season,and many good teams were developed. Under the new order of dividing the material into light and heavyweight teams, many play who would otherwise he outfclassed. Throughout the season, Marshzill led the light weight division, followed closely hy Lincoln and Pershing, and proved sufhciently superior to the other teams of their class to win the championship, with Roosevelt second, and Pershing third. TRACK Followin the idea of dual interfhouse meets, a ver close house track season ended this . g . ' V y , - year, with Lincoln in hrst place, Pershing runnerfup, and Roosevelt third. At the hnal meet, Lincoln earned 33.5 points, and Pershing 22,while Roosevelt who should have placed second lost it on technicalities. In the hnals Ernest Grimm was hi hfuoint man in the heavyweight division and Noel lvlaxam in the lightweight. Man of the stars of house track are now tr in for nlaces on the school outdoor track Y Y Q I squad. Top Row: C. Stewart. -I. Stanton, L. Thomas, H. Thompson. W. Ward, AI. Ward. G, Wilson. E. Valmore. A. Wamriuer. R. Thompson. Bottom Row E. Smith. L. Wgilters, C. StCPlXCl1S,S.Sl'lCil.Al.SCl1Vy'.lll, Coach, A. F. jones, Principle, R. Watson. D. Soper, hl. Thompson, W, Wells. Page Our Hunllml Tzvqrirvmix ,-: UQ comma: 515 5 --.. ff"' get -- 'Slifer --w Top Row: R. Cruzet, R. Clugston. Bottom Row: Coach Lennox, R. Behh, B. Brown, C. Case, Mr. Monroe HEAVYWEIGHT BASKETBALL Throughout the season, Pershingls heavy weight team led the division, and though closely followed by Lincoln, they ended on top with Lincoln in second place. Pershingls heavy team was strong to the last man. The outstanding players were: Brown, Cruzet, and Case, who placed on the first allfhouse team. This was more than any other house placed on the first team of the heavy weight division. Conkel also placed on the second team, and so ended a great season for the Green and White. SWIMMING Much future school material turned out this year for the house swimming teams, and under the tutelage of able coaches new men were trained and veterans improved so that all of the houses showed up to good advantage. Each of the dual meets was close and exciting, ending the season with Lincoln in first place and Marshall in second. In the final meet Lincoln led with 33, points, and Marshall was runnerfup with 27. During the season, two new records were established, one, by Walker, in the So yard free style, the other, by Crebbin, in the breast stroke. Top Row: A. Whyte, R. Weiss, P. Welbon, H. Shafer, D. Willie, R. Sprunk. Bottom Row: W. Walters, W. Strickroot, Coach HI. Schwall, Mr. A. F. jones, R. Walker, R. Snyder, G. Weisenthall. Page One Hundred Twentyfseven , DQ j ir 1- FOOTBALL CAMPBELL CLUGSTON DISKEY FAY HACKETT LEADBETTER LINDSAY LINEBAUGH MALOTT MEILVAIN MOWBRAY ORI ANS OXLEY PECKHAM ROSE SHEA SIEGER WALTERS WORDEN GOLF, 1 Q2 7 AHEARN FETTES GRIMM KLEES LAZDOWSKY Pug' Our Humlfrd Tu'u11rvfm'g,H r""F'TT3l0f A,,,..-,- IVV..-... ..... . ., WINNERS OF THE SCARLET "N" BASKETBALL DOOLITTLE EVELAND FAY HACHADORIAN HAYES KNIGHT LEIPHAM MILBY SWIMMING CREBBIN ELIGH JONES KNECHTGES OLIVER ROSENAU WALKER WALTERS CROSS COUNTRY BADER BURGESS CARLSON HU RD THOMPSON TRACK BURGESS CARLSON DENNIS ERSKINE GRIMM GUY HUBER HURD MAXAM MCILVAIN MELDRUM MOORE NORTHRUP PENICK SEROS C. SMITH THOMPSON W. WARD HOC KET BENSON FORD GILLIES GREGORY MCNABB PECKHAM SCHAUPNER BASEBALL , '2 7 BENSON DEEHR DOOLITTLE FOLGER HACHADORIAN HANNENBERG KNIGHT LINDSAY LINEBAUGH OTTO ROSEN TELFER WEBSTER TENNIS , 1 Q2 7 BIXBY GRANZOW GLOSTER JACKSON ROUMEL SKATING FORD GREGORY PECKHAM ZEREMSKI ::n:n::n:u::: 515 n I - 5 -. - a t T as f A I lx I I A Wh X ' KQT .UUE N T11 r '.......0T .,. '- :fa -. Miss Huffman Miss Lampkin Miss MacDonald Miss Watson WOMEN COACHES PRUDENTIA HUFFMAN, now the head of the girls' athletic department, came to North' Western in the fall of 1925. She is the originator of the Girls' Athletic Association here. The natural dancing classes are under her direction. She is also the coach of the skating team and the golf team. IRENB LAMPKIN coached the hockey, basketball, and tennis teams this year. The hockey team was runnerfup for the city championship, and the basketball team held the same position, missing the title by a twofpoint margin. Miss Lampkin has proved herself to be not only an excellent player in each of these sports, but an equally excellent coach. VILBNA MACDONALD has been coach of the swimming team for several years. Due to a serious illness at the beginning of the season, Miss MacDonald turned over the responsi- bilities for the remainder of the semester to Miss Huffman, who ably carried on the work. The lifefsaving tests were directed by Miss MacDonald. Esnz WATSON is coach of the school track team and introduced archery and hockey into the house system this year. The annual Girls' Aquatic Carnival was conducted by Miss Watson. Page One Hundred Twcnlyfnmc DQDDDB ICI S n -. Li I! - ' ft " " ' - wa.. 11113 nz. IIOI' V. Derby, M. Derby, Simancek, Felske, Pezet, Fraiser, Ingalls, Linton, Arney, Knight, Stewart, Hart, Donald, Eaman, Carleton, Seipp, Vokes, Hunter, Spindleman, Oxley. HOCKEY Speed, ablefcoaching, and enthusiasm,-with assets of this sort, Northwestern girls won their way to runnerfup place in the city hockey league. City championship was lost in the final game of the season against Southeastern with a score of I'O. Coached by Miss Irene Lampkin, the following squad defended the Red and Gray: Grace Oxley, cap' tain, Virginia Derby, Myrtle Carletong Marietta Derby, Emily Eamon, Dorothy Felskeg Isabel Hunter, Mildred LaCroix, Marion Pezetg Frances Seippg Gertrude Simancekg Edith Spindleman, and Phyllis Vokes. Redford opened the season with a Northwestern victory, but a grimlyfearned one. A gfo score was the result in this game and also in the second game opposing Central. Felske and V. Derby scored in both games. Then came the game with the Coltettes old rivals, Western. The Cowgirls fought valiantly but were utterly crushed under a score of 7'I. They were revenged in a measure, however, as they crossed Northwestern's goal for the first time this season. Highland Park, eager to avenge last year's defeat, were disappointed and vanquished by a score of zfo. The keenest Hght of the year was seen in the Commerce game, which ended with a score of gn., and a Northwestern victory. The last battle in the West Side League was an easy victory over Southwestern, with a score of zfo. The championship battle with Southeastern followed, and although Northwestern girls played well, the contending champions proved themselves a faster team. Despite a muddy held, both teams played well, and late in the game did the opportunity present itself wherein Southeastern made the point that won the championship, with a score of I'O. GRACE Oxuw Captain Page On: Hundred 'flurry SUMMARY Northwestern Northwestern Northwestern Northwestern Redford ...,,,, ,..,,. Central ..,... .,...,,..... Western ,.,s,.s.,..,,,. Highland Park .,...s Northwestern Commerce ,,,. ..,.,.. Northwestern ,... Southwestern ,,,,.... Northwestern Southeastern i,...,., MAMHTTA DERBY CaptainfElect DDDDDQ .I D 5 I C111 V,-iq'-'li .ir X Ni' fx, 1 -, I. 1. 1 ' lzllfifiloyf -.Mi C0 T"2l - . 5,1d'!5kf I fy, f T' Sample, V. Derby, M. Derby, Simancek. Carlton, Ingalls, Stewart, Seipp. BASKETBALL The Coltettes opened the 1928 season by defeating Redford 29f7. The six veteran players were: Captain Dorothy Sample, Myrtle Carlton, Frances Seipp, and Gertrude Simancek. Those new to the squad were: Marietta and Virginia Derby, Elizabeth Stewart, and Anne Ingalls. With Miss Lampkin as coach, the team became one of the most skillful and fastest in the city, losing the title by but two points. In a fast and furious game with Central, Northwestern had a streak of hard luck. Both teams showed marked ability, but in the last half the Coltettes were weakened by the loss of their star forward, V. Derby, who sprained her ankle. The game ended with Central 17, .Northwestern 13. Better luck followed in the Highland Park game. The Polar Bears fell to our sextette, 1713. V. Derby played a very remarkable game, sinking almost every shot she threw. Our cagers easily downed Commerce 2816. At Western our "basketeers" gained a four point margin over the Cow girls. Carlton and Sample starred showing their usual fighting spirit. Southwestern collapsed under the Coltettes' attack, 2417. The Derbys starred, and Seipp and Simancek played their everfconsistent game. The team pushed on toward city championship by trampling Hamtramck 3of23 in the semiffinals. The Cosmos put up a good Hght, but they could not withstand the swift onslaught of the Coltettes. Both teams displayed splendid technique and teamwork. To end this spectacular season, the Coltettes clashed with Highland Park for the chamf pionship. However our sextette played an unlucky game and fell to the Bears1,715. In the last minute of play a Highland Park Star shot a field basket, breaking the tied score and winning the game. DOROTHY SAMPLE Captain SUMMARY OF SEASON Northwestern .... ZQ Redford ,, .,,... , , Northwestern .... I3 Central... . Northwestern I7 Highland Park Northwestern ,,,, 27 Commerce .,...,. Northwestern , 24 Western.. ,.... .. Northwestern 3,0 Hamtramck , . Northwestern .... 15 Highland Park VIRGINIA DERBY Captainflilect Page One Hundred 'Thivtyfonc I --" 'lf n Iii' - ... s- 5 , .. X I 1 c H ,, "f M...,,,, --1, .50 , . 'El , I r'1"rral0f Top Row: Gibson, Taylor, Culhane, Korhoran, Curtis. Middle Row: Baird, Saunders, Fraser, Felske, Botsford, Smith. Bottom Row: Steele, M. Wood, E. Wood, Hare, Marrow, Mclntosh. SWIMMING This year the girls of our swimming team have made a splendid record, losing the City Championship by only one point. The preliminaries were held in the Northwestern pool, February 29, and March 1. We placed seventeen girls in these meets who took places in the finals. The finals were held in the same pool March 3. It was an exciting meet from the begin' ning. Helen Curtis gave us a good start by taking Iirst place in the 25 yard free style senior. Dorothy Felske placed first in the 5o yard senior. In the back stroke we showed up exceptionally well: Ethel Smith took first place in the 50 yard back stroke junior, and third in the 25 yard back stroke junior, Eileen Wood took second in the 25 yard back stroke senior, Helen Curtis, who substituted for Mildred Thompson, took second in the 5o yard back stroke senior. In the breast stroke we placed Ardis Gibson second in the 5o yard junior,and jean Steele in the 5o yard senior. Ruth Mclntosh took second place by 33100 of a point. The medley relay team took second placeg it was composed of Eileen Wood Cback strokej, Ardis Gibson Cbreast strokej, and jean Botsbord Cfree styleb. The free style relay team broke the city record by clipping two seconds off the former time. The time was: SQ 1f5. This relay was composed of Dorothy Felske, jean Botsford, Jane Saunders, and Eunice Taylor. Eight dual meets were scheduled, but two of them were canceled. In these meets the girls who did not place in the city meet earned their letters. ..-,W V A. K fiilil AV SUMMARY A K It Northwestern Q5 Southeastern ..4Q' V P Northwestern . S4 Highland Park QI f Northwestern . S3 Western.. . . ,W32 ' ' 5 . , .. . .V Northwestern 82 Southwestern .. ...6o . Northwestern 84 Opponents . .. .62 Doaorriif Fiztsica JEAN Borsvoan Captain CapfainfEIect Page One Ifinidvzd Thirlydwu S1 'l l 5 X 5 ""' 717 3 K 'Ii' ,-..""' I -'U' , W" , W, 1 -. I. 1. I ' IQILQILQIOYTM. ', -0 FM lriil - Top Row: E. Taylor, Aumak, Sims, Botsford, Amend, Thompson, V. Derby, M. Carlton, Stewart, Searle, Cary, Glover. Middle Row: V. Jones, Russell, Arney, Moore, W. King, A. King, Panton, Crunn, H. White, Twigg, Kuhn. Bottom Row: E. Wood, M. White, Koenig, Eichelbarger, M. Derby, Somkin, Curtis, Jenkinson. TRACK The prospects for the 1928 track team looked very promising in view of the fact that over sixty girls reported for the early tryfouts. The squad was reduced in a short time to thirty girls: Zelma Arney, jean Botsford, Myrtle Carlton, Helen Carry, Mildred Craig, May Crunn, Virginia Derby, Marietta Derby, Loretta Glover, Mable Jenkinson, Mary Koenig, Viola jones, Thelma Sims, Helen White, Loreta Kuhn, Maude Searle, Marion Moore, Eunice Taylor, Margaret White, Marjorie Somkin, Elizabeth Stewart, Beryl Twigg, Muir Williams, Willie May King, jean Thompson, Ruth Kwitz, and Gladys Pinkston. Last year's veterans were Myrtle Carlton, and Virginia Derby. The first meet was held at Codd Field with Northern. The Coltettes won 41f27. The girls who succeeded in placing first were: May Crunn, 50 yard dash, Marietta Derby, running broad jump, and Beryl Twigg, baseball throw. Those placing second were: Gladys Pinkston, 50 yard dash, and jean Botsford, high jump. Those taking third were: Mary Moore, 60 yard hurdlesg Virginia Aldag, high jump, and Loretta Kuhn, baseball throw. Fourth places were won by Thelma Sims, 75 yard dash, Helen White, 60 yard hurdles, Ruth Eichelbarger, high jump, and Loretta Glover, running broad jump. The next meet was held at Redford. As the competition was close, Northwestern won by only a few points. The Redford team made a strong comefback to avenge their defeat in a practice match with the Coltettes early in the season. The score was 3412. Marietta Derby, a basketball, hockey and tennis star, was elected captain of the team. She is expected to make a good showing in the city meet, May 29. SUMMARY Northwestern Northwestern Northwestern Northwestern ..., 3 3 Southwestern .. M41 Northern M28 Western............38 M34 Redford............ 3,2 38 EDITH SPINDLEMAN 1927 Captain 1928 Captain MARIETTA DERBY Page One Hundred Thivtyftlwce F' T DD n lil' "'l ln!qv pq gf a - ' . 1 X Tl Y ' . I. lik 0' IZLTJTIIOYT .-ml' -0 Mu Lei ,T SKATING TEAM Top Row: V. Derhy, bl. Botsford. R. Bell, M. Derby. Bottom Row: V. jones, E. Grikshiet, H. White, M. White. H. Thompson. GOLF TEAM Beatrice Kerr, jean McGarvah, Virginia james, Katherine Klag. TENNIS TEAM E. Chzillove, M. Ayrault, E. Kindred. I.. Revels. V. Derhy, M. Derhy, J. Botsford, J. Lake, M. Ferguson, F. Seipp Page One Hundred 'fhivtyffour I --- ri n i 1 -4. llll .gg X B I W l 1'. 0' .lgzzrzglO7f M..Ti'-f5"513'T -E SKATING Northwestern captured the city title for skating this year by scoring three points more than Northern, the previous city champion, The meet was held at Belle Isle, Saturday, December 31. Those representing the Red and Gray were: Helen and Margaret White, Virginia and Marietta Derby, Viola Jones, Emma Grikscheit, Helen Thompson, Ruth Bell, and Jean Botsford. There were just three events for the girls, the 44o and 220 yard dash, and the relay. Each girl was permitted to skate in only one event. In the 440 yard dash Helen White showed her skill by gliding off with Hrst place. Vir' ginia Derby followed up in the same event with a third. In the 22o yard dash Viola Jones succeeded in crossing the line third, leaving Marietta Derby not more than half an inch behind. The relay, including Emma Grikscheit, Margaret White, Helen Thompson, and Ruth Bell, was the decisive factor of the meet. This was the first city title that the Northwestern girls had won in many years, and we hope that in the coming season they will win more in other sports too. Miss Huffman did her part faithfully by coaching the girls at their practices in GOLF The 1927 Golf Team of Northwestern completed a very interesting and enthusiastic season regardless of the fact that these sportswomen had to do a great part of their practicf ing miles from home. The active work of the team started with a series of dual meets, one with Central, and one with Highland Park. Both of these meets were held on the Rackham Course. The girls who participated in these matches were: Beatrice Kerr, captain, Jean McGarvah, Virginia james, and Katherine Klag. On October 15, the tournament for City Championship was held. Almost every high school in the city sent a representative foursome to the Rackham Course. On this occasion, Marion Hopson replaced Virginia James. Highland Park carried off the honors, leaving third place to Northwestern. However, the second low score title was brought to us through the captain, Beatrice Kerr. This year the girls were very fortunate in having Miss Huffman for their coach, She very willingly helped to create an interest in this sport, which is gradually gaining popularity TENNIS In answer to Miss Lampkin's call for tennis players this spring, nearly thirty girls responded. From these the following ten survived the challenges of thir teamfmates: Esther Challove, Margaret Ayrault, Virginia Derby, Frances Seipp, Margaret Fergusen, jean Botsford, Lorraine Revels, Marietta Derby, Josephine Lake, Eleanor Kindred. Margaret Ayrault, Virginia Derby, Frances Seipp, Jean Botsford, Eleanor Kindred, and Margaret Furguson played on the team of last year, which was runnerfup for the city UC 6. Virginia Derby was refelected captain for the 1928 season, and the prospects look bright for the success of the team this year. In a practice match with Northern our racket wielders proved as skillful astheir opponf ents. They met Central in a practice match, April 25, and proceeded to win most of their matches. Again at Eastern our "racketeers" won a practice match. Highland Park, the defending champions, will meet strong opposition when they en' counter the Coltettes. Last year the competition from other schools, except Highland Park, was so poor that it really'didn't afford adequate practice to prepare the team for the finals. This year, as the teams seem much more evenly matched, the competition promises to be much more marked. the Olympia. at Northwestern. Page One Hundred Thirtygfiw 522352 --. ' , n F H -,.v-Ill ' -- B V - 'E ,e.. 1' i ,,.1-f,' ., 5 + 1.1. 'UIOY' r 2" MT, VERNON HOCKEY TEAM L. Davison, D. Counter, E, Dawson. bl. Burgess. R. Birdseye, M. Ayrault, H. Burton, C. Archer, M. Bur- ley, QI. Bentley, I. Bushu. BETSY ROSS BASKETBALL TEAM M. Marrow, W. Kmg, J. Lauz, AI. Hughes, R. MacMillan. JOAN OF ARC SWIMMING TEAM Tap Raw. TNA, Fmiser, M. Derby, V. Derby, D. Felskc. Bottom Ruw: E. Grickshiet, A. Gibson, G. Hare, B. Fritch, -I. Dean, K. Hart. Page On: Huudved Thxnyfxxx 522292 I1 T' ini' -in -- 1 , ' I 1 nv 'J' llilITa.TY.tLlO77 3 7-6 HOCKEY House hockey, introduced in the fall term of 1927, proved to be interesting to all conf cerned. The beginners and those familiar with the game were well coached by one of our most able leaders, Miss Watson. The houses had equally good captains in the following girls: roo, Ida Marie Bushag 160, Dorothy Hockg 2o3, jean Hughes, 161, Annette Rudolphi, 201, Helen White. In the last game, which decided the winner of hockey, Mt. Vernon proved the victor, winning from jane Austen. As a result of their efforts Mt. Vernon received a cup given by the Girls' Athletic Association. BASKETBALL Basketball, a most interesting sport, attracts many girls. Each house is represented by three teams, the A, the B, and the C team. This year Betsy Ross was the Champion of the A teams, winning every game she played. The players on the championship team were: Jean Laux Ccaptainjg Forward, Mary Marrow, Forward, Ruth McMillang Jumping center, Jean Hughes, S. center, Willa Mae King, and Guard, Sybil Marshall. Mt. Vernon made a good showing by having both her B and C teams come out on top in their divisions. Mt. Vernon's and joan of Arc's A teams tied for second place. SWHPUWING The girls who entered in house swimming this year greatly outnumbered the turnfout of the preceding year. Under the able guidance of Miss MacDonald and with the help of the girls on the school team, the house swimmers proved to be very good. Two meets were held in the fall: the preliminary, the eighth of November, and the Hnal, the tenth of November. Some of the outstanding swimmers were: Helen Curtis, Kathreen Culhane, Eleanor Dale, Margaret Fraser, Ardis Gibson, Jane Saunders, Jean Steele, and Mildred Thompson. Joan of Arc won the cup from Mt. Vernon by one point. Page One Hundred Thirty-seven F , DQ n I-ll I ll iir 5- a Inq' - , C4-1 . 1 7 I. - jul l:!l!'aTI'ilo7fT ...... -0 'ue ,-Tel A , Top Row: G. Oxley, V. Derby, Miss Dunbar, H. White, F. Seipp. Bottom Row: I. Bucha, j. Hughes, E. Smith, D. Sample, J. Botsford, E. Spindleman, H. Cook. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Three years have passed since the Girls' Athletic Association first came into existence. During these three years many changes have taken place. The board has been made larger and the girls are now under new supervision. At the beginning of the season Miss Prudentia C. Huffman, the former sponsor, turned the work over to Miss Dunbar who has done much in promoting an interest in athletics and in assisting in the plans for the Spring Sport Calendar. This year the board consisted of the following members: Dorothy Sample, president, Helen Cook, vice-president, Ethel Smith, secretary, Jean Botsford, treasurer, Dorothy Felske, swimming captain, Grace Oxley, hockey captain, and jean Hughes, representative of the Colt. The house representatives were: jean Bently, Beatrice Kerr, Dora Hamilton, Frances Seipp, Edith Spindleman, Ida Marie Busha, Anne Ingalls, Virginia Derby, and Helen White. This year, for the lirst time in the history of Northwestern, the association has been able to arrange for the securing of student tickets enabling Northwestern girls to witness a series of dual swimming meets and basketfball games. A keen interest developed in the houses, and the turnfouts for every sport exceeded those of any preceding year. Archery replaced riflery this year, and the participants proved to be enthusiastic followers of this fascinating sport. The Athletic Association was responsible for the success ofthe Aquatic Carnival. To crown a most interesting season of competitive sports, the annual athletic banquet was held on June 6, 1927, at which gathering the individual awards were distributed. Page One Hundvcd Tlnriyfright . y. Q 1 . 1 '5 ,Y . L 4 . ..f ' X Q -P f,,- fs' ' " ' .. : V V, wf V I f4fj.2f, 'T-., 'ffa.115,-'fi . , ,.1,,. GE fiwsxmw .yr mf-fr'-11. gg, ,sq ,114 : f Q, -f, 1 37, g I W 2? , '72'5"f 'N- wf 1. i 4 ., 5 ' j'g,.' Q. "1 4 .arf . H32 . gi.. : 2 fb.. -a. :Y-fb rf :L.i.'y', A, ,.',--jpgiu . . 1-1,3 Q:..g. 'H-f -V v' - vm ':, 2- px A ,p 11.5,-. 1 q, if .5 , -ju ni. . ' -Q -22? .mv A 8 :J . ' -1. 'rjfy .V ..,q,. .: .- '31 V i' 0 'if 'a . . 'of if-.4 f Q. iff -1 if ' fi ,Q , 4.. ff:-rj .v fi 44 1 . if -' . 1.3 ,,3 ,,., 5 :IIT is , .EWS " . "Vim Rf M' f . . 53-f ,, 'vp cf if gf- - A 4l1g,Q: its in I , Q .- .Ty 'Q ,f f' 1' ical- 'irkf-1 .1 F if. -A -Qw- Jaj f ' . Sli. 'f -:Ji 1:3 ' M . 1' .V 4- ff 1. L3 ,iii 1" ,- , 5- 4: Yfffihlg Si X, ' 2 ,L . .:, R , LU - -ri' 'ggi ,P '- X .tru 1. .gf - ,f,p,, .V .i:."fg' 'x 71 LK' ' .LS ' 1. 1 L 'X' J.. :,1,.'.5,,, -' 51 131.161 . will ke' it ' ft? xg, 5.351a,.g,,. , if 4+ V ," " N., 3,33 .. -.Az . 531.2 'W , :Nl , - .,s..1 ,Q . .' . , "'2.1:F'3' , 5 g 'gf 211 LL., 534: ,Lk 'fav .. ww- .N L f. 1 1 .H - 4 ' wg emi g A :Ev X: W. , XF""1' ."l'H..- QI ' Y, Aflflz " 1 M. vMz.i',-. . ., , Q., ,x S1 1 ffl- 1 af .. w1.,f :iff SX Q TA, 2 H im.. ' 5' ,y v4,h'2S1.3ig .1 .V ,,, ,L 1'gj'fS'L. ' ' '91, ,G ,ME W, ,b-2. . . , 3, ,J-Y. .5 '14 , ' .fe-' 1 Q 2 T' 'EQ ,, , M 1 11f"' 1. HM, "U, :'5f.c.-" ' f Wi- ' 51 , gala ffl , A - any Er Tm' 'f 12,111 4: -'Iv ,fy ' 1,."7"': Q. Q. ,. M W. . 1 .L . ui ,L , f -gx 3.515 ,L 44", ggiffb . jgffi ,. twig Q. 1 r '35, fl 'Qu 9 we -n1'?1.ff9 'ff-f7f"7 1 Q: '2eF'4wv'f' .32-H :.,3,' 5,4 gf: "3 A +2 ,, 15- -f .fx ,tg fr ,Mx-.,,.f V3.5 . ' , .. A , g::.Hf.,' 1 -rf.-'am . ., 1 fp gi. ..i -1: Q If 9-WW 'ffslf if 3,.4,?11A K jj Ig-'Fu 1-'i 5,1 - "Q lg 13' 4 ' ' ,Q 5222? 171 f .4 Q' . 1...-f. , A ff' .aggfz Q ff If 'ff " :Q1.'3Vi f ,'f'r.:.'?f' .2 11,4 ' - '-b 1- :wg 11 . .LQ-'f-f -. 5: K ,- ,:2,fg:: ' 'rfwg ' ig, N ..f nw A- '.--,, If ' M, ,.. 1, ,, K-1 X. ' 3341 ff. .QV -Q ,H .,,z. N-1 I sq -T M 1 nklif, I fl .gsm , 4 - My J .: ' 1-if .I +-1? ' L. 4.1 Q , -..Q .fm if A, A 'ii v W. Lb -+- 5 J' A fi 4 1 'hi ,. A V-if Q v- ' N ., 4, .F .iff ,. Ii Jil' . is QL? .' .X , pr mi", J: . ' Q4 'A V. Q ...M ,f 1 x "" Txf n lil' -,, '---' mi Y El i - , M 1'.1dJ I IJETZLQIOYT M -0 ALUMNI The Alumni Association has encountered many difficulties during the past season. The very rapidly growing membership, which has reached the three-thousand mark, and the inadequate working facilities have made it difficult to reach the members. Insufficient funds and a marked lack of interest among the alumni have made it impossible for the executive board to keep a corrected list of the addresses. The present plan is to try to bring the association back to a successful working basis by having a number of the faculty working with special groups of the alumni. The only important social event of the year was the Christmas Dance, which was well attended in spite of the difficulties met in notifying the members. Tentative plans are being organized for the Annual Spring Dance, which promises to be as entertaining as usual. PERSONALS Class of '16 Elizabeth Hayes, now Mrs. Hugo Monaghan, has recently moved to Dallas, Texas. The marriage of Florence Fox to James Taylor took place on April 28, 1928. They are now residing in Detroit. Margaret Kiefer, the first president of Betsy Ross House, and James Bott, also of Northwestern, were married recently. Class of '17 Emma Miller, who became Mrs. Betcher during the past year, is continuing her work in our office. Ralph Perkins is employed at the present time at the Copeland Refrigerating Company. Helen Sturges, first editor of the Colt, was recently married to William Eagleson, and is now residing in Wyncotte, Penn. Class of 'IQ Jerome Thomas is teaching economics at Detroit City College. Marion Walker is attending Boston University. Bob Wiley, a former coach in the athletic department of Northwestern, was transferred to Eastern in February. Class of '20 james Coates is employed on the staff of a Grand Rapids newspaper. Kathleen Haley, who has been teaching at the Pattengill School, was recently married. Helen Scott is teaching English and history at Redford. Class of '2 1 Charles Livingston, who has joined the Bonstelle Company, is gaining recognition as an actor. Rex Gannon, one of Northwestern's most talented graduates, is studying voice culture in New York. Class of '22 Helen Leonard, who was graduated from the University of Michigan in '26, is now teaching English in an intermediate school in Cleveland. Class of '24 Eleanor Brakeman will be graduated from Oberlin in june after a successful college career. jean McKaig, who has been active on the University of Michigan campus for the past four years, is receiving her diploma in June. Edith Kirby has completed her course in the study of music and is now teaching in the city. George Washington has made an exceptional name for himself at Yale, and in all probability he will be sent to Europe to study the problem of the League of Nations. Evelyn Leverington, a very prominent member of her class, who was recently married, is continuing her teaching. Class of '2 5 Ernie McCoy has been elected captain of next year's basketball team at the University of Michigan. Class of '26 Walter Pezet, a three-letter man at Alma, has starred in football, basketball, and track. He made the M.I.A.A. Football Team. Wallace Baxter, a law student at the University of Michigan, has been playing with the "Mimes." Class of '27 Harold Webster is studying in a Y. M. C. A. College in Chicago. He has taken recent tours of the country with the Glee Club. Horace Craig was elected president of the freshman class at Michigan State College, and is planning on entering Northwestern University next fall. The marriage of Emaruth Tesmer to Maurice Conner was announced last summer. They are now living in the city. Page One Hundfcd 'I'hivty'ninc 1 ..-- V I7 ' 'l' lil - -"', l"l' 5: n 1 -- 'Y-IL' " JD ua X fl ' DD -- , 5' ,mf :f' 5 f .. 53 ' 1 . kk"4 'I 'rkx Q VW.7 L -F M X I., I' "HQ: 45 " xl u WM FOR X 1- RED ' X ' xxvww in A I D NQ COUGH5'BUT" '53 4 V nfl' Nh f..j,m13 ' :mi ESM H- J Xfpqi Q ,L i ' -Jak' ,.-SS' .A . . w - 1" fig' "Wi ' -' 25,7235-W LJ JE Y TRIPLETS, -f ,5555f V RR . ff ff?fkQixVXfN L jg H -'VY-fi?-5:1 ' tb 53178 If ,. A x ,KL N, , , L 34 3 , '.L- i I 4 M Y KENNETH. EVE, FREAK5. A SAMPLE. TWINS. O HddF wg A .v, ,-,. . .M M-5 .,-1- ,TF Y, , v v -v Ae ww 1 ,Q , gh.,-,V 1, . -WF, N "ef-,T I K.. ,M f ,111 1 . 1 Mb x gi .gliggi - pn ,. Ugg, . , ,IQ pf 1 , A, , ,:,. -1-M, . ., ,, HL -f Zqiff yy -? "" xt. 1 A., . ., ,, , .F it ,JF 3 ,Q H fx ---- -1 4 NLD r"u""v3lOl r Y' M ' 'l"" ' if ff -xclc E ..--to " ' ,. REMEMBER on -r:Acuc.n!vM so GLADTO ar: BACK Q-QW I K ' ei- f - ,xy Ml! SEPTEMBER We all started school again on September 9, and there were 4,238 of us. And on the Hrst day Hftyfnve Colts turned out for football practice. Girls' hockey practice started on the I2 with thirtyfhve out. Two days later the Girls' Athletic Assoc' iation met and planned the girls' sports prof gram for the year. Dr. Fritz Karsen, from Europe, lectured in the auditorium September 21 at 4 p. m. on "The Progressive Schools in Europeng and at 8 p. m. on "The Secondary Experimental Schools in Berlin." Enter the Colt, returning as a bifweekly this year. And Joan of Arc won the Colt subscription contest. Dr. Karsen lectured again on "The Russian System." Our crossfcountry men staged the annual Colt run on Northwestern Field on the 30. The same day the girls, hockey team played Redford, there, and won geo. Page One Hundred Fovtyfo-ne ".--- f -E' YT , A17 . W j.-Z: VN X' 8 no 5. '5 - 1 Nl' l:L .,ll0l7 11.-- 1,.,..l', I 'L OCTOBER And we started the month and football season right by swamping Southeastern 47f3,. Freshman mixer on the 6. Need more be said! The Colt harriers ran away from Western 2710. And on the same day, our third hockey victory, yo against Central. The Colts placed third in the city golf tournament. Northwestern continued her march toward the city title in football by downing Western 9.8f6, October 8. The Odds and Ends made its debut for the year-in Hallowe'en covers. Pace?-Colt harriers beat Eastern, 17f4. On the 15, Saginaw Eastern went down 9'7Q Northwestern still on the forward march. Northwestern girls lost the city golf championship to Highland Park at the inter- school tournament the same day. The next week we avenged that defeat with a zfo victory over the Highland Park hockey team. A perfect score l-Colt harriers swamp Southeastern. That weekfend Eastern High was the fourth victim of the Red and Gray gridders, zifo. The twentyffourth saw the 12A's elect their officers. Funny and diminutiveg ninth and tenth graders at the Halloween dance. At the Hrst triangular crossfcountry meet, held at Redford, we came off victorious. Alumni fall dance. Cornstalks and cider! NOVEMBER The 12A's suffered the strain of an intellif gence test, to start the month off. And on the same day, Mt. Vernon won the house hockey championship in the Hnal fray with jane Austen, I'O. At the second ParentfTeachers meeting of the season, the biology students presented a Child Welfare program. No sarcasm intended. Page One Hundred Forty-two 4, 1 'fgafifl 'f i- -gff 'lllhgf 1- 51.52 .gil 4' f 1 ' 'I-:QA 1 r 523122 3, n - i --A-e - -v , - f w ,, , .g . f. 1, - ' 1:ma:12'alO77 i -0 - jg 'gl l - f, ' X-,- :fm -L-, - f""""4 fu' L , L L ' ' L ' l5k2'l4RUI'lk POLICE DEP. l Q B I--,,,,...---v-f-"1 A . nu w'm1.m.m xxmw.. RR E , Lv.-A K .www N N 'L'-L Q. HISUINL , U Q NxtM"""'J'5Q55- .WL 7 fm I 'S 1 tx" 1 ' v "' . ff E 5-ffvmf. +1 51 .im mm Q 2, ff- ,,2a,e:2J.e.1.s.Q.1Q .Nfwf -- ff' fax i 1'if5 u,7 - Lf Q ' if ,W K wubUL,xm'pg H .mn . cv ,. , 3 A, KX " 1927 gg Us A PLAYMIR nonraviesnggfa A 6 A 45 ff: AQ , ,, , l fp YQ 0 ky A H W xg pe1'nm'f.mcmeM ? fi: Q 9 Nr ,op M 3 1...----',4.....----'-"' 1 mb -Q - D2 an 4 - 4 M 1 R kk . A K Y ,. .YPA 6 - ,4 .M ' 3 vv N-1 K g. Gk2'Yf1Q1hux ' k Q dd VJ N A' N 5 1 W . N 1 5 S Q N6 ECM 9340 "f'?Q+2 ' , L ,Z If 6 G fn 1 ' "AT 5 51 Ei C x Q, Q -X fvom, Wfhf WS ,. .X... 1 .., 1 P 4, 'ag .. W W . V Ea G+, wg 1 .fff 'A . P -- , - .Rx mm: rx QNX 'Ll M' iq' rnnaunvu " 9' -15.655 ,. :1.wN:f"5 Amin,-rc , - V g xi xx aim., mn V V :P ffewyvylffl QAIHIINI! UPEI, 425 at 8 523 I 12f5xg,:Ei.:it51 , - EQ Qi 'alx '52, 'L li. .Tvs-u,,.' ' ,fX 'Q h ai . 9 3 fi wg? ,wujxjl .. ,S Cn ohnny ow 5 1.5, Q , A W .U f H Q f y Q' -,,. W e , G . S35 Q. , , M71 .. , 3 Hfffhlllu fim- 2, Q, 'Z WM! lv H -Q K. I ,rx K A f ' Q M - - X52 f 'H 3 X A Pv -5 , .,,.. fp'-v - 9 - A A 1, X " IOS '00 A . A - A 1 U TX y"5x . ' -f L!" 'T , h , , 6 no ff 'Rr KAL .," 7 .L 'U O, .5 f H , 'Ghz Boiler-fillabc Ullcm 'ap '29, 2 5 W-M LQ f' 0 ,1 mwmm on Q ,Q A-Q, ,x,'f1IfQ,,q "k "Wf'f:'u Lvkk mafmm-,mai 6399 121' Q "H fum. kkhb , J . - -f V K 0 '25 CI3k2"fg4-AP, 1 1'f2IM1mf1m Ga- - Q, H '33 JS, . f ii? V 7Km- , . Q: . 6 f L J .-,,f.fIJQ"' L. .U I ' iizw P A ' r ' V? W' k -k'X k 'tv ug -H ...a u 1 , ' X" Page One Hundred Furry-Lhvcc --- f YT ""' 11 - n -- m-- ,- -.....:..W . - Y. tffflili NOVEMBER QCont.j On the fourth, the Northwestern girls' hockey team won its Hfth game from Com' merce High, gfz. That very afternoon the Colt harriers gave Northern the dust by placing four men in tie for first places. On that memorable Saturday, November 5, the Colt gridders ploughed through another victory, defeating Highland Park, I6'O. Election Tuesday-we turned out and votedgfor Lodge. At the girls' interfhouse swimming meet, joan of Arc carried off the honors, with Mt. Vernon a close runnerfup. And the first of the HifY Four C's prof gram: Rev. Thomas Thorborn spoke to the first record boys in the auditorium. On the io, the colt crossfcountry men ran off with the city title at Redford with a score of 7,4 points. Two day later, Bishop's men ran away with Central, zifo. Hockey with Western-we won again. When Pershing trounced Marshall 6f2, it carried off the house football championship. Clara Barton and Marshall refinstituted the girl and boy graderoom party. Dough' nuts and cider. The 19-the Eskimos lost, rgfo, to give the Colts the first state championship in football in ten years! Worth waiting for. Three nights of "Vanity Fair"-very fair indeed. Odds and Ends outwwith Thanksgiving covers this time. Southeastern defeated the Coltettes, I'O, and won the city championship. And the reserve champs fell-fell!-to the allfhouse team, 1S'2. Midsemesters4Ask us another. Regretful, but expectant, the joan of Arc girls passed from Mrs. Rauch to Miss Clough, their new house principal. The last day brought the ,Midway, at which Sodales received the scholarship gavelg Alice Freeman Palmer staged the best attraction, and Lister presented an ablum for the Hall of Fame. Page One Himdved Fmzyfrwo X Ca is 9 'WQUAQH T 11 'axis uw Q x ' is " ' C' 5 l ' ie-141' . 'ix ill ' f wll-.1 51 4 Q-I G Ivy: , .: - f 1- ,,,,,,.,,, I wal! - MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY Calls Attention to This Fascinating Work The student is paid from the time she enters our training department. Increases in salary come at regular and frequent intervals. Employ- ment Ofice, Room 615, Bell Tele- phone Bldg. TELEPHONE OPERATING IS A GOOD PROFESSION x,L1ELEP110,e as Gs- .- 9 x my 4 4- aut E svsma 5 ri' E , if 2: 2 ee 3 Q47 69 qfPHonf.l-X" Page O C--2 J ,,,- , Q YT 'ill - - n-- ,L L at DECEMBER With the first of the month came the ParentfTeachers dinner. The Odds and Ends out again. Coach Weaver called the Hrst track pracf tice on the 5. Betsy Ross won the house basketball championship. And the girls' allfhouse basketball team beat the faculty 16f1o. On the 9, the Colt tankers drowned Western, 56f1o. The same day saw our first basketball game-'with Battle Creek-fand we came out victorious, 26f23. The Colt debaters lost to Central's aflirrnaf tive, 2-1. Hand-painted sillqsf-the Art clulfs annual Christmas bazaar began. Miss Atwood spoke on the League of Nations. The Colt Christmas sentence contest on the 15. A day later we won our second swimming meet. And ended the day with the Christmas concert. Santa Claus, what red hair you have! The eleventh and twelfth grade dance. And the public speaking department entertained the honor students. The new Latin paper, "Audite," made its debut. The twentyfthird!-school closed for the Christmas holidays. Letting down the strain. Thea lumni dance on the 28. Where was the mistletoe? Page One Hundred Furry-six ... , ,Ve fix: V, A ?"f'3e ' 2 Q f r qos 5 .4 FW ' x 9 I A Q 4? i XL . 'WX 6 . EE 'Q7 OTHINC like Ice Cream for hot weather relief. Step up to the Soda Fountain and name your favorite ilavor. A Soda, Sundae or dish of Ice Cream touches the spot every time. The most agreeable of all refreshments. Cooling, nourishing, healthful. Everything in Ice Cream is good for you, and highest standard of quality is assured in- DETROIT CREAM ERY qi2ife,mV - "L g rg-3 :Don't you love poetry?" H vwwwwiw ou-if-wwfu xl :N Yes especially white leghorns. MILLS 1 W I f it .. ,-- BAKIN . , N . l X. Barber: Wet or dry. D G CO ll f Customer: "Cut my hair and never mscrrnonounovznsrovou ' 'gy ' d lf' J Pnone erzrilotflxliilrisso 10 mm my pol ICS l .tlllllfi 'Ili U . m mf yyxl, X "Never let your wife part your hair with :-55.29 4 .LE J I ., a Cleaver." '. 'TX - a s f- Y 'Ay "Hey Waiter!" "Yes, sirf' Modern times have brought us the solution of heretofore considered hopeless problems. For example : In this day and age the housewife is no longer obliged to do her own baking. Since 1916 the Mills Baking Company has lifted the bane of baking from the hands of the housewife and not only provides the product, but sees to it that the baked goods are delivered direct from the oven to the home each day. The Mills Baking Company started with a fleet of 10 electric trucks. The growth of Detroit, the demand for the best baked goods and service in the city grew at such a pace that at the present they have 175 trained salesmen supplying the housewives each day with everything possible in the line of baked goods. Warm bread, luscious pies and cakes are brought to the door by a neat and cour- teous salesman. Detroit housewives and their husbands have learned to rely on the JVI ills Bak- ing Company man for their daily supply of good things to eat. Home Service Bakers MILLS BAKING COMPANY 5165 Fourth Ave. Glendale 7590 Page One Hundred Fortycnght "Look here there's a piece of leather in this sausage. I don't mind the horse but I hate to eat the harness too." Ayers. "Who wrre these jokes?" Atwell. "I did." Ayers. "You must be older than you look." 'Tm telling you for the last time, you can't kiss me." "I knew you'd weaken." Si. "Your cow just ate up all my vegetables." Lo. ws all right. I'll send you over a quart of milk." Patient Centering lunatic asylumjz "Is this clock right?" Attendant: "Yes, quite right." Patient: "Then, what's it doing here?" n' -Q .. 'mmf liffgkri MK 11' " egg .1 Al 5 .Ei-, " ,IA , Mus? Mi X ,-' A. Q ? Frosh: 'iSay waiter, make that ham and eggs a beef stew." Second Dummy: 'LWhat d'ye think he is a magician?" E. Griffith: "Look, Northern's going to kick off." L. Barstow. "Heck, they've been dead for years." Teacher: "A number of cattle is a herd: a number of sheep is a flock: what's a number of camels?" J. Telfer: "A carton." W. Schultz: "If I had money, I'd ask you to marry me." C. Thayer: "If you had money, you wouldn't have to ask me." Bulsha: i'What did you do in Russia?" Vick: i'Oh, bombed around with some Reds." Baby Eskimo: "Bawwwww! Bawww! I wanna drink." Mamma Eskimo: "Shut up! It's only two months till morning." Mr. Carr: "Order please." Red Benjamin: "Hot Beef sandwich." Miss Wiley: "Julius, complete this statement. Open your mouth, and shut your eyes-3' Julius T.: "And that's the way a woman drives." F F friww-,ff rwiberi . fry 2 'A 'fl 3 hi an .Q ' 792. ?Z'.. V H545 9 .,,. ,A 'na crew Q ks Q 71.0 school.. FOR, MENQ. To the Graduates of Northwestern High School Courses in LAVV ENGINEERING PHARMACY COMMERCE APPLIED BUSINESS LIBERAL ARTS are offered by The Detroit Institute of Technology Detroit College of Law 3 03 Y M CA Building Randolph 6126 GRAND CIRCUS PARK Page On: Hundred Forty-nine , Y' V.. -Z 4 IDI n-- :' -....z...,- - 5 JANUARY Back from Christmas vacation, and--those New Year resolutions. A new sportAice hockeyfhad its hrst practice the 5. The Colt mermen continued in the race, beating Northern, 56fio. The 12B girls gave the 12A girls a party in the lunchroom on the eleventh. And the public speaking classes had a program in the auditorium the same night. The third defeat in debating, this time from Eastern. Friday, the thirteenth. Unlucky for Western, who lost a tight basketball game, 2147. The same night, the 12Afi2B prom. Colt puckfchasers won their first game, 2f1, when playing Redford. The final debate with Westernea 2'I victory for Northwestern. The Odds and Ends graduation issueM largest in the magazines history. january 26 W Commencement for the twentyffifth class. So ends a semester. A new term, with an enrollment of 4470, started the 31. FEBRUARY Lincoln took the house track championship. The Red and Gray quintet overwhelmed College High with a score of 47fo. With a close score of 1743, the girls' basketball squad downed Highland Park. On the 14, Dr. Doty tallied on "Cornrnon Colds." Kerfchoo! We understood. Father and Son banquet the 15. Commerce lost to the Northwestern girls, 2846. The Northwestern swimmers lost their second dual meet in ive years. Highland Park was the winner, 'j'2'I2. But the girls won the meet with South' western on the same day. And the thinclads staged a feature meet with Northeastern, and won it, 5837. Our basketball rally was a vocal success on the 2 3. For the first time in seven years, the North' western boys lost the city swimming chamf pionship. Highland Parkff58. Colts-28. The physics classes had movies in the audi' torium on the 285 starring the Vftype Hfcylirider motor. Page One Hundred Fifty if -- Ea ' fi 53 ET l 'N Q ' I ,ELT xr 5 'A ng I EEE'-1. N ff - ii E 2: i s 5 ' - KKK - - E E Z .,.FF':',,,m5 N 0 Q .. N EX T uf-"1 l Cu-r ql Dada ' T Our-I COUNTLESS salesmen- in print clamor for the reader's eye. Strength- en your salesmen with Engravings that get this coveted attention. EVE RTON ENGRAVING CGMPANY Second Floor Kerr Building Fort Street East at Beaubien One Block East of County Builning Phone Cherry 2821 I 4 One Hundrc d F xfryfonc 4 n- -I ,f" :..:..0,f ,cc ', 5 'Est'T"5M MARCH On the 2 we finished the basketball season with a clean sweep, beating Northern 2444. We won the annual indoor track title March 3. At the QB mixer, they talked the poor freshman to stupifaction. Oratorical and declamation contest the 9. fg if -ich . . gif- - Q01-Ts Northern lost the basketball title to us, Q Q 4 2748. I -- joan of Arc won the house debating cup 5 - , for the third time. i f St. Patricks day: a study in greens for the A f student council dance. A ,,,,,,,,,.. And the Coltette cagers lost the city title to Highland Park, I7'I5'. Double victories on the 17-we won the midfwest track meet and the state basketball championship. The annual opera was the lovely, colorful "Martha" Norwester pictures the end of the month. Spring Vacation! DETROIT COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Entrance requirement: HIGH SCHOOL OR COLLEGE GRADUATION EXPERT business training, leading to large salaries and rapid promotion in commerce, industry and finance. Feamrin , SECRETARIAL SCIENCE, SHORTHAND REPORTING C g' TOUCH TYPEWRITING, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WINNER in three national contests in Gregg Shorthand and Touch Typewriting, in competition with thousands of students-prow ing this college excels in systems and methods of training. FALL TERIVI, 26th year, September 4. SUMMER TERM, .Inly 9. For admission, apply to R. J. MACLEAN, President, at the college offices Woodward Avenue at Clifford Office Entrance, 19 Clifford Page One Hundred Fsftyfrwo A Four-Year Cozzrye Short, I72f6725Z.'ZJ6 - .Q ,A U, - -un yn I I- .I ' 1 tl ,H I 1 rx 'J' 5 -f r'f'mlO.r A APRIL The 4'f'NOfWESC6f on sale. Again the thirteenthfvve placed second in the oratorical and declamation contest. "Why patronize our advertisers?" The April issue of Odds and Ends. Those midfsemester exams. . Wm A K, , . I. ' if 'A' We lost a match to the Northern girls Y W .3 tennis team, but on successive Mondays VA- 'H 5 --:YT defeated Central and Eastern. fa m X The interfclub scholarship dinner the 25, o f Q fiffgfg where they buried the hatchet and passed 5:- ?i around the ugavel. f 'J 'Vi' Du"""A The girls water carniwleo spectacular Clleflf. The first baseball game lost to Western, 7'4- The boys' tennis team defeated Western, and then took Southeastern down. The Chimes Cup for Class A magazines in the state press contest was Won by the Odds and Ends. Congratulations! or, in T wo Years BUSINESS .ADMINISTRATION A Collegiate Course majoring in Administration. Approximate time, .Z years. EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL A Collegiate Course majoring in Secretarial Science. Approximzite time, 2 years. HIGHER ACCOUNTANCY A Collegiate Course majoring in Accountancy and Auditing. Approximate time, Z years, B 051.72655 Course STENOGRAPHIC COURSE A Business Course majoring in Shorthand and Typcwriting. Approximate time, 30 weeks. SECRETARIAL COURSE Very popular course majoring in Shorthand, Type- writing and Secretarial Procedure. Time, 40 Weeks. BUSINESS TRAINING Short, intensive course majoring in Bookkeeping and Accounting. Time, 30 weeks. VYRITE PHONE FOR CADILLAC BULLETIN 1205 - 1206 l CORNER GRAND RIVER AVENUE AND PARK PLACE Entire second and third floors ofthe Square Deal Block, over Illillefs Page One Hundved Fiflylllvcc .Of Mg' f ' DD !'n ll! -."f' -r an . . 1 0 f"T'TTZ ' ,O ' . 1 63 K :If X. MILBY TROUP J A ROUGH READY RATIO 2:1 5763 ni.. SWEET YOUMS THINGS IPANA . THE CROWD MARTHA TILDEN JR. WANTED ONE BALCONY TAKE THE Coum IVIE""' MY' SHADOW I f Humlrvd Fljrvffnur Joseph S. Gagnier COMPLETE SERVICE PRINTER 3101 Monroe Ave., cor. McDougall Ph Edg 4500 1 Detroit, M h TC GRADUATES W1-lo ARE como TO coLLEGE A Lzfe Insurance Policy 119' ewkience of CHARACTER and Goon HEALTH ANNA M. RGZELLE Lzfe Insurance Service 3012 BOCK TOVVER -:Q J 1--- , , YT Y 'will 1 L -- W - . 4'- lrf1:rrgl07i' - .4 -0 MAY May, May 4, 5 and 7-fthe best show in town-"The Detourf' Youngstown, Ohio, gave the Colt netters the first defeat. "There was the sound of revelry by-" afternoon. The eleventh and twelfth grade student council dance. just onefhalf of a point, and we lost the midfwest track meet on the 12. The Bremen fliers-and a half holiday. More people should fly the Atlantic. The Colts lost the city track title on the 19. The next week, however, was a field day for the tennis teams, Western losing to the girls and Cass bowing to the boys. Incidentally, Mr. Lennox won the faculty golf championship by beating Mr. Maris and Coach Burgess. The figures are withheld. Lovely and unique-the annual dance recital. A perfect game from College High. Captain Deehr entered baseball's elect with a nofhit game. The 29-R. O. T. C. exhibition. Again we won. JUNE A Word to the wise-the program for honor pupils on the 1. At night, the 12A prom. Colorful decorations, and a fine orchestra. Presentation of E. L. Miller's portrait. That afternoon, the 6, the teachers had a picnic at Belle Isle. And the 12B's entertained the I2A,S. Cards out on the 7-oh why? The Girls' Athletic Association banquet that same evening. june 7 and 8-the i2A's suffered through their last examinations. What a relief! Class day exercises the 8. More ribbons for the spade. The next day, our future poets, football heroes, and 9B's reported. How cute they looked! Another recital-Dramatics. June IS and 18-+Final examinations!! Johnny, bring home the headache. Smiles and tears-commencement exercises. And the 12A luncheon. School closes-THE END. Page On: Hundred Fufzyfsix f M In My X JT: uc10l! E A lf ic. flwx 5-f "" jf 0041 sflffl 749, . ff ta W, ff ' sg. X. ' it r io- ff 9 . l.llrlll!.ll: A-f 'QI x ., W E , ix ,QI .fmt Hmm ...L a r f AVTEN ,Vgl ,. ll '- Hn V-M ,, 'I 4 -P 2? 5 1 T fjis f ' 'tiis-el f :Iii E n KIER ' WOODXVARD AT GRATIOT YoungQMen' IT E 'N i 5 0 O 'Nl A Na I New two-button models '4 I New colors , 'l , 'J y ' , New patterns I I fl Q i A Coats are two-button style with l .. V notched lapels. Vests are single i or double breasted, while trousers 1 i snug-fitting at waist have wide - t' bottoms. Smartly tailored in i l swagger youthful styles these suits li are of imported or domestic fabrics ' in tans, navy blue, light grays and Oxford grays. I! ,, y l Sizes 14 to 18 years ll Kern's sixth floor Page On: Hundred Fi Weyhing Bros. Manufacturing Co. Official Jewelers to the Northwestern High Sclzool Michigan's Leading Manufacturers of EMBLEMATIC GOODS CLASS PINS RINGS GRADUATING MEDALS PRESENTATION JEWELS TROPHIES, ETC. Special Derigm ana' Samples on Application MAIN OFFICE AND SALESROOIVI 1507 VV00dward Avenue Third Floor Annis Fur Building Detroit, Michigan Alrznafactztrzng Plant, Gratiot at ,IIcDo1tgalI H uudrcd f 1 The first thing you look at when you pick up your "NorWester" is-WHAT? The Photographs, of course! they tell the story And we 're mighty proud of the fact that they were all made at the Hughes Studio. Thanks, Graduates and Club Members, for your patronage. Don't forget us when you are in need of photographs any time in the future. J. VV. HUGHES Photographer STUDIOS: 21 NlII,VVAL'KEE AVENUE VVEST 35 PUTNAM AVENUE Pg O Hund 'i 1 'I 1 4' H' 4 u 4 Q xxci 4.3 'W W Q Ayr. .- fl ' iff" '. ' ANZ. .Q A5521 .' '5 A F.. .. if-0" I L if ' " 5 ' .,3:Aj4Ai .: f' .5 5 'f 15 zvlrflgqf, smz ff , . M., .c"u'-' , .V .. .nf 5 ' 3 Y ,, . .ur :'- 35.4 A 34154, i- .S fs . 9 F' .52 , 'wi L.. 'ik' iz. :? ,t7',f' - 256:54 49- 1 , 1 ,fm gif? HQ ' .,, fi - ,T- , 4-I 'i S i f? 4 T, , 31? if .5 ,Q :L JJ. W . f 656795 uQN" ' ,Q '. E A, . L, ,su H 5 Wm ug.- . fig: gig ,gyfvn , 52 .f 12+ -' 25 gin, 'f a. 'T' In 4 ul Q' T2-,. fag f 'fig 'ifi' NT' 4: ,. ., L. ,M wg :W - BY: ,E if 51:3 ,. .. ,g Q L 'uf -1 ' : 12' f Y J . " '37 ' 35: - ,' ,Q 1- J fn.,- "-'ff 31-flgg e ' Q, wg 2 ' ,r 'lt 1 .f gg .'g L' V, . sw ,'-. :Ye : S 32,-W x W51, -5.'j54A'a'3 57 if x .ru --., . 1 4 i ,i5i"j'P' . 'aw ' l ffl 19' Q .Qs 1 I U 051 Qi' E 55 LR? .11 5: 6. F ilu if Ei if P3 W M . i

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