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 - Class of 1967

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' - i' I 9 , ,La 5' " 1 1 ,.. 4 4 mf' as .1 R y ' fun,-'P .QW .L , . .. 15 x , 'Q '-. W' 4, ,If . in T Vikki .Q M jp 1'-asf V -I Q. . X , 451 5, W .dl-wf ,- MF' 191 1'-"'-?-rn 'Sn ,V 4 N, -If fa ff' nf fit L9 fail 1 yigqgl.-.W -if , , -wr '..f'f,v+ 4 '45 F3353 rfw. QQ '5W.'W+f,.afg-eww... M, g"4'i.. ' F' '- A f V I ' u M "Ep-Q' - A. Q- , , 'M 55:5 -- f -ff, ,,HviQf1'v4v9-V --ajmvu. Q -N ' - V -i1'S'gH5wf"-. 4- ' tiff" 1' 31- .fl 11132 ' ,1 4 .. .' ,., 1: .,fQfg.f-A, lg' ' '2 " , ,Mg ' - ' ,iff a- ' " A' - , :' ' - Q,i.f1', 4, f' -'Ein' 4- V " - - H+-' hl Q ' , " 1 ' 'V r- ' -' ' - Z .- ' . 'Y ., " R 5 .- . V I J, 2 1 v V ,4 If W., 1 f"v A , -4 ' ' -Q35 ' ,, :,,Q.1.f V-Q -- -'Lf 3.71553 ,ff , ,- fa, 1 .v - H -N... -.P . - 1 - -ffl -A 12. , ' :- ' , 1, ' "' ' "M If 2- Qi-' t 'af , ,1 - 'F' -" .-in ' '1 f ' 1 tw' .9""" 'Tiff . .5 Y VV fi? .4 gm, r ,X mam, 4' 4- - V t m :Y id., vm M E+ irq, 51, ,MJ -, fh -' - Q, ,J QW" 5' ' ' ,, ' y p. ff-KMM- f -1- wi. ff- wmv f, -fffii4?mf' - . , A 1 - gf My A X W-H"i Qg,g6Li23,'f?fJ1? ' ' qw- ,. k , Q " Y "'. "f""V ' " ' 15? , , ' . ? ,' .,, -' 1 "X iw P ' A 4, 1 '- , 'X ' "Q" , W 'W' --f 5, , ' , ':' - Wy --LM A - ' -- -.754 -2.-16-L, ' - , , ,J A ., 4- ., - " N, -1.-A ,,-in H VT ' ' W. --wi f 3f,4 - --W 9 ,, f- ,,, .31f---- , 5 -,-FW" '45 .- - w wf ' , ,smww - 'MW , , m W -, ww' AZ- - ' M ,-Q, " -W W - 35,-,,m - Lkg ' 1-V- M,e-R14 Y M121 -V-Jmqh "W-WV2Q.g,pwg ,W ,m:.,Mv,"f- WH-W " -W - -H' 'WW W' Q- " W ' mf- -y ' ---1 'sm -ru as -' ,, ' , - vw y- 4' M -- W - Q N- W - F, .W V , ,' V, X- , -. L ,, , -nl -1 Q 'll M' . 'H - ,, - -. ' .Q - f -in . , - V- . - - ' U 'V K K iff- m "fi-,314 - A rv, Q '51--E I .,- Mfg, fix- ' 'V 51 f -in ' - . I 4, - .. .- ., , -13 2? FJ ' -A , ' . ,. ,y .f if ' -2 V:--" gi.. ,' f g: J' + .- . fa S f - 'f - f f. gl . .' V fee ,. ' ' ' 'A .5 2. -1-+2 -1 'Y ,L T "--' ' ff 1' ff ' WWI SL. 1 f f V' ff 'f Q- 1 . , fm: W fi s- F -' 4'-f. 1-f 1 'W-:1 - ,gf-,f-Qu, f f ,. . ' k ? .- M51 f ,R -f N Q J , -1, ' 'T ,nn-,' ,f-fm, W, W .---2 WW 4 -'Q ' 'Q - ' , 1 -- H -f' .gb - 4 V 'L"f,,mWf?7"w- H- 'V . li 'wwf' X M ' ,M " ' ,mf Qfr f wl , , - 'ff , --1 - ,L -' ,- -' - -, ,.- ' M . , -. --1 Y- I, 4 H?-1 4- -'Mm -'-- 'E w fa- - 5, I -14 f- ' W -' ww. . -, f-W Ui'-mv-,L ' ,H-Q! ,, , ,yr '.-.xwp-WJ , apwn, W V' ,j-- Myfu A, 2'g-f -.ymg1i'1'-3, 42,5 5 I w ,J V X HQ Af , , , 1 g,,1.-mm, . -1 QWWJ. M 4, 4, X , X . , NQQM A, , "W ' - 'www -- ' ,, ,JW ',, mf- ' -W ,M ,,,. , ' . ' F -' J' wa " f --,, ? 026 Now Uaew 7Zmt4weatwa High Sem! fwwfu, 7e4ua4ql11ania E66eafCbm2atw AV.. amd'3MwM7 Skmmu .. dmkuhumaz Eepmawm imma. .. 33 Ekmmuu ..... . .. sm .146 Shun ..... .... . !3-26 . Z7-50 . 5!-62 . 63-72 . 73-32 . 33-76 .. . ., .77-!04 !05-!24 The Joseph J. Lisek Family: Mrs. Lisek, Marianne, Mr. Lisek, and Joe. 3m E6diCdil0lb This year marks Mr. Joseph J. Lisek's twenty-fifth year as teacher, coach, and athletic director in the Northwestern School District. Each year has been filled with memorable sports events made possible through the efforts of Coach Lisek. "Coach" has prepared junior high boys for varsity sports through the regular gym class activities and the summer program at the Albion Park. His job has been a year-round task. He has faithfully met the needs of our athletes by providing training and competition in every sport at North- western. The Yearbook Staff and its advisors proudly dedicate this edition of the Del Nord Uvest to Mr. Joseph J. Lisek, Jr. for his continued in- terest and efforts in our school and its athletic and academic activities. Coach demonstrates the use of the new trampoline to his eighth grade gym class. 4 ffl'-W f wwf-W D 1 Coach Lisek awards the trophies and plaques to the winning teams at the close of the Twenty-third Annual 1Ufll0f High Basketball Tournament- Coach takes time to set up the basketball, wrestling, and volley- He refills the candy machine every fourth period, just in time for lunch The profit from the candy sales goes to the Athletic As- ball intramural programs for all interested students. sociation for purchasing equipment and uniforms. Coach points out another part in the complex bone structure of the human body. W sf fi Q54 4 Ti if fi rf' ,E 'M gt tw! i Eel Word Omit Staff 7767 I ,,,, V 4 , , 5 f 7 7 . 7 ,, , ,mW .7 I 3 , . ff W' , Hffwfffzxifirffcff . W .,, 5 r My w ' f ,. Z ,L . . . - gf. .VWV .X , ,. 8 ix . f ai f if , , ,, Z iff I5 rw ' V I , W e fi 2 ,ga . if . 'M A ' ff ri ffr, " 'ltr . 'ir ' H rr The 1966-67 Del Nord Uvest officers include, lane Strasser, Treasurer, Bill Lawrence, Co- Editor, Janet Chiarizio, Secretary, Marilyn Martin, Editor, and Cindy Fobes, Co-Editor. The section editors include, Patty Chuzie, Advertising, Kathy Griffey, Features, Helen Hubbard, Activities, Stephanie Kireta, Sports, Joanne Holtz, Seniors, Sandra Eagley, Faculty and Administration, Carol Hotch- kiss, Music, and Barbara Bowlus, Departments. Tom Eagley served as the Art Editor and Steve Gleason was in charge of Subscriptions. Absent when the picture was taken was Sandra Buschak who served as the Underclassmen Section Editor. The members of each section met weekly to approve layouts and picture ideas throughout the school year. After the pictures were taken, copy was written and approved, and another page was completed. Plans for the 1967 Del Nord Uvest were formu- lated during the summer of 1966 when the section editors accepted their positions. The section editors', officers, and advisors met at a tureen dinner the second week in September to outline the plans for the year. The high points of the athletic, social, and academic events as well as everyday classroom scenes were covered by pictures. The section editors and the members of their committees worked many hours planning a yearbook that would provide the students, the faculty members, and the residents of the Northwestern Area with a remembrance of the school year. 5 e ,Q Mr. Louis Taylor, Miss Katherine Kenney, and Mr. Paul Cassidy served as the co-advisors of the 1967 Del Nord Uvest Staff. Bill Lawrence presented two layout ideas for the junior high tournament page. After a short ISYOUTS WSVG approved, discussion, the staff approved a layout as well as his ideas for pictures. 7 J , S X 1 xxx .. t fzf K-ffftssfsf' L Y ,... . i 116- . L. . L 70 Mage Om 7mm and Sdwlafw W--.... ,, 152, i If W NN , 4: ,....,.-n-- w,..7, fm-Q-1...,,,q, - ,V 4, A . Www., , D I MW' ,..h,,,, , ,V 1 4, - ,,,f If X M x Vff, ,,Mf4g2" , vm ' gk gg if .W fy x ,, 1, , v W' ""' 22. V fx, . ' if . onto Swcceu 70 fe ,ffowaq Me fed of Competdofw I W 8 ,, , ' 1 g -va' - S Q r A X X K , 'iw f' gs sk. ,M ' x K AZ .1 4 1 6 6 'iz rg 'J 5 in y 1 all H '23 H ' s. f E wi 4 L Q S ii i gf. ffi iz - k gagqif .. . - ik-' - .1m.E1':' - ' 1 wx RX QL W 70 luxe Sw 6 ,WM 7 A x X Q m,...N..,.b...,, 9:4 Mlm f yfwwfm i .ai f Q O A if ' H . .wig X Q ij its wg, 70 Enjoy time Beam 644 and Q ml af., ' ' fff'wuwfMMw, 0 0 Womeaw Uogetlwa ml , Q2 in. 40" 70 .lam awww azadtofoatimw toleaxm M, I A, rvwff f' ? wwf 'Ny ' ff ' L Z ' , :gQ,if 22 ::J-'w:g?f 7 f, 'ff' 5 2 70 Build a, Fm W ,LW Fawadation fm the Fatwa Ag aa: :Q wcdfacawf U F 0m Tuaafala To the Graduates, Class of 1967: It is an honor and a pleasure to extend a message to you, the graduates of the Class of 1967. You have just completed the first real task given to you in life, and I want to congratulate you on your success: however, l would like to caution you that your whole life will be a series of tasks which will become more difficult as you mature. lf you will continue striving in the future as you have in the past, l'm quite sure that most of your life will be successful. Success comes hard, you must plan, work, and sacrifice. Remember, the future of our great nation depends on you-how well you plan, how hard you work, and how willing you are to sacrifice. Remember, too, that as you travel the highway of life, you must keep your fellow man foremost in your mindlg' the way that you respond to him will determine your success or ai ure. Darwin C. Cook High School Principal To the Graduates, Class of 1967, Northwestern High School: "May we, God helping us, be part of the answer, and not part of the problem." - Peter Marshall ln this prayer, the Reverend Marshall has suggested a way of life that challenges us deeply. It points vividly to the fact that we, both as an individual and as a member of a group, are responsible for conditions under which we live. To live abundantly and effectively, we must make decisions. Some of these are right decisionsg others result in sorrow or embar- rassment. ln making decisions, we call upon our previous training and experiences to aid us. lt is the hope of the faculty and the administration of your school that we have helped you in the process of finding "answers"g above all, it is our prayer that we have done nothing to cause you to become "problems" Knowing you and working with you has been a great joy. We congratulate you for your progress, with much pride, we shall be watching you as you move on to achieve your life's goal. Comeback to visit us whenever you can. Charles C. Gilbert Supervising Principal I4 MR. DAVIS ""rN, is Q mv-s. ,mm The 1966-67 SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS are, S. Pavkov, H. Leopold, W. L. Young, E. C. Sherman, R. G. Lawrence, G. W. Hills, and D Cryder. Mrs. Agnes Madar and Mr. Robert Holdson were absent when the picture was taken. The EXECUTIVE BOARD of the Northwestern High School PTSA meets before the general meeting. Seated from left to right are, Mrs. Chiarizio, Mrs. Stallbaum, Mrs. Fuller, Treasurer, Mrs. Hecker, Secretary, Mrs. Keib, President, Mrs. Barris, Mrs. Gunter, and Mrs. Songer, Third Vice-President. ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARIES: Mrs. Meeker, Mrs. Kelley, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. McCall, and Mrs. Krieg. HIGH SCHOOL SECRETARIES: Mrs. Medved, Mrs. Beil, and Miss Everett. SCHOOL NURSE, Mrs, Shafer. erm' Ymwvuwl Mr. Roberts. CAFETERIA COOKS: Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Maxwell, Mrs. Heiges, Mrs. Graham, and Mrs. Wing. SCHOOL CUSTODIAN, Mr. Bishop I, M, ff 'W."'i tw by. EDITH E. BEIGHLEY Business Education Geneva College ROBERT BLAKE Core Clarion State College EDWARD F. BURNS Core Clarion State College PAUL CASSIDY Science Edinboro State College University of Pittsburgh tgps. S3341 C 'sl MICHAEL CHRIEST Core, Special Education Edinboro State College Ayr' JAMES CONNDR Social Studies, Science Edinboro State College Edinboro State College GUY C. CONTI Driver Education Clarion State College MRS. BEA CRANDALL Music, English Southern Illinois University BERNARD A. CRISI Core, Social Studies Mansfield State College MRS. KAREN CRAWFORD Science, Mathematics Edinboro State College Q . ig? is 3135 . t RAYMOND E. CRILLEY Agriculture, Home Mechanics Pennsylvania State University X t -sesfeefwaseatsfsmas f ewes Q54 1-if . .. , l. DANIEL DONOVAN Industrial Arts California State College ROBERT T. CRAWFORD Mathematics Edinboro State College MICHAEL DOVENSKY Biology Indiana State University University of Pittsburgh X1 MRS. MARIORIE FREEBURG Core Clarion State College DONALD HORN English Westminster College WESLEY C. FREEBURG Core Clarion State College r -'lv "fum r iziiwgfgga., I I ' fgefzgcxt 42 gi, IAMES P. HENDERSON Social Studies Edinboro State College Edinboro State College KATHERINE C. KENNEY English Edinboro State Teachers College Gannon College MRS. ALICE HAZER Counselor Edinboro State College Edinboro State College Q-ug WILLIAM KING Band, Senior Chorus Westminster College University of Michigan JOSEPH J. LISEK, JR. Health, Physical Education Drake University MRS. KATHRYN M. MARTIN Business Education Indiana State University of Pennsylvania -. - .Ass-1 J " A MRS. MARY MELLON Core Edinboro State College sw... . . AH ..Ly .ZVZI it ., 1: ig. 'r.- E , . S .- P L Q 1' K ,, 'g .f ,I S ..... ,.... fi , Q.. . X it k if DONALD MCCALMON English Edinboro State College GERALD E. MATTIS Social Studies Mansfield State College :SNK gsgqw .lr. QP HELEN K. MERSHON Mathematics Slippery Rock State College ,. M1 .,,.,...ssv-sf" STEVEN J. MELLON Mechanical Drawing Pennsylvania State University Pennsylvania State University SAMUEL H. PALMER Mathematics Edinboro State College MRS. OLIVE R. MULHOLLAND Homemaking Indiana University of Pennsylvania MRS. GERALDINE PLETCHER Art Edlnhoro State College JOHN F. PHILLIPS Health, Physical Education Pennsylvania State University MRS DOROTHY PORTER Homemakrng Indiana University of Pennsylvania MRS. RUTH K. RICE Mathematics Western Reserve University Columbia University MRS. CATHERINE M. SABOL English, French Gordon College VIRGINIA SAMPSON French, Latin Villa Maria College JOHN R. SIMMONS Speech Therapy Eastern Illinois University Pennsylvania State University V' MRS. ETHEL C. STALLBAUM Mathematics Thiel College . S LKI.: an K . A P . ,,.,,: , ' 5 '.. 1 ' 1 L s K . L MRS, JULIA H. STANTON he Reading Edinboro State College Pennsylvania State University .. My FRANK L. SWOGGER Core Edinboro State College gf .ff -. .egg in-4 LOUIS H. TAYLOR Science Edinboro State College 1. -. 5 'I ' be fefmsdifwr I g :S .ig. PAUL E. TAYLOR Counselor Clarion State College Pennsylvania State University VERGIL TAYLOR lndustrial Ants California State College MRS. D. MOREA TRUAX Health, Physical Education Lock Haven State College JUDITH WAISLEY Health, Physical Education Slippery Rock State College Western State College of Colorado BERNARD TWARDOWSKI Science Edinhoro State College Edinboro State College DAVID L. WESTCOTT English Allegheny College MARTHA M. WOLFE Business Education Indiana University ot Pennsylvania JOSEPH YOHMAN Social Studies Indiana University ot Pennsylvania Qs. "En Massa" M1111 FIRST SEMESTER STUDENT TEACHERS: Mrs. Valen tine, Mr. Brojek, and Miss Casey Another day i xi V., F X N ,.' K ' mKm,.. Q N' 5 N F ,.N. K Q "Oh my, I thought it was somewhere in this book!" k. "it didn't hurt . . . much!" "Str-et-ch!" "Would you believe that yesterday I caught one fourteen inches long?" Z! 26 Fwffff mam e 5 X' , ,K . 5 3 N- Q ., i as - xt, t X 'if :fs 1 11: X Q i V K E 5 5 it N - :it .K 5 , X ,I sf --ll' . , ld, , . .I t tt,,, , is Wm I e, A 1 tr,t "An ice pick is a handy tool to get the lumps out of your pottery." "Smooth . . . yes, but sand to this paint!" W ,...1r"'! TA-F fig? Z S3533 K All tgibfn-'Sgr i w i l 5 I 'efife ib ' Z ? 45714 49 v- tl' ,S- 1 I A f 2-ff-215-fmg N 4A ' f-'SP erfiifgwrwf-f?-32"' g,.ngl'r fiff, 4- -svxl . 1,4273 s . rf' Z . V A his' " "lk-4 1' f f Q ,Aj V P , ' 4 K Q , ,, I ' 6515 Li , 1 P I, b RONALD EDWARD RUDLER, President Course: Academic Activities: Football l10,11,12I Bas- ketball l10,12J Baseball 00,125 JACK WILLARD CRYDER, Vice Presi- dent Course: Mixed Activities: Camera Club l10,11,12l Choristers l10,11,12J Student Coun- cil l12I PATRICIA MARIE CHUZIE, Secretary Course: Academic Activities: Cheerleader l10,11,12l Student Council 110,117 Varsity N l11,12l MARILYN ANN MARTIN, Treasurerft Course: Academic Activities: Yearbook t10,11,12i Tri- Hi-Y t11,12D Student Council illl LAWRENCE JOHN ADAMS Course: Special Activities: Cross Country l10,12l Track l10,11,12l LINDA DALE ALEXANDERY Course: Business Activities: Student Council l10,12t Business Club l11,12l Yearbook l12J CARLA. ADAMS Course: Vocational Agriculture Activities: Football l10,11,12J Wrestling l10,11,l2l WILLIAM LESTER AVEY Course: Mixed Activities: FFA l10I Chess Club l11I Spoitsmen Club IIZI e'fNationaI Honor Society ROBERT TRACY BALDWIN Course: General Activities: Sportsmen Club C121 Student Council 1121 -ne'--an DONNA RUTH BOWERSOX Course: Business Activities: Library Club l11,121 'tNational Honor Society CHARLES EDMON BENNETTX Course: Business BRIAN ANDREW BARRANTE Course. Mixed Activities: Football t10,11,121 Stu- dent Council t111 Varsity N C11 121 RICHARD T.4BlSH0P Course: Industrial Arts NIYIVIUBS TYIM 1121 Pr016CtI0n Activities Proyectnon Club 110 Club l10,11,121 Business Club 111, 11,121 Wrestling Manager 110,111 NANCY LOU BLOOD Course: Homemaking Activities: FHA t101 l""'x wwf? DARLENE BORl.AND Course: Business Activities: GAA 110,111 Tri-Hi-Y t111 Business Club 1121 BARBARA RUTH BOWLUS+ Course: Academic Activities: Yearbook 111,121 Busi- ness Manager t10,11,121 -we CATHERINE MARIE BROOKS Course: Business Activities: Business Club C121 Chorus i121 RALPH THOMAS BROWN Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Sportsmen Club 410,11 121 MARTHA JEAN BURDICK Course: General Activities: Pep Club 4101 SHARON El.AlNE CALLAHAN Course: Business Activities: Business Club l121 Pep Club C101 PAUL HAROLD BUHITE Course: Mixed Activities: Wrestling 411,121 Sportsmen Club C121 SANDRA JANE BUSCHAKR Course: Academic Activities: Student Council t1O,11, 121 Yearbook t1O,11,121 GAA 10, 11,121 CHERIE MARIA BROSCHE Course: General Activities: GAA t1O,11,121 Cnoris ters t1O,11,121 Yearbook C121 WAYNE DAVID CARD Course: General Activities: Projection Club l1O,11 121 Wrestling i111 +National Honor Society IANET LOUISE CHIARIZIO Course: Academic Activities: Yearbook I123 Pep Club 1O,11,123 GAA t10,11,123 ALAN W. COPELAND Course: General Activities: Football i1O,11,123 Var- sity N I11,123 , Y ,.:,, ,ax L. L JOHN ROBERT CHASE Course: Mixed Activities: Projection 123 Chess Club I11,123 MARK D. COOPER Bnurse: Special Activities: Drama Cl tl Li brary Club I123 KATHLEEN MARIE COPELAND Course: General Activities: Drama Club I123 DIANE LOUISE CRAIGPF Course: General Activities: GAA U13 Chorus i1011 123 Drama Club i123 DIANE JEAN CRANE Course: Business Activities. Chorrsters 111,12l Chorus 110,11,12l SHIRLEY ANN DAVIS Course: General Activities: GAA 110,11,12l Girls' Ensemble 111,12l Choristers 110, 11,12l LOUISE ANN DEVORE Course: Business Activities: Pep Club 110l ALLEN WAYNE DENHAM Course: Mixed Activities: Drama Club 1127 ROGER STANLEY DIEHL Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Track 110,115 tling111l Wres- SHIRLEY GWENN DORCHESTER Course: Mixed Activities. Chorrsters 110,11,12l SHEIl.A KAY DAVIS Course: General Activities: GAA 110,11,12l Cheris- ters110,11,12l GRACE ANNETIE DUDA Course: Business Activities: Chorus 11O,11l Art Club 1115 Business Club 112l JAMES LESLIE DUNDA Course: Mixed Activities: Football 110,11,12l Wrestling 112l Baseball 111,123 MIGUELANGEL FIGUEROA Course: General Activities: Choristers 1123 Basket- ball 110,11,12l tNational Honor Society SANDRA ELIZABETH EAGLEYW Course: Academic Activities: Yearbook 111,125 Stu- dent Council 110,12l JUDITH ANN FAILS Course: Business Activities: Business Club 112l Pep Club 110,11l THOMAS J. EAGLEY Course: Industrial Arts Activities. Football 110,11,12l Var- sity N 11l,12l Yearbook 112l PAULA KATHLEEN EXLEY Course: Business MIGDALIA ROSE FIGUEROA Course: Business Activities: GAA 110,11,12l Busi- ness Club 112l Choristers 110,11,12l YOLANDA MARIE FIGUEROA Course: Homemaking Activities: GAA110,11l BRUCE WAYNE FOBES Course: General Activities: Camera Club 110,11,121 Yearbook 111,121 GLORIA JEAN GILBERT Course: Mixed Activities: Choristers 110,111 FHA 110,11,121 Business Club 111,121 STANLEY GEORGE GLEASONt Course: Academic Activities: Student Council 111,121 Choristers 1121 Camera Club 1111 LYNDA GOLLMER Course: Business Activities: Band 110,11,121 Pep Club 1101 Choristers 110,111 IOHN JOSEPH GILLETTE Cuurse: General Activities: Football 110,11,121 Track 110,11,121 Wrestling 1121 STEPHEN ANSON GLEASON+ Cnurse: Academic Activities: Track 1101 Student Coun- cil 111,121 Yearbook 1121 DANIEL WALLACE FULLERX Course: Academic Activities: Band 110,11,121 News paper 110,11,121 Chorus 1121 JEROLD L. GRAVES Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Football 110,11,121 Var- sity N 1121 tNational Honor Society KATHRYN ANN GRIFFEYX Course: Academic Activities: Cheerleader 110,11,121 Student Council 110,121 Choris- ters 111,121 'We I. ,si K TERRY ELLEN HARPER Course: Business Activities: GAA 110,11,121 Band 1101 Pep Club 1101 'fNational Honor Society P M MICHAEL LEE GRUBBS Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Camera Club 110,11,121 Projection Club 1101 WILLIAM HALE, lR. Course: Industrial Arts Activities: lunior Class Play 1111 Senior Class Play 1121 PAUL ROGER GRONEY Course. General Activities: Chess Club 111,121 HERMAN RICHARD HAGERTY Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Sportsmen Club 110,121 MICHAEL BENJAMIN HARANINY Course: General Activities: Baseball 110,11,121 Football 110,11,121 Basketball 110, 11,121 fjffls g DIANNE MAE HARVEY Course: Business Activities: Business Club 1121 Cho- risters 110,11,121 Senior Class Play 1121 CRW? w.. : :i :: , B ANDREW HAZER Ill Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Wrestling i10,11,12I Sportsmen Club i10,11,12I Track i10,12I LEE EDWIN HEINTZ Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Football l10,11,12I Track l10,11,12I Sportsmen Club i11,12I MARIORIE LOUISE HENDERSON Course: Homemaking Activities: Choristers i101 DARLENE A. HILLARD Course: General Activities: GAA i10,11I Track l10,11I Choristers i12I Girls' ef' PHILIP DAVID HELLYER Course: General Activities: Basketball Manager i10, 11,12I Track Manager l10,11,12I Football l10,11J MICHAEL A. HICKS Course: Vocational Agriculture Activities: FFA l11,12I f , f I ,yefag2?m,'3'4tfgff:zg:2,'1V rf- ' 2 ""' frfl5t5?ii,:shPi?fYH ,, V g , wi ,I :fiifarfigsgeg-G ew.,-H ' ' fx, ' f,1zQQ7r, 'f ,fe 'ff ' -.z : ., i ll7 ? i3tl' , ., 5 f t 1 I ., 5" , , r ':',, '33 ww, 5. ,, r rt g,f:g- ii21i:a5gavUt K ' ' V f y ff 7: Q? rf Maggy f TW ssvtl ' . fy , : :.-,, .7 , ,t:r:fffr-,',:" ' ,M ,ioii , ftzetlff-' vfegsgef.: 1, I srewsrlxrfiii . r eateifzrzy 'f g ee, , RALPH EDWARD HEGKER Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Yearbook i12I JOANNE ELIZABETH HOLTZX Course: Academic Activities: Cheerleading i10,1l,1ZI Yearbook i10,11,127 Choristers ill, IZI 1fNational Honor Society RONALD FREDRICK HOSACK Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Cross Country 111,121 Track 111,121 Wrestling Manager 11O,11,121 BRENDA ANN JENKS Course: Business Activities: GAA 110,11,121 Student Council 111,121 XNational Honor Society LARY GORDON HOVIS Course: Mixed Activities: Football 111,121 JOANNE LEONA INGOLD+ Course: Mixed CAROL ANN HOTCHKISSY Course: Academic Activities: Pep Band 111,121 Year- book 1121 Tri-M 1121 HELEN M. HUBBARDHF Course: Academic Activities: Yearbook 110,11,121 Stu- dent Council 110,121 Cheerleading 110,11,121 JAMES LESLIE JEFFERS Course: industrial Arts Activities:Tri-Hi-Y110,1l,121 Busi- Activities: Baseball 111,121 ness Club 1121 GAA 1101 JENNIFER RUTH JONES Course: Mixed Activities: Business Club 1121 ' , A SHIRLEY DIANE IOSLIN Course: Business Activities: Business Club 1123 Choristers111,12l KAY CHRISTINE KENNEDY Course: Business Activities: GAA 110,11,12T DONNA 1EAN KINSEY Course: Academic Activities: GAA 110,11,12l Pep Club 110,127 Business Club 1123 FAITH ANN KLOBUSNIK Course: Mixed Activities: Business Club 1121 PATRICIA KAY KIBLER Course: General Activities: Pep Club 1105 STEPHANIE ANN KIRETA+ Course: Academic Activities: GAA 110,11,12l Yearbook 110,11,12l Pep Club 110,11,12l SHERYL CATHERINE KEIB Course: General Activities: Choristers 110,11,12i Drama Club 1125 MARY ANN KRAHE Course: General Activities: Varsity N 111,12l Cheer- leading 110,11,12T Student Council 111,12l tNationaI Honor Society WILLIAM ROBERT KUHN Course: lndustrial Arts Activities: Football IIDI as ..f' New-V ,, , I: fre- A.. BETTY LOUISE MCADOO Course: Business Activities: Choristers K10,11,12I Business Club t11,12I Girls' En- semble K11,12I XNational Honor Society 7 '42 If At . a 511 it K' li! , xxx .5 an ,fo I Kitt? A P 7 I , , 5: -'Gita it , , I A" ,2 4 DANIEL ROBERT LAWRENCEHQ Course: Academic Activities: Basketball t10,l1,l2I Yearbook i12I DOROTHY JEAN KUVIK Course: Business Activities: Business Club f12I Chorus i1O,11,12I TERRY ALLAN LAWRENCE Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Wrestling UCI wwf' rfb ' DAVID CHARLES LAVERY Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Wrestling i1O,11,12I Spoitsmen Club l1O,l1,12I KATHRYN LAURA LITTLE Course: Business FREDERICK ELLESWORTH MCBETH Course: Academic Activities: Football I10,11I Base- ball I10,11,12I Projection Club CIZI ,Mgr Mqnwfm ,4-4 in-8 L 39 PHILLIP AUGUSTIN MC CALL Course: Vocational Agriculture tion Club i12J EVELYN LUCILLE MC MILLEN Course: Homemaking Activities: Choristers I1O,11,12J LLOYD R. MARCY, JR. Course: Vocational Agriculture 11,121 MICHELLE DIANE MEOI.A Course: Mixed Activities: Band I10,l1,12J Ma- iorettes I10,11,12J Baton club rio, 11,123 Activities: FFA I10,11,12J Projec- Activities: Track I10,11J FFA l10, JAMES OLIVER MCMILLEN Course: Vocational Agriculture Activities: FFA l1O,11,12J CAROL ANN MEERHOFF Course: Business Activities: GAA i10J Pep Band i10J GLENN JOSEPH MC CONEGLY Course: General Activities: Baseball I10,11,12J Sportsmen Club I10,11,12J ROBERT MILLER Course: Vocational Agriculture EVELYN MlNCH"' Course: Academic Activities: Student Council 110,l1, 121 Yearbook 111,121 GAA 110, 11,121 ROBERT GEORGE PAGANSKY Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Football 110,11,121 Track 1121 Projection Club 110,111 tNational Honor Society JUDY ANN MORISAK Course: Business Activities: Business Club 1121 Pep Club 1111 Dancing Club 1101 LESLIE JEANNE 0'BARSKY Course: Academic Activities: Pep Club 110,11,121 Student Council 1101 DEBRA LEE MOONEY Course: Business Activities: GAA 110,11,121 RICHARD ROY MYERS Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Choristers 1121 Wres- tling 110,111 LINDA MARIE DLENIK Course: Mixed Activities: Choristers 1121 Drama Club 1121 Pep Club 1101 JOHN ROBERT PETRUSH, JR. Course: General Activities: Sportsmen Club 110, 11,121 LUCINDA ANN PRICE Course: Academic Activities: Tri-Hi-Y i10,11,12J Year- book i12D Choristers i11,l2J EDNA MAY ROBISON Course: Business Activities: Library Club i10,12J Business Club KID Drama Club U23 ROBERT WILLIAM ROSE Course: General Activities: Pep Band l10,11,12l Sportsmen Club C11,12l Stage Band 111,121 my HERBERT H. SIMMONS Course: Academic Activities: Yearbook l12l Drama Club I12l Senior Class Play l12l DAVID CARL SALSGIVER Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Projection Club I10l Chess Club C11,12J ALAN FRANK SCHULZ Course: Mixed Activities: Wrestling f10,11l Senior Class Play 1121 wmv Mm! Wm THOMAS CHARLES RYAN Course: lndustrialAi1s Activities: Camera Club l10,11,12l Football i10,11J Chess Club l10,11l WILLIAM IAMES SARGENT Course: Academic Activities: Choristers l12l Year- book l12l Basketball I10l IUDITH EILEEN SHILEY Course: Business Activities: Student Council 1121 GAA i10,11,12J Pep Club C103 MARSHA RUTH SOLTIS Course: Mixed Activities: Cheerleading I10,11l GAAI10,11,12lTri-Hi-Yl12I .L,s:.. : Q5 we :Iee K E Q X Q his s o s :wuts gf5'K"'fe Q. ee L A , 2 I. sa R A 5' A ss' . e-me "KAW-sv LINDA LEA STEVENS Course: Homemaking Activities: Choristers 1123 FHA 1103 JANDA JOYCE SUNINER MARTHA JANE STRASSER+ Course: Academic Activities: Student Council 111,123 Yearbook 1123 CAROL JEAN THOMAS Course: General Activities: Choristers 1123 Li- brary Club 111,123 Course: Business Activities: Pep Club 1103 ROBERT HENRY TIMM Course: Mixed Activities: Spoitsmen Club 1103 RONALD KURTZ WALBRIDGE Course: General Activities: Basketball 110,11,123 Track 110,11,123 Football 110,113 GRACE ANN STEWART Course: Business Activities: GAA 110,113 Cheerf leader 1123 Student Council 1123 LINDA A. WARD Course: Mixed Activities: Band 110,11,123 Year- book 1123 tNational Honor Society MARILYN ANN WASHNOCK Course: Mixed Activities: Pep Club l10,11,123 GAAl10,11,123CheerIeaderl113 IAMES RICHARD YUSKO Course: Mixed Activities: Senior Class Play 1123 Junior Class Play 1113 Band 110, 11,123 GARY LEE WEEKS Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Sportsmen Club 1123 Wrestling 1123 RICHARD WELDON ELLEN LOUISE WILLIAMS Course: General Course: Homemaking Activities. Baseball t10,11,123 Activities. FHA 1103 LEDNA El.AINE WINSHIP CYNTHIA MARGARET WOOMER Course: Business Course: Business Activities: Choristersl11,123 Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 1103 GAA 1103 Pep Club 110,113 EMMA JANE HOLDER 3,2 Course: Homemaking Activities: GAA 1113 qywm, .1,.1,,, CYNTHIA BARBARA LUTA NNN NNNIE KITCHEN Course: Business Wufsei M'X9d iiciiiiiiiiis, pep Ciui, iigi Activities: Choristers 1127 WARD NORTON Course: General Activities: Sportsmen's Club DONALD PAUL SCHAACK BRUCE WILLIAM STAHLMAN Cnurseg General Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Chess Club 111,125 Evelyn Minch displayed a few of her souvenirs: the famous German beer mug and miniature American and German flags. 745 m6mmcuuy Members of the local chapter of the American Field Service include: Mrs. Gordon Griffey, Vice President, Evelyn, Mrs. Scott Stewart, President, Mrs. Charles Kennedy, Treasurer, and Mrs. Robert Soltis, Secretary. Wm ' 'iff fx: :,. .rf Sewer s xi? Evelyn pointed out Germany and the approximate location of her German family's home town. "As a member of the American Field Service Summer Program of 1966, I had the opportunity to sail to Rotter- dam, Holland to spend eight weeks in the home of a German family in the modern city of Oldenburg, West Germany. The Familie Roters included Mama, Papa, and their daughter Irene. A high point of the summer was a camping trip which included a ferry boat ride on the Rhine River at Bonn, the capital of West Germany. The lasting friendships formed with my German family and friends and other AFS'ers sharing similar experiences provided for a fantastic, unbelievable, and memorable summer." 'gg f F Kathy Griffey received the Daughters of the American Revolution award for outstanding citizenship and patriotic spirit. Tom Eagley received Honorable Mention in the recognition of outstanding county football players. Alan Copeland was named to the Second Team-All-County Football Team. Brian Barrante received the Knights of Columbus Most Valuable Player Award. Serum Mary Ann Krahe was Northwestern's candidate for Pennsyl- vania Grape Queen. iw if . e .- l 7 S 'J it ., John Gillette was chosen by the county football coaches to the All-County High School Football Team. He also placed first in the discus at the District Track Meet and placed second at the State Track Meet, Class B. flccomp ' Joanne Holtz served as a member of the Boston Store Fashion Board in Erie. Ron Rudler finished fourth in the County Basketball Individ- uals Scoring record with a total of 371 points. He was also named to the Second Team All-County Basketball. ww, 2 fi . .S Barbara Bowlus represented Northwestern High School at Keystone Girls State Convention at Shippensburg State College. She received special recognition from the National Council of English Teachers for achievement in the field of composition. She was also awarded a second place for her Advanced Science project at Edinboro State College. Stephen Gleason received a scholarship to Westminster College and Tom Eagley received a scholarship to Pittsburgh Art Institute. A9 Evelyn Minch represented Northwestern in the American Field Service Program. She also received the 1967 Betty Crocker Homemaker Award. Linda Alexander was chosen to be the first Albion Area Fair Queen. She also reigned as the Pennsylvania Livestock Queen atthe State Farm Show in Harrisburg. State Scholarship Winners are S. Eagley, H. Hubbard, S. Davis, S. Buschak, B. Rickard, S. Kireta, S. Gleason, P. Buhite, J. Yusko, D. Fuller, R. Chase, S. Gleason, R. Rose, B. Haranin, B. Fobes, R. Walbridge, and F. McBeth. UQUQ USES - J EUUUQ U Q . AVI nm Q .. --" I!-I Q90 "fi if Connors, l. Cook, l. Cooper, D. Cryder, l. Daub, M. Dean, T. Dewey, D. Diehl, R. Dorr, G. C' s 'W M. V ' ' i ni. , 4 5 , ,,,'12 C . H ee ' , ' xl a , or Q E K y Mi 'M' A if as gg , K .. Q5 0 L . V. l f Alred, P. Aranyos, A. Babbs, D. Bishop, E. Blood, J. Brandon, D. Buhite, M. Burdick, W. Byrd, R. . , .,,. .waem Ball, C. Barker, W. Bartosek, K. Brisley, E. Brooks, M. Brown, K. Case, B. Chandler, C. Clark, P. im., . ,gy . 7' WM M and wg." . ,ff Foulk, R. Fuller, D. Funkhouser, K. Griffey, K. Grubbs, P. Hagerty, P. Harrison, L. Hayes, H. Hayes, K. E! f fic75H.' V . . .. f rr,i, v,,: W 'Z Gephardt, M Graham, D. 'M L .., , C Q: .4 -'w Graves, D. "far,-",l Hall, A. A Hammond, R. V M Harrington, B. Hazen, l. Hazer, M. Headly, B. 'WW ,. Q . . f ? 9 r Q M01 gy 1 Mx his ky! ja, QA 4' r av Z f W 'X ax 1 1a-r V.. -A:"A"' Copeland D. ' fr rrr if ' Copeland, S. ff " ' R. V Crane, DeLong, J. Demenik, S. L . Dennes, W. '. ' 5 Eldridge, L. English, B. Fohes, C. H mv a.. 3 f 21 new ' 'E I rg in -A ' ' PM L rflr ' f l I - P ' s X ix Sv X S+ SSWQ X in X . .fqilzgsgi s r v ii .W .si . . -Fog? 2 S. 1' .- t 55,1 S R40 t-. .. W g W I" S Lally, A. Lascak, R. Lasch, V. Lisek, M. Luta, K. Madar, G. Morisak, T. O'Connor, P. Ogren, G. . ix . i it S ui. 1 K. mg ,,. 4,51 . 3 'H e f. L s X E . Q si t. 'RS 3? il SEQ' W' UW is gi. W. R .y 3. Mtv. K if? Q I R. S 2 Henderson, D. Hill, E. Hill, M. Huntley, B. Huya, D. Jennings, C. King, V. Kitchen, P. Knapp, T. . k g :-:. Q .- .. ., 3 Peters, K. Pettis, F. Platz, R. Randall, W. Raush, l. Reinhart, F. Salhotf, 1. Schulz, L. Sebring, R. s A. QM. -was-:LI -- X N R an at I. ' Hills, J. Holtz, D. Hosey, S. Kemp, S. Kersnick, D. Kioey, E. Q as 346 'vo -0 as X E X in D M sl 43 t. jg. A Sky N K Krane, P. :" ' Kreider, E. Kohl, D. . . gy- .. :it H ' rs N X A il I ...Q g H 1 Lashinsky, V. A " g . - Lechefsky, D. .. if, Leninsky, w. .. Q X V S L S 3 .... 5 Q f Matthias, J. McCommons, F. N Miller,A. tx Olesnanik, R, L " Q ' 0nachila,B. Pomeroy, F Pomeroy, V. Porter, M. Revak, C. Rosecky, E. Ruland, B. Sedor, M. Senyo, P. Sherman, E. if aw 5 W3 a V..-as ' . 2- . ' i f:-M . .. J , S ,R Q . 'NS' W . ....... A has Q X ! . rx l as I ef' W izz -- . Q .:.,kk 3 ssh RQ Wi-' 111 - ex. 'Q .mf . Weaver, D. Weldon, B. Wheeler, L. Wing, G. Winslow, C. Woodworth, R. Ahlbrandt, F. Allen, M. Artello, l. .,,wx.. - N is :K as 't Sees 7 M ..,.. . . .,,. XX as S A - .. ., . S' wi . ,ST'E: :l':5i ,. X F F -- X X x - .,: s E . :W 3' it w wf. ff Q11 e.e We .. N dew X 2 ei-s f ESB if ..,,, A .Q T 1 3 -w i .A mpg ' s -"' gg Sherman, M. Sherman, M. Shoaf, B. Struchen, V. Sumner, S. Taylor, R. Tucker, B. Turner, K. Vorse, F. Q t ...... X. si K , is L . . ggsis . I .s . X X X x B L... 5 5 sf . is .. ii x v ir if E i me T is 3 X . .. . Ti ss Simliok, T. Vbbbl g n V Snodgrass, S. .,, Y Soltis, D. 1 1 Teed, P. l f .. .g Terry, W. fm. Thompson, T. ward, R. . Warren, R. i ! Weatherlow, M. tex . ... P ..... . ' le. L... ..L.s..,., S Www of Beals, C. Beatman, D. Bennett, G. Boozer, R. Bowersox, W. Brooks, J. Buschak, R. Carbaugh, J. Chamberlain, R. X S, be Bennett, S. Bishop, R. ... L Brown, S. Buhite, l. Burdick, D. - - 'r riff Chapin, R. V Cheney, D. Chetoni, P. ff f MW ,. , X H1 EI 5 1.1. jf ' Q gs. I e -1 ees " Ir: .f-im: . ., si +R . fi a mx-QS . . . 4+ X gg White, L. Williams, A. Wilson, L. Wright, A. Zemoik, N. Bannister, F. Barris, B. Bartlett, C. 1 riiee A . , A f f x. .Li L 521 Ma... ww urn. Enssle, D. Fies, M. Fish, L. Foster, C. Fratalia, B. Fritzges, J. Gearheart, S. Gilbert, P. Glus, R. tial , -4- as fig? Z yr' ., M , V ...M,. if 49 W qv 15 'W . rw at '- f ., mv 7 . ' W ' W jzf. , 2 as-5. , 1 ..... ' V ' f' Ja e. . bsflswy Elisa' jj! ' 4-W, 'M so 4 ei Ma I ....y. I W . I -4 M. .it an av , 'W' 4 My 'l" . A Clisby, S. Cole, G. Connors, R. Davidson, C. Dean, E. DeMarco, 0. Debransky, R. Doty, D. Drury, K. Cook, G. Cryder, D. Steiner, J. DePew, L. Dinger, B. Dinger, C. Duris, G. Eaton, D. English, M Sopiomom Y C. 4 ' fifiwy., 3 - M-aw' . ... owl vw ww W ' f' ' f---f.v yr, Up,-F.. - NAM., . .,..,. . ..,. ,,,,,. Z,2mg . ,.,,:E,..:: . 4 .1 X ..,. Q Q 3 iq -. 52,4 'Z 'A liege' nw ' iz if in 4 A 3 Gunter, G. Hale, L. Hammett, C. Heaton, W. Hecker, F. Hellyer, D. Hough, D. Howard, l. Hudacky, L. Harpst, C. Harrison, M. Hayes, M. Hills, D. Holton, B. Hoover, L. Huntley, S. Huya, P. lngold, l. my k ef... . if f -f..'- 'Kamp K f , X . 7 ' "' 5, 4 5. , V 47 . 1 l .V 3. ' .. ' ,me Bi 5 3 fa f 1 , M Q2 f ,J . . wa, F f .1 QQ G a I .2 fl, ., is ,Q 'wg if ,ig of 1 'V Z fa.. Fobes, R. Fobes, W. Forbes, C. Frombach, D. Frombach, D. Gearheart, J. Graham, K. Greenfield, W. Griltin, B. . x aw ' -so A af wfwvag Y N 'ig Qt, W, iv 7 .w5Wed gk W WEWQQI Lance, D. Lasch, S. Lashinsky, C. Leicht, D. Marcinowski, l. McAdoo, D. McCommons, P. McDonald, B. Merritt, l. r pw .,,..,.,,, we . .,:e..i1. X 'lib ill : .J -5 w x L livlws g ' xii S .D.. . S. X k QR v Pi id . t kk..-1.: . no ii QQ E952 .. 5- is :E-.. L tmspf gm Q 1, 9EQs Jones, R. Joseph, D. Kahala, S. Keiser, L. Kennedy, T. Kennedy, W. Knoll, l. Kohut, S. Konopa, J. Kansy, B. Kantola, L. Keib, C. Kinsey, R. Kmecik, C Knapp, J. Kreider, L. Kreider, R. Kuzma, P. Sopdoowm sl we f- gag X x X Qgsxf Q . s Q ,k E, . . its 'wa 4-ff -f I -P .... Q i l' Monroe, L. Morrison, S. Naglowski, E. Parsons, V. Perry, S. Peters, K. Pittsenburger, Raupach, N. Rea, N. 0'Barsky, M. Panko, M. Parker, R. Petrush, S Pettis, C. Phillips, G. J. Reed, l. Reinhart, L. Reynolds, H. -5 Mfg 5 Ak .1 5"'5??V.- . ff it L e. . s..e is P, -A Ef' gggg S x . . , X ss ,-.. 5 ' ...sfw . i .... 2' . gsm? x5NQ R g!!g!l Lawrence, W Leach, M. Lechner, D. McCaSkill, F. McCommons McCommons Miller, R. Mitchell, E. Mohr. D. X S Q X XX L. RS S RW 'Q Ss - ,i I .e '-,: t was-+ aes. oi X A EQX f..1 .,,,.. .. .... . Y 5? i. Q. J fi. W . , W u I K tfimkgmv, Stevens, M. Stewart, B. Stickner, R. Swaney, 1. Tanner, C. Warner, E. Weber, L. Westerburg, C Westerburg, R. ' ai ey V -89 in f - , 1 ee V gle n Riplleflrl- Robison, D. . ' ' Ritter, R. Rogers, R, R ' A' p RUSH, D- Rotko, P. , ' 'eV" D i V. Scalise,B. Shumake, R. 3 Shelenberger, D. Shup, K. A Shields, R. Silman, R. E ie. . Slater, M. Soltis, B. f Smith, M. sums, D. ' 4 Smock, D. Sterling, G. E L S W of L 'ii' AW ' .mbsf f a ew 23 9 argl e. X. W QW f . X :-, : h Whitney, G. ,, Wilson, C. wnen. A. M Zim-P Woods, M. Woomer, J. Wright, L. Zimmerman, D. Zirkle, S. Q. : ., f 3 7. ,, 7 . T i t ' . . . .,.. . .2 MV xi n e. . Q? Struchen, T. Summers, J. Suscheck, D. 5 Washnock, M. Watral, C. .iw Webber, A. V j "- f E Wheeler, M. fi' ,....,.t i ree wh1fe,H- S Whitel- L A' B t1. a g 1Ul1l0fIli9W"95 Mi llliililller Sophomore pictures not available: Bowers, J. Card, M, Copeland, S. Cmwll D, Mihalak, T- McCaskilI, R. Robertson, T. Smith' L, Rosenburg, V- Steiner, 1. 3flYd9fi 3- Williams, L. Stoner, L. Toth,l. White, H. 57 7 ':-f K X K gp M - ,qw I L, S if 5 fmm . 215.22352 1 ,g,.i:g. ,hw l ,'I,N r' N if 3-,LQ ,55:f3Q, MA-La I , if - 9 4 W Q Uffiwmwr K X J .".." '," -. ' ,,f"" " I -. Q . ,,,ff f -'np' .- I' " il Y .. hi A 1 , 1 'lk ' lj' '--,g' Al . A F l 247' .n y f"' f' Y ' 21,44 Ar 1, lvflbq r f a .J-I I ff! k. , Z l' - - ' " 1 ' 1 .-'V' L90 A lf T T I ,F F ,ff-, A I l fr- Inn! A 44 4 f ' ' 1 Nb, Z:j 1 . YI - ,, A 'ij - If .. . 1 ' :JJ ,-f' 1 n' -Y JS! ry Seventh grade can be described as a new and totally different experience for energetic young students eager to participate in sports, clubs, and class- room activities. The core program chal- lenges every students ability to read and to express himself in written reports and oral presentations. His potential for future achievements is only discovered during this period of change and adjustment. Seoww V V ' 1 in , f ' , . ft I 5 fre A 'Wy 435, 3 5 y - af H if i, ui. ui y 5 W ,.., 'UW aww em if 60 Eighth graders have adjusted themselves somewhat to the ways ot junior high schoolg they seem to have enough time to concentrate on their studies as well as to become more involved in the various activi- ties. In general, eighth graders are content with their lot. is ffgsiift 3 1 5 'dnl ' - f--ii ll JS' s si! -P "ia-5595 Easiest a Wand Grade Ninth grade-a year as the executives! Ninth graders are con- cerned with directing the affairs of the different clubs and organiza- tions. They are the office holders and "the backbone" of the Junior High Student Council. The freshmen are usually slightly discontented and always a little dissatisfied with junior high life, and they have their goals set on the activities of the senior high. ,Q . 5' 'M A K 'V is l "Stacking a locker? Never! Here comes a teacher! "We're back from lunch and rarin' to go!" mum High ffqfounala ,,,,..-M-0' Y,,,,,,,.,w--Q-' The Campbell Soup kids - with a minute to spare!" "Good results on his lab- or is it his partner?" "Soprano section leaders??" "Ballet on the balance beam?" K ' K I . '-N'-----Q------..,..,...,.,e ,,.... v Nu - 0210 gg'3""-i"""i 4 J f I I A ' - W! F :ali ' Q- Qt' '4-rg, Lila. -14 5 Q .. i:u g 1 ,Q 9 ggpj Wiulwmm Geomag e6 A17 M, 3wwwu77ZaM ff 6600t6f!tlf 7W0'w"wWl Scceecce Wqm f4ciecucceci Sccercce EASE B5 EM fcoleqq WW 5'oc1o-Economic 7co6lcm Wocki Cccltcow Sacco! Smdofo Hauler! Stcctcc ffacocq , f Bmw Snqlai XNW Enqlafv ffcadaruz 604646 Weyaim 644-fdwa S6004 ffm www, f4qwu!1ww ffomefwfmy 8 ffm N gm SWW4 WM SW wNW mawukgj EWM7 N' BARN. . 15.2 1 2 3 E 6 F l s los 33553152 2?i.Qzv2fw.a-f Qi" -5 -Miki mm SW SWMW 69 ,M f ,g 'wwf Q QL mf' , Zi, I 4 I 4 Maj 13 My I 4f "" rw i 'VM' f f A ya 4 4, i ',," 1 1772! f ff , 5 fs 'I 4 ' jg ! gi Smtwwi My Y , Offtw 7mm sk S ' . N- Q5 W kk wi. ,,,,, K Q eww Bookkeepmg J ..,. ,,., V M , , A .J-"j'p'J -- 7q,0my Gemma! Bmw -as-msuumnnnu. 'N his Q - "" ' .?,w,.. .... K wh x A-', x x M W rl-N ' g..,.. , . 70 -..v.....A . ' Fwuln T 7Ceadm7 Speedb , Q ...XA A Q5 X X W ., KN .LX- ' 'i:.Q5iiN.1:X4z. ,.,5SffiJ-35 if lm hi 'lx yu.- lg B ...K . - .1 A N . E s Q X gr . ,.:, F Q S . Eli , Q .. 5 'Y L . ,', m vt T N - ' e 'L . ' L 'if Q1 x ffealtln faq! Health foqa' ?Alf4i6df Sdacwtim em' mu, ew Wynn! Sdzxaim ff , 2 f Yfl ,K U4 as x xx 1 jfff f -l '01 .-A Q ,fn I fi '-nf ' 'I 5 , Q 5 Af yr! xpiqjghggw N in g A - ka, zu " ff ,f'rfQ ' - ' 1' I Qu? 111' 'W by fy HL XQ5' ' 5, nifjf ' ,jllffl uf , Jil-' ?f Zfaffifc I V Qgff? nf' ' 6 " ev - 6 J Q ' Salam ig 1 ,E - 5 3 g ,L of e LL - ' - .. T T r g.L,, ::Lk L . 5 . 5 my ix sm - T ,. xi .. I- f 13 ig, QL is -- ' . . .. 1'A-- r .. ,tb ' 5' . - Qi me to - I if - N 5 - ,, - ,Q - . t mm .. T . . - . T, - 'ive T. 5 ii' S- .-- -- - ..A. ,, X .F -X'-n . -As .. W- . t or e -t--- T - it - at -- Th - - at -fe' -- ., 5 - -.L L -L 5 X-X: -- -.- ,,... ,- L A f-. K - L I at trtr- ttrt ttt- L 1 - LTL - X 4, N -a - -Q -fs ' -FYQ. Q it T 'F T f V i it ' "f?-1 11 ' 7 L - J' t re--ee if e - T 1 -J T T - - X 1 T - K ' T L . L - .. Le L L LL T Vh.:, L Lg LL -L L15 1 -LK L 5 LTLLLSLL TL , - M T 5 XLLL, rg L .-b " f L t it -- e V i it , eeeee 4 r ' - ' . T ':" X -" 1 rt- 1 , ' . f - mm'k H ,mAAA m1hA1 .. : 1 S e et-i - t T T - 1 - - L 3 ' ., -1 K- N- , - XX-- .-,--X. . N. -- Af . .L AL L ,L 5 .LL iix L , , ,.,:L Vkhk -LL. -L L ,kh. , LW - kk.k. KL L L L L K L LA LL Vzkg LL LL LLLL LLLLLL kVhk LTLLLLLLQ ykkk .-,I L TL L- L , tkg. L LL - WL L La LLLL Lf - if can -1 ---. Q ,X L . . ...L . LLLL - -LL LL L LLKL ..i: L? L . T 5 . , LL L L.L.L . LL L f LL T -1--'- .Y ,x.. LLL,L t t - - - - f - . ' . . T. ' -KVLI - X ' be ' ' The highlight of each halt time show during football games comes as the band forms a giant "N" and plays Northwesterns "Alma Mater." 5 S Michelle Meola, Senior Majorette lames Yusko, Drum Major The maiorettes' routines add spice Deborah Frombach. -12:lfSiTilf-1 fwggicfyfi ESQT 1-, 13-L' L: 1' - X . seg S- Q5 Q -fwwixffwwe X fr -iefiwf X X 1 Q- T2 4- -Q:-T. .. KEN- fe i ' 'N X - ' .. N ' he ' EL 2 Q Q . S to the halftime shows. The maiorettes are, from left to right: Nancy Zemcik, Sue Demenik, Michelle Meola, Gwen Gunter, Debra Leicht, The Pep Band encourages school spirit by playing at basketball games. Pep Band members are : D. Hough, B.Harring- ton, J. Songer, B. Rose, B. Sebring, C. Hotchkiss, B. Headley, T. Thompson, J. Yusko, L. Gollmer, J. Hazen, J. Woomer, K. Hayes, G. Dorr, and H. White. Gaep Bm Wiajofeettea Our Director The Majorettes perform tor the Yearbook Assembly. The Pep Band poses for another candid shot. i Se. ffrylr fam! '?06Cll44ll0lL The band officers tor this year were Presi dent, D. Fullerg Vice-President, D. Lechesky and Secretary-Treasurer, N. Zemcik. District Band members were B. Sebring, S Copeland, J. Yusko, S. Demenik, D. Leicht and J. Hazen. fanfic ,flown time Koala "Bands Across the Border" was originated two years ago by the Modern Music Chapters of Northwestern and West- mount High School, Hamilton, Ontario. This year, the bands of both schools again continued the exchange program which helped to unite each band as they formed many new friend- ships and precious memories. The two flags became a symbol of the friendships that each band member had formed. -few 32 U2 New Q I 'Z S .. C3 DJ 3 DD se QP I VJ UQ Q! .. :- CD -. .. Q - 15 I 2 .. DJ -. CD s 2 57 11 3 CD 5 3 UQ 2. 2. CD I G 3 CD 4 f . Arrival at the school All exchange of EWS , gym f' Cham DISTRICT CHORUS MEMBERS are: D. Dewey, S. Keib, I. Cryder, and M. Soliis ' I f -.ffm H , - 51.9.2152 E - - News The Chorus practices for the Spring Concert. w h K . ,,:1. OFFICERS: ViceLPresident, S. Davisg Secretaryfireasurer, S. Davis: and H Presidenil- CVYCIEF- ,::.. . , '-'- " W .1"- , f I 'Q'.',1 f ..R S S .-.". i , . I I K "Let's all sing like the birdies sing." .QRS N i 1. 1 ss s S S 2 N S Qs ,Q X 2 , was NI X wg is Si.D . . ,:,, ,..... 3 ...A-.Nw if 5 - I A I S . 5 I I X, 3 ' 5 . . SECTION LEADERS: I. Yusko, B. McAdoo, and M. Soltis S I. E A S53 -in Three Melodious Music Makers Figueroa S" ACCOMPANIST: B. Rickard s X 1' if X X SECTION LEADERS: B. McAdoo, C. Bennett, R. Figueroa, M. V. Hill MELLD DEARS are: First Soprano, C. Brosche, K. Hayes, F. Pettis, M. Soitis, Second Soprano, D, Craig, S, Davis, S. Davis, S. Joslin, Alto, K. Griffey, J. HoItz,S X w.g,,, X . , K . Md ,. .. , . Qhbb lj' V .L t R K N N se'-H I at 4 Q N Q 2 'ss ei OFFICERS: President, J. Cryder, Secretaryfireasurer, J. Rausch, VioefPresident, M. .Keib, B. MoAdoo. ' ' .,., N' -F ""' Q ' X - --'t - -fs .X . so 'r-- f 1 - . . f e'-'--- .SB1 S f---M .. . sses . . my Y x. ... e 'T The trumpeters exercise their lungs as they play "Trumpets Ole." Marsha Soltis sings "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked." Fay Pettis sings "Truly Julie's Blues." i,y. - 1 R 2 xx S T fe is 80 ,. ,, f. fggigyi, ' uf, '15 nffiv 2? I ess as ' -X 5 me Q, in-f WW: ies fi i ,- g l A - I vw.-v 5 l Y V - nw .f .f K Dorothy Dewey sings "I Believe." Yoawet ,i-ww Es' .-::.:. -maze of ,, ' + em L-a sfsiise v'-X if1.x,'fFfv-f'. of . sm Qs- . Connie Fornes sings "Love is a Many Splendored Thing." Many people enjoy a popular song as the chorus sings "Lemon Tree." -vi L- we ' 2 I :. e -Q L. . we re-. Q. ml . ,lr L- , -. . we 1? Q . - -ess r 19 -mf 1 4 .S X Mage.: .,,,. . . . .. 5: 2? ' i Y--if Wife' r , wi- : 1 5 3:1 g i i . , K.. . f. Q- . Q r. 1 . .. s . Q , ., . is . eWwiie ,elf ' -5 " .2 , .., , -1, 1 1 reg .W . sg-fe sg . .. ,, ..,,. W. a ' HEPES'-V ilvr -. :w a L54 1-111 ::1 -yy -is sf is fe . -,.. K. H' 2 ,E Q - 12.1 - 55375 9 . .. .4 . N 5 .. gz ' fr rg .. -,. H - ' X-fs if - . - ag Q 3 Q 5 Y N k YP' - , -rw, , 5::5::,53g K , gm :sf-:sie - Ffi ' fr H.: I ee.. ras- M ff,. Q. W es . - Q. ' .r. . . .. ..,, - . -Ks: 2 Xml 1. . ., - - E- MM, .. ., . 5 i' F H V 5 1 FSE 71 f 4 V s , MM A L, .. 4 x f,4yag?,5f1, gg, Me' WZ Nh M" H we ,Q we , ,, We me H: 5 W " rw'-xg Karen Hayes sings "Falling in Love with Love." , nw, . , 9 t wie'--Q1 . o g.. y - we-J my N ,A ... .L Q v, s Q E' "ls everyone in tune?" "Is it true that flute players have more r fun?" 'ff' i 5 ,, -i , f i fa. y fl! ,...-.-mmm- -7 , QD XX Lg? W3 fr wif ' . 47 X x . ,f "The Tijuana Brass" "I finally found the right slot for my music." Wim I wonder, do Canadians chew blubber and eat polar bear meat?" "Would you believe Karen's tuning her tympani?" F, l -P 9 1 22 'QE X ' , 1 uf fd . 2 , Z2 ff f- 4x 5 B45 ........ 1 v I L: Z' QWAQ I Waatdweatom Salma Me fluned Sawica The ten candidates for the 1967 Homecoming Queen were: Debbie Mooney, Linda Alexander, Mary Ann Krahe, Kay Kennedy, Stephanie Kireta, Joanne Holtz, Helen Hubbard, Kathy Griffey, Evelyn Minch, and Marsha Soltis. The two lovely attendants chosen by the stu- dents were Mary Ann Krahe and Helen Hubbard. 5 M- i ,Q Lynda Harpst, the retiring Queen, crowns the Homecoming Queen for 1967- The radiant Queen presents the three co-captains John Gillette, Alan Copeland, Joanne Holtz. and Ronnie Rudler with the royal game ball. One of Queen Joanne's many honors was to ride in the Homecoming Parade. Q1 4 vi, i QW? 84 ' ,y , gfiuvnerfcorniorts amid flruzaal ffomecorrukay -Q, . 'S 17 .ff ' ' f 5' T Ill KSSDUTE Wifh the theme Of U19 Dffffider "NOFlhf The subject of the Class of 69's float was the The Minute Men, the ancestors of our present armed WGSTGVU SHIUYGS The Armed 36fVlC9S. The SSUIOTS United States Marine Corps. services, was the theme chosen by the Junior High. chose the Navy. A -- Wake-- Z' e -LE' T .tffurrlullltu Mlllwilf ,f O T IRFORCE' .-fi ' -' KK, r " lr will il nnmi imurmrrruruluuiumrirruiuruw"" ' The attractive, well-planned Air Force theme created by the Juniors was the prizeewinning float. The class earned the honor of keeping the trophy for a year. The Homecoming Football Game was played on Friday night against ,.....'v-- - Wattsburg. The mighty Wildcats emerged with a victory of 6-09 this victory earned bythe football players added to the gaiety and the festivity of the Homecoming week end. PARADE MARSUAL mlm Coach Lisek was chosen as the Honorary Parade Marshal. To accentuate Coach's honor even more, a banquet was held on Saturday at the Beachcomber. Many of his fellow teachers and friends attended the gala affair. Coach will always remember Homecoming 1967. Many of the alumni returned for the annual occasion. Lydia serves wine to the others, but little does Don know that his wine is drugged. Richard has bribed Lydia to serve Donald the drug so that Donald will be placed in a sanie tarium. This will leave Kay tree to marry evileminded Richard. Serum Claw 79 up DRAMA li g It 'f,"2 ?7'7Tsif2 42' " 'nf'.-ef' f 1 'N Mrs. Kahn Zombie Donald Abott Buster Craig Ginger Drew Kay Adams Lydia Adams Richard Grant Zoe Ainsworth lim Brown lugobia A Woman The Vampire 86 Diane Craig James Yusko Stanley Gleason William Hale Valerie Pettis Janet Chiarizio Linda Olenik Herbert Simmons Trinalee Mulholland Alan Schulz Allen Denham Dianne Harvey Himself i Zoe, Donald's cousin, is showing Mrs. Kahn the vampire costume that she has made at Mrs. Kahn's request. The purpose of the outfit is to scare Donald into leaving the island so that Zoe, Mrs. Kahn, and Zombie can split the inheritance and look for the sacred diamond. Kay, DonaId's fiancee who has come for the week end, is glad to see Donald again. They share a tender moment, unaware that their lives will be blackened by the vampire curse. Kay tries to save the defenseless Donald from lugobia, the escaped criminal. The desperate murderer makes an attempt on Donald's lite in order to carry out the vampire curse. 2 ima iznmfz -f if gskdwv -i Although Nancy didn't see Andy anymore, she always cherished that summer and "their song." mm Chu Thx, "We Wow lfomy 276015 qw" Joe brought a huge cuddly toy for the toy-raising project! An unusual misfortune befell Aunt Sally iMartha Porterl, "My gosh, what have I gotten myself into?" and it ruined her intriguing plot. ,E . jf . AN f T ish! 5 ' - ,I l !!:" kfliiyf Q I is THE CAST Nancy Faye Pettis Aunt Sal Martha Porter Andy Philip Gruhbs Marsha Loraine Eldridge Betsy Beverly Tucker Ernie Wayne Barker Joe Stanley Sumner Dunnie Bruce Shoaf Patsy Mary Val Hill lack James DeLong Elsie Kathy Peters Leona Phyllis Krahe Prudy Delores Kersnick Steve Richard Magner Larry Frank Vorse Carol Mary Ann Sedor Hudson Kent Turner Harry Harry White The Quartette lane Matthias Auctioneer's Voice Susan Snyder Mary Beth Ruland Sandra Kemp Henry Hayes Director Donald A. McCalmon Home 50647617 272 gg , if 1 , get fir Mr. lames Connor was chosen askan Honorary Member of the National Honor Society. The 1966-67 members of National Honor Society, who worked to present the induction and Tea, were: Top row ll. to r.l: Dan Fuller, Stanley Gleason, Joanne Holtz, Joanne lngold, Linda Alexander, and Stephen Gleason. Bottom row: lane Strasser, Marilyn Martin, Sandy Eagley, Sandy Buschak, Kathy Griffey, and Barbara Bowlus. QW- K X at , P Mothers, National Honor Society officers, and advisors made the induction Tea an event to remember: Mrs. Gleason, Mr. Cassidy, Danny Fuller, Barbara Bowlus, Stephen Gleason, Marilyn Martin, Stanley Gleason, Miss Kenney, and Mrs. Holtz. New members inducted from the class of '67 were: Top row ll. to r.l: Charles Ben- nett, Ben Haranin, Stephanie Kireta, and Dan Lawrence. Bottom row: Diane Craig, Helen Hubbard, Evelyn Minch, and Carol Hotchkiss. M . My New members inducted from the class of '68 were: Top row ll. to r.l: Bob Sebring, Ed Kicey, and Dan Lechefsky. Bottom row: Cindy Fobes, Crystal Revak, Mary Ann Sedor, and Martha Porter. At the beginning of the school year, the National Honor Society held an informal dinner and discussed the ideals of the organization. Pictured are the '67 National Honor Society officers: Barbara Bowlus-Secretary-Treasurer, Stanley Gleason-VicefPresident, Stephen Gleason-Pres ident, Dan Fuller-Emblem Bearer, and Marilyn Martin- Chaplain. X' e 'I sh, , . "-- , ala? K s K W , l lk IP We caught a few of the Tri-M members for 1966-67: Tnp row, left to right: lim Yusko, Sandy Copeland, Danny Lechefsky, Marsha Soltis. Bottom row: Karen Hayes, Susan Demenik, Barbara Headley, Carol Hotchkiss, and Nancy Zemcik. , tfrt iff 1-i Q ' Q 'egg ' 2 . . Q :Qi K V v he it- t .f i 6 t s 6 A. N l M1.. -S f L - A 150 5, ,. 5 5 -.. 1 1 gg Xrtr 6 , K 'Ne eeer T NT S stts s A few more of the Modern Music Masters members gathered around theirfavorite instrument are Karen Hayes, lim Yusko, Tom Thompson, Nancy Zemcik, Fay Pettis, Susan Demenik, and Judy Hazen. lim Yusko, the Tri-M President of 1966-67, congratu- lates the President for 1967-68 Susan Demenik. A I I The officers of Tri-M were: President lim Yusko, Vice President Susan Demenik, The fearless leader of Tri-M conducts all the meetings. Secretary Nancy Zemcik, Treasurer Judy Hazen, and Historian Fay Pettis. X 89 -X: i A fa- - Rememberthe County Track Meet? my l AX u runs. l is 1 Eghhgg 'Q X nuns yi The Canadian Band returned fora visitthis year and played a fine concerttor the school. ik A 3 simrixw-w1e:2e: -- ,-. xefssait W. .NHRA eea ' C as as i W w,J,.,..Mg t.ot. . 3 When Student Council held their spring campaign, the walls disappeared. 1 "" "f' ,ir ., -fi , , a.,a . . fi .44 y awww 4 fra at , . ..s,,5gs. at 'Nw .gfzss " - 4 - eee' C . X ' T223:tr-is:3''2if:1+:I .vsxxl - w- qv-t ' 4---,-11gfi'3tggel!giS:.:.?:swsSirwf,..F..'Il ,,,, e M415 , ft Us ss .5 if 'f xi Ifiiiivf, at i 'Ziff '-'- ---H. W I 12:21 1 ' 1-1 .21f..jj,g-fffff , a.,c, , , h ,W Q, . ,,,,e,,q,, ,...o:fi-fs- passe... ,,,, Mi s 5 A 1 3 m xi U m -4 KD : cb cn : E Z :. m Q 5 CD 2- E. on : U7 E. f-+ :r 3 KD -1 o Z 1 Fl W. Www it me a r - r t 4 One of the spring activities to which every Senior looks forward is the Slave Day Auction followed by Slave Day itself. mm- Same Www J 'MY' . fa' q 1 :5.. K U Q ff, 1 X K Q Sf' r x. k af s ...wifi Thirds or fourths? Calories! Calories! Conversation? Forget it, already! J!! .5 f"""""' 111mm-M --L :mag ,semeQx::az esmxsww-W-may J n me . dmdaz 2 .5 l i li -1 l ,, 5 fjfzvf T vl A ai 7 x T, 5 ,, 4 T! f li , 5 J . E fu, ,' P9 w ' l 'Se , e fi? The elated royalty of Camelot are: Knights Stephen Gleason, Stanley Gleason, Tom Eagley, Gary Madar, and King Ronnie Rudlere lBonnie Weldon is giving him a medallionla Queen Kathy Griffey, crowned by Bob Sebring, is shown with Lovely Ladies Sandy Buschak, Karen Griffey, Barbara Bowlus, and Patty Chuzie. E 4 A E A Excitement and anticipation were in the air as charming, The Masonic Temple provided elegant surroundings and a perfect atmosphere for an evening which everyone will beautiful ladies 3nd their handsome escorts pfepered to cherish. enter the Masonic Temple. M: if XVLL ,K fig?-iig I' Z TQ Q! 'N T f-fi5f 1 k . Y s N " 'J fi' x T W' ' ll if ,SQ K f 'Q f c, , ' l he uric X sm im lf Qi 41? :X jj px is IQ E: ,NX X l 1, "rw is , 'F ,K x 1' E H 1 sk ,ar 0,0 3 if fl , .0 - f E XY M ex R iixff X as ' X'-aw.. s i 'sl 3? fi s ff is X X l W, Q. 4 -1WM...,,.NQ 5 The After-Prom Party was really swingin' with Eddy C. and the Bumhlebees andthe Calientes . .. l ,mf Q I I 73 The reigning King and Queen are pictured at the Wishing Well. . . . but some people didn't indulge. Neil Charles and his orchestra provided the music for dancing at the Prom. 1 9 X i 1 a 1 Clam of i767 JIM gr 'E fl BABE RUTH AWARD IN SPORTSMANSHIP Ronald Rudler Kathy Griffey LIONS CLUB SERVICE AWARD Kathy Griffey CONRATH AWARD IN IOURNALISM Marilyn Martin D. A. R. GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARD Kathy Griffey BAUSCH AND LOMB SCIENTIFIC AWARD Barbara Bowlus "I DARE YOU" AWARD Stanley Gleason Kathy Griffey BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKING AWARD Evelyn Minch STERLING SILVER AWARD Betty Randall READER'S DIGEST AWARD Barbara Bowlus ART Particia Copeland BUSINESS Linda Alexander it I is s 'Y H.. X4 X Q s r f - x X ex i f . is Nas U . . ENGLISH COMPOSITION Barbara Bowlus ENGLISH LITERATURE Joanne Holtz HOMEMAKING Evelyn McMiIIen INDUSTRIAL ARTS Richard Bishop l.ANGUAGE Patricia Kibler MATHEMATICS Barbara Bowlus MUSIC James Yusko PHYSICAL EDUCATION Iohn Gillette Shirley Davis SCIENCE Sandra Buschak SOCIAL STUDIES Sandra Buschak HARTHAN CHARACTER AWARD Stephen Gleason Barbara Bowlus Y it Ee N Seam Qi 35 as is H E Sandy Buschak proves that audience contact needs a smile. nnnna a , x 4' 'Sw :Q ZZA ,aa,.,,,nna1,, , et, , , ,B ,a K ,, K W' Nfl ff P s I f 9 it 1, W gin 1 H' as f.. . I .,.,, ., , , A W ,,,' I i E 15 , ,Q Spmmz E fn sex f s g t, Fgfgp N gf at ,I - - :sf - f -' 1 ti ,A .W it 1 S sis ssss . t s as we K x :es 1 5 fix' A ' s. 4 X T if Herb Simmons seizes the opportunity to mull over his material. 5 f , ' g 4 2 si f 5 if V , . .. - V 5 I 'I ' rfr' f , Z ,,,,t,s ,,e,t, F, .V I A The commencement speakers spent almost six weeks in the library conference room writing, rewriting, and practicing their speeches. That dear little room became very close to their heads. Danny Lawrence delivers his speech again and again and again!!! ff NZM , a fr I A' The speakers made a great effort to interview various persons to obtain material for their speeches. One of the many persons Barbara Bowlus interviewed was Edward L. Sittler, President of the State YMCA, at the State YMCA Convention in Washington, Pennsylvania. I ,Au .N -4' ".6'5:f..h4? 1:".d4f21f1- 1- +.--ri . -W ' - r' --. .lj-'Y"y."r Ji'-V. 7' . ' . ' f:1,f'fi"J'4'ff:pf+ff ' and 'S-'fu-fr 42.41 . 5 i ,. :1 -414 XFX :xx , L5 . I . -1- 'fr 7 ..'-M'f"""',: fin v , 11.5 - fxgfgfai' A35 4 ' ' I pa if 1,' I . L 'L I K I . ' l I .' ' , 4- 'val .ffm ..- .f 1 . -- - - 1,19 f ' , ' I . - . , - -' 771: 1.4 fwfga .Y L X. '. .'-. 3 5 59 gk -T - ' -' M . . , . 4 ' ' - l l win ?. . g i U. Q gg ' ' ' ' - , . " , -n-'. . gg .I , - ' D Qi . Q , ,R . n B C' Q F5 gn its as Jane, Barbara, and Helen at a meeting. Ya FW 98 eafufoolc The Yearbook Staff carefully planned each section of the Del Nord Ovest to meet the approval of the members and faculty advi- sors. In addition to planning the book itself, the staff members unveiled their stage talents in the second presentation of "Living Pictures" at a senior high assembly. Several scenes from this performance were also enjoyed by the officers and mem- bers of the PTSA at their April meeting. Space cheerleaders perform at the annual Yearbook assembly, "Living Pictures ll." lf"h4 'css ft ' , tai T av it f t ff ff if 6 22, Z X tie? V. M ty W f X af ,r L' Mk r T v . T i ,,,.,,,A if . T ALL.. Camera Magic Camera Club members enioy their annual banquet. 5,1- Igu- The Camera Club is primarily a service club. Supervised by their advisor Mr. Cassidy, the Camera Club members do all ofthe photographic work for the Del Nord Uvest, the newspaper, and the local industries. The members also spend many long hours developing and printing the senior exchange pictures and portraits. The staff ot the Del Nord Uvest is gratetul for the hard work ot each Camera Club member for helping them. Officers ot the Camera Club this year are pictured below: President lack Cryder, Treasurer Blair Stewart, Secretary lim DeLong, and Vice-President Tom Ryan. ca - f 'W L ai xslt. Q guy .r.v. 5 Kai xx? BUSINESS CLUB President Linda Alexander, Vice-President Sharon Callahan, Secretary Grace Duda, Treasurer Charles Bennett, Advisor Miss Wolfe. BATON CLUB President Nancy Zemcik, Vice-President Michelle Meola, Secretary-Treasurer Patty Huya, Advisor Miss Sampson. an 100 ,B Ms fi g-, - Egg ESE' .. ' - , e-.. I is is B ,er. e ,L ' E is . . 5 IFEIEFF V .Y-'Half ' - -FS 'x' 'i::Q.:11.:sH-. . ,, A. sw .1-f U S sf -fair - M ,- 'eff 2' -- 5 ,gre r.,.," ' "'s .MW 7-'s .5 , N H . ,mt , sw L, ,te ,...k ,s . Mgr,-if vi. .. " -- ,L -i. :t.,-,meal-ws ,L MQVH- F .,... M A 'igi L . - C.. f Y X 1 A . k-,ci.., , ' Ms? :gm s ' i.i. - srr. - riir ' ' C.. ,, X' . L. 2 95 zz: ""' imir Q g ., s 1 . his - .. A - .. f . Q ful: ' :ST -' fs .' - .law it A : .... V , WQN QAQN ,,,,. K Q riir rerr - f rri' - -. ewes , .-- . A . C Q eer. L A H ' 3 Lhb. Vhkk F i H- S fa' 7 si f:"fi I 25157- 5 -s o .' -f . .- -. Wa.:--Fwd. .7 N, . .es .. . myk Y 3, s ss :xg X X ,C s C e e e ,..- ART C LU B President Tom Eagley, ViceAPresident John Toth, Secretary Marilyn Washnock, Trea- surer lanet Chiarizio, Advisor Mrs. Pletcher. NEWSPAPER Editor Dan Fuller, Advisor Mr. Horn. SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL President Stanley Gleason, Vice-President Kathy Griffey, Secretary Grace Stewart, Treasurer Evelyn Minch, Student Advisor Sandy Buschak, Advisor Mr. Yohman. SENIOR HIGH PROJECTION CLUB President Bob Chase, Vice-President Charles Bennett, Secretary-Treasurer Bill Terry, Advisor Mr. Dovensky. JUNIOR HIGH PROJECTION CLUB President Ronnie Sebring, Vice-President Jum Bennett, Secretary-Treasurer Milford Pier, Advisor Mr. Dovensky. Q get SLE lf ' L, ,kkh I., IOI VARSITY "N" Members of the Varsity "N" model the new underclass sweaters DRAMA CLUB PresidentAIIen Denham, Vice-President Mary Ann Hazer, Secretary Janice Marcinowski, Treasurer Lorraine Eldridge, Advisor Mr. McCalmon. Q, .5 K no ,L 5, C ' C' . . . " ' WW P--ii -" :gg ' -A 5 102 CONSERVATION CLUB President Dan Lechefsky, Vice-President Bob Rose, Secretary-Treasurer Vince Pomeroy Program Chairman Rick Ward, Advisor Mr. Paul Taylor. SENIOR HIGH FFA President, Dave Soltis, Vice-President, Merle English, Secretary, Lynn Wilson, Treasurer, Frank McCommons, Sentinel, Dennis Soltis, Chaplain, Dan Burdick, Student Advisor, Tim Simlick, Advisor, Mr. R. Crilley. JUNIOR HIGH FFA President, John Hotchkiss, Vice-President, Randy Conover, Secretary, Jeffery Dorchester, Treasurer, Dennis Brisley, Chaplain, Tony Kitchen, Sentinel, Jim Shu- make. PEP CLUB , President, Kathy Shup, Vice-President, Brenda Soltis, Secretary, Pat Meerhoff, Treasurer, Marilyn Washnock, Advisor, Miss Waisley. LIBRARY CLUB Awww m .. DANCE CLUB T03 I 1 FHA President lean Gilbert, Vice-President Wanda Randall, Secretary Sheila Snodgrass, Treasurer Anna Miller, Advisor Mrs. Porter. HOME ARTS TRI-HI-Y President Joanne lngold, Vice-President Beverly Tucker, Recording Secretary lane Matthias, Corresponding Secretary Bon- nie Weldon, Treasurer Cindy Eobes, Advi- sor Miss Kenney. SENIOR HIGH CHESS CLUB President Bob Chase, Vice-President Fred Pomeroy, Secretary-Treasurer Vicky Struchen, Advisor Mr. Swogger. I T04 I I I JUNIOR HIGH CHESS CLUB President Ricky Watral, Vice-President Ricky Baldwin, Advisor Mr. Blake A27 W ,ww X ? Z Foatilall The 1966 edition of Wildcats was one ofthe best teams in football annals. The team, coached by Nlr. Conti, Mr. Mattis, and Mr. Crisi, posted a fine record of tour wins, four losses, and one tie. The action was spiced by long runs and a bonefshattering defense. 'tmRW7Mf?dF wi y ,sy p f" Q get . Si ? tt T llll' f , ' T Q fir t.,gfsf" 't A The Junior Varsity and theluniorHigh showed steady ggi: f fgs improvement throughout the seasong each team i f X , - it P' X E W promises to send more than one Cat star to the ,,.. I 2-:g,ii,,.J,, ,jisazewsi Varsity inthefuture. M' 56' we 0 4 ' RV " ii- K. -ewcF,Q'iRfwfi"4" Pg 'Www . - se M ... -is 1 -5 ,lei-.... el.,-s . ieizfm 'T an V suite... Tee . -.-'fm-K, - A51 W' riff Q- ,M -' VL' ' tis i l V 2 ffm-S we ' K M Zfb, John Gillette, Senior Tri-Captain, leads the 'Cats on the field. Senior Iinemen pictured above are: T. Eagley, B. Pacansky, C. Adams, J. Graves, L Heintz, l. Gillette, A. Copeland. Ron Rudler throws a picturevbook block to spring a 'Cat runner. Wddlidld Open th !766 Seawn 4. ' n 'i MII X, ,:,, ' X' V 1 nf l .. -.WM 7-1 .W ...., , ,L ':" ' ' 'W .ff i . Senior backs pictured from left to right are: B. Barrante, R. Rudler, J. Dunda, B. Haranin. R. Rudler adds to Union City's woes by scoring a "TD" in the Wildcat romp. IO7 'inf if A. ,, E4 ikik ,G The Mighty Seniors-Nucleus of the Wildcats. The defense- key factor in Wildcat VICTURIES. 7 .7 7Ua7 N.. g-,L I08 ' Cfwu Co W4 rf? ax 2 W, :.' if f" X um--W .wi fxfu The 1966 Cross Country harriers who broke the school record of 2.1 miles at H106 minutes were L. Adams, A. Hazer, P. Rotko, and B. Hosack. IO9 Coaches John Phillips and James Hen- derson demonstrated excellent sportsmanf ship and superb basketball prowess in guiding their junior and senior varsity teams. The Varsity Wildcats came through with a season record ot thirteen and eight. Seated from left to right are: Top row: C. Chandler, C: B. Barris C- Nl. Figueroa F4 H. White C- R. Wal bridge, F.'Bottom row: M.'0'f3arsky, G, D. Cooper, K.G h F D.L nce G R Rudler F. Not re- raam, ,- awre ,,. , p sent: B. Haranin, G. px!!-'lafg gs ll0 I-if ,WRX IQ! Ronald Waibridge Daniel Lawrence, Captain Ronald Rudler Michael Figueroa We WW SHWM eaoeeeeieeeee , eeee eeeee e e, sk N. .skim 2, Ja.. Benjamin Haranin I X Wake tla Record-breaking crowds once again indicated an im- mense popularity among area basketball tans forthe annual Northwestern Invitational Holi- day Tournament and, for the second consecutive year, the Northwestern Wildcats reigned as the victors while Iroquois and Cambridge Springs were caught in the onslaught. Northwestern's junior guard Harry White was awarded the Most Valuable Player Plaque. The lunior Varsity season record tor 1966-67 was ten and nine. Seated from left to right are: Top row: B. Barris, C, D. Hills, F, R. Chapin, C, D. Cryder, F, F. Bannister, F. Bottom row: W. Bowersox, G, J. Summers, G, M. 0'Barsky, G, D. Cooper, F. ll2 mm lfaxwdq i767 Wie 2 W-wp:-af moe Hiya faviketoall Northwestern's Junior High Kittens An early victory for NHS over the Lancers Oh, my- not again! ALL TOURNEY TEAM: C. BIood,T. Harney,J. Brickell, N. Weber, M. Macik, R. Koons, D. Hoover 3 LL .. A Fairview's Runners4Up The Baby Braves: Champs In 0 c 4 A - WWW Members of this year's wrestling team were: Chuck Westerhurg, Denny Soltis, lim Dunda, Merle English, Mike Hayes, Dave Lavery, Andrew Hazer, Carl Adams, Frank Vorse, Paul Buhite, and John Gillette. M A A TTT 7100 70 lt was a great honor and pleasure for Northwestern High School to host the District Ten Section Two Wrestling Tournament. North- western had the privilege of sending three wrestlers into the semi- finals. lohn Gillette, Andrew Hazer, and Dave Soltis represented our school. Dave Soltis was given recognition in the finals when he captured his tenth win for the season. Dave then received a trophy and the right to go on to the Meadville Tournament. Dave put up a good fight, unfortunately, he did not place. 4 There were six active seniors on the grapf plers squad. Paul Buhite wrestled at 138, Dave Lavery at 145, 1im Dunda at 133, Andrew Hazer at 165, Carl Adams on the unlimited spot, and lohn Gillette at 180. W Wilma dn flctm ,WI f 52, lumens'-q. Huw-as-w-....,.... 1 me ,, 'hiv' 1'- Northwestern's rugged grapplers, coached by Mr, Ben Crisi and his assis- tant, Mr. Paul Cass, posted a tive and seven record this year. Led by Dave Soltis, one ot the most consistent wrestlers, the team showed excellent collective effort throughout the season and managed one district champion. tf-if W.sR s X it Mr. Yohman and the "Red Barons" display their plaque. tx! f. Sauce High fcwketdall The Senior High Intramurals ran fast and furious this year with Homerooms 205 and 213 competing for the championship. Coach Ron Rudler's "Red Barons" inched by with a two point lead in overtime to win the traveling plaque. ll6 Vwol F r ei't"i.2 A ... ft' The following were track men: Lee Heintz, Carl Adams, Andrew Hazer, Larry Adams, Tom Knapp, lohn Pittsenbarger, Bob Sebring, Tim Simlick, Dan Lechfesky, Ed Kicey, Harry White, Peter Rotko, Bill Bowersox, Bill Hosack, Gary Duns, Dale King, Ned Whit- ney, Blair Stewart, Rich Pepperman, Frank McCommons, and John Gillette. she. , ,,,.si. lfiee . t ls i The following were field men: Carl Adams, Andrew Hazer, Ned Whitney, Tom Knapp, Dave Chromik, Bob Sebring, John Gillette, Dan Lechfesky, Ed Kicey, Harry White, Gary Duris, Lee Heintz, Dale King, Chuck Harrington, and Greg Ochalek. Losing only five seniors, Northwestern has a very promising season next year according to the coach, Mr. James Henderson. The track team did fairly well this year with lohn GilIette's capturing the district title in the discus. . .kg iz Wtfffsv.-'as W fl-' S 5 I' EMM 1. .fb V ie, f, , iw, M fi 5 ii ' wine, ' , W I y ,Q ' M W' . 'W' 7' Y f f' , ' ' , f , in , , Q 'W W We W 'A 'Wig if f'3MQ.,.i'i M' f MM' A , M W.,-h, , 4 ,146 ' 1 fm' wrfwn, W2 44 , ' , -4 4 , we , M ,fww H, NW' W 'ke' .04-Q, M f This year's team was led by Seniors Fred McBeth, Rick Weldon, Ben Haranin, and Ron Rudler. xiiifi I5 4' M. iw .w,,,,, f - 'f V "Mw3l,yLZ47'7Jr1 .JS 457 iw' N' mV'lnl'A'7.,Q' Gaq ,V ,..., , V- , - ,W , W' . 1 f 7 ,el , V We f 1 s The newest sport this year was golf, coached by L az, l l L Mr. Darwin Cook. The team compiled a record ot , A ff iw wk rs r lp, Q rrrr 1 three wins and seven losses. Although not a very fl impressive record, the boys and their coach gained experience and enjoyed many fine games. Seniors were Dan Lawrence and Jim Dunda. L E -Ng . swf. . '25 Members of this years golf team were: lim Dunda, Dan Lawrence, Rich Nlagner, Kirk Funkhouser, Dennis Hills, Dave Cooper, Bill Lawrence, and Andy Aranyos. ,V Z , N ' tba 1 . 'LQ AMY 3 ,aw 1 D! 9 if . li ENE WM ll t fy,-.WI ,ff f , A l Y ,,, ,, ,,, ,, cf ev ir' ' K 'gn - A fi: sffgs Q N ni' EE: 4. .R+ 'r A ff X 4,55 ak. .e easel- .QW Gala' Athletic ,flawcmtm ew Saawfw The Girls Athletic Association, coached by Miss Judy Vllaisley, was active in mainly two sports, volleyball and basketball. The volleyball team con- sisted mainly ot seniors. This year again, the team took the Erie County Championship. The seniors were: Shelia Davis, Brenda Jenks, Cherie Brosche, Judi Shiley, Stephanie Kireta, Kay Kennedy, Sandy Buschak, Debbie Mooney, and Shirley Davis. I V f 1 :- UZ V ' , . . 7: Qlfv' WJ: ,V-if Kay sinks another. Keep practicing, girlsq keep practicing. Gfifi an ,flctm 5 i e 5 UP-UP-UP! 5 UMW Members of this years varsity squad were: Kathy Griffey, captain, Patty Chuzie, Karen Griffey, loanne Holtz, Grace Stewart, Helen Hubbard, Mary Ann Krahe, and Phyllis Krahe. W r, an ,aaa an ,K r,, ' - ,Q A N Ming aifift' rf -M 1 Q rj f 'wi .. W4 ii M . 3, H . ,r,, i-L ' if ',: , I V r ., MW r ' ' 1 4, 1 'Q Mk ,W M 5, ' Vil' A Miss Waisley, advisor of the cheerleaders, helps the girls prepare for a pep meeting Some of the cheerleaders pose for a picture before the start ofthe Homecoming game mm ydlddlflf Members ot this years Junior Varsity squad were: lan Swaney, Captain, Brenda Soltis, Shirley Bennett, Beth Fratalia, and Myra Washnock. wnnnsunusni"l""' The Junior High had two squads this year. Squad one was composed ot: Dee Krahe, Kathy Merritt, Dayle Mooney, Darcie Shearer, Mary Ann Connors, Janet Martin, and Linda Chuzie. Squad two members were: Mary Pavkov, Debbie Michovich, Helen Harrington, Pat Meerhoff, Sharon Davis, and Mary Jo Chiro. Spam cmd fuwaeaa ,, K 1, WX Football Managers: Randy Parker, Lance Smith, Virgil King, and Tom Connors. Basketball Managers: Dave Brandon, lim DeLong, and Phil Hellyer. fgjxf ,gr ifl ilj M lj , g llxl W' 'Kina In E ri X Tr' if al T X 1 Wrestling Managers: Ron Hosack and Ron Rogers. Track Managers were Phil Hellyer, Jerry Cole, and Ron Rogers, missing are the base- ball managers, Frank Vorse and Wayne Card. The business managers were Karen Brown, Jan Rippert, Bev Tucker, and Barb Bowlus. I2-4 Eel Ward Omt '?dff60M For Your Appearance . . . Charm Crest Beauty Salon Hazen's Barber Shop Loftus's Jewelry Store Ramsey's Barber Shop For Your Appetite . . . Albion Diner Barker's Steak House Bob-ln Drive-In The Corner Store Griffey's Store Holdson Farms Hoskins Food Store Icy's Drive-ln and Miniature Golf Laux's Drive-ln Lawrence's Meat Market Ochalek and Sons Lit'l Giant Supermarket Penn State Inn Robb and Powell I.G.A. Roger's General Store Skellie's Grocery Store Steinhoff's Golden Dawn Van Tassel's Store For Your Transportation . . . Albion Auto Parts Bill's Garage Brewster's Sunoco Harris and Sergeant, lnc. Leopold's Servicenter PeIton's Atlantic Rudler's Auto Sales 1 t For Your Health . . . Dr. David W. Bashline Dr. and Mrs. P. A. Clement Dr. William Hustead Dr. H. D. Simmons For Your Special Needs . . . Albion Lumber Company Albion News First National Bank at Albion Genny's Style Shop Harris Distributing Company James P. Summers' Funeral Home Johnson's Flower Shop J. W. Johnson and Son Malena's Shoe Repair Oravetz's Greenhouse Rees Rexall Drug Store Roger Brothers Corporation Sam Pavkov Insurance Towne Cleaners Tucker's Hardware The Village Shoppe Watral's Clothing Store Western Auto Store West Real Estate-Mrs. Dolly M. Bankes William's Dry Cleaning For Your Home . . . Bus's TV Sales and Mary Carter Paints Hites Appliances Kauter's Gas and Appliance Kennedy's Store H. A. Tower and Son Furniture A ' ww -r -,, ,,,,,,. " '-wvmy, , f Q vm. 11-my 1. -iw Wm, A J f- ,nf ff , , ,, Q , QM, ,, A 25 if E ,L . E? x V A 5 A r 1 1 511, 1. I ' 4 1 ' 'X 3' 7 - '43 Zz 44 Y' fi- Af v 91? ' Xi ,I 'Q Q, , , V v . Q . 5-Qs , A " M' , 4- u ,W if 5 f if Q gem sv. . . M WWW 'W WW ' nf M w X Y ' T , ,w.:iJF02-WW ,bW"":Q 1 1 5 L f 1 '1'2W",fM-,, , 1. Q .fwm,f,,11""'T""-A mm N R 3 0 ,ew W q FW ? 'N W ?f"7,fff3w"??f'1'f. ' N 1 f "fW"'- ,JW-"1 " 'P lim- WW' W. sz H7TZ!f+UEL1Mf3 MTX! , f J. f '-Nw" M" my ' , ' W gm-W.'..1-J f Q W W','v.:g',we-,g':,---2 A J , 1 m,vff.y v N ,, . , X n, ,, www'-fx-spffk,-,-.,-,n, L i ' if fx Y ,Hag ,"?wZ," , Y , " 'M AE U w,mw'v" kg' X "Um W-Wiw -' P ' 4 , :m'1' " F 1' Y' Q, 1 f ' M 2 '14 g f:4'gf,1:f's"i': ' ' A ' ' 2 -' ' fr, , f M. V L ,Q-w..."f ima ' , Wgwilif W. ,, ,f Jw ' W M :QW mrmn ,, AW ,,h, WW Q W I ,Wm M., K- ms., .M .k W 7, .4- fg- 1 , ,Y 1. My," may sv gh 'L ,xiii ' .L Mini' ' u. 1 ,I-',:i 'F was Q ' F 3' fl, . A 21 4"-1 , ' J nw, U, nm ,V , ' ' fi' 'S' MZ V Y 'YW-' 'aff' ' we . J. 4' I 'it pw ' Q " 2,13 . ,fl - J X fd d JJ - K 'IJ If ' Q B'F"'X' 'f 1' , f,', :..A.,1 A:bHM'1M':.5Q"', 'Mfdbvfilkfki' fa?-w5""1'

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