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I 'sffli 'es QE? Mg, Ng, 4. F- Ja HJQA 2 :Hg if F r-li: 'J F? gf Q ! ! g, sf 9. I I Y 1 qi ,HCA hw 31- f R if , figs, nfl ' W ff? HE W, ds. in 1 4 Q 1. i Q, Z 2 I F V I A 2 4 E 2 l 5 i I 's Hi 1 vi I I I 5 F K- 1' ,g,g.QW . Q WM, s 2+ ' ' A F LY W. W A I 'lf ff Q 4 1-In T pa ..?" w "ef O' .U ' W.. HW 5 . ,xv Q. 4-Pi, X ,, N ' 1 x XE, up .f ww, vw 5. ,. 15? N X1 I 1 1 11 ,A L . ' 1 1 1!' I W 1 1 , ' 1 1 1 X 1 ' 1 1' 11 1, 1 1' i W 1 1 11 W 1-K , ,'. f 'll-1 0 -X Q ,xwgtnx -. 2 wg, H Q! lb M- 11,1 1 i i 1 I W 1 . A I . 1 I ' X 1 1 Q , , 1 ' -'. , 1 I .A I J . X ' X 5 ,f 1 1 1 911 X933 Q f 1- f X M 4 N og K yy X X 1 5 1 1 R t xx x f :JL .- ,bfi-' 1 -.. Y,- r 1. . M-, ,.... l E-2 , E11- . 1 ,lx 'A 1' , AWC1':, 1 . 4 - '-P' Q-2-41"f i' ... -,ff . ,iff , W th , -- , - -- -,-:: in .-.Q . -f... ,-. 'ff' 4 4, . 11, Ziff ,...,f W -5 . ...- ...,., 4. -' ' - ig: ng. . J '-- 5-12' I' .. 1. ,...a 1. - 1 H, 5110 if' mf S-l 1 K I I I 1 1-1 ml 3. nu ju, 1 ll :mi .5 pa.-.- 5255 ,:,,, iii. . rlnlx will 3 :Hr-iff t ' IQEGGEHEI 1 7:1313 ' 1 eeeulll ' 57:1 1 I! - - b 11 J 1' T .qx .-,,. '11 ,. 1 1510 IV WOMWWWL High Sdwol AMUIL, ?6llIl4lfl06llWL Uazfle of Coateata !3-26 27-52 53-64 65-34 35-33 Swim L46 7?-X06 S ow X07-X25 fnmedlwwn Among the many people who have worked to make North- western one of the tinestschools in the county is Mr. Paul Cassf idy. Advisor to the Camera Club and one ot the co-advisors to both the Yearbook and the Na- tional Honor Society, he has helped to build these organiza- tions into three of the most worthwhile activities in the school. Mr. Cassidy is not only one ot the best teachers at Northwestern, but also, he is one ofthe most sincere people. He is always willing to help anyone, even if it be only a smile or a word ot encourage- ment. The Yearbook Staff and its advisors are pleased to dedicate this edition of the Del Nord Uvest to lVlr. Cassf i is idy for all of the help and the students time that he has given to the Mr. Cassidy, science teacher "par excellence" Mr. Cassidy, pictured below keeping score at a varsity basketball game, plays an important part in school activities. Scotts proud grandfather The Cassidy family gathered together at Christmas. 3 Eel Word 00645 X766 This page is devoted to the unsung heroes of Northwestern High School-the Yearbook Staff and their advisors, officers, and department chairmen whose help made the yearbook possible. The many hours of work and worry spent in planning and in finishing each page all seem worthwhile when "our very own" book arrives l 3 Officers of the staff this year were: Viann Loftus. editor: Marilyn Martin, co-editor: Hilda Fleisch, secretary: and Bill Stewart, business manager. Co-advisors: Mr. Cassidy, Miss Kenney, and Mr. Taylor. Chairmen of the various sections were: S. Pollock, Seniors: S. Buschak, Layout: F. Benton, Music: J. Hart, Photography: M. Gilbert, Departments: G. Fobes, Administration and Faculty S. Rotko, Underclassmen: C. Sherman, Sports: B. Bowlus, Subscriptions: S. Kireta, Advertising: l. Cook, Typing: and M. Chapin, Copy. Officers and Advisors are also pictured. in September. , S x. ag-sy , Iv' Q Education is the primary goal of each student at Northwestern. Progressing from a silly seventh grader to a solemn senior, he discovers the depth and variety of knowledge. Acting as both counselors and mentors, his teachers acquaint him with wars and kings, gerunds and participles, formulas and atoms. At times amusing, often times frustrating, and occasionally exhaust- ing, learning is a constantly rewarding process for the student. We Fkwze efffaewleelee Jlqhm Me 7aMoe time Student n Extra-curricularactivities pro- vide interesting diversions and serve to intorce and to enhance classroom situation. All stu- dents have participated in some social event whether it be a pep meeting, a dance, or the con- struction ot a float. Not only are the students brought to- gether socially, but also, by planning these activities them- selves-they learn to assume responsibility, to work with others, and to use their skills and talents to serve their school. Every event represents many ideas, much hard work, and a good deal ot fun when students combine their efforts in these activities. We Competitwe Sfmt of Spam sfmmaamlyaywswa Sports activities are an important part of school life. Almost every Wildcat fan has experienced the thrill of a last-minute touchdown or has become tense when the score of a game nears 100. Whether a spectator or a participant, sports affect the en- tire student body. A spirit of strong rivalry, fervent loyalty, and intense pride in one's school is fostered in the students through sports. Because sports are considered Noithwestern's most outstanding activi- ties, they uphold the ideals of good sportsmanship, physical fitness, and team spirit. as 5 5 1 1 The torch's light has shone upon only a few of the many phases of school lifeg however, it has revealed the heart of the student's experiences at Northwestern. As other phases of school life are pictured throughout the Del Nord Uvest, the student will begin to realize a completion of his school career only to accept the challenge of his future goals and dreams. Neverthe- less, something of himself will remain-to become a part of the spirit that is Northwestern. fx Owe ibwwlpala Hlime and tate will bear us onward, Scatter us afar. Let the lessons you have taught us, Be our guiding star." -Northwestern Alma Mater 'Dear Graduates ot 1966: As you are scattered by time and tate over the world in the many years ahead, perhaps even to the moon and planets, our hope and prayer is that the kindness, honesty, and service for others you have shown as loyal students of Northwestern will be your guiding stars to lives as good Americans. Please come back to Northwestern sometime. Good luck and happiness to each one ot you! Supervising Principal, Don Thompson ' :f X . ss .. X5 N-s .. C X- I me-. - f-me -. in i G P i' W K N ' " eti.. xt I n ' ' 3 kgff-xv g i i ess2fe..ef . ,,,,, . , M' or ,.s - '- H xg ! Zi., k :Q..::,-: . -- - - . A ' 5 ? f . -, 2 -e-- f M - i rf' . gi, I Mr. Davis Mr. Cook Dr. Brown To the Members of the Class of 1966: lt is with much pride that we congratulate you upon your graduation. Knowing you and working with you are experiences we shall remember always. Your graduation is a definite achievement, may you be the ones responsible tor further achievements, both personal and collective. l'Death comes to all But great achievements raise a monument Which shall endure until the sun grows cold." - Georgius Fabricius Come back to see us when you can. Your Principal, Charles C. Gilbert l4 Nw 7734 The officers of P.T.S.A. this year were Mrs. Alexander, Mrs. Griffey, Mrs. Gun- ter, and Mrs. Funkhouser. Sclwol fam i Members of the 1965-66 School Board were: E. T. Leehan, R. Hold' son, W. Hambry, W. Youngs, E. C. Sherman, R. Lawrence, G. Hills, Dean Cryder, and S. Pavkov. Mrs. A. Madar was not present when picture was taken. fl Field Swim The officers of the American Field Service Chapter in Albion this year were: President, Mrs. Scott Stew- art, Vice-President, Mrs. Gordon Griffey, Secretary, Mrs. Robert Soltis, Treasurer, Mrs. Charles Kennedy. l5 Mr. Roberts Q- ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARIES: Mrs. Krieg, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. McCall, Mrs. Kelly. HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE SECRETARIES: Miss Wilson, Mrs. Snow, Mrs. Bell. -'Nbr-M. vw. .W MWWWM Wlwwf Yimwmel fr SCHOOL CUSTODIAN, Mr. Bishop i CAFETERIA "MOTHERS": Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Fromhach, Mrs. Wing. gg. . SCHOOL NURSE, Mrs. Dargo """k. We . ga RICHARD E, ARMANINI Core Indiana University of Pennsylvania THOMAS CARNES Special Education Edinboro State College I8 EDITH E. BEIGHLEY Commercial Geneva College PAUL CASSIDY Science Edinboro State College University of Pittsburgh ,mmm- 1fw+'i""" if EDWARD F. BURNS Core Clarion State College JAMES CONNOR Social Studies Edinboro State College Edinboro State College GUY C. CONTI Driver Education Clarion State College BEA CRANDALL Music Southern Illinois University MICHAEL DOVENSKY Biology Indiana University of Pittsburgh ALICE HAZER Guidance Edinboro State College Edinboro State College ROBERT T. CRAWFORD Math Edlnboro State College RAYMOND E. CRILLEY Agriculture Pennsylvania State University MARJORIE S. FREEBURG Core Clarion State College V ,,.s,", , lr A ' fi I I WESLEY C. FREEBURG Core er'r H- .Wa I Clarion stare cone mf VV 6128, ee V ii' wb! giwfim 'g 1, ,Vf52Tf5Lf" ,qv 1 ,.,,aw tt? Kia W' oz Q cl ,Q fav Ri,f"j f- ,I www 'M i ,fm I nl' , V ,. " E of v tklzgy- :'s5?Qfl - , A e gg wow rs eg We fewfi JAMES P. HENDERSON Social Studies Edinhoro State College Edinhoro State College WILLIAM KING Music Westminster College University of Michigan 20 DONALD HORN English Westminster College JOSEPH LISEK Physical Education, Health Drake University KATHERINE C. KENNEY English-French Edinboro State College Gannon College 12,3 ff ff "4irfwff,e: 5 ' 7' ,ngeifif ,, ., , M 5 -1- , , , W" I wwf V ,rs ZW of 'fx M ,,,. , ' , - ' ' "M f I ' --Y - fi , ' ' 'li -' ' " ff . wt I K r ,, 2 f at ,iggfiflg fig ,'.,: I A' KATHRYN MARTIN Business Education Indiana State University of Pennsylvania GERALD E. MATTIS Social Studies Mansfield State College STEVEN I. MELLON 'cuff' MARY D. MELLON Core Edinboro State College OLIVER R. MULHOLLAND Homemaking Indiana University ot Pennsylvania IOHN F. PHILLIPS Physical Education, Health Pennsylvania State University Industrial Arts Pennsylvania State University Pennsylvania State University JEAN 0 LEARY Health Concordia HELEN MERSHON Math Slippery Rock State College Edinboro State College ANITA L. PASSENGER Library Clarion State College Western State College of Colorado any x is I- VS A S , F . n RUTH K. RICE 3 Western Reserve University Colombia University , be DOROTHY PORTER Homemaliing Indiana University ot Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University CATHERINE NI. SABOL Language Gordon College Edinboro State College JPM JOHN R, SIMMONS Speech Eastern Illinois University gms VIRGINIA I. SAMPSON Language Villa Nlarie College 22 Pennsylvania State University ETHEL STALLBAUM Nlatn Thiel College JULIA H. STANTON Reading Edinboro State College Pennsylvania State University ,ff FRANK L, SWDGGER English Edinboro State College V J' VERGlL TAYLOR Industrial Arts California State College Mg. ,t.. Ns... DAVID T. WESCDTT English Allegheny College LOUIS TAYLOR Science Edinhoro State College BERNARD TWARDOSKI Science Edinboro State College Edinboro State College ! F214 -HX 6 l ,A , T 1 4 1 " Va , ,e,, Q A l li J f 1 W ,fn ,F ' 71 inf ' PAUL E. TAYLOR Guidance Clarion State College Pennsylvania State University JUDITH A, WALSLEY I-iealth, Physical Education Slippery Rock State College Western State College of Colorado 23 SH-W MARTHA WOLFE Business Education Indiana University of Pennsylvania Kent State University it al: 'N ' U fn J A Sir, A , , 4 i L Ct 'UW JOSEPH YOHMAN Social Studies Indiana University of Pennsylvania Edinboro State College SAMUEL H. PALMER Math Edinboro State College Saddam! GERALDINE FLETCHER Pennsylvania State University Edinboro State College DOUGLAS CLINGER Science Slippery Rock Wear Ueazdm MR. DONOVAN MISS DICKSON MR. BLAKE MR. WILLIAMS Smdenz Z7ea.dww sm sm MR MR MR MR MR . CHREIST . ROGAN . PESTA . ROBERTS . BURGETT Stwlent 7mm Lime Semem MR. TRAVIS MR. KUSZAI MR. CHEIFFO N Xb, N , wif? Ga my , Q. ,A "Wand this is a fish?" "Whores the music?" f'I'm the 'fastest hell' in the East!" raw, sumo E s t X K Q' 'G 1 J? f "Get outta the rafters." "l'm mean and strict!" "Now, students, I'm going to prove that it is possibfe to make a touchdown." KX 26 f -Z W af' CARL R. ALBRANDT Nickname: "Butch" Course: Electronics Activities: Wrestling 1111 JOHN ELMER BECK, Class President Nickname: "John" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Visual Aids Club 110, 11, 121, Football 110, 11, 121 KOREIN ELAINE ALLEN Nickname Mouse Course Vocational Homemaking Activities Pep Club 1101 Choristers111 121 RICKARD WILLIAM ALDRICH Nickname Terror Course Industrial Arts 28 MARY ALTHOUSE Nickname: "Peanuts" Course: Commercial Activities: F.H.A. 1121 tNational Honor Society 'tDAVlD LEE DAVIS, Vice President Nickname: "Dave" Course: Academic Activities: Cross-country 110, 11, 121, Basketball 110, 11, 121, Track 110, 11, 121 ANN ALLRED Nickname: "Ann" Course: General Activities: Dancing Club 110, 111, Chorus 110, 111 PHILIP R. ANDERSON Nickname: "Andy" Course: Academic Activities: Varsity N 1121, Student Council 111, 121, Yearbook 1111 ERVIN E. SKELTON, Treasurer Nickname: "Buster" Course: Academic Activities: Student Council 111, 12l, Basketball 110, 11, 123, Track 110, 11, 12l KENNETH E. AVEY Nickname: "Ken" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Choristers 110, 11, 12l TIMOTHY A. BARKER Nickname: "Bark" Course: Academic Activities: Varsity N 110, 11, 12l, Basketball 110, 11, 121 MARY MARSHA WASHNOCK, Secretary Nickname: "Marsh" Course: Academic Activities: Majorette111, 12l, Band 110, 11,125 BONITA SUZANNE BAKER Nickname: "Bon" Course: Academic Activities: Majorette 111, 12l, Choristers 112l SANDRA LEE BARTON Nickname: "Sandy" Course: Vocational Homemaking Activities: Art Club 112l, Choristers 110, 11, 12l Pep Club 110l tNational Honor Society HOSEPH RICHARD ARTELLO Nickname: "Joe" Course: Academic Activities: Wrestling 110, 11, 12l, Chess Club 110, 11, 121 JEANNE BANKES Nickname: "Jeannie" Course: Academic Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 112l, Yearbook 1121, Chorisf ters 111, 121 29' ww' an DAVID JOHN BARTOSEK Nickname: "D. I." Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Proiection Club l1O, 11, 121, Football t1O, 11I, Wrestling t10, 11, 121 GLEN RAYMOND BLACK Nickname: "GR" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: ,Football l1OI O XEAY ELIZABETH BENTON Nickname: "Eazie" Course: Academic Activities: Student Council ILO, 11, 121, Year: book l12I, Tri-Hi:Y l12I 'LE 'LINDA SUZANNE BOWERSOX Nickname: "Limbo" Course: Academic Activities: Student Council t12I CHERYL LEE CALDWELL Nickname: "Cheryl" Course: Academic Activities: Yearbook t12I, Choristers l11, 12I, Pep Club l1O, 113 t"NationaI Honor Society DIANA MILDRED BISHOP Nickname: "Di" Course: Vocational Homemaking Activities: Future Homemakers ot America t1O, I I N we IAMES BURKELL Nickname: "1im" Course: Industrial Arts MARY ESTHER CARR Nickname: "Pod" Course: Vocational Homemaking Activities: GAA. t11, 121, Choristers t12I v F CHARLES CASE Nickname: "Charlie" Course: Vocational Agriculture Activities: F.E.A. 110, 11, 121 THOMAS l. CONNORS Nickname: "T.C." Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Radio Club 1101 DARLENE R. COPELAND Nickname: l'Dar" Course: Vocational Homemaking Activities: Library Club 1101, F.H.A. 111, 121 JUDITH CAROL CHANDLER Nickname: "Chan" Course: Vocational Homemaking Activities: Newspaper 1121, Art Club 1121, Chor isters 111, 121 JULIE ANN COOK Nickname: "Cook" Course: Commercial Activities: Yearbook 1121, Newspaper 111, 121, Choristers 111, 121 KATHLEEN E. CROSBY Nickname: "Koby" Course: Commercial Activities: Art Club 111, 121, Baton Club 1101 G.A.A. 1101 MARA LYNN CHAPIN Nickname: "Mara" Course: Academic Activities: Tri-HifY 110, 11, 121, Pep Club 110, 11, 121, Yearbook 111, 121 CAROLYN LYNN COPELAND Nickname: "Carol" Course: Vocational Homemaking Activities: F.H.A. 111, 121 31 RICHARD W. DAVIDSON Nickname: "Super" Course: General Activities: Football 410, 111, Chess Club l111 XROSE MARY DOVENSKY Nickname: "Rosie" Course: Academic Activities: Newspaper 110, 11, 121, Choristers Ill, 121, Art Club l121 32 JUDY L. DIEHL Nickname: "Judi" Course: Academic Activities: Tri-Hi-Y l121, Choristers l11, 121, Yearbook l121 tDONNA CHRISTINE DOWLING Nickname: "Spaz" Course: Academic Activities: Newspaper l10, 11, 121, Choristers l11, 121, Art Club I11, 121 MARY ELLIS Nickname: "Meme" Course: General Activities: Choristers l10, 11, 121, Band l10, 11, 121 tNational Honor Society DARLAINE MARIE DORCHESTER Nickname: "Dar" Course: Academic Activities: Chorus l10, 11, 121, Pep Club l10, 111 PAUL DAVID DURIS Nickname: "Paul" Course: Academic Activities: Varsity N l10, 11, 121, Student Council 110, 111, Basketball l10, 11, 121 -qi-eg' DUANE A. ENSSLE Nickname: "Hollywood" Course: Vocational Agricultural Activities: F.F.A. l10, 11, 121 JANET R. EVERETT Nickname: "JE," Course: Commercial Activities: Stage Band 111, 121, Choristers 111, 121, Art Club 111, 121 ROGER FEATHERS Nickname: "Fuzz" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Football 110, 11, 121, Wrestling 111, 121, Track 110, 11, 121 ROBERT CHARLES FIES Nickname: "Bob" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Football 110, 11, 121 ,MMR tHlLDA ANN FLEISCH Nickname: "Hil" Course: Academic E H Activities: Yearbook 111, 121,Tri-Hi-Y111, 121 PATRICIA ANN FINLAW Nickname: "Patty" Course: General Activities: Girls Shop 1101, Knitting Club 1111 :ai I 9343? FGORDON L. FOBES Nickname: "Gordo" Course: Academic Activities: Yearbook 1121, Projection Club 110, 11, 121 t'National Honor Society BRENDA KAY FETTEROLF Nickname: "Fett" Course: General Activities: Newspaper 111, 121, Art Club 111, 121 ALAN 0. FISH Nickname: "Alan" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Library Club 110, 11, 1211 Art Club 1121 33 tWESLEY CARVER FREEBURG Nickname: "Carve" Course: Academic Activities: Varsity N 111, 121, Basketball 110, 11 121, Student Council 110, 11, 121 MELODIE GLASS Nickname: "Midge" Course: Academic Activities: Band 110, 11, 121, Nlajorette 110, 11, 121, Camera Club 1121 34 10HN WILLIAM GEBHARDT Nickname: "Geb" Course: Academic Activities: Varsity N 111, 121, Baseball 110, 11, 121, Football 1111 YT: new ,,., ,A DENTON LEE HALL Nickname: "Denton" Course: Industrial Arts ww '4-lwnn-W., tGLORlA BELLE HAMMETT Nickname: "Belle" Course: Academic Activities: Choristers 110, 11, 121, Art Club 111, 121, Newspaper 110, 11, 121 tNationaI Honor Society YK V-ua.-W, MARI MARGUERITE GILBERT Nickname: "Gib" Course: Academic Activities: Pep Club 110, 11, 121,1ri-Hi-Y111,121, Yearbook 1121 ROSALIE HALSTEAD Nickname: "Basliful" Course: General Activities: Library Club 1121 HOWARD HARPER Nickname: "Butch" Course: General Activities: Stage Band 110, 11, 121, Pep Band 1121, Baseball 110, 11, 121 49 tLYNDA CHERYL HARPST Nickname: "Lyn" Course: Academic Activities: Yearbook 1125, Cheerleader 110, 11,125, Tri-Hi-Y110, 11, 125 'IQJAMES WILLIAM HART Nickname: "Jim" Course: Academic Activities: Camera Club 110, 11, 125, Yearbook 110, 11, 125 10' KATHLEEN IEANNETTE HEAD Nickname: "Kathy" Course: Academic Activities: Senior Dramatics 1105, Newspaper 1115 RW: evil?" CHERYL HARNED Nickname: "Cheryl" Course: Commercial Activities: Pep Club 110, 115. Chorus 1125, Art CIub1125 SHARON KAY HAZELTINE Nickname: "Hazel" Course: Vocational Homemaking Activities: Chorus 110, 11, 125, Pep Club 1105 Huw MARILYN K. HEIGES Nickname: "Andy" Course: Commercial Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 110, 115, Choristers 1125 itNatioriaI Honor Society A. sf in-m.,,,t,,.,,, SUSAN L. HARRISON Nickname: "Sue" Course: Commercial Activities: Yearbook 111, 125, Choristers 110, 11, 125, Camera Club 1125 up THERESA ANN HAZEN Nickname: "T-Ball" Course: Academic Activities: Student Council 110, 125, Pep Band 111, 125, Stage Barid1125 35 nw ARTHUR 1. HENISTREET Nickname: "Art" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Projection Club t1O, 11, 121, Wres: tling t10, 11, 121 IAMES EDWARD HILL Nickname: "lim" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Track t11, 121, Cross Country 1121, Wrestling l10, 11, 121 36 J... LINDA LEE HENDERSON Nickname: "Linda" Course: Vocational Homernaking Activities: Cliorus t11, 121, GAA. t111, Course: Vocational Hornemaking Club 4101 Activities: Clioristers t121, Art Club t121, News paper i121 CAROL HENDERSON Nickname: "Red" DIANE ELAINE HILLS Nickname: "DI" Course: Commercial Activities: Student Council t1O, 11, 121, Tri-HI-Y TrifM t11, 121 t101, Business Club C121 APATRICIA ANN HOLLIDAY Nickname: "Pat" LINDA LEE HOLLISTER Nickname: "Linda" UUUISC5 GSIISISI W GAYLE MARIE HOLTON Activities: Art Club t121, Choristers t1O, 11, 121, Nickname: Hgayierr Yearbook 1121 Course: General Activities: Art Club tl1, 121, Pep Club C10 YNational Honor Society Cheerleader um CIJUTSE: Tri-Hi:Y CIO, 11, 121, GAA. 410, 11 121 CHERYL ANN HOSACK Nickname: "Hose" Course: Commercial Activities: Cheerleader 110, 11, 121, Varsity N 1121 Student Council C121 RONALD L. HOWLAND Nickname: "Ron" Course: Vocational Agriculture Activities: F.F,A. 110, 11, 121, Wrestling C121 ,eu-sag, 'QW YBRUCE CHANDLER IFFT Nickname: "Bruce" Course: Academic Activities: Student Council i10, 11, 121, Football t10, 11, 121, Varsity N 411, 121 MDLLY ELLEN HOSEY Nickname: "Molly" Course: Commercial Activities: Cboristers 610, 121 SANDRA HUBBARD Nickname: "Sandy" Course: Academic Activities: Newspaper 1121, Art Club t11, 121, Pep Club i101 SDALE E. JENNINGS Nickname: "D, J." Course: Special Activities: Choristers 111, 121 tfNational Honor Society LINDA A. HOWLAND Nickname: "Linda" Course: Commercial Activities: Cboristers C121 CLYDE HUSTON Nickname: "Texan" Course: Special Education Activities: F.F.A. t10, 11, 121, Projection 110, 11, 121 LaRAE ELAINE JONES Nickname: "Rae" Course: Vocatioriai Homemaking Activities: Choristers 1123, Pep Club 110I DAVID EARLE KENNEDY Nickname: "SIim" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Choristers 110, 11I, Chess Club 110I 38 V f Z:7'7sQ2frWW,, fwftfwzs,'wr::Q mf, H V 'L Mg - - if J, W' H ca A m:f,re,w,,V:, A fy ,aa I , :::: CLIFFORD F. IOSLYN Nickname: "CIitt" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: FootbaII 110, 11, 125 FREDERICK MATTHEW KRIEG Nickname: "BIitz" Course: Academic Activities: Art CIub 111, 12I, Cboristers 1115 IDANNE GALE KUZMA Nickname: "Io" Course: Academic FRANKLIN H. KELLY Nickname: "Dead Eye" Course: IndustriaI Arts Activities: Choristers 110, 11, 12I MICHAEL LAWRENCE KULYK Nickname: "Mike" Course: Academic Activities: Pep Band 111, 125, Stage Band 110, 11, 123 SUSAN DIANE LANCE Activities: G.A.A. 110, 11, 12I, Library Club 1105, Nickname: "0ugie" Art Club 112I Course: Commercial Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 1101, Business CIub 1125 :K .,,, 4 HERBERT G. LASCH Nickname: "Whip Lash" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Art Club C121 :BVIANN MARTHA LOETUS Nickname: "Vi" Course: Academic Activities: Yearbook l10, 11, 121, Student Council l1U, 11, 121, Pep Club l1O, 111 KATHLEEN ELIZABETH McCALL Nickname: 1'Kathie" Course: Commercial Activities: Business Club C121 PHYLLIS JANE LEACH Nickname: "P.1." Course: Commercial BARBARA MACHACEK Nickname: "Barb" Course: Commercial Activities: Pep Club t1O, 11, 121, Art Club i121 Cborusi1O, 111 'MW' JUDITH ANN MELLON Nickname: "Judy" Course: Academic Activities: Yearbook i11, 121, Cboristers ill, 121, Girls Ensemble l121 'ifNational Honor Society HELEN LePORE Nickname: "Helen" Course: Commercial Activities: Newspaper C1O, 121, Business Club i121 MARY KATHRYN McBRlDE Nickname: "Mary" Course: Academic Activities: GAA. i1U, 11, 121, Yearbook t121. Pep Club l1O, 11, 121 39 DAVID L. MERRITT Nickname: "Dave" Course: Academic Activities: Football C10, 11, 12,1 Basketball C10, 11, 121, Baseball C10, 11, 121 ANNE CECILE MOSINSKI Nickname: "Annie Moe" Course: Commercial Activities: Newspaper C10, 121 40 CLANCY EARL MITCHELL Nickname: "Glance" Course: Academic Activities: Football C10, 111, Chess Club C10, 11, 121 Wrestling C11, 121 NORA EDNA MOSINSKI Nickname: "Nora:: Course: Commercial Activities: Choristers C10, 111, Business Club C121 Mini WILLIAM EDSON MUNDKOWSKY Nickname: "Bill" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Wrestling C11, 121, Projection Club C121 tNationaI Honor Society NAMES EDWARD MORRISON Nickname: "Jim" Course: Academic Activities: Crossfoountry C10, 11, 121, Basketball C1O,11,121BaridC10,11,121 RALPH MICHAEL MUNDKOWSKY Nickname: "Ralph" Course: Vocational Agriculture Activities: F.F.A. C10, 11, 121 THOMAS HENRY NEWMAN Nickname: "Tom" Course: General DAVID DUANE 0TlS Nickname: "0ats" Course: Special Activities: Radio Club 1101, Student Council 1111 Projection Club 110, 111 DONALD DURL PAYNE Nickname: "Mr. DovensI1y's Fatboy" Course: Academic Activities: Choristers 111, 121 ffl LINDA DARLENE PITTSENBARGER Nickname: "Linda" Course: Commercial Activities: Clioristers 111, 121, Pep Club 1101 CHERYL RAY PARKER Nickname: I'Sberri" Course: General Activities: GAA11O, 11, 121, Choristers 111, 121 Pep Club 110, 111 LINDA MAE PETERS Nickname: "Pete" Course: Commercial Activities: TrifHi-Y 111, 121, Pep Club 110, 11, 121 'turf' BARBARA HELEN PODLUZNE Nickname: 'IBarb" Course: Commercial Activities: Band 110, 11, 121, Pep Club 110, 111 Choristers 1121 RDBERT RALPH PAVKOV Nickname: "Bob" Course: Academic Activities: Student Council 1121, Varsity N 110 11, 121, Senior High Choristers 111, 121 MARIAN JEAN PETERS Nickname: "Jeanne" Course: Commercial Activities: Chorus 110,111, Art Club 1121, Pep Club 110, 11, 121 SUSANNE FAYE PDLLOCK Nickname: "Sue" Course: Academic Activities: Student Councii 110, 11, 121, Pep Ciub 110, 11, 121, Yearbook 1121 YQ- J' SHIRLEY EVELYN RANDALL Nickname: "Shin" Activities: Pep Ciub 110,, Cboristers 110, 11, 121 42 IDA RANDALL Course: Generai Activities: Eboristers 1121 WMU ' TERRY LEWIS REA Nickname: Derry" Course: Academic Activities: Footbali 111, 121, Choristers 1121 -no-.cj-dv'R' LINDA LOU REVAK Nickname: "Lin" Course: Commerciai Activities: Pep Club 110, 111, Yearbook 1121, Stu- dent Councii 1121 MARGARET RANDALL Nickname: "Marg" Course: Vocational Homemaking 1 1 oriSterS1I1 121 Nickname: Hieamen , V qmgww'zf" WILLIAM MARTIN REISER Nickname: "WiIbur" Course: Industriai Arts , 'F 11. .- ,, funn., BESSIE REYNOLDS Nickname: "Bess" Course: Generai Activities: Typing Club 110, 111 , in ww :ea ,am KELLY RICE Nickname: "Reb" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Basketball 1113 Za LAWRENCE ROBERTSON Nickname: "Buster" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Football 110, 113, Track 110, 113 ""m.i TIMOTHY RYAN Nickname: "Tim" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Projection Club 110, 11, 123 ,WW M, BETTY JANE RICHARDS Nickname: "Betty" Course: General Activities: GAA 110, 11, 123 tSANDRA LEE ROTKO Nickname: "Sandy" Course: Academic Activities: TriAHi-Y 111, 123, Yearbook 1123 TW CALVIN A. SALSGIVER Nickname: "Cal" Course: Academic Activities: Cboristers 111, 123, Projection Club 11O, 11, 123 t1National Honor Society .Mu-www GEORGE RICHARD ROBERTSON Nickname: "George" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Sportsman Club 1113 pr' R MARTHA LOUISE RULAND Nickname: "Lou" Course: General Activities: Choristers 1113, Cbess Club 1103 VICKIE 1UNE SCALISE Nickname: "Vickie" Cnurse: Commercial i-INK RUSSELL SHIELDS Nickname: "Knuckles" Course: Vocational Agriculture Activities: F.F.A. 110, 11, 121 44 CHARLES DAVID SHERMAN Nickname: "Charlie" Course: Academic Activities: Varsity N 110, 11, 121, Yearbook 1121, Hi-Y110, 11, 121 PENNY P, SILMAN Nickname: "Susie" Course: General Activities: G.A.A, 110, 11, 121 VERNON R, SNELL Nickname: "Vernie" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Projection Club 110, 11, 121 av' ROGER DEAN SHERMAN Nickname: "Stubby" Course: Vocational Agriculture Activities: Wrestling 110, 11, 121, Baseball 110, 11, 121, Football 110. 11, 121 1'7" SUZANNE LEE SIMLICK Nickname: "Susie" 1 Course: General Activities: Art Club 1121, Yearbook 1121 l LINDA SOMERVILLE Nickname: "Lyn" Course: Vocational Homemaking Activities: Clroristers 110, 11, 121 F.H.A. 111, 121 RUSSELL SPAULDING Nickname: "Spike" Course: Industrial Arts DENNIS MICHAEL SUSCHECK Nickname: "Stud" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Camera Club 110, 11, 123, Varsity N 111, 123 XSUSAN El.AlNE TAYLOR Nickname: "Susie" Course: Academic Activities: TrieHi:Y 110, 11, 123 Varsity N 110, 11, 1 3 DALE WAYNE STAKES Nickname: "Stale" Course: Industrial Arts THOMAS CURT TACKETT Nickname: "Tom" Course: Regular REBECCA SUE THOMAS Nickname: "Becky" Course: Academic Activities: Trl:Hi-Y 111, 123, Yearbook 1123, Pep Club 110, 11, 123 tNationaI Honor Society 'WILLIAM SCOTT STEWART Nickname: "Bill" Course: Academic Activities: Yearbook 1123, Projection Club 110, 11 123, Model UN 111, 123 CHARLENE MARIE TAYLOR Nickname: "Charlie" Course: Commercial Activities: Pep Club 110, 11, 123, Art Club 1123 45 ANSON THORNTON Nickname: "Anson" Course: Vocational Agricultural Activities: F. F. A. 110, 11, 121 6-use nr GLENN CIARK TURNER Nickname: "Glennie" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Choristers 110, 11, 121 A6 tSHlRLEY JEAN TOZIER Nickname: "ShirI" 'AMARGARET ELLEN toeiu CAUSE: Academm Nickname: "Peggy" Course: Academic Agtivities: Cheerleader l10, 11, 121, G.A.A. 110, 11, 1 1 Activities: Tri-M l1U, 11, 121, Tri-Hi-Y l1O, 1 VIRGINIA VINCES:DIAZ Nickname: "Gina" ANN NOREEN VORSE Nickname: "Ann" Course: General Course: Vocational Homemaking Activities: Student Council 1121, Exchange Stu: Activities: F, H, A1 110, 11, 121 dent 1121 THOMAS A. WARREN Nickname: "Tom" Cnurse: Industrial Arts GEORGIANA HATHE WEBBER Nickname: "George" Course: General :i:Nati0nal Honor Society AlIIiViiiBS: Libiiily Club 110, 11, 121 4 , 92' tWlLSON LEROY WEBBER Nickname: "Willy" Cnurse: Academic Activities: Wrestling 110, 11, 121, Football 110 LYNETTE WELDON Nickname: "Skip" Course: Academic Activities: Tri-Hi:Y 111, 121, Pep Club 110, 11 121, Student Council 1121 DONALD L. WICKWIRE Nickname: "Wick" Course: Academic Activities: Chess Club 110, 11, 121 i -Ar tRlCHARD ALLEN WEEKS Nickname: "Whistler" Course: General Activities: Track 110, 11, 121, Wrestling 111 121, Varsity N 110, 11, 121 fbi' ROBERT E. WHITE Nickname: "Bob" Course: Industrial Arts ROBERT C. WOLFE Nickname: "Wulf" Course: Special Activities: Camera Club 110, 11, 121, Track 1101, Sportsmen Club 1121 SW'-ns. DONALD 1. WEIDLER Nickname: "Welder" Course: Industrial Arts Activities: Basketball 1121, Baseball 111, 121 XRAY HARLEY WHITNEY Nickname: "Ray" Course: Academic Activities: Chorus 110, 11, 121 47 HARRY WOOMER Nickname: "Harry" Course: Industrial Arts 48 IOHN YAZEMBIAK Nickname: "John" Course: Industrial Arts RENEE YOUNGMAN Nickname: "Renee" Course: Special JOHN MARTIN ZEMCIK PICTURE NOT Nicknamg: 'lil' Zeml" AVAILABLE Course: pecia Activities: Wrestling I10,11,12l, Baseball .IME 00111127 Course: General Activities: Camera Club i10,11l, Library Club I10,11l H66 dm Home The Class of 1966 wishes to express deep appreciation to Mr. Dovensky for the advice, the time, and the assistance he has given as class advisor tor the past three years. Not only has he devoted long hours supervising class meetings, float building, and prom planning: but also, he has given constructive criticism, needed encouragement, and useful suggestions in all phases of our class activities. For all that Mr. Dovensky has done to help us make our class a better one, we offer our sincere thanks. Wrdle Yoyetlm, TMQ 7o7et4m. . . "Walk together, talk together Oh ye peoples of the earth. Then, and only then, Shall ye have peace." In these words are expressed the motto and the purpose of the American Field Service-to bring teenagers from all over the world together to promote peace by sharing a year of their lives. The students at Northwestern have been proud and happy sharing this year with Virginia Vinces-Diaz from Tru- jillo, Peru. Through Gina, students and area residents have learned about the life and customs of Peru, Gina has learned about life in the United States. A15 "" H Like all Northwestern students, Gina attended the exciting basketball games. At the abovefleft is the Howard Loftus family in whose home Gina has lived this year. Gina experienced her first snowfall in Albion and participated in a volleyball game at Sports Night. Below are Gina's family in Peru. it .a Ti 49 WMM! Bruce lttt was chosen to receive the Knights of Columbus' Most Valuable Player Award. to the Air Force Academy. 50 K x'-...fig Lf V X r see f -if . fees t, Fay Benton received the Daughters of the American Revolution award. Joseph Artello and Roger Sherman were the District 10 wrestling champions in the 120 pound and 103 pound weight classes, respectively. Wilson Webber and James Morrison were nominated as candidates Senwfr David Davis, nominated as a candidate for admission to the Naval Academy, was chosen as the Most Valuable Player of the Northwestern lnvitational Tournament. my-au., James Hart placed in the upper two per cent of students who took the Western Pennsylvania Physics Teachers' Association Annual Scholastic Physics test. Anson Thorton and Roger Sherman were chosen as Keystone Farmers at the State Convention in Harrisburg. Aww ' Wes Freeburg was chosen "Player of the Week" by the Erie Daily Times for his performance in the Iroquois game. Lynda Harpst was the recipient of the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomore row award. 'Z'-173' l i .s Linda Revak was chosen to attend the American Legion Keystone Girls' State Camp. l 94 Weoway of , 1 Wiafwa 75044 X 5 iw 5 ' I 7 ,. -V4 S35 S J if' 1 'ig 'Q if fa. 2? .al . s 2 E i s 5 i 'if fi i g? X P Tw : Q ' f'l"1f, ' k .gp :mf if w 'Q- , , M-.1 uw. .M '- Lf 'wwfafer ,. N.-. W ,MV be ,A A x j S, K Sv Q 5 X ii is Q N ws W mwfw w i ' EVWV:'.a5'e1',aL-aff' ,wifi w'iifl4'W4f" W JW' . ,'ii f Af ':"' " ' i fA1 W i . - . . f- V f fav. lei f f i Mm, . 4' 1 f,," ' x S - . A R l ' A B ,W R. Baldwin ,f,. M. Beatman 1, C. Bennett . M Q ll. Blood W ' D. Borland f 4? D. Bowersox M l , B. Bowlus C. Brooks l V , I ' C. Brosclle 1 f ' R- Brown Q .. . C f M Burdick V s Callahan A a n .av 'ia' , . ' fan W. Card ' X ,. , -, K Case. V 5 ' V , ,VVZ 9 l. CDIHFIZIO ' ' .. is V. ,, R Cllase S l 'A - C 6' aa., P CDUZIG 1, ,fn A l f ' .,+ I K V.. . A K X , f f J' as fu a 1 f fi! . jfvifiw NN f a 4 da f and S I 2 .lil 0 G. Duda l. Dunda S. Eagley T. Eagley N Eddy P. Exley l. Falls V Nl. Figueroa R. Figueroa , f Y Figueroa V ' B. Fobes . D. Fuller A i Q f K+ , R f a , ,l l ii. , a l,f" " if-, ,, .,, 1 la', f l llldldrlrdll R R - B.. llll Q K 'X L dif-?aQifa?'Df: 54 .l 2 'F .. S. Dorchester M. Cooper A. Copeland P. Copeland D. Craig D. Crane J. Cryder S. Davis ' S. Davis .1 A. Denham ' Y L. DeVore ., gm, R. Dlehl A 4 - a a fzaaf We 9 A A S y 'amiga A Y l az. , 1. 1 W ywaa, V. .. af G. Gilbert l. Gillette S. Gleason S. Gleason L. Gollmer l. Graves f ff f V A ga l X M V, an K W Ak 1 5 f 6 J ? Griffey Groney Grubbs Hagerty Hale Haranin Harper Harvey Hazer Hecker Helntz Hellyer fff .,. V . ,L Mm. Jeffers ones os in J J I fn' be ye f Kennedy - Klbler Kinsey Ki reta Klobusnik M Krahe W Kuhn K Kuvik Lavery he 21 44 . r Meo a Minch Mooney Morisak Myers Meerhoff V.,V 1 ..,, .. ff'-35 "f fl ,Q Kami ' v fe 2. , QWL. L L M M ' ' ,'r: . Henderson . Hicks D. Hillard K. Hills E. Holder l. Holtz R, Hosack C. Hotchkiss L. Hovis H. Hubbard l. lngold C. lreland 6 D. T. K. C. L. Lawrence Lawrence Little Luta Marcy M. Martin L F P G E l. . Mattson . Mclileth McCall McConegly McMillen MoMillen ,V .V VV V ,,V.VV i V A " 1 . r ' "',. .", I I V W. NOITOD r V .V ' fv' ' f':' ' . V V , V I V ,,"V R L. O'Barsky . f . R rf if I R VV,1A V R- Pavansky 5 q . ""' I L fx if S. Parobeck V. : " ' . -f' V . V . fig? J. Petrush V 5 x 2 ,fr -. any . 4 W I Vynj FS, ia AM 5 Q , f 1 YH 56 V C. Price L. Proudfoot B, Randall A. Reiser B. Rice . Pettis gf,-R 41,5 K wager! YW I. . Rickard :5" . J. i er ' ffiiffj .Roberts -f .. k ai i c i E. Robison at V so R. Rose R R. Rudler . QL T' Ryan I .,.,, V .,,vI ix D. Salsgiver ,.., A V fi Y 'gjl .V . R Q K A- 3ChU'Z " 'LL .L WH 4 V .f.Zs35..Qif1g2t3-2.53 -p r if 2' 'Q E. grzililley hy fr f y ' 'A 'l f A 'ey ,I ... f' . wry, T, .M Alkr J. V, Vw , 'Ai .27 ... . .... . . lx fi! f ' R ,,,' H. Simmons V . R c. Smith 'f L ' ' ig. R ,R M. Soltis .. " -. I A X A Sterling VV L V ff ,R , gs me , s 4-R . w q 1' ji 'Zz' MSgevens , V 2 V ' . tevens ' 1 19, A lx L 1 5 ,ff MW on I 4 R. Q 4 few ' f R 'far 'ff ,A V,.. ,,... V V G, Stewart . R t.f' 31' A 1. Strasser ... 1 ' a'tr R " 1.Surnner 'A ' ' ' 3 5 C. Thomas . S .V V . ,,VV M. Thornton - .VV.. EW' A' 'v , - 1' -Hmm VV.r,. R it ff RA riic L' ririr L R R . R R. waibndge . - ' A L Wd o.. 4: Q wi R -5 ' ashfiock L., L R ' R' L .L+ W! Cl Webber V. I r f er ? i VVVV Wd Vx, V V - 1:5 LLLV ' C V W G. Weeks YV VIV' . . A ' V "" ii R. Weldon N W' A ' . 55' 1. AV " V 5 I 1'c ' ...... .. ' x 'i L .. . 'R+ v.t- V nj P. wmie L R Ifft "' E. Wiliiams W, L. Winship I V 4 ,, C. Woomer . V- V J. Yu sko i ..,. I H. X Sophanwfwa Q. .Ar ' or ,,", P, Alred V . ' A. Aranyos V ,, ' 'P . ff' P.Anello " BL A, :R w-- 4, rf , ' V g V. fra 6 "' '- B. Babb B . ' A B ' o. Ball 1 'M' 5 V B W '77 B P BB BM-.f 4, W Barker VV N X V ay ' K. Bartosek bv W. Bish .. F Q E. Bishop ,gm B " ' . ,J ' 1. Blood fy . 'Q 5, VV J. Bowers -ew rr, 'P' D. Brandon wif' , V B B. V M. Brooks '. rrrr . . 5' K Brown . f ,:. .:. . VV VV V MV Buhite 4... W. Burdick .V ' , KV Wy! 72' B R Byrd V l V V B. Chase 5 J M . I:..,V, V- W ' Bkrdd o. Chandler . ' V V V V. 2 ,,,V. P. Clark ..... ra. B or 'W Z .r'a if R. Corners 7, 'V Vgy' ir V5 ,.4 .'.,- ' A .fiigmg Cook A rrr B l V f or ' .lz s. Copeland . ..,, , " ul B I f." . l A B 5 .. . B f B .... a lBr S. Copeland .... . .,- L. Cowger V .. R. Crane V . B V- B-, . B .. L1- as r. oryder V .Z, no B ws, if 50" 'LV rvloadn . .2Z:. V,B . B A Bav WV T. Dean V VV. Bak V ' ' "X V L f' V '.rB 3 if 1V. P .xg -' J. Delong l S. Demenlk V B A W. Dennes VN , . VV VB- .V ma V, A., AV. V.. R. Diehl '.'V ff V . fx- . gg., . ' V fe" 'f f G- DOH Q ... Q Q B B Q 'Q BZ! . .... -f'.. Qrf B .. -f.a I Y. ... ..,.. f ' 3 4 Q 'V .BBV . ' V, f B. English . V . V - . .3 aa C. Fobes r fi' .gf B P if ' fx 4- ' P' QB mf B , t . - ' dr 'Qin' 1.4 . V ' B-of ,V 'BMV if 3 - K. Funkhouser . fa V V V W' 'BB 1 M. Gehhardt B o B7 .LAB am . . '.-' A r' .B.-...- ' V .. "'5f'f B A 3 B- 'le ""B D- Gfaves iq V 1 ' ' ' Q G 'ak .gf A'BW'l W. Goodenow B 2 w 3f"':'l"' . P4 GfUbDS A 'drewj B l'rBBl V ' P. Hagerty E xl. 5 3 B1 . SMH B A A. Hall V VV V B. Hambry 5' V .Big R. Hammond ' V, VVV BN' ' 7 . qt SW V, 55, V mug B. H ' t W V .:B,. -LB B P GM B f GV Oll . V V V VVVV jig. Z5 VVV. A af. 5 . 4 N 1 B f W Z Q z if .af . A f hh, ff as 1. F , A QQ L. Harrison H. Hayes K. Hayes 1. Hazen M. Hazer B. Headley r f-.. ff fy ".. y" .'fb: .... . VLL.VVVV in VV , .,. .. Henderson 4 . in 1 ..., .. ..,. . ' if H HU' 5 X In , I nl A i g .. M. Hill ,..fff L. ,gy ' ,T f,'aQ.' J. Hills x M. 1H . ' D. Hom 4 Q fa. F S- HOSSY A . V . ,,i.., . QE n , gl 4, n . ...W a .,,""ee' M . ..,, . B. Humiey X CA Jennings Z V .,f.. 5 f r W . - V I n I: l M ...q S. Kemp e.e f ee"a2 Ff h F .ay wma aaa e e fefw eeeea wfww ff . a e'ee WWW E' Klcey 1 Q x W f 1- .,... 2 1. V. T. P. M D. A. King Knapp Krahe . Kramer Kuvik Laliy r5WE33:Z.,d'? 3 ' ' SWS? X 'n f " 1. ' .,-' f f' Vx I Q ii F A.. . . in , . . ,V .. . i 4 . f 1 'W w f ' z X 'K . '- . A R B L K F R Olesnik Onachilla Orr Peters . Pettis Piatz M + rsyy F L 'x M f 53 ..'s..' ' Q fa. K A " -A :I V .' F. Pomeroy FF F if V Pomeroy V W W. Randall J. Rausch A ' i . . . F. Reinhart -. s . 'VV 633' L .4 W5 ' . "" r." 4715? ,g, . ' Q K . new .44 f -V .,,, . . 123, 58 L R. Lascek V. Lasch D. Lecnefsky W. Leninsiry M. Lisek K. Luta G. Madar F. McCommons T. Mihalak A. Miller T. Morisak G. Ogren . zwg L L Q? D. Revak E. Rosecky B. Ruiand J. Salhoff L. Schultz R. Sebring 1' 0 f M E .. 5 4 . .. a , f ff ww. f... . A if V fb 1 few , an 1 if X 1 ,f v Kg f .g...95f .. .Wag 2 - ...fag EFW' L.. V ,.1f'Qub, X Q 53? Q e S + K ., K I., ',,. T .. P, Senyo A ' . ,ii b .. E. Sherman . 2 .,... DQDNQD. . ..g.. A ll Shefmafl T ,,. ' ' L. Shields swf .T u "il T B. sire r . r . T "'- 'S P Q. if 3 A ' :Sk T i. .5 . X. T. Simlicli T M Ei S. Snodgrass ggi N S. Snyder E .. . FX B, XE D' SOIUS f. - ' Q 5 L Stoner .:.A .. .. V. Struchen 'IL 4 S. Sumner 3 R. rayrur 'W ,s P. Teed Q E il I wi' Q T A W. Terry ig .V rre :" T . Thompson bl S 4 i. torn B. Tucker K. Turner M. Van Meter F. Vorse R. Ward M. Weatherlow D. Weaver 5 B. Weldon .ff Q L. Wheeler - - W 'Q . 'LQ vi s s o'- ' H. wrrrre P V 5 i X sas L. wnrre P , T A. Williams .." ,'..' -ss. lf: its '5 .. .... .. P j D. Wilson h ,. ... ... .. .. G. Wing Z C. Winslow N, R. Woodworth P' A. Wright e..' . J i ii. zemerk A i. fir' if if l SY: X moe Claw Mum S0f400l0fL6 Claw Ojfww President ....... Vice President .... Secretary ....... Treasurer ...... Advisor ..... .........Ron Rudler Kathy Griffey Patty Chuzie Evelyn Nlinch ,Mr. Yohman President ....,.. ....... B - Sebring Vice President .... ..... Nl - Gebflafdl Secretary ....... .... J . Hazen Treasurer ..... .... F . PMS Advisor ..... .... Nl r. Nlattis 59 S fam? E E 3 s-4' E P . ,..e' ' if' ..e:,,,a- ,pf ?SI'f""" fax, v F4-if K .?-if i 1 I I l , 2 2 . Q 9 JMS ' E.. L.. t if P Q 4 f Q E x S ily Q 1 2 Sweetie Grade zrefayat aiwaawxat In Northwestern's Junior High, the foundation is laid for each student's edu- cational development. In seventh grade, the insertion ofthe key into the lock signi- fies the transition from elementary school to high school. Each student becomes ac- quainted with the physical, educational, and recreational facilities as well as his teachers and fellow students. ART CORE STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS: S. Davis, D. Mikovich, P. Mellon, L. Gearhart, K Chuzie T Hart D SCIENCE aywewe -I7AefQq94 Wanad- After the key has been turned in eighth grade, the students have become adjusted to the routine of school life. They have acquired new friends and have def veloped understanding with their teachers. They are also familiar with the rules of the school and try very hard to comply with them. Eighth grade is the middle of the ladder, the students look back upon their seventh grade year with fond meme ories, however, they look forward to their ninth grade year with eagerness and anticipation. T MATH Xliig ..-. fs, sg CURE READING STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS: l. Freeburg, K. Brown, D. Mooney, J. Taylor, R. Diehl, J. Chiarizio, D. Cooper, D. McBride, C. Beam, R. Pettis, G. Johnson, R. Lufa. me ...H f"'N K 0' Q3 -.,.......- l SCIENCE Wade Gfrade Tide Zone 94 Opened Ninth grade is symbolized by the par- tially open door into senior high. Each student feels the prestige of the title "freshman," for now each is looked up to by the seventh and eighth graders. Throughout these three years of junior high, each student has been shaped and molded by his learning experiencesg and, after placing the key in the lock and turn- ing it, each is prepared to open wide the door to enter into the joyous and full life of senior high school. ENGLISH FRENCH STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS: M. Panko, B. Fratalia, 0. Demarco, C. Kemicik, D. Hills, B. Dinger, B. Barris, D. Cryder, B. Stuart. L STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: B. Lawrence, R. Se- bring, C. Pettis, V. Onachilla, Mr. Burns, Advisor Time for a Breather A Long Journey Q Jflvf E 1 FF 64 Z N ff Hey, Team, Let's Go! JUNIOR HIGH ACTIVITIES: Each student is certain to find an activity that will interest himvwhether it he in the excitement of a baskethaII game or the stimulating rhythms ot a dance. May The Best Team Win! One, Two, ThreeTSIrde?! sm' mv 'Z RQ., S -SS ff E . Q-Nga: igsffif Healtd llGood health and good sense are two ot lite's greatest blessings." Darius Tyman x , Vin? i. E 3 s Girls' Health Boys' Health ,,,,..N-,N-Nq.w...,,,M V K isr t is Girls' Physical Education Boys' Physical Education 66 French Speech lwwe 'Speech is civilization itself." Thomas Nlann fi 'kbjxp W Saw' fh?'1f" a '2 Latin Reading ,M WWW Office Practice General Business Cownmcial "There is no better ballast for keeping the mind steady on its keel than business." New England Two Centuries Ago hw. lShakespearel Typing Bookkeeping Shorthand HResoect bread, sweat of the brow, pride of labor, S6lll0fL Am H0 ' poem of sacrifice." bww' 7wfwzg Burton --....-2 1 . I---3, Q i 4 X.,-v ' r fi A ,Q E E -.. E .1 -- x . Academic English Regular English , 'lWhence is thy learning? Hath thy toil o'er books consum'd the 517046 midnightoil?" Shakespeare "English in Action" rv- ' W x as -Q We we-r Hlvlathematics possess not only truthg but supreme beauty." Business Mathematics Trigonometry .-AQ",-Q1 Bertrand Russell Analytical Geometry t'The history of the world is hone other than the progress of the con- S sciousness ot Freedom." World Culture if United States History 4 Janes AVEPAE jf ucv M Socio-Economic Problems 'ff George Hegel , ,, emfmpowe iimffwl ffm Electronics Mechanical Drawing "Lite without industry is guilty industry without art is brutality." 'WI John Ruskin rgxum ,ff 'sgwq KAW Egfr uqgh Wood Shop 4' Basic Electricity Metal Shop 'W Chemistry Bioiogy Lum iv? 0 fi D JFWQSM, S . Physics Advanced Science i'Arts and Sciences are not cast in a mouldy but are am formed and perfected by degrees." Montaigne N ww Q --M M S R wmmB,,,,,,mMA,M-,MMMW.v -1 -4 , -1 f . .,- ,k-,,k g w w, aw K 'f iiiii f " S s' , S ki ' W Q Q S 5 ggi S K5 K. Q K S Q S , SUE DEIVIENIK MICHELLE IVIEOLA NANCY ZENICIK BONNIE BAKER MARCIA WASHNOCK MELODIE GLASS Wajomm MELODIE GLASS The Nlajorettes pose for another candid shot. BONNIE BAKER Marcia Washnock, Head Majorette and Choreographer Seam fflyfn fam! Woodwind P 7mcu44m A ' ,, E Ewa H Let's see...I thunk nfs flat." dlmwn Sapfwuw fflta Janet and her friend 70m cmd B044 Sing along with Mr. King S Ckofcidww Dave Davis, Regional Chorus a1 -r,:snf ma. 'vezsfwamvffeewavaz awmmlfxg-mamma OFFICERS: Vice-President, Cherie Brosche, President, Dave Davis, Secretary-Treasurer, Theresa Hazen. SECTION LEADERS: Dale Jennings, Mary Ellis, Melodie Glass, lim Morrison DISTRICT CHORUS MEMBERS are: Dave Davis, Betty MoAdoo, Melodie Glass, and lim Morrison Hmm OFFICERS: President, Lynette Weldong Secretary-Treasurer, Mari Gilbertg Vice- President, Mary Ellis. SECTION LEADERS: Darlaine Dorchester, Nlelodie Glass, Mary Ellis Mr. William King, Director PIANISTS1 Cnoristers, Pat Holliday, Chorus, Gloria Hammett. Dorothy Dewey sings "Scarlet Ribbons." Marcia Washnook, Bob Sebring, and Theresa Hazen play a clarinet trio Melodie Glass sings "Love Is A Many Splendor Thing." I l i r , l E 2 Vi ' ' Y , r l r U 5: 15 5, V ,Wh M' ,v I ,JY ' , W E2 fl' ' X:" ev, :ii ' 5 'W ' 4' ' fr! ,H ,, , a,r,7ffr, MM V I i y ,2 , ,er wr Q, if ' iw f A LZ. ,H , , Mike Kulyk plays "Deep Blues" at the Spring Concert. ' i 2 ff if V f y f.,, ffii' 4 .V V ff ,Q ff" S Z if fl 5 i H Vg? Q H64 90 ij? 531' -2 ZZ Wh 5 f E Uk 2 1 Q21 Iggy, 42. in M I 4' Z? lg 47 Q , f W E Q 5' if r za fy, 4 4 , 17 l 9 District Band members were Shirley Tozier, leon Proudfoot, and Sandy Copeland. We irr Secretary-Treasurer, Marcia Washnockg Vice- President, Dave Davisq President, Shirley Tozier KQV it D g y dV"'1Hs S940 76p Bm mmm be Pep Band members are: M. Kulyh, R. Rose, D. Lechesky, T. Hazen, J. Yusko, C. Hotchkiss. D. Graves, S. Copeband, P. Copeland, T. Thompson, J. Hazen, S. Tozier Not pictured. H. Harper, K. Hayes S Demenrk S Tozrer J Hazen R Ward T Thompson K Hayes E Stage Band members are. P. Copeland, S. Copeland, R. Rose, M. Kulyk, D. V W 5 f? K lames Yusko, Drum Major Lechesky, T. Hazen, 1. Everett, D. Graves, 84 ZS?-si , 'lx M , LC l x Last year's Queen, Sherry Williams, yields her title as she crowns Lynda Harpst Homecoming Queen for 1965. Queen Lynda Woazfwwwa Salam :ff The Queen's Attendants, Nlara Chapin and Fay Benton, add beauty and sparkle to the festivities. The 1965 Homecoming Queen candidates are from left to right: Nlara Chapin, Fay Benton, Loftus, Lynda Harpst, and Marsha Washnock. , T M f,- ll ,T if 1, , . 2512 M r , , , ,ey V:,:V Av 5 1 ' T h 1 e i gg if T ' 32 , if , 5, In .T , 4- ze-95, c f 'U 1 ' Wi , I , ., ,.,: .,. V: - "' 1 y X , ' ? "ahv l I A - Lx? ' . ,.,r ff 1, H iii are 86 flfiwdlldf Virginia VinceseDiaz, AFS '65, brings greetings from Peru. Hilda Fleisch, Cheryl Hosack, Suzanne Pollock, Lynette Weldon, Peg Tobin, Viann igxf 5 E r 2 ' , -' K' A,f,f,f ,i .1 ' f-1-1:Z'f- . f - Q7 'f' Q, 1. The Class of 1966 salutes L Bl for one ot its final class protects at North- Northwestern s Wildcat Marching Band leads the annual parade 1906 Alumni featured in the parade were Mr George The Class ot1967 remains float building champion for its trihuteto HonestAhe Northwesterns Third Annual Homecoming festivities were held Friday and Saturday, October Sand 9, 1965. Highlighting Friday's activities were a parade, a tea for the alumni, and the game. Pre-game ceremonies ine cluded the crowning of the Homecoming Queen and the presentation ot a trophy for the best float, At 8:00 P.lVl., the Wildcats met the Fairview Tigers and were defeated 15 to 0. Saturday evening, Teddy Armen and his hand provided entertainment at the tra- ditional Homecoming Dance. Minerya's scream brings the entire household to her aid. Dr. Adler takes her pulse and pronounces Fearing that She will remove his name from Nlinerva's will, Dr her dead. Adler strangles Stephanie. M66 of Weaefrtzd 6g de Seam Claw J . X. . NnraaFay Benton Mary Hamiltoneleanne Bankes Keith Latimer-Robert Wolfe Minerva Osterman-Rose Mary Dovensky Belle Hamiltonelynda Harpst Pete Mariinelli-William Stewart Stephanie 0stermaneMara Chapin Dr. AdIereRohert Pavkov The Man-Ray Whitney I X X K X y M X IX X X YV 1 xy X iq V Part of the mystery is revealed after Dr. Adler hypnotizes the group. Mary and her fiancef Keith, add romance to the intrigue. I Mr. Wescott, director, shows Mary and Nora how to project their roles to the audience. X I X rzfw x xg i .X 88 x ,..-Y l -. l Q, 'R . ' uf 3. Babs and her friends rehearse a Stunt Night act in the Blakely living room which arouses Mr 'fiifff Hobson and leads to the climax of the play E E 3 Larry Hobson and Edgar Blakely finally come to blows after a period of resentment and hard feelings between their families ? MZ as a result of a ioint real estate loss mm Clam Edgar Blakely Cora Blakely lanet Blakely Babs Blakely Larry Hobson Maude Hobson Keith Hobson Ricky Hobson Effie Fuggle Maggie Murphy Mr. Grant Tony Smellero limmy Collins Gloria Horton Dotty Reagan Alma Gilmore ludy Barber lan Craig Sandy Snead Sue Hampton Karen Krautz BS Stanley Gleason Evelyn Minch Kathryn Griffey Stephanie Kireta Bruce Fobes Linda Olenik Robert Timm William Hale Diane Craig lanet Ghiarizio Daniel Fuller larnes Yusko lohn Gillette Joanne Holtz Patricia Chuzie Barbara Bowlus Connie Smith Kathy Hills Valeria Pettis Sandra Buschak ludy Shiley Y sta lanet Blakely and Keith Hobson remain loyal to each other throughout the crisis involving their families as they discuss future plans for a college education. Babs and Ricky lanet and Keiths younger sister and brother discuss plans for a skating date. Wwfwna! Home Saallq Through the efforts of Miss Kenney and Mr. Cassidy, the advisors of National Honor Society, an impressive ceref mony is conducted to induct the new members. Officers of the organization for 1965-1966 are: President, W. Webber, Vice-President, P. Tobin, Secretary-Treasurer, S. Taylor, Emblem Bearer, J. Artellop and Chaplain, S. Tozier. OLD MEMBERS: G. Fobes, S. Rotho, D. Jennings, J. Hart, S. Tozier, J. Artello, W. Webber, P. Tobin, B. lfft, S. Taylor, and H. Fleisch. Mr. Phillips proudly holds his plaque signifying his Honorary Membership for 1966. Those honored today walk on to become tomorrow's leaders. O NEW SENIORS: ltup ruwl D. Davis, W. Freeburg, J. Morrison, R. Whitney, R. Weeks, B. Stewart. lhottom ruwl F. Benton, G. Hammett, D. Dowling, L. Bowersox, V. Loftus, P, Holliday, L. Harpst, and R. Dovenslty. NEW JUNIORS: ltop ruwl D. Fuller, S. Gleason, J. Holtz, J. lngold, L. Alexander, S. Gleason. lbnttum rnwl K. Griffey, J. Strasser, M. Martin, B. Bowlus, S, Eagley, and S. Buschalt. The advisors and officers are pictured at the tea held after the Induction. The Northwestern Chapter of the Modem Music Masters is an honor- ary service organization functioning within the music department. Out- standing music students are in- ducted into the society on the basis of character, scholarship, leader- ship, cooperation, and service. President Dave Davis The newly inducted members were: M, Glass, J. Yusko, T. Thompson, M. Kulyk, F. Benton, K. Hayes, N. Zemcik F. Pettis, J. Hazen, and S. Demenik. Three of the inductees provided entertainment at the induction ceremony. vice-President Jim Yusko, Treasurer Shirley Tozier. Secretary Pat Holliday Historian lim Morrison 5 E Q 3 T l i ...T i l We fm SW? Mom Stanley Gleason, newly-elected Student Council President, "auctions oft" the former president, Bruce lfft, at the Slave Day Auction. Bruce lttt presents a gift to Doctor Thompson at an assembly in his honor. Doctor Thompson certainly will be missed 'Q uf-f A :Wig fi gsfea, in ?f 7 Mr. Twardowski receives a token of the wrestlers V appreciation for his ten years ot expert coaching. Hard-working juniors devote much time to the construction ofthe prom f"""" moo- Seam faxzywt The Beachcomber was the site tor the lunior-Senior Banquet held May 5, 1966. Everyone enjoyed the buttet dinner. Selections from the l'Sound of Music" by pianist Brenda Rickard added to the atmosphere, The Juniors arrived at the banquet. Toastmaster Ron Rudler presented the speakers: Dr. Thompson, Nlr. Gilbert, Mr. Dovensky, Mr. Yohman, and John Beck. The Reverend Wayne B. Price pronounced the benediction. The Seniors enjoyed the banquet given in their honor. gl 1 , ge, ,N 1 1 4 . Q. 1' 'Bur M E 5 ls 'Nr- 744 Uiefmeae Ball The annual Junior-Senior Prom was held May 20, 1966. Reigning throughout the evening and during the prom-to-dawn party were Queen Viann Loftus and King Dave Davis. The honorary members of the court were Virginia Vinces-Diaz, the exchange student tor 1965-1966, and her date John Frombach. The court was composed of Wes Freeburg, Buster Skelton, Peg Tobin, Marsha Washnock, Sandy Buschak, Sandy Eagley, Tom Eagley, Stan Gleason, Bill Goodenow, and Elsie Shiley. White, green, and gold were the predominating colors of the Viennese fantasy. 911 ll 1 ISI 'Il Bl --I gill I -, ' 1' I 'gf my I ii -1's' wmm I ' I7 2 ' ll "WL Samui of Wm" 'ff , f wk , , 'z ,J ,L , J W X s I S I 4 4 Babe Ruth Award in Sportsmanship Wesley Freeburg and Margaret Tobin Lions Club Service Award John Beck Conrath Award in Journalism Viann Loftus and Rose Mary Dovensky D.A.R. Cood Citizenship Award Fay Benton Bausch and Lomb Scientific Award James W. HHIT "I Dare You" Award Susanne Pollock and James W. Hart Betty Crocker Homemaking Award Lynda Harpst Sterling Silver Award Linda Henderson of X766 Reader's Digest Award James W. Hart Agriculture Roger Sherman Art Gloria Hammett Business Linda Revak English Composition Gloria Hammett English Literature Joseph Artello Homemaking La Rae Jones Industrial Arts Carl Ahlbrandt Language Hilda Fleisch Mathematics James Hart Music Shirley Tozier Physical Education Wilson Webber and Linda Revak Science Gordon Fobes Social Studies William Stewart Harthan Character Award Susan Taylor and James W. Hart . L bt 96 l 1 A ,g i ina XL -Wm Mmm Commencement Speakm "fn Smack of Sacceal' "Guam 'Sdwlafllq Endwuizwluwv' ' " ?mwt " P li 'qpvweptwe ffwalaemeat I N ,fa 2'f.1A5fa., ,Q i ?.e,s,5 .,- 4 g K ""' - 4: ff 'L ,sw ax. , X Qkk. 5442 yi As???5ilf "lF'51fp1f1"f ::.' V '.::4 ':',.:i': .DWL A ' 1 U. 4 1 4 V siwwk 2 sn Qeafufaofe Devoted advisors, competent edi- tors, and hard-working staff mem- bers combine their efforts to produce a good yearbook. 'fRacke ing their brains" to find fresh, original approaches for each section, the staff writes copy, draws lay-outs, and obtains the appropriate pictures. To finance the Del Nord Uvest, the year- book staff sells advertising, sponsors dances, and supports many other fundraising projects. Always busy, always rushing to meet deadlines, and always thinke ing of the student, the yearbook staff does its best to give the Seniors a yearbook they will cherish. Cafrwiaauzf Camera Club renders immeasurable serv- ice to the school and community. Not only do the members take pictures for the Del Nord Uvest, but also they develop and print the Senior exchange pictures and portraits. Trained and supervised by their advisor, lVlr. Cassidy, the Camera Club members spend many long hours take ing pictures of students and activities, developing them, and printing them. They also do photographic work for the nevvse paper and local industry. The staff of the Del Nord Ovest, as well as many other organizations, owe much gratitude to the hard work and faithful service of each Camera Club member. Officers of the Camera Club this year are pictured at the right: President, lim Hart, Vicef President, Dennis Suscheck, Treasurer, Mike Grubbs, Secretary, lim DeLong. Camera Club members at work. ,123 Uafwdq "W" Presidentfwesiey Freeburgg Vice'President4David Davisg Secretary-Susan Taylorg Treasurer-James Hart: Advisor-Mr. Cook. Som CWM! Offrww President- Bruce Ifttr Vice Presidentf Robert Pavirovg Secretary-Diane Hilisg TreasurerfFay Bentong Student Advisor fSuzanne Poiloekp Advisorflvir. Yohman. Serum Hind Student Council iiii 1,1 Tin-H4-Cf PresidentfSusan Tayiorg Vice' PresidentfLynette Weldong Re- cording SecretaryvSandy Boschak, Corresponding Secretary-Hilda Fleischg Treasurer-Shirley Tozierg Advisor-Miss Kenney. ,fiudlwf PresidentfFred Kreigg Vice-President-Linda Holiisterg Secretariesf bmw GM Marian Peters, Gloria Hammett: Treasurer-Sue Simlick. President f Mary Leach: Advisors f Miss Woife, Mr. Armariioi. .. L i 7Zw4papw Editorf- Rose Mary Doveriskyg Assist' ant Editorfilari Fulierg Feature Editor -Donna Dowling: News Editor-Gloria Hammetig Advisorf Mr. Horn. E Spowlmn President Lee Heintzp Vice-Presie dentfioe McCooegiy1 Secretary' Treasurerfiirri Jeffers: Program ChairmanfRori Hosack. n sm WW Presidentflohn Knallg Vice-PresidentfCharles Davldsong Secretary-John Borf landr TreasurerfMerIe Engrishr Advisor-Mr. Williams, Warsley. 2 Baton 7wr7rZa4 Presidentfhdorly Pankor Vice-PresrdentfCor Ieen Pettisg SecretaryfSharon Davis, Treasurer presrdemfphyms Kmhe? WBA 3 Patty 0'Brienr Advisorf Miss Sampson. PresrdentfKathy Srrupr Secretary fDrane Suschekg Treasurerf Brenda Sortrsr Advlsorffwiss 64644 club President-Bruce Ifft, Vice-Presidentfwilson Webberg Advisor Mr. Wescott. L 1 M , ,S as id r ' 1 . N Ayf llvvlv vll Q 4 Presidentf ff gpg, Margaret Randell M Vice-President Gloria Gilbert Secretary- Barbara Case Treasurerv Darlene Copeland Advisorf Mrs. Porter 31. ,,,..M Presidentfloe Artellog Vice-PresidentfNora Mosinsllig Secre- tary-judy Cggkg Trgagurgrrjgnet Everett, Adviggr 'Miss Pi8SldElif-Ch3Vl9S C3365 ViC6-PiESld6fiT-Tim SllTiliCkg Secretary Wolfe, -Richard Olesnickp Treasurer-Torn Thompson: AdvisorfMr. Crilley. mm 7714 President-Robert Gohelg Vice-Presidentffiary Surnrnervilleg Secre' tary4Ed Knapp: Treasurerfiohn Hotchkiss: Advisorvlvlr. Crilley. Nw ww 9? 9' A Wi 1 Wfffiyz ,va Q If MK 105 Serum Hgh Waojectwa wuofc flagfv Tbwfectwrn PresidentfRonaId Sebringg Vice-President-Milford Pierg Secretary- Treasurerflack Buhite. President-John Beckg vice PfeSidenr G0fd0n Fumes: Secretary' Treasurer-David Bartosek, AdvisorfMr. Dovensky. Prefsidentffieorgiana Webber: Vice-PresidentfCrystal Revak Secretary-Treasurer'Rosalie Halstead. mm HW ,Lfwfaq IO6 wh' Qi: ' Semofw Bruce Ifft Tim Barker ' 'fu W , Dave Merritt Bob Fies Charles Sherman Paul Duris Roger Sherman r 5 I Y - 1 N .wr Q . K . X .N ww.-ex if hr " k wr -, . r f A -, mn-M' slr:-55IE::2f-ex KRQ ..,, Q ' A ww . ,,,,., , ,Q Q-wesff er Ervin Skelton Bill Stewart Bob Pavkov Wilson Webber mm flied Cliff loslyn The Northwestern Junior High "Kittens" finished a successful season with a good record. For the seventh graders, it was a totally new experienceto learn the fundamentals of one of Northwesterns more popular sports. The eighth graders were given a chance to perfect the skills which they learned the pre- vious year. For the ninth graders, it was their last chance to put to work their knowledge and past experience before entering stiffer competition in the senior high field. Under the steadying efforts and varying approaches of Coaches Sabo and Palmer, these boys produced fine results for their team and their school. Terry Rea 3 Footdall ymdi 1965-66 coaches of the Varsity squad were Richard Armanini, Gerald Mattis, Guy Conti, and Head Coach Charles Babbitt. Under the direction of Head Coach Charles E. Babbitt, the 1965-1966 Varsity football squad dis- played clean sportsmanship and determination through- out the season. Coach Babbitt placed as much emphasis upon scholarship and sportsmanship as he did upon winning a game, thus, the players were a credit to themselves as well as to their school and their parents. Two members ot the squad, Bruce lfit and Buster Skelton, gained countywide recognition as members of the Lion's Club Save-An-Eye team. mm Uawtq This group of sophomores and juniors comprised this year's lunior Varsity football team. The hard work and long hours began in August witn tootuall camp and continued until early November. The eager participation of these boys rewarded them with a 4-2-2 season. 110 Grow Caraway 2 .1 fri? The Wildcat harriers this year were: lim Hill, Bill Hosack, lohn Summers, Ron Hosack, Clayton Beam, Wes Freeburg, lim Morrison, Dave Davis, and Phil Anderson. ln spite of a discouraging second season, Northwestern Cross-Country team began its third year in high spirits. Because of stern determina tion and concentrated effort, our boys sprinted to greater speeds fora 6-3 record. The team terminated the season by placing fifth' among the eight teams that participated in the Distance Cross-Country Meet which was held at Frontier Park in Erie. mit X Wes Freeburg and Dave Davis "pour on the Steam" T0 DUN to The lead- Jim Hill crosses the line for a first place finish. T Sem Coach Thomas Carnes. SENIORS: lim Hill, Wes Freeburg, Phil Anderson, Dave Davis, lim Morrison. Wm i'f9 X in " .Qs ' . ' - 5' f - . ifip t i ritvti- Q' '- sa Ag . ug. J gg , . . A A "Mildew flee 710: Mild 6414. . 'aff 354, Seo-3.11. ss ssitssiss wi . g f,--': e si WKS5 1 X s fi i - ' To W sxslfr- Northwestern's basketball squad had a great season. The team, com- posed mainly ot seniors, began the season with a tive-game winning streak and victory over archerival Iroquois. The Wildcat team proved worthy ot the confidence and the "all- out" support of the school and the community as the squad emerged from the season with an over-all record of seventeen wins, five losses, and a league standing ot thirteen wins and three losses. Spirits were high as the 'Cats closed the season in second place. The notvso-mild Wildcats this year were: Wes Freeburg, Dave Merritt, Dave Davis, lim Morri- son, Don Weidler, Harry White, Tim Barker, Ron Walbridge, Dan Lawrence, Paul Duris, and Buster Skelton. mm Uafuwtly fadzetdall For the first time in the history of the North- western lnvitational Holi- day Tournament, the Northwestern Wildcats emerged the champions. The Wildcats defeated the Conneaut Valley Indians and the Iroquois Braves to achieve the desired trophy. Senior Dave Davis was awarded the Most Valuable Player plaque. The tourna- ment proved a festive oc- casion for the team as well as for its loyal fans. The Junior Varsity Basketball team included six juniors and three sophomores. Keeping in step with the varsity team, these athletes finished the season with a fine record. The boys and their coach are pictured helow: Coach Henderson, A. Relser, l. Cryder, C. Chandler, R. Walhridge, D. Law- rence, D. Cooper, M. Figueroa, B. Haranin, and F. McCommons. mm H146 Tjowmmeat Owe Mmm We Champa ffl! Uowwmmt 7am Members of the wrestling squad are pictured with their mentor: Coach B. Twardowski, D. Lavery, B. lttt, R. Feathers, B. Bish, M. English, R. Sherman, R. Diehl, .l. Artello, D. Soltis, R. Weeks, and C. Mitchell. WWW II6 Pin that man! Senior wrestlers for the 19654966 season were: B. lfft, C. Mitchell, A. Hemstreet, B. Mundkowslry R. Feathers, J. Zemcik, R. Weeks, W. Webber, J Aitello, 1. Hill, and R. Sherman. Wilson pins his man. The referee proclaims the winner i Joe seems to have the situation under control. 1741: Champa The Juniors dominated the Senior High Samoa for E Intramurals this spring. The two teams that fought it out in the finals were llllr. 3 Connor's and Mr. Swogger's homerooms. gg After a raging battle, lVlr. Swogger's room 1 etxeif , won the title and the coveted victor's it ew sr at t I W if - :gs I D ui We Yiwuww- Bmzlall at fum Banda!! 'Msg' E es S' . The 1965-1966 Wildcat Baseball team typified the over-all sports suc- cess at Northwestern this year. The combined efforts of several three-year veterans plus the many enthusiastic newcomers resulted in a second place county finish. This finish gave great satisfaction to the boys, their school, and their community. The thrilling encounter with Iroquois and the exciting rallies against Fairview and Girard once again made baseball a "moving" sport at Northwestern. A Wildcat rally in the fourth inning brought home another victory to Northwestern. v IT9 "Alley-nop!" XX -. . .XXQX X XX ...X-X .vi 4 i . K 5 ' - 1553? '55 igaXs,Xfm N X Sim, ,, XX X N T-XXXXXXXXX XX - XX X "Mark it!" Roger warms up with the javelin. X Sy QQ XXV NXXX X X X X X XX XX N X X XX 'SX XX XX, XM XX: X X QNX W. X X XX XX X XS X XX 5 XX XXXXXX XX X wifi XX X XX XX XX XX 2 X X 'X , X NL- X61 3 . X K X. :X XXX jg X X X , g XXXS1Q...X .. - X X X X K XXXSY'-l'iX: ' X X X XX X XXX X? XXX X. X 'ff X X XXX. X - XX...XXX XXXX.-X X X X X XX XXL XX ": , ' -.JXXXS--X5QX .. . N X XX X X X X X1 X X S X XXXXNXXX QXXQXXZ X X W in X. . Q. X M Ex XX XXX Q - . ,XM X -XX-XX X 1 Xi sg X X? X XXXX X XXQXXX X Q X X X X XX? X X Q X X 'XQQXX X W Q X X XS X NS? OX w X X 5 X S xg XXX X as QQ X X XX X X XX X X X X X X X X X X X X X XX X .-.- X 5- X XXX5 S ' .XXX Q XXXX d The hard working managers this year were: Mr. Taylor, advisorg Barb Bowlus, Susan Taylor, Bev Tucker, and Janice Rippert. il 'Sa-5 Spam' gg time Wa eww WWW awww The sports' managers are in charge of the athletic equipment and the players' uni- forms, they assume the role ofthe coaches' "right hand men." Their able assistance makes for effective competition. 121 Steph" heaves the discus. my W, V ' Karen and Grace are off. Gflfl The members of the Northwestern C.A.A., under the direction of Miss Mershon, Miss Waisley, and Miss Dixson, have made the 65-66 year one of their best in both sports. They experienced a championship year in volleyball and had an extremely successful season in basketball. Because of determination, long hours of practice, and an intensely loyal and com- petitive spirit, the girls captured the Erie County Volleyball Championship. They went on to win the Erie-Crawford Championship by beating one of their strongest opponents, Conneaut Lake. A new addition to G.A.A. was the girls' track team, coached by Miss Waisley. Although just recently organized, the team has already participated and placed in several meets, the members have accumulated some impressive awards. Members of the girls' track team were: Coach Waisley, K. Griffey, S. Kireta, G. Stewart, C. Hosack, S. Hazeltine, D. Hillard, and L. Ruland. lk Y. X ,M , . President Margaret Tobin Vice-president Mary McBride Secretary Shirley Davis Treasurer Shelia Davis Business Manager Patricia Holliday Refreshment Chairman Janet Chiarizio Publicity Barbara Bowlus Manager Betty Richards Miss Mershon Miss Waisley s we 5 ,, f r -3 6, 5 M 1 Q gy gr 5 I 5 wma M.SoHh K. Griffey P.Chune H. Hubbard M. Krahe L Hohz Serum Cheryl Lynda PGEEY ja. ffcyla Shup Harpst Fratalia Mooney Suschek Soltis DeMarco Swaney 9m Wlenwfeq of famed fwwlon Om Wwwrw for your Appearance .... Barton's Beauty Shop Charm Crest Beauty Salon Leona's Beauty Salon Loftus Jewelry and Gift Shop Neva Hill Beauty Salon for your Appetite .... A 8- P Supermarket, Conneaut Bob-ln The Corner Store Grittey's Store Harris Distributors Holdson Farms Hoskin's Food Store lay-Bee's Restaurant lohnny's Market Laux's Drive-In H. M. Lawrence Xt Son for your Transportation .... Albion Auto Parts Bateman's Service Ed's Garage Harris 81 Sargeant, Inc. Leopold's Station for your Health .... Dr. William H. Anderson, lr., M.D Dr. David W. Bashline Dr. and Mrs. P. A. Clement for your Home.... Kaufer's Appliance Kennedy's Store for your Special Needs .... Albion Lumber Company The Albion News First National Bank James P. Summers Funeral Home Oravetz Greenhouse The Style Shop Towne Cleaners The Village Shoppe Watral's Clothing Lee Knapp 84 Son MoBeth's Store Ochalek 81 Son's Supermarket Peggy Gray Candies Penn State Inn Pizza Villa Robb 81 Powell lGA Foodliner Roger's General Store Skellie's Grocery Steinhoff's Golden Dawn Van's Store Payne's Garage Pelton's Atlantic Rudler's Auto Sales Scott Stewart, lnc. Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Friend Rees Drug Store Dr. H. D. Simmons Tower gl Son Furniture Western Auto Store J. W. Johnson 81 Son Sam Pavkov Insurance West Real Estate Agency X NK fx W mx ,wwwas-xxm.A.N.,wxX-A-A XX asm- Xiifxi'-" 1 MW ' , WM M L f in Q , 3 NE Q 128 x LH 1

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Northwestern High School - Del Nord Ovest Yearbook (Albion, PA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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