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Z SU -I I. I""l U9 '-I' I-I-I . JU, ' .2 E CD I HDS 'I A, ,- I X J 4 6 . ,- q.. .. 'Q Q, ul K 4 ,-.....:Q Y . ,1 , 9.-, 1 ' I Q ' i I I ' ' K . l f . I .N s'- 'f . "1 0 M Sz K x 1 ig A. ff X VN . wx wx 1 1 .A ...l'l .x ,A I '-.P:,,:. W ' S 'ff1i"V5fW?Q.1 ' ' ff ' g, . .kg I fr 1' ' ' .6 fu X X s ,- hr. , . - .:- 'fy ' ' Q if I I in .. : ,Q ' n I f ' J f ff' N Q. x fx , I N I 7 I I O 0 f 'A ' 4 I . - l I ,. ' ' ' . ' f w X x T f I A f f . , U X . 'XI X 0 0 o 1 0 O .MU . l Z . r ' -:. .3 . I I . .U Q fjkxx " I' X " 1 J JS D of X 35 150 OO, QQ? big? f jggwffg if y xy 03 49150 if I Jw giwfgixgjfoy . rg W9 .g5!LfQQ ll U9 J? ,QQ Off I1 5595! SIC' N L Mzpqlyjiisogj ff Qgyrdp QW RW fwdavfmhffg, MM? ,MJ WW 41 N' M :illi?'3 if 7 9 'HW wwe '+1OzV'J-Zpifyjm 'E . f ' J ' WMV? 3117! ' M f 'J'- g W W 2355357 A X O . fab 4 W is 1336 FLEX wwivfvgigq QV Fwwiigiim Wfjqw Q My DQ W '6QZfY'QQm iikfaffffw NA NM? b'7'VM dwg? 55 vw N W fp 25311 , " 1""fffpLf ljydW5N1pQgA lk T VW N V 70, L J at mane-4,45 . ZXQLQ QM WD P i ff W M1 is A-MH-Vw,-M'-' -.f-,.,.h-,p .ix D xv ' 7? , qbjysxkojiowdg oxfxoib gi lj FMR? Q3' O5J?'QY0IQXOyO5r ' fx, 50 9242 mn I . yjgffy Q J . cf? -Q? Bmw KWGGWSMK w?3??fR-5?'Z wxwwgigogfx gwiiw A fU?5E?ffO1'QQwfQmq A560 Q3 Gy ' X 'O cau'b"""-Q 5 E? 1.w9?fff WV www ' :Ia-Z3 MW we www W Q 2 we if fide QP., ' Q Eiv3iVf??,fLf'?'i CW X w f Q Eg Ogjiiggimm r'-JY SSSEQE 74 W"QHWe me X 5 im S-0 M4 .6003 QS fwgfefbfbw ft iiplmxgib Q15 UWM Q KPNCV iievw q-Ji? EL fi T BX ZVQYNZXJX, -5 3 E Cfwoixxsiirj 1NfYxQc2 X sw x A ' .X N' Q - 1 Qgfwiim E ix W - QQ Q . 1 X, i 500735 R . . 10- I ll x '3W9Q'fMfH lU'2W'3'5U TVUHMU ,,,,, 1 " - .li O 4 .gblorthwestern High School . , 7000 Adelphi Road , ' i' , f Hyattsville, MD 20782 ' ' X ' .. " ' ' '. ' -wg' l . ' Q - 'J ' '. 4 .I - Wildcats In '88 Extra! Extra! NHS Doubled The Fun Double work, Double plays, Double talk, Double dates .... all, in 88. Was the fun doubled in 1988? . . . We leave it to you to decide. As the double doors to Northwestern High School opened on September 2, the Wildcats proved that this year the fun and excitement would be twice as good as the year before. Not only did they double their efforts in aca- demics and especially work on improving the functional test scores, but with the help of the new attendance program, they doubled their ef- forts in attendance as well. The new attendance program allowed for all the students with perfect attendance, in the time span of one month, to be eligible for a prize. The winners were drawn randomly each month and awarded gifts such as savings bonds, cases of pepsi-cola, gift certifi- cates and yearbooks. Not only was the achievement doubled this year but so was the excitement. Students, alumni, and parents walked through the gates to the 1987 Homecoming game. The crowd was psyched and the defense was doubled as the Wildcats won their first homecoming since 1979, 29 to O, by defeating Parkdale. Achievement, friendship, and excitement just never seemed to end until june 14 when the year was over, leaving the graduated class of 1988, along with the other classes with memories of a school year that had doubled the fun. Double The Pun In . . E1jI.'lIEII3l.l.'L' LLLYI3 4 GlI3fUI3I3lf'fIJI5E -Aiili BLVIELHIVE VIEILLVILIJ EILILIJE USE EDDIE Utili OPENING 3 x x , X x l i 1 1 3 s . . - -X ,' . X J "Five More Minutes And Schools Out For The Weekend. I Never Thought This Week Would End." "Are You Going To That Party Tonight?" "No, I'm Going To A Double Feature Tonight With My Family." 1, X . 'N . ,n ' . - N9 . f , - .4 - - , . STUDENT LIFE O 9 . X o X ' ' What A Vacation! School's Out For The Summer! It's finally here! Three months of luxurious laziness. No more worrying about homework, projects or getting caught by Mr. Curry in the hallway for "just buying a soda". Now, you can let all of your frustrations out on the waves at the beach. Or maybe your parents decided to have a few months of peace so they put you on a plane that was headed for Florida or California, and some of us were a little luckier and headed over to another country. There are a lot of us who like to just stay close to home for those three months visiting local parks, wet and exciting water parks, or the perennial summer hangout "Ocean City". Lying under the hot sun all day, and going to clubs and parties at night with new and old friends, boy, that's the life! Other are shipped off to a home away from home you guessed it, summer camp. You feel as if this paradise will nev- er end, and you didn't realize that your three months of fun and relax- ation has just flown by until you re- turn to mom and dad and they tell you its time to buy your school clothes. You try to cram everything in the last week of summer as the final days seem to zoom by. The first day of "You're so cuddly", exclaims senior Dana Dick- erson and graduate Elaine Sparacino, as they take a quick five minutes to converse with "Sweatheart Bear" at Disneyland, California. Showing the Army and Airforce Cadets can act like civilians, Kau Kehleay icenterj and friends take a moment from their duties at Ft. Meade. '-:Hg pu Q. l'f school is the next day, and you dread the thought of teachers, homework and trying to find another excuse of why you're in the hall without a pass after getting caught by Mr. Curry. 6 SUMMER VACATIONS As the bumper sticker says, "Ocean City is for lovers", Krista Story and alumni Robert Strain prove the saying correct. along their stuffed animals for support, Crystal Debold and Lois Provenza ready to board the bus for Pom Pon camp. wr' 5? iii. ff' - -f 5.-3, ew. V - , fill? ww! L Americanizing Germany, NHS exchange students, Ileana Figueroa, Keith jackson, early graduate Denise Parker, Mary Logan, graduated Senior Cenia jackson, john Perry, and Sophia Edmundson take a break from the long day of shopping and fun, "The horse is okay", says Mr. Brooks as he gives a big thumbs up for spending the day with his daughter Monica at Disneyworld. A- ,Q - fl-.iv--'ry--,,I1, f -,,. ,Q 3: if ,wx in , ,ug-'f i v4 1 Sv X l ut' 1 k ' ' 1.1 -- ' "N '1 W. . f g 4 During their honeymoon in jamacia, Dianne Yohe and her new husband Pat Yohe relax in the cool breeze from the waterfall. 'SUMMER VACATIONS 7 Uh! What Seniors Rule Yes! Of course, the Seniors took it all! This was the night that the Wild- cats all came together as a family, showing their spirit and their strength. Whoaaoooo! Yeah! Let's go! Those were the sounds from the screaming fans cheering on their class in the all famous tug-a-war, while out of the participants' mouths seeped groans of agony. Other strange games including the A Class ..... Night! frog leap-cherry search and the marshmallow toss also forced the par- ticipants to make mysterious sounds. "Tie?" Is that what the spokesper- son said? Yes, by the end of the ninth game the Seniors and Juniors were tied for first. By now, the fans were hoarse, weak and full of nerves won- dering just who would win. As the tenth game began, the juniors and Se- niors faces were full of curiosity and anxiety. The same thought sped Showing that we kno 8 CLASS NIGHT w we can do it, Seniors have faith in their class. through everyone's mind, "Will it be us .... or them?" Finally, the Seniors took the first place position. A surprise victory, but it's not only strength that gives first place, it's also spirit. The Freshman and Sophomores gave it their all. As little as they were, they jumped and screamed as loud as they could. They gave the upperclassmen a tough fight. Seniors won by only a whopping five points, but as least it was a victory. Scrounging around for a paper clip, Sophomore Tricia Mentro, becomes uneasy as her team- mates huddle around her, during the Scavenger hunt. A paper clip was one of the more ordinary items. Other stranger Scavenger items included the book Dante's Inferno and a navy blue shoe string both of which nobody had, During the three-legged race, juniors Natalie Paulwelland Talcesa Gabriel unknowingly burn the skin around Andrea Benferk leg, while she screams loudly. Does he look like he's having Fun? With complete concentration, Freshman Randy DeHaven, counts one . , . two . . . three.. . trying to complete the jump rope portion ofthe obstacle course. "How do they expect me not to touch this bal- loon?" This is one of the rules that Senior Deneta Howland becomes irritated by during the balloon hop. kwa wg , s,flT11? 4, -N " . K ,A , i . ,A or M . ll . Q13 A fr , or 1 -51 ws 5 N .- ' za K K o . i, ll . .e Q a .. New - K N Wg 1 S Q' -- .ewg it rg.. i V ,A X, X R . ggww' Practicing his push-ups for the obstacle course, Shorty MCC:-ay says "Yeah buddy, you know it" as he gives a thumbs up to the junior class. CLASS NIGHT 9 To keep his saxophone warm Richard Budd, blows into it so that when he performs is won't squeak. 1-wail? U 'mi vain qv iff? Order Of March Police Hyattsville City and Prince Georges County 1. Grand Marshall-Mr. Tom Bass, Mayor of Hyattsville. 2. Homecoming King and Queen 3. Homecoming Court 4. joint Armed Services Color Guard 5. 3rd US. Infantry Fire and Drum Corp. 6. DC National Guard Honor Guard 7. U.S. Coast Guard Drill Team B. Parkdale High School Cheerleaders 9. Parkdale Army NIROTC Drill Team 10. Parkdale Army March- ing Band 11. Parkdale Army NJROTC Honor Guard 12. Hyattsville Fire Department 10 PARADE 13. Mayor of University Park 14. Brentwood Eagle-Ettes 15. Mr. Bob Pertlilc 16. Mr. Earnest juel 17. K Company 18. College Park Fire Department 19. Northwestern High School Cheerleaders 20. Northwestern Flags 21. Northwestern Band 22. Northwestern Poms 23. Fourth Place Float 24. High Steppers 25. Third Place Float 26. Second Place Float 27. First Place Float 28. Northwestern NJRTOC Color Guard 29. Northwestern NIROTC Drill Team 30. Northwestern NIROTC Batallion Lining up for the parade, Anne Wimbrow shows off her Wildcat spirit. Too serious? No, not really, it's just that when you are in ROTC ofthe Navy in a routine you have to be serious. The hat must be placed to cover some of your vision, so that you don't become distracted by the crowd. ...,,. .le v. fu vans' JN. K- J- - ,t ,re 1, V ,aw -earn. me ,A Hooray For Parades! Traveling down Adelphi Rd. in the University of Maryland trolley car was a first for the Home- coming Court this year. The court consisted of: Steve Baker, Sonya Taylor, 9th grade, Andre Cameron, Sherry Allen, 10th grade, ,lose Burgos, Taleesa Gabriel, 11th grade. The Lollipop routine was used for the Homecoming parade. Looking at the Northwestern poms you can tell they got down and had Fun. Where's The Parade? Were you home sleeping late on Saturday, October 10, when all of a sudden your radio clicked on and the famil- iar voice of Don and Mike known as the Morning Zoo blasted, "Don't Forget to attend Northwestern High School's Homecoming Parade and Carnival starting at 10 pm. today, As you rolled over you mumbled to yourself, "I must be hearing things." Well the truth was you weren't the Student Government Association worked on getting the word out about the parade and sent announcements to all radio stations and newspapers. The '87-'88 parade took a new route and began at PC. Plaza. The parade traveled up Toledo Road, to Adelphi and ended at the auditorium parking lot. The parade route changed this year according to SCA president, Sophia Edmundson because, "We wanted to extend our limita- tion, get everyone welcomed who lived so far out, let the wildcat spirit Flow in the air." Other ways the SCA ex- tended their welcome to the community was to invite local representatives such as the Brentwood Eagle-Ettes, a ma- jorette group, the Mayor of Hyattsville, Tom Bass, and the College Park Fire Department to participate in the parade. PARADE 11 Getting Psyched Pep-Rally Has your day just been one class after another?l If so, we have the answer. Lets go to a Pep-rally! Get up, get dressed, and get your act together! Be- cause every year we show our spirit for our football team by holding strange and unusual events and we need you there! We first start out with a cheer to see who can cheer the loudest. Then all the players, coaches, and managers are introduced one by one. The cheerlead- ers are also on hand to assist each class with 15 seconds of continuous screaming, showing which class has the most spirit. After that one football player from each grade gets a female partner and participates in a relay event exchanging clothes. Then to get everyone really fired up up, the band plays the fight song. This gets everyone on their feet. And to top it off we get to see the Pom- Pons perform with grace and preci- sion. So be sure you're at school for the next PEP-RALLY!! 12 PEP RALLY Is this an alien? No, it's Mark Sager showing that he has more than class spiritp he's a true wildcat fan. Firing up the Freshman class, the cheerleaders lead them with the Cheer called "Give me a W for the Wildcats. The Senior class and the pom pons prove that they have more spirit. Expectation fills these poms, Dana Dickerson, Krista Odum, and Cindy Toth, as the spirit of homecoming rises. The spirit of the Sophmores are shown in their red hot cheers. PEP RALLY 13 Look! What Are Those Moving Masses? What? You really think that's a mountain? Well, if you stayed up all night working on those floats, I'm sure you would know what they are really supposed to be. Massive mounds of chicken wire, paper mache' with globs of paint, they sometimes turned out to be a bundle of nothing but garbage. Fun and friends! Those were the key words. Coofing off, eating McDonald's Food, and wondering, "How will this thing work?" Building the float turned out to be a "fun social event," according to Kenny Morgan, a senior who donated his house as one of the float building sites. Who??? Each class, freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors, all competed to make a parade float depicting the theme, "Bring out the wildcat in you." All classes had a house, a sponsor, and a bunch of spirited students eager to win the float-building contest. And this year's winner was the junior class! Those were huge, mangled pieces of art. Yeah! That's what they were. Protecting their Wildcat den, these eight seniors whose faces were made up by Jackie Codi and Hey even though the Sophomores came in last Chris Kerdock show off their costumes made by Mrs Zimmerman the home economics teacher place they still march with their float of chicken here at Northwestern. The senior's human Float got a second place banner wire and paper mache 14 PLOATS . ., 'he dreaded morning before the parade. All our classes made slight alterations to their loats as they sat in the parking lot of Prince Seorges Plaza awaiting the start of the parade. kmy Cosgrove lends a hand to the freshmen loat. ed with balloons and banners, jenell S 5uZul4i25amur21i l1aS 6 few extra balloons "Jabba the Wildcat" tnicknamed by the Juniors and Seniors for its large sizel is the center of attention for by Jamie BYEWSKHFV the freshmen who proudly walk next to their Wildcat creation. I .TT T7 li. "Oh no, The parade is about to start!" Don't worry I've got it covered thinks Ivett Sithitha- vorn, as she touches up the cheerleader jeep before the parade. hun.: a WL Towering over the crowd was the 12-foot tall junior float. The Wildcat exploding out of the chest of the football player is in its 3rd year running and has proven itself a winner as the class of 89 takes first place for its 3rd straight year at Northwestern. As the referee watches for errors, the look on I9 the mysterious mascot Don Bruns or does he his Face shows that Erwin tErkeJ Forbes has Still not have a name? all the right moves. As the varsity players run through the pom and cheerleader tunnel, julian Blair breaks through the crash sign that has a secret message, "Beat the Parlcdale Panthers!" 0 OO 40 QC' O Qo O s. U0 O20 Qi Q20 JZCD Q20 03,0 510 C330 Gif' sif- 16 HOMECOMING GAME l h i CD20 CD20 Q20 C320 Q20 Gif Double The Surprise Action Packed "Watch out for that wave, ch-ch- watch out for that wave!" 'And now the NHS varsity football team." Covering the grass green field with their navy blue and white, the varsity players lined up for their final warm-up before the Homecoming kick-off. With the temperature rising both on and off the field, many people real- ized it wasn't being caused by the game alone. Unlike the preceding sev- en years, the air was dry and it wasn't raining. A lot of work had gone into this Homecoming and a few changes. For starters the University of MD had their radio station QWMUCJ there to announce and conduct the ceremonies. But the biggest change was the final score: 29 to zero. Northwestern had finally won their Homecoming game after a record of 7 years of losses. Some people didn't expect us to win, but others such as Kevin Monroe "knew we would win because of Park- dale's record and that we were ready to defeat them!" Sharon Humes and jose Burgos said "We knew we would beat them on the field and in the drill contest before the game." With the game ending at 4:30 there wasn't much time to go home and get ready for the Homecoming Dance of victory. Is that a look of astonishment on Stephan Brantley's face as Tom Mooney 1371 and fellow wildcats tackle the opposing panthers in pur- suit of the football in the air? As Lajuan Huff stands at attention for the Star Spangled Banner, do thoughts of a victory cross her mind? T . Q NHS O Q0 O 00 C 5 O Q9 0 00 O OC O 0:0 LJ 00 O D U 0 QC: O QQ O gil O OC, 0 c. 0 0 'ti SPIR1' S S Oo 0 D HOMECOMING GAME 17 15 Double The Ambiance Moonlighting They came by night, some came by car, some came in duets and some came alone. But they all came to cele- brate the victory of the wildcats. Excitement filled the air as North- western students arrived at the dance. For the girls attending, the prepara- tion began long in advance, the per- fect dress had to be found for this evening. The latest styles were off the shoulder dresses and mini dresses, the fashionable colors were black and white. As they danced the night away, to the latest dances the whip and the wop, or they just did their own thing. To enhance the night the High Step- pers had a prepared dance routine. Also there was a dance by royalty the Homecoming King and Queen and their court. To end the ambiance of the night, , some walked by night, some walked by day Moonlighting Strangers ...... There is no need for a partner as Andrea Davis dances alone. HOMECOMING DANCE all ' ir' iw 1 7 W1 'V . 4.3. . X W, 72 K A This couple, Sean Vortis and Darcia Williams sure know how to boogie Looking at the list a group of girls pick out their favorite songs Starting a special moment Mrs. DeBolcl watches jeffrey john give Crystal DeBold a corsage. I .I ?a7fff?,f 9+ if , Receiving roses Shawn Mcfammon congratulates Mrs. Ruley sponsor of SCA, with a big kiss. Staring into each others eyes Angela Lorenzano and a Former graduate Don Kroll slow dance. HOMECOMING DANCE 19 DUUBLE THE USE! 1 1 A Locker s Story I was a short locker on the bottom row of the B-wing 3rd floor. In the summer of "87" I was looking for- ward to a new year of school. Last year I had been abandoned by a student who was withdrawn. This year I was hoping for someone to use me. I'm afraid I got more than I had bargained for! On August 29th a student, I'll call her "Jeni" was assigned to me. For the first few weeks she was sticking her books and lunch in me and I thought it was going to be an easy year. Then she brought her friend, I'1l call her "Kimi", to me who stuffed me full of books, lunches, jackets, mirrors, and poms. Boy, was I ever jampacked, from bottom to top, I could barely hear anything. Toward the winter it got cold and this brought out the wearing of heavy coats, and you know what this meant! Those girls were using their behinds to get my doors shut. It got so bad that every time the bell rang I would hold my breath and pray for those five minutes to hurry and go by. And now it is almost summer vaca- tion and despite all the stuffing and slamming of the doors, I know I will really miss my new friends. But as much as I'll miss these new friends I wish I could give my spot on the crowded B-wing 3rd floor for a quiet one on the C-wing first floor. - '- '71-A. , wi 'cj if Ljlv-f. VLJQXLHX.: AIU., fx-V yflvptiigll-IZ-f 'lf fliqe! Eli' MW It .Il Q 'I-I .M , ,.. ..K I 3 bl' 7.'fQ5"X b r ti .gg , I I X W1 1 Q. , , L- Aim' I , -r J -Ls' , I ,gt ca, E2 M,"- QI .. 39 Nd tit The Mighty I-Ierculocker 20 LOCKERS wunsv, . . -na ,wp W , f 'nm' as 4-.. , b.a...,. , A .H J . Y ' f , 1 ff 3 . Double stuffed lockers! Two students on the B-wing 3rd floor compare their lockers and see whose is the most stuffed, to make it to 8th period on time, Chris snatches his physics book from his B- locker without pause. ma S W S S X sim, gg, Puff! Puff! Bet this A-wing Locker has had a hard time breathing. THE LOCKERLESS HALL, 5 minutes after the 3:25 bell rings, these lonely halls are usually cleared. '1 i J ,ff N V ,,,,l my ,V K lf' . V ' AQ!! A locker is a good place to stash a jacket, and Ronnie Knight is doing just that as he visits his locker before school. gm 5-21-7? or is it 7-21-5? "Man these lockers are illi n"' says Mark Henry as he opens his locker on the B-wing after school. LOCKERS 21 You've Got The Look LET'S GO SHOPPING FROM A TO Z Acid-wash jeans and jackets Ballie's, boxer shorts Chucks Taylors, colored contacts Cardigan sweaters Diadoras EK's, Evan Picone Forenza Cwucci, gold, Georgio, Cennera I-Ialston Impact jean jumpers Khaki Liz Claiborne, Louie Viton Le Coq Sportif, leather MCM, miniskirts Nina Ricci, Neiman Marcus Obsession Polo, Passion, Poison, Patched jeans Quartz watches Riders, Rolex, Ralph Lauren Rugby shirts Silk, suede Tretorn, turtlenecks, Timberlands Union Bay Veneza Water mocks Xan Xiang Yves St. Laurant Zena These are some well know items that Northwestern students shop for. From this list you could pick out the various styles at Northwestern. One would be the preppy look. It consists of fitted or worn out looking jeans, sweaters with turtlenecks,, as well as sweatsuits. Another would be the business look: for the girls this means blouses with a skirt and for the boys this means a shirt with a tie and slacks. This look is often accessorized with gold jewlery. Is it fad or fashion? Well a lot ofthe clothing being worn today was also worn in the early 50's and late 60's some examples include mini-skirts and petti-coats. With the various styles you find at Northwestern, you can gladly say that Northwestern students have got the look. 22 FASHION Sporting his Le Coq Sportif sweatsuit is Chris- tian LaGuerre. Q.. 'W ,U .muff --W5 . 'fc ' vga 5 ,. i 1 if 5' , Talking on the telephone, Victoria Managers strikes a pose. Looking mighty fine in their outfits are Kevin Pikes, Torrie Martin, Chico Irvin Church. , "lf you can't beat 'em join em," say Dwayne Foster and jay Bias, FASHION 23 Lost In Emotion Growing Pains How do you feel when you hear those famous lines: 1. I don't have any gas money. 2. I have to watch my little sister. 3. I have to work. 4. The car is in the shop. 5. I have to go out with the family. I-Iow do you feel when you are turned down for a date? Pace it, not one of these excuses work anymore. Deep down inside you are hurt. That date you were turned down for might have been the most important date of your life. Instead of telling girls the truth about why they can't go out on a date most boys make up an excuse. Most boys also, according to girls, are afraid to tell girls what's really on their minds. They will act like they don't care what a girl thinks about them. When boys get around their friends they will "Play it off". If a boy never tells a girl how he feels, how will she know that he is interested in her? How can she react to his actions? Besides girls turning them down at the last minute boys often complain that most girls are afraid to tell boys that they are interested in them. They will also "Play it off". Girls will say anything to make it seem like they are the ones making an effort in the rela- tionship. The Guys are not mind read- ers. They can't tell what's on a girl's mind. By reading the remarks on the next page, you will be able to see what Girls think about guys and Guys think about girls. "Lucky me", says William as he holds on to Donna and Ranetta. 24 DATING Lisa Wayne and Christy Bosworth show the boys what they are missing. Boys Say Girls Are 1. only after boys for their money. 2. after boys who drive a "bumpin" car. 3. too materialistic. 4. afraid to ask a boy out on a date. 5. always eager to go out, but having no where to go. 6. always wanting someone to call them when they don't make an ef- fort to call that person. 7. getting too serious now a days. 8. always wanting their way. 9. always standing boys up for a date. 10. always pretending to be someone they're not. Girls Say Boys . . . acting like someone they're not. wanting girls just to say that they have one. only looking at the way a girl looks on the outside. are too much into going to the Go- Co. don't showing their real feelings. really hurt when a girl turns them down for a date. are too much into making money. only thinking about getting their own ride. lcarl always say that the girl in the car is their cousin. 10. are after girls with money. This is my man", says jackie Love as she clings to jesse Neil. As Brent Davis and Leonard Burton try out their new rap on Tracy Williams they politely get turned down DATING 25 Getting to school early, many students have time to converse in front of the building. 211 Getting A Head Early Birds If school starts at 8:55, why were so many people here almost an hour ear- ly? Was it because they really loved school so much, that they wanted to spend every spare moment of their life here? Probably not. More than likely, the reason was to get things done. That may have meant finishing up last night's homwork, studying for a test in first period, making up that quiz you missed last week from being ill, or going to the library to start your 26 EARLY BIRDS next big report. For some people, ar- riving early could have been because they didn't want to ride the school bus and their only ride was from their par- ents who left for work at 7 am. Or maybe students came early just to so- cialize with their friends or to catch up on the latest gossip. Whatever the reason was, by 8:15 many students could be found in the hallways, getting ready for the day ahead of them. Start Many students arrive at school almost an hour before first period actually starts. vm... Coming off of bus number 6030, marks only the beginning of the day for some students. 6030 rw 4 'W ilhqu-,,, LV I ' --5. WF 5 elf Y x 11' muse Waiting For some friends to get off their bus, these students have plenty of time before their first class. Making up an English test before school, Ingrid Valladares shows why she's an Early Bird. EARLY BIRDS 27 Cafeteria Duty . . . The Dirty Work! A half-eaten banana and a peanut butter sandwich lying in a puddle of diet Pepsi. Who would want to touch it? Youl? Of course not! Some stu- dents don't have a choice. Why? It was because they were too lazy to dump their trash. Laziness has no satisfaction. It would be so much easier for one to take his tray and trash to the trash cans than for him to clean up after the people who also were too lazy to take their tray back. These people were sneaky and escaped without being no- ticed . . . or they probably pushed all of their trash over to where someone else was sitting. Mr. Curry assigns cafeteria duty to many students daily. These people sweep, pick up trash, and end up be- ing late to their next class. The school put the trash cans in the lunchroom for a reason . . . to put trash in. ln. 28 CAFETERIA DUTY Sweeping the halls is a part of Tim Fulp s cafeteria duty Mr. Curry assigns cafeteria duty to about 15 students a d w many of these students can you count who are escaping cafeteria duty? X, 't"' ff i ,. at it ,gs . Cafeteria duty isn't too bad for Laura Ager who seems to be enjoying herself. Keeping an eye out for flying paper, Patrick Llerena watches as his friends get caught. , CAFETERIA DUTY 29 Have You Ever Been Frustrated School Hassles Have you ever walked down the hall and see to your surprise a person pounding on a soda machine? Most likely that same student was yelling and screaming because he wanted his stolen money back. Have you ever been at lunch and tried to finish a term paper that's due the next period? Have you ever missed the bus and ran as fast as you could to school but you arrived at the door of your class just as the late bell rang? Have you ever ran to class to study for a test five minutes before it is given? Have you ever spent hours prepar- ing for a test only to go to class to find out it was cancelled? If you answered, "yes" to any one of these questions, you've suffered from abs? 30 SCHOOL FRUSTRATIONS school frustrations. Here are a few ways to lessen the strain. 1- Never be the first person to use a soda machine. 2- Do your term paper the night before. 3- Get up at 5:30 am. instead of ten minutes before the bus leaves. 4- Study for the test the night before and if it is cancelled just think at least you are prepared for when it is given. 4-5 Quickly running, these students are trying to get to class before the bell rings. Frustrated, Chris Kerdock and john Feeney get out of class to paint. Wishing it was 3:25 so they could run to their bus are Mark Henry, and Nigel Pinnock fl"!lUlPRf 2 ' I eff f -XA During lunch, Sophomore Meredith Lattin quickly studies For a test. iX 4 r luuu 1 l Q E Q s Q Z r 5 1 t , ii it H it 14 Already late for class, jhamaul Hanner takes his time to get there. SCHOOL FRUSTRATIONS 31 Showtime You just had to be there-for the greatest show on earth, Talent show '88. Under the direction of Coach john Brooks and his wonderful stage crew the students of Northwestern put on dance groups, Go-Go bands, and many individual singers. The highlight of the show was the performance by the "Untouchables' Using modern day dancing, Nikki Sales, Lajuan Huff, Keisha White, Eri ca Washington, and Sandy Daily shocked the whole student body, as they danced to "More Base". The talent show was held on De cember 23. The first show sold about 200 tickets. The second show sold about 500 or more tickets. This just goes to show you how much talent Northwestern really has. l Def Jam '88 Singing "We've Only just Begun" from the heart is Kevin Monroe. 32 TALENT SHOW a it . sf .w,.,o...s,.,fl' K IWW., , Being a member of the D.C Youth Ensemble gives Jocelyn McKenzie her stage presence as she fills the room with magic when she sings "Imagination" The leader of the pack, Our master of Ceremonies, Coach john Brooks, leads the acts into a great performance. Spicing up the talent show with a soulful rendi- tion of "Everything Must Change" is Mark Dorsey. "I Peel Good All Over" sings Pam johnson as she shows off her talent, y-.I x "" Io jo leads the Highsteppers through some moves as they danced to "Cat In the Hat". C-rooving to the beat of his own drums is Sharmba Mitchell, a member of the Co-Go band, "Paradise". TALENT SHOW 33 34 ART Art . . It's Here ..... . The Student's Imagination From painting Piccasso's "C1uerni- ca" to sculpting the arches of the church of St. Foy to the graffitti on the bathroom stalls, Art is Art and it's everywhere, Mr. Brook's place, Mr. Girardi's place or Ms. Runion's place. Whether it's ART 1 8: 2., Drawing and Painting, Graphics, Drafting or Hon- ors Art Studio 1 8: 2, Art courses are being taken advantage of by students. coming more recognized in grades 9- 12. Corporations are becoming more aware of what they can do to help young aspiring artists. How, you ask! Well, believe it or not our own fine artists have their own masterpieces hanging on Citizen Bank's very own walls. Who are these artists? Well you can't miss them, Alexis Expression, Abbitha Abstract, Fantasia Fantasy or just simply you. sv sf: 'V A ' f T' rf NX' We if g t ' ii l V ,fi Eff Q 2 A 'tr' 55' 1 f f 1 'ie r fe U 'ie , llgtisg? How would you interpret this drawing? A run- ner after a hard run, or maybe the way you felt after you got your report cardl? Here lie the neccessities for a true artist, making a creation of themselves! Way 151 if ' r Q V 2- T ,,', . ,ru 3 ', J KVKVV , gg, We s"'1s,'.2Asg eff T T Q fa yt i r XX 5x ' .rii 'an H L " K "It seems as if 'MY TOY' is what everybody wants," quoted Melvin Murray, "fast, bright and flaming!" Working For school spirit, Chris Kerdock creates stencils of the Wildcat Paw. 9 6, NW 1 al I1 S I G I' E . . Working hard to meet her deadline Mary Logan concentrates on her next move. In this lifelike self portrait, Addie Strain uses a Medieval drawing ofthe sun as a symbol of her al- bum cover "Rose Mary." ...M o tif ysy ye t V fits" , I t g , 5' , Xp ew s O36 1 - :ga K, I K 1 f M r h r Ii 4 g gi 5 , f ' ' X 1 ' ' 5 "l T - K r 1--. 2 . . ,1 ' X Txi- '5'.'- .W 1. XX . ,1-. ":'-'.:'- 'H' - ,Mt 3, 1. 'Y-'V ,sv .f . we . . -, A. - 'M -,S 5:1 ... as - Q , 1 Begun during the summer, While jennifer Nichols attended Rhode Island School of De- sign, this painting is still on the verge of be- coming complete. Finishing up a project for Ms. Runion, O'Keitha Turner adds the final touches, Patience and team-work in an art room, makes frustrating and hard work enjoyable. 4 With a confident smile Kim Ludke adds a few more details to her undersea creation. ART 35 Musical Interests Darlene Turner- is a singer and model in her free time. She sings with her church, Community Temple Bible Way. She also sings with her family in a group called the Simmon Singers. In addition to singing, Darlene also models as a studio and runway model. She has done some of her runway modeling at Sheraton Club Distinc- tion, and the Ibex. Andre Smalls- senior, has been playing in go-go since seventh grade. His first band was "Paradise" that broke up last year. Later on, he met a keyboard player named Eric Harris, fhe also attends Northwesternj who urged him to play with his band "High Integrity". Andre has five years of playing experience with the go-go bands. Incidentally, he plays the con- gos in a new band called "Raw Deal" with Eric Harris. Sharmba Mitchell- senior, has been playing in a go-go band called "Para- dise" for three years. He is a self taught musician and has been playing for 11 years. "Paradise" played at many activities including recreation centers, Takoma Park jr. High, Clas- sics II and other local clubs. Another activity Sharmba pursues is boxing. He has been boxing for eight years with trainer Adrian Davis. Some of the competitions he was successful at were Lake Placid, New York, Eastern Qualification tourna- ment, tryouts for the Olympic Fest. He went to the Olympic Festival and received Third Place. Sharmba has been The Golden Glove Champion for the past six years. In addition, he was picked for the U.S.A. All-American Boxing Team for 1988. He ranked number two in the whole country for the U. S. Boxing Team. Sharmba says, "Even though I en- joy the traveling and meeting people, I get homesick." We may even see him in the Olym- pics this year!! 36 OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES D Ill 0 't'CI At' 'I' Masters at their work, Eric Harris on keyboard and Andre Smalls on Congos perform at the Talent Show. Northwestern's hopeful for the '88 Olympics, Sharmba Mitchell, shows he isn't any joke. When singing "No one in the world," Darlene Turner knows that no one can sing as well as she. "Oh how sweet it is," that is how Lily Giannini feels when she clutches her trophy from the Ms. Capital fitness body building competition. Physical Interests Maryland all-star Lacrosse team members including Craig Mood practice on the astro-turf during the night for a big game against Virginia. I Craig Mood- Plays for the P. G. County lacrosse team in his spare time. He was intro- duced to lacrosse in the seventh grade by his friends Chris and Lou Kerdock. Overwhelmed by the sport, in the spring of 83 he took up playing. This year will be Craig's sixth year playing lacrosse. I-le has played the position of left attack for the past 3 years. He is hoping to continue playing and get a scholarship for la- crosse. Playing lacrosse for his junior high and high school years he has grown to love it and he says he wishes that he started earlier. Lily Giannini-ls a body builder in her free time. In addition she holds the Ms. Capitol Fitness title in the Tall division. Her first com- petition was in the fall of 87, and she won her first title. She was the youngest to compete and was the first competitor of that age to win the competition. Before her competition she had only trained for about a month to prepare. She plans to participate in many other compe- titions in the future. x OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES 37 Music Makes The orld Feel Good Touch Of Music I feel good . . . Most people have a favorite song so this is a dedication to the songs that make Northwestern students feel good. Songs bring out the joy, happiness, sadness, and love in us. They touch a special part of our heart and soul. Most musicians just have a special talent for music that's why they work so hard to produce songs that we want to hear, and songs with messages that we as human beings can comprehend. There are also different types of songs for different moods. Love songs are one type and some examples are "Two Occasions", "My Forever Love", "I Want to Be Your Man", and "Baby Be Mine". Then there are songs that you just want to dance to like Go-Go Music, some of these songs include "Whip It", "Cat In The Hat", "Go Ju Ju", and "Do You Know What Time It Is?". Also there's Club Music that you dance to when you go out on dates, some songs you would hear at a club are "Pump Up The Volume", "I Want Her", "Love Is For Suckers", "Casano- va", "Some Kind of Lover", and "Girl- friend". Also there's music for any oc- casion like "Love Changes" "How You Like Me Now?", "Lovey Dovey" "Push It", and many others. These are just a few examples of songs that make the world feel good. QThanks to Natalie Williams for idea for this spread and for several pictures., "She's Fly" is the expression that Kaybria Dent shows while flaunting her outfit. 38 SONGS "Can I Whip It On You"? is the question as the girls joanne Ngaine, Carol Floyd and Stacey Spurrell proceed to whip it on the guys. L "Love is for Suckersu like Kevin Qualls, Curtis King, and Robert Vinson Every man deserves a good woman but Leon Robinson has two, Michelle Lathon and Sheila Griffith. l g ' L P l x 8 Vt ! 5 l E .ev Do You Know What Time "It Is?" asks Don DeRocha as he shows his Gucci watch. Time will make you understand that Howard Smith "Wants To Be Your Man". SONGS 39 Iuniors rock the house during the pep rally as they show that they are their own biggest fans. Double The oisell 40 FANS As the seniors scream, Tyrone Moody and Earnest Payne take time out to bet on the Homecoming game the following day. Listening for the loudest class, Alumni, Scott Moore says, "Pump up the Volume Wildcats!" re they praying, or are janice Steinbach, Monica Munoz, and Nuria Cruz clapping with synchron- AAAAAAHHH!!! Tony Garrett leads the roaring as iciw af the Northwestern Homecoming Game' the fans scream with mass intensity at a volleyball Cheering with all of his might, Jeff "Cooter" Stout, chants, SENIOR5!!!, at class night. game bell. Pans BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! AIR- BALL! AIRBALL! The fans at a North- western Basketball game go wild ev- ery game, home or away, jumping up at intense moments, roaring out Wild- cat cheers, yelling out team numbers and names, showing fear as the scores draw close, and never giving up on our Wildcat team. It seems that fans want to make as much noise as possi- ble to get psyched up and to psyche out the other team. The fans consist of students, friends, parents, brothers and sisters, and also sports lovers who just want to see a good game. "I have seen at least twenty home games at North- western, basketball and football even though I know no one here. I do, al- though, know the names of the play- ers, and I watch with about as much enthusiasm as the student body here at Northwestern," says Mr. Borchart, a resident of University Park, who comes to the games strictly as a leisure time activity. If the fans love of Northwestern stays constant, the teams have noth- ing to worry about in the cheering and noise department, So keep up the good work and don't forget the RAH! RAH! RAH! FANS 41 Bloops, Bleeps And Blunders Never A Perfect Day OH NO! NOT ME! NOT TODAY! The most embarassing thing in your life just took place, and it either happened in front of your friends, to- tal strangers or worse, the person you're secretly in love with! So what do you do when this takes place? You either run, play it off, or wish you would shrivel up and die. But how can this happen? To you of all people, and today of all days? No one will ever know. But you'll always remember the feeling of you getting smaller and smaller and your face turning shades of red you never knew existed! But don't worry. This hap- pens to all kinds of people in this school! You're not alone, but then again you don't want everyone to know how you embarassed yourself to death. But you'll still have to bear with people laughing at what you did two weeks ago. I think after you read some of these stories you'll feel a little better. But, there are some people who still feel embarassed at their event, so they'll play it safe and stay anony- mous. ENJOY!!!!! One day, I was walking down the hallway with two of my friends and I saw this guy that I liked coming to- wards me. He was right on schedule like every other day, and like usual, I began to watch him. But today my friends tried to be funny and started yelling "There he is, don't touch what doesn't belong to you." I wanted to kill them right there and then. Then they started yelling out, "The guy in the red jacket? Are you talking about the guy in the red jacket? Do you mean that guy?" It's bad enough that they had to point at the guy but did they have to go into a description? After I beat them up I still felt that this was my humiliation of the year. 42 EMBARRASSING MOMENTS One morning, Mr. Anderson rushed into the main office and yelled he needed help. So I ran out of the front doors to the main lobby and took one step and tripped up. I fell down the steps and slid about 10 feet in the mud. I felt like dirt. It was so funny, that I even laughed. john Brooks W' . tt ff' I Ti My most embarassing moment was at a church seminar. There was a big dance going on and the people in charge of the dance closed off most of the church grounds to keep people from wandering. Unfortunately the part that they closed off included the girls bathroom. I had to go really bad and I had no place to go so I thought I could get away with using the men's bathroom. I had to wait close to an hour before I could make sure that the bathroom was empty. I walked in 150 far so goodj and everything was clear. I have to admit that the mens bath- room does look a lot different from the women's bathroom. I finished with what I had to do and as I was walking out a whole group of guys were standing in front of the door, getting ready to walk in. I then just walked out and played it off saying, "I wonder where my little brother John- ny could be?" I've never had so many people stare at me in one night before in my life. My wife has a cousin who in her youth, was World Champion baton twirler. For the life of me I cannot recall her name, which, under the cir- cumstances, may be for the best. We had spent the better part of three weeks touring the St. Laurence River Valley of Canada and were re- turning home through mid-state New York. About an hour's drive south of the Canadian border, my wife sudden- ly remembered that her cousin, the World Champion cousin, lived just outside Binghamton, a city the Inter- state would take us by. Stopping at a rest stop, my wife decided to call her cousin and invite herself, and her family of course, to spend several days. We arrived at dinner time, and, after introductions, sat down to a hastily prepared meal one would ex- pect to be served to a relative not seen in some time. Mind you, I had never met my wife's cousin, and thus made no connection whatever with her youthful successes. During the course of dinner conversation, the question of our daughter's interest or involve- ment in baton twirling came up. Hav- ing always felt that such activities were a waste of time and "hokie" at best, I voiced my opinion accordingly. My wife only wiped her mouth in a lady like manner. Having finished dessert and a third cup of coffee, I pushed myself away from the table and offered to help with the dishes. My offer was politely declined, and I was invited to go downstairs to the family room to watch the news on T.V. while my wife and her World Champion cousin cleared the table and did the dishes. Never one to turn down an offer to take it easy, I headed down to the fam- ily room. Turning the corner at the foot of the stairs, I jumped to avoid running into a large cabinet filled with trophies, baton twirling trophies. And there on top was the World Champion cousins huge, almost life-size, World Champi- onship Baton Twirling Trophy. I still see the teeth marks every time I take off my socks. R. Anderson '!8!+L.W . text, 1 Q ,rv ist fx, km , One cold icy morning as I was com- ng out of my house, I noticed all of y neighbors were coming out at the ame time to go on their way to work. was running a little late so I just rabbed what belonged to me and ran Eut the house. It was an icy morning and I didn't notice the icy front steps and I slipped and fell down my front steps and all of my papers went flying all over the place and my skirt and pantyhose ripped to shreds. It wouldn't have been so bad if all of my neighbors weren't out there, but un- fortunately they were. Sharon Jeanes My most embarassing moment was when the cheerleaders did a one day camp demonstration and it was our time to go out to do "Spirit", and I fell flat on my back and all the children, including the cheerleaders and Miss. Burr, started laughing at me, Darcia Williams. My most embarassing moment was when I was in eighth grade and I for- got to put on my gym shorts and I only had on my underwear and gym shirt. Taleesa Gabriel. Getting ready for the freshmen ori- entation, I was very excited to hear that his guy was "In love" with was was going to be there to see me per- form with our new flags team. I found out as we walked in for our formation, that I would be standing in front of him. As our music started and I began to stare at him, I found myself drop- ping my flag at his feet and me dying of embarassment. But now since I look at it, I can laugh the whole thing off. 3 My most embarassing moment was when two of my friends and I were going to a summer seminar at the University of Maryland for school. We were so excited about being part of "college life" and we were teasing each other about "picking up" a cou- ple of "college men"! We were doing this on our way to the eatery for lunch. While standing in the world's long- est line and getting out food, we final- ly reached the cashier. She stared at us for a very long time without accepting our money. We thought something was wrong, like standing in the wrong line. But she soon enough cleared our minds by saying very loudly "You're not college students are you? You guys just look too young!" We wanted to die. The most embarassing thing for me took place with my best friend. In her neighborhood live the "men of our dreams." Fortunate for us they were neighbors and best friends too. Well, her and I decided to go for a walk down their street. As we were passing "my man's" house, my best friend de- cided to start doing jumping jacks in front of his house and yelling his name and saying hi. I wanted to die right there on the spot and kill her at the same time. After I finally got her to stop we were passing "her man's" house and I started yelling her name and his at the top of my lungs. I guess at the moment she wanted to die and kill me too. Unfortunately we're not friends anymore. But I hope she keeps these memories close as I did. Don't get me wrong, I can't tell anyone who I am. Because to this day I still get emabarassed at the crazy things we did that day. My most embarassing moment was when my cousin told the guy I liked, that I liked him. It was embarassing because the same day she told him, I had told him that I didn't want to talk to him anymore. But it isn't embarass- ing anymore because now, we're talking. Eulis Sawney E' IBARRASSING MOMENTS 43 We're Out For Blood: f , 3 3ff4twS' ., je , ,KM Following the health proceeclures one of the Blood Mobile's nurses sets up Stefan Sallet A Pint of blood HWY SWE the life of One in Heed, and HS 8 Warm to give blood as flawlessly as possible. feeling to give. Making sure he doesn't miss a question Lee Cloud reads the form for volunteering his UNO pmblemff Says Pierre Hill as they take his blood, blood. ' 44 BLOOD BANK Bloodbank Most people, as I have found, wouldn't mind giving blood, except the thought of "THE NEEDLE'." Interviews after the blood was taken brought about quite different answers from participants. Brian Beahn said, "It just felt like a prick of the skin, the part that is the worst is standing up!" Mr. Roe said, "The first time tthis was his sixth time in the last 18 monthsll it hurt, but now I only get slightly dizzy and hungry!" There are restrictions on who can give blood. If you have a cold that day, you cannot give, and if your iron is low then you have to try another time. Some things like Hepatitus and mono are different. With mono you have to wait five months after the sickness is gone before you can give blood. But with hepatitus you can never give since the disease never leaves your blood system. There was a big turn out on January 24, 1988 and 28 pints of blood were collected. But the more the better, as they say. Hopefully this article will convince you that a little pain is better than a child or adult dying without blood to replenish that that was lost! These four SGA taste testers, Stephanie Bennett, Nana Kwatemaa, Yolene Opont, and Natalie Paulwell serve piz- za to the bloodmobile volunteers. "just wait for the beep," says Uzma Sher to Deneta How- land while taking her temperature to assure no risk of a cold during the blood drive "88". Do these people look inviting? Well they are Simone Walton and Eddie Langston two of the people who helped the blood drive go smoothly. BLOOD BANK 45 9 . x.. - , .1y I Yi? Q we QU'B5LuEj ......I EN' ACADEMICS f ,C Ms- Q 5 - R -, U . '. . I ' - 'Q J X - ' 1 1 Q "---arms as . 4' fN, . ' '. . fl" 1 ' X IW, is rnln or . . . I j ! ... , 2 ' Qi.. , , l .f,, f - - X 1 f . . ' ' I . l ' ' ,. ' . - Q 1 5 , 5- ., "Have You Gotten Your List Of School Supplies?" 7'No, Did You?" "Yeah Man, I Have To Get 3 Spiral p Notebooks, A Pack Of Dividers And A Composition Book. This Is Going To Cost Me Double What I Spent Last Year. Q' 1. l ' - I . . 0 .:.-- '--5 . 3 -- " . . . .. 4 li 4 ' I ' , . . fx .. , A'- -' - VY. . ' ' I l X U ' ' 5 4 N f .4 p, ' . c: C561 X 0 ' ' f ' A ADEMI V l N Amo . I ' 0 rX,.L. A, an .' l.- ' Welcome To The U.S.A.!!! Making New Friends "Willkommen Nach der USA" was the sign that greeted our exchange students who arrived from Germany on that Sunday afternoon of Septem- ber 28 at Dullas Airport, Northwestern students and parents anxiously waited to see who they would host for their three week stay. Wanting to make the Germans stay filled with activities and enjoyment, sponsors took them to places such as Rehoboth Beach, Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Baltimore Harbor, and of course the White House. The German students were lucky to share our Homecoming Week with us and even attended our Homecoming Dance. Christine Davies agreed that, "Host- ing a German student was hard work, Have a party, invite a German. Showing how much of a good time they can have together, our Northwestern students and our German stu- dents became good friends. 48 EXCHANGES but it was worth it because we all had fun communicating with each other." Some students hosted more than one German student. Communication wasn't a big problem because they taught each other new words and used a lot of sign language. The dreaded day of October 18 fi- nally came and the Germans had to depart. Tears were shed, hugs and ad- dresses were exchanged, and promises of letters being sent were made. But the students didn't despair for long because our Northwestern students went to Germany in the third week of june and as the Germans did, they returned telling tales of their trip to a foreign land. fi Teaching her how to be a real spirited Wildcat, host jackie Codi and her German sister Anne Kruger prepare each others war paint for their big evening at Classnight. All dressed up and ready to go, Christine Da- vies and her date, along with German exchange students Claus Wolf-Menzler and Eva Pohl get ready to go to the Homecoming dance. ienvenue A La Belgique!!! Out Of This World Have you ever wondered what it ould be like to walk down the streets f Paris? Or say a quick prayer in one f their beautiful cathedrals? Or may- e you're looking for a good time in ne of their clubs where the legal age s 16. If you have done all of these hings you would know how much un the Northwestern students had on heir trip to Europe. If you don't know Ervhat it's like, then prepare to use your magination. Leaving on the evening of June 24 rom Dullus Airport, our Northwest- rn students were dreaming of Bel- gium without the guidance of their parents. Boarding the plane and pre- paring themselves for the 16 hour ,long plane flight with one stop to New York, they imagined what their three weeks in a foreign country would be like. Finally landing, they toured Paris We can't believe we're in Paris says Mary Logan and Becky Wilkinson as they get ready to finish their tour. for four days and then they moved on to Belgium to meet their host families with whom they would live for the next three weeks. Three weeks passed by quickly with small feelings of homesickness passing through the group, but the feelings were quickly disbanned when they visited Holland, Germany and Knoxx Beach as some of their many day trips. July 14 rolled around, and our Northwestern students packed their suitcases for the second time around and they sadly left their host families which they had become very attached to, but they all cheered up realizing that they were coming home and they had gained a European family. Maybe in the future years you will become part of our European ex- change. But for now, we'!l just wait for july when the Belgians return their visit. No, it's not an upside down pencil! It's the Eiffel Tower! Doe-sn't the sight just take your breath away? Happy to spend a day in Bruges, graduated senior Kathy O'Neill, john Perry and Doctor Fretz take a picture and relax. EXCHANGES 49 As she finally solves the Geometry problem, Senior Deayne johnson, captain of the Math Team, smiles as other members Ngoc Chu, Hoan Bui, and Laron Broadnax keep trying. A ,-ff", Si f-555. Double Your Time In School Order! Orderl? What you are witnessing is an actu- al case. The people you see are not actors . . They're the members of the Forensics Team. Well, it may not be the real thing but the cases presented are cases that have actually been pre- sented in real courts. What is the Fo- rensics Team, anyway? It's a group of students who per- form mock trials to a "judge". To be an active member required more than just intelligenceg it required a lot of time! Members had to maintain a 3.0 average. The team also had a dress code that each member had to follow in order to present themselves well. The team tried very hard for a suc- cessful year!! 50 AFTER SCHOOL ACADEMICS Just A Game? It's Academic is not just a game, it's an adventure! Travelling through questions, you guard yourself against fierce opponents on your way to victory. In the past there hasn't been an abundance of interested students. Why? Who knows.? juniors and Se- niors are basically those chosen to go on the air. The captain is usually a Senior. Like Forensics, members had to be willing to give their time and main- taining a 2.0 average wasn't difficult for these folks. This year, our team was televised on the "It's Academic" television show in February. Early To Rise Now why would anyone rather get up early just to come to school earlier? Well, maybe they're a member of the Math Team. The team met on Tues- day mornings before school and sometimes during first lunch on Tuesdays. To be a member required skill and concentration. Members also had to have had previous enrollment in Ge- ometry 9 andfor Algebra 2. They also had to maintain at least a 2.0 average. The Math Team met at Eleanor Roosevelt against other teams in their league -the second league-every other Thursday beginning on October 22 for a total of 10 meets. They then met for a final meet against all leagues. ing up her lunch period Deayne johnson tices with the Math Team every Tuesday in Lynch s room 'Q is R.. Working on her case, junior Forensics member Amy Headley becomes annoyed with the con- stant chatter around her. Explaining the correct procedures, Forensics sponsor Mr. Hechinger talks to members Greg Beach and Lily Gian- nini about the next meet. Thoughts of history and the date on which the Paris Treaty was signed are running through Senior joe Gil- lete's mind as he contemplates possible questions. Fat Freddie loses a pound each time he runs a mileg but he gains . . , How many miles did Fat Freddie run? "Who is Fat Freddie and who cares how many miles he runs!!", is the thought running through Math Team member Ngoc Chu's mind as sponsor Mrs. Lynch explains the problem to her. AFTER SCHOOL ACADEMICS 51 Wow, No Books!! We Are you tired of those everyday back pains and sore eyes you get from scrunching over text books? If so then take a look at what we've found. "Kick 2-3-4, Stretch 2-3-4 and rest." Heard this before? If not, take a look at Ms. Crane's Dance classes. She's got the moves and the motions to get you in shape. Students start out with a warm-up dance to a popular song like "Head to Toe," then move onto mak- ing up their own routines and learn- ing some of Ms. Crane's. After sweat- ing off some of those extra calories, it's time to stretch and cool down be- Light Weight fore the end of class. Or maybe a stu- dent would rather focus on building up those muscles. If so, then into your gym suit and up to the weight room for a real workout. For those of you not into working out, we've found something less strenuous. All you need to do is go to "C" wing second floor, and get cook- ing. You'll start your first course mak- ing your own menu. Then onto the nutrition research where you find out how to prepare a balanced meal. Final- ly for your dessert you'll enjoy pre- paring your own food, and serving it to invited guests and teachers. Maybe you'd like to portray anoth- er character, and take yourself into a world of fantasy. join Ms. Pinkney as she takes you through the basics of Drama class. For openers you'll dot mouth exercises. Creating abnormal noises, such as amebas, which will carry through the halls of the third floor. These mouth creations and warm-ups will lead you to the exciting acting adventures ahead. Just imagine all the fun you'll have, so get involved in a class without books! So that's what the biceps look like," thinks Paul Herbert after spending the first few physical training classes learning how to build up his muscles, 52 CLASSES WITHOUT BOOKS new moves in Ms. Cranes Dance 1 Moore, Sonya Taylor, Gemma Miriam Alami, and Melanie jones prep the music of "Heard it through the With looks of hunger, Derrick Curry leans over Mrs. johnson's shoulder to get a wiff of the weet and sour beef he and Michael Short repared. .4 ...av- "Where's the train? l'm already late," thinks Robin Hyatt as she acts out a role in Ms. Pink- ney's Drama class. asf -QQ x K Q li - X rf . w af, ,sex 14. While Sharon Humes works on the incline bench, Kim Stokes spots her in case she needs help in placing the bar on the stand. CLASSES WITHOUT BOOKS 53 BEHI D THE SCENES Newspaper "To be or not to be," was the ques- tion asked by Mr. Klein fNor'Wester sponsorj, when one student showed at the first meeting held after school. Nor'Wester has had some ups and downs in the past years. Mr. Klein has been with the Nor'Wester for the past two years and is trying to get it back on track. "lt's not organized or set- tled," explained Mr. Klein. There were many events to be covered by the stu- dents that have gotten interested in keeping the newspaper. One of the first steps taken by these students was the gathering of infor- mation. They interviewed people in- volved in the events like coaches, players, and the student body. Other information gathered was a record of the teams' wins and losses. The sec- ond step necessary for these students was selling advertisements in order to finance the paper. They went and asked local businesses to take out ads in the Nor'Wester. "To be or not to be," was the ques- tion-the answer is . . . it will be with little or no staff. Mr. Klein looked for- ward to Nor'Wester's future which in- cluded putting out a computerized issue. SGA "Can you imagine the United States being run by a female president? Maybe not, but this year the S.C-.A. was not only headed by a female pres- ident but all of the officers and mern- 54 SGA YEARBOOK AND NEWSPAPER bers were young ladies. This past year Mrs. Ruley took charge of the student government. Some of the students in the S.G.A. felt that with her leadership many more things were accomplished such as: four dances, a food drive for the homeless, a Ms. and Mr. Northwest- ern contest, and a leadership conference. S.G.A livened up homecoming with a carnival that was run by various groups who sold items from cotton candy to polaroid pictures. This had never been done before. Overall, the S.G.A made enough by the selling of lynx, dance tickets and Class night tickets to fund other events through- out the year. Yearbook Does making ayearbook sound like a hard job to you? Probably not, be- cause you figure all you have to do is pick out pictures to include in the book. But, boy are you wrong! Being on the staff included a great deal of work which sometimes caused major headaches, Some causes of the "major headaches" were meeting deadlines, getting interviews, finding the perfect picture and figuring out the right words to describe it. These may sound like easy task to accom- plish but they actually required a lot of time and effort. There are also many things expect- ed of a yearbook student that you wouldn't find in any other class such as: selling ads, patrons, yearbooks and other fundraiser items. A feeling of double pleasure was felt by members of the staff when the successful book came out. 2 3 Q , .M 1 Looking through a issue of the Nor'Wester from last year, Mr. Klein discusses with Dan Ronayne ideas to better Nor'Wester this year. Completing her academic layout Jackie Codi busily writes down her ideas for her body copy. x X NX 1 t 1 l ' fr ii si . ' A f-: A "Please buy Lynx!" Taking dollars from those hoping to win, Nana Kwatema and Valerie Moore collect money For the Lynx competition among the classes. Anxiously trying to meet a deadline Tasha Minor ofthe Compass staff tries to draw a straight line. "Come all come one come to vote," -Simone Walton, Catherine johnson, Darcia Williams and Valerie Moore of the SGA wait for students to make their election for Homecoming court. SGA, YEARBOOK AND NEWSPAPER 55 Double The Arts Take The Test It's new and improved and every- one in the class of 89 and after must have it. What is it you ask? It's a fine and practical arts credit! I-Iere's a quick quiz to tell you more about it. 1. One needs these credits to: a. get a Pepsi b. stay home from school c. graduate 2. What classes are fine arts? a. Art and Biology b. Civics and Geometry c. Chorus and Drama 3. What classes are practical arts? a. Yearbook and Spanish b. Typing and Construction c. Music and Piano If you wanted to make a quick check, the answers are: 1. C 2. C 3. B For more information here are some brief descriptions of fine and practical arts. Let's start with some questions that are commonly asked. 1. What are fine arts? Some fine arts courses are those that improve and define skills that are more artistic. Some are Chorus, Art, Drama and Band. 2. What are practical arts? These classes give you a headstart in training for the future in the job market. Some are Home Economics, Typing, Notehand, ROTC, and other Business courses. 3. Why do I need these? Well, it was decided by the Board of Education that these courses would help students to get ahead so they are now graduation requirements. 4. How many fine and practical art credits are required to graduate? For the class of 89 and after each student must have 1 fine arts credit and 1 practical arts credit to graduate. Hopefully this has helped in the search for understanding of fine and 56 PRACTICAL AND FINE ARTS practical arts. If you still need help in understanding these courses check with your counselor. tisrt I I j I V i While using the Bandsaw, Charles I-Ianslor uses safety glasses to protect his eyes as he cuts the plexiglass. In Drama, these students show extreme concen- tration in a skit portraying people in a train. Mrs. Crane puts on the aerobic music, Gonzalez demonstrates she knows 1 to get in the groove. During 3rd period, the Concert Chorus enthusiastically practices music for Back-to-School night. 3 'QL While in art class Lajuan Huff and Dion Cray masterfully study their creation as Leslie Price curiously looks on. During' this tive-minute timed writing, the teacher shouts, "Keep your eyes on the copy, please" and as you can see, this class must have been listening. ' 4 During 4th period cooking class, Mrs. Johnson intructs Mike Short and Derrick Curry to add tomatoes after let- ting the stir fry cook for ten minutes. PRACTICAL AND FINE ARTS 57 ,,..,'P' B-o-r-i-n-g. Boring! Is that your favorite word? Well it was for most students in Northwestern High School. Ventur- ing in the halls on a Monday morn- ing, students dragged their feet and squinted at the bright lights as they remembered the paper due in first period. And if that wasn't enough, there Clmou FOR A 1 What's Your Worst Class? was the noise . . . Smack, smack, smack! as the person behind you chewed his gum. Later in the day while scurrying through the halls try- ing to get to class before the bell rang, the halls closed in on you and you felt like an ant at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Fortunately, all Monday mornings t urs t weren't always that bad, but it became a hastle trying to concentrate when so- much was going on all around you. How did some students deal with the confusion? Well, they invented various excuses to try to get out of a class. Did you have a favorite excuse? Check the next page and see if we've included yours. 5 ' 1 .....,- C C .......---S a.............., is f.t..,........... tg M M f-f-w-.f.W...............,..........,.-.,..t ... ,,, 58 MOST DREADED CLASSES Mr. Mullen's fourth period English class just loves the way he teaches, but honestly he doesn't have a fourth period class. Mr. Mullen spends much of his planning period making these beautiful boards. Mom, can you get here on the double? . . . I'm in trouble. I IX gl 1, :- l 'r Getting clown with a rap, Mrs. Ruley's seventh period AP class tries to laugh at her jokes. A2-1 Okay! Take it easy! Relax Dionne Tucker and count to ten. The bell will ring soon! MOST DREADED CLASSES 59 wie' svn 'NIL Sy , , ...... g N, ,.... . ,,,, at C' One cooperating concurrent enrollment facility is the University of Maryland in college park, the other is the Prince Ceorge,s Community college in Largo M.D. Double The Learning Advanced Placement Get ready for something special at Northwestern High School. What, you might ask, is special at Northwestern? The Advanced Placement Program, that's what. The Advanced Placement Program at Northwestern offers courses de- signed to challenge the student with higher learning capabilities. These courses are designed to chal- lenge the brighter student while offer- ing himfher a chance for advance- ment. In the U.S. History class taught by Ms. Lyann Rudert, for example, the emphasis in the class is on an exam the students take at the end of the school year. Students passing the exam may forego the first semester of U.S. History in college. Advanced Placement classes are of- fered in English, Physics, US. History and European History. You may be eligible for the Ad- vanced Placement Program. Your counselor can show you the way. Go for it! Concurrent Enrollment Double life! Double education! This sounds like a great way to go through your senior year and it was, according to Paige Tinney, who said, "lt gave me a chance to widen my academic goals." In C.E. tConcurrent Enrollmentj classes students attend either the Uni- versity of Maryland or Prince C1eorge's Community College on a daily basis-for up to four hours per day. According to Mr. Hall, guidance counselor and C.E. representative, these students can get a head start on college credits andfor sign up for courses not offered at Northwestern. five Northwestern seniors were in- volved in C.E. in the 1987-88 school year. Those in the program found it to be a good experience. When senior Sharla Powell was asked about her feelings on C.E. she said, "I loved the independent feeling and the support and confidence I got from the classes at Maryland University." 60 ADVANCED PLACEMENT, CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT Keeping a watch on the halls before class is the 12th grade A.P. Physics teacher Mr. Cleveland, "'k 5 his plans for the day, Mr. Warchol the A familiar site of some of the long walks the European History teacher is busy CE. students made daily between classes at the Leaving early from school to get to class on time at the Mr. Warchol is also the sponsor of U, of M. The students either drove or walked to University of Maryland are Paige Tinney, and james academic club. the nearby campus. MqD0nald, New XPQ I!! I The US. History teacher Ms, Rudert steps into the Career Center to catch the latest news from Mr. Hall. Ms. Rudert has a unique act-teaching style as she draws the attention of her students. E N. v -eaiiim E- :tease . me L X 5 4 g Northwestern High School is less than one mile away from the neighboring Campus of the University of Maryland, which makes' it a good place for our students to complete their high school, and college academic goals. ADVANCED PLACEMENT, CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT 61 "What do you mean, I can't put my feet on the desk?", asked Minerve Castro, a student aide for Mrs. Clark in Guidence Sth period. A Helping Hand Super Faster than Federal Express, more powerful than a zerox machine, able to run errands in a single bound. Its a nerd . . .Its a brain . . . No, its a student aide. All during the day you saw people roaming the halls. Little did you know that they were allowed to be there. Who exactly were these people? Well, these were people who are hard work- ing and generous, students who were willing to give up a whole school peri- od out of their day to help assist a teacher. These people were student aides. Student aides had lots of little as- signments to complete throughout the period, assignments such as straining their eyes to check home-work and 62 STUDENT AIDES Aide! test papers, rushing through the halls worrying about getting the errands done on time, or fighting the wild and crazy zerox machine hoping they could keep it under control. Although this seems like a very hard and treacherous job, there was excitement in being a student aide. Said one who had little experience, "It's fun walking through the halls running errands instead of doing school work, or watching students scramble before a test." Almost every teacher has a student helper one period or another. A stu- dent takes a great deal of pressure off the teacher and helps to double the teachers accomplishments. "Student aides are great, super", exlaimed Mr. Walsh, "Every teacher should have one. IW' Oh . . . my . . . Gosh . . ! says Dana Dickerson and Jackie Codi as they are trying to keep this bezerk zerox machine that always breaks down under control. ow look here Thadclius Katz, I have students ipping class all the time, I don't need a stu- "Oh, HO, HO! again!", CfiE5 TYOY RiChm0f1d, nt aide roaming the halls", exclaims Mr. Why do these Papers always C1-'fl UP On me? I derson. is 5 . t i 3 ss... 11' in' ss- S - s .nn 35.1. A Q -, 9 S i 1 -A . ,NN ,I ' ,nf W-f' XX if R K L, R ,-.. , A? e 4. khi, ,Z oncentrating very carefully, Valerie Moore, ies not to slice her fingers in the paper cutter hile cutting links for SGA. W -3' ,,,v As he finishes the last of 8,937,430,000 copies, Kenny Perry feels a strange twist of joy and relief. ...- G -X1 ,X , - 'VZ Z, tt,t ' gj 5 ,st ,f - .. Y 5 t .... 1 , ,,,. .. 0.5215 islam STUDENT AIDES 63 Double The Mo Money, Money, Money! Double the money, spend money, and save money. The world revolves around. moneyg every business needs money, and the only way students can make money is if they have market- able skills. The time for young people to learn these skills is when they're still in school. Several classes you can take in school to prepare you for the future include: Typing, Shorthand, Business Law, Business Math, Vo- Tech, and Work Study. Work Study is one of the schools most popular-classes. And about half of our seniors join work study every year. The first step in registering, for this program is filling out an applica- .'-' t Drawing is what Brentford Davis hopes his fu- ture will include. Brentford is a Vo-tech student at Bladensburg where he spends half his day in a drafting program. 64 PREP-CLASSES 3 tion, that lists has all of your inter- ests and abilities. After this is done, one of these work study teachers lMrs. Fridling, Mrs. Davis, or Mrs. Thom- as.j looks over your application and helps you to find a job you like and qualify for. Depending on your abili- ties work study students work at places such as, the General Account- ing Office, The I.R.S. Unit, the NASA Federal Credit Union, and McDon- alds. Wages at these jobs range from 54.00 to 56.00 an hour and besides get- ting paid, you also receive high school credit. Vo-Tech, on the other hand, is for people who when they graduate want HG to join a company, to work as an assis- tant, or just to further their education before going to college. Vo-Tech stu- dents split their time between North- western and one of the two Vo-Tech centers at Laurel or Bladensburg. In Vo-Tech you can learn on of many skills ranging from Drafting, to Cos- metology, to Electronics, to Auto skills. By participating in this pro- gram you stand a chance of becoming successul and ultimately earning as much as 540,000 a year. To all students who are thinking about college, or just love to earn money, Consider your future, and take all you can get while it's free! Working at Editor's Press in Hyattsville, Nat- alie Williams learns to operate a computer as part of her Work-Study experience. Typing for her first year, Shelree Degree says it's her last year. But even if she doesn't know it, having this skill could make the difference in her future. it l ,. QQ A , WU: 4 . NWN L ffm, A Daydreaming or just thinking? Greg Beach l ' may be learning shorthand which will help him ' kl ' h f . Sorting through letters, we catch our senior to take notes more qulc Y m t e uture Working at Wild TOPS at PIG- plaza, Enek N. Sheila Griffin hard at work at Editor's Press. Artis steadily takes inventory. PREP-CLASSES 65 Double The Anticipation My heart sank. "It's all over." I said to myself as I watched the glorious smiles on all of my friends' faces. All I ever strove for everything I ever wanted is swept past me now. I stared at my golden class ring, which glis- tened in the stadium's light. "If only . . . ", I paused to repel my tears and continued, "If only I had listened to my teachers and friends. If only I would have taken advantage of all the free imformation and help that my English, Math, and Civics teach- ers gave me. Unfortunately it's too late now. All my friends have graduat- ed and are going to be getting on with their lives. "I took all the testsp Citizenship, Mathmatics and Reading and Writ- ing. I just gave up after I failed them. It didn't seem important at the time." I looked further down on the floor of the stadium. There I saw Sally, who had taken Ms. Betcher's Functional Math class. Next to her I saw Rob, who always did Mrs. Kearns' English and writing samples. I glanced over to the middle and saw Joyce, who always was on top of things in her Civics class. "Well, what do you know Pete made it." I exclaimed to myself. He failed all of his tests, but later he got his act together and received help from a tutor. All of a sudden hats flew as all of the successful seniors celebrated. Then, my view was blocked by a proud parent taking pictures. I then heard two girls talking. "I bet Suzy's party is going to be a blast," said the one girl. "Yeah I heard everyone from the graduating class is going," said the other. "DING. DING." "Hey, Julie wake up. You slept right through class!" "Um a. Huh, what?" I answered. "Come on! We have to go take the Maryland Functional Tests now." The voice replied. "I'm ready! I'm ready! Lets go!" I screamed with a passion. "Let's go." 66 TESTING Functional Tests ..... , . Q f A 9 are I ? 4 , iw f,ff,, -,ei f f 'fzg' ' VI 'I li wg, MV! A .seg Working diligently preparing for the MFT is Karen Peters. Determined to finish her work on time Elaine Berry rushes through her math problems as she prepares for the MFMT. Anxious to learn some MWT tips, Francesca Ekamen listens to her tutor Nicole Thorpe. Have you been kicked around? aken advantage of? Called dumb or idiot? Well here's a way to get en. Put those insults to a halt, take e SAT's fScholastic Aptitude Testj the PSAT fPreparation for the holastic Aptitude Testl. These tests e dreaded by a lot of students but u can prove that you're no dummy taking these tests and doing well n them. Both the SAT and PSAT, test your wath skills in Geometry, and Algebra d your verbal skills with sections antonyms, analogies and reading ymprehension. Teachers try to pre- are you for these tests, but there is 2 t. S.A.T.'S only so much they can do. lt's up to you to study and pass these tests, that's why they have prep classes to prepare youp these classes are usually during school in your English or Math classes or on weekends. In order to register for the SAT you need to see your counselor, they will give you a booklet that contains a sample of the SAT and there's an in- formation sheet that you fill out and mail to the College Board. These tests can be taken many times. But remember to concentrate on getting a high score the first time so it will be the last time you have to take the test. uve vidently everyone listens to Mr. Mcrae as he ilks to his students about tips on the math ortion of the SAT. 1 ,.. - 'V" Perfectly calm about his ability to pass the SAT's Antonio Hall steps off the bus. Preparing for the SAT's in style is senior Randy Williams. TESTING 67 K Q Nr 7 . x. - I 0 ' ' , x .1 VJQUBLlE3 SPURTS 7 . ' .. 1 ' Q y . 'ORTS DIVIIIRX . ' 9 3 ' ' U I . . - l . Q J , Q .- -x. 0 . .'.,Klg, I . I f ' X i g.'. f Q ' . - I s X I A .,. ,I I.. , , -l., v 5 f . . ' U is if "!, X I 'A I I - .-Q , if-ws "Gosh, I'm Really Ner- vous. Tryouts Are In Two Days." "Aw, Don't Worry About It You Will Make It And Even If You Don't You Can Tryout For Something Else." "Yeah I Guess You Are Right." ! ' , .l 'Q' 'Q' . , - U I Q' 0 D - - AX. A ' ".' . Q X ' .? 1.44m f .'5 X " ' ' sPoRTs DNIDTZR ,f'.'- ' ' f l l - . , . I . , . .u X, O N SRO . " A x- -- . ff Football, Double The Action Sports Heroes Our time has come! Ask anyone who attends Northwestern about their football team in the '87 season and they will all tell you, "They're tough!" Starting the year with only 17 peo- ple they ended the year with a record of 6-4, and our first homecoming vic- tory in 16 years! So let's give credit where credit is due, to just a few of our outstanding players, who with their combined efforts make this year possible. Outstanding Running Back: Kevin Qualls and Irwin Forbes. Outstanding Defensive Back: ju- lian Blair Outstanding Defensive Lineman: Stephen Brantley. Outstanding Offensive Lineman: Troy Williams. Outstanding Receiver: Leroy Smith. Outstanding Special Teams: Lee Cloud. Outstanding Linebacker: Charles Burton. Unsung Heroes: jemal Averette and Greg Parrish. "MVP's of the '87 year are Stephen Brantley and Leroy Smith. Honors Football Stephen Brantley-All Conference fWash. Postl Honorable Mention All Metro team. fWash. Postj Leroy Smith-All Conference fWash. Postl, Honorable Mention All Metro team CWash. Postj. Irwin Forbes-All Conference lWash. Postl. A persistent philosophical theme in our modern society is "Carpe diem", tseize the dayj. For our football team the day has come. For Northwestern the day is now! 70 FOOTBALL ' Taking a 'hefty' Pardkale 'punch', Irwin Forbes shows why he has been the outstanding running back and All Conference of '87. Leaping high, Charles Burton braces himself until Lee Cloud and Theodore White come to save tht day. Varsity Football Row 1: Derrick Bailey, Richard Miller, David Babbitt, Allen Thompson, Derrick Courtney, Lee Cloud, Irwin Forbes, Darius Driskell, Andre Smalls, Bryon Bishop, Mark Mooney, Berry Ramsey Row 2: Kevin Qualls, Troy Williams, Craig Shields, Dewayne Black, Bernard Greenhow, Gregory Parrish, Randy Godette, William Alexander, William Lee, Scott Austin Row 3: Shawn Woodward, joseph Girrardi, Mr. Smallwood, David Williams, julian Blair, Anthony Cowan, Stephen Brantley, David Babbit, Kevin Sales, jemal Averette, Greg Smallwood, Loyd Bell, Charles Burton, Doug Hill, Eric Harris, john Brooks, Cornell jones Row 4: Darrell Morrison, Tom Mooney, Theodore White, Gordon Edwards, Aaron Kroll, Nate Milam, Glenn johnson, Leroy Smith. I 'fffi' if Northwestern 1987-88 WILDCATS FOOTBALL With precision Doug Hill aims the ball for a touchdown and shows why he has been the leading quarterback for the past two years. "Squash the boy," thinks jemal Avert and Tom Mooney as they 'get that ball backf! OPPONENT L OCA Tl ON POINTS OPP CENTRAL HOME 22 Z0 E. ROOSEVELT HOME 27 SUITLAND HOME 21 O FRIENDLY AWAY 14 3 LARGO HOME 24 19 PARKDALE HOME 29 O OXON HILL AWAY 19 33 BOWIE AWAY 14 38 HIGH POINT HOME 13 CROSSLAND AWAY 6 TOTALS 157 159 I GT? fN"5 fi W 1 EV? WD FOOTBALL 71 Preparing For The Future .... Only The Beginning! The NHS soccer team started out the 1987 season by winning three out of their first four games. The coachs' goals for this season were for players to work on individual skillsg they did this by practicing with partners each day. When asking Den- nis Trainum how did he feel about practices he smiled and said, "Prac- tices are a lot of work and tiresome, but we need it in order to be the best we can." Coach Walsh and Stickles make sure everyone practiced in order to play. When faced with the question of what was their most competitive game? Coach Walsh explained, "Park- dale, because we had already played them once, they knew our system and even had some of our former players, we had to develop new strategies." The game was a close one with a 3-2 score but this time unlike the first game of the season, Parkdale came out on top. The soccer team ended the season with a 4 and 7 record which wasn't that bad according to Coach Stickles because of the new players who they had to teach routines to. So next year watch out because we will have the Wildcats on the loose. mg. Missing the ball, goalie, Marco Castrillo is angry as the other team scores a goal. 72 SOCCER 1. W, ir, . 1 I Tiff i , - ,Jn 5 . A, --,- t P' - N' W , 5:- A no .. , 1,-4, A ' ' " S 3 1 I 5 r n l E I 4 Who's got the ball? cries Meshack Aduwu as he sees the ball fly past Edddie Bustillo, who is trying to prevent the other team from retrieving the ball. tBottom rowzl Boanerges Velasques, Gustavo Velasquez, Jaime Blanco, Edwin Jarquin, David Chavez, Lakhonepheng Rajbandith, Huu Nguyen, Mike Stanford, Orson Vargas, Olabanji Alyeg- bus, Hung Nguyen, Douglas Cabrera CTop rowzl Meshack Aduwu, Sang Ki, jose Chavez, Dok Kim, Oscar Montoya, Pedro Catacora, Alexi Bustillo, Eddie Bustillo, Marco Castrillo, Dennis Trainum, Alexander Chavez, William Auchter, Tom Lazo, Patrick McGraw, Scott Clark, Jide Nzelibe Can I get there in time?" asks Huong Nguyen as he wants to save the ball om going out of bounds. t l lPutting in his input, Coach Sticlcles explains to Lalchonepheng Rajbandith l that he must cover his opponent at all times. Some fancy footworlc? Well, this senior Eddie Bustillo shows off some fancy footwork as he tries to reach the ball before his opponent, I ---wwf, ww- - - 1 sv-N ,, RKQFWRF Q. Q , r -Q NHS 3 Parkdale 1 NHS 4 Fairmont Heights O NHS O Roosevelt 5 NHS 5 Suitland O NHS 1 Friendly 4 NHS 0 Largo 3 NHS 2 Parkdale 3 QOTJ NHS 3 Oxon Hill 2 QOTJ NHS 2 Bowie 8 NHS 2 High Point 3 NNS 1 Crossland 2. - 3-11 'MD Mil Vx SOCCER 73 Working For Recognition All psyched up and ready to win was the attitude of the NHS Volleyball team as they played Suitland during a game and did just that. Achieving The Goal What makes a good Volleyball team? A lot of dedication and hard work. "This was a me- diocre and building season for the team", ex- claimed coach Wrightson, "My goal for the team this year was to train the rookies for their playing years ahead." To reach this goal, the team had two hour practices everyday. "Early in the season prac- tices were tough, we had to run the track a couple of times to warm-up", explained Sharla Powell, "But towards the end of the season, practices got really easy, we weren't pushed as hard." It was a long and hard struggle for the squad. Learning to work together as a team was difficult at first for the the returning play- ers, it was frustrating waiting for the first year players to learn the techniques. After attend- ing the World Volleyball Training Camp in New York, Rebekah and Sharla, the two cap- tains came back with plenty of experience to teach. lt was a very trying season for the squad. They encountered many challenging squads. According to Rebekah Robinson, "Our most competitive game was against High Point, be- cause we lost the first two games and came back at the end with a three game victory." What a year! Finishing with a record of six wins and eight losses, the squad has surely reached their goal of training and preparing for future games. 74 VOLLEYBALL . Q COACH "I got it, It's mine!", shouts Wendy Wimbrow as she bumps the ball. Varsity Volleyballg Bottom row: Lanta Updike, Sharla Powell tcaptainj, Rebekah Robinson, Qcap- tainj, Monica Lazo, Top row: Mrs. Wrightson tcoachj, Boutsady Keomany, Wendy Wimbrow Sonya Taylor, Kathy Senf, Joan Chasson fassis. coachl to block the volley of an opponent, Kathy Senf jumps up to hit the opposing side as Wendy Wimbrow watches for the outcome. f , junior Varsity Volleyballg Bottom row: Nid Chanthalacksa, Crystal Rice, Vir- ginia Feria, Judy Hottel fTop rowjz Randi Beedle, joan Wilson, Joan Chasson fcoachl Susan Velazquez, Kristine Ludke. With a high leap lcaptainj Rebekah Robinson spikes the ball to her opponent for a point. NHS L Parlcdale NHS W Bladensburg NHS W High Point NHS W DuVal NHS W Fairmont Heights NHS L Roosevelt NHS W Suitland NHS L Friendly NHS W Largo NHS L Parkclale NHS L Gxon Hill NHS L Bowie NHS L High Point NHS L Crossland 6 wins, 8 losses ... ..l FQ "D ia it ,Q 'I f VOLLEYBALL 75 Running Tough Accelerating In Size The Indoor Track Team has practi- cally doubled in size since last year. There are between six and eight new runners who are all giving it their best. "It takes time for a new runner to do well," says Assistant Coach Mr. Richard Thomas, "and our new team members are trying hard." He also adds, "The returning team members are doing quite well. Twanna Shields and Shauna Clarke are excellent run- ners." The team's best overall event is the 55-meter dash in which Shauna Clarke competes. The Indoor Track Team practices Monday thru Friday, right after school, until 5:30 or 6:00. They have warm-up exercises and then they go on runs that could take them all the way to the Univ. of MD golf course. In bad weather they may practice at Cole Field House, but when weather permits practice is held outside on our track. They usually run five to seven miles a day. First year runner, Brian Costello, says Head Coach Mr. Mike Roberts is tough, "He makes us do the most we can, til we can't do any more," Senior, Kristen Noble says, "He takes no ex- cuses which helps build our stamina." Junior, Mark Mooney says his goal is, "to make it to the states and hopefully be competitive." With this hard work and success this year, maybe the Indoor Track Team will continue growing with more and more competitive runners. Almost there, almost there," thinks Dennis Howland as he completes his last lap on A-wing first floor. 76 INDOOR TRACK . K , . . J yr- fz 3 ' pr K 4 V ' . ,vi oe' J. .M , ..,,.. , -J ra as With a look of determination, Marcus Smallwood stretches out his calf muscles before running. No, Dennis Howland is not meditating, he's stretching out his inner thighs as a warm-up exercise. 1 2' l Indoor Track Team Bottom row: Kristi Kinsale, Twanna Shields, Valerie Moore, Middle row: Marcus Smallwood, Carl Arosarena. Top row: Harold Rivers, Brian Costello, Mark Mooney. Standing: Head Coach Mr. Mike Roberts not pictured: Asst. Coach Mr. Richard Thomas, Shauna Clarke, Algernon Grant, Athena Cherry, Kristen Noble, Michelle Finch, Dennis Howland, Ameer Mutazammil, Sherman Robinson. .arf , r ..,,, qvwvf During bad weather, the Track Team can run through the halls of Northwestern 'without crowds to worry about. SCHEDULE Dec. P.G. Co. Scrimmage Meet Dec. P.G. Co. dz Mont. Co. Scrimmage Dec. George Mason Invitational Dec. P.G, Co. Holiday Relay jan. George Mason Invitational Finals Ian. D.C. Track Meet jan. P.G. Co Championship Meet Feb. State Qualifying Meet Feb. AA State Meet 7:30 AM Meet 5:00 PM 12:00 PM 12:30 PM 1:00 PM 9:00 AM 4:30 PM 4:30 PM 3:00 PM INDOOR TRACK 77 Matmen Go For A Pin Pin Or Be Pinned "Thin and tough", is how Coach Boettinger describes his wrestling team. This year the coach's goal was to take his wrestlers and work as a team to be the best they could be. This was done by much practice. "Practices were very intense," said junior co-captain, Eric Freeman. He pointed out that they practiced six days a week for nearly two and a half hours each day. Some things the wrestling team did in practices included: push-ups, sit ups, and 20 minute runs that were done inside the school, starting from the third floor to the basement. Practices were very demanding according to the matmen. Over the years the wrestlers achieved many personal goals. Many have memories that they will never forget. Senior co-captain Dan Ron- ayne remembers well his first match-A game bell against Forestville, "I was a sophomore and was very intimidated by the crowd. It was a very tough bout, but fortunately he turned to his back and I pinned him." So, if football and basketball don't interest you, check out the Northwestern Wrestling team, but remember if it wasn't so tough, ev- erybody would do it. Northwestern always needs wrestlers! H, , ' is .J . ,ii,,4'QW A bi ..... , f 9 at f Getting ready for another victory junior Co-Captain, Eric Freeman has his opponent in a grapevine. 78 WRESTLING The Wrestling Team Bottom Row: Sun Lee, Steve Carioti, Donald Walter, Douglas Morataya. Top Row: Asst. Coach, Robert jackson, Romeo Morataya, Eric Freeemang Co-captain, Danny Ronayne, co-captain, Steven Fletcher, Randy Codette, Coach, Joe Boettinger. Winning isn't as easy as it seems to be thinks Kenny Morgan as the referee declares its his victory. QQ?" 4 1-1. At a home match, Ray Litten doesn't seem to be ready for the instant take down his opponent is showing him. his ankle taped after an injury, wrestler, Steven Fletcher asks for time out so that can assist him. iving his opponent in a good position Danny Ronayne struggles to keep him in ront head lock. Hearing special instructions about the scoreboard Randy Godette, Andrea Conway, and Dave Norman listen attentively so they can score things correctly the second half of the match. NHS Surratsville NHS Forestville NHS DuVal NHS Oxon Hill NHS Central NHS Kennedy NHS Springbrook NHS Bowie NHS Crossland NHS Largo NHS Potomac NHS High Point NHS Friendly ...J WRESTLING 79 Racing down the court with only one thing in mind-Z points-is 315 Cynthia Morton. Trying her hardest, Reesha Scott, attempts to get the ball past this Suitland block. VM li' W, 1 at 3 , iv .ED -Km --V., Slam Dunk ' .i -..,.,-'I l 'W C. S 1 4 -KWINN: "5 f L or ' S' M 1, X.-A. Z' ,Nw f-" With 4:30 left on the clock, Shauna Clark goes for a basket to hold the lead against Suitlan With help from Shauna Clark, Peggy Edwards successfully makes the basket. , a. lx ik . C . . V gf 3 X , I fy? asas, N -Q 1-. a A A I 80 GIRLS BASKETBALL down the court with a smile on her Shauna Clark succeeds in passing the for the basket, Peggy Edwards jumps - above the opponent. I wffwfze ,NWI A. 5 , "Nl s u f C .L , ,gil , lil li T15-.i'1f f I A KL' . .I Arrzk VM I , . , A ddd L . 2 if f Aaking sure that it's safe, Sharon Humes gets ready for another score High Hopes Although it wasn't exactly their best season, the girls basketball team kept that Wildcat spirit. Practicing their hardest, the Wildcat team strived to achieve their major goals- to have a good season and to do the best they can. Coach Smallwood, along with Assistant Coach Woodward, spent hours and hours practicing with the team. They learned new drills and new plays and worked hard to im- prove old techniques. They also watched col- lege and professional games and discussed certain aspects of each game. "They were hard on us . . . " Says Sharon Humes, "but I enjoy practicing with the team. We have fun. A good attitude and good sportsmanship make a good team. About mid-season, with a 2-12 record, the Northwestern Girls Basket- ball Team were still flying high with hopes for improvement. NW Opponent L Duval Parkdale L Fairmont Heights Roosevelt L Roosevelt Suitland W Suitland Friendly L Friendly Largo L Largo Crossland L Crossland Oxon Hill L Oxon Hill Bowie L Bowie High Point L High Point Parkdale GIRLS BASKETBALL 81 Holding the ball away from his opponent Da- Soaring through the air Daryl Shortt amazes his team- vid Strong looks for a fellow player to assist Leaving Riders in a daze Anthony Cowan mates as he jumps for a dunk. him. fancy footwork to fake out the opposing -I H. . 'gif , K .sux 'Mg ,J C-reat Expectations Working As A Team Molding varsity players was the major goal of the Northwestern Junior Varsity Basketball Team this year. Coach Kessler definitely believes that practice builds a better player. Asking Andre Cameron how practices are he replies, "They are fun but with a lot of hard work." Working with the varsity team every day after school from 3:45 to 5:45 and Saturdays from 1 to 3, "Can be a real workout" advises Eddie Langston. A normal practice consist of running drills, working on defensive and offensive skills, practicing with the medicine ball, they de- velop strong muscles, and much more. During the season the team faced some tough teams, but their most competitive and memorable game was against Roose- velt. "It was a close game, but in the end we came out on top with a one point victory of 57 to 56," said Roland Penny. With a lot of dedication and hard work it definitely looked at midseason as though the team may have reached their goal. j.V. BASKETBALL Junior Varsity Basketball Bottom row: jemal Averette Top row: David Strong, Irvin Church, Clyde Lawrence, Roland Penny Barry Ramsey, Andre Cameron, Qplayers not in picturej Anthony Cowan, Eddie Langston Right before a game, coach Kessler gives irnput to his team. NHS W Annapolis NHS W Roosevelt NHS L Delviatha NHS W Suitland NHS W Suitland NHS W Friendly NHS W Roosevelt NHS W Largo NHS W Largo NHS W Crossland NHS W Crossland NHS W Oxon Hill' NHS W Oxon Hill NHS L Bowie NHS W Bowie NHS L High Point NHS L High Point NHS W Parkdale NHS W Parlcdale Struggling for a shot sophomore Barry Ramsey is trying to "put it through for two". j.V. BASKETBALL B3 Giving All Your Effort Taking a jumper, senior, jay Bias aims for an easy two points. Holding on to the rim, Derrick Curry makes sure his dunk goes th 4.4-f""Mj . e V it-.t H' N? ,qw',..' Q: ' -in r 5 , , i r image ' f. L. , f 'gs Rift -if? sg -xs- ' ' A ww' .I .ri :V " Striving For Success After winning the State AA Cham- pionship title in 1987 the varsity bas- ketball team had a lot of expectations to live up to. Seniors, Jay Bias and Derrick Curry were the only two re- turning starters along with five other returning players. The major goal of the team was to have a winning season. Once that was accomplished the playoffs would come into sight and hopefully a chance to defend the title of state 84 VARSITY BASKETBALL ,M I X champions. This season has been like a roller- coaster ride. The Wildcats started off the season with disappointing losses to Annapolis and Dematha. They then went on a six game winning streak which was ended with a disturbing loss to Crossland. The next six games found three wins and three losses. At the end of the second quarter, changes had to be made because of the suspension and the ineligibility of two starters. The Wildcats then had to rely heavily upon Kenny Hill and Derrick Curry. At this point, the teams record was 9-7,. There were six games remaining and no one knew how the cats would do but with hard work and dedication the team would hopefully pull together and come out of the season with their heads held high. .gk his amazing ability to dribble down the Terry Lancaster finds no trouble in get- past his opponent. Wie 1 e -f,,, ' I wus. " WLM "WM K. ,sf Left to Right: Mike Short, Teddy White, Dion Gray, Darryl Short james Thorton, Tyrone Moody Dodd White, and fCaptainJ Derrick Curry. fNot Pictured jayy Bias, Terry Lancaster, and Kenny H1ll 9 ,f ,,.. . , f...,...,,,,,.,,,,4 . ' gag, ., V, Mu... . S' i:g'm 57 Annapolis 69 75 Parkdale 1 V' - V ' ' 57 Dematha 85 46 Roosevelt tg 'A 57 Suitland 48 S5 Suitland ., 77 Friendly 51 54 Friendly V J 5 in 72 Roosevelt 48 44 Largo 50 Largo 44 64 Crossland 68 Croosland 77 S7 Oxon Hill 84 Oxon Hill 73 59 Bowie 69 Bowie 59 79 High Point we 70 High Point 74 95 Parkdale I MM V V Christmas Tournament . 75 Roosevelt 54 ,, ' ' - 61 Bladensburg 50 Y 6' W ,, - N ,tr MQ,- . .V , ,.,,, .V .-iw--an-M 4m..,..,,f-1-h-w...... -Q-"" reparing to make his shot from the foul line, Dodd White concentrates on the W asket. 35 A A L,:1i 1 SQ W ge-v iegwgw Q , 4. 1 W t . . I X . , -.' r - ..,-,.- 1 . '. ' 'D'- G --K -X - ll if , f . I of' - f Q f . - , 2 ' I ' CI-' I f . I , , . lf ,X H 'i - ..q Double The People From NHS Double The Pun all Around The School A Double Experience Making You Realize NHS Is The Cne For You. f !'.'- . I -N -4 f'. .4 . - . 'X '. , 1-' .- . -Y, x U' 54 X x , S4 9 ' Gif . ' ' I I , P l ' ' - 1 - .PE LE 9 O A x '. 9 Pun Times For The Last Time The time has come to say goodbyeg Our senior year has ended. We leave our school, with heads held high With friendship, luck, and memories. We thank each other for the memories we created, And never to forget the tears we shed and times we celebrated. We made our vows, and earned our caps and gowns, and passed the gate to our future. The time has finally arrived, and we stand with great pride with our families to share our great joy of success. Feeling proud to be part of the class of '88 and to graduate from NHS. By Ileana Figueroa Q 26 Tt.. 5.2 Z --V - -- ' o as - Qagaamg - 0 o 9 0 A 0 o I- 2 E :E r twigs! e M s e J 'T A. E U-af 6... thx QM if I 5,2 E "" ,.g! 13' 4, 1 .1 H ' 2" ? f " W 5 1 1. ff "we ,K " ' xi.: -- 5155 A 1. if + 9 'XZZA yt ff w e ii 2 g 4 sa f ga 589 0 n 1. 21. Mark Abrams iriam Akelj fv as xi - -fr , f Maria Anzelmo Adela Aquino Michael Armstrong Michelle Arnn 88 SENIORS L 1 Hg, if if ,.,,. ,,..., ,,.. K ,sk .mehr f , ff' it bv A M- .gwl A 4' 4 we Donna Allen Kimberly Allen A ert Amanor Tamatha Artigliere -- , 4 44? ,, .-N ,, . Christopher Babbitt Edgar Ballesteros Travis Barnes Gregory Beach u I 'R I Ww.Zf'fa' 'I' . ' ' ' 1 ' ' .' 'K Q wwf 1. 4,5 wi' 0, I x 'iihannon Beatty Timothy Bell 5f9Phani9 Bennett Clamenthra Berry James Bias III Renee Bigelow Eugene Blackman , .av 1- ,,, I as Patricia Boone Christy Bosworth Vilak Bou Stephanie Boykin Brian Beahm Isaac Benson julian Blair in I. Doris Brady sEN1oRs so Katrena Braxton Mie Brewers 5xMichael Briscoe Laron Broadnax Gloria Brooks N 0 ,..,,l vlwl V W-wif ,K yy! Allan Brown Shronne Brown Daren Browning joel A. Browne Angela Brownlee V.w.1Q...4r, . V Au - , " 'vw ' W-Q , Magi , H Q Cynthia Brunson Karlene Bryan Q- Luther Bryan Mary Bryan Not wanting to do her work, Shane Comer cracks a joke in class to find an excuse to stop the lesson of the day. 90 SENIORS 1 Running with speed, jeff Stout starts to have images of being supermang running a paper clip to the center circle for the scavenger hunt during class night. 1 vi Andrea Buddoo Hoan Bui Tina Burke Tamara Burrows Charles Burton jr. Leonard Burton Troy Burton Edenixon Bustillo Alex Campbell jenny Campbell Mark Carr Laini Carroll Qoyce K. Chaconas Darryl Champ Linda Chhom SENIORS 91 Senior Disadvantages 1. Constantly being reminded that you're an ex- ample to our school. ,,, Q 2. Senior expenses. Making extra sure you passed all of your 434 rrll e. 3 4 3. 'I slid ii Er lV1l3T'S. 4. Checking on how many credits are needed to graduate. i Sandra Christianson Ngoc Chu 5. Senior contract. 6. Trying to act more mature when you don't feel like it. 7. Work-study. 8. More responsibility because it's expected of you QWhy us?J. 9. College preparation. 10. Leaving your school friends, and not knowing if you'll ever see them again. Carmen Clark g Maria Clark Shauna Clark Tanya Clay Texroy Clayton Leo Cloud is r I 1' W, i ' Jacqueline Codi Dione Cole Kimberly Coleman Rita Coleman Christopher Colson 92 SENIORS i R Shane Ni. Comer Frankie Comfort jon Crider Derrick Curry Senior Advantages 1. More respect from teachers 2. Less credits to earn. 3. You get to pick the easiest classes. 4. You can pass your senior year being an aide for six periods and taking English for one. 5. More playtime. 6. Work-study. 7. Prom. 8. Senior Class Trip to Daytona. 9. College. 10. Graduation. ,,,,. Ronald Compton qndrea Conway Kenneth Cooper 0 Marie Dambreville Dayami Daniels Andrea Davis Brentford Davis johnny E. Davis I Richard Davis ,W 5, I7 W ,a 'v Christine Davies Frankline Delaney, Jr. Io n Denny SENIORS 93 "Why do you think anyone would build a cage around them?" Maybe to escape the Northwestern school environmen . vv , A nf, ' , , L A M, 1 7 W! Racquel DeRocha Wm X Daryl Dexfta , E. KL. ,. 0 a r A y f , H r Q hx W v,.. v , VNW, ""' ,L A J . ,up .f , . J? W Angelic Dewitt -Dana Dickerson gChristine Dillard Torina Eason , .,,, . af f Gordon Edwards eli Salwa El-Hage Harold Elem 94 SENIORS , ,,,,f , it ytyyyytt yyl y y,y - it it f ff "':f'ff?wMw , ttty or maybe just to get away. But either way you look at it, they will definitely walk out . . . a Wildcat. Sophia Edmundson 3 1 '- - 23120 f, me Evelyn Elias F , 5 f . ev V' Regina Elliott Nadine Smith Mark Falcone Tggqhia Falls Heather Farrell ,wry , J' 1 Q. W 4 I. W Reginald Ferguson lleana Figueroa Brian Filion Emmanuel Fonrose Hosana Fonrose Crystal Foreman - Zac ary Ford Dwayne Foster an lg 5- , ,, K fflfifaf Lisa Francois Aaron Frazier Michael Gambino Karen Gardner Shannon Garnett SENIORS 95 f-if X Bruce Hardwick we ,H vs ry ' we Eric Harris ig .r,,,, ' I R 5, sy, as . ,f f nz.-H, - N . Q x Mark Har er -N , , , Maw f Kimberly Hatcher Moonlight seems to shine through the Queen's face, Darlene Thompson, as she sits her date Kevin Qualls at the Homecoming dance. Patrice High l Shannon Hawkins Celia Hernandez , . Tonia Hines Anthony Hinton ff james Holmes Cynthia Holtzman mn HorstlgrnD 96 SENIORS Senior Countdown Sands Of Time August- We enter school a little nauseated but we come back because our parents make us. Also we end all of our summer fun for a gruel- ing year of schoolwork. September - You begin to count down the weeks which add up to 167 days including days off but excluding week- ends. Senior class council was formed and plans were made for the year. - October - Spirit week rolled around and of course the se- niors traditionally became victorious in spirit activities. Not to mention the fact that we own the school. November - Senioritis creeped through the blood of the seniors and we had a deadline to pay class dues. December- Christmas break is here and seniors spread holiday cheer. SAT's are taken and plans are in the making. january - Return to class with a new attitude. Making resolutions for the new year to come. Senior skip day was March 8, 1988. February- Month for lovers Some 18 year olds seniors vote for the first time. March - 32 days until Day- tona Beach. Attention girls- start dieting and start looking for those prom dates. April - Daytona- Here We Come!!! May - Our senior Prom is here and the end of our year has finally arrived. Girls hope you have those dresses ready. june- The second of June. We are free at last .,.. We wear our caps and gowns for the senior blast. We made lt. uv 1 1 l LA Q y M2 5 K ,X Y Arzf-Q - e--5432 V- 2 -., Taking her daily snooze Tamatha Artigliere dreams of all the beauties of Mrs. Ruley's AP Literature class. SENIOR5 Fun In The Sun!! Sponsors Are People Too!! Who runs the show? Is it the director or the producer or the ringmaster? No, it's the Senior class sponsors, Miss Duff and Mrs. Hernandez. Although they have many other obligations to the school, this year they've helped complete tedious and mandatory tasks for the Se- nior class. Among these were: arranging all the plans for Prom and Graduation, meet- ing with the Senior Class Council and class officers ev- ery other Tuesday afternoon to organize and prepare for upcoming events, and help- ing the Seniors do their best to win the Fall Class Night. Comparing her sponsor- ship to three previous classes f"78", "ss", "sent, Miss Duff says that the Class of "88" is more dedicated and hard- working. She enjoys working with students outside of the classroom, especially Seniors. Mrs. Hernandez has never sponsored a class in the the past, but if she had the chance to do it again, she would. Both agree that being a class spon- sor is very time-consuming, but they enjoy the experience of working together. Another sponsor who de- serves recognition is Ms. Howland, the class presi- dent's mother. With all her hard work and dedication, the Class of "88" was able to take their class trip over Easter Break. Where did they go? Not to the zoo, or the mall, and definitely not to those famous museums in the big city of . . . Washington D.C. They went to the sun-filled, fun-filled .... Daytona Beach, Florida, where they stayed six days and five nights at an oceanfront hotel. Their itiner- ary went as follows: Apr. 3-depart at 7 pm. Apr. 4-arrive at 11 am. Apr. 5-class pictures Apr. 6-Wet 'n Wild dance and BBQ Apr. 7-bellyflop and tug-o- war Apr. 8-Disney World!Ep- cot Center Apr. 9-depart at 5 pm. Apr. 10-arrive at 10 am With the cooperation of' Miss Duff, Mrs. Hernande and the class council and offi cers, Deneta Howland, Wen- dy Wimbrow, Paige Tinney, Angela Brownlee, Sharla: Powell and Ngoc Chu, the Se- nior class of "88" completed their final year of high school successfully. Finalizing the hotel arrangements for the Senior Class trip, Deneta Howland makes a phone call from the main office. SENIORS Representing the Senior Class of "BS", are the class officers: Treas.- Sharla Powell, Vice-Pres: Wendy Wimbrow, Corr. Sec.- Paige Tinney, Sec.- Angela Brownlee, Hist.- Ngoc Chu, and Pres.- Deneta Howland. aving responsibilities as a Science teacher, Miss Duff still enjoys being a During a class council meeting, Senior Simone Thompson checks over the enior class sponsor. Senior calendar of events. lk. -1 A'-.1 Z.. .- AR ,itls it, ' it .ie W ,n .l ff! , -f i X 1' 3'-'ff Vs nf? .4-"" l i js ,pi ,vu , 1 Je" .- ' 4- lil ,. -'fi he front cover of the Daytona Beach brochure is a familiar sight to many eniors. fir Pav Even though she is busy being the Maryland University Collaborative Project Coordinator, Mrs. Hernandez still takes time to help with the Senior class. SENIORS .1 Beware You're A Senior The Wildcat Plague Watch out! There's no cure! And it comes only once in your life for one full year. An- other personality possesses your body and you find your- self having competitions about who can tease the most Freshmen. It all begins on your first day of school. You feel your stomach begin to churn, and your palms begin to sweat and you realize you just don't feel like going to school. But you reluctantly wake up that dreadful morning just to check out who's attending NHS and who left. But most of all, you woke up to tease our incoming freshmen in the school. Day 2 arrives and you know all of your teachers, you teased every freshman you could find in school, so you ask yourself, "Why should I go to school?" You make up your mind and you add two for morej WEEKS to summer vacation. This is the begin- ning of SENIORITIS!!!!!!!! Gther symptoms of this dis- ease includeg finding yourself passing the school, going to McDonalds for breakfast and heading home again for some extra shut eye, siting in class and asking yourself, "Why am I listening to this teacher? This class doesn't even count, it's just an elective and I don't have to pass it so why don't I just take a nap." But whyl? You caught the contagious bug of "Seniori- tis". How did you get it? You SENIORS passed your junior year. You now demand an exorcism, but the only exorcism is the grad- uation ceremony and youj have to wait one whole year until you're cured. And then: the real trouble begins, you begin to enjoy this incurable disease and you begin to take advantage of the situation. You're only a SENIOR 167, days of your life so you enjoy it while you can. gyms: ., 4, 'Y ., , f - fx- - l 5 .e '-,-, 3 ,zz y ,la 5. 2 My 5 - 14,4 1 ' -1 gfg.i'1"t ' -gt . I. , ,yy r g . . .,,.,!.. 1-. I ?P'v- SENIORITIS. r I I from our school. XXYWQ ZEIYQ' "I'm a Senior and I can do whatever I want, " So out he goes to sit and drink where it's forbidden. But don't blame him, he's possessed by , "I just can't stand it anymore," says Danny Walker as he tries to escape Zfs 'Y "Gimme back my money you stupid machine" yells Peter Cruz as he hopelessly fights our Pepsi machine. Trying to find a new cure for Seniori- tis, seniors Stephen Brantley and Troy Williams try their new experi- ment on Randy Godette. SENIORS Graduation And Future Plans V 4 'ulllw' After Graduation . . . College 4 yr. 35'Z: 2 yr. 2592, Trade School 10'Z: Military IOWJ Work 17'Za Unknown 3'Za Xi lm Vu Yi uk Considering Maryland as a college she would like to attend Diahanna McLaughlin does some further research on the school. SENIORS l l l Smiling was a sign of relief shown on the faces of these five young ladies as another graduation requirement was completed. Waiting in the hall, outside of the cafeteria Mimi Akel, jill Wendel, Patty Boone and Cindy Holtzman try to pass some time before sitting down for cap and gown measurements. f If I! ff! . if -J gag' interest in going to college, Jhamal Hanner recieves a pass from Mr. Richter in order to attend a meeting about University. of seniors patiently wait for instructions on how to measure for cap while filling out their forms for the gowns. Preparations Finally, our senior year is here. Graduation is just around the corner but even with the parties and summer vacations we all look forward to, there is still a lot of prepa- ration that must be done for graduation and our future af- ter high school. On October 27, 1987 we sat in class while some of us dozed off and others talked. An announcement was made "All seniors report to the caf- eteria." We all rushed to get there and once we quieted down a slip of paper was giv- en to us to fill out our height, weight, and correct size of gown. Then we measured our heads with tape to size our caps. That takes care of one of the many preparations re- quired for graduation but wait, what about college? Here are a few facts that might satisfy your curiosity. 1. The average SAT score for a Northwestern student is 371 in verbal skills and 408 on math skills. The average na- tion-wide score in verbal skills is 440-450 and 450-465 in math skills. 2. The average college re- quires a grade point average of 2.5 or better. 3. The average number of colleges applied to by seniors is three. 4. Most seniors apply to the state of Maryland for state scholarships. SENIORS Gazing down the hall, senior, Amy Watts makes sure she gets her daily allowance of caffeine and sucrose. What could possibly be on these girls minds? The delicious lunch or men? SENIORS Mad mess of Seniors? The senior class displays their talents in various for their float. The Senior Zone V R-.J 'SK Deneta Howland jacob Hughes Janice Hughes 1,1 s 7. 1-. ,Q K.. . yy.: v My ,, , rnsiiag, H , Danielle Jackson tephanie jackson Aaron Hunter Sean Hyson Lisa Jackson Wanda Jacobs vs tanley james Kristina jenkins -3.15 Deayne johnson Dameln johnson Showing she can Whip it on you, Joanne Ngalne grooves to the music by Rare Essence during Pregame for onlookers. SENIORS 97 ":-.J -. vm. ,, A . 3 , ,, ,wi ,fr - nz, -r,. - ,' Na! , ,W . -,,,.,,,. wg. EZ. I-f J ,,, nf fi, , +4 N 'bo ' .1 52 lamina. f f 1 , 'W Sheila Griffiths -get ff. , ' f Af I W af '51 " 'I' 2 it 'V A .32 W 'Mb 'A ,, . 'D , J 1 Anita Groover Michelle Gulsron Janet Gutierrez Pulling hard for another victory for the Seniors, Chucky Burton, Alma Mesa and Kevin Qualls use all their strength for the final tug during class l5 EEk , , '4ff??W"'4f' .4 b..wf6'Zi'i'z',ap '6 E'Qgg4 1 q i S ig 5 -w: ' ' Z E E ' E si Ill! HIT' 5 il is Mill include: yearbook class dues class T-shirt class ring senior pictures class trip Anthony Garrett Andre Gibson I' ' . . . . ames I , 2 X, , .1 ,. , - prom A ge . .1 'MM W ' ' ' . v-. yd ...Q - 1 V 1 . school lunch Public Education . . Free? Of course, you entered a public school that it would be free. Well you thought wrong. Some small expenses for most seniors thought that when you 525.00 535.00 511.00 5185.00 5200.00 52.99.00 Knot includ- ing personal expensesl 520.00 110 game minimuml 560.00 Cincluding dressftuxedo, din- ner and flowersj 5194.25 qfor 185 daysj SAT's TOTAL ..... Who said publ Yolanda Giles Lillia Gill I05'3Pl'l Gllleffe Corwin Glenn ndall Godette Arnold Golden Georgina Gonzalez 512.00 - 51041.25 ic education was FREE? 2 ,A Joyce Grady Anna Granados Isaiah Grayton James Green III Lorenzo Green X Qhamaul I-Ianner SENIORS 99 W we: ' l , L ue' fm, " , ' ef 'M an ,, ,,, f l 5 1' fn, wr ,A X . Q un' M4 -,, , -my Dianne johnson Dorian Johnson Lennitta johnson Pamela Johnson ,W W ,X .... ,WE . Milf if ' "2 'VJ' , ea, ' , 4' 'Q' Wendel johnson Westleyijinhnson john jones Loretta jones Yak 'Q H Lf' -P, ' ' AE! W h-.A Reyna Jones Ronalcl jones Hgpe Julian I' Alice KEGIIBII 100 SENIORS "I'm innocent," says Tammy Artigliere while sneaking a cookie in class. -g Ass-N Shannon johnso a , Y 4. . 1. KM 7,4 f Michelle jones Veronica jones Ka nl vi fi . " in u Kehleay Alberta Kelley Christopher Kerdock Kedron Kitchens Charles Lakey Which College Is For Some NHS Seniors? University of MD P. G. Community Towson Howard Frostburg Georgetown N. Y. C. University of S. C. Penn State Princeton Syracuse Other 4 people 5 people 1 person 1 person 1 person 19 people 3 people 3 people 2 people 1 person 2 people 6 people it , Z5 Kofi Kitchens QSteve Knabel - Akua Kwatemaa f Y e,..,. .. Cartian Lambert Michelle Lathon jennifer Lattm Rasheed Lawal Tommy Leake ef? fakif wf - ' - .. ., ' ' . Sun Lee fe f fl S 4,3 L yf ' - 41' V if 'ff ' If . 'K ' W, Tracy Legree Mary Logan 102 SENIORS ' may me ,R - ,, aw, 7 , f , ,,.h .. ,g we . W , 4 , .W ,XQ 2 I A . CGLLEGE UUE! I-loNgaS S I1 i ' D D U O DawnLee 'fi - Nxlg 4693 Make You Or Break You? What lies ahead in your future? Many students answer this question with "four more years of school," in other words 'college.' Some are willing to live at home to save on expenses and for security, while others go away or live on campus and have a large bill. Most community colleges are very inexpensive costing an average of 52,000 a year, and the same is true for state colleges. But campus fees can be another S3,000! William Lee jr. l H t L," ,V K iw g Michelle Lemelle Donna Lewis AVG I-iI1dSay 5 in " 5 Y ,vw in ' X , ,ij ve V ks I I M rTLorQ Heather Lounsbury Norman Lovick jr. Michael Loyd Quan Luong -,Larry Lynn jr, Sandra Maalihan Barbara Mahorne Kelli Martin Neena Masih Cecelia Mason jerel Matthews f'mm I've Known My Future Since . . . A0 l I5 I0 J'-f, , mes McDonald ig.- .,.Q. as 5. Lavonne Marshall Shawn McCamrnon .H l McDonal xl4'fi2ELl'E9.E,W WE? f' ' 11 :fy , , - 'W ' T . I Y 'Ui , ,K ek? .,. , ,Lc......,,- Lorraine McIntosh SENIORS 103 f,.,, -as Diahanna McLaughlin ff? f ,Q ,. lhrilirey Miller gn vs aughn McQueen Rona Mensah Alma Mesa ' Nath: N. ,v,7,--.!1 XT' Y LaSl1ean Miller Lisa Miller Sharmba Mitchel 'ef Craig Mood mu, ff .auf 1 Thomas Mooney 104 SENIORS 'Z Senior Class Council First row: Vicky Triplett, fl-listorianj Ngoc Chu, lTreasurerJ Sharla Powell, Qljresidentj Deneta Howland, QVice-Presidentj Wendy Wimbrow, QSecr.j Paige Tinney, Tracey Wayne, Kimberly Allen Second row: Sophia Edmundson, Ray Litten, Amy Ralston, Simone Thompson, Deanyne johnson, Santiago Morataya, Aaron Frazier, Chris Babbitt, Jenny Lattin Third Row: Shannon Garnett, Tanya Clay, Tammy Artigliere, Karen Card- ner, jamie Brewster, lleana Figueroa, Krista Odum, Cindy Toth, jackie Codi Fourth row: Rona Mensah, Danny Ronayne, john Paul Jones, Randy Godette Esam Mohamme ..,,,. ir l Tyrone Moody Valerie Moore Ma, ,WEL f ,, ,V , ., V 5 ' ' ' r WLM: 'Tb , A.: :- ,, , ., .5 1, o 'Y Romeo Morataya Santiago Morataya Cidget Morgan r an Lashune Morgan Darrell Morrison Q, xii "W . ,,-W' .fjgki -M Joanne Ngaine No, this isn't a scene from Halloween part Ill, it's Mike Grubb, dressed up on Halloween day. 'fi 1 Nora Mulhare Lavincia Mungo v ills M . ,W N 4 Nguyen Nguyen Angela Niclcelson f 4 4 2' ,ZW jennifer Nichols Clarence Nixon jr. Kristen Noble David Norman .l0H6fl1-in Norman SENIORS 105 . to i 'fe Double Talk slang- colloquial english, language used casual- ly in conversation between peers lunch box, illini to act crazy or to be silly think again dearie-I don't think so alw, but no- lt's not funny skeezer-a girl who gets heavily involved with a guy because of his fame or material possessions word- that's the truth get a life- grow up, get yourself together dweeb- nerdy person chillin'- being calm hanging out being cool duffed- to intentionally leave or avoid someone or someplace dis- disrespect grizzly- used to describe an ugly chick let's bowl- to leave or get outta there banchee- name called to a friend who plays tricks on you stupid Ifreshl- really good and silly, bumpin' l1ome-boyIslicej- person from around the way or good friend poserfGilligan- person who tries to be some- thing that they are notg phony or fake def- really cool or happening girlfriend- 1. good friend 2. let me tell you something ,.. N 4 y gg. gt K , ,hy 4 4a.,.,..,..... Maw, ,W 4 9 ,Y ,W My 2 , Yolene Opont Luis Ortiz 5, W., WN .Lf "' 'P 'Wu 1a Ernest Payne 106 SENIORS Jide Nzelibe Karla O'Bannon Dolca Obregon k.V,., X, Krista Odum Latichia Olin Ricardo Oliver y t L. D V L- . A , ' K' Fa- ' I t , Rosemond Owusu l Denise Parker Donovan Parker I an ,K A I Ati' .GDN .xDirk Pereiraf john Perry Q, 6avid Pfeil Jr. .4-Nh,-W-I,-.,f' -.,-,,..,,,-,, X.. Tram Pham Christopher Philyaw Lia Piedade Belande Pierre Carmin Pierre 5, , 4 l I l 'K " IE ',., , ,, Q R W if rr 5 8 .3 3 . , Ig' uf Sharla Powell , 1. , 4 'MJ r v- 3. e,qS',j"" - . Q 'infix' , , r ,,.., , A U f' wwf sum 'V . . , ,f - xi . za fi K ' - '- A Kevin Qualls Donya Quesada Tonya Quesada "Who says guys aren't good cooks?", says Richard Davis, Amy Ralston as he brews up a pot of chicken-noodle soup. 1' a Kevin Ramsey Dora Reategui iii- Dionne Reid sN4,,,-233 k SENIORS 107 Underclassman Paul Staloriclc follows the lead of senior Dennis Sullivan. ....MW..,,N - . ir Angela Rich Kennard Rich ..- 'ie Angela Robinson 1 Leon Robinson III 108 SENIORS Trevoir Richmond . ,, 1 Q w wf -. A illivlfg I .- Q Rebekah Robinson Nw. Macarena Rivero Harold Rivers Daniel Ronayne l Mirlande Sabbat MlChaCl Sallet W ,, Z Q V f Y . .L ' -. .V , .A i ' K f ohn Saunder . .--V-Maria, fw fr- ,,,, Venese Senior Artm Shakarjl w ,Vps Dana Slmms Shelly Simms Kxmberly Slmmons w, Maurice Simmons Q Ashleigh Simpson , W .77 ,, f -- ,,,, :VV I !V,. i ' K 9' an 1 T ,rf Frank En l' My Leroy Smith ,fr ,,.. A ..,., ,, Mfr' W' WWW?-1154 ,, X rw.r,...4.v,H N.. ..!' XM" 'K' ,. fp, ., 3 Z Z w , fail! bfi' 3' 5 I ' Q , It f I 6. ,,. Johnny Spilcer "Nikki i 1 1 W .,' My wv . S gl ' ,' .- If M Kimberly Stokes 110 SENIORS Mark Stanton rv ft H - 7 5' ' f - .,, W .1 1 ,, - 1 n, .. M 4- Tracey Simpson Andre Smalls Howard Smith A ff .. U A ,Z . J, ,. A. , 1 I ,ka i ' ,wsu nel K . S ' 1 , I K1 Vincent Smith Crystal Snider Steven Sparacino .- elly Steele Willie Steele Quinnie Stephens Ill ddie Strain Juliette Sturdivant ennis Sullivan Seniors Wants Sz Needs Females Needs job ate for the prom pay class dues liploma ots of money ots of male companions Wants I car lrivers license :lass ring vraduate et out of school et away from home l iv L..., Males Needs respect diploma more leisure time to pay class dues Wants as many women as possible sports car classring alot of money large wardrobe to be famous date every Friday night Sheba Tartt Keisha Taylor Rae Thomas Anna Thompson Simone Thompson Joanne Thompson Tracey Thompson Ana Tiheo SENIORS 111 ai e Tinne .-8,..xN . -,r 14151155 , iuigzgw ,z ' 0 . , 'f m . 1' ' 4 , 5 . 'QEWQ f . if -K, ,,,: -W A sv -- W f, 15515 . w Y""w-fm, 2. , f ennifer Va entin 'ff- Erica Washington fr , Vi- igrg , f N! P Michael Weight 112 SENIORS k. Ingrid Valladares -iii , T , ' M r - 3?,r'f , . my atts f' , 1--2 V 'Lf , x V W.. . 'Cf' " -51? Q Jjygendei 'f he . H Vx ' if ' 'Z - " x,IZ-U1 gg i'if2f' ff,, 'gsaffiin' 'I' Vicki Triplett Carolina Velasquez Jenelle Waugh 35, ff Wanda Wenk Dionne Tucker Darlene Turner l X ,, ' ZX lam W ' V H , 'V -, ,. , . , ,,,, J K W M., ,, - W .. or A , mi Daniel Walker Simone Walton Lisa Wayne Tracey Wayne 3. 5 vw M,- '7 ww' f I RJ? 7 h Sheryl White heodore Whit- . ' f ,-.iff 'mam-L J Y y- ' 4 aa.: ,. in ' 4 2 . ,V f r Q, , Ei, i W 9 all , 5, gg , Kevin Whifed Tarvin Wilder Shannon Wilkins Rebecca Wilkinson l . ,2ii,1 - ,. , 1 iz l in was x 'G-'R N ii? 1 Xia was if 8 Ls? utting her office skills to practice in the class- Hoping she wont get caught on the telephone, Helping with a few homecoming preparations Dom, LaShean Miller looks up some important Rebekah Robinson finds cover as she hides be- Aaron Frazier and Kim Allen fill balloons for hone numbers. hind the soda maCl1in9. the senior class. Seniors 113 Robert Willie Kimberly Williams Darren Williams K 74 V Y I 2 ,A ,f 4 E Natalie Williams , 7, . ,,, X2 2 I .e ' no " mia' VV Ernesl Williams if Jacquelyn Williams james Williams, Jr. Troy Williams Sabrina Wilson ifQ Virginia Woodard Kimberly Woodruff Raoul Woodward WHRQRN Greg Wright If Qjgg , , L N K' f Walt Wright Xiang Wu Monica Wylie Patricia Zelaya Irene Zahn 114 SENIORS' X Displaying a sign of relief is Latichia Olin as she finally finds what she was looking for. Specifying the last table in the lunch room as their own during third lunch, Venese Senior, Tracey Thompson Loretta Jones Isaac Benson Kevin Ramsey and Ihamal Hanner enjoy the company of Seniors 115 T o More Years Our Meaning J: just g U: upperclassmen N: now l: in O: operation of R: removing S: SENIORS As you go through this section,, you will, in the end, see we are the coming generation fthe class of 19891. And we're on the stampede Ruthie Adams Steven Addison Remi Adekunle Dan Aduwu Meshark Aduwu Nicole Aiken Tawa Alajilci Trina Alexander William Alexander Lynn Alston Sashae Alston Gerald Armstrong Carl Arosarena Scott Austin jemal Averette David Babbitt Pearl Bailey Angel Baker Barbara Bannister Alfred Banks Barry Battle Kesha Beeks Lashanda Bean Lorna Benjamin 116 JUNIORS .girl if -V A A .flluu al: 7 is .wi , .,,, 5 1 5 ,W 4 'V' 'WI' f W 3 ' ' V .3.. wit aft Zig 3, t o v , ' ,vc 7. 19 1 V 'xl ,SY ' ' 1 , ' A 1 - " ' .2 xi l is tial: or hu , g. r- A ie?-A 4 it -If Q K wr 4 4 U f ,, M H' I 3 A an . 'f K E f , 1 'b X ., ,A 4 2 EQ O I 4 W NMVMM iff nn ,Gig K Rh-f' ,-. 67+ in 4" -s .w ,.. X . A Q, Q Y- 'ef I h Q, Y ,,.r E .., i Q lv . wx 'Ssa- tg ,f 5, A 'Wa st E 8, H, g . i I -4 n is 'Siu' , s j 7 1 it ' l , K V f W! I 1 t f ,if M A V "Ma A , w , -N ,X J 4 " , :Lie ' ' , . y , . Y A , 4 A . is v- O , .4 f ef ff it ii if f i X' 'V , , s All Smiles Weeks of hard practice, that's what it took for these three girls to finish this stunt with perfection- Crystal Debold, Jennifer Caldwell, and Kim Washington. With all the difficult and interesting moves in the "Wipe Out" routine, this dou- ble back sit takes a lot of practice but I know we were all exceptional- ly happy after we performed the stunt perfectly," said Kim. 1 af.. 1' V 'W , WZ? 'f 4' 4 Yi I W 1 J: ' 1 t Ji. 4 as Him-ff N355 fc x ., x E 'X .3 li' fl? 1 f ,Nl , ' 5 ,Q Ry , A 'lf W, 1 F- Z, f si' I X QI if 4 I 3 W Q , K ,if f sf . , , ,. " '?Q'W ' ,J wi, 5553 'ff 'I-:Lf .A', ,Lyawb 'Y Tracy Benn Byron Bellamy Lloyd Belle Katya Bernal Clayton Berry Monique Berton Angel Biggs Andrea Benfer Nestor Blanco lf!! BQLOH Zh9ff50LE?efE3 Qffort Bowier 'Sarah Angel Bridendolph Bianca Brocksmith Jason Brooke Alita Brown Amy Brown Danielle Brown Dorine Brown Kevin Brown Shevis Brown Donald Bruns Yolanda Brunson ' ' ant 'shaihuco 0 Chelinda Bullock Normon Bundy Antoinette Burgess Jose Burgos Katrina Burton Kimberly Bush Sherrie Butler Andrea Byfield Lisa Bynum jen ' aldwell Cathy Ca Maureen Candelegw JUNIORS 117 edr delari Simmone Carr Andre Carter Emily Carter Som Chanthalacksa Alexander Chavez Desiree Chestnut Khim Chhom Tun Chiu LaTanya Clemons Bernard Coatley Mary Colbert Clarence C n h.9.n Wendi Cook Mark Coppedge Sean Cordway jannise Corry ,.,..f- Brian,Costello Elgen Co n ri ,QgQ,Yill9JJ, Anthony Cowan Scott Craiger Lavell Craven Yolanda Crosby Iorro Cros, ghannon Crouch, Nuria Cruz Antoine Cullum Cordon Cummings Aaron Cushinberry Chi I I ires Channet Davis Erica Davis Scott Day Crystal DeBold Shelree Degree ' r qbeustachi Sanovia Dew Andrea Dickson Tanya Dockery 118 JUNIORS fi , t J .r. .. ., t C .. . .. if "Y YF at ' gf it ff- e if t A t . ., f ' L A ' x Z ,Q -5. Q E - -., . i .g. F. , 1 ,A ,gs K yi fi , i ,D pk ,- iv, 5 k . , W , Q ,111 Wi ' f ' T ' ""' Q i iiwg '-ff' ' . , -X i C QQ ., M G 'a 5 "' jf 11 ""' " f '-l"'f x ' w if o f: " ll' " it T . t A will X 4 , . . ' 5 wi-PL ,Lf V Aa ,saga ' if.. -N M or ' -gm, x . 43,1 f 2 il' I A74 me A or .i Q, -.1 S, i 1 1 A :Qtr as is -see. can A yum I KA, ' V' -.. ff: , ,I ff' at WWW I 4? r A Studying for the chemistry test next period, Michael Stanford and Shannon Crouch fulfilll their hunger pains with a quick school lunch. A X , t G ee . V. is K ' - "xv m . 'f of , . ' '- I V v w - i.:, lm X 5 ? 3 , ' A xx K Xu- . .fix -, K .I 2 R X 4- x.-A, A W' Q l. A sr ' 2 ' sit- . y 'VK A 't 'f"'5ls -i .N N li- 4 ,K . b :yy Q N , 4: . , ' -in , 5. -211 -:im ' L. .T . .-:sr . 5 JK ':- 3 pt , g. - 4 , 1 .s ,j K 5 C -' .. Q.. , W'BY' 4 :Ltr 5: kkky I it Y I N eg tt .az A. 4 5 .. ,, ,,,, 1 e APA gh Y. .X xv, 'Q A 'fi' is , 1 3 F 'Vi 4- t. 1 I' 2 X1 tg f K 4 X ' ,Q 1 T A 4 F ct F E ' "E Q , g . , ,. ..:. riffs! K gg? A ' ii? :lg g .k 6 .-- 43 M W f s H' 6 2 he 1 'W iw s 3. f ' t E t ..., t ., LN , V , i , ., i K- -- one U -M L L. - -. 1 Q . fx, X 4. LS N, A... shag: A X, Q L , 1' ' Q N kgs 5 , i ,Q I ft -- . -- 5 f s m frail! - -L35 'x"' . 2 W if if ' K Sa., fm. E ky xi ,fl ,. 1-t F AQ - N G V ilu "' Q' i - . A ., H '41 I i . H - -e ., ' so S me s t, ' a -br i, - -fs.. Y ,-: f 3 S ' 'fr -tl EVN? a ' ' 'v l nt. .. f v- f.ISz,. me ks, , -A tw, H svftlet - ll ' ' . we gi we is sg , .cf- igfs ,, .. .,,.... c "-" f . ' v .: lk . xi ,... . K EF FN I, 5' I .., . 3- S ' K - , 1 ' L H 4-4 ,,,,, 5 X ...W W WW, - K -'--:: 56 w '::: ST? . P '1h izz "How may I help you?" asks Darcia P , Williams, smiling happily as she waits for punch out time. xkhh . X .. ,, s" K it -- U S H . ,s ,tg . .I f 5 A I gs, Q A Q 6 F L- g -N a 7 , . , me .. . xl . is l f- iiii E L 1: E X M of . I, .5 A f Y ,. ,f, s I Y ,.. 1,14 Hi 1 f Calvin Doe Mar Dorsey rian Dou Bonita Downs R o le fiiiius Dris Char es u e tacie Dun ar Fenile Durham Mike Durlewanger Joni Ealley Vanessa Echague Heidi Edwards Marlan Edwards Peggy Edwards Yvette Edwards ema o scudero Dennis Faulkner James Favors John Feeney Robert Feeney Kevin Fikes ' ' inney jennifer Fishe er Richard Fitts Tiyon Fleet Caryl Floyd Daryl Floyd Gregory Fluitt Keith Forbes Petal Fortune Felisa Foster Derrick Francis Ronald Francis Donald Frank Eric Freeman Keith French Ta briel Cornell Gaines :Joseph Ga arza on Amy Catton Hanna Gebrehiwot john Gentry JUNIORS 119 Lily Giannini Melissa Glover Q.IweLv,CQme3z Patricia Gonzalez Yamil Gonzalez Tanya Goode Joyce Goodwin Algernon Grant Raphael Grant Ronald Grayton Bernard Greenhow Andre Hackett Angela Hall Angela Hamer Gina Hampton ' Steve Hampton. Earnest Hanible Kevin Hare Marcus Hargrave Tracy Harrell Tedo Harris Alana Hawkins Diane Hawkins Amy Headley Deborah Heard Quentin Heard Q?etsy.Hsaef.Si3 Don Hemans Paul Herbert Claribel Herrera Charlene Higgins Douglas Hill Kenneth Hill Keshia Hogue David Holland James Holley Dwayne Holmes Adrian Hood Andrea Hood Keisha Hood 120 JUNIORS --t as Qs' 'HK 'QU' Ny, ' my ,iq st, ,. Qu I 'X L25 4' -it f.',' ig 3-iff' in K Q W' 4 1 . an . I , ,tffkgrag I 'GW' 41 it ,Q 7 f i ll n.. ,,,,.- ,qi X D r li , .,. 71.611 av-1 4 r 1 Faster, faster, faster, cries the junior crowd as Natalie Paulwell, Andrea Benfer, and Taleesa Gabriel race down the court in a three-legged race to another junior victory, at the fall class night. 'T fm pw--n tl km? ,.A fi? 5 A -U 'W' Y ll 1 - -5 S RHF Q, Qi. , 5 is"H' 'E 1755? f B 5' ,, M 4 f U, ' fn 4 . yt, tg rat r Q ' ,, ,,'2::"V C C ' y A ' . A A gr t g gr :R ' eg, A A in J ' X - ts isa 2 M "" X X 1 esss N it A .C - X l A a J 1 r J' il ll :QQ -.L', ft i' Q - ,pff 3 - K Q: EU' 3 V ,fl l ,"h " I --in ' .. P' 'I Li .lb is me J Q a if ts- A I 'ek to ,J f' C we C Q . Q .,. Q J A12 I , f C ' wx ' I All V' 5 --K .Qi Cutting out research work for Mr. Klein, Lily Giannini smiles thinking about the "A" she hopes to receive. , ,. S its fs I' lg r ,gs 5 if uv - .'Y"9l5iY . -. fv- - Q4 iw f E 'ze A C J ' h ' " Q? like .ss-f 'J j " , ls , X YW , X' W ri jf .4 gif?-,.iTjl ., ..,, , , XL Q, lfw-y ' :'t.. ' ' 1 J 1 fl -,gf ,sg ,..., P- .V ,e 5 X te . in ,- ,g ,fa E v Vega I fx " A r Q 1 Y if rr? nge , Wx, af 5. A ge. l 6 'll r C Bryan Houser Dennis Howland John Hubbard L n Huff 3 1 Sharon umes I unter Abigail l-lypolite Huot In Y Danie e Ingram Andrea Jacobs Patricia Jacobs Dawn James Jermell Jackson Robert Jackson ' ames 'A iam ames f.!5HlE.Ell' Nancy Jean Damon Jenkins Thuah Jenkins Deborah Vinson Jeffrey John Anthony Johnson Catherine Johnson Charnice Johnson Glenn Johnson Joann Johnson Kimberly Johnson Raquinna Johnson Sharon Johnson Cris Jones John Jones Tony Jones Twanda Jones Gerald Joseph LaShon Joseph Tom Kamuhanda Ho h ar Karimabadic effrey Kello Boutsa y Keomany Jennifer Kerdock JUNIORS 121 Denita Keys Sang Ki Do Kim Edith ' hing ona d ' aron Kr' Christian aGuerre U errence Lanca ter Risquat Lawal Le ia Lawrence "' Lazo Jeanne Le te Ji Lee Keisha Lee Tina Leonard ammy ete ie Ja Lewis Melissa Little Cezar Llerena Ronald Lovett Jermaine Lowe Tonya Lucas Kimberly Luclke Rosie Maalihan Steph. nie Mace I Desiree Mani r m Shani a Marsh Kischa Marshall Sherrie Martin Rosa Mata Jeff Mathurin Raven Matthews Kglin Mattin ly lbertis cCra Brin cDowell fa Tif any c wan Sammuel McFay Jocelyn McKenzie Eve MCK an .pbert :Ken ' Car ton clean Mark McWare ,MR ben Me'ia f-Rhongiimgriman Charnika AE - .Wi.l.1iLmsMlfS Rhonkisha Miller Wendolyn Miller Tasha Minor 122 JUNIORS fe A -we , ' A' ' Y ' 5 1 Q f f :H W -' y, , 5: ,Q , -, " L v , , W 'awww vs' V' 94 .,"-- f 7 . - 5 V M! s K I uw? 8 I , V Wwmf J . ,L - J.. at J' if I - 1 A is X, -r 4 ' x 'fm f , V me W J i if it R rrrsr J J M ,F .WJ ,,k. 4 h. - Jyxk J X J Q is ' ' , J Jer L I 4 - ' J., - :ff .1 " I 3' ff Q " l ,. ,J J J ,. 4 . . V lr Jr is 21. "' l , J' f , A "'r W ' J w ith e A ' LLLJ5 L ' l 'N .4 W ""' ii" ' ' zz rev: Jsse lain-'E rrrt I J I,-1 'R :F W' 0 A . . X 2 H. N up t ,. ,,,,, V r -A agar I f New . ,-ne ' if fx! 1 Lmtte ae, it as-rm K V . .K ,Q i A' V L' 4 M W x .ff 2 .sw-' mf, vf-'V .M J. N , ,, . ,HN 'N 'Qs 2,4 ... ' . ,Til ' Q far e, , " Y ll '1iL:l.'. '-" V ,l .L . ':",, .,Y?J.5l:.' ' l. L 7 fri. .. L X N, ,L Y 'Z All "0 J Q wet ir. . L .V,, ,,,, X,h , , 5 r X tk V w . ,'I Nl! ,Q I Already Ou-t In The- World I . 'Ze . is I wana,-..-W, maui vvif, ti :gf EW 'Q' ' sa' ' +1 'Q You dread getting up at 7:00 every weekday morning. At 8:55 you have to attend a long and tiresome day at school for six and a half hours. After that you make your way over to that big, crowded mall where you punch in at 5:00. Great, another day at work. You put up with argumentative customers and the boss always being on your back. Finally, its 10:00 and your ready to punch out and go home. Even though you're half dead, as soon as you get home you hit the books. You study and do homework for about two and a half hours until you just can't do anymore. You go to bed and wake up the next morning at 7:00 ready to do it all over again! Where do people get the energy? Why do they work, and how do they have the time? "Working is hard with my schedule," exclaims Daniel Ingrahm and Natalie Paulwell, "but without the money I make at work, I would not be able to pay for all the necessary needs of all teenagers!" es at W y I P I Edgie Mitchell i V I fi? . Kevin Monroe in :.::f:Q. 4 A V . - V- . t""' I , " ' fr Jamie Mood 'W' P' f. , " .A IW :-W F . 0 f' " Mark Mooney - 2 L ' Vai I SQL '4 fl. :A Geor e Moore v, .. i l-V ja M ,Q vb flqarshawny Mgoreo 1 x K 'ug .4 X ' I ,:,, P, ' Y, Courtney Morris . x ' 7 A v: Anthony Morton - gm" .e?:ff:i.f1i , '.,, V , s H ,. .. . . p.,V Kelvin Moses ' I iii I M Ronald Moss ' 'V , , ' ' I ' , V, W- H: Belinda Mowery ' , V sf- :-- .w J 3 , ,,. .I . . - Monica Munoz A ' . A ' ,, . ' U fi ' -77' ' ' Naveen Muppiri - ' B " I 6 ' r - Ameer zammil 1 ' 'I V ' as I r "ii elissa M er . 'tx Mis: Rowena Narayan 1 A . 4, ills: K f A 1 f DM wunce ,i A : iX1i'iiz? J i I Ted Neal A , Jesse Neal A My - in t h yy- S, ,F fs Mahn-Hung Nguyen . r I, Q , . .J Nhuf Nguyen :V Vi.: 'A Q f . W, 'ly R I ' Lakisha North f ug. I Tina Northover ' f " V Isaac Olatunji ' f I ' Nikki Olufemi . .:. : . A .,. .1 . I' I 4 if , ,:'f: if' All ii' I I 7' it 10118 P6 V V V Vulg Perrin Palistrant I ' ,Q , V' ' y , I ' ' I Dionna Parker 5 - e 1 if 1" 4 , , ,M Q f M Q.. Gregory Parish il. I 'W -V if f 'W Q - .' ' Jason Parrish I' I i I N H, . ,,,, ' i Natalie Paulwell .. ' lx 'NW A r - ' Anthony Payne i. I , V: ei? ' 1 I 'ii il .4 1 V 'W IUNIORS 123 Nathan Peake Vt Roland Penny V ,I V Anna Peters 1 'V:, It V 'L Karon Peters ' H is V Q V ,fe V - ' Kerri Philippe ' , ig, I L ri if wa, gli, Frantz Philogene ,' W WN, x Anthony Plater ' 1 Vyygi ,Z 1V 1 5 7 ik , - Daniel Pletcher i , H I I ,fir X ' x , 44 "" A' ' L z is Donna Plummer I R LQLHQLLPQHQI , L r--t if M y , 'Rosalie PopfescuE LQ A f'7'1H ,, -., A, W ' M' 1 Celeste Powal - '71 SHPE 5, W 25 -. 2 ,- Derrick Price A A 43 jiselle Price A A Leslie Price ",1 s X , Laurie Provencal i' ' K 'N . Lois Provenza l . llll Lak Rajbandith ' A Darrell Ralls M " F " J 'Wi 57545 , A K Hp 40, ' Vi, NA! U I v- L' M , L, f llfr so A , VM :AI .. V by ' V A Avv, X , red ,P i X s Q L L . 14 i Vfff . . lll iiie IL P' W? ttte L A 1 , Leslie Ramey . L E, igywzx ,, ,L m'lgEllid3ll , I , V ' 'fi I lerQmseRando17iQ v - f it " V, Charisse Raysor H' I ' H V i vs. L ,. exe- ' . 5 2,2 .,,f , , .' ' ' "What'd ya get on yours?" The rings seem to symbol- I .i., ' A ize the Fact that a person is now an upper classman. pi ling: Although the cost of the ring ranges from one hundred 'S ' "'f' E 1 ' Dorothea Reams dollars and up, the rings continue to sell all the more. Earlisa Reams 1 Tera Reed W Roy Reeves T, si -f. is L" "" fi! 'QVD i L ,Q-2 j 1 ' '-ff' it L Adam Reid Q Bernard Richardson Zhanice Richardson , , . - Kimberll Rin rt .ul Q ,Q , V' 1' i- , Cjwn Ring is Q1 Q Marcus Robertson ' I V A li 11 5' .. I x 'iff 'gait if .tr 4 s 91. v- W f e " J, 1? li f Sh Ae ertson A f i renda Robifls I U Q75 ,g 1: 2 V ff.: 'h . U - ' - 5 I I SOD in H V' I I 5 .lir I ardo Robinson 'x r Sherman o mson i ,.. me , a W -,,,, Tina Robinson I 'W ' 7' ,QQ , 35.4 7' Christopher Rosado 'Q 1 " n ' R I V f " K fi i Z E Re ' Rooks it Z . ' ,,'f is 1 , ' " , I 79 4 K , all 'V , ef ,QTL-I ' . Q j, 'V -7 Kevin Sales at V '22 lil' if ' it V 5 ' s1-, - " -5 ' Q 1 f x 124 JUNIORS Q r -y i V. ste . w fs f in 2 .2 J i ,se sf' wife - t BK -lf. N in taglkli N NV' . t x W, .- W X U'-N 1-X . 4.5 '--, X f f y K 4 ll , i M t aa ,M e t ,. . Q lit - -JA J Q ,lk ' 3 K ,f . is z-.k ' ' K-A 5 'J' r t we R y 1 J ., t it . - . 1- t. , ,555 5-Yr' K :SAI .. :Eze 1? ig' :rs va get R tat it l ff 'U' A , 3 5 is st I ,G 'lsflg 'V , f X 5? E t W A . , xLL,, N y S y t' t Q? M A lx ,,... if V 1 Eigzzfig? ,T f ' S 'if VT Fffd I if Nickie Sales Carl Sammerson Conrad Samuels Tracey Schaeffer Jerome Schools Lynn Scott Malena Seabrooks Claiborne Sellers Anna Semas Maurice Senegal Kathryn Senf Nga Senf Ele Shaibu Craig Shields Twanna Shields Uzma Sher Michael Short Darrell Shortt Yolanda Simmons Ra-Shawn Sims Ivett Sithithavorn Jeanine Skeen Gregory Smallwood Marcus Smallwood Carl Smith Christine Smith Sabrina Smith Shauntell Smith asf - T' I 5 fx T. K 1 i'-ziawafii , It ' ... , , 3 ' if-7 S if ' Shavette Smith Stephanie Smith 4 1 P o n Snyder j , ,Q i" S ..' Michae Souza L at -1- 3 " 1 " ' t r sw f at , ' ' i , "' Paul Spicer . , V Stacy Spurrell ,sq ' Ta T QL i ioni ii urrell? n - Portraying the Mona Lisa, Tasha Minor takes a break , 1014? we 'S if ' i' in between her lay out due dates in yearbook class. X A f '- fi S ff "" :-' S .. Q, Q- p .c,s- ,- , U 1 , Q t , 'ti' Stanfo . m In , ly w L, N -k . K my . Walter Staples ,S s . . Q 'QL M S iu f fl h e S A laniFe.SteinbaCh r 8 fi K , y 3 - " S ig .L T Christine Stockton ' ff " ig ' ' .1 'K ", t y fy, Krista Story ,f ' . f, i f jason Strawbridge l X ' x Monique Stubbs JUNIORS 125 il Darrin Tanner Anthony Taylor Howard Taylor Renee Taylor Daniel Terchek Annie Thomas David Thomas Kenneth Thomas Marlon Thomas Melody Thomas F, Tiffan Thomas I Allen Thompson Tanya Tibbs Cheri Timko Anthony Tinsay Lynease Tolson Zelda Toye i n niia Ti var Seemia Tr tter Rolando ucker Tracy luc!er 035319 Diana Umana Jerome Villamin Nancy Vipperman Sean Vortis Calvin Washington Tanya Wade jason Wan Kimberly Washington 'ka Watts i!!El5'4'nm onald We s I Matthew Wheeler Anthony White Dodd White Lakesha White 126 JUNIORS of f Y ZA . K' 5 15.44 i ttii ii , . M --.. , . A. Q. : K. Q 1- I Nici.-'jk . 2. . I Alfa ,WW 'Q in ft. If . .5 , . ,er A W . ,... - ., A .t gr- A 7 f H fi ' X 1, aut . ig, on x W e151-'L . s,,,,t - .Fe I f ' Eager to assist an on coming customer, Kathy Senf V, 1 A , , , Q , H, .S clears the counter for merchandise. "X "' 7 , ,f A l . -- f was ' - ft as ey vi A A sg fl L - l I :A , rt A -4 T B . K as Fw 4 -W U i V . r fse ff V f ls N X L, 4 f A . A 3113? lfgg X to v 1 N, 1 .K is M .-.. fi ff new - .m.,+fai- : ff ,'E5S:::: ..,,,, w f ' QUTEFEN 5: i .c , . H Q- i S.. Q X .. f .V .HQ 1 V ge- 5' . ' - ' M. as till - ' . , i ' ' , . W e- .X , ,A . t r X riz ,Q . Nxhi A, V. . y A K Ki . to yy s ' like ff -if N jig' ,. 'Ml' ! it 11 '1.,.W' K . if A ff all xx I fs .5 -4- e v 41 Q .1 s i PM , K... ,ii ..'. EW sae e x W it X I E ll W Z ' .. gjj ' 'L ' 3 taet t t t A ,Y i owl? ef W 1, 3. 1 fa- ? i '4 l :iii it. . Z- , .L . , , fist ' A W g , MSE r tx -. K Q N . K' - 3 -. xi., A t.. t 2-. 5 , ,, nkf - '-, h Q, an 5 """' S N, , , vt q Q11 , f, S J g E ' V ,im . . .. . R L use w X 1 , g le K ,E t t K r Q l 5 . P ,1 I 'SN 1 4' A Through all their laughs they have brought the organization to our class, these are our class leaders. Row one: Kim Ludlce ihistorianj, jeff john fvice presj, jennifer Caldwell ttreasurerl, Row two: Anne Wimbrow Qpresidentj, jennifer Kerdock isecretaryj. ' 79' ,fl ' ' N Nt 'X fm me sl Mega' X il' ., , we I . ,, Saundra White Allen Williams Darcia Williarndsl Daffid Williaw Dwight WWEIQSB Keisha Williams Maxine Williams Melinda Williams Robert Williams Shalethia Williams Tamara Williams Tina Williams Candace Williams Duane Wilson Sheila Wilson Richard Winston Angela Woodard jennifer Woodruff Trishia Woolard Tamika Wright Yong Yi Diahann Young Donn Younger Kerri Zajicek Lydia Zerne Angela Zicafoose ' 1- 1 A' Q .I x f y, JUNIORS 127 Here Comes The Class Cf 1990 Double Our Knowledge Finally, we're Sophomores. No more jokes about being Freshmen. On the first day of school, we knew exact- ly where to go. The class meetings started early this year to prepare for homecoming. The Sophomores wanted to beat the spirited juniors and Seniors during class night and homecoming activities. Being a Sophomore brings you one step closer to graduation and leaves you with three more years to create lasting memories of your high school years. Paul Adams f Marcelo Aguirre Angela Akers Moana Akers Grace Akinkoye Hisham Alami Michelle Albornoz Sherry Allen Faziena Ally Olabonti Alyegbusi Ge e derson ari Anderso Robert A Ahn Nguyen Miriam Aquino jennifer Archer Karla Ardon Boun Arphai Errek Artis Katrina Askew Audrey Atkinson Dennis Atkinson William Auchter Anthony Avent Derrick Bailey Dawn Baldwin Douglass Barber Chance Bartee Eric Battle Nicolla Bell 128 Sophomores f ,iw . at VA. , i"v J., ti sm ,,f k ew., Ex' , , fy. W fm. . ae. Va , is Q . 4 ,vf'1f'3 ' ' " is iii., f 25 A C wqfffq the r it it ' 'rf' 4 . P, ,,..T eewffsf ' lt ff Z r ' ' ui" 111211444441 is f - 5' M X ZQLE M M Ksvtvsxtlhw' N A i .. fi' 'if' A i f A A Un " 's Q: hi V ., 0 V lk it ,:,a:l.r 6 ff , w ff Wi he A V Xa. t X ' A r s. :.i sg 'l 1 P5 i ieiii ' 'X ff is aft , y 1 Xt A Q, .- NH, Q Q' X T i f 7 ii iiZ,.eS -- fl! 6 H X r m N, .. L Q ,,,.. .. 4 . ' E sl: M -- - :,, ,.,, , 1 " "-it . . 5 id, 1 K , I -':- .S .,. , K V W .. .. 5 .t .Nw Sign. ., " 4. Q fe. 55.5 x . f ..., or +- 4 . -v 2-' X turd t 'gg Q. .. ..., .,.. .. 924 12. -at ' ta -1552 4 tt ' A ' lik- t a ' I .LLL a , it A xii: '- L ,P -N IX, V. . 'Y' I . ZS.. be ' ' 53.43 -.1 w . W, 'I st M . i --1- :1 .-1' Y , - ' -fi f A es . .gg x Q . it -R . i nn , Wea. . ...Q . ,Eg K' .X . QX si- ' N I fit ? affiif 2 - 1. , .1 wifi-... f. A K ,,,. . j . ,.,. V , A X ' at A' s -,--- f ' ...lf ,gt ' ' Q ' 'X tj K i i vt -1 ' " cf - t- -wi? E ,. . W r - i" ' Q k g s. n 5 f ,.- fl' , , ,Q --I--Q . i I 5 X ' W1"k 'jj e' .., j Double The Embarrassment Have you ever had an embarrassing moment? Well these sophisticated sophomores told us some of their most em- barrassing situations. Tom Lazo- During the making of the Sophomore float, they pulled my pants down. Laurenne Weaver- running to my bus I fell in front of everyone in the snow and ice. joan Wilson- I went to Roy Rogers and slipped on the wet floor and spilled juice all over my white outfit. Sherry Allen- I came outside in the dark and got in some- one elses car instead of my mom's car. Yhamal Catacora- Getting kicked out of art class for bad language. Orsson Vargas-I set up the lab wrong and everyone in the class copied it and everyone failed. Kit Sithithavorn-In 3rd grade my girlfriend walked in when I was going to the bathroom. Andre Cameron- I was coming from the soda machines on the main hall last year when I walked into the girls bath- room, when someone yelled, "Hey man, what are you doing in there?" ..s.:a:es. . ' N 3. a ,, " fr- . S fr - times: gf K Mark Benjamin Nathaniel Bennett Elliott Benton Kimberly Betrand Raj Bhalla Bryon Bishop Lisa Blacetti Jaime Blanco Sharee Body Sheila Bolden Comfort Bower Corey Boykin Ujih Bealded Lisa Braxton Nikole Braxton James Breece Michael Briggs Frederick Briscoe George Brook Aretha Brown Rhonsha Bryant Mark Buddoo P 1 lp Burn Gabriel Bur os ,-,ja Vonda Burrowes Aaron Bynum Andre Cameron Dwayne Cammock Larry Campbell Steven Cariotti Ernest Carpenter Dwayne Carter fPau1 Cagggi Yhamel Catacora Chauncie Cato Terrence Caudle Tervin Caudle Sophia Chambers Nok Chanthalacksa David Chavez Athena Cherry Kenneth Chloe Chi Choung Scott Clark Marcel Clarke Jason Clayton Kenneth Cobb David Coffey SOPHOMORES 129 Kobie Cole Daryl Colea joel Creese Trashaun Cross Wayne Crowder Alvin Cunningham Sandy Daly Carlene Darbea Davida Davenport Sharrese Davenport Andrew Davis Deyonne Davis Kadija Davis Tene Davis Tiffany Denney Robin Denny Eric Desmond Jason Desormeaux Ramon Diaz i Kenneth Dick Howard Dickson Malissa Dixon Corey Douglas Renee Drayton Mohammed Dukuly Jermaine Earby Courtney Edmonds Kimberly Edwards Francisca Ekanem Daniel Elliott Lance Elliott f ,Q r 2? . ,. "' up if ti V I .Na+ Er, 1 ' A .,. ' fi 1 w fi ,J-.f ' ' er s , iill QL 1 1, ' W ., 1' ra 1 ' 1 fr vs. Lx -ww- -!l"'i! , my ,f, ft 'f' L, . if 12, Breaking the rules, Terrence Caudle gets caught at his locker Y ' ff during class ' " r'Y" ,gmt , . ' .: 11,13 5 , ' it ' " " ff! -ag., L 1 'WT aw . V ff ' ' f ' f- Z ,T , fi "' . ,. s ' "" il es' , . ,J ' - Yi? aa T 3' . iii ' ,'fv 5 If an if at M s as A, .. 2 " "lf I 7. if I 4 , i , r, , , - , ,se , W V 1 . . E, ,A W F . . L ,, .1.., VV , x V f--, ff,,. . , ,M ju., .. I A ff , 6 -av 15, - ,f -an - ,f 'A 1, , Li ft Elf ,t.rt , Working Toward The Big Year Did You Know?- -ln 1959, there was a game that was played called donkey basketball. - jim Henson, creator of the Muppets graduated from Northwestern. - Mr. Coats has been teaching at Northwestern since 1959 - Some clubs that existed back in 1959 that are now gone are: Bowlers' league, Thespians, Quill and Scroll, Lettermen, majorettes, Dance Club, and Dance Band. Ms. Northwestern Pageants were held and some titles held were: Ms. Sweet- heart, Beauty queen, Ms. Congenial- ity, and PTA Jamboree Beauty Queen. Those were the Days! 130 SOPHOMORES fir f .N I ff' L sf ,fri v " M v. r. ,. an E., sie r l af -rr? 5 gk' 1-ji. g " -. as .-4 X .. 'PN .Lu r Qi,-E - y ,. r : n 51 1 Q Q fi? t m11.L . ,. . ,. 5 L W W wi life 3 X. r Hr. ,gr r E E ' Y a S X gi. ,Q .. ' IE . ,. W, X 64' N - - . . - fr - .. ' ...... Lu F R xr Q 595 X 9 ,. me K..- . Y. " -,'. o gi ' " 'ffl -'wi ir, 5 - . - -' Q- i Yi? .3 ,Q 5' ' -K ,L Q I 4 .. , gk Q.. 1 , 1 s' SM, F Y 'F K ,. ,A s K ,,,. gt .. i 2 I X - - . "i -s H .... . -f f g . . 1 h f 1 Q i ' ., A '-'Q kai, ,. 10' .5 Z -r .X vs , Q fv- " W' ff' -A qs . ., a U , .t . ,V wi . ig K - ' ' F53 'I Y if f X Pa i www . 3 ,Q sm fl airy? , .i.iSL2i.,l,:e 3?m1i ff ' 'Y time QQ lei it f S be W Stephen Eustace Lucy Eyombo Evette Farmer Diamond Farrar Yvonne Fasusi Charles Fields Cli' Fishel mes Fletche Edward Fogle David Fonrose Tyrone Foster Kevin French Virginia Gallion Jose Galvan Sandra Gardner CO , I C5 ff " Q fig, N I Z 3 . Q f This group of students use their lunch period For a chat. Ericlca Garnett Xaviera Garrett Terrence George Anthony Gibson Sherrie Giles Gre or Goines nar HEEL Vanessa Gonzalez Angelique Gordon Q julia Grant C I avvggnce Graves! William Graves Dion Gray Conti Green Conway Green SOPHOMORES 131 Ranard Green Yoketa Green Nina Grimes Tina Guarini joseph Haines ,K Tiffany Hale fx Elizalreth aniib ama arris Maurice Harris Tia Hawkins Denise Henry Toya Henry Vincent Herrin ierre Hi Aaron Hinton qwriiilm Duc Hoang Robert Hoff Steven Hoffacker Wesley H an n Hubbard Alla fnag e Davisa Hug es Wan Huh r Robin Hyatt Monica Iraheta April jackson Keith jackson Heidi Jarman Lesly Jarquin 132 SOPHOMORES New lyyt 'Q , ' lp if 1 -Q f . -S '5' X , t 'es ' ll 'W ,..,,, M f- ' I will A 1 .,,,, ,,kky V,,, -, . , We A . V, ,t,,,.r . ,g , r 1 A -as 2: Aw 4 N E . If these things are in your lifestyle then you F If might not be as hip as you think. -3: E' 1. watches-Timex, cartoon watches 5 2 2. Jeans-Gitanos, Chic 2 3. Shirts-Coca-Cola, Run-Joe E 2 4. Hats-Leather Visors, Painters caps 1 E 2 5. Bags-Fake-me-out Gucci's .. . E 5 h d b 6. Shoes-Nike, Puma E E 7. Glasses-Peabodies, Schoolboys, Gazelles -5 5 T e e B. Sodas-Pago, Crush, Shasta, TAb, AGLW, E : V-B s E Do you know what is hip and hot?: If not 5 2 check this list: E E 1. Watches- Gucci and Swatch Q 2 2. leans- Good old Levi's, and Guess E 5 3. Shirts- Personalized, Summer Madness, E 55 Pepsi, Northwestern Basketball E E 4. Hats- Leather caps, summer Madness 2 2 5. Bags MCM, and Louis Vuitton X E 6. Shoes- Tretorns, Chuck Taylors, Adidas E I 7. Glasses- Emmanuel Kahns fEK'sJ :Q E l To . E E ,- -L - ,, ' i' i : 2 -f!fffTf?EgQ Tmsiiggf? 5 : as S , Z s I I W f: - A i.i . , l 'Ill A if - 5 . A MY' I t I ftlti Q .a,,aLfZM . VF - i , in lj- my M fx ' 'EE1 up Ut lllll'e-'tatlilh A 7 X ,,,,, ,, , , M M fi :TA ,V L, . . .4 .3 is 0 R, . D ' i , va 4. F143 W V' 3 Y- - . ,l I V xt . 1 4, V 3 E 4 D SA W 4 1 . 1 , V . . M- - u ' , 4 ww . , ff fini., if tw fwwke ' ,M ,' ,rv .W .J . s V 'A ,grit X .7 . ' lt x. F-Q'-mv! . ' - 2 s Q epresenting the Sophomore Class are Historian: Heidi Jarman, Vice President: Nathaniel Bennett, Secretary: Meredith Lattin, President: Brian Reid, and reasurer: Theresa Ross. .kt... A It :.,..,,,,if1.,. wa. vt, f.. 4 .fab ' Q in G V1 - 1 ff Q X I I i lb '21 -x 3.42. is . 3- ze. X If r fazwfma. - . , '-Q.. " ww, LIN E rf" I ddy ' . - L . KT 5' 2 L Q e 6 i Ig 5 'J C -597332 , xi 'N i Q i .s s aa at 5' at 'Q ,, . Q . N , 4 , Q, . 2 ,,,i,, ll in V QQ 1- I i, I Q ,, .. V, ,V T if 5 2 V ' A Nw? H5 . , A y r M , fs J .h ,, 14" , , V I l Rebekah jarrell Bernard Jenkins Eric Jenkins Lisa Jennings Coretta johnson Rivion Johnson Robert Johnson Vanzago Johnson Lareintz johnson Esther Jones james jones Sean Jones Kiagu Kamirur Abubaker Karaye Mary Kearney Emily Keller Dale Kelley Sean Kennedy Kathlene Kidwell Uayid Kinder Kevin King David Kirkley Edith Kitching Stephanie Kitt Laura Lones Meredith Lattin Clyde Lawrence Thomas Lazo Thong Le Dwayne Ledbetter Kimberly Lee Anthony Lindsey SOPHOMORES 133 x In The Stars!! Aries QMarch 21- April 191 Better get your mind on business before you lose a good opportunity Taurus tApril 20- May 201 You get a second chance, make the most of it. You grow popular Gemini fMay 21- june 201 A relationship can work out if both parties pull back a bit Cancer Uune 21- july 221 You find yourself in a dilemma, you seem to be at the right place and time to see your way out. Leo Uuly 23- Aug 221 Stand up for what you think is right don't be afraid Virgo tAug 23- Sept 221 Romance sizzles. A relationship with opposite sex intensifies Libra fSept 23- Oct 221 You get greater freedom to pursue your goals Scorpio fOct 23- Nov 211 Pay closer attention to details Sagittarius CNov 22- Dec 211 A parent-child relationship improves. Be a good listener Capricorn 1Dec 22- jan 191 An excellent time for contacting influential people Aquarius Uan 29- Feb 181 Take advantage of any opportunity Pisces ffeb 19- March 201 Home life will run smoothly if you turn over a new leaf. Taking a break from "Moonlighting", Sophomore Tammy Thompson and date enjoy, their moment alone. Z"-P .awr- AN 'X 2 S' 5ean'Lipsc0mb V ttit 1 X Lynette Logan V V ,' E , V A 'IL 'T-tr 1 1 , g Rona1dgLong 1 A ig? 1 - fn me I g .V V if 3' , 1 - Angela Lorenzano it A V gf or , lk , . W1 K ' .4 Melissa Lucas 5 'Z' ' NW A Q R A 2 ' f ' i 1 Hoi Mai -Z is , ,1..: U , V .Xl H . b y 51 X 1 Luu Mai 1 N Va wg' Q v QV 1 'V Mark Majors 4 'JVM . V ,,,, 1 Neville Mariott ' -A A ry I ' v, ' V, Darrick Marshall " A M w fi ' P L ,IV i fi . QA I V, JaCqueline Martin 1. ' T ',,, , V l 1 , ,L r If 1 I , Torrie Martin 1 ' ' L 31, f lvsstflafhurin 5 etet 1 1 W2 ,. - 2 ' ,losephiylayfield , , 'W L ' A ' ' Dawn'McCloQce'y 1 3' 512 2 Jg, V, - J f it ,Q V - 'ti ' 1 lzf it Y. 1 u tr I Ralph McCormick Temple McCoy Roben McElveen Tricia Mentro Nneka Miles Richard Miller Tomeya Miller Christine Mills Ann Milstead Chong Min Tracy Mister Pawkia Mohammed Michael Montieth Oscar Montoya Annette Moody Erika Moore 134 SOPHOMORES .,:an,A -' - f ig , 1 ,M 1.1 V :F ay ap ,saw . 'K , 3 e, -- r ' M ' v, or A ,I ' of 1 58 ! Q 3 """-. ' "W" f a a f VV f' ' H -V . .V V V Vzfwfiw " :-1igfm V' , HV I V 1 'Vw V 5, -' :,U,,. , r ff 3 5, , 3 0 g 1 A be 3 , Ljfrxf ir I I H. V V J L. V I 2 , H V I A y , , 1, . - ' 1 , x . ,,., 4, 1 V ,V i 1 i -,V A 1 ' .. . . e . , : .45 2 ' Qprsl' S if " " ' ' 'K my -, S1 1 .. h SQA it , , 1 A 4 j r it a ,, it it 3 - .. , a f 0 ,. ,. as .Q X A Q -- Wt e P -N A W f 4' 5 , 5 .,, - X 'Q Il 95:4 N Q, I 2 ' f 4 QF? 5:1 H Va ttee A v S Q, - 'f g ,1 at 3 , A ww ' ' ' K ..,.. ' 2 ' h.' ,,. M . K we ' me P as P' .. .S t Eb? it Q x X'- Sm -A 5' F 1 'HJ '. ' k'rl"1'S,?-'iff' 4 -15341-3 A A - . get W li ' we Q55 fv MK lx A n 'rs N r "5 dl A. 5 ' Q , f, , av' Enjoying a night of moonlighting at the dance are Scott Austin and Vincent Shoemaker. Meredith Moorman 'Lheresa Morgan Susan Morinaf Keith Morris A 'Frederick Moseg Anthony Moss Deyindra Narayan I A Randall Newell Hong Nguyen Phuong Nguyen Thy Nguyen Tien Nguyen Rachel Norman Patricia Nyarko Immacula Opont Anthony Overton Renee Owusu Chang Pak Renita Palmer Robert Parker Arneisha Parks Phillip Payne Stephen Payne Samantha Peoples Keisha Perkins Kenneth Perry Alexandra Petroskey Maurice Petty Tuan Pham Sandra Philippe Michael Pierre Gely Pilarte Antoinette Pimble SOPHOMORES 135 Karla Pineda Rosemary Pineda Lilian Ponce Frank Powell Martin Powell Felton Price Marvin Price Thomas Priester jennifer Quinonez Timothy Raines RichanLRa1itQn 'Marc Rameyw Timothy Ramey Robert Ramsey Lia Randall Lavon Rauch Derek Redd Brian Reid Oral Reid Allison Richards YDavidARiston jenessa Robinson Lenworth Robinson Rhonda Robinson Willie Robinson Stuart Roche Suzy Rodriguez Kelly Ronayne ere Ros La use . r . N nne Ruifro 136 SOPHOMOR-ES Some students use their lockers for more ously this student does. than just books. Obvi- aw 3' Q W if? 3 I ,. 7,,5, ft ,..., 1 Ye' e 'c E A V What Can You Do In Five Minutes? 1. 2. talk with friends 3. go to locker 4. race to class 5. cram 6. use the bathroom 7. kiss boyfriendfor put on makeup 3, 9. fix hair 10. eat race to get a pepsi. 'am 5 " 6 4 i 2 Mn... , W , ,, ,, I 3? 51:3 girlfriend y W 149,134 0 -w f f ff 5 Sip G , get. V. A 5 'N'v t eee. 4- f . , 1 ,J ' ' - ,. ...,,,, ..i rv: '. J ...., , af., t ,h 4. Q ,. f i Jill I , Y f ' 41 Q ,E iJ 7, , 1 . . . ff V... , I i ' 'Q 1 XX a. ' it ,. 'V s 1 ' 5 .5 92, W' ' - .-..f - K ff! 1, x V This sophomore shows her anticipation as she runs to the finish line. f, g .x I , .-:: .g i 3,5 1 pig K in?-Q. J t Q V , l Q -H-ga-W, , .1 fl it -f ---1 ' Q 1 r t L K? ' A K, ma vs 1 I i C 0' s 'Q Q ,, 1 l K V E is "i 4 if - We f -it t ' f X '-. 'L Q' , Q K i 55 2 Q.. . iq . ,,,,.,, . S t tis a X , it ' :wi ici' l A ', f WK . w dj .X..i K P p , te . X. g W . , M wi xxx Q 1 ie: N ., is , , if el 3 sa F f i H . , S S M , r e' M e ' 'wb , , ls- - X M 'gilt A ff il - , is 'N A 1 . i--zfiifffilfffimit? ,, -1', ',V' I ii'Q'i'gwl " "il , . ., X irrr L - ati N, K h 1 my ,ai , M . ... . ,gi l if 5 K . 1 .t .. V - A . AS ii gf., V . YT ,is , .,, Y 4 , W f r 5 V WM ' if Taking one of the courses, child development, this student looks over the days activities. P Rosa Salinas Reynaldo Saravia Chandrika Saunders Patrice Savoy Eulis Sawney Michael Scott Sherry Sculthorpe Kosal Sek Alecta Sellers jeffrey Sharpe loyce Shephard Elizabeth Sheridan Brian Shoemaker Lester Sibert Jonathan Silver Courtland Simmoms David Simmons Kimberly Simmons Kiat Sithithavorn Karrie Skinner Christopher Skokowski Andre Smith Cheryl Smith Keonyvone Songsamayvong Candelaria Soriano Theresa Sowell .Patrick Specht Tyrese Spinner Mary Springer Victoria Squires William Starner Shon Staton SOPHOMORES 137 lenniferjteinlgach Randolph Stokes lfauIStolarik Cita Strain Mandrell Swinson Sona Tanna Donette Tapscott Brian Taylor Gail Taylor juan Taylor Michael Thomas Michelle Thomas Shaba Thompson Tommy Thompsonw Dana Thornton james Thornton Yolanda Tillary Saundra Timbers Godofredo Tinio Dennis Trainum Jack Trumbull Lapreea Turner Okeitha Turner Danielle Tyler W h,, . ,, 'K 5. ff? I 4 ' 57136 - Q. 'ti3w,f . ..:s.w4m..,- -v v -r f- f, wc f H. 2 8 D 0' fl 4 fi is .f. we ' V J is fs V L 1 3 'i 'ff f . sa 9 gil A .. M we 'K 5 .,. -5? ,. ,. .1 . J .I E W. W. . " t' mit-f 1 52 . Z' f A A 2 we 5 5 1 haf" . N'-, .l 'V Qi? 3 1 "" , A M A . 1,45 'H r,g,,.. Q' ,,,, 43.3 - , . " "" "nr " ' f sr' 'W"WY?eVV6'? ' 2 ' 1 " ,,,a A T M 3 A , , I t r. t Q, ,. . X , , 1 1 W! 0' V' il My M ... W ff + me 4 ga- , ff f fr, Y sag X .- X f 'J 7 M ff ' l' lE3W. ' WTF .. .... ...At fQ Wf f pw' I X f .. l i Q U! Q 'E 4 4' .r f 'C K 4 . 'rs T 2 2 5 l"Q XXX l ' A . W at eff? f X Z wt . X , , ll .- 1 I' 1 t ' T. rr' v ' 1 A .tw 1 :asia -in me-'L li' E91 Malcolm Tyson '.. , 5 lll liil r Lanif5iUPdike . Damion Upshur 9' 31 Orson 1Vargas M in G r H Boaner es Ve as uez W' " Gustgvo Velasguez 9 its .. Susana Velasquez ' William Villareal Antoinette Virts I Lilly Virts Y 3 Larry Washington U. ' -J Romonno Washington H A When asked what hairstyles are popular, the sophomore class named these: 1. asymmetries 2. bobs 3. cornrows Y Q 4. rodded 5. crimp and curl g 6. fingerwaves i 7. fadeaways and phillies 8. crew cut 9. hair colors E 10. scratches 5' M . ' . .4 K--V 138 SOPHOMORES Sophomores Clinton Fischel and Bryon Bishop discuss their plans on the first day of school. H" 'Q ...x, Y . r it :I 4 if N , i if , - It A ll W , as f 1 I A .. l l W ' iii' if W W A '-fg I i Ii VJ '- X 1' 1 5. 8 Qu ie i x . q.,k, ,E.,.5,.r, . , fm Taking a break form their hard work, Brian Reid and Nathaniel Bennett, share a joke. Hoping for a victory, Sophomore Kim Lee awaits the results of Class Night. Kennethe Watson Donald Watts Laurenne Weaver Ann Wells james Wells 'Gregory Wendel' Alessia Whitaker joan White John White Shawn White Keisha Whitfield Larry Williams Tyrone Williams Andre Wilson joan Wilson John Wilson Samuel Wilson Tracee Wilson Michelle Woodard Ngxsha Worthy ,Clifton Wright Chin Yang Sida Yavanhxay Sisouphan Yavanhxay Shawn Young Shu Yu Lalzawmpuia Zadeng SOPHOMORES 139 The Cubs Df Northwestern A Deadly Disease Unfortunately every September of a new year it will strike over 7506 of every freshmen class, but rarely hits the upperclassmen. What can this deadly disease be? Freshmanitis! Some of the side effects include freshmen: 0 roaming the halls, overwhelmed by the size of the walls. ' studying in the library, buried by books. ' Racing down the hall trying to be first in line at lunch. Of course not all freshman catch the disease but if you're the one that people laugh at .... Watch out, because you are sure to be a carrier of Freshmanitis. Z czfxq L. in fi!! 1 ' if f u L 8fII3Q'l.AgS! y , - t M Marc Acors Q, , A X Ernest Adams '3 R g Sl f A Tavia Adams - .fm AS" V "-"3" . Felix Addo if "rs Yinusa Alajik s i s as f Marian Alami 4 r Q a - 5 ' Mia Allmond H I Q Hermia Amanor A ' Luz Amaya 5: ' 't,' Q2 - A . Angela Agyepong . 1' t ffii t ML. Marlon Aquillar .3 fi- 1 ,N N" Debbie Armentrout V my ' , - John Asante 'V , Q . MW, Margaret Ashby A Q lm A 'fl if I Yohannes Awetahene g 1 y W f 1 ""' Defyfk AYHHS A 3. 4 ' , .r Mm my . : . r A- v' t Eh e Baaiey Tv . 7" r enn' r Ba1 . Rig X Q -, . .. -- , . . Q at ,, .. 5. Steve Baker K .,,,. . pf Q ' i i N Lea Q 2 Josette Balihazar Donna Bannister Alexander Barahona Keenya Barks Norman Barnes Latesha Barnes Monteki Barksdale Makeba Battle Nl!" in 7 ---. L lf at . - wa: I vi 'QQ -.I :F X 1. X i ll' H. :we . 'T' 1 , .i-5 5' . f m - Q ' " was I 4 . we Ng A 1 y e . r N I A ' - ' N , , ,M ft, I , . in . . 0 if ,za- K. fp- ' A -fs S. 1 V .. ef , l 'Y - V a ,, ' f f 4 'Reg 140 FRESHMEN ffm as vs :N fa. wwf: -te ft - 1-J. 1- rss --2: asrzrzw wt: so 1 X , his 3 M 'K it ,-. dvds' r -tt., me--ti "er 1 Nw xx Q r X J, was 'eww 4 M6 . 5-ss 815+ ' A X5 f as 'A My v 5 W l, as M 1 2 sn. 2 5 4 if f r A., ,L L .C I 3 Ywskig , X ie a I s if ' 2- r Q l 5 c g l -en-fr In r A A lT'i,'ffQQ"" ,swag by .si - it ug, , .36 J 1 4 ' r - , ,K wir, "" 1 s f ,f ' " ,... ,... ,. - r . ,.,.. f ., 1 1-,gg-1151 Ab' L K , , s as ' 5 . if - - wr ' a ' - t li fi if I Q W I il vu 4 9 . . ,, ,, . i S Q . so as af. K i -12: fc Q. . . - , 2 f f--riffs 5 ar e 35 V . - , .W is ,. has i W X' . "" . 1' :grease x c "5 3: -frgitft .M . - , 5 ' . y . M 4 -Q .T -we ' wi s X" u 1 fy 'I I., X if? q, 0 M X X ti W5 Y 1 'B , at Q EE I ,J X5 Q s tr t i Ft : -Q' X l s .I Q 51 .QL 3' 1-25' 1 S ,w fe sr f 1 M ' vm Ir v 3' fx' el ' T lf it ' B ,, ,Q -::::-- ......, . .. V .. - NND W, N . 15 s 'ky 3- if if 9 , iw .r ' an ' , 153-gs gi M A r A - A N .5 'L , I 2' '- , 2, is I-rs -of 1 A ' A 7 ?t:...3:g, , - t 1" ..., X . ,, A . , ' " .- , : 1 ' f ' - . . Q2 v ' ' x 5 ' .ft sy-5, K, 6 v strg, ' , .. Q . :FL on A 5. x ' X af: A,., . , s 1 ' ' A , F' N- ' , o . - a - we ie- V 4 f -' t 47 - G 5 all A" ., .L y A . - 3V f . it :1 - 'r '. R -s , Q-:.s Y MN V vt U in--1' X 'If-y, ...X is--sg, . .1 s -- .. A. il Qty . J fliil ft f Y. it f- at Bike - 5- a N K, . . if ' - Q.. W -4 . .ss Crystal Beach James Beach Randi Beedle Steven Bell Dinita Benson Denise Berger Jose Berna Carl Berry Elaine Berry Richard Birch Micheavx Bishop DeWayne Black Derrett Boyd Chad Bright Marlon Brock Lovelena Brooks Marvin Brooks Handy Brown Krystal Brown Sedrick Brown Tommy Brown Daniel Bruns Tania Brunson Trina Bryant Richard Budd jason Burchick Barry Burgess Vincent Burgess Maribel Burgos Sherwin Burrowes Kathleen Burrus William Busby Alexi Bustillo Douglas Cabrera Michael Cain Marvin Calder Stacy Cannon Ricardo Cardenas Paul Carson Aimee Casgrave Carrick Ceasar Denise Chambers Nid Chanthalacksa Jose Chavez Irvin Church Dennis Clark Fayla Clark Antoine Clements Reginald Cobb Adele Cobbs Jerome Cofield Titus Coleman Travis Coles Shannon Comer Aaron Cooke Ceneise Cook Cesar Cuyun Demure Crowder Donovan Dabney Tuan Dang David Daniels Nadine Darbeau Anthony Davis Mary Davis FRESHMEN 141 Andre DeCruise" Randy Dehaven Maria DeLeo Denise Delisser Allan Convan Dennis jennifer Denny Don DeRocl1a Peter Dillon Niema Dixon ,'-Phuonra Do? Abel Dominquez Donvalle Drummond Lauren Drummond joey Durlewanger Deborah Dushane Kimberly Dyson Marc Dyson Jamal Edmond Celeste Edwards Frank Ekanem Donnell Elliott Carlett Epps Virginia Peria Trina Falcluti William Fernanders Chamele Ferrell Jay Ferrell Tracee Ferrell Giovanni Figueroa Michelle Finch Ana Flores Milton Flores 142 FRESHMEN Rushing to complete her assignment before the bell, Jamie Tull X writes quickly to complete her last sentence. I 0 , 1 r :ff - r - r , f' f1 ,, ,,,. V if 45 ' S 4 QM U .1 I ,,,,, it ,.,, sm ' li. ', f, 12, .jx a?,s 5 ar .4- lg 51191 1, f 'if ' , A fs "1 4' f A- 'K 'eggs i' it wM',f QIYM, A Si , ,,.nV , I ,, J I I E -ig - V if 4 if i il Q f V 1,,'z',, E Ka A V t .Y L x 5 ' 9 ,AQ , -rr' fr 5 my ,urs s. i K, ffm my , . W, gX, f 3, 19 fr 6. 512 ig ,,g,l H 5 xg fr- L, f , V2 wg , f ,, ,- , f jf W Q? 7322? S5 if 'YQ ""'L 7 ' 515 ' -" fl' i f ' S V ,y,y , I, i it M if . K , g , - 4 ,L i V . 1 N5 'A 'al lf 1 ' ' aww 5 K A ,, iff, .. , , ., M ,Q V ' W l fa 5 k .' , fffyik 551 MV , ,, Y if l Michelle Hedricks goes to her locker to get a book for her next class. ' ,411 3. ., ,, vi 1 ,a::, .. i wx' aww 2, ., .E X tt Y W it i -61' i r fr r ve K a, wM,lEl::mi:E::,T f iifi il ISPYWF I ,M 0 .f . i ,k,. c, as Sl '-S S . Q it 1 mm., X , f. .Q wie if . -. , F , Mi. R X x B ily +58 . fx' H' 5 R 43 T X I -s i K ' " A ' K W -Lt .. r 2 r Q52 ,. is Q X ,c '-" ru - p .. Q 6 y an ', . in af Q , c Q rf y 4-M 'I ""' l W :Q N E 'ei ,... M, , S , ' ' 5 'F .. to K i 3 ' ,i:'.a - R' s - -"' 'L 5 ' P if 5 E fi k'hk 11 ' - .4 A y i is si. 'fi ' a N W t x R L rx E " ,Q S Si lg 3 G X -M 2 Q es X sv f x XX! fx 3,55 " v 4 f Q , i v -, M 1 , s L: iii' Q , S . 5416, A ' QM. ., x - ws. 1 A ' "k- at -,, A , aw Q. g , K gf , 5 .S , s--west:-.:. was es Xfff :seas x.,. K ,,., ii, 7 1 2 A ' K P A ,,,,. , g W , K - el, .N I- -, , V rr, ,, . V . ' f' if, .. 5 . I N2 ,-Sxkzir . .IL Q' Standing at attention QR-Ll Historian Kris Ludke, Secretary jennifer jordan, Vice Pres. Mary Davis and President Dana Gaither try to make it look like they are doing something important. Brady Flowers Lisa Flynn Robert Forgette Sylvia Forbes Faith Ford Cathy Fotos Monell Fraser jose Fuentes 'Tim Fulpf Marcus Gabriel Dana Gaither john Galarza Shawn Gant Estela Garcia Sheree Gatewood Katherine Gearheart Rhonda George fliathleen Gilman Erra Girmatsion Alvaro Gonzalez Morris Goodwin Mica Gordon Sean Grady Shawn Goodwin Tarneka Green ' Thomas Greene Ramona Griffith Dana Grimes Shan Groves Bryant Haddock Tedea Haines Antonio Hall Mitchell Hammond Ronhan Hamzidkahn Anthony Hanible Charles Hanlon james Harrell Michael Harris Butch Harris Lakeisha Harrison FRESHMEN 143 Richard Harrison Tywan Harzeez Stacy Hatcher Michelle Hedrick Erika Hernandez Max Hernandez Graciela Hidalgo Patrice Hill Richard Hill 'tWZfL125211."'125f r .,,. , .,,, ,K f 0 fl Q 4 145, Y .iw ,wx 5 Y f 4 5 f ,Y gli if 1 04 f A 1 ,f Wi: X 'Wx 1, 5' wazvgvifvmzfy " 4,.'ff -Y sir' A :J . ':, f ,,i' R W' eeec M f 4,1 Q 61 1 V W, T' 'UW if Q i. I ,y Jeff Hinds "i' l" ,:E. Leon Hinton E f l" G 2 Steven Holmes I ,:, 72511 , , , I V , . A V W 1 v kMike Homann Kim' Hopwood X Y , William Hopwood , ffm. V Sandra Hprres lg S milf? jaixiela Hott -N in Indy Hottelg zv, ' f"'l'Q!V Tymira Hunter A ' 3 xy In Hwang ,Barbara Ike? Crystal jackson Reginald jackson Suzetre James Edwin jarquin Ancil James Allan Jenkins Arfnafohnson Brian johnson Christopher johnson Diane johnson Frank johnson 144 FRESHMEN , I gh ,l ,,,gX L 93169 ,, Q , 4 up - it t it Q as I Top Secret "Inl" Is that what you wanted to be? Part of the "IN" crowd became a pretty hard task to accomplish. for most in- coming freshman, making friends was their top priority. Being able to wave to the captain of the football team or actual- ly talking to the Homecoming queen made most underclassmen feel privileged. Don't worry freshmen, your bestest friends are the ones that listened to you babble. T ccccc it ccc e jug 1 . H 'nf .a r it 5 X , P' B511 'X ew-mx, ,,. .tw .- Qt t S rv S . MS., :Ju X l . - f , , - k.k. it V t f X f ' ' L .. Q . N-1-I: k..-. 5 . ' e Q 5 if Q e. , .e ,- Michelle johnson Ava Jones Derrick jones India jones Kentrel jones Melanie jones Monica jones Terrie Jones jennifer jordan Lanore joseph Letticia joseph Phally Kann joeley Kaye Eric Kearney Bridget Kearney Marvin Kent Chanda King Rhonda King Lorraine Knight Susan Kocher Tviailiifmuiel Hong Lam Lysa Lambert Vidor Lambert julie Lavezzo Prentiss Lawson Brian Leachman Edwin Leaman Gwendolyn Leary Daymond Lee Christopher Leonard Liftoltl-392335 Michael Lester Colin Lewis Ping Lin Desmond Little Tyrone Long Keynetta Lovell Jacqueline Lucas Kristine Ludke FRESHMEN 145 Cuong Luong Huy Luong Elana Lynch jerral Mack Christopher Marshall Charlitta Martin Nadine Martin John Mathis Ngina Matthews Pauline Matthews Nezetta McCotter Ternell McCullough Daniel McGarvey Jeffery McKoy H it, john Mclgay Q fu George Nlckcff Trorry McKoy Andre McNeal ,,Rlclcy McPeak Comolita McQueen Michael Minor Ebon Minor Avis Mitchell johnny Moody Tammy Momau Aisha Mooney Ginny Moore Yusup Moore Douglas Morataya 146 FRESHMEN 5 Q if. Q , A Y 3 L L i ' . K H I .- ki" i Nm :ii 5 - racc 4 Y -. , , ' ' ' Q . ' - 'Y " ' iw I as - as 'E' . f , ns -ttn T 15, - -. -New 5 , .,. ri ' 1 5 a J N' t Q K ' ., , , it 'i - .iff . ' , .ff -we -A H - , 3. . .- ask' ew. V Xi A . -3 Q FL jgzarf- - . r - ' I . X 1 .. A M t N t ..,. ,., x i 1 eggs Y ,gxiklatqftlt ig ' an ..t' as "OH NO. Which bus is mine?", cry out most of the freshmen who find out that transportation is a whole new experience in High School. gss. . I ,, .ne . S if Zn I -uv 'Q N s JF Q Q J x Q 'XR Y' s ,4 vs 1 .E ..,, t. Q '22 'wi , l for her Prince to arrive, Gemma Wells sniffs the sweet smelling rose. L, , i Yi xi, R ei iii? ww 2. f. l- ,. sgy fz-13 ff 1 N- 51' l A iw K r " f ,.,. ze - a- X . 'SEQ Wg., - ,. M O i . bt 3 S , E: 5 N gs k . 2 , I ia , " -r 'le 1 ' lisa . " s , it s. .ii,e..: i XZ 'S ifijwf ' --- . A ' E5 A N - mf , A A 'ri 4 9 1 . gpg, , he .L as Q , e : if Q t ifazlfeff .- ' , ' 4--k 5, - -'f' I 0. . f t Si it A . , 'S sn. g ses . - eiri .1 3 V X X .s f 5 iii i s A a " -Ak N ia. .f 2' we xilS'i4f1w ., ' ., -, . ., if ' as . rw -Q '-an .! h 4111 O l n i ,- 1 7 G 4: . "V, ..., t SEN if ' is i was ".: . , ' ' X ' .ll gf t I is ., 1 Y xv , K I 3 A H . , ' What? You think I look stupid?, Well you should see the fool in the stands cheering me on", says judy Holtel as she dresses during the clothes exchange game during Class Night. Gavin Morgan Greg Morris Jack Murphy Tina Murphy Avesha 'Mushtag Rosheek Myles Melanie Negion Sean Nelson Binh Nguyen Hoang Nguyen l-luu Nguyen Linh Nguyen Phuoc Nguyen Taan Nguyen Vu Nguyen Anthony Nixon Benin Noble Lisa Noel Germaine Norman Victoria Nyarko Sherri Odom Charles Odusanya Maurice Odusanya Hulya Onel Chanthy Ouanvilay Deshawnta ONeal jerry Ortiz Chansamout Ouanvilay Stephanie Owen FRESHMEN 147 David Parker Kimberly Parker Sean Parker Horace Payne Marlon Payne Rony Perard Cynthia Petty jamie Petty in Tuan Pham juan ham I Kiet Pham Charles Pinder Prudence Pinnock Mark Pitts Karimu Poawui Laneasa Pointer Caesar Prieto jonathan Pugh Reginald Purvis Noudham Ratbandi Dwayne ay or James Reed Trina Reese Rennell Reid Carmencita Reyes Janis Rhoden Alicia Riggins t , , , I any .. If . V + A if if f it A ' ' f wr Q Anne-Marie Roberts David Robinson Katherine Robinson Marquaita Robinson Maurice Robinson 148 FRESHMEN .1 - . . . a , f - 2 f 4, H . 'A-F if N A sw Q Hi You Know You're A Freshmen When . . . gvgis gy, . jaw 1 W Qi! W Q 5 Y 4 3 ?an K ff M ii" is M "' sri' x . Q4 E if 1 SVI 4- W f A X ' 2 f 1 4 5' 1 'g L, 1. On the first day, the upperclassmen sent you every- where else but to the right class. I 2. You find yourself in a hallway you've never been in before. 3. You don't know what clubs andfor activities to join or know what they are. ' lt . T f 2 ,T W, -ee, K? ' xv 3? 5 1 . if 6. l J? FS. 4. The only major thing for you to do in school is to take your MET's. 5. You told you're too young to work. 6. You don't know who the "right" and "wrong" teachers I are. 7. The upperclassmen pat you on the head and tell you that everything you say is "cute". I 8. The upperclassmen never invited you to the right parties, 9. You find you're the first class to take Fine and Practical arts as a graduation requirement. 10. The upperclassmen constantly rub it in about you graduating in THREE LONG YEARS as the class of 1991ll .. M .ff K 711 V H - .. ,, .. ,. .... , ,. .., . ,Q,,15i153.5 , fi f Um W., 5 Q at if f 1 ,Zz V ,M-, gr , . - . Va . ,. gf V J. . ' fc .54 .' 7 f 2? J 1 -.W flgq' . L 'ZZ - YG? f .: ' y 351. 1 ff 2 .rw f y 2 ' ,ww st. .fe 4 , J , 1 ,GW an A E. 'W 3 f ' , T ttt, - ,iff -- l W 'V I Viyi if ,... ..... A ilfi ' . , A-Nt.. f .1 E , A'-N V ,fkrr .i . ' ' V 1 li ,g 'W r r K it W. 54? 55" il' if-W 'i' Q2 .,,.. f 11,49 tx f A ff f " in ar L .Y VL ,. t X C i Vg. V 0 we M M .. fi- tw 7. sf ' fi M., , 7 4' -4. if 9 i l . 4 ,. ... , P . J , 4.0 f ,- - 4 ,A , f an ., in - A 5 if ' an as ' A X vim, 5 E , , ..f 5 X fw K 1 ,S , T -.. .. .. , 1,0 w 1 M, NX ,H A W v 'T ' . My V' X' ,ar ', , , Ewf f 'I 2 V5 W fhff, f -fy ,,,, S, if f ? .t ,,,, 3 , bt ,,,' tim- Q. L i S A S 1 t t S. . l fi, :L H ft -ai zy' V ' 1 - S f ff lift, at 'vi or V " M M 'lf ' lv - "3 HW I A - A 5 4' W if N f 1 5 . 'Z . Q , . , 'Q , - , S if 4 'SPV I-A ' ' -'ul' , f l. ' " ' . ' 1 A ' .1 , gf, , "' I J M I, :, 4 , fp ,V , , I-me Lv V 'E 5 ' J , 4 in -vt qs 4 Q . Q . VT, or E at ,X tk r S 1 1, . A Vg. all X4 . I 'A li 4 'lx V V "Come here, jeff and hold me", whispers Cathy Fotos as jeff McKay puts his arm around her at the Homecoming dance. Stafford Robinson Wordsworth Robinson Anna Rodriguez Maria Rodriguez Henry Rojas Adrian Rojo Renita Rouse Alex Ruiz Mabel Ruz Sarah Sabas Carol Salinas Ginelle Scarboro Reesha Scott Trina Scott Nalp Scretchgn William Seimah Laprise Shambley Crystal Shaw Katrina Shepard Pamela Sibert Kevin Simmons James Simms Barksdale Simona Andrew Simons Jerry :Keen Christopher Small Antonia Smith Corey Smith Ricky Smith Joann Smith John Smith Serena Smith Jacqueline Snow Ronita Snowdy Steve Soroka Chanthana Souliya julie Souza Terrence Spencer Andre Stafford Kerri Staples FRESHMEN 149 john Steele lame John Stockard Paul Stockard 9 1553 tOVG Richard Sullivan Desiree Eric Sonya Thomas Katonna Katonna Keisha Taylor Taylor 1 V 1. fx ix A it x .Q W 2 5 N xs :Mx X Q' .5 , S Q2 is , ,ii N 1 I X 0 Taylor Taylor Terrell Terrell Terrell Nicole Theoharis Anne Thomas Bonita Thomas Brian Thomas Isaiah Thomas Tedra Thomas Alfreda Thompson Crystal Thompson Jefffrey,Thompson S Sheri Thornpsork , Lucien Thony Kim Thorne Timothy Tillery Wade Tinney Earl Tolson Chris Toney Hong-Diem Tran Anhson Tuan vfliiffck Tucgei 150 FRESHMEN 'X-' '17 'v 5 A Qs ,ag .vi ea? , .gig :.sgi2?5 tt.. 1 ., ' T, ' .Z Q J 2 .s i .. . " t Imqqx -' -4 ' -so .. ' ' t' 1 Le t T 4- 1 .-.- ' 4 . S gg ...ilk ' - - . r ee J .- .. .. 5.5- x M k es., . . .-,. iii' .' 'fs ""' A . ' .. ' '. Q x X e x we 3 Q. " ' 'ZX Wx 1-IFE 1 F . ,K li ' - s.. - . mfs X fi uv Rx 1 N W W.. A ".-'I 'L 1 K gt. Q ,. gf., Q ll x if X . - . . 1. ' il? ' .f' ke f 'Q Q it T s A g X X .W N. Sf as 5 X me 5s 5 Y . Cub Comfort At this moment as a freshman you may feel abandoned by the upper- classmen. They may go as far as put- ting you down or taunting you be- cause you're a Freshman. But maybe you should be remind- ed that all of those upperclassmen have gone through the same thing and maybe even worse. They're just doing that because they want to get that same feeling our former upper- classmen got when the joke was on them. You should also be reminded that back then, the pranks were much worse. It's been in our NI-IS history that some upperclassmen would lock a freshman into the teachers lounge and let them find an excuse for themselves about why they were there. Or they would do much worse and throw them in a boys or girls bathroom and wouldn't let them out. That's not so bad, but you have to take into consideration that someone was using it at the time. Some of you were a little luckier and had an upperclassman take you under their wing and give you advice on who to avoid and warned you what pranks were to be pulled. As a Freshman you must remem- ber your feelings when you first stepped into this great school of ours. You felt excited but nervous and maybe a little scared. Your hopes were high because you planned to make a difference in our school. You have made a difference in our school by being the class of 1991!!! And like the upperclasses did to you, you will also get your turn to tease the incoming class and maybe if you're lucky, you can send them down a dark unknown hallway they don't know. L X. 0 .t 3 .:. t , A. , ,mm ' .gr i . 5,4 --.ft K .. ' Q 'h'g' 2 'if'-1' N 'V Eff" X waits' VW i fi Q X l t ts ,Q get P? W use it .. . E K is X 'i it Q 0 , Q E ' . "":'i2 .- ii SQ ef 4' 1 xx Y' fa "', ies s i , e N 3 at 1' 'a ' , , Sf- We 4 3 ' it t K ai t . ' , Q m we ex 'K r 5 -if if t X W ,Q t Q . ski? 5 it Wi' it t x 5 i 1 W. ,., I E at 1 ,i X ,,,, M .E e if id Rag U., ity. .. ., t . s i Q 1- . . X if K' S 3 ie ' ' 'L S I x - .. 111 , 'S e 1 tt ,a 'WSE t Q me A83 ' f me .ia ' .ff - 2. 'W ,eat-, Q , gn,-"-1 rr "1 W i . , Mg -.-' g i ..k. . , . id, ' , 5 , , ae. r , - ,N 4 ',-' L zr, -. '.:,gzs,,i.1g':5?:,gs5 5. -' ' -7-ga-fix: 'i V, 5 g 45.5 ,, i ',. . t J X- . s-2, ,,. :G ,'.' ' ' ' k , ,A ...N .t - an 1 - , ' ' n 4' ,SX . 5 tg, - 'F K it X X if I ,'-- ' a t :Q-fig, v ai, 1 - 1 5, b I . ii Us Q ' " M A lv 2 1-'fixfx -u-u Q , fa-" l f 7' H "I don't feel like playing Make Me Laugh", giggles jennifer Bain ancl Steph- anie Owens. ,larnie Tull 'A Jeanine Turner Guillermo Umana BrandyVUpdilge 1 Vaughan Sonny7VElEz Dermairie'Wardrick Heather Ware Lashaun Washington Gregory Watt Rachel Weatherless Richard Welch Gemma Wells' Carmen White Richard White Thomas White Yaphett Wilder Shawn Wildy Andre Williams David Williams john Williams Octavius Williams Charles Wilson .,Lori Wilson Marc Wilson William Wison Cory Woodland Ashby Wratchford Anthony Wright James Wright Jennifer Wright .Cindy Wynkoop F Jin Zhang FRESHMEN 151 W Pell's Pet Shop "Love me tender, Love me trueg Keep me warm and cuddly"- this is the expression Gerry gives as he stares into the camera. Gerry is one of the four proud Cats of Mr. Pell. Gerry has big white feet and loves to play hide and seek. His other companions are George, Don and Monte. "Monte is very affectionate and eats more than the entire NW football team" says Mr. Pell. Monte differs from Gerry and George. Mr. Pell says that George talks as much as his ninth graders and last but certainly not least, of the cats of Mr. Pell, is Don. He is very playful and has many girlfriends. Mr. Pell and his four cats have a loving relationship and they mean a lot to him. Mrs. Angelina Ager Secretary 'if if X' t' Mr. Ronald Anderson e Administrator , Q Mrs. Gail Anzulovic . , ., Science if "' tttitt Mr. Louis Arnold Q Math , arf" i Dr. Mary Babbitt fi All it at 4 N x fs 'sv' i x Music 3 . Mr. Pete Basti Photography Mr. Dino Bayz English Mr. Greg Beach Social Studies Ms. Emily Beall Media Specialist Mr. Roy Beard Phys. Ed, Ms. Donna Bettcher Math Mr. john Bodkin Math Mr. john Brooks Art Ms. Alice Birdas Business Ms. Candie Burr Spanish 152 FACULTY hat a Staff! Monte Gerry A x i . i gene Q 1 X m y X 'v fx. W X 5 fr 1.-all ....... . ,,,...,.... . .1 A 'tii Z ...Q if 9 . 3 ,,. in sei K 45914:- l L1 -fblev f-Milf HKLZAHV - fv- M-w?i.."W PQ -t in as ' , V . . E X . ,,,, S' . ' W i ,, , W, ., . ,::, 3 .mg 5 L, i ,, '. . ,,,, 1. . . E . .V . gfff' 'X-. J st c . 4 - ' a X, ee, . A PM 'P' ,ee f . S f "'S1.. . . 4 .... i V.. . . 2- 5 .1 If ,t X t . I 5: 4 i all 'W 9' is K I f " fix 'X W 4' ' - 55: fr 7 Q saga E, Y, ' a- 4 .Qi l - 1 R ...L-. 2 QA You know how in your class there was always a student who the teacher liked especially? You called them"the teacher's pet". Well, here's one teacher's pet. When did Marbles Hansen graduate from Northwestern? The answer is in the fall of 86. Marbles is Mrs. Hansen's pet cat who was found at Northwestern. Named after his eyes which resembled marbles, Mrs. Hansen gave refuge to Marbles in her home. Encouraged to be an indoor cat at first he suffered repeatedly from ear wounds, said Mrs. Hansen. As he matured and grew in stature and feline handsomeness, he learned to defend his turf, Now Marbles is nobody's fool, he is as smart as cats should be. Ms. Cecelia Caldwell Science Ms. Joan Carbo Special Ed. Ms. Vera Chandler Social Studies Ms. Joan Chasson English Mr. Philip Chesser English Ms. Josephine Crane Business Ms. Mary Crane Phys. Ed.fDance Mrs. Joyce Clark Guidance Mrs. Barbara Clawson Secretary Mr. Barry Cleveland Science Mr. Bryan Coats Business Mr. Sgt. Michael Coles NJROTC Mr. Beryle Cohen Special Ed. Mr. Dennis Curry Administrator Mrs. Nancy Davis Voc, Education Ms. Catherine Duff Science Mrs. Nina Duncan Social Studies Mrs. Patricia Eckel English Mrs. Cathy Evans Guidance Mr. Elwood Miles Auditorium Tech. Ms. Sheila Eajimolu Administrator Mr. Luther Eennell Principal Mr. Peter Fischer Math Mrs. Barbara Frandsen Science FACULTY 153 Mrs. Barbara Fretz French Ms. Gail Fridling I - Business ":-' f I Mrs. Rhonda Gabriel Q H M A 1 Health Aide - . W E 'Q - Mr. Marty Gallagher ,Sf ii, gi Phys. Ed. Wx . Mr. Joseph Girardi Art .6 Mrs. Patricia Graham English K. . Ms. Sarah Green 1 3 f ,V Math -r g l. Mr. Cecil Griffith ' ' " Tech. Ed. Mr. Fulton Gross Phys. Ed. .2 Mr. Monte Hailey Math xx Y X ist .if -. 234 S W . 3 -. . ,J N ..W1.-..:.-V:-we...-.,.:.:.N.Y N-fe-' " .5 Mr. John Hall r' itl' l "Q'2 i r i Guidance .A - " 1-1. Mrs. Katherine Hamlin GermanfLatin V ... 5 Ms. Danielle Hansen Q! f iz- ESOL . Mrs. jean Harne Home Economics kV.., A A Mr. David Hechinger il' fi 't'- SPecial Ed. .rssr ' ' 5 Ms. Florence Hendershot M E "ii EnglishfSoc. Studies I . Mrs. Dorothy Ives it L Mafh rer: G Q92 'L-. Ms. Sharon jackmon 5 . English 'y A 't Mrs. Nellie Jackson s" ' Special Ed. .g ic. V " Ms. Ioan Lynch Sl Math gk? ,i is A companion and teacher's pet Jes- sica is a 8 year-old black labmutt. "She has lots of energy and is very happy and affectionate" said Ms. Rothgeb, her energy is shown by tail wagging and greetings with kisses. Jessica, like Ms. Rothgeb, loves the beach. Ms. Rothgeb spends pleasant times with Jessica, and she does not have any other teacher's pet but jessica. 154 FACULTY if wi ir 5 'ii 'W Xi , was X 1 'im 1 ' X gif' N ff x 'ii it . .f n Fl . ..,. .. . .... . . .... A .---.. 2... .1 .. ff.-'111..1q.-fo. :'e i i..e e ...i 4 . . . L 5, 'Q In f Y if ... ., 1' 'x A' ml . ,xx f K 5 L W K 3? kk ., ar 5 K I 'I' NW--6 5 . " . , r'.. la ,af ff N. ,.: . . ' sw if W .4 Q, .P we K - 'X .ze ii f il? 'Q we ee. 4 X sw l X lr' ,af 'S mr W. .. .HW ug 'M Qum- we Wa. in ,1 O W af' Hx. 'hw' lr l'm cute and cuddly" The real reason Mrs. Dun- can wears "Nike's is I "snack" on her dress shoes. X-Q ? '.. N L' ' xi 1 fe ltv K' vftea-rm... , - W? - ' f - ., f -1. nlzlfiliiil L GN. , 1' V15 N qs if t ,- s .sir 2 -w 5 at ji li 1 " ' M al. t- . s f igym V , 1 6 'Q' A A.. A . - 1 ffm ss 5, I. U K' Lucky Dogs Lucky Dogs Lucky Dogs Aren't these some lucky dogs? These puppies belong to Mrs. Piersol and they are loving, and kind and they fill you with joy. These Alaskan Huskies are cer- tainly adjusting tothe Washing- ton heat and humidity. The pup- pies' names are Roguer flargerj and Ruppion fsmallerl. "They are always glad to see you an anxious to please," said Mrs. Piersol and they would certainly be fun to meet. C I ff' 1, g 1 L. " jisifg, .. ,.-' 1 .- sr- , ' - e V' . .1 . , ,bg I. a gk. :K 10' 'Ni ' -44. G ff .i f if sf' f sf V Elk s, f .ft ' V ZW? if f fa, ' ' if? it . W' 2 N s K x .M A, L 1, 5 . . . is h as if Us ' I in 'X , We Z' X we E A, Q. N 1 K Y 'Y' . - ,. wt. K 5 , s s ,.-. ,img ,y,. M . Q.-egg, as .91-ft, - . .. . . . 2 - 3 .. , 2 ...fp .1 - Mr. Robert jackson Math Mrs. Sharon jeanes Instrumental Music Mrs. Lucy johnson Home Economics Mrs. Mattie Kearney Business Mrs. jane Kearns English Mr. james Kessler Math Mrs, janet Kite Secretary Mr. jack Klein English Mr. Arthur Knowles Social Studies Mr. Charles Lippman English Mrs. Marianne Lucas English Mr. Edward Mattox Administrator Ms. Clair McCann ESOL Ms. Sharon McCombe Guidance Mr. Michael McRae Math Mrs. Grace McGuffie Science Capt. William Moran NJROTC Mrs. Mary Morton Business Mr. Thomas Mullen English Mr. Michael Mulrooney Administrator FACULTY 155 Mr. Kay Nelson Social Studies Mr. Richard Pell f ' Math x , W FW-Ant 9 If Y 'S pf' - ,. .. 7 .cr E-'gelfri ,-. K. A Z. .., 7 1 Mrs. Linda Pfeil Success Mrs. Kathleen Peirsol Science Mrs. Ida Pinlcney English!Drarna Mr. Edward Price Social Studies Ms. Jane Reeves Health Ed. Mr. Stuart Richter Guidance Ms. Philis Roberts Success Mr. Glenn Roe Science Mrs. ,loan Rothgeb Special Ed. Ms. Lynann Rudert Social Studies Mrs. C. Ruley English Mrs. Louis Runion Art Mrs. Bettye Savoy Home Ec. Mrs. Janice Schuler Secretary Ms. Iris Scott Business Mrs. Myrna Seper Secretary 156 FACULTY Cafeteria Staff First row: Queen Womack, Ruth johns, Emma Taylor, Elba Andrade, and Mary Margaret Perry Second Row: Margaret Shawver, Lenora Farmer, Betty Proctor, Ruby Gibson, and Rose Dent. gl' i an 2 y 4 ft:-ii. l . W S ' IUXZ fd!-. wtf r 2' X ,essex ,gre t .sl c .2 'Ui ' fi w fs :..: . . K Q, in 1 it i """: Y' ' . fs :" f . N a - A S " - .. h ' . t X X . lt .W -. - ' .1 9 r f f -W. .W . .:.. K - S all r x iw-1 555:25 'WM me ' 12? Iil 4, t 'E ff' ' . 1, "Q Q Custodial Staff Thomas Stewart, Antony Mack, Joe Trainum, Sillas Colbart, Lucy Bynum. lj' .ll lxl I 'fs' " :fit Lllll IQ, Ill IJ Ill 5 I t , . ' A e a .s S . ,K Wi YQ swf vm Q . , gf H t L f'- '. ia - Y f . . t. , ,,., in . , . ' ' ' ' Mamas? -' . 'v g ' I . ...sig 'wr .. 5 ., T. '- 9 P, Q 1 D L .' cf if 'T .5554 - if . , .Nh i lr , it 5 . 9 if . . ..,, -.4 . l A-Y atv K ? I 1. Mrs. Judy Woodberry Special Ed. Mrs. Andrea Wrightson Social Studies Mrs. Dianne Yohe English Mrs. Sandra Zimmerman Home Economics Mr. Robert Sequin Security Mr. Richard Sheets Social Studies Leut. James Sheldon NJROTC Ms. Sandy Shepler Secretary Mrs. Alma Singletary Home Ec. Ms. Karen Sollazzo English Mr. Thomas Sticlcles Science Mr. Paul Sube Science Mrs. Nancy Suter Phys. Ed. Mr. Jerome Thomas English Mr. Richard Thomas Math Mrs. Janet Thomas Business Mrs. Joyce Tuck Special Ed. Mr. Jerry Unger Phys. Ed. Mrs. Susan Vogel Social Studies Mr. Thomas Walsh Social Studies Mrs. Nadia Wasserman Spanish Ms. Carol West Math FACULTY 157 7 , g f I ' A f . Q FJQIJBEIIEE IN' CLUBS " l . 0" I f ,,q t N f 's 11 f S ...'.,lX, .. .1 ' -X - If X L X f l. . 'A 7 N . . ' .I . 'Il' f ' X . . 1 ' x I-' - I . 4 - - i . . . I - ,Z ' ' C1-' I -7.- X . . f s N SENIUR HGH SCHUU Wait 60 Seconds Before You Turn This Page. You Will Be Able To See All The Different And Exciting Clubs Offered At Our School, But If You Don't . . . You'll Be Turned Into An Ugly Toad With A Double Head. Q. ,nw ' -N -L " !.' .Q 6 ' u - 1 . .X A .A , 'Y l I f .5 - ' - ', , f ' ' - T. , . ' ' . ' ' X. ' CLUBS 1 - ' 5 Q x ,. . Q Double The Preparation First-Row: Carolina Flores, jenni Lattin, Karen Gardner, Jennifer Woodruff, jackie Codi and Ms. Kearns fSponsorj Second Row: Charlie Lakey, jennifer Nichols Raquel DeRocha, Jamie Brewster, lEditorj, Ileana Figueroa, and Cindy Toth. Third Row: Rona Mensah, Tasha Minor Raven Matthews, Dana Dickerson, jennifer Valentin and Craig Mood. fNot Pictured, Melvin Murrayj. Compass Nor'Wester The 1987-88 school newspaper the Nor'wester had a difficult beginning because of students lack of interest, but Mr. Klein never gave up even though no paper had been published until half way through the school year. According to Dan Ronayne, they had a hard time finding the money to start with only a few members selling advertisements that would pay for the newspaper to be published. Over the past years the class fNor- 'Westerl has both shrunk and grown, but because a large majority of the 1986-87 year's staff were seniors there was a rather small group this past year. Mr. Klein intends to get a good turn-out in the 1988-89 year by draw- ing the attention of the students to journalism. All he needs are a few good reporters, an editor, and news! NHS ,. ,ff Compass Where were you on June 22, 1987, the Monday after school let out for summer break? Many of us were probably sleeping in or already head- ed for the beach but for members of this year's yearbook staff things start- ed off a little differently. The first three days of the staff's summer were spent at the University of Maryland Yearbook camp in class- es. During these three days many new ideas for theme and body copy were thought of for this book. We were also shown new ways to use our color more effectively and many rules on what should and should not be done. The camp also provided ideas to make the most of our budget, however big or small that may be. After camp was finally over and preparations for our book were made the staff was finally able to begin their summer vacation, . F X" r -' .. ,. ,, , . , 521 -. , V Q... The Northwestern Newspaper sponsor looks optimistic, and won't give up on Nor'wester even though there have been troubles in getting it 160 C0mPf1SSfNeWSP21Pff started this year. Leadership Counts For All 'li , 'ii nt Government Association Row: Denita Howland, Simone Walton, tHistorianD, Sophia Edmundson, Claresidentj, Sharla Nice Presidentj, Ingrid Val1adares,tSecretaryj, Stephanie Bennett, tTreasurerD, Second Row: Ruley fAdvisorj Valerie Moore, Shawn McCammon, Nana Kwatemaa, Taleesa Gabriel, Darcia illiams, Sherry Allen, Natalie Paulwell Third Row: Richard Armstrong la ,,tl r , 2,1 Student Advisory Council First Row fl.-RJ: Denita Howland, Simone Walton, Sophia Edmunston, Sharla Powell, Ingrid Valladares and Stephanie Bennett, Second Row fl.-RJ: Mrs. Ruley, Richard Armstrong, Valerie Moore, Shawn McCammon, Darcia Williams, Sherry Allen, Natalie Paulwell, and Laron Broadnax. Third Row QL-RJ: Brian Reid, Nana Kwatemaa, Taleesa Gabriel, jackie Codi, Jamie Brewster and Paige Tinney. Fourth Row IL-RJ: Dan Ronayne, john Paul and Ileana Figueroa. Head Of The Class Have you ever thought of what kind of responsibility you would have be- ing part of The Student Government Association tS.G.A.J. The S.G.A. doesn't just talk about the happenings of our school, they plan our social events such as Homecoming Week, and other Holiday dances. They also work to help charities such as UNI- CEF and the House of Ruth. This year, there has been a new as- sociation added to our school called The Student Advisory Council tS.A.C.J. This association is made up of leaders of each group, club, and activity. The S.A.C. was formed to al- low more student input into S.G.A. sponsored activities. The S.A.C. got together one Thursday of each month during the first half of first period to discuss school and student improve- ment. In its first year the S.A.C. and S.G.A. had a successful fund raiser for UNICEF and another success with their canned food drive among our homerooms. Standing in front of the Gingerbread House, a Mrs. Ruley proudly displays the beautiful work that rnem- bers of the S.G.A. had produced for the Christmas Dance. SGA And SAC 161 Serving Northwestern We Shall Overcome The Martin Luther King Soci- ety is made up ofa group of stu- dents who are willing to contin- Martin Luther King Society First row.: Christie Sales fPresidentJ, Darlene Turnner lSecretaryJ, Natalie Paulwell fTreasurerJ, Second row: Sandy Timber, Angelique Gordon, Nicole Braxton, Lia Randall Third row: Joanne Ngaine, Carol Floyd, Stephanie Jackson, Tomeya Miller, Stacy Spurrell, Keisha Miller Picture not shown: Tasha Minor fVice Presidentj .. me 9, ue the teachings and good work of Dr. Martin Luther King. The Martin Luther King Society is responsible each year for plan- Q S ning and sponsoring certain ac- "" ,155 tivities for the month of Febru- . AQ! - ary which is Black History ... month. it , lv fi li ' thi If fl ' N 3 X-t .. - :tt F I ,tiki ' ul .i X i I 2 g'rj'r""r'W-f ' l .ff 1 Xav- 'Tfjftr ,, ,, , o o se g g ' is J I W National Honor Society First row: Carl Aroserena, Tawanna Shields, Anna Semas, Addie Strain, Cheri Timko, Annie Thomas, Melissa Little. Second row: Anthony Tinsay, Ngoc Chu, Shannon Garnett, Heidi Ed- wards, Sharla Powell QVice Presidentl, Jamie Brewster tPresidentj, Deanye Johnson fTreasurerJ, Deneta Howland 1SecretaryJ, Anita Groover, Mrs. Wasserman fSponsorJ. Third row: Larone Broad- nax, Simone Thompson, William Randall, Tiffany McEwan, Donald Bruns, Tram Phan, Neena Masih, Joseph Gillette, Melanie McGraw, Tracey Wayne, Sofia Edmundson. Fourth row: Kim Johnson, Janice Steinbech, Nuria Cruz, Lily Giannini, Sun Lee, Andrea Benfer, Kim Ludke, Paige Tinney, Cindy Toth, Jackie Codi, Anne Wimbrow. Not Pictured: Xiang Wu, Kabria Dent 162 NHS And Martin Luther King What A Honor The Dreadnaught Chapter of the National Honor Society was established in 1982. This society is a service organization and members are obligated to use their talents and skills for the improvements of the school and community. The society recog- nizes students who reflect out- standing accomplishments in the areas of academics, character, leadership and service. Members must maintain a 3.3 grade point average in order to graduate with honors. NATIONAL D HONOR SOCIETY r S f 5 E. 3 ' S W 1 tx l ' A EL row. Lennita Johnson, Savare Jones, Aaron Ken Cooper, Chris Colson, Reyna Maurice Simmons, Jerel Matthews. Se- row: Lisa Miller, Patty Boone, Kelly Mc- Patrice High, Lashean Miller, Shelly Pam Johnson, Michelle Lathom, Yo- Giles, Kim Allen, Ava Lindsay. Third Kim Simmons, Jenelle Waugh, Marie Cindy Holtzman, Mimi Sabbat, Taylor, Lisa Jackson, Lillia Gill, Angela Rue Thomas, Wendel Johnson, Dionne Danielle Berry, Toschia Falls. Fourth row: Williams, Cartion Lambert, Dionne cker, Sheila Griffiths, LaVonne Marshall, Bosworth, Sheba Tartt, Anna Grana- Foreman, Michelle Scott, Andrea l 'ig 1 it . f I C.V.E. sponsors: Ms. Davis and Ms. Thomas. CVE. First row: Kevin Whited, Texroy Clayton, Joel Browne, Kevin Qualls, Daren Browning, Willie Steele, Leonard Button. Second row: Vincent Smith, Clarence Nixon, Leon Robinson, Michael Weight, Kofi Kitchens, Sean Hyson, Kelly Wright, Howard Smith, Cecilia Taylor. Third row: Mark Falcone, Andre Albornoz, Mi- chelle Lemelle, Dionne Cole, Ray Litten, Arnold Golden, John Denny, Cheryl White, Cynthia Sandridge, Angelic Dewitt, Fourth row: Angie Robinson, Maria Clark, Michelle Jones, Angela Nickelson, Tonya Hines, Hosana Fonrose, Joyce Grady, Sandy Christianson, Miriam Akel, Christine Ickes, Fifth row, Medhame Habtu, Jamal Parker, Brian Johnson, Curtis King, Rob- ert Venson, Joanne Thompson, Nora Mulhare, Donna Clark, Joyce Chaconas, Shannon Beatty, Dee Dee Obregon. ,ww Cooperative Studies C.O.E.!C.V.E. are programs de- signed to give students a chance to learn and to work at the same time. C.O.E., sponsored by Mrs. Fridling is a Cooperative Occupational Education project. C.V.E, is a Cooperative Voca- tional Education project. It is spon- sored by Ms. Davis and Ms. Thomas. In each program there are approxi- mately 45 students. These programs allow students to attend school half- day and then work. These cooperative projects also give students a chance to see how it is in the business world. ,lx 5 l if is Z? I I' l """nL .Q Zz? di I ,", L. .gl , , 1 C.O.E.fC.V.E. 163 Z Q iq fqiiffiagigi, ' K im,ww,. 1:.. t W. C5 iftsf' 'fv Hispanic Club: First Row: Douglas Cabrera, Gustavo Velasquez, Adela Aquino lSecretaryl, Reynaldo Escudero 1PresidentJ, Nuria Cruz Nice Presidentj, Lilian Ponce fTreasurerJ, Yhamel Catacora. Second row: Luis Vasquez, Rosa Salinas, Boanerges Velasquez, Miriam Aquino, Milton Flores. Third row: Virginia Feria, Sarvia Guevara, Sandra Flores, Guillermo Umana 1Syndicatel, Monica Munoz, Leslie Jarquin. 4 . I ,sr A- i ff' Asian Club First row: Phuong Do, Tuan Pham, Ping Lin, Luu Mia, Tram Phan, Deayne Johnson, Ngoc Chu, Chan Hoang, Hoang Nguyen. 2nd Row: Binh Pham, Huu Nguyen, Nga Seng, Lucy Chen, Phuong Ngyen, Linh Luu, Ratsady Vilaychit. 3rd Row: Mr. Pell, Hong Lam, Phuoc Nguyen, Kiet Pham, Hoi Mai, Souliya Chathana, Thong Le, Anh Nguyen, Tien Nguyen, Tran Diem, Linh Nguyen, Hang Nguyen, Dung Pham. 4th Row: Do Kim, Sang Ki, Yong Yi, Wang Huh, ,long Pak, Tuan Dang, Noudam Rajbandith, Mr. Bodkin. 164 Asian And Hispanic Club ,gifes-i, 4 -if ""'T X iiqglfflntggq w,,,gul,,,1. Nxygwy' La Pandilla Hispana Hey, have you noticed Spanish signs around your school about th MWT? Well, the Spanish speakin students have been working on get ting the word around about how im- portant it is for the students to do well on them. Another thing that these students have begun is a club that has Mr. Sube as the sponsor. It was decid- ed that this year would be a good start for it. They want to let you know that they usually meet Thursdays after school. So maybe if on a Thursday you have nothing to do and are roam- ing the halls after school drop in and check out the La Pandilla Hispana fThe Hispanic Clubj. The Asian Club Prom their afternoon picnics to the international dinner, the Asian Club continues to help keep the Asian com- munity unified. With joint efforts from Mr. Hansen, Mrs. McCann, Mr. Bodkin, Mrs. Green, Mr. Pell and oth- er teachers that are from Nicholas Orem, the Asian Club was able to be organized for the first time in North- western's history. To make the Asian Club's Christ- mas bright Officer Tran, from the P.G.C. police force, dropped by for their holiday party Kwhich included 20 large pizzas and lots of videosj. Not only has Officer Tran helped support the Asian Club but he also contributes to the Asian community by helping out anyone who's having trouble translating English. So there is a lot to be said about this club, which con- tains persons from Vietnam, China, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Korea, and other Asian countries. row: Lily Giannini, Ileana Figueroa fVice Presidentj, Sophia Edmundson lPresidentl, Denita d tTreasurerl, Yvett Sithithavorn, Randy Godette. Second row: Tanya Clay, Ray Lipton, Frazier, Deanye johnson, Ngoc Chu, Third row. Rona Mensah, Yhamel Catacora, Monica Nuria Cruz, Adella Aquino. ALS: First Row: Donald Bruns, Sherri Timko. Second Row: Lydia Zerne, Gabe D'eustachio, jim Egeli, Jennifer Kerdock, Amy Ralston, Lia Piedade, Mr. Walsh fsponsorj Club Francais The French Club started on the right track this year. Their first ac- complishment was a Culture Day where they examined the French Cul- ture, their other accomplishments were a field trip to Georgetown and a Christmas Party. There are also activities in the club, they play volleyball, soccer, and sometimes basketball with the Ger- man Club and other clubs. The year is also turning out pretty good for the club because there's a new president Sophia Edmundson. Most people think that you need to take French in order to become a member, but you don't, you just need to have an interest and a 2.0 average. This year the president wants to make the members of the club really open up and explore the French Culture and it's people "because the students need more interest as well as activities that require physical involvement," said Sophia. In order to build interest each year the club participates in the Bel- gium Exchange where students from Belgium are hosted by American stu- dents. The American student host the oelgium students for at least 2 weeks, and this usually takes place during Spring Break. A.F.S. What does AFS stand for? Well, it stands for American Field Service and it has for the past 40 years. It was started as a promotion of worldwide intercultutal learning, in which par- ticipants learned about other cultures by living with an AFS family in a for- eign country. As you might know or heard of Lia Piedade, an exchange student from Brazil, is a part of AFS and a student at NHS this year. Lia feels being here and experiencing the life of americans "is very different." She explains that she had already finished high school according to her school system in Bra- zil but in ours she'd just be a senior because they don't have grades the same way we do. The AFS is a program that can be done year round or in a three month summer or winter program. So, if you're the kind of person who likes to experience a challenge and would like to learn more about another culture maybe you should investigate further. A.F.S. 8x French Club 165 Academic Clubs It's Academic fleft to rightjz Carl Arasorena, Mr. Warchol, Ksponsorj, Aaron Frazier, joe Gillette, Gabe d'Eustachio, Tram Phan, Don Bruns. Math Team First row: Ping Lin, Vicki Triplett, Ray Litten, Mrs. Lynch fsponsorj, Antonia Smith. Second row row: Jin Zhang, Ngoc Chu, Tram Phan Chu, Tram Phan, Deayne johnson fcaptainjg missing: Xiang Wu. 166 It's Academic!Forensics!Math Team Leading Us To The Future It's Academic Math Team Lights, camera, action . . . Six xcited students this year have ecided they want a piece of the ction. The rigorous studying and dedication has brought the team a long way. Mr. Warchol has been sponsoring the team since at least 1978. Math Team?!! That's what most people say when you talk about NI-IS's Math team. With great concentration and enjoy- ment of learning these students work together and take math to a new level. Our Math team is sponsored by Mrs. Lynch and the team captain is Deanyne Johnson. Way to go math team!! Forensics Forensics, people have heard the name but still don't know what it's all about. The basis of it is the judicial courts. Each student becomes a lawyer and has to research information about the coming case. A lot of work goes into each case, but you learn too. For some, it's a head start on their future in politics. . .A , ' 3 fe -I ' 'A . Q as 1 X J in ya ff , 1 A 4, -ii T it . , V? Z Y' gif' 1 6 'X 3, ,W -+ Q Y 0 la 4 LA. f X , w 1 , tr Celeste Edwards, Rowena Narayan, Monique Stubbs, Sophia Edmundson, Chris Skokowski, Don Bruns, Amy Headley, Mr. Hechinger tSponsorD, Martin Powell It's Academic!ForensicsfMath Team 167 Twice The Music The Concert and Mixed Choruses has many activities during the year. Both choruses performed at Back to School night on October 17, 1987. During the month of December, they performed at Hyattsville and Nicho- las Orem Middle Schools. At the Holi- day concert, the Concert Chorus along with their other music sang a spanish song called "La Virgen Lava Panales". It was their most difficult piece. The first concert of the new year was on January 15, 1988. The Concert Chorus and the Prince George's County Civic Opera performed "Amahl and the Night Visitors". As spring began, the Concert and Mixed Choruses performed at the PG. County Chorus Festival which was held from March 28-30, 1988. They were rated on sight singing and the performance of their music. At the spring concert, four year chorus awards were presented to Jenni Lattin, john Perry, and Chris Philyaw. Second and third year awards were also presented. There is much work put into con- certs through many hours of practice both in and out of school. Four mem- bers of Concert Chorus have extra practice every Wednesday night at Largo High School because they are members of the PG. County Honors Chorus. Those members are Christy Davila, Aaron Cushinberry, Chris Philyaw, and Orsson Vargas. This completes the year for the Northwest- ern Choruses. Northwestern's Three Kings john Hubbard, Aaron Cu- shinberry, and Brooks Smith do a Holiday rap to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. 168 CHORUS Double Choruses If Y T1 . leg' 'V---' 4' 4 f 'kit' ' 1 , v 54 'I- - ' ""' "1'gf"?,':' 9.-ff ff if rr'-... fr' The Concert Chorus performs the spanish song called "La Virgen Lava Panales at the Holiday concert on December 11, 1987. lt took many hours of practice to prepare The tenor and bass sections blend together to sing their part in "We Three Kings fins , 'gr K' fxfi-1' Nzfsm'-+4 1. Concert Chorus much spirit, Kim Clark and Aggie Marks their part of the music. Y l fffiff' 'ii' '1"Q'R"""et'T91m si-r...V , ., i ,, W ,. ...C ' N- " MMT ,ww M 71Q,f1,i l f'3 an is . if K ,rii , ' as sian - I - A A s- - Fixed Chorus irst Row, Jeanine turner, Lovelena Brooks, Comfort Browier, Leslie Hyatt fofficerj, jennifer Ingersoll, Tameka Green iofficerj, Patricia Hagerty, Second Row: Trina Scott, Dana Grimes, rashaun Cross, Tamara Williams, Traci Harrell, Kristen Roberts, Crystal Beach, Lathesia jones, atya Bernal, Third Row: Mark Aytch Qofficerj, Alicia Riggins, Marc Dyson, Cecil Pertillor, akeba Lowe, Candace Williamson, Jiselle Price, Vonda Burrows, Lakeisha, Harrison, Maya Allen First Row: Stephanie Kitt fofficerj, Tonya Goode, Deborah h Heard, Crystal Thompson, Simmone Carr, Bonita Thomas, Rachel Weatherless Second Row: Reesha Scott, Kimberly Clark, Darlene Turner, Denine Armstrong lofficerj, Orsson Vargas, Anna Peters fofficerj, Rhonda Roorda, Antonia Smith, Third Row Christopher Philyaw QOfficerJ, Joseph Ring, Michael Monteith, Dawn Ring, Nadine Martin, Christy Davila, Forth row: Donald Bruns john Perry, Aaron Cushinberry Ill Kofficerl Angela Zickafoose, jennifer Lattin. AL. These members of the Mixed Chorus nervously overcome stage fright as they perform their music. CHORUS 169 Double The Beat In '88 A Positive Note This year the band program has grown enormously, not only in size from incoming freshmen, but also in maturity and performance level. Through fundraisers and personal contributions the Marching Band was able to purchase new uniforms. The Marching Band also held a successful band camp two weeks before school started, to orientate the freshmen and refresh the other band members as to how much work goes into a marching band. After football season or march- ing band season as the band members call it, the time had come to prepare for the winter concert and festival. Festival is a competition within the county in which bands are judged for their playing ability and performance level. The 87'-88' school year was a very active one for all performing groups in the band program. The Marching Band marched at all home games, and performed in various parades throughout the area. The Concert Band finished the year with five con- certs and excellent scores at festival. The Jazz Band, always an enthusiastic group that performs at the peak of their ability, played at all the concerts and made a special appearence at the talent show. I Ill Ill llli 'll ill it tu 111 us uf sni'ici'I:i'il"iii's1s nz :slim an in - . . . . The jazz Band: ' First row: Celeste Powell, Eric Kearney, Kathy Kidwell, Brian johnson, Sean Vortis Angela Brownlee, Maurice Senegal, Charlie Lakey, Second row: Mark McWane, jerry Ortiz, Tom Lazo, John Williams, Bryan Houser, Ann Milstead, Jennifer Sager, Jake Hughes, Not Pictured: Carl Arosarena, Billy Auchter, jason Clayton, Damon jenkins Concentrating hard, Monica Lazo plays beautiful Blowing the trombone, Damon jenkins per- music. forms during the talent show. 170 Band The Orchestra, which used to be underated group, gave many performances with the ment of some horn and players. Thanks to lots of effort participation, by band and members alike, the NW Orchestra been given new life. Both the tra and Jazz Band are activities making their large pretty surprising. These two only practiced one day a week, leavin a lot of work up to the individual t learn on hisfher own. The school ended with a final performance graduation, thus, finishing a long and leaving a new one only months away. Doing what he does best Jake Hughes plays the bass guitar. for the concert, Jennifer Valentin and Ingrid Valadares practice their music. xy m mu us an nu lll us un un in iu'ui'ini'i Zgi'Z,Q'ful' 9170 1 in Ill un Ill lu Ill Hz un us ul 'll ur H1 . 1 ,sg Nj H, ,, ui Hi all an nu an un an nn Ill nu un nu i,f , ,Nni, ,Www-2nen in mil nu nu in ua an vu HI ul nu zu ns in xx: in an zu In tu nr an sv r , 'Z C fl 5, , 1 Q ts: 557 1 . ' nz, C rf flllllfliflf - C ' Wi , . , I M Q, sr ..m,u at N 'QV' up, 1 ,ali f nv X! A r C . Zyl" 'F M fag, - 4 ' . V. - -J' cp" t, 0 - .1 sv G ' . P' Q33 .f 4 f . c far: . A ' - - "Mir r- V f' ' ,Lf 5 . , -:aqf,,,, ' . il , fix ,, , 'za f,ff f ',,ff t ., ,,,, , ,WWW .f,'f "wr:wg4z:.,, ,,,k chestra st row: Cindy Toth, Kim Coleman, Nichole Theoharris, Judy Hottle, David Norman, Ingrid ladares, jennifer Valentin, james Klimek Second row: Deayne Hohnson, Brian Houser, Angela xwnlee, Shelree Degree, Christina Finney, Allen Lyon, jennifer Sager, Tom Lazo, Ann Milstead, nrk McWane, Third row: Jake Hughes, Charlie Lakey Concentrating on playing her part, jennifer Sager plays the tuba. lx l""--...M With their bows gliding across the strings, Cindy Toth and Kim Coleman stroke their violins with much skill and grace. Band 171 Taking a breather, Angela Brownlee waits for her cue. Conducting the jazz Band is always a pleasure for Mrs. Ieanes, as the group always performs their best. Getting ready for their winter concert, Nicol Theoharris assists Tom Lazo in buttoning o his ruffles. Q E C, V X 2 lit Ht Ht HI Ht Hi tu ill IH in an lu nu in ui in in in in oz in mi i tl! Ht lt! til Ill lil IH Ht lil Ili Ill lt! Ill tl! lt! ll! til ill ill ttf iii fit ill! ill ill lil lil ll! Ill ill ill lil Ill il. Ili ill lil ill Eli ill ill tit ill if , Symphonic Band First row: Krista Odum, Celeste Powell, Angela Brownlee, Shelree Degree, Bryan Houser, Monique Stubbs, Sarah Bowles, Rachel Norman, Eulis Sawney, Toya Henry, jason Clayton, Monica Lazo Second row: Christina Finney, Ginelle Scarboro, Angel Biggs, Tony Cvuarini, Allen Lyon, Kathy Kidwell, Derrick jones, Brian Johnson, Maurice Senegal, Eric Kearney, Ann Milstead Sean Vortis, Carl Arosarena, Tania Brunson, Betty Haney Third row: Peter Dillon, john Williams, jerry Oriz, Travis Starner, William Bryant, Kevin King, Martin Powell Standing: Eddie Langston, Marcus Hampton, 172 Band Ruthie Adams, Alma Mesa, lsaac Benson, Mike Pierre, Charlie Lakey, Mike Grubb, james Klimek. Enjoying the game Kathy Kidwell watches with awe as we score a touchdown. drum line up a cadence for the band to march to as they enter the field for e football game. -if V.. I . T-7 Just Flagging Around VHS Flags rst row: Tonya Henry ICO-Captainj, Rita Coleman, Tricia Mentro tCo-Captainj, Second row: Eulis awney, Toni Virts, Third row: Dawn Ring, Kim Clark, Fourth Row: Angela Brownlee, Kim mmons. Flag Their Attention During a half-time show at a regular home football game you might have seen girls wav- ing big red, white, and blue flags to the beat of the music. Marching and dancing with the band can be a lot of hard work, but with prac- tices every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 to 4:30, the girls made it possible. "Our squad worked great together," said Tricia Mentro, "although we got off to a late start." The flags performed at almost every home game. The squad was made up of eleven girls who worked together with Mrs. Jeanes to make up routines. A lot of the time they practiced with the band. With a lot more members and more prac- tices the Flag squad hopes to be one of the best squads around. Flags 173 Double The Spirit Spirit Makers The Sprit Maker's job is to make signs. These game signs have to be prepared ahead. Football signs are prepared in the summer and basket- ball signs during school. For each game three different signs are made. One is a crash sign, second are signs with, "Go Team, Beat, Fight" and Spirit Makers are also responsible for making signs for the cheerleaders, banquets, and anything else taking place in the school. Ms. Burr is the sponsor of the Spirit Makers. She personally picks out the members. She knows who can get the job done because the job of a Spirit Maker takes a lot of responsibility. High Steppers ln this year more than others we have noticed the performances done by the Northwestern High School High Steppers. Under the guidance of Ms. Pinkney, their sponsor, the High Steppers danced their way into Bas- ketball Games, a show at Prince Georges Plaza, and even the ' 87 Homecoming Game. The High Step- pers practiced on the 3rd floor B-wing every Mon - Wed, kept a 3.0 grade point average all year, and set a great example for upcoming "High Steppers". 174 Spirit Makers, High Steppers FP' EHS , K .N W A Spirit Makers First row: Heidi Jarman Second row: Raven Mathews, Cherri Timko -T 9 tx 5 A Mg i I High Steppers First row: Lia Randall, Keisha Miller, Stephanie Jackson, Tomeya Miller, Stacy Spurrell Second row: Nichole Braxten, Carol Floyd, Sandy Timbers, Joanne Ngaine, Angelique Gordon at Wm- --- ff ff 74 ta T i A: , W tgfssi junior Varsity Cheerleaders First row: Angela Lorenzano, Mary Davis Second row: Vanessa Gonzalez, Monica Munoz Third Row: Theresa Ross, Maria Rodriguez, Janice Steinbach, Lisa Flynn, Gloria Scott, Kim Edwards, Antoinette Pimble PM ,..,,,, . f A 5 ' ' "'f1l1T.'77'! I Q f W' W . . -f' Le, 'dll ' Pep Squad First row: Tera Reed Nice-Presj, Leslie Price tPres.j, 2nd row: Fenile Durham, Katrina Shepard jennifer Lattin, Lonnie Hawkins, Sherri Giles, Kim Simmons, Nikole Braxton, Angelique Gordon, Tammy Artigliere. 3rd Row: Diahann Young, Charlene Higgins, Eulis Sawney, Toya Henry, Laura Lone, Angela Zickafoose, Tia Hawkins, Jennifer Wright, Ann Milstead, Theresa Morgan. 4th Row: Nuria Cruz, Saundra Gardner, Jiselle Price, Yolanda Brunson, Lisa Noel, Shannon Garnett, Kristi Kinsale, Tanya Clay, Danielle Tyler, Lynette Logan. J.V. Cheerleaders When were the J. V. Cheerleading try-outs? . .Where did the J. V. Cheer- leaders perform?. The J. V. Cheerleading try-outs were in October and their first perfor- mance was the first J. V.'s basketball game. The J. V. Cheerleaders cheered at all J.V. basketball games and wres- tling matches. With Tara Weaver, for- mer cheerleader, coaching the squad and Ms. Burr sponsoring the J. V. cheerleaders, the girls worked on per- fecting their skills all year long. Pep Squad Look out, here they come, it's the Pep Squad. You'll see them at every home game cheering on the Wildcats, wearing either their navy blue or white sweat shirts or T-shirts with PEP SQUAD printed boldly on them. The Pep Squad, like the Spirit Mak- ers, is sponsored by Ms. Burr. A presi- dent, vice president, and treasurer are appointed. The president and vice president take roll at meetings which are held every other Tuesday and at games, to make sure each member is prompt. The treasurer takes care of the squads money from fundraisers. The Pep Squad is like a group of in- the-stand cheerleaders doing all the cheers with cheerleaders. j.V. Cheerleaders, Pep Squad 175 Tradition Continues .... Spirit. Devotion . . . Summer Activities Rah! Rah! Rah! Those are the words that most people believe come out of the mouths of all cheerleaders. Well that's not necessarily true. Beginning with tryouts in April, the squad began to take shape. Learning and teaching cheerleading techniques, the 1988 cheerleading squad attended a one day NCA camp in Atholton. The squad learned cheers, sideline chants, stunts and gymnastics, which started them off. Two organizations, Park and Plan- ning and the Prince Georges County Boys and Girls Club, recognized the squads techniques and invited them to Teaching and Safety clinics. The squad taught some of their favorite cheers and also safety spotting rules which accompany the many difficult stunts in cheerleading. The squad re- ceived a trophy for their time and their outstanding performances. Ending a summer full of hard work and activities, the squad attended a four day NCA camp called Pine Forest in Pocono, PA. Evaluations were a major part of the camp. Every night the squad had to perform a home cheer and an NCA cheer, adding stunts and pyramids as the days pro- gressed. For their performances, the squad received one excellent and three superior ribbons. Also with their per- formances a spirit stick was given out to the most spirited squads. The Northwestern cheerleaders received one every night and they were able tq take one home. On the last day of camp, the squad was nominated as one of the six top squads receiving a Certificate of Nomination for the Award of Excellence. During these many activities over the summer, the squad began to feel a certain closeness. A special friendship that remained throughout the entire year. Truly rah, rah, rah are not the only words that came out of this squads mouth. A aa 1 4-nl l w 5 Varsity Cheerleading First row: lCaptainJ jackie Codi, iCo-Captainl Darcia Williams. Second row: Charito Fister, Jennifer Kerdock Jamie Brewster, Lajuan Huff. Third row: lvet Sithithavorn, Andrea Benfer, Anne Wimbrow, Erica Washington, jennifer Woodruff, Monica Garrison. 176 Cheerleading i Supporting the cheerleaders on Homecoming Senior Chris Babbit, dressed as Wilbur, takes break to watch the Homecoming events. ne of their many pyramids, the Northwestern cheerleaders display the favorite. YIM I WTT75 ,155 '..f ,N 4 y I K. " swing that All American Spirit, the Northwestern cheerleaders dance to the beat of et jackson. Aim, ,Gif-'.,4:. Synchronized to the sound of the beat, the Northwestern cheer- leaders punch out their poms to keep in unison with the ripple. Screaming "Let's go Wildcats", Andrea Benfer smiles proudly as she tries to get the crowd involved. Cheerleading 177 Poms . . . Creativity At Its Best The Never-Ending Season The Northwestern Pom Pon squad started their long season during the hot summer months. In the beginning of the summer, they successfully be- gan to put together a home routine to take to the NCAA Drill Team!Pom Camp in Richmond, Va. With this hard practice they received a trophy for Best Home Routine. During camp each girl learned four different rou- tines and some drill team commands to be performed and evaluated in front of a judge. The girls were rated on the ones they had learned. The NHS Poms received a majority of blue, Superior ribbons. Getting up at 6 a.m. in 90 degree weather and some- times not getting to sleep until after 1 a.m., just proves that practicing does help make perfection. Next came football season where the girls had a chance to show-off their new skills from camp. They did this in a variety of ways: new sparkly pom-pons for showy routines, and even props like three-foot beach balls and towels for a routine performed to "Wipe Out." Then for the last home football game, the squad joined with the band and flags to attempt the start of a new tradition. Finally came the season of basket- ball and competition. Although the girls did not perform at many home basketball games, they still came to cheer on the team. Instead of perform- ing, they practiced numerous lon and hard hours for a successful com- petition season. After Christma Break, they began practicing for tw to three hours, six days a week, to ge together their patriotic routine fo their three competitions. Not long after competition, try-out were held again for the next year. Al of this hard work and dedicatio shows that poms is a never-endin season. Pom Pons -if M..-V F 'egg First Row: Krista Odum, Cindy Toth fco-captainl, Paige Tinney Qcaptainj, Crystal Debold. Second Row: Rona Mensah, Kim Ludke, Krista Story, Dana Dickerson, Robin Hyatt, Nicole Theoharis, Amy Watts. Third Row: Kim Washington, Kim Johnson, Stephanie Bennett, jennifer Caldwell, jennifer Jordan, Lia Piedade. Fourth Row: Lois Provenza, Denise DeLisser, Shelree Degree, Heidi Edwards, Crystal Thompson, Sue Kocher. Not pictured: Kim Coleman. 178 Pom-Pons a ripple during the Homecoming routine to "Mony Mony," these girls show-off their poms. an original routine to "Wipe Out," the use of towels helps Jennifer Caldwell, Kim Crystal Debold, and Lois Provenza create a for the Wildcats, 1 4 1 K A k With hard effort and long practices, the Homecoming routine proved to be worth the time. .1 yn , . , , , -'fn3.r:,, ' ef 1 H l 1. 44 4 4 K4 r , , , e t 4.fQt.,f'4. 1, L . , XX, ,, ,X XZ, tfWx.,ff.f't,f1iwz3Q 'ff se . - , ,,, J, sry, , - , . Q 4' 4 ,Q ff, 534.34 4 4A 4 44 4 4 4 44 4 4 , -...lx .t L 5. g '. ,Y-K N t ""?9 'A ,Qtfb . . . . . '. . ff, , K ' . WH: ' ' Y , -' psf - - ,psf J.. w .K H. 4,4 fig.: pe-'tx-1" A A . n-.iw M, 'tiff lkLf,,T,r fn ,fjigxfr 4 i 4 4 44 4, 4 MSM fue s ,Q ss t.4Q,j,,3,vr5m, f df. 4 sph 41' .0 K - ' 4' in i 4 g ' L' 4 ' "A ' fi? 4 4-fy Q V' Q f ' lalimiiiw gm- no r Q V , 1 . L - ' - 1 , V K ' - raft: , ' l" ' 1-fl. - G iii: 4 . 4,5 ' ff, I' -1 fi' 1 N -. W .-1551. I , .. I 1 aa X 9 .. "f- 'tyfsggg 4 3 ' ' . . ' i FX 4 M, fawmt A - . . ' V ,..,, , - 4 .4 - use f, K X t f i 1 f. rw fl ' ff' Et lf , iff 1 x..,.f if gg., .. , ' " 5 . ,A t s , K rt-if . Q, ,1-4 git, Q, ,lf ,S 44 4 Q 4 b S. , 44 efglgw ff , I 5.1! -1 ,, ,, 4 - 11 Q X ar ia, f , . .. - T "A Q 'T' eaiyfak Ylmft-gif t Wwe - 'X 5 t ' fi 1 lla x W .- ' , x-f.-- , W 5, wir- I "5:we5S'Is'Q?M M . 4 , ' -' I re as s- - o r . it t 4 if t - P a -X ,t 4 . 'A 1 L' ' A 1. HM ry .f fr A ww., gag- - fe W- .v A n M , 3 his t fl' Q ' Q :wwf f f " - 2 ut . 'J' - 1 if f 4 I we rival t -- .- , -, in or watt' fe xssilift 1 f-ff-Mm :ms M :,.....-L..-:af4,TfL as-in I 'ii ' 'K ' -f' 'K' rr. . w3fV'i5i'?w:',"QiiN-f 4 K-K f ff , +5 ready to try out a fun routine. Holding three-foot beach balls isn't very easy for the shorter girls, but despite the strong winds the poms look Pom-Pons 179 Life In NJRDTC Cadets Earn Ribbons The Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Cadets QNJROTCJ learn self-discipline, self-confidence, and leadership skills that can help them meet lifes' challenges. They en- joy many field trips that include cruises in the Potomac River, Chesa- peake Bay and Atlantic Ocean. Dressing every Thursday in their uniforms and practicing after school every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday shows sheer dedication to our school. Having 13 ranks altogeth- er, each student works hard to earn their rank. But not only do they work hard to earn their rank, they also work very hard for their meets against other schools. As you can see here, all of their hard work has come through but they'll work harder to make them- selves the best. Naval Science 3X4 First row: CXLCDR Ashleigh Simpson, CXLTJG Sharon Humes, CXCDR Larron Broadnax, CXLCDR Sang Ki Sec- ond rowp CXCPO Jose Burgos, CXCPO Denine Arm- strong, CXLT Sean Thurmond, CXENS James Williams, CXPO1 Marcus Hampton, CXPO3 Bernard Greenhow, CXCPO Tracy Wayne, CXLTIG Shannon Wilkins. Third row: Brentford Davis, CXENS David Holland, CXLTIC1 Roland Penny, CXPOS Theodore White, CXPO3 Shawn Davis, Brian Costello, CXCPO Leonard Burton 180 R.O.T.C. Battalion Staff First row: CXLCDR Ashleigh Simpson, CXLTJG Sharon Humes, CXCDR Laron Broadnax, CXLCDR Sang Ki Second row: CXLTIG Shannon Wilkins, CXCPO Tracy Wayne, CXLT Sean Thurmond, CXENS David Holland, CfPO2 Thy Nguyen, CXCPO Leonard Burton Third row: CXLTIG Roland Penny, CfPO1 Diamond Farrar, CXENS james Williams, CXPOZ5 Tiffany Hale Battalion Commander Broadnax promotes Sharon Humes to CfCTjG. Naval Science 2 17th periodl First row: CXPOZ Sam Wilson, CXPOS April Jackson, CXPOI Andre Cameron, CXPO2 Thomas Priester, Michelle Thomas Second row: CXPO3 Miriam Aquino, Robert Hoff, Nadine Martin, Temple McCoy, Joe Axt, CXPOI Ra- mon Diaz, Sean jones Third row: Sherrie Giles, CXPOI Meshak Aduwu, Jeff Hinds, Calvin Washington, Gerald joseph, Sandra Philippe, CXPO2 Eric Ariis R.O.T.C. 181 Naval Science 1 12nd periodj First row: Maria Deoleo, Shawn Goodwin, Katrina Shep- ard, Manh Hung Nguyen, Rosa Salinas, Monteik Barks- dale Second row: Kevin Simmons, Chamele Ferrell, John Foster, Jeffery Mckay, Hermia Amanor, Diane Johnson Third Row: Conti Green, Jacqueline Martin, Sean Grady, Vincent Burgess, George Moore, Donzell Thomas, Jason Burchick. A 4 Q , A l s A : Marching proud and tall, our Color Guard leads our Homecoming Parade to the school grounds. 182 R.O.T.C. Naval Science 1 13rd periodl First row: Alex Bustillo, John Steele, Tina Leonard, Sandra Philippe, Jackie Lucas, Second row: Towana Tibbs, Simona Barksdale, Anthony Davis, Leslie Price, Renita Palmer, Mitchell Ham- Kagnd. Third row: Eric Taylor, Edwin Jarquin, Shawn Wildy, Mica Gordon, India Jones Paul ams. Tolar Guard XPOI Ramon Diaz, CXPOI Diamond Farrar, Kfommanderj, CXPOI Andre Smith, CXLTIG Roland venny, Edwin Jarquin Naval Science 1 16th periodj First row: Crystal Thompson, John Williams, Lisa Noel, Milton Flores, Carlene Darbeau, james Beach, Tymira Hunter Second row: Syl- via Forbes, Marcus Gabriel, Sedrick Brown, Ed- ward Fogle Ir., Germaine Norman, Kimberly Parker, Denise Berger, Quan Luong, William Hopwood jr. Third row: Boanerges Velasquez, William Fernanders, Michael Montieth, Jenni- fer Wright, Robert Forgette Ir., Micheaux Bish- op, Oscar Montoya, Kau Kehleay In perfect unision, Sharon Humes and Jose' Burgos perform for our entertainment at the carnival. R.O T C 183 Armed Drill Team First row: CXCPO jose Burgos, CfPOz Jose Galvan, Hung Nguyen, Edwin jarquin, CXPOB Chang Pak, CXPOI Me- shack Aduwu, CXPOI Andre Smith, CXPOI Diamond Farrar, CXPOI Andre Cameron, CXPOI Ramon Diaz, Kim Parker, John Steele. James Beach, CXLCDR Ashleigh Simpsonffffommanderj Second row: CXLTJG Roland Pen- ny, CXLTJG Shannon Wilkins Mr. Fennell presents the NIROTCS most improved unit award to CXCCDR Laron Broadnax. 184 R.O.T.C. s ' Unarmed Drill Team First row: Maria Deoleo, Rosa Salinas, Leslie jarquin, Katrina Shepard Second row: Jackie Lucas, CXPOZ Thy Nguyen, CXPO3 April Jackson lCommanderJ, CXPOB Tiffany Hale, CXPOB Miriam Aquino, Sandra Philippe 1.-Lliwn, 5,145,414 rs' .fa 2 We , gi, Q Cadets enjoy being photographed as the earn their at-sea ribbon during a ride on the Potomac River. Cadets recieve briefing prior to getting underway. Academic Team First row: CXCDR Laron Broadnax, CXLCDR Sang Ki, CXPOI Andre Smith, CfPO2 Thy Nguyen Second row: Robert Hoff III, Hung Nguyen, George Moore, Sean Grady, Rosa Salinas ..,11 -,j,..-- Having just successfully maneuvered the boat, CXCPO David Holland rejoins his shipmates. Once again here is our Armed Drill Team moving in perfect precision. R.O.T.C. 185 if-3 6 DDDClOODOODOOODDDDCIODDOODODODDSCIOODDCICICICIOCIODIJCIDCICICICIDCIDD OEICIOCICICIOOOIIICIOOCIOEICIOOOEIOCICICICICICICIEICICIEICIODOOQOUOOOCIOOOCIOCICIOCICICICIOOCICIOOOEIQCIOO VVVVVV AND ALL THE CLASS OF '88 LOVE MOM AND DAD WISH THE BEST OF LUCK TO THE SENIOR POMS. ?'xlHtSlP,S f CONGRATULATIONS TO DA HT OUR UG ER 74OO Baltimore boulevard College Dark. lvlarylarxd QO7-4O QOH 664 6220 THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCI ATION WOULD LIKE TO WISH THE GRADUATING CLASS OE 1988 A VERY PROSPEROUS AND FULFILLING LIFE MUCH SUCCESS FOR STEPHANIE BEN NETT, SOPHIA EDMUNDSON SIMONE WALTON, SHAWN MCCAMMON NANA KWATEMAA, INGRID VALLADARES RICHARD ARMSTRONG MARY GREEN VALERIE MOORE AND DENETA HOWLAND. 0000000000OOODDO0000000CIDDDOOCJDDOOCIDOODDDOCICIDCICJCIDDCICIOCIDCI THE I987-88 POM I ,,,,,,,........--- EI O Cl CI Cl O CI O O CI O O O O Cl O Cl Cl El O O O CI O O O O Cl O O O CI O O O O O O Cl D Cl CI O O O Cl El O O O O Cl O O The Bank that Serves you Daytime. . .Nighttime. . . Saturday too! I Q -X Alain Offtzth' 6 0015 I B I d R d I INI yI d 0737 GJJ 7000 9 TO MY SISTER HIIIHIHI WERE EBTIIIWMIITI YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING IN LIFE BECAUSE YOU GIVE SO MUCH MEANING TO IT. I LOVE YOU. ELLEN 607Z?2f4'77t.4'f4'7'7072S 70 7745 6.41455 0? 'XX DEMEMBEQ THE JOY. FUN. AND SEASONS IN THE SUN. WEDE QICHT BEHIND YOU. 'mfs ymzvaz 6.4,-fss v I I I I I CONCIQATULATIONS ANDY. GOOD LUCK LOVE Y A. !0lGlA'I'UI.A'FiCIS TO OUI2 DAUCHTEDS JENN V.. CT.. J.V.. AND D.D LOVE MOM AND DAD V. - Cl CI O Cl CI Q O CI O O O Cl C-I Ll Ll U EI O CI CI CI O O O Cl El O Cl O O O Q LI O O Cl O O O O CI Cl Cl CI O CI O Cl O CI O O 3 OOOCIOClClOOOOOOCIOCIEIOClCICIOOCICIOOCICIOCIOOOClOOOClCIOC!ClCICIODDDOOCICIOCIOOOOCIOCICIOCICIOCIOOO ADS 187 188 DDDOODOODDDOODDDUOOODOOODODDODOOOODODDDODOODODODGDUOOO QOOOOOOOOOUOOOOODOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOOODOOOOOOOOOOOQDOOUDOOOOOOOO I 'QQ' ODOODDGOODOOODUODDSDDDUDDDODDDDDUDDDDOOODODOOODODDDDDDOH Am I 4 4 W4 lm-c . . For fifty years our professional hand and personal touch haveheen photographing senior portraits for high school yearhoolcs. We capture on film those special moments that you will cherish forever. Nohocly makes time stancl still like Segallflvlajestic Photography. ,M - Main Office 1019 Wilsti Drive Baltimore, Marylancl 21223 13011 5251700 Kensington, Marylancl Arlington, Virginia 12021457-H155 1180034411159 O O O O O O O O D O D O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Q O O O 0 U O O O O O U O O O O O O O 3 OOOOOOOOOOOOODOODDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQDOOODOODOODQOOOOQOOOO O U O O U O U ID ID U O 12 'D I3 I2 I3 'D ll IO ID ID I3 IO ID IU ID ID IO IO ID ID ID Cl IJ IU ID ID I2 ID 'D I2 ID ID IO 'D ID ID 'U IU ID I3 ID ID ID ID DCI ADS 189 OOO OQOOOOOOOOOUOGOODOOOOOOOODOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGOOD FONGRA IU' A IIONJ E-SPST OF IUFK IO YOU Al WA fa LOVE YOUR FREINDS R Xrl R Xrl 1ElEliE 114191313 wiki' M in WHBHH 8: M115 EIQNERHTULHTIIQNS l9'HVll9 rin e G orges aza 3500 East West Highway Hyattsville, Md 20782 559-7171 ' ' Florists Midway Florists, Inc. IJIEIVE FfHMlhY Sl . ..,,,....l FRIENIQS f, , -..5!Il!"' goo000000OODODOOUDOOOODODOODDO000000000DOOODODOOODODGD O K IIVUVXI E . ' ' ' 9 X' r ' 1 1 'Q ' Q o P. as V V V V V P c e P1 D 0000000000DDDDOODDODOOODODODUOUDDOODOODOOODDODDDOODODDDH 190 ADS Mavrikes Brothers - - - Three Generations of DOOODDDODOOODO00000000000ODOUDDOOODUDDODDDO00000000003 301-422l905O O -'gil' Speedy L Printing Center . Carbonless Forms W1112 Cleaners Business Cards Letterheadflinvelopes Booklets, Brochures 7705 23rd AVE. Newsleffefs 7B55 Welker' Drive OWNER 20783 sf-eenbemmo 20770 13011992-4270 f f CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DAUGHTER IQIM WOODRUEE GRADUATES Or THE CLASS HJLZ. Ifssm WERE PROUD OP YOU Ti LOVE' OF "ss" EZ fx Q5 I MOM as DAD Ts Lg Pressure Tfeafed Wood Ledo JOIN A HIGH SCHOOL LEAGUE OUTDUOR RGSfHUfaHt'S AND MEET NEW FRIENDS-sTARTING SOON! PURNHURE s 4 ' rf 1. ljglatr 6935 mmgl - d'QMQ ,lf I is 'Z' Q9 - T ATUHHBP 9 I 2 I Classic Akbxwyb 1 SYDQQQKAST ,009 Adirondack 9 253' Q'296q,N F840 Q9 Chairs, Rockers, QQ? 09 Q5 Q Swings 8: Benches Q' 2, , 'Q Small to Extra-Large Picnic Tables mmn ZZ 'mmr A A , , CONGRATULATIONS 2420 University Blvd. -1-O OUR SON Marry Styles HYATITITSQIILLE BJ' MARYLAND BESEEEHES Call Don 422-8622 927-2092 MGM 52 DAD LOGOS000000ODDGOODSD00000OOODODDDDODDDODODDDDDDOOOODDDO I D D O O O D O D D O O O O O O D O D O D D D O D D O OOOOOOOO OOOOOODOOOODODOODOOOQOOOODODOOODOOOO ADS 191 92 DOOODODDOOODDDOOOUODODODOODDOD000000000OODODDDDODODDDD OOOUUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUOUOOOOOOOUOQOQOOUOOOOOOOUOUOOOOOOOOO Francis Gasch's Cons FUNERAL HOME, P.A. ' ox: .-4 5 - . , .',. I ix A . 1, M' H- . 'W 'x 'ia --Ke,.. A f??F- ' f Qgmhfyhmmflm gi? "xiii . I I Y, , -- - .. 444 , 1 Q ,. .. - Ci: I Wu'-' , 1 ,- Z. . , 1- A - ' f - . . I ir . u N7-'ix . N ,, - ,' ' , i, -I -1 I X . 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I-IYATTSVILLE, MD. 20781 927 - 6100 PRIVATE PARKING A Family Owned Business Serving This Community For Over 135 Years OOOOOOOOO 000000000UODDOODOOJ3003300000000OODODUJUOOJODDDOOOODODOG Am ' - O El O Cl O Cl O EI Et O Q LJ O Ct O Cl CI O Cl El Cl Cl Cl O O Ct O O Cl CI Ct O O O CI Cl Cl CI O O O O CI O O Cl CI O O O Cl CI OO Prince Georges Plaza 3500 East West Highway Hyattsville, Md 20782 559-7171 Mavrikes Brothers . . . Three Generations of Florists Midway Florists, Inc. u 1:51 """' .au , , ,,.clllglll 1Major Credit Cards Accepted3 J. IJ. WILLIAMS REAL ESTATE CU., INC, 6309 Baltimore Avenue Riverdale, Maryland 20737 Business 13013 927-7600 or 18003 638-7445 I Residence 13013 277-1299 I , it Q J. D. wiLLiAMs 1 Broker, CRB I LPNHIUMIV Y U Y W Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated A-1 WORK mr E ret When You Want the Best ' 'ig IARMAN'S -Plastering Service- WARREN IARMAN 779-2211 1 Overlook 0-ffgjq Apartments 7 " THE WORD IS OUT ' OVERLOOK HAS A NEW FACE! 0 Minutes to Walter Reed v Newly designed building entries ' Reappointed Kitchens featuring modern appliances 0 Oversized Apartments 0 Laundry Facilities 0 East access to downtown by Metro Bus 0 Prompt Service 0 All Utilities Includes 1507 Ray Road 'mm' Chillum Heights, MD 20782 J H331 CITY COUNCIL MEMBER Cloverly Drugs And Medical Equipment "YOUR PRESCRIPTION AND CONVALESCENT AID CENTER" 15521 New Hampshire Ave. Silver Spring, Md. 20904 384-6200 Ed Maione 1. Carney I Washington, D.C. bmi: Maryland - Virginia X0 ' 1 1 Abbey Decorators Exterior - Interior Painting Residential 8: Commercial "FREE ESTIMATES" Phone: 12.023 234-1130 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Q CICIOCIOCIOOCIDOUGOODOOCICICICICICIOCIDCICIOCICIOCIOCICJOOCIOOOOOOOCIOCIOOOCICICICIOCICICICICICIOCICIOO 'DOUGU17CIUFTUUTJUJUJUJFTODCJDOODO Q Q Q Q ul Q Q u o ci Q ci ci Q Q Q Q O o ci o o Q O do Q 0 O ADS 19.3 OOODOOODODODDDUDODOOODDDODDDDODOUODODDDDDODOODOODDDOO GOODOOOOOOOOUDOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDOOOOOOOODOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The Mayor and City Council of I-lyattsville Extends Best Wishes and Congratulations to The Class of 88 Northwestern High School Q OOD PLACE? XNCE web Thomas L. Bass, Mayor City Councilmernbers Douglas S. Dudrow Susan L. Krixer-Adams Anna L. Frankle Anne Healey Mary K. Prangley Polly Rogers Charles P. Lawrence Lucille C. Brogden Robert W. Armentrout Charles L. Falvey 0000000000ODODOODDSODOOODODDDOODODOODDSDOODDOODODDOODOO ! 194 ADS Avoid The Noid Call Domino's Pizza r . I , LANGLEY g PARK zz - J - HYATTSVILLE 559,63Q0 '- ' . . 699-5880 ERICA WASHING TON ' DEDE REID ' MONICA CAPPISON 'WE IWLL ALWAYS CPEA TE SOME TIIIN6 SPECIAL FOR OUP FAMILY AND FPIENDSI " LOVE, SC. . O CI Cl O Cl O O O O Cl O O O O O Cl EI Cl O O Cl CI CI O CI El CI O O O O CI O CJ Cl Cl O CI O Cl O Cl CI Cl CI CI Cl O O O CI 3 OOC!OCIOOOCIClOOCICICICIOCIOCICIOODOOOCIOCICIDDOCIDDOOOOOOCIOCICICICICICICIOOCICICIOOCIOOCICIOOOOOO D D Cl O O CI O CI CI O O CI O D Ll EJ D O CI O Cl O O O Cl Cl O O O O O O O O Cl O O O O O O O Cl Cl Cl CI O CI O CI Cl O O O EIO ADS 195 DCIOOCIDDDOOCIDDOODCICIDOOUDDODCIDDCJOCJOOOOCIOCIOOODOOIJO0000000 CIOOOOCICICIQCIDElOOCIOEIEIOCIOCIOOCIEIEIOOOOQOCIEICIOOOOOOOOOCIOOCIOUOOCICICIOOUCJCIOOCICIOOOOO The Man In The Glass When you get what you want In your struggle for self And the world makes you King for a day, just go to a mirror And look at yourself And see what that man Has to say. For it isn't your father Or mother or wife Whose judgement Upon you must pass, The fellow whose verdict Counts most in your life ls the one Staring back from the glass. Some people might think You're a straight-shootin' churn And call you A wonderful guy. But the man in the lass Says you're on? a gum lf you can't loo him Straight in the eye. He's the fellow to please, Never mind all the rest For he's with you Clear to the end And if you've passed Your most dangerous test lf the guy in the glass ls your friend. You may fool the whole world Down the pathwayeof years And get pats ont back As you pass But your final reward Will be heartache and tears lf you ve cheated The man in the glass Author Unknown Q64 -p ' ' i, Gr - "QQ wg. - -X , .. 1.4:-Y , .V if' t"g1Egfg-f.:2X'K-'sl-lf? .1:,1v,, , 4, -,J ' .' 'F -V-fm .W-.Da .,-z-gn..-' ffl.. ,, g g i -flwwiie, - : ,i ef' at " " "' v.fzasa.ES"" 1'-A. W ,Gt ,,, ax aw, ,,-M -X Q 1 4 .r ' ,L yr--r J.. 4 1' W' t -. .rj v w' F' 'Safe' " x ' l ' xi, u X' K at 14, 'Q 'L ew, ,V- i I ., .-una ' lie' I l l ll r Xl, ' ,lf t VNV-a,.... , f., 1 .1 ff " flu "Z'9"3' fy - 2 ' .,f7Il'e1Ql??f'?'f".-'f .4,... .iv . :-,-12. ' ' f-- u !l,....11-V '. - - -u.,ns.'.. in H I A F, J I i-w ie- if ig aw-' g niwi.-.','5'm.e71s , .fi ..r U ... A .. y ,H ,3 g1,.4,.r?j., 4 .lft ,,ls if y- 43: --1 :- - - -- . It-.M - -awk wr e ,- V i f ' -e s , . -' A x 1 , 7 x "1 .1 ' , 'I . . . 'a e ., " t ' 4, ' 7 '. '- - rf' -?",.,.'.2s ,. .ef f ' f ,--,dfpihZi,f1-'Wi V 1 ' 1 i r' r el i f - if-if - ' . ' -e A Vt , , ' 1 ,. r,'C,gfpiiejg,ie?,,,f.q:,:.:::5...,,X5 rf' W' f ' " WLM fiffflnfffss"f71?ZW?7x,.-'-0:5 , ':""r"ff'f'-5'57f7"f:-s'-Mr . ' -.1 1.4, T ws tLe.J2V' r K 1 " f N.. hx ,X ,vp I ' 1 r .t 4, I zu -li mf' ef' iv sits 0, T s he t. ' " 5122" A' tr-lj 5 .lll 1 ,,,,., 000000000GOODSljUOQljljDOOljDOUGDUDOODODDOQDODDDDOOUOOOOOO CI 196 ADS CICIDDOEJIJDOCIOIJCIDOCIODDOOCICIDCIDIJCIDCICICIIJCIOODOCICIDD000000000003 Process Service Filing Photo Work Aff DWVWG 5550011 'NC s. HUBBARD SERVICES, INC. 6.309 Baltimore Avenue Suite 205 Riverdale, Maryland Service of Pmcess 3602 41st Avenue 1 Colmar Manor, Maryland 20722 ' , f 864-1497 r-lag.-PC1221 , T F1 SHARON R. HUBBARD STEVEN i.. HUBBARD H President Manager G-"-f"S"i'R'S'- ' CR id QOHICQJ I, 1 1 ISIIIIICZS-2438 2'-.E I301I864-6133 iii..i, 2-l-Fi ,ii,, ,Q CLASS OF '33 . pmvm paymq SHN i 0 Cowiw Road Ori-,mg W, T 4 , Us 1: 0 Test Passing Tios IHUQP Q Oeiefsive Dr q en' W 95 i.: Moron'vEHiELEmfilEEN'SfDQ BEEN couizss GAIN CONFIDENCE AND SKILI. THROUGH PATIENT INSTRUCTION NRS LIBRARY JAMIE BREWSTER QEDITORJ JACKIE CODI RACQUEL DEROCHA DANA DICKERSON ILEANA FIGUEROA CAROLINA FLORES KAREN GARDNER CHARLES LAKEY Compass 1987-88 JOSTENS PRINTING AND PUBLISHING PRESS RUN 655 COPIES 8 PAGE TIP-IN 204 PAGES QPHOTOGRAPHERJ TYPE STYLE- 33 JENNIFER LATTIN COVER DESIGNED BY STAFF RAVEN MATTHEWS RONA MENSAH TASHA MINOR CRAIG MOOD MELVIN MURRAY JENNIFER NICHOLS CINDY TOTH JENNIFER VALENTIN JENNIFER WOODRUFF ISUPPLEMENT EDITORJ 3 AND 4 COLUMN DESIGN CANDIDS BY CHARLES LAKEY CLASS PORTRAITS BY SEGALL MAJESTIC THE 1987-88 YEARBOOK, "COMPASS" STAFF WOULD LIKE TO THANK MRS. KEARNS, RAY QUERY, SHELLEY METRO, EDITOR JAMIE BREWSTER AND CHARLIE LA- KEY FOR THEIR TIME, EFFORT, ENCOURAGEMENT AND SUPPORT. A SPECIAL THANKS TO CORWIN GLENN FOR HIS DRAWINGS APPEARING ON THE OPENING SPREAD OF EACH CLASSES' SECTION. D DOUGCIOClDOOOOODDODCIUOCIDOD000000030DCJOOODCIDDCIDCIOOCIOODO CICIOCIOCIOOOCICICICIOIIIOOOOCIOCICIDCIOCIOClCIClCIOCJOCICIOCIOOOOOOCICIOCIOCIOOOOOCICICI OO O CIOOOOOOOO ADS 197 98 'HBH Bit Hllllitlt 72027711472 40776K 9,-422 as 54702 7000027677 752.41129 7425. yfewzss a. 525727542 ysmz-7 4477711 775 mana 7474742 7712. .4722 77825. 47677152 70. 7572715.44 gona 17661 72076 5451575444 75471: 775 8557 427757 07 may Hgazwvvz g451z7zf" eo1z42477e4477a7z5 64,455 09 xx" 742, 7,444 77525. 79.4 707.4 5 072 97317152 Jefrey Tinio fGodj Ledo's Thomas C. Mullen Mrs. Lucas Mn Mattox Mrs. Scott Mn Anderson IZ Graham PATRON5 Mrs. Katharine Hamlin Ana and Cathy Best lfriends Congratulations Class of 881 - Mrs. Wasserman The Kerdoclr Klan Patricia L. McMillan Sn and Sra. Jose G Flores The Caldwells Hey Guys we made it! I D881 I To my "Special" Love, 1 Love Young-lady Norman We Love You- We Wish You Continued Success Class Of '88- We Love You The Floyd Family Emma Davis life's greatest reward is your suc cess love you mom on time our future the jones' love popa, granny 8a mom congratulations rae we are proud of you! congratulations joanne good luck love you cody wendy, you are our 431 daughter love mom 8a dad i wuv u lake, we had so much fun, see you in ak michi "mom wear at?" thanx 4 introing me to mongo van thanx 4 everything i love u good luck ke i'll never 4get ur the best "i love u.. jen i'll always be there, wuv u. kim 5 bj ur a pain in the? but i wuv u. kim hef. never forget . , i will love you always. jenn good luck to the class of '88, da- vid pfeil jr. shorty ill luv u 4ever 8: always! liz sir bottle thanx 4 being u! luv ya lizzie sm-nothing means? luv ya lizzie jg, jg, jw, jt, jb, dc-thanx luv ya! liz andrea-can i have a stick of gum? john i tol u we b ric fems we in ye boo na! jo i so gla me u goo fre we ga ru S koo sha i se cme n u bryer a eecmu fe myer fyer! bye wanna, ang, john, anna, lil sis jeff cooter- you siwy boy - lois jams- i wuv u lil sis-kim shan- we made it. stop the 1 weekers-kim good luck to the senior class football team if12 kim-thanx 4 everything-shan boo bear i'll miss ya luv boo kim why did u ralf on my rug? ur special jamie "mom, we're doing math" andrea -s-i got my mind set on you! -n- mel, em-thru the bad, i still love u! h a.w., pom buddies forever. h.e mel-best friends forever-heidi 8: en good luck always-ac, mh, rp, ve, 8: wc-love brenda cw! dr, aw! bw, jw, jw, pt, s. art W! jn, ck, jf, je 8: the rest bye jk bye nm, mtl my abtn is a grad wf hnr n i fnly mde it evn tho thre wre mny dts. thnx mom n dad 4 yr luv n encrgmnt n i wil alys rem my pals n all the go xs we hd at nw. n i knw tht i wil hve a vry sucesful ftre ahd of me i wnt 2 sa by 2 5 pls ruby 4 hlpn me w tuf xs if jf jf who almst kild me jen congrads! best luck to my grown up daughter ga luck pals kg, lg, rm, if aw i m wfart ml je mm ckg jen thnx teach r rn s w g i the girls i've loved cmb, ac, al jt, i love u all steve the coaching staff wishes to thank the administrative staff, the cheerleading squad and the porn pon squad for their support of the football team brenda, dont let those chip- munks get the best of you, joyce theresa kathleen ross big red chyuk chyuk meri xmas- jenn cindy-bestest closest mostest- jenn danadane-hey buddy who'sa lunchbox? jene good luck cindy dana 8: jenn- mr. coats krys-we luv u-jenn, Shannon and Cindy mike-5-months, worth the wait, kish-jenn congratulations Wildcat wres- tling-coach jackson tommy l.-i'll luv u 4ever-patty b good luck seniors from mrs jeanes kenny-i love you, cp 129 jan 22. sc, sg, ed, js, kk, bw, pw, jj, mg, sk, -pats-sew's-ko we already got the best of her- chipmunks 8 cin-enjoy your ride at kd-jv, iv jb, have fun without us-jv, ct, iv i luv u theresa-luv always tim db, rn-thanks for being u-heidi sm-whens the boxing lessons?- mighty mouth dh-i'll never 4get "for always" luv ct good luck steve l.-steve s. spanks, bucky, dd, big red-luv always alfie to salwah, happiness to come- friends torro Ms. burr: thanx for the 2nd chance. i'll miss ya. jamie blacky: we've had our ups and downs but we always hung in there and we finally made it to graduation. best of luck al- ways. luv ya. pinky jenn: you know i'll be here for you sweetie any time you need me. don't forget our fun times and be prepared for many more. summer '88, luv ya lots jamie. d and i: yearbook camp, what a blast. oh and dont forget bas- ketball camp and "let's skip" best of luck always and forev- er. j congratulations jim. i hope u can find the perfect wave 2 ride on. ich liebe dich. lisa congratulations wendy. i hope that your senior yr. was filled wf great times. sorry i'll miss u walk but i'll be there in spir- it. i am so proud of u. luv ya Zday 8: always-lisa jose, "let's go for a walk" luv ya a. c-j-s: 2nd wouldn't have been fun wfout ya. no more oh my god's. I won't forget you guys. luv always. jb the schmigel's i love you . . . lia to all nhs . . i'll miss you . . . lia jenelle waugh ph. ka, ac, sb and rg-i'll miss you luv kn mom b-thanx 4 ,helping me grow and for the 4 great years in cheerleading. jackie jdc i. you. we are in love. cdm shorty, liz. 4 minutes on h2o. joe amy tblgies what's 4 dinner? lov rab luv 8: friendshp 4ever. luv ya- lidia poodle thanx 4 memories 8: 12 yrs. luv lee lee i luv u-i luv u all but i got to go. tmc carol-thanx for the memories. blondie john all my love 8: gratitude-for ever cmb mom i owe it all to you. i love you cmb to ah, ml, tm, kj, thanx 4 being there. lily ileana, good luck in the future. i PATRONS 199 miss ya kath hispanic chicks, if, am, rg, lv, jg. luv ileana chito's love for you will never die . . jen wen can i wach tv n eat cook- ies chat rave i luv that hairstyle chat bka nafnaf stephen brantley dimples- u are the best friend ever. dana dane da boys bean machine 8: slicks rebel herbert schwartz price wendy hey honey see you at the beach kmm danielle jackson we finally made it to the top, i'll miss you. saliva good luck. anne morrison jacq-great job wf cheerleading, i'm proud of ya. good luck wf college 8: keep your half of the apt. clean. thanks for the memories. ly-chris to all of my children: dreams 8: hard I success. find it jan. couldn't of gotten through school with out you. love mary jc, jk, kl, jc, lp, dw, tm, sc, bj, cm, bb-hey lands end ski club- your going the wrong way. cb goodbye 8: goodluck to the se- nior poms- mrs. yohe cdc crazy about ya. thanks for the times. joe g. thanks to mom 8: dad bye nhs keisha lee "good luck hanna kim shanna 8: darlene" "good luck senior poms" cd miss ya dana. 200 PATRONS chris-thanx 4 everything- santiago seg: be all you've ever drea- med! be ul crg best wishes toot . . . love mom and clad buckgpis mooing lets go 2 roys nomo frany luv, kc kim 'my daughter' friend' sis- ter' love ya! mom kuntcanicurfiziologyrehafxbbi wysluvbucky good luck km-ac, ck, stay swift ef, amf, dpr i'll luv u 4ever thk u great mom luv sm the little rascals-i'll miss ya! ly- las-ct good luck from the school store seniors. good luck from the ath- letic department ms. rudert good luck class of 88 mr. and mrs. yohe jeff loves cathy freddy: maybe, maybe not. barney surf jam rock thanks jcodi we'll miss u. cb steve remember art class it was an inside joke. later dude rona thanks 4 being there. jeff crystall who are you going with to homecoming next year? jeff Thanx 4 lunch cat, cf, dj, mam, us, ys xoxo jls. "celo"-n-''collewy"-4-"ever?" monica what can i say except its been real jeff 89 to nhs amf jeff jamie, past, the first to know. jack jamie, to bad i never tasted your cooking, rab bro-revenge of the gummy bears-sis chris-go ahead blame it on the plant-kim ajnjnn-place pinkies on fore- head-k anne, jen, kim-3X4 of my 1 who- lelya-jenn lia-how about that ding-ding? ly-jenn chrissy-the weegie wire says??? -ly jenn t 8: d-let's order some money Cbdj-j 8: k plak-what's bilevel? ly-dirk 8: tartar chris-no not the bus. luvya-jen tom-is it musty or tangy? ly- jenn remember the ledos crew, chris, jack, amy jason, clowns last forever. "4- ever". jack heidi, don't 4-get 4th pd, amy ps lylas 8 pison, rice, rab-da boys of lewisdale jz-bumping jock coustew diving in red lollies-j ' charlies angels-do you want a f I ry. C. lippman jackie-what's our natural color? ly jenn qb4-put you hands on your head. luv jen hey andy b.p.l. of nw 11f8!87 love kenny to the poms, with love, mrs. yohe j.r. suter allison amann sharon mccombe joyce clark, counselor- best wishes- always dream big dreams e ruth e. hernandez- congratula- tions class of "SS" good luck in all of your en- deavers- sheila c. fajimolu best of luck- joan k lynch to jennifer i'm glad we finally got together love mike thanks, good luck and i'll miss you. deneta i leave my calm temper to mrs. wasserman. she needs it for nat'l h.s. also my spanish! ha! thank you for always being there. sp to mrs. ruley, i leave my favorite girlfriend, all headaches, dead- lines, all my free time. hope we both get more lunches. thanks for being a true friend. SP cl. i leave all partin, times in riva, 4-wheelin, fort wash. colonial beach, roger's floor, 8: stealing cars to you. don't forget me. sp -h- you my girl Sn i'll always b yours -s- to all the ladies. love l.t. love Sc peace to all love 8: kisses, shawn m. '88 ethnic fam.-lets do lg-town, jh if luv! uf tc get stupid in "88" lee. c i leave my humor 8: charm. i'm outta here yeah. teddy white all the ladies next year my last one. always remember "we've only just begun" '89 best wishes shelly, kevin, jay, and dwayne. tracy l. congratulations to the class of 1988-mrs. d uzma, you've been a great friend-ivett in live, snack on danger, dine on death-cush-cush kevin ramsey-i love you-daa naf-naf-wanna get a car losd- ram george-bananas dr cream- apples i wuv u ed,-ab hey guys we made it. "88" what ya doing? whatching tv 81: eating cookies lilly, u made my saturday nites best. chat to as, if, tc, rm, tw, mm, jn, sm, cg, jc, i luv u. lily congratulations jennifer lattin love grandma jean jubbard meredith lattin sophomore class sec. jh, jh, ml, youre the best-love jl best wishes jennifer lattin love mom if it dont stinkg your up wind. tk bb, sc, ck, dw, tm, bj, jp, jm, cm, jf, cb, -nw hockey santi-thanx for the ride-rab jenn, the length is stunned. jack chris, lean on mel jack anne, hit me again mot. f. - wendy j c- Qmy sl i love you! j w-2 the best timesg i'ss miss ya luv a herr duff-never saw howard the duck anne v. cheers-take pride tboorn, booml anne jenn, kim, jenn-anyone? any- one? luv, anne anne, do you want to see howard the duck? jenn, i've had the time of my life. tom jamie, 8 any tamps lately? wow that a long time . . . your the best, your my pal i'll love ya always. jenn. Jackie . . . we listen . . remember tell us when . . . jenn. and jamie jam-i will see you at md. Our past was the best, but our fu- ture is yet to come. jac george no! . . . freddy's here!!! mrs. Wasserman-thanks for ev- erything. jamie cmb "wet" 8: "wild" trip to oc. 12187 kmm susan buhner jen- good wuc on v.c. wuv your sis-kimmie wuzt up wid d 3j crew? jeff jack john to northwestern high school- thanks for the memories-jb steve c. stop cheating . . . your weekend girl anne. . . revenge is comming. . . luv ya-jen boo, he'll come, wait . . . i luv ya 'always your best friend for life . . . jen kim . . . no matter what, i luv ya . . . your sis jen congratulations erica fre rej love, mom PATRONS 201 ' 1 ,Q 'f' ' 9 ' . l N! X . . l . 5' 0 - , . '-"fri, . K L J ' u I", l x X - 'Q Q .- I WSJ. ' f I 9 , ' . egg A X 3 x 5 ,-Q69 , .gy 1 ,fl af' Y x .Q. 'I ff f .o if ' '.f ' ff- ' 2 'H' X .-6 -' 1 ' . Hey you. Give me her .... no way boy, this is my show yells Sharon Humes and Charl they try their hardest to separate this couple. 202 CLOSING Hey man . . . who are you talking to? Ending The Year With More Wildcat Power Doubled action, doubled beat dou- bled talks, doubled feet. How did you double your fun in '88. It seemed as if the year would never end, but the fun slowed down and the excitement drew to a halt as June 14th rolled around. The large blue and white letters of Northwestern that flowed through everyone's mind gradually dispersed in the air. As the Seniors left and the under- classmen turned their backs to the doubled '88, the only thing left was memories. The thoughts of the good times lasted forever and the thoughts of the bad times were quickly forgotten. As 1988 doubled the fun and excite- ment, it also increased Northwest- ern's daily attendance. In 1986-87 the average daily attendance was 87.78'Zn. In December 1988, the average daily attendance rose to 88.15'ZJ giving Northwestern the third highest in- crease in Prince Georges County. This increased attendance boosted North- western's rank up five positions plac- ing us at 12th place in the county. Not only did the Seniors enjoy their year, but they would never forget the memories of their high school years. The underclassmen had more to go, and definintly more to look forward to as the 1987-88 school year closed its doors. CLOSING 203 j f QVJZLLMJH 67444 f wa fqg' all Z gd fQwfTMJ4fm7Uw A1,q1wvwL.' WMM I-x WKQQM AM K L' fwgmgvg 1 id 0 7044?-'74 74 em 70e 7144 e-gm: faaw We gm William Ernest Henley lllill M H J af QGNX CJ!! s kai' 0 pf fp 9UU,-f QJQ' gf 9 9 .Q LZ Qlaxf' xbaj OU.. QWL, vox v G' ww tw f W'3wQ0' WX Oy Y X l, Q35 .f5,'MfrJ'UL A NY H wwf 5 NMJGL ff: . MM? XUWQ5 ,L 49 V Z . f- M ffnlfww W dw , we YW ,4 .70 fb W! wif XA fm ff M ML wwf JV ,Q W Mfg Mb MN W M 9 V V lpn KW M156 Qlx' L I CMJ vin O6 ,UV P OJMVV H gy w Aw 2 'Aw X 1 Q , I iff lffgwwig V if W W W O V W wwvfljvv N " LW uv' .7 If 7L fi, 'Q J jf - Q,T "if 2:-QM 1,5 WJZPAQWMR 4 f 22+ WW My - xiii W QQUQ' WU W 'JC 5+ ,B it 9 pvaffd W W mfffw QJWWVMQJWLR W A A6109 My CQ,ZJf1fQ,QvU43JHQj.OJq! Y o YN- f5f00ZyZ3J5576 esgwa Lf A X W QU Y 1 IQQ 5 Q BYCJQN WWXJWW UNA G33 32 -W X 6 pn? G 50 N ' F9 ' Www Kwsifj L QW wxgmof BWSQQEQ VSVYMQY W W ' sv 955 'awp XSQJQS NXMLX9 5.9UQ9hQJO' 'gy -WEEK Q59 GEMS Ski fmgflw X 9395 - mgtgqgxjgfq ,AV E 5525 fig? Q 'Ox -Jw fkggiwflfw dim X 5 fi '54 15993 fp? wx f X f MO Nw ZWWQP W KC? QQJO xy gig Sf yfp? by PP , fix S? 9 . X7fLSN0Lf yay W' V C 0 1 Qifggy iw . 0360 Ji 2? Xfpffyf QQ Q? ,M Geek MWQAWW iifdfl? Q! 1252 Q2 MQ! if VW JZQ fi! f fx T J if . H M WMZNUSIW WWW ? jjijaplhf' Ziff!! QOJWJ U ffffffffff, w X56 WW 5,5 'e67MfWf7 IAQ OMQU C O9 .e, M 0 M fl'1'cknW'fl2'ff'f,M A NYJ OSD M f 0 1 W Najaf? H! JSO ,DOJXQF Ugplffi jnlwfj ff! Gd W lf.f,WZZ"f0 Hamm, A 525 f"ffff,,f'706 DMM ff Uyyx W bUM,0ljGU.y0o0,5,olJ'4 6 .N O OPC JD' had 65 JM 1 EMD fag, 9 6 gfifignijsdifb L 812 Uucig 54 M415 E - 4 gsjiiw E Egg? N Q' .K 5 Ng . xqiCmnKxz,Q 1 C3 K ' XIX fi M V 156 QW WMM Wfffwwwd W QMWW WW W1 W wwf Wffwgww WW AMW' 4 W MJ W ,, WQWMHW any X ANC WVQJFXQ CQPM A of U X YQUL H65 gf VIQW5 lfLQOM,71,h iyf Mi? xi WW 'SWK DM M 'S NH? Ka VW 1,2 ,V U K wfvx I 20" 0 - 1 L Ip QM GPVAXIM WL f N " in X7 VN 6,1 X S! x w C of 0 J s M f ,v N 0 6 Q + lf! R . Cyn X kwqxx X ' fx -N .... ...... ,...,,......-:- -'-.-- --- --.T-. . -- -hw... -,.-.,- V .- ,, , -. Q--f-.--,-. , -,- .,-,,,, .,. - W ..,.-1 gxf,....,.........- ,,,...,. , ..,,,-.-..- V ,,.,,- qvx, ..... -F-N,-R, X fk Ty? 53 0 if QS! ' . M M WW Qwykdjwwyvg N W Qggxwgfvfy ya? My MMW5 A BJ f b Q iii? Gym jigimxywwxwif mf qi? a M V ff' YJ If 5 ov 695275 if 55 55555255355 3? 5 5 55? iw XD I Vffii gf WJ-Q J Q Q Q22 SE

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