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-ww O 25: !lb 5 c m' T1-:LIS L ,519 W5 The Compass l955 Northwestern High School Hyottsv Ile Morylond Publ shed by H G Roebuck ond Son Inc Boltumore Morylond 2 i , i . . , . I f" , I 3 rf - V1 ' ' in L -li - . Foreword The course of gundonce South whuch hos helped our lot And which In thus our need we ve troveled well The route to knowledge North wnll show us foretell ln tarne our future whnch now we know not Our poth Eost to lndnvlduoluty We sholl follow through these forrnulotnve yeors And though the woy moy prove to be severe The rood to chorocter West sholl shorter be Wlth post lessons Ieorned serving os our guide The onms we cherish sholl serve os our gool From useless things we would our thoughts control We stortlng out from Northwestern s for rood Now pouse to consider eoch dnrectnon For we now must moke our own declsnon And follow It though weory be our lood We hold wlth our future thus rendezvous And hope to choose dlrectlon wnse ond true CONTENTS SOUTH Course of Guudonce Admnnnstrotlon poge NORTH Route to Knowledge Closses poge EAST Poth to lndlvuduollty Students poge WEST Rood to Chorocter Extrocurrnculor Actuvntles poge NORTHWEST Ponnt to the Future poge . I l . . . . 1 I I I I I I I I . . . . I I ' I 1 I We must, whotever course we toke, hove pride. ' I I I I 1 I I T I - . . . I 1 I i A ff Course of Guidance Southward the course of guidance is a start mg point from which the student charts the direction of his future lt is a point to be re visited as he developing his talents through education and experience may change course or gain advice in order to remain on a true course to his goal Dedication The 1956 Compass is respectfully dedicated to the administration and the faculty of Northwestern High School for their unswerving efforts - in directing us along the pathway of knowledge in guiding us along the road to character in pointing us truly to the future. . ,, - ' We ' R - . I o 5, ' ' Z' 4? 2, ' L' - A . ,F 4 if "G YL I I , f f' s .l f 5 4' ' J SN t fwf E51 - V4 , -5 1 55- - I ' Y C I 1 I " I I I I V4 Q Mr John P Spelcher Q-4' Administration Northwestern Hugh School opened os o senuor hugh school nn September l95l wlth Mr John P Speucher os prlncnpol In the succeeding yeors Mr Spelcher hos not only directed the odmlnls trotlon of thus school but olso he hos been on octave portlclpont an the mony scholostlc oth letlc ond soclol octvvntles sponsored by ond for the students Mr Spelcher ottended Western Morylond Col lege the Unrversuty of Morylond George Wosh lngton Unlversrty ond Columbuo Unuverslty ond he holds o Bochelor of Arts degree ond o Moster of Arts degree. He hos been octive os o prin- cipol for twelve yeors five of which have been with Northwestern. In spite of o busy schedule Mr. Speicher en- joys in oddition to the school octivities othletics church work ond fomily events. Guiding Our Directions First as a teacher, then as a vice- principal Mr. William L. Lynn has been an integral part of Northwestern since l95l. Mr. Lynn holds a Bachelor of Arts de- gree from Lynchburg College and a Mas- ter of Arts degree from Duke University. From l95l to i953 students learned the intricacies of plane geometry, solid ge- ometry and trigonometry under the guid- ance of Mr. Lynn. An interested spectator at all school events, Mr. Lynn's few spare moments permit him to enjoy hunting trips, fish- ing, and swimming. OFFICE All the paper work and business of a large school is handled in the office. Students interested in serving the school and gaining valuable work experi- ence may schedule a period of office each day. Tardiness, bulletins, records, letters, and the hundreds of problems of a school day are well-taken core of in the office. Mr, William L. Lynn Busy clay - L. Hannabass, R. Robinson, assist Mrs. Kleiman with duties in the main office l i S . Miss Balsley Mrs. Basil Mrs. Bauer fi Miss Bricker Mrs, Brunstein Mr. Cartee Miss Clough Mr. Coley Mrs. Cubbage Mrs, Dawson Mr. Diggs Mr. Finegan ......4f'vx A . 5'-L 'O L if Q . 19' ' . 'es is , ' 'Q X f'. L 1' .rsh N. Miss Beckman Mr. Bell Mrs. Beveridge "Not only is there an art in know- ing a thing, but also a certain art in teaching it." Cicero Miss Eugenia Balsley, B.S., M,A., Journalism, The Nor'- wester, The Compass, The Quill and Scroll. Mrs. Merle Basil, BS., English, Future Teachers of America. Mrs. Ruth H. Bauer, B.A,, M.A., Algebra ll, Trigonometry, Solid Geom- etry. Miss Ellen J. Beckman, B.A, M.A., M.M., Choral Music, Theory, Appreciation, Music Club, A Cappella Choir, Mr. Carl D. Bell, B.A., M.A., World History, Junior Class Sponsor. Mrs. Annamarie Beveridge, BS., M.Ed., Short- hand ll, Typewriting ll, General Business, Adult Education, Miss Clara l.. Bricker, B.A., Typing I, Shorthand I, Business Honor Society. Mrs. Betty P. Brunstein, B.A., French, Spanish, French Club, American Field Service, European Exchange. Mr. J. Keith Cartee, BS., M.Ed., Agriculture, Guidance, Student Council and 4-H. Miss Adelaide C. Clough, B,A., M.A., World History. Mr. James Walton Coley, B.A., M.A., Psychology, Business Arithmetic. Mrs. Nancy Cubbage, BS., Problems of Democracy. Mrs. Doro- thea Dawson, B,A., English and Speech, N. B, C., Les Petite Players, Thespian-Alumni. Mr. Glenn H. Diggs, BS., M.Ed., Mathematics, Sophomore Class Sponsor. Mr. Leo Finegon, B.A., Latin, Latin Club. Mr. Lawrence G. Fordyce, BS., General Business, Shorthand, Typing. Mr. Charles Forst, BS., English. Mr. Joseph J. Gieda, BS., Shorthand, typing, Business Machines, Soccer Coach. MY. FOVCWCS Mr. Forst Mr. Giedo 3 I fi Mrs. Haines Mrs. Hamilton Mrs. Harding Mrs. Helena J. Haines, BA., M.A., Biology, Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y. Mrs. Rebecca L. Hamilton, B.A,, Shorthand ll, Typing ll, Bookkeeping ll, School Bank, School Treasurer. Mrs. Lois T. Harding, B.S,H.E., M.S., Home Economics, Future Horncmakers of America. Miss Caroline Hardy, B.A., English. Mr. William H. Harris, Jr., BS., M.Ed., Biology. Mrs. Phyllis S. Johnson, BA., English, Junior Class Co-Sponsor. Mr. Edward C. Justice, B.A., M.A., Dramatics, English, Thcspians, Little Theatre. Mr. Donald G. Kauffman, B.A., English, Miss Devona Keithley, B.A., M,A., U, S. History, Senior Tri-Hi-Y. Mr. J. Paul Kemerer, B.S., M.A., Driver Education. Mrs. Wilma B. Kirchner, B.S,, Physical Education, Junior Tri-Hi-Y, Co-Sponsor of Circle N. Miss Sarah Lacy, B.S., Plane Geometry, Mrs. Ja Lamanski, B.A., Mathematics, Sophomore Class C0- Sponsor. Mr. Lorton P. Layman, B.S., Industrial Arts, Rifle Club. Mrs. Mary M. Linaberry, R.N., Infirmary, Future Nurses of America, Mr. John Maholfz, B.S., M.Ed., Physics, Physical Science. Mr. Horace M. Mann, BS., M.A., U. S. History, Hi-Y, Soccer Coach. Mr. John McNelis, B.S., Plane Geometry, Algebra Il, N Club, Wrestling Coach, Asst. Football Coach. "Those having torches will pass them on to others." Plato Mrs. Lamanski Mr. Layman '35 Miss Hardy 45. Mr. Justice Mr. Kemerer .bv 1 .Y ,ff Mrs. Linaberry MY. Moholtz 6 Mr. Harris as-,1 .lr -. fgg . lf Mr, Kauffman Mrs. Kirchner Mr Mann 3-7 19' Mrs. Johnson fi! Miss Keithley 'X Miss Lacy Mr, McNelis 6 K iv fix Mrs. Monick Mr. Moran Mr. Nys Mr. Phillips Z' ii' x Mr. Murphy Q .Qs as L... Mr. Owens Mr. Pointer 6. 4 ...FV Mr. Pasqual POYHG Miss Phillips Miss Putnam Maf- 1 N1 J.. ta Q. Miss Rehanck 1' Mrs Murray Miss Nowland Miss Nye "What greater or better gift can we offer the republic than to teach and instruct our youth?" Cicero Mrs. Helen S. Monick, B.S., Home Economics, English. Mr. E. V. Moran, BS., English, Mr. Joseph M. Murphy, B.S., Physical Education. Mrs. Eleanor Murray, B.S., Home Economics, Caterer's Club. Miss Anne H. Nowland, B.S., M.A., Problems of Democracy, Assists Student Council. Miss Quebe E. Nye, BS., Bookkeeping I, Co-Sponsor Senior Class. Mr. Pierre E. Nys, B.A., B.Ph., M.A., Latin, Spanish, Latin Club. Mr. Howard B. Owens, B.S., MS., Biology, Hi-Sci Club. Mr. James L. Painter, B.A., M.A., Driver Education. Mr. Daniel A. Palumbo, BS., Physical Educa- tion, Chess, Gymkana. Mr. Tony Posqual, B.A., Industrial Arts. Mrs. Naomi G. Payne, BS., Reading, American Junior Red Cross Councils, Junior Class Co-Sponsor. Mr. Edward Phillips, B.S., M.Ed., Chemistry, Senior Class Sponsor. Miss Ruth Phillips, B.A., M.A,, Librarian, Library Club. Miss Anne Putnam, B.A., M.A., Spanish, Mexican Exchange Club and Program. Miss Kathleen P. Rehanek, B.S., M.S., Physical Education, Cheerleaders, Pep Club, Circle N. Miss Rita R. Robinette, B.A., M.A., English, Y-Teens. Miss Helen N. Roe, B.A., M.A., U. S. History. Miss Robincttc Miss Roe 41 f- Q! A . as Mr. Ronca Miss Sherman MVS- Slllef Mr. Michael Ronca, B.S., Band, Majorettes, Dance Band, Pep Band. Miss Janet L. Sherman, B.S., English, Retailing, Office Practice, Dance Club. Mrs. Joanne Slifer, B.A., Psy- chology, Biology, Spanish I. Mr. Warren G. Smelfzer, BS., M.Ed., Mechanical Drawing, Printing. Mr. Samuel A. Smith, BS., Photography, World History, Photography Club, Mr. William E. Smith, Jr., BA., M.A,, English, Golf Team. Miss Florence Spicknall, BA., M,A., Guidance Counselor, No- tional Honor Society Sponsor. Mrs. Denise E. Stephenson, B.S., Physical Education, Circle N, Mrs. Ruby Sudlow, BA., Shorthand, Typing, General Business, Clerical Practice, Bible Club. Miss Helen K. Sullivan, BS., Cafeteria Man- ager, Cafeteria Club, Mr. Lloyd Thomas, BA., Problems of Democracy, Business Arithmetic, Mr. William Yornall, B.A., M.A., Physical Education, Varsity Basketball, Base- ball. Mr. David Young, BA., Art, Art Club, Mrs. Melva Kleiman, BA., Office. Mrs. Alice Young, B.A., Office. 15. qw: Mr. Smeltzer '90 Q. ,Q N 5" 9+ df. I ' l Mr S Smith 'll i W Mr, W. Smith 1.2 Miss Spicknall Mrs. Stephenson Mrs. Sudlow In 1 ' it X lr fggir ii.. 2 , . 13: if liz? l Miss Sulluvan Mr. Thomas "What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul." Addison Uflice Workers Mr. Yornall Mrs, Kleiman Mr. Young Mrs. Young Memorlam Z Mr Thormon A Nelson rnothemotlcs nnstructor ot Northwestern Hugh Cchool from 1951 to 1955 Died IH New York New York on August A 1 TO THORMAN A NELSON Mr Nelson wos o devoted teocher ond o scholor ond o gentlemon whose chuef unterest an lute wos the weltore ond the progress of has students Respected ond loved by everyone who knew hum quiet ond etfrcuent un hrs monner he wos o good teocher He wos o cultured person who wos Interested In the tuner thvngs of Infe The trogedy of has possung ns o loss to the students present ond future of Northwestern High School Moy has scholorly ottntude ond sense of tour ploy per voded by kandness ond colrnness continue to symbolnze the true Northwestern spunt I I . ' 'x qi ' 3' N il-1, i . -- .LQ '1?2:f- 14: - Q . , un- ---,.- ..'j, - - ,- ru' ,n A . A-K.-A., V. wit., , . -. , f Lui ,Zin f 1 ... g::., ,-15:23:11 lljifj-I , ' ws, ' ':': igf.-gh A - 1515, 'LIL -, , 1 .Q , A f.. ,hu . Q ll, -3:1 - 211, '. K E' . . . - ...'3g.j .f , J, . . nu.. -.' ' ,-,',-,,- f A t..-5..-5' 1g "-3-3 'Q . - ' ' .Z 22...., -1 4 -. A- . . , 5 T ':::':1. Iff.-Q1-1f-ig.'jf-Q-'I-jig-1 '22 an .1-- ' - ZZZLIZ1- '12i:-- .. I , s , , 1 , 955. I , . I I - I Route to Knowledge Drawn by the magnetic pole, a compass points eternally northward, and a traveller with com- pass in hand can never be lost for long. So the student with education at his finger- tips can only momentarily be tossed by the ter rlfymg waves of ignorance Northward the route to knowledge IS the basic compass point At Northwestern High School the student learns that education is the route to a happy and complete life i .V 'L' Al1'plTi' 3' my x L -' 6 ht ' .N 1 fi 1 S i 24 -. Q N S 71' 45 ' S 1 1 X' ,' y Nrx. I K y '33-., 3 ,, ? 1: V Um um ' rg-...,f' I Q, ",. K S . ' V v--Q, 4'::lv'7 .us A -P 91,0 77' " , -1. 0. U V .' I ' .'x . 1' -P' fc- . , .v ,' v f 'N "Q.,l:' v--f INK' 1 ,', f It is .. . - -13 I 'A' A , ' , ng. ., ,. 'P' .. 5 C .5 Information on fhe go! J, Norman cmd R, Beckman udyust Q 'TfihIXO on colomol hfcrnmrc un on Enqlish class for juniors QNX 1?--f Route of the pilgrims! R. Menzer, in a senior English class traces the il rima e described in The Canterbury Tales, as C U Q Q Johnson, P, Young, and J, Glassman watch. ' 1 English Wending Our Way English guides the student just as surely as the compass guides the sailor, Elements ot grammar and punctuation are the fundamentals of the three year course. Students study weekly spelling and vocabulary lists. Writing becomes a skill through practicing letters, themes, and term papers. Saphomores dis- cuss world literature, juniors master American lit- erature, and seniors survey English literature Silas Marner, Giants in the Earth, Macbeth and Hamlet become part of the student's cultural knowledge. English helps the student to see beyond the im- mediate horizon and to set his course as a citizen in a democracy. Picking up speed' Reading accelerators encourage students to develop skill in reading comprehension Mrs. Payne super- vises os students learn to use aids. I' Speech and Dramatlcs Achieving That Posse Speech and dramatrcs add posse and self contndence to the student as he travels through NHS tollowrng the course he has set for hum se Speech students study claruty of expression Posture vorce control publrc speakrng debatrng conversatnon and an elementary course In dra matics help the students development as an Individual Dramatrcs students master the art of rnter pretatron and performance Stagnng actlng producrng make up and costumung are neces sary phases of the dramatrcs class rnstructuon Each year the dramatrcs classes present a three act play Thrs year s production was The Wal low and l Also growing from thus class rs e Lrttle Theater which gave performances of an orrglnal play Wee Wrllre Whrstler to sur rouncllng elementary schools Now heres my pomt' Mrs Dawson and R Shnne lnsten J Clagetts explanatuon un speech class The Wlllow and I L Bryan H Wollman and P Morgan acted an the dramatncs classs annual productran More wrmkles and more black' S Jackson and D Jett apply makeup to actresses M Schumpff and E Reynolds gps 'har Journalism Tasting Printer's Ink As the compass is the guide tor the navi- gator, crop rules, dummy sheets as well as the symbols tor copy and proof reading guide the journalist. Fundamentals ot writing are mastered by the first year students. As the year pro- gresses essentials of copy reading, page proof checking and picture cropping become clear to the student journalists. Journalism classes publish the school news- paper, THE NOR'WESTER, the yearbook, THE COMPASS, and handle publicity for the school through a NEWS BUREAU, One term quickly learned is "thirty," The News Bureau The Compass The Nor'wester Big news this week! NHS News Bureau sends stories to local and metropolitan papers. Standing, Miss Balsley checks a release with J. Gordon and K. Townsend, heads ct the bureau. M. Gentile, S. Humphries, F. Hill, M, Wil- feng, S. Jackson, and S. McCrossin are repOrterS. 1'-Il ya.nna -'I shin, E iff i Y -F' SWNQ ru 1 CIAIQ i l KYVYU NOV li D0 10014 t -fi 75- Ig --IQPQJ' ' XT 5 F K f - 7 4. 1- 1 ie N .LA Gcing to press today! Members of The Nor'wester staff beat that deadline Seated, left to right 4 J. Benson, J. Glossmon leditarl, J. Partella leditorl, N, Grauel. Standing - A. Mc- Neil lpoge editorg C Hiscox feditorl. We'Il use this shot! B. Babcock ieditorrin-chietl, discusses vCOVbOOk Dlans with P Tatspough iexecutive editarl, D, Rucker lbusiness rnonagerl, J McQueen and D. Seidenspinner istoff rnembersl. 'V -1' " ,ark 'Exif ff, Social Studies Understanding Human Relations Man's march through the ages and his possible future form the basis of discussions in social studies classes Sophomores study world history from the cradle of civilization to the Complex world of today Stu dents become familiar with the history of the United States in the iunior year Problems of the past and present are analyzed by the seniors nn problems of democracy in order that they may cope successfully with those of the future Psychology classes develop an understanding of man and his environment Thus learns the scholar has man developed his cultural heritage Learning from the past and the present this generation must now select the next direction of civilization Exactly where I thought it was J Hightman points to o for away spct on a globe in world history class to V Eockles Psychology studentsl Thrift B King C Murphy and t""" 1 , l ' . x, 'x""'---X st V If .. .- 'J l . Ola I . 'ff rw . H" -' s . , V f',.:.!.A- ,. K . X . 5 -use . .Q 'IX g-.Axim ' X A 'xx .5-"' iN.-.Wx .. xx ' X 1 ., 5. I! ,Q Knowledge of geography IS vital In the world today says Dr Merednth Burrell from George Washsngton Un: versuty as he addresses problems ot democracy students at a special meet In '41- Latesl News' M Stuff and P Miller study International as well as natuonal World Traveler' L Chaney relates excrtlng educatuonal expernences tot S Stundle l students nn a problems of democracy class problems left to nghtl P Bryant J Same! J Kartta and ,I l? X , -'N ll 'M f .. ' 'T A X s 4: ,.. ' in Q A8431 Q! A rx -gf-4? fy, N' s 11 H ' ' -' A I ! f , . I. I- H I . gn ' ' " fn hi " I P '11 lr' AJ T , S . lv 1 l1QlllGgl: :A " ra 'EB f ' H film ' - . Qt I at S l w l - ff! it I f ,6 1 V 1 - ti D ' . , 1 A -it - 1 75-. "I u X my f X 4 S Science Conquering The Elements Understanding the mysteries ofthe sciences is a requisite for today's citizen from the ama- teur's standpoint as well as that of the profes- sional because today the compass points to the age of atomic energy. To understand scientific advancement, classes at NHS study the fundamentals for this scientific age. Sophomores in biology discover new worlds in theory and in practice, through books, through microscopes. Juniors tackle chemical formulae proving hypotheses through experimentations. Seniors contemplate the universe in physics class by applying knowledge gained in various fields of science. i '?' 1 L. K f I never would have believed it! C. Holland, H. Peterson, R, Funk discover the wonders of specific gravity as R. Dillon and K. Hughes record the experiment in a physics class. A . i ' IL! L52 .l.fh'1 T Wlliflllf SNTYXI '74 f Y u A N6 B. Bennet makes o drawing of The slide J, Cobey is examining in biology class. Indeed o serious matter, Mr. Phillips explains a chemistry experiment to J. Norman, H, Hoffman, G. Burkhart, and S. Austin. Biology students find new worlds through their microscopes under the guidance of Mr. Owens istanding, IJ. ,bf gy fur-4 1 Q 1 5 AQ I9 TERA 'FUHSUISRN VQlfflgIlGl Lf ..-.L BrItonnIa est IHSUIG7 R Koonce dIscusses a passage In ForeIgn Languages are needed' DIllIon shows LOfIf1Wlfl1 J Larpenter V lhoren and L Bushnell r c,uIrIng a knowledge ot toreIgn Languages ToIkmg The same Language F r knowledge ot tar away places on the compass language IS the key to these poInts ThIs xear the language currIculum was expanded to Include three years of LatIn Instead of Plans are beIng made to add another year to Spamsh and French courses Language students learn not only vocabulary pronuncIatIon declensIons and conjugatlons but alsc the IntrIcacIes ot conversmg In SpanIsh or French or LatIn btones at mythology are the bOSlS for LatIn l Caesars wrItIng tor LatIn ll and CICSVO s OIG tons for LatIn lll Interest IIT French was Increased by the VISIT of ElIane Senechal an exchange student from Fran e who under the auspIces of the Amencan Fleld ServIce spent her senIor year at Northwestern For the fourth successwe year MISS Putnam IH cooperatIon Wlfh Senor GabIna Palma of Mex c Cm contInued the student exchange program Wlfh MexIco NHS enyoyed theIr MexIcan VlSlfOfS aurmg December and January ThIs summer our students Wlll vIsIt MexIco as guests of the MexIcans EXIC 0 E:I".n-.Il From South of the Border Saamsh students A Stogdale, S Zumero R Schaefer and B Foster Inspect souvenIrs with MISS Putnam foreground r 1,145 arm tx sgvgl S if -'I-Inf. xx s'e..,. T' in - - -, J, V M . " f .. l , 'I " 9 P 11' A xg lk t . H so t..S-I-the ' ' II X ' .. tn..'Qg"'SNf A-1.2 1- 1 xl ' ' ' ' Q FRQFEQ g A ---1 - t- l M' Ni .xllI'EF .I I ' , l ' ,- ,I it . , ' 1 T 1 . tl K LA S. I 4' xr Q 1 if -1 I . 2 P xg V 'I . fe r . I l I- , 1- N 1 1 'H ", .., J ff FI 'I E ' ' 37 SA L -I A m ,I I , 1 Q 1 A L '.. tg! . . 1 I I 4 , . ' . D. ' B. ' ' ' . . ' ' T'-euref fbi orotess: A ee ' ' . , I , 4 anguage o - , ' ' . tw: fi I ' , I I I l I F . c I I , ' ' ' ' , ' . i C V I . . . I . . . . . , . f' ' I fc W ' x - 1 It : 1 , , . 20 Mathematics Finding The Unknown No composs would be thoroughly understood without o knowledge of mothemotics. Plone geometry students work with oxioms, postulates, ond theorems which constitute the bosis for oll problems, After o review of olgebro l, students in olgebro ll moster logorithms, quod- rotic functions ond equotions, ond deterrninonts before higher mothemotics. Proceeding on o firm foundotion in olgebro ond plone geometry, trigonometry students study triongles ond their functions, ond solid geometry students view plone geometry in 3-D. He has proof D, Ford demonstrates thot the af Solid and trig make the world go round7 H Hcglund ond J. Stelzer solve their moth problems model on the toble proves the hinomiol theorem ' I gi". x FN xw.. Wlllll W tw ' ff 319 a feel- X 1, 9 " F. 4--,,., 'N 15 I " nl' 0 fuk Chefs delught Girls nn o home cconomucs closs proctnce The culmory orts B Rach fkneelmgW B Seymour B Kellogg li rl .rw 6 N 'l r'5N Whos who? Nursery school chnldren masquerade for a Halloween Party Superyusung are NHS students J Allen M Sputtle D Muller J McMullen and M Palma wuth Mrs Murray Instructor A new sllpcover In process of creahon C Dodds stutches a seam on the sewung machine an a home economucs class 1 Home Economics Adding The Spice Stntch that seam roll that hem Sewung skulls pattern selection reup holsternng problems good groomung bal anced menus child care knowledge necessary for the future housewnfe as well as the future career gurl Home economics classes are pointing the stu dents towards useful skulls and better llvang Do at yourself day nn home economics K Gentile fxnds lt easter than she hod expected to repalr furnuture S 1 2 1 -f '--1 I N 1' 3 ' 1,t tl '- 23 x? A f 21" I X P Beat the clock - students take time tests to perfect the basic typing skills. 5 1 Business Gaining New Speed A student in the Business Department delves into various phases of the commercial world, once he has selected this point on the compass. First, he learns the typewriter keyboad, then the mysterious symbols of Gregg short- hand, in addition to bookkeeping and office machines. First hand experience is gained by those who work in the office, the school bank, and the bookstore. . ,sr What have we here? L. Hannaboss dictates as M. Schultze, L. Weaver and D. Katz DfOCflC9 GVOQQ Sl'10"7lW0fWd SYmb0l5- , b U,q,,,M. fry. - 'F .:.,x.,, 'N if- ,,. Z' K. vi J J' 1-. sf' Sgt' l iff , jpg F. ,lo I If ls XR '1 't ., fn-5 i' , , r" 'Iv K 4 I N4 x s...., ,.f9N"- Future businesswoman of America! M, Spittle learns the operation of a Monroe calculator in office proc- tice. TFTP I r J.: : . ,V A, , 3:2 A ' .51-2 . 1 ' 1 .5 It i ff X h ' r' F' it-" 'rl' 2 . ! 'c W l l . .. l 1 . r 'F ,J 'gi "2 ,.4 . ' 1--5' - ' Q: 351 2 X Good business today! Day's receupts are totaled by D. Johnston, J, Burke, M. Hellman, and D. Acton, who work in the bookstore as part of their business training. QWZQL- 4 2345678 l -'2Q f 910 ll l2l3 l4l5 no I7 ua I9 20 2I 22 'H 2 Q4 1733525 27 23 29 5X X uh.- n.. I:nxx uv., ,. Ap N lf? ..-Arco?" f Q Money! Money! Money! The school bank offers opportunities for commercial practice, D. Selke writes Cl16Cl4S while E, Holland checks a deposi1or's record and G. Hurtt tabulafes funds. Q O l ic fc?- FQ' '7' fp "JG, .E s.,,-f 'L -,fs zfXff J. Gordon and F. Cole clean the brushes and paints after a day's work in art class. Art and Music Developing Individual Talent Through a knowledge of music and art students develop their individual creative talents - adding harmony and beauty at this point in their training, Classes in music theory, a Glee Club, a Girls' Chorus, and instrumental instruction are available. From these classes and groups come the Fall Concert, the Christmas Program, Spring Concert, the Music Revue as well as per- formances scheduled for community organizations. Complementing music is art. Skill in varied art media is the aim of these students as they paint with oils or water colors, sketch with charcoal and crayon and pen and ink. The creative work of the students who learn to apply the theories of color, perspective, design and balance are often displayed in the shadow boxes and the various offices. 26 N. ., XY J' 'zwAi4., 'Mk ,f ,K i i- 'rf' ...J pl r .v-A --' 1 - i!'T3X ly' his Artists at work! Voried projects interest C. Sweet and Low! R. Boshoor cnyoys conducting musuc closs students Mendel, C, Pote, ond E. McVeory. !. .-'tram-Q-Vzfsfwn :.1z'f+f -1, '-1 - ' X Qiiilfh' iff, :x.,:7,3-4, X, J .. . N K r ,. ,- VW Q.- - - -'r -- Music hath charms. Miss Beckman leods her That's a B flat, says Mr. Ronan to T. Englehorf during on Gloss in o new song. Instrumental lesson. g --,.,nl-P' ,Q-sa,-' P . Q' ' it. - i ,z if nf' This will give it a smooth finish. A, Ennis, J, Anderson, E. From Mars? No, he's from metal shop. J. Stewart Dove, and T. Hughes sand a table in wood shop. carefully welds two pipes, Q ego., lndustrial Arts Trying Our Skills Working on o professional basis, students in various shop departments develop a sense of responsibility as they serve as workmen, foremen, and supervisors, Students in metal work, wood shop, print shop, and mechanical drawing create projects such as lamps, tables, house plans, and hand tools. The compass of NHS, therefore, points not only to mental achievements and social adjust- ments but also to mechonical proficiency. Hot off the press! C. Furr gains a working knowledge of a hand press in print shop, Driver's Education Learning The Rules .P L., :Fi No one can stop on a dime! Senior Students wit- ness safety demonstration on Safe Driving Day, Insurance, driving rules, responsibility in case of accident, and new driving methods are all a part of the driver's education curriculum. Open to any senior, the course covers one semester, Lectures and actual driv- ing experience are a part of the train- ing. Driver's education springs from the realization that all the modern accom- plishments are necessary in the journey around the compass points. The Cafeteria Renewing Our Energies Serving fifteen hundred people daily in three lunch periods, the cafeteria pro- vides hot lunches, desserts, sandwiches and milk. Miss Sullivan, assisted by students, supervises the lunch periods and plans balanced meals. Students enjoy the lunch period as a pleasant interlude in the day's work. 5oup's on! Hungry students choose from a wide selection of food. I , . . be Engine trouble? Na, lust Mr, Painter explaining the technical functions of an engine to J, Erickson and B. DeSerio. HE VE hh' .,, ' .i J ,, , f- .4 'if fx :E - . an-A, K . J, - 4 'Tk at 'f' Q A -0 .3 5 Q 30 L.. NL.-.l ,wx Learning techniques of research! Students use the library facilities to obtain information for term papers and special reports, same time they discover books are not only informative enjoyable, At the but also .X 3 K Library Setting The Course For students an oft visited point on the Compass is the library, In the quiet atmos- phere anyone may do research for a speech, find a Shakespearean play for literature, or check out the latest novel or newest magazine, Guidance The Guidance office helps students follow the direction to their goals. Counselors not only handle schedule changes but also discuss personal problems. ln addition, through them, students gain in- formation concerning colleges, universities business and trade schools, scholarships avail- able, and job opportunities. I Gill Silllllhllll mis information Please! Miss Spicknall and Mr. Cartee help B, Machen and S. Heath select a college. N . I . T Prix A good shot! J. Milbourne and M. Brennan practice shooting baskets. Basketball is o major part of the physical education program. Physical Education Vitality and a sound body are important re- gardless of the direction a person is following. Building good health is the purpose of the physi- cal education program. Variety in sports is the keynote of the physical education classes. Soccer, volleyball, field hockey, basketball, and baseball are played in season. ln addition to the regular course, var- sity and junior varsity sports for boys are open to every class for try outs, Nothing Serious! Mrs. Linaberry, school 20-20 Vision N. nurse, checks B, Bakes's pulse. records the results. ' ...I Wr- fr . I . f. . l .1 1' 1511..- l .9 ' 1 l ig I .. g b l X V' ,fi 5, V . . , I. 1 Keep your eye on the ball! E. Norwietz guarding skills while class looks on. and F. Glasglow demonstrate Infirmary First aid, vision testing, hearing testing, health records - these are the functions of the ln- firmary under the supervision of a qualified school nurse. Numerous students gain practical experience in these fields by assisting the supervisors re- sponsible for the various parts of this health program. Holmes' eyes are tested by Mrs. Stevens. Mrs. Linaberry ,114 H00 1' YI Assembly Line! Students show different stages af printing. A picture is born! G. Stroup, R. Bakie, and B. Bakes prepare pictures for printing, ' L, f it F-,sh Photograph Snapping The Shutter Students in photography classes learn not only the development of negatives and the enlarging of prints but also the composition of pictures and the use of various cameras, filters, and flash bulbs. Preparing pictures which appear in the school newspaper, yearbook, and even city papers pro- vides practical experience. Through the pictures taken, developed and printed in photography, students retain remind- ers of their travel along the compass points. The bigger, the better! It takes skill to produce finished enlargements. W, Baines and G. Stroup operate enlarging machines as R, Bakie waits his turn. I P ath To lndlvlduallt As the day begins an the east so rlses each new clhzen to fake his place In hls school hrs com munity and hls world Here IS the polnt of md: vldualuty resourcefulness creahveness Important fo clhzens In a democroc Y The Class of I956 Achieving Our Coal Class History After two years of preparation we entered our senlor year Brnefly we balanced a mortarboard when our plctures were taken only to have at snatched from us untul June Our rlngs arrlved and our eyes were constantly attracted by the sunlught dancung on the deep blue stone We had our pnctures taken as a class on the bleachers Class offlcers were elected for the last tame Don Hlggnnbotham president Margaret Foster vlce presudent Ann Harrnngton secretary Betsy Van cent treasurer and Patsy Tatspaugh hrstoruan Thnrty seven more worthy students were In ducted at the National Honor Socnety assembly nn November Hardworkung committees pre sented the Senior Ball Sulver Bells on Decem ber I6 l955 Even the usually long span of time between Chrlstmas and Easter vacatxons packed up speed Interest mounted as we ordered calling cards graduation announcements and were fitted for caps and gowns May passed we attended the graduation dance and then graduation Baccalaureate services were held at the Un: versnty of Maryland chapel on Sunday June lO and graduatlon exercuses on June l3 at Rltchue Coluseum During the ceremony we received our dnplomas and sang the Alma Mater ln a sturrrng recesslonal each graduate wuth hrs own ambutlon for the future left the Coliseum as a new alumnus rememberung the good tlmes the class of l956 had had at Northwestern Hugh School Patsy Tatspaugh Senlor Class Hnstornan " E W Y!!! 9-iii 33? GEMM 1352 nav fi swans M lf 4 at t P? tg Wim 35555 EW' Leaders of the sensor class D Haggmbotham lpresudentl Muss Nye lco sponsorl M Foster lvuce presldentl A Harrungton lsecretoryl Second Mr Pounterico sponsorl P Tatspaugh lhlstorranl B Vnncent ltreasurerl Mr Phzllaps Csponsorl 34 1 1 U I 1 I . V . . X V 1 A I 1 1 1 ' ' . I . 2 1 1 ' , . 1 1- 1 ' ' , , H I - 1 1 ' ll ' ll 1 1 ' ' 1 ' , C ' A . - . fr- -. 11+ -. ., , ,Q . ' ' 1 , . ' , -. ' A E " f 4 Y , ' v ' " 'Z 'J . , 1 1 ' N -' L 3 Y, N ' . ASH. : r 'l gl .,: Y, , . f 4' - -I., i ,L : h , W U 1 4 f . , , " ,' '- ' . V A " . -v. ' ' U , , ." ,M WI- - S .' i I A ., ..Y il If .- Af I . -, Z, I , . . . S g I ,- ., 5 . . , -r . . gli' ' ve-"'r ""'-f' ' 1 " 1" . "f -' L Q - 1 1. 1 -gg in 'Heli' - L f Usd '15, J? . 1 Q Q r ,J ., . 1 ' X , W D Q 5 3 . 4 1 ri ', t ' f- ,W J . NLC- - ' ,f 'V ' .z...' ,-1 ' L 1- 1 3 , Q 9.7 X- .v 1 ts . , , , 1' , 1-1, 1 ' - . . , -- v f . ' , -'u-. ' '1' -" Y. ' . . . A -, r V ' 1 ,. Q 1 'gi 'ju ' , I - 'I -'ij '42, , . ,1l.,,-, -- .. - ' - 1-5, I ' I 1 .. '. D . . C I A , f ' 1 - U ' I 1 - - . T . I - , . 1 - 1 - ' 6 D. Acton J. Allen W. Alsop We started with expectations ACTON, DOLORES HELEN: "Dee", commercial: ambition-beau- tician. ALLEN, JOYCE PATRICIA: general: ambition-nurse. ALSOP, WILLIAM LAWRENCE: "Sop", academic: Hi-Y president, homeroom president, JV basketball, football co-captain: ambition -college. ANDREWS, GEORGE EMANUEL: "Andy", academic: Hi-Sci, Compass Staff, ambition-college. ANGELL, BARBARA JEAN: "Jean", general: Gym Club, Y-Teens: ambition-advertis- ing. APPEL, RICHARD JAMES: "App", academic: Hi-Y, N Club, Varsity football manager, JV football, wrestling, track: ambition- college, ARNOLD, WALTER ROLAND: "Tex", general: ambition -evangelist. ATKINSON, RUTH WINIFRED: "Ruthie", commer- cial: ambition-work for Telephone Company. AUSTIN, JOSEPH HARLAN: academic: Thespian, National Honor Society, NBC, Stu- dent Council, Glee Club, music revue, play tournament, ambition- minister. BABCOCK, BARBARA ALLEN: "Barb", academic: NBC parliamentarian, Thespians president, Quill and Scroll vice presi- dent, National Honor Society parliamentarian, Editor-in-chief Com- pass, Junior class historian, Tri-Hi-Y, Press Club, play tournament director, county winner of Constitution Contest, ambition-lawyer. BAGGETT, JUDITH MARTHA: "Judy", commercial: Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, FHA: ambition-college. BAINE, MARY CARLYN: "Mikie": general: ambition-secretary. BAKES, WILLIAM HAL: "Bill", commercial: school photographer, Photography Club, Red Cross Representative, ambition-court reporter. BAKIE, ROBERT SHADRACK: "Bob", academic: school photographer, ambition- photographer. B. Babcock J. Baggett M. Baine y 4, ,.,, il' Fl' ,. X l G. Andrews T? J. Angell 1'- as - I I fi - i i-i R Appel W. Arnold R. Atkinson W. Bakes 1 is Q I I H. Austin R. Bakie Q G' fa S 2. B Ballard K, Bamberg R. Barber J. Barnard B. Bartlett G R. Bashoor 1 D. Beach G. Bean I ,Q S, Bass P 'Q B. Beale W. Bell We greeted our friends, BALLARD, BEVERLY ELAINE, "Sue", academic, Red Cross Rep- resentative, homeroom treasurer, Latin Club, Gym Club, Circle N National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, sports day, intrarnurals, Student Council, head majorette, Mexican Exchange Club, arn- bition-success. BAMBERG, KAREN ELIZABETH, academic' FNA, corresponding secretary, Tri-Hi-Y, homeroom secretary, FHA National Honor Society, Latin Club, ambition-college. BARBER I I I RALPH MICHAEL, "Mike", academic, Quill and Scroll, Nor'i wester sports editor, homeroom treasurer, ambition-Air Force BARNARD, JUDITH KAY, "Dimples", academic, Y-Teens, Gym Club, Tri-Hi-Y, ambition-college. BARTLETT, BEATRICE, "Bea", academic, Y-Teens, Latin Club, ambition-college, BASHOOR, ROBERT GABRIEL, "Bob", academic, Latin Club, Na- tional Honor Society, Thespians, Music Club, Hi-Sci, Glee Club, ambition - mathematical biophysicist. BASS, SANFORD B., "Sandy", academic, ambition-college. BEACH, DON, "Happy", general, JV football, music revue, ambition--nightclub, manager. BEALE, BARBARA LEE, "Bobs", commercial, Tri-Hi-Y, ambition -secretary. BEAN, GERTRUDE RUTH, commercial, Business Honor Society, Caterers' Club, Girls Chorus, National Honor So- ciety, ambition-typist. BELL, WILLIAM RICHARD, "Billy", general, ambition-draftsman, BELT, JR., GEORGE HARLEY, academic, Student Council president, Glee Club, National Honor Society, Sophomore and Junior class president, ambition - medi- cal doctor. BENDER, SALLY ANN, "Stu", academic, National Honor Society, Thespians treasurer, NLT, play tournament, "The Willow and I", NBC vice president, Washington Junior Academy of Sciences, Latin Club, homeroom treasurer, band secretary, Tri-Hi- G. Belt S, Bender L. Bendit Y 1' Ji f1'."',1l Li? I 2. J. Benson P. Bergeon K. Berk And met our teachers Y, ambition - college. BENDIT, LANCE ALLEN: "Ben", aca- demic: Student Council, Hi-Y, track. JV basketball, ambition - Physical Education Teacher. BENSON, JANICE MARIE: academic: Thespians, play tournament director, Tri-Hi-Y, Nor'wester, "The Willow and l", co-producer, FHA parliamentarian, National Honor Society, ambition-magcv zine writer, BERGERON, PAUL RICHARD: "Bergo", academic: ambition-pharmacist, BERK, KENNETH NATHAN: "Kenny", academic: band, Hi-Sci, National Honor Society, ambition-re search physicist. BERTIN, PETER: "Pete", general: ambition- Telephone Company worker. BEST, MARY ALICE: "Butch", com- mercial: ambition-marriage. BLACK, THOMAS ACHESON: "Tommy", academic: ambition-success. BLAGDON, BILL R.: "Bill", academic: Student Council, Art Club, ambition-marriage. BLANTON, JOHN WOODFORD: "Jack", general: 4-H Club, homeroom president, band, Varsity football, ambition-dairy farmer. BLURTON, ELIZABETH ANN: "Betty", general: Girls Chorus, ambition-housewife. BOWEN, THOMAS: "Bo", gen- eral: Varsity baseball, Hi-Y, ambition--radio engineer. BOWLER, TOM E.: "Dewt", general: ambition-vice-president. BOYCE, BARBARA STOWE: "Hot Rod", general: bowling league, intra- murals, Nor'wester, ambition-success, BOYER, EVELYN B.: commercial: Business Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, ambition-secre- tary. BRANNAN, MELISSA ANN: "l.issa", academic: Tri-Hi-Y, Dance Club secretary, Gym Club, Quill and Scroll, intramurals, bowling league, Red Cross Representative, ambition-registered nurse. T. Bowen T, Bowler B. Boyce f'I.H 4, Y-:, fi P. Bertin T, Black J. Blanton E. Boyer Q-- x X M. Best mit , ks. A T 4' .5 l B. Blagdon fi E. Blurton M. Brannon 'f- i if I M. Bremerman R. Brennan 2'- an l B. Brown N. Brown 'JZ' R. Brown W, Bruce L. Bryan W. Burch fuel-.- if si' J 1 as: 'SS .' ' 4 L A. , Tm ' D. Briggs H. Bright R. Brooks We cheered the team, BREMERMAN, MARY GENEVIEVE: "Gen", commercial: Library Club president: ambition-marriage. BRENNAN, ROBERT EMMETT: academic. BRIGGS, DONNA MARIE: academic: Tri- Hi-Y, bowling league, FNA, homeroom secretary, intramurals: ambition--success. BRIGHT, HONORE H.: academic: ambition -college. BROOKS, RUTH OWENS: "Ruthie", commercial: ambition-marriage. BROWN, BEVERLY MARCIA: "Bev", com- mercial: ambition-bookkeeper. BROWN, NORMA LEAH: com- mercial: ambition - secretary. BROWN, ROBERT EUGENE: general: Chess Club: ambition - college. BRUCE, JR., WILLIAM MERCER: "Bill", academic: JV football: ambition - preacher. BRYAN, LEWIS FRANKLIN: "Louie", academic: Hi-Y chaplain, National Honor Society vice president, soccer, Student Council, NLT, Glee Club president, homeroom vice president, "The Willow and l": ambition - ministry. BURCH, WILLIAM FRANKLIN: "Bill", academic: 4-H Club vice president, Hi-Y: ambition - civil engineer. BURGESS, DONALD EARL: "Don", general: ambition - move to California, BURKE, ARTHUR: "Mickey", general: ambition - mechanic. CALLAHAN, DAVID EDGEMOND: "Dave", academic: National Honor Society, Les Petits Players, Rifle Club, Hi-Sci, play tournament: ambition - engineer. D, Burgess A. Burke D. Callahan .smilily l L l if A 1' 5 "' I-I is wi If ' J .A It IL :LL X .II 1 if I B, Campbell L. Campbell R, Conn S, Cgrriqo L, Cgrtmell Watched the halftime show 4: - CAMPBELL, BEVERLY MAE, "Bev", general, Library Club, am- bition-telephone tile clerk. CAMPBELL, DOROTHY LORETTA, commercial, ambition-private secretary. CANN, ROBERT MARKWOOD, "Bobby", academic, ambition-engineer. CAR- RICO, SANDRA MARIE, "Sandy", academic, National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, FNA, play tournament, ambition--nurse. CARTMELL, LORETTA LEE, "Letty", commercial, Pep Club, am- bition-airline hostess. CHANEY, LARRY OMER, "Larry", aca- demic, Nor'wester, JV football, intramurals, ambition-lawyer. CHARLTON, BARBARA ELIZABETH, academic, Tri-Hi-Y, Glee Club, ambition-model. CHERRY, DONALD GIDEON, "Don", general, NLT, track, Hi-Y, Glee Club, ambition-artist, CHRISTY, MYRTIS V., "Chris", general, ambition-marriage. CLAGETT, JOHN KNOX, "Jock", academic, Hi-Sci, Hi-Y, N Club, track, Nor'wester, ambition-school teacher. CLARK, NORMA JEAN, "Jeanie", commercial, Tri-l-li-Y, Y-teens, ambition-secretary. CLESE, JUNE ROSEMARY, "Cookie", commercial, homeroom sec- retar ' ambition marriage CLIFT JOANNE MARIE' "Jo", yi -1 ' I ' commercial, Tri-I-li-Y, FHA, Gym Club, homeroom treasurer, bowl ing league, intramurals, FNA, Bible Club, ambition-succeed. COLE, DONALD BRUCE, academic. J. Clagett N. Clark J, Clese Jr. Q M4529 .',, .. fi 'ff ' wig. fit" L. Chaney B, Charlton D. Cherry M. Christy J. Clitt D. Cole K. 'WR br E F. Cole 3 I P, Connor B. Corliss J. Cornell R. Corso 4" swf , Collett J. Combs F. Cornings V. Conley We had pictures taken, COLE, FRANCIS EDWARD: "Bud", general: Hi-Sci, Photography Club, National Honor Society, ambition-study entomology. COL- LETT, RAYMOND JULIAN: "Ray", general: ambition-auto me- chanic. COMBS, JERIE PAULA: academic: Latin Club, ambition -college. COMINGS, ALFRED: "Fred", academic: Varsity toot- ball, N Club, Varsity basketball, JV baseball, ambition-college. CONLEY, VIRGINIA ANN: "Ginny", academic: FHA, FTA pres- ident, Latin Club secretary, Tri-Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Hi-Sci, Nor'wester, Washington Junior Academy of Sciences, ambition-Math Teacher. CONNOR, PATRICIA ANN: "Pat", academic: French Club, ambition-dietitian. COR- BIN, JR.: ROBERT NORMAN: "Crisp", academic: Varsity foot- ball, N Club, Hi-Y, ambition-college. CORLISS, JR., BOYD BELL: "Strech", general: Art Club, ambition-game warden. CORNELL, JEANETTE ADELE: "Jeanie", academic: "The Willow and l", ambition-teach grade school. CORSO, RICHARD MAR- ION: "Dick", commercial, ambition-accountant. COX, JAMES REGINALD: "Reg", general: Varsity football, track, Gym Club, N Club, ambition-success. CRISPELL, THOMAS ALTON: "Tom", commercial: ambition-business manager. CURRY, JCJAN ELIZABETH: "Joannie", general: ambition-success. CUR- TIS, HUGH DALTON: "Hughie", general: Varsity football, N. Club vice president, wrestling, ambition-success. J. Cox T. Crispell J. Curry H. Curtis Arugi... e. ,ami-s .. in al-fit 5' . Q4 iv- X s' I f T. Dalgliesh C. Dammeyer G. Davis And received our rings DALGLIESH, TERENCE M.: "Terry", academic: wrestling: ambi- tianwcop. DAMMEYER, CHARLOTTE RAE: academic: Music Club, A Capella Choir, FHA, Student Council: ambition-marriage. DAVIS, GERALD ALAN: "Jerry", general: ambition-printer. DAVIS, RAYMOND EARL: "Ray", general: A Capella Choir: am- bition-sailor, DAVIS, ROBERTA JANE: "Bertie", commercial: Bible Club: ambition-secretary. DEAN, MARY RUTH: "Rufus", general: ambition-telephone operator. DE BONIS, MARY AGNES: "Mar", commercial: Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, band majorette: ambition-private secretary. DEGGES, LEO THOMAS: general: Bible Club, soccer: ambition - paratraoper. DE JARNETTE, MARY ELLEN: academic: Student Council, NLT, Tri-Hi-Y, FHA, Pep Club, bowling league, Compass Staff, intramurals, ambition -success. DE SERIO, BEVERLY ANN: "Bev", commercial: lntra- murals, Tri-Hi-Y, homeroom treasurer, ambition-college. DE VALL, ELIZABETH JARRETT: "Jerrie", academic: Y-Teens, Quill and Scroll, Compass Staff, Pep Club, NLT, Tip Toppers, Nor'westerg ambition-college. DILLARD, DOUGLAS GORDON: "Full race", general: ambition-state trooper. DILLON, ROSEMARY ELIZA- BETH: "Rosie", academic: National Honor Society, FTA secretary, Glee Club treasurer, Latin Club, French Club, Pep Club, Music Club historian, Tri-Hi-Y, A Capella Choir, play tournament, NBC: ambition-success. DISNEY, ELLEN MAY: commercial: Tri-Hi-Y, FHA, Pep Club, intramuralsg ambition-secretary. B. De Serio E. De Vall D. Dillard 3 ' Da R. Davis fx '61 F r . ,fr M. Dean M. De Bonus C 2: er' N ' i x X . is C ,U f 1 L. Degges M. De Jarnette R. Dillon E. Disney 'K I, xxx, ,J 'US Q2 A. DObyr1S B. Downing M. Downing M. Doyle D. Drulman l. i t M, Duncan R ' .cibx R. Ehrlich R. Englehart 'I 1.1, M. Ebersole ' Xl-.. Xgl K. mx, , 5 . , , I, f.,,g., R. Eisenhauer B. Epstein We elected our officers DOBYNS, ANN HARDING: general: Rifle Club: ambition-secre- tary. DOWNING, BRENDA JO: academic: Tri-Hi-Y, FHA, Student Council parliamentarian, Tip Toppers, Compass Staff, Latin Club, ambition-success. DOWNING, MARY ELIZABETH: "Shorty", academic: Tri-Hi-Y, Dance Club, Gym Club, Press Club, sports day, intramurals, NLT: ambition-commercial artist. DOYLE, MARY LOUISE: "Lou", commercial: Glee Club, Tri-Hi-Y, ambition-seo retary. DRULMAN, DORINE ROBINA: "Dori", academic: Glee- Club secretary, Mexican Exchange Club, Music Club treasurer, National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, FHA, Pep Club, intramurals: ambition - airline stewardess, DUNCAN, MARGARET ANN: "Peggy", commercial: ambition-airline stewardess. EBERSOLE, MICHAEL M.: "Chip", general: ambition-college. EHRLICH, ROBERT ALLEN: "Porky", general: ambition-Navy. EISEN- HAUER, RUSSELL HAROLD: "Ike", academic: Hi-Y, ambition - mechanic. ENGLEHART, ROBERT JAMES: "Tim", academic: A band, Dance Band.: ambition-flying. EPSTEIN, BARBARA ANNE: "Barb", academic: band, ambition-merchandising. ERICKSON, JANICE CAROLE: "Jan", commercial: Business Honor Society, intramurals, Tri-Hi-Y, National Honor Society: ambition -stenographer. ESSEX, PAUL BERNARD: academic: ambition . Q ' -mechanical engineer. EVANS, PETER NEIL: "Pete", general: ambition-Marine Corps, J. Erickson P. Essex P. Evans :KC - Z" I rW'5 .L- 1 K' J. Fahey R, Farrar M. Finch B, Fleming R. Flynn And followed their lead FAHEY, JOHN A.: "Johns", academic: ambition-success. FAR- RAR, ROBERT WILLIAM: "Bob", academic: soccer, bowling league, Gym Club, homeroom president: ambition-medicine, FINCH, MARGARET SUE: "Honey", academic: Tri-Hi-Y, Red Cross Representative: ambition-business administration. FLEM- ING, BARBARA ANN: "Bobbie", general: Tri-Hi-Y, bowling league: ambition-marriage, FLYNN, ROBERT LEE: "Bob", gen- eral: Gym Club: ambition-success, FOSTER, CLYDE WIND- FIELD: "John", general: JV basketball: ambition-marriage, FOSTER, MARGARET LOUISE: "Peggy", academic: majorette, Tri-Hi-Y secretary, Thespians, NBC, Gym Club, National Honor Society, NLT, co-producer ot "The Willow and l": ambition - primary teacher. FOWLER, DEAN GRAHAM: academic: home- room vice president: ambition-architect. FOWLER, DEANNA ELIZABETH: "Dee", commercial: intramurals: ambition-success, FOWLER, FRANK DOUGLAS: "Frank", academic: Hi-Y, intra- murals: ambition--travel. FOX, MICHAEL ELWOOD: general. FRAZIER, GAYLE: academic: Compass Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, FHA, intramurals: ambition-physical therapist. FROTH- INGHAM, GERALD TRAVERS: "Gerry", general: ambition-suo cess. FULGHUM, CLARICE LUCILLE: academic: Tri-Hi-Y chap- lain, Bible Club, Student Council, FNA, Circle N, Compass Stott, Red Cross Representative, sports days, intramurals, Glee Club, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll: ambition-medical sec- retary. l A 5 C. Foster M, Foster D. Fo ler D, F, Fowler M. Fox G. Frazier G, Frothingharn C. 'CQ 4: EY N Fowler Fulghum 4 I.I: 5' 2 C. FLII'I' e t M, Gentile ki J. Glassman L, Gordon a 3 :P A. Gaither R. Gaither K. Gentile We dressed in jeans, FUNK, RALPH ROBERT: "Ralphie", academic: Hi-Sci, Hi-Y, 4-H Club, ambitionQphysicist. FURR, CHARLES HENDERSON: "Charlie", academic: NLT, ambition-aeronautical engineer. GAITHER, ALICE LOUISE: "Alice", academic: Tri-Hi-Y president, bowling league, Compass Staff, Rifle Club, sports day, Pep Club, FTA: ambition-Physical Education Teacher. GAITHER, ROBERT HUTH: "Bob", academic: National Honor Society, Hi-Sci pres- ident, intramurals: ambition-college. GENTILE, MARTHA KAY: "Katie", commercial: Student Council treasurer, homeroom vice president, FHA, Caterers' Club, bowling league, ambition-Home Economics Teacher. GENTILE, MARGARET YVONNE: general. GENTILE, MARY FAY: "Mamie", commercial: FHA, Student Council, bowling league, Caterers' Club, Nor'wester: ambition- secretary. GIFFORD, ELIZABETH ANNE: "Redlight", academic: National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club reporter, Gym Club, Dance Club, Quill and Scroll, ambition-dress designer. GLASS- MAN, JANET CAROLE: "Jan", academic: National Honor So- ciety, Nor'wester editor, FTA treasurer, Quill and Scroll, French Club: ambition-college. GLEBUS, ERIN DEAN: "Dean", aca- demic: Nor'wester, Tip Toppers Club, ambition-wealthy. GOR- DON, LAURA JANE: "Jane", academic: Art Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Quill and Scroll corresponding secretary, homeroom secretary, News Bureau co-editor, ambition-teacher. GORDON, MITCHELL HENRY: "Mitch", general: N Club manager, band, wrestling: ambition-my own business. GRANAHAN, PETER ERIC: "Pete", academic: 4-H Clubg ambition-college. GRANDMAISON, JR., CHARLES AUSTIN: "Grannie", academic: Photography Club, soc- cer, Les Petits Players, Hi-Y, NLT, Thespions, Rifle Club, ambition -aeronautical engineer. M, Gordon P, Granahan C. Grandmaison Ay .. i Q E' N. Grauel F. Gray J. Green M G een S Greene For "Sadie Hawkins" Day GRAUEL, NANCY LEE: "Nancy", academic: Dance Club, Music Club, Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Nor'wester, ambition--legal secretary. GRAY, FREDERICK MILLS: academic. GREEN,.JO- ANNE LEONA: academic: PNA, ambition-nursing. GREEN, MARY FRANCES: academic: Cafeteria Club secretary, Girls Cho- rus, Bible Club historian, FNA, Library Club, Photography Club, ambition-nurse. GREENE, SHIRLEY ANN: "Babe", commercial: ambition--private secretary. GRIFFITH, ANN ELEANOR: aca- demic: Nor'wester, ambition-college, GRIFFITH, JOHN RUPERT: "Buddy", academic: ambitionAmechanic. GRONERT, ROGER ALLEN: "Groney", academic: National Honor Society, Glee Club, bowling league, homeroom president, ambition-col- lege, HABERLAND, RICHARD JOHN: "Dick", commercial: Hi-Y, ambition-president of a bank. HABERLAND, ROBERT WAR- NER: "Hobby", academic: Varsity football, Hi-Y, N Club, track, ambition-Navy. HAINES, DONNA MAE: general: ambition- nurse. HANNABASS, LORENE EVELYN: commercial: NBC, NLT director, Business Honor Society, National Honor Society: ambi- tion-teen-age counselor. HANSON, CHARLES NORMAN: aca- demic: band, Glee Club, Dance Band: ambition-electrical engi- neer. HARDER, ROBERT EDGAR: "Rennie", academic: bowling league, Bible Club, Science Club, Hi-Yg ambition-aeronautical engineer. R. Haberland D. Haines L. Hannabass C Hanson R Harder 'Ti Q' . my - . Q' 3 , l Zi.. ' 3 L ., M 9 if A, Harrington B. Harris M. Harrison J Ho d V1 W, Hardison S. Heath 6 7 1 M. Hellman C, Herbert We attended career day, HARDIN, JUANITA LOUISE: commercial: ambition-secretary. HARDISON, WILLIAM GROVER: "Bill", academic: N Club treas- urer, football manager, wrestling co-captain: ambition--teacher HARRINGTON, ANN: academic: Circle N, Senior class secretary, FHA, Tri-Hi-Y county representative, FTA, National Honor So- ciety recording secretary, Pep Club president, homeroom vice pres- ident, French Club secretary, bowling league, Compass Staff, intra- murals, play tournament, ambition-teacher. HARRIS, BETTY JEAN: commercial: Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens intramurals, ambition-seo retary. HARRISON, MARY LOU: "Buff", commercial: ambition -secretary. HARTMAN, GARY WAYNE: "Hound Dog", gen- eral: track, N Club, ambition--Navy. HEATH, SHIRLEY ANNE' "Sheri", commercial: Bible Club secretary: ambition-missionary HEFLIN, PATRICIA ANN: "Pat", commercial: book store, intirm- ary, sports days, intramurals, Tri-Hi-Y, ambition-marriage, HELLMAN, MARY CELESTE: commercial: ambition--secretary. HENDERSON, SHARON LEE: academic: Tri-Hi-Y, band, Pep Club, intramurals, French Club ,Circle N, FNA, bowling: ambition- mathematician. HERBERT, CATHERINE ANN: "Cathy", aca- demic: FHA, FTA, Tri-Hi-Y, NLT, intramurals, "The Willow and l", French Club president, play tournament, ambition-college. HERITAGE, HAROLD JACK: "Jack", academic: drum major, Gym Club, ambition-Air Force. HERMAN, GERALDINE ETTA: "Gerry", commercial: Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, ambition-sec- retary, HERMANI, ROBERT CARL: "Bob", academic: Hi-Y, 4-H Club: ambition-mechanical engineer. I H. Heritage G, Herman R. Hermani Ai.. A sir -it , ,Q -f ei Q E-1 X I . A q ily. X l . ' l. C. Higdon D, Higginbotham J, Hightmgn And planned the future. HIGDON, CAROL JEAN: commercial: Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, intra- murals, ambition-secretary, HIGGINBOTHAM, DONALD KEITH: general: senior class president, Hi-Y treasurer, N, Club, football, basketball, track, ambition-college. HIGHTMAN, JAY ALLAN: "Bub", academic: ambition-work simplification expert. HILBURN, ELIZABETH: "Bess", academic: National Honor So- ciety treasurer, cheerleader co-captain, Tri-Hi-Y treasurer, FHA president, Circle N, homeroom president, bowling league, Compass Staff, ploy tournament, intramuralsg ambition-home economics. HILDEBRAND, DOLORES MAE: "Dodie", commercial: ambition- secretary. HILL, FREDRICK GEORGE: "Freddie", general: Nor'- wester: ambition-Air Force. HILL, JOHN CHARLES: "Tuck", general: Chess Club, Music Club, 4-H Club, ambition-college. HISCOX, CAROLINE MARIE: academic: Quill and Scroll president, Nor'wester editor, homeroom secretary, Tri-Hi-Y, Mexican Ex- change Club, A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, music revue: ambition -teacher. HODGES, HIRAM JACKSON: "Jack", academic: ploy tournament, ambition-nuclear physicist. HOFF, JANET LEE: "Windy", commercial: Caterers' Club, Y-Teens: ambition--typist. HOFMANN, ELAINE MARIE: academic: choir, NLT, Dance Club, Music Club, FTA historian, National Honor Society, ambition- teacher. HOGAN, NORMAN LEO: "Hoagy", academic: band, Dance Band, Student Council, ambition-musician. HOGLUND, HELEN ANN: academic: Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Latin Club, Glee Club, ambition-college. HOLFORD, ARLINE FRANCES: aca- demic: Circle N, Tri-Hi-Y, Hi-Sci, intramurals, play tournament, bowling league: ambition-engineer. J. Hoff E. Hofmann N. Hogan is ' s S' 'Q x I , r i B. Hilburn D. Hildebrand V 5 Q- Y s i X L ' X fb' F, Hill J. Hill x. l NTL, X F. 5 Q 1 ll i I , i C. Hiscox H. Hodges H, Hoglund A, Halford 'L -A J l -4 'Q 6 S-I 1 X I G I x L i . X C Holland E Holland N. Holland N, Holmes V, Holtzman We Rang "Silver BeIls" HOLLAND, CHARLES THILLMAN, "Chuck", academic, 4-H Club, Hi-Y, ambition-veterinarian, HOLLAND, EUPHA, com- mercial, Business Honor Society president, homeroom secretary, National Honor Society, ambition-secretary. HOLLAND, NICH- OLAS HENDERSON, "Nick", general, 4-H Club, ambition-agrb culture teacher. HOLMES, NANCY LYNNE, "Squirt", commer- cial, National Honor Society, Business Honor Society, Glee Club parliamentarian, Music Club vice president, Student Council, Tri- Hi-Y, bowling league, ambition-college. HOLTZMAN, VIR- GINIA LEE, "Leese", academic, ambition-nurse. HOOD, ANNE MARIE, "Annie", academic, cheerleader, Tri-Hi-Y, Student Coun- cil corresponding secretary, homeroom treasurer, Circle N, intra- murals, NLT, Junior class treasurer, ambition-teacher. HOUT, BARBARA ANN, "Barb", general, ambition-marriage. HUBSH- MAN, LOUIS DAVID, "Louie", general, JV football, ambition- professional cartoonist. HUGHES, MARY KATHRYN, "Kathy", academic, Tri-Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Circle N vice pres- ident, Latin Club, French Club, Hi-Sci, sports days, NBC, ambition -lab technician. HUGHES, ROBERT BOND, "Bob", academic, National Honor Society, Hi-Sci, Hi-Y, homeroom president, wrest- ling, track, ambition-engineer. HUHNDORFF, HARRY RO- LAND, "Huhndy", academic, Glee Club, Music Club, ambition- engineer, HULLINGER, KATHERINE E., "Kandy", commercial, Business Honor Society secretary, intramurals, ottice, sports day, ambition-secretary, HUMPHRIES, SYBIL KAY, commercial, Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, intramurals, office, ambition-private secre- tary. HURTT, GERALDINE FRANCES, "Gerry", commercial, Y-Teens officer, Business Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, ambition- secretary. K, Hullinger S. Humphries G. Hurtt J 43 .-if ,g, jk 'gg B, lden S.JOCl4SOI'1 J. Jenkins D Jett B Jol'nson At the Senior Ball IDEN, BETTIE LARIMER, academic, Tri-l-li-Y, intramurals, ambi- tion-college. JACKSON, SHARON ELIZABETH, "Sherry", aca- demic, NLT, Quill and Scroll, French Club, Dance Club, Music Club, News Bureau, A Capella Choir, music revue, Girls Chorus, Gym Club, ambition-commercial artist. JENKINS, JEAN MARIE, "Doll", commercial, Fl-lA, Library Club, ambition-man riage, JETT, DORIS MARIE, "Shortie", general, Tri-l-li-Y, Gym Club, Music Club, Dance Club president, FNA historian, NLT bus- iness manager, National Honor Society, Circle N, Photography Club, intramurals, sports day, ambition-nurse, JOHNSON, BER- NARD JOSEPH, "Bud", general, ambition-plumber. JOHNSON, JR., CARROLL LEROY, "Junior", academic, N Club, Hi-Y, Varsity football, Varsity basketball, track, National Honor Society pres- ident, ambition-college. JOHNSON, EDWARD ROSS, "Eddie", academic, Hi-Y, ambition-success, JOHNSON, JAMES JOSEPH, "Jungle Jim", academic, l-li-Y, tennis, ambition-service. JOHN- SON, KENNETH EDWARD, "Kenny", academic, JV basketball, JV baseball, Sophomore class treasurer, ambition-college, JOHN- SON,RONALD LEON, academic, band, Latin Club, Chess Club, ambition-doctor. JOHNSTON, DOROTHY ANN, "Dot", com- mercial, ambitian-Waves. JONES, ALAN EASTON, "Alley-cat", general, N Club president, Hi-Y, Varsity football, wrestling, am- bition-Air Force, JONES, ALBERTA MARY, "Bunny", academic, Rifle Club, cafeteria staff, ambition-work. JONES, BARBARA KAY, "Bobbi", academic, play tournament, ambition-beautician. R. JOhnSOr1 D. Johnston A. Jones Af as lx- Fil IG' it bd J. Jones C. Kaiser D. Keesee J. Kelly I . L4 time J. Kennard G, Kerrick C. Killoran P. Kimball l E. Katz H. Katz S, Katz We watched BIiv's men, JONES, JIMMY HARRIS: "Tennessee", academic: Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Dance Club, ambition-marriage. KAISER, CAROL RUTH: academic: band, Tri-Hi-Y, music revue, Tip Toppers, Compass Staff, Mexican Exchange Club officer, Gym Club, Red Cross Rep- resentative: ambition-airline stewardess. KATZ, EILEEN: "Kitty Kat", commercial: Student Council, office, intramurals, sports days, FHA: ambition - private secretary. KATZ, HERSHEL: "Hershey", general: band, chorus: ambition'-musician. KATZ, STEPHEN B.: general: ambition-accountant. KEESEE, DONALD GARY: "Donnie", academic: track, play tournament, cross coun- try: ambition-college. KELLY, JIMMY ARTHUR: "Jim", gen- eral: Library Club, cafeteria: ambition - aviation electronics. KENNARD, JUNE ANN: commercial: Tri-Hi-Y, Circle N, intra- murals, sports day, homeroom treasurer, bowling league: ambi- tion-Physical Education Teacher. KERRICK, GEORGE ALFRED: academic: band president, rifle team: ambition-professional music. KILLORAN, CAROL ANN: academic: French Club, Tri- Hi-Y, homeroom vice president, ambition - business career. KIMBALL, PEGGY JEAN: "Peg", commercial: ambition-airline hostess. KING, JAMES BRUCE: "Voice", academic: homeroom president, National Honor Society, Hi-Y, NBC, Glee Club, intra- murals, ambition-singer. KIRBY, DORIS ANN: general: Tri- Hi-Y, FNA, Bible Club: ambition - nurse. KROLOFF, CAROL JOY: academic: FTA, Latin Club, Mixed Chorus, Girls Chorus: ambition-elementary school teacher. J. King D. Kirby C. Kroloff V! IC- ' QI i I 523111, .,,.,., 45552343 45? fe L- ' , 9 fi 211.251, J. Kuharik W. Kuhn J. Laasch Through a winning season KUHARIK, JOEL MICHAEL: academic: Varsity football, wrestling, N Club, Student Council, track, homeroom president, ambition- millionaire. KUHN, WILLIAM LEWIS: general: Varsity football, track, Hi-Y, ambition-lawyer. LAASCH, JAMES DAVID: "Jim", academic: Hi-Sci, Chess Club: ambition-research chemist, LAMBERT, LOUISE VADA: general: homeroom vice president, FHA, Tri-Hi-Y: ambition--model. LANGRALL, JANE: "Janie", commercial: infirmary, ambition-travel. LATVINSKY, LEONA BARBARA: "Bobbie", general: A Cappella Choir, Mixed Chorus, office. LEHAN, JOHN JOSEPH: Jack: ambition-graduate. LE MERLE, ALICE LANE: academic: Rifle Club, cafeteria, Caterers' Club vice president, Press Club, Nor'wester, News Bureau. LEONARD, CONSTENCE MARION: "Connie", commer- cial: Glee Club, National Honor Society, Bible Club, play tourna- ment, Girls Chorus, music revue, homeroom secretary: ambition- college. LINCHUCK, AARON I.: "Woodchuck", academic: Hi- Sci, Photography Club, Library Club, ambition-dentist. LITTLE, ELLEN McVEY: academic: Bible Club, bowling league, office, ambition-certified public accountant. LIVINGS, LOUISE M.: academic: ambition-happiness. LIVINGSTON, EILEEN LOUISE: academic: Tri-Hi-Y, FTA, FHA, Red Cross Representative: ambi- tion-nurse. LONDON, LINDA LOU: "Lulu", academic: Tri-Hi-Y, Dance Club treasurer, French Club, homeroom secretary, "The Willow and l", intramurals, Gym Club, NLT, sports day: ambition -college. A, Linchuck E. Little L. Livings L. Lambert J. Langrall U.:-1 1 l X l GF B. Latvinsky J. Lehan G A. Le Merle C. Leonard E. Livingston L. London S' as R. Lorber P, Loyd 2 if M Sr' R. Mattingley J, Mgy 1 J. McCanria C. McClay B. McCoy S. McCrossin Qi - 'hh-f" ' Y 3 - . Q-'V X W, Machcn E, Martin F, Mathews We loved every minute, LORBER, RAYMOND G.: "Ray", general: track, ambition--phan macist. LOYD, PATRICK VERNON: "Dad", general: ambition- success, MACHEN, WILLIAM LEE: "Bill", academic: soccer, wrestling, ambition-civil engineer. MARTIN, ELLIS WOOD- ROW: "Fats", general: N. Club, football, baseball, ambition-cob lege football. MATHEWS, FLORENCE NAN: "Tiny", general: Bible Club, ambition-religious education director. MATTING- LEY, RICHARD GWYNN: "Dick", academic: cafeteria staff, golf, ambition-mining engineer. MAY, JOHN JOSEPH: "Jackie", general: track, Hi-Y, 4-H Club: ambition-lawyer, MCCANNA, JEAN MARIE: "Jeanie", commercial: Tri-l-li-Y, Y-Teens, Cater- ers' Clubg ambition-college. McCLAY, CAROLE KATHRYN: academic: Caterers' Club, homeroom treasurer, bowling league: ambition-nurse. McCOY, BARBARA ANN: "Bobbie", academic: PNA, Les Petits Players, bowling league, ambition-designer. McCROSSlN, SUSAN YVONNE: "Hiedi", academic: homeroom president, cheerleader, Tri-l-li-Y, Pep Club, Latin Club, Gym Club, Nor'wester, office, sports days, bowling league, intramurals, Na- tional Honor Societyg ambition-college. McCUBBIN, LARRY GENE: "Mack", general: cross country, track, Varsity football: ambition-certified Public accountant. McDONALD, JR., DON- ALD GREGORY: "Greg", academic: Varsity football, wrestling, choir: ambition-English Teacher. McGUlRE, JOANN CATH- ERINE: "Jo", general: Y-Teens, PNA, ambition-secretary. L. McCubbin D. McDonald J, McGuire Bly, fi A 6 i i P, McKay J. McMullen J. McNamara of all Northwestern Night McKAY, PAUL ALLEN: general: choir, ambition-religious voca- tion. MCMULLEN, JOAN LEE: "Joanie", general: ambition-sec- retary. MCNAMARA, JO ANN: "Little Mac", general: Music Revue, ambition-secretary. McNElL, ALMA MARGARET: "Amy", academic: Mexican Exchange Club, Dance Club, Tri-Hi-Y, homeroom secretary, A Capella Choir, Nor'wester, State Chorus, Glee Club, bowling league, music revue, National Honor Society, ambition-happiness. MCQUEEN, JOANNE: "Jo", academic: Tri-Hi-Y, FHA, Compass staff, ambition-college. MENZER, ROBERT EVERETT: "Bob", academic: l-li-Sci, NBC treasurer, play tournament, National Honor Society, Thespians, Pep Club, Wash- ington Junior Academy of Sciences president, County Science Fair director, school engineer, ambition-chemist, MEYERS, MIL- IIRED MARIE: "Millie", commercial: ambition - bookkeeper. MIDDLETON, JOHN FRANCIS: "Milty", general: I-li-Y, JV foot- ball, ambitioniworld traveler. MILBOURNE, JOAN FRANCES: academic: Tri-l-li-Y, NBC, NLT, Gym Club, Dance Club, intra- murals, bowling league, "The Willow and I", ambition-child psychologist. MILLER, DARLENE KAY: general: ambition-seo retary. MILLER, FREDERICK ELLSWORTH: "Freddie", academic: ambition-electrical engineer. MILLER, PETER PARR: "Pete", academic: N Club secretary, l-li-Y, Varsity basketball manager: ambition-history teacher. MOORE, RICHARD WEST: "Dickie", general: football, Gym Club, track, N Club. MORELOCK, JOAN ALICE: "Shorty", academic: FNA, ambition-WACS, D. Miller F. Miller P. Miller ""'-.. -ir.. , A. McNeil '- ' we R. Menzer Z' J. Middleton R. Moore Q - J er Ex 'S' WV, ..l Q , ,, Y J. McQueen is Q -ei l 1 v M. Meyers A" 0 'KJ J. 'Milbourne J. Morelock 3 If I D Mo gan G Morgan M. Morgan P. Morgan J, MOrrj5On We studied for exams, MORGAN, DONALD EDWARD, "Don", general, ambition-suc- cess. MORGAN, GEORGE STANLEY, "Stan", general, ambition -agricultural college. MORGAN, MIRIAM RUTH, academic, Y-Teens, Compass Stott, Tri-Hi-Y, ambition-private secretary. MORGAN, PATRICIA ANN, "Pat", academic, Thespians, vice president, Les Petits Players secretary, "The Willow and l", play tournament director, National Honor Society, ambition-actress. MORRISON, JOHN ROBERT, "J, R", academic, Varsity football, Varsity baseball, NLT, ambition-college. MORTON, BARBARA ANN, commercial, Caterers' Club president, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, ambition-stenographer. MOSER, RAYMOND EUGENE, "Ray", academic. MURPHY, CHARLOTTE MARIE, academic, FNA, choir, NLT, "The 'Willow and I", music revue, Girls Chorus, Hi-Sci, Tri-l-li-Y, ambition-nurse. MURPHY, HELEN ELIZABETH, gen- eral, Y-Teens, Culee Club Mixed Chorus, ambition-millionairess. NEWELL, WALTER HOYT, "Sonny", general, NLT, ambition- mechanic. OBERGH, ARTHUR JOHN, "Artie", academic, Com- pass Staff, ambition-agricultural engineer. OLIVER, BARBARA LOUISE, "Barbie", commercial, Tri-Hi-Y, homeroom secretary, Red Cross Representative, ambition-college. OLMSTEAD, JOHN ALFRED, "Jack", academic, Glee Club, track, ambition-singer. OPPERMAN, SONJA ANNA, commercial, Y-Teens, ambition- Secretary. B. Oliver J. Olmstead S. Opperman 3- V 1- ' txm 'SIS' W' kgs . ,i swf lx Ka. if S, Otis D. Overton B. Owens J, Padgette And wrote term papers OTIS, SANFORD: academic: Glee Club, ambition-foreign service. OVERTON, DONALD EDWARD: "Don", academic: Music Club, Varsity football, A Capella Choir, Glee Club, ambition-college. OWENS, BARBARA ANN: "Bobbie", commercial: Maryland Li- brary Association treasurer, FHA, Library Club, homeroom treas- urer, ambition-housewife. PADGETTE, JOHN ERVIN: "Johnny", commercial: ambition-accountant. PAILES, VIRGINIA NOBLE: "Blondie", commercial: Red Cross Representative, homeroom vice president, Student Council, sports day: ambition-secretary. PALMA, MARY TERESA: "Mare", commercial: Y-Teens, Caterers' Club: ambition-secretary. PALMER, DAVID FUNK: "Uncle Davy", general. PARTELLO, JAMES LYNWOOD: "Jim", aca- demic: Quill and Scroll, Chess Club vice president, Nor'- wester: ambition-writer. PAUL, GRACE ELEANOR: "G, G", commercial: Y-Teens president, Caterers' Club, secretary, ambi- tion-private secretary. PEAR, JOSEPH JAMES: "Joe", academic: bond, Chess Club president: ambition-chemist. PEAY MARY ELIZABETH: "Gumdrop", academic: Tri-Hi-Y, NBC, NLT, FHA treasurer, Student Council, Pep Club, Gym Club, sports day, "The Willow and l", Latin Club, WINX, homeroom secretary, B band mojorette: ambition-success. PERRIN, PATRICIA ANN: "Pat", general: ambition-government worker, PETERSON, HAROLD K., "Pete", academic: 4-H Club treasurer, Hi-Y, ambition-farmer. PETERSON, JOHN MARTIN: "Pete", academic: soccer, French Club: ambition-lawyer. " -v L '. 5 F M. Palma i N , x J. Partello V. Pailes J D. Palmer G. Paul J, Pear M. Peay P. Perrin H. Peterson J. Peterson Q- YN "3 v. T' in 'Vi 9 lg A K D. Petty S, Ptleeger E. Phipps M. Phipps T, Pierqg 5 -..Q - 2.3 xx I O X , We won Play Tournament, PETTY, DOROTHY LOUISE: general. PFLEEGER, STEPHEN F.: "Steve", academic: homeroom treasurer, track, cafeteria staff: ambition - aviator. PHIPPS, ELAINE HELEN: general: ambition salesgirl. PHIPPS, MARY KATHRYN: general: ambition-man riage. PIERCE, THOMAS WILLIAM: "Butch", academic: intra- l I murals, JV baseball: ambition-college. PIPER, JOHN SCOTT: ' ':-- 1-f ' A academic: band, Library Club, ambition-college. PIPER, PAUL VINCENT: "Piper", general: Gym Club, l-Ii-Y, ambition-business J. pme pu pipe, machines. PITTAS, NICK: "Greek", general: Thespians, band, Les Petits Players, Gym Club, Hi-Sci, NBC, ambition-naval career, POPE, ROBERT ALLEN: "Bob", general: ambition-own business. POPP, MALCOLM CRAIK, "Skip", academic: soccer, homeroom treasurer, Hi-Y: ambition-engineer. PORTER, DON- ALD SIMMS: "Don", academic: band, Dance Band, Pep Band, I' P I Mexican Exchange Club: ambition-college. POTE, CATHERINE LEE: "Toot-Toot", general: Dance Club, Tri-Hi-Y: ambition-man 'fb QQ riage. POTTER, RICHARD ROY: "Dick", academic: soccer, Bible 3 Club, ambition-rich. POWELL, ADA: commercial. 4 . N. Pittas R, Pope Mt PODD D. Porter C. Pote R. Potter A, Powell 5. Q1 6 U'6i El E P. Powell R. Powell D. Price With "Little Stone House" POWELL, PATSY NOVELLA, "Patty", commercial, National Honor Society, Business Honor Society historian, A Capella Choir, office, Glee Club historian, homeroom secretary, intramurals, ambition- homemalqer, POWELL, RICHARD WARD, "Dick", academic, ambition-pilot. PRICE, DOROTHY MAE, "Dot", general, intra- murals, ambition-secretary. RADISCH, ROBERT ALLAN, "Rada", general, Photography Club President, Gym Club, home- room vice president, ambition-travel. RAFTER, SARA CATH- ERINE, academic, National Honor Society, cheerleader, Tri-Hi-Y historian, Circle N, Gym Club, bowling league, NLT, FHA, Latin Club, Pep Club, sports days, ambition-college. RAY, DANIEL EDWARD, "Dan", general, ambition-millionaire. READ, SHIR- LEY EVELYN, commercial, ambition-dancing teacher. RECK- EWEG, HENRY FRED, "Hank", academic, National Honor Society, A Capella Choir, ambition-chemical engineer. REID, JOYCE ANN, "Joyce", commercial, National Honor Society, sports days, Business Honor Society, ambition-secretary, REITZ, DAVID MAX, "Camelo", general, JV football manager, ambition-ain craft mechanic. REMILLARD, DONALD KIETH, "Don", general, Bible Club, ambition-minister. REYNOLDS, ROBERTA KAY, "Bertha", academic, Tri-Hi-Y, Gym Club, Pep Club, NLT, Dance Club Librar Club' ambition--nurse RIEHL, PHILIP H.' "Mike" 1 y 1 ' I I academic, NLT, bowling league, "The Willow and I", ambition- -- Navy. ROBEY, PATRICIA ANN, "Pat", commercial, Y-Teens sec- . retary, Caterers' Club treasurer, Red Cross Representative, ambi- tion-secretary. D. Reitz D. Remillard K. Reynolds fl ,.-3. 'NCQ R , Q R. Radisch ll l D. Ray 44,5 3 H. Reckeweg P. Riehl 71' 'ts nk N, S. Ratter vi 1 In S. Read , N P Si fx J. Reid P. Robey C. Roth D. Rucker L. Russell We followed the wrestlers, ROBINSON, RUTH ELIZABETH: commercial: Tri-l-li-Y, majorette, Student Council, homeroom president: ambition-success. ROGERS JANET MILLICENT: "Janet", commercial: Gym Club, intramurals, sports day: ambition-success. ROTH, CARRIE ANN: commer- cial: ambition-secretary. RUCKER, DIXIE LEE: "Dix", academic: Quill and Scroll, Compass business manager, Tri-Hi-Y, Music Club, Glee Club: ambition-college. RUSSELL, LARRY RAYMOND: "Russ", general: band, soccer: ambition-photographer. RYAN, PATRICIA ANN: "Stinky", academic: Glee Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Ca- terers' Club: ambition-college. SARGENT, HOWARD WAYNE: "Butterball", general: ambition-printer. SCHATZ, JR., FRED- ERICK PAUL: "Shortie", general: Student Council, JV basketball: ambition-sheet metal mechanic. SCHIMPFF, MARGUERITE: academic: National Honor Society, Thespians, "The Willow and l", FTA, Tri-Hi-Y, Les Petits Players, NLT, French Club, play tour- nament, Hi-Sci, Washington Junior Academy of Sciences, sports days, Library Club: ambition-teacher. SCHROM, JR., FRED- ERICK WILLIAM: "Freddy", academic: N Club, Varsity football, wrestling: ambition-college. SCHUBRING, WALLIS AUGUSTA: "Wally", commercial: Library Club, bowling league: ambition- travel. SCHULZE, MARIE ANN: commercial: Music Club, Girls Chorus: ambition-secretary. SCHWARTZ, SHEILA HARRIET: commercial: Y-Teens: ambition-legal secretary. SEIDENSPIN- NER, DONALD ARTHUR: "Pete", academic: band, Washington Junior Academy of Sciences, Compass Staff: ambition-success. SELBY, JUDITH KAYE: "Judy", academic: music revue, NLT Glee Club, Girls Chorus: ambition-laboratory technician. SELKE DARYLE BLANCHE: "Bashful", commercial: Business Honor So ciety vice president, Bible Club vice president, Student Council M. Schulze S. Schwartz D. Seidenspinner ii I? J' SGIIDY D, Selke E, Senechol F Sharp D Sher ood As they gained honors Red Cross Representative, National Honor Society, ambition- executive secretory. SENECHAL, ELAINE: "Frenchie", academic: Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, Dance Club, French Exchange Student, ambition-college. SHARP, FREEMAN STRINGHAM: academic: N Club, Varsity basketball, ambition-architect, SHERWOOD, DALLES MARIE: "Dilly Dolly", academic: music revue, Music Club, A Capella Choir, "The Willow and l", ploy tournament, NLT, Dance Club, Red Cross Representative, Glee Club, Les Petits Players, ambition-Broadway producer. SHINE, ROSEMARY: academic: Tri-Hi-Y, homeroom vice president, FHA, Glee Club, bowling league, music revue, ambition-success. SHORTT, MARY ELIZABETH: commercial: Caterers' Club, Y-Teens, office, ambi- tion-secretory. SIMMONS, JANET CLAIRE: "Jon", commercial: Music Club, Glee Club, Tri-Hi-Y, ambition-accountant. SINES, ELIZABETH ANN: "Kim", academic: play tournament, Tri-Hi-Y, NLT, Gym Club, Dance Club, "The Willow and I", intramurals, Pep Club, Library Club, sports days, ambition -- nurse. SINGER, MERI: commercial: Tri-Hi-Y, Gym Club, Circle N, intramurals, Student Council, ambition-private secretary. SLAVIN, JUDITH ANN: "Judy", commercial: Girls Chorus, ambition-secretary. SLAVINSKI, MARCIA ANN: "Marsh", academic: NBC, Y-Teens treasurer, Caterers' Club reporter, FNA, A Capella Choir, Tri-Hi-Y, office, Music Club, music revue, ploy tournament, Girls Chorus, ambition-nurse. SLAYTON, MARY ELEANOR: academic: No- tional Honor Society, French Club, NBC, A Capella Choir, Pep Club, Latin Club, Girls Chorus, ambition-writer. SLYE, JR., ORVILLE MACEY: "Buddy", academic: Dance Band director, French Club, bond, Pep Bond, Red Cross Representative, home- room vice president, ambition-civil engineer. M. Singer J. Slovin M. Slovinski I X I li, 7 j Z. ,S 5' r X 15 Cb V, Smith, 'CA4 s TS' J. Stelzer H. Stewart P. Stewart 7' rt- . ,M,:., X M 1 li' f' ' I .sf x G. Soules Sf i.,.f' E. Stepp 5. ir K J. Stewart M. Stivaletti S - i J. Spencer M. Spittlo B. Spivey We ordered Caps and Gowns, SMITH, VIRGINIA LOUISE: "Ginny", commercial: Girls Chorus: ambition-secretary. SOULES, GLENN L.: "Country", general: N Club, Hi-Y, Varsity basketball, Varsity baseball: ambition - college. SPENCER, JACQUELINE ELEANORE: "Jackie", aca- demic: National Honor Society, NBC president, "The Willow and I" director, Circle N treasurer, Tri-Hi-Y, NLT, Thespians, intra- murals, cheerleader co-captain, sports days, Latin Club, play tour- nament: ambitionwcollege teacher. SPITTLE, MARLENE VIR- GINIA: "Mo", commercial: ambition-comptometer operator. SPIVEY, BETTY ANN: "Betty", academic: Tri-Hi-Y, Gym Club, Pep Club, National Honor Society, NBC, Student Council secre- tary, Latin Club: ambition-Physical Education Teacher. STELZER, JOHN HERBERT: "Milky", academic: 4-H Club: ambition-em gineer. STEPP, EDWARD ANTHONY: "Eddie", academic: band: ambition-engineer. STEWART, HUBBARD HAGE: "Hub", aca- demic: homeroom president, "The Willow and I": ambition-sua cess. STEWART, JOE ALLEN: "Sharp Shooter", academic: Rifle Club president, homeroom treasurer, bowling league, intramurals, Rifle Team captain: ambition-college. STEWART, PATRICIA ANN: "Pat", commercial: homeroom secretary, FNA, Art Club, Tri-Hi-Y, FHA: ambition-beautician and marriage. STIVALETTI, MICHAEL PAUL: "Mike", academic: intramurals, Varsity bose- ball: ambition-mechanical engineer, STONER, ROBERT HARRY: "Robbie", general: ambition-millionaire. STOWE, ROBERT SUTTON: "Bob", academic: ambition-engineer. STRAUS- BAUGH, LINDA KAYE: "Kaye", academic: Girls State Represen- tative, Tri-Hi-Y, FNA president, Thespians, NBC, National Honor Society corresponding secretary, homeroom secretary, French Club vice president, play tournament, intramurals: ambition-nursing. R. Stoner R, Stowe L, Strausbaugh . "-351 V-1 KWSN' 'Aw . 1, ' X 1 ,Q " rx, I A125 I W. Strickler C. Strock G. Stroup in preparation for Graduation STRICKLER, WILBUR RANDOLPH: "Junior", academic: National Honor Society: ambition-civil engineer. STROCK, CAROLE SUSAN: commercial: Caterers' Club, Y-teens: ambition-secre- tary. STROUP, GEORGE VIRGIL: "Peanuts", general: Photography Club, school photographer: ambition- Aerial Photographer. STUFF, MARGARET ANNE: "Stuffy", academic: ambition-social worker. SUIT, CHARLES ANDERSON: academic: homeroom offi- cer: ambition-teacher. SULHOFF, JOHN ERNIE: "Rubber Legs", general: Varsity football: ambition-electrical engineer. TANK- ARD, JAMES AL: "Jim", commercial: Chess Club, Photography Club: ambition-printer. TARANT, BEATRICE ELSIE: "Terry", general: Dance Club, book store: ambition-Waves. TATS- PAUGH, PATRICIA ELIZABETH: "Patsy", academic: Senior class historian, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll recording sec- retary, Thespian Society, Executive Editor Compass, FTA vice pres- ident, NBC secretary, band secretary, Tri-Hi-Y, play tournament, Latin Club secretary, Press Club treasurer: ambition-teacher. TAYLOR, ANN WALKER: "Texas", general: ambition--travel. TERRY, LEE ANTHONY: "Tony", academic: ambition: mechanical engineer. TETI, MARY ANN JOAN: "Shirley", commercial: am- bition-bookkeeper. THOMAS, JR., ROBERT WILLIAM: "Bob", academic: homeroom treasurer, Varsity football, N Club, Varsity basketball, Varsity baseball: ambition-college. THOREN, CAROLE ANN: "Thorny", academic: Red Cross Representative, Tri-Hi-Y, FNA, FHA, Nor'wester, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society, Latin Club, play tournament, intrarnurals: ambition- physical therapist. A, Taylor L, Terry M. Teti ALA L- 12-1 u ,K Ii. -sv I ' I M. Stuff Q I Q, 'T' . fl l X X J. Sulhoff B. Tarant R. Thomas C. Suit if 4- S it , X J. Tankard A - 'x als P, Tatspaugh C. Thoren CN ,v N . J. Thrift E. Townsend 1 F, Turner F, Turner Q 8. 'eff C. Tutton G. Tyndall P. Vanagas L. Van Ger-nert ?"" : A. Trainum P, Travers N, Tremper T. Tubbs We attended Baccalaureate Services, THRIFT, JOHN LOUIS: "Johnny", general: N Club, Hi-Y, Varsity baseball, JV football, ambition-college. TOWNSEND, ERMA KAY: "Kay", academic: Quill and Scroll treasurer, French Club, News Bureau co-editor, Music Club, band, Glee Club, ambition- success, TRAINUM, AUBRY MELVIN: "Sonny Boy", general: ambition-plumber. TRAVERS, PATRICIA ANN: "Long Sam", general: Tri-Hi-Y, Tip Toppers, Rifle Club, NLT, Cafeteria Club, office, ambition - model. TREMPER, NANCY BARBARA: com- mercial: Tri-Hi-Y, Caterers' Club, ambition-secretary. TUBBS, THOMAS GLEN: "Tommy", general: ambition-frogman. TUR- NER, FAY: "Faisy", academic: Glee Club, NLT, Student Council, FNA, Les Petits Players, "The Willow and l", play tournament, Thespians secretary, music revue, Tri-Hi-Y, Press Club, ambition -marriage. TURNER, FRED M.: academic: ambition-engineer, TUTTON, CAROL ANN: "Stinky", academic: Les Petits Players president, Thespians scribe, "The Willow and I", play tournament, ambition - criminal psychologist. TYNDALL, GENE RAYMOND: "Geno", academic: N Club, Varsity basketball captain, Varsity baseball, ambition-college. VANAGAS, PATRICIA DOROTHY: "Pat", commercial: ambition-secretary. VAN GEMERT, LOUIS: "Rubbernose", general: ambition-cadet, VELTHUIS, ADRIAN IRVINE: academic: Dance Band, band treasurer, Bible Club, golf, National Honor Society, ambition - college. VELTHUIS, JR., ROBERT: "Bob", academic: NBC, Mexican Exchange Club, Bible Club, National Honor Society, ambition-success, VINCENT, BETSY ROSE: "Bets", academic: Tri-Hi-Y, vice president, Circle N president, Les Petits Players vice president, Senior class treas- A. Velthuis R, Velthuis B. Vincent A. Voorhees f 'X ii 'B L. Z' E Waesche H. Walter S. Warren J, Watson And graduated June I3 urer, bowling league, intramurals, homeroom president, play tour- nament, National Honor Society, ambition-artist, VOORHEES, ANN M.: commercial: ambition-private secretary. WAESCHE, EARL: general: ambition-apprenticeship in ironwork. WALTER, HARRY GORDEN: general: ambition-doctor. WAR- REN, SUE JETTIE: commercial: A Capella Choir vice president, homeroom vice president, National Honor Society, intramurals, ambition-housewife. WATSON, JAMES MORGAN: "Jim", aca- demic: Chess Club, Pep Club, National Honor Society, ambition- engineer. WEAVER, LILLIAN GERTRUDE: "Lil", commercial: homeroom secretary, intramurals, Red Cross Representative, am- bition-secretary, WEISEL, WILLIAM S.: "Bill", academic: NBC, School Engineer, Thespians, ambition-television production. WELCH, FRANK MARTIN: general: soccer, ambition-engineer. WENTZ, CAROLE ANDREA: academic: Tri-Hi-Y, sports days, FHA, Compass staff, bowling league, play tournament, intramu- rals, Gym Club, homeroom treasurer, ambition-live in New York. WHITALL, GAIL DIANA: general: NLT, "The Willow and l", ambition-interior decorating. WHITE, DONALD LOUIS: "Don", academic: homeroom treasurer, ambition-Air Force. WHITE- HOUSE, MARY LOU: "Mary", general: ambition-successful mar- riage, WHITT, PEGGY ANNE: "Peg", commercial: Y-Teens, office, bookstore, ambition - secretary. WILFONG, MERRY IMLAY: "Stonewall", academic: ambition-fashion designer. WILKINSON, PERRY OLIVER: academic: band, Mexican Exchange Club, ambition-insurance broker, WILLIAMS, NANCY ANN: "Peanut", academic: Compass Staff, ambition-lab technician. WILLIAMS, ZED LEE: "Biff", general: ambition-armed forces. M Whitehouse P. Whitt M. Wilfong P, Wilkinson .332 bn , 'EIO G. N L Weaver W, Weisel 71. fc K K- , f' -' tl X X I F, Welch C. Wentz G. Whitall N Williams Z' D. White . Williams y 4 I x. 1' . Q N, Wilson 5 P . 1 6? 'Q A L I A. Wright K " Q H. Yates M. Zahniser .wi t ff' ge' N W. Winant M Winter W. Wolff H. Woll We looked to the future WILSON, MICHAEL EDWARD, "Eddie", general, ambition- naval officer. WILSON, NAUMA JANE, "Jane", academic, Tri- Hi-Y, homeroom president, Glee Club, Student Council, ambition- airline hostess. WINANT, WALTER MAXWELL, academic, Bible Club, ambition-engineer. WINTER, MICHAEL, "Mike", aca- demic, ambition-engineer. WOLFF, WALTER FRED, academic, ambition-college. WOLLMAN, HARVEY STUART, "'Walvey", general, NLT, State Chorus, Mixed Chorus, homeroom officer, A Capella Choir, ambition-builder. WOOD, BARBARA JEAN, "Wood", general, ambition-private secretary. WRIGHT, ALLEN EVERETT, general, ambition-rnillionaire. YAKE, ELIZABETH ANN, "Betty Ann", general, Caterers' Club, ambition-travel. YATES, JR., HARRY STEPHEN, "Steve", general, ambition-ao countant. YOUNG, J. C. PAUL, academic, Bible Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, ambition-President of the United States. ZAHNISER, A. H. MATHIAS, "Mat", academic, N Club, Student Council, Varsity basketball, l-li-Sci, I-li-Y, tennis, ambition-electrical engineer. ZEIGLER, CARLTON ANTHONY, "Big Zeig", general, JV basketball, ambition-Physical Education Teacher. ZELTMAN, FRANCIS EDWARD, "Franny", academic, Mexican Exchange Club, ambition-college, ZOOK, MEREDITH DALE, "Dale", general, ambition-Navy. MacEWEN, BRUCE LLOYD, general, Varsity football, Varsity basketball, ambition- farmer, C. Zeiqler F, Zeltman M. Zook B. MacEwe Q' N 'M 'ri The Class Of l957 Stepping Adee J halt drrch B Allen J Anderson R Anderson C Andestad D Armstrong E Armstrong S Austln a ot aney Barley P Baker M Bakes B Balllnger D Barnett T Barry l-l Bartoo D Beale R Beckman G Bendure env ez Blgeow Batzhelm S Bohonls R Bowne R Bozman M Baz la E Bro R Brockway J Buc an Burrhus B Burroughs C urkhardt R Bur on Bush L Bushnell Ca dwell N Cantor L Car the-rs J Carpenter C Carroll B Chandler R Cleft G Clopper B Cobey D Coder ollns A Connor Conover B Cooper K Cor nell P Castvnett F Cowan Cowne G Crls el Croqhon Cromwell J Crovor F Cupp W Currence E C rtls W Curtis A us sumano L Cuttung S Dade L Dashlell ,1 Busy plans for Junuor Class busnness are made by D Gull president C Dome, Be ,Crow Mrs Johnson co sponsor S Ramsburg hlstoruan Mrs Payne co sponsor P Hodnak NICC presldg-my J Carpenter treasurer and Mr B ll spang r "5 as 5 K ,lik lv. 'N fi. 8 D 'Fu I I I li 0 fi, fr K W9 pl ul A Up lx V X gt S l ' 2 1 x1 l X17 x ll I at x A N. "':. - !."lJ I I -I : -i -,el gc , , . 1 A J , M, , A A , D. All A L, ' ' ' ' ' - 5' '--I F' We 4-j 4- 432' 3-I Q Q 5 1 ' in it "- 5 -' c A -P A ffl, I l ' J B Q , M, B I , R, F5 ,A A 1 C f V f ' f P. - 1 - A. , . ., C ba f P r J ve. I it f . Q ' 'Q . sq X , . , . . S X ki 6 X l I X 1 l' " g 5 , ' ' V 1 ' A -, f ' ' nm Jr' B If I, lu, lui, J- , K is vp on sq and F: HJ, , , . - ' N. v' -3 if 'P' 1 3 F- 2- zel dy. sv in g B S' A I I h A l ' - r x ! .. on, S Bunch, B. Burch, B. A J , V , ' ., Q., .qs , . . 6 B I , , Q r , D. ,gg Q C gf sf- H.. .J .5 6. . l , . , iw J J Q, fp gs ,, rg: - , .Y , . , s I+-A . J ' l C' L. D, C 1 , . , J. l ' . lx l I ll I J, ' ' , , ' lp 1, Jf Q -C7 lj 'I ' lt Q ' M f A I ll l - A Ii' H x J .J 4 ., dn , ' fn ' wr Nl rs ' r q.. . x 4 5 . p 5, X Z 'N P 'H f' F IVQ. 5 'Qu if 0 D L Q1 " 'fb 3 7 'J' D A 2 1 K lf? Qi 1 fir ILA! .mpg -J 'Rv DOVIS J Dayls A D Day R Decesare B Deg gel M DeMarlnls E Den ney L Deremer B DeVaIl evlln Dlpler Dlsney B Dlxon C Dodds onley Dove Dowd S Dowdy K Drech ser R Emerson N Evans E lng K Farrar J Farr Il P Frlertag M Fenwlck P Ferrara C Flelds W Fl k Flshman D F elshell etcher N Fletcher Cher P FI ss E F o nt Fogarl Foote ord Forman Franlclln D Frew S Frlede m n J Fusco S Gate ey lddlngs D Gull T N Glndlesperger B Glea ton R Gollwas M Goodall P Gossett D Gray J Gray reen D Grl l Groves row Gutman Cwlnn F Haas N Hoge e B Halsllp R Ha Halle D Hardesty P Har N Hargls D Harp M Har rls J Harrlson B Har ey B Haut A Helder M Hell man A Henderson Hemey C Herbert R Herbert Hershberger J Hlckox Hltatfer P Hodlak Hoffmann T Holder Holland C Hosly M Hostler D Hotchklss Huddleston L Hunsaker Hatton D Hyatt L Hyatt lrwn lrwln A Jando C Jenklns Johns Johnson E Johnson Johnson Y Johnson Johnston A Jones Jones D Jones W Jubane L Judklns Jueneman D Kolser ne R Karr S Kegley Keohart Kerns Kerr ess er l lon Kng G Klng M Klng P Klng K Kltchen C Knorr F Knox L Knox R Koonce L Kraugh C rauss L Larlmore Lauer E Lawless B Law yer F Lebowltz D Lewls xg Til fir: 5? L, ,X .K C. ', . ', . Day Y. C ,Q xx .x r- - .4 , . , . l 2735 ' 1 f ' f A J In l 'Wi jx' , Q g 0. .. N f-1 'J l... o ,A. fo, B .9 ,U N KA s 6 -k 4 , . , , 5 N E C. o , E. , N f 1 in l v J F A ' - ' I ' 1 Q 'i-it if :sl - els 1 , J 26 -1 we .J A l J Q - GX ' L A . - - f n 1 ' I . I l I , I - n A Wi ' x l Il .. if . ,. sq." B. A , . l ' , E Ji: qi, 9' 'P J, F P 4 I F J Fl 1 ' l R Q' y . . 4 f- fl- ,Q-,. A A 'x Flef , . l , . l yd S 1' 1 Y l M. Fly , P. 'ty, B I l ll' lx .J I 'N A U D, F , J. , G fs-' Y H, C ' ' . .er ye F l Q 'ic is :XI it I I, . ,A . I I k C r' YP .lun fc COG' ' , .' ' , . Gill z f ' , I' I - l ' l ' cf F' E ' ,' 3 6 J 6 Q V. ' A. G , . 'tt'th, sf , r ., I r- ' l . U . J. G , J. , G. 'if l'-' J 'Is - 4 'H .N . F I ' '- A ' ' ll s- c ci 1-, .Q sh sl Lx X GQ , , , . 46, . lll . . lr.. I lla J .C ff- " I. , I. , .H - L 'qtl 4. ,Q 914 'ii , : K. Al l I I 'I - 4 9- f S 1-' H ' o. X ,l x. B Q f - ' I4 F it fl, rl P - D ' I x fl' , , . E , D. . h lm - nz. . B 1. N, V T . , .V ,gi : CT., Q . 5 Qx - x 97, V, . A , . , G 6 'mx-N X X . si S. I, S. , . . Y N I I f Z' . ' 3. A 'N A N. ' ' -L , ,J A f' -7 T l ' I ' PX' mil . ,- Q 'la I ' ' ' E QS .Q ' Q K 'E 1.4f"',, ' K ll' 'J .1 N' X ll ll ll I X . C . , . I ' , E To fr- fy fi" fr - 50 ' 'I Q' ' 'K ":- W' lg X Q L - ' ' I ' ' ' ' Q K' J., K l ,E J. K'II'l , D F' I , , , . , gr: r .L , . J xl X il L Al , Q5 A S xt .I l ' Il ll.. J K4 ' ' - ' J -. F ' ' ' q A ,il Qi Q ,mr ,?. -., If ' -I' y' ' JH Q N ,- 'Q' ,- xx K, . it lg xl lla L L 1 l P Ll' 5 X I' A I ' l ' T J Llndstro B I weaver C IU atelt er N Lovejoy P Lo s G o r Lyn Mader T Maloney P Manuel A Maraden M Margolis D Martin D Martin N Mar n K Mas: A Maxwe MCCubbIn McDonald P McGrane M McGraw F Mclntyar McKeown D McMulluan McNeull E McVearry J Memhardt B Mendel A Mendenhall W Ment zer P Metz N Mlddletan Mrles P Moore Moore B Moreland G Moreland M Morgan N Morgan R Murdock C Murphy L Murray M Murray D My ers E Myers B Nou M Nettles J or m n J Noe J OBrien M onnell O em O are R Olnver D S gord Orlando M Ottey Owens M Padgett J Park El M Parker B Parrish N Payne K Peterson E Pfluger C Post A Powers E Powers R Proctor F Purschwutz G Rabey S Ramsburg S Ray Read M Reamy Reamy J Reed C Rerchelt dle R C In B Roberts C rtauez M Ronca D Roos M Roth owell B Ryan dorus W Sanders S S r aeant Schaeffer Schultz R Schwenckert M Scott J Scu ly W Sellun M ep herd Y Sheppard R Shorr M Shumaker H Sulcott D Summons E Sammons D Svmpson S Svpes S Slayton B Smuth muth Smuh Smuth P Smith T Smuth toley F atler Clair M Steuner A og d e S Sut J Summers G Swrnk D Talbert P Tar Del' B Tatspaugh D Taylor L Taylor B Theuret J Thom C Thomas F Thomas W Thompson W Thompson G Thorton llw 7631 3 I as Lf 1 pb1'6f7f7 .. 'Q F" 0 0 qw- O Q! fi: 96:-I Du Q TPR: J rlx K 7 FFP . , . -. O F7 FD -- - . l Q -X5 W . . E 7' . . E1 A mf' ?' Z3 , FF V' A A- .An . A -A, W- A, A 5 my L V .- L . ' - YN E . ' P - mt N A N . 5 N - at , ' . , O . N S A. - -N .A - A. FAS MA L A AA . 5. A A- ,- ' F ' -- S GW - ' A ' ' EK S A n A ' . A A L-0 A - . ,- -Ax A A A A - A A , A A A A A A . A- T. A A N A . 'A. S I A A . ' f, A A gg A A O- AA A 5 AA - A N L03 ' . -w f , N J-, JU . A A N ' QS S Z ' - X , . ' N X ' V ...ff .r'L. WS? f-..0 Ta. F... F1523 fart 4 fn l 4,11 X ,, I 4,21 W - 4 1. iff. 5633, Btn- 3 . i I v A ' F ' I L ' ' " ' I I- " ' ' I S ig' ' I at V! WIT? qv' vw r i 4 A. 3, A 'A ' ,- 43 f ,,A A .4 yn-If 5 A-61? . 1: A A Q. 7,Af, '72 'A A KX: fy . A - f'T'I,J,5 1, J, f A A chbjvw "' J- ni'-Q-4 v ' A L f A, A fr f ff, 9 f t we , Y. . F " ' H f- . . T ,..,AJ YN, L fr? 719 V9 ifqiyx f,,.AA 8:-e YV? fA,,A . GD ff, -, ff, ,AL 'hu K my 'A , ,api Ax ,- I 23 f-.Avj fat ' , fp QL GQ! , 4 I 1 1 Q A Qtr: LJ .1 A ff 1 ,Y 11 f, A-A " ' I. , ff.. h 'TT rfn V43 . ,, 9 my 1, .1 353.9 .fo ,IJ . Qty, X ,A 'AAA AA. ' I , - v- ' r Af , . , A A,, v A -I - , Vg, H " 3, A 3. AA f. 'ff Ag 4, X. up v,- 1,9 , fy J- .L 4, Ah dr ' 'rl 9 .,, AA ,f I ,, W' ,. 5, .. - AAAA , A K-4 .. .A ' A - A fi rig 1 - g 4 f, , fir? '93 AA , A A M A my fy, L ', ,157 :ML - AA A , Erin!! A 1 y ,... V- J - su We T rl FN Q F 'fr f - . ., , S' 'F 94" ' Jf A . - -f ,- - B -s ,Al 'Y , ,, A Av' A ' 3' 4A ivy? I pl! , ,A f. A Gal L 5, YI ,X ' .T Y S. ' ' ' ' fx ' .. I X' 'f Wqrrs- A AA A...A ,AAA A - . AA ,. U 'W' -'Pb ' f'3""T':'j 'fr .. 'rw 'A Grgix, ff rf -- A ll If fl , ' P . 1 ' ' 9 QQ A u y, X S " lv-5 7' I ' Jkt: Lf-'- Q ' N" 'R I , 1 V B 47. :uf 1, J y .- -faq ,I U 'ma -we . fx, no 0 W 'L 'r 1 7 Q, . ' ' ' . .2- is I I R .1 SO. FS .lunlor Class History ID lull Qrpey W arpcy Tracy C Travers J Twth arner J 0 mor Vo entune Vauatr Venlmen l Wahl M Wa hon F Ward F WOYS M Weetman B Wnls Wcls Whrte M Whlttlngton Wtlllams F Wtllnamson Wilkerson A Wlsfun Wrlson W Wllson C Wundham B Wunfree D Wnnstead J Wvods R WTlQhf N Wynn D YOunQ We the Junror Class brought rn the year wuth a class meetmg Thus meetlng was hugh Inghted wrth entertannment from dlfferent members of the class and the dues were explalned Next on our program was a campaugn for collectrng dues Plans for the lunuor prom were started early In Febru ary boxes were pat rn the junror homerooms for suggestrons for a prom theme To end our year we carned out the rumor class s tradatuonal task of plannrng the sensor s graduatron program As sophomores our buggest project was the Sophomore Prom held on May 2l The theme was the Maypole Dance wvth decoratnons of punk green, and whlte streamers We hope as a class to luve up to the standards of former gunuor classes and be one of the greatest Northwestern has ever had f Q R. T , o, r t t M Aff Q: A-,Y ".,,I 6- .HQ , ,J ag : T I I T - , ll . . A ' 'N S ,e ,N V. Q I 1 I 4 'V kt M Q N 'L sf 5 R T , Tw ll, A Ul s p ' . ll' .. , A , - K , if xf l Q Q V LX 1 A x J. I I E Y B x I ' lr I ls ' B Wh J Wh R 7" ' . , lnnue, . ITC. Jeff, ,Q lift ef 'Z' 'I' 2' ' I ,v. lg xi lx' S -x 8 Ac '- Koi A 1 - l f J l ' l , 4 ' I lL 'I ll lf ll st l V Q QR if-X 54 ..,xf I g 1 lag, 'V I 'V I V Q ' 'Q All fx fx el' xi QQ' HISTOYIOH 1 Sue Ramsbu rg T e Class 'F' Of I958 Looking Ahead bdlll er ch J A en A le Allen D Ambrose S An derson E Anthony D Ar nod rnold Au ID Babcock G Barbel C Bag wel H Barley B Baker G Baker L Ballard N am burg N Barbello M Barbera J Barnard B Baron J B ss G Baum F Baus B Beacht C Beale M ean . Beck, R. Beckman, Ben , B. Bennett, P. en- nington, . Benton, Bergmann, C. Berrett, B Berry, N. Blanton. . Bde, B. Boling , -J. in l Bonnell, B .Boot, C. Boteler, . Bowling, R. Boyd, race, D. Bradshaw, S Brannon. B. Breaceale, S. Bregman, J renton, . Brester, Brown, P. Bryant, A. Buff, R. Buff, P. Bugos, P. Bugos. I 5 HIP' -W 't"+ Hr' N 0 Y-l F4 'OS Sophomore dance commg up class offucers are left to nght P Davis lsccrctaryl lf Bowne lpresldentl J Cobey lvlce presudentl Mass Larnanskn fsponsorl J Lupo llreasurerl Mr Duggcs lsponsarl Judy Allen flmstorucnl : - K -1 " n . . ' A " xx c x ,- -I 1 5 K I ' 5 . , W R. Bukovac, C. Bullock, L. Burgess, R, Burkley, E. Buz zellt, C. Cacchione, E. Ca hill, L. Cameloto, R. am panile, G. Cannon. 4 Q C . N x H J - t is i 3 , gi! r- 3. w. A . , 1 ,Y v. R . '00 c an ll 0 T Cordacu M Carlwart D Corltlners K Carpenter S Carrnco G Carroll R Cec Corelll D Clwamberlaln V Cnoppelear G Clagett M Clark E Claus A Clay r Cob Cocnmano S Coe D Co 1 B CO uns J CO 1 C Compton L Cooper R Cao er C Corey C Cor 'well J Courtney T Corso B Cox M Cox J ox S Cox R Crolne M Crow r E Crehan C r man S Crouch B Crowell E Cubboge M Culver J Cur Curtis D Curtls S ur M l'1l Da I D Amrco K D arnato K Danuelson J Dont P Das slylva J Davenport B Dovss P Davis S Davus D Dawson Day F DeBOnls B C Celle S Deem F Dnetrlch Du n P DnMar o DlVlncenzo T DuVmcenzo J Dixon J Duxon D Dunn T Donnelly P Donohue S Dougherty A Downung P Doyle R EOCKIES B Edwards K En P Emmart J Ennis Farrar J Farrell A Fentress W ry M Funk M SS yd G In W e J Foster J Fos er rank Frazier Frey P Fulford P Gaither C Garner W Garrett S Gessner A Gvndlesperger E Gladstone D Glasgow L Glasgow N Gleason W Gmeunwueser R Gordon B Gossett K Gould J Granahan G Gray J ray K Greenwood M Green wod G Grnffnth R Grlf flth L Groves J Gwnnn L Gwynn P Haeussler T l-lannes D l-lalsllp a Hamilton Harden R Harding M Hardlson G Harrungton J rrus P Horns C r rnson J Harrnson C Harvey J Hayes W Heely C Hylf? M Hennberg R Henng L Helnlcke M Helmuck S Helveston J Henderson . . - .ag ' Q- 71" rl J ' J J Q. qc- , v so . .5 . , . , . lf KS as -Y ' F xy ' , . , . . K , J , 1 k ll! li ' ' I x L , , . 1 lie' 3- ' roll, J. Curr, J. ' ley, J- ' y th X F rt got, . 'll' , . lim. t l 'N l 1 I ' . ,h re N x ' x. ,x xt 1 , .I A E L , es. . P. 1- if fm, '.' ,' f Cos- t ll l . X l l' 'U B. ', . ', .C - -2 6 ,N it, ng, y. Da , J., mn, T 3, 'l x C' 'vi' ' ', f , .' . l 1 ll: U l ' V I ex x , v I ,I .- , gh, 11 sl is - 'Q' ef L4 ', . ' , , D .J , 4., Q , . . he fx ,J .. J J J J All' F. D..'llo, . 'mz,R. - . - 1' fr R- - . ' , f " , . , oe .2 - Q il J-.L se. lf ' T 6 I Drulman, Dungan,l V.. 4- ' Qt, fr + 4 4 J P 2 tif, L F do, . , , , J. Z ' 4. 'K lf' :S l 4 s ' H f ' ' . ' Fi , .Fl ,P. x A-. mn 5 ef Fla , . Foll , .I For- gf We ,JT ,NN syth, . , . r . . l I E. F , A. ' 1 M, D ' , . , , , .T 2 13' -s ' , '. ' ' Q 5 k ' S xL . . l T J - ' ' ' . .' ' v - " K - 'Q . l , A . , - I ll . ' , . - .1 f L Q 'A X f ll P A E. H un, J. -A , o. 1 0 fr' .Q HQ 4 J wi Q K is X. X D . I A . A L. X' ' i 4 . I , . t 4, . , Q .. ... we .J P 1 J A rf XS 4' . f' Q T K X 'I l 1 J Henderson B Hendricks J Herbert E Herman K Hess J Huggunbotham D Huggins P Hildebrand B H R Hol and S Holtzman P Hosey W Howe R Howser D Hub bard T Hughs J Huffer J Huffman S Humphries D Hutchlnson K Hyatt R Isles D Jacobs D James E James J av Z. ?U . A . , , I - A , .- ,. EFDETJ V- -1? .' .Q . . - 1 -- V 2 X X' V 5, . P x , . Q - . . V X Q A . N - f , T s T L v V lx . r N v V Q . ' 5 ,ms , 5 ' - V - h , V - g ' , e s - - N . L N Q . , I . V . A 5 , , . .A , - n A Y n - N 5 2 ik 1 h A - 5 . - 5 - - N we Q K egg N -Q fue- of :Q WWF M3 L? FKFN' ri.. QF? 3,1 3.-., ..+.r- . T 4 I T 4 . , -f' f 5 "" 715 I ' 1 , rf, "' 'tl "i, P -"P, lil' All 'R Y V I - , , -, , , ff 4 - ,, f , ,' 2 , ,, .' ,sq Sw fx N ' 1 A 1 - - V ,- . I 173, at 'B ' J U , IP ' A N r J - -' sf 1,,l? . 7' 4. ,fin fb-D I 1,1 .rho W Av! ' J . .gh ah frm, v ,L N-65 G Z 4 n f . , , Q I I H g - 1 ' ' -- , Z , mf? 9 ' 1"lI ij, y - fo J 'AJ N ., ln fsfb y r 'fly ,Q 'I ' Q 1. 1, ., ' - " ..:' " A- ' ,, ' ,I AN vt 'L F' ,- ' . - TTR , l ' eff' 9 1' 7, fi 4, 7, P I 4 'Pl it ff, 1 fu L -J? G, . , 1 .-,. , .1 , 1 1 I I , li' , f r 1 4 N 9 X v T7 ' ,' ' , - --'1 ' ' 0 - f '. Q n U. . f' . T 'VT ff' 'ff nf f-JW? J, rf, L.. f-3 rat gf-'t X.. S -Q LAN 4 , Y' , :-,- Y ' tgp-, nf H-- . "' -- . '9 9. ,.1u:'71 . , l ' fadfegz 'Fifwirnb fe,pj, WJ 'r L nl! 452' Kgisi, 'hs JQJ1, ,zijvz-L t . 'DVB -1 X ' ff fel, .i J r nr L. . ,J ,gg rf I r 'D A, -' 'lt IL ' ni R F . - 5 v- - .Q H L, -in - ' , - , - . if Jr ,PD 1 I ,Y .ln ' I P Z M 1, VI, F! L 9 M, fl, v . I r ' L I ' 1 ,A 1 , SL ' '5 "' P Tl 4 f - , 'M - L 1 1- "fp ' fn 'Fa . X023 my ,. go, ,. 4' ., L Pg - , - ' ' 1 4 I ' F y ' , 'T zu' L,- Z '1 , ,K t U ,A ., e 4 ,f ' . giant? ' l v I f A' l ! 'vip 'J 1 hip Wfylfb 'y' D D -v 'sy 'la - -.v , J J. ,, , s,t . 4 K .T 1 1 f v - , 1, v T f -fr 'X A :Efn ,, , . Yay, 7 - ,J fa ,L 'n,y an ff, ,, Ugg fa? my I, fa E49 .J fu I h , " 7 - '1' N 7 A " sf ' ' 'lv " A - ' B Jeffreys N Jcfr R Jobe L Johnson Johnson B Jones Jones E Jordan J Katson J Kauffman 5 eu T Kennedy P Kenyon S Kenyon W Kernekun J Kuatta R Kldwell B Kung P Kusslng S Kneessl F Kno pe Koch L K t L se D Kramer M Kramer D rnssrllas Kuehne Kutz C Ladd P Landrum Langan E Lanier Lassuter Lawler V Lee C L Leste F Leurn Lewls D Lllley P I A Llvmgston H Locantore H Lockhart M Loeben stern J Lombard P Lucas J Lupo J Lyle P Manknn L Malmberg Y Marcus B Markley J Marsh B Martens H Mar tm C Maschouer A Mask J Maslun B Matthews Matthews M Matz B Maxwell McCann W McChesney McClellan B McDonald McFadden J McGoruan McGraw J McGuire N Mclntosh D McKay D McKlmmle S McMullan R McNamara J McNey J McQueen J McVeugh B Mewls P Mnchoel L Mnchaehohn E Mler M er M Mnler D stead T Melton J Melton C Metchell B Mitchell R Mongelleu J Monsma S Moon B Morgan P Morgan Morgansteun G Moore J Moore N Moore N Moore R Moore Moruna Morns Morton J Mock C Moser H Mosser G Mulllen T u In Murp y Neese M MJ! I 1 iff L em: F' 1 B ' r Q S 'N x tl fr WA fn lf' rl nn 662 fi I hI Nil A wo. are Q h A 67 '55 1 I DPI aft 05519 56? .5 Qfpm in T T199 HQ J, Newell, J. Noblv, J, Nol A Norman P Norris rrIS Norwl Z N Ora G ORQ1IIv M Or Iosku J Orsborn N Ovnrholtzcr Paanaro M Rarrcco Patrnck G Payne L Payne Q arson D Pner 0 Rcrrklal rry L S S Prncu C RO rw Pratt J Prncc W Prrncc D L ck H urrk J Rambo R Romburg P Re an J Reuman J ton M Rncc B Rch Ruchardson D Rlnq R RIT or o arts Ro or 5 Robnnson G Rock N Roll Ross C Rucker S dcrforth T Runyan B Sad or amel M Sampson Sanders R Savaqc S Sov Qrg B SCI'109fCf VV SCLWFYWICJT I Schocke P Schubrung H Schultz chwortz B S a Scrocco B Sebostlan evmour S a er Shaffer C Shapnro E Shay J Shcrbtne M Sherlnn J Shipman D Snchelman W Suedlung G :na D Snmmes E m JSQR a e Sm: nth J Sm: h L Sm: ml h Sml h mnthson C pn er Sptcer Splegal P Sprmger Solomon R Sommer A Sosebee K Sotherland E wder F Staley C I R .Steee G Stepp H Sturman trrckler Stroc Strolney J Strogney Strones S Stum e Starz M wlft R Szabo S Toluaferro Tallefseno G Taylor Tay or M Taylor S Tea r J Taster J Thare R Thorpe F Thomas R Thomas Thomas F Thompson Thonnpson P Thompson Thornburg A Tnd er T asler T Tronner H Troup J Trumble Tucker S Turner J V n Duesen B Vrgar D Volen tune R Volland W on nesser K Wade J 'R "f XG 3 6 5 Ke? ' If' N5 , E, ' ' 1 , M V t --xo M a . ' wr' I f , Q N , . , 'Q' L v 'If R tg b P 9 ' , 4' C, p F N ' 4- I JI .3 I I " 1 A F, P ', C, Phfl , R Phil I x K, R, I 'F , : My A 3 Q Lx Irp ,OL. S, D. hle " ' ' s ,. 'PC CS -: A I SC S I - I - ' 4 I I xi ' X .On , y N I I I FI 1... .1 ' N- I 'I' I' I I ' Rrem 4- 9 V ,G S .gn L' Q- TTI T' :nag I I, ' I, VI L S . W 9 L' Q- C if R L , . C, , 4. , Q t A N. I A bt u X 1, A U ' Jar, ,J has Il .ax fl I. A 3 Cv B 5 L 1 I I , -A " . I y' ' X 5, Y , , . , ,N V, . W C S , . c tt, L J I . B ' J - a - 1 I- fx, 2 - 5 'I R It ff ,' B . : 4- gf " Q wg I X" J ,Q I I . I ' I L .. A 2 . 4 , , Q ,rj , 5 ,gg gf' 6 , mins, J. Sireni, J Skolnilck, . I c . ,. , x . ,I I pa S , -K W5 N I 4 -II l W I - A, SI d , B, wh, G. Ea, D554 ,. x YW, .. TA, xl Sm. I U .t ' I ,thi 7 ' ' c ,J . S T Q E qs N A S 'T , R. 'T , A. V 'Q : R on .- - S t , .S I4 , J N 1. 0 E . 1 I , . , L I 1, A J Q ' C 6 T go 'I V' I ' lsfol ' X - Iv V sull, , I , S N . , - I ' I S I . at r . SL I -I f - I N- EI' H : - - S H , B . k, 3 a. R ' f s 13-4 K :I 4 ,I In kl If Ji s . X Q S- ' I I l S - U HH L XX K 5 V . IM. x W I-:S - ' ' b f '- T it I , 1 , .' L .1 n r 2:m'..:4-. it I Q I g Mg lv, I. . ' nr T ,-.,' I F - ' QQ ' 1 - I 1 T' N ' TJ , fi- Q - f . , . , " ,-,I 'ff' . S R IL ' . , . , E. . S, .1 16 Q an Q !"'I Q, I , 1 ' I I V . 5. 5 X I ,sv s 1 - ' V , , G J , as ' 5 I Q fi' ' nl I X! R D . N J Wagner A Wallsten C , Warrington J Watson R Webb C Wcetman J Wel J Wells L Weston Wetter W Wiener C White Whnte G Whltmore Whltmnre A Whuton :burn B Wllc er X Wllcoxen M Wllkes Wu t J Williams toms J W H Wlsmer J Wnnebrenner G Wlnqo Wolf M Wo e Wolff M Worth D Wynn Yarnnll B Yeorgln Young E Zahnuser R Zen ser ni ook Zum ro Zumbro D 1' Sophomore Class HISIOI' After electnng officers to lead us we found that our buggest problem was learnung to work wnth such a large number Thus year s class tops the 550 mark We overcame this problem by small group meetings One of our first actuvutues was checkung wraps at the Senaor Prom We learned enough by observatuon to help us wuth our Sophomore Dance an the sprung Our last actnvnty of the year was ushenng at Baccalaureate We have benetnted by the experlences of thus Years work together and are looklng forward to contnnulng our class s work by doung bugger and better thmgs for our school Judy Allen, Hlstoruan is D ', J. ,J A T 2. sts A -1, V N T. Q 'Cr' N, . ky I , V 5 ' I S, v 5' ' S I J . I N t , , , , D, . , 1 J ll .o P ef, up . WI , ' 4' ' ll ,' Lf K' 'Ck X' V " f ' R llof, J. v,P A l I Wlll S WI, lggw, Wg- 6 5 A A , M son, ' son, . use, . A gf C ' , A A.-,' .' :' X, - af- J J , as V' - J Q s S . K ' RA I 1 If LV h ki t l Tlx R rf .. -. 45 5 I I . I V - A t X, Q.. gxs Xe, ,a t YJ x. .. R4 Z I 5' b I ph '. 1- 1 ' 1 . 4, g'i,l X 'b Q. x ass leaders bcmor lumor ond sophomore c1osS pro 11LYWT D H ww wo 1 Scene Around School Sensor quartet M S1:Jvmsk: M Pcov K Straus bouqh ami R Dillon sorwq or mom school func Nom Junior chemists Docs QKCIOK roolly cquol ZKCI 1 30 7 EWR Q' fo. , 5 F' x - to lx i f 3 xx ,, . K,-fx I - I 1 K V r V 1 X Q E , I A . 71. ' ll., " I . f. CI . Q , , , , 51' N, 1.1C1IV1l1T1"fT1, 3 C1111 f1m11i Hwv-11 kb . , ff Y Q . it r "- 1 Q S I 1 X I 1 J In 1 I U A fi Q v V Q -3- 1 'X Road To Character The path of the ploneer IS westward and the traveller using the knowledge and experience gain ed from other dlrectlons reaches thus pount Here theory becomes practice as he parhclpates In clubs, sports and special programs and learning IS fun and the sun never sets be :ggi Q if to ,Lax-hr "ESi.4.,4 .- 3 g,ff,,5 1 in ,Y 3 r dak 'I'! ,q 53512. fu-1' " . We 3 ,iq , +6316 -P-J' 1... E b 1 fs 'S ii l 1 5 I1 'T7 fr ,A l xv' w--1 Recognizing outstanding commercial students. Standing, left to right---G, l-lurtt, E. Boyer, l.. Hannabass, Miss Bricker lsponsorl, J, Reid, C. Leonard, G. Bean. Seated, left to right-V-N, Holmes, K. Hlllinger, lsecretaryl, E, Holland lpresidentl, D Selke lvice presidentl, J. Erickson 'treasureru Business Honor Society National Thespian Society Outstanding commercial students - elected to Coming stars in the theater - open to those who membership - scholarship must be maintained prove themselves workers for the advancement - activities include pledges, banquet, speakers, of drama - sponsors annual Play Tournament distribution of students' Christmas cards. which gives opportunity to all classes for dro- matic work - two inductions yearly - their creed: "Act well your part, there all honor lies." Thespians reviewing past performances. Seated, left to right-P. Morgan lvice presidentl, C, Tutton lscribel, S, Bender ltreasurerl F Turner lsecretaryl B, Babcock lpresidentl, Standing, left to right-M, Schimpff, R, Bashoor, C. Grand- moison K Strausbaugh B Weisel, H Austin, R. Menzer, J. Benson, J. Spencer, M. Foster, U1 QQ.: 's 1' I -0 T ,y CJ YI 4 Ni 5 is if I Future journalists. First, left to right-K. Townsend ltreasurerl, J. Gordon fcorresponding secretaryl, C. Hiscox lpresidentl, B Babcock lvice presidc-ntl, P. Tatspaugh irecording secretaryl. Second-S. Carrico, J. McQueen, J. Benson, S. Jackson, G Frazier, J. Summers, A. Gaither, B. Hilburn, C. Fulghum, J. Sodorus. Third+B. Epstein, A. Harrington, V. Conley, A, Gifford C. Thoren. Student Council Quill and Scroll The voice of the student in school policy -- any- international Honor Society for High School one may have suggestions brought up in council Journalists - honors students in journalism 'neetings by his homeroom representative - :lasses who have written for publications-holds regular activities serve the school - orientation two annual inductions, assembly - mixers - graduation dance -- Christmas tree - supervision of parking lot. The meeting will come to order. President George Belt leads the business of the Student Council. First, left to right- B. Downing lparliamentarianl, K. Gentile ltreasureri, B. Spivey lrecording secretaryl, A. Hood Ccorresponding secretary! Mr, K. Cortee lsponsorl, R. Koonce lvice presidentl, N. Gleason. Second-J. Cox, M. Millar, J. Thorp, C. Dammeyer S, Rafter, F. Turner, N. Holmes, B. Noe. Third-J, McKeOwn, N. Evans, G. Gwin, R, Beckman, M. Peay, M. DeJornette, M. Gentile, D. Boyd. Fourth-J. Kuharik, H. Austin, J. Collins, D. Higginbotham, D. Collins, l.. Devlin, L. Taylor. Fifth-D. Higgins, B. Markley, D, Hotchkiss, M. Zahniser, B. McDonald, D, Krisillas, B. Strock, E, Shay. 1 1 W7 . .,f - 1 , . C' 1 61" 4 l K Combining social and service activities is the Y-Teens. Seated, left to right-A Green lchaplainl, G. Hurtt ll.C.C.l G. Paul rpresideni, P Roby lsecretaryl, M. Slavinski ltreasurerl. SecondfD. Chamberlain, B. Mitchell, E. Shay, B. Smith, J. Dahlin, B. Ballard, M. DeBonis, J. Baggett, M. Palma. ThirdiD. Feishall, J. Sadoris, H. Murphy, S. Opperman, B. Harris, C. Higdon, M. Clark, S. Humphries. Fourth-J. Thom, K. Dreschler, L. Murray, A. Stagdale, B. Parrish, C, Davis, K. Sutherland, M. Morgan, S. Pratt. Y-Teens Club Senior Tri-Hi-Y Club Affiliated with YWCA - busy organization - Constant activities interest many - sponsors sponsors Sweetheart Dance - sends representa- Sadie Hawkins Dance - holds Thanksgiving and tives to World Fellowship - takes a trip to New Easter services - participates in basketball tour- York - purpose: "To build a fellowship of girls nament - attends conference - selects mem- in all faiths." ber of the year. Large and active is the Senior Tri-Hi-Y. Seated, left to right-A. Gaither lpresidentl, B. Vincent Cvice presidentl, B. Hil- burn 'treasurerik C. Fulghum lchaplainl, S. Rafter lhistorianl, M. Foster lsecretaryl, A. Harrington lrepresentativel, Miss Keithley lsponsorl. Second-J. Benson, K. Hughes, J. Spencer, B. Spivey, C. Thoran, D, Briggs, M. Slavinski, D, Drulman D Kirby. Third--J. McCanna, D. Rucker, R. Robinson, J. McQueen, B. Ballard, S. McCrossin, D. Jett, K. Strausbaugh, R. Dillon. FourthfM. Schimpff, M. Slayton, H. Hoglund, A, Holford, S. Henderson, G. Frazier, J. Gordon, S. Carrico, V. Conley, K. Bamberg. Fifth-E. Livingston, J. Jones, C. Herbert, M, Morgan, S. Humphries, N. Clark, C, Higdon B. Harris, B. Beale. Sixth-A. Hood, M. Downing, A. Gifford, J. Milbourne, A .Sines, K. Reynolds, C. Wentz, H. Holmes C. Hiscox, C. Kaiser, r f 1 "'-o , TNX sr Another part of the Y organization, the sopho- mores. First, left to right -B. Smith Ctreasurerl N. Tollefsen icounci representativei, N. Glea son Cchaplainl, N. Bam berg. Second-J. Kuff- man, B. Bennett, L. Bur gess, J. McGovran this torianl. Third-F, Die trich, B. McDonald, D. White, J. Foster isecre toryi. Fourth-J. Cobey J. Tharpe, M. Dahl, N Smith. Fifth-N. Roll, B. Bode, P. Davis, E. Cre- han. Sixth-B. Strock E. Zahniser, S. Kenyon J. Wells. Seventh -S Austin, S. Helvingston, J McQueen. Eighth - J Henderson, C. Bullock. , l 4- Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y Club Junior Tri-Hi-Y Club Open to all sophomore girls - busy plans for Associated with senior and sophomore groups - Sadie Hawkins Dance - upholds purpose of the joins with other Y's for services designed to up- Y - joins with other clubs in activities. hold club purpose. "To create, maintain and ex- tend throughout the home, school and Commun ity high standards of Christian character." Drawing together girls in a Junior Tri-Hi-Y. First, left to right-J. Johnson fcouncil memberl, C. Andestod Khistorianl S. Gately lchaplainl, N. Hageage lpresidenti, S. Ramsburg ivice presidentb, R. Beckman itreasurerl, C. Herbert lsecre taryl, B. Burch lcouncil memberl, C. Fields. Second-N. Gindlesperger, E. McNeil, P. Hershberger, L. Hunsaker, D. Hemey L. Cutting, B. Hartley, A. Green, L. Murray. Third-J. Thom, J. Carpenter, J. Conover, L. Carithers, S. Li, S. Irwin, F. Knox C. Donley, B. Parrish. Fourth-C. Travers, R. Anderson, B. Ryan, Y. Shappard, B. Lawyer D. Armstrong B. Smith M r 1 I oney, A. sfogdoie. Fifth-J. Mcxeown, J. Sodom, J. Rowell, D. Fleishall, P. Monuci, J. Amir, N. Fiefciler, E. Fierihef, C' Onsgard. Sixth-A. Jones, M. Murray, N. Evans, L. Taylor, S. Irwin, H. Hoffmann, B. Nou, P. Shepherd, M. Bozzello. - 5 . X xt Q f i 1 A , .. J ' 'ag .Q .11 'Y 'W l .,. S-LU' 1 p Pedagogues ofthe future! Seated, left to right-V. Conley lpiesidentl, E. Hofmann lhistorianl, P. Tatspaugh lvice pres- identi, Mrs. Basil lsponsorl, R. Dillon isecretaryl, J. Glassman ltreasureri. Second-M. Hellman, L. Langan, C, Kroloff, J. Samel, L Bushnell, S. Austin, M. Slavinslci, J, Johnson, B. Theuret, B. Ballinger. Future Teachers of America Club Gives annual scholarship to outstanding member Future Nurses of America Club Learn about nursing through home nursing - projects include ones to make money for course - field trips to hospitals - formed to scholarship - state conferences - speakers - help girls understand what nursing offers and socials - any interested student may belong. requires. Nursing career in sight! First, left to right-Mrs. Linaberr ls O l E. S' l y p nsor, irnmons .vice presidentl K Bamberg lcorre sponding secretaryl, S. Li lrecording secretaryl, K. Strausbaugh lpresidentl, C. Murphy ltreasurerl, D. Jett lhistorianl. Second+M. Green, P. Hershberger, M. Murray, S. Ramsberg, C. Herbert, D. Kirby, E. Livingston, M. Slavinski. Third- D. Briggs, S. Bohonis, H. Hoffman, J. Morelock, B. McCoy, L. Taylor, A. Clayton, B. Diseille, D. King, F. Turner, S. Ander son, L. Lester. Fourthgi Lombardi, N. Tucker, D. Chamberlain, Y. Johnson, S. Irwin, Y. Shappard, B. Lawyer, F, Lebo witz, C. Rodriguez, D. McMillan, R. Shaffer. Fifth-F, B k J All n A ' T. Runyon, C. Robien, J. Ahalt, B. Powers, P. McKimmie. al ,Ps ec , . e , K. Darnoto, N. Smith, J. McQueen, S, Taliferro 1 R .K ln ' S 'S 'T S X rl iv Future Homemakers learn new methods in good housekeeping. Seated, left to right-M, Fenwick, M, Peay ltreasurerl, C, Windham lpresldentl, B. Smith Csecretaryl, Miss Parker lstudent teacnerl. Secondtl Clift, E. Disney, S, Austin, M, De.lar- nette, A, Harrington, Mrs, Harding Csponsorl, Third-C. Dodds, K, Killian, M. Gentile, K Gentile, B. Owens. Future Homemakers of America Club Having fun and learning homemaking skill well com- bined in activities of club-fashion sl1ow-progres- sive dinner-state convention-social work-spealv ers-May Day festivities at the University of Mary- land. To Make the Best Better IS the motto of the 4-H Club, Seated, left to right- C, Hill, C. Holland lpresidentl, R. Funk, N, Holland, H, Peterson lsecretary-treas- urerl R, Herr-noni, B. Burch Cvice presidentl, D, Harp, Mr, Cartee Csponsorl. gs-'07 -' Q 5-fi-I 'FI 4-H Club Future agriculturists-see films on farming -prepare themselves for a career in farm- ing by field trips-engage in a soil con- servation project. V Q' 1 lvl, 1 f -'Nu tl 1' L . "'-'3 if ' 3' TJ gy , I 1 I7 'Ti X' . XR Emulsion side up! First, left to right-L. Wilcoxen, J. Bass, J. Tankard, K. Hess, S. Li fvice presidentl, B. Gossett. Second -'eK. Chen, R. Bakie fsecretaryl, B, Radisch lpresidentl, B, Brazeal, L. Farrar, G. Rabey, P. Bryant, A. Linchuck, G. Stroup Hreasurerr Photography Club Hi-Sci Club Another group springing from class interest -- Guided by mysteries of science - formed be- photography students discover techniques of cause of enthusiasm for scientific subjects - printing, developing, and enlarging - picture sponsors annual Science Fair - competes for composition - picture mounting - types of school, county, metropolitan, and national cameras -and special equipment. awards -- Westinghouse Science Talent Search - takes field trip to New York Planetarium and Museum of Natural History. 3 O al, nn' P l "We'Il be ready for the Science Fair," says J. Claggett isecond vice presidcntl. First, left to right-fS. Sayers, M. Green- wood, D. Glascow, T. Runyon lsecretaryl, B. Brewster, Second-J. Osborn, J. Marsh ttirst vice presidentl, H. Taylor, N. Rall, M. Sherlin, C. Garner, B. Seymour, A. Cloytor, Third-F, Cole, R. Ritter, R. Menzer, R. Harder, R. Cliff, D. Callahan, J. Trotter, D. Ambrose, R. Savage, K. Berk, J. Monsrna, Mr, Owens lsponsorl. N I I Q4 ,I 0 7, s ' S? . ' . -. ' r f l X 3 Vigil yi, r L v i - , -i' ii' ' K .Y 4 " Z ,f-f 9 S K X i . Q , V f aa l ' W A C R Workers in the cafeteria. First, left to right-A. Jones, A. Le Merle lvice presidentl, G, Wingo, M Green lsecretaryl S. Weetman tpresidentl, S. Pfleiger. Second-P. Travers, C. Travers, V. McFadden, Miss Sullivan lsponsorl, J. Williams, C. Mattinqlyf, Cafeteria Club Caterers' Club Newly organized - cafeteria workers join - Fine hostesses - serve at affairs and teas for projects: decorate cafeteria and social functions. any club or organization: Athletic Banquet, Thespion induction, Honor Society tea, Quill and Scroll induction. Serving at school functions, the Caterer's Club. First, left to right-P. Robey Ctreosurerl, G. Paul lsecretoryl, B. Morton tpresidentl, M. Shortt lvice presidentl, C. Strock lhistorianl, M, Slavinski ireporterl. Second-A. Whiton, M. Parreco, C. Lawler, D. l-lemey, M. Gentile, K. Gentile. Third-Mrs, Murray lsponsorl, B. White, S. l-lelveston, C. Windham, N. Tremper, P. Gaither, M. Palmer, Fourth-P. Ryan, N. Young, B. Lawler, Y. Shappord, T. DeVincenzo, M, Little. Fifth -C. McClay, L. l-leinicke, S. McMulIin, B. Strock, T. Runyon, B. Ryan. Q4 lv f. K- 5 J N x f YJ l Addin the totals. Red Cross representatives count the money collected nn school drnve, Seated, Lett to Right -- K. 9 Killian Ctreasurerl, S. Austin lsecretaryl, C. Kaiser lpresidentl, C. Thoren lvice-presidentl. Second 4 S. Sargent, B. Nau, M. Brannon, K. Sutherland, M. DeMarinis, B. Harris, Mrs. Payne lspansorl. Red Cross Council Music Club Conducts school drive for National Junior Red Maintains and supports musical activities in Cross - fills boxes for aid overseas - active school - sponsors music revue - spring con- graup joins together in this service club. cert - dances - annual award to best music Student. Music in the air. First, left to right-C. Pohlen, M, J. Orloski, S. Turner, L. Kunsaker, M. Schulze, J. Sadorus. Second-R Wright, D. Jett M Roth, Miss Beckman, D. Hemey, E. l-lofman, D. Fleishell. Third-N. Grauel, D. Glasgow, Bashoar lpresidcntl, J. Simmons ivice presidentl, P. Manuel, L. Kragh. Fourth-C. Dammeyer, M. Rcnca, N, Holmes, D. Drulman lhistorianl, C. Hill, B, Baron. ul w sn! I I' Do It yourself a lesson IH ragweavung for art club members Standing Lett to Right - D, Ford, M5 CUlV9f, MVAAYOUVWQ 'sponsorl P Stewart lpresudentl L l-lunsaker lvuce presudentl S lrwnn ttreasurerl Seated. Lei' to R'9l" 1 S' Frmdmcn Art Club New addition to the club roster - makes an award to best art student - deco- rates for school affairs -- creates special signs to od- vertise school functions. Chess Club Dedicated players match wits - meet weekly to test skills - hold chess matches with other schools. Make the smart move chess club members watch a heated match Sitting Left to Right - R, Johnson, J. Pear tp,-egldenft S Tankard J l-lull lsecretary treasurerl J Partello lvuce presldentl Standing-Left to Right - R. School Engineers Sy Need a microphone set up? - want a program over the P. A. or a recording made - the people to see are school engi- neers - an industrious group ot electronically minded boys serving the school. X X-1:11 Northwestern Broadcasting Club Familiar gong - devotions - daily bulletin f memories - interviews - sportscast - special scripts - all services of the broadcasting club - every morning a new program over the public address system - membership gained by try- out. Electronic devices hold no secrets for these boys! Lelt to Right W- R. Mcnzcr, E. Johnson, R, Savage, R. Cliff, W. Wiesel, E, Thomas. Broadcasting is their job, N.B.C. members. First, Left to Right - N. Evans, J. Summers, S. Bender lvice-presidenti, L Hannabass, M. Peay. Second - J. Milbourne, M. Slavinski, E. Thomas, G. Roby, J. Spencer Csecretaryl, B. Babcock iparliamentarianl, B. Strock, K. Strausbaugh, N. Roll. Third - B. King, Austin, B. Menzer itreasurerl, R. Savage, R. Johnson, S. Ray, M. Slayton, R. Dillon, K. Hughes 1 9 L v Cpresidentl, P. Tatspaugh B. Velthius, B. Wiesel, H Mrs, Dawson lsponsorl. A Q5 W f" fi 'Huwg,'1g ,ff, ,f, ' Mi I I ' W' ' '-1:1 r 0' 49 4 K f 'Q LA 1.4 9 Q Q Y "T b Brlght smnles chompnon rnoloretfes pouse for o moment un their routine Left to Right Roblnson G Gwnn J McQueen B Bollord M Foster E McNeill P Herslnberger "H 5.1 Drum major 7 J. Hcriioge Halftime show! Hood moioretfe B. Bollord, ex- pert baton twuricr S, Roy, ond ocrobof W. Sanders. I. NI I 1 NHS Blue and White Bond. First-Left to Right - B. Ballard, C. Andcstad, G. Gwin, E. McNeil, W. Sanders, J. Mc- Queen, P. Hershberger, M. Foster, R. Robinson. Second - Mr. Ronca, G. Smith, S. Bender, D. McVellan, W. Feiry, J. Thom, J. Johnson, M. Ronca, S. Sayers, J. Wilburn, S. Henderson, M. Sampon . Third - D. King, R. White, M. Gordon, T Barr N Evans S. Austin J. Ahalt M. Fliss B. DuVall H. Katz, C. Kaiser, P. Tatspaugh, J. Heritage. Fourth - R. Bren- - Y, A ffif 1 nan, H. Sturman, E. Meir, K. Berk, L. Bushnell, D. Cogar, N. Hanson, P, Hoeussler, M. Murray, H. Hallman, N. Morgan. Fifth - R. Phillips, W. Sellin, W. Prince, E. Floyd, D. Harp, L. Kragh, P. Wilkinson, B. Tatspaugh, D. McMillan, J. Lupo. Sixth - N. Pittas, G. Rabey, A. Henderson, R. Johnson, J. Pear, R. Englehart, D. Porter, N. Hogan, F. Statler, B. Epstein. Seventh - P. Tarpley, W. Lineweaver, D. Hordesty, J. Blanton lvice-presidentl, N. Blanton, C. Funk, A, Velthuis itreasurerl, D. Coder. Eighth - J. Piper, G. Kerrick Cpresidentl, D. Ambrose, R. Thorp, L. Russell, R. Schaeffer, D. Reitz, O. Slye, R. Zook, D. Gray NHS Band and Majorettes lxllftefy-Seven m e m be r 5 Sweet tones from the Dance Band. First-Left to Right 4 J. Blanton, D. Porter, V A ' M. Fliss, N. Hanson, O. Slye ldirectorl. Second - R. Schaeffer, A. Velthius, G. elght rrlolorelites' O Color guard' Kerrick, E. Floyd, R. Englehart, R Moser, Mr Ronca isponsorl. Third - G. Swink, a drum major, Mr. Michael D. Code, Ronca, director - all these people comprise the largest band in the history of NHS. Extremely active, the band's schedule includes half-time shows at football and basket- ball games, special concerts, parades, and participation in an exchange band program with the band of Jersey Shore High School in Pennsylvania. Some members of this band have formed a small dance band which plays the music for numerous school functions. Clear tones, precision marching, and intricate forma- tions indicate the direction of the NHS band - TO THE TOP. i 1 . : r o or' sir' f P' 'E"' Watch the conductor! First-Left to Right - M. Slavinski, S. Warren, M. Hellman, S. Jackson, D. Drulman lsecretaryi, D. Sherwood, J. McVeigh, R. Dillon ltreasureri, G. Jonda, A. Halford, S. Ramsberg, L. Bryan lpresidenti. Second - P. Powell lhistorianl, N. Grauel, G. Gwin, L. Taylor, C. Donley, E. Zahniser, S. Turner, R. Fletcher, J. Lupo, J. Monsma, S. Kephart, J. Trotter, J. Olmsteacl, B. King, R. Houser. Third - M, Flyni, C. Hiscox, R. Anderson, R. Spiegel, B. Allen, R. Vel- thius, T. Smith, R. Koonce, P. Bennington, D. Walters, H. Reckeweg, J. Davenport, J. Summers. Fourth - R. Wright, F. Baus, N. Roll, P. Manuel, J. Sadorus, B. Brewster, S. Irwin, A. Norman, H. Huhndorft, D. Overton, D. Hosey, B. Theuret, M. Stuff, N. Holmes lparliamentarianl, N. Hageage. Fifth - J. Osborne, E. Hofmann, C. Murphy, M. Slayton, l. Rey- nolds, B. Bashoor, H. Austin, D. Simms, R. Harder, R. McNamara, D. Talbert, G. MacDonald, J. Hill, G. Baker, P. McKay, C. Jacobs, D. Young. A Coppello Choir Girls Chorus Eighty strong - melodious voices in harmony - Music is their byword - many activities mark concerts throughout the year, Christmas, Spring, this year - concert in November - Christmas in March. concert - work on the Music Revue. Glide into the note. First-Left to right - B. Smith, B. McKeown, B. Weiss, S. Bunch, J. McNamara. Second - B. Mitchell, B. Oberholtzer, D. Fleishell, B. Nau, D. Jones, S. Maloney. Third - S. Sipes, D. Day, M. Carrico, D. Jett, V. Smith, B. Blurton, B. Brown, D. Briggs, Miss Beckman ldirectcrl. Fourth - J. Cocirnono, B. Boot, M. Bean, D. Cramer, D .Taylor, P. Odem, B. Bouce, M. Green, B. Smith, D. Acton, D. Johnston. Fifth - N. Canter, B. Yakes, C. Pohlen, D. Glasgow, J. Somel, P. Bake, M. Thompson, B. Maxwell, D. Chamberlain, S. Stunkel, J. Slavin. Sixth - M. Best, S. Aus- tin, C. Robien, H. Murphy, D. Paxton, J. Douhlin, K. Kitchen, B. DeCeIIe, Y. Johnson, A. Smithson, C. Mitchell, H. Taylor, P. Bugos. We're with you team -f cheerleaders urge on the teams. Front -- B. l-lilburn, J, Spencer lco-captalnsl, Left to Right - S McCr,ssm, S Roller, M Bozzolla, S, Rarnsburg, L Cutting, A, Hood, Cheerleaders Fight, Team, Fight - Thus is the cry of the peppy cheerleaders who guide The audi- ence supporting the teams. Cheerleaders sponsor pep rallies to stimulate school spirit and provude entertaunment for the half-time shows at the games, They were the organizers of the Pep Club and enjoy its many activities, Slaughter of the Mustangs, farce , b l . Qorne ot a pep rally before the Dug, Dug, Dag and a Man Aluve, cheerleaders lead a popular yell, Blgdengbufg gay-nel Q1 -in -- 'X Wff ls, ""w- x 57 If X Y xx A 1 'vivo' . , ii" ul-an 'Icp' 15' x swf!! 34 f Q 3 I XL f fm ag, w . My v o 0 2, .0 3 li U 2 i I I Gridiron stars - First - Left to right - B. Wilson lmanagerl, J. Sulhoff, J. Cox, H. Curtis, F. Schrom, D. Gill, J. Kuharik, A. Jones, B. Hardison lmanagerl. Second - B. Alsop lco-captainl, B. Thomas fco-coptaini, F. Turner, D. Moore, F. Comings, B. Stoner, B. Kuhn, B. Matsuedaira. Third - J. Blanton, D. Kaiser, A. Wilson, C. Johnson, D. Overton, G. Mac- Donald, D. Higgenbotham, R. Haberland. Fourth e- J. Morrison, J. Lindstrom, B. Corbin, P. Grosso, E. Martin, D. Appel imanagerl, P. Costinett. Varsity Football l955 Season Winding up the year with a 3-6-I record, the Wildcats season was identical to that of the I954 squad. The team was characterized by real spirit, but was hounded by unfortunate in- juries. Playing Fort Hill of Cumberland, for the first time was a heartbreak as the Cats lost I2-6. Big moment of the game was Paul Grasso's plunge on the last play which, if made, would have tied up the game. lnvading Virginia to play Washington and Lee, the Cats came out on the short end of the score, 39-I2. The following week, Wakefield of Virginia came to Northwestern and the Cots battled the Warriors all the way, but lost I7 to I3. Cats quarterback, Bob Thomas, completed six passes on six attempts in the first half. After three straight losses, NHS saueaked by Bethesda Chevy-Chase an a I4-I2 win. Roosevelt Rough Riders, a reportedly top foot- ball power in the Metropolitan area had a tough time as the Wildcats tied them 6-6. Montgomery Blair rolled over the Cats as they won 20-O. Playing High Point for the first time, the Wild- cats had on easy go of it as they smeared the Rough ond tumble - in Gonzaga game D. Overton, in face Golden Eagles 32-6. Sparkling plays by the Cats who could do no wrong, highlighted this game. Gonzaga's Catholic League Champs used their powerful running game to push the Cats all over the field - winning by the score of 4I-I3. Bladensburg, Northwestern arch rival, came looking for their first win over the Wildcats since the series started four years ago, and found it as they won I2-O. Suitland met strong resistance as the Cats clawed their way to a I3-I2 win. Big play was Don Overton's block of Suitland's attempted extra point which would have tied the game in the closing seconds. Varsity Football Schedule - I955 Date Opponent V. NHS Sept. I6 Fort Hill I2 6 Sept. 23 Washington and Lee 39 I2 Sept. 30 Wakefield . I9 I3 Oct. 7 B-CC . . . . . . I2 I4 Oct. I5 Roosevelt 6 6 Oct. 22 Montgomery Blair . 20 O Oct. 29 High Point . . . . 6 32 Nov. 5 Gonzaga . . 42 I3 mask, D. Moore f34l, J. Cox coming in behind Overton. ls fullback J. R. Morrison sitting down on the job? After gaining 0 first down, Morrison is tackled by several High Point players, orthwestern Men on the Go Heading for the goal - D. Gull C367 Go, man, go! - F, Turner heads for OH like a flash - D. Gill cor is on the way. o first down. ries for NHS in the B-CC gome .xr W, eg- - ' 1 1 AP-- ,X Ja Mighty Wildcats - lLett to Right, Back Rowl - M. Zahniser, C. Johnson, G. Soules, D, Higgenbotham, W. Curtis, B. Thomas, J. Benitez, C. Post. First Row - F, Sharp, E. Brady, J. Lauer, G. Tyndall, A, Wilson, M. Arnold. Varsity Basketball i955-56 Season Bi-County Champions State Champions, Class A With an l8-5 record the Wildcats proved Date Opponent NHS themselves champions as they won the Bi- D A d I 58 County and State Class A basketball titles. Dec' Arun B 54 Through the season it was always evident that 90 Umm' NHS had its stars and its teamwork in perfect Dec. George Wash. 74 co-ordination. Dec- Wash, Gnd Lee 50 A weekend for all loyal fans to remember Jon Wakefield 53 was that of March lo and l7 because the ' ' Wildcats fought their way to the state title at jon' glolssazaburg ' the new Maryland Fieldhouse. On- 9 9 C' On Friday night, March lo, NHS met and JON. High Point 51 conquered Wicomico by 22 points. lt was Jan, Roosevelf 39 the Wildcats all the way as Carroll Johnson Jon' Blair 4 g 54 racked up l8 points, Murray Arnold, 9, Bob Jon B C C 43 Thomas and Gene Tyndall, 6. As usual the J ' f ' ' defense was beautiful to watch and Wicomico On' Sunland 54 seldom played under their basket. JON- GOVWZOQO 60 Saturday night, March l7, the Wildcats Feb. Bladensburg 49 faced a flashy Allegany. ln the second half, fr b, A i' 57 Allegany attempted its famous press to no Fjb H?J:i:,ZiI2t 44 avail. Individual scoring was high as Carroll F b' D M th " 54 Johnson made 24 points, Bob Thomas, l4, e ' e I 0 O B and Gene Tyndall, 9. However, everyone Feb- Blow 40 present knew it was solid teamwork that won Feb. B. C. C. 58 the game and the championship. Feb, Sujflgnd , , 42 Carrying Coach "Bliv" Yarnall off the floor Feb' Geo. prep 73 on their shoulders, the joyful team wrote a l00 fitting end to a night that made NHS sports history. 3 5 L f ay! ff. ,. . Basket in the making - B, Thomas shoots, ' ' Hold on to it, Carroll - Two vorslty In Achon for our N.H.S. player. .lunior Varsity Sports Junior Varsity Basketball Blair men are no match Date Opponent O NHS Jan Suitland ,,.. , , . 33 52 Dec Arundel i 42 52 Feb Bladensburg i , . , 56 62 D90 Sveofgg WOSBA Feb Annapolis i . 25 50 Jon- O'fef'e'd Feb High Point , , , . 44 51 Jan Bladensburg F b D M Jon DeMOthG e e' Oll'lO , . . Jan High Point Feb BIOH P A - - 49 43 Jan Blair Feb B. C. C. . ,. . 54 53 Jan B. C. C. . Feb Suitland .,..,. . . A 33 54 Basketball Junior Varsity - First, Left to Right - B, Jeffries Cmonagerl, J. Cliff, R. Bowie, E, Norwitz, W. Garrett, Remington, G. Mueller, E, Armstrong, C. White imanagerl. Second - B. Schaffer, Cmanagerl, T, Stenson, R. Hoffman, D Kidweli, W, Scharnikou, Mr. Bevan Ccoachl, R. Szabo, G. Harrington, T. Huddleston, J. Lindstrum, R. Yarnall imanagerl. be , " 4 15 1:-J 26 , J I r I v . 1 f ' x . Sift 7 SB x f, Football Junior Varsity -- Seated - Left to Right - C. Funk, C. Moscbover, J. Price, S. Dowdy, G, Loyd, W. Shoemaker. Second -- G. Cloggett, P. Hodiak, R. Schweickert, W. Garrett, J. Cowon, H. Mosier, C, Shapiro, P. Hisler, C. Weetman, L. Bollord. Third 7 B. Hardison lmonagerl, F. Poglioro, W, Mentzer, D. Myers, C. Post, D. Hotchkiss, W. Cobey, J. O'l-lore, T. Hayes, R. Crome, S Allen. Fourth - B, Wilson lmanogerl, G. Robertson, J. Benetiz, R. Mongell, D, Kidwell, M. Blon- ton, J. Fusco. Junior Varsity Sports Junior Varsity Football Schedule Junior Varsity 1955 Wrestling Schedule Date Opponent 0 NHS Date Opponent 0 NHS inept. 23 SICC P 3 12 Jan. l2 St. Albans . . O 45 Cf- Ol' - W h d L 21 22 ocf. l3 Suitlond o l3 f was fm ee ' ' ' 5 46 oct. 27 High Point I2 o 6 - eo SU" ' Nov. 3 Blodensburg . . 6 27 Feb. 8 Wokeffeld V 2 20 30 Nov. 8 Coolidge . . . . . O 20 Feb. 20 Episcopal . . . 28 l6 Matmen - Back, Lett to Right - G. Robertson, P. Hoeussler, G, Baum, B. Berkly, C. Funk. Front - J. D. Roberts, D, Hosey, D, Bush, J. Gutemon ,J. Willet, G. Trumbel, l J ' -it ' 5-' .- 1 V- ..... . xx A I 1' I X, t Qfawfs, JS 2 l QWW552 l Q Q l if Q fstlwffff 2 W' Z 1 ' 3- Q 2 z, . ,-- gp .W A 'lf' M-- 'X Q 2 1 or l X qw! E5 .QQNJF5 .SAW Es , l. N5 Q its 3,2 i'AgS-,1Wl',5-'2,, , . , ,,. . Q ft' l. 1" ,- Champion Motmen - First, Left to Right -J. McClellan, B, Hardison lco-coptainl, H. Curtis, F. Schrom, B. Machen. Second - P. Hodiak, A. Jones lco-captainl D. Kaiser, J. Kuhorik, B. Alsop, G. MacDonald. Varsity Wrestling- l955-l956 Date Opponent N HS O Dec. Jan Jan Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb In fo Season The season started as the matmen wrecked Beall with McClellan, Hodiak, l-lardison, Cur- tis, Machen, and Kaiser pinning their men. NHS moved in to smash Annapolis with every man winning. St. AIban's bowed as Machen, Jones, Alsop, and McDonald pinned. The Wildcats breezed through Patterson Park with Jones and Kaiser pinning. An eighteen match winning streak which extended over two sea- sons was broken by Woodberry Forest when the Wildcats faced them with three regulars out of the line-up. Defeat wos only a one time proposition as the matmen went on to down D. and L. with McClellan and Kaiser pinning. Severn Prep and Suitland were srnoshed to end the season. .5 . . .' .1 I , X V m 1 I - A. vo , , , X K 1 B 'y xx' fl Sfeody eye rifle teom members ore Left to Right A Norman C Rucker B Venemonn D Collohorw J Sfewor The Rifle Team The Golf Team Prachce swung Golf team members proctlce that swung Left to Rught E Bowers D Mottmgley A Velthnus D Porter J Fusco L Lorumore Mr Smlth Csponsorl . I 'V R H"'v"-,N -" ... 6 K . R2 x K- s N 0 , ' - . , - , V , . , . T, S. Kiel. I . t ' . , 1 . , . ' , . ' , , - , - 1 - - e 'f 'r - .' . ' ' f r N , l X V , Q . . . X V' x ' fx, . U . . . -If -' , , 1' , . 'if' , . N .,. 1,- ' , A.: 1 J S V - ' 'Ky ' fl . N Q.-ff.-' . ,Z ,Q - . ,, 1 . .. ' V I I , N e v . ,. fy f: .. il , r .. E ,., A .A . U. , V1 . . f ' . . . I' .. a -1 - li ' -1 w- 7 Y ' ful' .'3l.ff-1,." A 4 ' ' - 'Mr wc- ' M .. " .- .wi-my- 9. 'I-: , VH' f '-f'ef1A- uae' .N 'f,.e-,Ah ,,. .rf- Y . - - ' ' ' - 2 . 1 . e - - 1 ' :.,..4.. , A .a AK I A L I .HV . , - 4 ., , 3' .. ' K 4 Q.. ' H , sri' G J C J W H V142 Q- 4 f l 1 v. , .V l 'J A E Y ' Q , H J Q V in Q N l , X, ' Y s.: A i .4 l rs' rv T ' 1 M l , Y XX X I -an T T l X, l 5 giunr N ini Ready for victory, the varsity boseboll teom -- First, ll-rl - D. Tipton, W. Curtiss, J. Thrift, G. Tyndall, G. Soules, J. Crovo Second - T. Cordoci, fmonogerl, J. Lindstrom, C. Post, M. Wolton, T. Hoddleston, S. Dowdy, E. Mortin, H Wollmon fmon ogerl. Third - J. Morrison, R. Thomos, F, Comings, J, Volentine, L. Lorimore, C. Funk I I V I BASEBALL - Varsity and Junior arsity Future varsity material, the J.V. teom A- First, ll-rl 7 B. Jeffries, monogerl, G I-lornngton, B Schornikow, R, Heinz, J Cliff, W. Fink, B. Boteler, P. Costinett, J. Whitmore. Second - C. White, imonogerl, J Remington, R Bowie W Gorrett E. Norwitz, R. McNomoro, G. Mueller, C Wheetmon, G. Wlwitnore I Sports-minded girls participate in Circle N. Sitting--Left to Right - B. Vincent lpresidenti, K. Hughes lvice- presidentl, A. Holford lsecretoryl, J. Spencer ltreasurerl, S, Ratter, A. Harrington, B. Hilburn, A. Gaither, and A. Hood. Circle N Club N Club Conducts all sports days and Intramurals - combines fun and sports - varied activi- Lettermen in all sports are members ties - bowling - parties - basketball - activities are connected with sports tournament - raise money tor crippled - Bladensburg game bontire - Blue children's athletic equipment. and White Dance. YW XJ , I.--'V i - ' .0- ""'I:f1 1 i if ri Boys who have gained athletic letfers are members of the N- Club. Seated - l-eff to Right - B. Wil- son, F. Schrom, G, Soules, C. Johnson, B. Hardison, treasurer, B. Machen, K. Cor- nell. Second - M. Arnold, J. Thrift, G. Tyndell, F. Sharp, P, Miller, secretary, D. Higgenbotham, F. Cornings, D. Moore. Third - J. Cox, A. Jones, president, J. Kuharik, R. Appel, M. Gordon, E. Armstrong, E. Martin. Fourth - G. Hartman, B. Hob! erlond, B. Alsop, J. Morrison, B. Thomas, M. Zahniser, B. Cor- bin. L,-of l Join the Marines f- Reviewing the odvontoges of o cor er in the ormed forces on Career Doy. Career Day Law, modeling, journalism, teaching ond other vocotions were discussed by seniors with speciol- ists in their respective fields on Ccireer Doy, December l. Poster Contest During Fire Prevention Week Cstorting Sun- doy, October 95, nine students from the ort closses porticipoted in o poster contest on the subject of tire prevention which wos judged by Mr, Lowrence Woltz Cprince Georges County Fire Morsholll, Mr, Thomas Owens Csenior instructor ot University of Morylond Fire Schooll, ond Mrs. H. H. Forum, Jr. Receiving an award f Fire Prevention Week Poster Contest winners M Downing ond M, Wilfong ore congrotuloted os Fire Morshol W E, Schoftner of Chillum-Adelphi Fire Deportment, holds one of the winning posters Q UQNT G l VE FIRE! mmm me atm g X. If-in-'K When Bessie marries, I'Il be all alone, sabs P, Morgan as L. Bryan comforts her in the plav The Willow and l. Another flat going up. The backstage crew is always a vital part of any productlon, ' ' lllat-lm' f f'-1 , "1 -L-if TN . lr? I if "-IMS I ' 'G' z ia 7 1 l K 1 I.. t I -F ' 'q A l ', of 1-3-if I Qla l -....... ' l lr J' --1, I - -' r it 1-QQ t -...--1 Sal l Wil T ga 1 JR . .Mi 1 I Curtain Going Llp Making Theatrical History Nothing is quite so exciting as a stage per- formance. Nothing gives more satisfaction to a person than to see his handiwork on display be- fore an audience, whether this handiwork be in the form of a soundly constructed set, well- applied make-up, adequate costumes, or an au- thentic character portrayal. Fully as vital as the things the audience sees are those which they do not see on the stage itself - the work of the director, producer, prop chairman, publicity and house managers - all contribute smoothness and finish to the actual performance, At Northwestern there are three annual pro- ductions, the dramatics class play in the fall, the Thespian play tournament in the winter, and the senior class play in the spring. The Man in the Bowler Hat, presented by the sophomores, The Tragic Christening, presented by the juniors, and The Little Stone House, presented by the seniors composed this year's tournament. "Act well your part, there all honor lies," Thespian motto. Congratulations Lorenel L. l-lannabass receives the best actress award from Mr. We L. Strausbaugh, a judge, at the play tournament. f.,-1 T gn S4 ki ,l fx Y f Visitor from France - Eliane Senechal Just arrived + Students meet their Mexican guests at the plane. Left to Right fright? spent her senior year at NHS as - C. Herbert, Y. Cuesta, M. Parra, J. McKeown, D. McMillan, Back - L. the guest at l.. London tcenterl. Mrs. Blanco and J. Trotter. Brunstein, French teacher, helped ar- range the visit. Gay times in Mexico - fun showing Mexican students around Washington, D. C. and NHS - these are the activities at Exchange Club which Exchange Students sponsors annual exchange with Mexico - club farmed from Spanish classes. Sponsoring Mexican exchange. The Exchange Club, First - Lett to Right - F. Zeltrnan, J. McKeown, C. Herbert, A, Stag- dale, R. Schaeffer. Second - R. Velthuis ftreasurerl, C. Kaiser, D. Drulrnan, C. Hiscox. Third - D, Porter, K. Dreschler, A. McNeil, R Halle, D, Ambrose. Y Q ' 4 T. I f Inf' . . 1- '7 T1 x 1 A l ffj, ig i gr! il X X tg ll H .Ahirxql i 1 ,, L' , A W' , , H.: X 1 Ns' 56 XX Board meeting. P,T.A. officers and chairmen discuss the program for the year, which is being presented by Mr. Paul Am- brose, president. First row, Left to Right i Mrs. W. Green lrecording sec.l, Mr. N. Prince lvice-presidentl, Miss F. Spicknall, 'corr secl Mr P Ambrose lpresidentl Dr Mock ltreasurerl, Second - Mr. Claggett lProgram Chairmanl, Mr, Speicher Mr. ul-ligglehbotham, lAthletic Chairmanl, Mrs. Harrington ll-lcspitalityl, George Belt lStudent Council Presl, Mrs. Mock ll-lealth 81 Safetyl, Miss Phillips ll.ibraryl, Mrs. Bender lGrade mothersl. Back - Mr. MacMillan lBandl, Mr. Harrington lCo-chairman of Hospitalityl, Mr. Machen lWays and Meansl, Mr. Kaiser lMembershipl. Parent Teacher Association Members of the Parent-Teachers Association with Mr. Paul Ambrose as president conducted this year a program which included a Jamboree, a membership drive, a special parents night, and a regu- lar schedule of guest speakers. h irman arran ed tor such speakers as Mr Robert l-l Esta- Mr. John Clagett as progrom c a Q . . brook, editor of the editorial page of The Washington Post and Times-Herald, and Mr. Arnold L. Wilkes, director of public affairs and education for station WBAL of Baltimore City. During the monthly meetings the parents were invited to visit the teachers in their classrooms. Lovely winners - At the annual P.T.A. Jamboree V. Pailes, Opening u meeting - The P.T.A. meets monthly and gives l.. Lambert, and M. Foster -- as beauty queens, support to the school and students. Q Cb L , ' ' "lb , X 425 3 9 -if .... ji 5' 3' -, 'J 1' , x I V' e 73' i J fha- . , is l I I1 ' f -?.'1-4 . Lf 'W 4 7 .J 'ag' fu 4422 --5 ,Y . . ,... .,., , . e -- h ,v r f ' 4 ' 'Y - -. 1 1-:.v,.-1 . xf vi- ' 2 .,,,,'!',V Singing Sergeonts. A feature attraction of the band, fi? rt . I Assemblies -- The United States Army Field Band presented its annual concert for the students on April l9, l956, in the gymnasium, under the direction of Major Chester A. Whiting. The Army Field Band has entertained NHS students by their annual concerts since the open- ing of this school. This musical aggregation features classical band numbers, novelty songs by the Singing Sergeants, and traditional marches. Major Chester A, Whiting, Music maestro. United States Army Field Band plays one of Sousa's marches in its annual visit to NHS. - 1 I Ll LVN L A ' ia 1 4,2 in i The Christmas Story prmrlrriyvfl lvclwind O theatrical scrum aclwmves o misty CffCCi, Army Field Bond, Orientation, Christmas, Language . A Q U' , l ' r Q4 f I A l -3 ee f Viv bf v, xi 41 1 K, ., K -Q4-e '-1 ,- rr "Us, Go ou Northwestern cheerleaders lead sin in t the D'-'do' I Y , Q g a I orientation assembly. assembly- Charge! P Morgan tights the bull in the Spanish part of the -. X!-:R f Q L-V ' x om sick, Latin playlet was a part of the language language assembly. iv.- i Q ""?',i 33f7'fFf'Pli-9!iRl3ZFYN'J""'f" ' lp fiiiiiha-1s2'f' - . r it - A ' wr '. . ,,,3:.,.,?gf,'!,'?fQ::f23.-N-Jgf? 'm , -' 1 S4 JA., xi '31 'utr' Scuence Fan protect on the effect of chemotherapy on the growth of cancer rn msce as explained by L Taylor to Mr Owens lll and Mr Spelcher Science Activities Approximately eighty elght students entered projects an the NHS annual Scuence Farr held ln the cafeterla on Saturday April from lO0 m unt l pm under the general super vnslon of Mr Howard Owens Mr Owens was assnsted by student dlrectors John Clagett and Robert Menzer Robert Galthers entry con cerned the grownng of crystals by flrst growang crystals and then an duclng lmpurltles Into them Lynne Taylor s project concerned the effect of chemotherapy on the growth of cancer tn mnce Wllllam Thomas project con cerned snails and Robert Men zer s on water analysts The Scuence Farr ns the culmu natlng actlvnty of the year for these students However other actuvntues Include that wonderful trup to New York Cnty to vlsrt the Planetarium and the Museum of Natural History Busy Plans R Menzer and Hu Sc: presndent R Ganther dlscuss the All Aboard' The HI SCI members bOCJrd the TYOIVW for proyects for dnsplay on Aprrl 20 23 at the annual County Scnence thear fleld trap to New York Cnty anr ll6 if Smzucz FAIRS 3,2 cv- W ' - - , - l4, 3 p, . il 0130 K . . I . ' . . . . . A 1 I ' ,. 1 1 r I T 1 f . A , . ' 7'-5' , ,wus 1' - - 'mf Q .. 5 ,1 I . .,l l ..a,.,-,,g,QQ.'l. gh , 1' ,f ' . , . . ' ' Y ' - " 5' --f- , . , . l Q ' . F U I ' V ' e 4 lx' A Q 0 4' . . ' 0 . Q l L ' . Z, f j f 'V WT X X X I - . xi Q 5 -' , i I Flying through the air - B, Radisch, president of the Gym- kana, leaps over the Swedish box. Gymkana with daring stunts, majorettes with new routines, Scott Ray with fiery batons, Winnie Sanders with her act, dance club performance, pom-pom girls' routine, Blair sent down to defeat by an unbeatable team, this was All North- western Night. Go Northwestern, Go! Loyal fans at All NHS Night spurred the team to victory. All Nort hwestern N I ght Ritchie Coliseum, January 20, 1956 It's all in knowing how! Paralletts, mem bers of the Gymkana troupe, perform - bot tomi - K. Reynolds, J, Milbourne, lsecondi 3 A, Sines, A, Gifford, Hopi M. Brannon 1 Q I QQ V u Y Q., P' N-silk .L , I Foreign Visitors Forty foreign educotors from oll over the world visited NHS in September. Our school wos chosen to be the first in o study of United Stotes schools by the visitors who were here on Fulbright scholorships. After o tour of the school, conducted by the students, guests ottended o teo in the Iibrory ond tolked with students ond teochers. Welcome, student council president, G. Belt, greets Mr. Thin of Burrno, ond Mr, De Souzo of Indio. This is our paper, B. Spivey talks with Mr. Wolter Schmoldt from Germany. 1 ,Ji .I I -L.-mmsg -.Jv"a,xv' ff- f PL- -' sf. A lim it ...Hi '14 '14 5124" l i t',."5A is x 1 v ' vw ii1gf tk X if gx. cl At eight o'clock on the evening of December lo, Northwestern High School was dark and still. Unbelievably transformed, the gaunt gym- nasium stood in readiness exactly as the crew of decorators had left it several hours before. From the center of the ceiling three huge bells were suspended from which hundreds of stream- ers spiraled. Silver bells decorated the wolls and a snow scene towered above the band stand. Outside it was cold and crisp, the stars were all out for the event and expectancy breathed through the air - Prom night was soon to begin. By nine the magic was in the air. Into the lobby came the couples, the girls with florist box in their hands. On Prom night no girl is less than beautiful and no boy less than gallant. The dancing, the laughing, the intermission, the gaiety, all were a part of the night and the time rushed on until at twelve the melody of "Good Night Sweetheart" sent the merrymakers on their way, Amidst choosing of souvenirs and talking of final plans for "after the prom", the couples left. Within a few minutes, all was dark. Bells in the center swayed slightly with a sighing rustle. Then there was silence. .fr ,ZRKV 1, f ,N-iylxxx Ai f 5 I xxx., A Y - X xl 1- QW Xb xx S A " I i ,.- , . ll ., 1, lx A 'ef qik Silver Bells! ring out the theme of the Senior Prom. Hear them ring! Everyone enjoyed dancing to the music of Dick Stratton, I, F f ,K -, I- l if ..-W .-.. l ,, ,iii' -' K ,uv .--2 ' XX X. x f -,. ff fxksc Keeping NHS tidy, Mr. Peeden, chief engineer, instructs the custodial staff, Left to Right-Mr. Appold, Mr. Foster Mr Kemerer, Mr. Porter, Mr, Vaughn, Mr, Money, Mr. Vaughn, and Mr, Robertson, assistant engi- Business Patrons Abstract and Title Company of Maryland, Incorporated Albcrt E. Bulluck, DDS allege Park Paint and Hardware, Incorporated - Storm Windows, Fencing. Dr and Mrs. Earl W, Graetf, MD. Fred W Tuemmler and Associates, Community Planninq l-'liahview Contractors Incorporated Lenders Incorporated of l-'lyattsville Lochners Radio and TV Service Malin Medical Group Nation-wide Mutual Insurance Company O. B. Zantzinger, Jr,, Real Estate Riverdale Pharmacy The Lucille Shop Topper's Cleaners The Compass of l956 Editor ln-chief Executive Editor Assistants to the Editor Assistant Copy Editors Business Manager Advertising Manager Staff , . . I Patrons Staff Assistants Typists Photographers . Photography Adviser , Page Layout , Publications Adviser Staff Barbara Babcock Patricia Tatspaugh Joanne McQueen, Gayle Frazier, Clarice Fulghum Ann Harrington, Bess Hilburn, Carole Wentz Dixie Rucker Elizabeth DeVall Mary Ellen DeJarnette, Brenda Downing, Hubbard Stew- art, George Andrews, Charles Suit, Robert Corbin Carol Kaiser, Miriam Morgan Joanne Green, Francis Zeltman, Nancy Williams, Linda Murray, Jean Sadorus, Sandra Carrico, Freda Lebo- witz, Alice Gaither. Pat Connor, Kay Townsend, Bess Hilburn, Carole Wentz, Ann Harrington George Stroup, William Bakes, Robert Bakie Mr. Samuel Smith Mr. David Young Miss Eugenia Balsley fomplzmcntf 0 THE L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY is proud of the privilege to serve the students of NORTHWESTERN HIGH SCHOOL as official manufacturers of the Senior Class Ring. Wear your ring proudly. It is a mark of intellectual and moral achievement We extend our congratulations and sincere wishes to the Graduating Seniors May your future be filled with success happiness and above all good health Lee Colllnson Your Balfour Representative L G Balfour 711 14th Street, N W GLEN LYLE FASHIONS Smart Apparel or uniors Misses and Worrzen 3408 Hamllton Street West Hyattsvllle Maryland Pnone WA rfield 7 1483 College Park Shoe Repair 7420 Baltimore Boulevard College Park Maryland Expe t Worlzn ansfnp and lVf71le You lVax! Servxfe Hours 800 A M to 700 P M Cor plz nent: Hyattsvllle Buick Company Phone AP pleton 75200 Southern Oxygen Company UN ion 4 2345 2900 Kenilworth Avenue Bladensburg Maryland UN ion 4 7915 Beginning Adnzrzr al and Ra r sb 1 Courses Suburban Business School 3501 Perry Street Mt Ralnler Maryland Nelson Motors Studebaker 7215 Baltlmore Avenue College Park Maryland UN ion 4 8600 Carl A Nelson HA rri on 7 7898 HA rrx an 2 9670 Rene Hair Stylists RESTORFF MOTORS 54165 NASH Service Pmblcm HW G xspmdhy 7323 Baltimore Boulevard 6561 Ager Road West Hyattsvllle Md W P H College Park Maryland l O . 1 . . 5 ' f f 1 ' , ' , ' I r x ' A ' l n 17 of . - ' - - , 6 ,fe L. - , is ..- 'su - 1 1 ' ' m. . Resror AP pleton 7-5100 Cltlzens Bank of Maryland .Strung You A! 'I900 Queens Chapel Road Avondale 4805 Annapolls Road Bladensburg Cornplxmentl 5506 Sllver Hull Road Dlstrsct Henghts 6581 Ager Road West Hyattsvllle 6200 Baltrmore Avenue Rnverdale Md 02234533215 GOLDEN RULE DAIRY OUR NAME IS OUR AIM C and W SPORTS XOUR NFIGHBORHOOD DAIRH Queens Chapel Shopplng Center CompIet .Sport I'q1upn nt HE mloclc 4 5101 Fxxlmzg una' Huntmg I n v Im d Dxscounts To Students AP pleton 71213 THERE IS N0 SUBSTITUTE for EXPERIENCE It cannot be dlspensed wlth or substltuted for It should he of fxrst conslderatlon ln every xmportant under talclng We mean experience the specialized experience such as we offer ln the fxeld uf School Annual photography That IS why year after year we have been honored hy hemg chosen OITICIBI Yearhoolc Photog rapher hy many leadmg Schools and Colleges et tlng out a Yearbook xs a once xnallfetlme undertalcmg It xs therefore good to lcnow that there rs avallable to you all the experience that IS necessary to meet thxs unusual emergency Youll find our organization slcllled and resourceful our facilities and resources ample to meet every problem connected with Yearhoolc Photography ZllllJLy .SQUCAOJ 'I007 MARKET STREET PHILADELPHIA . . . - uf -' , . Y , , 6 5 , ' 1 6 ' ' 1 ' .zre sc, 1. e , , . . , , . . . K . . . . , , . . . . . I Moonbeam s Varlety 14rn14r1v1 IA T038 C A4418 11019115 3850 34th Street Ml' Raunler M QP WA 79671 WILLIAM F GASCH AND SON Q A1113 XXArf1 ld7l180 S1'RV1F1 WINSLOW S FOR PAINTS 1 41 1111711 and Hdfdlldf CLJ77lfd71W 11 'N11xA1 HOW1 ns C411 wr Ho Ladaw Moon f 0101 Bond 5307 Balhmore Avenue Hyansvllle Md 5 rung 1171 nmmzuzxtv or one lmndr al years 4739 BALTIMORE AVENUE cmplmz nts Hyattsvllle Maryland XX A rfleld 7 6100 Textbooks New and Used C Stock All Unzurxtv 0 Marwland Requzred Books and Supphes Buy und Books and SA V11 Sell Back to us for CASH' MARYLAND BOOK EXCHANGE Offxfzal U of Md Class Rmgs PENNANTS SEAL -IENWELRY NOVELTIES 7501 Baltimore Avenue College Park, Maryland I O "1 ' I .ar ff 7 A, . - , M. . - .. , Il" " Ac - QQ ,f V N A 1 'A 1 ' , . 1 .ou 1 A ' c , HQ ,jl,,,.'y - L 'y ., C, if - A JV, AIR CO.'N'D1'1'1O.'N'1i1D l 1- h ' ' C 'l V It Al f C ' Cv A c of ' , W, , . Q SN f V , . hr the Fm st xn Dxamond H atcfr v an :ng S11 l FLEISH ER S JEWELERS CI-ullum and Queens Chapel Roads Queenstown Shopping Center Mt Ramrer Maryland AP pleron 7 0906 Co plete Rpaxr Depart nent On Premise: MARCHE and COMPANY FLORISTS AP pleton 7 9500 4800 Rhode Island Avenue Hyattsvllle Maryland a ld S3 Plrolograpfnc Supplxer LOCHNER S mono AND TELEVISION sekvlcs WA rf1e1d 7 2683 5208 Baltlmore Avenue Hyattsvllle Md The Henrietta Shop 3028 Hamulton Street Hyattsvnlle Maryland Max lVe Expect You Al Maryland Unnersxtyp Su lv 15 an exeellent ambxtzon VARSITY GRILL College Park Maryland E F K ZALESAK Owner Complzmentx o NORMAN FORD CARS mon 4 5100 College Park Maryland Capital Cnty Savings and Loan Assocnatlon 2010 Rhode Island Avenue N E Eleelrxc Portable Equzpment Afetylene Smlth Welding Company 4803 Rhode Island Avenue Hyattsvllle Maryland Shop-UN non 4 1611 Resxdence WA rfxeld 7 3848 Flowers For All Orcasxons Steve s Mt Ramler Flower Shop 3804 34th Street Mt Ramler Maryland UN 40852 Stephen V Catalano Complxmentx 0 The Perry Boswell Company REAL ESTATE INSURANCE WArf1e1d 74500 34th and Rhode Island Avenue Mt Ralnler Maryland Sa es Property Management Insurance 41214 JEd0"'f"" Lg 6037 Baltimore Boulevard Rlverdale Maryland WA rfxeld 7 1010 WA rfxeld 7 0321 Cornplxments Mel Ron Fabric Shop 5420 Queens Chapel Road lQueens Chapel Shopplng Center! West Hyattsvllle Maryland UN lon 4 7913 ' ww ' 6 A V X, ' C, d Sterl' wr 'mt . . . I . . I rn e ' 1 ' I Safer 1 . ernce ' ' I . I - l . I 1 I . C . . . - Sales and Service 1 UN ' - . . . , , C C I ' 'U A U . . . . I it I ' I ' 4 I u o 1 . -I . . . I ' - l . . . , I Of , I I I fn! X ,Q . Xxx lanky IU 3 . I O I SI 4TE COMPOSITION TILE TIIV GUTTIR5 ,SIAG H A TEMPLETON Installad Roo 5 Repazrea' 3500 VARNUM STREET Brentwood Maryland Phone UN lon 4 4088 lon 4 8436 Mltchell Sales Company Txpenrzlers Addmg Macbznes Caltulaiors Cash Regzsters SALES RENTALS SERVICE 5618 Baltimore Boulevard Hyattsvulle Maryland Suburban Trust Company A Strong Frxendly Bank Wzrh Fourteen Corwemenz Locatxon: Compleze Bankmg and Trust Faulmes HYATTSVILLE SILVER SPRING Member F D 1 C CONGRATULATIONS SFNIORS' ALBRECHTS PHARMACY College Pork Maryland Complxments 0 HAAS HARDWARE Our 'I'I7xrlyN1ntI7 Year 2062 Rhode Island Avenue N E Phone NO rth 7 7306 Prompt Delxvery Lawson and Sons, Pharmacists 5802 Baltlrnore Avenue Hyattsvnlle Maryland Phone UN 4 4043 FREE DELIVERY Complxments Langley Merchants Assoclatlon Langley Park Shopping Center Umverslty Lane and New Hampshlre Ave Complxments Apex Extermlnatlng Company 7344 Georgna Avenue N W Washington D C Arr Condztxonea' Shoe Sbme Old Lune Barber Shop 8 to 6 30 P M 7414 Baltumore Ave College Park Md Experl Barbermg Sxx Chairs UN' - .0 ,I I 1 I I 0 . I I - . ' ' - I 1 - 1 in 4 lt A V l . . . I I . Sherwin WiIIiams Paints A P- - - 1: , . . I I I 0 I . of Of , . . . . , . . l . - T I 0 X19 A. 1'l1e1c1 9804 Queen s Chapel Barber Shop Gus Maslncupp Prop 3108 Hamnlton Street West Hyattsvllle Maryland Hours Dally 8 to 6 DOIX I II YMOL TH Bannlng 81 Sons Motors, Inc 11o11c,1 Job 11111111 IRULK5 5800 Baltimore Ave Hyattsvllle Md UN lon 4 3130 C11111r11r11I11t11n1 on mor Prmce George Restaurant 7325 Baltlmore Boulevard College Park Maryland ARROW TYPEWRITER COMPANY T1 PEN RITERS ADDING MACHINES .SCHOOL SUPPI IES 5310 Baltlmore Avenue Hyattsvllle Maryland Unlverslty Bowling Alleys Gentlle Bros College Park Md HARDWARE INC 7655 New Hampshire Avenue at Unnerszty Iam NQXI lo P1opIe5 Drug U mper 9 1133 Gomplzments John M Walton Dennis W. Madden Congralulatzunf Io THE SENIOR CLASS From THE BENDER TERMITE CONTROL COMPANY Buy the FSSO Szgn CHAN EY S GARAGE WA rfleld 7 9710 College Park Maryland CompIele Motor Overhaul fur GI11,1ng Pxrfq Up and Defxnry Dyemg UN lon 4 1424 Elmer's Dry Cleaning Opponie County Scrwzce Buxfdzng Parkmg Iotu 4340 Farragut Street Hyattsville, Md. I 1' I , ' I I L. , My ,. , . . A, Y . X .I . X . I . UNiOn 4-5050 "Keep Pfvyxically Fi! By Bon'Iir1g" dl , . 0 , A Vi 4 x , I J . ai ' , ' 1 What you want IS u Coke Coca Cola Bottling Co Sllver Sprung Md Lnsenbees Jewelry Company Im Wat lv Clorfk and uulry Repazrmg for Ln Generation! ,SEL US IOR SCHOOI RIVGS 5217 Baltnmore Avenue Hyattsvllle Maryland WArf1e1d 74706 NSLRHJ SAVINCMS HOME IOANS Natlonal Permanent Bulldlng Assoclatlon Downtown 719 10th St N W RE public 7 6555 Langley Park Md Unuverslty Lane at New Hampshire Ave -IU mper 9 5505 M 81 J BARBECUE Pzt Cooked Barbecue 6521 Rlggs Road Hyattsvllle Maryland HA rrlson 28559 Open Every Day Hyattsvllle Hardware Company P .S Paz W6SfIHgl7Oll5C Agents 5121 5125 Baltlmore Avenue WA rfleld 70205 WA rfxeld 71915 Complxments PAUL A SELLERS SELLERS CSALES and SERI ICE DE SOTO PLYMOUTH AUTOMOBII ES 6228 Baltimore Avenue Rnverdale Maryland WA 76000 S and M GIFT SHOP The Best In Dzstmctne G1 ts and Greetmg Cards 3112 Queens Chapel Road Hyattsvulle Maryland WA rfleld 7 5667 WILSON S Smart Men s Store 3118 Queens Chapel Road Hyattsvllle Maryland WA rfleld 7 3168 0 Sportmg Goods C Models 0 Blcycles I Team Prxfes To Students Brookland Sport Shop 3924 12th sneer N E T Hucldleston Prop - I . v, V 'N A - . 1, I - y , J, ,. . .. Vg , . ' 'Q f W , 1 I 1.'.','f 11" , .L . . Q . . 6 T ., . . "Colm" il a trade-mark. I . lomro unon Avruomv or mr cockcou couwav IV , , , . ol I ' Of . I I - u w I, , 1 B. . '. 'nts - ' - . . - I I I I . , . . . J. , . Fra CARS TRUCKS Compliment Palmer Ford Guaranteed' Used Car and Truck PALMER FORD INC nk P Palmer WA rfmeld 7 0900 Pu szdent 3032 Hamnlton Street Hyattsvllle Maryland OI' if Drafrmk, Supplns 'A' Amsr Mau rnals 'A' House Punts Try M U T H Flrst COLLEGE PARK ualxtv Smre 1865 HALLMARK CARDS AP pltron 7 8181 McMillan s Barber Shop Six Barbers To Seru You Speczalz mg zn Clnzldren v Hazrcuts 3126 Queen s Chapel Road MILTON M MISTER 3720 Rhode Island Avenue Mount Ralmer Maryland Laundry TIMF OLT IOR REI-RESHMENT MEANS TIME TO ENJOY gif. X29 rl Meadow Gold Always Iops In fastt I Cream Meadow Gold Products Company 130 AP pleton 7 4282 Get a Whale 0 a Deal STANDARD PONTIAC INC METROPOLITAN WASHINGTONS LARGES PO 'VTIAC DEALER Wm P Settle Busxness Manarer 7125 Baltimore Boulevard College Park Maryland PERRY O WILKINSON Wlver Insurana ls A Busmess Not a Side Lme UN lon 4 1100 4316 Gallatin Street Hyattsvllle Md Llttle Tavern Shops, Inc Famous For Hamburgers 40 Locatlons m the Balto and Wash Area LEARN TO SA VI: SAVE TO IEARN CI TI ZEN S' """"" ssouatzon I LOAN A Sponsor 0 Northwestern Tlvrxft System 8485 Fenton Street Sllver Sprung JU 59000 South Perry Street Rockvnlle PO 26100 Amerucan Home Improvement Company REMODELING SPECIALISTS Alurnmum flornbmatxon Storm Wmdonfs Sfreens and Doors all tvpes 0 Eenrmg Casement Storm Windows Roomg and Sxdmg and Awnings wrence 61000 I: sof - ' s 'W Q f ' y 1 K. ' K. V ceq ' ' Bergman s skwiw ' NL f Te v . fly . . , 3 T . - . I U Ll i 1 a , I f ' y ' V. , , - LA - Accountancy and Flnanclal Admlnlstratlon Courses Leadmg to B C S and M C S Degrees Gave specutic tramlng lor accounting DOSIIIODS lurmsh basis for advancement to executive posts prepare for CPA exammatlons Day and evemng classes Coeducatvonal Catalog on Request BENJAMIN FRANKLIN 1100 SIXTEENTH STREET NW of l Washington 6 D C Rlpubllc 7 2262 HOT SHOPPES Food For The Whole Family All Around The Town You Lwe In Maryland and Want to Sell Your Home Call JOHN A WENTZ Complete Real Estate Serwxce Custom Home a Specxalty Our New Address 5412 Queens Chapel Road West Hyaffsvllle Md Next to Suburban Trust Ban AE pleton 7 0900 Patrons Anonymous Mr Henry A Babcock Mr Robert Bakte Mr 8. Mrs James l Balsley Dr 8. Mrs Rtchard D Bauer Mrs S D Beach Mass Sally Bender Mr N B Bennett Jr Mrs N B Bennett Jr Mr 8. Mrs CarlsonJ Black A Fnend Mr Harvey D Booth Mr 8 Mrs FloydA Bowlung Mr 8. Mrs R H Brooks Busuness Honor Society Paul M Buttermore George W Cale James Walton Coley 8- Mrs H E Dawson Glen H Duggs Jennungs Dobyns Mass Brenda Downnng Mr Wayne B Every Mr 8. Mrs R S Fleuscher Mr Bull Forsyth Miss Alice Gaither Muss Mary Green Mr 8. Mrs Mnchael B Green Mlss Shnrley Greene W L Haunes 8. Mrs Wells Harrington 8- Mrs John A Hemey John Charles Hull Charles Holland Mass Nancy Holmes unlor Tru Hn Y 8. Mrs RobertJ Kauser Mass Devona Keithley 8- Mrs J M :ng 8. Mrs A H Koonce 8. Mrs Edward Lambert Leon R Leyltsky M D Joseph E Lewellyn Jr Lubrary Club Mr Ernest A Loveless Jr Mr Horace Mann Mass Bonnle Lou McCaw Mr Bull Marl-dey Mass Elaune McNenll Mr Robert Menzer Mexncan Exchange Club Dr 8- Mrs E L Mock Mrs C J Morgan Mr 8. Mrs Walter Morrus Miss Charlotte Murphy Mr Joseph Murphy Mr 8- Mrs Ray Murray Mrs G W S Musgrave N Cub Mr Pierre E Nys Mr 8. Mrs Woodrow Payne Mr 8- Mrs J S Peay Muss Cathenne Lee Pote Mu 8. Mrs HerbertW Renchelt Mass Ruth Robnnson Mrchael Ronca 81 Mrs Don Seldenspanner enuor Tn Hu Y 8. Mrs Wlllard F Slater Jr Ralph George Shore 81 Mrs O M Slye 8- Mrs Samuel Smrth Wullram E Smlth 8. Mrs John P Speucher Harold Sterlnng M D Joe Stewart 8. Mrs Lester E Thorpe 8. Mrs Vnrgrl L Thornburg Muss Carole Thoren John C Townsend Jr Robert Velthuus RobertJ Volland Don Ward 8- Mrs EvanJ Wnlluams Rowland F Wnlklnson M D UNIVERSITY BAPTIST CHAPEL Presently Meetxng xn tlve Horhculfure Bulldlng, Umverslty of Maryland Rev Brenton C Dodge Pastor SERVICES Worshrp I1 am 456 7 30 Sunday School 9 45 Trammg Fellowslup 6 30 Prayer Meetmg Wednesday 7 45 Tlvrs Clrurfln mvxtes you to make rt Your Clmrrlr Home While? yOu df? lI'Vlflg 171 IIN! 117612 Plans are bemg lard for the constructxon of a church buxldmg m the 3500 bloclc of Umversxty Lane l3l I . n Q . Q s a Mr' ' " 'L I A . . . . . Mr, , . - ' - Mr, . . " - ' ' Mr. . . . . . , . . Mr. . 'i I ' - . . . Mr. ' . b . ' I ' A , ' I Mr. ' ' . . 4 . ' Mr. . ' ' V , S . .V .- ' ' Mr. . ' , ' , . ' Mry 4 4 ' A Mr. . , , ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . ' MF. ' ' . ' Mr. V ' Mr, 8. Mrs, W. N, Smith Mr. . . MII . . ' Mr, ' DF. ' , . . ' ' ' Mr- Mr. , . . - Mr, . A J ' '. '. Mr, . ' ' . Mr, , , ' ' ' Mr. . , , , . Mr, A , I K' Mr. ' Mr, , . . MV. . Mr. .. Mr, Dr, . ' , . . MF. , . l ' Mr, , , . DV. . ' ' , . , If - ' .. ,. . I ,. I .. . . : p. m. - ., .. .. , .. . . 2 a. m. . ' ' ' , . . ,. z p. m. A V ' .. . , . : p. m. . I . T0 THE SENIORS An actual Compass is an instrument which indicates geographical direction and IS used to assist the navigator in laying out true courses and directions From ancient times the men who have sailed their ships to the far corners of the earth have depended upon the pomts of the compass to guide them safely to their ultimate destination Your work at Northwestern has been an instrument of direction In the fleld of education Your Intensive training here has been designed to assist you in the transition from adolescence to adulthood so that you could better lay out your true course of endeavor and direction of effort As you proceed along your course you will have that invaluable knowledge which will guide you in the direction of your goal that of being of real service and a credit to your school to your family and to yourself It has been a source of inspiration to have been associated with you during the past three years May that pomt of the Compass marked NW be a continued source of direction for you in your yourney through life JOHN P SPEICHER Principal Point to the Future After circling the compass points North, East, South, and West, the student now selects his direc tion for the future to create and to enioy his New World. Pr oduce H G ROEBUCK 8- SON INC BALTIMORE MD , ' "'lxl1'. - A f Y? N Y JJ' r r Lf ' . " 'A fig. -,Ly I . I ' U ll ll ' i -nuns 'nf 7 YV' .., :rr lib IIA7' ' u V gd W-sw in '- 7 WH-.J-1 54

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