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THE GMPASS NORTHWESTERN HIGH SCHOOL Hyottsvllle Maryland The 1953 Acquiring the Know-How ..... Reaching Our Goal ..,4.,....... Following Our Footsteps ..... Mixing With Friends ,.,... 9 ...H35 ..,..77 ...H97 .ff-""',f ,,..'fvr'f' ull' ' raqvf' 1' ' A In ",'f I ,af-' ,' im. ,.,a'1!T' -w ' ,' . . . ,.,,4"' , '1,-: -'. i J ' .JQf,,.tfb 1 , 4 ,,A""""f 'X nz? , . ,-""','4,J V -U g, ,,,-if ' I . I, W . H i i A- - ' P51 . ll 1. ' I . 'fl - iii? , 1 , I .. 5 V M 1 57 A V lrk K ' Wfwnu- .U 2. J' :J la, ' fig" y 1.1 ,J K, , N f-' ,,,5, mprx H -W. x v . . ,E .uf v. ,Xa 5' E wp ,, ""..',. in 'wall' ,.1 x,.,.- "' Q1 Iii , E-- -TW-VV Ei '? 18 .-' ' '11"'-1 ,A .-si f This ls Cur Life Foreword Thls IS our hfe, the xx IV xxe l1xe lt our 1nsp1r1t1ons our hopes, and our ambltlons Thls IS the xx ax xxe xx orlx Ind the xx IX xxe pl IX the xx IV we studv and the xv IX xxe lmuse oursclx es Thls 19 our story In this boolx IS mlterlal concernlng the dax to dlx exlstence of Northxxestern students Fxldent 1s the co ordln ltlon md lnterest th it are the bases for 1 good xx orthxx hllc school c lrcer We shall lttempt to conx ex to xou throuvh the ITlCCl1UIll of xx ords and plctures the me Hllllg md purpose of our txxo xelrs It North xvestern Thls d IX xxe flshlon destlnx our xx eh of fite xxe spln of us Dax hx dax 1n our school 1ct1x1t1es throuxfh xxork and pl rx xxe haxe lud our foundatlon for the future We hope It IS 1 strong founda tlon that VKlllVxC'ltl'16I'l1l'L s tr1 lls 1nd tempests As the bullder constructs a house so xxe It Northxxestern haxe hullt our llves Brlck bv brlclt xxe have bullt our future xx1th the brlcks of knoxxledve frlendshlp compfmlonshlp studv hablts sportsmanshlp and the lbllltx to xxorlx xx1th one another IH harmonx md cemented them together xx 1th the mort lr of experlence Northxx estern has heen our home for the last txxo vears We leave lt rlcher ID Lnoxxledve rnd experience th in xx hen xxe clme Althouffh xxe the seniors lre xx lllxlnv these h llls for tht list tlme, xxe shall alxvavs carrx the memorx of Northxx estern xx1th us ,kWh1tt16T O . . . V21 V . Y . 3 . . 2 . a ' ' . ' ' - iv v V , 2 vi 1. . a-y, .2 1 I , D 2. .C I C ay- - ivy .'. ' Q .. , f' '. - ' z ' a ' . z C 1 , ' ' ' H, Q W 1 ' . . i , 1. h . ' ' X z ' z ' ' z . z - cc - I V . A - - Y . I v - sag c L , 1 . . At Northwestern xx'e have tried to prepare for the life that lies ahead . C '7 -1 I 'v ' L 1 I v. D Q b v Liv' v f 1 ' ' ' . ' ' z ' - ' C 7. I I . X, .2 L 2 . s . . , ' 2 ' ' ' v h , . L . q K C . . , K J . , 5 . s Z . . 7 7 ' Q. C I K I,, 2 ' ' , V J . c v' ' ' ' ' ' F, Q X ' z ' ' z . h ', . ' .,z 'z "P, . Q. 'z. ' ' ' C 1' V . v ul I Thanking Our Friends Parent Teachers Assoclatlon m actlon -Iii ' .4 Servlng as a lmk between the home and school the P TA has helped us to better tal 1nterest ln school act1v1t1es merease stu dent mterest also mcreases The beauty contest and Jamboree have become annual functlons at Northwestern We are grate ful for the P T A s llberal donatlons to the llbrary and band funds In appreclatlon for thelr work we dedlcate the 1953 Com pass to the P T A 1 ' K I Q . , . . . assume our role as students. When paren- , - , . . V , 7 I K - Alma Mater Jims V JJJ 'V JJ .Lil 3 ,Lwgwli J V Ti c Qi-J JJ JJJJ K ffm' H-frm H Vff 'T J , J JJJJ Q aww 5, ,-Je Aff J J JJ Q J rp? erff Qi? VG FFF V I' J J J J J J . W fm Jef J J .41 J JJJJ R V! .U f VVV t-VVV V JE " To JEE T E' U A ,Z A J ".K'.y 4555:-. g so Wim T,'QnIf2TZFIlfh School JJJ 1g'lJJ.MJ.w W' cgi zum J JZ? JH VH? fiff J JJ Jil, 2 , im JJ .., J ' 'JJJ FR? Q 'ffl' 4. VKX J, r, C Mr. John P. Speicher Principal 1 NIR. FRANCIS FIIRGANG ADMINISTRATION The need for an administering body to maintain the sehool's functions and to coordinate these functions is filled by the principal, the vice-principal and the able assistance of the office staff. The office is a multi-dutied or- ganization. It is the only means of inter-relation, and communi- cation between the faculty and the student body, the school and the community, the parents and the staff. lt quietly and efficiently solves the many complex prob- lems which arise in the running of the school. GSI Guiding Our Way ,TVN Q af' an MRS. WEBER MRS. SWIFT While Mr. lfurgang and Mr. Phillips help those "last minute arrivals", Mrs. Swift and Mrs. Weber attend to office business. 141 Y? E VVi1lie Case. Sylvia Bertolini. Peggy Pate acquire, "the know bown from Bruce Herbert. cqulrlng Th Know-How "The training of men is the chief job of any exeeutiyefl- Cyrus McCormick. The great. almost limitless. task of molding capable. intelligent men and women from the immature who arrive every year is the responsibility of the faculty. Seeing the building is at all times working to its fullest. seeing all students are equipped. trained and ready in the best manner: all is the duty of the faculty. 1' if ENGLISH-'l'urn about-one of the English classes entertains a speech class. Gerry Higgs is enjoying his part as Laertes against john St-hall'er's Hamlet as King Claudius QDan Aheeli, and Queen Gertrude CMarilyn Iieclestonb witness the duel. On the left stage is Ben Snavely and, thiddenj, is Fred Trew. "X is x g R-' e it c Q 4,'J.! Expressing Our Thoughts S- ,, or Mr. smith Mm DeSpain Miss Dunklff Mft Fofsr MISS Bfllslftu Mr. Dorf Miss Rnlzinette MV- BVU M55 Hardy Mm' Palme -as f in Studying literature is like stepping through a nebulous door and finding a new world, a world of fact and fiction, some truth, some fancyg a bit of verse and prose. A world of Keats and Shelley, Brown- ing and Tennyson. and Emerson, of great authors and enduring works. a world which continually delights and enthralls all who enter. Variant, always changing from the darkness and heavy, insane horror of Poe to Shal4espeare's complete benign understanding of his fellow beings, these foolish mortalsg from the ancient tragedy of Soph- ocles to the contemporary vtarmth of O Henry this vtorld appears the same to no tvxo people LN IISH Thrs is the modifier e. Mrs Dawson plains Harold Philip to members of 'Vir Mr justice Mr Moran Iustlte s English class n are never so hkely to settle a questton rzghtly as when they dis- cuss zt reely Thomas Bahzngton Macaulay was organized on November 17 Em f.'c5. -" ' tg ccMe . . . ' PJ t .. f . ..., . . 1.2. 5 . "' fs l 1' 5' ' a J ENGLISH-"United Nations was" .... Kaye Iohnson explains to her English class how the U. N. -J. ,L ag, gif? v V y u +A 'Y ci fi 3 f E avwrvf. FX ' t t t a tne l A ,AA L " ' tif ' fm 'L ini! iw- Lx M Mrx. Dau-son t .sg K af :tl 1 'e xr, . Pkn-I Xu.. - 5. Practising lor the play "Stardust" whiclt was put un arena style in the school gymnasium are Ern- est Riddle and David Davis and Charles Yeager. standing. Un the lloor are Ioyce llarrington, Dorothy Nlills and l.eorna Naughton, Natalie De Lorenzo and Betty lane Stuart. and Nettie Par- ness. Seated in the background is Mary Alice Davis. Frustrated love is the theme of this scene, also from the play "Stardust," Quarreling in the foreground on the merits of marriage and acting are David Osgood and Marilyn Eccleston. Seated at the left watching the scene are students at the Academy where the play takes place, played by Dorothy Mills. Joyce Harrington, Elizabeth Stuart, and Natalie Delsorenzo. Standing at the right are Charles Yeager, Mary Alice Davis, and David Davis, and in the center behind the principals are Nettie Parness. Leona Naughton, and Ernest Riddle. also students. 3 i X 5 , Watching For Cues Q S Ernest Clayton, a junior, tries out his topic before a Speech class. Marcia Gurevich, Editor, Norwester li .- ,, 111 ll. "Let's get that Newspaper to press . . . i' Left to right-Arnold Davis, Elaine Moore, Susan MacKensie, Gerald Savitski, Ioyce Harrison, Al Zanville, Margaret Cochenour, Dolores Bedford, Ieanine Lewis, and Shirley Thompson are only a small per centage of people it takes to publish the newspaper. Marcia Curevich, last, is the editor. Writing For Pleasure nr P' CC ' ' ' 77 5, ' The pen is mightier than the sword. I 4 - - , O 15.6-P4.Ar4SV5P"AY'o'. Publishing the Nor wester and The Compass 21233:-f"" ' d,,,,m,,,..u and studying in class teaches journalism students i,.-..a.-A """' ' sw the fundamentals of good news writing. jjjfff,'f:.: ',12ff., ,i":,,,,,,... . . . ?iE?7j'SiA '3 ... After fundamentals were mastered, originality 35 Ei? tg: .,.1S1q . .1 -I. G1 u.-ran!! -ea-.e-.., was encouraged because a paper is only as good as - -'aj tags, yn its authors. By studying journalism, these students f?,f,4,j: also learned to appreciate and evaluate the large L ,,,-.m.-nf-is daily papers. Success gained in writing produced 211, naw iuu. ,Q T-5 , . . ", , 5 no the thrill known only to those who are privileged gggxij.. ,:, ' 3 ' , - -113: pat' . fi " nf'-' to see their work published. S.,-M., W 3 5, yy. f v---f . . . 4117: .fl l"'-'LW' Each issue students struggled against deadlines 5-ig 151 ez-4-,: and schedules, but when their goal was reached ggff' -5 'i'S-57' they could relax in the knowledge that they have : M: --"'j'.f::,f,',5....3:" achieved success. :E-5 M3-.g L!!-bt'-Ng!-05 is:-11 ..,.g:' K. . . . ses? 5-.-:ae if- E':i-an-L.a Do you think the yearbook will turn out all right? . . . " Ist rou-,' Carolyn Bertolini, J Sally Killen, Nora Byerly, editor, Carolyn Allen. 2nd mug' Dorothy Bradlev, Ellen 9 C. lones, Elaine Webb. 3rd rowg Arnold Davis, Ioan Scott, I.eoma Naughton and Ernest Riddle. il. Nora Byerly. Editor, Compass LATIN-All Gaul is divided into three parts . . . Arnold Berlin, lane Gager, Miriam Fine, and Lee Shields Hnd their interest in the Latin show case. "Perhaps of all the creations of man . . In the diplomatic center of the United States it is natural for the students to have an international air and a cosmopolitan viewpoint. The languages seen on these pages have ex- pressed some of the most important messages in history. Cicero's great oratory stirred the Roman popu- lace to great deeds. NI. duMaupassant delighted the French, and Senor still enchants the world . . .So it is here at North- western that students are even more aware of the Cervantes, Don Quixote value and appreciate the worth of other tongues . . . Northwestern students are learning to under- stand other nations by studying their languages. Mrs. Brunstein Mr. Finegan Miss Freeman Speaking In Washington, centro diplomatieo Civi- tatum Unitae, est naturale ut studentes sapi- entem de rehus orbis terrarum haberent. Linguae visae in his paginis multa ex do- eumentis claris historiae espresserunt. Otatio magna Ciceronis populum Roman- um movit ut facta magna faeerent. lVI.De Mau- passant Gallos delectavit. et Don Quixote orhem terrarum semper delcetat. Ita est hic in Northwestern ut studentes sciant id esse sapiens cognoscere alias linguas. Studentes in Northwestern sciunt cognoscere alias na- tiones lingua eorum studenda. X ,. 3 sh' AA vm QV!! K f X x , , to f f it 9 .l '7 S 's i s, X t f I g S di! ff 029' Miss Putnam MV. Smith The Truth LES LANGUES Dans le centre diplomatiquc des Etats-Unis il est naturel pour les eleves dlavoir l'air international et cosmopolite. Les langues de ces pagessont exprime beaucoup du mes- sages importants de l'histoire. Le grand oratoire de Cicero mut la populace Romaine a de grandes actions. M. du Maupassant enchanta les Francais et Don Quixote de Senor Cervantes encore enchante tout le monde .... Ginsi c'est ici a Northwestern quc les eleves savent et apprecient la valeur d'autres langues . . . Les eleves de Northwestern apprennent a comprendre et connaitre les au- tres nations en ctudiant leurs langues. D FRENCH-loyeaux Noel . . . Gunther Mangerlch says that Christmas is the same in any language. W rf- n D .5 , ff- ' OZ' ' V41 language is the most astonishingf, Giles Lytton Strachey 9 . 'W QQ A, v 0 U. , L1 D11 ia. q il! -, il: 1 Q ' ' X LU! qt. ' - , aiu, '4' Qc, 11-42, R ' -1, , mia- 'X Nt V451 ' - . gif' 51 ge. , 'It faiif: '- t nu wh. iq lux 115- , 32 xii fs-my g-' Jimv' ci La Lengua En el centro diplomatico de los Estados Unidos- CS natural que A Spanish Fiesta . . . L1-ft to right-David Davis, Patricia Barkley, Mary Devlin, Martha IOS Csludiantes licnen una man' Dise Qkneelingj, Barbara Bolgiano tkneelingb, are portraying a typical festival in Spain. era internacional y un punto de lg vista que es cosmopolito. pziginas han expresado algunas de las comunicaciones importantes de historia. La gran oratoria de Cicero in- cito el populacho romano a hechos maravellosos. Las fran- ceses tenizin dcleite en M. Du A-2 "' Maupassant, y Don Quijote del Senor Cervantes todavia encanta Cl mundo . . . asi esta aqui en Northwestern que los estudiantes de Northwestern saben bien el valor y aprecian el merito de otros idiomas . . . los estudiantes de Northwestern estim apren- diendo a entender otras nacio- nes por estudiar sus lenguas. ,,,.--r Las lenguas que se ven en estas Y' 1 V X. X, SOCIAL S'lil'lJllfS-"That's just ahout where it is" . . . says Bing Nliller as he shows the location of the head waters of the Mississippi to Char- lotte Limerick. SOCIAL STUDIES-"X marks the spot," says Katherine Moore to her VVorld History classmate, Darlene llarnack. 'X x .f 1,1 nf" 4 c"'sw" i W 4 -O Securing Our Heritage . .. XK'ith necks craned and noses in books. students ever delye into the Cloyernment and its past. Reasoning with Pericles. planning tactics with VVashington or feeling hopeful when Roosevelt is inaugurated, is the occupa- tional hazard ol history classes everywhere. ln our democracy with the growing complexity ol government. it is ol paramount importance to have at least one course devoted to the study and understanding ol the mechanics of goyernment, if it is to he really as Mr. l.incoln said. "A Government of the people, by the people. and lor the people." 'l'he course. Prohlems ol Democracy. is required in the senior year ol high school, This course entails the study of local, as well as national government and the use of periodicals to become lamiliar with contempor- ary aflairs and conditions pervading the world. Proh- lems of Democracy becomes meaningful when we un- derstand not only the history ol our country hut ol the other nations in this one world. Miss Clough .Wh Kirlilr Mr. Mann Miss Roc r ' 1, 1 92.59 N-4 LU.l '1 MVP' ' Hlnformation a plenty . . . " Northxx'e5tern's getting a hand hook this year-an innovation. Making final arrangements for this booklet are members of the editing committee with their sponsor Mrs. Cuhhage. in the above picture. Checking layout, on the left, are Carolyn Bertolini and Nora Byerly. Discussing: with Mrk. Cnhhage final t-opy are Sally Killen, editorg Do- lores Bedford and Iohn Schaffer, 'n 'FEE 1. 5 "I helieue the future is only the past again, " 'gr' QQ entered through another gate." . . Q -V K ' if f . Riel? . . . ,969 p 1 Str Arthur Wing Pznero 1 ff' f O f if ff ff -.1 MQ f . n' we Y , I A 'Lv X k .52-' df' If cnihshv if 6,0 L. F 4 - I . Xr, Q 5" " f 0 f ,f x- X ff if X X , 'f ,fx 3 ev' Jiri, Cubbagf' Mrs. Gwoghwgctn .Wise .'N'wu'lartd Mr, Finvgan Mr. Bell ri 31 R My "-X fb Cf'- Mg, Mr. . mit 1 Mr. Rhoderick gl 3- Trying hard to explain that physics prob- lem to Buddy Smith is our scientist, Iudy Spencer. D Exploring C S 1' Said Mr. Webster of science, nlt is the coordi- ? Q ' 'F nated and systematized knowledge of some subject, It Ji l 'N . . . especially a physical worldf, The word f C -' uscience' is in itself almost synonymous with pro- X 4 l 5 gress. The continued advancement and the pre- QP X-g sent complexity of civilization are based on the V x N sig' development of what is known as "science," Science is the master who hastens students from 'YQ biology to chemistry lab, from chemistry lab to physics class. Studying, experimenting and ac- quiring knowledge of the physical world which is the parent and home of mankind. Mr. Maholtz M, "I didn't know it looked like this . . . " Mary Alice Wine- gar and Natalie I,ce explore biology by doing research work with a microscope. "Guaranteed not to explode . . . U laboratory day in Chemistry finds Ch-ft to righlb Anita Nicholas, llar- ry Malinolll, Ralph Marc-eron. Ray Mouray, Barrie Neal and llarold Neff busy at their work. The Elements action.',. "Gee uliiz . . . nothing happened . . .". After paraphrasing that complicated formula, Barrie Neal is about to give up as a chemist. Mrs. Bender Illr. .'llcNCllis Hrs. Haines Hr. OUWV15 l M NP 'tr sg., Q--9 -ns ff: f'Tl1e great end of life is not knowledge but Thomas Henry Huxley Mr, Harris Mr, Phillips . Liv' -xx X c::- 'fl Z. ,mule-. Bur- r.1 llmlfllq .mrl fjhlllilll Fung xxmk xxrtlm Ninrlyn x, Ilfnumixe- Smith. Sum' Sll'ilI'. Abby .MTL Rub' 11- N , YN .4 1, '. . . :Ir 1 , thi' rmlkimf nf pu- plam- pu rurmw, Homemaking-A Ca Through study and experience we in the Home Eco- nomics classes strive to become future homemakers. In the daily classes we learn such fundamentals as home management. child care. cooking, sewing and care ol clothing, how to hudget and the rehnishing and re- modeling ol old lurniture. The school year is divided into thirdsg one third is given over to child care or home management. one third to sewing, and one third to cooking. Both sophomores and seniors study child care, but the seniors put their knowledge into practice in a day nur- sery, which is held at Northwestern High School. While the sophomores and seniors study child care the juniors learn home management. During the sewing portion of the year the sophomores work on xyoolens. the juniors on childrcnis clothes and the remodeling ol old clothes, and the seniors on date dresses or lormals. Cooking teaches not only the preparation of food, but its nutritional value and how to serve well-balanced, tasty meals. Those who major in home economics spend their sen- ior year in the apartment. caring for it as we would a home and doing our cooking and sewing projects within it. I Mrs. Umbach Mrs. Cumberland Miss Senge I ,Z "Watch the linger". . . Ray Moth and Mary Louise Bourne are intent on their work in sewing. "Luncheon Is Served". . . Sylvia Baker. janet Mulli- gan. Miss Senge. Geraldine Buka, Barbara Hughes, Ann Garner, Charlene Briggs, Nancy Kratovil, and Linda Malliay smile proudly at their accom- plished task. 3 "Nimble Fingered". . . Shirley Young, Marion Davis, and Iune Manuel type, while Peggy Reid turns on the sounclfscriher. "Watch those pens fly . . . " Mrs. Hamilton dictates to future secretaries, Shirley Hense, Charlene Briggs, and Iaclcie Barlow. "First say to yourself what you would beg and then do what you have to do" ..... Epicteius Preparing Miss Nye Miss Bricker Miss Keithley Mrs. Carr Mrs. Beveridge fm ,Q Q 'S IV! For The Future Miss Rinaldi Northwesternls Commercial Department is an important one, not only because it serves the school but because it pre- pares students for the outside business world. Commercial students are prepared for every phase of business. which includes shorthand, typing. bookkeeping, re- tailing, and office practice. In Office Practice students learn not only the fundamentals of good business and how to do office work. but they learn the use of many business machines. Teachers call upon the commercial students to do jobs such as typing, mimeographing, and dittoing. Usually some students are in the office helping Mrs. Kathleen VVeber and Mrs. Katherine Swift in the daily office routine. "Crank it up . . Nancy Paul types, while Barbara Merritt and Barbara Brown practice on the ditto ma- chine. stirs ' -QM". K Q .Q Q. N I "Smile of success . . . " Jackie Snead pins a newly induc- ted member, Clydis Creech into the National Business Honor Society. Mr. Gieda Mrs. Hamilton Mrs. Parks l ming .. ,- - - - "Southpaw geometry geniuses . . . " Bob Winemiller and Doris Mason. "ws if' g -1311 Paul Profe, ,tr 'N ' , 69. Figuring The Facts.. Miss Lacy Mr. Nelson Mr, Lynn Mrs. Bauer , is-w Zi "Great is truth. Fire cannot burn it, nor water drown it." ..... Alexander Dumas, the Elder This is a salute to those who have suffered and sweat- ed over Euclid and Pythagoris, to those who have gaped uncomprehendingly at Descartes and to those who have muttered bewilderedly under their breath about tri- angles, equations, and polyhedrons. To speak in mathematical terms, this subject is para- doxical because of the difficulty of equating the human factor HX' in the formula, W + Ig W: work, I: im- agination, A: ability. A There are in this world those who enjoy mathematics. They have learned here at Northwestern to speak glibly of Kepler and Brahe, of Newton and Fermat and refer, quite casually to Napier's logarithrims, trigonometric functions, to calculus and ad inflnitum. These people live in a realm of not one, not two, but of four dimen- sions, which contain vectors and tensors and scalars . . . They are the scientists who will blaze the path to the future. "One . . . two . . . and over." Miss Kathleen Rehanek, left, and Miss Irene Overtoom, right, spot for Kathleen Luahy as she demonstrates the proper spring from the board to the rest of the class. Behind Miss Rehanek are Beverly Weary, Sharon Reeves, and Sandra Wolfe. Front to back are Evelyn Harvey, Harriet McGowran, Kay Harding, Louise Kenley, Beverly Richter, Iackie Spates, Dixie Pritchard, Eloise Murphy, Dorothy Buck- walter, Sharon Romer, and Nancy Taylor. Gaining That Confidence The education of the body is equally as important as the education of the mind. As it is impossible to divorce the mind from the body, so one is dependent on the other. A clear mind cannot exist on an unhealthy body. And to promote this desirable balance there is a complete physical education program. There are teams competing in all the major inter-high school sports, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, track, tennis, and golf. In addition to the pure Sport idea, there are activities on the exercise equipment. The aim of the varsity spoAt op poise, confidence, sportsmanship and, perhaps impo nt of all, teamwork. be l r X Lili Mr. Yarnall Miss Rehanek . .,..- . ' Ia V Q. L if f eva.-6.1. "Before practice starts'. . . On the far court are: Bill Cannon, Larry Bunch, Dulany Catts, Iohn Lewis, Tom Datson, Bruce Briggs. On the back court are: Al Iohnston, Alan Melton, Rich- ard Freeland, Harry Robinovitch, Arnold Berlin, Bill Faddcn, Bryant McVearry and Ierry Brogdon practice while waiting for the game to get under way. 'Q 1 51' l vo, i KS . , , s . . t l ill .J f X .,- v.:?5.Zn'.' I X 'U 'lllw . ll ' I f5f7,,4 . Mid . a, 5 p - .- , -9 1. , A", L Q0 Mr. Palumbo Miss Amoss Mr. Murphy Mrs, Stephenson lege I ED ik!! Music For Life The Clee Club "Witl1out music life would be a mistake" ..... Mr. Ronca gives Paul Pascal a few pointers on the oboe. -...J Friedrich W. Nietzsche Music, one of the most expressive arts, has an immortality that will outlast the painter's canvas or the sculptor's marble. Music is the voice to which all listen, understand, and enjoy. From folk songs to fugues, juke-boxes to Carnegie Hall, music creates beauty wherever it goes. Choose Beethoven or Bach, Dorsey or Good- man . . . there is some music for everyone. Reducing all this to a classroom level is no mean task, and we who are students of music realize the eliorts that permit our exposure to a little of the finer works of the great composers. Quarter notes, clefs, bars, semiquaver . . . all that constitutes the special jargon of the music world are studied, absorbed and put to use in further work. Theory, application and appreciation of fine artists and excellent music are the basis for music classes. From individual singing to group singingg from individual instrumental lessons to participation in band and orchestra rehearsalsg all these opportunities are given to Northwestc-:rn's students. Miss Beckman Mr. Ronca l ...L -7 r 'iii fits. Aff, ff. Lu .' 1 4? rg WX J V it 'QB 0 Q Q-ra May be another Rembrandt. Carol Hall, Miles Curtis, Paul Fredricks, Page Winters and Walter Clark sketch a still life. Drawing - With A Purpose f'Beauty is pleasure regarded as the quality of a thing." by George Santayana Mr. Young The word art has many meanings and there are many sides to an art course. There are oils, pastels, water colors and charcoals, por- traits and caricatures. The art course, itself, is divided into three main sub-headings, Commercial, Fine art, and crafts. The commercial field is made up of advertising, design, and lay- out to train members to lill the demand of industry for commercial artists. Fine art work is mainly in oils and pastels, portraits and land- scapes and small still life work. Experimentation is done on new art media. The craft field is based on expression through modeling and sculpturing in clay, paper and other materials and is an aid in the development of figure perspective. And it is expected by training and development of those capable, several students will enter the art field professionally. Even the stu- dents who do not follow art as their 1ife,s work will have received valuable training and will have at hand a most interesting hobby. Learning more about his profession. Walter Clark, Iimmy Hen- son, and Robert Nelson. . ji Q Back to order." Iidward Havens, left, with llarry Catts, center. and Slyvan Kar- lin sort out type after a trial job of printing. Facility in expression through the manual and graphic arts is gained not only through innate dexterity, but also by knowledge and practice in these arts. To those who show ability and interest the shops are available The rudiments and finer points of cabinet-making and metal working are taught. There is printing and foundry work, car- pentery and ceramics, and draw- ing and machineryg all for those who care to enjoy them. I Learning The Trade 11 I' Z i Q1 QLAZCU 'M wk 0' K'CaURil with the ear, lame!" Iim Parrish begins shaping a tiny head that rx qp .QI , p,Z,, . . fi i . K L Mr. Hrrfbmrach Mr. Layman 41- will soon mn the other ietes of h indixxorls on the ceramics viorl-t table V x I Mr. Smeltzer Bending over the drawing board are Den- nis Asaka, I.aurance Bunch, Wayne Iersin, George King and Iohn Lockwood. 41 k. f GN ,nm , ----- ow N' G X' mvillbvwltt 1 , - ,Q Pormx C0 Hmwmgu, nn. "' f . , ' xl" we 4 steak. . . .v- "Be not careless in deeds, not con- fused in g thought? ..... Mr. Kemerer Keep your eye on the Road. Earlene Krieder, Carolyn Allen, and Nancy Kratovil watch Fred Hinshaw's technique of driving, while Mr. Paul Kemerer keeps his eye on that wheel. DRIVER TRAINING-"Come away with me, Lucille," while we take Driver Training. And although training is not con- fined to learning about Pontiacs, it is an all over study in words, nor ramblin m traffic laws, perception tests, and driving techniques. By the use ol demonstrations and actual driving of a car, the method and meaning of auto control become self-evident. Marcus Aurelius Antonius , . And of the utmost importance, safety on the road is taught. Practicing The Fundamentals 'P in Capturing Memory. . The photography class is an initiation into the very special world of dark-room fans and shutter-bugs who have a certain vernacular all their own. They converse in a dialect of Leica or Speed-graphic which is a polysyllabic tongue composed of Nhypo, fix. plates, half-tones, and exposures-under and overf' The object of the course is to teach the un- derlying concepts ol photography and its rela- tion to other fields. The class has at its com- mand a dark-room, several cameras and a group of frantic photographers. J'f!HMLtEw XM 1 Ji! i. 'f 5 : , , , 04' ,r 1 I ?' , I G- f X Q I ssXil George Moon and Ierry Voorhees examine a picture l R 1 Sf? X r I I I iN ' c9' Mr, Maholtz CL CAFETERIA-Line forms to the rear . . . The cafeteria is a 12:00 and 1:30, feeding approximately 1700 students daily. The cafeteria, a most important in- stitution, is a place for indigestion. di- gestion, and conversation. Here one can eat with friends and relax to the strains of "Tiger Ragn or "Some Enchanted Evening." It is the gathering place for friendly chats. CAFETERIA-Service with a smile . . . Mrs. Venna 1 Olin cordially serves her customer. D' 'v'A -s Q Ks. W X-' 2 QQV, busy place between Getting Together. . . 'Wlingle your joys sometimes with your earnest occupationf, ..... Carl Linneaus ,ff CAFETERIA-Time out . . . Mr. Speicher en- joys chatting with the students in the cafe- teria. Reading is fun". . . Roberta Halley cheeks out a novel from a library assistant. Ioan Harrison. Everything from 'A' to 'Z' covers a great territory and, yet, the Library covers just that. All the great and important discoveries of men of science since the dawn of time. The fantasies which have been set to poetry by Keats. by Byron, and by Tennyson. The still fresh stories of Bret Harte and Mark Twain. The kindly, amusing stories of Ioel Chandler Harris whose Brier Rabbit and Br'er Fox have become part of the American tradition. These and the other won- ders of books may be found in the library. "Now this book". . . Miss Phillips, librarian, gives excellent guidance in choosing the correct books to read. In the above picture. Richard lVleSparran is being as- sisted in his selection. Miss Phillips -ff' Reading For Knowledge And Pleasure "There are two good things in life, freedom of thought and freedom of actionf, ..... William Somerset Maugham From the time the world shook to the tread of the Roman legions. to the time it again shook to the boots of the Nazis. l'lero's steam propelled sphere to the trans-sonic jets. This and much more is the know- ledge of the library. The fundamental importance of books and the wealth they contain is self-evident. The thoughts and ideas of the men of history are now classics to be read, re-read and treasured as a span to the past. What is learned insures the future. Mx. S 'W-Q. ile- GUIDANCE OFFICE-Guidance covers a wide variety of work to be done, at front table, Barbara Goode, Ruth Dorrellg second table, Miss Nye, Mary Ann Kramerg third table, David Granahan, Bob Grossg side table, Haines Pridgen. For the solution of any problems which arise in a stu- dent,s life, either academic or personal, a guidance counselor is always ready to offer any assistance he is able. Whether a student is uncertain as to the curricula he should choose on information concerning an occupation or a college or a situation which has come up in his home and is insecure and confused, the guidance counselor is ready to help in any man- ner he can. Through the services of these counselors, it is hoped that no student will be handicapped by a factor over which he has no control and that all students who graduate from the school will be stable, self-confident and mature. GUIDANCE OFFICE-Problems are none . , . Dick Iohnson con- sults Mr. Cartee, Boys Guidance Counselor. X. ! Q- Left, Charles Yeagerg Right, Mrs. Stevenson-Steady now . . . Charles Yeager is a patient of Mrs. Stevenson, F 0 0 o 0 KALCQNGMJ ..l 1 In on Consoling Gur Whims . .. The infirmary has as its purpose the adminis- tering ol sueh first aid and minor medical assis- tance as is deemed advisable. Preliminary first aid is given to major wounds and eontusions, and relief to any minor injuries that may oeeur during the school day. In ease ol head-aches, eye fatigue, and similar ailments. there are beds available for resting and easing these hurts. Not so tight, please. Ioe Ashley helps Ioe Hogan with his bandage. -Y-.J Q, K U N 1-...Hifi-. no Q.'..9 1' YN. 1 fix xx L Ching Goal 11? The uture enters znto us zn order to transform ztsel ln us, long be ore It happens Razner Marza Rzlke 1i19I11L Qecoud I'ldL11IlI1U 111QQ II 11111 11111 IX 111 1110 Q111oO1 'NK 1 111 111011 to 1'1xc Q61 so1111 pre1ed1111s 11111 ID 111111 1JQ1111pQ ll 1 1111 1 1111 111 1121 QQ lonq IS 1111 Q1110111 1 1111 111111 11111111 1111111111 1111 11111 md of Sl 11111111111 111 T111 QL 11 Q S I. kt F. .- f 101 A fc f n Q n f u f - xx: 1 Th','. 1. ga f',11,.'1 'wr'-1 ,1 . d to be 1110111111115 of 11. The SQ111111' class ii 1111191 111113111 1-1 111110 had 11111 111319-11'11111i1y' 11 ' . S 1 1 1 fl 1 1 ' .A ' 1 S11 '1111 Q11 1 1116111101111 1 '11 . - 1, K ai 1 . 1 . VV1 11 '1 1 11 1 '1 1 '1 1 ' :111111111 111 X'1lAf11KX'CSiCT'Tf 15 1 .11::u to 11S 2 .1 'L 1 1 1 , 1 111. Y x 1 Us Q I Jiiiii ififiii-,,,,ii in... -X SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Senior dass oiilcorsg liistoriun. Peggy Palug sc'crc'tuV!l, Pat Rex dox, discuss plans for the Senior Ball. Leading Us Onward f'-f "If you do not think about the future, you cannot have one." ..... john Galsworthy Mrs. Carr Miss Nyc SENIOR CLASS SPONSORS-Senior class sponsors, Mr. David Young, Miss Quebe Nye, and Mrs. Kathryn Carr go over plans for 1952-1933. rodvg prcsizlvnt, Danny Iona-sg View pr'c'siz1z'nl, Shirley Hughvs, and trcasurcv, Jimmy Mad- tr My - ji. L.. 0 7 f 1 J Wg? if Ly1itt'l Aff ,,g' I 3 'E' D. Abeel K. Ableiter C. Abrams C, Allen I I I . I I K'-V x' F , xx ,ltr : ty' 4 If lx ' o U Y t ,ff -" fin., if in l.1,'f'i' fill, if . fr l f ,F ,Fu ' t' px. ,M "A A.r' If X , XXX A I Mlm-bacb ' -' ' ' I Bagwell X, . ,Aj M x. O ABISEL, DANIIQL IJRANCISQ "Dany, academic, Science club. Intramurals, NBC treasurer. Var- sity club. National Thespian Society. National Ilonor Societyg Ambition - actor. ABLEITIER, DIIANE KIiNNIiTIIg academic. ABRAIVIS, COR- NIiLIAg academic, Rifle club. NBC, Y-Teensg Am- bition - Stage director. ALLFBACII. IANE KHP- IIAR'I'g "Kc-ppieu. general, 'l'ri-Ili-Y. homeroom president. Y-Tccnsg Ambition-marriage. ALLEN, CAROLYNQ academic. Compass and Noriwester staflg Ambition - college. ALSOP, MAIIRICEQ "Sonny", academic, Hi-Y, "N" Club. Football team: Ambition-Physical liducation Teacher. AKREN, HENRIK RU- ' DOLPIIQ "Ricky", general. ANCLIN, LOUISE r VRIITIIQ "Rutl1ie". academic, Nor'wester staff, X, -"'graduation committee, I-Iomemakers clubg Ambi- -X. tion-return to lfurone. RACWRLL, ROSEIVIARY V TiRI'l'CI'llfRg "Miss Moose". commercial. Y-Teens, l flxlri- Ili-Y. ltomcrom secrctaryg Ambition secretary. BAILEY. RONALD VVILLIAIVIQ "Beetle", general, 5 Iliff, student council. "N" club: Ambition- Physical Iiducation Teacher. BAKER. LESTER fmI,I2E1 general. Hi-Y, Varsity soccer, student coun- 'Q t-at AllilllflfllifL'0lll'gC. BALDWIN. KENNETH 5 OVVFNQ "Kenny", academic, Hi-Y, "N" club, 1 'Varsity basketball IO. ll. 12g Varsity soccer 12g X ..' l Ambition-to go to college. wtf Alsop II. Al-cren Anglin R. Bailey L. Baker IN- Baldwin M Lx T ill' BANSBACH. CARI. JACOB, "Putt", diversified occupationsg D. O. club, Amhition-commercial artist. BARBOT. YVONNE VIVIETTEQ aca- demic. Glec Clubg Ambition-nursing. BARKLEY, PATRICIA ANN KEYS, "PetrushlQa", academic, Clee club, Ambition-foreign intelligence agent. BARLOVVE, IACQUELINF ELEANOR, "Iackie', commercial, Clec club, Tri-H-Yg Ambition-steno- grapher. BARRY, EDMUND: "Eddie", general, camera clubg Ambition-electrical engineer. BARWICK. IOHNQ "Little Iohnn, general, football team, Mu- sic Reviewg Ambition-Dancer. BASS, BARBARA ELAINE, commercialg Ambition-secretary. BAU- BLITZ, ROBERTA IEANQ "Bobbie',, academic, Glee club, Tri-Hi-Y. NBC, Thespians, homeroom officer, Ambition-foods research chemist. BEA- COM, ALLENE DORISg commercial, intramurals, homeroom secretaryg Ambition-secretary. BEALL, CAROL IEANQ general, Tri-Hi-Y, rifle club, Am- bition-singer. BECKHAIVI, IOHN lVlONCUREg academic, National Honor Society, rifle club, Ambi- tion-engineer. BECRAFT, DOLORES ELAINE, "Sissy',, commercial, President of Business Honor Society, National Honor Societyg Ambition-secre- tary. hx ' 'I' C. Bansbach P. Barkley E. Barry I. Barwick B. Bass R. Baublitz A. Beacom C. Beall I. Beckham D. Becraft fer 6: in jv- '6- Y. Barbot I. Barlowe D. Bedford E. Berkheimer R cgi BEDFORD, DOLORES NANCY, "Dee', aca- qf .- f C I' demic, Psychology club, Quill and Scroll, National tj- Honor Society, Handbook, Nofwester and Com- 7 I pass stalls, MSI A and CSI A conventions, science fair, Ambition-law. BELL, VVILLIAIVI CARL, "Willie", diversified occupations. D. O. club, Am- bition - mechanic. BERKHEIIVIER, ELEANOR HAYS, "Fuzzy", commercial, Circle N Club, Am- bition-dental hygienist. BERTOLINI, CARO- LYN DOLORES, academic, Compass and Nor'- wester staffs, NBC, Quill and Scroll, homeroom treasurer, Ambition-college. BERTOLINI. SYLVIA IOANNE, academic, Y- Teens, Ili-Sci Club, Circle N Club, Ambition- doctor. BIBLER, RONDA LEE, academic, FTA, Gym club, Majorette leader, class representative, Ambition - teacher. BILOW, SHIRLEY ANN, "Iody", diversilied occupations D. O. club, Ambi- tion-fashion designer. BLACK, WILLIAM R., "BiIIy'b general, Hi-Y. Varsity football, home- ! r liggzgxriddntg Ambition-college. BLANKS, ' X ,V ,. I' g eral, Glee club, baseball, Hi-Y, K biti 1-I3 Lhxal fxlucaticin teacher. BOLGI- 7 uf f I ' If 'I BARAMRL , 'iBunny", academic, 0 - jf cheerltia er, Ji- '- . N gymkana troupe, lf9LffHOI'Y'I,!!00I1'1 'ret ,,Thes ans, Ambition-Home fy I I ,f bnomys. B D Ag "BulIets'i, commercial, f' r'v i. trzd ing, nibiti I+secretary. BONDAR- ffl I, I . O , SHFh.Ag "FI ff 7, ' mmercial, Ambition- J if . I Ii y Gi, 1, fr! d ess designefftf' jf! ' i I A 4 I X. fj S. Bertolini l! Biloiv VV. Black E.BIanks B lgian l I V. Bond S. Bondarofl of I , til Q RQ3. 5' 4- f BORDENET, LAVON LOUISE' commercial ' ' 6: Band, Ambition-marriage. BOSMA, HENRY 3 , FRANCISQ general, NBC, library club, library as- if Q sistantg Ambition - actor. BOTELER, BETTY "' ' LOUISE, academic, Psychology club, Ambition- criminologist. BOWEN, IACQUELINE KAY, "jackie", commercial, Ambition-airline hostess. Ambition-Interior decorator. BOWLER, CHARLES ELMER, QIRJ, academic, Honor So- ciety, Hi-Y, varsity football, Student Council, "Nu Club, varsity wrestling, Ambition-college. BOW- BOWIE, BEVERLY ANN, "Bev", academic, Tri- Hi-Y, Glee Club, Psychology club, caterer's club, 4' MAN, RAY MILTON, general, rifie club, Ambi- tion-animal husbandry. BOYLE, IACQUELINE MARGUERITEQ "jackie", academic, President of ' Caterers club, NBC, homeroom vice president, Compass and Nor'wester staff, Ambition lin- guist. BRADLEY, BARBARA CATHERINE, --Little loc", commericalg Ambition-clerical work. Muff I.. Bordenet B. Boteler BRADLEY, DOROTHY ANN, "Missy", commer- I cial, Business Honor Society vice president, FTA, Ambition-elementary school teacher. BRADY, j GILBERT LUTHER, "Muggy", diversified occu- lg pations, D. O. club, Ambition-truck driver. BRA- i DY, ROBERT GARNERQ "Bohn, general, Ambi- 0' My tion-Printer. y I B. Bowie C. Bowler R. Bowman B. Bradley D. Bradley G. Brady Y 3- X- gs t, fn q QE' ' ht , me , t aff? 'I H. Bosma I. Bowen I. Boyle R. Brady .4, A 1 LX.. 1- I . 44- , is 5 4, i . 'R' Q 'sv "-2' B. Braer Nl. Brandolino 7 I J, l ,il Brant-lt C, Brant B. Brennan B. Bresee I. Brink B. Bristow BRAIZR, BIZRNICIZ I2STEl,I.Eg commereialg Am- bition - secretary. BRANCH. SHIRLEY VIR- CINIAQ commercial: witl1rlrc1u'rz. BRANDOLINO, MARIE IOSISPIIINIYQ generalg Ambition-sten0- grapher. BRANDT, CONSTANCIQ ANNEQ UCon- nie". aeadeinie. President ol library club, Trea- surer ol Psyehology elub. NBC. Caterers club, Tri- Ili-Y, llonor Soeietyg Ambition-swimming in- Struelor. BRENNAN, BARBARA LOUISEQ commercialg Ambition-marriage. BRESEE, BARBARA ADAI-Ig i'Breezy", academic, Nor'wester staff and Com- pass stall, Midget Mag. Drivers trainingg Ambi- tion-veterinarian. BRIGGS, CHARLENE DE- LANOQ "Charlie-". eomrnercial. Caterers clubg Am- bition - interior deeorator. BRIIEY, PATSY l.UlllSlf: "l'at". aeademie. Clee Club: Ambition- eollege graduate. BRINK, EDVVARD Ig diversi- Hed oeetipationsg Ambition - fire department. BRISTUVV, BIZRTRAIVI VVIISIJIRIQQ "Bert", aeademieg Ambition-llleetrieal engineer. BROCK, GLEN HIICIZNICQ "Bob". aeadeniie. Collg Ambi- tion - Marine Corps. BROVVDY, MICHAEL DAl,l,ASg "Mike", general, homeroorn treasurerg Ambition-engineering. C. Briggs P. Briley C. Brock NI. Browdy ff A as .- Q T' 5. IGH , lvl if N-..v' ' hx, I lb N Ear BROVVN. BARBARA ANN, commercial. home' room Sl'L'IiL'IZlI'A'Q Ambition-secretary. BROWN, MARY VIRGINIA: t-imimcrt-ial, Clcc Club, Ambis tion-nurse and marriage. BVRTON, EDVVARD CRAYQ "Eddie", gem-ralg Ambition-go in the scr- vicc. BI ISII. JAMES gIl'fl"l"RlESg "Iim". academic. N club. lltmor Society, chccrlcadcr. wrestling team, Ambititni-pharmacist. BUZZEIIA. IOHN CARIVIENQ Nlackv, academic, Ambition-Physical education teacher. BYERLY, NORA ELIZABETH, academic, Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Editor of Compass, Norlwester staff. Tri-Hi-Y. IVISPA and CSPA conventionsg Ambition-restore old houses. -BYRD, PAUL LE- ROYg general. Photography club, track, Ambition -zoology. CAIN, HERBERT DERELLQ diversi- Hcd occupations, D. O. club. President of D. O. club, Ambition-architect. CANTER, DOROTHY BELL, 'KDot". diversified occupations, Ambition- oflice work. CARNEAL, ALLEN GRlFFITHg "Al", generalg Ambition-veterinarian. CARTER, ROBERT DENlSg HBob". academic, String bandg Ambition-further education in college. CASE, HURON WlLLlSg 'iWillic", academic, Ambition -engineer. N Byerly P. Byrd H. Cain A Carneal R. Carter H. C2150 so at wk -eh .sa -clq an CASHMAN, PATRICIA ANN, "Rcds,,, general, bowling. CASSADY, MARY IZLIZABETHQ "Bet- siew, academic, Tri-Hi-Y, Compass and Nor'- wester staff, French clubg Ambition - college. CATALANO, EUGENE A., 4'Cenon, general, class representative, Hi-Y, Ambition-to be a busi- ness man. CATON. BARBARA ANN, academic, mixed chorusg Ambition-physical therapist. CECCHETTI, LYDIA ELIZABETH, commercial, Glee club, Ambition - singer. CHANDLER, BETTY, commercial, Ambition-secretary. CHA- NEY, MYRON JOSEPH: "Little Ioeu, academicg Ambition-pilot. CHARLES, DAVID MONT- GOMERY, academic, homeroom oflicerg Ambition -M.I.T. CHILCOATE, WILLIAM IOSEPH: gen- eral, Ambition-baseball player. CICALA, IOHNQ - diversified occupations. CLARK, WALTER CROSS, "Walt", academicg Ambition - artist. CLEMMER, ROBERT CHARLESg "Bob',, aca- demic, Hi-Y, N Club, football, National Honor Society, Ambition-college. I.. Cccchetti B. Chandler NV. Chilcoate I, Cidala M. Chaney W. Clark -C' S", 6 . A. Cashman C. Catalano D. Charles R. Clemmer f 'iq .br 'C -Q r digg, lat. 5' 99 'bl 1-5 -:-:2- - 1 "3ffTlt1 Q 352.4-.. Bi M. Cassady B. Caton LX' r 1. 4 T. Clower I. Conley C. Cook I. Creaghan 'Va 2. I I 1 H1 ,.. xv, S. E 34. 5 W. Cole A. Cook pt! 1 if' ft- ti- J' -, J 'J I S. Cgnett C. Creech Q! . KD I-. vs I V I' N., A05 iz C. X 3357 is CCI. Y' xt, IU" Cy! Q '1'73vb wld' Mgt. M on CX CLOWER. THOMAS A.: "llotrod". generalg Am, bition-Air Force. COLE. VVll.l.ARD IACKSONQ "VVillie". acaclcinic. Club. liootballg Ambition - Electronic technician. CONl.lfY. IAMIZS WOODVVORTT lg "'linn". acaclcmic. Science Club, Band, Honor Socictyg Ainbition-lflectronic en- gineer. COOK. ANN lfl,lZABFTllg 'LCookie", academic, Tri-Hi-Y. Psychology Club. intramur- als, girls atbletic clubg Ambition-college. fa 1 9 COOK. CRORCE RICHARDQ academic. Soccer team manager. Hi-Y, Puppet elubg Ambition- Construction Engineer. COSTINRTT. SUSAN CAROL: "Reds", eommercialg Ambition-sccre- tary. COURTNEY. BETTY SUFQ commercial. Honor Society: Ambition-secretary. COVVCILL, DOROTHY LOUISEQ "Dotty l.ou". academic, Clee club. Mixed chorus. All State ehorusg Ambi- ,NX tion-Physical Education Teacher. CRFACHAN, JJ 5' ,"'1AMES EDCARL "Iimmic". academic. soccer team. f 5 ,miata Ambition - college. CREECH, Ci.YD1s fag vjfli MARIEQ commercial. majorcttes. Business Honor V it ,vfi 2- Society, Nation Honor Society. Music Revue. Gym ' 'ff' I' Clubg Ambition-Bookkeeper. CROOKS. MAR- ! THA SUEQ academic. Tri-Hi-Y. NBC. Honor if I i iff!! Society. Compass staff: Ambition-college. CUl.P, 'L MIRIAM CELIAQ academic, Band. Bible Club, National Honor Soeietyg Ambition-Missionary. B. Courtney D.C0Wgill M. Crooks M.C11lp l 798 Y' 1 , 7 A , 575 'US 3 CUNNINCHAM, MARY ALICE, academie. Glee Club, Y-Teens, 'I'ri-Iii-Y, National Iionor Society, Senior Representativeg Ambition - Secretary. DAI.CI.IfISIl, IOIINQ "lack", diversified occupa- tion. D. O, Club. DANSI-IS, SIIIRLFY ALICIZQ general. DAVlfNl'UR'l'. IUANQ commercial, Am- bition-Author. DAVIS. ARNOLD RISCKIIAIVH "Arnie", aca- demic, Psychology Club, Ili-Y. National Ilonor Societyg Ambition-Criminologist. DAVIS, DA- VID, "Dave", academic, Student Council. Thes- pian Society, Ambition-I.axvyer or Dentist. DA- VIS, CERALDINE Eg "Cc-rry". general, Ambi- tion-Pilot, DAVIS, NAUMI IRAN, "Ieanie", aca- demic, Thespian, Psychology Club, Dramatics Clubg Ambition-to run an orphanage. DAVIS IOSEPII IfRANKI.INg "Ioe'l, academic, DAVIS, IVIARIONQ Commercial, Library Club: Ambition -secretary. DAVIS, MARY Al,ICEg academic, National llonor Society, Secretary. Hi-Sci Club Secretary, homeroom president, Y-Teens, Quill and Scroll, 'lhcspian Societyg Ambition-Foreign Correspondent. DHEIVIIDIO, IUAN BEATRICRQ commercialg Ambition-travel. A. Davis j. Davis A 'UU-Us I 1 'I ,J iVl. Cunningham Dalgleish S. Dauses 1. jjm-,.m,,,n D. Davis G. Davis N. Davis IVI. Davis NI. Davis Dehmidin I,-' . I... i Q 2 4 1 gi. ,I ovs YI- ' fu C. Denison R. Dettmering A f I Y, 1 1 :5 i fr 'EMBL - i . ':' "' V l 4 ii I 504 1' rl a l qi S.. Ei . f , ' s I1.l7Cfi'TS li. Dell N. Delmrenzo Di Dfinlly DEAVERS, EUGENE ARNOI.Dg i'Gene". generalg Ambition-Nlarines. DELL, EDVVIN IOSEPHQ 'iEd,'. Diversified Oecupationg Ambition-Lithographer. Dri- LORENZO. NATALIE SALLYQ "Nat". academic. Y-Teens. Thespian Societyg Am- bition-commercial artist. DENDY. DIANA FORTQ general. Tri-Hi-Y, homeroom secretary. ofiice staff. home room presidentg Ambition-Model. DENISON, CHARLES ELLERYg academic. Clee Club. Photography Clubg Ambi- tion-Rancher, DENSON, THOMAS IACKSONQ Academic. "Tomf' DESANTIS, LAURENCE FRANKg "Larry '. general. orchestra, track team. Ir. National Sym- phonyg Ambition-Musiciang DIQSANTIS. SHERVVIN RALPH: academic, Band, Library Clubg Ambition-lVlusiciang '6Sonny". DETTMERINC. RICHARDg aca- demic, Soccer and tennis team. DEVLIN. MARYQ 'iLitle Bits". academic, Red Cross, Intermurals, Iunior Prom decoration committee, Tri-Hi-Y. Graduation Usherg Am- bition-Elementary school teacher. DISF. MARTHA HELENQ "Luelcy,,, academic, Tri-Hi-Y. Glee Club. National Honor Society. Cheerleaders. Compass Staffg Ambi- tion-Chineilla Farmer. DIXON. MARY IANEg general. T. Denson L. DeSantis S. DeSantis M. Devlin M, Dise M. Dixon S'-A 9 ay an ,Q , 25. ll.l,1gINL' X AJ ll. lion nina l.. l7utc'r KA IJMLN, , . lim? 6 0' I if ,fi DORSEY, ROBERT SAMUEL "Bob", acaclt-mic, lfoolball tcam. DOVVNINC, BEVERLY ARLFNEg commercial, Y-Tc-ons. Cllr-c Club. Bowling Clubg Ambition- Socrctary. DUTER, RALPH LEP: "Duts". acaclcniic. UYKP. KAYH VVARRPN1 L'Kaddc", academic, Glcc Club. 'l'ri-Ili-Yg Ambition-Cluimist. EAGAN, PAUL IOSEPHg gcncral. PCCLIZSTUN. MARILYN RAP: acadcmic National Honor Society. Y-'11-cms, St-nior Rcprcscntatiw. NBC. Dramatics Club National Tbcspian Society. Intramurals. Biblc Club, Clvc Club. 'l'ri-lli-YL Ambi- tion-Commcrcial artist. EDDINCTON. IACQlllfl.lNP: "lackic". gcnvral. Intra- muralsg Ambition-secretary. ICDMUNDSON. CORNIQLIA IANF: "lam-". com- mercialg Ambition-secretary. ICLLIS, RAY IIIQMMINCVVAYQ gvnc-ral. ELLS- WORTH, MARY ANNQ "Bootsic". commercial. Bamlg Ambition-Airline Hostess. ENCLE, BARBARA ELAINEQ "SnalQic". commcrcialg Ambition-'ll-lcpllono opera- tor. IQTCHISON, LUTHER IANIPSQ "Etcl1". acaclcinic. track team: Ambition- Zoologist. P. Pagan Nl. lfct-lt-ston I. llltlington R. lfllix Nl. lfllxuortli B. lfnglv L- 'li' K K' 5 . ., -it 'V Q I. lfclmonclwn I.. Ltcliistm Nd. 'T' 2? N . 0' I 'F I , I ,N gf- fc' fs 5? x f el '52 I L'- N. I:il85N IS. l'll'lllIUllII IT l'k'llH'.xx J ' -.fll A - IUXAS, lxlfjlllxlxll llk'iIill'IIllL'. lKyn'l14,lugy Cfllllng gXml1iliun XIllI'Sl'. lfli-l.l3Xl:XN. Blilig N.-XRD pXl.I,IfN: NBl'I'Illt'-I. zluiclc-r11in'. Cmll' Cilulw. C111-v Cflula. flwlll nquxlqnmcl YM'- I - X Wester Stall. I7EI.I.OVVS. DAVID B.-XRRY: "Daw", 2iI'2lC-lL'lYIIL'. I'IifY. N Eillllf-'SIR' X rctzlry, Rzmcl. Varsity l-Rmllmll. BilYl'il'Il7illl :md 'l'1'4u-lig !Vl'lIl7lllQH-:UJllLLgCT l7IjR1RliI.I..X X Y GEORGE ROBERIIL"Iux'lq"'.gcl1c1'41l.Ili-Y. N 'lrsltx' I'HHPl7'lll Rlllv C lgllv N C llll7 Ambition-play college locmtlmll. FIELDS, IULIAN CI.ASI,ER1CUI'IlINLI'L'liill :Xmlvi1im1fXlm-lmuiv. l-'INCI I. ll IOXIAS WELLINGTON: "Tuul", a1cz1clcn1ic: Amlvilifmf.M-xmrlzlmltiull mmgivwn-x'. VISIIER. ROBERTA CAYNEIIE: acuclc-mic. Y-'Il-vm. liilwlc Cflulwg .Nmluilirmrf-Iffm-igrl Nlix Siorlary. FORCIINI. IOI IN MORRIS: gum-ml: .'xllIlUlll0Il-IXIZIY2Il Cfalrvvr. l7R.'XIUY. ROGER NIERLE: "Rog". gem-ral. N Club. X111-xity' Ikmxluzlll. Sluclvm I-m1m'il 'l'r'w1- surcr, Tennis Class rvpr'QSc11tz1tix'vg Jxlllhllllbll-Q'IJllL'gl'. l7RlflfDNl.'XN, :XIXIIDA CAROI.g HXYCYCIQIN. gcncrzll. D. O. Cllulv 'l'1'c':m11'L'1': Ixllllilllfill -f SC'k'I'L'lilI'f'. ITRFNCYI I. BARBARA IOIXNQ "Bol7biv", cmmm-rx-inlg IXITIIUIIIUII - Nc'CI'0IzlI'j'. l5RIfNCIlI. GEORGE EDVVARD IOSEVII. III: "I"rc'ncl1y", gcrwml: :Xmlvi1ifm-Rzlilwmcling. 1. Fin-lnlsl 'lf I:lYlL'll C,I5isl1c-r 1, l'.flI'k'llIT1 R. lfrzuly A. Freedman R, Ifrcm-lm C. Ifrenvlu 36" 1- QI i if 'Q Q 53 4S', 'WT Q,- V9 'Q , , , , A h 0 if 1 ' A. Garner I. Garner Iillzirrr-11 VV, Cam-li P GARNER, MARGARIET ANN: "Ann". general. 'l'rifl li-Y.: Amlviliun-CDlliee wmlq- er. GARNER. IAMES IRVINL H'llINIIlll'N. zieqncleinie. Nzuiunzil llunm' Sm-iety. lli-Y. N Club. Student Couneil. Soccer Team. Bzisketbull Mumigerg Anilniiinn-enllege. GARRFT, BARBARA MADCE1 "Bzilvs". emninereizil. 'l'ri-lli-YL Ainlwiiiungseere tary. CASCII, VVIl.l,lAMg aeucleinie. GATES, IESSIE ANNg "Del1ie". Ambition-secretary. CEISEI.. GUY ICHNQ "Guy", general, Hi-Yg Ambition-Painting efmirnemr. CIBSON. IOHN DAVIDQ Hlackv, Diversified Occupations. D.O. Club. CIl,l,ESPlE. ANl'l'A MARIE: ernm- mereialg Ambition-Stenographer. CILNIORE. NED DIQYEREL "Ned". generalg Ambition-Art Designer. COCIIENUITR. MARCARET ANN: ziezicleniie. NBC. Compass and N0r'wester stuff. l7.T.A.. Nlariunette Club: Amhitiondwriter. COLD- BERG, MARTIN IAYQ zieademieg Ambition-dentist. COLDSTEIN. HARVEY ELLISg academieg Ambition-Chemical engineer. ,J an i 0 Il ,f 1 . . . J, 1X'.' , A I 4 - 4 yi. - .I of P fd ' l I -I A 1 , gf fl ' A ML Q V 5 i xfij I.GaIes 'K' U lf I.Cilw,n A.Giilesp1e W- I If 1 N. Gilmore M. Coehenour 0' U 3 lVl.Cr1ldl'Jerg H. Gnlckteln ' Z , 1 ,f J llxffgj in 1 i ! '59 '.1 GOODE. BARBARA IEANQ "Bobby". gencralg Ambition-Secretary. GREENWOOD. ALBERT FRANCISQ "Al". academic. Hi-Y. N Club. Basket- ball teamg Ambition-to own a sheetmetal and roofing Co. GUERVICH. MARCIA ZOEg"Scope", Editor-in-Chief of Nor'wester. National Honor Society. Quill and Scroll. Student Council Cor- responding Secretary. Co-author of Music review if-, I .- , ft -,., f - . ff ff ' l R -'53, writer of Alma Mater. Compass staff, aea-nb I fl demic: Ambition-Nursery School teacher. HAG- STROM. JOHN EINIERQ "Hag", commercial. HAI.EY. ANN lVlERRIl.I.g "Hailey", academic, Glee Club. Student Council, Y-Teensg Ambition -Nurse. HALI.. CAROL MAUREENQ "Iinxl', academic' Ambition-commercial artist. HAI.I.E ROBERIA C ERAI DINI- Bobbee academic tl' Qt' .. - . . 'l Ambition-Secretary. HALLEY. IAMES RICH- , Y ARD: "Dink'. academic. N Club, Varsity Foot- ball. Track. Intramuralsg Ambition-own grocery store. HAMMOND. RUBY DOLORESQ 'iRube", Diversified Occupation. D.O. Club. Compass staff, Nor'wester staff: Ambition-Newspaper reporter. HAMPTON. ELIZABETH DUNLAPQ '6Bctsie", academic. Circle N Club. Dramatics Club. Tri-Hi- Y. Thespians: Ambition-basketball coach. HAN- NABASS. IEANNINE DAVEQ commercialg Am- bition-sccrctary, HARDESTY. CAROLYN ANNg academic. Science Club. Clee Club. Basketball, Intramurals. Senior homeroom president. National Honor Society. Compass staff. cafeteriag Ambition -pediatric nurse. C. Hall li, Hampton A. Haley R. Hammond 'J i A fa. K- H. fl lla at of 5 R. Halle I. Halley I. Hannabass C. Hardesty VN rvs ' 'T' nw, 'lar' . .U K B. Goode X C reenxxood YVI. Clurevich I Hagstrom '3 .UK J' ,3,Q T 36" tar' nr se 336' C. Hardesty D. Hardy I ' s f' fl A bd. 'Eff W. Hardesty I. Harne I. Harrington imiafr 1. .. A, I K' I .GAC Q1 1 ' . J, Jigga J L. 'V a I .A . 1 , , '. , . J I WML eeupation. lD.O. Club: Ambition+traveling sales R 'fi 6,5 ry., HAIDFSTY FIAYTON IrROY' DiversiRed 0 Ofli MQW IW I. Harris man IIARDIQSIY. W'Il.I.IAiVI IfDVVARDg aca- d Band. Rifle Club. HARDY. DUNALDQ " 1 academic: Ambition-aeronautical cn- gi ec-ring. IIARNIQ. IRAN LOUISE: "Tabby',, academic. NRC. Caterer! Club, Nofwester and Compass slali. Stardust. N.I..'I'.g Ambition-Philoy opliy professor. HARRING'I'ON.1OYCE IVIARIEQ "Blondie,', aca- demic. NBC secretary. Bible Club. Treasurer of Tllespiaus. Nor'wesIer stalI. "Men Are Like Street- carsw. i'StarclusI". homeroom secretary. N.L.T.g Ambition-magazine writer. HARRIS. IOHN RONAI.Dg general. HARRIS, IOYCE ELAINEQ academic. 'I'ri-Hi-Yffhespiansg Ambition-teacher. HARRISON. IOAN MARY BRITTINGHAIVL academic. I.a1in club. French Club, Student li- brarian. Ambition-typist. HART. RICHARDg "Slim',. general. DO. Clubg Ambition-Coast Guard. HARTLISY. LAWANA IANEQ academic, Bible Club. Catcrer's Club: Ambition-homemaker. HASTE. GRACE LEIGH: "GracicU. Diversified Occupation. D.O. Club. Ambition-Public account- ant. HAUG. ANN INETTEg academic, Tri-Hi-Y, Midget Mag staff. Compass. and Nofwester staff, homeroom trcasurerg Ambition-pediatrician. 1, Hafrig I. Harrison I.. Hartley G. Haste A. Haug 'Ro - 'K fv- 4 X -V J 345' 'X ,X GUQ f.-,fn . 1 f J -ff .Lbff tbl. UV 4 VF ll HAUPRICH. ROBERT. withal-mm. IIAWKINSQI " My ffw' CHARLES EDWIN: "Hawk Shaw". general, Cin-eva ' F I Clubg Ambition-Air ibm-. 111sADI.EI2. BAII- ' BARA IEAN3 "BabS". academic. Tri-Hi-Y. lIill6O', ,-.X Club secretary. NBC. Baseball. Baskctballg Allllll-Mil Cl' -L' -I . tion-Home Economics. IIEITLIN, DOUGLAS 1' IRVINQ i'Doug". Divcrsibed Occupation. D.O. Q Clubg Ambition-business of his own. HEINZ. ERIC EDWINg Hi-Y. Camera Club treasurerg Ambition-to go into Foreign Service, "Baldyi'. HELLMAN, IAMESg "Iimmic". aca- dcmicg Ambition-Dept. store manager. HEIVIEY, IOHNETTAQ "Iohnnic". academic. Psychology Club, Y-Teens. Clce Club. Catcrcr's Clubg Ambi- tion-Dietician. HENSEL, RICHARDg "Richici'. academicg Ambition-aviator. HENSE. SHIRLEY BELLEQ "Shirl". commercialg Ambition-secretary. HERBERT. ROBERT BRUCE: academic. Band. Socccrg Ambition-study music. IIERMANN, CA- THERINEg Diversified Occupation. D.O. Club: Ambition-novelist. "Kate" HERRITY. ROBERT lVIARSHALLg general. b , E. Heinz I. Hellman S. Hense B. Herbert , I. s Q. ' XJ ' vu F' Qs 0:55 fi ' 1' j. Hemey C. Hermann x n 'N-xx. X ' 17 R. Haupricb C. Hawkins B. Hczuller R. I Icnsel R. Herrity "vm bi.-Tl , X f s X f ' ' NN E I I E W. I iii? 391 Q a 5 IIICCS. CERRY: "Tig". academic. Hi-Y, NBC, Hi-Sci. National Honor Society. cheerleader. Ten- nis. Soccer. "N" club. homeroom president. vice- president. xiee-president ol Honor Society. presi- dent ol Honor Society, 43 Ambition-Success in lile. HINSIIAVV. FREDERICK: "I3red". gcncralg Ambition-Military career. HODCES. I7RANKg gym club: IfVitlzdrr1u'n. HOLMES. CAROLEQ aca- demic. lf.rI'.A.. Bible Club. Clee Clubg Ambition- Teacher. HOLTON. lVIURIEI,g "Merle", academic. Science club. Psychology club. Gymlcana troupe: Ambi- tion-Nurse, HORTON. HOWARD I.EEg nlim Crowv. general. Hi-Y: Ambition-Navy man. HUIICHIAND. IEANQ academic. ETA.. Puppet Club: Ii.rI'.A. president: Ambition - Teacher. IIUVVES. EMMA IJLORENCEQ "Blondie", aca- demic. Nofwcstcr and Compass staff: Ambition- Comniercial artist. HIIFFIVIAN. LOIS IEANQ "Hotrod". commercial: Ambition - Commercial artist. HUGHES, BARBARAQ "Barb", academic, 'l'ri-Hi-Y: Ambition - 'Teach nursery school. HUGHES, SHIRLEY ANGEI,Ag academic, Circle N Club. National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y chap- lain, president oi homeroom. vice president of senior class, treasurer ol junior class. intramurals and sports dayg Ainbition-Maryland U.. and air- line hostess. HUNT. RONAI.Dg "Ronnie,', aca- demic. Hi-Sci club, vice president of Hi-Seig Am- bition-chcmical engineer. t. cj M Holton O Ilorto I. Houghland E. Howes 1 Huffman xv 1 S. Hughes R. Hunt 4 4. - s I' ' I Rx " sv- ,gh xg cl 5 ,X 45 Ji' X, . 3. f . i J A X X x 5 Q 7 r f Au . .lg 0 SN fl L Vx X ,. 'Qi . Hyde R. Hyde R Isaat son S. Iabas S. Jamison g P. Ienkins II. Jernigan A. Innes C. Innes Il. Iona V IIYIDIC. IUNQ "6?V'. academicg AmbitionMnax'y ntan. I'IYDl'f. RICIIABD1 gencralg Ambition- I5.B.I. agent. ISAACSON. RUBIZRT MORSE: "Bob", acaclemicg Ambition-Civil engineer. IA- BAS. SAR.-XII AININQ commercial, Ilistorian ol Business llonot' Society: Ambition - Secretary. 5 f f 7' . ' I 1.y: '-.'l5 NI 's 'QUIK , . if 4 I . J 5 ' '1 . f X 1 f.- . U Q I fx uv IAMICSON. SIIIRIIZYQ Diversified occupationsg W'z'tItdmten. IENKINS, PATRICIA MAVISQ "I'at". academic. Psychology club. Science club, I".T.A.g Ambition-Bc a psychologist. IHRNICAN. IIHRBIQRT NIITCIIEIIQ "Baldy". general: Am- bitionflarnter. IUIINSON, DANIIZI. B.: "Dan- nyn. academic. Student Council. NBC. president of Bible club. Clee club. Boys chorus. state cborusg Ambition-citizen. IQNES. A.: IQNES, CLYDE FDVVARD1 general. Baseball. Varsity Clubg Am- bitionAbusiness. JONES. DANIBI, UBIAIIQ 'xCap- tain IIRIAIIV. general. Senior Class President, Stuclent Council Vice-I'residentg Ambition-to go into business. IONES. ELLEN IOUISEQ aca- demic. Compass and Nofwcster staffg Ambition- major in Home Economies at Nlaryland and do newspaper work. IU. Ioltnson If. Innes if nys iff iv 5' jl'RNliY. Cfl.liO lil7VX'lNA1 "Pi-sly", Diversified Occupation, DID. Club. secretary ol' homeroom in junior and Senior year: Ambition -sccrctary and liouscxxilc. KANl'f. l2l,lZARlf'l'll PATRICIA, "Retry", comnmcrciulg Ambilion-Airline llostcss. KIQATINCQ. 'l'liRRliNCli O'RlfIl.LYg academic. KIZNNICDY, MARCOT ANNQ academic, Ambi- tifin-stenogrziplier. KENTY. ROBERT FREDERICK, "Butch". aca- demic. Psychology Club, Rillc Club. KERLEY, ANN MARIE, "Kerley", commercial. National Honor Society, Business Honor Society. Clee Clubg Ambition - Singer. KERN, FRFDDERICK RALPH: general. Varsity Football. N Club. KEYS. DOUGLAS PITMANQ general, "Doug',. KIDVVIELL. THOMAS EDWARII 4'Tommy", Diversified Occupation Ambition-Co into busi- ness. KILLEN. SALLY BROADBENTQ 'iSadie',, academic,Nofwester and Compass staff.I-Iandbook stall, Class secretary-Senior Year, Ambition-fash- ion designer. KIRK, NANCY LEE, i'Nan,,, aca- demic, Catercr's Club, Psychology Club, Glee Club. Tri-Hi-Y, Nofwester and Compass staff, Midget Mag Staff, Ambition-Nurse. KITCHEN, BETTY LOU, "Lulu", commercial Student Coun- cilg Ambition-secretary. R. Kenty X. K4-Isley T. Kidwcll S. Killen r T . 5 l '. gs ' 'sv Q - -gp. X ' X 5 . 2 f FJ an , 6- A'-. wi- .. is ll 4 1' C. jurney T. Keating , 1 ' , 1' .1 n Xp ,Ami 1 M i-'9L,zf T ui. ll X jljk A I M , A A L . j - . .M-' . My ' . af' My-ffl 'fails'-'vflffl Q j lyflfpk Y ff A R. Kern., A lj D. Keys 1' N.Kirk X, B.Kitcl1en 5 E' f lbw I C. Kling B. Kohler N. Kratovil L. Lake a W 45:5 LINC. CAROL JEAN. "Mike . COI11mCfCllllQ i fp, JJ S Ambition-secretary. KOENIG, DONALD. gen- s JJ Vt 1, eral. Varsity football. N Club. trackg Ambition- Qififfgif 's ' Lf ."x , ' ."l'+ '. as . ' N I 4 1' 'E . .4 fi' s w l U. Koenig M. Kramer E. Kreider I. Krewatch I. Lourim R. Lee , . k 3? ,. Xmtc police. KOHLER. BARBARA LEEL general, Thespiansg Ambition-Airline hostess. KRAMER. MARY ANNQ commercial. Business Honor So- ciety. National Honor Society. Secretary of Busi- ness Honor Societyg Ambition-secretary ' s KRATOVIL. NANCY ANNEQ '6Cookie". Catcrer's Club. National Honor Societyg Ambition-Nurse. KREIDER. EARLENE IOAN "Earnie". commer- cial. Tri-Hi-Y. Bowling Club. Secretary of home- room llth. Vice-president ol homeroom l2thg Am- bition-mcdical secretary. KREWATCH. IOANN BAILEVQ "Ion, Tri-Hi-Y. Circle N Clubg Ambi- tion-secretary. KUMME. LUTZQ generalg Ambi- tion-agriculture. LAKE, LAURA IANEQ '5Lolly", academic. Clee Club. E.T.A.. Bowling team. Mid- get Mag staff. Compass staff, lntramuralsg Ambi- tion-Music Major. LOURIM. IOHNQ academic. LEE. ROBERT FRANCISg "Bob',, Diversified Occupation. D. O. Club: Ambition - Farmer. LEHAN. BARBARA ELIZABETHg commercial. homeroom treasurer l2g Ambition-secretary. I.. Kummo B. Lehan X . . u I J ! .- 1 rf - l s l X LENT, DORIS ELLENQ "Deen, commercial, Am- bition-stcnograplicr. LENT. RAYMOND MIL- TON, "Ray,'. academic. Hi-Y, Anibitionfarclti- teet. LEWIS. IEANNEQ commercial. Tri-Hi-Y. Gym Club. Y-Tcensg Ambition-marriage. LEVVIS. ROBERT, Divcrsiiicd Occupation. LICHTENHAN. SYLVIA CBAKERHL academic. Tri-Hi-Y treasurer. National Honor Society, major- ettes, Iunior Class sccrctaryg Ambition-college. LIVINGSTON. HELEN TURNER: "Smokcy',. Ambition-typist. LOETON. DONNA IQ: "Don- naw, academic, Ambition-tclcplionc operator. LII- THER, WALLACE LEE, general, Hi-Yg Ambition -college. IVIACBRIDE. IOHN EARLEQ "Mac", academic, National Honor Society. Band. MAC- EWEN, JANET BEVERLY, academic, Tri-Hi-Y, Majorettesg Ambition-Marylaml Majorettes. MAC- KENZIE, SUSAN RUTHQ academic, Glee Club, Compass, and Nor'wcster staff. Girls state, Ambi- tion-Musieian. MACINTOSH. MARY ELIZA- BETH, academic. "Liz", Y-Tccns. Science Club, National Honor Society, Glee Club. Ice Repre- sentative in Senior Yearg Ambition-college. S. Lichtenhan I. MacBride I 'VIacFvnen 9 . i 1-'--, "V px J wfbx, w K A x P N . R. NIaeSparran I. Nlacltlox I.. Nlallav MACSPARRAN, RICHARD THUMASL "Mac", commercial. National Honor Soci- ety. Business Honor Society. Treasurer Business Honor Soeietyg Ambition-Air Force. MADDOX. JAMES CHARLES: "Iint". academic. Psychology Club. N Club. Photography Club, Science Club, Ilomeroom President. Senior Class Treasurer, Ten- nis, Science Avvardg Ambition-doctor. MAFIIAY, LINDA MARYQ general, "Iill", Caterer's Club. MACILI.. BLANCHE IDAQ general: Ambition-Beautician or Accountant. MANGERICH. GUNTHERQ academic. Homeroom treasurer. French Club Presi- dent, Science Club, Soccer Team, National Honor Society. Psychology Clubg Ambi- tion-Engineering or Foreign Service. MANGIS, PHILLIP GEORGEQ '6Phil,,, aca- demic, National Honor Society. Business Honor Society. Homeroom President, Soc- cer Teamg Ambition-Lawyer. MANUEL. IUNE ELIZABETHQ commercial, Stu- dent Couneilg Ambition-secretary. MARSH. VIRCIL HOMERQ 'iSquish", aca- demic, Hi-Yg Ambition-Forest Ranger. MARSHALL, AGNES ANNEQ "Aggie", academic. Psychology Club. Bible Club. NBC. Library Clubg Ambition-Airline Hostess. MARSTALLER, PAUL OTTOQ Diversified Occupation. D.O. Clubg Am- bition-Stock Car Driver. MARTIN. CAROLYNg "Marty',. commercialg Ambition -Clerk-Typist. MASON, RAYMONDQ commercialg Ambition-Business. 5, . "' r - V t ,W , C.VIangerieh J, - V3 P. Ylangis I.fVIanuel I. Marsh A. Marshall J ty, f P.x1mm11Qf C.yI8YIil'1 Ritamn ,lu X 1 4 AC' s .t" - .JM Y. tix lx B. Magill We X if N 'X X m 4 H xx 3 X, 4. A if l U Ji, Y 551: ll 'N xi, Oi S Xi ,L fill xx X Q A Q. 'H 'Y NW fi we X . . 1 l 'L I I. Niay VV. fVIacAtee S. Nic-Campbell MATHIAS, EDGAR l.EEg "Eddie", general, Varsity lootball, N Club, Hi-Yg Am- bition-Farmcr, MAY, DOLORES IVNIQL Divcrsificcl occupations, D.O. clubg Am- bition-Accountant. MCATIZIQ. VVIl.I.IANl K.: "Mac", general, Varsity football, Hi- Y, l'N,, clubg Ambition-To be a success. NlCCAMPBlfl.l,, SANDRA IRENEg L'San- dyw, general, D.O. club. MCCONNELL, IAMES FRANKLINg "lim", academic. MCCORMICK. ROBERT VVESLEYg "Mac", commercialg Ambition-telephone installer. MCCOY, DONALD WALTER, "Don,', academic, Varsity club, Ambition-Chemist. MCCAIG, IAMES DONALDg "Iimmy", academicg Ambition-Lawyer. MCGINNES, IO ANNQ "Mc- Ginnw, Diversified occupations, D.O. clubg Ambition-Nurse. MCHENRY, CYN- TI-IIAg Ufitlzdrawn. MCLAUCHLIN, ALANg academic. MEIER, LOUI C55 gen- eralg Ambition-Pressman. f 1. McConnell R. NTL-Cormick X D. NH'Coy I McCa1g 1. Mcilinnes C. Nlcllenry lil N A.McI.auglir1 L Meier V I "7 'kg A. Middleton P. Miller A' pv- j 4 'uf D. Meliek ll, Nlerriti B. Nierrvman IQ, Mg-ulin MELICK, DORIS MAE, eonmiereiulg Amliition-traveling. MERRIT, BARBARA IOANNEQ "Bobby Ion, eomniereizilg AlillilllOIlfSOCI'ClklTf'. NIERRYMAN, BE'I'rl'Y JEAN: academic, Bzmclg AmlniIioiifl'liysic'z1l llieraipist for Il.S.A.l". ME'l"l'I.lN, ELAINE IOYg "Lennie", aeadeinie. Clee Club. Psveliology club, Czilerefs club viee president, Ambition-Nurse. NIIDDLIETON, ANNE, general, 'I'ri-Ili-Y, llllfillilllfill lmslwtbaill. homeroom of- ficer, Ambition-Physical education. MICDAL. ALICE: eommereial, i'Y" teens, Ambilion-receptionist. iVIIl.l'IEl.lVl, CI,AliDE'l"I'l'f ROSE. HCIHLILIYH. eommereiulg Ambition-commercial artist. MILLER, CHARLES, "Chuck", general. soeeer temng Ambition-. MILLER. PATSY ANN: "Put", general, gym club, Trixlli-Y: Ambi- tion-typist. MILLER, RICHARD WRICHTQ "Dick", Diversified occupations, D. O. elubg Ambition-dairy farmer or rzmeher. MILLS, IAIVIES IRAQ "jimmy", :lea- demie, French club, Ambition-. MILLS, JOE FRANK, "Porky", Diversified oeeupa- tions, D.O. club. wrestling team, AmbitionfSueeeed in life. A. Migdal C. Millielm C. Miller R. Miller I. Mills I Mills 4: V. Minchello 41 5, aa -,- PDQ I K.Mi1chell R. Mitteldorf MINCHILLO, VINCENT IULIUS, "Vincc',, general, Ambition-field of tele- vision. MINOVITZ, ALLEN MICHAEL, "Micky", general, N-Club, Vice Presi- dent, Hi-Y, president, Varsity football, Ambition-Night Club Owner. MITCHELL, KENNETH, IR., 'iKenr1y',, commercial, Ambition-Printer. MITTELDORF, RHODA SUE, academic, NBC, Caterer's Club, Ambition-Home Economics. MOLES, VIRGINIA, commercial intramurals, Ambition-Airline Hostess. MONEY, TERRELL IACKSON, "Ted',, general, Ambition-Refrigeration mechanic. MOON, GEORGE, general, Football, Hi-Y, N-Club, Ambition-, MOORE, ELAINE HAR- RETT, academic, Y Teens, Bible Club, Glee Club, Nofwester. Compass, Little Theater, Dramatics, Ambition-Psychiatrist. MOORE, ROBERT ALEXANDER, academic, Wrestling team, Ambition-Cartoonist. MOORE, WILLIAM LOVEIOY, "Bill Lovejoyv, general, N-Club, Hi-Y, Band, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Ambition -Professional Baseball. MORGAN, MARILYN ELIZABETH, academic, Tri-Hi-Y, Ambition-Nursery School Teacher. MORIARITY CAROL IEAN, commercial, Ambition-Secretary. E by Qpwd' b M Q ,L . I 0 1?fjj'jff9fff W fe' ee-uma ' V. Moles 'i T. Money mr C.Moon .Moore VR. Moore W. Moore M. Morgan ff 1 oriarity ,J I 'Q' my MORRISON, ILLA FAYE LONG, general, Ambi- tion - Secretary. MULLICAN, IANET TATE, academic, Caterers Club, Majorette, Ambition- Home Economics. IVIIILLINS, LARRY ED- WARD, academic, Varsity Club, "Moon", Am- bition-Law enforcement officer for the Federal Government. MURRAY, IOAN PATRICIA, "Myrt", general, Homeroom president, F.T.A. Treasurer, Tri-Hi-Y, Glec Club, Library Club, Ambition-Primary Teacher. MUTZICER, STEPHEN IOHN, "Steve", aca- demic, Ambition-Mechanical engineer. MYERS, MADELINE BARBARA, "Maddie',, academic, Tri-Hi-Y, NBC, Clee Club, Psychology Club, Intramurals, Ambition-Nurse. NAUGHTON, LEOMA ISOLINE, "Lee", academic, Glee Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Nor'wester, Compass, Dramatic, Red Cross, Handbook, Class Secretary, School letter, Beauty contest, Ambition-Model. NEAL, IAC- QUELYNNE ROCHELLE, "Iackie',, academic, Sports day, Ambition-Airline stewardess. NEL- SON, IEAN MAXINE, commercial, Ambition- NELSON, MERLE, academic, Photography Club, Yearbook Photographer, Ambition-. NELSON, RUTH, "Ruthie,', academic, Y-Teens, NBC, Glee Club, Psychology Club, Bible Club, Hi-Sci, Pup- pet Club, National Honor Society, Homcroom Vice President, Science Exhibit, Intramurals, Am- bition-. NOBLE, BARBARA LOUISE, "Bobbie Loun, commercial. ' u W W., Q ' -Q bf 'of I. Morrison I. Mulligan L. Mullins I. Murray S. Mutziger M. Myers I.. Naughton I. Neal I. Nelson M. Nelson R. Nelson B, Noble an--S it , Wx Q7 Y A, -sl . 3 1 W .ze-:Y B. Noble P. Norton R. Nowland I. Osborne f v - ,. a,,,s.a ,ani 'Q QM KQJQVX Q ,M Cf- -QA:-rf Vx ID. Osgood I.. Ottenstein Paris Parker NOBLE, ELIZABETH, academic, Y-Teens, Ca- tereris Club, 'KBetty Lee',, Ambition-Teacher. NORTON, PATRICIA, academic, Clee Club, 4'Patti,,, Ambition-Fashion Illustrator. NOW- LAND, ROBERT, general, "Bob,', Ambition- Operate own business. OSBORNEJAMES ALAN, academic, "AlanU, Ambition-to design a race car. OSCOOD, DAVID, academic, "Dave", Varsity football, NBC, Varsity basketball, Hi-Y officer, Track team, "StardustI', Ambition-Farmer. OT- TENSTEIN, LAURANCE ALAN, "Larry", aca- demic, Ambition-go to college. PADGETT, EVE- LYN IEANETTE, "let", Commercial, Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y, homeroom secretary, Ambi- tion-become a reporter for a newspaper. PAGE, THEODORE QUENTON, "Ted,', general, Am- bition-. PARIS, DOLORES ELAINE, "Perrie', commercial, Psychology club, Psychology club re- presentative, Ambition-to be a top clothes buyer for a top store. PARKER, IOHN CLARENCE, "Iack',. academic, soccer, homeroom representa- tive, homeroom vice-president, Ambition-medi- eine. PARKER, VIOLET MAY, commercial, Nor'- wester, Midget Mag, Ambition-Nurse. PARKS, BARBARA ANN, general, Ambition-Waves. E. Padgett T. Page V. Parker B. Parks Oi A 4... 5 ff'- 6' PARNASS. Nli'l"l'Ili SllIRI.IiYg academic. secre- tary ol Psychology Club, Y-'ll-ensg Ambition - journalist or secretary. PARRISH. IAMIQS PRIGEQ "lim". general. Glcc Glubg Ambition- Aviator. PATH. PEGGY ANNQ academic, NRG President. llistorian ol Senior Glass. homeroom treasurer. secretary ol Tliespians. National Honor Socictyg Ambitimin-Speech and Dramatics. PAT- RICK. 'IIIONIAS AR'l'llIlRL "Lucky", general, rifle club, Hi-Y, Gamera Glubg Ambition-Auto- motive Designer. PAUI., NANCY LOUISE "Nan", commercial, Y- Teensg Ambition - Government job. PAYNE, IOYGE IVIIIRIELQ generalg Ambition-housewife. PEARSON, ROBERT CI-IARLESQ "Bob", aca- demic: Ambition - college. PELTIER, IOAN LOUISE: academicg Ambition-teacher. PERE- GOY, DORIS IVIAYEQ commercialg Ambition- secretary. PHELAN. WILLIAM REYNOLDSg "Bill", academic, Hi-Y, Varsity Baseball Team, Hi-Yg Ambition-Baseball Player. PHILP, HAR- OLD ANDREWg "Hap", academicg Ambition- Veterinarian. POINTER, NESLEY DONALDg "Don", general, Rifle Club, Compass and Nor'- westcr staffg Ambition-Newspaper work. N. Paul - j, P ,J -ik Heidi rn? Z 'Wlsj Q K I N. Pamass P. Pate Hynix R, Pearson I- Peltier D. Peregoy W. Phelan H, philp W. Pointer li -Q si I Piles P Qiinn F.Rahil pa P R lmy Re exeur M. Reclcnor PRIDCEN, IIAYNES MONROE, IR.g academic, NBC disc joekeyg Ambition-Disc jockey. PROFE, PAUI,g general. PROSPERI. ODORNO IOHN, IR.g "John", generalg Ambition-to work with his father. PUMPHREY. SHIRLEY DELORISEg Di- versined Occupation, D.O.Clubg Ambition-house wife. PYLES, IOANNE ELIZABETI-Ig commercial, Glee Club, Y-Teens: Ambition - secretary. QUINN, PATRICK D4 "Pat", Diversified Occupation, D.O, Cluhg Ambition-Army Oflicer. RABIL, FLOYD A. general. RAMSDELL, VALERIE HELENEQ "Val". academic. Cheering Squad. Student Coun- eil, Tri-Hi-Y.. lf.T.A.. Circle NN". homeroom Vice- presidentg Ambition-Physical Education Teacher. REAlVlY, PAlll.g general. RECEVEUR, IOHN CEORCEg general, Hi-Y. RECKNOR, MARY IEANNEQ eommercialg Ambition-Stenographer. REED, PHYLLIS DIANEQ "Phill', comme ' Teensg Ambition-secretary.U,,3. X U 'beef' ,SR VP '3' D. Reiehart M, Reid R. Reid S. Reuben .J I ef . VP. Rexrode' ' , M .Riehl REICHART, DONALD CLARENCE: "Don', aeademie, Psychology Club, DeMolay, Norlwester staff, Ainbition-journalist. REID. MARGARET LOUISE, "Peg", eonnnereial, Clee Club, Y-Teens, Ambition - model. REID. RUTH ELAINE, "Ruthie", general, Ambition-dancer. REUBEN, SI-IEILA GLORIA, at-ademie, Thespian Club, Tri- Hi-Y, N.H.S. Little Theatre, Ambition-actress. REXRODE, PATRICIA LEE, "Pat", academic, Cheer leader CCaptainJ, Secretary of Senior Class, Tri-Hi-Y. I3.T.A., Circle N Club, Secretary of Stu- dent Couneilg Ambition-teacher. RICHARDS, ERNEST I2DWARDg "Ernie'I, generalg Ambition -Naval eareer. RICHEY, IOANN FLORENCE, K'Io", general, majorettes, Tri-Hi-Y Viee-President, homeroom treasurer, homeroom secretary, Senior Class representative: Ambition-secretary. RID- DLE. ERNEST MARTIN: "IggyI', general, Hi-Y, Nor'wester staff. N Club, Vice-President of home- , 3 V at xxxf . Y 3 A CXJ i X I S I 1' xg ,J C on C X fe, x Nei Y A room, Varsity Footballg Ambition-Naval Careerf I ss 5 V RIEHI.. MARGARET IANETg commercial, Tri- Hi-Y, Gym Club, Circle N Club, Ambition-sec- retary. RITTER, HELEN IEANQ "SnookieU, commercial, Ambition - secretary. ROBERTS, CHARLES.AVONg general, Varsity Soccer, RiHe Club, Ambition-Army eareer. ROBERTS, GARYQ general. E. Richards I. Richey H. Ritter C. Roberts ,J . v , te' rs-J Rx ,lf E. Riddle C. Roberts f 5 . I YI 'V w' X ROBY, EVELYN IVIAEQ general, Ambition - model. RODRIGUEZ, CATHERINE ELIZA- BETH, "Cathy", commercial: Ambition - secre- tary. ROHRLAUGII. ROGER LEE, general. Am- bition-Engineer. ROLL. VVILLIANI EIVIANITEIB "Bill", academic. Ili-Y, NBC, N Club. National Honor Society. homeroom president. homeroom treasurerg Ambition-Medical Doctor. RONCHI. BEVERLY ANN, commercial. Tri-Hi- Y, Rifle Club, Red Cross. homeroom secretary, Ambition-secretary. ROSENZWEIG. MARTIN STEPHAN, "Marty". academic. Student Council. Quill and Scroll. Compass staff. Physical Science, Ambition-Engineering. SACREY. ROBERT C., MBOBN. academic. Hi-Y Club, Ambition-mar- 154 s Q 1 S- . if riage. SALVAN. MARGARET IEANQ "Pcggy", , - 1 commercialg Ambition-secretarv. SANTINI. ISA-'N ' In. Ixulij ' V R. Rolirbaugh BELLA MARIA, "Ozzie". general, Ambition-re- porter. SANTUCCI. SHIRLEY MAE, "Skippy", commercial. Intramurals. Sports Day. Tri-Hi-Y. Y-Teens, Circle N Club, Ambition-Clerk-Typist. SAVITSKI, GERALD P., "Ski", general. SCHAF- EER. JOHN ALBERTQ academic. President ol Student Council. National Honor Society. French Club, Nor'wester staff. Handbook, Tennis Team Manager of Basketball Team. ,1 Y . l Q I' A ' J B. Ronehi NI. Rosenzweig R, Sag-my P, Sglg-an I. Santini B. Santucci G. Savitski .' , Seliafler T lx fif .2 25' C. Rodriguez XV. Roll I-' my Mfr' , if Am SCllEjBAl., OUSAN JOSEEQ "Ocwcy". aca demic. Varsity Socccr Tcam. Tennis Team. French Cluhg Ambition-Dcntist. SCIIINDLER. EREDQ academic. Hi-Sci. Varsity Football Tcam. National Honor Socicty. lr. Class President: Amhition-to succeed in life. SCIIMIDT. NANCY ANNQ gen- eral: Amhition-artist. SCHNEIBOLK, VICTOR SAMUEL. "Yic". academic. Ambition-Business administration. SCHOONOVER. JANET: "Icnny". commercialg Ambition-sccrctary. SCHULZIE. LEONARDQ eommcrcialg Amhition-salesman. SCOTT, CATH- D.Schc-jbal If, Schindler ERINE IEANQ "Scotty", academic. Tri-Hi-Y, N-Sfllmidl V-5C'hH0ilt0lli ' homeroom secrctaryg Ambition-Nursery School I - A l Teachcr. SCOTT, JOAN I.EEg "Scotty". academic, ts . Quill and Scroll, "Stardust". Compass and Nor'- ' Wester Staff. Intramurals. Sports day. E.T,A.3 Am- . bition-Physical Education Teacher. SCRIBNER, GEORGE: general. SHENBERCER. MARY X X' CATHERINE: academic: Ambition -Photogra- k Q pher. SHERER. ROBERT DAVID: "Bob", gene- XX x ralg Ambition-fireman. SHORES. CHARI,ESg X general. I. Sehoonoxer I.. Schulze Q T- SCOU I- Sfmt G. Scribner M. Shenberger E R. Sherer C. Shores 'W' "" was .',4e",' qa i 73-Q we I? Z' 5' lv v n 'Q 6. if X, N .x ig, SHUMAKER, IOHN WAYNEQ "Shoes", general, Ambition-Naval Career. SIMPSON. SIDNA YVONNEg "Kid", eommercizilg Ambition-conv merciztl artist. SINGER, IOSEPHINE ELIZA- BETH, "low, Diversified Occupation, Student Council, Ambition-secretairy. SINGLER, BETTY ANN, general. Tri-Hi-Y. Cheerleader. Cirele N Club, Ambition-Airline hostess. SKOLNICK, DOROTHY DALE, "Dale", gene- ral. Tri-Hi-Y, homeroom treasurer, Ambition- model. SMITH, ANN HOPEQ Y-Teens. Vice- President of Caterer's Club, Clee Club. Science Club, Ambition-Dietician. SMITH, CHARLES PEARCEg "Buddy", Hi-Y, Red Cross, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, N Club, Ambition- college. SMITH. HELEN DELORES, "Blondie',, Y-Teens, Ambition-secretary. SMITH, LAW- RENCE RICHARD, "Larry", general, Camera ClubgAmbition-Mox'ieTechnician. SMITH,LOIS IANETQ general, Tri-Hi-Y, homeroom presidentg Ambition-college. SMITH. ROSE MARIE "Pie'l, commercial: Ambition-Physical Education Direc- tor. SMITH, MARY FRANCES: eommereialg Am- bition-secretary. P. Skolnick A, Smith L. Smith L. Smith C. Smith Marie Smith .. 406 .- ,Os I. Shumalcer I. Singer Il. Smith M, Smith "I- ,f,'lS. Simpson , tr! B.Singler L 1 Q VX If A gf: S' ,fl ', fx r M I til K ,fy 'ISI ff ,. ,T-ff . IX! J, , .f H tf' l ,fl I f 1. X , f. , f , . ,Q fyg I iff' L' J. Hi, .I . ,x I J 0 a f Y sl , ,V ,J f I ff ,r V, if , Y 'Cs 'ff .Aa ' ' 'fx' R..- gf 5, .345 eu- T' f I 1- i R. Smilll SIXZlX'Oly' Snead X if Sngsifn ,X lv f y SMITH, RICHARD AUSTIN: "Smitty", acaclemie, Clee Club, Psychology Club, Rifie Club, Ambition-business. SNAVELY, BENIAMIN BRENEMANg "Benw, aca- demic, Science Club, Science Fair, "Starclust"1 Ambition-Aeronautical Engineer. SNEAD, IACQUELYN HUCHSON: "Iackie". commercial. Student Council, Busi- ness Honor Society, National Honor Society. Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Class Representative, Ambition-secretary. SNEDEN, THOMAS: lflfifilllffllllll. SNYDER, KAY, academic, NBC, Caterer's Club, Bible Club, National Honor So- ciety, Ambition-college. SNYDER, MARSHAU. DVVICHTQ academic, Clee Club, homeroom President, Ambition-Navy Dentist. SNYDER. NANCY LEE, commer- cial, majorettesg Ambition-marriage. SOVVEI.l,, VIRCINIAQ "Sal", commercial, Tri-Hi-Yg Ambition-secretary. SPENCER, IUDITH ELAINE, 'gIudy", academic, NBC, Vice-President of National Honor Society, Hi-Sci, Tri-Hi-Y, N.L.T., Student Council, homeroom presidcntg Ambition-medical missionary. STANLEY. ROSIE LEE, commercial, Ambition-secretary. STEVENS, RAYMOND ALFRED, HRayU, academic, Rifle Clubg Ambition-college. STILLERMAN, ROBERT JOHN, general, "Bohn, Glee Club, Ambition-Pilot. K' Snyder M. Snyder N. Snyder V. Sowell I. Spencer R. Stanley R. Stevens R, Stillerman AN 6- ,grim . Q' V, 1 I A 3' 9' A ac. ,,,. - Q I I. Strickland ty Y no , , lf. Stuart VV, Stuclibery M. Sturgis STRICKLAND, IERALD, "Ierry", academic, Clee Club, Boys Chorus, Ambition- Lawycr. STUART, ELIZABETH IANE, "Betty", academic, Hi-Sci, National Hon- or Society, F.T.A., Ambition-teacher. STUCHBERRY, WILLIAM E., "Stuchy,' general. STURCIS, MARTHA FAITH, "Marty", commercial, Glee Club, Tri-Hi- Y, Y-Teens, Psychology Club, Catereris Club, State Chorus, Ambition-secretary. SULLIVAN, SHIRLEY, "Sugie", commercial. SUMMERS, CLEO CARLEEN, general, Clee Club, Ambition-singer. SUTPHIN, MARCIA CAROL, commercial TAYLOR, DOREEN MARY, l'DoDo,', general, Band, Ambition-Nurse. TEAL, FRED THOMAS, IR., academic, National Honor Society, Rifle Club. Clee Club, Coll Team, Ambition-Scienlist. TEMPLE, IOAN CLADSTONE, uloaniev, com- mercial, Glec Club, Ambition-Dress Designer. TENLEY, CAIL FLORENCE 'lCail,', commercial, Clce Club, Small Chorus, Ambition-concert singer. THOM ANTON CONRAD, academic, Camera Club, Ambition-Electrical engineer. S, Sullivan C. Summers lVl.Sutpl1in lf. Teal 1. Temple C. Tenley D. Taylor A. Thomn E 410 P. Thomas S. 'lliompwu G. Timmerman P Torbcrt THOMAS, PENELOPE ANN: "Penny", commercialg Ambition-Dress Designer THOMPSON, SHIRLEY GRAGEQ commercial. Compass and Nor'wester Staff, Tri- Hi-Y, Decorating committee lor Senior Ballg Ambition-Airline Stewardess. TIM- MERMAN. GEORGE HARRY PAUL: academic, School Photographer, Glce Club President of Camera Glubg Ambition-Photographer. TORBERT. PHILIP LYLES 'iGJ,iz", academicg Ambition-Navy Air Force, Q tx 'j1TREADVVELL. BARBARA IOANQ "Bobbie", academic, homeroom representative VIH-Hi-YQ Ambition-foreign secretary. TREVV. FRED RONALDQ academic, Var- Sitjv football Team. Gym Club: Ambition-college. TUGKER, JAMES PARVIN, NX general, Compass and Nor'wester staflg Ambition-writer. TUCKER, JOHN X I ' VVALTERQ Diversihed Occupation, D,O. Glubg Ambition-Photographer, "Iohnny" JTURNER. DONALDg Diversihed Occupations. VASCO. JOSEPH DGMNICK, J Qgeneral, N Club, Varsity Football Team. VOORHEES, IERALD RAYMONDg aca- 'X' d mic, "Ierry". Hi-Y. N Club. VVAGNER. GLORIA DAVVN1 commercial, Y-Teens, Tgflrli-Y. homeroom Preiiclentg Ambition-secretary. M J' ig Trcahuelll ' lv F. Trew Tucker Tucker D Txgrncr Vasco Voorhees G. Wagner r 1:.3,' "" 'v , '- f V 4 ,i Inca: '- L 105 - .41 X t K I ef Q' 1 VV1gnfr ' I. Wagner ' ii lx S. Vliallste . ' f ' Q X xiblgjggcx f I y if af " ' 1 I QR, X Jigg- VVACINER. IEANETTE CATHERINE. general. Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teensg Ambition- Model. VVACINER. IOHN VYII.I.lAMg acaclcrnicg Ambition-Physical Education Tcaclier, VVALKER. BARBARA: Witlzrlrrzu-n. VVALLSTEN, SHIRLEY ANNg aca- demic. majorcttc. National Honor Society. Tri-Hi-YL Ambition-Fashion Designer. I' f I .- 1 VVAl.SII. ROBERT AI.ANg academic-Q Ambition-college. WALTERS, RAYMOND EDVVARDQ "Ray". acadcmicg Ambition-mechanical engineer. WALTON, MAR- LENE MAYQ commercial. Libraryg Ambition-secretary. WATTS, PATRICIA El.lZABETHg "Patt". general. Nofwester staff. Tri-Hi-Y, Midget Magg Ambition- Illustrator. WEAVER, THOMAS I.g K'lack" academic. NBC, Glee Club. Boys Chorusg Ambition-Radio Engineer. WEBB. AMELIA ELAINEQ "Hon',. academicg Ambition-Interior Decorator. WEBB. ROBERT MCLAUGHLINQ general, Base- ball manager. Ambition-Air Force. WEINSTEIN. WILLIAMg 'fBill',, -academic, NBCg Ambition-Radio Announcer. R. Walsh R. Walters M. Walton P Watt T. Weaver A. Webb R. Webb W Wei t 9 3, -35. ' 1 3 2 gg-gs 4 'ef R White H Whitlock H I fw VVEISlXflILLlfR. JAMES RONALD: "Ronnie', 1 academic, Hi-Y, Varsity football, l'l.R. vice-presi-6-lf! dent: Ambition-attend college. VVFST. BRUCE U ll!! l '-sw .X , iVlERRll.l.3 "Goose", RlC2lClCITllL'Q Ambition-ac-on LU countant. VVliS'l'. SIDONIE ONUNTIYOHg diy "Sid". commcrcizilg Amhition-Ballerina. VVHl'l'lf.f hx! MARY KATHRYN3 academic, Y-Tccns. Ili-Sci, I F4 Caterer's Club, National Honor Society. Nor'west- W erg Ambition-Nurse. WHITE ROBERT BASCOM. IR.: "Bohn, D.O., D.O. Clubg Ambition-Service. WHITEFORD, IANETQ "Frcckles", general, D.O. Clubg Ambi- tion-Secretary. WHITEHOUSE. DONNA MA- RIEQ academic, Dramatics Club. Caterer's Club, NBC. Puppet Clubg Ambition-Fashion Designer. WHITING. PHYLLIS HELENQ "Phil", generalg Ambition-Navy Nurse. WHITLOCK. HOWARD WILLIANI, IR.3 academic, Hi-Sci, "Bonehead"g Ambition-Chemist. WIEDMAN. DOROTHYQ commercial, Y-Teens, Glee Clubg Ambition-Lin- guist. WIGGINS BARBARA OPALg commer- cialg Ambition-The W.A.F. or Waves. VVILCOX, BARBARA IEANQ commercialg Ambition-Man riage. I. Whiteford D. Wiedman 17. Whitehouse B. Wiggins , ,, 75.45 -- Al 41 W J Y-, 1.Wc-ismiller S. VVcst P. Whiting B. Wilcox as-' fl C. Williams W. VVilson ax ,Vx zz- I ' f GP 43 wp--v S ii M. Wilkins P. Winter W. Witten R. Wnoclvarrl XQWVIIIM 5 i if K 1 if l i WILLIAMS. CRAYg'gLamont Lupe". general Am- bilion--lilcctronist. VVILKINS. MARILYN AN- Nlf'l"l'lfg "Willie", cornrncrcial, Clem' Club. Y- Teensg Ambition-Secretary. VJILSON, VVIL- LIAM LLOYDQ coinmereialg Ambition-college. VVINTRR, l'AClfg acadeniic, ll.R. President, H. R. Rcprescntativeg Ambition-build street and truck Roadsters. WITTIZN. VVAL'lllfR LOUISQ academieg Ambi- tion-Business. VVOLF. EVA MARIA ERIKA SYLVIAQ aeadcrnic. '6Evie". Glec Club. Psychology Club. Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y. State Chorus: Ambition -Medicine. VVOLFE. BLANCHE AMANDAQ "Wolfi0". academic: Ambition-Secretary.WOOD- ARD, QSCEOLA EMZYQ "Rick", generalg Ambi- tion-commereial pilot. WOODYARD, RICH- ARD CARLTONQ generalg Ambition-Artist. WOZNEY. CAROL IEANQ commercial. Midget Mag editorg Arnbition-Photographer. YASBEC, EDA generalg Ambition-College. YEAGER CHARLES RICHARDQ general, NBCQ Ambition -Disc loclcey. E. Wolf B. Wolfe O. Woodyard C, Wozney E. Yasbee C,Ye-aszer A' A -3 I , " . ,L fl I ,A 1 - r I ' Q Q 1 0. W' is . 8 in ' 'Y N 7,0 X. YOUMANS, MONNA RUTH: "Tillie", zieziclemie, National Honor Society: Ambition-Stenogrziplier. YOUNG, SHIRLEY ANN: "Sl1irl". general, Psy- chology Club: Ambition-Dress Designer. de VANE. SARA ANN: "Curly VVoo". academic: Ambition-Commereiall Artist. DICKSUN. SAM- UEL EDVVARD: "Dixie", academic: Ambition- Engineer. ZANVILLIE. AI.I.EN: "Little Al". general, Com- pass Staff. Nor'wc-ster, Midget Mag: Ambition- Restzulrateur. ZIMMIQRMAN, CAROLYN ELIZ- ABETH: "Zimmie". general, Student Council, Music Review. Glee Club. Dramatics Club: Ambi- tion-Lawyer. ZINDLER, NICOLAS ADAMS: "Nieky". NBC. National Honor Society: Ambi- tion-Engineer. ZOOK, HORACE WENDELLg "Zookie", general: Ambition-Plasterer. ff A. Zanville C. Zimmerman N, Zindler ll , o PN" if sp ig... I, M. Youmans S. Dixon H. Zook nv - i I Q L- 4-:' 5 1 I K .i lx- 7,0- o,,' S.Young S. Vane it ff .A I- Q it f' K+.. ,Lt Mr ff My nl A 1 I fi ffl. H fi. I ' l . . fl' V1 X ffl ffifl if xl If Alf i i?l' V J!!! l' ,vip 113 '.,4'f" J, f., Q 1 '--in-gr' Following Our Footsteps As the Senior Class leaves the spotlight, We shall enter upon the scenesg hoping to do as well, striving to do as much. We shall follow their precedents and traditions, but we shall set our own goal toward which to work. - A w 0 Ltfw tl . f I 1 ." ft V., --Wa. f , f r 304 ir lltttttit fl - ' 4 i H' K Big plans go into action . . . Paul Nystrom, president ol tlte Iunior Class, dicsusses plans for the Iunior Prom with Blakely Littleton, Vive Coby, historian, and Patty Cieirst-lt, Treasurer. he Sophomore Class "All we do is work". . . Neal Nelson, treasurer, Nancy Nystrom, vice-president and Frank Vrana, president of the sopho- more class take time out for a picture. Kay Harding, secretary is absent from picture. Mr. Phillips President, lean Skidmore, secretaryg Mary Pat The Junior Class z .1 , 1 'Au'--', .L . ft-A--anim. f 2 .fl q- -- 3 H Xbdlll -X lxllflll B01 l C Booth 'Pi From contemplatzon one may become wzse, but knowl edge comes only rom study 3- s ,N I e P Abel Mx 'ld Bc 'lx er M Boteler L fb Ablelter VI Barley B Beaxers B Bouma is N Wx Q- W Akm F Allen I Baker W Baller Beavers H Bmxers L Bouma E Bourne nfl Allen Fdward Newton 1 N- dn tx VV Xllcn C Allred l Balmer A Barbltta L Barker W Becraft X Begeman e XI BOXXllI1E E Bm er Boyle . vf j 1, - l- Q V 'lr 3 Q ' , A 1'-A nr-3 N " F ,. ' e v , " 91 9' , - 8 - 6, fr vw- Q K I S, . ' A A 'A A I 5 V - , 1 ,- A ,. 1 , , Ii -f fr M r . J I , , r 4 rx 1, r x ,I .I Q I A ,, 9I - If I, N. A' F A - . j 5 B l B . , " . . A 'ff 40- ' lr . 4, 9 f 4 l 'l 9' N , , ' 7 ' Y 9 4 4 . wvvw ,,,. I B A r., D., . A 2 , ,J : '- f - i'f ' 7' 5- , W r' r' 4 v- .'f - W . i O - ey ' " 5 ' ' gl v 1 ' ' I " - , - .f fv-. ' - 14 . 'fr ff' W ff-4 A ,I J Q . .4 l v ' 1 .J ' Q ,H ' M ' . J . 'f' , Q ' . ,A A V , X if . y Y' ' v - , ' gf ,f 11, , T , A: . I I, f, . u ' i' ' v ' 7' ff X 9 '- rp f Q A . -B , ' ' I 3 ' 'i .J I P1 , h ,,. , A Q V A ' T f 1' r 47, ' fp 1, . ff B 4 . .u 4 uf f Q 9 95 ry X' I V 55 - W A.. D S., . . . in 45, J V B 1, W ' I w f' I ,I 9- N 9' 1 0' : w x Ax I . L if ve, L P. Brannon . Burgess R. Chapman M. Cogar I. Creech I. Darwin I. Dean B, Dove Q QF' R F 5 L 3 F JF EFEFF Q D. Breen . Burns T. Chastang T. Collins P. Crox er V. Davenport B. Deeck I. Dudley .. Brockman '. Bussard . Chartton . Colquhoun . Crother D. Davidson D. Deem B. Dudizik P559 . Brooks VI. Caldwell l.. Clark .. Condolon , Curry . Davis . Degrouchy S. Dunaway R. Brouma L. Cappe E. Clayton 'Vl. Condolon D. Custis I. Davis A. Delzell R. Easterling I. Brown B. Carpenter D. Clexeland C'. Cooke D. Dailey I. Davis P. Dix I. Elder P. Bryant . Carston 'VL Cobey . Cornell 1. Danner . Dawson ,. Dove I. Ellis D. Burgess C. Caruso M. Cochill E. Crabtree D. Darnes C. Dawson D. Dove I. Elmer B Epstein C Ile furry R Iorrester F Irleclrlclx C 1 r I Corman P Ilarnsler Vl Hatcher 4. v 'Tn " g 0. :ex '- 4 4 . 1 A ! sf our , X Yr P s A v s x K. x It by Ig - 6 L Fipenchade I lesher l orsxthe I ulghum C forge VV C mf VV Hager I Havens -fir-Q A L D Iadden ss x I u Ls C 1:-mlm C rallano Haper Hawerty A .. Farrell I QL ox I uller Clllespre C reen Hampton Hawthorne 2 i Ferguson I ull I raaxe I lgart C rlmer M Crlflln S Harlnugll I Heeley I Flery R Fllss I-ranklm C ardmer C old C rooxes Harne Heeter S Fisher F me I-rederlckson C aStroclC Goodman Cude VI Harper S Henson C Fleshman Forbes I-nedman D Gately Corman Haas Harris M Herbert 81 1 Sl ' 'VI Hlldor C Hoflm1s10r 'N II fvfu IC H fmxs 1rd lm n lx Kane 1 N Krmucr 82 1 B Hofmwster Ilop ms S I r 0 I xmuon C lxmdw VV Klclzl I Knobld B Holder I H DPU S Ilubsmin R 'lc S Kc 1 f n P Ixrclmll P Ixonop , 3 6, 0 06 9 Hoc-lllngor H Horstman I Huflmfm U Iohmon VI Kelly 'VI IXIIIC ul C Knoll I ax I Hollman R Ilospqn I Hughes I olmnscn R Kell lxurtl C Kuhn C, x. K P Iloltlfmus Vl Ilotclmluss I u t V once Cl lxcnm VV lxmsu Xl Ixurtlm ID Holton I3 Housor llussman one II lxvnnlcut C lxlr cy I lqmbcrt .J 6 U l B Hood Howard B nge R Kadesnh I ern I Klein VI Iahman z , 9-4, K K 'f .. G' 5 ' ' I Sfug I 9 - 2- I I J M- - . X X , I gr 'g :I K It Q . r I .- I 4 j 1 cl 0 g X 9 ' 3 62' I ,Q ' an g , ' . Q x ' 1 1 I I : Q 1 K ,.. I R Q . qw .5 - . ,x N .A A A , ' r I I ' 5. A' A., , 1. W 5 I 'I f I YQ., I 'f Q, I I r ' I . . A I. Il'll S. Ilillwisll VV. Higgins P, Hinlcson IU. Ilinshaw I7. Iloclgson Cl. Hocllc I. 1 lm' . . . . . 1 I I n . I I. 'i 3.Iz 2 .I1'."ry . . . J' . ,"' . '.' 2.'u,' .'.'-:tm .. ' 1' .' ' 2.K Cl.K'ys . " . H " . . I' '2 ' '. . P . l. 'A il . ' . 4 . ' . ' I. . l , I ,. l . . Y' P' G A A 1"N P f" .FTSE QPF 'I Inmgford C IIYTIUYILIK I Imhrop I 'VI'1II1v I 'VI1rkIm W. VICC'raw . 'Viola-her . Milton -X Iannmg I ra B I0uImt1 'VI1I1x 'VI'lfNII"lI .VIcI,00d .Molick I. IVIiItrm I B I msdfmn I mkxmml 4 II VII m1II 'NI If R. VII-IN1IIy I. Miller B. Mita-hell lx Ix Iauterbaph S Iomn IJ xc 'VIH tt C VI IN Drs F. My-X mrry I. Nli or S. Miltimore I Q an I 0 Ig I uehrmann Vlfmcllmo VI'11x en Vlcrryman .Mills IVI. VIirs0n Lexus I Ong I uthor Vhrncron W VImC'IosIn VI. Vlichwud D. Mills Ii. 'VI lnrr my I xbc-Le Inrber I Mauhlo 'Viaxcr 'VInCormxcI. . Michel VIiIIs . Vlurray B I lttleton 'VI Iorentz S 'VIaLCord W Vlarker I 'VI1Cra1ken R. Vlilbourne D. 'Vlillson P. Murray 83 MV! A ,4 uf ff' nf' W 'Vloles B Neal Nfl Nlxon D Patterson l' Pulfler S Plt7er B Prusser D Reeves 84 ll Vlorgan ll Nutley I Noble X Payne Q Phnllups K Plalcxas ll Putnam D Reid Y B Moser Nc llxg ln Noe Pax nt Pltltett Pluebell Raclt r Reynolds B Vlnllcr ID Nzlson X N fvxu all I Pwnc Plerte P rmrm le Rmnle Rhocds ? is S Vluller R 'Xhlson Nxstrom 1 7 lnne ope Rultnor Ryne 1 Vlusgrove Nrehols Ollver Pee Pmtls Potter Rultnor I Rlce 'Q' MYTILR Nleman Osgood Pennington P Plttas Pow er Rector I Rxce l Naughton Nlx S Palmer P Pulgax Pltzer Price Reed Rlgano l . 7 C Q in 5 9 4' ' x . . I A , I A . I . 0- 4. Q q g if its ' ' A R' N A l f ' 5 .5 1 I .a- ,. 1 l ' ' , ,, . 1 4 X . if I V Q Q 'sg Os F 2 Q G ,Wo ' I F . I X sv, fl sg, It 'x .ab 4 - , J f . ' 2 V - 1 , -P er 'P .. R .J I ., - 3 5' ,N K 4, H ,x Q' I t x I .A K . li .5 f 6- l f G - C9 Y - 'X - r if -A - A ' . ' .t 5 .. .. , .. - Cl.. . S. .. f . y R. -'z . -. .t -. A. " .' Cl. '. ' . . . C, '- P. lf. ' l.. .' . . . .- . . ' B. 1' - , za' - I. P: ynv V. l - ' . '. ' .. ' ' 5 'A' V. '- ' l .P' ll ' '. ' . E. ' . ' . . ' J li P. B. P B. P. ' H. ' . . 1 . . ' R. .lf ' A. --' C. 2" ll. ' B. . . . ' S. . B. . P. . ' . ' R. ' Q., , H Rxley I Rowe T Robinson R Schoeman W Sheets B Shorb H Smxth D Spencer I 1. ' 6 1 Q- 0. s . .W ' Q Gp 'f as we 'I' N. r nc' gi S 4' bt f' C , I, 4 A Rogers C Rowly W Rodman E Schrler C Sherman S Sxmmes I Smxth B Spxcer D Rogers P Rowley Rye M Schuetz I Sherman B Slsson I Smith R Spitzer G Roley M Rubm A Ryland W Scott S Shlelds D Slsson P Smlth B Steinman G Roberts Rudd R St Claxr A Shadel I Shlexltr D Sxx S Smlth R Stephenson Ropko Russ Savage Shank R Shnlllett I Slndmore S Smuh S Sternstexn A Roth T Roberts M Savage M Shank I Shlgekawa I Slack S Smith R Stmchcomb C Rounds D Robertson R Schutt E Riley E Shape I Snider W Smith S Shakey 85 C' Qtogdale C K Qtrlpllng Thxes Turner Wa l Ward Wrlson Woodzelle qillifl C Thompson B Turmn IJ VV1lLer Weber B Wilson P Yanekey S, C ts, NL M 6. vx l in rffelff' I Qtogner QION PT Su 'ml Todd X 1n de Putte Walker Weber N Wllson D Young Suctnam VI Tomford B X anderl lnden I Walker l Weeks R Wxlson I Young I Qimnslry Trask I V11r Walker Wells A Wmant M Young Strwuslnugh Tavel 'lroy Vlxerette Walker N Whitlock R Wmen R Young Qtromph M Templeton B Trumbule II Voorhees B Walters R Wlles G Wolfe W Young K 1 A 'ri' . . :L K . 4. R 'R .e ' V - ' f " Q 4 G' Q4 Q , .gg e ' ' - fe . ' of f ew L R f 3 e- 3? GJ il I 5' - , F S . . . tg 'W . , -.,, f V- v 1 me . A s in .1 I . Y X 1 fi H K W '- T 'I K ' Q' . K , K li Q- , . 1 Q - 5- 'l v- . an 'ES l e , L- is . X G ' s, Q 4 C , ' M 1 :Q Q7 A. V C 5 ' l A xk R 9 F X , . J. --- U-1 f ak :Nl A yi IZ' Y is .:, z , , Q K 3 E' 5, S . Q xc, . T: ' K 'C 'X " N- 1 L Wy.. 3 ' R -' 1 la V C , C. t . Q- X Q - fl e We X yr. V - A in ' 4 C. Bi Us 5. 8 , Q' T x L S. 's 2' I X Q, 4, , , ,L Q' - ' v T V yi li . R' ,.... 5 ..,. - , o ,T ,X r it -'H 2 6' 4 ' 4 Q ' Q W ,lb N-" ' ,, E. Ya ' 1 A . '7 , NX I,. Slim ,. R.. ' . 1.1 . , . I,. -- I.. ' ' I.. . 1.3 '. V. P.: V- N.'I'ai1 B. R . H ' 3. . . P. . , D, -' P. ' ' . 7 H. . A, x . ' J - -4 U- " ' - ' 2' R. I , 1 - IQ. - . e M. . - s. . . . B. D. 1. . A H. . . ' . ' - ' M Qtroup I 'levls C Turner I Wagner D Walter B Wnlkersorl E Wood R Zlmmet R Aaron I Andruslc A Biker B170 Bertm V Bradley Brlggo There is nothing so power ul as truth and o ten nothing so strange L 995 + R Allebich I Angell P Biker P Beach l Bladen X Braer I Brogdon is C A Q- A n Xrmentrout Bnlmer Beetle Bhgden Branth Brooks tn 2 S Q l C' Allen D Armstrong I Bqnlleld X Beem I Bowell F Brandt-l Brooks R Ambrose 9 Armetrong P Barbot B ell 'VI Bourne I Braxsley M Broemer Amos M Arnold I Barnett L Bennett I Bowler F Breedon I Brown Danzel Webster 1 5 A Anderson Ashlm Barnhrll A Berltn 'VI Boyd A Breerwood P Brovxn Andrew s Aura no Barton Berrett Brackney Bremerman W Brovn nholtz 87 M. Brunett W. Cannon H. Chasanow F. Cogar R. Cramer R. Davis C. Derflinger E. Dovel D. Buckwalter I. Canter M. Cheek I. Collins D. Culp R. Davis M. Degennaro R. Drinkard L. Bunch N. Canter I. Cipriano Vi. Collins R. Cunningham R. Davis M. Dixon B. Dudley W. Bunch D. Catts P. Clarlc A. Compton 'Vl. Curtis 1. Dawson K. Dodson A. Duke L sg R. Bunchette I. Caudell lx. Claxton C. Cool: y S. Curtis T. Jay I. Donellan B. Dunizan S.. S.. R. H. D. C. Burger Chambers Cline Corbin Daniels Defrouchy Donold Dunn N. C. Buzzella M. Chandler I. Cochran B. Cowne B. Davis I. DePriest R. Dorrell R. Dunn . Campbell .. Chang . Coder H. Cox . Davis I. Dean I. Dougherty C. Dyer rl, . If .eq gk . z X N r L 3 .L L 7 I' Ijlklgglflg I Ishcnour I Icngenbaum lls er A Foltz C Ire-eland I C allagher B C ares W Farl X I-sscx I Fenton I Flanxgan A Fontaine P Irvoland B Calentme N C aylor s. 1 VI Iddlns I worthy VI Icrguson I llathcr I Iorrcst P Irmdman P C allun F Gentile vi -1 t'- S' Q P63 I Edmmton I Fworthy I Fleldmg Fleharty Fort I rm holy C 'lluiha 'VI C entxle C, .Q V-1 6. an Q Q 5 .Elm A . Q SN 7- F Edmunds I Fuhlson 'VI Fme Flmhman Form N lrltter C ardmer C entlle VI Elder B ladden D Finlay Fletcher C oyl P Frost I C ardner l C ereaux L L T Endo I Farrell I Flrmln N Fletcher C Frank I C azer C C arner VI C erital X' R Englehart P Favler F Fnsher T Folks I Fredm P Gahan D Garstane D Clbb0l'1S 89 - I 0. 1 ' K Q I 'S 'I I I I A I I I I I el E fe' V- . V- I.- , - AI 5. 1 2 ... I :N h . , Q I C - Mr . x , Q. .I Vw . fr' I Q Kit E Ra I , K L. . -. , 4 , :E I Yr. K I V - P QC' . Q s Q 5 Q V tyx F' 9. YN X rw E L -. I 3 Q I C g 8 .L I I , I fl - , N. G K -1 SJ K S K' ly, wg, Q 5 I F, I I A Nr A I C' Q' ,, sf 'N F . 4. .' Q tl- A I l S . .IL ., I .'.' .' I. Z. ' . .. ' , z ' . I . - ' I. :Th . ' . 5 B. H. . A. . . . , , ' , . 3 . B. - I A. ' , I.F ' I. - . ' Q.: .: ':' p-:-Q. I 4:' .5 D . I . I ' . I' " K. I. . A. I ' . I . I . . I . I ' . ' I . I ' S. I ' .. I ' I . . I' I Clbbons S C ranxms W Haley Hams Hatcher Hemetra H1 d Holansee 90 1. - S Q -- wb 1' K s' 4 We 'Ib- ." 3 3 wi' A h Q X .Q 'X fx vin- .th ,X ,S 'x I Qg C lbbons S C msso I Hammond D I'I3ffli0l"l R Hawk I Henley H Hull I HoII'1r 'QU x, V.: ' Vx. C C lerich C ray B Haney Harrlson C Hawkins M Hennessy B Hodges A Homary V- C xoxe C ray Hanna Hartman IJ Hawkins S Henry 'VI Hodxak I Holxen C oodenough C fl gs K Harding Hartman I Hawklm C Herbert R Hoff F Hook w . 4 k 1' 'N Q . A F C C ordon C roome B Harman I Harxew W Hasghe F Hershbeger D Hoffman 9 Hook A F Cottlleb C roth IJ Harnack I Hash Hearn H Heilop R Hoffman I' Hoapan L D C'ranahan C uldry A Harris Haste W Hcm1ngHHY B Hlgh F Hofeommvf I Hough cl , of ra. 'Z -'I' Q' C :J . . K C.. O., 3- 5 1 L I 5- fi I gt, 'b Y' , ' c.. - .5 I Q . A A Sfnzm 5 Q ' I T 5, R 4. Q. Q Q L - - G. ,x ... 'U t - I - E h 'x - - g f - Ke, 5. Q K 'N 'Q " 'N I L ' A' N5 fx n R to X I . I , , YI K I z N I .X K Q ' C i ,Q :W ' . ' ..' . C., S 7 , I .1 4 X C S" 5- f 1 gl ' , ' ' - . Y' Q ' , , s- ' K A I ' . I' . I. I' 5 I. I' . F. I' ' I. I I. I I ' . 1 . I ' .' I... F. I ' S. I I. I'gf.' S. I ID. I P. I ' M, " . '. I. E. I. f. ' ,' - -' R- -A G. , ..... . . . . . ' Q 1, s Q ig 6. A 't 'Q .. I 4 l P' X w 4 Q 11" 'D' " I L ' V f z ge' 3 , ' . 1 L .H I I 0, I 8 0. A ax K 1 s. I 1 , A N G S' gf A A 0 3 N .9 - J I v . I ,xv 6 7 h , 'J If 'I e- D ' ' I G . , N , -' ' Y . -ll . J V Y ,C C ta Q 9 3' Q 5 I ' 4 A , I Q ' I ,. , Q ' 'T' I I e Q , R Q -1 Q . NI ,bb V X ' - L L . . I 4 ' . -V ,QQ I 5 Q .Rf 5. in Q A R Q In l Y - ' H . ' C. R ' P. I ' . 5 B. . . E. -. . . , T.I A. " , . -' . .' I. . . P. . R: BW: .' 1: .f 1. ' . . . . K.1 S. ' . . s. . ' . . ' P. R. , . , , . D.Lee . R Housman C Humphrles P Iames G Locks D Iewell N Iones C Klng D Kolda Hou ard Hutchmg and Llvely Iohnson W Iones I Kung W Kunowskl C How ey Hutchison Icnkma I lpaon Iohnson udd Kmg Kyne 1' R Howes I Hum I Ienklns R L1nk0u9 R Iohnson Karlln 'VI Knrkley I agana C Hoyd Ingle W Ieriln R Lrneberry A Iones T Kaufman I Klmg F Ianeddwn C Hoyle S Iabas Lorber Lieberman A Iones I Keane R Knight H Lawson S Huestlc Iackson V long I Levels B Iones Kerns B Koch I Huffman N Iames Long Lewls M Iones D Kldwell I Koemg N Lee 91 5 .F S Lord B 'VIcEwen C 'Vloore I Morton 'VI Natlon Novak I Oldham A Parker 92 B Louclcs H lVIcC'ovran 'VI Moore K Mott H Nelson I Noxellr V Oldham F Parker l 'VI Ioveless A 'VI1llon M 'Vloore 'VI Mochmk I Nelson N Nystrom A Osborne I Partlow C WX Lundregan Mock Moore Moyer Nelson O Connell Osgood Patrick Lusby 'vionaco Moore Murphy Nelson Odom Ox erholt Pascal 1k W lusk I Moody Y Moore I Murphy R Ncman Odwyer Owens D Peach Qu bu B Markward C' Moon R Moorefield M 'Vlurphy I Nxchols 'VI Oerlly C Palmer I Paysone I Maxhull G Mooney E Moms R Myers I Norman B Offenbacher M Palmer R Parsons 7, I Co K mf K ' I M p ' y"4 e. P K as QV ew LA B S Q9 IR, v, K P 6' Q ' 'E K. -T Q Q . Sh I I X tj ' Y is ' ' -I . 5 ' ' 4 I : . .1 O I " I 5 R , Q I G 6 C I Q Q - I . I l A 5 , . l ' +6 ' P 4. ' Q ek 'I we I fe 4. I - fx ' . 4 I , Q " , , K B' G 'I S ' Wx . . I Q Q- -If ' 1 " sl A 6' 'I - Q 1 Q I V' X 5 I I 6- S KG z , X ' . K I I -V ' g as - , I . , , 4 . I ' -A ' .I 1 .. ' , ,i I t R. . ' ' . P. ' M. L. ' . . . . . .. .- R. , R. Y B. V , , , B Peel. F Poe Prnt B R1mery T Reeves I Rlsdon Vl Rupert l Stherungcr XT v H , ' 1 at Q. "C, 5- iv L -. .N -5 Q K Q- .. gi Peck VI Pohlen W Prlncc B Rqthbone H Rertluelt P Roberts M Russell I Schubert D Pendleton S Poole D Prltthard Rmmw B Reynante H R3blY'lOVlLl'l C Salmon D Schuderer Q' N Penny Porter P rrmt tor Renee Rlthards Roby 'Vl Salute I Schultz Perry Porter Profe Rechno I Rlchey S Romer VV Sams R Schulre 1' 3 C Plulllpe Posllcr N Pryor I Reed B Rlthter I Ronehx D Sargent Schure Q' -- tr C 9 W Phlllnps H Potter Pulllan Rees Rxlev Rubel Schatz Scully I Plack F Presley I Qunnn B Reeves I Rlpplngale C Ruffeley I Schercmger D Secnst 93 I ,A G R .. 4 , 1 A -I ct. - ' 1 -., 5 Kr X 'F A 'Q 4 . i I' xg 1 lf. tx ,J Y ' ,fr 'L ,. E S Q as , 0 'Z wi r! 6' I ' . 4 ' . I ' I a- - 5 1 E 6' V' ' J- q A - - E' . x f E 1 ' A 6- 6 I C' , 0 ' 'S' " 5. 1' a .7 Y ,Z Q, Q- ' 5 I I if U A . R l 'S f Q A ri ' P 4- . . ' M. ' . . R. ' . ' ' , ,P I ' ' , 1- 1 . . A. F. D. 5 . . 54 . ' . '- C. - C. . ' N. ' T, ' - 1 . . S. . 4' S. . ' . A. . B. , . - ' - . . ' " A. ' . . ' E. . R Sexger B Shenberger C Smlth I Spencer P Stlllerman N Swope K Thomas B Tlmanus 94 P '7- -6. Q C' ' 'N xi Y: S1 g I Q- 1: ' 4" I s we .x,. 1. - ' - 5 7 'S' fag' E Q Seuss Shepherd Smith Stafford Sud dath Tart Thomas I when L I ergl I ShleIds I Smlth I tarIs Sulhoff X Taslor S Thomas C' Townsend STL 55596 65.6 I Shstefer Shagekawa Sm ith S1111 Sutphln Iax Ior 'I hompson Tru ers Shaffer Shoemaker Gmnh Stoxens Sw qngo Iawlor Ihompson Thew tw S Shands C Slmpson V Snyder Stexens I Sweeney Tavlor B Thompson B Truslow C. A. if I Shank B SIULCII C Soules W Stexens Sweet Thomas Thorpe Tucker Q- s or u.h- M Shea C' Slade I Spates A Stewart I Swenson Thomas D Thuma B Turkmgton HA 1 R , Q. - ' U. " ' . C- I N I .I Q' .L Q I V A - A ef , I . , l.. ' , k Q I ' I " B -5 an, af '- :. ' I P 9 I I 4. I - 'Q I Q- 5-- , , A I s Q.. , Q ' S c I : Q I A I 4 SA S Q ' I . -s wxh J Q Q I ' 'A -I QQ QL - '- -D is I ,. 5 V fx '- Q C' 0 x Yr- . .1 S A r . Q ' 1 5 K 5 A 3 S x - 4 4. I . ' B. ..S ' . . R..' . Q E. ' . . Ii. .. ' . D. ' ' ' ' N.. . . ' ' ' 1. . ' CI. ' . ' N. ' S.. ' ' Z. . . . .' . ' K.. .S ' M.. .1 K..' ' .' R. ' A .. ' . . ' R.. C.. A.. ' K..". B. ' ,. ' . . ' T. .' 5 Rip S. 1 B. . BX . . . S. 5 B. ' . B." . . . P. . . ' . ,. ' . P. . ' 5 B. ' . J ' G. " . " I s. 1, I tx A-'R Us -, 4 tg! Aa t '1x. n. - . J I N I Turner DI C' WTIISU -Q XI VV1gner P Vk ebb I Wobr r Whltt C XRIILIIIYTYIH Mmm, I mu Ie ffflajm I' yr Af' P D Xanliuevm VV Walters D Webster N WIIIIQITIS VV fangxull f' ,f f J 'f I I JJ I 'l R Vaaco S Warren C Wemer I WIIIIS I fam1IIe 4 K S -it I L e- ie. 5 -x 5 'S B Vmcent T Warren Wester Wllmn IU 7oeChl 4 I Y, I B Vmcent I Watts D Wheeler Wmegar L " 6. i K Vlverette Weary Wrede Wxnemxller I' Vrana C' Webb I Whlte N Wmfree . ' I vs I - Of . - . lx . f . A ' I . a- I 1 ' E ' ' 'G E I 1, i W I i y , E ' mg, 'A V . . 1 , IQ., s S ' 9 I . 0. Q. I Wg 4 ' 4. i fc' . .. E. x 5 A A ' . -' , 6 1' S I .. Q I i ,. I , A , I V 9 4 f K e os 35 ' I, n . C L I Il 1 .. ' . Itz . I. g. . , . ' . ' I.. ' '- . ,, . . . .- . . . B. r ,. . ' ,. - . . . ' P. . . K. . ' P. ' I. 'f . . ' '. 5 . ' S. '. M. ' R. ' ' . ' R. VVinkbIauer I. VVimer S. XVUIIQ- XV. Woodard C. Woodley B, Wright N. Wyche F. Yeatts IW. ' 1 R. 'f nj ' 'A .', " . , ' ,J I, 'I 'I r,L' . H It 5. zijn? J. ,ffl f . x' I If I " y . Q .,,1 U jj ' Q! jf ll! . rvhn. U, vi J N ,I f, I' T liar 'I' . I , f l !..j K W 'VI' jp P E. Vlfju no s 1, V 4 if a Z' ' 0 ' 'I' . y Us 9 A ,I v ,5 -n X . I 'ff .. -ps 51, I Is r I , lj! ,fu y',f . , if 4 ,I J' X 95 wr, Vhttheus I 'Vhttheus 'VI 'Vhxhrn U 'Vlixhugh 9 'Vicglll B 'Vlcredlth C 'Vimlvr P 'VI cr F VI cr C 'VI lar mr 'VIuVI1ll1n M'1cNe1l lx Mcfixx B Vkfrelght 'VI N11 Chun D 'Vhlxn VN 'Vk'Nhhm1 IV 'VILVIQ-ekln 9 'VIcNey S MaVav 96 'Vhllor D 'VhCl1ry M McVcarry B z, 9 G- A 5: Q 1 V 5 5 . x? .D I Q f . ! " x 'X Q if 1 1 3- : 4, " 'F Q -' n fs -59 5 .N I . - - J -9 n N ' 4 A K ' N , N A ' , .f ' F' g A Q , A . 1 , x 6 Q m 4: , Q 8 l s ' ' 'x 11. + 5 ' Q4 ' L . f- -, A 5 Madisnn. B. Magni. If. Marcvrun, I. Nharlvv, R. Marlin. D. Martin, M. Martin, P. Mason, D. .ill-, .ill-, I. .il-,I. Mill-,'I'. .zw'. ,N. .' '.'. ur ', . 1' . , . ... .n ',. '. .x'. .. .w 1' ,. N ,.B. , UTVLP-o-vs.ZZ' ia - l """X -l XXKTJ ii. Mixing ith Friend N Il S High Sthool Bind as thu pass the Revievxmg Stand at the 1953 Inaugural Parade on Ianuary 20. Direeto The true test o a well managed life is tlte ability to get things done." Milton Wright "No man is suflieient unto himself." Therefore, a social lueet to lile is necessary. The ability to meet and converse with people and the development of poise and a certain amount of personal dignity are achieved through participation in this program. I 1 .Q G, ,A Q ,7 if W , L Uh! 'ff Q jL ?Y'MA1Mw" Q WJ A 7 jfpziffi igoiijicounty 'I Ui MTYWY5 , AMW 1952 JZMIYUQQ, WWJ "1 9 NWN ZF? OF 'guQfgW'-phiujv L C C? rewf egg!! 37" ,dl f'rU7wiNf- 1 fowl fN'7Le. -,,.. -1- 1 C5 ffficf O PA E, Wllv CLA! ,Je eflffe A U RNC! cd , WISA cu HHH Odor .- J fcf 44-o-fu,fJu.eJr-147 . Q5 ' 1 ZALL '. I . XV SEQQI Qc 17,-E9 1 N " 93 ' N S536 5 513297 L . JJ M I+ 1 X ' :TV fxfwk ip' qw k 1 , . ,QV M, nf y f ANL WK fL,V,.U ,,,4ffY , by XL' A A , flfxfy ' f L GU Zip Qty' Wm fu jj IIL LLM L L M AW b P J ' ri m in .s.or1x'jK ' ww 4 fri Xfargltyairucitsq BE W ' Players are: we McEw0n. n b Ion 's, number '38, an?ICEfgnl.L, vf ves. KX F Q FJ 5511 N5 ig' I ykwigf ME w C 'N V 1- x, Q x Q fa L X ' .7 e K of ljffgilgwebampions sg ,O M wwrfff- 0 Af M ' 'W ' We 1953 Maid ff ,Q -. A gen!-' ?.g:E?gF::'nB?E':2?,nn?.u.?rqJ -K rioilf' J. nlglisig . . + -4 V I ' N if ,-2' , T.. J, 5 A A ' 1 ' f 4 1 W' ff.-ie ' A ' -'ll' 'a ' 'im 2- 37 Z5 f" W' 'JN f ' 3 f WJ.. an E it ,Q fhwl . 15-l in -gg' 1 1 ' ff ' f NJ' to ' f I f' . 0-vv-Qfxx Q-., . 63, 4 N EA' M ,U 39 l I i in i Fran! Clzirdner. l'red 'l'1'ew. Mike Coelull. Donald 0 X 166 Koenig, Allen Minovitz, William lVle.Mee, VVilliam Allen, Rob- X X V' 7 7 ert Munir-fm. Donald Bailey, Ser-.will mtv- lVlaurit'e Alsop, Charles 7 27 ll ' I Smith, Izmies llzilley. Robert Pope. Richard johnson, Edgar Q CV U J ci Matliias. VVallat'e l,iitber. Donald Nlt-Coy, Robert Dove, William f H Black. Tliirrl mir'-Robert Clemmer, lired Schindler, Ronald A X N7 7 i '--166 'I 1-LLf,f!6,,., Wiesrnuller. joseph Vasco, Vvilliam Sheets. lmuis Robinson, Roger , lvj Q M X6 7 V, 1 Frady, Paul Nystrom, George Nloon. Charles Bowler, Howard A0 O V ' C A Voorhees inicrnugerj, Ralph Kern, Miles Curtis. Fourth VOlL'- i l f Oucaplam Ierry Voorhees Qnwnagerj, Willard Cole, Robert Dorsey, Robert l Farrell. john Barwiek. William Roll. Ernest Riddle, David Fellows. X ,W Mwp R , m N. H. S. Sports Parade "Potential county vltttmpxf'-I. V. 'l'eatn-Swttlwtl, first rottg ltrft to right ttrtr: Intel Uttvis. llttrry Ctttts, Bill lfshvlman, Ian Stromph. john Dttdloy, Ion Wicks. Bott Steinman. Boh Mitchell, Iohn Ristlvtt, Frank Yerana. In thc' rnitldlt' rott- are: Bill Higgins, loltn Bottnar, Bill Sltvtthvrgor. Norman Bashoor. Lowell Tetris. john Ioyuv, Craig XVoolc-y, Iohn Slack. Ch Tltottipwtiffliultn Spvnvvr, Tom Folks, In the back lk! age: Vernon Long. Chztrlcw Stogtlttle, Ronnie Palmqr,-ffm Sigrbny. Ifigtnll l3r0cdcn, Bruce Nh-Ktittn, Sonny Y . ' , "N f. , , . Nootj'l6cif, Psnnnif' Nlfrtsn.bihn lmxortlty, Iohn Bowler. .Ur .' gf.. 1 ulittxltct bop . . . " Top: Daw Osgood 'Vlikn NVai,ner Ditlx VVoody trtl Bing, Vltlltr Paul Nystrom Roy Hcndcrbon XVillard Cole, Buddy Smith. Bottom: limntx C trncr lim Strtpling Bob Dudztk loc Carstans Al Greenwood Mike Coukill, Ken Baldwin, Dave Fellows, Coanlt 'tirnall " . F' , s ' r I iT E rn YLQ KA +3 'S 1 5. 0 fg x ' Q Q A I 0 ,V X Q 0 U . , ' "' x.g,x Q 2. ,L C .sK"'l' Y"-.M SOCCI R lump x nur um un lhv bull Oxon Iiill back attcmpls Ir: muh the bull from llusan Snhqbal. North- xxestorn s other plawrs fm' Phmlnp 'Vlangli left, and Iim , X TIIE SOCCER TEAM 7' -V More County Champs THE TENNIS TEAM 222:74 THE WRESTLING TEAM 5 I ', , Coach McNellis's boys had a great year. With Iim Bush as captain they placed Second in the Washington Invitation tour- nament at St. Albans and copped the county title in a match with Bladensburg. Through the middle . . . Clyde Innes on the mound for the Wildcats. Learning Through Pleasure I O' C-:sl We-v ' Mr. Cartee SEEKING KNOVVLIZDCIIZ VVlTll PLEASURE The principle ol' sellegovernment is a part ol our American heritage. The right to choose and to elect those who govern is :tn innate part ol the American way. And in keeping uith this ideal. Northwestern High School has as its governing agency. a student council. elected hy the memhcrs ol the student body. The purpose ol the Council is to discuss the sug- "A community is like cz sltipg every- one ought to be prepared to tal-fe the HJ helm. .... . Henrik Ilasen Student Council minutes are read hy the secretary Pat Rexrode while the representatives prepare questions for the meeting. Among those pictured are Carolyn Zimmerman. Ellen Oliver. Marshall Ciersetl. joan Strashorough. Iudy Spencer. Roger lirady, Nancy Nystrom. Danny Jones. Martin Rosenzweig. Sally Ann llaley. Virginia Snyder, Darlene Nelson, Mr. Keith Cartee fsponsorj, Marcia Curevich. David Davis. Pearl Gold. .l S I'UDIiNT CCN 'NCIL OFFICERS gestions ol the students and to make recommenda- tions to the principal und to aid the administration The olhecrs are: Presidentelohn Schaflerg Vice- President-Daniel loncsg Corresponding Secretary- Mztrcizt Citierxichl Recording Secretary-ljatrieia Rex rodeg 7lI'!YlSllIil'l' - Roger liradyg Parliamentarian- Martin Rosenzweig. The sponsor is Mr. Keith Car- tee, lions Cluidunce Counselor. Xl Northwesterrfs Tri-Hi-Y is an active branch of the Y.M.C.A. Tri-Hi-Y. sponsored by Mrs. Helen Haines and Miss Virginia Amoss. is composed ol juniors and seniors. Some of thc activities ofthe club arc: The Sadie Hawkins Dance, presentation of a yearbook to the library. compiling scrapbooks, preparing fruit baskets for charity, etc., to orphanages and old people's homes, and the Mother and Daughter banquet in the spring. Meetings are on VVcdncsdays, the first and third one at night. The evening meetings are social programs and usually consist of a basketball game, refreshments and other games. The Library Club Secretary-treasurer Evelyn Hutchins and sponsor Miss Ruth Phillips look over a new book which has just ar- rived at our library, The name of the book is "You Can Write Chinese." President Connie Brandt looks over a new book with vice-president Al- berta Awad. X I i - il' Nearest Camera Left to Right: George Gardiner. Bob Pope, Ralph Kern, Ioe Vasco, Fred Trew. Facing Camera I.:-ft to Right: Bill Black, Nlaurice tSonnyj Alsop, l.ouise Robinson, Martha Disc. Vlr, Iolin Mt-Nt-Iis. clttli xpomor, joins in tlic laughter as N Club ofllcers l,ouiS Robinson. trtttsttrt ig llave Useootl, 1IV't'Nltll'lll. and llave Fellows. Vice' president, n the orgartixaii-tn's next ltolic. 1 ll .tif WW f" M . -1 1 lllkl . ta.. -.wut K .. The ll " Club Climaxing our annual awards assembly in lune was the presentation of the Varsity "Nu to many of North- western's boys lor athletic progress in high school sports events. Football. baseball. basketball, track, tennis. wrestling, soccer. or gollg these boys enter it with fervor and good sportsmanship. many times ignoring a sprained ankle, a dislocated thumb, a broken nose . . . what do they care? All in a day's fun . . . especially if Northwestern happens to win. Such is the spirit that eventually brings the best boys of Northwestern's teams to the "N" Club. The Varsity UN" is to athletic honors what the National Honor So- ciety is to scholastic honors. More than good grades are necessary for election to the Honor Society and more than athletic ability is needed for the Varsity HN". Devotion to duty. good sportsmanship. and all the qual- ities that make up the spirit of Northwestern must be the constant aim of every athlete who would win the Varsity HN." 01... 1 , The Ca mera Club ,gag Q S, CAMERA CLUB-The Camera Club is the ollicial name for the ff , ,l ,N students ol the Kodak crowd who meet and photograph each other, A S1 of as t the school. or anything that will stand still long enough to get its ll?-'!?q,-,L lt picture taken. Q E 2" , This is a salute to the Order ol the Fellows of the Flashbulb. Q gt 4- , 3 l " lxs. ' tif-xii - Mr. Maholtz Tbe Hi-Y xx kt " S., VFX. e i " sr X Mr. Mann Ollieers of tlie Ili-Y ixilk over ilieir plum for llie year. They are from Iwi! I., riulilr Pznil Nysirorn. l'ic'r prww'flf'rit.' David Usgoml, Clmplfxirzg Xiu-ky Niinnvilx. Pr'i'xirlwril,' Nlr. lioraiee Nlzinn, Spomorg Ronzllcl liziiley. 'I'r1'uKur1'r,' Mziiiriee Alwp, Seervtrzrgf, UI! is not enough to rio good: one must do it the right way." ..... Members of the Ciziterefs Club przietiee the art of table decoration during ai meeting of the ofliecrs. Jackie Boyle. president, and Donna VVhitehouse light and tend the candles while Phyllis Abel, left, and Kay Snyder and Ann Smith. right, set plates and Cups for a luncheon service. Mrs. Umbach sponsors the club. Q7 7 Mrs. Umbach Iolm, Viscount Morley 5 The Caterers' Clu In . xxx' 'i 6 I .: ,bfi . 4 ' K itch- 'Sv 'A "5 uf,-l I K glt f1!'j:f Arm! The l I 'X is thc gmup ol lSpH'llll tmphcrs who moot regularly and dis- lhn mg, uuf ul mu holds smxnr ll functions during, thc mar and invites guest S ol ilu lux IDI!lCSSlUllil soumtus found in High Schools ll'1I'OllQ,l1Olll thc I mud SI ues md Northxusicru is pmud to have a chapter. sf -I L L N .- mi wi. w wsixwkirmmv' Mr. Layman The National Thespian Society is a national honor society for actors in high schools. To become a mem- ber of the National Thespian Society, one must have been in a dramatic production or have been on the production staff. Over-time For Thespians "I'll pay the rent," says Danny Abccl, Treasurer of the Thespians as he res- cues the club secretary, Ioyce Harring- ton, and her aged mothcr, vice-president Ioycc Harris, from the clutches of the villain Oilcan llarry, better known as Peggy Pate, president of the club. Members of the Northwestern chapter of the Na- tional Thespian Society are: Daniel Abeel, Roberta Baublitz, Barbara Bolgiano, lean Davis, Joyce Harris. Ioyce Harrington, Barbara Kohler, Peggy Pate, Va- lerie Ramsdell, Sheila Reuben and Iimmy Tucker. Circle ll " Club Mrs. Stephenson The Puppeteers llvrt' t'tnigx't'g:1tm's at small, stttclimis ggmitp who study tht' must iiitt-1't-sting fivltl. ptippvtccring. 'lltcy cfniimisu tht- NtJfIl1XX't'Slt'lAIt hrzmcli ol thc ul"l1IllI'L' Ktllilzt. lfrzm ttticl Ullivrsn .,.. fX tid thcir ptlppt'tS strc usuatlly att the-ir Hropcs vmlfl Nlvnilwrs nmku the-ii' mxh pttppvtx. dt-sign thc SCIS and write the storivs to hc pct'lm'tm1cl. This yvzir tht- trcmpc's plays im-luclvcl at heart rcmling drama, "l'rmr Nlatclclim-." amd it light conit-dy cn- titlcd "l'frgo." N. B. C. Mtlsic' . . . clcvotimis . . . hullctins . . . special lcnturcs . . . thought for tht- clay , . . all this is part ol NRCS daily morning pmgmni. Special ccmmiittvcs mztlxc tin this t-lub. lint-h ccnmnittcc' l bving rcgpongiblc fm- 3 pamiculm- part of tht, Pro- Mc-mhvrs uf thc Puppet Club. sptmwrvtl hy Kira. llcmrrmtliy Daw- llfim 'l'1N.Omm.,-Q .NAC .lg followg- ID,-midfmt. Peggy sun, pmctivr' mwkitigl thv atrium. Stumlinp arv: L00 Clark. :tml 4 . . 1 t. .. . . h U I v ' I-lt-ur llwcluwn, Sittmu: Ruth Xvlxrm :mtl Rttxwll NVz1ll. Pate. lVIVCI''pI'C'Slflt'I1f.' joan Sliigt-kttwa. Sc'crc'tart1. ' ' Ioycc llztrringtmi. Tl'!'fISlll'l'I'.' Dan Ahct-l. All Set up to go on the air arc. lit! ttf Right, llvilgy Patv. Iwzm Sliigt-ktixxzl. Mary Cami Savage and Dmma Wliitolirmtlw, :ill rnvmhvrs uf NBC. Nlrx. Daw wrt Honor is Won "" ' NA'rioNAL f "VVorlxing for honor" ..., llie student body watch the honor society pro- HONOR SOCDETY , cessional which is led by tlerry lliggs, other members ol' the society pic- lured are Fred Schindler. james Conley, Richard Nlau-Sparran. and Judy xii, fin, gi? Spencer. "IA gi: 'A nf xx 'X : Election to the National llonor Society is the greatest honor E ll that can be bestowed upon a student at Northwestern. lt is the S L 5 l' goal of the lower classmen and the reward ol the deserving up- N W per classmen. 'Mwm Eligibility lor membership requires the candidate to be in his il junior or senior year, in the upper quarters ol his class. and have actively participated in extra-curricular activities. Being "tapped" in the presence ol the entire student body is an experience never to be forgotten. for the names of the chosen few are withheld until the assembly. Our Northwestern Chapter ol the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools is one ol a long series of honor groups whose members are chosen because ol outstanding achievements and services. The Officers are: President- Gerry Iliggsg Vice-President- Judith Spencerg Secretary-Mary Alice Davis: Treasurer-lamcs Conley. Miss Florence Spicknall. Girls Guidance Counselor, is "Men will work for honor harder than they will ever worlc for moneyf' ..... Carl Wallrier the sponsor of the National Honor Society. Outstanding ability and high scholastic achieve- ment in the commercial fields is recognized by nomination to thc Business Honor Society. This Society had its inception in the hrst year of Northwcstcrn's existence. lt was initiated and is sponsored by Mrs. Annamarie Beveridge. The main functions ol the society are the two . teas given each year to which members ol the lac- l ulty are invited. Student officers lor this year are: president, Do- lores Becraftg vice president, Dorothy Bradleyg secretary, Mary Ann Kramerg treasurer. Richard MacSparrang historian, Sara Iabas. B-,I Mr. Owens At one ol the meetings of the Science Cfluh, Ur. Nlnrlc NVur1ds, science expert, is holding the ztttentiun ol' such experts its ltunes Cfunley. Ruth Nelsun, :ind Nlztry llritchlciss. The Hi-Sci Club "The days that make us happy make us wise . . . 3' john Masefzeld Students interested in science help plan the ztnnual Science Fair. Such students as Caro- lyn llardesty, lfred Schindler. fun Mr. Uwen's rightj listen to Mary Kathryn VVhite tright luregrouncll explain a point. -...L--,-, ,,,, ,N AV HOHERUOH .fir SGIEMF-li 1 I Oli, 7 FIRE DRILL t The United States Army Field Band "Watch the band". . . Major Chester VVhiting leads the U. S. Army Field Band in several selections in their annual concert. Featured on the program was the Soldiers Chorus, in bottom picture, as they sing "This Is My Country," Jw ,gag S -vii!! V . I 1.5! ,-li .C Mzrior Chester Whiting "Mr, Chairman". . . Nlr. ll. Spencer. President 'iliard work ahead'l. . . Ollicers ol the Parent, Tear-lier Associations are shown tlwft to riglttj Mr. Teal, Mrs. Dennison, Mr. Spencer, Mr. lVlacEwen. Getting Together The I'.T.A. is an organization of interested parents who meet once a month to discuss school-community relations and give what as- sistance to the school they are able. In the past year the P.T.A has conducted a census lor the school, has donated books to the library. supplied uniforms for the band and have sponsored a jamhoree. "A community is like a shipg everyone ought to be prepared to take the helmf, Henrik Ibsen if fl :FFS Ig QNE P83 2 fi x WHAT The Parent-Teachers .xmy mmm. "The late-st thing, . . "l0zinn0Ic VVag- I ner MCE tho show whiic- Mary louise fs- Bmirnv rnndvls. Q vnu--Q i Jamboree uqlzir Sliiciciod Crist. . . " Civft Io rightj john Cin-ola, Iackie -' B:1i'lmx'0. Uzin Irilinsfin, Charles S Smilh, Anita Niuklvs. Mr. 9 Rcihvrl llnvc. Richard Smith, iyiiciii Spzirkrnzm.1mn0s King. Q4 Hfimuii Cii10dit"Su i Our Band ad' ,JW f, -.wh " 4' Q , , ,M,-.J "N ,J ,Qin-ZMY' A' .V ,Q 5, ai, , , dir H., ,vu -. .J- -y,,a. I WY'- ,'..'g'1 ""' vs . 452- 4' ,,. -,: 'Smile, please." Mr. Ronca, Llvftj, band leader, and Seen at the head of the hand. . . drum major, Iohn Rhoads . ' Ronda Bihler Crightj head majorette. Our championship band was an parade. At football games, in concerts and review, and on the parade ground they led the way, Following the highstepping majorettes and Mr. Ronea's baton the band marched down Pennsylvania Avenue in the Inaugural parade. "Hold your heads up high"-as the hand marches at the McKinley Tech Stadium. Sets The Pace fjyll' tg "i W an ,' v' ,fir ' -'a'llf4' ' I 1, -. 'Z I , 'j.sxsmnh.'5'g-tl! 1, l I f 1 I L1 "Let each man pass his days in that wherein his skill is greatest? Propertuis Northwestern majorettes "As pretty as always." tlzottom, left to rtghtj janet Mulligan, Sylvia Liehtenhan. tSeeond row, left to :eighth janet Maelfwen, joann Richey, Nancy Nystrom. Roncla Bihler. Naney Snyder. Clyelis Creech. "Soon to he leaclers . . . " Top kou'-left to right: Nlr. Mivltael Roma. jat-le Turner, Rohert Thompson, Vernon Stevens, jzxelc Keane. Sam Clrasso. ffnd Rott'-left to right: Roger Seiyrel, :Xrlene llarris. Rohert Balmer, Gene Mooney- ham, Donald Love. julia Moody. 3rd Rott'-left to right: Degennero. Sharon Taylor, Ruth Farrell, Toki Endo, Bill Witehell. Bill Shenherger, Vance jones. -ith Rau'-left to rtghtq Bill Haley. Phillip Konop. jim Markley, Donald Utz, john VVhite, Roger Davis, Vernon Long. Kenneth Linkous. Sth Roirwlrtt to !'t'g1l'll,'RlCl18I'Cl Knight, Melvyn Muchnik, :Xrnolrl Braer. Rohert Myres, john Farrell, Bryant fVleVearry, Nicholas Pryor. Charles Phillips, Charles Moeh, john Rippingale. l l l l I l l l 4..d i N. HS. Christmas Program wnvul God is the truest audience . . . Alone in a deserted chapel, Barnaby CNancy Kurthj falls exhausted at the feet of the Statue of Mary after juggling . . . a feat which is Barnaby's only gift. Star-studded cast of the N.ll,S. All-Star Music Review. "I am in the lialait of looking not so muclz to the nature of a gift as to the spirit in which it is offered". . . . . Robert Louis Stevenson T TWEATRICAL AGENCY 4.-...--NY4' if 1? "I crown thee queen". . . as lean Skidmore, president of Tri-Hi-Y crowns Bzlrlmra Davis queen of Dogpau-lm at Ilie Sadie Hawkins Dance. Mixing With Friends Piano-Cliink Clnarletong Sax-john MaeBride, llarvey Beaversg Drums Tommy Donaldson. "The Offbeats"-Northwes1ern's favorite band . . . 1,H.l,'5i O5 bi Practicing Again . And Again -lkr 9 e "Lots to meet". . . Couples dancing to the music of the "Off-beatsn at the annual mixer held for the seniors. 1 It 'XIr r c NIM t II1 N r 'VIN S K I 1 r Irx 1 'N ton Bt Ill 1111 Ilt 111 QI IIITIC IIQIII 111tl Hrs C 1 ml 'NIrs C Bw Vllss 'Non Bullx 1 1 I s 'N s Ixtsstl C 4 C at 1 VI xx C Ixclls C ruth 1m IJCSPIIII I31rfttI7 Dorr Vv1ll11m D Ducllcx 'Vlr intl 'X s Rox II Ittltso1 NIr ind 'Vlrs P XV Iwpcnsth 1dt FDITOR Nom Bvcrly Our Patrons Mm Ithcl C nlor Robert C ay lor I I IIIC 1 1111 1 1 X 1 1 I I I I I 'N IN II Ixt1 Ixtnn IC IIIIX 1 IX tl IN tx rs lux s 1 I JI 1tI1tm11 In C 1 I ! I I I I I I I X 1 I II SINISS IIXIRI NS It N IAYOUT STAIRI S llx KIIICII Ann II ll 5, C nolxn Alla II Dolorts Btcllord II1 We b I'llcn cs M1r1I11 C rooks I If rt nat II II11I11r1Brtscc' II1 0 Moore Iefmme I cms COPY WRITPR IVI 1rt1n Rost111u1cg COPY READERS IVIITLII C txrtxlth tt II 111 ton D IOIIIN Brulltx Cftrol Bcrtollm oan Scott Nmu IC1rlC STAFF ASSISTANTS Irntst Ruldlt I 11st Cl t NI 111 IIotthIC1sQ Icoma Nqughton Bcttv SlYlj.,ICT Ctrrx S1x1tsIC1 Ann 1 111 dt Inttt tc Ild BUSINESS IVIANACPR -IOIII Stott CIRCULATINC' IVIANAC I R M lfglfll C otI1111o111 PATRONS Suvm lVIcICcn11c ADVERTISING Bcrnlc FtIdm111 Arnold D111s Al 7111x1lIc Don IOIIIICI' ohn Lockwood Ilmmy TucICcr Clydxs Clrccch mn glxldmflfl STAFF ARTIST Carolyn Bcrtolmt PHOTOGRAPHFRS C corgc Ttmmcrm 111 CLIIILII Mtrlt Ntlson CIQSISIQYIIJ TYPISTS Bctwc CIGSICIY Shlrlcx Thompson Nmu K1rIC PHOTOGRAPHY ADVISER Mr john 'Vhholtl EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTS TO IVIISS BAI SI FY A1111 II1111g II .1vo11tI lVIarc1a GUYeVlCh and Dolores Bedford fCopyI SPONSOR MISS Fugcma Balslcy XII NI1 a11l . x, CIUIIIAIXU II. Iinltcr. Ir. II11I1t'1t I"t11'I11'x XI1, .1111I Nlrx I,Io1tl II. XI41tI"x II NI . :111I . A . 111111 'C I. QI-Icy :X I"IIt'IItl XIN 8111.111 XI.11 M1 It- IVI . ancl J ','. I '. Iv: II .X If1'I1'11tI XI1. II111.11t1 Xl.IIIII M. anal N ,, IIe'rI1'rt II. IIt'1IIo1tl :X I"IIt'IItI I ll XItIx.1III'1 .111 -I.-I '.'.- 5 ' lag IIIIIIX NIt111:t1w.,I1. N1r-4 lylrx. 1 l-- I ' NI' -I,1111f" I. II'II1It'11 VVill'a I. ' 1t'tt N11'111.111 Cl111t'x'i1'I1 XI Il: "" . I'.t1'Iou NIL: . f. If. Roxlvr XI . 1 I NIM. Cl111't'x1tI1 XI1. .I!ItI NIH II-11141I1I III't'I.lI1 11-11 II. Boyle N111 I XIX. I.1'1'11y' II11I1'1' XI1. VI' II1.1'11 I. SIIIIIII Dr. ll . .. 'If I. -' rly NI. XHII14111 II111111111111tl I-II111 I'.511"11I1t-1' ' '.'.' .I 1 -' XILII III-11I1ICIxs XI ,1111I Nlw. l'l.lIIIC II. S111'11tt'1' NIAN. IC:1tI1'y11 CIRIIT NI . .IIILI Nlu. Nt-'I II-1z.IICkC XI C. II:.I11 Nwtllou Nlr. 41111 IVI11 If1'11a'xt NI. CII:11'to11 XI11 ilIItI XI1x.I41t'I1xo11 XI1. .1111I XI N, X11tI1t'x1 II. VY1 Itlvn Mr. fX1'tI111r II. Cflint' XIV. :1111I NIM, Iinllix IIl'IIt' NN ,1I'-'1 ."Ir. It.. 'I IIIII' . I' . NI. Iorit' "IIIt'tlI NI1. .1111I Xlw. II. NY -I1I1. NIB :Xl'lz1itlt' Cllo IIIII I' t'tI1 VV. 'Q' U' 'XI1C, If. XYIIII1- .' 1,5 I-' ' I IVI11 .-XntIo1,' If, I.'1z1I1t111 I21-x. .111Il Vlrx. XY. N ' IW11 I: ' '.' 1' NIL Iow11I1 If. I,'1ix 'NI , JIIIII NIM. Ilnxwll XV. ICI1IC il' .I XI.ti1II1t-rt 1'I.' I V ,H " 'g . U' XIV, :11tI N1-C. R:1I1I C. I," ' han ' ' ' ' ' ' . . 1 .1Ir,. -' . xt 1 CII1:11'It'x.'X. . 151111 NI 'rx Cllmly' :mtl lIW1I111w-1 CH, ,' , . .1 , , Q, 1 1 NIV. :111tI Hr . IIIIIUITILIN I,1sk I"t'1't:11w11X Ifxw Sm' It'!IIIIt'I' . 'J-.El 1' ' Elf. ff' " '. ' .fzinc I3 , I Ion 1 1 I 7 1 ' " fmwtw, z ' z 1 'Y' . fzin , -1 2 "4 I . Joy" 2111" tg . 11' 1' z 1. yn ' II . 1 ' - . I ' . . -2 ' 1. 'LTI lay on, Nz " ' ,' ' 1 . I .' Y '. I' "fa " 2 ' I '.Ioy" f cr 1 If - 1 fl ' I ' ' ' ' - ' ' 2 . 2 ".' . . A " . I ' , I , ' ' , , ' 1 . 'I ' 4 t - 1 ' I I ' ' , ' ' I .I I . 1 'Q . I I 1 GENERAL EXCAVATING CO X 15 NELSON MOTORS X w NIU x IRI IN N11 Xactx cm SMITH WELDING CO w IxIl IIIII Xml X ua x N 1 Rc IIIQIILC XXX! 48 WILLIAM AND MARY DELICATESSEN 6. VARIETY STORE XNKII L X XI x Ill HYATTSVILLE BEAUTY SALON Xxu x x X 'P nllplllllclltw WARD S VARIETY STORE 3810 g-IIII Stn ct NI rw QUALITY APPLIANCE CO SI If I IIIIIIIUTK Iulllcvll XRIx XI KRXI x ' N III OII well! Il X X 1 Iflr mon and Radm WOLPE IEWELERS SIXC V 070 JI Compllmentq of QUALITY MARKET ALBRECHT S PHARMACY l I mx XI XRXI x Mel Ron FABRIC SHOP III 'I Ile Ullu-lls QIVIIJCI SIIUPPIII C enter 141-I Uueells Qlnpcl Ix0'lcI XX Hx xllsxllll NI XRXI xxll I XIOII 4 7913 THE SUGAR BOWL 5910 40th Ave HYATTSVILLE MD S'l'I'IJIiI1. KICK 7lIf Iizlltilllrlrl- I "luc- k'm.l,4.glzl5 I'.xlzK, NIARYI., Nil l'Xiu1l'-UIIIII UXIQI. .X. NIC .QNX IfIwll'iv f I'1ll'IIlIlIt' I'1tlllI1l -llt -. ' 1 -'I' ' -ISM' ' HIIQ' IFI: . 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Paper Co Rehczble Motors Jl'l I IXI x lhclflf 1 c X Nl Shendan Food Town Stores C 1111 lull! 621111 1N1xx HXNIINIIIRI Xx 111 R1 H Unlted Auto Wreckmq Inc 7 L G BALF OUR CO 1 'N Hx - - I l1'!wlf.m!cC-1' lX,r'f1If! , -HIL ,zulc-llslmrg Ruzul Qxl'l"l'.Xf1If L'1'1'x', NIU. ht N Nm- Mn-li 'X U I',XlN'l'S-XYAXI.l.I'.Xl'liR -I , mxx1x1'1i W S"'W'l'N- "W 1 XYX A V '-38711 XYX 'Iicl l 7-5027 V v 4 , XXUZISIUIIQIUII llfmln-x':ml N K mu lx ml .X ct'rrI Jzrfwzmlzl' fill 1 fu ' If My l.,xl'1:1il.. NI.xm'l..xx1 70-if .Y C ' : . 'U C. 'Ii. 'Itl Jwvr 131. 4a,4 4WOf Eco :IA AXYIQ. fl2fySfE':lRf1l.X .Xv1i. I I O 711 1-ltl S'I'RlfIfT XY. sulxcrrox, IJ. C. Bcrnmnq 61 Sons Motors Inc 1 11 l 111 BBOTTS ICE CREAM 1t 111 N GUNNELL CONSTRUCTION CO INC 1 1111111 14 1 11111 1x x MARYLAND BOOK EXCHANGE I' UI lx 1 I Sk11I1 1 S111111111s 511111111 X1ne1t1e 1 1 111 1 of N111 Southi 'ltn C0111 e P1111 1615111111110 NX XI11C1f17 0773 Marche 6. Company 1 1 URI S X1jll1CtOI1 7 9 w0O -1800 Ixhode Island Menue Hx XTTRXII 1 F XI A1211 AAD PARK AVENUE X1 N1 IIXN BIIND LO 111111g1- k1111w 111+11g1- ,111'11L'1iN 1'1y1111111111 C1113 '1'1-11111111111' l'X111114f31.11l K1 1ft1'11I1111,: -'-1400 I I FNUI1 1!z1111111111A1- .Xv '11111' 11Y.X'l"l'SX'11.1,1f. K1 . 1'11111f'l1'l1' lf111f1'11111l l"1'11111'1' 1'1'f1 " ll O C'1111t1'111'f111'.v111111 l911z'l11'1'1's '1'11w1'1' 1 '11' g tl 1 V ,. ,. XY5 .'f.1D,C. l1IA'f1' III1' l11fft'V1'II1'1' NHIXI INN -I 'if I STf... 7 - . TliX' I? I 'S'-.Ylfl ' 1'-3' 71511217 xi' fi yt .Lf LII .Y I I 1115- ' '. . .11 1. - xg . ' ',B1d. LAWSON 6. SON PHARMACY ' Xunuc X XR x llll D llll SELLER SALES 6 SERVICE S1 3 I RID Xl X X UNIVERSITY BOWLING ALLEYS um XI XRXI un C omphmcnt f LOCHNER S RADIO 6. TELEVISION SERVICE 110-I lllltllllfbfi Xxcnuc Steely s Style Shop XR NI KRXI mlm I ermqan Cleaners 3700 Oueens C lnpel R0'1cl I Nl xx x Lmou 4 7300 FLEISHER S IEWELRY 5181 Oueens Lhapel Road NIT Rx1x1LR 'XID XI 70906 VX Xrfielcl 7 8538 L 'Num 4 7733 ROBERT F HOPE Plulizbzvzq Hfafwzg 63134601 Xxenue RINILRDXLI' 'NIARU mn obbm X Spemaltx Remodelmg, QCJIIIIDIIIIICIIIS of CONTEE SAND G GRAVEL CO I XIRPI NIARXIAND I 'lurel 333 NIODILIS MOTORS FISHIWC' TACKIE CHILLIUM HOBBY CENTER Open Llltll 9 OO Mon Thru Sat THE AMERICAN STA DRI COMPANY Bm NTVI ooh 'NIARX LAND Phone UN 4 7622 1' LU ll' 1-utsuf FSU- llzxltim-:VC . " ' X H K , llc. IO-l'l.N BIOL Ill llx'.x'r'1'fx'1l.l.1-1. .I. YI.: N11 Rn' C .A Ji, Nl.Rx'1..- ND ' ' x so I L'ul,l,l-11115 ll. '. . A ' .' , , . 1 X .V '- - llYA'l"l'SVII.I,lf Xl'.'XrF1clfl 7-2632 I Ll4ll.l.l':lllf ll. K, . J ' .1 .' QAKINIIQR' b 4. YL! ND 1 'ln - . - . . 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XY. XY. s111N1:'1'11N, IJ, C. I RA ll 1 - U18 7. 12 ' -1 ' 11x'.xTT.' ' l.I.12, . .- ' N11 11 1, U-f 'l'11. ' - . 'I'r1, 1 - 3 7 Ser' g'11 411 ity 5 YQQ111' Ol 111-2 "J-' .I.lfG1f I'.- RK, 11. J ' ' ' .' of , ,.,: ',,'K 1. , ,:.'. . . 1 5 , A , . I C , L, I 10170 11z11ti11111re 1111111ex'z1rc1 . . 1: 1 . ' ' X-I -- My I, M . C11.1.121:12 'A' ', . 1- Nl '1',x'1. . 1'.- '. . .1 NI F . . V -8 - x 5. . SAI. 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I 1 1 -11 .1 737- ' as 'i -QIIWZIX' 1511. . 2. X111. 'I1e1-1 ' - Ifss 24-5-XX' 1,f.'.'1:'11: I ', M1. '1'e1 1 ' - 11 N I ASU! nom uuon Auvuomv OIIM A- IA rm O S11, 'Q ,11'R1.'l1, IXIIJ. . . 5- 7 11: ' 1: '1111e . 1 , ' ' ' AU' 34" In Hut 111'.x"1's'11,1,1'3, .11 1'1..- N11 XX'e 11:15 ser 'f t1 .' 1 s of Ijutts- ville for the past ten years. XX'e 11111 serve S G -1 ' , ' , I S -" fm, ' ,-- - ' ..12, IXI. 1721 'A 211 SID 11 ' s 111r s 11111 211111 . , . Q 1'Q1 ty. ' . ' . l' 17 -I k-s "N . '- :Y . HA, U I L.ULI'EGE P: KIMI. Q lb1il1s1111'121eeti11g C11 Is. H V H H11e1 we I 1 8 X, '11 - .. .IXYN1-:':1'zu MT. R.-XINIICR, M11. R1'i .1 . ,A N11 YE 5 j- 'Q 5- 1- g- .- '. -fl . . .A - . , , , ' ' ,D v' f,."1' ,YP 1 3 - L'r1.,1i1:1i 1',- K, .1, '1,.- N11 This Our Year We Studied We Xnted e damed Thvs xx is wour llfe It Northwestern You ve seen vourselxes vour el1sseQ vour te lchers Vour clubs your d mees your games .md xour friends thls book xxlll serxe to remmd xou of It m years to Come We plaxed We taught We achlexed C I X Q .Y E - N ' , -Wg 4 D ' Y . I 1 ' I ' , l l A C s 5 J' ' .' f .,' 'Q .',J 3, ' 1 3, ' ' Hg' J' 'K We hope you have enjoyed this year, and that , I QI V ' ' I - K S ' J - V x . . " r 'F' ' ' - ui ' a .ff 1.151 I Au Revoir It is now time to finish our hook. When we came Northwestern was a new school, rather asceptic and cold, lacking lile. The sixteen hundred and some odd students who came, gave that lile and imhued the school with a warmth and human- ness which carried away the sterile atmosphere and, in its place, left an atmosphere of thought, emotion, and ideal. Our purpose, the aim we decided four years ago, has hcen lulhlled. Whether our intent was to further education in colleges and universities, or immediate entrance into the business world, we have acquired the knowledge we will need. The curricula leading to the various diplomas, ave prepared the graduating students to meet suceesslully any problem which may arise. We will see and we WILL conquer. Hrs-'rs I 'S- .V. is-fax ,Lanai

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