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1 R , Q C! x , . 1 . Q A. .f M 7 i W My 1, .V A Y' - K .. , . , 5 U 'f "' ' 4' , 1 J V59 L ' x Q 5, , 1 ' ' O ' :iw , ,, ff 'L , Y f- F W, . ' ' J K A , . - .- S vs my l 1.4w ? . 4 ul. La l, AXE? FT OHL I H, W3 ww Vu, QU lj My 4, Q if Qkiyfgsf Q 'iw 3 MH bf 6 Qerf' 'fig e . M W, W ,Mar LL. K 'NJN' -4. , , -A'i ,fl . - x' , . ,. N, . . . Ma, w,gS H. '. if '-' , .ff 1 ' 1' uv . , 4 'x r . ' ' A-, 3, - -.,. ,,... ,Q 'L 'LJ vi' K 3-if ,,.fk , V. I' 'll , nt.. ' . 4 --r if 'fl' NW ' a F gi?-" 'A 6 A A ,, -. Q4 fy-ff ,,- -1 Y .- ,M ,f' .?,+:'m. 5. v e,'i!, W . ..s"fg,,f .1f'1", , 4, , G , J g.,,..,,M1g 53454 lwaia '-"U K Fa' -f-w ,v v' ' .,'7 W QW' A' 0 JL"- P ' ' fl'w.f'.' QQQVQ, Ev f Yi ,wh ., -J. , ,J . 'M 'K k' my Vvk ii uf4j'f'?7.f4 K fm V M' wow fx gf SWG? l,f,fT?Z F "7 IL , Kid! ,QW 4,'-'XA f. rg-A f1'm23.v' ,sis 1 "' 'Q-fl'-Z., ,. YW' , Av , 1 . 7 f A ' 'vi 'X DQ-in T 'avi' 132. ,, Q Ta !i'dgf'!s."y, '41 1 .2 Q.. f I 7' I Q 4 hw, , :"'QIx' M VK V, A?-J' ,Q :wJ we.--H ' 'H+ M. ., 54, A, i W, P'-X fx. s K A XA K X5 .- X55 0 . V fc X' I xl!! w L F -S fy S , M , UJZQMWJW M fyfffiffyf MZZWM 4 jMW JW5ffW WW M MWWWMMW Nj WW? W WWW' wwiw WMWWW 6Vffj!bL,W,W, Df,fUmVjibW1wQ M W kc xffjfwwv M01 Q,g.1rEA F 99 Q 3 Wfnfil f - ,fffp 310491 529109 Po 7 WSW' 074 M 71 yy? 093' QA' ' , 5' X900 739 W- P157 5300 95 F 79,379 1- - 1 ' f 9,1 X V 39f1f9 M Q ' I J Q - P P ' M260 Northwestern Community High chool G-2138 W. Carpenter Rd. Flint, Michigan 48505 Volume XII Introduction 1 Academics 8 Staff 32 Bicentennial Special 42 Student Activities 48 Sports 68 Undergraduates 108 Seniors 152 Index 1 fm 1 li O! if this were seen The happiest youth, viewing his progress through What perils past, what crosses to ensueg Would shut the book, and sit him down and die. , William Shakespeare X tok 30 + V, . . . V , , 1',' w Q.. u Vii A Wx . A XL F g - f A K . J is fi- P i v 15 4 Q Tgfifg H 5 - Ak -, ff' gf . , fl . ak gg, ,qw M ,,,- - iff "xsi?1 - K3 fffiipf S X :M Q Xa XS. L2 N MS X Q r if E 3 ieifff' 5 f , l 1, 5 , . - .M Q f wg 4 Z s ,A I , Z s nf ig ff 27 g, W f W1 C 'V ,aa 4, f , ,. if 1 Q 5 M V 4 ag 'W , . ,Mn Q., ' 1 f f N X Behold! in Liberty's unclouded blaze . f -. f X Q " lf W , fe E57 Q52 V A ie Q X WQQQQVQ We left our heads a race of other days. A Charles Sprague 4469 ' New , 5 y .0 7-aug , , ' , . ' D, ,rA A arA. W . Kah . X? ,av 5""'j at , , Q 'r'ar.r - 'N' """'.v"!w"X l h as 1 . , A nf he e 1 eerreee r he a ,r e H ' ' , gg I ,- ' .. T -e'. 5 A J ' - W M, K I K . . .iw K k'-f - . K. --e.. ikfi. san K K -- . .Ri we 7 a: - 1 -r-,. ---'e ' - if 2- 1 K '.hk . K Ev ' - ff ' f f 1 , - ..,k. f-f,Ji.1f2g 5:iX:j'ff11?QaE,5fjLSin- K A 5 - 5 2 L- gk.-Q . M. N .X , 'ff 'X A V eere K ' N -. 1 - - ,W .pig-.vgtwfx K. V . 1 -we-fgg-lg: nasgvp. . 'fiimf - ,1-iz. :mf ffifwf Y 1 ' 1 M he a if L K'k- 5?fii7El55f' 5 3 ff by lp 'S E swx-M pr- ...Q Liberty is the breath of progress. Robert G. Ingersall wh. Rune, I " ' W 'HK' -- .. .kkyk 1 A min' 'Q ,Q , m"""""'l'Wsnnn,.,,,,,N. vnu mr., .rms P - ,. 'ww , , .XR A K A is K' K - -,. 'N-T. A W """"""" .:- . MX I.. Y A ,.,. Q R Q - X'-Q... CL THE EOPLE DONALD Muom Lu fx uaumuan RNNX HN? uf Rig? I 'Nw 'A Academics Helen Hoyt was the English department chairman. All first semester sophomores selected one of three courses: Successful Writing, Practical English or Effective English. Journalism, drama, literature as well as writing courses all reflected the "76" spirit. The Expedition staff has striven to coordinate the bicentennial and the Wildcat themes. North- western graduates have been honored in a special section of the EXPEDITION yearbook. Frank Scott was a welcome addition to the English depart- ment with his innovation of play writing in his classes in Black Visions. English is my number one hobby. mawufami Q - --W - 52 Honey, who are you asking? I don't know Oh, we're busy all the time! Work Is Not All English Offer 'Q' Qxx xx Q: WX English is very interesting to us. YOU just gotta be kidding- . ..,-,sr :,,.5::. , . - W 2 N vw 6 Q 9 ? if x f? sammy QW 'UIW 5 "Whose working? I'm just fooling." Oh, my what a guy. Math Has Its Angles Squared . '51 '22 v , , , 1 aim., L hu f ,,,fQ,Q 2 f :,, Students enjoy a laugh or two, I wonder what's so funny? Communication is vital to Rolonda Scott. Mrs. Pauline explains to her student very carefully I 1 Mr. Ryan is one of the many outstanding math teachers. H 7 , ' i 21, M, Roosevelt Tardy led the Math Department. A new course called Title One was added to the curriculum. The students worked at their own speed. Students eligible for this course were drawn from the Junior High Schools which offered this program. Teachers felt this was an im- provement to the Math program. Northwestern continued to offer a wide choice of math courses including: Foundation Math, Geometry, Trigonometry, Consumer Math and Computer Math. Two new full-time teachers joined the staff. They were George Dedrick, Virginia Rickey and Linda Gilleylen shared her time with the English department. She taught two classes in Foundations of Math. KY. 5- Most of our N.W. students enjoy working and answering questions. 5 Mrs. Pauline has her class on the go at all times. Gloria Allen is taking a test for math. I hope she passes. . , .M .,M,mWWfMffUMH fm ' K Department chairman JoAnn Hollar became Mrs. Wilson the summer of '75. The foreign Language department took a giant step in the teaching of French and Span- ish with the introduction of electronic equip- ment using tape recorders to record their voices as they pronounced foreign words. Ear- phones and speakers were used to listen to their tapes. The foreign language students again will be given the opportunity to travel abroad in the summer of '76. They will visit Spain and France enriching their knowledge and understanding of the people whose language they have studied. Foreign Language is interesting to this group of people. tliu MM Students Crowd Foreign Lanuage 3 5 i Ann McCabe headed the Home Economics department. The basic fundamentals of home- making, health care, and cooking and sewing formed the nucleus of the Home Economic de- partment. To add variety to the cooking classes, foreign dishes were prepared. Italian, Spanish, French and Chinese delicacies were enjoyed by both young men and young ladies in these classes. Mary Mclntry writes her notes down carefully in home economics. Home EC. Students Are Cooking? Michael Johnson and away we go. Q k The Home Economics class is always clean. They wash the dishes after they cook. XM! Bobby Williams has fun and trouble trying for Herbie the grasshopper. All work and no play. When you have no work, you can sleep. In chemistry we learn to weigh air and liquid. es? I wonder why he gave this back, I know it's right Team Teaching Effective Charles Pennock led the Sci- ence department. Physics clas- ses were taught utilizing team teaching techniques. Robert Gerow, Charles Pennock and Robert Dickenson felt these methods added variety to their classes. Students worked at their own speed in biology classes while chemistry students enjoyed ex- perimentation in lab sessions. Hi, I'm Herbie the grasshopper. I guess you're wondering what I'm doing here. Well so am I. Now I know I just saw you in here a few minutes ago. Alright now Calculator, you better stop playing around. I have work to get done. Music Is lnstep With The Day Robert Semmes again led the music depart- ment. The marching band sold tacos to raise money for new uniforms. Pom-pom girls added color and excitement to the football games. Many types of music from classical and ballet to modern were taught in all areas of the de- partment. The Choir presented a Bicentennial program. Emanuel Willis listens while Robert Harriston plucks. 2 .e, I ,,, h g ,,,.,' :cf ,,.,, Cynthia Williams struts. Mr. Robart pauses to listen as Ruth Randall and Emanuel play. The Marching Band adds color to football games. The Art department was led by Nate Hend- ' H ricks. Fascinating projects working with clay, Q s paint and charcoal were enjoyed by students. Keno Conners Joey Harper Cynthia Wilbon, Gary Manuel, Chris Smart are just some of the few young artists whose work is displayed throughout "NORTHWESTERN'S" corridors. Willie Donahue, one of the two art teachers at Northwestern, also added to some of the talent which was seen by many. gf 1 s.-- -- - : 5221.2 k--,. ,K A it The hands of Chris Smart are very fantastic when it's art. Gary Manuel never stops his hands when it's clay. Art Exhibits Creativity sw i... , , A A, WWW K fi ,435-Q be A Keno Conner and Joey Harper never stopped painting. Cynthia Wilbon sculptures carefully. if 3 X Classroom student's minds are not always on Teacher Some students are interested in Learning, Interpersonal Dynamics may be a successful class bk e J Would you believe it? All these books. I tried, but something made me go to sleep K saws Deloris Johnson is very interested in Reading. Q f wwf I , u i f , af . 1,1'f.,':,,'::a..153-We-.anzese,q f: . f ff ' wav fa t W f Q,,,fWf,. The Social Studies department was led by Frank Mishina. Two practical courses were intro duced: Interpersonal Dynamics and an experi- mental class in Consumer Economics. The latter course dealt with consumer buying and the pro tection offered by consumer protection laws. Interpersonal Dynamics taught by Ralph Arel- lano was designed to increase a student's know- ledge of his own needs, his behavior patterns and the skills for successful interaction with oth- er people. The content of this class included values and clarification, and development of self concept communication skills with the emphasis on group dynamics. The class sponsored a Karate Do de- monstration. The Student Government which is also a part of the Social Studies department has a new sponsor who is Randall Hodges. Other popular classes included Black America, Psychology and Human Relations. 'Q f W nj' Ms. Clack loves to get to the point of the matter when it comes Reggie Wallace is very determined to learn his subject. down to History. History Remembers Famous People The library was handled efficiently by Phyllis Duvall and Elizabeth Barnhart. Northwestern library provided a pleasant, cheerful area for stu- dents to browse, study and glean new informa- tion. Many new paperback books were added this year to the library. Available to the students were an abundance of current periodicals. Conference rooms for group study, research and drama gave students an opportunity to work together without disturbing others. Copy machines, movie projecters and tape re- corders were available for teacher's use. N.W. students look for one of fourteen thousand books in li- brary. ' I - - I -. . . :t:'i . 5 Q .t 1 s . :.,,. 3 Y 21 . . fp ' 'ff 12 S www... e -i N Ai Library Has Good Information Students find pleasure in what is to be found in library. Greg Martin iniisi be doing research fer One Of his eia5Se5 Carl Brocks and Andre Hennie check catalogue for a good book. Mildred Fisher was counselor for the Spe- cial Education. Through the use of films, vis- ual aids and listening stations in such areas as English, mathematics and social studies, students were encouraged to reach their po- tential. Sandra Riddell was a cheerful addi- T' tion to the department. - gpnwl4PF""' if-154 4'Ql 5 aff W Mrs. Mildred Fisher and Charles Clements discuss plans for future. Verna Nesbit is very serious about doing classwork. Teaching ls Special ln Sp. Ed. "1 Mrs. Cato looks on as Howard Franklin does classwork. Mrs. King of Sp. Ed. enjoys grading papers of her students. Shared Time is a vocationally oriented program in which students from all four high schools are given an opportunity. Northwestern offers programs in four areas: Health Occupation, Electronics, Plant Building Maintenance, and Accounting and Comput- ing. Lois Harning, Percy Fry, Al Gricius are teaching and participating in this program. , ' ,,,,,.fAW,f, 7,7 , , ,vu Q , Awwpiamfigwwww 1 Kathy Newton seems as if she's having problems, but she isn't. Students take turns fixing each other in bed Anthony and David can do it right. I wish I could work it. Hey, could you show me how to do that? I can't catch on SharedTi1'ne Keeps Students Busy y ' ',,' to 's eee if e ee:' - Hey, Dennis, where is the football game this week? Bay Bay. You need to be doing your work, not asking about the football game Above: Darnell, didn't you stick the plug in the wrong socket? Right: Kathy Newton uses new machine. M- ' .,,' 4.941-nv-'F' Mr. Jay Archer led the Business department. The Cooperative training program in the Busi- ness department offered the students an oppor- tunity to earn while they learn. Students were removed from the five-day classroom and intro duced to the world of business, preparing them for on-the-job training. Advantages of this pro gram included the establishment of good em- ployment habits and attitudes, as well as a basic understanding of job responsibilities. The school store was the most exciting inno vation of Northwestern's Coop program. It was under the direction of David Hedges. The stu- dents selected items to be sold as well as selling the merchandise. The store was open before and after school. Other courses in the Business department were: Retail Sales, Shorthand, Office Practice, Business Math and Marketing. This is kind of hard. Business And Coop, Teach Skills 45 Hey, I did it? Now we understand. 'S ---..... S197 L i w S You find it? Me neither. 1: e E x X in 3 e ? Q Q 2 K 3 1 I've been on this for the longest. Business is our game. Are you sure? s M-, The Skill Center offered many occupational skills. Among them wereg mechanical data processing, photography, elec- trical occupations, graphic arts, as well as the health courses which provided on-the-job training in hospitals. The chairman coordinator was Mr. John Crouch. Diane Brandgn washes her hair in cgsmetglogy. J eanett Steward and Linda Jones style hair on a wig mold. Kerry Jarrett seems to be using his skill. Inez Mitchell, Deborah Givens watch Merri Duncan. Even Roy Field needs a rest from work sometimes. Therese Western and Deanna Harris fix up a bouquet of flowers. Skill Center Offers NoPlay Time Ricky Urbine, Randy Rhodes. Pat Ruggerillo check the motor. Skill Center group seems interested in their work. Drivers' Ed. Permits No Speeding Andrew Corsi was chairman of the Drivers Education and Personal Security Education program. These two courses are required for graduation. Students were taught the correct way to drive a car by instructors, Donald Cal- lis and Andrew Corsi. Emergency health care, drug, civil defense and first aid were taught in P.S.E. Q . At the end of the day not many cones are left standing on the Drivers Range. Mr. Bill Williams keeps a written record of all driving mistakes. is - - 'F -'f-- 'itt'il S Q L :-. - P t ' ----- - ' . 'f ' ,... -A . ss.. Every time Drivers Ed. students drive, they use a brand new Buick or Chev- rolet. 1 i "I saw that car 12, stop! That was a red light you just went through!" 4 4 .M Randall Hodges was the chairman of the Physi- cal Education Department. Physical Education is designed to develop N W's students physically, emo tionally and socially. Regular curriculum included gymnastics, tennis, swimming and volleyball. Good sportsmanship and team spirit also are goals of the physical fitness program. Special classes for physi- "By the way, what's this supposed to do for me? . . . tighten muscles or lose weight." Do today's women really need all those muscles? Of course, when you want to keep your man in line. cally handicapped students are offered. Jean Tipton finds out that volleyball is an action-filled sport. That's another point for team one or was that team two? Letis Get In Shape In Physical Ed. Faculty Mr. Whlteley ew Deputy Pr1nc1pal Jay Archer Ralph Arellano Mildred Artis Allen Barnhart Elizabeth Barnhart Jerry Beaty Francis Bentley Robert Borbot Don Callis Debra Cato Peggy Cheeley Brenda Clack Ernest Colling Andrew Corsi Ann Coughlin Laverne Cox John Crouch Dale Cyran Willie Donahue Jan Dunlay Mr. Cummings, the best principal at Northwestern. ,- sf an-Q A x . 1 zkr ik .Qi Products from the school store interest Mr. Whiteley. Phyllis Duvall Jesse Evans Ester Fineberg Mildred Fisher William Fraction Earlene Freeman Percy Fry Robert Gerow Jimmy Graham Betty Grindstaff Al Gricius Dave Hedges Nate Hendricks Randy Hodges Autrimn Holdren Paul Holdren Lois Horning Ann Howie Helen Hoyt Delores Huttenga Leo Jackson Pierce Jackson Fay Joseph Patricia Kaufman Glen Kelly Karen King Grover Kirkland Glenda Lawson William Lewis Anita Major Harold Major Marjorie Markon . . Staff One Of City' Finest Mr. Bentley wears a tie for once. . .- ,. ' J, xl-'. ' ,iff , '25 E '. I n f- 7955 ,wmv Y A -,,,zW?,,32??fLs'H-H"'?4iff5ZVfZkv,'L21LiW77 ?3fI7ji5'??'Qc'l, 5"' ' Mrs. Carroll gets ready for work, while Carolyn sneaks in the picture with her mouth Ms, Dickinson finishes attendance. open. Our office girls are extra special, aren't they? Mr. Crear smiles as he thinks of those tacos. Mr. McCle0d W atches his team practice. Mr. Myers has the sweetest smile. 1,..1 Ben Marshall Ann McCabe Frank Mishina Irene Mosley Frank Nagy George Nassif Patricia Odgers Suzanne Pauline Jolene Peacock Charles Pennock Counselors Concerned With Students Russell Perkins Peter Peterson Ruth Priestley Philip Randall Reva Ratner Richard Reed Virginia Rickey Sandra Riddell Gary Rigiel Bruce Robart Sherry Schlicht Frank Scott Robert Semmes Elaine Simms Dennis Smith Barbara Snider WW WW -. Mr. Cyran is a very busy counselor of students Mr. Woods is one of those counselors who likes to take a break every now '5-. Lilly Stallings Marsha Stewart Clarence Straham Katherine Stubbs Linda Talley Roosevelt Tardy Joe Teague Lessie Tedford Eula Thigpen Hardin Thomas Ruth Ursha Earnest Van Buren Richard Wallen Bill Willaims Joanne Wilson Barbara Woods Don Woods Bill Yon F53 Counselors from rear left to right and front left to right: Myers, Collins, Woods, Major, Jones, Crouch, Cyran, Arellano, Artis, Ratner, Cox, Joseph, Fisher. Zf" . V , ,., L,',, a , , h , mil? me ,,,, ,,,,,,.Wm-ww Mr. Jackson and Mrs. Bardwell take a smile. Mr. Hendricks makes a little mistake. X 5 1 Q s... if lx Mr. Arellano is a wiz at discussing problems. '51 xv- SNAS ,,- f- a 1 'QEIQJQ V, f ,V ,'.., . ff a 4 ar a il' ra. 5? .a.. ,Q lj xx LW mn.. Ms. Stewart confers with a student uk.. Mr. Fraction and Violet Cummings take in all the sights. Mr, Major discusses grades with a Student. WK' Ms. Apell puckers for a kiss. Mrs. Hoyt poses for the photographer. Mr. Bondy reads a novel. RSYLNH YO!!! AS YH! IND ROD! TO NIS- Mr. Crouch and Dennis Richardson passing the time. Ms. Stubbs of Advance Composition. Mr. Wilson explains the problem to a student. Mr. Jackson sneaks a pop for the long day. fX H 95 Q'-yxpjyvolypffg 'QE xg! X V53 ,f 1 ' Q f M. , 5 x C f,,, xy 5 i , ' gr? may xy A , FSM W ,Q R, .JJ Q- vw , gf ij w :N NJ 9' ff M L. wx? SS' I KJAN HLNQQ has Charles Michael Moore was graduated in 1966 from Northwestern. Mr. Moore is the theatre Director at Mcfree Theatre and Fine Arts Complex. In 197-1 Moore won the I'niversity of Michigan Hopewood Award for his play "One Nickel On This Wine." This year he tied for second place in a national playwriting contest. This play is "And 'l'hat's The Way It Was, Walter," a satire on the Founding Fathers. The play was staged at McCree Theatre and Northwestern High School in Flint as well as in Chicago. Moore plans on resuming his education at Flint If of Michigan in the fall of'7ti. H--., Steven H. Taylor was graduated from Northwestern in 1968.111-was the first NW student to attend Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology. He was graduated from M.l.T. in 1973. He expects to re- ceive his Master of Business Ad- ministration degree at Babson College, Wellesley, Mass. in Dec. 1976. He is a computer software design and systems engineer. He has been employed by Honeywell Information Systems, Honeywell, Inc., Hillerica, Mass. as a Systems Engineer. He was recently appoint- ed as a member of the American National Standards Institute committee for the national stan- dardization of the Basic language. His Honeywell experience was also affiliated with General Motors' Parts Division in Flint, Michigan. 41.4 - ' 44 Terry Harris was graduated from Northwestern in 1966. He was active in football and baseball. He was voted most valu- able football player in 1965 at Northwestern. He played college football at University of Nebraska where he attended for one year and at Central Michigan from which he was grad- uated in 1971. Currently he is a Community Director at Zim- merman Jr. High in Flint, Michigan. Randy Johnson was graduated from Northwestern in 1966. He attended Central Michigan University where he played football for four years and majored in Industrial Education, Since his graduation from Central in 1970, he has taught Auto Mechanics and coached Football at Northern High School, Flint. Michigan. Whitely Rettenmund was graduat- ed from Northwestern in 1967. He attended Michigan State Univer- sity and was graduated in 1971. He played baseball for four years at M.S. He was drafted by the Texas Rangers il'rol, but he decided to accept a position as Community Director at Cicic Park School in Flint, Michigan. -:lsr .4 Mark Clodfelter was graduated from Northwestern in 1968. He was graduated from University of Michigan in two years and re- ceived his law degree as well as his masters degree in political science in 4 years. He is the State Representative, 81st District in Lansing, Michigan. Donnie McGhee was graduated from Northwestern in 1966. He was graduated from University of Nebraska in 1971. He played football and was National Champ ion in 1970. He is Admissions' Counselor at General Motors' Institute. Out tanding Northwe tern Graduates Benita Jackson was graduated from Northwestern in 1972. Benita is a dancer and actress. She has attained considerable fame in the Broadway musical as a 'Swing Dancer." She is touring with National "Raisin" Touring Company. The Company has won 3 Tony Awards. Be- nita is in Hollywood, hut the show will be on the "road" for six months appearing in Chicago April 1st. Benita has worked for the Bunny Club as well as travel- ed in Italy. She also taught at McCree Theatre in the summer. Sherry Dubenion was graduated from Northwestern in 1971 and attended University of Michigan for one and one half years. She recently was graduated with honors from Bradley University. She was the first woman to be graduated from the College of engineering and technology of Bradley. She is currently employed by the John Deere Company at Moline, Illinois in the Planter Division. Barbara McClendon was graduated from Northwestern in 1973. She was the Cotillion Queen sponsored by the Flint Chapter ofthe National Association of Negro Business and Professional Wo- men's club. She studied at University of Michigan and is currently a fashion model. he Sue Novaro was graduated from Northwest- ern in 1973. She currently attends C.S. Mott Community College. She was the State In- door Champion speedskater in 1971, 72, 74, 75, 76 and was the Gold Skates winner in 1973. In Bicycle racing she was the National Champion in 1972, 74, 75. She was the World Silver Medalist in 1974 and the World Cycling Champion in 1975. Amos Goodlow was graduated from Northwestern in 1975. He was State Wrestling Champion, 126 lbs. in 1975. He received a four year scholarship to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He wrestles at U. of M. and he became Champion of the Big Ten his freshman year. Charles Whitley, Kathryn Stubbs and John Myers are original North- western staff members who left temporarily but returned and are currently on the NW staff. Joan Wil- son not shown. riginal orthwe tern Staff Members Bottom Row lL-Rl Janice Dunlay, Ruth Priestley, Ann McCabe, Phyllis Duvall, Fay Joseph, Laverne Cox. Top Row CL-Rl Percy Fry, Donald Callis, William Fraction, Rod Wilson, Al Gricius, Nathanial Hendricks, Andrew Corsi, Charles Pennock. Not shown Pat Odgers. Sheila Dubenion was graduated from North- western in 1972. She majored in mathematics and was graduated from University of Michi- gan, Flint. She is currently teaching at Holmes Junior High, Flint, Michigan. William Lee Cox was graduated from North- western in 1971. He was graduated from Western Michigan. He was a former wrestler at Northwestern and Captain of Western Michigan University team his senior year. He is currently employed as an Industrial Engineer for General Motors' Central Found- ry, Saginaw, Michigan. W Handicapped Student Achieve Fame Terry Conklin was one of the first blind students to be graduat- ed from Flint public high school. He attended the University of Detroit and then returned to study at the Service Center for the Visually Impaired. He is currently working at the Urban League as a Dictation Transcriber. Michael Bayus left Northwest- ern in 1972. He is a senior at Hope College where he is Junior organ performance major. He has studied music since the age of eight. He has given many concerts and recitals at church- es. on television and at Hope College. He serves as organist for the Hope College Student Church. He plans on working for his Masters degree in Music at the University of Michigan after which he hopes to return to England where he spent the summer of 1974. Geraldine lGerryl Taeckens was graduated from Northwestern in 1971. She received a B.A. degree 5 ir. from Eastern Michigan and will teach in education for the blind. E , f :ja Q xg wa Ni. 4 viz , 91 3 1 at , W S' i W' S J X a qi if 1 , it i" mmf . -:, . A. . , 4 KW 7 L .. .6 , Linda Hunt was graduated from Northwestern in 1972 She IS currently studying law at University of ,w"'f' .., Q at 35" ' 1 Michigan, Ann Arbor. Alice Edams was graduated from Northwest- ern in 1973. She is a Junior at Michigan State University where she is studying to be a radio announcer. She has done programs over WFBE and currently has her own four hour shown on the Campus network at Michigan State. 1? , g Q 421 xx . X t . i I 1 ,, f- x ' x ' X ' ' J ,QQ tudent Life N 50 a Student Government On The Move Student Government President-Fred Spence vi Sabrina Wilson and Phyllis Oliver get involved. Carman Williams wants a chance to get in her views Un ,, 3 Student Government Sec-Tres-Pat Kemp Seniors, an important part of Student Government. w l Student Government Vice Pres-Cecil Washingto The purpose of student government is to promote and insure a fine relationship among the students, between the student body and faculty, and between this organization and our Northwestern community. Student government met every Friday during second hour. These meetings were open to any inter- ested persons. The second Friday of each month provided an opp- ortunity for each second hour student government representative to come to an open meeting in the auditorium. These representatives were given an opportunity to present their ideas and ask questions relating to student government activities. H NW Has Many Talented Art Students NS-N. ,e t t S a , f L to R: Linette Malone, Howard Hiller, Velynda Burk. Scene from Li'l Abner, C. Jones, I.. Walker, S. Mosley. The play Li'l Abner was performed this spring by the Thespian Society. The play was presented May 22, 23, 24. Li'l Abner is a musical comedy about hillbillies in the mountains. The plot was a mixture of hillbilly nonsense and sharp critical humor. Songs in the play included, "Progress Is the Root of All Evil," "The Country's In the Very Best of Hands," "Jubilation T. Cornponeu a duet, "Namely You," and a ballad, "III Had My Druthersf' Velynda Burk and Howard Hillard as Daisy Mae and I.i'l Abner. l I.i'l Abner sings to Daisy Mae, Thespians Produce I Act Plays This year the drama students performed four one act plays this fall, directed by Anita Ma- jors. These plays were, "Death of a Teenager," which showed the death of a 15 year old girl from an overdose of heroin. She was troubled by problems at home and at school. "Hearts and Hands" the setting was on a train in the gay 90's. "The Open Window," involved a girl with a vivid imagination. "Who's On First" was a comedy play. The plays were class projects. The students took part in directing, set design, costumes, make-up, stage lighting and props, sound effects and music. The students expressed different emotions and comedy in their perfor- mances. They practiced very hard during class under the di- rection of a very impressive coach. fi 51 3 E C. Relerford, P. Miller, W. Jones, l i 3 y 2 B. 1 lit Ely i we ii' 5 , E 1 E T e V 4 E .Q Q 2 il g Q 5 ,. Lair. Shuman in scene from "The Open Window l l I 4 2 2 E af 1 +I iii if V i 5 5 l -T K Q A scene from "Hearts and Hands." Annette Reid, Sandy Neal, Linda Jordan, Phillip Miller, Fred Hawkins, Gene Williams 54 L to R Standing: T. Gistover, J. Wilhelm, A. Reid, F. Hawkins, G. Williams. L to R Kneeling: D. McDonald, J. Williams, L. Watkins L to R Sitting: P. Sims, D. Cook, B. Shuman, K. Nunn, D. Nicholson, D. Watson, D. Terry, D. Swift. Donna Swift and Bernard Shuman display their talent. JoAnne Williams performs opening dance in "Death of a Teenager." Marching Band Adds Dancing Dolls Kevin McCampbell directs the band. The Marching,Band and Dancing Doll +I? I .Y- , Band director George Crear was voted most Fabulous teacher of the month. The Marchng Band in action. The saxophone section shows their stuff. The Marching Wildcats directed by George Crear was led by Drum Majors Kevin McCampbell and Cynthia Williams. Spirit was added by the L'Dancing Dolls" at half time. March 20th the band par- ticipated in class AA Band Festival. Harlen Jackson digs on soul. NW Has lst Annual Honors Breakfast '76 Members Of The National Honor Society "Ball, P "Banks Honor Student "0" Denotes High Distinction "' Denotes Distinction Melvin 'A1'n0ld, Renee 'Avant, Antonio 'Aves-y. Sharon 'Backstrom, Regina 'Baker, Cheryl 'Ba.ker, Linda 'Baldwin, Timothy 'Balknight, Rodney "Foster 'Freeman. Juliet 'Gavette, Timothy 'Gill, Christopher 'Gistover, Genel "Goodrum, Roslynn 'Gray, David 'Green, Carolyn 'Clay, Sonya "Grice, Patricia 'Griffin, Antoinet "Gross, Kurt 'Hairston, Darlene 'Hall. Kelly 'I-Iamlin, Kimberly Vanessa Janice Pamela 'Jackson. Wanda 5. , 1 f, . ns, fiichard 'Jenkins, Rox ETIE VQP1 g8F.MBtth6WS 'Jensen. Lyn ' P se 1 ' ne,Derrickh3L 'Johnson K ' M igggliggkl-lubert Johnson' P , X -Wifaiiiris. Michene Q i ,p it ' "Colston, George , spngamsfo' .f.,. . A 'left' ' 'P Qu 'Laneharl.. 'Lai-kin, Brian 'Lee. 'Lee. "Lomax, Phyllis "Long, Maria 'Lott, Patricia "Lott, Sandra 'Lowery, Vera 'lfiDSk, Earl "Llyles. Kerry 'Lyons, William 'Macklin, Angelxe 'Markee, Jo Ann "Marriner. Fentoti Gregory '0wens, Karen 'Patrick, 'Powell, Kerry "Powell, Terry "Pra, David 'Price, Connie 'Price, Gloria "Priestley, Judith "Prude, Prggulav 'Rzimm, David "Reaves, William 'Reiber, Timothy 'Reynaert. Dennis I Rhodes. 'Rumsey 'Millender, Jerome 'Miller, Phillip 'Mitchner, Regina "Moffett, Rochelle Beverly 'Swims, Patrice "Taylor, Pamela "Tedford, William 'Thigpen. James "Thomas, Duane ii Thompson, Earl 'Thompson, Fatima 'Thompson, Vikki "Tilch, Paula 'Tims, Kenneth "Tims, Sandra 'Tippit, Kelvin "Tipton, Cynthia 'Tolbert, Dennis 'Tolbert, Randolph 'Townsend, Sharon 'Trouser, Loretta 'Tumblin, Carolyn 'Turner, Lloyd "Turner, Michelle 'Turner, Pamela 'Turner, Sharron 'Urbina, Ricardo "Williams, Willis Beverly Antoinette The Northwestern Orchestra participated in many musical activities in '76. In February members of the string section participated in solos and ensembles in the festival held in Flint. On March 20th the Orchestra traveled to Saginaw to play in the Michigan State and Orchestra Festival. Northwestern and Holmes Orchestra joined the North- western Band in presenting a spring program. Parents of the students received special invitations to attend. Concerts were presented at Holmes and Bryant Junior High Schools to acquaint music students with the Northwestern Orchestra. In addition the Northwestern Orchestra provided the music for the annual Honors Convocation held in June. "The string section adds class to the orchestra." sz, Q A35 W9 .. K -It ' f ' viii 'K , 1 X at Y s 'IW-agp we F la For a good brass section a lot of wind is needed. Bev Wilkerson keeps her concentration when playing. Judy Priestley places her violin ready to play, Mr. Robart directs the orchestra during practice. , E if ' sf K 'milf Maurice Vickers beats out a rhythm on the kettle drum. John Sversko plays the bells in the orchestra. O Concert Gwen By The Orche tra 'ml -it l s 2 ,, ,, .,, -.- v 4 1-1 gp. fm 4... .M ,.. M.. ,.,. s. ... W K k The Northwestern Orchestra fine performance at one of their many concerts BiCentei'1nial Big Year For W Choir Northwestern High School Choir, Directed by Robert Semmes. Northwesternk Choir performs at the official lighting ofthe city's Christmas tree. Front Row lL to Rl: S. Byrd, D. Dunkling, D. Thomas, B. Alexander, D. Swift, A. Cleaveland, D. Harris. Back KI.-RJ: A. McLaurin, C. Reid, D. Spiller, S. John- son, A. Jones, D. Thompson, J. Bealore, D. Eddins, T. Hamilton. Choir members practice during class. Under the direction of Robert Semmes, North- western's Choir, combined with Powers for Thanks- giving services at Court St. United Methodist Church sponsored by the Inner Faith Counsel of Churches. The choir performed various Bicenten- nial programs this year including two performances at Whiting Auditorium. NW choir also visited some of the elementary schools in the area as well as sing- ing ata Christmas program at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Mt. Morris for Senior Citizens, sponsored by Republican, Donald Riegle. Other performances by the choir took place in Flintg the official lighting of the city's Christmas tree sponsored by the Flint City Government, Annual membership Drive for the NAACP. Choir students participated in the solo and ensemble festival. A formal concert was held in NW auditorium this spring which was sponsored by all the musical groups and organizations. Broth- erhood week heard the choir sing beautiful rendi- tions of negro spirituals and popular songs. The NW choir added many lovely notes to NW in '76, Venetia Sparks displays her talent on the piano. NW Choir sings in front of the Whiting Auditorium this fall for Bicentennial program. ,,, A Paw Prints On Top Cf The ews Paw Prints' Staff Editor ............................ Debra Watson Assisant Editor .................. Colleen LaRoWe Public Relations and Advertising Editor . Diane Terry Feature Editor ................... Phyliss Armour Photographers ....... Brenda Bowman, Craig Rubin Typist ...... . . . ............... Twyla Stockman Sports Editor ................... Charles Sprinkle Reporters ......... Diane Nicholson, Andrew Allen Jeff Hubel, Toni Boyer Advisor ............. ........... P at Kaufman Publications Advisor . . . ..... Deloris Huttenga Publications Assistant .... ..... W ynn Morgan Diane Nicholson Y Reporter vr "ff" Wynn Morgan - Publications Assistant l H Dihha r1-,.r,,,,, rx- rn rw ln- n ,, , nL..ll:- A ,.,, .,,A,, r Colleen LaRowe - Assistant Editor Pat Kaufman - Advisor Wynn Morgan - Publications Assist. Craig Rubin - Photographer A ' -A-was v Cassandra Nunn - Editorial Editor Phyllis Armour - Feature Editor Front I. to R: C. Smith, C. Washington, A. Demp, Middle Row: J. Boylston, R. Arellano, P. Sims, R. Arnold, P. Huskey, D. Morgan, J. Alexander, L. Delgado, K. Jaynes, Back Row: C. Taylor, R. White, K. Page, U, Muex. S.S.C. Moves To A ew Location Do you really mean that? D. Morgan and J. Boylston chat a little. But why is it that way? That's serious, you know. The Student Service Center offered information, coun- seling workshops and a group of trained peer listeners. Room 300 is the new 'location for the S.S.C. The new room has two private conference rooms where students can have a private and confidential counseling session with an adult or student trained in active listening and other communication skills. In addition, the large Rap room is divided into two areas for larger group raps. This year the S.S.C. staff took part in empathy train- ing, transactional analysis training, a workshop in basic alcoholism therapy and pregnancy counseling, basic verbal and nonverbal communications and values clar- ification. Each student staff member had about thirty hours of training. This year the staff sold oranges and macrame jewelry to raise money for furniture and carpeting for the L'Cen- ter". They planned a series of workshops for the spring and hope to go to the state conference for Student Ser- vice Centers in the summer of '76. X A W Saas U3 W9 K Xgxfv' X M Ab, N U X m w YNKKQW Y xg Q M3 i 3 3 . x.. 'QQ 3550 GQQQQ g:gL 2'23f5 1-up 3?f13Qf?+ 'E L'-JLDACQ3 0f?':Qo REE 15- 5 QH0 Q' 10 EQ 'f?igi,Q ggi QU -:lflxl-CNLQ' Sports W Runner Race For Victory -+- 'ta f xx, d,.. V ,nf vs - lt 1 Wallace Poupore starts sec-ond mile, Ondra Stocker proves endurance in valley meet. ti . t , k t xl ' is sr: ,Q 'E 'sg X L t, W' 3, H., Q i x 15:5 SSWKSYQQ . 1 g Sxk I ,fl QI' Q ,W we A, f ,QWIUESQ A -all esszwsvr Q "I, st 'MW' saws L Cross Country team ll.-Rl: Wallace Poupore, Ulysses Liggins, Walter Lang, Dennis Tolhert, Walter Poupore. Coach Sylvester Collins. Otha Fordham finishing the 440 yd run. The 1975 spring track and field team had a very successful season with a 5-1 record. Coach Collins led NW to lst place in both the Regional and Valley meets and 2nd in the State meet. Outstanding per- formers were: Johnny Brown in the 100, 200, Terry Thames in the High and low hurdles and the long jump, Otha Fordham in the 440, James Wells in 880 and mile run, Walter Poupore in the 2 mile run, Eric Harvey in the high jump, Amos Goodlow in the pole vault, Thomas Pugh in the shot put. Also out- standing performances were seen from 440 yd, 880 yd and mile relay teams. Coach Collins also led the fall cross country team 3-3 record. The most outstanding performance by James Wells with the fastest times for NW in Valley with 16:17 and in Regional with 16:19. James Wells shows determination in mile run. Terry Thames float 23 ft, 8 inch for first place. Showing strength, Thomas Pugh throws shot put 55 ft 6 in. ' 6 Girls' Tennis Will Be Experienced iq? KL-Rl Sabrina Wilson, Sheila Logan, Guadalupe Aquilar, Janice Hrapsky, Olivia Aquilar, Genl Gistover, Carolyn Green Mrs Holdren Girls' Tennis has been added to girls' sports program. The players showed great improve- ment placing fifth in the Regional Competi- tion. Except for Janice Hrapsky the remain- der of the team were sophomores. Next year should see experienced players. Ms. Holdren, Coach. Sabrina Wilson puts the ball over the net. 1: H, x i, +lf5'iif I Carolyn Green shows one way to serve Carolyn Green in action. Kleyton Sparks takes a swing. The golf team consisted of three Seniors, Dennis Hill, Kleyton Sparks, Dewayne Zarubag two Juniors, Klayton Sparks, and David Mc Donald, and one Sophomore, Robert Banks. The team worked hard building a fine founda- tion for future competition. The '75 fall season most valuable player was Dennis Hill while Kleyton Sparks was the most improved player. David McDonald was the golf team's most promising golfer. Dewayne Zaruba tries to get a hole-in-one. Golf Is In The Swing Of Things KL Rl Mr Randall, Dennis Hill, Kleyton Sparks, Dewayne Zaruba, David McDonald, Robert Banks, Klenton Sparks. Chess team lL-Rl: Sam Johnson, Kevin Murtaugh, Wallace Poupore, Kelvin Crosby, Milton Holloway, Walter Poupore The Chess Express Roll On By . 'Bw Wallace Poupore and Juan Rodriguez carefully plan move. So slowly, it must be right, The Chess Express rolled on by tying for 3rd place in the State. The Poupores spark- led. Without Walter and Wallace Poupore victories would have been almost impossible. lst year members Harry Duncan and Sam Johnston helped nail down important vic- tories. Milton Holloway and Juan Rodriguez ml ' improved greatly by the end of the season. Experience gained this season provides an excellent foundation for future success. :fe 'P f mn lift He must be capturing! Q HUB I I fs.. A The Chess Express smile with their trophy. What a beautiful Sight! 3rd Place. 'vQfHR"V3QF5 A decision must be made. Juan and Kevin concentrate. Sam Johnson and HHFFY DUUCSU Play While team Watches- W Wildcat had Good Sea on in '76 NW Varsity Football season started off with an early victory for the team over Flint Central which started NW to 1-0 in the city series record. Later NW defeated Northern making their Varsity re- cord 2-O in the city series. NW took second in the city series as SW played a good game to defeat NW. Ed Alexander and Dennis Johnson, two of NW's most valuable seniors were later named to All Valley. NW can expect more next year as the undergrads showing great potential are named for the starting line-up. NW ended with a season re- cord of 4-5. J0lm Thompson kicks fieldgmll against Bay City Handy. ' Head Coach Chuck McCleod talks over scheduled football meet. ADDED l Front Row ll.-Rl: Simms Johnson, Terry Cuba, Al Green, Jeffery Hairston, Ed Alexander, Steve Coney, Gary Nichols, Neil Ingram, Kelly Hall, Dennis Johnson, Jeff Walker, Tony Thompson, Ralph Smith, Tom King, Fred Spence, Dennis Williams, Jeff Young, Eric Patterson, Reggie Kelly, Second Row lli-Rl: Coach Dedrick, Trainer Rigiel, Coach Peterson, Ed Viverette, Charles Sprinkle, Eric Johnson, Ricco Clemens, Ronald Stinson, Duwanye Saylnes. Marvin Walker, Alonzo Vance, Milton Chaney, Leo Bailey, Jimmy Allen, Coach Holdren, Third Row lL-Rl: Coach Donahue, Rod Witherspoon. Larry Johnson, Lloyd Mays, Phil Johnson, Darrell Dantzler, Levester Bates, Head Coach Chuck McCleod, Eddie Simmons, John Thompson, Johnny Manuel, Tony Murphy, Derrick Bates, Azell Williams, Coach Thomas, Coach Kelly. l WWildcat Trample Viking 13-0 Gary Nichols does razzle-dazzle on N0rthern's defense. Neil Ingram shows N0rLh9I'I1 that he'S n0t easy t0 tackle. Turk Harris does fancy footwork against Northern. Fred Spence hustles for first down over Northern. H ,:,:ewm.v:-vying? i,,,'l 'Mass fs, miwsfC .-'. A w,. V6 lm' Q 'QB J A3 NM? el- H aw 'W ,, ,. ' Lgaggggt. J tJ s , V, fL,,V J f 11W K M Qin t W me icill J J H, vfr- ' . , .5.: John Thompson expresses true NW Wildcat spirit. Steve Coney is active football player who moves with ease. Neil Ingram carries Midland Dow team member as he races for TD. S. Johnson and J. Walker blocking for Nichols in NW-Northern game. 79 JV' Ha e Promising Future In '77 Coach Peterson led the JC Football team into a good season with two victories over Flint Cen- tral and Saginaw. The JV's had a good defensive team. the offensive was hurt badly when two valuable players were lost to the Varsity team. The JV team was strong enough to pull off a 13-0 victory over Northern and a 6-0 victory over Southwestern to become city champions. The JV Football team ended with a record of 4-2-3. i 2 -7' i 4, V No. 44 Larry Royster tiptoes for first down. Coach Peterson looks concerned as NW plays SW. Front Row KL-Rl: Bennie Cleveland, Juan Rodriguiz, Brian Larkin, Terry Jones, Bull Miller, Rod Tipton, Derrick Cockran, Larry Royster, James Holliman, Brad Hairston. Second Row ll,-Rl: Sam Brown, Peter Chaney, Bailey Tignar, Andre Epps, Brian Richards, Charles Har- vey, Earl Rays, Bruce Green, Willie Dotson. Third Row lL-Rl: Gordon Ball, Bobby Weston, Sebastion Watson, LaPriest Stills, Dale Lewis, Ralph Elliott, Julius Strange, Antony Miner, Derrick Bates. Fourth Row IL-Rl: Assistant Coach Gary Rigiel, Larry Swoope, Kevin Brown, Melvin James, Edrick Spence, Kenneth Thompson, Assistant Coach Paul Holdren. 4 l R. Livingston 24, R. Gillard 32, S. Teer 30, L. Jones 12, G. Tipton 20, D. Allen 14, J. Watkins 34, S. Turner 40. Cynthia Tiptgn NO, 20 Sabrina Teer No. 30 The Northwestern Girls' Varsity Basketball team's record was 20-2 this season. They captur- ed the City, Saginaw Val- ley, District and the Re- gional Championships. They met defeat at the State to the state champ- ions, Detroit Northwest- ern. The 3 year record is now 45-5. The most valu- able players this season were, Seniorg Linnell Jones, fguardlg and Cyn- thia Tipton lforwardl. The most improved were: Sophomore guard, Ramo na Gillard. The Booster Club award went to Jun- ior forward, Denise Allen. Other members were Jennifer Watkins, Sabri- na Tier, Rose Livingston and Velnetta Miles. Coach for the Varsity Team was Pat Odgers. Wa Denise Allen No 14 Ramona Gillard No. 32 . J .V. Girls Show Potential Venetia Sparks 21, Janice White 35 in action. Wakenna Fair 43, Carman Williams 33, Janice White 35, Cheryl Bridges 41, Arneil Cleveland 15, Lisa Flowers 11. Kneeling, Denise Wilson 25 Nitika Boose 43, Lisa Bush 31 and Venetia Sparks 21. fzflfi- -,rf " ' X X 1 X A - S If as f-2.1i1sssQw..:s 1. : X Q22 JN X be smear s QNX XXX, ,X li., -1 X sl Watch it, something exciting is about to happen! if This year Northwestern produced one of the most successful Girls' Junior Varsity Basketball teams around! The girls lcoached by Jean Tipton? started the first J.V. game on the right foot rendering a re- cord of 15-0. Considerable potential was displayed building a firm foundation for the future. J.V. Bas- ketball team claimed the City as well as the Saginaw Valley Championships. Members of the Junior Varsity team included: Juniors: Cheryl Bridges, lforwardl: Wakeena Fair, icenterlg Sophomoresg Nitika Boose, lguardlq Lisa Bush, lguardlg Arneil Cleveland, lguardl: Lisa Fl0W- ers, lforwardlg Venetia Sparks, lguardlg Janice White, fcenterl: Carman Williams, lforwardlg and Denise Wil- son, lguardl. Most Valuable honors went to Cheryl Bridges. The most improved were Venetia Sparks and Carman Williams. The high point scorer was Ni- tika Boose, while the high point free thrower and high point rebounder went to Cheryl Bridges and Carman Williams, respectively. ikik.ik. S e 5 "'. frf- e . K .K W., ' f- 'ft Denise Wilson, 25 makes a free throw. Cheryl Bridges sinks a basket. The girls' volleyball team enjoyed a successful year. They completed their sea- son with a 10-5 record. '76 also saw the de- velopment of a Junior Varsity volleyball team which displayed many talents and held a promising future for the Wildcats. The girl's volleyball team was coached by Aut- umn Holdren in addition to a volunteer helper, Zetan Evans. Members of the volleyball team were: Kita Boose, Paula Brayles, Lisa Bush, Mary Duncan, Yana Evans, Ramonia Gillard, Teresa Moore, Gwendolyn Nunn, Tina Skelton, Robin Stewart, Aleisa Summers, Cynthia Tipton, Janice White and Annette Woodley. AA Evans 153 and Nunn 133 stand ready as Gillard 1123 goes up for spike Tipton 1103 md Woodlev 193 move into position while White 1153 serves , 6 Is YQHI' FOI' G11"lS, olle 5131-evra Gillard, receiving, while White and Nunn look on. 5 of NW s Vollevball team 1L R3 Gwen Nunn 133 Ramona Gillard 1123 Cynthia Tipton 1103 W Sends Four Grapplers To Stated Johnny Manuel on the left, most outstanding Senior, Captain of the wrestling team. Anthony Johnson on top, Senior, Co-captain of Wrestling team. - mn., fp., Greg Martin preparing to pin opponent, Most outstanding Junior. Top: Johnny Manuel, weight: 132 lbs., Senior, Re- cord: 40-4, City and Valley Champion, Placed 5th in State. Center: Anthony fPopcornl Johnson, weight: 138 lbs., Senior, Record: 32-11, Northwestern and City Champion. Bottom: Greg Martin, weight: 105 lbs., Junior, Record: 37-7-2, City and Valley Champion. Placed 5th in State. Below: Harrell Milhouse, weight: 98 lbs., Sophomore, Record: 36-9-1, City and Valley Champion. Harrell Milhouse reaching for switch, Most outstanding Sophomore. 87 The 1975-1976 Wrestling Squad began a New Era in Wildcat Wrestling. The "Hard Work Pays Off' philosophy of Head Coach Paul Holdren made the ,Cats the team to beat in a year when they were supposed to be down. The Varsity placed very high in every tournament, sent four men to the State Finals' Meet, and had five individuals re- cord seasons' records of 25 wins or more, hence, earning them the "Belt Buckle Award". They were Johnny Manual Sr., Capt., Anthony Johnson Sr., Capt., Greg Martin Jr., Sims Johnson Jr., and Harrell Milhouse, Soph. The Junior Varsity Team also annexed a new Coach in Robert Jones, who along with the many fine hard working Junior Varsity grapplers set many new standards of ex- cellence for future squads to attain. For the first time in the history of a city school a J.V. Varsity Wrestling team participated in 4 tournaments. They placed high at the Montrose Takedown Tournament, were unofficial champ- ions at the City Sophomore West, 7th at the Marlette In- vitational and won the Bentley Quad. They were led by Wendell White 15-1, Earnest Gibson 13-4, Willie Vickers 10-5, Stanley White 11-6, and Darnell Dantzler 12-5. Neil Ingram, on right, grits his teeth in tough match against Northern W Wrestling Team Begins New Era tnkf-v-af' 88 ...-nl like . 'mi 15 A- i. 5 i N X 2 '75-76 Junior Varsity Wrestling team. Front row lL-Rl: Darnell Dantzler, Wendall White, Willie Vickers, Earnest Gibson, Craig Ross. Back row lL-Rl: Head JV Coach Robert Jones, Tony Kim, Frankie Webb, Tyrone Dantzler. Sam Brown, Robert Montgomery, Coach Paul Holdren. Harrell Milhouse, on top, wrestling Northern's 98 pounder A. Sullivan. Greg Martin reaches for oppont nt's'1rm to gt t better grip. i x i L 4 if in-al' W Wre ble to 10-O-1 Record as me Johnny Manuel tries to grip on his opponent. Neil Ingram looks convincing against Owosso Anthony Johnson lPopcornl is not taking a rest but is concentrating on maneuvers. W Cagers Rank High In State NW Basketball Season began with early victories for the Wildcats cagers who were ranked Number 1 in the state Gary Nichols makes two points against chargers at NW. Class A Basketball polls. Under the experienced guidance of Coach Kirkland NW ended with an outstanding year with a record 18-2. Both Flint Northern and Northwestern Basket- ball Teams defeated each other in 2 showdowns, one at North- ern and the other at the Flint IMA with total points for both teams being 112-112 showing how closely the teams were matched. Northern also ranked high in the polls and shared the city championship with NW. Outstanding players: were Ondra Stocker, Gary Nichols, Eric Harvey, Eddie Simmons, Trent Tucker, and Kevin Hamilton. at "t Coach Kirkland looks on at game between NW and Powers. 'lf -615.5 Ondra Stocker has the reach over Saginaw High's No. 21. ' 9' ' ff f .f M"f"TW" . , - s , f e L ,ef if in LU.V, uf AM -14 .,,L, we of J F... ' ,G ,ifigkgt , 4'-YY r , 3 L 1 ' . NL , Wildcat fans look on as game progresses between the "Cats" and the Vikings. Gary Nichols prepares for move on Northern's defense. M Trent Tucker grabs rebound from Northern's basket Wig? 5 Kelvin Hamilton up for two points. Cynthia Bolden shows her Wildcat spirit with T-shirt 94 32 r T W l .ff ar if V if as Q 'L il sl 3 Trent Tucker up for twenty footer over Viking players. Kelvin Hamilton, the "Flying Eagle", up for the rebound. Eddie Simmons brings ball down court while guarded by Ricky Dent. W Defeats Northern In 3rd howdown Eric Hawey at Charity SU'iPeS f0I' the OU9 Poiflt' Gary Nichols, the bubble gum kid, up with sweet jump shot. J .V.'s End Season As City Champs NW J.V. Basketball for the '75-'76 year started off with a very good season with a 9-0 record before they were de- feated by Saginaw and Pontiac twice during the season. The J.V. team under the direction of Coach Jesse Evans moved their record to 16-4 for the entire season. The Var- sity team wasn't the only team from NW that had trouble with Northern for in the J.V. showdowns the J.V. team won both games by 1 point. The J.V. team also were City Champs with a record of 6-0. The most outstanding players were Bud Mayfield and Felix Miller. Robert Liggins holds SW player in trap play. Coach Evans discusses game with S.W. J.V. coach. J.V. Basketball Team: Front Row KL-Rl: Calvin Smith, Marv McGill, Bud Mayfield, Coach Jesse Evans, Felix Miller, Derrick Cochrane, Mgr. Kevin Massey. Second Row ll.-Rl: Bobby Weston, Charles Sprinkle, Rich Patton, Steve Ferguson. Third Row ll.-Rl: Joe Simmons, Robert Liggins, Bobby Hall, Carl Brocks, Erie Johnson. ffl!-Y Sf 'f' "'L lkfezsfm f If: A:f: J If :K 'El frk il '15 ' S fm. McGill up for 2 points while Sprinkle moves in for rebound. if W ee., ' v,,.. W Weston with a fake to go around SW defender. llllllll A. Johnson up for 2 points while Liggins and Cochrane look on. Ferguson at the charity stripes for the bonus. S i Soph. Basketball Fini h Undented ameri-3 llgcaifs J f li? 1. ,,, slls, 5 First Row IL-Rl: Kevin Ware, Andy Williams, Jeff McSwain, Philip Miller, Rod Tipton, Brian Richard, Donnie Chaney, J.V. coach, Jessie Evans. Top Row lLfRl: Eric White, Melvin James, Brad Hairston, Matt Clevenger, Lawrence Allen, Bob Nelson. X , , 4 3 S . Coach Hodge calls "time out". - M W.- -X Brian Richard connects on a freethrow. ...if Kevin Ware shows full court press. WESQWQ hmmm vi- In in .A,, .. swf' W Ak,, .' '13 Kevin Ware aids Brian Richard on a rebound. Don Chaney shoots the The Soph Basketball team completed an undefeated 14-0 season. Captain Rod Tipton highlighted the Wild- cat's perfect season by averaging nearly 20 points a game. Little Rod scored a season high 35 points in North- western's 67-60 victory over Beecher. Although the little wildcats maintained an unblemish- ed record they had some very close games. They defeat- ed Southwestern 62-61, Northern 55-49 and trailed Beecher by 14 points with three minutes to play before coming back to defeat them 67-60. Coach Hodges considers the following players as hav- ing contributed to the Soph' success: Kevin Ware, Don- nie Chaney, Jeff McSwain, Rudy Williams, Phillip Mil- ler, Charles Matthews, Harold Ware, Brian Richards, Lawrence Allen, Matt Clevenger, Melvin James, Brad Houston, Eric White, and Robert Nelson. 99 l va. leemen Greatly lmpro ed Sea on Front lL-Rl: J. Huble, D. Long, M. Lornze, B. Brooks, M. Thibaut, J. Hill, M. Gonyer. Top lL-Rl: Coach A. Barnhart, K. Weston, K. Parker, A Deaton, N. Skidmore, J. Rubel, T. Rider, R. Tinnin, J. Falk, Coach R. Gora, R. Gonzalez. is - like Sei? Bill Brook looks concerned about the score. Goalie Mark "Fuzzy" Lorenz stands ready to stop the puck. l fi f no 1QfQ 5 n c lf i T I NW's hockey team show their power by winning over Lapeer West. The hockey team charge the ice, ready for victory! l ! Another Lapeer West shot that was stopped by the Goalie. The '76 Icemen continually improved through- out their season. They are young and growing showing tremendous potential for future success. Captain Jeff Hubel and Dewayne Zaruba were voted the most valuable players while Mike Thibaut and Dennis Long won the honors as the most improved players. The team was coached by Alan Barnhart. Northwestern may look for' ward to continual success from their Hockey team in '77. Q 'f s 4 The team holds steady for the face-off. The Goalie sometimes gets lonely. F!!! N ..h......g v A.. , , Imlw f' 1s.mswam'... . ' L .. .v" LHR SS S L WE .5 - "L- Silgl' iz.L2Lt.:, '76 introduced women and men's sports as sep- arate and equal. Although both teams were small in number, the effort put forth was outstanding. The newly formed women's swim team was coached by Mildred James. Their most valuable swimmer was Cecial Nelson and the entire team was con- sidered as most improved. Roslyan Goodrun was voted the swimmer of the year by the girls' swim team. The men's team started out strong, but several swimmers dropped out due to involvement in other activities. The men's swimming team was coached by Willie Donahue and Pete Peterson. The most outstanding swimmer was Tim Gavette and Jim Wilhelm was voted most improved. The Booster club award went to Carlos Reyna. Congratulations to the teams for outstanding sportsmanship and fine achievement. Excitement is felt during the 400 yard freestyle relay race. St mdmg ll Rl J Wilhelm, C. Reyna. Sitting ll.-Rl: l'. Shuart, Captain T. Gavette. Jim Wilhelm starts his part of the 400 yard four man relay race. ill' los and his opponent stand ready for the gun. QC N wxxm Varsity and J .V. Cheerleaders worked very hard during prac- tices this year. These young la- dies became very close, and they helped each other with their rou- tines. The Varsity cheerleaders worked with the J.V. squad more this year to prepare them for the Varsity squad. Both Var- sity and J.V. squads offered their suggestions for improve- ments. All the cheerleaders agreed that Ms. Clack was a big part of their improvements. They really feel she was a very good coach for them this year. The Varsity squad consisted of Carolyn Brown, Virgil Brunson, Evelyn Cunningham, Merry Duncan, Shirley Green, Gret chen Harris, Darcele Holley, Shawn Kelly. N.W. J.V. squad included Lana Barton, Jeanette Brown, Faye Brunson, Michelle Collins, Janice Gates, Barbara Jones, Grovette McIntosh and Vichy Young. l X 4 J .V. Cheerleaders show a difficult position J.V.: L. Barton, M. Collins, V. Young, J. Brown, B. Jones, F. Brunson, J. Gates, and G McIntosh Cheerleaders Pep p Our Team The Varsity cheerleaders keep us entertained at football and basketball games. Go team Go!!! l Q we a Q 'veg K s - 1? EQQQR Mx My Varsity: M. Duncan, S. Kelly, E. Cunningham, V. Brunson, D. Holley, D. Scales, S. Green, and C. Brown. in V Q 535 Pi VARSITY WRESTLING NW OPP 6 Davison 27 42 Linden 20 36 Fenton 26 28 Owosso 27 33 Central 23 32 Southwestern 20 36 Northern 28 40 Sag. Arthur Hill ' 18 37 Midland Dow 17 38 Bay City Handy 26 27 Pontiac General 27 INVITATIONALS Grand Blanc 3rd Lansing Eastern 5th Detroit Catholic Central 6th County Meet 7th City Meet 2nd Sag. Valley West Meet 3rd State District Meet 5th State Regional Meet 3rd Seo re JV FOOTBALL NW OPP 22 Central 12 12 Saginaw K 6 6 Sag. Arthur Hill 8 0 Midland Dow 0 12 Pontiac Central 12 24 Bay City Handy 24 13 Northern 0 24 Bay City Western 28 6 Southwestern 6 I HOCKEY NW OPP 0 Holly 5 3 Bentley 4 2 Fenton 5 1 Lake Fenton 8 3 Linden 5 9 Lapeer East 3 4 Lapeer West 1 2 Holy Rosary 1 2 Goodrich 11 6 Hamady 4 0 Bentley 5 0 Holly 10 2 Fenton 2 1 Lake Fenton 5 TOURNAMENTS 0 Southwestern 9 2 Northern 8 NON LEAGUUE PLAY 0 Sag. Arthur Hill 5 5 Hamady 0 3 Sag. Eisenhauer 4 VARSITY GIRLS' BASKETBALL NW OPP 58 Central 23 68 Northern 35 69 Southwestern 16 95 Midland 33 96 Midland Dow 15 50 Saginaw 42 81 Southwestern 39 84 Central 27 49 Northern 56 72 Flushing 50 76 Northern 23 65 Owosso 40 82 I Bay City Western 55 52 Carman 44 55 Detroit Northwestern 79 93 Kearsley 14 63 Bay City Handy , 35 46 Saginaw 44 55 Bay City Central 42 77 Kearsley 35 72 Sag. Arthur Hill 33 70 Bay City Western 635 JV BASKETBALL NW OPP 76 Power 4 70 71 Arthur Hill 50 72 Highland Park 61 73 Midland Dow 31 82 Kearsley 50 84 Central 36 90 Flushing 43 80 Southwestern 64 80 Bay City Handy 72 68 Saginaw 76 53 Pontiac 63 50 Northern 49 57 Central 48 67 Arthur Hill 62 58 Midland Dow 4 43 65 Saginaw 68 93 ' Bay City Handy 44 69 Pontiac 71 78 Southwestern 66 47 Northern 46 Board VARSITY FOOTBALL NW OPP 12 Central 7 0 Saginaw 6 18 Sag. Arthur Hill 35 12 Midland Dow 36 21 Bay City Handy 8 8 I Pontiac 16 13 Northern 0 34 Bay City Western 18 0 Southwestern 22 CROSS COUNTRY NW OPP 45 Pontiac 15 22 Midland Dow 33 15 Saginaw 47 42 Northern 17 21 Sag. Arthur Hill 39 44 Bay City Handy 19 IN VITATIONALS West Bloomfield 23rd Holly 17th Eisenhower 12th City Meet 5th Valley Meet 4th Regional Meet 15th Low Scores Win VARSITY VOLLEYBALL NW OPP 2 Bay City Handy 0 1 Northern 2 2 Bay City Central 1 2 Saginaw 0 2 Bay City Western 0 0 Southwestern 2 0 Northern 2 2 Central 0 0 , Midland Dow 2 2 Sag. Arthur Hill 0 2 Bay City Central 0 2 Midland 0 1 Southwestern 2 2 - Saginaw 0 2 Central 0 Best 2 out of 3 games GIRLS' JV BASKETBALL NW 1 OPP 52 Kearsley 6 38 Bay City Handy 15 26 Saginaw High 22 29 Bay City Central 19 41 Kearsley 10 37 Central 6 49 Northern 20 51 Southwestern 18 52 Midland 14 37 Saginaw High 17 61 Southwestern 24 55 Central 20 63 Northern 9 42 Saginaw Arthur Hill 20 32 Bay City Western 15 City Meet VARSITY BASKETBALL OPP Powers 44 Sag. Arthur Hill 64 Highland Park 43 Midland Dow 54 Kearsley 53 Central 45 Flushing 71 Southwestern 50 Bay City Handy 58 Saginaw 59 Pontiac Central 65 Northern 54 Central 61 Sag. Arthur Hill 55 Midland Dow 65 Saginaw 52 Bay City Handy 61 Pontiac Central V 60 Southwestern 52 Northern 58 DISTRICTS Northern 63 Kearsley 58 Flushing 66 REGIONALS Grand Blanc 64 Saginaw 70 GOLF OPP Midland Dow 452 Bay City Handy 470 Pontiac 445 Northern 465 Sag. Arthur Hill 438 Low Scores Win SWIMMING W OPP Powers 1 14 Southwestern 98 Central 89 Saginaw 44 Northern 121 Bay City Handy 55 Pontiac 130 Midland Dow 115 Sag. Arthur Hill 104 Saginaw 51 Meets 5th 6th Valley Meet SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL NW OPP 116 Flushing 29 62 Davison 28 86 Powers 35 71 Central 49 62 Southwestern 61 52 Beecher 43 57 Davison 27 53 Northern 49 72 Central 52 74 Flushing 34 67 Powers 28 67 Beecher 60 78 Southwestern 67 75 Northern 48 TRACK AND FIELD NW OPP 84 Bay City Handy 39 80 Midland Dow 43 63 Northern 61 82 ' Bay City Central 32 82 Sag. Arthur Hill 41 54 Grand Blanc 68 RELAYS Huron 8th Spartan 6th Mansfield 15th Central Mich. 7th Mott 5th City Meet 3rd Valley Meet lst Regional Meet 1st State Meet 2nd Holly Soph. Meet 2nd JV VOLLEYBALL NW ' OPP 2 Bay City Handy 0 2 Northern 0 2 Bay City Central 0 2 Bay City Western 0 2 Southwestern 0 1 Midland Dow 2 1 Sag. Arthur Hill 2 2 Bay City Central 0 1 Midland 2 2 Southwestern 0 Best 2 out of 3 games 107 Undergrads ophomore Class Read For Busy Year Veta Hussey, Beverly Ross, Abraham Henry, Phyllis Oliver, Carmen Williams. The Sophomore class was com' posed of 843 students. Some of their money making projects were selling doughnuts, pom-poms and buttons. A Sadie Hawkins dance was on the social calendar. Sophomore class officers are: Arneil Cleveland, Pres- ident, Ralph Elliott, Vice President, Sabrina Wilson, Secretary-Treas urer. Senators Were: Veta Hussey, Beverly Ross, Abraham Henry. PVS I 1' E ,,,,,. sg, ,, Phyllis Oliver, Sabrina Wilson and Carmen Williams. ,le- H 41. N 1' 'X' ,E ff ' M K, I 1' sf Arneil Cleveland ---- Sophomore President Ralph Elliott ---- Vive-President Sabrina Wilson ---- Secretary Treasurer A mfg' It 1 U. Katrina Womack, Junior class Secretary-Treasurer Angela Stocker, Junior class Vice-President Juniors take an active part in Stu. Govt. Mtgs. Mlirkeeda Hill. JUI'li0T class P1'0Sid9I1f Junior Class Learns From Experience Junior class senators from Left to Right: Greg Martin, Jeanette Amerson, Brenda Brewton, Phil Huskey. The "77" graduating Junior class consists of 3 697 members. Some of the Junior clas projects were, a donut sale and a dance entitled "Gangster- ized Movement." The theme for the Junior Couples Dance was "Stairway to Heaven". It was held on April 23, 1976. The Juniors ended up with a substantial treasury. The Junior class officers are: Markeeda Hill-President, Angela Stocker-Vice-President, Katrina Womack-Secretary Treasurer. Junior class senators are: Jeanette Amerson, Brenda Brewton, Ricardo Clemons, Phil Huskey, Phyllis Lomax and Greg Martin. J. Hrapsky, P. Huskey and B. Journagin debate an issue. Being Serious Isn't ll We Do Northwestern ni Music Time is the right time. April Pea seems to find time for a picture. Carolyn Abbott Jeff Abraham Lamell Adams Valerie Adams Vincent Adams Selena Adams Connie Aguitar Juanite Aguitar Linda Aguitar Brenda Alexander Cathy Alexander Ivy Alexander Mike Alexander Juanita Alexander Pamela Allen Gloria Allen Jimmy Allen Lisa Allen 'P Q4 awe- .- X .- Q X F. A ' ei-or e y' l . le x Give them a hand. Y' an Xe S.. Now where are we! Linda Allen Lorraine Allen Natalie Allen Patrice Allen Roy Allen Robbie Allen Carl Alston Jeanett Amerson Jeffery Anderson Stephanie Anderew Clay Andrew Linda Andrew Dennetta Anthony Mark Anthony Melvin Anthony Donald Arkwright Gal Arkwright Gena Arkwright Ri ck Briggs and Kathy J ayns try to keep one step ahead of Mr. Fraction. Regina Asbury Willie Ashe Danny Ashford Antonio Avant Markenna Avant James Avery Regina Backstrom Leo Bailey Doyle Baker Timothy Baldwin Gordon Ball Mark Ball Paulette Ball Jeff Balknight Jerome Balknight Monica Bard Scott Bard Latreasa Bardwell Martine Bardwell Russel Barnett Dennis Barnett Rita Barnett Brenda Barnhart Lana Barton Chris Stevens had a good laugh while thinking of what will happen at 1:08. X-fx . . Students Enjoy A Good Laugh 'in-1 Darrick Bates Hubert Beal Melodie Beard Joyce Beard Vernon Beasley Eartha Bell Nathen Bell Ronald Bell Denise Belle James Bennett Rose Berlanga Cynthia Berry Iris Berry Leland Berry Jan Best LaVenzella Biggs John Billings Debra Black Judy Black Yvaes Blantson Carol Bock Bobby Bolden Dora Byrd Debra Byrom For a joke Paulette Needon gives the life size doll a kiss good-night. Carol Bock is caught offsguard but is still able to give a friendly smile. James Bollinger Katrain Bolton Nitika Boose Brenda Bowman Pam Boyd Sherree Boyd mafia Bonnie Boone chats a moment with one of N.W.'s security ladies. Shirley Green is already to lead a cheer. Ernest Bracey Anthony Bradshaw Gay Bradshaw Earl Brandon Glorie Bray Robert Breed Brenda Brewton Cheryl Bridges Ricky Briggs Carl Brocks Elaine Brooks Birte Brookshire Paula Brovles Beatrice Browlee Barbara Brown Darlene Brown David Brown Daine Brown QP qu-Q., mxfk if Donna Brown Earlene Brown J anite Brown Kevin Brown Larry Brown Maurice Brown McKinley Brown Micheal Brown Renee Brown Rickey Brown Sam Brown Brenda Brown Fay Bruson Cynthia Bryant Mark Bryant Sharon Bryant Kerri Buckner Willie Buchanax Varlie Buford EK There's No Time Like Lei ure Time 119 Undergrad Enjoy orthwe tern Rodney Bur ,fa Lori Bur Burk 2 gfl "1 f V .' it Barbara Burk ' ,, ,W ""h' Q' r V Karl Burnett J : + , Rita Burnett V Y ii' A '1"" H 5 ' ' ' 'W "' YR 5 ,,,,,,.. RQ , y Q Zi, Zi A 4 W 1' , ak, Cherry Burton Lisa Bush Gibert Bush Deboral Calhoun Tyrine Calhoun Craig Callaway x FL rl Cheryl Callaway Vallire Callaway Alice Campbell 3 X N Ramona Campbell -- - Robin Campbell - Stephe Cambpell .SW Q-fi N, ag. M, Shirley Green is bushed in the library Andreal Carmon Claudia Cantrell , , .f , r Nancy Cardel f gf Denise Wilson, Mike Thibaut and Paula Broyles. Vicky Young, Vernadette Ray and Beverly Ross. I wonder what this is all about. 'if , f X Q W1 qi in ff if f it ,Ee ,..Z,Z Micheal Cardwell Sharon Carson Sharon Canda Phyliss Carter Karen Carpenter Brian Carpenter Bobbie Carter Allen Carr Jerry Carrer Melody Centers Donnie Channey Milton Channey Peter Channey Angela Chap Vamelory Chapm Robert Cheaton Aaron Childs Patricia Childs Debrah Clark Jerome Claude Sonja Clay Jerry Clemons all Karen and Lawana are all ready to go We finally got Cha Ricardo Clemons Yolanda Clemons Carmen Clemon Matt Clevengen Arneil Cleveland Bennie Cleveland Derrick Cochrane Dorothy Cole Brian Coleman Bruce Coleman Karen Coleman Michelle Colen Hubert Collins Michelle Collins Robin Collings George Colston Janet Coney Anthony Conyers Adrena Cooper Cynthia Cooper Denise Cooper Irene Cooper Sophia Cook Lenora Copeland Undergrads Relaxing After School it G , G c S qw? S -K, X 2 i ,R R R 5 i xl a t .A"4s y William waits patiently for some help. Hazel Hillard watches the sn Darlene Cornelius Elaine Coron Ginger Cotterman Ezzard Cotton Gloria Cotton Nancy Cowens Jerry Crawford Larry Crawford Calbot Crowel William Cummings Larry Cummingham Sheila Cummingham Loretta Cureton Inez Curtis Michael Dabbs Rhonda Dailey James Daniels Maria Daniels Darnell Dantzler Tyrone Dantzler Dale Davis Dianna Davis Joe Davis Micheal Davis Gwen Dean Laura Delgado Alex Demps Faye Dent Lavern Dicks Williw Dirrell ow fall. 75 . F2 . 5 , V Tim Dillingham 'L Linda Dixon Willie Dotson Donald Dover Steve Dozier Maxine Dunn Sheila Dunn Sandra Dunn Mary Duncan .W Undergrads Are On The Move Myron Dunlap Tommy Dunkling Patricia Edwards Valerie Edwards Georgia Edwards Wilse Edwards Odessa Elliott Ralph Euiorn Roxann Eott Sherry Eason Janice Echols Andre Epps Rita Epps Jay Falk Cheryl Ferguson The Library is a place for students to pass the time. it ld .WU ,si Q as-l .uZ..Q.l 'lm f Pam-Turner can pose for pictures any time. At N.W. there is no time to wait in halls when you are late for fifth hour class. 1 W K eg I f ,V ,E '1 it 1 iw , , . "'f , W W if-53' L-lf: ff" ' ' mi? - "fC..6:j:: swap, E , : ,, '. V' ' ' ,,,,. A '- . 94 4 'f f i l Steve Ferguson Sonja Ferguson Tammy Fernaders Eddie Fields Guy Fielder Ray Fielder Guy Fielder Linda Finklea Tonya Fisher Barbara Gadison Cora Gadison Ernestine Gadison Mary Flippen Ray Flippen Lisa Flowers Merrill Flowers Kevin Flynn Valerie Fordham Julie Freeman Fred Gaiser Theresa Gal John Gamble Mary Garcia Steve Gathman Janice Gates Tim Gavette Charlene Geid Peggy Gentry Deirtre Gilbert Elston Gilbert Ramona Gillard Shelia Gillard Have you found what you are looking for?" Chris Gill Loretta Gillespie Teresa Gilmore Genel Gistover Timothy Gistover Deborah Givens Terry Givens Eric Glasperell Vincent Golden Anthony Gonzales Dareen Gonyea Robert Goodlow Demetrius Grady Randy Graham Cassandra Grant Donald Grant Belinda Gray A Clara Gray Craig Gray David Gray Robert Gonzalez Johnnie Gray Keith Green , Shirley Green f' , Tyree Greenlee Lavon Grier , Www . fy f - W ' 4 J 2 L 1, fr: Patricia Grice Antoinet Griffin W Kurt Gross Mary Grundy Jose Guerrero Brad Hairston I W Robin Stewart waits patiently for Theoplis Motley to measure the frog. Delenzo Hairston Marcia Hairston Pam Hairston K li, I ' ' Willie Hall Wynoka Hall Bob Hammands l 5 ' the slll""""lu5. Q .Nadi Anneil Cleveland gives Mr. Jones a lick off her sucker. Paula Hampton Ava Handy Sheena Harden Beverly Harper Deanna Harris Deborah Harris Deborah Harris Gretchen Harris Rhonda Harris Sheila Harris Charles Harney Rex Haskell Val Marie Hassey Monique Hayden Leeman Hayman Sheila Hayman Sid Hawk Kathy Heidenberger Alice Henderson Frank Henderson Trina Henderson Robin Hendrix Andre Hennie Abraham Henry Undergrad Really Into Learning Hall ay Life At orthwestern Valid!" Q 'V 1 is if ' ' - 3 slzf, - ,, .fixes j K' e" 'es aeli 1 Q s 1 4, S K I ',S X 'xl - . ' is-555 Q fig l ' H' if X gy if , 711, ' L . gi 1 f sig h h we ,R ,... L Lawrence McLi1ly is waiting for his favorite class to be- Phil Huskey tries to talk Darby Morgan into going to class. gm Go!! Brian Henry Karen Henry Kela Herron Bryan Hetherington Pam Hetherington Pam Hewitt Kimberly Hicks Aarron Hill Brian Hill Karen Hill Quinn Hill Yvonne Hill Hazel Hilliard Elaine Hoey Pam Holland Darnell Holliday James Holliman Eddie Holmes wsu Q- ,W Q Pamela Holmes Randall Hobskon Willie Hobskon Alfred Howard Douglass Howard Joann Hownt Rita Hoxit Mark Huddleston Crystal Hudnall Crystal Hudson Ann Hughes Millicent Hughes James Humphrey Micheal Hundley David Hunt Phil Huskey Willie Hymon Sonya Ingram Suzette Wright and Lynn Jensen stop at their locker before class. Michelle Ellis does some last minute homework before class all Pat Isom Belinda Jackson Ceceila Jackson Harlan Jackson Jackie Jackson Jackie Jackson Coneentrationl The Ke To ueeess Tommie Jackson Helen James Melvin James Yolanda James Kerry Jarrett Roxanne Jenkins John Jennings Abbey Johnson Barbara Johnson Berthetta Johnson Brenda Johnson Brian Johnson its x This lesson seems to be very enjoyable to this voung lady. Carol Johnson Delores Johnson Phil Johnson Eric Johnson Greg Johnson Joe Johnson y, .K T L. we iff f ..'. 1 iffy! X I-7 1 ' K . .:.k. 5555. Bake sales are a favorite at N.W. Joe Johnson Karen Johnson Pat Johnson Lavester Johnson Linda Johnson Cedric Johnson Markeeda Hill chats briefly with Marklin Cook Micheal Johnson and Aaron Magee workin art class. Sandra Johnson Vivian Johnson Addie Jones Barbara Jones Deborah Jones Debra Jones Jackie Jones James Jones Marvin Jones Melvin Jones Ralph Jones Tony Jordon hi 133 lllli l Elaine Coron shows her better side wh1le trying to hide from the The front hall by the flower planter is a popular place to hang out camera. Claude Jones Tanya Jones Victoria Jones Wanda Jones Wanda Jones Yvette Jones Darnel Jupree Steve Keller Daryll Kelly Shawn Kelly Vynette Kelly Christine Kemp Elaine Kemp Tony Kemp Carlo Kendall Kenneth Kendrick Dennis Kidd Sherry Kirk Pamela Kleckly Felinda Lakes Bridgett Lane Clement Lane Debra Lanehart Marie Lanehart Someone Mysteriou In The Librar 10 f Rfk ilifxrff JA ,,,.alnl'0W 11- X S ., K ! N I -g:f,1. 'T R Q tl rf X s 5 .... V ss Q Y fi - .. XX 'lx Q X Y Robert Langston Brian Larkin Chris Larowe Colleen Larowe Bonita Laster Clauetta Laster Gee Lee Lionel Lee Shelia Lee Roy Lee Tawona Legordie Arthur Lenoir Lennie Leverette Terry Leverette Selorena Leverette Calvin Lewis Dale Lewis Eric Lewis Shirley Liddell Kever Lieblong Geraldine Liggins Karen Liggins Robert Liggins Robert Lincoln Brenda Bruff and Rita Hoxit fix Sloppy Joes for Home Ec. food sale. Bob Hammond helps out in the IMC by running the ditto ma chine. Valerie Litford Ross Livington Maxs Lockwood Dennis Long Marie Long Patricia Long Mark Lorenz Patricia Lott Deborah Lovett Vera Lowery Steve Lust Penny Lutmon Kerry Lyles Joyce Lyons Kerry Mackey Angela Macklin Aaron Magee Tommy Malone Joanne Markee Fenton Marriner Cheryl Martin Penny Martin Katy Martinson Gloria Mason ix s M I Art students create posters for N.W. halls. Lloyd Turner smiles while studying Must be interesting Caven Massey Albert Mathis Juilet Mathis Timothy Mathis Veronica Matterson Charles Matthews Helen Matthews Tommy May Doloris Maynie Valerie Maze Shelia McAlister Gloria McCaskill Wildcats Show Variou Moods Glamour glamour' J oane Williams pauses briefly. Mary McClellan Derrick McClendon Greg McClendon Shelie McClinton Terrance McDaniel Terrial McDaniel David McDonald Donna McDonald Paul McDonald Willie McElroy Eleanor McGaughy Rod Tipton 7- ' Stanley Magee Stanley McCaurine Maro McGill Dale McGhee Grovette McIntosh Mary McIntyre Ricky McConnis Savannah McQueen Jeffery McSwain Joy Melton Othis Milhouse Velnetta Miles Felix Miller Phillip Miller Ricky Miller Anthony Minor Bethony Mithchell Jerome Mithchell Q Gene Mitchell -ff-Q Regina Mithchner Bobby Money 'wi Y 'T X xi Robert Montgomery Denise Moore Fred Moore 6 Lawana Moore Lue Ann Moore Mike Moore Tina is busy braiding hair. I Varied Activities Capture Students Time 1 Robert Moore Gena Moreland . Brenda Morris H' u i . Q A I , . Kevin Morris Yvonne Morris Wallette Morse x Patricia Mosley Theoplis Motley Alicia Moton ui Lana Bardon on the range. 4 140 l M Undergrads Have Off D ys Too Ulyse Muex Kenneth Muldrew Ricky Muldrew Loretta Mullins Rayetta Mullins Jacky Murphy Terry Nash Bob Nelson Cecilia Nelson Karen Newton Anthony Nichols Myrisha Odell Howard Oliver Phyllis Oliver Ernest Ortiz Bobby Osborn Reginald Ott Craig Owens Karen Owens Terry Ozier 32+ :ff R.. u Sonya Jackson is enjoying her walk while the halls are empty David Moromos finishes his classwork. Don't you dare do that! , .Nsai PK 'Q-5, L... Velinda Parks Theresa Patrick Ray Patrick Kevin Patterson Micheal Patterson Richard Patton Albertha Payne Neal Payton Clarence Payton Leonard Payton Theresa Payton Calvin Paxton April Pea Cheryl Peacock Cheryl Pendergrass Martin Perez Ethel Perkins Peter Perrin Anna Perry Sharon Persich Sheba Pettway Danny Phillips Elester Pickens Gary Pippins Timothy Pitts Dennis Platt Marcus Plaunt Johnny VanP1ayer Tanyan Poole Harvey Porter Diana Pouncil Lydia Poupore Anthony Powell Kerry Powell Larry Powell Terry Powell Gloria Price Gwen Price Priscilla Price Kevin Pringle Marcy Pringle Mary Privatt Cheryl Pryor Priscilla Prude Sheila Pullom Rita Purches Veora Puryear Lorenzo Ramsey Joyce Walker smiles pretty for the photographer Young men play against the young ladies in gym class IIE N-W. students enjoy aqua sports. Some of N.W., J.V. cheerleaders stop to take a pose. "" L W " ':': K Veronica Ramsey ' ' " 3 Lisa Randall Brian Ray 1 Carl Ray is 4' Vernadette Ray 9 R Cathy Rea 'H 'Q' AQ' of it I ii was Palmer Reid Timothy Rembert Dennis Reynaert Pamela Rhodes Randy Rhodes Dennis Richardson John Richardson Kim Richardson Robert Rider Norbert Rieger Diane Riggs Jeanetta Roberts Travisten Robertson Cheryl Robinson Marie Robinson Priscilla Robinson Renee Robinson Susan Robinson Student Enjo The Fun Life 1 x six va - ,,., ifjif: I ..2t.r5 f1 '1N5ZfV L- 1.-1-ff-A -- s :Fifi :5fafg:,:f,. - wifi K x , sw.: . - . ' 'Pa ' A K :H gg -xx, Rn , --fm, :' L .1 1 M, A . ' af ff ,, ,w ,.,, nik? Calvin Smith and Sabrina Wilson get down to serious work. ' This art student finds time to relax during class. Bobbie Carter doesn't need a crowd to have a good laugh. S A f Kg' r xi Q . 5 J, Q A' ii yi xl X lie is - ' fy X. i-. X S lsssf iw ., K - :KY ff ax M.. S S 1 ' 'o- " ' Y .i . y ,,,. . , A ..,:. 1 Q... Norman Ruffin Tina Ruggirello Roesha Rumph Mary Rumsey Anthony Sanders Bertha Sanders Pierre Sanders Teresa Sanders Willie Sanders Sue Sayer Brenda Scales Donna Scales Robin Scales James Scales Barbara Schuler Stephanie Scott Linda Severn Anthony Shaw Marcia Shivers Peter Shuart Eddie Simmons Franzhes Simmons Faces Reveal Thou and Emotion 5 Joe Simmons Walter Simpson Kniley Sirange Bernard Shuman Mark Skidmore Willie Small Bethony Smith Beverly Smith Calvin Smith Eugene Smith Jimmy Smith Linford Smith Lonnie Smith Melody Smith Patricia Smith Stacey Smith Sylvia Smith Tia Smith Rico Snell Eangeline Snields Diane Pouncil and Lennie Leverette want to answer the question 5 't A S Vivian Veal is going to bop Mr. Crear, upside his head. l -4 .ya Kim Snoddy Malirra Snowden Lemont Snuder Vecent Golden Vivian Spann er Venetia Sparks . i s f Y ' l 1 f ' s 4 2 'W' if E , 0 if Brigitte Spence Edrick Spence James Spence Deidre Spight Tammie Spratt Albert Srezzell qw lf I" Kelly Stafford Vincent Stallings Stanley Starling Merlin Steele Mary Rumsey takes a dash for the door at the end of class. Guy Steve Robin Stewart Sonja Stewart ir Saville Sumpert takes a pose with her candy bar in her nano. .W. Undergrtds Get Involved Shirly Stewart Lapri Stills Laprice Stills Troy Stinnett Verna Stinnett Ronald Stinson Valerie Stitt Virgil Stocker Micheal Stokes Evelyn Stone Elizabeth Stribling Barbara Strickland Dora Strong Bobbie Stuart Otha Stackey Alice Summer Crystal Swanson Patrice Swims Larry Swoope Pam Taylor Sabrina Teer Lawana Terri Mike Thibault James Thigpen Debra Thomas Duane Thomas James Thomas Larry Thomas Sheila Thomas Vernice Thomas Clayborn Thompson Beverly Thompson Earl Thompson Fabina Thompson Kenneth Thompson Rhonda Thompson N.W Undergrad Are Looking Ahead S ff nfk . ii. ai km hryw X -o ,J 'zz 'WW f 2 1, ' ' cn mm -1 .fy 41, sz,:.,,f Y:',,g. WV , 1:11:71 ii mfmszfaf' , ",flfff'T1 'yy , 5'f5iW',,'i ,W . 5 gi 5 4 9' . ' li ,: x,, Q45 av ' , S 5 Mi Q nw A E , ,. Sl Shirley Thompson Tanya Thompson Tina Thompson Vicky Thompson Nancy Thorne Cynthia Thornton Carla Tilson Roger Tinnin Kevin Tippit Gertrude Toins Vicky Tolbert Helena Townes Lawrence Townsel Sharon Townsend Carnell Trouser Jerome Turner Liz Turner Lloyd Turner Michelle Turner Pam Turner Bridgett Tucker Ernest Tyler Gery Tyler Ricky Urbina Silvia Urbina Phyllis Vaughn Vivian Veal Barbara Vickers Willie Vickers Joyce Walker Margaret Walker Marvin Walker Sheila Walker Debra Walters Harold Ware Kevin Ware Corliss Warner Ervin Warner Angela Washington Cecil Washington Georgia Washington Nadine Washington Renee Washington Angela Watkins Lealonnie Watkins Mitchell Watkins Sabastian Watson Frank Webb Curtis Webster Sheila Wells Ernestine Wesley Gwendolyn Wesley Felicia West Bobby Weston Teresa Weston Ken Weston Lisa Wheatley Emma Wheeler Conella White Eric White Stephanine White Eddie Wicks Vanessa Wiggins Carmen Wilcox Maurice Wilkerson Kelvin Wilbon Andy Williams Bobby Williams Carmen Williams Cynthia Williams Glenda Williams Herman Williams it R v-"" Jackie Williams James Williams JoAnne Williams Melvin Williams Micheal Williams Sharon Williams Sherry Williams Shirley Williams Terry Williams Toni Williams Valerie Williams Deanie Wilson Jackie Wilson James Wilson Samuel Wilson Cathy Windle Anthony Winston Patricia Wise Katrina Womack Annette Woodley Elsie Woodley Sandra Woods Dorothy Wortham Patricia Wright Brenda Wynn P s Graduates Senior Class Student Govern. President- Diane Terry, Vice President-Beverly Stevens, Secretary of Treasury-Billie Jour- nagin. Senators are Gary Nichols, Patricia Kemp, Dale Miller, Roslynn Goodum, Tom King, Janice Hrapsky. Senior Class this year has 502 students, Senior Class Prom was held at the Hawaiian Gardens, in Holly Michigan, May 22, 1976. The Band that per- formed was the J CCLB Movement of Flint. Senior Class this year gave the doughnut stand to the soph- omores. Diane Terry, President Beverly Stevens, Vice President Tom King, Senator Billie J ournagin, Secretary of Treasiiyy Tom leads a discussion. Senior Class ff 15 MW 3 gg 'Q' 5' if ,,i,,xN'i i i T? 1 'i Q a if lll 5 sa iw K 4' 4? W if if 7 fi ' is - :I ,-159 . 41...,,j-. W... L J5'i,.-.. eats ise Mone Senators IL-Rl: Gary Nichols, Patricia Kemp,-Dale Miller, Roslynn Goodrum, Tom King, Janice Hrapsky. 55 .m..,,,.,.44 fm 4 in ,..,-arf auf f ""N..' I' Blanchard 'iii 0 Armilda Boone William Earl Boyd Jr. y Chris Smart and Iva Johnson take time to sign their names. 355: aw QI! fi? f Robert Mosley seems bored ,, Jeff Boylston Diane Brantly 3 Jeff Bridges V V Carolyn Brown . Seniors Know How To Relax Cynthia Brown I Deborah Brown ' Debra Brown Loretta Brown Ruthella Brown Something special makes Oretha Hambreck ha PPV- V , Picture taking is of little concern to Larry Harris. Sam Brown Willie Brownlee Glen Brunson Virgil Brunson Raymond Buford Y M329 ,M f""'t'g-'I W K 1 3 I 3 vw , , . L,,L W QA I W .-8 q . -sf ' B 1 s,,,.' Lehman Donan Michael Donan Laverne Douglas Jeff Hubel finds it hard to keep his true feelings. 1 James Dover III Catherine Edwards Tamara Edwards Denise Elbert Tina Elliot Seleha Elzy Sue Ethier Deborah Evans Yana Evans Greg Fisher Patsy Fizer I r , I 5 I M f'9l"Q'1l? -4 fe wa may 'M Senior Year Is AYear0f Decisions 'lm Kimbelllb' Hamlin H Bill Hammond Renee Haralston Av xs""-ff-'ze 15 .fi Linda Harden Joey Harper o Wanda Harris a Earl Lusk dreams about graduation da 'FU'- Eric Harvey H Frederick Hawkins Lisa Hayden ' H lv. , Alma HeIldeI'SOI1 Kathleen Henderson Madonna Henderson Kevin Hanlilton Cheeks Security- Y L -lr, Rhonda Henry Gilbert Herron Guy Steve gives Mr. Fraction the slip. Ingrid Hicks H ohn Hill A Sw of f f .3 Milton Holloway P Darcele Holly Annie Ruth Holmes . - ,A k xTL4 ,asa , I A 2 fy f-8 1 5-E - wmv 1 . Eiff:EP'5:', 'Z YT IQW5' " Qfifflf ' in , H Q ,ff V Rich Eller waits for the bell to ring. Judy Hogker Vanessa Howard Janice Hrapsky ini f 2 -...ww ,iw -,,.f,.,,,1,w ,V Linda Platt Bryan Poole ' Sylvania Pouncil is is .. Karen Price looks at Senior pictures. 5 Mary Pounds Wallace Poupore Walter Poupore Karen Price Joe Price Judith Priestley Diane Privett E Ruth Randall Thelma Ray William Reaves Rose Reeves Annette Reid R r 'E 'f I . V 74 Kathy Riley Gloria Roberts Danny J. Robinson Corneluis Rodgers Sheila Rollins '76 Important Year For Females Teresa Moore waits for the bell. Gwen Barton sits and yvaits. ,-, XA Y? -J ,, uf' it mr sw W mf-,:.:a ' 'zz' -:- 'mm f.,,1sg,g W. fx ,f rg. ,I .W . ,,A., ., ,, Qfffgiiiif. -1524. 3 A, ., i gi, . ly I 'I 5 as A we s 11 zz ,G ff l 5 , ,, .s,?L,,,rs5,! ,to 1 la Brenda Thomas Dennis Thomas Gayle Thomas Patricia Thomas Crane Thompson . 4345. ' John Thompson Kenneth Thorn Paula Tilch Sandra Tims T Cynthia Tipton Q A Sweari Towner Helena Townes Anthony Townsel Evelyn Trouser Loretta Trouser A jlflvii N41 5: TUNE' 181 Robert Tucker Carolyn Tumblin Beol Turner Ronnie Vestal L, 2 5 1 3 5 4 ! 1 y 1 4 1 l ,,,,,,--' 'X X 2 .Q 'W'-S X f ,W.M,m,Mm y, ' 'zum ,,w..f.W -,-,.w.V.., -.Nm..- .,hw.'.m , ,, ,,w..,,.,, .fv, ., if S E 5 4 NW Wishes Good Luck To Seniors QU! f I DEX, Faculty 8: Staff Apell, Lillian 41 Graham, Jimmy 35 Peterson, Peter 38,76,80 Archer, Fay 26,34 Gricius, Albert 35 Priestley, Ruth 38 Arellano, Ralph 34,39,40,66 Grindstaff, Betty 35,214,216 Randall, Philip 38,73 Artis, Mildred 34,39 35 Reva 38,39 Barnhart, Alan Barnhart Beaty, Jerry 34 Bentley, F Bondy, Howard Callis, Donald Cato, De Carroll, Cheely, Peggy Clack, Brenda Corsi, Andrew Collins, Sylvester 70 Coughlin, Ann Cox, Laverne Cummings, 38,76,80 18,38,60 borah 1 34,38 39,40 Crawford, Carl Crear, George 39,41 Crosslin, Crouch, John Cyran, 34, Dedrick Dickinson 12,34,3 38,39 Donahue, Willie 34, Dudley, Jan 34 Dudley, Joe 37,15,34 DuVall, Phyllis Earnest 39 Evans, Jessie 1,34,37 39,42 Feague, 30,39 Fineber Fisher, Foxworth, Fraction Freeman, Fry, Percy Gerow, Robert 35 Pennock, Charles 37 Zell, Roger 39 Gora, Ronald Perkin, Russell 38 32,35 14,39 gy 38,39 9,38,62, 9 6 Senior Index Cynth1a 1 Deborah 1 Loretta Barney Glen 159 Vlrgll Beckwith Spanish Bemus Bulaker, Helen 160 Burton, Sharon 160 Cannon John 160 Pamela 1 D Cummings, Violet 162 Buford, Raymond 159 Pom-Pom, Student Government Cunningham, Evelyn 162 Cheerleader, School Store, Decca Club abney ,Bushey 162 Benman, Bennett, Sandra 157 Billings, Faye 157 Terry Marching Band 162 Blackmon, Marvin 157 Blair, Carolyn 157 eI'0II'le esse 161 13 Sm L 1 165 L65 l l Elzy, Selena 163 National Band Ethier, Evans, Evans, Soph Fisher, Fizer, Fuller, Gibson, W1l'Il Law Grant, V Gray, V P01 Green, F Green, Track Green, Grier, Yolanda 164 Linda 165 Darlene 1 Band i5 5 ,11 .,., .--5 Girls' Choir 19 166 Hooker, Horton, Myra Henry, Rhonda 167 National Herron, Decca Society 'B .-" 5 I . 'F-1 "' ef . ' W 1-fa E ' www? pg,g,5W9,,l,,,,, ,l, 1? X ,XM ,Q,i,..,,WN M , as W ' "' "M WWF '.,.' "' L' ""'lii1 'H . 7' . " '- , "tl, U . : N " 2 - ,Mmm-wg W' all 1, M-,f,q,l.fsn wma-,Q a 'wa 1 'Haw-www la Q ferr X. awww if 'v cmtmvryi V , , u ,335 1. saw sn-in -f Sf' Jackson, Pamelav168 Jackson, Si t a 168 Jamison, A i f 168 Jarrett, ,.iiii Jensen, Johnson, i168 J ohnsog, J ohnscfii, Jq,hQS0! ,,, 1 ,few -. az-paw'-.alfwlla fi my 'Fw .Wm - , - , fwmfksxwalvwf -' M f , 'lf' -' L fc, ' J - " .. XF ,E Eldiqlnwlg ,, Q an ,W , 1 im ' , .. 1 1, 1255-Q. gf- a way- " E iw H x ,at SYM 1?-Q ill ? me Ailllllwviw Q Wag, gem Ggwkfflw 1 e , Qvifawb ,,,,, , W .f waswfsw 1 Egg 1' f , -.Es f 1 4 we-. '.f"': gf - E Q 3 es, Edwina Club ootball Basketball Ba atthews Brenda 171 Llewellyn 171 Brenda 171 wis Diana 171 Mlles, Velnetta 173 Miller, Charlene 173 Miller, Lisa 173 Mills, Darrell 174 Mills, Tanya Mitchell, Y Morgan d OSS Honor ys, Cheryl Center, Gov Cinema Club Tmgplan Club? Honor Stocker,'Ondrot7tJLi80 Cross Country, Basketball, Foot ball, Track H Q Stockman, Twyla 180 Paw Cholr, ll Thorn, WGHVGIU LZITY Center Tilch, Paula 181 Baseball Tims, Sandra 181 Welch, Reginald f Tipton, Cynthia 82,181 Track Volleyball Wells J A 5 3 Trouser, Loretta 181 SGFVICG Jose Tucker, Robert 181 White, ROI1I'1i6 183 Zrakovi, Janet 185 Bolnliiei115 Bennett, James 117 Alston, Carl 115 Barlanga, Rose 117 Amerson, Jeanett 113,115 Berry, Cynthia 117 Anderson, Jeffery 115 Berry, 1l'iS 117 Andrew, Clay 115 Berry, Leland 117 Andrew, Linda 115 Andrew, Stephaine 115 Anthony, Dennetta 115 Anthony, Mark 115 Anthony, Melvin 115 Arkwright, Donald'115 Arkwright, Gal 115 Arkwright, Gena 115 Asbury, Regina 116 Ashe, Willie 116 Ashford, Danny 116 Avant, Antonio 116 Avant, Markenna 116 Avery, James 116 Backstrom, Regina 116 Bailey, Leo 116 Baker, Doyle 116 Best, Jan 117 Brown, McKinley 119 Brown, Michael 119 Brown, Renee 119 Brown, Rickey 119 Brown, Sam 119 Bruff, Brenda 135 Bruson, Fay 104,119 Bryat, Cynthia 119 Bryant, Mark 119 Bryant, Sharon 119 Buckner, Kerri 119 Buchanan, Willie 119 Buford, Varlerie 119 Bur, Lorie 120 Bur, Rodney 120 Burk, 120 .SSS .1-wma fa 1-5191 Y A ,ao 1 11 1 ass: 2, 353111 1 'WFS' ,mm l ww um: Q32 me rt A ft 1 W liz' 1 , Q , la , 5 -Q ' C flfg, .-jgsffff :ff 71215525.21 I 1 ' --7-33 : rw l- fw.. .- "- 5' 11 f 1. 1 ., . f 1 x-N1 .141 " Qf"11 2' f 'w iwimi " 12 . 1111 43, ,11111 1 em,-1'1111l51 - Jig: 1,11 g1.,:a1a.1.a'r1 W'-11 1' fn' F11N"1gl,1111- -cg? 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Jef 1 ,a 1 Q, f f 1 1 11 ' 1 .. , 1 Q pa- , Q Calliiiiin, Deborah 120 Calhoun, Tyrine 120 Callaway, Craig 120 Callaway, Cheryl 120 Callaway, Vallire 120 Campbell, Alice 120 Campbell, Ramona 120 Campbell, Robin 120 Campbell, Stephen 120 Cantrell, Claudia 120 Cardell, Nancy 120 Cardwell, Michael 120 Gammon, Andreal 120 Carson, Sharon 121 Canda, Sharon 121 Carter, Phyliss 121 Carpenter, Brian 121 Carpenter, Karen 121 Carter, Bobbie 121,145 Carr,A1llen121 W y Cart-ar, Jerry 121 ' C Centers, Melody 121 1 Channey, Donnie 121 Channey, Milton 76,121 Channey, Peter 121 Chap, Angela 121 Chapman, Vamelory 121 Cheaton, Elliott, Odessa 124 - ' W-QSEECQEF i4'm"f-i " 1.0.6 P111 ' " wifgrvv J'a'v:zS 12119-1222 W1 tawawg ,N l ,2.,,,111E1NP Xa 1N +44 v1W111,g, 11 1F3?1Z:?QffllZ'a ,aa 1,11 1 wa 1 ww 1- 111111 GN M1 11 '11 aw 1111 1 mg E 11 1 1,2114' Z"' MLSFQ. 1" wgfni'1l5i5?3'hG1L?1M3fI 1 , , 'A 2' 2111117 111,,111ff',?111aH.1h1-1':1R 151,,1Ma1 aamg, ww tw5W1.1 11-114513161 'V WWW 1 112621 ill-'lf' - ,1,-:ew w 1 1. 1143 " 1 1 mn, -mf-"4 f W.. l. , 1 ,-1 1'1Aw,.1'Uf 'Met 3 1aaS1-M-f1W1:,3lP- gang wager 1 a is -'s f 1,5 ,1'1,1:f'b1 M1115 11' 1 1 11'--111111211 1112--1 11 ' 1 1 A, V ,V 1' f ' '?c1':,. 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Tef 'f Q 1 A -,f-f, ,ww -I V McDona1dg'?'?'f f ' . 'E 137 in Mc 1 McElroy- W2 1 1 137 I McCaui'ine, Sfiznley 138 McGill, Maru 138 McGhee, Dale 138 Mclntoshw, Emvette 138 McIntyre, Mary 15,138 McConnis, Ricky 138 McLemore, Orlanris 93,119,138 McKi1ly, Lawrence 130,138 cQueen, Savannah 138 n1,n ,,,, sw v,1-1-, 1nn Meg-iellan, Mary 1 ,,X, lendon 7.jf N OD, S 35 V Y Mullins Rayetta 140 Poupore Lyndia 142 Rose Stanley 144 Murphy Jack 140 Nash, Terry 140 Nelson, Bob 140 Nelson, Cecilia 140 Newton Karen 140 Nichols Anthony 140 Odell, Myrlsha 140 Oliver, Phylllss 110 14 Oliver, Howard 140 Ortiz, Ernest 140 Osborn Bobby 140 Ott, Reginald 140 Owens, Cralg 140 Owens, Karen 140 Ozier, Terry 140 Parks, Vellnda 141 Patrick Ray 141 Patrick Theresa 141 Patterson Kevin 141 Patterson Mlchael 141 Patton, Richard 141 Payne, Albertha 141 V Payton Payton Payton Paxton Pea, April 141 Rlchardson Dennis 143 Sparks Peacock Cheryl 141 Rlchardson John 143 Spence Pendergrass Cheryl 141 Richardson Perez, Martm ' s Ethel Perkin Perrin, Perry, Perisch Starling, Steele, Merlin Stolls, Thompson, Thom u son Rhonda 148 hirley 14 149 Carnell 149 , Jerome 149 Liz 149 , Ernest 149 ic . i Sylvia 149 Alonzo 7 Ag elf Mitchell 1 Jackie 150 James 151 alker, Margaret 1501 alker, Marvin 72,150 alker, Sheila 150 " Watson, James 150 Walters, Debra 150 Washington Cecil 150 M 2? Lloyd 93,136,1 , Michelle 149 A 4. Pam 25,148 Bridgett 149 wif Trent 93 'iff - fe , ,C .g Gary ce 6 L if : " www4.'1,M-.4M,a 414141 Gofgw , 1 1:4 Fix' . ' Angela 1495 , if ' N. . -,Hr Lealonnxe M -f -1. . Wells, Sheila 150 Wesley, Ernestine 150 Wesley, Gwendolyn 150 Weston, Bobby 150 Weston, Teresa 150 Weston, Ken 150 Wheatley, Lisa 150 Wheeler, Emma 150 White, Coggella 150 - -,1.. ,,.,,.- - gg ..,.,WmM White, Eri5150-4..,ww 1 White, Janice 84 """,'rm,W,,,. ,.., ,W 1 hite, Stephanie 150 Wicks, Eddie 150 .1 Vanessa Williams Williams Williams, Wise Womack, Katrina 112,151 Woodley, Annette 151 , Woodley, Elsie 151 ra, A 543.4 ,, , ,P ' 1 Th nya Washington, Renee 150 Woods, Sandra 151 ' ,Aw .W - ' ' .4 'M - f 3 Th son,T1na ,, l Ware, Harold 149 Wortham, Dorothy 151 f . iff-2f'1Qs.f51 - ,Q n' -. . . . . Thoig1pson,!1ck ?f" :' 3 ' 5 J evm 149 Wright, Patricia 151 Thprns, Nang fl ,g,Qorliss 150 41:1 Suzette 131 ,, Thdmony C e vm 150 Brenda 151 1 'Filson' Carla? 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H-q..,,u-AN.. -.,,,hh'-Q N 'If'-S What Light Is To The Eyes-What Air Is To The Lungs-What Love Is To The Heart, Liberty Is To The Soul Of Man. Without Liberty, The Brain Is A Dungeon, Where Chained Thoughts Die With Their Dpinions Pressed Against The Hingeless Doors. Odem Progress X-am xi r Knowledge is the Only Fountain, Both of the Love and the Principles of Human Liberty Daniel Webster 'V ' V. 1. i L V Tig gg .Wir i ETWQJ' 53: 4 '- 1 -a l l - Y- like!!-5 ' Q J " if iijif? f 2 - is ffm' 1 , W ' 'W QL. :i'Q2g:5?f"3'M""'i' gf Q " 9'f"' ' ffggiii 5'-33 l Q 'Qi Q 772 Y ' ' ' l l o , r H T :vez Y e . V 'J T - Y ' i 'Y 1- 5 Jw W " Z 14 ,Q e if , , K :i.f2i5s'fJ ' . r V V, ,txx ,, fi 11 Srl-f 1'.Q5""M" f ,MzEil',l:QifSgi3'l.Yfj,?:f , V V l f zgigf' 2, ,V ,.fik'4'g IA is ai ,A F f:fLZ,,. f:i"-: -7 I 1 V 5 ' . 2' ' - i !',- W M' ' ' "' 'f ' H- f 35131-fn: '5'o"'f'f" 'I' I g 'A' ,. ,, -i -,ix 1 , n ' 4355 - , gf ,,, ' ' , fl its-"1-f . Y- or 2 i A . 'S' - ,i fi 'ic' J if fu ' f ' ' 'wx -r' Q 'fbi 'E ' Q-ki fi ' - Y wi . CEFWQ' 'M N ga his 1" -'H P 'ff f p f A- -4,2 - X' ': N il .. if-'gil 9 V. l: we Maw W ..:f-wf-G. Q 1' l 4 W . 6, fir f ali 'wi - vig?-as -gm, Q gi W 1 L - ie M my mm we Y -g , if f - M ii '5fii"T"' :wi 'll' ni ' fl 'f' ,Yi ' ' wifi , 1 ' ,M , if , f fl if Maps? X M W4 ee, -, f , X , F7215-5 -' -'lf' -+A-'-. jfi?i'Y""'. J' ' fi 1 A Vi , I L 1 4fgs':'+-f .."'IgQ,,i he A x of s ' Q A--Vie gif' 1vf",f" A K- ir, 5 ?- I .- .V ,Z Y':Eq:j'Jl g 41 Zfjfrvy if- -, 4 . hw 'fl'1f3i? :Lf-. I 'fist V1 'f 5- -- Y" "W ' 'if-fe V 5: , 'fi' V' f 4 ff A '- ye. "-"'4..f,f'L',f' v' ' ,rg , l' ,.f- ff f.-7 - - 4 ff' ' - 4 --f 1 1. ' , ' 35 4, V, 1 , wuz- H V1 , if :E P11 M ILM!--l,f . - flglffpn , 3 Q, A J in r 'J esiff' ziflj' V' N. .XJ 'afsl 4-fl " eff' .- i 4 if. ,, .Ima ,Fifi l . , ,uf , V I A V , nl - , . Jax- , : , J -QM V vu 1,-fy 1 K, ,, mg, . ,, ... kia., t I?-if, K -.15 X , X, , fi-fic- ",lV4..j,A.1- Eg: . f'-wg' - fjgz- . 1-Vi' - n. fa- r., ,, ,:,,,ig ,Y I ! ,JV-, -,ff H -ul 4 Bl. ' 'fri .if r"-Eff?-ZZ 'if - L- 1, ' K 5 , - . if' fri' :C 'A "v C i 'V lu. - L- ,, , -'urwl-ff , if ,V , v ' ,, 'tea S If EE u Ai!! 1 31 V1.1 M5 : .gl ' 55E2???i? L T-4.1'..'5: 'uv Q , . x -Y ,a V .-. 5 Those Who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, 206 a-uun -K ,ZX Hi . wh like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. Thomas Paine Z' 1 if . 'VF A . tif Eternal Vigilance is the price of Liberty. John Philpot r 5 - .era , '- 'wwi - W, if 35 as ieii l i 5 . ' Mo t ut tandir1gAth1ete Gf'76 Varsity Baskvtball-Ondra Stocker 1123 Varsity Basketball--Kovin Hamilton 120i 3 I A fu U l,.., 555 ' in 21 ' sad-I' A 1? W fl Z fm: x ' ,f,. -- aa ' x ssl sd "'f".'4 'SY 'V o ' WW Mo t0ut tandi1'1gAth1ete O - 1465325 21-,. : ga 212 Weightlifting--Lamar Gant Varsity Football--Dennis Johnson Volleyball--Annette Woodley Varsity Wrestling. Back Row KL-Rl: Neil Ingram, Johnny Manuel, Greg Martin, Anthony Johnson, Simms Johnson. Front Row ll.-Rl: William Nelson Harrell Milhouse. WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A. 213 wi ,,..,avnllll" any Nw Phil Husky Vivian Johnson Mark Barber April Pea and Jim Wilhelm 215 Acknowledgements i We extend our gratitude to the following: -Mike Frandson, Walsworth Publishing Company -Portique Studio - Class and team pictures -The following studios for Senior pictures: Baldwin Chase, Betrand Elliott, Cossman, Gay- Lord, Hicks, Lazarus, Van Dyke -Special thanks to Hicks Studio for developing and printing pictures. Van Dyke for colored film and developing. -To Harold Majors-pictures -Editor-in-Chief-William Reaves -Financial Manager-Alan Barnhart -Bicentennial research assistance-Laverne Cox -Sports-William Reaves - Football, Basketball, Wrestling Mark Barber-Track and Field James Wilhelm-Hockey, Swimming Karen Price, April Pea-Girls' Basketball Senior Section Editor-William Reaves Undergraduate section-Staff Academics section-Staff Faculty section-Carolyn Tumblin, Phil Huskey Activity section-Staff Index-Cynthia Williams, Karen Price Staff member . . . Mark Barber, Keno Conners, Phil Huskey, Vivian Johnson, Renee Kleckley, April Pea, Karen Price, Earl Shaw, Carolyn Tum- blin, Jim Wilhelm, Cynthia Williams Photographers-Jim Wilhelm, Earl Shaw Cover design-Keno Conners Special thanks to our advisor, Mrs. Betty Grindstaff Earl Shaw, Photographer 216 W 'MV 2 qw lv- U ess fb KWWL. 'P Xi x E 'gg I' K3 XX xx 5 '50 l S mm pk Wgvxv 92226 9 y512JQmNYNf?iWZ EQ Q 'KC . Am N Sw WX Vgve5XvNhQS- X 19 imowwj EAL Ex Ng E3 yy pi X55 lg 9295 Yov GUYWW - Q E+ MQ X b x Nuo Swv cw O RX Vx x'Y 60N W 60049 WUC M M 1 RQ Nw W X 6 X Q C N1 Q ci vb Qlgifn Q Wai UMW? fm .l -if 5 i WEEK? 2 Q5 , Wggxp-xg ejgmwilbv Sum A 6 'ixbvk k Q6-'O ig ww W 2? E 3 ami Q0 bf ESQ QM 3 E 3 Sg'3xM555EN3 wx N ' X 70,1 C XJ figixg-we 4 W6 My I5 539553 wwf J Sf Q WN? QMS 1 ESX A QE ff ? E T el if wi? if PLD yvmffuu EQ ZX T535 an Whig? D mo Q W 'W pbbi, 922 AQ F7 9 Wal fyoggm lyfjjgqffwlw KW ixkfpgj 3-DD V V f-1 ,' fd' ,Vfl gf, CW gmroy 3373 'M W if lf W 'fm W Q fWM

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