Northwestern College - De Klompen Yearbook (Orange City, IA)

 - Class of 1950

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Northwestern College - De Klompen Yearbook (Orange City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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'Sw 'X' , 4,1 ' rj' S nn fl 1 , - HJ--,H . -.-H .U-5 l,- ' ' ', ,y-an ,I U 1-, sa 3 5533 W W , ,ge-iiaQ 'iif V I , A . .e , - .Q ig I 1 my l v' I l . ' ' ,,-:.... :. FT.iYMLTT,T??-,rg , , . . A V. if if-'E-W. ,Q ., , , , iii. ka.. . QEJQSQELI 7.3 A X ET " X ggi . A ,Q 8 Q fl ' -W . . "1 ...A -J A mx Q - ! x 1. . i 1 iff .Ju ' by ' X. Tw Q1'Yf'!'i"1f.if: 5? - , r , . 31. . . . -I L s-'I 4 Q .A f'x,'.-Rvq,Z,J'X..f,F' . . " Nw'fI"fK"",. V'-?"".1x:Y'2. . . -. ., f 1 A - 2: fx- ? I A S I D : V: Y V 4 gf,,.4i?.i"?'f9f? , ,, ' 5 . -- 1- X " --- Mfrk MD - ' Amar. ' '4::?:ifffR"1'f'Rv!'2531 0Q.Q!f::,,u,,..,,,,",'a4hhsg,-Qannu--.- . ,- v 3 I .- ,nf ' ...L 1 9 ,'!'fZi'- :fir . .-xems?-5:4 Iv'-4'1.',w4 I-551413421-xlmfzf-H .. 5,1--:pig-3f5h14f,,.,:,J, -g '15,-:.':"5 .X-.J i5:i1'r-Er,?,bL5iv3fi?i:-eriflsir xiii.-'22 1:55. ,y 133:-QJRJ' Qzfr'-',5 -'4J4:..., 4-,,.,q,tg.1'Q5g'2fQ',?.: , bf., ..1.,. ,.,i 1 : ,.. ., HM. A, ,, 1 ,, 5E!5r'5?rEv-fain A1-.-9,'ni9f11F a11a13a,g1.'f: Jffiffqi A,5??f-125293.-51i12,:'QtEL:,g.1i4'.'?f5f5a3.Qg2mifg55'v2g, f-V 1- -f --f..:: -.4 --:X-4,:'w: 1-,",i.,'---.Q ',,.-of , vu: -'1 , aw, -am: e-54-:s3xf.-.-gxsahi' iii!-ztgv. :ef-5 Z.. .4, 3? f,Q:51.r-,- SGFILMV ,graft "' -vgmeg . vgffk 'I i731-,xfgixffav-f4?'L7:.'E'4R'5-5' ff-i1zJ!5'c.'-'6'Ep" ff153n3:1: Qgx,-4'-x'.-41--.f.5'4:""-' '-'vi-Q,-,sf-4'-:.' fs,.u:!i- :Tw-av rL.'i ...1'sf11-'-f:.e:l'l:1f':-E.r:,u taf,-.v,x-1+ .fs-f'f.ff1,-13.1 -sf' -we fe'---is-L:-'44rw'--'..'f'?f'ff1w1-e . fa '2 if J f , -:ima-2 -pg. up ' .,,1sgg.1f,- ,sgq5:'-ggwfgfgggaff -Lag' in-1: ,fq9'fjLf1!,g-zz.. ig:x.?:nk'5g 5 " "5 2 use 'exif m. , m bf", 'I ,. -'vi DEIJIUHTIUII With deep appreciation, we the De Klompen Staff of 1950, hereby dedicate this edition to you, Mrs. England, for the irnportant role you have played in the molding of the lives of the many students who have attended Northwe stern. So many of us remember you for your patient strugglings and constant loyalty, not only in c1asses,but in drarnatics and other extra curriculars. Then, too, in our own personal problems and social life, you have been a great help. This is our way of saying a small 'Thank You". . , 7955 Sn!! 1.27 UPPER LEFT UPPER RIGHT LEFT LOWER RIGHT LOWER LEFT N, rf' t 4417 - PROFESSOR LYON AND DEAN AALBERTS, FACULTY AOVISORS AND LEON MEIER, EDITOR. - TED SAGAMI, ART EDITOR. - NORM BASTEMEYER, ACTIVITY EDITOR. JIM KEMPAMA, SNAPSHOT EDITOR. -CORNIE KEUNEN, ASSISTANT EDITOR: ROGER PETERSON, ASSISTA BUSINESS MANAGERS AND GERTRUDE DYKSTRA, ASSIS TION EDITOR. NT TANT ORGANIZA- IR T 4 I LEFT - if UPPER HT - UPPER RIG LOwER LEFT RIGHT LOWER RIGHT I TI 'I Wh STANLEY VANDER AARDE, BusINEss MANAGER LEFT T0 RIGHT: LENA SCHIEBOUT, ACADEMY CLASS EDITOR: NELVA KEUNEN, ASSISTANT SNAPSHOT EDITOR AND LILA DEAN, COLLEGE CLAss EDITOR. ' JOYCE HICKMAN, ORGANIZATION EDITOR - CLEO EGGLESTON, HUMOR EDITOR - DARLENE DE BEER, ASSISTANT ACTIVITY EDITOR: SHIRLEY SPYKER, ACADEMYASSISTANT EDITOR: AND DARLENE TEN HAREN, FACULTY EDITOR. I-W 5 Prologue Act I Act II Scene I Scene II Act III Act IV Act V DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION C LASSES C ollege Sophomore Fre shman Academy Senior Junior Sophomore Fre shman ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS FEAT URES rf.,- -5" ,.,-. ,-.- .19 X Q M'NlSlWNTlU1f F CULTY XI I I EJT? ,HI 44. I . IRL JACOB HEEMSTRA -- PRESIDENT A.B., A.M., D.D., HOPE COLLEGES GRADUATE STUDY, PRINCETON THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, WESTERN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY or CHICAGO: SUPERINTENDENT or SCHOOLS, SIOUX CENTER, IowA, l9IO5 l9lI5 PASTOR, TRINITY REFORMED CHuRCH. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, I9Ih-I9l8i PROFESSOR OF EDUCATION, PSYCHOLOGY AND BIBLE, CENTRAL COLLEGE l9I8-285 REGISTRAR, CENTRAL COLLEGE, l92U-28: PRESIDENT, NORTH- WESTERN JUNIOR COLLEGE AND ACADEMY, l928 -- WILLIAM H. EARLES -- PHYSICAL EDUCATION, COACH B.S., UNIVERSITY or INDIANAJ GRADUATE STUDY AT UNIVERSITY or INDIANA AND UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH DAKOTA NORTHWESTERN l9M8 -- HOWARD W. LYON - CHEMISTRY ATTENDED IOWA STATE COLLEGE, PURDUE UNIVERSITY: A.B., M.S., STATE UNIVERSITY or IOWAQ NORTHWESTERN l9U9 -- MRS. H. L. ENGLAND -- DRAMATICS A A.B. SIMPSON COLLEGE: GRADUATE STUDY, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA: HIGH SCHOOL INSTRUCTOR, LEON, IOwA, I925-26: NORTHHESTERN, I942 -- EVERETT VAN ENGELENHOVEN -- DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS GRADUATE OF CENTRAL COLLEGE AND WESTERN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY3 PASTOR, ALTON, IOWA, FULTON, ILLINOIS: CHURCH EXTENSION, SHELDON, lowA, SLAYTON, MINNESOTA, MINTEVIDEO, MINNESOTA, SPENCER, lOwA3 NORTHWEST- ERN IQU9. 8 I, EDWIN J. AALBERTS -- DEAN, EDUCATION, PSYCHOLOGY A.B., HOPE COLLEGE: A.M., UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN: GRADUATE STUDY AT WESTERN MICHIGAN COLLEGE OF EDUCA- TION AND UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH DAKOTA: INSTRUCTOR, PUBLIC SCHOOLS, HOLLAND, MICHIGAN, 5 YEARS! U. S. ARMY, FOUR YEARSJ NORTHWESTERN I9U6 -- HENRY 0. VAAG -- ENGLISH, LIBRARIAN h A.B., COLORADO COLLEGE: A.M. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOISS GRADUATE STUDY COLORADO COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH DAKOTA, NORTHWESTERN I9U8 -- , DAVID DYKSTRA -- ECONOMICS, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION A.B., A.M., UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH DAKOTAS GRADUATE STUDY AT STATE UNIVERSITY OF IOwA, UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA: EXTENSION STUDY, lOwA STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE: SUPERINTENDENT or SCHOOLS, LEOLA, SOUTH DAKOTA, I924-263 KANSAS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, I929-305 HASTINGS COLLEGE, I930-U23 SUPERINTEND' ENT or SCHOOLS, NEBRASKA, I9M2-M15 NORTHWESTERN l9N7 -- MRS. H.V.E. STEGEMAN -- GERMAN A.B., HOPE COLLEGE: A.M., UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN: TOKYO LANGUAGE SCHOOL: TEACHER IN HIGH SCHOOLS IN MICHIGAN, I9I3-I9IY: MISSIONARY IN JAPAN I9IY-I9UI: NORTHWESTERN I9N3 -- RALPH J. MOUW -- MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS A.B., HOPE COLLEGE: M.S., STATE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA, GRADUATE ASSISTANT, STATE UNIVERSITY OF lOwA, I9N63 GRADUATE STUDY, STATE UNIVERSITY Or lOwA, UNIVERSITY or SOUTH DAKOTA, NORTHWESTERN, I9HY -- .nr , Qivf' E! :E H Nr NIR-1 S.:- ' :AC HENRY V. E. STEGEMAN -- REGISTRAR, GREEK A.B., A.M., HOPE COLLEGE: S.T.M., HARTFORD THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY: D.D., HOPE COLLEGE, SUMMER SESSION, UNIVERSITY or CHICAGO: WESTERN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARYS TOKYO LANGUAGE SCHOOL: SECONDARY SCHOOL INSTRUCTOR, I9I2-I9IN5 MISSIONARY IN JAPAN, IQIY-IQHI, NORTHVESTERN l9M2 -- NELSON NIEUWENHUIS -- HISTORY, GOVERNMENT - Q A.B., CENTRAL COLLEGE, A.M., UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH DAKOTA! GRADUATE STUDY AT lOwA STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE: EXTENSION STUDY, UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA! GRADUATE STUDY, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH DAKOTA: INSTRUCTOR, PUBLIC SCHOOLS, HOSPERS, lOWA l93T'n8S NORTHVESTERN I9U8 -- THEODORE R. OEGEMA -- BIBLE A.B., HOPE COLLEGE: B.D., WESTERN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY: GRADUATE STUDY, UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, WESTERN MICHIGAN COLLEGE OF EDUCATION: PASTOR, REFORMED CHURCH OF TwIN LAKES, MICHIGAN, I9UM-I9h9: INSTRUCTOR CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL, KALANAZOO, MICHIGAN, l9N6-l9U83 NORTHVESTERN l9h9 -- ANDREW VANDER ZEE -- ENGLISH, SPEECH - A.B.. CALVIN COLLEGES A.M., UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN: GRADUATE STUDY, UNIVERSITY or WISCONSIN: PRINCIPAL OF SULLY, IOWA, CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, I93U-35: INSTRUCTOR, ROSELAND CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, CHICAGO, I935-395 HIGH SCHOOL, KALAMAZ00, MICHIGAN, I94O-l9H65 NORTHHESTERN 1949 -- HELEN HICKS -- BUSINESS EDUCATION B.S., UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA: GRADUATE STUDY, UNIVERSITY or COLORADOS HIGH SCHOOL INSTRUCTOR, RAVENNA, NEBRASKA: PRINCIPAL AND INSTRUCTOR, HIGH SCHOOL OF AKRON, IowA: NoRTHwESTERN IQU9 -- 10 DALE HUBERS -- ACADEMY MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS A.B., CENTRAL I9N9, NORTHWESTERN I949 -- MRS. MINNIE DUVEN MATRON or GIRLS' DORMITORY. M. FERN SMITH -- ART, PIANO, ORGAN, THEORY B. MUS., CENTRAL COLLEGE: ART PUBLICATION SOCIETYJ GRADUATE STUDY, CHRISTIANSEN CHORAL SCHOOL, NORTH- WESTERN UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO, UNIVERSITY or SOUTH DAKOTAS NoRTwESTERN i928 -- ALFRED AALBERTS -- BUSINESS MANAGER C NORTHWESTERN JR. COLLEGE J CORNELIUS EVERS -- BIOLOGY, ENGINEERING A.B., HOPE COLLEGE: M.S., MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE: FURTHER GRADUATE STUDY AT UNIVERSITY or MICHIGAN, MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF lowA5 HIGH-SCHOOL PRINCIPAL, 2 YEARS: SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS, 6 EARS' FEDERAL BOARD FOR VOCATIONAL EDUCATION, WASHINGTON, D. C., 2 YEARS: PROFESSOR OF BIOLOGY AND Y 2 YEARS' NORTH- Y 1 PHYSICS, CENTRAL COLLEGE, PELLA, lowA I5 YEARS, PHYSICS DEPARTMENT, DRAKE UNIVERSIT , , WESTERN l9U6 -- 5 MISS VAN WECHEL -- PHYSICAL TRAINING ' A.B., STATE UNIVERSITY or IowAg GRADUATE STUDY, STATE UNIVERSITY or IOWA, UNIVERSITY or COLORADO TEACHER, GRADE scHooLs or IowA, I922-28, JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLS or lowA l932-35: l938-U35 HIGH scHooL HARTLEY, IOVA, l936-38g NORTHVESTERN, l9N6 -- JOSEPHINE BOENDER -- SECRETARY TO REGISTRAR CNORTHVESTERN JUNIOR COLLEGE, MRS. LLOYD K. DE JONG -- LIBRARIAN ANNA MARIE GEURINK -- SECRETARY TO THE PRESIDENT QNORTHVESTERN JUNIOR COLLEGE, GERRIT OLDENKAMP -- CUSTODIAN 12 'Pk 15. ,ri x19 1 I 'I 4 f 6-,0foA67 -e-t, . XR ' x X ' ' 1 , 29 fl Q CLAS Sm I I I I -- ,. -. A' - ., Q -F 590, v"'1.-. ' . RACHEL REINDERS ORANCE CITY, IowA OLIVIA - TWELFTH NIGHT: Y.W.C.A. I: PEP CLUB l,2: BEACON I: K.B.K I,2: CHORUS I: COLLEGE PLAY I: HoMEcoMING QUEEN 2. HARVEY VAN ROOYEN ALTON, lowA WOLSEY - KING HENRY: Y.M.C.A. I,2: TREASURER: STUDENT SENATE I CHORUS I,2: GROUP LEADER: CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT I. Arg, RICHARD VERMEER ORANGE CITY, IowA .4V KING RICHARD - AS YOU LIKE IT WILLARD WOLFSWINKEL ORANGE CITY, lowA BERTRAM - ALLS WELL THAT ENDS WELL: BASKETBALL I,2: FOOTBALL I,2 DAVID VAN CITTERS ORANGE CITY, IOWA HAMLET - HAMLET, PRINCE OF DENMARK: BASKETBALL 2: FOOTBALL, Co- CAPTAIN 2. WALLACE VERMEER Sloux CENTER, IowA LYSANDER - MIDSUMMER NIGHT's DREAM: Y.M.C.A. I,2: CHORUS I,2. MILDRED SLEPER TITONRA, lowA CONSTANCE - KING JOHN: Y.W.C.A. I,2: G.A.A. I: PEP CLUB 2: K.B.K 2: BEACON 2: CHORUS l,2. PAUL VANDERWOUDE WOODSTOCK, MINNESOTA THE DUKE - MEASURE FOR MEASURE: Y.M.C.A. I,2: SECRETARY I: STUDENT SENATE, TREASURER I: CHORUS l,2: GROUP LEADER, l,2: FOOTBALL I,2. L 11" f nr I, 14 1 I ARNOLD MENNING ALToN, IowA I MARLENE BRINK HOSPERS, IowA OPHELIA - HAMLET: Y.W.C.A. I,23 CHORUS l,2. JAMES AEILTS SIRLEY, IOWA CLAUDIO - MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING: Y.M.C.A. I,2: SOCIAL EVENTS CHAIRMAN: CHORUS l,2. HOWARD BRINKUIS ALTON, IowA BANQO - MACBETH: BASKETBALL I,23 FOOTBALL l,2. JACOB DE JONG HOSPERS, IowA FALCONBRIDGE - KING JOHN9 CHORUS I,2: BASKETBALL 2: FOOTBALL l,2. ORLANoo - AS YOU LIKE IT: Y.M.C.A. l,2: PEP CLUB I: CHORUS I,29 VICE-PRESIDENT 23 GOSPEL TEAM I,25 CHAIRMAN 2. BERT DEN HERDER Sloux CENTER, IowA PROSPERO - THE TEMPEST3 Y.M.C.A. 2: GQSPEL TEAM CHAIRMAN. CLEO EGGELSTON Rock VALLEY, IowA CLEOPATRA - ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA: Y.W.C.A. I: PEP CLUB IS BEACON EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 2. DONALD BLOM CHANDLER, MINNESOTA MALVOLIO - TWELFTH NIGHT: Y.M.C.A. l,2p l.R.C. l,2g VICE PRES- IDENT 21 GOSPEL TEAM l,2g CHAIRMAN 2. An G 15 . I Aa N? JEAN HARMELINK ORANGE CITY, IowA HELENA - ALLS WELL THAT ENDS WELLS Y.W.C.A. I,2: TREASURER I: MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN Is PEP CLUB l,2s K.B.K. I,2: TREASURER 25 ANNUAL I: CHEERLEADER I,2: COLLEGE PLAY l. GERALD EKDOM IRETON, IowA ARTHUR - KING JOHN: TUMBLING 2. HAROLD KORVER LEMARS, IowA I ANTONIO - MERCHANT OF VENICEL Y.M.C.A. l,2: PRESIDENT 25 CHORUS 2: GROUP LEADER 2. BERNARD HIETBRINK CoRSIcA,,SOUTH DAKOTA CASSIE - OTHELLOg Y.M.C.A. I,2: BASKETBALL I,2: FOOTBALL I,2. I CORNIE KUENEN ALTON, IOwA MERcUTIo - ROMEO AND JULIETJ Y.M.C.A. l.2: VIcE-PRESIDENT 2: CHORUS 2: ANNUAL I,2: Assoc. EDITOR 23 DRAMATICS l,23 GOSPEL TEAM I,25 CHRISTIAN SERVICE CLUB 2. J. DAVID DYKSTRA ORANGE CITY, IowA ARIEL - THE TEMPEST: Y.M.C.A. 25 BEACON l,23 CHORUS I,2g DRAMA- TICS I,2. JANE DE JONG SIOUX CENTER, lowA HERO - NUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING: Y.W.C.A. l,2: PRESIDENT 23 CHORUS I,2f JOHN HUMME HULL, lowA FRIAR LAVERENCE - ROMEO AND JULIET: GOSPEL TEAM I,2: CHRISTAIN SERvIcE CLUB 2. 1 16 'T!!L. 'G . ' ff THELMA INTVELD HULL, IOWA HERMIDNE - THE wINTER's TALE5 Y.w.C.A. I,2g PEP CLUB I,2: K.B.K I,23 CHORUS l,23 GROUP LEADER 2. ROBERT SPAAN ORANGE CITY, IowA Pucx - MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM: BASKETBALL I5 FOOTBALL I, TUMB LING 2. DOUGLAS OSTLAND ORANGE CITY, IOWA PETRUCHIO - TAMING OF THE SHEW: Y.M.C.A. I,2. DELBERT VAN MANNEN SIOUX CENTER, lowA EDGAR - KING LEAR: Y.M.C.A. l,2. STANLEY SPRIK IRETDN, IowA SEBASTIAN - TWELFIH NIGHTS Y.M.C.A. M23 PROGRAM CHAIRMAN! STUDENT SENATE PRESIDENT 2: CHORUS 2g ANNUAL ASSISTANT EDITOR I5 BASEBALL I. ALBERT M055 BOYDEN, IowA GoRzALo - THE TEMPEST5 Y.M.C.A. I.25 PROJECT COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN 2: STUDENT SENATE 23 CHORUS I,2. BEVERLY HEUSINKFELD MAuRIcE, IowA IsAsELLA - NEASURE FOR MEASURE: Y.w.C.A, I: PEP CLUB I,2: BEACON, ASSISTANT EDITOR I: K.B.K. 23 CHORUS I5 CLASS SECRETARY TREASURER 23 CHEERLEADER I. GENE DE WIT SIOUX CENTER, IowA BENEDICK - NUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING: Y.M.C.A. I,2: CLASS TREASURER I: VIcE-PREsIDENT 25 BASKETBALL I,23 FOOTBALL I,2. ' 'I .I'7 I3 '15 -qv -T ,Q IQ' HARRIS VAN OORT ORANGE CITY, IOwA FALSTAFF - THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR: Y.M.C.A. ls PEP CLUB I: FOOTBALL I,2. GLADYS ROOS ASHTON, IOWA CELIA - A5 YOU LIKE IT: Y.w.C,A. l,23 CABINET MEMBERS PEP CLUB I,23 SECRETARY 2: STUDENT SENATE 2: CHORUS I,2: GROUP LEADER 23 BUSINESS MANAGER 25 CLASS PRESIDENT 2. GEORGE DYKSTRA ORANGE CITY, lowA MAcDUEF - MACBETH:-BASKETBALL lg FOOTBALL I,2. MURIEL RAAK MAURICE, lowA PORTIA - THE MERCHANT OF VENICE: Y.W.C.A. I,23 PROGRAM CHAIRMAN 25 K.B.K. I,2: SECRETARY lg PRESIDENT 25 CHORUS I. ALVIN DYKSTRA MARION, SOUTH DAKOTA OTHELLA - OTHELLOS Y.M.C.A. I: I.R.C. I: BEACON Ii BASKETBALL I, 25 FOOTBALL I,2. MAXINE VANDER VAA ORANGE CITY, lowA LADY MACBETH - MACBETH: Y.w.C.A. l,2g SOCIAL COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN 23 PEP CLUB 2: STUDENT SENATE Is K.B.K. I.2: BEAcoN I: CHORUS I. DON EKDOM IRETON, IowA HOTSPUR - KING HENRY IV: CHORUS 2. ANONA RENSINK BOYDEN, IOwA KSPI ROSALIND - AS YOU LIKE IT: Y.W.C.A. I,2,3: CHORUS I,2,35 GOSPEL TEAM Co-CHAIRMAN. PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE! RICHARD ANDERSON Rocx RAPIDS, IowA ANTONY - ANTONY AND CLEOPATRAI Y.M.C.A. 25 STUDENT SENATE 25 l.R.C. I,23 VIcE-PRESIDENT I5 PRESIDENT 2: ANNUAL I. JAMES K. FONG HONOLULU, T. H. DROMIO - COMEDY OF ER- RORS: FOOTBALL I,2s BASKET- BALL l,2g ANNUAL I,2. JOHN KLUVER GEORGE, lowA SIR TOBY - TWELFTH NIGHTL BASKETBALL I5 FOOTBALL I, 2. I I J 10' nf 'ri 18 'V 'x fi-3 N, 1 W I 5 w k I I 1 JAY HOOGEVEEN JOYCE DEN HARTOG BARBARA .TO FABER DAVE DUISTERMARS BETTY MARIE ABERSON CHAROLLENE VANDER POL 19 1. w U -L .L JA LEON MEIER MARY FRANCIS DE HAAN LILA DEAN HENRY CHRISTIANS CHRISTINA SCHENK LAVONNE KADOUS EMMETT WALKER E R ffm'-, 5 -.v 42 2,5 xg f In pl 7' E . I 1 . I ' H i, I -' 1 KE " . 11:-,155-2:4 , 'X gf ,4 A Q ' JIM HIBMA RUTH BOGAARD MARILYN DYKSTRA ANDREW MEEDEMA ELVENA sM1T ARLUE DEVRIES FANNY LAMMERS EUNICE CLAY NORMA SCHUTT MILTON SANDBULTE l MARGERY STELLINGA GRACE ROOZENBOOM NORMAN BASTEMEYER 20 -w 1, F' 1 nN K O Lf., 3 I , ,,1 X f X, I JIM KEMPEMA HENRIETTA JACOBS ENA DYKSTRA MARTIN DEKKINGA RUTH RIEMERSMA HARRIET WOBBEIVIA Z1 ADRIANNA BOMGAARS CLARINE KOOIKER MARY ANN DEBLAVW ROGER PETERSON BETTY VANDER PLAATS NETTIE VANDER PLAATS TED SAGAMI M: LY f, l . 41 l i DUANE HEEREN MARGUERITE LEMS FLORENCE VAN'T HOF LOIS DE BEER MYRNA BELTMAN MURIEL VANBINSBERGEN STANLEY VANDERAARDE JAMES DE JONG MARVELLA HUISMAN BETTY VELDMAN LUCILLE WESSELINK BETTY TESKE CASEY KORVER 'iw o"6' JM Z2 " 1 . I . ."4f ' . . 'Tn 1 al 1, 5 K AVN L L' ' 1 JOSEPH MUYSKENS ESTHER STEINIES BEVERLY SMITS KENNETH RAAK BETTY ABERSON ARLENE FRANKEN 23 'Q Q DOROTHY TEERINK SHIRLEY RAMAKER MILDRED MOSS DUANE BUTTENOB ADELYN NETTEN JOAN VANMAANEN DWAYNE HARMS fi fvv QW 9 in df NELSON CLAY GLADYS BOS HERMINA BUYERT FRANCIS RINEY DARLENE TENHAKEN CAROLYN VERMEER Q 'W 'WP M URIEL VANDER W1 LT f SALLY BONTHUIS l ESTHER MEYER C LIFFORD VAN BERKUM ' IUDITH KOERSELMAN JOYCE HICKMAN WILBUR MOLENDORP 24 Y if ga? - r H 4 ' ,. .-ag .iv CRAIG CALHOUN ELLA MAE VLEIGER MINERVA HULSTEIN BEN BODEWITZ ELAINE SCHEPEL JOAN VONK 2.5 l S A L EDDIE MATSUI JOYCE ADDENGAST FENITA HARMELINK JAKE SOLSMA MARTHANN VANES WILMA WESTERGARD RUDY VANDRIE LEFT TO RIGHT fSTANDlNG,! GERALOINE HARTOG ORANGE CITY IowA' BETTY VAGTER A , , , . LTON, IowA5 HELEN PENNINGS, ORANGE CITY, 'OVAL Lols DYKSTRA, ORANGE CITY, IowA: fSEATED, MARILYN VANDE GARDE, ORANGE CITY, lowAI MARLEN VANDER WILT, ORANGE C I ' ITY, owA, MARGENE TER HORST, ORANGE CITY, IowA. CLASS COLORS Rust and White cL.Ass OFFICERS , President . . . . . . . . .MARLENVANDER Wim' vice-President . . . .VMARLYNVANDEGARDE Sec't-Treas, , , . , . HELEN PENNINGS Beacon Reporter. . . . . L-015 DYKSTRA Student Senate. . . . . . . .GERALDINE HARTOG Even thoughwe have only sevenpeople in our classwe entered a float in the Home Corning Parade with our theme "We'11 like 'e'm." One member of our class tory Contest. Lois Dykstra made the A Team with her humo represented Northwestern in the Interstate Declama- rous reading. FUT URE AMBITI ONS Mari1ynVande Garde - Housewife fHere's your chance Mar1enJ Geraldine Hartog - Psychiatrist fAnyone need their head examined?J Betty Ve t N g er - urse CP.S. She's running out of patience, Patients., Mar1enVander Wilt - Scientist fY ou'd better dis th cover e brainstorm for the next freshrnan class. P.S. He was oursJ Helen Pen- nings - School Teacher KRemember Helen, you may wipe the nose of a future pres- ident.J Margant Ter Horst - Old Maid fDon't kid us, we know better.J Lois Dyke stra - A Lady fIsn't that strange., ' Z 6 ORANGE CITY, lowA: A LEFT T0 RIGHT: CSTANDINGJ MRS. STEGEMAN, ORANGE CITY, IowAg MURIEL BRUXVOORT, AUDREE HEEMSTRA, ORANGE CITY, IowAg HARRIET KORVER, LE MARS, 'OVAL ELAINE HESSELINK, ALTON, low AUDREY MUILENBURG, ORANGE CITY, lowAg HAZEL SPRIK, IRETON, IowA, LoIs HuaERs, ORANGE CITY, IowAj MARION HUBERS, REMSEN, lowA5 KSEATED, FRANCES HARTOG, ORANGE CITY, IowA3 KATHALEEN VAN GELDER, ALTON, lowA: MINERVA DE BEER, ALTON, IowA5 GERTRUDE DYRSTRA, ORANGE CITY, IowA. Minerva De Beer, Gertrude Dykstra, Audree Hemmstra, Audrey Muilenburg, Lois Hubers, Elaine Hesselink, Marion Hubers, Muriel Bruxvoort, Kathaleen Van Gelder, and Hazel Sprik participated in Forensics. On the A team Lois Hubers 'rated third in the Oratorical division, and Elaine Hesselink rated fourth in Extemproaneous speaking. On the B team were Gertrude Dykstra giving an Oration, and Minerva De Beer a Humorous reading. All the girls sang in the Academy Choir and "Shorty" Hubers played on the basketballtearn. President . . . . Muriel Bruxvoort Vice-President . . Minerva De Beer . . Gertrude Dykstra . . Lois Hubers Treasurer Sec'y- n Reproter Beaco 27 HENRY VEGTER Alton, Iowa LENORA NOTEBOOM Alton, Iowa ARTHUR TER HORST Orange City, Iowa NELVA KEUNEN Alton, Iowa FREEMAN FABER Orange City, Iowa GLADYS FEDDERS Orange City, Iowa FOREST HUBERS Remsen, Iowa .TEANNE ABERSON Orange City, Iowa CLARENCE PENNINCS Orange City, Iowa MARJORIE EKDOM Ireton, Iowa ELMER VAN WYK Orange City, Iowa RETHA VANDE BRAKE Orange City, Iowa RALPH WIERSMA Orange City, Iowa I-IALLARD DE IONG Orange City, Iowa Severalmembers of the class participated in extra curricular activities Clarence Pen nings was student manager for the basketball team, while the other six boys played on either the first or second teams. Nelva Keunen competed in the declamatory contest which was held at Northwestern, and rated excellent in extemporaneous speaking Nme members of the class sang in the Academy Choir. Miss Hicks was class sponsor. C LASS OFFICERS President . . . . . . . . , , F CREST HUBERS ViCe'Pre sident 1 o o 0 o n o a o Sec 't-Treas. . . , GLADYS FEDDERS Beacon Reporter. . . . . NELVA KEUNEN . I A 19 i RAYMOND KIEL MAURICE, lowA WILLIE BAXTER - SEVENTEEN: CLASS OFFICER 3-VICE PRES, h'PRES.QSTUDENT SENATE 3,4,-N TREAs: CHORUS I,2,3,lIg I-II-Y I,2,3,lI: BASKETBALL I,2,3,1I. DARLENE DE BEER ALTON, lowA POLLYANNA - POLLYANNA: BEACON REPORTER N3 Y.W.C.A. I.2,3,U,-U SEc'T: G.A.A. 3,h,-3 VIcE-PRES. N PREs: CHORUS l,2,3,U: ANNUAL ASS'T. ACTIVITY EDITOR Us CHEERLEADER 2,3,M. PHILIP HESSELINK ALTON, IovA FATHER - LIFE WITH FATHER: CLASS OFFIcER 2-PRESIDENTS HI-Y I,2,3,1I,-I-I PRES: BEACON REPORTER 35 STUDENT SENATE 2: Cuonus l,2,3,N: FORENSICS 3,N. CLASS OFFICERS CLASS MOTTO With The Ropes of the Past, We Ring the President . . . . RAYMOND KIEL Bells ofthe Future. Vice-President . . . ARTHUR VOGEL Sec't-Treas. . .HENRIETTA GEURINK CLASS SPONSOR Beacon Reporter. .DARLENE DE BEER Mrs. England CLASS COLORS CLASS PLAY Purple and White Booth Ta1'kington's 'Seventeen' Director - Mrs. England SHIRLEY SPYKER ORANGE CITY, lowA JOAN - JOAN OF LORRAINEI CLASS OFFICER I-SEc'T, N-PRESIDENTQ Y.W.C.A. I,2,3,M,-I,3 CABINET, M VIcE-PRES: G.A.A. 3,U,-3 PRESIDENT! STUDENT SENATE 3,U9 BEACON REPORTER N5 ANNUAL Ass'T EDITOR kg BEACON ASS'T EDITOR -in CHoRus l,2,3,II: CHEERLEADER I,2,3,l+: FORENSICS I+. HENRIETTA GEURINK ORANGE CITY, IowA AMY - LITTLE WOMEN: CLAss OFFICER SEC'T 3, SEC'T TREAs Us Y.W.C.A. I,2,3,M,-4 CABINET: G.A.A. 3,15-1+ SEC'T TREASZ BEACON REPORTER ll: CHORUS l,2,3,1+5 FORENSICS ll. ARTHUR VOGEL ORANGE CITY, IowA CLARENCE - LIFE WITH FATHER: CLASS OFFICER XI'-VICE PRESIDENT! HI-Y l,2,3,l4: BASKETBALL l,2,3,1I. -IQ 4 ,:p LENA SCHIEBOUT IRETON, IowA ROSE MARY MURPHY - ABIE's IRISH ROSE: Y.w.c.A. I,2,3,u: G.A.A 3,Hg CHORUS I,2,3,Ug ANNUAL U. ARVIN KOOPMANS IRETON, IowA MR. THORKLESON - I REMENBER MAMMA: HI-Y My CHORUS U5 BASKETBALL N JEANETTE FEDDERS ORANGE CITY, IOWA Jo - LITTLE WOMEN, Y.W.C.A. l,2,3,U: G.A.A. 3,hg CHQRUS I,2,3,M LOIS GESINK ORANGE CITY, IowA ' HOPE EARLY - FOOTLOOSE: Y.W.C.A. l,2,3,U: BEACON REPORTER U5 cHonus I,2,3,hg G.A.A. 3,hg sEc'T. 3. BURLEA KORVER ORANGE CITY, IOWA VINNIE - LIFE WITH FATHER: Y.w.c.A. I,2,3,U: a.A.A. 3,h-M vIcE PREs: BEAcoN REPORTER, I,2,Mg CHORUS I,2,3,H: FORENSICS 3. RODNEY VAN KLOMPENBURG ORANGE CITY, IOWA Buzz DAILEY - FOOTLOOSE: CLASS OFFICER I - TREAS: HI-Y I,2,3,U, U SEC'T TREASQ CHoRus l,3,U: BASKETBALL 2,4. PRISCILLA WHITE, WINNEBAGO, NEBRASKA ToPsY - UNCLE TOM's CABIN: Y.W.C.A. Us CHoRus U. E47 30 gaw3A3lH9V lfmaensm? 5 1' n 'A 75 QC F 71 Q 1 Q W! - gi . I' , af ' xi 23? 7 el , 'Ti UIICIXNI HUN5 WW? The Kappa Beta Kappa, formally the Teachers ofTomorrow, was organ- ized with about fifty members. A for- mal initiation of the new members took place on November 29, 1949. Pictures illustrating the initiation are shown he re The installation of the new officers by alumnus,Marcene Muilenburg, fstand- ing at right of coat of armsj is below. Meetings are held onthe last Monday of every month. Topics and problems con- cerning the teaching profession are dis- cussed.Dean E, I. Aalberts, Professor of education, is the faculty advisor. President Richard Ander- sen is explaining an im- portant phase of a world event. OFFICERS RICHARD ANDERSEN-PRESIDENT fEXTREME LEFTJQ DONALD Btom- VICE-PRESIDENT fSECOND Fnom RIGHTIQ ROGER PETERSEN-SEC. AND STUDENT SENATE REPRESEN- TATIVE fSECOND rnom LEFT,j NELSON CLAY-BEACON REPoRTER fNOT PICTUREDD. A group dis- cussion of a world event. The International Relations Club is an organization of the campus of Northwestern Junior College which holds meetings once every month to discuss current world problems. The club meets the third Monday of every month and it consists of twelve members. They discuss economic and political problems that face the people of the worldg so they might have a better understanding of them, and so they canbe better informed on the affect that these problems might have on the world in the future. The meetings are lead by faculty members and outside speakers, as well as by club members. They also have round table discussions and debates on some controversial question. 33 BHUHUS FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: JOAN VONK, MURIEL VANDER WILT, THELMA INTVELD, JOYCE DEN HARTONGA DARLENE TEN HAKEN, MARY ANN DE BLAuw, ESTHER MEYER, SHIRLEY RAMAKER, HARRIET WOBBEMA, FLORENCE VANT HOF, MARTHANN VAN Ess, HENRIETTA JACOBS, JOYCE ADDENGAST, BETTY TESKE. SECOND ROW: CHAROLLENE VANDER POL, JANE DE JONG, GLADYS Roos, ANONA RENSINK, JUDITH KOERSELMAN, Lous DE BEER, LA VONNE KADOUSE, MuLDRED Moss, NORMA SCHUTT, MARLENE BRINK, RUTH RIEMERSMA, LUCILLE WESSELINK, ESTHER STINTJES, ELVENA SMIT. THIRD ROW: RUTH BOGAARD, FENITA HARMELINK, JAMES KEMPEMA, CLIFFORD VAN BERKUM, PAUL VANDE WOUDE, DONALD EKDOM, JOSEPH MuYsKENs, ARNOLD MEN- NINO, NORMAN BASTEMEYER, WALLACE VERMEER, DAVID DUISTEMARS, JAMEQJQE JONG, DUANE HEEREN, LILA DEAN, MARGUERITE LEMS. FOURTH ROW: ROGER PETERsoN,QQAkE'SOLsMA,lJAKE DE JONG, MARTIN DEKKENGA, ALBERT Moss, JAMES HIBMA, HARVEY VAN BOOYEN, EMMETT WALKER, HAROLD KORVER, CORNIE KEUNEN, STANLEY SPRIK, CORNELIUS KQRVER, EDDIE MATSUI. The Northwestern Junior College Chorus of 1950, under the direction of Miss Fern Smith gave the earliest evening concert ever given by a Northwestern Junior College chorus when they presented a program at the Archer High School auditorium during November. lst public appearance was at Sioux Center for the state Christian Endeavor Convention. The college chorus also participated in the community Christmas sing when Miss Smith directed the 150 voice community choir. Sunday evening concerts started February 19 at Sanborn, Iowa. Northwestern's chorus also made appearances atthe Northwest confer- ence fine arts festival at Fort Dodge. After the ten day chorus trip in April the chorus also sang for the annual Tulip festival. 34 CHORUS MEMBERS Soprano I Florence Vant Hofal' Shirley Ramaker Harriet Wobbema Esther Meyer Mary Ann De Blauw Marthann Van Es Henrietta Jacobs Soprano II Mildred Moss? Betty Teskeal' Marlene Brink Marguerite Lems Lavonne Kadous Lila Dean Esther Steintjes Evelina Smit Ruth Riemersma Lucille Wesselink Joyce Addengast Norma Schutt Alto I Gladys Roost Lois De Beer Jane De Jong Cha rollene Vander Pol Fenita Harmelink Ruth Bogaard Judith Koerselman Anona Rensink Alto II Thelma lntveld Darlene Ten Haken Muriel Vander Wilt Jo Ann Vonk Joyce Den I-Iartog 'ifdenotes section leader Tenor I Jake De Jong? Roger Peterson David Dykstra Jake Solsma Tenor II Paul Vande Woude'5' Clifford Van Berkum James Kempema Baritone Arnold Menningif Wallace Vermeer Joseph Muyskens Norman Bastemeyer David Duistemars James De Jong Duane Heeren Donald Ekdom Bass Harold Korverflf Harvey Van Rooyen Stanley Sprik Jim Hibma Martin Dekkenga Cornelius Korver Albert Moss Cornie Keunen Eddie Matsui Emmett Walker The Y. M. C. A. is an organization open to allcollege men who are interested in Chris- tian fellowship and instruction in various phase of Christian living. The regular weekly meetings are held with a devotional period and a program of dis- cussion or lecture led by students or guest speaker. The programs are on various topics of personal, community, or world problems approached from a Christian viewpoint. In addition to these programs, all the "Y" organizations co-operated and organized the Gospel Team and sponsored a foreign aid program. They also hold several social events each year. J -3 p 1 V X 1,1 y Q x Y ' I ' . This year Northwest- ern can again look with pride on its Y. W. C. A. Under the able leadership of our President Jane Ann De Jong and our Advisor Mrs. H.V.E. Stegeman, we have had very many inter- esting meetings and re- ceived spiritual, mental, physical growth and social development of all members We have workedjointly with the Y. M. and Hi Y. in sending out members of the "Gospel Team and Christian Service Club". Also in sponsoring a drive for World Student Service Fund, putting a great deal of work in Student Chapel and Consecration Week, and in plan- ning many social events. 37 . -, ,I-i .. I .,L BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: ARVIN KOOPMAN, PHILIP HESSELINK, RALPH WIERSMA, RQDNEY VAN KLOMPENBURG, HALLARD DE JONG. SECOND ROW: ARTHUR TERHoRsT, CLARENCE PENNINGS, RAYMOND KIEL, FORREST HUBERS, ELMER VAN WYK, FREEMAN FABER- TOP ROW: MARLIN VANDER WILT, MARION HUBERS, HENRY VEGTER, ARTHUR VOGEL, MR. A. AALBERTS. HI-U At the weekly meetings of the Hi-Y, the Academy boys themselves are the main participants. This year especially, we are attempting, with the help of God, to develop good Christian leadership. We trust that we may continue to carry out His will and purpose in our meetings. FFICERS OF THE ORGANIZATION LEFT TO RIGHT' MR A AALBERTS-SPONSOR, RODNEY VAN KLoMPENsuRs-SECRETARY O -0- ' I I TREASURER, PHILIP HESSELINK-PRESIDENT, FORREST HUBERS-VICE-PRESIDENT. CLARENCE PENNINGS-BEACON REPORTER RAYMOND KIEL-STUDENT SENATE REPRESENTATIVE. I . 1 R I p It Il' -4 I I .L , H.. CHHISTIHEI SERVICE CLUB .. ig .s,, ,. 25325 PHE-HIIHISTEHIHE STUDENTS gil' X .-,X A group of students just ready 'co leave to conduct services in a church. BUSPH TEHIH THE ADMINISTRATIVE coMMIT- TEE-PICTURED LEFT T0 RIGHT: ANONA RENSINK, BI-:RT DEN HERDER, Dom BLoM, DR. STEG- EMAN AND PAUL VANDER WOUDE. The "Y" members who participated in the Gospel Team. ,nw -vfnf HUHIECUIHIIIG HCTIVITIES S-vga? 4. .7-,.,v"'Z1'-,J-rd, .,-s -H e W, W, .-A 'YSEEBI z uf H 1' '11 HUIHECUIHHIB HUTIVITIES UH. WW' , Qifgirfs fig ,X 'u""-.Q -fy- l S.- ' ' lift 'fifinfnilil l STUDENT SEIIHTE This is one of the more important organizations on the campus. It is composed of representatives elected from each class and the various organizations. Some activities are: Homecoming, publishing the annual, and the 'Ping Pong Club." The officers are: Stanley Sprik. . . . . President Roger Petersen. . . . Vice President Gladys Roos . . .... Secretary Dean Aalberts . . Faculty Advisor , Kill 'FFTIEH D u HUHTHUHSTEHH BEHUUH STHFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. . . Cleo Jean Eggleston ASSISTANT EDITORS. . . . . Shirley Spyker . ......... . .Lavonne Kadous FACULTY ADVISORS. . . . Henry O. Vaag . ......... ..... D ale Hubers BUSINESS MANAGER. . . . Norman Bastemeyer 44 , I .?. m 0 U Y lx We a, Hcnnfmu cnum "Music is a prophecy of what life is to beg the rainbow of promise translated out of seeing into hearing". Gown-boxesg risersg last-minute arrivalsg those noon-day rehearsals, the radio broad- casts with their impromptu solos, our director's remarks: "Here's my handg we start when it gets down here . . . Too loud, I don't want to here you . . Sing peopleg sing as though you really enjoyed it"3 that catch in our throats as we faced all those peopleg that fifteen- minute pause when we could forget the joltings of the bus and the endless droning of its motor, the feeling of misery when we'd go flat in the middle of a song and cou1dn't seem to do anything about-it: the good feeling we had when we knew we were sing- ing wellg the anxiety before a concert and the relief when it was over, our eager anticipation of the Choir tour and the let-down feeling when it was all finished and we headed for home, and yet the satisfaction and joy we felt over the things we'd seen and the people we'd met- -these are the things we the members of the academy choir of 1949-1950 remember. Some things we soon forgot--the week-after-week of practicingg the way we dislike a song until we had learned itg the constant reminders of our director: "Watch the beat", they were all a part of the training period. They were something we had to go through so that we could appear before our audiences without feeling lost. Sometimes our rehearsals were tediousg sometimes, when everyone was in a singing mood, they were fun. But we kept learning, and when we sang our concerts we put our hearts into our music. We sang words as well as notes. We felt the thrill of creating living music. We caught, faintly, glimpses of the life that is to be. 45 PRUFESSUH VH66 TNQ - I 2f:pL-' 'iff-' ' -1: '2 9. e ,E NW-'UE ' The "Senator" has been Academy Choir Director for two years. In that time the choir has learned to appreciate both his ability as director and his likable personality. , MIXED CHOIR PRACTICE 'K ANOTHER ONE OF MTHOSE REHEARSALSU. 46 HCHDEIHU FUREHSICS X JUTQQ y A f A , k fri, Much interest was shown by students of the Academy in the annual declamatory contests. Elimination con- tests were held in November and on December 9, Northwestern was host to the Four School Contest. Representatives from Freeman Academy, Freeman, South Dakotag Western Christian High School, Hull, Iowag Augustana Academy, Canton, South Dakota, ,and Northwestern Academy participated in both A and B divisions. Representing Northwestern in this contest were Philip Hesselink, Nelva Keunen, Elaine Hesselink, Minerva De Beer, Lois Dykstra, Shirley Spyker, Henrietta Geurink, Lois Hubers, and Gertrude Dykstra. 47 HTHLETIIJ I HSSUUIHTIUH The Girls Athletic Associa- tion, otherwise known as the G. A. A. is an Academy Organization, whose main object is fostering good sportsmanship in the club and also in the student body. It sponsors the election of cheer- leaders and also acts as hostes- ses to the visiting teams. Any Academy girl may become a member by earning sixty points. These points may be earned by various methods such as skating, swimming, bowling, hiking, riding, etc. lv. , ,- je-. , , ,, . , M M 1 1 1 'Il'- M: X LEFT TO RIGHT: HENRIETTA GUERINK, SECRETARY'TREAS- 544, f URERQ DARLENE DE BEER, PRESIDENT, BURLEA KoRvER, 9' . Edfznt . L VICE-PRESIDENT: HARRIET HonvER. TOP ROW, LEFT T0 RIGHT: FRANCES HARTOG, LENORA NOTEBOOM, AUDREY MUILENBURG, JEANETTE FEDDERS, LENA SHIEBOUT, Loss GESINK, MINERVA DE BEER, HARRIET KORVER, Loss HUBERS, DARLENE DE BEER. MIDDLE ROW: GLADYS FEDDERS, JEANNE ABERSON, GERTRUDE DYKSTRA, ELAINE HESSELINK, AUDREE HEEMSTRA. BOTTOM ROW: RETHA VANDER BRAKE, BURLEA KORVER, HENRIETTA GUERINK, SHIRLEY SPYKER, NELVA KEUNEN. i I Magi 0+ E E, .., -uv r I JW 000, x 2 4 ff ,I lvswi l X57 'FLM ffl, ffm' I 'If V Grffffl gy f AJ , Y' N f-px, M2 K I J i -1 XV .1 FL im.- IO f lffffff 'LJ gum f W2 FW -5 N 'r NK 0:49 ff ':g::.'f?'i". 9 N 4 tif. f-1 . - L-. Ls,"-,ng t..,n. kfs' ",j,19'f YZF 5' ' X1 0 A ws IIII 1949 IIIIIIIIIII swnu B Norm Ba Stemeyer center Dave Van C1tters B H t ernle C1 brmk left end r1ght end George Dykstra mght tackle Bombo Dykstra left tackle Jay Hoogeveen rlght guard Harms Van Oort left guard PLAGUED BY CONSTANT INJURIES AND STRUGGLING AGAINST THE STRONG ODDS CREATED BY INExPERIENCE, THE l9N9 EDITION OF NORTHWESTERN'S FOOTBALL TEAM WENT DOWN TO 5 STRAIGHT DEFEATS, ONE OF WHICH WAS A PRACTICE LOSS TO THE POWERFUL MORNINGSIDE FRESHMEN. THE IST GAME OF THE SEASON FOUND THE RED RAIDERS JOURNEYING TO SIOUX CITY FOR A SCRIMMAGE GAME WITH THE POWERFUL MORNINGSIDE COLLEGE FRESHMEN. THE INEXPERIENCED NORTHWESTERN SQUAD MADE COUNTLESS BLUNDERS THAT COUPLED WITH THE BRUISING ATTACK OF THE POWERFUL MORNINGSIDE FROSH RESULTED IN A THUMPING NT-O VICTORY FOR MORNINGSIDE. AN IMPOTENT OFFENSE FORCED NORTHWESTERN ON THE DEFENSE MOST OF THE AFTERNOON WITH JAKE DE JONG AT TACKLE AND DWAYNE BUTTENOB, A DEFENSIVE BACK STARRING FOR THE RED RAIDERS. NORTHWESTERN JOURNEYED TO EAGLE GROVE FOR THEIR NEXT GAME AND MET DEFEAT 3l-Y. FRANCIS RINEY, NORTHWES- TERN'S HAWAIIAN STAR INTERCEPTED A PASS AND GALLOPED TO YARDS TO PAY DIRT FOR THE RAIDERS ONLY TOUCHDOWN VAN CITTERS CONVERTED. THE DEFENSIVE PLAY OF TED SAGAMI, HAWAIIAN RIGHT HALFBACK, STOOD OUT FOR NORTHWES- TERN. EMMET WALKER, NORTHWESTERN'S INDIAN FULLBACK, AND DWAYNE BUTTENOB, DEFENSIVE HALFBACK RECEIVED BRAIN CONCUSSIONS IN THIS GAME THAT WERE A START ON THE LONG LIST OF FOOTBALL INJURIES THAT PLAGUED NORTHWESTERN ALL YEAR. THE FOLLOWING WEEK THE RED RAIDERS JOURNEYEO TO STORM LAKE FOR AN ENGAGEMENT WITH THE STRONG BEUNA VISTA COLLEGE HBH SQUAD. AFTER A LISTLESS FIRST HALF, NORTHWESTERN PLAYED AN INSPIRED BRAND OF FOOTBALL DURING THE SECOND HALF T0 OUTSCORE BEUNA VISTA 2 TOUCHDOWNS TO I DURING THAT PERIOD. A PASS FROM RINEY TO VAN CITTERS WAS GOOD FOR ONE TOUCHOOWN AND TED SAGAMI PLUNGED OVER FOR THE OTHER MARKER. NORTHWESTERN CLIMAXED AN OTHERWISE FINE HOMECOMING CELEBRATION THE FOLLOWING WEEK WITH A HEARTBREAKING LOSS TO BRITT JR. COLLEGE I2-Y. THE RED RAIDERS WERE WITHIN SCORING DISTANCE MANY TIMES BUT WERE ABLE TC PUNCH OUT A SCORE ONLY WHEN WILLY WOLFSVINKEL SCOOPED UP A BRITT FUNBLE BEFORE IT TOUCHED THE GROUND AND RACED 50 YARDS TO SCORE. BRITT CAPITOLIZED ON THEIR 2 SCORING CHANCES T0 SCORE AND DEAL NORTHWESTERN ITL FIRST HOMECOMING LOSS IN HISTORY. NORTHWESTERN THEN JOURNEYED TO EMMETSBURG WHERE THEY MET DEFEAT BEFORE THE EMMETSBURG TEAM 32-O. NUMER- OUS NORTHWESTERN SCORING THRUSTS WERE STOPPED BY EMMETSBURG BEFORE THE RED RAIDERS COULD SCORE. 50 Ted Sagami right half ' Emmet Walker Francis Riney full back left half Willy Wolfswinkel qua rterback IN THEIR BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR, NORTHwESTERN'S RED RAIDERS THREw A TERRIFIC SCARE INTO THE POWER' FUL ESTHERVILLE SQUAD, WHICH HADNIT LOST A JUNIOR COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME FOR 2 YEARS. THE INSPIRED NORTH- WESTERN TEAM HELD ESTHERVILLE TO A O-O TIE DURING THE FIRST HALF BEFORE ESTHERVILLE CAPITOLIZED ON THREE NORTHWESTERN MISTAKES TO GRlND DUT THREE TOUCHDOWNS AND coP A I9-O vIcToRY. THE DEFENSIVE PLAY OF THE NoRTHwEsTERN TEAM, PARTICULARLY THE BONE JARRING TACKLES OF JAY HooGEvEEN AND TED SAGAMI, sTooD oUT IN THE DEFEAT. LETTERMEN FOR THE I9u9 SEASON NORMAN BASTEMEYER FRANCIS RINEY HOWIE BRINKHUIS TED SAGAMI DwAYNE BUTTENOB DAvE VAN CITTERS JAKE DE JONG RUDY VAN DRIE GENE DE WIT HARRIS VAN OORT ALVIN DYKSTRA STAN VANDER AARDE GEORGE DYKSTRA PAUL VANDER WOUDE BERNIE HEITBRINK EMMETT WALKER JAY HOOGEVEEN WILLY WOLFSWINKEL EDDIE MATSUI 1949 SEASONS' RECORD Northwestern 0 Morningside frosh 47 Northwestern 7 Britt 12 fpractice game, Northwestern 0 Emmetsburg 32 Northwestern 7 Eagle Grove 31 Northwestern 0 Estherville 19 Northwestern 13 Buena Vista 39 51 Jay Hoogeveen guard Lester 7 fix. R w FE A, . N., --,V rg l -A" ,ti at , I , at 'Tv . I .i " 93 , il 4 - vm f Howie Brinkhuis guard Alton George Dykstra tackle Orange City Not photographed .Take De .Tong tackle Newkirk Q , ,Tc r I Norm Ba stemeyer center Orange City Rudy Van Drie center Ocheydan Paul Vande Woude end Woodstock, Minn. 1 r -O 'il t r n1 Harris Van Oort guard Orange City Stan Vande Aarde guard Orange City Bombo Dykstra tackle Marion, S. D. Eddie Matsui halfback Hawaii Ted Sagaml halfback Hawaii '52 Gene De Wit quarterback Sioux Center Emmet Wa lke r fullback I Winnebag, Nebr. Bernie Heitbrink ' ei. Francis Riney end if-Y 1 V halfback Corisca, S. D. Hawaii Dave Van Citters if K- Q Y W end .qfgx ,nh 'Q Orange City Y 1 sz . 5 ' C . , .4 . di ' 4 Dwayne Buttenob halfback George B111 Earles coach .. .-r'C, Willy Wolfswinkel quarterback Orange City rg' 74 'gf fflifq XX 'V x 9,5 3' ' Vai " ' 5,1 '- , afwxi MQ. ' LF: FV X 4fQ"Q -1 'X- f v .W .1 ' u I Q? an A "ft V- . 1 Q b A. ,, Ht! V . . ILA.-i ' il Q df ,--- at 'y"l55fE'a",b- s 'gf-'lf x ' ."Q7gl . Ii , ll, ,v , 5 '-ffaxl. x " A' I dx K .ff-'41 -. ' -,rx , K Y, . .uf.,?S-v ,- ling n' CHEEHLEHDEHS RAH! RAH! RAH, YE-A YEA H TEAM! H Tr OC' ! FIG ay QW HT! , IV 4 ey 2? O 153' as 5 QQ 9 af , Vi H9 vii is 2,9 4290? Q, 2766 Q9 N6 XS Ex aw 1-06, 92, Frances Hartog, Darlene De Beer, Shirley Spyker 55 BHSHETBHLL NJ 1. NJC. HJC. NJC 'wx ENE DE w'T' To RIGHT: G . GEOR Row LEFT BACK ROW. ONT ' - SQUAD MEMBERSEMN?-i wALnERf JAY RUBY VAN DRE' DUISTERMARS, MENNING, DAVE VAN C' IE BRINK: ARN 1 NoRTHwEsTERN NORTHWESTERN NORTHVESTERN NoRTHwEsTERN NORTHWESTERN NoRTHwEsTERN NORTHWESTERN NORTHWESTERN NoRTHwEsTERN NORTHWESTERN NORTHWESTERN NORTHVESTERN NORTHWESTERN NORTHWESTERN NORTHWESTERN NORTHWESTERN NoRTHwEsTERN JC E 'Ja X c N52 J C R25 ,, E HARMSf DAVE YN , DNAYNE BuTrENoB, Dian BERN'E HKET EDDY MATSiLR wlLLARD wOLFSwl2oAcM BILL EARLE5' GE DYKSTRA- IS, FRANCIS RQNEY, , Hownz BR'NKHU SEASONS RECORD M9 FORT DODGE U3 SHELDON 53 WEBSTER CITY 30 ESTHERVILLE 59 FREEMAN 5U BRITT Sl EMMETSBURG 5l ESTHERVILLE E9 SHELDON N WORTHINGTON U2 WORTHINGTON U3 WALDORF U9 FREEMAN 50 FORT Domes YN EMMETSBURG STATE TOURNAMENT GAMES 60 EsTHERvlLLE UM WALDORF ovER ALL SEASONS RECORD: WON IO, Losr 1 CONFERENCE GAMES: WON 6, Losv 5 NON-CONFERENCE GAMES: WON M, Losv 2 56 53 63 52 3? U3 32 52 56 35 M6 69 6h M8 63 5 6 George Dykstra Bill Earles Manager coach Orange City Under the guidance of coach Bill Earles, the 1949-1950 edition of Northwestern's red raiders turned in a very suc- cessful season. Winning ten of seventeen games, including a one point edge over Webster City, the eventual state cham- pions, Northwestern established itself as one of the better teams in the state of Iowa for the 1949-1950 season. Highlights of the season included the Raiders first victory of the season- the 53-52 overtime victory over Webster City at Orange City, the two thrilling games with Estherville, which Northwestern lost by three and one points, the thrilling victory over Sheldon at Sheldon after Sheldon had beaten Northwestern 63-43 earlier in the season, the thrilling return game with Fort Dodge at Orange City in which Northwestern avenged their early season loss with a 50-48 victory, and the stunning upset victory over favored Estherville in the first round of the state tournament to avenge the previous two losses. Named to the all-state team was Arnie Minning, North- western's lanky, sharpshooting, forward. Menning starred throughout the year at forward for the red raiders and his fine performance at the state tournament clinched his berth on the all-state team. Graduating from this years' squad are Menning, De Wit, Van Citters, and Heitbrink of the regulars and Wolfswinkel. 57 .TAY HOOGEVEEN Forward Lester. This diminuitive 5' 6" flash was the sparkplug of the Eam at either a guard or forward position. The only freshman on the starting five, Hoogeveen was the teams top scorer. GENE DE WIT Guard Sioux Center. De Wit playing his second year for Northwestern was one of the top scorers and his shoot- ing from far out, ball handling, and dribbling made him the darling of the crowds. Only 5' 6" De Wit was one of the finest guards in the state. NJC 27 NJC BERNIE HIETBRINK Center Guard Orange City. One of the finest re- Corsica S. D. A fine rebounder and bounders, and passer ever to repre- ball handler, Heitbrink was also a sent Northwestern. Van Citter's i consistent scorer. A sophomore consistent rebounding off the defen- playing his last year for North- sive board was one of the major western. Used his 6'1" to full ad- factors in the fine record of North- vantage on rebounds. western. Tallest man on the squad at 6'3". - ARNIE MENNING Forward Newkirk. Possessing a deadly set shot and adept at driving in for his pet under handed layup shot, Menning was one of the team's leading scorers. A fine rebounder and scorer, Menning was named to the all-state team. 2 4 -gr, FRANCIS R INEY Guard Hawaii. Riney used sparingly during the regular season dazzled the fans at the state tournament with a bril- liant display of ball handling, faking, rebounding and scoring. A fine ball handler, and passer the 6' Riney has one more year left at Northwestern. WILLY WOLFSWINKEL .J 'Bac W . L - DWAYNEV HARMS Forward Forward Orange City. A valualbe replacement Ge0rge. Another substitute who saw on Northwestern's team. Good re- lot of action for Northwestern. A bounder and ball handler. This 6' freshman with one more year left at sophomore saw lots of actionsfdr Northwestern. Northwe ste rn. , 7 Il ' , F . I..,I ,I - I l . I j' 5 " I ' I J I I 'I I 1 SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: FORREST HUBERS, RAYMOND KIEL, HENRY VEGTER, RALPH wIERsMA, MARION HUBERS, FREEMAN FABER. STANDING: CLARENCE PENNINGS, ARVIN KOOPMAN, MARLIN VANDER WILT, ELMER VAN WYK, ARTHUR TER HORST, RODNEY VAN KLOMPENBURG, HALLARD DE JONG, ARTHUR VOGEL, COACH HUBERS. HCHDEIHU BHSHETBHLL LEFT TO RIGHT: MARION HUBER5, FREEMAN FABER, RALPH WIERSMA, RAY- MOND KIEL, HENRY VEGTER, FORREST HUBERS, ARTHUR VOGEL. ' 60 Maurice vs. Northwestern The Academy Inter-State Tournament was held in Orange City this year. North- Canton VS. western beat Freeman by two Northwestern points, placing second with Augustana winning first. Freman 24 26 H " 30 20 Th Augustana 37 Z7 H " 71 25 Th Western Christian 42 Z8 H " 35 Z4 Th Alton, St. Mar-y's 54 19 H " 49 ZZ Th Ashton, St. Joe 40 18 H " 37 Z1 Th Granville, St. .Toe Z0 26 H " 35 28 Th Boyden 59 24 H " 62 18 Th . Maurice 44 29 H Granville vs. U 43 29 Th Northwestern Tournaments Freeman 33 35 H Augustana 34 Z3 H INDIVIDUAL SCOR ING , GP FT FG TF TP Vogel 16 31 46 54 123 Faber 18 32 ZZ 50 76 Hubers, F. 18 2.3 Z4 33 71 Kiel 10 14 24 34 62 Wiersma 16 12 2.4 47 60 Vegter 12 8 8 16 Z4 De .Tong 16 8 4 36 16 Hubers, M. 8 1 1 14 3 61 Dave Van Citters Climbg Over an un- Northwestern and Emmetsburg players identified Fort Dodge man to lay in two eagerly awaiting the rebound of a points, Hoogeveen attempt. Jay Hoogeveen pushes in a free throw against Worthington. i Bernie Heitbrink pushes ina field goal in the Worth- ington game. Van Drie fNo. 31, is closing in. 62 113' s.J, 4' I 1 ,n 1"-'tl 'nu 'BLQ1 mx. -., H 'wr -H:-..-1-..-,. . ' ' -'-- :Un "i ,am .,L.' H V ' INN lid 'O - -s, 'w -. , 'a,'-- , J., an 1 dx " J 'vfx W :fix an s ff" 43' f . . ',' ,U- '-:fuzzy A lvgqfri J I .gy 2.11-' H. --4--.C iif... -N 'fa ' In 'n .I n lf' ' 5h N ' 'wig'-'.uS'1,fd--.':5.', WEn'lr'.Z'.','-71"-.fy wg- ': . .,'f.71r" ,,.'Yn-a'.:h.-.54 5.:i.1!',:': V-L: .I 'lq.:lvxi'1:,?v Q: f :U ??'.1, Giga. P- 'sth .T .. ..,- ' , '.- - I 'K -,- .--fuux .- ..- 1-gQ:w.',: "'r.'1:,- . '.f::,1,7,:',vQfkY ' ' rf u " 'sv " fx 513. " :CFP M... ' FEATURES ,Miss LITTLE LUUHIHI Thursday Friday Saturday March 30 March 31 April 1 ORANGE CITY TOWN HALL-8:15 o'c1ock Mr. March . .......... Jacob De Jong MIS- March - - -Fannie Ilamlmers. Florence Van't Hof Meg . . . . . . Ruth Bogaard, Jean Harmelink Jo . . . Marthann Van Es, Sally Bonthuis Beth . . ....... Harriet Wobberna Amy . . . . Rachel Reinders, Dorothy Teerink Aunt March . . . Norma Schutt, Joyce Hickman Mr. Lawrence . . . . Martin Dekking, Rudy VanDrie Laurie ..... ....... N orman Bastemeyer Professor Bhaer . . . Robert Spaan, Stanley Vander Aarde John Brooke . . ....... Joseph Muyskens Hanna Muelett ............ Joyce Den Hartog, Hedy Jacobs it , X ltt fi lf mvfrf 'WS' 'QD' , ,Uv Lu.. 'S sz.-. .- .. 14' 'v ,. - :f.:a.4.T-.1 -np-1.1: .,'- , - , . , ,.,,' j-H , u,. 1? TQ A""x lx 'UK' YD .A F V J. If ff" i' , f?"x F-g YZ? 1-., 5 EXE Ulifll L xx. Presented by the Senior Class Matinee - 2:15 November 11, 1949 Evening - 8:00 Directed by Mrs. H. England CAST William Sylvanus Baxter . . . . . . Raymond Keil Mr. Baster . . Mrs. Baxter . . J'oe Bullitt . . Genesis . . . Johnnie Watson George Crooper Mr. Parcher . . Wallie Banks . Jane Baxter . . Lola Pratt . May Parcher . Ethel Boke . Mary Brooks . Flopit . . Clematis . . Mr. Grifhorst . David Dykstra . . .Philip Hesselink . Burlea Korver . Arvin Koopman - Freeman Faber . . . . . Arthur Vogel . Rodney Yan Klompenburg . . . . Ralph Wiersma - - Hallard De .Tong - - - - - - Henrietta Geurink . . . . . . . Shirley Spyker . Darlene De Beer, Lean Schiebout . . . . . . . . Lois Gesink . . . . . . Jeanette Fedders . Peggy fBalkemaj . . .Toe fFisherj . Janitor, City Hall . . Lighting and sound Stanley Vander Aarde . . f . . Stage Manager Mrs. H. England Priscilla White . . . Director . Prompter I- I L1 Q i i r., -T Northwestern' s genial president D r. I. Heemstra -.Q -- w-g,l Corn, gathered and donated to the college in a community effort to raise funds for Northwestern. Ground breaking ceremonies for the new dormitory. R eve 1-end Everett Van Englenhoven, director of Public Relations. ,,T,, , A - . w ' 1, , ' w Laying the corner stone for the new Dormitory. """'.'- 'o L. Mr. J. Treneman, Editor of the Sioux County Capital, presenting several issues of his paper. The unfinished dormitory. ., A-T!! ,-.,qI.A .. -M.. MIK .AN . - qs- ::r:. ,F-13:2 --...r w ' vs -. F, "J: '-" V sire, ":::,- CUHSECHHTIUH IUEEH The week of November 14th, through the 18th, was set aside for our Consecration week services. Reverend Chester Meengs, the pastor ofa large Reformed church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, was our guest speaker. Each morning during the chapel period which were lengthened to 45 minutes, he spoke on topics concerning the student's christian life. Prayer meetings were held on Monday and Thursday evening which were conducted by Rev. Meengs. Also, he met with the "Y" cabinets, Christian Service club and with the various classes. He also was available, to anyone, for a private conference. Every student gained some profit by hearing Rev. Meengs and were brought into a closer walk with God. 70 WELL, HERE IT IS JUST ABOUT AT THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR AND ANOTHER ANNUAL TOO. THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS T0 BE REMEMBERED THIS YEAR. FIRST WE HAD BETTER MENTION THE SNIARB IBRAINS SPELLED BACKWARDI- DICK ANDERSON AND SQUEAK DYKSTRA HAD BEAUTIFUL ONES AND STAN VANDE AARDEIS WASN'T BAD EITHER. REMEMBER DAVE VAN CITTER AND JIM KEMPEMA ALWAYS FOREVER LOOKING FOR THEIR BOOKS. JAMES AEILTS, HOWARD RODUNZ, MYRNA BELTMAN ALWAYS WITH A READY SMILE. HARRIS VAN OORT AND DAVE DUISTEMEYERS NEVER DID LEARN WHAT THE SIGN THAT WAS SPELLED L-A-D-I-E-S L-O-U-N-G-E MEANT. HAROLD KORVER ALWAYS LAUGHING-LAUGHING-LAUGHING AROUND THE HALLS. RINEY AND DEWIT MATCHING SKILLS AND WITS AT THE PING PONG TABLE. GRACE ROZENBOOMIS RED HAIR RIVALLING JOHN HUMMEIS UNTIL SHE QUIT AT THE SEMESTER. BERNIE HEITBRINK AND DAVE THE UNDISPUTED OWNERS OF BUTCH HAIR-CUTS. I DONIT THINK WE SHALL FORGET FENITA HARMELINKIS AND BETTY TESKEIS PIANO PLAYING. DUANE BUTTENOB JUST HATES TO HAVE MICE RUN ACROSS HIS FACE. HE IS STILL LOOKING FOR A GOOD GRAVY RECIPE TOO. RUDY VAN DRIE KNOWN AS NWHIZH IN GERMAN CLASS. HE TOOK HIS LITTLE FRIEND TO CLASS WITH HIM ONE DAY TOO T0 MEET MRS. STEGEMAN. BY THE BY, A STATEMENT IN LAST YEAR'S ANNUAL STILL SEEMS TO EXPRESS THE SENTIMENT OF THE STUDENTS. HTHERE WERE ALWAYS TWO KINDS OF DAYS HERE AT NJC--DAYS THERE WAS NO GERMAN CLASS AND DAYS THERE WAS GERMAN CLASSH. REMEMBER RUDYIS ORANGE AND BLUE CAR? NEVER HAD ANY GAS, ALWAYS WENT SOMEPLACE ELSE WHEN HE LEFT IT PARKED, AND SOMETIMES CRACKED ITS' BLOCK. PAUL VANDER WOUDE, FRUSTRATED SINGER AND ACTOR, FINALLY EXPRESSED HIS TRUE PERSONALITY BY BUYING A RED AND WHITE POLKA-DOTTED MODEL-T. IT WORKED TOO, DIDNIT HAVE A WINDOW SHIELD-WIPER LIKE DAVEIS HBLUE GOOSEH OR A BURRO-METER LIKE HOWARD BRINKHAUSIS PONTIAC THOUGH. BOB SPAAN CONTINUED TO EXPRESS HIMSELF BY LOOKING AND ACTING LIKE A MONKEY. HE WAS BETTER KNOWN AS NMIGHTY JOE YOUNGH. NO ONE WILL FORGET BOMBO IHIS TECHNICAL NAME WAS ALVIN DYKSTRA, AND HIS FOOTBALL KNEES DURING FOOTBALL SEASON. BEVERLY HEUSINKVELD, MAXINE VANDER WAA AND RACHEL REINDERS WERE so BECOMING THIS YEAR IN THEIR DIAMONDS EVEN IF THEY WERE ONLY PART OWNERS. POOR ANONA RENSINK WAS THE ONLY SOPHOMORE IN THE DORM--wITH ALL THOSE FRESHMEN--SHE NEVER LET IT GET HER DOWN THOUGH. ONE OF HARV VAN ROOYENIS BETTER TRICKS WAS TO BRING THE TEACHER A CUP OF COFFEE TO CLASS SO THAT THEY WOULDNIT HAVE TO GO ALL THE WAY TO THE HSTORCHIEH OR TO TOWN. SEEMED T0 HELP, TOO ITHE TEACHER THAT ISI. CORNIE KEUNEN WAS KNOWN FOR HIS UNCONTROLABLE URGES TO TELL A JOKE. IT GOT so BAD THAT HE HAD TO GO OUT OF THE ROOM INTO THE HALL FOR A FEW MINUTES AND THEN RETURN AS SOON AS IT WAS OUT OF HIS SYSTEM. SIGHI SIGHI I JUST HAPPENED TO THINK OF JIM FONG AND HIS SHIRTS! THEY ARE so--SO--SO EXPRES- SIVE. RINEY AND TED AND EDDIE HAD SOME PRETTY ONES TOO, BUT SOMEHOW THEY DIDN'T'HAVE THAT ADULT AIR OF DISTINCTION. IYETI THELMA INTVELD AND ARNIE MENNING MADE SUCH A CUTE COUPLE AND ALL YEAR TOO. THEY WERE NOTED THE NICEST COUPLE ON THE CAMPUS IN ONE ISSUE OF THE BEACON. DOUGLAS OSTLUND AND NORMAN BASTEMEYER WERE TWO PEOPLE WHO COULD REALLY TALK AND DID TOO. MARTIN DEKKENGA HAD THE BEST LOOKING BICYCLE IN SCHOOL TILL PROF. LYONS HAD TO'G0 AND GET HIS PAINTED A FIRE-ENGINE RED AND PUT A SEAT ON. LAVONNE KADOUS AND MILLY MOSS INSEPRABLE FRIENDS OF INSEPRABLE FRIENDS. HERE WAS A BEAUTIFUL COMBINATION--JOE MUYSKENS, JEAN HARMELINK, AND A LITTLE GRAY FORD. MARGUERITE LEMS, RUTH RIEMERSMA, SALLY BONTHUIS, AND MARY FRANCES DE HAAN AMONG THOSE WHO SLAVED IN CHEMISTRY CLASS. OUR OWN ARLUE DE VRIES ALWAYS FULL OF LAUGHTER AND SO GOOD AT READING POETRY IN SPEECH CLASS, IN CONTESTS TOO. WE ALL MISSED THE VANDER PLATTS GIRLS, MARILYN DYKSTRA AND MARGERY STELLINGA WHEN THEY DIDNIT RETURN THE LAST SEMESTER. OF COURSE, WE WERE MORE THAN REWARDED BY THE RETURN OF HSMILEYU. HE JUST COULDNIT STAY AWAY FROM DEAR OLD NJC. CHIS REAL NAME WAS JIM BRINKHUISI. HE DROVE J0 ANNE VONK TO SCHOOL EVERY DAY, ALL THE WAY FROM CARMEL, BUT THAT WAS ALRIGHT WITH WALLY THOUGH, LOOKED LIKE KEN MIEDEMA, ALMOST NOT QUITE QUICK DO SOMETHING T0 LIFE FINALLY GOT FOR CLEM JUST HAPPENED TO LIVE NEAR CARMEL TOO. IT WAS TRULY AMAZING HOW MUCH MURIAL RAAK RAAK, BUT THEN OF COURSE THEY WERE BROTHER AND SISTER. ONE DAY OUR ACE DETECTIVE, ANDREW GOT A LOOK INTO THE ERIEFCASE THAT JACK SOLSMA CARRIED WITH HIM AT ALL TIMES, EUT HE WAS ENOUGH. LEON MEIER WAS OUR NLITTLE MAN WITH THE BIG VOICEH. OHI THAT VOICE, DIDNIT IT JUST THE GIRLS, THOUGH. DOROTHY TEERINK AND CHAROLLENE VANDER POLA WERE HCHICKENSH. THE DORM THEM AND THEY MOVED OUT. EMMETT WALKER WAS WILLING TO SKETCH A PICTURE OF SOMEONE, BUT SEEMS LIKE HE ALWAYS PUT JUST A LITTLE BIT TOO MUCH CHARACTER OR NOT ENOUGH CHARACTER INTO IT. IT DEPENDED IF YOU WERE TALKING TO THE PERSON SKETCHED OR NOT. THELMA AND JEAN WERE OUR CHAMPION PING PONG PLAYERS, BUT THEY HAD PRETTY GOOD COACHES AND PRACTICE. JO ANN VAN MAANEN ALWAYS AND FOREVER STANDING IN THE HALLS LOOKING FOR HER BROTHER. BROW IDELBERT VAN MANNENI WHO DROVE THAT LITTLE CREAM COLORED FORD WITH THE RED TRIMMING. IT HAD CRACKS IN THE DOORS TOO. OUR PRESIDENT OF THE STUDENT SENATE, STANLY SPRIK ALWAYS READY WITH A SPEECH ON ANY AND ALL OCCASIONS. HIS INFORMAL ONES IN THE HALLS AND THE BACK ROW OF THE CLASS ROOMS WERE THE BEST, THOUGH. ALBERT MOSS WAS ALWAYS BUSY WITH HIS DUTIES AS PRESIDENT OF THE CSC OR HIS GREEK. HE WORKED AT THE COUNCIL TOO. LILA DEAN DONE, YOU COULD BE SURE WORK AROUND THE SCHOOL STOP AND TALK WITH YOU WAGON ALL THE TIME. BUT THEN MAXINE WANDE WAA STARTED TO DRIVE AND SHE JUST LOVES TO STOP 71 AND LAVONNE KADOUS WERE SPARK PLUGS. ANY TIME SOMETHING HAD To BE DONE OR WAS BEING THEY HAD A HAND IN IT SOMEWHERE. JIM HIBMA AND SQUEAK ALWAYS IN ON ALL THE ELECTRICAL AND JIM FILLED THE CANDY BAR MACHINES, TOO. REMEMBER HOW CORNIE KORVER WOULD ALWAYS . SEEMS THAT SMILEY DIDNIT HAVE JUST EXACTLY THE RIGHT TOUCH FOR RUNNING THE STATION FOR STOP SIGNS . HARE YOU READYH HRED AND WHITEH, YESSIR THAT WAS EDDIE MATSUI. HALF A PEOPLE HIGH BUT TWO PEOPLE NICE. SHIRLEY RAMAKER--OH HELLO HAROLD. THOSE UNLUCKY SPECIAL STUDENTS MARY LOU MULDER AND AUDREY BRINK HAVING TO MISS CHAPEL EVERY MORNING. CLARINE KOOIKER ONE OF THOSE RARE CREATURES--A BLOND-EYED BLOND. KAND PRETTY TOO1. MARVELLA HUISMAN FINALLY BROKE DOWN AND HAD HER HAIR CUT INTO BANG5. TURNED OUT FOR THE BETTER TOO. MINERVA HULSTEIN SET A RECORD AND AN EXAMPLE. SHE HAD TO WALK TO SCHOOL ABOUT AS FAR AS ANYONE, BUT SHE ALWAYS MADE IT AND ON TIME TOO. IT MADE IT A LITTLE DIFFICULT TO USE THAT EXCUSE. ROGER PETERSON--A BRAIN BUT STILL A NICE PERSON AND ALWAYS WILLING T0 HELP WITH AN IDEA AND MOSTLY GOOD ONES. I WONDER HOW MANY PEOPLE KNEW THAT BETTY ABERSON AND BETTY MARIE ABERSON WERE NOT THE SAME PEOPLE AND I WONDER HOW MANY PEOPLE FINALLY FOUND OUT WHICH WAS WHICH. BEN BODEWITZ WAS ALWAYS DUSTING, DUSTING, DUSTING. HE SEEMED TO ENJOY IT. HERMINA BUYERT WAS ONE OF THOSE LUCKY GIRLS WHO GOT TO RIDE TO SCHOOL WITH SMILEY. THE THREE MUSKETEERS- CRAIG CALHOUN, NELSON CLAY, AND SOMEONE ELSE, WHO EVER HAPPENED T0 BE WITH THEM. BARBARA JO FABER--ASSISTANT T0 THE DEAN, INMATE OF THE DORM, GENERAL CONFIDOR, AND A REALLY NICE GIRL IN SPITE OF IT ALL. ARLENE FRANKEN AND HER NEW NICKNAME--FRANKENST--OH, I JUST CAN'T SAY IT. DEFINITION OF BUDDIES--DUANE HEEREN AND WILBUR MOLENDORP. REMEMBER THE THREE AND ONLY THREE SECOND TENORS IN THE CHOIR--PAUL VANDER WOUDE, JIM KEMPEMA AND CLIFF VAN BERKUM. POOR MARTHANN ACCUSED OF HBREETHENESSH INSTEAD OF HBR-ETH-I-NESSH IN SPEECH CLASS. FLORENCE VAN'T HOF SEEMED TO HAVE A PARTIALLITY FOR BICYCLES, SHE SOMETIMES RODE ONE HOME FROM SCHOOL, THAT IS IF SHE COULD GET SOMEONE ELSE TO PUSH THE PEDAKS. ELLA MAE FLIEGER DECLARING, UDUTCH DRILLI I WAS IN IT ONE YEAR. LOST TEN POUNDS AND NEVER DID GET THEM BACK.n DUTCH DRILL WAS VERY POPULAR, FOR AWHILE ANYWAY. LUCILLE WESSELINK REALLY SHOULD GET OVER THE HABIT OF STICKING PAPER DOWN THE NECK OF THE PERSON IN FRONT OF HER. OF COURSE THAT IS ONE WAY OF GETTING THE TEACHER TO CHANGE YOUR SEAT AND T0 ONE BY THE WINDOW Too. HAND ME THAT PAPER. I DON'T THINK ANYONE WILL EVER FORGET WILMA NHONEYN WESTERGARDIS BEAUTIFUL RED AND PINK AND BLUE AND PURPLE AND GREEN AND YELLOW EYE. DON BLOM ALWAYS WORE SUCH PRETTY TIES, WELL HE WORE TIES ANYWAY. MARLENE BRINK WAS THE TEACHER WHO DREW THE TEACHER WHO CAUSED A STUDENT TEACHER THE MOST WORK. SHE COULD HANDLE IT THOUGH. JANE ANN DE JONG WAS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT JUST LOVED TO CARRY THINGS T0 SCHOOL, THINGS THAT SHE FOUND ALONG THE SIDEWALK. THEN SHE WOULD LEAVE THEM TO CLUTTER UP THE LOUNGE. BERT DEN HERDER REALLY TOOK HIS SCHOOL WORK SERIOUSLY. HE STUDIED. IT REALLY WASNICE OFGEORGE DYKSTRA TO BUY A NEW CAR. IT WAS GETTING SO THAT EVERYONE WOULD RUN TO THE WINDOW EVERY TIME HE CAME TO SCHOOL JUST TO SEE IF THE OLD BLACK ONE WOULD GET AROUND THE HORSE-SHOE ONCE MORE. HE AND WILL WOLFSWINKEL COULDNIT PLAY HBATTLESHIPN ANY MORE EITHER. WILL HAD MORE IMPORTANT THINGS T0 ATTEND TO ANYWAY. HERE WE GO AGAIN. I WAS SUPPOSED TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT JOYCE HICKMAN, BUT I DON'T KNOW HER VERY WELL SO I ASKED SOME OF THE PEOPLE PASSING BY AND THEY TOLD ME T0 ASK ROGER BUT I COULDN7T FIND HIM AND I COULDN'T FIND JOYCE EITHER SO I GUESS I CAN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT HER EXCEPT THAT SHE IS TALL, AND I HAD DINNER WITH HER WHEN WE WENT TO THE TOURNAMENT AT WEBSTER CITY- HENRY CHRISTIANS HAD AN ACCORDIAN HE PLAYED IN CHAPEL IN THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR. WHY DIDN'T WE HEAR MORE OF IT? LOIS DE BEER WAS OUR GIRL WHEN SHE WON A SCHOLARSHIP FOR HER ESSAY ON HWHY I WANT T0 BE A TEACHERU. MARY ANN DE BLAW GOT HER HAIR CUT AND DON EKDOM BLOSSOMED OUT IN NEW GLASSES AND THEY REALLY DID MAKE A NICE COUPLE BUT NOT BECAUSE OF THE GLASSES AND HAIRDO. HENRIETTA JACOBS IS ALWAYS ABLE TO EXPLAIN HERSELF SO WELL IN CLASS OR OUT--SHE WAS EDDIE-GYING. CAROLYN VERMEER WILL NEVER FORGET THAT FEELING SHE GOT WHEN SHE SAW HER BROTHERIS CAR IN THE DITCH ON THE WAY BACK FROM THE TOURNAMENT. WE'LL NEVER FORGET THE LOOK ON HER FACE EITHER. AND THEN THERE WAS CLEO EGGLESTON, EDITOR OF THE BEACON, WHO WAS NEVER ABLE TO GET HER REPORTERS TO GET THEIR NEWS IN ON TIME. IT NEARLY GAVE HER GRAY HAIR BY THE TIME THE SCHOOL YEAR ENDED. GERALD EKDOM THOUGHT THAT BROKEN ARMS WERE NOT SO BAD AFTER ALL. THEY WERE A LITTLE INCONVENIENT, BUT ON THE OTHER HAND YOU COULD GET AWAY WITH MURDER AND HE DID TOO, AND NOT JUST WHEN HE HAD A BROKEN ARM EITHER. JUDITH KORSELMAN KNEW EVERY BEND AND CURVE IN THE ROAD FROM HERE TO SANBORN. AND REMEMBER ESTHER MEYER AND HER SOUTHERN ACCENT. HEDY JACOBS HAD ONE TOO AT TIMES. THOSE BENCHES IN THE BOY'S LOUNGE ALWAYS LOOKED SO COMFORTABLE ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU SAW ONE OF THE BOYS TRYING TO SLEEP ON THEM. I WILL NEVER FORGET THE DAY A BUNCH OF PROMISING STUDENTS FIXED UP A HFIXEDH PING PONG BALL WITH MERCURY IN IT AND JIM FONG COULDN'T SEEM TO HIT IT STRAIGHT. SOMEHOW THE MICE ALWAYS DID SEEM To GET INTO THE GIRLS' LOUNGE. POOR JASPER PAID WITH HIS LIFE FOR IT TOO. PAUL AND SQUEAK AND ROGER AND CO. DEVEL- OPED A FAD FDR CHESS. EVERYONE ALWAYS STOPPED AND LOOKED IN WHENEVER THE DOOR TO THE BEACON ROOM WAS OPEN AND TRIED TO READ AS MUCH NEWS AS THEY COULD POSSIBLE SEE. EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE SOMEONE WOULD PIN UP A VERY FITTING CARTOON SOMEWHERE IN THE SCHOOL. THOSE SIMPLE HOTFOOTS IN THE LOUNGE WERE BAD ENOUGH, BUT WHEN THEY STARTED TO BECOME CHAIN REACTIONS IT REALLY GOT-BAD. AND THEN WE HAD AN EPIDEMIC OF WATER PISTOLS. EVERYONE HAD A DIFFERENT STORY T0 TELL AFTER THE BIG SNOW STORM AND WIND ON MARCH 7.ALMOST EVERYONE WAS MARROONED SOMEWHERE. PLAY PRACTICE NEVER SEEMED T0 END. NEITHER DID CHORUS PRACTICE, BUT WASNIT IT FUN? REMEMBER THE BIG BONFIRE AND THE CREMATION ON THE NIGHT BEFORE HOMECOMINGT REMEMBER THE BANQUET AND THE ATHLETIC BANQUET? WE HAD A GOOD TIME AT NORTHWESTERN, DIDNIT WE? '72 CHLEHIJHH SEPT. U-IO 5'FACULTY MEETING 6'ORlENTATION DAY. CLED SLID DOWN THE STEPS or SCIENCE HALL ON HER cREPE SoLES. 'REGISTRATION DAY -OPENING CONVOCATION. MIXER SEPT. ll-IT I2-FIRST BEACON OUT I3-ACADEMY CLASS MEETING I6-COLLEGE CLASS MEETING. HEARD ABOUT NOAHYS WIFE IN ENGLISH CLASS FROM PRoE. V.D.Z. SEPT. I8-23 I9-JIM K. RETURNED A COAT 20-CHEM. 2Il BECOMES AWARE or USEFULNES8 OF CRISCO. SEPT. 25-GCT. I 29-MEETING OF lowA JR. COLLEGE STUDENT CouNcIL AT MARSHALTOWN. 30-SOPH.-FRESHMAN wEINER ROAST ocT. 2-8 6-K.B.K. WENT TO LE MARS TO F.T.A. MEETING. NATIONAL NEWSPAPER WEEK. 7'EAGLE GROVE THERE--us 1 - THEM 3l OCT. 9-I5 9-CHOIR AT C.E. CONVENTION AT SIOUX CENTER I2-Y. W. TEA I3-GRouND BREAKING I3-BEDNA VISTA BEES AT STDRM LAKE l3'BEN BODEWITZ WENT T0 STDRM LAKE I5-JDHN KLuvER's BIRTHDAY. BDTTENDD AND WALKER STILL WITH HEADAcHES I ocT. I6-22 I I7'ARREST MADE . I9-I.R.C. coNvENED 20-PEP MEETING, SNAKE DANCE, BONFIRE, JURY ll-ARMISTIDE DAY NOV. I3-I9 CONSECRATION WEEK I5-GERRY E. BROKE HIS ARM I8-HARVEST FESTIVAL I8-ACADEMY, ASHTON, ST. JQSEPHIS THERE Nov. 20-26 SIX WEEK'S TESTS 2I-ACADEMY, BOYDEN THERE 32-IO THEY 22-CHDIR CONCERT - ARcHER 2M-THANKSGIVING NOV. 27-DEC. 3 29'FORMAL INITIATIDN 30-CORNERSTONE LAID 2-FT. DODGE THERE DEC. U-IO 5'WORTHINGTON THERE 5-CEILING IN CHEM. LAB. FELL IN 5-KEMPEMA CAME To SCHOOL IN CLEAN CAR 6-JASPER REALLY LIvED FOR A DAY AND DIED IN THE CHEM. LAB. 'ACADEMY, GRANVILLE ST. JOE THERE 'SHELDON HERE 9-ACADEMY FORENSICS IO-WEBSTER CITY GAME HERE DEC. II-I7 I2-PARKINSON ENSEMDLE l3'E5THERVlLLE HERE I3-ACADEMY-ASHTON ST. JOES HERE In-COMMUNITY SING HERE AT O.C. I5-SHELDDN THERE I5-BEv GDT HER RING I6-FIRST CHOIR RECORDING I6-CHRISTMAS PARTY - PLAY nWHY THE CHIMES RANGn I6-VACATION BEGINS TRIAL, AUCTION. DEC- I5-24 2l-FRI. AFTERNOON CoRoNATIoN or RACHEL REINDERS VACAT'0N T'ME H 2l-HoMEcoMING - BRITT - WE LOST. DEC. 25-3I OCT, 23-29 CHRISTMAS--NEED I SAY MoRE7 2h-JOHN HUMMEIS BIRTHDAY 25-CHDIR SANG AT SUNDAY ScHooL CoNvENTIoN. 26-DRESS REHEARSAL 26-EMMETSDDRG TQERE 30-O 2 -PLAY 2 -ACADEMY INITIATION OCT. 30'NOV. 5 M-ESTHERVILLE HERE 19-0. GLEANING TIME NOV. 6-I2 ll-ACADEMY PLAY I JAN. I-7 I-NEw YEARVS DAY 2-FIRST RESOLUTION BROKEN 3-WELCOME T0 NRS. VAAG 3-SOME OLD FACES MISSING, SOME NEW FACES HERE M-ILLUSTRATED LECTURE FOR GERMAN CLASSES 6-FREEMAN HERE 6'PROF. VANDER ZEE FELL oFF CHAIR 6-ACADEMY - FREEMAN ACADEMY HERE. 7'BRlTT HERE JAN.'8-IM IO-EMMETSBURG HERE IO-ACADEMY - GRANVILLE ST. JOES HERE II'FLORENCE V.H. WENT HOME ON A BICYCLE I2-DAVE V.C. BURNEO UP CAR I3-ESTHERVILLE THERE JAN. I5-2l I6-EXAMS BEGIN I6-FIRST ANNUAL PAGES SENT IN I6-HOMO ORGANIZED I -SHELDON HERE I -SOMEONE BROKE WORKBENCH IN BEACON ROOM SITTING ON IT. I9-REV. TEUSINK SPOKE ON CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE 20-AUGUSTANA ACADEMY THERE 20-EXAMS END. 2I-IRETON-ACADEMY JAN. 22-28 2u'FREEMAN THERE 2M-SNow, AND HOW 25-STATION WAGON BROKE DOWN 27-WALDORF THERE 27-WALDORF THERE 27-ACADEMY - WESTERN CHRISTIAN THERE JAN. 29-FEB. M 30-WORTHINGTON THERE 30-BEGINNING oF.RELIEF DRIVE FOR JAPAN 3I'ACADEMY -IALTON ST. MARYS THERE I-CURRENT AFFAIRS TEST 2-NETTLETON THERE - N0 NO 3-ACADEMY - FREEMAN THERE FEB. 5-Il 6-JUNIORS GET CLASS RINGS 6-ACADEMY - MAURICE THERE 6-WATER SHOT UP 3 FEET FROM FOUNTAIN IN ZwEMER HALL. Y-FT. DODGE HERE ' 8-MAXINE STOPPED FOR A STOP SIGN IO-ACADEMY TOURNAMENT - SECOND PLACE IO-BRITT THERE FEB. I2-I8 I3-ACADEMY GLORY DAY IM'VALENTINE DAY PARTY Ih'ACADEMY - AFTON ST. MARYS I5-FREEMAN THERE I7-EMMETSBURG THERE FEB. I9-25 TOURNAMENT I9-CONCERT AT SANBORN 22-BEAT ESTHERVILLE 23-LOST TO WALDORF FEB. 26-MARCH M 26-CONCERT AT WOODSTOCK, MINN. 29-FREE WILL OFFERING IN BOYIS LOCKER ROOM I'PRESIDENT HEEMSTRA RESIGNED I-2-SCHOOL FULL OF TRUSTEES IFROM THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, THAT ISI H-COLLEGE BANQUET MARCH 5-II 5-MR. NIEUWENHUIS SICK 7'FINE ARTS FESTIVAL AT ESTHERVILLE 7'BlG SNow 7-MARROONED AT ESTHERVILLE OR ORANGE CITY. 8-No SCHOOL MARCH I2-I8 I3-MR. EVERS SICK I3'CHAlN REACTION HOT FooT IN aovls LOUNGE In-POLIO BENEFIT I7'ACADEMY Muszc AND DEBATE MARCH I9-25 23-ATHLETIC BANQUET MARCH 26-APRIL I MARCH 30,31-APRIL I'COLLEGE PLAY APRIL I-APRIL FOOLIS DAY APRIL 2-8 . 6 WEEKIS TESTS AGAIN 6-IN l9lY U.S. DECLARED wAR ON GERMANY 7'EASTER VACATION STARTS APRIL 9-I5 IO-VAcATIoN II-BACK TO IUGHI SCHOOL APRIL I6-22 CHOIR TRIP SOME TIME DURING APRIL. THINGS PRETTY NICE AND QUIET HERE AT SCHOOL APRIL 23-29 27'JUNIOR COLLEGE STATE MUSIC FESTIVAL AT FT. DODGE APRIL 30-MAY 6 30-EVERYONE BUSY FINISHING MAYBASKETS MAY 7-I3 THE SUDDEN REALIZATION THAT IT IS NOW OR NEVER STILL CRAMMING AND STUDYING LIKE MAD MAY IU-20 MAY 2I-21 22- 23-FINAL EXAM5 zh- 26-ALUMNI DAY AND FINAL CONVOCATION 27-TENTATIVE DATE FOR MASS SUICIDE MAY 28 28'BACCALAUREATE SERVICE 29-SIXTY-SIXTH COMMENOEMENT 5 1 P -Ni Tv BHHUUET ,nv Q 75 ff, ba A3-'K e fle etsln L, ,A -L V , f r. 5,l,,,. HXMQ ick! .ll Eddie is versatile 76 what' s s UP? e That's my boy, Ted 5 I -an+'-uu-, 1, . -Q-5, "'-1-- ' f ul - wlr, ' y Have you met? , I: ' riflf-7 'Ee' 1' o f , 1- , A-.7-., I A .J pl.,-15:3 ' . -+ a- - 1 ZH., , 42. 131-, : f - 3' yu vn- ff f A ,ev ll , we A ' ' 1 I- . ' . ' , F ' -I t ' "5 , A 'J za' P ' , ' 4' ..1 Cute MOdeS.t Sultry Rugged 77 ev- ' vf ' 4 I 1 li.,-dl' 2 re 5 we Ref. John alan agaxn Am I? A girl bl' aln W 1 th 11 'il , 5' nee th 61-e is Stl ns? Who' 5 Who? oh, what we know abOU-t You gill :41v+' I4 Well, Come 75 , f X Four Musketeers from Hawii , h t? Dmd she Say t a 011 'Q Caught the act IN AND ABU U Nll 5 Q Q 429,59 EQ , W W, my mf f wfw v W QM 6 fx!! A AAA fn A X'fx'fX. A !X.g,xpL'xr-X ,sn fNfNfXf.x nnfxa "TU 'lar A f lil IRM llllllllil Pella, Iowa One of the Best in the Middle West High Scholastic Standards Christian Objectives Friendly Atmosphere Well-rounded Program Fully Accredited by the North Central Association PRUFESSIUHH- UIHEIITURU DR. W. R. MEIER Dental Surgeon Orange City, Iowa DR . SAMUEL OSDOBA and DR. D. Q. STORIE Dental Surgeons Phone 2.9 Phone 53 Orange City Iowa DR. E. J. G. BLOEMENDAAL VAN ETTEN FUNERAL HOME A. D. Van Etten, Director Dental Surgeon Orange City, Iowa Phone 50 Orange City, Iowa Phone 7 VAN OOSTERHOUT TE PASKE and RENS Attorneys at Law P. D. Van Oosterhout Henry J'. TePaske Gerrit L. Rens Orange City, Iowa Law Offices KLAY 8: KLAY Gerrit K1ayf1898-19391 Teunis E. Klay Earl T. Klay GROSSMANN HOSPITAL E. B. Grossmann, M. D. A. Bushmer, M. D. Phone 69 115 West 4th Street Orange City, Iowa WM. DOORNINK, M. D. and R. ZEILENGA, XM. D. Physicians 8: Surgeons Orange City, Iowa Phonell 0 CAMBIER 0 of OTOR CO. Elly, fauna GUN-NINK.S CAFE Veterinary Fountain Supplies Service Good Coffee and Good Service Phone 230 Orange City, Iowa VAN'S DRUG STORE Accurate Prescription Service Phone 12 Orange City, Iowa DE JONG 8: SONS I-IATCHERY Quality Baby Chix Feeds -- Supplies Remedies Phone 204 Orange City, Iowa TER HORST Service Station I Phillips 66 Products John Ter Horst, Jr., Prop. Phone 32 Orange City, Iowa .W. WIHGE 81 General C ontractor s and Builders LE MARS, IOWA Phone 687 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER International Tractors Farm Implements Truck and Refrigeration 0orcIt ImPIement Co. Phone 263 Orange City, Iowa BALKEMA Sales 8: Service SKELGAS Hot-Point Appliances Philco Appliances Washers Plumbing Stoves Heating Phone 264 Orange City, Iowa Keep Fit Stay Healthy For Health and Recreation Bowl at the AMERICAN LEGION BOWLING ALLEYS For reservations Phone 335 Orange City, Iowa SUNRISE HATCHERY Van Peursem 8: Schalekamp Cash Dealer in Poultry, Eggs and Wayne Feeds Ames In-Cross Chicks Phone 83 Orange City, Iowa HIISIRHURMHI CHURCH Sioux Center, Iowa Organized 1887 How Lovely O Lord of Hosts, are Thy Tabernacles MINISTER: Rev. P. A. De Jong MISSIONAR IES: Rev. and Mrs Henry Poppen - China Rev. and Mrs. John Kempers - Mexico Ten Brink - India Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Miss Eunice Post - Arabia LORD'S DAY SERVICES Morning Worship - 9:30 A. M. Afternoon Worship - 1:30 P. M. Christian Endeavor - 7:30 P. M. We extend a most cordial invitation to everyone to worship with us when in Sioux Center, Iowa. p Ufmnqe Gzlfq .7 Z' Ga. Dealers in NIDEE, John Deere and New Idea Farm Machinery S4 1 wa ' RE 5'57'Cm We carry a complete stock of repairs l ,av x .. -- + ouAu'rv FARM and have factory approved service men. A"""""x S E o u I P M E N 1' Good Equipment Makes a Good Farmer Better ED UTECH Proprietors ED SCHREUR Orange City, Iowa SPORTM.AN'S INC. CORNER CAFE SpOrtir1g Goods Home cooked meals "Where Sportsmen Meet" Fountain Service SiO'-IX CRY, IOWa Private dinners by appointment 607 51711 St- Ph0l1e 82905 Orange City, Iowa Relax . . . have a Coke 'Q x lx Mill HAIIIIWAHI Hardware Plumbing 81 Heating Sheet metal Bottle Gas Service Highest Quality Lowest Prices Phone 4151 Carl J'. Hentges Prop. Alton, Iowa FEDERAL LAND BANK LOANS Pioneers Since 1917 and Still Leading The Way With America's Best Farm Loan. SIOUX NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASSOCIATION G. J. Slobe, Secretary-Treasurer Orange City, Iowa ORANGE CITY CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY Manufacturers of "Favorite Diary Products" "No Substitute for Butter" Butter Pastuerized Milk Cream Ice Cream Condensed Buttermilk R. Riedeman, Mgr. Phone 194 We Deliver Orange City, Iowa FIRST RHIIRIVIHI IIHIIR Orange City, Iowa Reverend Henry Colenbrander, Pastor Missionaries Reverend G. I. Pennings D. D. Iraq, Amarah, Reverend H. W. Gee, Dulce, New Mexico Reverend Harvey P. Hoekstra, Akobo, Afri Mr. Alouza Harvey, Brewton, Alabama Re-verend Cornelius Myskens, Gray Hawk, Ke IIH Arabia ca tucky n Sunday Wor ship Service s Morning Service 9:30 A. M. Afternoon Service 1:30 P. M. Sunday School 3:00 P. M. Christian Endeavor 7: 30 P. M. Mid-week Prayer Service Wednesday 7:30 P. M. You are extended a hearty welcome to any and all of these services FHHIHEHS HIUTUHI CU-llP.HSS'II There Is No Substitute For A Farmers' Co-operative Richard Koldenhoven, Manager Phone 44 Orange City, Iowa Phone Z SIOUX OIL COMPANY Champlin Products Tony Wiersrna Prop. 66 Orange City, Iowa Abstracts - 79 Years of Service In Title Matters the Best is None Too Good. Call or Write Farm Loans - 30 Years of Service Ask the man who has our Loan. Loans in Northwest Iowa and Southern Minnesota. SIOUX ABSTRACT CO., INC. W. H. Hospers '06 Jackson Hopsers 36 VAN EIZENGA LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Coal Phone 46 Orange City, Iowa iff. ffdghjlgqmevu, 1,11 X E Your Dodge and Plymouth Dealer Sales 8: Service Complete Service on all Chrysler Corp. Vehicles X Genuine Factory parts 8: Accessories New Modern Equipment Sr Building Dodge "Job Rated" Trucks Modern Repairing and Tune-up New Motors Installed Wheel Balancing Lubrication - Batteries - Accessories GDGPIDKEAR J r Ml HAI: fnwnnn umm smfs za sfnvlcf Phone 36 111 East 3rd Street Orange City, Iowa HOFF'S PHARMACY Arend Hoff, Prop. Drugs , Sundrie s , Wallpaper , Paint Photography of All Kinds Colligan Shellane Soft Water B ottled Gas Service Service Radio 8: Refrigeration Service KALSBEEK BROTHERS Phone 159 Orange City, Ia , l HIHEHICHII REFURIIIED CHURCH Orange C ity, Iowa Reverend J'. A. Veldman, Pastor Missionaries DR. and Mrs. T. Ooltman Miss Wilma Katz Miss Evadeane Balkema "And in this place I will give peace" Sunday Services 10:00 A. M. and 7:00 P. M. Sunday School . . . ' . 11:30 A. M. Junior Christian Endeavor . . 3:00 P. M. Senior Christian Endeavor . . 6:00 P. M. Mid-week Prayer Service Wednesday - 7:30 P. M. You are cordially invited to worship with us DUVEIVS HIUSIII HHIJ ELECTRIC CU. for quality merchandis e RCA Victor and General Electric Radios Northwest lowa's Largest Stock of Phonograph Records Wurlitzer, Gulbransen, .Tesse-French Pianos Electric Organs for church and home General Electric Appliances 5 ISV IIIKYIUIIC Ollll I Northwestern Students are always welcome DON BESTE BROTHERS FIRE-'STONE STORE Groceries Lunch Notions Tires and Batteries passenger-truck-tractor SOUTH SIDE GROCERY Sales 8: Service Home and Auto Supplies Robert Boonstra, Prop. Hardware Sporting Goods Phone 324 Orange City, Iowa NOR THWEST ERN STATE BANK Established 1882 Complete Banking Service Farm Loans at Lowest Rates Deposits Insured up to 55,000.00 Office at Maurice, Iowa THIIIITU REFURIHED CHURCH Orange City, Iowa Minister: Reverend Charles J. Boonstra Missionaries Mr. and Mrs. John P. Muilenburg , , Kulangsu, China Mr. Ronald Korver . . . . . . . Tokyo, Japan Special Gift Missionaries I Miss Jeane Noordhoff . . . Tokyo, Japan Mrs. Wm. C. Vander Meer . . Sio-Khe, China Mr. and Mrs. Peter Van Es . Macy, Nebraska Mr. and Mrs. Garret De Jong . . . Kuwait, Arabia Sunday Worship Services Morning Worship-9:30 A. M. Sunday School Service-11:00 A. M. Christian Endeavor Service-6:45 P. M. Evening Worship Service-7:30 P. M. We extend a cordial invitation to you to join us in the services of Worship and Praise, in the Students Sunday School Class. "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest--suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not--him that cometh to me. I will in no wise cast out" Jesus MAR SHALL- WELLS A Good store STORE ,TO Remember Bill Hinze, Prop. VANDE Elvlrff. STEEGS Appliances to Better the Home The Store That Serves You Best Marshall-Wells Orange City, Iowa Paints to Improve the Home Ready-to-Wear Mens Furnishings . Full Line of Dry Goods Groceries Hardware Nairn Floor Covering Rubber gl Asphalt Tile H Cholera De C ornmercial Fertilizer 08 Serum and Virus Hybrid Seed Corn THE DUNLOP Kalb Quality DE VRIES ELECTRIC SHOP Oscar De Vries, Owner Phone 359 Orange City, Iowa ' Electric Wiring R epair Service AGENCY Westinghouse Appliances Life, Fire, Auto and Casualty Insurance No Job Too Large'- No Job Too Small Office and Warehouse on Main Street Electric Ranges Robert M. Dunlop George Dunlop Audrey Te Grotenhuis Burners Water Heaters Sec' Watersoftners Water Pumps Motors Welders Phone 304 Orange City, Iowa Refrigerators Vacuum Cleaners Washers Ironers Farm and Home Appliances I' HH. SLHBLE UU. Lumber 8: Coal Multitint Paint Sash and Doors Phone 115 Orange City, Ia. FARMERS CO-OP. OIL ASS'N. Petroleum Products, Tires, Batteries Accessories 8: Appliances Phone 2.59 Orange C ity, Iowa VOGEL 8: VAN DE BRAKE "Your Complete Paint Store" Orange Brand- Minnesota Paints Wallpapers - Sanders - Glass Orange City, Iowa Sibley, Iowa Phone 358 Phone 555 WOUDSTRA Meat Market 8a Locker Choice Meats Frozen Food and Fish Custom Slaughtering Phone 141 Orange City, Iowa MYERSiy 1-GYEARBOOKS :n.:?.0 -'.',:- me PACEMAKERS or QUALITY o . . Q. - ' I MYERS AND C0 INC TOPEKA KANSAS - I 'qu-nu' " "

Suggestions in the Northwestern College - De Klompen Yearbook (Orange City, IA) collection:

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