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SCROLL SCROLL 1987 Volume 60 Dedication . 2 Sports . 10 Intramurals . 35 Organizations .... 39 Music . 55 Ministries . 67 Students . 81 faculty Staff .... 115 Index . 125 In times past • Late 1950 s vintage baseball. fr Open field where Maranatha Mall is located today. » first classroom building, Jackson Hall in 1920 ' s I 1960 ' s style formal banquet. » ♦ Though the school was founded in 1902 by Dr. William B. Riley as the northwestern Bible and Missionary Training School, it was not until 1922 that Volume I of the annual came out. It was entitled The northwestern Pitot. In 1926 the name changed to The Scroll with Volume V. Since then only some books have been given volume numbers. The last time the yearbook was volumized was in 1965 with Volume 45. You may ask, " What ' s the significance of hav¬ ing volumized annuals? " The answer is simply that it reminds us that there is a past and it places the classes of each year more concretely into the history of the school. For 85 years there has been a MWC and for 59 of those years the yearbook has recorded the precious people and events that have shaped our institution. No year stands atone, but all are intertwined. The pre¬ sent and future are shaped by the past. To the annuals of history, but most important- iy, to this year ' s college family we present Vol¬ ume 60 of The SCROLL. 2 The 1987 northwestern College Scroll is dedi¬ cated to our Dean of Faculty, Mr. Dwight Ounberg. Besides teaching history, he has also served as Dean of Students. In his service as Dean of Stu¬ dents he was advisor to the nwC Student Associ¬ ation. Me described his job as one of ' ' carrying out student concerns, " as well as, “explaining college positions to students. " Mow, as Dean of Faculty, his main task has been to aid in teaching improve¬ ments, problem solving and faculty evaluations. In everything he has done at MWC it is plain to see that his main objectives are to exemplify Christ, help the college family grow in love for Christ and each other, and humor us with his incessent anecdotes, in a message to the senior class he exhorted use to not let the taw of dimin¬ ishing energy rule but that “there is a source of energy for life (Christ), rely on it! " Just as Christ make the difference , Mr. Gun berg has made a dif¬ ference in our fives by his service. In dedication I I j He makes the difference In the seasons of our lives $ He makes the difference In the directions of our lives reach Me Thy Ordinances ' sweeter than honev to ■ precepts 1 therefore I hate every false Wa ,o Thy word is a lamp to my feet irnd a light to my path 7 sworn an oath it, ; atil and confirm, to observe thy r rUt nances. y 1 Snteous 0rf 4 Community Life Director, Jerry Cimijotti spreads some cheer. Student Center Desk Security Receptionist Him Larson, part of a mighty force, w 4 One of our many talented musicians is Jill Lund. Andy Kasc prepares for a Dr. Johnson Test. Weekend meals Do-it-yourself style Pumpkin carving 2 of Kristin Hope wins! w 4 Tate Watts makes a wish. Angela, Sheryl, and Pam supports the team by keeping the bench warm. iisiiiss Home Sweet Homecoming Homecoming 1986 was enjoyed by students and alumni alike as they watched the football team, the soccer team and the volleyball t eam all win in their respective competition. Memories of the past, the ex¬ citement of the present and the hopes of the future were shared by all. The Purple and Gold colors rise to the occassion, I The ' Rock " announces another Homecoming event, w Homecoming Royalty 1906. 1st How: Miss northwestern: Jodi Lundquist and escort Kent Paulson. 2nd How: Kristin Kory, Curtis Langemeier, Douglas Chevalier, Susan Boich 3rd How: Melissa Goris, Jerry Cimijotti, Mark Ericksen, Jane HooKmuth. 4th Row: Jeanne Mclver, Timothy Zhome, Kent Hannestad, Nancy Roszhart 4 Someone forgot to tell these guys that homecoming is suppose to be " serious!” T 4 Lenny Arnold ... Friends Forever ’ Watch the birdie! " w 13 He makes the difference in... SPORTS BS Football How J: Debbie ttutt. Row 2: Andrea Quamme, Anna Spra ungel, Julie Olson. Row3: Kelly Atkinson, Lynn Shalles. flow 4: Susan Crutchfield. Jamie Buchanan awaits a play. Coach Reynolds gives Greg Pouting some advice, f Scoreboard Opponent 40 Carleton MWC 7 17 Loras 9 6 Piilsbury 10 27 Maranatha 55 18 Dr. Martin Luther 48 6 Concordia 22 28 Bemidji 3 42 northwester(WI) 21 18 Mt. Senario 37 How I: Dennis Zesigen. Curt Decker, Jamie Buchanen, Brian Wikstrom, Steve Osborne, Mark Mossman, Jeff Hampton, Robert Popp, Lance Burg, John Walker, Gregg Pouting. Row2: Pablo Gomez, Dan Tracy, Doug Johanson. Bruce Davidson, Rob Clark, Ted Stillwell, Mike Salmon, Troy Stennes, Curtis Storbcck, Dean Salo, Carter Steadman, Scott Anderson, Donald Manz. Row y Tom Smith, Bill Aune. Dave Gustafson, Gary Paulson, Chub Reynolds, Doug Asprey, Doyle Land, Kevin Danielson, Rent Seeman, Mel Boehland, Male Balzer, Dave Quebodeaux, Dave Bair, Tim Farley. Row4: Richard Seiand, Phill Hall, John Pederson, John Witt, Corey Gordon, David Geary, Ron Courrier, Brian Rremer, Brian Erkens, Greg Larson, John Williams, Steve Bonn, John Springs, Scott Grant, Bruce Tanis, Ryle Eller. Row5: Billy Hoefler, Tom Friedrichsen, Brent Lindaman, Thomas Brooks, Jeff Dahl. Dan Carlson, Dan Brooks, Kevin Vencnga, Scoti Ostrom, Pete Sola, Troy Solhsem, Matt Hanson, Paul Wilder, Peter Anderson, Dan Lautner, Craig Stallkamp. Hot Pictured; Jeff Lindahl. 4 Doyle Land and Kevin Danielson get down and dirty. This year the football team tied for first place in their conference. The team tied with northwestern College of Watertown, Wisconsin, Their in- record was five wins and one loss. Out of Conference, the team had five wins and four losses. Coach Boehland felt that the team played well. He said, " It was an exciting season because the team really played as a unit. " He attributed their great success to the fact that the team had a strong desire to really work as a team-together. Soccer Row h Amber Fedde. Row 2; Melanie Bocken, Joy Stoner, Row3; Debbie Melland, Lisa Benson, Julie Richardson, Row 4t Marsha Johnson, Row 5; Melissa Stoner, Craig Bierman goes for the goal. Coach Bitl Crawford closely watches the action. I The Soccer team of 1986-87 did very well. Their overall record includes sixteen wins, four losses, and one tie. One of the team ' s players, Kevin Fernandez thought the team did pretty good, but he also claims, " I think we could have done better " . On the other hand. Freshmen Dan Todd thought it was great simply to be on the team. He liked the way everyone worked together. The Christian unity brought the team very close this season. God, in each one of their lives, certainly made a difference for the Soccer team of 1986-87. 20 T. ' - ' i.V f -r ■ t 1 Row 1: Kevin Fernandez, Wayne harder, Joe Feldsien, Steve Cornish, Craig Bierman, Kent Paulson, Lee Nyquist, Peter Wohler, Chris Garborg, Travis Delzer, Tim Montzka, Matt hoagberg, Doug Martinson, and JelTStem. Row2; Coach Bill Crawford, Dan Todd, Brent Heckman, Bob Stenlake, Mark Kramer, Dave Venberg, John Meed, Dan Shore. Doug Chevalier, Jon Colombo, Paul Jacobsen, Steve Look, and Manager Kevin Dau. Volleyball Kris Kory sets the ball, t Row 1: Erica Cordon, Kathy Herman, Trad Enzminger, Carla Grahman, Jill lierber, Row2: Sue Carlson, Paige Suntlerman, Julie Terning, Haney Koszliart, Kristin Kory, Carolyn Thom pson, floiv 3: Kimberly Kelly-Coach, Brenda Dahl Tari Epema, Karen Stratman, Mimi Doma, Annette Asprey, Jane McHeely, Becky Simonson, Sara ArfstemCoach » This year, the women ' s Volleyball team placed second in Conference. Overall most team members felt the season was excellent. One special aspect of this year ' s team is that the girls really grew closer to each other and to Christ as a result of being on the team. Freshmen Jane McMeely expressed, " I especially liked the unity of a Christian team. Everyone was so close and open with one another, We were always there to encourage each other. " It truly is obvious that God made a difference in this team this year. 4 The women ' s volleyball team gets excited about winning another game. 4 nancy and Annette exhibit good team work. Dancy Roszharl blocks the ball. Cross Country Tom Smith leads the pack. | Radcliff, the team ' s Host Valuable runner does her best. Paul Langmade races toward the finish. » Lisa 24 i Amy Tcrhaar runs with diligence. Running in styie This year, northwestern ' s Cross Country team had only eight regular runners. The run¬ ners were Tom Smith, Paul Lang- made, Milan Prank, Lisa Rad- cliffe, Amy Terhaar, Stephanie Swanson, Marlis Gilletl, and Lin¬ da nelson. Tom Smith was the men’s captain, while Lisa Rad- cliff was the captain of the wom¬ en ' s team. The men’s team had an unoffi¬ cial Conference meet in which northwestern took a first place. The women had an official Con¬ ference meet in which they placed sixth. Lisa RadclifT re¬ ceived a Most Valuable award from her teammates and Marlis Gillett received a Most Improved award. Overall, Coach Greg Stevens thought the season was a suc¬ cess, He said, “Despite the small number on the team, there were some very good individual per¬ formances. " Coach Stevens says there is a lot to look forward to for next year ' s team. 4 Linda nelson presses on. . 1 1 23 f i Snow Mr. Eppright, What is that on your head? Jeff Thompson showing off his legs on Beach Day. Snow Daze? What are you talking about, there was no snow! Yes, the 1987 Snow Daze, held January 12- 16, were green. Although, the weather did not cooperate, HWC students managed to have fun anyway. Monday was Sweatshirt Day. Students wore sweatshirts with pride from their home states. Tuesday was Winter Sports Day. The day was full of sports such as basketball and broomball. Then, Wednesday was Beach Day. Thursday celebrated Ear Muff Day. finally, Friday ended the week with Long Underwear Day. Activities for the following weekend included a Concert by the NWC students and rollerskating on Friday night. Saturday night, riWSA sponsored a pizza bash and showed the movie Clue. Overall, snow or no snow. Snow Daze was a great success. Daze Men ' s Basketball How h Dave Wilson, Kevin Ewcrt, Dave kelson, JefT Schroedcr, Todd Olson. Row 2: Assistant Coach Dennis Schroedcr, Paul ftlassen, Don lliebner, Joe Doran, Steve McKunnel, Jon Dwyer, Coach Ron Bocken, The 1986-87 Men ' s Basketball team, with its twelve players, is looking forward to a good season. Coach Bocken remarked that the team has good leadership referring to tri¬ captains Kevin Ewert, Kent Hannestad, and Todd Olson. The team is starting out with an unusual number of injuries, nonetheless, they are excited about the 1986-87 season. Jon Dwyer passes the ball as bystanders cheer him on, | WVOE airing one of the basketball games and giving away some of their numerous prizes in the Great Rashetball Give-Away, 4 Joe Doran awaits a pass. The Eagle Mascot helps with the cheering. » Todd Olson dribbles down the court with the ball. Basketball Cheerleaders: Row j : Sue Benson, Linda Klecker. How 2: John Westum, Andy Kasen, John Feterson How 3: Paul Wilder, Kresson Brouwer, Ron Courrier. How 4: Kelly Atkinson. Row 5: Sue Crutchfield, Row 6; Andrea Quarnme. Row 7: Carrie Zesiger. tiot pictured: Kurt Weaver. Women s Basketball Candy Witlstock escapes with the ball. I Once again the twelve member nWC Women ' s Basketball team got underway with five freshmen and seven returning players. Senior Kris Kory and Junior Kobin Bauer are the co-captains of this years evenly-talented team. Coach Dan Smith described the team as unified, talented, and exciting. One noticeable characteristic was that each game brought forth a different " star”. We hope that their second year in Division I would be a successful one as they bring their unified efforts onto the courts. Row l: Jane McNccly, Kelly Ncmitz, Linda Nelson, Robin Bauer, Melissa Robinson, Lisa Collins. Row 2 ; Stephanie Swanson, Brenda Dahl, Kris Rory, Cindy Swanson, Julie Lund berg. Candy WUtstoch, Kris Smith-Assistant Coach, Dan Smith-Head Coach. Wrestling Ringo Burg contemplates his next move, Dave Geary wrestles an opponent. I The six man P(WC wrestling team may be small, but they are powerful. A good season is expected, with an especially remarkable peak at the end of the season ' were Coach Almquist ' s comments. Dave Geary, the learns Captain, said his goal is to maintain a good attitude. With these and other personal goals, HWC expects a good season for the wrestlers. I row j; Ringo Burg, Dave Geary. Row2: Steve Osborne, Ted Stillwell Mark Mossman, John Gemmill, Steve Clift, Tim NofTland, Coach Dean Almquist. The Wrestling cheerleaders cheer the team on 4 Coach Almquist cheers a team member on, while Tim Noffiand and John Gemmill look on. T ' , ¥ £ He makes the difference in. INTRAMURALS “I Intramurals Spike that ball. » John Dwyer moves in for the touchdown w no pain, no gaim Intramural Volleyball teams were a great success this year. 4 Lee Myquist gets the ball away from Rob Clark. 37 Row 1: Dan Mertz, Zoe Ann Zoebisch, Row2: Scott Peterson, Ron Courrier, Scott Larsen, Judi Jankowski, nancy Cavanaugh, Row J; Dr. Kevin Lasley, Jane Mockmuth, LM Basketball jumps on! The Intramural department offered activities and competitions through- out the entire year. In the Tall, teams competed in flag football, co-ed vol¬ leyball, and 3-on-5 basketball, in the Winter men ' s and women ' s basketball and co-ed broomball provided action- packed fun for those who participat¬ ed. Softball brought talented teams to competition in the Spring. The water¬ front was open in the Fall and Spring, offering canoeing and sailing. Year- round aerobics and open-gym were available to students and faculty to help them keep in shape. In addition to all of these activities, tournaments were offered in tennis, racquetball, bowling, and table-tennis. GQ Zhomc battle against The Eye of the Eagle Claw in l.M. basketball, ► V " ' t ft He makes the difference in ORGANIZATIONS NWSA The 1987 Northwestern Student Association; How 1: Dr. Wilson, Mark Huffman, Craig Keillor, Nicole Weston, Neal Rich, Ken Crane, Kent Hannestad. Row2: Luther Tarn Debra Sportier, Kathy Green, Jerry Cimijotti. Joy Karges, Jane Hockmuth, Susan Boich. Roxane Korporal, Rebecca Metzger, Mark Lindgren. " Make it Real " taken from Oalations 2:20 was the 1987 MWSA theme. The rtWSA theme used it to guide them in planning the activities they sponsored. The college experience was " made real " by the MWSA for over 400 new students during orientation week. The MWSA ushered in Homecoming, parents weekend, and roommate roulette, with great style, Some of the highlights of these activities were the ice cream socials, banquets, and the Pete Carlson concert. The winter quarter was warmed with “Snow Daze " which included a special Christmas banquet, dress up days, snow sculpturing, tubing and ice skating parties. All through the year the MWSA coordinated Sing-and-Share, roller skating, shuttle vans to the community, and study break socials. Through the hard work of this dedicated group of student leaders, Chris t was made " real " in many of our lives. 40 7 NWSAs big Pteza Bash was a big success! The Cagle ' s Nest is a great place to relax-thanks to NWSA A day in the life of an RA The daily routine of an RA (Resident Advisor) holds many responsibilities from organizing a variety of floor activities to the inevitable weekly room inspection. These full-time students were selected for the position of RA based on their spiritual sensitivity and leadership abilities. Additional responsibilities of an RA include monitoring the student center and the residence halls and making themselves available for someone who needs a listening ear or just a shoulder to lean on. Resident Directors (RDs) Monica Groves, Hank Ruetz and, new comer, Danette Burgess provided guidance and assistance for RAs. Enforcing room inspections can be frustrating but isn ' t a gun a bit extreme? Being an RA can be exhausting! Contrary to opinion, RAs need to study some time, RAs need to have fun too. 44 Jon Fenton helps get students settles in. » Row 1: Linda Pelzer, Tim Zhome. Row 2; Hathan Lundeem Linda Carlson, Caylani Eiynck, Matalie Hebranson, Heather Mendel, Brenda Gillett, Vonda Pearson, Christine Meaders, Sharia Nitsch, Jane Hockmuth, Jeanne Mclver. Row 3: James Ost, Dan Pfowak, Jon Hansen, Mike Terning, Monica Groves, Hank Ruetz, Danette Burgess, David Gruthusen, Jon Fenton, Lori Pielson, Shannon Hilde. Caylani Eiynck and Vonda Pearson with their favorite friends. The men KAs show off their talents. 1 i ■ I 1:9 Groups A 1:9 group from Nartill shares a group hug. Residence in Bernsten Mall discover the support of sharing in prayer I Prayer is what 1:9 groups are all about Each year as students arrive at college they leave frie nds and family behind. These people that they left behind were their supporters and encouragers. Mow, suddenly, they are all alone. This year a new ministry was established for these and other problems. The ministry is 1:9 groups. The name is derived from Philippians 1:9 which states, " And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight. " The other verse the groups are based on is Colossians 1:9 which states, “For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding, " The 1:9 groups meet once a week for about a half hour with an emphasis on prayer. Voice of the Eagles IvnKTtiWEgrPWCOUEGE WVOE WVOE, the campus radio station is operated by students who are seeking knowledge and exper¬ ience in broadcasting. The station featured top 40 Christian contemporary hits. Also included in its program schedule for the year was On Track, Hot Picks, Box Top, and the Men ' s Basketball games. The station also served the students by advertising for MWSA events and its also sponsored the issac Air Freight concert. The student body greatly ap¬ preciated the program innovation by Rich Eon- trager in his second year as program director. He was assisted by a larger staff with increased inter¬ est in participation. ♦Rich Bontrager at the controls. f»StafT photon How l: John Bass, Wendy Morgenweck, Rich Bontrager, jay Kedington, Lisa Larson, .Jeannie Zaderaka, Misha Hunke. How2: Mr. Long, Ken Crane, Brad Johnson, Dan riowak. Scott Shippy, Brian Daniel¬ son. Row3: Tim Kulia H Todd Atwater, Kari Woods, Dan KinalL Dave Triphan, Kim Pierson, Jennifer Johnson, »5cott Shippy on the air. 47 !» SMF Student Missionary Fellowship tfoiv 1: Judy Pierson, Patti Aam erud, Jodi Pajewski, Sabrina Telles, How 2: Scott Shippy, Ruth Danielson, Fin Rqsengren, Tim Buege, Doreen Christian sen, Es¬ ther Harvey, flow 3: Stephen El¬ liott, Scott Swoboda, Colleen McClanahan, Pat Brueske, Dr, Pith man, Robin Bauer, Wendy Morgen- week. Esther, Sabrina and Wendy write to missionaries overseas. I SMF President, Scott Shippy, hard at work. This year, the Student Missionary Fellowship focused on being world Christians. Hot all students are able to sacrifice a summer to travel as a missionary. SMF provided MWC students opportunities to share in missions in other ways such as prayer and financially supporting missions through SMF ' s weekly chapel offering, God has used SMF to make a difference at northwerstem. ISF: International student fellowship. ISP is an organization of students who are citizens of a foreign country or who have an association with another country usually because of missionary parents. North western ' s 1ST group was affiliated with similar groups at Bethel and the Uni¬ versity of Minnesota, Besides providing awareness of other cultures, ISF reminded the NWC campus family that Christ makes the difference around the world. Standing Left to Right; Dan Shore, Brazil: Rod Metz- gar; Marlys Gerber, Canada; Renee Bryan, Spain; Jonathan Gregcrson, Far East; Rill Carlson; Sharon Carey, Phillippines; Menlyn Miller, Philippines; Dianna Cox, Australia; Melodic Thompson, Austria; Lisa Brace well, new Guinea; Shawn Smith, Zaire; Paula Cairns, Zaire; John Dwyer, Philippines; Rent Paulson, Kenya. Sitting: Sumie ’ Joy " irie, Japan; Kristen Hope; Sue Meed, Canada; Naomi Okayama, Japan; Ann Nguyen, Vietnam; Michele Baron, Mexico; John Meed, Canada; Maria Sanchez, Switzerland; Marcelo Chan, Mexico. » Renee and Naomi - the art conn oisseurs. wJhQ friendly, international smiles of Dan, Ann and Jon, 49 How it Luther Farr, Lora Wiens, Ruth Danielson, Mr. Beilby. How2: Mark Meyers, Christine Vrieze, Judi Jankowski, Jodi Fajewski, Sharon Taylor. How3: Bri¬ an Erkens, Susan Smith, Todd Fricson, Lisa Larson, Bcch Qroen. Melanie Kingston takes a photogra¬ phy break. | Becky, Luther, Ruth and Judi discuss how to lay-out a page in the yearbook. This year, the SCROLL staff, under advi¬ sor Mr. Beilby, had the goal of showing how God makes a difference in alt aspects of our lives. Photographers worked hard to capture God ' s handiwork with their cam¬ eras, dedicated writers strove to write of God ' s work in different areas of college life, and other members thought carefully of ways to portray the difference God makes at northwestern College. The 1986-87 staff hopes that all who read the SCROLL can see the hand of God at work in the stu¬ dents, staff, and faculty of northwestern. tr The SCROLL The Eagle iSharon Carey works at the pholo-lypcsctlcr. •The talented Bret Bushnell, creating a story. The Eagle Staff of 1987 are hard working devoted students. The dedicated staff used their talents and time to make the pa¬ per interesting and useful to the rtWC college family. The paper consists of stories relating to on- campus news and feature inter¬ views. It also has information on concerts and sports events. A special tribute to Vonda Pearson for her creative and humorous column writing. The 1987 Eagle Staff. Standing, left lo right: Vonda Pearson, Melinda Kohl, Sharon Carey, Bret Bush¬ nell. Sitting, left to right: Maria Sanchez, Jill Glddings, Lu Ann Prominitz, 51 northwestern Security 4 Chris Martinson represents the full time security crew. Student security includes: How 1: E.d Morrnan, Denise Albertson, Caylani Eiynck, Julie Reinhold, Scott Dellows, Todd Olson. Row 2: Greg Pouting, Rick Smith, Jelf Thompson, Pete Sola, Jeff Meyer Marantha Tech Crew Tim Zhornc adds " age ' ’ to stairs for the " Tiddler on the Roof ' set, I Row 1: Jtm Johnson, Matt Hallstein, Julie Beckstrom, Colleen McClanahan, John Kiemcle, Top Row: Pat Prueske, Randy Gamer, Jon Colombo, Tim Zhorne. 4 The Cagle mascot gels ready for the football game p Mike Johnson and Him F ' ansch skate hand in hand Ken Crane and Mark Lindgrcn discuss Senate business in the cafeteria. I Kurt Torkelson shows off his new fashions. i IMM p I I He makes the difference in FINE ARTS i This year, the drama department, under director Carol Thomas Johnson, produced the musical “fiddler on the Roof. " The play was performed for Parent ' s Weekend, October 31-Movember 1. The play then was performed the following weekend of Movember 6, 7, 8. The play centered around a Jewish family struggling with traditions. The family discovered that change is bound to come about and it must be accepted eventually. The cast, crew, chorus, and orchestra did an excellent job of making the play very real for all of us who saw it. Fiddler on the Roof TEVYE, the dairyman .Matthew Hallstcin GOLDE, his wife .. Maureen Middleton TZEITEL, his daughter .Jennifer Johnson MODEL, his daughter .Laura Mopman CMAVA, his daughter .Julie Pettman SHPRINTZE, his daughter ... Michelle Pederson B1ELKE, his daughter .Christy Pederson YENTE, the matchmaker . Mari Peterson MOTEL, the tailor .Mark Gullickson PERCH IK, the student . Paul Budish LAZAR WOLF, the butcher ... Gregory Standafer MOKCM1A, the innkeeper .Todd Ericson RABBI . Daniel Triplett MENDEL, his son .Timothy Roghair NACMUM, the beggar .Craig Ingraham GRANDMA TZEITEL .Britt Klingensmith FRUMA-SARAH .Amy Goris CONSTABLE .Ronald Hood FYEDKA . Scott Nelson SMAINDEL, Motel ' s mother .Krislal Holte THE FIDDLER .Sara Hackmann CMAVA in dream sequence ... Angela Prettyman TtlE VILLAGERS; Judii Jankowski Dchby Say Denise Albertson Daren Johnson Terry Schultz David Allyn Joy Paiges Shari Seim Molly Anderson Linda Meeker Janet Sent man Kristin Anderson Laurie Kuder Lynn Shades Kim Atkins Miriam Larson Brenda Smith Liesl [jlomquist Laura Lechncr Shelly Smith Kelly Call Diane tfalmberg Cory Stem Sheri Delicti Tiffany Manchester Jamie Triplett Mari Dudrey Fenny Mulder E faint Tucker Mark Erlckseu Thomas Murphy Lisa Wasmund Jodie Fair Edward Norman TilTani Walls Cheryl Falconer Jennifer Parker John Wcslum Mark Fcldkamp Juliann Fetcrson Nicole Wcslon Jon Goodrich Famcla f’rct Lyman Daniel Villnow (soloist} Natalie Ncbranson Nicole Kobichau d David Isom How it Tamityn Maveus, Denise Leabo, Tirzah Foster, Kristal Holte, Laurie Kuder, Amy Goris, Laura Tollefson, Director Daniel Oie. How 2: Lisa Wasmund, Roxane Korporal Kathie Berglund, Laura Lechner, Lisa Oorts, Valerie Sutton, Kristin Anderson, Susan Gardner, How 3: Fenny Mulder, Steve Firtko, Daniel Villnow, Timothy Buege, Jeff Brueske, Dan nowak, Thomas Murphy, Brett Fisher, Sara Busk. How4: Holly Hafar, Paul Bengston, Larry Aarsvold, Brad Johnson, Randy Frickson, Brent Johnson, Todd Cullen, Matlian Lundeen, Cindy Grey, Hot Pictured: Susan Anderson, Sharon Carey, Dianna Cox, Dan Erickson, David Hagstrom, Wendy Hartman, John Parker, Robert Samuelson, Gail Strittmatter, Pamela Tietjen. Dr. Daniel Oie, former member of the Moody Bible Institute Choral, is the new Director of the northwestern College Choir. Led by Dr. Oie, the Choir had another successful year of fellowship and ministry. The choir played a large role in " A Light ... in the Darkness " as it joined with the other Choirs for the Christmas concerts. During Sprang Break, the Concert Choir enjoyed wanner climates as they toured the South. 58 Row 1: Amy Mullin, Sarah Wik, Michele Cozfne, Joy barges. Row 2: Lyn Marford, Debbie Clark, Barb Rartko, Beth Hansen, Sands Morse, Jeanne Mclver, Kari Wood, Anne Stoll, Kim Zwart, Scott Miller. Row 3: Ruth LovilL Kydcc Sheets, Tracey StotL Kathryn Hartman, JefTMeyer, Tony Linn, Elisa Silbaugh, bill Clark, Natalie Fisher, Lisa Wilson, Lisa Sunner, Jamey Place, Director: Lynn Erickson. Row 4: Brian Gilbert, Robin Bauer, Janell Ortquist, Sheryl Johannsen, Stephan Fenton, Todd Cullen. Row 5: Randy Martens, Roy Fruits. Mot Pictured: Tim HofTland, Jim OsL Todd Atwater, John Hansen, Tate Watts, Juliann Peterson. Dr. Lynn Erickson conducted the northwestern College Concert Band this year. The band performed several times, including a trip for Spring Break to sunny California. To raise money for their trip the members sold candy bars, an effort which turned out to be very successful. The band had another fun and rewarding yean 59 CQ cc C TJ Male Chorus Male Chorus sings at the " Christmas at northwestern " concert. Members siL brainstorming fund-raising ideas for their Great Britain tour. I Row 1: Lee Wufustad, Tom Sloven Jeff Lindgren, Luther Farr, Keith Kroeker, Tim Montzka, John Pederson, Terry Jordan, Director; Dr, Kyle Wilson. Row 2 ■ Kurt Torkelson, Greg Standafer, Jeff Standafer, Eric TrofF, Mark Place, Brad Carlson, Jay Loecken, Scott Grant, John Witt. Row 3: Brian Troff, Paul Metzger, Craig Keillor, Dave Isom, Deb Spomer, Rolf Christenson, Kent Seeman, Mike Terning, Steve Hunt, Mark Kramer, Koiv4; Jeff Russell, Fauf Langemade, Brel Lindaman, David Lindaman, Dan Coughlin, Mark Christenson, Randy Christenson, Ron flood, Dave Carlson, Matt Hoagberg, GO Women s Chorale Row 1 ; Marlis Gillett; Accompamest, Sabrina Telles, Heidi Gritton, Audra Schafer, Liesel Blomquist, Anne Erickson. Row2: Diana Everson, Paula Cairns, Suzanne John ' son, Anne Mercer, Kim Stull, Roxanne Henderson; Director. Row 3: Lisa Peterson, Stacey Birch, Julie Bcukerman, Cheryl Falconer, Julie Wiger, Sheila Larson, Jill Gustafson, Renee Bryan, Tracy Andersen. Row 4; Sandra flutL Melanie Sieinert, Lora Wiens, Kayla Wiens, Wendy Brucklacher, Jody Otson, Juiie Gates, Kcrl Plant, Karla Hoff, not pictured: Pamella Hnch, Martys Gerber, Britt Klingensmith. 4 Suzanne Johnson sings with sincerity. 9 The Women ' s Chorale practices in Maranatha Auditorium 61 Ensembles ABUflDAnTJOY Linda Pclzer, Annie Del more, Tracy Anderson, Brian Wihslrom, Paul Bengtson, PhiII Hall, HANDBELLS Row 1: Misty Kelm, flicole Shogren, Julie Stocsz, Holly Anderson. Row 2; Lisa Pcnsterman, Tracy Tooley, Rila Aancmd, Olenn II os ford, Melissa BraccwelL Louise Eysink, Director-Mary Lou Tidman, HEW BEGIHNIHGS Sheryl Johannsen, Lisa WasmurxL Tracy Tooley, Tom Murphy, Teryl Epema, Kan¬ dy Erickson. PROMISE Row 1: Jenny Parker Shari Dudrey, Pam Grocnweg, Britt Klingensmith. Row2: Ju¬ lie Reinhoid, Romona Gibson, Denise Al¬ bertson, Laury Lechner, Gail Kormann. 65 College Singers Terry Jordan and Thomas Murphy sing out. Row 1: Jennifer Dahl, Michelle Miller, Denise Albertson, Dick Anlhony-Director, Cindy Gray, Danny Wilson, Tirzah Foster, Becky Anderson, Row 2: Valerie Sutton, Tami Bender, Gail Strittmatter, Debra Mutt, Suzanne Coates, Cheryl falconer, Amy Mueslis, Brenda Smith, Lynnette Mclson, Tami Maveus, tfow 5: Tiffani Watts, Sheri foth, Jim Bursch, Terry Jordan, Julie Richardson, Beth Peterson, Wendy Snipstead, Diane Tremper, Julie Pettman, Jon Colombo, Shawn Smith, Lori Lindaman, Gail Kormann, Lisa Bergstrom. Row 4; Michael Coyne, Dan Erickson, Thomas Murphy, Russet Mane, Scott Melson. Diane Tremper concentrates on her music. Christmas at northwestern The " Christmas at northwestern " star shines bright. Lisa Fensterman sings a joyous song unto the Lord. 4 This year the Christmas festivities centered around the theme “A Light ... in Darkness, " and involved three evening performances on December 11-13. Besides this, a Sunday Matinee was added due to sell outs in previous years. Even with this addition, the auditorium was nearly full for every concert. Preceding the concert was another Christmas activity. The traditional gaia banquet included a group of car¬ olers who helped create the Christ¬ mas spirit. The concert conveyed the theme of light by using a unique blend of NWC ' s Choirs, Ensembles , and Orchestration. Visual effects and pantomime added the finishing touches to a spectacular perfor¬ mance. The College Choir sings their praise to the Lord. Li Fine Arts... Enrich Our Lives 66 Sara Hackmann performs in the Orchestra. ' Even a poor tailor is entitled to some happiness! " ! Scott Miller warming up for curtain call with his french horn.! Fine Arts such as music, drama, and art enrich our lives The beauty of the arts is ageless and extensive Northwestern College appreciates the fine arts very much. They add variety to our lives. Mere is just a taste of what Northwestern has to offer in the area of fine arts He makes the difference in . MINISTRIES i Chapel " My favorite chapel had to be the Spuflows-they were great!V -Natalie Ilerbranson- Once a day the nwC family gathers. They sing, pray, and listen. It is a time out of our busy days to turn to God and reflect on Him. Many students at northwestern have favorite chapels, some include: " My favorite was Fete Walters, that big guy that ripped the phone booh. I also liked Dr. BeVier ' s message at Christmas. " -Wendy Morgenwick- " Spiritual Emphasis Week was my favorite.” -floel Aldrich- " The Peters Brother’s were my favorite .. but of course 1 am biased, they are my cousins. " -Ruth Danietson- Chape! certainly is a very important pa rt of our day here at northwestern! Kristal liolte accompanies the chapel audience in song. | A favorite part of chape! is singing, 9 " That ' s not my best side " jokes Candy Delcastillo as she amuses the audience in chapel. Light in the night Larry Davis is preparing for a caller. Cheryl Mull in controls the switchboard for the friendship line. ► I Dave Isom listens to a caller. " Light in the Might " is a weekday program on KTIS Radio. It is aired between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. Students from Northwestern minister by monitoring the program ' s friendship Line. The phone lines are open for callers who need encouragement and a listening ear. KTIS and the northwestern College students make a good team in this ministry. Guitarists John Brandon and Jon Colombo along with song leader Judi Jankowski lead in Sing-and-Share worship time neil Rich shares with a group m the Student Center about what God is doing in his life. 4 Sheila Larson shares a favorite verse with Susan Smith and Sue Ryberg. 4 He makes the difference in LIFE He makes the difference in.. STUDENTS mmam Freshmen Beginnings " To know wisdom and in¬ struction, to discern the sayings of understanding, to receive instruction in wise behavior, righteous¬ ness, justice, and equity. " Proverbs 1:2,3 Paul Aanerud Rita Aanerud Diane Alcott Lee Aldrich Lisa Aldrich iloel Aldrich David Allyn Sherry Andersen Carrie Anderson Holly Anderson John Anderson Peter Anderson Rebecca Anderson Scott Anderson Kelly AlKtnson Heather bailey David Balstcr David Beer Paul Bengtson Brian Benson Freshmen Jeffrey Benton Pianette Bergmann Lisa Bergstrom Julie Kae Beukclman Stacey Birch Chen BiacI Gina Bjurlin Licsl Blomquisl Melanie Bocken Sharon Bolz Mehssa Braccivcll Carolyn Brcdlow Christie Brimcycr Wendy Brucklachcr Kenee Bryan Jamie Buchanan Rhonda Buhl Anne Burch Meidi Burke Sara Busk Paula Cairns Joe Carey Bradley Carlson Daniel Carlson David Carlson Jason Carlson Rebecca Carlson Susan Carlson Kandy Christenson Deborah Clark Freshmen Joyce Clendenon Stephen Clift Suzanne Coates Lctisha Coniey Michele Cozine Susan Crutchfield Todd Cullen Jennifer Dahl Ruth Danielson Kevin Dau Renae Davis Linda Day Jody DeFrics Sharyn DeVries Curtis Decker Annie Delmore Shelley Eagen De Ann Ekbcrg Glen Enender Anne Erickson Daniel Erickson Brian Erkcns Diana Everson Gary Fagerstrom Cheryl Falconer Luther Farr Mark FeJdkamp Joseph Feldsien Lisa Fensterman Stephan Fenton 7G Freshmen Famella Finch Douglas Fischer Jeffrey Folsom Robert Ford Sheri Foth Milan Frank Paul Friedrlchsen Julie Gates Rebecca Geary Jonathan Gem mill Brian Gilbert Marlis Gillclt Pablo Gome?, Amy Gods Carta Graham Thomas Graske Brenda Gravley Jennifer Green Kathy Green Jana Greenside Jonathan Gregerson Marsha Grimm Heidi Gritlon Rebecca Groen I « $ Freshmen Burton Groenhcim Stephanie Gronert lieidi Grundyson Alisa Grygo Shane Gunderson Jill Gustafson Robin Hackctt Molly Mafar David Hagstrom Lynette Hahn Phillip Mall Scou Malvorson James Hammond Pamela Handrahan Beth Hansen Wayne Harder Tami Harper Timothy Hartley Kathryn Hartman Wendy Hartman Esther Harvey Kan Haugen Tiffany Hayw ood Brent Meckmann Julie Henry Joyce tierbst Beth llirt Karta Hoff Timothy Hoffland Janice Hollerud 78 f Freshmen Janet Mope Kristin Mope John Hubert Paul Jacobsen Douglas Johanson Brian Johnson Darcy Johnson Kevin Johnson Suzanne Johnson Mark Kari Andrew Kascn Amy Kirkwold Stephanie Kissner Paul Klassen 3f V Ee 3 Linda Klecker Tara Kleinhuizen Bruce Konold Gail Kormann Susan Korpi — — Bonita Korsmo Angela Kremer Brian Kremer Michelle Kremer Reith Kroeker Freshmen Kathryn La Carre Chcri Langemeier Raul Langmade Dawn Larson Sherri Larson Melissa Lavignc Sheryl Legler Cheryl Lehner Diana Levering Lawrence Libby Bret Lindaman David Lindaman Jeffrey Lindgren Inger Lindquist Anthony Linn Susan Linscheid Lisa Livingston Gary Long Jonathan Loeck Danny Lundberg Tracey Lundy Gregory Maas Donald Manz Tami Maveus Kathleen McCly Jeff McConnell Jane Mcfleely Robyn McRunnel Anne Mercer Marh Meyers 80 I n Scott Miller Shawn Miller James Mork Barbara Moser Darla M oxley Roxana Mulder Amy Mull in Thomas Murphy Beth Myers Barbara nehring David nelson Dwight nelson Gregory nelson Linda nelson Lynnette nelson Marlyn nelson Belly ncmitz Christine newlin Anh Nguyen Kathryn Norman Sandra Nutt Freshmen 41 ). TZ Karine Olson Jancll Orlquist Steven Osborne Mathew Schultz Deborah Scott Richard Seland Lisa Senner Lisa Shaffer Maureen Shea Kydcc Sheetz Lisa Shcplec Bryan Sherva Elisa Silbaugh Jennifer Skogen Julie Skogen Steven Skramstad Thomas Slover Kevin Smith Shawn Smith Shelly Smith Troy Solhjem Jeni Solum Kerrie Stah! Gregory Standafer Melanie Steinert Troy Stennes Craig Stem Julie Stoesz Anne Stoll Joy Stoner Jennifer Stricklin Gail Strittmatter Kimberly Stull I 4 J Freshmen Rox Ann Stumbo Bernice Sullivan Bradley Sunderland Faige Sunderman Valeric Sutlon Carrie Swanson Randle Swanson Stephanie Swanson Bruce Tanis Tamara Tanner Sharon Taylor Sabrina Telles Amy Terhaar Mark Thompson Melodic Thomsen Rimra Thoren Famcla Tietjen Daniel Todd Marlene Tokay Laura Toilefson Diane Tremper Daniel Troftgruben Barbara Tylee ftristic VanDeest 84 Sophomores moving on " Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness, come before His presence with singing. " Psalms 100:1,2 Denise Albertson Cynthia Althaus Curtis Anderson David Anderson Karen Anderson Kristin Anderson Kimberly Atkins Todd Atwater William Aune John Raker Kevin Bakken John Bass Jim Beil by Molly Belter Tamara Bender Karen Berard Katliic Berglund Craig Bterman Niedi Billstrom Kari Boh ten 86 IVI Sophomores Steven Bonn David Brandt Lori Brown Jennifer Bolder Mark Bunish James Bursch David Carlson Steven Caskey Susan Caul kins Marcclo Chan Brad Christensen Doreen Christiansen Tonya Chrysler Julie Claessens Robert Clark William Ciark Wendy Coleman Jon Colombo Daniel Coughlin Ronald Courher Michael Coyne Kenneth Crane Laura Daggett Brian Danielson Bruce Davidson Lawrence Davis Scott DeBuhr Laura DeMoulin Sheri Dciich Joseph Doran 87 Sophomores Sheri Du drey Jonathan Dwyer Kari Eastlund Tricia Eberspacher Rebecca Edmonson Stephen Elliott Randal Erickson Kevin Ewert Jodie Fair Timothy Farley Ann Ferrand Amber Fedde Kenm Fernandez Jennifer Filler Brett Fisher rtatalie Fisher Kirsten Fragale Kerry Friesen Gwyn Fromm Jonathan Garbison Rochelle Gardner Jill Giddings Jon Goodrich Corey Gordon Erica Gordon Micheal Gregori Jeanette Grundeman F5etsy Guderian Lori Gullickson Janet Gustafson 83 Sophomore Sara ttackmann Karolyn Mail Katherine Hallman Russell lianc Karen Mansen Matt Hanson Wendy hard ley Elizabeth Harrison James Hayden Deborah Holland Lynetlc Hendrickson Scott Hendrickson Jill Mcrber fiatalic Mcrbranson Mathew Mill Michele Hnlen Matthew Hoagberg Keith Hoflbech — -r - Ronald Hood Laura Hopman Rachel Morn Qlenn Mosford James Hubert Andrew Hudson Sophomores Amy Muestis Tiffany Munkc Wayne Huston David Isom Susan Ivancie Sheryl Johannsen Rrcnt Johnson Picnic Johnson Jennifer Joh.son Marsha Johnson Michael Johnson Kimberly Kahle Misty helm Lynn Kettelkamp Daniel Kindall Susan Kissncr Britt Kllngensmith Linda Knutie Melinda Kohl Peggy Kramer Laurie Kudcr Timothy Kulla Gregorys Larson Lisa Larson 90 Sophomores Laurie Lc Grcc Stephen Learned Laura Lechncr Shari Lcmciux Lori Linda man Angela Linder Jay Locckcn Stephen Look Britta Lund Julie Lundberg Douglas Martinson Marjorie Mayer Colleen Me Clanshan Wendy Me Connell Suzanne McDaniel Karl Me Kiver Barry Me Louth Melissa Mcdchill Rebecca Meissner Kelli Mctsaia Demise Meyer Brenda Miller Rebecca Miller Wendy Morgen week Sandra Morse Ronald Mossberg Koua Moua Penny Mulder Cheryl Mu! I in Michael MuIIin 9 J Sophomores Penny Nacgcli Lore Nelson Scott Nelson Debra Nutt Kelley Oehler Carla Olson Jody Olson Naomi Olson Julie Omodt Jennifer Parker Mabel Patterson Wendy Payne 5eth Peterson Mari Peterson Shelley Peterson Michael Petts Judy Pierson Jamey Place Vicki Poison Gregory Ponting Robert Popp Lisa RaddifT Julie Richardson Nicole Koblchaud Dean Salo Robert Samudsen Lisa Sandberg Debra Say Teri Schaefer Cynthia Schiefdbein 92 Sophomores Miche lle Sullivan Jacqueline Sumakitis Scoit Swaboda Julie Terntng Kimberly Thompson Tracy Toolcy David Triphan Daniel Triplett Erik Trolf Elaine Tucker David Vcnberg Kevin Venenga Christine Vrieze Thomas Walker John Walker Joseph Walter Pamela Warren Lynn Walke Tiffani Watts Heidi Wcntzel Lisa Wermager bcthal Wessman John Westum Jon Wheeler 94 Sophomores Gregory White Kayla Wiens Brian Wikstrorn Jonathan Wikstrorn Paul Wilder David Wilson Julie Winkcls Jenny Weiner Kari Wood Lee Wuclcstad Mot pictured: Scott Rrainard Craig Ingraham Karen Opheim Warren Davison Barbara Kendall Dianna Quiram Elaine Fahrenkamp Paulette Meyers Timothy Remer Douglas Fredrick Kristine Musson Keith Spading Amy Goettsch 95 t I Larry Aarsvold Brent Amundson Bethany Anderson Walter Baertsch Barbara Bartko Robin Bauer Julie Beckstrom Michelle Beer Lisa Benson Rhonda Bjurlin Susan Boich Jennifer Bomstad Richard Bontrager Jotenc Borchardt James Brand I i John Brandon Ronald Bricsc Daniel Brooks hresson Brouwer Anthony Brown Juniors almost done " Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness, come before Mis presence with singing. " Psalms 100:1,2 96 I Jeffrey Brucskc Karen Budensiek Timothy Buege Lance Eiury, Brel Bushncll David M Carlson David H Carlson Denise Carlson Kristin Carlson Linda Carlson Meter Carlson Susan Carslon nancy Cavanaugh Douglas Chavalicr Kolf Christenson Jerry Cimijotli Lorinc Clattcrbuck Debra Clements Lisa Collins Donald Conklin Steve Cornish Maul CossncEitie Russ Couwenhoven Dianna Co Brenda Dahl Michael Dale Scott Dallow Travis Dclzcr Jeffrey Ditimer Beverly Changer n ' t a a fc » Juniors Kyle Eller Trad Enzminger Tcryl Epcma Boyd Evert Brenda Ealdet Tiffany Fmnamore Gary Frederickson Kristie Friesen Chris Garborg Susan Gardner David Geary Marlys Gerber Ramona Gibson Lisa Giere Julianne Gorham Lisa Graf Steven Gumboil Christine Gustafson Gretchen Maagenson Daniel flailing Denise Manson Donald Hiebner Jane Mockmuth William lloefler Kathleen Holmes Krista I Molte Mark Honey David Hubbard Mark Huffman Steven Hunt 98 Juniors Catherine Jensen Barbara Johnson Bradley Johnson Bruce Johnson Laura Johnson Melissa Johnson Terrence Jordan Kevin Kahle Craig Keillor Melanie Kingston Diane Kinney Mark Kramer Lynctte Kroner Bradley Kruger John LaBarre Cheryl Laansma John Laansma Doyle Land David Lange Douglas Lange Curtis Langemeier Scott Larson Sheila Larson Denise Leabo 99 Juniors Rebecca Lemmon Lauri Lindquist Ruth Lovell Math an Lundcen Diane Malmberg Tiffany Manchester Sandra Martin Mary Marty Kathryn McKinney Steven McRunriel Christine Meaders Heather Mendel Rebecca Metzger Jeffrey Meyer Timothey Montzka v: P; ■ V- ' Sh ' ii m i ■1 Lyn Morford Mark Mossman Karin dauber Bruce nelson Danny dowak dancy Ohden Thompson Ojoyeyi Christopher Olson Scott Qstrom Kim Pansch Dana Paulson Kent Paulson Scott Pelot Linda Peizar Scott Peterson too Juniors June PeUman Lu Ann Fromnitz Jay Hedington Julie Bcinhold Jill Kisvokl Paul Koop Susan Kyberg Ann Sanderson Timothy Sauter Laura Schmitt Jeffrey Schroeder Vance Severson Scott Shippy Daniel Shore Kebecca Simonson Sheri Smith Susan Smith Thomas Smith Peter Sola Jeffrey Standafer Jeffrey Stern Tracey Stoll Karen Stratman Michael Stumbo 101 Juniors Gail Sutlon Cynthia Swanson Penny Swanson Michael Temirig Carolyn Thompson Jeffrey Thompson Kurt Torkelson Janet Townsend Daniel Tracy Chad Ulferts Carlton Voelker Brent Waiwaiole Anne Watkins Amy Webber Beth Wilde John Williams Daniel Wilson Peter Wohler Timothy Zhorne Zoe Ann Zocbisch Not pictured: Cynthia Dahl Joseph Howard John Kiemele Chris Radtke Michele Sorvick John Spriggs Daniel Svardal Seniors one-morel i I " Yet those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary. " Isaiah 40:31 blakc Anderson David Anderson Annette Asprcy Luanne Carlson Reeky Ctattcrbuck Jeffrey Dahl Kevin Danielson Richard DomsLcn Mark flrickscn Tirzah Poster Randall Gamer Sarah Green Pamela Groencwcy Peter Gunbery Jonathan G ustafson Sandra tlaik Kent llanncslad John la ITat da no Dawn lleckmann Shannon Milde 103 Seniors Melissa 11mike Daren Johnson nancy Krueger llrucc Larsen Mark Larson Jeffrey Lindahl uryan Loecken Suzanne McConnell Jeanne Mclver Christopher Melander 5 Susan Mensch Virginia nelson Sharia nilsch Catherine Olsen Craig Olson Darren Olson Joy Olson Todd Olson Mary Otterness Judy Paradis James Peterson Maria Sanchez Anna Spraungcl Samuel Taylor Paul Thompson 104 Graduates - Doug Gillquist races to save the day! Brent Roger Adams B,5, ' Marketing 5L Fanl MR Krista Mane A!sum A,S.v, is. Con unercial a n Raymond, MR Tracy Unette Andersen A. Arts Bibie Zimmerman, MR Elizabeth Jayne Anderson A.S.Y. Secretariat Mitaca r MR Judy Kay Anderson B.A, Com mere la ia n Olcnviife, MR Susan Marie Anderson Bible Certificate Cottonwood , MR Douglas Edward Asprcy B.S. Youth Ministries Dodge CenterMR Barbara Joy A line A.SMB. Commercial An Undctwood, MR LuAnn Promnitz worKs hard Tor the NWC Eagle. Bethany Anderson serves as a Student Center desk reception¬ ist. Zlass of 1987 Mar) ' Bakkc B.S, Elementary Education Alexandria, MW Michele Ruth Baron B.A. Psychology Mexico City. Mexico Debbie Lyon Beier Office A dn iilistra don Lustre, MW Susan Christine Benson B.S. Management Blackduck, MW Cynthia Henac Bixcl A. S.V.B. Business OdebolL IA Wendy Ann. Bjerkc B. A. Psychology Plymouth, MW David Robert Blood li,S. Youth Ministries Chrisdan Ed, Plymouth, MW Richard Dwight Bontrager A. S. V, B, Broadcast ing Mincapolis. MW Debbie Cristinc Bos A. S.V.B. Secretarial Nudsonville, MW David Scott Braun B. S. Music Education St. Catherines, Ontario Thomas Girard Brooks B.S. Marketing Avon Lake , ON Patrick Jeremy Brucskc B. 5. C omm tit ricatiot r Alexandria, MW Paul William Budisti A. S.V.B, Commercial Art Golden Valley, MW Sharon Louise Carey B, A. Commtitdcadot j L itcrature Manila, Philippines Colleen Joy Carlson B.S. Management Rice Lah c, WJ Kathryn Kac Cheshire A.S.V. ts Sec ret a ria f Loami. li Mark William Christenson B.S. Mathematics Education Doran, MW Randy Paul Christenson B.S, Social Science Doran, MW Kimberly Sue Clements B.S. Psychology Bloomington, MW Mark William Coni in B.A, Youth Ministries Champfin. MW ui 107 " This Canuk would like to thank those who hi Sieve Cummins B.S. Business Management Champ!in, MR Jody Kaye Davies Social Science Biological Science Maple Plain, MR Dawn Marie Davis BA. Psychology Bloomington, Mfi Lori Dean A.S.V.B, Secretarial Science Hew Brighton, MR Valerie Lynn Dirhs B.S. Physical Ed, Lustre, NT Marie Jeanine Doran B.S. Youth Ministries Minnetonka. MR Pamela L Edmonson A S.V.B. Accounting Shoreview, NR Caylani Ellen Eiynck B.S. Accounting Coon Rapids, NR Juliann Elsberry B.S, Elementary Education Atgona , IA Todd Ryan Ericson BA. Communications: Speech Drama Sheboygan, Wt Kevin Ewert A.5.V.B. Business Munich, RD Louise Sue Eysink A.S.V.B. Accounting Sully, IA Jonathan Edward Ten ton BA. Psychology Brooklyn Center, MM I toy t Jerome Einnamore BA. Communication Plymouth, NR Steven Richard Eirtko BA. Psychology Maple Grove , NR Kimberly Marie follcsc A.S.V.B. Commercial Art Minneapolis, MR Vicki Sue Fredrickson Bible Certificate Roseville, MR Roy Eruits BA. C ommimications Specch LaGrange Park, IL Sheila Beth Gehl A.S.V.B. Secretarial Dundee, MR Qlcnn Geigler B. 5. Cot nrn unica t ion Jo u rna fism Elm Grove, Wl 106 ight him about American culture.” Jon Meed Brenda Kay Gillclt B.S, Office Administration Hutchinson, RS Douglas Arthur Gillquist B.A. Commercial Art Brooklyn Center MM ScoU C Grant B.S. Music Brooklyn Center MM Cindy Sue Gray B.S, Music Education Roseville, MM Pamela Grocncwcg B.S. Christian Education Bala tin, MM Darci Grundyson B.S, Elementary Education Detroit Lakes, MM David Gruthuscn B.A, Sociaf Science Chicago r 1L Mark Alan GuHickson B.S, Computer info. Systems Lincoln, ME Jonathan Alan Gustafson B.5. Mathematics St. Paul MM Matthew llallstein B.S. Broadcasting Smith Town, MY Celeste Maribea Hamer A. S.V.B. Secretariat Trace I A Kent Hanncstad B. S. Christian Education Fargo, MD John Richard Hansen B.S. Accounting Siorden, MM David Bruce Harrison B.S. Marketing White Bear Lake, Mn Lona Jean Hedblad B.S. Elementary Education Columbia Heights, MM Julie Ann Hernmesch B.S. Social Science Rochester, MM Mary Beth Mobbock B.S. Office Administration Elk River, MM Lorita Marie Hoch A, 5, VJS. Secretarial Science, Legal Wolf Point, MT Brian Jay Holm B. S. Marketing Lake City, MM John David laffaldano B.A, Pastoral Studies Mew London, Wt " Let your light so shine before Sumie Iric A.5.V. B. Co mmerciaf A ri Japan Judith Jankowski 15.A. Communications Maple drove, Nfi Mary Ami Jarvis B.A. Youth Ministries Wildwood, IL Donna Dale Jenkins B. 5. Elementary Education Keokuk, (A Georgina Lynn Jibben Office Admin Business Nang, Red Wing, MTi Vonda Valeric Johnson B.S. Management Office Admin, Pine River, MN Joy Renae Kargcs A. Arts and Bible Oriska, HD Parnclla Jeanne Klein B.S. Elementaiy Education Dassef, Ml Y Timothy Klein B.S. Elementary Education Aberdeen , SD Roxane Korporal B.S. Office Administration Sumner, IA Kristin Kay Kory Recreation Brooklyn Park, MN Paul Alan Krahn B.S. Business Warroad, MN Cheryl Ann Laansrna B.S. Office Administration ML Prospect, IL Boroni Joy Larsen B.S. Elementary ' Education SL Pauf, MN Miriam Jeanette Larson B.S. Christian Education Montrose, SD Dan Joseph Lautncr B.S. Youth Ministries Traverse City, Mi Jennifer Anne Leblanc Business Education San Diego, CA Margaret A LcClair Biblical Studies St. Paul, Ml Y Sheila Jo Lcmmcns Social Sciences Minneapolis, Mfi Mark C Lmdgren B.S. Marketing Eat go, NO 110 men! " Matthew 5:16-Pamella Klein Susan Marie Lindstrom 4,5. V. B. Secretarial Fine City , Pin Karen Elaine Gunberg Lueht fS.S. Elementary Education Brooklyn Center, HP1 Jill Robin Wilson Lund B.A. Ministries Little Canada, Pin Jody Lynn Lundquist Elementary Education K-6 Brooklyn Bark, Bin Diane Lutz 4.5. Elementary Education Elk River, Pin Randal James Martens B.A, Music Winona , Pin Scott Mitchell Mayliak B.A. Ministries Plission$ minor Barbara A McDowell Assoc. Arts, Bible and Science Nontetto, Wl Jonathan Daniel Meed Bible Certificate PI a nolle, Ontario Canada Suzanne Yvonne Meed Elementary Education Planotic, Ontario Canada Danny Jay Mertz Physical Education t fords fiefd, Mft Raul Louis Metzger B.A. Biblical Studies EtignJL Rod Metzgar Psychology Leamington, Ontario Canada Linda Marie Meyer Broadcasting Minnetonka, Pin Lisa Arw Meyer 4.5. V.B. Business WUtmar,Mn Maureen Kay Middleton B.5. Christian Education St. Paul, Mfi Kirk Mllitzer B.S. Social Science History Bloomington, PI Pi Marilyn Jean Miller Elementary Education Ceku, Philippines David J Moore B A. Ministries Plinncapofis , MPi Susan Hanson Moore Management Watertown, MPi 111 " Thanks for four great ones!” Pat Brueske Carol Jayne Nelson Management Hector, MH Eve Marie Nordick Elementary Education Chaplin mm Timothy Norland M ir i is t rics B roa dcas t i t ig Arena , Wt Edward Carroll Norman B.S. Physical Education Zuinbro Tails, MN Leland Everett c Nyquist B.S. Marketing Br oklyn Center, MFi Naomi Okayama is.A. Christian Education Japan Julie May Olson A.S.V.B. Secretariat Science Spring Lake Bark, MH Janda Elizabeth Ordal A.S.V.B, Secretarial Faribault MH Jim Ost Ministries McAllen, TX Doni hay Nelson Ottomeyer IS.A. Youth Ministries Forest Lake ■, MH Barbara Jo Patterson J.5, Mathematics Fridley, Nfi Vonda Kay Pearson Recreation Fop tar, Wi Janet Peters Communications Saartovis, H esf Germany Kim Pierson Broadcasting Marshalltown, I A Judith Ann Pollard Commercial Art Liberty ell le. IL Susan Quick A.S.V.B. Secretarial Bloomington, MH Nancy Lynn Raiclie li.S. Social Science Minneapolis, MH Brian Lee Remiger A. S. V. B. Broadcasting Elysian, MH Neal Rich Physical Education Detroit Ml Nancy Roszhart Office Administration Aurora , HE I i 113 Sara Renee Ruckclshauscn B.S. Office Administration Sioux Fails, SO Maria Theresa Sanchez B.A. Communication Avanchet Fare, Switzerland Christopher George Schaefer [5.5. Recreation Roseville, Nil Kent William Sccman B.S, Computer information Systems Rich vitle, MPi Mary Lou Shucy B ' $ r Office Administration Fine City, nn Stephen Skeie Social Science Norris, IL Scott Evans Smith 15. S, Marketing Mound Pin Donald LeKoy Stauffer £J. A. Social Science Pipestone, Nff Cory ' Dougals Stern A cco u r j ting Music minor Plymouth, NN Melissa Ann Stoner A. S.V.B. Secretarial I Legal) Elkton, MD Darren John Swanson Commercial Art Pine Arts minor Brooklyn Park, MPi Karin Michele Swanson B. 5. Elementary Education Brooklyn Confer, Mfi “Rejoice in the LORD always!” Phil. 4:4 Joy Karges Peggy Jo Swanson B.S. Christian Education Renville, MPi Bonnie Sue Szymanski as. Elementary Education Chicago, IL Haney Terril Office Administration Aitkin, MPi Brian JcfTerey Troff Biblical Studies West Concord, Pin Tarnmie Vogel Elemental Education Iona, MPi Philip Anthony Ward A.5. V.B. Broadcasting Barn urn, MPi Cynthia Louise Bowdin Wessel B.A. Church Music Fairmont MPi Beth Wilde Assoc. Science Canby f MPI Graduates not Pictured: David Jeffrey Brandt Bible Certificate Sheridan OR Robert David Clatterbuch B.S. Christian Education St. Paul MPi Bonnie Mae Davis B.S. Social Science Thomas Hark Forseth Accounting St. Paul, Pin Bruce Larsen Ministries Minneapolis f MPi Pamela Joy Lovaas A. Art and Bible Blooklyn Confer, MPi James Peterson Accounting Superior, XVI James Michael Smith B. S ♦ Management Roseville, PI PI A Prayer May my life be under your subjection That you may work without objection. May your best be my reality That my reality might reflect your glory. May your glory in me be seen by all That they may see you, and hear your call. Judf Jankowski He makes the difference in FACULTY and STAFF 115 Dr Donald Ericksen President Andath Galten Chancellor ' s Secretary Dr + William B. Berntsen Chancellor Board Of Trustees Reverend Mel Johnson Chairman Judge James Knutson Vice Chairman Arlow W. Carey Sec reta ry-T rea s u re r Dr. Donald Ericksen President, Ex Officio Dr. William B. Berntsen Chancellor harry E. Atwood Wallace E, Berg Dr. Ivar Blomberg Lloyd L. Brandt Dr. Wesley M. Burnham Ernest Collingham Robert Cutshall Vernon Eide David R. Grosz Harris H. Hanson Robert Hubbard Harry Repstad Paul J. Sentman Eldon Sorensen Ken Steiger Jay Sudcnga Reverend Paul G. Waite George M. Wilson Kurian Parayil Senior Vice President Institutional Advancement Lyle L. Guhl Vice President Finance and Business Affairs Dr. David Ondercin Vice President Academic Affairs Gene KordicK Vice President Public Affairs 116 Faculty Serving " Serve the LORD with gladness " Fsalsm 100:2 Dr, Charles Aling History Richard Anthony Resident Artist hark Baden Art Dr, Philip Beatty Physics Jerry Beilby Biology, Photography Wayne Benedict Greek Dr. William BcVicr Bible Kathleen Black English Eileen Blatchlcy Registrar Ronald Bockcn Athletics. Coach Melvin Boehland Athletic Director Shelia Carlbloom Library Director David Clatterbuck Christian Education Dr. Walter Dunclt Bible Dr. Michael Eagen Chemistry ' , Div. Chair. Robert Elfstrum Accounting William Epprighl Mathematics Dr. Lynn Erickson Music Bonnevievc fenton Music 1 i Douglas Reader Music Charles Reynolds Physical Education William Robinson Mathematics Linda Rust Serials Librarian Donna Samciian Elementary Education Dennis Schrocdcr Physical Education Kristine Smith Physical Education Virgil Smith Business Leone Snyder Education Carol Thomas Johnson Drama Timothy Tomlinson Broadcasting Richard Tremaine Speech Dr. Wade Wahl Psychology ' Linda Wendler English Dr, ISylc Wilson Campus Pastor Faculty dot Pictured Mary Duncan Music Joyce Mooney Assoc. Dean of Students Danief Oie Music J 10 Staff Behind The Scenes Service Eleanor Anderson Director of Aiumnf Ralph Anderson Director of Admissions Gerald Baden Vehicle Maintenance David Bair Sports Trainer Corinne Benedict Academic Affairs Sec Richard Bcntdahl Operational Services Richard [MatchIcy Director financial Aid Celesta Bleeker Extension Ministries Coord Haomi Bloom Media Coordinator Janet Bomstad Development Secretary F’clcr Buckles Director Public Relations Wylrna Buckles Faculty Secretary Donna Burch Admissions Office Mgr Danctte Burgess Resident Director Carol Dahl Receptionist Candiss DeleasFlIlo Rost Office Supervisor Sharon Eagcn health PE Secretary Paula Eveland Receipts Control Jeff Evensen Tine Arts Building Coord Warren Pall Building Maintenance Supr Douglas Fields MIS Ass t Manager 120 m James riaa Food Service Superv isor Michael Flaa Food Sc trice Supervisor Sylvia Flaa Storeroom Clerk Vonnie Folsom Business Secretary Glenn GeUhman B o oksto re Manager Joyce Gcrlcn Student Aeounts Supr Eugene Gjerdingen Director of NIS Barb Greenside Business Service Coord Monica Groves Resident Director Bertie Morrison Receipt ing Si ip ervis or Ted Maug Accounts Fay Clerk Little Jo Hernandez Opcrat ional Sen ic cs Douglas Huffman A di n issions Teel 11 1 ician Barbara Hutchins Aiumni Secretary Craig Ingraham Assistant Cook James Johnson Media Technician Marilyn Johnson Da ta Word f ' roc css or Shirley Johnson Fay roll Acounts Supr Kerri Joyce Development Office Sec Barbara ha file Athletic Secretary Rachel Klcbs Receipts Assistant Eva Kordick Public Relations Sec Mary ftvanvig Gift Receipts Philip Lachcr Accountant Marilyn Lindman flDSi Collection Officer j Ruth Litynskc Special Events Assistant Chris Martinson Campus Fa trot Danny Miller Operational Services John Mitchell B u it dir ig Ma h j t cr ranee Bruce nelson Operational Services Duane Mordvold Building Maintenance Karen Olson Post Office Assistant Glen Peterson Engineering Supervisor Byron Plucker 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Andrea 86 Bcrglund, Kathie Lynne 58, 86 Bcrgmann, Pianette Christine 75 Bergstrom, Lisa Erica 64, 75 Bcukelman, Julie Kae 40, 61, 75 Bicrman, Craig Michael 20, 21,86 Btllstrom, Heidi 86 Birch, Stacey June 61, 75 Bixcl, Chcri Rochelle 75 Bixcl, Cynthia Rcnae 107 Bjcrkc, Wendy Ann 107 Bjurlm, Gina Kcnac 75 Bjuriin, Rhonda Lc 96 BlomquisL LIcsl Marie 57, 61, 75 Blood, David Robert Bocken, Melanie Dawn 20, 27, 34, 40, 75 Bohlcn, Kan Ruth 86 Boich, Susan Elise 12, 40, 96 Bolz, Sharon Lee 75 Uomstad, Jennifer Kay 96 Bonn, Steven James 19, 87 Bontrager, Richard Dwight 47, 96, 107 Borchardt, Jolcnc Bernice 96 Bos, Debbie Cristire 107 Brace well, Melissa Kay 49, 62, 75 Brainard, Lisa Joan 85 Brainard, Scott David 95 Brandll, James John 96 Brandon, John Mark 71, 96 Brandt, David 87, 107, 114 Bred low, Carolyn Jean 75 Briesc, Ronald Lawrence 96 Brimcycr, Christie Marie Brooks, Daniel Ellis 19, 96 Brooks, Thomas Girard 19, 107 Brouwer, Kresson Plaomi 29, 96 Brown, Anthony Lynn 96 Brown, Lori 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Carlson, Rebecca Sue 75 Carlson, Susan Kay 22, 75, 97 Carlson, Susan Marie Caskey, Steven Mark 87 Caulkms, Susan Kay 87 Cavanaugh, Mancy Jeanne 97 Chan, Marcelo 49, 87 Cheshire, Kathryn Rae 107 Chevaiier, Douglas Edward 12, 21, 97 Christensen, Glenn ' Brad 1 87 Christenson, Mark William 60, 107 Christenson, Randy Paul 60, 75, 106 Christiansen, Doreen Faye 48, 87 Chrysler, Tonya Elizabeth 87 Cimijotti, Jerry Anthony 7, 12, 40, 42, 97 Claessens, Julie Ann 87 Clark, Deborah Qwyn 59, 75 Clark, Robert Henry 19, 37, 87 Clark, William norma n 87 Clatterbuck, Becky Lynn 103 Oatterbuck, Lorine Kay 97 Clatterbuck, Robert David 114 Clements, Debra Jean 97 Clements, Kimberly Sue 107 Clendenoa Joyce Vandorn 76 Clift, Stephen Taylor 33, 76 Coates, Suzanne Lynn 64, 76 Coleman, Wendy Faye 87 Collins, Lisa Dawn 30, 97 Colombo, Jon Richard 21, 40, 52, 64, 71, 87 Conklin, Donald Arthur 97 Conley, Letisha Renee 76 Coniin, Mark William 107 Cornish, Steve Michael 21, 97 Cossentine, Paul Harry 97 Coughlin, Daniel Patrick 60, 87 Courrier, Ronald Lawrence 19, 29, 87 Couwcnhovcn, Russ Alan 97 Cox, Dianna Margaret 49, 53, 97 Coyne, Michael Gerard 64, 87 Cozinc, Michele 59, 76 Crane, Kenneth Seaver 40, 47, 53, 87 Crutchfield, Susan Deborah 29, 76 Cullen, Todd M. 58, 59, 76 Cummins, Steven Brent 108 Daggett, Laura Jane 87 Dahl, Brenda Carol 22, 30, 97 Dahl, Cynthia Therese 102 Dahl, Jeffrey Robert 19, 103 Dahl, Jennifer Ellen 64, 76 Dale, Michael Eugene 97 Dallow, Scott Robert 97 Danielson, Brian Lcroi 47, 87 Danielson, Kevin Peter 19, 103 Danielson, Ruth Denise 48, 50, 60, 76, 128 Dau, Kevin Jay 21, 76 Davidson, Bruce Arthur 19, 87 Davies, Jody Kaye 72, 108 Davis, Bonnie 114 Davis, Dawn Marie 108 Davis, Lawrence Willard 41, 70, 87 Davis, Rcnae Lynn 76 Davison, Warren Arnold 95 Day, Linda Lee 76, 128 De Buhr, Scott David 87 De Fries, Jody Lynn 76 De Moulin, Laura Ann 87 De Vries, Sharyn Lee 76 Dean, Lori Inez 108 Decker, Curtis L. 19, 76 Delich, Sheri Lynn 57, 87 Delrnore, Annie Marie 62, 76 Delzer, Travis John 21, 97 Dirks, Valerie Lynn 108 Dittmer, Jeffrey Lynn 97 Dodd, David Scott 85 Domsten, Richard Eugene 103 Doran, Joseph Patrick 28, 29, 87 Doran, Marie Jeanine 108 Dudrey, Shari Lynn 63, 57, 88 Dwyer, Jonathan David 28, 36, 49, 88 Eagea Shelley Renee 76 Eastlund, Kari Elizabeth 88 Eberspacher, Tricia Kay 88 Edmonson, L. Pamela Johnson 108 Edmonson, Rebecca Lynne 88 Eiynck, Caylani Ellen 45, 52, 72, 108 Ekanger, Beverly Jane 97 Ekberg, De Ann Lynne 76 Eller, Kyle Arlan 19, 98 Elliott, Stephen Paul 48, 88 Elsberry, Juliann May 108 Enander, Glen Erik 6, 76 Engstrom, Dean W. 85 Enzminger, Trad Dawn 22, 98 Epema, Teryl Michelle 22, 63, 98 Lricksen, Mark D. 12, 57, 103 Erickson, Anne Marie 61, 76 Erickson, Daniel Carl 58, 64, 76 Erickson, Randal Gary 58, 63, 88 Ericson, Todd Ryan 50, 57, 108, 128 Erkens, Brian Leo 19, 50, 76, 128 Everson, Diana Lynn 61, 76 Evert, Boyd Harry 98 Ewert, Kevin 08, 108 Eysink, Louise Sue 62, 108 Fagerstrom, Gary Wayne 76 Fahrenkamp, Elaine Joan 95 Fair, Jodie Ester 57, 88 Falconer Cheryl Marie 57, 61, 64, 76 Faldet, Brenda Joy 98 Farley, Timothy James 19, 88 Farr Jr, Luther 40, 50, 60, 76, 128 Farrand, Ann Marie 88 Fedde, Amber Haomi 20, 88 Fcldkamp, Mark Allen 57, 76 Feldsien, Joseph Fred 21, 76 Fensterman, Lisa Ann 62, 65, 76 Fenton, Jonathan Edward 45 Ponton, Stephan Kenneth 59, 76 Fernandez, Kevin Michael 21, 08 Piller, Jennifer Louise 88 Pinch, Pameila Dee 61, 77 Pinnamore, Moyt Jerome Pinnamore, Tiffany Renee 98 Fsrtko, Steven Richard 58 Pischer, Douglas John 77 Pisher, Brett Anthony 58, 88 Pisher, Matalie Jane 59, 88 Pollese, Kimberly Marie Polsom, Jeffrey David 77 ford, Robert Leonard 77 Forseth, Thomas Mark 114 Poster, Tirzah Jean 58, 64, 103 Foth, Sheri Lynn 64, 77 Pragale, Kirsten Anne 88 Prank, Milan Mark 77 Frederickson, Gary Dean Fredrick, Douglas Allen 95 Fredrickson, Gary 98 Fredrickson, Vicki Sue Friedrichsen, Paul ‘Thomas 19, 77 Priesen, Kerry Dwight 88 Friesen, Kristie Ann 98 Fromm, Gwyn Michelle 88 Fruits, Roy Gamer, Randall Louis 52, 103 Garbison, Jonathan Todd 88 Garborg, Chris Eric 21, 98 Gardner, Rochelle Lee 88 Gardner, Susan Gail 58, 98 Gates, Julie Ann 61, 77 Geary, David R, 19, 32, 98 Geary, Rebecca Rae 77 Gehl, Sheila Beth Geigler, Glenn Erwin Gemmill, Jonathan Ross 33, 77 Gerber, Marlys Leona 49, 61, 98 Gerdin, Margo, 85 Gibson, Ramona Dorothy 63, 98 Giddings, Jill Marie 51, 88 Gicre, Lisa Darene 98 Gilbert, Brian Robert 59, 77 Gillett, Brenda Kay 45, 109 Gillett, Marlis Pay 61, 77 Gillquist, Douglas Arthur 109, 106 Cioettsch, Amy 95 Gomez, Pablo 19, 77 Goodrich, Jon Michael 57, 88 Gordon, Corey Albert 19, 88 Gordon, Erica Kristin 22, 88 Gorham, Julia tine 98 Goris, Amy Jo 57, 58, 77 Goris, Melissa Jane 12, 58 Graf, Lisa Marie 98 Graham, Carla Caro! 22, 77 Grant, Scott C. 19, 60, 109 Graske, Thomas Michael 77 Graves, Thomas Jackson Gravley, Brenda Joy 77 Gray, Cindy Sue 58, 64, 109 Green, Jennifer Margaret 77 Green, Kathy Ann 40, 77 Green, Sarah Terese 105 Greenside, Jana Kay 77 Grcgerson, Jonathan Lee 49, 77 Grcgori, Michael Lawrence 88 Grimm, Marsha Kay 77 Grilton, Heidi Sue 61, 77 Groen, Rebecca Sue 50, 77, 128 Grocneweg, Pamela Jane 63, 103, 109 Grocnheim, Burton Louis 78 Gronert, Stephanie Rae 78 Grotheam, Barbara J. 85 Grover, Dawson, 85 Grundeman, Jeanette Kristin 88 Grundyson, Darci Lane 109 Grundyson, Heidi Jill 78 Gruthusen, David James 45, 109 Grygo, Alisa Marie 78 Gudcrian, Betsy Joy 88 Gullickson, Lori Ruth 88 Gullickson, Mark Alan 57, 109 Gumbriil, Steven John 98 Gunberg, Karen Elaine Gunberg, Peter Dwight 103 Gunderson, Shane Byron 78 Gustafson, Christine Lee 98 Gustafson, Janet Lee 88 Gustafson, Jill Denise 61, 78 Gustafson, Jonathan Alan 103, 109 Maagenson, Gretchcn Joyce 98 Hackett, Robin Gene 78 Hackmann, Sara Joy 57, 66, 89 Ha far, Holly Beth 58, 78 Hagstrom, David Jonathon 58, 78 Hahn, Lynnette Marie 78 Maik, Sandra Ellen 103 hall, Karolyn Jo Ann 89, 128 Hall, Phillip Wayne 19, 62, 78 Hailing, Daniel Ray 98 Hallman, Katherine Marie 89 Hallstein, Matthew Gershom 52, 57, 109 Malvorson, Scott Conrad 78 Hamer, Celeste Maribea 109 Hammond Jr, James Mac Bryde 78 Hampton, Jeffery Lenard 19 Handrahan, Pamela Sue 78 Mane, Russell James 64, 89 Hannestad, Kent Stuart 12, 27, 40, 103, 109 Hansen, Beth Ann 59, 78 Hansen, John Richard 45, 59, 109 Hansen, Karen Michelle 89 Hanson, Denise Kay 98 Hanson, Matt David 19, 89 Harder, Wayne John 21, 78 llardlcy, Wendy Beth 89 Harper, Tami Lee 78 Harrison, Bertie Lou Hewsbaum Harrison, David Bruce 109 Harrison, Elizabeth Grace 89 Hartley, Timothy Edwin 78 Hartman, Kathryn Ann 59, 78 Hartman, Wendy Sue 58, 78 Harvey, Mary ‘Esther 48, 78 Maug, Theodore Jon Haugen, Kari Jane 78 Hayden, James Patrick 89 Haywood, Tiffany Lee 78 Mcckmann, Brent James 21, 78 Heckmann. Dawn Marie 103 Hedbtad, Lona Jean 109 Holland, Deborah Jean 20, 89 Hemrncsch, Julie Ann 109 Henderson, Mark Allen 85 Hendrickson, Lynctlc Kay 89 Hendrickson, Scott Philip 89 Henry, Julie Ann 78 Herber, Jill Renae 22, 89 Herbranson, Hatalic Atine 45, 57, 68, 89 Hcrbst, Joyce Michelle 78 Hiebner, Donald James 28, 98 Milde, Shannon Ruth 45, 103 Hill, Mathew Blaine 89 llillcn, Mary ‘Michele 64, 89 Ilirt, Beth Dianne 78 lloagberq, Matthew Paul 21, 60, 09 " Hobbick, Mary Beth 109 Hoch, Lorita Marie 109 Mockmuth, Jane Ann 12, 40, 45, 98 Hocflcr, William Charles 19, 98 Hoff, Karla Renae 61, 78 Hoffbeck, Keith Alvin 89 Moffland, Timothy Thomas 33, 59, 78 Mollemd, Janice Eleanor 78 Holm, Brian Jay 109 Holmes, Kathleen Emily 90 llolmstrom, Charlene Ann Holte, Kristal Joy 57, 50, 69, 98 Honey, Mark Allen 98 Hood, Ronald Charles 57, 60, 89 Hope, Janet Marie 79 Mope, Kristin Ruth 10, 49, 79 llopman, Laura Lea 57, 89 Horn, Rachel Lynn 89 Hosford, Glenn Douglas 62, 89 Howard, Joseph Porter 102 Hubbard, David Lee 98 Hubert, James Gerald 89 Hubert John Allen 79 Hudson, Andrew George 89 Mueslis, Amy Beth 64, 90 Huffman, Mark David 40, 98 Munke, Melissa Kay 47, 104 Hunke, Tiffany Sue 90 Hunt, Steven Andrew 60, 98 Huston, Wayne Lee 90 lalfaldano, John David 103, 109 Ingraham, Craig Alan 57, 95 Irfe, Sumie 110 Isom, David Lee 57, 60, 70, 90 Ivancie, Susan Lee 90 Jacobsen, Paul Nathan 21, 79 Jankowski, Judith 50, 57, 71, 110, 128 Jarvis, Maiy Ann 110 Jenkins, Donna Dale 110 Jensen, Catherine Rose 99 Jerus, Robert G. Jibben, Georgina Lynn Johnson 110 Johannsen, Sheryl Lynn 59, 63, 90 Johanson, Douglas Lee 19, 79 Johnson, Barbara Jeanne 99 Johnson, Bradley Dennis 47, 58, 99 Johnson, Brent David 58, 90 Johnson, Brian Lc Roy 79 Johnson, Bruce Gary 99 Johnson, Darcy Anita 79 Johnson, Daren Loyal 57, 104 Johnson, Irene ‘flcllie Mac 90 Johnson, Jennifer Lynn 47, 57, 90 Johnson, Kevin David 79 Johnson, Laura L. Pinnamore 99 Johnson, Marsha Melanie 20, 27 Johnson, Melissa Dawn 99 Johnson, Michael Eric 53, 90 Johnson, Suzanne Marie 61, 79 Johnson, Vonda Valeric 110 Jordan, Terrence Lee 60, 64 Jorgenson, Bryon Keith 85 Kahlc, Kevin Myron Kahlc, Kimberly Jean 90 Karges, Joy Renae 40, 57, 59, 110 Kari, Mark Walter 79 Kasen, Andrew Carl 7, 29, 79 Keillor, Craig John 40, 60 Kelm, Misty Joy 42, 62, 90 Kendall, Barbara 95 Kennedy, Shane Ri 85 Kenney, Colleen Kay Kettclkamp, Lynn Marie 90 Kicmelc, John Scott 52, 102 Kindall, Daniel :J 47, 72, 90 Kingston, Melanie Ann 50, 128 Kinney. Diane Rose 99 Kirkwold, Amy Lisa 79 KIssncr, Stephanie Ann 79 Kissner, Susan Marie 90 Klassen, Paul Anthony 28, 79 Kleckcr, Linda Anne 29, 57, 79 Klein, Pameila Jeanne Hultgrcn 110 Klein, Timothy William 110 Klelnhuizcn, Tara Jo 79 Klingcnsmith, Britt Minae 57, 61, 63, 90 Knulie, Linda Marie 90 Kohl, Melinda Marcella 90 Konold, Bruce Douglas 79 Kormann, Gail Louise 63, 64, 79 Korpi, Susan Rae 79 Korporal, Roxane Lou 40, 50, 110 Korsmo, Bonita Ann 79 Kory, Kristin Kaye 12, 22, 30, 110 Krahn, Paul Alan L10 Kramer, Mark Richard 21, 60, 99 Kramer, Peggy Ann 90 Kremcr, Angela Lynn 79 Kremer, Brian Duane 19, 40, 79 Kremer, Lynette Ann 99 Kremcr, Michelle Renee 79 K rocker, Keith Brian 60, 79 Kroger, Christopher Wright 85 Krueger, Haney Kay 104 Kruger, Bradley Donald Kuder, Laurie Elizabeth 58, 90 Kulla, Timothy Charles 47, 90 Kvernen, Rosclla Christine 85 La Barre Jr, John Carl 99 La Barre, Kathryn Lee 80 Laansma, Cheryl Ann 99, 110 Laansma, John William 99 Land, Doyle Ray 19, 99 Landahl, Julie Anne Lange, David Jonathan 99 Lange, Douglas Earl Langemeier, Cheri Dawn 80 Langcmeier, Curtis Wayne 12, 99 Langmade, Paul Alan 24, 60, 80 Larsen, Bonni Joy 110 Larsen, Bruce 104 Larson, Dawn M. 80 Larson, Esther 85 Larson, Gregory Jon 19, 90 Larson, Lisa Ann 47, 50, 90, 128 Larson, Mark Edwin 104 Larson, niriam Jeanette 7, 57, 110 Larson, Scott 99 Larson, Sheila Kay 61, 71, 99 Larson, Sherri Beth 80 Lautner, Dan Joseph 19, 110 Lavigne, Melissa Ann 80 Le Blanc, Jennifer Anne 110 Le Clair, Margaret Ann 110 Le Gree, Laurie Elizabeth 91 Lcabo, Denise Ann 58, 99 Learned, Stephen Ray 91 Lcchner, Laura Joy 57, 58, 65, 91 Leglcr, Sheryl Ruth 80 Lehner, Cheryl Ruth 80 Lemciux, Shari Denise 91, 128 Lemmens, Sheila Jo Gilman 110 Lemmon, Rebecca Lynn 100 Levering, Diana Arline 80 Libby, Lawrence Le Verne 80 Lindahl, Jeffrey Alan 19, 85, 104 Lindaman, Bret Dennis 19, 60, 80 Lindaman, David Brian 60, 80 Lindaman, Lori Kay 64, 91 Under, Angela Faye 91 Lindgren, Jeffrey Dale 60, 80 Undgrcn, Mark C. 40, 53, 110 Lindquist, Inger Roberta Lindquist, Lauri Shawn 100 Lindstrorn, Susan Marie 111 Linn, Anthony Alan 59 Linscheid, Susan Amy Livingston, Lisa Ann Loeckcn, Bryan John Loecken, Jay James 60, 91 Long, Gary Dennis 80 Look, Stephen Ardell 21, 91 Lovaas, Pamela Joy Lovell, Ruth Ann 59, 100 Lucht, Karen 111 Lucck, Jonathan Edward 80 Lund, Britta Carol 91 Lund, Jill Robin Wilson 7, 111 Lundbcrg, Danny Ray 80 Lundbcrg, Julie Marie 30, 31, 91 Lundcen, Mathan Kane 45, 58, 100 Lundquist, Jodi Lynn 12, 111 Lundy, Tracey Lynn 80 Lutz, Diane Cathleen ill Maas, Gregory Richard 80 Maimberq, Diane Marie 57, 100 Manchester, Tiffany Elizabeth 57, 100 Manz, Donald Willard 19, SO Martens, Randall James 59, 111 Martin, Sandra Jean 100 Martinson, Douglas James 21, 91 Marty, Mary Anne A. 100 Marx, Agnes Bednar 85 Maveus, Tami Lyn Ann 58, 64 80 Mayer, Marjorie Lorraine 91 Mayhak, Scott Mitchell 111 Mays, Rubin Me Clanahan, Colleen Hazel 48, 52, 91 Me Cloy, Kathleen Patricia 80 Me Connell, Jeff Wade 80 Me Connell, Wendy Sue 91 Me Daniel, Suzanne Marie 91 Me Dowell, Barbara Ann 111 Me Iver, Jeanne May 12, 45, 59 Me Kinney, Kathryn Sue 100 Me Kiver, Karl John 91 Me Louth, Barry Daniel 91 Me neely, Jane Marie 22, 30, 80 Me Runnel, Robyn Rae 80 Me Runnel, Steven Mark 28, 100 Meaders, Christine Kalhryn 45, 100 MedchiU, Melissa Ruth 91 Meed, Jonathan Daniel 21, 45, 111 Meed, Suzanne Yvonne 45, 111 Meissner, Rebecca Sue 91 Melander, Christopher Ira Mendel, Heather May 45, 100 Mensch, Susan Kay Mercer, Anne Louise 61, 80 Mertz, Danny Jay 111 Melsala, Kelli Beth 91 Metzger, Faul Louis 60, 111 Metzger, Rebecca Ann 40, 100 Metzger, Rodney Joseph 49, 111 Meyer, Denise Irene 91 Meyer, Jeffrey James 52, 58, 100 Meyer, Linda 111 Meyer, Lisa Ann 111 Meyers, Mark Alan 50, 80, 128 Meyers, Paulette Regina 95 Middleton, Maureen Kay 57, 111 Militzer, Kirk Daniel HI Miller, Brenda Lynn 91 Miller, Marilyn Jean 49, 111 Miller, Rebecca Marie 91 Miller, Scott Thomas 59, 66, 81 Miller, Shawn Rosanne 81 Montzka, Timothy Paul 21, 60, 100 Moore, David J. Ill Moore, Susan Lynne Hanson 111 Morford, Lyn Ellen 100 Morqenweck, Wendy Irene 47, 48, 68, 91 Mork, James Marcus 81 Morse, Sandra Jean 59, 91 Moser, Barbara Jean 81 Mossberg, Ronald Jay 91 Mossman, Mark Orlan 19, 33, 100 Moua r Koua 91 Moxley, Darla Kaye 81 Mulder, Penny Lynn 57, 58, 91 Mulder, Roxana Pricilla 81 Mullin, Amy Sue 59, 81 Mullin, Cheryl Jean 70, 91 Mullin, Michael George 91 Murphy, Thomas Michael 57, 58, 63, 64, 81 Musson, Kristine Darling 95 Myers, Beth Ann 81 Naegeli, Penny Jean 92 Mauber, Karin Louise 100 Hehring, Barbara Ruth 81 Helson, Beth Ann 85 nelson, Beth Elise 85 nelson, Bruce Arnold 100 nelson, Carol Jayne 112 nelson, David Eugene 28, 81 nelson, Dwight Wayne 81 nelson, Gregory Rueben 81 nelson, Jane Elizabeth nelson, Linda Marian 25, 30, 81 nelson, Lori Ann 45, 92 nelson, Lynnette Ruth 64, 81 nelson, Marlyn Lee 81 nelson, Scott Richard 57, 64 r 92 nelson, Virginia Ann nemltz, Kelly Rae 30, 81 newlin, Christine Lee 81 Mguyen, Anh Tuyet 49, 72, 81 nitsch. Sharia Rae 45 Hordick, Eve Marie 112 norland, Timothy Arnold 112 norman, Edward Carroll 52, 57, 112 norman, Kathryn Anne 22, 81 nowak, Danny Allen 45, 47, 58, 100 fiutt, Debra Ruth 18, 64, 92 nutt, Sandra Marlene 61, 81 Hyquist, Leland Everette 21, 37, 112 Oehler, Kelley Dewey 92 Ohden, nancy Lea 100 Gjoyeyi, Thompson, Ayodepo 100 Okayama, naomi 49, 112 Olsen, Catherine Venette Olson, Carla Rae 92 Olson, Christopher Paul 100 Olson, Craig Arthur Olson, Darren Jay Olson, Jody Michelle 61, 92 Olson, Joy Elizabeth Olson, Julie May 18, 112 Olson, Karine Renee 81 Olson, naomi Joy 92 Olson, Todd Kevin 28, 29, 52 OmodL Julie Marie 92 Opheim, Karen 95 OrdaL Janda Elizabeth 112 Ortquist, Janell Ruth 59, 81 Osborne, Steven Wade 19, 33, 81 GsL James Alan 27, 45, 59, 112 Ostrom, Scott Thomas 19, 100 Otterness, Mary Margaret Ottomeyer, Boni Kay nelson 112 Pajewski, Jodi Ann 48, 50, 81, 128 Palmer, Lee Edwin 82 Pansch, Kim A. 53, 100 Paradis, Judy Kaye Parker, Jennifer Lynn 57, 63, 92 Patterson, Barbara Jo 112 Patterson, Mabel Charlotte 92 Paulsen, Kenneth Alf 82 Paulson, Dana Lynn 100 Paulson, Kent Randall 12, 21, 49, 100 Payne, Brenda Kay 82 Payne, Wendy Jill 92 Paynovich, Peter Steven 82 Pearson, Vonda Kay 45, 51, 112 Pederson, John Carroll 19, 60, 82 Pelot, Scott David 100 Pclzer, Linda Sue 45, 62, 100 Peters, Heidi Marie 82 Peters, Janet Sue 112 Peterson, Beth Marie 64, 92 Peterson, Christie Lin 57, 82 Peterson, Craig John 82 Peterson, Juliann Dorothea 57, 59, 82 Peterson, Lisa Lynn 61, 82 Peterson, Mari Janine 57, 92 Peterson, Scott Michael 100 Peterson, Shelley Sue 92 Fettman, Julie Kay 57, 64, 101 Fetts, Michael Lloyd 92 Pierson, Judy Karen 48, 92 Pierson, Kimberley Kae 47, 112 Place, Jamey Lynne 59, 92 Place, Mark Theodore 60, 82 Plack, Anthony Thomas 82 Plant, Keri Lee 61, 82 Pollard, Judith Ann 112 Poison, Vicki Renee 92 Ponting, Gregory Richard 18, 19, 52, 92 Popp, Robert Kenneth 19, 92 Fromnitz, Lu Ann Marie 51, 101, 106 Frue, Shannon Rae 82 Quamme, Andrea R. 18 r 29, 82 Quick, Susan Kathleen 112 Quiram, Dianna 95 Radclift Lisa Venus 24, 92 Kadtke, Chris Paul 102 Kaiche, Haney Lynn 112 Ramponi, Michelle Renee 82 Kedington, Jay Gordon 47, 101 Reinhold, Julie Sue 52, 63, 101 Remer, Timothy Jon 95 Remiger, Brian Lee 112 Repstad, Kimberly Caro! 82 Rich, Heal Jay 40, 71, 112 Richard, Amy Jo 82 Richardson, Julie Marie 20, 64, 92 Risvold, Jill Rene 101 Hobichaud, Hicole Marie 57, 92 Robinson, Melissa Gay brie! 30, 82 Roghair, Kayla BeLh 62 Roghair, Timothy Joel 57, 02 Roop, Paul Alien 101 Rosengren, Kimberly Annmarie 48, 82 RoszharL Haney Anne 12, 22, 25 , 112 Ruckelshauscn, Sara Renee Ruiter, Bradley Duane 82 Russell Jeffrey James 60, 62 Russell, Jodi Marie 82 Rusten, Marta 85 Ryberg, Susan Lynn 101 Salmon, Michael Henry 19, 85 Salo, Dean Simon 19, 92 Samuelsen II, Robert Erling 58, 92 Sanchez, Maria Theresa 49, 51 Sandberg, Lisa Kay 92 Sanderson, Ann Elizabeth 101 Satre, Ladonna Sue 82 Sauter, Timothy Bruce 1QI Say, Debra Lee 57, 92 Say, Kathleen Mary 85 Schaefer, Christopher George 113 Schaefer, Ten Marie 92 Schafer, Audra Elizabeth 61, 82 Schiefelbein, Cynthia Anna 92 Schlaman, Chet Ernest 85 Schlenkcr, Karen Anne 82 Schmidt, James Ronald 82 Schmidt, Janna Renee 93 Schmitt, Laura Jo 101 Schroeder, Jeffrey Scott 28, 101 Schroeder, Kristin Joy 93 Schultz, Mathew William 83 Schultz, Terry Jon 57, 93 Schwickerath, Lon Edward 93 Scott, Deborah G. 83 See man, Kent William 19, 60, 113 Seiler, Pam Annette 93 Seim, Shari Lynn 57, 93 Seland, Richard James 19, 83 Senner, Lisa La Rae 83 Sentman, Janet Marie 57, 93 Sethney, Jill Adrienne 93 Severson, Vance Kenneth 101 Shaffer, Carolyn Louise 93 Shaffer, Lisa Kelley 83 Shaltes, Lynn Marie 18, 57, 93 Shea, Maureen Ann 83 Shcdenhelm, Marjorie ‘Suzanne 93 Sheetz, Kydec Kristin 59, 83 Sheplee, Lisa Jean 83 Sherva, Bryan Trevor 83 Shippy, Scott Allen 47, 48, 101 Shogren, Nicole June 62, 93 Shore, Daniel Lee 21, 49, 101 Shuey, Mary Lou 113 Silbaugh, Elisa Elaine 59, 83 Simonson, Rebecca Ann 22, 101 Skeie, Stephen John 113 Skiff, Anne Catherine 93 Skogen, Jennifer Anne 83 Skogen, Julie Alane 83 Skoog, Karen Aclelle 93 Skramstad, Steven James 83 Slovcr, Thomas Gary 60, 83 Smith, Brenda Lynn 57, 64, 93 Smith, James MichaeP Smith, Kevin Cosby 83 Smith, Rick Jason 52, 93 Smith, Scott Evans 113 Smith, Shawn Marie 49, 64, 83 Smith, Shelly Lea 57, 83 Smith, Sheri 101 Smith, Susan Rene 50, 101, 120 Smith, Thomas Bous 19, 24, 101 Snipstead, Wendy Joy 64, 93 Snustead, Donna Joy 93 Soeffkcr, Jay Adrian 85 Sola, Feter Lewis 19, 52, 101 Solhjem, Troy Allen 19, 83 Solum, Jeni Kay 83 Sommerlcld, Kenton Allan Sorvik, Michele 102 Spading, Keith 95 Spomer, Debra Jean 40, 60, 93 Spraungel, Anna L, 18 Spriggs, John Biorn 19, 102 Stahl, Kerrie Sue 83 Stallkamp, Craig Eugene 19 Standafer, Gregory Robert 57, 60, 83 Standafer, Jeffrey Lloyd 60, 101 Stauffer, Donald Le Roy 113 Steadman, Carter Lydell 19 Stcinert, Melanie Dawn 61, 83 Stcntake, Robert John 21 Stennes, Troy Alan Christopher 19, 40, 72 , 83 Stem, Cory Douglas 57, 113 Stern, Craig Michael 83 Stem, Jeffrey Todd 21, 101 Stillwell, Theodore Thomas 19, 33, 93 Stoesz, Barbara Jane 95 Stoesz, Julie Ann 62, 83 Stoll, Anne Marie 59, 83 Stoll, Tracey Allen 59, 101 Stoltz, Jolene Michele 93 Stoner, Joy Michele 83 Stoner, Melissa Ann 20, 113 Slorbeck, Curtis Duane 19, 93 Stratman, Karen Laurae 22, 101 Stricklin, Jennifer Dawn 83 Strittmatter, Gail Lynn 58, 64, 83 Stull, Kimberly Lynn 61, 83 Stumbo, Michael Thomas 101 St umbo. Box Ann 84 Sullivan, Bernice Ann 84 Sullivan, Matthew Mark 93 Sullivan, Michelle Marie 94 Sumakitis, Jacqueline Sharon 84 Sunderland, Bradley Alan 84 Sundcrman, Faige Suzanne 22, 84 Sutton, Gail Marie 102 Sutton, Valerie Sue 58, 64, 84 Svardal, Daniel Jerome 102 Swanson, Carrie 84 Swanson, Cynthia Louise 30, 102 Swanson, Daren John 113 Swanson, Karin Michele 113 Swanson, Feggy Jo 114 Swanson, Penny Jane 102 Swanson, Randle A, 84 Swanson, Stephanie Rae 30, 84 Swoboda, Scott David 40, 94 Szymanski, Bonnie Sue 113, 114 Tonis, Bruce Gregson 19, 84 Tanner, Tamara Elizabeth 84 Taylor, Samuel Jay Taylor, Sharon Doreen 50, 04, 128 Tcllcs, Sabrina Nadine 40, 61 r 84 Terhaar, Amy Susan 25, 84 Tcrning, Julie Marie 22, 94 Terning, Michael Gerald 45, 60, i02 Terrill, Haney Kay 113, 114 Thompson, Carolyn Joy 22, 102 Thompson, Jeffrey Charles 26, 52, 102 Thompson, Kimberly Ann Leavitt 94 Thompson, Mark W. 84 Thompson, Faut Etden Thomsen, Melodic Lynn 49, 84 Thorcn, Kimra Kay 84 Tietjen, Pamela Jean 58, 84 Todd, Daniel Warren 21, 84 Tokay, Marlene 84 Tollcfson, Laura Lea 58, 84 Tooley, Tracy Ann 62, 63, 94 Torkelson, Kurt Ward 53, 60, 102 Townsend, Janet Kristina 102 Tracy, Daniel Joseph 19, 34, 102 Trempcr, Diane Beth 64, 84 Triphan, David Michael 47, 94 Triplett, Daniel 57, 94 Troth Brian Jeffcrey 60, 114 Troth Erik Andrew 60, 94 Troffgruben, Daniel Charles 84 Tucker, Elaine Marie 57, 94 Tylcc, Barbara Ann 84 Ulferts, Chad Jason 102 Van Deest, Kristie De Anne 84 Van Essen, Sheila Rae Van Veldhuizen, Chad Alan Venberg, David William 21, 94 Venenga, Kevin Lee 19, 94 Vi]lnow, Daniel Craig 57, 58 Voelker, Carlton Bruce 102 Vogel, Tammie Jean 114 Vricze, Christine Kay 50, 94, 128 Waiwaiole, Brent Kala 102 Walker Jr, Thomas Ellsworth 94 Walker, John Randall 19, 94 Walter, Joseph 94 Ward, Philip Anthony 114 Warren, Pamela Mae 94 Wasmund, Lisa Ann 57, 58, 63 Watke, Lynn Marie 94 Watkins, Anne Alvcra 102 Watts, Tate Kevin 10, 59 Watts, Tiffani Kay 57, 64, 94 Weatherly, Storme Yvonne Weaver, Kurt Kenneth 29 Webber, Amy Lynn 102 Wentzel, Heidi Kay 94 Wermagcr, Lisa Ellen 94 Wesseh Cynthia Louise Bowel in 114 Wcssman, Bethel Maureen 94 Weston, Nicole Christine 40, 57 Westurn, John Richard 29, 57, 94 Wheeler, Jon Dana 94 White, Gregory Harold 95 Wiens, Kayla Marie 61, 95 Wiens, Lora Jeanne 50, 61, 128 Wiger, Julie Dawn 61 Wik, Sarah Ann 59 Wikstrom, Brian Kent 19, 62, 95 Wikstrom, Jonathan 95 Wilde, Beth Ann 102, 114 Wilder, Marsha Kay Reynen 114 Wilder, Michael Austin Wilder, Paul Louis 19, 29, 95 Williams, John Farrell 19, 102 Wilson, Daniel James 64, 102 Wilson, David Alan 28, 95 Wilson, Lisa Ann 59 Winkels, Julie K. 95 Witt, John M. 19, 60 Wittstock, Candy L. 30, 31 Wohler, Peter William 21, 102 Wold, Lorie Ann 114 Wolinski, Steven Robert Wolncr, Jenny Louise 95 Wood, Kari Sue 47, 59, 95 Wufleslad, Lee Craig 60, 95 Wulf, Kandy Allen 95 Zaderaka, Jeannic L. 47, 95 Zaspcl, Ruth Naomi 95 Zclinka, Jennifer Lynn 128 Zesiger, Carlyn Kay 29, 95 Zesiger, Dennis Kari 19 Zhornc, Timothy John 12, 45, 52, 102 Zoebisch, Zoe Ann 102 Zwart, Kim Anne 59 He continues to make the difference. 1987 Scroll Staff Editor-Judi Jankowski Assistant Editor-Jodi Fajewski Photo Editor-Susan Smith Assistant Photo Editor-Todd Ericson Advisor-Jerry Beilby Photographers: Brian Erkins, Carolyn Hall. Sta : Lora Wiens, Ruth Danielson, Becky Qroen, Linda Day, Jenny Zelinka, Noel Aldrich, Mark Meyer, Shari LeMeiux, Luther Farr, Christine Vrieze, Sharon Taylor, Lisa Larson, Melanie Kingsten. " I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. " Philippians 3:16 120

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