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I Colossians 2:2-3 (NASB) r , , that their hearts may be encouraged, having been knit together in love, and attaining to all the wealth that comes from the full assurance of understanding, resulting in a true knowledge of God’s mystery, that is, Christ Himself, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. SCROLL 1986 Northwestern College Roseville, Minnesota 55113 Theme .2 Organizations .17 Activities . 33 Sports .45 Students . 71 Graduates . 104 Faculty And Staff . 122 Index . 132 Closing 136 Our Campus This years theme “One in Christ” became an integral part of life for students, faculty and staff at Northwestern College The student body learned the benefits of working as a whole in achieving growth whether it was in the classroom on the field, or back in the dorms. The faculty a nd staff also worked together to provide the students with an environment for learning, both mentally and spiritually Finally, the student body and the staff came together to share as “One in Christ” 1. Nazareth chapel stands tall among the vivid hues of autumn. 2. The familiar signs at Northwestern entrance blend in with the colors of winter. 3. The first snow fall of winter graces the benches surrounding the Northwestern campus. 4. The fountain outside of Maranatha Hall is a favorite place for students to study, to think, or just to relax. 5. As students make their way toward campus, they are greeted by beauti¬ ful sights such as these. NORTHWESTERN COLLEGE LIBRARY ROSBAUJE, MINNESOTA 55113 Encouragement 1. Tiffany Manchester and Lynn Shalles are all smiles as they show everyone the benefits of a hug. 2. During orientation week, students gathered to¬ gether to support one another in sharing thoughts and prayer. 3. Who could better exemplify the old saying “Two are better than one” than Rich Bon- trager and Randy Gamer? 4. Taking the time to support one another in fellowship as all part of campus life for Sue Meed and Dave Isom. 4 5 ft t 1. Enjoying the fall weather, these North¬ western students head back towards the dorms, 2. Watching in awe, Joey Walter and Mike Penn wait for an autograph from freshman celebrity, Jay Loecken. 3. Britt Klingemnuth shares some wise words with fellow classmates Julie Holtz and Jolene Eller, 4, Amber Fedde and Lisa Jensen share in a moment of laughter. 5, Briskly making their way to class, Kevin Burns and Jeff Habich share in a moment of thought 6. Anxiously awaiting the Pipe¬ line news, Steve Lindskov and Colleen McClanahan rest for a moment at the P.O.’s. Commitment 8 L Soccer buff Craig Bierman puts his best foot forward as fellow teammates look on. 2. Waiting for the big hand-off, quarter back Kyle Eller runs through the play once more in his head. 3. Although the dating situation at NWC left a lot to be desired, these students were only playing nuns for the annual play “The Sound of Music 1 4. “Iowan” Kevin Hamm is excited about going home for the holidays - something he conveys to his passenger Mike Wilder. 5. The lone women ' s cross country member, Lisa Radcliff, tries to make a place for herself in the beginning of the race, 6. Members of the cast of “The Sound of Music” - Maureen Middleton, Laura Hop- man, and Jay Loecken work hard to get down their parts. L ' This is a football ’ says Fayth Murphy as she smiles to the camera. 2. Smiling in enthusiasm, Gracia Shindo cheers on the mens soccer team. 3. Cheerleading lakes on a whole new dimension as can be seen by these fine young rousers, A. Bruce Larsen, in shades of red, shows his school spirit by wearing the hat and shades during spirit week. 5. Don Malley shares some thoughts with student, Pat Brueske 6, Donning the NWC yellow and pur¬ ple Eagle fans, Joey “the kangaroo 7 ' Whitcomb and Kent Summerfeld cheer the Northwestern football team on. Wisdom L NWSA Community Life Director, Mike Wilder, invites students to a Sunday Pot Blessing, 2, It was a warm moment viewed by North west¬ erners as Chancellor Berntsen embraced his wife, Beryl. 3. An excited Nancy Roszhart is led by escort Kevin Hamm after the finish of the corona¬ tion. 4. Dr. James Latimer spoke to the students during the Fall Spiritual Emphasis Week, 5, Presi¬ dent Ericksen shared some basic Bible truths to students to help them in their spiritual growth at the coronation service. 12 Happiness 5 L These two young ladies show the true happiness found in friendship, 2. Jt ? s easy to see from the smil- ing faces of Lisa Graf Missy Stoner, and Garcia Shindo that happiness is cheering for the NWC soc¬ cer team. 3. Members of the best dressed of North¬ western gather outside of Maranatha for a group picture. 4. Jeff " Spidey” Schroeder and Jeff " Mucken " Mier are caught offguard by the camera man, 5. Students enjoy a leisurely walk from Riley Hail 6. Happiness is watching the Northwestern Ea¬ gles make a tackle. 7. The traditional eagle helmet is a symbol of strength and courage- values that could he found in every aspect of the Eagle student body. 8, This friendly bird encouraged the Fans and team members throughout the fall quarter at NWC. Courage I. This Chicago Hears fan had the right idea when she went imgnilo after the Miami Dolphins defeated I he Chimin Hears ,18-21, 2. Although a dying breed at North western, this shaded mouse {Brian Bennett ) finds a way in escape the crowds outside Maranalha chapel. 3 Whether playing or relaxing like this North westerner, Penny Miller, students always find a way to take a break from studying. 16 Organiza tions i NWS A — Bringing Students Together As “One In Christ” This year the NWSA ' s theme was ‘‘One in Christ” taken from Colossians 1:2 3. The Student Association kept this theme in mind while striving to adequately meet the spiritual, social, and desired needs of the stu¬ dents through a great num¬ ber of activities. These fun events included Orientation Week, Homecoming, a Mi¬ chelle Pillar concert, and of course rollerskating every other Friday night The NWSA was really “on the move” in bringing students together as One in Christ 1. Row one: M. Hobbick-RA Rep, N Roszhart-NWSA Sec, M. Middleton - JR Pres, J, Elsberry-SA Dir. Row two: J Cimijolti-SO Pres, S. Boich-SO VP, J, Jankowski-Comm, L. LeGree-FR VP, B. Metzger-Asst SA Dir, C, House-SR VP. Row three: T. Montzka-Cmtr Rep, R + Genandt-FR Pres, M, Wilder-Comm Life Dir, K. Hannestad-NWSA VP, K. Hamm-NWSA Pres, M, Huffman-JR VP, Wilson-NWSA Advisor, D, Chevalier-RA Rep, B. Bennett-SR Pres 2. Doug Chevalier explaining the rules of Ring-A round-The-Rosie during Orientation Week. 3. Becky Metzger directing traffic during Freshman “move in day ' IS NWSA “Go Ye Into All the World The main emphasis of the Student Mis¬ sionary Fellowship was to challenge the students of Northwestern College to be¬ come actively involved in missions by keeping them informed about various mis¬ sion needs so that they would be able to more effectively pray for these needs. The organization also encouraged students to become involved through prayer and fi¬ nancial support by taking an offering that will help to support students who have decided to serve God on the mission field during the summer months. 1. Scoit Shippy shows E ecky Metzger something of great interest towards missions, 2, Row one: B. Metzger, D. Christiansen, L. Diers, J. Bleadorn. Row two: B. Danielson, D. Wright, M Gerber, J. Hem- mesch, T. Buege, T. Larson-Pres. t D. Traylor and S. Shippy, 3. Steve Paris in a native Japanese garment. SMF 19 I WVOE-Voice Of The Eagle I, Rich Bontrager, Program Director, checking up on the log sheets, 2. Looking for news on the AP wire is Scott Shippy. 3. First row: Phil Ward, Tim Zhorne t Joy Olson, Mike Richards Second row: Scott Skippy, Pat Brueske, Randy Gamer, Don Conklin, Rich Bontrager. Third row: Tony [’lack, Wendy Morgen week, Dale Helm, Brian Remiger, Todd Atwater. Radio Station WVOE is a spiritual emphasis for the college community It is run by students who are looking for experience in broadcast¬ ing. There have been some changes in the station this year, due to a new program director, Rich Bontrager. 20 WVOE n From Around The World The International Student Fellowship was formed in 1984 to provide the international stu¬ dents at Northwestern with special times for sharing fellowshipping, and having fun. It con¬ tinued its second year with members from twelve different countries and with the spon¬ sorship of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Pittman. Out¬ side of its monthly meetings, the organization took part in such activities as leading chapel and witnessing to other students at the Univer¬ sity of Minnesota. 1. Marcelo hard at work. 2. Front row: J. Waller, M. San¬ chez, Dr. Pittman, M. Long, S. Irie, N. Okayama. Kneeling: S, Meed, C. Blood, M. Miller, Mrs. Pittman. Back row: O. Thipavcmg, M. Baron, M. Chan, Y. Smith, B. Bracewell, R. Balziar, S. Ovikian, Not pictured: IX Alcott, C. Braun, D. Braun, S, Carey, L. Dagget, S. Hackman, S, Look, T, Ojoyeyi, K. Paulson, -I, Peters, D, Shore, D Venberg, I), Cox. Smiling Leaders Of 1985-1986 22 R.A s And R.D s f!J This year marked the arrival of a new resident director: Monica Groves (Moyer) and a move from Moyer to Hartill was by Jennifer Dreyer. Jennifer was also responsible for the first wing of third floor of Berntsen. Hank Ruetz continued to be the resident director for Berntsen. The residence assistants are the ones who help direct the activities in the student residences. They are just one of the many groups of Northwestern students who have leadership responsibilities on campus. Their duties include monitoring the residence buildings, conducting floor meetings and offer¬ ing a listening ear. They also meet for weekly and monthly meetings and plan a chapel and a social event for each quar¬ ter . I. Row one: P. Groeneweg, J. Dreyer (Hartill R.D.), M. Reynen A. Nickel, M. Baron, S. Meed, V. Dirks, How two: M Wilder, D. Braun, C. Langemeier, M. Hobbick, D. Chevalier, R. Korporal, J. Standafer, B. Patterson, M. Groves (Moyer R.D.), C. Gustaf¬ son, S. Carey Row three: S. Grant, M + Gerber, M, Christenson, M. Miller 2. Chris Gustafson has nothing better to do than stitchery. 3. Jeff Standafer tries to show off his muscles by carrying supplies and food into his dorm. 4. Michelle Baron is making her favorite meal. 3. Doug Chevalier leads a sharing time with other residents. 6. The three resident directors are clowning around during a chapel service. R.A.’s And R.D s 23 4 The Eagle The 1985-86 EAGLE staff put their talents to good use, putting in much time and effort to make the paper interest¬ ing and useful to the college community In addition to campus news and interviews, the monthly publication fea¬ tured news summaries, articles on various services available in the area, and chapel reviews 1. Ken Anenson works at the photo-typesetter. 2. The pieces are brought together by Daren Swanson. 3. The EAGLE staff: Jim Brandli, John Brandon, Ken Alien son-editor, Lisa Milne-type- setter, LuAnn Promnitz. Standing: Maria Sanchez, Jon Colombo, Burt Gmenhoim, Tim Kulla, Scott DeRuhr, Dale Ballew. Not pictured: Jim White, Jodi Jankowski, Dave Moore, Paul Sandman, Jeff Sanderson, Tim Grosch, Tony Brown-head photogra¬ pher, Dearen Swanson-pro¬ duction editor, Jennie Robb, Walt Baertecb, and Sharilyn K ratzer. 2 A Eagle The Scroll The SCROLL was put together by an am¬ bitious and creative staff that was once again advised by Mr. Beil by. Between the pres¬ sures of meeting deadlines, they had lots of fun and produced this yearbook with the in¬ tention of making it a tangible source of trea¬ sured memories for all who were a part of Northwestern during the ’85-’86 year. 1. The SCROLL slam Pam Seiler. Beth Plankii, Brenda Holte. Beth Kinne- copy editor, Joy Olson. Todd Ericson- head photographer Penny Larsen. Larae Net ten. Shelly (iardner, Sue Smith, Heidi Billslronveditnr, Marlene Tokay-assistant editor, Shelley Peter¬ son, Kathy Hallman, Jenny Oslrum. Not pictured: Linda Kuntie. Becky Ed¬ monson, Karen Berard. Pam Johnson and Dawn Johanson-typisL H 2, A layout is created by Larae Net ten. Joy Olson and Penny Larsen look through the contact sheets for the perfect picture. ■- K ost x, ' at r rf Scroll 2o tr O o n c e r t o ♦ 1 r L Back: R. Hane, M. Coy ne, J. Colombo, S. We ins, S. Nelson, R. Genandt, K, Crane, T. Brown, R. Hood,D. Lies S. Nauman, J. Brueske. I 1 . Brueske, S. Pinko, T. Jordan. Row 3: N. Herbranson T K, Anderson, B. Peterson, S. Shedenhelm, F, Watts, P. Muldner, B. Smith, C. Gray, R, Stoasz, I). Cox, S. Anderson, J. Richardson, T. Bender, C- Braun, L. Lindaman, Director; Richard Anthony, Row 2; K. Stonestrom, T. Foster, K. Holla, J. Pettman, L, Blom, L, Lechner t C. Bowdin, B. Lund, J. Peters, T. Grimm, J. Jankowski, Iv Cheshire, N. Robichaud, Front; L. Gone, B, Havener, A, Huestis, B. Nelson, D Erickson, D, Albertson. 2, Brian Goldenman emotes. 3. Dick Anthony-Choir Director. Well-known composer and contemporary singing art¬ ist Dick Anthony directed the highly acclaimed North¬ western College Concert Choir. This group dazzled au¬ diences with performances such as the successful Christmas concert production, “Behold Your King,” Dann Lies, Baritone, commented on the year: “I felt the highlights of our year were the Christmas Concert and our spring break tour to Florida. The Lord once again proved his faithfulness to us during our prepara¬ tion time and the performances.” nccrl Choir I I Back- R Martens R. Fruits, Row4: J. Hansen, R. Bauer, T. Sheets, M. Krueger, Johannsen, T. Atwater, C. Mullm, Row 3: j Western, J. Meyer, D. Novey, T. Stoll, R, Luvel!, J. Ost, N. Fisher, B. McDowell, J. Place, M. Hunke, Conductor Lynn Erickson. Row 2: S. Mertens, L. Morford, B, Bartko, J + Mclver, S. Morse, K. Wood, B. Clark, R Holty.J Johnson. Front: h. Caulkins, M. Mclver, J. Karges, A. Fixsen, 2. Dr. Lynn Erickson conducting. 3, Sandra Morse and Kan Wood perform " t on Spirito” on clarinet. Dr. Lynn Erickson conducted the Northwestern College Concert Band. These talented young musicians produced several performances and received much appraisal. Many of the band members are music majors seeking to make music their career. But the non-music majors have also honed their musical talents. The result is one incredible instrument — the band. c o n c e r t B a Concert Band Male Chorus - Sing To The Lord 1, Run Courtier Steve Hunt Brian Wikstrom sing praises unto God. 2, Dr. Kyle Wilson — Director of the Male Chorus. 3. Row 1: Dr. Kyle Wilson, J. Jankowski, T. Grosch, J Loeken, M. Honey B. Wikstrom, M. Erickson. T. Buege, Cr. Woods. Row 2: T. Ojoyeyi, J. C imijotti D. Nowak, G, HosTordt S. Grant, D. Carlson, S. Hunt, T. Zhorne, D. Spnmer Row 3: -3, Slandater, B. Troff, M. Terning E. Norman R. Beaver, R. Christenson, K. See man, M. Pugleberg. Row 4; P. Metzger P. Sandman, IX Isom, M. Lindgmi, M. Christenson D. Asprey R. Courrier. B, Hr ace well T Walsh, The Male Chorus put in much practice this year. Along with participating in the Christmas concerts, the Male Chorus sang in chapel and performed numerous concerts in area churches. The 33-voice chorus was directed by Dr, Kyle Wilson and accompanied by Debra Spomer, 28 Male Chorus Chorale - Ministering In Song This year ' s 29-voice women’s Chorale was under the direction of Roxanne Henderson The Chorale participated in many activities including “Christmas at Northwestern” and singing in chapel. The Chorale was accompanied by Celeste Hamer as well as other Chorale members. !, Row 1: S, Jacobson, K. Bohlen, J, Holtz, P. Warren, A. Crunk, U Hoch, R. Mattfeld, S. Lindstmm, S. Kyberg, Row 2: K. Lind, K. Weins, J. Norling, T. Maveils, C. rieze, J. Olson, K. Blackburn, K. Holmes, M, Frit ., M Shuey, Director Roxanne Henderson, C Hamer. Row a: K- Landsverk, M. Hi Lien, R. Gardner, B. Haase, K. Atkins, T. Anderson, M. Gerber, B. Pfanku, S. Larson, N, Job nson. 2. Wendy McConnell, Amy Crunk, Kayla Wiens, Jodi Olson and Lori Hoch announce the coming of the baby Jesus during Christmas at Northwestern. Ik Director Roxanne Henderson looks on as Kayla Wiens, Kay Landsverk, and Betsy Haase practice their singing skills. Women’s Chorale 29 t Abundant Joy Standing: Nathan Lundeen, Tom Dods, Jody Davies, Betsy Guder- ian, Britta Lund. Sitting: Brenda Gillett, Michele Baron. Not pic¬ tured: Director-Colleen Weekley, Ensembles Six ensembles represented Northwes¬ tern during the 1985-86 year. The groups shared their songs, skits, and Handbell Choir Director-Mary Lou Tidman, Mis¬ ty Kelm, Doreen Christiansen, Su¬ san Mensch, Holly Belter, Louise Eysink, Gretchen Haagenson, Ni¬ cole Shogren, Denise Wright New Beginnings Standing: Dan Nowak, John Han¬ sen, Janet Sentman, Penny Lar¬ sen, Angela Linder. Siting: Diane Malmberg, Kristal Holte Not pic¬ tured: Director-Daryl Timiner. Ensembles Promise Front: Miriam Larson, Michelle Nelson, Janell Omodt. Back: Sharon Carey, Susan Gardner, Connie Braun, Jolene filler. Not pictured: Director-Brian Golden- man, testimonies with numerous groups of people in several states. Their minis¬ tries encouraged many. Ensembles Rhapsody In Praise Singers: Back: Matthew Hallstein, Cindy Gray, Denita Johnson, Scott Nauman, Sarah Gilbertson, Timothy Spar. Front: Nathan Lundeen, Lisa Goris, Brian Gol- denman, Colleen Weekley, Tirzah Foster, Daryl Timmer, Dawn Joh- nanson, Criag King, Kirsten Bro- man, Bryan Dobson and the Mar- anantha Orchestra. Director: Wil¬ liam Berntsen. Resurrection Front: Tim Zhorne, Dale Helm, Scott Wei ns, Randy Garner, Jim Anderson, Dave Roby, Mike Foth, Mark Gullickson. Back: Kirsten Goida, Karen Meyer, Christine Meaders, Julie Norling, Dana So- derstrom, Ki m Atkins, Denita Johnson, Julie Pettman, Susan Gardner, Colleen McClanahan. Not pictured: Director-Carol Thomas-Johnson. Ensembles 31 ■£1133 32 Candida Activities The Sound Maranatha Auditorium came alive with Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “The Sound of Music” performed October 25th, 26th, 31st and No¬ vember 1st, and 2nd. Set in Austria in 1938, the musical centered around Maria as she found a life for herself outside the convent and discovered that “when God closes a door, He opens a window.” Carol Thomas- Johnson, director along with music director Bryan A. Dobson, and an ex¬ ceptional cast, crew, and orchestra, made every performance an exper¬ ience to remember. Of Music 3 A Sound of Music CAST Maria Rainer - Maureen Middleton Sister Berthe - Beth Galon Sister Margaretta - Deanna Trulson Sister Sophia - Jill Wilson Mother Abbess - Lisa Nagel l Captain von Trapp - Matthew Hallstein Franz - Scott R Nelson Frau Schmidt ■ Susan Gardner Liesl - Denita Johnson Friedrich ■ Jay Loecken Louisa - Laura Hopman Kurt - Cory Stern BrigiUa - Julie Norling Marta - Christie Pederson Gretl - Michelle Pederson Rolf Gruber - Dale Ballew Elsa Schraeder - Dianna Cox Max Detweiler - Mark Gullickson Herr Zeller - Ron Hood Baron Elberfeld - Steven Hunt Baroness Elberfeld - Britt Klingensmith Admiral Von Schreiber - Dale Helm CHORUS Kirsten Goida Dale Helm Krista! Holte Ron Hood Amy Huestis Steven Hunt Terry Jordan Merrilyn Long Scott A. Nelson Linda Pelzer Julie Pettman Scott Smith Pat Westerham Scott Wiens 1. The nuns wonder bow to solve a problem like Maria. 2, Captain and Maria together at last 3. Maria teaches the children how to sing. 4. Maria becomes the beautiful bride of Cap¬ tain von Trapp. 5. The von Trapp Family Singers in concert. 6. Max ponders whether the captain and Elsa ' s love will survive. Sound Of Music 35 Christmas Gala; A Festive Celebration There were no M bah urn- bugs’ 1 to be heard during this year’s Christmas sea son, for not one of us could evade the warmth and joy that was everywhere on campus. Christmas at Northwestern was made even more memorable and special with the produc¬ tion of the Christmas Gala, ' ‘Behold Your King.” The three perfor¬ mances, given December 12th, 13th and 14th, could be described as nothing less than spectac¬ ular with the combined talents of 150 Choir, Or¬ chestra, and Drama stu¬ dents involved (not to mention the time and ef¬ fort put in by the faculty)! And those who attended the banquets were further entertained by an espe¬ cially talented group of Madrigal Singers as well as performances by the Handbell Ensemble. Too bad Christmas only comes once a year! 1. The Gala Singers entertain with joyful music at the Christmas Banquet. 2. Tirzah Foster sings her solo on stage at the Christmas Gala. 3. Paul Wil¬ son, as the prophet Isaiah, bows before the Lord in prayer. L Kirsten Goida Dale Helm, as Mary Joseph and Greg Pooling, Dave Trip ha n, and Doug Martinson as the Three Shepherds reflect on the miracle of the baby Jesus. 5, Julie Pelt- man, in her gala costume, prepares to sing at the banquet. 6. Enjoying themselves at the Christmas Banquet, Chancellor and Mrs. Bernslein along with two other guests wait for the dinner to ar- Christmas Gala 37 Candids Chapel — Encouraging Us To Be 1. Dr. James Latimer speaking during Spiritual Emphasis Week. 2. The Carpenters Workshop provides an exciting time of drama and singing. 3. Dan Peters, along with his brother Steve, inform students of dangers of rock music. 4. Students gather by the fountain to share. 5, Tirzah Foster and Lisa Meyer sing “In His Love ' " in chapel. 6. Miriam Larson, Caylani Eiynck, Arline Bartel, and Rebecca Simonson concentrate on the chapel speaker. 40 Chapel A One In Christ Chapel time has meant various things to different people To some it may have been a time to catch up on sleep, finish homework or study for a big test For others, it may have become a time to concentrate on the speaker ' s words and apply them to their own lives or a time just for listening and enjoying the people who ministered to the student body, But most importantly, chapel time was a time when we, the students of NWC, could pause from our busy schedules to wor¬ ship the Lord and meditate on His word through the medium of speakers, singing, drama groups and sharing what was in our hearts. Chapel 11 Faculty Changes I 1 Several changes in the administration were noticabie this year. Mark Muska be¬ came the new Dean of Men and Charles Al- ing took over as the new Director of Minis¬ tries. They replaced Kyle Wilson, who be¬ came Dean of Students and Dwight Gunberg who became Dean of Faculty. Harvey Martin, in Bible, and Wade Wahl, in Psychology, completed the list of new fac¬ ulty, In addition, several part-time faculty became full time, and other professors worked towards or received their doctorates. 1, Mark Muska posing as his favorite student, 2. Tom Haiti len answers a question from Dawn Davis after class. l . Mark Baden and Lisa Benson working together on an art project. 42 Faculty 3 (-1 I V l- | | Winter is the time of year when we all feel the need to v 1 V r U ' T P | “escape” — go to Florida, California, or maybe Hawaii, ' l H l This year, as with every year, college students had to R ' se ule for something much less elaborate . . . Snow Daze, which lasted from January 15th to the 17th. The 15th gave the illusion that we were populated with medical students. Everywhere one looked there were students and faculty dressed in white. Drawing closer to the dream of getting away, students and facul¬ ty took on the look of Hawaii on the 16th. The final day of festivities involved a professor student look-alike day. Professors were seen in the hallways wearing jeans and sweatshirts while students dressed in suits and ties. I. Spring fever hits Mike Coyne and Paul Sand man 2. Dr. S hippy and Dr. Triphan making rounds in the NWC ward, 3. Will the real Valter Dunnett please step forward? Snow Daze: An Escape From Reality Snow Daze Sports Everything’s Coming Up Eagles Homecoming ’85 was an exciting time for all as we officially ushered in the new academic year. The festivities not only included the dress-up days, but numerous other events as well. One of these was Thursday night’s spirit-filled pepfest in which we cheered on our athletes. Then Friday we watched with anticipation and pride as Nancy Roszhart was named our new Miss Northwestern. The student banquet was that evening followed by a concert with Michelle Pillar. Tension mounted on Saturday with three im¬ portant games to be played. The volleyball team beat out St. Paul Bible College while the football team suffered a bittersweet loss of 6-7 against NWC of Wisconsin. And though the soccer team gave it their all, they also suffered a loss of 0-1 to St Scholastica, Saturday also included a special tribute and birthday party for a special man: Chancellor Berntsen. Phew! The flurry of activities seemed never- ending; and although our Homecoming lasted but one week, we were all left with memories to last us a lifetime. 46 Homecoming A I. Nancy Roszhart flashers her Miss Northwestern smile to the Homecoming football fans. 2. The Homecoming candidates and escorts in a playful pose: Jill Wilson, Doug Asprey, Judy Jankowski, Jeff Theune, Nancy Roszhart, Kevin Hamm, Jodi Lundquist, Dave Braun, Gracia Shindo, Brian Bennett, and Nea! Rich. 3. The football team in action against NWC of Wisconsin, i. Mr. Jerus makes a surprise appearance in the Senior ' s winning skit performed during the pepfest. 5. Walt Raertsch and Julie Beckstrom enjoying themselves at the student banquet. Homecoming I 1. “Don ' t get mad. Get glad!” says Lois Rese- land t Jill Haas and Julie Bleadorn on Room¬ mate Look Alike Day. 2. Two Northwestern students display the key to snappy dressing. 3. Jean Zaderaka and Kathy Fredeen show their spirit on Hat and Shades Day. 4. Barb Patter¬ son and Dawn Johansen try to be inconspic¬ uous as they walk to class, 5 Jeff Standaler models his Sunday best on Inside Out Day. 6. “So, what did she say when you asked her out? " 48 Homecoming X. I Dress For Success Homecoming week provided us all with the opportunity to show our spirit by participating in the various dress up days And show our spirit is exactly what we did! On Monday we got to dress like our favorite people- who else but our roommates! Then came Tuesday, of¬ ficially deemed Inside Out Day, and greatly appreciated by those of us who hadn’t done our laundry for awhile! Hundreds of Northwestern- ers went “incognito” on Wednesday and hid behind their hats and shades; and we will not soon forget Thursday as we had to wade our way through the sea of polyester. Yes, Nerd Day was quite a hit at NWC, allowing us all to be the fashion plates we really are. Last, but cer¬ tainly not least, was Friday, the day to sport our school colors of purple and gold. If we got a little crazy during the week who could blame us? It was only because we were filled with the enthusiasm that makes our school what it is: great! Homecoming 49 Football l, Kevin Hu mm attempts the impossible cat eh. 2. The offensive team gels set for action. 50 A 3. The 1985 Football Learn; Row one: M. Mossman, D. Tracy, B. Tanis, I). Geary, S. Gunderson, B. Davidson,T Klein, B. Borstonn, R. Feland. Row two: M. Stumbo, L. Bankers, J. Paradis, J. Wikstrom, P. Consenting, J. Greenberg, M. Fugleberg, J, Beil by, D, Lautner, J. Williams, C. Storbeck, A. Pipkin. Row three: J. Walker, B. Anne; Manager, D. Quebodeaux; Student Coach, N. Balzer; Asst. Coach, I) H Gustafson; Asst. Coach, M. Roehland; Head Coach, D. Land, J. Spook, D. Asprey, C. Reynolds; Asst. Coach, M. Carey; Asst- Coach, G + Paulson; Asst, Coach, D, Bair; Trainer, S. Larsen. Row four: B. Troll, K. Eller, R. Gatson, D. Washburn, L. Burg, P. Sola, 0. Olson, (I. Larson, -J. Lindahl, C, Stallkamp, B. Popp, P. Schaefer, C. Gordon, T. Farley. Row five: G. Nelson, K. See man, J. Gustafson, R, Hoefler, K. Danielson, £♦ Norman, S- Ostrom, M. Skoog, G. Nelson, K. Hamm, P. Budfeh. ' E. Pheal, T. Brooks, P. Wilder, E. Mostrom. 5. The 198? Football Cheerleaders: (top to bot¬ tom) D. Lutz, L. Shades, S. Haik, D, Nutt, D. Heck man n, A. Spraungel and J. Olson. 4. The Eagle tri- captains for 1985: P, Land, l). Asprey, and J, Spook, Soccer Team Flies Through Outstanding Season Yes, this years Bobs “headed” to Longview, Texas for Nationals. This was the first time the Northwestern soccer team had made it that far. The biggest disap¬ pointment this year was the loss of “Superstar” Kevin Kahle for the season to a knee injury. The team was 5-3- 1 during the regular season, adding three more wins in District playoffs. The Bobs travelled to Chicago for District Playoffs and were victorious. They defeated Olivet-Nazarene (home) 7-0, Greenville 3-0, and Grand Rapids Baptist, voted 1 in the nation, 2-1. All-conference awards belonged to Bobby Clatter- buck, Lee Nyquist and Travis Delzer. The team as a whole has great depth and play as a unit. Coach Craw¬ ford states very positively, “We have tremendous unity, but not uniformity,” Tim Grosch, the team captain, held the team together through his spiritual leadership. The guys took third in Nationals by defeating Asuza Pacific College 2-1. Their only loss in the tournament was to a very good Cederville team 1-0, While in Texas, they were also able to do some extra activities besides practicing and playing. They went shopping one day and bought boxer shorts, A relaxing moment did come in to their busy schedule, however, when they were able to sit around a pool and catch some rays (while most of us were snowed in at home). Now that it ' s over for this year, the city of Longview will have to wait until next year for the return of Baby face Wohler and lvis gang. 52 Soccer 1. The 1985 Varsity Soccer team: Row one: D. Venberg, ML Hoagberg, C. SchulUe, J. Stern, T. Grose h, L. Nyquist, K. Fernandez, W. Harder, R, Nessly, T. Morrell, M. Honey, Row two: Coach Crawford, K. Deach, D, Gillquist, D. Wilson P C. Garborg, C, Bierman, K. Paulson, P. Wohler, T, Delzer, R Clatter- buck, T. Montzka, B. Wilde, K. Kahle. 2 . “Soccer; IPs not a game of inches, it ' s a game of feet, " 3, The 1985 Jr. Varsity team: Row one: D. Venberg, M. Ericksen, S. Look, S. Swoboda, D. Lawless, J. Colombo, D. Todd, R. Nessly. Row Lwo: Coach Madsen, B. Wilde, D. Gillquist, S. Larson, D. Shore, R, Christenson, M. Kramer, T. Morrell, M. Honey. 4. Matt Hoagberg- Most datable guy on campus 5. “SKA-PA ' ’ 6. Pete Wohler setting up for the left-footed rocket. Soccer Volleyball 1 t i 1. Miroi Doran looks on as Sherri Kremer bumps a good one. 2. Jill Berber prepares to spike. 3. Pa¬ tiently waiting for the next serve are Lisa Wick and Brenda Dahl. 54 Volleyball Women’s Volleyball Spikes Again The Women ' s Volleyball team had quite a successful season and continually showed improvement They won a great percentage of their games, and when they did lose, it was to a close, well-played match. The Spikers advanced to districts in Illinois, where they quickly proceeded to the semi-final playoffs. However, a tough match against Trinity Christian College ended in defeat, closing the 1985 Volleyball season. 1. Kim Kelly, coach and Warren " Gerber Higley, Asst, Coach are encouraging their players. 2. The 1985 NWC Volleyball Team: Row one: N. Roszhart, C- Thompson, J. Berber, S. Krerner, J. Te ruing, E, Gordon. Row two: L, Wick, K. Kory, T, Epema, H, Miller, K. Johnson, L. Tams, Row three: Asst. Coach W. Higley, B, Dahl, M. Doran, A. Sehimming, K. Brouwer, J, Haven, Coach K, Kelly. 3. Tari Epema taps the ball over the net. NWC Eagles Men’s And Women CC Teams Soar With New Changes Cross Country 2. The 1985 NWC Cross Country team: Row one: Captain G. Brink-SR, D. Burkart- FR, L. Radcliff-FR, D. Roby-SR, M. Hill-FR. Row two: Coach D. Huffman, T. Smiths SO, L. Davis’FR, S. Nelsen-FR, G. Westberg-SR, 1. Freshman Lisa Radcliff, the " Lone Eagle,” crosses the bridge on her way back from the is¬ land at the Northwestern Invitational, 3. Captain Gary Brink, the team ' s top runner and an All- American, leads the pack at the Northwestern Invitational where he took 3rd place. Brink placed 31st out of 113 runners at Nationals, 4. New coach Doug Huffman, a veteran harrier, was co-captain and top runner as a Junior and captain his Senior year. 56 Cross Country Cross-country saw some major changes this year; one being a new coach, Doug Huffman, the rookie coach, combined the mens and wom¬ ens teams and moved with the team into Division I competition which is more competitive than the previous Division II level. Four returning lettermen, three of whom are Seniors, and four fresh¬ men, made up the men’s team of eight. However, Larry Davis was out said the guys were great and very for the last half of the season due to encouraging, injuries. The men ' s team finished 8th at Nationals out of 16 teams. Lisa Radcliff placed 31st out of 65 women at National competition. She consistently improved her times and had a good season. Being the only female was tough at first, but Lisa INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL The Kids Are Alright Grueling competition was often seen on the Rosebrook field as the Rebels, Avengers, GBU’s and Kids battled it out The Kids defeated the Rebels 37-20 in the year ' s intramural football championship game, which finished off an outstanding season for all the league teams. 1. The Kids and the GBIPs struggle to see who will come out on top. 2. An outstanding catch is made by Randy Gamer. 3 Scott Baker fakes out Jeff Slandafer. 4. Jeff Standafer makes a catch as his opponent quickly grounds his flag. Intramural Football 37 INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL The intramural volleyball teams displayed some outstanding skills this year. Dan Tracy and the rest of the “Sports” along with Dan Mertz and “Schinucks To You” boasted un¬ defeated seasons. Everyone who was involved had fun and the Christian attitudes were great. 1. Tracy Grimm bumps the ball as another team member looks cm, 2, Darcy Moe makes an important bump. 3. A team works together to score a point. 58 Intramural Volleyball INTRAMURAL AEROBICS Is There Life After Aerobics? Intramural Aerobics offered students a chance to unwind and release tension after a long hard day of lectures and note-taking. The classes were held four days a week and were led by Zoe Ann Zoebisch, Nancy Cavan¬ augh, Jodi Lundquist, and Judy Jankowski. Those who were daring enough to attend the I 75-minute sessions not only discovered the 1 true meaning of exercise, but also came to a greater appreciation of the healthy bodies God gave them. 1. “Raise your hand if you ' re sure! " L Beth Finne and Betsy Guderian contemplate whether or not there is life after aerobics. Women Eagles Shoot For Success £ 3 t s f Scoreboard Opponent NW 28 St. Cates 53 50 Augsburg 68 61 St, Ben ' s 62 48 Viterbo 69 32 St. Paul Bible 78 76 Bethel 60 53 North Central 83 50 North Central 86 62 River Falls 45 79 St, Scholastica 64 94 Concordia 57 58 DMLC 62 45 St. Teresa 96 31 Mr. Senario 84 50 North Central 85 75 St. Scholastica 68 56 Viterbo 71 Women ' s Basketball Women’s Basketball After two straight years of winning the Divison II title, the Women’s Basketball team went on to compete in a tougher divison — Division L With two senior starters, the team was strong on experience and shooting skills, giving them the strength they needed to compete in districts, This year’s cap¬ tains Pam Sheldon and Sherri Kremer, provided excellent leadership, as did top scorers Robin Bauer and Julie Lundberg. Pam Sheldon was also leading the nation in freethrows during the season with a whopping 87% as her record. Coach Dan Smith felt that the teams strongest point was their cooperating skills which brought out the best in everyone. In his words, “They would rather pass than shoot, " emphasiz¬ ing the teamwork which led to a successful season for the Women’s Basketball Team. 1. Row I: S. Mattinen, C. Swanson, J. Lundberg, P. Sheldon. S. Kremer, K. Kory B. Dahl. Row 2: Coach Dan Smith. Asst. Coach Kris Smith, K. Carlson, h. Collins, J. Karges K, Obermoller, R. Bauer, L. Watke. 2. Shooting for two is Lynn Watke. 3. Laurie LeGree cheers the Women Ea¬ gles on to victory. L Starter Kris Kory is intro¬ duced for the game. 5. Racing down the court, Julie Lundberg aims for the basket. Women ' s Basketball fil xvsx . ' AVAN I Men’s Basketball The 1986 Eagle basketball team came into the season with high expectations One goal was to win at least half of the games before Christmas. Having ac¬ complished a 6-6 record, the team went on to strive for the conference title. The team was led by co-captains Jeff Dahl and Neal Rich, along with Kevin Ewert, Kent Hannestad, Todd Olson, and Joe Doran. One characteristic that led to the Eagle ' s success was their depen¬ dence on each other. Reflecting on the season, Coach Bocken said, “The team has worked hard and reached some goals. We’re very happy with them and proud of them.” Eagle Basketball Soars 62 Men ' s Basketball Opponent NW 53 Moody 95 58 St. Paul Bible 83 82 Gustavus 76 52 Carleton 69 65 North Central 83 88 Sioux Falls 76 81 Huron 67 77 W art burg 81 92 Winona State 72 79 St. Scholastics 90 90 Bethel 74 81 U of M Morris 70 63 Concordia 65 73 Pillsbury 84 L Todd Olson, Kevin Kwerl, Jeff Dahl, Kent Hn finest ad, and -Joe Doran get psyched up for the game. 2, Coach Bocken sets up the leam strategy during a lime out J. A jump shot is pul up by Jeff Dahl. 4, Slam dunking the ball during warm-ups is Kent HannesLad, f . Joe Donut grabs the rebound among a crowd of defenders. fi. Fhe 1986 Men’s Basket ball team. Bow 1: K. Dahl. K. Rwert, 4 Dahl, Coach Bocken, N. Rich, K. So miner- I eld, D. fialheridge. How 2; 1’. Olson, S, Me Runnel, D. Hiehrter, J, Duran, K. Man- nestad, D. Rrkkson, J Dwyer, Coach Schroeder. Men ' s Basketball B. ' i XNi avVAX s N. xs Wrestling Sam Taylor preparing to wrestle and pin a Pillsbury opponent. Stan Miller breaking down his opponent to the mat. Eagle Wrestling Power f f J t i i The 1985-86 Wrestling team, coached by Dean Almquist, showed marked improvement over last year. The returning lettermen were all stronger than in previous years. The new additions to the team also proved to be of great help The Eagles competed against many opponents from larger schools. As captain of the team, Sam Taylor exemplified many aspects of a good leader. Ed Norman also helped out in the leadership area spiritually, as well as on the mat. Dave Geary and RIngo Burg both had an increase in the win col¬ umn and helped stabilize the team. And first year wrestlers Jim Brandli and Mark Mossman helped the team by wrestling with courage and a positive attitude. Stan Miller also gave the team an added spiritual dimension Doug Burkhart was the one to turn to when a little spark was needed to pick up the team. Taking down his opponent for a pin is Dave Geary. 64 Wrestling Row 1: (left to right) Sam Taylor, Jim BrandII, Mark Mossman, Doug Burkhart. Row 2; Kurt Torkelson, Ringo Burg, Ed Norman, Coach Dean Almquist, Dave Geary, Stan Miller. opp. NWC 21 Carlton 33 30 Concordia (St. Paul) 30 36 West mar 19 36 Gustavus 19 24 Hand me University 44 30 Pillsbury 24 38 Anoka Ramsey 9 15 Concordia (St. Paul} 21 29 Pillsbury 28 Wrestling 6 Cheerleaders Spread Eagle Fever Cheerleaders worked hard this year to boost team spirit. This involved several long grueling hours of practice be- sides all of the games. The Cheerleaders also promoted team spirit behind the scenes by sending team members treats and encouraging notes in their p.o.’s. They also got the school involved by post¬ ing game announcements around campus. Gracia Shindo, cheerlead¬ ing captain, stated that her goal for the team was “to be sharp-looking in their rou¬ tines in order to be good re¬ presentatives for the school, and to also look professional while cheering the team on to victory. " Overall, the cheerleaders were a significant part of Northwestern College by ig¬ niting team spirit, promoting team unity, and spreading " Eagle Fever " ! L The 198G Basketball Cheerleaders: Marsha Johnson, Steve Hunt, Sue Benson, Paul Wilder, Kresson Brouwer, Paige McConkey, Brad Henry, Donna Jenkins, Tim Zhorne, Carlyn Zesiger, Mark Kricksen, Gracia Shindo. 2, Debbie Nutt has the rhythm. 3. Basketball Cheerleaders surmount all odds. 6G Cheerleading Cheerleaders 1. The 1985 Football Cheerleaders. Row 1: Juile Olson, Debbie Nuitt t Dawn Heekmann, Sandy Haik, Diane Lutz. Row 2: Lynn Shalles, Anna Spraunge). 2, Beth Pfanku just won t quit. 3. The 1985 Soccer Cheerleaders: Row l; Lisa Graf f Nan Sentman, Suzanne Shedenhelm, Debbie Helland, Row 2: Gracia Shindo, Carlyn Zesiger + Melissa Stoner. 4. The 1986 Wrestling Cheerleaders; Denise Meyer, Suzanne Shedenhelm, Beth Pfanku, (back) Julie Olson, Cheerleading 67 HOCKEY CLUB Hockey Players Strive For Excellence The Hockey Club was made up of fifteen men with a common goal: to win each game that they played while demonstrating Christian attitudes. Because their time at the rink was limited, practice was not held. The players simply showed up each Friday night to have fun and to improve their skills as individuals. In the long run, the team hopes to become intercollegiate. L The 1985-8G Hockey Club: Back: Barry McLouth, Sieve Cummins, Mike Terning, David Andersen, Robert Munter, Kevin Burns, Chris Tjornholm. Front: Ted Grosch, Steve Larson, Bruce Davidson, Steve Firtko, Jay Loecken, Bryan Loecken. 2. Bruce Davidson is ready for action. 3. Kevin Burns strikes the puc vvhile opposition zooms in. 6t Hockey Club Intramural Basketball Intramural Teams Great Success L “One small leap for Intramural Basketball. " 2. “Watch this, another two points, " 3. “What do I do now? ' 5 4 “I got it!” “No, I got it!” Intramural basketball had a great turnout this year both for the men and women. Some of the men ' s top teams included: Roger’s Rejects, Hawaiian Punch, Eye of the Eagle Claw, and Kitchen Kleavers, Bucket Brigade and No Names were a couple of the women ' s teams. The key to the players ' success was the ability to have fun while participating in a sport they enjoyed. Inlramural Basketball 69 Intramural Broomball - The Broomball was on the move this winter. Twelve teams whacked away at Oasis Park, Sandcastle, and Lake Johanna. No major injuries occurred but several people experienced bruises, cold feet, and sore bottoms. Remarked Bob Popp, player for Broom County, “Broomball is an exciting and fun sport. The hardest part of the game is not being able to keep your balance on the ice.” The teams were divided into two leagues: Svenskis and Norskis, and they bat¬ tled it out either on Mondays or Thursdays. The main thing this sport required was for the player to “be good on his her feet.” Ask any player and they would tell you that intramu rai broomball was definitely the sport people were falling for. Sport People Are Falling For 70 Intramural Broomball 71 Students Freshmen i! A 1 ) i f I t Denise Albertson Robert Allen Cynthia Althaus Tracy Andersen Jodi Anderson Kristin Anderson Susan Anderson Kimberly Atkins William Aune John Baker Kevin Bakken Tracey Bannick John Bass James Beilby Holly Belter Tamara Bender Chad Bennett Karen Berard Craig Bierman Stephen Bjork Kathy Blackburn Lisa Blom Kristen Boerger Kari Bohlen Kimberly Bolton 72 Freshmen Freshmen 7H + 4 Debbie Bos James Brand I i David Brandt Lori Brown Jennifer Bruder Mark Bunish Douglas Bur kart Kathleen Butterfield Diane Carey Brian Carlson Michelle Carlson Becky Carter Susan Caulkins Marcelo Chan David Christensen Robin Christensen Ronald Christenson Jokl Christenson Doreen Christiansen Julie Clasessens William Clark Wendi Coleman Lisa Collins Jon Colombo Thomas Colvin Lisa Connor Daniel Coughlin Ronald Courrier Michael Coyne Kenneth Crane W B f Amy Crunk Laura Daggett Randy Dahl Jodie Dale Scott Daniels Brian Danielson Lewis Dankers Bruce Davidson Elizabeth Davidson Lawrence Davis Randy Davis Scott DeBuh r Lori Dean Linda Diers Becky Dixon Joseph Doran Julie Drake Paul Dunn Jonathon Dwyer Kari Eastlund Rebecca Edmonson Jolene Eller David Erickson Jennifer Evans Louise Eysink Sheila Fagerstrom Jodie Fair Timothy Farley Ann Farrand Amber Fedde 74 Freshmen Natalie Fisher Anne Fix sen Amy Forsyth Kirsten Fragale Katherine Fredeen Vicki Fredrickson Kerry Friesen Michelle Fritz Richard Froiland Gwyn Fromm Jonathan Garbison Rochelle Gardner David Gatheridge Richard Genandt Jill Giddings Todd Gjovik Elliott Golly Jon Goodrich Corey Gordon Erica Gordon Sandy Grimm Tracy Grimm Burton Groenheim Jeanette Grundeman Betsy Guderian Lori Gulliekson Janet Gustafson Sara Hackmann Paul Hagen Deborah Haggar 3 i Freshmen Karolyn Hall Katherine Hallman Ingrid Hallstrom Russell Hane Matt Hanson Wayne Harder Elizabeth Harrison Becky Havener Susan Hegstrom Deborah He Hand Lynette Hendrickson Scott Hendrickson Jill Herber Natalie Herbranson Kimberly Higgason Y Matthew Hill Michele Hillen Matthew Hoagberg Lorita Hock Keith Hoffbeck Brenda Holte Pamela Holty Julie Holtz Ronald Hood Laura Hopman Glenn Hosford James Hubert Andrew Hudson Amy Huestis David Hultstrand 76 Freshmen Diane Hurl hurt Sumie Irie David Isom Sheila Jacobson John Jankowski Lisa Jensen Sheryl Johannsen Nellie Johnson Jennifer Johnson Pamela Johnson Susan Kissner Britt Klingensmith Linda Knutie Charmayne Koch Melinda Kohl Marsha Johnson Roxane Johnson Kimberly Kahle Misty Kelm Lynn Keitel kamp Sharilyn Kratzer Laurie Kuder Timothy Kulla Evonne Kundel Gregory Larson Jody Larson Lisa Larson Steven Larson Dan Lawless Laurie LeGree Freshmen 77 Stephen Learned Laura Lech tier Daniel Lies Cindy Lilledahl Karen Lind Lori Linda man Angela Linder Susan Lindstrom Jay Loecken Tammy Lowe Britta Lund Devin Lund Julie Lundberg Allison Lykkegaard Michael Majerle Daniel Markworth Richard Martin Douglas Martinson Sara Mattinen Marjorie Mayer Colleen McClanahan Barbara McDowell Mary Mclver Sheri McKeever 78 Freshmen Karl McKiver Barry McLouth Melissa Medchill Rebecca Meissner Elisabeth Merrick Linda Meyer Trina Miles Heidi Miller Rebecca Miller Darcy Moe Wendy Morgen week Terry Morrell Donna Morrison Sandra Morse Ronald Mossberg Eric Mostrom Penny Mulder Roxana Mulder Cheryl Mullin Michael Mullin Robert Munter Fayth Murphy Scott Nelsen Beth Nelson Lori Nelson Scott Nelson Tali Nelson Rick Nessly Larae Netten Julie Norling i i Freshmen 79 Debra Nutt Kristen Ofaermoller Carla Olson Jody Olson Julie Olson Naomi Olson Julie Omodt Tawny Opp Jennifer Ostrum Sonja Palmquist Jon Paradis Jennifer Parker Mabel Patterson Wendy Payne Peter Paynovich Michael Penn Susan Perry Erik Peters Beth Peterson Christie Peterson Darla Peterson Mari Peterson Shelley Peterson Beth Pfanku Earnie Pheal I Kimberley Pierson Jamey Place Anthony Plack Kimberly Plath Vicki Poison SO Freshmen Freshman 81 Gregory Ponting Robert Popp Paul Poynter Shelley Rachner Lisa Radcliff Kristen Rentz Lynette Resch Julie Reseland Michael Richards Julie Richardson Jennifer Robb Andrew Roberts Nicole Robiehaud Donovan Roth Lisa Sandberg Paul Sandman Donald Sattler Jackie Saunders Debra Say Teri Schaefer Cynthia Schiefelbein Janna Schmidt Kristin Schroeder Terry Schultz Pam Seiler Janet Sentman Jill Sethney Carolyn Shaffer Lynn Shades Suzanne Shedenhelm 4 Nicole Shogren Dacia Silrum Anne Skiff Karen Skoof Sarah Small Brenda Smith Rick Smith Donna Snustead Kenton Sommerfeld Debra Spomer Craig Stalikamp Cynthia Stewart Chad Stilp Barbara Stoesz Jolene Stoltz Melissa Stoner Kristen Stonestrom Curtis Storbeck Matthew Sullivan Jacquelin Sumakitis Carrie Swanson Scott Swoboda Bruce Tanis Julie Terning Gudom Thipavong James Thomson Marlene Tokay David Triphan Erik Troff Elaine Tucker 82 Freshmen David Venberg Christine Vrieze Michael Vroman John Walker Brian Wallin Joseph Walter Pamela Warren David Washburn Lynn Watke Tiffani Watts Heidi Wentzel Lisa Wermager Bethel Wessman John Westurn Jon Wheeler Gregory White Kayla Wiens Scott Wiens Brian Wikstrom Jonathan Wikstrom Paul Wilder Deborah Willits David Wilson Matthew Woetzel Jenny Wolner Jalene Wolterstorff KariWood Dawn Woods Thai Xiong Bee Yang Freshmen 83 I Not Pictured Diane Alcott Julie Magnuson Shelley Bannick Paulette Meyers Russell Beaver Kirk Militzer Jeffrey Eidsvoog Philip Murray Lisa Fensterman Penny Naegeli i 3 i : ij i H | Jennifer Filler Robert Peterson Jeffrey Folsom JoAnne Prigge Douglas Fredrick Marta Rusten m Thomas Graves Mike Schimming 1 ; f Theodore Grosch Scott Swenson David Harding Wendy Thorsell ) James Hayden Daniel Triplett Judy Herre William Trussed i Catherine Jensen Joseph Whitcomb Vickie Johnson David Williamsen Jill Lekson Pamela Lovaas Ruth Zaspel i Freshmen Sophomores Shawn Aherns Krista Alsum Brent Amundson David Andersen Bethany Anderson Elizabeth Anderson Karen Anderson Todd Atwater Barbara Aune Walter Raertsch Barbara Bartko Robin Bauer Julie Beckstrom Michelle Beer Charles Benson Lisa Benson Heidi Billstrom Cynthia Bixel Rhonda Bjurlin Susan Boich Richard Bontrager Jolene Borchardt David Bos Bradley Bracewell John Brandon Sophomores 85 86 Sophomores Rolf Christenson Tonya Chrysler Jerry Cimijotti Lorine Clatterbuck Debra Clements Ronald Briese William Brinkman Kresson Brouwer Anthony Brown Jeffrey Brueske Deborah Brunsell Karen Budensiek Paul Budish Timothy Buege Lance Burg Julia Campbell Dee Ann Carey Kelly Carey David P, Carlson David R. Carlson Kristin Carlson Linda Carlson Luanne Carlson Peter Carlson Susan Carlson Beth Caton Nancy Cavanaugh Kathryn Cheshire Douglas Chevalier Brad Christensen I Donald Conklin Steve Cornish Paul Cossentine Russ Couwenhoven Dianna Cox Brenda Dahl Scott Dallow Sonja Danielson Travis Delzer Rebecca Dettmann Jeffrey DI timer Beverly Ekanger Kyle Eller Teryl Epema Kevin Ewert Brenda Faldet Daniel Farm Kevin Fernandez Tiffany Finnamore Elizabeth Finne Steven Firtko Julie Foss Kristie Friesen Patti Friesen John Fry Susan Gardner Aunrico Gatson David Geary Sheila Gehl Marlys Gerber Sophomores 87 t t J J I 3 ; Ramona Gibson Lisa Giere Kirsten Goida Michelle Gorman Lisa Graf James Greenberg Timothy Greenside Steven Gumbrill Christine Gustafson Gretchen Haagenson Betsy Haase Daniel Hailing Celeste Hamer Schellie Hansen Denise Hanson Stephanie Haugen Bradford Henry Donald Hiebner Jane Hockmuth William Beefier Julie Hofer Kathleen Holmes Kristal Holte Mark Honey Mark Huffman Steven Hunt Barbara Hutchins Heidi Jellison Barbara Johnson Bruce Johnson 1 88 Sophomores Melissa Johnson Terrence Jordan Kevin Kahle Joy Karnes Craig Keillor Melanie Kingston Douglas Koland Lynette Kremer Michael Krogstad Bradley Kruger i John LaBarre Cheryl Laansma John Laansma Doyle Land David Lange Curtis Langemeier Jennifer Larsen Scott Larsen Daniel Larson Sheila Larson Denise Leaho Rebecca Lemmon Lauri Lindquist Stephen Lindskov Sophomores 89 ' r 1 3; i i i ) ) t Luci Logelin Merrilyn Long Stephen Look Ruth Lovell Nathan Lundeen Diane Malmberg Tiffany Manchester Sandra Martin Rhonda Mattfeld Teresa Maveus Scott Mayhak Wendy McConnell Suzanne McDaniel Kathryn McKinney Steven McRunnel Christine Meaders Heather Mendel Susan Mensch Becky Metzger Denise Meyer Jeffrey Meyer Karen Meyer Lisa Meyer Bradley Miller Brenda Miller Ryan Miller Melody Molskness Timothy Montzka Lyn Morford Mark Mossman 4 90 Sophtimores Karin Nauber Bruce Nelson Patrick Nelson Daniel Nowak Diane Nygaard Nancy Ohden Thompson Ojoyeyi Christopher Olson Kathie Olson Janda Ordal Scott Ostrom Sonya Ovikian Kim Pansch Lon Pardun Stephen Paris Dana Paulson Scott Pelot Linda Pelzer Kelly Peterson Scott Peterson Julie Pettman Judy Pierson Anthony Pipkin LuAnn Promnitz Lori Quinn Jay Redington Julie Reinhold Brian Remiger Anita Renner Susan Ryberg Sophomores 91 1 i J U 1 ' h Scott Sage Ann Sanderson Timothy Sawier Deanne Schlaeger Laura Schmitt Thane Sheetz Scott Shippy Daniel Shore Rebecca Simonson Mark Skoog Sheri Smith Susan Smith Thomas Smith Dana Soderstrom Peter Sola Paula Sorenson Jeffrey Standafer Leslie Steile Tracey Stoll Michael Stum bo Cynthia Swanson Penny Swanson Michael Terning Carolyn Thompson Jeffrey Thompson Michele Toby David Todd Janet Townsend Doug Traylor Deanna Trulson J ' 92 Sophomores Chad Ulferts Carlton Voelker Wendy Wagar Philip Ward Anne Watkins Amy Webber Jeff Weiberg Patrick Westerham Marlene White Lisa Wick Beth Wilde John Williams Daniel Wilson Peter Wohler Denise Wright Timothy Zhorne Not Pictured Kristen Boerger Sheri Delich Gary Frederickson Daniel Gelling Elizabeth Harrison Chris Radtke Brent Waiwaiole Sophomores C X Juniors Brent Adams Jeffrey Alford Blake Anderson David Anderson James Anderson h I i 1 Judy Anderson Mary Bakke Michele Baron Susan Benson Wendy Bjerke Catherine Blood David Blood Jennifer Bomstad Cynthia Bowdin Thomas Brooks Patrick Brueske Julia Bryant Sharon Carey Colleen Carlson Denise Carlson Mark Christenson Mark Conlin Steven Cummins Cynthia Dahl Jeffrey Dahl 94 Juniors Kevin Danielson Dawn Davis Richard Domsten Marie Doran Jeffrey Dutton Caylani Eiynck Juliana Elsberry Todd Ericson Robert Feland Jonathan Fenton U li Laura Finnamore Tirzah Foster Corey Franks Roy Fruits Randall Gamer Chris Garborg Brenda Gillett Douglas Gillquist Sheila Gilman Julianne Gorham Sarah Green Pamela Groeneweg Darci Grundyson David Gruthusen Karen Gunberg Peter Gunberg Sandra Haik Matthew Hallstein Kevin Hamm Kent Hanneslad Juniors 95 John Hansen Susan Hanson David Harrison Dawn Heekmann Lena Hedblad Shannon Hilde Mary Beth Hobbick Brian Holm Fame 11a Hultgren Melissa Hunke John Iaffaldano Judith Jankowski Mary Ann Jarvis Donna Jenkins Georgina Jibfaen Kenneth Jibben Daren Johnson Von da Johnson William Kidd Diane Kinney Thomas Klingbiel Timothy Knutsen Roxane Korporal Kristin Kory Paul Krahn Mark Kramer Melanie Krueger Margaret LeClair Jeffrey Lindahl Mark Lmdgren % Juniors Jeannette Lindstrom Bryan Loecken Gregory Lund Janine Lundgren Jodi Lundquist Diane Lutz Mary Anne Marty Diane Mathieu Suzanne McConnell Jeanne Mclver Suzanne Meed Paul Metzger Maureen Middleton Marilyn Miller David Moore Greg A, Nelson Greg D. Nelson Michelle Nelson Virginia Nelson Andrea Nickel Sharia Nitsch Eve Nordick Edward Norman Lei and Nyquist Juniors 97 Paul Opseth Jim Ost Mary Otterness Judy Paradis Barbara Patterson Kent Paulson Vonda Pearson Janet Peters James Peterson Judith Pollard Naomi Okayama Catherine Olsen Craig Olson Joy Olson Todd Olson — 1 93 Juniors Jana Roberts Nancy Roszhart Maria Sanchez Annette Schimming William Schnobrich Jeffrey Schroeder Kent Seeman Mary Lou Shuey Scott Smith Anna Spraungel Donald Stauffer Jeffrey Stern Daren Swanson Peggy Swanson Bonnie Szymanski Not Pictured Juniors 99 Kimberly Clements Jerome Connor Kathryn Engstrom Michael Foth Nancy Krueger Christopher Melander Nancy Raiehe Christopher Schaefer Stephen Skeie Daniel Svardal Lisa Tan is Samuel Taylor Nancy Terrill Daniel Tracy Brian Troff Tammie Vogel James White Michael Wilder Jill Wilson Zoe Ann Zoebisch Seniors Ruth A1 bus Douglas Asprey Debbie Beier David Braun Becky Clatterbuck hi fi Jody Davies Valerie Ewert Hoyt Finnamore Glenn Geigler Scott Grant Cindy Gray Timothy Grosch Mark Gullickson Jonathan Gustafson Julie Hemmesch Russell Jones Timothy Klein Bonni Larsen Bruce Larsen Mark Larson Dan Lautner Jennifer LeBlanc Randall Martens Kelvin McCarthy Danny Mertz iJ 100 Seniors Rod Metzger Koua Moua Boni Nelson Darren Olson Marsha Reynen Neal Rich David Roby Richard Schumann Micheal Steffens Cory Stern Karin Swanson Paul Thompson Troy Williams Lorie Wold Not Pictured Seniors 101 Class Of 1986 s Mb . % 1 (? ; _ w ji$% d - w sH I %v Vdiv 1feKa - _ iS. m Ross Allen Aalgaard R,A. Ministries-Social Science Minor Fargo, North Dakota Adele Louise Anderson B,S, Physical Education Elementary Education Newman Grove, Nebraska t V l Bruce David Anderson B S Business Long Prairie, Minnesota Kenneth j, Anenson B.S. Communications Syracuse, New York William T. Bah mu tier B.S. General Business Administration George, Iowa Scott Dwight Baker B.A. Minis tries Business Minor Little Canada, Minnesota 102 Graduates Dale Alan Ballew A.A. Commercial Art East Dundee, Illinois Rhoda M, Balzer B.S. Elementary Education Monrovia, Liberia Arline Grace Bartel A.A.B. Backus, Minnesota Brian Ray Bennett B.S. Management Wmdom, Minnesota Elizabeth C. Bergstrom A.S.V.B. Secretarial Science Des Moines, Iowa Gerald Best B.S. Christian Education Youth Ministries Hinckley, Minnesota Rebecca Jo Bjurlin Julie Ann Bleadorn Connie Braun A.S.V.B. Secretarial Science, Legal B.S. Office Administration B.S. Accounting Music Minor Richfield, Minnesota Des Moines, Iowa St. Catharines, Ontario . Graduates 103 . - -——--—- ™- —.. i |. |. ,i,l ,r— - s 7 Gary J, Brink B,S, Youth Ministries Christian Education Silver Bay, Minnesota ■ Kirsten J, Broman B S Music Education St Paul, Minnesota Beverly Joan Brubaker B,A. Communications Zion, Illinois r. Robert Kevin Burns Debra A Calkins Kevin Patrick Callaghan B A. Business Administration Bible Certificate B.A. Biblical Studies White Bear Lake, Minnesota Rock Rapids, Iowa Minneapolis, Minnesota Barbara Jo Chamberlain B.A, Music Minnetonka, Minnesota Rebecca S, Chapman B.S. Elementary Education Pardeeville, Wisconsin Dale John Christensen B.S. Elementary Education Evansville, Minnesota Graduates Ann M. Cowan A,S«V.B. Secretarial Science Ankeny, Iowa Scott F. Davidson Kelly JoLayne Deach B.S. Business B.A. Christian Education Roseville, Minnesota Rochester, Minnesota Brian Deem Benson Den Hartog Valerie Lynn Dirks B.S. Youth Ministries B.S Ministries B,S + Physical Education Stillwater, Minnesota Hastings, Minnesota Lustre, Montana Bryan Austin Dobson B.S. Music Education Lake City, Minnesota Thomas W. Duds B.S. Commercial Art Mount Vernon, Washington Debra Dunstone Bible Certificate Minneapolis, Minnesota Graduates 105 Barry W. Durkee B.S. Youth Ministries Elk River Minnesota Brad Dykstra B.S. Custodial Arts Worthington, Minnesota Valerie Ann Ebert B.S. Elementary Education Kilkenny, Minnesota Kory James Eller B.S. Business Administration Radcliffe, Iowa Mark D. Ericksen B.S. Social Science New Brighton, Minnesota Dawn Erickson Bible Certificate Minneapolis, Minnesota Randall Ray Folkerts B.A. Pastoral Studies Stemboat Rock, Iowa Lorraine Fredrikson B.A, Biblical Studies Bemtdji, Minnesota Barbara Jean Friday B.S. Social Science Minneapolis, Minnesota 106 Graduates Bradley Dean Friedlem B.S. Youth Ministers Willmar, Minnesota Mark A. Fugleberg B.S. Business Management Caledonia, Minnesota Susan C, Gardner Bible Certificate St Paul, Minnesota Susan Kathryn Geerdes B.S. Accounting Music Minor Bloomington, Minnesota Mark Alan Gerber B.S, Management Underwood, North Dakota Sarah Ann Gilbertson B.S, Broadcasting Clyde, Wisconsin Brian Kent Goldenman B,S, Music Education Zimmerman, Minnesota Lisa Goris B.S. Music Education Willmar, Minnesota Jill Ann Haas Bible Certificate Anoka, Minnesota Graduates 107 Judith M. Hoven G, Craig Howse Scott Hoyles A,S V,B. Secretarial Business B.S, Accounting B.S. Accounting Administration Woodbury, Minnesota Ogilvie, Minnesota Ada, Minnesota 108 Graduate Ruth Anne Harmon Associate in Arts and Bible Huron, South Dakota Dale A. Helm B.S. Broadcasting Mountain Lake, Minnesota Rachel M. Hautamaki B.S, Broadcast! ng Commumcations Plymouth, Minnesota David C, Henderson B.S, Accounting Baldwin, Wisconsin Randy G, Heinsch B.A. Pastoral Studies New Brighton, Minnesota Christine E. Holm A.S.V.B. Secretarial Science Maplewood, Minnesota Steven Lane Jennisch Dawn Louella Johanson Christine L. Johnson B.S. Youth Ministries Christian Education B S. Office Administration B,S. Business Administration Duluth Minnesota Des Moines, Iowa Brooklyn Center, Minnesota Denita Louise Johnson B.S. Social Science, Psychology Maple Grove, Minnesota Karlene Kae Johnson A.S.V.B. Secretarial Science George; Iowa Todd R. Johnson B.S. Business Administration Pine City, Minnesota Craig T King Rachel Diane Klebs Charles A. Knutson B.S. Accounting B.S. Church Music-Christian Education B.A. Ministries Solon, Ohio Minor Ashby Minnesota Bertha, Minnesota Graduates 109 • ® — . ---- . ———-- ■ , 1 L — ■ ■_ — Sherri Yvonne Kremer B.S, Accounting Aurora, Nebraska Nancy Kay Krueger A.S.V.B. Business Administration St Anthony, Minnesota Kay Lynn Landsverk A S V.B. Secretarial Science Fosston, Minnesota Catherine Sandra Lee A.S.V.R. Commercial Art Broadcasting East Bethel, Minnesota Brent Alan Letterman B A + Youth Ministries Richfield, Minnesota 110 Graduates Miriam J Larson B.S Youth Ministries Salem, South Dakota Penny S. Larsen A.S.V.B Secretarial Science Racine, Wisconsin Anthony J. Larson B.S, Social Science Robbinsdaie, Minnesota Debbra A, Larson B.S Physical Education Zion, Illinois j tt; Stanley Ray Miller B.A. Pastoral Studies Waverly, Iowa Shelly Lynn Metzger B.S. General Business Administration Bristol, Illinois Michelle Miller B.S. Elementary Education Minneapolis, Minnesota Lisa Beth Milne B.A. Commercial Art St. Paul, Minnesota Susan Mertens B.S, Elementary Education M usic Minor Chisholm, Minnesota Lisa Dawn Miles B.S. Elementary Education Pardeeville, Wisconsin 112 Graduates Penny J, Miller B.A. Social Science Garner, Iowa Todd W. Mullinax B.S. Commercial Art Social Scinece Minor Bird Island, Minnesota Karen E. Meyer A.S.V.B. Buisness Administration New Hope, Minnesota Bryan Murphy B A. Pastoral Studies St Paul, Minnesota Torrey John Nelson Bible Certificate Ogema, Wisconsin Donna M. Novey Bible Certificate Marion, Iowa Bruce Alan Norgaard B.S. Journalism Madelia, Minnesota Stephen Kwasi Opoku B,S. Accounting Moimdsview, Minnesota Linda K. Paetznick B.A. Biblical Studies Minnetonka, Minnesota David B, Newton B.A. Pastoral Studies ' Gibbon, Minnesota Janell Lynn Omodt B,S. Social Science, Psychology Houston, Minnesota Brian Lee Partridge B.S, Broadcasting Annandale, Minnesota Graduates 113 Susan Quick A.S.V.B. Secretarial Science Bloomington, Minnesota David E. Quehodeaux B.S, Business Administration Woodbury, Minnesota Debra Lynn Pott B.S. Business Administration Waukegan Illinois Don Redinger Linda K. Reed Loralyn Sue Reinders B,S. Business Administration B.S. Christian Education B.S. Elementary Education Theif River Falls Minnesota Apple Valley Minnesota Cornell, Wisconsin Lois Thelma Reseland B.A, Social Science Minneapolis Minnesota Sara R. Ruckelshausen A.S.V.B, Business Sioux Fails South Dakota Ronald J. Sachs B-A, Social Science Psychology Isanti, Minnesota 114 Graduates 1 An r Jeffrey R. Sanderson Clay A, Sehultze Nan Sentman B.S. CommunicationS ' Journalism Minor B.S. Business Management B.S. Business Education Cambridge, Minnesota St. Paul, Minnesota Edina, Minnesota Pamela Rae Sheldon Lori Lynn Sheplee Stephen C. Sheridan B.S. Accounting A S V,B. Secretarial Science B.A. Pastoral Studies Shoreview, Minnesota Huntley, Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota Gracia Megmni Shindo Rachael Kristine Silrum Yvonne Smith B.A. Communications B.S, Social Science, Psychology BA. Biblical Studies Marshall, Minnesota Omaha, Nebraska St, Paul, Minnesota Karen C. Soukup B.A. Youth Ministries Christian Education Bloomington, Minnesota James Michael Spock B.S. Social Science St. Paul, Minnesota Michelle Tayon B.S. Elementary Education Roseville Minnesota Timothy Spar B.A- Biblical Studies Pastoral Studies M i n istries Cedar, Minnesota Joy Amanda Swanson A.S.V.B. Secretarial Science Legal Woodbury Minnesota Lori lee K. Thayer A.S.V.B. Secretarial Science Forest Lake Minnesota David R. Spence B.S. Business Administration Eau Claire, Wisconsin Tammy Jane Swanson B.S. Elementary Education Forest Lake Minnesota Jeff Theune B.A. Youth Ministries Sheboygan, Wisconsin 116 Graduates Kurt Ward Torkelson Bible Certificate Fergus Falls, Minnesota Janet L, Tremper A.S.V.B, Secretarial Science Gurnee, Illinois Daryl Leon Timmer B.S. Music Education Jackson, Minnesota Colleen Janette Weekley B.S. Music Edina, Minnesota Gene Randle Westberg B.S. Social Science Bloomington, Minnesota 117 Marilyn Renee Twist B.S. Christian Education Long Frairie, Minnesota Blaine Willis Vedder B.S. Social Science Estherville, Iowa Diane L. Wiley B.S, Social Science, Sociology Newton, Iowa Graduates Timothy Brian Walsh B.A. Social Science, Psychology Duluth, Minnesota Paul Hutchens Wilson B.S. Ministries-Christian Education Recreation Minor Roseville, Minnesota Kimberly K. Wood B.S. Elementary Education Roseville, Minnesota Gabriel Lynn Woods B.S. Communicatbns Mimstries Baytown, Texas Garrett W, Anderson B.S, Christian Education Two Itivers. Wisconsin Todd A. Banik B.S, (bmmunicatiorWBrimdcustina Minor Wausau, Wisconsin Joseph Brandenburg B A. Christian Education Roseville. Minnesota Chandra F. Breen B.A, Ministries Missions Minor Si. Paul. Minnesota Robert D. Clatterbuck B.S, Christian Education St. Paul, Minnesota Daniel P. Flaherty A. S.V.B, Business General Business Minor St. Paul, Minnesota Jeffrey Habich B. S, Business Lagawe, Ifu ao Philippines Kathleen K. Kiemele B.S. Element ary Education Ashley. North Dakota I oug McConnell B.A Pastoral Sludies Missions Big Lake, Minnesota Kevin J. Nordstrom B.S. Social Science Duluth, Minnesota Nannette E. Meyer B.S. Music Education Min neaped is, M i nnesol a Julie A, Strand B.S, Social Science CluijueL Minnesota David K. Strops B.S. Business Wheaton. Illinois Melissa A. Thomason B.A. i omtmmicnlions Langua e laterutore Minor M i imeapol is. M i nnesol a Ann K. Huot B.A. Christian Education Red Lake Kails, Minnesota 11 Craduates 120 Candida Administration Anita Tomlinson President’s Secretary Andath Gatten Chancellor’s Secretary Dr, Donald Ericksen President Dr. William B. Berntsen Chancellor Kurian Parayil Senior Vice President Institutional Advancement Gene Kordick Vice President Public Affairs Dr. David Ondercin Vice President Academic Affairs Lyle L. Guhl Vice President Finance and Business Affairs Board Of Trustees Mel Johnson Chairman Judge James Knutson Vice Chairman Arlow Carey Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Donald Ericksen President Kx Officio Dr. William B. Berntsen Cha nee I lor Harry E. Atwood Wallace E. Burg Dr. Ivar Blomberg Harold L. Bronson Dr. Wesley H. Burnham Ernest Collingham Robert J. Cutshali Vernon M. Eide David R. Grosz Harris H. Hanson Robert Hubbard George R. Mellin Paul J. Sentman Eldon Sorenson Jay G. Sudenga Rev. Paul G. White George M. Wilson 122 Administration Jan Bomstad Secretary Kerri Joyce Wang Operator Conrad Sorvick Associate Director Development Norman State Associate Director Estate Planning Trudi Thompson Word Processor Department Of Institutional Advancement Kurian Parayil Eleanor Anderson Alumni Relations Director Ralph Anderson Director Of Admissions Richard Blatchley Financial Aid Director Department Of Public Affairs Gene Kordick Joe Parayil Prim Shop Dawn Schwartz Financial Aid Assistant James Stiner Financial Aid Assistant Naomi Bloom Media Coordinator Peter Buckles Public Relations Director William Crawford Admission Counselnr SoCCer Coach Sue Hiestand Admissions Office Manager Jeff Huber Alumni Secretary Doug Huffman Admissions Technician Cross Country Coach Eva Kordick Public Relations Secretary Kelly Krieger Public Relations Commercial Artist Diedre Meyer Admissions Counselor Heidi Morrill Admissions Counselor Lavina Terhark Financial Aid Secretary I -2-1 StalT Verna Halvorsen Associate Dean Of Students Beverly Hintz Music Division Secretary Mary Lou Hovda Associate Librarian Barbara Kahle Athletic Department Secretary Dalisay Lentz Records Office Assistant Physical Education Secretary Christopher Martinan Security Sheila Osterhoudt Director Of Library Services Nancy Post Records Office Mary Pyche Library Assistant Richard Roos Seen rity Henry Ruetz Rerntsen Resident Director Linda Rust Serials Librarian Eileen Berntson Blatchely Registrar Celesta Bleeker Ministries Extension Coordinator Wylma Buckles Faculty Secretary Jennifer Dreyer Resident Director French Bonita Ericksen Placement Secretary Glenn Geithman Bookstore Manager Monica Groves Moyer Resident Director Dwight Gunberg Dean Of Faculty Academic Affairs Support Personnel Dr. David Ondercin David Bair Athletics Corinne Benedict Academic Affairs Secretary Marion Bildsoe Placement Coordinator Jeannine Sachs SiuclenI Development Office Manager Joan Schroeder Records Office Sharon Schroeder Division Of Education Office Manager Siri Smith Director Of Health Services Not Pictured: Len Breen Security Joe Flaa Security Norma Spencer Robertson Student Center Receptionist Kyle Wilson Dean Of Students Director Of Male Chorus Dr. Ch. Aling History Christian Ministries Dr. Wm. BeVier Bible Dr. Philip Beatty Physics And Math Full-Time Faculty Jerry Beilby Media Specialisl Biology Wayne Benedict Creek Di reel nr Of Housing Security Kathleen Black English Melvin Boehland Athletic Director Foot ha 11 Coach Ron Bocken Admissions Counselor Basketball Coach (Men} Dr. David Clatterbuck Christian Education Dr. Walter Dunnett Bible Dr. Michael Eagen Chemistry Natural Science Social Science Robert Elfstrum Accounting William Eppright Malhmatics And Computer Science Lynn Erickson Music Bonnevieve Fenton Music Staff Faculty 125 Thomas Hainlen Psychology Sally Harris English, Communications Division Chairperson Charles Herman History Robert Jerus Business, Business Division Chairperson David K. Johnson Bible David L. Johnson English Del Roy Johnson Biology Norman Kaupang Commercial Art Kevin Lasley Physical Education Barbara Lindman Physical Education, Division Of Education Chairperson Richard Long Broadcasting Philip Lueck Bible Floyd Martin Art Harvey Martin Christian Education Samuel Mason Business Mark Muska Associate Dean Of Students Susan Naegele Elementary Education Joan Ondercin Secretarial Science Dr. David Osterlund Music Dr. Samuel Pittman Bible Maxcine Posegate Music Dr. Robert Posegate Education And Christian Education Charles Reynolds Physical Education Football Assistant William Robinson Mathmatics F 12t Faculty Donna Samelian E1 e m e n i a ry Ed ucal i cm Dennis Schroeder Physical Education Assistant AI hlei ic Director Coach Kristine Smith Physical Education Virgil Smith Business Carol Thomas-Johnson Drama Timothy Tomlinson Broadcasting Richard Tremaine Speech Wade Wahl Psychology And Counseling Not Pictured Stephen Grunlan Anthropology James Smith Computer Science Linda Wendler English Robert Adney Music Richard Anthony Music Mark Baden An Part-Time Faculty Edward Blomberg Spanish Ruth Georges Ensligh David Gustafson Coach Ruben Haugen Music Roxann Henderson Music Timothy Johnson Music Priscilla Lueck English Janet Moors Director ()! ' Student Teaching Faculty I Arlene Pyche Office Administrator Douglas Reader Music Leone Snyder Education Claire Wesloh Sociology Mary Wilson Music t 1 ii 1 Not Pictured: Not Pictured: Dean Almquist Wrestling Coach Dorothy Anthony M usic Lloyd Buckles Business Mary Chamberlain Music Wayne Dalton Music Mary Duncan Music Timothy Everett Business Michelle Finnestad Music Roger Frisch Music Mark Gold Bible Thomas Gullickson Music Mark Henderson Music Beverly Holmgren Office Administration Sally Huntington Music Lanny Johnson Bible Larry Kauffman Music Cheryl Kelley Music Suzanne Krause Legal Secretary Julie Madura Music Gail O’Neil Music William O’Neil Music Roger Palms Journalism Howard Reitz Music Barbara Reynolds Education Richard Sehirmacher Music Willard Scofield Journalism Dennis Smith Business Quentin Smith Business Mary Lou Tidman Music Tony Trimble Business Jeanette Vought Sociology Scott Wallace Accounting Department Of Finance And Business Affairs Lyle L. Guhl Gerald Baden Vehicle Maintenance Richard Bentdahl Operational Services Joseph Brandenberg Campus Facilities 128 Faculty Staff Lori Christenson Food Service Carol Dahl Receptionist Candiss Delcastillo Post Office Assistant Switchboard Paula Eveland Receipt!ng Qua 1 ily Co n troI Jeffrey Evensen Fine Arts Coordinator Drama Lighting Warren Fall Building Maintenance Superintendent Douglas Fields Management Information Assistant Manger James Flaa Food Service Supervisor Michael Flaa Food Service Supervisor Sylvia Flaa Food Service Vonnie Folsom Business Secretary Purchasing Joyce Gerten Student Accounts Supervisor Eugene Gjerdingen Management Information Coordinator Barb Greenside Business Service Coordinator Joyce Hammar Receipting Secretary Archie Hanson Budding Maintenance Bertie Ha rrison Receipting Supervisor Little Jo Hernandez Operational Services Craig Ingraham Assistant Cook Kristi Johnson Accounts Payable Payroll Assistant Shirley Johnson Accounts Payable Payroll Supervisor Mary Kvanvig Gift Receipts Clerk Philip Lacher Accountant Julie Launderville Cafeteria Cashier Staff 129 1.10 Staff Marilyn Lindman Student Loan Collect Officer Ruth Litynski Special Events Assistant James McGuire Food Service Danny Miller Operational Services John Mitchell Building Maintenance Bruce Nelson Operational Services Duane Nordvold Building Maintenance Timothy Overweg Fine Arts House Manager Glen Peterson Engineering Grounds Supervisor Bryon Plucker Evening Cafeteria Manager Timothy Sand Post Office Supervisor Glenyce Sheetz Cashier William Spooner Building Maintenance Daniel Stoltz Accounting Manager Kevin Thompson Operational Services Daniel White Food Service Manager John White Special Events Director Laurel White Head Chef Lois White Food Purchases Food Service Secretary Susan Willis Mail File Coordinator Q " T k v ‘) AT % ’ Justin Wilson Operational Services Supervisor Staff Not Pictured Nathan Batzer Brian Jacobson Grounds Mai nlena nee Storeroom Clerk Ass ' t Football Coach Christopher Komarek William Bond III Boiler Engineer Food Service Julie Magnuson . Daniel Brunsberg Cafeteria Cafeteria Cook Susan Magnuson Joseph Fry Food Service Cook Boiler Engineer Allan Marshall Robert Jacobs Grounds Maintenance Banquet Chef Kevin Robinson Boiler Engineer Spring ’86 Spring 131 o h pa iJ j Softball Swings Into Action First How; H, Meissner, L. Wick, L. Thompson, -L Schmidt, K. Soukup. I . I .arson. C. Zesiger. J. Pollard. Second How: AssT„ Coach S. May- hak, Ass’t Coach I). Johnson, IX Poll M. Doran, S. Green, S. She- denhelnt, K. Skooft, 1), Dahl. Coach 1). Johnson, A. Fedde. Not pictured; A, Sanderson. 132 Softball Eagles Take To The Field First ff ttv-f. Williams, D. Quehodeaim. -h Hu¬ bert, Cb Pooling, C. Langerneir, 1 Cnssenime, Second How: D. Gruthusen, IX Hailing, ft. Couwenhnven, C. Olson, M- Mussman. D. Swanson. Third How: Ass ' L Coach D. Schroeder, J. Anderson, S. Baker, J. Shroeder, I Budish. S. Cumin ins. Coach C Reynolds. Baseball bit PQCcOHW h-IJ .) 3i i Running The Race Men ' s Track First Row: D. Triphan, J. Jankowski, S. Larson, G. Brink, M. Hill. Second How: T. Smith, S. Nelson, L, Berg, C. Storbeck, P. Sola, L. Davis. Third Row: E. Troff J. Spoek, E. Norton, Coach N, Balzar, Ass’t Coach B. Wald, C. Slilp R. Couri¬ er, K. Sommerfold. Women ' s Track First Row: C. Swanson, A. Mueslis, J. Bleadorn, J, Olson, L. Raddiff, M, Johnson. Back Row: Ass’t Coach N. BaLar, C. Olson, I.. Collins, N, Johnson, N. Olson, A. Renner, Coach B. Wald. 134 Track tj Sports I.M. Sports Offer Alternative To Varsity Drama Presents A Dinner Theater 136 Dear Ruth ]. Members of the Dear Ruth cast include: {front rove) T. Manchester, D. Martinson, L Hopman t T Norling, K. Holte, N. Herbransoti, K Goida, T. Ericson, Back row: C, McClanahan, M« Gullickson, D. Cox, D, Helm, M. Hallstein, 2, Miriam contemplates her next political move, 3. The Andrews sisters salute the 1940 s, I, Harry Wilkins relaxing alter a hard day. 5. PVT Bill Seawright tries to woo Ruth into his web of love. 4 . The Wilkens family amuse themselves over the discovery of Ruth ' s supposed secret love life. 7. “Two hundred boxes of crackerjacks " exclaims the Wilkens maid, Dora, after discovering PVT Seawright ' s gifts of love, ! 37 Dear liulh 1. Governor Quie challenged the graduates. 2. Graduates march on. 3. Sen¬ iors leave their mark hi chalk. 4. Mixed emotions. 5, Mel Johnson, Board Chairman, congratulated Gabe Woods. G. Dal Hal lew hat intact, received Chancellor Bcrntsen s blessing. 7, Colleen Weekely ate a can on the Taylor ' s Kails trip. i m Graduation 4 As the 1986 school year drew to a close, seniors look advantage of Senior Skip Day to spend some time with their classmates. Although the weather was wet, it did not dampen their spirits as they anticipated graduation. The actual commencement occurred on May 24. Governor Quie gave the commencement address, while Kirsten Broman and Brian Bennett each gave their testimonies. The program climaxed with the presentation of the diplomas. An¬ other milestone was passed for each stu¬ dent in the class of 1986 Graduation t ' - I 1986 SCROLL STAFF Heidi BHlstrom Editor Marlene Tokay, Assistant Editor Beth Finne, Copy Editor Dawn Johanson, Typist Todd Ericson, Head Photographer Susan Smith, Photographer Jerry Beilby, Advisor John Brandon Karen Berard Becky Edmonson Shelly Gardner Kathy Hallman Brenda HoUe Pam Johnson Linda Knutie Larae Net ten Bruce Norgaard Joy Olson Julie Olson Beth Pfanku Shelley Peterson Shelley Rachner Melissa Stoner Photo credits: Jerry Beilby Peter Buckles Laura Daggett Hoyt Finnamore Jim Flaa Karolyn Hall Lisa Larson Maria Sanchez Brian Wallin Closing 140 i I ] I

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