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. 1983 Scroll Northwestern College Roseville, Minnesota 55113 Contents Activities 16 Organizations 26 Athletics 36 People 46 ,, one of the most distinctive sights on campus. Perched atop Na¬ zareth Hall, the tower stands out as a reminder of the heritage of the North¬ western College campus, whose ground and buildings have always been dedi¬ cated to training people for the Lord’s service. It was first a Roman Catholic seminary, and then, in 1970, Northwest¬ ern took possession of the site, The tower ' s red tiled roof and Gothic cross add a touch of Southern European grandeur to the naturally beautiful campus. The Romanesque architecture calls to mind pictures of the great buildings erected in the time of the Re¬ naissance and Reformation, Not merely beautiful the tower is symbolic of strength and protection. In times and civilizations long past, towers were built so that people could see enemies approaching and could better defend themselves, Towers were also used as a show ' of the might or glory of the civilization. To have a tower was to have security 4 As a Christian community, North¬ western looks to the Lord Jesus Christ as our tower. He alone is our strength, our protection, our sure defense from the Enemy, and our only reason for glo¬ ry. In Him alone, we are secure. 6 i " 4 for thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the en¬ emy. " Psalm 6U Tower for Us As Christ is a tower for each of us individually, we are to be towers to each other, giving strength and en- couragemenL The theme chosen for this year by the NWSA Senate, " Raised up to serve ' is a challenge that must be met if we are to follow the leading of our Lord and Savior. Being a " tower " to someone else may involve sharing our time, our talents and abilities, maybe even our money, but it is always a shar¬ ing of Christ ' s love, which is present in an ever-abundant supply 10 A Tower for Others Northwestern ' s tower is its most visible piece of architecture to those outside the campus. From across the lake, the tower with the cross on top catches peoples ' attention and often arouses curiosity as to what the college is like and what makes it special. In the same way, we must strive to make Christ, our tower, the most visi¬ ble part of our lives to those who don ' t know Him. There should be a quality of life in us that should arouse curiosity as to what we have that is special. As tall and strong towers, Northwestern stu¬ dents can " show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of dark¬ ness into his marvelous light. " {[ Peter 2:9) 12 " Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. " Matthew 5:16 IB Therefore ... .,. prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled: set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed. As obedient chil¬ dren do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you doj for it is written: " Be holy, because I am holy ' I Peter M3-I6, N1V 14 " To him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy — to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power, and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forever- moreJ Amen. " Jude 24-35 THE TOWER ... Activities 17 The first week of school is always an exciting and confusing time When it is also your first time away from home for an extended period of time and you are suddenly living with a total stranger (or maybe two of them!), the excitement and confusion only multiply, Northwestern ' s student personnel department made it their goal to make this transition time as painless as possi¬ ble for all involved- Roommates were introduced, and R.A s had activities for their floors. A skit night displayed the talents (?) of many of the student leaders. And who could forget the joys of standing in the registration line for Help! I’m in college! Upper left: Rita Carter and Mary Cheeney begin a new year at " the zoo " Upper right: Denise Bodin experiences the frustrations of getting back inio Ihe habit of studying. Lower left: After weeks of waiting the phones finally arrive at the resi¬ dences! Lower right: Craig Berg and Rita Berwald discover the joys of patience in the registration line. I S Orient at ion two hours, or Mr, Gtinberg’s orienta¬ tion speeches? Through all of the varied activities of the week, a basis of fun and fellowship was set that continued throughout the year And where did it take us? Page through this book and see .. . Dr. Ralph Neighbour, an alumnus of Northwestern ' s class of + 5I, shared his heart in chapel services during Spiritu¬ al Emphasis Week at the end of Sep¬ tember. His messages were centered on the practical theme of servanthood, which should be expressed through the evangelism of our fast-growing world, as well as through submission (volun¬ tary slavery) to our Lord. Much of his impact came from his warmth and openness with the stu¬ dents " Uncle Ralph " shared the story of his own personal struggles during his time at Northwestern as a student, and he was available to the students for pri¬ vate counselling. The week concluded in an exciting and inspiring way as many students went forward to pray with one another and to share commitments that were made to the Lord The Parable of the Good " Neighbour” Top piciures: Or. Ralph Neighbour chapel speaker for Spirilual Emphasis Week. Bottom; The special week concludes with a Sing and Share service in the student center. Spiritual Emphasis Week 19 The Great Family Reunion Upper left: Pep band member Glenn Geithman, Upper right: Mike Schwartz and Bryan Carey, members of the dixieland band, play at the pool- side reception, lower left: Set for the snap, lower righl: The soccer cheerleaders add some spirit to the pepfest. Homecoming is always a thrilling time at Northwestern, and this year was no exception. The theme for all the events was " Family Reunion ' and that it was. Many former Northwestern stu¬ dents returned to join in the homecom¬ ing activities. Six former " Miss Northwestern " re¬ presentatives returned to take part in the presentation of this year ' s Miss Northwestern, Sheila Krerner, who was announced at a special ceremony held in Maranatha Hall A punch reception 20 Homecoming was held after the program, followed by a pepfest in Riley gym. Students had a chance to show their school spirit on Friday by wearing pur¬ ple and gold. That evening however, they changed into more formal attire Upper left; Football cheerleader Mary Hains gives her support. Upper rights Ray Miller and the new Miss Northwestern, Sheila Krerner, announced their engagement at the Homecoming banquet. Bottom; The Miss Northwestern court and es¬ corts: Dave Jensen. Mary Krahn, Todd Wallace, Sonya Gilbertson, Jim Boline, Ray Miller, Miss NW Sheila Krerner. Debbie Jacot, Jon Hess, Marcia Severson, Doyg Huffman. to attend the Homecoming banquet in the Blue Room. After the banquet, many students attended a concert by Chris Christian in Maramatha followed by a poolside reception in the Eagle ' s Nest. On Saturday, the football Eagles suf¬ fered a sad defeat to Pillsbury Baptist, but the soccer team defeated Viterbo 4-1 later in the afternoon, cheered on by a group of " Soccer Rowdies " from years past. The weekend was capped by a con¬ cert in Maranatha Hall featuring alum¬ nus Gordon Magee. The conclusion at the end of all events was that it had been a good family reunion, with the promise of an even better one at the Lord ' s return. Homecoming 21 Cheaper by the Dozen " Cheaper by the Dozen,” a comedy showing the lives of a large and very unique family, was performed Novem¬ ber 4-6 in Maranatha Hall. This very funny, and at times very moving play, tells of a family with □ kids and a father who is an efficiency expert. He applies |_ 4 J Si : ■pr- J ‘ fl! his business methods to the raising of his family with some very hilarious and embarrassing results! This play, directed by Miss Carol Thomas, featured 17 cast members, and was helped to success by a large crew of behind-the-scenes people. Top left; seated: Kerri Joyce, Heidi Morrill, Den¬ it a Johnson Lori Nodolf Dan Mosher, Standing; Dave Roby, Dale Lewis, Mike Foth. Top righr A young suitor {Dale Helm) attempts to make his move toward an unwitting Anne(Deniia John¬ son), Bottom left: The father (Tim Qverweg) in¬ spects a pair of silk stockings that his daughters daringly brought into the house. (Bottom rights Cheerleader Joe Scales (Dalen Johnson) raises a riot in the house. 22 Fall play Directed by student Tim Overweg, ' ' Androcles and the Lion” was per¬ formed in the Gold Room on February 3-5. Its cast of eight humorously por¬ trayed the ancient story of how an act of kindness helped to save the life of Androcles the slave. Top lefh The boastful captain (Malt Hallstein) gets a lecture from the miserly Pantalone (Dale Lewis). Top right; Androcles (Duane Peterson) becoming the supper of the Lion (Dalen Johnson). Bottom left? The young lovers Lelio and Isabella (Tim Reed, Sarah Tjorithom). Bottom right: Katy Olson introduces the play. Androcles and the Lion 23 Youth Conference COLLEGE With over 200 high school students in attendance, the annual youth confer¬ ence was termed a success by NWSA Vice President Jon Hess. The featured speaker for the confer¬ ence was Ken Carlson, who challenged the entire student body in Friday morn¬ ing ' s chapel service. He also spoke in several sessions with the youth confer¬ ence guests, as well as at a special Sing and Share on Friday night. The guests stayed with students in the residences for two nights and had the opportunity to visit classes, thus getting a first-hand look at what life at Northwestern is all about. 24 Youth Conference Winter need not be a time of drudg¬ ery and isolation, and Sno-Daze week¬ end again proved that students can beat the winter blah ' s by participating in some strange and unique activities. This year, Sno-Daze was a TW1RP weekend, meaning The Woman Is Re¬ quired to Pay, Possible choices of ac¬ tivities included a student talent show, basketball game, ice cream social, snowball eating and snow sculpting contests, as well as two dress-up days. Top left! Host Timmy” Tosch congratulates Ha waiian dress-up winner, Bob Barmore. Boilom left; Todd Ertsgaard and Dale Lewis perform in ' Leave it to ReVier, Part 2 ' at the Sno-Daze tal¬ ent show. Right: Braving the winter cold, Mark Shoberg gets into the spirit of Hawaiian Day, Sno-Daze 25 Sno-Daze! ■ THE TOWER ... Organizations 27 Top: Dave Jensen. NWSA President. Lower left: Kim Higgins. Social Activities Director. Lower rig hi l Row h Dave Strope, Jon Hess, Sabe Woods, Todd Wallace. Sherri Hacked. Carmen Benny- hoTf, Row 3: Randy Bennett, Kim Higgins, Jcriann Almquist, Debbie Nelson, Joel Lilyqubt. Row $. Mr. Gunberg, Dave Jensen, Ryan Soderstrom Ro¬ land Mossberg, Jim Boline. Mark Aakbus, Servanthood Demonstrated ' ‘Raised Up to Serve " was this year ' s theme of the Northwestern Student As¬ sociation and they demonstrated that theme by their work throughout the year. This organization represented all students and was involved most direct¬ ly with student life and activities on campus. The six members on the NWSA sen- ate, elected the previous spring, were Dave Jensen, President; Jon Hess, Vice-President; Debbie Nelson, Secre¬ tary; Todd Wallace Community Life Director; Jim Boline, Communications Director; and Kim Higgins, Social Ac¬ tivities Director. There were also ten student representatives, elected by the student body in the fall, that met with the senate and other students. 28 NWSA Goers-Senders Challenging students either to be a missionary or to help support a mis¬ sionary was the purpose of the Student Missionary Fellowship. One way in which SMF helped mis¬ sionaries already out on a mission field and students going out on summer mis¬ sions was to take offerings every Fri¬ day during chapel. This money was used to support mission work. The objectives of SMF were to be informative, to help Christians grow, to establish prayer groups and prayer let¬ ters and to be cross-cultured stewards for God, SMF 29 Top: Row I: Lisa Berwald. Word Processing: Gary Gislason, Presidents Pam Jewell, Publicity, Row 1 Paul Lindenberg, IVCF representative Monica Kruger. Assistant: Tammy Berdahl, Secretary: Gary Brown, Treasurer Lower lefl: Pam Jewell and Tammy Berdahl. Lower right: Gary Gislason, Male Chorus The Northwestern Male Chorus con¬ sisted of 35 voices in four part har¬ mony, directed by Dr. Kyle Wilson. The chorus had a busy schedule singing in the Harvest Sound concert in the fall with the band, the Christmas cantata with the combined choirs and orches¬ tra, and also singing for chapel. The male chorus sang for churches during the year and went on an ex¬ tended tour after graduation, going south toward St. Louis and east toward the coast. Dr. Wilson commented that last year ' s choir experienced a really fine " revival team ' This year’s choir has also had several good preachers in the group. Their ministry has been expand¬ ed by the formation of a quartet group from the chorus. Commented Dr. Wil¬ son, " The whole male chorus goes out with a musical crusading spirit. " Row I: Dr. Kyle Wilson, Philip Chapman, Dale Christensen, Erie Bergeson, Grant Bowman, Stan¬ ley Miller. Steve Clark. Tim Stevens, Charles Knutson, Bruce Bennett, Kirsten Brennan. Row 2 , Ronald Sachs, Todd Conkright. Paul Wilson, Craig King. Percy McCoy, Dave Nelson, Mark Fugleberg, Gary Bennett, Brian Bennett, Steve Jennisch. Brad Iverson. Row 3 = Joel Lilyquisi, Bruce Anderson. Kenny King, Scon Baker. David Fischer. James Johnson. Kevin Nordstrom. Doug A prey. Craig Cedar, Tim Walsh, Eric Birky, 30 Male Chorus Row h Patricia Christiansen. Jody Davies. Lyrv nette Christiansen. Laura Pierce. Beth Fratike + Brenda Florell. Janell Omodt. Row 2: Suzanne Krause. Karen Iszler, Miriam Larson. Cheryl Hen¬ ry. Gay Vogel. Valeric Fuchs. Ruth Albus, To God be the Glory Growing spiritually, socially and musically was the main goal of the Women ' s Vocal and Handbell Ensem¬ ble. To the 13 member ensemble, being in lhe group has meant dedication, re¬ sponsibility. and concern for others. Through this understanding, they be¬ came a closely knit group and were able to feel what the others were doing while they were together. This year the ensemble had an ex¬ tended tour during spring break. Dur¬ ing the nine day tour they enjoyed sight-seeing and fellowship with one another in the Michigan area. Another short tour included a weekend trip to North Dakota. Weekends throughout the year included Retreat and Rehearse get-togethers. Women ' s Ensemble 31 Concert Band The excitement and thrill at the foot¬ ball and basketball games, the throb of musical instruments at a concert, and the steady beat and sound of contem¬ porary songs were all brought out by this year ' s band. The Northwestern College Concert Band, a 40 instrument ensemble under the direction of Dr, David Osterlund, practiced together to perform con¬ certs and tours throughout the year. In the fall, the Homecoming pep band was formed, consist ing of about 60 stu¬ dents and alumni. During November, the band played in the Harvest Sound concert. The theme for the spring tour, " O Worship the King,” was presented in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin; Moline, Illinois; and at Moody and Wheaton Colleges in the Chicago area. Row . Connie Heikes, Patty Eng, Rachel Klebs, Alexia Jamison. Naomi Norgaard, guest Gail Grubbs. Row Cliff Olson, Kristen Boerger. Deb Aning, Barb Johnson, Brenda Tanis, Sharon Weller, guest Darlene Swanson, Trish Christian¬ sen, guest Beverly Speake. Sheila Deo. Shari Win, Caroline Hansen, Calvin Anderson. Grace Franze, Carrie Stewan, Row h Dale Lewis, Suiy Ortquist, Bryan Carey, Kent Johnson. Monica Kruger, Doug Fields. Robin Moser, Karri Ortrnan, Eric Langford. Dr.Osterlund, Lynn Erickson. Row 4: Glen Larson, Michael Sprecher, Dan Bleekcr, Lori Fischer, Ran¬ dy Martens. Wayne Wclander. Mike Schwartz. Judy Tieszen. Eric Larsen, Bonnie Davis, Glenn Geithman, Alan Marshall. 32 Cancert Band Row I : Mr. Richard Edstrom, Rachel Silrum. Kristi Anderson. John Walker. Dawn Palmberg. Sam Hanson, Linda McAllister, Steve Steddom. Julie Greener. Brian Johnson, Pamella Hultgren, Rob Osterlund, Jayne Friesema, Chris Maher, Row h Denila Johnson. Judy Considine, Mike Grandy, Kelly Krieger, Dave Henderson, Jewel Healy, Joe Druckemiller. Nannette Reseland. Wayne Sawatsky. Kathy Peterson, Brian Fuglcberg, Mary Krahn, Kaye Karlsrud. Row 3: Janelle Brask, Sonya Gilbertson. Brian Goldenman, Rhonda Dolphin, Mark Kennedy, Amy Roach, Bryan Dobson, Daryl Tirnmer. Colleen Weekley, David Madison. Vicky Pavlis, Mike Cameron. Dawn Ncwmann, Cheryl Logemann. Row 4; Norma Foiles, Lynene Holm. Kevin Loecken, Sandra Carlson. Kevin Krieger, Julie Snustead, Judy Woeste, Sieve Hazel, Nancy HeglundSue Smallidge, Chris Martinson, Michele Penn, Brian Partridge. Gait Maher. Cindi Jacobs. College Choir The Apostle Paul said, " May the God of all steadfastness and encourage¬ ment grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together with one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ " (Romans 15:5-6). The 55 members of the Northwestern Col¬ lege Choir are one in their committ¬ ment to Christ, and one in their desire to develop their skills to present the Gospel in the most effective manner possible, In the fall, the choir presented six performances of the cantata, " Dawn of Promise. " They joined together with the other choirs and orchestra to per¬ form " Maranatha; Behold He Cometh ' the Christmas concert in Maranatha Hall, The two spring tours allowed the choir to minister in Duluth, Minneapo¬ lis, Baraboo, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa. The final spring concert, with guest soloist David Ford took place on May 14, followed closely by the annual choir banquet and singing at graduation. Again, the unity of spirit and resolve knit the choir into a unit dedicated to singing God ' s praises. College Choir 33 Ensembles berg. Middle lefts New Life Quartets Kevin loecken, Cindy Gray. Bob Nelson, Ke¬ vin Krieger, Tim West. Middle right: Adoration: Cheryl Henry Lynnette Christiansen, Patricia Chris¬ tiansen, Valerie Fuchs, Jody Davies. Bottom: Abundant joy: Dawn Neumann, Becky Neal Chris Martinson, Gail Maher, Carol Jayne Nelson. Sherri Roll¬ er, Daryl Tlmmer; Jill Applegate. Carl¬ ton Anderson. 34 Ensembles Top: New Beginnings: Gary Brink, Sue Lush. Sandy Carlson, Karin Heng, Steve Steddom, Becki Williams, Dawn Palm- Eagle S Scroll Interviewing people, writing articles, and taking pictures were only part of the jobs that the staff from the Eagle (newspaper) did to put out ten issues during the school year. The Eagle usual¬ ly came out every other Thursday and was distributed to NWC students, alumni, colleges in the midwest, and prospective students. The big improvement of this year ' s production over other years was the use of the Compugraphic typesetter, using a larger variety of sizes for let¬ ters. It was a learning experience for everyone, and they commented, ' We may not be perfect, but we try. " Eagte, Row h Lori Pollard, Jennie Carlson, Mary Kennedy. Row 2; Jim Boline, Assoc. Ed. Greg Pe¬ terson. Managing Ed. Jan Butler. Typesetter Su¬ san Wald. Row 3= Reid Brown. Brenda Sonnen- berg. T-M. Brown, Susan Schwabe, Not pictured: Production Ed. Brian Tanning. Scroll, Lori Fischer, Dawn Wiens. Suzy OrtquUt, Editor Sandy Kimball. Todd Conkright. Gary Brink, Wayne Welander, Asst, Editor Brent An¬ derson. Not Pictured: Leslie Shogren, Lori Eick- stadt. Rushing to meet deadlines, organiz- ing pictures and making sure that pages were finished on time were some of the responsibilites of the yearbook staff. With the help of advisor Mr. Jer¬ ry Retlby, the Scroll staff worked many hours to get pages completed early so that the yearbook would be delivered and distributed before graduation in the spring, with a supplement to follow. All of the staff members invested a lot of time placing pictures on pages, interviewing people, writing copy and designing pages for the Northwestern Scroll so that students, faculty and ad¬ ministrators could have a book that re¬ presented the school year. Eagle 6 Scroll 35 THE TOWER ... Athletics 37 I Eagles ... Gonna Fly Now! Linder the leadership of head coach Mel Roehiand and his coaching staff the mighty Eagles rose to a season re¬ cord of 5-4. Six seniors and the efforts of team captains Dave Gustafson Joe Wilkin and Joe Sullivan encouraged the rest of the team to their main focus of unifica¬ tion — a unification both on and off the field. ,T Our goal was to be a positive spiritual influence on the rest of the school ' said Coach Boehland Although the Northwestern Eagles did not win the conference title, they did defeat Mt. Senario, who eventually did take that title. Another important highlight of the season was their victo¬ ry over Loras College, which was one of the best rated teams in the nation. Row 1: S. Taylor, L. Johnson, D, Quebodeaux. M. Linder, J. Sullivan, J. Wilkin, D, Gustafson. C. Howse, L. Davis, D. Henry, D. Almquist. Row h D. Bair, C. Kadlec, R. Dupler, E. Maxwell, G. Benitez. S. Davidson. P. Friedriehsen. K. Burns, T. Klein,M. friend, G. Nelson, Mgr. D. Sheldon, Row 3: J. Meeds, I. Mikkelson, K, Carlson, G. Godshall, Coach Paulson, Coach Kinley, Coach Reynolds, Coach Boehland, Coach Baker. K. Faffler, K. Brumfield 5. Jennisch, J, Joseph, R. Tauben. Row 4: J. Rob ertson. E, Johnson, M. Wiley, P. Runge, E. Stettin, R, Dennison, D. Hubbard. J, Lindahl, S. Swenson, J, Pugleasa, G. Watke. Row Si M. Hall- stein, R, Feero. T. Petersen, J. Gustafson, K. Krieger, D, Gullickson, R, Carras, S, Tschetter, D. Hormig. P. Garrett, J. Spock. 38 Football Soccer Team Strives for Goals The soccer learn had an exciting conclusion to their season by beating SP8C, a traditional rival, coming from behind in the second half to eventually win the game. Coach Art Dickenson led his team to an overall record of 6-8-1 Rick Selin and Peter Reid were the captains of a very young team, with Rick being the only senior. They strived hard to grow clos¬ er as a team and to profess Christ on the field and in everything they did. Top lefit Eagle defenders are determined to gel the ball. Middle: Positioning himself. Pavlos Blia- tis passes to a teammate. Top right: Boh Clatter- buck attempts a steal. Bottom: Row J f Bruce An dorson, Greg Robertson, Peter Reid. Kent Paulson. Tim Grosch, BUI Rye. Row 2: Gracia Shindo. Sheila Gilman, Sheri VanWyk. Connie Engstrom. Diane Wiley, Marilyn VanAlstine, Julie Kosel. Row 3: Thanos Georgouvelas. William Schnobrich. Nick Charrtonides, Clay Schultze. Pavlos Bliatis. Rick Selin, Scott Jibben, Tony Deach. Sob Clatlerbuck. Coach Dickenson, Soccer 39 The Dynasty Still Continues ... Steve Farra has coached cross coun¬ try at Northwestern for eight years, and for the eighth year, Northwestern has been the conference champion. The dynasty continues ... The team began the season with 14 runners, but ended with only seven ' ‘healthy bodies ' Doug Huffman fin¬ ished his fourth year on the team, and John Ellison was granted the title of most valuable runner. Doug Huffman compared the team to 40 Cross Country a church and the edification of the body of believers, " You never suffer with someone the way you do when you run on a ream. Our emphasis was to edify each member in reaching his goal, " The conference championship wasn ' t the only claim to fame for the team. They were also NCCAA Division II champions, a title that has never been won by a NWC cross country team. Left: John Ellison again leads the team to the fin¬ ish line. Top: These seven men ran in the NaMonal meet. Bottom; The full learns Row . Tom Conklin. Bob Peterfeso, Gene iNlordin. Rob Osterlund. John Ellison. Coach Farra. Row 2; Gary Brink, Doug Huffman, Todd Langmade. Brad Gabberi, Steve Winner A Fresh Start The women ' s volleyball team fin¬ ished their competitive season with seven conference wins and one loss, and shared the title of conference champions Overall, the team had twelve wins and fifteen losses Jody Hem pel and Adele Anderson served as team captains and led their team, which included three four-year players, to meet the goals they had set Barb Lind man coached the team this year stating, " It is always a goal to put Christ first ... to share our joys as well as our defeats. " A highlight of the team ' s year was beating Dr. Martin Luther College after having been beaten by them three times at home This decisive win at New Ulm gave them the opportunity to share in the conference championship. Topi Cindy Gray sol? herself up for a serve. BoU tom: Row h Carolyn Belanger Julie Hemmesch, Corinne Steen. Jody Hempel, Janet Larson. Karen Friedrichsen. Sherri Kremer, Barb Lentz, Row 2-. Lori Christiansen Coach Kris Smith. Kay Peter son. Jody Eberspacher, Adele Anderson. Cindy Gray. Dana Habieh, Karla Carlson. Sue East, Coach Barb Lindman Volleyball 41 i Men Look for Another Title As coach of the men ' s basketball team, Mr, Ron Bocken has challenged his men to play their game and use their talents for the furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ, With this as their goal the team has had a victorious start on the season- with twelve wins and seven losses as of January 34, 1983. Four seniors play on the court, led by Scott Anderson and Paul Hubbard as the team ' s captains, A significant event for any North¬ western athletic team is beating Beth¬ el and the men ' s basketball team suc¬ ceeded in this victory. Another exciting event was defeating the Uni¬ versity of Minnesota at Morris. Top lefu Jon Holm fights for position under the basket. Top right: Row U Scott Anderson, Dan Mertz, Steve Enderlein. Tim Walsh, Neal Rich, Jeff Habich. Row Coach Dennis Schroeder, Mickey Peterson, Kent Eveland, Jon Holm, Dan Andersen, Jon Reutter. Paul Hubbard, Paul Man ' sour. Coach Ron Bocken. student coach Brian Miller. Bollom left: Scott Anderson uses a unique passing technique. Middle: Mickey Peterson at¬ tempts the rebound. Bottom right: Paul Hubbard shoots from the outside. ; 42 Men ' s Basketball At the time of publication, the wom¬ en ' s basketball team was having an even season, winning close to the same amount of games that they have lost. Coach Dan Smith remarked that the team is young and they are working to bring back more experience for next year ' s team. Dena Sorensen has been the leading scorer for the season, assisted by Adele Anderson, Sherri Kremer and others. Top left; The team congratulates ilself after a victory. Top right; Ann Goodrich shoots from the corner. Bottom left; Sherri Kremer shoots and Pam Sheldon looks for the rebound. Rotiom right: Row U Ann Goodrich, Jody Tornquist, Sherri Kremer, Margo Gerdin, Row 2. Lori Christiansen. Sharon Asplund, Kay Johnson. Dena Sorensen. Ju¬ lie Sias, Pam Sheldon, Adele Anderson. Kris Smith. Coach Dan Smith, Women ' s Basketball 43 V Matmen This year the Northwestern wres¬ tling team was equipped with young athletes, having no seniors on the squad. However, five letterwinners, in¬ cluding captains Rob Hansen and Rodd Umlauf, returned to lead their team to an early start of eight wins, six losses, and one tie at the time of this publica¬ tion. Coach Bruce Bulman has led the team in a study on spiritual principles on the Move applied to athletics, resulting in a good growth experience. Three areas of growth — mental, physical, and spiritu¬ al — are stressed to create stability and strength to reach their goals. The team has not lacked excitement. This was proven when the Eagles beat St. Thomas, one of the top teams in wrestling in the MIAC for a number of years, by a score of 22-21. Top: Row f: Brad Iverson. Stanley Miller. Sam Tay¬ lor, Jim Hanson, Dean Almquist. Row 3: Roy Um¬ laut, Rodd Umlauf, Jeff Steffens, Rob Hansen, Mark Fugle berg, Coach Bruce Bulman, Left: Only a little farther to go for a pin. Right: Brad Iverson plans his strategy on his opponent. 44 Wrestling The Eagles took flight with the 1983 Hockey Club with a 5-1 record, having four or five games left to play as this book goes to print. This is the best team record ever, and it is accredited to total team committment by the play¬ ers. The team has devotions before ev¬ ery practice and game. The goals they have set are obviously to win every . " Eagles On Ice game, but to be competitive in so do¬ ing. The Hockey Club has its great play¬ ers also. Steve Langelett leads the team in goals, Kevin Burns is second in goals and assists , and Mike Schulenberg is third. Duane Peterson has been doing a splendid job as the t eam ' s goal tender with a personal record of four wins and one loss. Top: Row I: Jim Armagusr, Tony Death. Duane Peterson. Brad Soukup. Jeff Bcachy. Row 3: Sieve LangeletI, Jim Grosz. Jim Spook, Kevin Burns, Ke vin Loecken. iVlike Schulenberg, Jim Gilbraith, Hoyt Finnamore. Left: A cause for celebration after a goal, Middle: Kevin Burns sets up ari at¬ tack. Right: Dewey defends the goal with his life. Hockey 45 THE TOWER ... People 47 New Students Mark Aakhus Ross Aalgaard EEise Adams Dhea Adelsman Cheryl Ahlstrom Randy AlJbee Debra Allrich Jeriann Almquist Brent Anderson Cheryl Anderson Gary Anderson Joan Anderson Jill Applegate Tom Armstrong Deborah Aske Elanya Athnos 48 New Students Scott Bailey Rhoda Baker Darcie Bang Nancy Bast Heather Beckman James Bender Brian Bennett Bruce Bennett Craig Berg Eric Bergeson Rita Berwald Deloris Betlike Julie Bleadorn Dan Bleeker Joy Bloyer James Bohanon New Students 49 i Bill Boh Jennifer Bomsiad Wendy Bosshardt Lisa Bowles Grant Bowman Janelle Brask Gary Brink Terry Brink Steve Brock Stacy Brovold Reid Brown Martin Brown Laurel Buckles Kae Burkart Jennifer Carlson Karla Carlson 50 New Students Sandra Carlson Gerry Garns Rita Carter Stephen Cassidy Theresa Cegla Jeri C ha Hander Joel Challander Barbara Chamberlain Philip Chapman Nick Charitonides Mary Cheeney Jolene Chisholm Dale Christensen Scott Christensen Felice Christenson Sarah Christiansen Christina Colstrom Christopher Conger Todd Conkright Steven Cornish New Students 51 Linda Cutler Jody Davies Bonnie Davis Brian Deem Michael Deuth Paul Dickinson Rhonda Dolphin Larry Dover Sandra Dreyer Joseph Druckemiller Robert Dupler Bradley Dykstra Jody Eberspacher Lori Eickstadt Kristi Ekberg Connie Engstrom Mark Ericksen Kent Eveland Valerie Ewert Janies Ewing 52 New Students Hoyt Finnamore Brenda Florell Jill For land Michael Foth Michelle Frank Beth Fratzke Lane Frey Barb Friday Karen Friedrichsen Mark Friend Karen Friesen Mark Fugleberg Alan Gady Scott Gallagher Lu Ann Geitliman Roger Gifford New Students 53 Roberta Hardens Dawn Harrenstein Jewel Healy David Held Julie Hemmesch David Henderson Nancy Hendrickson Jodie Herum Julie Higgason Amy Htldahl Kelly Hill Barbara Hoekman Steven Hofer lynette Holm Julie Holty Craig Howse David Hubbard P amelia Hultgren Lori Hultstrand Clifton Hylden New Students 55 Diana I m si and Karen Iszler Alexia Jamison Priscilla Jensen Carol Johnson Christine Johnson Daren Johnson Lyle Johnson Mark E. Johnson Ruth Johnson Todd Johnson Warren Johnson Scott Jibben Julie Johns Bradley Johnson Brian Johnson Mariann Jones Jeffrey Joseph Amy Judkins Jennifer Juntunen 56 New Students Jenifer Kaiser Kaye Karlsrud Mary Kennedy Sharon Kent Jeanne Kermicle Craig King Randy Kirgiss Cheryl Kleidon Timothy Klein Kathleen Klingbtel Timothy Knutson Charles Knutson Renee Koeha David Kohout Julie Kosel Sherri Kremer New Students 57 4 Steve Lagoon Todd Langmade Eric Larsen Janet Larson Jayne Larson Miriam Larson Dan Lautner Jennifer Le Blanc Kelli Lehman Brent Letterman Jeffrey Lindahl Barbara Lindeman Ruth Lindquist Lori Logelin Cheryl Logemann Peggy Long 5 S New Students w ™ 1 ■ v ■. 99 ■ j. . ■( JR » Troy Lucht Kristie Luiken Tim L u it hie Susan Lush Gail Maher Jill Markun Randy Martens Chris Martinson Eric Maxwell Pamela Mayhak Scott Mayhak Marcia McCIenahan Jeffrey McCourt Percy McCoy Bradley McIntosh Heidi McMillan Danny Mertz Shelly Metzger Thomas Mikkelson Lisa Miles New Students 59 Stanley Miller Lisa Milne Jill MoNenhauer Maehelle Monster Dianne Mord Dee Ann Mork Heidi Morrill Robin Morrill Robin Moser Daniel Mosher Lisa Nagell David Nelson Deborah G Nelson June Nelson Kirk Nelson Randy Nelson Roger Nelson Kevin Nordstrom Bruce Norgaard Naomi Norgaard 60 New Students Brenda Norland Barbara Nye Leland Nyquist Jonathan Oakes Rebecca Olson Karri Ortman Candace Ortmann Suzanne Ortquist Mark Ott Tamera Parker Dalona Pauley Kent Paulson Robert Peterfeso Kathy Peterson Kay Peterson Mark Peterson New Students 61 i Laura Pierce Phillip Poppenhagen Nanette Porter Kathryn Kadue Irene Ratuski Linda Reed Timothy Reed Neal Rich Amy Roach Gregory Robertson Annette Rosol Mark Ruesch Brenda Runke William Rye Ronald Sachs Karlene Salo 62 New Students Laure Schlichtmg John Schlundt William Schnobrich Michael Schulenberg Clay Schultze Susan Schwabe Suzette Seecanip Nannene Sentman Kelly Shea Pamela Sheldon Aaron Shepard Gracia Shindo Leslie Shogren Rachel Silrum Julie Snustead Brenda Sonnenberg Richard Sorensen Alan Soukup Karen Soukup James Spock New Students 63 4 Michael Sprecher Linda Stanchfield Rebecca Stanchfield Deborah Stanley Stephen Steddom Cory Stern Joseph Streeter Kristine Stubbs Tammy Swanson Brenda Tanis Brenda Taubert Samuel Taylor Jonathan Thielke Julie Thompson Marcia Thompson Trudi Thompson Judy Tieszen Julie Tollefson Cynthia Trussell Mike Llkpong 64 New Students Roy Umlauf Marilyn VanAlstine Sheri Van Wyk Christopher Wallin Bradly Webber Barbara Weber Colleen Weekley Wayne Welander Melissa Wichhart Dawn Wiens Diane Wiley Beeki Williams Troy Williams Cheryl Wilson Steven Witruer Lori Wold New Students 65 Kimberly Wood Continuing £ Returning Students Debra Aarhus Ruth Albus Dean Almquist Jane Andersen Adele Anderson Bruce Anderson Carlton Anderson Kari Anderson Kristi Anderson Scott Anderson Deborah Aning Kent Applegate Timothy Arfsten Donald Arvold Douglas Asprey Darla Avery 66 Continuing Students Scott Baker Jeff Beachy June Beardsley Gonzalo Benitez Todd Benson Deborah Berry Elizabeth Berry Eric Birky Lyndon Bleeker Pavlos Bliatis Denise Bod in Keith Bogaert Jill Bomstad John Bosacker Carol Boyd Susan Braddock Continuing Students 67 Kirsten Broman Gary Brown Paul Buckles Dan Bull Kevin Burns Faith Bush Kristine Cairl Marvin Call Lynn Caproon Kari Carlson Kevin Carlson Steven Carlson Tamara Carlson Craig Cedar Becky Chapman Fern Christenson 68 Conttnuing Students Lynette Christiansen Patricia Christiansen Stephen Clark Becky Clatterbuck Bob Clatterbuck Tom Conklin Jerome Connor Steven Coomhe Jeff Creed Scott Davidson Leonard Davis Sandra DeBuhr Robert DeYoung Kelly Deach Tony Deach Sheila Dee John Deedrick Jodi Deef Bob Distad Bryan Dobson Continuing Students 69 John Du Ball Julie Eek Barbara Ekanger Jan Elasky Todd Eltason Kory Eller Bonnie Elliot Keith Ellis Kathy Engstrom Nancy Engstrom Todd Ertsgaard Ken Faffier Nancy Faffier David Fischer Lori Fischer Norma Foiles Grace Franze Pete Friednchsen Jayne Friesema Valerie Fuchs 70 Continuing Students Brian Fugleberg Brad Gabbert Pat Garre it Ainmie Geithman Glenn Geithman Thanos Georgouvelas Sonya Gilbertson Gary Gislason Brian Golden man Ann Goodrich Julie Greener Tim Grosch Dana Habtch Jeff Habich Ron Haekett Bruce Hamel Continuing Students 71 i Caroline Hansen Robert Hansen Ruth Harrison Jane Harty Ted Haug Cindy Havener Wendy Hay Stephen Hazel Jeanne Hediund Heidi Heffern Nancy Heglund Connie Heikes Dale Helm Jody Hempel Tanya Hendrickson Temple Hendrickson 73 Contmuing Students Karin Heng David Henry Brett Higgason Kim Higgins Charles Hokanson Kathy Holmgren Cheryl Holte Dan Hormig Ken Horner Dan Hubbard Chris Hultgren Brad Iverson Christine Jace Jessy Jacob Debra Jacot Lori Jacot Steve Jennisch Kay Jentoft Barbara Johnson Becky Johnson Continuing Students 73 Dalen Johnson David Johnson Devon Johnson James Johnson Judie Johnson Kay Johnson Kent Johnson Larry Johnson Laurel Johnson Laurie Johnson Mark A„ Johnson Renee Johnson Alice Jung Chip Kadlec Marybeth Kenknight Mark Kennedy Kenneth King Rachel Klebs Tom Klingbiel Craig Knudtson 74 Continuing Students Stephen Kosa Mary Krahn Sheifa Kremer Kelly Krieger Kevin Krieger Monica Kruger Mark Kvam Eric Langford Brenda Larson Marlene Larson Wendy Lee Barb Lentz Joel Lilyquist Max Lindahl Laurie Linden Annette Linder Continuing Students 75 i Kevin Loecken Cynthia Lowry Gerald Ludens Rebecca Lund Janine Lundgren Randal Lush Scott Luiter Thomas Mac Donald Lorna Mac Lachlan Leah Madsen Chris Maher Judy Malone Alan Marshall Cynthia Martin 76 Continuing Students Lori Linley Garry Lloyd John Maxwell Linda McAllister Kelvin McCarthy Douglass McConnell Jerome Meeds Sue Miller Peter Milne Alison Mitchell Lisa Mockerhaupt Roland Mossberg Brian Moulton David Myers Carol Jayne Nelson Deborah L. Nelson Greg Nelson Joe Nelson Bob Nelson Karen Ness I y Dawn Neumann David Newton Continuing Students 77 Eugene Nordin Clifford Olson Kathryn Olson Trevor Olson Janell Omodt Rob Osterlund Kathy Out son Terryl Overpeck Linda Paetznick Dawn Palmberg Beth Palmer Brian Partridge David Patterson Vicky Pavits Marcia Pederson Morgen Peltonen Michele Penn Jay Perske Troy Petersen Brian Peterson 7S Continuing Students Duane Peterson Robin Peterson Sheila Peterson Jeff Pickard Lori Pollard John Pugleasa Nancy Rale he Kim Randle Denise Readel Wendy Reagan Dan Reasor Heidi Reid Laurie Reid Peter Reid Nannette Reseland Sally Resh Continuing Studems 79 Julie Reynold? Rich Reynolds David Richter Kevin Rients David Roby Sherri Roller Dan Rurike Steven Ryberg Philip Rysted Jeff Sanderson Heidi Sandstrom Melody Sawyer Kent Schmidt Scott Schorr Man Schulenberg Mike Schwartz SO Continuing Students Mike Scott Gloria Selin Pamela Sent man Marcia Severson James Shea Lola Shuey Ryan Soderstrom Delia Sorensen Keith Spading Greg Spencer James Stanoeh Kerry Stastny Debra Stauffer Robert Stauter Corinne Steen Timothy Stevens Carrie Stewart Beth Stoesz Julte Strand Debora Strickler Continuing Students Si David Strops Rachelle Sunnarborg Deborah Swenson Scot! Swenson Brian Taubert Paul Thompson Daryl Dimmer David Torguson Jody Tornquist Tim Tosch David Truhler Steve Tschetter Rodd Umlauf Kurt Van Batavia Gay Vogel Sherrie Wald John Walker Todd Wallace Wayne Watkins Sarah Watts S2 Continuing Students Beth Wdander Sharon Welch Sharon Weller Kayleen Wetzel Roxanne White Margaret Wild Joe Wilkin Diane Willett Paul Wilson Jeff Wipf Judy Woeste Keith Wood Gabriel Woods David Yoder Continuing Students S3 Graduates Melody Anderson A.S.V.B. Secretarial Calvin Donald Anderson Bible Certificate Philippians 4:6 David Eugene Bair B.S. Physical Education Psalm 34:3 Robert J. Barmore B.S. Business Admin James 1:2-4 Brenda Barron A.S.V.B. Secretarial Psalm h2,3 Carolyn J. Belanger B.S. Physical Education Psalm 34:3 84 6raduates Randy Benneit BA. Social Science I Corinthians 13J Carmen R. Bennyhoff B.S. Business Admin. Isaiah 113 Gary Bennett BA. Ministries Proverbs 3:5,6 Jody Birkholz A.S.V.B. Secretariat Romans 10:9,10 James Elwood Boline BA. Communication Philippian 4:13 Lisa Berwald B.S. Business Admin Ephesians 4:1-3 John " Jack " Borden BA. Ministries I Corinthians 15:58 Val Bowman BA. Ministries Ephesians 344-19 Kent Boison BA. Ministries Mark 9:35 Graduates SS bet " - m ; [ 1 Hr. L ?,! ' 1 JJj, U ReNae Jo Brekke A.S.V.B Secretariat Proverbs 3:5,6 Susan Hayer Brown B.A. Ministries Matthew 25:34 " 46 Janet! Lynn Butler B.5. Communication Psalm 73;24 Bryan Paul Carey 8 S. Broadcasting Alan James Carr B.S. Business Admin I Timothy 4:12 Susan Cedar B.S. Communication Ephesians 3:17-21 Andrew Clark B.S Business Maralee Joyce Cory B.S Elementary Ed. Philippians 443 Douglas A Craft Bible Certificate Ecclesiastes 124 86 Graduates Deborah Lynn Elliott A.S.V.B. Secretarial Psalm 73:25 Susan Barbara East B.A. Ministries Philippians 3:7-11 Susan M. Doming A.S.V.B. Secretarial Isaiah 4M0 Tamara Flesner A.S.V.B. Secretarial Kevin J. Friesen 8.S. Business Admin. Romans 12=1 Kelley Sue Erickson B.S. Social Science Romans 8:28 Deborah M. Gifford B.S. Social Science Philippians 4:4-7 Victoria Constantine Georgouvelas A.S.V.B. Business Admin Psalm 37:4.5 Rebecca Lynn Genheimer Bible Certificate Jeremiah 29:11-13 Graduate$ S7 Sue Glewwe B.S- Business Admin. I Corinthians 13J Gregory Scott Godshall Bible Certificate Proverbs 16=3 Diane Granger B,S. Social Science Colossians 1=10-12 Gwen Marilyn Haagenson B.S. Elementary Ed, Romans 8:28 Cindy Herrema A,S.V,B, Secretarial Proverbs 3i5,6 Cynthia Anne Hess Bible Certificate II Corinthians 4=18 Jonathan K. Holm B.A. Ministries Philippians 440 Douglas Scott Huffman B.A Ministries II Peter 1 3,4 Robin Lee Ingalls A-S.V,B. Secretarial John 1543 88 Graduates l 1 m J ' f " Jm m aP f-j £r r-f fef Btf FftflMmfrf r ? James G. Jackson B.A. Social Science Psafm 34 David Lynn Jensen B A. Ministries Galatians 2.20 Eric Johnson Business Admin, Philipp tans 443 Kerri V, Joyce A.S.V.8. Secretarial Hebrews 124-3 Timothy D. Jungman A.A.V.B. Comm. Graphic Arts Proverbs 1=7 Wendy Keller B.S. Social Science Sandra Sue Kimball A.A.B. Math, Science I Corinthians I5:5S Teresa L. Knuth A,$-V,B, Secretarial Galatians 2:20 Suzanne Krause A.S.V.B. Secretarial Jeremiah 2941 r dnft S ' • 4 _ • Jkk 1 1 vl --v WL ■_ | 77 1 1 1 Hr Vj 1 1 msmmiH i ■ y 1 | I o£ Ik ' --l ■ fl ii ' l jf TJ j i jflt w W i m «k jj Graduates S9 k ' i s v ' ' « . , i 1 • t|i krtt» ’-»V mtrt W Jean Leuthner A.S.V.B. Business Proverbs 3:5,6 Margaret A. LeClair Bible Certificate Romans 8:35-39 Glen C. Larson B.S. Music Education Psalm 27 Marlene Lindquist A.A.V.B. Business Admin Philippians 3=12-14 Mark W. Under A.S.V.B. Business Admin James 1=2-4 Date E. Lewis B.S. Comm. Graphic Arts Psalm 37=10 Georgene Ann McCourt A.S.V.B. Secretarial Psalm 5MO-I3 Paul R. Mansour B.S. Business Admin. Matthew 21:21,22 David Jon Madison B.S. Business Admin Galatians 2:20 90 Graduates r w ? A - T | mr [ : i Brian Mork Miller B.S. Physical Education Ephesians 3 20 21 Synihia Lyn Mitby A.S V.B. Computers Proverbs 17:17 Sharon Jo McCullough B.A. Music Philippians 3:13,14 Robbyn Lynn Miller Bible Certificate Philippians 4:6 Janell Irene Moy Bible Certificate Psalm 318 Ray L Miller BA Ministries Jeremiah 33:3 Lori Kristal Ncdolf AAB, Christian Education John 14:14 Becky Joy Neal Bible Certificate Ephesians 6:1920 Teresa Neby B.S Communication Graduates 91 r l jr ' ML | k ” Air 4 t 7 T ! Mm . 1 kv; m ;v M f I5I7 Mi i ' i LjA, J jytV ■ l - . i " j AHfl J; 4 L n m .j;- 1 j 4 ■ ' -’V Jeff Noyed AAB, Ephesians 2:8 Matthew P, Olmstead BA Ministries l John 5:14,15 Karen Olsen A.S.V.B.. Business Admin Jeremiah 29JM3 Timothy John Overweg BA Ministries Romans 12:2 Michael Peterson B.S, Business Admin. Proverbs 3:5 f 6 Judy L. Oscarson A.S.VJ, Secretarial Isaiah 43:I8J9 Thomas L Peterson BA Ministries John 8:36 Doug Ranney B.S. Business Admin, Psalm 4Ssf„2 Christopher G, Ratuski B,S. Business Admin, Romans 8=28 92 Graduates 1 ■ yifei, i telli V J ' Todd L. Reed B.A. Ministries B.A. Business Admin. Carolyn Reseland 8.S. Communication Matthew 6:33 LeAnn Reu B.S. Music Education Isaiah 26:3.4 Jon William Reutter Bible Certificate Matthew 17:20 Nancy Lynn Rhody Bible Certificate Isaiah 6:8 Philip J. Rice B.A. Ministries Romans 8:38.39 Timothy C. Robinson B.A. Christian Education John 3:21 Laurie Kay Ross B.S. Elementary Ed Proverbs 3:5.6 Peter J. Runge B.A. Social Science Graduates 93 PF a . ■ j Whr , L , V ■■ PH w w M ti v t V 1 ' M • 5 i « f. LeeAnne Schafer B,A Social Science Philtppians 3:12 Richard Schumann B.S. Social Science Sandra A. Severson Bible Certificate Romans 8:2S Steven Sjoberg B,A, Biblical Studies Psalm 27:4 Julie Ann Sias A,5.V B. Accounting Jeremiah 29:11-13 Karteen Smith B,S, Business Admin Brad 5. Soukup B.A. Ministries II Timothy 44-5 Beth Stangeland Bible Certificate Daniel E. Stoltz R,S, Business Admin Psalm 100 94 Graduates i rWk m 7 i ) . . r " . J ° Dr i %C . r ‘ 1A r HI ! 1 tf -‘ , 1 iji ' ' ki iff! i Ivan Gerald Veldhuizen B.A, Ministries John 16=33 John David Terhark B.A. Ministries Philipp ia ns 3:13,14 Sherri 1. Truman A.S.V.B. Business Psalm 27 Beth R, Warolin B.S, Social Science Psalm 32:8 Susan Lynn Wald Bible Certificate I Peter 3:3,4 Faye A Webskowski Bible Certificate Proverbs 16:3 Gene Randle Westfr Bible Certificate Daniel 3:16 18 Bonita Kay Westfall A.S.V.B. Timothy West BA. Ministries Colossians 3:23 Graduates 95 w? ■ . V 1% , i 3 A - Kevin B. White 8.A. Christian Education Romans !5t5-7 Gloria Louise Wray B-A. Business Admin. Psalm 31:3 Janet Yeats A.S.V.B I! Corinthians Q:9,I0 Deborah Young A.S.V.B, Secretarial Proverbs 5:5,6 Anita J. Zurn B.S. Commerical Art Psalm 34=1-3 96 Graduates Not Pictured Clarence Boomgaarden Bible Certificate John I5si6 Lawrence Carlson B A. Music Education D. Randy ' Dennison B.S. Commericai Art Romans 8:38,39 Julie Eastep A.S.V.B. Commericial Art John Ellison B,5, Social Science Cheryl Lyn Endertein B.A. Communication Philippians 4:13,13 lan Hewitscm A.A.V.B. Commercial Art S, Paul Hubbard BA Ministries CE. James Lee Killmer B.A. Ministries James L2 Joyce H. Malchow B,S. Elementary Ed, Philippians 4=13 Daryl L, Peterson BA Business Philippians 3:7-14 Carol Ann Salin B.A. Social 5cience Camille A. Sullivan A.S V.B Commercial Art Romans 12:1 Joe Brian Sullivan BA Ministries 1 Corinthians 15=58 Margaret Teasdale B.A. Ministries Tami Telles A.S.V.B. Secretarial Graduates 97 " We ' re Here to Help! ' ' The Resident Directors are often looked at as the authority figures in the residences, but if you would ask them how they viewed their position, they would probably say that they were more like a " mom " or a " dad” on cam¬ pus They stressed the fact that they are not there to just enforce rules and be disciplinarians, but to ensure com¬ fortable living conditions for us all and to help college life run smoothly. The R.D s work most directly with the deans and the R.A s Some of their duties include presiding at R.A. meet¬ ings, giving out keys and room assign¬ ments, and being available as a friend to talk to. Our loyal Resident Directory Cherie Habegger of Moyer Residence. Dan Smith of Berntsen Resi¬ dence, and Kathy Erickson of HartilJ Residence. 9S R.D. 1 Meeting the Challenge of Servanthood ■ Kv ' - Jfl lr h)if A a Jijj l sf uJfkU 1 Being a Resident Advisor at North¬ western involves many responsibilit ies. An R,A. is expected to enforce rules both outside and inside the residences, help new students get adjusted to col¬ lege life, conduct room inspections and floor meetings, and act as a brother or sister away from home. They want to listen and help with students ' problems. Overall, they are there to build unity between floors and between students. To prepare for this ministry, the R,A,‘s and Student Association leaders went on a weekend retreat before the school year began. They got a chance to get to know each other, besides hav¬ ing training and orientation seminars. When asked how he liked being an R.A., Steve Clark replied, " It ' s a chal¬ lenge! ' " Sharon McCullough added, ' Yes, but it forces me to be a servant and that’s good! " Row 1 1 Diane Granger, Marcia Pederson, Heid Reid, Connie He ikes, Duane Peterson, Doug Huff man. Jayne Friesema, Row 2 - Marcia Severson Sheila Kremer, Sonya Gilbertson, Kathy Holm gren. Bill Bolt, Debbie Jacoi, Sharon McCullough Chris Maher, Row Cliff Olson, Sieve Clark Ryan Soderslrom. John Terhark. Todd Erisgaard Kerry Stastny, RA’s 99 Administration Dr. William B. Berntsen President Dr, Donald Erickson Executive Vice President Lyle Guhl Acting Vice President of Business Affairs Gene Kordick Vice President for Public Affairs Dr- David Ortderctn Vice President for Academic Affairs Kurian Parayil Senior Vice President for Development Wayne Benedict Director of Housing and Security Dwight Gunberg Dean of Students Verna Ha Ivors en Dean of Women Dr, Kyle Wilson Dean of Men 100 Administration Ralph Anderson Director of Alumni Affairs Dr, Donald Lindahl Director of Admissions Paul Ramseyer Director of Broadcasting John White Director of Special Events Eleanor Anderson Alumni Jerry Beilby Media Specialist Eileen Berntson Registrar Celesta Bleeker Chief Payroll Coordinator Captain Len Breen Security Peter Buckles Public Relations Jeff Evenson Fine Arts Building Coordinator Gene Gjerdingen Computer Coordinator Mary Lou Hovda librarian Carolann Marquis Personnel Purchasing Siri Smith Nurse Conrad Sorvick Development Administration IOi Faculty Dr. Don Albright Mat hemal ics. Chemistry Dr, William BeVier Bible Kathleen Black English Melvin Boehland Physical Education Mary Chamberlain Music, Piano Dr, David Clatterbuek Christian Education Dr, Walter Dun nett Bible Richard Edstrom Music Robert Elfstrum Business Lynn Erickson Music, Brass Ted Farcasin Business Stephen Farra Psychology Bonnevieve Fenton Music Sally Harris English Cheryl Henry Music. Choral Charles Herman History S02 Faculty Dr, David Johnson Bible DelRoy Johnson Science Timothy Johnson Music. Guitar Jon Kerstetter Business Gordon Kellner English Donna Krieger Music Howard Laing English Barbara Lindman Physical Education Richard Long E?roadcasting Dr. Grace Lund Education Floyd Martin Art Janet Moors Secretarial Science Joan Onderein Secretarial Science Dr. David Osterlund Music Wayne Pederson Aviation Dr, Samuel Pittman Bible, Missions Facuity 103 Maxcme Posegate Music Dr, Robert Posegate Education Charles Reynolds Physical Education Dennis Schroeder Physical Education Richard Gunderson Harris Hanson George Mellin Paul Sent man Eldon Sorensen Jay Sudenga Paul Waite George Wilson 104 Faculty Dr. William EL Berntsen President Mel Johnson Chairman James Knutson Vice Chairman Arlow Carey Secretary-Treasurer Wallace Berg Ivar Blomberg Harold Bronson Wesley Burnham Ernest Collingham Robert Cutshall Vernon Eide Donald Ericksen David Grosz Board of Trustees Dr. Willard Scofield Journalism Dr, Jack Smith Bible James Smith Computer Systems Carol Thomas Drama Richard Tremaine Speech Linda Wendler English Socorro Woodbury Spanish WVOE The student radio station WVOE (Voice of the Eagle) was heard week¬ day evenings in the student residences at 540 on the AM dial. Broadcasting students were the DJ’s announcers, and managers of the station, giving them valuable experience as well as providing entertainment and ministry to the rest of the student body. Upper lefts Jennie Carlson takes to the airways. Upper rights Sarah Gilbertson gains valuable broadcasting experience during her shift on WVOE. Bottom: Ryan Soderstrom takes his turn at the microphone. WVOE 105 Personnel Admissions and Financial Aid; Row h Ron Boeken, Jann Matiheis, Ken Anen- son, Cindy Milne, Dr, Donald Lindahl. Row 2: Rick Blatchley, Dawn Schwartz, Dennis Schroeder, Sandy Watke, The¬ resa Lundquisi, Nazareth personnel. Row I: Bev Hintz, Marlon Bildsoe, Bonita Erick sen, Wylma Buckles, Row 2: Daltsay Lentz, Joan Schroeder, Corinne Benedict, Nancy Post, Heather Soukup, Joy Rob¬ inson. Riley personnel Row I: Shirley Johnson, Bertie Harrison, Debora Osborn, Anita Tomlinson, Ruth Litynski. Row 2= Jan Bornstad, Susan Willis, Mary Kvanvig, Joyce Gerten, Eva Kordick, Sophia Nel¬ son. 106 Personnel Library, Mary Pyche, Sheila Osier- houdt, Linda Rust- Blue Room, Row It Steve Pickard. Linda Belgea, Deb Carey. Row 2; Bob Jacobs, Dan LaFond, Dan White. Cafeteria, Row L Paul White, Sylvia Flaa, Chris Neilson. Robin Froiland, Row 2= Jim McGuire. Julie Launderville, Lois White Laurel White. Row Jim Flaa, John Sandquist. Jay Gallatin, Bob Palm¬ er. Personnel 107 Custodial, Row h Rod Ferrozzo, Juanita Friesen, Richard Bentdahl. Row 2: Peter Milne, Supt, Joedy Hernandez, Nashat Tawfeek, Little Jo Hernandez, John Mitchell. Maintenance. Row h Tim Lundberg, Warren Fall, Bill Spooner. Row 2 : Dan Andrs, CT, Andrs, Milo Andrs, Joe Brandenburg. Powerhouse, Sue Likness, Joe Fry. Chuck Olson, Nathan Balzer, Kevin Rob¬ inson Glen Peterson. lOS Personnel Index Mark Aakhus 38. 43 Ross Aalgaard 43 Debra Aarhus 66 Elise Adams 43 Dhea Adelsman 43 Cheryl Ahlstrom 43 Ruth Albus 31 66 Randall Allbee 43 Debra Allrich 48 Dean Almquisi 38- 44- 66 Jeriann Almquist 28, 4$ Daniel Andersen 42 Jane Andersen 66 Adele Anderson 41, 43, 66 Brent Anderson 35- 43 Bruce Anderson 30. 39. 66 Calvin Anderson 32, 84 Carlton Anderson 34, 66 Cheryl Anderson 43 Gary Anderson 43 Joan Anderson 48 Kari Anderson 66 Kristi Anderson 33, 66 Mark Anderson 23 Melody Anderson 84 Scott Anderson 43, 66 Deborah Anlng 32, 66 Jill Applegate 34, 48 Kent Applegate 66 Timothy Arfsten 66 Thomas Armstrong 48 Donald Arvold 66 Deborah Aske 48 Sharon Asplund 43 Douglas Asprey 30, 66 Charles Asproth Camille Athnos 97 Elanya Athnos 48 Darla Avery 66 Karon Backer William Bahmuller Scott Bailey 49 David Bair 38. 34 Scott Baker 30. 67 David Ballard Rhoda Balier 49 Darcie Bang 49 Bryan Bargen Bob Bar more 25, 84 Brenda Barron 84 Jonathan Rartosik Nancy Bast 49 Jeff Beachy 45, 67 June Beardsley 67 Heather Beckman 49 Carolyn Belanger 41. 34 James Bender 49 Gonialo Reniter, 38, 67 Brian Bennett 30, 49 Bruce Bennett 30, 49 Gary Bennett 30- 85 Randy Bennett 28. 85 Carmen Bennyhoff 23- 85 Todd Benson 67 Tammy Berdahl 29 Craig Berg 13- 49 Eric Bergeson 30, 49 Deborah Berry 67 Elizabeth Berry 67 Lisa Berwald 35 Rita Berwald 18. 29, 49 Debris Bethke 49 Steven Bichsel Jody Birkholz 85 Eric Birky 30. 67 Julie Bleadorn 49 Daniel Bleeker 32. 49 Lyndon Bleeker 67 Paylos Bliatis 39, 67 Joy Bloyer 49 Denise Bodin IS, 67 Kristen Boerger 32 Keith Bogaert 67 James Bohanon 49 Jim Boline 21- 28. 35, 85 Kent Rolson 85 Bill Bolt 50. 99 Jennifer BomsEad 50 Jill Boms tad 67 Clarence Boomgaarden 97 John Borden 85 John Bosaeker 67 Wendy Bosshardt 50 Lisa Bowles 50 Grant Bowman 30. 50 Valerie Bowman 35 Carol Boyd 67 Susan Braddock 67 Jane lie Rrask 33, 50 Chandra Breen ReNae Brekke 86 Neil Bremer Gary Brink 34, 35, 40, 50 Terry Brink 50 Steven Brock 50 Kirsten Broman 30, 68 Stacy Brovoid 50 Gary Brown 29. 68 Reid Brown 35, 50 Susan Brown 86 T. Martin Brown 35. 50 Keilh Brumfield 38 Laurel Buckles 50 Paul Buckles 68 Dan Bull 63 Kae Burkart 50 Kevin Burns 38 45, 68 Failh Bush 68 Janell Butler 35, 86 Kristine CairJ 68 Marvin Call 68 Michael Cameron 33 Lynn Caproon 68 Bryan Carey 20, 32, 36 Jennifer Carlson 35. 50, 105 Kari Carlson 68 Karla Carlson 41, 50 Kevin Carlson 38, 68 Lawrence Carlson 97 Robyn Carlson Sandra Carlson 33, 34, 51 Steven Carlson 63 Tamara Carlson 68 Gerry Cams 51 Alan Carr 86 Rita Carter 18. 51 Courtney Case Stephen Cassidy 51 Craig Cedar 30, 68 Susan Cedar 86 Theresa Cegla 51 James Challander Jen Challander 51 Joel Challander 51 Barbara Chamberlain 51 Philip Chapman 30, 51 Rebecca Chapman 68 Nick Charitonides 39, 51 Mark Chase Mary Cheeney IS- 51 Jolene Chisholm 5! Hye Rin Cho Dale Christensen 30- 51 Scott Christensen 51 Felice Christenson 51 Fern Christenson 68 Sandra Christian Lynnette Christiansen 31. 34,69 Patricia Christiansen 31, 32, 34, 69 Sarah Christiansen 5! Andrew Clark S6 Stephen Clark 30, 69, 99 Chris Classen Becky Clatterbuck 69 Bob Clatterbuck 39. 69 Lori Clatterbuck Christina Colstrom 51 Christopher Conger 51 Tom Conklin 40. 69 Todd Conkright 30, 35, 51 Jerome Connor 69 Judith Considine 33 Steven Coombe 69 Steven Cornish 51 Maralee Cory 86 Doug Craft 86 Jeff Creed 69 Linda Cutler 52 Therese Czech Denise Davidson Scon Davidson 38. 69 Jody Davies 31, 34, 52 Leonard Davis 38. 69 Bonnie Davis 32. 52 Sandra DeBuhr 69 Robert DeYoung 69 Tony Deach 39, 45. 69 Kelly Deach 69 Danny Decker Sheila Dee 32, 69 John Deedrick 69 Jodi Deef 69 Brian Deem 52 Randy Dennison 38. 97 Russell Pensmore Michael Deuth 52 Nelson Diaz Paul Dickinson 52 Robert Distad 69 Bryan Dobson 33, 69 Rhonda Dolphin 33, 52 Susan Doming 87 Larry Dover 52 Sandra Preyer 52 Joe Druckemiller 33, 52 John DuBall 70 Elizabeth Dungan Robert Pupler 38, 52 Bradley Dykstra 52 Susan East 41, 37 Julie Eastcp Jody Eberspacher 41. 52 Valerie Ebert Julie Eck 70 Lori Eickstadt 52 Rosann Eisenman Barbara Ekanger 70 Kristi Ekberg 52 Jan Elasky 70 Todd Eliason 70 Kory Eller 70 Bonnie Ellioil 70 Deborah Elliott 87 Keith Ellis 70 John Ellison 40. 97 Cheryl Enderlein 97 Steven Enderlein 42 Patricia Eng 32 Denise Engberg Connie Engstrom 39, 52 Kathy Engstrom 70 Nancy Engstrom 70 Mark Ericksen 52 Kelley Erickson 87 Todd Ertsgaard 25, 70, 99 Kent Evetand 42. 52 Valerie Ewcrt 52 James Ewing 52 Kenneth Fa filer 38, 70 Nancy Faffter 70 Richard Eeero 28 Douglas Fields 32 Hoyt Finnamore 45. 53 David Fischer 30. 70 Lori Fischer 32. 35. 70 Cheryl Fisk Tamara Flesner 87 Brenda Florell 31. 53 Norma Folks 33. 70 Jill For land 53 Scott Foss Michael foth 22. 53 Karen Frank Michelle Frank 53 David Frankhouser Grace Pranze 32, 70 Beth Fratzke 31, 53 Lane Frey 53 Barbara Friday 53 Karen Friedrichsen 41- 53 Pete Friedrichsen 38. 70 Mark Friend 38. 53 Jayne Friesema 33- 70, 99 Karen Friesen 53 Kevin Friesen 87 Kelly Fruih Valerie Fuchs 31- 34- 70 Brian Fugleberg 33, 71 Mark Fugleberg 30. 44, 53 Brad Gabbert 40. 71 Alan Gady 53 Scott Gallagher 53 Anthony Garofalo Patrick Garrett 38, 71 Aniinie Geilhman 71 Glenn Geithman 20. 32. 71 LuAnn Geithman 53 Rebecca Genheimer 87 Athanasios Georgouvelas 39, 7| Victoria Georgouvelas 87 Margo Gerdin 43 Deborah Gifford 87 Roger Gifford 53 Sarah Gilbertson 54, 105 Sonya Gilbertson 21, 33. 7|. 99 James Gilbraith 45. 54 Sheila Gilman 39. 54 Gary Gislason 29, 7] Sue Gtewwe 88 Gregory Godshall 38, 88 Brian Goldenman 33. 71 Tern Goldenman 54 Ann Goodrich 43. 71 Michael Grandy 33, 54 Diane Granger 88, 99 Cindy Gray 34, 41, 54 Elisabeth Gray Alan Greene 54 Julie Greener 33. 71 Lori Grega 54 Cynthia Grina 54 Timothy Groseh 39, 71 James Grosz 45, 54 Monica Groves Daniel Gullickson 38 David Gustafson 38 Jonathan Gustafson 33.54 Gwen Haagenson 88 Dana Habich 41. 7| Dawn Habich 54 Jeff Habich 42. 71 Ron Haekctt 71 Sherri Hackett 28- 54 Mary Hains 21. 54 Matthew Hallstein 23, 38, 54 Brent Hallsirom Bruce Hamel 71 Bethany Hansen 54 Caroline Hansen 32, 72 Janet Hansen Robert Hansen 44, 72 James Hanson Jon Hanson Mark Hanson Samuel Hanson 33 Roberta Hargens 55 Dawn Harrensiein 55 Karen Harrison Ruth Harrison 72 Jane Harty 72 Daren Hastings Ted Haug 72 Cynthia Havener 72 Wendy Hay 72 David Hayes Stephen Hazel 33, 72 Jewel Healy 33, 55 Jeanne Hedlund 72 Heidi Heffern 72 Nancy Heglund 33, 72 Connie Heikes 32. 72. 99 David Held 55 Dale Helm 22- 72 Julie Hemmesch 4L 55 Jody Hernpel 41. 72 David Henderson 33. 55 Nancy Hendrickson 55 Tanya Hendrickson 72 Temple Hendrickson 72 Karin Heng 34, 73 David Henry 33- 73 lndex 109 Cynthia Herrema 88 Jenifer Kaiser 57 Jodie Ho rum 55 Kaye Karlsrud 33, 57 Cynthia Hess 88 Bonnie Kazeck Jonathan Hess 21, 28 Wendy Keller 89 Ian Hewilson 97 Marybeth Kenknight 74 Brett Higgason 73 Mark Kennedy 33, 74 Julie Higgason 55 Mary Kennedy 35, 57 Kim Higgins 28, 73 Sharon Kent 57 Amy Hildahl 55 Jeanne Kermicle 57 Kelly Hill 55 James Killrner 97 Ross Hill Sandra Kimball 35 t S9 Barbara Hoekman 55 Craig King 30, 57 Steven Hofer 55 Kenneth King 30, 74 Charles Hokanson 73 Randy Kirgiss 57 Jonathan Holm 42. 88 Rachel Klebs 32. 74 Lyoeiie Holm 33, 55 Cheryl Kleidon 57 Kathy Holmgren 73- 99 Timothy Klein 33, 57 Cheryl Holle 73 Kathleen Klingbiel 57 Douglas Holle Thomas Klingbiel 74 Julie Holly 55 Janice Knight Michelle Homa Craig Knudtson Daniel Hormig 38, 73 David Kohout 57 Kenneth Horner 73 Stephen Kosa 75 Lewis Howard Julie Kosel 39. 57 Craig Howse 33. 55 Mary Krahn 21, 33, 75 Daniel Hubbard 38, 73 Suzanne Krause 31, 39 David Hubbard 55 Sheila Kremer 21, 75, 99 Paul Hubbard 42. 97 Sherri Kremer 41, 43. 57 Douglas Huffman 21, 40, 33, 99 Nathan Kreutter Chris Hulrgrcn 73 Kelly Krieger 33, 75 Pamella Hultgren 33, 55 Kevin Krieger 33, 34, 38. 75 Lori Hull si rand 55 Monica Kruger 29, 32, 75 Clifton Hylden 55 Mark Kvam 75 Diana Imsland 56 Steven Lagoon 58 Robin Ingalls 33 Darcy Lai linen Karen Iszler 31. 56 Del La it men Bradley Iverson 30, 44, 73 Steve Langdett 45 Christine Jaee 73 trie Langord James Jackson 89 Todd Langmade 32 + 75 Roxanne Jackson Bethany Larsen Jessy Jacob 73 trie Larsen 32, 53 Cindl Jacobs 33 Brenda Larson 75 Debra Jacoi 2U 73, 99 Glen Larson 32, 90 Lori Jacot 73 Janet Larson 41. 58 Alexia Jamison 32, 56 Jayne Larson 58 Steven Jennisch 30, 38, 73 Kevin Larson David Jensen 21, 28, 39 Marlene Larson 75 Priscilla Jensen 56 Miriam Larson 31, 58 Kay Jentoft 73 Dan Lautner 58 Pamela Jewell 29 Jennifer LeBlanc 58 Scon Jibben 39. 56 Margaret LeClair 90 Julie Johns 56 Wendy Lee 75 Barbara Johnson 32, 73 Kelli Lehman 58 Bradley Johnson 56 Barbara Lentz 41, 75 Becky Johnson 73 Brent Let ter man 58 Brian Johnson 33. 56 Jean Leuthner 90 Carol Johnson 56 Dale Lewis 22, 23, 25. 32. 90 Christine Johnson 56 Joel Lilyquist 28, 30, 75 Dalen Johnson 22. 23. 74 Jeffrey Lindahl 38, 53 Daren Johnson 56 Max Lindahl 75 David Johnson 74 Barbara Lindeman 58 Denita Johnson 22. 33 Laurie Linden 75 Devon Johnson 74 Annette Linder 75 trie Johnson 33, 89 Mark Linder 38, 90 James Johnson 30, 74 Marlene Lindquist 90 Judie Johnson 74 Ruth Lindquist 58 Kay Johnson 43, 74 Lori Linley 76 Kent Johnson 32, 74 Garry Lloyd 76 Larry Johnson 33, 74 Kevin Loecken 33, 34. 45. 76 Laurel Johnson 74 Lori logelin 58 Laurie Johnson 74 Cheryl Logemann 33, 58 Lcanne Johnson Gary Long Lyle Johnson 56 Peggy Long 53 Mark A, Johnson 74 Cynthia Lowry 76 Mark E. Johnson 56 Troy Lucht 59 Renee Johnson 74 Gerald Ludens 76 Ruth Johnson 56 Kristie Luiken 59 Thomas Johnson Tim Luithle 59 Todd Johnson 56 Becky Lund 76 Warren Johnson 56 Janine Lundgren 76 Kenneth Jones Randal Lush 76 Mariam Jones 56 Susan Lush 34, 59 Jeffrey Joseph 3S. 56 Scott Lutter 76 Kerri Joyce 22, 89 Thomas MacDonald 76 Amy Judkins 56 Lorna MacLachlan 76 Alice Jung 74 David Madison 33, 90 Timothy Jungman 89 Leah Madsen 76 Jennifer Juntunen 56 Christine Maher 33, 76. 99 Edwin " Chip " Kadlec 33. 74 Gail Maher 33. 34, 59 David Makecff Karen Olsen 92 Joyce Malchow 97 Clifford Olson 32. 78. 99 Judy Malone 76 Curtis Olson Martha Mannix Kathryn Olson 23, 73 Paul Mansour 42, 90 Rebecca Olson 61 Jill Markun 59 Todd Olson Alan Marshall 32, 76 Trevor Olson 78 Randall Mariens 32 59 Janell Omodt 31, 78 Carrie Martin Karri Ortman 32. 61 Cynthia Martin 76 Candace Qrtmann 61 Chris Martinson 33, 34, 59 Suzanne Qrtquist 32, 35, 61 Erie Maxwell 38, 59 Judy Gscarson 92 John Maxwell 77 Robert Osterlund 33, 40, 78 Pamela Mayhak 59 Mark On 61 Scott Mayhak 59 Kathy Outson 78 Linda McAllister 33, 77 Terry! Overpeck 78 Kelvin McCarthy 77 Timothy Overweg 22, 92 Marcia McClenahan 59 Steven Owen Douglass McConnell 77 Linda Paetznick 78 Georgene McCourt 90 Dawn Palmberg 33, 34, 78 Jeffrey McCourt 59 Bethany Palmer 78 Percy McCoy 30, 59 Tamera Parker 61 Sharon McCullough 91, 99 Brian Partridge 33. 78 Daniel McGleno David Patterson 78 Bradley McIntosh 59 Dalona Pauley 61 Heidi McMillan 59 Kent Paulson 39, 61 Jerome Meeds 77 Sharon Paulson Danny Mem 42, 59 Vicky Pavtis 33, 7S Shelly Metzger 59 Debra Pearson Thomas Mikkelson 3S. 59 Marcia Pederson 78, 99 Synthia Milby 91 Morgen Peltonen 73 Lisa Miles 59 Michele Penn 33, 78 Brian Miller 42, 9t Jay Perske 78 Michele Miller Robert Peterfeso 40, 61 Ray Miller 21, 91 Troy Petersen 3S, 78 Robbyn Miller 91 Brian Peterson 78 Stanley Miller 30, 44, 60 Daryl Peterson 97 Susan Milter 77 Duane Peterson 23, 45, 79, 99 Vicki Milter Gregory Peterson 35 Cindy Milne Kathy Peterson 33. 61 Lisa Mitne 60 Kay Peterson 41, 61 Peter Milne 77 Mark Peterson 6! Alison Mitchell 77 Michael Peterson 42. 92 Lisa Moekenhaupt 77 Robin Peterson 79 Gary Moen Scott Peterson Jill Mollenhauer 60 Sheila Peterson 79 Machelie Monster 60 Thomas Peterson Vernon Montzka Thomas L, Peterson Dianne Mord 60 Jeffrey Pickard 79 DeeAnti Mork 60 Laura Pierce 31. 62 Heidi Morrill 22. 60 Lori Pollard 35, 79 Robin Morrill 60 Phillip Poppenhagen 62 Freeman Moser IEI Nanette Porter 62 Robin Moser 32, 60 John Pugleasa 33. 79 Daniel Mosher 22, 60 David Guebodeaux 38 Roland Mossberg 23, 77 Kathryn Radue 62 Brian Moulton 77 Nancy Raiche 79 Janell Moy 91 Kirn Randle 79 Bradley Murphey Douglas Ranney 92 David Myers 77 Christopher Ratuski 92 Lisa Nagel! 60 Irene Ratuski 62 Scott Nauruan Mark Read Becky Neal 34, 91 Denise Readel 79 Teresa Neby 91 Chris Reagan Carol Jayne Nelson 34, 77 Wendy Reagan 79 David Nelson 30, 60 Daniel Reasor 79 Deborah G. Nelson 60 Linda Reed 62 Deborah L. Nelson 28. 77 Timothy Reed 23, 62 Gregory Nelson 38, 77 Todd Reed 93 Joseph Nelson 77 Heidi Reid 79, 99 June Nelson 60 Laurie Reid 79 Kirk Nelson 60 Peter Reid 39, 79 Randy Nelson 60 Carolyn Reseland 93 Robert Nelson 34, 77 Nannette Reseland 33, 79 Roger Nelson 60 Sally Resh 79 Karen Nessly 77 LeAnn Reu 93 Dawn Neumann 33, 34 r 77 Jon Reutter 42. 93 David Newton 77 Julie Reynolds 80 Lori Nodotf 22. 91 Richard Reynolds SO Eugene Nordin 40, 78 Nancy Rhody 93 Kevin Nordstrom 30, 60 Philip Rice 93 Bruce Norgaard 60 Neal Rich 42, 62 Naomi Norgaard 32, 60 David Richter 30 Brenda Norland 61 Kevin Rients 80 Jeffrey Noyed 92 Donald Riley Barbara Nye 61 Amy Roach 33. 62 Leland Nyquist 61 Gregory Robertson 39, 62 Jonathan Oakes 61 Cedric Robinson Matthew Olmstead 92 Keith Robinson 110 lndex Timothy Robinson 93 David Roby 22, SO Shorn Roller 34, SO Steven Romick Anneiie Rosol 62 Laurie Ross 93 Mark Ruesch 62 Peter Runge 3$, 93 Brenda Runke 62 Daniel Runke SO Steven Ryberg SO William Rye 39,62 Philip Rysted SO Ronald Sachs 30, 62 Carol Salin 97 Karlene Salo 62 Jeffrey Sanderson SO Heidi Sandslrom SO Lori Sat her Wayne Sawatsky 33 Melody Sawyer SO LeeAnne Schafer 94 Julie Schissel taure Schlichting 63 John Schlundt 63 Kent Schmidt SO William Schnobrich 39, 63 Scott Schorr SO Matthew Sehulenberg SO Michael Sehulenberg 45, 63 Clay Schutize 39, 63 Richard Schumann 94 Susan Schwabe 35. 63 Michael Schwartz 20, 32. SO Michael Scott SI Carol Sedlock Suzette Seecamp 63 Rick Selin 39 Gloria SeJin Sf Nannette Sentman 63 Pamela Sentman SI Marcia Severson 21, SI. 99 Sandra Severson 94 James Shea 63 Pamela Sheldon 43, 63 Aaron Shepard 63 Gracia Shindo 39, 63 Mark Shoberg 25 Leslie Shogren 63 Lola Shuey SI Julie Sias 43, 94 Rachel Silrum 33, 63 Steven Sjoberg 94 Kari Skoog Susan Smallidge 33 Karleen Smith 94 Martin Smith 33. 63 Julie SnuStead Ryan Soderstrom 2S. 31. 99, 305 Brenda Sonnenberg 35. 63 Paul Sopher Dera Sorensen 43, SI Richard Sorensen 63 Alan Soukup 63 Brad Soukup 45, 94 Karen Soukup 63 Keith Spading SI Timothy Spar Nathan Spears Gregory Spencer SI Penny Spick James Spock 3S P 45, 63 Michael Sprecher 32. 64 Greg Stafki Linda Stanchfield 64 Rebecca Stanchfield 64 Beth Stangeland 94 Deborah Stanley 64 James Stanoch SI Kerry Sta$tny Si. 99 Debra Stauffer SJ Robert Stauter SI Stephen Sieddom 33. 34. 64 Corinne Steen 41. St Jeff Steffens 44 Cory Stern 64 Linda Stern Eddy Stettin 38 Timothy Stevens 30. SI Carrie Stewart 32. SI Beth Stoesz SI Daniel Stoltz 94 Julie Strand SI Joseph Streeter 64 Debora Stickler SI David Strope 2$, $2 Kristine Stubbs 64 Joe Sullivan 97 Rachelle Sunnarborg 82 Tammy Swanson 6J Deborah Swenson 82 Scott Swenson 38, 82 Brenda Tan is 32. 64 Brian Tanning Brenda Taubert 64 Brian Taubert 38, S2 Samuel Taylor 38, 44, 64 Margaret Teasdale 97 Tami Telles 97 John Terhark 95, 99 Rodney Thannum Jonathan Thielke 64 Julie Thompson 64 Marcia Thompson 64 Paul Thompson $2 Trudi Thompson 64 Judy Tieszen 32, 64 Daryl Timrner 33, 34. 82 Sarah Tjornhom 23 Julie Tollefson 64 David Torguson S2 Jody Tornquist 43. 82 Timothy Tosch 25, 82 Patrick Tracy David Truhler 82 Sherri Truman 95 Cynthia Tru sell 64 Laurie Trussell Steve Tschetter 38, 82 Douglas Tuttle Ofonime Michael Ukpong 64 Rodd Umlauf 44. 82 Roy Umlauf 44, 65 Marilyn VanAlstine 39. 65 Kurt VanBatavia 82 Sheri VanWyk 39. 65 Steven Vaughan Ivan Veldbuizen 95 Gay Vogel 31, 82 Vince Wagner Sherrie Wald 82 Susan Wald 35. 95 John Walker 33, 82 Todd Wallace 21. 28, 82 Christopher Wallin 65 Timothy Walsh 30, 42 Beth Warolin 95 Gregory Watke 38 Wayne Watkins 82 Sarah Waits 82 Bradly Webber 65 Barbara Weber 65 Faye Webskowski 95 Colleen Weekley 33, 65 Beth Wdander S3 Wayne Welander 32. 35, 65 Sharon Welch 83 Sharon Welter 32, S3 Timothy West 34. 95 Gene West berg 34. 95 Julie Westerlund Bonita Westfall 95 Kayleen Wetzel 83 Kevin While 96 Marlene White Roxanne White S3 Melissa Wichhari 65 Dawn Wiens 35. 65 Margaret Wild 83 Diane Wiiey 39, 65 Michael Wiley 38 Joseph Wilkin 38, S3 Diane Willett S3 Becki Williams 34,65 Troy Williams 65 Cheryl Wilson 65 Paul Wilson 30. 83 Jeff Wipf S3 Lisa Wise Steven Winner 40, 65 Shari Witt 32 Judy Woes I e 33. 33 Lori Wold 65 Keith Wood $3 Kimberly Wood 65 Gabriel Woods 28, 33 Gloria Wray 96 Janet Yeats 96 David Yoder S3 Deborah Young 96 Suzanne Zachman S3 Anita Zurn 96 Closing Words ... Many joyous times as well as tears and prayers went into the assembly of this book and l present it to you, the reader, in hopes that it will bring back good memories of warm friendships, new learning experiences, and times of close fellowship with Jesus Christ. Many thanks go to my staff for all their hard work, and special thanks to Dave Myers for the endsheet design, and to Mr. Beilby for putting up with us as we were learning. And now in the tradition of the writers of the epistles . . . May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Sandy Kimball, Editor !ndex !ll

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