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-- ■ ■ B -. . 1 ♦ -• • . . . .. -. • % ' y- •, ’ - ' ‘ ' . . .- . - ■ ■ ■ . -•.. • - . . ■ r: ■ ' ' v ■ . ' . ,.■ ■ y. ; ..-. ■ ' y ■ ‘ ' ' - • ' 1 • r • ■ ■; ' ■■■• l v a.• ' •■. ■ ' ' ' -V a. v •; V ' j . ‘ - ' -. , : ,r - : , ■ . « " :i s V h ?‘. . ; ■j. , -. ' i ■ • L " - - • ' ' •’ - ■ •■ J ' -f - . ■ .-r r: ; W- . ■ ' - , -■ •. . ' " r • : ' • - ■ . 4 ‘ r j . L» V ' • - ; ■ . , ' • : ' • . ' ■;■ ; ‘:r-y ' •■. ■; - ’ •: • ■ .■ ■■ • . - 7 . . ■ . ••• • 7 • : ‘ , ” v n ' ; • ' ► 1 v . ■ • ’ ■ tr’ • A «■ •-V - v • V ■ ■-;■ " 7VV " A • ;V ■JIA. 1 ■ Editor. ..... .Gayle Nechas Assistant.Patricia Plat! Picture Editor.. , ..Nancy Sfaat Assistant. Ruth Merryman STAFF Business Managers.... .Bob Power Ruth Merryman Sports Editor, ....... .Earl Larson Assisted By.Dwayne Snell Photographers. Bill Haburn Charles Taylor Miss Dorothy Hanna Advisor northwestern COLLEGE 19 5 6 . ii 111 • ill II II II PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS AT MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA 3 null ,|IIB ■ S S sill V It 4 l in mm NiH■ Bible College Liberal Arts College Seminary CLASSES ADMINISTRATION ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS table DAY BY DAY DEDICATION 8 ADMINISTRATION 14 ifaHi DAY BY DAY fm A pk-tour of campus life through season , . . everyday experiences and highlights of our college days. 32 K ' -: A ACADEMIC - ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS 52 ACTIVITIES CLASSES - 60 92 STUDENT DIRECTORY 140 ADVERTISING - 142 DEDICATED TO Roger Youderian A martyr for the faith in South America Page 8 This book is dedicated to the memory of Roger Youderian, martyred by the Auca Indians, January 1956. tn so honoring him, we turn the search¬ light on his life and see in the shadows Northwestern College. The glory of a school is in its alumni, and the glory which is Roger Youderian ' s is the glory, not of time, but of eternity " Faultless they stand before the throne ' Grand lines these are, written not only about the ancient apostles and martyrs but also in memory of Roger and the four other strong-hearted, true-hearted young men who laid down their lives for Christ and for the Auca Indians. Roger Youderian, who was graduated from the College in 1950, and from the Department of Missionary Medicine in 1951, was born January 21, 1924, in Sumatra, Montana, but according to his own recording, was born again November 1941, " according to II Corinthians 5:17, " being made a new creature in Christ Jesus. " No-ean ' t-Paratrooper Youderian " they called him in Ecuador .... Roger, willing and unafraid, was known for his quiet faithfulness, and the overflow of so often doing more than was required. In that same spirit he joined with other young fe.lSows in the brave advance into Auca territory. These men of several organizations, under One Lord, united forces for His glory. And in that unity of love they died. In heaven with our Lord, Roger Youderian awaits us. We dedicate ourselves anew to the service of Christ our Lord, trusting the same power of His Spirit which upheld these courageous martyrs to guide and strengthen u$, that one day we too shall stand, confident and unashamed, " before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy, " Dr. HARRY 5TAM These Indians have gathered with missionary Katherine Beard, a laborer among the Navajos in Arizona, Ken Sykora and Nola Johnson present the Gospel story to youngsters at Oliver Presbyterian Sunday School, reaching out Marilyn Bergman teaches boys and girls in her Sunday School class at Loring ChapeL The Chapel is a new project of North¬ western Seminary. Northwestern College and its students are dedicated to the task of spreading the Gospel to every kindred, tribe and nation. Part of this task is carried on within our own country and even within our own city. Some students hold responsibilities in various churches and others move into areas and organize new churches for God ' s glory. Some work with Child Evan¬ gelism or high school Bible clubs and others present Christ In words and music. A vital part of life at Northwestern is the practical experi¬ ence gained from such work. Another great phase of outreach work from this College is the group of alumni who labor on mission fields in the United States. Hun¬ dreds of alumni are in pastorates and evan¬ gelistic work and others work among the vari¬ ous oppressed people of our society. All join hands in telling the Gospel story of hope and [ife to those about them. Assignments at various missions in the city bring the Gospel in word and music to those who have lost sight of a hope In life. This old Indian woman has just received a blanket from the missionaries at the Flagstaff, Arizona, mis¬ sion headquarters. Gifts which come from loving hearts soften the bitterness of time and age and provide an opening for the Light of the Gospel Loring Chapel is conducted in the Seminary building each Sunday and is an attempt by the college and seminary students to reach those in the immediate area who hunger for the Word of Life. _ ( i New converts In Africa provide an inspiration to those who have labored so long on the Dark Continent. Northwestern College students are serving their Lord on hundreds of mission stations around the world. The cali is to the " uttermost parts of the world " and we would not fail to answer. Africa, India, China, South America, Europe . .. men and women stand side by side to proclaim the message of salvation to those who have not heard. Often these dear ones risk their lives to reach new tribes for Him, And while these missionaries labor, prayer bands meet daily here at the college uphold¬ ing the work on the foreign fields before the Throne of Grace, People oppressed with burdens of daily life . sur¬ rounded by shrines and steeped m superstition , . . need the story of Life in Christ, Page 12 -JJ nun bdern Missions as on the march on Nelson works with Television . and every media of communication Is being used to tell forth the glorious Gospel story. Here Japan. These Africans paint their bodies and faces as superstition surrounds their lives. Our missionaries seek to show them what tt is to be free from the bondage of superstition and evil spirits in the new life Christ offers. ■EpMw»- COLLEGE faculty • staff ♦ administration i Dr, Richard A, Elvee Under the able leadership of Dr. Elvee, a faculty, administra¬ tion, and staff, devoted to the work of the Lord, guide North¬ western College students. As it was said of the Apostles, " they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ, " i i Northwestern College, founded originally by Dr, W, B. Riley, was first a Bible and Missionary Training School. As the vision of this Godly man took in the needs for evangelical pastors, a Theological Seminary was founded. Years passed and Dr Riley was led of the Lord to expand Northwestern to satisfy those young people who were seeking college training; thus, the Liberal Arts College. Today these three divisions operate together under a consecrated faculty to form Northwestern College, board of directors DR. CURTIS B. AKENSON MR. PAUL H. ALBINSON DR. C. A. AUNG MR. A. O. BJORKLUND DR. WALTER E. BRIDGE MR. J. COLGATE BUCKBEE MR. C. A. BURNHAM MR. VICTOR P. CHAMBERLAIN MRS. BENJAMIN O. CHAPMAN MR. FRANK E. CLAWSON DR. R. V. CLEARWATERS MR. N. F. CORNELIUS MR. JOHN M. EDLUND MR. VERGEL B. EDWARDS DR. THOR A. HANSEN DR. PAUL K. HENDRICKS REV. WALTER B. HORN REV. ROBERT F. KITTRELL JUDGE JAMES T. KNUTSON MR. PER M. LARSON DR. RUDOLPH LOGEFEIL DR. O. A. LOOK DR. O. P. LOVIK MR. E. H. MATTHIAS MR. N. T. MEARS (Honorary Member) MR. AL METTEL DR. RALPH MITCHELL DR. J. PALMER MUNTZ DR. WM. H. MURK DR. MARTIN NORDLAND MR. CARLYSLE NORRIS MR. AXEL OLSON DR. EARLE V. PIERCE MR. RALPH G. PUGH MR. WALTER RESCHLEIN DR. JOHN R. RICE MRS. W. B. RILEY MR. HANNES RYPKEMA DR. JOHN R. SIEMENS MR. A. F. TOAVS MR. CARL O. WALLIN DR. S. MARX WHITE MR. MANLY A. WILCOX MR. HERB HAZZARD (Ex-Officio - Alumni President) DR. O. A. LOOK (President) Page 17 . . I 1 .■ ■ »■ I » • ' . CHARLES A. AUNG M.B. University of Minnesota, M.$, University of Minnesota, M.D. Uni¬ versity of Minnesota, Contagious Diseases, Gynecology, Pediatries, School Physician, John 3; 1 6 SHIRLEY ALMEN Gustavus Adolphus College, A.B. University of Minnesota, A.M. Uni¬ versity of Minnesota. frencfj, Spanish. I Timothy 2:5 faculty HELEN BAXTER Minnesota School of Commerce, Gregg College, Music Department, Gustavus Adolphus. Commercial Education. PhiL 4:13 WILLIAM B. BERNTSEN Moody Bible institute, A.B, Iowa State Teacher ' s College, M. Mus. Northwestern University, Music Theory, Organ , Piano. Galations 2:20 DON L BISDORF Grad. North Central Bible Jnsf. B.A. Northwestern College, B.M. in Voice, MocPhoil College of Music; B.. Mus. Education, MacPhaif Col¬ lege of Music; M. Mus. Michigan State University. Band, Seminary Chorus, Siring EnsemB e, Music Education and Instruments. Phit. 1:6 Page 18 HELEN R BROOKS A.B. Hastings College, A.M, Univer¬ sity of Nebraska, Ph D. University of Nebraska. H sfory. Matt 28:20b ERVIN B BUTLER B,Ed., Bemidfi State Teacher ' s Col¬ lege. Dean of Men, Maf iemat cs. PhiL 1:6 RICHARD V. CLEARWATER5 A r r Kalamazoo College, A.M. Uni¬ versity of Chicago, B.D. Northern Baptist Seminary, D.D. Northern Baptist Seminary, Graduate, Moody Bible Institute. Hom fet cs, Pastoral Theology JOHN E DAHLIN A.B t Northwestern University, A.M. Northwestern University, Moody Bible Institute, Evangelical Free Church Seminary, Augustana Theo¬ logical Seminary. HistorYt Political Science. Phil. 4:13 Page 19 { ( Vi ' t 1 lar ' Mfrutili t ii f m« ■ ri- ,. ' . I i i . ,j. „. ,1. i ' , .j, L. MAYME LOUISE EDWARDS M.A. George Peabody College for Teachers, M.R.E. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. English, Psychology. Prov. 3:5, 6 ! : i I | j f i | | : t T i j ' k RICHARD Q. ELVEE A.B. Bob Jones University, Graduate Work University of Minnesota. General Anthropology. Prov. 16:9 ELLA ERWAY B.S. Wheaton College, A.M. Teach¬ er ' s College, Columbia University, Dramatics, Speech Romans 12:1, 2 LE ROY GAGER Northwestern Bible School, A.B. Wheaton College, Th,B. Southwest¬ ern Baptist Theological Seminary. Bib e, fvange jsm II Cor. 5:17 Page 20 EDWIN L GROENHOFF B.A. Northwestern College, Gradu¬ ate Work Macalester College. Sociology and Education, Director of Research. I Peter 5:6, 7 m . JANICE M. GUSTAFSON B.S.M. Capital University Conserva¬ tory, M. Mus. Northwestern Univer¬ sity. Voice. Eph. 4 PHILIPP GUSTAFSON B. Mus. Northwestern University, M. Mus. Northwestern University; Grad¬ uate Work University of Minnesota. Church Music Administration, History of Musk, Hymnofogy, Piano, Voice . Psalms 23 LESTER HABEGGER A.B, Wheaton College, Northwest¬ ern Schools, M.Ed. University of Minnesota. Personal Hygiene t Physical Education, Track and field Cocrch, Assistant Basfcefba f Coach. Prow 3:5, 6 PAUL S. HAIK A,B. Wheaton College, Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary. B b e, Bib e Archaeo ogy r Greek. II Cor, 9:8 RUTH RISTESUND HART Graduate Northwestern Bible School, B.Sc. in Education, Genera! Beadle State Teacher ' s College, Graduate Work University of Minn. Education and Psychology. Heb. 4:12-16 Page 21 i ) i ( ( t | ) i t ■ J, EDWIN HARTILL A.B. Muskingum College, B.D. Northwestern Theologloat Seminary, D.D, Bob Jones University. Dean of Bible College, Bible. Phil. 3:10 HELEN L HILL B.S. in Ed. Eau Claire State Teach¬ er ' s College, University of Wiscon¬ sin, University of Minnesota. Assistant Librarian. Deut 31:8 MARY RUTH HOWES A.B. Wheaton College; Candidate MA. Wheaton College. English Composition and Literature , II Cor. 2:14, 15 TERRY C. HULBERT A.B. University of Western Ontario, Th r M, Dallas Theological Seminary. Greek II Cor. 5:20,21 ELMER M. JOHNSON B.S. University of Minnesota, Philosophy, Sociology. I Cor. 15:58 Page 22 INGA E JOHNSON B.S. University of Minnesota. ChnsfJcrn Education. Colossians 3:23, 24 REUBEN J. JOHNSON B. Mus. Ed, Northwestern University, M. Ed, University of Minnesota. Cendueting, Harmony, Music Education. Psalms 91:2 PAUL L KAUFMAN A.B. Wheaton College, A.M. Whea¬ ton College. New Testamerrf, Greek, Phil. 4:6, 7 CARL W. LANDAHL A. B. University of Minnesota, B. Mus, Columbia School of Music, M. Mus. Columbia School of Musk, B, D + California Baptist Theological Seminary, Royal Scottish Academy of Musk. Church Music, Piano. Psalms 116:1, 2 MARK W. LEE Nyack Missionary Training Institute, A.B. Wheaton College, A.M, Whea¬ ton Graduate School, Candidate for Ph.D. at the University of Minne¬ sota. Debate, Homiletics, Oratory, Page 23 Radio, Speech. Hebrews 10:36 - JANET McLELAND B.S. University of Minnesota, M. Ed. University of Minnesota. Physf ' co Education. Prov 3 i5 f 6 Page 24 ENOCH E. MATTSON B.S, W heaton College, Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary, Th.D. Dallas Theological Seminary. Theology Ramans 11:33-3(5 EDWIN A OLSON B.S in Ch. E, University of Pitts¬ burgh, M.5. University of Pittsburgh. Physical Science, Ramans 1:16 OLIVER A MOGCK B.P. Sm. Morningslde College, M. Ed. University of Minnesota. Gradu¬ ate Work Chicago Musical College. Music Theory, Voice Galatians 2:20 OSWALD H. MORLEY Williametfe University, Northwestern Bible School, Physical Education, Athlelic Director. Phil 3:10 S IB E __j KENNETH R. RAYMOND B.A. Oregon State, B.D. Northwest¬ ern Theological Seminary. Assac. Prof, of Bib icaf Languages, Romans 8:28 MRS. W, B, RILEY A.8. University of Minnesota, LL.D. Bob Jones University. Dean of liVomen, Soria fnstftuffans. Isaiah 12:2 EDWARD D. SIMPSON BS. Wheaton College, B.D. Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Th.M. Eastern Baptist Theological Semin nary, Th.D. Eastern Baptist Thee logical Seminary. Bible Galatians 2:20 FRANCES SIMPSON A.B. Wheaton College, M.R.E. East¬ ern Baptist Theological Seminary, D.R.E. Southwestern Baptist Theo¬ logical Seminary. Christian Edu cation. Isaiah 30:21 CHARLES SJOGREN B.A. Hamline University, Graduate Study University of Minnesota. Piano, Matthew 6:10 Page 25 - v j r - ' i $ i j.jfr | t i ! 1 J i i HARRY SIAM A.B. Wheaton College, D.D. Whea¬ ton College. Missions. I) Cor. 9:8 KINGSLEY R. STERN B.5. Wheaton College, M.A, Univer- srty of Michigan, Graduate Work University of Minnesota. English and Botany Phil. 4:13 I ■: I! i i 1 I I l i Page 26 RACHEL B THOMPSON A.B. St. Olaf College. English, Composition Isaiah 41:10 OLIVER G, TITRUD B.S. Bemidji State Teachers College, M.S. University of Denver, Oak Hills Christian Training School. Biology. Luke 79:10 ETHEL JONES WUCOX University of Minnesota. Christian life, Christian Service t Remedial English IThess. 5:18 DOROTHA WILLIAMS A.B. Pennsylvania State College, A.B, in L.S. University of Michigan, A.M. University of Minnesota. Librarian. I John 2:28 G DOUGLAS YOUNG B.S. Acadia University, Westminster Theological Seminary, B.D., STM. Faith Theological Seminary, Ph.D. Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning. Dean of tfie Theofog ca Seminary and College of Liberal Arts, Archaeology, Bible, Hebrew. Proverbs 16:3 Page 27 LOREN F. BRIDGES Director of Radio. Romans 8:28 LLOYD L BUCKLES B.S. Iowa State College, North’ western Theological Seminary. Controller John 6:35 STANLEY R. COOK Executive Vice-President I Sam. 12:24 administrative staff WILLIAM P + GOWLER A.B. Northwestern College of Liberal Arts A.M. Southern Meth¬ odist University. Registrar, History, Psalm 46 DOROTHY HANNA Northwestern Bible School, B.R.E Northwestern Theological Semin¬ ary. Executive Secretary, Ali mm Asso¬ ciation, Par tamenfary Law, Proverbs 3:5, 6 WILLIAM T. HENDERSON College of Charleston, Univer¬ sity of South Carolina. Administrative Staff. Hebrews 13:13 EVELYN HOFFMEYER R.N. St. Barnabas Hospital School of Nursing, B,A. in Bible, North¬ western Bible College. Nurse. ARNOLD C ROCHOLL Northwestern Bible School, Director of Promotion. Rom. M6 CLARENCE E, WALSTAD A.B. Wagner, Staten Island, N.Y. Director of Stewardship. FORREST WILLIAMS Northwestern Schools. Director, Christian Work and Pfacement. Romans 1:16 HAD ' OIttf 1 «JH ,.w f- ■Yj Louise Armen Violet Christopherson Peg Coombs Arlene Crooks Cleo Edwards Margaret Harp ham Rosalie Hughes Marge Isaacson Marlene JCurechner Johnson Mr. Buckles points it out. Now who are they checking. office staff Peg and Marianne look it oven . r , i COLLEGE K day by day” f k ‘V !“{ 3 ‘ " IS ■ ) " i The line-up went on for two days c; stu¬ dents registered for the opening sessions in September. Dr. Simpson was one of many faculty members who assisted students personally in planning their course of study ?1 i Initiation of Freshman students provided as much fun for the new students as for the upperclassmen (Ed. Note. This is NOT regular uniform at Northwestern College.) Freshman Talent Night gave these girls a chance to air their views on dormitory life after three weeks of experience. This is the story of life at Northwestern Col¬ lege. This is a pic-tour of the many memorable , , . and some not-so-memorable . . . experi¬ ences that shaped our life - - - day by day. We began writing the story in the warm sun¬ shine of September 1955 as new students came flowing in and old students shared a most happy reunion Who could forget those first few weeks of crisp, colorful, capering leaves and warm breezes? Who could forget the joy of new friendships? the school picnic? or the Fall Formal? Drift back with us across the year and recapture fond memories of life at Northwestern, day by day. Count the bless¬ ings of His goodness . , , mark the closer walk with God , . marvel at His mercy . . . and see His glory Invade every part of our lives. A Freshman surveys the picnic Fun and Food was the main theme of the The Freshman Party was a real get- as if to say; " 5a this is North- school picnic as some dug in pop barrels acquainted occasion and provided western. " whife others played along the way. many laughs! Northwestern Schools became Northwestern Col¬ lege and several office staff members view the new sign. Anton Marco, gospel singer and former classical vocalist, presented one of the first assembly pro¬ grams of the new year. COLLEGE FOUNDED 1902 Dr. Efvee looks with satisfaction on the new title , . , " Northwestern College. " Page 35 - Ul ' ivt .A? -. -.1 aL. .IL , . i„ TT- Grace Megert was crowned Miss Liberty at the Fall Formal In November. A ready smile and a beautiful testimony which radiated Jesus Christ, made Gracie a most worthy Queen. " Some Dirty Dog Put Glue In My Saddle " sang Mel Taylor as the Mixed Ensemble interpreted the early story of " Your America. " Ron Bennett, Master of Ceremonies, and representa¬ tive of Student Forum, crowned Grace as Geraldine Carlson, Louise Henderson and Donna Benson, her attendants, happily watched- • ’V - A X 1 1 .» ..s. Ljyufcju ' ' V ihli Y| T ii ifi ' iHi i rt 177i f). BBwHf i iiM If ' ■ SB [ 1 ■ IJJ- ' I . Ip t 1 f ‘ V - " jflwrTg T HUifl AMI r ' Mj yfjp7 HUB m F m ' " That ' s What Unde Remus Said ' " . . . Stan Walker solos with the ensemble under the direction of Greg Athnos The beautiful new Prudential building was the setting of the formal and our cornerman caught the royal party en¬ joying the luxury of the surroundings during refreshment time. Queen Grace was escorted through the excitement of the evening by Dick Siemens, Junior in the Bible College. The Halloween Party, sponsored by the Stu¬ dent Forum, provided an " interesting " pro¬ gram for the entire student body, including Marianne Elvee and Norman Schoon, " Holler Unde " , Nancy Staat is attacked by the Forum Monster during the excitement of the evening. Fast-moving group games helped overcome the shyness of some of our quieter classmates and many laughs were shared. Page 38 The approaching Holiday Season brought the annual Christmas Chotr Concert. This Double Quartette performed a novelty number in festive regalia. £ The play concerning Little Willie as the Christmas angel delighted the imagina¬ tions of those who were able to attend the Christmas Party. Professor Mark Lee ' s presentation of Scrooge ... a greatly anticipated annual event ,,. was dramatic and vivid as the story came alive for each of us. Christmas vacation drew near and students raced to and fro, dumping books and scurry¬ ing off to get their shopping done before the tost bus home. Christmas trees were decked gaily, carols were heard echoing through the halls and a festive mood prevailed for many days. During this time we were greatly blessed by the annual Christmas concert of the North¬ western College A Cappella Choir as they presented the thrilling Christmas story in words and music. The Speech Department added to the Holiday spirit by presenting a merry production for the Christmas Party. Books were piled in lockers at last and stu¬ dents grabbed their laundry bags and began that wonderful journey home. Gene Ongna and his committee for the Missionary Confer ence proved to be Dr. Stam ' s right hand. Dr. Harry Stam again organized the an¬ nual Missionary Conference which has played such an important part in the lives of Northwestern Sfu fents. Students returned from vacation and after several days of good stories and happy re¬ unions, it was back to the books once more. January ' s Icy weather brought one great blessing . . . the 9th annual missionary con¬ ference,. headed by Dr. Harry Storm Over sixty missionaries gathered to present a vital challenge from the foreign mission field for " This Day of Urgency and Opportunity. " For one busy week classes met for half-hour periods and we spent two full hours each morning with our missionary friends. After¬ noon sessions were conducted also and First Baptist Church was host to the evening meet ings. Visiting missionaries dressed in the cos¬ tumes of their coun¬ try as they presented the challenge of for¬ eign missions. Displays were set up in Moyer Gymnasium representing the various foreign fields and their efforts of evangelism. These strange looking visitors brought the natives of India info the halls of Northwestern as they told of their work there. f frjj l i - u?, 1 The Cafeteria crew took time out from their never- ending job of preparing our daily meals . Mrs. Harris, far right, is in charge Dick Mitchell ' s helping hand in the Northwestern Book and Bible Shop is an every-day experience to many of us. A personable group of House Mothers keeps us on our toes Seated, Mrs. Hoppe, Mrs. Jorgenson. Stand¬ ing, left to right; Mrs. Armstrong; Mrs. Henderson; housekeeper, Mrs. Boreen, The Employment office, under the supervision of Mrs. Wilcox, is another service that operates daily for the benefit of Northwestern students. Here, assistant Lois King helps place a student. t Students ond faculty stand at prayerful attention in the lobby os news comes over KTIS concerning the five missionary martyrs. Newspaper articles, too, kept us up to date daily cts we waited for the details of the Auca Indian slaughter. Teachers seem to favor those reading assignments and Miss Haburn lends a helping hand in checking out material Miss Hill, Miss Williams, and Miss Haburn keep the library in condition for our daily use. Quiet Quiet . , Quiet , . . in this one room at Northwestern College there is peace and quiet twenty-four hours a day . „ and students find here a harbor for their " enquiring souls ' Page 43 Take those pictures quick] This bus leaves in [ust 27 seconds! Last minute instructions are given to roommates . . . " friends " linger , . , then suddenly choir members pile into the buses . and leave. Spring fever really sets In now. Page 44 Sadie Hawkins Day comes once a year at Northwestern College. Stu¬ dents who refuse to cooperate are penalized in a very " serious " way. Spring Fever breaks out all over before March has a chance to go out like a Lamb and it ' s extremely catching. Choir members are anx¬ ious for the Spring tour to begin . . . it ' s about mid-semester time and exams are just NOT in this train of thought . the story goes " young man ' s fancy turns to thoughts . . . " definitely not of books however. Sadie Hawkins day is another Spring event that proves inspirational to other students. And so a glorious new season dawns. There ' s no limit to the laughs with these figures around! Either It ' s the face or the fig¬ ure, aye? f i i I I’ ! Chest X-rays were given to all willing Northwesterners under the able supervision of Miss Hoffmeyer. Ron Lievense, Captain, expresses his joy of victory in a novel way as buddies congratu¬ late him. Page 46 The excitement of an outstanding basketball season kept the students occupied during the winter and early spring months. l A - »■ 1+. ' .It S ■ , Mrs. W. B, Riley, Dean of Women, is avail¬ able at all times to help " her girls " meet the problems of every-day living. Rules and regulations regarding the number of hours allowed " in the sack " when classes are in progress fall under the responsibility of Mrs, Riley. The people pictured on this page constitute that group of “unsung heroes " who contribute daily to the efficiency of our college. We don ' t always find the opportunity to thank the capable switchboard artist. Marge , , , or that fellow who keeps the lobby neat and clean . , . nor do we often confront the nurse with much besides gripes or aches and pains. Yet each student realizes that without the con¬ sistent efforts of these dedicated peopl Northwestern College could not function suc¬ cessfully. Mr. Butler, Dean of Men, and Mrs, W, B, Riley, Dean of Women, are additional staff members who contribute much besides the rules and regulations to our college life. Encourage¬ ment, reasonable courses of action, spiritual assistance and guidance are just a part of the services they so willingly render each day.. ..1 . .Jb A new emblem for the bond was created to add " sparkle " on the smart navy blue blazer Jackets of the New North¬ western College Band, S! ,—t V-v t . Li ji ad Roll call was taken on tee for the band members on tour. Surely half of the fun of the band tour originated in that compact little vehicle known as " the bus, " No tour would be complete without some unusual type of enter¬ tainment, Band members went overboard to provide such when they presented a mock wedding with Marilyn Strand and Bud Weniger as the willing " victims. " Mr, Bisdorf " graciously " gave the bride away. Dr. Bob Smith of Bethel College was the speaker for the annual Spring Banquet ... 1955. Presentation of the 1955 Scroll was made by Hazel Reynolds to Dr, and Mrs, Simpson in honor of the dedication to them Spring expresses itself in words, music and lovely girls . this trio added much to the banquet program. 9MB “3 war _; i ms nm u njoyable phases of any banquet , . the high point of THE FOODI Note students using the most proper aught in Mrs. Riley ' s classes. I ICS 1 Ivt - - ■ . . a ' - „l i 1 . Ill ju... , i i _ u , «S u --J . i , ... At last the big day arrives! It ' s time to receive that sheepskin for four years of conscientious effort- Here the faculty parades through the park before the morning address. Seniors listen as Dr Hartlll, Dean of the Bible College, Page 50 makes some pertinent remarks- Hopes rise high and stu¬ dents are prone to dream during these addresses con¬ cerning the future which awaits each graduate beyond the doors of Northwestern College. BBS bible college BIBLE CHRISTIAN EDUCATION BIBLICAL LANGUAGES MISSIONS EVANGELISM Tutoring in Mr. Gager ' s Personal Evangelism class. Mrs. Simpson gives a Christian Education major some practical advice. Dr. Hartill, Dean of the Bible College. ■ •A. , I. w Dr. Young, Dean of the Liberal Arts College, liberal arts BIBLE CHRISTIAN EDUCATION FINE ARTS SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS SOCIAL SCIENCE PHYSICAL EDUCATION college Page 54 " No, Morris, up a bff higher! " ■ U . i« i l ItLrfLl V ifhv V UK ' ■ ■ J " You mean you ' re my majors and you can ' t even identify that plant? " asks Mr Titrud, head of the Biology Department. 4 $?, " One second to go, Miss Ealest " The Speech Department operates a realistic Station WNRC. Girls ' Physical Education class taught by Miss Mcleland. Page 56 The Conservatory of Music, to which has been committed the preservation and dissemination of our rich musical heritage, is dedicated to provide a well rounded program of music in musical activities of all types. Work offered covers all the important areas of music activ¬ ity-performance, composition, and theory, teaching, church music, choral music, and ap¬ plied music in all fields. A direct contrast to this is the Physical Education program which seeks to help the i ndividual become more so¬ cially efficient through practical application of Christian and democratic principles in recrea¬ tional activities, and to inegrate the develop¬ ment of good health habits, athletic skills, atti¬ tudes, and appreciations into the Christian character of the individual. Mrs. Baxter, commercial education instructor I seminary THEOLOGY RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Dr, Young, Dean of the Seminary. We believe God is placing his stamp of approval on the type of work being done in the Seminary, which is evidenced by the more than doubled increases in registration in the last two years. One of the causes contributing to the increased effectiveness of the Seminary is the two-fold program. This is fitting men for today ' s min¬ isters and tomorrow ' s teachers, and makes each curriculum more effective. A marked im¬ provement is the special curriculum for the pastor, evangelist and missionary which erm phasizes special training and practical expe¬ rience in many of the fields in which these persons will be operating later. The special¬ ized academic curriculum is geared to the preparation of future Bible teachers. This is able to place an even greater emphasis on technical competence in the particular field of the student ' s interest, because it is di¬ vorced from the curriculum which specializes in pastoral preparation. Two rooms in the Seminary building have been devoted to a museum of items of Biblical in¬ terest. These are loaned to us by the Holy Land Bible Knowledge Society of California. One will find a sling like that of David, a shep¬ herd ' s flute, camel ' s hair cloth, sack cloth and Biblical costumes, glass, pottery and bronze from Damascus, Israel and Egypt, There is an interesting crown of thorns, a win¬ dow ' s mite, wild honey like that eaten by John the Baptist, samples of water and stones from various parts of the Holy Land. An interesting collection of Hebrew prayer books, sample scrolls and an old ram ' s horn all find a place within the museum. Page 58 ; . ■ ■ Mr. LeRoy Gager, Dean of Night School night school Increasing each year in number and effec¬ tiveness is the Northwestern Night School. It meets the needs and desires of those who, because of conflicting schedules, are unable to attend day classes. Those who avail them¬ selves of this opportunity find that it offers the preliminary course, the gold seal certifi¬ cate and the teacher ' s diploma of the Evan¬ gelical Teacher Training Association. r fill K - - - v COLLEGE sports • organizations Morley, Athletic Director and Coach. ports at northwestern Northwestern ' s sports program is gaining mo¬ mentum. There is a definite upswing in interest and enthusiasm in the inter-collegiate field, and the intra-mural program has been ex¬ panded with more persons participating. This year ' s basketball season has been a suc¬ cessful one in the won and lost column, and the team has played good and interesting basketball. Basketball, tennis, track, and golf promise to follow the pattern of increased interest and success. The sports program offers an opportunity for all to participate. With a wide range of sports covered in the intra-mural program, anyone with any athletic interest can find an activity in which he can engage. This is an important part of the educational program at Northwestern, designed to meet the need of every Northwesterner. Sports for all is now a reality. DAVE TSCHANTZ ROGER DAVIS HOWARD FODE i RALPH MARTIN basketball DICK GUNDERSON ELROY PANKRATZ JAMES MARTIN ROY ANDERSON basketball schedule Team NW Concordia . ... .- 63 Martin Luther. 8 Bismarck . 76 Northland . 99 Sioux Falls . 75 Bethany Lutheran 9 3 Wohpeton Science . 73 Valley City .. 9 1 Sioux FoIts Northern Mith. . 1 01 Michigan Tech . ■ ■ ■ ■ 72 Mayville Teachers 72 Bethel . 64 Northland . 67 Martin Luther . 31 Bethany Lutheran . .. 63 Northern Mich. 67 Bethel . 66 Concordia . 33 Volley City . 83 labor College . . . 64 Sterling College 65 Opp. 44 65 61 SB 85 95 56 65 105 96 97 30 61 70 63 71 62 76 72 80 33 66 GARY HERDM DAVE THOMPSON DWAYNE SNELL Page 66 Will it be a " HiH " or a " Miss] 1 ' Peek-a-boo, huh, Dave? 3 beautiful hands! Signals ..,1-5-16 — What! Bethel can count? How dramatic . , . and, " Why, there it Is! " says Dike, Basketball version of TV wrestling " tag match. " Page 68 We often wondered what went on in the huddle, and now we know. It ' s quite obvious that they play tre-tae-toe. Half a moon with twelve girls — nicer than one girl and a full moon? Left to right: Janice Bender, Marie Berg, Isobel Kerr, Ruth Rhoads, Donna Bowers, Ruby Nowland, Grade Megert, Helen Sebald, Evelyn Svee, Elaine Van Dixhorn, Natalie Butler, and Mabel Robey. girls’ varsity basketball tennis The sport of tennis looks to be on the incline at Northwestern os last year ' s squad turned in a fair season and most of the veterans of that team will be back along with veterans of past years. Tennis is mainly an individual sport and thus the interest in this sport depends on individuals with talent who will participate to give our college a good tennis squad. Our hopes for a good season this year are resting with veterans Ran Bennett, Ed Wold, and Lex Smith, along with all new prospects. Batting the breeze with ball in his hand — nuh? or a tennis player —■ Ron Bennett. - Northwestern ' s former racketeer — Mel Taylor, Left to right: Niles Elllngson, Leroy Pederson, Greg Athnos, Don Bisdorf, and Bud Weniger. Second row: Verna Jackson, Marilyn Strandt, Arlene Pyfe, and Twyla Kliewer northwestern pep band varsity cheering squad Left to right: Wayne Widder, Sally Clark (Captain), Lois King, Bev, Jackson, and Cam Fiona. 1 : • r - ■ 1 1 " i rj :, :u Screenside view of the Eagles at work. baseball The 1954-55 baseball season for the Eagles was a poor one, in that the team never tasted of victory. There are perhaps many reasons why not, such as lack of personnel, short prac¬ tice season due to weather, and a general condition of inexperience. Northwestern hopes to overcome these conditions and start pro¬ ducing winning teams in baseball beginning with the 1955-56 season. Jim Murphy on the mound. Elroy must have lost. Quit teasing, Jim - that ' s strictly for Ireland. The athletic department, with Coach Morley directing, has installed a new and workable intramural program. Under this new system, the student body is divided into eight teams headed by group leaders who are chosen on scholarship basis. The student leaders for this year were Glen Davison, John Geier, Elroy Pankratz, Bill Parker, Dwayne Snell, Steve Son more, Dave Tschanz, and Ed Wold. Opportunity for participation is offered in swimming, bowling, basketball, volleyball, football, wrestling, shuffleboard, archery, and weight-lifting. Tournaments are set up season¬ ally for ping pong, paddle-ball, tennis, and badminton for individual intramurals. The success of this program depends upon each one individually, but it does provide for team and school spirit. Few facts are known as to the results of each team, but the foot¬ ball season proved that interest was good despite the bruises and fractures. May this be the beginning o f a successful intramural pro¬ gram and may next year be greater. V ■y Page 72 - - « If the left one don ' t get you, the right one will. Here are your guys, girls. Here comes me — watch out! Looks rough — let ' s play locomotive. Page 73 1 faculty - forum Doc Hart and hta Hardbeats Looks good, Stan - all faces look the same. Mr, Basketball hooks aagin. - -• He got the boil and his nose mixed up. Question: How many hands can be on the ball with eight feet off the floor at once? Our faculty giving an example of what they want in classrooms? 1 debate - discussion Milton Erway, Advisor, Joanne Caron, John Hoeldtke, Ray Murray, John Geier, Stan Simmons, Delores Erickson, Dick Schneider. Joanne Caron, Delores Erickson, Ray Murray, John Geier, Stan Simmons, John Hoeldtke. Advisors: Milton Erway, Mark Lee. Darrell Pearson, Dick Schneider, South America . . . one of the challenging mission fields. Northwestern was founded with a mission¬ ary emphasis and is today primarily a mis¬ sionary institution. Interest in foreign mis¬ sions finds expression in the student organi- tion known as the Foreign Missions Fellow¬ ship. The immediate aim of this group is to arouse, maintain, and extend foreign missionary interest and to challenge the in¬ dividual student to a right response to the Lord ' s command, ' Go Ye ' . " Activities of the FMF include regular prayer meetings four times a week, and FMF program known as " Missions On the March " which is bi¬ monthly and ranges from speeches and films to social times. The annual missionary conference is the highlight of the year as far as missions is concerned and FMF takes an active part in it. Every student at North¬ western is encouraged to participate in this organization, not only to have an interest in missions but to have a passion for the lost souls of men and a real desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ unto the " uttermost part. " Front row; Grace Megerf, Dr. Harry Stam, Irma Hutchins Second row; Ralph Braun, Edward Wold, Eugene Cngna. foreign missions fell owship — " God Can Help You " ... and this these students are pro- claiming at this mission. practical work All students ot one time or another are given assignments to go to the various missions, churches, and organizations to give a testi¬ mony about their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in word, song, or personal work. These assignments help the students to prepare tor their particular field ot service, and to make them accustomed to working with the saved and unsaved alike. Many are sent to churches to be assistant pastors, teachers, Sunday School workers, and to provide music. Prac¬ tical work, it is, tor each participant sees how the Lord requires ot our time, our talents, combined with His Holy Spirit dwelling in us to perform these tasks. wordless book before going out. Group mounting the bus on the way to Child Evangelism assignment. TFT If, 1 ;■ t : X h m 1 il ' v I i 1 I " JS. W 1 8 H % A vicious argument takes place between Ruth, and the siren of the play, Marybelle Riley, Gordon Kyle, Doctor, performs a delicate operation on the eyes of the little blind girl played by Gayle Nechas. drama The little country girl, played by Ruth Lie- vense, reads her first accepted manuscript to this audience in ' ' St, Elmo ' The cast of " Great Expectations ' Back row: Reg Dunlap, Larry Green, Ray Murray, Milton Erway, Gordon Kyle, John Geier, Dennis Walton, John Dekkenga First row; MaryAnn Ferguson, Shirley Kuhns, Marybelle Riley, Judith Wells, Do Lores Erickson The great orator. A tense moment among the women. " Whatsoever you do in word or deed, ——--- Page 82 radio KTIS KNWS KFNW Lowell Brown Northwestern College owns and operates three AM (standard broadcast) stdtions and one FM (frequency modulation) station, KTIS, Min¬ neapolis, operates on 900kc, 1000 watts pow¬ er; KNWS, Waterloo, 1090kc, 1000 watts. KTIS went on the air February 1, 1949; KTIS- FM, May 18, 1949; KNWS, April 2, 1953; KFNW, October 29, 1955. All the stations are connected by direct line facilities. A ll stations are affiliated members of the American Family Network.. KTIS, Minneapolis, is the basic net¬ work station. The stations are operated on a non-profit, non-commercial basis. Earl Larsen Paul Ramseyer, Loren Bridges N CLUB: First row; Clyde Robinson, Lowell Gerber, Bill Bchhorst Second row: Howard Fode, Ron Bennett, Duane Snell, Don Lord, Third row: Assistant coach, Les Habegger, Dave Thompson, Ed F Siemens, Stan Simmons, Charles Venz Yeh teaml CHEERLEADERS: Cam Floria, Wayne Wldder, Sally Clark, Bev Jackson, Lois King. k ' 1 r A SEMINETTES STUDENT WIVES Page 85 Ljl eagle staff First row: Betty Ann Clark, Phyllis Barringer, ' Idell Trihub, Delores Erickson. Second row: Walt Gillingham, Bill Bradley, Jim Silling, Ron Bennett. Third row: Carl Flaming, Mari- j lyn Bergman, Ruby Rhodes, Agnes Huber, Marilyn Strandt, Diligent staff working on the " next issue. Betty Ann Clark, editor. I Mr. Cook, Leto Bradshaw. Our Northwestern Pilot is a seasoned magazine With a new, fresh impact. Under the managing editor, Mr. Stanley Cook, the magazine has en- tered the general publication field. The Pilot will continue to be " America ' s Bible Study Maga¬ zine " Ninety per cent of its readers are pastors, Bible teachers, and consecrated church leaders. The articles contained in the Pilot are written by a variety of faculty members, pastors, and teach- ers in Minneapolis. pilot Mr. Cook, Managing Editor of the Pilot. Ruth Kiemele, Esther Haburn, Mailing De¬ partment. Page 88 I scroll Nancy Stoat, Ruth Merryman, Patty Platt, Gayle Nechas. Charles Taylor, Bill Haburn Ruth Merryman, Gayle Nechas, Miss Hanna, Advisor, Patty Platt, Bob Power, Nancy Staat Dick Jensen, Maurice Knudsen, Howard Norgard, Loren Andersen, Djck Edstrom, Mr t Berntsen Page 90 Greg Athnos, Mr. Bisdorf, LeRoy Peterson. Judy Brown, Verna Jackson, Twylah Kliewer, Diane Sutton, northwestern college a cappella choir fv f ' V if l : i . ' J northwestern college band WOrmmx a -WWW " ’ 1.11111 . —7 i- pry Page 91 graduates underclassmen G. GRACE BENDER Hozelton, N. Dak. Christian Education Prayer Band 1, 2, 3, 4- F.M.F. Representative 4. Phil. 3;1G CARL BUUER Grafton, Nebr r Missions JANET CARBINE Bralnerd, Minnesota Christian Education Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Softball T. PhilippTonj 3:1 3 r 14 RAY CHESHIRE Fayetteville, 1st. C. Bible John ]5:7, 8 BETTY ANN CLARK Noches, Wash. Christian Education Student Forum I; Eagle 2? Assistant Ed. 3; Editor 4. I Cor. 5:2 3 JIM D. BIGGERSTAFF Ponca, Nebr. Minions boioh 43; 2, 3a. WILLA BRIGGS Colorado Springs, Cab. Bible Choir; Debate; Plays; Pep Club; Class Officer. Page 95 — HAROLD ALLEN ERICKSON Bigfork, Minn. Bible Basket Ball 3; Choir 4. Psalms 9Si] WILLIAM B. HABURN Spencer, Iowa Bible Scroll Photographer 2, 3 r 4; School Photographer 3, 4; Manager Photographic Dept, 4; Teacher Photo Class 4. Rom. 5:10,11 MARIANNE ELVEE Minneapolis, Minn. Commercial Bond 1; Intramural 2. Rom. 8:28 " C N- WILLIAM B. HALL Minneapolis, Minn. Bible Gospel Minister ' s Club. John 16:33 GERALD F. HARPHAM Boyden, lowo Missions Jer. 33:3 Page 96 LOUISE HENDERSON PcsuUinq, Iowa Commercial Joshua 1;9 V AGNES KATHRYN HUBER Chicago, l|| + Christian Education Student Council 2; Eagle Staff 4, Phil. ,6 HARVEY W. HODGSON Cavalier, No. Dak, Bible Student Council 2; Class Pres. 3, Luke 1 A7 BETTY HORTON Grand Rapids, Minn, Christian Education Class Secretary 1, 2; Srudent Forum 4. Lam. 3:23b TT—T WAYNE C. MU5SON Wenatchee, Wash. Bible Class Pres, 2. John 3:31 ESTHER PANKRATZ Mountain Lake, Minn. Coen merci a I Chord Club 1; Ploys 2, 3 ; Choir 3. Heb, 12:2 WILLIAM L. PARKER Coon Rapids, Iowa Missions President 4. Epk 2:19 DARLENE PETERSON Barron, Wisconsin Commercial Japan Prayer Band Leader 4 r Gal, 2=20 SENIORS BIBLE COLLEGE MABEL ROBEY Hudson, With. Missions Ua,4:10 EINAR KRISTIAN SORENSEN Aalborg, Denmark Bible and Missions F. M F. Rep, oncf Trees. Math 28=18-20 ESTHER L SORENSON Fargo, No, Dak. Commercial Education A Coppella Choir 2; Band 1, 2; Student For am 2; Pep Club L 2; Ping Pong 1, 2; Volley Ball 2. John 15:16 NANCY D. ST A AT Thornton, 111. Commercial Scroll Staff 2, Scroll Picture Editor 3. GpI. 2:20 THOMAS STACY Hopkins, Minn, Christian Education Student Forum; European Prayer Bond Leader. Heb. na DARRELL THOMPSON Minneapolis, Minn. Missions I Cor. 9:26, 27 CO WILLIAM YOUNG Phila,, Penn, Bible Phil. 1;6 O 7J CO EZ CP n O O ijJT 1 II ■li “ ROBERT BVMERS la Crosse, Wi$, Musfc Education Choral Ensemble !■ A Cap- pello 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; " N " Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Basket¬ ball 1, 2, 3; Intramural Foot¬ ball 3; " N " Club Quartette 1, 2, 4; " N " Club Secretary and Treasurer, Isa. 41:10 DWIGHT F. COOK Mora, Minn, History Prov, 3:5, 6 ANITA CRASE Topeka, Kar , Christian Education Debate 2, 3; Scroll Staff 2. Rom, 6:38, 39 JAMES C. GREEN Minneapolis, Minn. Music Education Ptaim 98:2 MYRON I. ANDERSON Co kata, Minnesota History Isaiah 60:1 Page 100 DONNA JEANNE BENSON Minneapolis, Minnesota Elementary Education A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3 Proverbs 3;5, 6 ELTON BLEEKER JefTer, Minnesota History Oratorio Chair 2; F,M,F, Rep. 4. Phil. 1:6 RALPH G. BRAUN Council Grove, Kan. Bible P, M. F, 1; Student Forum 2 f Vision Editor 3; Class Pres, 4; F. M. F. Vice Pres. 4. Phil. 3:10 -- _ ESTHER E. HAflURN Wheatland, Wyo. Christian Education Band 1, 2; Scroll Staff 2, 3; Pep Club ]. Psalm 32=4, 5 DAVE HARRISON Flint, Michigan History Prayer Band Leader; Student Forum Vice Pres, 2 Timothy 2:15 CAROLYN HENDERSON Minneapolis, Minn, English Titus 2 11-14 C, GORDON KYLE Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Speech Student Parurri; Dramatics; Debate, Phil. 4:6, 7 RON UEVEN5E Sheboygan, Wis. History Student Forum Vice Pres. 4 ; Basketbafl 1, 2, 3, 4; Base- bait 2, 3; Junior Class Treas. 3 ; N Ctub 1, 2, 3, 4; N Club Treas. 2. Prov, 3:5, 6 KENNETH R, LOTT IS Salem, Oregon History Choir 1; JV Basketball !♦ Psalm 119? 133 ■c — " t WM, RALPH MARTIN Minneapolis, Minn, Music Education Choir 2 , 3, 4j Treas. 4 ; Quar¬ tet 2, 3; Basketball 4. Psalm 40=2, 3a RUTH MARION LUNDH Minneapolis Minn, Music Education A Cop Pella Choir 3, 2, 3, 4; Speech Club 2. Psalm 98=3 LEON McBRIDE Marshalltown, lowo Bible Prayer Band leader 1, 2, 3? Child Evangelism !, £. Ephesians 3;17-23 Mil . ANITA MATTISON Elk Mound, Wis, Elementary Education Basketball 2, 3; Softball 1; Band l H 2, 3, 4. Deuf. 31 e8 donna miller Spencer, Iowa Musk Education Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Band I, 2; Choir Sec. 4; Bond Treas. 4. Psalms 71:1-3 JOSEPHINE MOTIS Isabel, South Dakota Elementary Education Child Evangelism I, 2; Pro¬ jectionist Club 1, 2; Drama¬ tics 3; Science Club 4 ; Vision Staff 4. Gal, 2 20 MARION REINHOLDT Woverly, Iowa Elementary Education Girls ' Basketball 1, 2, 3. Phil, 4:3 co o TO CO CP m TO 70 —I CO J ' m .Wj , ' ij! HENRY H. SILLING, JR. Ocoan City, N, J. Biology Prayer Sand Leader; Student Forum; Eagle Slatf Colurn- ence Club. (not graduating) I John 5:20 STANFORD T. SIMMONS Torrington, Wyo, Speech Student Forum 1,. 2, 3, 4; Pres. 4; Class Pres. 3; Basket¬ ball Letterman 1; " N ' J Club I, 2, 3, 4; Speech Club 1, 2; Drama 1; Debate 3, 4 ; Eagle Business Manager 3. Isaiah 40:31 IVAN B. SMITH Rosalia, Kan. Biology Prayer Band Leader 2, 3, John 15:7 Page 104 ROBERT E. SPENCER Des Moines, Iowa History Phil. 1:20 HOWARD ST1EN Bird Island, Minn. Biology Science Club 4. Ps. i 26;3 MARILYN J. STRANDT Moset Lake, Washington Christian Education Choir 3, 4; Bond ], 2, 3, 4; Eagle Staff 3, 4; Pep Band 4. Philippians 3:13, 14 GORDON R. THOMAS Kalamaiao, Michigan History Gospel Ministers Club. Philippians 1 =20-21 DELORES WENIGER San Francisco, Calif. History Pep Club 2, 3; Debate 1. Col MO ALBERT WETZEL Glen Ullin, No. Dak. History Phil. 3 : 6 CO m Z o TO go u= 731 70 —I 00 Page 105 I t ■It if f If y ill L i-f t 1 .$ I! 1 I I ft % | m i I I i CO O ' CO co f— ac CtZ LU CO ROLAND P. WHITCOMB Gladstone, Ore. Speech A Coppeffa Choir 1, 2 ; Dra¬ matics 3, 4; Eagle Business Manager 4. PhiL 4.19 LEE E. WHITE Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Christian Education Choir 1. Isaiah 50:7 EDWARD L WOLD, JR, Cloquet, Minnesota Christian Education F,M.F h TreoS.; Prayer Band Leader Tennis; Student For¬ um Rep. PhiL 3:10 SENIORS - NOT PICTURED DONNA M. BERRY HAROLD J + BERRY LAYTON BRUESKE BARBARA ELLSWORTH ESPUND MARY FOWLER FRANK HEDIN DONALD E h HORNBY EVELYN JENKINS JACOBS LILAMOEDE KEITH MOORE PAUL L. PETERSON CHARLES GLENN SMITH JOHN GILBERT SNAPP RICHARD E. SNELL ABE G. TEICHROEW DORIS E. TEMPLE ALBERT L, WALDECKER Page 106 H m RICHARD A. W1TCHELL Berkeley, California Student Council (Sem H ) Student Member Evan. Theo„ Society, Psalms t:3 BALWANT NEVASKAR Bombay, India Theology Isaiah 54 = 17 HAROLD REEMTSMA Westbrook, Minnesota Treos. of Sem. Fellowship, Middler Vice Pres, of Sem, Fellowship, Senior 1. Thess, 5=24 GEORGE P. UR AN Paris, France Gen. 28,15 SEMINARY SENIORS Anita Anderson Camp Douglas, Wis. Burton Benson So. St. Paul, Minn. David Alexander, Antrum, N. Ireland Marie Berg Esfhervrlle, Iowa Geraldine Carlson St. Cloud, Minn. Wayne Chord Mound, Minn. Leroy Cook Powell, Wyo, Merrill Ray Crase Winterset, Iowa Dorothy Curtis Huntley, Minn. o 70 CO IT—“ Page 108 BIBLE COLLEGE Larry Green Grace Hutchins Irma Hutchins Dorothy Irvin Beverly Jackson Detroit Lakes, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn r Detroit, Mich. Iowa City, Iowa Egan, So. Dak. Philip Janes Tomah, Wis. Lois King Sturgis, Mich. Joe Leach Minneapolis, Minn, Leon Leeds Cherokee, Iowa Russel] Malone Washington, Pa. Paul Mauriola Shaw, Minn. Marlene Moxley Clarissa, Minn, Charles Sandum Minneapolis, Minn. James E. Schmidt Mound, Minn. Page 109 Dick Siemens Minneapolis, Minn, Dorothy Slevers Powell, Wyo, • Ji’ if. M TT—H Fred Schoon Gary, [nd. Steven Sonmor Wilson, Wis, Page 110 John Stetnhauser St. Paul, Minn, Vernon Stickler Bud Weniger San Francisco, Colif. Spencer, Iowa Sonja Swanson Rock Creek, Minn, Maybritt Timgren Toronto, Canada Clifton Thompson Bruno, Minn. LIBERAL ARTS John L. Benhom Battle Creek, Mich. Lois Bergeson fertile, Minn. Melvyn Bleeker George, Iowa Morris Bender Fairmont, Nebr Ronald Bennett Albion, Mich, m Salem, Ore. Minneapolis, Minn. I ' v ir— r Page 112 mmUm iKi Audrey Derr Oshkosh, Wis Patty Eales Houston, Texas Dolores Erickson Beulah, No, Dak. Cynthia Farrington Blooming Prairie, Minn. Richard Goodsell Naperville, 111. Valeta Guthrie Bloomfield, Iowa Jerry Jones Jackson, Mo, Sally Clark Flushing, Mich. Warren Davison Ferguson, Iowa Isobel Kerr Toronto, Canada Shirley Kuhns Agency, Iowa Shirley Gardner Waterloo, Iowa Marlene Lievense Sheboygan Falls, Wis. JUNIORS Ray Murray Huntington Park, Calif Carol Moore Long Pine, Nebr. Grade Megert Colony, Okla, Robert lundberg Milaca, Minn, Arlene Pyle Spencer, Iowa Jan is Porter Minneapolis, Minn Janet E Peters Flint, Mich, Lois Ogtlvie St, Croix Falls, Wis. Robert Seibert Laurel, Nebr, Norman Schoon Gary, Ind. Ann Rydberg St. Cloud, Minn Ruby Rhoads Oskolooso, Iowa Beverly Simmons Salem, Ore. Norma Sletten Minneapolis, Minn. Frank Strohbehn Wagner, So. Dak. Ken Sykora Storden, Minn. Daryl Vanderburgh Waterville, Minn. Dennis Walton Glen Lake, Minn. Marvin Wassink Sheboygan Falls, Wis. Leslie Whitaker Hornelf, N. Y. Lil Vander Molen Hudsonvjlle, Mich, Vonnie Whitten Pontiac, Mich. Mario White Mr, Pleasant, Iowa - i Robert White Smtthers, West Va. Wayne Widder Sheboygan Falls, Wis. Dick Wiens Myrtle Williams Albert Wright Ruth Zaspel nternationol Foils, Minn. Oshkosh, Wis. Meadville, Pa. St. Paul, Minn. Page 114 JUNIORS LIBERAL ARTS SOPHOMORES BIBLE COLLEGE Bill Adams Shirley Anderson RunneNs, iowa Rochester, Minn. Arlono Bergman Ronald Bergquist William Bradley Minneapolis, Minn, Minneapolis, Minn, Gary, fnd. Delores Hoff Venturia, No. Dak. Leonard Huebscher Minneapolis, Minn, Richard Hulsebus Astoria, So. Dak, Harvey Ingersol! Nola Johnson Minneapolis, Minn. Tyler, Minn. Page 115 Page 116 Paul Lackore Little Ralls, Minn. JflJ Harley Laflin Minneapolis, Minn. Ray Morlino Bessemer, Pa, Geraldine Mason Hudson, Iowa Elroy Pankratz Mountain Lake, Minn. Don Richert Dallas, Ore. Fred Parsons Marijo Pittman Dale Ras Zanesville, Ohio Aurora, Ilf. Hancock, Minn. Beverly Kaiser Valley Farms, Ariz. Donald Lundbarg Dassel, Minn. Ray Newton Louisville, ML Ruby Nowland Wild Rose, Wis, Robert Meloon Buffalo, N r V, BIBLE COLLEGE Valla Vee Rogers Minneapolis, Minn. Stanley Schauer Eureka, So. Dak. Ruth Schelberg St, Paul, Minn. Merilyn Seemonn Windom, Minn, Charles Shanks Detroit, Mich. William Stewart Los Angeles, Calif. Evelyn Svee West Concord, Minn, Idell Trihub Minot, No. Dak. Charles Venz Hazel Pork, Mich. Duane Westlund Mason, Wis. Marvin Wipf Bridgewater, So, Dak, Delpha Wittrup Horlon, Iowa Marilyn Zike Burlington, Iowa Page 117 Marvin Rivenburgh Colville, Wash. Audrey Abbas Woverfy, Iowa Darrel Adams RunreIJs, Iowa Janice Anderson Winnebago, Minn. Jean Anderson Rochester, Minn. Connie Aspegren Aurora, Nebr, Jean Batsell Bay City, Mich, Janice Bender Fairmont, Nebr Wilma Birder Beufah, No. Dak. Shirley Boyett Lansing, Mich, Ron Clark Cedar Rapids, Iowa Peggy Craven Waterloo, Iowa Jim Crockett Worthington, Minn. Clyde Buchanan Oskaloasa, Iowa SOPHOMORES LIBERAL ARTS Glenn Davison Laura Du Bel! Richard Edstrom Elaine Eisele Niles Ellingson Lake Geneva, Wis Oregon City, Ore. Minneapolis, Minn. Elmo, Kans. Clear Lake, Wis. I Earl Forkner Langdon, No, Dak. Karl Flaming Paxton, Nebr r Edward Fenlasan Hitterdal, Minn. Marilyn Haglund Hastings, Minn. Marilyn Hihen Hopkins, Minn John Hoeldtke Mary Lou Hohman Albany, New York Bay City, Mich. Clifford Isaacson Duluth, Minn. Zorn a Kumerow Sf, Pauf, Minn, i Verna Jackson Egan, So. Dak. Twyla K Hewer Fairview, Okla. Elaine Long Des Moines, Iowa Don lord Pontiac, Mich, Lawrence Magnuson Clifford Moier Rockford, Iff. Carlea, Sask., Canada Ardath Moore Long Pine, Nebr. Kyoko Matoyoshi Bernard O ' Brien Darrell Pearson Honofulu, Hawaii Pueblo, Colo. Marion, Ind. SOPHOMORES LIBERAL ARTS mm 2T - L ' h, ' vV. j4vi. a . Jr Li U Le Roy J. Pederson Billings, Montano s Edward A. Pond Bloomington, Minn. Dave Pelot Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. . L lA %V Patricia Ritter Sun Valley, Calif, Carol Schmidt Mound, Minn. Jams SHeffer Prescott, Mich. Elsie Smith Oskaloosa, lowo Lois Smith Minneapolis, Minn. Kenneth Thornton Churdan, Iowa David Tschanz Detroit, Mlch r Page 121 Delores Ziebarfh Minneapolis, Minn, Robert F, Yerke St. Jbseph, Mich. Marilyn Bergman Cayuga, No. Dak Donna Bowers Lisbon, Iowa Leeta Bradshaw Cedar Rapids, iowa Page 122 fit Ronald Abbott Dysart, Jowa i Roy Anderson Masson, Wis. Sharon Baker Douglas, Wyo. Eleanor Allen Detroit Lakes, Minn, Vernon A + Anderson Cushing, Wis, Gerald Bartlett Ellsworth, Wis. Evelyn Anderson Cambridge, Minn, Jeanette Ballenger Detroit, Mich, Richard Bartz St, Poul, Minn, Luella Berg Pelican Rapids, Minn. FRESHMEN BIBLE COLLEGE Natalie Buttler Carolyn Carey Arlen Carlblom Albert Carncross Guthrie Center, Iowa Storden, Minn, Mountain Lake, Minn. Buffalo, New York Joanne Caron Mound, Minn, Philip Carrol! Cedar Rapids, Iowa Walter Chinberg Ogden, Iowa Nancy Cowles Council Bluffs, Iowa Charles Cox Judy Drinkall Shakopee, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn. Ann Perrin Wayzata, Minn. Barbara Frey Estherville, lowo Page 123 James I. Glozner Cahone, Colo, Pamela Gravley Robert R. Hanson Carmen Henry Spicer, Mjnn + Taylor Faffs, Minn. Des Moines, Iowa Harold Herbranson Esthervilfe, Iowa Robert Herly Minneapolis, Minn. Joyce Hotz Lisbon, fowa 70 m cn TT—7 John Hurst Pine River, Minn. Leonard Javner Gerd Johnson St, Paul, Minn. West Orange, New Jersey Paul Johnson St. Paul, Minn. Marvin Jones Katherine Knoop Irvin Knowlen Maxwell, Nebraska Marble Rock, fowa Minneapolis, Minn. Page 124 BIBLE COLLEGE 2L—L Maurice Knudsen Nancy Knudsen Florence Leach Duwayne E. lee Darlene Lemon Harlan, Iowa West Orange, New Jersey Minneapolis, Minn. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Detroit Lakes, Minn. Jean McClellen Peter Martens Sylvia Meyer Onamio, Minn. Wynyard, Sask., Canada Englewood, Colo, Margaret Nelson Fargo, No. Dak. George Newman Minneapolis, Minn, Russell O ' Hara Hammond, Minn, Drusilta Opheim Sexton, Iowa Clarence Peters Diane Plautz Mountain Lake, Minn, Littlefork, Minn, Shirley Poison Hammond, Minn. Lawrence Rassler Allentown, Pa, Beverly Reeves Minneapolis, Minn. Orris Refsell Spirit Loke, Iowa Ruth Rhoads Lisbon, lowo Betty Robertson Grand Blanc, Mich. Clyde Robinson Plainfield, Iowa ? Wanda Schneidermami Sibley, Iowa Rand Settell Erliss Simonsan Wheal land, Wyo. Thief River Falls, Minn + Harold Sailer Alberta, Canada IB Page 126 - - - - - FRESHMEN BIBLE COLLEGE Jerome Smith St. Paul, Minn. Lb lW U Errol Sorensen UJen, Minn, w. Carol Stafford Royal Oak, Mich, Lorraine Smith Webster City, Iowa I David Swanson Cambridge, Minn. Arnold Thompson Bruno, Minn L Lawrence Walker Selfridge, No. Dak. Charles C Taylor Hanford, Calif. f 4 cfc John Weins Helen Welch So. St. Paul, Minn. Morristown, Minn. Hi Robert Abbas Waverfy, Iowa Marjorie Bauer Adnan, Minn. Bob Blanchard Minneapolis, Minn. Wayne Buller Grafton, Nebr. Loren Andersen Harlan, Iowa Lorry Aspegren Aurora, Nebr. Beverly Berrett Greenwood, Wis. riSe Ron Beutler Port Angeles, Wosh. Judy Brown Quincy, III. Lu Ann Bublitz Medicine Lake, Minn. Barbara Burke Gary, Ind. Lee Christensen Appleton, Minn. Ruth Buller Grafton, Nebr. Florence Dassenko Minot, No. Dak. LIBERAL ARTS Harlin Davison John Dekkenga Melvin Erickson Mary Kay Farmer Ferguson, Iowa Mat loch, Iowa Gresham, Oregon Montezuma, Iowa Mary Ferguson Appleton, Minn. Willis FEnifrock Barnym, Minn. Carolyn Fiske Wayne Fitch Grantsburg, Wis. Rabbinsdale, Minn. Keith Freeland Cummings, No. Dak, Robert Grennell Detroit, Mich. Gary Gullickson Glen wood City, Wls. p. Amber Haynes Manchester, Iowa Joe Huebscher Minneapolis, Minn. Gloria Hoffer Billings, Mont. Joan Houseman Muskegon, Mich. V Patricia Husted Cliff Jensen Albany, New York Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. Dick Jensen Kirkman, Iowa Dale Johnson Cambridge, Minn. Gary Kern Hannoh, No. Dak. Everett 5. Kimball Minneapolis, Minn. Robert King Robert Kobele Raymond Koch Faye Kreidler Lcmgdon, No. Dak, New York, N. Y. Good Thunder, Minn. York, Po. Page 130 M FRESHMEN LIBERAL ARTS Clifford Kruse Hendricks, Minn, Katheryne Kruse Astoria, So. Dak, Nadine Lyman Huron So, Dak. Elnara Ann McKnlght Petrea Madsen Maxwell, Nebr. Bethel, Mtnn. Lacy Martin Minneapolis, Minn. Ruth Merryman So, St, Paul, Minn. Nellie Montgomery Astoria, So, Dak. Marlene Morford Spencer, Iowa Louis Muller Victor, Iowa Phyllis Murphy Anoka, Minn, Carol Murra Buffalo Center, Iowa Maynard Newville Howard Norgaard Elaine Olson Clear Lake, Wfs. Harlan, Iowa Cambridge, Minn, Joyce Palmer Gladwin, Mich. Patty Platt Minneapolis, Minn. Margaret Reschlein La Crosse, Wis. Dick Schneider Ferndale, Mich. Page 132 Francis Peterson Princeton, Minn. Jo Ann Philamalee Topeka, Kan. Robert Power Langdon, No. Dak. Robert Printy Centerville, [qwq Dale SaathofF Waverly, Iowa Del Sanders Hazel Park, Mich. Clayton Schott Hutchinson, Minn. Helen Sebald Sheboygan Falls, Wis. Jack Sherman Wilton Jet., Iowa Noma Scarff Mt. Pleasant, Iowa FRESHMEN LIBERAL ARTS Ha Duane Sorenson Wilton Jet,, Iowa Portia Sorensen Rosetta Stewart Ulen, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn Carolyn Smoldt Ferguson, Iowa Dorothy Soderstrom Toronto, Qnt., Canada Holmes, Iowa Lansing, Mich. Kirkman, towa Wtndom, Minn ft ft fc Stanley Walker San Jose, Calif. Judy Wells Minneapolis, Minn. • - • - ■ ■■ —’—- ■ Palmer Yngsdal Wanamingo, Minn, Arlene Wentworth St, Paul, Minn, William Haburn Spencer, Jowa Lawrence Hawley Reisterstown, Maryland Leland Asa Torringlon, Wyo. Jim Chambers Ireland Don De Boer San Gabriel, CaJif. Stanley Deming West Chicago, III. Victor Dourte Minneapolis, Minn. Harvey Espland Earl Eveland Minneapolis, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn. Albert Hazewinkel Anoka, Minn. i Ralph Beckstram Minneapolis, Minn. Lowell Brown Elk Grove, Calif. Les Felker Oshkosh, Wis. William Fisher Spring Lake Park, Minn. Bob Hess Vernon G. Jackson Waynesboro, Pa. Minneapolis, Minn, Robert Banker Bruce, Wis. Victor E. Frendt St. Paul, Minn. SEMINARY V George Kelm Minneapolis, Minn. Lloyd Van Dixhorn Don Veitz Sheboygan Falls, Wis. Hebron, No. Dak, Ron Youngs Plamsville, Mich. Lit- n .- 4J. w«wk» Afckfc JX- - Ai v v. Vi j v j Kenneth Nickel Minneapolis, Minn, Marvin D. Nixon Minneapolis, Minn. Eugene Ongrta Sheboygan Fails, Wis. Albert Pearson Minneapolis, Minn, Roger Peterson St. Paul, Minn. William H, Pinkernell York, Pa. Stanley Tolle Spencer, Iowa Warren Wessman Cokato, Minn. Bob Kleinschmidt Minneapolis, Minn. Walter McCoy Davenport, Iowa Les Magee Lincoln, Nebr. Charles L. Simpson Minneapolis, Minn. Clyde Speas Gilman, Iowa vMm Charles Stevens Nashville, Tern, John Swearingen Brainerd, Minn. Lester Wait Stacy, Minn. Page 136 William Poison Millville, Minn. . Hannah Eekhoff Wilda Garberick Belmond, Iowa Elkhart, Ind Janet Agnew Minneapolis, Minn. Walter Gillingham Binger, Okfa. Gayle Nechas Minneapolis, Minn. Doris McBride Flint, Mich. Rodney Norton Minneapolis, Minn. Donna Pearson Marion, !nd. Lauren© Jacobson Minneapolis, Minn. SPECIAL STUDENTS not pictured Horace Adams Marilyn Haugen A. E, Platte % John Adams Dale Henry Barbara Pond J Jon Adelsman Gary Herum George Powell ft 1 Alice Anderson Donna Holt Norman Reimer | i John Anderson Don Hornby Marybelle Riley ■ ' X 1 Ray Arno Wayne Jackson Soledad Rollolozo i iy Anita Bergman Vtcent Jensen Everett Rupprecht lit Robert Bjornstad David Johnson Paul Sandgren !k- Ear! Blomberg Earl Kallberg Sylvia Saunderson f v } Phyllis Blomberg Harold Kinghorn Mildred Schmoll I E. Darwin Bonnet! Theodore Knutson Dell Schultze Charles Brekken Jack Kraft Edna Selin 1 Donald Buelow Charles Kruse George Selin Schuyler Butler Tim LaHaye Maxine Shoner 1 Stor Chinberg Crist Langelett Marjorie Siemens ■f Dennis Christensen Wayne Lehsteln Edith Singleton , r ’ Wayne Corey Leland Lindsay Peter Skogerbo 1 • Joyce Culler Thomas Locke Joan Smith I Clyde Dalbey John McAuley Dwayne Snell b | kv Booker Daniel Gordon McBrian Robert Snyder ; Roger Davis David McCarthy G. Moody Stewart, Jr, 1 Ifi Richard Dawson Richard McKusick David Taylor 1 1 Raymond Dell Edward McKeenon Mel Taylor !. If Albert Doolittle Stanley Maas Robert Taylor 1; ■ William Edwards Arthur B. MacKenzie David Thompson i Merlin Eller Elaine Malone Poul Thompson ;• Harold Emery James Martin David load p Harry Farra John Martin Patricia Van Boening 4 Norman fitch Harold Miller Phyllis Waddell elf Vernon Flaming Oscar Miller Tom Waldecker si | ! - Howard Fode Edith Morgan Robert Weeks |v Eldred Foss Jonathan Mosby Ellsworth Welander p Ik Fred Gildner Joy Nowlin Charles Wentworth -J It- Dale Grober Don Olsson Fred Westphal ’■ ,1 Kenneth Grindle Patricio Partch Esther Wiens r Francis Grubbs Bob Paswoters Waldo Wlllecke Edward Gruhn Inez Patz Ethelene Williams ' f Richard Gunderson Donald Pavek George Wolfe - Anna Hall Samuel Perkins Duane Wriedt 1 Shirley Harpham Donald Pfaffe Margaret Harris Mary Picor iy • i V I Page 137 k 1 ' ' ' E If Page 138 William F. Carter David Crockett Champaign, ill. Worthington, Minn. Harley Kottke Mabel, Minn, Bob Kremer Aurora, Nebr. . M l Ti t t iZ -■ 4 -.V, It it. ,kl - John Blake Minneapolis, Minn. Cam Fiona Lansing, Mich, Vineva Kirgis Bird Island, Minn. Elaine Kobele Minneapolis, Minn. ; f Edwin Erickson Minneapolis, Minn, Ray Hall Crown Point, Ind. Janet Graber Bridgwater, So. Dak. SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS Lawrence Lambert Salem, Ore. Evelyn Larson Vaffey City, No. Dak. Dick Manning Bramerd, Minn. Marcy Puderbaugh Gladstone, Ore. X Herb Roszhart Aurora, Nebr, Harold Salseth Minneapolis, Minn. Wally Schoon Jim Shaner Gary, Ind. Minneapolis, Minn. .. John Michel Faribault, Minn. Ardelf Moser Denver, Colo. Lex Smith Minneapolis, Minn. i Marvin Snlkter Postvllle, Iowa Shirley Thompson St. Cloud, Minn, Page 139 Joan Salseth Minneapolis, Minn. Robert Sams Parkersburg, W, Va. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 10th and Harmon Minneapolis, Minnesota THE PHOTO MILL T511 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. Everything photographic — Dealers for — EASTMAN KODAKS ARGUS BELL AND HOWELL DUPONT REVERE GRAFLEX CHRISTIAN GREETINGS IN THE GOSPEL AT THE CURTIS IN MINNEAPOLIS You may be sure of the finest in accommodations and service. Each room with private soft water bath Every hotel advantage. Rates are moderatel THE CURTIS HOTEL MINNEAPOLIS 10th Street — Third to Fourth Avenues DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY OTTO POKORNY Student Discounts Watches 20% Jewelry 25% Reparring — Prompt Service 1418 Spruce Place FE. 6-7118 ANDERSEN ' S FAMILY SHOE STORE “We Cater to ! Idortltu estern Students Complete Line of Women ' s, Men ' s and Children ' s Footwear Casual and Dress Shoes at Lowest Prices 1509 Nicollet Ave. FE. 2-9413 r r f ‘ ' T nuj 4 ■ ■ ■ f . 1 4 BECKY ' S CAFETERIA Home of Fine Food and Christian Fellowship 1934 Hennepin Ave. S. Minneapolis, Minn, PROPHECY MONTHLY FOR SCRIPTURAL ILLUMINATION Don ' t miss the important articles and news features on current events and prophetic truths in this 48-page monthly Managing Editor - - - Mrs. Keith L. Brooks Associate Editor - - - Dr, Victor C. OJtrogge Subscribe today — 1 year, $1.50; Canada, $1,65; Foreign, $1.80. Sample copy free upon request Free Gospel literature sent to missionaries end needy workers, as God ' s people orevide. Write for ouf book bulletin, See list of Bible study courses. AMERICAN PROPHETIC LEAGUE, Inc, P,0. Box 41198 Los Angeles 41, Cal. Every Christian home and every Bible student ' s library needs a trustworthy Bible dictionary That means . , DAVIS DICTIONARY OF THE BIBLE Fourth Revised Edition by JOHN D. DAVIS , , The Bible dictionary lauded by evan¬ gelistic leader everywhere DONALD GREY BARNHOUSEj " The best Bible dictionary in the world, " WILBUR M, SMITH: " The best one-volume Bible dictionary from the conservative view¬ point. " . , . The Bible dictionary which can be recommended without reservation, os being True to the Bible The Highest 20th Century Scholarship Order from your bookseller or BAKER BOOK HOUSE, Grand Rapids 6, Michigan Deluxe Gift Edition — $7,50 $5.95 COMPLIMENTS OF OKEN ' S, INC. INSTITUTIONAL WHOLESALE GROCERS, BAKERS, RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES Phone: FE. 3-3564 1011 Washington Ave. South Minneapolis 15, Minn. COMPLIMENTS OF AL HOFFMAN — Insurance LIFE - AUTO - FIRE - HOSPITAL SERVING THE SCHOOL FACULTY and STUDENTS 338 Baker Building FEderal 9-5481 WEst 9-8988 COMPLIMENTS OF BROWN ' S ICE CREAM CO. 1855 E. Lake St. PArkway 9-9349 Compliments of HALVERSON CANDY CO. Wholesale Phone FR. 7-2812 1017 West 24th Street Minneapolis 3C. (2. Gotwteliu jj w l uy DIAMONDS — WATCHES — JEWELRY 321 Kresge Building ,ik-A - ,■ Mk --- » AMERICAN SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION Est, T817 National Office Northern District 1816 Chestnut St 705 Plymouth Bldg. Philadelphia 3, Pa, Minneapolis 3, Minn. REV. DAVID L CARLSON, Supt. (Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana) Missionaries to the " otherwise unreaehed " Organizing and maintaining Sunday Schools Week-Day Released Time classes Bible Study and Prayer Groups Daily Vacation Bible Schools Bible Conferences for rural youth Young People ' s Meetings " Pioneers for Christ " Home Visitation to sick and needy Personal Evangelism OUR GOAL " £very Child in Rural America in Sunday School and a Bible in Every Home. " h ' Iff., uTkt u MINNESOTA BAPTIST CONVENTION 2302 Blaisdeil Minneapolis, Minn, " A CITADEL OF CONSERVATISM " Absolutely Sound Theologically Aggressively Evangelistic A Faith Home Missions Agency A Voluntary Fellowship of approximately 100 Autonomous Churches Dr. R. V- Clearwaters, D.D., President Judge James Knutson, Chairman, Exec. Com Rev. Hugh T. Hall, Exec. Sec ' y Rev. Herbert H Hazzard, Youth Worker BETHLEHEM BAPTIST CHURCH Welcomes You Bible School ...... 9:4 a.m. Morning Worship - 10:45 a.m. Gospel Service ------ 7:00 p.m. Mid-week Prayer and Bible Study — Thursday 7:45 p.m Senior Youth Fellowship — Friday - - 8:00 p.m. LL 7653 13th Ave. 5, at Bth St. Minneapolis LORING FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions Corsages — Weddings Floral Designs FE. 5-2345 3 West 15th Street ■ i l .V. - - - THRIFT IS A VIRTUE A sound plan of thrift is essential to the progress and happiness of every family. We are happy to advise on thrift programs and to provide literature that will interest you. St. Paul Federal Savings Loan Association " Home of the St. Paul KTIS Studios " 353-7 Robert Street St. Paul 1, Minnesota NICOLLET PRINTING COMPANY NICOLLET PRINTING COMPANY BEST WISHES OF FARNHAM STATIONERY SCHOOL SUPPLY CO. CA. 2-0501 FE. 2-4242 102 E. 5th St. 301 So. 5th St. St. Paul, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn. . ST. PAUL CApital 4-1770 MINNEAPOLIS REgent 5271 MOVING and STORAGE Mad Easy TRANSFER STORAGE I Company HENRY O. MIKKELSON GENERAL CONTRACTOR CHURCHES - RESIDENCES - COMMERCIAL 20 West 59th Street Minneapolis, Minn LAUNDRY - 9 lbs., 35 cents Washed and Fluff Dried WASHOMAT SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY 1424 Nicollet Ave, Open Evenings ' til ? MORRY ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 1028 Hennepin Avenue Minneapolis, Minn. CAFE Dl NAPOLI 816 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, Minn FRANKS BARBER SHOP YOUR PATRONAGE APPRECIATED 1508 Hennepin Avenue Minneapt NORTHWESTERN BOOK AND BIBLE HOUSE C irf5f an U erafure and Supplies Eighth and LaSalle Minneapolis CENTRAL EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH 10th Ave. S. and 7th St , Minneapolis, Minn- “Christ, Cross, City-Centered " Carroll A- Notion, Pastor Sunday Services: Sunday School . 9.45 a , mi Morning Worship . 11:00 a.m. Evening Service. 7 ; Q0 p . mi Wednesday Devotional Hour. 7:30 p.m. ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE . .. ... for that Individual touch RADIO CITY FLORIST FE. 8-7681 24-hour service 122 LaSalle Ave. DR. GEORGE O. MOSS, O.D. GLASSES 18 So. 7th Street FE.2 7907 BETTER BOOKS FOR BETTER READING " from the Word shall come forth light " Hospitality House Phone: FE. 3-6241 904 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis 3, Minn. M. L. NOVAK DIAMOND SETTER Specialist in Engagement Rings SERVING THE NORTHWESTERN STUDENTS FOR 36 YEARS 930 Hennepin Avenue FE. 3-2900 hi]:. Supplies — Furnishings — Equipment AMERICA ' S HEADQUARTERS FOR FOOD SERVICE EQUIPMENT — for — Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Churches, Cafes, etc, — such as — Cbinaware, Glassware, Silverware, Kitchen Supplies, etc, Edward DON Company 27 North Second Street Minneapolis, Minn. COMPLIMENTS OF GROSS BROS. KRONICKS FE. 2-1199 1501 Nicollet Avenue Minneapolis, Minn. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 56 — from — . CLOVER LEAF CREAMERY COMPANY PIONEER DEALERS IN MILK, CREAM AND OTHER DAIRY PRODUCTS ...FOR SERVICE... 420 WEST BROADWAY CHerry 3391 Minneapolis 1021 LaSalle FE. 2-7441 NORTHWESTERN-HANNA FUEL COMPANY 200 McKnight Building Minneapolis 2, Minnesota Telephone: FE. 2-7211 -ii-s.. __ .. -A ,J. ii n V... in . V.L . ■■l.J. --a . L CONGRATULATION ' S to tlie CLASS OF 1956 Welcom to the NORTHWESTERN COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 1017 West 24th Street Minneapolis t yr IS t Complimdi FIRST COVENANT CHURCH Chicago Avenue and Seventh Street South oU Minneapolis, Minnesota V md Ministers: DR. PAUL S. REES REV. GILBERT W. OTTESON SUNDAY WORSHIP SCHEDULE 11 A.M. and 7:30 P.M. THURSDAY EVENING BIBLE STUDY AND PRAYER 7:45 P.M, For Quality and Service, Try THE FELLOWSHIP OF YOUTH LEAGUES LORING CLEANERS includes three age-groups providing an outlet LAUNDERERS for the interests of youth. 3 hr service on dry cleaning T hr. service on washing and drying 6:00 P.M. YOUTH LEAGUE (18-24) Sunday 6:45 P.M, YOUTH FELLOWSHIP SUPPER HOUR 21 W. 15th Street FE, 8-9962 We We come You to Worship With Us )|T I m r I 3 ' ’ kiV f:; : • r W(nm ' k i— V h . J:± m tW- p 1 «V PRINTERS AND PLATEMAKERS FOR U .i K»S i fM i-lU ' - i»v a ABBAS, AUDREY, Waverly, lowo .100 ABBAS, ROBERT, Waverly, Iowa..128 ABBOTT, RONALD D v Dysort, Iowa 122 ADAMS, DARREL, Runnels, lowo.. ,118 ADAMS, HORACE, Amery, Wisconsin.137 ADAMS, WILLIAM, Runnels, Iowa.MS ADELSMAN, JON, Fergus falls, Minn.137 AGNEW, JANET, Minneapolis, Minn.136 ALEXANDER, DAVID, Ballymoney Co., Antrum, N„ Ireland. .108 ALLEN, ELEANOR, Detroit Lakes, Minn.122 ANDERSEN, LOREN, Harlan, lowo . ... 128 ANDERSON, ALICE, Minneapolis, Minn.. . . 137 ANDERSON, ANITA, Comp Douglas, Wise,, JOB ANDERSON, EVELYN, Cambridge, Minn... 122 ANDERSON, JANICE, Winnebago, Minn. 118 ANDERSON, JEAN, Rochester, Minn.118 ANDERSON, JOHN, Chicago, III.137 ANDERSON, MYRON, Cokato, Minn.]DQ ANDERSON, ROY, Masson, Wise.122 ANDERSON, SHIRLEY, Rochester, Minn.. . .115 ANDERSON, VERNON, Cushing, Wise.122 ARNO, RAY .137 ASA, LELAN, Torrington, Wyo.134 A5PEGREN, CONNIE, Aurora, Nebr,.118 ASPEGREN, LARRY, Aurora, Nebr.. ..128 ATHNOS, GREGORY, La Crosse, Wise.Ill b BABCOCK, ROBERT, Winona, Minn...137 BAKER, SHARON, Douglas, Wyo.122 BALLENGER, JEANETTE, Detroit, Mich.122 BANKER, ROBERT, Bruce, Wise.134 BARRINGER, PHYLLIS, Ruthvon, towa.Ill BARTLETT, GERALD, Ellsworth, Wise.122 BARTZ, RICHARD, St. Paul, Minn.122 BATSELL, JEAN, Bay City, Mich.118 BAUER, CAROL, Winona, Minn.Ill BAUER, MARJORIE, Adrian, Minn...128 BAXTER, GEORGE, Carleo, Sask. r Canada. Ill BECKSTROM, RALPH, Minneapolis, Minn. ..134 BENDER, G. GRACE, Hazelton, N. Dak,... 94 BENDER, JANICE, Fairmont, Nebr.118 BENDER, MORRIS, Fairmont, Nebr. ,,,311 BENHAM, JOHN, Battle Creek, Mich.Ill BENNETT, RON, Albion, Mich.Ill BENSON, BURTON, So, Sr. Poul, Minn.. BENSON, DONN A, Minneapolis, Mfnn.,,.100 BERG, LUELLA, Pelican Rapids, Minn..122 BERG, MARIE, Estherviffe, Iowa.108 BERGESON, LOIS, Fertile, Minn....Ill BERGMAN, ARLONA, Minneapolis, Minn,.. 115 BERGMAN, ANITA, IsanlE, Minn.. 137 BERGMAN, MARILYN, Cayuga, No, Dak.. . 122 BERGGUIST, RONALD, Minneapolis, Minn,. 1 35 8ERRETT, BEVERLY, Greenwood, Wise.129 BERRY, DONNA, Minneapolis, Minn. . .106 BERRY, HAROLD, Prole, Iowa.106 BEUTLER, RONALD, Port Angeles, Wash.. . . 128 BIGGERSTAFF, JIM, Ponca, Nebr... 94 BINDER, WILMA, Beulah, No. Dak.118 student directory BJORNSTAD, ROBERT, Richfield, Minn.137 BLAKE, JOHN, Minneapolis, Minn..138 BLANCHARD, ROBERT, Minneapolis, Minn,. 128 BLEEKER, ELTON, Jeffers, Minn.100 BLEEKER, MELVYN, George, Iowa. . .... Ill BLOMBERG, EARL, Minneapolis, Minn.. , . . 137 BLOMBERG, PHYLLIS, Minneapolis, Minn... 137 BONNETT, 8. DARWIN...137 BOTHMAN, CARL, Salem, Ore.Ill BOWERS, DONNA, Lisbon, lowg.122 BOYETT, SHIRLEY, Lansing, Mich.. ..... I 18 BRADLEY, MARLOWE, Gary, End.. 115 BRADSHAW, LEETA, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.. 122 BRAUN, RALPH, Council Grove, Kan..100 BREKKEN, CHARLES, New Auburn, Wise.. ,137 BRIGGS, WILLA, Colorado Springs, Colo.. . 94 BROOKS, DONNA, Laramie, Wyo.135 BROWN, DONALD, Fairbury, Nebr.Ill BROWN, DOROTHY, Chesterton, Ind.Ill BROWN, JUDITH, Quincy, 111.128 BROWN, LOWELL, Elk Grove, Calif.3 34 BUBL3TZ, LUANN, Medicine Lake, Minn.. . . 328 BUCHANAN, CLYDE, Oskafoosa, Iowa.... 118 BUELOW, DONALD, Minneapolis, Minn.. . 137 BULIER, CARL, friend, Nebr.. . .. 94 BULLER, RUTH, Grafton, Nebr..128 SULLER, WAYNE, Grafton, Nebr. .... 123 BURKE, BARBARA, Gory, Ind.128 BURRIS, VIRGINIA, Salem, Ore..Ill BUTLER, MARGARET, Minneapolis, Minn.. ..Ill BUTLER, SCHUYLER, Cadillac, Mich.137 BUTTLER, NATALIE, Guthrie Center, Iowa, , 123 BYMERS, ROBERT, La Crosse, Wise.100 C CARBINE, JANET, Bramerd, Minn. 94 CAREY, CAROLYN, Stcrden, Minn..123 CARLBLOM, ARLEN, Mountain Lake, Minn.. T23 CARLSON, GERALDINE, St. Cloud, MEnn + . . T08 CARNCROSS, ALBERT C, Buffalo, N, Y,, . .123 CARON, JOANNE, Mound, Minn.. .123 CARROLL, PHILIP, Cedar Rapids, lowo, . , . T23 CARTER, WiLLlAM, Champaign, 111.138 CHAMBERS, J. CAMPBELL Ireland.134 CHESHIRE, RAY, Fayetteville, N. C. 94 CHIN BERG, STAR. 137 CHINBERG, WALTER, Ogden, Iowa.123 CHORD, WAYNE, Mound, Minn.10B CHRISTENSEN, DENNIS, Appleton, Minn.. . 137 CHRISTENSEN, LEE, Appleton, Minn.128 CLARK, BETTY, Naches, Wash.. ... 94 CLARK, RONALD, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.... 118 CLARK, SALLY, Flushing, Mich.112 COOK, DWIGHT, Mora, Minn.100 COOK, LEROY, Powell, Wyo. 108 COREY, WAYNE, Sacramento, Colif. .137 COWLES, NANCY, Council Bluffs, lowo. .. 123 COX, CHARLES, Shokopee, Mfnn.123 CRASH, ANITA, Topeko, Kan.100 CRASE, MERRILL RAY, Winterest, lowo, ... 108 CRAVEN, MARGARET, Waterloo, lowo.118 CROCKETT, DAViD, Worthington, Minn ... 138 CROCKETT, JIM, Worthington, Minn. .. .1 IS CURTIS, DOROTHY, Huntley, Minn..10$ CUTLER, JOYCE, WykofF, Minn...137 d DAL BEY, CLYDE, Mora, Minn.137 DANIEL, BOOKER, St, Joseph, Mo,...... 337 DA5SENKG, FLORENCE, Minot, So. Dak., ,128 DAVIS, ROGER, Minneapolis, Minn.137 DAVISON, GLENN, Lake Geneva, Wise.. ,119 DAVISON, HARLIN, Ferguson, Iowa.129 DAVISON, WARREN, Ferguson, Iowa.112 DAWSON, RICHARD, Des Moines, Iowa... 137 DEAN, CLAIRE, Zumbrota, Minn.115 DeBOER, DON, So. San Gabriel, Calif.137 DEKKENGA, JOHN, Matfoch, Iowa. .. ,129 DELL, RAYMOND, Kandahar Sask., Canada . 137 DEMING, STANLEY, West Chicago, 111.134 DERR, AUDREY, Oshkosh, Wise.112 DOOLITTLE, ALBERT, Webster City, Iowa. . . 137 DOURTE, VICTOR, Minneapolis, Minn.134 DRINKALL, JUDITH, Minneapolis, Minn. ..,123 DuBELl, LAURA, Oregon City, Ore.. ..119 DUNLAP, REGINALD, Portsmouth, N. H....1Q8 e EALES, PATRICIA, Houston, Texas.112 FCKHOFF, HANNAH, Bdmond, Iowa.136 EDSTROM, RICHARD, Minneapolis, Minn.. .119 EDWARDS, WILLIAM, Detroit, Mkh...137 EICHHORST, WILLIAM, Yorklon, Sask, Canada .... 108 EJSELE, ELAINE, Elmo, Kens.119 ELLER, MERLIN, Hubbard, Iowa..137 ELL1NGSON, NILES, Clear Lake, Wise..119 ELVEF, MARIANNE, Minneapolis, Minn , , . 95 EMERY, HAROLD, Lexington, Ky. ...137 ERICKSON, DOLORES, Beulah, No. Dak,.. 112 ERICKSON, EDWIN, Minneapolis, Minn....138 ERICKSON, HAROLD, Bigfork, Minn. 95 ERICKSON, MELVIN, Gresham, Oregon...l29 ESPLAND, HARVEY, Minneapolis, Minn.. . . 134 EVELAND, EARL, Minneapolis, Minn.134 f FARMER, MARY, Montezuma, Iowa.129 PARRA, HARRY, Maywood, Calif.137 FARRINGTON, CYNTHIA, Blooming Proirie, Minn. . . 112 FELKER, LESTER, Oshkosh, Wise.134 FENLASON, EDWARD, Hitterdol, Minn.. . 119 FERGUSON, MARY, Appleton, Minn. ..... 129 FERRIN, ANN, Wayzoto, Minn.123 PINIFROCK, WILLIS, Barnum, Minn.129 FISHER, WILLIAM, Spring Lake Park, Minn. 134 FISKE, CAROLYN, Grantsburg, Wise.129 FITCH, NORM AN, Des Moines, lowo.137 PITCH, WAYNE, Robbinsdale, Minn.129 FLAMING, KARL, Paxton, Neb. .119 FLAMING, VERNON, Corn, Okla.137 FIORIA, CAMERON, Laming, Mich..,]3S FODE, HOWARD, Haze Iron, N, Dak.137 FORKNER, R. EARL, Langden, No. Dak.119 FOSS, ELDRED, Starden, Minn.137 FOWLER, MARY, Fairmont, Minn.106 FREELAND, KEITH, Cummings, No. Dak... ,129 FRENDT, VICTOR, Sr, Paul, Minn.134 FREY, BARBARA, EsthervNIe, Iowa.,.,123 g GAR ERICK, WilDA, Elkhart, Ind.136 GARDNER, SHIRLEY, Waterloo, Iowa.,.,. 112 GEIER, JOHN, Flint, Mkh.119 GERBER, LOWELL, Tampico, 111.115 GILDNER, FRED, Minneapolis, Minn.,337 GILLINGH AM, WALTER, Binger, Okla.. .136 GLAZNER, JAMES, Cahone, Colo.123 GOODSELU RICHARD, Naperville, UJ.112 GRABER, DALE ..... , , , 137 GRABER, JANET, Bridgwater, S. Dak.138 GRAVLEY, PAMELA, Spicer, Minn.124 GREEN, JAMES C, Minneapolis, Minn.100 GREEN, LARRY, Detroit Lakes, Minn.109 GREENFIELD, JANNA, Komrar, fowa.3 15 GRENNEU, ROBERT, Detroit, Mich.129 GR1NDLE, KENNETH, Marion, Ind.137 GRUBBS, FRANCIS, Harrisburg, Nebr.137 GRUHN, EDWARD, Mt, Morris, III.137 GULLICKSGN, GARY, Glenwood City, Wise..129 GUNDERSON, RICHARD, Minneapolis, Minn,.. 137 GUTHRIE, VALETA, Bloomfield, Iowa. . . . . i 12 h HA8URN, ESTHER, Wheotlond, Wyo.101 HABURN, WILLIAM, Spencer, Iowa. 9S HAGLUND, MARILYN, Hostings, Minn.119 HALL, LA RUTH, Moses Loke, Wash.129 HALL, RAY, Crown Point, Ind.138 HALL, WILLIAM, Minneapolis, Minn. 95 HAMILTON, BERNARD, Boone, Iowa.129 HANSON, ROBERT, Taylor Falls, Minn.. . 124 HARFHAM, GERALD, Boyden, Iowa. 95 HARPHAM, SHIRLEY, Boyden, Iowa.137 HARRIS, MARGARET, Minneapolis, Minn... 137 HARRISON, DAVID, Flint, Mich,.....101 HAUGEN, MARILYN, Minneapolis, Minn... 137 HAWLEY, LAWRENCE, Reisterstown, Md . . . 134 HAYNES, AMBER, Manchester, Iowa. .... 130 HAZEWINKEL, ALBERT, Anoka, Minn.134 HEDIN, FRANK, Minneapolis, Minn.106 HENDERSON, CAROLYN, Minneapolis, Minn. 101 HENDERSON, LOUISE, Faullina, Iowa,... 96 HENRY, CARMEN, Des Moines, lowo.124 HENRY, DALE, Dunkerton, lowo,,.137 HERBRANSON, HAROLD, Estherville, Iowa. 124 HERLY, ROBERT, Minneapolis, Minn.124 HERUM, GARY, River Foils, Wise.137 HESS, ROBERT, Waynesboro, Pa...134 HtLSEN, MARILYN, Hostings, Minn,..119 HODGSON, HARVEY, Cavalier, No. Dak . . 96 HQELDTKE, JOHN, Albany, New York. . . . 119 HOFF, DELORES, Venturio, No. Dak. .115 HOFFER, GLORIA, Billings, Mont.130 HQHMAN, MARY, Boy City, Mich.. .119 HOLT, DONNA, Cambridge, Minn.137 HORNBY, DON, Tarrington, Wyo. 106 HORTON, BETTY, Grand Rapids, Min n . 96 HOTZ, JOYCE, Lisbon, lowo.124 HOUSEMAN, JOAN, Muskegon, Mich.130 HUBER, AGNES, Chicago, III,. 96 HUEBSCHER, JOSEPH H., Minneapolis, Minn.„ + ... r „.130 HUEBSCHER, LEONARD, Minneapolis, Minn. 115 HULSEBUS, RICHARD, Astoria, So. Dak.. . 115 HURST, JOHN, Pine River, Minn,.124 HUSTED, PATRICEA, Albany, New York. . . 130 HUTCHINS, GRACE, Minneapolis, Minn.. 109 HUTCHINS, IRMA, Detroit, Mich.109 INGERSOLL, HARVEY, Minneapolis, Minn.. . 115 IRVIN, DOROTHY, lowo City, Iowa. ... . .109 ISAACSON, CLIFFORD, Duluth, Minn...... 120 i JACKSON, BEVERLY, Egan, So. Dak.109 JACKSON, VERNA, Egon, So. Dak..120 JACKSON, VERNON, Minneapolis, Minn. 134 JACKSON, WAYNE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 137 JACOBS, EVELYN, Doyton, Ohio.106 JACOBSON, LAURENE, Minneapolis, Minn.136 JAVNER, LEONARD, St. Paul, Minn.124 JENSEN, CLIFFORD, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.130 JENSEN, DICK, Kirkman, Iowa,.?.130 JENSEN, VICENT, Kirkman, law a.137 JOHN SEN, GERD, West Orange, New Jersey.124 JOHNSON, DALE, Cambridge, Minn.. . , . .130 JOHNSON, DAVID, Minneapolis, Minn. ,137 JOHNSON, NQLA, Tyler, Minn. ,,115 JOHNSON, PAUL, St. Paul, Minn.124 JONES, JERRY, Jackson, Mo.112 JONES, MARVIN, Maxwell, Nebr..124 JONES, PHILIP, Tomoh, WSs. 109 k KAISER, BEVERLY, Valley farms, Afiz.116 KALLBERG, EARL, Rockford, III. 137 KELM, GEORGE, Hanna, Alberta, Canada 135 KERN, GERALD, Hgnnah, No. Dak,....130 KERR, I SOB EL, Toronto, Canada.112 KIMBALL, EVERETT, Minneapolis, Minn.130 KING, LOIS, Sturgis, Mich... , 109 KING, ROBERT, Langdon, No. Dak. ,330 KINGHORN, HAROLD . 137 K1RGISS, VINEVA, Bird Island, Minn., , ... 138 KLEINSCHMIDT, BOB, Minneapolis, Minn. .96, 135 KLIEWER, TWYLA, Fairvlew, Okla..120 KNOOP, KATHERINE, Marble Rock, lowo 124 KNOWLEN, IRVIN, Minneapolis, Minn. 124 KNUDSEN, MAURICE, Harlan, Iowa.. . 125 KNUDSEN, NANCY, West Orange, New Jersey . ... 125 KNUTSON, THEODORE KOBELE, ELAINE, Minnectoolis, Minn. . 138 KOBELE, ROBERT, New Yo, , N. Y,. . 130 KOCH, RAYMOND, Good Thunder, Minn. 130 KOTTKE, HARLEY, Mable, Minn.139 KRAFT, JACK, Minneapolis, Minn. 137 KftEIDLER, FAYE, York, Po.130 KREMER, BOB, Aurora, Nebr, .141 KRUSE, CHARLES, White, So. Dak, KRUSE, CLIFFORD, Hendricks, Minn.133 KRUSE, KATHERYNE, Astoria, So. Dak.131 KUHNS, SHIRLEY, Agency, Iowa I 12 KUMEROW, ZGMA, St, Pouf, Minn.120 KYLE, C. GORDON, Pittsburgh, Pa. 101 I LACKORE, PAUL, little Falls, Minn.116 LAFLIN, HARLEY, Minneapolis, Minn. . .116 LaHAYE, TIM, Lansing, Mich...139 LAMBERT, LAWRENCE, Salem, Ore.139 LANGELETT, CRIST, St. Paul, Minn.137 LARSEN, EARL, Racine, Wis. 112 LARSON, EVELYN, Valley City, No. Dak ,139 LEACH, FLORENCE, Minneapolis, Minn, , . 125 LEACH, JOSEPH, Minneapolis, Minn. .109 LEE, DU WAYNE, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. .125 LEEDS, LEON, Cherokee, Iowa. 109 LEHSTEN, WAYNE, Buffalo, N. Y.137 LEMON, DARLENE, Detroit Lakes, Minn.. .125 UEVENSE, RON, Sheboygan Foils, Wis. 101 Wis. .. 112 LIEVENSE, RON, Sheboygan, Wis. 103 LINDSAY, LELAND, Emery, So, Dok.137 LOCKE, THOMAS, GlenWn, No. Dak H37 LONG, ELAINE R., Des Moines, lowo . . 120 LORD, DON, Pontiac, Mich. . .. 120 LQTT3S, KENNETH, Salem, Ore.102 LUNDBERG, C ROBERT, Mibca, Minn.. . . 113 LUNDBORG, DONALD, Dossel, Minn.116 LUNDH, RUTH, Minneapolis, Minn.102 LYMAN, NADINE, Huron, So. Dak.133 m McAULEY, JOHN . 137 McBRIAN, GORDON, Brgymer, Mo.137 McBRlDE, DORIS, Flint, Mich.136 McBRIDE, LEON Marshalltown, Iowa_. . 102 McCARTHY, DAVID, Portsmouth, N, H. McCLELLEN, DONNA, Onamia, Minn.125 McCOY, WALTER, Davenport, Iowa ...... 134 McKNIGHT, ELNORA, Maxwell, Nebr. .331 McKUSICK, RICHARD, St. Paul, Minn.137 McKEENAN, EDWARD, Torrington, Wyo,. . .137 MAAS, STANLEY, St. Banifocius, Minn.. . . 3 37 MacKENZIE, ARTHUR B., Roseville, Mich. 137 fV ; k V ( ' t|J f f SLETTEN, NORMA, Minneapolis, Minn.113 SMITH, CHARLES, Minneapolis, Minn.106 SMITH, ELSIE, Oskdoosa, Iowa.121 SMITH, l r LORRAINE, Webster City, Iowa. 127 SMITH, IVAN, Rasolia, Kan.104 SMITH, JEROME, St. Pout Minn. . 127 SMITH, JOAN, Minneapolis, Minn.. 3 37 SMITH, LEX, Minneapolis, Minn.139 SMITH, LOIS, Minneapolis, Minn,, ..121 SMOLDT, CAROLYN, Ferguson, Iowa . . . 133 SNAP?, JOHN, JR., Forgo, No. Dak. 106 SNELL, DWAYNE, Marshalltown, Iowa..137 SNELL, RICHARD, Marshalltown, Iowa.... 106 SNITKER, MARVIN, Postvflle, Iowa.139 SNYDER, ROBERT, Powell, Wyo..137 SODERSTROM, DOROTHY, Toronto, Onl., Canada .133 SQNMOfi, STEPHEN, Wilson, Wis.NO SORENSEN, EINAR KRISTIAN, Aalborg, Denmark . 93 SORENSEN, ERROL Ulen, Minn.127 SORENSEN, PORTIA, Ulen, Minn. ,133 SORENSON, DUANE, Wilton Jet., Iowa... 133 SORENSON, ESTHER, Fargo, No. Dak.. . 98 SPEAS, CLYDE, Gilman, Iowa. ... 135 SPENCER, ROBERT, Des Moines, lowo.104 ST A AT, NANCY, Thornton, 111., ,. 98 STACY, THOMAS, Hopkins, Minn. . . . 99 STAFFORD, CAROL, Royal Oak, Mkh..127 STEINHAUSER, JOHN, St. Paul, Minn.HO STEVENS, CHARLES, Nashville, Tenn. . . . 135 STEWART, G. MOODY, JR., Sun Valley, Calif.. .. .,137 STEWART, ROSETTA, Minneapolis, Minn. 133 STEWART, WILLIAM, Los Angeles, Calif.. .117 STICKLER, VERNON, Spencer, Iowa ....... 1 1 0 ST1EN, HOWARD, Bird blond, Minn.104 STRANDT, MARILYN, Moses Lake, Wash.. 105 STROHBEHN, FRANK, Wagner, So. Dak...314 STROUP, BEVERLY, Holmes, Iowa.. . J33 SUTTON, DIANE, Lansing, Mich....133 SVEE, EVELYN, West Concord, Minn. 117 SVENDSEN, LARRY, Kirkman, lowo.133 SVIHEL RILEY, Hutchinson, Minn. 139 SWANSON, DAVID, Cambridge, Minn.127 SWANSON, SONJA, Rock Creek, Minn., ..310 SWEARINGEN , JOHN, Brainerd, Minn., ...135 SYKORA, KEN Storden, Minn.114 SYKORA, MERLE, Windam, Minn.133 t TAYLOR, CHARLES, Hanford, Calif.127 TAYLOR, DAVID, Elyria, Ohio. ,..137 TAYLOR, MEL, Columbus, Ohio.137 TAYLOR, ROBERT, Movllle, Iowa.137 TEICHROEW, ABE, Frazer, Mont. 106 TEMPLE, DORIS, Faribault, Minn.106 THOMAS, GORDON, Kalamazoo, Mich.105 THOMPSON, ARNOLD, Bruno, Minn.127 THOMPSON, CLIFTON, Bruno, Minn.110 THOMPSON, DARRELL, Minneapolis, Minn. 99 THOMPSON, DAVID, Friend, Nebr.137 THOMPSON, PAUL, Minneapolis, Minn.... 137 THOMPSON, SHIRLEY, St. Cloud, Minn.. . . 139 THORNTON, KENNETH, Churdon, Iowa .121 TIMGREN, MAYBRITT, Toronto, Canada NO TOAVS, GRACE, Waif Paint, Mont,, ...... 133 TODD, DAVID, Muskegon, Mkh.137 TOLLE, STANLEY, Spencer, Iowa.135 TRIHU8, IDELL, Minot, No, Dak.117 TSCHANZ, DAVID, Detroit, Mkh.121 U UNRAU, FLORENCE, Lustre, Mont.. ...... .133 URBAN, GEORGE, Paris, France.107 V VAN BOEN1NG, PATRICIA, Venaga, Nebr.137 VANDERBURGH, DARYL, Waterville, Minn.. 114 VANDER MOLEN, LILLIAN, Hudsonville, Mich. 114 VAN DIXHORN, ELAINE, Sheboygan Foils, Wi$. ..133 VAN DIXHORN, LLOYD, Sheboygan Polls, Wis, ,.. 135 VAN GERPEN, RONALD, Windom, Minn,.133 VENZ, CHARLES, Hazel Park, Mich.117 ViETZ, DONALD, Hebron, No, Dak.. ..... 135 W WADDELL, PHYLLIS, Russioville, Ind..._137 WAIT, LESTER, Stacy, Minn.135 WALDECKEK, ALBERT, Lemmon, So. Dak,, .106 WALDECKER, TOM, Lemmon, So, Dak.137 WALKER, EDWIN LAWRENCE, Selfridge, No, Dak,. . , . . ..127 WALKER, STANLEY, Son Jose, Calif,.133 WALTON, DENNIS, Glen Lake, Minn.114 WASSINK, MARVIN, Sheboygan Falls, Wis.114 WEEKS, ROBERT, Minneapolis, Minn.137 WEINS, JOHN, So. St. Paul, Minn.127 WELANDER, ELLSWORTH, Morristown, Pa.. 137 WELCH, HELEN, Morristown, Minn.127 WELLS, JUDITH, Minneapolis, Minn.133 WENIGER, ARNO, San Francisco, Calif.. .110 WENIGER, DELORES, Son Francisco, Calif. .105 WENTWORTH, ARLENE, St. Paul, Minn.133 WENTWORTH, CHARLES, Braw nsdale, Minn.137 WESSMAN, WARREN, Cakata, Minn.135 WESTLUND, DUANE, Mason, Wis.117 WESTPHAL, FRED, Little Falls, Minn.137 WETZEL, ALBERT, Glen Uflen, No, Dak.. , .105 WHITAKER, E. LESLIE, Horne!!, N. Y..114 WHITCOMB, ROLAND, Gladstone, Ore.106 WHITE, LEE, Mt. Pleasant, lowo .106 WHITE, MARLO, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.114 WHITE, ROBERT, Smithers, W. Va . ..114 WHITTEN, VONNIE, Pontiac, Mich.114 WIDDER, WAYNE, Sheboygan Falls, Wis... 114 WIENS, ESTHER, Mountain Lake, Minn.137 WIENS, DICK, International Falls, Minn.. . . 114 WILEY, RONALD, Vienna, Va.127 WILLECKE, WALDO, Salem, Ore.137 WILLIAMS, ETHELENE, Minneapolis, Minn.. 137 WILLIAMS, MYRTLE, Oshkosh, Wis.114 WIPF, MARVIN, Bridgewater, So. Dak.117 WiTTRUP, DELPHA, Harlan, Iowa.117 WOLD, EDWARD, Cloquet, Minn,. ....... 106 WOLFE, GEORGE, Des Moines, Iowa .137 WRIEDT, DUANE, Peoria, III.137 WRIGHT, ALBERT, Meadville, Pa.114 WUNDERLICH, BETTY, St. Paul, Minn..127 y YERKE, ROBERT, St. Joseph, Mich., . .. 121 YNGSDAL, PALMER, Wanamingo, Minn. 133 YOUNG, WILLIAM, Philadelphia, Pa... . 99 YOUNGS, RON, Plainwell, Mkh.135 Z ZASPEL, RUTH, St, Paul, Minn, . ....... 114 ZIEBARTH, DELORES, Minneapolis, Minn... 121 ZIKE, MARILYN, Burlington, lawa.117 MADSEN, PETREA, Bethel, Minn.J31 MAGEE, BEULAH, Buffalo Center, Iowa, , , .102 MAGEE, LESLIE, Lincoln, Nebr.134 MAGNUSON, LAWRENCE, Rockford, III.... 120 MA1ER, CLIFFORD, Carlea, Sask., Canada. 120 MALONE, ELAINE, Maple Lake, Minn.137 MALONE, RUSSELL, Washington, Pa,. .... .109 MANNING, RICHARD, Brainerd, Minn.139 MARTENS, PETER, Wynyard, Sosk., Canada . 125 MARTIN, JAMES, Robbinsdqle, Minn.. . , , .137 MARTIN, JOHN, Denton, Md..137 MARTIN, LACY, Minneapolis, Minn.131 MARTIN, WM. RALPH, Minneapolis, Minn.. 102 MASON, GERALDINE, Hudson, Iowa .,,116 MATTISON, ANITA, Elk Mound, Wis.103 MAURIALA, PAUL, Show, Minn.109 MAGERT, GRACIE, Colony, Oklq. .113 MELOON, ROBERT, Buffalo, N. Y.116 MERLINO, GENE.137 MERRYMAN, RUTH, So, Sr, Paul, Minn.131 MEYER, SYLVIA, Englewood, Cob.125 MICHEL, JOHN, Faribault, Minn,.139 MILLER, DONNA,, Spencer, Iowa.103 MILLER, HAROLD, Powell, Wyo..137 MILLER, OSCAR, Florence, Wis.. . . ..137 MITCHELL, RICHARD, Berkeley, Calif..107 MOEDE, LILA, Minneapolis, Minn.106 MONTGOMERY, NELLIE, Astoria, So. Dak,. 131 MOORE, ARDATH, Long Pine, Nebr.120 MOORE, CAROL, Long Pine, Nebr.113 MOORE, KEITH, Woodvilie, Wis.106 MORFORD, MARLENE, Spencer, Iowa.131 MORGAN, EDITH, Minneapolis, Minn, . .137 MOSBY, JONATHAN, Minneapolis, Minn. .129 MOSER, ARDELL, Denver Cob.139 MOT IS, JOSEPHINE, Isabel, So. Dak.103 MOTOYQSHl KYOKO, Honolulu, Hawaii. . 120 MGXLEY, MARLENE, Clarissa, Minn.109 MULLER, LOUIS, Victor, Iowa . ...131 MURPHY, PHYLLIS, Anoka, Minn.131 MURRA, CAROL, Buffob Center, Iowa.131 MURRAY, RAY, Huntington Park, Calif,.., .113 MUSSON, WAYNE, Wenatchee, Wash. 97 n NECHAS, GAYLE, Minneapolis, Minn.136 NELSON, MARGARET, Fargo, No. Dak.. 125 NEVASKAR, BALWAMT, Bombay, India ... . 107 NEWMAN, GEORGE, Minneapolis, Minn.. .125 NEWTON, RAY, Louisville, III. . ..... .116 NEWVILLE, MAYNARD, Clear Lake, Wis. .131 NICKEL, KENNETH, Hutchinson, Kan.137 NIXON, MARVIN, Minneapolis, Minn. 135 NORBY, DORIS, Alta, Iowa.113 NGRGAARD, HOWARD, Harlan, Iowa.131 NORTON, RODNEY, Minneapolis, Minn.. .136 NOWLAND, RUBY, Wild Rose, Wfc.116 NOWLIN, JOY, Conag a Pork, Calif, .... 137 O O ' BRIEN, BERNARD, Pueblo, Cob. 120 OGILVIE, LOIS, St. Croix falls, Wis.113 O ' HARA, RUSSELL, Hammond, Minn..125 OLSON, ELAINE, Cambridge, Minn.131 OLSSON, DON, St. Paul, Minn.137 ONGNA, EUGENE, Sheboygan folk, Wis,., 135 OPHEIM, DRUSILLA, Sexton, Iowa, . ...... 125 P PALMER, JOYCE, Gladwin, Mich.132 PALUTKE, JOHN, LaCrosse, Wis.113 PANKRATZ, ELROY, Mountain Lake, Minn.. 116 PANKRATZ, ESTHER, Mountain Lake, Minn.. 97 PARKER, WILLIAM, Coon Rapids, Iowa. .. 97 PARSONS, FREDERICK, Zanesville, Ohio... 116 PARTCH, PATRICIA, Gunnison, Colo,.137 PASWATERS, BOB, Lincoln, Nebr.137 PATZ, ARLENE, Pound, Wis.125 PATZ, INEZ, Pound, Wis.137 PAVEK, DONALD, Winona, Minn..137 PEARSON, ALBERT, Minneapolis, Minn.135 PEARSON, DARRELL, Marion, Ind...120 PEARSON, DONNA, Marion, Ind.136 PECKHAM, MILDRED, Hustler, Wh.....125 PEDERSON, LeROY, Billings, Montana.121 PELOT, DAVID, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.121 PERKINS, SAMUEL .137 PETERS, CLARENCE, Mountain Lake, Minn., 126 PETERS, JANET, Flint, Mich..113 PETERSON, PAUL.106 PETERSON, DARLENE, Barron, Wis. 97 PETERSON, FRANCES, Gladwin, Mich. , .132 PETERSON, ROGER, St. Paul, Minn.135 PFAFFE, DONALD, Minneapolis, Minn.137 PHILAMALEE, JoANN, Topeka, Kan.132 ' PICAR, MARY, Minneapolis, Minn..137 PINKERNELL, WILLIAM, Brooklyn, N. Y.. . .135 PITTMAN, MAR I JO, Aurora, III.116 PLATT, PATRICIA, Minneapolis, Minn.132 PLATTE, A. E., Peoria, 111,.137 PLAUTZ, DIANE, Littlefork, Minn.126 POLSON, SHIRLEY, Hammond, Minn..126 POISON, WILLIAM, Millville, Minn.136 POND, BARBARA.. 137 POND, EDWARD, Bloomington, Minn. , ... .121 PORTER, JAN IS, Minneapolis, Minn.113 POWELL, GEORGE, Douglas, Wyo.137 POWER, ROBERT, longdon, No, Dak.132 PRINTY, ROBERT, Centerville, Iowa.132 PUDERBAUGH, MARCELLA, Gladstone, Ore.. 139 PYLE, ARLENE, Spencer, Iowa.113 r RAS, DALE, Hancock, Minn,. ..116 RAS, LEILA, Marion, So. Dak. 97 RASSLER, LAWRENCE, Allentown, Pa.126 RE6MSTMA, HAROLD, Westbrook, Minn, .107 REEVES, BEVERLY, Minneapolis, Minn,.126 REFSELL, ORRIS, Spirit Lake, lawo.126 REIMER, NORMAN ..137 REINHOLDT, MARION, Waverfy, Iowa. ... 103 REINHOLDT, MARLOWE, Balaton, Minn,. . . 103 RESCHLEIN, MARGARET, LqCrosse, Wk,. . ,132 RHOADS, RUBY, Oskalaaso, Iowa.. 113 RHOADS, RUTH, Lisbon, Iowa... 126 RICHER!, DONALD, Dallas, Ore.116 RfLEY, MARYBELLE, Muskegon, Mich.137 RITTER, PATRICIA, Sun Valley, Calif.. ..... 121 RIVENBURGH, MARVfN, Colville, Wash.... 117 ROBERTSON, BETTY, Grand Blanc, Mich.. , . 126 ROBEY, MABEL, Hudson, Mich. 98 ROBINSON, CLYDE, Plainfield, Iowa.126 ROGERS, VALLA VEE, Minneapolis, Minn,, . 117 ROLLOLOZO, SOLEDAD, Lawai, Kauai, T. H. 137 ROSZHART, HERB, Aurora, Nebr.139 RUPPRECHT, EVERETT . 137 RYDBERG, ANN, St. Cloud, Minn., . . ..113 5 SAATHOFF, DALE, Waverjy, tqwa..132 SAILER, HAROLD, Alberta, Canada.126 SALSETH, HAROLD, Minneapolis, Minn.139 SALSETH, JOAN, Minneapolis, Minn,.139 SAMS, ROBERT, Parkersburg, W, Va.139 SANDERS, FRANKLIN, Hazel Park, Mich.. . 132 SANDGREN, PAUL, Grond Marais, Minn.. .137 SANDUM, CHARLES, Minneapolis, Minn,, . , 109 SAUNDERSON, SYLVIA, Menahgo, Minn.. .137 SCARFF, NOMA, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.132 SCHAUER, STANLEY, Eureka, So. Dak. ... 117 SCHELflERG, RUTH, St. Paul, Minn.117 SCHMIDT, CAROL, Mound, Minn.121 SCHMIDT, JAMES, Mound, Minn.109 SCHMOLL, MILDRED, Lincoln, Nebr.137 SCHNEIDER, RICHARD, Ferndale, Mich...,132 SCHNEIDERMANN, WANDA, Sibley, Iowa.126 SCHOON, FRED, Gory, Ind.U0 SCHOON, NORMAN, Gary, Ind.113 SCHOON, WALTER, Gary, Ind.139 SCHOTT, CLAYTON, Hutchinson, Minn.132 SCHULTZE, DELL, St. Paul, Minn.137 SEBALD, HELEN, Sheboygan Falls, Wis.132 SEEMANN, MERILYN, Windom, Minn.117 SEIBERT, ROBERT, Laurel, Nebr.113 SELIN, EDNA, Estherville, Iqwa.137 SELIN, GEORGE, Cambridge, Minn. ..137 SETTELL, RAND, Wheal land, Wyo. ...... 126 SHANEJ?, JAMES, Minneapolis, Minn,. . , .139 SHANER, MAXINE 137 SHANKS, CHARLES, Detroit, Mich.117 SHEFFER, JANI5, Prescott, Mich.121 SHERMAN, JACK, Wilton Jci., Iowa . , 132 SIEMENS, J. RICHARD, Minneapolis, Minn,. 110 SIEMENS, MARJORIE, Lake Crystal, Minn.. 137 SILVERS, DOROTHY, Powell, Wyo.110 SILLING, HENRY, Ocean City, N. J.104 SIMMONS, BEVERLY, Salem, Ore. 113 SIMMONS, STANFORD, Torrington, Wyo.. . 104 SIMONSON, ERLISS, Thief River Falls, Minn. . . . ..126 SIMPSON, CHARLES, Minneapolis, Minn... 135 SINGLETON, EDITH, Duluth, Minn., , , ,.137 5KOGERBO, PETER 137 SLETTEN, NORMA, Minneapolis, Minn. U 3 SMITH, CHARLES, Minneapolis, Minn.106 SMITH, ELSIE, Oskolooso, Iowa..121 SMITH, I. LORRAINE, Webster City, Iowa. .127 SMITH, IVAN, Rosalia, Kan...104 SMITH, JEROME, St. Paul, Minn.. ........ 127 SMITH, JOAN, Minneapolis, Minn.137 SMITH, LEX, Minneapolis, Minn.139 SMITH, LOIS, Minneapolis, Minn.121 SMOLOT, CAROLYN, Ferguson, Iowa.133 SNAPP, JOHN, JR., Forgo, No, Dolt.106 SNELL, DWAYNE, Marshalltown, Iowa. .137 SNELL, RICHARD, Marshalltown, Iowa . . . . 1 06 SNITKER, MARVIN, Poslvilie, Iowa. .139 SNYDER, ROBERT, Powell, Wyo..137 SODERSTROM, DOROTHY, Toronto, Ont,, Canada. 133 SONMOR, STEPHEN, Wilson, Wis.110 SORENSEN, EINAR KRISTIAN, Aalborg, Denmark . 98 SORENSEN, ERROL, Ulen, Minn. ...127 SORENSEN, PORTIA, Ulen, Minn,.133 SORENSON, DUANE, Wilton Jet., Iowa ..133 SORENSON, ESTHER, Forgo, No. Dak... . 98 SPEAS, CLYDE, Gilman, fowo.135 SPENCER, ROBERT, Des Moines, Iowa.104 STAAT, NANCY, Thornton, Ilf.,. 98 STACY, THOMAS, Hopkins, Minn.99 STAFFORD, CAROL, Royal Oak, Mich.127 STEINHAUSER, JOHN, St. Paul, Minn.110 STEVENS, CHARLES, Nashville, Tenn.135 STEWART, G. MOODY, JR., Sun Valley, Calif. 137 STEWART, ROSETTA, Minneapolis, Minn.. . .133 STEWART, WILLIAM, Los Angeles, Calif. . .117 STICKLER, VERNON, Spencer, lawo.110 STIEN, HOWARD, Bird Island, Minn. .104 STRANDT, MARILYN, Moses Lake, Wash.. .105 STROHBEHN, FRANK, Wagner, So. Dak... 114 STROUP, BEVERLY, Holmes, Iowa.133 SUTTON, DIANE, Lansing, Mich.133 SVEE, EVELYN, West Concord, Minn. .117 SVENDSEN, LARRY, Kirkmon, Iowa.133 SVIHEL, RILEY, Hutchinson, Minn.139 SWANSON, DAVID, Cambridge, Minn, . .127 SWANSON, SONJA, Rock Creek, Minn., , 110 SWEARINGEN, JOHN, Brainerd, Minn.135 SYKORA, KEN, Slorden, Minn..114 SYKORA, MERLE, Windom, Minn.133 t TAYLOR, CHARLES, Hanford, Calif.127 TAYLOR, DAVID, Elyria, Ohio.137 TAYLOR, MEL, Columbus, Ohio .137 TAYLOR, ROBERT, Moville, lowo .137 TEICHROEW, ABE, Frazer, Mont.106 TEMPLE, DORIS, Faribault, Minn.106 THOMAS, GORDON, Ka(orrazoo, Mich.1 05 THOMPSON, ARNOLD, Bruno, Minn.127 THOMPSON, CLIFTON, Bruno, Minn.110 THOMPSON, DARRELL, Minneapolis, Minn. 99 THOMPSON, DAVID, Friend, Nebr.137 THOMPSON, PAUL, Minneapolis, Minn.... 137 THOMPSON, SHIRLEY, St. Cloud, Minn., .139 THORNTON, KENNETH, Churdan, Iowa 121 TIMGREN, MAYBRITT, Toronto, Canada.. 110 TOAVS, GRACE, Wolf Point, Mont.133 TODD, DAVID, Muskegon, Mich.137 TOLLE, STANLEY, Spencer, Iowa.135 TRlHUfi, I DELL, Minot, No. Dak..117 TSCHANZ, DAVID, Detroit, Mich...121 U UNRAU, FLORENCE, Lustre, Mont.. 133 URBAN, GEORGE, Paris, France. ..... .107 V VAN BOENINO, PATRICIA, Venaga, Nebr.137 VANDERBURGH, DARYL, Watemlie, Minn,. 114 VANDER MOLEN, LILLIAN, Hudsonville, Mich.114 VAN D1XHORN, ELAINE, Sheboygan Falls, Wis, .. ....... .133 VAN DIXHORN, LLOYD, Sheboygan Falls, Wis. 135 VAN GERPEN, RONALD, Windom, Minn.. . 133 VENZ, CHARLES, Hazel Pork, Mich.117 VIETZ, DONALD, Hebron, No. Dak.135 W WADDELL, PHYLLIS, Russiavillc, Ind.137 WAIT, LESTER, Stacy, Minn..135 WALDECKER, ALBERT, Lemmon, So, Dak,. 106 WALDECKER, TOM, Lemmon, So. Dak.137 WALKER, EDWIN LAWRENCE, Selfndge, No, Dak.127 WALKER, STANLEY, San Jose, Calif. 133 WALTON, DENNIS, GJen Lake, Minn. . 314 WASSINK, MARVIN, Sheboygan Falls, Wis. . .114 WEEKS, ROBERT, Minneapolis, Minn. 3 37 WEIN5, JOHN, So. St. Paul, Minn. 127 WELANDER, ELLSWORTH, Morristown, Pa. 137 WELCH, HELEN, Morristown, Minn.3 27 WELLS, JUDITH, Minneapolis, Minn, 3 33 WENIGER, ARNO, San Francisco, Calif. 110 WENIGER, DELORES, San Francisco, Calif, 105 WENTWORTH, ARLENE, St, Poul, Minn.. 3 33 WENTWORTH, CHARLES, Brownsdale, Minn.137 WESSMAN, WARREN, Cokata, Minn. 135 WESTLUNO, DUANE, Mason, Wis.317 WESTPHAL, FRED, Little Falls, Minn.. ,137 WETZEL, ALBERT, Glen Ullen, No. Dak. 105 WHITAKER, E. LESLIE, Hornell, N, Y. 114 WHITCOMB, ROLAND. Gladstone, Ore. 106 WHITE, LEE, Mi. Pleasant, Iowa 106 WHITE, MARLQ, Mt, Pleasant, Iowa. 114 WHITE, ROBERT, Smithers, W. Va. . 314 WHITTEN, VONNIE, Pontiac, Mich. 314 WIDDER, WAYNE, Sheboygan Falls, Wis. 3 14 WIENS, ESTHER, Mountain Lake, Minn. 3 37 WIENS, D3CK, international Falls, Minn. .3 14 WtLEY, RONALD, Vienna, Va...127 WILLECKE, WALDO, Salem, Ore.3 37 WILLIAMS, ETHELENE, Minneapolis, Minn. 137 WILLIAMS, MYRTLE, Oshkosh, Wis. ,114 WIPF, MARVIN, Bridgewater, So, Dak.. 117 WITTRUP, DELPHA, Harlan, Iowa. . .117 WOLD, EDWARD, Cloquet, Minn.106 WOLFE, GEORGE, Des Moines, lowo ,137 WR1EDT, DUANE, Peoria, III. 137 WRIGHT, ALBERT, Meadville, Pa. 114 WUNDERLICH, BETTY, St. Poul, Minn. 127 y YERKE, ROBERT, St. Joseph, Mich.121 YNGSDAL, PALMER, Wanamingo, Minn. .133 YOUNG, WILLIAM, Philadelphia, Pa.. 99 YOUNGS, RON, Plainwell, Mich. .135 Z 2ASPEL, RUTH, Sr, Paul, Minn. 114 ZIEBARTH, DELORES, Minneapolis, Minn.. .12 3 ZiKE, MARILYN, Burlington, Iowa. . . . 117 fl: .,a i. ' lt.j autographs autographs TT £.lu PPM if f ?tWSiv‘«V, p " ' is: ? «vi i‘4 v Ms«VJ ' ! SMMmmwm $lHp •■-. s l- . N. ' , sat ■ 91 ® SfyMSli | ' ■ IpiMf ' . - HHI ' SMIH life HB IB ifS

Suggestions in the Northwestern Bible School - Scroll Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) collection:

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