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. ■ ,-v: IN APPRECIATION- of the professional advice and service of: Mr. Arthur Siegel and Mrs. Lorraine Robertson and the Bureau of Engrav¬ ing; Mr. Otto C. Olson and the Bruce Publishing Company; Mr. Jack Baasen and the Zintzmaster Studio; the L. K. Smith Cover Company; George E. Reedy and Emil W. Olson of the Na¬ tional Photo Mill; Aagard Studio; and of our faculty advisors, Mrs. Burgess, Mrs. Makas, and Mr. Beavan. THE STAFF TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication . 6 Faculty . 14 Graduates . 21 Underclassmen Seminary . 42 College . 43 Juniors, Bible School. 48 Freshmen, Bible School. 55 Organizations . 63 Features ..... 85 Missions Militant ..100 Activities . 113 Candids .130 DEDICATED UV MEMODIAM to WiDiam DeU Diley by those who have known him and loved him as a leader and as a friend. DR. RILEY MBS. W. B. RILEY A Challenge to Youth Introduction The Civil War was about to break—tension ran high in that border town. Branson Radish Riley had left the Kentucky side hoping for more lucra¬ tive farming for his little family in Indiana. There in 1361, in Greene County, William Bell Riley was born. But the Senior Riley—the forerunner of his son, didn ' t hesitate to voice his convictions on political issues. A Southern sympathizer, those Hoosiers one day drew axes on him, whereupon he felt it safer to pack his family in the covered wagon and go back to " Ole Kentucky his birth¬ place, and to those who shared his opinions o? states ' rights,and the slavery issue. Decision alters life The country community in which young Wil¬ liam grew up was moral in character. Although the hounds and the dance appealed strongly to his effervescent spirit, the greatest decision and one that changed the course of,his whole life came early. At a meeting at the little Dallasburg church God spoke to him; and in his seventeenth year, alter an invitation was given, he walked the aisle alone, placing his hand in that of the coun¬ try pastor, and publicly acknowledged Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. This decision al¬ tered his whole life. Decision influences character Although he made a hand at nine years of age (which meant he followed the plow from early morning till late at night—ending with the evening chores), young Bill had definite ambitions. His natural aptitude for debate was evidenced in the country school, and as a result he and his teacher went about the county debating, with young Riley often the victor. It was natural, therefore, that almost as early as he could remember he determined to be a lawyer. The greatest event of his early life and one to which he looked with utmost enthusiasm twice a month was county court day, at v hich time young Will would listen to the famous Kentucky orators plead their cases. They thrilled the youth with their oratory. The days following, the young farm lad put into practice all he had heard, and as I have often heard him say, he pled his cases while ploughing « 3 the corn field. With corn shocks and stumps as his audience, he convicted many a man and par¬ doned others. It was wonderful mental exercise for his prospective career and he loved it. But God had other plans. The Divine voice said. Preach the Word ' This was just what young Will didn ' t want to do. He argued with God—he told Him his desire for law from early childhood; he reminded Him that the preachers of his day had to eke out a living by the sweat of their brow during weekdays to preach on Sun¬ days. He wanted to be a success in life; he want¬ ed to be another Evan Settle, the great Kentucky orator. For six months, night and day, the " still small voice pled with him. He said later, " No one else could hear, but it was like thunder in my soul. Sleep left me by night; the days only con¬ tinued my anguish as I argued with God ' . . . But one day, able to endure the conflict no more, he turned aside from the old-fashioned plow, knelt in the upturned sod on that Kentucky hillside and said, “Well, all right, Lord, I ll give up; I ' ll preach 1 Then he said, “All the storm ceased, and a peace that only Gad can give filled my soul ' Decision produces education To preach the Gospel he decided that he should prepare himself as well as if he were to practice law. He determined on an education—but how? They were poor in cash on the farm. Finally he mustered all his courage, went to his father and promised to pay all the expenses of the conduct of the farm and to give him $1000.00 when the crop was sold, if he, three of his brothers, and the hired man would work for him. It was an amount of net money that no year had ever yield¬ ed, but as he said, “I was desperate in my desire for an education and decided on that method of testing myself and the promises of God ' For a little his prospects seemed doomed. He had plowed. They had planted twenty-four acres —a crop unknown in size to that neighborhood. On the Sunday morning following, before the church hour, he walked to the fields only to find that fully one half of the plants lay dead from cut worms. Discouraged, the big eighteen-year-old boy lay down in the open field and cried. Dis¬ couraged, yes, but not defeated. Monday morn- ing before daybreak he rode the country over, bought up the leavings of every plant bed in the vicinity, and with the aid of the farm contingent set it out again. This lime more than 20 acres of it Lived. How hard he worked! But God didn ' t fail him. He sold the crop for $1700,00, paid his lather what he had promised, and had a considerable sum left with which to start his education. He chose Hanover, a Presbyterian college. He had no high school preparation—only a few months in normal school, and the rest in an un¬ graded country school. Seeking the president he asked the privilege of attempting the college work. Eyeing the boy. President Fisher said, " You can try, but promise me that if you can ' t make it, you will go back to the preparatory department graciously ' The agreement was made, but young Riley determined he would never go back. It was a terrific struggle to buckle down to rigor¬ ous academic life after the physical work on the farm—but he knew no retreat—he had made the decision and won! Decision leads to the tithe After college came seminary. While there, his sister ' s husband died, leaving her with no in¬ come and two little children. , . . No one to care for her. So with his usual generosity and accus¬ tomed unselfishness he made a home (or them. His educational fees, his clothes, food and rent for his family, and just $60.00 a month as income for preaching on Sundays! Then the next decision came, " Can I spare the tithe? " He weighed the matter a moment, then with the determination that characterised his whole life said, " I give Thee but Thine own, Whate ' e r that gift may be. " His decision was made; the tenth was the Lord ' s; he n ever again questioned God ' s share. In fact, he often said, ' If law demands the tithe, grace de mands much more, " and GIVING was always his TOY. Decisions strengthen others He decided to invest in youth. Again and again as I have traveled about the country with him, he has left the Pullman for the day coach in the day¬ time. Often I have said, " Dear, at your age you need the comforts now. " Always the same an¬ swer, " I ' d rather invest all I can in youth . . . and get my boys and girls preaching the Gospel around the world. " The strictest economy for self, but generous toward God and man. Perhaps the decision that helped and blessed others more than anything else was his loyalty to God and to His Holy Word. Young preachers throughout the world have been influenced and blessed by lhat unflinching stand. His ordination sermon, which contrary to custom he preached himself, struck the keynote of his life, " The Tri¬ umph of Orthodoxy. " Throughout this and other lands has come the same testimony, " He never lowered his flag; we had a safe leader; he gave us courage to remain true in spite of increasing apostacy, " One day a prominent young preacher of the East came in to see Dr. Filey. Finding him out of the city, he visited me. Said he, " I just thought you ' d like to know that thousands of young preachers of the nation, like myself, look up to your husband. At the national convections when important issues are at stake, we watch that gray head. If we don ' t understand the underlying po¬ litical issues, and a vote is taken, when he stands up, so do we; and when he sits down, so do we. He has never betrayed us . . . Whe ther the issue was Evolution, Communism, or Modernism, his decision v as to be loyal to God and to His Word. " A decision brought peace For a fiery Irishman who had terrific convictions of his own, this last decision was the hardest—to come to the place where unde: all conditions and circumstances of life he could say from the heart, " Not my will but Thine be done. " He believed in the unerring guidance of the Holy Spirit, To him this Third Person of the Trinity was an infinite Person with Whom he believed communication to be possible and from Whom he took orders. From the day that he knelt on the Kentucky hillside and surrendered his will to the Divine will, he was keenly sensitive to the " still small voice. " In sev¬ eral crises in the last years I have heard him spend whole nights in prayer, seeking the mind of the Spirit. Once convinced as to God ' s will, nothing that any man could do or say could alter that decision. A knowledge of God ' s will brought PEACE. Conclusion In conclusion let me say that these decisions evidencing tremendous strength of character nev¬ er lessened the gentleness in his home life. He used to tell me, " I hope I can grow old sweetly. " Only those of us privileged to care for him during the last months knew the suffering and witnessed the sweet submission. His mind was marvelously keen until the very end when he opened his eyes for the last time on earth to say, " Goodbye, dear, " and was gone. God has taken one of earths choicest saints and the dearest of life companions to be with Himself. Sweeter than ever before are those words, " Even sc, Come, Lord lesus, and come quickly. " » WILLIAM GHAHAM j ' ■ He taught them as one having authority , . ' (Matthew 7:29) Someone has said of Dr. W. B. Riley that he always spoke as one who had authority. When he stood in the pulpit of his own church, or as a guest speak¬ er in his travels across America, the people gave careful attention, for this man spoke with authority. His challenging messages, always grounded firmly upon the impregnable rock of Scripture, echoed in the corridors of world Protestant¬ ism for more than half a century. Then, in the providence of God, this voice —this messenger, was stilled. The message was not stilled, A new voice—a new messenger had been raised up. Of this man also it has been said, he speaks as one who has au¬ thority. This man is America ' s young evangelist. Rev, Billy Graham, The story of Billy Graham is the story of twentieth century American youth, blessed by God, It is the story of a small town school—and an American col¬ lege campus. It is the story of heartbreak and discouragement—and of victory and achievement, ft is the story of small study groups—and of huge stadium throngs. It is the story of God s choice and use of a man such as is written only once in a generation . . , and sometimes not that often, Io know Billy Graham it is necessary to see him as a young boy, reared in America s hospitable Southland, partaking of the culture and tradition that is the Souths, growing into an active youth, playing basketball and baseball, and one day meeting his Saviour in an evangelistic meeting, and giving his life to that Savior for whatever use He would make of it. To know Billy Graham it is necessary to see him in Bible school, spending serious hours in study, spending hours, too, in a vigorous display of youthful enthusiasm, seeking earnestly God ' s will and program for his life, crying out to God to use him or else to show him another calling, yielding to an invitation to preach, and thereby seeing his life pattern shape up into a great soul-win¬ ning career. From that day, when in God ' s great out-of-doors he pleaded with God to grant him a place oi service or else show him that he did not belong in the ministry, and when God sent a man to him by the roadside with an invitation to speak in a small mission service; from that small service, at which eleven souls came to Christ as he presented the Gospel, to the huge stadium rallies that have often seen 20 r QQQ in attendance with more than 1,000 decisions for Christ at his invi¬ tation, is a long distance, humanly speaking. But with God using Billy Gra¬ ham, the way has been short, indeed. Numbers of persons in attendance at meetings are no criteria of a man s greatness and usefulness; yet Billy Graham has probably preached to more people than any other man at his age. The miles traveled in a preaching min- istry are no standard of its excellence; yet Billy Graham has probably traveled more miles in a world-spanning ministry than any other man of his age. Numbers of decisions for Christ make a poor basis for comparison of the ef¬ fectiveness of a servant of God; yet Billy Graham has probably been used to lead more men to Christ than any other man at his age. Truly, he has spo¬ ken with the authority of God, and in this, as in any other age, men have lis¬ tened. When, in his declining years. Dr, W. B. Riley faced the problem of choosing one to follow him in his important work as President of the Northwestern Schools, he looked to this young man, still in Wheaton College and pastoring a small church in addition to his scholastic work. Dr, W. B. Riley made his deci¬ sions and choices carefully and firmly, Billy Graham was his emphatic choice to head the Northwestern Schools. Years and their events have demonstrated the wisdom of W. B. Riley s choice, A continent-spanning ministry . , , first vice president of Youth for Christ, International ... a world-wide evangelistic ministry , . the blessing of God upon his labors, resulting in the salvation of thousands of souls; these have been the portion of Billy Graham, Today under his leadersip the Northwestern Schools have the greatest op¬ portunity for usefulness in God s purpose that has ever been accorded to any organization of its kind. To match his steps to the giant strides of W, B. Riley would be a difficult task for any man. For some it would be an evident impos¬ sibility. Future history will decide upon that which present events are now demonstrating, that Billy Graham can and is taking his p:ace as the leader which God, through one of His choicest servants, elected him to be. His voice has been raised. He speaks as one having authority. DEANS I. EDWIN HARTILL Dean of Men B.A., Muskingum College B.D., Northwestern Doctrine, Hermeneutics. MRS. W, B. RILEY Dean of Women B.A„ University of Minnesota LL.D., Rob Jones College Sarbonne, Paris, France RICHARD V. CLEARWATERS Acting Dean of Seminary A. B., Kalamazoo College B. D., D.D., Northern Baptist Theologican Seminary A.M., University of Chicago Homiletics, Scriptural Interpretation « 14 » O. E. SANDEN Dean of College B,A, r University of Texas B.D., Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Th,D.p same Yale School Applied Physiology Member of American Association for the Advancement of Science VACLAV VOJTA Dean of European Department B.A., Augsburg College B.D., Bethel Seminary Th.B., Th,D. r Northwestern At present toward Ph.D., University of Minnesota Seminary Psychology and Philosophy College History « 15 » WILLIAM B. BERNTSEN Dean of Music Department B.A.„ Iowa State Teachers College M. Mus., Northwestern University Music, A Cappella Choir m . V FACULTY Mrs. James G. Baxter Graduate Minnesota College School of Commerce; Teach¬ ers Certificate and Diploma m Music Commercial Subjects Gerald F. Beavan A.R., Harlwick College Th.M., Dallas Theological sem¬ inary, At present toward Tb.D. Graduate School, Dallas The¬ ological Seminary Graduate work University of Minnesota Psychology, Theology, Hebrew Eleanor Burgess B.A., Hardin-Simmons Univer¬ sity Th.B., Northwestern Seminary M.A. to be conferred, Hardin- Simmons University English Grammar Marvin E. Burgess B.A., Hardin-Simmons Univer¬ sity Th.B., Northwestern M.A. to be conferred, Hardin- Simmons University Synopsis, Analysis, Bible History Ervin B. Butler BE., Bemidji State Teachers College At present toward B.D, Mathematics George f. Carlson Th.B., B.D., Th.D., Northern. Baptist Seminary B,S., Northwestern University Church History Joscquie Daniel Bacculaureat, Paris, Prance French LeRoy Gager Th.B., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary A.B., Wheaton College Persona! Evangelism, Polity Christian Evidences, Bible Dorothy Hanna B.R.E., Northwestern Schools Registrar; Parliamentary Law Mrs, J. E. Hartill B.A., Diploma in Oratory, Mushingum College Speech Floyd Haoten B.S., Hardin-Simmons Univer¬ sity Physical Education, Coach G. D. Huebert A.B., B.D., Tabor College Th.M. Northwestern Seminary At present toward Th.D,, Northwestern Missions, Exegesis, German Austin Teacher ' s Training Department Certificate At present toward Th,B., Northwestern Seminary Piano Inga E. Johnson B.S W University of Minnesota Graduate work, Colorado State College Christian Education, Missions Herbert H. Hazzard B.Th., B.R.E., Northwestern Schools Christian Education, First Aid Robert Dennison Reuben Johnson M.A., Northwestern University Music, Girls ' Glee Club Paul L. Kaufman A.B., Wheaton College A.M., Wheaton College At present toward Ph.D., University of Minnesota Greek, Philosophy, Bible Beverly A, Kindtg B.A., University of Nebraska English Jean Matas B.A,, M.A., University of Chicago Spanish, Phonetics, English George P. Matas A.B, P University of Chicago At present toward A,M. P University of Minnesota Music, Band Charlene McKmms B,Mus, h St, Olaf College Voice. Piano Donald E + Nelson Director of Veterans ' Affairs Missions Harry Stam A.B. r Wheaton College in " Missionary Class " of 1923 D.D., Wheaton College Head of Missions Department Counselor and Advisor Ponzi E. Pennington Trinity College Voice, Conducting George M, Wilson Assistant to ihe President in charge of Business Admin- istralicn Rosella A, Toavs B.R .EL, Northwestern B.S., M.A., Wheaton College Christian Education Wilbur C. Westerdahl B.S,, Wheaton College Bible Archeology Anthropology George Urban Attended University of Mos cow European Department subjects Ethel Wilcox Graduate Northwestern Schools Ethics; Employment Secretary Dorotha Williams B.A., Pennsylvania State College B.A, in LS., University of Michigan Librarian Not Pictured; Elmer Johnson, Sociology Earle Matteson, Youth Work Mel Seguine, Missions « 20 » SEMINARY iind COLLEGE Meilam, George Not Graduating Benton, Waller E Minneapolis, Minnesota B.D., Assistant Pastor Student Preaching Soloist, Song Leader Galatians 2:20 Not Pictured: Gerhart Humbert, Th.D, Joseph A. McLeod, B.D, Lyndon Loper, B,D. Jon Grutzmaker, B.D. Tague, Marilyn 1. Belgrade, Minnesota B.A., English; Band D.V.B.S.j Sunday School Trio, Choir, College Treasurer Literary Society Dramatic Club Secretary Scroll, Student Secretary Tutoring Galatians 6:14 Schultz, Kathleen J. Minneapolis, Minnesota B A., English; D.V.B.S. Sunday School, Trio Piletle, Pilot Gospel Team Girls " Glee Club College Secretary Journalism Club Literary Society Dramatic Club Student Secretary Tutoring Constitution Secretary il Corinthians 12:9 r -m y v -i ■ ' ! ;V 3.V:I Davidson, S. Ralph Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.A., Music Student Pastor Acts 1:8 Olson, Victor E. Milwaukee, Wisconsin BA,, English Banquet Committee Dramatic Club, Scroll Pilot, Camp Work Colossians 3:12 « 22 » BIBLE 5CHBBL Abrahomson, Elsie M. Poison, Montana Christian Education Course Child Evangelism, Sunday School Mission work, D.V.B.S,, Camp, Journalism Club I Samuel 12 l24 Anderson, Barbara A. Eldred, Pennsylvania Music Course Child Evangelism Deut, 33:12 Anderson, Elayne M. Franklin Park, Illinois Missions Course D.V.B.S., Children ' s Mission Work Hospital Visitation Girls ' Glee Club I Peter 5:7 Andersen, Marie C. Minneapolis, Minn, Christian Ed.-Music Course Glee Club, Trio, Sunday Scho D,V.B.S., Choir Mexican Visitation Child Evangelism Camp Hebrews 10:35 Asa, Phillis M. Algona, Iowa Secretarial Course Sunday School, D.V.B.S Basketball, Glee Club Mission Work, Trio Philippians 3:8 Asp, George L. Thief River Falls, Minnesota Bible Course, Release School Student Pastor, Chora] Club I. Samuel 12:23 $ Auchiung, Walden T, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Bible Course, Rescue Mission Student Pastor American Sunday School Union lob 23:12 Aune ( Vernon S. Underwood, Minnesota Bible Course, Choral Club Quartette, D.V.B.S. Sunday School Joshua 1:8 Bellinger, Gladys Ansley, Nebraska Missions Course Child Evangelism, D.V.B.S. Primary B.Y.P.U. fer. 33:3 Unainoose, North Dakota Bible Course, Choir Mexican Mission, Journalism Club D.V.B.S. Matthew 7:14 Ella Bitz Rleeker, Alvira A, George, Iowa Christian Education Course Child Evangelism Girls ' Glee Club, D.V.B.S, Camp Counsellor Hebrews 10:38 Bjerkesett, Angela Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible Course, Chair D.V.B.S., Sunday School Psalm 27:1 I Brill, Margaret Elk Mound, Wisconsin Bible-Secretarial Camp Counsellor, D.V.B.S-, Trio Mission Work, Hospilal Visitation Sunday School, Jr, Class Sec y Auto. Harp, Piano Banquet Committee Church Sec ' y. Deut. 33:12 Brown, Lola M, Ireton, Iowa Missions Course, Church Choir Sunday School, D,V,B.$. Week Day Church School Part-Linie Teaching Art Matthew 6:33 Busbey, Mardelle C. Brainerd, Minnesota Christian Education Course Child Evangelism Hospilal Visitation Sunday School, D.V.B.S. Girls ' Basketball Isaiah 54:17 Bymers, Ruth La Crosse, Wisconsin Christian Education I Samuel 12:24 Clipper, Norma Joy Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible Course, Sunday School Children ' s Gospel Mission Choir, Junior Church, D.V.B.S. Hebrews 10:35 « 25 » Boyd, Dorris ThermopoHs, Wyoming Russian Course Child Evangelism, D.V.B.S. Trio, Choral Club Romans 1:16 Clark, Ada Fern Lake Park, Iowa Bible Course, Child Evangelism Basketball, D.V.B.S, Hospital Visitation II Corinthians 5:21 Curran, Elaine Oshkosh, Wisconsin Missions Course, Sunday School Choir, Mission Work Youth for Christ, D.V.B.S. Titus 2:13, 14 Danielson, Evelyn Ruth Woolwich, Maine Missions Course, Trumpet Trio Sunday School D.V.B.S, I Timothy 4:4, 5 Davis, Carol Grandon, Wisconsin Christian Education Course Choir, Child Evangelism Mission Work, D.V.B.S, Glee Club, Bible Camp Dodd, Charles W. Logan, West Virginia Sunday School Rescue Mission Studenf astor Psalm 37:25 Doerksen, Sarah Langham, Saskatchewan, Canada Christian Education Rescue Mission Work Child Evangelism, D.V.B.S. Sunday School Pilelte, Pilot, Choral Club John 13:3S « 26 » Downs, Barbara R. Duluth, Minnesota Missions Course Child Evangelism Missions Groups, D-V.B S. Ezekiel 18:20 Drown, Betty M. Curlew, Iowa Missions Course Child Evangelism, Basketball Mission Band, Secretary Hebrews 13:21 Ecklund, Mary Ann Des Moines, Tower Christian Education Course Sunday School Church Kindergarten Supervisor Kids ' Bible Club, D.V.B-S, Glee Club II Timothy 2:19 Elliott, Richard W. Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible Course, Sunday School D.V.B.S., Camera Club Scroll Photography Staff Senior Class Treasurer Joshua 23:14 Erickson, La Vaughn M. Westbrook, Minnesota Missions Course Union City Mission Child Evangelism, D.V.B.S. John 15:5 Eveland, Bert R. Backus, Minnesota Bible Course, Sunday School D.V.B.S., Basketball Psalm 19:14 « 27 Gibson, Robert Auburn, Nebraska Missions Course Rescue Mission Work, D.V.B.S. Student Pastor, Basketball Psalm 37:23 Golike, Robert Medora, Illinois Bible Course, Rescue Missions Sunday School, Camera Club Release Time School I. Thess. 5:18 Faber Mary A. Finnesgard, Esther H, Alamo, North Dakota Bible Course, Child Evangelism Choral Club, D.V.B.S. I John 1:9 GoEike, Donald BeShalto, Illinois Bible-Music Course Basketball, Men ' s Chorus, Vice President of Junior Class Job 23:12 Gusjafsson, Elsie M, Solway, Minnesota Missions Course, Sunday School D.V.B.S,.. Treasurer Jr. Class Corresponding Secretary Mission Band, Sr, Representative Radio Committee, Bible Club Philippians 3:8 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Bible Music Course Bond, D.V.B.S, Proverbs 3:9, 10 Heldslob Junction City, Kansas Christian Education Sunday School Journalism Club, Children ' s Mission Child Evangelism Personal Work at Singspiroiicn Matthew 11:29 Hazen, Velma J. Hermosa Beach, Calif. Christian Education Child Evangelism, Band Trumpet Trio, D.V.B.S. Philipptans 1:21 Joyce Hemmelman, Lois L. Backus, Minnesota Russian Course, Sunday School D.V.B.S., Child Evangelism Journalism Club, Pilette Russian Choir Psalm 104:15 Hutchins, Bessie M. Waterloo, Iowa Missions Course, Sunday School Singspiration Personal Worker D.V.B.S., Child Evangelism Jen 23:29 Janke, Lydia Barron, Wisconsin Bible Course, Child Evangelism Girl ' s Basketball, Mission Work Choir, D.V.B.S. Psalm 50:5 Johnson, Laura Colon, Nebraska Christian Education Iude 24, 25 Klinefelter, Wilma M. Anamoso, Iowa Christian Education Child Evangelism Sunday School, D.V.B.S. Genesis, £8:15 Kooyman, Edna Bondurant, Iowa Secretarial Course Sunday School Union, City Mission Hospital Visitation, Child Evangelism, Basketball Isaiah 41:10 i 30 » Johnson, Lloyd G, Manchester, Iowa Bible Course, Rescue Mission Student Pastor II Timothy 4:7, 8 Kiemele, Ann Linton, North Dakota Secretarial Course Child Evangelism, Choir DV.B.S., Journalism Club II Timothy 1:12 King, Betty Lou Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Christian Education Hospital Visitation Salvation Army, Sunday School dv.b.s. Romans 5:1 Kirstein, Clara I. Windom, Minnesota Secretarial Course Child Evangelism, Choir D.V.B.S,, Mission Work Psalm 62:5 Lee, Clifford Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible Course, Choral Club Trombone Trio, Brass Quartet Sunday School President of Senior Class Psalm £7:1 Lewis, Geraldine Bondurant, Iowa Christian Education Child Evangelism, Sunday Schoo Junior Church, Glee Club Mission Band Cor. Secretary D.V.B.S. Isaiah 59:19 Lcmgelett, Lillie R Thief River Falls, Minn. Missions Course Mission Class, DALES. Psalm 100:4 Linscheid, Mildred Butterfield, Minnesota Christian Education, Trio Girls ' Glee Club, D.V.B.S, Hospital Visitation Church Kindergarten Supervisor I Corinthians 2:2 Lore ns on, Wayne A. Long Beach, California Bible Course Joshua 1:9 Lmljens, Alice L Ashton, Iowa Christian Education Course Child Evangelism Group Mission Work Journalism Club, D.V.B.S. Philippians 3:10 Martell, Wanilda Rhinelander, Wisconsin Christian Education, Choir Child Evangelism, D.V.B.S. Missions, Singspiration Jer. 33:3 Majzlik, Zdema M. Monaco, Penn. Christian Education-Music Course Church Choir, Glee Club Sunday School D.V.B.S, Child Evangelism I Corinthians 15:58 Mosier, Alice Lake Benton, Minnesota Secretarial Course Child Evangelism, Missions Singspiration, D.V.B.S, John 15:7 Mach, David E. Palatine, Illinois Missions Course Christian Service Brigade Mission Work, D.V.B.S. Proverbs 15:17 Murch, Barbara Minneapolis, Minnesola Bible Course Child Evangelism, Sunday School D.V.B.S., Choir Galatians 2:20 Mosier, Hazel Lake Benton, Minnesota Bible Course, Child Evangelism D.V.B.S,, Mission Work, Choir Psalm 55:22 Pettingill, A]]en J. Robb ins dale, Minnesota Bible Course Sunday School, D.V.B.S. I Timothy 6:6 Peterson, Richard Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible Course Sunday School, Student Pastor John 14:13, 14 « 33 » Pearson, Albert E. Radisson, Wisconsin Bible Course Choral Club, Sunday School Missions, Quartette Romans 5:6 Person, Patricia J. Rockford, Illinois Missions Course, Sunday School Pioneer Girls Guide, Jr, Church Part-time Faculty Teaching in Medical Missions Journalism Club, Editor of Scroll Nordyke, Glada M. Norfolk, Nebraska Christian Education Choir, Hospital Work, D.V.B.S, Jr. Camp Counsellor l Peter 2:7 Nickelson Verna Penokee, Kansas Christian Education D.V.B.S,, Mission Class Sunday School, Choral Club Proverbs 10:22 Fetierson, Ethel Dalton, Minnesota Christian Ed-Music Course Glee Club, Trio, Child Evangelism Choir, D.V.B.S. Mexican Visitation Work Child Evangelism Camp I Thess, 5:IS Persons, Doris M. St. Charles, Minnesota Bible Course, Child Evangelism Hospital Visitation, Accordion D.V.B.S, Psalm 37:3 Rattray, Cecilia Dearborn, Michigan Missions Course D.V.B.S., Child Evangelism Psalm 23:1 Ratzlaff, Starr M r Everett,. Washington Christian Education Course Sunday School, Glee Club Cheerleader. Radio Committee II Thess, 3:5 Reid, Charles St, Paul, Minnesota Missions Course Sunday School, Choral Ctub Quartet and Tours Jeremiah 31:3 Rocholl, Arnold C. Detroit, Michigan Bible Course, Sunday School Rescue Mission, Jr, Church Jr. Choir, Fr, class President Student Forum, Basketball Choral Club Bus. Manager Basketball Manager Psalm 138:0 Ross, Verna J, Cummings, North Dakota Christian Ed-Music Course Child Evangelism, Glee Club Trio, Jr Camp Counsellor Hospital Visitation Deut. 31:6 Rypkema, Doris Pine City, Minnesota Btbie-Music Course Young People ' s Work, Band Sunday School, D.V.B.S., Piano Organ, Bible Camp If Thess, 3:5 Schaeffer, Juanita P, Stanch ft eld, Minnesota Secretarial Course, Band Child Evangelism, Group Work In Club, D.V.B.S, Pi alm 34:5 Sewell, Hamer Lee Kansas City, Missouri Bible Course, Sunday School Forum, Mission Leader, D.V.B.S. Exodus 33:14 Sheard, Helen Junction City, Kansas Bible-Secretarial Course Sun day School, Choir Child Evangelism, D.V.B.S, Col 3:1 Smith, Frances L P Forest City, Iowa Bible Course, Mission Work. Sunday School, Youth for Christ D.V.B.S. fade 24, 25 mmmmm Strnad, Dorothy Berwyn, Illinois Missions Course, Sunday School Hospital Visitation, Basketball Child Evangelism, Pilette Scroll, D.V,BS. Hebrews 4:15 Thies, Virginia Ashton, Iowa Bible Course, Child Evangelism Mexican Mission, Basketball Hospital Visitation, Band D.V.B.S. John 15:5 Tippett, Annabelle Collinsville, Illinois Missions Course Mission Band Sec,, D.V.B.S, Child Evangelism Journalism Club II Corinthians 3:18 Ulvin, Jane Roseau, Minnesota Christian Ed-Music Course Sunday School, Choral Club Child Evangelism, Band Bible Camp, D.V.B.S. Psalm 37:4 Vanloh, Henrietta M, Ashton, Iowa Bible Course, Child Evangelism Mission Work Jr. and Sr. Camp Counsellor Basketball, D.V.B.S. Psalm 37:5 Wiens, Evelyn D, Mountain Lake, Minnesota Christian Education Sunday School Jr. Sr. Young People, D.V.B.S. Senior Class Secretary Child Evangelism Matthew 5:6 Columbus, Ohio Bible Course, Chord] Club Radio Committee, Glee Club Treasurer Choral Club Mission Leader, D.V.B.S. Hospital Visitation Werner, Earl Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible Course Student Pastor Rescue Mission Work Isaiah 30:15 Williams, Richard D Wyma, Richard Chicago, Illinois Missions Course, Mission Band President, Pilette Freshman Vice President Basketball, Sr, Vice President Sunday School, Choral Club D.V.B.S, Galatians 2:20 Ykovchick, William Hartford, Connecticut Russian Course, Sunday School Band, Student Pastor, D.V.B.S. John 1:29 Zubyk, Barbara Oakville, Connecticut Bible Course, Forum, D.V.B.S. Choral Club, Trio, Missions Child Evangelism Philippians 1:6 Nelson. Dorothy M. Diamond Bluff, Wisconsin Missions Course, D.V.R,S. Child Evangelism, Glee Club I Kings 8:56 SBSBBSBt X Bazilewich, Nick A. HartEord, Connecticut Music Course, Choral Club Band, Quartet, Cheerleader Chi De]la Theta Psalm 50:5 Fletcher, Arlene M, Mauslon, Wisconsin Missions Course, Church Choir Child Evangelism, D.V.B.S. II Car. 5:10 Henderson, Bruce D. Pueblo, Colorado Missions Course Personal Witnessing Matthew 6:33 Holmquist, Adela Clarissa, Minnesota Christian Education Sunday School Child Evangelism, D.V.B.S, Numbers 6:24, 26 Manera, Zina Milwaukee, Wisconsin Missions Course, Glee Club Child Evangelism, Mission Work Journalism Club, Scroll Freshman Class Secretary Daniel 12:3 Nelson, Florence E. Denver, Colorado Bible-Music Course, Choral Club Child Evangelism, D.V.B.S. Pianist or Evangelistic Tour Piano Teacher, Radio Pianist Trumpet Trio pianist Philippkms 4:13 Skripol, Elizabeth Hartford, Connecticut Bible Course, Choral Club Journalism Club, D.V.B.S. Child Evangelism Isaiah 43:11 Smith, Eleanor L. Minneapolis, Minnesota Missions Course, Choral Club Child Evangelism, D.V.B.S. Psalm 62:5 Sleinert, Theodore Minneapolis, Minnesota Bible Course, Sunday School Assistant Pastor, D.V.B.S. I John 3:22 Paul Bridge Not Pictured: Paul 1 Jeanne Loolt Lucille Montgomery Dale Peterson SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Dick Wyma, Vice President Dick Elliot, Treasurer Evelyn Wiens, Secretary Clifford Lee, President Ur ' 1 UNDERGRADUATES J5 Brian, Robert Hunger, Walter Burghard, Alex Campbell, Glen Dennison, Robert Dolash, Dean Erickson, Erwin Hovda, Eileen SEMINARY Kastner, Kenneth Kroeze, Frank Levering, Dick Mettam, George Mills, Eugene Morgan, Stanley O ' Donnell, Felix Rudine, Gladys Sarver, Ralph Schmidt, Henry Storey, Richard Weaver, Leonard College Undergraduates Alsdorf, Frank Andersen, Barbara Anderson, Charlotte Armagost, Wilbur Asp, Bjarne Bailey, Bob Bailey, Bob Baldwin, Eldon Barett, Bob Bathauer, Ruth Bazilewich, Nick Bell, Art Benedect, Wayne Berglund, Grace Berglund, Thelma Bjorklund, Penny Blackstone, David Bloyer, Betty Slayer, Warren Borg, Mary Lou Bostow, Marvin Bridgeman, Lorraine Bronstrom, Dave Buck, Byron Busch, Lorraine Cochrane, Frank Coe, Curtis Conrad, Lloyd Courts, Harold Cowley, Marjorie Cripps, Floyd Cunningham, Milton Caribedes, Mary Campbell, Roy Ray, Earl Dodge, Alice Dolan, George Easter, Wayne Eberhart, Victor Ellis, Robert Evensen, Earl Everett, Loren Fadel, Allen Fair, Doris Fairbanks, Shirley Gardner, Thomas Giles, John Gowler, Bill Graham, Beth Ann Giflord, Floy Haglin, Gil Haglin, Florence Halvorson, Luther Hanson, Hazel Hanson, Mary Lou Hatch, Joan « 44 » Haugen, Ronald Hauser, Kenneth Henne, Delores Henne, Jeannien Heppner, Edward Holden, Glen Holmberg, Carl Holsien, Donald Horton, Leo Howland, Wayne Huckins, Lyman Hul tin, Jean Hunter, Bill Hutchens, Pauline Irving, Roy Jacobson, Robert fansma, Thornton John, Mary Lee Johnson, James Kimball, Edward Kimel, Shirley Kistner, Francis Krause, Donald Kuhn, Bernice Labrenz, Elwin Lang, Don Larson, Ronald Li Hard, Bob « 45 » Litzkow, Eleanor Logan, Elmer Lores, Ruben McBride, Lee Mann, Delpha Mattox, Alvin Meyer, Margaret Mills, Gladylou Monroe, Connie Munroe, Robert Myrant, Bob Marwold, Win. Nelson, Delores Nelson, Don Nelson, Grace Newcomb, Colleen Nikleby, 3ettv Norton, Carl Olson, Carl Olson, Roy Pardun, Donald Pardun, Lesli e Parrott, Odell Patrick, Helen Pederson, Janice Pederson, Wm. Peters, Jack Pierce, Howard 46 » ■ Presby, James Raper, Jennie Redo, Martin Rekstad, Katherine Rodin, Judy Rogers, Eleanor Rosenberger, Burnell Sapsford, Les Sawatzky, Harold Sawatzky, Margaret Schuchard, Jeanne Seibold, Eldon Sehnens, Ruth Sheleto, Winnifred Sherwood, Louie Smith, Jean Schoepf, Milton Stark, John Stenbock, Ruth Stone, Mary Thompson, Carroll Wold, Richard Thompson, Robert Vitus, Earl Wall, Viola White, Marjory Zevenberger, Marie Wiens, Henry Williams, John Wilson, Kyle Winters, Cliff Zeich, Edward BIBLE SCHOOL JUNIORS Acton, Kassy Ambrose, Dorothy Amish, Elmer Anderson, Ardicc Anderson, Helen Anderson, Hildur Anderson, Miriam Anderson, Ruth Bailey, Hope Ball, Catherine Barnes, Elda Barnett, Ruthetta Beaman, Gene Bell, Lowene Bennett, Charlotte Benson, Rodney Blackburn, Leroy Bleeker, Elton Bloom, Lillian Blunt, Lena Mae Bowdish, Albert Bower, Howard Bowers, Carol Bownran, Edward Bratagar, John Brong, Esther Bronner, Jack Bullard, Pauline Campbell, Richard Cascaden, Robert Case, Marshall Clements, Myrtle Conrad, Alma Corner, Muriel Copham, Bill Course, Ruth Crawford, Walter Dimick, Mary Ann Dimond, Carolyn Doaks, Helen Dobbertin, Mary Ebert, Wilma Emerson, Lee Engstrom, Pearl Erickson, Marilyn Evans, Helen Feyma, Anna Finders, Virginia Burtis, Bernie Burton, Kenneth Buzby, Wilda Campbell, Grace Fisher, Margaret Fitch, Virgil Frans, Kenneth Gill, Hazel Goetz, Dean Galilee, Charles Graber, Joyce Groenhoft, Edwin Gulian, George Gulian, Pete Gustafson, Ruth Hall Winona Hammons, Elloise Hanson, Lois Hatcher, Ruth Havlisch, Lorraine Hawkeye, Lois Hellekson, Marilyn Hines, Dan Holmes, Dick Hoobyar, Betty Hudson, Genevieve Hume, Doris Imboden, Jeanette Jsbrandson, Louise fa cobs on, Dale fobes, Don Johnson, Gladys Johnson, Lorraine Johnson, Marion Johnson, Richard Johnson, Virginia Koiiun, Mable Klassen, Donald Knutson, Audrey Kottle, Lois Krantz, Faith Kuehl, Delores Kuhns, Ruby Kvrk, Jeanette LaDow, Bonnie LaDow, Herb Larson, Arnold ■Larson, Gerald Legg, Helen LeMaster, Phyllis Light, Pearl Lint, Arbutus Langnecker, Charles Lovering, Bob Ludwigson, Melvin Lundquist, Edwin Jones, Valma Joyce, Irmalee Jurrens, Marian Kahlstorf, Donna McClellan, Marceline McConkey, Betty McCullough, Howard McDonald, Iris Jo Magnuson, Lorraine Manning, Marjorie Margadant, Lowana Mars, Donald Mars, Gladys Melin, Harris MengeL Lester Monroe, Elizabeth Moore, Frank Nebergall, Ralph Nelson, Angella Nelson, Alvon Nelson, Harriet Nelson, Harry Netzell, Albert Olson, Carol Olson, Eileen Oquist, Eleanor Orton, Barbara Osborne, Edna Palmer, Jerome Parker, Margaret Parsons, Inez Patz r Evelyn Pitkin, Lucille Presby, Dorothea Ramsden, Helen Rasmussen, Cleone « 52 » Risley, Grayce Ronngren, Velna Roof, Harley Rust, Leola Rust, Paul Schley, Ruby Schmidt, Faith Schoepf, Luella Scholten, Nila Schultz, Mary lean Scott, Dick Severe, Evelyn Shaw back, Donna Sheveland, LeRoy Sieler, Doreen Socker, Mary Sorenson, Shirley Spear, Gwen Steinert, David Swanson, Marilyn Swedberg, Wesley Swenson, Norma Swinborne, John Taylor, Ivan Tibbets, Emily Thimson, Dean Thompson, Arlene Thompson, Lloyd « 53 » Towstik, Anne Varner, Josephine Wardell, Virginia Walker, Lois Warder, Charles Week, Charles Weekley, Richard Wheeler, Mary White, Kenneth Wickman, Corinne Wiens, Frank Williams, Genevieve Williams, Paul Wilson. Ernest Wilson, Eunice Wilson, Helen Winkel, Dortha Winter, Suzanne Winter, William Yates, Dorothy Yoerg, Donna Mae Zick, Bert Zimmerman, Pearl Abbas, Ardiee Adams, Irene Anderson, Alfhild Anderson, Virginia Baltensberger, lohn Barenthin, Albert Borchers, Helen Barocio, Omar Bathke, Warren Benhardus, Raymond Berghus, Phyllis Bixby, Charles Bjornstad, Willard Blumhagen, Leona Borgersrode, Etta Bos, Delores Braband, Wallace Bristol, Frank Brong, Winnifred Bruns, Viola Butcher, Elsie Callahan, June Callas, Don Calvert, Dorothy Calvert, Maxine Carmichael, Agnes Cavinder, Annabelle Christianson, Charles Cleath, Robert Callas, Evelyn Clutter, John Cox, Leonard « 55 BIBLE SCHOOL FBESHMEN Halbersma, Elizabeth Hauser, Bernard Hauser, Reinhold Head, Dean High, Ralph Hinchliff, Shirley Hoag, Jeanette Hobson, Robert Holland, Darlene Hclmberg, Dorothy Jackson, Jane Jacobs, Frank Jacobson, Robert Jansen, Helen Jennings, Harry Jennings, Jay Jenson, Lillian Jess, Theodore Johnson, Arnold Johnson, Laura Lou Johnson, Lawrence Johnson, Mary Johnson, Neva Josephsen, Howard Josephsen, June Kanengieter, Marvin Krause, Jacob Labrenz, Esther Langenbacher, Aileen Larson, Emly Larson, Dorothy Lewis, Betty Liddell, Gwendolyn Linder, Claude McClellan, Mary McConkey, Mary Martinson, Jane Mason, Earl Merritt, Doris Marti more, Betty Mickelson, Ida Miller, Paul Miller, Kenneth Mollberg, Joyce Moninger, Martin Moore, June Morley Oswald Mulda, Emma Jean Murk, Janice Myers, Gifford Nanchi, Kimi Nebergall, Helen Nebergall, Rosemary Nelson, Jean Nelson, Lorraine Nordenstrom, Rose Olson, Gordon Olson, Richard Olson, Alice Norton, Helen Olyer, Theda Orton, George Osborne, Ruth Pace, James Patterson, James Patterson, Wilson Patz, Inez Perkins, Dorothy Porter, Marjory Pixler, Mildred Phillips, Lois Peterson, Bill Promitz, June Pyche, Clayton Quernomoen, Allred Richter, Arlene Rogers, Mildred Rose, Lucille Rosendahl, Rose Rumbolz, Ardith Ruston, Marie Rypkema, Betty Ann Schmidt, Emelia Schwarz, Heddwig Seibert, Robert Shiveley, Hugh Seifkes, Cecil Sjoden, Clarice Sill, Charlotte Simmons, Opal Sloan, Lois Smith, Paul Smith, Ruth Smith, Wayne Stoesz, Lois Suck, Albert « 59 » Swenson, Leonard Swinborne, Jean Teichroew, Katherine Thompson, Florence Thompson, Mervin Tollefsen, Eileen Tope, Leone Toussaint, Stanley Trempert, Betty Velie, Edward Walters, Harold Warneke, Helen Waters, Esther Mae Watkins, Harold Weggen, Y anda Wesilund, Howard Wheeler, Bernice Wiebe, Martin Williams, Forrest Wilson, Annabelle Wilson, Anne Wilson, James Wilson, Jeanne Windquist, Violet Wipl, Susie Witz, Gordon Witz, Virginia Wuthnow, Lola Ruth Yost, Elvina Zaspel, James Jansen, Helen SECOND SEMESTER FRESHMAN GIRLS B « l te " ° JoAnn Flynn, Joanne Gif¬ ford, Patricia Okeson, Virginia Hazel ton, Patricia Pul, May Koksma . . „ Third row: Madeline Watkins, Alice Paulson, Virginia Margadant, Margery Owen, Shirley Peterson, Thelma Thompson . . r Second row; Joy Mager, Jean Sellars, Elaine Anderson, Miyo Kojima, Evelyn Frey . . , First row: Ruby Barton, Fern Walraven, Mary Brandt, Betty Bruner, Gladys Simonson. ■MHMl SEI.lJl n SEMESTER FRESHMAH BRYS Back row lef 10 r ht Robert Barnes, George Abbas, Ted R. Lepper, Philip Pearson, lames Hardt, Warren Schoepf . , . Second row: Merrill Ingalls, Earl Burgess, Vernon Ekerholm, Eldon Peterson, Lee C + Johnson . . . First row: Elmer W. Schmidt, Delbert Pearson, Carl Knoll, Leslie Swanson, Calvin W. Suter. ORGANIZATIONS Tin Ann flF T11TT I ITFF , I Rev. Curtis B. Akenson—William B. Bemtsen—A. O. JUU inil UX inLJlLLJ Bjorklund— Dr. Walter E. Bridge—Dr. Vincent Brush- wyler—J. Colgate Buckbee—C. A. Burnham- Mrs. Benjamin O. Chapman—Frank E. Clawson —R. V. Clearwaters—John W. Edlund—Billy Graham (Interim President)—J. Edwin Hartill— Rev. Paul K. Hendricks—John R. Hauser— Rev. W. E. Kunkle—Myron H. Lagrange—Attorney Per M Larson—Rev. O A. Loak—Dr. O. P. Lovik—Rev. Peter MacFarlane—Neal F. Mackenzie —Mrs. Angus McLeod—N, T. Mears, Sr.—A. F. Met tel—Rev. Wm. H, Murk—Dr. Martin Nordland—Anton L. Olson—W. E. Paul—Dr. Walter A. Pegg—Dr. Earle V. Pierce—Mrs. Earle V. Pierce—Mrs. W. B. Riley—Dr. W. H. Rogers—Dr. Mervin E. Resell—Rev. John R. Siemens—Charles F. Shoop—Dr. M. R. Siemens—Mrs. Peter E. Skanse Henry Thorson A, F. Taovs—Vaclav Vojta—Dr. S. Marx White—George M. Wilson—Mrs, C. E. Wright—Archer Young. « 64 » STUDENT FORUM Officers: Arnold Rocholl, Senior; Robert Dennison, Seminary; Bill Gowler, College; John Stark, College; Ruth Anderson, Secretary; Bill Peterson, Freshmen; Walter Benton, Seminary, Jim Johnson, President. The Student Forum is composed of eight students from the Bible School, College, and Seminary. As representatives of the student body, they work with the (acuity to maintain the spiritual welfare and discipline of the students. When problems arise, the Forum suggests solution, and, if possible, carries them out. The Forum provides the program for the Friday night student fellowship. This year the Christmas program, study hall monitors, big brother and big sister contacts, and the missionary conference were some of their tasks. Their aim is v1 not to be ministered unto, but to minister. " indispensable to Mr. G a g e r ' s practical work program is Olive Mrs. Riley ' s secretary is Ruth Magnuson , . . Shirley Hilson helps Dean Hartill keep up wilh his responsibilities . . . Mr. Beavan gives his dictation to Mary Caribedes . - . Marjorie Isackson handles the Information Office switchboard. 5EERETA1UES AND DEFIEE Lola Brown busy in the book-store Miller MISSION BAND Officers: John Stark, Treasurer; Ralph Sarver, President; Geraldine Lewis, and Lois DeLeon, Cor¬ responding Secretaries; Allen Fade!, Vice Pres¬ ident; Elisabeth Monroe, Office Secretary, Fields—White—to Harvest—and the laborers are few!! We, of the Mission Prayer Band are preparing to go someday to these many fields—but, we can r t be idle until that day comes. We can pray; and so every morning we meet together to pray for our graduates already on the fields. As a group we attempt to increase the mission¬ ary spirit among the students through our Mission program presenting a picture of various countries, through our missionary conference held between semesters, and through the many speakers present¬ ed in Monday Chapel services. We have caught a vision of those fields—White—to Harvest-—-and we are endeavoring to go. Our seminary class represents one which is mighty in spirit though small in number. The members of our group are found throughout the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin; actively engaged in the most wonderful work in all the world, that of proclaiming our risen Christ. They are found serving faithfully whether it be in the pulpit, Sunday School classes, young peoples work, Child Evangelism, or the regular daily routine of jobs. From the classroom to the daily, personal witness of each student, we find our men and women upholding the school motto, ' Knowledge on Fire,” Therefore, the aim of each student is to be a Bible teaching, evangelistic soldier of the Cross. II Timothy 2:15: ' Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth ' COLLEGE OFFICERS Harold Courts, President; Lorraine Bridgman, Treasurer; Gil¬ bert Haglin, Vice President; Kathleen J. Schultz, Secretary. Believing that Christian young people should have well-rounded, fully-integrated personal¬ ities, the College student organization is interested in all phases of the life of the College— and interested, at the same time, in those individuals comprising the organization. Conse¬ quently there is an emphasis spiritually, in the direction of a thorough knowledge of the Word and genuine Christian living; socially, to encourage personality adjustment and devel¬ opment; intellectually and esthetically, for the gaining of a broad viev of the finer things of life; physically, for the relaxation provided by sports. The results of these emphases may be seen in the wide range of activities of the College—and more specifically in the outstanding leaders the College has given to the life of Northwestern. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Charles Warder, Vice President Ruthetta Barnett, Secretary Phyllis LeMaster, Treasurer Lee Emerson, President The Junior Class of 1948 has had as their central actvity this year a class prayer group which has met once a week for personal and intexcessary prayer. This activity has drawn the class closer together in fellowship with the Father end strengthened their love one for another. A project of the group has been the sending o! clothing to the needy little town ol Agrigento in Sicily, a project which is characteristic of the aim of the Junior Class, Philippians 1:20: " Accord¬ ing to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but that with alt boldness, as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life or by death. " rurm IT PT Tin flFFTPFTlQ Richard Williams, Treasurer . . Wayne Benedict, Lnun 1L LLLD UrriLLflJ Stage Manager . , . Betty Bloyer, Secretary Les Sapslord, Librarian . . . Gwen Spear, Robe Chairman . Allen Fadel, Vice President . . William Bemtsen, Director. « 71 Gilbert Haglin, President . . NORTHWESTERN ' S A CAPPELLA CHOIR " Never have 3 heard such sing¬ ing anywhere, except among the Welsh people of Great Britain ' This was the enthusiastic comment of President Billy Graham as he listened to Northwestern ' s A Cappella Choir on the occasion of their fall concert. His enthusiasm has been shared by a host of friends in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois, who have characterized the singing of the choir as brilliant, precise, and breath-taking. The A Cappella Choir numbers eighty voices chosen on a competitive basis from the entire student body. Superior scholarship, outstanding Christian character, and genuine musicianship are pre¬ requisites to membership in the choir. Through the years since its founding, the choir has main¬ tained a twofold objective: to thrill the hearts of listeners by a musical presentation of the Gospel and to cultivate an appreciation and understanding of all that is finest in choral music. Under the direction of their able and experienced leader, Rev. W. B. Bemtsen, the A Cappella Choir has built up a repertoire which includes numbers from the pens of Palestrina, Leisring, Arnerio, Bach, Brahms, Kalinnikoff, Christianse, Cain, Mueller, Lvovsky, Gatwood, Waugh, Wiedt, Murray, and modem choral arrangements by Ringwald and Soderstram. In addition, the choir presents their conductor s original compositions and arrangements of Gospel songs, hymns, and negro spirituals. Traveling with the choir on the annual spring tour are George Makas, brilliant violinist and mem¬ ber of the Northwestern faculty, and the Kings Trumpeters, a popular trio composed of Les Sapsford, Velma Hazen, and Roy Irving. Much credit is due Mr. Berntsen, who has earned for his choir a reputation of fine artistic achieve¬ ment in the field of sacred music and of Biblical orthodoxy in theological circles. GIRLS GLEE ELIIB Officers; Cleone Rasmussen, President . . . Dorothy Ambrose, Vice President . . . Maxine Calvert, Secretary . . . Faith Schmidt, Librarian. Sixty girls from varied parts of our nation and from varied walks of life comprise the group known as the Northwestern Girls ' Glee Club. With a freshness and buoyancy that comes to those who live with purpose, these girls bear radiant testimony in song and life to the Lord who has redeemed them. The transcription of the Global Gospel Hour has always been an important part ol our school week. Pond Pennington is the director of the program and of the sixteen voice Choral Ensemble which provides the music. Hoy Campbell is our announcer and the script is written and prepared by Gil Haglin. The Global Gospel Hour, supported by the students of Northwestern and by the gifts sent in for that purpose, has always been an honor to our school and to our Lord. We trust that it shall continue to improve and to reach more and more people with the Word. The aim of the broadcast is to preach the glorious news cl salvation to those in the surrounding area , , , Holding Forth the Word of life. MDIU COMMITTEE Elsie Gustafson, Gilbert Haglin, Roy Campbell, Wayne Smith, Rodney Benson THE SCROLL STAFF Editorial Staff: Don Nelson, Patricia Person, Marilyn Tague; Art Staff: Victor Olson, Zina Manera; Business Staff: Bill Hunter, Dorothy Strnad, Harold Courts, Dick Wyma; Photography Staff: Boy Campbell, Dick Elliott; Faculty Advisors: Jean Makas, Eleanor Burgess, Gerald Beavan. The staff of the 1948 SCROLL wish to express their appreciation to all those who have co¬ operated so willingly with their endeavor to produce an effective year-book. Special thanks go to those who, although outside the staff, have helped measureably by mount¬ ing pictures, typing, and running errands: to Edward Zeich, Kathleen Schultz, Mildred Linscheid, Elsie Abrahamson, Alice Luitjens, Lois Hemmelman, Ella Bitz, Gladylou Mills, Annabelle Tippett, Evelyn Wiens, Joyce Heldstab, Milton Cunningham, and others; to all those who contributed snapshots and candids; to all those who have solicited advertise¬ ments; to the faculty advisors for their aid; to all the faculty members who have cooper¬ ated with and assisted the staff; and those friends who have remembered the SCROLL and its efforts in prayer. Our goal in producing this book has been for His glory and your enjoyment, and so, to all of you. Thank you, " from the Staff. i ‘ ' ll rr , If Jio ' 2 j THE PILETTE STAFF Editor-in-Chief, Clayton Pyche; Assistant Editor, Janies Ferrin; Business Manager, Bill Gowler and Mary Lou Hanson; Staff Editors, Lorraine Bridgeman and Mary Lou Borg; News Staff, Charles Christen¬ sen, Kathleen Schultz, Faith Krantz, Eleanor Rogers, Margaret Parker; Features Staff, Curt Coe, Betty Bloyer, Leonard Weaver, Milton Cunningham. A number of journalistically minded students gather each month to put together a new issue of the " PiletteA the student publication of Northwestern Schools. Not only does the staff have the satisfaction of achievement, but the student body enjoys reading the many interesting features of the paper as well. The editorial staff and the reporters work to¬ gether to produce a paper containing news from around the world, pertinent school news of interest, sports, articles of spiritual significance. " Piletfe ' J is an integral part of any North- westerner ' s school life. « 76 » The College Literary Society is composed of those students interested in the outstanding works of literature. Because literature is so all-inclusive, it is an excellent means to the ideal end of integration in learning, for literature gives a vivid picture of the whole of life —a world-view, seen through the eyes of the greatest men of all times and countries. These students realize that they have only begun to enter into the richness of literature; yet they have enjoyed all that they have thus far encountered, from Aristophanes to Shakespeare, and from John Milton to Milton Caniff, THE LITERARY SOCIETY Victor E. Olson, President; Marilyn Tague, Sec¬ retary-Treasurer; Mrs. G. P. Makas, Advisor; Kathleen J. Schultz, Vice President. THE CAMERA CLUB Glen Holden, Don Nelson, Roy Campbell, Dick Elliot, Wil¬ bur Armagost, Wayne Smith, Gerald Larson, Ed Groen- haft, Harold Courts. The Northwestern Schools Camera Club was born, in the fall of 1946, out of the growing need for a working knowledge of photography among Christian workmen—pastors, mission¬ aries, and youth leaders. The desire and purpose of the Club is to awaken interest in the various phases of photography, so that its value may be more fully realized. In this age of visual education its value is beyond measure in Christian education and advertising. The aim of each individual is to produce photographs that will, by their excellence, bring honor and glory to God and point the way to God ' s plan of salvation through our Saviour, Jesus Christ. The members of the Club have produced many of the pictures in this yearbook, the 1948 SCROLL. One of the main projects of the Club is a Salon which is on exhibit each spring. The new darkroom and studio in Memorial Hall will be a great asset in accomplish¬ ing the purpose of the Club. « 78 » DRAMATIC CLUB Barbara Andersen, Bjarne Asp, Nick Bazilewich, Lorraine Busch, Elsie Butcher, Mary Caribedes, Mary Dobbertin, Earl Evensen, JoAnne Flynn, Bernice Kuhn, Gladylou Mills, Helen Patrick, Jack Peters, James Presby, Eleanor Rogers, Harold Sawatzky, Kathleen Schultz, Marilyn Tague. The Dramatic Club is perhaps the most recently organized, yet one of the most industrious dubs, of the schools. The cast was chosen immediately after the second semester began for the presentation of ll The Crown of Thorns ' a play by Milton S. Agnew based upon Pilate ' s experiences and pangs of conscience connected with the crucifixion of Christ, This play is characteristic of the endeavor of the Club; it sets forth Christ as the Saviour of men, victorious over the evil and sin of all time. The members of the Dramatic Club desire in their activities to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through the use of dramatic enterprises, both to reach the hearts of the unsaved for Christ and to develop in the students speech qualities that may be used by them for His glory. LETTER ELUB George Gulian, Pete Gulian, Elvon Nelson, Bob Gibson, Bill Gow- ler, Don Golike, Bert Eveland, Dick Scott, Kenneth Kastner. The Letter men, with their gold sweaters and purple " N " s, comprise the membership of Northwestern s Letter Club. The athletic coach governs the awarding of letters; the elegibil- ity requirements are satisfactory achievement in action, sportsmanship, and excellence ol performance. When a fellow is awarded a letter for his athletic performance, he is auto¬ matically enrolled in the Letter Club and is free to enjoy its benefits and prestige. The Letter Club exerts a great deal of prestige around school; school spirit is bound up in athletics and the students naturally appreciate the fellows ' achievements. As an aim or goal, the Letter Club men have good sportsmanship in all athletics according to Christian principles and the spiritual well-being both of the members of the Club and of the whole student body, and of course the spiritual health of all is a prerequisite to their sportsmanship. VETERAN ' S AFFAIRS Ever since Short Fuse decided it would be better to have Uncle govern the ruling of his country than to have no country lo rule, " Old Salts " and " Jeep Jockeys " have been crossing the big creek towards home by the thousands. + . . But there is a fiercer battle for bigger stakes being waged between the Lord and Satan s forces. New recruits are needed to stand in Ihe gap, The need for intensive training is as essential to do the job properly in the Lord ' s army as it is in Uncle ' s. And the job isn ' t any nicer. If you slept in a pup tent full of mud in the foreign field for Old Glory, you may do the same on the mission field for the Lord of Glory. Is Ihe price too great? Surely if we were not too good to eat C-rations and fried Spam which our country furnished while we were fighting its war, we can afford to trust cur Lord for rations He sees fit to provide us while engaged in battling the hosts of perdition. If it was hard to take the curt orders and overbearing manners of some officers, it won 1 ! be easy to carry on sweetly in the face of the barbed remarks and poisoned actions on the part of some of our parishioners, whether at home or abroad. It is vital that we not only carry the Sword, but know how to use it to the greatest advantage. This training can be had at Northwestern; the Schools are equipped to train volunteers in all the neces¬ sary subjects from theology to photography and back. We have our own VA which is really cn the beam. All three schools have government approval and any eligible vet may get his schooling and subsistence under the G.L Bill of Rights, and believe me, it ' s worth taking advantage of. Many G.I. Joes do not have any outside work at all, and those of us who do only work three or four hours a day. This leaves time for off-duty sidelines such as Choral Club, which is one ol the best, Dra¬ matics, which is new but going places. Scroll and Pilette, and athletics. By the way, if you like sports, we ' ve got ' em; basketball, baseball, football. But I ' m telling you, mates, if you want to get on the Great Circle to the Lord ' s front lines, you had better divert yourself for dry dock at Northwestern and increase your firepower and take on some heavy spiritual armor plating before you have to face salvos from the enemy of our souls. « 81 » . I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some 1 I Corinthians 9:22 + NURSES Supplementing their medical training with a thorough knowl¬ edge of the Word of God. these nurses are seeking the place of service God has for each one of them. Many will lind that place on the foreign mission fields of the world, where medicine will provide a means of reaching the lost with the message of salvation. Whether at home or abroad, it is the desire of each nurse to serve her Lord in the place of His choice with every talent and skill He has given to her. The nurses now studying at Northwestern offer this challenge to Christian nurses everywhere: " Won r t you come and add to your medical knowledge a clear and working knowledge of God ' s word, and then GO, as He directs, with the physical healing of medicine and the spiritual healing of the Gospel? " « 82 » FOREIGN STUDENTS Back row: Gerhart Huebert, Canada; Edwin Heppner, Man¬ itoba; Ruben Lores, Cuba; Lenore Ellis, Ontario; Jean Sellars, Ontario; Henry Schmidt, Saskatchewan; Leonard Weaver, England; Gavin Hamilton, England. . . . Front row: Jacquie Daniel, France; Agnes Carlyle, Manitoba; Betty Bruner, Ontario; Sarah Doerk ■ 3on, Saskatchewan; Pat Peel, Ontario; Gwendolyn Liddell, Ontario; Irene Adams, Manitoba. Northwestern Schools are proud to have so many students from foreign countries in the student body this year. They are drawn to the Schools from far and near, through various influences rang¬ ing from personal contact with friends who have attended here to the communication of Youth for Christ and its interest in Northwestern as an evangelistic school. Dr. Riley ' s broad scope of in¬ fluence had its effects also in spreading news of the Schools he founded. Perhaps one unique drawing power Northwestern possesses, besides being thoroughly fundamen¬ tal, is the existence of its three-schools-in-one; nowhere else in the country will a school be found which fills the need of every student, whether he desires Bible School, Liberal Arts College, or Theological Seminary training. C1IESS AND CHECKER CLUB gess, George Wilson, Mr. Makas. Gerald Larson, Wayne Smith, Cliff Winters, Claude Linder, Howard Westlund, Mr. Bur- Some people like ping-pong, others like tennis, still others like basketball, and you will find at Northwestern a group of ’ ' intellectuals " who prefer to exercise their skill in the realm of the checker and chess board. These 1 savants " have banded together in a club to meet and enjoy the atmosphere of com- radery over friendly games of checkers and chess. This is another way in which students and faculty enjoy each other ' s fellowship. BOYS BASKETBALL SQUAD Nelson, forward; Smith, Captain; Buck, guard; Pyche, manager; Money, guard; Olson, center. « 86 » CMDID5 t3ie e ows in action give evidence of Northwestern ' s fast-moving and excellent-per¬ forming team . . . dribbling, long shots, neatly dropped baskets, precise guarding . . , the colorful crowd: blue from holding their breath as the ball balances on the edge of the basket, red from riotous cheering as the boys score points ... a winning squad and loyal cheerers. c 88 CHEER LEADERS Forrest Williams, Penny Bjorklund, Mary Stone, Arthur Bell. The aim o( the squad itself is to give you the best yelling section in this vicinity; to give you a school heritage of pride and unity that can only be found in a Christian school. With the coming group of freshmen into the Schools, we have potential power to raise the roof off any gym in the country when our teams meet and beat their opponents. When we do, we want to show everyone that this is one group of students that v ill stand behind their teams through thick and thin, and help, in their way, to push Northwestern to victory. « 39 ■HI GIRLS BASKETBALL SQUAD A Betty Bloyer, center; Betty Drown, forward; Virginia Thies, forward; Betty McConkey, guard; Marie Zevenberger, guard; Carol Bowers, guard; Diane Bloyer, mascot. Basketball Squad . girls who know good playing and good sportsmanship . . . girls who added another trophy to Northwestern ' s collection . . . girls whose enthusiasm, bouyan- cy, and confidence make them scorers for points and for honors , . „ girls who are WINNERS! - i : f h- i’-i ATHLETICS Betty Drown, Wayne Smith SCHOOL SPIRIT Dick Wyma, Barbara Murch « 96 f 1947 COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM Climaxing the school year, consummat¬ ing school life for those v ho had spent three or more years attaining this goal, the commencement exercise is to all concerned the most magnificent event of the year. Dr, Charles E. Fuller delivered the commencement address to the class of 1947 in the capacity-filled Minneapolis Municipal Auditorium on May 29, 1947. One unique phase of the commencement program, was the giving of testimonies by three of the graduates. Penny Ball, former missionary to Bolivia, told in a beautiful way of her search for the Spirit-filled life and of the realization of that search, A graduate of the College, Wasyl Kowalik, from Europe, told of the spiritual need of Europe as he himself had seen it, and of his longing to go to those people to supply that need. In a different vein, Lawrence Bong spoke of his boyhood days on the farm, of regeneration as a young man, and of his desire to go back to work as pastor among the people in a rural area. After senior class president, Paul Sundberg presented the class memorial, Dean J. Edwin Hartill presented the students with their diplomas. At this time Dr. Voclav Vojta and Dr. W. B, Riley bestowed the seminary, college, and honorary degrees. The first Bachelor of Arts degree of North¬ western College was bestowed upon Wasyl Kowalik. Dr, Arno Weniger pronounced the bene¬ diction and the choir sang Lutkin s " Seven-Fold Amen. " « 97 » CONSTRUCTION Memorial Hall, the first of a series of modern buildings progressing toward a new and advanced Northwestern , . - board by board, brick by brick, prayer by prayer has this building gone up . . . the future bright for a large and concen¬ trated Northwestern as we hold fast the promises of The Book, for His Glory. DEDICATION of Memorial Hall and the gymnasium in the fall of 1947 . , , student parade from Eleventh to Willow . . . touring the building en masse . , . speakers expressing confident expectation for a brilliant future for Northwestern Schools . . . students sing¬ ing out their confidence in Christ and lifting their hearts in praise of Him. MISSIONS MILITANT The monotonous, unhurried, incessant “click . . . click , t click " o( the rickshaw coolie ' s bell as he passed along over the (ilthy cobble stones at a tire¬ less gait . . . the gathering gloom as dirty as the city itself + . . myriad candles and lanterns casting their sickly beams from small shops and restaurants . . odors of eastern perfumes, unwashed human bodies, thick frying fats, oriental cigarettes, refuse . . . strange stringed music, pagan, melancholy . r , a babble of foreign tongues—all this surrounded me. I paused near a bullock cart. Something poked me in the leg. I looked down , , r a wave of nausea swept over me. My first impulse was to run. 1 took two steps, stopped, and turned back. " Baksheesh, Sahib? " Seated near the wheel of the cart, in filth beggarding description, was one of the most revolt¬ ing masses of tortured human flesh I have ever- seen. A leper! Cursed by God and man . , . cast out, unwanted, haled, feared . . . just a leper. In mute horror f gazed into a face mutilated be¬ yond human recognition. A gaping hole where there should have been a nose and mouth, limbs which were useless; a body which still supported life, defy¬ ing one to answer “how? " There on a dung heap, in 101 Photographs Courtesy of Glen K. Gunderson, Paris, Twin. a back street of old Calcutta, lay one for whom my Saviour died an ignominious death on a malefact¬ or ' s cross, begging of me a " gift " A GIFT! That dull, dead cry is echoing in my ears today. A GIFT!! I had a " Gi(t JJ which had been given to me . . a language barrier stood between. As I looked, there was little wonder left in my thinking as to why my Lord was moved with compassion when He cleansed the lepers of old Judea. There at my feet lay all of the Orient, prostrated in symbol All I could give that sen of heathendom were a few pennies in In- « 102 » dian currency. I would have given him Hie i! I could have been so empowered. As Keith-Falconer has so rightly said, " It is ior us to show that the circumstances in which God has placed us were meant by Him to keep us out of the foreign mission field. " It is not a question of " why should 1 go?” but rather, " why should I not go? J ' We have been intrusted with " Life. " Dare we save it for ourselves? He gave His life to give us life. He left us an example to follow. That example is moti¬ vated by the principle of love. He died to give that principle power. " If ye love me ye will keep my commandments ' Will you go into the pit. . . .? « 104 » Nc 1 W; v v TfA; -y ■ m v ' -JL ' ' ■ c-i ■ “ I " u " 4 KM M ffidwH 1 i] PFflKFIl !■ Glitienberg of the China Inland Mission, in Northwestern for the Missionary Conference , Dn Walter Wilson of Kansas City brought inspiring messages during Fundamentalists Week . . , C. P. Klaassen, Gospel Missionary Union, and David Morken, B.LO.LA,, spoke during the Missionary Conference , . , Merv Resell, our own Alumni president, a frequent visitor to Northwestern . . . Rev. Clyde Taylor, Secretary of the Missions Branch of N.A.E. « 107 » SPEAKER during one of our three weekly Chapel programs was Cliff Barrows, following his return from Europe , . . Dr. M. R. DeHaan, Fundamentalist Week speaker . . . Donald Gray Barnhouse with our late president. Dr Riley ... Dr. Oswald Smith, a Chapel speaker . . . A. Mierop of the Philadelphia School of the Bible . . . Stanley N. Meyers of the Sudan In¬ terior Mission, another of the speakers here during the Missionary Conference. ■ ■ I - -.‘i f jllgoinbthc pit it ' you. Sill hold Ihc BMOUET, MAY, 1947 . . + high moments from the formal Event-ohthe-Year; the Spring Banquet . . , 9 the Radisson Hotel ' s Ballroom filled with students, guests, and faculty, laughter and enjoyment . . . toastmasters quips, class representations, faculty speeches, entertainment surprises . . . climaxed by the moving Choral Club concert. « 109 » Y Oeiiarlmunt of It was through the providence of God that the Russian Department was established several years ago at Northwestern. A small " mustard seed " has grown into a tree which is bringing forth fruit. A large work has grown up which to day includes ministry not only among the Russian people, but also among the German, Czechoslovakian, and Polish na¬ tionalities. We pray that the Lord will con¬ tinue to keep the doors in Europe open to the Gospel so that we may reach perishing souls through our missionaries and bring to their broken hearts the message of sal¬ vation through the Lord Jesus Christ. We would pray in the man¬ ner of John Knox, " Lord, give us Europe or else we want to die. " Six former students of our De¬ partment are already laboring in EUHOPEAN MISSIONS « 110 Europe. William Kowalik, one of that number, is pictured here with his family. More are expecting to go. Some of them are in dangerous fields and are working hard. Their sacrificial ministry is being blessed by the Lord. Please remember them, work with us, and help us liberate the European millions. PRESENTING Rev. George Urban Rev. George Urban, who is pas¬ tor of an interdenominational Rus¬ sian church in Minneapolis, is of great help to our school in tutoring students. He is a man who loves the Lord and the missionary cause. We are grateful to God for our as¬ sociation with him. PRESENTING Frances Barnick . . . Frances Barnick has already rendered a long term of service to the Russian Department, having been in this ministry from its or¬ igin. She knows most of our mis¬ sionaries personally and is well acquainted with their work on the field. PRESENTING Rev. Theodor Sitarz . . . Some years ago, Dr. V. Vojta met Rev. T. Sitarz in Russia. As young men, they were both converted in a village of about 3,000 inhab¬ itants. The village priest and the entire neigh¬ borhood began to persecute them, but in spite of all the oppression, they continued to testify about the Lord. Mr. Sitarz went to Germany to study, while Dr. Vojta went to Canada to do mission work. Now, Mr. Sitarz, together with his family, is working among displaced persons in so-called " concentration camps " in Germany. He is in¬ deed an unsurpassed missionary. Through Mr. Sitarz, our Department is also helping a number of other missionaries. « 111 SCROLL PHOTOGRAPHERS 2 » Glen Holden, Dick Elliot, Roy Campbell, and Donald Nel¬ son, with whom we all associate those blinging flash bulb blazes, catch Jacquie as an off-guard model . , if it had not been lor these fellows, you wouldn ' t have those horrible candids of yourself in this book! , . . but we thank them heartily for all the candids and photographs they supplied. ACTIVITIES have been shot profusely around school since his affiliation with Northwestern as Interim President . . , with Pruth McFarland in a Chapel program . . . talking animatedly with Mr. Sanden, new College Dean . t during Fundamen- talists Week with Paul Rood . . . delivering an inspiring message to the student body . . . gossip¬ ing with the faculty . . , intimate conversation with Dr. Riley. 114 mm m n» V ' J|. £ Si | E «r H fW MINNEAPOLIS SCENES . . the Northwests largest city, filled with downtown sky¬ scrapers, beautiful churches, restful lakes and parks , . . among these are Lake Calhoun, well located for year-round enjoyment . , . beautiful Loring Park, frequented by all for walks and games . . . modern Milter Vocational High . . , Central Lutheran Church . . . Foshay Tower . - . the Municipal Auditorium . . . Northwestern, centrally located amid all these! . . . Uncle Tom ' s Cabin, tear-jerking melodrama of the Old South . , . Kleenex furnished with the programs for those of a more sentimental disposition . . . appropriate dramatic music between scenes . . . Milton Cunningham s humor stealing the show . . , the noise of crackerjacks and candy bars in the third balcony t . . chatter over cokes in the hall during intermission . . . the clever characterization of Topsy . . . the drama, if you please. 116 » PUPPET SHOW CHRISTMAS CONCERT . the looked-forward-to event of the pre-Christmas school year . . + beautifully decorated auditorium jammed with formally attired listeners t + , the concert groups in [ormals and tuxedos . hours of practice for the concert groups fully compensated by the appreciation of the audience . - - one of the most im¬ pressive formal occasions of the year. 4:30 CLUB . . . mystery-shrouded campaign with grapevine rumors . . , three hours ' sleep preceding the meeting to which we rode In packed buses and cars . . . smoul¬ dering fires with burned bacon and eggs and raw pancake dough . . . shouts and song from ball games and teeter-totters . „ . blue jeans and school sweaters . . dawn, fog and sunrise glory. 118 HU AX rHIIT iT ' down the Mississippi on a black, frosty fall night . . lighthearted young people telling jokes between mouthfuls of hot dogs . , . surprised college seniors presented with the first college rings . . . everyone eating too many hamburgers, and bottles of pop . . . a tired group trying to sing peppy choruses ♦ . - Mr. Beaven’s time of devo¬ tions. 119 » StMIMHY PARTY . + , theologians letting their hair down (which hall of them don ' t have) . . . caricatures portrayed by " characters " , . + Black Sambo and Black Jumbo present in person . . , Well, well, Mr. Kroeze—that look of doctrinal- question contemplation—on you it looks goad! ... To think that even " cemetery " students have fun! COLLEGE KICK-OFF . the gel-acquainted parly for Joe and Josephine College . , . boisterous laughter over nonsensical games . Harold (Abra¬ ham Kapoofnik) Courts as master of ceremonies for a zany truth or consequences performance , . . the interruptions of Greenhouse Davidson attempting to sell his miracle-growmg plant . . all this and food, too! » « 121 RADIO - WTCN microphones into which the Choral Club, Glee Club, student trios, quartets, and instrumentalists sing and play . , . student body participation in song .student announcers and message-givers keeping the control man busy ... our own faculty or special speakers giving out the Word that listening souls might be saved MUSIC CANDIDS . . « snapped while at the art of music making: Virginia Anderson, piano teacher . . . Marilyn Skytte, Betty Nokleby, and Odell Parrott . . . Janice Ferrin at the First Baptist organ . , , Jane Martinson gives piano lessons r . . a familiar pose for Florence Nelson , . . Mrs. Kenneth Hauser playing the school organ . . . the studios in Fire¬ side vibrate with music. . . . « 123 » 1 STUDENT EMPLOYMENT varies from skilled chemistry to dime-store clerking, from waitress work to office filing . , . Barbara Hovda helps Mr. Gager and Miss Hanna . . . Margaret Brill is Dr Vojta ' s secretary H , Vic Olson works in the Public Library, Ruby Kuhn in our school library , , Lorraine Edberg assists George Wilson . . . Alice Luitjens helps stamp Pilots, CUSTODIANS of the building, much appreciated but seldom recognized . . . quiet little Mrs. Majors about her dusting . . . Glen Golike ready to ’ blow a fuse " . . . etemally-joking Mr, Cameron busy at redecorating ... a typical pose for Mrs, Moore . . . Howard McCullough—but why should he roll up the rug? 125 MEmLINE LAKE : . the council grounds for Northwestern ' s fall conference which brings inspiration to so many students, alumni, and friends . . . tranquil pacific valley housing, picturesque teepees and igloos, wigwam and Lake View Lodge . . rustic little Mother s Inn . , . the beautifully constructed Youth Chapel . . . days of fellowship and instruction in these surroundings. « 126 » DORMITORY HOUSEMOTHERS , Mother Craig keeps a watchful eye over all her Russell-ites , . . Mother Heiber pre¬ sides over Stimson Hall . . . Mrs. Richardson is " Mother R " to all the Lyman girls . . . working in the kitchen are Phyllis Hull and Mrs. Hamilton . . . not pictured is Miss Carey, the housemother at Fire¬ side, the boys ' dormitory. « 127 » DDHM LIFE Ihe quiet of study hours contrasted with the chatter and laughter of ice cream -a nd-coo k ie parties . . serious talks concerning spiritual matters . . , students gulping their dinner before rushing to the afternoons work at the factory or office—work and play, laughter and tears, the serious and the mundane, the heart-throb of school life: the dorm. c 12 8 » EA TING, the favorite indoor sport of Northwestern students . . ♦ “Java” or ”Joe” called lor by f students and teachers alike at ' The Greasy Spoon” during stolen minutes between classes . . keen competition in this sport because of the unanimous enrollment . in the game; No dunking above the third knuckle. . only one rule SENIOR CLASS MEMORIAL VIRGINIA NORDSTROM Philippkms 1:20, 21 We are indeed grateful to the Lord for the testimony Virginia gave during the year and a half she was with us. At this, our graduation, Virginia is at Home with the Lord, This verse was found clipped in Virginia ' s Bible: MARVELOUS GRACE by Lillian N, Weeks He giveth more grace as the shadows grow deeper; His love seems more tender as trials increase; Each day as I trust Him I find He is able To keep me secure in His infinite peace. Oh, marvelous grace of my wonderful Saviour; No measure can tell me how wide or how deep; But in every trial and heartache and sorrow, I know He has kept me; I know He will keep. « 130 COME YE Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23 The soul that sinneth it shall die. Ezekiel 8:20a The blood of Jesus Christ, his Son cleanseth us from all sin. I John 1:7 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word and be- lieveth on Him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come unto condemnation; but is passed from death unto life. John 5:4 Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them. Hebrews 7:25 I TELL Y OU NAY, BUT EXCEPT YE REPENT, YE SHALL ALL LIKEWISE PERISH. LUKE 13:3 THE JUNIOR CLASS OF 1948 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. Galatians 2:20 GO YE Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15 The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few. Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He would send forth labor¬ ers into His harvest. Luke 10:2 For we are laborers together with God; Ye are God ' s husbandry, ye are God ' s building, I Corinthians 3:9 So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple. Luke 13:33 ONE SOWETH ANOTHER REAPETH GOD GIVETH THE INCREASE The Junior Class of 1948 congratulates you Seniors who are ready to embark upon your journey over the troubled waters of the day. Our prayer is that you might always look to the Captain of Your Salvation. : • . ■ - v i ?-v [jFonjn [t 1 i [Jr Jj B Ur? A f Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin. Romans 6:6 IVeither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. A cts 4:12 One Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who Is above all, and through all, and in you all. Ephesians 4:4, S w atch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. The spirit is ready, but the flesh is weak, Mark 14:38 love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. I John 2:15 Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him r I Corinthians 2:9 Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Psalm 37:4 Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth. Proverbs 4:5 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of Light, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. James 1:17 Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law Psalm 119:18 IVow we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God, I Corinthians 2:12 F or we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:6 Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth. . . Ecclesiastes 12:1 E very word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. Proverbs 30:5 THE FRESHMEN CLASS DF 1940 r - m j if | oFa ■ £r ; NORTHWESTERN STUDENT DIRECTORY NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Abbas, Anna Mac, Clarion, Iowa Abbas, George, Clarion, Iowa Ahrahamson, Elsie, PoUom, Montana Ac Ion, Kassy, Baltimore, Maryland Adams, Irene, fnglis, Manitoba Alsdurf, Frank, Minneapolis, Minnesota Ambrose, Dorothy, Cleveland, Ohio Andersen, Barbara, Flint, Michigan Andersen, Marie, Minneapolis, Minnesota Andersen, Miriam, Minneapolis, Minnesota Anderson, Alfhild, Moline, Illinois Anderson, Barbara, Eld red, Pennsylvania Anderson, Charlotte, Newfolden, Minnesota Anderson, Elaine, Christine, North Dakota Anderson, Elayne, Franklin Park, Illinois Anderson, Helen, Litchfield, Minnesota Anderson, Ilildur, Moline, Illinois Anderson, Ruth, Moline, Illinois Anderson, Virginia, Minneapolis, Minnesota Armagost, Wilbur, Cat Creek. Montana Asa, Phyllis, Livermore, Iowa Asp, Bjarne, Thief River Falls, Minn. Asp, George, Thief River Falls, Minn. Attebery, Ruth. Adams, Nebraska Auchtung, Walden, Oconomowoe, Wisconsin NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Aunc, Vernon, Underwood, Minnesota Aukes, Marvin, Minneapolis, Minnesota Bailey, H. Robert, Mead, Nebraska Bailey, Hope, Mead, Nebraska Bailey, Robert W., Danbury, Wisconsin Baldwin, Eldon, Minneapolis, Minnesota Ball, Catherine, Peoria, Illinois Baltcnsperger, John, Nebraska City, Nebraska Ba rent him Albert, Wheatland, Iowa Barker, Martha, Ft. Wayne, Indiana Barnes, Eld a, Minneapolis, Minnesota Barnes, Robert, Sharpsville, Pennsylvania Barnett, Ruthetta, Cambridge, Minnesota Barocio, Omar, Mexico D.F., Mexico Barrett, Bob, Polk City, Iowa Barton, Ruby, Barron, Wisconsin Bathaucr, Ruth, Oostburg, Wisconsin Bathkc, Warren, Waseca, Minnesota Bauer, Fred, Carrington, North Dakota Bazelewicb, Nick, Hartford, Connecticut Beaman, Jean, Parkers Prairie, Minnesota Bell, Art, Chicago, Illinois Bell. Lowene, Minneapolis, Minnesota Bellinger, Gladys, Ansley, Nebraska FOURTH BAPTIST CHURCH 2105 Fremont Ave. No. MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA THE CHURCH KNOWN FOR THE GOSPEL Richard V. Clearwaters, D.D. Walter Benton, B.A. « 136 NORTHWESTERN STUDENT DIIUXTORY—Continued NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Benedict, Wayne, Faribault, Minnesota Benhardus, Raymond, Dent, Minnesota Bennett, Charlotte, San Diego, California Benson, Rodney, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Benton, Walter, Minneapolis, Minnesota Berghaus, Phyllis, Waterloo, Iowa Bcrglund, Grace, Fosston, Minnesota Bcrglund, Thelma, Fosston, Minnesota Bitz, Ella, Ana moose, North Dakota Bixlcy, Charles, Richville, Minnesota Bin ford, Clarence, Minneapolis, Minnesota Bjerkcsett, Angela, Minneapolis, Minnesota Bjorklund, Penny, Spring Valley, Minnesota Bjornstad, Willard, Richville, Minnesota Blackburn, LeRoy, Bayard, Nebraska Blackstone, David, Ken more, Now York Bleeker, Alvira, George, Iowa Blooker, Elton, George, Iowa Bloom, Lillian, Backus, Minnesota HI oyer, Betty, Spirit Lake, Iowa HI oyer, Warren, Minneapolis, Minnesota Riumhagcn, Leone, Fessenden, North Dakota Bore hers, Helen, Luvernc, Minnesota Borg, Mary Lou, Watertown, Minnesota Borgersrodc, Etta, Long Prairie, Minnesota Bos, Dolores, Lansing, Michigan NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Bostow, Marvin, Benedict, North Dakota Bowdish, Albert, Central City, Iowa Bower, Howard, Curlew, Iowa Bow ers, Carol, Ft. Wayne, Indiana Bowman, Ed, Williams, Minnesota Boyd, Doris, Thermopolis, Wyoming Bra band, Wallace, Balaton, Minnesota Brandt, Mary, Wavnc, Michigan Bratagcr, John, St. Paul, Minnesota Bridgeinan, Lorraine, Minneapolis, Minnesota Brien, Robert, Detroit, Michigan Brill, Margaret, Elk Mound, Wisconsin Bristol, Frank, Berkley, Michigan Brong, Esther, Loup City, Nebraska Brong, Wiimifred, Loup City, Nebraska Brostrorn, David, Duluth, Minnesota Brown, Lola, Ireton, Iowa Brucato, Robert, Duluth, Minnesota Bruner, Betty, Harrow, Ontario Bruns, Viola, George, Iowa Buck, Byron, Pctoskey, Michigan Bullard, Pauline, San Diego, California Hunger, Walter, Minneapolis, Minnesota Burgess, Earl, Chicago, Illinois Burghard, Alex, Minneapolis, Minnesota Burns, Bernie, Lakota, Iowa ORGANS — PIANOS — RADIOS AAGAARD MUSIC CO. Corner 8th St. LaSalle Ave, AT. 4355 WEITZEL ' S Cleaners - Dyers COMPLIMENTS Over SO Yrs, Service OF JUDD H. KLEIN A Manager FRIEND till Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis BARRY PHARMACY CRESCENT BAKERY 1500 Hennepin Ave. FOUNTAIN Minneapolis, Minn. SERVICE GE. 6931 Open Evenings ORCHID FAITH BAPTIST Flower Shop CHURCH “The Friendly Church " Distinguished Flowers at 712 West Broadway 831 Heruiepin LEWIS B. BERNDT BR. 3237 Pastor « 138 » ■ l ,l i 1 V ' - — NORTHWESTERN STUDENT 1)1 RECTORY—Cominucd I i NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Burton, Kenneth, Menomonie, Wisconsin Busbey, Mardelle, Brainerd, Minnesota Busbey, Wild a, Hi a i nerd, Minnesota Busch, Lorraine, Muscatine, Iowa Butcher, Elsie, San Diego, California Butler, Ervin, St, Louis Park, Minnesota Bymers, Ruth, La Crosse, Wisconsin Cable, George, St. Paul, Minnesota Callahan, June, Clarkston, Michigan Cal las, Donald, Hermosa Beach, California Cal las, Evelyn, Hermosa Beach, California Calvert, Dorothy, Muscatine, Iowa Cam pa, Benjamin, St. Paul, Minnesota Campbell, Glen, Minneapolis, Minnesota Campbell, Grace, Ogden, Utah Campbell Richard, Ogden, Utah Campbell, Roy IL, Buffalo, Minnesota Caribides, Mary, Chicago, Illinois Cannichaelm, Agnes, Winnipeg, Manitoba Cascadcn, Robert E + , Detroit, Michigan Case, Marshall 1)., Monroe, Louisiana Cavinder, Annabclla, Haviland, Ohio Christensen, Charles, St. Paul, Minnesota Clark, Fern, Minneapolis, Minnesota death, Robert, Minneapolis, Minnesota NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Clement, Myrtle, Des Moines, Iowa Clipper, Norma, Minneapolis, Minnesota Clutter, John, Minneapolis, Minnesota Cochran, F. W , Lucerne, Wyoming Coe, Curtis, Salem, Oregon Gonkell, Charles C., Minneapolis, Minnesota Conrad, Alma, Covington, Kentucky Conrad, Lloyd j., Minneapolis, Minnesota Copham, Bill, Minneapolis, Minnesota Cornor, Muriel, Arlington Hgts., Massachusetts Course, Ruth, Lincoln, Kansas Courts, Harold, Riverside, California Cowley, Marjorie, St, Paul, Minnesota Cox, Dorothy, Flint, Michigan Cox, Leonard G., Leon, Iowa Crane, Esther M , Minneapolis, Minnesota Crawford, Fern, Cornell, Wisconsin Cripps, Floyd, Minneapolis, Minnesota Crooks, Arlene, Nashua, Iowa Cunningham, Milton, Sheridan, Wyoming Curran, Elaine, Oshkosh, Wisconsin Daniel, jacquie, Houilles, France Danielson, Evelyn, Minneapolis, Minnesota Davis, Carol, Crandon, Wisconsin Floyd, Dawson, Manchester, Iowa Congratulations to the Class of 194B from MARRIETTA PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Colon, Nebraska " A church with a welcome " Rev. James M. Brown, Pastor " And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel lo every creature. " Mark 16:15 NORTHWESTJ-KN STUDENT OIRECTORY—Continued NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Day, Earl L., A namosa, Iowa DeLroih Lois, Oakland, California Donathipnac, Denncwilh, Braham, Minnesota Dennison, Robert E., Waltham, Minnesota Dhmck, Martha, Carry, Pennsylvania Dimick, Mary Ann Curry Pennsylvania Dtmond, Cnralyn, Wesley, Iowa Dirkson, Melvin L,, Willow Lake, South Dakota Doak, Helen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Dobbvrtin, Mary, Hartland, Wisconsin Dodd, Charles W., Princeton, Indiana Dodge, Alice, Madison, Wisconsin Dorrksom Sarah, Langham, Sask., Can, Dolan, George L., Minneapolis, Minnesota Dolash, Dean, Cedar Falls, Iowa Doolittle, Audrey, Statsonvilk Wisconsin Hosier, Emmett, Alduson, West Virginia Downs, Bar aha ra, Duluth, Minnesota Drown, Betty, Curlew, Iowa Easter, Wayne, Des Moines, Iowa Eastman, Loren, Minneapolis, Minnesota Eberhart, Victor, Eureka, South Dakota Ebert, Wilma, St. Croix Falls, Wis. Eckhmd, MaryAnn, Des Moines, Iowa Ed berg, Lor ray ne, Toledo, Iowa Eisenhaucr, Velma, Buffalo Center, Iowa Ekerholui, Vernon, Minneapolis, Minnesota NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Elliott, Richard, Minneapolis, Minnesota Ellis, Robert R., Ryan, Iowa Ellis, Lenorc, Winnipeg, Canada Emerson, Leland, Rochester, Minnesota Engstrom, Pearl, Aurora, Illinois Erickson, Irwin, Minneapolis, Minn. Erickson, La Vaughn, Currie, Minnesota Erickson, Marylyn W,, Duluth, Minnesota Eve land , Bert R + , Backus, Minnesota Evdand, Carol, Backus, Minnesota Evens, Helen, Willston, Michigan Evcnscn, Earl J.. Chicago, Illinois Everett, Loren, Caro, Michigan Faber, Mary, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Fadel, Allen, So. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Fair, Doris, Dallas, Texas Fairbanks, Shirley A., Topeka, Kansas Eannik, George j.. May, North Dakota Fedelleck, Beatrice, Hampton, Iowa Ferrell, Delores, Rochester, Minnesota Ferrin, Janice, Minneapolis, Minnesota Feyma, Anna, Sandstone, Minnesota Fife, George, Duluth, Minnesota Finders, Virginia, Gilman, Iowa Finnesgard, Esther, Alamo, North Dakota Fisher, Margaret, Wallace, Michigan " Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a re¬ proach to any people. " Prov. 14:34 ST. JAMES HOTEL Union City Mission Minneapolis,. Minnesota HOOTEN CLEANERS 1208 Nicollet Offer a ten per cent discount to the Students of Northwestern Schools HOLDING FORTH THE WORD OF LIFE WESTMINSTER Presbyterian Church West Duluth Minnesota Paul K. Hendricks, D.D. Pastor Reaching " The Otherwise Unreached " Rural Canada ■ Interdenominational Home-Missionary Evangelical Fundamental CANADIAN S.S. MISSION Room 21, 222 Portage Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada BIBLE EXPOSITOR AND ILLUMINATOR Compliments Compliments Advanced Bible Study Quarterly of A Complete Commentary of on the PARK AVENUE Sunday School Lesson MR. COVENANT CHURCH AND Park Ave. and Franklin SL42 a Year (Cash with Order) MRS. Minneapolis UNION GOSPEL PRESS LLOYD G. JOHNSON Minnesota Box 6059 Cleveland L Ohio « 142 » m f - PVAbS «y |y ■m fa P A V. _ 11 : " ' ' « y% NORTHWESTERN STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Fisk, Max L., Frederic, Wisconsin Filt h, Virgil, Minneapolis, Minnesota Fletcher, Arlene, Mansion, Wisconsin Flynn, Jo Ann, Wilsey, Kansas Frans, Curtis, Si. Paul, Minnesota Frans, Kenneth, St + Paul, Minnesota Freeman, Ellen, Anoka, Minnesota Frey, Evelyn Ann, Oshkosh, Wisconsin Gacdncr, Thomas IF, Minneapolis, Minnesota Gibson, Robert, Auburn, Nebraska Gifford, Floy M., Cleveland, Ohio Gifford, Joanne M., Mcnoinonic, Wisconsin Giles, Audraine, Eau Claire, Wisconsin Giles, John, Eau Claire, Wisconsin Gill, Hazel, Muskegon Hgts., Michigan Golding, C. Dale, Miller, Missouri Golike, Charles, Bethalto, Illinois Golike, Don, Bethalto, Illinois Golike, Glen, Mcdora, Illinois Golike, Robert, Mcdora, Illinois Golson, Lorrienc, Beldenville, Wisconsin Gould, Jewell, Newcastle, Nebraska Gowler, Bill, Flint, Michigan Graber, Joyce, Bridgewater, South Dakota Graham, Beth Ann, Houston, Texas Griffin, James G., Pontiac, Michigan NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Griffith, Leslie, Sandstone, Minnesota Grocnhaft, Edwin, AI den, Iowa Guida Kathcryn, St. James, Minnesota Gulian, George, Hazel Park, Michigan Guliaii, Peter, Hazel Park, Michigan Gustafson, Ruth, Penccr, Minnesota Gustafsson, Elsie, Solway, Minnesota Hagline, Florence, Groningen, Minnesota Haglm, Gilbert A,, Groningen, Minnesota Halbersma, Elizabeth, Woodstock, Minnesota Flail, Winona, Plainfield, Iowa Halverson, Luther, Minneapolis, Minnesota Hamilton, Gavin, Oak Park, Illinois Ham mans, E lloise, Winterset, Iowa Hanson, Lois Lorraine, K a lisped, Montana Hanson, Mary Lou. Grand Forks, North Dakota Hardt, James F., Aberdeen, South Dakota Hartley, Mary Jane, Watson, West Virginia Hatch, Joan, Lansing, Michigan Hatcher, Ruth, Muscatine, Iowa Haugen, Roald C + , Eau Claire, Wisconsin Hauser, Bernard, Almcna, Wisconsin Hauser, Reinhold, Almcna, Wisconsin Haviisch, Lorraine, Newport, Minnesota Hazel ton, Virginia, La Crosse, Wisconsin Hazen, Velma, Hermoza Beach, California NORFOLK BAPTIST SUNDAY SCHOOL Norfolk, Nebraska Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Prov. 22:5 Norman D. Renn, Pastor John Harmer, Superintendent CONGRATULATIONS!! STANCHFIELD BAPTIST CHURCH S. Bruce Fleming, Minister Stanch field, Minnesota Compliment o( TEN-THIRTY-ONE CAFE 1031 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, Minnesota RETIREMENT INCOME FOR MEN AND WOMEN FRANCES CHRISTIAN, Representative GEORGE QUAM AGENCY Minneapolis, Minnesota Security Mutual Life Insurance Co, ALLIS-CHALMERS Sales and Service JORDAN IMPLEMENT COMPANY ELIZA CLARK CLASS First Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minn. “It pleased. God who separated me and called me by His grace to reveal His son in me thai I might preach Him among the heathen. " « 144 » , r The COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS of the Northwestern Schools Dr. 0. E. Saiulen, Deem « 146 NORTHWESTERN STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS -lead. Dean L., Milford Michigan Iddstab, Joyce, Junction City, Kansas [Hickson, Marilyn, Mankato, Minnesota Icmnielman, Lois L + , Backus, Minnesota lenderson. Bruce Duane, Pueblo, Colorado leiine, Delores, Alfred, North Dakota lenne, Jcannicn R., Alfred, North Dakota Ieppner, Edwin, Morden, Manitoba Iigh. Ralph R., Cedar Rapids, Iowa Ugh, Nadine, Cedar Rapids, Iowa line ' s, Dan, Fargo, North Dakota IinchlifT, Shirley, Pull man, Washington Iinerman, Mary V., Glover Gap, West Virginia loag, Jeanette, Jackson, Michigan lohson, Robert, Cold water, Michigan lolden, Glen, Minneapolis, Minnesota Tolland, Darlene, Forest City, Iowa :Ioh 11 berg, Carl W„, Duluth, Minnesota lolmbug, Dorothy, Duluth, Minnesota I oh lies, Dick, Minneapolis, Minnesota lolmquist, Adel a, Clarissa, Minnesota lolsten. Donald L., Rapid City, South Dakota looby a r Betty, Redondo Beach, California I or ton, Leo L., Pontiac, Michigan lmiser. Kenneth, Sandusky, Ohio iovda, Eileen, Clear Lake. Wisconsin Howland. Wayne L., Waylia, Minnesota Huchins, Lymean F,, Peoria. Illinois Hudson, Genevieve M., Cleveland, Ohio Hughes, Agnita M., St. Louis Park, Minnesota Ilultin, Jean, Minneapolis, Minnesota Hume, Doris, Jamaica, Iowa Hunter, Bill, Oakland, California Hutchens, Bessie, Waterloo, Iowa Hutchens, Pauline, Waterloo, Iowa Imbodem Jeanette, Inohohomish, Washington Irving, Roy, Detroit, Michigan Isbrandtsen, Louise, Loop City, Nebraska Ingallc, Merrill, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jackson, Jane P., Chula Vista, California Jacobs, Frank Minneapolis, Minnesota Jacobson, Dale C. ; Worthing, S, Dakota Jacobson, Robert D.„ Milwaukee, Wisconsin Jacobson, Robert C,, Aitkcn, Minnesota Jain, Mary, Elk Mound, Wisconsin Janke, Lydia, Barron, Wisconsin Jansen, Helen, St. Paul, Minnesota Jansina, Thorton, Walnut Grove, Minnesota Jennings, Harry 1 ., Reading, Kansas Jennings, Jay j., Sioux City, Iowa Jensen, Lillian, Camp Douglas, Wisconsin tvi la tiond Our Sincere Gratitude to ALMIGHTY GOD 5 rom for the Life, Love and Labors of DR. W. B. RILEY MINNESOTA BAPTIST CONVENTION 706 National Building Minneapolis 2 1948 croti NATIONAL PHOTO MILL 1511 Hennepin Compliments of PAUL ALBINSON MORTICIAN 148 1 HMrk 1 ill . V.. - l l P j n £ It 1 n J t- —If i S_ ‘ 1 NORTII WESTERN STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Jess, Theodore F., Minneapolis, Minnesota Jobes, Donald, Minneapolis. Minnesota Johnnknrcht, Lyle, Minneapolis Minnesota John Mary Lee, Englewood, Colorado Johnson, Arnold. Minneapolis, Minnesota Johnson. Gladyer, Forest Lake. Minnesota Johnson, James, Minneapolis, Minnesota Johnson. Lloyd, Manchester, Iowa Johnson Lorraine, Minneapolis Minnesota Johnson, Laura Colon, Nebraska Johnson, Lawrence, Palisade, Minnesota Johnson, Lee C., Minneapolis Minnesota Jonhson, Mary Lou Lansing, Michigan Johnson, Marion Minneapolis, Minnesota Johnson, Mary, Pipestone, Minnesota Johnson, Neva, Manchester, Iowa Johnson, Richard St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin Johnson, Virginia Weiser, Idaho Jones, Valma Zion, Illinois Joscphscn, June, Staten Island, N. York Joseph sen, Howard, Staten Island. N. York Joyce, Inna Lee, Lamar, Missouri jurrens, Marian, Astoria, S. Dakota KahlstorL Donna, Britt, Iowa Kanengicter, Marvin, Little Rock, Iowa NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Kasincr, Kenneth Solway, Minnesota Kaiuin, Mablc New Lisbon, Wisconsin Kiemclc, Ann, Linton, N. Dakota Kimball. Edward R.. Minneapolis, Minnesota Kimel, Shirley, Detroit, Michigan Kindig, Beverly Adrian, Minnesota King, Hetty Lou, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Kirstein, Clara, Heron Lake, Minnesota Kisner, Francis M., Joice Iowa Klinefelter, Wilma, Anamosa. Iowa Knappcn, Kenneth C., Minneapolis Minnesota Knutson, Audrey, Oshkosh, Wisconsin Kojima, Mu jo, Minneapolis, Minnesota Koksnia, May, Hinckley Minneapolis Kooyman, Edna Bondurant, Iowa Kottke, Lois M., Waseca, Minnesota Krantz, Faith. Moline Illinois Krause, Donald R. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Krause, Jacob, Butterfield, Minnesota Kroeze Frank A., Minneapolis, Minnesota Kroll Carl Swalcdal, Iowa Kuchl, Delores A. Minneapolis, Minnesota Kurschner, Lloyd F., Minneapolis, Minnesota Kuhn Bernice, Spokane Washington Kuhns, Ruby, Agency, Iowa Kyrk, Jeannette C., Moline, Illinois GILBERT ANDERSON CO. REALTORS Specialize in Washington Farms To men everywhere, agriculture is the first and last frontier. When the land beckons, the wise man plants his feet on {he good earth cf stabil¬ ity, for the farms that feed us offer security to alt. Washington Farms grow bountiful returns, re¬ paying investments with enduring satisfaction. Write: GILBERT ANDERSON CO. 2923 Wetmore Avenue, Everett, Wash. COMPLIMENTS OF The Tabernacle Baptist Church George. Iowa HARM H. JOHNSON PASTOR Our Oon ratu-iationi and BUSINESS MEN ' S COUNCIL POCKET TESTAMENT LEAGUE. INC. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania WJiihei to the Olaa oh i 948 J Jj ■ Interdenominational Non-sectarian This organization is lor the free distribution and CAMDEN COVENANT CHURCH daily reading of the New Testament 42nd and Emerson Avc, North, Minneapolis WILBUR C. WESTERDAHL, Pastor REV. RALPH W. A. MITCHELL Executive Director « 150 1 A vfPl S Mu L l XJ if H. N. LEIGHTON COMPANY Building Construction 716 South Seventh Street MINNEAPOLIS Minnesota « 152 » NORTHWESTERN STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued name and home town address Lab run?,, El win C., Packwaukcc, Wisconsin LabrenZj Esther L, Packwaukcc, Wisconsin LaDow, Herbert E., Minneapolis, Minnesota Lang, Donald G., Minneapolis, Minnesota Langclctt, Lillie. Thief River Falls, Minnesota Langenbachcr, Aileen, St, Paul, Minnesota Larson, Dorothy A,, Minneapolis, Minnesota Larson, Gerald, Winnebago, Minnesota Larson. Ranald, Winnebago, Minnesota Lee, Clifford, Minneapolis, Minnesota Legg, Helen, Lake Crystal, Minnesota LeMaster, Phyllis, St. Paul, Minnesota Lepper, Ted R., Joliet, Illinois Levering, Richard M , Wallace, Idaho Lewis, Betty, Oakland, California Lewis, Geraldine, Bondurant, Iowa Liddell, Gwendoline, Winnipeg, Canada Light, Pearl, Zion, Illinois Li Hard, Robert A , Lebanon, Missouri Linder, Claude, Fargo, N. Dakota Linschcid, Mildred, Butterfield, Minnesota Lint, Arbutus, Shellsburg, Iowa Litzkow, Eleanorcj Milwaukee, Wisconsin Logan, Elmer L, Jersey City, New Jersey Lonanechus, Charles, Elmhurst, Illinois Foremen, Wayne A,, Minneapolis, Minnesota NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Lores, Juan R., Banes Oriente, Cuba Lovering, Robert, Minneapolis, Minnesota Lucas, Robert M., Sheridan, Wyoming Ludvigson, Melvin, Cherokee, Iowa Luitzens, Alice, Ashton, Iowa Limdc|uist, Edwin. Kennedy, Minnesota McBride, Lee, Minneapolis, Minnesota McClellan, Marcelline, Alexandria, Minnesota McCellan, Mary C., Monmouth, Illinois MeConkey, Betty, Runnel b, Iowa McCullough, Joseph, Hinckley, Minnesota McDonald, Iris J., Merrimae, Wisconsin McKinnis, Harley A.. Minneapolis, Minnesota Mach, David. Balatinc, Illinois Magcr. jay, Chicago, Illinois Mann, Dclpha, Lyndon, Kansas Manning, Marjorie, Spring Valiev, Minnesota Majzlik, Zdcna, Monaca, Pennsylvania Manera, Zina, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Margadant, Lawana, Minneapolis, Minnesota Margadant, Virginia, Minneapolis, Minnesota Mars, Donald, Watertown. Minnesota Mars, Gladys, Watertown, Minnesota Mars, Glad us, Watertown, Minnesota Outstanding in Minneapolis All Rooms with Private Soft Water Bath - From $3.00 3rd AVENUE SO. AT 10th STREET MIN NEAPOLIS ACCORDIONS Buy new for much less than you can buy second-hand and much better in quality Factory to you price, SPECIAL courses in Religious Music- Expert repairs. All makes and sizes in new accordions. Ac¬ cordions loaned free to take home with lessons. AT 0381 — TRAFICANTE — 41 So. 8th Street " Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth far you. " I Peter 5:7 Remembering the cc-operalion and kindness shown by the girls of 1947-1948 in Russell Hall. MOTHER CRAIG The Mid-West Area of The National Association of Evangelicals Andrus Building Minneapolis, Minnesota DR. WILLIAM H. LEE SPRATT Secretary « 154 y r . vlf " jl. _ p : .jKY ' 2 5 " ¥ 1 fimgsg ” Wjp. ■ - ■ • NORTH WESTERN STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Marie IL AVanilda, Rhinelander, Wisconsin Martinson, Jane, Menomonie, Wisconsin Math, Evelyn, Cedar Falls, Iowa Mattox, Alvin R.. Minneapolis, Minnesota Modi mills, George, Austin, Minnesota Melin, Harris, Am cry, Wisconsin. McngeL Lester, Bakes, Montana MensitU Doris, Hinckley, Minnesota Metiam, George, Minneapolis, Minnesota Meyer, Margaret, Long Lake, Minnesota Mickelson, Ida, Brooten, Minnesota Miller, Kenny, Buffalo Center, Iowa Miller, Rank Muscatine, Iowa Mills, Eugene 3L, Winnebago, Minnesota Mills, Gladylon, Star Prairie, Wisconsin Mohr, Richard, Dos Moines, Iowa Molbug, Joyce, Turtle Lake, Wisconsin Morten, Moninger, Spencer, Iowa Monroe, Conrad C., Corry, Pennsylvania Monroe, Elizabeth, Collinsville. Illinois Montgomery, Lucille, Swca City, Iowa Moore, Frank, Patoka, Indiana Moore, June, Minneapolis, Minnesota Morgan, Stanley, Minneapolis, Minnesota Morley, Oswald, Minneapolis, Minnesota NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Morris, Hazel, Minneapolis, Minnesota Mosicr, Alice, Lake Benton, Minnesota Mosier, Hazel, Lake Benton, Minnesota Mulder, Emma ]., Rock Rapids, Iowa Munro, Robert, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Murchj Barbara, Minneapolis, Minnesota Murk, Jan. St, Paul, Minnesota Myers, Gifiord, Stranberry Point, Iowa Mvrant, Robert, Popular Bluff, Missouri Narwold, William, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Nebcrgal), Helen, Austin, Minnesota Nebergall, Ralph, Minneapolis, Minnesota Nchcrgall, Rosemary, Map leton, Minnesota Neloan, Lorraine, Big Lake, Minnesota Nelson, Angela, Lake Crystal, Minnesota Nelson, Donald, Minneapolis, Minnesota Nelson, Dolores, Stockholm, Wisconsin Nelson, Dorothy, Diamond Bluff, Wisconsin Nelson, Elvon, Big Lake, Minnesota Nelson, Florence E., Arvada, Colorado Nelson, Grace, Minneapolis, Minnesota Nelson, Harriet, Bern idji, Minnesota Nelson, Harry, Sandstone, Minnesota Nelson, Helen, Minneapolis, Minnesota GOOD BOOKS Are Essential to Good Christian Living WRITE FOR FREE INFORMATION ABOUT THE NORTHWESTERN BOOK CLUB AND MONTHLY BOOK REVIEW MAGAZINE OF THE LATEST AND BEST CHRISTIAN LITERATURE Send for Catalog of Fundamental Christian Literature NORTHWESTERN BOOK AND BIBLE HOUSE Department S 43 SOUTH EIGHTH STREET MINNEAPOLIS 2, MINNESOTA « 156 » p m r r - Ht ' 1 - ■— L j M Sfew Aft A NORTHWESTERN STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Nelson, Jean, Clarissa, Minnesota Nelson, Lester L,, Sac City, Iowa Nctzell, Albert, Eau Claire, Wisconsin Newcomb, Colleen, Flint, Michigan Nickel son, Verna, Penokec, Kansas Noakes, Lillie, Aelaues, Nebraska Nokleby, Betty, Minneapolis, Minnesota No rdyke, Glad a, Norfolk, Nebraska Norton, Carl J,, Pckis, Illinois Norton, Helen, Garrcttsvillc, Ohio O’Donnell, Felix, Covington, Kentucky Okenson, Patricia A + , Minneapolis, Minnesota Olsen, Carol, Chicago, Illinois Olsen, Richard, Chicago, Illinois Olson, Aileen, Hopkins, Minnesota Olson, Alice, Hogskins, Minnesota Olson, Carl 1L, Sandstone, Minnesota Olson, Gordon A., Minneapolis, Minnesota Olson, John, Duluth, Minnesota Olson, Roy G., Minneapolis, Minnesota Olson, Victor, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Giver, Theda, Latonia, Kentucky Oquist, Eleanore, Pengilly, Minnesota Oquist, Ethel, Pengilly, Minnesota Orton, Barbara, Lansing, Michigan NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Orton, George, Lansing, Michigan Owen, Margery, Elk Mound, Wisconsin Pace, Kenneth J., Chicago, Illinois Palmer, Jerome H., Balsam Lake, Wisconsin Pardim, Dona Id, Webster, Wisconsin Pardun, Leslie, Webster, Wisconsin Parker, Margaret, Breckenridge, Minnesota Parrott, Odell, Flint, Michigan Parsons, Inez, Or ton vi lie, Minnesota Patrick, Helen, Pontiac, Michigan Patterson, James, Fifield, Wisconsin Patterson, Wilson, Fificld, Wisconsin Patz, Evelyn B,, Pound, Wisconsin Patz, Inez A., Pound, Wisconsin Paulson, Alice, Minneapolis, Minnesota Pearson, Delbert W., Minneapolis,Minnesota Pearson, Albert, Minneapolis, Minnesota Pearson, Philip G., Duluth, Minnesota Pederson, Janice, Hastings, Minnesota Pederson. William, Hastings, Minnesota Peel, Patricia, St. James, Winnipeg, Can. Perkins, Dorothy, Dassel, Minnesota Person, Patricia J., Rockford, Illinois Persons, Doris, St. Charles, Minnesota Peters, Jack, Des Moines, Iowa WELCOME to Minneapolis and First Baptist Church 1020 Harmon Place A Friendly Stall at your service: Curtis B. Akenson—Pastor George I Jennings—Assistant Pastor Nels E. Stjemstrom—Pastor ' s Assistant Director of Music Evalyn Camp—Church Secretary 11 . . . that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glor¬ ified. . . « 158 » ’ EH $| NORTHWESTERN STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Peterson, Eldon, Bra ham, Minnesota Peterson, Richard W., Minneapolis, Minnesota Peterson Shirley, Sparta Wisconsin Peterson, William, Bancroft, Iowa Pettercon, Ethel M., Dalton, Minnesota PcttingiH, Allan, Robbinsdalc, Minnesota Phillips, Lois V,, Wayzata, Minnesota Pickett, Faith, Eugene, Oregon Pierce, Howard, Minneapolis, Minnesota Pitkin, Lucille, Garner, Iowa Pixler, Mildred, Burn Oak, Kansas Porter, Marjorie, Flint, Michigan Presby, Dorothea, Minneapolis, Minnesota Prcshy, James, Minneapolis. Minnesota Prornnetz, June, Waul ion, Iowa Protasewick. Marian, Hartford, Connecticut Pyche, Clayton Worcester, Massachusetts Quernincocn, Alfred J,, Minneapolis, Minnesota Ramsden, Helen, Fort Dodge, Iowa Ha per, Jennie J., Cherokee, Iowa Rasmussen, Clcone,National City, California Rattray, Cecelia, Dearborn, Michigan RatzlafT, Starr, Everett, Washington Recio, Martin A.. Oakland, California NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Reed, Charles, St. Paul, Minnesota Rekstad. Kathryn. Hastings, Minnesota Richter, Arline, St. Paul, Minnesota Roe hoi 1, Arnold C., Detroit, Michigan Roden. Judith A., St. Paul, Minnesota Rogers, El can ore, Waterloo, Iowa Rogers, Mildred E,, Worthington, Minnesota Ronngren, Velma, Mineapolis, Minnesota Roof, Harley, Auburn, New York Rose, Lucille, Tom ah. Wisconsin Rosenbcrgcr, B. A., Maple Plain, Minnesota Rosen da hi. Rose, Rockwell City, Iowa Ross, Verna, Cuifimings, N. Dakota Rudine, Gladys, Wan Ik ton, S. Dakota Rumbaz, Ardeth, Etham } S, Dakota Rust, Lcola, Sibley, Iowa Rust, Paul L.j Lu verne Minnesota Ruston, Marie, Des Moines, Iowa Rypkemn, Betty, Pine City, Minnesota Rypkema, Doris, Pine City, Minnesota SamucIson, Evelyn, Mazcppa, Minnesota Sapsford, Lcs, Berkley, Michigan Sarvcr, Ralph, Oskaloosa, Iowa Sawatzky, Harold, Mt, Lake, Minnesota Sawatzky, Margaret, St. James, Minnesota An Accredited School of Nursing • A BAPTIST INSTITUTION The Mounds-Midway School of Nursing op¬ erated in connection with the Midway Hospital and Mounds Park Hospital, offers the unusual opportunity o( studying nursing in two hos¬ pitals of high standards in an atmosphere of Christian fellowship and missionary interest. Minimum prerequisites for entrance: high school diploma, sound health, good character, and church affiliation. Application should be made to: MISS MARY DANIELSON, Director Mounds-Midway School of Nursing ST, PAUL G. MINN, CU 200 EARL STREET « 160 » ► + pum; NORTIIWKSTERN STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Schley, Ruby, Sussex, Wisconsin Schmidt, Emelin, Jamestown, N. Dakota Schmidt, Elmer W., Streeter, N. Dakota Schmidt, Faith, Robbinsdale, Minnesota Schwarz, Hedwig. New York, New York Schmidt, Henry J, Dnlmeny, Saskatchewan Schoepf, Luella, Minneapolis, Minnesota Schoepf, Milton, Minneapolis, Minnesota Scholten, Nila J,, Minneapolis, Minnesota Schaeffer, Juanita, Stanchlicld, Minnesota Schoepf, Warren C., Mason City, Iowa Schulz, Frank, Sheboygan, Wisconsin Schultz, Kathleen, Minneapolis, Minnesota Schult, Mary J., Berkley, Michigan Schwarz, Hedwig T., New York, New York Scott, Richard N., Minneapolis, Minn. Seibold, Eldon, Cathay, N. Dakota Sellars, Jean, N. Malden, Ontario Severe, Evelyn, Baglcy, Minnesota Sewell, Homer, Kansas City. Missouri Shawbaek, Donna, Waltham, Minnesota Sheard, Helen, Junction City, Kansas Shelito, Winifred, Detroit, Michigan Shcndal, Donna, Minneapolis, Minnesota Sherwood, Louie, Curry, Pennsylvania Shcvcland, Lcrov C., Ashland, Wisconsin Shire-ley, Hugh, Dell Rapids, S, Dakota Siefkcs, Cecil, Windom, Minnesota Sieler, Doreen, Mobridge, So. Dakota Siemens, Ruth, Minneapolis, Minnesota Sill. Charlotte, Peoria, Illinois Simmons, Opal, Peoria, Illinois Simonson, Gladys, Thief River Falls, Minnesota Sjodin, Clarice, Cambridge, Minnesota Skripok Elizabeth. Hartford, Connecticut Sloan, Lois, San Francisco, California Smith, Eleanor, Minneapolis, Minnesota Smith, Frances, Forest City, Iowa Smith, Jean, Garnet, Michigan Smith, Paul F., Spencer, Iowa Smith, Ruth, Marshall, Michigan Smith, Wayne, New Port Richey, Florida Snyder, John, Minneapolis, Minnesota Sochor, Mary, Monaca, Pennsylvania Sorenson, Shirley, Minneapolis, Minnesota Spear, Gwen, Racine, Wisconsin Stack, John H., Naperville, Illinois Steinerb David, Bismarck, No, Dakota Steinert, Theodore, Bismarck, No. Dakota Stenhock, Ruth, Duluth, Minnesota Stone, Mary, Mineral Point, Wisconsin Storey, Richard, Wrcnshali, Minnesota Strnad, Dorothy, Berwyn. Illinois Suck, Albet W,, Vinton, Iowa Suter, Calvin W. s Lancaster, Pennsylvania Swansan, Leslie lv, Duluth. Minnesota Swanson, Marilyn, Waterloo, Iowa Swedberg, Wesley, Minneapolis, Minnesota Swcnon, Leonard, Boscohel, Wisconsin Swenson, Norma, Wilson, Wisconsin Swin borne, Jean, St, Paul, Minnesota Swinborne, John, St. Paul, Minnesota NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS Taguc, Marilyn, Belgrade, Minnesota Taylor, Ivan, Plainfield, Iowa Teichroew, Katherine, Bingham Lake, Minnesota lilies, Virginia, Ashton, Iowa Thimsen, Dean, Hopkins, Minnesota Thompson, Arlene, Dcs Moines, Iowa Thompson, Carol, Leman, Minnesota Thompson, Florence, Adrian, Michigan Thompson, Lloyd, Loitian, Minnesota Thompson, Merwin L., Minneapolis. Minnesota Thompson. Robert, Round Prairie, Minnesota Thompson, Thelma A +J Arena. Wisconsin Tibbits, Emily L,., Detroit, Michigan Tinpctt, Annabel 1c, Collinsville, Illinois Tollcfsen, Eileen, Zion. Illinois Tope, Leon. Charleston, W. Virginia Toussaint, Stan, Milaca, Minnesota Trempert. Betty, Lima, Ohio Ihipper, Eugene I 7 ., Esthcrville. Iowa Ulvin, Jane, Roseau, Minnesota Van Loh. Henrietta, Ashton, Iowa Varner, Josephine. Hollandalc, Minnesota Vclie, Edward. Elk Mound, W isconsin Vitus, Earl, Eugene, Oregon Wadell, Virginia, St. Paul, Minnesota Wald, Richard A,, Menomonie, Wisconsin Walker, Lois J., Kenyon, Minnesota Walk Viola. Minneapolis, Minnesota Walraven, Fern, Tinley Park, Illinois Wolter, Harold. Jr., Duluth, Minnesota Warder, Charles, Palatine, Illinois Waters, Esther, Mound, Minnesota Watkins, Harold G., Raymond. Minnesota Watkins, Madeline, Fairmont, W. Virginia Weaver, Leonard, London, England Week, Charles, St. Paul, Minnesota Wecklcy. Richard C,. Hayward, Wisconsin Wcggcn, Wanda, Muscatine, Iowa Werner, Earl, Minneapolis, Minnesota Wisthmd, Howard, Fargo, North Dakota Wheeler, Bernice, Viroqua, Wisconsin Wheeler, Mary, Bclvidcrc, Illinois AVhito, Kenneth, Menahga, Minnesota White, Marjory. Muscoda, Wisconsin Wickmann, Corinne F,, Oshkosh, Wisconsin Wicber, Martin, Vancouver, Canada Wiens, Evelyn. Mountain Lake, Minnesota Wiens, Frank, Duluth, Minnesota Wilbur, Betty E., Sioux Rapids, Iowa Wi I learns, Forrest E., Oshkosh, Wisconsin Williams, Geneva, Dcs Moines, Iowa Williams, John, Minneapolis, Minnesota Williams, Paul. Minneapolis, Minnesota Williams, Richard, Columbus, Ohio Willson, Anne, Boyne City, Michigan Wilson, Anna belle, Wcstbrille, Minnesota Wilson, Ernest H., Minneapolis, Minnesota Wilson, Eunice, Minneapolis, Minnesota Wilson, Helen M., Minneapolis, Minnesota « 162 ’ ■ mS- pW aL NORTHWESTERN STUDENT DIRECTORV—Continued NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS NAME AND HOME TOWN ADDRESS W ilson. Janies, Minneapolis, Minnesota Wilson Jeanne [., Independence. Iowa Wilson, Kyle A., Brunswick, Ohio W imhjuisL Violet. Big Rapids Michigan W inter, Suzane. New York, New York W ' intcr. Willeam P.. Manhattan, Kansas Windeh Don ha, Sibley Iowa W inters. Cl if Ford. Detroit. Michigan W ' ipL Susie Ann. Huron, So. Dakota Wise, Anita L.. Minneapolis, Minnesota Wit ., Gordon New Lisbon. Wisconsin W uthnow. Lola 1C. Hope Kansas Wyiiia. Richard, Chicago, Illinois Yates, Dorothy, New York. New York Ykovchick, Wiliam. Hartford, Connecticut Veers Shddonna Hopkins, Minnesota Yost Elvina, Goring. Nebraska Zaspel, James, St. Paul, Minnesota Zick, Bert W 7 ild Rose. Wisconsin Zicch. Edward, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Zubyk Barbara, Oakville. Connecticut Zeveroberger. Marie A Ashton, Iowa MAGNEY, TUSLER SETTER ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS Minneapolis, Minnesota CfadiiisictdL. $cfL c lfouA. View Siuldinq « 164 WVA] JAA.A-AAA, FRIENDS OF THE SCROLL Amdur Pharmacy, Minneapolis, Minn, Mr. and Mrs, V E. Alien, Bemidji, Minn. Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence Anderson, Cummings, N. D. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Attoe, Van Dyne, Wis. Mrs Grace Beckman Collinsville, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Berg, Belgrade, Minn. Bennett and Cheryl Berg, Belgrade, Minn, Rosalyn Bettengn, George, Iowa Mr. and Mrs, Henry Bitz, Anamoosc N D. Eleanor Bixby, Minneapolis, Minn. Celesta Blocker, George Iowa Lemoync Blccker George, Iowa Joyce Bollinger, Flasher, N. D. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Borsheim Fargo, N, D. Rev. and Mrs J. M. Brown Colon Neb. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd W. Brown, Colon, Neb. Evfllyn A. Camp, Minneapolis, Minn. George Christensen, Stanch field, Minn. Deloris Christianson, Bricelyn, Minn Hazel Clarey, Minneapolis, Minn. Ellen Clark, Bemidii. Minn. Mr, and Mrs. B P, Conrad, Minneapolis, Minn Marjorie Cravens, Elbow Lake Minn. Dorothy Curran Oshkosh Wis. Mrs. L. B. Curran. Oshkosh, Vis. Ruth Curran Oshkosh Wis Frank J. Dattler Minneapolis, Minn. Mr. and Mrs Waldo G. Dick. Mountain Lake. Minn Dr. L. M, Durfee Minneapolis, Minn. Florence Eaton Minneapolis, Minn. Andrew Elasky, Minneapolis, Minn. Lucille Frank Minneapolis, Minn. Mr, and Mrs. Victor Franson, Colon, Neb. Faina Fast, Minneapolis, Minn. Velora Funk Minneapolis, Minn. Mrs. Ross Gamble. Minneapolis, Minn. Richard Gcrtsch, Berwyn, Illinois Mrs. Ada Cow in Seattle, Wash. Mrs. Edith Gray, Collinsville, III. Ruth Gulda, St. James, Minn. Marian Gunderson Mound. Minn. LaVcrne Gustafson. Minneapolis, Minn. Miss Jeannette Hagbcrg, Minneapolis, Minn. Dr. and Mrs. T. A. Hanson, Minneapolis, Minn Mr and Mrs J. T. Hicks, Collinsville, III. Shirley Hi I sen, Minneapolis. Minn. Dr. and Mrs. C. Vernon Hultgren, Minneapolis, Minn. Marjorie Isaacson, Minneapolis, Minn. Otto Janke Baron, Wis Mr. and Mrs. George Jennings, Minneapolis, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson, Bemidji, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson Mayvillc, N. D. Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Johnson and daughter Swedcburg, Neb. Doris Johnson, Minneapolis, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Emil L. Johnson Colon. Neb. Flovd J. Johnson, Colon. Neb. Mr. and Mrs. Fridolph E. Johnson, Minneapolis, Minn. Rev. LcRoy Johnson. Minneapolis, Minn. Mr. Ordcll Johnson Buxton, N. D. Mr. and Mrs Edward Kiemelc, Teinvik, N. D. Mr. and Mrs Emanuel Kicmcle, Temvik, N. D. Raymond Kiemele, Linton, N. 1 . Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kirstein, Windom, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. j. W. Klinefelter, Anamosa Iowa Marilyn LaBonte, St. Paul, Minn. Miss Jane Larson, Minneapolis, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Linden Belgrade, Minn. Esther E. Ling, Minneapolis, Minn. Thomas Lindquist, Ogilvie, Minn. Harold Manuel Luitjens Ashton, la. Larry Linn Luitjens, Ashton, Iowa Lois Lavonne Luitjens, Ashton, Iowa Marlyn Ray Luitjens, Ashton, Iowa Ruth Magnuson, Minneapolis, Minn. Della Martin, Bemidji, Minn. G. R. Martin Bemidji, Minn, Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Mattson, Bra ham Minn Thorn McCauley, Minneapolis, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. McCord, Colon Neb, Marjorie E. McCord, Colon Neb. Betty McPherson, Hastings, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Mckkelscn, Milroy, Minn. Ernestine Mitchell, Minneapolis, Minn Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Moc, Bemidji, Minn. Mrs. O r B. Mosscfin, Bemidji Minn. Mr. and Mrs. I. F. Murch Minneapolis, Minn C. Edgar Nelson Minneapolis, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nelson, Cummings, N. D. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Nelson, Stanch field Minn. Sheldon Nelson, Minneapolis, Minn. Mr and Mrs Oscar Ness, Bemidji, Minn. Ruby North, Baker, Mont Mrs. Del no Olson Buxton N. D. Dennis Olson, Hillsboro, N. D. Marvel Olson, Dalbo, Minn, Lucille Ottoson Minneapolis, Minn Jeanette Pnlson Millville, Minn. Mr, and Mrs. Douglas T, Park, Bemidji Minn. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Pcde rson, Minneapolis, Minn. Mr. and Mrs I, T. Perry, Collinsville, Ill. Patricia J. Person Rockford Ill Mr, and Mrs Chancy Persons, St. Charles Minn Doris Persons, St, Charles, Minn. Mrs. Enga B. Peterson, Minneapolis, Minn. Margaret Peterson, Stanch field, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. H, E. Rice, Bemidii, Minn. Marguerite D, Riddle, Colon Neb. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Riddle and Son, Colon, Neb. Mr. and Mrs. L H, Ross, Cummings, N. D. Mrs. Louise Rowan, Minneapolis, Minn Mr. and Mrs M E. Schmidt, Robbinsdalc, Minn Mrs Ii. G. Schnuck, Collinsville III Mr. and Mrs L. L. SchocJTer, Stanchficld, Minn Wilma Shcrard, Minneapolis, Minn. Frances Shukonek, Everett, Wash. Martha Shukonek Everett, Wash. Edward James Strnad, Ken more, New York Mr. and Mrs. E. Strnad, Berwyn III, Swcn Laundry, Minneapolis, Minn. Mr, and Mrs Harry M. Tague, Belgrade, Minn. John L. Tague, Milroy, Minn Mr. and Mrs. Perry Templeton, Sterling, Coin Mrs. P, A Timgrcn, Vesta, Minn, Mrs. Amy Urban, St. Charles, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Jans VanLoh, Ashton, Iowa Dr. W. F Widen, Minneapolis, Minn. Mr. and Mrs Menno Willems, Bingham Lake Minn. Anne Willson, Boyne City Mich. « 166 NORTHWESTERN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY AND GRADUATE SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY A standard Theological Seminary, adhering strictly to the doctrinal statement of the Northwestern Schools, designed to train pastor-evangelists for an evangel¬ istic, Bible teaching ministry. Standard Seminary degrees are conferred upon the completion of the prescribed courses. Entrance re¬ quirements as outlined in the Seminary catalogue are strictly maintained, and candidates for the Seminary are subject to the approval of the Seminary faculty. FIELDS OF INSTRUCTION HOMILETICS—R. V. Clearwaters, M.A., 3.D., D.D.; Acting Dean of Seminary- Homiletics, Scriptural Interpretation- Pastoral Problems. PHILOSOPHY—Vaclav Vojta, B.A., B.D., Th.D.; Philosophy, Psychology, History of Preaching. SYSTEMATIC—Gerald F. Beavan, E.A., Th.M.; THEOLOGY Systematic Theology I, II: Hebrew L II. GREEK—Paul L. Kaufman, B.A., M.A.; Greek L XL HI. HISTORY—George J. Carlson, B.S., B.D., Th.D.; Church History CHRISTIAN — Rosella Toavs, B.R.E., B.S., M.A.; EDUCATION Christian Education Th.B. BIBLE—J. Edwin Hartill, B.A., B.D.; Hermeneutics, Analysis Gerhard D. HueberL B.A., B.D., Th.M.; Bible Introduction Leroy P. Gager, Th.B. Analysis ARCHAEOLOGY—Wilbur C. WesterdahL B.S Fully accredited for G.I. training. « 168 ,0 : e ; ” - " cLCOAjf HOME k ‘Wne I I ■ f i , « L t . t I 1 ) 1 ' f i i 1 j v 1 i i “ ; i ( » 1 1 1 1 1 1 ‘ ' t ' ( ! W ' • ' I l» ' V ' f i 7 ■ ' ( l ' ' ' ! f ’ f 1 ' • v M f ’ l. ’ V I • t t , i { i ...1 , I , .1 I {•■ V , , , , , , ' • ■ f ' s 1 M i 11 t i ! iA t ( {, I | ! i i.( ,» i , ( , tl l , ( ;i , . I ; M [ 111 j 7 1 ' f i p • J i l, i. . 1 ... f i t l . f : It r 1 f ! r. I u hh i iJ: {i A t i • : j h t u r. h it U W ■ r » ' ■ 1 M ' ■ u !,i 1 ' M 1 r V A ' v,i U • fi t it » i ( i n y. i l f K U ?v, 1 , , • M Jf V if V fr t ' 1 ' i .1 ft V- h , (f . . ■ ' ' . ' ' i T l r |r ' ■ ' At . 1 1 N v 11 (1 . 1 ' ' • 14 } ' V-e i • K 0 U W u (t H : ! II, • t f| j| f, ,t : , , ( -r r J i V ’- r ' ' ' ' -■ 5 t f { ii A y. N ,t c j ,, ), r it I ' u H f| i t v r r " l 1 ' i i 1 l 1 fl I 1 , | f ill i " , i Y t U III Y t ■ | l it A A M. J i, 7 | . v Ml ' ' | ;i A W; . ’ . f , J ' 1 1 ' ' ■ ' I 1 ' V J u A s ’ f l ■ ' f 11 l| n . v r V 1 J } N ' ’ ‘ • f l| V- ’Ml ' ■ [ M‘ ' i 1 ‘4 % i . H t m A ' . r r i ' J i u ' U ■ ' , V ' ll I ff -v J t V ! ' • f r , J, f 4 SV V ' | V r r l r 1 7 f 1 l Si Ip i, . v 1 n f i ! ’it If A If I |!r. ■■ ? ■ -,i i MfJr m I ■ - • T V ' ' 1 , .1. . - j . t A lJ M l| M ■ : | : v ,1 ' ' A i • i ■ , ■ iril -If I ' t M. V A 1 } V ' i Avt i v ; l ) ' J A V f ' J MV ' . i f A t t ' V t ■ v M 1 t i t V‘V V‘ f,| 1 i( f r i f If 1 4 4 ■ f I ; 1 f i f. t M f f.lf lf | i f v HH{ 1 I H i i ' .H r r ' lHuhlfW f ■’ f ill M l ' {I ‘ ' ■ f ' [ ' j 1 ; 1 i l[ 1 f 11 1 r ( » I v t v « ' 11 I i ' i f[ 1 ' M I ) I M • ' 1 ' ■ f ' f f l M;w flfW ' f t t j V | t j V | i j j f f i ? ... T f M J i-M ' l i 1 W 1 f ' I I ( 1 fAii r 1 r i 1 tU)l i!x ;,r f v. » t v J M M M ,M ‘ i 1 m i ' f ( f i ( « i, A i ,i i » ‘ v r .1 r ,v | i t i , i , , t Uf f v f u n n fV . 1 f i ' Mvi i{it Jf ifu 1 ' ni ' iu j u iH l - f I V f I l " i (| l ,f i i f v ‘i y ?v k - M ' j.ll L i f f JlJ ) lrlll f 1 f 1 W - ' t .i IV l 1 f 0 A iVil if v H I V r '

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