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fiPW Wfll iflll nw mmm in ' ' SI. •’ ■ JPisl 1%b SsJwlL Volume 25 Presented by the SENIOR CLASS NORTHWESTERN BIBLE SCHOOL Minneapolis, Minnesota SCROLL STAFF Editor-in-Chief . . Lily Anderson Associate Editors . . . Mary Keeney Ruth Duncomb Business Managers . . Kenneth Knappen Morse Archer Glen Pickett Faculty Aduisor . , . Mrs. George Makas £ C TARUGHT of the DAWN of GRACE was Calvary, the great God-made plan for man to enter the portals of joy. ON VERSION brings the DAWN of FELLOWSHIP with Him, His Word and His own. Yet how shall they love Him unknown? n EALITY of living close to Him has been our joy at Northwestern where every message is centered in Christ, our all. H. the love of God that permits us to he tools in His holy hand! Our prayer is for yielded hearts. OVE without measure is the God-blessed treasure shed abroad in our hearts by His Spirit alone. ET us arise and go into the service whereunto He has called us ? never fearing, for the Master ever cares for Hts own. Department Heads Grace Drown. Pictures Melva Fulcher Activities Doris Bunker. Art Grace Sheppard Music Eva Strand berg, Dorm Lif t Iris Mills, Foreign Missions Virginia Lindquist, Practical IVork Morse Archer Athletics 2 ■ QonJjiniA (Dawtt ifi ' SiAjcujl (Dawn. ofr. J ' sdlowAhipL 9ft Quiet JimeA. 9ft IDaily.i 3ti$SL 9ft Social rtf iffe. 9ft TRuaixl 9ft tfihleiicA, (Dowil ofc, Oppyihimbf Jodcuf Jomovww FORWARD We believe that the return of our blessed Lord and Saviour is imminent; and we also know that if He delays His return, the world will continue in its sin. These days may well be called the " evening of the day of grace. " But to us, who are about our Father ' s business, serving our Saviour in a world sick with sin and desperately in need of a Saviour, this is a challenge to go forth with the Word; we must strive, through the grace of God, to make these few short hours the DAWN of a new day, the day of Salvation, for many who have never heard. The theme of our book is DAWN, the burden of our book is MIS¬ SIONS, but the center of our book is CHRIST. Our prayer is that He may be the center of our lives, " until the day dawns, and the day star arises in (our) hearts. " Then faith shall be sight and " we shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is. " The DAWN of a new day in Northwestern was appropriately symbolized by the coining of J. Edwin liar till, as Dean of Men, in the fall of 1944. lo Mr. Hartill, who has been a constant inspira¬ tion to all of us, this book is affectionately dedicated. JhsL (Dawn. o§. ' fyhaaL Laying asi de His kingly crown, Laying aside His purple gown. Taking a form, of the earthly race. Yielding to scorn and deep disgrace, Heeding not man’s praise or frown, Obeying God who had sent Him down To a world steeped in sin so base To usher in THE DAWN OF GRACE. The sun of hope began to rise! The Day Star shone forth in the skies! Would justice find its rightful place? Would mankind cease its hell-bound race? But, no! for men are far too “wise,” So, “Crucify Him,” mankind cries; Then toward the cross Christ set His face To usher in THE DAWN OF GRACE. Bearing His cross up Calvary’s side, Shouted at, mocked, forsaken, defied, A crown of thorns, a rohe of disgrace, A reed for His hand, spit for His face. Nails for his feet, spears for His side, Thieves for companions as He died; The world was dark; God hid His face As He ushered in THE DAWN OF GRACE. Up from the grave Christ rose one morn That men through faith might be reborn; He rose to prove to all the race The grave is not our final place; He brought new hope to those who mourn; New courage came to the forlorn; All this was done for man, the base. When He ushered in THE DAWN OF GRACE. DR. W. B. RILEY On October 2 y 1902, a godly preacher with a vision met with seven students, marking the birth of the greatest Bible and Missionary Training School in the Northwest. Dr, Riley ' s vision expanded with the blessings so richly bestowed upon the enter¬ prise, Not content to stop with the line seminary organized in 1935, he met the need of a truly Christian liberal arts college by founding a third school in 3944. And yet this powerful man of God is not satisfied. Now at the age of eighty- five, his latest dream of a great School of Sacred Music is being realized. May God richly bless him—our president—Dr. Riley!! 8 J. Edwin Hail ill, IE A., IED. ? Dean of Men Hern lcncutics jr. Doctrine Sr. Doctrine ■ Homiletics Mrs. W. 11. Riley, 11.A., LLJ)., Dean of Women English Etiquette Dr. W. IE Riley, M.A., IE A., !),! ., ELD. President 1 lomiletics Pastoral Problems Curtis IS + Akenson, IES. Synopsis ♦American Government Alice Vigen English ♦Hebrew ♦Greek Greek Evalyn A. Camp Missions la lb Missions 221 M issions 31 la ♦Christian Ed. Th. H ♦Christian Ed. il.R.E. S t rit i n rJ f y SiiIf jrf h Stibiefti Dr. V. Vojta, B.A., TliJl., B.D., Th.D, ♦Greek Exegesis ♦♦English History ♦Comparative Religions ♦♦Sociology 9 Cirace Larson, B.S Shorthand Typing Hook keeping Leroy Gager Theodore Bergman Personal Evangelism Piano Church History Pedagogy Alice Jane Steele Children’s Work Adolescent Work Inga Johnson, 11.S. Psychology Psychology Richard V. Glearwalcrs, M.A j D.D. Assists •Homiletics Pastoral Problems Mrs. J. E- HartlU, B.A. Speech Christian Education Ardcll Look, B.A., Th + B.. D.D. Church History John B. Houser, M.A., Th.lL, DJX Exegesis Analysis •Scriptural Interprctntii •Systematic Theology Bible Introduction ••College Bible •Archeology Christian Evidence 10 Dorothy Hanna, B.R.E, Parliamentary Law David Anderson, B.A., M.A., B.D. History of Missions Senior Missions Ethel Wilcox Ethics Gcrliardi Schroedcr Russian Grammar Russian Literature Russian Reading CmiKin George Makas, R,A Music History Hannons Mrs. George Makas, B A , M.A. Spanish Eng1ish Composition English Literature American Literature Bible School Composition Phonetics Sc roll William lb Bernl.scn. R.A., MM Music Survey Choral Club Advanced Cfmduc ting 1 larmony Dr, Arthur E. Karklrmn Dean of Medicine Dr Janies R. Weir, Obstetrics Dr Charles Aling, Contagious Diseases Dr Stone, Minor Surgery Dr, Hanson, Dentistry Miss MacCatiley, R.N. Miss Larni, R.N, Miss Person, R.N, M iss Marqueling Dr. Ruth Limdberg School Doctor Board of Directors Akcnson, Curtis R. Bjorklund, A. O. Buckbec, J. Colgate Chapman, Mrs. Benjamin O Cl car waters, R. V. (D.D ) Edlund, John M, Gager, Leroy Hanna, Dorothy liar till, J Edwin LaGrange, Myron H. Look, Rev. Ardcll MacFarlane, Peter (D,D ) MacKenzie, Neal T. McLeod, Mrs. Angus Means, N. TV Met tel. A F Murk. Wm. II. (D.D.) Nordland, Dr. Martin Olson. Anton L. Paul, W. E. Park, Herbert T. Pierce, Earle V. (D.D.) Pierce, Mrs E. V. Riley, W. 13. Riley, Mrs W. B Shoop, C F Smdker, Mrs Roy G. Thorson, Henry Vojta, Vaclav (Th D.) White, S. Marx (M.D.) Wilson, George M. Gilbert, Dan Hauser, j. R, Kallenbach, Walter IX (Dr ) Kuhnle, Rev. W. E h Lewis, A. E. Lovik O. 11. Pcgg, Walter A. (D.D ) Siemens, John R. (D.D ) Skarise, Mrs Peter ' Foavs, A F Wright, Mrs C. E. Young, Archer 11 J’oeuJh p J’lmnifLdu Fireside chat . . .Do you see ray husband anywhere? . . . The special “LeRoy” . . , taking life with a " grin” of salt . . . hasn’t changed much, has he? . Waiting for a pheasant to ilv by. . . . Come nn. now smile ' Tor us. . . Let me sec too . . . 12 S tJudtaMAA. Treasurer ' s Office—Dorothy Hanna, Ethel Wilcox. Information Office—Alice Jane Steel, Melva Fulcher, Jean Schaeffer. The Rileys Offices—Ruth Magnuson, Luverne Gustavson. Practical Work Offices—Dorothy Strnad. Olive Miller, Ann Osepchuk. Evening School The Evening School assembled again this Fall for another year of classes, with Mr, Leroy Gager as Dean. The classes arc held every Tuesday night, beginning at six-thirty, in the Northwestern classrooms. Tenth and Harmon Place, from September to May. A new feature is a fifteen-minute chapel period tim ¬ ing which the students fellowship together and have a brief meditation from the Word. s c H FALL TERM Standard Course 1945-46 Bible Analysis I Bible Geography Children ' s Work I Creek Standard Course 1946-4 7 Hermeneutics I Bible Introduction Adolescent Work I Personal Work I Greek Preliminary Course 1947.48 Bible Doctrine I Unit IV, Child Study Unit 1, O.T, Law and History Greek I 1 Standard Course 1948-49 Bible Doctrine IV Missions I Speech I Christian Education L Greek E D U L E WINTER TERM Bible Analysis IT Daily Vacation Bible School Children ' s Work II Greek Hermeneutics II Christian Ethics Adolescent Work 11 Personal Work II Greek -- Bible Doctrine II Unit V, Pedagogy Unit II, O.T, Poetry and Prophecy Greek Bible Doctrine V Missions 11 , Speech II Christian Education IT Greek SPRING TERM Bible Analysis [II Christian Evidences Children ' s Work HI Greek Hermeneutics III Church History Adolescent Work III Child Evangelism Greek Bible Doctrine III Unit VI. S.S, Adminis¬ tration Unit I IT, New Testament Greek Bible Doctrine VI Speech I Christian Education l Conducting Christian Education III Greek PRELIMINARY COURSE—One year, six units, Bible I, 11, III; Child Study, IV; Pedagogy Y + : S. S. Adm., VI. Teachers Certificate—$1.00 extra charge. STANDARD COURSE -Four-year course, of which preliminary course is first year work, with one additional subject, 36 units required for teacher’s Standard Diploma—$1.30 extra charge. REGISTRATION FEE—-$1.00 for each subject each term, except Greek which is $4.00 per term. 13 OutildsL Memorial Hall . . . . . . is no longer an elusive dream but an established reality Ground has been broken and construction has begun! A bright new day beckons and points to an even greater opportunity of preparation for future Northwesterners, With our whole hearts we thank God for this evidence of His grace and providence. Truly we can anticipate the dawn of a new day for our school even as we remember all our yesterdays, rich in memory, in . . . . . Jackson Hall IlfiHHnMlHHBBi iii c smiwvui. Eva liuIn George Mettam Alex Rurghardt Anne Osepchuk Eugene Classen Arnold Riffle Bernice Inman Oliver Ringed ng George Makas Henrv Sorenson Orville Sustad VValter Benton Leonard Walmslr Paul Berggrcn Ilenry Wi ' ins Ralpli Davidson Warren Bloyei Sam Muralt Janies Miller Richard Person Not pictured: Kenneth Bassett Ernest Schvvenkc ThfriAwsL JjitoL QollsqsL 4 3 lbsJvaL (fodtL. ‘Not by might; nor by power, but by my spirit , saith the Lord of hosts Dr. Riley ' s latest dream, a Liberal arts,, four-year college in the Northwest t has now materialized and it being prospered by the very Spirit which gave it birth. Interdenominational—Prcmillennial—Coeducational—Fundamentab Northwestern College was thus introduced on September 20, 1944 This new college proposed then as it does now a faculty of high scholastic attain¬ ment, a curriculum leading to the Liberal Arts degrees, and a spiritual emphasis to deepen the Christian life of each student. The advantages of a thorough-going Christian college in these Iasi days of heresies born in classrooms of col¬ leges and universities all over our land should be very evident. Christians want and need a school which holds fast to the faith and does not depart even in the teachings of secular subjects. The overcrowded condi¬ tions at Wheaton and Bob Jones College and other schools of like fundamental stand testify to this. North¬ western College will tolerate nothing of liberalism in faculty, in students, or in doctrine. We believe and are persuaded that this is the Lord’s own work. In our need He has brought and is bringing to us each new member of the consecrated faculty. The students are also of HIS choosing—all regenerate Christians who desire earnestly to prepare themselves for the Master’s use. More than one-half of our present number are going into full-time work for God. The doctrinal spirit of the college is one with that of the Bible Training School and Seminary, holding to the Inspiration of the Scripture, the deity of Christ + the blood atonement, the physical resur¬ rection and ascension, and the prcmillcnnial return of the Lord. Such was the general appeal of Northwestern College to the young people, now in attendance, who found their separate ways here from eleven different states and one foreign country. Besides offering those most necessary general advantages, Northwestern College can make several unique particular claims: ITS LOCATION: The great North western territory can now he accommodated hy a four-year college that is thoroughly Chris¬ tian in every detail. It is located within the very center of the city of Minneapolis in the same block with the main library. The cultural advantages of the oily— the museums, the musical events, the art centers— and the scenic beauty of the city which can boast of thirteen picturesque lakes all happily coincide, providing the ideal setting for the school. ITS INTERDENOMINATIONAL APPEAL: Born-again students from the several denominations and independent Christian groups all find their places easily and naturally in Northwestern College. They are free to find the church of their choice in the city and contribute to it freely in time and energy and means. There is no effort to “make over” the students as they come so ns to make them forget the church of their former allegiance, and very wholesome, certainly, is the fellowship of young people from differing church backgrounds, ITS SIZE: There are advantages in small schools never to be had by the larger institutions. The students and teachers in Northwestern College have unusual opportunities for fellowship and Individual attention. This situation Is the more appreciated since we realize it must of necessity be very temporary. Of a!! the future school attrac¬ tions that these first graduating classes will miss, none will be worth more to students and teachers alike than these present days of close contact for individual instruction and fellowship in the Lord, ITS CHRISTIAN SERVICE ACTIVITIES: In order to present Christ and the college to the young people in the city and the outlying towns, a College Gospel Team has recently been organized. There are several kinds of talents represented among the student body, and everyone has opportunities to use what the Lord has given him. Enthusiasm is running high, and already plans are being formulated and engagements made for year, ITS FINANCIAL ADVANTAGES: The tuition for each student at Northwestern College is $30.00 a semester—a sum which is far below the actual cost to the school of educating each student. The opportunities for part-time work are plentiful in Min¬ neapolis, and the very great majority of our students support themselves with remuneration from outside employ¬ ment. ITS BRIGHT FUTURE: Never before has the outlook of the school been as promising as now. Applications and inquiries arc arriving almost daily. By nejet fall, we arc looking forward to the construction and possible completion of the new ad¬ ministration and classroom building across from beautiful Loring Park, which the college will share with the Bible School and Seminary. Other properties have been bought on which sites will he erected: a gymnasium, a men’s dormitory, and a School of Sacred Music. The newly prepared four-year curriculum, shortly to be published in catalogue form, will go into effect in the fall. The following degrees will be possible: Bachelor of Arts with majors in history, English, and music; Bachelor of Religious Education; Bachelor of Sacred Mu¬ sic; and Bachelor of Science with major in Bible. NORTHWESTERN COLLEGE—“TO THE PRAISE OF HIS GRACES’ Ylsfdhw AisihjtL. QollsqsL First Year Anona Anderson Richard Houtzer Gladylou Mills June Carlson Warren Coles Magdalena Matthics James McGown Robert Stapp Fred Witt Not pictured: William Bavis Kaydi Denison Louis Menge Wasyl Kowalik Second Year t Kathleen Schultz Marilyn Taguc Wasyl Kowalik (pictured above) 18 Qoll qsL QapsiAA . . . Ssumnwa O ksAA I tty bitty pinchy . . Second year-ers going places . . . Siapp it!! . A rare day in June , . , and in December . . , Cold enough for you? . . . Seminary officers: Jim Miller, Treasurer; Dick Person. President: Bernice Inman, Secretary: Sam Mural u Vice President, 19 QIoa u 4 Treasurer, Virgil Peterson; Vice President, Jack Petlon; Secretary, Lily Anderson; President, Elvin Kile LILY ANDERSON Spokane, Wash Christian Education Editor of Scroll Junior Church Jr. and Sr. Banquet Sec’y Senior Class MORSE ARCHER Menoinonie, Wis. Bible Basketball Coach Student Pastor Business Manager of Scroll ELS PET II BIRD Detroit, Mich. Missions Sec’v of Mission Band Si, Forum Representative Hospital Visitation Bible Class Teacher ROBERT BRIEN Detroit, Mich. Bible Quartet Treasurer of Jr. Class Mission Band Treasurer Student Pastor Choral Club Vice President, Fr. Class ESTHER BRYGGER J vler, Minn. Missions Treasurer of Fr, Class DAMPS. Trio Quartet Moyer Mission Sunday School Class Mission Band Officer RUTH A R BOG AST Minneapolis, Minn. Missions DAMPS. Sunday School Class Pilotte Stafl Child Evangelism MYRTLE BARDON Spokane, Wash. Christian Education Sunday School DAMPS. Child Evangelism I DELL BIX BY RichviHe, Minn. Secretarial Child Evangelism DAMPS. Bible Camp Counsellor LOIS BROWN Triton, Iowa Missions Hospital Visitation D.V.B.S. Religious Education DORIS BUNKER East Jordan, Mich. Bible Child Evangelism Trip Quarts Choral Club Missions 20 GLEN CAMPBELL Lake Crystal, Minn, Bible Pastor GRACE DROWN Curlew, Iowa M issions Basketball Child Evangelism D.V.B.S- Cheer Leader ADELINE FAST Delft, Minn Missions Sunday School Child Evangelism D.V.B.S. ETHEL GRACE FRANK Minneapolis, Minn. Christian Education Sunday School Class d.v.r;s. Basketball MELVA FULCHER Pontiac, Mich, Missions Band Junior Church Child Evangelism Pianist at Hospitality House Ch. of Pilot Parts ' MAVIS GEISZLER Fargo, N. Dak. Missions Child Evangelism D.V.B.S. Choir Hospital Visitation ANNIE E. HEPPNER Morden, Manitoba, Canada Missions Child Evangelism D.V.B.S. Hospital Visitation SUSIE CORPORA A L Birnarnwood Wis Missions Child Evangelism D.V.B.S. RUTH BUNCOMB Luvcrnc; Minn, Missions Moyer Mission Basketball D.V.B.S. Cheer Leader Adult Bible Class Ass t Editor of Scroll Junior-Senior Banquet FRANCES FOSTER Ames, Iowa Christian Education Junior-Senior Banquet Choral Club Band Religious Education LUCILLE FRANK Minneapolis, Minn. Christian Education Sunday School Class D.V.B.S. Child Evangelism VELORA FUNK Waupaca, Wis. Secretarial Sundav School Class D.V.B.S. ARLENE HALVORSON Junction Citv, Kami. Secretarial Mission Work Singspiration Work SHIRLEY HILSON Hopkins, Minn. Secretarial Choral Club Trio Piano DELORES A. .JOHNSON Minneapolis, Minn, Christian Education Trio Choral Club Pilot Sunday School Child Evangelism MAURINE JOHNSON St, Paul, Minn. Missions Child Evangelism Sunday School D.V.B.S. MARY KEENEY Dexter, Oregon Christian Education Officer of Mission Band Ass ' t Editor of Scroll Open Air Child Evangelism D.V.B.S, Sunday School VIOLA KEPHART Arapohole, Colo. Missions Sunday School Child Evangelism D.V.B.S. JOANN KILE Granada, Minn. Christian Education Choral Club Child Evangelism Sunday School Pianist D.V.B.S. Band .JEANNETTE LANG Minneapolis, Minn Christian Education Sunday School D.V.B.S. Pianist Organist Choir VIRGINIA LINDQUIST Minneapolis, Minn Missions Head of Big Sister Project Scroll, Practical Work Head Sunday School Jr + Church Trio MARIE JOHNSON Poplar, Wis. Missions Jr, Church Sunday School PEARL JOSEPHSON Coleharbor, N. Dak. Missions D.V.B.S. Sunday School Choir Choral Club VALEOA KEN WARD Page, N, Dak. Missions Mexican Mission Pilot Sunday School D.V.B.S. ELVIN J. KILE Granada, Minn. Bible President Sr. Class Choral Club Sunday School Band Basketball Quartet KENNETH KNAPPEN Minneapolis, Minn. Bible Choral Club Band Business Mgr. of Scroll Quartet Jail Service D.V.B.S JUNE LARSON Minneapolis, Minn. Christian Education, Sunday School D.V.B.S. EDNA LOH MEYER Drs Moines, la. Christian Education Picnic Committee Children Camp Director D.V.B.S. Sunday School Teacher RUTH MAVES Burwcll, Nebr. Bible D«V B,S. Leader of Junior League Mission Work Sunday School Class SARAH FRANCES MILLER Pembroke, Kentucky Missions Key to Life Class Child Evangelism Mission Work D V B.S. Summer (lamp Work BESSIE MITCHELL Minneapolis, Minn. Christian Education Sunday School DALES. LEONA MeTEER Hazel Park, Mich. Missions Choral Club Duct Hospital Visitation Child Evangelism D.V.B.S, VIRGIL E. PETERSON Alta, Iowa Bible Basketball Sunday School Child Evangelism Preaching GLEN E, PICKETT Niagara Falls, New York Bible Forum Union City Mission Student Preacher Business Manager of Scroll MRS. HULDA RINGERING Ellinwood, Kans. Christian Education Religious Instruction Glass Mission Work D.V.BhS, B-ETTA MAYER Fremont, Nebr. Missions Child Evangelism Key to Life Glass D VJLS. IRIS MILLS Star Prairie, Wis. Missions Band S. S. Visitation Children Endeavor Advisor Sunday School Glass Scroll, Foreign Missions Head RUTH MONEY Minneapolis, Minn. M issions Plymouth Gospel Mission Child Evangelism D,V.B S. MARY PARKER Alton, Illinois Christian Education Child Evangelism Counselor, Children ' s Camp JOHN W. PETLON Aurelia, Iowa Missions Vice Pres of Sr. Class Vice Pres, of Choral Club Church School Toastmaster of Fr. Reception Mission Work Pres, of Iowa Fellowship MARY JUNE PI LA NT Spokane, Wash. Missions Children ' s Class, Mexican Mission Choir DALB.S. College Girls ' Class JOAN SHEPLEE Fertile, Iowa Christian Education Jr Class Secretary Basketball Child Evangelism Sunday School DALB.S. GRACE SHEPPARD Minneapolis Minn, Music Trio Choral Club Child Evangelism d,vjb.s. Sunday School MABLE STAHL Doland, South Dak. Secretarial Religious Educa lion Child Evangelism Choral Club GORDON SWEDBERC; Hillsdale, Wise, Bible Student Pastor Choral Club D.V.B.S. WESLEY WALKER Adel, Iowa Bible Pastor Not pictured: Max Weneger Minneapolis, Minn Senior Class in Session ANNA MAE SMITH Forest City, Iowa Christian Education Basketball Charge of Y.P. D.V.B.S. Child Evangelism EVA STRANDBERG Lincoln, Nebraska Secretarial Sunday School Scroll Staff . . . Dorm Lift- Mission Teacher MARY TQWSTIK Hartford, Conn, Russian Child Evangelism Russian Quintette D.V,B,$, Sunday School Mission Work ANN YODER Waterloo, Iowa M issioris Child Evangelism Sunday School Class D.V.B.S. Not pictured: Don Schuchard Little Falls, Minn, CLASS OFFICERS Jerry LaPointe, President Harold Sawat ky, Vice President Margaret Brill, Secretary Rose Helmers, Treasurer Ahlstrom, Mildred Alniqmst, Ernest Anderson Esther Asa, Phyllis Baker, Lorene Ball, Edna Badlcwioh, Nick Bathke, I Iazel Bauer, Fred Bauer, Mildred Beals, Richard Bennett, Rachel Benton, John Bergman, Clinton Beltenga, Rosalyn Bigelow, Evolvn Bitz, Ella Bjerkcsett, Angela Billie, Viola Bly, Alice Bodenhofer, Polly Bong, Lawrence Bosshardt, Margaret Bridge, Paul Brill, Margaret Burghard, Irene liuihod, Lucy Callahan, June Carlson, Bonnie Carlson, Norman Christensen, Peggy Clipper, Norma Cochrane, John Collin, Mabel Conat, Lois 26 Cook, Floy Cox, Ruth Crooks, Elaine Divers, Zclma Fades, Peggy Eastling, Edith Eberhari, Hertha Ecklund, Mary At Elzig, Helen Erickson, Delores Fletcher, Arlene Fast, Edna Mac Frans, Jane Franz, Marian Fuller, Lois Geisxler, Marian Haburn, Virginia Halverson, Mary Hanson, Hazel llcgerfcld, Helen Hcimcrs. Rose HcmiTiehnan, Lois Hohnstrom, Marjorie Holmquist, Adda Holmquist, Alice Honeycutt, Thelma Hopf, James Hovda, Barbara Hovda, Eugene Hull, Virgil Hutchens, Bessie Job, Viola Johnson, Beverly Johnson, Elyvon Johnson, Eunice Johnson, Lillian Johnson, Ruth Johnson, Violet Jones, Doris Kastncr, Kenneth Kastncr, Mildred Kela, Mary Ann Kendall, Alice Ivirstcin, Clara Kooyman, Edna Kregness, Harold LaBontc, Marilyn Langelett, Eleanor LaPointc, Jerry Larin, Leona Linscheid, Mildred Lint, Arbutus Lohmeyer, Aniandus Longhofer, Jack Looft, Jeanne Love Ruth Luiljcns, Alice Lyman, Marjorie Mann, Dclpha Martel I, Wanilda Martin, Gloria McPherson, Bett Miller, Jact|uelin QjunuA, QoyA. Better hurry—time for work . . . Ride ’em cow girl . . t Qln I say now, she slipped! - . . Think how many people could slip on those six banana skins . . . Coin’ West Jim? , . + The Misses Prissy , - G’wan Harold, move over , . Aw, you’re posin’ . . The tired jubalaires and their old ‘‘hags 11 . . . 29 ClaAdu 4 ' tfS brahamson, Elsie cton, Katherine Ubrecht, Ella nderson, Elayne nderson, Janice Snderson, Barbara nderson, Elaine Anderson, Marie Anfinson, Shirley Attebery, Rut h Bear, Russel Benson, Oliver Bird,, Irene Bleeker, Akira Borg, Mary Jane Boyd, Doris Brail, Pearl Brodin, Joyce Brown, June Bruce, Geraldine Busbey, Mardellc Witt (Carpenter)Ruby Causton, Gordon Christianson, Delons Clark, Betty Clark, Fern Clark, Geraldine Clewis, Alina CLASS OFFICERS Course, Ruth Cowles, Eunice Curran, Elaine Davis, Carol Davis, Jeanne Degennan, Bessie Doak, 1 lelen Dick VVymaj President Quinton Freeman, Treasurer Arnold Rocholl, Vice President Zina Manera, Secretary Dodd, Charles Dodge, Evvlyn Doerksen, Sarah Downs, Barbara Drown, Betty Dvkstra, Cora Edberg, Lorrnyne Elliott, Richard Emery, Anna Belle Erickson, La Vaughn Erickson, Phyllis Eslinger, Viola Fisk, Dwight Flikkic, Ida Ruth Forsyth, Ethel Freeman, Quinton Frei, Maxine Glawc, Lois Glen, Betty Glessner, Galen Golikc, Don Good ale, Ruth Grant, Marion Griffith, Jean Gunderson, Helen Gustaffson, Elsie Gustafson, Joyce Hansen, Betty Lou Hawkeyc, Lois Hazcn, Velma Hein, Corrine Helds tab, Joyce Hendrickson, Muriel Hoff, Frances Hoffmcycr, Evelyn Hoover, Janice Janke, Lydia Johnson, Ellen Johnson, Evelyn Johnson, Laura Johnson, Mitzio Johnson, Stanley Keller, Merlin Kimpling, Mvra King, Betty Klinefelter, Wilma Krantz, Carol Kiemelc, Ann Langelett, Lillie Larson, Lucille Lee, Carol Lewis, Geraldine Lewis, Naomi Loeding, Grace Lovering, Robert Lyman, Frances Mack, David Majzlik, Zdena Mantra, Zina Marlow, Laura Marqucling, Louise Martin, Lloyd Mason, Mary- 31 Nelson, Alice Mae Nelson, Angela Nelson, Florence Noakes, Lillie Nordstrom, Virginia Nordyke, Glada O ' Bryne, Constance Gntjes, Lois Orihj Ona Pederson, Janice Person, Patricia Peterson, Richard Phillips, Jean Porter, Jean Protasewich, Marian Purdue, Jess RniidafT, Starr Reed, Charles Risch, Gene Risley, Graven Robison, Roberta Roeholl, Arnold Rodiger, Mary Paul ine Ross, Verna Royer, Edna Rypkeina, Doris Sawatzsky, Nonna $rhniidt. Faith Schmidt, Rachel Schroeder, Gertrude Schroeder, Hazel Schuchard, Jean Sewell, Homer Shuhart, Fern Sieger, Ellsworth Skxrsies, Lorraine Skripol, Elizabeth Smith, Doris Smith, Frances Smith, Harold Smith, Nina Smith, Raymond Sochcr, Ida Socolofsky, Lorene Spear, Gwen StelTenson, Eugene Strnad, Dorothy Swan, Helen Swanson, Joyce Fahran. Eva Fhies, Virginia Thomas, Martha Thompson, Agnes Thorhikson, Marilyn Tremayne, Nancy Troolin, Ruth Mellnm, Faw Mitchell, Elizabeth Mitchell, Ernestine Mize, Grace Montgomery, Marian Mosier, 1 lazel Murch, Barbara Tschetter, Angelina Ulvin, Winnefred Lfrspringer, Kulhc Van Eps, Wilhcltnina Van Loh, Henrietta Velie, Elaine Wagner, Lois Werner, Earl Wet ig, Avery Wheeler, Mary Wiens, Evelyn Williams, Richard Wilson, Eunice Wyina, Richard Wyttenbach, Mildred Zubyk, Barbara Faber, Mary Manning, Marjorie Strom, Jeanne SECOND SEMESTER Asp, George Amish, Elmer Baldwin, Byrncce Barker, Martha Carlson, Oscar Dolash, Arthur Eaton, Florence Finnengard, Esther Fitch, Virgil Gill, Hazel Goclze, Dean Halverson, Luther Harccy, Laurel Hcfta, Lillian Henderson, Bruce Hines, Daniel Hill, June Hill, William Hopkins, Beverly Javers, Janey jedneak, Anthony Johnson, Clifton Johnson, James Kisner Francis Knutson, Audrey La Dow, Herbert Lundquist, Edwin Maher, Charles Mosher, Ralph McDonald, Iris McClellan, Marcel! inc Miller, Harry Nelson, Dorothy O ' Dcmnell, Felix 33 Parrott, Odd) Pearson, Albert Rattray, Cecelia Roberts, Charles” Sarver, Ralph Scott, Richard Sewell, Lois Sheveland, LeRoy Slionkvviler, Donald Steel v, Merit: FRESliM LX, not pictured Amcrson, Rachel Andrccn, Clifford Andreen, Lois Mav Black, June Black, Marilyn Burghard, Irene Dildine, Joyce Freeman, Dorothy Gould, Jewell [archow, Lois Johnson, Evelyn Nicolaiscn, Edwin Pearson, Genov!eve Patterson, Ethel Roscnquist, Yvonne Shcrard, Wilma Solvang, Ruth Wright, Frank SPECIAL STUDENTS, above ri hl Mehlhaff, Em in a Mcngc, June Benton, Eunice Johnson, Minerva NEW FRESHMEN, Barnes, El da Corner, Muriel Evdand, Bert Holden, Glen Hursh, Russell Jones, Helen not pictured Kindig, Beverly Larson, La Verne Reifmauer, Robert Rust, Bernice Ruston, Marie Snyder, William Freshmen Class in Prayer iih- V ' j fj L_ ' i L gy, J ' ASL hmsn JavjUca. High on a snowy hill . . . Weren’t those peanuts for the squirrels? . . Okay, then you feed them, Betty . . Milwaukee pals, gals . . . Smilin’ through the slits . . . First Baptist Northwesterners , . You’re supposed to skate on your feet. . . - Keeping fit . . . Believe it or not, they’re Russel-ites! 35 JhsL (fiawvL ofc. (p acsL We welcome into our fellowship over fifty- former servicemen who are now in Northwest¬ ern under the GI Bill of Rights, Many of these young men have carried rifles and machine guns in nearly every part of the world. Now, with the first glow of the DAWN of peace, these men have laid aside the instruments of devasta¬ tion and are ready to receive their " basic train¬ ing " in the use of the Sword of the Spirit for the great spiritual battles which lie ahead. Their prayer is that the God of the battlefield, Who brought them safely through many har¬ rowing experiences, will find them faithful and worthy to engage in His warfare. The Lord Jesus was the Morning Star that ex¬ pelled their night of sin and flooded their souls with hope for future days—days when the Sun of righteousness would shed its rays of peace on the lands of spiritual darkness. serve in her upon to give In memory of those of our number who, in response to the call of their country, gladly went out to armed forces and were called " that last full measure of devo¬ tion” in the cause for which they strove, we dedicate this page. Our prayer is that " these honored dead shall not have died in vain, " and our purpose in life is to give ourselves as gladly for the cause of our Saviour as they gave their lives for the defense of our country. We know that they are happy with Him, and for their loved ones- who are left behind we pray that " the peace of God, which passeth all understand¬ ing shall keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. " 37 Cdawn, o£, J’cIJbjLUAhjLfi. Following the prompting of the Holy Spirit, seeking youth have been led to a DAWN OF FELLOWSHIP at Northwestern. “Truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son, Jesus Christ. . .We have come from various communities and environments. Many have never had the opportunity for true Christian fellowship. Here we have learned to live, work, pray, play and study with others of like faith in Christ Jesus. Here also the blessed¬ ness of communion with God has flooded our souls. The warmth of this new fellowship will blend beautifully into that bright day of service ahead with blessings untold until we meet at Jesus’ feet. . . . 9n, Qjui L " Bat za: will give ourselves continually to prayer, “ J c still, and know that am God: ' and to the ministry of the word ' Acts 6:4 Psalm 46:10a " But thon, zvhen thou prayest, enter into thy closet 3 and when thou hast shut thy door , pray to they Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth tn secret shall reward thee openly " Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart he acceptable in thy sight, 0 Lord, my strength, and my redeemer Psalm 19:14 Matthew 6:6 ■10 JimnA, . . . . . Study to he quiet ... " 7 hessalon i aits 4: If a ' Hut they that waif upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not he weary: and they shall walk and not faint 7 Isaiah 40:31 . . In returning and rest shall ye he saved; in quietness and in confidence shall he your strength Isaiah 30:15 " Commit thy way unto the Lord: trust ' also in him and he shall bring it to pass. 33 Psalm 37:5 41 42 Minneapolis Youth for Christ On alternate Saturday nights at Youth for Christ, meeting in Minneapolis ' largest auditorium under the Direction of George M. Wilson, ' 36, Northwestern students appreciate the opportu¬ nity to sing and fellowship with other young Christians of the city. Many have a chance for direct testimony and the win¬ ning of souls as they fill their Practical Work assignments from week to week. It has given us occasion to hear some of the nations best musical talent and messengers of God. In two years there has never been a Saturday night but what souls have been saved and a challenge to a deeper life has been accepted. The first objective of Youth for Christ is to win souls for Christ, and second, to give young people a clean Satur¬ day night environment. I • Vi " ' -’■ ' V’ Vh!-h ' rV ' ' ■ ' ' ' . . . dCwinq In these buildings our fellowship actual¬ ly DAWNS as the first persons we meet upon arrival in the Fall arc those with whom wo will live throughout the year. Around the breakfast tables each morn¬ ing we give our attention to the ' reading of God’s Word. Friendships begun here are true and lasting because they are based upon the love of Christ. Mother “R” Miss Carey JoqsdhsUi, . . . Who can understand the depths of these friendships, the joy of happy times shared? Who can know the peace of heart result¬ ing from a “little talk with Jesus 1 alone in one ' s room, the bonds between hearts as they kneel together in prayer, the sym¬ pathy of a housemother approached for help with a problem? Who—but those of us who have lived here have experi¬ enced all this? Mother Craig Aunt Ethel 45 Qua, (b widu Russell-Lyman Halls Fireside Stimson Homestead ■ 1 - ; y ' r ' v—■ ' V A (jJtfikinc Joqsdh A. Mrs, Wilcox, employment secre¬ tary, interviews prospective wage- earners. .Northwestern students are given the opportunity of employment during the alternoons. The jobs are many and varied—all the way Irom work in a mortuary to baby-sitting. (Planningp JoqsdhsiA, The .stuck ' nLs have an active part in maintaining an efficient and co-opera tivc student government. Representatives from each class are chosen to act on die Forum and to promote a better understanding lie- tween faculty and students. The Officer of the Day is one example of the work of the Forum’s activity. For those wish¬ ing to express themselves, there is die PILETTE, a bi-weekly edition for die students and by the students. Officer of the Day Forum Pilette Staff i ‘ ' - ' ft :. (pilot George M. Wilson Northwestern PILOT, in its twenty-sixth year, enjoys its widest circulation in its history. With Dr. W. B, Riley, Editar- in-Chief, and Mrs. W. B. Riley, Associate Editor, the maga¬ zine has to be good. The Publication Manager, George M. Wilson, produces the material presented from month to month and handles the layout and headings. Any student or prospective student may earn additional funds by securing subscriptions. The subscription price per year is $1.50 and a club of five for $6.00. The student is allowed fifty cents for each new one-year subscription and $2,00 lor a club of live. Churches or other groups can easily secure fifty to sixty subscriptions, thus helping a stu¬ dent pay his fees for one year. Sample copies are avail¬ able upon request. From the staff to the readers Hold ing forth the “Word of Life” through the printed page each month. r. ;ry ' r ::! : ;‘i ' ! y ’ftf, . H V i ' V’f . - • • Qsl. SociaL oCipL Freshmen Week tPlayimp . . . Each fall school life begins with parties designed to " keep freshmen from getting homesick” and to help them to become acquainted. These activities range from a street ear tour of the Cities to a slightly more digni¬ fied reception at the Y.W.ChA. The week before Christmas vacation a second round of parties is held Little studying is done for almost every class boasts a Christmas party. I Ins year the week’s activities were climaxed by a banquet at which the waiters’ chorus occupied a prominent place on the program. 52 , . . Picnic . . . JoqsdtPuih. Dawning of Decoration Day was the signal for the members of the North¬ western “family” to adjourn to the Medicine Lake grounds for a picnic Softball, volleyball, horseshoe pitching, rowing, and various race ' s were the order of the day As dusk settled, we gathered in Youth Chapel and enjoyed a si inspiration. Immediately afterward we retired to a huge bonfire in the field, where a blessed time of testimony marked the perfect end to a memorable day. (BanjcfmL JhiL flight Control Tower. ... Jim Hopf The Dope,,,.Kenny Knappen In a Fog.Underclassmen Delbert Gollke On the Beam. Seminary Robert Hart Ceiling Zero . Faculty Dean I. E. Hartill Flying High . ...Alumni Leroy Gager Signal Flare ..Ernest Wells Solo Flight ... Seniors Gale Baldridge Air Stewardesses.Girls ' Trio Flight Log.. Scroll Presentation Above the Clouds..Choral Club James P. Davies, Director Tables surrounded by jubilant young people . . . melodic strains filling a huge banquet room. Then a breathless silence, broken only by the swish of taffeta gowns, as honored Seniors slowly wend their way to the ap¬ pointed tables. From anticipation to realiza¬ tion as messages flash from a " control tower ' the banqueters find themselves " flying high ' Then ... a joyous challenge, a glorious climax . , presented by the Choral Club as they blend their voices to bring the spiritual message of life ABOVE THE CLOUDS. aP bL. A A " MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM—MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA Saturday, June 2, 1945—7:45 I M, DR. W. B. RILEY, CHAIRMAN Organ Program,..,.....,, Theodore Bergman Testimonies..... ...Alice Kipper. Robert Hart, Fanfare.Processional and Presentation Marvin Bostow Ralph Wilson . pROCESSlONAI, AND PrMSENTATION of Colors ' Tel Ratiler Have Jesus”. ..Beverly Shea Star-Spangled Banner.. ......Choral Club INvocation ., .Rev. John Ho user Offertory ..—■. Selected America........Audience Singing “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”,..... GHORAL CLUB D ist a h a t ion of A;va rds . Alumni Memorial Scholarship to Announcement of Senior Class Memoria 3....... Gali Baldridge Anne Osepchuk Presentation of Diplomas. ..J. Edwin Hart ill Houser Memorial Scholarship to n . % 1 Bestowal of Seminary Degrees:.... Dr. W. B. Riley Katmleen Sen ultz Ogden Chapman Scholarship to Richard Person M a ran at ha Scholarship U Iris Mills and Hkttie Begley Ka Men bach Scholarships to Bestowal of Honorary Degrees to John B. Houser, Ardell O. Look and Francis O. Peterson.....I)r, W + B. Riley Solo— Select ed . ....Bevkrly S i ea Lilv Axbkrson and Harold Krrokess Coinmcnceiiicnt Address. Dr. H. A. Ironside Colonel Miles Scholarship to Mary Towstik Rock of Ages.... Bryce B, Augsburger, Cornetist — Gene F,,. Sorenson, Pianist Postlude . . . 56 Benediction. Dr, Francis Peterson Sevenfold Amen. Choral Club muAk. SB | | I i -we LM Introducing Mr, William Berntsen —in action NORTHWESTERN SCHOOLS are keenly aware of the fact that much greater emphasis must he placed on Sacred Music and that every effort must he made to provide opportunity for the Christian to cultivate God-given talents in this important held. Therefore, tile new SCHOOL OF SACRED MUSIC, W. R_ Berntsen. dean, has been organized. While the chief concern of the MUSIC SCHOOL will he the development of highly trained and proficient church musicians—including Gospel soloists, pianists, organists, violinists and choral, or¬ chestral. and band conductors- scores of students in the College, Bible School, and Seminary will choose music courses as electives either for credit or personal development. Beginning with the Fall term. Northwestern will offer two complete courses of music in the Bible School leading to a certificate: courses leading to the Bachelor of Sacred Music degree in both the College and Seminary: besides offering the College or Seminary student possibilities of a minor field in Sacred Music. The dean of our new SCHOOL OF SACRED MUSIC 58 UoailipihA, ?{afummI siA£u 60 fiojfdu (Ba ksdbalL The athletic program of Northwestern was greatly enlarged this year. Morse Archer, a returned serv¬ iceman, was placed in charge of all athletics. The men s basketball team provided many thrilling games for the hundreds of students who followed the purple and gold cagers. The girls ' team was a consistent winner in their newly organized league. Intra-mural tournaments in basketball, volley¬ ball, softball, and tennis, were held after the close of the regular basketball season. Many of the students entered enthusiastically into the keen com¬ petition. The students are anxiously awaiting the completion of the new gymnasium and are looking foreword to a larger athletic program next year. 62 3 ! fia JudbajJL Championship Team Spring, dctwiticA. As most Northwesterners spend most of each day indoors, a few hours here and there are well spent playing tennis or softball in Lonng Park, Some go swimming at the V M or the Y. W, while others play volleyball or badminton to keep lit. (bawvLofc, OppnAhtmh We stand at the threshold of a new era. The eclipse of war is passed; the sunrise of new opportunities is facing each student. We rejoice in the presence of peace which stands in sharp contrast to the horrors of war. Neverthe¬ less, we must realize there is still hatred, strife, and suf¬ fering present in the world—the war did not end such problems. Overshadowing every domestic and national problem is sin. The world is filled with iniquity; war has failed to solve the sin question. The students of North¬ western Bible School are yearning to go out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to meet this problem. This Gospel is the only power in all the universe that can forgive sin and take it away. The DAWN OF OPPORTUNITY for us is to go with this Good News into all the world. Sin has reached every soul; His gospel must reach them, w i| jWc Jolloueflp - " Tr ! c )tdl tjcf licilk 1 ! iy Whr)e t bu JtjclvJc ■rtjc i; 4 1 1 1 1 2:12 t _ “Lift up your eyes, ” the Saviour says, “The harvest fields are white;” O look and heed the people’s need, They perish in the night! On ev’ry hand are multitudes In anguish tempest tossed; While it is day, O haste away, To seek and save the lost. 66 JhL XOIAJL Of, (pOWSrfU “PRAY YE THEREFORE 5 Matt. 9:38 Mission Band is an important part of the school life of a large number of Northwestern students. Meeting each morning for twenty-five minutes at 7: 10 in room 310, students interested in the need for world evangelism, meet for a time of singing, reading God’s W ord, presentation of mission¬ ary needs, and prayer for those people that have already gone into full¬ time missionary service. W ' e believe that the success and blessing of the school is in direct proportion with the interest in Mission Band. W ' c thank God for the blessed year that He has just given us. OFFICERS } J resident filen Teasdale I ' uv President Kenneth Kasincr Treasurer Jtolwrt Ifricn Mce nl i Ji g Sec rcim ' y Elsie litre I C ' or rcsp n (I itiff Sccrct tt n cs Mary Keeney Artmhdlo Tippett Associate Officers Senior, Esther liryjjgcr Junior, Eunice Johnson Freshman, Oiek Wym,i 67 (phSLdjmiinq ihsL UJifucL TRACTS—Life of a Tract 7:00 P.M.—Handed to a passerby. 7:10P.M.—Thrown down on the dusty streets. 7:15 P.M.—Picked up by a dirty, un¬ kempt hand, sworn at, tom in bits, and thrown on the sidewalk. 8:45 P.M.—Eyed by a filthy bedraggled bum. Pieced together in the palm of a rough hand. The words " CHRIST DIED FOR YOUR SINS " blazed into a sinsick heart and another soul was made a new crea¬ ture in Christ. The work of the tract was accomplished. Hospital Visitation The hospital group consists of students who spend their Sunday afternoons in singing and speaking to lonesome patients in Swedish Hospital, Miss Margaret Quist whose picture you see below said she enjoys their ministry in singing and visiting. This is only one of many who have expressed their ap¬ preciation. It is a work that the Lord is blessing, and we give Him the Praise for the opportunity to visit the sick. fiAodaimim iksL (x)ifuL During the school year, children are reached with the Gospel of Christ through the medium of Child Evangelism, Bible Clubs, Key to Life Classes, and Sunday Schools right here in Minne¬ apolis. However, the real blessings come when we leave the school halls after commencement and " make tracks " to the open doors of the rural schools and country churches to hold Daily Vacation Bible Schools. Here we see a Northwestern student with a group of D.V.B.S. attendants near Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and another student teaching the flannelgraph story, " Bambi and the Witch. " Each summer and throughout the other seasons, hundreds of children are not only taught of Jesus but receive Him into their hearts as their personal Saviour. A Sunday School in Session COhilsL phspcudnq CITY MISSIONS A chance is given every student to put to practical use the truths they have experienced in their own lives. Groups work together sending out the rays of light they have tak en in by the study of God ' s Word. The greatest joy experienced by the child of God is that of pointing others to the Saviour, STUDENT PASTORS What blessed months of inten¬ sive study are spent here at dear old Northwestern, How numerous are the doors of service that the Lord opens wide! . As we preach to soul-hungry individuals from all walks of life, it gladdens our hearts to be the Lord ' s instrument in pointing them to the new and liv¬ ing way . . . “because I live, ye shall live also " (John 14:19). 70 yyisidjud UL o taluL (BiblsL QiMjjsJwiaL “A VACATION WITH INSPIRATION” Last year marked the fiftieth session of the Northwestern Bible Conference which is held annually the two middle weeks of August at Mission Farms on beautiful Medicine Lake. It is a department of the Northwestern Schools, which combines recreation and instruction in the Word and promotes youth fellowship and leadership training. It serves the whole family and gives everyone a chance to get acquainted with the Northwestern faculty. Accommodations vary from large dorms to indi¬ vidual rooms and cabins suitable for various sizes of families and groups. Highlights of last year ' s Conference were Alumni Day. with its memorial service for “Uncle Bob” Moyer and the alumni banquet and the Youth for Christ clinics which were held for several days. However, to the attendants of the Conference every hour is a highlight packed with joy and inspiration. “Come ye yourselves apart . . and rest a while” (Mark 6:31). 71 Russian Department 3uoo1uwl T ' tfiwcUuL The Avar is over but there is no peace Nations arc restless—hatred predominates. National leaders arc promising to build a better world, and yet ail attempts are failing mis¬ erably Peace is impossible apart from the “Prince of Peace,” The Russian Department aims to evangelize Russian people, continue training missionaries, place Bibles into the hand of those who are hungry for them (150 million Russians have never had a copy of the Bible). support native Russian missionaries, and establish a Russian missionary school in Russia. YVe have faith in Christian people and we have faith in a great God: therefore, we are looking for great things. The postwar reconstruction period has begun. Ruined cities houses, institutions, and schools arc being rebuilt, but the most important fac¬ tor—the soul of man—is forgotten ' Very few care about reconstruction of the ruined hearts of men, women, and children who are groping hope¬ lessly through this life. Many arc so desperate that they are calling for death. Could this be overlooked? God forbid! This is the task of the Christian people. The only remedy for the war-torn nations is the Gospel and its program—mission work. It was God alone who led in the establishment of this Russian school —the only one of its kind in the United States of America. God has marvelously blessed it and is contin¬ uing u place His seal of approval upon its ministry. The Department is being sustained by faith and God has wnndrously supplied its needs. DIG VOJTA, Dean, and FRANCIS liARNICK, Secretary 7, IT ;Cy Ji JPul c YYhjdimL (DstfwJiimswJL The members of the Medical Department have a vision a vision of people dying in sin before someone can tell them the story of Jesus. These students have answered the command of their Mas ter, “Go ye into all the world.’ Their one de¬ sire is to give their best service to their Lord. This purpose led them to enroll in the Medical Department to become better prepared for their missionary work. In order to reach the souls of those in sin it is necessary sometimes to care for the physical illness of the body first. In bringing comfort to such a one the missionary is giving his most vivid testimony of the love of Jesus. Also the missionary, in order to do his best must keep healthy himself. He can do this only if he fully realizes how to care for himself and his family and how to avoid contracting the diseases which may he prevalent around him. I)r. Arthur L Karls trout, Dean These arc the two purposes of the Medical De¬ partment the teaching of the prospective mis¬ sionary, first, how to care for himself, and second. how to relieve, at least in part, physical suffering and illness so that people can better understand the love of Jesus The Medical Department offers a varied course in medical and surgical diseases with emphasis placed on the nursing care of these diseases. This course includes the study of anatomy and physiology, personal hygiene, obstetrics and child care, minor surgical emergencies, contagious diseases including tropical diseases and hygiene, and many others. Throughout the whole course the purpose of the students has been. “I am made all things to all men that 1 might bv all means save sonic” (L Cor, 9; 22b) 73 Across the sea, in sin and woe, Lost millions groan and cry; Like sheep distressed and shepherdless. They grope, they fall, they die! Since Thou, O Christ, hast loved me so And died on Calvary; And Thou dost plead, “O who will got Lord, here am t, send me. tu HOMELAND 1 THESE MILLIONS— " sii in darkness and in the shadow of death ' ' Lake 1:7 9 in thv u. 300,000 Indians 500 000 Migrants 500 000 Louisiana French 500,000 Southern Mountaineers 1,000,000 Mexicans l,OOQ f OQ0 On Western Plains, in Mountain Valleys 10,000,000 Negroes 30,000,000 Unevangelfied Children UNEVANGELIZED AMERICA! with fields ‘’white already to harvest”, is now awaiting consecrated “reapers.” Millions of the new generation are now arising in the underprivileged rural districts of the south and west, among the “highways and hedges " of our nation ' s vast farming areas, and on the “streets and lanes of the cities” from coast to coast. Multiplied millions of these, both youth and adult, know nothing of the way of salvation. “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.” Matt. 9:38 75 “Surely the isles shall wait for me . . , to bring thy sons from afar , . unto tire name of the Lord thy God’ 1 (Isa. 60:9) “And men shall worship him, every one from his place, even all the isles of the heathen " (Zeph. 2:11), While the eyes of Alaska are closed in sleep there are also other eyes that are peering from the darkness. Satan ' s eyes are ever and always upon this land of ice and snow; the eyes ol the religious sects are ever watch¬ ing, seeking whom they may devour; the eyes of greed for those things that perish are greedily scanning the land everywhere seeking more, MORE, MORE. We might say to Alaska that there is also One whose eyes are never closed in slumber; One who never sleeps but is ever seeking that one who has gone astray. Vi ;: r a « yc shall receive power . , . and ye shall be witnesses unto me. . in Jerusalem . , Judea, and in Samaria. , , (Acts 1:8), This is our Samaria. We have witnessed in our Judea here at home. We have attempted to reach the uttermost parts of the world. Why have we so long neglected our near neighbors? Our great Redeemer allays all fear of the most formid¬ able foe, for all power is given Him in heaven and earth. After we receive Him, His power is given us—what have we to fear? Few are the laborers in this Gods fruitful vineyard. Dare we as a Christian nation disregard our duty here? Dare we as commissioned individuals go on heedless of the millions going into a Christless eternity? Dare we not reach forth a hand to these for whom Christ died? ' i ' .; Vv ' H ' ' M ■ k V 1 5 Healing for the body an well as the soul ii f ray ye therefore the. Lord of the harvest " (Malt. 9:38) , . . “Prayer does not change the mind of God. but the heart of man” ise, let us be going (Matt. 26:46) . . . Oh come to them , + . these weary ones. W ho stagger onward through the storm. And yearning hands that reach and feel No pressure true and warm. V4 n{ t ° ' ! am with you " (Matt. 28:20). There is no heathen darkness so dense that the love of Christ cannot penetrate ' Y e have not chosen me, but have chosen YOU . . . that ye should go and bring forth fruit " (John 15:16), Light has come to darkened hearts 78 The opportunities ior preaching the Gospel in the Orient have never been better than they are now. The unsaved are wait¬ ing in their need for someone to tell them of the Saviour. The call comes not primarily from her great need, but from the Lord Himself to tell the people of the Far East that Christ died to re¬ deem them from their sin. 79 Riilh Ihrig, Grace Dciningcr, Beryl Girard and Dora Johnson, mission¬ aries in India, dressed in native Sari when they attended a dinner of rice and curry as guests of an interested Moslem in Ellichpur. Beryl Girard is burdened for each soul ol India as she writes ’’Each one is precious in the sight of the Lord; and we are eager to be able to speak to them. One of the missionaries is going home on furlough now, and there is no one to take her place. There is a great need here. Souls are going to a Christless eternity without hearing the way ol salvation. " " India has religion, but no Christ! " exclaims Ruth Ihrig. " Christian people, do not lessen your efforts to give these people the truth of God ' s Word! Going through a city of about 30,000 people and realizing that not one missionary is working there made our heads go down in shame. Can ' t more of you come out here and help us? " These pictures are used ilimtieli the courtly (»f die Kuropcnii Christian Misstou. Inc.. ] 1 01 Hast .V? Street JirookJyu New N ork. A missionary calls at a European home. Hmiies arc shattered and many limes utterly destroyed in ilii con¬ tinent. Oh. that someone would tell them the meaning of the Saviour ' s words, " In my Father’s house are many mansions ... I go to pre¬ pare a place for you " Jewish children receive the Scriptures from a missionary, Europe ' s orphans are desperate for food, clothing and shelter. Even great¬ er than this privation is that of souls who know not the Saviour, There is a crying need lor Christian orphanages to care for orphans ' spirit¬ ual and physical welfare. Surely, God has called some for this task. Are you willing to go? The lew of Europe finds himself to¬ day with little or nothing materially. Spiritually, he has a longing in his heart for peace, not knowing the Christ, Who, through belief in Him can give the peace which passeth under¬ standing. Baptismal Service in Soviet Russia ' RUSSIA HAS 233 Million Population 150 Million without the Bilile 189 Races 150 Languages 40 Religions " Russia is not a country—It is a world! " Our hearts re¬ joice in the prospect that is ours, as Christians, of conquer¬ ing this world for Christ. Russia today is ripe lor a spiritual harvest. People are being saved in homes, prisons, and concentration camps. The need is evident and urgent, but where are the laborers? God is calling for volunteers Jar the Russian field to bring in the sheaves and enrich the church of Christ. Are you one who will answer the call? Courtesy of European Christian Mission A Russian Service in Eastern Europe J ' mqtv WlAAwncuuf. fiolL £aUL AFRICA Barber, Carl ’37 •Buysc, Mrs. L. J. (Daphne Thompson ’20) Camp, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Fleming 22) Cam-day, Maynard ’26 Gattermolc, Doris 43 Deekntj Mrs, Ivan P. (Josephine Johnson ' 40) Doran, Ellen G, 30 Erickson, Ida ' 26 •Gocrtzen, Anna R, 34 larder, Agnes 37 Hicbert, Mr. John 37 and Mrs. (Hulda Friesen 37) Hildcbrandt, Mrs. John (Esther Faurst 39) JantZj Lydia ’30 •Jantz, Mr. William 28 and Mrs, (Fannie Rodger 27) Janzen, Mrs. Aaron F. (Martha Heibcrt 28) Johnson, Frank ex 32 •Kencke, Mr. Clifford ’38 and Mrs. (Ruth Nelson ’38) •Lundbeek, Martha 31 McCreary, Shirly 41 Michelson, Mr. George 30 and Mrs. (Verna Rust 43) Miller, Mr. Richard 36 and Mrs, (Mary Strong ' 36) •Nelson, Victor ’25 Quiring, Anna H. ’28 Reid head, Paris j. ’40 Rosenau, Mr. Fred ! 2Q and Mrs. (Ina E. Benedict ex 2G) Skiff, Arloene A. ’32 Smith, Wycliffe ex 18 Smithson, Myrna 43 Tcichrow, Albert ’39 Tobert, Mrs. Asaph (Carrie Swytcr ’34) Tuttle, Dr. Glen ex ’28 Westgate, Blanche 38 Whittaker, Mr. Charles 30 and Mrs. (Margaret A. Hendrickson 29) CANADA Campbell, Ruth 26 Campsall, Garnet ’30 Erickson, Mr. Jalmar L. 38 and Mrs. (Ruth Coming ’27} Kindred, Gloris 40 Olson, Aldrich 24 Plantz, Ralph 44 CHINA •Adency, Mrs. David (Ruth W. Temple 33} Anderson, Mrs. K, A. F. (Matilda Hagstrorn 21) Briscoe, Mrs. W. F. (Meta Kuehn ex 13 ) •Christianson, Victor 33 Giffin, Louise 38 Kraft, George 34 •Larsen, Edna ex 19 •Lindholm, Mrs. Godfrcv (Ethel Johnson 31) Nelson, Clara A. 17 •Nelson, Esther ex 39 Wedicson, Jennie 20 EUROPE Biorness, Mrs. Sigrid (Johanna Mysisven ex ' Hi Blocher, Jacques 30 •Ritchie, Mrs. A. (lone Pickering 33) INDIA Anderson, Mr. Arthur 32 and Mrs, (Isabel Barnett ’32} •Cook, Dr. William ' 26 and Mia. (Jennie Siemens ’26) Girard, Beryl 43 •Gustafson, Mrs N, (Jane Olson 16) Hudec, Elsie K. 43 Ilirig, Ruth 43 Johnson, Dora 43 Johnson, Olga ’18 •Laughlin, Marv 24 •Noel, Mrs, L, G. (Clara G. Levang 18) Wall, Mary E. 12 Williams, Harriet ISLANDS Barvillc, Mrs. G. C. (Edith Person ex 22), Curacao Russo, Sadie 26, Philippine Islands •Hahn, Bernice " 28, Philippine Islands •Lindholm, Mr. Paul 25 and Mrs. (Clara Malbana 27), Philippine Islands •Sirag, Mrs. Win. F, (Sylvia Cushing ’32), Java •Smith, Mr. Glenn 38 and Mrs. (Evelyn Johnson ' 41), Barbados, B. W, 1. MEXICO Fredrickson, Mrs. Iner (Lucy Cicwis ' ll) Jones, Wanda E. 44 Nelson, Elnora ’44 Pennington, Mr, Roy 37 and Mrs. (Esther Jacobson 37) Shortridge, Mr. and Mrs. Frank ex 30 Tcbben, Hannah 39 SOUTH AMERICA Alton, Mabel M. 31 Baker, Lettye M. 35 Barber, Mr. Harold 37 and Mrs. (Bertha Dahlenburg 40) Barber, Wayne 38 Beard, Mary 42 Blackball, S. Ralph 27 Brown, Malcomb 44 Bunker, Meric G. ’32 Carder, Mrs, J. L. (Helen R. Brown ex ’25) Carlson, Esther A. ex ’29 Coffey, Velma L. 32 Drown, Mr. Frank 44 and Mrs. {Marie Page 44) Ficke, Mrs. Michael j. (Ella Patzcdi 33) Friesen, Hcrmon 42 Gustafson, Mrs, Lloyd (Pearl Hanson 41) Jacobson, Lydia 10 Jacobson, Myrtle Irene 39 Jamieson, Gladys 41 Johnson, Marjorie A. ’31 Klaassen, Mr. Cornelius P, 28 and Mrs. (Mary M. He ikes ’29) Knutson, Mr. S. 32 and Mrs. (Bertha A. Poat cap 32) Martinson, Lois 34 Nordvcdt, Margaret ’44 •Pickering, Mr. Frank (Evangeline Payne ' 29) Prochnow, Orlett 42 •Reed, Mr. Robert 37 and Mrs. (Frances Norton 37) •Schlcuter, Alice E. 31 •Shillingsburg, Mr. William 30 and Mrs. (Florence Wright ' 32) •Trimble, Mr. Garnet 35 and Mrs. (Fern F. Sieger ’34} Turbett, Mr. Burton ex 46 and Mrs. (Coral Reinier ex 46) •Waagc, Miss Minnie 37 •Those now on furlough. This list does not contain the names of those graduates who have retired from service on the foreign held. The present addresses of the missionaries listed may he obtained by writing to the Northwestern Pitot. 83 jti :■ WHW 1 Tir •‘■ ' tv CONSIDER YOUR WAY! here is a way that seemcth right unto a man , but the cud thereof are the ways of death,” — Prov. 16 : 25 , Man’s Way " The way of man is freward and strange.” " My thoughts arc not your thoughts neither are My ways your ways.” “They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one.” Prov. 21:8; Isa. 55:8; Rom. 3:12. This Is the Way . . . Walk Ye in It “In the way of righteousness is life; and in the pathway thereof is no death,” God’s Way “As for God, Ilis way is perfect” “Thou wilt shew me the path of life.” “Having therefore , boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus, bv a new and living way , , . through the veil, that is to say 3 his flesh”—Ps. 18:30; Ps, 16:11 : Heb. ' l0:19, 20, Jesus said, ”1 am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by Me.” “He that Cometh unto Me I will in no wise cast out.” “He that hath the Son hath life and He that hath not the Son hath not life,”—John 14:6; John 6:37: 1 John 5:12. ‘ Believe on the Lord Jesus Chist, and thou shall be saved.”—Acts 16:31. Choose God’s Way 84 FALL OPENING 1946 The opening dale for the next term will hr September 11, 1946. II possible, applications should he 1 sent to tlu i school at least a month before the opening date, accompanied by a small photo¬ graph of the applicant, and a list of credits from other educational institutions previously attend¬ ed. The doctor’s certificate and reports of all tests given by him are to be in the ' hands of the Registrar before the student may register. For further information, for catalogs, and application blanks, write to the Registrar, 20 South i 1 tli Street, Minneapolis 2. Minn. Calendar September 11—Wednesday 8:30 to 12:30—Registration for all new students—Bible School, College, and Semi nary. Chor¬ al Club tryouts for Bible School and College, September 12- -Thursday 8:30 to 12:30—junior Bible School Registration Sophomore and Junior College Registration 9:00 to 10:30—English Placement Examination for new students Continued tryouts for Choral Club Entrance English Examination for all College graduates 10:30 to 11:45—Orientation lecture for Freshmen—Bible School, College, and Seminary September 13—Friday 8:30 to 12:30—Senior Bible School and Seminary Registration Music Tryouts 8:00 to 9:15—Examination on Information Folder 7:30 P.M Reception for new students Freshman activities for die week include: Fellowship meetings: Singspiraiion; Amateur Night program; street car tour of the Twin Cities. September 16—Monday 8:00 A.M. —Opening Chapel Followed by regular classes First Semester No change in the student’s program may he made after Monday. Sept. Ifi. September 16-—Classes begin October 28—Six Weeks’ Examinations begin November 21 or 28—Thanksgiving vacation (yet to be decided by the President of the U. S.!) December 20 through January 6, 3 947—Christmas Vacation January 20 through January 24—First Semester Examinations Second Semester Registration Week January 27, 1947, through January 31. 1947 Monday, January 27—Freshman Bible School, College, and Seminary Tuesday, January 28—Registration Wednesday, January 29—Junior Bible School, College Sophomore and Junior Registration Thursday, January 30—Senior and Seminary Registration Friday, January 31- All new students Second Semester No change in the student’s program may be made after January 31. February 3—7:40—Classes begin March 17—Six Weeks’ Examinations begin March 28 through April 7—Easter Vacation May 2—Annual banquet in honor of Seniors s May 16—School picnic May 22 through May 28—Final Examinations May 28—Commencement Any registration completed after September 13, will be considered a late registration for which there will be an additional charge ol $2.00. In the event the entire registration fee is not paid at the time of registration, there will be an additional charge of $2.00. For any examination not taken at the appointed hours, September II-September 13, there will be a charge of $1.00 each Any girl depending on the school for work in exchange for board and room should report not later than September 4, 1946. For the best opportunities report before that time We cannot place any students during the opening week of school. Dormitory facilities arc limited and varied. Preference will be given to younger students. Get your reservation in early; each reservation must be accompanied by a $5,00 deposit which will he ap¬ plied toward the room rent, but will not be returned in ease the room is not taken In east 1 the dormitories are overcrowded, outside rooms will be appiovcd by the Faculty General Requirements I he Northwestern Schools provide an opportunity for training in three separate and distinct organizations: Bible and Missionary Training School, Theological Sem¬ inary, and Liberal Arts College, To assure completion of the student ' s application in plenty of time lor the scheduled enrollment, the same should be made at least one month in advance of the opening of school. Each applicant is expected to meet the following requirements; he should he at least 17 years of age {exceptions may be made in the event a student has been graduated from high school before his seventeenth birthday) ; he will be expected to pass a physical examination given at the school at the time of his enrollment; he must have an approved character, a willingness to work, to be taught, criticized, and guided. Students will not be given credit for work completed if they enroll after the third week oi school in any semester. Past experience has proved that to accomplish the best work, a student should enroll at the beginning of the fall term rather than at the opening of the spring term. However, we have many spring registrations and they are accepted. A summer school session is held for eight weeks. Regular credits may be obtained toward graduation. Graduation Requirements I OR BIBLE SCHOOL, THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, COLLEGE ! o be graduated from any of the three schools , a student must complete satis¬ factorily the requirements in the outlined course. I he amount of work pursued by a student is estimated in credit hours; the quality or grade of his work, in honor points. I he requirement for graduation is an honor-point ratio of 1.0. The honor-point ratio is calculated by dividing the total number of honor points earned by the total number of credits earned. Bible and Missionary Training School 1 lie applicant for this school should have an approved Christian character. Inasmuch as wo believe the Lord does call into His service those who have been denied the privilege of education and does use them in winning souls, no one who has felt the call will he refused admission because of lack of previous education. We advise, however, preliminary training at least to the extent of a high school education. Although the courses are outlined so as to he completed in three years, it is usually advisable for those who have not been privileged to attend high school and for those who find it necessary to work more than the allotted hours—to take four years to complete the work. 86 Courses of Study The BIIiLE COURSE is primarily for (hose who fed called to the ministry, or for those who want a thorough working knowledge of the Bible. The MISSIONARY COURSE is for those who feel led of God to offer themselves for home or foreign missionary service. The BIRLE-SECRETARIAL COURSE is for those who are preparing to be pastors 1 assistants and secretaries. No secretarial work will be given before the Junior year. The BIBLE-MUSIC COURSE is arranged for those who feel called to serve in Christian work through the avenue of music. The CHRISTIAN EDUCATION COURSE is offered for those who wish to serve in the field of Sunday School or Christian Education. The RUSSIAN COURSE is presented for those who feel a definite call to mis¬ sionary work among the Russian people, home or foreign. Theological Seminary Resident Study No student will receive any degree from the Northwestern Theological Seminary without spending at least one year in resident work. Furthermore, no degree will be conferred upon a student until his required work has been completed and all financial obligations paid. Requirements for Degrees The Northwestern Theological Seminary in its regular courses, offers Ih.B., B.D., and B,R,E. degrees. Higher degrees belong to the graduate school of Theology, Th.B. The degree of Bachelor of Theology will be conferred upon those who have com¬ pleted two years of study at a recognized college, and have completed the same amount of work as is indicated in the catalog for a B.D, degree. The requirements for the Thesis for this degree are the same as for the B.D. degree. B.D. The degree of B.D. will be conferred upon those candidates who have a B.A, from a recognized college or university, and who have completed the Seminary work as prescribed in the catalog for a B.D, degree. In addition to these seminary courses, the candidate must write a thesis of 10,000 words on a subject approved by the faculty under the leadership of the professor in whose field he takes his major. The outline for such a thesis must be presented to this professor not later than November 15 of the academic year in which the candidate plans to graduate. The thesis must be presented in typewritten form for approval not later than May 1, preceding graduation. B,RX. The degree of B.R.E. will be conferred upon those who have completed two years of work at a recognized college. The course for this degree will be the same as for a B.D., except that die candidate will be required to take work in Religious Education instead of Hebrew. Requirements for the thesis are the same as for a B.D. 87 Graduate School of Theology Master of Theology The degree of Th.M will be conferred upon those candidates who having brought to us an A.B. degree from a recognized liberal arts college or university, and a degree of R.D. from Northwestern or an accredited theological seminary, completes such work as Is prescribed hv Northwestern Seminary for a Th.M. Resident Study One year of resident study must be taken in Northwestern Theological Seminary. Courses of study are outlined in the catalog for a Th.M, degree. Each student will select his major and minor to be approved by the graduate faculty. High scho¬ lastic averages must he maintained throughout die course. Thesis A satisfactory thesis of no less than 20,000 words must be written. Such a thesis must show the ability of the candidate in research work. The outstanding field of study will be selected in major and minor courses, and approved by the graduate faculty. The thesis must show tile literary ability, originality, and scho¬ lastic achievement of the candidate. The professor in the field in which the candi¬ date takes his major will be the adviser of the candidate under whose direction the work will be done, and the professor will be informed about the progress of the work on the thesis. The outline for the thesis must be submitted by November t of the first semester of study, and three copies of the thesis must be handed to the graduate committee not later than April 15. Every candidate must defend Ins thesis before the graduate faculty. The time of the oral and written examination will be announced before M ay 1, If the committee approves the work of the candidate, and if he passes the final examination satisfactorily, the candidate will be recommended for the degree of Th.M. M.R.E. The degree of Master of Religious Education will be conferred upon those who, bringing to us an AJi. degree from a recognized college, and a B.R.E. from the Northwestern Theological Seminary or other accredited Theological institution, complete such work as is prescribed by us for an M.R.E. The work for this degree is the same as outlined for Th.M. with the exception that the candidate does not lake Greek. In place of this he may choose from electives a sufficient number of credits required for a Th.M.: that is, 32 credits, and he should major in Religious Education. Electives for Religious Education will be provided for these degrees. Degree of Doctor of Theology E n t ran cc R eq u i re nien 1 s A candidate for Th.D. must send His application to the Graduate Committee before he will be enrolled for this degree. This committee will determine whether the candidate will ' he admitted to the Graduate School of theology. 1 he course of study for the degree will be prescribed and approved by the faculty. Only students with superior ability will be admitted into the graduate school of Iheology. Prerequisite Requirements A candidate must have a B.A. degree or its equivalent from a recognized college or university. In addition to a B.A., a candidate must have a Th.M. from this institution or a corresponding degree from some other recognized seminary, pro¬ vided that this degree will include a working knowledge of the Greek and Hebrew languages. Besides the Greek and Hebrew languages, a candidate should have a working knowledge of the language that will he required for his major. This language may be Spanish, French, Latin, or German, or some other language that will be accept¬ able to the faculty. Every candidate should present satisfactory evidence from the schools from which he has been graduated that he possesses scholarly ability for graduate work. Even ' applicant must have an average of 90 in His Master’s degree in order to be admitted for Th.D. Resident Requirements A candidate must spend two semesters in the school classrooms. I he work will be assigned by the faculty under the leadership of the professors with whom he takes his major and minor work Beside the residents study, the candidate will do his research work in writing a thesis Thesis Requirements A thesis of no less than 45.000 words must be written by the candidate in the field that will be chosen by him and approved by the faculty. The outline must be submitted to the Professor in whose department he takes his major, six weeks after enrollment The candidate must keep his professor or adviser informed of the progress of his work. Such thesis should be worthy of its publication, 1 luce copies must be. handed to the Committee of Graduation not later than April l. Final Examination A final examination shall be given to the candidate at the end of his graduate year The examination will be oral and written, conducted by the professor in whose department he has taken his major, assisted by the professor in whose department he takes his minor, and by other members of the faculty who may he asked to participate. Such examination will include a review of major and minor subjects, and also of the field of study for the thesis. The candidate must be pre¬ pared to defend his thesis before the graduate faculty. Written examinations will be given by professors under whose leadership the major and minor work was done. All the other details will be arranged by the committee on graduation. Northwestern College An applicant for College entrance should be a graduate of ail accredited high school Students of maturity who have not completed their high school work may, upon approval of the Scholarship Committee, enroll in the college after successfully passing the entrance examinations If such a student meets the educational require¬ ments for the first year, he may continue his college work. After successful com¬ pletion of the courses prescribed, he will receive the regular degree The college curriculum leads to the Liberal Arts degrees and at the same time permits the student to enjoy the Christian fellowship found in the three schools. In addition to the regular secular studies, students are required to take pre¬ scribed courses in the English Bible. The course of study has been carefully outlined for the first two years, and is presented herein. The work in the Junior and Senior years depends on the field in which the student takes his major. Majors will be available in Bible, English, History, Philosophy, and Christian Education For detailed description of courses and requirements, write for a catalog. Address Registrar, 20 South 11th Street, Minneapolis 2, Minnesota 89 FRIENDS OF A Friend Anderson, Edward, Spokane, Wash. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. G. H., Spokane, Wash. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs, Keith, Granada, Minn, Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Hopkins, Minn Anderson, Rev, Stanley ’24 and Inda ' 26, Chicago, 111. Albrecht, Mr and Mrs. J., Fargo, N. D. Antique Corner at Trading Post, 911 Marquette Aye., Minneapolis, Minn. Arhogast, Mr. and Mrs. Howard, Ilopkins, Minn, Arhogasl, Willis, Hopkins, Minn, Archer. Mr. and Mrs. John. Menomome, Wis, Bailey, Rev. and Mrs. Roscoe, Mead, Neb. Barden, Mr. and Mrs. C. M., Addy, Wash. Barden, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. and family, Spokane, Wash, Batchelor, Mr. and Mrs. Ed, Hopkins, Minn. Beals, Mr, and Mrs. Richard, Minneapolis, Minn. Bell, Lou, Des Moines, la. Bengston, Miss Til lie, Hopkins, Minn. Benhardus, Mr. and Mrs. Earl, Hopkins, Minn. Ben hard us, Mr, and Mrs. Marvin, Richville, Minn. Benton, Mr. and Mrs. John, Minneapolis, Minn, Benton. Mr, and Mrs. L, W., Arapahoe, Colo. Berg, Mr. and Mrs. O. E., Minneapolis, Minn. Bet tonga, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey, George, la. Bigalow, Evelyn. Bassett, la. Billing ton, Flossie, Minneapolis, Minn. Bird. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, Detroit, Mich. Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. Paul a nd daughter, Minneapolis, Minn. Bixby, Mr. and Mrs. |. W., Richville, Minn. Bixby, Lois, Feigns Falls, Minn. Bjornstad, Elaine, Richville, Minn. Frees, Lois, Minneapolis, Minn. Bricn, Neva, Pontiac, Mich, Brygger, Rev, and Mrs. J. R, r Tyler, Minn. Bunker, Mr. and Mrs. D. T., East Jordan, Mich. Bushnell, Mr. J. E., Minneapolis, Minn. Buthod, Lucy, Minneapolis, Minn. Butler, Lt. and Mrs. Harlow, Minneapolis, Minn. Gathers, Minnetonka Mills, Minn. Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. Richard A., Minneapolis, Minn. Campbell. Mrs. Grace, Lake Crystal, Minn. Carsten, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Hastings, Minn. Christiansen, Atta, Minneapolis, Minn. Clevenger, Cecile, Lima, Ohio Collins, Laura, Los Angeles, Calif. Congregational (Second) Christian Endeavor, Eau Claire, Wis. Cooper, Manilre, Arnes, la. Cornwall, George, VVest Liberty, Mich. Crow. Mrs. Edna, St, Paul. Minn. Cook, Mrs. Mary, Herman, Minn. Dexter Baptist Church, Dexter, Ore. Diercks, Janice and Joan, Red Wing, Minn. Dock ter, Pvt. Adam, Fort Bliss, Texas Drown, Mrs. Jay, Curlew, la. Ducrre, Mr. and Mrs. Evan J., Minneapolis, Minn, Eggert, Mrs, S, R., Minneapolis, Minn. Elliott. Mr. and Mrs. Richard, Minneapolis. Minn. Engehretson, Mr. and Mrs. A. M., Litchfield, Minn. Erlandson, Doris W.. Black Eagle, Mont. Essick. Mr. and Mrs, Luther, Spokane, Wash. Evans, Thomas, Minneapolis, Minn. Evdand, Betty, Backus, Minn. EvelaiuL Gladys, Redby. Minn. Eve land. Helen, Madison. Va. THE SCROLL Fast, Frances, Delft, Minn. Fast. Myrtle (., Bingham Lake, Minn. Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Harry, Minneapolis, Minn. Fcryance, Dan, Sheldon, Wis. Fischer, Florence, Minneapolis, Minn. Franke, Otto, Minneapolis, Minn, Franklin Printing Co., 1908 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. Frans, Helen, Bingham Lake, Minn. Fnesen, Miss Susie, Bingham Lake. Minn. Funk, Dorothy, Waupaca, Wis. Gager, Paul David, Minneapolis, Minn. Geiken, Mrs, Lydia, Hastings, Minn. Geiszler, Mr. and Mrs. Ben, Fargo, N. D. Geiszler, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert, Sacramento, Calif. Geiszler, Miss Violet, Sacramento Calif. Grate, Mrs. Leona, Minneapolis, Minn. Grey, Alice, Sunrise, Minn. GrafT, Mr. and Mrs. J., Minneapolis, Minn. Gustafson, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, Minneapolis, Minn. Guthrie, Bonnie, St. Paul Park, Minn. Hagen, M. D., Minneapolis, Minn. Hall, Rena, Wayzata, Minn, Haaugcn, T, Mary, Minneapolis, Minn, Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey, Hastings, Minn. Hanson, May me Louise, Minneapolis, Minn. Harder, Mr. and Mrs. Harry, Minneapolis, Minn Hart ill, Marilyn Joyce, Minneapolis, Minn. Haskins, Mr. and Mrs. Glen, Spokane, Wash. Haskins, Shcrryl Lurlene, Spokane, Wash, Hennepin Hardware Co,. 909-913 Hennepin Ave., Minneapol i s, Mi n n, Heeler, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, Minneapolis, Minn. Helmets, Rose, Sibley, la. Hilscn, Mr, and Mrs. Ben, Hopkins, Minn. HofT, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A., Venturia, N. D. Hoffman, Mr. E., Minneapolis, Minn. Holcomb, Fern, Forest City, la. Hughes, Mrs. Etta, Minneapolis, Minn. Hultgren, Dr. and Mrs. C. V., Minneapolis, Minn. Jencks, Elizabeth, Pontiac, Mich. Jcnz, Mrs. Edna L., Winona Lake, Ind. Johnson, Mrs. Allie, Alta, la. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew, Minneapolis, Minn. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs, Arthur, Hopkins, Minn. Johnson, Beverly, North Branch, Minn. Johnson, Rev. and Mrs. Frank, Nigeria, Africa. Johnson, Henry A., Poplar, Wis. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry L., Mankato, Minn. Johnson, Roy D., Hastings, Minn, Johnson, Vivian,,Minneapolis, Minn. Johnston, Minnie Jane, Rhinelander, Wis. Jones, Mrs. Lawrence, Minneapolis, Minn. Joscphson, Joseph, Coleharhor, N. D. Keene, Mrs. Lena, Hastings, Minn. Keeney, Mr. and Mrs. Vaderon, Dexter, Ore. Keeney. Mr. and Mrs. Walter, Dexter, Ore. Kelby, Mr. and Mrs, E. L,, Minneapolis, Minn. Kelley, Sgt. Charles G., Augusta, Ga, Kephart, Mr. and Mrs. W. F.. Denver, Colo. Kcphart, Charles H., Arapahoe, Colo. Kilt 1 . Mr. and Mrs. Elvin and family, Granada. Minn. Klasscn, Mr. and Mrs. B. B., WIndent, Minn. Koehler, Mrs. Henry, Fremont, Nebr. Koepke, Dorothy. Council Bluffs, la. Kuehl, Chaplain Delbert, Hopkins, Minn. Kurzweg, Mr. and Mrs. G., Per Icy, Minn. Labrenz, Lois, Packwaukcc, Wis, Lang, Albert J.. Minneapolis, Minn. Lnngclctt, Mrs. Clara. Thief River Falls, Minn. Larson, Betty, Santa Ana, Calif. Lemon, Mr. and Mrs, Harold, Des Moines, la. Lemon, Mrs. Lewis, Des Moines, la. Lindquist, Mr. and Mrs. S. Minneapolis, Minn. Loewen. Rev. Frank W,, Do]and, S. D. Loren sen, Edith B,, Minneapolis, Minn. Lowry, Mrs. Earl, Minneapolis, Minn. M. G. Dry Cleaners, Minneapolis, Minn. Magnuson, Ruth, Minneapolis, Minn. Marshall, Avis, Minneapolis, Minn. Matteson, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd M., Minneapolis, Minn. Mayer, Mr. and Mrs. Fred, Fremont, Nebr. McClain, Mrs. J. ? Eugene, Ore. McPherson, Betty, Hastings. Mich. McTcer, Paul, Hazel Park, Mich. MchlhofT, Mrs. Emma, Parks ton, S. D. Meyer, Margaret, Minneapolis, Minn. Midland ' s Stationery Store. 911 Marquette Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. Mission Baptist Church, Knapp, Wis. Mills, Elizabeth, Waterloo. Ia. Mitchell, Ernestine, Eugene, One Mize, Grace, Atlanta, Ga. Mosier, Lyle, Lake Benton, Minn. Mosier, Mrs. Lyle. Lake Benton, Minn. Moss, Mary. Minneapolis, Minn. Nelson, Albert, Minneapolis, Minn. Nelson, Gust, Hopkins, Minn. Nelson, Thelma, Hopkins, Minn. Neville, Burnette, Minneapolis, Mum, Nielson, August, Alta, la. Nigh, Mr. and Mrs. Donald T., Whittier, Calif. Norris, Mrs. Nora, Des Moines, la. Olson. Miss Ailecn, Hopkins, Minn. Olson, Mr, and Mrs. Axel, Hopkins, Minn. Olson, Marian E., Minneapolis, Minn. Otlcy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Waverly, Nebr. Otley, Helen, Waverly, Nebr, Otlcy, Laura Lea, Waverly, Nebr. Otlcy, Nina, jean, Waverly, Nebr. Otte, Grandma, Hastings, Minn. Par ten. Joyce, Welch, Minn. Pederson, Mr. and Mrs. L. A., Hastings, Minn. Peters, Harley, Spirit. Lake, la. Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence, Hopkins, Minn. Peterson, Herbert S,. Poplar, Wis. Peterson. Mr. and Mrs. Howard, Minneapolis, Minn, Peterson. Laura, Bismarck, N, D. Peterson. Lee, Jackson, Minn, Peterson, Mrs, Marcnus, Alta, Ia. Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Martin M., Jackson. Minn. ' Peterson. Miss Pearl, Hartley, la. Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne W.. Jackson, Minn. Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. and family, Bancroft, Ia. Pcttijohn, Ethel, Hopkins, Minn. Pittman, Evelyn, Adams, Nebr. Plaggcrman, Frances, Hasty. Minn. Pratt, Corrine, Minneapolis, Minn. RainCj Mrs. Robert, Minneapolis, Minn, Rekstad, Mr. and Mrs. John, Hastings, Minn, Rcidler, Dick, Minneapolis, Minn. Rex ford, Mr. and Mrs. Dale, Klamouth Falls, Ore Richardson, Mrs. H. G., Minneapolis, Minn. Richards, Lorraine, Belle Fourche, S. D. Richmond, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice, Lake Crystal. Minn. Robertson. Dorothy, Ban don, Ore. Ronngren, Mr. and Mrs. Harold, Minneapolis, Minn. Rypkcma, Doris, Pine City. Minn. Rypkema, Mr. and Mrs. Hanncs, Pine City, Minn. Samsel, Mr. and Mrs. E. C., Minneapolis, Minn. Sanderson, Mr. and Mrs. C. A., Minneapolis, Minn. Sawotsky, Rev. and Mrs. Leslie, Big Lake. Minn. Schinkel, Evelyn, Minneapolis, Minn? Schmidt, Pfc. Abe, Mountain Lake, Minn. Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin, Streeter, N. 1). Schmidt, Mrs. J. W., Streeter, N. D. Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. M. E., Robhinsdale, Minn. Schol. Duane and Corwin, Minneapolis, Minn. Schubert, Mr. and Mrs. Richard, Minneapolis Mi nil. Scott, Leimre. Minneapolis, Minn. Sees, Miss Ethel, Minneapolis, Minn. Seilling, Mr. and Mrs, A, B., Eugene, Ore. Sheplec, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth, Huntley, Minn. Sheppard, E. M. 2 e, Donald L., Minneapolis, Minn. Sheppard, Mr, and Mrs. E. L.„ Minneapolis, Minn. Siemens, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. and boys, Denver, Colo. Siemens, Dr, and Mrs. John, Hollywood, Calif. Siemens. Richard, Hollywood. Calif. Siemens, Rhoda. Hollywood. Calif. Siemens, Robert, Hollywood, Calif. Siemens, Ruth, Hollywood, Calif. Skoglund, Ethel. Minneapolis. Minn. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Minneapolis. Minn. Smith, Mrs. A. J., Forest City, la. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, Hastings, Minn. Smith, Margaret, Lake Benton, Minn. Summerville, Art, Oshkosh, Wis. Sorenson, Rev. P. C, T Fargo, N. 1). Splinter, Mr. and Mrs. Ed, Lake Crystal. Minn. Stahl, Darlene, Doland, S. 1). Stahl, Jake S,, Doland, S. D. Stahl, Mrs. Jake S., Doland, S. D. Stall], Sylvia, Doland, S. ID, Stahl, Vesta. Doland, S. D. Steel, Alice Jane, Minneapolis, Minn, Stephens, Mr. Lester, Hillsdale, Wis. St rah an, Mrs. J. C., Waverly, Nebr, Streed Electric, Minneapolis, Minn. Street, Ethel A. t Minneapolis. Minn. Sutherland, Ren, Lake Crystal, Minn. Taylor, Miss Grace, Randall, Minn. Taylor, Dr, W L., Minneapolis, Minn. Thimscn, Mr, Donald, Hopkins, Minn, Thimsen, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Seymour. Hopkins, Minn Thimscn, Mr. and Mrs. Seymour, Hopkins, Minn. Trade, Mr. and Mrs, Earl, Minneapolis, Minn, Tschctter. Edward J., Minneapolis. Minn. Unrich, Mr. and Mrs, John. Shafter, Calif. Vosler, Ruth, Detroit, Mich. W ebster. Dr, Mance IL, Eugene, Ore. Weisser, Mr. and Mrs, Frank. Fargo } N. D. Wells, Ernest R., Minneapolis, Minn. Whiting, Dr. Carl E., Minneapolis, Minn. Wilcox, Mrs. Ethel, Minneapolis, Minn. Williams, Mrs. Irene, l)es Moines, la, Wilke, Mrs. Otto, Hastings. Minn. W illiams, Alberta, Des Moines, Ia, Wilson, Faye, Minneapolis, Minn. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs, Ralph, Port Yuenemc, Calif. Woodman, Elaine, Grey Eagle, Minn. Woodman, Cecelia, Grey Eagle, Minn. Woodman, Mrs. Mildred, Grey Eagle, Minn. Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon, Spokane, Wash. Wyatt, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac, Minneapolis, Minn. Yoerg, Sheldonna, Hopkins, Minn. Zabels Grocery, 88 r Spruce Place. Minneapolis, Minn. Zittlcman, Dorothy E., Minneapolis. Minn. GREETINGS STUDENTS AND ALUMNI MEDICAL DEPARTMENT FOR YOUR NEEDS IN BOOKS, BIBLES. FRAMED PICTURES, “I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. " I Cor. 9:22b S.S. SUPPLIES, AWARDS AND GOSPEL MUSIC Avail Yourself of the Services Offered at the DR. ARTHUR KARLSTROM DR. JAMES WEIR DR. STANLEY STONE DR. CHARLES ALING DR. EARL LOOMIS FAMILY ALTAR BOOK SHOP 11 So. 8th St. Minneapolis, Minn. Courlesy Discounts to Students and Pastors DR. T. A. HANSEN miss thora McCauley, r.n. FRIENDS TEACHERS Compliments of THE IRIS CAFE 1034 Nicollet Avenue Greetings from Silver Crest Baptist Church Branch of First Baptist Church and Pontiac Youth for Christ Rev. Robt. W. Fischer, Pastor and Director Distinctive and Superior Service . COMPLIMENTS LAWRENCE ' S OF A FRIEND Cleaners - Dyers - La under ers Main Plant: Fourth Ave. South and 17th St. Phone: Atlantic 5521 GOOD BOOKS Are Essential to Good Christian Living SOUTH AFRICA GENERAL MISSION FREE 23 Flat Bush Ave, S1.50 Book When You Subscribe to the Northwestern Book Club Brooklyn, New York Write for free information about the Northwestern Book Club, and monthly book review magazine of the latest and best Christian literature. Proclaiming Salvation Through Christ in South and South Central Africa Send for catalog of fundamental Chris¬ tian literature. Serving the Lord in the Congregational Churches at Walnut Grove and Garvin, Minn. NORTHWESTERN BOOK AND REV AND MRS. LEE C. STATE " ' We preach Christ crucified " BIBLE HOUSE Department S COMMERCIAL CREDIT CORP. 43 South Eighth Street Minneapolis 2, Minnesota Installmen! Financing and Personal Loans MAdison. S393 123 Gran! St. S. J. LINDQUIST —TAILOR COMPLIMENTS OF THE GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH Cleaning — Pressing — Repairing 1413 Chicago Ave. Phone Atlantic 9145 Minneapolis 2100 East 38th Street Minneapolis 7, Minn. A. KENNETH HAM, PASTOR Romans 5:8 OAKLAND BAPTIST CHURCH Matthew 9:37 r 38 ’’Then saith he unto his disciples. The harvest Oakland, Minnesota truly is plenteous, but the labourers are lev ; " Holding forth the Word J ' Pray ye therefore the Lord of harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest. " GLASSES Made in My Own Shop BFL 4763 RADIO CLINIC Radio and Refrigeration Service DR. GEO. O MOSS Optometrist 18 South Seventh Street All Electrical Appliances General Electric and Emerson Radios W. A. Braflord 1325 Nicollet Ave. For a Considerate Service— ALBIN FUNERAL HOME Paul Albinson, Director and Owner 1400 Park Avenue Minneapolis, Minn s T U D Y tudy to show thyself approved unto God . . II Tim. 2:15 he Lord is not slack concerning His promise , , r II Pet, 3:9 nto Him Who is able to keep you from falling . r Jude 24 ©light thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart, " Psalm 37:4 e have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you that ye should go and bring forth fruit . . John 15:16 94 Hager City Presbyterian Church Bernard Edinger ' 44, Pastor Our three-point program: A Faithful Home Ministry—Preaching Christ— Crucified, Risen, Coming Again, An Gulreaching Ministry— ' Two Missionaries— One in India; one in China. A Representative Ministry-—Several Young Peo¬ ple giving their lives for Christian service. THE DULUTH BETHEL SOCIETY Duluth, Minn. " He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life. " I John 5:12 " And now abideth faith, hope, charily, Ihese three; but the greatest of these is charily, " I Corinthians 13:13. MR, AND MRS. W. F. FRANK AND GARY Minneapolis, Minnesota YOUNG PEOPLE ' S SOCIETY Huntley Baptist Church Huntley, Minn. Otha B. Holcomb, Pastor " Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine hearl. " Ps 37:4 JOE BILLMAN , MORTUARY 2121 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. " Nutritional Foods for Special Diets " THE PAVO COMPANY FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Junction City, Kansas FAMOUS FOR THE GOSPEL Dolovan J. Hmkson, Pastor 1 We Preach: The Inspired Book The Precious Blood The Blessed Hope ' Righteousness exalted a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. " Prov. 14:34 ST. JAMES HOTEL 1 Res. Phone CO, 7734 Bus. Phone AT. 3713 PARKS FLORIST 615 Hennepin Ave, H r F. Parks Minneapolis, Minn. STROMBERG TRUNK CO. Manufacturers of High-Grade Trunks, Luggage, Brief Cases 1007 Marquette Bridgeporl 2325 " How shall they believe in Him of whom they have not hoard? " Romans YOU CAN HEAR WITH HEARING INSTRUMENTS M0 A W ff M Internationally known quality and precision tillers to ihe individual sj after scientific audiometric lest, by the suppliers of 90 per cent ol the • precision hearing test instruments used in America, W j Mai co Distributors in: Perth, West Australia London, England . Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Honolulu, T.H. i Santiago, Chile Mexico City, D.F. Bogota, Columbia Cape Town, S. Africa | Auckland, New Zealand ; 95 ISAIAH Chapter 6 In the year that King Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple. 2. Above it stood the seraphims: each one had six wings; with twain he covered his face, and with twain he covered his feet, and with twain he did fly. 3. And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory. 4. And the posts of the door moved at the voice of him that cried, and the house was filled with smoke. 96 5. Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; be¬ cause I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts. 6. Then flew one of the seraphims unto me, hav¬ ing a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar: 7. And he laid it upon my mouth, and said, Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged. 8. Also I heard the voice of the Lord saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, HEBE AM I LORD; SEND ME. THE FRESHMEN CLASS OF ' 46 97 ICE CUBES ICE BIBLE LOVERS ' STUDY COOLERATORS QUARTERLY THE BIBLE EXPOSITOR AND ILLUMINATOR CEDAR LAKE ICE Comments on the International Uniiorm FUEL COMPANY Lesson Topics, by Spirit-lilled writers Hennepin at Harmon Si.25 a year, payable in advance Main 8201 30c a quarter, in bulk quantities H V FUEL OIL WOOD SEND IN YOUR ORDER TODAY UNION GOSPEL PRESS COAL STOKERS Cleveland 1, Ohio ' OLD-FASHIONED REVIVAL Hgr: ||| Nationwide Gospel Broadcast " Regional Network’’ and Indc- pendent Stations. Consult radio f3Bfo : :U8i local newspapers for sta- lions anti times. Charles E. ■PJ 3§|iF Fuller, Director, P r 0, Bok 123, Jfm Los An Kelts 53, Calif.. Evartge- list and Mrs, C, E. Sharer Known as " The SinginK Shan er? " of the Fuller Evangelist v Foundation, Bok 989, Pasadena, Compliments of BARRY PHARMACY 1500 Hennepin Ave. GE. 6931 Minneapolis, Minn. HAGERMAN BAPTIST CHURCH “Let your light so shine before men, that they Waterloo, Iowa may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. " " That Christ may dwell in your hearts by Eoith. Ephesians 3:17 MRS, GRACE CAMPBELL AND FAMILY Lake Crystal, Minnesota Compliments ol For the U-N.-U-S-U-A-L in Flowers AUTO GRILL CAFE LATHAM FLOWERS 1023 Harmon Place Newton D r Beugen Minneapolis, Minnesota Marquette at Tenth Street Flower Phone AT. 2281 Minneapolis, Minn. YWCA FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 1130 Nicollet Ave. Bancroft, Iowa Offers: Swimming, Exercise Classes, Sports " Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. 1 Hebrews 12:2 Call MA, OSD] Health Education Dept, fOHN VAN KOMMER, Pastor 98 (Congratulations to C (a56 o 946 JOHN E. WALLACE SONS Wholesale Grocers 2704 18th St. Western Market Detroit, Michigan ORPHEUM LUNCH Elmer Johnson, Prop. Complete Dinners, 30c and Dp Quality Food and Good Service 923 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, Minn, JENKINS ANTIQUE SHOP Buys — Sells Old Buttons — Antiques 14071 2 Hennepin Avenue MAin 3930 Youth Fellowship HAWARDEN BAPTIST CHURCH Hawarden, Iowa | H. Flaming, Pastor " That ye might walk worthy of the Lord. . , ' Colossians 1:10 Compliments of Friden Calculating Machine Agency Stromberg Time Corporation 704 6th Ave. So. Minneapolis ALBINSON MORTUARY CO. 51st Year. Founded by Oscar F. Albinson -—Director — ELMER W. ALBINSON Chicago Ave,, 17lh St. MAin 2464 Sponsors of “Chapel Hour, " WLOL, Sunday, 8:30 A. M. Best Wishes to the Class ol ' 46 " Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because He trustelh in thee, " Isaiah 26:3. Mr, and Mrs, Harley G. Brown Lola, Wilma, ferrold Irelon, Iowa THE DEFENDER Compliments of Dr r Gerald B, Winrod, Editor BARNUM TRUNK CO, A monthly magazine of exceptional spiritual depth. A prophetical, evangelistic, missionary, Bible-teaching, fundamental publication. Price 921 Nicollet Avenue 50 cents per year. Sample copy 10 cents, THE DEFENDER, Wichita, Kansas Minneapolis, Minnesota 99 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Jamestown, North Dakota " Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will per¬ forin it until Ihe day of Jesus Christ, " Phil, 1:16. Morning Service Broadcast Over HSfB al 10 o ' clock Rev. G. E. Splinter, Pastor SOUTH SIDE MISSION £120 Minnehaha Ave,, Minneapolis 4, Minn. Mr mill Mrs, George Martens in charge “The Word of our God shall stand for ever. " Isa. 4Q ;8 SUNDAY SERVICES Worship 11:00 A„M. Sunday School 3:00 KM, Christian Y.P, fellowship :JS I t’.M, " Whosoever will may COME " MA 2755 OUDAL BOOK STORE 315 Marquette Ave. Minneapolis Minnesota BITE WAY HOME APPLIANCE AND SERVICE CO. New Home Appliances ... All Kinds of Repairs 3543 Nicollet Avenue Tel. — LOcust 7935 Your Friend THE GOPHER CAFE CONNIE ' S CHARCOAL GRILL 710 Hennepin Ave, Compliments of Connie Rallis C. M. BASCODEN CO. 13257 Washburn Ave. Detroit 4, Mich. ALDRICH AVE. PRESBYTERIAN Sunday School ; ' Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it, " Prov £2:6. 3501 Aldrich So. Minneapolis IZA AMERETTA CANFIELD VOICE — PIANO 2018 5th Ave. So. Minneapolis Compliments of PETERSON FURS, INC. 57 So. 9th St. Minneapolis, Minnesota FOR BETTER ICE CREAM always remember the BRIDGEMAN ICE CREAM STORES 2528 Hennepin 621 Hennepin Comer I4th Ave. and 4th St. S. E, Compliments of the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Eau Claire, Wis. Pastor—M. R. Siemens, D.D, A friendly, Evangelistic, Miss ions-minded church, John 3:16. Compliments of i RALPH E. FRANK PAUL E. FRANK Minneapolis, Minnesota ' Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dis¬ mayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.” Joshua 1:9. SAWYEH-CLEATON LUMBER COMPANY 1400 Washington Avenue North Minneapolis, Minnesota HEADQUARTERS FOR UP-TO-DATE NEW AND USED BOOKS Bibles—Low Prices—Dictionaries CENTURY BOOK STORE 825 Hennepin UE. 3453 We Ship Everywhere KANTAH PROVISION CO. Wholesale Meats — Poultry — Provisions Hotels, Cafes, Clubs, Institutions 227 N. Fifth Street, Minneapolis AT, 5214 - 5215 KEPT CONSTANTLY NEW MAin 2397 With Compliments of LOBING TRANSFER COMPANY Furniture and Pianos Our Specialty Crating and Packing 21 West 15th Street COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND BOYS AND GIRLS EDUCATED TOGETHER K- WP ' C Campus life at John Drown University brings America ' s finest roung men and women in normal Christian, social and scho lactic relationships. „ t ... , . t , RealmnK the necessity of boy and girl relationship in the normal Inc of ihe youth nl today, this university has designed courses of special interest to young women as well as vocational did commercial training for both men and women. Home makers’ courses of interest to girls include Music and Home Economics— uross styling ACADEMIC, VOCATIONAL AND BIBLE COLLEGES Business and Accounting Agriculture 5000 Watt Radio Station Journalism and Printing Aeronautics Print hop Electricity and Radio Bible Classes Laboratories Mechanics and Engineering Music School Diversified banns Training men and women tor living that counts. Airfield Classrooms Concert i tails Machine Shops " Amttkl ' f JOHN BROWN UNIVERSITY Npn prafit, tfingtliul uhodt Firtt Univenity JOHN L MOWN. U. D„ Pmldw itniiq AmirkA dI Vociltwul SILOAM S PR INGS ARK. linnl fOyrti ill ytirYound, litlticn " Tti Heart fif Hi luuritul Ourfe " 101 MISSION BAND ROOM 310 TIME—7:10 A, M. PRA YING! k For Those Already Serving ★ For Current Mission Needs GIVING! k Toward Sailing Gifts k Toward Partial Support GOING! k Because of a Broadened Vision k Because of a Missionary Challenge 102 1 Peter 5:7 AMERICAN THE LEO DIVIS FAMILY SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION Leo Dedicated la the Cause of Christ in Rural America Louise Cameron As a Pioneer Missionary Sunday School Agency, we ‘establish and maintain Sun¬ day Schools, publish and circulate moral Burlington, Colorado and religious publications ' " you have missed meeting us , Write Us for Particulars You have missed nothing — REV. JOHN CL FERRIS but District Superintendent you have missed meeting our 1105 Plymouth Bldg. At. 2619 Saviour f You have missed everything 3 Minneapolis. Minnesota TYLER BAPTIST YOUNG PEOPLE Tyler Minnesota ‘Tor wo ore laborers together with God. " I Cor. 3:9a. MINNEHAHA ACADEMY 3107 47th Avenue South Housekeeping Rooms for Minneapolis Northwestern Bible Students MR. AND MRS. IOS. A, NELSON Telephone Dupont 7331 97 Spruce Place Second Floor GE. 3971 A 4-year accredited high school with a positive Christian emphasis, now in its 33rd year. Owned and operated by the ATlantic 8271 Compliments Northwestern Mission Association, which of SLAW1K MOTORS, INC. is a district conference of the Evangelical Mission Covenant of America. DeSoto - Plymouth 1518 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis 3, Minn. Write or phone for catalog. NEW HENNEPIN STUDIO Photos at Popular Prices Above State Theater MA. 3775 803 Hennepin Ave. i Best Wishes Greetings from from POHOCCO BAPTIST CHURCH IORDAN STEVENS COMPANY Fremont, Nebraska Rev. Roscoe M. Bailey, Pastor Wholesale Grocers Coflee Roasters " Christ died for our sins according lo Fresh Fruits and Vegetables the Scriptures; . . . was buried, and rose again the third day according to the Minneapolis Scriptures ' 1 Cor, 15:3-4. 103 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Sibley. Iowa " Be ye stead [as t, immoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord 1 (l Cor. 15:58) Russell M. Dctcken, Pastor THE SEMINARY CLASS OF 194G ’They shall not be ashamed that wait for me. ' 1 Isa. 49:23 First Fundamental Bible Church Broadway and Emerson Street Wausau, Wisconsin Rev, W, G, Wiltenborn, D.D. The Bible Radiocaster V .S.A.U. HENDRICKS GROCERY Fruits and Beverages Frozen Foods Dairy Products and Meats Phone At. 9150 205 W. 15th St Next Door to HOMESTEAD The Young People oi the First Baptist Church Luverne, Minnesota Allen N. Williams, Pastor ‘Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stead¬ fast, immoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know (hat your labour is not in vain in the Lord. ' J a Cor. 15:58) OLDSMOBILE SALES and SERVICE U. S Tires — Hot Point Appliances MALKERSON SALES At. 7191 23 N. 9th Street It is not true to soy, “We did everything pos¬ sible for him, ' r unless chiropraclic was included, DR, EARL P. TAYLOR Chiropractor Hours: 9 to 1, 3 to 8 Geneva 1188 920 Nicollet Avenue Pray for CAMP JOY on Star Lake Rev. P. C. Sorenson 309 8th Ave, No,, Fargo, N. D, Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands ML L. NOVACK Diamond Setter Bible Student ' s Jeweler Since 1919 Expert Watch Repairing 930 Hennepin Avenue Greetings from CENTRAL FREE CHURCH 10th Ave S. and 7th St. Christ—Cross-—City Centered Listen to “After Church Visit” WDGY 12:30-1 P. M. Sunday KMMJ Nebraska 1-1:30 P, M. Wc are receiving heartbreaking letters from our missionaries in Europe. They are pleading with us to send them financial help immediately. Mis¬ sionaries from Poland write the following: “As we write this letter to you, our eyes are filled with tears because we are now in dire need. We plead with you and other Christian friends to help us Do not turn us down! All that wc had was destroyed during the war and now we are left without shoes, clothing and food.’ A Christian mother in Russia paid the price of two cows for ont? Russian Bible so that her son could have a Bible before the Nazis deported him to Germany. Other pleas are coming from Belgium, France Sweden, Iran, China, and South America, The doors are opening, and great opportunities lie before us. We must invade these fields with the Gospel, as soon as the Lord provides the means. Money can now be sent direct to Soviet Russia for missionary work. Cries for New Testaments and Gospel literature arc constantly coming to us from all of these fields. A Russian Mission Home is greatly needed. RUSSIAN GOSPEL ASSOCIATION, Inc. Peter Deyneka, General Director 64 W Randolph St. Dept. XB Chicago L Ill. Executive Committee: Dr. Paul W. Rood, Chair¬ man; Dr. Charles A. Porter, Associate Chairman; Mr, Peter F. Anderson, Treasurer; Mr. Roy E. Johnson, Secretory; Mr. Lance B, Latham; Mr, Charles E. Bodeen; Peter Deyneka, m Compliments of CRESCENT BAKERY Fountain Service Open Evenings MA. 9890 11 08 Hennepin Ave. In grateful appreciation of Russell Hall Girls 1945-46. Philippians 3:10. MOTHER CRAIG THEODORE BERGMAN Organist of First Baptist Church, Minneapolis A Specialist in Teaching FINE PIANO and ORGAN PLAYING In M tiiiiL‘£t[io9i ; MncPhait Sclifn 1 of Music, Norite wfutvm Schools. In St. Paul: Hetlu-I College, St. 1 " -iitl Bible Institute ' STEWART MEMORIAL PRESBYTERIAN FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH CHURCH Anoka, Minn. Stevens Avenue at E. 32nd St. " Looking lor that blessed hope and the glor¬ Minneapolis, Minnesota ious appearing oE Ihe great God and our Saviour CHRIST CRUCIFIED, RISEN and Jesus Christ.” Titus 2:13. COMING AGAIN Q, A. LOOK, Pastor Restore the Happiness of Hearing with a " Come over into Assam and help us " SONOTONE Hearing AID SONOTONE OF MINNEAPOLIS I W. COOK. D.D„ Principal 306 Physicians Surgeons Bldg. Jorhat Bible School Atlantic 1654 Jorhat, Assam, India THE COMMUNITY BAPTIST CHURCH " The entrance of thy words giveth light. ' ' Psalm 119:130. The Only Gospel Beacon in New Prague, Minn. OAK HILLS FELLOWSHIP MISSION Marvin D. Bos low. Minister Bemidji, Minnesota Compliments of EMMANUEL MENNONITE CHURCH UNITED TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR of Minnesota, Inc " Emmanuel . . . God with us, " 420 Lumber Exchange Building Math 1:23 Minneapolis 1, Minnesota Rev, Frank W. Loev en, Pastor " TOTAL ABSTINENCE IS A GOOD RULE " Poland. South Dakota When on COLORADO ' S Western Slope visit She " BIBLE CENTER CHURCH " — PAONIA — FIRST COVENANT CHURCH ‘Tor this God is our Gad forever and ever ' Dr. Paul S. Rees, Pastor he will be our guide even unlo death, " fPsa. 48:14) Eighth Ave. So. at Seventh Street DRS. DAVEY AND DAVEY Minneapolis Eyes Examined and Glasses Fitted Visitors Always Welcomed Stores Located Bellrami Ave. Hotel Dyckmon Bemidji, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn. 105 GREETINGS TO NORTHWESTERN From 1 An All-Christian Organization That Specializes in Selling Low Cost, Mutual Old-Line Life Insurance and Annuities to Christian People THE GEORGE QUAM AGENCY 1230-32-34-36 Baker Bldg., Minneapolis MAin 7553 FRANCES CHRISTIAN INEZ M. DuBEAU Special Agent Special Agent Compliments ol FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Minneapolis, Minnesota ALVIN O. CARLSON, ' 23, Pastor Holding Forth the Word of Lite Since 1835 FIRST EVANGELICAL CHURCH 1823 Emerson Avenue North Minneapolis, Minnesota Parsonage Telephone 1825 Emerson Ave. No. CHerry 3508 FIRST BAPTIST SUNDAY SCHOOL Hastings, Minnesota " HOLDING FORTH THE WORD OF LIFE " Rev. F. C. Volzke, Pastor Ruth Jelley, Sunday School Superintendent Compliments of ROSELER DRUG COMPANY Compliments ol PARK AVENUE COVENANT CHURCH Park Avenue and Franklin ' Gustaf F. Johnson, Pastor GE 1024 YOUNG ADULT BIBLE CLASS FIRST BAPTIST Minneapolis, Minnesota Hearers and Doers of the Word of God 9:4S A. M. Sunday ARNOLD AND HOMECRAFT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCHES Duluth, Minnesota Rev, Richard Deursen, Pastor COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Curlew, Iowa GREETINGS From NOKOMIS BAPTIST CHURCH 5305 Chicago Avenue Minneapolis A. A. SWANSON, Pastor BAPTIST CHURCH Lake Crystal, Minnesota JOEL ANDERSON, Pastor Compliments oi the Men ' s Brotherhood 1 For Sound Insurance at Lowest Cost Call on the MINISTERS LIFE £ CASUALTY UNION 100 W, Franklin Minneapolis, Minn. LIFE— HEALTH—ACCIDENT INSURANCE For Ministers and Seminary Students 106 WELCOME lo the PARK RAPIDS BAPTIST CHURCH The Way-side Pulpit Preaching The Book—The Blood—The Blessed Hope " EAT AT HARMONY CAFE 1200 Hennepin Ave. We Specialize in GOOD FOOD MODERATE PRICES No Beer! No Wines! No Liquors! FAITH BAPTIST WELCOMES YOU The ' Friendly Church ' on West Broad ' way Lewis B. Berndt Pastor There Is SomeLhing Better lor Your pulure THE ACCORDION An Organ You Can Carry With You Piano accordions, loaned lo beginners to take home v ilh lessons. Special religious music. 16 certified teachers. 900 students. Over 100 accordions on sale—all sizes—all makes. Easy payment lerrns guaranteed. We repair accordions. TRAFICANTE Accordion School—Across from Dayton ' s on 8th Phone At, 0381 41 S. 8lh St. CONGRATULATIONS IMMANUEL CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Si. Paul Minnesota Lawrence Quagslrom, 42, Pastor " WE PREACH CHRIST " CAYO SEWER COMPANY Electric Cleaning 2-Year Guarantee Phone AL r 3678 MOUNDS - MIDWAY An Accredited School of Nursing A Baptist Institution The Mounds-Midway School of Nursing operated in connection with the Midway Hospital and Mounds Park Hospital offers the unusual opportunity of studying nursing in two hospitals of high standards, in an at¬ mosphere of Christian fellowship and mis¬ sionary interest. Minimum pre-requisites for entrance: high school diploma, sound health, good char- acter, and church affiliation. Application should be made to the Director of MOUNDS-MIDWAY SCHOOL OF NURSING 200 Earl Street Saint Paul, Minnesota 107 W E L C O M E to Minneapolis and FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 1020 Harmon Place A Friendly staff at your service: Rev. Curtis B. Akenson, Pastor Rev. Herbert H. Hazzard. Assistant Pastor Rev, Geo, J. Jennings, Assistant Pastor W. B. Riley, D.D. r Pastor Emeritus Evalyn A. Camp, Church Secretary , . that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified , ♦ Rev. C. B, Akenson Pastor Your Friend LAU ' S COFFEE SHOP Northwestern Bank Bldg. Minneapolis. Minnesota " All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid an him the iniquity of us all. " MR, AND MRS WILLIAM HALLER Waterloo, Iowa HIGH SCHOOL AT HOME You, too, can be a high school grad¬ uate. No classes, no time wasted going to and from school; you make rapid prog¬ ress by our methods. Many finish in two years. DIPLOMAS AWARDED Our graduates have entered over five hundred universities and colleges. Write for Descriptive Booklet, NB 1 AMERICAN SCHOOL Drexel Ave. at S8th St. Chicago 37, Ill. Room 310, Jackson Hall COLLYP INVITES YOU 9:40 A. M, To Meet With Us Every Sunday 6:00 P. M. C. E. INVITES YOU Ages 18-23 For Better Cleaning 1 NEVENS Marquette and 12th Baker Arcade LAUNDERERS—CLEANERS—HATTERS METHODIST CHURCH Page, North Dakota " I am the light of the world; he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. 1 ' Rev. McGregor. Pastor 108 •f “Go out into the highways and hedges-, and compel them to come in, that my home may he filled ' Lukk 14:23 Carillonic Bells Extending your message beyond the pew is a most effective means of bringing non- members within the beneficent influence of your church, Schulmcrich Carillonic Bells can easily carry sonorous messages of welcome, faith and hope to the farthest reaches of your com¬ munity, n invaluable asset for your church, SchuU merich Carillonic Bells are famed for their superb brilliance, for their perfectly balanced tonalities. Uniquely compact, these Bells can be installed in your present church tower without elaborate structural changes. Flexible, thev may be played either auto- For jutl information write for our new brochure Tke Sweetest Music Ev¬ er Toiled. " Address Dept. C-6. (Jc ut mevic i ELECTRONICS, HE SELI.ERSVIU.F-, I’A. Carillonic Bella—Tower Music Systems—Acoustic Correction Units—Sound Distribution Systems—Church Hearing Aids MINNETONKA MILLS UNION CHURCH and CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR Robert Olson, Pres. " Come with us and we will do thee good. " Numbers 10:29 Minnetonka Mills, Minnesota Earl Trude, Pastor ROY L. MOORE Used Cars Bought and Sold 1401 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. Established 30 Years At. 0922 CAMPUS BAPTIST CHURCH Ames, Iowa LINCOLN WAY AND HOWARD REV. LENARD FARDON When in Town, Come Visil Us FOURTH BAPTIST CHURCH 2105 Fremont Norlh Minneapolis 11, Minn. REV. R. V. CLEARWATER, D.D. REV. WALTER BENTON COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 109 ■! ,?. •- ' MW v’+v h? PM., - BRUCE PUBLISHING COMPANY MINNEAPOLIS - SAINT PAUL A Complete Publication Service RELIGIOUS ★ TRADE ★ PROFESSIONAL Magazines — Books — Tracts — Broadsides WELCOME, CLASS OF ' 46 to ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Watch !or First ALUMNI DIRECTORY Greetings from Trinity Church—Independent 3800 Bussell Ave. N. Minneapolis Rev, Fred W. Julius, Pastor SERVICES Sunday School 9:30 a. m. Morning Worship . .. ..11:00 a. m. C, E. Societies. ........ . 6:30 p. m. Evening Evangelistic Service. . .7:45 p.m, Radio Broadcast, Sunday, 8:30-9:00 a. m. WDGY TYPEWRITERS Office Machines of All Kinds Sold, Rented and Repaired CARTER ' S TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE 237-240 Loeb Arcade Compliments of Greater 1945-46 EVENING SCHOOL Featuring: • Double Curriculum Interpreter lor Deaf • Chapel Services Every Tuesday Evening CONSERVATIVE BAPTIST FOREIGN MISSION SOCIETY OBJECTIVES: 1. To foster true Baptist missions built upon the trustworthiness of the Scriptures, including the virgin birth of Christ- 2. To pul the emphasis upon evangelism in Baptist missions, meaning, la win the lost to Christ. 3. To [unction as a Biblically-centered missionary agency for ■ discerning conservative Baptist churches in their foreign missionary outreach. 4. To enlist as missionaries only those who give evidence of a sound conversion and personal faith, a passion to win the lost, and who accept and subscribe to the historical Baptist doc¬ trine, FIELDS: India, Africa, South America, China, Japan, Albania, Portugal. Those interested in further information are invited to write; CONSERVATIVE BAPTIST FOREIGN MISSION SOCIETY 203 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago 1, Illinois Rev. Vincent Brushwyler, General Director 110 Congratulations to the SENIORS of 1946 Compliments ol MR. AND MRS. F. E BARDEN AND FAMILY Naval Air Station Kaneohe Bay Oahu, Hawaii Compliments ol the BETHLEHEM METHODIST CHURCH 30th and Emerson Ave. N. Minneapolis- Minn, REV, STANLEY ANDERSEN, Pastor JENNINGS ' RADIO APPLIANCE Sales and Service P. A. Systems for Sale and Rent Bill Jennings, Prop, Class of J 44 1015 W 24th St. Minneapolis, Minn. KE 2720 G. Christian Weiss, President Don P. Shidler, Exec. Vice President ‘Every Scripture fs God-bre athed " GOSPEL MISSIONARY UNION Incorporated A nan-denominational faith missionary society Phone: GRand 1787 1 41 E, Seventh Street Kansas City- Mo. Compliments oi TEN THIRTY-ONE CAFE 1031 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, Minnesota JACOBSEN DRUGS Nicollet at Eleventh St. " CHRIST DIED FOR OUR SINS " Torchbearers of Mildred, Minnesota Compliments of DAVIES MORTUARY CO. 1403 Harmon Place Main 43S1 Congratulations to the Graduates H. S. DAHL 64 Sc + 11th St. Compliments of EMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH Mead, Nebraska Rev. Roscoe M. Bailey, Pastor That in all things He might have the pre¬ eminence, " (Colossians 1:18) Congratulations to the Class of 1946 from CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH 19 W. Shannon Ave. Spokane, Washington , . not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ . , T Romans 1:16 Arthur L. Sanford C35), Pastor 111 ■ A l SVO A. greatly appreciates the patronage of the Graduating Class of 1946 and respectfully suggests that you call on us for your future portraits, on the merits of our past work . . . 9 6 jicoHat venue inneapoui l$]inne£ota OUR PRAYER IS: That we may know Him, and the power of His resur¬ rection while pressing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. NORTHWESTERN STUDENT FORUM The " Scroll " Staff takes this opportunity to express their appreciation to friends who have given invaluable assistance in planning and producing the " Scroll of 1946. " Mr. Arthur Segal, Bureau of Engraving Mr. lack Baasen, Zintsrnaster Studio Mr, Otto Olson, Bruce Publishing Co. STUDENT DIRECTORY Ahrahamson, Elsie Jr Acton, Kassy Fr. Albrecht, Ella Fr. Almquist, Ernest Jr. Amish, Elmer Fr. Anderson, Anona Fr. Anderson, Barbara Fr. Anderson, Elaine Fr. Anderson, ELaync Fr. Anderson, Janice Fr. Anderson, Lily Sr. Anderson, Marie Fr. An fin son, Ruth Fr. Arbogast, Ruth Sr. Archer, Morse Sr. Asa, Phyllis Jr. Asp, George Fr. Attebery, Ruth Fr. Bair, Russell Fr. Baker, Lorene Jr. Baldwin, By niece Fr. Ball, Penny Jr. Barden, Myrtle Sr. Barker, Martha Fr. Barnes, Eileen Sr. Barnes, Elda Fi Bassett, Kenneth Sem. Bathke, Hazel Jr Bauer, Fred Jr Bauer, Mildred Jr. Bazilcwich, Nick Jr. Beals, Richard Jr Begley, Hettie Jr. Bennett, Rachel Jr- Benton, John Jr. Benton, Walter Sem. Berggrcn, Paul Sem. Betlenga, Rosalyn Jr. Bigelow, Evelyn Jr- Bird, Elspeth Sr Bitz , Ella Jr. Bixby, Idel 1 Sr. Bjcrkesett, Angela Jr. Black, June Fr. Bleekcr, Alvira Fr Billie, Viola Jr, Bloyer, Betty Med. Blover, Warren Sem. B1 ; Alice Jr. Bodcnhofcr, Lorraine Jr- Bong, Lawrence Jr- Bosshardt, Margaret Jr- Boyd, Doris Fr. Bratt, Pearl Fr. Bridge, Paul Jr. Bricn, Robert Sr. Brill, Margaret Jr. Brodin, Joyce Fr. Brown, Lois Sr. Bruce, Geraldine Fr. Brygger, Esther Sr. Buhr, Eva Jr. Bunker, Doris Sr, Burghard, Alexaru!cr Fr Burghard, Irene Jr. Busbcy, Mardelle Ft Buthod, Lucy Jr. Callahan, June Jr. Campbell, Glen Sr Canaday, H. V. Seen. Carlson, Bonnie Jr- Carlson, June Coll. Carlson, Oscar Fr. Carpenter, Ruby Fr. Causton, Gordon Fr. Cava ness, Avclonc Med, Cava ness, R B. Med Christianson, Delons Fr. Christensen, Peggy Jr. Classen, Eugene Sem. Glapshaw, Glendon Jr. Clark, Betty Fr Poison, Mont. Baltimore, Md. Fargo, No. Dak. Minneapolis, Minn Minneapolis, Minn Amherst, Wis. Eldred, Pa. Wahkon, M in n. Schiller Park, Ill. Fosston, Minn. Spokane, Wash Minneapolis, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn, Mcnomonie, Wis. Algona, Iowa Thief River Kails, Minn. Adams, Nebr. Sac City, Iowa Mankato, Minn. Flint, Mich. England Spokane, Wash. Fort Wayne, Ind. Minneapolis, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn. Hopkins, Minn. Waseca, Minn. Carrington, No. Dak. Anoka, Minn. Hartford, Conn. Minneapolis, Minn. Busy, Ky. Anoka, M inn. Greswell, Ore. Minneapolis, Minn, Lorimor, Iowa George, Iowa Bassett, Iowa Detroit, Mich. Anamoosc, No. Dak. Richville, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn, Minneapolis, Minn. George, Iowa Redwood Falls, Minn. Windom, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn. Spring Valley, Minn. Hackensack, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn. Morristown, Minn. Thcrmopolis, Wyo, Baltimore, Md, Minneapolis, Minn. Detroit, Mich. Elk Mound, Wis. Thief River Falls, Minn. Ire ton, Iowa Minneapolis, Minn. Tvler, Minn. Wi nnipeg, Canada East Jordon, Mich, Minneapolis, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn. Brainerd, M inn St. Louis, Mo. Clarkston, Mich. Lake Crystal, Minin Wayzata, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn. Granada, Minn, Boycevillc, Wis. Minneapolis, Minn. Spokane, Wash. Whitehall, Wis. Whitehall, Wis. Briefly n, Minn. Si. Paul, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn. Winner, So Dak. Clark, Fern Clevenger, Cccilr C lewis, Alma Clipper, Nonna Cochrane, Jack Coles, Warren Collin, Mabel Conat, Louis Cook, Floy Cook, jack Corporaal, Susie Course, Ruth Corner, Muriel Cowles, Eunice Cox, Ruth Crane, Esther Crooks, Elaine Curran, Elaine Davidson, Ralph Davis, Carol Davis, Jeanne Day, Earl Dcgerrnan, Bessie DeHaart, Jean Denison, Klarise Divers, Zelma Doak, Helen Dodd, Charles Doerksen, Sarah Dolash, Arthur Downs, Barbara Drown, Betty Drown, Grace Drown, Robert Duncomb, Ruth Dykstra, Cora Eadcs, Peggy Eastling, Edith Eaton, Florence Eberhart, Hertha Ecklos, Inga Ecklund, Mary Ann Edberg, Lorraync Elliott, Richard LI rig, Helen Emery, Anna Belle Erickson, Delores Erickson, LaVaughn Erickson, Phyllis Eslinger, Viola Eve land, Bart Eve land, Betty I-r. Lake Park, Iowa Med Lima,-.Ohio Fr Evansville, Wis Jr, Minneapolis, Minn Jr. Detroit, Mich, Coll. Minneapolis, Minn, Jr. Aitkin, Minn. Jr. Bemidji, Minn, Jr. Mora, Minn Fr. St. Paul, Minn Sr. Birnamwood, Wis. Fr, Lincoln, Kansas Jr- Arlington, Mass, Fr. Berkeley, Calif. Jr Des Moines, Iowa Sem, Minneapolis, Minn. Jr- Ionia, Iowa Fr. Oshkosh, Wis. Sem. Wauwatosa, Wis, Fr. Gran don, Wis. Fr. Rice Lake, Wis Fr. Anamosa, Iowa Fr. Bemidji, Minn Fr. Iowa City, Iowa Fr. Minneapolis, Minn. J- Jamestown, No. Dak. F r Milwaukee, Wis Fr, Princeton, Ind Fr, Langham, Canada Fr Cedar Falls, Iowa Fr, Duluth, Minn. Fr Curlew, Iowa Sr. Curlew, Iowa Jr. Curlew, Iowa Sr. Luverne, Minn. Fr. Maurice, Iowa Jr. Cedar Falls, Iowa Jr. Minneapolis, Minn. Fr Minneapolis, Minn, Jr. Eureka, So, Dak. Med. St, James, Minn Jr. Des Moines, Iowa Fr. Marshall, Minn Jr- Minneapolis, Minn. Jr. Little Falls, Minn. Fr. Backus, Minn. Jr. Poison, Mom. Fr. Currie, Minn. Fr. Millville, Minn. Fr. Jamestown, No. Dak. Fr. Backus, Minn. Med. Backus, Minn. Faber, Mary Fast, Adeline Fast, Edna Fcssler, Elizabeth Finnesgard, Esther Fisk, Dwight Fitch, Virgil Fleming, Wilma Flikkie, Ida Ruth Foster, Frances Frank, Ethel Frank, Lucille Frans, Marion Fran ., Jane Freeman, Quinton Fret, Maxine Fulcher, Melva Funk, Velora Fr. Sr. Jr. Med. fe Fr. £ Sr Sr. Fr. Fr. Sr. Sr. Milwaukee, Wis Delft, Minn. Frazer, Mont Miles City, Mont. Alamo, No. Dak. North Branch, Minn. Avon, So, Dak Henderson, Iowa Shelby, Minn, Ames, Iowa Minneapolis, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn. St. Paul, Minn. Oshkosh, Wis. Fonda, Iowa Camp Douglas, Wis. Pontiac, Mich. Waypaen, Wis. Gciszler, Marion GcLszler, Mavis Gifford, Max Gill, Hazel Glawc, Lois Glen, Betty Gtessncr, Galen Goetzc, Dean Golden, Eileen Golike, Donald Golikc, Robert fe ft fc Jr. Fr. {v. Fargo, No. Dak. Fargo, No Dak. Liscomb, Iowa Muskegon Hts, Mich. Bancroft, Iowa Minneapolis, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn. B rah am, Minn. Burtrum, Minn. Bethalto, 111. Bunker Hill, Ill. Goodalr, Ruth Fr. Indianola, Iowa Grant, Marian Fr. Bangor, Maine C1 recne, James Jr. Corry, Pa Griffith, Jean Fr. Omaha, Nebr. Gustafson, Elsie Fr Solway, Minn. Gustafson, Joyce Fr Plum City, Wis, Haburn Virginia Jr. Spencer Iowa Halverson, Mary J r Strum, Wis. JIalvorson, Arlene Sr, Junction City, Kans. llalvorson, Luther Fr. Minneapolis, Minn, JIalvorson, William Jr. Junction City, Kans Hansen, Betty Lou Fr. Pine City, Minn. Hanson, Hazel Jr. Fertile, Minn. Jlareey, Laurel Fr. St. Charles, Minn, Hawkey, Lois Fr. Owosso, Mich, J fasten, Velma Fr. Hermosa, Beach, Calif. Jlefta, Lillian Fr. Nikonia, No. Dak. Higerfeld, Hel en Jr- Elkton, So. Dak. Hein, Gorinno Fr. Maynard, Minin Heldstab, Joyce Fr. Junction City, Kansas Hrimers, Rose Jr. Sibley , Iowa Heninichnan, Lois Jr. Backus, Minn. Henderson, Bruce Fr, Pueblo, Colo. Hill, William Fr, St. Albans, N. V. Hill, June Fr. St. Albans, N. V. Jleppner Annie Sr Mordcn, Manitoba, Can. Hilsen, Shirley Sr. Hopkins, Minn. 1 lines, Dan Fr. Fargo, No, Dak. 1 lofT, Frances Fr. Venturi a. No. Dak, HofTineyer, Evelyn Fr. River Falls, Wis. Holden, Glen Fr. Minneapolis Minn. Holimjiiist, Adda Jr. Clarissa, Minn. Holinquist, Alice Jr- Clarissa Minn. Holstrom, Marjorie Jr. Hastings, Minn. Honeycutt, Thelma Jr. Denver, Colo, Hoover, Janice Fr. Millville, Minn, Hopf, Jim Jr. Minneapolis, Minn. Hopkins, Beverly Fr. Des Moines, Iowa Houtzer, Richard Coll. Minneapolis, Minn. Hovda, Barbara Jr Alton, Ill. Hovdc, Eugene Jr Alton, Ill. Howland, Cora Med. Rennie, Manitoba, Can, Hursh, Russell Fr Minneapolis, Minn. Inman, Bernice Seim Cameron, Wis. Jalike, Lydia Fr. Barron, Wis. J avers, Janet Fr. Lennox, So. Dak. Jedneak, Anthony Fr, Minneapolis, Minn. Job, Viola Jr. Jamestown, No. Dak. Johnson, Beverly Jr. North Branch, Minn. Johnson, Clifton Fr. Minneapolis, Minn, Johnson, Ddorcs Sr. Minneapolis, Minn, Johnson, Ellen Fr Minneapolis, Minn, Johnson, Ely von Jr. Alexandria, Minn. Johnson, Eunice Jr. Forest Lake, Minn. Johnson, Evelyn Fr. St, Paul, Minn, Johnson, Harriet Jr. Minneapolis, Minn. Johnson, Inga Fr. Rochester, Minn, Johnson, James Fr. Minneapolis, Minn, Johnson, Laura Fr. Cozon, Nebr Johnson, Lillian Jr Minneapolis, Minn. Johnson, Marie Sr. Poplar, Wis, Johnson, Maurine Sr, North Branch, Minn. Johnson, Minerva Scm Mankato, Minn. Johnson, Mitzie Fr Minneapolis, Minn. Johnson, Ruth J r Minneapolis, Minn. Johnson, Stan Fr, North Branch, Minn. Johnson, Violet Jr. Minneapolis, Minn, Jones, Doris Jr. Monroe, Iowa Jones, Helen Fr. Muskegon, Mich. Joseph son, Pearl Sr. Coleharbor, No. Dak. Kastner, Kenneth Jr- Solway, Minn, Keeney, Mary Sr. Dexter, Ore Kcla, Mary Ann Jr. Sebeka, Minn. Keller, Merlin Fr. Sandstone, Minn. Kendall, Alice Jr. Minneapolis, Minn, Kenward, Valeda Sr. Page, No. Dak. Kephart Viola Sr. Arapahoe, Colo. Kiemele, Anna Jr. Linton, No. Dak, Kile, Elvin Sr. Granada, Minn. Kile, Joanne Sr. Granada, Minn, Kimpling, Myra Fr. Granite Falls, Minn. Kindig, Beverly ' Jr. Adrian, Minn. King, Betty ' Fr. Oconomowoc, Wis, Kirstdn, Clara Jr- Heron Lake, Minn. Kisner, Francis Fr. Joice, Iowa Klinefelter, Wilma Fr. A nam 05 a, Iowa Knappen, Kenneth Sr. Minneapolis, Minn. Knutson Audrey Fr. Waupoca, Wis Kooyman, Edna Jr. Bonduiant, Iowa Korver, Peter Jr. Detroit, Mich. Kowalik, Wasyl Coll. Tdatyn, Lub, Russia Krantz, Carol Fr Red Wing, Minn. Knguess, Harold Jr. Minneapolis, Minn. Krueger, Kenneth Fr. Minneapolis, Minn. La Borne, Marilyn Jr. St, Paul, Minn. LaDow, Herbert Fr. Minneapolis, Minn. Lang Donald Jr. Minneapolis, Minn. Lang. Jeannette Sr. Minneapolis, Minn. Langelctt, Eleanor Jr. Thief River Falls, Minn Langdeu Lillie Fr. Thief River Falls, Minn LaPoinie, Jerome Jr. Eau Claire, Wis. Larin, Lebna Jr. Minncapolis Minn. Larson, Irving Sent. West Concord, Minn. Larson, June Sr. Minneapolis, Minn L a rson, LaV e r n e Fr. Glyndon, Minn. Larson, Lucille Fr. St. Paul, Minn Lebot, Burt Jr. Detroit, Mich. Lee, Carol Fr. Elk Mound, Wis. Lee, Clifford Fr. Minneapolis, Minn. Lewis, Geraldine Fr. Bondurant, Iowa Lewis, Naomi Fr. Honduran t Iowa Lindquist, Virginia Sr. Minneapolis, Minn Linscheid, Mildred Jr. Butterfield, Minn. Lohmeyer, Amandas Jr- Minneapolis, Minn. Lohmeycr, Edna Sr. Minneapolis Minn. Longhofer, Jack Jr. Junction City, Karas. Looft, Jeanne Jr- Fairmont, Minn. Love, Ruth Jr. Detroit Mich. Lovcring, Bob Fr. Minneapolis, Minn. Lowe, Mavis Med. Minneapolis, Minn. Luitjens, Alice Jr- Ashton Iowa Lundquist, Edwin Fr. Kenned v Minn Lyman, Marjorie Jr. Pittsburgh, Pa. McAlpmc Donald Spec. Milaca Minn. McClellan, Marcelline Fr. Alexandria, Minn McDonald, Iris Fr. Wisconsin Dells, Wis. McGown, James Coll Klamath Falls, Ore McPherson, Betty Jr- Nashville, Mich. McTeer, Leona Sr. Hazel Park, Mich. Mach, David Fr. Chicago, III. Maher, Charles Fr. Pontiac, Mich Majzlik, Zdena Fr. Monaca Pa. Mancra. Zina Fr. Milwaukee, Wis. Mann, Deopha Fr. Lyndon, Kansas Manning Marjorie Fr. Spring Valiev, Wis. Marlow, Laura Fr. Norfolk Nebr. Mnrquclmg, Louise Fr. Salma, Kans. Mar tell, Warn Ida. Jr- Rhinelander, W r is. Martin, Gloria Jr. Minneapolis, Minn Martin, Lloyd Fr. Minneapolis, Minn Mason, Mary Fr. Flcmington Mo. Matthies. Maydalcna Coll. Hermosa Beach, Calif. Mavcs Ruth Sr. Barnwell, Nebr. Meyer, B-Etta Sr. Colon, Nebr Mchlhoff, Emma Fr Parkston, So. Dak. Meiers, Sarola Jr. Minneapolis, Minn Men go, Louis Coll Minneapolis Minn Mettam, Faye Fr. Oshkosh, Wis. Mettam, George Scm. Oshkosh, Wis. Miller, Harry Fr. St. Paul, Minn. Miller, James Scm Minneapolis, Minn Miller, Olive Jr. Eau Claire, Wis. Miller, Sarah Sr. Pembroke, Ky Mills, Gladylou Coll. Star Prairie, Wis, Mills, Iris Sr. Star Prairie, Wis. Mitchell, Bessie Sr. Minneapolis, Minn Mitchell, Elizabeth Fr. Sibley Iowa Mitchell, Ernestine Fr. Eugene, Ore Mize, Grace Fr Atlanta, Ga. Money, Ruth Sr. Minneapolis, Minn. Montgomery, Marian Fr. Des Moines, Iowa Mosher, Ralph Fr. Minneapolis, Minn. Mosier, Alice Jr- Lake Benton, Minn. Mosier. Hazel Fr. Lake Benton. Minn. Mulder, Fern Fr. Rush in ore. Minn. Muralt, Sam Semi. Knapp, Wis. Murch, Barbara Fr. Minneapolis, Minn. Nelson, Alice Fr, Prescott, Wis. Nelson, Angela Fr. Lake Crystal, Min in Nelson, Dorothy Fr. Hager City, Wis. Nelson, Florence Fr. Arvada, Colo. Nelson, Helen Jr- Minneapolis Minn. Nickclson, Verna Jr- Fenokcc, Kans. Noakcs Lillie Fr. Adams, Nebr. Nordstrom, Virginia Fr. Duluth, Minn. Nonayke, Glada Fr. Norfolk, Nebr. O ' Donnell, Felix Fr. Covington, Ky. Ontjes, Lois Fr. Empry, So, Dak. Orth, Qua Fr Eau Claire, Wis. Osepchuk, Anne Sem. Peabody, Mass. Pankratz, Doris J ' -- Mountain Lake, Minn. Pardun, Beth Jr. Webster, Wis. Parker, Mary Sr, Robbinsdalc, Minn. Parroit, Odell Fr. Flint, Mich. Patterson, Joyce Jr. Fificld, Wis. Pearson, Albert Fr. Radisson, Wis. Pearson, Genevieve Med. Minneapolis, Minn Pederson, Janice Fr. Hastings, Minn Pennington, Paul Jr. Wahpeton, No. Dak. Person, Patricia Fr. Rockford, Ill. Person, Richard Scm. Minneapolis. Minn Peters, Harley Jr. Spirit Lake, Iowa Petersen, Dale Jr. Braincrd, Minn. Peterson, Richard Fr. Minneapolis, Minn Peterson, Virgil Sr. Alta, Iowa Petlon, John Sr. Aurelia Iowa Pctterson Ethel Fr. Dalton, Minn Petting ill, Allan Jr- Litchfield, Minn. Phillips, Jean Fr. Sturgeon, Wis. Pickett, Glen Sr. Niagara Falk, N. V. Porter, Jean Fr. Milwaukee, Wis. Protasewick, Marian Fr. Hartford, Conn. Purdue, Jess Fr. Knapp, W r is, Rattray Cecilia Fr, Dearborn, Mich. RaUlafT, Starr Fr. Everett, Wash. Reed, Charles Fr. Minneapolis, Minn. Reed, Dorothy Jr. Pontiac, Mich. Reeves Ella Marie .1 r r Omaha, Nebr. Reifcnauer, Robert Fr. Eau Claire. Wis. Rich, Eleanor Jr. Faribault, Minn. Richards, Lorraine Jr. Belle Fourche, So, Dak Riff el, Arnold Scm. Minneapolis Minn. Rmgerlng, Hulda Sr. Ellenwood, Kans. Ringering, Oliver Scm. Ellen wood Kans. Risch, Gene Fr. Milwaukee, Wis. Rislcy, Grayce Fr. Omaha, Nebr. Roberts, Charles Fr. Des Moines, Iowa Robison, Roberta Fr Muscatine, Iowa Rocholt, Arnold Fr. Detroit, Mich. Rodiger, Mary Fr. Chippewa, Falls, Wis. Ross, Verna Fr. Cummings, No. Dak. Royer, Edna Fr. Rush more, Minn. Rust, Bernice Fr. Adrian Minn. Ruston Marie Fr. Des Moines, Iowa Rypkema, Doris Fr. Pine City, Minn. Samsevick, John Jr. Waterbury, Conn. Sartorius, Joanne Jr. Windoni, Minn. Sarvcr, Ralph Fr. Qskaloosa Iowa Sawatzky, Harold Jr Mountain Lake, Minn. Sawatzky, Leslie Jr. Big Lake, Minn. Sawatzky Norma Fr. Mountain Lake, Minn, Schaeffer, Jean Jr. Des Moines, Iowa Schaeffer, Juanita Fr. Stanch field, Minn. Schmidt, Faith Fr. Robbinsdalc, Minn, Schmidt, June J-. Linton, Iowa Schmidt, Rachel Fr. Streeter, No. Dak. Schoepf Arlene Jr. Minneapolis, Minn. Schoepf, Milton Jr. Minneapolis, Minn. Schol, Henry Jr. Minneapolis, Minn. Schraeder, Gertrude Fr. Minneapolis, Minn, Schroder, Hazel Fr. Sturgeon, Bay, Wis, Schuchard, Don Sr. Little Falls, Minn. Schuchard, Jeanne Fr. Little Falls, Minn. Sellultz, Kathleen Col!. Minneapolis, Minn. SchoU Richard Fr. Minneapolis, Minn. Sewell, Homer Fr. Minneapolis, Minn. Sewell, Lois Fr. Ft. Ripley, Minn. Sheard, Helen Jr, Junction City, Kans, Sheplce, Joan Sr. Fertile, Iowa Sheppard, Grace Sr. Minneapolis, Minn. Sheveland, Clarence Fr. Oshkosh, Wis. Shonkwilcr, Donald Fr. Aurora, Nebr. Shu hart, Fern Fr. Guthrie, Minn. Sieger, Ellsworth Fr. Eau Claire, Wis. Simonson, Wesley Jr- Cambridge, Wis. Sjodin, Joyce Jr Strandtpiist, Minn. Skcrsics, Lorraine Fr. Eugene, Ore. Skripol, Elizabeth Fr. Hartford, Conn. Skripol, Katherine Jr. Hartford, Conn. Smith, Anna Mae Sr. Forest City la, Smith, Eleanor Jr. Minneapolis, Minn. Smith, Florence Jr. Lake Benton, Minn. Smith, Frances Fr. Forest City Iowa Smith, Nina Fr, Flint Mich Smith, Raymond Fr Minneapolis, Minn, Snyder, William Fr Grand Rapids, Minn. Sochcr, Ida Fr, Monaca, Fa Socolofsky, Lorenc Fr. Ramona, Kans. Solvang, Ruth Jr- Minneapolis, Minn. Sorenson, Henry Scm. Stillwater, Minn. Spear, Gwen Fr. Racine, Wis. Stahl Mable Sr. Doland, So, Dak. Stapp, Robert Coll. Idalou, Texas Stcdman, Adelyn Jr- Amherst, Wis. Steely, Merle Fr. Stockton, Mo. SiefFcnson, Eugene Fr. Cavalier, No, Dak. Stiencrt, Theodore Jr- Minneapolis, Minn. Stenberg Gerald Jr Spooner, Minn Stenbock, Ruth J«- Duluth, Minn Strandberg, Eva Sr. Rennet, Nebr. St mad s Dorothy Fr. Berwyn, III. Strom, Jeanne Sr. Minneapolis, Minn, Sundberg, Paul J ' Maluowo, Minn. Sustad Orville Scm. Viking Minn, Sutton, Let ha Jr. Saum, Minn. Swan, Helen Fr. Rice Lake, Wis. Swanson, Joyce Fr. Minneapolis Minn. S we d be rg, G o rd o n Sr, Hillsdale, Wis. Tague, Marilyn Coll. Cottonwood Minn. Tahran, Eva Fr, Jamestown, No. Dak. Taylor, Grace J r Randall, Minn. Teasdalc, Glen Jr. River Forest Ill Thies, Virginia Jr Ashton, Iowa Thomas, Martha (Spec. ) Tetersville, N. J. Thompson, Agnes Fr. Park Rapids, Minn ' Thompson, JaNeta Jr. Therinopoli.% Wvo. Thompson, Vera Mae Jr- Friend, Nebr, Thorhkson, Marilyn Fr. Cavalier, No. Dak. Tippett, Annabelle Jr. Collinsville Ill. Todd, Lawrence Jr- Grass Valley, Ore. Townsend, Ada Jr- Hincklev, Minn. Towstik, Anne Jr. Hartford, Conn, Towstik, Mary Sr. Hartford. Conn. Trimayne, Nancy Fr. Detroit, Mich. Troolin, Ruth I-r. St. Paul Minn, Tschctter, Angelina Jr. Minneapolis, Minn. Ulvin, Jane Fr. Roseau, Minn. Van Loh, Henrietta Fr. Ashton, Iowa Vdic Elaine Fr Elk Mound, Wis. Wagner, Lois Fr. Minneapolis, Minn. Walker, Wesley Sr St. Francis, Minn. Walmsley, Leonard Scm Akron Ohio Werner, Earl Fr. Minneapolis, Minn. Wetzig, Avery Fr. Minneapolis, Minn. Wheeler, Mary Fr. Belvidere, 111, Wiens, David Jr- Minneapolis Minn Wiens Evelyn Fr. Mountain Lake, Minn. Wiens Henry Jr Minneapolis, Minn. Williams, Alberta Jr. Des Moines, Iowa Williams. Richard Fr. Columbus, Ohio Wilson, Eunice Fr. Minneapolis Minn Wise, Anita Spec Minneapolis, Minn. Wish art, Shirley J r Detroit, Mich Witt, Fred Coll . Fessenden, No Dak. Wright, Frank Fr Brodgate, Iowa Wrobbeh Harry Jr. Detroit, Mich. Wyma Richard Fr Chicago, III. Vkovchick, William Jr. Hartford, Conn. Yoder, Ann Sr, Waterloo Iowa Zubyk, Barbara Fr. Oakville, Conn. it “JhMSL JJunqA, U)sl ZX ovsl LOiJtfv IJjdll ... Maurine Johnson—“I t is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man” (Ps, 18:8). Ethel Grace Frank —“I am glad that I have the unchanging Christ for these changing times ' 1 (Heb. 13:8). Ruth Arrqgast—“C asting all your care upon him: for he caret! i for you” (I Peter 5:7) Els cut n Bird— . . . that in all things he might have the pre-eminence " (Col. 1:18) John W Pktlon— " For ye are dead and your life is hid with Christ in God " (Col, 3:3). Mary Keenly — ' The glorious thing of being a Christian is that the past is forgotten the present is taken care of the future is glorious anticipation with Him, Valeda Ken warp — " Looking unto Jesus " (Heb. 12:2). Lois Brown —-“Studying God’s Word has made me realize the intensity of the need to do His work. " Read James 4:10 H Robert C. Brien — ‘4 praise Good that I have been made a new creature in Christ and that He has given to me the ministry of reconciliation ” Viola Kepiiart —“God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ . ” (Gal. 6:14) Joann Kile—“T he Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? " (Ps. 27: lb). Pearl Joseph son— " In whom we have redemption through his blood: even the forgiveness of sins " (Col. 1:14), Melva Fulcher-—“T hou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy " (Psa. 16:11) Elyin J, Kile—“W ith one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel” (Phil. 1 :27b). Shirley Hilsen—“I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live: yet not I, but Christ livedi in me " (Cal. 2:20) Lucille Frank—“L et your light so shine . . that they may . . . glorify your father in heaven” (Matt, 5:16) Frances Foster -“Looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of the great God . . . Christ Jesus” (Titus 2:13). June Larson— “The Lord is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust” (Ps. 91 :2), Delores A. Johnson- “Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy " (Ps 16:11) Marie Johnson—“T hanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Cor 15:57). 116 MORSK G. Archer— ' “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith . . (Hob. 12:2). Kenneth Knappen— “Casting all your care upon him; for he carcth for you (l Pet. [kannbttk Lang —“Only to be what He wants me to lx- every momc See Isa. 41:10. nt . . yielded completely.” Mavis Geiszlbr— " The Lord is my salvation, my strength, in whom I will trust” (Ps. 27:1). Doris Hunker — “I love the Lord . . . because he hath inclined his ear unto rne, therefore will I cal! upon him as long as l live” (Ps. 116:1-2), Susie Corporaal— “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30). Adeline Fast— “Previously redeemed, presently rejoicing, and patiently resting in the promise of Mis return.” Read Titus 2:13. Vklora Funk— “ Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and Annie Heppnek— “He only is my rock and my salvation: today, and forever” (Heh. 13:8). he is my defense: I shall not be moved” (Ps. 62:6). Idkll Bixby —“Now thanks be unto God which always causcth us to triumph in Clnisi . (II Cor. 2:14). Esther Brygger —“Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Eph. 5:20). Glen Campbell —“Trusting in Him who will never leave nor forsake me. Arlene Halvorson— “And wc know all things work together for good to them that love God and to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Rom, 8:28). Sarah Frances Miller—“Now thanks be unto God, which always eauseth us to triumph in Christ and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge in every place” (II Cor. 2:14). Gordon Swedberg— “Glory in his holy name: let the heart of them rejoice (Ps. !05:3), that seek the Lord” Wesley J. Walker— “That T may know him, and the power of his resurrection . . ” (Phil. 3:10). Grace Sheppard— “My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness” (II Cor. 12:9). Maiile Stahl— “Singing with grace in your hearts lor by grace are ye saved (Coh 3:16 Eph. 2 : 8 ), Max W. We nicer—“I am only a sinner saved by God’s grace; saved to serve in Mis vineyard. Grace Drown— Tt is of the Lord ' s mercies that wc are not consumed, because his compassion fail not. They are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness” (Lam. 3:22, 23). Mary Parker— “I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that hi; is able to keep that which i have committed unto him against that day” (II Tim. 1:12}, 117 iRc.ii, ! eterson ‘Draw nigh to Cod and he will draw nigh to you 11 (James 4:8). God is always willing. Ki i ii Money- Tor though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me” (I Cor. 9:16). Mary June Pilant— 4 Td rather burn out for Christ than rust out for self ” Glen E. Pickett—“I H or ye are dead and your life is hid with Christ in God” (Col. 3:3). Lua Anderson- “ I hr eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling , . T (Eph. 1:18), Myrtle Barden—.. he being . ♦ . a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.” Ruth Mates—“N ot by works ol righteousness wc (I) have done, but according to his mercy he saved us (me)” (Titus 3:5a). Edna Loh meyer “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good” (Ps. 3:8). Won ' t you taste Him todav? Leona Me l her . . He loved us and sent his son to be the propitiation for our sins” (John 4:10). Virginia Lindquist-— " I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ . , it is the power of God unto salvation” (Rom. 1:16). Iris Mills— - " ' Oh to be used ' that they might have life and have it more abundantly. 1 ” Bessie Mitchell-— “I can do all things through Christ which strengthened) me” (Phil. 4:13). Joanne Siiehlek— ‘ 1 know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day” (II Tim, 1 ; 12). Hulda R inhering— “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him” (Ps. 37:5). Donald Schuchard —“My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weak¬ ness” (II Cor. 2:9). B-Etta Meyer — “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (I Thcss. 5:18). Mary Toyvstik —Jehovah jireh—-the Lord doth provide. Truly I have found that Ilis faithful¬ ness is great! Eva Strandherg— “That 1 may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death” (Phil. 3:10). Ruth Duxcomh-—“B eing confident of this very thing that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Phil. 1:6). Anna Mae Smith— “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain” (Phil. 1:21). Ann Yoder— Praise God! My heavenly Father will never leave me. My Savior will always un¬ derstand. See Duct. 31:6 118 INDEX Advertising ...92-112 Athletics . 61-63 Banquet . 54-55 Board of Directors. 13 Buildings .14, 15, 46 Catalogue . 85-89 College .-.. 17-18 Commencement . 36 Dormitory Life . 44-45 Employment . 4$ Evening School . 13 Faculty . 9-12 Friends of the Scroll. 90-91 Foreign Missionary Roll Call..... 83 Loring Park. 47 Medical Department . 73 Medicine Lake Bible Conference. 71 Mission Band . 67 Music . 57-60 Officer of the Day. 49 Parties . 52 Picnic . 53 Pilette . 49 Practical Work . 68-70 119 .my A l;.

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